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#rockbox log for 2006-02-24

00:00:12midkaykkurbjun, cool... can't wait to try it :)
00:01:49LinusNpreglow: but your port is a lot harder than mine
00:02:10muesli-dpassen1 had both in my hands. as far as i recall myself correctly the 30gb ipod was slightly thinner. but you wouldnt notice any difference in your pocket due their slim design imho
00:02:22MoosLinusN: isn't the Rockbox founds made for this? :-)
00:02:23LinusNi can't say the h300 was easy, but the x5 has been pretty easy so far
00:02:33MoosLinusN: something like 40 euros
00:02:35preglowharder and harder
00:02:36LinusNMoos: yes, i'll get a remote
00:02:41preglowstuff like the cpu boosting was a bit harder
00:02:42dpassen1muesli-: thanks, I'm starting to look for an eventual replacement for my iHP-120
00:02:45preglowsince ipl hasn't done
00:03:02preglowbut then again, that doesn't work very well for 4g yet
00:03:35 Join stamppot [0] (
00:03:50Moosdpassen1: I've got iHP-140 here, and hopofully one X5 60 gb very soon :-)
00:03:55muesli-dpassen1 ipods screen is much better..x5's sucked for me
00:03:56 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Connection timed out)
00:04:34dpassen1Good to know, I'm hoping my 120 has a long time to go, still. But the HDD is 2.5 years old, by now.
00:04:46Moosmuesli: it's depand what you need ;-)
00:04:53Mooshi btw
00:04:58kkurbjunas a general question: is there anything else that needs to be done to the doom port before it's ready to commit now that it's compiling fine?
00:05:11kkurbjunand are the changes I made to plugin.c/h acceptable
00:05:38muesli-sure :-) but to point out this difference. the x5 contains some nice facts also. hi btw,too ;)
00:07:12LinusNkkurbjun: what are the plugin buffer requirements now?
00:07:50kkurbjunit's the same as any other plugin now (80000)
00:07:58LinusNwow, cool
00:08:23Bagdervery good work kkurbjun!
00:08:31kkurbjun: ), thanks
00:08:33LinusNwhat are the plugin.[ch] changes?
00:08:54kkurbjunI included access to vsnprintf and set_options menu function
00:08:57elinenbekkurbjun: nice work on the doom plugin. looks great
00:09:44LinusNkkurbjun: so the plugin api changes are all that need to be patched?
00:09:54 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:10:06kkurbjunthe patch is at the bottom of the tracker
00:10:15kkurbjunI don't know how to remove old files in this new one
00:10:22Moosw00t commit coming or what? :)
00:10:39 Join midkay [0] (
00:11:23kkurbjunoh, I forgot I also allowed access to the hold function for the H300 too
00:11:43kkurbjunbut that change is just a #if in plugin.c/h
00:12:29Mooskkurbjun: is working now like a viewer too?
00:13:19preglowi'm a bloody idiot
00:14:47golf7what is the status of the X5 port?
00:14:57golf7is it playing audio yet?
00:15:03LinusNgolf7: no, not yet
00:15:06golf7or is it just in the low level coding stages
00:15:11kkurbjunmoos: no, not now, it does have a method for loading in additional wad files now though, it's a bit cumbersome at the moment
00:15:18LinusNgolf7: low level
00:15:22golf7good job
00:15:24golf7keep up work
00:15:31golf7i remember how happy i was when h300 got audio =)
00:15:33Mooskkurbjun: ok, just wondered
00:15:48golf7it was an inner shout for joy
00:16:08golf7when i learn C, im gonna help some
00:16:20golf7but as of now, i only know psp
00:17:06linuxstbkkurbjun: I implemented the button_hold() function for the ipod a few days ago - so you can add it to the plugin api for the ipods as well (IPOD_4G_PAD).
00:17:39linuxstbI'm about to look at Doom now. Where do you think the data abort problem is?
00:17:39Bagderhey, 0 point line!
00:17:52kkurbjunlinuxstb: ok, I'll add that to the diff
00:18:28kkurbjunlinuxstb: it's in w_wad.h in lumpinfo_t
00:18:32 Join amiconn_ [0] (
00:18:43 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
00:18:44 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
00:18:50kkurbjunit seems to be when the code accesses name[9]
00:19:24lostlogicbagh, I lied about voice while paused... at least for now
00:20:13preglowdoes voice ui have its own pcm buffer?
00:21:06 Join JdGordon [0] (
00:21:18amiconnkkurbjun: How is the downscaling done?
00:21:22linuxstbkkurbjun: Does kkurbjun/"> contain your latest changes to make it fit in the standard plugin buffer?
00:21:29amiconnDoes it render directly into the framebuffer?
00:22:10kkurbjunlinuxstb: yes, it's only in gcc 3.4 though, I'd imagine it's larger in gcc 4
00:22:26linuxstbI'll let you know.
00:22:44JdGordonhey all
00:22:49JdGordonkkurbjun: can dom save/load?
00:23:02kkurbjunamiconn: yes, it renders directly to the framebuffer, it does downscaling viaif((wcnt&0x01))
00:23:03kkurbjun screenptr++; // Skip every so many pixels in Doom buffer
00:23:21kkurbjunJdGordon, yes, but you can't enter good names
00:23:23linuxstbHow big is the Doom buffer? 320x200?
00:23:32kkurbjunlinuxstb: yes
00:23:39kkurbjunit's that size
00:23:42linuxstbSo we'll need to upscale for the ipod 5g...
00:24:11 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
00:24:22kkurbjunamiconn it skips about every tird pixel
00:24:49kkurbjunand wastes 7 pixels horizontally
00:24:50preglowlinuxstb: a border is recommended
00:24:56preglowupscaling will break the aspect ratio
00:25:20preglowthere must be some other way to make it render to other resolutions
00:25:25preglowthat's bit more customisable
00:25:47kkurbjunpreglow: it would take alot of changes to the doom code
00:25:58amiconnkkurbjun: I have an idea how to make it both faster and better looking on targets where we need to downscale:
00:26:40kkurbjunhows that?
00:26:42amiconnDoom allows to set a less-than-fullsize 3D window. How about only downscaling the status bar the ordinary way,
00:27:00linuxstbpreglow: I've played iDoom on the 5g's screen - it needs upscaling. The aspect ratio is wrong if you don't.
00:27:01amiconnand showing the centre of the 3D window instead of downscaling?
00:27:21Bagdermidkay: FYI: you can add a comment and close a bug report in a single action
00:27:25amiconnIt'd require the user to set a less-than-full 3D window size, but that would make it go faster as well...
00:27:32midkayBagder, in the close.. um.. dialog?
00:27:47midkaywasn't sure if that added a comment or just a small tag in the report or something, thx
00:28:14preglowamiconn: nice idea
00:28:20kkurbjunamiconn: that could work, right now on the H300 I'm not even rendering the columns on the pixels I skip though so if you blow it up you'll get dead columns of pixels
00:29:05*amiconn is curious how doom would look on h1x0
00:29:05kkurbjunit would take alot of changes to the doom code to get it to just scale the statusbar and not the drawing window
00:29:14amiconnDoes idoom run on greyscale iPods?
00:29:24kkurbjunamiconn: yes, they use dithering for it
00:29:34amiconnNormal dithering?
00:29:44amiconnThat reduces effective resolution even more...
00:29:58*amiconn sighs
00:30:09kkurbjunI didn't include their code for that though because of the grayscale library.. I'm not sure exactly what they did.. didn't look into it in much detail
00:30:20amiconnSomeone should really port the grayscale lib to the 2bit iPods
00:30:57preglowif you buy one, you can do it
00:31:05linuxstbWow, Doom is 678KB on the ipod...
00:31:12preglowlinuxstb: holy shit
00:31:16amiconnkkurbjun: With the grayscale lib it should be easier. Just the downscaling you already have, convert to greyscale, then let the grayscale lib do the rest
00:31:33linuxstbWe really need to stop using long calls as well.
00:31:54preglowlinuxstb: i'll make researching the remapping possibilities my next priority
00:32:09preglowlinuxstb: i'm starting to doubt if iram remapping can work
00:32:16kkurbjunamiconn: skipping the colums I don't use on the actual device sped it up a bit but not a whole lot, probably partially becasue of how I implemented it. I would try and port it to a grayscale platform, but I can't build the sim on my computer
00:32:17linuxstbYes - that was my doubt.
00:32:41preglowlinuxstb: first of all, the remap reg quite simply doesn't have bits enough to represent the iram address...
00:32:48preglowthat's how it looks to me, at least
00:32:55amiconnkkurbjun: No hurry, the grayscale lib doesn't work in the sims yet
00:33:36kkurbjunamiconn: I think having an asm divide in doom would be helpful immediately, and an asm optimized version of the column rendering as well
00:33:45amiconnThat's top on my todo list, would have worked on it today if chessclock wouldn't have come ...
00:33:54preglowlinuxstb: but yeah, if that doesn't work, then the only remaining solution is to move all rockbox code to the end of memory and remap sdram to the area close under 0x40000000 ...
00:33:56 Join webguest73 [0] (
00:34:04linuxstbBut what about the vectors?
00:34:30preglowwe could start using the pp5020 specific ones, of course...
00:34:54preglowsimplest of all would be just making bloody gcc understand that only iram code needs to be longcall
00:35:00amiconnkkurbjun: Does doom use floats?
00:35:01preglowbut i can't say i've high hopes there
00:35:12linuxstbkkurbjun: Have you spotted any ARM assembler optimisations in iDoom?
00:35:18kkurbjunamiconn: no, it's all fixed point math
00:35:26kkurbjunlinuxstb: no they don't have any
00:35:32amiconnThen divide shouldn't be a problem
00:35:40amiconncoldfire has divs / divu
00:35:46preglowexcept you're on arm...
00:36:05preglowthe fact that arm doens't have a div still annoys me
00:36:18amiconnIt doesn't?
00:36:20kkurbjunamiconn: so an asm fixed point divide won't help then?
00:36:30amiconnHmm, in fact arm should be more RISC than coldfire
00:36:35preglowit is
00:36:36preglowby far
00:36:50amiconnSH1 has divide *support*
00:36:53midkayBagder, what was the rule on reports for unreleased code? (here's a request to change keylock functionality for ipods..)
00:37:01preglowamiconn: not exactly what i'd call complete divide support
00:37:11amiconnAn instruction that yields one result bit each time, and an init instruction
00:37:28preglowvery dspish
00:37:31kkurbjunlinuxstb: actually, I'm pretty impressed though with the videos they have of idoom running, it seems to be extremely smoth even on one core
00:37:31amiconn32/16 needs 17 insns plus some fixup
00:37:45amiconnNot much slower than coldfire though
00:37:59amiconnThe div support insns on SH1 are all single-cycle
00:38:00Bagdermidkay: I'm not sure
00:38:30preglowarmv4 has full 64 bit multiply and accumulate support, but no div
00:38:43linuxstbkkurbjun: Yes, iDoom is very nice - hopefully I'll be able to compare soon...
00:39:05midkayBagder, according to yesterday's log, you suggested closed/later, sounds appropriate still? :)
00:39:35Bagdermidkay: yes, at least on very early ports, I wouldn't be so sure for like iriver h1x0 etc
00:39:41amiconnThese half-keylock requests are strange... and an old phenomenon
00:39:44midkayBagder, got it
00:40:06kkurbjunlinuxstb: have you tried running it on the ipod yet?
00:40:43linuxstbJust about to now. Do I just need to copy my wad file into /games/doom/ and then start the plugin?
00:41:03kkurbjunyes, but now it has checking so if it doesn't find a wad file it won't crash
00:42:38amiconnHow about making doom.rock a viewer - not for .wad files but for e.g. .doom files?
00:43:12amiconnThese .doom files would be text files with (absolute path) entries to .wad files
00:43:33markunpreglow: will you remap using the TLB?
00:43:36amiconn(thinking about the patch wads here)
00:44:12kkurbjunthat's a possibility, it has a full startup menu now though. I wanted to make rockdoom as autonomous as possible so that you wouldn't need a computer to change options and the like
00:44:19preglowmarkun: there's no such thing as a tlb on pp
00:44:24preglowmarkun: just a couple of map regs
00:44:26linuxstbkkurbjun: The first data abort is in menu_get_itemname()...
00:44:38markunpreglow: I thought it had a 720T core?
00:44:49preglowmarkun: hell no
00:44:52preglowmarkun: arm7tdmi
00:45:01preglowmarkun: and besides, i'm pretty sure the tlb is not part of the 720t core either
00:45:04kkurbjunlinuxstb: where is that?
00:45:36kkurbjunthat's not in the doom code
00:45:37markunpreglow: I reading the 720T doc right now and I'm pretty sure it has..
00:45:43kkurbjun( I don't think)
00:45:43preglowmarkun: ok
00:45:53preglowmarkun: thought it was part of the chip the gigabeat uses
00:46:26*Moos just ordered one X5 60 gb :-)
00:46:29 Join perldiver [0] (
00:46:35dpassen1Moos: nice
00:47:01markunpreglow: If you are interested: pp5020 specific ones, of course...
00:47:01markun00:34 < preglow> areghh
00:47:19Moos474 dollars for X5 60 gb+remote+case
00:47:20markunstupid mouse..
00:47:23preglowso 720t has an mmu
00:47:33linuxstbkkurbjun: It's called from inside menu_init()
00:47:37markunyes, it does:
00:47:42preglowreading now
00:48:06kkurbjunso I'd imagine it has something to do with static const struct menu_item items
00:48:25kkurbjunwhy doesn't gcc check the alignment before it builds the final code?
00:48:34preglowmarkun: no, nothing that fancy for us
00:48:45linuxstbI'm just looking now. I would be very surprised if the menu code itself is causing the problem - it works everywhere else in Rockbox (on Archos and iPod)
00:49:14 Part LinusN
00:50:09kkurbjunlinuxstb: there are some compiler flags that may be an issue as well, I left them in though because they were in idoom: -fpack-struct -mstructure-size-boundary=8
00:50:21preglow-fpack-struct = no no
00:50:31amiconn-fpack-struct is a baad idea
00:51:04amiconnMaybe not for the doom code, but surely for things like the menu struct
00:51:13 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:51:31kkurbjunthose flags should only be applied to the ipod code because of idoom.
00:51:41kkurbjunor not should, but were
00:51:46preglowcall it a night
00:52:15 Quit quobl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:53:17 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-7900f6c5c1e2d07c)
00:54:33webguest73midkay: The feature request you just closed relating to rating from tag in WPS is not in CVS
00:54:36linuxstbRemoving -fpack-struct fixes the menus, and then the next abort seems to be in my_malloc()
00:55:30midkaywebguest73, there's a rating from tag WPS feature...
00:55:48kkurbjunhow do you make sure that malloc alligns the data?
00:56:05linuxstbYou always allocate a multiple of 4 bytes.
00:56:10webguest73midkay: How? I think you're confusing it with runtine database rating...
00:56:38midkaywebguest73, one moment, let me find it..
00:56:43linuxstbkkurbjun: The implementation in the codec lib does it - I think I'll swap your implementation with that one.
00:56:56kkurbjunsounds good
00:57:00midkaywebguest73, ah, what's the difference?
00:57:08linuxstbBut I've got to go for about 45 minutes - I'll carry on then.
00:57:38webguest73From tag is the rating actually stored in the tag/comment, from database requires using the runtime database which is buggy
00:57:44kkurbjunok, thanks for looking into this
00:58:12webguest73...and not compatible with programs outside of Rockbox
00:59:16 Quit muesli- ("ich will Khe!!!")
00:59:34midkaywebguest73, hmm.. the id3 viewer doesn't show rating either, surprising. i'll un-close that one if i can figure out how. :)
01:00:44webguest73midkay: Thanks :) ...I'm really interested in that feature request, had to come to its defense!
01:02:41midkaywebguest73, np, my bad :)
01:03:33midkaywebguest73, re-opened..
01:05:18 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox!")
01:05:50webguest73midkay: With so many other higher priority development items open, I have a feeling I may end up having to learn C to get it added :)
01:06:35midkaywebguest73, if the id3 viewer only showed it i could probably add such a tag myself :) but i'm not so sure how to add support for it - i'll have a look :)
01:06:46 Nick BHSPitLappy_ is now known as BHSPitLappy (
01:06:46DBUGEnqueued KICK BHSPitLappy
01:07:38bagawkmidkay: Hello
01:07:50bagawkmidkay: How are you?
01:08:04webguest73midkay: It could probably share wps code with the runtime database rating, but I'd imagine it would need to be added to the get metadata routines
01:08:08midkaybagawk, I am just Lovely. And how are you?
01:08:52bagawkmidkay: Ohh, I am fine, Just been a lonnnnngggg week
01:09:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:09:01*amiconn votes for dropping the runtime db too when the tagdb gets dropped in favour of the tagcache
01:09:01midkaywebguest73, it'd need it's own tag of course.. %ir, if it's not taken (seeing as 'i' is the id3 prefix for other id3-related tags)..
01:09:24bagawkWe have just finsihed our robot fort he FIRST competition
01:09:30midkaybagawk, cool
01:09:41amiconnIt seems to me thatno one actually uses it...
01:10:06 Join slimx [0] (
01:10:27midkayamiconn, i'd use it if i could :) seems incompatible with the ipod - i just want a working id3 browser, i don't care if it's id3db or tagdb or tagcache or whatever. ;)
01:10:29slimxhey bagder
01:10:30webguest73midkay: %ir would work...I believe the standard storage name is 'RATING' and it's stored in increments of 10, from 0 to 100
01:11:05midkaywebguest73, yeah, just a matter of coding it :)
01:11:47slimxdo you need a new patch against current cvs for 3G ?
01:16:05bagawkmidkay: Web:
01:16:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:17:11midkaybagawk, cool :)
01:30:53 Join webguest53 [0] (
01:31:23webguest53hi all
01:31:27 Nick webguest53 is now known as PhoenixSpirit (
01:31:42bagawkPhoenixSpirit: hello
01:31:59lostlogicgah, voice was getting so much better... and then I got an IBC: at 00000000 asdfasd;fljk
01:33:50 Quit |Beowulf| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:34:06 Join virtualball2 [0] (
01:34:32 Join Aditya [0] (
01:35:49Adityahey anyone here actually work with the rockbox source?
01:36:17AdityaI am thinking of fiddling with my iriver after its battery completely dies (it slowly is right now)
01:37:34 Join saratoga [0] (
01:38:09golf7i did it with my battery dead, cause it died died
01:38:26PhoenixSpiritAditya : but you can order a battery replacement to it, can't you ?
01:38:56Adityapheonix.. yes.. but thats no fun =P
01:39:04AdityaI will eventually order a new batter
01:39:07golf7i used a 1g ipod battery
01:39:08Adityabut this is my idea
01:39:09golf72200 mah
01:39:16AdityaI want to buy a touchscreen LCD
01:39:23Adityaand mod rockbox to work with that
01:39:31AdityaI know its very out there.. but thats the goal..
01:39:38Adityaat minimum, I just want to learn how to work in rockbox
01:40:17Adityawhy does eclipse rock so much
01:40:57lostlogicvi's better.
01:41:08 Join webguest57 [0] (
01:41:35webguest57hey, i have a question for developers. If there an easy way to print a debug line on the iriver? like if i want to print the contents of a variable onto the iriver screen?
01:41:36saratogai just use textpad, i'm too lazy to setup something else
01:42:08midkaywebguest57, sure, you can just use lcd_puts() to draw some text...
01:42:19webguest57cool. tnx!
01:43:03BHSPitLappyAditya: I strongly challenge your ability to do that :P
01:43:30 Quit slimx (Remote closed the connection)
01:43:33AdityaI know its not trivial
01:43:39Adityabut I AM an CE major
01:44:00BHSPitLappyyou're planning on adding a digitizer to an iPod?
01:44:09Adityascrew the iPod
01:44:15AdityaI am working on something for the iRiver
01:44:25BHSPitLappyeven so
01:44:35Adityalike I said
01:44:37Adityathats my goal
01:44:39AdityaI may fall short
01:44:48Adityabut I will learn a bunch of stuff nevertheless
01:45:07BHSPitLappymaybe try what that other dude that came in here was planning to do, make his own player :P
01:45:37AdityaI was going to try do that actually
01:45:40Adityaand people have done it
01:45:55Adityaits not like its impossible.. if you have the spare money could be a fun project
01:49:15 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:49:16AdityaI stopped planniing that in favor of making my own laptop
01:49:19BHSPitLappybetter for your purpose than trying to modify a closed, commercial product like that, IMO
01:49:20Adityalike from scratch
01:49:28AdityaI am going to take metal shop courses
01:49:33BHSPitLappyhaha awesome
01:49:43Adityayeah it should be cool
01:49:44BHSPitLappycareful making that hard drive, I hear they're a bitch to make
01:49:51Adityawhether or not it actually happens...
01:49:56Adityawell I Wont make the individual parts
01:50:03AdityaI will probably only make the case and such
01:50:04Adityabut yeah
01:50:17Adityait would be cool if I could get around to it
01:50:18BHSPitLappyand all the keyboard keys!
01:50:27Adityathat wouldn't be too hard
01:50:36BHSPitLappywith raised lettering!
01:50:36Adityait would just be a few molds
01:50:45Adityascrew that
01:50:49Adityaif I made keys
01:50:49BHSPitLappyscratch that
01:50:52AdityaI would make em LEDS
01:50:54BHSPitLappyglowing letters.
