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#rockbox log for 2006-03-20

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00:00:16LinusNGRINGO1984: press A-B
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00:01:07sharpemidkay, all of it, or parts i've changed?
00:01:13Yash%pm must be it right Mikachu?
00:01:14Guest_940can somebody make an easy to understand walkthrough to add doom to my nano?
00:01:15midkay_sharpe, all of it..
00:01:20MikachuYash: probably
00:01:21preglowso, did any of you oldtimers get introduced to ipod rockbox at the devcon?
00:01:23GRINGO1984if i press a-b i only see: Shuttle Mode: OFF RepeatMode: OFF Show Files: ALL
00:01:31LinusNpreglow: oh yes
00:01:33preglowi'm just assuming you haven't seen it before :>
00:01:37stripwaxGuest_940 - it is not 'easy'
00:01:40Bagderpreglow: we watched christi's and brandon's ipods
00:01:40MikachuGuest_940: probably not
00:01:45LinusNGRINGO1984: don't hold the button too long
00:01:55preglowBagder: yeah, i figured
00:02:01LinusNGRINGO1984: a short press is enough
00:02:02preglowso when are you getting one?
00:02:02Guest_940well, what compiler should I use?
00:02:02BagderI love the ipod video and its lcd
00:02:09preglowyes, me too
00:02:13preglowit certainly is... huge...
00:02:19stripwaxGuest_940 - the one that is described in the documentation I told you to read earlier!!!
00:02:22Bagderand amazingly crisp
00:02:25linuxstbBagder: Did you see the 30GB or 60GB ipod videos?
00:02:42sharpemidkay_: plugin.c: plugin.h:
00:02:42Bagdernot sure
00:02:51LinusNyou're welcome
00:03:06GRINGO1984so now i can also find the fm recorder and so on
00:03:26midkay_sharpe, why is #include "gwps.h" commented out? that might be a problem. :)
00:03:38sharpedidn't need that
00:03:40midkay_and it's not even in plugin.h..
00:03:46midkay_you need that for the gui_wps struct.
00:03:55linuxstbShame there was no gigabeat at devcon - I would like to know how that screen compares to the ipod.
00:03:59sharpegwps-common.h is included for the struct
00:04:11preglowany thoughts on whether we should allow interleaved stereo?
00:04:20preglowfor codecs to pass to dsp, that is
00:04:21midkay_sharpe, i told you how it worked for me. i think you're doing it wrong. you need gwps.h in both places, nothing more.
00:04:23sharpein plugin.h
00:04:31 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
00:04:32sharpemmkays, i'll try that.
00:04:42t0masLinusN: is there a "devcon report" comming?
00:04:46 Join cutthoat2o9 [0] (
00:04:50 Quit cutthoat2o9 (Client Quit)
00:04:52t0massome summary of what has been decided?
00:05:02LinusNguess so, one of those days
00:05:07midkay_sharpe, you don't need gwps-common.. only gpws.h in both places.
00:05:16linuxstbpreglow: Which codecs still output interleaved stereo? Is it just wav/aiff?
00:05:16 Join cutthoat2o9 [0] (
00:05:24Mikachupreglow: any chance of getting a dimmed backlight when on, instead of 100%?
00:05:36preglowMikachu: perhaps
00:05:36sharpemidkay, i get 'plugin.c:426: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type'
00:05:40preglowlinuxstb: more or less
00:05:45sharpeif i use gpws.h i believe...
00:06:13preglowlinuxstb: i'm just trying to prepare all the codecs for the switch to one format i'm going to do
00:06:18preglowand i can see no reason to allow more than one format
00:06:26linuxstbAh, I see wavpack does as well.
00:06:27midkay_sharpe, did you get rid of gwps-common?
00:06:48midkay_sharpe, one moment
00:07:00sharpei also had gotten it to not cause an error, but it seems like it did not load the wps.
00:07:26preglowanyway, i think i'm going to convert wav/aiff to do noninterleaved anyway
00:07:30linuxstbpreglow: It's possible that the plugins with audio output also use interleaved stereo mode.
00:07:41midkay_sharpe, .. let me just upload my plugin.c and .h for you.
00:07:41preglowi guess so, but they should stop doing it!
00:07:50preglowdsp currently converts it anyway
00:07:58preglowwhich brings up a valid point
00:08:04sharpelol, okay
00:08:04preglowi guess plugins shouldn't go through dsp
00:08:13linuxstbThey may need the resampler.
00:08:18preglowthat they may
00:08:31preglowGRINGO1984: have nice
00:08:38 Quit GRINGO1984 ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
00:08:38linuxstbPacman for example outputs 96KHz mono audio (not that my emulator supports sound yet)
00:08:39Guest_940I installed that "patch program" with the goat symbol . Now what do i do to put doom on my nano?
00:08:44ohrnbah, the apple website is as usual deviod of any useful information
00:09:01ohrndoes the IPods have recording capability?
00:09:04midkay_sharpe, plugin.c - plugin.h -
00:09:06preglowlinuxstb: does it generate the sound yet?
00:09:23linuxstbNo, I ripped the sound code out when I ported it. I want to restore it though.
00:09:27stripwaxpreglow -I think I was going to look into that (but haven't yet..)
00:09:28preglowok, so we're going to see a slowdown...
00:09:31midkay_sharpe, wait..
00:09:38preglowstripwax: you mean wav/aiff?
00:09:48linuxstbohrn: Yes, but not in Rockbox yet.
00:09:51stripwaxpreglow - ? pacbox sound
00:09:57midkay_sharpe, oh, never mind. alright. try those.
00:10:11preglowi won't beat you to that, go ahead :(
00:10:14preglow:) <-
00:10:20ohrnnice, how about builtin microphone?
00:10:25linuxstbohrn: No.
00:10:59ohrnI am eying PocketSphinx
00:11:00linuxstbRecording is possible (I don't understand how) via the headphone socket. There is also a true line-in hidden in the dock connector (you would have to make a cable yourself to use it).
00:11:01midkay_preglow, did you get what i wrote earlier? what about a backlight brightness adjustment?
00:11:08preglowmidkay_: possible yes, will i do it, no
00:11:16ohrnvoicerecognition that apparently runs fine on arm
00:11:24midkay_preglow, any reason? uninterested, or.. just.. no time.. or just... ? :)
00:11:27ohrnbut I suspect my H300 may be a bit weak on the CPU front
00:11:31 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
00:11:37preglowmidkay_: only reason i touched backlight fading at all was to make a nice test for my timer.c moduile
00:11:48midkay_preglow, ah. maybe i can manage it then..
00:11:51[IDC]Dragonhome sweet home
00:11:57PhR3aKa short question, i'm an x5 user, so i dont know how album art works, because its not supported by the original x5 firmware... so have you just to copy the jpg in the folder of the album or what? so that rockbox will display it?
00:12:16Guest_940anybody know how to use the patch program
00:12:21Guest_940the wiki docs are confusing
00:12:37 Quit webguest60 ("CGI:IRC")
00:12:41Guest_940by patch program I mean the goat symbol one
00:12:44stripwaxGuest_940 - what is it you want to know? Have you installed the build environment yet?
00:12:47stripwaxgoat symbol?!
00:12:48 Quit Shadowarrior13 ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
00:12:57preglowmidkay_: isn't much worse than just locking the fader at a specific pulse width
00:13:15midkay_preglow, right.. thankfully. :) which is why i think i might possibly be able to handle it. :)
00:13:35preglowmidkay_: but one problem will be the fact that irivers need to boost the cpu to get a constant level
00:13:39Guest_940what is a build environment? THe wiki for patches says to install the "patch tool"
00:13:39stripwaxGuest_940 - you seem to ask a lot of questions here, but not provide any answers to the questions we ask. Why is that?
00:13:49Guest_940I'm dumb
00:13:51preglowipods do not need this, however
00:13:51midkay_preglow, oh.. hmm.
00:13:53stripwaxGuest_940 - did you read the documentation I showed you ealier?
00:13:59Guest_940I hvae no programming experience
00:14:15midkay_preglow, so it does require a considerable amount of cpu power, or what?
00:14:18crashdyou dont need programming experience to use patches
00:14:25amiconn[IDC]Dragon: wb
00:14:29stripwaxGuest_940 - dude. that is NOT the documentation I showed you
00:14:31preglowmidkay_: well, it depends
00:14:31cutthoat2o9u guys know of any useful plug-ins for rockbox?
00:14:38*crashd bangs head against wall
00:14:41stripwaxGuest_940 - THIS is.
00:14:41[IDC]Dragonamiconn: same to you
00:14:45preglowmidkay_: you might also save some cpu by keeping the backlight dimmed
00:14:51stripwaxcutthoat2o9 −− uuhhhh...?
00:14:54[IDC]Dragonhad a good trip?
00:15:13midkay_preglow, hm.. :)
00:15:16cutthoat2o9pretty simple question
00:15:29midkay_cutthoat2o9, rockbox comes with like 30..
00:15:37cutthoat2o9but better
00:15:39midkay_so, there you are.
00:15:39linuxstbIt's up to you to judge if they are useful.
00:15:40amiconnlinuxstb: Brandon has a 30GB video
00:15:43Guest_940stripwax, I went to there and hit working with patches
00:15:47preglowmidkay_: slasheri was saying he'd do some measurements on this at some point, but i don't think it happened
00:15:58midkay_preglow.. hrm.
00:15:58amiconn[IDC]Dragon: yes, thanks. You?
00:16:12[IDC]Dragoncan't complain
00:16:17stripwaxGuest_940 - any particular reason? I asked you to read the part about installing a build environment..
00:16:29stripwaxGuest_940 - are you running Windows?
00:16:31[IDC]Dragonbtw, bitswap didn't help the wav
00:16:43[IDC]Dragon(I tried it while waiting)
00:17:06midkay_what's up with wav, if you don't mind my asking? not working well, it sounds?
00:17:08[IDC]DragonI think the app is not active
00:17:18stripwaxGuest_940 - if so, start with the "Setting up a cygwin Rockbox development environment" page. And then read the "The Simplified Guide To Compiling"
00:17:20Guest_940yea, I;m running windows
00:17:27[IDC]Dragonmidkay_: wav for Archos
00:17:30Guest_940I went tbere
00:17:38midkay_[IDC]Dragon, right, i mean.. it's working? and how well?
00:17:43stripwaxDidja read it? Didja install your development environment?
00:17:46[IDC]Dragonnot yet
00:17:50amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Maybe something silly... like using wrong labels, not adding # chars, or not telling all scratch registers to gcc
00:18:06midkay_[IDC]Dragon, ah. :\
00:18:13midkay_i don't doubt you'll figure it out :)
00:18:15[IDC]Dragontheres's no asm
00:18:15preglowfor those of you who are actually experiencing the resampler from time to time, would you call it release critical for 3.0 to make a better one?
00:18:48amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I know...
00:19:05*[IDC]Dragon searches for some food
00:19:21crashdbacklight fading doesnt seem to work over here
00:19:51Yashwhat language are the plugins written in?
00:19:58stripwaxYash - C
00:20:09 Join Daishi [0] (
00:20:10amiconnLinusN: The faster ata timing also speeds up writing quite a bit (I tested while waiting for the plane)
00:20:23stripwaxYash - what were you expecting? ;-)
00:20:32Yashstripwax, cool. was just wondering :)
00:20:40amiconnAverage speedup (read+write, aligned+unaligned) is ~ 22%
00:20:46LinusNamiconn: great
00:20:58*stripwax assumes Guest_940 found the answers to his problems by now, so he can sleep well
00:21:11stripwaxnight, all
00:21:12preglowcrashd: unit?
00:21:15 Part stripwax
00:21:36crashd5g 30gb video
00:21:49preglowtried adjusting some settings? sure the build is recent?
00:21:51preglowit should work
00:21:56crashdyeah, i just built it
00:22:18midkay_crashd, is it not showing up in the menu?
00:22:34kclafgoing to try in a few minutes (fading on 5G that is)
00:22:40cutthoat2o9its 3:22pm
00:22:58midkay_cutthoat2o9, the world is bigger than your neighborhood :)
00:23:06cutthoat2o9i know
00:23:42sharpeobviously you're on the us west coast :)
00:23:51midkay_actually, same timezone as me.. pacific. :)
00:23:55 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (n=midkay@
00:24:35sharpemidkay, still the same problem. it executes, but doesn't seem to change the wps.
00:24:36kclafcrashd : just transferd the latest bleeding egde build, fading works fine
00:24:51midkaysharpe, i'd like to see your code..
00:24:57crashdjust straight off the cvs build page?
00:25:05sharpeone sec, let me try yours.
00:25:07crashdmaybe there's something awry with my new cygwin environment
00:25:07 Join JdGordon41 [0] (
00:25:08midkaysharpe, at least anything relevant to it
00:25:26cutthoat2o9i jus want better games
00:25:39kclafi dlded teh "binaries", i didnt compile the source
00:26:14crashdbah, ill try that instead then
00:26:42kclafwow, tetrox is nice, ipods scolling whell is a bit sensitive tho
00:27:07crashdah, worked this time i bet, deleted my settings ;)
00:27:34*amiconn thinks for some reason that tetrox is too easy on H300
00:27:36 Join gunpowda [0] (
00:28:02midkaykclaf, same argument i was making last night.. i have a probable solution, but i haven't tried it yet.
00:28:04midkaymaybe i will now.
00:28:35crashdpreglow: yeah, that seems to be working nice
00:28:42gunpowdacan I install rockbox without formatting my ipod/?
00:28:49 Join jaebird [0] (n=jaebird@
00:28:54preglowbut ok, no thoughts on the resampler?
00:29:15midkaygunpowda, yes, you don't need to format. cutthoat2o9, "ha ha"..
00:29:27cutthoat2o9smart ass ;)
00:29:35amiconnpreglow: I would like to see an improved resampler
00:29:38midkaycutthoat2o9, what are you doing here? just complaining about "boring plugins" and misleading new users?
00:29:48gunpowdaoh, great
00:30:02crashdpreglow: in what sense? (re: resampler)
00:30:16sharpemidkay, even using yours it doesn't change the wps...
00:30:30preglowin what sense you would say it's important to get a better one before 3.0
00:30:33midkaysharpe, you mean compiling the code i gave you?
00:30:43crashdpreglow: heh
00:30:44preglowit's going to require a bit of work
00:30:46cutthoat2o9im jus reading
00:30:50preglowsince i'll probably need to research it for a while
00:30:53midkaysharpe, you have the correct wps located there? DancePuffDuo.wps in .rockbox/wps?
00:30:57crashdfor higher frequencies, you mean?
00:31:06preglowcrashd: the current one sounds like shit
00:31:12 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
00:31:18midkaysharpe, hmm - no idea wtf you've done.. you pressed select to change it, right?
00:31:27Guest_940when i open dictionary on my nano and look up a word it says "failed to open index"
00:31:35Guest_940and then says pluginreturned error
00:31:50sharpemidkay, i'm going to try something.
00:31:53midkaysharpe, um.. you are running on the latest rockbox.ipod right? :)
00:32:01amiconnBagder: 2 corrections about our assumptions on the 2.5 release: 2.5 was released in September 2005 - and it does contain the tagdb
00:32:14midkaysharpe, make sure there's no rockbox.ipod in .rockbox/ −− it will override anything in /
00:32:21Bagderwas that _my_ assumptions?
00:32:22midkaymaybe an older version sitting in there
00:32:27BagderI don't recall any such ;-)
00:32:33KummerBoD[away]: (int)((volume+72)*1.29) seems decent enough for percentage display of volume
00:32:43sharpethere isn't midkay
00:32:44Bagdernot that it matters
00:32:49amiconnBagder: I think it was Zagor's assumption
00:32:53Kummerit means nothing of course in reality, but just psychologically
00:32:57Bagderah right
00:33:01*Bagder can't read
00:33:13gunpowdais anyone working on a wikipedia project?
00:33:38midkaysharpe, try checking out brand new source from cvs, only changing plugin.c and .h, and adding wpsloader.c then..
00:33:53Guest_940does anyone know what's wrong with my dictionary, it keeps saying failed to load index whenever I look something up
00:34:03midkayGuest_940, because you have no index. i'm not sure where you get one.
00:34:04kclafbtw, i used to have a little background noise while i wasnt playing anything in rockbox, it seems to be gone now, is it related to any changes you ppl made ?
00:34:05*[IDC]Dragon goes to bed
00:34:10midkayGuest_940, rockbox doesn't come with one.
