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#rockbox log for 2006-02-28

00:00:02LinusNJdGordon: probably
00:00:04josh_stripwax: try ddd
00:00:14SuperSnoutso the first thing i do after the source is downloaded is to "mkdir build" right?
00:00:16stripwaxLinusN/josh_ cool, I'll try that out
00:00:21SuperSnoutwhat is it and how do i do it?
00:00:22skwadare 24 bit wps supported by rockbox ?
00:00:24LinusNgdb is supposed to be painful
00:00:38LinusNskwad: yes and no
00:00:38stripwaxSuperSnout - I think so! just type that command in
00:00:50SuperSnoutok.. it's downloaded now..
00:00:54SuperSnoutok.. here goes
00:00:57amiconngdb is a true *nix tool. Command line, spartanic
00:01:00LinusNskwad: most 24-bit wps found on misticriver won't work
00:01:03amiconnGoes in the line of vi
00:01:11stripwaxoh yeah, that reminds me - is alpha channel going to be implemented at any time (e.g. for 2-bit screens)
00:01:15skwadcause I would like to start to make some wps for the x5 now, but i'm not sur it will work on the x5 sim
00:01:32skwadi meant tomorrow ^^
00:01:32stripwaxskwad - I think the x5 doesn't support 24bit yet
00:01:43SuperSnoutok.. did it.. pressed enter.. didn't do anything.. is that good? i assume it is
00:01:43BagderI think it does
00:01:46LinusNyes it does
00:02:08stripwaxSuperSnout - if you type "ls" (lowercase L lowercase S, no spaces) and press enter, what happens?
00:02:09Bagderthe x5 lcd has the same abilities like the other 16 bit ones
00:02:10SuperSnouton to the next one?
00:02:13Bagderjust a lower resolution
00:02:36SuperSnoutlets try
00:02:45SuperSnoutit says build
00:03:07stripwaxBagder - oh ,.. rockbox says this "Use the 2bit version for X5 until there's a 16 bit available"
00:03:09skwadso i can try to make some 24bit wps for x5 by reading the docs ?
00:03:14stripwaxSuperSnout - hrm, nothing else?!
00:03:26Bagderstripwax: that was just a particular icon that isn't available for that size yet
00:03:29SuperSnoutnothing else..
00:03:36amiconnstripwax: That's just the BMPs for sudoky
00:03:45stripwaxSuperSnout - hrm, where did you download the sourcecode to..?
00:03:49stripwaxamiconn - oh! hahaha
00:03:54 Quit damaki (Connection timed out)
00:04:01SuperSnouti downloaded it from misticriver
00:04:22stripwaxSuperSnout - ?! no.. I mean what does your directory structure look like.
00:04:48SuperSnoutmy directory structure?
00:04:55skwadyes i know Moos , I just wanted to know if it was possible
00:04:59stripwaxe.g. d:\rockbox\ <−− sourcecode d:\build <−− the directory you just created. or something else
00:05:05stripwaxand did you unzip the sourcecode yet, and if so where
00:05:13Moosskwad: essayes ;-)
00:05:20SuperSnouti don't have any kind of structure..
00:05:25stripwaxSuperSnout - er...
00:05:26SuperSnoutno.. i haven't unziped it
00:05:35stripwaxSuperSnout - ok. let's start again ;-)
00:05:36SuperSnoutwhat structure should i make/
00:05:38 Join RotAtoR [0] (
00:05:42skwadMoos: je le ferais demain :-)
00:05:43SuperSnoutyeah =)
00:05:53Moosskwad: hehe :-)
00:06:03skwadok so good night all
00:06:07Moosbonne nuit
00:06:26SuperSnoutyeah.. ok.. so where should i unzip it..?
00:06:28 Quit kernelsensei (Remote closed the connection)
00:06:37skwadMoos: t es quand meme sur un chat anglais jte rapelle ^^
00:06:37 Join kernelsensei [0] (n=boris@gentoo/developer/kernelsensei)
00:07:04Mooshehe, few words of french will kill noone ;)
00:07:07 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC")
00:07:14stripwaxSuperSnout -
00:07:26 Quit Nico_P ()
00:07:30stripwaxSuperSnout - have you done that bit?
00:07:58SuperSnoutat last =D
00:07:58stripwaxSuperSnout - have you done this bit yet:
00:08:53SuperSnoutargh.. looks confusing..
00:09:00SuperSnoutshould i start from step 2?
00:09:05stripwaxSuperSnout - ok , let's do that then. Don't do section 1, just type "unzip" where is the zipfile you downloaded
00:09:06 Join kkurbjun [0] (
00:09:09stripwaxSuperSnout - yep
00:09:29SuperSnoutwhere do i type that in?
00:09:34stripwaxin the .. window . .?
00:09:41SuperSnoutwhat will it do?
00:09:55stripwaxit will unzip the zipfile ..
00:10:05SuperSnoutreally? how will it find it?
00:10:15kkurbjunhow does the stack work with gcc? specifically with global variables. Are they placed on the stack?
00:10:33stripwaxkkurbjun - are global variables *ever* placed on the stack?
00:10:40kkurbjunI dunno
00:10:46kkurbjunthat's why I'm asking
00:10:56stripwaxkkurbjun - hrm, what is it you want to know?
00:10:57SuperSnoutok.. i'll just do it anyway? =)
00:11:04stripwaxSuperSnout - probably best!
00:11:20SuperSnoutit just sounds like the source needs to be somewhere where cygwin can find it
00:11:44SuperSnoutis there no way to paste into cygwin?
00:11:45stripwaxSuperSnout - yeah.. probably in the current directory! type "pwd" (without the quotes..)
00:11:52stripwaxSuperSnout - yeah, there is. Do you need to?
00:12:04amiconnwhat error was that again:
00:12:09SuperSnoutit would make it a lot easier to put in the source file name
00:12:14SuperSnoutit's really really long
00:12:21stripwaxSuperSnout - you could rename it, and then it would be easier to type! :-)
00:12:35amiconnTLS definition in /lib/ section .tbss mismatches non-TLS reference in ...
00:12:39stripwaxSuperSnout - alternatively, the TAB key completes the filename for you, if you type the first few letters...
00:12:45SuperSnoutok.. found the current folder thing
00:12:48stripwax(welcome to bash!)
00:12:58SuperSnoutdo i put the source in the build folder?
00:13:05kkurbjunwell, I know temporary variables in functions are placed on the stack as I was having some problems getting transparancy in doom with stack overflows, but I was curious if global variables are placed in the stack because I'm trying to avoid stack overflows with large wad files
00:13:19LinusNthey are not
00:13:39stripwaxSuperSnout - no, you put the source in the folder ABOVE the build folder
00:14:00stripwaxSuperSnout - ok, what does ls say now
00:14:02SuperSnoutokay.. i'll do the other step now
00:14:04kkurbjunthanks linusn
00:14:16SuperSnoutit says the name of the zip file and build
00:14:29stripwaxSuperSnout - cool!
00:14:29SuperSnoutso now type the name in and press enter?
00:14:36stripwaxSuperSnout - no
00:14:41SuperSnoutok =)
00:14:48stripwaxSuperSnout - type "unzip" where is your zip file
00:15:06SuperSnoutthat's what i said =S
00:15:26stripwaxSuperSnout - you didn't say "unzip"...
00:15:27SuperSnoutokay =D
00:15:34SuperSnoutsorry.. i understand you now
00:15:47 Quit mirak (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:15:55*Paul_The_Nerd mutters.
00:16:19 Quit aegray (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:16:26SuperSnoutwow.. looks like it's doing a lot
00:16:29Paul_The_NerdHaving a 4gb player sucks when you have about 4.4 gig of music you want to put on it, and the original files are already lossy compressed (stupid remixers)
00:16:31 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
00:16:33stripwaxSuperSnout n- hopefully!
00:16:45SuperSnoutdum di dum di dum
00:16:51stripwaxPaul_The_Nerd - ouch. get a bigger player :-[
00:17:01 Join Aditya [0] (
00:17:16stripwaxSuperSnout - now "cd build", and carry on from Step 3!
00:17:21SuperSnout$ cd rockbox
00:17:27Paul_The_Nerdstripwax: I have an H120 as my other player. I just rather carry the Nano with me when I go out.
00:17:38kkurbjunlinuxstb: I think I have a version of doom that will fit in the ipod's plugin buffer, but it's got some troubles loading tnt wad for some reason, I can send it to you if you're interested. The other dooms seem to work fine
00:18:02SuperSnoutdo i not need to do the 2 things before cd build in step 2?
00:18:02stripwaxPaul_The_Nerd - ah, the Nano is a nice, nice device. I'll let you off! :-) Sucks that you need 4.4GB on the move tho
00:18:12stripwaxSuperSnout - what does ls say ?
00:18:32 Join aegray_ [0] (
00:18:50Paul_The_Nerdstripwax: Yeah. Well, it's 1300 remixes. I'm sure there's a few hundred I can do without. Like the one that's supposedly the "Only hillbilly-genre bubble bobble remix ever"
00:18:53Adityaanyone here have a nano and have big hands?
00:18:54SuperSnoutadd-ons source build
00:19:06Adityathats one thing thats keeping me not interested in that thing.. it might be too small
00:19:06 Join Steven [0] (
00:19:08Paul_The_NerdAditya: I like the original, large-size XBox controllers. Big enough hands?
00:19:10SuperSnoutaditya: haah -D
00:19:14stripwaxerrr... ok, let's try "cd source" ..
00:19:34stripwaxand ls again please
00:19:39Adityaoriginal xbox controllers? pfft.. pansy.. I liked my controllers with extra padding!
00:19:41SuperSnoutok.. now it's in the souce directory
00:19:44amiconnAny idea about that TLS thing?
00:19:50*stripwax realises he's just invented a new protocol .. indirect shell!
00:20:02SuperSnoutlooks like it has all the right stuff in it
00:20:07Adityastripwax: ?
00:20:08stripwaxand what does it say..
00:20:12stripwaxAditya - nemmind
00:20:12Paul_The_NerdAditya: I cannot *stand* the S-type controllers. But yeah, I don't really have problems with the Nano's size. I do have very *thin* fingers though
00:20:13SuperSnoutmany things
00:20:18stripwaxfor instance
00:20:20SuperSnoutshould i list them all?
00:20:27stripwaxjust the first three, let's say
00:20:31AdityaPaul_The_Nerd: I have medium-fattish ones lol
00:20:33SuperSnoutcvs bootloader firmware
00:20:41stripwaxok cool. sounds good
00:20:41kkurbjunlinusn: when a function exits it's stack space should be freed entirely correct?
00:20:51stripwaxSuperSnout - so we need to "mkdir build" and "cd build"
00:20:53SuperSnouthas it now come to the actual doing stuff?
00:20:58AdityaI think I will buy something from iAudio.. I dont really want one of those full sized iPods.. something aboutt them just makes me feel sick
00:20:59stripwaxnearly! :-)
00:20:59LinusNkkurbjun: yes
00:21:02SuperSnoutokay.. not yet =)
00:21:06Paul_The_NerdAditya: Really, I don't think finger-size would affect use of it too much. But that's my opinion.
00:21:14kkurbjunwhat about static variables in a function?
00:21:19SuperSnoutwhile still in source?
00:21:23stripwaxkkurbjun - they behave like global vars
00:21:24stripwaxSuperSnout - yep!
00:21:33kkurbjunok, thanks
00:21:40SuperSnoutdone.. didn't say anything though
00:21:49 Join imphasing [0] (
00:22:10 Part imphasing
00:22:13stripwaxSuperSnout- that's cool, it won't. if you do "ls" you'll see that you just created a new directory called "build" (you can delete the OLD build that you created earlier, by the way, cos it's in the wrong place!)
00:22:17SuperSnoutnow it has build inside =D
00:22:28 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox!")
00:22:35stripwaxSuperSnout - yehah! did you "cd build" yet?
00:22:51SuperSnouti'll do that now
00:22:59 Quit Steven_ (Connection timed out)
00:23:04SuperSnoutok.. i'm in that now
00:23:10stripwaxSuperSnout - step 3!
00:23:14SuperSnoutyay =D
00:23:30 Join saab_rider [0] (n=saab_rid@
00:24:04SuperSnoutso what do i do?
00:24:33stripwaxSuperSnout - ummm.. type in " ../tools/configure " (without the quotes). Isn't that what step 3 says?
00:24:54SuperSnouti didn't know it meant type that in
00:24:57 Quit needleboy ()
00:25:01SuperSnoutwith the dots?
00:25:22stripwaxyep, with the dots
00:25:27stripwaxamiconn ?@
00:25:43amiconn[00:12:03] <amiconn> what error was that again:
00:25:46amiconn[00:12:35] <amiconn> TLS definition in /lib/ section .tbss mismatches non-TLS reference in ...
00:25:54SuperSnoutpermission denied =D
00:26:05kkurbjunit's a problem I get with building the sims
00:26:19kkurbjunsomething to do with the verison of glibc
00:26:20stripwaxSuperSnout - err.. ? did it say anything else?
00:26:45amiconnkkurbjun: I'm trying to get rockbox to build on amd64
00:26:52SuperSnoutbash: ../tools/blabla : permission denied
00:27:06kkurbjunand the error handling/threads I believe linusn said
00:27:22amiconnJust that I have no idea how to fix this pb. I vaguely remember it has something to do with different threading implementation
00:27:22stripwaxSuperSnout - "ls -la ../tools"
00:27:37 Part Paul_The_Nerd
00:27:41stripwaxSuperSnout - yep. that's lowecase LS -LA ../TOOLS
00:27:45Bagderamiconn: yes, it mentions errno in the message too, doesn't it?
00:28:02Bagderlike this
00:28:08kkurbjunahh, yeah, I wish I could help.. I know someone submitted a patch on the mailing list, but I just think it got it to compile, not actually run
00:28:10 Join amiconn_ [0] (
00:28:17SuperSnouta big list of stuff..
00:28:22Bagderbut the "fix" is not really obvious to me
00:28:32stripwaxSuperSnout - what does it say beside the entry for "configure"?
00:28:36 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn|crappyxc (
00:28:41stripwax(or just "ls -la ../tools/configure")
00:28:44 Nick amiconn|crappyxc is now known as amiconn_ (
00:28:53amiconn_The exact error msg
00:29:01SuperSnoutwhat kind of thing are you looking for?
00:29:05SuperSnoutthere's a 1
00:29:10stripwaxSuperSnout - here's mine:
00:29:11amiconn_LD rockboxui
00:29:11amiconn_/usr/bin/ld: errno: TLS definition in /lib/ section .tbss mismatches non-TLS reference in /home/jens/rb-patched/simulator-build/recorder/librockbox.a(errno.o)
00:29:14SuperSnoutjohannes.. none
00:29:20Hideoscreen -AaU
00:29:28Hideooops, wrong window, sry
00:29:38stripwax-rwxr-xr-x 1 Dave None 32088 Feb 24 22:16 configure
00:29:51SuperSnoutyou want the first bit?
00:29:55stripwaxSuperSnout - in particular, the first bit (-rwxr-xr-x).
00:30:03stripwaxHideo :-)
00:30:35Hideochmod 755 ../tools/configure , SuperSnout
00:30:41Hideostripwax: :P
00:30:51SuperSnoutokay =)
00:31:01SuperSnoutjust type it in hideo yeah?
00:31:17Bagderit at least indicates that it is something with the errno that needs to be addressed
00:31:20stripwaxSuperSnout - it's weird, it means your sourcecode doesn't have the correct permissions set up. But yeah, type in what hideo suggested
00:31:25Hideoyes, unless you wanna run by stripwax first :P
00:31:31stripwax(don't type the , SuperSnout bit! :-)
00:32:01SuperSnoutyeah =)
00:32:07amiconnBagder: Rockbox has an errno.c, just containing a single line:
00:32:11amiconnint errno;
00:32:15SuperSnoutLS -LA ../TOOLS again..
00:32:20amiconnI wonder what that has to do with threading...
00:32:42SuperSnoutok.. it's done
00:32:45SuperSnoutwhat now?
00:32:48Bagderamiconn: you might pick up some errno define/macro or something?
00:33:02Bagdererrno is treated special in threading libs
00:33:09stripwaxSuperSnout - ../tools/configure (again)
00:33:13SuperSnout../tools/configure okay
00:33:39SuperSnoutsays no such file or directory =S
00:34:01stripwaxare you still in the build dir/
00:34:26stripwaxdid you type "../tools/configure" incorrectly?
00:34:31SuperSnoutokay.. worked this time =)
00:35:02Adityayes I know stripwax .. its all a mystery
00:35:12SuperSnouthaha =D
00:35:22SuperSnoutok.. so now i do what it says..
00:35:30stripwaxprobably a good idea!
00:35:48SuperSnoutokay.. what build?
00:36:05SuperSnoutnormal.. devel.. etc
00:36:05stripwaxSuperSnout - do you want to run it *on* your H340?
00:36:09stripwaxIf so, "Normal".
00:36:19SuperSnoutwhat do you mean "it"
00:36:24stripwaxSuperSnout - ROCKBOX!
00:36:42SuperSnouti want to change the controls for rockdoom on my iriver h320 =)
00:36:52SuperSnoutnomal yeah?
00:36:57 Quit Hideo ()
00:36:57stripwaxSuperSnout - I have no idea what that means. But it sounds like you want Normal, yes.
00:37:18SuperSnoutokay.. done
00:37:46stripwaxwhich m68k-elf-gcc
00:37:54stripwax(just to check). and "which perl" too.
00:37:58SuperSnoutok.. i'll explane.. there's a version of doom called rockdoom for rockbox.. and i want to change the controls for playing it..
00:38:18stripwaxSuperSnout - ok. didn't know rockdoom was even finished. I'll check that out :-)
00:38:26SuperSnoutit's great!
00:38:30SuperSnoutworks wonderfully
00:38:34stripwaxSuperSnout - does it work on H120? :-s
00:38:42Adityait never ran on my H320 =(
00:38:44SuperSnoutjust no strafe..
00:38:57Adityait just crashed with 1 >= numlumps
00:38:57SuperSnoutit's so nice with colour =)
00:39:05SuperSnoutyou didn't have the wad files
00:39:06AdityaI dont think the original doom had strage
00:39:12stripwaxAditya - yeah, course it did
00:39:16Adityawell I Guess they had a strafe key
00:39:17SuperSnoutyou need to download them and put them in the doom folder
00:39:23AdityaI did supersnout
00:39:25Adityain fact
00:39:25SuperSnouti did..
00:39:28 Quit saa[b_r]ider (Connection timed out)
00:39:38SuperSnoutmaybe they weren't in the right folder..
00:39:40kkurbjunaditya: where did it crash for you?
00:39:40AdityaI put the same wad file in every damn folder in the rockbox folder
00:39:42stripwaxSuperSnout - how's the build coming along
00:39:54SuperSnoutso what did you say i do next?
00:39:55Adityakkurbjun: when I ran the doom.rock
00:40:00stripwaxSuperSnout - scroll up and find out
00:40:05Adityait kept saying WAD not found and just died
00:40:15kkurbjunwhat version are you using?
00:40:15Adityaas in with that weird -1 >= numlumps error
00:40:37SuperSnoutoh.. sorry strip =(
00:41:42SuperSnoutgives me.. /opt/m68k/bin/m68k-elf-gcc
00:41:44kkurbjundo you get a menu when you start up?
00:41:44 Quit ender` (" Remember Darwin; building a better mousetrap merely results in smarter mice.")
00:41:58Adityajust starts with a bunch of debug messages
00:42:02Adityaand then errors out
00:42:07kkurbjunyou don't have the latest version
00:42:10Adityacrashes and I have to reset my h3200
00:42:14Adityah320 lol
00:42:22SuperSnoutand /usr/bin/perl
00:42:23Adityawell then
00:42:27Adityawhere can I get it?
00:42:32SuperSnoutall good strip?
00:42:43stripwaxSuperSnout seems ok. type "make" !
00:42:45kkurbjunit's there on that link you sent
00:42:59kkurbjunit's not in the optimized build
00:43:00SuperSnouteverything is up to date
00:43:03kkurbjunI don't think
00:43:14AdityaI definitely dled 0.7
00:43:17SuperSnoutoh.. it's doing more..
00:43:20Adityawhich seemed to be the latest one
00:43:22 Join needleboy [0] (
00:43:28stripwaxSuperSnout - I'd expect this will take a short while ...!
00:43:34AdityaI guess I will try again later tonight
00:43:35SuperSnouti'm sure it will
00:43:54stripwaxSuperSnout - really? that's very quick
00:43:56SuperSnoutthere were some errors
00:44:02SuperSnoutand a permission denied =(
00:44:02stripwaxoh. what were they
00:44:18SuperSnoutis there any way to copy and paste out of it!?
00:44:23stripwaxSuperSnout - argh.
00:44:35stripwaxSuperSnout - ok, try this:
00:44:46stripwax(and I'm not really recommending this, but it will save us both lots of time)
00:44:49SuperSnoutexecvp: /home/johannes/source/tools/convbdf: permission denied
00:44:52 Quit needleboy (Client Quit)
00:44:53stripwaxchmod 755 ../tools/*
00:45:10 Join Hideo [0] (n=irc@tor/session/x-4bd970da5b79d935)
00:45:26stripwaxdone that?
00:45:32SuperSnout*** [/home/johannes/source/build/firmware/sysfont.o] error 127
00:45:44SuperSnout*** [all} error 2
00:45:49stripwaxok, don't need any more error messages for now.
00:45:51SuperSnoutok.. i'll do the thing you said
00:45:55Adityaits cause you touch yourself at night
00:45:56SuperSnoutthat's all of them
00:46:01stripwaxAditya ?
00:46:07stripwaxSuperSnout - ok.
00:46:08Aditya(family guy thing..)
00:46:48stripwaxSuperSnout - also, "ls -lad ../build"
00:46:59SuperSnoutnot -la?
00:47:05stripwaxno, -lad
00:47:34SuperSnoutlooks good
00:47:35amiconndirrty haxxxx r us :(
00:47:36 Quit tinodeleste ("Client exiting")
00:47:48amiconnBagder: I tried a number of things:
00:48:15stripwaxSuperSnout - ok. now: are you still in the "build" directory?
00:48:18amiconnFirst, I disabled compilation of firmware/common/errno.c for the sim. This fixed the problem in librockbox.a
00:48:26stripwaxSuperSnout - ok. type "rm *"
00:48:32amiconnThen it reappeared in uisimulator/sdl/kernel.c
00:48:44SuperSnoutcannot remove is a directory
00:48:54amiconnA comment said errno is only necessary for mingw32, so I ifdefed it out
00:48:54stripwaxSuperSnout - ok, type "rm -rf *"
00:49:13stripwaxSuperSnout ok, "ls -la"
00:49:17stripwax(should be empty)
00:49:18amiconnNow there's a *third* errno use in misc.c ...
00:49:19SuperSnoutoops.. i missed out the star
00:49:21SuperSnoutis that bad?
00:49:46stripwaxSuperSnout - probably not bad. does "ls -la" show an empty directory?
00:50:03amiconnDo we need errno?
00:50:06SuperSnoutit says total 0 though
00:50:10SuperSnoutbut has things
00:50:21SuperSnoutwell. it has firmware..
00:50:27SuperSnoutshall i do it again right?
00:50:48stripwaxSuperSnout yep
00:50:50SuperSnoutnow it's empty!!
00:50:53stripwaxthat Doom video is sweet
00:51:00SuperSnoutit is
00:51:03stripwaxSuperSnout - cool "../tools/configure" again
00:51:11*stripwax reckons we'll get there eventually!
