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#rockbox log for 2006-03-17

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00:08:11Mikachuwow, this starbox is pretty cool,
00:08:31Mikachuit's been a while since i did origame... took me like 15 minutes
00:09:15preglowunasmking the timer2 interrupt just causes everything to hang
00:09:20preglowso it's clear i'm not acking the correct interrupt
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00:10:14*webguest91 lightly curses vim
00:13:25preglowKE KE KE KE
00:13:28Mikachuwhat did it do now?
00:13:30webguest91Having \n mean null isn't what I'd have expected.
00:13:33preglowsystem.c is becmoing a bloody mess thanks to the ipods
00:13:40preglowi added the interrupt handler in the wrong section
00:13:47Mikachuum, it doesn't mean null
00:14:45webguest91Mikachu: in vim substitutions it does
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00:14:57*petur feels he's not ready yet to analyze disassembly :(
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00:15:01DrumRBoy320hello everybody
00:15:03Mikachuit doesn't...
00:15:04preglowpetur: what'cha looking for?
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00:15:06linuxstbAnyone have any suggestions about how often I should call rb->yield() from pacbox. Currently it's never called...
00:15:12preglowlinuxstb: nice
00:15:25preglowlinuxstb: it's a pretty empirical thing, just try it
00:15:32DrumRBoy320does RB for teh 5g iPod 60g support the full 64Mb ram yet?
00:15:33peturpreglow: what iriver's doing with regards to usbotg
00:15:37preglowprobably a couple of times a frame
00:15:45preglowDrumRBoy320: no
00:15:58DrumRBoy320thats abummer
00:16:00Mikachudoes it need to be that much if audio isn't playing at the time?
00:16:02peturlike what is this: move.l #-0x20000001, d0
00:17:03kclafI know you guys cant really give ETAs on things or features but is it hard work to get EQ working on Ipod5G along with smooth mp3 playback ?
00:17:38preglowkclaf: doesn't eq and mp3 play together?
00:17:42webguest91Mikachu: :help sub-replace-special tells me "\n insert a <NL> (<NUL> in the file)"
00:17:42preglowkclaf: it does on nano
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00:18:01Paul_The_Nerdkclaf: What bitrate are your MP3s?
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00:18:09kclafor VBR
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00:18:22Mikachuwebguest91: oh you mean on the righthand side
00:18:23preglowpetur: move.l #efffffff, d0?
00:18:33Mikachuwebguest91: just press ctrl-v enter i think
00:18:42Paul_The_Nerdkclaf: Basically, the real problem is just that the mp3 codec needs to be optimized more for arm.
00:18:42peturhmmm is it that simple...
00:18:45preglowpetur: kclaf do you mean just when you are adjusting the eq?
00:18:51kclafpreglow : it plays together, but mp3 is not smooth at all
00:18:59webguest91Mikachu: Ah, yes.. multiline matching is a thing of the devil.. and yes, ctrl-v enter indeed.
00:18:59kclafno preglow
00:19:04preglowpetur: i don't know, that's just from what i'm remembering about two's complement
00:19:04kclafall the time
00:19:07preglowkclaf: really?
00:19:12preglowthat's bad
00:19:27kclafyea, sound cuts like every 10 seconds
00:19:28Mikachuwebguest91: i can agree that is a bit weird
00:19:34preglowpetur: god knows why objdump choses to format a constant like that
00:19:34Mikachui would put \0 as null if anything
00:20:07preglowkclaf: well, no promises, but i'm going to work on optimising mp3 on ipod in a little while
00:20:15webguest91Mikachu: That's match though
00:20:21webguest91That is, backreference
00:20:25Mikachuah yeah
00:20:29kclafi should perhaps try to use a less complicated theme, could that help ?
00:20:36kclafim currently using brushed metal
00:20:38Mikachuregexes always make my head hurt
00:20:43Paul_The_Nerdkclaf: A simple theme, and not having a backdrop image, would both help.
00:20:45Mikachukclaf: try going out to the menu
00:20:55kclafok, second
00:21:04Mikachu(i'm assuming the wps isn't drawn underneath the menu)
00:24:25kclafok, playing from the menu makes it smooth
00:25:07kclafi guess i have to use some other theme until mp3 decoding is optimized
00:28:14preglowgraphics is too bloody heavy on colour targets yet
00:28:18preglowseriously needs to be fixed
00:29:18peturright, this usbotg will have to wait another week (holiday)
00:29:41petursee y'all in a week
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00:30:01preglowand i have a fading backlight!
00:31:18herz42on ipod 5g?
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00:31:46preglowthat is, nano
00:31:49preglowbut 5g as well, probably
00:31:58herz42I'm sure :)
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00:32:30preglowit'll need quite a bit of restructuring before i can commit it
00:32:50preglowthe code was heavily h1x0 centric and duplicated code everywhere
00:33:23herz42so the ipods have a variable backlight, or is it done with pwm?
00:33:52preglowit looks like 4g has some other way of doing it
00:34:05preglowbut the good news for me is that timer 2 works
00:34:11preglowand that ipod now has a timer.c module
00:35:20preglowso i'll just commit that part of it now and deal with the backlight later
00:35:49herz42hmm, atm nothing that desperatly needs atimer comes to my mind, but as time goes by...
00:36:37amiconngrayscale lib on 4g grayscale and lower...
00:37:04Doomed9hey, is the iriver 120 port still being worked on?
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00:37:34linuxstbYes - no port is ever finished.
00:37:41herz42preglow: I did some testing regarding the gpio on ipod 5g. The 8 in 0x6000d824 you have mentioned is insignificant. So using 0x6000d024 has the same effect (at least for me).
00:38:00preglowherz42: not for me
00:38:17preglowherz42: that is, it depends
00:38:37preglowall the 6000d824 writing i've seen uses 0x100 anded in with the value to be written
00:38:45preglowif i remove that, then it doesn't work
00:38:55preglowhowever, for 6000d024 it doesn't matter
00:39:20preglowso there is some difference
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00:39:56preglowbacklight fading isn't as smooth as on h120
00:40:04preglowprobably due to the lower clock, then
00:40:15preglowhmm, no, that shouldn't be so
00:40:21preglowthe switch interval is way higher
00:40:35Doomed9hm...i wonder if it will ever play music when u play a rom
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00:42:06preglowwhen we start using two cores, it should play music whatever you do
00:42:22Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Yeah, but I think Doomed9 was referring to the iRiver h1x0 port.
00:43:47Paul_The_NerdIn which case, it all depends on how well someone manages to optimize Rockboy and the codecs, I suppose. I really don't know how possible/impossible it is.
00:44:42preglowit's very possible
00:44:46preglowbut a boatload of work
00:45:00Paul_The_NerdI mean, it'd also depend on the bitrate of your music, etc.
00:45:02linuxstbDon't forget the audio buffer - Rockboy steals it AFAIK.
00:45:11webguest91So, rockboy is not very effecient?
00:45:17preglowhell no
00:45:26Paul_The_Nerdrockboy and efficient probably shouldn't even be in the same sentence.
00:45:44preglowPaul_The_Nerd: wanna test some sweet sweet backlight fading? it'll b0rk your settings
00:45:56Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I am *always* up for b0rked settings
00:46:03*JdGordon 2
00:46:33Doomed9is there a clock in rockbox?
00:46:41preglowDoomed9: depends on your player
00:46:44preglowDoomed9: h1x0 has no clock
00:46:53preglowh3x0 and ipods do
00:46:56preglowplus some archoses
00:47:08JdGordonbooo!. do a h300 version
00:47:20preglowof clock??
00:47:31JdGordonof backlight fading
00:47:39preglowamiconn tells me it's not possible
00:47:44preglowbacklight is controlled indirectly
00:47:49*Paul_The_Nerd wonders why he just found a rockbox.iriver on his ipod
00:47:59preglowPaul_The_Nerd: i think it's coming out of the closet
00:48:06Mikachupreglow: i guess you already have a nano to test on
00:48:06JdGordonrename it to .ipod and see what happens :p
00:48:16preglowMikachu: yeah
00:48:22Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Oooh... nice. It fades nice and smooth and everything.
00:48:28preglowwhat i put up is a nano binary so...
00:48:37preglowPaul_The_Nerd: gr8
00:48:55preglownot h120 smooth, but it works as long as you don't use 10s or anything
00:48:59nudelhas anyone thought of allowing escape characters in filenames, so you could keep the free-form structure that files give you, but use all available characeters (like \ and / and ? and .) in names?
00:48:59preglowtry that, and you'll see it flicker
00:49:26amiconn10sec isn't completely smooth on h1x0 either
00:49:27Mikachunudel: fat doesn't allow ?
00:49:37preglowamiconn: not completely, but this is a tad bit worse
00:49:46nudelbut you could have like [xx] where xx is the hex code and it woudl turn it into ?
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00:49:59*amiconn says goodnight
00:50:02Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Hey, while you're doing backlight stuff, any idea why "Off" has the same result as "On?"
00:50:05nudelnn amiconn
00:50:11preglowPaul_The_Nerd: wha?
00:50:14Doomed9hm...would it be easy to make a clock plugin?
00:50:21Mikachunudel: you mean the filename would be the actual string [2f] and rb would interpret it as /?
00:50:23Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Setting backlight to "Off" leaves it permanently on.
00:50:30preglowPaul_The_Nerd: does it now
00:50:33preglowPaul_The_Nerd: did it always do that?
00:50:34nudelyeah Mikachu
00:50:38MikachuDoomed9: why not use the clock plugin?
00:50:43Mikachunudel: ah, that might be possible...
00:50:46Doomed9lol im new
00:50:50Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I looked at it a little bit, found myself confused. I managed to make it so "Off" turns it permanently on, and "On" permanently off, but couldn't reverse it.
00:50:59Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: AFAIK, it's always done it on iPod
00:51:07preglowPaul_The_Nerd: right, then i'll see if i can discover why
00:51:23preglowbut not now
00:51:57Paul_The_NerdFair enough
00:52:01Paul_The_NerdI set mine at 2 seconds anyway
00:52:48amiconnpreglow: Just one more thought: If 10 sec isn't smooth, then probably something else fiddles with th eport during the fade
00:53:17Mikachupreglow: can i have a diff?
00:53:24preglowMikachu: the diff is really, really ugly
00:53:24amiconnWe had that way back on H1x0, where the fade started flickering like mad when something was drawn on the remot elcd
00:53:30preglowamiconn: and contains other stuff
00:53:39preglowamiconn: it's irregular in a really consistent way
00:54:03Mikachuokay, i'll just wait then, i've fiddled with too many things for a binary to work with my plugins probably :)
00:54:05amiconnThat lead me to implement the atomic port bit manipulation
00:54:07preglowamiconn: and why should the other port pins interfere with the backlight one?
00:54:29amiconnpreglow: Perhaps some place doesn't use the masked write address?
00:54:47preglowamiconn: perhaps, but in this case i think everything is right
00:54:53amiconnYou said this special '8' in the port address doesn't matter - perhaps it does?
00:55:06preglowamiconn: have christi try it out on hers at devcon and have a look for yourself :)
00:55:15preglowamiconn: i've kept it
00:55:36amiconnYes, *you* have. Is there other code that accesses the same port?
00:55:46preglowahh, yeah
00:55:50preglowbut i don't think there are any writes
00:56:27preglowi'll see, the backlight handling needs a lot of fixing before i'll commit it anyway
00:57:08preglowamiconn: and besides, it's only noticable in the very darkest levels
00:57:24preglowamiconn: looks more like pwm steps than port garbage to me
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01:06:30Doomed9hm...theres no wma support in H120?
01:07:03JdGordontheres no wma support at all
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01:07:52ashridahthere's been some work done on it
01:07:59ashridahbut it's not anything approaching complete
01:08:56JdGordonwtf??? ive got this line in a lyrics file for the track im listening to... "−− Solo duet −−" WTF??
01:09:40Doomed9hm...i guess its hard to take a wma codec and convert it to w/e rockbox uses
01:10:08ashridahDoomed9: well, there is an opensource one in ffmpeg, but the problem is that it's a floating point implementation
01:10:33ashridahand since the embedded players tend to not have FPU's, anything using floating point math will be far far too slow
01:11:00JdGordondo any of the targets have a fpu?
01:11:07Doomed9if that happend, i wouldnt boot into the iriver firmware
01:11:09ashridahlike i say, there's been some work on it, on and off, but it's going to require rewriting it to use fixed-point math, which is a fairly extreme undertaking
01:11:32ashridahit will probably get done eventually
01:11:38preglowbah, tab alert
01:12:07ashridahpreglow: did you or linuxstb ever get much done with the partial work that you picked up?
01:12:11Doomed9i like all of these games
01:12:36preglowashridah: someone on the forums have started a newer effort
01:12:45*ashridah tends to just transcode wma to flac in the few rare instances that he runs into it
01:12:52linuxstbashridah: I spent an hour or so trying to understand the ASF format, but couldn't.
01:12:54ashridahpreglow: ah, interesting. i haven't been reading those in a while
01:13:05Doomed9ashridah wht do u use mp3?
01:13:06 Join bepe86 [0] (
01:13:46preglowlinuxstb: you think i should commit cpu boost support for 5g ipods?
01:13:56ashridahDoomed9: ogg mostly, some mp3, since there's no value in transcoding it, and i haven't got originals for some of them (got robbed 5 or so years back)
01:14:25linuxstbpreglow: I don't like to see the 4g fall behind, but yes, I think it's worth committing it.
01:14:37Doomed9ogg the same size as wma ??
01:14:55ashridahi have no idea, they're both lossy codecs
01:15:00preglowlinuxstb: k, i'll be glad to have it off my tree
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01:15:22ashridahbut i almost never use wma, so i have no idea what its quality/rate scale is
01:15:29preglowit's crap
01:15:42preglowand it's smelly
01:16:01ashridahpreglow: you see, that's what i kinda assumed, plus it'd be a crime against nature if i started ripping to wma on a linux system :_)
01:16:02ashridah:) even
01:16:09linuxstbMy only wma file is actually quite listenable - it's a 48KHz 128kbps webcast.
01:16:29linuxstbBut every other wma file I've heard just gives me a headache...
01:16:41preglowmy only wma is a 64kbps file
01:16:46preglowand by god, it shows
01:16:54Doomed9ogg or mp3?
01:18:09ashridahogg's got a few minor advantages over mp3. firstly, it's got variable frame sizes, so you don't need a dodgy hack to get gapless playback (although said hacks often work pretty well for mp3, and LAME can insert extra info that helps too)
01:18:19ashridahs slightly better in the quality/bitrate department
01:18:33ashridahbut not so much so that it's worth reencoding all your mp3s
01:18:38Doomed9anyway to convert my wma to ogg....without losing anything
01:18:42ashridah(and of course, transcoding would be twice the loss)
01:18:46 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:18:50linuxstbDoomed9: You can't...
01:18:58ashridahDoomed9: would be impossible, they're both lossy, use the original, lossless, source
01:19:06ashridahor wait for a working codec
01:19:24Doomed9i dont have a source for most of mine
01:19:35*Mikachu fiddles with absolute wheel for pacbox
01:19:44markunis wma-pro a different codec or just a different encoder?
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01:21:52Doomed9o well
01:21:53 Join mikearthur [0] (
01:22:05markunpreglow, linuxstb: I'm trying to figure out the port pin assignments from the disassembled drivers. Found out how the background controller, the touch pad and the LCD CS are connected.
01:23:03markunThe touch pad is read as a 13 bit value, with each bit representing one of the 13 touch sensors.
01:24:07preglowpretty lowres compared to the clickwheel
01:25:00markunhow does the clickwheel work?
01:25:08 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:25:22 Join TCK [0] (
01:25:28preglowyou just get a number from 0 to 95
01:25:33 Join sersport [0] (
01:25:36preglowdescribes position
01:26:13Mikachulinuxstb: it's really playable with that i think
01:26:20sersportI live in Russia
01:26:41Mikachui hear lots of people do
01:26:50sersportwhere are you from?