01:50:59Adityaso I could change the lettering
01:51:12BHSPitLappymake the laptop out of NERF
01:51:13Adityaso when I play hl2 I get to have WSAD be arros
01:51:16BHSPitLappyso you can drop it
01:51:26Adityahow about I just make it out of carbon fiber
01:51:40Aditya(and go broke in the process)
01:52:03BHSPitLappymake one of these
01:52:17JdGordonBHSPitLappy: i was gonna suggest it
01:52:22JdGordonbut cbf finding the link :p
01:52:36BHSPitLappyI've had my eye on that for a couple years :P
01:53:58BHSPitLappythat photoshop layout is drool-worthy :)
01:54:23 Quit webguest57 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:54:27virtualball2wow thats an awsome keyboard!
01:56:56JdGordondamn my mobile is expensive :P $10 for a 11min call :'(
01:57:39Mikachuthat's like 14x what i pay
01:57:52JdGordonthats AUD$..
01:58:47Mikachu8x then
01:58:58amiconnlinuxstb: Changes to chess*clock* made to chessbox.c ?? ;)
01:59:31*amiconn can play chess on his Ondios now
01:59:41PhoenixSpiritI'm not a developer by any means, but want to experience with rockbox programming on there a good functions reference available ?
01:59:52Adityawhat the hell is rockbox written in?
01:59:59AdityaI mean whats the base language?
02:00:03PhoenixSpiritC and ASM, I guess
02:00:34PhoenixSpiritI mean a reference library where I can find lcd_puts() and such...
02:00:37PhoenixSpiritanyone ? :)
02:03:17amiconnThere is no general reference
02:04:02amiconnThere's only partial documentation, e.g. I've documented my graphics api work
02:07:12Adityaman this is why open source fucking owns
02:07:28PhoenixSpiritthanks very much
02:08:37PhoenixSpiritwhat compiler is recommended in Windows environment ? Can for example Dev-C++ (Mingw32) handle the rockbox source ?
02:08:43virtualball2does anyone know how to use fdisk in here?
02:09:11Mikachuvirtualball2: if you're talking about fdisk.exe, my tip is use something else
02:09:30virtualball2i cant i use fdisk on a mac lol
02:09:46Mikachusee if you have cfdisk
02:10:17virtualball2nope lol
02:12:33JdGordonPhoenixSpirit: get cygwin going..
02:13:44PhoenixSpiritis it complicated to get it going ? :)
02:14:16PhoenixSpiritI mean, in Dev-C++ I just load the source and hit compile....
02:15:29Mikachuin cygwin you only have to type 'make'
02:15:37Mikachuno clicking needed :P
02:15:48PhoenixSpiritright, thanks
02:16:08PhoenixSpiritdo I need other files or just the rockbox source ?
02:16:21PhoenixSpiritand of course, complete cygwin packaga
02:16:28PhoenixSpirit-a +e
02:16:31Mikachuthere are instructions somewhere on
02:18:06 Quit linuxstb (Connection timed out)
02:19:06 Join linuxstb [0] (
02:28:26 Quit Mark__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:30:46PhoenixSpiritthx again, I'll check that
02:32:32 Join San [0] (
02:48:58pyroCan someone help me understand GPIO_READ, GPIO_OUT, GPIO_ENABLE and GPIO_FUNCTION for the mcf5249?
02:49:08 Quit PhoenixSpirit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:49:18pyroI'm not sure what they are without a schematic, are they ports on the processor?
02:54:13 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:00:53 Quit virtualball2 ("virtualball2 has no reason")
03:04:47 Join webguest53 [0] (
03:05:11 Nick webguest53 is now known as PhoenixSpirit (
03:05:19PhoenixSpiritdamn timeouts :S
03:09:56linuxstbkkurbjun: Are you still around?
03:13:30 Quit quobl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:15:44 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-a8f2698364d88d75)
03:16:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:22:56Mikachujust finished a game of chess in chessbox, now i remember i suck but at least it works fine :)
03:25:49 Quit BHSPitLappy (Nick collision from services.)
03:25:59kkurbjunlinuxstb: yep
03:26:30kkurbjunI guess that was a bit ago..
03:27:00linuxstbI'm playing Doom at the moment...
03:27:06kkurbjunoh, great
03:27:17kkurbjunwhat all did you have to change?
03:27:17linuxstbWhat is the timer used for?
03:27:37linuxstbJust removing -fpack-struct, and fixing the malloc routine.
03:27:39kkurbjunit's for the game timing (gives 35 ticks/second)
03:27:56linuxstbPlus the timer function isn't implemented for ipod yet - took me a while to find that.
03:28:11kkurbjunyou can just return the current rockbox tick
03:28:21linuxstbYes, that's what I did.
03:28:22kkurbjunhow are you running it right now?
03:28:24kkurbjunoh, ok
03:28:31kkurbjunyeah, it runs a bit fast, but it works
03:28:40linuxstbThe button mappings are a bit crazy though, I'm just trying to figure them out.
03:28:48 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
03:28:59kkurbjunoh, yeah, they are messed with in m_misc.c
03:29:11kkurbjunI was messing around with them for the H300
03:29:22kkurbjunit needs a better way of mapping the keys
03:29:24JdGordonkkurbjun: any chance of getting straffing to work?
03:29:45kkurbjunJdgordon, yes, all it requires is a button mapping and a good button to use it with
03:30:17linuxstbkkurbjun: The problem is that scroll events are exactly that - events. You can't check for them using button_status().
03:30:40linuxstbSo the iPod only really has five buttons.
03:30:49Mikachu6 with the hold button
03:30:50kkurbjunoh, I see
03:30:59Adityathats what the ipod sucks
03:31:00kkurbjunyeah, that would be tough
03:31:04Aditya*ducks to escape the flaming*
03:31:14Mikachucouldn't you map absolute values on the scroll wheel as buttons?
03:31:29Mikachuso like, if it gives values between 1 and 64, 1-10 would be turn left and so on
03:31:42linuxstbThe button driver doesn't support that - but we probably should try and think of a way to do that.
03:32:14Adityayou could just add it as maybe a "module" that the button_check() function calls on after its done checking the regular buttons
03:32:15Mikachuif you have lots of free bits in button_status you could export it there
03:32:52Mikachusince ipods have 5 buttons and with rel and repeat, there should still be enough bits for 0-255...
03:33:12kkurbjunlinuxstb: you might want to check how idoom handles it on the ipod, might be helpful
03:34:09Mikachuyou could make a whack-a-mole type game with that too, with the moles on a circle :)
03:37:32 Nick ScoTTie_ is now known as ScoTTie (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
03:40:38 Quit PhoenixSpirit ("CGI:IRC")
03:45:40kkurbjunlinuxstb: are you having any graphic errors in doom?
03:46:34linuxstbNot that I can notice.
03:47:07Mikachudo you think this will work?
03:47:10Mikachu if (status & 0x40000000) {
03:47:10Mikachu btn |= new_wheel_value << 24;
03:47:37kkurbjunok, good, in r_draw there's a function that messes with the column drawing so it may cause some problems later down the road
03:48:02linuxstbMikachu: I don't know. I just want to get the basic keys mapped for now.
03:48:23Mikachunot specifically doom
03:49:53Mikachuheh, didn't work
03:51:05 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:51:16 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
03:56:14JdGordonhow does the hold button work in doom? do the other buttons work when its on? or do u use it by turning it on then off?
03:56:32Mikachuin idoom you have to turn it on and off
03:56:34linuxstbNo, it's a hardware hold button.
03:56:52linuxstbidoom uses it to bring up the menu - which seems sensible.
03:57:32JdGordonum... then how does the menu work if hld is on??
03:57:47linuxstbYou flick it on and then off to bring up the menu.
03:57:55JdGordonah ok
03:58:06linuxstbAnd the same again to exit the menu.
03:59:08JdGordonoh how i love internatinoall forums :D figuring out the english is fun
04:01:19linuxstbThe comments say that I_GetTime() should return the time in 1/70th second ticks - but you said 1/35th second ticks earlier.
04:04:20kkurbjunlinuxstb: yeah, that comment is misleading
04:04:47linuxstbWhat do you mean "misleading"? Do you mean it's wrong?
04:04:49kkurbjunI compared the timing to other versions of doom (specifically prboom) which makes a strong effort to be as accurate as possible
04:04:58kkurbjunyeah, it's wrong
04:05:13linuxstbSo 1/35th second is your best guess?
04:05:25kkurbjunif you send it ticks at 70/sec it will give you incorrect times for the end level times
04:05:34kkurbjun35 is correct (I think
04:05:59linuxstbOK. The iPods have a microsecond timer - I can use that to calculate 1/35th second ticks.
04:06:51linuxstbIt's a better long-term solution on iPods than creating a timer anyway.
04:07:18kkurbjunwhy is that?
04:07:32linuxstbBecause you don't have the overhead of creating a new timer interrupt.
04:07:41linuxstbThe microsecond timer is free.
04:08:22linuxstb(it's just a memory location that's incremented 1000000 times per second)
04:08:26kkurbjunyeah, I wanted to do something like that in the H300, I was thinking of the RTC, but I don't know if it has the precision.. the lowest rockbox gives access to is seconds
04:08:40linuxstbNo, the RTC won't help with that.
04:09:42kkurbjunis it not addressable in memory?
04:10:15linuxstbNo - you read it via the i2c bus. So it's slow to read, and I think it only gives you 1-second accuracy as well.
04:10:24kkurbjunI see
04:11:02pyroAnyone want to try filling me in with what they know about the USB status of the H3x0 series? It doesnt work for me - anyone want to hint at what is missing or not working?
04:11:24kkurbjunI wish prboom hadn't used so many library calls, it has some great stuff for speedups, but it's all so scrambled into the code it's hard to pull things out
04:12:59kkurbjunlinuxstb: have you worked with rockboy much
04:13:22linuxstbNo. Were you the person who made the recent improvements?
04:14:01kkurbjunI was thinking about the cpu core, instead of a big switch statement having a hash algorithm to pull out the opcode.. yes I did that last big update
04:14:10linuxstbIs key_use the same as "open" ?
04:15:45linuxstbHave you looked at iBoy? There's an ARM assembler core which I want to look at sometime - to see if it gives an improvement over the existing code.
04:16:15linuxstbAlso, the full-screen mode is broken on the ipod video for Rockboy - it seems that the upscaling is hard-coded for a 220x176 screen?
04:16:42linuxstbBut it works well in normal mode.
04:16:51Mikachuheh, now i can set the colour sliders in the bg/fg selector absolutely with the wheel
04:16:53kkurbjunno, I havn't, yes, it's not a general function for the scaling
04:17:06Mikachubut i can't change slider without setting the value to ~42
04:17:12Mikachubut it's pretty cool still
04:17:43kkurbjunthe scaling is in lcd.c and it's an if statement similar to how I do the downscaling in doom
04:17:46Mikachuyou just have to touch the wheel to change the value
04:17:56kkurbjunso it won't work for other image sizes
04:18:12Mikachuit's pretty accurate too
04:19:06linuxstbI've now got some keys working ok for the ipod - LEFT is left, RIGHT is right, MENU is up & open, PLAY is weapon and SELECT is shoot & enter.
04:19:39linuxstbThere is no way to get to the menu during the game though - we'll have to do something with the hold button.
04:19:47Mikachui introduced a new function wheel_status that returns 0-95
04:19:49linuxstbBut I can give you a patch.
04:20:05kkurbjunsounds good
04:20:17kkurbjunhow many warnings were there on gcc 4?
04:20:25linuxstbMikachu: It's 3.20am now, so I think it will have to wait... But it sounds useful.
04:20:26BHSPitLappylinuxstb: I think PLAY should be shoot, like in iDoom... it makes it more possible to fire while turning/navigating
04:20:43BHSPitLappy(especially on my nano :))
04:21:11kkurbjunlinuxstb: how well does it run on the ipod by the way?
04:21:37BHSPitLappyMikachu: care to elaborate?
04:22:38linuxstbkkurbjun: It seems to run very well.
04:22:48linuxstbBHSPitLappy: OK, I'll swap them.
04:22:52BHSPitLappythanks :)
04:22:54kkurbjunhave you used idoom
04:22:57midkaylinuxstb, you have it running on the ipod? video?
04:23:34linuxstbI haven't tried the video yet, just the 4g Color.
04:23:45midkaylinuxstb, awesome..
04:23:56linuxstbIt may have problems on the video - the video's LCD is larger than Doom's native resolution (320x200)
04:24:04MikachuBHSPitLappy, linuxstb:
04:24:06midkayno need to stretch ;)
04:24:23linuxstbThere is a need to stretch.
04:24:32linuxstbHave you played iDoom on the 5g?
04:25:06midkaylinuxstb, why?
04:25:28midkayoh, no, it doesn't run on the 5g.. or didn't when i tried it last night.
04:25:52 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:26:07linuxstbmidkay: You need to ask hyarion for the 5g version.
04:26:17midkayhe got it working?
04:26:33linuxstbYes - I helped him test it, and I think he posted a message to the ipodlinux forums offering it.
04:26:48midkayvery cool.. i'd love to try it..
04:26:53linuxstbBut he hasn't updated the official release yet - he's waiting for ipodlinux itself to be more usable on the 5g.
04:27:06midkayah, you're talking idoom..
04:27:23linuxstbYes - "Have you played iDoom on the 5g?"
04:27:52midkaylinuxstb, i didn't notice you meant idoom. i thought you were talking about the rockbox doom plugin.
04:28:08midkayconsidering you were just talking to kkurbjun, the "master" of it..
04:28:12BHSPitLappylinuxstb: he's given me links to both a working and an experimental (wants to be tested) release for 5g
04:28:47BHSPitMonkeywithout source, I guess they're pointless.
04:29:38kkurbjunmidkay: linuxstb has a version of rockdoom running on the ipods
04:29:49kkurbjunnot the video yet though
04:29:58midkayah :\
04:30:00linuxstbNo, my point was that iDoom on the 5g stretches the display to 240 lines high - so I think Rockdoom should do the same.
04:30:11midkaylinuxstb, i was just curious as to why.
04:30:27BHSPitMonkeymidkay: do you want the link to the version that works on 5g
04:30:36midkayBHSPitLappy, it's for ipodlinux?
04:31:00midkayi haven't even heard there's a way to install ipodlinux on the 5g (or at least how)..
04:31:12kkurbjunshouldn't be too difficult to stretch it, jsut double a line here or there
04:31:22BHSPitMonkeymidkay: uhh, never mind then :P
04:31:29kkurbjunwhat is the video's resolution?
04:31:32*BHSPitMonkey has installed iPL and rockbox on 2 5G's
04:31:40BHSPitMonkeykkurbjun: QVGA
04:31:40midkayBHSPitMonkey, if you can point me to instructions.. :)
04:32:13linuxstbAnyway, here's my patch to get rockdoom working on the ipod:
04:32:16BHSPitMonkeymidkay: it's not much different from a manual install on any other ipod, but or
04:32:23kkurbjunoh, so ignoring those 20 pixels at the bottom shouldn't be a problem either to start with
04:32:50 Join San [0] (
04:32:57kkurbjunhaving the same width simplifies things
04:32:58midkayBHSPitMonkey, podzilla works as well now?
04:33:13BHSPitMonkeymidkay: podzilla2 does
04:33:22BHSPitMonkeyas well as mame
04:33:38BHSPitMonkey(and doom)
04:33:56linuxstbIs mame still pacman-only, or have some of the other games been put back?
04:34:09BHSPitMonkeylinuxstb: look at #ipodlinux
04:34:21BHSPitMonkeyhe's been adding lots of rom capabilities tonight.
04:42:56JdGordonipl is using mame but we cant :'( ?
04:43:51kkurbjunit's not gpl code, but that doesn't mean someone can't port mame, just wouldn't get added to cvs
04:44:14kkurbjun(I'm guessing that it wouldn't be added to cvs)
04:46:06 Join coob [0] (
04:46:07coobSelected sdl simulator
04:46:10coobUnsupported system: Darwin, fix configure and retry
04:46:30Mikachuthis goes with my other patch, only for ipod 4g pads...
04:48:50 Quit DrumRBoy320 ()
04:49:29pyro <−− I think 02-24 H300 compile failed, yet the table says its good
04:53:00linuxstbcoob: Patches welcome :)
04:53:20linuxstbAs you can tell, there aren't any Mac using developers around here...
04:53:28imphasinglinuxstb: So far, I have pacman and pengo working, and centipede "working"
04:53:33Adityamacs suck
04:53:36Aditya*ducks again*
04:54:07imphasingI have it compiled with all the mame games though, and I haven't tested anything else.
04:54:10linuxstbI just wish mame was open source....
04:54:15imphasingI should try some other ones..
04:54:50linuxstbHave you tried the 6502 code?
04:55:04imphasingnope, not yet
04:55:08imphasingnot sure which roms go with that
04:55:18imphasingwell..centipede is 6502
04:55:24imphasingbut it doesn't really work
04:55:26imphasingit freezes
04:55:36imphasingnot sure if it's the core, or just a shoddy rom
04:56:20linuxstbMikachu: What does your colour settings patch do?
04:56:38Mikachui stole JdGordon's patch and modified it
04:56:52Mikachuso it's the same as that, + it uses the absolute values of the wheel now
04:57:05Mikachuit was the first thing i could think of that had sliders
04:57:27linuxstbIs that just a test then, rather than something you would like added to CVS?
04:57:28Mikachui'd say the relative one is preferable, it's just a proof of concept thing
04:57:34BHSPitMonkeyvolume? song position? :P
04:57:39BHSPitMonkeyhow crazy would that be
04:57:43Mikachui don't think volume is a good idea :)
04:57:51Mikachuif you touch near menu, the volume would be maxed
04:57:51BHSPitMonkeydefinitely ;)
04:58:03BHSPitMonkeythat happens with retailos, though
04:58:03Mikachui was more thinking of games and such
04:58:37linuxstbMaybe there should also be a function to enable/disable the scroll events as well then - it doesn't make sense to have both methods working at the same time.
04:58:56RotAtoRpyro: actually it looks like most of the regular bleeding edge builds are silently broken
04:59:03RotAtoRmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `build-recorder/apps/plugins/chessbox.rock', needed by `all'.
04:59:13RotAtoRmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `build-recorder/apps/plugins/dep-plugins', needed by `all'.
04:59:21BHSPitMonkeyRotAtoR: user error!
04:59:56pyroRotator: ok - I'm sure whoever maintains it will notice then.
05:00:22pyroI can't get CVS to download either - but I think that's just me. Is that down too now?
05:00:31RotAtoRstrange that the build table doesn't show any of the errors though
05:00:58 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:01:16 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:01:49linuxstbSeems amiconn forgot to add apps/plugins/chessbox.c as part of his last commit.
05:02:41 Quit Shadowarrior13 ()
05:09:36 Join infamis [0] (
05:16:08infamiseveryone must be on the other side of the's only 10pm
05:16:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:17:32 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:18:10Mikachuor maybe not everyone replies to "Yo!" from a stranger
05:19:16midkayyeah, you little... little.. you know... stalker-guy.
05:19:25midkayi'm not responding to that.
05:19:46midkaywhat an obvious trap. what's next, you want me to come into your car to check out your new WPS? :)
05:23:09infamisI'm no stranger, everybody knows me!
05:26:38infamisdoes anyone know how to get to the main menu in the sim-build for the x5?
05:32:01midkayno idea.
05:32:12 Join ashridah [0] (
05:40:32 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
05:41:25 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:41:42 Quit imphasing ("Lost terminal")
05:42:41 Join imphasing [0] (
05:42:52 Quit imphasing (Remote closed the connection)
05:56:20 Quit webguest73 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:09:33 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:09:41 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
06:12:45Mikachuwoop, absolute wheel control in brickmania
06:14:15 Quit perldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:15:25midkayMikachu, huh?
06:15:45midkayah, you did the more precise reading of the scrollwheel?
06:15:55Mikachuso now you can move the pad to a specific position
06:16:00Mikachuso it's actually possible to play
06:16:00midkayawesome. great. hm.
06:16:14Mikachujust needs some minor tweaking
06:16:22midkay(psst - working on a space invaders plugin - get that patch committed) ;)
06:17:46Mikachui need to talk to that zagor guy or what's his name is to fix me a password on the tracker.. my sf account mail doesn't work even tohugh the settings are right
06:20:15 Quit `3nergy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:22:17midkayMikachu, ah, i had the same problem
06:23:07Mikachui get no such bounces
06:23:19 Nick Aditya is now known as Aditya|Zzz (
06:27:31 Join Thus0 [0] (
06:34:47 Quit segphault ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
06:40:45 Quit Thus0 ("Leaving")
06:42:03 Join San [0] (
06:45:19 Part infamis
06:45:24 Join infamis [0] (
06:49:07 Join segphault [0] (n=chatzill@
06:53:15 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
06:54:32 Join `3nergy [0] (
07:03:23 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:05:46 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzzz")
07:09:11 Join owang [0] (
07:09:26owangim having problems compiling this new cvs.
07:09:50owang"no rule to make target 'chessbox.c'"
07:10:03Mikachuknown problem
07:10:17owangwhats the command to get a older version of cvs?
07:10:20Mikachuyou can remove chessbox from SUBDIRS in Makefile in the meantime
07:10:21infamiscomment it out in SOURCES
07:10:26 Join B4gder [0] (
07:10:36owangah cool thanks.
07:10:40Mikachuit's not in SOURCES since it's not just one file
07:11:52 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:12:05owanghm, wait where do i find it? theres no "chessbox" in my makefile
07:14:02Mikachuthe Makefile in apps/plugins
07:15:17infamischessbox isn't in that makefile
07:15:23Mikachuhm, it isn't?
07:15:29owangno it is in that one
07:15:36owangits just not in the /build makefile
07:16:06infamisor there's no direct mention of it in that file
07:16:27owangalthough it still doesnt make... crud. im not very good at this makefile stuff :P
07:16:40Mikachu# chessbox is too big to fit in the 32KB Archos plugin buffer, so we only
07:16:40Mikachu# build for IRIVER and IPOD targets
07:16:40Mikachuifneq (,$(strip $(foreach tgt,IRIVER IPOD,$(findstring $(tgt),$(TARGET)))))
07:16:40Mikachuifneq (-DIRIVER_IFP7XX,$(TARGET))
07:16:40Mikachu SUBDIRS += chessbox
07:16:47Mikachujust remove that
07:16:48owangyea thats what i commented out
07:16:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:16:59owangdo i have to clear some reconfigure or make clean
07:17:18Mikachuyou get the same error or another one?
