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#rockbox log for 2006-03-13

00:00:01 Join stripwax [0] (
00:00:03Adrianits weard
00:00:27stripwaxwho should I thank for PacBox? it's just great
00:00:35stripwax(cheers Dave)
00:00:59Adrianhey whats this mean PLUGIN_HEADER ??
00:01:51sharpeit's the plugin header... :D
00:01:55RotAtoRit's a macro that inserts the standard plugin header that every plugin needs
00:02:31Adriani foud this site but im not good in english
00:02:56 Join damaki__ [0] (
00:03:03Adrianand im not sure what its mean
00:03:22stripwaxbut I have some suggestions and questions about PacBox. e.g., why no sound, why it always boosts cpu to full, why the background is copied twice rather than just once, whether its possible to optimise lcd updates by only updating areas that are different etc
00:04:05stripwaxAdrian - what's your actual question? are you writing a plugin and it's failing to compile?
00:04:29 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:04:58Adrianno i want to run a bubbles patch on my ipod
00:05:28stripwaxAdrian - and the plugin is failing to compile?
00:06:05RotAtoRno, it just needs to be recompiled for the latest version
00:07:14Adrianyes its not work
00:07:14 Quit Bger ("[BX] Become a BitchX Certified Systems Engineer today! Apply within!")
00:07:14stripwaxRotAtoR - presumably PLUGIN_HEADER needs adding too
00:07:26RotAtoRno, that's already there
00:07:35RotAtoRAdrian is just using an old .rock file
00:07:46stripwaxRotAtoR - oh! not a patch then (as he said)
00:08:05RotAtoRnope :)
00:08:49Adriani get the file from the first site of
00:09:46RotAtoRAdrian: here's a fresh compile for the ipod color
00:10:11linuxstbstripwax: Glad you like pacbox. Sound isn't implemented yet (but I probably will at some point - PIE emulated sound, but I haven't ported that part of the code). It's not realtime at the moment, even with the CPU boosted to full, so I'm not sure why you're asking about the cpu boost.
00:10:25stripwaxRotAtoR - could you do me a fresh compile for H120 while you're there? ;-)
00:10:57RotAtoRuhh, fine, i'll make a new batch of rocks.... :p
00:11:08linuxstbstripwax: And where is the background copied twice?
00:11:09RotAtoRI really should just get this thing finally committed
00:12:14stripwaxlinuxstb - renderBackground is called, and then background is memcpy'd to video_buffer. wondering why renderBackground( video_buffer ) isn't used
00:12:20Adrianok its working now
00:12:43AdrianThanks RotAtoR
00:12:51RotAtoRAdrian: no problem :)
00:12:55stripwaxRotAtoR - commit would be cool, I should be able to build myself actually so don't worry too much if you don't have time
00:13:01fantomasI like that colored rockbox LOGO at startup... How to make it to stay longer on a screen?? :)
00:13:19linuxstbstripwax: Because the sprites are rendered on top of the background, and the renderBackground() function only updates the parts of the background that have changed.
00:13:24stripwaxfantomas - slow down startup? :-d
00:13:33sharpemake a backdrop with it?
00:13:41fantomasstripwax: yeah :) its too fast on my iPod nano :)
00:13:51linuxstbstripwax: I've tried to explain it in a comment in pacbox.c
00:13:55stripwaxlinuxstb - and why wouldn't renderBackground( video_memory ) do the same thing?
00:14:10stripwaxlinuxstb - yeah, I read the comment, didn't understand it, changed the code and ran in simulator and it works the same afaict
00:14:13linuxstbBecause that contains the sprites.
00:14:50stripwaxlinuxstb - if renderBackground only renders the bits that have changed .. then what's the problem?
00:15:10linuxstbThe sprites can corrupt the background
00:15:13fantomasIs there a color version of rockbox or can I enable it somehow?
00:15:37linuxstbSo if you draw a sprite over the background, and that part of the background doesn't change, then the sprite isn't erased.
00:15:38stripwaxfantomas - er, how do you mean a 'color' version? does your mp3 player have a colour screen?
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00:16:05fantomasstripwax: yes
00:16:20fantomasstripwax: I mean using different colors for different things
00:16:47 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
00:16:49stripwaxlinuxstb - hm, I thought you said renderBackground updates the parts that have changed .. if you draw a sprite over the background, and then the sprite moves, hasn't the background changed? or am I missing the point somehow? (like I said, I tried running in sdl sim rendering to video_buffer directly and it worked fine)
00:16:55BoD[]dodo time
00:17:05 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:17:11BoD[]means sleep time
00:17:20midkay_don't remember me? :)
00:17:27BoD[]oh :)
00:17:30BoD[]yeah :)
00:17:34BoD[]yes I'm back
00:17:35stripwaxfantomas - which colors for which things?! like, the while playing screen, and games, and stuff? (cos they're already colour). or something else??
00:17:39midkay_awesome, welcome back :)
00:17:41BoD[]I have an ipod now
00:17:45midkay_same. :)
00:17:50BoD[]cool !
00:18:05BoD[]the other day I "tried" ipodlinux
00:18:12midkay_what model do you have?
00:18:16BoD[]didn't work at all
00:18:24BoD[](video 60g)
00:18:26midkay_hmm :) me too, i have it running..
00:18:44Adrianok im going now
00:18:50BoD[]i have to go too
00:18:55BoD[]it's fun to come back here :)
00:18:56Adriansee you later Guys
00:18:58midkay_laters BoD[] - nice seeing you :)
00:18:58fantomasstripwax: I mean something like fancy colored themes for menus, player window, settings etc. Yes I know rockbox can display colors - I played some games
00:19:03midkay_later Adrian
00:19:05BoD[]a+ !
00:19:13 Quit BoD[] ("rocks again!")
00:19:23stripwaxfantomas - yeah, go download some fancy themes! search the forum on
00:19:27midkay_amiconn, are you here?
00:19:40fantomasstripwax: really? heh... :)
00:19:48 Quit Adrian ("Chatzilla [Firefox]")
00:20:08 Quit ender` (" Newton's Little-Known Seventh Law: A bird in the hand is safer than one overhead.")
00:20:45linuxstbstripwax: I've just tried it in the Sim, and get this effect:
00:21:10stripwaxlinuxstb - wow, weird. that's what i would have expected to see too, which is why I was confused!
00:21:51linuxstbAre you sure you didn't forget "make install" after changing pacbox.c ?
00:22:07stripwaxmake *install* ? not just make?
00:23:03linuxstb"make install" creates/updates the archos/.rockbox/ directory
00:23:09linuxstb(where the plugins live)
00:23:31stripwaxlinuxstb - would it be faster to just memcpy the bits of the background where the sprites are, rather than memcpy the whole background each time?
00:23:52muesli__is pacman already running while using the experimental build?
00:23:52stripwaxlinuxstb - aw, crap, yeah. I probably forgot to copy it over.
00:24:15linuxstbmuesli__: It's in CVS - I have no idea if it's included in the experimental build.
00:24:28stripwaxreason I'm so interested is cos I was working on writing a puckman clone for rockbox and then discovered I don't need to bother any more :-)
00:24:38muesli__oki, will have a look
00:24:48linuxstbstripwax: Which player do you have?
00:25:05stripwaxyep, i forgot to copy of the rock. <slaps forehead>
00:25:07stripwaxlinuxstb - H120
00:25:22linuxstbOK, there's a lot of work needed there...
00:25:43stripwaxbut some friends with color ipods would definitely want to play
00:25:55linuxstbI only spent about 10 minutes getting something working before I committed it. I've been mainly testing on my ipod 5g.
00:26:08linuxstb(for the h120 version)
00:26:12 Quit kclaf ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
00:26:45stripwaxlinuxstb - cool. well, it plays ok but is slow (didn't check fps tho)
00:27:09 Quit imphasing ("Lost terminal")
00:27:12muesli__where do i get packman roms?
00:27:14linuxstbYou could play with the rgb_to_gray() function in arcade.c to try and see if you can improve the use of grayscale.
00:27:28stripwaxmuesli__ - don't ask that question here. google probably knows.
00:27:59 Join imphasing [0] (
00:28:06stripwaxlinuxstb - sounds good. really I'd like to interpolate pixels a little rather than skip (although that would slow down things more of course)
00:28:55fantomasstripwax: cool stuff. Very few themes for iPod Nano though...
00:29:29stripwaxfantomas - hmm... you could start the ball rolling? ;-)
00:29:43linuxstbstripwax: You should be able to take advantage of the fact that we know exactly where the important pixels are, and display those rows and columns. Maybe via two lookup tables.
00:30:27stripwaxlinuxstb - hrm, rgb_to_gray looks slow, would be better to just render into gray to start with I reckon
00:30:51linuxstbrgb_to_gray is just used during the initialisation - so it doesn't need to be fast.
00:30:56stripwaxlinuxstb - didn't understand your last msg.
00:30:59stripwaxlinuxstb - oh
00:31:25linuxstbPacman has a palette[] array, and pacbox initialises that array with "native" Rockbox colour values.
00:32:08stripwaxlinuxstb - yeah, I meant the message before that (it was your last message while I was typing mine). the 'two lookup tables' thing. to do what, interpolation, or improve rgb_to_gray?
00:32:38amiconnmidkay_: wazzup?
00:32:52linuxstbstripwax: The interpolation - to decide which rows and colums from the Pacman 224x288 display are displayed on the Nano's screen.
00:33:03fantomasstripwax: not sure what you mean, not english native, sorry man
00:33:13stripwaxlinuxtsb - Nano? wait. huh?
00:34:11stripwaxlinuxstb - so, in that case, I'm confused by what you mean by "the important pixels". Isn't that, all of them?
00:34:22stripwaxfantomas - I just meant, you might need to design your own ..
00:34:29linuxstbstripwax: Sorry, both the Nano and H1x0 need the same scaling factor.
00:34:53linuxstbstripwax: The "important" pixels are the vertical and horizontal lines in the maze.
00:35:06SereR0KRhow can I get the Doom Plug-In work on Rockbox O.o
00:35:08midkay_amiconn, i know you're one of the few people left here with a recorder :) i just recoded the f2/f3 screens to put all the entries on seperate scrolling lines (this fixes one of the ToDos about the handling of long strings at these screens, eg german) - it's working fine, but i'm a bit nervous about committing it yet - do you approve? :) would you like to try it first?
00:35:09fantomasstripwax: ok I see now. Interesting suggestion. I'll think :)
00:35:09SereR0KRfor my iPod ^^
00:35:51stripwaxlinuxstb - ok - well, the maze walls on H1x0 kinda look a bit screwy anyway ..
00:35:56amiconnmidkay_: I'd rather see the quickscreens dropped & replaced by something more useful - maybe that's just me...
00:36:27midkay_amiconn, as would i, but that doesn't seem to be in the todo docs ;)
00:38:21stripwax"make install" is cool, and I didn't know about it. (would you believe I was doing "make zip" / "unzip..." before?) :-s
00:40:12stripwaxlinuxstb - what was your reason for inverting the screen on H1x0 by the way
00:40:16stripwax^ packbox
00:41:09linuxstbstripwax: Because I couldn't work out how not to....
00:41:31amiconnThis HD66789R datasheet is rather ambiguous
00:41:37linuxstbstripwax: As I said, the choice of colours needs more working for the h1x0
00:43:13stripwaxlinuxstb - yep. I didn't think the two were related - the palette is probably ok, but the lcd is *also* inverted, which is weird
00:44:21midkay_amiconn, i guess since neither of us seem to really care, i'll just commit it.. if it's an unwanted change, it's a simple revert
00:44:36Massa1Hi everybody, I'm also still here :-)
00:47:00stripwaxok, I'm going to hack renderBackground to check the location of sprites too and rerender those squares too
00:56:36fantomasIs there a way to use ipod Linux together with rockbox as well as with original Apple's firmware?
00:57:41stripwaxI think ipodlinux comes with a configurable boot loader
00:58:24linuxstbfantomas: Yes - both ipodloader2 and the Rockbox bootloader can triple-boot
00:59:04fantomaslinuxstb: then probably wiki is slightly out of date or I just can't find this info there :)
00:59:34linuxstbIt's not described in the Rockbox wiki.
01:00:05 Quit Massa1 ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.12/20050915]")
01:01:37sharpeheh, i just had an idea for a game for rockbox...
01:01:51stripwaxwhat game
01:01:59stripwaxmy idea was a text adventure ;-)
01:02:09sharpea maze, involving one pixel. all the walls are one pixel...
01:02:26sharpemoving a red pixel around in a white maze :)
01:02:38stripwaxsharpe - hehe. what about the mono targets though? i guess the pixel could flash ...
01:02:58stripwaxthere was a stunning game back on the Spectrum called Pixy The Microdot ;-)
01:03:12sharpeit'd be hard for targets with large screens :D
01:03:53sharpeahah, i think that's what i'll work on next...
01:07:54 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
01:08:01sharpewould that be an interesting game though?
01:08:05 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
01:08:19midkay_sharpe, a maze? yes. a pixel-sized maze? hmm... ;)
01:08:44sharpeit'd be funny...
01:08:50stripwaxsounds cool to me.
01:09:06stripwaxshould be scaleable though. from 1x1 pixel to 8x8 pixel, for example
01:09:15midkay_sharpe, yes, quite funny.. but a bit small. :)
01:10:00sharpedifficulty setting, and scale setting... :)
01:10:44midkay_same thing ;)
01:11:03sharpejust to think of a name...
01:11:25stripwaxmazebox ... rockmaze ...
01:12:30midkay_mazebox. haha.
01:12:44stripwaxwell. i mean. I don't *like* the name but it's kinda obvious ;-)
01:13:02midkay_mazebox. hahaha. :)
01:13:40stripwaxlinuxstb - actually I think the fix is easy. just make renderSprite update the dirty flag for the squares in which the sprite lies. testing now..
01:13:51stripwaxdon't have a fix for inverted lcd yet tho ;-)
01:14:34linuxstbstripwax: Good idea.
01:15:17amiconnThere are quite some plugins nowadays named *box or rock*
01:15:29stripwaxamiconn - is that "good" or "bad"
01:15:32amiconnSomewhat boring...
01:15:58midkay_WAIT. i got it.
01:16:12stripwaxyeah. sharpe - call it Lost or Maze Thing or Where Now or something
01:16:18midkay_or.. wait.
01:16:27stripwaxMack is cool
01:16:41sharpeyay mack!
01:17:29midkay_wait. i got it. _yes_.
01:17:40sharpedawm direct foam is a liar. i don't get a vacuum made out of soap bubbles.
01:17:49midkay_(hushed audience; "ooooh"s all around)
01:18:25sharpeor pixel, it gives no meaning to what it's about until you start it, other than the fact that it involves pixels, but so does every other plugin.
01:18:45midkay_that's a good one.
01:18:45stripwaxsharpe - but with a scaling setting it's not really a pixel any more.
01:18:57sharpebut it still uses pixels :)
01:19:06stripwaxcos it like 'pixy' ;-)
01:19:06midkay_WAIT. Navibox.
01:19:12nudelIf anyone's interested, I've put the current version of my iPod Video theme, plus some (better, cleaner) screenshots and the Photoshop PSD file too, on a temporary page:
01:19:14stripwaxnah. sounds like a menu system.
01:19:27midkay_fu all. you know that. you all suck. my names own you all.
01:19:37midkay_you're just too pathetic to step to "Navibox".
01:19:49sharpesuch a decieving name...
01:19:55stripwaxoops.. "nice"
01:20:25midkay_cause it has everything you need.. maze, rock* or *box.. and in-the.. ties it all together.
01:20:30midkay_maze-in-the-box. perfect.
01:21:03sharpein that case, 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.' it includes all letters which can form other words, so it's up to your imagnination what the actual name is.
01:21:05nudelsokoban is box-in-a-maze
01:21:36midkay_let's rename Sokoban to Sokobox.
01:21:38midkay_that's genius.
01:21:46midkay_let's rename everything to rock* or *box.
01:21:54stripwaxor call this mazeban
01:22:11midkay_battery_testbox.. flipitbox.. no. flipbox!
01:22:19sharpelets rename it all to rockboxplugin_*, with * corresponding to a number. it's a genius ordering system.
01:22:27nudelboxbox (a boxing game)
01:22:35*stripwax chuckles at boxbox
01:22:52sharpeeh, that sounds opensourcy
01:23:04 Join Peter200lx [0] (
01:23:20stripwaxlost in the box?
01:23:32nudelJackin' T Box
01:24:02 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
01:24:09sharpesuch a vague name midkay...
01:25:04sharpekind of takes the fun out of it...
01:25:16sharpeand i think that's over the character limit anyways
01:26:21midkay_let's do move-the-cursor-throughout-the-box-it's-a-maze-you-retard-jesus-fuc.rock.. hits the filename char limit perfectly.
01:26:58Peter200lxwhat is Xobox?
01:27:01 Join Shadowarrior13 [0] (
01:27:03sharpei know this
01:27:10sharpei can't remember...
01:27:34sharpefilesharing client isn't it?
01:27:37midkay_Peter200lx, it's a Xonix clone (i think that's what it's called)
01:27:45midkay_xenix? xonix? something like that
01:28:00sharpewow. i was way off...
01:28:09Peter200lxheh, Xenix being? ;-)
01:29:33midkay_Peter200lx, some game. :)
01:29:48sharpea collection of bytes.
01:30:26midkay_a variant of qix, apparently:
01:31:58sharpeheh, i'm not useful at all. :)
01:32:09 Quit herz42_ ("Und wech")
01:33:09Peter200lxon , it says that The Nano Has recording ability
01:33:12Peter200lxhow is that?
01:33:32linuxstbThe hardware supports recording.
01:34:43Peter200lxwhat is used for recording? through the propriatary ipod connector?
01:35:07sharpeisn't it the headphone jack?
01:35:35Peter200lxit has a headphone connector on the bottom
01:35:51sharpethe nano?
01:36:24linuxstbAFAIK, the headphone connector can be used for recording, plus there is a line-in on the dock connector.
01:36:43sharpewhat i was thinking...
01:37:06Peter200lxis there any plans for Rockbox to suport recording?
01:37:40 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
01:37:45sharpeit does for everything else but the ipods, doesn't it
01:38:02stripwaxPeter200lx - yeah. it works for most devices already. what do you have?
01:38:03Peter200lxI think so
01:38:27Peter200lxwell, I have a Archos V1, but my Dad just got a Nano
01:38:43Peter200lxJust curious what all it could do
01:40:39Peter200lxI've been geting it set up
01:41:08Peter200lxhe likes not haveing to install the itunes software on his computer
01:41:21sharpei just recently uninstalled itunes... :)
01:42:42sharpekept creating the ipod_control folder everytime i was working on my zip plugin, testing it...
01:47:34sharpeand really that's the only thing i can say i've done so far for rockbox, and it's not even entirely complete yet...
01:48:25Peter200lxheh, I'm pretty much a strait user
01:49:04Peter200lxI need to learn to program, I just haven't yet
01:49:28sharpei used to be better... i stopped for a while some time ago, just getting back into it...
01:49:54 Join Rob2222 [0] (
01:50:38sharpei just can't think of anything else i can add to it...
01:50:58sharpeohes noes, i'm bleeding. :(
01:54:18 Quit Peter200lx ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:54:44stripwaxlinuxstb- patch at
01:55:20stripwaxsmall optimisations to sprite rendering + removal of the memcpy for background by setting dirty flags within sprite renderer
01:55:28linuxstbstripwax: How much of an improvement in the FPS does it give?
01:55:41stripwaxdon't know yet ..
01:56:01stripwaxhow can I find out?
01:56:12sharpeby using it?
01:56:32stripwaxsharpe - er, thanks!
01:56:55 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:57:19linuxstbstripwax: sharpe is right - run it on your h1x0 without the patch, and run it again with the patch.
01:57:23sharpeyou're welcome, i'm always here to help...
01:57:43stripwaxlinuxstb - ah, can't do that, battery is flat on my h1x0 :( can wait till tomorrow. I guess sim is locked to 20fps?
01:58:46linuxstbI'll probably give it a go later - I'm working on an ARM assembler optimsation for the iPod 5g at the moment.
01:59:33stripwaxlinuxstb (optimisation for pacbox, or something else?). i should probably crack at a coldfire optimisation for h1x0
01:59:52sharpegah, i wish i had gotten into the rockbox development earlier...
02:00:32stripwaxarg, there's an off-by-one error I think in my dirty flag - leaves occasional stray 1x1 blue pixels on the screen. weird.
02:00:50 Quit gromit`` ("Coyote finally caught me")
02:01:01sharpethat's just cool. :)
02:01:12linuxstbstripwax: Yes, pacbox.
02:01:21sharpeoccasional blue pixels...
02:02:10*imphasing pokes at the rockbox kernel
02:02:11stripwaxor could be a bug in my optimisation to sprite rendering! blech
02:02:14 Join JD|Uni [0] (
02:02:15sharpewho... wants to give me something to try to work on?
02:02:23JD|Unihey all
02:02:24imphasingIt seems like rockbox is mostly a kernel..
02:02:37midkay_linuxstb, do you have a couple graphic problems on your 5G in pacbox? .. specifically the pacman animation
02:02:37stripwaximphasing - huh?
02:03:10imphasingstripwax: er..
02:03:43imphasingIt's mostly just a single file, that gets loaded, and handles all the kernel tasks. IE, a kernel.
02:03:47imphasingSave for the WPS files
02:04:11stripwaxyeah - I'm just an idiot. I'll update my patch in one moment ..
02:04:36*imphasing is now confused
02:04:37stripwaximphasing - "rockbox" is also all the apps
02:04:49imphasingWell yeah, but it mostly consists of a kernel
02:05:05stripwaxdefine "mostly" ?!?
02:05:12JD|Unievertything bar the plugins
02:05:38stripwaxI mean, yeah, the rockbox kernel is just a kernel. but, er, huh? I mean, all the codecs are plugins. And without the codecs, there would be no sound (on modern devices). so .. still, huh?
02:05:48imphasingTake linux for exambple. The kernel just handles the very basic tasks, and the applications handle everything else. Rockbox, however, has most of it's higher up operations in the "kernel"
02:06:04sharpeit's like dos without the command prompt. :)
02:07:18imphasingI consider rockbox to be a kernel, with plugins.
02:07:26imphasingI may be way off though.
02:08:23crashdi see what you're saying imphasing
02:08:25crashdbut, what's your point?
02:08:40imphasingNo point really
02:08:44imphasingIt just makes it simpler
02:08:48stripwaximphasing - I guess that's one way of looking at it. but in that sense it's a megalithic kernel that includes drivers and user interface functions..