00:51:15SuperSnoutbut that's from when doom was slow and jerky =)
00:51:19SuperSnoutnow it's much nicer
00:51:37stripwaxyeah, I really think I should upgrade to a color dap from my h120
00:51:52SuperSnoutcreated makefile
00:51:56 Join needleboy [0] (
00:52:07stripwaxSuperSnout - "make"
00:52:11SuperSnouti'm so happy i bought my h320 from amazon =)
00:52:22AdityaI got mine for free
00:52:22SuperSnouti'm sure it was the best value player ever in the history of mankind
00:52:24Adityabeat that
00:52:33stripwaxAditya - wow, how?
00:52:34SuperSnoutwell naa naa nanana
00:52:45Adityastripwax :
00:52:51SuperSnoutokay.. it's making again
00:52:51Adityapays to take a chance once in a while
00:53:06stripwaxSuperSnout - any errors yet?
00:53:11Adityadont do anything on that site now though.. most of those sites have become all nazi like
00:53:53SuperSnouterm.. dont' think so
00:54:29SuperSnoutstill happily making away =)
00:54:49stripwaxAditya - bah.
00:54:52SuperSnoutwarning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
00:55:00SuperSnouthasn't stopped though
00:55:15SuperSnoutignore it?
00:55:33stripwaxyep it'll just motor on through#
00:55:38SuperSnoutwhat's it doing now anyway?
00:55:48stripwaxit is compiling the source code into executable code!
00:55:57DBUGEnqueued KICK Aditya
00:55:57Aditya warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type ... when you work in C.. those sort of warnings are sort of common place =P
00:55:59SuperSnoutwhy do i want that?
00:56:07stripwaxSuperSnout - errr... you're kidding, right?
00:56:15stripwaxSuperSnout - you know the difference, yeah?
00:56:35stripwaxone is human-readble, the other is what your H340 can run .. so , that's why you want to do that
00:56:36SuperSnoutbut i'm not sure why i want it as an exe before i've edited it..
00:56:36Adityathe firmware can only run what it understands
00:56:56Adityasame way your car cant run on crude oil
00:57:02stripwaxSuperSnout - no point editing it if we find out we can't compile it. we can edit it later. for now, we find out if it will even compile for you
00:57:03SuperSnouti understand =)
00:57:12stripwaxAditya - good analogy!
00:57:18AdityaI try
00:57:23SuperSnoutokay =) it's a sort of test then =)
00:57:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:57:32*stripwax you and me both! :-)
00:57:42Adityahmm.. I need to start on this circuit theory hw at some point
00:57:54stripwaxAditya - what's the topic
00:57:56SuperSnoutwow.. a while this is taking..
00:58:06stripwaxSuperSnout - yeah.. rockbox is a large system now!
00:58:16Adityastripwax: just basic stuf.. I have all the equations.. but its soo tedious
00:58:18SuperSnoutaditya.. i need to do my physics coursework at some point..
00:58:22AdityaI did rather do something else
00:58:29Adityalike keep reading family guy quotes
00:58:31stripwaxSuperSnout - I need to go to bed so I can wake up in time for work tomorrow!
00:58:50SuperSnoutyeah.. well.. i have a late start of college tomorrow =)
00:58:58SuperSnoutwhat time is it where you are?
00:58:59 Quit |Beowulf| ("bye")
00:59:12SuperSnoutsame =)
00:59:32SuperSnoutit's making doom now =)
01:00:24SuperSnouti thing that i_video.c is supposed to be waht i want to change.. i think that's what someone said
01:00:59SuperSnouti can see i_video.c as well
01:01:00stripwaxcool! no errors? (other than the warnings from earlier)
01:01:11stripwax"make zip"
01:01:15SuperSnoutsome other errors too
01:01:28SuperSnouttoo many though =)
01:01:35stripwaxoh - so did it fail to make?
01:01:38SuperSnoutwarnings i mean
01:01:41stripwaxwarnings are ok
01:01:44stripwaxerrors are not ok
01:01:48SuperSnoutok so..
01:01:54stripwax"make zip"
01:01:58SuperSnoutmaking zip
01:02:35stripwaxwhen it's done, it will create a "" in your build directory. Unzip that into your H340, and you'll be running the rockbox that you've just compiled!
01:02:59stripwaxAnd if that works, you can now start editing the source code (i_video.c), rerun make, etc ...!
01:03:00SuperSnoutbut that'll overide my existing rockbox
01:03:02SuperSnoutis that ok?
01:03:08SuperSnoutshould i copy over my doom save file?
01:03:09 Join ts-x [0] (
01:03:24stripwaxSuperSnout - it won't delete your doom save file
01:03:31SuperSnoutdo i need to delete .rockbox?
01:03:37stripwaxNah, it'll overwrite that
01:04:26SuperSnoutwhere would it have put the zip?
01:04:50stripwax"in your build directory" like I said
01:04:59SuperSnoutsorry =(
01:05:37stripwaxno worries
01:06:43SuperSnoutok.. done
01:06:53SuperSnoutnow i'll start it up
01:07:27SuperSnoutok.. working
01:07:35stripwaxSuperSnout - nooooo!! don't start it up!!
01:07:44stripwaxOnly kidding
01:07:59SuperSnoutnice one
01:08:06SuperSnoutyou had me scared for a moment
01:08:07stripwax:-D all seem ok? congrats! your first Rockbox build
01:09:02SuperSnoutso now for that actually tricky stuff?
01:09:11Adityachange a few files
01:09:14Adityathen make fun again
01:09:23Adityait wont take taht long though
01:09:27Adityait saves intermediate files
01:09:34stripwaxyep - all yours now. Modify the code, recompile ("make", "make zip"), and play. I unfortunately don't know what changes you want to make but you're in good hands here...
01:09:36stripwax... gnight!
01:09:40Adityaso it only really compiles the changed files
01:09:42SuperSnoutso.. i think the file i need to change is i_video.c
01:09:43Adityagnight steveb
01:09:51Adityastupid tab thingee
01:09:57*stripwax waves
01:09:58SuperSnoutgood night!
01:10:08 Part stripwax
01:10:19SuperSnoutso yeah...
01:10:34SuperSnoutso how do you change files?
01:10:58kkurbjunSuperSnout: i_video is a good place to start, m_misc.c is another one where it defines the default keys
01:11:14SuperSnoutargh.. ok
01:11:33*steveb looks at Aditya
01:11:35kkurbjunto clairify, there are two sets of key defines
01:12:28SuperSnoutthis is what i want to do by the way:
01:12:44kkurbjunm_misc is within doom's key binding system, so if you mess with those your menu will still work with up down left right keys
01:12:48kkurbjunI saw that
01:13:03SuperSnoutcool =)
01:13:16Adityasup steveb?
01:13:20SuperSnouthave you already changed keys for doom?
01:13:27kkurbjunit wouldn't be too difficult to make a key binding like that, unfortunately due to the hardware the game may be extremely difficult to play
01:13:32SuperSnouthow do you generally change source files?
01:13:40kkurbjunI did the port
01:13:45stevebAditya: i thought i had friends but it was just tab complete being an arse again.
01:13:52 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
01:13:52Adityaoh heh
01:13:55SuperSnoutwhy would it make it difficult do play do you think?
01:13:56AdityaI cant be your friend
01:14:06SuperSnoutwow! you actually did the port!?
01:14:08stevebyou cant be my friend? :(
01:14:18Adityathat was more of a question
01:14:33AdityaI know.. I cant type
01:14:35kkurbjunbecause whenever navi is pressed it blocks all the other keys, so you can't move at all and shoot
01:15:03kkurbjunsame goes for any of the directions, so if you are holding forward, the left and right keys can't be read
01:15:05Adityabtw kkurbjun ... it would be nice if you could make write a little article on how you did the port
01:15:06stevebnah your typing is fine. you just need to remember the punctuation that makes what is a nice question in to a mean statement
01:15:19Adityanot the actual code... but just general ideas
01:16:19SuperSnoutwhat? really?
01:16:19kkurbjunAditya: thinking of porting something? I have thought about doing that.. it's not exactly straight forward all the time especially with big stuff like doom because you don't always have all the library calls that you do on a full system
01:16:31SuperSnout*plays doom to see*
01:16:42kkurbjununless you compile against newlib or something like that
01:16:42Adityakkurbjun: I want to contribute somehow
01:16:46amiconnBagder: (and others) Isn't #include <errno.h> supposed to use the system's errno.h
01:16:50SuperSnoutwell done on the port by the way!
01:16:55AdityaI am also trying to make rockbox work with a touchscreen least in case it cannot find another?
01:17:01Adityaor am going to at some point
01:17:13kkurbjuna touchscreen?
01:17:26amiconnI tried hiding rockbox' errno.h (by renaming, but then get:
01:17:31kkurbjunhow are you planning to do the hardware?
01:17:38Adityawhat do you mean?
01:17:41Adityathey sell touchscreens
01:17:46amiconn_make[1]: *** No rule to make target `include/errno.h', needed by `/home/jens/rb-patched/simulator-build/recorder/firmware/id3.o'. Stop.
01:17:53Adityaif I get used to rockbox I can think of writing drivers
01:18:06amiconnid3.c does #include <errno.h>
01:18:12kkurbjunahh, sorry, I was thinking adding to an existing player
01:18:12Adityaso I am thinking I will get used to rockbox by writing plugins or something after little mods etc
01:18:25Adityakkurbjun... thats what I was planning
01:18:26kkurbjunthat would have been a hell of a mod
01:18:29Adityathey sell small touchscreens
01:18:35Adityafor pdas and what not
01:18:42Adityaso you could have a touchscreen UI
01:18:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:19:12kkurbjunthat would be impressive
01:19:20SuperSnoutkkurbjun.. ok.. i see the problem.. i'm sad now
01:19:34Adityayes.. but it aint happening for a while lol.. need to get into tune with rockbox first
01:19:37SuperSnoutis it possible to set a button for strafe?
01:19:52Adityayou dont really need strafe in doom
01:19:58Adityaits not like you are playing dm
01:20:04SuperSnoutit helps =)
01:20:10kkurbjunSuperSnout that is very possible, using on or off I figured would be the best option
01:20:38SuperSnoutyou're scaring me.. you're making me rethink whether i need to do all this in the first place..
01:20:38kkurbjunmaybe move esc to the off button
01:20:57kkurbjunstrafe to the on button, and switch weapon to up
01:21:06SuperSnoutok.. let me think..
01:21:28SuperSnouti'm stating to realise why the controls are how they are =)
01:21:38SuperSnoutnavi would have been nice for shoot
01:21:47kkurbjunthat way you could strafe while holding on. It would be difficult to shoot though
01:22:07SuperSnoutargh ='(
01:22:21 Part xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
01:22:43kkurbjunthis is what I had planned to do eventually, but I've been trying some other things out with doom so I havnt' gotten around to it
01:22:43SuperSnoutcould you make hold strafe? =D
01:22:54Adityakkurbjun: you read about that multi-input touch screen?
01:22:54kkurbjunthat's how doom works already
01:22:58Adityaor seen the video?
01:23:08Adityanow that would be perfect for a touchscreen UI
01:23:14Adityayou could have things like SHIFT + char etc
01:23:15SuperSnoutwhat? with hold as strafe?
01:23:20kkurbjunI think the key is KEY_ALT or something
01:23:40kkurbjunhold could be strafe
01:23:54kkurbjunbut you have to toggle it to activate it
01:24:11SuperSnoutyeah.. exactly..
01:24:27SuperSnoutit would be slightly awkward.. but not too awkward..
01:24:28kkurbjunaditya: if you have the knowledge and interest to do it it would be an interesting project, seems difficult though
01:24:41Adityawriting drivers is not exactly trivial I would imagine
01:24:56Adityathats why I asked you how you did the port
01:25:06AdityaI mean did you basically recode doom?
01:25:23SuperSnoutactually hold would be fine! =D
01:25:30SuperSnoutnow i want to try and do it...
01:25:42SuperSnouthow do you actually edit files in the source?
01:26:00 Quit Cassandra- (Connection timed out)
01:26:07SuperSnoutoh =D
01:26:09Adityathats the whole point
01:26:14Adityayou edit source in a text editor
01:26:16SuperSnouthaha.. ok
01:26:17kkurbjunI was more just thinking from a hardware point of view. No I didn't have to recode all of it, most of it was making wrappers for rockbox's library, and figuring out how to deal with limitations hardware and software wise
01:26:18Adityaand compile it to a binary
01:26:32SuperSnoutso what's cygwin for
01:26:36SuperSnoutjsut to compile?
01:26:38Adityacygwin emulates linux
01:26:47SuperSnoutand compiles?
01:26:51Adityawell yes
01:26:53Adityait emulates linux
01:27:07Adityaand w/e you do in linux, you can in cygwin.. with a few exceptions
01:27:20SuperSnoutoh sure.. it's not a special program for compiling.. you jsut use the right commands to compile
01:27:20Adityakkurbjun: do you have the source released for rockdoom?
01:27:22SuperSnouti get it
01:27:31kkurbjunsupersnout: that's a good highlighting editor that I've used before
01:27:49kkurbjunAditya: yes, it's in the patch tracker
01:27:59AdityaSuperSnout: make is a program.. it basically looks at a MakeFile whcih in turn contains a list of files to compile
01:28:10Adityamake then uses gcc (usually) to compiles these files into a binary
01:28:19Adityakkurbjun: sweet
01:28:49SuperSnoutwould it make it a lot easier?
01:29:42SuperSnouti love the fast startup of rockbox =)
01:30:11kkurbjunIt just highlights different things in the code like functions, comments and variables making it a bit easier to read, but if you don't plan on doing much that editor is unnecessary
01:30:43SuperSnoutkkurbjun: i've found the doom folder in the source.. but they're all .o files.. not .c
01:31:02SuperSnoutis that ok?
01:31:12SuperSnouti_video.o ok?
01:31:15kkurbjunit's under rockbox-devel/apps/plugins/doom
01:31:33kkurbjunthe .o files are not text editable
01:31:42kkurbjunyou're looking for i_video.c
01:31:49AdityaSuperSnout: .o files are the intermediate files
01:32:07Adityathey are the good friends that make sure you dont have to compile every file again for a little change
01:32:10SuperSnouti don't have a rockbox-devel folder
01:32:19SuperSnouti dont' think..
01:32:26SuperSnoutwhere would it be?
01:32:35kkurbjunor rockbox/apps/plugins/doom
01:32:42kkurbjunwherever you put the source
01:32:53SuperSnoutahh.. it's ok
01:32:57SuperSnoutyeah.. found them all
01:33:03SuperSnoutok.. opening it..
01:33:50SuperSnoutok.. almost unreadable unless opened in wordpad =)
01:33:58kkurbjunthe section that starts with // I_StartTic is where you're looking
01:34:01SuperSnoutso what am i looking for?
01:34:24kkurbjunI have to go now though
01:34:30SuperSnoutand do i ignore the file i_video.h?
01:34:30 Join XavierGr [0] (
01:34:36SuperSnoutoh.. ok =(
01:34:51kkurbjunso hopefully you can make some sense of it. i_video.h is a header file that you won't need to edit
01:34:59kkurbjungood luck
01:35:08 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
01:35:32SuperSnoutanyone else have any knowledge about rockdoom?
01:35:58AdityaI do
01:36:02Adityait doesn't work on my player
01:36:09SuperSnoutokay.. erm.. yeah =)
01:36:11Adityaand thats about it
01:36:26SuperSnoutoh.. so.. you don't?
01:36:33Adityano sorry
01:36:37SuperSnoutah well
01:37:20SuperSnoutthe problem is.. there doesn't seem to be anything about a strafe action in the source..
01:37:36 Join yan [0] (
01:38:53Paul_The_NerdAditya: What player do you have?
01:38:56SuperSnoutthere's some stuff about the hold button.. and it looks like it actually does something.. not sure what though
01:38:59SuperSnouti'll test it out..
01:39:09Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: The hold button changes whether you're running or not.
01:39:09SuperSnouthey paul_the_nerd
01:39:13SuperSnouti'm still at it
01:39:17yanHi there
01:39:27SuperSnoutyou can run even faster!?
01:39:56Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: As for strafing, I really don't know. I don't know the rockboom sources at all, other than a few small things I tinkered with.
01:40:17yanI'd liko to know if the "iPod stuff" may be tested ?
01:41:42yanOr if I can, after testing it, contribute to Rockbox?
01:41:46SuperSnoutargh.. doom just crashed my player when i tried to quit the game
01:42:29SuperSnoutokay.. well contrary to what you were saying.. with hold i cant move =S
01:42:49Paul_The_Nerdyan: What type of iPod do you have?
01:43:01Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: You turn hold on then off again, and you should be running.
01:43:13yaniPod with clickable wheel
01:44:08Paul_The_NerdWhich generation is that?
01:45:05yanI don't know exactly, maybe 3 or 4
01:45:17SuperSnoutdoesn't seem to change my speed
01:45:22SuperSnouti'm always running..
01:45:39 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
01:45:42SuperSnoutwhich is good if i want to use hold for something else
01:46:02Paul_The_Nerdyan: Well, it's important to know which generation you have to know which build to install.
01:46:22yanHow can I determine it?
01:46:26Paul_The_Nerdyan: I believe all 4th gen iPods have sound support, but 3rd generations do not wholly yet.
01:46:28Adityaipods suck anyways
01:46:49 Join Daishi [0] (
01:47:01yanok Thx
01:47:03SuperSnoutyeah.. i severely dislike ipods
01:47:04Paul_The_NerdI think it's 4th generation
01:47:26SuperSnoutargh.. strafe strafe strafe..
01:47:29Paul_The_Nerdyan: After that,
01:47:50Paul_The_NerdI suggest reading first though, so you know what problems you may encounter when using the software.
01:48:11Adityayou know what an ipod + rockbox would be good for though?
01:48:15Adityaa driving game
01:48:53SuperSnoutthat's really true..
01:49:06yanThanks, I'll look at it and come back after
01:49:16*amiconn is annoyed by linux and will go to bed
01:49:17yanThank you all :)
01:49:33SuperSnoutso can anyone think of any way that i can find out what the word for stafe is in the code and how you assign it to a key?
01:51:13Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: I think you'd just have to look for the movement code, and see if there's anything in place to even handle strafing in this version.
01:51:14 Quit yan ("leaving")
01:51:24SuperSnouti just need to know what the name is of what i'm trying to define.. is there any way of finding this out?
01:51:43SuperSnout*of the action i'm trying to define
01:51:44Paul_The_NerdWell, there may not even *be* one.
01:51:52Paul_The_NerdYou may have to create the action.
01:52:46linuxstbSuperSnout: In my copy of rockdoom (which may be out of date), file "m_misc.c" defines key_strafeleft and key_straferight to be ',' and '.'
01:53:43linuxstbSo you need to edit i_video.c to generate the ',' and '.' key events. So instead of a line like "event->data1=KEY_RIGHTARROW;", you would write "event->data1=',';"
01:54:22SuperSnoutyeah.. it talks about key_strafeleft and key_straferight in g_game.c
01:54:51SuperSnoutwow.. this is complicated stuff that i really don't understand.
01:56:14SuperSnoutso how would i define DOOMBUTTON_STRAFELEFT for example?
01:56:50SuperSnoutor would it not be defined as it is not as simple as the other actions?
01:57:57Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: What you need to do is look for the part of the code that actually interprets what to do when the various buttons are pressed.
01:58:15SuperSnouti've got that
01:58:24SuperSnoutand it interprets the hold button
01:58:29SuperSnoutbut i don't understand it
01:59:34SuperSnoutdo you know what ev_keyup and ev_keydown are?
01:59:46SuperSnoutis it running and walking?
01:59:51Paul_The_NerdAs I said, I don't know the doom source at all really
02:00:06SuperSnoutany idea linux?
02:00:10Paul_The_NerdI did a little tinkering, but most of it was really basic cleanup stuff.
02:00:23SuperSnoutshouldn't it be defined somewhere?
02:00:30SuperSnoutor.. explaned =)
02:01:14Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: There's more to it than just the defines. The defines basically are just there so that the person can write DOOMBUTTON_BLAH in the code somewhere, and then up in the defines tell it which real button that corresponds to.
02:01:32SuperSnoutactually.. i think i misunderstood it
02:01:43Paul_The_NerdYou need to find where the doombuttons are actually *used* and add a new situation where DOOMBUTTON_STRAFELEFT or whatever tells it to strafe.
02:01:57SuperSnouti don't think holdbutton is actually the hold button
02:02:08SuperSnoutit think it's holding a button down
02:02:53SuperSnoutany idea?
02:03:07 Quit needleboy ()
02:03:26SuperSnoutwould that be in a different file?
02:03:42SuperSnout(where they are used..)
02:04:45SuperSnoutokay.. i think i've worked out a bit more
02:05:12SuperSnoutthey all relate to KEY_somthings..
02:05:23 Join needleboy [0] (
02:05:27SuperSnoutand they are mentioned in g_game.c
02:05:38midkaySuperSnout, holding a button is .. [button]|BUTTON_REPEAT.
02:05:45SuperSnouti think that's the file where it all is
02:06:10midkayi_video.c is the key definitions
02:06:26kkurbjunSupersnout, the keys are defined in doomdef.h, I think all you need to change is KEY_RSHIFT to KEY_RALT
02:06:49kkurbjunI believe that is the strafe modifier
02:06:52SuperSnouti've found how the strafe movement is defined in g_game.c
02:07:14kkurbjunyes, that is modified in m_misc.c
02:07:40SuperSnoutso argh.. i go into doomdef.h right?
02:07:57 Join orthogonal [0] (
02:08:04Adityaits a right angle!
02:08:16 Nick orthogonal is now known as earHertz (
02:08:21kkurbjunif you make that change whenever the hold button is toggled the player will strafe insteadd of turn. no, make the change in i_video.c
02:08:28Adityahaha! get it? get it? oh man.. I crack myself up
02:08:35kkurbjun event->data1=KEY_RSHIFT;
02:08:35kkurbjun D_PostEvent(event);
02:08:39kkurbjunright there
02:09:26steveboh ffs... that highlighted me
02:09:31SuperSnoutis that it?
02:09:34Adityahey guys any of you know about batteries on the h320 slowly dying?
02:09:38Adityaits been about a year...
02:10:08SuperSnoutjust that one line? =D
02:11:14SuperSnouthow do i test it?
02:11:23SuperSnouti have to compile it right? thing is that at the moment the hold button doesn't actually make me run
02:12:06SuperSnouti'm running all the time
02:12:10SuperSnoutis that normal?
02:12:31midkayhey, Bagder?
02:12:48Adityawell SuperSnout, its not like you really need to walk in that game
02:12:54Adityanot like thay have stealth levels =P
02:13:00SuperSnouti know =)
02:16:43SuperSnoutso do think that could possibly be all i have to change?
02:16:54SuperSnoutdo i just compile now?
02:17:02midkaySuperSnout, may as well try
02:17:05midkayi'm not sure..
02:17:27SuperSnouthow do you compile again?
02:17:35SuperSnoutjust do make?
02:17:38midkaydid you already ../tools/configure?
02:17:41midkayif so, just make, yes
02:17:53SuperSnoutor is it make zip?
02:17:56midkayonly need to configure once
02:18:13SuperSnoutoh yeah.. and then make zip
02:18:19midkayno need
02:18:32midkayjust go into your build directory/apps/plugins and copy over doom.rock
02:18:43midkaymake zip takes a long time + is worthless for just copying one file
02:18:45SuperSnoutoh =)
02:19:05midkayjust takes a bunch of crap you already have and puts it together :)
02:19:51SuperSnoutso where should doom.rock be after i've compiled?
02:20:14midkaybuild directory/apps/plugins
02:20:33 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
02:21:21SuperSnoutfound it..
02:21:37SuperSnouti'm sure it wont work
02:21:40SuperSnoutit can't be that simple
02:21:53midkayit often is ;)
02:22:36SuperSnoutok.. moment of truth
02:23:36SuperSnoutIT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:23:40SuperSnoutit actually worked
02:23:43SuperSnoutthis is amazing
02:23:51SuperSnouti can strafe! =)
02:23:54linuxstbWelcome to the world of Rockbox development....