00:34:11*LinusN too
00:34:16*Bagder too
00:34:19 Join elinenbe [0] (
00:34:24 Part LinusN
00:34:28[IDC]Dragon2 nights in a row with 4 hours of sleep aren't healthy
00:34:32midkaynight Bagder and [IDC]Dragon :)
00:34:45Guest_940where could I find an index? anybody
00:34:50 Quit [IDC]Dragon (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
00:35:13cutthoat2o9i would like to know that also
00:35:26 Part Paul_The_Nerd
00:35:41midkayGuest_940, aha..
00:36:31preglowlostlogic's got to be pretty messed up
00:36:50preglowa weeked in a wildly different timezone plus the flight time from hell
00:36:56midkayBagder? anyone with website access?
00:38:51 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
00:39:39 Quit Benacool ()
00:39:40crashdpreglow: tbh, i havent had any audio related troubles
00:39:50crashdbut then, i havent really had time to give rockbox a thorough audio workout
00:40:08Paul_The_NerdAudio related troubles?
00:40:17 Join Benacool [0] (
00:40:19Paul_The_NerdIs something potentially not right?
00:42:11preglowplenty work to be done before release, at least
00:42:35Paul_The_NerdI just saw crashd responding about not having audio related troubles, and was curious if there's something I should be watching for
00:42:48preglowi was talking about the resampler
00:42:49preglowwhich is crap
00:43:01Paul_The_NerdSo, not something I'd notice.
00:43:22Paul_The_NerdI think all my audio is 44 except some audiobooks which sound incredibly horrid anyway.
00:43:41 Quit ender` (" My computer NEVER cras")
00:44:56Guest_940regardinI downloaded that dictionary file thing but there is no in it
00:45:05Guest_940like the instructuions say
00:46:20 Quit bluebrother^ ("Leaving")
00:46:40 Quit JdGordon (Connection timed out)
00:47:06preglowis there a way to sign extend in c :/
00:47:10Paul_The_NerdGuest_940: Those are in the rockbox source's /tools folder
00:47:33preglowi hate this piecing together integers from bytes
00:48:38amiconnJust casting to a longer signed type does sign extend
00:48:46preglowmno, it doesn't look like it
00:48:55amiconnIt should....
00:48:56preglowi'm casting an unsigned char to an int32_t, no sign extend happens
00:49:09amiconnYou probably have to cast twice
00:49:19amiconn(int32_t)(signed char)var
00:49:21preglowfirst to int_8, then to int32_t ?
00:49:28Guest_940where do I find the rockbox source's tools folder
00:49:31preglowyeah, that sounds more probable
00:49:35amiconnor int8_t of course
00:49:41gunpowdaI just installed the latest build of rockbox, and I see a boot screen then the folder structure of my ipod
00:49:42Paul_The_NerdGuest_940: Umm... in the rockbox source tarball?
00:49:53preglowint8_t might work as well, yes :)
00:49:56Paul_The_Nerdgunpowda: That's how rockbox works...
00:50:06Paul_The_Nerdgunpowda: It's a file-tree based MP3 player.
00:50:31PhR3aKa short question, i'm an x5 user, so i dont know how album art works, because its not supported by the original x5 firmware... so have you just to copy the jpg in the folder of the album or what? so that rockbox will display it?
00:50:47preglowPhR3aK: rockbox doesn't support album art natively yet, but there is a patch that works like that, yes
00:51:00Paul_The_NerdPhR3aK: Rockbox doesn't have album art yet. Read the description of the patch on the tracker, and it should tell you how it currently works. It's changed a few times so far
00:51:23gunpowdaI think the ipod_control folder must be hidden or something
00:51:43Paul_The_Nerdgunpowda: It generally is. If you go into the menu and set it to show all files, you can see it.
00:51:48preglowamiconn: will be really fun to see whether gcc actually makes that double cast into a sign extending byte load on arm, though
00:51:53preglowamiconn: for some weird reason, i doubt it
00:51:54midkaygunpowda, you need to go into the menus to enable viewing of all files.. general settings -> file view -> show files: set to "all".
00:51:59gunpowdathanks, I'll do that
00:52:01crashdPhR3aK: you have to patch the source for album art unless im mistaken, check the 'Patches' link on the main rockbox page
00:52:02Paul_The_Nerdgunpowda: But your music's names will be scrambled anyway, as that's what iTunes does.
00:52:13crashdalbum art hasn't been commited yet, has it?
00:52:15gunpowdais it possible to bypass rockbox and boot into the iPod firmware when I need to?
00:52:28Kummeryes this is in the FAQ
00:52:31amiconnpreglow: Wow, the sim is playing music on amd64...
00:52:34Paul_The_Nerdgunpowda: After pressing a button to turn it on, immediately hold Menu
00:52:39KummerI just press and hold menu while turning it on
00:52:43amiconnNow we need to fix the remaining warnings...
00:52:50preglowamiconn: warnings?
00:53:04preglowi can't remember seeing any
00:53:10amiconnI get 13 warnings when building the sim on amd64
00:53:21*preglow tries
00:53:50preglowamiconn: yeah, i see them
00:54:06preglowthere is probably more long -> int32_t work to be done, too
00:54:14preglowamiconn: and yeah, the eq is a bit dodgy
00:54:18preglowi'll see to it
00:54:35amiconnPlus, casting int32s into/from pointers causes warnings
00:54:50*BoD[away] goes to sleep!
00:54:51amiconnIf we have to do this deliberately, we have to cast twice as well
00:54:55BoD[away]bye guyz!
00:55:01midkaybye BoD[away] :)
00:55:05 Quit BoD[away] ("rockbox rocks")
00:55:58Guest_940where do I find the rd2fbinary tool?
00:56:21Paul_The_NerdGuest_940: It's there too.
00:56:30Guest_940it's a "C" file
00:56:35Guest_940how would I execute it
00:56:39Guest_940like the guide says to
00:57:07Paul_The_NerdYou have to compile it.
00:57:31Guest_940what's a good compiler
00:58:09kclafhmm just uploaded some voice file to ../.rockbox/langs
00:58:21Paul_The_NerdGuest_940: Just use GCC, I'd say.
00:58:25kclafi get a "Data abort at 00041918" when booting rockbox
00:58:40Paul_The_Nerdkclaf: Did you install a bleeding edge, or just a daily?
00:58:47preglowamiconn: i'll be damned... it uses the sign extending load instruction
00:58:54kclafbleeding edge
00:59:00amiconnWhy shouldn't it?
00:59:09preglowamiconn: just me underestemating gcc
00:59:14preglowestimating, even
00:59:17Guest_940I tried downloading GCC but it hangs
00:59:21Paul_The_Nerdkclaf what sort of ipod?
00:59:23kclaflet me try to remove the lang file, and see whether it boots or not
00:59:27kclaf5G 30GB
00:59:31amiconngcc's wisdom is esentially unpredictable
00:59:43preglowyeah, it's starting to dawn on me
00:59:46midkayGuest_940, unless you really need or really want the dictionary.. i'd give up now. :) you need to install a dev environment to compile it.
01:00:22Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Since it's just one C file, you could probably do it with mingw32, or some other method probably
01:00:33gunpowdaone more newbie question: can I increase the font size?
01:00:38midkayPaul_The_Nerd, possibly - but there are perl scripts - you'd need more stuff for that too..
01:00:48Paul_The_Nerdgunpowda: Yeah, it has a variety of fonts
01:01:01Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Well *I* have Perl installed. :-P
01:01:16midkayPaul_The_Nerd, he shouldn't, he seems to have no idea what even a c file is. :)
01:01:25KummerMenu -> General Settings -> Display -> Browse Fonts
01:01:31preglowamiconn: coldfire has a sign extending load, yes?
01:01:37gunpowdasure, I've picked a font I like
01:01:41gunpowdabut what about the size?
01:01:43amiconnpreglow: nope
01:01:44Paul_The_Nerdkclaf: Voice works for me just fine. Are you 100% sure you replaced your rockbox.ipod and .rockbox with bleeding edge, and not daily?
01:01:54amiconnIt has sign extend instructions
01:01:59Paul_The_Nerdgunpowda: They're bitmapped fonts, so each font is one size.
01:02:09Guest_940can somebody just send me the dict.desc and dict.index files?
01:02:18amiconnFor 8->32 one would use move.b followed by extb.l on coldfire v2
01:02:30amiconnFor some reason gcc does a silly thing
01:02:33Paul_The_NerdGuest_940: None of us really use that plugin.
01:02:44kclafpaul_the_nerd : absolutely
01:02:44cs_weaselvoice works on ipods now? sweet.
01:02:48amiconnIt extends twice, first 8->16 and then 16->32
01:03:10amiconnMaybe it doesn't know about extb.l as that isn't plain m68k
01:03:17Paul_The_Nerdkclaf: Because that's the error it had *before* the bug was fixed. Have you tried deleting .rockbox and rockbox.ipod before copying over the new ones?
01:03:20amiconngcc uses ext.w followed by ext.l
01:03:21preglowamiconn: i'm basically just trading shifts off for sign extensions here, i can either piece an int together by always shifting the msb to the top bits of the int first, then shifting everything down afterwards, or i can sign extend each byte and shift to the correct place at once, but i see it's not going to be universally faster on all platforms either way
01:03:22Benacooldo voice works on h3x0 ?
01:03:37 Join damaki_ [0] (
01:03:48kclafpaul_the_nerd : nope, i usually just overwrite previous rockbox
01:04:33preglowamiconn: gcc does lots of silly things, at least the gcc developers told me coldfire will see updates in newer gccs
01:04:52amiconnpreglow: Indeed, although I wouldn't expect the sign extend idea to be slower
01:04:57Paul_The_Nerdkclaf: Also, are you sure you're actually downloading a new version? Some people have had a problem with cached versions, where they end up with an older version anyway. What version does it say when it boots?
01:04:57amiconn..on coldfire
01:05:09Paul_The_NerdBenacool: Voice has worked on the iRivers for a while.
01:05:16nudelNew version of my iPod Video/5G theme:
01:05:34preglowamiconn: no, i guess not
01:05:36Guest_940goddman complicated compilers
01:05:39amiconnWith gcc output it might end up being the same speed, and with a tiny asm opt (extb.l) it should be a bit faster
01:05:39preglowamiconn: it makes for messier c, though
01:06:08kclafnudel : nice, i like your theme
01:06:11amiconnIt saved loading one shift count (if the shift is >8 bits)
01:06:15crashdnudel: seconded :) it's sweet
01:06:19nudelthanks :)
01:06:24preglowamiconn: anywho, we're talking about an uncompressed codec here, speed is not an issue, so i should stop thinking about it
01:06:52amiconnSaving battery is always desirable
01:07:12Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: It sounded more like he'd installed Linux, then used ipod_fw to put rockbox's bootloader in front of theirs. At least to me.
01:07:47linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Yeah, that's possible. A little bit more information would be useful though.
01:08:34Guest_940does nobody use the dictionary
01:09:57Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Definitely. I assumed Rockbox worked since he never said it didn't, so I thought the problem was just getting Retail to boot as well. But, I possibly made a bad assumption. :)
01:10:24midkayGuest_940, i'm using it right now.
01:10:28gunpowdaI'm really looking forward to the wikipedia project
01:10:58Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Hmpf?
01:10:58*amiconn thinks a laptop should tell it's going to hibernate because of low battery before actually doing so
01:11:15preglowi've yet to see one that does
01:11:19*amiconn was running down his batt for calibration
01:11:20preglowi think it's Windows Behaviour
01:11:38Paul_The_NerdMine used to pop up a little Notification bubble off of the bar near the clock.
01:11:47Paul_The_Nerd"Warning, your battery is dangerously low" or something
01:12:09preglowso low it's dangerous
01:12:15crashdnudel: cant test the album art patch tho
01:12:19Paul_The_NerdAnd, now that I think of it, a dialogue too, because it would still be around after I woke it from hibernation. But I think it's part of the power management modifications emachines made
01:12:29crashdmainly because my album arts are all pngs or jpg
01:12:37crashdand i think my new build environement is a bit broken
01:13:17gunpowdawhat are the controls for rockboy on the ipod?
01:13:25gunpowdait seems that there's no A/B button
01:14:05Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Your voice fix broke playback (when a voice file is present)
01:14:33Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: If you have voice enabled, playback freezes the unit at the WPS screen. If you have voice disabled, but a voice file on the unit, it data aborts
01:14:47kclafsame there
01:14:56PhR3aKgood night people
01:15:09crashdnn PhR3aK
01:15:16amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Would be interesting to know the exact address of the abort
01:15:16 Quit PhR3aK ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
01:15:23Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: One second
01:15:24kclafi get a "Data abort at 00041918" when booting rockbox
01:15:29amiconn(+have the .map and the .bin for analysis)
01:15:40kclafamiconn : 00041918
01:16:14preglowthat sounds dangerously close to uie...
01:16:50Paul_The_NerdI think it is UIE, but I'm checking the MAP now
01:16:53Paul_The_NerdHad to boot the VM
01:17:06midkayhm, my ipod's scrollwheel is running really slowly from a commit in the past few days i'd imagine. i'm guessing it was lostlogic's update to only wrap once the wheel is released.... it's awful.
01:17:11 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:17:18BenacoolLitte question about colors on h3x0 and maybe on other target, is it a know issue that when you use a dark backgroud we can't see the "loading" pop-ups and others because they always stay black even if the foreground (text) is set to white for exemple ?
01:17:36KummerI love the no-wrap wheel patch
01:17:52Kummerand the wheel isn't running any slower here
01:17:58midkayKummer, hmmm..
01:18:08Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Which ipod are you using?
01:18:12Paul_The_NerdKummer: Which ipod are you using?
01:18:16Kummernano 4GB
01:18:32midkayunusably slow, almost
01:18:43Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: 5Gs are natively a bit slower in areas anyway, right? And then you have the CPU clocked down to 30mhz because of that (is it enabled on 5G?)
01:18:45preglowmidkay: might also be my cpu boost patch, if it's only running slowly sometimes
01:18:53sharpemine's fine...
01:18:55midkayPaul_The_Nerd, 30mhz, yes..
01:18:58preglowPaul_The_Nerd: if it is UIE, i'll be pissed off...
01:19:10Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I don't have my maps until I rebuild, it'll be a few seconds more.
01:19:11amiconnBenacool: That only happens if you're using a dark backdrop image
01:19:28amiconnWithout backdrop, the splash background is always lightgrey
01:19:32 Join nave7693 [0] (
01:19:52Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Definitely UIE
01:19:59Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: It's in the UIE
01:20:15amiconnWhy does UIE cause a data abort????
01:20:39nave7693I am wondering why I am getting very short run times on one charge for my archos recorder. it's like 3~4 hours for a 12 hour charge. Help?
01:20:43crashdhazum, is the DUMB/tracker format codec integrated, and if not, how much work needs to be done ?
01:20:45*amiconn would like to have access to that very rockbox.bin
01:20:52preglowuie _CANT_ cause a data abort
01:20:55Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: One second then
01:21:01amiconnpreglow: why?
01:21:31Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: <−−- This what you want?
01:21:48preglowamiconn: the stack pointer would have to be corrupt for that to happen
01:21:49amiconnNo, I want rockbox.bin from <build>/apps/
01:22:05Benacoolamiconn: oh i see... I use backdrops for so long that i had not saw thats only with dark backdrops
01:22:10preglowand that is not possible unless i have forgotten to initalise it for any of the processor modes
01:22:15preglowand i'm pretty sure i haven't
01:22:20Paul_The_Nerdhttp:// then
01:22:23midkayhey. that's weird.. the wheel runs fine up until like 5 seconds after booting, then it slows down majorly.
01:22:25amiconnthe .ipod file has a header attached to it
01:22:34Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I just assumed .bin was shorthand for "the binary" Heh
01:22:39 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
01:22:52Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: It's at 00040c7c in my map.
01:24:12 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
01:24:15preglowfor this to happen, you'd pretty much have to have triggered some processor mode i don't know exists
01:25:36midkaypreglow, hm. it was working fine with my build from like 3 days ago, but i just updated my build an hour or so ago and this problem was introduced.
01:25:41midkayso it had to be very recent.
01:26:09gunpowdawhose theme was that?
01:26:18preglowmidkay: and you're sure it's not the cpu boosting?
01:26:34preglowmidkay: try going to the debug menu, set the cpu freq to 75 mhz permanently, and tell me if it's better
01:26:46Kummermidkay I'm also running a build from an hour ago
01:26:54sharpegah, damnit.
