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#rockbox log for 2006-02-26

00:01:46peturwhy can (left == MAX_PEAK - 1) be less sensitive than (left >= MAX_PEAK - 1)? isn't 0x7fff max ?
00:02:24amiconnFor MAS: yes, for swcodec: no
00:02:41amiconnHah, that might be the problem: The negative value check...
00:03:34lostlogicpetur: samples aren't clipped on swcodec until somewhere in the DSP code, until then, they are 32bits
00:03:38amiconnYou might read 0x8000
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00:04:16peturbut they're read from the uda as 16bit
00:04:24lostlogicoohhh... right, sorry, recording.
00:04:30amiconnYes, but then 2 things might happen:
00:04:31peturand handled as short int
00:04:55peturheh, I see... peakmeter uses ints...
00:05:01amiconn(1) YOu read them into a 16 bit value. -0x8000 will end up as -0x8000 again, because there is no +0x8000
00:05:13amiconn(that's how two's complement works)
00:05:46amiconn(2) You read them into a 32 bit value. -0x8000 will end up as 0x00008000, and that is not equal to 0x00007fff
00:05:46markunBagder: would you like to add the gb sim to the daily builds?
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00:06:18DMJC-Dneed some help with vfat screwed up and fsck sas two fat tables
00:06:20DMJC-Dboth intact
00:06:23DMJC-Dwhich one should I choose?
00:06:25DMJC-D1 or 2?
00:06:34Bagdermarkun: I'll do that tomorrow, need to go to sleep now
00:06:44amiconnmarkun: I think adding a sim only makes sense if at least basic code is already running on the actual target
00:06:45markunok, good night, I'll go too
00:07:09peturI'm gonna say moo too
00:07:32markunamiconn: I can ask what the other think first
00:07:54 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
00:08:14Mikachuheh, i was just thinking about kings quest 6 a couple of hours ago
00:08:22Mikachu("heir today, gone tomorrow")
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00:08:42markunamiconn: maybe you are right and it would be a good motivation for me to hurry up :)
00:08:54JdGordonmorning all
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00:15:25amiconnDMJC-D: It's pretty much a guess
00:16:17DMJC-DI think I did the wrong one
00:16:22amiconnYou can't know which of the 2 tables has the correct entries. It may even be that some entries are mangled in one table which are correct in the other, and vice versa
00:16:26DMJC-Dthe optical output light came on on my mp3 player
00:16:53DMJC-Dthere is no way to know
00:17:09amiconnThe best thing is to reformat and put the data back
00:18:38DMJC-Dexcept the data isn't backed up :(
00:18:54DMJC-Dseems to be fine tho
00:19:01DMJC-DI don't think I've added any music recently
00:19:10DMJC-Daka since the thing went screwey
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01:29:54*amiconn has the grayscale lib running on the SDL sim
01:30:05JdGordon:( oh... is that all?
01:30:41linuxstbJdGordon: I hate the color picker patch....
01:30:50JdGordonhaha really?
01:31:16JdGordonlinuxstb: y?
01:31:42*JdGordon is asleep and has turned of his sarcasm detector thingamy
01:31:57linuxstbJdGordon: It's not personal - I'm understanding why you got bored of it...
01:32:32JdGordonwhat needs work in it? its working fine
01:35:23linuxstbIn terms of features, mainly storing the colour as a single 24-bit hex number in the .cfg file, but a16-bit value in the config block. That turned out to be a pain, and I'm still not happy with how I've implemented it.
01:36:53JdGordonjust leave it as it was and call it quits?
01:37:05 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:39:23linuxstbNo, I'm determined to commit this thing before I go to sleep. It's 12.40am now....
01:40:15Moosgood luck then :-)
01:44:33 Quit Shadowarrior13 ()
02:01:42linuxstbAnyone fancy testing the colour picker before I commit it?
02:02:28JdGordonno, we trust u :D
02:02:35linuxstbDon't do that....
02:03:00JdGordonk, ill test it if u want
02:03:33linuxstbOK, it's here:
02:03:41linuxstbHopefully you'll still recognise it...
02:04:04linuxstbI _think_ I've simplified it a little.
02:05:58JdGordon.. just cleaning up my tree...
02:07:27JdGordongrr... its not automatically patching... cant find the files... ill assume it works :p
02:07:37amiconnlinuxstb: Why do you define ixhex() ?
02:07:44amiconnThere's isxdigit() ...
02:08:10linuxstbBecause I didn't know about isxdigit()...
02:08:48linuxstbAnything else? I'm sure the patch still isn't perfect.
02:08:52JdGordonlinuxstb: youor missing color_picker.c in the pacth
02:09:27linuxstbJdGordon: I am indeed... One moment.
02:09:34amiconn* firmware/include/ctype.h
02:09:36JdGordonand the .h by the looks of it
02:10:16linuxstbPatch updated.
02:10:56linuxstb.. and updated again to remove my ?s
02:11:06amiconnlinuxstb: gui_splash.c:
02:11:18amiconnGah, gui/splash.c:
02:11:38amiconnYou assume the old fg & bg was the default, but that isn't necessarily the case
02:11:45amiconn(was wrong before, btw)
02:12:16linuxstbYes, I was worried about that one. Should I call the get_fg/get_bg functions?
02:12:33amiconnThere's lcd_get_background() and lcd_get_foreground, but I don't know whether these are promoted through the gui layer
02:13:33linuxstbYes, they seem to be.
02:14:20JdGordonlinuxstb: would it be faster to skip the swap16() calls and just change the order in set_colour under the #elif LCD_PIXELFORMAT == RGB565SWAPPED buit?
02:14:38JdGordonrgb_val[0] = ((swap16(*color))&0xf800) >> 11; == rgb_val[2] = (*color)&0xf800) >> 11;
02:15:40JdGordonanyway, looks good... we can finally give the big fingure to that annoying code :D
02:16:10linuxstbJdGordon: That should probably be done through macros anyway - to get rid of the #ifdefs there.
02:16:52amiconnThis calculation is wrong anyway
02:17:14linuxstbWhich one?
02:17:31 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:17:53amiconnrgb_val[0] = ((*color)&0xf800) >> 11; and friends in color_picker.c
02:18:09linuxstbWhy is it wrong? It is to extract the native-depth RGB values, which is what is displayed on the RGB sliders.
02:18:30amiconnYes, but just right-shifting is wrong
02:18:51amiconnIgnore me...
02:20:34amiconnthat's still native
02:21:13*amiconn should stop confusing himself & others and go to sleep instead :/
02:23:06linuxstbJust to summarise, the principle of the patch is that the three sliders contain the native ranges (currently 0..31, 0..63, 0..31), and the equivalent RGB888 colour is displayed underneath. The config block (and global_settings struct) contain the native value for the fg/bg colours (either RGB565 or RGB565SWAPPED), but the text .cfg files contain the RGB888 value written as 6 hex digits.
02:23:41amiconnyes, got that.
02:24:23amiconnIt looks like it won't get confused by an RGB value in .cfg which doesn't exactly match a possible setting.
02:26:51amiconnIs the colour displayed 'live' in the picker?
02:26:58linuxstbAm I right to increment the config block version? If I don't then either people will get black-on-black displays, or I'll have to add code to check for it.
02:26:59 Join TCK [0] (
02:27:58linuxstbYes, there's a rectangle of the colour there.
02:28:22linuxstbIt could do with some work to make the colour more visible when it is the same as the existing background, but as long as we're all happy with the way the data is written in the config block and files, we can improve the color picker later.
02:28:25amiconnThe picker itself works from both main & remote?
02:28:48linuxstbNo - it's only on the main screen.
02:29:47amiconnA new multi-screen gui component that isn't multi-screen ...
02:30:19linuxstbI know...
02:31:06*amiconn summons TiMiD
02:31:13amiconnProbably won't work :/
02:36:57Moosgood night guys
02:37:01linuxstbI've removed the change from gui/splash.c - I'll look at that separately. Any objections before I commit? (I'm just doing some test compiles now)
02:37:02 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox!")
02:37:53amiconnThe half-baked gui component... it reduces multi-screen completeness instead of increasing it
02:38:30amiconnWhile I don't use the remote myself, I can't say I like that
02:38:54amiconnIt looks like a step back
02:39:52linuxstbI agree with that - but it's not exactly a useful screen to implement for mono remotes.
02:41:05amiconnYes, but (1) who tells that we'll only have mono remotes? There's an lcd remote for X5 iirc. (2) All other settings for main LCD are also settable from the remote, and vice versa
02:41:36amiconnIt's also a good opportunity to resolve a black-on-black situation
02:43:15 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
02:48:03linuxstbOK, you've convinced me to have a look. Time to fire up the H300 sim.
02:48:04 Quit _Beowulf_ ("KVIrc 'Marmalade'")
02:53:21 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
02:58:52JdGordonlinuxstb: still there?
03:00:09JdGordonamiconn: the black on black issue, u talking about it loading them as default when u upgrade?
03:03:28linuxstbJdGordon: Yes.
03:04:14JdGordoni fixed that by bumping the config block number thingy
03:04:44JdGordoni didnt do it oriognally cozz i thought u didnt need to if u only add to the end
03:05:51 Join pyro2 [0] (
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03:23:18JdGordonso whats better format ogg or mp3??
03:25:06ashridahwell. ogg vorbis
03:25:24ashridahsupports variable sized frames, so no dodgy hacks to get gapless
03:25:27golf7o lord here it goes again
03:25:36ashridahhas slightly better quality vs bitrate.
03:25:52golf7but doesnt support as many players, but rockbox does support both
03:26:00golf7if you rip your own and only use rockbox, ogg
03:26:08golf7if you want compatibility, mp3 APS
03:27:25linuxstbif you want compatibility, port Rockbox.
03:28:57linuxstbIt's working now, but choosing a colour on a mono remote is not useful....
03:28:58golf7but that is the simple explanation
03:29:04golf7for mp3 vs ogg
03:29:12golf7i my self use mp3, but others swear ogg
03:29:19golf7its user choice
03:30:33JdGordonlinuxstb: using colour->greyscale on the remote for the preview thingy?
03:31:40linuxstbNo - there isn't enough room.
03:32:13linuxstbI only display the rectangle on displays with depth > 1 as well. But as it doesn't fit anyway...
03:32:21linuxstbAll you get is the three sliders.
03:32:36linuxstbDo you have an LCD remote?
03:32:48JdGordoni have no remote at all
03:36:09 Quit Rob2222_ ()
03:45:20 Join Zoide777 [0] (
03:45:51Zoide777sorry if I always ask the same question but... any progress on the tagcache / id3 db?
03:48:06 Join thegeek_ [0] (
03:48:06 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:48:07linuxstbJdGordon: Patch committed :)
03:48:14JdGordonnow goto bed :D
03:48:36Zoide777oh well, I guess nto
03:48:44linuxstbI'm glad amiconn persuaded me to implement it for the remote - it wasn't that hard in the end, and it looks cool.
03:49:05linuxstbZoide777: We don't know. One person is working on tagcache, so only he can answer that question.
03:49:51Zoide777linuxstb: k, thanks.
03:51:12JdGordonhow often is the rb frontpage refresheed?
03:55:04linuxstbI'm not sure.
03:55:30linuxstbYou can see the patch if you click on the timestamp at the top of the daily builds page.
03:56:04JdGordonweee :D
03:57:17Zoide777hmm... I tried applying the multifont patch (downloaded it from the tracker) and got a "Hunk #2 FAILED at 62." message when it got to font.h
03:57:38Zoide777has anyone else tried applying multifont-v01.patch?
03:58:18JdGordonnot i
04:05:45 Quit pyro2 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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04:10:33*linuxstb notices that the ipods have taken over the build table...
04:11:55*ashridah idly wonders if the reverse engineering work by ipodlinux would apply much to the iriver H10 and friends
04:12:29*JdGordon looks through mp3 folder looking for something to chuck on while he sets up his lappy for uni
04:13:24imphasinglinuxstb: Everyone loves a bright white box
04:14:21linuxstbI prefer the sleek black boxes...
04:14:48 Quit quobl__ (Remote closed the connection)
04:15:10JdGordonactually now rb works on ipod im alot less prejudeced against them :D
04:15:27 Join extrealm [0] (n=extrealm@
04:16:10linuxstbashridah: Someone definitely needs to try a port to the H10. They've got the same portalplayer PP5020 as the ipod, and that's a system-on-a-chip, meaning that a LOT of the existing ipod code will just work as-is on the H10.
04:16:49linuxstbSimilarly for the M-Audio Microtrack someone mentioned on the mailing list.
04:19:42ashridahmm. probably need to work out which LCD it's using, and take a look at the insides to find differences.
04:20:29linuxstbYes, the LCD and button drivers would be the main obstacles. Plus finding a safe way to run code without risk of bricking.
04:21:56Zoide777strange that even though ipod is so popular there are so few devs for it
04:22:32Zoide777maybe it conforms to the stereotype of the ipod being for "the masses" as opposed to people who are more techy-oriented?
04:24:21 Join pyro2 [0] (
04:27:20linuxstbInteresting - someone just posted a test giving almost identical battery life for MP3 as FLAC on the iPod Color (5h 30m). We've definitely got work to do there....
04:28:06BHSPitLappyis there something actually obstructing the task of battery reading on the ipods?
04:28:22linuxstbThe number of hours in each day
04:28:27BHSPitLappyhehe :)
04:31:38JdGordonany1 know a good wm for linux that will work fine on a p133 with 32mb ram? ive for EDE atm which irritates me
04:32:01Zoide777does anyone know if id3 tags work similarly for different file types? I'd like to see if I can patch the existing TagDatabase database builder so that it will also scan Wavpacks. (though i suppose it's not that easy, or else they'd probably have added in the first place)
04:33:39linuxstbZoide777: That should work.
04:34:12Zoide777JdGordon: Fluxbox is supposed to be pretty lightweight. but there's another one that i can't recall right now..
04:34:20BHSPitLappyJdGordon: fvwm or fluxbox if you need to be completely minimal
04:34:20linuxstbgnight all.
04:34:49JdGordonye, i dont really like fb either
04:34:50BHSPitLappyxfce or icewm if you just want to be lightweight and still functional
04:35:34Zoide777ah, yes
04:35:37Zoide777very fast
04:35:45BHSPitLappyand functional
04:35:57Zoide777linuxstb: thanks i'll see what i can do. good ngiht
04:36:06BHSPitLappydo some google image searches, JdGordon
04:37:09mirakJdGordon: xfce
04:39:28Zoide777JdGordon: or Windows 95.... haha
04:39:44Zoide777(if you had more ram)
04:39:54JdGordonwell.... win98 works ok.. cept the network likes to die and it works better on linux..
04:41:10BHSPitLappyI know IceWM can be made to look very similar to win98 ;)
04:44:44 Join Rob2222 [0] (
04:44:44 Quit pyro2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:46:00 Quit TCK (Excess Flood)
04:46:49 Join TCK [0] (
04:51:06JdGordonhmm.. so the X5 has a coloour screen aye?
04:54:30TCKfinally, I contribute to the RB community!
04:54:37midkayhaha. :)
04:54:41midkayi beat you!!!!! ;)
04:54:54midkaysorry! :(
04:57:30 Quit Zoide777 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
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05:07:27Zoide777JdGordon: this article was just posted on Slashdot about running Linux on old hardware:
05:07:58JdGordonill have a look
05:08:20 Join Shadowarrior13 [0] (
05:11:01 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzz")
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05:35:41Zoide777does anyone know what the encoding for the .tagdb file is? I've tried editing it w/ Wordpad and Notepad but both mangle it when saving
05:35:48 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:38:50Zoide777hmm... maybe nano or vim on cygwin can edit it
05:42:58 Quit mymomthelush ("Trillian (")
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06:00:02JdGordonZoide777: i would assume it would be a hex file.. not txt
06:00:23 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
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06:18:10JdGordonBHSPitLappy: i finally got it printed.. cept the printer was almost out of black so the black parts are a bit green... still looks good tho
06:18:33BHSPitLappywhy didn't you just go to kinko's? :P
06:22:50 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
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06:33:56 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
06:37:44ashridahBHSPitLappy: kinko's don't exist in .au afaik
06:38:14BHSPitLappyah, I forget there's people outside of my home town sometimes
06:38:33Zoide777JdGordon: dunno what it is, but it worked w/ xemacs
06:38:36Zoide777well gotta go
06:38:38 Quit Zoide777 ("CGI:IRC")
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07:43:06JdGordonwtf is .ape?
07:43:07 Join San [0] (n=test@
07:43:13JdGordonand does rb play them?
07:53:48BHSPitLappy"Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio Compression Format"
07:53:56BHSPitLappyalso, a winamp visualization file
07:54:12JdGordondoes rb play em?
07:54:42BHSPitLappyhow is it "compression" if it's lossless??
07:54:58BHSPitLappy"absolutely no quality loss"
07:54:59JdGordonzip is compressed lossless...
07:55:13BHSPitLappythis is a codec... I've never heard of that
07:55:22BHSPitLappyand it must be pretty ineffective
07:55:46BHSPitLappysince audio is, for the most part, impossible to compress (by archival terms)
07:56:07JdGordonye, the files were pretty big
07:56:23JdGordonnearly as bad as wav
07:57:20midkaythere's a difference between compression and lossless..
07:59:15 Part amiconn
07:59:25 Join amiconn [0] (
07:59:40BHSPitLappythey're different words...
07:59:47BHSPitLappyone is a noun, the other an adjective...
07:59:57JdGordonM.r technical!
08:00:29midkayyou can compress something (optimize it) but not lose anything.. for example, some BMP files can be a few MB, but save them as PNG and watch that drop majorly - but they're both lossless.