02:09:03imphasingrigb t
02:09:36JD|Unithe ui needs to be split off so it can be redone making it a bit nicer :p
02:09:45sharpethe sound of gears grinding to a halt imphasing? :)
02:10:04imphasingthere's no real point to what I'm saying. I'm just observing that it's a good design for something that doesn't require an exceedingly complex operating system
02:10:12imphasingsharpe: eh?
02:10:26midkay_hey JD|Uni - is that coLinux environment on the web anywhere yet? :) sounds very good
02:11:23JD|Unimidkay_: no not yet
02:11:34JD|Unitab name completion is fucked on the webclient...
02:11:42 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (n=midkay@
02:12:08JD|Uniim gonna put the other targets on it, and get ssh working, then ill up it, hopefully tomorow from uni so it doesnt take 2 hours to upload :p
02:12:11stripwaxlinuxstb - just fixed my bug and updated the patch. lemme know if you get a chance to take a look! i'll be back tomorrow
02:12:11sharpei have another idea that will not be implemented!
02:12:14stripwaxgnight all
02:12:20stripwaxsharpe - ooh, I'll wait for this ..
02:12:33imphasingHeh, who wrote the thread scheduling code?
02:12:35midkayJD|Uni, haha, cool/good :)
02:12:37midkaycan't wait
02:12:39imphasingPeice of art, that.
02:12:56sharpenetworking functionality, have a host program on a computer and have the player communicate via usb
02:13:14JD|Unisharpe.. i imagine that will come pretty quickly after usbotg
02:13:15crashdwont work tho
02:13:16sharpei remember for my palm pilot, there was something similar for controlling winamp
02:13:28JD|Unibut ipx over usb is more important (for doom :D )
02:13:37 Part stripwax
02:14:01JD|Unihow mad would doom multi in lectures be?
02:14:42imphasingIt would be so mad, you wouldn't even learn anything!
02:14:49sharpelike, insane.
02:14:56sharpethat's mad.
02:15:22JD|Uniu dont goto lectures to learn.. u go to get value-for-money from the course :p
02:15:41*JD|Uni is gonna fail again
02:15:54imphasingMaybe you should stop playing doom in class..
02:16:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:16:01JD|Unihaha.. its true
02:16:26sharpeyou go to get valuable doom experience, which we all know is what matters in the real world.
02:17:06imphasingoutl(0x80000000 | (0xff << 16), 0x7000a010);
02:17:08*imphasing found it!
02:18:26sharpewhat'd you find?
02:18:36imphasingEr..I lost it.
02:18:47imphasingIt was going to be the backlight address for the ipod
02:18:49imphasingbut it's the 4G
02:18:49sharpehmm... short term memory loss?
02:19:32sharpei really need to find something to do...
02:19:42imphasingI -should- be working
02:19:46imphasingbut this is more fun
02:20:03sharpesearching endless lines of code for the address to control the backlight?
02:20:15imphasingPerusing the rockbox kernel
02:20:22imphasingAnd...misspelling things.
02:21:01sharpea lot of us are skilled in that area.
02:21:49sharpewow... when was the last time you saw a commercial for a radio station?
02:21:59linuxstbstripwax: (if you read this in the logs) Your pacbox patch gave a nice 5% speedup on my 5g. With my ASM optimisation, it's now at about 19.2 fps (so almost realtime).
02:22:11sharpejust saw one..
02:22:13imphasinglinuxstb: too late
02:22:14 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
02:22:15sharpeand its again.
02:22:20sharpeplaying again i mean.
02:22:35imphasinglinuxstb: That's a nice speed on the 5G..
02:22:39sharpeso it's, radio commercial, other commercial, radio commercial.
02:23:03linuxstbimphasing: Yep :) I'm happy now.
02:23:04JD|Unilinuxstb: sounds good.. any speedups for h300?
02:23:23imphasinglinuxstb: Did you write some of the LCd code in ASM?
02:23:40linuxstbimphasing: Yes, I wrote the "rotate and copy" loop in ASM.
02:23:47imphasingah, cool
02:23:53imphasingI think that's the same one I did
02:23:58imphasingOr, now mostly josh
02:24:43linuxstbI managed a speedup from (I think) about 13.5fps to about 18.2fps. Stripwax's optimisation gave another 1fps.
02:24:44JD|Uni:'( im in my prac class and i just had the tutor checking my work, and i had || instead of != so i had to find the fix, now i have to wait ages for him to check other ppl before i can go.. :'(
02:25:04imphasingI might write something to see how man'y fps I'm getting..
02:25:11imphasingI think it's around 13
02:25:11linuxstbBut if josh has written the same function in asm, I probably wasted my time....
02:25:17imphasingbut the MAME fps meter isn't working
02:25:23linuxstbI'm not sure how you can optimise without an fps meter...
02:25:28imphasinglinuxstb: His also scales
02:25:37imphasinglinuxstb: It "seems" faster
02:25:41JD|Uniimphasing.. your doing mame for rb?
02:25:47imphasingNo, ipodlinux
02:26:03imphasingMAME + rockbox == unhapiness
02:26:10 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
02:26:21JD|Unijust the licenses... doesnt have to be official
02:26:38imphasingIt's sort of a grey area
02:26:45*imphasing hacks an fps meter into mame
02:26:51sharpelike, a 0x7f7f7f area.
02:27:14imphasingAnd what are you doing with 24bpp color??
02:27:56JD|Unishould it be 0x007f7f7f tho?
02:28:00imphasingthat would be clear
02:28:09imphasingthe 0xff is a totally opaque alpha channel
02:28:21JD|Uniah ok.. i get ya
02:28:28sharpelovely opaqueness
02:28:57imphasingUm...I forgot all the C timing functions..
02:29:40imphasingMy fps meter is going to be really ugly.
02:29:46imphasingIt'll have to write a text file with how long it took to draw 40 frames
02:30:20sharpemake sure it's with no decimals of precision. give it an approximation to make it seem faster.
02:30:28imphasinghell yes
02:30:45JD|Uniwont writing to the hdd slow it down?
02:30:57imphasingbut it'll only do that when it's done
02:30:59sharpewait, no, make it seem slower, then eventually introduce fixes for it, so you seem like you're improving the whole thing
02:31:08imphasingit'll only takes 2 more instructions per frame
02:31:34JD|Uniand doesnt drawing the framerate onto the lcd slow the update down also? isnt text really slow to draw?
02:31:48imphasingI don't do that
02:31:53imphasingI just record a start time
02:31:55imphasingand an end time
02:31:57JD|Unino i mean on regular fps meters
02:32:00imphasingand have it only display 40 pixels
02:32:10imphasingand when the 40 pixels are done, I take the difference
02:32:12imphasingwrite it to a file
02:32:18imphasingthen do the calculations myself
02:32:23imphasing<−− cheap hack
02:32:31sharpebut it gets the job done
02:33:01sharpei need something to work on on rockbox.
02:33:12crashdwrite a plugin
02:33:16crashdor check the feature requests
02:33:27imphasingEr...what sort of type is a time_t?
02:33:32imphasingcan I display it as a decimal?
02:33:38sharpeyou can try?
02:33:43JD|Unilong isnt it?
02:33:50sharpei was just going to check the feature requests too
02:35:51imphasingAh, I can cast them as ints
02:36:14sharpecast it as a void. it'll make everything much, much more fun.
02:37:32sharpei just had an idea, let me see if it works.
02:38:06linuxstbAnyone know stripwax's real name?
02:38:26sharpeno... but i can give you my name.
02:38:33sharpebecause, that's the only one i know..
02:38:39linuxstbYou'll have to give me a pacbox optimisation as well though.
02:38:58sharpethere's a catch to everything
02:39:19amiconnXavierGr: Something is wrong with the jpeg browse-while-playing feature
02:39:29sharpenevermind, my idea doesn't work.
02:39:39 Join Daishi [0] (
02:39:48amiconn(1) It thinks music is playing while it isn't, and asks me whether I want to stop when loading large jpegs
02:40:33amiconn(2) Even more annoying, if I load an image that fits but higher zoom levels won't fit, it doesn't let me zoom into these higher zoom levels
02:40:34midkaysharpe, what was it?
02:41:14sharpelinuxstb: i think stripwax's real name is... Dave Hooper?
02:41:34 Part Paul_The_Nerd
02:42:12sharpeeh, just the solution to the request for a seperate games menu
02:42:43midkaysharpe, what was it? :)
02:42:44imphasingWoo, it compiles!
02:42:47imphasingnow to test the fps
02:43:01midkayimphasing, what are you working on? :)
02:43:18imphasingI'm trying to see how many fps I get on ipodmame
02:43:29midkayah. haha. :)
02:43:32linuxstbimphasing: I've just commited my pacbox optimisations to CVS.
02:43:43*imphasing checks it out
02:43:56midkaylinuxstb, did/do you have pacbox graphics trouble in a few places? notably pacman animation?
02:44:27JD|Unilinuxstb: should your optimizations help on the h300?
02:46:03linuxstbmidkay: Can you explain what you mean?
02:46:33linuxstbJD|Uni: My only optimisation was an ARM assembler function. But stripwax's optimisation should help.
02:46:54JD|Uniok, ill wait for it to compile and let u know
02:47:24sharpeanyone have any ideas for me?
02:47:24midkaylinuxstb, pacbox for me (a build from earlier today), when pacman moves around, the animations don't look correct (should be eating the dots, but it seems like the yellow circle just moves/stretches around) - it looks good for you?
02:47:58JD|Unisharpe: make the rec buton on the h300 usable? and user configurable
02:48:35sharpei don't have a h300...
02:48:37JD|Unisharpe: implement usbotg? or timer wakeup
02:48:43JD|Uniwsell then your useles... :p
02:48:56*sharpe cries.
02:49:07sharpei just really can't find anything i want to work on...
02:49:54JD|Uninoooo.... i forgot to put chocolate cake in my bag for lunch :';(
02:50:10linuxstbmidkay: Yes, it looks fine. Do your ROMs match the md5 checksums on the wiki page?
02:50:34 Part yeahx
02:51:05midkayhm, let's see
02:53:16midkaylinuxstb, ah, most of them except two
02:53:24crashdmidkay: the pacman.5X files?
02:53:29midkaycrash, yes
02:53:37crashdthey are the graphics romsets
02:53:46crashdso either yours are corrupt, or from a different version/game
02:53:57sharpehas anyone tried this?
02:54:03crashdthere's quite a lot of pacman romsets about, the ones you need are Pacman Midway
02:55:14JD|Uni10.7fps on the h300
02:55:29linuxstbJD|Uni: Is that before or after my last commit?
02:55:43JD|Unihot off the presses
02:55:44JD|Uni10.93 atm
02:56:14linuxstbDo you know what it was before?
02:56:23JD|Uni10.5 i tihnk
02:56:39JD|Uniooh.. uv added more menu items
02:56:58linuxstbJD|Uni: They've always been there (in the CVS version)
02:57:24JD|Uniah, ok.. last 1 i tried was the very first verison u had working
03:04:07JD|Unigrr... i was looking through the log for the fps i was getting a few days ago, but it must have been over pm.. coz it aint there :p
03:04:54sharpei know what i should do!
03:06:30JD|Uniany reason my open with menu fix wasnt commited?
03:06:32sharpeactually, i don't. was just checking who cared. :-D
03:06:49sharpestill trying to find something
03:06:50imphasingfor some reason, ipodmame is saying that it did 200 frames in 0 seconds
03:06:52imphasingso fast.
03:06:55JD|Unifark im bored
03:07:11sharpeheh, i didn't mean to inflate the fps that much man.. :)
03:08:15sharpeif there's a bug fix or feature request, i can only try to do it with the 5g...
03:13:19imphasingAn int probably isn't big enough to hold how many seconds have passed since 1970, come to think of it..
03:13:25imphasingmaybe I'm losing some information there
03:14:44 Join Benacool [0] (
03:15:12JD|Uniimphasing.. time_t is either long or long long...
03:15:22imphasingI need to cast it though
03:15:34sharpecast "long level 2" on it!
03:16:39sharpewho wants to spin the wheel of religion?
03:16:58 Join Spida_ [0] (
03:17:17sharpeit a spinner type thing i got...
03:17:40sharpewith info about like, 25 different religions...
03:17:59imphasingI'm an idiot
03:18:11sharpehow so?
03:18:12imphasingI ahd it overwriting the start time every time the function ran...
03:18:23imphasingIt runs once every fram
03:19:58sharpesounds... like another language
03:21:44sharpei think i'm more like the comic relief for the rockbox developers, rather than a programmer...
03:22:06imphasingHave you written anything for rb yet?
03:22:20sharpeyeah, a plugin that dealt with uncompressed zip files
03:22:48imphasingoh man
03:22:50sharpei'm looking at the source for it at this moment too...
03:22:52imphasingmy frame rat really sucks
03:23:07sharpemaybe you're under-inflating it now?
03:23:17imphasingnope, took 32 secodns to write 200 frames
03:23:30imphasingSeems that it took about that long
03:23:43imphasingtime for optimizing
03:23:56sharpequick! threaten it!
03:24:06sharpeit will run faster!
03:24:30sharpebut, that's all i've done for rockbox as of yet...
03:24:52imphasingThat's cool..
03:24:58imphasingI haven't done anything for it.
03:25:07sharpeit's not too useful though
03:25:13imphasingI deal mostly with ipodlinux
03:25:22sharpei'm just... here...
03:25:33sharpei deal with whatever i can, and that isn't much...
03:25:41Shadowarrior13I don't even know why I'm in here.
03:25:52Shadowarrior13I'm a dumbass.
03:26:08sharpegod, that was so random and funny...
03:26:36imphasingI wonder what time() rounds to...
03:26:39imphasingup or down?
03:26:58sharpei'd say...
03:27:08imphasing6.5 probably == 7
03:27:11imphasing6.4 == 6
03:27:40sharpewhat about... zero?!
03:27:46 Quit Spida (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:27:53imphasingno idea
03:28:05sharpewhat would infinity round to?
03:28:19 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:28:28 Join Strath [0] (
03:28:33 Join nave7693 [0] (
03:28:54sharpeconsidering it's a concept and not a number, i'm guessing it'd round as a theory.
03:29:01 Part nave7693
03:29:24sharpethat's kind of odd.
03:29:47sharpei'm talking to myself again
03:30:18 Join nave7693 [0] (
03:30:30 Part nave7693
03:31:09midkaysharpe, not if i join in the conversation!
03:31:40sharpenah, still about the same...
03:32:20*linuxstb goes to bed
03:32:53midkaylinuxstb, by the way..
03:33:03 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
03:33:07midkayi redownloaded the 5x roms.. worked afterwards very well - thx
03:33:10midkayand nice work :)
03:34:53linuxstbmidkay: Have you updated to the latest CVS?
03:35:13sharpemidkay, you seem like an inexaustable source of ideas, may i hear some?
03:35:46midkaylinuxstb, yep - runs great
03:35:48imphasingsharpe: video player
03:36:46JD|Uni50bux if u can make divx run on rb at 25fps :D
03:36:58midkaysharpe, seemingly-serious-yet-completely-impossible-and-nutso ideas, kidding-serious ideas, or serious-serious ideas? :)
03:37:03sharpewhen i complain about having nothing to do and ask if anyone has any ideas, i get no suggestions. but when i ask someone, people give me answers...
03:37:12sharpeeither would work midkay
03:37:20Benacooleven at 10 fps it will be cool ;-)
03:37:36JD|Unisharpe, a pdf viewer
03:37:42midkaysharpe, ah. hm. realtime 30fps-ish playback of 1080p H.264 HD video.
03:37:48sharpewhat about, a divx moving of a completely black screen? i'm sure i can make that run faster than 30 fps.
03:37:55Benacoolmidway: lol
03:38:20sharpehow about playback of 1 bit videos?
03:38:39midkaysharpe, or you could port quake4 to rockbox..
03:39:24sharpei could work on that pixel maze...
03:39:31 Join nave7693 [0] (
03:39:43 Part nave7693
03:40:09JD|Unihahaha.. from a forum post.. a guy complaing how the queen closed off half of the sydney cbd this morning... his car was searched 3 times "Here's a newsflash lady, the 3 lots of cops that searched me weren't happy either, I overheard one saying "Fuck, who cares if someone's got a bomb, at least we won't have to do this again", as they rifled through my boot."
03:41:48*imphasing is metering the half sized blit
03:42:16sharpeso, any more ideas? :)
03:42:44imphasingWeird..I'm measuring 6 fps, even though the half sized blit is much faster
03:42:48imphasingsomething is creepy here
03:42:50imphasingtime to take a break
03:42:58sharpeit doesn't like you?
03:44:13midkaysharpe, hm..
03:44:16JD|Uniumm.. shoudl doing half the work be quicker than the full thing??? wierdo..
03:44:17sharpemost code doesn't like me, either.
03:46:12imphasingJD|Uni: Yeah, it's close to real time with a half-sized blit
03:46:16imphasingmy fps meter is just screwy
03:46:26imphasingI need a better method..
03:48:57sharpewhat about...
03:49:34sharpecounting each frame, and after so many frames divide it by the time difference?
03:49:51imphasingThat's what I'm doing
03:49:53JD|Uniyay.. i can finally go home
03:49:58 Quit JD|Uni ("CGI:IRC")
03:49:58imphasingmy time difference is probably off though
03:50:28sharpehow are ye getting the time difference?
03:51:04imphasingif (frame_count == 0) time(&start_time);
03:51:20imphasingif (frame_count >= 200) time(&end_time);
03:51:29imphasingthen I have a function that just writes them to a file
03:51:33imphasingand I calculate it
03:51:39sharpewow, seems reasonable to me
03:51:39 Join webguest70 [0] (
03:52:03sharpewhat about more frames, to get a better like average?
03:52:26 Quit webguest70 (Client Quit)
03:52:46sharpeor, have it write the time every 90 or so frames?
03:52:57imphasingHm, that could work
03:53:25sharpeif ((frame_count % 90) == 0) time(&current_time); ?
03:53:47imphasingah, good idea
03:54:09sharpefor once, go me...
03:54:30sharpeor have an array of time structs, so
03:54:38 Join nave7693 [0] (
03:54:50 Part nave7693
03:55:01sharpeif ((frame_count % 90) == 0) time(&times[i++]);
03:55:31*imphasing scowls
03:55:38sharpethen just after however many frames, write them all to a file, and reset i to zero
03:55:44sharpewhy the scowl?
03:55:54imphasingI don't know, actually
03:56:09*imphasing munches an onion ring
03:56:48sharpewhat is the frame rate meter thing for anyway?
03:57:02imphasingSo I can see how much optimizing needs to be done
03:57:09sharpefor what? :)
03:57:28sharpei see
03:58:19sharpemore like understand though.
04:00:54sharpewell, i can at least help other people do things
04:04:01 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:04:24sharpeas if quitting wasn't self-explanitory enough.
04:05:16 Join NathanWong [0] (
04:07:38sharpeso, how's the frame rate thing going?
04:11:25midkaysharpe, how's zip.rock!? :)
04:11:41sharpehow'd you guess it was named that?
04:12:06sharpewell, it's 2.33kb
04:13:06sharpeand it extracts uncompressed files...
04:13:21sharpeand gracefully tells you if it doesn't support said compression
04:13:37sharpewhich is any...
04:13:44sharpebut still, it's somewhat cool.
04:13:58midkayhaha. cool. :)
04:14:20midkayany plans to add decompression?
04:14:48sharpebut the problem is, i can't find any examples of it
04:14:58sharpeeverything, goes back to zlib or gzip
04:15:00midkayjust commited wormlet for all bitmap LCD models.. *crosses fingers for no compile errors*
04:15:19midkayuntested on everything except ipod 5g and archos recorder.. probably going to be swamped with errors. but anyways.
04:15:25midkayhm. :(
04:15:50sharpeeh, i can test on my 5g... even though you already have
04:16:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:18:12midkayfeel free- get the latest cvs build when it's done in a minute ;)
04:18:50sharpewhat is wormlet, if you don't mind me asking?
04:18:50midkayyellow and red across the table
04:18:56midkayit's a game like snake..
04:19:08sharpei've got to see the cvs build table :)
04:19:18midkaydon't laugh
04:19:30sharpebut you're wrong, it's yellow red and green across it
04:19:51midkayah, right, one or two greens :)
04:19:59sharpemore than i could probably do
04:20:48sharpei'm just guessing. but, is your name Zakk?
04:21:42JdGordononly 1 tihng better than leaving uni..
04:21:48midkaysharpe, yes
04:21:56sharpeokay, i'm just that good at guessing
04:22:04sharpehey, i could fix that warning for the build for the video!
04:22:31sharpeand other assorted warning related problems
04:22:48sharpewait, i could fix it for all of them!
04:22:59midkaysharpe, i'm working on it :)
04:23:24sharpewell, the errors seem easy to fix
04:23:55midkaythey are..
04:24:04midkayi just need to look up a few things
04:26:20sharpegah, i need to do something
04:26:26sharpeinstead of just watching a movie.
04:28:33JdGordonwhich target is calmrisc?
04:31:05midkayJdGordon, gminis..
04:31:11Paul_The_NerdJdGordon: The gmini port.
04:31:11midkaynot really functional
04:31:28midkayalright, committed a fix, i hope :)
04:31:58sharpeyay time for critique?
04:32:55sharpemidkay, any more ideas for me? :)
04:33:09midkaysharpe, sec :)
04:34:32 Join creidiki [0] (
04:34:52midkaysharpe, hmm.. wow.. i'm surprised at how many plugins there are.. i can't really think of anything :)
04:35:28midkaya text editor! :)
04:35:36sharpeisn't someone already doing that?
04:35:51 Join Arrogant [0] (
04:35:54midkaythere's an apparently half-working one at plugbox.. dunno the plans for it
04:36:59sharpewell, down to two errors per target
04:37:05sharpethe ipods gained errors...
04:37:55ScoTTieanyone know how long iPod warranys are ?
04:38:14JdGordonmidkay: ive done a fully working text editor for rb
04:38:18sharpei think it's a year?
04:38:25JdGordonnot as colourfull as the one on plugbox..
04:38:38midkayJdGordon, i hope not using the standard keyboard :)
04:38:45midkaysharpe, darn
04:38:52midkayholy CRAP
04:38:55midkaywhat the hell did i do?
04:38:57JdGordonmidkay: actually yes...
04:39:04sharpei have no idea midkay
04:39:10midkayit's almost worse
04:39:20sharpeat least they're the same errors :)
04:39:24midkayah, i see..
04:39:30midkayi'm not so sure about this one, it's weird..
04:39:44sharpemind if i look?