01:27:29midkaypreglow, wasn't boosting introduced over a week ago?
01:27:31midkaycan't be, if so..
01:27:35preglowmidkay: i can't remember :>
01:27:43midkaypreglow, set the frequency? you can do that?
01:27:46preglowmidkay: yes
01:27:49sharpeyes! god! thank you!
01:27:50midkaycool.. i'll go try
01:28:06 Quit Febs ("Changing computers.")
01:28:06preglowthis _might_ be an undefined instruction
01:28:18sharpeheh, midkay, i almost had lost the source to the zip reader:)
01:28:23midkaypreglow, quite cool.
01:28:29midkaywhat does changing "boost counter" do?
01:28:36midkaysharpe, jesus - careful :))
01:28:38midkaythat'd suck!
01:28:50 Join Febs [0] (
01:28:50sharpeyeah, i'm glad i kept that copy i exported as html :)
01:29:01midkayhow did you almost lose it? :)
01:29:02amiconnpreglow: What's 'bx r3'
01:29:04preglowamiconn: i think i know why now
01:29:06Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Changes the number of boosts stacked. It'll never stop boosting 'till the counter is 0, but several things can tell it to boost at once.
01:29:14 Join JD|uni [0] (
01:29:27JD|unihey all
01:29:42preglowamiconn: branch to location in r3 with possible switch to thumb mode
01:29:46sharpeheh, i accidentally deleted the source i had in my checked out source :)
01:30:06midkaypreglow, ah - 75mhz runs it very well.
01:30:11midkay24 or 30 are stuttery and slow.
01:30:21preglowamiconn: there might be a data abort in the very start of the uie if there has occured an illegal instruction
01:30:26preglowamiconn: i misinterpreted the arm reference
01:30:56gunpowdaone more newbie question: can it access itunes' id3 db?
01:30:57preglowamiconn: it says the processing mode is 'undefined' in that exception, which i interpreted as 'any of the other modes', but it turns out there's a mode called 'undefined'
01:31:02preglowamiconn: and i haven't set up a stack for that
01:31:08amiconnBut then there must be something causing an illegal instruction...
01:31:15crashdgunpowda: no
01:31:17sharpegunpowda: nay...
01:31:18preglowamiconn: yes sure, but at least that isn't impossible
01:31:24preglowamiconn: i'll commit a fix to crt0.S now
01:31:34midkaysharpe, nice :)
01:31:42JD|unimidkay: your playing with the quick screen atm right? youve definalty got a bug there somewhere... i went into the screen before and the icons didnt show up..
01:31:49amiconnCalling a mode 'undefined' is indeed misleading...
01:32:03sharpecall it 'unexplored' :)
01:32:06midkayJD|uni, hm - maybe the text is overlapping them.
01:32:27sharpeand be sure the icons are set to show...
01:32:47midkaythe margins seem to change, and i'm not quite sure why the x margin would. i'll resolve it in the fix though.. probably today.
01:32:49amiconnThat sounds like that 'someone' guy who is supposed to do all the various time consuming things...
01:33:10Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: If you're in WPS, no icons show up (for me at least) but in the file tree, icons are fine.
01:33:20Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Though are the things supposed to all be align-lefted?
01:33:33midkayPaul_The_Nerd, aaaha−− that'd make sense.
01:33:44 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:33:52midkayi'll have that fixed, rather simple
01:33:57amiconnpreglow: So in fact the data abort in UIE hides the actual cause of the UIE...
01:34:35preglowamiconn: indeed
01:34:44preglowamiconn: at least that is the only possible explanation i can think of
01:34:50gunpowdadid someone mention they're using the dictionary before?
01:34:54sharpehmm... icons show up for me...
01:35:04midkaygunpowda, me..
01:35:12 Quit imphasing (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:35:13Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: Do they show up when you're in the WPS and trigger the quick-menu?
01:35:13preglowamiconn: the only mode i haven't set up a stack for now, is user mode, and the only way to enter that mode is to do it with a mode change command
01:35:24gunpowdawith a bilingual or an english dictionary?
01:35:54midkayPaul_The_Nerd, what model are you talking about? and sharpe, and JD|uni?
01:36:22Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: H120. I don't even know if there is a quick-menu on iPod.
01:36:30 Join imphasing [0] (
01:36:35midkayPaul_The_Nerd, there isn't.. archoses and irivers only, i believe.
01:36:47Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I don't really see why there's not one, but... y'know.
01:36:52JD|unimidkay: h300
01:36:58linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Find a spare button...
01:37:02midkayPaul_The_Nerd, lack of keys?
01:37:08sharpemake a button!
01:37:21Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: It's a long-press of the button that opens the menu on H120, why not long-press Menu on iPod?
01:37:24*Paul_The_Nerd doesn't think that's used.
01:37:54midkayPaul_The_Nerd, actually, i did map menu+hold to the quickscreen to try it on my ipod..
01:38:04Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: did it not work well?
01:38:26midkayPaul_The_Nerd, actually.. it works fine :)
01:38:33linuxstbI'm never clear which is which, but I think there is both the context menu and quick menu in the WPS. A long press on SELECT brings one of them up.
01:38:38midkaynever accidentally pressed it or anything. might be a nice addition when i update the screen..
01:38:46Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: long-select is the Context menu.
01:38:58midkaylinuxstb, holding select brings context menu, but nowhere is the quickmenu to be found on ipods.
01:39:07Paul_The_NerdThat's the one I actually use from time to time.
01:39:22*Paul_The_Nerd steps afk for a few minutes. BRB.
01:39:27preglowsomeone test with this
01:39:29midkayPaul_The_Nerd, i'll add the menu functionality when i update the quickscreens - it actually makes sense too, mapping it to menu.. it's like a quick menu. :)
01:39:32linuxstbI suppose it could be a long press on MENU. With a short press bringing up the main menu.
01:39:48kclafpreglow : commited what ?
01:40:01midkaylinuxstb, yes, works well..
01:40:22linuxstbmidkay: Is that what you mean by "menu+hold" ?
01:40:31midkayyes, sorry :)
01:40:46linuxstbOK, I thought you had some weird combination with the hold switch...
01:40:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:40:57gunpowdaI'm looking for a compiled version of rdf2binary
01:41:03midkaylinuxstb, haha. no, my bad - though that might be a nice idea, hmm ;)
01:41:08kclafpreglow : ok, is that fix supposed to solve the voice file issue ?
01:41:51preglowkclaf: it's supposed to clarify it, i hope
01:42:02preglowi can't exactly see how, but i'm fumbling around in the dark here
01:42:28preglowthe state of my memset16 bug changed some with this
01:42:30sharpeisn't the plural of index, indices?
01:42:31preglowso i've got some hopes
01:42:35preglowsharpe: yea
01:44:30Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Okay, building, I'll see what happens
01:45:08linuxstbmidkay: Have you thought about the pitch control screen on the ipod?
01:45:35 Join quobl_ [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-df24c818b605382d)
01:45:37midkaylinuxstb, i haven't - i personally feel it'd be perfect to put in the sound settings menu on all targets, makes more sense there and easier to access..
01:46:08preglowi say we also let it be an easy to access dj function on targets with buttons enough to allow it
01:46:18preglowthey can be separate screens
01:46:21Paul_The_NerdI agree with preglow/midkay
01:46:26midkaypreglow, tat's possible..
01:46:26preglowthe current interface makes no sense for inclusion in the sound settings
01:46:43midkayleave it where it is on models where it's currently available and add it to the sound settings menu for all of them anyways..
01:46:43Paul_The_NerdIt needs to at least be accessible through the sound-settings menu on all targets. It seems odd that there's settings you can change that *aren't* in the menus somewhere
01:46:49 Quit muesli__ (Success)
01:46:50preglowmidkay: agreed
01:46:53midkaypreglow, i meant just a standard setting screen.. e.g. volume.
01:46:57 Quit Guest_940 ("IceChat - Its whips the llama's butt")
01:46:57midkayjust a percent.
01:47:01preglowsounds good
01:47:02*linuxstb agrees with everyone ele
01:47:17midkayalso.. do we really need 0.1% adjustments?
01:47:36midkayi can barely notice the effect of even like 2%... maybe adjustment should be limited to +- 1%..?
01:47:46Paul_The_NerdI would think 1% adjustments would be more than enough... but that's just me.
01:47:51linuxstbI think 0.1% is fine - as long as it accelerates properly.
01:47:58midkayfaster/easier to change.. also ties in with the menu better.
01:48:01preglowi love the fact that the aiff codec refuses to load files with bigger sample size than 24 bits, yet contains a routine to decode those samples
01:48:02*Paul_The_Nerd doesn't have any use for that feature anyway
01:48:09linuxstbpreglow: :)
01:48:19linuxstbIs that in get_metadata() ?
01:48:20midkayi personally never use it, but i think 0.1% is both really slow and pointless, it makes such a little difference
01:48:23preglowlinuxstb: nope
01:48:32preglowlinuxstb: it's in the codec itself
01:48:40gunpowdadoes anyone have a compiled rdf2binary tool?
01:48:47cs_weaselisn't it like with weights, where the rule of thumb is something has to weigh +/- 7% before you can really tell? maybe a bit less than that
01:48:49preglowlinuxstb: i haven't got any 32 bit files to test with anyway, though
01:49:00preglowcs_weasel: not at all
01:49:10cs_weaseli do think a dj function would be fun though
01:49:14midkaygunpowda, me, but you need to be able to execute perl scripts.
01:49:17preglowcs_weasel: it's already there
01:49:19midkaye.g. dev environment or something.
01:49:24nudelDo you guys plan to include some iPod Video themes in the CVS build, or going to leave them as separate downloads? (I'm wondering whether to make a patch for the patch-free version of my theme, or if that would just waste everyone's time.)
01:49:39preglowi think we should move all wpses out of the cvs build zips
01:49:43preglowthey're becoming bloated
01:49:48linuxstbnudel: If someone commits a theme to the patch tracker, it will probably get included in CVS.
01:49:50gunpowdaah, no, perl's not installed
01:50:06gunpowdacould you send me the two dictionary files, if you have them?
01:50:15linuxstbnudel: The problem is that most themes contain non-original artwork which we can't distribute with Rockbox.
01:50:18nudeltrue, it's extra stuff that everyone downloads again and again... but it might be nice to include one good looking theme
01:50:36preglownudel: yeah, i think we should select a default wps
01:50:40midkaymaybe one or two themes per LCD size/depth? that would be nice..
01:50:47nudelmy theme is all 100% original, except the little USB plug icon which I grabbed off the net and shrunk down to something so small nobody will know heh
01:51:08preglowi think the release zip should have a selection of nice wpses
01:51:08sharpeoh, you evil, evil person...
01:51:11nudel( <−− icon at the bottom there)
01:51:12preglowcvs builds: none
01:51:15preglowit's a practical thing
01:51:19preglowyou don't need to update those all the time
01:51:22Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: New data abort location. Accidentally deleted my .map, gimme a minute.
01:51:26nudelmakes sense
01:51:32*Kummer just wants some unifont-optimized themes
01:51:32linuxstbnudel: Submit it to the patch tracker - see the guidance here:
01:51:34preglowPaul_The_Nerd: in that case i don't get it...
01:51:45nudelokay will do
01:51:50Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: i'll tell you in what it occurs in just a moment
01:52:03midkaydoes pitch work on ipods?
01:52:12preglowmidkay: no
01:52:24preglowmidkay: but just because it hasn't been enabled
01:52:30midkay(not the screen, but could it possibly be adjusted if the screen were there?)
01:52:42nudeloh, i noticed that by trying to be clever and put a bar under the status bar in the menus, i've screwed up the way soem of the settings pages look.e.g. the EQ settings page always disables the status bar so it looks wrong on my background... i guess i should use a more boring background before submitting to CVS
01:52:43preglowpitch changing works on all swcodec targets
01:52:45preglowit's just the resampler
01:52:55midkaye.g. if i add a menu to sound settings for all targets, it will work on the ipod just like that?.. good.
01:53:00midkayalright, i'm looking into that.
01:53:14kclafpreglow : same as paul_the_nerd, "data abort at 00041918"
01:53:15preglowit sounds like crap, though
01:53:31preglowpretty please, tell me it's still not uie
01:53:31 Quit JD|uni ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:53:34linuxstbnudel: It looks nice - I might well start using it. What does it look like without the album art?
01:54:54Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: It's not UIE
01:54:59Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: It's not even in
01:55:03 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
01:55:11 Join Kohlriba [0] (
01:55:14preglowwhat's the address?
01:55:38Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: 00018020 on my build, but I don't know how useful that'd be since I've got scattered patches in it.
01:55:59preglowPaul_The_Nerd: just wondering whether it was completely batshit crazy anyway
01:56:02preglowPaul_The_Nerd: which it wasn't
01:56:08preglownudel: nice wps
01:56:16preglownudel: got it for nano? :)
01:56:31kclafpreglow : can i do smthing to help you fix the thing ?
01:56:41preglowkclaf: no, i'm pretty stumped myself
01:56:43linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: When you say it isn't in the map, are there functions which start before and after that address?
01:57:07preglowyeah, you'll very seldom have a straight match
01:57:08midkaydoes anyone know the purpose of pausing at the pitch screen? seems 100% worthless to me..
01:57:12Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I must be half asleep. =/ Gimme a second
01:57:25nudeli might do a nano version next weekend preglow. or a pink version for my pink-obsessed flatmate heh. or both :)
01:57:45preglownudel: i'd love it, it's one of the nicer wpses i've seen. very clean and nice
01:57:55nudelwish i knew a quick way to make photoshop re-save all the parts after a colour change
01:57:55linuxstbYes, it would be nice to have the same graphical WPS for all the targets.
01:57:59Paul_The_Nerd0x00017ae8 is db_load, and next is at 0x00018318 with db_search
01:58:20nudelthanks. yeah, i aimed for something clean, and also something that you can read the important bits on when the backlight is off
01:58:21preglowPaul_The_Nerd: wha...
01:58:35Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Hell if I know.
01:58:40preglow_DB_ ?
01:58:56Paul_The_NerdThat's what it tells me.
01:59:50linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: What are you testing? Voice?
02:00:01Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Yes.
02:00:04kclafbtw, as i supposed, removing the .voice file makes it useable again
02:00:38preglowbut i don't see how a data abort can trigger another data abort at UIE
02:01:27Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: With voice enabled, voice works. When I start playback, I get a data abort there.
02:01:37gunpowdaI downloaded a c compiler but rdf2binary needs lots and lots of .h files
02:01:55linuxstbgunpowda: Is rdf2binary just a single .c file?
02:02:04linuxstbAnd are you on Windows?
02:02:34gunpowdayup to both
02:04:53 Quit cutthoat2o9 (Connection timed out)
02:04:54linuxstbForget that, try this:
02:04:58gunpowdathanks. I think your server's trying to run it
02:05:06linuxstbYes - it's braindead.
02:05:42sharpemidkay: i'm catching up on the lines of code...
02:05:55linuxstbWhat kind of web server tries to run a .exe file in the docs directory...
02:06:04midkaysharpe, excellent
02:06:18gunpowdathanks linuxstb.
02:06:47linuxstb... and it's a Linux/Apache server...
02:07:01gunpowdamay be worth linking from the dictionary project page, because a binary's nowhere to be found
02:07:38preglowlinuxstb: maybe it's coming out of the closet
02:08:10preglowdouble pun if you actually keep it in a closet
02:08:43cs_weaselrockbox mountain
02:09:15preglownudel: damn, that wps of your actually makes me want to use album art for the first time ever
02:09:50linuxstbnudel: Do you have a URL for the "no-patches" version?
02:09:54nudeli love album art. it's nice to see some of the packaging again after digital music made everything so soulless :)
02:10:04nudelboth versions are in the same zip file as separate themes
02:10:18nudelyou can delete the *AA WPS and theme files if you don't want them
02:10:56linuxstbWhere's that zip? (sorry if I've missed it)
02:11:08nudelhere ya go:
02:12:31preglownudel: yeah, you might actually be making a convert out of me here...
02:12:44preglowtoo bad i don't really look too much at the screen
02:12:51linuxstbnudel: Thanks. It even uses my preferred font.
02:12:58preglowwhich is?
02:13:20preglowi've always used the default one :>
02:13:24 Join jd|uni [0] (
02:13:27preglowthat one looks kind of tiny for 5g, though
02:13:48preglowit's huge on my nano
02:14:07gunpowdaI like the theme
02:14:15jd|unithanx heaps whoever did the verticale tetris plugin :) much better
02:14:39linuxstbYou can still get about 16 lines of text with Nimbus-14 on the 5g
02:14:44preglowi don't like the tetrox controls at all :///
02:15:06midkaypreglow, what about them?