08:02:52amiconnJdGordon: Regading the black-on-black issue: No, I didn't mean the upgrade situation only
08:03:18amiconnFor whatever reason, the user may end up with the foreground & background colour at the same value
08:03:31 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:06:11 Join amiconn_ [0] (
08:06:31amiconn_Either he (or someone with access to his rockbox wanting to play a trick on him) could set identical colours,
08:07:20amiconn_or e.g. a .cfg file only specifies a background (foreground), which matches the user's foreground (background)
08:07:40amiconn_Of course it would be possible to reset all settings,
08:08:27amiconn_but correcting just the colour with the remote would be more convenient
08:08:50 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
08:08:51 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
08:11:03JdGordonah ok
08:11:48 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
08:16:17amiconn...and as also mentioned, it would make the multi-screen ui feel more complete
08:16:22amiconnOf course there won't be visual feedback of the selected colour on the currently supported monochrome remotes, but the sliders etc. can be all the same
08:16:51JdGordonlinuxstb said he added remote support before commiting it
08:18:11amiconnAh, yes I see...
08:19:12amiconnThere's one thing to fix though before it will work properly *if* we actually have to support 2 colour LCDs *with different pixel formats*
08:19:36 Join needleboy [0] (
08:20:11amiconnSome conversions (extracting individual values from packed RGB, and packed<->generic conversion) are currently hard coded
08:21:31amiconn...but that doesn't need to be solved right now.
08:21:51amiconnThe X5 remote seems to be monochrome as well
08:26:16amiconnHmm, in fact I think this screen should be made a bit more flexible anyway, allowing to select shades of grey on greyscale units
08:35:11 Quit DMJC-D (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:38:14Shadowarrior13Hehehe, how does one reset the background color settings without using rockbox?
08:38:28Shadowarrior13I accidentally made the background black, and can't see text XD
08:38:31JdGordonpress rec while its loading
08:38:40Shadowarrior13In ipod.
08:38:49JdGordonoh, i dunno
08:39:30 Quit Arrogant ("Leaving")
08:40:30JdGordonShadowarrior13: the key combo is menu, down 2, enter, down 2 enter, down 3 enter, up 1 enter
08:40:44Shadowarrior13lol, thanks.
08:49:43 Join fairway [0] (
08:53:52 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
08:54:10JdGordonhey Jungti1234
08:54:48Jungti1234Congratulation, JdGordon hehe
08:54:54JdGordonhaha thanx
08:55:07 Quit Shadowarrior13 ()
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09:23:55 Join reject [0] (n=doc__@
09:23:56 Quit doctor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:23:58 Quit Jungti1234 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:24:33 Quit reject (Client Quit)
09:26:42 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
09:26:44 Nick Jungti1234__ is now known as Jungti1234 (n=jungti12@
09:38:31 Join safetydan [0] (
09:38:58 Join orthogonal [0] (
09:39:37orthogonalanyone awake?
09:39:52Bgeryep, just ask
09:40:17 Quit Higgy__ ("Trillian (")
09:40:17orthogonaldo any retail products other than the ipod use a "databse" rather than a directory structure/
09:40:22 Join Higgy_ [0] (
09:40:57Bgerorthogonal for example iriver Hxxx have the 2 modes
09:41:19orthogonalrel;l me more, plweese?
09:41:20Bgerbut i think there are other products that use only db
09:41:28orthogonalabout iriver?
09:41:46Bgeririver hxxx has db also, but it's very limited
09:41:55Paul_The_Nerdorthogonal: As well the US H10s use a DB, though you at least have the option to browse to your music, I think.
09:42:19orthogonalhow does teh db work?
09:42:41Paul_The_NerdI dunno. Don't have one. I imagine it's much like that, yeah.
09:43:22 Join San [0] (n=test@
09:43:47ghode|afksony andcreati e useDB software
09:43:56orthogonaldetails, plewase?
09:44:12ghode|afkdon't have any ><
09:44:20safetydanThe H120 database was artist/album/genre IIRC
09:44:34safetydanthe best tool for generating that database was
09:44:59 Join damaki_ [0] (
09:45:48Bgerwhat about creatives ?
09:47:02orthogonalI'm going to build a db for teh rockbox
09:47:50ashridahso, that'd be what, three db's? :)
09:47:56ashridahyou could fix what's there ;)
09:48:05orthogonalwhat's there?
09:48:18ashridahthere's an existing database for rockbox.
09:48:24ashridahit's just not particularly functional
09:48:31orthogonalin teh source?
09:48:32ashridahpoke HCl if you see him.
09:48:34novimondoes rockbox support recording using external mic?
09:48:36safetydanIs tagcache going to supersede that?
09:48:43ashridahand there's a set of external db creator tools
09:48:53ashridahsafetydan: i don't know, i'm still unclear what tagcache does
09:48:59orthogonalis it actually in teh build?
09:49:03Paul_The_Nerdashridah: Isn't the TagCache going to replace/be the only database anyway, once it's working?
09:49:15ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: if it is, does it save itself to disk?
09:49:19Bgernovimon afaik yes, u just have to use more gain ...
09:49:34Bgerashridah yep
09:49:47 Join Lear [0] (
09:49:55ashridahin which case, wrong person to poke, and does tagcache need an external db tool?
09:49:56orthogonalho ew is teh current on used?
09:49:56Paul_The_NerdAshridah: From what I've heard, "Tagcache" is just a fancy way of saying "The database generates itself within rockbox using our metadata parser, so that all supported filetypes will always be supported by the database"
09:50:07ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: ah.
09:50:17ashridahorthogonal: i don't believe it's complete, in either case ;)
09:50:26novimonBger, oki
09:50:28orthogonalwho is workijng on it?
09:50:32Paul_The_Nerdashridah: But, I could've misunderstood some aspects of it.
09:51:32safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, sounds about right
09:51:37safetydanit is saved to disk anyway
09:51:38ashridahwell. if tagcache does do that, it's not documented in the wiki particularly well as far as i can see
09:51:41safetydanotherwise it wouldn't be a cache
09:51:53Bgerdo we *reall* need remote button defines to be
09:51:56Bger#define BUTTON_RC_ON (BUTTON_REMOTE | 0x00010000)
09:51:58Bgerinstead of
09:52:22ashridahsafetydan: uh, a cache doesn't have to save itself to disk in order to be a cache
09:52:24safetydanashridah, it's not comitted yet so I don't think any docmentation as been written
09:52:28ashridahlook at the directory cache, it sure doesn't :)
09:52:37ashridahsafetydan: ah, bummer. thought he had.
09:52:37Paul_The_Nerdashridah: Tagcache doesn't really have any code in CVS as of yet, so it'd be odd for it to be documented.
09:52:43safetydanashridah, for it to be useful it does otherwise it regens every time
09:52:49ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: not really, documenting plans isn't a bad idea
09:53:04Paul_The_NerdWell, true
09:53:20ashridahsafetydan: sure, but being a cache doesn't imply saving to permanent storage
09:53:21*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs
09:53:35Bgeranyone ?
09:53:43safetydanashridah, true
09:54:16Slasheriashridah: yes, tagcache should replace the db completely
09:54:18ashridahit'd probably be less painful if it didn't have to scan the entier disk on boot, mind you :)
09:54:29Slasheriit has many advantages over the old db
09:54:30ashridahSlasheri: cool. how's it coming along, btw? :)
09:54:46orthogonalwhere's the current db documented?
09:54:51ashridahSlasheri: if it gens on the fly, i'll bet it does.
09:54:59Slasheriashridah: i have been too busy with real work lately.. i hope to have some time soon for it
09:55:08Slasheriyes, it does that
09:55:08safetydanorthogonal, on the wiki
09:55:33Slasheriand it will update on the fly also, without needing a complete regeneration when new files are added
09:55:43 Join Matze [0] (
09:55:46safetydanorthogonal, you could search for it
09:56:50ashridahand using it is
10:00:01orthogonalanyone using it?
10:00:11ashridahi think it might be broken atm
10:00:21safetydanIt works on non-iPod targets AFAIK
10:00:30 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:00:33safetydanunless someone fixed the alignment issue
10:01:47orthogonaldoesn't work on ipod?
10:01:55amiconnThe tag database shouldn't have an alignment issue and therefore should work on iPod
10:02:09amiconnIf it had an alignment issue, it wouldn't work on archos
10:02:19 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:02:22ashridahhahah. should. hahaha. that's funny :)
10:02:26orthogonalyes archos wa sin t aligned, iirc?
10:02:28amiconnTagcache is another story...
10:02:37amiconnorthogonal: ??
10:02:46orthogonalwas int aligned?
10:02:52novimonwhat does the 'prerecord' do?
10:03:39Paul_The_Nerdorthogonal: The tag database currently only works with MP3 files and Vorbis files, and if the Mp3 files have unrecognized tags it can cause it problems.
10:03:40novimonor 'independent frames'
10:03:48safetydanamiconn, maybe I'm misremembering. I thought there were some bug reports from iPod users about the database not working
10:04:00orthogonalmp3 is teh only format that matters
10:04:14Paul_The_Nerdorthogonal: The only format that matters to *you*
10:04:16ashridahorthogonal: to you, maybe.
10:04:24amiconnMaybe, but then it's not an alignment issue. Maybe the database still has an endianness problem though
10:04:24orthogonalyes, of course ;)
10:04:37Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it had an endianness problem.
10:04:55amiconnBger: I'd rather want to remove the BUTTON_REMOTE qualifier and give the remote buttons their own bits.
10:04:55orthogonalogg is a nerd dicksize format: lok I use ogg, my nerd dick sioze is biger than yours
10:04:57Paul_The_NerdAgain, I could misremember. I didn't try it personally.
10:05:15orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: er, nothing personal
10:05:15JdGordonhaha orthogonal
10:05:24ashridahorthogonal: that and it doesn't need shitty hacks to get gapless playback
10:05:37orthogonalit'sd unquesrtionably a btter format
10:05:38amiconnBger: The current method has the problem that a remote button can "shadow" a main button,
10:05:45Paul_The_Nerdorthogonal: Yeah, the format actually has native tagging, native gapless, and isn't patent encumbered. So, why is it bad again?
10:05:47orthogonalbut better doens;t mean better
10:06:06orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: which was better, the betamax or the vhs?
10:06:10ashridahso help me, if you bring up beta vs VHS, i'll slap you. :)
10:06:18*ashridah slaps orthogonal
10:06:19JdGordon2 slow
10:06:38orthogonalloook, what';s better , a cd or an ogg?
10:06:51orthogonala lossless cd, obvioisly
10:07:07orthogonalexcept −− mp3s are GOOD ENOUGH
10:07:18orthogonaland they toook teh ground fiorst
10:07:18amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: The tag database *should* not have endian problems though, since it was tested (and worked) in the sim on x86 back when it was developed
10:07:20Paul_The_NerdExcept they aren't in many cases.
10:07:25markunorthogonal: you can't use a CD with rockbox, so Ogg is obviously better :)
10:07:29orthogonalthey're good ENOUGH
10:07:31amiconnMaybe one of the extensions introduced a bug...
10:07:40orthogonalogg's a great format
10:07:52orthogonalwordperfect was oerde rs of magnitude nwetter thanh word
10:07:55Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I dunno then. I just know people couldn't get it working.
10:08:07orthogonalhell, I wrote an acciounting program in twhe wordperfect 5.2 macro language
10:08:14Paul_The_Nerdorthogonal: So your argument is that people should accept worse things, just because they were there first?
10:08:22orthogonalin teh macro langugae
10:08:24orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: no, no
10:08:27*amiconn will stick with mp3
10:08:32orthogonalbut, where cxan I buy ogg files?
10:08:42*JdGordon will stick with mp3 also... coz its more portable
10:08:46Paul_The_NerdIn fact, they sell flac for 25 cents more
10:08:48orthogonalan island in teh phillipines?
10:08:51ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: apparently we should still all be wearing bearskins and using stone axes
10:08:51Paul_The_NerdIn case you want lossless
10:08:54orthogonalno, that;s mindinao
10:08:57amiconnIt has one big advantage over ogg or any other compressed audio format: it's supported practically everywhere
10:09:09orthogonalamiconn: exactly
10:09:24Paul_The_Nerdorthogonal: I also prefer to buy my music as CDs so "where can I buy it" doesn't exactly affect me.
10:09:31ashridahamiconn: the only place i don't find ogg support is on an ipod, these days.
10:09:54orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: sure, me too. but most of my music UI got from at < 25 cents per tarckl
10:10:10amiconnashridah: archos: mp2/mp3 only (probably wav soonish). My car stereo: mp2/mp3 only ...
10:10:12*ashridah notes there are music shops that sell oggs and flac online
10:10:36amiconnThen, ogg needs more CPU power than mp3 (on iriver)
10:10:39ashridahamiconn: i've never personally seen an archos here. i don't think they got imported too frequently, tbh.
10:10:44orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: what labels does mindawn have?
10:10:46JdGordon(interupting for a min) does anyone thikn its a waste of time to sync my radio wps patch with the cvs.. is there any chance it will be commited?
10:11:13ashridahbut you've got a point, car stereos are probably hardware decoders like the archos is, mind you
10:11:18amiconnAnd to be honest: I can't hear a difference between a decent mp3 encoding (lame −−preset standard) and the original source
10:11:29Paul_The_Nerdorthogonal: Not the major ones, but as I said, I buy CDs anyway. I like to be able to reuse my music if I *do* find something that doesn't support a format/encoding.
10:11:30orthogonalamiconn: me too
10:11:36Paul_The_NerdLike... y'know... a CD-Player
10:11:39orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: yes, IO agtee
10:11:41amiconnMaybe ogg would compress slightly better for the same quality, but I'm not that tight on space
10:12:19Paul_The_NerdI'd hate to burn a mix CD from MP3 sources.
10:12:26Paul_The_NerdEspecially if I suspected a friend would then put THAT mix on a DAP
10:12:56amiconnJdGordon: I don't see the point in radio (or recording) screen customisation. There isn't much information to choose from for display, unlike wps
10:13:23JdGordonamiconn: ture... but it brings rb to the 21st century!!!
10:13:31JdGordonumm.. i mean.. ppl like the csutomization..
10:13:34JdGordonn stuff
10:13:42amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: I wouldn't burn a mix CD from *any* lossy source
10:13:54Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Note that I said I purchase CDs, or lossless sources.
10:14:10amiconnIn fact I stopped burning CD quite some time ago...
10:14:15Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: My real argument is: If all my sources are lossless, and all my players are ogg, then where does the argument against it come from?
10:14:19orthogonalyeah, cds are obselete
10:14:20amiconnAudio CDs, that is
10:14:41orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: if you're wiling to rip all your own stuff, you're golden
10:14:43Paul_The_Nerdorthogonal: I live in Texas. I have family who've never even used a computer.
10:14:56orthogonalonly two things come from texas
10:15:30Paul_The_NerdOh bloody hell.
10:15:45Paul_The_NerdThough, since I'm not *from* Texas, I guess I don't care about that quote.
10:15:50safetydanJdGordon, it'll make it easier for someone to try and commit it if you keep it in sync with CVS
10:16:04orthogonalwhat wquote?
10:16:15Paul_The_NerdThe two things from Texas one
10:16:34orthogonalrepuiblicans crooks and quail huinters!
10:16:41orthogonaloh, thaty;s just ione
10:16:59orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: sorry, if tou're reopuiblicabn
10:17:03Paul_The_Nerdorthogonal: Clearly you're accepting that Austin isn't a part of Texas then. Most of them would rather we weren't either.
10:17:21orthogonalyeash, you got that da
10:17:30orthogonalwho's gunning for delay
10:18:04orthogonalmore power to him
10:18:08Bgeramiconn, morning
10:18:11amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: True - provided you never intend to play your tracks on other systems
10:18:16Bgerdid you see my last question ?
10:19:27amiconnBger: This one? [09:51:42] <Bger> do we *reall* need remote button defines to be
10:20:11amiconnBger: Scroll back a bit ...
10:20:39Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Yeah, well, I did the "rip everying to lossless and put it on DVDs" step that makes transcoding fairly easy should it ever come up. So far though, ogg has been well enough supported that I haven't encountered problems. I've got nothing against MP3. I'll just admit I'm irritated at people who say "just use it, because it's 'good enough'" when for me at least, it isn't.
10:21:04Bgeramiconn why ?
10:21:25orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: you're tyoungf enough you srtill have your hearing
10:21:36orthogonalas you get older, you're just glad you can hear at alll
10:21:38Bgerimho it's better this way (with the BUTTON_REMOTE bit)
10:21:42Paul_The_NerdI didn't mean "good enough" in quality
10:21:43JdGordonPaul_The_Nerd: how does filesize compare with mp3/ogg of equiv quality?
10:21:49amiconnBger: There's a second line...
10:22:13orthogonalohhh look:
10:22:16ashridahJdGordon: filesize of what? flac's just compression, it's not lossy, so if it gets 2:1 compression, that's good. :)
10:22:19Bgerah, yes :)
10:22:40JdGordonogg vorbis? thats lossy isnt it?
10:22:54orthogonaljsd wantas mp3 ogg filesizes compared
10:23:04orthogonalto each other, not to flac
10:23:16Paul_The_NerdJdGordon: In the most recent tests I've read, ogg and vorbis at equivalent quality (meaning scoring the same on double blind tests) have been at the same bitrates generally.
10:23:26Paul_The_NerdSorry ogg and mp3 I mean
10:23:26ashridahorthogonal: that's not what "<JdGordon> Paul_The_Nerd: how does filesize compare with mp3/ogg of equiv quality?" said to me, sorry :)
10:23:40*ashridah saw mp3/ogg as mp3 and ogg, not mp3 vs ogg :)_
10:23:49orthogonalashridah: it's ok, I'm, being obnoxious
10:24:03JdGordonye i meant mp3 vs ogg...