04:40:03midkaygo ahead
04:40:13midkaydoesn't even seem to be specific to wormlet
04:40:19RotAtoRmidkay: you need to add a "\" at the end of the first lines
04:40:31midkayRotAtoR, huh?
04:40:32creidikiquick question re: themes? foreground and background aint setting...
04:40:39RotAtoR#if !(CONFIG_KEYPAD == IAUDIO_X5_PAD) || \
04:40:40RotAtoR!(CONFIG_KEYPAD == IPOD_3G_PAD)
04:40:41JdGordonis wormlet another snake clone?
04:40:47RotAtoRnotice the "\"
04:40:50BHSPitLappyso the description reads, JdGordon
04:41:00midkayoh - my bad - haha, i fixed that in wormlet.c (the two-line thing) but i did it again in SOURCES
04:41:02sharpeoh, i don't get a chance.
04:41:08sharpeoh well :)
04:45:56sharpewell, i suppose i'll be back tomorrow.
04:46:05midkayseeya sharpe
04:46:28sharpeand yeah, i'm going to leave irc open.
04:46:37 Quit creidiki ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:46:45sharpeor mentally cause someone else to quit
04:46:57imphasingoh man.
04:47:00imphasing<−− idiot
04:47:03Shadowarrior13Yay for PK
04:47:09sharpealrgiht, g'night everyone.
04:47:20imphasingI forgot that I have the frameskip set to 2...
04:47:23imphasingso the actual framerate is 12fps
04:47:48sharpesee, i told you that you were under-inflating it... :)
04:48:04sharpeokay, third time, bye everyone
04:48:27 Quit NathanWong ()
04:54:10midkaymy god..
04:54:28Shadowarrior13Don't tell me you fed on asian babies.
04:54:47midkayi told you that was years ago. drop it. jesus.
04:54:56Shadowarrior13Fine, fine.
04:58:10 Quit Benacool ()
04:58:55sharpeyou sick, sick people.
05:00:22 Quit TCK ("well, if you say so.")
05:01:46 Join ashridah [0] (
05:02:08sharpeokay, fourth time, night.
05:02:37JdGordongo already...
05:02:42JdGordonwe r sick of u....
05:02:49JdGordonjust jokes...
05:03:02sharpei know, it's all i'm good for.
05:04:19sharpewhy do i keep coming back?
05:04:33JdGordoncoz of the animal magetism here
05:04:35midkaysharpe, aaaaAAAa
05:04:48sharpei've got rockbox on the mind?
05:05:02 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
05:05:10 Quit BHSPitLappy (Nick collision from services.)
05:05:18 Nick BHSPitLappy2 is now known as BHSPitLappy (
05:07:36lostlogicwow, pretty impressive scores on the build table!
05:08:14midkaylostlogic, thanks, it's all my work :)
05:08:20sharpemidkay mistook it for the highscore table?
05:08:22midkayit's like a beautiful painting..
05:08:55sharpeexcept... using three colors...
05:09:12midkaythe final aka probably-not-final fix is in cvs, yay
05:09:12JdGordonstill too much green... do some more dud commits :p
05:09:23sharpehell, i can do that...
05:09:47JdGordonlol @ how the 2nd attempt to fix the builds made more errors :D
05:09:55midkayJdGordon, fu man ;)
05:10:00sharpethe love...
05:14:05sharpewow midkay...
05:14:14sharpeyou really are going for the painting...
05:14:38midkaysharpe, i got this :)
05:15:16midkayi mean.. damn.. it's green..
05:15:30sharpesuch a beautiful sight, no compiler errors... lol
05:15:46midkayhaha, yeah
05:16:25sharpei need to find something to work on for rockbox.
05:16:40midkaysharpe, zip!!
05:17:04sharpebut, i dunno how i'd port the gzip code or the zlib code!
05:17:11midkaywhy not!!
05:17:35sharpeeverything references it!!
05:17:50sharpeand, i don't want to dig thru it!
05:18:01sharpei'd be better off designing my own compression routine
05:18:07midkaydo it!!
05:18:27sharperockbox compression
05:19:24midkaydelete zip.c and forget you ever even attempted..
05:19:25sharpeits amazing we can have anything branded with rockbox
05:19:37sharpeeh, i'm going to keep it, for sentimental reasons
05:20:01sharpeso instead of zip...
05:20:04sharpenow what?
05:20:20midkayit extracts/views uncompressed zips, right?
05:20:32midkaythat'd be pretty cool
05:20:42sharpewhat would?
05:21:02midkayhaving that, if you're seriously giving up on supporting compression :)
05:21:42sharpeso, what should i do with it if i were to... postpone compression for a very long time?
05:22:33midkaysubmit it as a patch and hope it's not ignored? ;)
05:22:51sharpea plugin as a patch?
05:22:56 Join nave7693 [0] (
05:22:59midkayyes, that's where they go
05:23:04sharpewho knew...
05:23:09midkayhaha. :)
05:23:18sharpewould i be credited? lol..
05:23:26midkayif it were accepted, yes :)
05:24:34midkayare you going to submit it?
05:24:39sharpeeh, maybe i'll clean up the code tomorrow, try to make it a bit smaller, and if i give up on compression completely, i'll submit it
05:24:50midkaycool, i'd like to see. :)
05:24:59 Part nave7693
05:25:00midkayhow's viewing/extracting handled?
05:25:38sharpeeh, extracting is done in a 1kb buffer
05:25:58sharpewhich should be resizeable
05:26:16sharpeviewing is just a menu set up with all the entries in the zip
05:26:16midkayi mean how is the plugin used?
05:26:26midkayaha, cool..
05:26:58sharpetis about 226 lines of code
05:27:04sharpecould probably get it smaller
05:27:11sharpein size and compiled file size
05:27:46sharpeonly loads the first 128 (set in the plugin source) zip entries
05:27:57midkay226 lines, impressive :)
05:28:31 Quit quobl (SendQ exceeded)
05:28:58sharpeinline functions...
05:29:01sharpeforgot how to make them
05:29:08sharpeer, define them
05:31:04midkayi have no idea :)
05:31:10sharpelets hope im right
05:31:11josh_sharpe: static inline functionname() { functionbody }
05:31:13josh_in a header file
05:31:37josh_also, you need to compile with at least -O2 (or -finline-functions)
05:32:27sharpetime to see if it works
05:32:50 Join webguest95 [0] (
05:32:58webguest95hey there
05:33:09webguest95here is a rockbow newbie
05:33:20sharpenice to meet you
05:33:24webguest95anybody do know anything about patches?
05:34:26sharpewell, i'm going to try the inline functions tomorrow
05:34:31sharpegoing to sleep now
05:34:36webguest95can i deal with thatg , not being a programer at all?
05:34:40midkaynite sharpe
05:35:27Paul_The_Nerdwebguest95: Well, patches *require* that you at least be able to compile the source.
05:35:51webguest95ok i don t even know what it means
05:36:03webguest95so i guess i should forget bout it?
05:37:24webguest95i m very greatfull to people that r able to do it and that make it available for people like me
05:55:53 Join nave7693 [0] (
06:01:29 Part nave7693
06:03:22 Join nave7693 [0] (
06:03:55 Quit webguest95 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:06:27 Join mymomthelush [0] (n=lush@
06:08:10 Part mymomthelush
06:14:08 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:16:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:18:29JdGordoncan any1 help me compile gcc for the sh target?
06:18:41JdGordonim getting make[2]: *** [libgcc/./embed-bb.o] Error 1
06:18:41JdGordonmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/rockdev/build/gcc/gcc'
06:18:41JdGordonmake[1]: *** [stmp-multilib] Error 2
06:18:41DBUGEnqueued KICK JdGordon
06:18:41JdGordonmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockdev/build/gcc/gcc'
06:18:41JdGordonmake: *** [all-gcc] Error 2
06:18:55JdGordonthis is after i did the workaround that was mentioned on the wiki
06:19:30 Quit imphasing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:28:49ashridahthat's not actually showing the error tho
06:29:09ashridahgo back up a few lines above the first instance where make's acknowledged the error and show us that
06:30:07 Quit nave7693 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:38:54 Join nave7693 [0] (
06:39:06 Part nave7693
06:39:34 Quit c0utta ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:41:56 Quit Arrogant ("Leaving")
06:46:08 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzzz")
07:05:57 Part Paul_The_Nerd
07:10:27 Join ghode|afk [0] (
07:19:45 Nick [1]wenko is now known as wenko (n=wenko@
07:22:02 Join B4gder [0] (
07:24:20 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
07:24:25 Part LinusN
07:24:45 Join LinusN [0] (
07:25:26 Join needleboy [0] (
07:25:46 Quit needleboy (Client Quit)
07:25:54 Join needleboy [0] (
07:27:59 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
07:33:52 Join SereRokR [0] (
07:43:03 Quit SereR0KR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:50:06 Part Paul_The_Nerd
07:53:43midkaymorning amiconn :)
07:55:02amiconnmidkay: (1) Why did you move 'wormlet.c' from its place in SOURCES?
07:55:14amiconnIt was at the alphabetically correct place...
07:55:20midkayamiconn, what?
07:55:31midkayi needed to to get it to work on all targets..
07:55:34midkayi think..
07:55:56midkayyes. that. :)
07:55:57amiconnIt was at the correct place (within the #ifdef HAVE_LCD_BITMAP,
07:56:17amiconnjust within an additional #ifdef to only build it for recorders
07:56:31amiconnThis is the only thing you'd had to change (or remove)
07:56:40midkayamiconn, my bad - when i saw it sitting there i thought it was a quick hack i did to get it to compile for the 5G without setting up the correct cases..
07:57:12amiconn(2) If you wonder why your colour setting doesn't work - you're using a wrong #ifdef
07:57:25amiconnCOLOR_LCD doesn't exist, it's called HAVE_LCD_COLOR
07:57:34midkayamiconn, i defined COLOR_LCD manually..
07:57:45midkayi guess in retrospect HAVE_LCD_COLOR would have been smarter. :)
07:58:53JdGordoncan any1 help me get gcc compiling for the sh-1 targets?
07:59:42amiconnJdGordon: You need to use the newlib workaround
07:59:50JdGordoni did
08:00:10JdGordonits complaing about missing standard header files... but they are there and half of gcc built fine already
08:00:16midkayamiconn, that's weird, i never noticed it was set up in that way..
08:00:41midkayamiconn, do you know why bejeweled and bounce are sitting there?
08:01:13amiconnHmm? They start with 'b' and are for all bitmap targets...
08:01:21LinusNJdGordon: then you didn't do the newlib fix correctly
08:01:32amiconn*You* move wormlet up there...
08:01:41JdGordonhey LinusN
08:01:48JdGordonyes i did.. but ill do it again..
08:02:07amiconnJdGordon: After adding the symlink you need to 'configure' again
08:02:12midkaymy bad again, i didn't realize the very top listing was for players too. :)
08:02:18JdGordonah.. ok.. thats not in the wiki
08:02:25midkayquite amazing how many times i've looked at this and never noticed these patterns :)
08:02:43amiconnmidkay: Line 1 (!): /* plugins common to all models */
08:02:55midkayamiconn, i see that now
08:03:22midkayHAVE_LCD_COLOR is an ifdef, right?
08:03:29amiconnJdGordon: Better scrap the whole 'gcc' build dir and start over
08:03:59amiconnmidkay: Yes, it's a true/false macro (exist/doesn't exist)
08:04:41amiconnLinusN: Could you test my H300 lcd init stuff?
08:05:23midkayamiconn, i just committed a fix - thank you
08:05:51JdGordonLinusN: any reason the open with patch hasnt been added yet? still tihnking of a better method for it?
08:05:52amiconnIt appears to work correctly, but I can't test whether it does the init correctly at the actual cold-start (obviously)
08:08:14LinusNamiconn: what init stuff?
08:09:49LinusNJdGordon: iirc, it would solve the problem with having dual-function plugins in two places?
08:10:08JdGordonwhich would?
08:10:20LinusNyour open-with patch
08:10:52JdGordoni thought the part u didnt like was how i checkk for duplicates in the list..
08:10:58 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
08:11:13 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
08:11:13 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
08:11:29amiconnLinusN: What I did: (1) Shorten the init by a couple of unneeded steps and adhere more to the datasheet. (2) Do the port setup & hard reset only at first init. (3) Working lcd_flip() (4) Use standby mode when switching the lcd off to save a tiny bit more battery power
08:11:30LinusNJdGordon: well, i'd like to know why there are duplicates in the first place
08:11:56LinusNamiconn: i must have missed that patch
08:12:13amiconnIt's not in the tracker... I should put it there
08:12:20JdGordonthey are there coz the viewers.config reader puts each plugin in the list, without checking if 1 plugin can load more than 1 filetype...
08:12:21amiconnI just completed it last night
08:12:36amiconnFor some reason I tend to ignore the tracker...
08:12:36LinusNamiconn: ah, you thought i have read the lod?
08:13:12amiconnLinusN: No, I was just asking whether you would test & then put up the patch somewhere
08:13:50LinusNwell, i haven't bdm-enabled my new h300 yet
08:15:01LinusNso either we wait with the patch, or you commit it and i clean up the damages when i test the next bootloader
08:15:21 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
08:15:37JdGordonoh, can u please please work on the alaram timer for the h300??
08:15:43JdGordonpretty pretty please..
08:16:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:16:10LinusNit's on my (very long) todo list
08:16:28JdGordoncan it be moved up ? :)
08:20:08LinusNamiconn: great
08:21:15amiconnPerhaps I should just commit it and see whether someone complains (hopefully not)
08:21:27LinusNthat's an idea
08:21:52amiconn..but perhaps you could have a look at it before
08:22:01midkayhm, problems with the build system again or something.
08:22:13midkaywas expected to finish ten minutes ago
08:22:58amiconnBtw, I did remove all references to the undocumented bits. Doesn't seem to have any effect, maybe this was done to confuse RE people?
08:26:51amiconnt0mas? Bagder?
08:27:24LinusNamiconn: i doubt it, i think it might be trial-and-error remnants, or they might be necessary on the other type of h300 lcd
08:27:49 Join damaki_ [0] (
08:28:13amiconnLinusN: Do we know a unit with this other type?
08:28:42LinusNno, i have only heard that jungti guy talking about them
08:29:04amiconnMaybe it's only a different panel?
08:29:19LinusNi guess we'll find out :-)
08:31:01amiconnThe original init sequence does a couple of other silly things,
08:31:04amiconnlike setting values that aren't needed at all (the compare thing - we use simple replace op)
08:31:32amiconnsetting the same value twice in the same block
08:32:40amiconnsetting different "sub-values" within a register where only other bits in that register should be changed
08:34:25amiconnI also compared the lcd-back-on behaviour of the original firmware and rockbox. If the lcd content is dark (e.g. showing a jpeg which doesn't fill the whole screen - black border), both produce a short flash of white
08:34:41LinusNamiconn: i guess they didn't read the data sheet as thoroughly as you did
08:35:53amiconn...but the flash is shorter in rockbox, and it also doesn't show the instability in pixel brightness at the left border which I oserved in the original firmware
08:36:59JdGordon:'( hdd is full
08:37:07JdGordondamn this is getting annoygin
08:38:17LinusNthe new distributed build system is fast - when it works...
08:38:38LinusNit's still a bit shaky
08:39:03JdGordonis a 3gb hdd image too big?
08:39:08amiconnLinusN: line 162/163: The number of lines isn't invalid, it's a mistake in the datasheet...
08:39:28LinusNJdGordon: too big for what?
08:39:36JdGordoni dunno... just too big
08:40:08LinusNamiconn: aha
08:40:39 Join aliask [0] (
08:41:20aliaskA little while ago I was playing around with rockbox on the iPod, and everything was so much faster than on the H300's. I'm just wondering why this is...
08:41:48 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:41:52amiconn page 32: The lower part of the table should read 11xxx. Easy to find out by filling in the missing part...
08:43:29amiconnNL4-0 == (number_of_lcd_lines - 8) / 8
08:46:22LinusNaliask: maybe it's because the ipod is clocked at a higher freq, and maybe the lcd is faster?
08:46:55aliaskIt was most noteable while adding large numbers of files to a playlist, something I would have thought which was hard drive dependent.
08:47:32amiconnI guess it's because the fat driver/ file system doesn't need to byte-swap
08:47:48amiconn..and maybe the raw ata read is faster too
08:48:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:48:17*amiconn should do some asm magic to iriver ata read/write
08:48:29*aliask would love you forever :)
08:49:09JdGordonwhy the heck is it taking soo much longer to compile gcc for sh than it did for m68k ?? :'(
08:49:21aliaskiPods seem to be nicer devices, except for the input. Number of buttons and the whole clickwheel thing...
08:51:22LinusNJdGordon: it builds newlib
08:58:54JdGordonmmm... dinner smeels goood :D
08:58:59*JdGordon is having steak :D
08:59:14 Nick _kclaf is now known as kclaf (
08:59:38LinusNi tested some asm magic for the iriver ata driver, and it boosted the performance quite a lot
09:00:12LinusNbut i lost the code somehow
09:00:34JdGordonhaha.. that sux
09:01:08LinusNnot that it was complicated though
09:01:10amiconnLinusN: I was about to ask you about your burst reading...
09:01:35amiconnWell, there are basically 2 cases: 16 bit aligned and not 16 bit aligned
09:01:45LinusNand cache aligned
09:01:55LinusNsorry, burst aligned
09:02:08amiconnThat can be corrected if not aligned right from the start
09:02:19amiconnThen the code flow is similar to memset
09:02:23LinusNmy code didn't do that
09:02:35amiconn(one address is fixed, the other is running)
09:02:38LinusNi just made it as a test
09:02:59LinusNthe test plugin had a cache aligned buffer
09:03:40amiconnWhat really hit me back when doing memcpy() is that all the bitshifting involved with an 8-bit offset still pays of when dealing with DRAM
09:04:35amiconnOne move.l, two shifts, and one or.l per longword...
09:09:43LinusNsdram is sloooow
09:11:30LinusNand it's 16-bit
09:11:43LinusNand the bus freq is half the cpu freq
09:14:07LinusNso a non-burst sdram write would take 10 cpu cycles
09:15:30 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
09:15:46 Join petur [0] (
09:15:59 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
09:16:12 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:16:28 Quit _FireFly_ (Client Quit)
09:16:53 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
09:17:40 Join moda|DOOF [0] (
09:17:52 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
09:17:57moda|DOOFis there anyway to convert truetype fonts for use with rockbox?
09:19:41safetydanmoda|DOOF, if you use FontForge I think that can open ttf files which you can then export
09:20:12moda|DOOFexport to bdf or whatever rockbox uses?
09:20:20amiconnLinusN: A longword write already is a burst access. The bus controller can do 2-byte (for 8-bit areas), 4-byte and 16-byte bursts
09:20:29amiconnFor some reason no 8-byte bursts
09:20:40safetydanmoda|DOOF, I assume bdf
09:20:46safetydanthere might be a thread on misticriver about it
09:21:18LinusNamiconn: but does that apply to the sdram controller?
09:21:34 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:22:00moda|DOOFthere is no sane way to download fontforge omg
09:22:09 Join Rick [0] (
09:22:26moda|DOOFwhy cant i just download + install like a normal app
09:23:17JdGordonthanks for commiting linusN
09:23:52moda|DOOFis there an alternate to font forge safetydan?
09:24:01moda|DOOFtoo much bother to install. egh
09:24:22amiconnLinusN: Appears to be the case
09:24:52amiconnlongword accesses are faster than 2 word accesses
09:25:24safetydanmoda|DOOF, no idea, I don't really do font editing
09:25:38moda|DOOFyer, lol
09:25:47 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
09:26:03safetydanmoda|DOOF, you should already have cygwin installed if you're planning to compile Rockbox.
09:27:30JdGordondoes ~135kb sound right for rockbox.ucl?
09:27:33moda|DOOFplanning to compile rockbox? bah that
09:27:39 Join gromit` [0] (
09:27:52JdGordonfor the archos recorder
09:27:59amiconnJdGordon: recorder v1? Then yes, and rombox.ocl should be ~207KB
09:28:22amiconnajbrec.ajz will be ~135KB too
09:29:38amiconnHmm, here rockbox.ucl: 128KB, ajbrec.ajz 129KB, rombox.ucl 208KB
09:30:02amiconnWhat gcc did you use? Did you build plain cvs?
09:31:20JdGordongcc 3.3.6 yup, plain cvs
09:31:46amiconnWhat newlib did you use for the trick?
09:32:01amiconn1.14 here
09:32:24JdGordonshould i do it all again with 1.14? filesize is a big thing for sh targets isnt it?
09:33:17amiconn..but I don't know whether this rather big difference is because of newlib only
09:33:23moda|DOOFwhat kinda font does rb use?
09:33:30amiconnThe numbers remind me of gcc 3.4.x...
09:33:31B4gdermoda|DOOF: its own format
09:33:31LinusNamiconn: how do you do 2 word accesses without fetching an instruction in between?
09:33:45moda|DOOFB4gder: anyway to convert ttf to rb font then?
09:33:49JdGordon... well it might be coz i was too lazy to restart the build after adding the newlib fix.. so that could be why...
09:33:54B4gdermoda|DOOF: we convert from BDF
09:33:57amiconnLinusN: What do you mean?
09:34:01B4gderso convert your ttf to bdf first
09:34:04amiconnFor the speed comparison?
09:34:14moda|DOOFhaving trouble finding a program to do that
09:34:25amiconnWell, the instructions are cached after the first loop iteration...
09:34:32B4gdermoda|DOOF: peopel have mentioned converters in the past
09:34:39Paul_The_Nerdmoda|DOOF: Specifically, you're having problems finding one that you *like*
09:34:40B4gderbut I don't know which/where/how
09:34:42LinusNamiconn: ah, the code is in sdram?
09:35:09moda|DOOFno Paul_The_Nerd, im having trouble finding one that i can actually understand
09:35:26amiconnIt doesn't matter.
09:35:28moda|DOOFfine then, ill go try this fontforge dealy thingo
09:35:48JdGordonwhats the make target to remove it completly?
09:35:59JdGordonactually dw..
09:36:02Paul_The_Nerdmoda|DOOF: It takes a little work to get it set up, but it'll do you good. A learning opportunity, as it were. One step closer to being an advanced computer user.
09:36:51LinusNamiconn: oh, so it caches iram code?
09:37:21moda|DOOFyer, woo :p
09:37:48moda|DOOFand this mirror calls itself australian, wtf 800kbytes/s. slow..........
09:38:02JdGordonwhats the screen cmd to create a new window?