02:15:16preglowrotation on the wheel doesn't sit nice with me at all
02:15:27midkaypreglow, haha - would you prefer menu to rotate?
02:15:39preglowi guess
02:15:46midkayexactly what i've got planned.. i think it already does that actually..
02:15:49BHSPitLappythat does seem queer...
02:15:52midkaybut.. yeah. fixed soon..
02:15:55preglowyeah, it does
02:15:59preglowbut i want the wheel to move sideway
02:16:06preglowit makes sense
02:16:27nudelthe 5G iPod buttons are too damn noisy for stealth game-playing in the toilets at work :(
02:16:28preglowother than that, it rocks
02:16:36BHSPitLappynudel: eww...
02:16:40gunpowdatetris on ipodlinux uses the wheel buttons for u/d/l/r and the centre button to rotate
02:16:51linuxstbpreglow: I thought that originally - but I've decided that playing games with the wheel is too much work. It's easier on the fingers to just press and hold left/right.
02:16:52midkaygunpowda, "up"?
02:17:05gunpowdaumm, no up.
02:17:18midkayyou said u/d/l/r .. u as in what then?
02:17:19preglowlinuxstb: you get used to it
02:17:21BHSPitLappymaybe in Easy mode
02:17:28midkayBHSPitLappy, haha, exactly..
02:17:32gunpowdaI should really go to bed
02:17:41preglowselect for rotate
02:17:45preglowthat's even better
02:18:03midkayselect drops. why move it? basically the same thing..
02:18:12linuxstbI don't think any two people have suggested the same button mappings for tetrox on the ipods yet...
02:18:13midkayselect or menu, the only difference is 1/2"..
02:18:16preglowbejeweled's menu doesn't sit too nice with brandons clickwheel work
02:18:29midkaypreglow, even worse - changing bools in the menus..
02:18:38midkayhave to release your finger each time you change the value..
02:19:06midkayshort menus, small ranges of ints and bools bug me..
02:19:48midkayi'd really like the functionality if it instead of forcing you to release your finger and put it back again to simply detect consective events and when you "stop" scrolling.. so you can stop and start again without releasing your finger to wrap..
02:20:26 Quit herz42 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:20:30linuxstbnudel: I think the SubmitWPS page mentions this, but your WPS doesn't use the filename tags as a fall-back when there are no tags.
02:21:11nudelYeah I noticed that and will fix it. I think it uses the filename but not the folders as the folders didn't work when I tried them and I forgot to go back to them. (I think I was doing something stupid.)
02:21:32nudelgotta go to bed now though :)
02:21:38preglowmidkay: it really does work rather well with for example the jpeg plugin, but not so well for other stuff
02:22:03midkaypreglow, yes, it works well for some things, agreed.. but quite annoying for others..
02:22:06midkayi'd like to see it as an option
02:23:20midkaypreglow, btw, about the sluggishness..
02:23:24gunpowdacan I upload the parsed dictionary files to the rockbox site?
02:23:25preglowwithout it, the jpeg plugin zooming is quite useless
02:23:30linuxstbnudel: Thanks. When it's ready to be added to CVS, just put it on the patch tracker.
02:23:37preglowPaul_The_Nerd: you ever discover what went wrong?
02:23:44preglowmidkay: what about it?
02:23:47nudellinuxstb: sure thing
02:23:49gunpowdaI think it they'd help a lot of people given that I had to look all over the web for some of the files referenced
02:24:12midkayit seems that everything is sluggish, not just buttons.. and, i'm wondering if it could be related to backlight fading, since maybe a lot of people aren't using that (just an idea, probably not that though).
02:24:12gunpowdamainly because wouldn't let me download .pl files
02:24:43midkaygunpowda, feel free to. that'd be a good idea..
02:24:54Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: No clue, honestly. I need to get some sleep now though, but if there are no bright ideas before I wake, I'll start trying to figure out what the deal is.
02:24:58 Part Paul_The_Nerd
02:25:16midkayalso i'd add a new section.. for downloading precompiled ones.. and the next one could be compiling them yourself.
02:25:18preglowmidkay: i can't imagine how backlight fading could cause it
02:25:35midkaypreglow, me either, but someone reported no problems and they didn't have fading, i'd guess..
02:25:39preglowmidkay: for one, i haven't noticed any slowdown myself
02:25:45midkaypreglow, alright.
02:26:41jd|uniwtf?? i just shutdown rb, and restarted it and im like 99% sure it restarted midway through a diff song..
02:26:46jd|unii tinhk...
02:27:16midkayjd|uni, from where did you shut down rockbox?
02:27:23kclafi agree with you preglow/midkay on the wheel issue
02:27:41kclafway better for jpeg plugin, but sucks for menu
02:27:44midkayif it was in a menu or something, that's "normal" (a bug that's been there for a while)..
02:28:08gunpowdaI'm not registered on the site, though. I'll send them to whoever's interested.
02:28:25midkaypreglow, btw, how is zooming "unusable" sans the wheel patch?
02:28:39midkaygunpowda, registration is very easy..
02:29:01midkayi'd do it but my up speed is quite slow.
02:29:05kclafwell, you want to do a 1 step zoom, and it zooms like 4X
02:29:18sharpemidkay, i'm close to being done...
02:29:23midkaykclaf, um, just turn the wheel until you get the zooming screen, and then stop. i've never had a problem.
02:29:25sharpewith the extraction anyway
02:29:26preglowmidkay: way too easy to overshoot the zoom level you want
02:29:27midkaysharpe, great :)
02:30:10midkaypreglow, i've used the jpeg viewer a number of times, 0 problems. just don't spin it continually ;) that'd be easy to fix even in the plugin.. clear the button queue after you finish zooming.
02:30:41kclafwell, on big jpeg files, it's annoying
02:30:54midkaylooking into changing pitch via sound_menu - how does it work exactly? it changes the output frequency apparently?
02:31:22gunpowdaoh, interesting
02:31:28jd|unimidkay: i paused the music from the wps, then shutdown
02:31:40gunpowdaI don't think the dictionary plugin's actually in my daily build, or at least it's not recognising the filetypes
02:31:42midkayjd|uni, should have worked fine then - odd..
02:32:02midkaygunpowda, you don't play the files, you run the dict.rock plugin.
02:33:10jd|uniill try it again.. after this song finishes... i like this song :D
02:34:16midkayjd|uni, haha. :)
02:34:46jd|unicradle of filth doing iron maiden hallowed be thy name :D
02:36:46preglowreading halfwords from the audio buffer in wav.c
02:36:50preglowsounds kind of risky on arm
02:37:52gunpowdamidkay, what's 'enter'?
02:38:05midkaygunpowda, what?
02:38:09midkayhold select.
02:38:31gunpowdaoh this is great : )
02:39:08jd|uniok, i must have imagined it... just tested pause/shutdown, straight shutdown and stop/shutdoowna and all works
02:39:34sharpegah, everyone of my friends lives seem to be... sucking right now.
02:39:44gunpowdamy only gripes would be that sometimes it does a look-up without me asking it to, somehow, and that it likes shutting down at every available opportunity
02:40:32midkaygunpowda, careful just not to hold select..
02:40:43midkayand menu is exit, careful of that too :)
02:42:05gunpowdacool. is there only that one method of inputting text?
02:42:14gunpowdaI liked the approach epodia have taken
02:42:33 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:43:19vulcananybody around?
02:43:23gunpowdamidkay, about exiting, once you have a definition, there doesn't seem to be a way to get back to the dict without quitting the program
02:43:44midkaygunpowda, ah, yes.
02:43:51midkaythat's a documented.. um.. "lack of feature" :)
02:44:15vulcanI want to get away from using itunes if at all possible... is there any way to easily set up automatic syncing of my playlists in foobar or something?
02:44:46midkayvulcan, that's not rockbox-related.. if foobar can sync, foobar can sync, right?
02:44:54vulcanwell, I realize that
02:45:04vulcanbut I was hoping someone here might have experience with it
02:45:17midkaylook around for some sync options. i know there's a plugin or whatever called foo_pod that may be of some use..
02:45:23midkaytons of ipod tools for foobar..
02:45:28midkayprobably syncing included
02:45:29vulcanwell the problem with that is it uses the itunesDB
02:45:33vulcanwhich I want to get away from
02:45:39midkayvulcan, ah, then it's just google.
02:45:44gunpowdabejeweled is beautiful
02:45:52vulcanbecause it requires additional implementation in rockbox
02:46:04midkayvulcan, it does?
02:46:26 Part nave7693
02:47:11vulcanmidkay: yeah, foo_pod is designed to be used within the stock firmware... I could make it work, but its kinda defeating the purpose
02:47:26midkayvulcan, no idea then.
02:48:00vulcanthanks anyway man
02:48:26vulcanrockbox is working amazingly though
02:48:29vulcanon my nano
02:48:38vulcanits 100% useable now
02:48:52midkaycool :)
02:49:01 Quit afruff23 ("IceChat - Its whips the llama's butt")
02:49:30gunpowdaplasma and fire are amazing
02:50:49midkaygunpowda, yes, they're cool :)
02:51:04preglowdon't know if i'd call it amazingly
02:51:06preglowbut it works ok
02:53:26vulcandoes anyone know what the difference between 'mix' and 'crossfade' is?
02:53:30vulcanin the crossfade settings
02:54:45jd|unistupid fucking prac instructions not being bloody clear
02:54:50jd|uniwasted soo much time last nitgh
02:56:24preglowwelcome to earth
02:57:56gunpowdamidkay, are there alternative text input methods?
02:58:05midkaygunpowda, no, that's it..
02:58:08midkayat least for now..
02:58:46gunpowdait works, but it's not ideal
02:59:10midkayagreed, but it's all we have atm
02:59:43 Join golf7 [0] (
02:59:51golf7can someone explain party mode?
02:59:53 Join webguest96 [0] (
03:00:11golf7i understand that its like uninterrupted playing
03:00:25golf7but what happens when you change the playlist completly?
03:01:21webguest96Curious about this as well
03:02:47golf7maybe ill download the new CVS and check it out =P
03:06:23 Quit webguest96 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
03:07:28 Join webguest96 [0] (
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03:24:07 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
03:28:13golf7i found out bout party mode
03:28:28golf7it basically queues whatever song you hit navi on last
03:28:43golf7you cant replace the playlist and stop the playback
03:28:51golf7and you can easily create playlists
03:29:03golf7i wish you could set it to queue shuffled
03:29:54 Quit BHSPitLappy (Connection timed out)
03:31:20golf7pretty cool feature
03:31:31golf7its AWESOME for djs like me
03:31:48golf7but im gonna continue to use the "Notify if delete Dynamic Playlist"
03:32:03golf7cause its alot easier and allows for 2 stages of "error catching" if i hit the wrong button
03:32:57golf7rockbox made my dj job 1000x easier
03:34:33golf7i cant even imagine djing a party without it
03:34:52golf7i need to get 2 mp3 players to allow even more control over the playlists
03:34:58golf7but its so much easier with just 1
03:35:02golf7with crossfade
03:35:06golf7it sounds like you have 2
03:35:12midkayhaha. yeah. crossfade's awesome
03:36:34 Quit Benacool ()
03:38:10 Quit Kohlriba ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
03:39:09 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
03:40:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:48:40kclafwhat's your dj name ?DjRockbox ? ;d
03:49:54golf7DJ Young City
03:50:07golf7i do Vinyl/CD/Rockbox
03:50:08sharpei'm guessing you're young right?
03:50:24golf7its a city coming up
03:50:31golf7like something is growing
03:50:37golf7deep meaning
03:50:51golf7meaning im gonna blow up
03:51:34golf7someone just called me that one night
03:51:36golf7and thats what i used
03:51:44golf7i didnt have a name before that
03:58:02 Quit jd|uni ("CGI:IRC")
04:13:10 Join Gibbed [0] (
04:13:11 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
04:13:21 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
04:26:55 Quit DreamTactix291 ()
04:30:02JdGordon4130min to get home... not bad aye ? :)
04:30:05 Nick JdGordon41 is now known as JdGordon (
04:30:08 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
04:31:33JdGordondoes any1 know how to get my nix box to check my isp email and forward all emails to my gmail?
04:41:36kclafbubbles is NICE
04:44:01RotAtoRkclaf: hehe, you're quick :)
04:44:41 Join Benacool [0] (
04:44:42midkayRotAtoR, it's your work?
04:45:11midkayRotAtoR, cool, i compiled it myself from misticriver about a week ago - excellent job :)
04:45:31RotAtoRi finally got around to doing some clean up so I could commit it
04:45:47midkayi did have one question - why is MAX_FPS 20? i raised it myself to 40 and it still ran fine, but _much_ smoother.. so it's not a hardware limitation or anything, at least not on some models.
04:46:06RotAtoRplenty of time now that i'm on spring break :D
04:46:17midkayRotAtoR, cool :)
04:47:00RotAtoRon which model?
04:47:09midkayipod 5g
04:47:31RotAtoRreally? nice, i would have expected that to be fairly slow with the big lcd
04:47:45midkayyeah, guess it's very efficient coding ;)
04:47:52RotAtoRlast i knew the h300 couldn't do much more than 20, so that's why i had it set there
04:48:04midkayi know that the nano lcd is both smaller and thus considerably faster, it could definitely also handle 40-50..
04:48:12midkayah, i'd suggest model-specific defines for that then :)
04:48:19midkayit's a much nicer game at 30-40fps :)
04:48:44RotAtoRmaybe if some one with an h300 could test various settings I could change it to something better
04:48:56midkayRotAtoR, you don't have one?
04:49:12midkayRotAtoR, what do you have? what did you make it on?
04:49:14RotAtoRi only have an h140 so i never have to worry about color lcd update speed :p
04:49:23midkaywow. :)
04:49:39RotAtoRdon't much care for color screens, just a waste of battery ;)
04:50:21midkayRotAtoR, preference, i suppose :)
04:50:39RotAtoRmost certainly
04:54:35cs_weaseloh my, bubbles is sweet
04:56:28 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:57:58 Join erifneerg [0] (
04:59:09*RotAtoR gets back to headbanging along with some Nile while playing bubbles >:D
04:59:41erifneergwondering if i could get a hand with my 5g ipod
05:00:05midkayerifneerg, go ahead and ask..
05:00:07erifneergi was trying to get rockbox installed but it can't find the apple firmware
05:00:26erifneergthe bootup
05:00:32midkaywhat does it say?
05:02:02erifneergi was testing it w.o rockbox as the guide says and the boot up looks for rockbox (which isn't there yet) then apple's firmware then restarts the search
05:03:08erifneergif gotten it to work w/ rockbox but i would still like the apple's firmware as well
05:03:38midkayerifneerg, you must have skipped a step (or more) when you created the bootloader... the apple firmware should be built-in in the end..
05:03:39 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:04:21erifneergthat's what i figured but this my second time around.
05:04:52erifneergi noticed that the guide says apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin then later says apple_os.bin
05:05:19midkayerifneerg, read carefully - it says to extract the sw_5g_rcsc.bin _if_ you have a 5g.
05:05:59midkaythe instructions are correct, follow them exactly and carefully and you should have no problem.
05:06:07erifneergyea, i have the 5g (aka video)
05:06:12 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
05:06:25midkayso you extracted the sw_5g_rcsc.bin, right?
05:07:09erifneergbut i have tried "ipod_fw -g video -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin bootloader-video.bin" and tells me there is no apple_os.bin file (which there isn't)
05:07:40midkayerifneerg, you were supposed to extract apple
05:07:43midkayapple_os.bin earlier.
05:08:11midkayyou extract apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin _in addition to_ apple_os.bin, not instead of.
05:08:17erifneerglol... gesss
05:09:03midkayerifneerg, you're pretty lucky you didn't screw anything up majorly - you got an error saying there was a missing file but you flashed it to your ipod anyways?
05:09:10midkayerrors don't tend to be good.
05:09:20 Join Zoide7777 [0] (
05:10:12erifneergno error when i installed rockbox
05:10:24midkayby installed rockbox you mean what?
05:10:40erifneergoh the build
05:11:07midkayif you're doing a long math problem and you realize you just made a big mistake right at the beginning, do you continue on to see if the solution works anyways?
05:11:27Zoide7777midkay: I read you were looking into changing pitch on the ipod. how's that going?