10:24:23orthogonalohh wow:
10:24:37amiconnashridah: When I tried flac, I didn't even get close to 2:1 compression
10:24:41Bgeramiconn but when will you press a button on the remote and on the main unit at the same time ?
10:24:43JdGordoncoz if its the equiv quality and they can both be played back in the same dap then the only reason id swap to ogg is if it means i can cram more music on my cruddy 20gb hdd
10:24:57amiconnBger: Two-player game plugin?
10:25:21Bgeruf :(
10:25:37amiconnIt would also be easier to distinguish power-on from main & remote wrt hold check in the bootloader
10:26:44*Bger goes to search for avail bits in the button defines
10:27:07amiconnThe button value is 32bit
10:27:12 Join skwad [0] (
10:27:38amiconnThe top 5 bits are reserved for SYS_ events, and we also have BUTTON_REPEAT and BUTTON_REL
10:27:56amiconnSo we have 25 bits left. Reserve 12 for main and 12 for remote...
10:28:14Bger12 for main ?/
10:29:31orthogonalthat [pic looks great on my 24 inch monitor
10:31:50amiconnBger: In fact we only need 10 atm. Perhaps a better allocation would be:
10:32:12Bgeralso we have BUTTON_REMOTE modifier ..
10:32:22amiconnWe'll no longer have it
10:32:24Bgerso 24 left ...
10:32:44Bgeri really like it ..
10:33:05amiconnTop 5 bits for SYS_ events, one reserve bit, BUTTON_REL, BUTTON_REPEAT
10:33:10amiconnThat would fill the top byte
10:33:20Bgermakes very easier to distinguish main and remote buttons
10:33:52amiconnThen allocate main buttons from LSB towards bit 23, and remote buttons from bit 23 downwards
10:34:20amiconnThis way we can support a total of 24 buttons regardless whether main or remote
10:35:22amiconnImho BUTTON_REMOTE isn't needed, but if we still want it, there's a slight change that makes it work without needing a special bit
10:35:36amiconnBUTTON_REMOTE can be turned into a bitmask
10:35:44Bgergood idea :)
10:35:52amiconn...covering all button bits assigned to remote buttons
10:36:11amiconnFor 12-12 it would be 0x00FFF000
10:36:12 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:36:50amiconnIt could be complemented by a BUTTON_MAIN mask
10:39:43Bgerin fact, my idea needs 1 bit ...
10:39:49amiconnIn fact it might be useful, thinking about the button driver decision which backlight to enable...
10:40:02amiconnBger: ?
10:40:46Bgeri started workin on a "button->action" translation func for navigation...
10:41:06Bgerused in the tree, menus ...
10:41:34Bgerand want to take out all these _PRE defines...
10:42:09 Join SereR0kR [0] (
10:42:44amiconnThe _PRE stuff is necessary to distinguish short/long presses
10:42:49Bgeryes, i know
10:42:57amiconnHow do you intend to solve this?
10:42:59Bgerbut i'm thinking of it currently as
10:43:34Bgerwhich returns action or the button_get() value if it's not recognised
10:45:08Bgeraction as NAV_PREV... NAV_LVL_UP... NAV_RUN ..
10:45:16amiconnHow would the translation know what sequence means which action?
10:45:42amiconnThere are some very complex ones involving _PRE
10:45:56Bgeramiconn ? like ?
10:46:03 Join hideo [0] (n=irc@tor/session/x-1967aec818cf75cb)
10:46:13amiconnDouble-click detection, short-long ...
10:46:23Bgerhuh ?
10:46:32Bgershort-long is easy ...
10:46:45JdGordondoes any1 know anything about the text scrolling code?
10:47:19Bgerif i need long press
10:47:33amiconnBger: Double click and short-long both involve a 4-event sequence
10:47:50Bgerah, you mean
10:47:51 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:47:56Bgershort press long press ?
10:48:19 Quit orthogonal ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
10:48:23amiconn...and a time window
10:48:35Bgerthis is used on ondio, i suppose ....
10:51:13Bgeramiconn can you point me to such thing in the source ?
10:51:50amiconnDouble click is used on Ondio (recording from FM screen, to avoid accidental recordings), short press - long press is used on all swcodec targets for folder skip
10:52:36Bgerthis is not tree/menu thing
10:52:39Bgeror i'm wrong ?
10:53:19Bger(iiuc the last one is in wps)
10:53:47Bgerso it's ok then
10:53:48amiconnI thought your idea would be universal
10:54:06Bgerhm, i don't think we need such thing in the WPS
10:54:19amiconnWhat's the goal then?
10:55:26Bgerthe goal is for example simplification of tree.c ... and iriver remotes' buttons to have different funcs in navigation depending on the remote type
10:55:49Bgerand .. 1 place to edit all the navigation mappings
10:57:15novimonhow do I check how much I have free space on the hd in rockbox?
10:57:19amiconnHmm. I'm not so sure whether it will simplify things. It may simplify the source files, but will it simplify the code? Make it smaller? faster?
10:57:20novimoncan you even do that?
10:57:40Paul_The_Nerdnovimon: Under info->Rockbox info, I beleive
10:57:56Bgeruf ... somewhere in the menu
10:57:56BgerGeneral Settings->..
10:57:56BgerSystem maybe
10:58:26Bgeramiconn it's one func more ...
10:58:49novimonPaul_The_Nerd, ok thanks
10:58:53Bgerwhich is mostly switch()-es
11:05:06markunamiconn: I'm looking at a finnish translation update, and the voice strins are in iso-8859 encoding and the new strings in UTF-8, is that how it should be?
11:05:49JdGordondo the charlcds have more that 1 font?
11:06:33Jungti1234hi markun
11:06:35amiconnSo far the voice file generation script can only process the local codepage (Win1252 ~~ iso-8859-1 here), but otoh 2 different encodings in one file would be rather strange...
11:07:01amiconnI need a way to process UTF-8 in VBScript...
11:07:27amiconnJdGordon: No
11:07:39JdGordonok, that makes things slightly simpler :D
11:08:54*safetydan races Paul_The_Nerd for posting in EQ threads
11:08:56safetydanand loses
11:11:53markunamiconn: do you know why LANG_SETTINGS_BATTERY_PLAYER is "Partition?
11:12:14 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:12:51 Join linuxstb [0] (
11:13:26safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, the reason Q for the shelf filter is best left at 0.7 is that "the shelf slope is as steep as it can be and remain monotonically
11:13:29safetydan increasing or decreasing gain with frequency"
11:13:53safetydanbasically the equations go wacky otherwise
11:14:45safetydanIf you work through the maths in that Audio-EQ-Cookbook.txt link you can see the relationships and what happens with various settings
11:15:20Paul_The_NerdYeah, I put that .txt on my reading list, for later.
11:15:50Paul_The_NerdI feel like half the time I'm at misticriver, I'm just reading "bug reports" that are really either "user error" or "I use 'optimized' error"
11:16:53amiconnmarkun: Yes. This message is displayed when saving the settings failed. Back then it was thought that the most common cause would be low battery, but later it turned out that the most common cause is an unsuitable partition layout
11:17:20amiconnThe identifier can't easily be changed.
11:17:49amiconnI'm still working on my language cleanup, and will most probably fix such quirks as well
11:18:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:18:37markunamiconn: good luck, it will be a lot of work I guess.
11:18:43Jungti1234Are you cleaning language file?
11:18:49amiconnI'm still at the 80% done mark
11:21:55amiconnA cvs diff -u apps/lang/english.lang looks rather funny here...
11:22:31markunamiconn: will it be difficult to update the translations after your cleanup?
11:23:16amiconnI will have to make a conversion script to adapt all other languages and apply that before commit
11:24:13JdGordondo any targets have lcd width or height > 256?
11:24:33amiconniPod 5g: 320x240
11:24:42 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@
11:24:43JdGordonok, cant use a char then...
11:25:50amiconnFor single variables you should better use int anyway
11:26:33JdGordonye, but imm trying to keep mem usage down... its gonna be in a struct in an array... so there could be quite a bit of unused memory there
11:27:21amiconnThat's a different thing of course
11:27:53JdGordonmeh, this is only test code.. optimization comes after itss owkring :p...
11:28:08amiconn...but sometimes even structs don't become smaller if you use a smaller datatype
11:28:24amiconnstruct blah {
11:28:30amiconnlong v1;
11:28:34amiconnchar v2;
11:28:38amiconnlong v3;
11:28:59amiconnwill use 12 bytes on a 32 bit system, unless you use packed structs
11:29:10amiconn...which is slower and adds even more code
11:30:19amiconnYou can optimise such things by sorting, e.g.
11:31:17amiconnstruct bla1 {short v1; char v2; short v3; char v4}; uses 8 bytes, while struct bla1 {short v1; char v2; char v4; short v3} uses 6 bytes
11:32:38 Part amiconn
11:34:00BgerBagder ?
11:36:30 Join titor [0] (
11:37:22titori would like to know if rockbox can start on an Archos Gmini XS202
11:37:58titordo you know something about it jungti ?
11:38:40midkayit doesn't.. i believe it only did on the gmini 120, and not fully..
11:41:13titorzut i would like to buy a gmini xs202, or aan iRiver h320 but commercial website no longer sells it
11:41:28midkayebay, other sites..
11:42:00Jungti1234ebay. :)
11:42:37titoryes ii'll look for
11:42:41midkaygeneral consensus thus seems to be 'ebay' ;)\
11:44:21 Join San [0] (n=test@
11:46:06 Join Sanitarium [0] (n=test@
11:48:04JdGordonany1 colour blind here?
11:52:41 Quit titor ("Leaving")
11:54:54 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
11:55:02Jungti1234colour blind?
11:55:59markunJdGordon: yes, I am
11:56:05JdGordonye, as in you cant see colours.. or you cant see mixes of colours.. e.g red/green blindness means u cant tell the difference between red and green (or something like that)
11:56:17JdGordonmarkun: have u tryed the colour chooser widget?
11:56:58Jungti1234markun have red/green blindness
11:57:23markunJdGordon: It's an RGB chooser, right?
11:57:49markunI think a HSV chooser would be nicer, what do you think of it?
11:58:35 Join damaki [0] (
11:59:09markunthere are some simple fomulas to transform RGB to HSV and back
11:59:09JdGordonmarkun: not hanx :p
11:59:38markunMaybe I will do it then :)
12:00:00JdGordonanyway... do u get the dev mailing list?
12:00:14markunno, but I read it from time to time
12:00:36 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:00:48JdGordonok, linus rekons the rgb picker might be difficult for color blind ppl to use.. have u tried it?
12:01:03markunno, I haven't
12:01:12JdGordonu got a colour target?
12:01:25markunI can compile a simulator
12:02:07markunI believe XavierGr and muesli also have red-green problems
12:02:16JdGordoncan u give it a go plz?
12:02:39JdGordonthe q is can u see the r/g/b slider when the cursor is on it (black rectangle around it)
12:03:15XavierGrwhy me?
12:03:22XavierGrI don't think I have
12:03:51XavierGrthose problems
12:03:59XavierGrI thought in the daily builds
12:04:04XavierGrsorry I just woke
12:04:23XavierGryou meant colour blindness, haha
12:04:23markunJdGordon: Where's the patch?
12:04:30JdGordonin cvs :D
12:04:33markunXavierGr: yes :)
12:04:40 Join ismo_ [0] (
12:05:03XavierGrthen yes I have colour problems, though not on rockbox specifically
12:05:20Bgerhi, XavierGr ;)
12:05:54 Quit Sanitarium (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:05:58markunJdGordon: I'll try it, but have to fix some problems with my gigabeat simulator first
12:06:11JdGordonno probs
12:07:55 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
12:11:05markunJdGordon: looks ok
12:11:14JdGordonall 3 sliders?
12:11:24JdGordonhave u got inverted cursor set?
12:11:32 Quit ismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:12:06markunJdGordon: eh, I HAVE set cursor to inverted.
12:12:23markunBut red looks just red, not inverted
12:12:40markunI don't know what I should be trying/looking for
12:12:42JdGordonye, by inverted it means u get the black box around it...
12:12:57JdGordonas long as u can see the sliders when they are selected..?
12:13:23markunyes, I can see them, only blue is difficult to read
12:13:28 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:14:22Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: I'm actually trying this 60hz thing, and it really does seem like something may be wrong with the PK ones. If you try it on the shelf, with 60hz below your shelf, it works great. But with the 60hz wave at one of the peaks, and you change that peak you really can't hear much difference at all
12:15:51JdGordonmarkun: can u change the cursor mode in the settings to the other one and check it again plz?
12:17:16markunJdGordon: yes, also looks good
12:17:30JdGordonok thanx
12:19:40 Join saa[b_r]ider [0] (n=saab_rid@
12:19:55 Join Moos [0] (
12:20:03MoosHello all !
12:20:12markungood afternoon Moos
12:20:17Jungti1234hi Moos
12:23:46saa[b_r]iderhello moos....
12:23:56saa[b_r]idermarkun, and jungti
12:24:07saa[b_r]iderI just uploaded my new WPS!!!
12:24:19 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:24:36saa[b_r]idermarkun: this one is bug free :)
12:24:56Moossaa[b_r]ider: Salem !
12:25:16saa[b_r]idersalaam moos :)
12:26:15Moossaa[b_r]ider: 404 error
12:26:41saa[b_r]iderlet me fix that....
12:27:16JdGordonoh goody.. why is there no lcd_getfont() ??
12:27:21Jungti1234404 Not Found error ~
12:27:27Jungti1234hi saab
12:27:52saa[b_r]iderI'm fixing it
12:28:33midkayJdGordon, you mean like the custom font the user is using?
12:28:51midkayi don't believe you can load fonts from disk, unfortunately.
12:29:24 Join TCK [0] (
12:29:49saa[b_r]iderjungti, moos, try this
12:29:56saa[b_r]idertell me if you see the images there
12:30:01JdGordonmidkay: no, i just want to get the font number..
12:30:10midkayJdGordon, number? you mean size?
12:30:17JdGordonno, number
12:30:24midkaywhat number?
12:30:31JdGordonthe font number, used to set a font
12:30:31Moossaa[b_r]ider: hehe, k2000 theme :)
12:30:52saa[b_r]iderso it loads?
12:31:03midkayJdGordon, still not following you, sorry ;) you mean you want to set the font back to the standard rockbox one after using FONT_SYSFIXED or something?
12:31:41midkayFONT_UI is the user's font
12:31:59JdGordonah, thatll do
12:32:22saa[b_r]idernow to upload to
12:34:12XavierGrsaa[b_r]ider: crazy WPS man :)
12:34:16XavierGrvery funky
12:34:44saa[b_r]iderthank you :D
12:34:48Jungti1234saa[b_r]ider: Who is he? :)
12:35:03saa[b_r]iderthe beauty in it is that it's cluttered!
12:35:14 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
12:35:23 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
12:35:44saa[b_r]iderjungti, this is a populer TV show from the 80s...
12:36:12Jungti1234I seem to see him.
12:36:33saa[b_r]iderit's popular all over the world
12:36:40 Part Paul_The_Nerd
12:36:49Jungti1234movie star?
12:37:42XavierGrand where is Haselhoff?
12:38:24 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
12:41:33 Join San [0] (n=test@
12:41:47 Quit perl|wtf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:43:25markunJdGordon: I don't really understand why you want to show the slider differently depending on the cursor mode anyway
12:43:54JdGordonu can blame linus or linuxstb, 1 of them insisted on it!
12:44:43markunsaa[b_r]ider: nice progress, looks much better now
12:45:13saa[b_r]iderthanks markun!
12:45:17 Quit slimx__ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:45:56markunsaa[b_r]ider: only thing missing is using the peak meter for KITT's mouth
12:46:11 Join Lost-ash [0] (
12:46:25saa[b_r]ideronce it's possible, I'll make sure it's in my WPS :)
12:46:27linuxstbJdGordon: That wasn't me :)
12:46:35 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
12:46:37 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
12:48:20 Quit ScoTTie_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:48:24saa[b_r]idermarkun, i need to make a new "wish list" now... all the features I wanted have already been implemented in rockbox :)
12:50:49linuxstbHmmm. I'm now being harrassed by the forum software: "Hello linuxstb it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?"
12:54:50saa[b_r]ideryeah this was included recently with the latest upgrade to the forums...
12:55:08midkayJdGordon, linuxstb: nice job on the color picker! :) very nice and responsive
12:55:10JdGordonthat and the buetiful adds in every thread
12:58:03 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
12:58:19ashridahi like the way they were added and the checkboxes to turn them off were unlabelled
12:58:28ashridahand that they were on by default
13:00:18JdGordonwere on? u mean u can turn em off?
13:00:29ashridahyes, check your prefs
13:05:28 Join Nico_P [0] (
13:05:53JdGordonashridah: where? cant see the option
13:06:14ashridahi seem to recall saying they qweren't labelled :)
13:06:15 Quit San ()
13:06:16 Join amiconn [0] (
13:06:52JdGordonumm... so how do u disable em?
13:07:02 Join DrMoos [0] (
13:07:07ashridahthey're in your options, blank checkboxes, iirc
13:07:23JdGordoncant see any
13:07:45 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:08:07JdGordonoh well.. doesnt matter
13:08:14 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
13:08:33ashridahhmm, sorry, they're labelled now
13:09:21ashridahi don't get email like that, and i've got the email options turned off
13:09:51JdGordonthere is nothing ther abuot turning off the ads...
13:10:15ashridahoh. ads, i've got no idea
13:10:26ashridahthought you meant their crazy spontaneous emails about random junk
13:10:38JdGordonoohhhh... haha no
13:12:18amiconnlinuxstb: The colour picker broke the X5 sim, probably target too...