09:38:58t0masctrl + a -> n
09:39:37 Join asper [0] (
09:40:27LinusNamiconn: it seems like it would be a waste of cache
09:41:01t0masJdGordon: it's ctrl + a -> c
09:41:03t0masN = next
09:41:05t0masC = create
09:41:08t0masmy bad :)
09:41:39JdGordonye, i thought it was ctrl-a, ctrl-c but the first time i tried it quit the app that was runnning... working now
09:42:02moda|DOOFcygwin doesnt like me :p lol
09:42:23nudelWhy is colinux faster at compiling than cygwin? aren't they both running the same GCC compiled with the same GCC?
09:42:48 Join damaki__ [0] (
09:43:13LinusNnudel: it's not the gcc that is slow, it's the cygwin unix emulation layer
09:44:01nudelthey managed to make loading and writing files slow? impressive :)
09:44:36amiconnLinusN: There must be slight differences between the same cross-gcc on cygwin and linux
09:45:18amiconnFor some reason, an ajbrec.ajz compiled with gcc 3.3.6 on cygwin has a slightly different size than an ajbrec.ajz compiled with gcc 3.3.6 on linux
09:45:31amiconnBoth built using the same newlib 1.14 for the trick
09:45:38amiconnBoth binaries run fine...
09:45:50*JdGordon is on colinux, not cygwin...
09:47:08moda|DOOFwtf is xinit?
09:47:22moda|DOOFand it tells me to type that and it says command not found...
09:47:40 Join XavierGr [0] (
09:48:07B4gdermoda|DOOF: it starts the X server
09:48:23B4gderalthough I usually use startx these days
09:48:37moda|DOOFit doesnt like either of them
09:48:45B4gderand you have X windows installed?
09:48:49 Part asper
09:48:52 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
09:48:53Paul_The_Nerdmoda|DOOF: Did you make sure to have cygwin install all the required packages listed?
09:49:01Paul_The_NerdAll the ones it says fontforge needs?
09:49:10moda|DOOFi hopeso
09:49:19moda|DOOFforgive my noobness btw
09:49:19B4gderwell, I can use startx fine on my cygwin
09:49:28Paul_The_NerdI'm not sure which one xinit comes with, but it works for my cygwin install.
09:49:30B4gderthat's about the only commmand I use
09:49:33Paul_The_NerdYou may want to double check the list.
09:50:07nudelyou need to install X to make BDF fonts? :-(
09:50:14B4gdernudel: no
09:50:23B4gderbut if you want to run X apps you need X
09:50:33Paul_The_Nerdnudel: One of the more common tools to convert from TTF to BDF seems to require X.
09:50:41moda|DOOFmmm dinner
09:50:42nudelah, but there are alternatives?
09:50:48moda|DOOFand yer, reinstalling cygwin
09:51:56JdGordonim heading out for a while... would anyone like to keep an eye on my box, make sure everything works (and get the arm target installing.. ? )
09:54:03JdGordonim running the compile in screen... so im wondering if any1 is bored enough to login in a while and get arm installing.. and finish the sh gcc install :p
09:54:46nudelIs there a way to hide certain files and folders from view? Does the Hidden attribute work? (If not would it be easy for me to patch it, with no knowledge of RB code yet?)
09:55:20Paul_The_Nerdnudel: Hidden works, if you have it in "Show supported" mode
09:55:29BHSPitLappyJdGordon: heh.
09:56:33 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:00:37 Nick SereRokR is now known as SereR0kR (
10:01:39 Join ironi_ [0] (
10:01:44ironi_hi people
10:02:01ironi_wow there is A LOT of people here
10:02:08ironi_haven't been around since like 2002
10:02:19safetydanhrm... half an hour at work and bored already... wish I'd brought my WPS parsing code to work on...
10:02:33B4gderironi_: we've grown up since then ;-)
10:02:35ironi_heard that rockbox is goping ipod
10:02:40B4gderand welcome back! ;-)
10:02:43BHSPitLappyironi_: correct
10:02:48ironi_B4gder: hehe i remember my archod 6000 <3
10:03:04BHSPitLappyironi_: rockbox is now kicking ass on iPods...
10:03:38ironi_really cool
10:03:48ironi_i sold my archos a long time ago
10:03:58ironi_managed to have a 2g ipod and a ipod mini
10:04:15ironi_but now i dont have any but of course i need ot get a nano now that i know there is rockbox available for it :)
10:04:40Paul_The_NerdOther than the storage capacity, Rockbox+Nano is wonderful.
10:05:37ironi_hehe i told my friend who told me about rockbox that I came up with the name rockbox
10:05:48ironi_he did not believe me
10:06:05Shadowarrior13I wonder why
10:06:33Paul_The_NerdI read through the thread from when you people were voting. I must admit, of the choices Rockbox is not the one I would've picked.
10:06:44 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:06:51Shadowarrior13Has anyone noticed that this channel has become less about the archos and more about the ipod? :P
10:07:19Paul_The_NerdShadowarrior13: It's not supposed to be about the archos. OR the iPod.
10:07:21ironi_Paul_The_Nerd: hehe well iu wouldnt either today :)
10:07:34Shadowarrior13Well, you know what I mean.
10:07:38Paul_The_Nerdironi_: Hehehe. I'm kinda a fan of the one that got overruled.
10:07:51ironi_but then again i didnt give it like more than 1 minute tohught
10:07:55Paul_The_NerdShadowarrior13: Most of the people asking for help are iPod users now, yes.
10:08:57ironi_Paul_The_Nerd: rocky?
10:09:29Paul_The_Nerdironi_: Orpheus.
10:09:49Paul_The_NerdI've always been a fan of the story anyway.
10:10:23ironi_Paul_The_Nerd: nic ename but i immediately think about sennheiser orpheus
10:10:43ironi_but it is a great name, really
10:11:03*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs
10:12:15ironi_need to los emy sony ericsson w800i , get a simple cellphone and the nano.
10:12:41ironi_so with rockboxi can make my own directory structure and everything, just like the good old days ont he archos
10:12:47B4gderironi_: make Rockbox run on the w800! ;-)
10:12:59ironi_B4gder: hehehe now that would be _a bit_ more difficult
10:13:20B4gderits ARM based...
10:13:22ironi_rockbox gms module
10:13:39B4gderno, the gsm stuff is most likely not in the same parts anyway
10:13:50B4gderisn't that one Symbian-based?
10:13:52Lynx_will my h300 use more energy if i have the equalizer turned on?
10:13:52ironi_the only way would be a rockbox j2me implementation
10:14:08ironi_w800i is not symbian based no.
10:14:12B4gderah, ok
10:14:15Paul_The_NerdLynx_: Yes.
10:14:51B4gderI learned that Symbian phones always have the UI on one CPU and the real-time GSM/UMTS stuff in a separate CPU
10:15:41Bg3rB4gder where do you know from that it's arm based ?
10:15:54 Join damaki [0] (
10:16:07B4gderBg3r: I don't, I thought it was a Symbian one and they are ARM
10:16:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:16:27Bg3rah, okay
10:16:46B4gderbut I think guessing on ARM is a pretty good guess anyway
10:16:57Bg3rbecause ?
10:17:09B4gderbecause ARM is dominating everything these days
10:17:24B4gderand they are very frequently used in phones
10:17:28Paul_The_NerdExcept PDAs, right? Aren't a lot of those xscale or something?
10:17:35BHSPitLappymy pda is arm...
10:17:36B4gderxscale is ARM-on-speed
10:17:41Lynx_It would be great if equalizer presets could be loaded according to the id3 genre tag :)
10:17:42Bg3rPaul_The_Nerd :P
10:17:49Paul_The_NerdMy old HP PDA is arm anyway
10:17:50BHSPitLappymy pocket pc is StrongARM, whatever that is
10:18:00Paul_The_NerdBack from before HP was Compaq
10:18:05B4gderstrongarm is also an ARM symbling
10:21:25 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
10:21:26 Quit nudel ("At Argon, we're working to keep your money.")
10:21:29 Join nudel [0] (
10:23:19safetydanLynx_, a few people have asked for that... it seems a bit silly to me though since it'd be a very rough match
10:23:48safetydanpossibly easier to do with per album/track config files... I wonder if anyone is working on that
10:24:41Lynx_safetydan: well, it depends on how well you tag your files i guess
10:24:45 Quit needleboy ()
10:24:46B4gdersafetydan: I don't think so, but if the work on album-art and lyrics in the song buffer gets good it could be used for that too
10:25:13 Join needleboy [0] (
10:25:34B4gderthe problem with past efforts have been that they loaded the config from disk at each song change
10:27:54 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
10:28:04moda|DOOFok, now what do i do once ive got fontforge running and my ttf font open?
10:28:26safetydanmoda|DOOF, save as BDF then use bdf2... whatever the rockbox tool is
10:29:35moda|DOOFcan i just go save as and change the extension to bfd?
10:29:45moda|DOOFcoz i cant find any export or convert functions
10:30:30ironi_ipod 30gb for 200 euros
10:30:37ironi_thats a pretty godd deal isnt it
10:30:38moda|DOOFand the rockbox tool is in the rockbox dev kit, right?
10:31:39BHSPitLappymoda|DOOF: sure, changing the extension works, that's how I converted all my mp3's to music videos
10:32:03LinusNBHSPitLappy: that was mean :-)
10:32:06moda|DOOF..... nice lie
10:32:14BHSPitLappycouldn't resist...
10:32:40BHSPitLappyI like how "that was mean" was appended with an approving smile
10:33:06moda|DOOFok, so where is the dev kit....
10:33:55moda|DOOFor this bdf2rockbox tool?
10:34:04BHSPitLappyin the CVS
10:34:42moda|DOOFahh. slaps head
10:35:34B4gderand convbdf is its name
10:36:23moda|DOOFok, im lost, where in the cvs. source, or the build of the cvs/
10:36:29moda|DOOFnoobness again, sorry :p
10:36:58moda|DOOFk nvm, read how to get the cvs
10:37:15Bg3rmoda|DOOF did you really think that the difference is *just* in 3 letters at the end of the file ?
10:37:26Bg3rof the file name
10:41:50 Join nave7693 [0] (
10:42:58 Part nave7693
10:43:55SereR0kRany mac users here?
10:44:30SereR0kRI want to do tripple boot Apple OS/Rockbox/iPL
10:44:41SereR0kRfirst I want to install iPL
10:44:53SereR0kRbut I don't know how to format my iPod for iPL under OS X
10:45:03SereR0kRcan anyone help me?
10:45:08 Nick Spida_ is now known as Spida (
10:45:08Paul_The_NerdWell, there's an ipodlinux channel...
10:45:13coobif you want to run rockbox you'll need it fatf ormatted
10:45:27coobthe best way to do this is with the windows apple ipod updater
10:45:40SereR0kRI am installing windows on VPC
10:45:47SereR0kRthen i'll restore my iPod to fat32
10:45:58ironi_do you guys know what the quality of the newst 30gb ipod is? i have an offer to buy a spanking new 30gb ipod for 210 euro
10:46:01Paul_The_Nerdcoob: For iPodLinux you also need an ext2 or ext3 partition, which is best created under linux, I believe.
10:46:09ironi_but there is no warranty
10:46:18SereR0kRyes Paul_The_Nerd but isn't there a way to do it under OSX ?
10:46:41Paul_The_NerdSereR0kR: I dunno. I use rockbox. It doesn't require an ext2 partition.
10:46:49Paul_The_NerdAs I said, you may want to ask in the iPodLinux channel
10:46:53coobPaul_The_Nerd: why are you telling me that? :)
10:47:04*coob ipl dev
10:47:10Paul_The_Nerdcoob: Because he was asking about the partition necessary for linux, and you were answering about rockbox. ;-)
10:47:15SereR0kRI want iPL for iDoom -.- it rules :>
10:47:20Shadowarrior13Oh yes
10:47:25Shadowarrior13Yes it does
10:47:30Shadowarrior13Especially on the video
10:47:41*Paul_The_Nerd plays Doom on his iPod under Rockbox, then looks back up to answer more questions. :-P
10:47:43Shadowarrior13I'm gonna play it now >.>
10:47:57Shadowarrior13Paul, it got patched for the ipod?
10:48:15Paul_The_NerdShadowarrior13: You've seen the patch in the tracker, right? For Doom on Rockbox?
10:48:25Shadowarrior13Oh yeah.
10:48:26SereR0kRPaul_The_Nerd if you could explain how to patch it for Rockbox :> i will install rockbox only ;>
10:48:33Paul_The_NerdANd the thread that I've answered to about a bajillion times in the forums explaining the tiny changes needed to that patch to get it up and running on ipod.
10:48:39Shadowarrior13I never even messed with that :P
10:48:56SereR0kRis there an installation manual? xD
10:49:07SereR0kRfor rockbox doom on ipod?
10:49:14Paul_The_NerdSereR0kR: Doom isn't part of rockbox yet. It's only a patch.
10:49:29SereR0kRis there a manual how to patch rockbox? =P
10:49:38Shadowarrior13Someone should put that shit in the cvs and MAKE it a part of rockbox :P
10:49:55SereR0kRI have to compile it myself ay?
10:50:03SereR0kRThe "Main/WorkingWithPatches" web does not exist
10:50:03SereR0kRThe "Main/WorkingWithPatches" web does not exist
10:50:08Paul_The_NerdShadowarrior13: Fix it so that it fits in the plugin buffer, and remove the warnings, and then they might think about it. :-P
10:50:21Paul_The_NerdOne second
10:50:32linuxstbSereR0kR: Remove the last "/" from that URL
10:50:35Shadowarrior13lol, that better have been directed at someone else :P
10:50:54Shadowarrior13I'm just here for moral support.
10:51:24linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Can you remind me what FPS pacbox gets on your Nano?
10:51:25Paul_The_NerdSereR0kR: If you plan to play much doom, maybe better off triple booting anyway. The controls aren't really optimal yet.
10:51:36Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: ~25 as of yesterday.
10:51:48Shadowarrior13Yeah, controls on ipl are pretty.
10:51:56SereR0kRoh ok ;>
10:52:00Shadowarrior13DIE ZOMBIE
10:52:16linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: So it could be possible to get it running at 30fps then...
10:52:44Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Sure, weak up the cop, and dedicate it exclusively to that plugin, and you're done. :-P
10:52:54linuxstbNot even that :)
10:54:02Paul_The_NerdBut yeah, I'm sure 30fps is not an unreasonable goal
10:54:05linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: When you have some time, can you change the "#define FPS" at the top of pacbox.c from 20 to 30 and see how many FPS it can achieve then?
10:54:52Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: As soon as this build of GCC gets done, I'll try it out. I'm setting up an SH1 cross compiler (I'm hoping to convince my brother to give/loan me his AJBR since it's just gathering dust)
10:59:58 Join c0utta [0] (
11:03:25 Join Lost-ash [0] (
11:03:45 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
11:03:54 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
11:05:05ironi_so if im in stockholm but cant really contribute in any way more than the facxt that im getting a 30 gb ipod today
11:05:09ironi_should i come to the devcon :)
11:06:14B4gdersure, if you want to meat "the gang" ;-)
11:06:27ironi_meat as in beat up?
11:06:29LinusNyou could stop by for a chat, and join the crowd of screaming fans outside the building :-)
11:06:33moda|DOOFok, i got the cvs, how do i run convbdf? /hides
11:06:35ironi_LinusN: haha.
11:06:54B4gderno throwing of underwear please
11:07:00LinusNthere are already hundreds of fans camping outside
11:07:10ironi_LinusN: would you buy a 30gb ipod from blocket for 2000 kr
11:07:34ironi_withou warranty, "a present from my mother in spain, its not even opened"
11:07:45LinusNblocket, now that's a suspicious site (looks at zagor) :-)
11:07:47Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: With it set to 30, I get 33.5ish
11:07:57LinusN(zagor works there)
11:08:04ironi_he does? hehe.
11:08:08moda|DOOFok, i got the cvs, how do i run convbdf? anyone.....
11:08:08Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Sorry, actually playing 34.75 rather consistently it seems
11:08:35 Join imphasing [0] (
11:08:36LinusNironi_: i don't know if i'd buy it
11:08:38ironi_LinusN: when will they make some imporvememnts to that site considering logiv? hire me and ill make the UI much smarter.
11:08:58LinusNironi_: email them and ask
11:08:59 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
11:09:08ironi_LinusN: well it's 3200kr in the store, the question here is mainly how good the quality is on the ipods
11:09:29ironi_wowo would be cool to have an ipod and be able to make my own direcotry structure
11:09:33*preglow wonders how to support tab ordering in win32 programs
11:09:49linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: That's odd.... But I guess it's good news. Can you also try enabling the "framerate control"? Remove the #ifdef SIMULATOR at line 319 of pacbox.c
11:10:10linuxstbpreglow: I know wxwidgets does it....
11:10:15moda|DOOFanyone, what do i do with convbdf to make it work?
11:10:52 Nick moda|DOOF is now known as moda (
11:11:11preglowlinuxstb: well, it might be an idea to port it to something more clever
11:11:20 Join youngcereal [0] (
11:11:20preglowbut i don't have time to do it myself, at least
11:11:22linuxstbpreglow: If you have 5 minutes to spare sometime, could you take a quick look at the ARM optimisation I wrote for pacbox and let me know if you spot any obvious improvements?
11:11:29preglowlinuxstb: will do
11:11:30ironi_LinusN: you have an archos or an ipod yourself?
11:11:33linuxstbMaybe Cassandra could integrate it into her installer.
11:11:46linuxstb(or someone else could once she publishes the source)
11:11:46Paul_The_Nerdmoda|DOOF: Have you compiled it? What problem are you having exactly?
11:11:49 Quit needleboy ()
11:11:51LinusNi have 3 archoses but no ipod
11:12:03linuxstbpreglow: It's my first ARM assembler routine, so be gentle on me :)
11:12:29modaPaul_The_Nerd: ive got the source, and i dont know what to do :p
11:13:31Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: 30 after doing that.
11:13:51Paul_The_NerdWell, 30 +/- about 0.03 or so, it looks like
11:14:37modahow do i compile convbdf
11:16:23 Join moda` [0] (
11:16:29Paul_The_Nerdmoda': gcc convbdf.c -o convbdf.exe
11:17:41moda`then what? lol
11:18:42Paul_The_NerdThen you have the tool.
11:19:27moda`yea, how do i run it and convert fonts then?
11:19:41moda`and im sorry, i must be really testing everyones patience, me being a noob and all
11:20:34Paul_The_Nerdmoda': You do know how to run a program, right?
11:20:46Paul_The_NerdIt's a .exe, so this should be "basic computer use" at this point
11:21:48Slasherihmm, now the charging status reporting seems to work well. The charged amount in the charge icon is displayed as static bar and the other part being charged is animated
11:22:02Slasherii will test that more in the evening and probably commit then :)
11:24:05preglowlinuxstb: want me to just create a patch with suggestions or something?
11:24:41linuxstbpreglow: That's probably easiest. I'm assuming you've spotted a few things then....
11:26:01preglowone thing so far, but i was wrong about it :(
11:26:32moda`<Paul_The_Nerd> It's a .exe, so this should be "basic computer use" at this point <−−- erm. executed normally in windows, it wants a cygwin1.dll, and i dont know what else to do :(
11:26:47c0uttaLinusN: you listening linus?
11:28:03LinusNc0utta: yes
11:28:15Paul_The_Nerdmoda': In cygwin, browse to where it is, and type ./convbdf.exe
11:28:29moda`yea, i figured it out
11:28:30c0uttawe spoke on irc about increasing playlist size last week
11:29:25moda`and now my problem is that the file isnt right
11:29:28moda`woo, back to fontforge
11:29:32Paul_The_NerdOkay, GCC 3.3.6 officially takes forever to build with that newlib trick on my computer. Maybe it'll be done sometime this week.
11:30:45c0uttalinusn: i must have missed something - i increased the CONFIG_BLOCK_VERSION and increased max_files_in_playlist to 16 bits
11:31:08LinusNc0utta: yes?
11:31:31c0uttalinusn: same result as before with 15 bits
11:31:41moda`what should the bdf resolution be?
11:31:48LinusNyou mean you can't set it higher in the settings?
11:32:16c0uttai increased in via the cfg file
11:33:07LinusNok, how did you verify it?
11:33:43c0uttai loaded the huge playlist and still received "playlist buffer full"
11:34:04c0uttaand ended up with a playlist of approx 7000
11:35:03 Quit moda (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:39:16 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
11:40:55moda`now i have a sg.fnt. yay
11:41:34 Join damaki [0] (
11:41:39moda`wow, it looks really unco. lol
11:45:26 Join mikearthur [0] (
11:45:37 Join needleboy [0] (
11:47:51moda`meh, all that effort for something stupid. lol
11:52:57 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
11:54:37 Quit moda` ()
11:55:17preglowlinuxstb: can't find anything inefficient in its current form
11:55:31 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
11:55:44 Join mikearthur [0] (
11:56:15LinusNc0utta: you know that you need to reboot after changing that setting?
11:59:21c0uttaLinusN: I can see the problem - with a flashed jbr i'm going to get the flashed version every time even if I rolo it
12:01:31linuxstbpreglow: OK, thanks for looking.
12:02:01LinusNc0utta: run the cfg file, then make sure the disk spins up to save the setting, then rolo
12:03:20LinusNyou'd have to rolo before running the cfg file of course
12:04:56c0uttaLinusN: interesting - max playlist size is now 17232
12:05:31LinusNcool :-)
12:09:42 Join Moos [0] (
12:12:52BHSPitLappyinteresting - I'm up at 5:12am on a school night :/
12:12:53SereR0kRis there a way to format an iPod under OS X to FAT32 without Windows and without using Rockbox?
12:14:08linuxstbSereR0kR: Yes - see the instructions here:
12:14:43linuxstbBut if you're looking to install ipodlinux, then that won't help you.
12:15:05BHSPitLappyif you're aiming for both, my advice is to install iPL first.
12:15:52linuxstbI agree - but installation of IPL onto a FAT32 iPod using Mac OS X isn't easy.
12:16:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:16:22SereR0kRi will use mandrake
12:17:19 Join paulheu [0] (
12:17:43PapricaLinusN, what about rockcalendar?
12:18:32 Part paulheu
12:24:36LinusNPaprica: i haven't looked at it, been too busy
12:24:58Papricasomeone else check it?
12:25:45PapricaMikachu, here?
12:25:51Mikachujust got home from school
12:25:57Papricahaha me too
12:26:05Papricamm PM
12:26:10 Join paulheu [0] (
12:26:17 Quit paulheu (Client Quit)
12:26:23Mikachui didn't get any
12:28:01Papricaand now? =]
12:28:48ashridahyou know, what i don't get is why 'gl' is assuming that talent is rare. TIME might be, but talent most certainly isn't rare.