02:23:57midkayhaha. great .. ;)
02:28:47Adityawell you have better luck than me
02:29:09AdityaI will just wait till I can afford another player since my iRiver refuses to hold charge
02:29:10SuperSnouti suppose the person who ported it did sort of tell me exatly what to do but oh well =)
02:29:19SuperSnouti don't even know why it worked =)
02:29:32SuperSnoutthat's terrible
02:29:36SuperSnoutyou could replace the battery
02:30:51AdityaI am thinkihng of just getting a nano
02:30:57Adityabut apple is so damn expensive
02:31:32Paul_The_NerdThe nano isn't really that expensive for what it is. I mean, a 1gb flash player without a screen is often $110ish, and with a screen $130. The 1gb nano is $150
02:31:37 Join DrumRBoy320 [0] (
02:32:24SuperSnoutargh.. doom is doing crazy things.. the screen keeps switching on and off
02:32:43Paul_The_NerdYou mean, the backlight?
02:33:17 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
02:33:31SuperSnoutwell the entire screen goes black
02:33:40DrumRBoy320not to be a total n00b... is there color changer support, or doom on the iPod yet?
02:33:43SuperSnoutand it only goes on while i'm pressing a button i think
02:33:45 Join mikearthur [0] (
02:34:00Paul_The_NerdDrumRBoy320: Colour changer yes. Doom is a patch, but it can be applied to the iPod builds with one small change.
02:34:16Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: In the Display settings menu, go into LCD settings and change the backlight to be always on.
02:34:20Paul_The_NerdOutside of doom
02:35:05 Quit BHSPitLappy (Connection timed out)
02:35:07SuperSnouthaha.. i think my backlight has bees somehow randomly set to one second or something =O
02:35:22SuperSnouthow could that randomly happen?
02:36:04*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs
02:36:33DrumRBoy320hmm, cool :D
02:36:42SuperSnoutis there some kind of low battery mode?
02:37:06 Quit Grackshrike (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:37:33linuxstbSuperSnout: If you installed a new build, it's possible it reset your settings. That happens occasionally.
02:37:36 Join Grackshrike [0] (
02:37:44linuxstbThe default backlight timeout is 4 seconds
02:38:16SuperSnoutyeah.. but the back light was switching off almost instantly!
02:38:33SuperSnouteven though when i went to the setting it said it was on..
02:38:54SuperSnoutso i set it to about 4 seconds and then back to on and now it's fine
02:39:01SuperSnoutreally strange though..
02:41:35SuperSnoutno idea why?
02:42:02Paul_The_NerdPossibly just a glitch in Doom somewhere
02:42:24SuperSnouthmm.. strange glitch that it would mess with the lcd timer..
02:44:08SuperSnouthow do you zoom in on an image?
02:44:14SuperSnoutin rockbox..
02:44:51 Quit Steven (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
02:45:10Paul_The_NerdThe most you can zoom is "full size"
02:45:21Paul_The_NerdSo if the image itself is smaller than the screen, I don't think you can.
02:45:22SuperSnoutwhat do you mean?
02:45:28Paul_The_Nerd1 pixel per pixel
02:46:03SuperSnoutso if you had a big image you wouldn't have to look at it small right?
02:46:12SuperSnoutyou could look at it full size..
02:46:27Paul_The_NerdYeah, but you'd only see a small portion of it on the screen at a time
02:46:59SuperSnoutyeah.. that's fine.. for say a big subway map
02:48:02Paul_The_NerdIt would work like that.
02:49:56Paul_The_NerdDoes anyone in here know if preglow's been told about the equalizer problems? (That the PKs don't work properly?)
02:50:01SuperSnoutwow.. it works great
02:50:07SuperSnoutdo you know how to zoom out?
02:50:12SuperSnoutzoom in is navi..
02:50:30Paul_The_NerdI dunno. I don't have an H300
02:53:08linuxstb(I don't know if it's up to date though)
02:53:54earHertzanybody use OS X (the apple OS)?
02:54:21earHertzdoes it come with an ssh /server/ installed?
02:54:40earHertzHow can I remote into a OS X biox?
02:55:33josh_earHertz: System Preferences -> Sharing -> check the SSH Server box
02:55:33AdityaI dont think it has an ssh server
02:55:35josh_something like that
02:55:37Adityait just has ssh
02:55:38josh_Aditya: it does, I use it
02:55:43Adityak cool
02:55:48earHertzjosh_: thanks
02:55:55 Join perl|wtf [0] (
02:56:46earHertzjosh_: any idea how the server box creates ssh logins?
02:57:08josh_your shortname is the username, your password is the password
02:57:31earHertzthat's easy
02:57:40DrumRBoy320hmm, why cant i view patches?
02:58:15DrumRBoy320gives me some kinda error...Artifact: Only Group Members Can View Private ArtifactTypes
02:58:29earHertzso I just ssh to the remote's ip, passing -l shortnmname?
02:58:39Adityaits because you touch urself at night
02:58:40josh_earHertz: yes
02:58:58DrumRBoy320my friend says that, it annoys the hell outta me ;)
02:59:03linuxstbearHertz: Or "ssh username@host"
02:59:12Paul_The_NerdNew patch tracker
02:59:14AdityaI use username@host
02:59:16Adityabut eh
02:59:17Adityaeither works
02:59:27earHertzlinuxstb: yeas, or that. ;)
02:59:37AdityaDrumRBoy320: I know.. but its fun to say it =P
02:59:55DrumRBoy320ah, ok
03:00:35DrumRBoy320where does a .patch file go?
03:02:42Paul_The_NerdWhat do you mean?
03:03:17DrumRBoy320...i guess its a stupid question, i feel retarded.... when you download a .patch can it just be put in the player somewhere...?
03:03:23DrumRBoy320or does it have to be recompiled?
03:03:54Paul_The_NerdIt has to be applied and recompiled.
03:04:03Paul_The_Nerdpatch -p0 < patchfile.patch, usually
03:04:15Paul_The_Nerdfrom in the source directory (rockbox/ or rockbox-devel/)
03:04:38DrumRBoy320ah, ok (too complex for me ;-) )
03:08:06 Quit perldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:09:50SuperSnouti heard there are problems with rockbox and charging..
03:10:03SuperSnoutis it ok to charge from mains while in rockbox?
03:10:06 Join YouCeyE [0] (
03:10:18SuperSnoutwill i be able to get a full charge?
03:12:11pyrowith what device?
03:15:03pyrono there are no problems with rockbox and charging. Hardware on the h320 takes care of it so its exactly the same as iriver
03:15:38SuperSnoutbut when you plug it in while off it goes into iriver firmware..
03:16:10pyroThat was intended at the time until charging was better understood. Only current issue is USB charging
03:16:51SuperSnoutoh yeah.. that was the one..
03:17:22SuperSnoutbut the problem with it going into iriver firmware when you charge from off is that it messes up the clock and everything
03:17:32Paul_The_NerdSo turn it on first.
03:17:42SuperSnoutgood advice =)
03:18:05SuperSnouti'm so chuffed about my doom strafing erm.. modification..
03:18:29SuperSnoutit works quite nicely
03:19:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:19:00pyroHere's a question though. I'm working on the USB charging for the H320. Why in the hell does Iriver even have that option to Turn OFF USB charging??
03:19:06SuperSnoutbut you can't get quite the same flexibility as when you are holding down a button to strafe
03:20:04Paul_The_Nerdpyro: Probably for those people who want to cycle their battery fully each time.
03:20:12SuperSnouthaha.. maybe someone might randomly want to rinse out the batteries while being plugged into the computer =)
03:20:24SuperSnoutahh.. that's true
03:20:49 Quit aegray_ ("leaving")
03:20:56 Join aegray [0] (
03:21:04pyroSo do we want that functionality in Rockbox?
03:21:13SuperSnoutwhen you're player has low battery.. does rockbox start switching off the screen after 1 sec of inactivity?
03:21:34pyroSuperSnout: yes - I think it's 2 sec although it feels like 1/4 sec
03:21:44SuperSnoutyeah =)
03:21:49SuperSnoutokay.. thanks
03:22:44pyroIs it even possible to turn USB charging off in other ports of Rockbox?
03:23:24Paul_The_Nerdpyro: Other than the iPods I don't even know if other Rockbox devices charge via USB
03:23:37linuxstbYes, some of the Archos devices do.
03:24:06pyrolinuxstb: and there's no option to turn usb charging off?
03:24:24linuxstbI don't know.
03:24:44linuxstbAs any ipod user will tell you, I've ignored the battery/charging code so far...
03:25:16*Paul_The_Nerd grins.
03:25:21Paul_The_NerdIt charges on USB just fine, thank you.
03:26:47 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Connection timed out)
03:34:25AdityaPaul_The_Nerd: my h320 charges over USB
03:34:52Adityaatleast in the default firmware
03:35:01Adityahaven't tried charging under rockbox yet
03:35:28pyroAditya: it will depend on the setting under iriver's firmware whether it does or not
03:35:47pyroJust figured out how to get Rockbox to control USB charging tonight :)
03:36:11Adityapyro: yeah I know and I always have it off =P
03:36:15Adityaits pretty damn annoying
03:36:40pyroout of curiosity: Why do you have it off?
03:37:02Adityabecause when I plug in my USB cable it goes into charging mode
03:37:11Adityawhen I really want to just copy files over
03:37:31pyrooh - you can press play after that and it will go into USB "copy mode"
03:37:42pyrothat's why I don't understand that setting
03:37:45 Quit perl|wtf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:37:50AdityaI dont really care much for it
03:37:51SuperSnouthow does the dict plugin work?
03:37:58AdityaI rarely need to charge over USB
03:38:47SuperSnoutdoes anyone know?
03:39:19Adityais it just me or is everyone else H320's battery dying before the 2-3 years everyone says its supposed to last?
03:39:23earHertzwhat is teh OS X eqivalwent to chkdsk? fsck?
03:44:15SuperSnoutdoes nobody know?
03:45:28 Join jaebird [0] (n=jae@
03:46:30golf7adi: yep
03:46:38golf7i replaced mine after 8 months of heavy use
03:46:42golf7of couse i got a h340
03:46:45golf7but same model
03:46:51AdityaI use it a lot
03:47:01AdityaI guess a new battery is in order
03:47:40golf7i got that 2200 ipod battery
03:47:41golf7worth it
03:47:51golf7i get like 8 hours on rockbox
03:48:02thegeek_8 hours?
03:48:04golf7that is with screen refreshes, games, doom and stuff
03:48:16golf7maybe more with just music
03:48:19AdityaI used to get like 10 - 14 with a new iriver
03:48:21golf7i havent done a test, i want to
03:48:27golf7i need too btw
03:48:28thegeek_the tests show A LOT more
03:48:36golf7battery benchmark
03:48:37thegeek_like 20+
03:48:46thegeek_atleast for normal iriver firmware
03:48:48golf7i wanna do one with my battery just to see what i get
03:48:51golf7on rockbox
03:48:57thegeek_if I remember correctly rockbox was just as good
03:49:12golf7yeah, i think its the screen on/of that kills the battery
03:49:23golf7cause i never used stock firmware with new battery
03:49:33golf7i put hdd in upside down and fried it
03:49:47golf7then v1 bootloader, came out while it was out of commission
03:49:56golf7so i went 60 gig hdd, 2200 battery, inskin
03:50:01golf7for rockbox
03:50:49thegeek_I've been wondering about getting the 2200mah too
03:50:52golf7yeah the ultimate playtoy
03:50:56thegeek_but my player is kinda tired
03:51:03thegeek_waay too many fixes
03:51:04golf7music on the iriver, and games on the psp
03:51:07golf7and its awesome
03:51:22thegeek_I have to add extra paper to make the harddrive press the pcb together
03:51:26golf7only thing now is to learn how to code or patch and compile the cvs
03:51:44golf7cause sometimes needleboy doesnt update with the patches that i want
03:51:54golf7but its so awesome having a "optimized build"
03:51:58golf7its so awesome
03:52:03golf7testing new features
03:52:17 Quit SuperSnout ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox 1.0.7/20050919]")
04:09:27pyrocan anyone help with doing a recursive cvs diff? I'm trying cvs diff -u -r ./ > patch but it's complaing about "no such tag . "
04:10:05linuxstbcvs diff is recursive by default.
04:10:20linuxstbThe "-r" option is used to indicate a revision
04:10:37linuxstbSo "cvs diff -u3 > file.patch" is all you need.
04:11:14pyroahhh, thanks
04:11:31 Join Leperkawn [0] (
04:11:52LeperkawnSo, rockbox runs on the 5g?
04:12:02midkayLeperkawn, yes
04:12:14LeperkawnWhat testing could I do?
04:12:20*linuxstb is listening to Rockbox now on his 5g
04:12:22LeperkawnAs a non-programmer, that is.
04:12:28midkaytesting? you could.. use it.. :)
04:12:30 Join pyro2 [0] (
04:12:31 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:12:48LeperkawnHow would I do that, boot my ipod firmware and my iriver?
04:13:01LeperkawnGimme a sec to explain.
04:13:22Leperkawnafter thinking, I just won't have itunes autosort my files
04:13:26LeperkawnThanks guys =P
04:13:35Leperkawnfking itunes >_<
04:13:43earHertzwhat does iTunesControl on teh iopod firmware contain?
04:14:09LeperkawnAsking me?
04:14:24earHertzno, linuxstb
04:14:33earHertzas he's teh porter
04:14:52midkayearHertz, ipod/itunes' proprietary id3 database, iiuc
04:14:55linuxstbNo idea - Rockbox ignores those files.
04:15:29earHertzI don't suppose you've had any new thought s on compiling for 64MB?
04:15:33linuxstbIt's not an aim of Rockbox to integrate with iTunes - but someone will probably add it in the future.
04:15:51LeperkawnSongBird is where its at
04:15:57 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:15:57LeperkawnYou guys must've heard of SB?
04:16:17linuxstbTried it, hated it.
04:16:23earHertzWhat is it?
04:16:32linuxstb"lean and mean" is how I like things.
04:16:36Adityaopen source iTunes clone
04:16:49Adityalinuxstb: I hope you dont like iTunes then
04:16:52LeperkawnWell, it's at like v. 0.1 right now.
04:17:01AdityaearHertz: yes
04:17:04LeperkawnIs their main site.
04:17:20earHertzI very much abhor itune's handling of classical music
04:17:35AdityaI very much abhor iTunes.. period.
04:17:37 Quit Shadowarrior13 ()
04:17:40LeperkawnOh how do I loath itunes
04:17:44LeperkawnAnd it's evil evil-ness.
04:17:55earHertzwell, it's not a bad first cut
04:17:56Adityayou mean its utter retardness
04:17:59linuxstbAditya: Of course not. iTunes can't even organise normal albums if they have different artists for different tracks.
04:18:01LeperkawnAnd i loathe the fact that I have 1 too few USB ports
04:18:09Adityasongbird looks neat
04:18:11earHertzunderdtand, I wanted a db for rockbox back in 2003
04:18:13Leperkawnmouse, ipod, external harddrive: I have to pick 2.
04:18:14Adityabut WMP 10 works for me
04:18:16Adityaand it works well
04:18:18LeperkawnI like songbird much.
04:18:28LeperkawnI like foobar2000 much too
04:18:40Adityafoobar doesn't do video too well though ;)
04:18:52AdityaI used to use winamp.. but eh.. WMP 10 ftw
04:19:02LeperkawnI don't have a great video player, i just use WMP
04:19:03earHertzhas anyone used foobar and that plugin to unmyunged ipod's direcetory dtructure?
04:19:15AdityaH320 here..
04:19:22Adityajust a regular USB device... mmmm
04:19:47AdityaI still dont get what the little puff at the back of the songbird logo is
04:19:52AdityaI mean is the bird farting??
04:20:17Paul_The_NerdI use Media Player Classic for Video, and foobar for audio personally
04:20:20linuxstbearHertz: foo_pod doesn't seem to work with the very latest version of the iTunesdb. That's always going to be a problem, which is why I'm not that interested in adding itunes support.
04:20:20LeperkawnAnyways, what does the compilation feature in iTunes do?
04:20:20Paul_The_NerdThough I hear VLC is quite good
04:20:53AdityaI use WMP 10 a lot since our uni gives us free DRMed music
04:21:11Adityaas in unlimited downloads and such.. just need WMP 10 to play it..
04:21:23Adityawinamp plays em too.. but renewing is not so nice in winamp
04:21:36earHertzlinuxstb: I agree about not adding support
04:21:36golf7VLC is a NICE video player
04:21:43golf7and Foobar is nice for audio
04:21:47Paul_The_NerdI think adding iTunes support is a somewhat bad idea, simply because in a way it's endorsing one specific music organizing program/system over another, unless you start trying to interact with others.
04:21:50LeperkawnI love foobar.
04:21:56Leperkawnintegrated with gaim...mmmmm....
04:22:02earHertzI would like to get my mp3s organized though, so that i can use both rb and teh ipod firmware on my ipod
04:22:14Paul_The_NerdIt seems to me that since Rockbox has its own database format, it may as well just stick with it
04:22:15Adityaif you are going to add code for iTunes.. make it a plugin and optional
04:22:17earHertzI mean, I can use the rb, but I'd like the directories to be sorted. and stuff
04:22:20golf7alot of people want that feature cause they are dumbasses and cont organize them selves =P
04:22:27AdityaI dont want my rockbox install to do anything with iTunes
04:22:33golf7but i want the directorys yes
04:22:49golf7yeah, make the itunes db thing a plugin, or an option
04:22:53golf7not default either
04:22:57Adityathere is no reason why we need to look at iTunes db
04:22:58earHertzwell, sure
04:23:06LeperkawnI agree, aditya.
04:23:09LeperkawnFiletree is fine
04:23:12Leperkawnor us organized people
04:23:13Adityaits just another db
04:23:16earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: how does rb's databse compare to the ipod's?
04:23:27Adityaif anything we should make the rockbox db innovative and do stuff of our own
04:23:44Adityawould it be possible to like have wifi?
04:23:48Adityanow that would be neat
04:23:56golf7but itunes is already how people have their shit organized
04:23:59AdityaI guess you would need a controller though
04:23:59golf7so what about
04:24:03golf7auto folder the db
04:24:05earHertzAditya: ah - rb should be USEABLE. if that means innovation, fine −− it that means copying, fine too
04:24:23linuxstbAditya: The rockbox db is in the process of being rewritten. The existing one has been left to rot over the last year or so.
04:24:30golf7from the db
04:24:34Adityaeh.. just because a bunch of ipod users use iTunes, we sholdn't change the course of rockbox
04:24:43golf7the itunes that is, that way no db, it just converts the filenames so its like a db
04:24:45golf7but filetree
04:24:46Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Since it's open source, theoretically it could surpass it in any and all ways if people contributed to developing it.
04:24:48Adityalinuxstb: good to hear
04:24:49LeperkawnNo one likes itunes anyway
04:24:51golf7and have shortcuts
04:24:54golf7o well
04:24:57golf7its however
04:24:58earHertzAditya: here's the thing: how on rockbox do I play all tunes by Betthoven?
04:25:03golf7cause i will use filetree al the time
04:25:06AdityaLeperkawn: I have seen people swear on iTunes
04:25:09earHertzmy only option is to make a playlist on my pc
04:25:10Adityait always amazes me
04:25:18LeperkawnAditya: They know nothing.
04:25:19golf7itunes is nice, if you want simple shit with no features
04:25:23golf7my friends swear on it
04:25:35golf7let me pluf it in, it will auto add my music
04:25:38AdityaearHertz: I am thinking that new rewrite of rb will fix that
04:25:39 Join aaronfg [0] (
04:25:40linuxstbI thought most people swore at it...
04:25:42golf7im like, i can add my shit anyway i want
04:25:47golf7and faster than itunes
04:25:54earHertzwho is re-writing it?
04:25:58golf7and get to any songon my iriver, before you can in ituntes
04:26:05Adityalinuxstb: is there going to be some sort of ID3 sorting ?
04:26:07golf7and i have like 8 deep directories
04:26:09Adityain the rewrite I mean
04:26:20golf7well, im out niggas
04:26:22golf7hold it down
04:26:31golf7keep the patches/CVS changes coming
04:26:39Adityalater ... dawg...
04:26:51linuxstbI don't know what features there will be, but the main one is that Rockbox itself will create and maintain the database - you just drag-and-drop files as normal. You won't need any PC software to create the database.
04:27:14Adityadoesn't rb do that now?
04:27:24earHertzthat's a mis-feature
04:27:29earHertzthink about it.
04:27:41linuxstbNo, like all mp3 players, you need an application on the PC to create the database.
04:27:43Adityaif you would elaborate...
04:27:47 Quit pyro (Success)
04:27:59linuxstbBut it's just a Perl script...
04:28:08Adityaso I guess bootup time would be mucho faster and not so dependant on number of songs eh?
04:28:09earHertzAditya: now it requires tyou to scan teh files on a pc
04:28:33AdityaearHertz: I dont need to scan anything
04:28:35AdityaI just drag and drop
04:28:40Adityaand it works
04:28:45earHertzto use teh current rb db
04:29:04earHertzalthough I beleive there is some provision to add on teh fly from rb
04:29:21linuxstbNo, I don't think there is. But I've never used it.
04:29:23earHertzteh problem with that is, it's harder to write a db that's (easily) updatable
04:29:23AdityaI use the USB connection through the default iRiver "OS"
04:29:41Adityahow so?
04:29:41earHertzan updateable db necessarily takes more spce
04:29:55Adityaa database is writable by design
04:30:00Adityathats what makes it a database
04:30:00earHertzwell, if it's not updateable, you can write your indexes once
04:30:14earHertzand nort have to insert stuff into them
04:30:16LeperkawnWhen did 5g begin to play audio?
04:30:31linuxstbabout two weeks ago.
04:30:35AdityaearHertz: why would inserting be any different than replacing?
04:30:36earHertzAditya: yes, that's what makes it a db, in some sense
04:30:37Adityaor deleing
04:30:41LeperkawnSo i'm not -that- much behind.
04:30:48LeperkawnIf it was like... Two months.. I would shoot myself.
04:30:58Adityaa database = you can store data, access it quick (using a hash maybe) and update entries or add or delete
04:31:01earHertzbecause to insert in teh middle, you have to move everything that comes after the insertion point
04:31:12Adityanot really
04:31:25earHertzdiffernt algorithms have differnrt readig and updating efiiciencies
04:31:40Adityayeah.. thats the whole point
04:31:41earHertzas it happens, the best reading efficiency coomes at the cost of piss-poor updat eefficiency
04:31:47earHertzthis is true for "real" databses too
04:31:55aaronfgI was away and didn't see that the color settings had been added in officially. very nice
04:31:58Adityathats a big generalization
04:32:04Adityaand its probably not true either
04:32:06earHertz"reeal" databses get arounfd this by using various strategies
04:32:28earHertzbut all are costly in terms of time and space
04:32:47earHertzand the more memory we use for the databnse, the less we have for the sioong buffer
04:33:07LeperkawnDoes anyone know why itunes trims filename lengths?
04:33:11earHertzin any case, what do you have to have to copy a song to your portable player?
04:33:14Adityadepending on how you store the database, you dont really have to load much into memory
04:33:24earHertzLeperkawn: on teh ipod disk you mean?
04:33:31Adityayou just store it as chuncks in the filesystem
04:33:47Adityaand earHertz: I just plug in my USB cable... and just drag and drop from explorer
04:33:50earHertzAditya: sure, but to scan teh whole db, tyou have to load it all
04:34:01linuxstbLeperkawn: To minimise the space taken in the database, with the side-effect that stops the average person copying the files back to your PC.