13:12:43amiconnNm, found that you just fixed it...
13:12:44JdGordonye, saw that... its the button #defines missing
13:13:03JdGordonand ignore me also then
13:14:15JdGordonhow many ticks in a second?
13:14:24linuxstbHZ (currently defined as 100)
13:17:25 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
13:18:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:20:06JdGordonlinuxstb: is there anything actually stoppping the lcd from drawing multiple fonts on the 1 screen?
13:20:45Jungti1234What is 'AV Decay Time'?
13:21:35linuxstbJdGordon: I'm not sure what you are asking. It's a bitmapped LCD, so you can draw what you want on it...
13:22:03JdGordonlike a plugin could set the font, draw some text then set another font and draw again right? then both should be shown after the update?
13:22:39midkayJungti1234, on the recorders, it's auto volume
13:22:44linuxstbYes, I think that would work, but changing font requires loading the font file from disk.
13:22:53linuxstbAlso, scrolling lines would be a problem.
13:22:54midkayJungti1234, the number you set defines the time over which the volume will increase back to normal after something loud..
13:23:16JdGordonah... ok.. bugger...
13:23:32midkayJungti1234, a higher value gives a "smoother" (more gradual) change.. lower changes faster, so you'll probably notice the volume changes with a setting of 2s
13:23:49JdGordonso some1 is gonna need to add some font caching for this to work..
13:23:58midkayJdGordon, you can switch between font_sysfixed and _ui without needing to load from disk
13:24:07Jungti1234auto volume?
13:24:12midkayand you can't specifically load a font from disk, i believe..
13:24:30midkayJungti1234, lowers the volume during loud portions of songs.. raises during quiet portions
13:24:37amiconnScrolling lines are the big problem
13:24:56amiconnJungti1234: Like AGC, but for playback
13:24:58midkayJungti1234, yes, for playback :)
13:24:59JdGordonOH.. well really bugger then... what i was playing with is scrolling code to scroll different parts of the screen with diff fonts...
13:25:27amiconnIf you change the font and have a scrolling line on the screen, that line will change font (and position!) as well,
13:25:40amiconnprobably even leaving garbage behind where the line was before
13:26:03amiconnThis needs some work at the lower level before we can support multiple fonts
13:26:31linuxstbHave you looked at the new multifont patch? Do you know if that deal with scrolling lines?
13:26:44amiconnNo I haven't
13:26:54Bgerlinuxstb i think it workarounds the problem
13:27:06amiconnThere are so many other areas which need work that I don't care much about multiple fonts right now
13:27:07Bgerit just allows u to choose diff font for wps, file tree...
13:30:49linuxstbamiconn: How's the grayscale lib sim coming along?
13:31:06amiconnIt's working, but not yet complete
13:31:21amiconnI'm currently working on getting the screendump to work
13:32:09JdGordongnite guys, evil uni tomorow morning :'(
13:32:18 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:34:56 Quit Maxime` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:42:44Bgerit seems that Go != othelo
13:43:09amiconnyes, very different
13:44:45XavierGrmultifont patch didn't work for
13:44:48XavierGrvery buggy
13:45:25MoosXavierGr: it's just one initial support ;)
13:45:35 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:46:10MoosXavierGr: let's hope his author will continue to work on it
13:51:06XavierGryeah, but in order to support multifont a lot of work is needed
13:51:20XavierGralso it seems that he doesn't cache the fonts into memory
13:51:32XavierGrhe just loads the glyphs when the screen changes
13:51:56XavierGrthis introduces a lag into UI
13:52:40amiconnNasty nack, waste of batery.
13:52:54XavierGryeah I agree
13:53:39XavierGrhe will have to load into memory (and eat a little of the buffer), though this will still eat battery and it would be a problem for archos
13:53:57MoosI hope TiMiD will come back soon for finish the multi screen support, and he wanted the multi fonts too
13:54:05Jungti1234What mean is 'Result-5'?
13:54:20Jungti1234result: -5
13:55:14XavierGrMoos: I miss TiMiD :D, but I think he is in Japan, I doubt we will see him soon
13:56:05Moosyes he is (in Japon), but it's just on work try ("stage" in french), he will come back don't woories :)
13:56:44linuxstbA quick C question - is "while (c)" the same as "while (c!=0)" ?
13:59:13 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
14:02:15 Join mikearthur [0] (
14:06:36 Join bluey [0] (
14:33:05 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:37:16amiconnOk, buckle up...
14:38:19*Paul_The_Nerd clips on his safety belt.
14:38:34 Join spiralout [0] (
14:38:45*Paul_The_Nerd waits to see the score
14:39:00spiralouti have a problem with wps...
14:39:11*amiconn is anxiously watching the build table
14:39:21Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: What problem?
14:40:30spiralouti have a bitmap in the backround with white areas left show play, ff etc.
14:41:08spiraloutand now the white areas arent transparent anymore
14:41:32spiraloutso they are always white and i can´t show anything in this areas
14:42:21spiralouti have the h140
14:43:43spiraloutwhen i remove the permanent bitmap and let show the conditional bitmaps only everything works fine
14:45:51Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: Is the bitmaps saved as a 24-bit, 8-bit, or Monochrome (1-bit) bitmap?
14:45:59 Quit spiralout ("ChatZilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
14:46:02Paul_The_NerdAnd I don't mean, is it IN black and white. Is it saved specifically as a monochrom file?
14:46:15 Join spiralout [0] (
14:46:50Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: Is the bitmaps saved as a 24-bit, 8-bit, or Monochrome (1-bit) bitmap?
14:46:52Paul_The_NerdAnd I don't mean, is it IN black and white. Is it saved specifically as a monochrom file?
14:47:10spiralout24bit greyscale
14:47:30Paul_The_NerdIf you want the white portions to be transparent, it must be saved as 1-bit/monochrom
14:47:41spiralouti haven´t changed anything worked for while
14:47:43Paul_The_NerdOtherwise they're treated as intentionally white, as opposed to simply "do not change this pixel"
14:48:18Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: That was before it supported using grayscale bitmaps. ALL bitmaps were treated as 1-bit internally. Now they can be 1 or 2-bit. If they aren't saved as 1-bit, they're scaled to 2-bit, and white is treated as white, instead of nothing.
14:49:56spiralouti know that ..but it never was a 1 bit or anything i have done this wps by myself and it worked quite good till recently
14:50:08Paul_The_NerdHow recently?
14:50:21spiraloutabout a week
14:50:30Paul_The_NerdAnd when was the last time you updated rockbox before that?
14:51:26Paul_The_NerdOdd, because that problem was introduced when color bitmap support was, I believe.
14:52:27Paul_The_NerdIf you save the one that's drawing on top as a monochrome bitmap, or cut it into 4 smaller bitmaps around the area you don't want to draw over (or as many smaller sections as you need) either of those will work, but white draws as white.
14:53:11Moosamiconn: good scoring, just 2 for irivers sim
14:53:32spiraloutmh ok this is a workaround but i was just curious what the proble is
14:53:43amiconnHuh? The build is not yet finished...
14:54:16Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: It's not a problem. That's expected behaviour. Grayscale images don't have transparency, monochrome ones do.
14:54:24Moosamiconn: , 41 min is very loong !
14:54:58amiconnHmm, I don't really trust the parallel builds. They're still experimental
14:55:14Moosit seems t0mas have fixed the errors
14:55:16spiraloutbut there has to be a change or something in the last week
14:55:28spiraloutbut thank you
14:55:32Moosamiconn: compare the 2 tables and you'll see
14:55:48Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: Are you sure you didn't have the file saved differently before that, or the image tags in a different order, or something?
14:56:09Moosamiconn: 41 min compare to 12 min, big difference
14:56:10spiraloutabsolutly sure
14:56:19 Join |Beowulf| [0] (
14:56:20t0masamiconn: you can checkout errors anyway... just take a look at them to be sure it really is your commit
14:56:23Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: Well, if you knew the exact day the change happened, it's be *really* helpful
14:56:33amiconnYes, in that case the warnings are correct
14:56:38t0maswe've added a lot of error checking, so it should rebuild something if it expects an error to be server related
14:57:01t0mastakes some time on false positives... but it works great since then
14:57:34Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: Though looking at the changelog I don't see any changes to the WPS handling about a week ago.
14:57:46Moost0mas: Hi, you know, now I look always at your daily build table when I need it
14:58:08Moos12 min is really fast for all builds
14:58:40t0masit will be even faster when we're done
14:58:40spiralouthmm i´m afraid i can´t say the exact date (i take a look at the changelog)
14:58:57t0masmain server now does 2 builds... normale and distributed... so if we stop doing the old ones, it will get faster
14:59:11t0masand Bagder has another server there...
14:59:18t0masbut that one still has to be setup
14:59:23Moosgood then :)
15:00:26Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: But, as you've described it, it's now working the way it's supposed to work. So, unfortunately, it sounds like what you want is the buggy behaviour.
15:00:36 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
15:00:47spiralout:D he okay
15:03:01spiraloutthank you i change my wps and then its propably the best wps available for h100 serien :-O *g (it really could be..i will post is in the forum uhuhh)
15:03:44Paul_The_NerdPut it in the WpsGallery too
15:03:46Moosplease do to the Wiki gallery too
15:03:46linuxstbt0mas: Are you still using my computer for the builds?
15:04:15linuxstbI don't notice anything - and it's my main workstation.
15:04:30t0masit's really fast right? dual xeon?
15:04:45linuxstbYes, two 2.8GHz Xeons
15:06:42t0masbuild takes like 20 seconds then I assume...
15:06:57t0masso the only thing you can notice is the usage of upload bandwith
15:07:04 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
15:07:07t0masto the server
15:09:02linuxstbt0mas: I think it's about 40 seconds for the swcodec builds. I don't notice the upload bandwidth either.
15:10:40t0masI did notice the download bandwith... but that was because of lostlogic's server... 100 mbits upload :) is on just 2mbit up/down iirc
15:12:53t0masamiconn: <−− it's fixed
15:13:01amiconnt0mas: How stable has the internet connection to be in order to participate in the distributed build system?
15:13:13amiconnIs a variable IP address a problem?
15:13:14t0masnot that stable
15:13:28t0masand if you have a fixed hostname, the ip isn't a problem
15:13:29amiconn(mapped to a fixed name)
15:13:42amiconnBandwidth requirements?
15:13:56t0mas> 384 kbit/s upload
15:14:04amiconnMaybe I should look into getting rockbox to build properly on AMD64
15:14:20t0mashow unstable is your connection?
15:14:28amiconnThen I could offer my Atlhon64 3800+ for participation
15:14:50amiconnThe connection is quite stable, but is interrupted once per day
15:14:57amiconnI get a new IP then
15:15:00t0masah ok
15:15:10amiconnBandwidth is currently 2048/384
15:15:21dwihnoI know this might be a bad place to ask, but has anyone experimented with DVB-T under Linux?
15:15:27t0masIt's not really interrupt proof now...
15:15:32t0masit can handle servers that are fully down
15:15:49t0masbecause it checks each server with the first build... if it can't connect, it doesn't build anything there
15:16:01t0masbut going down during a build is a problem
15:16:03amiconnBandwidth will probably soon be 3072/512, or (hopefully) 6144/576
15:16:18t0masok, that's enough
15:16:49Jungti1234Doesn't commit album art patch?
15:16:51t0masat this moment it sometimes hangs when a server loses the internet connection
15:17:05t0masbecause scp and ssh block...
15:17:55Jungti1234but It must do auto resizing.
15:18:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:18:12linuxstbdwihno: Yes - I know about dvb-t under Linux.
15:18:54 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:19:40dwihnolinuxstb: have you personal experience? I'd love to equip my laptop with a USB decoder.
15:19:43linuxstbJungti1234: Currently the album art patch uses too much memory (almost 1MB I think) even if you don't have any album art. That needs fixing before it can be committed.
15:20:15linuxstbI haven't used USB receivers, only PCI cards. The PCI cards work very well, but I think there are stable drivers for USB as well.
15:20:28linuxstb is the home of DVB under Linux
15:20:43Jungti1234:) thanks..
15:20:52linuxstbdwihno: I think all their DVB drivers are in the latest 2.6.x kernels.
15:21:20dwihnolinuxstb: Yeah, that's where I'm looking... Have you only tested DVB or have you perhaps tested some other kind of video signal (if it is supported, that is)?
15:23:33linuxstbI use both DVB-S (satellite) and DVB-T cards. I wouldn't go back to analogue capture cards.
15:24:52dwihnoI wonder if it is possible to use the card for example, capturing my old video camera stuff
15:25:06dwihnolinuxstb: that is _really_ cool
15:25:29dwihnoyou use an additional access card?
15:25:37safetydanamiconn, great stuff with the gray scale sim support. A question though, do plugins that use gray scale lib need adapting to work in the sim? I was expecting fire.rock to work in the h120 sim but I just get the normal "incompatible model" splash
15:25:39dwihno(or whatever you call it) :)
15:26:15amiconnsafetydan: Does work here. Of course you need to 'make install'
15:26:55 Join skwad [0] (
15:27:52 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
15:27:56 Join Seedy [0] (
15:28:08safetydanamiconn, oh duh...
15:28:17*safetydan sheepishly remembers to type make install
15:28:18skwadare daily builds made automatically ?
15:29:29safetydanskwad, yes
15:29:46skwadi just compiled the simulator for iaudio x5 but there are errors in sudoku.c, i replaced it with another plugin and compilation worked well
15:29:47safetydanHence why it says "These are automated daily builds" at the top of the daily build page
15:30:02skwadbut in the daily build there seems to be no problem for sudoku
15:30:43skwadoops scuse me for that question safetydan , didn't read it
15:30:50safetydanno worries :)
15:31:07skwadbut i don't understand why i have errors for sudoku :S
15:31:10safetydanAre you compiling from latest CVS?
15:31:17skwadperhaps there will be some in the next build
15:31:17Moosskwad: you can use the X5 sim anyway
15:31:28skwadyes safetydan it's the latest
15:31:34 Join Wilasombre-X5 [0] (
15:31:43skwadbecause color picker was bugging
15:32:03Moosskwad: I always have this sodoku warning, but the sim compiled right, and I use the X5 sim
15:32:03safetydanskwad, I just compiled the X5 sim (SDL version) here with no errors
15:32:17skwadok Moos
15:32:39skwadbut is there an option to compile the next things when I have errors ?
15:32:42safetydanInteresting, I wonder if it's compiler version related
15:32:43Wilasombre-X5Wots happening?
15:32:45safetydanWhat error are you getting?
15:33:01Mooslet me check
15:33:25amiconnskwad: sudoku is broken for the x5 sim. This error isn't visible in th eautomated builds because these are done under linux
15:33:47safetydanWhat's different about compiling under Windows?
15:33:58amiconnOn linux it's not an error if there are unresolved symbols in a shared object.
15:34:16skwadok, because i use cygwin
15:34:23amiconnOn windows it is (in the equivalent of a shared object, a dll)
15:34:41Moosskwad: you can use sim anyway, I'm under Cygwin too
15:35:15amiconnSomeone mentioned a linker switch to make this an error on linux as well. Dunno if it was already tried
15:36:12skwadi have juste some undefined references errors
15:36:25Wilasombre-X5Wot r u trying to do?
15:36:49skwadjust to compile the simulator
15:37:07Wilasombre-X5o i can't do that
15:37:13Wilasombre-X5Its just goes wrong
15:37:22skwadwhy ?
15:37:33Wilasombre-X5Just doesn't want to do it :(
15:37:36Wilasombre-X5Gave up
15:37:46Wilasombre-X5Will have to have another go at it soon tho
15:38:01safetydanWhat's the exact warning/error?
15:38:07skwadmine ?
15:38:21linuxstbThere are no bitmaps defined for sudoku.
15:38:49linuxstbSo either Sudoku needs to be disabled for the X5, or someone needs to create the bitmaps.
15:38:59Wilasombre-X5Wheres paint :P
15:39:13skwad: /home/P4/rockbox-devel/apps/plugins/sudoku.c:793: undefined reference to `_sudoku_normal'
15:39:35linuxstbskwad: Yes, that's an external bitmap.
15:39:36skwadsorry didn't understand why it didn't came on the chat, I didn't see there was a /
15:40:06linuxstbThe easiest temporary fix is just to delete sudoku.c from apps/plugins/SOURCES
15:41:56Wilasombre-X5did that work>
15:41:58skwadworked well
15:42:15skwadbeforce i just replaced sudoku.c with another like solitaire.c
15:42:20skwadand it did work too
15:42:28skwadbut so it's cleaner
15:42:49 Part Scuttle ("Client Exiting")
15:43:56skwadwilasombre-x5 you know it's not difficult to compile it
15:44:12skwadi'm noob and it worked :D
15:44:59Wilasombre-X5Ive got a odd setup:P trust me
15:45:11Wilasombre-X5will format the laptop soon and try fresh on that
15:45:16Wilasombre-X5got a bit of cw 2 get done htho
15:45:55 Join sneakums [0] (
15:46:16skwadi just used
15:46:47skwadlove that great jobe made by rockbox developpers :-p
15:47:47sneakumsi'm hearing an artifact on my h120 with a vorbis file that i don't hear with ogg123, are there any known problems like this?
15:48:18Wilasombre-X5I only have a x5
15:48:19 Quit Wilasombre-X5 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:48:31 Join Wilasombre-X5 [0] (
15:48:47Wilasombre-X5no sry mate - i only know the x5
15:49:16Paul_The_Nerdsneakums: What encoder and version did you use?
15:49:28sneakumsoggenc 1.0.2
15:50:02Paul_The_NerdHrm. Haven't heard any complaints of artifacts. Out of curiosity, do you hear it in the iriver software too, or just rockbox?