12:29:54 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
12:32:33SereR0kRlinuxstb -> linuxstbSereR0kR: Yes - see the instructions here: <- I read this, when I formatted my iPod to FAT32 there is no firmware right? how can I get only the Apple OS on my ipod?
12:33:58linuxstbSereR0kR: The firmware is the Firmware-??? file you've copied from the iPod updater. You can just the diskdump utility to write that file to your iPod.
12:34:08tucozDo we need the feature comparison between the stock firmwares and Rockbox in the manual? I thing I will remove that section.
12:35:11linuxstbtucoz: I think it would be nice to include it - but it would obviously need a separate table for every target, so it's a lot of work.
12:36:54 Join jborn_ [0] (
12:37:17 Join Zagor [0] (
12:38:08 Quit BHSPitLappy (
12:38:08 Quit Shadowarrior13 (
12:38:08 Quit kclaf (
12:38:08 Quit DreamTactix291 (
12:38:08 Quit kernelsensei (
12:38:08 Quit crwl (
12:38:08 Quit josh_ (
12:38:08 Quit CoCoLUS (
12:38:08 Quit Mikachu (
12:38:08 Quit damaki (
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12:38:08 Quit youngcereal (
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12:38:08 Quit midkay (
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12:38:08 Quit c0utta (
12:38:08 Quit muesli__ (
12:38:08 Quit Rick (
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12:41:50NJoinMikachu [0] (
12:42:02SereR0kRlinuxstb my idea is to "./diskdump -r /dev/disk3 bootpartition.bin" and after formatting "./diskdump -w /dev/disk3 bootpartition.bin" is that right?
12:42:09NJoingromit` [0] (
12:42:40fantomasSereR0kR: did you find a way how to install Doom? :)
12:43:06SereR0kRI just want a FAT32 iPod first
12:43:06 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
12:43:48SereR0kRbut i dunno if this: "./diskdump -r /dev/disk3 bootpartition.bin" - formatting - "./diskdump -w /dev/disk3 bootpartition.bin" will work
12:44:35linuxstbSereR0kR: If your iPod is currently HFS, then diskdump won't work.
12:44:44NJoinDreamTactix291 [0] (
12:45:07linuxstbBut the Firmware-??? file from the iPod updater will just be the same as a bootpartition.bin file copied from an iPod.
12:45:19SereR0kRit's smaller O.o
12:45:35Mikachuwhy would you want to backup and restore the boot partition when you format another partition?
12:46:25SereR0kRthe 5G bootpartition.bin is something like 80MB
12:46:44SereR0kRand the firmware from the Updater is 12MB
12:46:51SereR0kRI think it's not the same
12:47:02Mikachuthey waste a lot of space, nobody really knows why
12:47:03 Join damaki [0] (
12:47:05NJoinze [0] (
12:47:33SereR0kRso nothing will happen when I will apply this Firmware Image to my iPod?
12:47:37ironi_got the ipod now
12:49:29linuxstbSereR0kR: It is the same - 68MB of the bootpartition.bin file is just a copy of unused space.
12:49:31 Join kernelsensei [0] (n=boris@
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12:49:39NJointenzing [0] (
12:50:10Mikachuyou can put ipl in that space for example
12:50:20linuxstbMikachu: Not on a 5g or Nano.
12:50:20SereR0kRso i format and then ./diskdump -w /dev/disk3 Firmware-13.6.1
12:50:23Mikachuif you don't use apple os too much
12:51:04Mikachulinuxstb: how much of the space do they use for hibernating?
12:51:05 Join Sinbios [0] (
12:51:07Mikachuhas anyone checked?
12:51:22 Join YouCeyE [0] (
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12:52:00linuxstbSereR0kR: Yes - assuming Firmware-13.6.1 is the correct firmware for your iPod, and it is /dev/disk3
12:52:11SereR0kRyes it is ;>
12:52:13SereR0kRI checked :>
12:52:19linuxstbMikachu: No idea - but I would guess it's a image of all the RAM. So 32MB or 64MB.
12:52:48 Join jaebird [0] (n=jaebird@
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12:53:19NJoinstamppot [0] (
12:54:11 Quit quobl_ (Remote closed the connection)
12:54:25Mikachutalk about being lazy... it seems to be possible to boot quickly since rockbox does it :)
12:54:55SereR0kROK I got a Windows formatted iPod now I think -.-
12:55:00ironi_so do i dare to put rockbox on my new ipod?
12:55:28ironi_is it there parallell with the original firmware
12:55:31ironi_or does it overwrite it
12:55:36Mikachuyeah, you can dualboot
12:55:40Mikachuyou can even tripleboot ipl if you want
12:55:54ironi_ok so i install some kind of boot loader
12:56:15Mikachuyeah, there are good instructions on rb's page
12:56:32 Join t0mas [0] (
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13:09:09 Quit c0utta ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:10:17 Join KN|stiff [0] (
13:13:25 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
13:14:46 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
13:20:12 Join Bg3r [0] (n=Bager@
13:20:26Jungti1234hi Bg3r
13:29:42 Join Matze41 [0] (
13:33:56JdGordonpetur: was it you who was interested in the colinux setup?
13:34:48peturinstalled it but haven't looked at why it doesn't access the dns servers
13:35:18JdGordonim doing it atm, (fixed my ssh problem, so it works), ive got the m68k and sh-1 compilers going, and im about to do arm, so if u want the image...
13:36:00peturdon't know if I have time this week, and I'm on holiday next week :) so.. maybe :D
13:38:36JdGordonthe only thing that will annoy me about it is its not so easy moving files between the host and colinux... not like cygwin
13:38:56peturI feared that...
13:39:17JdGordonamiconn: still there?
13:39:18peturcan't you map a windows share or something like that?
13:39:47Mikachushould be possible to set up a samba share
13:39:51JdGordonu can for sure do it over samba... i tihnk it has a thing where u can mount a folder on the host as a hdd.. so im gonna look into that
13:40:27kclafwhat are the advantages of setting up colinux ?
13:40:37JdGordonmy build time halved
13:40:39peturfaster builds?
13:40:40kclafis it only compilation speed ?
13:40:53kclafso i dont really need that i guess
13:41:03JdGordonand u have a full linux distor going on your host comp.. not a half-assed job like cyg
13:41:42kclafi have debian linux on my server computer
13:41:48 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
13:41:53kclafcyg is ok for compiling some rockbox from time to time
13:43:25amiconnJdGordon: I am now
13:43:37amiconnJdGordon: Btw, how does this colinux thing work?
13:43:46JdGordonim back.. i just redid the sh build and its excactly the same file size
13:43:46amiconnLink, somewhere?
13:43:51JdGordonno link
13:44:28 Join damaki_ [0] (
13:45:00*Paul_The_Nerd is *still* building GCC 3.3.6 :(
13:45:21JdGordontakes a while doesnt it?
13:45:26ironi_how dangerous is it to install that bootloader stuff
13:45:31ironi_can i brick my ipod?
13:45:34*amiconn will rebuild sh-elf-gcc on all 3 machines, then do comparison builds
13:45:37JdGordonpetur: yup
13:45:55B4gderironi_: no, the ipod is pretty safe from the brick risk
13:45:58Paul_The_NerdI'm going to have to leave a sticky note with instructions for my grandchildren to type "make install" when it finishes in about 40 years.
13:46:12Mikachuironi_: you can hold something when you boot to start an emergency disk mode that isn't affected by anything you do
13:46:13amiconn(all 3 meaning cygwin, debian-testing-x86 and debian-testing-amd64)
13:46:23Paul_The_Nerdironi_: The very very worst you can do is require a reformat with the apple restore utility.
13:46:28ironi_B4gder: ok. how about future software updates form apple, will it work to install them
13:46:30 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:46:38ironi_Paul_The_Nerd: ah ok, then it's no worries.
13:47:30Paul_The_Nerdironi_: To install future apple firmware updates, the easiest way will be to restore the bootpartition.bin you extract during the install process, then update, then repeat the bootloader install process extracting a new bootpartition.bin, *but* ideally you'll only use rockbox so you'll never care what version of Retail OS is on there anyway
13:48:05ironi_well I have to try it
13:49:09 Join gtkspert [0] (
13:49:18Paul_The_NerdI've been using rockbox exclusively on Nano since about 15 minutes after linuxstb told me they had sound working. ;-)
13:49:44Mikachui only use apple os to transfer files because it's faster than emergency mode
13:50:05Paul_The_NerdYeah, I have the patch to boot into retail on USB insert, instead of Disk Mode.
13:50:15ironi_Paul_The_Nerd: but how about battery time
13:50:25ironi_Paul_The_Nerd: and with video i would like ot be able to watch videos :)
13:50:56ironi_hmm should i install the ipodlinux stuff
13:51:09Paul_The_Nerdironi_: Yeah, with video you'll be booting into retail for that. As for battery time, I get enough on my nano, but it's still like.... probably 2/3 of the retail's battery life for my nano
13:51:16ironi_but then there is more of a chance for failure i guess
13:51:20Mikachuironi_: taht's up to you, but if you do you should probably do it first
13:51:28ironi_i see.
13:51:44Paul_The_NerdMikachu: I installed iPodlinux after without problems
13:52:00Paul_The_NerdThough installing it first, and using their loader2 is probably the *easiest* way
13:52:06Mikachucan be annoying if you need to resize the fat partition, i'm not sure how easy that is
13:52:48ironi_well one could aways return it to default state and then install ipodlinux and then rockbox
13:52:56Paul_The_NerdI deleted iPL anyway... I mean, I use it for music. It didn't really offer me anything useful in that category
13:52:58ironi_that si when ipodlinux is stated to be safe for 5g ipods :)
13:53:22ironi_Paul_The_Nerd: thats what im thinking,t hat ipodlinux seems a bit of an overkill
13:53:22MoosBagder, LinusN: Hi, wiki spam alert
13:54:01peturadult stuff this time ;)
13:54:19peturfrom Azerbaijan
13:54:37aliaskDamn, beat me to it petur... :)
13:55:22 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:55:40peturMiguelAngelPaolinoyuobp is also spam btw...
13:55:47ironi_isnt too hard to make an installer out of this
13:55:51ironi_i could do it i guess
13:56:04ironi_if it's of any interest...
13:56:18 Quit ScootScat (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:56:33Moospetur: yeah :(, didn't noticed it
13:56:55 Part linuxstb ("Leaving")
13:57:03ironi_ok here goes nothing then
13:57:30peturdamn google and their stupid pageranking
13:58:25ironi_is the latest ipod rockbox the one to eslect?
13:58:32 Join Paul_the_N3rd [0] (
13:58:34ironi_or one that is not as new but much stabler
13:59:00Paul_the_N3rdI can't browse to, or connect to the server via my IRC client. =/
13:59:59Paul_the_N3rdironi_: There's no really "more stable" one. I believe right now it's about as stable as it's gotten.
14:00:21ironi_im really impressed by how easy it was to set up
14:00:33ironi_im about to put in the rockbox stuff
14:00:47JdGordondont do it
14:00:56JdGordondont give in to their comunist ways...
14:01:20JdGordonyou laugh??? did i make a joke?
14:01:35ironi_what are you doning here then
14:01:51*JdGordon has been out drinking :D
14:01:56 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:01:56Paul_the_N3rdI was called a communist in the forums a little while back. Well, I'm not sure if it was directed at me or the whole project.
14:02:28 Join Farpenoodle [0] (
14:02:33ironi_howq dou you reboot the ipod =)
14:02:34MikachuPaul_the_N3rd: for the real name issue?
14:02:40Paul_the_N3rdHold Menu and the center button
14:02:40Mikachuironi_: select+menu 5 seconds
14:03:35Paul_the_N3rdMikachu: Nah. For being helpful and trying to answer questions. Seriously. I tried to be helpful, and he called me a dick. Then I tried to be helpful despite that, and a mod edited his post for language, and he said something about communists.
14:04:05Mikachuheh, crazy people
14:04:05B4gder... I was the one who modded it ;-)
14:04:10B4gdercall me mr Mao
14:04:25Paul_the_N3rdMan, I've got the 4th most posts in the RB forums now.
14:04:26Mikachurofl mao?
14:06:14B4gderpeople tend to forget that a custom music firmware project is not the most serious thing in the world
14:06:17ironi_man this ipod is fast on file transfers
14:07:46LinusNholy shit, i'm the #1 top poster in the rb forums
14:07:57B4gderby far
14:08:02B4gderyou blabbermouth
14:08:05Paul_the_N3rdBy *lots* of far.
14:08:06LinusNbeing the poster boy i am
14:08:20B4gderI must stop doing all those posts using your login :*P
14:08:50Mooshehe :)
14:10:10ironi_flac on my ipod
14:10:15ironi_i am truly impressed :)
14:10:19ironi_great job
14:10:33Moosand a lot of other codecs too ;-)
14:10:40ironi_trcy sounds great even with these crappy sony ericsson phones
14:10:51*petur waits for ironi_ to discover the plugins
14:10:58Mooshaha :D
14:11:03*Paul_the_N3rd points at Bejeweled.
14:11:21Moosthe addictive Bejeweled
14:13:40*Moos is transfering some sounds from his iriver in his X5 via USB otg
14:14:07Moosquite cool !
14:14:24*B4gder suspects Moos isn't using Rockbox right now :-)
14:14:28aliaskUnfortunately not while booted into rockbox.
14:14:36ironi_i am impressed in the same way the first time i tried rockbox on my jb6000 :)
14:14:42MoosB4gder: haha :D
14:15:00ironi_so switching to apple firmware is achieved..?
14:15:09Mikachuhold menu when booting
14:15:15MoosB4gder: I'm mostly still using my ihp 140 for listening music...
14:15:17Mikachubefore the apple shows up
14:15:29Mikachuif you boot by pressing menu, you need to let go and press it again quickly
14:15:37Paul_the_N3rdironi_: Yeah, the easiest way is to tap menu to turn it on, then immediately press it again and hold until it says "loading original firmware"
14:15:40*Moos is really unpatient to see Rockbox boot on his X5
14:16:00MoosLinusN: a propos, any news? :-)
14:16:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:16:50ironi_Paul_the_N3rd: cool, got it.
14:17:30Moosthe Cowan fw is a bit better than iriver one, but so far less than Rockbox :-(
14:17:38Mikachuyou need to not move your thumb around too much on the menu button too, i think the wheel events interfere sometimes
14:17:40ironi_well got to find some xvid to whatevere format ipod supports-ocnverter until rockbox has xvid support
14:17:41tucozI accidentally changed a LaTeX file to UTF-8, and I am not sure what it was before. Do you know how I change and check this?
14:17:44tucozI use emacs btw.
14:17:46Paul_the_N3rdironi_: If you do decide to try iPL in the future, and you continue using the RB bootloader, Play/Pause is what you hold for it.
14:18:00ironi_Paul_the_N3rd: ok
14:18:02Mikachutucoz: do you have any 8bit chars in it?
14:18:18Mikachutucoz: like or
14:18:34tucozMikachu, eventually. But not yet
14:18:35*Moos is really habbit by Rockbox, and all other firmwares appear reall silly now
14:18:52Mikachutucoz: then you haven't done anything
14:19:03tucozI pasted some ä and ö to it, but I removed those
14:19:30tucozMikachu, well, emacs told me to save it as either utf8,utf16 etc and I selected utf8
14:19:58Mikachudo you have a line like \usepackage[something]{fontenc} ?
14:20:24Mikachui think that's what tells latex what encoding to expect, but i'm not 100% sure
14:20:31tucozMikachu, yes. I have \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc}
14:20:42Mikachuthen you most likely want the file to be in latin1 :)
14:20:48Mikachualso called iso-8859-1
14:20:55Mikachuor ISO8859-1 or without any dashes
14:21:01tucozok. Do you know how I change this in emacs?
14:21:06Mikachuno idea
14:21:21*tucoz googles
14:21:33Mikachuin vim it's set encoding=... :)
14:21:46 Quit Sinbios (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:21:53Mikachuif you close and reopen the file, how does it know what encoding to use?
14:22:30tucozI have no idea. I know very little on encodings.
14:23:16Mikachuif emacs would save your characters in the wrong encoding, you can use this command line to convert the file manually outside emacs before you run latex...
14:23:28Mikachuiconv -f UTF-8 -t ISO8859-1 < file >
14:23:34Mikachu(dont use the same filename or you'll delete it)
14:23:38tucozMikachu, ok. Thanks
14:23:44safetydanre: the communist forums comment from way back... LinusN's response is comedy gold. "Yes it is. Most communists rename their MP3 tracks with the track number in front. In fact, Lenin often spoke about it in his glory days."
14:24:12ironi_thats funny
14:24:18Mikachueven if it was communist, what's wrong with communism? ;)
14:24:23 Nick ironi_ is now known as _ironi_ (
14:24:25Mikachuas long as you don't try to run a country by it
14:24:38*Moos is a bit communist ;-)
14:24:47B4gderand emacs is the best editor
14:24:58*B4gder contributes to the pie throwing ideas
14:25:02Paul_the_N3rdMy favorite LinusN comment was the one he made about why not few Rockbox devs had interest in WMA, but unfortunately I can't remember it fully, I just remember enjoying it.
14:25:03MoosLenin didn't represent the communisme
14:25:50MoosOpen Souces projects are a bit communists too ;)
14:25:59 Join bagawk [0] (
14:26:55B4gderespecially those who use track numbers in their file names
14:27:13Mikachuversion numbers are communist too
14:27:16JdGordonhow else would u have em?
14:27:16Mooshehe :)
14:27:20Mikachuespecially 2.5
14:27:33tucozWith a communist-dictator on top not accepting aliases in the credits list.
14:27:35JdGordon2.5 is facisr
14:27:45*Moos is wondering if everyone really know what the communisme is ?
14:28:15B4gdercommunism is a Korean mp3 player manufacturer, isn't it?
14:28:32tucozI think so. I heard their hardware rocks
14:28:36Moosdamn, no !
14:28:41safetydanPaul_the_N3rd, I believe it was this re WMA "Someone with a clue needs to step forward and do this. The problem is that people with a clue don't use WMA."
14:29:15Moosall those big enterprises are the opposite of communisme (dollars are the taget)
14:29:18JdGordondoes arm notmally take longer than iriver to compile?
14:29:29JdGordon.. just finished
14:29:31Moostarget even
14:29:35Paul_the_N3rdsafetydan: That was it, yeah
14:30:02safetydanthe power of forum searches :)
14:30:05MoosRockbox is communist
14:30:12safetydanAt least when you know usernames
14:30:35B4gderMoos: nope
14:30:44Paul_the_N3rdsafetydan: I am, in fact, quite lazy.
14:30:53safetydanI am, in fact, quite bored.
14:32:11Paul_the_N3rdAnd I am still building gcc 3.3.6. Curse you, newlib.
14:32:54MoosB4gder: I mean, the main goal of Open Source project in general to devide the knowledge for the guys with a lot of special knowledge can help one without
14:33:07Moosin this way is socialo'communist ;)
14:33:09Jungti1234Korea is democracy.
14:33:42tucozJungti1234, at least the south :)
14:33:54Moosyeah :)
14:33:58Jungti1234Did I misunderstand?
14:34:00tucozI've heard it's a different situation in the north ;-)
14:34:47*JdGordon wants to destory my cpu fan
14:34:50JdGordonfuck its noisy
14:34:59Jungti1234North people are like with us.
14:35:01 Join Shadowarrior13 [0] (
14:35:29 Join DrumRBoy320 [0] (
14:35:31Jungti1234You don't divide it.
14:35:47tucozJungti1234, but the leader in North Korea isn't exactly a democrat.
14:36:04tucoz(at least from what I've heard)
14:36:11Moosbut damn, why always speak about dictatures for communism? Communisme is one kind of live, and those dictators communist are not are dictators
14:37:09*B4gder walks away to get a coffee refill to avoid politics
14:37:30Jungti1234We are one.
14:37:34*Moos is pointing the supposed model of democratia (USA) to doesn't be really democratic ;)
14:37:47MoosB4gder: hehe :)
14:38:03*Paul_the_N3rd contemplates taking up drinking coffee so that he may imitate B4gder.
14:38:11Jungti1234B4gder: haha...
14:38:15*tucoz walks away to get a coffee refill to avoid politics
14:38:49 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
14:39:00 Part Paul_the_N3rd
14:39:08*Jungti1234 knows nothing.
14:39:16*Moos is sorry to speak about those things here, but can't shut up when heard some things
14:40:00Paul_The_NerdDid LinusN ever isolate where the power drain was occurring on the H300?
14:40:53Paul_The_NerdDid you ever come up with a hypothesis why it used less when decoding than when idle in retail?
14:40:53 Quit Matze41 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:42:13LinusNnot even that :-)
14:42:26MoosLinusN:are they any progress in the iAudio front? sorry for the question :-)
14:42:48LinusNhowever, i assume that it boosts when running the UI, to be more responsive
14:42:56LinusNMoos: nope
14:43:32Paul_The_NerdI was thinking that maybe the UI should boost on button input, and un-boost after the backlight fades.
14:44:15Paul_The_NerdOr something similar, since that wouldn't really help people who have their backlights off
14:44:34 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:44:37B4gderyes, we need something in that spirit
14:45:07B4gderpossibly boosting to a in-between level
14:45:32B4gderbut I don't know if that is gain or loss due to the added complexity needed
14:46:20 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:46:30peturwouldn't stopping WPS refresh free enough cpu to allow it run at lower freq?
14:47:06B4gderit will help for the playback case
14:47:14*petur still feels that screen painting while it is off is wasting something...
14:47:15B4gderbut not for the scrolling filebrowser case etc
14:47:43B4gderit certainly is a waste
14:47:44LinusNthe problem in this case is that the current draw doesn't come from the cpu frequency
14:48:42Paul_The_NerdOut of curiosity, how much difference is there when boosted, if you remember?
14:48:49LinusNi halted the cpu in 11MHz and the current draw was still 100mA higher than the iriver playback case
14:49:23LinusNPaul_The_Nerd: 40-50mA difference between 45MHz and 124MHz
14:49:34Moosuch :-(
14:51:14preglowouch, 100ma is bad
14:53:16safetydanpetur, I'm working on a tokenized version of the WPS to stop the reparse step at least
14:53:22_ironi_do yout hink the ipod video will ever be able to play divx?
14:53:45Moossafetydan: wee \o/
14:53:49Mikachudoesn't apple's firmware play h264? (which is more complex than divx)
14:54:12preglowh264 is more or less the most complex video codec these days
14:54:27 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
14:54:28preglowand at least a factor of 2 more complex than divx
14:54:40Mikachui don't know how it compares to snow and dirac
14:54:51preglowwell, those are research codecs
14:54:55Jungti1234um.. bye all
14:54:59_ironi_there is a broadcom chip in the ipod, maybe it can only decode h264 and mpeg4?