04:34:04earHertzto get around ascansm, you can use indeces, but then you have to load those
04:34:05Adityawhy would you want to scan the whole db earHertz?
04:34:09LeperkawnerHerts: No, when you import it
04:34:10Leperkawnto itunes
04:34:23LeperkawnAh, i see linuxstb.
04:34:25earHertzLeperkawn: I don't beleive it does taht on import
04:34:48LeperkawnAverage person = no id3 tag knowledge?
04:35:01Adityanot really
04:35:05Adityaa lot of people tag their music
04:35:10Leperkawnaccording to linuxstb
04:35:14Adityathey just dont know its ID3 or what not
04:35:32Adityathey just know iTunes or WMP will remember that name and artist the next time they load the software
04:35:43Leperkawnlinuxstb>Leperkawn: To minimise the space taken in the database, with the ///side-effect that stops the average person copying the files back to your PC.///
04:35:47LeperkawnI was asking him about that
04:36:08 Join Arrogant [0] (
04:36:37Leperkawnbut its really irrelevant.
04:36:51Adityajust like you
04:37:04Leperkawn-cuts self-
04:37:05AdityaI am just kidding dude
04:37:12Adityadont go all emo on us
04:37:26Leperkawnmr. razor goes down the river, not across
04:38:05Leperkawn-dead chat-
04:38:05earHertzAditya: some notes I wrote back when on this:
04:39:09LeperkawnTime to put rb on my 5g
04:39:16Adityaall I am saying is that you dont really need to scan the whole db
04:39:20Leperkawnnow that i did that compilation shit on itunes, that really fixed my file lib
04:39:29Adityayou just need to scan each layer as you go
04:40:03earHertzAditya: and
04:40:17LeperkawnOh, good thing iTunes needs to randomly copy 500 songs. Good thing I actually modified those songs
04:40:17Adityathen again it probably gets extremely annoying working with a 4V processor
04:40:24Leperkawn-end sarcasm
04:40:38AdityaI hate iTunes
04:40:48AdityaI plugged in a USB stick with some music on it
04:40:52LeperkawnAnd iTunes knows the best way to update a song is to recopy the whole damn song and not update the one on my ipod
04:40:59Adityaand told iTunes to play it (I was stuck on a G5)
04:41:03Adityaand what does it to?
04:41:10Adityait doesn't just play it off the stick
04:41:18Adityait copies everything to my home directory at uni.
04:41:19LeperkawnGood thing it didnt try to format it
04:41:26Adityathereby filling my home dir up
04:41:30Adityaand causing my account to lock up
04:41:41LeperkawnIts better than syncing with wmp though
04:41:44Leperkawnnot by much but it is
04:41:44earHertzLeperkawn: itunes can't teall what changes you've e made to the song fiel, only that it has changed. wrgop the full copy
04:41:55LeperkawnEither way it pisses me off =)
04:42:01earHertzyes, me too
04:42:11Adityaexplorer + h320 ftw
04:42:19earHertzi reqally type badly
04:42:24Adityayeah we can see
04:42:28earHertzthink of it as a thick accent
04:42:33Leperkawnbut with text.
04:42:38LeperkawnI used to have a h320
04:42:38Adityamore like a slur
04:42:42Leperkawnthen i sold it to get my 5g
04:42:45earHertzof a a slur, yeas
04:42:50LeperkawnYeah yeah
04:42:57Adityalol I dont really care
04:43:00Leperkawneveryone says ipod users dont look at the DAP market
04:43:06Leperkawnbut thats only true for the noobs.
04:43:09Adityabut I dont know.. iPods just make sick for some reason
04:43:22LeperkawnAs long as they're not plugged into a comptuer they're nice
04:43:25Leperkawnslim, 30 gb
04:43:28Leperkawnplays vids
04:43:29Adityathe nano is the only one thats cool
04:43:35Leperkawnnanos to fking small
04:43:42Leperkawni'd lose that puppy
04:43:48Leperkawnand its overpriced, i mean 250?
04:43:53Leperkawnthats alot.
04:44:01Adityawell the regular video ipod costs 400 bucks
04:44:11Adityamy h320 costs like 200 bucks
04:44:17Leperkawnthe 60 gig is 400
04:44:18Adityaand it does more
04:44:24LeperkawnI liked my h320
04:44:28Adityawithout any weird attachments
04:44:31Leperkawnbut i honestly like my 30gb 5g better
04:44:44Adityathey are slim though, I give you that
04:44:44Leperkawnscroll wheel looked gay at first
04:44:46Leperkawnbut its god
04:44:52Adityaand they are cool looking
04:44:59Leperkawnyou dont know how much a scroll wheel is god
04:45:03Leperkawnif a h320 had one... man....
04:45:03Adityaif they made an iRiver H320x or something
04:45:16Adityawhich had the same look as the H320 but thinner
04:45:19Leperkawnthey never updated the h320 firmware and iriver wasnt out when i had mine
04:45:19AdityaI would be in heaven
04:45:26Leperkawnso i was pissed
04:45:29Adityacause I love the carbon fiber look
04:45:39Leperkawnh320 + scrollwheel (touch)
04:45:41Leperkawnwould pwn
04:45:44Leperkawn+ slim
04:45:52Leperkawni would sell my ipod prolly =P
04:45:59Leperkawnif it had a 60/80 gb one
04:46:01Leperkawnfor like 400
04:46:17LeperkawnI hate when i type, i hit enter way too much.
04:46:17AdityaI want to learn how to make these things work
04:46:21Adityaand then take some metal shop courses
04:46:23 Quit Hideo ()
04:46:40Adityacarbon fibre case + color screen (maybe touch screen) + rest of good stuff
04:46:40LeperkawnJust get a plasic vaccum mold
04:46:48Adityaforget plastic
04:46:51Adityacarbon fibre
04:46:57Leperkawnharder to make though
04:47:06Adityaharder to break too
04:47:08Leperkawnplasic you just vacumme mold it
04:47:09Adityaand light as fuck
04:47:56LeperkawnI need USB 2 on my lappy
04:47:59LeperkawnI need a tower
04:48:04Leperkawnmy lappy sucks. p3.
04:48:12Aditya600m here
04:48:18Adityaand while it rocks by numbers.. its fugly
04:48:25AdityaI want an IBM...
04:48:41Leperkawni mean
04:49:11Adityadell 600m
04:49:13aaronfgDoes anyone have an update on album art? I know there was a patch out there for it, but is it implimented in the bleeding edge builds yet?
04:49:16Aditya ... thats the shit
04:49:22LeperkawnI just realized...
04:49:26LeperkawnWith rockbox
04:49:32Leperkawnand default firmware
04:49:35LeperkawnHow is that going to work?
04:49:41LeperkawnIm goign to need 2 copies of all my music
04:49:42Adityait wont
04:49:53Leperkawni can copy my music over twice >_<
04:50:00Adityawhat are you talking about??
04:50:12LeperkawnI have my ipod as normal
04:50:17Leperkawnwith the garbled files
04:50:19Leperkawnyou know?
04:50:30LeperkawnThen i take my file lib and bring it over for rockbox to use.
04:50:38Leperkawnhence haveing 2 copies of my file lib on my ipod
04:50:45Leperkawnlowering my storage to about 13 gig.
04:50:46AdityaI think rockbox and your own firmware just share the files
04:50:57LeperkawnBut, if its filetree...
04:50:58Adityaunless your files are DRMed
04:51:04Adityait doesn't matter
04:51:07Adityathey are just sound files
04:51:09LeperkawnYou know how the files are scrambled?
04:51:18LeperkawnOr does it read ID3 tags and not filenames?
04:51:21Adityaoh on the ipod
04:51:28Adityaheck if I know
04:51:33Adityathats why it sucks
04:51:39LeperkawnOnly 1/2 storage
04:51:47Leperkawnscrwe it
04:51:52Leperkawnif rockbox plays music fine
04:51:57Leperkawnwhy do i need the original firmware?
04:52:06Adityahey look.. he learns
04:52:24Paul_The_NerdThat's the question you're supposed to ask, and the answer should be "I don't." :)
04:52:43LeperkawnDoes rockbox play sound nearly 100% fine?
04:52:50Leperkawnwithout too much playback issues?
04:53:17Paul_The_NerdAs long as you're not using DRMed music, yeah
04:53:42Paul_The_NerdI personally don't have *any* playback issues, but I use ogg-vorbis format music
04:54:03AdityaI dont have any issues either
04:54:11LeperkawnI use mp3
04:54:18Adityaone thing that bugs me is that it doesn't go to the next directory after a directory is done playing
04:54:24AdityaI use mp3 Leperkawn
04:54:29Adityait plays em fine
04:54:37Paul_The_Nerdmp3 is "pretty good" right now. You *shouldn't* have any issues, unless you're using equalizer with particularly high bitrate files
04:54:48Leperkawn250mb/s on some...
04:54:50Leperkawni think
04:54:52Leperkawnaround there.
04:55:00Leperkawnwhatever high qual on Exact Audio Copy is.
04:55:56Leperkawnit reads playlists right?
04:56:06Paul_The_NerdThose play fine on my Nano, with replaygain, but I don't use the equalizer so I can't attest for that personally
04:56:12Paul_The_NerdIt uses .m3u playlists, yes.
04:56:54Leperkawnwhat type does the ipod create?
04:56:58LeperkawnWhen it does 'on the go'
04:57:15linuxstbThey are just created in the database.
04:57:58LeperkawnGotta make my own then.
04:57:59LeperkawnNo problem.
04:58:11LeperkawnCurse you, ipod database!
04:58:29Paul_The_NerdLeperkawn: With rockbox you can make them on the go and save as .m3us though
04:58:42Adityathats what you get for betraying us and moving to the iRiver
04:58:45LeperkawnToo bad rockbox didn't come out sooner for the h320
04:58:48Adityaerr apple I mean
04:58:50LeperkawnI waited for a year, man!
04:58:59Paul_The_NerdRockbox loves you in ways Apple can't.
04:59:00Leperkawnplus im in love wiht my scrool wheel
04:59:12Leperkawnman that things nice compared to the h320 buttons
04:59:18Leperkawnnavigation is so easy
04:59:20AdityaI like my buttons
04:59:37Adityaits easy to do things when you are in a crowded train and you cant really pull your player out
04:59:49Leperkawnwtf trains =P
04:59:55Adityayou know..
04:59:57LeperkawnClosest passanger train to me is.... Far away.
05:00:06LeperkawnWe have iron ore hauling trains all over though
05:00:08Adityasome of us have to actually commute and go to college
05:00:23*Leperkawn pshh's at you
05:01:56 Join virtualball2 [0] (
05:02:21Adityaheylo virtualball2
05:02:53virtualball2has anyone had an error saying "Data Abort"?
05:03:18 Join StingerDL [0] (
05:03:19 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:03:40Paul_The_Nerdvirtualball2: doing what?
05:04:39virtualball2well it happens when i do 2 things, one when i play doom, i can do things until i click new game and then it shows that, also when i change my backdrop, but only on one picture
05:04:53Adityaits obvious
05:04:56 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
05:04:59Adityaits because you touch your dog at night
05:05:44Paul_The_Nerdvirtualball2: You could play doom before? Also, is the backdrop a 24-bit bitmap at the right resolution (not 16-bit, or anything odd about it?)
05:05:47 Quit Jungti1234 (Client Quit)
05:05:55virtualball2if it matters the rest is "Data Abort at 4000CA08"
05:06:15virtualball2Paul_The_Nerd, ya i could, and i could also use that .bmp before
05:06:47Paul_The_NerdAt which point I suggest cleanly reinstalling your build. (Reset settings, then delete the folder and the file before copying a new one one)
05:07:17 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:09:13LeperkawnI swear by the end of the night I will have rockbox on my ipod
05:09:19Leperkawn(has usb1)
05:09:37*Leperkawn goes and preps the cappuchino maker for tomorrow morning
05:10:17LeperkawnDont remind me
05:10:29virtualball2haha if you had mac, i could have helped you :-P
05:10:45LeperkawnUsb 1... sooo sloooowwww
05:11:18earHertzwho here has an ipod?
05:11:25*Leperkawn raises hand
05:11:44earHertzwanna do me a favor Leperkawn
05:11:44 Join Hideo [0] (n=irc@tor/session/x-0c5a753c8d988c27)
05:12:05Leperkawnas long as it doesnt involve impact testing
05:12:06earHertztell me the size in bytes of your itunesdb on teh ipod
05:12:22Paul_The_NerdOooh, ooh, mine's 0!
05:12:31earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: really?
05:12:36Paul_The_NerdI deleted it
05:13:09LeperkawnSize: 1,482,764 Size on Disk: same but ends with 52
05:13:09virtualball2...i dont use rockbox to listen to music :-P
05:13:16earHertzand you just copied your fs to the ipod fs?
05:13:19Leperkawn1.5 grand songs in my lib
05:13:34earHertzLeperkawn: how many songs on the ipod?
05:13:36Paul_The_NerdearHertz: I did, yes.
05:13:36virtualball2i have 1245 songs
05:13:54Paul_The_Nerdvirtualball2: I use my rockbox almost exclusively for music.
05:13:57virtualball2i paid for mine ^_^
05:14:01LeperkawnI have a shitload im too lazy to put in itunes though
05:14:10 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
05:14:23earHertzinteresting. You use about 1000 bytes per song
05:14:38earHertzwhereas I use about 1500
05:15:23earHertzDo you put comments or composers in tyour id3 tags?
05:16:12LeperkawnNo comments
05:16:16Leperkawncomposers... no
05:16:26earHertzthat much account for it
05:16:27LeperkawnI use genre, name, artist, album
05:16:31Leperkawnand have some compilations
05:16:41Leperkawna few have composers/comments
05:16:41virtualball2earHertz, no
05:16:43Leperkawnbut not much
05:16:53earHertzvirtualball2: no what?
05:16:54virtualball2\i use genre, artist, song, album, and year
05:17:04Leperkawni occasionally use year if its already there
05:17:15virtualball2earHertz, no i dont use comments or composers
05:17:22virtualball2sorry for being late lol
05:17:34earHertzvirtualball2: but since you don't use the ipod firmware, that tells me nothing. ;)
05:17:37 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:17:49 Part midkay ("Leaving")
05:18:06virtualball2earHertz, i do, i use it fo videos and songs
05:18:16Leperkawnyou didnt chime in when he asked
05:18:18Leperkawnfor ipod users
05:18:18 Part Paul_The_Nerd
05:18:28earHertzvirtualball2: ok, can you tell me teh size in bytes of your itunesdc fiel on teh ipod?
05:18:39virtualball2what? haha
05:18:48Leperkawnyou mean
05:18:56AdityaI jsut found the perfect HDD for my plan
05:19:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:19:07Aditya4 gb ... 78 bucks
05:19:21Leperkawndouble it up
05:19:26Adityaand its size... 5mm x 42mm x 42mm
05:19:28Adityawhich is crazy
05:19:30Leperkawnquadrupple it.....
05:19:39AdityaI want it to be relatively cheap
05:19:41LeperkawnI would. If i was rich.
05:19:47LeperkawnI want to be rich when i grow up.
05:19:48Adityaby the time I am ready to do this
05:19:52Adityait would be much cheaper
05:19:55Adityathe HDD I mean
05:19:58LeperkawnThas a damn nice hdd
05:20:04Leperkawnor you stay the same price and get more space
05:20:06Leperkawnby then
05:20:26JdGordonisnt 4gb flash cheaper than that?
05:20:33earHertzJdGordon: nope
05:20:44Leperkawnflash is expensive
05:20:45JdGordonoh ok
05:20:47Leperkawnin my experiences
05:21:01earHertzyou cabn get a 1gb sd for that
05:21:38Adityaflash is crazy expensive
05:21:51Adityaespecially when you get to the 4gb - 8gb range
05:22:08Leperkawnsony to be releasing 8gb sticks
05:22:12Leperkawntargeted for psp owners
05:22:15earHertzyes, but I paid as much for my 512 MB a few years ago
05:22:27earHertzhitachi is coming out with 16GB flash
05:22:36AdityaI wonder how much that will cost
05:22:37 Quit ts-x ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:22:46Leperkawntargeted for the psp pron viewers =P
05:22:48AdityaearHertz: the point is cost
05:23:02Leperkawnits on slashdot somewhere
05:23:04Leperkawni believe
05:23:10Adityaif the media itself costs me like 200 bucks, there is no point in making my own mp3 player
05:23:11earHertzyeah, but I remember when a 20 MB hdd cost $1000
05:23:32Adityawe had 10 mb HDDs in our HS in the old comp rooms
05:23:35Adityait was fun
05:23:38Adityano one used em
05:23:39Adityabut eh
05:23:41earHertzhell, my first pc had two floppy drives an no hdd at all
05:23:47earHertztry programming on that
05:23:48AdityaI am not that old lol
05:23:55earHertzin assembly
05:24:03Adityahow old are you?
05:24:07earHertzoh: and no graphics. text only monior
05:24:13earHertzI'm an old mofo
05:24:22earHertzin one color
05:24:31Adityawe get the point
05:24:32Leperkawnread as: an old mofo in color
05:24:41earHertzin monochrome
05:25:02Adityahow much would carbon fiber cost?
05:25:04earHertza faster moxem was 2600 bits per second
05:25:07 Nick pyro2 is now known as pyro (
05:25:08LeperkawnAnyone here read any wecomics?
05:25:24aaronfgbesides pvp? :)
05:26:15LeperkawnI read PVP, Penny Arcade, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Dr. McNinja, and used to read force monkeys till it stopped updating
05:27:52virtualball2How do you get a mbr again?
05:28:22Leperkawnanyone have a link to that thing that restores your ipod to factory default?
05:29:04virtualball2iPod Updater
05:29:11LeperkawnEep, found it
05:29:32Leperkawn1-10 is the newest right?
05:29:45 Quit markun (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:29:50virtualball2so does anyone know how to get an mbr?
05:30:00Leperkawn"ipod manager internal error"
05:30:03Leperkawnthen it crashes.
05:30:08earHertzmaster boot record/
05:30:25earHertzvarious utls will copy it for you
05:30:36virtualball2do you know one or linux?
05:30:50earHertzwell, dd i n theorty, I suppose
05:31:00earHertzas in ##linux
05:31:05 Join markun [0] (n=markun@2001:610:1908:8000:250:daff:fe47:4a8f)
05:35:00LeperkawnPreparing to wipe my ipod
05:35:03Leperkawnthen install rockbox
05:35:22Leperkawni should just format it to fat32, eh?
05:35:27Leperkawnand not use the ipod thing?
05:35:54Leperkawnif i dont want to use itunes/default firmware
05:36:13AdityaI am not sure you can just run the rockbox firmware
05:39:00 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:39:05LeperkawnI suppose it would be best just to follow the instructions word for word
05:44:15virtualball2Anyways, i feel like starting to _TRY_ to port the periodic table to the iPod
05:46:41LeperkawnThat would be sweet.
05:46:59Leperkawna shitload of plugins. I saw my friends 120
05:47:03Leperkawnhe has sudoku!
05:47:07LeperkawnI want sudoku!
05:47:35virtualball2iPod has a soduke *caugh8solver*caugh*
05:49:03LeperkawnI'll have to check it out
05:49:10Leperkawnim still getting around to installing rb
05:49:18virtualball2its not that fun :-( lol
05:49:20Leperkawn8 solver? shouldnt it be 9 solver?
05:49:35virtualball2i used it once
05:49:40LeperkawnI shall have to brb though.
05:49:46virtualball2though you can dl .ss files and play with those
05:49:52 Quit Leperkawn ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
05:51:08 Quit StingerDL (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:53:37earHertzwho has an ipod photo color?
05:55:59 Join JdGordon [0] (
06:00:37 Join Leperkawn [0] (
06:00:46Leperkawnyo estoy aqui
06:01:04earHertzwhat's teh apple fiormware max version fo rit?
06:01:58LeperkawnCan you restate please?
06:02:12virtualball2Yo hablo espa–ol tambien!
06:04:13Leperkawnim in the act of restoring my ipod.
06:04:44Leperkawnthen to install rockbox.
06:04:50Leperkawnon a nice clean ipod.
06:06:11LeperkawnIn random news
06:12:27 Join infamis [0] (
06:15:41infamis...hmm so it's about 6am/7am for you Europe-peans
06:19:02virtualball2its 12:20 here
06:20:11infamis23:00 here cdt
06:21:15infamisit seems I have to be up at 4-5am cause that's when the Europeans kick in...for us poor USA'nians
06:31:00Leperkawn12:30 here
06:31:09LeperkawnzzZZZzzzz -twitches-
06:31:15AdityaI still have hw
06:31:19LeperkawnI might
06:31:20Adityaand I dont feel like doing it
06:31:24LeperkawnThat's what study hall is for
06:31:41 Quit aaronfg (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:32:03Leperkawnfinally got around to putting on rockbot... im in the command prompt as we speak
06:35:18Leperkawngot the bootloader up
06:45:03 Join damaki__ [0] (
06:49:01LeperkawnIs there a larger font i could use?
06:49:16Leperkawneep, got it
06:50:02 Quit Arrogant (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
06:50:42 Quit JdGordon (Connection reset by peer)
06:52:03 Part LinusN
06:52:43 Join perl|wtf [0] (
07:00:32 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:01:30 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzzzz")
07:01:34LeperkawnOh man is rockbox sexy.
07:01:37LeperkawnI wanna sex0r it.
07:02:00Leperkawntime to up my moosecks onto it
07:05:08 Join JdGordon [0] (
07:06:13LeperkawnSo, anyone know about this foobar extension?
07:08:24 Quit dpassen1 ()
07:09:31 Join B4gder [0] (
07:09:37 Join dpassen1 [0] (
07:13:13 Quit Hideo (Remote closed the connection)
07:14:36 Quit Leperkawn ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
07:15:30 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
07:19:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:21:26infamisahaa!!! I figured it out!
07:22:15infamisyup...line feeds(0x0A) messes up bitmaps on cygwin...and causes it to prepend the carriage return!
07:22:41infamisin bejeweled_jewels.160x128x16, there's two occurrences of 0x0A bytes...
07:22:53 Quit TCK ("well, if you say so.")
07:23:19Paul_The_Nerdinfamis: But you've set it to dos instead of unix files
07:23:33Paul_The_NerdYou changed the settings from "default" for cygwin, which means you didn't follow the installation instructions properly anyway
07:23:54infamislol if that's true
07:24:04Paul_The_NerdIt works for me
07:24:06B4gderand the image is binary in CVS
07:24:07Paul_The_NerdAnd mine are set to unix files
07:24:20Paul_The_NerdSo apparently if you set it to Dos-type files in Cygwin, it corrupts the bitmaps
07:25:52Paul_The_NerdWhich means that if you follow the instructions exactly as they are on the website, you won't have problems
07:26:02infamisdoesn't say that on the site
07:26:13Paul_The_NerdIt says to not change anything else in cygwin
07:26:26infamissays if you are unsure...
07:26:42Paul_The_NerdWere you sure that Dos files would work with rockbox?
07:27:31 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:27:34infamishold on, I'm looking for a loophole to dig myself a valid excuse :)
07:28:37*B4gder grins
07:29:02Paul_The_NerdAt least the problem is now solved.
07:29:28infamison the cygwin setup it says:
07:29:33infamisDefault Text File Type: line endings will be translated from unix (lf) to dos (cr-lf) on write and vice versa on read.
07:29:51infamiskey word was "default text file type"...I wouldn't have though bmp files would've been affected
07:30:06infamisit should probably just say default file type
07:30:16Paul_The_NerdIf they're considered binary files, they *shouldn't* be.