07:17:52owangoh, maybe the variable SUBDIRS doesnt clear?
07:18:16Mikachuit's certainly not remembered between invocations of make
07:19:38owangmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `chessbox.c', needed by `/home/owang/rockbox
07:19:54owangdid you get this working infamis
07:20:00 Quit moozooh (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:21:24Mikachuyou may need to make clean first
07:21:29 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:21:36Mikachuif it caches dependencies
07:22:01 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
07:22:21owangyea trying that now. ill let you know in a sec : (
07:22:25infamisowang: what target?
07:22:27owangheh. (slow compiler)
07:23:57owanghrm. same error
07:24:35owangit comes after AR+RANLIB /home/owang/rockbox/build/libplugin.a
07:25:27 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:28:01 Join Thus0 [0] (
07:32:19infamishmm...I get a different err: no rule to make target '<<<<<<<' needed by apps/plugins/dep-plugins right after ar+ranlib libplugin.a
07:33:23Mikachuyou have a cvs conflict...
07:33:52infamisyou are right
07:33:57infamislemme see
07:35:28 Part YouCeyE ("Leaving")
07:35:37infamisforgot I had bejeweled commented out when I was building x5 sim
07:37:10owangyou have to take it out of /apps/plugins/SOURCES file
07:37:44 Join XavierGr_ [0] (
07:38:06infamisyeah I had commented it out yesterday & cvs did the whole <<<<<sources >>>>>1.90 thing to it
07:40:45 Join Zoide777 [0] (
07:41:09B4gderthat's how CVS display merging conflicts
07:41:42ashridahinfamis: if you look closely, when it's updating, it lists a conflicting file with a C prepended
07:42:27Zoide777Mikachu: so with your new path, would it be possible to have accelerated scrolling? (e.g. through long song lists as in retailos)
07:42:34infamishmm...I had not noticed, the screen was moving quickly
07:48:50infamisok, I commented out subdirs += checkbox in the makefile, but that alone didn't do it...had to comment it out chessbox.c in SOURCES too
07:48:59infamis* += chessbox
07:49:44infamis#if (MEM <= 8) && !defined(SIMULATOR) /* loaders, only needed for Archos */
07:49:58infamisis maybe what is forcing it be included
07:50:02coobdoes rockbox use the cop at all on the ipod?
07:50:12B4gdercoob: nope, not yet
07:51:45 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:52:04 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
07:52:11Zoide777since it's all open source, couldn't rockbox borrow the display code from ipodlinux for the 4g greyscale? I was even able to watch videos with synced sound today on mine!
07:52:30B4gderZoide777: go ahead
07:52:44B4gder(but yes we have already "borrowed" code from IPL)
07:53:59Zoide777B4gder: I don't know enough about the code yet, but I suppose that if it hasn't been done yet it's b/c it's not that easy? is there something fundamentally different between ipl & rb that would make the display stuff incompatible?
07:54:43B4gderZoide777: they're entirely different beasts
07:55:33B4gderthe problem is not the lcd driver or greyscale
07:55:46B4gderits a matter of porting the video player app
07:56:09Zoide777B4gder: does it depend on the linux kernel?
07:56:09 Quit owang ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:56:36B4gderI doubt that
07:56:47 Quit infamis ("my TTL has expired....")
07:57:01MikachuZoide777: i don't know if it helps there
07:57:15 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:58:43Zoide777B4gder: but besides the video... I had understood (from preglow i think) that there's this greyscale lib (which essentially fakes the extra greys by flickering i think) that didn't work on the 4g yet. and afaik this library can be used for all sorts of things, like doom. isn't there something like this already available in ipl?
07:58:43 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
07:59:20Zoide777Mikachu: but does it solve the old problem of generating a bunch of events when moving the scrollwheel?
07:59:27 Part midgey34
07:59:54Mikachuno, it still does that
08:00:10B4gderZoide777: well, our grayscale lib works for other targets too and not just iPod so its a matter of making our lib work on iPod too
08:00:11Zoide777oh, i see
08:00:18 Join damaki_ [0] (
08:00:42MikachuZoide777: i just added an interface for getting the absolute value
08:01:06Zoide777B4gder: ah, ok. so maybe we could just copy over the 4g lib from ipl, but it would mess up the unified cross-platform model of rockbox
08:01:07B4gderthe IPL is "only" for iPod so they have it slightly easier at times
08:01:37B4gderZoide777: copying doesn't work in the first place since Rockbox and Linux aren't that compatible
08:01:47B4gderthus the need for "porting"
08:02:52Zoide777Mikachu: ah ok. i'll have a look at your patch to see if that can give me some ideas. I had made a little hack some days ago for accelerating scrolling, but it was too inefficient, etc. maybe the way you get the positions will be useful for my thing
08:03:46 Join |Beowulf| [0] (
08:04:13Zoide777B4gder: interesting.. well thanks for the info
08:05:19 Quit |Beowulf| (Client Quit)
08:05:56 Join aliask [0] (
08:06:43 Quit kkurbjun (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:15:34 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
08:16:12 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:17:03 Join moda [0] (
08:17:49modahey guys, im having a bit of trouble. i just set my player to directory cache, and now everytime i boot up, it goes scanning disk, then goes failed, result = -2. wtf is this?
08:19:39modaalso, can someone explain to me how i can get my battery meter to show it charging?
08:19:52Bg3rmoda: ipod ?
08:21:58ashridahi think he means in a WPS
08:22:22modathe first question, im using h340, and the second question, yes in the wps
08:22:36Bg3rmoda did you check your player's fs for errors ?
08:22:51modaas in, disk check?
08:22:58B4gderor possibly there's a long file name present
08:23:17B4gder(the unicode MAX_PATH problem)
08:23:40modahrm, i havent added any new songs, i just reset it this morning as the wps was being funky, and now, i was changing my settings back to what i had before, and now it does this.
08:23:42Bg3rah, yeah
08:24:14Bg3rmoda do you have directories/filenames with non-latin chars ?
08:24:30modanot to my knowledge
08:25:12Bg3rmoda can you give me the exact string "failed, result =" ?
08:25:23 Join arf-arf [0] (
08:25:28modayea, ill just reboot it
08:25:48arf-arfcan anyone tell me the screensize for the iRiver 1x0 please?
08:26:04Bg3rarf-arf look at the wiki, DeviceChart topic
08:26:37moda"failed! result: -2" is what it says
08:26:56Bg3rmoda on one row ?
08:27:15modabetween the scanning disk line and the version line
08:28:11 Join Moos [0] (
08:29:19Mooshehe :)
08:29:28moda[17:29] <moda> afternoon
08:30:20Moos08:29 here in Paris
08:30:33modaare there any wps's that when charging the bmp battery bar ticks over?
08:30:45modaim trying to do that, and its not working very well :(
08:31:43Bg3r if (dircache_travel(&dir, dircache_root) < 0)
08:31:43Bg3r {
08:31:43DBUGEnqueued KICK Bg3r
08:31:43Bg3r logf("dircache_travel failed");
08:31:43Bg3r cpu_boost(false);
08:31:43***Alert Mode level 1
08:31:43Bg3r dircache_size = 0;
08:31:44***Alert Mode level 2
08:31:44Bg3r return -2;
08:31:46Bg3r }
08:32:04Bg3rcheck your fs
08:33:52Bg3ri mean the player's fs of course
08:33:52 Quit erus ()
08:34:16modayea, of course
08:35:17Slasherimoda: either you have too many small files, or too deep directory structure
08:36:19modaprobably too deep directory structure. mine goes root -> music -> genre -> subgenre -> subsubgenre -> artist -> album -> songs. :p
08:36:37Slasheriah, that might be the problem
08:37:10Bg3rSlasheri huh
08:37:41SlasheriBg3r: there is a limit how many directories can be simultaneously open
08:39:00modawhats the internal windows disk checker thingo?
08:40:29Bg3rbut probably the problem is what Slasheri pointed to ... he wrote the dircache ...
08:40:53modamk, but i moved both my 2 major directories with all my songs in it, still does it,
08:41:26modaheh, found it
08:41:45***Alert Mode OFF
08:42:08modahave 2 directories called the same thing. egh
08:42:13 Join San [0] (
08:42:17Mikachuhow did you manage to do that?
08:42:28modanfi, seeing as i renamed both of them in rockbox
08:42:37Mikachumaybe it doesn't check for that
08:42:47modaprobably not
08:43:35modalets try this again, sam
08:43:51Slasherihehe, than can be a problem indeed :)
08:44:39modamy charging script still isnt working :(
08:45:01modanope, still does it
08:46:51modawow, i have errors galore on my player :D
08:49:02modadoes it search for any supported files, or all files? coz it may be annoyed at my secret pron stash :D
08:49:43 Join owang [0] (
08:50:01Bg3rmoda dircache caches *all* files
08:50:51owanganyone know how to convert from float to fixed point long?
08:51:26modayer, moving my uber secret hiding spot for my pron stash fixed it :D
08:51:28Mikachui guess that depends on your representation?
08:51:54owangwell, i think that samples are fixed point long format
08:52:00owangon the coldfire
08:52:37Bg3rowang you must split the long in 2 parts - integer and fractional
08:53:58Bg3rand decide how much of it you need for the first and for the last
08:54:47owangis it just standard ieee floating points?
08:55:12owang10 bit exponent
08:55:25Bg3rowang this is floating point ...
08:55:34Bg3rthe fixed point is ... well, fixed
08:55:51Bg3ru have x bits for the integer part and y bits for the fractional part
08:55:57Mikachuan exponent says where the point is
08:57:15Bg3rand (depending on your needs) u decide how much will be x and y, respectively
08:59:04modain wps's, can we make images display for a set amount of time, then move on to another one?
08:59:54Bg3rmoda i think there is a tag for this (not especially for the images)
09:00:17Bg3rmorning, ami
09:00:23 Quit arf-arf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:00:34modais there a tag to make the battery bar move when charging?
09:00:59amiconnB4gder: There's something fishy with the official build system:
09:01:24Bg3rmoda : CustomWPS topic in the wiki
09:01:25amiconnEven when things are clearly missing, the builds are sometimes green
09:01:40 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Zagor)
09:01:57amiconnThis isn't a problem of the detection script this time; the log shows no error either!
09:02:02 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:02:02amiconnTwo examples:
09:02:42 Join damaki [0] (
09:02:55amiconn(1) X5 simulator. This builds and links sudoku, however, there are no bitmaps for sudoku built. It should fail to link, and does here
09:03:10B4gderit doesn't fail to link on linux
09:03:52 Join einhirn [0] (
09:04:55amiconn(2) Archos bitmap targets. I didn't commit 2 changes because of a silly cvs behaviour. 'make' complained 'no rule to make target ...' for another user
09:05:21amiconn((the 01:18 build)
09:05:58amiconnNm, this _is_ indicated in the log
09:06:15B4gderyes, I see
09:06:17amiconnThe colouring script doesn't pick up
09:06:20 Join LinusN [0] (
09:06:24 Part LinusN
09:06:40B4gderno, because its not a ld, gcc or similar error
09:06:49 Join LinusN [0] (
09:06:55amiconnB4gder: How does sudoku for x5 sim link successfully on linux? :confused:
09:07:20B4gderbecause it links it to a shared lib, and they don't need all symbols present
09:07:24LinusNamiconn: the plugins are shared objects
09:07:49amiconnBut then they are shared objects on windows as well...
09:07:54B4gderwe'd need to add more magic to check for all symbols to "fix" that
09:08:01B4gderamiconn: windows and cygwin work differently
09:10:29moda<Bg3r> moda : CustomWPS topic in the wiki <−−−− im looking in there, and i cant find anything that allows what i want
09:11:29amiconnshared object (*nix) == (almost) dll (win32) afaik
09:11:40B4gderyes, almost being the key
09:12:01B4gderthere are in fact multiple differences
09:13:20B4gdermy life with libcurl has tought me one or two of them ;-)
09:13:24midkaydon't we have auto gain control on the recorders now?
09:13:58 Quit Thus0 ("Leaving")
09:15:30amiconnB4gder: So the (currently) only way to catch these problems would be an automated buld on windows?
09:15:33CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:15:33*amiconn hides
09:15:54ashridahcouldn't you start building using a cross compiler for windows?
09:16:03Mikachui'm not sure but there should be an ld switch to force needing all symbols
09:16:05Mikachuor something
09:16:08ashridahwouldn't be cygwin tho, you'd need to start using mingw or something
09:16:17midkayam i on everyone's ignore list now or what? :)
09:16:20B4gderwe've done cross-compiles for years
09:16:29B4gderI just recently stopped doing that
09:16:43Mikachu −−no-allow-shlib-undefined Do not allow unresolved references in shared libs
09:16:46Mikachuhow bout that?
09:16:59B4gdersounds like something we should use
09:17:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:17:08Mikachuand/or this one, −−no-undefined Do not allow unresolved references in object files
09:17:26 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:18:10Zoide777does anyone know where the scroll wheel code from button.c was borrowed from in the ipl source? I'm looking through the ipl code but I can't seem to find it.
09:18:28Zoide777is it in the podzilla code or somewhere else?
09:18:54Mikachui'm guessing the kernel but maybe not
09:19:13midkayi don't see it anywhere in the code but i could have sworn there was automatic gain control for recording - anybody? *sigh*
09:19:48amiconnThere are some other plugins that need adjustment for x5. Brickmania, chessbox and solitaire build but use wrong bitmaps
09:19:50ScoTTiewhy do you want the keyboard code ?
09:20:48Zoide777ScoTTie: me?
09:21:28Zoide777b/c I want to see if I can improve the behavior of the scroll wheel in rockbox. I'd like it to "accelerate" like in retailos
09:21:42ScoTTieah cool
09:21:53Zoide777thanks for the info btw
09:21:55ScoTTiesomeone needs to slow it down for the mini
09:22:05ScoTTieits unusable fast
09:22:34Zoide777(I don't know very much about the rockbox/ipl code, but maybe i can submit some clever patch for the acceleration thing at least)
09:22:48ZagorZoide777: look at how the normal key repeat works. it has accelleration already.
09:23:05MikachuZagor: could you possibly set a password for me manually in the tracker?
09:23:29ZagorMikachu: it's easier for me to change your email address
09:23:52 Join arf-arf [0] (i=arf-arf@
09:23:52 Join qwm [0] (
09:23:59Zoide777Zagor: in button.c, right?
09:24:05ZagorZoide777: yes
09:24:13midkayZagor, does the Recorder have automatic gain control?
09:24:25Zagorafaik no
09:24:34Zoide777k, i'll see if i get any sudden enlightenment :)
09:24:38midkaymaybe it was triggered recording i saw before..
09:25:05LinusNmidkay: must have been
09:25:20LinusNthe recorder has automatic gain for *playback*
09:25:21midkayis AGC even possible?
09:25:26midkayright, right..
09:25:55ZagorMikachu: changed
09:26:11B4gderI don't do not gain stuff, I remain clueless about such stuff ;-)
09:26:23B4gderand I can't type
09:26:26midkaywtf? :)
09:26:53midkayyes, i do not hate not liking no things not rockbox.
09:26:57midkaywhatever that means.
09:27:41B4gderany feature that mentiones "foobar2k" in the same sentense to get used properly is ignored by me
09:28:09qwmi'm so tired of this redundant project.
09:28:27B4gderqwm: bye bye then
09:28:43qwmyou're really wasting your time on it B4gder
09:28:53B4gderno shit?
09:29:16B4gderI thought I was saving the world
09:29:22 Join damaki_ [0] (
09:29:53qwmrockbox causes leukemia in little children. :(
09:30:38ashridahgood. too many of them anyway
09:30:53preglowthe bigger children are the real buggers
09:30:53midkayyou disgust me!
09:30:54JdGordonban.. ban.. ban...
09:30:56*LinusN silences the troll detector
09:30:57preglowwe have to cause something in them too
09:31:25*JdGordon would be worried about the long erm effects of playing doom on the tiny screens during lectures tho...
09:31:44preglowi can't forsee anything more severe than your eyes exploding to happen
09:32:10ashridahJdGordon: it's detrimental. i think i played an entire semester's worth of rockboy-tetris in one subject last year
09:32:46*JdGordon didnt have rockbox last year so i cant use that as my excuse for my marks :p but i can this year :D
09:32:47 Join San [0] (
09:33:27 Join moozooh [0] (n=moozooh@
09:33:42qwmi'm not a troll, though.. i'm an aspiring irc comedian.
09:33:45*moda thinks someone should update the customwps to include new tags
09:34:05B4gdermoda: go ahead
09:34:09*Mikachu throws rotten irc eggs at qwm
09:34:10Zoide777qwm: lol
09:34:12*ashridah thinks someone should give him a million dollars :(
09:34:21*moda thinks everyone should suggest an hdd access icon for his wmp wps.
09:34:26qwmi guess i have to fine tune my act a little bit more. :(
09:34:38ashridahoh god. the football starts already?
09:34:42*ashridah hates this country sometimes
09:34:52JdGordonashridah: ur not info afl?
09:34:54qwmwhich country is that?
09:34:56modawoo, football, gogo. QUEENSLANDER
09:35:02ashridahJdGordon: i'd sooner use windows
09:35:02modaqwm: 'straya
09:35:27*JdGordon hates cricket and is glad the footy is back :D
09:35:38moda<moda> qwm: 'straya <===== i mean, Australia. yer.
09:36:16modalol @ fat pizza. what an awesome movie
09:36:21*ashridah huggles cricket
09:36:25JdGordonfat pizza is terrible
09:36:30ashridahaussies V RSA on saturday :)
09:37:16JdGordon"27 Feb: Semester one teaching period commences" nooooooooooooo.....
09:37:25ashridahJdGordon: haha.
09:37:34*ashridah can't wait for the start of semester
09:37:38moda<JdGordon> fat pizza is terrible <−− i know, thats the point
09:37:42ashridahi'm going to be earnign a crapload of money tutoring :)
09:37:50JdGordonnice (y)
09:38:01ashridah(yay, 400 bucks a week :) )
09:38:09ashridahfor like 10 hours work
09:38:29 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
09:39:16ashridahwell, the problem is, it's implied that i'll mark 50 assignments, etc. :(
09:39:25modafk those p-c bastards
09:40:08modap-c is so 1990's
09:40:23 Quit Higgy_ ("Trillian (")
09:40:33moda_/end rant
09:43:38 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:44:19B4gderI think the time has some to split the daily build page in two: daily and cvs builds
09:44:43JdGordonor just neaten it up a bit.. the table is getting too wide :p
09:45:03B4gderand its about to go even wider
09:45:13JdGordonipod3g?? whend that happen?
09:45:21B4gderthere's at least two more ports pending
09:45:37Zoide777btw how come there isn't an iPod section in the WPS gallery? (
09:45:47midkayno iPod WPS' yet? :)
09:45:48B4gderZoide777: go ahead and make one
09:46:15 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
09:46:58JdGordonB4gder: do u really need to show so many builds? just show like the last 3 for each target and split up the table...
09:47:01JdGordon..or something
09:47:06Zoide777can a WikiName have accents? i.e. the e accent "é" for my name
09:47:38JdGordonand there is no bleedingedge 3g link at the bottom
09:48:10B4gderJdGordon: I don't think cutting the table like that saves anything good, and as you can see the 3g build fails anyway
09:48:10 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:48:49 Join midkay [0] (
09:48:55 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:49:19midkayfor the recorders, isn't turning on the device with ON a hardware function (unchangeable)?
09:49:34B4gdermidkay: correct
09:49:54Bg3rmidkay you want to turn it on with the "off" key maybe ? ;)
09:50:07midkayBg3r, yes, that makes most sense to me! :)
09:50:08modamother. of. god. 4 minute video, VERY VERY WORTH IT
09:52:35 Join Thus0 [0] (
09:53:43Mikachuthere, i think i've added all my patches now
09:55:17midkaydoes anyone get what this guy is asking?
09:55:31midkay.. why isn't he using the included charger?
09:55:51*amiconn wonders in what way the build table is getting too wide
09:56:08amiconnThe build table doesn't even take 2/3 of my browser window width...
09:56:27B4gderamiconn: then you have a very wide window or very highres screen
09:56:52modamidkay: i think it means that he wants it to go ac -> player -> battery, instead of what it is now, ac -> battery -> player, which is impossible to change without hardware mods
09:57:02LinusNmidkay: i guess he doesn't want to use batteries, as when they wear out, the player doesn't work, even when connected to a charger
09:57:23midkayah, i see..
09:57:31modawhat i said :D
09:57:41midkayhaha. invalid, then..
09:57:47LinusNstill, it's not doable without a hardware mod
09:57:53B4gderthe "HW-mod" category should be killed I'd say
09:57:54LinusNas moda said :-)
09:58:00LinusNB4gder: absolutely
09:58:08Bg3rah, why ?
09:58:24amiconnOn my linux box (1280x1024) it's about 2/3. On my laptop it's more like half of the window (1400x1050)
09:58:25LinusNBg3r: why remove the category?
09:58:31B4gderbecause HW-mods are not Rockbox
09:58:42Bg3rokay, but ...
09:59:19Bg3ri think it's good this info to be categorised somewhere ...
09:59:44B4gderI disagree
09:59:57LinusNBg3r: yes, but not in the tracker
09:59:58B4gderwe need to clear off things that aren't valid
10:00:13Bg3rah, they are in the tracker ?