14:55:12 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:55:12preglowit decodes mpeg4, h264, aac and mp3, i think
14:55:27_ironi_well then divx will be a bit difficult wont it
14:55:29preglowit's fully programmable
14:55:36preglowso it can decode whatever you want
14:55:37Mikachudivx ~= mpeg4
14:55:47_ironi_preglow: i see.
14:55:55Mikachuyou can probably encode divx streams that are decodable
14:55:58_ironi_is anyone experimenting with getitng it to play other formats?
14:56:06preglow_ironi_: that's a ton of work
14:56:18preglow_ironi_: we've only got a vague idea of how the chip workls
14:56:31_ironi_no docs, aye?
14:57:11Mikachuthey have this chip in nanos too?
14:57:27Paul_The_NerdJust the video
14:57:43_ironi_its quite a bit device the video
14:57:49Mikachuit would seem stupid to have a chip to decode mp3 in hardware when the cpu can do it :)
14:58:21imphasingThe retailos firmware ahs the ability to add new codecs, apple has hinted at, so it can probably decode anything you can throw at it, if you write it.
14:58:37imphasingI think it only decodes video, but I could be wrong..
14:58:42imphasinglisten to preglow.
14:59:08B4gderthe cpu certainly can't do video decoding at the speed the broadcom can
14:59:25Mikachuthat's why i asked about the nano
14:59:52_ironi_would be cool to be able to just transfer a divx show or movie
14:59:57_ironi_and watch it on the way to work
15:00:02 Join damaki [0] (
15:00:09imphasingThat it would
15:00:13rob- does the h1xx also have the power drain problem?
15:00:15preglowimphasing: i think i saw some broadcom file in the retailos that hinted at it decoding aac too
15:00:23imphasingpreglow: Ah, ok.
15:00:36_ironi_i love impulse buying
15:00:49_ironi_at 9 am i didndt even know i was going to buy an ipod today
15:01:03_ironi_at noon i already had it
15:01:19Mikachuif you want to give me some money i can give you my paypal email
15:01:43_ironi_hehe well i do like this that i sell my old stuff and buy new
15:01:48_ironi_so it turns out even
15:01:51imphasingSo how did "they" (Not sure who got the video chip working first, you guys or iPL) figure out what MMIO port to send LCD data to?
15:01:56imphasingJust probing random ports?
15:02:59Mikachumore likely they looked at the firmware and tried various addresses in the code or something
15:03:07preglowipl got it working first
15:03:19tucozB4gder, do you know why the manual build-script copies the entire manual source tree to the destination?
15:03:35tucozinstead of just the pdf
15:03:58B4gderwhen you do what?
15:04:49tucozWhen I write make
15:05:02tucozit creates a directory under that level called manual
15:05:22tucozwith the entire source tree and pdf file under that directory
15:06:20tucozand the configure script checks for the cross-compiler when selecting a manual build.
15:06:54B4gderthe manual/Makefile does a cp -R
15:07:21tucozThat sounds like a good 'ol hack
15:07:26B4gderhehe, yes
15:07:38 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
15:07:51Mikachuyou could do cp -Rl if you want to save the space
15:08:09Mikachubut it's only like 2MB anyway i think
15:08:26 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
15:08:30B4gderwhat happens on cygwin with -l?
15:08:35Mikachuno idea
15:08:50 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
15:09:00Mikachuand i'm not installing cygwin in vmware to find out :)
15:09:09Paul_The_NerdWhat's -l?
15:09:17Mikachucreates hardlinks instead of copies
15:09:43tucozIt would be cleaner if only the pdf would remain
15:09:48tucozafter a make
15:09:53B4gdertucoz: I agree
15:10:19B4gderI'd guess the copying is made because if you'd run the build in the source dir it would create temp files in there
15:10:44Mikachu-output-directory=DIR use DIR as the directory to write files to
15:10:47tucozB4gder, ah, you're probably right about that.
15:10:55amiconnB4gder: The target & sim builds are doing that too...
15:10:57Mikachunot sure how well that works
15:11:03Mikachu(from latex −−help)
15:11:08preglowlatex isn't very flexible in its directory handling
15:11:10B4gderamiconn: create temp files in the source dir?
15:11:45tucozBut then the copying is ok, but the pdf could be copied to the same level as the makefile then
15:12:05B4gdertucoz: I agree, and I would fancy it being called just "rockbox.pdf" or so
15:12:17B4gderi.e cut ouf the "-build" part
15:12:43 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:12:44tucozyes. me too. And I've heard you know your way with makefiles as well ;-)
15:13:20*B4gder suddenlt got very busy in a different corner...
15:18:36imphasingIs there a timing function that doesn't round to the nearest second? time() annoys me..
15:18:41amiconnB4gder: yes
15:18:53amiconnB4gder: Did you get my comment about ?
15:18:56imphasingA millisecond counter would be nice
15:19:04B4gderamiconn: then we should fix that (and yes)
15:19:52safetydanimphasing, on rockbox? what about current_tick?
15:23:50imphasingHeh, nope. Just some C function. I do most of my programming with iPL.
15:24:00Mikachuusleep? nanosleep?
15:24:13Mikachuoh, getting time
15:24:16B4gderbut that's not available in windows
15:24:21imphasingI don't do windows
15:25:24Mikachunot to sound stupid, but how do i build the manual?
15:25:32Mikachuer, yeah, M in configure
15:25:40Mikachui never see things until i ask on irc :)
15:25:52Mikachui already tried configure but my eyes skipped (M)anual
15:27:27 Quit Farpenoodle (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:28:28tucozAnyone know how to change mode in emacs to Makefile mode (for a file not detected as Makefile)
15:29:20tucozM-x makefile-mode
15:30:01B4gder# -*- mode: Makefile -*-
15:30:15B4gderwithin the file, iirc
15:30:39Mikachui wish modelines in vim didn't allow any file to run arbitrary commands as my user
15:30:40B4gderif you want it done automatically on load
15:31:07Mikachu(last time i checked)
15:31:30 Join Thus0 [0] (
15:31:47 Quit fantomas ("leaving")
15:31:47tucozB4gder, ok. cool
15:33:39tucozB4gder, I guess it is this. But, it doesn't seem to work. @cp $(OBJDIR)/rockbox-build.pdf $(OBJDIR)/../rockbox-$(ARCHOS)-$(VERSION).pdf
15:34:02tucozthat needs to be changed. I cannot find the target pdf
15:53:55 Quit ScoTTie ()
15:54:03 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
15:56:14tucozI have a question regarding the FDL. It says a copyright statement need to be placed right after the title page. Do I add this to the introduction? And Copyright owner is right?
15:56:57tucozor is it Christi (who wrote the 2.4 docs) or Björn? is not a copyright holder
15:58:28tucozok, I just use the copyright statement from the 2.4 docs for now
15:59:26 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
16:04:09 Join IcyStorM [0] (
16:04:28IcyStorMWhere can I get the roms for pacbox I cant find em
16:04:57LinusNgoogle for "pacman rom"
16:05:06safetydanIcyStorM, I doubt anyone here can tell you as they're illegal to distribute.
16:05:52IcyStorMWho cares, this is IRC
16:06:00B4gderit is?
16:06:01LinusNwe care, this channel is logged
16:06:16 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-55a1052e91db4289)
16:06:16IcyStorMOk then
16:06:18IcyStorMPM anybody
16:06:33Mikachuthis is freenode, not efnet...
16:06:49LinusNIcyStorM: read my reply to your question
16:07:10LinusNagain: google for "pacman rom"
16:07:42B4gderand then google for "using search engines to find information you seek"
16:07:43LinusNor even better, "pacman roms"
16:08:45LinusNgotta go, cu
16:08:48 Part LinusN
16:08:53IcyStorMpacman rom or roms dont get any good results
16:09:01cs_weaselor even better intitle:"index of mame"... *smacks self*
16:09:10Paul_The_NerdIcyStorM: I happen to know that with one of those, my second result had what I needed
16:10:32 Quit needleboy ()
16:11:38safetydangoogle for "filetype:zip pacman" may also help
16:12:24safetydan(not tested)
16:13:06*amiconn discovers that gcc 3.4.6 was released...
16:16:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:19:49 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:19:52 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
16:20:55Mikachumany moons ago...
16:21:09Mikachuand 4.1 is apparently the current release series
16:23:35*petur wonders if 4.1 works for Coldfire
16:25:25amiconn4.1 for arm doesn't even build...
16:30:00 Part IcyStorM
16:31:27Paul_The_NerdOkay, did IcyStorM PM anyone else begging for help, or was I the only unfortunate soul?
16:32:14preglowat least not on amd64
16:33:35Mikachui didn't get any
16:33:41safetydanme either
16:33:57safetydanguess you're the resident romz/warez dude then
16:34:15 Quit YouCeyE ("Leaving")
16:34:35Paul_The_NerdI related the 'give a man a fish...' quote, and pretty much left it at that.
16:36:21Paul_The_NerdI also got about a bajillion PMs from people on the forums immediately after I said I wouldn't tell anyone where to get them in the thread. *sighs*
16:36:28 Quit youngcereal (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:36:38 Join youngcereal [0] (
16:37:34Mikachufortunately you don't have to reply
16:41:00safetydanBut aren't you a communist? Isn't that about sharing? :)
16:41:33Mikachuit's about giving everything to an elite group of leaders
16:43:08safetydanFrom each according to their ability. To each according to their needs.
16:44:26Paul_The_NerdAnd he *needed* to be able to use Google.
16:45:06tucozB4gder, the manuals copyright statement will be a tricky one. As it is now, we mainly create LaTeX versions of the wiki pages, which a lot of people have written.
16:46:12preglowsafetydan: any luck on a new sin()? :>
16:46:30tucozAnd to keep track of all the people eventually writing patches for inclusion will be a hard task
16:46:59safetydanpreglow, oh man... that stuff just hurt my brain... I think I had a working cordic implementation but no idea of speed
16:47:16safetydanprecision was up to the number of iterations, it was something like 1 bit of extra precision per iteration
16:47:45preglowit always is with cordic
16:47:53tucozMaybe it is possible to link the copyright statement to the CREDITS list.
16:47:54Mikachui'll happily give you any copyright on code in my patches if it helps
16:48:54safetydanI'm not that great with trig (actually I'm crap but anyway)... but the sin() function I had was only good from -pi/2 to pi/2
16:49:04 Quit KN|stiff ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
16:49:18safetydanI assume you can rotate as need for the other quadrants
16:49:32preglowso, you could make it completely 32 bit accurate?
16:49:38preglow'cuz that's pretty much what i'll need
16:49:40safetydanin theory yes
16:50:11preglowi can probably make a tons faster one with a bigger lookup table, but i don't want a huge lookup table
16:50:54safetydanfrom what I read, the FPU of the 386/486 used a cordic implementation for sin and cos
16:51:30safetydanthe lookup table for the cordic was the same size as the number of iterations. it's a very cool little algorithm
16:51:40preglowhardware usually uses cordic
16:51:42lostlogicsafetydan: preglow: cordic is iterative, so couldn't you combine a moderate precision lookup table with cordic to get reasonable speed and the accuracy you need?
16:53:32preglowi guess so
16:53:47preglowthe lookup table step would have to be precise to a known number of bits, though
16:56:55preglowbut anyway
16:56:59preglowi don't really know how much that matters
16:57:04 Quit SereR0kR ("XChat Aqua")
16:57:29preglowif you need a fast sine, you most often do some specific solution that works in your particular case
16:57:43preglowthe one i currently use in the eq works really nice for audio
16:57:52preglowbut obviously not for coef calculation
16:58:34 Join B4gd3r [0] (
16:58:35preglowsafetydan: so, you got any code i can try out?
16:59:30 Nick Thus0 is now known as Thus1 (
17:00:03 Join fantomas [0] (i=foobar@
17:00:27safetydanpreglow, not with me, it's at home
17:00:38 Part fantomas
17:00:46 Join bluey [0] (
17:00:50 Nick Thus1 is now known as Thus0 (
17:01:17 Quit Mikachu (Remote closed the connection)
17:01:19 Join Mikachu [0] (
17:02:12 Quit bluey (Client Quit)
17:05:16lostlogicsafetydan: you don't keep connections to your home computers with you at all times???
17:06:30 Quit B4gd3r ("time to say moo")
17:06:35safetydanMy home computer is a laptop which is too heavy to carry, and too noisy to leave on... so no :)
17:10:02 Join steveb [0] (n=steve@about/cooking/nakedchef/risotto/steveb)
17:11:04preglowhrmph, encoder codec patch doesn't apply cleanly anymore
17:14:43 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
17:15:23 Quit B4gder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:15:42safetydanspeaking of home
17:15:43 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
17:16:50 Quit tucoz ("Leaving")
17:18:13preglowany suggestions on where we should save the encoder codec files?
17:18:28Paul_The_Nerd/.rockbox/encoders ?
17:18:38preglowthen i think we should rename codecs/ to decoders
17:18:45Paul_The_NerdI have no objection to that.
17:18:46preglowcodec implies both should be placed there
17:19:00Paul_The_NerdEither that or /.rockbox/codecs/decode and /encode
17:19:10preglowor we have codecs/ and use .enc and .dec extensions
17:19:27preglowor enc-mpa.codec, etc
17:19:34Paul_The_NerdNow another question: Should you plan ahead for future video support?
17:19:39preglowhell no
17:19:46Bg3rpreglow better .dec/.enc
17:19:52Paul_The_NerdI like .dec and .enc as well
17:20:07Bg3rexcept if we have a .codec that will do both enc & dec
17:20:25 Join bobTHC [0] (
17:20:36bobTHChi folks !
17:20:47Bg3rhi, folk
17:20:48preglowBg3r: i can't see why we'd want to do that
17:21:23Bg3ryep... that's why i vote for .enc/.dec
17:22:07preglowyeah, i'm a bit partial to that solution myself
17:22:41 Join webguest96 [0] (
17:24:16 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
17:25:10Zagorno more TLAs please, ".encoder" and ".decoder" is much more friendly.
17:25:17 Quit tucoz (Remote closed the connection)
17:25:55preglowamiconn'll cry when he sees the very founder of the project suggest wasting precious bytes
17:27:54webguest96safetydan, if you're still bored there's always the Playlist catalog patch thingy for you
17:33:51 Part webguest96
17:42:22 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:42:45lostlogicbagh, I forgot my ipoop USB cable at home today... I might have to do my job all day :(
17:44:33*t0mas is listening to ACDC - T.N.T.
17:44:49t0masnice song to listen to while driving :)
17:45:01bobTHCbtw, after redoing some googling about rockbox, i realize how bad are the rockbox Public relations. .
17:45:37bobTHCJust want to make a suggestion : creating a public relation team to engage more devs and betatesters and make connections with hardware suppliers (low level hardware and why not some Mp3 device companies)
17:45:40t0masmaybe we should get the website updated...
17:46:33bobTHCIt's an old discussion but imho it's time now, 1st because the project attain a good maturity, 2nd because new targets coming will spread rockbox like never previoulsy, 3th because every new port need a big workload (brandnew volunteer devs and perhaps some companies will effeciently help us)
17:46:39t0masand get some publicity with the next release
17:46:52t0masbetter release cycles are a topic for devcon...
17:47:22bobTHCrockbox needs a spin doctor team !!!
17:47:45bobTHCor propaganda team as u want ;)
17:48:03preglowwhat we need is a release manager
17:48:22t0masisn't Bagder the release manager? :)
17:48:25t0masor Zagor?
17:48:32t0masone of them has the scripts etc
17:48:43 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
17:48:47t0masbut we might want to setup a more "commercial" looking website
17:48:47preglowyeah, zagor packs the release up
17:48:53preglowbut we haven't got a release manager
17:49:02t0masit looks like a hacking project now (which it has been for a long time)
17:49:11preglowlets just steal ipodlinux' design ;)
17:49:14t0masand we should get it to look more like a project
17:49:40t0masget better documentation (tucoz is already working on that :D)
17:49:55t0masget sime pictures etc...
17:50:02t0masand make a website that "sells" the software
17:50:58t0masbobTHC might be the one to do it ;)
17:51:02t0masas I don't have that much time
17:51:07Paul_The_NerdWell, at the moment the software only exists in a release version for Archos' anyway.
17:51:28t0masyeah. that should also change :)
17:51:39t0maswe might want to do all this on a new release
17:51:42t0masincluding iriver
17:51:54t0masand then work to a more 3.0 graphical release
17:52:36t0masand introduce that with some "flash factor" just screenshots on the website... the "happy user comments" and an easy explaination on how to install from windows
17:52:40Paul_The_NerdI'm not so sure about that, but it does seem that at least a roadmap of goals for the next few releases might be a nice thing to come out of devcon.
17:53:38t0masa website change might be nice too... make it a product selling website, with 1 menu option "Development" and put all CVS things etc there...
17:54:07t0maswe have last CVS commits on the frontpage now... I like it, but some random users is not interested in CVS commit messages...
17:54:09preglowt0mas: you sound like a release manager now
17:54:47Paul_The_NerdWell, right now is clearly a project page.
17:54:53t0maswell... after end-May or begin June I might be able to work on it
17:54:53Paul_The_NerdNot a product page.
17:55:02 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC")
17:55:03t0masPaul_The_Nerd: that's my point
17:55:21t0maspreglow: but we first need to check with "the founders"
17:55:22bobTHCa barely 5 y old project page
17:55:37bobTHCof course
17:55:41t0masmaybe they don't want to "sell rockbox to the public"
17:56:06t0masmaybe they just like the hacking... and want to attract other developers, instead of the simple users :)
17:56:51Paul_The_NerdBut is there a product for mass markets? I mean, at the moment I'd say rockbox counts as a hobbiest/enthusiast piece of software.
17:57:15Paul_The_NerdMaking the page more flashy, and less dutiful, seems to work in the opposite direction of attracting devs.
17:57:16bobTHChehe, with the new orientation of the project ( multi patform)the goal is not only to attract users but devs and supporters companies too
17:57:43t0masand companies normally want to sell things ;)
17:58:08t0masso they would like to be able to send people to rockbox, which makes those people really want that software
17:58:21t0masthen the company can sell those people their hardware
17:58:27t0masmaybe even with rockbox pre-installed
17:58:39t0mas(don't know how that is done license technically?)
17:58:56t0masbut hey... those are very far future plans :)
17:59:02bobTHCnot only, imagine a companie who simply want doing a plugin to make his files "suitable" with rockbox like a viewer or codec
17:59:08lostlogicI'm a big fan of it staying a hacking project... FWIW isn't very exciting
17:59:42Mikachubut linux does well enough :)
17:59:51bobTHChacking is the core of this project, without hacking no more project lostlogic
18:00:31lostlogicMy last serious involvement with an OS project was Gentoo Linux, and once it went more public and gained more users and a release manager, it became a pain in the butt to work on and the fun factor went down, and a lot of the original devs (ie me) became less involved and less interested.
18:00:51Mikachui recognized your nick from gentoo :)
18:00:58lostlogicMikachu: ;)
18:01:03Mikachufrom lolo-sources i think
18:01:08lostlogicMikachu: that's me.
18:03:22lostlogicI'm not saying that that would happen here, but phrases like release management and public relations certainly carry a negative connotation of "slower development" and "release dates"
18:04:09t0mashmz ok
18:04:27t0masstill I think it would be a nice idea to help users some more...
18:04:37Paul_The_NerdHelp users how?
18:04:42 Join SereR0KR [0] (
18:04:49t0masaccessible website
18:05:00t0mas(the last one is being worked on)
18:05:29Paul_The_NerdThe website is pretty accessible. There's a download link where you get an installer. You run it, you have the software. You read the manual, you use the software. :)
18:05:35preglowlostlogic: were you ever featured developer of the week (or whatever)?
18:05:36 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
18:05:44 Part ModernExecutive
18:05:46bobTHCit's true lostlogic, but what the deal, remaining small and sticking around today or increasing the workload, targets and quality to became a unavoidable project in firmware related enmbeded devices
18:06:32 Join matsl [0] (
18:07:24bobTHCbecause with port like ipodport, the aimed public is now not devs....
18:08:20Paul_The_NerdIs there really a target audience beyond "people who want to use it?"
18:08:21t0maswell... we might want to combine it
18:08:45t0masPaul_The_Nerd: as long as people haven't heard of rockbox, they can hate the original firmware... and have now idea what to do about it
18:09:14Paul_The_Nerdt0mas: So the real solution is to spread the word, and have an easy to use installer (which is feasible for iPod) and a tutorial.'
18:09:31t0maswe shouldn't become a company with release cycles (at least not untill we get payed for it :P), but we might want to try to get some more public interest
18:09:55bobTHCand with restrictive firmware like on the wide spread ipod u can expect a large audience
18:10:03 Join webguest01 [0] (
18:10:09Paul_The_Nerdt0mas: But at the moment, the iPod port needs to actually *work* completely first.
18:10:13t0masyes, spread the word... try to make the website a little more user attractive (move dev. stuff to ? that doesn't bother most devs I guess? Ad long as there is a link on the front page)
18:10:20lostlogicpreglow: not sure, I think they asked me questions for it once
18:11:03t0masand having a selling website doesn't really cost us much of the hacking culture we have
18:11:10t0masbut it's way more newbie attractive
18:11:11bobTHCof course , everething is not for public, but public teased can be a big force for the project (work, money, support...)
18:11:16lostlogicPerhaps the solution would be to have rockbox stay just as it is, and found a new project that will cut and stabilize releases completely independently?
18:11:38bobTHCnaa, forks sucks
18:11:43t0maslostlogic: that sounds like a really bad idea...
18:11:53webguest01I have shown Rockbox to my friends that have dap's, they own ipods mainly, and they really aren'y interested in playing different file formats, and drag and drop and look upon it as a hack by some programmers
18:11:54t0masif you attract people, do it with the name "rockbox"
18:12:06t0masif people find out it's open source... we might also attract more devs
18:12:28t0maswebguest01: that's what we might want to change...
18:12:40bobTHCwebguest01 > i can says the total opposite
18:12:45t0masget the website user friendly... and eventually try to get a more graphical 3.0 release for example
18:13:06*Paul_The_Nerd would really rather not have a graphical release.
18:13:09lostlogicpreglow: *giggle* that was a long time ago.
18:13:09webguest01yhey are very sceptocal that soemone else other than the OEM can write good software for their players
18:13:15*Paul_The_Nerd is incredibly fond of the very simple interface it currently has.
18:13:55Paul_The_NerdA graphical UI doesn't really *add* anything.