07:31:11infamisexactly...bitmaps were binary afaik...or maybe it does it on all files I'm guessing
07:31:19infamisregardless of extension
07:33:10infamisI guess if another noob comes along and figures he wants the source displayable in notepad...when thinking about the dos/unix lf to make sure he selects unix :)
07:33:31B4gderyou are the _first_ who faced this
07:33:36 Quit virtualball2 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:33:43Paul_The_NerdI just used "Wordpad" instead of notepad.
07:33:43*infamis feels special
07:33:53Paul_The_NerdSince it handles lf only files just fine.
07:34:23Paul_The_NerdThough I *think* it writes them back with crlf. I haven't checked, but if I edit files with it, I seem much more likely to get a conflict on them next cvs up
07:34:36infamisdamn...thought MS got rid of wordpad after win95...what a shock...still here on xp
07:35:00Paul_The_NerdI'd suggest ConText personally
07:35:41Paul_The_NerdYou get context highlighting, and some other somewhat useful fluf, but it doesn't feel... I dunno... kludgy like many "IDEs" tend to for me.
07:35:46thegeek_metapad is a nice bare-bones notepad with unix support
07:36:04thegeek_I like a good editor as much as anyone else
07:36:11thegeek_but sometimes you just want notepad;)
07:37:56infamisdamn...I just opened that bejeweled bitmap in a hex-editor; edited bmp2rb to print out the bitmap it read in (which size wasn't what it expected) and visually compared bytes to see which ones didn't match...just when you thought you were doing something it turns out to be for naught
07:40:16 Join damaki [0] (
07:40:50 Join Hideo [0] (n=irc@tor/session/x-c512187188a13f46)
07:40:54infamisyou're mooning who? lol
07:44:57amiconnB4gder: I got the sim to compile on amd64 with some hacking (still a number of warnings to fix), but it results in a build system challenge to make it work properly for both sim and target :/
07:46:31amiconnIt works if I (1) exclude everything that actually defines errno in the sources (for the sims there are 2 places),
07:47:10amiconnand (2) hide away rockbox' own errno.h to force usage of the compiler's errno.h
07:48:06amiconnDoing (2) that as a hack means the target doesn't compile anymore
07:48:58amiconnNow the challenge:
07:49:57amiconnerrno.h is in firmware/include/.
07:50:16 Join LinusN [0] (
07:50:23amiconnUsually we do want the sims to use the rockbox implementation of standard functions, but we need to make an exception for errno...
07:50:23 Part LinusN
07:50:44 Join LinusN [0] (
07:55:40B4gderamiconn: and isn't 64 bit longs a problem?
07:56:09 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:56:17amiconnI focused on getting the beast to compile first, Fixing 64bit inconsistencies is another problem
07:56:52amiconnThere's a second compilation problem - plugins and codecs do not link yet
07:57:11 Part Paul_The_Nerd
07:57:37amiconn...but that seems relatively easy to fix, although it also requires some build system work
07:57:48amiconn(detecting amd64 in configure)
07:58:28amiconn. /usr/bin/ld: /home/jens/rb-patched/simulator-build/i300/apps/codecs/vorbis.o: relocation R_X86_64_32S against `read_handler' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
07:58:51amiconnWe need to compile and link codecs and plugins with -fPIC on amd64
07:59:16 Join JdGordon [0] (
08:01:15amiconnbmp2rb works on amd64 with your long==>int changes in the structure definition, but imho we should use explicit sized types in such places
08:01:33B4gderyes I agree about that
08:01:47B4gderand if we do those on target code too, it should work for amd64 builds
08:02:27amiconnThat's one of my next tasks, but I need a solution for the errno.h challenge...
08:02:56B4gderso patching our own errno.h to use the standard header magic isn't a useful approach?
08:03:06amiconnFixing this problem of course also fixes the build problems on 32bit linux with nptl
08:03:15 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@
08:03:15B4gderah, right
08:03:31amiconnstandard header magic?
08:03:46B4gderI mean the magic the standard errno.h header uses for the errno definition
08:03:58B4gderwhatever that is
08:04:11amiconnThe standard errno.h might be different depending on the build system
08:04:36amiconnAfaiu, errno is a thread local variable on newer systems
08:04:52amiconnSo errno is actually a macro, expanding to
08:04:52B4gderafaik, they have gone different ways
08:05:11B4gderAIX for example doesn't do that macro dance
08:05:28 Join amiconn__ [0] (
08:05:39B4gder99.2% of our non-cygwin users are on Linux
08:05:55 Join [1]amiconn [0] (
08:05:55***Alert Mode level 1
08:05:55DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn
08:05:55DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn_
08:05:55***Alert Mode level 2
08:05:55DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn__
08:05:55DBUGEnqueued KICK [1]amiconn
08:05:55***Alert Mode level 3
08:06:09 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
08:06:09 Nick [1]amiconn is now known as amiconn (
08:06:09DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn
08:06:09***Alert Mode level 4
08:06:22B4gderso a fix for your case properly #ifdef'ed could still probably solve most of the errno issues
08:06:47amiconnSome are on macos X / bsd ...
08:07:27B4gder... and they haven't had problems with this
08:08:27amiconnNo, not yet
08:08:58LinusNi did some more current draw measurements on the h300 yday
08:09:03dwihnoDon't forget to eat semlor today!
08:09:25amiconnI think the clean solution would be to make the build system use the system's errno.h for sim builds, but I'm not sure about the way to do this
08:09:43B4gderamiconn: I agree that would be the cleanest approach
08:10:04LinusNi made an experiment where i halted the cpu in a STOP instruction with interrupts disabled
08:10:06amiconnWe could put rockbox' errno.h into a separate dir, and not put this into the include dir list for sim builds...
08:10:22LinusNand it still used 100mA!
08:10:30amiconnLinusN: huh?
08:10:44infamisisn't that a lot?
08:10:59LinusNso my theory seems to be correct
08:11:13LinusNabout a port collision or the likes
08:11:31amiconnwrong voltage(s)?
08:11:39infamiswhat's the theory?
08:11:48midkayB4gder, is that script you wrote supposed to calculate X or Y values? :)
08:11:59B4gdermidkay: it is up to you to decide
08:12:04B4gderit doesn't matter
08:12:12LinusNinfamis: the theory is that i, for example, have set a port pin in the wrong direction
08:12:24midkayB4gder, i tried adapting it to C.. it "kind of" works, but i had to steal a sin function from plasma.c - and something's not quite right..
08:12:30LinusNamiconn: i set the voltages exactly as the iriver firmware
08:16:10***Alert Mode OFF
08:18:31Jungti1234Iriver's net loss - $36667000
08:18:38 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
08:18:44midkayB4gder, yes!! *cheers* it works..
08:18:48amiconnB4gder: Regarding 32<->64 bit issues, I will have to fix a number of warnings like:
08:18:53B4gdermidkay: nice
08:19:20Jungti1234Cowon's net profit - $102482232
08:20:02B4gderthose korean companies seem to skyrocket! ;-P
08:20:05amiconnfont.c:175: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size
08:20:05amiconnfont.c:175: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size
08:20:17B4gderyeah, I bet we have a few of those
08:20:26amiconnsound.c:117: warning: passing argument 2 of â?~get_moreâ?T from incompatible pointer type
08:20:45amiconnNot too many
08:21:06Jungti1234Iriver may perish.
08:21:06amiconnInterestingly enough there is no single such warning in the codec libs...
08:21:39infamisWow...Cowon's doing that well? That's a suprise to me based on the horrible x5 firmware.
08:22:02B4gderI find the x5 firmware better than the h3x0
08:22:07B4gderoriginal firmware that is
08:22:18B4gdernot that I use either one very much
08:22:23 Quit amiconn_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:22:25amiconnB4gder: A total of 38 warnings of the 3 mentioned types in the core
08:22:27infamisnever used any iRiver...only other one I had was a rio karma
08:22:47infamisloved it to death
08:24:05infamis...til I loved it so much all 3 hard drives failed :(
08:25:22 Quit needleboy ()
08:26:10 Quit perl|wtf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:31:49infamiscygwin doesn't convert the bitmap when it writes it to the hard drive, but converts 0xd 0xa to 0xa on read()
08:32:30B4gderand that's because it doesn't use O_BINARY!
08:32:45B4gderin bmp2rb.c
08:33:13B4gderI'll fix
08:33:35infamiswhew hoo! infamis caused a fix!
08:38:29infamiscool! that'll stop the other "infamis"es from saying stuff doesn't compile under cygwin!
08:38:55B4gder6mins 14secs is *good* build speed
08:39:14amiconnuclpack seems to have 64 bit problems as well.
08:40:15amiconn..although it doesn't throw warnings when building
08:40:20amiconn..unlike sh2d
08:40:45Mikachui think you get a question about the crlf thing when you install cygwin
08:40:54B4gderyes you do
08:42:14CtcpIgnored 5 channel CTCP requests in 14 seconds at the last flood
08:42:14*LinusN mounts the hard disk on the x5
08:43:11*infamis says we have a bootloader?!!
08:45:36LinusNsoon, i hope
08:45:46LinusNthere is a bug or two to iron out first
08:46:38B4gderwhat, you do bugs?
08:46:46B4gderor are you talking about things I've done? ;-)
08:47:12amiconnucl_init() failed
08:47:16 Join needleboy [0] (
08:47:54B4gderamiconn: btw, your suggested table-approach in the x5 lcd driver is in use and works fine
08:48:05amiconnsaw that
08:49:35amiconnOf course I didn't see it working myself...
08:51:27LinusNi am currently struggling with ata_reset, might be a general bug in the ata driver
08:52:13amiconnLinusN: Do you think a simple colliding port would rise current consumption by >30 mA
08:52:29LinusNno, i don't
08:52:30*infamis confirms a to-dos-conversion Cygwin install compiles
08:52:31amiconnAfaik the short-circuit current of a port is a few mA
08:53:28LinusNthere are several other possible scenarios
08:53:50LinusNlike a chip being "back-powered" through a pullup resistor
08:54:01LinusNfor example the usb2go chip
08:55:32 Join Sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
08:55:51 Part Sando
08:55:53 Join Sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
08:58:28 Join petur [0] (
08:59:18LinusNone interesting observation in the iriver firmware is that the power consumption is 100-150mA
08:59:26LinusNwhen browsing files
08:59:41LinusNbut nit goes down to 60mA when playing music
09:00:11B4gdercould that mean it boosts when in interactive?
09:00:38LinusNperhaps, but it may also mean that they turn off stuff when playing music
09:01:13LinusNbtw, "disk poweroff" saves about 5-10mA, it seems
09:05:04B4gderwith the daily builds on its own page, do you think it is a good idea to expand the names in the model table to use the full names? look at the page as it is right now to see how it looks
09:06:42midkayB4gder, looks good to me
09:06:52midkayone suggestion, there are two links at the bottom to the same page..
09:06:56midkaykind of redundant
09:07:08B4gderI wanted to stress it
09:07:15B4gderI'll remove them soonish
09:08:55midkaygotcha - looks very cool otherwise. :)
09:09:15midkaybed! nite..
09:09:19amiconnLinusN: It should be possible to find out whether it's the usbotg chip by repeating these measurements on the h1x0
09:09:37 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
09:09:59amiconnAfaik we have the battery runtime problem on h1x0 as well
09:10:11LinusNwe do?
09:10:33amiconnYes, runtime is significantly lower than what iriver says
09:10:47LinusNi see
09:11:17amiconnI could probably do 4 runtime tests, playing the same playlist on h140/iriver, h140/rockbox, h340/iriver and h340/rockbox
09:14:14amiconnPerhaps I could also try to do some measurements myself; one day I wanted to do that anyway, to see whether deep sleep is possible
09:14:20amiconn(on h1x0)
09:16:44LinusNdirect current measurements is of course a lot easier then runtime tests
09:17:54peturthe usbotg can be connected to two pins for power control of its two controllers
09:18:50peturbut my asm decoding is not as good and I stopped looking at it last week... should resume that
09:19:03amiconnLinusN: For me it's the other way round...
09:19:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:19:40LinusNperhaps, i just meant that measuring the current takes seconds, while a runtime test takes hours
09:19:48amiconnRuntime tests just require time during which the unit can't be used otherwise
09:20:40amiconnSince I have more than one unit this isn't really a problem
09:22:37amiconnOn archos player, rec v1 and Ondio current measurements are easy because the battery contacts are easily reachable.
09:22:46amiconnNot so on rec v2/fm and irivers...
09:26:37amiconnAfaik the iriver batteries have a little plug. How do you contact this beast for current measurement?
09:27:08 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:30:20 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@
09:35:56*B4gder added pics for the bleeding links below the cvs table
09:36:49B4gdernot necessary, but all the text links got quite cluttered I think
09:37:08B4gderthis will make it clearer which is which
09:37:17peturdamn... just as I was happu that the cvs build page loaded so fast :(
09:37:38B4gderwell, those pics are used all over so you most likely have those cached already
09:38:17peturyes... otoh, that page is devs-only anyway...
09:38:22BHSPitLappysomeone make 2 pointless commits
09:38:33BHSPitLappythat way the table can be aaaallllllll green :D
09:38:55B4gderpetur: I think quite a lot of people get the bleeding builds
09:39:11peturhmmm maybe you're right
09:40:05amiconnThe tables got rather wide with the full target names
09:40:40B4gderhm, yes I'll use the short version for the cvs page at least
09:40:49B4gderquite a difference
09:40:54 Join Higgy_ [0] (n=not_eric@
09:41:00t0masB4gder: doc is ok
09:41:04peturadd a couple of new targets and the build table will be just as wide ;)
09:41:54B4gderpossibly we can rotate the table 90 degrees one day
09:42:25amiconnThe greyscale iPod images are clearly identified as mocku-ups
09:42:59amiconnThe actual logo display is very different from what the images show
09:43:20infamisWhen doing PCB traces for GPIO...are there any specific components to watch out for (e.g., not mess with when measuring resistance with a DMM)? I get my X5 back tomorrow (was RMA'd)
09:51:42LinusNinfamis: don't bother if you are unsure, i'm working on the gpio tracing
09:56:41peturLinusN: any h3x0 pin tracing done or to do or use the disassemby to check possible connects? (regarding usbotg)
09:57:04 Join damaki_ [0] (
09:57:32LinusNpetur: i haven't done any usb2go pin tracing
09:58:37 Quit Hideo (Remote closed the connection)
09:58:46safetydanamiconn, did you solve the errno issue in the sim?
09:59:04 Join skwad [0] (
10:07:35 Quit infamis (" <----that guy sounds smart")
10:09:09B4gdersafetydan: we have a fix for it
10:09:31 Join Hideo [0] (n=irc@tor/session/x-cd610bf42aeecd32)
10:10:48safetydanB4gder, cool. I think it's what's causing ogg playback to fail in the sim (at least for me). It also makes it hard to develop code relying on errno.
10:11:44B4gderyes, and the NTPL problems will also be fixed with his fix
10:14:24 Quit segphault (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:14:24safetydanWas it a simple fix? Ahh... maybe I'll wait and see what it was when it's comitted
10:14:47B4gderyes it is rather simple, simply include the system's errno.h instead of the rockbox own
10:15:53 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:16:15safetydanah... that seems rather obvious when you think about it
10:16:59B4gderthe tricky part is rather how to fix this the nicest possible way
10:17:41B4gderI think we'll need to include the system one with an absolute path from within rockbox's errno.h
10:25:29B4gderI can see how the "h300 optimized" version already is lagging behind cvs
10:26:09B4gderkeeping up certainly is a major struggle
10:26:16peturthe faster we move on, the more that build becomes pointless
10:27:56B4gderthe good part of that build is that some patches are being tested on humans before they get committed ;-)
10:30:52peturLinusN: why didn't you close ?
10:31:01skwadoh there is a new firmware for x5
10:31:46LinusNpetur: i expected a reply
10:32:07peturshall I?
10:32:14B4gderkill kill
10:32:24LinusNhaha, i KILLED IT!!!!!!
10:33:23B4gderthe oldest open bug is from 2002-09-07...
10:33:53JdGordonis there any info on what needs to be done to get the alarm going on the h300??
10:34:30peturwould be nice if there was an indication if the task is for a specific platform... then again, the users would fill it in wrongly... maybe a field only devs can set (+/- assign)
10:34:37 Join segphault [0] (n=chatzill@
10:35:22skwadsomebody here understands korean ?
10:35:52B4gderskwad: Jungti1234 does I'm sure
10:36:24B4gderwe just have a hard time understanding his english at times ;-)
10:46:47 Join Sandoaway [0] (i=lolsteam@
10:47:06 Quit Sandoaway (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:48:01skwadis it possible to replace the progress bar with a bmp in the wps ?
10:48:45B4gdermarkun: good janitor work on the languages!
10:50:06markunI also wanted to commit a japanese update, but couldn't find the real name of the submitter..
10:50:26Mikachuskwad: yeah
10:50:50skwadyou understand korean ?
10:51:07B4gderskwad: %P sets the bitmap afaik
10:51:40skwadloooooool it is written and I didn't even see it
10:53:05skwadthx B4gder
10:55:07 Join ashridah [0] (
10:55:25skwadshould the progress bar have a special size ?
10:56:12*B4gder reloads the cvs build page and just smiles
10:57:22skwadit's not complete green ^^
10:57:22 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:57:47 Join petur [0] (
10:57:50 Join Zeus [0] (
10:58:54*petur says something rude to the irc webclient
10:59:19 Quit YouCeyE ("Leaving")
10:59:20 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:03:41 Join skwad [0] (
11:04:22skwadx5 is 160*128 right ?
11:05:27Jungti1234sorry skwad
11:05:55 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Zagor)
11:06:11Jungti1234skwad: What do you want?
11:06:47skwadive send you a pm
11:06:57skwadit is for translating korean
11:07:21Jungti1234You can understand picture.
11:07:53skwadyes of course
11:08:01 Join perplexity [0] (
11:08:15skwadthe problem is not upgrading
11:08:29skwadthe problem is I would like to know what is the changelog
11:08:48 Quit Sando (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:11:59skwadand if I want to do an image under the progress bar, I can do it only with background image ?
11:12:07Jungti1234Added cheskey menu, If there is no mp3 file, playing record file, fixed A-B mode, supported resume video
11:12:20Jungti1234I don't speak well English.
11:12:29skwadwhat means cheskey ?
11:12:39Jungti1234Czech's language
11:12:46skwadok thx
11:14:16 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
11:15:49 Join mirak [0] (
11:16:30t0masonly 1 commit to go for an all green build table
11:18:18 Quit _FireFly_ (Client Quit)
11:19:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:19:09 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
11:19:09 Quit moozooh (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:21:39*t0mas almost feels the temptation to commit some really big error...
11:21:55t0masfollowed by an "Oops" commit
11:22:36skwadmy progress bar is working :p
11:23:33 Join lokki [0] (
11:24:02lokkihello everbody
11:24:03 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:24:09 Join petur [0] (
11:24:31skwadhello lokki
11:24:48lokkiwho did the cvs-build page?
11:26:26lokkibecause i think he should change the order of the builds/icons on the page... especially for the ipods... the way it is now it doesn't seem to make sense...
11:27:31amiconnB4gder: The errno fix needs some more testing. I expect it to fail for win32 builds
11:27:37linuxstblokki: How does it not make sense?
11:28:17lokkiit's all scrambled up... wouldn't it be better to have 3rd than 4rd and then 5th generation...
11:28:40lokkireally only "cosmetical" i know
11:36:10 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
11:40:11peturwiki spam
11:41:01peturfrom an aston martin fan, it seems ;)
11:43:01lokkilinuxstb: do you know what i mean? agree?
11:43:45earHertzSo, I increased a build's memory size in the Makefile, and while the build builds and runs, it can't access codecs or plugins. Can anyone help me?
11:43:49linuxstblokki: Yes, I agree it would make more sense for the pictures to be in the same order as the build table. But I'm not the person who can change it...
11:44:27linuxstbearHertz: I've had one more thought about that - Rockbox remaps DRAM from 0x10000000 to 0x0. It's possible that the remapping only remaps the first 32MB of memory....
11:44:41linuxstbpreglow is the person who would know for sure...
11:45:08peturisn't there a mask that gets set in the mmu?
11:45:20peturcrt0 probably...
11:46:03earHertzlinuxstb: the debug info tells me that teh buffer is 61MB
11:46:10linuxstbYes - but I don't understand the memory mapping registers.
11:46:20earHertzalthough whetehr that's calculated at runtime or not I don't know
11:46:48earHertzyeah,I was hoping to attract teh attentioon of Bagder or LinusN
11:49:15linuxstbIf the remapping is indeed the problem, then I would have expected some kind of exception to have been thrown when Rockbox tried to load the plugins into a non-existent memory address. But maybe ARMs don't do that.
11:51:40earHertzgood point
11:52:09linuxstbearHertz: You could experiment by adding some code to (for example) one of the debug screens in apps/debug_menu.c that writes to and then reads from a memory location more than 32MB from address zero and see what happens.
11:52:50earHertzthere was a reason I waited for you to do the g5 port.
11:53:07earHertzI get skittish messing with hardware still under warranty
11:53:10linuxstbUnless people want to send me lots of iPods, I can't do everything...
11:53:15earHertzbut, yeah, i guess it;'s harmless
11:53:58linuxstbIt is definitely harmless - Rockbox is already reading/writing from/to memory addresses in that range when it attempts to load a plugin.
11:54:12earHertzgood point
11:57:47 Join SuperSnout [0] (
11:58:07SuperSnoutkkerbjun: you there?
12:04:04 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:04:36SuperSnoutwow.. rather quiet at the moment..
12:04:37 Quit lokki ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:09:28 Quit petur ("munch")
12:10:55 Join skwad [0] (
12:11:00skwadjust finished my wps, now I'm going to try to adapt a h320 wps for x5
12:14:20SuperSnouthey.. skwad.. do you know haw to use the dict plugin?
12:14:27SuperSnoutdo you need wordlists or something?
12:14:43skwadI dont know, have a look at his doc
12:15:28skwadbackdrops are working only on optimized i'm right ?
12:15:50skwadstrange because I have the normal rockbox and there is a backdrop folder :S
12:19:06Zeusskwad: backdrop is in CVS
12:20:16skwadyes I have CVS
12:20:55ZeusI mean no needed to have the experimental build of MR for it ;)
12:22:14skwadyep but when I talk from backdrop, it's not for wps, it's for the menu
12:22:25skwadlike this :
12:22:27 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ("Trillian (")
12:22:30Zeusme too ;)
12:22:54Zeusbackdrop are both for WPS and for brwser...
12:22:54skwadthen I dont understand :S
12:23:23skwadbut how do I put a backdrop for browser ?
12:23:51Zeusthere is one option for this
12:24:06skwadin the ajant.cfg in themes folder there is : backdrop: /.rockbox/backdrops/ajant.bmp
12:24:14skwadbut i seems not working
12:24:17Zeusselect one bmp with same size than your screen and choose set as backdrop
12:24:27skwadand the option isn't there :
12:24:39skwadok ^^
12:25:35skwadoh alright I had made a mistake
12:25:42skwadI haden't loaded the theme
12:25:44Zeusyou've got it now?
12:25:55Zeusgood then ;)
12:26:14 Quit Jungti1234 ()
12:26:25 Join Farpnut [0] (
12:27:33skwadgrrrrrrrr it's not working ^^
12:27:50skwadZeus : I did it with browse themees
12:28:02Zeusnot this way
12:28:18SuperSnoutwhat does the voltage mean that comes up when you start up rockbox?
12:28:37skwadhu I don't understand anything more :S , now it has keeped the theme and before it just removed it :S
12:28:48skwadperhaps the voltage of you battery :D
12:28:56Zeusskwad: just choose one bmp in the browser (same resolution than screen), in the context menu you will have set as backdrop
12:29:10SuperSnoutyeah.. but.. is the higher it is the more charged your battery is?
12:29:21skwadyes of course
12:29:28SuperSnoutwhat should be the maximum votage?