01:26:55markunok. Well, at least we can have UP and LEFT at the same time (nice for rockboy)
01:27:07 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
01:27:07preglowwe're from lots of places
01:28:03Mikachuthere's a small town in sweden called enskede :)
01:28:48sersportI love ''The Europe''
01:29:00bepe86hey, I'm just wondering if it's possible to build the h1xx manual using cygwin, I'm having a few problems with it... :S
01:29:28markunsersport: 'the' doesn't exist in russian, right?
01:30:29markunbepe86: the manual will be available for download on the rockbox website soon.
01:30:37bepe86"−−-! /var/lib/texmf/web2c/pdflatex.fmt was written by pdfetex (Fatal format file error; I'm stymied)"
01:30:47bepe86okey, thanks
01:31:23bepe86I got it to build at first, but got like 100 warnings about missing fonts, and the pdf file itself was blank except for images
01:32:09sersportlife in Sweden is good
01:32:14preglowi bet
01:32:25bepe86in Norway too ;)
01:32:28 Join tvelocity [0] (
01:32:36preglowyes, i'm not exactly suffering
01:32:48bepe86too bad you get booze and snus cheaper than us :S
01:32:59preglowwoo, another norwegian
01:33:08preglowsnus sucks anyway
01:33:47sersportI try to learn Norwegian language
01:34:02bepe86ah, cool, good luck :)
01:34:31Mikachulinuxstb: i finished 2 levels with the 5 pacmen setting, that's a first
01:34:53sersportmange takk
01:35:05preglowbare hyggelig
01:35:32bepe86or as we write in nynorsk, berre hyggeleg ;)
01:35:58Mikachusersport: varfr inte svenska? :)
01:36:15preglowMikachu: wha, you're swedish???
01:36:27preglowi thought you were american for some reason
01:36:29preglowgod knows
01:36:36Mikachumaybe i was being too annoying
01:36:48preglowor maybe i was acting the fool
01:37:06bepe86man, it's this late already :S better go to bed then, see you guys later
01:37:10preglowi have been known to do that
01:37:13preglowbepe86: see ya
01:37:17Mikachupreglow: for the first couple of days i read your nick as preg-low
01:37:20 Quit bepe86 ("Zzz")
01:37:26preglowMikachu: some people do that
01:37:35preglowand you can continue to do so for all i care :>
01:37:41preglowi used to be just 'glow' one day aeons ago
01:37:47preglowthen i suddenly got this urge to prepend something
01:38:40sersportDo you visited Moscow?
01:38:48Mikachunow that you all have top secret host masks it's harder to see your nationality
01:39:16Mikachubut i know you're norwegian and linus is swedish
01:39:21preglowMikachu: it helps on my sexy undercover agent image
01:39:30Mikachuah, of course
01:40:06sersportI'm russian
01:40:28preglowand the first russian you are as well
01:40:30Mikachusersport: i figured when you said you live in russia :)
01:40:47preglowa ton of swedes, couple of norwegians, one finn and now a russian!
01:41:34sersportI love hockey, and you?
01:42:01Mikachui don't like most sports
01:42:35Mikachupreglow: about absolute wheel, someone mentioned an interface to toggle the events mode and the absolute mode.. is there anything more?
01:42:52preglowMikachu: i don't follow
01:43:00preglowahh, right
01:43:06preglowno, i've heard nothing more of it
01:43:07Mikachuheh, maybe i talked to linuxstb about it then
01:43:09preglowbut i think we need it
01:43:14Mikachuyou have the same color
01:43:55Mikachui've added that it returns -1 when you're not touching the wheel, i haven't put that in the patch tracker yet
01:44:10Mikachui'm not exactly sure why it works
01:44:29Mikachusince it's only set in the interrupt handler, and that is only called when you touch the wheel..
01:44:36 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
01:44:37Mikachuit works even if you don't press another button
01:45:01 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:46:12 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
01:46:39preglowman, wav playback sounds like a bag of shit on ipod
01:47:00BHSPitMonkeywhy should it? it's the least compressed
01:49:39Doomed9hm...what other open source wma codecs are there
01:49:40 Join imphaing_ [0] (
01:50:26linuxstbDoomed9: None. We're lucky to have one - Microsoft aren't exactly open with their audio format specifications.
01:50:46BHSPitMonkeydoes ours not work well?
01:51:00Mikachuit seems we don't have one
01:51:15Mikachu(in rockbox)
01:51:15linuxstbIf by "ours" you mean "rockbox" - then Mikachu is right, we don't have one.
01:51:37preglowlinuxstb: has wav playback used to work on ipods?
01:51:43Mikachulinuxstb: did you see my patch? it is maybe not so useful yet
01:52:03linuxstbpreglow: Yes, it worked fine - I used a wav file when I was implementing audio playback.
01:52:09Mikachui find it's a lot easier to play when you don't actually have to press any buttons
01:52:32preglowthen i've probably messed up wav.c, then...
01:52:57 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC")
01:53:09Doomed9M$ should be more open, i mean considering most of their stuff is stolen
01:53:21 Part sersport
01:53:22 Quit imphaing_ (Client Quit)
01:53:23Doomed9such as their wav header things
01:53:40 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
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01:55:44linuxstbMikachu: I think that could be useful. It would be nice if you could update your wheel_status() patch.
01:55:58Mikachui just have the -1 thing, but i'll update it
01:56:28preglowlinuxstb: can you think of anything that uses endian swapping on ipod?
01:56:32preglowaiff doesn't
01:56:46preglowthink i'll just do a printf test...
01:56:48linuxstbMikachu: Could it be combined with button_status()?
01:56:56 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:57:02Mikachulinuxstb: i tried that but it won't work
01:57:19Mikachulike putting the values 0-0x5f in the top byte in the return value
01:57:28Mikachubut all code in rockbox checks ==, not & for the button value
01:57:49linuxstbEven when using button_status() ?
01:58:02Mikachui think
01:58:35Mikachui don't know the code 100% yet so i can't promise anything
01:58:36linuxstbI've just grepped, and in apps/, button_status is only called once, and it is checked using &
01:59:02Mikachuthen maybe yes
01:59:19Mikachubut i think the way i set the wheel value in the int handler is a bit ugly maybe
01:59:34Mikachubut i'll leave that for later
02:00:01linuxstbIt's also used in four plugins - brickmania, rockboy, pacbox and wav2wv
02:00:06 Quit webguest91 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:00:15Mikachupacbox uses & too
02:00:27Mikachui think brickmania uses case though
02:00:28linuxstbYes, and I would guess the others do.
02:00:51linuxstbThat's easily fixed though.
02:00:53Mikachuor maybe not!
02:01:01Mikachuyeah it uses &
02:01:42linuxstbBut I'm not sure if it's the cleanest solution. Maybe a separate wheel_status() is better...
02:01:54Mikachuflyspray really needs a button to search for a 'opened by'
02:02:10Mikachushould be pretty easy to change later if you want
02:02:46Mikachumaybe someone could apply this in the meantime,
02:02:54 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
02:03:13 Join mikearthur [0] (
02:05:27linuxstbMikachu: I think the idea behind highscore.cfg is that all hi-scores for all games can be stored there. Brickmania was probably the first game to use it.
02:05:56Mikachuhm, okay
02:06:13Mikachuit only has these contents
02:06:16Mikachufile version: 0
02:06:16Mikachuhighscore: 3502
02:06:19linuxstbBut maybe I am wrong...
02:06:56linuxstbI thought I remembered there being a "hi-score" library, but Brickmania is just using the standard configfile library.
02:07:29Mikachui'm not sure i like all those state files being in rocks/ either
02:08:02linuxstbNo, I was wondering about that as well.
02:08:21Mikachu% ls *~*.rock brickmania.score pacbox.cfg sokoban.levels
02:08:21Mikachubejeweled.score oscilloscope.cfg snake2.levels
02:08:29linuxstbThe configfile library puts them there.
02:08:45Mikachu int new_wheel_value = ((status << 9) >> 25) & 0xff;
02:09:01Mikachuis that different from status >> 16 ?
02:09:10preglowthe top bits are shifted away first
02:09:26Mikachuaren't they masked away by &0xff anyway?
02:09:32preglowyes, yes they are
02:09:32herz42and that's doing sign extension
02:09:41preglowherz42: no sign in that one
02:09:49preglowMikachu: god knows, it's ripped straight from ipl
02:09:52*linuxstb has a feeling of deja-vu
02:10:03herz42wasn't the value +- 48 or so?
02:10:09Mikachui'm not going to touch it but it looked confusing
02:10:11preglowit's 0..95
02:10:11Mikachuherz42: 0-95
02:10:40preglowMikachu: i'm not going to beat you up if you discover redundancies
02:11:17herz42but you make it +-48 with that operation...
02:11:50linuxstbSee here: (starting at 02.48.33) for the same discussion...
02:12:04Mikachuherz42: it is 0..95 after that operation
02:13:06Mikachui wasn't here then i guess
02:13:12linuxstbMy suggestion was to simply to change it to (status & 0x007f0000) >> 16
02:14:41Mikachuokay, patch trimming time
02:15:01Doomed9how can i automatically load a cfg
02:16:22Mikachuany thoughts on the partial plugin buffer clearing?
02:16:49Mikachui can only say it works on nano.. but it's worked fine for weeks
02:16:57Mikachuand it should only improve things
02:17:12linuxstbSorry to leave you when you're advertising your patches, but I need to sleep... Goodnight.
02:17:20Mikachuhehe, no problem
02:17:22Mikachugood night
02:18:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:19:48preglowlinuxstb: that'd be faster to boot
02:19:58preglowshave off one instruction
02:22:53preglowyou can't call a function set_cpu_frequency if the freq isn't adjustable
02:22:56preglowwhy the hell not
02:23:57preglowso be it
02:24:00preglowi'll just add a hack for now, then
02:24:22preglowlinuxstb: care to test a 4g build for me before i commit this stuff?
02:25:59 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
02:27:54herz42just to point that out again: if you shift 0x5f to the msb and then right again, it will be sign extended. So the value after masking with 0xff will be 0xdf instead of 0x5f.
02:28:07 Join Zoide7777 [0] (
02:28:23herz42Every original value abobe 0x3f will get an offset of 0x80 though...
02:28:30Doomed9ill give somebody a cookie
02:28:37herz42or so...
02:28:42Zoide7777preglow: I can test a 4g build (grayscale though) if you still need it
02:28:57preglowi guess grayscale should do the trick
02:29:03Zoide7777what is the test for?
02:29:44preglowjust to check that it works
02:30:36preglowgotta make it compile first
02:31:47Doomed9is there a beta of the wma or is it still in like pre-alpha
02:31:49Zoide7777I read on the log that there's a new timer, and that it can be used to make a grayscale lib for 4g
02:31:58Zoide7777is anyone working on that or is that just a possibility?
02:32:06 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
02:32:42preglowZoide7777: you'd have to ask amiconn
02:32:47preglowthe timer should be alright now
02:32:49preglowat least it works for me
02:32:50Zoide7777Slasheri: you there? if so, how's tagdatabase going?
02:33:14*Zoide7777 is so impatient, always hassling the devs :P
02:38:50 Join tvelocity [0] (
02:38:57preglowi don't get this either
02:40:11Mikachuwow, i finished level 1 in pacman with only one life now
02:40:28Mikachuin addition to that i implemented a wheel_send_events(bool)
02:41:17Zoide7777Mikachu: Does this get us closer to the goal of a wheel that sends wheel events as opposed to sending button events like crazy?
02:41:41preglowindeed it does
02:42:05Mikachuit doesn't send anything, but if you ask it, it'll tell you where the finger is
02:42:24Mikachuokay, just confirmed they stopped sending, the menu in pacbox doesn't work :)
02:43:25Doomed9where is that pacman rom...can i ask that?
02:43:54Mikachui can only say google
02:44:10Doomed9any hints on what to it like a mame rom
02:44:26Mikachuit should be six files
02:44:52Mikachupacman. 6e 6f 6h 6j 5e 5f
02:44:54preglowZoide7777: just tell me if it works at all
02:44:58preglowZoide7777: should play music, etc
02:45:00Mikachuthose names are listed in the source for pacbox
02:47:04Mikachuyou should be able to find them
02:48:19 Quit Shadowarrior13 ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
02:49:00Zoide7777preglow: sorry, was away. give me a minute...
02:49:16preglowwhere should the roms be placed?
02:52:47Mikachuokay, added patch with the wheel_send_events(bool) function,
02:53:21Zoide7777preglow: seems just fine
02:53:48Zoide7777preglow: except for mp3 playback on vu_meter, which eventually cuts (empty buffer)?
02:53:53Zoide7777preglow: but i think this has always happened
02:53:55Mikachuusing that isn't included in that pacbox patch, but it shouldn't matter very much
02:54:01preglowZoide7777: that shouldn't ahve changed, no
02:54:07Mikachupreglow: feel free to try it, should make the game a bit easier to play
02:54:56 Join Daishi [0] (
02:55:36preglowjust need to find roms...
02:56:03 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
02:56:29Zoide7777Why is the default "Max Files in Dir Browser" so low??? It's always set to 400, so I get "Dir Buffer Is Full!" unless I raise it
02:56:37Doomed9me 2
02:56:48Mikachuprobably the first targets had that little memory
02:56:53Doomed9Mikachu u said it was easy ...its not
02:57:30Mikachui guess pasting an url isn't illegal, if i can find it again
02:57:33Zoide7777Mikachu: Could there be some #ifdef that would set a higher level for more modern players?
02:57:39MikachuZoide7777: probably
02:58:45Mikachuon the second page of hits for 'pacman roms' here
03:00:39Zoide7777none of the recent games (doom, rockboy, packbox) work on 4g grayscale, right? is this because of grayscale lib?
03:05:43sharpemy head does not like me...
03:06:28sharpeheadache that has gotten worse after taking medication
03:06:31sharpeeyes hurt
03:06:39Zoide7777what r u taking?
03:07:03Zoide7777hmmm can't help you there
03:07:29sharpeoh well...
03:07:50Zoide7777this is the weirdest channel... 93 people in it but quite dead
03:08:26Zoide7777I suppose we're mostly non-devs who can't wait to hear about new stuff haha
03:08:40Mikachuit's night in most of the devcountries
03:08:45Mikachui don't know why i'm up
03:08:48preglowwhy the FLAMING hell do those tabs fucking sneak in all the time
03:09:16sharpewell, flaming hell. lets look at that... according to the bible, the deepest layer is fucking ice.
03:09:24Zoide7777preglow: why is it that tabs are a problem? Isn't it far more convenient to press tab once than to press space a bunch of times?
03:09:40sharpehes tabphobic
03:09:40Zoide7777sharpe: according to the bible, or according to dante?
03:09:51sharpei really don't know, haven't read much of either.
03:09:58preglowZoide7777: it's a rockbox policy, i think tabs are clearly the best when used properly, but rules are rules
03:10:00Zoide7777maybe it's both even, i don't know either
03:10:10Zoide7777preglow: i c
03:10:57MikachuZoide7777: you don't ever press tab or space when indenting a line... your editor does that automatically
03:11:12sharpenotepad doesn't ;)
03:11:23Zoide7777hehe that's true
03:11:28Mikachucoding in notepad is a fate worse than most
03:12:09Zoide7777preglow: does that latest commit include your new fading backlight ?
03:13:00preglowthat's not done yet
03:15:02Doomed9preglow he gave us the link
03:15:11preglowknow, i'm playing
03:15:20Zoide7777question: how come ipodlinux came out so long ago and yet it's so behind rockbox in the audio department? i mean, ipodlinux is pretty amazing (you can even run doom & videos in sync with sound on a 4g grayscale), but the *music* functionality sucks
03:16:15sharpelack of audio devs?