05:11:38erifneergyea... i see
05:11:52midkayZoide7777, quite well. everything's in the menus and configurable. just one little problem, the values are offset a bit - looking into why..
05:12:02midkayZoide7777, should have something in CVS tonight.
05:12:15Zoide7777midkay: awesome! thanks
05:12:25midkayZoide7777, :) np
05:12:52erifneergmidkay, alright, if you don't hear from me then i read everything correctly this time
05:12:54 Quit erifneerg ("CGI:IRC")
05:16:59Zoide7777is there a way of making rockbox work with ntfs? afaik it's better than fat32 in many ways. for example, it's supposed to fragment much less
05:17:18 Nick Benacool is now known as Benacool[AFK] (
05:18:00 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:51midkayZoide7777, a way? probably.. but it wouldn't be easy, it would be slower, and the dev team basically says no - more code for the same thing (disk access)..
05:18:54Zoide7777Slasheri: are you around?
05:19:09Zoide7777midkay: ok. I didn't know it was slower
05:19:21midkayZoide7777, it probably is..
05:19:57 Quit damaki_ (
05:24:01 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
05:26:09cs_weaselntfs would be hard. even the pc linux crowd are just now wrapping their heads around safely writing to it :)
05:26:49Kummerwe'd sooner see ext2 support than ntfs
05:30:01midkayZoide7777, woohoo, pitch-in-menu is working fully on the recorders.. now just an ipod test and it should be ready..
05:31:26Zoide7777if you need a tester....
05:31:33midkayZoide7777, what model?
05:31:37Zoide77774g grayscale
05:32:07midkayZoide7777, ooh - alright :) let me get it compiled and make sure it's a-ok on my 5g
05:32:27Zoide7777midkay: ok
05:35:17Zoide7777does anyone know why status bar gives display errors on ipod 4g? If status bar is on, then going to wps and returning to menu doesn't refresh a strip at the bottom of the lcd. The strip seems to be the same height as the status bar on the top
05:35:50midkayZoide7777, that happens to me but it's refreshed within like 1/2s..
05:36:26 Join z35 [0] (
05:37:04midkayhm, quite a few errors for the ipod.. but they look like they'll all fix themselves with a single change.. wonder where that single change would be..
05:37:25Zoide7777midkay: mine doesn't go away at all. the only way is if you disable status bar
05:37:39midkayZoide7777, that's quite weird.. maybe i'll have a look after this..
05:38:03Zoide7777midkay: i think a big step will be grayscale lib, since right now most of the new plugins, etc. don't work on 4g grayscale. thankfully preglow said that it's closer now that he made timer.c iirc
05:40:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:41:37Zoide7777another thing that imo should be fixed is the default contrast for 4g grayscale: *way* too high
05:41:50Zoide7777you can barely make out what's going on in xobox or tetrox, for example
05:41:58midkayZoide7777, what does it default to and what is comfortable?
05:41:59Zoide7777but if you lower the contrast, everything looks much better
05:42:06Zoide7777let me see
05:44:13Zoide7777midkay: default is 40; i'd say 34 is better
05:44:54midkayaccording to settings.h the default is 38..
05:45:00midkaysure it's 40?
05:45:41Zoide7777midkay: I just held down Menu+Select, then slided the Hold switch so it said "Settings Cleared", and checked the contrast value
05:45:47Zoide7777(on latest cvs build)
05:45:57midkayZoide7777, hm - i'll have to search for that then
05:53:51midkaytesting. :)
05:54:19 Nick BHSPitLappy2 is now known as BHSPitLappy (
05:54:42midkayZoide7777, works perfectly. :) very cool.. few things i need to fix up before i commit though..
05:55:24midkayZoide7777, feel like testing it?
05:56:11midkaybuilding a 4G version.. be back in about 5 minutes
06:06:22midkayZoide7777, still here? :E
06:09:08midkayyou need to move that page from coLinux... to CoLinux... or else twiki won't recognize it as a link..
06:09:35midkayyou can leave a note on the page under the title that the real name is coLinux (like wikipedia used to do) but you should have the page start with a capital letter
06:09:51midkayat the bottom, press More
06:09:55*JdGordon doesnt play in wikis much
06:10:39midkayshall i? :)
06:11:51midkaythere we go - also in DevelopmentGuide you made one small mistake - linking works like [[Page][Text]] - not [[Page]Text].
06:12:09midkaythey each go in their own brackets, and everything is surrounded by another set of brackets
06:12:59midkay:) nice to see a page on it - i'll get to try it again tomorrow (hell, maybe tonight..) if i get the time..
06:14:09BHSPitLappy nuts!
06:15:10midkayBHSPitLappy, sucking on some? ;)
06:20:26 Quit imphasing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:23:54 Join erifneerg [0] (
06:24:18erifneerghey, jw, rockbox can do voice recording right?
06:24:33midkayerifneerg, on some models..
06:24:46midkayerifneerg, got it working then?
06:25:05midkaygood :)
06:25:17erifneergi assume ipod isn't coverted yet
06:25:38BHSPitLappyis that supposed to be "covered" or "converted"?
06:25:58erifneergsorry, i've been really tired from finals
06:26:46midkayerifneerg, no, ipod isn't supported.
06:27:15Zoide7777with respect to grayscale on ipod 4g: how come the opening screen upon booting up does show shades of gray? (on the Rockbox logo)
06:27:56BHSPitLappybecause the bitmap was made that way?
06:28:47 Quit Benacool[AFK] (Client Quit)
06:28:52midkayZoide7777, still up for testing pitch?
06:32:37Zoide7777midkay: sure
06:33:02 Quit z35 ("Leaving")
06:33:35midkayZoide7777, email?
06:34:28Zoide7777cacahahacaca [a t ] y a _ho _o [d] [ot] com
06:34:29midkayZoide7777, actually, never mind - sec..
06:34:33midkayoh, alright
06:34:45Zoide7777hehe... quite some obfuscation right there
06:34:46midkayclever spam deterring! :)
06:34:54Zoide7777but i bet the damn spam bots can figure anything out
06:35:10Zoide7777especially when people just do something[at]something[dot]com
06:35:18midkayshould have just said "i'm at - cacahahacaca" or something. :)
06:35:20Zoide7777it's become almost as standard as using the actual symbols
06:35:25midkayyeah, by now that's fooling no bots...
06:35:40Zoide7777oh well... that's why i have that yahoo account anyway
06:35:48Zoide7777it's not my primary so i don't care too much
06:36:36midkayZoide7777, btw - you'll want to save a config before you load this..
06:36:40midkayyour settings will be reset.
06:37:19Zoide7777ok that's fine
06:38:46 Quit quobl_ (Remote closed the connection)
06:38:52 Join quobl_ [0] (i=debian-t@tor/session/x-50218f4c47c0975a)
06:40:06 Quit erifneerg ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:40:37Zoide7777midkay: this is so fun! very cool feature
06:40:48midkayZoide7777, works good?
06:41:44 Quit Sandoaway (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:42:12Zoide7777midkay: there are some issues i'm still discovering
06:42:24midkayZoide7777, i love bug reports - sup? :)
06:43:36Zoide7777midkay: with the default wps (the one with the peakmeters), and a 192kbps mp3... I go to the pitch screen and select a pitch > 100% but <= 116% it works
06:43:47Zoide7777but if I select a pitch > 116% it starts skipping periodically
06:44:00midkaywhat starts skipping? playback?
06:44:02Zoide7777if I go to the wps it just skips anyway, even with no pitch shift
06:44:14midkayZoide7777, what codec?
06:44:25midkayhaha. mp3. right. hm.
06:44:29Zoide7777yeah hehe
06:44:39Zoide7777let me try with a non peakmeter wps
06:44:55midkaywell, i've found mp3 to generally be pretty slow on the ipods (which is why i'm using all FLAC atm).. similarly, enabling the EQ kills playback..
06:44:57Zoide7777(peakmeter messes up playback consistently on ipod 4g)
06:45:07Zoide7777let me try with a wavpack file
06:45:32 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
06:46:40midkayZoide7777, that should work much better, yeah..
06:48:56Zoide7777midkay: yeah, actually it doesn't seem to skip at all in the wps screen (w/ peakmeters) and no pitch change
06:49:02Zoide7777midkay: let me try with pitch
06:49:10midkayZoide7777, is EQ on?
06:49:27Zoide7777midkay: no
06:49:41midkaythat'd explain skipping sans pitch adjustment in the WPS for mp3 (peakmeters might impair performance though).. wavpack should work very well, even with EQ and pitch adjustment though..
06:50:44Zoide7777midkay: on wps screen, with peakmeters, no eq, pitch 140%, wavpack −−> skips every 5 seconds
06:51:04Zoide7777midkay: same conditions, but out of wps screen −−> no skip
06:51:05midkayZoide7777, hmm...
06:51:18midkaypeakmeters must be pretty bad then. i don't use them.
06:51:19*Zoide7777 hates peakmeters!
06:51:29Zoide7777yeah haha
06:51:44Zoide7777they look awesome, but just kill the sound
06:51:49midkayi'll still commit it though.. but i'm still thinking about a thing or two pertaining to coding guidelines..
06:51:53midkayyeah.. too slow..
06:52:31Zoide7777midkay: same conditions (out of wps screen), pitch 60% −−> no skips
06:52:44midkayZoide7777, cool. :)
06:52:48midkaywhat about 200%?
06:53:05Zoide7777midkay: I think the pitch feature works *very* well overall, the only real problem is the peakmeters, but they're slow under any situation
06:53:25midkayZoide7777, yes.. i avoid them at all costs now although i love them on my archos..
06:53:29Zoide7777midkay: hmmm
06:53:37Zoide7777midkay: skips at 200% out of wps
06:53:51midkayZoide7777, makes sense..
06:53:52Zoide7777let me try with another theme (maybe peakmeters slow things down even if not in wps?)
06:54:04midkayZoide7777, no, the peakmeters aren't computed or drawn outside the wps..
06:54:18 Join Kensir [0] (
06:55:14Zoide7777midkay: oh oh
06:55:44Zoide7777midkay: nevermind... i thought it froze. I went to the vu_meter (with pitch on) and it seemed to have frozen b/c it wouldn't leave, but after a while it did
06:56:03midkayZoide7777, ah..
06:56:04Zoide7777(pitch at 140%)
06:56:57Zoide7777midkay: now I turned pitch off (100%), but vu_meter doesn't work
06:57:20midkayZoide7777, huh? weird.
06:57:25midkaywhat happens?
06:57:34Zoide7777is it supposed to work with wavpack? (the needles don't move at all)
06:57:45midkayZoide7777, yes, it should..
06:57:52midkaytry oscilloscope..
06:58:26Zoide7777just a blank screen
06:58:36Zoide7777yet both oscilloscope and vu_meter used to work
06:58:46midkaythat's kinda weird
06:58:48Zoide7777and I'm trying with a different file (an mp3) right now
06:59:07Zoide7777maybe the pitch thing doesn't let go of something when you set it to 100%?
06:59:28 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzzz")
06:59:30Zoide7777(I also changed the theme to iAmp, so no peakmeters)
06:59:33midkayZoide7777, i set mine to 200% and back to 100% and vu_meter worked after putting it back..
07:00:25Zoide7777i can't get out of oscilloscope.... i'm gonna menu+select rest
07:00:35 Join damaki_ [0] (
07:01:00midkayalright.. very odd
07:01:09Zoide7777oh shit
07:01:38Zoide7777I reset, looked for and started playing the same song as when oscilloscope froze. then i went to Browse Plugins and got "Prefetch abort at BFEFBDBE"
07:01:52Zoide7777what does that mean?
07:01:58midkayi've never seen it - sec..
07:02:45midkayweird weird.. can you try once more?
07:02:48Zoide7777just reset and tried the same sequence: prefetch abort again, at the same address
07:03:07Zoide7777i'm gonna try resetting with the hold switch to clear settings
07:03:19midkayZoide7777, sounds good.
07:03:58Zoide7777dammit, same error
07:04:01Zoide7777let me try with another file
07:04:09Zoide7777maybe it's my ipod...
07:04:12midkayZoide7777, hrmm.. please do :)
07:04:22midkayZoide7777, haha, i doubt it :) never had this before, btw?
07:04:32Zoide7777don't think so
07:05:06Zoide7777hmmm.... reset with hold, selected another song, same prefetch error when going to browse plugins
07:05:39midkayZoide7777, how about an mp3 if you didn't yet try one?
07:06:05Zoide7777midkay: they were both mp3s. and i just tried going to Browse Plugins before playing any song, and got the same error
07:06:28midkayZoide7777, aha.. hm......
07:06:41midkayi just realized something i need to change..
07:06:47 Quit Kensir ()
07:06:48Zoide7777Browse Themes and Browse Fonts work
07:06:54midkayi can send you a new copy after the change - with the most luck possible in the world it'll be fixed..
07:06:55Zoide7777but not Browse Plugins
07:07:14 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
07:08:40midkayamiconn, yay, morning (if you're actually here)?
07:16:15 Join B4gder [0] (
07:17:01 Part YouCeyE ("Leaving")
07:19:14 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
07:21:36*B4gder stands tall. yessir!
07:22:18midkaytwo things.. first - from any wiki page, the last three or four links on the left-hand side of the page (patches, bug reports etc) are center-aligned rather than right-aligned like the rest..
07:23:41midkayand two - i just added pitch adjustment in the sound settings menu for all models (the pitch screen is still there for the recorders and irivers, too) - the problem is that set_pitch for the Archos is in firmware/sound.c as is the call for set_pitch, so there's no problem for the archos devices..
07:24:07midkaybut for the software codec ones, it's in apps/dsp.c - so currently i have to #include "../apps/dsp.c" - iirc this is strongly frowned upon? what do you suggest?
07:24:10 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:24:11 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
07:25:31B4gderehm, that's a tricky question at this hour! ;-)
07:25:41midkayB4gder, i can imagine :)
07:26:14Mikachumidkay: can't you just include dsp.h? i don't recall i included any c files
07:26:26midkaysorry - i meant .h.
07:26:49midkayi think the dev team strongly dislikes the ../whatever kind of inclusion..
07:27:09B4gdermainly we avoid calls from firmware => app
07:27:12midkayit seems to be all over the plugins, but i don't see it anywhere else (than codecs, but that's kind of a-given..)..
07:27:27Mikachuin apps/main_menu.c i added include "dsp.h"
07:27:52midkayMikachu, that's fine :)
07:28:01Mikachuare you in another place?
07:28:05midkayit's the ../ (different directory) they don't like..
07:28:10midkayyes, firmware..
07:28:19Mikachuare there any menus in firmware/?
07:28:23B4gdermidkay: its not the actual .. we dislike
07:28:59midkayB4gder, i'm actually somewhat wondering why sound adjustments are done in firmware/sound.c instead of apps somewhere.. at least for the swcodec targets..
07:29:19B4gderI agree ;-)
07:29:36midkaythat reminds me - i was looking into the equalizer concept since that's swcodec-only..
07:29:43midkayi never finished investigating :)
07:31:14Mikachumaybe i misunderstood what you're doing, i thought you were adding menu entries for adjusting pitch, what is in firmware/ that has to do with that on swcodec?
07:32:49midkayand one more thing - i changed the 0.1% step in the pitch screen to a whole 1%, and that ties in with the menu better.. but that leaves the problem of set_pitch accepting values in 1/10 second format (e.g. 1000 -> 100%).. i see three options - first and best-sounding to me is to adjust set_pitch to accept percentage values instead of 1/10 percent values (and since there are few calls overall, they would be easy to adapt). second would be add an
07:32:49midkay extra parameter to set_pitch like "bool percent" and adapt all current calls to true/false that.. and, third - create a new function for adjusting the pitch from the menu - slightly overkill IMO :)
07:33:42midkayMikachu, firmware/sound.c contains the parameters for sound adjustment... like: [SOUND_STEREO_WIDTH] = {"%", 0, 1, 0, 255, 100, sound_set_stereo_width},
07:37:31Mikachucan't you call all those functions from stuff in apps/ instead?
07:38:47midkayMikachu, that's what i was just looking at.. hmm..
07:39:27 Quit t0mas (Remote closed the connection)
07:39:29 Join t0mas [0] (
07:40:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:41:42midkaymorning, amiconn
07:42:36amiconnmidkay: pitch steps of 1% might be too large if you try to beat-match songs
07:42:45amiconn(note that I never actually tried that)
07:42:55B4gderI believe we had 1% originally
07:43:16midkayB4gder, why did you move to a .1% step?