18:14:04webguest01when I mention gapless, the look at me blankly, it doesn't mean a thing
18:14:21Mikachuwhen i told a friend about it the first thing he asked about was gapless
18:14:36webguest01Replay Gain, the same thing, not interested
18:14:46t0masI mainly use it at parties atm...
18:14:56bobTHCa lot of ppl without programmer skills download and use differents formats, are happy to be able to play games or to have more sound tweak
18:15:19webguest01if it entails fiddling with a computer, they loose interest, most folks want to keep fiddling with a computer to a minimum
18:15:31t0maswebguest01: that's where we need a windows installe
18:15:59Paul_The_NerdAnd a lot of people *like* their iTunes.
18:16:06t0masfor ipod that's true
18:16:15t0masbut the iriver firmware just sucks imho
18:16:18bobTHCand a lot *hate* it too
18:16:22Paul_The_NerdWhile this sentiment completely baffles me, most iPod users seem to prefer never having to deal with their files directly.
18:16:22t0masand it has nothing like it...
18:16:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:16:34Mikachui don't understand why i need to wait 15 minutes to "import" files
18:16:41webguest01it really has to be easy and simple to install and use.
18:16:42t0masso tagdb etc would be really nice to have on iriver
18:17:02bobTHCor why i cant use my ipod as a Harddisk
18:17:07 Quit imphasing (Client Quit)
18:17:27webguest01tag db funcyionality has to improve beyond the geek stage for the average user to use
18:18:06t0masit really needs a lot of improvements
18:18:17t0masHCl: have a hilight set on tagdb?? ;)
18:18:20webguest01people want plug and play, they don't want to fiddle with an os
18:18:29Lynxi don't understand why my h300 sometimes does 12 mb/sec over usb, and sometimes only 3.5 mb/sec. same computer, same cable, same port.
18:18:55HCli just happened to be browsing my irc channels
18:18:59HClLynx: fragmentation?
18:19:30HClhow's Slasheri 's tagcache thing going?
18:19:31LynxHCl: no, its a very steady 3.5 mb/sec, and was faster just this morning.
18:19:54bobTHCof course, webguest01, we aren't saying oki, now lets go ppl you can do easyly what u want, but we're talking about making the project more famous and involving more ppl and at the end really have a powerfull and easy firmware compatible with the maximum of devices
18:23:31Paul_The_NerdI think it's going to be quite a while yet before rockbox is *ready* for publicity on any decent scale
18:23:32XavierGrLynx: 12 mb/sec is okay. I get 13 from mine
18:23:56webguest01depends on what your market you want to capture, if you want the Rbox to become a replacement for original on an average users player, then it needs to become more user friendly, then there is also the lag time between Rbox and new players. Rockbox for obvious reasons doesn't support the latest players, and this is a problem
18:23:57Paul_The_NerdA lot of iPod users won't want to change over until there's almost no disadvantage to doing it
18:23:57bobTHCthat's the goal and is far away but with different ppl like devs(web, os specific, target specific...), ergonomist, spin doctor, documentations writers.....
18:24:57bobTHCand a lot complain about it, too
18:25:35 Join imphasing_ [0] (
18:26:03Paul_The_NerdThe vast majority of people who buy an ipod though, got it because they wanted an ipod. They either use itunes, or just like the fact that they don't have to understand computers to use digital music. Rockbox really isn't targeted at the layperson.
18:26:19webguest01basically people want their players to play music, they aren't interested in fiddling with them, and most of the original firmware meets this requirement
18:27:13XavierGrhmm... I can't get dircache to work properly. It is set to on rebooted but still...
18:28:16imphasing_I like ipod's becuase it's a good way to play with an ARM7TDMI processor, and it's elegant
18:28:29Mikachui won mine
18:28:47imphasing_The ipod with rockbox, is like the perfect music player
18:28:54imphasing_FLAC support, drag and drop music..
18:28:55webguest01imagine the level of support that would be required with Rockbox in its current form and a wider non adventurous user base
18:28:56imphasing_It's great.
18:28:58XavierGrelegant? I can't agree on that...
18:29:04imphasing_XavierGr: No?
18:29:06Paul_The_Nerdimphasing_: The iRiver iFP-7xx and 8xx use an ARM7TDMI too if I recall. :-P
18:29:06bobTHCthe vast majority of ppl who buy a MP3 players will understand the pro and the cons between rockbox and original firmware if it's clearly explained and simple to use
18:29:12XavierGrimphasing: Again I can't agree
18:29:19XavierGriPod can only play music
18:29:24XavierGrno recording or FM radio
18:29:24imphasing_XavierGr: ...
18:29:32imphasing_I said ipod with rockbox
18:29:33Paul_The_NerdbobTHC: No they wouldn't.
18:29:53imphasing_But the color screen with the scroll wheel is my favorite part
18:29:56XavierGrYes but still recording is not an option on iPod.
18:30:00imphasing_the scroll wheel I like
18:30:02bobTHCu have a bad idea of the "average ppl"
18:30:08XavierGrAnd IMHO the looks pf an iPod are awfull.
18:30:09imphasing_I don't record, so it's not a big deal
18:30:18imphasing_XavierGr: That's your opinion
18:30:20XavierGrof course
18:30:34imphasing_Out of curiosity, what player do you like?
18:30:51XavierGrbut for the same money (or sometimes less) I would choose something better. (Always IMHO)
18:30:56webguest01bottom line is Rockbox isn't ready for mainstream, to many options :))
18:31:19XavierGrH100, H300, iAudio
18:31:24imphasing_XavierGr: I like how thin the ipod is (I'm talking about the 5G) and how big the screen is as well though
18:31:30imphasing_I haven't actually seen those, so I can't comment
18:31:32XavierGriAudio X5 to be more precise
18:31:35imphasing_I'll check them out though
18:31:47XavierGrimphsing: You got a point on the screen
18:31:47bobTHCi dont talk u about directly advertise in the wall street journal webguest01, i talk about creating a propaganda team !
18:31:57XavierGrwhich is the biggest screen so far.
18:32:19Paul_The_NerdHonestly though, if you want more users before you even start you need to plan out a support mechanism
18:32:24imphasing_XavierGr: That's a pretty nice player...what sort of formats does it play?
18:32:32Paul_The_NerdA way to make sure you don't get 50 million repeated bug reports.
18:32:38Paul_The_NerdYou probably need a support staff.
18:32:55imphasing_Oh, FLAC and OGG...
18:32:57imphasing_I like
18:33:18imphasing_Any player that natively supprots FLAC has my attention
18:34:10XavierGrthat is the major point of an iAudio X5. And that's why it is going to be way more better when Linus and Bagder finish the porting.
18:34:31webguest01Flac is not a mass user codec
18:34:38imphasing_I looked at those before I bought an ipod, but they're also more expensive..
18:34:44imphasing_webguest01: Yes, but it's my favorite
18:35:16XavierGrwell at the time I bought my H140 (and later the H340) iPods were more expensive
18:35:36bobTHCflac is not a mass user codec until it will well supported by a majority of players
18:35:56imphasing_flac is great; lossless, and about 1/3rd thge size of a wav file
18:36:09imphasing_And an open standard
18:36:31Mikachui think most people would prefer having 5 albums on instead of 1, to having nondetectably better quality
18:36:44 Quit Kingstone (Remote closed the connection)
18:36:57XavierGryes, but there are audiophiles too you know...
18:37:10imphasing_Heh, maybe I'm just over-sensitive, but I can tell an mp3 from a flac file..
18:37:14webguest01yes but they are a minority
18:37:33Mikachuimphasing_: on an mp3 player while riding a bike? :)
18:37:40imphasing_Mikachu: Hehe, no
18:37:41XavierGrthere should be an option for all people.
18:37:56imphasing_On an mp3 player, while writing an ASM rotating blitter
18:37:57Mikachui'm just saying most people probably won't use flac
18:38:08webguest01some people can hear a difference but cant be bothered, their easoning is that its a mp3 player not a piece of Hifi equipment
18:38:31Mikachui don't hear the difference between a cd and 100kbps ogg usually
18:39:07webguest01mp3 players are fun things for most, their lives dont revolve around their players
18:39:28Mikachuthat doesn't seem to be true of ipods.. :)
18:39:33 Join Mmmm [0] (
18:40:04webguest01really if so they should have gotten apple to implemet gapless,
18:40:08imphasing_ipods are a way of life
18:40:21imphasing_or at least, apple would have you think that
18:40:30Mikachui prefer my old player interface-wise, it has buttons you can push through your jacket pocket
18:40:47Mikachuthe ipod, you have to get it out and look where to press because it's flat
18:41:11imphasing_Actually, I can work it while it's in my pocket.
18:41:18imphasing_The new click wheel makes it easier
18:41:18webguest01the fact that apple hasn't implemented gapless proves that it doesn't really sonsider a mp3 player an audiophile product
18:41:24Mikachui think it's a bit hard to turn the hold switch through my jacket
18:41:33imphasing_webguest01: Yes, that's a valid point
18:41:42imphasing_it's not an audiophiles palyer, but with rockbox, it can be\
18:42:01Mikachuo// \o/ \\o
18:42:11imphasing_I really like the video on the 5G though. It's amazingly clear, and nice to watch
18:42:28muesli__Mikachu gangbang? ;)
18:42:48Mikachuit's supposed to be a 3-frame animation
18:42:52webguest01I think that Rockbox is great, but it needs to be polished now, get the features that are inplace working 100%, no bugs
18:43:37bobTHCit's simply impossile webguest01
18:44:04bobTHCnot bug will say no more new features or targets
18:44:06Mikachufinding bugs is the only thing users are good for
18:44:17webguest01improve the basics, like music seeking, skipping
18:44:51XavierGrsomething is pretty fucked up either on my player or on the latest bleeding edge build.
18:45:03XavierGr1) I can't get dircache to work.
18:45:30 Join fairway [0] (
18:45:39fairwaydoes anyone know where to get some decenet ipod photo themes?
18:45:39XavierGrI tried anything. Set to on, rebooted, reset my settings repeat. No, the disk will spin up whatever I do.
18:45:48XavierGr2) Who changed the quick menu?
18:46:18amiconnpreglow: Why not .audioencoder / .audiodecoder? ;-/ </sarcasm>
18:46:20XavierGrI remember that the captions of the quick menu were spreaded on the screen of the player. (Down, left, right)
18:46:38bobTHCgeeks, nerds, audiophiles, none english spokers(specially non ascii languages) , blinds, music & audiobook lovers... it's already form a mass
18:46:39preglowamiconn: heh
18:46:52XavierGrNow all the captions are one below the other. Can someone confirm?
18:47:12XavierGrHave to go later all/
18:47:25bobTHCcya !
18:47:33bobTHCthat was my 2cts...
18:47:38bobTHCbye all
18:47:41 Part bobTHC
18:47:42amiconnXavierGr: Got my remarks regarding jpeg.rock and view-while-playing?
18:48:02imphasing_Has anyone besides me done a battery benchmark on the 5G ipod?
18:50:07Mikachuspeaking of audiobooks, the apple firmware automatically saves the positions in them, but not regular music files... it would be nice if there was some way to autosave bookmarks but not for all files
18:50:21Mikachui have some language course files that are about 20-30 minutes each
18:50:33Mikachuany thoughts on that?
18:51:19*imphasing_ is away: classtime
18:51:24 Quit imphasing_ ("learning ho!")
18:51:27 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
18:51:30Paul_The_NerdIt could check to see if the genre is set as Audiobook, then autobookmark on stop?
18:52:53Mikachuthat sounds ilke it might work
18:53:55 Join actionshrimp [0] (
18:56:27Mikachu*nausea* i see why he talked about rewriting the wps code
19:00:14 Part webguest01
19:00:57 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:01:49 Quit fairway ()
19:02:44 Join webguest78 [0] (
19:03:17webguest78Slasheri, how does one use your new charge state information
19:03:33webguest78or rhater get it to display
19:05:02Slasheriwebguest78: just plug the charger in and the charge icon should start animate differently and display the current charge state
19:05:48webguest78is this with a standard status bar only ?
19:06:22Slasheriyep, not with the wps images yet
19:06:28Slasheribut you can see it in the file browser
19:06:55webguest78thanks for the info
19:07:38 Quit SereR0KR (Remote closed the connection)
19:07:58 Part webguest78
19:11:34 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:11:40 Quit Thus0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:11:51Mikachuheh, maybe i should still allow manual creation
19:12:18Mikachui'll save that for another day
19:12:58 Join SereR0KR [0] (
19:16:25 Join Lear [0] (
19:17:25Mikachuhm, where are bookmarks saved?
19:17:46 Quit SereR0KR (Client Quit)
19:18:31Mikachuheh, i'm looking right at the file...
19:20:18 Join SereR0KR [0] (
19:21:38 Join fantomas [0] (i=foobar@
19:21:57fantomasOn my iPod Nano ipodloader2 menu hangs when I start scrolling. Can anybody confirm or provide a way to fix this?
19:22:17Mikachuisn't that ipl territory?
19:22:51Paul_The_NerdYeah, that would be something to ask in the ipodlinux channel
19:23:24fantomasMikachu: it is. Just looking for help since some users here probably do use ipodloader2
19:23:43fantomasPaul_The_Nerd: I did.
19:25:45 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
19:27:53 Quit youngcereal ("... und tschüß")
19:31:21 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
19:34:12Mikachumaybe the opponent worms in wormlet could have another color?
19:34:30Mikachuand is anything supposed to happen after you die or do you have to restart the game?
19:36:52 Join mikearthur [0] (
19:38:25 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
19:42:22ohrnanyone around that
19:42:29ohrnknows anything about gas?
19:42:33Mikachuno wonder pacman is hard.. i get 27.5/20 fps
19:42:33ohrnError: operands mismatch −− statement `movem.l %d2-%d5/%a2-%a3,-(%sp)' ignored
19:42:58ohrnoperands mismatch my ass!
19:46:39 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
19:46:49 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
19:46:53Mikachuhrm, when i change the target fps from 20 to 30, i get 33
19:47:01Mikachubut it feels a bit more possible now at least
19:48:15Mikachu!!! i finished level 1 with 5 lives
19:51:51 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
19:53:28 Join mikearthur [0] (
19:53:55amiconnohrn: What are you trying to do?
19:54:37Mikachugetting 48 fps when trying at 60
19:55:02Papricaon the nano?
19:55:15Papricawhat you did?
19:55:22Mikachui changed FPS to 60 ;)
19:55:30Papricaand nothing at the code
19:55:45Papricai get 10 fps on my h300
19:56:40amiconnPaprica: Afaik there's some conversion implemented in asm for arm, but not for coldfire
19:56:56amiconnSmall wonder you get a lower framerate...
19:57:36 Join Therx [0] (
19:57:54Mikachuis gcc really that bad?
19:57:56 Part Therx
19:57:58 Quit DrumRBoy320 ()
19:58:09Mikachuor is linuxstb _really_ good at asm? :)
19:58:26amiconngcc is *sometimes* clever, but most often very silly
19:58:32amiconn...perhaps except for x86
19:59:09amiconnIn additition some asm sequences are impossible to write in C
20:00:09Mikachuif anyone wonders, -O3 gives about the same fps as -O2 (O2 is the default in the makefile) while -Os gives only 35 fps
20:01:33amiconnOn SH, -O2 and esp. -O3 produce larger code which is often slower than -O
20:01:53Mikachui'll try -O1 too
20:02:28 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
20:03:25MikachuO1 seems ever so slightly slower
20:04:34ohrnamiconn: just save some regs on the stack. but it surns out coldfire doesnt handle -(sp) and (sp)+ in movem
20:04:51amiconnNo, it doesn't
20:05:22ohrnsurns = turns
20:05:46amiconnYou need a sequence of movem.l [regs],(%sp) lea.l (-4*regcount,%sp),%sp
20:05:52 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:06:10Mikachulinuxstb: i get 48 fps in pacman when setting FPS to 60
20:06:19 Join Matze41 [0] (
20:06:28Mikachuon my nano
20:06:30amiconnFor 1 or 2 regs you could use subq.l, but in that case movem doesn't pay off anyway
20:06:36Mikachui don't remember if you have a nano
20:07:06linuxstbNo, I have a 5g and a 4g Color
20:07:13amiconnBah, of course the lea.l goes before the movem.l
20:07:23linuxstbBut that's impressive anyway.
20:07:27Mikachui got about 27.5 on 20 and 35 on 30
20:07:27ohrnhe, to bad my assembler optimized blit function for pacbox is an instant crash
20:08:10linuxstbohrn: What platform are you optimising? H300?
20:08:17_ironi_those ipods really get scrached easy
20:08:21XavierGrhmm amiconn, no I didn't read them. When did you make the comment?
20:08:29_ironi_i had mibe for a few hours and already i have a ugly spot on the front
20:08:48amiconnXavierGr: at 02:39
20:08:50ohrnI did some loop unrolling
20:10:50linuxstbohrn: You should also investigate how pacbox uses IRAM - it makes virtually no difference on the iPod, but I think it will on the irivers.
20:10:51ohrnso, where is the gdb.rock plugin? :*)
20:11:36amiconnThere's profiling support
20:11:48linuxstbMikachu: I was about to commit a change that fixes the Nano's framerate at 30fps - do you think it's worth trying for anything higher?
20:11:53ohrnbtw, I made a quick patch to enable the H300 remote joystick if theres interest
20:11:54amiconn(note that I didn't try to use it so far)
20:12:04Mikachulinuxstb: is it possible to try for between 30 and 60 with the current code?
20:12:11Mikachui guess 40 would be feasible
20:12:21Mikachuif you draw 2 out of 3 frames?
20:12:22safetydanpreglow, it's pretty rough and not adapted at all
20:12:44amiconnpreglow: arm-elf-gcc 4.0.3 builds on amd64
20:13:18 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
20:14:22linuxstbMikachu: Yes, just set FPS to 40, and change line 288 to be something like "if ((frame_counter % 3) != 0) {"
20:14:28linuxstb(line 288 in pacbox.c)
20:16:09linuxstbMikachu: But IMO, it's probably worth fixing it at 30fps, and using the spare CPU cycles to try to implement better-looking scaling.
20:16:16kclafi just crashed my ipod 5g with rockbox trying to open some text file
20:16:23kclafcannot reproduce the crash tho
20:16:26 Join mikearthur [0] (
20:16:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:17:10Mikachuit's holding pretty stable between 40.7 and 40.9
20:17:41Mikachuis it supposed to look really crazy while you start?
20:18:17linuxstbYes - that's the hardware initialising.
20:18:31Mikachulooks funny
20:18:31ohrnrockbox uses plain old C calling convention right?
20:19:15amiconnrockbox uses the calling convention of the abi
20:19:17linuxstbMikachu: Remove the "#ifdef SIMULATOR" from around the while loop starting at about line 317 in pacbox.c to enable the framerate control.
20:19:35ohrnand for the H300 target that would be C or pascal?
20:19:45*amiconn doesn't understand
20:20:04Mikachushould it be nearer 40 then?
20:20:24ohrnwell, since my asm routine is called from C, it neets to handle the stack in the proper way
20:20:26linuxstbohrn: There are plenty of Coldfire ASM routines already in Rockbox (look in the apps/codecs directories). You may want to look at those for examples.
20:20:43amiconnohrn: coldfire uses stack arguments only.
20:20:52linuxstbMikachu: If you set FPS to 40, then the displayed framerate should be almost exactly 40 if you enable the framerate control.
20:21:42Mikachuit worked
20:21:45lostlogicfound a datasheet for the USB power management chip in the ipod video... but it's in japanese.
20:22:01Mikachudon't you have a japanese translator?
20:22:40Mikachui mean the person who translates rockbox to japanese, not a device
20:23:05lostlogicbagh, it's not exactly the same, ltc4075 vs ltc4066
20:23:49 Nick Kilohurt is now known as Sighhhhhhh (
20:24:02BHSPitLappydoesn't jungtil something speak japanese?
20:24:08lostlogicand I found an english version
20:24:12BHSPitLappyI think he's korean, but knows japanese
20:24:19BHSPitLappylostlogic: never mind :)
20:24:56lostlogicgood to know though.
20:25:09 Nick Sighhhhhhh is now known as CrappyDay (
20:25:28amiconnlostlogic: first hit
20:26:03BHSPitLappyany other useful data available along those lines?
20:26:25Mikachuis 75 or 66 the wanted one?
20:27:16lostlogic66 is the desired
20:27:21lostlogic75 is the found
20:27:26Mikachuhere's a 69
20:27:38 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
20:27:59Mikachuamiconn: first hits on google vary from person to person sometimes
20:28:12linuxstblostlogic:,P12292&action=viewall - an email address to request the datasheet.
20:28:23lostlogiclinuxstb: yeah, I saw that
20:28:27linuxstbOr they suggest using the 4055 datasheet...
20:28:36linuxstb(I think.....)
20:29:42Mikachuhere's one for 4064
20:30:05 Quit XavierGr ("Trillian (")
20:30:53 Quit aegray (Success)
20:31:10lostlogic4064 is definitely not what we need, because it's not a USB/Wall
20:31:17lostlogic4075 is USB/Wall so it's close
20:31:21Mikachusorry, just going by number
20:31:33lostlogicand I'm just glancing over them ;)
20:32:41 Join aegray [0] (
20:34:12 Join petur [0] (i=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:34:29 Join |Beowulf| [0] (
20:36:06 Join devino [0] (n=inomyung@
20:36:10lostlogic4055 does look very similar, the application diagram is nearly the same
20:36:41devinois there anyone knows about TI's DSC25?
20:39:10 Join Ashex [0] (
20:39:37devino is there anyone knows about TI's DSC25?
20:40:18ohrnis there a Makefile option or something that makes it print the real commands executed insrad of the pretty MAKE, CC, LD etc?
20:40:51Learmake V=1
20:41:14*Ashex is curious as to how many people are aware of iPodWizard
20:41:18 Join darkless [0] (
20:42:07Mikachuis that one of the programs that change bitmaps and etc in the original firmware?
20:42:29Ashexyeah, bitmaps, strings, and fonts
20:42:50Mikachuwell, that's one so far then
20:43:14Ashexas far as I know it's the most conclusive firmware modifier I know of
20:43:41AshexI just wanted to see how many people knew of it
20:43:53Mikachui never used it
20:43:55linuxstbRockbox isn't about modifying firmware.
20:43:59AshexI know
20:44:07*Ashex read the wiki
20:44:47 Quit aegray (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:44:58AshexNot to leech, but if anyone feels like trying their hand at porting ipodwizard to linux, or even helping out, that'd be awesome
20:45:10linuxstbIs it open source?
20:45:20Mikachuwhat license?