03:16:21preglowZoide7777: because it's not a priority for them for some reason
03:16:33Mikachuhooray, i succeeded:
03:16:33preglowZoide7777: they've got kickass visuals though
03:16:42Mikachu(that includes the absolute wheel stuff too, sorry :)
03:17:26Mikachuat least some variation
03:17:33Mikachuoops, forgot to fix the bug
03:17:53 Join Spida_ [0] (
03:18:01Zoide7777preglow: if only the two could somehow be merged.... (beyond dual-booting)
03:18:13preglownot possible, i'm afraid
03:18:20preglowthe approaches are very different
03:18:28preglowwe can share code, but that's all
03:19:06Mikachuokay, patch updated with an lcd_clear_display to clear the romset selection menu
03:19:09Zoide7777preglow: hmm... what if you were to share *more* code? :) though i bet it's not that simple or it would've been done already
03:19:39Zoide7777red and yeeeelloooow
03:19:57preglowso far, they haven't taken much of our code, but we have done some joint development
03:20:04preglowbut they have expressed an interest in our codecs
03:20:32Mikachui think running mpd in the background is a bit overkill
03:20:36Zoide7777it would be nice if they could play wavpack
03:20:42preglowi think the entire linux approach is overkill
03:20:49Zoide7777yeah, probably
03:21:04Zoide7777though they *do* have kickass visual stuff, as you said
03:21:05preglowon such a limited platform, you can't waste resources
03:21:35preglowgah, red build
03:21:41preglowand i wanted to go to bed
03:22:36Mikachuwhat will you use the second timer for?
03:22:42Zoide7777preglow: but we're paying you all this money and yet you complain!! haha
03:22:56preglowthat's just the way i am
03:23:59sharpei don't get paid...
03:24:09sharpeof course, i don't do much, but i still don't get paid for it. :(
03:24:20Zoide7777sharpe: I don't think anyone is! I meant it as a joke :P
03:24:24preglowi don't exactly get paid either, heh
03:24:34preglowat least not for this
03:25:01sharpemy mouth is burning.
03:25:40Zoide7777I bet countless executives would kill for the programming skill & dedication of some of the devs here, and they just can't believe that they do it for no money
03:25:53Zoide7777well, I guess the same goes for most open source projects
03:26:08Mikachuopen source is about doing something for yourself, not caring what others think
03:26:12Mikachuno wait..
03:26:36Zoide7777though this one seems different somehow... all these people with amazing reverse engineering and low-level programming skills
03:26:53Zoide7777(low-level as in asm, not as in shitty programmers, heheh)
03:27:27preglowlinuxstb: sproing
03:27:40sharpei'm like, a mediocre programmer, but i can do most things i suppose.
03:27:49 Quit Spida (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:27:55preglowi'm just going to have to enable cache and set_cpu_freq in the bootloader
03:28:02preglowsince i need to sleep
03:28:09Zoide7777Mikachu: well, in a way it's true if you think of it! just as there is the "community" thing of oss, there's the "fix it yourself or no one else will" idea
03:28:16Mikachupreglow: i won't think less of you for it, if that helps
03:29:17Zoide7777preglow: What's the swap32? What will be affected by the optimization?
03:31:01preglowZoide7777: very little
03:31:18preglowbut i just had to do it!
03:31:29Zoide7777hehe, that's the spirit
03:31:31sharpei think i'm going to head to sleep...
03:31:40Zoide7777ok, good night!
03:31:42Mikachupreglow: do you test if your asm code is faster than gcc or is it a safe assumption?
03:31:45Zoide7777and thanks for the contributions
03:31:57sharpelol... welcome...
03:32:04sharpe'night everyone
03:33:10 Quit herz42 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
03:34:09preglowMikachu: i'm pretty sure gcc can't come up with anything close to how clever that is
03:34:23preglowMikachu: i got that code snippet from an authorised arm book!
03:34:29Mikachui only know mips assembler, where know is a gross exaggeration
03:34:39Mikachuooh, impressive
03:34:56preglowsure as hell is
03:35:04preglowdamn, it's easy to think when trying to yawn your head off
03:35:54 Join webguest96 [0] (
03:36:45webguest96Holy fucking wiki spammers you guys
03:36:56Zoide7777more than 300 reds?
03:36:58Mikachudo you need to be registered to edit the wiki?
03:37:01preglowwhat the flaming hell........
03:37:13webguest96there are like at least 15 wiki spammers
03:37:15preglownow, _THAT'S_ a highscore
03:37:38Zoide7777you are the all-time champion :)
03:37:47preglowbut what the flaming hell is wrong
03:37:59Mikachutrying to use assembler in sim?
03:38:59preglowdon't code when sleepy, boys
03:39:14Mikachuit's easy to think when you're tired sure, but the results aren't 100% correct
03:40:01preglowi pasted the bloody thing in the generic case
03:40:05 Join TCK [0] (
03:40:05preglowsomeone fucking shoot me
03:40:19*Mikachu hires a hitman
03:40:35josh_preglow: what's this ASM optimization you were mentioning?
03:41:00*webguest96 shoots preglow
03:41:43preglowjosh_: endian swap routine in asm
03:41:48preglowjosh_: nothing major
03:41:57josh_could I see it? (just curious)
03:42:56josh_heh, that's pretty damn good
03:43:02josh_4 cycles, nice.
03:43:09Zoide7777how long does it take to change themes for you guys? (from the Browse Themes menu)
03:43:14Zoide7777it takes forever on my 4g gray
03:43:28Mikachua couple of seconds, and playback stops
03:43:41preglowjosh_: not mine, unfortunately, stole it from an arm book
03:44:35Zoide7777What is the difference between "Playback->Repeat->Shuffle" and "Playback->Shuffle->Yes"?
03:45:29preglowthat's gotta be a new record for biggest number of commit posts achieving the least
03:45:59MikachuZoide7777: that confused me for a while too, the first one will reshuffle the playlist when it reaches the end
03:46:01josh_preglow: heh, there's a thing in an inner loop of the LCD update routine for Photo that has to do a half endian-swap (swap the bytes in each hword in a word, aka AABBCCDD -> BBAADDCC) - best I could get was 5 cycles
03:46:20Zoide7777Mikachu: cool, thanks
03:46:26preglowi'm fairly certain it's possible to do better
03:46:29josh_I might be able to improve upon that with your code, if I understood how it worked ;-)
03:46:41 Quit Kohlriba ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
03:50:03 Join tvelocity [0] (
03:51:36Zoide7777gotta go
03:51:38 Quit Zoide7777 ("CGI:IRC")
03:51:56Doomed9hm...should i buy a H320
03:51:57preglowanother red build now, and i'll kill myself in shame
03:53:45 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:53:57 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
03:57:11imphasingjosh_: Half endian?
03:57:17imphasingWhy would anyone use that?
03:57:27josh_imphasing: half (endian swap)
03:57:30josh_not (half endian) swap
03:58:15 Quit webguest96 ("CGI:IRC")
03:59:12preglowsleep will be mine
03:59:15imphasingI known there were "mixed endian" computers in the past..
03:59:18imphasingpreglow: Go for it
03:59:24josh_imphasing: yep, ARC is one of them
03:59:30josh_the byte order for instructions is 2301
03:59:49josh_there are good reasons for it, but it's still wacku
04:00:11preglowi wish they just stopped with the endian business
04:00:15imphasingI heard they are trying to make ARC processors have an instruction syntax..
04:00:19preglowbig endian is king, deal with it
04:00:28imphasingIpods are little endian
04:00:34preglowyes, unfortunately
04:00:40josh_why? the ARC architecture has mixed 32-bit and 16-bit instrs, so there can be a 32-bit instr straddling a 32-bit boundary, so the proc needs to be able to determine the instr type just by seeing the first two bytes of it
04:01:09preglowgnight <-
04:01:12imphasingJust have a one bit flag on the front of all instructions?
04:01:29josh_preglow: little endian may be weird, but it *does* have some sound reasoning... namely, you can access the same data through differently-sized pointers
04:01:38josh_*(short *)p == (short) *(long *)p
04:01:42josh_that's not true on BE
04:02:39*imphasing is reading about a "1 bit computer"
04:02:46imphasingyay for only 2 instructions
04:03:37josh_(not a joke)
04:04:45imphasingYou could have a one instruction turing complete language, but you'd have to work with combinations of instructions..
04:10:48 Join ScootScat [0] (
04:11:22Mikachucould you run doom on it? :P
04:18:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:19:38imphasingYou'd ahve to translate each instruction to a unary one
04:21:26 Join nave7693 [0] (
04:21:38 Part nave7693
04:31:37 Quit midkay (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
04:31:57 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
04:38:10 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
04:39:29 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Client Quit)
04:41:40 Quit tvelocity (Remote closed the connection)
04:45:33 Quit Daishi (Remote closed the connection)
04:46:30 Quit imphasing ("u8!")
04:47:14 Join imphasing [0] (
04:48:27 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:54:38 Quit Spida_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:54:44 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:55:05 Join Spida [0] (
05:01:10 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:01:47 Join burgerman [0] (
05:07:45 Join imphasin1 [0] (
05:08:33 Nick imphasin1 is now known as imphasing_ (
05:10:05 Quit imphasing_ (Client Quit)
05:10:41 Join imphasin1 [0] (
05:10:52 Nick imphasin1 is now known as imphasing_ (
05:11:46 Quit nnod ("Leaving")
05:18:22 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:33:12 Join rollo [0] (
05:34:17 Join [z]ollo [0] (
05:34:46[z]olloIs there *any* way to access my iTunesDB in RockBox, even if I have to convert it into an M3U?
05:37:52Mikachuyou can add the iPod_Control dir to your playlist
05:44:09[z]olloyeah, but then its in random order
05:45:15 Quit Rick ("I don't need to be here.")
05:50:03 Join Rick [0] (
05:53:12 Quit rollo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:56:35 Join TCK [0] (
06:06:54amiconnWow, preglow scored 24000 last night...
06:10:34[z]olloIs there *any* way to access my iTunesDB in RockBox, even if I have to convert it into an M3U?
06:16:53 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
06:16:54 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:17:48 Quit Rick (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:18:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:20:58 Quit imphasing_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:23:32 Quit imphasing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:24:27 Join Rick [0] (
06:25:34 Join Spida_ [0] (
06:28:04 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
06:29:55 Join Sinbios [0] (
06:30:40 Quit Spida (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:41:41 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:42:35 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
06:44:57 Join hadfhasfhas [0] (
06:45:03 Quit Sinbios (Nick collision from services.)
06:45:13 Nick hadfhasfhas is now known as Sinbios (
06:49:33 Part amiconn
06:50:58 Join damaki [0] (
06:54:03 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
06:59:51midkaywtf.. humungo wiki series-of-spam?
07:25:03 Quit Zzzcf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:27:32 Join nnod [0] (
07:35:13 Join Ashex [0] (
07:45:24 Join aliask [0] (
07:50:14 Join B4gder [0] (
07:51:07Mode"#RockBox +o B4gder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
07:51:29Topic"Rockbox devcon2006 - starts today!" by B4gder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
07:52:50 Quit Sinbios (Connection timed out)
07:56:39 Join ScoTTie [0] (
07:58:48Bg3rB4gder ?
07:59:21Bg3rBagder ? :)
07:59:56B4gderBg3r: ??
08:00:06Bg3rsee the wiki ...
08:00:23dwihnoB4gder: Too bad I miss out on the opportunity... I'd still like to recommend discussing a configuration overhaul in the group sessions...
08:00:26Bg3ryes :(
08:01:00dwihnoB4gder: with all new units utilizing LCD's, widgets and stuff should be used where possible.
08:01:12dwihnoSliders, checkboxes and such
08:01:22B4gderwe have a fair amount of suggested topics
08:01:31 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
08:01:34dwihnoIt _will_ be discussed though?
08:01:43B4gderI don't think we should expect too much to actually get resolved
08:01:53dwihnoNah, but discussion is always a start
08:02:06 Join ulli-art [0] (
08:02:20dwihnoPerhaps someone could record the discussions and later publish it.
08:02:21 Join mikearthur [0] (
08:02:26dwihnoI'd still like to hear what people have to say
08:02:49Bg3ryes, very good idea ...
08:04:16B4gderman they added _many_ users
08:04:35dwihnowiki spam again?
08:05:03dwihnoadd some kind of image-text verification when registering
08:06:20 Part ulli-art
08:07:43 Join ulli-art [0] (
08:09:32 Quit ulli-art (Client Quit)
08:14:03 Quit ScoTTie_ (Connection timed out)
08:14:36 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
08:16:03 Join amiconn [0] (
08:16:13 Quit ScoTTie (Connection timed out)
08:16:45B4gderthing is, making it harder to register is not a very effective prevention either
08:17:09amiconnPerhaps verify via email
08:17:45B4gderit would just make them alter the scheme and register one legit user and the edit 100 existing pages
08:18:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:18:20dwihnoThe wiikness of wiki
08:18:41B4gderbut sure, it would prevent automated bots from doing it _completely_ without manual fiddling
08:18:50midkayB4gder, you really think they'd do that? it seems 100% automated, i.e. if they can't sign up with a bot then they won't bother..
08:19:00dwihnoIt has to be fully automated.
08:19:03B4gderI'm quite sure lots of it is not automated
08:19:29B4gderat least the add-hidden-stuff-on-existing-pages versions
08:19:44midkaythey also don't seem to edit pages, just create new profiles with ads/spam inside them. i think.
08:19:49midkayi highly doubt that there are people that go around manually creating users for things like that when they can run bots to get so many other wide-open wikis..
08:19:52B4gdersome do, some don't
08:19:55B4gderwe have all kinds
08:20:42B4gderthis last "attack" made all the user-pages with an existing user that doesn't look "spam"
08:20:58midkayB4gder, if you say so... considering the probably tens of thousands of twikis out there, i can't see why someone would come by to target ours..
08:29:40 Join darkless_ [0] (
08:29:52B4gderI think they focus on wikis they think rank fine in search engines
08:35:46 Quit midkay (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
08:35:49 Join midkay_ [0] (
08:35:52 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
08:36:45B4gdercool morning today... -8C
08:37:42midkay_"cool"? :)
08:37:55midkay_maybe a bit stronger of a word would fit better :)
08:37:58B4gderfreezing is perhaps a better word
08:38:01midkay_like, omfg-freezing :)
08:38:41t0mascool morning...
08:38:59t0masI still have no drivers license... so I'll have to cycle to work in 20 minutes...
08:39:08t0masdon't really like these temps :)
08:42:36 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
08:45:57 Join tenzing_ [0] (
08:45:57 Quit tenzing (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:45:58 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:46:40 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:46:58 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
08:49:36 Join ashridah [0] (
08:51:45kkurbjunlinusn, I've put a new version of rockdoom up on the tracker, it compiles much cleaner now
08:52:22LinusNi'll have a look at it
08:53:20kkurbjungreat, let me know if you see anything blatant that needs fixing
08:53:38midkaykkurbjun, can your latest version of doom play other wads? i have a bunch of other stuff.. half life, quake 2, etc..
08:53:44LinusNkkurbjun: sure
08:54:22BHSPitLappydoom doesn't need any special talent to use different wads
08:54:33BHSPitLappyif it can use doom2, then it should work
08:54:41kkurbjunmidkay: yes it can, but those wads you listed will not work if they're the gp32 versions, most if not all of the gp32 wads mess with the background sizes
08:55:04kkurbjunthis version has all of boom/prbooms mod features though
08:55:10midkaykkurbjun, i think some are. argh..
08:55:12BHSPitLappythose work on iDoom...
08:55:14kkurbjunso there's alot more mods that will play
08:55:34kkurbjunBHS: I know, it's because they disabled the error checking
08:55:35midkaykkurbjun, if there's another half-life prboom/whatever mod.... i'll be happy. :)
08:55:57kkurbjunif you look on the patch tracker I have a link to the top 100 wads of all time
08:56:02kkurbjunthey should play fine
08:58:48midkaykkurbjun, the recent versions sound cool. i'll see if it fits in the standard buffer for the iPod 5g..
09:00:00midkaykkurbjun, so i should get and.. rockdoom-0.80.diff?
09:00:11kkurbjunmidkay: it doesn't work for the ipod yet
09:00:19midkaykkurbjun, oh. in what way?