10:00:21LinusNthe tracker should only contain software changes
10:00:21Bg3ri thought you talk about the wiki
10:01:08Mikachui accidentally added a patch as a bug, will that make it less likely someone looks at it?
10:01:24midkayMikachu, definitely :)
10:01:53B4gderMikachu: what number?
10:02:12LinusNi have changed it
10:02:16 Quit owang ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:03:17LinusNmidkay: album art fixed?
10:03:19Mikachuit's not possible to search by who submitted?
10:03:26LinusNno way
10:03:26midkayLinusN, don't we have support for that in CVS?
10:03:42LinusNthere is a patch, but not in cvs
10:03:50midkayi remember reading at misticriver..
10:04:00B4gderMikachu: you can at least sort on "opened by"
10:04:14midkaybah, they need to correct their article..
10:04:26 Join damaki__ [0] (
10:04:35LinusNmisticriver will always be misticriver...
10:04:39midkaywhoever's registered should send them a PM/comment.. :)
10:04:57midkayyeah, i didn't think they'd be wrong about something like that though, they've got a picture and everything..
10:05:28LinusNthe pic is correct, just that it's a custom build
10:05:41midkayLinusN, right, they don't mention that it's a patch..
10:05:49midkay"in the latest H300 Optimized Build"..
10:05:53midkayoptimized?.. :)
10:06:19B4gdermidkay: yah, we love that name for it
10:06:34midkayin other words: the build with all the imaginable patches applied? :)
10:06:35Mikachuwhere does he have the source?
10:06:42midkaycan anyone give me a link back to that so i can reopen it, or perhaps someone else can..
10:06:51LinusNmidkay: i reopened it
10:07:03LinusNmidkay: it's in the confirmation mail
10:07:04midkaythanks for re-opening + heads up :)
10:07:12midkayi'm not subscribed to rockbox-sf..
10:07:16LinusNdon't you get those?
10:07:17midkayor the mailing list for that matter..
10:07:17 Join damaki [0] (
10:07:21Mikachuah he does have the source in the post
10:08:15MikachuROCKbox H300 Optimized logo
10:08:15 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:08:18Mikachuwow, even the logo is faster
10:08:28 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
10:08:29LinusNa fast logo?
10:08:33 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
10:08:59Bg3rhi, Jungti1234
10:09:09preglowgod damn, you people are ripping through flyspray
10:09:10 Quit arf-arf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:09:14midkaya fast logo.. haha.
10:10:00 Quit Thus0 ("Leaving")
10:10:41Bg3r <= haha
10:11:02midkayhaha. damn, they were close..
10:11:08Mikachuthat's a fake pic obviously
10:11:24Bg3rhow scientists have seen the Personal Computer as of 2004 in 1954...
10:11:41Mikachunot obviously, but i saw it a few years ago and the source images used
10:11:43midkayMikachu, nah, just ancient :)
10:11:47midkayi think..
10:12:49 Join slimx [0] (n=slimx@
10:12:59ScoTTie_its a mockup
10:13:09ScoTTie_what the thought computers of the future would look like
10:13:25ScoTTie_hah it says it there
10:15:05Jungti1234huge computer
10:15:29 Quit Lynx_ (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
10:17:20midkay - he means changing upside down? we already have that at F3, right?
10:18:28Mikachuare only players with an f3 button able to invert the screen orientation?
10:18:40 Join Thus0 [0] (
10:18:48 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:19:16midkayi'm not sure about irivers.
10:19:21midkayipods can't..
10:21:04B4gderthe color ones should be easy to support upside down
10:21:09 Join infamis [0] (
10:21:22Mikachui think they have todo comments
10:21:28 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:23:44 Join Lynx_ [0] (
10:26:31 Join petur [0] (
10:32:14peturB4gder: got my mail?
10:32:27B4gderyeps, replying soonish
10:33:00Jungti1234ipod 6g
10:33:25peturtouch screen scroll wheel or what?
10:33:28B4gderrumours deluxe
10:35:13Mikachui wonder if there's a way to know if the user took the finger off the scroll wheel
10:35:41modaif that is the real ipod g6, im so getting one and selling my h340. its getting old for me
10:36:20Jungti1234me too
10:36:31 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
10:36:51LinusNi never really understood that urge to "upgrade" the mp3 player
10:37:08LinusNjust because there is something newer
10:37:26B4gderLinusN: so that you can make a new rockbox port!
10:37:30Paul_The_NerdEspecially if your current one does everything you want/need as it is.
10:37:31peturyeah, why upgrade it with other firmware? ;)
10:37:35LinusNB4gder: true :-)
10:39:05preglowi never understood the urge to upgrade anything because it's newer
10:39:28peturyou mean 'only because it's newer'
10:39:28preglowno daps will match my lovely h120 anyway
10:39:30*preglow strokes
10:40:38peturbefore my H340 I had a 32MB player with parallel port connection and 32MB extension...
10:40:55Mikachumore space is always good
10:41:13Mikachuwould be fun to connect a 200GB external usb hd :)
10:41:31peturportability is also good :P
10:41:52Mikachuyou just need bigger batteries
11:00:20 Quit slimx (Remote closed the connection)
11:07:30 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:09:23 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:14:52 Quit Jungti1234 ()
11:15:03 Quit infamis ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:17:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:20:09 Quit moda ()
11:26:11 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
11:29:24 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
11:29:49midkaydoes anyone know how i can get the effect clearrect used to have??
11:30:15Bg3rmidkay like ?
11:30:28midkayjust clear a specified rectangle of the LCD
11:30:31Bg3ruse something like lcd_update_rect()
11:30:33 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
11:30:36midkaythat's not the same
11:30:56midkayi think amiconn did some weird overhaul.. now you set drawing mode or something?.. not sure what to set it o.
11:31:37 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@
11:32:17XavierGr_Bg3r: LOL that was a funny picture!!
11:32:46Bg3rXavierGr_ ;)
11:33:19XavierGr_well not so good for me muesli. iRiver didn't respond on my second RMA request...
11:33:42XavierGr_I just can't believe that I send the player for repairs there, and the same problem exist.
11:34:11 Nick XavierGr_ is now known as XavierGr (
11:35:13muesli__XavierGr_ is their a subsidiary of iriver in greek?
11:35:44Bg3rno, the eu one afaik
11:36:12muesli__to what location did you send it?
11:36:59 Join Lost-ash [0] (
11:37:53XavierGrin Germany
11:38:30muesli__oh hell...
11:38:36muesli__i understand..
11:38:47muesli__those bastards are a pain in the ass..
11:39:33muesli__did give them a call?
11:39:36XavierGrit is just that I got all sorts of problems up until now: Problems paying for it, problems getting it, problems using it (defective) and problems getting it back.
11:39:52XavierGrI will ask help form Jeff at MR
11:40:17XavierGrAFAIR I think he helped some people with RMAs
11:40:45XavierGrthen if nothing happens maybe I will call, but I don't speak german so... that guy is really aweful. but at least its a personal address
11:41:12Bg3rawful as ?
11:41:25XavierGrawful, why?
11:41:48Bg3rall XavierGr is another awful person ...
11:42:02muesli__i had several calls with him. he is very friendly, promises heaven and does NOTHIN in the end
11:42:06*linuxstb spots that wakeup on usb insertion now works on the ipods :)
11:42:06Bg3rall XavierGr needs is another awful person ...
11:42:29XavierGrhaha, now that makes sense.
11:42:30midkaylinuxstb, you mean going straight to diskmode?
11:42:49Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: No more freezing?
11:43:13Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Also, did the cpu speed changing ever get committed?
11:43:50linuxstbYes - the freezing has been fixed.
11:44:19linuxstbNo - the cpu speed changing hasn't been committed yet - I've no idea why it's unreliable on the 4g...
11:44:51Paul_The_NerdAh. Been using it with the nano since he first put the patch up without problems. What's it do on the 4g?
11:44:55linuxstbThe immediate reboot caused by the early usb detection doesn't sound nice in a hard-disk player though.
11:45:14linuxstbIt crashes randomly when changing speed.
11:45:37linuxstbAt least, it appears to be random - I haven't spotted any patterns.
11:46:46safetydanbah, I fix the iPod Video sim builds and someone goes and adds not quite compiling iPod 3G
11:46:51safetydanI was hoping for a clean build page
11:46:58linuxstbIt seemed to work fine on the 5g - I'll do some more testing there. I guess we could commit it for the Nano and 5g only for now.
11:48:13Mikachulinuxstb: i added the absolute wheel thing to the tracker, and also added support to brickmania
11:49:18linuxstbYes, I saw that. I can't look at it at the moment though.
11:49:38linuxstbHow does it work in Brickmania? Is that another test, or a change you are proposing for CVS?
11:50:14Mikachui'm not sure, i think it works pretty well
11:50:22Mikachuand i added it without breaking everything else
11:50:41Paul_The_Nerd"absolute wheel"?
11:51:00Mikachuinstead of saying how much you moved your finger, it says where your finger is
11:51:22Paul_The_NerdThat seems useful
11:51:29linuxstbHow do you use it in Brickmania?
11:52:12Mikachui map the position of the finger to a position on the screen
11:52:27Mikachuso if you put your finger on the right part of the wheel, the pad jumps to the right place
11:52:46Mikachui also divided it in two halves
11:52:49Paul_The_NerdDo you you use 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock, and just mirror 12 and 6 to each other?
11:52:55Mikachuso you can either arc above or below select
11:53:09 Quit kernelsensei (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:53:31Mikachuso if you move a full circle, you've moved the pad left-right to the same place again
11:53:32 Join kernelsensei [0] (n=boris@gentoo/developer/kernelsensei)
11:54:12Mikachualso added a buffer zone at 9 and 3 o clock, maybe 6 or 7 minutes where the pad is at the edge
11:54:22Mikachuotherwise it was nearly impossible to catch the ball at the edges
11:54:54*Paul_The_Nerd goes to try it.
11:54:59linuxstbWhat do people think about a function to switch the wheel between two modes - "scroll events" and "absolute position". I can't see an application being able to use both at the same time, and it seems a waste of time to send scroll events when they are not being used.
11:55:14 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:55:29Mikachui wrote in the comment for the patch that you(or someone) mentioned that too
11:55:37Mikachui think it sounds like a good idea
11:56:18Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: That seems reasonable. I can almost imagine that you'd want to detect if someone placed their finger at a position, or scrolled *to* that position, but I'm sure that can be handled from absolute positioning anyway.
11:57:06Mikachuthe relative position code in the kernel is very simplistic as it is now, and based on absolute positioning
11:58:36linuxstbYes, there is still lots of work to do to make the best use of the clickwheel.
11:58:39Mikachuwoot, i actually finished level 2
11:58:43Mikachufirst time ever
11:58:58 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:02:31Mikachuthe fps code looks a bit wonky in bm too, like it depends on clock cycles but i'm not sure
12:03:36Mikachumaybe not
12:04:07linuxstbNo, it's dependent on the LCD size. Bigger LCDs need a shorter cycletime.
12:04:30Mikachucan't it measure the time it took to draw and sleep the rest?
12:04:39linuxstbYes, that's exactly what it does.
12:04:56Mikachuthen how is it dependent? sorry if i'm stupid
12:05:07 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
12:05:26Mikachuif you want 25 fps and drawing the lcd takes x seconds, you want to sleep 1/25 - x, so where does CYCLETIME come in?
12:05:35linuxstbThe ball moves the same number of pixels each frame for every LCD size. So to maintain the same overall speed, the frame speed needs to be higher for larger LCDs.
12:05:57Mikachuah, right
12:06:09linuxstbSo the FPS varies between lcd sizes.
12:06:33Mikachuand the ball doesn't accelerate with time?
12:06:57stevebIf there are two cars driving at 30mph, one starts at point x and the other at point y. point x and y are 48Km's apart. What colour is the tractor?
12:08:59 Quit petur ("fooooood")
12:09:54 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
12:28:05 Quit Zoide777 ("CGI:IRC")
12:29:42 Join krmathis [0] (
12:31:42 Join perpleXa [0] (
12:36:50Mikachuor you could change the number of pixels the ball moves...
12:37:01Mikachui'll leave that for another day
12:37:41Paul_The_NerdBut you can adjust the sleep times far more than the number of pixels per update, for better equivalent speeds, right?
12:37:46 Part moozooh
12:38:36Mikachuthe ball changes speed sporadically with the direction now anyway
12:38:50Paul_The_NerdI had noticed that.
12:39:02Mikachuyou also don't have to move the ball every frame
12:39:16Mikachuyou can move it 2 pixels every third frame if you want
12:39:24linuxstbIf you adjust the number of pixels instead of the framerate for different sized LCDs, you will just end up with either jerky movement on large LCDs, or wasted CPU time on the smaller LCDs.
12:39:57Mikachuit's jerky on my nano and i think it qualifies as a smaller LCD...
12:40:07linuxstbWell, that needs fixing then.
12:40:21linuxstbI'm just saying that I think the principle is fine.
12:40:25Paul_The_NerdDoes it have a vector velocity, or does it just move in pixels per update?
12:40:32Mikachui tried looking at the ball code but it's like 500 uncommented lines some of which are 200 chars wide
12:40:36linuxstbI don't know the code that well.
12:41:37 Join petur [0] (
12:43:07Mikachuit's already lightyears better than the joke game in apples os :)
12:43:44preglowis that a fix for the init usb hang i see there?
12:43:50linuxstbIt is indeed :)
12:45:14linuxstbI think we need to change the reboot code to do a clean shutdown though.
12:45:31preglowusb shutdown code, you mean?
12:45:52linuxstbYes, the usb shutdown code just reboots the ipod without saving anything.
12:46:06linuxstbDEV_RS |= 4; (or something like that)
12:47:03*Paul_The_Nerd thinks some people just don't get how much you can do with .cfg files.
12:47:39Paul_The_NerdThere are already people asking for the color patch to have a "presets" option.
12:48:13linuxstbIsn't that the idea of themes?
12:48:31 Part krmathis
12:49:02Paul_The_NerdOr just configs in general, yeah.
12:49:47*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs
12:50:12preglowdoxygen is pretty nifty
12:50:44linuxstbAre you suggesting we use it in Rockbox?
12:51:48preglowno <-
12:51:55preglowi just used it for the first time right now
12:52:23B4gderI never manged to make really nice docs with it
12:52:25linuxstbDidn't someone try it with Rockbox a few months ago?
12:52:34preglowi don't know
12:52:40preglowmost projects don't manage to use doxygen properly
12:52:54linuxstbOr am I thinking of something else? Can doxygen be used without any extra markup in the code?
12:53:29preglowthere's not much markup
12:53:36preglowjust ordinary comments, plus @param, @return, etfc
12:53:52stevebi just installed the latest h300 optimized build but the directory and settings screen is all just black. anyone know why this happened?
12:53:53preglowand you should really comment stuff like that anyway, unless it's really apparent
12:54:34linuxstbsteveb: They probably included a patch that changes the format of the configuration data, but didn't increment the version number.
12:54:57linuxstbHold down record as you boot to reset the settings
12:54:57stevebother people seem to have it working :-/
12:55:25steveblove you :)
12:55:25Paul_The_NerdThe color changer patch defaulted to all black when I tried it once.
12:55:50Mikachuthat's why you should have a bg pic
12:56:12linuxstbSo we should probably bump the config version when committing that patch.
12:56:35Mikachuwill that let people keep the old config values?
12:56:40Mikachuwhere people is me
12:56:55linuxstbYou just need to export the settings to a .cfg file, and then reload.
12:57:01stevebthe rockbox development is going at a phenominal rate... im very impressed
12:57:07linuxstbThe config version is incremented quite frequently.
12:57:11Mikachubut you have to know that before you start the new version
12:57:29B4gderMikachu: yes, so a clever thing is to save a config when you have one you like
12:57:32linuxstbYes - or always keep a backup of your settings.
12:57:37Mikachualso a good idea
12:57:41*Mikachu eject /dev/sda
12:58:07stevebright. database lecture
12:58:09stevebthanks for the help
12:58:11*steveb gone
12:58:17 Join Membrillo [0] (
12:58:44Membrilloanyone know which of the current WPSs for H3xx support 100x100 album art?
12:58:46 Join quobl_ [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-491628e781239c62)
12:59:06Mikachuis it a lot faster to use the binary format than to reparse a cfg at startup?
12:59:23Mikachu(maybe a stupid question or you would do it)
13:00:29Mikachuwhat's the reset config startup key for ipods?
13:00:35linuxstbThere isn't one....
13:00:58linuxstbAs far as I can tell, our button driver doesn't detect buttons that are pressed before Rockbox starts.
13:01:21linuxstbBut I only tried briefly - you could have another go.
13:01:28linuxstbThe code is in apps/main.c
13:01:53Paul_The_NerdMaybe an alternative solution then.
13:02:06linuxstbI was thinking of detecting the hold button.
13:02:12Paul_The_NerdIf the first button you press upon booting (other than scroll events) is to hold Left for 5 seconds... or something like that.
13:02:37Mikachu gui_syncsplash(HZ*2, true, str(LANG_RESET_DONE_CLEAR));
13:02:37Mikachu settings_reset();
13:02:45Mikachushouldn't that be in the other order?
13:02:46Paul_The_NerdThe hold button?
13:03:22Mikachui don't see why the button shouldn't be detected, button_init() is a lot earlier in that function
13:03:25linuxstbYes - so if Rockbox detects the hold button is on whilst booting, then it resets the settings.
13:03:37linuxstbMikachu: Because you press it BEFORE button_init()
13:04:02linuxstbBut as I said, please feel free to experiment and see if you can get it working.
13:04:06Mikachuhm, does that affect what button_status() returns after?
13:04:49linuxstbTry it... I only made a very quick attempt at getting it to work a while ago, so maybe I did something wrong.
13:04:57Mikachuor you could go 'if (holdbutton) syncsplash("hold select now to reset settings") reset_settings()'
13:05:52linuxstbThat wouldn't be useful if the fg/bg colours were wrong. Or any other display-related settings.
13:06:09Mikachuit would since the settings are loaded after that
13:06:34linuxstbYou also can't detect buttons when the hold button is on.
13:06:51Mikachuyes, you'd turn hold off before the syncsplash goes away and press
13:07:48linuxstbBut I can't think of a reason why a user would boot with the hold button on under normal circumstances. If the ipod is off, then you can't turn it on if hold is on. So the user has to turn hold on before Rockbox starts in order to reset the settings.
13:08:07Mikachui guess that's true, my solution is a bit overcomplicated
13:09:42Paul_The_NerdAaah, apparently RGB values are too confusing with the current slider system...
13:09:44*Paul_The_Nerd mutters.
13:10:04Paul_The_NerdYeah, I kinda like linuxstb's hold button idea.
13:10:21Mikachui have one comment on that screen, the values are impossible to read since they're printed in red green or blue
13:11:06Mikachulinuxstb: this works,
13:11:07Mikachugui_syncsplash(HZ*2, true, "press now...");
13:11:09Mikachu if ((button_status() & SETTINGS_RESET) == SETTINGS_RESET)
13:11:22Mikachubut maybe not so nice
13:11:23 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:12:11 Join midkay [0] (
13:14:15 Quit Membrillo ()
13:17:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:18:44linuxstbDetecting the hold button is working fine to reset the settings. Should I commit it?
13:18:56Mikachui have no say but i say yes :)
13:19:19linuxstbI'm just looking for someone to think of a reason why it's a bad idea.
13:19:24 Quit quobl_ ("Leaving")
13:19:34Mikachui managed to clear my settings with BUTTON_RIGHT using a sleep(HZ/10);
13:20:21Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I think it's less able to accidentally be triggered than say holding the record button, so I vote to go with it.
13:20:21Mikachubut it's not easy
13:20:24linuxstbThe only reason I can think against it is that we could change to detecting the hold button in the bootloader to boot retailos.
13:20:41*Paul_The_Nerd likes the current method for RetalOS booting.
13:20:52Mikachuso you'll have to wait with turning hold on until it says 'booting rockbox'?
13:21:02linuxstbYes, which doesn't leave you long...
13:21:07Mikachulinuxstb: did you have a reboot to apple entry?
13:21:16Mikachuspeaking of that
13:21:21Mikachuor was that someone else?
13:21:28Mikachuor did i dream it?
13:21:49Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Wait, how early can you flip the hold switch to reset settings?
13:21:52linuxstbI'm thinking about it. I need to change the Rockbox shutdown code so it can do a choice of actions after cleanly shutting Rockbox down - actually powering down, rebooting to disk modes, or rebooting to retailos.
13:22:10linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: As early as you want after the reboot.
13:22:33Mikachulinuxstb: could i have a patch for what you got now?
13:23:10linuxstbYou simply change the if (button_status() & SETTINGS_RESET..... line with if (button_hold())
13:23:27Mikachui meant the reboot to apple thing
13:23:27linuxstbBut I will surround it with #ifdefs when committing.
13:24:34linuxstbNo, there isn't any code yet.
13:25:23Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I think he's talking about the old RetailOS on USB insert patch, right?
13:25:26linuxstbI did some experiments, the method will simply be to write a cookie into IRAM before rebooting - the contents of IRAM are preserved, so the bootloader can look for that cookie and go to retailos instead of booting Rockbox.
13:25:30 Join SereR0kR [0] (
13:25:50linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Yes, there is that. Should still be at
13:26:17Mikachuit would be nice if the bootloader started apple if the usb cable was in, but i don't want to shutdown rockbox on insert if it's already running
13:26:40Paul_The_NerdMikachu: If you hold Menu when you insert USB while running rockbox, it doesn't restart.
13:26:48linuxstbI wouldn't want that - what if you don't have retailos installed?
13:26:59Mikachuthen how would you transfer files?
13:27:06linuxstbIn the emergency disk mode.
13:27:11linuxstbWhich is what Rockbox uses now.