20:45:49*linuxstb sees the official page at
20:46:00Mikachui found the official page at
20:46:14Mikachuah, the same
20:46:35Ashexyeah, we only have one developer, so progress has slowed down
20:46:53 Join aegray [0] (
20:47:09Ashexwe were lucky he came along, since the iPod Wizard (man who wrote the program) dissapeared shortly after releasing the source
20:47:34*Ashex cues the twilight zone music
20:48:11Mikachumaybe you could point all those people on the forum to rockbox
20:48:30AshexWe have a forum for rockbox with a link to
20:48:33 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:48:56Ashexthe site has sorta turned into a general ipod site focused on firmware hacking
20:49:24 Quit devino ()
20:49:26Ashexone of the members is working on deconstructing the firmware atm
20:49:34lostlogiciPods charge faster from the doc than from USB, right?
20:50:20Ashexnot really, I think it's about the same
20:50:32Ashexbut it's generally smarter to charge it from the ac adapter :p
20:50:41lostlogicAshex: what makes you say that?
20:50:43linuxstbI thought it charged faster with an AC adapter
20:50:50linuxstbBut I'm not 100% sure.
20:51:36Mikachulsusb says MaxPower is 500mA for that usb port
20:51:47Mikachunot sure how to see how much it's actually drawing
20:51:59lostlogiclinuxstb: me neither −− the 4055/4066 supports a wall adapter power mode, but I don't know if it's used −− the choice of 4066 instead of 4075 _seems_ to indicate that the preferred charging mode is USB and if it is support, AC adapter is a secondary charge mode
20:52:02Ashexsplice the cable?
20:52:15lostlogicMikachu: it probably draws the full 500mA
20:52:29AshexI believe it does
20:52:49Ashexyou can find the power specs for the iPod in the manual I think
20:53:03linuxstbThere's a manual? :)
20:53:12*linuxstb goes to look
20:53:44 Join devino [0] (n=inomyung@
20:54:05devinoi need help on ti dsc25's iMX
20:54:19AshexCheck iPod lounge, they had an article about a research company that examined the hardware of the iPod video
20:56:15lostlogiclooks like they supply all power through the ltc4066 −− no mention on apple's site of faster charging via AC.
20:56:19Mikachuthe features guide doesn't mention anything about it anyway
20:56:35Ashexthere's a link to a pdf in there
20:56:48Mikachuand the apple os only shows battery level as {less than 20%}, {about halfway} and {fully charged}
20:57:03Mikachuand while charging it only shows {charging} or {fully charged}
20:57:42Ashexthe meter isn't very accurate
20:57:52AshexIt's best to use the percentage hack
20:58:06Ashexer, the voltage hack
20:58:49lostlogicin rockbox, we read the voltage fine from the pcf50607 ADC
20:59:08lostlogicwhat I'm trying to discern is if we need to detect different power modes for AC powered vs. USB powered
20:59:12lostlogicbut I don't think we do
20:59:13lostlogicso far
20:59:32lostlogiceventually we'll also show charging vs. fully charged when connected.
20:59:34Ashexyeah, shouldn't be neccesary
20:59:56Ashexjust find out how much the ac adapter puts out
21:00:07Ashexthat should tell you how much the iPod uses while charging
21:00:40*Ashex rethinks that
21:01:00 Join Rondom [0] (
21:01:00lostlogicAshex: yah, someone who doesn't have a habit of breaking hardware should measure the DCin current from the aC adapter on the doclk
21:01:10Ashexactually, I doubt it works that way. AC adapter works with all the iPods
21:01:57Ashexdang, if I'd known about rockbox earlier, I wouldn't have sold my iPod
21:03:09lostlogic4066 can charge up to 1.5A (.25A> than 4055)
21:03:52amiconnHaha, iriver uses funny USB serial numbers
21:04:00amiconnMy H340 has 0x123456789AB
21:04:42AshexI was thinking of buying a new mp3 player, but I need a new mobo and cpu :/
21:04:44_FireFly_amiconn: nice
21:05:01amiconnSame thing with H140
21:05:58 Quit Matze41 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:06:21lostlogicthe ipod dock connector only has one +5V input. that settles that unless I'm missing something significant.
21:06:48_FireFly_amiconn h120 too :)
21:07:12amiconnArchos recorder has wwww.archos.comA
21:07:25_FireFly_as iSerial ??
21:07:31Ashexthe iPod reduces the voltage input, since the ac adapter works with all the iPods
21:07:40linuxstblostlogic: I thought it had a 12V firewire input?
21:07:41amiconnUSB serial 'number'
21:08:03_FireFly_ok then its the iSerial in the lsusb -v output ,)
21:08:22Ashexpost 4g don't support firewire
21:08:23lostlogiclinuxstb: it does have that, and a +3.3, but considering there is no firewire in the latest gen...
21:08:33amiconnI'm testing on Amiga. The USB stack displays such details
21:08:42linuxstbI'm sure I read that the 5g and Nano still support firewire charging.
21:08:44Ashexthey removed the firewire chipset since it was bulky
21:08:53_FireFly_amiconn: lsusb under linux too
21:09:09XavierGramiconn: the second remark is true this will be added later, hopefully.
21:09:28amiconnOndio has no serial, and doesn't even mention archos
21:09:29lostlogiclinuxstb: hmm... what are the power characteristics of firewire?
21:09:32XavierGrThe first one is really weird though as hard as I could I couldn't get this sort of action.
21:09:43amiconnIt identifies as an Alcor Micro Mass Storage Device
21:09:57XavierGrdid it do that with a specific jpeg?
21:10:05amiconnXavierGr: I have to add that I have the voice UI enabled
21:10:39amiconn...but voice doesn't use the audiobuffer, so it *should* not affect jpeg viewing
21:10:52XavierGrdo you want me to look into the zoom thing?
21:10:55amiconnPerhaps the playback status detection is buggy when voice is enabled?
21:11:05XavierGrbut why?
21:11:21XavierGrit just checks is there is playback behind
21:12:41 Quit ender` (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:13:22amiconnXavierGr: I mean the core code which the jpeg plugin calls to check playback state
21:13:37XavierGrah then I can't really help on that.
21:13:54amiconnHmm, it checks rb->pcm_is_playing()
21:14:05XavierGris that wrong?
21:14:09amiconnThat seems wrong, pcm is certainly playing for voice
21:14:14AshexWell, I'm out, class starts in 7 minutes
21:14:34XavierGrwhat it should be?
21:14:37AshexDrop by ipodwizard and grab the source if you can. Perhaps we can help eachother out
21:15:00 Quit Ashex ("")
21:16:10 Join herz42_ [0] (
21:16:42 Quit `3nergy (Connection reset by peer)
21:18:04 Join `3nergy [0] (
21:19:52amiconnXavierGr: I'm not sure. Perhaps it should check audio_status() ?
21:20:19 Join mikearthur [0] (
21:20:21XavierGrmaybe, that is an option too. But I borowed that part from other plugins.
21:20:24amiconnHowever, audio_status() doesn't reflect recording on swcodec targets (pcm_is_playing() also doesnt do that btw!)
21:20:54 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
21:20:58amiconn*currently* it's impossible to run a plugin when recording, but that might change
21:21:00XavierGrcan it record and open a plugin?
21:21:27XavierGrso you think it is better to check via audio_status?
21:21:44amiconnThat should work on all targets, btw
21:21:51XavierGrwhat about rb->mp3_playing on archos?
21:22:04XavierGrah so we will escape one ifdef then
21:22:05amiconn(not that it's necessary on archos because the plugin ram is so small)
21:22:11XavierGrah yes
21:22:13XavierGrsilly me
21:22:30XavierGrremember the times I was thinking it could load pics while playing
21:22:56XavierGrcan you change it then?
21:23:09amiconnso if (rb->pcm_is_playing()) would become if (rb->audio_status() != 0)
21:23:40amiconnNeeds to be tested of course
21:24:05XavierGrI will look the zoom thing, and see possible ways to implement it.
21:24:39XavierGrIt should ask if the user wants to zoom while playing. (the same as viewing while playing)
21:27:33XavierGramiconn: can you confirm my dircache problems on the late cvs builds? I can't get it to work on my H100. Also the quick menu seems to be different aligned than before.
21:27:59amiconnThe quick screens were changed by midkay_
21:28:06XavierGrwhy so?
21:28:10amiconnI have no idea about dircache as I don't use it
21:28:14XavierGrit was better last time?
21:29:10amiconn12 Mar 23:45Zakkapps/gui/quickscreen.c 1.9 Redesigned F2/F3 quick screens to put each option and its value on its own, scrolling line - fixes the problems with long strings the old design had.
21:29:21amiconnI didn't check it out yet
21:29:33XavierGrit is strangely looking IMHO.
21:29:34devino i need help about TI dsc25's iMX
21:29:38ohrnthe new screen looks terribly booring
21:29:43ohrnI liked the old one better
21:30:33 Join Febs [0] (
21:31:16amiconnI'll check it out soon. He said we could revert this change if it's deemed unwanted by a number of devs
21:31:35 Quit Febs (Client Quit)
21:31:40amiconnI know what he was trying to solve
21:32:05 Join Febs [0] (
21:34:18XavierGrthe quick screen had a meaning when the captions were placed to the corresponded corner of the screen.
21:34:36XavierGrNow it is like reading text. All shortcuts are placed one after another.
21:38:56lostlogicamiconn: did you try out dice on the player now that it doesn't suck?
21:39:44safetydandevino, it would seem that after the third time asking with no one responding that no one knows much about the DSC25
21:40:03safetydanFrom what I hear, TI is pretty tight-fisted with the documentation
21:40:05amiconnlostlogic: starting around 23:39
21:41:00 Quit aegray (Success)
21:41:14 Join aegray [0] (
21:42:49 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
21:46:17*petur swears at colinux
21:46:26devinothank you for reply :)
21:47:26amiconnXavierGr: s/?/./ probably won't do what you want, should be s/\?/\./ ;)
21:47:30lostlogicamiconn: danke, I know the help is fairly useless ATM, I'll try to make it smarter.
21:47:32 Join imphasing [0] (
21:49:17Mikachuyou don't need to escape stuff in the RHS of sed commands
21:49:25Mikachuwell, not quite as many anyway
21:50:53amiconnlostlogic: Some button hints for player: Stop is exit by convention; some plugins don't use that and it's confusing
21:51:51amiconnI'd suggest either -/+ to select the value (like it already is) and On/Menu to increase/decrease
21:52:24amiconn..or perhaps better, use On to cycle through values (no back/forth as there are only 2 anyway) and +/- to increase/decrease
21:53:01amiconnPlay for throwing the dice
21:53:25lostlogicamiconn: yah, I was planning on modifying the plugin to wrap for both the values and the selection so that I can simplify the buttons for devices with fewer controls than the H3x0
21:56:08imphasingWhat player was rockbox originally intended for?
21:56:13amiconnlostlogic: There are font problems in dice.rock
21:56:37amiconnI just tried it on H340; with my current font I could only see the 2 setup lines
21:57:00amiconnAlso, the −−- cursor position doesn't match the values above
21:57:06amiconn(with a prop font)
21:57:52lostlogicamiconn: yeah, I noticed the proportional problem −− and it is per-device configured to how many lines to use, so it doesn't adapt for font size at all.
21:58:05Mikachucan't you just set the sys font?
21:58:29amiconnlostlogic: Oh, that's bad
21:59:09lostlogicamiconn: haha, yes, it's a very simple plugin... doing smart font related things was not on my m ind when I created it.
21:59:32amiconndice graphics would be cool
21:59:41amiconn..on all targets
22:00:40XavierGrthat would be awesome
22:00:46Mikachuspeaking of dice graphics, does anyone else think the clock plugin is *slightly* overkill right now?
22:00:58Mikachui mean, sliding logo screen and custom menu?
22:01:49amiconnMikachu: It's been like this on archos for ages. midkay_ wanted it that way, and in a plugin there's no reason to save on code size as long as it doesn't get too big for plugin ram
22:02:01amiconnIt's not fully adapted to the new targets...
22:02:06Mikachuwell, the splash screen still annoys me a bit :)
22:02:13Mikachusince it could just show the clock right away
22:02:30amiconnNag midkay_ to make it optional...
22:02:42DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
22:02:42XavierGr XavierGr: forget about the dircache thing. It was a huge folder I had there that made the error
22:02:50XavierGr all is fine now that I removed that big folder.
22:03:04XavierGrthat was meant for Slasheri
22:03:24 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
22:04:09 Quit solexx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:04:14 Join solexx [0] (
22:06:48 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
22:11:36 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
22:11:56tucozlinuxstb, are you here?
22:14:48herz42_lostlogic: looking at the ipod charger chip?
22:15:50herz42_Inspired from the discussion, I'm doing some current measurements
22:16:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:18:25herz42_some interesting results: with rockbox running, the ipod draws only 100mA from my powered USB hub, while it consumes 380mA when the built in rom-usb-apple-fw is running :(
22:19:25herz42_so it seems that the charger needs usb handling (for knowing how much power it may draw etc.) otherwise it sticks to the standards
22:20:11herz42_with my external car adapter, it draws 140mA what is something like 340mA recalculated for 5V
22:22:41herz42_btw: on the car charger, the current varies depending on lcd/hdd activity. So it seems that the battery is not used when connected to 12V
22:24:02herz42_25mA are drawn with ipod just idling, 28mA with 0dB audio playback, and the lcd makes a 35mA difference (all 12V)
22:25:39lostlogicherz42_: are these later values for rockbox or retailos?
22:25:55herz42_for rockbox
22:26:27lostlogiccan you measure the pins on the car adapter's ipod connector to figure out which ones are powered?
22:27:10lostlogiccheck the 12v and 5v and 3.3v plz
22:27:20herz42_I once tore one apart, there it were the (former) firewire pins. I'm not sure, but it should be the same in my current cable...
22:28:10lostlogicok, that makes sense then
22:28:30lostlogicso contrary to my previous statement, it does use the wall adapter feature of the lct4066 most likely
22:28:45lostlogicand we may be able to set it to high power USB mode in firmware
22:29:32herz42_I thought some times that it didn't even charge in rockbox when connected to usb. Now I'm sure :)
22:30:03herz42_I didn't look at the datasheet yet. Is the information in there?
22:30:23herz42_(to switch to high power mode)
22:30:50lostlogicherz42_: the 4055 shows a pin that can be used to control how much power is drawn from USB
22:31:04lostlogicherz42_: I'd lay odds there's a similar pin on the 4066
22:31:22herz42_1 buck for the one who find out which one :)
22:32:19lostlogicmore importantly how to control that pin from rockbox ;)
22:32:32lostlogicand while where at it
22:32:44lostlogichow to read the charge status pin of the lct4066
22:33:07herz42_yeah, I thought of the ipod gpio pin ;)
22:33:58herz42_or can it be switched with high level usb cotrolling also?
22:34:24 Part devino
22:35:38herz42_does retailos have to use that pin also, or is there another way to get more current?
22:35:57 Join Ashex [0] (
22:37:08 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
22:38:52tucozlinuxstb, nevermind. I just wanted to ask if you would like to add Pacbox to the manual yourself, but I just commited a LaTeX version of the wiki. :-)
22:40:48 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:41:31linuxstb_tucoz: Yes?
22:41:43tucoznevermind. I just wanted to ask if you would like to add Pacbox to the manual yourself, but I just commited a LaTeX version of the wiki. :-)
22:41:54linuxstb_OK :)
22:42:19linuxstb_I'll try and remember to keep it updated when I change pacbox (I've got a few things planned).
22:43:01tucozBut, one of these days I think we need to introduce a macro for the keys. So that Select is always called Select etc.
22:43:21 Join Mmmm [0] (
22:43:35linuxstb_tucoz: Yes, you should use the same names as button.h
22:44:16tucozOk. I am not that used to macros though. I'll look into those later on (if noone else does it for me )
22:46:00MmmmPetur you there?
22:48:11Mmmmhave you looked at the patch or have you decided not to go there? :)
22:48:34XavierGrwhat patch?
22:48:45peturno time yet
22:48:55linuxstb_lostlogic: You should check bit 0 on GPIOB - it's possible that this is the charging status on the 5g, but it is currently used to detect a USB connection.
22:49:06MmmmXavier:remote peakmeter/recordingscreen support
22:49:22 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
22:49:28MmmmPetur: you think you may look at some point?
22:50:14peturMmmm: I'd rather have somebody with a remote test and commit it. You want me to look at it for my opinion?
22:50:38XavierGrdes kai ayto meta to vrika tora
22:50:43XavierGrperimeno na katevei
22:50:59XavierGralla to proigoumeno pou sou edosa einai to kalitero
22:51:12MmmmPetur:It's difficult to find devs with an interest in the recording screen and it's impossible to find one with a remote! :D
22:51:12XavierGrsorry about that
22:51:23linuxstb_tucoz: Is there a manual target for the ipodvideo?
22:51:32 Join Daishi [0] (
22:51:36tucozlinuxstb, no, not ye
22:51:54MmmmPetur: but yeah, if you've got the time it'd be great if you could look at it! :)
22:52:25CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:52:25*petur minimizes ida pro and goes looking...
22:52:44peturin the tracker already or just the forum?
22:52:57lostlogiclinuxstb_: hmm... that bit most likely at least flickers when charge is complete, because I know my ipod flips to disk mode as charge completes while playing in rockbox.
22:53:04Mmmmits on the tracker
22:53:38lostlogicherz42_: hard to say, retailos probably also uses this pin to determine how much power to draw from USB.
22:54:17 Join bluey [0] (
22:54:29 Join JdGordon [0] (
22:54:29 Quit Ashex ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:55:04herz42_lostlogic: then there's a chance to get it before we have full usb support - promising
22:57:36herz42_I'm just looking at the 4075. there the current selection is done with a resistor. So maybe someone finds it on the pcb :)
22:59:59lostlogicherz42_: 4055 is much more like 4066
23:00:17lostlogicthr 4066 and 4055 both use a bypass style AC adapter power system where hte 4075 uses a passthrough style
23:01:30herz42_ohh, I didn't see a second source input. So it is done with an additional external voltage regulator?
23:01:49lostlogicherz42_: yeah
23:02:38lostlogicherz42_: just a simple voltage regulator to go from the 12v input to 5V player power most likely
23:02:56herz42_ah yes, just found the application with external dc/dc converter
23:04:54herz42_and the LM34910 is in the ipod bom...
23:05:20 Join Strath [0] (
23:06:38blueyhow can i patch rockbox exactly for Albumart support?
23:10:18peturMmmm: that's quite a bit of code you changed... and most of them I don't know well (all that gui stuff)
23:11:01Mmmmheh heh...I know..took me a while to get to grips with it but it brings the recording screen into line with the rest of the rockbox code!
23:15:30herz42_ok, now as my ipod is fully charged again, the numbers from retailos that are to be beaten:
23:15:50peturMmmm: I don't feel comfortable to commit now at all... too much unknown stuff... maybe if I look at it as bit longer
23:16:06herz42_12mA are drawn with ipod just idling, 15mA with 0dB audio playback, and the lcd makes a 33mA difference (all 12V)
23:16:31MmmmPetur: It does look nicer the longer you look at it it must be said! :D
23:17:35MmmmTis powerful stuff that gui code once you get the hang of it! I like it! :)
23:17:37linuxstb_herz42_: When you talk about the lcd, what do you mean? The backlight?
23:17:55herz42_and it can clearly be seen that some kind of frequency (maybe even voltage) scaling is done. when the device is active, power raises up to 35mA and slowly (in 2s or so) drops down to 12mA again
23:19:22herz42_linuxstb: yes, backlight
23:20:31 Join Aditya [0] (
23:21:09 Quit Siku ()
23:23:30 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:23:40 Join midk [0] (n=midkay@
23:25:10peturheh the h300 sim doesn't have the recording screen?
23:25:56amiconnRecording isn't simulated, for any target
23:26:07 Join miner49er [0] (
23:26:55Mmmmits a plug-unlpug nightmare!
23:26:58sharpei'm back!
23:27:12herz42_btw: it's hard to tell exactly, but the hdd seems to consume an average 110mA when actively transfering data (12v/rockbox fw)
23:27:14miner49erI know this isn't the right place to ask, but i've just started re-building the kernel (2.6.15.sumthing) and owndered how long (on a AMX2000+) it should take to build - i.e. should I just go to sleep?
23:28:06miner49eroh, and on a rockbox subject - has anyone else noticed the boot up time has increased? (Archos JBR)
23:28:08Bagderminer49er: its pretty fast on modern machines
23:28:20miner49erBadger: What half an hour?
23:28:40miner49erI meant: What, like half an hour?
23:28:51BagderI'd guess less than so
23:29:02miner49erOh right, cool :-)
23:29:29miner49erThe last time I did it (8 years ago) it seemed to take forever...
23:30:02tucoz8 years ago, the computers were less powerfull than the Gigabeat ;-)
23:30:07*amiconn realises rebuilding sh-elf-gcc on cygwin was a baad idea
23:30:19amiconnTakes forever...
23:30:26 Join hydrahead [0] (
23:30:44miner49erSo, has anyone else noticed rockbox boot up time increased?
23:31:09miner49erit takes ages now for me? It could also be since I re-formted my drive (thru linux)
23:31:38BHSPitMonkeycomes up in less than a second for me
23:31:41amiconnIt's about half a second longer (on non-flashed boxes) since december
23:31:41BHSPitMonkeyon my iPods video and nano
23:31:51amiconn...because of the self-extracting loader
23:32:04hydraheadi just notice that it gives the 4g a high temperature :)
23:32:21amiconnBHSPitLappy: archos recv1...
23:32:31miner49erMMm, must be my box then 'cos it's a few seconds...
23:32:47miner49erit was more or less instant before
23:32:57amiconnWell, maybe
23:33:00miner49erMy battery is dying as well I think.
23:33:09amiconnIt seems my jbr has the battery contact problem
23:33:09miner49erdoesn't last very long at all
23:33:34hydraheadthats because no one is able to make the cpu throttle without some unstable patch
23:33:41amiconnSuffering from spurious OFF events, and disk spinup sometimes sounds strange
23:34:43miner49eramiconn: I had one that did that...I tried to take it apart and destroyed it in the process! gave the LCD someone though
23:35:25miner49erI've been reluctant to dismantle this one (it's been going for a couple of years now)
23:35:55 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
23:38:15 Nick CrappyDay is now known as PseudoMormon (
23:39:39*petur powers down for the night
23:39:39hydraheadHas there been any progress to prolongin battery life on iPod? Since apple os is freezing up on me from time to time I'm now using Rockbox and the player starts getting really warm after 10min
23:39:44 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
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23:55:15 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
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