09:00:50kkurbjunmidkay: all the new code messed up something with the ipod's alignment issues so it needs work again
09:01:14midkaykkurbjun, oh, alright.
09:04:17 Join petur [0] (
09:10:34 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:14:38*amiconn gotta leave
09:14:57 Quit amiconn ()
09:14:58LinusNcu soon amiconn
09:24:17B4gder24000 points must be some kind of record!
09:24:36B4gderpreglow for president! ;-)
09:26:59midkayhaha. :) btw.. how is "score" calculated?
09:27:25B4gdererrors*10 + warnings basically
09:29:09midkayaha :)
09:35:27 Quit Paprica (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:36:42LinusNdamn! i dropped to 2nd place...
09:38:09 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:38:18 Join midkay_ [0] (
09:50:14 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
09:56:59*[IDC]Dragon had gotta pack this notebook now
09:57:07[IDC]Dragon has
09:57:32midkay_laters [IDC]Dragon
09:57:40 Part [IDC]Dragon
09:59:07 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:59:52 Join hshah [0] (
09:59:56 Part hshah ("Leaving")
10:18:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:24:26 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
10:36:31 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:46:16 Join bobTHC [0] (
10:46:34bobTHChi folks !
10:50:39markunhi bob, long time..
10:53:44bobTHCtoo loong ;)
10:53:57bobTHCtoo much work last year
10:54:23bobTHChard to have spare time
10:56:12markunAnd the little time you had left went up in 'smoke' I guess :)
10:57:44bobTHChehe, to "relax" me i 'll says
11:08:00 Join imphasing_ [0] (
11:08:24 Join damaki_ [0] (
11:10:08Mikachuon the ipod, what do you think about making the menu key go to the filesys instead of select? that way you'd need to press it twice to get to the menu but i think that's okay, and it would free up shortselect for something else
11:10:33midkay_"to the filesys"?
11:11:20Mikachuer yeah, i missed the critical part, this is about when in the wps
11:12:13midkay_what would be so useful for short select at the WPS to justify having to press menu twice to really get to the menu, and having to press PLAY to get back to the WPS after leaving the menu?
11:12:15 Join damaki__ [0] (
11:12:44Mikachuthat is not decided yet
11:13:03midkay_i can't think of anything worth that..
11:13:19midkay_and anything potentially useful can always go in the long select context menu of course..
11:13:32 Join Rondom [0] (
11:14:00Mikachuwell, i was thinking about something similar to what the apple os does, but i want the scroll wheel to not be volume by default
11:14:18Mikachui just woke up and had the thought
11:14:25 Part LinusN
11:14:44midkay_why not having the scroll wheel do volume?
11:15:00Mikachuit's annoying since all the other buttons are hidden under it
11:15:26midkay_.. how is that annoying? that's the design. the buttons are under it always. :)
11:16:14Mikachufor example if you have it in your pocket and want to be able to switch songs, you'll leave hold off, but then the volume will change randomly because the wheel is so sensitive
11:16:24Mikachuand you'd change the volume when looking for the buttons with your finger
11:16:50 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
11:16:57midkay_i never had trouble with the volume changing on its own, unless it's up against something..
11:17:19kclafsame thing here
11:17:33midkay_kclaf, same thing as in have had trouble or have not?
11:17:34kclafi think ipod controls are quite OK atm
11:17:37Mikachupreglow had the same complaint if that helps my case
11:17:49Mikachubut so far it is just a thought
11:17:51midkay_Mikachu, well, i don't think it's majority rules exactly :)
11:18:02Mikachuno but he's a dev :)
11:18:30midkay_oooh (hushed audience) :) i'd like to hear ideas, though..
11:19:27 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (
11:20:03Mikachuhm, do i recognize your nick from somewhere? it's not in any of my irclogs but it still seems familiar
11:20:25midkayMikachu, mine? i have no idea.. :)
11:20:53Mikachuokay, i'll let you know if i figure it out :)
11:22:48 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:22:57 Join midkay_ [0] (
11:24:22 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:25:50 Quit Doomed9 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:26:06 Join Doomed9 [0] (
11:27:23 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:27:23 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:27:53 Join midkay_ [0] (
11:36:50preglowhow about my score yesterday, eh?
11:37:07preglownot only was it a huge bloody score, but it was also the most stupid commit ever
11:37:59midkay_preglow, i doubt it was stupider than my untested-on-all-but-two-models color wormlet patch plus the two consecutively worse broken fixes.. :)
11:38:30ashridahthat's pretty extreme
11:38:40 Join KN|stiff [0] (
11:39:01ashridah"To err is human, to really screw up requires a computer"
11:39:24 Join TCK [0] (
11:39:47preglowthis wasn't untested, but i had to remove the code before i commited something unrelated in the same file, but then i screwed up and pasted in the wrong place when commiting it again...
11:40:16preglowearning a score i hope will be prove me the champion for some time to come
11:41:03midkay_preglow, oh, you're on.. i think i might "accidentally" delete a few source files when nobody expects it. :)
11:42:25ashridahmidkay_: the best kinds of errors are the kinds that accidentally screw up scope with a missing semicolon or screwed up/missing header include
11:42:47ashridahthose kinds aren't fatal enough for the compiler, so it keeps trying to compile, just to be helpful :)
11:43:17midkay_ashridah, haha :) can you say "undefined references to button.c"? ;)
11:43:51preglowthat's a small error
11:43:55preglowmy errors were over 239058239059023 lines
11:44:02preglowwhich makes a good amount of points
11:44:22preglowbut anywho, i've gotta catch a train, later
11:44:31midkay_preglow, laters :)
11:44:31midkay_congrats, i guess. :)
11:44:32ashridahmidkay_: nah, linker errors aren't a major drama, and tend to be immediately fatal in one hit
11:44:37ashridahthe best kinds are the ones in common headers
11:44:37Mikachupreglow: don't forget your ipod :)
11:44:40midkay_ashridah, hm..
11:45:30midkay_i'll just clean it out then. :) delete its contents but leave it.. maybe 20-40 undefined references to BUTTON_* per plugin, not counting apps/* :)
11:45:54 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
11:45:56ashridahmidkay_: the problem is, it's likely to abort the compilation at the end of the file.
11:46:15midkay_it seems that the build system keeps going even if some errors occur..
11:47:01ashridahsilly build system
11:47:52*petur recommends ctrl-c :)
11:52:45 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
11:53:21midkay_hi Jungti1234
11:54:09bobTHCjust for fun >
11:54:18bobTHCpolymorphism explaination
11:55:04midkay_haha. nice examples.
11:55:57midkay_wow.. every book should have examples this way..
11:57:20 Join webguest88 [0] (
11:57:41 Quit webguest88 (Client Quit)
12:00:16ashridahthat's quite possibly the first piece of literally arousing code i've ever seen
12:04:09bobTHCwhy u dont consider low level ASM hack as arousing ?? pfffffffff ;)
12:06:17 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:12:38 Quit petur ("lunch")
12:16:41 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:18:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:20:01 Quit TiMiD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:37:03 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:42:10 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-c736f91053dd3e67)
12:47:24 Nick CoCo^uni is now known as CoCoLUS (
12:49:27 Quit Jungti1234 ()
12:54:22 Join petur [0] (
12:59:16peturanother nice example of marketing idiots
13:00:46Mikachuwow, 16MB, it almost fits a whole file
13:02:34 Quit burgerman ("poke smot evryday!")
13:10:09 Quit darkless_ (Remote closed the connection)
13:28:42 Join darkless [0] (
13:31:47 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:31:55 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
13:34:38 Join needleboy [0] (
13:40:31 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
13:43:33 Join KN|stiff [0] (
13:44:35prhanyone know if USB OTG is likely to ever work on the H300?
13:46:10peturI've been looking at it and it will stay on my agenda
13:47:11Bg3rprh in short : yes
13:47:20peturI'm still figuring out how the isp1362 is connected to the coldfire :(
13:47:25Bg3rand probably with more support than the original fw ...
13:47:40Mikachuand the nano?
13:47:57Bg3rMikachu this is very different beast...
13:47:59peturis that host-capable?
13:48:04Mikachui don't know
13:48:16Bg3rpetur probably yes (the USB impl. is all in sw)
13:48:33 Quit needleboy ()
13:48:40Bg3rbut good luck finding out where what to write to/where what to read from ... :)
13:48:59Mikachuthen i could play pacbox with my gamepad ;)
13:49:20 Join needleboy [0] (
13:49:55peturBg3r: that's not the problem atm, the chip's not responding at all, I get the feeling I need to do something to wake it up
13:50:15peturbut I have a hard time reading disassembly ;)
13:51:13peturalready found one extra hardware connection...
13:52:30Bg3rpetur yeah, i saw that :(
13:52:54Bg3r":(" for the disassembly
13:56:45prhBg3r: & petur great news
13:57:09peturstill a long way to go
13:57:26Mikachuso theoretically you could copy music directly between to music players
13:57:32Mikachu(running rb)
13:57:39prhaye that'd be nice
13:57:46Mikachuor maybe even the client could be retailos
13:57:51prhthe copying mechanism in iRivers fw is rubbish
13:57:52peturand use a keyboard, and stream music to usb speakers, ....
13:58:04Mikachui messed up the word order there, "maybe the client could even be retailos"
13:58:25Bg3rMikachu i think that it could be possible even to attach external DVD-ROM drive (for example), selfpowered of course, and to play music from it
13:58:43vHsWhat I would really like is the ability to copy photos from my camera (like the ipodcamera connector)
13:58:54Mikachuyeah that would be nice, apple don't support that for nano
13:58:59Mikachumy camera only has 16MB memory :)
13:59:09Mikachuand no lcd
13:59:40 Quit CoCoLUS (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:02:17Bg3rpetur what there ? :)
14:02:42 Quit [z]ollo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:02:44peturdiscussion of what we want to support?
14:03:29Bg3rah, yeah... in fact this topic was started by me .. :)
14:03:43*petur goes looking
14:03:54^BeN^Mikachu, where the xobox patch located?
14:04:18 Join Rondom_ [0] (
14:04:37Mikachu^BeN^: linus already committed a fix for the backlight issue
14:04:39Bg3rpetur ah, you won't see my name there because of the wiki deletion...
14:04:57^BeN^i saw
14:05:04peturwas just going to give the remark
14:06:13peturI have big hopes in the philips demo program, it looks like it has a usable usbotg stack in source...
14:06:46peturbut first we need to be able to access the chip :(
14:07:30 Join midkay_ [0] (
14:08:17^BeN^Mikachu, you real name is Mikael Magnusson?
14:08:24Mikachu^BeN^: yes
14:08:25Bg3rpetur do you have any idea how the isp1362.c will look like (API-wise) ? ;)
14:08:26 Quit midkay (Connection reset by peer)
14:11:49 Join CoCoLUS [0] (
14:13:46peturBg3r: no, but I want it +/- compatible with the philips demo stack code :)
14:15:39 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
14:15:48 Nick Rondom_ is now known as Rondom (
14:17:33 Join midk [0] (
14:18:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:18:33 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
14:21:12^BeN^$ cvs diff -u3
14:21:13^BeN^cvs [diff aborted]: connect to failed: Conne
14:21:13^BeN^ction refused
14:21:21 Nick ^BeN^ is now known as Paprica (
14:21:53Papricawhat happened?
14:28:32 Join herz42 [0] (
14:31:22 Join B4gder [0] (
14:31:46XavierGrwow tomorrow is the big day!
14:32:33*B4gder and Linus is already in place
14:32:43B4gderworking on the webcam
14:32:53bobTHCthe swedes are in da PLACE ;)
14:33:06XavierGr:D already?
14:33:11XavierGrIt must be fun!
14:33:12 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Dayz !!!!!!!")
14:33:40B4gderamiconn called a while ago, he has landed
14:34:10DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
14:34:10XavierGr[10:14] * ,03amiconn,99 gotta leave
14:34:10XavierGr[10:14] *** amiconn has signed off IRC ().,99
14:34:17XavierGris that why he left?
14:34:25t0masyes, and lostlogic is there too
14:34:36t0masmust be flying already... comming from the states...
14:34:38CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 seconds at the last flood
14:34:38*petur also wanted to be there
14:35:06petureven if it was only to bring the beer :D
14:35:18t0masghehe, I wanted to listen to the discussions ;)
14:35:33t0masand meet the rockbox gods... haha...
14:35:33XavierGrI hope that you will take a lot of pics and videos.
14:35:48XavierGr(the rockbox-three) muahhahaha
14:36:19Bg3rthe conspiracy team :D
14:37:56*Zagor is going there in a few minutes
14:38:08 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:38:29t0masZagor: are you working at contactor too?
14:39:10Zagornot at the moment. I'm on temporary leave to work at another place for a while.
14:39:31 Join BoD[] [0] (
14:39:38BoD[]Hello, world!
14:40:10BoD[]Hey a quick question: what do you guys use for podcasts, and do you know a tool that allows automatic renaming of episodes?
14:40:33t0masI use juice to download them
14:40:36t0masand I never rename them...
14:40:57BoD[]sometimes a little renaming is usefull for sorting
14:41:02t0masbut it must be possible to write a small perl script to fetch and rename podcasts...
14:41:10 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
14:41:50MikachuBoD[]: try entering podcast on
14:43:42 Quit CoCoLUS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:44:11 Join CoCoLUS [0] (
14:45:54BoD[]i'm gonna endup making my own
14:47:02 Nick Spida_ is now known as Spida (
14:51:21 Join Matze [0] (
14:55:07 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
14:57:36 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
14:58:31 Part BoD[] ("gloubacs")
14:59:24B4gdersilly webcam app
15:00:20*[IDC]Dragon wants to see the devcon early birds
15:00:39B4gderI need to write a perl script to do the picture uploads
15:00:58*petur keeps on refreshing the devcon wiki page
15:01:06[IDC]Dragonshould take you 30 sec or so
15:01:21B4gderfirst I need to get cygwin installed to get a fine perl ;-)
15:01:39[IDC]Dragonor use ActivePerl
15:01:55B4gderI think cygwin will be useful on that computer anyway for the weekend
15:02:16B4gderit sits connected to the projector
15:02:29*[IDC]Dragon forgot to bring movies
15:06:45*lostlogic is in Heathrow, 4000 miles closer to devcon :-P
15:08:21 Join mikearthur [0] (
15:09:24 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:09:43lostlogicbagh, definitely going to be late... not boarding yet for a 2:15 GMT departure.
15:10:12B4gderlostlogic: you seen the alternative bus suggestion?
15:10:32lostlogicB4gder: In my email, I assume?
15:10:38B4gdernah, on the wiki page
15:10:43B4gderits just a minor change
15:10:52B4gderbut may be quicker for you
15:11:13lostlogicI'm supposed to be meeting up with Cassandra at ARN, so we'll figure it out.
15:11:21B4gderok, goodie
15:11:29B4gderif in doubt, just call
15:11:32preglowyou should discuss a better name for bejeweled at devcon!
15:11:39preglowand all the other plugins with 'rock' and 'box' in their name
15:11:41 Quit needleboy ()
15:11:42*preglow still suggests berofled
15:11:52 Join needleboy [0] (
15:11:54B4gderjebeweled ?
15:12:15XavierGrlostlogic: how on earth are you online while in heathrow?
15:12:21*preglow guesses wlan
15:12:31lostlogicB4gder: calling probably more difficult than getting online considering the lack of a European cell phone in my pocket ;)
15:12:36lostlogicXavierGr: tmobile hotspot
15:12:49 Quit needleboy (Client Quit)
15:12:55lostlogiccost me 5 pounds but it's worth it because I hadn't gotten Cassandra's confirmation of meeting up before I left.
15:13:04 Join needleboy [0] (
15:13:09XavierGrah okay then
15:14:09B4gderlostlogic: sure, we'll be around online as well of course
15:14:23preglowplayback on ipod tends to skip very, very occasionally
15:14:27preglowi wonder why
15:14:37lostlogicpreglow: slowness, w/o peakmeter it doesn't afaics
15:14:44lostlogicoops, boarding time, see yas later
15:14:53B4gdersee ya
15:15:01[IDC]Dragonlostlogic: where are you coming from?