13:27:14Mikachuit is 100x slower
13:27:20linuxstbNot on my ipod
13:27:26Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Nano, right?
13:27:28linuxstbThat seems to be a Nano bug.
13:27:30Mikachuit is on mine, which is the only reason i'd want to reboot
13:30:19Paul_The_NerdThe *clear* solution is to just go ahead and put in that Bootloader USB mode. I *know* you've been hiding that code, just waiting to spring it on us linuxstb. Out with it.
13:33:23linuxstbYes, it's sitting on my hard disk next to the uncommitted video player
13:34:36peturoh, that full screen 30fps one ;)
13:34:54linuxstbNo, I live in PAL country, it can only manage 25fps
13:35:22peturfine for me, commit it :P
13:35:37 Quit XavierGr ("Trillian (")
13:35:45linuxstbThis is how rumours start....
13:36:41linuxstbAnyway, I'll commit the reset-settings-on-hold patch.
13:37:06Paul_The_Nerd"I was looking through the logs and I saw something about 25fps video..."
13:37:09Jungti1234what's that?
13:37:13Jungti1234reset-settings-on-hold patch
13:37:19Paul_The_NerdIt's for ipod.
13:37:24Paul_The_NerdThere's no reset settings button yet.
13:40:46Mikachuhaxx, it works. but i reversed the check for USBPOWER_BTN_IGNORE
13:42:21linuxstbYou mean that the default is to charge, and you hold MENU to reboot to disk mode?
13:43:05linuxstbI'm starting to be convinced that the default behaviour should be a setting.
13:44:04Mikachui made a 'Reboot to apple without saving' menu entry :)
13:44:33linuxstbOK. Now do it properly :)
13:44:59Mikachui already have 5 open patches in the tracker, i don't want to overload you ;)
13:45:07 Nick paugh is now known as AliasCoffee (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
13:45:25linuxstbRemind me about them over the weekend.
13:46:03Mikachuhm, it seems to keep the cookie if i reboot by writing to the boot sector and ejecting the device
13:46:20Mikachuso i save time when booting to apple, but now i have to do the 5 second menu+select thing instead
13:47:14 Join moozooh [0] (n=moozooh@
13:48:16linuxstbYou're saying that if you write the cookie to IRAM, then reboot into RetailOS, then reboot again, the cookie is still there?
13:48:36Mikachuonly if i reboot by that method
13:48:41Mikachuif i hold menu+select it's fine
13:48:53Mikachuso maybe the retailos also cheats when it reboots by ejecting the usb
13:48:54linuxstbYou can simply clear the cookie in the bootloader after you've detected it.
13:49:01Mikachuthat's a good idea
13:49:35 Part LinusN
13:50:05Mikachucan i simply do *storage_ptr = 0; ?
13:50:20Mikachushould result in \0etailOS etc
13:50:46Paul_The_NerdI didn't think RetailOS rebooted when you ejected USB...
13:50:48linuxstbYes, or use memset to completely clear it.
13:50:58MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: only if you write to sda1
13:51:00linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: It does if you modify the first 32MB of the disk.
13:51:09Mikachu% cat =ipodeject
13:51:09Mikachutest -b /dev/sda1 && echo -n '{' > /dev/sda1
13:51:09Mikachusu root -c eject\ /dev/sda
13:51:15Mikachui'm lazy
13:52:10Mikachui guess you can't do (unsigned char *)0x12414 = 0;
13:52:37 Join tvelocity [0] (
13:52:56Mikachuoh wait, i have to deref it too, so *(uns...
13:53:05*Mikachu collects award for ugly code
13:54:31*petur points Mikachu to the i2c drivers for more of that stuff ;)
13:54:58Bg3rpetur any news on the isp front ?
13:55:02Mikachuvictory is mine
13:55:08Mikachuthanks linuxstb
13:56:17peturBg3r: none, haven't had much time yet and I'm at the stage where looking at the disassembly is my only option to advance... looking for work?
13:56:32Mikachupetur: heh, i'll stay away from it then
13:56:59 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
13:57:14linuxstbMikachu: I would just use memset to clear the whole cookie.
13:57:34Mikachuyou think the r might return and the others left alone?
13:57:56linuxstbNo, but it just seems cleaner somehow...
13:58:13Mikachuokay, i will change it
13:58:23Bg3rpetur dissasm and low-level code is far from my abilities
13:58:29Mikachui don't suppose you have a nice function that does all the sw shutdown cleanup without calling hw shutdown?
13:58:52peturBg3r: same here, hence the incredible progress ;)
13:58:53linuxstbThere isn't a nice function. You need to tell each thread in Rockbox to shutdown - by sending the SYS_SHUTDOWN event.
13:59:24Bg3rpetur heh
13:59:45linuxstbCurrently the SYS_SHUTDOWN event doesn't have any data associated with it. My idea was to add a parameter to say what kind of shutdown it is - i.e. power-off, reboot-to-disk-mode, or reboot-to-original-firmware.
14:00:14 Quit SereR0kR ("XChat Aqua")
14:00:23Mikachuor maybe reboot-to-linux even
14:03:20linuxstbWe should be able to get rolo working with a linux kernel (and Rockbox itself).
14:03:33Mikachuis rolo an acronym?
14:03:41linuxstbROckbox LOader
14:04:11linuxstbIt means that you would be able to "play" a linux kernel in the file browser, and it would start it. (or a different rockbox.ipod)
14:04:48linuxstbBut RetailOS seems very fussy about how the hardware is initialised, so it could be troublesome to directly load that without rebooting.
14:05:33Mikachuwhat file would you click on to do taht?
14:05:50Mikachuright, i'm a bit slow
14:05:58Mikachui'm used to having it in the boot sector :)
14:06:10linuxstbIdeally, the Rockbox bootloader would load apple_os.bin from the FAT32 partition instead of the boot partition. But we couldn't get that to work.
14:08:58HCli still don't understand why people want to run linux on their music player..
14:09:00Mikachui just noticed a bug i think
14:09:02Mikachubut i can't be sure
14:09:15Mikachuif you enable hold, then disable hold, no buttons work until you scroll the wheel to turn on the backlight
14:09:26*Paul_The_Nerd has mentioned that a while ago
14:09:42Paul_The_NerdThat got introduced when it stopped queuing scroll events in the menus and such.
14:10:03preglowlinuxstb: any idea why?
14:10:23Mikachubut since it's very hard to press a button without scrolling a bit i guess it doesn't matter so much
14:10:26 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:12:16linuxstbpreglow: Are you talking about retailos not loading from the fat32 partition?
14:13:07Paul_The_NerdMy personal, completely uninformed guess, would be that it looks for the audio codecs and other various things in the boot partition, and since they're removed, hangs.
14:13:30Paul_The_NerdBecause when I tested it, it only had problems when you tried to play audio or go into USB mode.
14:13:58Mikachubut the position of the image in boot sector isn't fixed either, is it?
14:14:08Mikachui mean it depends on how you create the thing with ipod_fw
14:14:11linuxstbpreglow: No, I'm still confused by it. I should give it another attempt sometime.
14:14:55Paul_The_NerdI thought iPodfw positions the RetailOS, or most of it, in the same spot...
14:14:59*Paul_The_Nerd maybe misunderstood.
14:15:04Mikachuoh, never mind then
14:15:33linuxstbYes, I think it does, but with the ipod bootloader attached to the end of it, and the execute address for that image changed in the image header to point to the bootloader, not retailos.
14:16:35linuxstbThe test would be to keep the boot partition the same, but load retailos from a file, instead of executing the already in memory copy from the boot partition.
14:17:06linuxstbBut the whole point of the exercise (for me) is to prevent the Apple bootloader from wasting 5 seconds loading retailos from disk to memory when I just want to start Rockbox.
14:17:08Mikachuwhy would it be in memory?
14:17:28Mikachuright, not flash
14:17:29 Join perldiver [0] (
14:18:14Mikachutakes about 4 seconds from shutdown to be fully booted into rockbox here
14:18:25Mikachushut down, not shutdown
14:18:38Mikachufeh, that's also the verb
14:19:12 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
14:19:31preglowlinuxstb: it does that? so rockbox will boot faster if i just remove retailos from the bootpart?
14:19:42preglows/rockbox/the ipod/
14:19:42 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
14:19:44Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Yup
14:20:06Mikachuhow does the ipod know how much of the bootpart to load?
14:20:13[IDC]Dragonhehe, my coworker plays chess against my archos
14:20:47Mikachuwho's winning?
14:20:56preglowMikachu: it reads that info from the bootpart, i guess
14:20:57[IDC]DragonMikachu: how about making the fields 10*8?
14:21:15Mikachu[IDC]Dragon: what fields?
14:21:21[IDC]DragonMikachu: still middle game
14:21:37[IDC]Dragonthe 8*8 fields of the chessboard
14:21:46Mikachuah, i thought it was a resolution
14:22:01[IDC]Dragonthe Archos pixels are not square
14:22:12[IDC]Dragon10*8 would be a square
14:22:17Mikachuoh, so it was
14:22:26Mikachui was confused because chess is 8x8 squares :)
14:22:27[IDC]Dragonand gives you more space for the pieces
14:22:43[IDC]Dragon10*8 pixel, sorry
14:22:58Mikachui'm not sure why you ask me but i guess that's a good idea then
14:23:15[IDC]Dragonwasn't it you who made the plugin?
14:23:22Mikachuno :)
14:23:23linuxstbpreglow: Yes, the way I do it is to simply create a 1024 byte dummy file (e.g. dd if=/dev/zero of=dummy.bin count=2) and use that instead of apple_os.bin with ipod_fw.
14:23:49Mikachuhead -c 1024 /dev/zero is a bit shorter :)
14:24:08Mikachuand > dummy.bin so maybe the same length after all
14:24:57linuxstbpreglow: To do it properly would mean rewriting both ipod_fw and our bootloader, which isn't worthwhile unless we can get it booting retailos reliably.
14:25:19Paul_The_Nerd[IDC]Dragon: if you do catch whoever made it, it'd also be nice to actually see which piece you've selected. When I tried playing, I didn't notice any visual feedback when I selected a piece.
14:26:08linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: I think the author has lots of plans for the plugin - I think he's only just started...
14:26:20[IDC]Dragonis there an undo?
14:26:30MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: there's a slight outline around the square here
14:26:33linuxstbNo - there are virtually no features at the moment.
14:26:39Paul_The_NerdI just tried playing it, and couldn't figure out what was wrong because i kept pressing Select on pieces and not seeing anything.
14:26:59Paul_The_NerdMikachu: I'll try again. It's possible i'm just blind today
14:27:08linuxstbMaybe the outline is broken on the Nano. It works fine on my 4g and 5g though.
14:27:26linuxstbBut I agree that the visual feedback could be improved.
14:27:31Paul_The_NerdMIkachu: Oh, there's an outline when you move *off* the square.
14:27:50preglowlinuxstb: would be worthwhile for me, since i'll never use retailos
14:27:56linuxstbFeel free :)
14:27:56Mikachuthat's the one
14:27:58preglowbut yeah, that hack's enough for me
14:28:23Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Yeah, the outline's there, but I didn't notice it because I hit select, hit select again because I saw no feedback, tried another piece, apparently tried it an even number of time s there, etc.
14:28:32[IDC]Dragonmarevalo instead ok Mikachu
14:28:38[IDC]Dragon of
14:30:49[IDC]DragonArchos has won...
14:32:00[IDC]Dragonbecause of a misplaced move
14:32:31 Join mikearthur [0] (
14:32:49Bg3r[IDC]Dragon is your coworker good in chess ?
14:33:19linuxstbBut not as good as an mp3 player...
14:33:57[IDC]Dragonhe pressed the wrong button for a move
14:33:59linuxstbI'm surprised it's taken so long for gnuchess to be ported.
14:34:21[IDC]Dragonyes, you should have done it way earlier ;-)
14:34:24preglowis gnuchess considered to be good?
14:34:26Bg3rbtw, how good is the gnuchess's engine ?
14:34:32Bg3rpreglow :)
14:34:50preglowi fancy chess myself, but i'm not too keen on computer chess
14:34:51[IDC]Dragonthe code looks rather simple
14:35:04markunThis patch fixes a part of the simulator build for me, can anyone take a look at it before I commit?
14:35:54linuxstbmarkun: So you're just changing the order of the options?
14:36:16markunyes, to avoid inlcuding the wrong usb.h, id3.h etc
14:37:39markunI want to commit the gigabeat simulator today, and thought I'd clean up a bit first
14:39:44 Join damaki_ [0] (
14:40:13markunlinuxstb: shouldn't give any problems with linux or cygwin, should it?
14:40:20 Quit Thus0 ("Leaving")
14:43:16 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:43:17 Quit _FireFly_ (Client Quit)
14:43:37Bg3rWith regards to the question about GNUchess, yes GNUchess is weak even in comparison with freeware products like Crafty, Yace, Ruffian etc. The last, Ruffian is as of June 2003, generally acknowledged as the strongest chess engine you can get without paying a cent.
14:43:57 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
14:44:31 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:46:18 Join Cassandra [0] (
14:46:24Paul_The_NerdApparently it's "weaker than others, but not weak overall"
14:46:54linuxstbmarkun: There may be problems when we specifically want the sim to use a system include instead of a Rockbox one. But I don't know the sim that well.
14:47:27Bg3rGNUchess is no pushover though. Depending on hardware and time controls, perhaps only FIDE rated players about 2100 can be certain to match Gnuchess, though weaker players can win one or two games.
14:47:39markunlinuxstb: Well, the H300 and Gigabeat sims work fine at least.
14:48:08markunI'll commit it and keep an eye on the build table.
14:48:47*Cassandra suspects that the set of chess grand masters using Rockbox for training purposes will be small, anyway.
14:49:38linuxstbmarkun: Are you using a BSD variant?
14:49:45Mikachui couldn't beat a goat at chess
14:49:54markunlinuxstb: FreeBSD
14:50:03linuxstbAny idea how similar that is to Darwin?
14:50:21linuxstbI should resurrect my attempt to get the SDL sim working in Mac OS X.
14:50:38markunDarwin was derived from FreeBSD, replacing the kernel with the Mach kernel.
14:50:41elinenbe100 peeps in the channel!
14:51:04linuxstbAnd 0 ops, as usual...
14:51:08markunlinuxstb: I have some patches to make it compile here. You can take a look at them.
14:51:28linuxstbI need to run now - I'll have another go after you commit.
14:51:32elinenbelinuxstb: that's because we like to keep it real around here!
14:51:49Mikachu0 ops is recommended on freenode, if you care about that
14:53:18elinenberockbox needs to be ported to this:
14:53:24CassandraOps on #rockbox would be a solution waiting for a problem.
14:53:25elinenbewhat an AWFUL player...
14:53:48 Join robin_ [0] (
14:53:57Mikachuaren't there like 5000 different models of generic mp3 player with 512MB flash ram?
14:54:03robin_idoom available for rockbox ?
14:54:12Mikachunot idoom then
14:54:21robin_any doom ?
14:54:28Mikachumaybe soonish
14:54:52robin_Why can't rockbox run linux binaries , that run on IpodLinux ?
14:54:59robin_it is Linux right :) ?
14:55:02Mikachubecause rockbox isn't linux
14:55:05robin_no ?
14:55:11robin_what is it ?
14:55:17Mikachurockbox is rockbox
14:55:20Mikachujust like linux is linux
14:55:22robin_based on Linux ?
14:55:33robin_based on nothing :)
14:55:34CassandraNot even slightly.
14:55:46robin_k, why not :P
14:55:49CassandraIt's an OS custom designed for audio players.
14:55:53Jungti1234Question such as me
14:56:21robin_well I like it... though the themes are a little bit minimal for an nano
14:56:31markunrobin_: you can make your own
14:56:34robin_read as, low on colour usage
14:56:34Mikachulinux is several million lines of code and 30MB compressed source code, rockbox is... less than that
14:56:39 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:56:43elinenberobin_: you can create your own themes... as much graphics as you want!
14:56:55Cassandrarobin_, we've only had colour support on the Nano for a week or two.
14:56:57ashridahrobin_: it's mostly because it's only recently that rockbox has even had colour targets, let alone a theme system
14:57:03Mikachurobin_: i made this crazy theme the other day,
14:57:13ashridahthemes themselves will grow in capability over time, undoubtably
14:57:15robin_ah, cool.. anyway it works great
14:57:28Mikachumy theme is also not based on linux btw
14:57:54 Join LinusN [0] (
14:58:07Mikachuah, me
14:58:11CassandraApple may be announcing a new touchscreen MP3 player today.
14:58:18CassandraOr possibly a tablet PC.
14:58:18Paul_The_NerdMaaan, i don't get the various Windows Media Player themes. Or really, even the ones based in Winamp. I guess, I just don't want either of those in my pocket, I suppose.
14:58:24CassandraOr possibly neither of these things.
14:58:30Mikachuor both!
14:58:42robin_any way to theme the menu ?
14:58:43Paul_The_NerdI don't want a touchscreen MP3 player.
14:58:49Paul_The_Nerdrobin_ Just backdrop images right now.
14:58:53Paul_The_NerdAnd fonts
14:58:56robin_not with a screen as big as the nano.. :D
14:59:05CassandraOr full support and funding for Rockbox, including jobs for all the developers at highly inflated salaries.
14:59:18Mikachuthat would be optimal
14:59:33Paul_The_NerdOh man, they did announce today's event *after* sound support was added for some iPods... Hehehe
14:59:59*lostlogic signs up for an inflated salary to work on rockbox, even if it is employed by Evil Empire #3
15:00:11Mikachuwhat is #2?
15:00:27Mikachui don't think i have to ask about #1
15:00:29CassandraApple Chairman Steve Jobs is quoted as saying 'Yeah, we apologise for all that DRM crap, Rockbox has opened our eyes to the future of portable media.'
15:00:29Paul_The_NerdBut, but "Don't be evil!"
15:00:54robin_rockbox kernel better than ipodlinux ?
15:01:01Paul_The_Nerdrobin_: Define "better"
15:01:02CassandraShortly before being airlifted out of the auditorium by the fist USAF porcine battalion.
15:01:15Paul_The_NerdIt's definitely better for some values of better which include "smaller" and "more focused on a specific purpose"
15:01:41Mikachurobin_: it is better in the sense that a potato peeler is better for peeling a potato than a chainsaw
15:01:54LinusNMikachu: lol
15:02:00robin_does it have a better support
15:02:01Mikachuimagine peeling a chainsaw with a potato peeler
15:02:15robin_linux works ok, only the program not
15:02:18*Cassandra wants to try peeling a potato with a chainsaw now.
15:02:33*LinusN tries to peel a chainsaw with a potato
15:02:39Mikachui have to confess i have never tried
15:02:45Lynx_Cassandra: i won't be holding the potato for you...
15:02:56*elinenbe was thinking the same thing as LinusN
15:03:13elinenbegood afternoon Linus
15:03:25CassandraMaybe whoever's working on the Doom port can replace the chainsaw with a potato.
15:03:44Lynx_or the monsters with potatoes
15:03:59Mikachuthat would be a straaaange game
15:04:17CassandraWell maybe, but I rather liked the idea of incapacitating a demon by repeatedly stuffing potatoes up its nose.
15:04:17elinenbeso, what's the deal with curling in Sweden?
15:05:08Mikachuthere is a deal with curling in sweden?
15:05:23Mikachui guess we have a lot of ice
15:05:34CassandraThey have a monarchy you know. Maybe it's for the beards.
15:05:38 Join slimx [0] (n=slimx@
15:05:51CassandraI always imagine Swedish Kings as being like on playing card illustrations.
15:05:57Paul_The_Nerdrobin_: What do you mean by "better support?"
15:06:53Mikachuheh, i guess the old kings do look like that
15:08:48 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:08:48 Quit darkless (Connection timed out)
15:09:05 Join darkless [0] (n=darkless@
15:11:08godzirraSo sometimes when I connect my ipod video to the usb port, I get a usb symbol, and it doesnt show up as a drive. other times it seems to 'reboot' into the apple firmware and I get the standard "do not disconnect" message and it works fine.
15:11:12godzirra anyone have any suggestions whats going on with that?
15:11:25Mikachui heard something about a fix for this in cvs a few hours ago
15:12:11Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: I'm guessing when you get the USB symbol, you plugged in the usb when it was turned off, or before it finished booting.
15:12:39Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: If you download the latest bleeding edge or wait for the next daily you'll probably not have that problem any more
15:13:48godzirrahave I mentioned how happy I am I have rockbox on my ipod video now?
15:13:52godzirraIloved it on my h120.
15:14:27peturso, how's sound quality compared to the h120?
15:14:41Cassandragodzirra, I believe someone committed a patch for that today. Try the latest bleeding edge.
15:15:02CassandraI would love Rockbox for my iPod Video, if it damn well arrived.
15:15:05*Cassandra is sulking.
15:15:27godzirrapetur: In rockbox or in general? I havent noticed a huge sound difference either way to be honest. I havent tried gapless playback or anything like that though.
15:15:41godzirraI'm also not one of those people that hates mp3 because I can tell the difference between that and CD quality though either. ;)
15:15:55peturI mean between ipod and h120 in general
15:16:16godzirraI havent noticed a huge difference to be honest.
15:16:32Cassandrapetur, IMHO (Nano vs H140) it's the same. The iPod is louder.
15:16:33godzirraI dont have to go through the whole firmware replacement on the video to update right, since I already have the bootloader installed?
15:16:48godzirraI just have to drag and drop the new rockbox files into the right place?
15:16:58CassandraBootloader is a one time option. Just grab the ZIP file and unpack it to your player.
15:16:59robin_I thought I could play gameboy stuff ?
15:17:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:17:23robin_how does it work
15:17:30 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Khe!!!")
15:17:39 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
15:17:46Paul_The_Nerdrobin_: If you just play gameboy .gb or .gbc files like you would music.