15:50:03 Quit Wilasombre-X5 (Client Quit)
15:50:13safetydanEQ on or off?
15:50:23 Join _SuperSnout_ [0] (
15:50:28sneakumsoff, as far as i know
15:50:37sneakumsi've definitely never fiddled with eq
15:51:06sneakumsit's pretty prominent at -q 2, seems to disappear at -q 4
15:51:08_SuperSnout_I just wanted to ask about rockbox for the h320..
15:51:26sneakumsin fact i think i can very faintly hear it at -q2 with ogg123, but it's really prominent on rockbox
15:51:59sneakumsthis is the affected bit: sneakums/7-20.ogg">
15:52:13sneakumsPaul_The_Nerd: i'll try the iriver firmware now
15:52:36sneakumshaven't used it in months
15:53:51sneakumsit's there with the iriver firmware too
15:53:57sneakumsi wonder if it's a tremor thing
15:54:27Paul_The_NerdWell, in that case it's not a bug at least
15:54:38Paul_The_NerdWell, not a bug in terms of "rockbox"
15:54:43sneakumsmy ears bleed all the same though
15:54:48safetydanit's probably a tremor thing
15:54:51 Join Seed [0] (
15:54:55Paul_The_NerdSo encode at q4 for that song.
15:55:31skwad_SuperSnout_ what did you want to know ?
15:55:43sneakumsnot my preferred solution
15:55:53_SuperSnout_i just wanted to know whether is was in a useable state..
15:55:54sneakumsi'll probably just not listen to that song on rockbox
15:56:05_SuperSnout_whether it was worth changing to rockbox..
15:56:07skwadyes of course
15:56:15Paul_The_Nerdsneakums: What player do you have?
15:56:23Paul_The_Nerd_SuperSnout_ What player?
15:56:28skwadi have a friend who has it and its really good
15:56:42skwadand many of the guys here are happy with it too
15:56:43Paul_The_Nerdsneakums: Ignore that. Out of curiosity, why is not ever listening to it preferable to a slightly higher bitrate?
15:56:49_SuperSnout_do the upsides outweigh the downsides/
15:57:12safetydan_SuperSnout_, the only downside seems to be no video playback
15:57:15Paul_The_Nerd_SuperSnout_: The only real downside is decreased battery life, and complete lack of DRM support. If you don't use online music stores, the second is a non-issue.
15:57:26safetydanand those ones as well
15:57:29sneakumsi'm all about foolish consistency
15:57:30safetydanno WMA support either
15:57:46_SuperSnout_the lack of video is really sad.. =(
15:58:06_SuperSnout_and so is the battery life.. the wma and DRM doesn't matter to me..
15:58:07skwadi wouldn't buy a h320 for video lol ^^
15:58:20_SuperSnout_it's true.. but video is fun..
15:58:26skwadbut supersnout
15:58:31skwadwhend you install rockbox
15:58:34Paul_The_Nerd_SuperSnout_: It doesn't remove the original software, so you can reboot into it to watch video
15:58:45skwadyou can at any time start the original firmware
15:58:58_SuperSnout_seriously? that's amazing
15:59:12_SuperSnout_how would you go between the different firmwares?
15:59:23skwadif im right you have to push rec and play button for starting the original
15:59:31skwadand juste play button for rockbox
15:59:47 Quit Seedy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:59:54_SuperSnout_that is pretty cool i have to say
16:00:16_SuperSnout_are there any guides for setting up rockbox? and telling you the different features?
16:00:24*sneakums deletes that dopey record directory iriver insists on creating
16:00:37skwadlook on the rockbox site
16:00:40skwadand on misticriver
16:01:20skwadyes my friend confirms, it's only play for starting rockbox, and play + rec for starting original
16:01:36safetydan_SuperSnout_, another advantage is you can customise the look of your iRiver screens... like this
16:01:39safetydan(only one example)
16:02:05skwada lot of things
16:02:06skwadyou can have album art, games , plugins
16:02:17 Quit |Beowulf| ("KVIrc 'Marmalade'")
16:02:21_SuperSnout_wow =\
16:02:23sneakumsmy current wps:
16:02:40skwadof course games
16:02:47 Join Lear [0] (
16:02:49skwadsudoku, solitaire ....
16:03:08Jungti1234sneakums: good...
16:03:10_SuperSnout_what's a wps?
16:03:13safetydan_SuperSnout_, try here
16:03:17safetydanWhile Play Screen
16:03:18saa[b_r]iderwhile playing screen
16:03:21safetydanPlaying even
16:03:32skwada wps is like a skin
16:03:37 Quit sneakums ("taster, you're the automatic saint")
16:03:43skwadif im right :S
16:03:52Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Did you ever try using that 60hz flac the guy put up with the equalizer?
16:03:55saa[b_r]iderI swear, everyone here is a bot!
16:04:11safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, been reading the Sunday paper so haven't really bothered with that yet :)
16:04:50_SuperSnout_"Rockbox for the H300 series should be used only by developers"
16:05:03Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: I'd actually say he's right. The two shelves seem to work, but when I set a peak to 60hz, and tried several different Qs including the default, it didn't really seem to affect the level at all. (Actually, if I upped the dB, it seemed to clip without actually increasing... kinda odd)
16:05:04_SuperSnout_doesn't sound very positive =(
16:05:15safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, but it's certainly possible the peak filters have issues with lower or higher frequencies
16:05:19safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, preglow would know more
16:05:42safetydan_SuperSnout_, it's a disclaimer, a lot of people have been successfully using Rockbox. Just be aware that it's still under development
16:05:59_SuperSnout_ok ; )
16:05:59skwadsupersnout look there :
16:06:27Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: I suppose yeah, at that point it's more math than ui related, isn't it.
16:07:03safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, pretty much. I just pretend to know what I'm talking about at that point :)
16:07:36 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
16:07:48Paul_The_NerdWell, pass it on to him if you see him awake before I do. :)
16:08:03safetydanI've gone over the coefficient calculations in eq.c and they seem to match the source documentation so I don't think there's an issue there.
16:08:15safetydanThe actual application of the EQ settings is in assembler so I get a little lost at that point
16:08:32safetydanbeen on the order of 10 years since I last dabbled in m68k asm
16:09:44Paul_The_NerdWell, I encountered the problem on an iPod, so whatever it is, it's present in both sets of ASM. So it seems an algorithm error, or aspect, rather than a small mistake somewhere.
16:10:20 Quit needleboy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:13:24 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
16:17:45godzirraI asked this before but dunno if I ever got an answer... Can you rate mp3s on rockbox?
16:18:23godzirraI know that there's a place in the id3 tags for ratings, kind of like itunes does, but wasnt sure if you could modify this on rockbox. And if not, is there a place to request that?
16:24:24 Quit DT291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:24:26 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
16:27:17 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:30:40 Join ender [0] (i=ychat@
16:31:11ghode|afkthe rockbox data already has a ratings function
16:32:19ghode|afk &
16:33:02 Quit spiralout ("ChatZilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
16:34:50 Join TCK [0] (
16:40:27 Quit Rob2222_ ()
16:40:59 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:43:08 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:44:35 Quit _SuperSnout_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:44:38 Join vmx [0] (
16:48:46 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:52:50 Join |Beowulf| [0] (
16:55:48linuxstbAny ipod 3g users around?
17:03:26linuxstbI've just committed an audio driver for the 3g - I now need someone to say if it's time for a ladies & gentlemen email or not....
17:04:43 Join Dr_Spoon [0] (
17:04:48 Quit Dr_Spoon (Client Quit)
17:04:57Paul_The_NerdMaybe put a post in the forum, once the build finishes?
17:06:16 Join Dr_Spoon [0] (
17:06:18linuxstbI think I'll wait to see if slimx shows up first.
17:07:59Paul_The_NerdThat's probably much safer, and less "OMG it doesn't work?!?!?" filled.
17:09:00linuxstbIt's also that I've got no time to debug it now.
17:10:11Paul_The_NerdWell, that too.
17:15:06 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
17:18:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:20:13 Join matsl [0] (
17:30:16 Join skwad [0] (
17:33:56 Quit extrealm (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:42:11 Quit Dr_Spoon ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
17:44:37linuxstbXavierGr: Any idea if anyone has tested your battery benchmark plugin on the ipod? We don't have battery status working yet...
17:50:50 Join perldiver [0] (
17:54:23 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
17:54:35 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
17:54:40 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
17:57:26 Join darkstego [0] (n=bubshait@
17:59:31 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
18:00:41XavierGrlinuxstb: AFAIK no
18:00:56XavierGrbut it should work none the less
18:01:22XavierGrtime, and voltage ratings should work
18:01:36XavierGreven if there is no % meter or ETA shutdown
18:02:08XavierGrThe plugin is build for the ipod, right?
18:02:16 Join mikearthur [0] (
18:02:29 Quit saa[b_r]ider ()
18:03:33 Join saa[b_r]ider [0] (n=saab_rid@
18:04:33XavierGrlinuxstb: but if you think that the plugin will not work on the ipod then remove my comment on ipod runtime
18:04:56XavierGrI just fell right to add it so users will take more accurate results easy
18:09:34 Join Matze [0] (
18:10:33 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
18:11:03linuxstbI've never tried it, so I don't know what the plugin requires to work. There is no voltage reading implemented yet. But it can work with only a time, then that's perfect.
18:11:43XavierGrif there is no errors on build maybe it will work right but without other measurements
18:12:15linuxstbLets see if anyone complains - at least now people may test your plugin :)
18:12:57 Join SereRokR [0] (
18:13:37 Join CuBie [0] (
18:14:09CuBieHey, is there a version of Rockbox for the iPod Video 30gb?
18:14:24 Quit saa[b_r]ider ()
18:15:22 Join saa[b_r]ider [0] (n=saab_rid@
18:15:43 Join ts-x [0] (
18:17:56linuxstbCuBie: Yes.
18:18:09linuxstbAre you a Windows or Mac user?
18:19:23 Join fantomas [0] (i=foobar@
18:20:16fantomasHi. What are advantages of using rockbox comparing to uClinux (
18:21:44linuxstbCuBie: then see here:
18:21:48blueyits easier to get it to work =)
18:21:53Paul_The_Nerdfantomas: Simply put, rockbox has much better music playback. It's focused as an mp3 player firmware, as opposed to a linux distro.
18:22:15 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
18:22:34 Join mikearthur [0] (
18:22:40CuBieIf the firmware write fails, or somthing goes wrong, is there a way to recover the iPod with dead firmware? Thats the only thing im worried about
18:23:02linuxstbYes, it's always possible to recover your ipod.
18:23:22linuxstb(unless you physically damage it, which no-one has ever done just using software yet)
18:23:25Paul_The_NerdCuBie: It doesn't write to ROM or anything, just the OS Partition, so you can use the apple restore utility if everything else fails.
18:23:50Paul_The_NerdUsually though, you can just write back the initial bootpartition.bin image you extracted (assuming you keep a backup copy of it)
18:24:01CuBieahh, so the apple bootloader is kept intact?
18:24:02fantomasPaul_The_Nerd: is RockBox the replacement of original OS or it is the Application? If its firmware (99% it is, thats follows from website's docs) - can I have both original and rockbox stuff on iPod at the same time?
18:24:28linuxstbCuBie: Yes, the apple bootloader loads the rockbox bootloader, which then either loads Rockbox or the Apple firmware.
18:24:39CuBieokay, Im gonna try this :)
18:24:45linuxstbThe apple bootloader is in flash, and that's never touched during installation of Rockbox (or IPL).
18:24:50Paul_The_Nerdfantomas: It is a replacement for the original OS. But yes, you can dual boot. If you hold menu while booting, it will load into the original OS. In fact, through a slightly more complicated process you can even set it up to let you choose linux too
18:25:28CuBieIm interested in deving some stuff for Rockbox, I love embedded hardware.. Do you use GCC to compile?
18:25:44linuxstbYes - all Rockbox targets use gcc.
18:25:46safetydanhrm... something very weird is happening when you try and play oggs in the sim
18:26:01CuBieokay, cool. Thanks for the info linuxstb
18:27:46 Quit ender (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:27:47 Join imphasing [0] (
18:27:51 Quit SereR0kR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:28:05fantomasPaul_The_Nerd: cool. Actually what I do want from MP3 player (among its title: 'iPod' :) - is the ability to play OGGs. From Features List it also follows Rockbox can play OGGs with some limitations (low bitrates). Well, is this the only limitation?
18:28:37fantomas[low bitrates - problems with low bitrates]
18:28:50Paul_The_Nerdfantomas: I don't believe there are any limitations on OGG any more. I think that may be outdated.
18:29:24safetydanI think there's still a problem with pre-1.0 encoded oggs, but everything else should be fine
18:29:25fantomasok. Cool. I'm going to buy iPod Nano, hoping its support is up to date either in ipodlinux or rockbox
18:29:35safetydanq10 oggs might have issues as well actually
18:29:47Paul_The_Nerdfantomas: I use an iPod Nano with Rockbox and have been for a while. It's excellent.
18:29:54skwadcommon ogg is just an old thing, now juste use wma with drm, that's amazing ! lol kidding
18:30:12Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: I know up to Q8 works without issue, with replaygain. At that it still boosts less than 80%.
18:31:12safetydangood to know
18:31:18safetydanq10 is a corner case anyway
18:31:24fantomasI don't think high bitrates someone wish to have on few 4Gbs.
18:31:44fantomasmaybe only for testing...
18:31:47safetydanI'm sure there's someone out there with a nano full of ALE or FLAC files
18:32:19Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Actually, ogg is optimized more than MP3 on the iPod right now. You get more sluggishness in the menu with 256kbps CBR mp3s than with Q8 oggs.
18:32:19fantomassafetydan: they probably lost their home HDDs :)
18:32:21blueywell i would still prefer musepack instead of such high bitrate files
18:32:41 Quit Jungti1234 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:34:02 Join drspoon [0] (
18:38:03amiconnBger: I see another problem with your navigation event idea:
18:39:00amiconnOn different platforms, the same button events are sometimes associated to different navigation events depending on whether you are in the menu/browser or in a setting
18:40:04 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
18:40:16amiconnE.g. on the player you move down (forward) in the menu with "+", and up with "-". In a setting, "+" increases the value and "-" decreases it
18:40:50CuBiewoo bootloader installed :)
18:40:53amiconnSame on iPod, scroll_forward moves down / increases setting, scroll_backward does the opposite
18:41:08amiconnOn all other targets, the association is switched:
18:41:35amiconn"Down" moves down in the menu/browser, and *decreases* a settings value
18:41:41CuBieHow comes it takes like 30 seconds to load the original firmware after it cant find rockbox?
18:42:06amiconn"Up" moves up / increases a settings value
18:43:33linuxstbCuBie: Ask Apple. Immediately after the message "loading original firmware" is displayed, Rockbox transfers control to the Apple firmware. That wait is whilst the Apple firmware initialises itself.
18:44:12 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
18:44:13CuBieahh, it probably takes that long usually but I havent noticed :)
18:45:10Paul_The_NerdCuBie: Most times you're only waking up from sleep, not actually loading the firmware and initializing it.
18:47:51 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
18:49:20 Quit MarcoPolo (Client Quit)
18:49:25*CuBie has rockbox :)
18:49:34 Quit imphasing ("Lost terminal")
18:49:56 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
18:50:14 Quit MarcoPolo (Client Quit)
18:51:45 Join slimx [0] (
18:51:53linuxstbslimx: Just the person :)
18:52:01CuBieahh this is neat :)
18:52:03slimxhy linuxstb
18:52:04 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
18:52:11slimxi've just seen youre commit
18:52:20linuxstbHave you tried it yet?
18:52:24slimxnot yet
18:52:42slimxbut give 5 minutes and i will
18:53:29slimx*give me
18:53:47linuxstbNo problem.
18:54:16slimxmake is running :)
18:54:40vmxare there any plans to port rockbox from iaudio x5 back to m3?
18:55:36skwadi think it's very difficult, because you have no screen on m3 ...
18:55:55blueyyeah only the remote
18:56:02blueygood that i have sold my one
18:56:11skwadwhat did you got ?
18:56:42blueywell i thought about buying the x5 but than rockbox for ipod had been announced
18:56:54skwadI own a x5
18:57:07amiconnWhy should that be more difficult?
18:57:10CuBiehow comes my battery thing constantly flashes on my iPod video?
18:57:14blueyi liked the m3 but the remote got broken and to get an replacement was really expensive
18:57:14skwadyeah but hardware believes the same ....
18:57:24amiconnRockbox would just treat the remote LCD as the main one
18:57:30linuxstbCuBie: :)
18:57:36CuBie* Reads *
18:58:19skwadyes amiconn
18:58:29vmxonce you can boot rockbox, one could at least try it on the m3. it's a pitty that i don't have any experience in low level programming
19:00:55skwadbut is there just the screen removed on the m3 ?
19:01:05skwaddo you think all the rest is identical ?
19:01:10skwadthe same
19:01:26 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
19:01:57vmxno it's a bit different, in the wiki are the specs
19:03:16 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
19:03:50slimxit doesn't starts playing
19:05:15 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
19:05:45skwadi think the creative vision M with rockbox would be amazing !
19:07:03amiconnGah, wasting of resources in gwps.*. Baad.
19:08:28linuxstbslimx: I'll have a look now...
19:09:02slimxok linuxstb
19:09:25slimxthe timer doesn't change
19:09:51slimxbut the good news is that is doesn't freeze
19:10:09 Quit darkstego (Remote closed the connection)
19:10:34slimx*/is/it/ :p
19:11:35CuBieNow I have a bootloader installed to execute rockbox.ipod, I should beable to compile anything or just a demo app that writes to the screen, based on rockbox, and call it rockbox.ipod to make it boot?