12:29:37SuperSnoutwhen it's fully chaged..
12:29:43skwadZeus: the backdrop is in the backdrop folder of .rockbox
12:29:54skwadbut now it seems to keep the theme
12:30:02skwad120V ^^
12:30:06Zeusskwad: forget the themes, because maybe the bmp used for the themes isn't availiable for your screen ex: H300 vs X5
12:30:19Zeusmake your own
12:30:20skwadZeus I modified the theme ...
12:30:30skwadmade it to fit 160*128
12:30:42Zeuswhere is located this bmp
12:30:46markunSuperSnout: I think something like 4.7V, why?
12:31:30skwadBut now it works, it was just that before, I don't know why it remove it
12:31:40Zeusskwad: go to this dir and click in, you will have the contxt menu, then choose seta as backdrop
12:31:52Zeusskwad: hehe :)
12:31:52skwadI can't go this dir
12:32:02skwadit's hidden
12:32:04markunSuperSnout: 4.2V:
12:32:08Zeusgo to menu show files and choose see all
12:32:36Zeusskwad even
12:33:07B4gderamiconn: we should drop the win32 sim anyway
12:33:42skwadfine Zeus :D
12:33:47SuperSnoutthanks markun
12:34:01earHertzis plugin code size still 32K?
12:34:02SuperSnoutjust thought it would be nice to know when it is fully charged..
12:34:13Zeusskwad: no problem
12:34:22skwadsupersnout in wps you can set battery pourcentage
12:34:59SuperSnoutwhat do you mean set it?
12:35:05amiconnB4gder: Perhaps, although I wouldn't want to deliberately break it
12:35:10SuperSnoutpecentage what?
12:35:14linuxstbearHertz: Only on Archos devices. On devices with 16MB/32MB RAM, it's 512KB.
12:35:32earHertzhalf a meg?
12:35:40earHertzand teh music still plays?
12:35:53skwadSuperSnout: you can set it the wps file to show the percentage of battery
12:36:03B4gderamiconn: right, but is it really worth more work and possible a more complicated fix just to keep the win32 sim going?
12:36:04earHertzwell, well, well,
12:36:09amiconnearHertz: 512K/32M == 32K/2M
12:36:11SuperSnoutwow.. that sounds good
12:36:23SuperSnouthow do you do that.. wait i'll look in settings =)
12:36:36earHertzamiconn good pint
12:36:48*linuxstb fancies a good pint
12:37:09amiconnB4gder: It might be as easy as using #if defined(SIMULATOR) && !defined(WIN32) instead of just #ifdef SIMULATOR for the fix
12:37:32B4gderamiconn: right, since the current approach seems to work for it...
12:38:56 Quit Farpnut (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:39:39linuxstbDoes the win32 sim compile again now? I thought safetydan's audio changes had broken it.
12:40:25skwadwhy use win32 sim ? sdl works fine for me :S
12:40:53linuxstbI think the SDL sim is still missing some features under Windows - such as DEBUGF
12:41:09SuperSnoutskwad: can you see the messages i just sent?
12:41:32amiconnlinuxstb: safetydan's changes only broke swcodec win32 sims. My grayscale lib emulation broke it for all...
12:41:51SuperSnoutskwad: doesn't seem to change anything when i change battery display to numeric
12:41:53skwadSuperSnout: no
12:42:03amiconnI want to fi that as well, but getting amd64 to work has higher priority for me
12:42:04SuperSnoutskwad: what am i doing wrong.. am i looking for the change in the wrong place?
12:42:12SuperSnoutthat's wierd.. i sent them as notices
12:42:50skwadjust go private
12:43:32Lynx_Hehe, 'Page was last modified __FILE_DATE__ The Rockbox Crew'
12:43:53t0mas"Build expected to complete around 11:47:51 (in 5mins 46secs)" <−− that time feels good :)
12:44:36t0mastnx to linuxstb, lostlogic and Slasheri... anybody else wanting to showoff a fast dual xeon server? go ahead ;)
12:44:44B4gderare we going completely green now?
12:44:47linuxstbSomeone (I think josh_) mentioned something about trying freopen to con" on stdout/stderr to get DEBUGF working in SDL under win32. Has someone tried that?
12:44:48 Join petur [0] (
12:44:58t0masB4gder: that depends on Slasheri
12:45:20t0masif he didn't break anything it will be all green
12:45:34amiconnt0mas: Builds are blazingly fast on my Athlon64 as well... it just needs some fixes for 64 bit
12:45:53skwadcommon do a last buggy build ^^
12:46:03t0masamiconn: you can build anything but m68k right?
12:46:07t0masSDL and arm are working?
12:46:48safetydanlinuxstb, DEBUGF should work, just it'll be in stdout.txt
12:47:21 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
12:47:21linuxstbsafetydan: Is that what people want?
12:47:46B4gderdoes tail -f work on that?
12:48:44*t0mas waves the black and white flag
12:48:46t0masbuild done
12:49:17linuxstbt0mas: The build system will almost be enough to render animation in the build-table....
12:49:34safetydanlinuxstb, probably not. It's a misfeature of SDL under windows. It redirects stdout and stderr to files
12:49:52t0maslinuxstb: yeah, we should get down to 1/24 second...
12:50:05skwadso it's all green
12:50:07t0masand then add moving animations by programming enough errors
12:50:12peturhome page doesn't show the commit yet
12:50:22peturah now it does...
12:50:33t0masI hit F5... and saw it
12:50:37t0masso I was already wondering :)
12:50:51B4gderit is updated when the build table is built after all builds
12:50:51peturhad to hit it several times here...
12:51:52amiconnt0mas: Currently I can only build arm. SH1 builds but uclpack fails, I am unable to build the m68k crosscompiler, and SDL throws 38 warnings about datatype conversion
12:52:20amiconnI'm going to fix one by one
12:52:24linuxstbWe have enough ARM builds to make it worthwhile for you to join now.
12:52:44amiconnOh, and sim builds need two fixes where the build fails
12:53:08amiconnOne is the errno issue with nptl systems; I have a working fix that just needs ssome more testing for that
12:53:31amiconnThe other is that we need a special compiler flag on amd64 for shared objects
12:54:13B4gderbtw, I experimented with some additional ld options to make the linux builds catch the cygwin link problems for plugins and codecs
12:54:15amiconn. /usr/bin/ld: /home/jens/rb-patched/simulator-build/i300/apps/codecs/vorbis.o: relocation R_X86_64_32S against `read_handler' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
12:54:20B4gderbut I failed
12:54:41amiconnSo we need -fPIC for plugins & codecs on amd64
12:54:56amiconnB4gder: Do you have an idea how to detect amd64 in configure?
12:55:31B4gdergcc's __x86_64__ is the easiest
12:55:52linuxstbIs it worthwhile adding some new "sim64" targets, to make sure we don't break amd64 compilation in the future?
12:56:05B4gderpossibly uname can be used to avoid relying on gcc
12:56:20B4gderlinuxstb: I think so
12:58:29t0masbuilding on a real amd64 ?
12:58:50t0masok, then we need amiconn :)
12:59:13t0masand preferrably some more... for if his fails some time...
12:59:47linuxstbWill the build system fail gracefully if there are no availale hosts for certain targets?
13:00:18linuxstbe.g. putting a ? or "N/A" in the build table.
13:00:49t0masempty box
13:00:49JdGordonhey all.. what an ugly cvs build table... green sux!
13:01:03t0masit will report a warning in the logs for Bagder and me
13:01:05linuxstbJdGordon: Got any patches you want committing?
13:01:10t0masand it will just leave one build out
13:01:11JdGordonradio wps
13:01:28JdGordonill sync it if ur serious..
13:01:57linuxstbSorry, no - I was just offering you the opportunity to get rid of that nasty green build table.
13:02:09JdGordonas was i :D
13:03:05*preglow is back, somewhat
13:03:13JdGordonB4gder: i like the pics for the targets on the cvs page.. but why didnt u add the source pic also?
13:03:33B4gderbecause it doesn't fit the naming the same way
13:03:46linuxstbpreglow: Welcome back. Quick question - does your memory remapping code only remap 32MB of RAM? If so, do you know how to change it for 64MB?
13:03:51JdGordonbut it does on the daily page?
13:04:02B4gderno, but there I forced a hack manually ;-)
13:04:05preglowlinuxstb: hmm, lemme see, i think it remaps more
13:04:50linuxstbpreglow: And also, how should the ARM react if you try to read/write from/to a non-existent memory address? Will it just silently fail, or will it throw an exception?
13:05:39preglowdepends on pps implementation
13:06:10preglowthe address decoder might not catch it and just alias the request onto existing memory
13:09:28t0massounds dangerous...
13:10:59 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:11:06needleboyhey everyone
13:11:22needleboyi need help with something
13:11:25earHertzlinuxstb: tahnks ;)
13:11:36 Join skwad [0] (
13:12:00needleboymy latest build has a problem with the PLAY button in the browser and menus, it doesn't work.
13:12:19needleboyi can't seem to figure out what the problem is, but it works fine in the latest bleeding edge
13:12:43preglowlinuxstb: to be honest, i have no idea what it does currently, it all depend on the page mask, which i have no idea how works
13:12:53needleboyany chance of anyone telling me where i can find the code that controls the play button?
13:12:57B4gderneedleboy: then start over from CVS and apply one patch at time again until it breaks
13:13:15needleboyb4gder, i'm doing that atm
13:13:31Zeusneedleboy: are you the one made the "optimized" build?
13:13:40needleboycould it be a change to the button.c or .h files?
13:13:44linuxstbearHertz: Have you managed to do any tests?
13:13:45needleboyzeus, yeah
13:13:48B4gderneedleboy: likely, yes
13:13:59JdGordondoes any1 know of a proggy to rip a .ram sudio stream from the web to ogg/mp3?
13:14:00earHertzlinuxstb: no, I haven't
13:14:03amiconnt0mas: debian testing amd64 on Athlon64 3800+
13:14:14earHertzbut I'll at lest try reading and writing today
13:14:20 Join Hideo_ [0] (n=irc@tor/session/x-48f08fd9c8e62961)
13:14:24SuperSnouti have the subliminal wps background stuck behind whatever monochrome background i choose..
13:14:31needleboycan you tell me which piece there controls the play (or ON, on other targets) button on the browser and menus?
13:14:36SuperSnoutanyone know what i need to do to get rid of this =S?
13:14:52Zeusneedleboy: can you change the name please, "optimised" isn't really true, and people can believe is it, but in fact there are plenty of bug
13:14:58linuxstbpreglow: OK - I guess someone with 64MB (earHertz and now Cassandra) will need to experiment.
13:15:17safetydanneedleboy, did you apply the "One button queue" patch? That's the one most likely to have broken PLAY
13:15:21needleboyzeus, it's been the name since day one, and no one has any problems with it
13:15:33needleboyone button queue?
13:15:37needleboydid not...
13:15:37SuperSnoutit's wierd.. whatever 1bit wps i choose i always have colour subliminal wps behind it =(
13:15:42safetydanneedleboy, also, please fix the EQ settings to be in the correct order
13:15:46B4gderneedleboy: well, we *do* think the name is misleading
13:15:50SuperSnoutwhat am i doing wrong?
13:15:55needleboyzeus: the download page for my build has info for everything
13:15:57Zeusneedleboy: but isn't the reallity
13:16:04Zeusmore bugs...
13:16:10Zeusthan CVS one
13:16:13needleboyno one is mislead, cause the information is there
13:16:20needleboyi know there are
13:16:33B4gderneedleboy: the name of the build is misleading imho
13:16:38B4gderwhatever info you provide
13:16:39Zeusmaybe we ar'nt the sam meaning for "optimised" ;)
13:16:40SuperSnoutanyone know?
13:16:42safetydan"experimental" would be better
13:16:55linuxstbIt's misleading because "optimised" implies "works better than the official version". Which isn't always the case.
13:16:55*Zeus vote for experimental too
13:16:56needleboyit's not rockbox optimized
13:17:04needleboyit's rockbox h300 optimized
13:17:05safetydanneedleboy, back out the remote control patch or try the 2.05 version
13:17:13B4gderit isn't optimized at all
13:17:25Zeusmore unstable
13:17:27needleboysafetydan, trying it
13:17:33SuperSnoutlinuxstb: do you know what's going on with my wps?
13:17:36needleboycrap, it's changed
13:17:41needleboyit'll take a day or two
13:17:52SuperSnoutlinuxstb: i'm going out soon and it looks really nasty =(
13:17:53 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
13:17:56Zeusneedleboy: thazt could make confusion in user spirit
13:17:57 Nick skwad is now known as skwad-eat (
13:18:12needleboytook you 2 months to notice?
13:18:14linuxstbSuperSnout: Sorry, I've never written a WPS myself.
13:18:24SuperSnoutbut i'm not writing one..
13:18:24B4gderneedleboy: we've talked about that _numerous_ times here
13:18:29linuxstbneedleboy: It's been mentioned here forever - you've just taken 2 months to notice.
13:18:32SuperSnoutjust choosing one on the player
13:18:48needleboyit'll be changed...
13:18:50SuperSnoutbut it's gone wierd and i cant get the subliminal backdrop to go
13:18:53B4gderneedleboy: just that we don't felt it strongly enough to poke you about it ;-)
13:19:05SuperSnoutis there a setting to change the backdrop?
13:19:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:19:19needleboyit's only misleading to devs... as they see it from the stability point of view.
13:19:26Jungti1234all green table!
13:19:33Zeusneedleboy: the fact there is more users every days, and some people will not thin,k lot and will go for "optimised"
13:19:33B4gderneedleboy: I disagree
13:19:37needleboyto a normal user "optimized" means better fitting their player...
13:19:41safetydanneedleboy, I like the idea of your build (since it's the only way some patches get serious testing). But it definitely needs to be clearer that it's experimental not "optimised" and very likely to contain more bugs than the builds
13:19:47B4gderneedleboy: to you it means that
13:19:48Zeusand after he will complain Rockbox is buggy ;)
13:20:10Zeussafetydan: I'm with you
13:20:29needleboyi'll change it to experimental
13:20:30safetydanIt's making it harder for user support as the first question now has to be "Which build did you use?"
13:20:47needleboysafetydan, that won't be changed by the name!
13:20:49Zeusneedleboy: thanks for understanding this
13:20:52SuperSnoutARGH! help.. i did clear backdrop but the picture's still there when i'm playing a song =( what do i do?
13:21:28safetydanneedleboy, no, but it might make things easier when they say "but it's optimised! it's supposed to be the best"
13:21:45SuperSnoutargh.. i want it to go away =(
13:21:48linuxstbSuperSnout: Just try restarting Rockbox.
13:21:50safetydanI'm still glad someone's doing an experimental build though
13:21:55Zeussafetydan: absolutely
13:22:18linuxstbSuperSnout: There's a known but unfixed bug that stops Rockbox from forgetting a WPS backdrop.
13:22:18needleboydo they say that?
13:22:27B4gderyes they do
13:22:34SuperSnoutthanks linux =)
13:22:46SuperSnoutit made the numerical battery display work too =)
13:23:33needleboywell, the cause of the PLAY button problem is the remote_2.05.patch
13:23:41needleboyany chance someone takes a look?
13:23:47Zeusneedleboy: and isn't cause the CVS code, but cause some great but unfinished patchs
13:23:50needleboytakka takes ages to fix anything
13:23:58SuperSnoutlinux: is there any way to fix it?
13:24:32linuxstbSuperSnout: Yes, I think there's a patch on the patch tracker that fixes that bug.
13:24:45SuperSnouti'll check that out sometime
13:24:46needleboySuperSnout, reset all your settings. Turn the player on and hold REC to clear them
13:25:16SuperSnoutokay.. well it's fixed now anyway
13:25:27needleboywhat part of the button.c or .h files controls the PLAY/ON button on the browser and menus?
13:25:36Jungti1234Delicious lemonade.. :)
13:26:01peturnice, one for me too please...
13:26:35SuperSnoutthe battery display has gone back to graphical even though it's set to numeric..
13:27:11needleboyi can't find any documentation of this
13:27:26 Quit Hideo (Remote closed the connection)
13:27:42B4gderneedleboy: its the source only for that info
13:27:59needleboythat's what i'm looking at
13:28:06needleboycan't find the reason
13:28:28B4gderI'd suggest using the sim and gdb to debug it "for real"
13:28:46needleboyin the /* iRiver H300 specific button codes */ in button.h
13:28:59needleboycould this do damage:#define BUTTON_QUICK BUTTON_ON
13:29:01needleboy#define BUTTON_QUICK_LONG (BUTTON_ON | BUTTON_REPEAT)
13:29:20needleboycause the patch adds that
13:29:46B4gderwhy would an added #define cause problems?
13:30:11needleboyi don't know C
13:30:16needleboyi'm just trying to debug
13:30:51SuperSnoutOKay.. i've identified a problem.. can someone help me?
13:31:02SuperSnouti have my battery display set to numeric but..
13:31:05linuxstbneedleboy: button.h should only be defining the physical keys available on the H300 - one define for each key. How those keys are interpreted is defined in the "application" side of rockbox - the code in the apps/ directory.
13:31:23SuperSnoutwhen i plug in the charger and unplug it again it goes back to graphical
13:31:35SuperSnoutthe setting is still set to numerical but it shows graphical
13:31:46needleboyin the filetree.c for instance?
13:31:59SuperSnoutwhen i restart the player it goes to numerica again but this is really annoying..
13:32:01linuxstbYes, and sometimes the .h files like tree.h and menu.h
13:32:04SuperSnoutany way to fix this?
13:32:35needleboyit changes tree.c
13:32:38needleboyand tree.h
13:33:07SuperSnoutanyone else had my problem?
13:33:40linuxstbneedleboy: The basic principle is that abstract names for buttons (e.g. "TREE_EXIT") are defined in tree.h (these definitions are different for each player), and then tree.c will only check for "TREE_EXIT".
13:34:17needleboyso how about this causing the problem:
13:34:17needleboy- case TREE_ENTER | BUTTON_REPEAT:
13:34:17needleboy+// case TREE_ENTER | BUTTON_REPEAT:
13:34:23needleboyfrom the patch
13:35:01needleboyplay performs tree_enter or tree_exit?
13:35:15linuxstbIf there is another case line saying "case TREE_ENTER", then that will be matched first. The Rockbox button driver will first send a TREE_ENTER event, and then TREE_ENTER | TREE_REPEAT events.
13:35:22needleboyenter, right? as the WPS is just an app and the shell is the browser
13:35:56needleboythat's what the // means?
13:36:18linuxstbThat means that the line is commented out - it's the same as deleting it.
13:36:31needleboytha't what i thought.
13:36:37needleboyi'll see if this is the problem
13:37:30 Join Matze41 [0] (
13:38:12linuxstbIf you want Rockbox to do different things for a short press, and a long press, you will need to check for TREE_???? | BUTTON_REL (the button release event) for the short press, and TREE_???? | BUTTON_REPEAT for the long press.
13:38:12 Nick skwad-eat is now known as skwad (
13:43:19 Quit Hideo_ ()
13:44:06 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
13:47:46Zagorlinuxstb: ...and make sure the REL event isn't triggered after the REPEAT event
13:47:57ZagorI mean needleboy
13:48:12needleboyi was just looking at that
13:48:27needleboy #define TREE_RC_PREV BUTTON_RC_REW
13:48:27needleboy #define TREE_RC_PGUP BUTTON_RC_SOURCE
13:48:27needleboy #define TREE_RC_PGDN BUTTON_RC_BITRATE
13:48:27DBUGEnqueued KICK needleboy
13:48:27needleboy-#define TREE_RC_EXIT BUTTON_RC_STOP
13:48:27needleboy+#define TREE_RC_ENTER BUTTON_RC_VOL_UP
13:48:28***Alert Mode level 1
13:48:28needleboy+#define TREE_RC_ENTER2 BUTTON_RC3_FF
13:48:30needleboy+#define TREE_RC_OFF BUTTON_RC_STOP
13:48:32needleboy+#define TREE_RC_EXIT1 BUTTON_RC_VOL_DOWN
13:48:34needleboy+#define TREE_RC_EXIT2 BUTTON_RC3_REW
13:48:36needleboy+#define TREE_RC_EXIT3 (BUTTON_RC_MENU | BUTTON_REPEAT)
13:48:38needleboy+#define TREE_RC_EXIT4 (BUTTON_RC3_ON | BUTTON_REPEAT)
13:48:40needleboy #define TREE_RC_RUN (BUTTON_RC_MENU | BUTTON_REL)
13:48:42needleboy #define TREE_RC_RUN_PRE BUTTON_RC_MENU
13:48:44needleboy+#define TREE_RC_RUN2 (BUTTON_RC3_MENU | BUTTON_REL)
13:48:46needleboy+#define TREE_RC_RUN2_PRE BUTTON_RC3_MENU
13:48:48needleboy #define TREE_RC_MENU (BUTTON_RC_MODE | BUTTON_REL)
13:48:50needleboy #define TREE_RC_MENU_PRE BUTTON_RC_MODE
13:48:52needleboy #define TREE_RC_WPS (BUTTON_RC_ON | BUTTON_REL)
13:48:54needleboy #define TREE_RC_WPS_PRE BUTTON_RC_ON
13:48:56Zagorowww, don't paste huge segments in irc. it hurts!!!
13:48:56needleboy+#define TREE_RC_WPS2 (BUTTON_RC3_ON | BUTTON_REL)
13:48:58needleboy+#define TREE_RC_WPS2_PRE BUTTON_RC3_ON
13:49:02needleboy #define TREE_RC_CONTEXT (BUTTON_RC_ON | BUTTON_REPEAT)
13:49:04needleboy+#define TREE_RC_CONTEXT2 (BUTTON_RC3_MENU | BUTTON_REPEAT)
13:49:08needleboy #define TREE_RC_QUICK (BUTTON_RC_MODE | BUTTON_REPEAT)
13:49:12needleboy #elif CONFIG_KEYPAD == RECORDER_PAD
13:49:14needleboysorry for length
13:49:16needleboyfrom tree.h
13:49:17B4gder=> etc
13:49:18needleboysorry :(
13:49:43needleboyso... there's +#define TREE_RC_EXIT3 (BUTTON_RC_MENU | BUTTON_REPEAT)
13:49:52needleboybefore #define TREE_RC_RUN (BUTTON_RC_MENU | BUTTON_REL)
13:49:55needleboyfor instance
13:50:00needleboyis that a problem?
13:50:10B4gderit could be
13:50:14Zagoryou need to use the _PRE concept
13:51:55needleboyor replace the order in the code? or that doesn't change anything?
13:52:45Zagororder of case: lines does not matter
13:52:45 Join Rob2222_2 [0] (
13:52:50Rob2222_2hi all
13:53:10Rob2222_2Implement . and .. path in dircache to properly support moving files to other directories without absolute destination path provided <= is RB now able to move files?
13:53:14needleboyso how would you change that?
13:53:40B4gderRob2222_2: rockbox already could
13:54:01B4gderthat was just a fix for the dircache to keep up with such a move
13:54:05Rob2222_2B4gder: I almost killed my FAT while trying it 2 month ago.
13:54:32B4gderwell, there might be flaws of course
13:54:54Rob2222_2B4gder: I had to raw disk edit my HD (or format)
13:55:29B4gderso, you hit a bug
13:55:41needleboyZagor: Could you take a look maybe?
13:55:45Rob2222_2hmm. if that dircache patch solved that (my) problem...
13:56:37Rob2222_2Yes, I tried to rename to things like .. or ../ or /
13:56:55Rob2222_2i dont know which special caused my problem
13:56:58Zagorneedleboy: simply look at how _PRE is used in other places. it makes sure an event only occurs after the correct 2-button sequence. such as down+up, without repeat.