15:15:17[IDC]Dragonmust be expensive
15:15:21preglowtake good care of him :)
15:15:38[IDC]DragonI'll try
15:15:46Mikachuthe peakmeter should detect when you're not looking at it and stop redrawing
15:15:53B4gderwe bought a US beer for him in case he'd feel home sick ;-)
15:15:58*[IDC]Dragon has to work for another 2 hours
15:16:02 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:16:43preglowi'd seriously like a couple of beers soon, but i can't bloody taste anything thanks to this cold :////
15:16:54 Join Rob2222 [0] (
15:17:03herz42preglow: with the cpu_frequ patch, my pcm buffer is running frightening low sometimes while running on 30MHz
15:17:09preglowherz42: small wonder
15:17:52herz42maybe there are some situations where the boost can't make it catch up...
15:18:14preglowsure there are
15:18:24preglowbut it works almost perfectly on my player
15:18:32preglowplus, commiting it gives us a good reason to optimise
15:18:39preglownow if i only had time to do it
15:18:59herz42I just thought as you were mentioning it was skipping above...
15:19:12preglowherz42: it skips something like once every half hour
15:19:18preglowherz42: which kind of makes me think there's some other reason
15:19:50 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:20:06Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Yeah, if mine skips it doesn't do it often enough for me to even notice.
15:20:10herz42you could check if the disk was spinning when it happened?
15:20:13preglowherz42: nano
15:20:16preglowhence no disk
15:20:30preglowbtw, i can make it easier to disable the cpu boosting
15:20:31 Join midk [0] (
15:20:45herz42hmm, could the loading from flash be an issue?
15:20:51 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
15:21:16preglowherz42: hardly
15:21:20preglowbut sure, it might
15:21:46 Part Paul_The_Nerd
15:21:50preglowlinuxstb: catch my super leet score yesterday? :P
15:23:38linuxstbYes. Outstanding work.
15:24:12Bg3rpreglow olympic score ...
15:24:27Bg3ri think it'll be a record for a long time ;)
15:24:29preglowlinuxstb: btw, do you know if cpu boosting in the bootloader can hurt matters? it seems to work here
15:26:07linuxstbDoing anything in the bootloader seems to upset Retailos..
15:26:23Mikachulinuxstb: i updated the absolute wheel patch a bit too
15:26:30linuxstbBut it's about time I tested the bootloaders again - I'll try and remember to do it tonight.
15:27:03 Join midkay_ [0] (
15:27:18linuxstbMikachu: Is it on the patch tracker?
15:27:35preglowlinuxstb: i can't imagine why cpu reclocking should bother it, though
15:27:50linuxstbI'ld like to commit it - and maybe give Rockboy another look. Maybe tonight...
15:28:18Mikachui'm sure the code can be cleaned up a bit, but i didn't feel like completely understanding the delta calculation handling
15:28:28Mikachuthis way i'm sure it doesn't interfere with that at least
15:28:46Mikachubut it still does the full delta calculation but just stops sending the events when you've called the function to disable them
15:29:03Mikachui also added a pacbox patch (maybe i said that yesterday too)
15:29:34Mikachuoops, that patch has the menu not working bug
15:31:02 Join SereR0KR [0] (
15:32:51Mikachuit would be nice if you could mark obsolete patches in flyspray
15:36:48linuxstbI thought you could.
15:37:10 Join einhirn_ [0] (
15:40:12preglowbut ok, i gotta go
15:40:23preglowhave fun at the devcon, those of you are going
15:40:29 Join amiconn [0] (
15:40:31preglowwish i could come :/
15:40:38*preglow vanishes
15:40:40linuxstbYou may need to be in the developer group - but just click on "close task" and then give the reason from the list. e.g. "Out of date"
15:40:58Mikachui just want to mark one of the patches in the task
15:41:15Bg3ramiconn :) welcome here from contactor :)
15:42:21linuxstbMikachu: Developers can delete attachments. Can you?
15:42:38Mikachudoesn't look like it
15:43:16Papricalinuxstb, i cant too
15:43:30B4gderwe have picture
15:44:34BHSPitLappyredesigning the look of rockboy?
15:44:41 Quit midk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:44:49BHSPitLappyare the key issues resolved?
15:44:50B4gdergo go go
15:45:07Mikachua very exciting view
15:46:31Bg3rhehehe :)
15:46:35Papricahaha nice =]
15:46:47Mikachuwho's who?
15:47:10B4gderDaniel, Linus, Bjrn (L to R)
15:47:13Bg3rMikachu b4gder in front:)
15:47:26Bg3rah ?
15:47:26B4gderthat's Z
15:47:57Bg3rhah the view is very good atm :P
15:48:10Bg3rhahah :)
15:48:45Mikachuand what nicks do daniel and bjrn use?:)
15:48:51B4gderI'm Daniel
15:48:55 Join webguest76 [0] (
15:48:57Bg3rZagor is the other
15:49:06XavierGrwhere is the pic?
15:49:17Bg3ris the camera in the air ?:D
15:49:36XavierGrwell I just clicked and can't find it. I must be an idiot....
15:50:36Bg3rheh, let's see where are the cameras ...
15:50:56webguest76whoa, broken jpeg
15:51:11Mikachusometimes the page will refresh while the jpeg is updating
15:51:18Mikachumay i suggest uploading to another filename and then mv? :)
15:51:33webguest76a decent suggestion
15:52:38Bg3rwoa, 3 frames in one :)
15:53:29XavierGrwhere do you see all these?
15:53:39XavierGrthe link just shows the regular devcon info
15:53:48Bg3rXavierGr refresh ...
15:53:50webguest76You must have a cache loaded
15:54:43XavierGrI will try with explorer
15:55:00B4gderfirefox seems to cache the redirect annoylingly much
15:55:20Mikachumaybe you said it was a permanent redirect
15:55:22linuxstbBHSPitLappy: No, not redesigning the look, I meant that I might look at Rockboy and try and resolve the screen scaling issues and buttons. (after committing Mikachu's wheel status patch).
15:55:38B4gderMikachu: no, it was a html meta refresh
15:55:59XavierGrwow I can see a computer screen
15:56:09B4gderstill working on getting a good position for the cam
15:56:12*linuxstb believes devcon has relocated to the nearest bar...
15:56:27webguest76You need more cams
15:56:33XavierGrand a white board behind it.
15:57:13XavierGrha you are on windows!
15:57:27XavierGrI thought most of you were using Linux
15:57:41B4gderwe're not at home you know :-)
15:57:52linuxstbThat's no excuse...
15:58:06Bg3rhaha is this copy of windows legal ? :D
15:58:07XavierGrwell I thought you were on 'someone's' home or job
15:58:28 Nick jborn_ is now known as JoeBorn (
15:58:36Bg3rnow *that* is a good view ;)
15:58:38peturbah, the firewall or isp at work must be caching the page :(
15:58:58B4gderclear the firefox cache and it works again
15:59:03XavierGrand the deskotp is messy. I can see various setup programs and stuff. Who would put on his desktop that?
15:59:12B4gderlinus :-)
15:59:18peturI fired up iexplorer (not used in ages) and get the same page :(
15:59:41XavierGrno I fired ie and all seems fine now.
15:59:44Bg3rB4gder here ff and no problems ...
16:00:03Bg3rexcept of a bad jpeg ...
16:00:16XavierGrcould you turn the comera to see your faces once more. I missed that. (Or take a pic for others to see.)
16:00:24 Quit einhirn_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:00:35linuxstbAh, human developers...
16:01:00linuxstbI haven't spotted any cvs commits yet though. What are you all up to?
16:01:09B4gdernow we know amiconn at least appears to be human ;-)
16:01:15peturgot to run
16:01:24 Quit petur ("eof")
16:01:39XavierGrwho is the guy with the glasses?
16:01:46Bg3rLinus :)
16:01:55Mikachuyou need hats with names on
16:01:59B4gderLinus in blue, amicon to the right
16:02:01webguest76A huge nametags
16:02:22webguest76also, you need top not upload in-place
16:02:49B4gderyeah yeah yeah :-)
16:03:55XavierGrso Bagder: You are the guy in front? (now sitting next to Linus)
16:05:44webguest76I think that's zagor
16:06:22XavierGryou have many laptops there!
16:06:57Bg3rB4gder how many webcam hits for now ? ;)
16:08:10t0masLinus is the bald (sorry :P) guy in front of the cam right?
16:08:20XavierGrAFAIK yes
16:08:41*[IDC]Dragon returns
16:08:44t0mascontactor provided laptops?
16:08:46[IDC]Dragonnice cam
16:08:50 Join midk [0] (
16:08:50t0masthey all look the same
16:09:23[IDC]DragonI try to link it from the the wiki page, but the cam link bounces to wiki?!
16:09:31t0masclick it
16:09:32t0mashit stop
16:09:36t0masand then ctrl + F5
16:09:40amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Firefox? Clear the cache...
16:10:29t0masamiconn: who are you? ;)
16:11:00Bg3ramiconn: wave :)
16:11:00XavierGrhe is the guy with the glasses. At the rightmost corner, I think
16:11:04amiconnI'm on the far right, the guy with the silvery laptop
16:11:14t0masah ok
16:11:22t0masand who's next to Linus? lostlogic?
16:11:35t0masoh wait..
16:11:38XavierGrlosltlogic isn't there yet
16:12:02t0maswell... I can't destingish Bjorn and Daniel
16:12:05XavierGrohhhh wow
16:12:05Bg3rhahaha :)
16:12:08XavierGrrockbox tshirt
16:12:29[IDC]DragonI think you can reduce resolution and update rate
16:12:49[IDC]Dragonor you'll have a terrible net volume
16:13:00t0mas[IDC]Dragon... weren't you going there?
16:13:03B4gderwe don't do anything useful with it anyway ;-)
16:13:11[IDC]Dragonwith a late plane, yes
16:13:19[IDC]DragonI'm the last to arrive
16:13:21t0masflying in from?
16:13:25XavierGrI can see an archos device sitting on amiconn's desk
16:13:27Bg3rB4gder so now you're the one with the rb t-shirt ?
16:13:42t0masLinus has no rockbox shirt?
16:13:50B4gderyes he does
16:13:52Bg3rhe is WITH
16:14:00t0masthen you're not the only one :)
16:14:10B4gderthe one of me and Zagor
16:14:26 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
16:14:28t0masyou should've gotten a hat or something....
16:14:33t0masto mark zagor ;)
16:14:35 Part LinusN
16:14:41 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
16:14:48B4gderwe'll have hats next year :-P
16:14:50t0masLinusN: happy IRC worked? ;)
16:14:51 Part LinusN
16:14:59 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
16:15:09Bg3rnow, we need sound:)
16:15:11[IDC]DragonSeeing you there, I'm too exited to keep working
16:15:13 Join Nico_P [0] (
16:15:18 Join tvelocity [0] (
16:15:23 Part LinusN
16:15:23 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
16:15:34*[IDC]Dragon curses HLX flight schedule
16:15:45Bg3rGentlemen, we want sound :)
16:15:52*t0mas would have looked rather funny there :P
16:15:58t0masthe small kid on the block :)
16:17:00XavierGrI must make a capture script to take all projected pics.
16:17:02Mikachui'm 193 cm
16:17:11B4gderI'm 190
16:17:12[IDC]Dragonis Jens the one with the brown shirt?
16:17:21webguest76XavierGr: and produce a timelapse video
16:17:21t0masJens is the most to the right
16:17:22LinusNthat's bjrn
16:17:23t0mas(or was)
16:17:30webguest76of the place getting progressively more untidy
16:17:34XavierGrthere he is again
16:17:44*LinusN points at Bjrn
16:17:48t0mas16:17:50] <B4gder> +I'm 190 <−− 175
16:18:03 Quit webguest76 ("CGI:IRC")
16:18:05t0masand just 17 years old...
16:18:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:18:41[IDC]Dragonbehind the walls is the sleeping area, or what?
16:18:54t0masno, they do the real conspiracy things there
16:18:55B4gderthere are more computers there
16:19:00t0maslike renaming plugins...
16:20:02 Join DT291 [0] (
16:20:02 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:20:16XavierGrso when the next person is going to arrive?
16:20:31B4gderChristi and Brandon in 2-3 hours
16:20:40t0masBrandown Low = lostlogic right?
16:21:07t0masand Christi is the girl we always forget ;)
16:21:13t0mas"Gentleman we have sound..."
16:21:26Mikachuonly man?
16:22:06 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
16:22:12[IDC]Dragonthe setup looks like for an exam
16:22:25*[IDC]Dragon gets bad memories
16:22:25linuxstbWith the whole world watching....
16:22:48t0masthat would be horrible...
16:22:55t0masB4gder: nice color
16:22:56XavierGroh nice blueish background
16:22:57 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-67a5136f8d52883a)
16:23:32 Join Zagor [0] (
16:23:54[IDC]DragonB4gder: I see mostly incomplete frames, while updating
16:23:58 Join SereRokR [0] (
16:23:59XavierGrLinus: I can't see any BDM wigglers, screwdrivers or solder irons, near you.
16:24:15[IDC]Dragonperhaps ping-pong 2 frames?
16:24:17B4gderwe need to improve the pic upload script
16:24:17 Quit SereRokR (Remote closed the connection)
16:24:18ZagorXavierGr: you've exposed his fraud
16:24:26linuxstbI can't even see any DAPs around...
16:24:40linuxstbAre we watching the right devcon?
16:24:41t0maslinuxstb: it's called the conspiracy ;)
16:24:43XavierGrI saw an archos recorder (or player) on amiconn's desk
16:25:07XavierGrlol - conspiracy. The word of the month!
16:25:53amiconnNow you can see a H340 and an Ondio FM in front of my laptop...
16:25:54XavierGrthat's more like it.
16:26:09Mikachuhooray for google images,
16:26:34*linuxstb is reassured
16:26:35XavierGrMikachu: Good find!
16:26:36 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:27:35 Join ThePR [0] (
16:27:45XavierGrI love the armchairs that you have there
16:29:26XavierGroh shoo, I have to go to work.
16:29:38 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
16:29:48t0masXavierGr: close your browser
16:30:02t0masdon't want to flood the server
16:30:31XavierGrwell bye all. Happy hacking!
16:31:09 Quit XavierGr ()
16:32:45 Join SereRokR [0] (
16:32:47[IDC]Dragonamiconn: how much is that airport bus?
16:33:03*[IDC]Dragon needs to change money
16:33:12ThePRi have just installed rockbox on my ipod nano
16:33:15ThePRthat's great!!!
16:33:25ThePRwow, guys - you are supermen =)
16:34:03MikachuThePR: welcome to the club :)
16:34:06linuxstbThePR: Have you seen them?
16:35:07Bg3rlinuxstb haha u won't help the rb's server this way :P
16:35:19linuxstbNo, I should go back to work :)
16:35:37amiconn[IDC]Dragon: 95 SEK one way, or 175 SEK both ways
16:35:45Mode"#RockBox +o t0mas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
16:35:48Topic"Rockbox devcon2006 - Watch the gods at work:" by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
16:35:52Mode"#RockBox -o t0mas " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
16:36:42[IDC]Dragonthat only holds while I'm noth there yet
16:36:52[IDC]Dragon not
16:37:09t0masI'll change it to "Watch the gods and their most faithful fellowers at work"
16:37:19t0masbuit that's a little long ;)
16:37:31Bg3rt0mas put the link first :)
16:37:46Mode"#RockBox +o t0mas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
16:37:48Topic"Rockbox - devcon2006 --> Watch live:" by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
16:37:51[IDC]DragonI'm not a fellower, I'm an Ex
16:38:00t0masof who? ;)
16:38:08linuxstbAn ex-god?