07:43:20 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:43:20amiconnB4gder: ?
07:43:23Mikachumake two songs play at the same beat
07:43:23B4gdersee amiconn's reply
07:43:50B4gderamiconn: I mean when the feature was initially committed, and then we lowered it to .1 later
07:43:58midkayso 1% = bad? hm. that kind of sucks..
07:44:00amiconnah ok
07:44:18B4gderif my memory isn't playing tricks on me
07:44:18midkaymostly for the menus..
07:44:44Bg3rmorning :)
07:44:46Mikachuyou can have +-1% entries and +-0.1% entries
07:45:01midkayMikachu, yes, but that's kind of.. ugly...
07:45:13Mikachuor just port the pitch screen..
07:45:38Zoide7777midkay: any idea why i get the prefetch error?
07:46:00midkayZoide7777, no.. but i think i'm going to rewrite the menu-pitch from scratch anyways.
07:46:24amiconnMikachu: Port the pitch screen?
07:46:24midkayi need to change a lot of things and i'm kind of messing with it now.. i just need to figure out what goes where and then write it correctly from the start
07:46:39Zoide7777midkay: ok
07:46:40Mikachuamiconn: i don't think it's enabled for many targets
07:46:53midkayamiconn, it's not available at least to ipod users..
07:47:07Mikachui made an attempt but it doesn't work well
07:47:12amiconnAfaik the pitch screen should work on all targets that support pitching, it just needs button assignments
07:47:43Zoide7777amiconn: it worked pretty well with a build midkay sent me, but then it gave problems with the plugins
07:47:44amiconn..and of course a free button (combo) to call it from wps
07:48:01midkaymaybe putting it in the context menu..
07:48:08Mikachui think in the ipods case it would have to go in a menu
07:48:10Bg3rB4gder will we see something in written form about the taken decisions on the devcon ?
07:48:19B4gderI'm sure you will
07:48:26amiconnThat's why we don't have pitch on the Ondio, but my idea was to put the pitch screen call into the wps context menu
07:48:30B4gderI'm hoping for Zagor as he took lots of notes ;-)
07:48:37Bg3rah :)
07:48:38 Join nnod [0] (
07:49:17Zoide7777btw... peakmeter + mp3 = playback skips... *consistently*
07:49:19midkayso maybe putting pitch screen into the context menu and the sound settings menu?
07:49:26Zoide7777is it mostly peakmeter or mp3 's fault?
07:49:28Zoide7777or both?
07:49:49midkayZoide7777, both - mp3 is rather slow on the ipods, and peakmeter slows it down even more..
07:50:09amiconnpreglow: r u there?
07:50:26Zoide7777midkay: i think this should be a high-ish priority, since the peakmeter is on the default theme, and mp3's are pretty much the default codec for most people
07:50:50Mikachuunfortunately for us that's a 3.1 target :)
07:51:19B4gderZoide7777: we'll appreciate your help!
07:51:43amiconnI think I know why voice causes data aborts on iPod in combination with playback
07:51:48Zoide7777B4gder: I doubt I have the technical skills for actually fixing it, but I'll be glad to report back on bugs, etc
07:52:03amiconn...and that's actually a flaw present on iriver as well
07:52:29amiconnThe codec swap doesn't seem to invalidate the cache(s) ...
07:53:56 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
07:53:59B4gdersounds bad
07:54:02 Part LinusN
07:54:23 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
07:55:50amiconnOr actually, icache, b/c for data cache there is no problem since the actual swap is a data access
07:56:00*LinusN is tired
07:56:13B4gderyou are weak!
07:56:39*B4gder goes for another coffee refill
07:56:50amiconnMaybe it didn't hit us on iriver b/c the icache is direct mapped
07:57:03amiconnThe pp icache might be set associative
08:01:07amiconnIt would be nice if someone with an iPod and a dev environment could do the following test:
08:02:23amiconnbah, scratch that
08:02:42amiconnThere is invalidate_icache(), just not where I expected it to see
08:05:41amiconnMaybe it has to do with the codec swap uncertainty lostlogic mentioned and is going to fix...
08:12:15 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
08:13:53 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
08:14:23amiconnHah, invalidate_icache() isn't implemented for arm...
08:16:41 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:21:56 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
08:22:33Zoide7777amiconn: is that related to the peakmeter problem or does it affect something else?
08:27:33 Quit Febs ()
08:28:13crashdg'morning chaps and chapettes
08:29:33 Join Sinbios [0] (
08:32:42 Join nobelium- [0] (
08:32:42 Quit nobelium (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:37:50 Quit moozooh (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
08:41:35 Join moozooh [0] (n=moozooh@
08:44:06JdGordoncan any1 suggest a good program t rip an audio cassette to mp3?
08:44:51JdGordonactually change that.. how do i fix up my line-in so it doesnt sound terrible? like a high pitch quell
08:47:00Kummerbuy a better sound card?
08:47:45JdGordonive got it going into my h300... stop to save the recordning right?
08:48:13 Join darkless [0] (
08:48:33 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
08:48:48 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
08:48:48JdGordonwhatsa the recording screen controls?
08:48:49 Quit midkay (Client Quit)
08:49:16Kummera portable device, in general, is not going to be the best device to use for recording if you're concerned about sound quality
08:49:24JdGordonim not..
08:49:48JdGordoni just gotta get this stupid casstest to cd... and it sounds terrible through my comp
08:51:53Kummerhard to say, try playing with the mixer settings as they may be too loud
08:52:03Kummeror, get a better sound card for the comp
08:54:03 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
08:54:11crwlFWIW, I think that the recording quality of H100 series (via line-in) is at least pretty good
08:54:32crwlprobably a lot better than any super-cheapo integrated sound chip on a PC
08:54:43crwlno idea about H300, though, but why not...
08:55:14JdGordon:( i cant find the instructions to record.. never done it before..
08:55:22Zoide7777wow, iPodLinux has a NES emulator!
08:56:02JdGordonlol @ the screeny
08:56:09Zoide7777hehe yeah
08:56:13Zoide7777but it's a start
08:57:52JdGordonok, does any1 know how to use the recorder?
08:57:54 Join evangelion-01 [0] (
08:57:57JdGordonon thee h300?
08:58:04evangelion-01i need help me rockbox for ipod
08:58:11evangelion-01could some one help me really quicly?
08:58:20evangelion-01i already have it installed
08:58:33evangelion-01i just want to know how to add the songs to it without itunes :)
08:58:45crwlJdGordon, on H100 one just needs to press record (after going to the recording scren from main menu), if i recall correctly
08:59:05JdGordonhow do u stop the recording and start a new trakc?
09:00:28evangelion-01please help me :(
09:00:29crwluh, press stop and then record again, or something like that... I haven't really used it that much on my H100 either :)
09:00:46crwlevangelion-01, just copy the files to the player?
09:00:57Kummerevangelion-01 are you on windows?
09:01:44 Join einhirn [0] (
09:03:23evangelion-01i already have my ipod formater in 3 partitions and have ipl installed
09:03:35evangelion-01i can boot on either retail/podzilla/rockbox
09:03:43evangelion-01but aparently i like rockbox the most
09:03:47evangelion-01but dont know how to add songs
09:04:06KummerI have no idea how this partitions business interacts with windows
09:04:26evangelion-01the thing is, when i plug the ipod into windows it shows up like a normal ipod would
09:04:30evangelion-01but how do i add songs?
09:04:35Kummeropen the ipod in my computer
09:04:40Kummerdrag your songs in
09:04:45Kummerthat's it
09:04:56evangelion-01they dont have to be in any subfolder?
09:05:08Kummeryou can make subfolders if you want, they'll show up in rockbox as subfolders
09:05:33evangelion-01ah cool
09:05:37evangelion-01let me try it real quick
09:05:51evangelion-01i initially put 1 mp3 into the hidden ipod foler
09:05:59evangelion-01the one tha thas all the itunes mp3's
09:06:02evangelion-01but it didnt show up
09:06:18Kummerwhat you should havedone is put an mp3 in any folder EXCEPT the hidden ipod folder
09:06:31evangelion-01let me try it real quick
09:07:53evangelion-01it works :D
09:08:54evangelion-01thx alot kummer
09:09:57evangelion-01btw, is there a way to sleep the ipod while in rockbox? or you have to use the shutdown and start the ipod and then select rockbox again?
09:10:35KummerI don't think rockbox has any sleep mode on ipod
09:11:45evangelion-01is the ipod version kind of new?
09:11:53evangelion-01i recently found out about rockbox
09:11:58linuxstbevangelion-01: I assume you've used the ipodlinux bootloader. With the Rockbox bootloader, you just turn on your ipod, and it boots (very quickly) straight into Rockbox.
09:12:41Kummerthe ipod version is fairly new. They didn't even get sound working until like three weeks ago.
09:14:39evangelion-01i see
09:14:48evangelion-01so it will hopefully work better
09:15:15evangelion-01linuxstb, to install rockbox like you say, i just follow the sites tutorial?
09:16:14linuxstbYes, but they assume you are starting with a clean ipod - not one with a bootloader already installed.
09:18:01evangelion-01i'll format it and use ipodupdater to restore, that should o it huh?
09:18:37Kummerformatting will erase all your songs and stuff on the ipod
09:20:09evangelion-01i dont have anything on it
09:20:41evangelion-01i reformated windows, itunes told me something, and it ended deleting all my songs, then my hdd crashed while resizing a partition and deleted all my mp3's....
09:20:47evangelion-01among other things
09:20:59evangelion-01and right now i only have a twit epsiode "if you know what i mean" ont he ipod
09:21:01evangelion-01so no biggy
09:21:05 Join yan [0] (
09:21:11yanHi there
09:21:41KummerI suppose, if you already lost all your songs, then you have nothing to lose
09:21:44yanDoes anyone know where I can find a decent arm-gcc-elf compiler for a FC4?
09:21:53Kummeryou should be able to build one on FC4
09:21:55B4gderyan: build your own
09:22:09B4gderwe (linux users) all build our own
09:22:23evangelion-01i used linex for the first day today
09:22:33yanOk let's go
09:22:34evangelion-01i used a live cd... dont remember the name of the distro tho
09:22:42evangelion-01ah, slax
09:22:51yanIs there any homepage for this?
09:22:58B4gderyan: check the wiki
09:23:09B4gderthe docs page has loooooads of info
09:23:47Kummeranywhere it mentions sh or sh1, use arm instead
09:26:06 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:33:43evangelion-01thx for the help kummer and linuxstb
09:34:04evangelion-01it now works like a charm and boots in under 2secs "before it took like 20 secs with the linux loader"
09:34:34Bg3rJdGordon ask petur:P
09:35:18Bg3rah, that was for a question half an hour ago
09:41:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:55:27 Join bobTHC [0] (n=bobTHC@
09:55:40bobTHCmorning folks !
09:58:50 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
10:08:51*B4gder made the first parapraph of the web site become more cluttered ;-)
10:09:18bobTHChi B4gder
10:09:24B4gderhey ho
10:09:42kclafhey after doing bubble's lvl 5 or 6, ipod rebooted ;o
10:10:04 Quit quobl_ (Remote closed the connection)
10:10:17Bg3rB4gder hey, is the devconf still in progress ? ;)
10:10:27 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
10:10:39B4gderBg3r: it never ends in our hearts! ;-P
10:13:15Bg3rB4gder H115 doesn't fit in the H1x0 mask :)
10:14:00B4gderI actually consider writing the full names, but they are so many due to the 110, 115 and so on
10:14:31B4gderand even the "ihp-" aliases...
10:14:33Bg3rdon't laugh, this is a whole target ;)
10:14:58Bg3rbut better don't write all names ...
10:15:19B4gderI hope people will understand this anyway
10:19:25Zoide7777midkay: how's the pitch thing going?
10:25:57B4gderI love the speed of some cvs builds
10:26:04B4gder2006-03-20 03:16:49, iPod Video - Simulator:
10:26:09B4gderBuilt on rbclient@ in 30 seconds
10:27:24B4gderand that's not even the fastest build in the farm
10:27:52JdGordoncan the server stats page be changed so it shows how fast each machine built each build?
10:28:00JdGordoni prob have the slowest builds :p
10:28:19B4gdereach build log now shows the time for that particular build
10:28:26B4gderthe server stats page will be updated too soonish
10:28:53JdGordon80sec for nano.. thats not too bad... whast the slowest?
10:29:02B4gderit varies on load
10:29:13Zagor"Built on rbclient@ in 28 seconds"
10:29:13B4gderbut some are >100 secs
10:29:16B4gderfor sims
10:29:24Zagorquick indeed
10:29:37JdGordonfm boot is nice n fast.. 8sec
10:29:38B4gderthe bootloader builds are <10 secs each ;-)
10:29:47B4gderthey fly
10:29:53 Quit Zoide7777 ("CGI:IRC")
10:30:12yanRe: I successfully compiled my rockbox for iPod 3g! It generated two files and rockbox.ipod. Where is the bootloader ?
10:30:19yan(to use with ipod_fw)
10:30:31B4gderyan: the bootloader is built separately
10:31:38yanI checked out rockbox-devel, how should I compile it?
10:31:48yancompile the bootloader I mean
10:31:54B4gderyan: run configure and select bootloader
10:31:58BHSPitLappysimilar to how you build the other one.
10:32:08B4gderyan: do that in a separate build dir
10:32:09BHSPitLappymake a dir for the bootloader build, ../tools/configure
10:32:14 Join mikearthur [0] (
10:32:30Kummer has instructions for building the bootloader
10:33:08yanGreat! Thx!
10:36:41LinusNoops, removing the last song in the playlist viewer made my h140 freeze
10:36:45nudelFrance may force Apple and Sony to open their DRM (or withdraw from their market)
10:37:14 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
10:37:54nudelI had a weird playlist thing. I did queue-last on a directory and after the current album finished it skipped to track 2 of the album i queued up. Going back a track went to last track of the previous album. It was like track 1 didn't exist, but it plays fine after clearing the playlist and playing the album normally.
10:38:02nudelNot tried to repro it yet
10:38:20 Join nave7693 [0] (
10:42:00 Quit nave7693 (Client Quit)
10:51:40yanYEAH: I have my bootloader whose booting crrectly!
10:52:09yanI have a last question: Should I unzip the onto the first or second partition of my iPod?
10:52:21yanI think the 2nd , but not sure
10:53:11Kummerit's usually the second, unless you did something weird like install ipodlinux
10:53:31yanNo i don't have ipodlinux installed
10:53:40 Join KN|stiff [0] (
10:53:44yanThx, let's start on the second :)
11:01:23 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
11:02:27BHSPitLappyhey [IDC]Dragon
11:02:49[IDC]Dragonhi world
11:04:30muesli__yepp :-)
11:06:27 Quit evangelion-01 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:08:51 Join imphasing [0] (
11:10:39amiconnLinusN: My speed measurements with the enhanced ata timing was done at 45 MHz
11:10:48amiconnThe gain should be even higher at 124 MHz
11:11:09*amiconn thinks we should probably always boost when accessing the hd
11:11:28yanDoes anyone know if the 'Ipod with a clickable whell' is a 3g or 4g ipod?
11:14:03BHSPitLappythe "click wheel" is 4G and up
11:16:57yanTalking arut click wheel, I mean a wheel with at the center a button
11:17:05yan(in circle).
11:17:24yanI'm sorry I'm blind and so, cannot read on my iPod which generation it is
11:18:27yanMy goal is to have a "talking" ipod
11:19:38BHSPitLappythe 1G, 2G and 3G are the touch wheel, everything else is the click wheel
11:19:46BHSPitLappyand someone was actually working on that recently
11:20:07B4gderZagor: the logo in the tracker area should link back to the front page
11:20:09B4gderI find it annoying to find my way back as it is now
11:20:38Zagoryes I agree. the problem is the logo is done in css and hence cannot link.
11:21:17B4gderI guess an added text link is better than nothing then
11:21:40ZagorI can make the entire top area a link, but then it becomes difficult to click the links in that area
11:22:42Zagortext link added
11:23:16B4gderI added build times to the server stats pages
11:23:55[IDC]Dragonspeaking about our web pages:
11:24:15[IDC]Dragongood thing that the 1st sentence now mentions the new platforms
11:24:27[IDC]Dragonbut how about grouping that a bit
11:24:36[IDC]Dragoninto paragraphs?