13:57:00B4gderstill, that particular fix is not for ATA
13:57:08B4gderI mean FAT
13:57:36Rob2222_2OK, so that shoulnt fix the bug i had. Well, I thought so, too
13:58:02Zagorneedleboy: if you don't use that, the BUTTON_REL event will run everytime you release after _REPEAT
13:58:27Rob2222_2Copying files isnt so easy to implement, or?
13:58:29***Alert Mode OFF
13:58:40JdGordonthere is no plans for a real audio decoder is there?
13:58:48needleboyi still don't get it
13:58:58B4gderRob2222_2: safetydan works on a copy/cut/paste feature
13:59:08Zagorneedleboy: exactly what don't you understand?
13:59:24needleboywhat i need to change there
13:59:58Zagorwell I don't know what you're trying to do... :-)
14:00:06Rob2222_2B4gder: Wow that would be nice. The last feature I relly miss at RB. Is it much work or will it come in 1-3 weeks?
14:00:36safetydanRob2222_, you can try the patch now but it only works on files
14:00:37needleboyZagor: the PLAY button in the menus and browser doesn't function after patching in the remote_2.05.patch
14:00:45needleboyi'm trying to find the reason
14:00:49safetydanwhen I get directory merging working then you'll be able to move directories as well
14:01:12Rob2222_2safetydan: ATM I have not much time but i would be glad to test
14:01:34Rob2222_2safetydan: cool. relly nice :)
14:01:45Rob2222_2where to get?
14:02:18B4gderno more sourceforge for us
14:03:03B4gderbut it is in the new patch tracker
14:03:05 Quit needleboy ()
14:03:32 Join needleboy [0] (
14:03:48linuxstbneedleboy: Are you talking about "play" on the remote, or "play" on the main unit?
14:03:57Rob2222_2ah ok
14:04:06needleboyon the main unit
14:04:33needleboyboth actually
14:04:38linuxstbAnd do you have a URL for the patch?
14:08:34Zagorshould we change the flyspray url to instead? it contains more than bugs.
14:08:52peturor just /tracker/
14:09:25B4gderor task
14:09:44Zagor :-)
14:09:54B4gderno, you'd cut out the first task
14:10:25ZagorI think that requires more patching
14:11:28Zagorhmm, actually not. works already.
14:12:03 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:13:18needleboylinuxstb: see anything? i've tried 3 different changes already, no luck
14:14:14 Join mikearthur [0] (
14:16:26 Quit Xerion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:19:38linuxstbneedleboy: Sorry, no. I can't see what could be the problem.
14:19:42 Quit perplexity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:20:14needleboyok... i'm trying to compare it to the old 2.02 patch
14:20:22needleboycause it worked there
14:21:24 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:26:32 Quit JdGordon ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:27:22 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:28:33 Quit Matze41 ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:30:01 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
14:30:19 Join mikearthur [0] (
14:33:33 Quit needleboy ()
14:33:43 Join needleboy [0] (
14:35:58 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:46:22Rob2222_2safetydan: C&P is working. really nice. you will do folders anywhen?
14:46:47novimonwhat does prerecording do?
14:47:18peturit records to memory while you're monitoring
14:47:49peturso that, when you start recording, it can include some time before your button press
14:48:31novimonso it always prerecords to the memory
14:48:51novimonand when you go to record and start recording it adds that to the start?
14:49:24peturit only records while in the recording screen, but doesn't write to disk
14:49:36novimonah, ok
14:49:40 Join skwad [0] (
14:49:46peturyou can set the time to add before you press start
14:49:59skwadhow can I write a % in wps ?
14:50:17novimonand you can set the player to go to recording screen on the startup
14:50:36peturnovimon: it's used to record events that suddenly happen and you don't want to miss...
14:50:42skwadworking, thx Rob2222_
14:51:12peturnovimon: yes (but never used this myself)
14:51:15skwadwhat returns the battery level while charging ?
14:51:31novimonpetur, jeah, ok
14:53:05Rob2222_2LinusN: How do you detect the different remotes finally? Via a GPIO pin?
14:53:27Rob2222_2ah, well, i could look in the code, too
14:54:19Rob2222_2but my H300 LCD remot buttons up/down are still swapped with left/right
14:59:13 Join webguest00 [0] (
14:59:21webguest00Hi, wiki-spam alert :(
14:59:36 Quit Rob2222_2 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:59:45 Join Rob2222_web [0] (
15:02:38skwadis it possible to simplify that :
15:02:40skwad%t4%bt (%bl%%) Vol: %pv;%t2Battery Vol: %pv
15:02:53nobeliumhey skwad
15:02:58Rob2222_webneedleboy: are you there?
15:02:58nobeliumfinished my translation last night
15:03:01skwadcause Vol :%pv is static
15:03:03skwadok nobelium
15:03:04nobelium3700 lines from scratch :p
15:03:06B4gderwebguest00: thanks, cleared up
15:03:18nobeliumshould I up it to cvs now?
15:03:26skwadI think yes
15:03:35skwadbut I think you haven't the right for it
15:04:38 Join webguest07 [0] (
15:05:24safetydanRob2222_, yes when I finally sit down and work out how to merge directories properly
15:05:53 Part webguest00
15:06:26nobeliumskwad, what do you recommend then :)?
15:06:44skwadsend it to a known person ^^
15:06:46Rob2222_websafetydan: Where is the problem?
15:06:47B4gdernobelium: submit it to the patch tracker
15:07:27nobeliumcan I do corrections, when I find them?
15:07:37nobeliumI just noticed a mistranslated line, and fixed it
15:07:45B4gdersure, then you just submit an updated version
15:08:07skwadok didn't know it worked so ^^
15:08:30nobeliumB4gder, me/skwad weren't sure about TRICKLE and TOP-OFF charging
15:08:34nobeliumwhat are those?
15:08:57B4gderare they even still used?
15:09:03nobeliumno idea
15:09:10nobeliumit's on .lang thought
15:09:15nobeliumoriginal english
15:09:17B4gderthey refer to how the charging works
15:09:44 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
15:09:55safetydansafetydan, recursing through directories without blowing the stack limit
15:10:05nobeliumcan you give me a quick idea of what one does?
15:10:17B4gdertalking to yourself safetydan? ;-]
15:10:39safetydanerr... whoops
15:10:43safetydanthat was meant for Rob2222_
15:10:51safetydanor Rob2222_web
15:11:24B4gdernobelium: I'd rather not, since I'm not that much into the charging details I would probably mess up or confuse matters
15:11:42nobeliumdesc: (player) menu altarnative for jump scroll
15:11:45nobeliumwhat's this?
15:11:48nobelium"jump scroll"
15:12:08B4gderit scrolls the text screen-width at a time
15:12:14B4gdera screen-width
15:13:23Jungti1234hehehe... He is similar to me.
15:13:27nobeliumkind of hard to translate that
15:13:51nobeliumcan you tell me how to use it?
15:13:55B4gderwell, "jump scroll" is just a name for it, it doesn't explain the feature eithe
15:13:57Rob2222_websafetydan: ah ok, i understand
15:14:10B4gdernobelium: it is a scrolling mode
15:14:10nobeliumi'm on the WPS/Now playing
15:14:33 Join tucoz [0] (
15:14:37Jungti1234They are going to ask that continuously.
15:14:45tucozB4gder, the spammer is back
15:15:00 Nick Rob2222_ is now known as Rob2222 (
15:15:29peturhe's at mi* now...
15:15:47nobeliumbut how can I enable it/see it in action?
15:15:49nobeliumon my iriver
15:15:53nobeliumso I can understand it better
15:16:56B4gder"(player)" means it is only for the Archos Player model
15:17:17nobeliumI'll try to do a word-to-word translation then
15:17:36nobeliumI've noticed a bug (?)
15:17:43nobeliumwhen I put the volume up
15:17:48Rob2222safetydan: Can you read my query?
15:17:49nobeliumit doesn't turn on the screen instantly
15:18:19 Part Rob2222_web
15:18:23Jungti1234nobelium: What are your country?
15:19:05nobeliumwhy :)?
15:19:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:19:51Jungti1234nothing :)
15:20:10 Join Toni1 [0] (
15:20:25nobeliumgreat country ;)
15:20:26 Join Xerion [0] (
15:21:15Toni1Hi, I just updated my encoder codec patch, if someone is interested:
15:21:47tucozless than 6 minutes for 34 builds. Impressive.
15:22:11B4gdertucoz: yes, the new build system _flies_
15:22:29tucozHow many servers do you have now?
15:23:04dwihnoHow is the new build system construction?
15:23:20preglowToni1: nice
15:23:29preglowToni1: i might take a look at it soonish
15:23:42B4gderdwihno: it hands out build "instructions" by ssh and each server does a full build and then returns the results
15:24:02B4gderand then it gets another job
15:24:05Toni1preglow: good, I think I have finished now most issues
15:24:07skwadI can't log anymore in the wiki :S
15:24:09B4gderuntil all builds are done
15:24:40Toni1preglow: Hope, it makes the way into CVS :-)
15:24:59tucozYou could have a score for that as well. E.g. the rockbox server won this round (in terms of number of builds) ;-)
15:25:17dwihnoB4gder: ah. neato :)
15:25:35Toni1preglow, petur: there is a hidden problem with recording if voice is enabled
15:25:38skwadB4gder: did you remove some persons from the wiki ?
15:25:56B4gderonly persons with 22 links in their personal pages
15:26:09tucozto car dealers
15:26:19skwadI had no link but it seems I can't log in anymore
15:26:35B4gderskwad: what's your wiki name?
15:27:09B4gderit's still there untouched by me
15:27:17preglowToni1: i'm sure it will
15:27:36tucoz(but it doesn't follow the naming convention for wiki names)
15:27:49tucozUnless your last name == V
15:27:56Toni1preglow, petur: if pcm data is written to the very end of audiobuffer, the pcm descriptors get corrupted. After leaving the recording screen the player may hang
15:28:24skwadtucoz ?
15:28:42Toni1preglow, petur: this is also with current pcm_record code
15:29:16tucozskwad: Well, when I signed up for the wiki there was this policy that your wiki-name should be FirstnameLastname
15:30:11skwadbut I modified a page for 5 minutes and it worked
15:30:40skwadI will modify that
15:30:46tucozOh, ok. Well, I don't know how tight that policy is now-a-days.
15:31:17tucozB4gder: more work :D
15:31:57 Part Toni1
15:31:59 Join Nico_P [0] (
15:32:55skwadso B4gder could you delete my ThomasV account ? and I create a new with FirstnameLastname
15:33:54skwadso, now it's done
15:34:03CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:34:03*petur notices something about recording...
15:36:19tucozFunny detail. One year ago IriverPort got 31808 views in february. Today IpodPort has 30550 views for february.
15:38:12skwadand iaudio ? :D
15:38:19peturpreglow: how can voice influence recording? By trying to do things with the same dma channel or the link to the uda?
15:38:56preglowpetur: i don't know, but full duplex audio is said to be possible
15:39:34preglowpetur: another good question is how we should handle that with codecs. if we want both playback and recording codec to use the same buffer (which would be the best), then we need to do codec swapping when voice is enabled
15:40:02preglowslasheri already has made codec swapping for ordinary playback voice ui, we just need to extend that
15:40:02peturI don't know what he meant with the very end of the audiobuffer. It is a circular buffer
15:40:21preglowhe probably saves the descriptors in the buffer
15:41:22 Part tucoz
15:42:43peturpreglow: won't that affect the recording (when its codec gets swapped)?
15:43:14preglowpetur: depends on how slow the codecs are
15:43:37preglowpetur: if the recording pcm buffer has time to get filled up by the time the voice codec is done, then yes, yes it will
15:43:59peturso lower the watermark so the callback can handle more time without codec
15:44:00preglowbut the alternative is to duplicate everything for recording
15:44:06preglowwhich will be a horrible waste
15:44:21preglowwe really need dynamic mp3buf handling :/
15:44:46 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:45:25peturset the watermark depending on voice in use. if it is, there will be more free buffer to store unencoded data while voice is active
15:47:45nobeliumif any portuguese user wants to download it
15:49:27linuxstbpreglow: I haven't managed to make any progress with the cpu scaling patch on the 4g. But I think it's worth committing it for the 5g/Nano anyway.
15:50:05 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:52:30 Join skwad [0] (
15:53:02skwadSo, just uploaded my first wps :D and the first x5 wps ^^
15:53:42skwadwhat would happen if 2 persons are editing a wiki page at the same time ?
15:53:46nobeliumI want to do one too eheh
15:53:59nobeliumthe last one clicking "save" will "win" :p
15:54:16peturpage is locked while editing
15:54:40skwadnobelium: for which player ?
15:54:49nobeliumiriver h3xx
15:54:56nobeliumthe ultimate dap ;)
15:54:59 Join webguest00 [0] (
15:55:30 Quit webguest00 (Client Quit)
15:55:31 Join webguest00 [0] (
15:55:44peturbah, more wiki spam
15:55:59webguest00yes... :(
15:56:06webguest00attacks of the car spammer
15:56:10 Quit webguest00 (Client Quit)
15:57:36skwadisn't it possible to do such a picture with letters for registration and preventing spam ?
15:58:54stevebalbum art rocks.
15:59:37linuxstbskwad: That's not very helpful for the many Rockbox users who are blind or visually impaired.
16:00:27coobyou can get audio versions of capchas
16:00:42coobi don't imagine you have a deaf audience :)
16:01:15skwadyep coob because you have a mp3 player .....
16:02:31coobcongratulations captain obvious.
16:08:40skwadwhat do you think about my wps : ?
16:09:02Nico_Plinuxstb: would you by any chance have some info for me on moving album art to the audio buffer ?
16:09:05*petur spots a nice recording post...
16:10:22Nico_Pskwad: that's nice
16:10:31Nico_Ppetur: this patch is awesome :D
16:12:32Nico_Pskwad: je vais m'enregistrer
16:13:13nobeliumI just found something
16:13:22nobeliumDebug menu isn't translatable
16:13:43LinusNthat's intentional
16:14:25peturNico_P: looking forward to investigating and committing that!
16:14:32nobeliumhmm alright
16:14:37LinusNno need to translate debugging stuff
16:14:45nobeliumDump ROM Content
16:14:53LinusNthat only complicates thge debugging
16:14:56 Join Bg3r [0] (n=Bager@
16:14:56nobeliumViw HW Info = Ver Informação de Hardware
16:17:38 Quit Nico_P ()
16:18:09 Join Nico_P [0] (
16:18:49*Jungti1234 did frustration.
16:20:48Nico_Pskwad: je crois que je suis enregistré
16:20:55Nico_P(pas sûr)
16:21:25skwadoui c bon
16:21:30peturregistered where?
16:21:42*Jungti1234 is crying.... :'(
16:22:06Nico_Ppetur: on freenode
16:24:35 Join DT291 [0] (
16:24:35 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:31:31 Join bluey [0] (
16:32:21 Join SereR0kR [0] (
16:32:29Nico_Pno one to help me with moving the album art to the audio buffer ?
16:34:20webguest07Nico_P: I think lostlogic is the person to speak to about that
16:34:50nobeliumI can't translate WARNING! Low Battery
16:35:04Nico_Pwebguest07: yes, i'll wait for him :(
16:35:28peturNico_P: waste valuable buffer for audio on some eye-candy?
16:35:33 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:36:00markunpetur: better than waste energy to load the eye-candy from disc
16:36:04B4gderpetur: better waste audio buffer than fixed-size static array
16:36:37B4gderbut more complicated to do
16:36:40safetydanWasn't the plan to make it part of get_metadata as well?
16:36:41peturhope this is optional...
16:36:52Nico_Ppetur: it will be
16:36:59B4gderyes, the entire metadata should be done like that
16:37:01Nico_Pcurrently it's not, which is the problem
16:37:16peturok.. that's better then
16:37:23 Quit Zeus ("CGI:IRC")
16:38:14Nico_PB4gder: there's something that should prob be changed here :
16:38:14 Join Farpnut [0] (
16:38:34Nico_P"Back to daily builds" −−> "Back to CVS builds"
16:39:28nobeliummy battery is at 3.60V
16:39:49nobeliumwhen does rb start changing LCD display time to 2 seconds?
16:40:08 Nick solexx_ is now known as solexx (
16:47:26 Join vmx_ [0] (
16:48:38 Join yan [0] (
16:50:10 Quit vmx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:52:50 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:55:25 Join skwad [0] (
17:08:39 Join Farpe [0] (
17:10:58amiconnpetur: I hope the agc stuff uses the pre-existing peak calculation. Then it should be possible to make it work on all targets (with recording)
17:12:04amiconnI wanted to implement that for ages... (not exactly top prio though)
17:13:26Jungti1234Thanks all....
17:13:48 Quit Jungti1234 ()
17:15:09 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
17:19:02peturamiconn: yes, it looks nice...
17:19:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:19:30amiconnI don't know how much code this peak history thing adds.
17:19:46amiconn..and whether ic would fit on the archos screen either
17:20:04peturthat will be a problem I think
17:20:19peturbut just agc control should fit
17:20:51peturthat said, I only know those target screens from the sim ;)
17:21:35amiconnWe have 8 lines on archos (with sysfont)
17:22:19peturit must fit, as the previous gain commit removed one line...
17:22:42peturdon't know how usefull the histogram is
17:24:04 Quit Farpnut (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:26:20amiconn0: recording time, 1: status/split time/filesize 2: peakmeter, 3: heaphone volume, 4: mic gain/left gain, 5: right gain, 7: frequency & channels
17:26:24amiconnLine 6 is free
17:26:52 Quit Farpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:27:18 Join Farpe [0] (
17:29:48peturamiconn: no time now and tonight... so tomorrow maybe I'll have a look - unless somebody does it first :)
17:32:33 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
17:32:59 Part LinusN
17:45:52 Quit petur ("badminton!")
17:47:01 Join RotAtoR [0] (
17:48:14 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:49:09 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
17:52:46 Join jlo [0] (
17:55:09 Join Matze41 [0] (
17:55:49 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:00:39jlopreglow, are you here ?
18:00:51preglowyeah, but busy
18:01:20 Join yeahx [0] (
18:01:41jloso I'll come back later, bye
18:02:10 Part jlo
18:03:46 Join skwad [0] (
18:05:45 Quit Farpe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:06:12 Join Farpe [0] (
18:12:29 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
18:13:42SuperSnoutcan i ask a question about the battery of my h300 running rockbox?
18:14:56SuperSnouti've just been using it (from a full charge) playing music.. almost nonstop for 4 hours... and the power went down 35%
18:15:00SuperSnoutis this normal?
18:15:20SuperSnoutor bad/good?
18:17:28SuperSnoutand another question...
18:18:12 Quit kkurbjun (Nick collision from services.)
18:18:14SuperSnoutI made a modification to the controls for rockdoom so that hold switches the direction buttons to strafe.. before there was no way of strafing..
18:18:40SuperSnoutis there any chance that it would be useful to make a patch or something and make it availiable?
18:18:41preglowif you mean poor power consumption, then we're aware of that
18:18:54 Join effitor [0] (
18:19:02 Join kkurbjun [0] (
18:19:07 Join LinusN [0] (
18:19:13SuperSnoutpreglow: i don't know if it's poor power consumption... that's why i'm asking =)
18:19:35kkurbjunwhat does rockbox do with open file descriptors when a plugin exits?
18:19:52SuperSnoutkkurbjun: it worked!! =D
18:20:02SuperSnoutkkurbjun: i can now strafe =)
18:20:14kkurbjunSuperSnout: great, good to hear
18:20:30SuperSnouti can't believe it was so simple..
18:20:37kkurbjunhow does the hold button work out for you and strafing?
18:20:48SuperSnoutit's not too bad.. usable..
18:20:54SuperSnoutbut i was thinking..
18:21:00SuperSnoutwhat about using navi for strafe?
18:21:15SuperSnoutnavi overrides direction buttons but that wouldn't matter
18:21:21Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Just a heads up, there's been a bit of talk of the equalizers not working right with the three PKs, in case word hasn't got to you from elsewhere.
18:21:27SuperSnoutyou wouldn't be holding navi.. just clicking it to toggle strafe..
18:21:39kkurbjunahh, to toggle it
18:22:12SuperSnoutoh yeah.. and is there a key to bring up the map?
18:22:58kkurbjunI dunno, I'd have to give that a thought, I never thought about that option. Yes. let me check what key it is
18:23:05 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:23:33kkurbjundoes anyone know anything about the file handlers? I'm asking because I'm getting corrupted files on rockbox
18:23:47 Join damaki [0] (
18:25:24SuperSnouti also wanted to ask about making and submitting patches...
18:25:35SuperSnoutwhat's the etiquette? and are there any guides for making them?
18:25:40kkurbjunwhat patch did you want to submit?
18:26:26kkurbjuncreate patches with diff -uBb, make sure you don't have any dos newlines in them
18:27:02SuperSnoutwell.. a change of the doom controls..
18:27:10SuperSnoutor is that not done?
18:27:16Paul_The_NerdSuperSnout: Generally speaking, you don't submit patches for other patches anyway.
18:27:32Paul_The_NerdI mean, you could attach it as a comment onto the Doom patch.
18:27:34SuperSnoutis it a patch for a patch?
18:27:43Paul_The_NerdSince Doom isn't a part of Rockbox, yeah.
18:27:49SuperSnoutin optimized it is
18:27:55kkurbjunI won't be applying a change of controls patch unless it's a menu option to change the controls
18:27:59Paul_The_NerdOptimized isn't part of the official Rockbox project.
18:28:15SuperSnoutso.. they don't have any patches?
18:28:32kkurbjunif you make a patch that allows the users to change the keys at runtime I will apply it
18:28:56SuperSnoutkkurbjun: okay.. i don't think that will happen =)
18:29:21SuperSnoutkkurbjun: would be nice.. just don't think i'd be able to do it..
18:29:37amiconnkkurbjun: On open file descriptor would just stay open. There is no resource tracking in rockbox, each application part is responsible to release what it got
18:30:02 Join Mongey [0] (n=mongeyc@
18:30:17kkurbjunSupersnout, I've included strafing in the next build using the on key. up changes weapons now, I have to keep run in the game because it's necessary to beat parts of the game.
18:30:25amiconnMAX_OPEN_FILES == 8, so if you do that several times, sooner or later file actions will fail
18:30:25nobeliumamiconn: I have a non-technical question about plugins resources release. How is that handled by rockbox?
18:30:35Mongeyare you here?
18:30:35 Join tvelocity [0] (
18:30:41kkurbjunamiconn: so could open file descriptors possibly be causeing my file corruption?
18:30:57amiconnThat is, usually not
18:31:20 Join Febs [0] (n=medifebb@
18:31:46Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Ideally, you should just set run to permanently on. I don't think there are really any instances in Doom where you *want* to be moving slow, that you can't get by just tapping the move forward instead of holding.
18:31:52SuperSnoutkkurbjun: holding the on key? or using it to toggle? and what do you mean keep run? with the version i've got you can't do anything but run.. even before i changed the script..
18:32:09Mongeyhas anyone seen lostlogic ?
18:32:09amiconnIf nobody closes them before shutdown *and* something has been written to the file without even calling fsync(), the latest changes don't get written to disk
18:32:19 Join Thus0 [0] (
18:32:22 Quit Febs (Client Quit)
18:32:42amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: What about enabling Run when button repeat kicks in?
18:32:58kkurbjunPaul: I find run difficult to use for aiming and the like
18:33:02SuperSnoutamiconn: that's also a good idea..
18:33:10 Join Febs [0] (n=medifebb@
18:33:16 Join dropandho [0] (
18:33:19dropandhohey guys!
18:33:23Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: You could adjust the turn speed in the source so that it's not affected by run-condition.
18:33:34SuperSnoutkkurbjun: does run make turning faster too?