16:38:31[IDC]Dragonyou youngster haven't seen my time ;-)
16:38:42[IDC]Dragonthe Archos days
16:39:04t0masB4gder: you should get some control over your brother... he has no rockbox shirt ;)
16:39:12LinusNstop looking at the webcam, my downloads are so slow! :-)
16:39:22 Join Moos [0] (
16:39:44linuxstbMaybe stop the auto-refresh...
16:39:45t0masghehe, if you commit something... cut the webcam... or the buildsystem will be slow as hell too ;)
16:40:32 Quit SereR0KR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:42:45[IDC]Dragonok, I should get going, too
16:43:04t0massee you soon (literally)
16:43:08[IDC]Dragoncu later, in front of that cam
16:43:21 Part [IDC]Dragon
16:44:46 Join amiconn_ [0] (
16:45:05 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
16:45:05 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
16:45:10amiconnt0mas: we will see soon...
16:45:16Bg3rhaha zagor :)
16:47:34Bg3rso, B4gder, u're in the right of the cam, just ahead of amiconn, yep ?
16:47:35 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:47:55 Join midkay_ [0] (
16:48:00 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:48:13 Join bluey [0] (
16:50:27 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:50:34 Join TCK [0] (
16:51:43crashdthey should setup name tag following
16:52:13Zagorcrashd: will you hack up a quick script? i promise to install it :-)
16:52:24crashd: )
16:52:40crashdif you've got a pixel farm application suite
16:52:44crashdon the server
16:52:45crashdmaybe :P
16:53:08t0masdon't touch that server...
16:53:20t0mas"34 builds in 642 seconds makes 18 seconds/build"
16:53:30t0masthat's almost 2 times the record ;)
16:53:58 Part Aditya_
16:55:16t0masbut hey... we've lost a server
16:56:28 Quit needleboy ()
16:56:55t0masB4gder should hit it :)
16:57:38 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:58:13 Join Zagor [0] (
17:02:05t0masZagor: where's your rockbox shirt?
17:03:27Zagoron the desk :-)
17:03:43LinusNit's a contest
17:03:45Zagori figured keeping my own shirt on would lessen the "factory droids" image a bit :-)
17:03:48LinusNfind the odd person
17:04:09t0mashaha, it's nice to have the cam...
17:04:15t0masnow I know when B4gder will respond to pm's
17:04:22t0massee him walking back... and typing
17:04:37B4gderI feel... supervised ;-)
17:04:49t0masdon't move before that server is back ;)
17:05:25B4gderwe better move to check the server!
17:05:45t0masghehe, if it's on fire... take the cam with you ;)
17:05:53 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
17:06:23 Quit ThePR ("Client Exiting")
17:15:10 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
17:19:26 Quit Rondom (No route to host)
17:19:51 Join Rondom [0] (
17:21:58t0masLinusN: are the stenberg brothers dead?
17:22:11t0masburned while saving the buildserver #2 ?
17:27:40 Join SereR0kR [0] (
17:28:26linuxstbSilence from devcon....
17:28:38Mikachuso, is there any deving going on?
17:28:43t0masyes... LinusN looks like he's on the phone...
17:28:51linuxstbOrdering pizza?
17:28:55t0masand amiconn is looking at his laptop as if it isn't working ;)
17:31:11t0masthe webcam is good enternainment when you're bored...
17:31:13t0masfeet on the deskj
17:31:31t0masslowly reading something and watching the cam
17:31:52linuxstbNow LinusN is trying to fix amiconn's laptop...
17:31:57t0masor his code...
17:32:17amiconnI was just looking up the devcon location in google earth
17:32:35linuxstb:) So not being any more productive than us then...
17:33:05t0masit's almost weekend man
17:33:15t0masbetter... it is weekend
17:33:30linuxstb"productive" in a fun, Rockbox kind of way.
17:34:20t0maswell... I like my sleeping position :P
17:35:14linuxstbThe Stenberg brothers survived the fire...
17:35:37 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:35:40t0masthe server did too
17:37:16t0masamiconn is mirroring my position...
17:38:01*t0mas imagines they now know what a fish in a tank feels like
17:39:15LinusNwe get that nice big brother felling
17:39:19linuxstbLinusN: As I can see you are in front of a computer, a quick question about configfile.[ch]. What should the min/max fields be for an enumeration? The .h file implies that they are the min/max values in the enumeration, but the .c file (configfile_load) checks for (val < max) - implying that max should be the number of items in the enumeration.
17:40:05LinusNan enum is always 0..max
17:40:12Zagorbuild server power supply had died. we just replaced it.
17:40:18t0masI heard it
17:40:20t0masserver is back up
17:40:22linuxstbLinusN: So the .c file has a bug?
17:40:37LinusNbut the meaning of the values is in a separate table
17:40:53LinusNlike the backlight timeout for example
17:41:08Papricaamiconn, have you try rockcalendar on your ondio?
17:41:10linuxstbline 109 of configfile.c uses 0..(max-1)
17:41:17 Quit SereRokR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:41:19LinusNsounds correct
17:41:28LinusNwait a sec
17:41:37LinusNthe plugin ib?
17:41:50LinusNit has no enums, to my knowledge
17:42:02linuxstbAccording to the cvs history, you implemented them...
17:43:10Mikachudoh, there is a combobox in flyspray that lets you select only 'tasks i reported'
17:43:14LinusNthat was years ago, wasn't it?
17:43:27t0mashope so
17:43:39linuxstbJuly/August 2004...
17:43:44linuxstbSo yes :)
17:44:00t0maslong enough to forget without being old ;)
17:49:35 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
17:56:13 Join thegeek [0] (
17:56:13 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:57:01kkurbjunlinuxstb: I've put up a new version of Rockdoom that compiles with the sim. Unfortunately it doesn't run yet though
17:57:10kkurbjunIt should be smaller also
17:57:37kkurbjunI got rid of the -funroll-loops which added quite a bit to the code size without much speed benefit
17:57:38 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
17:58:46tucozGood evening
17:58:53 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
17:59:00 Join tiennou [0] (
17:59:18 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
17:59:18 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
17:59:25linuxstbkkurbjun: Did you apply my fixes?
17:59:26B4gderthe drinks are in the fridge
17:59:35tucozLooks like there is something fun going on on that screen Zagor is looking at :-)
17:59:55kkurbjunlinuxstb, yep, They're all in, at least I think they are
18:00:27kkurbjunI'm trying to learn gdb now as I've never used it before
18:00:45tucozlinuxstb, regarding those button macros for the manual. Should I just define a new option in the platform files, and define the keynames accordingly?
18:00:51linuxstbkkurbjun: You only need a few commands. Just type "gdb rockboxui", then "run"
18:01:37linuxstbWhen it crashes, it will then probably give you enough information to find the problem. Typing "bt" will do a "backtrace" which gives more info. That's about all I know...
18:01:54kkurbjunlinuxstb: great, thanks
18:02:13B4gderthen you do "frame [num]" to switch to one particular level in the backtrace
18:02:23B4gderand "p [var]" to display variable contents
18:02:39tucozAnd I think I will also add two more options. SWCODEC and CONFIG_CODEC(?) to differ between hw and sw platforms
18:03:00kkurbjunthanks alot, that's real helpful
18:03:12kkurbjunthe tutorial I was using was a bit too detailed
18:05:26linuxstbtucoz: I think there are two things needed for the buttons - the first is just to define an option specifying the type of keypad - IPOD_4G_PAD, IRIVER_H100_PAD, RECORDER_PAD etc
18:06:13linuxstbAnd then you want another set of macros for the individual button names - possibly using the same names as firmware/export/button.h
18:06:24t0masdamn... about gdb... I've been looking at stack dumps the whole morning
18:06:40t0masjust to find out some idiot used strcpy() instead of strncpy()
18:06:54tucozThat's also what I've been thinking. I'll experiment some and see what works best.
18:07:19tucozlinuxstb, what do you think of the SWCODEC and SOME_DEFINE_FOR_MAS_CODEC
18:07:37 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
18:07:37 Quit tiennou ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:07:44kkurbjuncan anyone see what would be wrong with this code: specifically in the assignment of finecosine?
18:07:44tucozThat will be for sections such as equalizer etc
18:08:07kkurbjunthe debugger is telling me that finecosine pointer is 0
18:08:21Mikachumaybe you don't have enough memory?
18:08:43MikachuFor calloc() and malloc(), the value returned is a pointer to the allocated memory, which is suitably aligned for any kind of variable, or NULL if the request fails.
18:09:16kkurbjunfinesine is allocating fine though
18:09:35*t0mas sees someone comming in
18:09:38t0masat devcon
18:09:50Mikachukkurbjun: if the pointer is 0 it would seem that it isn't...
18:09:53t0masMikachu: we don't have malloc() in rockbox
18:09:57B4gdert0mas: a Contactor guy
18:10:15Mikachubut still, it's the largest one so it's a bit suspicious
18:10:19t0masB4gder: hanging out there on 18:10 ??
18:10:27B4gderyeps :-)
18:10:51kkurbjunmikachu: the malloc is ok, I'm checking the end values of finesine and they're coming up correct also
18:11:36linuxstbtucoz: Rockbox itself uses SWCODEC and three different MASNNNN defines for CONFIG_CODEC. Maybe just using SWCODEC and MASCODEC in the manual will be enough.
18:12:11kkurbjuncan you set gdb to watch certain variables and break when they're modified?
18:12:44Mikachuthen i don't know
18:12:50t0masB4gder: added location and killed the image?
18:13:10kkurbjunmikachu: thanks though
18:14:30kkurbjunoh, I found the problem
18:14:46kkurbjunreturning before the value was set
18:14:56tucozlinuxstb, ok. I think so too. thanks
18:17:31Mikachukkurbjun: do you have lowercase completion on or are you typing nicks without pressing tab?
18:18:26kkurbjunI don't always press tab, why?
18:18:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:18:53Mikachujust took me a few seconds to figure out why my nick looked strange :)
18:24:20 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:24:57 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
18:25:28 Join CyberDog [0] (i=UNKNOWN6@
18:31:00LinusNbjrn tripped on the camera cable
18:33:40Mikachuwill he recover?
18:34:59 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:35:19CyberDogwhat software are they using to do that?
18:35:29XavierGrI can see alot of DAPs there
18:35:35CyberDogheh yeah
18:35:40CyberDogstacked neatly
18:35:45CyberDogwell they were
18:36:07dpassen1Is there an x5 and an iPod 5G there by any chance?
18:36:19B4gdertwo x5s
18:36:22B4gderno ipod yet
18:36:34CyberDogcoulda brought mine over..
18:36:35linuxstbThe ipod boy and girl will be arriving later...
18:36:49dpassen1Thanks, I'd love to see a size comparison when possible. Numbers are harder to visualize.
18:37:01Mikachudraw a picture :)
18:37:20B4gderlemme try...
18:37:21 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
18:39:15 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:39:47XavierGrwhat does it say?
18:39:55XavierGrrockbox manual?
18:40:09XavierGryeah it seems like it
18:40:15elinenbewhat is that image on the cam?
18:40:31Zagora basic schedule
18:40:46Zagor(the hidden agenad)
18:40:46elinenbewhat's on the schedule? :-)
18:40:54Zagordidn't you read? ;)
18:41:03 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
18:42:13Papricawhere is iriver?! ;]
18:42:14Zagorthis is our way of making copies
18:42:33B4gdeririver is in korea ;-)
18:45:37Mikachuthe inverse of rockbox,
18:48:01XavierGritunes? who uses that?
18:50:18dpassen1many, many people
18:50:25XavierGrshame on them
18:52:39 Join obo [0] (
18:55:44 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:58:25kkurbjungreat, have doom running in the sim
18:58:44XavierGrnice! Update your patch
18:59:04XavierGrnow that my h300 is for repairs I could play a little in the sim
18:59:07Papricakkurbjun, nice
18:59:50 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
18:59:57kkurbjun: )
19:00:22Papricakkurbjun, you next project could be make the gif viewer work?
19:00:44Papricaworking on the sim but not on h300
19:00:51Papricaon the ipod it works well
19:00:53kkurbjunI'm interested in the midi player next
19:01:14Papricaso next next project? ;]
19:01:29crashdPaprica: did your calender get commited?
19:01:39Papricanot yet
19:01:49MikachuPaprica: the keyboard code doesn't look at all fun to port
19:01:54XavierGryes the midi player needs some work. It would be sweet to have it running realtim on 44100hz
19:02:01Papricawaiting for OK from LinusN
19:02:05crashdahh roit
19:02:18crashdwhat's the state of the chiptune/mod players in rockbox (cant get to web atm)
19:02:32PapricaMikachu, huh =]
19:02:34XavierGrLinus & Bjorn left...
19:03:12MikachuPaprica: lots of numbers to align and stuff
19:04:04Mikachuand i think it would be better to improve the rockbox keyboard or implement switchable input globally for rockbox than have a special keyboard in the calendar
19:04:34Mikachu<- mr optimist
19:05:42 Quit CyberDog ()
19:05:58elinenbekkurbjun: didn't you do doom?
19:06:06XavierGryes he did
19:06:38elinenbeI thought there WAS a midi player that was a part of doom? no?
19:06:47 Join bluey [0] (
19:06:55Mikachuit only sends midi events to the os
19:06:57XavierGrit uses the same as that in the cvs AFAIK
19:06:59Mikachuit doesn't have a builtin synth
19:07:17 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:08:43kkurbjunelinenbe, yes, I did doom, but the midi player was done by someone else
19:08:49 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
19:08:54kkurbjunoops, answered
19:10:08elinenbekkurbjun: XavierGr: thanks
19:12:56 Quit SereR0kR ("XChat Aqua")
19:16:33 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-376d5e39757c7e7d)
19:16:42 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
19:19:07 Join actionshrimp [0] (
19:23:23 Quit actionshrimp (Client Quit)
19:23:53 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
19:29:53 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:30:02 Join midkay_ [0] (
19:33:07B4gderChristi and Brandon gathered at the airport and are on their way
19:34:01 Join midk [0] (
19:37:00*safetydan wonders if anyone is capturing all these images from the web camera to make a movie
19:37:37safetydan"Watch coders as they... chat on IRC!" We could sell it.
19:37:41B4gdera thrilling movie it could be
19:38:10LinusNRockbox Reloaded
19:38:33BgerB4gder what's this ~pink thing next 2 u:P
19:38:55B4gdera bag of potatoe chips
19:39:07bagawkNeat to see you live :)
19:39:17 Join Matze [0] (
19:39:19Bger:P hahaha
19:41:34XavierGrSomeone just told me (read it from the mailing list) how the name of rockbox emerged....
19:41:41amiconn. . .
19:41:53t0mashmz... B4gder... maybe you should save the images somewhere
19:42:08B4gderwe upload one every 5 seconds
19:42:13B4gderthat A LOT of pictures
19:42:28XavierGrhmm Orpheus, I can't imagine how that would be instead of Rockbox.
19:42:50XavierGrMaybe I will make my own version. Baroquebox :D
19:42:55Bger12* ~ 35kb = 420kb/min
19:43:31XavierGr~1GB for the 48 hours
19:44:21B4gderthey're more like 50KB each
19:44:36Bgerah, yes
19:45:26XavierGrthen ~2.5 GB for 60 hours
19:45:49Bgerok, 600kb/min = ~843MB/day
19:46:05Mikachuif you're on linux you probably have a hyperuseful program called 'units'
19:46:18XavierGrthey are on windows
19:46:24MikachuYou have: 50kB/5 seconds
19:46:25MikachuYou want: MB/day
19:46:25Mikachu* 864
19:46:35B4gderwe have differnet machines involved
19:46:54Mikachui guess it's available in cygwin too
19:46:54B4gderamiconn is actually doing serious rockbox work here
19:47:05XavierGrI imagine...
19:47:13safetydanhrm... not much of a shadowy "real names" conspiracy if we can see your faces
19:47:27Bgeramiconn what are you doing atm ? ;)
19:47:32B4gderhow do you know it is our _real_ faces? ;-)
19:47:59*B4gder waits to do the Mission Impossible face lift-off
19:47:59safetydanooo... now the conspiracy really comes out, they're fakes! actors in developers clothes!