19:12:31linuxstbCuBie: Yes. Or change the bootloader itself.
19:12:47linuxstbBut you could also develop Rockbox itself, or develop a plugin for Rockbox....
19:13:26linuxstbslimx: First bug - change line 373 of firmware/pcm_playback.c to say "|= (1<<9);" instead of "&= ~(1<<9);"
19:13:36 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
19:13:44linuxstbThat _may_ be enough to fix it...
19:14:07CuBieDoes rockbox have full 16bit colour support on the iPod video?
19:14:15slimxand line 403 ?
19:14:27linuxstbCuBie: Yes - try some of the plugins, such as bejewelled or brickmania
19:14:40linuxstbOr click on a jpeg file in the file browser....
19:15:11CuBieahh wicked
19:15:17CuBieMeans I can make a nice 16bit skin
19:15:22linuxstbslimx: No. Line 373 enables the interrupt (or should do), and line 403 disables it.
19:15:26 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
19:15:40linuxstbThe bug was that I was disabling it instead of enabling it....
19:15:46slimxyes i've seen it
19:15:57slimxbut just after typing :p
19:16:08Paul_The_NerdCuBie: You actually use 24-bit bitmap files to make the while playing screen, and rockbox converts them to 16-bit in memory.
19:16:35CuBieokay, how flexable is the rockbox themes format? Can you make it display anything, anywhere?
19:16:38linuxstbIn fact you have to use 24-bit bmp files - Rockbox can't load 16-bit files.
19:17:12Paul_The_NerdCuBie: Text is positioned relatively. It basically just goes on the line you type it on. Or tokens used for ID3 data or whatever. Images can be positioned with pixel coordinates.
19:18:00linuxstbThe "skinning" facilities in Rockbox are still in their infancy - it's only really the WPS screen at the moment.
19:18:08fantomasI'm going to order iPod Nano 4 on What accessories would you advice to buy? Cords? Adapters?
19:18:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:18:18pyrohey guys - I f'ed up the wiki. I'm trying to do my first update. I attatched a datasheet and about to add it to the table here: But I didn't click "Hide Link" and now it's at the bottom of the page : ( Any way to delete it now?
19:18:51Paul_The_Nerdfantomas: The only thing you *may* want is the adapter that lets you charge it from a wall socket, if you intend to travel with it, and not have a laptop or other device that can deliver USB power.
19:18:57CuBieahh okay. If I make a nice theme in .bmps do you think theres anybody around who would do the .wps stuff?
19:19:07linuxstbpyro: Just click on "edit", scroll down to the bottom of the page and delete it.
19:19:24fantomasPaul_The_Nerd: ok. Didn't know there is no applied. Thats very usefull of course
19:19:30Paul_The_NerdCuBie: It's really not that hard to do the WPS stuff. In fact you really have to do that first so you can take a screenshot to properly create the backdrop/wps stuff around it.
19:19:40pyroIt doesn't show up under the edit window
19:19:49fantomasPaul_The_Nerd: applied/supplied
19:20:20slimxit's still doesn't start playing
19:20:26 Join marevalo [0] (
19:20:30Paul_The_Nerdfantomas: The iPod Nano only comes with a USB cable, and charges from your computer's USB2.0 port.
19:20:46slimxbut now it load something in buffer
19:20:49linuxstbpyro: Sorry - just click on "manage", then check the "hide file" box, and then click on "Change Properties"
19:20:54Paul_The_Nerdfantomas: Another suggestion is perhaps an iSkin or other protective measure. iPod nanos scratch *very* easily.
19:21:10pyrothere we go - thanks linuxstb. New to wiki...
19:21:25CuBieokay :)
19:22:11marevalohi, any problem with the BUTTON_OFF in the irivers at cvs top ?
19:22:15 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
19:22:29Paul_The_NerdCuBie: If you don't lay out the text first using the rockbox fonts, you often end up having to alter bitmaps after the fact because the relative positioning causes it to not line up quite how you expected.
19:23:08CuBieyeah thats what Im worrying about :)
19:24:01 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
19:24:34linuxstbslimx: I've just remembered another problem.. Give me a few minutes, and I'll commit a change to CVS.
19:24:50marevalosorry I'm talking about the UISim ( it seems )
19:24:54slimxnp linuxstb
19:25:28slimxi'll wait
19:28:42linuxstbslimx: Try this patch (to save me making lots of small commits):
19:29:32linuxstbAlso fix line 646 of pcm_playback.c.....
19:29:54CuBiehow do you exit out of a plugin?
19:30:04Paul_The_NerdCuBie: In most cases, Menu+Select
19:30:05linuxstbEither MENU, or MENU+SELECT
19:30:10CuBieah thanks
19:30:34linuxstbIsn't that in the FAQ yet? :)
19:31:15 Join Rob2222 [0] (
19:31:19CuBiedosent seem to be!
19:31:32Paul_The_NerdI'll go do that
19:33:32 Join damaki_ [0] (
19:33:39slimxdata abort
19:33:52slimxat 0023CE8
19:35:30CuBieI've found a bug that dosent appear to be on the bugtracker
19:35:45linuxstbslimx: Can you look in <build>/apps/ and see what function that memory location is in?
19:35:55linuxstbCuBie: That wouldn't be hard to do with the current state of the ipod port....
19:35:58linuxstbWhat is it/
19:36:17CuBieif you switch the hold button on and off while in an app, everything freezes
19:36:21slimxi've just rebooted and tried against a 128kb mp3
19:36:29slimxwithout data abort error
19:36:43slimxthe failed one was 193kb
19:37:12slimxi don't know if it make sense but ....
19:37:41CuBieshould I submit it?
19:37:47 Join Johannes__ [0] (
19:37:53Paul_The_NerdCuBie: Have you tried scrolling the scrollwheel a little?
19:38:08CuBieyeh, tried loads of buttons
19:38:12Paul_The_NerdCuBie: Also, the bugtracker is primarily for bugs on targets that it's actually in a "release" state on.
19:38:26Johannes__I followed the instructions for installing rockbox on my h320....
19:38:37Johannes__but it's all in korean!!!
19:38:58Paul_The_NerdCuBie: Also, it doesn't do that for me.
19:39:01CuBietry this:
19:39:12CuBieopen the rotating cube app
19:39:15Paul_The_NerdCuBie: The buttons don't work after holding until you scroll the wheel a little bit. That's a glitch from a not-so-recent-anymore change.
19:39:27Johannes__what should i do?
19:39:38slimxi can't find 0023CE8 in :p
19:39:48CuBieahh okay
19:39:50Paul_The_NerdJohannes__: You aren't in rockbox then, you're in the iRiver Korean firmware that you used to flash.
19:39:55CuBieyeh.. Works here then
19:40:05Paul_The_NerdCuBie: You should get button responsiveness back if you just scroll enough to light up the backlight.
19:40:12Johannes__yeah i know.. but shouldn't the korean firmware be in enlish?
19:40:16linuxstbslimx: That address will be in the middle of a function - find the function that starts just before that address.
19:40:26Paul_The_NerdCuBie: The alternative was having the volume go up like, 50 units due to buffered scroll events if the system was slow from decoding.
19:40:32 Nick Johannes__ is now known as SuperSnout (
19:40:37CuBieoh okay
19:40:45Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: If it's korean firmware, why should it be in english?
19:40:58CuBiecan anybody recommend a nice cvs client for windows?
19:41:03SuperSnoutbecause i had korean firmware before and it was in english..
19:41:13Paul_The_NerdCuBie: Since you probably want to do the development in Cygwin, I might suggest simply "cvs" :-P\
19:41:26Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: Then you probably need to go into the settings and change it?
19:41:27SuperSnoutwas that only the older version?
19:41:35CuBieFirst thing on my list is to make it look pretty :)
19:41:41 Join egotrippen [0] (
19:41:44SuperSnoutbut.. but.. i can't read the settings! ='(
19:42:01SuperSnoutdoes anybody have a h300 iriver?
19:42:16SuperSnoutso that they can tell me which menus to go on to change the language..
19:42:22slimxit seems to be in pcmbuff.c in pcmbuff_play_start linuxstb
19:42:31Paul_The_NerdCuBie: Well, in terms of WPS and such, you don't need anything from CVS. You really only need the source if you want to code up a plugin or improve the UI system.
19:42:47egotrippeni'm havin some Cygwin troubles
19:42:50Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: Go search the misticriver forums, I'm sure you aren't the first person who's asked that question.
19:42:57CuBieI'm going to recode the skinning bit, so I can place anything where I want it :)
19:43:25SuperSnoutvery true
19:43:26egotrippenfollowing the Cygwin install instructions, after i'm done i run it and 'dir' and 'cd' commands don't do anything
19:43:28 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
19:43:34 Join vinayak [0] (n=chatzill@
19:43:39egotrippenany ideas what i'm doing wrong?
19:43:50Paul_The_NerdCuBie: Believe me, that's not a small undertaking.
19:43:57CuBieI realise :)
19:44:08SuperSnoutfound it!
19:44:46linuxstbCuBie: The intention is to keep the line-by-line display in the WPS, but to introduce the concept of viewports. So you can set a viewport anywhere on the screen and then draw lines of text in it. This will also handle scrolling lines of text.
19:44:50Paul_The_NerdCuBie: The other thing is, it would need to support old .wps files too, so it would ideally need to be backward compatibility. There was discussion of a viewport system, where you could define an upper left and lower right corner for viewports, and within them text was positioned relatively, and scrolled to the edges of the viewports.
19:45:02Paul_The_NerdYeah, what linuxstb said.
19:45:17CuBieyeah thats a good idea
19:45:19Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: What happens when you type either of those?
19:45:37egotrippendir = command not found
19:45:44egotrippeni think cd just gives me the prompt
19:45:52 Quit BHSPitLappy (Nick collision from services.)
19:45:54amiconnSomething is very odd with rasher's fonts. The larger ones (tested various Helvetica variants) have some of their capitals displayed half-height, in the top half of the bounding box. I wonder whether this is a convbdf bug...
19:45:55 Nick BHSPitLappy2 is now known as BHSPitLappy (
19:46:21egotrippenyeah, cd:/rockbox doesn't change the bash prompt at all
19:46:23amiconnE.g. 75dpi/helvB24-L1.fnt has E and Z half-height
19:46:36Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I believe that was mentioned as being a convbdf bug many months ago by someone, but I thought it'd been fixed.
19:46:40linuxstbslimx: I'm confused by that data abort - that code should be identical to other ipods...
19:46:54CuBiehas anybody starting implementing viewports yet?
19:46:57 Join Shadowarrior13 [0] (
19:47:12linuxstbCuBie: No.
19:47:18Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: What about ls by chance?
19:47:23slimxlinuxstb, on my second boot
19:47:32slimxthings worked better
19:47:38linuxstbAny sound then?
19:47:39 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:47:47egotrippensame, command not found
19:47:47CuBieOkay, I've gotta go eat. I'll mess with this more later. Nice project guys, nice work on porting it to the iPod. I hope I can contribute to it :)
19:47:54ts-xamiconn: I noticed the same thing - ncenR14-L1 is another example
19:47:56slimxbut vuemetter change one time
19:48:00SuperSnoutwhen you're installing rockbox.......
19:48:12slimxat play launch
19:48:18Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: You might want to just uninstall it completely and try again. It sounds like it didn't get fully installed properly.
19:48:20SuperSnoutdo you really just put that huge load of files into the root directory?
19:48:40SuperSnoutwow.. ok
19:48:43Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: no
19:48:48egotrippenis there a reason it would break my devkit installation too, even though they aren't in the same directory?
19:49:05Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: There should only be two things. rockbox.ipod (or .iriver, or whatever) and a folder called .rockbox
19:49:07SuperSnoutwhat do you do with them after you've unzipped them then?
19:49:15Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: Make sure when you're extracting the .zip it creates subdirectories.
19:49:39 Quit slarti (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:49:41Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: It's actually possible that the devkit being present is why cygwin didn't work.
19:49:57 Quit steveb (Success)
19:50:53Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: depending on where the DLLs get put and such, you may have two different versions of cygwin conflicting.
19:51:34ts-xamiconn: It's strange because many of them are fine - nceB14-L1 is fine, while it's R variant is not
19:51:38SuperSnoutoh.. i get it.. sorry.. they're in folders.. just didn't look like that in winzip
19:51:41SuperSnoutthanks =)
19:51:48egotrippenis removing the devkit as easy as deleting the c:\rockbox dir? or do i have to hunt for .dlls?
19:52:00egotrippeni forget if it was a .zip or .exe install
19:52:02Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: Honestly don't know anything about the devkit really.
19:52:13egotrippeni'll try getting it going
19:52:18*safetydan votes Paul_The_Nerd as official Rockbox first line tech support person
19:52:39SuperSnoutcan you delete the h300.hex file from the root after you've updated the firmware?
19:52:45Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: Absolutely.
19:52:46 Join goa [0] (
19:52:47 Join nicolinux [0] (
19:52:53SuperSnoutgreat =)
19:52:56Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Is there a nametag?
19:53:31safetydanNo, but you'll have to file a TPS report every so often
19:53:38Paul_The_NerdI think I'll pass then.
19:53:42Paul_The_NerdI'm sure you understand
19:53:55 Join virtualball2 [0] (
19:53:58ts-xDon't forget the coversheet...
19:54:02SuperSnoutnow for the moment of truth...
19:54:18safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, seriously, great work here and on mr
19:56:04egotrippenbefore i get going on this again... Cygwin is the only way to build the SDL sim on an XP box, correct?
19:56:12 Join steveb [0] (
19:56:19safetydanegotrippen, seems to be that way
19:56:20SuperSnouthow come it just says "bootloader usb mode" when plug it into my computer?
19:56:30SuperSnoutshouldn't it start charging?
19:56:51Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: It's the only *supported* way. If you were really determined, I'm sure you could do it with mingw or something else.
19:57:02virtualball2 ok i have another question on how to build rockbox, i got it to build 4 times yesterday and now it ain't working :P...tell me if i ask too much ?s lol, but i do the configure script, select iPod video, type in N for normal and it says it created the makefile, so i type make zip and it says theres no makefile...whats wrong?
19:57:23egotrippener.... if Cygwin is the /easy/ way, i think i'll stick with taht
19:57:36Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: If you don't want it to go into the USB mode, you have to hold something down when you plug USB in. (If you JUST want to charge, and not access files.) I'm not sure what the button is for H300 though. It's Menu on iPod, so maybe A-B?
19:57:44 Quit nicolinux (Client Quit)
19:57:54safetydanSuperSnout, I'm not sure if Rockbox supports H300 charging yet
19:58:00Bagdervirtualball2: type "make" first then "make zip"
19:58:08virtualball2ok lemme try
19:58:15 Join nicol_linux [0] (
19:58:18SuperSnouti think i might have to have a read through the rockbox manual =)
19:58:27SuperSnoutis it the same for all players?
19:58:36Paul_The_NerdWell, most of it is.
19:58:41Paul_The_NerdBut you'll find a lot of things missing.
20:00:05vinayakrockbox rocks. what is the dev list called as ?
20:00:58 Join webguest53 [0] (
20:01:18 Quit webguest53 (Client Quit)
20:01:57 Join SuperSnout_ [0] (
20:01:57virtualball2No, it still doesnt work, im in my empty folder called "build-dir" i run the config script, and theres no makefile :-\
20:02:06SuperSnout_i am so confused..
20:02:10*Paul_The_Nerd wants a fancy title like "Community Liaison" for the forums. :-P
20:02:34Paul_The_Nerdvirtualball2: So if you type ../tools/configure, you get the options, you select the ones you want. Then you type make, and nothing happens?
20:02:41Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout_: What confuses you?
20:02:52virtualball2Paul_The_Nerd, pretty much
20:03:04Paul_The_NerdPretty much, or exactly?
20:03:15 Quit nicol_linux ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:03:20virtualball2it says "make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop."
20:03:21SuperSnout_i just need some kind of beginner's guide to rockbox.. that just tells you how to do things..
20:03:22 Join nico_linux [0] (
20:03:50safetydanvirtualball2, so your current directory is "build-dir" and you type ../tools/configure to configure things?
20:03:50Paul_The_Nerdvirtualball2: What target did you pick?
20:04:12Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout_: Well, it's a file browser mainly. You just browse to a file or a playlist and click on it to play.
20:04:14virtualball2(ipod video)
20:04:24virtualball2safetydan, yes
20:04:44Paul_The_Nerdvirtualball2: Have you tried deleting the build directory, doing a CVS update to make sure it's all new, and trying again from there?
20:05:17virtualball2so you suggest i do?
20:05:48 Quit drspoon ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
20:07:09Paul_The_NerdWell, at the very least a cvs update would let you know if there's anything wrong with your configure script somehow.
20:07:23virtualball2ok thanks
20:08:04Paul_The_NerdI'm not really sure what would cause the makefile not to get created though. Especially if it worked for you before, like you said.
20:08:04linuxstbvirtualball2: What does the configure script say when you've chosen the options? It should say something like:
20:08:04 Quit egotrippen ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:08:06linuxstbNormal build selected
20:08:06linuxstbUsing arm-elf-gcc 4.0.2 (400)
20:08:06linuxstbCreated Makefile
20:08:10skwadvirtualball2: for which player is it ?
20:08:18virtualball2And im planning on making an applescript for iPod Video users to easily install rockbox on there iPods, should i his early in development? I mean i already have it to the part where it finds the mbr
20:08:31virtualball2linuxstb: thats exactly hat it says
20:08:39virtualball2skwad, iPod Video
20:08:55 Join SuperSnout__ [0] (
20:10:15SuperSnout__how do you get into rockbox from the charging screen?