11:24:45Zagoryes, it's too complex. we don't have to mention every specific model in the first sentence imho
11:24:49[IDC]Dragon(the sentence is quite a long enumeration)
11:25:06amiconnI suggest an <ul>
11:25:09[IDC]DragonI like the models being mentioned
11:25:20[IDC]Dragonbut we can group the platforms
11:25:45[IDC]Dragon"read the 1st sentence" is still a cool rtfm answer
11:26:35Zagorlike this?
11:26:42[IDC]Dragonyes, nice
11:27:25amiconnZagor: yes, like this
11:28:11 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:29:15 Quit einhirn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:32:58 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-96ce6683cfd460f1)
11:34:25Zagorare there color 4G ipods? why do we call it 4G grayscale?
11:35:19amiconnThe color/photo is a 4G
11:36:13ohrnwith the button mapping cleanup pushed back to v3.1
11:36:48ohrnare there any specific plans to make a quick-fix for the joystick on the H300 remote?
11:37:26Zagoris there any iPod apart from the mini we don't support? 1G, 2G?
11:37:34ohrnright now it's quite unobvious how to navigate the filesystem or settings...
11:39:03KummerI think 1-3g are unsupported, 4g is supported
11:39:22Zagorohrn: the button cleanup is not intended to change any mappings, just make the code better
11:39:40yanI have definitely a 3g (4g firmware dont boot and 3g does); and it's .... maybe working
11:39:42Zagorfixing bad button assignments is definitely possible for 3.0
11:40:20Zagorohrn: is there a bug report for this? if not, please write one.
11:40:32ohrnwell, it would solve the difference between the H100 and H300 remotes quite nicely, simply load different mappings depending on which remote is conected
11:41:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:41:52ohrnsure, I'll write a bug report
11:45:47amiconnZagor: 1G/2G aren't supported yet, 3G is partially supported (no playback yet afaik)
11:46:55markunamiconn: could you try this path and tell us what you think of it?
11:47:27yanDoes anyone know who is responsible for the ipod-3g port?
11:52:17Bg3rohrn i'm working on this issue (with iriver remotes)
11:54:53ohrnI'm allmost anoyed enough to take a stab at it myself, but now I can just sit back and relax. :)
11:56:58safetydanamiconn, was there any talk about how to reduce code size for archos?
11:57:07*safetydan is thinking of his cut/copy/paste patch and the rombox size
11:57:45amiconnYes, a bit
11:59:15safetydanany concrete actions decided?
12:03:34amiconnCentralising the button handling a bit (differentiating short/long press, doing double click detection etc in the button driver) should get rid of that _PRE and last_button business in the various button event loops
12:03:50amiconn...and at the same time reduce the ifdef hell
12:04:43 Join Moos [0] (
12:06:20Bg3ramiconn yes
12:06:43Bg3ri'm doing it in this way, but only for the navigation atm ...
12:08:44 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:11:52Bg3rhm, in fact i only distinguish short/long press ...
12:12:37preglowamiconn: i am now
12:14:54preglowB4gder: what, you've got shirts left? :>
12:16:46safetydangrr... sillly cordic... now I have it workin the range [0-4.0] but it goes silly after that...
12:17:14muesli__Bg3r are u goin to fix the h300 lcd remote?
12:17:55Moossafetydan: hi, did you planed to "improve" your cut/copy/past patch and your WPS parser before the feature freeze for it could included in the release?
12:18:20Moossafetydan: did you have feed-backs from other dev about?
12:18:32safetydanMoos, I doubt the WPS parser will be done as it's not a priority and I won't have time work on it
12:18:35Bg3rmuesli__ at least trying to :)
12:18:58muesli__go go go go go gogo ggo gogogogog oog ogo goooooooooooo! :-) will x my fingers :)
12:19:01Moossafetydan: ok, and about cut/copy/paste, very good feature
12:19:20safetydanThe clipboard patch is ready as far as I can tell, but code size is the issue still.
12:19:22Bg3ramiconn ? we don't use double click anywhere in navigation, do we ?
12:19:27muesli__there will be a feature freeze soon?
12:19:41Moossafetydan: did you fin ways to uncrease this?
12:20:02safetydananything I do is only going to save a few bytes, not really enough to make a difference
12:20:42preglowsafetydan: 0 - 4.0, weird...
12:20:51safetydanSo instead I'm working on polishing up the EQ interface
12:20:57Moosamiconn, B4gder, LinusN...: what your thought about this great safetydan's patch?
12:21:01safetydanpreglow, very...
12:21:05Moossafetydan : :-(
12:22:30Moossafetydan: this EQ polishing will can do during the feature freeze, but not the clipboard patch
12:23:02preglowsafetydan: remember to make room for a prescale slider...
12:23:46safetydanpreglow, already there in my ui sketches :)
12:24:26preglowsafetydan: excellent
12:31:03preglowwhat, langv2 is on for 3.0?
12:31:19preglownot bad at all
12:31:46B4gderwe need it to get sensible text for all targets
12:31:54preglowyeah, makes sense
12:32:04 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
12:32:30preglowany thoughts on where recording codecs fit in?
12:32:43preglowi think 3.0 will be a bit tight for that
12:32:49B4gderyes, I'd like them in 3.1
12:33:08preglowi'll ad it to the wiki
12:33:12preglowadd it too
12:35:52safetydanI really should get an SH1 compiler working
12:36:08safetydanIs the current CVS compile too large for archos?
12:36:29preglowonly compiler i can get working is arm
12:36:31B4gderwe have plenty space left ;-)
12:36:43preglowgcc portability is best
12:36:44safetydanSo... I could commit the clipboard patch and we'd still fit?
12:36:51B4gdersafetydan: oh yes
12:36:54preglowsafetydan: it's compressed if it doesn't
12:37:05preglowexcept for one platform?
12:37:21B4gderthe player version is still uncompressed I believe
12:37:37safetydanAny objections to comitting the clipboard patch then?
12:37:45preglownone from me
12:37:45B4gdernot from me
12:37:53preglowdoes it work on directories?
12:38:00preglowoh, then go ahead
12:38:03preglowsounds totally sweet
12:38:09safetydanAnd on Ondio it can copy/move across volumes
12:38:45JdGordondid any1 have a look at my text editor plugin?
12:38:47Moossafetydan: please do :)
12:39:08 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:39:18Bg3rpreglow do we use BUTTON_LEFT/BUTTON_RIGHT on iPods ?
12:40:18Bg3rok, so they are not *so* common :)
12:40:18preglow_PREV and _NEXT, i think
12:41:45safetydanhrm... maybe I should make it sure it still works okay
12:41:49amiconnB4gder: langv2 in 3.0 means another rework of strings. Currently we have separate strings for player and the rest, which can be combined with v2
12:42:02B4gderah, true
12:42:32Bg3rB4gder we can do lang translation after the feat. freeze, yep ? :)
12:42:46amiconnI will group these related strings together anyway
12:43:01B4gdera translation is hardly a new feature ;-)
12:43:05Bg3rmaybe i'll update the bulgarian translation just for the number :P
12:43:25amiconnBg3r: That's actually an important thing. The freeze will allow translators to catch up
12:43:31B4gderuplang is gonna be messier with the v2 format
12:43:39*Moos will upload french file
12:43:48amiconnBg3r: We do use double click on Ondio
12:44:07Bg3ramiconn in navigation ?
12:44:28B4gderargh, annoying when people leave wiki locks
12:44:32Bg3rdo we use double click in tree/menu navigation
12:44:43 Join damaki [0] (
12:44:44amiconnNot tree/menu, but radio screen
12:45:20Bg3ri'll look into this
12:45:22amiconnHowever, the centralised event type approach will have to be applied to all button handling loops
12:45:24MoosB4gder: is it me? if so I found the topic already loked by preglow
12:45:40 Join JdGordon41 [0] (
12:45:46B4gderah, its YOU!!! :-P
12:45:58B4gderMoos: you can click the checkbox in the bottom when you save
12:46:02Moosbut force it like I did sorry :-)
12:46:05B4gderthen it releases the lock immediately
12:46:07amiconn...and another important point is that we will centralise the button actions in one place as far as possible
12:46:07Bg3ramiconn how do you see it then ?
12:46:17B4gderMoos: but OK, I'll steal it now, thanks
12:46:25*amiconn hopes for Zagor to come up with the summary document
12:46:32Bg3rme too
12:46:36B4gderand me
12:46:43LinusNme too
12:46:49*B4gder pokes Zagor with a stick
12:46:52Bg3rgo go Zagor :)
12:47:09*Moos is making the Clipnoard dance :)
12:47:26*LinusN watches and claps his hands
12:47:36safetydanHow many different types of dance do we have now?
12:47:43safetydanAudio, clipboard, assembler... ?
12:47:53Mooslot of them :-)
12:48:09*amiconn giggles
12:48:12safetydanhrm, I should update the manual while I'm here
12:49:04B4gdersafetydan: we discussed your wps tokenizer effort at the devcon as we like the idea, but it turned out none of us has actually checked it out! ;-)
12:49:17 Join ashridah [0] (
12:49:39B4gderit should make things better for the more complicated WPSes targeted for 3.1 or so
12:49:40*LinusN gets a cup of black goo
12:51:12safetydanB4gder, ah cool
12:51:16safetydanit's not very complete
12:51:24Jungti1234wow.. Rockbox 3.0..
12:51:28B4gderwe have faith in you! ;-)
12:51:32safetydanand I'm thinking that it might be better to do a table driven parser...
12:52:15safetydanWon't be working on it for a while unless I finish the other stuff off
12:52:30B4gderat debcon I tried to make everybody feel obliged to code like hell since we paid for food with the rockbox fund ;-)
12:52:30safetydansince I'm not here during the feature freeze I thought I'd do as much polishing work now while I can
12:52:49 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
12:53:02safetydanYou can write it off as a business expense, "Fuel for programmers"
12:53:02B4gdersafetydan: it feels like too much of a change for 3.0 anyway, the wps stuff I mean
12:53:09safetydanB4gder, oh yeah way too large
12:53:32preglowtoo little time for iot
12:53:42*tucoz does the useful commit dance :-)
12:53:43preglowwe might be a bit pressed with what's there already
12:53:50B4gderoh yes
12:53:51safetydanphew... no build errors
12:53:57preglowespecially plus all the well hidden bugs there are in the playback engine
12:53:58B4gderthe time frame is... aggressive
12:54:00preglowthose needs to go
12:54:13tucozsafetydan, do the no build errors dance :)
12:54:17preglowB4gder: anyway, all time frames grow aggressive on me sooner or later anyway ;)
12:54:29*safetydan does the "No build errors" dance
12:54:53B4gderand only 6 servers built
12:54:59safetydanActually, tucoz, where's the onplay menu in the manual?
12:55:08safetydanLike which file should I be editing
12:55:25tucozsafetydan, I actually don't know.
12:55:26 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
12:55:55safetydanah well, guess I'll build it and find out
12:56:40tucozI haven't really read the manual that closely. Just fixed it here and there and made it easier to work with.
12:56:58 Join Matze [0] (
12:57:44 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
12:57:52safetydanit's in rockbox_interface/main.tex if anyone else wants to find it
12:59:03preglowand there's always the issue of whether we should try to integrate jlos new crossfeed into 3.0
12:59:07preglowso much to do...
12:59:26tucozwhich reminds me. I think we should stop using floats for tables and images. They do 'float' around too much, although they are placed with the [h!] option
12:59:40 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:00:07amiconnsafetydan: Please remind me: Does the directory copy work if the destination dir already exists, and does it comapre dates/sizes?
13:00:33LinusNs/pdif recording should perhaps be in 3.0
13:01:09tucozwill that in that case gracefully ignore the copy-protection bit?
13:01:28safetydanamiconn, it works if the destination folder exists, no it doesn't compare dates/sizes
13:01:45safetydanI was trying to keep code size down at the time so I didn't do the compare
13:01:49LinusNtucoz: yes
13:01:56tucoznice :)
13:02:13safetydanHrm... how do you close a feature request?
13:02:33B4gder"close task"
13:02:55safetydanI swear that option wasn't there before...
13:03:25 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:03:27ZagorB4gder: har du kvar javascriptet vi använder för att refresha bara bilden på webkameran?
13:03:31Zagorgah, sorry
13:03:36Zagorwrong channel
13:03:46 Join JdGordon [0] (
13:04:19JdGordonah, finally back... windows reset 3 times while trying to access some files on my h300.. i think the hdd has errors :'(
13:04:29JdGordonand now winamp crashes at the end of a track
13:06:07 Quit JdGordon41 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:07:47yanRe: My 3rd iPod doesn't want to speak menu items...
13:09:42 Join KN|stiff [0] (
13:13:01 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:14:57JdGordoncan rb save a txt file as a unicode file?
13:15:02yanI have a gdb for arm-elf, how should I proceed to debug my iPod stuff?
13:15:18 Part ashridah ("Leaving")
13:15:22 Join ashridah [0] (
13:15:22 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:15:30ashridah@#$%@#$%ing xchat!
13:15:37ashridahctrl-w means delete a word, not close the fricking tab
13:16:08LinusNyan: you need a gdb stub
13:16:28LinusNi guess you could use the serial port in the dock connector
13:16:29yanI have a gdb compiled for arm-elf debugging
13:16:46LinusNyan: i said gdb *stub*
13:17:08yanwhat's that?
13:17:14LinusNthe code in the target that communicates with the debugger
13:17:28yanOh okay
13:17:56yanand ... are there some for iPods?
13:17:57LinusNwe haven't yet worked on an ipod stub
13:18:04yanah ok
13:18:26JdGordonok, um.. whats the keys for the sdl sim in linux? numpad doesnt seem to be workign?
13:18:29LinusNbut we intend to
13:18:44safetydanJdGordon, try the arrow keys
13:18:52safetydanbut numpad does work
13:19:02safetydanat least here
13:19:16JdGordonno, keypad definatly isnt working here (im connecting over vnc), how do u get the menu?
13:19:30safetydanJdGordon, try Ins
13:20:06safetydanpossibly a limitation of vnc
13:20:06LinusNins is supposed to work
13:20:17safetydansince Ins and . work here
13:20:56JdGordonok, wierd.. restarted it and its working
13:21:13preglowand ipod gdb stub would be... marvelous...
13:21:44JdGordon_some_ keys work.. must be vnc or ssh or something screweing it up
13:21:53amiconnpreglow: What do you think? Might icache cause the crash when swapping codecs?
13:22:05LinusNpreglow: do we know how to use the serial port on the pp chipset?
13:22:19amiconnAlso, what exactly happens with voice after your 'undefined' mode fix?
13:24:18preglowamiconn: i don't know, i can't test afterwards
13:24:27preglowamiconn: and yeah, sure it can, but i don' think that's the cause of the crash
13:24:34preglowamiconn: i think i know of a way to invalidate the icache
13:25:02amiconnHmm, in fact, isn't it actually a unified cache?
13:25:21kclafbbl, i you want to test things with voice ill be around in 3 or 4 hours
13:26:00preglowamiconn: inded it is
13:26:09preglowamiconn: you can purge it by just reading 8kb of data
13:26:29preglowamiconn: but point is, it's probably purged by the point swapping action itself
13:26:33amiconnIf so, swapping codecs itself should sync the cache
13:26:43preglowamiconn: for example, we don't purge any cache for plugin action
13:26:52preglowamiconn: there are so many memory accesses done that it empties itself
13:27:37 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
13:27:38yanLinusN: To have a "speaking" rockbox, should I need to do something else that tust copy the english.voice into the .rockbox/langs directory?
13:28:39yanok, so it doesn't seem to work on iPods for now
13:28:52LinusNyou need the latest daily build
13:29:20yanvoice latest daily builds?
13:29:33LinusNrockbox latest daily build
13:29:42yan(are there any the "rockbox-devel" checkout on the cvs?)
13:30:21yanI used the CVS (cbhecked out this morning (in France), and compiled out for 3g ipod. It seems to work).
13:30:28 Join Moos [0] (
13:31:13LinusNthe cvs version should work, albeit shaky
13:31:24LinusNi'm not an ipod expert though
13:33:13tucozLinusN, for the 3g's as well? I didn't think audio was functional on those yet.
13:33:27yanAnd is there a way to "force" a specific language, a line to edit into a config-file? (to allow me to edit it out of the rockbox firmware, and see what I'm doing)
13:33:33LinusNas i said, i'm no ipod expert :-)
13:33:34amiconnB4gder: What do the 'total time' and 'average' numbers mean in the build stats?
13:34:00B4gdernumber of seconds the server used for building
13:34:25amiconnIs it really that fast (17 secs on average on mine)?