19:48:06Bgersafetydan this is not B4gder, this is his evil twin ...
19:48:18Mikachuso he has the same face?
19:51:31 Part LinusN
19:52:29 Join centos [0] (
19:53:22 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
19:54:10 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:54:51 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
19:55:26centoscould someone help me? i tried to patch the latest bleeding with the Arbitrary-vorbis-comments-patch but one hunk fails. at screens.c. or maybe someone knows how to contact the developer (low-light).
19:56:09Mikachutry looking at the source and the .rej file and see if you can merge it manually
19:57:08centosto be honest, i simply don´t know how to do that.
19:57:47Nico_Pdevs... what about committing this ? :
19:58:39Papricano source for this?
19:59:27B4gderPaprica: I believe we got the source
19:59:48B4gderbut we didn't want all his changes
19:59:57B4gderand he didn't want to make separate patches
20:00:15B4gderand then it never got anywhere
20:00:29Papricait's very old......
20:01:01Papricamaype he change his decision?
20:01:09B4gderI doubt that
20:01:20Papricahaha =]
20:01:27B4gderthe code was also already then made against an old source version
20:02:35 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
20:07:07 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:07:11 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
20:10:59 Join CyberDog [0] (i=UNKNOWN6@
20:11:43amiconnPaprica: Some remarks regarding rockcalendar on Ondio:
20:12:11amiconn(1) I can't leave the menu with Left as I would expect
20:12:42amiconn(2) It's impossible to set the date. It seems date setting should be entered with Mode, but it backs out again immediately
20:13:20amiconn(3) Selecting menu items with Mode is also counter-intuitive on Ondio. It should be Right
20:13:59amiconnI think rockcalendar should use the rockbox standard menus to ensure standard behaviour
20:18:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:18:54Nico_Psooo ? what about my patch ? very simple one... only a few lines changed
20:19:01 Join Zagor [0] (
20:19:04 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:19:44 Quit CyberDog ()
20:19:45Zagorman, that poor 2mbit line is glowing...
20:19:46 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
20:20:56Mikachuhm, i have 100mbit, maybe i could help?
20:21:22XavierGrMikachu: I hate you!
20:21:41Mikachui have to pay 6.5$ per month for it too :(
20:21:52 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
20:22:13B4gderMikachu: you have somewhere we can upload pictures too frequently?
20:22:31 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
20:22:35Mikachui could probably set up a thing on my ftp server
20:22:38XavierGrMikachu: Stop talking about Interent connections please. I hate you more.
20:22:52XavierGr6.5$ for 100mbit?
20:22:57Mikachustudent deal
20:23:06 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:23:14kkurbjunok, rockdoom is updated, it runs great on the sim now, no sound though
20:23:15XavierGrI pay 30 euros for 384 (more like 256) kbps
20:23:37crashdthat isnt 100mbit
20:23:39XavierGrand no more than 20 packets per second
20:23:43crashdthat's not even 10mbit dude
20:24:02XavierGr(no VoIP no online gaming e.t.c)
20:24:07XavierGrthat's why I hate him
20:24:11crashdi pay 34.99 for 10mbit proper
20:24:13crashdwhich it tasty
20:24:22XavierGrI hate you too.
20:24:28crashdonly 512 upload tho
20:24:33crashdso, what goes around comes around, i guess
20:24:39crashdB4gder: what kind of pics ?
20:24:53crashdi might be able to help
20:25:04B4gdervery juicy pics =>
20:25:20crashdahh, a webcam feed
20:25:20 Quit centos ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:26:08*LinusN waves
20:26:24*B4gder ruins it
20:27:30XavierGrI like the stack of DAPs you got there
20:28:37linuxstbIt's missing the iPod gang
20:28:42B4gdera neat pile
20:28:52B4gderyes, they should've called us by now...
20:29:01 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:30:02 Join webguest77 [0] (
20:30:24 Part webguest77
20:32:19Bgerso, one H1xx over 3 archoses, and 2 h3x0 in front of them ?
20:32:23 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
20:33:07Bgerno, can't be 2 h3x0
20:33:08 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
20:33:14 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:33:59amiconnBg3r: It's a Player and a Recorder v1
20:34:11amiconnacross that an FM recorder
20:34:25amiconnand a H140 on top
20:34:35Bgerand in front of them ?
20:34:56Bgerheh B4gder rearranges them
20:35:00amiconnIn front of the stack there is an iAudio X5 and a H320
20:35:14amiconnerr, two iAudios
20:35:30Bgerwhat's that next to B4gder ?
20:35:38 Join bluey [0] (
20:35:39Bgerto his right hand
20:35:44amiconnNow you can see an Ondio FM as well
20:36:59Bgerany digi camera there ?
20:37:48Bgergood B4gder, good :)
20:39:43 Join GO [0] (
20:45:17BgerXavierGr ?
20:45:40Bgerela ?
20:45:40XavierGroops soory
20:45:55XavierGrgod this happens to me all the time
20:46:05Mikachumy apache log has never been this active before
20:46:21tucozMikachu, we're getting images from you now?
20:46:31Bgerah, yes
20:46:34Bgertucoz yep
20:46:35tucozit seems faster
20:46:51Mikachutucoz: yeah
20:47:01Mikachulog is growing 1kB/s
20:47:23tucozCan you see how many connections you got?
20:47:35XavierGrwow that tower is frightening?
20:47:42XavierGrDAP Tower!
20:47:42B4gderMikachu: you should be able to do a good count on current number of browsing peple
20:47:47Mikachuthey're opened and closed all the time
20:48:01BgerMikachu check per ip ...
20:48:44Mikachu% lgrep /shot.jpg access.log|cut -f 1 -d \ |sort -u|wc -l
20:50:36Mikachu% lgrep /shot.jpg access.log|cut -f 1 -d \ |sort -u|logresolve|rev|cut -f 1 -d .|rev|sort -u|lgrep '[a-zA-Z]'|wc -l
20:51:04Mikachunumber of different TLDs
20:51:50 Quit GO ()
20:56:42kkurbjunlinuxstb: could you see if the latest source I have will fit in the IPod's plugin buffer if you get a chance?
20:58:31linuxstbPaprica: I've just tried RockCalendar on my 4g Color ipod and I don't think I like a single one of your button choices :). IMO, the button mappings should be the following: The clickwheel should be used for RIGHT/LEFT and we can live without UP/DOWN. Pressing MENU should bring up the main menu, pressing SELECT should bring up the "current day" menu. In the menus themselves, you should use the scrollwheel to move up/down, with eit
20:58:31linuxstbher SELECT or RIGHT to select an item, and either LEFT or MENU to leave the menu - maybe use the standard MENU_???? defines in menu.h (which I think plugins have access to via plugin.h). The actual LEFT/RIGHT buttons should be used for previous/next month.
20:59:13linuxstbkkurbjun: OK, I'll try it now - but you could just install the ARM cross-compiler youself :)
20:59:23linuxstbIs it on the patch tracker?
21:02:25linuxstbIt still fails with a static/non-static error.
21:02:40kkurbjunwhere is that so I can fix it
21:02:50kkurbjunmy compiler doesn't give me that error
21:03:08linuxstbin p_mobj.c - itemrespawnque and itemrespawntime
21:03:22linuxstbLines 804 and 805 in p_mobj.c
21:04:19linuxstbAnd there are more in r_segs.c - lines 49, 50, 51, 67 and 68 all need the word "static" removing.
21:04:54kkurbjunwhat's wrong with the static definition? they are modified later I guess?
21:05:46kkurbjunerrr, no, is it just complaining because they are globals?
21:05:48linuxstbMy understanding is that static in that context means that the variables are only available to functions in the same .c file.
21:05:56kkurbjunoh, I see
21:06:23linuxstbAnd one more in d_main.c - line 104 (basetic)
21:06:56 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:07:21elinenbeLinusN: to you and all the others... good luck boys!
21:07:52B4gderhey, christi's coming too
21:08:12kkurbjunok, I think i got all of them
21:08:33linuxstbAnd yes - it now compiles fine in the iPod's 512KB plugin buffer :)
21:08:34LinusNwell, christi and brandon are lost somewhere in the cold swedish night...
21:09:00LinusNit seems like her cell phone is dead...
21:09:01kkurbjunlinuxstb, great :), now if only it would run
21:10:03kkurbjunlinuxstb, how large is the .rock on the ipod now?
21:12:08Mikachufor variables, static inside a function means it persists across calls to the function, static outside a function means the variable is only available in that c file
21:12:11linuxstbThe .rock itself is 372856 bytes. The total size including BSS is 422916 bytes.
21:12:47linuxstbMikachu: Yes - the second case was causing the problem. Variables declared non-static in the .h file, but static in the .c file.
21:13:02linuxstbgcc 3.4.x wasn't complaining, but gcc 4 does.
21:13:06kkurbjunMikachu, thanks
21:13:21kkurbjunlinuxstb, good, then I have some room to add more code :)
21:16:31tucozhave a nice time at the devcon, I'm off to the pub :)
21:16:43 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
21:17:39 Join webguest91 [0] (
21:18:28webguest91oi, I dont see any frosty beverages on the tables of you hard working folks over there in sweden
21:18:50LinusNnot yet
21:19:15LinusNcan't drink until i have picked up christi and brandon
21:19:32Mikachucan't christi turn water into wine?
21:20:02webguest91make her drive :>
21:21:59 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:22:08 Join midkay_ [0] (
21:22:13webguest91you'all have a nice day
21:22:17 Part webguest91
21:23:22 Quit XavierGr ()
21:23:27ZagorLinusN: debian installed yet?
21:24:29LinusNyour installation froze
21:26:07 Join XavierGr [0] (
21:26:35Mikachulinuxstb: i'm playing a bit with the scaling code in pacbox
21:26:46Mikachulinuxstb: but the code is a tad confusing
21:27:02Mikachulinuxstb: my idea so far is to or together all the values of the four pixels into one
21:27:13Mikachulinuxstb: so at least all the blue lines defining the playfield are drawn
21:27:22Mikachulinuxstb: so far i've understood how to do it horizontally
21:27:59Mikachulinuxstb: do you already have some idea for good scaling so i just should give up? :)
21:32:14 Join webguest55 [0] (
21:38:59webguest55Hello rockers
21:39:24*B4gder rocks
21:39:31webguest55Is Rockbox will run on the X5 soon ?
21:39:32linuxstbMikachu: My two ideas for Nano scaling were: 1) Do what one of the ipodmame devs has done, and redesign the pacman sprites to be 4x4 instead of 8x8 (so the existing scaling will work better); or 2) Manually decide which of the 224 columns and 288 rows to skip and use two lookup tables.
21:39:42Mikachulinuxstb: ah
21:39:52Mikachulinuxstb: that sounds like it will work better then :)
21:39:55B4gderwebguest55: we hope so
21:40:54webguest55Cooool !
21:41:14Mikachui can have the webcam page up but obscured in good conscience
21:41:37Mikachubut no one else!
21:42:09linuxstbAny word from the two lost ipodders?
21:42:28Mikachulost in translation
21:42:34Mikachu(translation also means movement)
21:42:53sharpeheheh, whenever i turn on my television, it's like a miniature degauss for my monitor... :)
21:42:59sharpeyes it does...
21:43:16Mikachu"Motion in which all the points of the moving body have at any instant the same velocity and direction of motion; −− opposed to rotation."
21:44:20sharpeand in entry level algebra, a translation is a move...
21:44:30Mikachuthat's the kinematics definition
21:44:38Mikachuwhich was good enough for my pun
21:44:44sharpewoohoo for my memory.
21:45:23Mikachuy=x+1 is a translation transform, but not a very exciting one :)
21:48:02Mikachulinuxstb: hm, i can't quite understand the scaling code... do you scale 0.5 in both x and y?
21:48:13XavierGrsomeone just left...
21:48:29XavierGrZagor is going for...?
21:48:31Mikachumaybe they had to do toiled
21:48:54XavierGrno he put on his jacket, so... :D
21:49:08Mikachumaybe the toilet is outdoors :P
21:49:18Mikachuor maybe he's going for some jolt cola
21:49:24linuxstbMikachu: Yes - scaling happens in both directions.
21:49:40XavierGror maybe he is going to bring Christi and Brandon
21:49:40linuxstb224x288 -> 144x112
21:49:41LinusNhe's getting burgers for all
21:49:50XavierGrah yummie!
21:49:51Mikachulinuxstb: in the y loop, vbuf is only increased by ScreenWidth, not 2*
21:50:01Mikachuso i'm a bit confused at how it's actually skipping two lines
21:50:02LinusNburger king closes in 10 minutes :-)
21:50:05Mikachuskipping one line rather
21:50:14linuxstbThat's because vbuf is the internal emulator framebuffer - which is 1 byte per pixel.
21:50:14XavierGrthat's too early man
21:50:35Mikachuso if i did vbuf + ScreenWidth/2, i would get the pixel under the current one?
21:50:39linuxstbMikachu: Sorry, forget that....
21:50:45linuxstbLet me look at the code again.
21:50:59XavierGrour eating spots close not before 12.00 or late 5.00am. (Some are 24hour open)
21:52:37linuxstbMikachu: I was right. In the blit_display() function, lcd_framebuffer is the Rockbox 16bpp framebuffer, and vbuf is the Pacman 8bpp framebuffer containing palette values..
21:52:47Mikachuokay, so will what i wrote work?
21:52:55linuxstbMikachu: So vbuf+ScreenWidth gives you the pixel underneath the current one
21:53:11Mikachuhm, so why does the next loop step skip a line?
21:54:38linuxstbWhere do you mean? The vbuf+=Screenwidth?
21:55:06linuxstbThat's the part that skips every other line in vbuf.
21:55:16linuxstbThe vbuf+=2 skips every other column.
21:55:23Mikachuoooh yes of course, vbuf will be at the next line already from the +2
21:55:41Mikachubut dst is reset to the reference every loop and substracted
21:56:05Mikachuthen it is crystal clear
21:57:00linuxstbI had to write 5 of those loops... And I still need to add support for the greyscale ipods.
21:57:10Mikachuhm, if i wanted to average the values in rockbox colorspace, i'd have to unpack them first?
21:57:19Mikachuthat would probably not look so good though
21:59:23Mikachuokay, so now it's pretty ugly but all the blue lines are there
22:01:22 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
22:01:35 Join TCK [0] (
22:04:08LinusNdaniel found two foreigners wandering in the cold...
22:04:18Mikachuwas it the right ones?
22:04:34Mikachuor 'are they' rather
22:04:52 Quit solexx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:05:55Mikachulinuxstb: it's a bit illogical with the names LCD_RGBPACK and RGB_UNPACK_color i think
22:06:04Mikachu(i'm just going to try the blending for fun)
22:10:40 Join solexx [0] (
22:11:46XavierGrsay hello from me when they arrive
22:11:49XavierGrI have to go
22:11:53 Quit webguest55 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:13:13 Quit XavierGr ("Keep")
22:14:27 Join safetydan [0] (
22:14:59 Quit Nico_P ()
22:15:18safetydanWell it's much easier to tell if someone's away when they have a web cam pointing at them.
22:15:35Mikachuheh, this is both slow and ugly
22:18:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:19:33 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
22:19:47safetydanHrm... I wonder if it's worth doing some cleanup based on some of gcc's more obscure warning settings.
22:24:42 Join damaki [0] (
22:28:34 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (
22:29:44midkaywazaawazzaaaaaaaaa ;)
22:30:30sharpegoing to get started on the pixel maze...
22:30:44midkay"get started" - what the hell? :)
22:30:59midkayhaven't you been working on that for like two years now? ;)
22:31:01sharpeer, start back on working?
22:31:40 Quit ScootScat ()
22:31:43sharpei've just taken a break for a while...
22:32:00sharpeone day or so actually :)
22:32:06midkaywhat about packed wps files!! *cries*
22:32:19sharpei don't know :'(
22:32:31midkayneed-you help?