18:33:49 Quit Rob2222 ()
18:34:09kkurbjunamiconn: can the keypad buttons still be read when the hold switch is on.. I was thinking of a hold modifier so when it's on the keys are a second layout
18:34:10Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I have to agree, I like that idea too.
18:34:37kkurbjunamiconn: I don't know what's causeing the corruption becuase the file I'm writing to is being properly closed
18:34:39Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: I don't know about iRivers, but I understand on the iPods if Hold is on, no keypresses register at all.
18:34:56SuperSnoutkkurbjun: yeah.. is it possible? or is hold a fundamental thing that is part of the hardware?
18:35:31dropandhoso is it me or are the button assignments for the H1xx remote a little confusing?
18:35:40SuperSnout"kkurbjun: holding the on key? or using it to toggle?" does on key override directions?
18:35:43kkurbjunI know the mode, rec, on and off can still be read in the debug menu, but I don't know about the keypad, it doesn't show any changes when the hold is on
18:35:47 Join Rob2222 [0] (
18:36:52kkurbjunamiconn: I was getting this problem sometimes when copying a new file to the player, I would copy it over and then it would say cannot read doom.rock, I guess that would be caused by too many file decriptors open
18:37:12kkurbjunbecuase the open wads are not properly closed right now
18:38:04kkurbjunI'll see if I can get the wad files to close properly and see if that fixes the problems though
18:39:44 Quit effitor ("Leaving")
18:40:51kkurbjunsupersnout: holding the on key, not a toggle, I can't think of a situation that you would always want to strafe
18:40:52 Part Paul_The_Nerd
18:41:02kkurbjunthe key for the automap is KEY_TAB
18:41:13kkurbjunI think
18:41:31SuperSnoutis it not i use?
18:41:47SuperSnoutwould it have to be yet assigned?
18:42:34kkurbjunI think getting the automap to work properly would take a bit more modification with the source version you are using actually thinking about it
18:43:27 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
18:44:19 Quit muesli- ("ich will Kühe!!!")
18:44:59SuperSnoutkkurbjun: i've just found a really strange thing in the controls.
18:45:31SuperSnoutit doesnt' seem like down does anything.. but when you're holding down you cant turn right but you can turn left =S
18:46:44 Join egotrippen [0] (
18:48:43kkurbjunhmm, I didn't realize that, I'm not sure why taht works for left and not right, but either way you can only read one keypad button at a time
18:49:33SuperSnoutkeypad meaning direction?
18:50:18egotrippensnout, you get your thing working yesterday?
18:50:24kkurbjunyeah, the direction keys, you can see how the buttons react in the debug menu in rockbox
18:51:09kkurbjunlook at ADC_BUTTONS, GPIO_READ, and GPIO1_READ
18:55:51dropandhois this ipod talk?
18:57:49SuperSnoutegotrippen: yeah!!
18:58:04egotrippencool, good to hear
18:58:21 Quit Thus0 ("Leaving")
18:58:38SuperSnoutkkurbjun: but how can that be true if you can shoot while turning?
18:58:52SuperSnoutobviously you can use two diretions at the same time
18:59:21SuperSnoutegotrippen: and then i realised my dad had linux running on another conputer so i didn't actually have to bother installing cygwin
18:59:24nobeliumhmm...why does charging uses iriver's original firmware? h3xx
18:59:29 Quit Shani}{Coder (Client Quit)
18:59:36SuperSnoutit hasn't been sorted out yet
18:59:36kkurbjunyou can use any of the bottons on the side in combination with the keypad
18:59:43 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
18:59:45 Join _FireFly [0] (
18:59:49 Quit _FireFly_ (Client Quit)
19:00:06dropandhoany H1XX remote users here?
19:00:08SuperSnoutnobelium: just turn your iriver on first and then plug it in.. then it'll be charging in rockbox
19:00:16egotrippennobelium: word is that Linus was waiting for USB charging to be sorted before adding them both to the bootloader
19:00:27kkurbjunup, down, left, right, and navi can only be used individually, the rest of the buttons are independent
19:00:30nobeliumegotrippen, exactly the answer I was looking for :p
19:00:50egotrippenand, if i'm reading the forum right, USB charging just got sorted out. it's a little over my head, but i think that
19:00:53egotrippenthat's the jist
19:01:16SuperSnoutkkurbjun: really.. then how come i can press up and side to shoot and turn?
19:01:39nobeliumooops, just noticed I subtmited compiled .lng file
19:02:45SuperSnoutkkurbjun: i've had doom crash quite a few time when i press exit.. now for instance..
19:03:01kkurbjunSupersnout: I don't know what up you're talking about, I guess the buttons that work individually would properly be called (on the iriver) +, -, left, right
19:03:39kkurbjunthey don't work independent on my player
19:03:41SuperSnouti can use + and left at the same time..
19:03:41 Quit skwad ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:04:09SuperSnoutkkurbjun: let me just check incase i'm wrong..
19:04:12kkurbjundid you map + to something?
19:04:18 Join webguest94 [0] (
19:05:05SuperSnoutit's just shoot..
19:05:21kkurbjundid you change that?
19:05:32kkurbjunoh, are you using the optimized version?
19:05:43 Join infamis [0] (
19:05:49SuperSnoutyeah.. optimized..
19:05:57kkurbjunthat's outdated
19:06:02SuperSnoutand i'm ever so sorry.. i was completely wrong..
19:06:19SuperSnoutthe buttons can only be used one at a time..
19:06:44SuperSnoutit's just that after you let go the other button takes over..
19:07:05kkurbjunSupersnout: the crashes on exit and a number of other bugs are fixed in the latest version
19:07:29egotrippenthe just released a new optimized today
19:07:35kkurbjunthe menu keys are also always mapped to up, down, left, right
19:07:38egotrippendunno if it uses an updated Doom version
19:08:15kkurbjunyes, it should have the latest version according to needleboy's log
19:10:07egotrippenyeah. you should update, snout, the older one was pretty outdated in terms of CVS updates
19:10:15SuperSnoutso should i update my rockbox?
19:10:28egotrippenjust make sure you save your changes to the Doom source
19:10:29SuperSnoutfrom the misticriver thread?
19:10:46LinusNkkurbjun: so how is the state of the doom code nowadays?
19:10:55SuperSnoutoh yeah.. thanks egotrippen! all that work would have been wasted..
19:11:04kkurbjunLinusN: the version that
19:11:07egotrippenyeah, taht's important :)
19:11:10kkurbjuns on the tracker is stable
19:11:14SuperSnoutnot that i'm using the hold button all that much =P
19:11:30kkurbjunI have a version that has alot of graphic imporvements, but it doesn't work with all the mods
19:11:38kkurbjunI get stack overflows occasionally
19:12:05kkurbjunLinusn: the version on the tracker also fits in plugin ram
19:12:07SuperSnoutegotrippen: actually it's ok.. it still have the modified files on my computer..
19:12:21LinusNkkurbjun: is it free of warnings on all platforms?
19:12:32egotrippenok. just make sure you don't overwrite them when you unzip the latest source
19:12:32 Quit Mongey ()
19:12:51 Quit webguest94 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:13:09kkurbjunon the H300 it is. It's not free of warnings on gcc 4 though, but it doesn't fit in the ipod's plugin memory either (at least on gcc 4)
19:13:28 Join Shani}{Coder [0] (i=Coder@2001:5c0:84dc:1:2:0:0:10)
19:13:51kkurbjunI'd imagine the H100's it would be free of warnings too, but someone needs to write display code for that player
19:14:17LinusNok, so the plugin should really only be built on the h300 in the CVS builds?
19:14:32kkurbjunthe version that I have would fit on the ipod if I can get it to stop overflowing the stack
19:14:34 Join SnokeekonS [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
19:14:42amiconnkkurbjun: ..preferably using the grayscale lib :)
19:14:47kkurbjun: )
19:15:45amiconnWhat's the internal gfx format of doom, i.e. before your display code converts it to 16bit?
19:15:50 Quit paugh (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
19:15:55kkurbjun256 color
19:16:09kkurbjunpalettes like rockboy
19:16:24amiconnHmm, does the palette change a lot?
19:16:41 Join skwad-eat [0] (
19:16:42amiconn..and does the display code get notified about palette changes?
19:16:45kkurbjunit changes for every hit or item pickup
19:18:03amiconnI didn't look, but do you precalculate the palette -> 16 bit mapping?
19:19:12kkurbjunoriginally every time the palette was updated it was recalculated, I have a version that precalculates it and then to update the palette it copys over an already translated palette to IRAM
19:19:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:19:33kkurbjuntranslated: calculated
19:20:01kkurbjunthat's not on the tracker though
19:20:23amiconnOkay, so using the grayscale lib for H1x0 shouldn't need much work.
19:21:14amiconnInstead of precalculating the mapping to 16bit, it would have to calculate the mapping to brightness values
19:21:38 Nick SnokeekonS is now known as paugh (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
19:22:44kkurbjunthat shouldn't be too bad I'm guessing with this new code, do you have a macro like the LCD_RGBPACK?
19:23:16amiconnNo, but it's easy if the palette entries are RGB888
19:23:33kkurbjunyeah, they are
19:23:38kkurbjunor it is
19:24:53amiconnZagor: While the "chessbox" patch was accepted, the corresponding tracker entry is still open.
19:25:14amiconnIs that a tracker problem, or did just no one bother to close it?
19:25:43amiconnThere are in fact 2 patches...
19:27:26egotrippencan i ask your opinions of my little patch?
19:28:46egotrippenit's for displaying '..' files while keeping '.' files hidden, like for bands or album names starting with '...'
19:29:13egotrippeni understand the reservation is, it's not the way Linux does things, but i still think it makes sense for a music player
19:31:48Mikachuit's a good think rockbox has nothing to do with linux then
19:32:21egotrippeni think it was linuxstb told me a tentative 'why not'
19:32:26egotrippenand badger is against it
19:33:07egotrippeni'm using it anyway, so i'm only so concerned, but i want to ask after it a little
19:33:10Mikachui don't know if he would like being called badger
19:33:35egotrippenum... what's proper?
19:34:35egotrippeni'm used to adressing online people by their screennames, i mean no disrespect
19:34:51Mikachuah yes, but you mistyped it :)
19:35:02egotrippenyes, yes i did
19:35:05egotrippenthanks for pointing that out
19:35:13Mikachusorry, i'm a bit tired and i thought it was funny
19:35:23Mikachui'll be quiet now so someone has a chance to see your question
19:35:35egotrippeni never looked that closely at the letter order, just assumed it was badger
19:35:52*Mikachu hands egotrippen a tab key
19:37:06infamisMikachu: wow...never knew that!
19:37:21*infamis is new to irc
19:37:41 Join safetydan [0] (
19:38:16Mikachugood deed of the day
19:39:39Mikachuthere was this one guy who didn't know about /me, he would always go like this
19:39:41Mikachu* Mikachu laughs
19:39:58Mikachuwe didn't tell him about it for a couple of weeks
19:42:02BHSPitLappyMikachu: the command is "/me laughs"
19:42:26 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-a8a532b08c143aee)
19:43:41infamisI always thought everyone typed out the name of the person they were
19:43:55Mikachuif that were so, nobody would ever talk to bhsleprechaun
19:44:00t0mas"/me laughs" <−− it doesn't work BHSPitLappy :(
19:44:16 Quit Nico_P ()
19:45:10BHSPitLappypoor t0mas :(
19:45:55infamisThe tab thing only works for the first char? You can't type "inf"[tab] & it auto-finishes? Or is it just this IRC client?
19:46:20*infamis ends his display of noobishness
19:46:26t0massome clients don't support the completion at all...
19:46:30Mikachumy client even adds the : for me
19:46:36amiconnThe web client is limited to first char
19:46:37t0masmine did that too
19:46:41t0masand I don't like it :)
19:46:42BHSPitLappythat's customizable.
19:46:48t0masin xchat it is
19:46:50 Quit bluey (Remote closed the connection)
19:46:59Mikachuyeah i can make it insert a random string too
19:47:03BHSPitLappyI should change my tab-complete character to ", you douchebag:"
19:47:20*t0mas just switched it off
19:47:28t0masdon't like the : after all names :)
19:47:55Mikachuonly when at the start of a line
19:48:08infamisinfamis: how's it going
19:48:24*amiconn 's client also allows configuration of the 'nick completion char'
19:48:55safetydanamiconn, how's that errno fix? Or is Bagder the one I should ask?
19:49:05 Join Chamois [0] (
19:50:14amiconnAnyone in here building rockbox on another system than Linux or Windows?
19:50:23BHSPitLappyHydraIRC? :P
19:50:28amiconnI.e. *bsd, MacosX ?
19:51:17kkurbjunamiconn: I'm still getting corrupted files even with this wrapper
19:51:51kkurbjunerr, I made a wrapper to keep track of the files open and close them out at the end of the runtime
19:51:58safetydanamiconn, linuxstb might have been trying to build the SDL sim under OSX
19:57:58amiconnsafetydan: I need some info about those systems, and I need to do some tests for win32 myself
19:58:11amiconnThen I'll commit that fix
20:00:41BagderI think you can commit first, then test more
20:00:51Bagdersince it'll be way easier to get people to test it
20:01:02Bagderand it is likely to work for a vast majority anyway
20:01:21dropandhoyou guys use the remote on the H1XX at all?
20:01:41amiconnI just want some info - whether /usr/include/errno.h is present on these systems
20:01:44safetydandropandho, sometimes, why?
20:01:57dropandhoim sooo confused by the button mapping
20:02:00Bagderamiconn: it will be present on all modern *nix-like systems
20:02:13dropandhois there anywhere to change the buttons?
20:03:42dropandhoyou know, it seems normal a dumbo!
20:04:36 Quit quobl ("Leaving")
20:05:03safetydandropandho, button mappings are not configurable at the moment
20:05:12safetydanbut I've never had any problems with it before
20:05:17safetydanbeen a while since I used it though
20:05:59infamisquestion: on tools/configure, if you select the target select (d) devel, and then put in "ds" for options, doesn't that mean it should build the (s)imulator with (d)ebug?
20:06:24dropandhoi could have sworn it was buggy on one startup...and was wondering if it was a cfg was prob just me!
20:07:31 Join Thus0 [0] (
20:08:44safetydandropandho, there were some changes to remote control autodetection last week or so, maybe that's what you saw
20:09:33egotrippeni almost never use the remote since Rockbox came out... weird
20:09:36egotrippeni used to use it all the time
20:10:20egotrippenthat just occured to me. probably because i can set a playlist beforehand, i don't need it as much
20:11:56infamisinfamis: never mind, I got it
20:12:40infamisit's one letter per line
20:13:37dropandhoahhh- i find i need it....i live in i don't want to take my unit out and show it to the world
20:13:50dropandho(eventhough i am awfully proud of the rockbox work you guys did!)
20:14:23egotrippenheh. yeah, i understand
20:14:37dropandhoso i cant wait till it is all ported onto the remote!
20:17:04 Quit skwad-eat ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:19:19 Join Thus0_ [0] (
20:19:39 Quit Thus0 (Connection reset by peer)
20:20:33 Nick Thus0_ is now known as Thus0 (
20:21:37 Join cooltom [0] (
20:21:48 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
20:22:58 Join webguest60 [0] (
20:23:06 Quit webguest60 (Client Quit)
20:26:20nobeliumi should also send my .lang file by cvs
20:26:38 Quit cooltom ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:27:04 Join imphasing [0] (
20:27:24 Join cooltom [0] (
20:27:58cooltomnobelium: you updated the portugues .lang ?
20:28:08t0masI can commit it...
20:28:14 Quit infamis ("re-bute")
20:28:19nobeliumthat would be good :)
20:28:23nobeliumit's 100% complete
20:28:33t0masok, can you DCC or e-mail it to me?
20:28:35nobeliumI compiled it myself for testing purposes
20:28:39t0masor is it on the patch tracker?
20:28:44nobeliumit's on Patch tracker
20:28:54nobeliumboth .lng and .lang
20:29:11 Quit dropandho ()
20:29:25t0mas <−− that one right?
20:29:34nobeliumyes :)
20:29:40nobeliumit's spelled "português.lang"
20:29:52nobeliumit's not correctly displayed in the tracker
20:31:03webguest07Slasheri / lostlogic: I think there may be some sort of a bug in the playback/buffering system. For certain albums it skips songs. Seems to only happen on albums with very short songs.
20:32:07webguest07In the example I testing right now if always skips the 5th song on the album. It only happens if you let it play straight through, if I skip songs then it plays fine.
20:33:01t0masnobelium: wait a moment, I have no dev. access to the tracker, so I can't close it etc.
20:33:40webguest07Using H3xx, ogg Q9, I've noticed it happening in the last three or four weeks' builds
20:34:40 Join lodesi [0] (
20:35:47t0masnobelium: you changed the line-ends in the portugues.lang file :)
20:35:56Paul_The_Nerdwebguest07: How short of a song?
20:36:03webguest07What's strange is the songs actually show in the playlist; but when song #4 is playing, song #6 is shown as the next song in the wps
20:36:15webguest07Paul_The_Nerd: Generally 1-2 minutes
20:36:43webguest07The album it just happened on is No Control by Bad Religion
20:38:30webguest07It's happened in other albums as well, just can't remember off the top of my head what they were...
20:39:51Paul_The_NerdIs it specific? Like, always the same songs? If you shuffle, will it still skip those songs when it should get to them? If you reencode with a different codec does it do the same thing?
20:41:35webguest07Well for the album I noticed today, it's always the same song. I remember playing the same album with no issues a while back. I'm going to do some experimentation with shuffling and starting at different points in the album right now. I can re-encode later tonight and to test that...
20:42:26webguest07If I skip to or play that specific song it's fine which leads me to believe it's something else
20:43:15Paul_The_NerdDo you play that album as a playlist, or just click the first song and go?
20:43:28webguest07Click the first song and go
20:44:02linuxstbamiconn: If you're still interested, then yes, Mac OS X does have /usr/include/errno.h - all it does is #include <sys/errno.h>, which is where the real work is.
20:44:23Paul_The_NerdAnd is it all songs under ~2 minutes, or just some? Like, have you seen a shorter song play normalls?
20:44:59 Quit _FireFly (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:45:59webguest07On this album most are under 2 minutes, I just mentioned that because I thought it might be relevant. I *believe* one of the other albums with same problem was another Bad Religion album with similar length songs.
20:46:39nobeliumt0mas: was away, sorry
20:46:52nobeliumwhat do you mean with the line-ends :)?
20:47:05Paul_The_Nerdwebguest07: So, shorter songs have not been skipped?
20:47:06t0masyou use windows right?
20:47:24nobeliumyes..edited with jane and saved as utf-8 with notepad
20:47:33nobeliumtoo lazy to install ultra edit :p
20:47:40t0masok, windows marks the end of a line with \r\n
20:47:44t0maslinux just uses \n
20:47:56t0masso that's why CVS sees everything as changed
20:48:09webguest07Paul_The_Nerd: nope. My theory (albeit possibly flawed) is that maybe the number of tracks being buffered simultaneously is to blame.
20:48:44t0masis that all you wanted to change?
20:48:58t0masor more?
20:49:14t0masbecause I corrected it, so this should only contain your changes... nothing else
20:49:34webguest07All right, so I started the same album at song #2 instead of #1. It then proceeded to skip #6. So for some reason the 5th song in the playlist under these circumstance is getting skipped :(
20:50:48Paul_The_NerdBut if you browse to it, it's not?
20:51:04webguest07I'm doing a shuffle test right now...
20:51:28Paul_The_NerdYou said these are Q9 ogg?
20:51:28webguest07And it shows up in the playlist viewer ?
20:51:37webguest07Yes Q9
20:52:07Paul_The_NerdWhat filesize are 2, 3, and 4? Like, megabytes with a decimal or two?
20:52:18webguest07Never had any problems until recently
20:52:20nobeliumt0mas, can you read my pm?
20:52:57webguest07Paul_The_Nerd: I'll check filesize in a minute, want to let my shuffle test finish...
20:53:16Paul_The_NerdRather, 2, 3, 4, and 5 I guess.
20:53:20Paul_The_NerdOr 1, 2, 3, and 4
20:53:22Paul_The_NerdEither set
20:54:05Paul_The_NerdI know I don't know anything about the playback at all. I'm really only good for really small, basic fixes here 'n there. But I figure, the more questions that get asked, at least the more information available when someone who does know arrives.
20:54:44webguest07Paul_The_Nerd: I agree, the more information the better :)
20:55:08 Quit cooltom ("CGI:IRC")
20:55:53nobeliumPaul_The_Nerd, are you aware of the layer priority on USB connection / WPS?
20:56:20webguest07It skips the 5th song on the playlist even if the album is shuffled
20:56:35nobeliumthe WPS generally gets messed up with the USB mode on
20:57:46Paul_The_Nerdnobelium: What exactly happens. "Messed up" is a very vague statement
20:58:09Paul_The_Nerdwebguest07: Alright. You said most of the songs are about the same length. How big are the files?
20:58:35nobeliumi'm sorry. The layers won't work properly..there are purple zones in the display
20:58:38 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
20:58:48nobeliumthe overlay isn't working as it should I think
20:58:59Paul_The_Nerdnobelium: Is purple your foreground or background color? Like, not via image, but in the settings?
20:59:39nobeliumnot at all, I think that is derivate from transparent bitmaps
21:00:22nobeliumalright, I just reproduced the bug
21:00:34Paul_The_Nerdnobelium: Okay, and what exactly do you mean by "there are purple zones in the display"? When you plug in the USB cable, the USB icon appears in the middle of the screen, and then what?
21:00:44nobeliumI'm playing a music, with the WPS running
21:01:02nobeliumthen I connect it to USB mode
21:01:43webguest07Filesize/length: (#1) 2.7mb, 0:55; (#2) 5.0mb, 1:42; (#3) 5.2mb, 1:47; (#4) 4.8mb, 1:34; (#5) 4.8mb 1:40; (#6) 6.8mb 2:17
21:01:47nobeliumthe USB icons appears, but the background still shows "Now Playing", "Next track" and 3 other bitmaps
21:02:14safetydannobelium, the USB connect code probably doesn't clear the screen properly
21:02:19Paul_The_Nerdwebguest07: So, 5 should be wholly in the buffer, I'd imagine.
21:02:25nobelium2 purple rectangles appear also: one on top, and another that shows beneath the usb icon
21:02:51nobeliumsafetydan, should I submit it to bug tracker or no need then?
21:02:54Paul_The_Nerdnobelium: Purple, or more magenta by change?
21:03:10nobeliumi'd say more mangenta yes
21:03:53webguest07Paul_The_Nerd: I'm imagine so, but based on hd activity it seems to do a small buffering during the first song and then a much larger one right at the end of the first / beginning of the second
21:03:55Paul_The_NerdIt's possible 255,0,255 doesn't get ignored on the USB screen, or something.
21:04:30Paul_The_Nerdwebguest07: Well, in the Info->Debug menu, you can actually watch the PCM and Compressed buffers as it goes through the playlist, and even see how many songs are buffered at any time.
21:04:36webguest07And then if buffers again just before the middle of the second song
21:04:52webguest07Hmmm...let me check that out
21:04:59nobeliumPaul_The_Nerd, yes, that would be the transparent "color", right?
21:05:48safetydannobelium, probably since that way your report won't get lost
21:06:37Paul_The_NerdThe WPS screen should definitely be cleared on USB connect, I imagine.
21:06:53nobeliumand only show backdrop + usb icon
21:07:01nobeliumsince USB icon is overlay'ed
21:07:26 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
21:08:01Paul_The_NerdThere aren't really "overlays" and "layers"
21:09:15nobeliumUSB icon = transparent bitmap then?
21:09:26Paul_The_NerdMono bitmap, I believe
21:14:02 Join jlo [0] (n=jlo@atm91-1-82-227-1-