20:10:48 Quit steveb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:11:07SuperSnout__it just goes back to normal firmware when i press play..
20:11:30Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout__: Holde Menu and Select until it reboots.
20:13:55linuxstbvirtualball2: And then what does "make" say?
20:14:10Paul_The_NerdOh, wait
20:14:21Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout__: Sorry, was in iPod mode.
20:14:41virtualball2it says "make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop."
20:14:58Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout__: You should just turn it completely off, and when you turn it back on it'll load rockbox.
20:15:14SuperSnout__ok then..
20:15:20SuperSnout__it's just a bit annoying..
20:15:20Paul_The_NerdIsn't that just holding Stop, or some other key until it powers down?
20:15:31linuxstbvirtualball2: The configure script should create two files - "Makefile" and "autoconf.h" in the current directory.
20:15:48linuxstbAre they there?
20:15:55Paul_The_NerdWell, since it charges within iRiver's firmware for the moment, we can't do anything there. So you have to manually come back. Eventually you'll be able to charge and transfer from within rockbox, but some things just take time to get working completely.
20:16:50SuperSnout__ok =)
20:16:51 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
20:17:22 Join tjm [0] (n=tmartin@gentoo/developer/slarti)
20:17:45 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
20:18:13 Quit SuperSnout (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:18:15skwadjust one question, is it normal that with the simulator and x5 when I load a plugin, I can't get out of it, have to restart the simulator ?
20:18:48SuperSnout__it all seems a bit slow..
20:18:52SuperSnout__and a bit laggy..
20:19:02safetydanskwad, you should be able to press the sim equivalent of "stop" to exit a plugin
20:19:04Paul_The_Nerdskwad: It may be that you need to press more than one button at once to exit the plugin. It may vary from plugin to plugin.
20:19:10safetydanSuperSnout_, try turning on the dir cache
20:19:43safetydanGeneral Settings -> System -> Disk -> Directory Cache
20:20:00safetydanYou'll need to reboot after enabling it
20:20:02linuxstbskwad: No, that's not normal. Have a look in the plugin .c file to see what keys have been mapped to QUIT.
20:20:04 Quit Shadowarrior13 ()
20:20:34 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
20:20:36 Nick tjm is now known as slarti (n=tmartin@gentoo/developer/slarti)
20:20:42skwadok linuxstb
20:20:53Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout__: The Dircache loads up a list of all the files, and keeps it updated, so it doesn't have to spin up the hard disk while browsing and such.
20:21:22SuperSnout__ok.. sounds good =)
20:22:06 Quit nico_linux ("CGI:IRC")
20:22:08Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout__: I've heard that the menus can be slightly unresponsive at times in the H300 version, though I believe that's related to the CPU still being a little bit overworked at the moment, and is also why the battery life isn't optimal yet.
20:22:25skwadlinuxstb: i just looked, there is written start button
20:22:47skwadand on the bitmap of the x5 the start button corresponds to enter
20:22:56linuxstbWhich plugin are you looking at?
20:23:10skwadshould it be possible in the simulator to shutdown and start the x5 ?
20:23:17skwadi looked for mandelbrot
20:23:30 Quit SuperSnout_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:23:40skwadbecause i tried enter everywhere in the simulator it never did something
20:23:49 Quit qwm ("leaving")
20:23:54 Join steveb [0] (
20:24:01 Part amiconn
20:24:14linuxstbskwad: In mandelbrot, quit is mapped to "BUTTON_POWER" for the X5.
20:24:24safetydanskwad, it should be enter on the numeric keypad
20:24:43skwadand button_power corresponds to enter on the x5 if I'm right
20:24:47linuxstb... and BUTTON_POWER is the ENTER button.
20:24:59linuxstbSorry, not ENTER, "plus"
20:25:07 Part vinayak
20:25:14linuxstb(from uisimulator/sdl/button.c)
20:25:14skwadplus is play / pause :S
20:25:39linuxstbIn which case, that's a bug in the simulator - both power and play are mapped to plus....
20:25:56skwadplus doesn't quit mandelbroth either
20:26:27Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Isn't the Physical Play/Pause button called BUTTON_POWER on some targets?
20:26:39SuperSnout__ i don't like it =(
20:26:52 Join slarti_ [0] (n=tmartin@gentoo/developer/slarti)
20:26:59linuxstbMaybe - but the X5 has both PLAY and POWER (according to button.h)
20:27:05 Quit slarti (Remote closed the connection)
20:27:23skwadx5 has a different play and power button
20:27:24SuperSnout__the track names and things don't fit in the box when you're playing a song..
20:27:51Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout__: What box? What WPS are you using?
20:28:48 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
20:29:21 Join Acksaw [0] (
20:29:30virtualball2for anyone that knows unix, what is the character i put inbetween commands to do 2 commands on the same line? (ex. cd Users:cd HI)
20:29:42linuxstbsemi-colon - ;
20:29:55virtualball2ok thanks, i forgot :-P
20:29:55Mikachuor if you only want to run the second if the first succeeds, &&
20:30:00skwadisnt it : && ?
20:30:08skwadok lol
20:30:18Mikachutrue && echo hi will output hi, but false && echo hi will not
20:30:26SuperSnout__what's a wps?
20:30:32Mikachuand false && echo hi || echo foo will output foo :)
20:30:36MikachuSuperSnout__: while playing screen
20:30:41Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout__: While Playing Screen. Or Theme
20:30:51SuperSnout__oh.. i don't know..
20:30:57Mikachuyou probably selected one that's not made for your player
20:31:18Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout__: Well, what "box" are you talking about then?
20:31:52skwadlinuxstb: isn't the button.c file divided in parts for each different player ?
20:31:58Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout__: For the moment, I would suggest either using the Rockbox_default theme, or the Boxes 220x176c theme (or something named very similar to that, the numbers are the important bit)
20:32:00 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:32:12SuperSnout__yeah.. it was the wps box..
20:32:17linuxstbskwad: This is only a bug in the simulator - you will need to fix it in uisimulator/sdl/button.c
20:32:22SuperSnout__ok.. i'll try that theme..#
20:32:31safetydanSuperSnout__, you might want to look at for a lot more information on the H300 and Rockbox
20:33:17safetydanhrmm... my first attempt at implementing EQ in the sim results in... horrible, horrible distortion...
20:33:24SuperSnout__thanks =)
20:33:30 Quit steveb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:33:34SuperSnout__this is exciting
20:33:40Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Are you using "optimized" presets? :-P
20:33:40SuperSnout__it's like having a new player..
20:33:44linuxstbsafetydan: Yes, I think preglow said his C routine didn't work...
20:34:08Paul_The_NerdYeah, he did say that.
20:34:18safetydanlinuxstb, if he has a C routine it wasn't include in CVS
20:34:36linuxstbSo there is only Coldfire and ARM implementations in CVS?
20:34:49linuxstbI guess that explains why there is no C routine then...
20:35:18safetydanI don't really know what I'm doing. I'm just trying to back port eq_cf.S in to C
20:35:33skwadlinuxstb: i modified it, now I try it
20:35:33 Join egotrippen [0] (
20:35:52safetydanExcept I don't quite follow the mac.l instructions, they're out of my experience with m68k asm
20:35:57egotrippenjust an update, re-installing seems to have solved my cygwin problem
20:37:06 Join steveb [0] (
20:37:09 Join SuperSnout___ [0] (
20:37:12 Nick SuperSnout___ is now known as SuperSnout (
20:38:54skwadlinuxstb: what's the difference between button on, button off, and button power ?
20:38:57virtualball2yay im done with the program, its pretty messy though :-P, should i upload it to the wiki page?
20:39:13 Quit Matze (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:39:17 Part Acksaw
20:39:45 Quit marevalo ("Abandonando")
20:39:56 Join SuperSnout___ [0] (
20:43:18linuxstbskwad: Some players have separate ON and OFF buttons. Look in firmware/export/button.h for the buttons the different players have.
20:43:44 Join erus` [0] (
20:44:31 Part erus`
20:44:51skwadalright i'll take a look
20:45:10 Join SuperSnout____ [0] (
20:45:10***Alert Mode level 1
20:45:10DBUGEnqueued KICK SuperSnout__
20:45:10DBUGEnqueued KICK SuperSnout
20:45:10***Alert Mode level 2
20:45:10DBUGEnqueued KICK SuperSnout___
20:45:10DBUGEnqueued KICK SuperSnout____
20:45:10***Alert Mode level 3
20:46:34safetydananother topic, if I'm in a read/write loop (i.e. copying a file) do I need to add a yield() every so often or will the kernel swap threads when I do io calls?
20:48:22Bgersafetydan afaik io calls won't yield
20:48:55 Join SuperSnout_____ [0] (
20:48:55***Alert Mode level 4
20:48:55***Alert Mode level 5
20:48:55DBUGEnqueued KICK SuperSnout_____
20:48:55***Alert Mode level 6
20:48:55***Alert Mode level 7
20:48:55***Alert Mode level 8
20:48:55***Alert Mode level 9
20:50:02egotrippenis there a build error in the latest daily and bleeding H300 builds?
20:50:30SuperSnout_____are all the themes that come with rockbox monochrome?
20:50:43Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: Not according to the build table
20:51:14Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout_____: Other than the Boxes 220x176c one, pretty much. For some strange reason nobody ever bothers to actually submit theirs for inclusion.
20:52:00SuperSnout_____another thing..
20:52:03egotrippenafter 'MAKE in bitmaps/native' i get errors
20:52:06 Quit SuperSnout__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:52:24SuperSnout_____you see the screen goes off after a couple of seconds of inactivity..
20:52:46safetydanegotrippen, try a make clean first
20:53:19egotrippenmake clean, then
20:53:26Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout_____: Is that your whole statement? I mean, there's no question there...
20:53:27safetydanegotrippen, no just make
20:54:31egotrippenno, same thing. i'm on the bleeding though, lemme try the daily again
20:54:37egotrippenit says make[3]: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
20:54:43egotrippenafter MAKE in bitmaps/native
20:56:09 Quit SuperSnout (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:56:32 Join SuperSnout______ [0] (
20:56:32***Alert Mode level 10
20:56:32***Alert Mode level 11
20:56:32DBUGEnqueued KICK SuperSnout______
20:56:32***Alert Mode level 12
20:56:32***Alert Mode level 13
20:56:32***Alert Mode level 14
20:56:35 Nick SuperSnout______ is now known as SuperSnout (
20:56:35DBUGEnqueued KICK SuperSnout
20:56:35***Alert Mode level 15
20:57:17Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: So, what was your question?
20:57:58Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: Wait, you downloaded the source .zip, or are you using CVS?
20:58:18SuperSnoutSuperSnout_____you see the screen goes off after a couple of seconds of inactivity..
20:58:22egotrippensource .zip, i think
20:58:26egotrippenfrom the daily build page
20:58:31SuperSnoutwhen you press a button it doesn't just switch the screen back on it also does what the button does.. which is annoying
20:58:37SuperSnoutis there any way to change this?
20:58:59egotrippena clean daily build worked past that point, it might be the bleeding edge
20:59:30Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: It's more likely that you should just use CVS
20:59:57Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: Not without patching, I believe. Generally you press a button to actually DO something. Though I think the record button doesn't do anything on the WPS screen, but I might be wrong.
20:59:58SuperSnouti'm starting to love rockbox.. it's so exciting..
21:00:08egotrippenthere are instructions for the daily CVS, not bleeding edge (which is what i want, there's a screenbuffer update)
21:00:20 Join moozooh [0] (n=moozooh@
21:00:27SuperSnoutbut isn't that a bit silly when you can't actually see what you're doing?
21:00:45SuperSnoutis there a button that JUST reactivates the screen?
21:00:52skwadlinuxstb: didn't made it to work, I'm a little too noob and should take some more time :-) , so now I will stop asking and going to look a film, thanks for all
21:00:54Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: As I said, I think Record does.
21:01:00 Nick skwad is now known as skwad-away (
21:01:14egotrippens'right, record
21:01:16Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: But I mean, if you're playing music, wouldn't the first button you press be the start of whatever you're doing anyway?
21:01:24 Quit SuperSnout___ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:01:39Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: And if you're in the middle of something, and take a few seconds too long to make a decision, do you really want to have to make two button presses, just to do what would've taken on?
21:01:55skwad-awayhe isn't here ^^
21:02:08skwad-awayoops he is here ^^
21:02:22Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: CVS updating is always bleeding edge, unless you tell it to download something other. Where do you see instructions that say they're just the daily?
21:03:10SuperSnoutok.. record is the magic button..
21:03:12SuperSnoutthanks =)
21:03:14Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: Most mp3 players I've tried start what you're doing immediately, in fact. The h300 is the only one I personally know of that actually makes you wait, but that's just me. But, try the record button. Or flipping the hold switch.
21:04:08egotrippenit doesn't really say one way or the other. i was guessing it went by daily
21:04:11egotrippencool then
21:04:42Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: No, CVS is where the code is actually stored. So, when it starts *making* the next bleeding edge, you can update and make it for your MP3 player before the bleeding edge is even ready.
21:04:43SuperSnoutyeah.. record works great
21:04:44 Quit SuperSnout____ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:05:06SuperSnoutis there really a clock!?
21:05:30egotrippenSuperSnout: there is, but loading into iriver FW screws it up
21:06:01egotrippenthat includes charging by AC through iriver
21:06:28SuperSnoutthat's such a shame =(
21:06:31pyroegotrippen: happen to know why that is?
21:06:36***Alert Mode OFF
21:06:39SuperSnoutso it screws up the time?
21:06:58egotrippenthe iriver uses a weird timebase, or something
21:07:01egotrippentime baseline
21:07:07safetydanpyro, rockbox and the iRiver firmware store the time in different formats so when one loads it stuffs the other one up
21:07:39pyroI saw the other day the time is set on a register on a chip PCF50606. Theres a hour/min/sec section of the register
21:07:44egotrippenonce you can charge through Rockbox correctly, it won't matter
21:07:59safetydanSuperSnout, have you tried bejewelled and brickmania? They're almost enough to convince me to buy an MP3 player with a colour screen
21:08:16Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Which player do you have again?
21:09:03safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, a h120
21:09:26safetydanHence why the EQ UI fits so nicely on the H120 screen :)
21:09:56Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Ah. I have an iHP-120 as well. And a Nano. You should get a Nano as well, just so you can join the cool kids. :-P
21:10:40egotrippenah, yet another problem
21:10:53 Quit SuperSnout_____ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:10:54SuperSnouthow do you get to the games?
21:10:56safetydannot sure I can justify another mp3 player to the wife though :)
21:10:59egotrippenafter ' cvs login,' it says to press enter at the password
21:11:08egotrippenafter ' cvs login,' it says to press enter at the password
21:11:11linuxstbpyro: Rockbox interprets "00" in the pcf50606's two-digit year register as the year 2000, and the iriver firmware interprets it as something silly like 1965.
21:11:14egotrippenbut it fails to login
21:11:21Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: that's okay
21:11:22safetydanSuperSnout, Menu -> Browse Plugins
21:11:25Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: Just try the next step
21:11:29egotrippeni did
21:11:54Paul_The_NerdWhat happened on that one? the one that ends with co rockbox?
21:12:05egotrippenit gave an authentication error, said 'try cvs login' with a real password
21:12:07SuperSnoutOH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:12:17SuperSnoutsorry.. i'm getting to excited..
21:12:24SuperSnoutbejewelled is amazing!!
21:12:36SuperSnoutthis is so exciting =D
21:12:43Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: This was after you hit enter and got back to the prompt, after the cvs login line?
21:12:59egotrippenyup, after the line ending in 'co'
21:13:07egotrippen'co rockbox'
21:13:21Paul_The_NerdYou do the one that ends in login, hit enter to get back to the bash prompt, then do the one that ends in co rockbox
21:13:36SuperSnoutthe auto screen off is really annoying while playing a game though.
21:13:51SuperSnoutis there any way to stop it doing it while playing a game?
21:14:06Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: Only if you stop it overall, in the Display settings
21:15:09Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: It just worked for me.
21:15:15egotrippenmaybe i typed something wrong
21:15:17egotrippentrying again....
21:15:32Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: I typed that line, it asked for the password, I hit enter, I typed the other one, and it started downloading files
21:15:51egotrippeni just typed the first line again and got a different readout than i did the first time
21:16:03SuperSnoutthe plugins are so amazing..
21:16:18safetydanGuys, do we tell SuperSnout that there's a Doom port for Rockbox as well?
21:16:28Paul_The_NerdI think we should keep Doom a secret.
21:16:50Paul_The_NerdHear that Supersnout: You don't know anything about Doom. Never heard us mention it.
21:17:08egotrippenyup, it's going
21:17:15egotrippeni must have typed something wrong... i guess
21:17:27safetydanStill waiting for someone to make Doom work with the grayscale library. Blurry grey fun on my H120!
21:17:29Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: That's pretty easy with a line like that.
21:17:39SuperSnoutnope.. didn't hear a thing..
21:17:41egotrippenbe nice if cygwin supported copy/pasting
21:17:42Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Yeah, I know. I want to see that to.
21:17:47SuperSnouthaha.. nice one dan
21:17:56SuperSnoutthis is amazing..
21:18:09SuperSnouti'm going to have to run about and tell everyone in my house now..
21:18:09Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: Doom's been done in 2-bit color on iPods. I bet 33 shades of gray looks a lot better 'n that.
21:18:16safetydanSuperSnout, anyway
21:18:18virtualball2safetydan, i had Doom on my iPod B&w 4g, blurry gray fun isnt as fun as you think it would be :-D
21:18:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:18:22egotrippenhey, might as well ask this while i'm here
21:18:30SuperSnoutthanks =)
21:18:32Paul_The_Nerdvirtualball2: We get more grays than they do.