22:32:41sharpefor those, yeh
22:33:01midkayi could try.. i'd probably fail, but i could try. :)
22:33:16sharpeheh, probably better than i've done
22:33:26midkayi doubt it. :)
22:34:10sharpei just haven't gotten the adding the functions to the api struct to work...
22:34:36midkaysharpe, aha..
22:35:11midkaywell, let me see if i can do that..
22:35:17sharpewell, it wasn't really the functions, just... the like global settings and the wps thingie...
22:35:34safetydanyeesh... compiling with -Wwrite-strings throws up a lot of warnings
22:35:59Mikachuhm? isn't -fno-write-strings default or something like that?
22:36:22safetydanyeah it is, I'm just poking around and seeing what gcc doesn't like in Rockbox when it's being super-strict
22:36:34safetydanwait... I'm just talking about warnings
22:36:45Mikachui thought writing to strings was disabled since 3.0 or so
22:36:56 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:37:07safetydanapparently not
22:38:08Mikachu"" These warnings will help you find at compile time code that can try to write into a string constant, but only if you have been very careful about using "const" in declarations and prototypes. Otherwise, it will just be a nuisance; this is why we did not make -Wall request these warnings. ""
22:38:35safetydanI'm trying for const correctness
22:38:42safetydanRockbox isn't too bad when it comes to use of const
22:39:13Mikachuapps/plugins/doom}% grep fuck *|wc -l
22:40:42safetydan2 in Rockbox source
22:41:55 Join afruff23_ [0] (
22:42:46afruff23_anyone there?
22:42:55sharpeof course
22:42:58Mikachuooh, someone is back at the devcon
22:43:03afruff23_anyone developing for X5
22:43:19afruff23_you are?
22:43:30Mikachui wasn't replying, sorry
22:44:02afruff23_one guy sure loks happy at the devcon
22:44:14afruff23_and he's gone
22:44:22afruff23_he's back
22:44:30afruff23_walking to cam
22:44:48afruff23_what'd he just do?
22:44:57afruff23_he;s happy again
22:45:04Zagorthat's linus
22:45:04afruff23_now sad
22:45:05LinusNi moved the cam
22:45:23afruff23_it's not that different
22:46:26Mikachudid you find lolo and christi?
22:47:16LinusNchristi is behind the lcd screen to the left
22:47:32LinusNand you can see brandon's right elbow to the right
22:47:34 Part safetydan
22:47:37Zagori'm making a "who's who" image
22:49:26afruff23_can I expect to see an X5 port by next year?(no sarcasm intended)(I won't hold you to anything either)
22:49:47LinusNyes, the x5 will come soon
22:50:25afruff23_since the X5 already has native FLAC support, then will it have full seekign support?
22:51:47 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
22:52:33 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
22:53:59Mikachuafruff23_: i was able to seek in them on my ipod after i added seeking tables with metaflac
22:54:18safetydanIs it just me or is the pile of mp3 players starting to look a little like R2-D2?
22:54:36afruff23_no, I read somehwere that in FLAC files on rockbox you can't seek exactly
22:54:47afruff23_it just goes to the nearest part of a seeking table
22:55:35*afruff23_ slaps Mikachu
22:55:45afruff23_what is slapping?
22:56:06afruff23_never mind
22:56:31sharpeokay :)
22:56:39afruff23_How long does this devcon last?
22:56:47Mikachusafetydan: i had that thought too earlier
22:57:18Mikachunot exactly r2d2 but some kind of robot
22:58:39Mikachui got 47 fucks in linux sources
22:59:00safetydanSounds like an exciting Friday night you're having there Mikachu :)
22:59:06safetydangrepping source code for swear words
22:59:21sharpesounds like fun
22:59:26 Quit BHSPitLappy (Connection timed out)
22:59:31Mikachuit's not like i sat watching the grep go
22:59:33 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
22:59:40afruff23_mikachu are oyu a developer?
23:00:04 Join Rondom [0] (
23:00:17sharpei know i'm not :)
23:00:27 Quit Rondom (Client Quit)
23:00:49*Zagor added a whoswho image. reload to see it.
23:01:53safetydanpoor lostlogic... fallen of the edge of the world/camera
23:02:15Zagorhe and christi obviously have something to hide :-)
23:02:28Mikachudamn foreigners
23:02:43LinusNit's a coverup
23:02:50LinusNthey never really arrived
23:02:52 Join webguest18 [0] (
23:02:55lostlogicthey killed us
23:03:01Mikachuand wrote hyperadvanced ircbots
23:03:06LinusNpart of the hidden rockbox agenda
23:03:10lostlogicthey're going to use us for food for the weekend or something
23:03:37LinusNthe swedish chef will cook them
23:03:40afruff23_Are all the developers swedish?
23:03:45Mikachuand season with swedish fish
23:03:49afruff23_or live there?
23:03:49safetydanafruff23_, no
23:03:49Bgerah, yes
23:04:00BgerLinusN, please send me some pieces ;)
23:04:01webguest18re-hello here
23:04:05 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
23:04:18webguest18I asked few minutes ago about the Cowan stuff
23:04:21Paul_The_NerdThe swedish chef is really an evil serial murderer?
23:04:29afruff23_because if they aren't lving ther, then how could they afford to go to Sweden to develop soemthing for no money?
23:04:30webguest18How can I help you guys ?
23:04:32safetydanboy is there a lot of things gcc can warn you about
23:05:00sharpefor instance, it can warn you that you left your oven on.
23:05:02webguest18Is there someone working on the hardware parts of iaudio yet?
23:05:12Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Warning: Umm... I forgot?
23:05:20webguest18I want to help the port
23:05:23Zagorafruff23_: how can you afford going on vacation?
23:05:40afruff23_Well, it's for leisure not work
23:05:46Zagorthis is leisure
23:05:56LinusNwebguest18: i have most of the hardware covered
23:05:58afruff23_Oh, I view programming as work
23:06:10afruff23_but I've only used C++
23:06:13Mikachuprogramming for work is work, programming for fun is leisure
23:06:15safetydanIs it worth having some sort of janitorial project to go through and clean up some? Sort of like
23:06:18webguest18LinusN: very nice
23:06:48afruff23_whhich port are you guys focsuing on?
23:06:51webguest18LinusN: have you got something to test yet? bootloader or something
23:06:55linuxstbsafetydan: What kind of warnings are you talking about?
23:07:09webguest18I've got X5 20 gb
23:07:16LinusNwebguest18: i have most of the stuff done to make a bootloader
23:07:40safetydanlinuxstb, things like -Wwrite-strings and -Wstrict-prototypes
23:07:50safetydan(though the last only shows two warnings in the sim and I made those...)
23:07:51afruff23_I've got the X5L 20 gb for $272. How much you get your's for webguest18?
23:07:53webguest18LinusN: what are things left?
23:08:08linuxstbLinusN: How will the Rockbox bootloader work on the X5? Will it involve flashing?
23:08:15LinusNi'll have to tweak the waitstates and stuff for the cpufrequency scaling
23:08:20LinusNthen i'm set
23:08:28webguest18afruff23: 200 euros but ages ago
23:08:38LinusNlinuxstb: yes, it will be about the same as for hxx
23:08:53webguest18LinusN: can we hope something really soon? :)
23:09:08afruff23_That's a pretty good price, but is it the version without FM tuner?
23:09:10Mikachuis brandon the one moving around now?
23:09:25webguest18afruff23: yes
23:11:01webguest18LinusN: what are the things left for have one bootloder (without sound yet I assum) ?
23:11:18LinusNi told you
23:11:34sharpemidkay, i think i may have something...
23:12:00midkaysharpe, hmm?
23:12:30sharpeturns out i think i was using the wrong struct :)
23:12:58webguest18LinusN: have you need something for help?
23:13:20midkaysharpe, cool :)
23:13:32webguest18I mean : can I help you
23:13:44sharpei'm just going to see if i can get it to load a .wps first, without doing anything with the zips
23:14:06webguest18LinusN: ?
23:14:10afruff23_It's so wierd that all the mp3 players that I had ever been interested in either have rockbox or have devlopment in progress
23:14:22afruff23_gigabeat, X5, ipod, iriver
23:14:27midkaysharpe, sounds good - it's what i'd do :)
23:14:28Zagorwebguest18: he's not impolite, he's running around :-)
23:14:51webguest18oops sorry
23:14:59Mikachuokay, what nick is jrg's?
23:15:07 Join t0mas_ [0] (
23:15:19ZagorMikachu: reload for latest whoswho
23:15:45afruff23_Is it possible to search all previous IRC logs without having to go to each link individually?
23:15:50LinusNwebguest18: yes, you can work with the sim
23:15:58Zagorafruff23_: only with google
23:16:14webguest18Zagor: what do you mean? :)
23:16:46Bgerwebguest18 he means "blabla"
23:16:58linuxstbafruff23_: To answer your FLAC question, just create your FLAC files with seekpoints that match the accuracy that you wish to seek to. I personally encode them with seekpoints every second.
23:17:07afruff23_I can keep my od firmware on my X5 at the same time as the rockbox firmware right? Other versions you have to use button combos. Do these combos ever get pressed by accident?
23:17:13t0mas_*kuch* lost connection
23:17:24t0mas_thanks to Planet Internet, The Netherlands
23:17:37webguest18LinusN, Bger: is there one part in particulary I have to look at it or somethings?
23:17:42 Part safetydan ("Leaving")
23:17:52 Quit t0mas (Nick collision from services.)
23:17:57 Nick t0mas_ is now known as t0mas (
23:18:01Zagorafruff23_: yes, the bootloader implements dual booting
23:18:30afruff23_have you decided on a betton combo yet? If so, what is it?
23:18:42LinusNwebguest18: yes, the button mappings
23:19:05LinusNthe x5 has no stop button, so there are a few places where we need to adapt
23:19:19webguest18LinusN: ok I will look at it
23:20:24afruff23_I would reccomend pressing the A-B Repeat button while the X5 is not playing(i.e. paused does not count as playing)
23:20:46Zagorafruff23_: to do what?
23:20:54 Join Cassandra [0] (
23:21:05afruff23_to load the original firmware
23:21:14t0masB4gder? everybody in now?
23:21:17afruff23_while in the rockbox firmware, that is
23:21:31 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Connection timed out)
23:21:32t0masah.. have I missed up the lineup? ;)
23:21:34Mikachuafruff23_: you'd hold a key while booting to select other firmwares
23:21:44t0masright in front of the cam is lostlogic / brandon?
23:21:46afruff23_oh, never mind.
23:21:51B4gderah but Zagor left before so he's not physically here
23:22:28afruff23_who's the guy with the lollipop?
23:22:51t0maslostlogic I think...
23:23:06afruff23_according to the who's who image, that's not him
23:23:07Zagorreload the page for updated whoswho image
23:24:19Zagorafruff23_: firmware selection is done at boot time
23:24:32afruff23_I understood
23:24:42afruff23_from mikachu
23:25:17t0mashmz... I've missed Cassandra / Christi and lostlogic / Brandon
23:25:37t0masand they both hide outside of the camera range
23:25:47Mikachudon't forget to take a groupshot with a camera tomorrow
23:26:07Bgeri don't see any beer!
23:26:12lostlogicno lolipop here
23:26:15t0masah ok
23:26:22t0masthen it's [IDC]Dragon
23:26:32B4gderthat's beer!
23:26:34t0masand Daniel has a beer
23:26:42t0maslostlogic: time to wave ;)
23:26:48Cassandrat0mas, best# place for me if you ask me.
23:26:56 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
23:27:15t0mashidden perfectly behind Bjorns screen...
23:30:27afruff23_how many versions of the rockbox firmware will there be for the X5?
23:30:40Mikachuwhat do you mean by versions?
23:30:47afruff23_I'm asking because fot he differnt X5's
23:30:51 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:30:54Mikachuoh, didn't know there were different ones
23:30:59MrStaticVoidthey are all the same
23:31:02afruff23_X5L, X5, 60 gb, X5V
23:31:04LinusNit will be the same for all versions
23:31:17[IDC]Dragonphew, I'm set up
23:31:19afruff23_But X5V doesn't support radio
23:31:29afruff23_and 60 gb has a 2 platter drive
23:31:37Zagor[IDC]Dragon: using the web irc client?
23:31:47*[IDC]Dragon changes to firefox
23:32:01 Part [IDC]Dragon
23:32:15afruff23_hmm..I didn;t know firefox was an IRC client
23:32:33afruff23_I sue firefox for browsing already
23:32:41lostlogict0mas: why am I waving?
23:32:50 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:33:02t0masbecause I didn't see it ;)
23:33:14Mikachumaybe it will be time to merge emacs and firefox soon
23:33:16*t0mas wanted to see who you are :)
23:36:16 Quit webguest18 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:38:22ZagorMikachu: emacs already has a web browser:
23:38:50Mikachuyeah, and firefox/mozilla has irc, that's why i thought they should merge :)
23:39:08Mikachudid christi suddenly become very large?
23:39:17sharpeeh, just merge every open source project into one...
23:39:30sharpei don't know why i said that
23:39:42Mikachuit was also a jokoe
23:39:49Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: Wouldn't that include mixing emacs and vi?
23:40:01ZagorPaul_The_Nerd: that would make the world implode
23:40:10Paul_The_NerdAt the *very* least
23:40:12sharpeyeah, just leave them in the room alone, they'll battle it out.
23:42:22Paul_The_NerdOne of you with Photoshop should replace the Rockbox logo .bmp with a special limited-edition Devcon one for the duration of the weekend.
23:43:26 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:44:59Mikachu is the one i use :)
23:45:15Mikachui didn't spend an awful lot of time on it
23:46:28midkayPaul_The_Nerd, that sounds fun! :) *starts photoshop*
23:46:45Paul_The_NerdI have an artist friend who's going to create me one (well, create herself one, but I get to use it too) just as soon as I flash the H120 I persuaded her to buy off ebay when she was seeking an MP3 player
23:47:41afruff23_is it jsut me or did iRiver mes up on the H10
23:47:46afruff23_they took away many features
23:48:12Paul_The_NerdFrom a business perspective they probably didn't mess it up very much.
23:48:14Mikachu cute :)
23:48:22midkayafruff23_, what?
23:48:25Paul_The_NerdIt sells well for them, it probably costs them less to manufacture, etc.
23:48:28linuxstbI assume that they had to rewrite their firmware from scratch when they switched to PortalPlayer.
23:48:41linuxstbProbably just using off-the-shelf modules from PP.
23:49:06afruff23_The H10 has some key features missing that were present in older models
23:49:26afruff23_the US version especially suffered(with no UMS)
23:50:37 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
23:51:12afruff23_can somebody find a link about FM radio in Europe and the tax on them?
23:51:17afruff23_I can't find one
23:52:07 Join webguest69 [0] (
23:52:32afruff23_That's why iAudio made the X5V with no fm radio
23:52:37webguest69LinusN: sorry crappy conection :(
23:52:52afruff23_so more people could afford the X5
23:53:07webguest69LinusN: what's about the usb handling
23:53:09afruff23_tax, licensing fee, something like that
23:53:42webguest69it's important for one bootloader, are you working on it by any luck ?
23:55:03LinusNthe x5 loader will not have usb mode
23:55:30LinusNbecause the cowon loader has it already
23:56:19afruff23_So does this mean I don't have to change any options before attaching it to the computer? I could jsut turn it off and connect it to the computer?
23:56:19 Quit aegray (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:56:42webguest69LinusN: not impoortant , right?
23:57:19linuxstbafruff23_: Who told you that iaudio excluded fm radio for tax reasons?
23:57:25webguest69I'm refering to the Wiki page saying usb handling 0%
23:57:52webguest69and missing too to power management −− in what way?
23:58:10afruff23_the X5 with fm radio exists in the EU but it is a ridiculous amount more xpensive than the X5V(no FM) version
23:58:22webguest69still @ LinusN :)
23:58:40 Join aegray [0] (

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