15:18:04godzirraI never played with the gb stuff much.
15:18:06Paul_The_Nerdrobin_: Though, it depends. Which type of player do you have?
15:18:11godzirraI have a gameboy micro in my laptop bag. ;)
15:18:14Paul_The_NerdDoesn't work on Nano yet.
15:18:15robin_it doesn't see the .gb
15:18:24Mikachugodzirra: i have a gba (not ds) :)
15:18:34godzirraSame here. I had a DS but they're too huge and clunky :)
15:18:35robin_work in progress ? :)
15:18:36godzirraI love the micro.
15:18:51godzirraI needed something that I could slip in my pocket and not have to wear cargo pants for =)
15:18:52Paul_The_Nerdrobin_: By its whole definition the project itself is a work in progress.
15:19:17Paul_The_NerdThe DS lite comes out soon.
15:19:46CassandraWe occasionally make releases because some people like to stick to released s/w and it gives us an opportunity to tidy things up a bit.
15:20:06godzirraYeah, I'm waiting to seee how much smaller that is, but to be honest, I didnt like the touch screen.
15:20:17godzirraHaving to write those stupid ass symbols for castlevania to beat bosses just pissed me off.
15:20:33Mikachui meant (not sp)
15:20:41CassandraI think we'd like to put out Rockbox 3.0 soon, but there's still a lot of work to get Rockbox fully functional on Hxxx and iPod.
15:20:47godzirraOk... I have a few wps questions for the ipod video.
15:20:56Mikachugodzirra: did you see the presentation when that guy went on about how cool he thought those symbols are?
15:21:07godzirraMikachu: heh.. no. But thats half the reasno I got rid of my DS.
15:21:16godzirraI liked the game but the symbols annoyed the crap outta me.
15:21:25CassandraThe thing that impressed me most about the DS was Nintendogs.
15:21:30godzirraI never played it.
15:21:31Mikachui hear it's hard to run stuff on it too
15:21:52CassandraIf they'd had a cat version, I might well have bought one.
15:22:06*Cassandra = mad old cat lady.
15:22:15godzirraAnyone want to take a look at my wps file and see what I'm doing wrong? Its got weird pink bleed through (that I think is supposed to be invisible) and the top bar keeps flashing on and off over the images.
15:22:54godzirrathe graphics I can tell are because at the bottom of my screen on my ipod, I see 002.bmp|
15:22:58godzirrawhich is obviously bad :)
15:23:27CassandraI can give it a quick eyeball, but I don't guarantee to find anything.
15:23:42Mikachugodzirra: are you trying it in the sim?
15:23:49Mikachuthat's a great timesaver when making a wps
15:24:53godzirraYeah, but Ihave the same problem in the sim... and I've screwed with it a lot and I cant figure out why its not working right.
15:25:01godzirrait doesnt load one of the graphics.
15:25:12Mikachuare they all correct size and 24 bits?
15:25:37godzirraI took one of the h340 ones and resized the images... they are not the right width (and you can see a small gap...)
15:25:44godzirrabut there are two graphics, a foreground and a background
15:25:52godzirrathey are basically the same image, but one has a lot of pink which gets rendered invisible.
15:25:54 Quit perpleXa (No route to host)
15:25:57godzirraand only one gets loaded.
15:26:04Mikachuyou would have to adjust all the positions in the wps too
15:26:15 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
15:26:17godzirraRight... I tried that, but just putting spaces in apparently doesnt work ;)
15:26:18Mikachuand when you scale, the pink will get blended with the other colors, and only pure pink will be invisible
15:26:31godzirraAhh.. crap.
15:26:32Mikachuit's easier if you make a new theme to see how it works
15:26:34godzirraThats part of the problem.
15:26:47Mikachueven if you scale correctly it will probably look bad
15:26:47godzirraI've got a very general idea of how themes work, I just cant do graphics worth crap :)
15:28:01Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: Are you sure your pink is 255, 0, 255?
15:28:07 Quit tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
15:28:08godzirraFrom the sounds of it, no.
15:28:20godzirrathat explains that part, but not why the other graphic isnt getting loaded.
15:28:57CassandraThat's probably a syntax error in your WPS somewhere.
15:29:17amiconnmarkun: What does your commit actually fix? I wonder what just switching the order of parameters is doing....
15:29:30godzirra%X|012.bmp| is how its trying to load the backgrounds
15:29:35godzirraand they're definitely not loading.
15:31:35Paul_The_NerdYou only get ONE background
15:31:39Paul_The_NerdAnd it's fullscreen.
15:32:12godzirraRight. But it is only loading one background. the other image is a foreground, hence the invisibility.
15:32:26Mikachusince when can you have a 'foreground'?
15:32:41Mikachuand why not just blend it with the background directly on your computer?
15:33:12godzirrathe foreground image loaded like so: %x|z|002t.bmp|0|0| loads fine.
15:33:17godzirramaybe foreground is a bad choice of words.
15:33:31godzirraMikachu: Because I am graphically inept. ;)
15:33:41Mikachui don't know wps that well
15:34:08markunamiconn: I have usb.h and id3.h in /usr/local/include. Because sdl-config includes this dir rockbox gets compiled with the wrong header files..
15:34:10godzirraI just want to know why %X|002.bmp| wont load the background.
15:34:12Paul_The_NerdMikachu: You have one background fullscreen image and then several images that get drawn on top of stuff, *sorta* foreground.
15:34:30Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: Is there definitely a 002.bmp there?
15:34:41Mikachuso they're drawn on top of text and progress bar?
15:34:56Paul_The_NerdIn /.rockbox/wps/filename/ where filename is the same as filename.wps?
15:35:04Mikachuor you mean things that change depending on state?
15:35:14Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Not so much on top, as parallel, so you get flickerings when text redraws "under" it.
15:35:28Paul_The_NerdThats why you try not to draw images and text in the same place.
15:35:29godzirraPaul_The_Nerd: most definitely. Its in the same directory as the graphic that IS loading.
15:35:40Mikachuif they're static, i don't see why you want to draw them separately
15:35:44Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: And, is it the same resolutoin as your screen?
15:36:05Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: EXACTLY the same number of pixels wide and tall?
15:36:11godzirraNope.. apparently thats the problem. if it doesnt meet exact dimensions it wont load?
15:36:26Paul_The_NerdMikachu: They don't have to be static. They can be in conditionals, like a replacement battery icon, or Play/Pause symbols.
15:36:30godzirraHrm... ok. it was 320x220 I think.
15:36:37Mikachuright, then i see why you'd want them
15:36:48Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: 320*240 I believe
15:36:51godzirraYeah, it is.
15:36:55godzirraI just tested another one.
15:37:46 Join Thus0 [0] (
15:39:06godzirranow I just need to figure out how positioning works.
15:39:46Mikachui hope it's pixels from the top left corner
15:39:53Paul_The_NerdWell, with text, it's entirely relative. So, it's based on the size of the font. With images, they're pixels from the top left corner.
15:40:20godzirraHow do I find out what font I'm currently using and save that to a config file?
15:40:26Mikachuit's a bit annoying that everything will be wrong relative to the bg image when you enable/disable the status bar
15:40:48Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Well, you can have a WPS always disable the status bar in itself.
15:41:04Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: If you just save a normal config file, then find the font line, you can copy and paste that.
15:41:14godzirrahow do you save the normal config?
15:41:18Mikachuyeah but if i make a wps and then decide to disable it, i have to change all offsets
15:41:39Mikachubut i guess it would cause problems anyway
15:41:57Mikachubut it's always fun to be annoyed
15:42:05Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: In the menu, under manage settings.
15:42:24 Join actionshrimp [0] (
15:43:01Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Well, if you make a WPS designed to have a status bar, and then remove it, you've got blank space up there that's kinda wasted. Though there has been discussion on absolute positioning of text, using a sorta box-model for viewports.
15:43:05godzirraHrm. In the simulator, how do you get it to actually save... I can just move around the text to choose the filename...
15:43:28 Join perpleXa [0] (
15:43:56safetydangodzirra, on a laptop you should be able to use the Fn key to get numeric key pad keys
15:43:58Mikachugodzirra: hold select
15:44:08safetydanOn my laptop it's Fn and +
15:44:11Mikachuit's not immediately obvious
15:44:34godzirrabut which button is it supposed to be on the keypad?
15:45:28Mikachuprobabyl 5
15:45:38godzirrahmm.. 5 didnt work,m but space did.
15:45:48Mikachui'm just guessing
15:46:00 Join hiyad [0] (
15:46:30godzirraHuh. It wrote an empty config file.
15:46:46Mikachueasy to parse
15:47:00godzirraYes, but I want to know what font its using now and write a config file for this wps to use that font.
15:47:41 Join ripnetuk [0] (
15:48:12hiyadAnyone know of a reason why dircache would fail to work?
15:48:55hiyadIs there anything to it other than enabling it, and restarting?
15:50:11Paul_The_NerdAre you on an iPod?
15:50:36hiyadNope, h120
15:50:57hiyadDebug info says dircache is not initialized
15:51:00Paul_The_NerdWell, enabling and then restarting has always worked for me.
15:51:12Mikachuis there any point in using it with a flash device?
15:51:32hiyadYou wouldn't think so
15:51:35Paul_The_NerdMikachu: It doesn't even work on iPods at the moment, if I understand. And no, not really.
15:51:54Mikachuokay, i changed an ifdef somewhere so it's not even compiled in
15:51:59Mikachusaved maybe a couple of kB
15:52:14ripnetukwhat are peoples thoughts on replacing the play bookmark screen with a normal menu? it would make it work on the iriver lcd remote, and would mean we wouldnt have to port it to future screen types. It would also posibility allow voice menus for it, whivch is nice for the sighted?
15:52:29ripnetukatm it is a custom screen with a custom key loop
15:52:38hiyadIt looks like it starts scanning when I reboot (hdd led comes on blinking) but not for long
15:52:41Mikachui haven't even figured out how to use it...
15:53:48Paul_The_Nerdhiyad: I don't think anyone here right now knows much about the dircache code.
15:54:07Paul_The_Nerdripnetuk: You're talking about using the normal list code?
15:54:09Mikachuit being the bookmark screen
15:54:15hiyadSeems like it. Figured it might've been a known bug or something.
15:54:28ripnetuksame code as for context menus's etc
15:54:33ripnetukor even submenus on the normal menu
15:55:40ripnetukatm i have to remove my iriver from my pocket each time i want to play a bookmark... <−−- life can be cruel )
15:55:53Mikachuwould menus help there?
15:55:57Paul_The_NerdHehehe. That might be a good idea then.
15:56:12hiyadsounds like a good idea
15:56:49ripnetukmenus are known to work on the remote... it would be easy enough to modify the existing custom screen to allow remote support, but IMHO moving towards using the common gui_ functions is the way foreward
15:56:53Paul_The_Nerdhiyad: I don't think it is. You might want to scandisk. Also, I don't know how it handles odd filenames, so maybe that could cause problems. Don't really know.
15:57:10Paul_The_Nerdripnetuk: Why not put together a patch then, and submit it to the tracker?
15:57:19ripnetukmight well do that
15:58:15ripnetukjust gathering thoughts on it atm
15:58:23ripnetukmaybe the custom screen is well loved :)
15:58:29Paul_The_NerdI imagine it's just "well aged"
15:58:41Paul_The_NerdAnd nobody's gotten around to doing what you're proposing, or something similar
15:59:12markunMy compiler gives me a warning when there is a "return NULL" in a function of type int. Why are there no warnings about this in the build table?
16:00:25perpleXayour compiler sucks :x
16:00:38markunyes, stupid gcc :)
16:00:40perpleXaNULL should simply return 0 in an int function
16:00:49Mikachubut NULL is (void *)0
16:01:21markunperpleXa: why not write "return 0" then?
16:01:34markunIt's gcc 3.4.4 btw
16:01:38perpleXadont ask me :)
16:01:47perpleXaask the onw who wrote it
16:01:48B4gderNULL is never "implied"
16:02:15B4gderit is a define
16:02:26B4gderset to be a void * in most systems
16:03:05markunB4gder: isn't it a bit strange then to return it in a int function? (in solitaire and brickmania)
16:03:10B4gderyes it is
16:03:14B4gderI'd call it wrong even
16:03:39markunI'll fix it then
16:04:22peturcode police commits, long time no see ;)
16:04:43 Join webguest60 [0] (
16:04:48*B4gder hands markun the badge. May it serve you well my son. ;-)
16:05:02Mikachuhi guest
16:05:20markunB4gder: well, as long as I can hand it back to you after I'm done :)
16:05:24webguest60I was just curious if Rockbox on iPod works with the AV cable so you can view images or videos on a TV
16:06:06godzirrahrm. on my theme when you turn the volume up, it goes into negative decibels
16:06:10Jungti1234oh markun..:(
16:06:17godzirraI'm not a genius, but arent the decibels supposed to get higher the louder it gets? ;p
16:06:38Jungti1234I compiled simulator now...
16:06:41Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: The volume range on ipod goes from -70ish or -80ish to +6
16:06:42Mikachuuh yeah, they get more negative when it goes quieter here
16:06:55Jungti1234Before it is commited..
16:07:02Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: 0 is a line level, the highest you're safe from clipping, and you decrease it from there.
16:07:05godzirraRight, but when I use the up arrow in the simulator, to raise the volume, it goes from 6 to -70
16:07:16godzirrawhen i use the down arrow, it goes up to 6
16:08:07 Join jlo [0] (
16:08:10Paul_The_NerdThat's very odd. I don't think it's reflective of how it'll behave on your iPod though.
16:08:44webguest60I have noticed a bug. If you plug the USB wall charger into the iPod whilst Rockbox is running, the device goes into USB mode
16:09:53safetydangodzirra, up is scroll left I think on the iPod sim
16:10:00 Quit moozooh (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:10:12godzirrahow odd. ok. that makes sense then
16:11:12Mikachugodzirra: where did you get your nick from?
16:11:15 Part Paul_The_Nerd
16:12:03godzirraIt used to be gojira
16:12:13godzirrabut I got sick of people asking me what it meant. ;)
16:12:51Mikachui know dzi and ji are almost the same in japanese, that's why i asked
16:12:57*godzirra nods.
16:13:02Mikachui haven't seen anyone spelling it with dz before but not l
16:13:04B4gdera monster commit ;-)
16:14:23*LinusN awaits the verdict in the build table
16:14:39B4gdergoing for highscore?
16:14:40peturwow, progress is quite fast...
16:14:59markunB4gder: where can I see the score you guys are always talking about btw?
16:15:10B4gdermarkun: the score column in the build table
16:15:19LinusNmarkun: the rightmost column
16:15:19peturright col of the build table
16:15:32Mikachumarkun: i think it's the right column in the build table
16:15:35markunB4gder: Ah, I thought there were also personal scores :)
16:15:46LinusNthose are secret
16:15:54LinusNwe use them to revoke cvs access
16:16:24B4gderwe add those names to the list we give the guys with the mean look and baseball bats
16:16:29Jungti1234we use only sdl?
16:16:57ripnetukcan someone help me with SDL? last time i build the sim, it worked (pre sdl). using debian unstable. installed sdl-debian-all (or similar), but make still complaining that i dont have sdl-config. anyone know the debian package i need to correct? apt-cache doesnt help :(
16:17:04godzirraAnyone know if you can use the wps to show the song AFTER next?
16:17:14HCllibsdl1.2-dev iirc
16:17:31HClyup, libsdl1.2-dev
16:17:40B4gdergodzirra: you can't
16:18:20ripnetukthanks :)
16:18:46 Quit jlo ("goodbye everybody")
16:18:55Mikachubye dr nick
16:19:22ripnetukthat worked - thanks :)
16:19:37Jungti1234May I edit it?
16:20:27markunLinusN: damn you for causing conflicts again before I can commit the gigabeat sim :)
16:22:00 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
16:22:23 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ("Trillian (")
16:23:44 Join jlo [0] (
16:23:46 Quit jlo (Remote closed the connection)
16:24:09 Join jlo [0] (
16:24:18 Quit jlo (Remote closed the connection)
16:24:48 Join jlo [0] (
16:24:49 Quit jlo (Remote closed the connection)
16:25:35 Quit ripnetuk ("Leaving")
16:26:11godzirraHuh. I take it battery meter doesnt work on ipod video yet? :)
16:26:19godzirraElse i'm impressed, because my ipod plays with 0% battery =)
16:26:25 Quit webguest60 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:26:29*amiconn wonders why LinusN kept the odd BUTTON_POWER
16:26:45Mikachui want PUPPY_POWER
16:26:51amiconnI guess it would simplify things if you used BUTTON_OFF instead
16:27:31 Quit actionshrimp ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
16:27:42LinusNamiconn: perhaps, why would it simplify?
16:28:35LinusNi wasn't sure how to name it, since it is used for both ON and OFF
16:29:11amiconn(1) it would simplify key->button mapping for the sims
16:29:32amiconn(2) The Ondio also has a combined On/Off button, which we also call BUTTON_OFF
16:30:14safetydanJungti1234, yes you can edit that
16:30:16LinusNwhy would it be easier for the sims?
16:30:17amiconnIt also has the advantage that a (plugin-)dev knows to avoid this button for long presses
16:30:23peturwindows: press start to shutdown; rockbox: press off to turn on :)
16:30:38B4gderLinusN: here's my initial take at include path
16:30:38LinusNpetur: :-)
16:30:46amiconnLinusN: No extra #if for x5
16:31:03LinusNamiconn: where?
16:31:35LinusNi have no problems with renaming the button, i was just curious
16:31:58 Join XavierGr [0] (
16:31:59LinusNB4gder: "manufacturer"
16:32:32LinusNlooks nice otherwise
16:32:36LinusNi'll try it
16:32:46*[IDC]Dragon discovered M.E.S.S.
16:33:04Mikachudid you C.L.E.A.N. it up?
16:33:22[IDC]Dragonwhich emulates all my childhood dream's machines
16:33:37amiconnuisimulator/sdl/button.c: button_event(), uisimulator/win32/button.c: button_event(), unisimulator/x11/button-x11.c: button_read()
16:33:39Mikachumulti what something simulator?
16:33:42B4gderLinusN: oh well, its only a first ake anyway
16:33:45[IDC]Dragonyou know, the multi home computer emulator
16:34:00Mikachuclose enough
16:34:12Mikachumaybe multi entertainment system simulator?
16:34:35Mikachuone day we will know
16:34:47[IDC]Dragonanyway, it emulates all those 1980ish home computers
16:35:06[IDC]Dragonand does a remarkable job on it
16:35:20amiconnLinusN: Also, quitting a plugin with BUTTON_REC seems strange... Does the X5 already shut down with a short press of Power?
16:35:48B4gderquitting with the power button wouldn't feel fine on the x5
16:36:11B4gdersince you need to kind of slide and press
16:36:27LinusNamiconn: first of all, i couldn't care less about the button mappings in the plugins right now
16:36:41LinusNi just change them to keep the table clean
16:39:05amiconnWhat does the int counter; do in the button driver?
16:39:15LinusNi was >.< this close to just #ifdef away all the plugins, just to avoid changing all the button mappings in the plugins
16:39:21LinusNamiconn: oops
16:39:29LinusNforgot to remove some debug code
16:39:58*amiconn awaits an Ooops commit ;)
16:40:27 Quit petur ("time to say booze")
16:40:42 Quit markun (
16:40:45Mikachualias oops='cvs commit -m "oops"'
16:43:28 Join markun [0] (
16:43:37B4gderhey! I spot gigabeat commits
16:43:54markunLet's see how much I broke this time..
16:44:02B4gderain't it a grand day today?
16:46:32markunB4gder: I think I didn't break anything, but if I did: could you fix it for me (because will be gone for 1 hour)
16:46:54B4gderI'll be away too before the gigabeat build completes
16:47:01B4gderwe can always fix it later tonight
16:47:13B4gderif no one else does it, I mean
16:47:14markunyes, I will check as soon as I get back
16:47:51B4gdermarkun: so adding a gigabeat sim build could make sense?
16:48:13markunB4gder: yes, it would make sense now. I'll make a picture later
16:48:27B4gderok, I'll it one tonight
16:48:39B4gderuuh, well I can't type
16:49:24elinenbemarkun: gigabeat! NICE!
16:49:32elinenbemarkun: which version?
16:49:36markunSee you all later
16:49:57markunelinenbe: I have a F40, but so far only the sim works
16:50:48 Join saa[b_r]ider [0] (n=saab_rid@
16:51:10saa[b_r]idermorning everyone
16:51:12B4gderI'll soon ride my saab home
16:51:37saa[b_r]iderhehehe :) Old school saab 900 for me ;)
16:52:17Jungti1234oh hi saab
16:52:21saa[b_r]iderI'm having problems with menu backdrops
16:52:30saa[b_r]iderhi jungti! it's been so long :D
16:52:32Jungti1234long time no see..:)
16:53:07saa[b_r]iderWPS backdrops are working fine for me, but it's a hit and miss case with the menu backdrops
16:53:23Mikachumaybe they're not the right format then
16:53:27 Quit hiyad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:53:36Mikachuthey should all be exactly the same size
16:53:52robin_When will the gameboy emulator be finished for the Nano :)?
16:54:05robin_or can you give me an estimate :D
16:54:23saa[b_r]iderit's 220X176 24 bit bmp...
16:55:07saa[b_r]idersometimes nothing happens when I try to set as backdrop, and on a few occasions the whole screen turns black
16:55:14Mikachuwith the same file?
16:55:41saa[b_r]iderno, turned black with a certain file...
16:55:42elinenbemarkun: nice work!