21:18:42SuperSnoutis there any way to delete files?
21:18:43egotrippeni've got a tiny little patch that continues to hide .rockbox but will show folders with two dots
21:18:44Paul_The_NerdWell, our iPods don't yet.
21:18:54egotrippenlike albums that start with elipses
21:19:00egotrippenlike albums that start with elipses
21:19:20egotrippencould that be committed, if i can get patch to work right?
21:19:30safetydanSuperSnout, hilight the file and hold Navi, then select Delete
21:19:40egotrippen(i do it manually, but now i have cygwin anyway i should be able to make a real patchfile)
21:19:42safetydan(hold Navi for a second or two I mean)
21:19:48Paul_The_Nerdegotrippen: I dunno. It'd really depend on whether it was decided that's desired behaviour.
21:20:06safetydanegotrippen, you have to be careful of the special filenames . and .. as well
21:20:28egotrippenit just makes sense to me, i have a couple albums that start with ...
21:20:40egotrippenbut, yeah, i gues you're right. who would i ask?
21:20:43safetydanbut post it on the bug tracker when you're happy with it
21:20:58linuxstb...And You WIll Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead ?
21:21:16egotrippenAwesome Machine, '...It's Ugly or Nothing'
21:21:22egotrippenmaybe one or two others
21:21:41virtualball2if theres one thing i hate about the iPod video is that if you want a nice video to be shown on your TV, you need quicktime, ive been converting one episode of FG for over 5 hrs and its half done! lol
21:22:05linuxstbYou don't need quicktime. I've used ffmpeg under Linux to encode videos.
21:22:16ender`mencoder works great
21:22:25virtualball2i know but it will look blurry on the TV
21:22:27linuxstbBut video conversion is a slow process anyway.
21:23:17egotrippenthat's a pain that the ipod can only output QT
21:23:36egotrippenif it can play divx or whatever, why can't it output those to a tv?
21:23:48linuxstbegotrippen: I can't think of a reason against your patch - upload it to the patch tracker, and then try and start a discussion here when more devs are around.
21:23:49 Join JdGordon [0] (
21:24:16virtualball2egotrippen, it only plays .mp4, .mv4, and once i got it to play .mov
21:24:29linuxstbSuperSnout: I think we already know everything Rockbox can do....
21:24:36egotrippenlinuxstb: cool. i will once i get a working patch file. i've fiddled with 'diff' and 'patch' for windows but couldn't get them working right
21:24:36SuperSnoutsorry =)
21:24:45JdGordonrb can do _anything_ !
21:24:52SuperSnoutit really can
21:24:57CtcpIgnored 7 channel CTCP requests in 11 minutes and 25 seconds at the last flood
21:24:57*Paul_The_Nerd thinks someone should hurry up and check the Color Fire Plugin for commit-worthiness.
21:25:08SuperSnouti can't believe i only discovered it now
21:25:16egotrippenlinuxstb: i'll try again with cygwin, now that i have that set up
21:25:19virtualball2whats the fire plugin
21:25:21linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Have you tested it?
21:25:25SuperSnoutand you have all the people who are still using the iriver firmware =)
21:26:03egotrippenvirtualball2: ah. i thought i remembered seeing another MPEG-4 codec too
21:26:10egotrippendivx or xvid or something
21:26:14virtualball2not that i know of
21:26:15linuxstbvirtualball2: It's similar to the plasma plugin.
21:26:21egotrippenyeah, i'm sure you're right
21:26:28virtualball2is the plasma and fire plugin for iPod?
21:26:53safetydanvirtualball2, they're available on all Rockbox supported targets I think
21:27:02Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Actually, I haven't. I kinda assumed it'd be included pretty quick unless it had problems. I'll go 'n try it out.
21:27:07linuxstbplasma is, but fire isn't yet. It needs adapting for colour LCDs (there is a patch on the patch tracker though).
21:28:06hideowhy is there a daily build for ipod 3g and no bleeding edge build for it?
21:28:33safetydanhrmm.. the current fire colour patch doesn't compile
21:28:33SuperSnouti'm trying to delete something and it isn't working =(
21:28:56virtualball2YES i got doom to build...finnaly :-D
21:29:01 Nick paugh is now known as AliasCoffee (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
21:29:07Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: :(
21:29:39virtualball2so how would i upload my program to the wiki?
21:29:41SuperSnoutany ideas why?
21:29:42safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, just a matter of some missing button mappings
21:29:58 Quit slarti_ ("leaving")
21:30:04 Join tjm [0] (n=tmartin@gentoo/developer/slarti)
21:30:09Paul_The_NerdAaah, so a quick fix.
21:30:18safetydanso far so good
21:30:22safetydancompiles in the sim
21:30:27safetydanbut I have no colour target to test it on
21:30:50Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: I'm in the middle of compiling so far, but of course it'll cough up when it gets to the missing keymappings
21:31:32Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: What was missing? I see defines for a 4G_PAD in mine.
21:31:59Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: As a note, my compile times are hideous 'cuz I'm on a slow laptop and using cygwin.
21:32:16linuxstbsafetydan: That lookup table needs fixing before it can be committed...
21:32:41Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: It build fine for me, for iPod Nano
21:33:22safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, h300 and x5
21:33:59Paul_The_NerdI need to break this assumption that if something was made in color, it was done by h300 people. Heh.
21:34:14virtualball2hmm, it says i have n base wads, i made a folder called doom in my home directory and put doom1.wad in there, is that right?
21:34:16 Join SuperSnout______ [0] (
21:34:28Paul_The_Nerdvirtualball2: /games/doom/
21:34:40virtualball2oh ok thanks
21:35:03virtualball2i feel really stupid when it comes to rockbox :-\
21:35:12 Join petur [0] (
21:35:18safetydanlinuxstb, what's wrong with the look up table? Apart from lacking const?
21:35:31 Part tjm
21:35:37 Join slarti [0] (n=tmartin@gentoo/developer/slarti)
21:36:14*Paul_The_Nerd forgot to change his sources file.
21:37:06linuxstbIt's used as follow: colorpallette[(255-z)*3+0] - so I think the order of the elements is wrong.
21:37:15linuxstbThe patch comment mentions it as well.
21:37:19safetydanah yeah, just reread the patch comment
21:38:31safetydanThis is what stops things getting committed sometimes. Just missing that final bit of polish.
21:38:40 Join infamis [0] (
21:39:58linuxstbsafetydan: And I'm not sure why it's using xlcd_color_bitmap - it should render things directly into lcd_framebuffer[].
21:41:53 Quit SereRokR ("XChat Aqua")
21:41:57virtualball2Im sorry, but now with Doom, RockBox Rock(Box)s My World! (Or at least my iPod) :-D
21:42:39hideodoes it rock your battery also?
21:43:10virtualball2yes :( lol
21:44:19hideoa tradeoff
21:46:31virtualball2too bad you cant access the menu with in the game though
21:46:37Mikachulinuxstb: yeah well, when i made the plasma thing someone said to use xlcd, so i just copied that for fire
21:46:59linuxstbDid you notice that amiconn changed that after your patch was committed...?
21:47:01egotrippendotfile patch is up
21:47:14Mikachui also mentioned that in the patch tracker i think
21:47:15egotrippenworking with CVS is 200x easier than trying to patch under win32
21:48:25virtualball2i think CVS is easier then SVN
21:49:40 Quit SuperSnout (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:49:58 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
21:50:46 Join Thus0 [0] (
21:52:42 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
21:52:48 Quit ts-x ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:57:23infamisquick q: I'm running 2.2 linxu kernel...what should I upgrade to?
21:57:37Mikachuuh, wow
21:57:46Mikachu2.6.15 i guess?
21:57:59peturW2K ... lol
22:00:02peturin fact, with the ability to play music, play doom and write text (rockword), you could install rockbox on your pc... :)
22:00:10 Quit SuperSnout______ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:00:25JdGordonhow well does rockword work?
22:00:51peturno idea if they're even updated to the lates plugin api - I fear not
22:01:02JdGordonah ok
22:01:45infamisMikachu: 2.6.15 is stable? My last kernel compile was more than 5 years ago.
22:04:22peturPaprica: can you convince Eli to submit tetrox for cvs inclusion?
22:04:35Mikachuinfamis: works fine here
22:04:43Mikachuinfamis: and probably has less security holes than a 5 year old kernel..
22:04:56virtualball2A new tetris? the RockBlox sucks lol
22:04:59Papricapetur, he is in the army
22:05:05Papricabut you can add it to the cvs; 2.6.15 it is
22:07:39 Join solexx [0] (
22:10:47virtualball2can Plasma give you sesures? haha
22:11:54 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
22:12:08 Join Maxime` [0] (
22:13:21 Quit egotrippen ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:14:12CuBiehmm is doom on rockbox for the ipod video devices?
22:15:48 Part Nico_P
22:18:50 Quit Bger ("[BX] That's Mister BitchX to you")
22:18:51 Quit solexx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:19:38 Join ashridah [0] (
22:20:20 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:20:36 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
22:20:37 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
22:20:48linuxstbMikachu: I've noticed you've changed some of the grayscale-related parts of fire.c - was that intentional?
22:21:11linuxstbI've now reorganised the colorpalette lookup table (so it now stores 16-bit packed rgb565 values) and changed it to render directly into the lcd framebuffer. So it's a lot faster.
22:21:20Mikachuah, clever
22:21:28Mikachui don't remember
22:21:31Mikachui have a bit of a cold
22:22:14linuxstbIt's mainly one line in the grayscale-only part of the code which you've changed from " end = dest + 8*LCD_WIDTH;
22:22:15linuxstb" to "end = dest + 3*8*LCD_WIDTH;
22:22:15linuxstb" - I'm assuming that's a mistake.
22:22:35Mikachusounds like it
22:22:36 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
22:23:23linuxstbOK, I'm about to commit it now then.
22:26:25linuxstbColor fire.c now committed to cvs.
22:27:11JdGordonsome1 wanna try port vi to rb :D
22:27:21Mikachu<<<<<<< SOURCES
22:27:40linuxstbrm SOURCES ; cvs update
22:27:42*JdGordon thought we'd seen the last of that basterd file!
22:27:57 Join SuperSnout [0] (
22:27:59Mikachui just thought the name change was funny
22:28:34SuperSnouti'm having a problem with rockbox on the h300
22:28:46SuperSnoutwhen i try and delete something it doesn't work..
22:28:54JdGordonpress navi not play
22:29:49SuperSnoutwhat.. even though it says to press play?
22:30:40JdGordonyes, bat string... very known and annoying problem
22:30:41 Join mikearthur [0] (
22:30:44 Join SuperSnout_ [0] (
22:30:49JdGordonanywho.. im off, first day back at uni :'(
22:31:25SuperSnout_why not change it?
22:31:36SuperSnout_and how do you register your name?
22:31:43SuperSnout_(in irc)
22:33:04 Join ts-x [0] (
22:33:24SuperSnout_and also.. with rock doom..
22:33:33SuperSnout_what are you supposed to do with the wad files?
22:33:51 Part moozooh
22:34:01virtualball2put it in /games/doom/ lol
22:34:10virtualball2i had the same question an hour ago
22:34:44SuperSnout_sorry =)
22:35:19SuperSnout_can you delete the doom.iriver and the doom.rock files once you've run them?
22:35:32SuperSnout_or is the doom.rock file the actual file you use to run it?
22:38:48virtualball2it is
22:39:14SuperSnout_ok.. but you can delete the doom.iriver file right?
22:39:34virtualball2dunno i have a doom.iPod
22:39:53virtualball2and i would say no cuz you edited the plugin files
22:41:17SuperSnout_you'd say you can't delete it?
22:42:05CuBieis there a nice guide/faq about creating plugins?
22:42:17virtualball2cuz if you edted the plugin.c and plugin.h, wouldnt that be affected in the doom.iriver
22:42:36virtualball2plus your supposed to put it in the doom folder so you can boot it seprately
22:42:43CuBievirtualball2: Where did u get doom.iPod ?
22:43:56virtualball2i made it
22:45:59infamisdoes sound work in the sim for anyone?
22:46:28virtualball2for doom?
22:47:01infamisjust rb in general
22:47:55 Quit SuperSnout (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:50:01 Quit virtualball2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:52:02ashridahinfamis: it's on the buggy side for some people
22:53:18infamiswhat is some people? cygwin people?
22:54:07ashridahdon't know, to be honest. all i know is that it's worked for some, and not worked for others, and i'm not sure if the people it doesn't work for is confined to cygwin or not
22:55:22infamisah ok. it's just the sim is all I've got :) my reference what rockbox "is"
22:56:00ashridahwell. the answer is, it should work, so figuring out why probably wouldn't be a bad thing
22:56:05 Join ssnajper [0] (
22:56:05ashridahno-one seems to get around to it
22:56:40 Quit CuBie ()
22:58:09ssnajperdid anybody test the ipod 3g audio yet?
23:00:32SuperSnout_i have rockdoom! =)
23:01:44 Join amiconn [0] (
23:01:55SuperSnout_why would it say rename failed.. when i try to rename a file?
23:02:05SuperSnout_*a folder
23:02:37 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:06:55 Quit ssnajper ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:06:56 Quit infamis ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:07:13 Join sw13 [0] (
23:07:38sw13I'll just wait for an installer >.<
23:13:02t0masI sense some trouble on the buildserver...
23:13:10t0masthe regular builds keep taking longer and longer...
23:13:23t0mas(the time calculation is a simple form of moving average iirc?)
23:13:34t0masit's at 58 minutes now
23:14:50 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
23:15:45SuperSnout_is there a reason why i might not be able to delete a folder?
23:16:08midkayplaying music from it?
23:16:39amiconnlinuxstb: Just a hint: You don't need to #ifdef the #include "gray.h" within plugins. gray.h itself is ifdefed
23:17:55amiconnSame goes for playergfx.h
23:18:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:18:32 Join YouCeyE [0] (
23:19:16amiconnlinuxstb: Is playback on 3g working now?
23:19:23SuperSnout_actually.. sorry.. i was trying to rename it
23:19:29midkayamiconn, the x-lcd library.. is that for just 'additional graphics functions'?
23:19:29skwad-awaySuperSnout_: just do Ctrl + alt + suppr
23:19:30SuperSnout_and it said rename failed
23:19:40amiconnmidkay: yes
23:19:46skwad-awaythen you stop explorer.exe
23:19:52skwad-awayyou start a cmd
23:19:58skwad-awayyou delete it
23:20:03midkayamiconn, hmm.. cool ;) thx
23:20:05skwad-awayand you start explorer.exe again
23:20:10skwad-awayif you are on windows :D
23:20:30SuperSnout_ahh.. sorry.. i'm talking about a folder on my h300 =D
23:20:55skwad-awayyes but do you want to delete it with your computer ,
23:21:03skwad-awayor in rockbox
23:21:09skwad-awaythen I don't know
23:21:11SuperSnout_i want to rename it in rockbox
23:21:13 Nick skwad-away is now known as skwad (
23:21:41amiconnAnyone knowing where I could borrow a 4g greyscale iPod? I don't want to have one permanently, but porting the grayscale lib would be a nice challenge...
23:21:53linuxstbamiconn: No, playback doesn't work yet.
23:22:14 Nick sw13 is now known as Shadowarrior13 (
23:24:33amiconnlinuxstb: Do you know whether the 1g/2g/3g/4g gray LCD is exactly the same? (i.e. same LCD controller?)
23:26:07amiconnAh, Renesas HD66753 according to ipl
23:26:49SuperSnout_can someone help me?
23:26:52coobthats 1-3g
23:26:58coobmight not be so for 4g
23:27:07SuperSnout_i'm trying to rename a folder in my root directory but it says rename failed..
23:27:55coobalso, 1g's have very different lcds
23:28:04coobthey update much better
23:28:09coob(less bluring)
23:28:23coobcheaper lcds in the 3/4gs
23:28:44amiconncoob: says HD66753 for 4g as well
23:29:06coobah maybe then.
23:29:17coobcheck who added that :)
23:29:33amiconnThe update speed of the panel is less interesting for me. The controller determines the refresh rate
23:29:59SuperSnout_what is the dict plugin?
23:30:29amiconnThe H1x0 LCD is also extremely slow updating (same depth and resolution as the gs iPods)
23:30:51amiconnDifferent controller though, epson (compatible?)
23:31:37 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
23:34:55 Quit Thus0 ("bonne nuit")
23:35:56 Join infamis [0] (
23:38:57coobit means that nay that's fast motion (games/video) sucks
23:45:17infamiswhen/where does bmp2rb get executed?
23:48:08infamisand is there an easy way to rename *.bmp.c to *.c using a "for in in `ls`"?
23:48:21amiconncoob: Yes, but otoh it helps to make the grayscale lib really smooth
23:48:27infamisfor i in `ls`
23:49:16 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
23:50:03Bagderinfamis: just sed-ify the name and then rename it with mv
23:51:17coobreally smooth as in just a blur of grey? :)
23:51:52amiconnReally smooth as in you can actually use it for watching jpegs
23:53:07amiconnOn archos the pixels are flickering a bit
23:53:24amiconnNot too bad either, but on H1x0 it looks better
23:56:51infamisBagder: I always get a unexpected token on sed to remove "bmp.": for i in `ls *.bmp.c`; do sed s/(.+\.)bmp\.(c)/$1$2/r; done
23:57:21*amiconn is tired
23:57:23amiconnnight all
23:57:28Bagderinfamis: yes, that line doesn't make sense
23:57:38Mikachuyou can use the rename command
23:58:01Mikachurename .bmp.c .c *.bmp.c
23:58:58skwadgrrrrrrrr I dont have this power button working on x5
23:58:59infamisMikachu, that worked well; but what was wrong with my sed command

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