16:56:11saa[b_r]ideractually, let me try to use this problematic backdrop in my WPS, and see if it loads there or not, hold on
16:56:53saa[b_r]iderjungti, I just came back last week, and I was wondering where you were :)
16:57:08 Join Daishi [0] (
16:59:53 Join jlo [0] (
16:59:57 Quit jlo (Remote closed the connection)
17:00:19saa[b_r]idermikachu: ok it seems the problem was with the backdrop I was using....
17:00:41saa[b_r]iderit had many grays in it, are there color limitations of some sort?
17:01:32Jungti1234hehe saab
17:01:44Jungti1234I visited often.
17:01:52Mikachusaa[b_r]ider: it has to be 24bit
17:02:02Mikachusaa[b_r]ider: is the filesize different from other files?
17:02:04Jungti1234You couldn't see. :)
17:02:53Jungti1234ok, bye all
17:03:30saa[b_r]idertricky photoshop saved it as 32!!!!!!!!!
17:03:35saa[b_r]iderbye jungti!
17:03:41saa[b_r]idersee you around :)
17:03:42 Quit Jungti1234 ()
17:04:33saa[b_r]iderI feel stupid... at least I'm closer to releasing my new WPS now :)
17:05:14 Quit ender` (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:05:58Mikachu220x176 isn't nano :(
17:07:14 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
17:16:43 Join bluey [0] (
17:17:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:20:41 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
17:21:31]RowaN[guys is midi got anywhere closer to working recently?
17:22:23 Quit aegray (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:22:39 Join aegray [0] (
17:27:07 Join jlo [0] (
17:28:30 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
17:28:49 Quit Bg3r ("[BX] Tickle-Me Elmo uses BitchX. *giggle* *giggle* *giggle*")
17:29:11Mikachujlo: look what you did
17:29:44jlomikachu : about what ?
17:30:14Mikachuyou made two devs leave :)
17:30:43jloefficien ! no ?
17:32:03jlopreglow : I was away a while but I worked on crossfeed, are you still on this subject ? (by the way, bravo for your EQ)
17:35:16robin_is iTunesDB support also work in progres ?
17:35:30Mikachuno, i doubt it is planned
17:36:01robin_:(.. hmm there already opensource libraries for it.
17:36:31Mikachuyou don't need to keep an itunesdb at all
17:36:34Mikachujust copy the files over
17:36:58robin_I know, but I like to use itunes for the podcasts and stuff
17:37:33 Quit stamppot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:38:34blueyMikachu: how about rescaning the iTunes_Control folder with the Rockbox Database?
17:38:59Mikachudon't ask me
17:40:10preglowjlo: im here now
17:40:19preglowsure, i'm still on the subject
17:40:30preglowif it's sound and dsp related, i usually am
17:40:54preglowjlo: you got a description of your crossfeed lying around?
17:42:12jloyes I did a VST check at : so you can work
17:42:13 Join ts-x [0] (
17:43:57jlopreglow : I used same biquad filters as you did in EQ so maybe it will help you
17:44:18preglowjlo: damned nice
17:44:25preglowso you use second order filters?
17:44:48jloyes, it's OK for you ?
17:44:54preglowwell, it'll be tons slower
17:45:09preglowand we'll also need internal buffers
17:45:22preglowwe'll see
17:45:31jlobut isn't it same as for your EQ ?
17:45:49preglowyes, sure, but for the eq i only need to do one filter at a time
17:45:56preglowfor crossfeed, i need to do four filters in parallel
17:46:14preglowand i use all the registers for just one
17:46:19 Join Rondom [0] (
17:46:30preglowbut anyway, we'll see
17:46:37preglowi can't work on it right away anyway
17:47:08preglowdid you use synthedit or something=?
17:47:18jloI used synthedit to do the VST , yes
17:47:24preglowyup, i was starting to wonder, heh
17:47:29preglowit'd be a lot of work in c++
17:47:45jloI can send you the synthedit form
17:47:58preglowno, it's fine
17:48:02preglowthe vst will do nicely
17:48:14preglowbut i
17:48:18preglowbut i've gotta go back to work
17:48:23jloyes try the VST anf
17:48:38preglowif you could send the url to, it'd be nice
17:48:44 Join damaki__ [0] (
17:49:00jlowhich url ?
17:49:15jloOK I'll do
17:49:16preglowi'll be switching computers now
17:49:23preglowand mailbox is a nice rminder
17:49:24 Join JoeBorn [0] (
17:49:32preglowbe back over the weekend sometime
18:01:52jlobye all
18:02:02 Quit jlo ("ChatZilla 0.9.68 [Firefox 1.0.7/20050919]")
18:03:11 Quit ]RowaN[ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:05:35 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
18:11:19 Join SereR0kR [0] (
18:14:36 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:14:44 Join moozooh [0] (n=moozooh@
18:19:40 Join thegeek_ [0] (
18:20:02 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:21:06 Quit perpleXa ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
18:21:15 Quit jmg (Connection timed out)
18:26:01 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
18:27:52 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:32:14 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
18:34:47 Join damaki [0] (
18:40:47 Join webguest78 [0] (
18:41:15 Quit webguest78 (Client Quit)
18:41:21 Join webguest32 [0] (
18:41:30 Quit webguest32 (Client Quit)
18:41:40 Join webguest00 [0] (
18:41:40 Quit webguest00 (Client Quit)
18:50:10 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:51:56 Quit qwm ("leaving")
18:53:57 Join Nico_P [0] (
19:03:10 Join ghode|afk [0] (
19:06:00 Quit saa[b_r]ider ()
19:14:15 Quit thegeek_ ()
19:16:12 Quit Thus0 ("Leaving")
19:17:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:20:22 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:29:52godzirraWell. my wps looks better...
19:29:56 Nick robin_ is now known as nibor (
19:29:59godzirraI wish I wasnt so graphically inept.
19:30:10 Join yeahx [0] (
19:30:15 Nick nibor is now known as robin_ (
19:33:16 Join damaki_ [0] (
19:35:18 Join petur [0] (
19:36:53 Join safetydan [0] (
19:38:21petur"who is gl, and why is he filling my mailbox" :D
19:38:27 Join thegeek [0] (
19:41:12 Join slimx_ [0] (
19:43:52 Quit slimx (Nick collision from services.)
19:44:09 Join slimx [0] (n=slimx@
19:44:12 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
19:44:24 Quit slimx (Nick collision from services.)
19:44:37 Join slimx__ [0] (n=slimx@
19:45:06 Nick slimx_ is now known as help (
19:45:34 Nick help is now known as slimx (
19:47:02 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:47:57linuxstbmarkun: Congratulations on the low-scoring gigabeat commt.
19:48:25slimxhy linuxstb
19:49:13slimxcan you tell me where are the tabs ?
19:49:27slimxin pcm_playback i guess :p
19:49:29linuxstbWhich editor do you use?
19:49:41linuxstbI'm looking now.
19:50:04linuxstbFirst one is in eq_menu.c - where you've indented (CONFIG_KEYPAD == IPOD_3G_PAD)
19:50:28 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:50:47linuxstbYou've inserted another in main.c - changing an empty line to a line just containing a TAB
19:51:25linuxstbThere are some in solitaire.c ...
19:51:41*petur can't remember that B4gder gave the code police badge to linuxstb ;)
19:51:57linuxstbIf you open up your patch file in a text editor, and search for tabs, you will see them....
19:52:27slimxi'll do it
19:52:46 Join ssnajper [0] (
19:52:57slimxfor pcm_playback i don't know what to do !
19:53:18linuxstbI don't think you will have to do very much at all to get audio working.
19:53:25slimxi didn't try it
19:53:37linuxstb - if you follow the code I've written for the other ipods.
19:54:13slimxthat would be great
19:54:26linuxstbIf you want, I can work on it - I'm very familiar with that code now.
19:54:30 Join nicolinux [0] (
19:54:54slimxthat would be great yes
19:55:07nicolinuxhello everybody
19:55:24slimxhy nicolinux
19:55:35 Join Rondom [0] (
19:58:00slimxis there something useable in the code i wrote for wm8731 ?
19:58:09linuxstbslimx: I'll commit a small change to pcm_playback.c now that disables playback, and then try to add the 3g code.
19:58:41linuxstbslimx: I haven't really looked at it yet.
19:59:08linuxstbI am very curious to see how Rockbox performs on the 3g.
19:59:25slimxwell it's quiet good for now
19:59:52slimxcube demo work's better and faster than it does on ipl
20:00:19coobyeah, because your cube demo doesn't hav antialiased lines.
20:00:20 Quit nicolinux ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:02:28slimxit also loads quiet faster
20:03:12Slasherihehe, i like this my new berkeyboard :) just got it today:
20:03:15linuxstbslimx: I've just committed a tiny change to pcm_playback.c so that it should compile for you now.
20:03:16 Quit ssnajper ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:03:29linuxstbSlasheri: Thanks for the USB fix.
20:03:43muesli__Slasheri commit it! ;)
20:03:48Slasherilinuxstb: np :)
20:03:58Slasherimuesli__: hmm :D
20:04:09Slasherilinuxstb: i will do some dircache fixes soon also
20:04:20linuxstbdircache seems to work fine on my ipods.
20:04:34Slasheriyep, but it has some bugs i have just discovered
20:05:04linuxstbOK. It's just that someone mentioned earlier today that it was broken on the ipod - I just wanted to say that it isn't.
20:05:14 Join Thus0 [0] (
20:06:08MoosSlasheri: very good to hear
20:06:27 Join darkless [0] (n=darkless@
20:06:39Slasheriand then i would like to implement different buffering scheme also (user could select between the original and new one). The new scheme would only fully buffer the first song (or something like that) and then small chunks of the next tracks until whole buffer is filled.
20:06:57Slasherithat would allow nice skipping with little affect on the battery life
20:07:59Moosif everyone can choice betwen the 2 ways, that sounds promising
20:08:04amiconncoob: But (at least last time I checked) ipl cube doesn't have hidden lines mode, and filled faces mode uses a primitive algoritm
20:11:30amiconnSlasheri: This proposed buffering system changes would make battery life worse for me. I practically never skip
20:12:09*amiconn thinks that if one needs to skip, the music collection/playlist is in need of cleanup
20:12:36muesli__i dont understand that "new" method either..sounds nonsense to me :o
20:12:38coobaa lines trumps hidden lines :)
20:12:43amiconnApart from that, it will add even more complexity to the playback engine.
20:13:09amiconncoob: I couldn't care less about antialiasing on a mobile device
20:13:24coobaa lines trumps hidden lines :)
20:13:40Moosamiconn: for the one skiping a lot, that could be interesting at least
20:13:44Slasheriamiconn: yep, true.. if i understood correctly, ipods have something like that to allow fast skipping between tracks
20:14:02Slasheribut of course that needs to be option because not all people want that
20:14:03amiconnThe playback engine is already very hard to understand imho
20:14:32amiconnIn fact, linear buffering also allows for fast skipping, at least within the buffer range
20:14:38Moosiirc just lostlogic know it apart for Slasheri
20:15:17amiconnImho that's more than sufficient; the only thing that actually needs fixing is that skipping backwards should also reuse what's still in the buffer
20:15:41Slasheriamiconn: hmm, probably that's then not so good idea to implement soon.. maybe i will try adding encoder support to the playback engine instead
20:15:59linuxstbtagcache tagcache tagcache tagcache tagcache tagcache tagcache tagcache tagcache tagcache tagcache tagcache
20:16:02Slasheriamiconn: it should already reuse that
20:16:13amiconnSlasheri: What happened to tagcache?
20:16:13Mooslinuxstb: hehe :)
20:16:15 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
20:16:55MoosSlasheri: did you already take a look at the encodeur patch?
20:16:56Slasheriamiconn: needs still some fixing.. i have had too much real work to be able to develop that :/
20:17:06Slasheribut maybe soon..
20:17:17lostlogicW00T! I'm now the proud owner of an Archos Jukebox 6000
20:17:22SlasheriMoos: hmm, is there a patch?
20:17:36 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:17:42linuxstblostlogic: Do I see someone who is going to unify the playback engines?
20:18:07lostlogiclinuxstb: dunno, I just acquired the thing from a coworker who was about to throw it away...
20:18:10Moosslasheri: ?
20:18:18amiconnlostlogic: Do you alraedy have it at your place?
20:18:45amiconnCould be really interesting in case it has the old lcd type
20:18:46Mooslostlogic: congratulations
20:18:59SlasheriMoos: oh, that looks interesting
20:19:11 Join stamppot [0] (
20:19:19lostlogicamiconn: I'm at work, and it's on my desk now.
20:19:36MoosSlasheri: yes toni hard worked on it, just need a dev like you :) take a look at it
20:19:44amiconnlostlogic: Rockbox has init code for both the old and new lcd for when running from flash, but the old-lcd init is untested
20:20:14lostlogicamiconn: If I don't get a chance to take it apart before devcon, I'm sure I'll have it with me
20:20:28SlasheriMoos: i will take a look on that.. probably even commit it with some changes if necessary
20:20:40Mooswee !!
20:20:49linuxstbMoos: Have you tested it?
20:21:13Mooslinuxstb: not yet; I just remenber few discussions abou it
20:21:30amiconn...since the only old-lcd Player we have access to is one of Linus' players. He sent it to me for tests, but the lcd doesn't want to work at all, even with original firmware
20:21:51amiconnNot really suitable for testing lcd inits...
20:21:56 Join Thus0_ [0] (
20:22:06Mooslinuxstb: preglow wanted work on it few weeks ago iirc, but it seems to was busy with other ipod stuff
20:22:47XavierGrAlso, Slasheri, what about rewind to the previous second if the user holds rewind (when we are at 0 time)?
20:22:55XavierGrsecond = track
20:23:04amiconnlostlogic: Did you already try whether it boots at all?
20:23:11linuxstbI just curious about how stable the encoding codecs patch is - is it as reliable as the existing direct-to-wav recording?
20:24:08Moosgood question :-), time to test
20:24:17SlasheriXavierGr: hmm, should be possible if somebody likes to do it.. :)
20:24:32Slasherishouldn't be really hard in fact
20:25:03linuxstbXavierGr: I would like that feature as well - but it could introduce a long delay whilst the previous track is buffered, and then we seek to the end.
20:25:32 Join arf-arf [0] (i=arf-arf@
20:26:18 Quit AliasCoffee ("Leaving")
20:26:49 Quit Thus0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:28:18 Join hiyad [0] (
20:29:18XavierGrI say that because in every audio device I have encounter it is possible to do.
20:29:19 Quit hiyad (Client Quit)
20:31:41 Quit damaki_ ("You're entering a world of pain")
20:34:01lostlogicamiconn: battery charging ATM
20:35:01Slasherihmm, it looks like that encoder patch would work with some changes
20:35:31Slasheri(more control to the codecs, and less hard-coding at application level)
20:35:43lostlogicare the batteries in these things replaceable?
20:36:28amiconn4x AA NiMH cells
20:36:59amiconnStock batteries are 1500 mAh, using higher rated ones is possible
20:37:07 Join damaki [0] (
20:37:28lostlogicwow, 4 AAs in there eh? What tool needed to open it?
20:37:51amiconnNo special tool, just a flat-head screwdriver or similar.
20:38:50amiconnYou stick it in the cut-out between one of the battery covers and front plate, and push the battery cover gently outwards,
20:39:29lostlogicahhh, that's nice and simple...
20:39:43lostlogicalkalines are too high voltage so it has to be NiMH?
20:39:48amiconnthen pull the cover upwards and tke it out
20:40:00amiconnIt has to be NiHM for 2 reasons
20:40:29amiconn(1) Alkalines have too high inner resistance to supply stable power to the HD
20:40:42amiconn(2) You might connect the charger by accident...
20:41:26lostlogicok. Well if these ones won't hold a charge, I'll get some replacement NiMHs soonish.
20:41:54amiconnYou could try alkalines as a quick test, but I wouldn't recommend that
20:41:55 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
20:42:22lostlogicnah, hopefully I'll get enough juice into the ones in it to boot up, and once it boots I'll be just happy to buy it new ones.
20:42:46 Part XavierGr
20:42:55lostlogicamiconn: what's involved in determining the LCD model?
20:43:00amiconnA common problem with the Player and recorder v1 are broken battery connectors, although I didn't encounter that myself so far
20:43:15amiconnYou need to check the ROM version.
20:43:19amiconnThere are 2 options
20:44:35amiconn(1) With the stock firmware: The ROM firmware loads firmware upgrades from disk, so if there's an archos.mod in the root, remove it. Then boot and it should tell you the version on startup
20:45:07amiconnIf not, or if that was too fast, you should find the version in the menu somewhere
20:45:18amiconn(2) Using rockbox (recommended):
20:45:59amiconnInstall rockbox (just unzip to the root), then check Info->Debug->View HW info
20:46:18amiconnThe first page says ROM: x.xx
20:46:25linuxstbhyarion: Are you around?
20:46:29lostlogicalright, I'll get back to ya as soon as I have it powered up
20:46:32amiconnIf the ROM is 4.50 or earlier, it's an old lcd
20:46:45amiconn4.51 and later are new lcd
20:47:14 Join quobl_ [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-f0eb1bbf72f5db4d)
20:50:43amiconnlostlogic: <= The manual for the Studio. Also valid for the 6000
20:50:56 Part Aditya|Zzz
20:51:25 Join Aditya|Zzz [0] (
20:52:14hyarionlinuxstb: I'm here :D
20:52:59 Nick Aditya|Zzz is now known as Aditya (
20:53:15 Quit Thus0_ ("Leaving")
20:53:45linuxstbI've been getting "rockdoom" working on the ipods, and I was wondering what you needed to change to get it working on the 5g.
20:54:28Adityathere is a doom game for rockbox?
20:54:36hyarionnot much, just the blitter
20:54:41linuxstbYes, it's on the patch tracker. Hopefully it will be added to CVS soon.
20:55:16Adityathat 3d cube "plugin"
20:55:20Adityais that real 3d?
20:55:31linuxstbhyarion: Is your source in SVN?
20:55:33AdityaI mean.. does rockbox have the concept of 3d?
20:55:46hyarionlinuxstb: have you got the sound working?
20:55:48hyarionlinuxstb: no
20:55:56linuxstbAditya: Rockbox itself doesn't, no. But there is a 3d cube plugin.
20:56:09hyarionwell... not the ipl-svn, but the inofficial idoom-svn :P
20:56:16Adityalinuxstb: I know.. but how did its author do the cube?
20:56:24linuxstbhyarion: The sound effects are working, yes. I didn't do the port, I've just been bug-fixing the ipod builds.
20:56:38linuxstbBut the music isn't.
20:57:28linuxstbAditya: Look at the source and find out...
20:58:13lostlogicwow, the number of targets supported by rockbox is beginning to frighten me.
20:58:22hyarionwell the music is midi and not implemented src relased by id software :)
20:58:25amiconnSpeaking about cube... What if extending a plugin would require a rename in order to match the extended features?
20:58:31hyarionlinuxstb: where can I get the src?
20:59:18*amiconn still ponders extending 'cube' to show all 5 platonic solids
20:59:51amiconnSelectable, of course
21:01:38linuxstbhyarion: If you want to compile it for the ipod, you'll need my patch here: The author hasn't incorporated my fixes into his patch yet...
21:04:35 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
21:04:37 Join Rondom_ [0] (
21:04:49 Nick Rondom_ is now known as Rondom (
21:10:46godzirracan you rate songs on rockbox?
21:11:39linuxstb1) Write a patch to implement a song ratings system; 2) Rate songs.
21:12:10 Join Thus0 [0] (
21:12:42Moosor just turn ON the runtime database option and go to the context menu
21:13:11 Quit SereR0kR ("XChat Aqua")
21:13:32*linuxstb learns new features every day....
21:14:06Mooshehe, and this one was a bit hold, with HCl db things iirc
21:14:20lostlogicamiconn: it's new LCD 4.53
21:15:40amiconnAh. So no lcd init tests...
21:16:21amiconnAnyway, congrats to one of the first rockboxable devices...
21:17:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:17:20 Join Maxime [0] (
21:17:43 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
21:18:15 Join kkurbjun [0] (
21:18:39 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
21:18:41kkurbjunlinuxstb: thanks for that patch, I've got it in my sources now. next update will include it
21:18:46 Join damaki [0] (
21:18:58lostlogicamiconn: :)
21:19:28 Join Matze41 [0] (
21:19:48linuxstbkkurbjun: I didn't realise rockdoom had sound - it was a nice surprise when I played it today for the first time with headphones in...
21:20:59kkurbjunonly thing is how does the patch know how much is left in the audio buffer, or how much to allocate? yeah, the sound is pretty nice.. I'd like to get music working at somepoint
21:21:39Mooslinuxstb: are we far to one commit?
21:21:43muesli-kkurbjun new key mappings are neat :-)
21:22:16kkurbjunI'm glad you like them, just need a strafe key now
21:22:48muesli-what about play/rec
21:23:03 Join thegeek_ [0] (
21:23:03 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:23:28muesli-shooting via navi
21:23:52linuxstbhyarion: Hope you don't mind, I've found your SVN repository and copied your new blitting loop for Doom on the 5g. Thanks for that :-)
21:24:07linuxstbkkurbjun: I've got it working on the 5g now - I'll send you the patch.
21:24:21 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:25:17kkurbjunhmm, what does PANIC stkov mean?
21:25:24lostlogickkurbjun: stack overflow
21:25:41 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
21:25:41kkurbjunprobably that alloc
21:25:43lostlogicvery deep function call? infinite recursion?
21:25:58kkurbjunthe TNT wad causes it
21:27:07linuxstbkkurbjun: There is still one more thing to try and fix on the ipod though - it currently needs about 700KB of plugin buffer...
21:27:45kkurbjunwell if you reallocate the tables that would probably free up alot of space
21:27:51kkurbjuninto the malloc function
21:28:01kkurbjunbut you need to calculate then
21:28:36kkurbjuntheres already a function in r_main.c
21:28:37kkurbjunvoid R_InitTables (void)
21:28:48 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:28:50kkurbjunthat has the body #if 0'd out
21:29:30kkurbjunI've tried putting the tables in iram too and it doesn't seem to make much of a difference so there's no penalty other then slower startup
21:29:33kkurbjuntaht I can see
21:29:57kkurbjunoh, nope, it has a float in it
21:30:48linuxstbI'll have a look now - see if I can find anything.
21:31:50slimxlinuxstb, i've sent a new patch file :)
21:31:59slimxwithout any tabs
21:32:17 Join ender [0] (i=ychat@
21:32:23slimxand i've also cleaned #ifdefs directives
21:34:12godzirraOn my rockbox on my ipod video, I keep getting am essage saying "Safe failed? No parition" when I plugin my usb cable.
21:36:56 Join ssnajper [0] (
21:39:03 Quit ender` (Nick collision from services.)
21:39:03 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:39:05 Nick ender is now known as ender` (i=ychat@
21:39:08 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
21:41:00yeahxcant put the ipod into disk mode with rockbox?
21:41:52godzirrayeahx: sure you can.
21:42:26yeahxcause if you have to hold select and play, rockbox will start up instead
21:44:59yeahxI want to update rockbox without it taking forever to unzip to the ipod and someone said its faster in disk mode
21:46:42linuxstbyeahx: There are two disk modes - the "emergency disk mode", which you enter when you either press select and play during booting, or by inserting the usb cable in Rockbox, and the disk mode that is part of Apple's firmware.
21:47:01linuxstbOn the Nano, the emergency disk mode seems to be extremely slow.
21:47:33yeahxusb in rockbox does nothing but show a perty usb picture on the screen :)
21:47:34 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
21:47:59linuxstbAre you using the latest version of Rockbox?
21:48:13yeahxits from a few days ago
21:48:39linuxstbThat bug was fixed earlier today, and only applied when you plugged in USB before Rockbox started (i.e. when your ipod is turned off), and not when inserting it after Rockbox was running.
21:48:45yeahxwhat is the terminal command to unzip again? I cant remember and stuffit expander is being screwy
21:49:08linuxstbunzip -d /Volumes/IPOD/
21:49:18linuxstb(or wherever your IPOD has been mounted...)
21:49:34yeahxcouldnt remember the -d part I thought thats what it was though
21:50:12linuxstb"man unzip"
21:50:18linuxstbOr "unzip −−help"
21:51:16slimxor just "unzip" :)
21:51:23 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
21:51:35linuxstbslimx: I'm committing your patch now. What's the current status of the 3g port (so I can add it to the commit message) ?
21:52:01slimxsome bugs in plugins like mandelbrot
21:52:09slimxno usb support
21:52:14slimxno sound
21:52:30linuxstbI'll just write "more 3g work..."
21:52:46 Join Arrogant [0] (
21:52:46slimxnow it boot rockbox
21:52:47linuxstbBut you're getting closer. Have you had any more ATA problems?
21:53:04yeahxok thanks
21:53:11 Quit quobl (SendQ exceeded)
21:54:29linuxstbslimx: It's in CVS now. I made a few more minor whitespace adjustments (removing unecessary changes), so you may have some conflicts when you update.
21:55:00linuxstbIt's been a day of big commits...
21:55:23yeahxjust crazy how long it takes just to unzip a small file
21:55:32slimxgood day for rockbox so ...
21:55:44linuxstbEvery day is a good day for Rockbox...
21:55:58linuxstbApart from the days we get emails from AT&T...
21:57:09coobAT&T did what?
21:58:52 Join saratoga [0] (
21:59:25peturcoob: something to do with rb not allowed to use their voice files
21:59:36Paul_The_Nerdyeahx: iPod Nano by chance?
22:01:27 Quit solexx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:01:36linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: BTW, dircache is fine now on the ipods. Slasheri fixed the alignment problems a while ago.
22:01:45safetydanlinuxstb, usb.c: In function ‘usb_wait_for_disconnect’:
22:01:45safetydanusb.c:649: warning: statement with no effect
22:01:59linuxstbsafetydan: Which build?
22:02:10safetydanh120 sim and nano sim
22:02:31safetydanShouldn't that line just be (void) ?
22:02:31Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Hm. Alright. I try to keep up to date, but I guess I missed that one.
22:02:32linuxstbIs that a result of the latest 3g patch?
22:02:46linuxstbThat's about the only feature irrelevant to the Nano.
22:03:12Paul_The_NerdYeah, but it's still a feature. I like to be able to help everyone, when I can.
22:03:43safetydanlinuxstb, yeah it's in that last commit
22:03:46linuxstbsafetydan: Yes it should. I'll fix now.
22:04:55slimxok so now we got a working bootloader and firmware for 3G great :)
22:05:01slimxthx linuxstb
22:05:26 Join webguest93 [0] (
22:06:53webguest93does anyone know what the format of the internal format of the samples are? is it S8.23?
22:07:07 Join solexx [0] (
22:07:22yeahxyeah a nano Paul_The_Nerd
22:08:06Paul_The_Nerdyeahx: I would suggest that you unzip first, and then copy the files over. I would also suggest you boot into the Retail OS if you need to copy several files, as it handles it much more quickly.
22:08:14amiconnlinuxstb: Why does firmware/backlight.c include lcd.h for using lcd_enable()? I thought iPod 3g has a greyscale lcd which is readable w/o backlight?
22:09:14yeahxits the only way I can connect anyway
22:09:55Paul_The_Nerdyeahx: You aren't using the hardware disk mode (the one in black and white?)
22:10:20yeahxand I cant unzip first cause I dont know how to copy the invisible folder
22:10:52yeahxjust normal
22:11:14yeahxcant do the other cause of rockbox
22:11:16Paul_The_NerdWhich "normal"? The one that you get sent to if you plug in while in rockbox, or do you hold menu to go into Retail OS, and then plug in there?
22:12:30yeahxrockbox only shows a usb logo and doesnt connect so I dont use that
22:12:49safetydanwebguest93, preglow would be the person to tell you for sure, but yeah S8.23 sounds likely
22:13:19linuxstbamiconn: I don't know, maybe slimx does?
22:13:24Paul_The_Nerdyeahx: How do you get into USB?
22:13:24 Quit ssnajper ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:14:01yeahxnormal apple os
22:14:09Paul_The_NerdYou hold menu while booting?
22:14:38linuxstbAre you using a Mac or Windows?
22:14:46slimxamiconn, that's my only faults :p
22:18:56 Join lodesi [0] (
22:20:22linuxstbkkurbjun: Sorry it's taken so long - patch for Doom on the 5g is here (it's only a few lines):
22:20:45linuxstbCredit goes to hyarion - I've taken it from the latest iDoom.
22:21:15Paul_The_NerdIs Doom in iPod working now?
22:21:21linuxstbYep :)
22:21:40linuxstbSome more work is needed on the keys, but it's playable at least.
22:21:52linuxstbAnd sound works... :)
22:22:33Paul_The_NerdI guess I'll try it out later tonight
22:23:08linuxstbThere were only two problems - a rogue compiler option, and the malloc implementation wasn't alignment-safe...
22:23:15 Join San [0] (
22:23:24Paul_The_NerdWhat was the compiler option?
22:23:35 Join imphasing [0] (
22:23:40safetydanCripes, what am I going to do with all this screen real estate?
22:23:40linuxstbThat does the opposite of what we want.
22:23:42Paul_The_NerdI was curious about why that one was in the IPOD portion.
22:23:51*safetydan looks at X5 and ipod Video sims
22:24:09Paul_The_NerdBut I also knew that I know nothing about gcc compiler options.
22:24:18kkurbjunlinuxstb: thanks, I'll try and apply it soon, my doom code is a bit of a mess right now as I've been backporting prboom features and fixes
22:24:21amiconnX5 screen isn't exactly large...
22:24:35linuxstbMaybe he means the gigabeat..
22:24:41safetydanactually yes
22:24:44safetydanthat's what I meant
22:25:04linuxstbkkurbjun: There is another problem we should try and sort out - running Doom in the sim.
22:25:21kkurbjunwhat's wrong with it at the moment?
22:25:27amiconnlinuxstb: What's the problem?
22:25:31linuxstbDoes it compile for you?
22:25:33kkurbjunI can't compile sims on my system
22:25:47linuxstbI tried last night, and it fails to compile. I forget the reason.
22:26:35Paul_The_NerdOkay, where can I pick up what I need to run Doom on the iPod? Or what change to I need to make other 'n the compiler option?
22:28:06kkurbjunpaul, I'll put up a version with patches in a second that you can use
22:28:22 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@
22:30:20kkurbjunlinuxstb, why did you remove the assignment of the audiobuffer free?
22:32:35linuxstbBecause it's not needed - you initialise it in plugin_start().
22:32:45*petur hides for the coming flood of Japanese fans
22:33:03linuxstbThe call to plugin_get_audio_buffer() sets the value of audio_buffer_free.
22:33:38kkurbjunoh, ok
22:33:47kkurbjunI thought it was like a malloc call
22:33:55kkurbjunrequesting a certain amount
22:34:03linuxstbNo, plugin_get_audio_buffer() isn't like malloc - it gives you the entire buffer, and tells you how much space there is.
22:34:05amiconnAh, that common misconception again...
22:34:22linuxstbamiconn: I told you - every new developer to Rockbox makes that mistake.
22:34:29Bagderdon't people read the docs?
22:34:39Bagderwe have no docs? ;-)
22:34:45amiconnI wonder where that comes from - why would the function require a pointer if it was a simple input parameter?
22:34:48linuxstbWe have source code...
22:36:49 Quit yeahx ()
22:38:04 Join matsl [0] (
22:42:58darklesssource code != documentation
22:43:48safetydanI can be if it's written well enough. Though an overview document is always nice.
22:44:10safetydanrare is the code that is written well enough though
22:45:36 Join RotAtoR [0] (
22:49:29 Join Shadowarrior13 [0] (
22:57:26 Join stripwax [0] (
22:57:33safetydanBagder, even sourceforge has subversion now...
22:57:51Bagderyeps, me knows
22:58:01 Join ashridah [0] (
22:58:15safetydanBagder, just another "subtle" hint :)
22:58:30safetydanhah, their viewsvn isn't working
22:58:40Bagderits stuck on about place 14 on my list of things to do ;-)
22:58:43safetydangood old internal server error
22:58:45linuxstbBusiness as usual then.
22:58:52safetydanooo, it's made it that high
22:59:08safetydanSo next week then?
22:59:34safetydanon a more serious note, has cfg file saving ever working in the sim?
23:00:02BagderI don't know, I think it has
23:00:51safetydanIt just writes zero byte files in the SDL sim
23:02:48 Quit Matze41 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:03:00Bagderah almost forgot... cool thing coming up in a few minutes...
23:03:17*Paul_The_Nerd is now curious.
23:04:20*petur wonders how bagder knows about the code he's changing
23:04:59kkurbjunPaul_The_Nerd: kkurbjun/">
23:05:07kkurbjunthat has the ipod changes as well
23:05:17linuxstbkkurbjun: I've just found a couple of nice big buffers we can change to malloc...
23:05:26linuxstbThese are uninitialised.
23:05:34kkurbjunplus an update to the addon code.. linuxstb, wheres that?
23:05:42stripwaxi was wondering about an infocom interpreter for rockbox..
23:05:58Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: So, do I need to do anything about the plugin buffer, or do I just extract that into plugins and add it to the makefile? I saw you posted that you'd got it fitting in it now.
23:06:22linuxstbkkurbjun: The first is visplanes[] in r_plane.c, and the second is drawsegs in r_bsp.c
23:06:25kkurbjunyou still have to modify the plugin buffer on the ipods
23:07:00Paul_The_NerdDo you know to what value?
23:07:07peturwhoa... using all recorded samples for peak detection makes it incredibly sensitive
23:07:41 Quit webguest93 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:07:54kkurbjunlinuxstb: yeah, I saw those, I tried them once and it didn't work so I moved on to easy things like shorts. In the version that I'm working on those buffers are removed and replaced with linked lists to get rid of some limits in the doom code
23:08:13 Quit ender` (" Liar, n: one who tells an unpleasant truth.")
23:08:41kkurbjununfortunatly, the code works, but there are bugs in the addons and that stack overflow on the tnt wad
23:09:01kkurbjunPaul: no I don't
23:09:19linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Wait a few moments, I'll give you a patch so that it fits in the standard buffer.
23:10:10kkurbjunamiconn: are you agound?
23:10:56 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
23:11:16linuxstbLet me know if that works.
23:11:43 Quit Arrogant ("I AM QUIT HAVE A NICE DAY")
23:12:38stripwaxwhat's the general theme with rockbox development, by the way? i've never really asked but .. is it almost entirely new features, and then bugfixes in the run up to the next release?
23:13:45linuxstbThe current theme seems to be to port to as many new players as we can...
23:13:55stripwaxmm, good point! that's definitely worthy
23:15:12Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Well, it built.
23:15:24kkurbjunlinuxstb: that patch causes graphics errors
23:15:33linuxstbWhich one?
23:15:53kkurbjunthe last one
23:15:57kkurbjunand a crash
23:16:11Paul_The_NerdThe 5g one, or the doom_memory one?
23:16:20kkurbjunthe doom_memory one
23:16:36 Part safetydan ("Leaving")
23:16:47linuxstbCan you see why? Are either of those variables being used before I malloc them?
23:16:55Bagderthere it is
23:17:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:17:30stripwaxwoah, there's a gigabeat port? when did that happen!
23:17:42kkurbjunlinuxstb: I'm not sure
23:17:43markunstripwax: today :)
23:17:53stripwax :-D
23:17:55markunstripwax: only a first step
23:17:56kkurbjunthe visplanes should be ok.. let me check just that one
23:18:40*Paul_The_Nerd apparently forgot to change the makefile. Doh.
23:18:51kkurbjunyeah, that's fine
23:19:01peturBagder: I want one... price?
23:19:06kkurbjunPaul: you shouldn't have to change the makefile
23:19:31Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: I should if the makefile is CVS, and doesn't include doom.
23:19:32kkurbjunnope, I lied that visplanes one causes it to crash
23:19:37Bagderpetur: I'll first wait until after the devcon
23:19:42kkurbjunoh, that one
23:19:45 Quit mirak (Connection timed out)
23:19:49Paul_The_NerdYes, that one. :-P
23:19:52kkurbjun: )
23:19:57 Quit Nico_P ()
23:20:09Paul_The_NerdIt might be good to actually *compile* the plugin, right?
23:20:34stripwaxer... during ../tools/configure - what should one type to *NOT* build the SDL sim? It looks like I should press W for a win32 sim, but that's not obvious..
23:20:53Bagderstripwax: that's because we're moving to SDL only
23:21:01Paul_The_Nerdstripwax: It's not obvious because the SDL sim is supposed to be the only "official" sim now.
23:21:10peturnote for zagor: tracker due date box is nice, but the layout could be better...
23:21:18stripwaxwoah, I'm *so* behind..
23:21:42Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I actually got compile errors in i_system.c
23:22:34 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:22:49Paul_The_NerdWhich is odd.
23:23:43linuxstbkkurbjun: Try this instead:
23:23:49linuxstb(I've updated it)
23:25:05markunlinuxstb: wouldn't it be better to just have a IPOD_PAD defined?
23:25:30linuxstbThere is a different physical layout on the 3g.
23:26:01linuxstbOn the 3g, there are four buttons arranged horizontally under the LCD, on the 4g, the four buttons are on the wheel itself.
23:26:05markunah yes, I remember
23:27:17kkurbjunthe visplanes was working for a bit, crashed now though
23:27:30kkurbjundidn't try the r_bsp part
23:28:04Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: When I try to compile what you gave me, I get an error in i_system.c at line 156: va_list undeclared (and about 3 or 4 others up through line 160)
23:28:32kkurbjunoh, you need to apply the cvs diff also
23:28:47kkurbjunit's at the bottom of the bug tracker
23:28:52Paul_The_NerdAh, okay
23:30:00kkurbjunI'm goign ot move the floor, ceiling clips, and span start/stop out to a malloc
23:30:06 Quit arf-arf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:33:03Paul_The_NerdOkay, down to about 5ish warnings and no errors. :)
23:35:14 Join petur_ [0] (
23:36:57Paul_The_NerdWoo! Doom on a tiny tiny screen.
23:37:04Paul_The_NerdWith really really high pitched monsters...
23:37:19kkurbjun: )
23:37:26kkurbjunis the sound off on the ipod?
23:37:27Paul_The_NerdThey sound as small as they look. There's a bit of a pitch problem.
23:37:37GrackshrikeIt's a feature!
23:37:38 Quit petur_ (Client Quit)
23:37:45GrackshrikeEverything is scaled, even the sound! :P
23:39:33kkurbjunPaul: how does it run?
23:39:56Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: It runs fine, though I did have a display glitch with linuxstb's newer patch. And, since I don't seem to be able to shoot, I died.
23:40:41kkurbjunsounds good
23:40:54kkurbjunother then the glitch.. don't know why it's doing that
23:41:55midkayPaul_The_Nerd, doom on an ipod 5g?
23:42:11Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Doom on an ipod nano
23:42:18midkayblah! :)
23:42:37*Paul_The_Nerd goes to make button bindings for a proper use of the 4g pad
23:43:32kkurbjunmidkay: there's code for the 5g also
23:43:32 Quit Hansmaulwurf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:43:56midkaykkurbjun, newer than the nonworking code i tried 2-3 days ago? :)
23:44:07midkayawesome, so it "should" run?
23:44:11kkurbjunas of today thanks to linuxstb
23:44:34kkurbjunyes it "should"
23:44:52midkayawesome! what needs to be done, briefly?
23:45:31 Part stripwax
23:45:37kkurbjunI don't really know, I don't have an ipod. The biggest thing left for all targets is configurable buttons
23:45:59 Join LGMS [0] (
23:46:17midkayi can live with doing that manually for now - also, Mikachu's patch to read the scroll wheel directly sounds great for this..
23:46:52Paul_The_NerdYou would essentially have 9 buttons instead of the current "6 plus scrolling"
23:46:52LGMSIs there someone who can help me about the simulator compilation?
23:47:09linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: The buttons should be fine on the ipod - PLAY is fire, SELECT is change weapon. MENU is up (and open), left/right are left/right.
23:47:22 Join xavierk [0] (
23:47:36BagderLGMS: what's the problem?
23:47:45xavierki need some help
23:48:28midkaylinuxstb, you've got Doom going on the 5g?
23:49:09 Join damaki_ [0] (
23:49:10Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Yeah, I didn't even think of pressing play to shoot, then I checked in the source. Hehehe
23:49:14LGMSthanks, I succeed to compile the simulator ut when I lauch it there is an error message and the simulator is closed!
23:49:32 Quit Rondom ("apt-get moo")
23:49:38Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I've already remapped them for my build, as I'd much rather have select shoot (so I ca shoot *and* move easily).
23:50:18linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Then I think we should make that the default - that was my preference as well. But BHSPitLappy said it was hard to use on the Nano, so I changed it.
23:50:30xavierki´m trying to connect my h320 to my PC and it´s recognized as "Unknown Device"
23:50:32BagderLGMS: did you do make install? cygwin SDL sim? do you click to start it?
23:50:49linuxstbmidkay: Yes - using a change from iDoom.
23:51:01 Quit petur (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:51:33midkaylinuxstb, sounds awesome! what do i need to do? apply the patch and source from the patch tracker and then the earlier link you gave - doom_memory.diff?
23:51:46linuxstbdoom_memory.diff is broken.
23:52:08midkayoh.. how do you get it running then?
23:52:41LGMSBagder: I make the simulator with sdl version (now there isn't choice for h3xx) I have made the install (make and make install). The simulator start, I press play and after 4 or 5 second the error message comes and the simulator is off
23:53:01linuxstbmidkay: I think you can just download kkurbjun's latest patches, plus also change the PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE in firmware/export/config-ipodvideo.h to 0xF0000 instead of 0x80000
23:53:23BagderLGMS: that sounds like a simulator crash. Fire up your debugger and start figuring out why it crashes
23:54:12midkaylinuxstb, gotcha - is there still a -D_BIG__ENDIAN___ that needs to be removed, do you know?
23:54:27LGMSBagder: I haven't a debugger
23:54:28BHSPitLappyPaul_The_Nerd: it's much easier to move around and shoot if play is the fire button
23:54:29 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:54:41Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: Why is that?
23:54:52BagderLGMS: you have cygwin so gdb should be around or easy to install
23:55:00BHSPitLappyuse your right thumb to turn right, and use your right thumb to fire
23:55:08BHSPitLappyit's not nice to have them intertwine like that.
23:55:52linuxstbBut I find I'm always accidentally changing weapon
23:56:17linuxstbselect is weapon change.
23:56:31linuxstbMy original mapping was select=fire, and play=weapon change
23:56:42BHSPitLappymaybe it should follow hyarion's example and have a key configuration file, then...
23:56:48 Join qwm [0] (
23:57:03LGMSBagder: have you a guide to install?
23:57:05Paul_The_NerdMaybe even play as fire, and select+left to change weapons, select+right to open doors or something
23:57:09Paul_The_NerdUse select merely as a modifier.
23:57:22Paul_The_NerdIf select isn't going to be the shoot button.
23:57:23muesli-why not use hold for weapon change. its most unused
23:57:24BHSPitLappytoo far :P
23:57:29BHSPitLappyuse hold for menu.
23:57:41BHSPitLappyand hold is definitely not a good weapon change.
23:57:59muesli-i never use weapon change ;-p
23:58:00BHSPitLappyor anything used in gameplay, it's out of the question.
23:58:40BHSPitLappy"I have to do this action while fighting bad guys, *hold* ok, done, now I better turn it off again before I'm dead *hold-off* crap."

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