13:34:28B4gderthe times on the right are for each individual build it built
13:34:44amiconnIirc a full rebuild takes ~70 sec when done manually
13:34:46B4gderamiconn: if you check single build logs it now displays build time for each
13:34:55B4gderamiconn: many builds are very fast
13:34:59amiconnMaybe that's ccache?
13:35:02B4gdera boot loader with ccache
13:35:10B4gderusually is less than 10 seconds
13:35:24[IDC]Dragonwow, drool
13:36:01B4gderI want to use those times mainly to verify that the build script is using the servers in an optimal way
13:36:12amiconnYeah, 6 seconds for FM bootbox on mine...
13:36:16JdGordonis the \n char "available" in the keyboard input?
13:36:29B4gderthey take max 300 seconds but yet the whole build takes 400
13:36:51JdGordonany suggestions how i can get a user to say where they want a line split in 2?
13:36:54amiconnUpload times?
13:37:10B4gderamiconn: but even the takes 300 only and that's localhost ;-)
13:37:35B4gderits rather indicating that either the script does something wrong, or that we lack servers for some particular setup
13:38:12B4gderI'll talk to t0mas about it and see what we can come up with
13:38:29t0masyou have 1 min.
13:38:33t0masI'm at school :)
13:38:37t0mas13:40 is end of hour :P
13:38:52B4gdert0mas: we need more fine grained debug data or further timing on non-build times
13:39:01t0maswell we do a source build
13:39:04t0masafter all builds
13:39:04B4gdert0mas: check the latest server stats pages and you'll see
13:39:14t0masmake a source zip... and make a buildpage
13:39:29mirakdoes anyone worked on video recently ?
13:39:30amiconnB4gder: The builds which are done last should give a clue...
13:39:31t0masall on our harddisk trouble server..
13:40:05t0mas2 hours
13:40:14B4gdert0mas: the source build is not taken into account
13:40:24B4gderamiconn: very true... I'll check
13:40:39JdGordonalso.. slow uploads...
13:40:44yanLinusN: Do you know if there is somewhere logs of what is really done and what should be done on iPodPorts?
13:40:57B4gderJdGordon: two of these servers do not have slow uploads
13:41:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:41:05JdGordonthe other 5 do?
13:41:16Moosmirak: as far I know, NO, you was the onlyone seems to be interested
13:41:25B4gderwhy does the build take 400 seconds when no server build more than 300 ?
13:41:48B4gderif it was transfers,
13:41:53B4gderthe local server would use almost 400
13:41:59B4gderand the others less
13:42:05JdGordoncoz i know a 2mb file on my comp will take a bit of time to send.. (20k/s max up)... *2 builds ive been getting.. it adds up
13:42:37B4gderI guess its more the fact that a single build can take a long time sometimes
13:42:51amiconnB4gder: My server only actually built for 85 seconds
13:42:57B4gderso with bad luck that runs or more less alone towards the end
13:42:59mirakMoos: ok
13:43:25JdGordondoesnt really matter... 5min isnt all that slow...
13:43:28amiconnLooks like the upload speed thing (and the fact that I can't build everything)
13:43:38B4gderI think the latter
13:43:45B4gderI think the sims might be the villains here
13:43:50*B4gder checks
13:44:11JdGordon.. get the cvs build page to build the table as builds are uploaded and it might be interesting....
13:44:47amiconnB4gder: Did you scrap the sim zip blob uploads?
13:44:53B4gderamiconn: no, not yet
13:45:02B4gderJdGordon: that would be too big of change to do atm
13:45:11JdGordonok.. but that would be kool
13:45:15B4gderI agree
13:46:32JdGordonok, im stumped.. im working on my text editor... iv been asked to add a way to split a line into multiple lines.. i use the onscreen kb for input... whats the best way to get the user to show where it wants the line split? im thinking getting them to put | at the breaks.. but that doesnt work if | is in the line already??
13:46:56Bg3rJdGordon what about a special key ?
13:46:59Bg3rlike "enter" ?
13:47:21JdGordondoes the onscreen kb allow for that sort of thing?
13:48:07Bg3rJdGordon no, but you can add it ;)
13:48:37Bg3rit would be good to add a parameter like bool multiline
13:49:57JdGordonoh, was there any talk about reorganising the source tree a bit? stuff in the recorder folder should move into apps imho
13:49:57preglowB4gder: thought about removing wpses from the ordinary cvs build downloads+
13:50:41B4gderwe're probably gonna introduce something like that, yes
13:50:57Bg3rJdGordon the problem is that u'll lose the history if you do that in cvs ...
13:51:14Bg3rs/history/revision history
13:51:30*safetydan awaits the coming of the git/svn repository
13:51:30JdGordon:( , cvs doesnt handle moves at all? that sux
13:51:55safetydanJdGordon, nope, CVS is sucky like that
13:52:18Bg3rB4gder any decision about the cvs's successor ?
13:52:30B4gdersvn or git
13:52:32Kummergit doesn't really handle renames either
13:52:40Bg3rah ?
13:52:50B4gderI have code in both ;-)
13:52:55*B4gder grins
13:53:52safetydanKummer, well it does... just not in the most intuitive way
13:54:14yanLinusN: Do you know if there is somewhere logs of what is really done and what should be done on iPodPorts?
13:54:26yanOr does someone know
13:54:42LinusNi don't work on the ipod targets at all
13:54:52tucozRegarding the viewports approach. For the larger displays, will it that include a possibility to have the filebrowser as a viewport?
13:55:16B4gdertucoz: that's unrelated to the viewport effort really
13:55:27B4gderviewports is about fixing the gfxlayer
13:55:42preglowyan: optimising is pretty important at the moment
13:56:07yanpreglow: Do you know how it is on a 3g ipod?
13:56:11preglowi have no idea
13:56:11B4gdertucoz: but we have no plans to add what you suggested. That'd be a 4.0 feature ;-)
13:56:14preglowi only work on the nano
13:56:37Mikachupreglow: have you played any pacbox on your nano?
13:56:49yanpreglow: I saw sone ipod_3g code but cannot figure out who did them :)
13:56:52Mikachuit's happened twice now that it just shut down while playing, after maybe 5-10 minuter
13:58:57tucozB4gder, ok. I was mainly thinking of treating the file-browser as a widget. For 320x240 displays, that would (imho) be a natural thing to do.
13:59:09yanpreglow: And I would be interrested to be a ipod3g tester, but doesn't want to open a "bug" if the thing is not yet functionnal
13:59:25JdGordonah, new server stats page looks nice...
13:59:26B4gdertucoz: the file browser is the main screen for Rockbox, so it would rather be the WPS that would pop up on it ;-)
13:59:31LinusNtucoz: natural? why?
13:59:53*JdGordon wonders why my comp wasnt used
14:00:38tucozLinusN, huge screen estate. Well maybe not natural, but it would then be able to use the screen in a more effective manner.
14:00:59tucozOr maybe I am wrong. Playlist viewport might be more natural.
14:02:49Mikachuif you don't know, are they natural? :)
14:03:09Bg3rdoes all archos recorders have the same remote ? (at in the same number of button functions)
14:03:11preglowMikachu: i have
14:03:12LinusNagain, viewports is primarily a gfx library feature, and is not to be confused with windows
14:03:26preglowyan: problem is that no developers have 3gs, so you have nothing to test
14:03:30Mikachupreglow: have you experienced the same thing?
14:03:54preglowMikachu: experienced what?
14:04:02tucozMikachu, I was only thinking of the resolution, not the screen size. I was thinking of something like pc mp3-players (winamp etc).
14:04:03Mikachuah, forgot to hilight you on that line, hang on
14:04:08Mikachupreglow: it's happened twice now that it just shut down while playing, after maybe 5-10 minuter
14:04:23amiconnBg3r: There is only one archos remote type which can be used on recorder v1 and player
14:04:25preglowMikachu: haven't played it that long, i'm not a big pac man fan :)
14:04:41amiconnv2/fm recorders don't support remote iirc
14:04:45Mikachupreglow: okay
14:04:52Bg3ramiconn 10q :)
14:04:55amiconnOndios don't supprt remote for sure
14:04:58Mikachupreglow: it's always fun to reproduce these bugs on others' hardware
14:05:53safetydanSo... karaoke mode... that needs to be ported to swcodec right? Along with the other channel settings?
14:07:19[IDC]Dragonamiconn: fm/ve can use the remote, too
14:07:28preglowsafetydan: yeah
14:07:33preglowsafetydan: either that or disabled
14:07:39preglowsafetydan: can't say i see the use for them...
14:07:59preglowmost certainly a case of features we can do without, imho
14:08:02[IDC]Dragonbut on some units the 4th ring of the plug is not connected, for strange reasons
14:08:03safetydanshould at least have mono
14:08:17Moosthere is still the "split edit" plugin wasnt ported yet for swcodec
14:08:24preglowsafetydan: why?
14:08:26[IDC]Dragona 0 Ohm resistor is missing
14:08:47safetydanpreglow, useful for listening with only one earphone in
14:09:22 Join Febs [0] (
14:09:27preglowdo you do that often? :P
14:09:40JdGordon in before the freeze? :)))
14:09:44safetydanoften enough :)
14:10:11safetydanI've also seen one guy asking for it because he's deaf in one ear and very stereo music doesn't sound right.
14:10:25preglowwell, ok
14:10:27amiconnpreglow: If we have mono and stereo width, karaoke mode is a by-product
14:10:31preglowi can implement that featureeasy enough
14:11:10Moosefore the feature freeze? :-)
14:11:15Moosbefore even
14:11:49Moosor maybe this is considering like bugfixe
14:11:52preglowyeah, it should just take a couple of hours
14:12:18MoosCool !
14:12:26safetydanIs there more to mono than (left + right) / 2?
14:12:26preglowi just need to code a general stereo matrixing for swcodec targets
14:12:28JdGordonhow do i do a cvs diff on 1 file?
14:12:32preglowsafetydan: no
14:12:43safetydanoverflow handling is the only thing I can think of
14:12:50LinusNJdGordon: cvs diff <filename>
14:12:55Mikachuwhat happens if you do left | right?
14:13:03preglowamiconn: mas has a full four setting stereo matrix, and that's how you implement those, yes?
14:13:34LinusNpreglow: yes
14:13:50preglowok, i'll see if i can do it later today
14:13:56preglowfirst i need to finish the wav/aiff stuff
14:15:49amiconnpreglow: yes
14:15:55preglowi'll just do the same thing
14:16:01preglowno optimised case for mono conversions or the like
14:16:10amiconnThe mas has a stereo matrix with 4 variable gain paths
14:16:26preglowamiconn: gain it gain or only attenuate?
14:16:30Jungti1234hmm :-l
14:16:35preglowamiconn: _CAN_ t gain
14:16:38preglowmy lord
14:16:41MoosLinusN: quick question please, I'm wondered regarding the cpu frenquency wiki page, how thazt will be for iAudio, cause used Coldfire with 120MHz max?
14:16:45preglowi need a new speech centre
14:16:49amiconnpreglow: gain range is +/- 1
14:16:55B4gderthere, in case you missed it before ;-)
14:16:57amiconn(20 bit fixed point)
14:17:01preglowamiconn: good, that's what swcodec will have as well
14:18:38preglowB4gder: ahahahah
14:18:39LinusNMoos: i think we will go for 124MHz as well and overclock it
14:18:47 Quit darkless (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:18:57B4gderits just the best
14:19:07MoosLinusN: ah ok, this is hardwarly possible?
14:19:11Mikachui had a german lecturer in a math course, that was also fun
14:20:12LinusNMoos: yes, i do it today
14:20:17 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC")
14:20:43preglowLinusN: do you know if it'll be generally safe, though? iirc, the chip is labled 120mhz max
14:20:59 Join Moos [0] (
14:21:15preglowor was that the h3x0 one?
14:21:17LinusNpreglow: i believe so
14:21:28Moosit's what I thought too
14:21:59LinusNone interesting thing is that all the hxxx i have opened have "120" scribbled on them with a pen
14:22:05LinusNon the cpu
14:22:29LinusNi wonder if that means that they are rated 120mhz as well
14:22:46preglowwe could easily run them at a lower freq
14:22:49preglowwould force us to optimise more
14:22:50Mooswhy not define boost mode at 120 then?
14:23:09LinusNwe want it to be a multiple of the base frequency
14:23:32LinusNso it would be about 124-11
14:23:53MoosI'm so silly sorry, didn't thought at this
14:23:54preglowB4gder: is there any reason we'd want to use git and not svn?
14:24:12B4gderpreglow: it offers a different approach for patches/branches that might suit us
14:24:23preglowmight or will? :)
14:24:33LinusNMoos: we can set it to almoat any frequency we want, but we use multiples of the base for practical reasons
14:24:56Moosamiconn's cacul iirc
14:24:59B4gderpreglow: zagor's setting up a git repo now to allow us to do some testing to get a feel if git is for us or not
14:25:34*safetydan feels like he's back at uni...
14:25:42safetydanReading through so many papers on cordic at the moment...
14:26:21MoosLinusN: btw do you managed to have the power management things on iAudios?
14:26:42LinusNwhat do you mean?
14:27:11Moosabout the chip
14:27:32amiconnActually we don't have to use integer multiples of the base, but doing so makes it easier to the timer to the varying cpu clock
14:28:15amiconnWe could change it to using 1/2 of the base or sth like that
14:28:23JdGordongrrr... whats the navi button #defined as...?
14:28:28amiconnIt will lose a bit of timer precision this way
14:28:34safetydanJdGordon, BUTTON_SELECT I think
14:28:51MoosLinusN: I did read you have enough to build a bootloader for X5 but it is not "welcome" yet on the Rockbox code, is this right?
14:29:06[IDC]DragonI just read that git is no vcs, but a repository of file objecs
14:29:17[IDC]Dragonthe vcs feature comes ontop
14:29:28LinusNMoos: it is "welcome"
14:29:31[IDC]Dragonwith Cogito or others
14:29:44[IDC]Dragonis that correct?
14:29:49LinusNi just haven't had the time to work on the real loader
14:30:02[IDC]Dragonif so, git itself doesn't help us
14:30:39MoosLinusN: Oh ok, thanks, that is really good to hear
14:30:53safetydan[IDC]Dragon, I think cogito etc are just friendlier interfaces to the basic operations
14:31:14amiconnpreglow: You aren't restricted to this 'multiple of some base' on iPod, as the timer base freq is fixed
14:31:16Zagor[IDC]Dragon: afaik git contains the vcs layer too.
14:31:37amiconn...and I think the idle freq could be lower on iPod (just judging from the values)
14:31:46preglowamiconn: yeah, it could, probably
14:32:06preglownot only probably, but it can
14:32:12preglowi thought about it this morning when editing the wiki
14:32:16preglow24mhz is awfully close to 30
14:32:17amiconn10 MHz?
14:32:28preglowamiconn: i _think_ i tried it once and it gave problems
14:32:32preglowamiconn: but i'll try again
14:33:02[IDC]Dragonis there a git homepage? (google didn't really help me find it)
14:33:51MoosLinusN: is the amiconn's ATA read/write asm optimisations speed up the things a bit on X5 too?
14:33:58Zagorsome friendly docs:
14:34:13LinusNMoos: yes
14:34:18preglowMoos: "the amiconn"? you make him sound like a robot, which i'm almost certain he's not :)
14:34:20JdGordonwell.. as per usual.. the 2 patches i linked above have both been fixed/updated :p
14:34:26MoosLinusN: goodie
14:34:55preglowas a matter or fact, i distinctly remember bagder scrutinising him closely at devcon and concluding he was human ;)
14:35:03Moospreglow: why: isn't amiconn did those optimisations? want you I credit you? :-)
14:35:22Mooshehe :-)
14:35:27B4gderpreglow: or a very fine human-looking droid
14:35:36preglowB4gder: a fine piece of machinery indeed
14:35:54B4gderthose japanese are amazing engineers
14:35:58Mooshaha :D
14:37:26Bg3rdoes the archos player/studio only have ON, STOP, LEFT, RIGHT, PLAY & MENU keys ?
14:38:28preglow[IDC]Dragon: seems there are several home pages for it...
14:39:13 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
14:39:24 Join mikearthur [0] (
14:40:49JdGordonre: closing all open bug reports.. does that include half-assed attempts.. e.g could be fixed by just removing the menu item... ?
14:41:26amiconnBg3r: yes
14:42:29Bg3ramiconn how does one power on an ondio?
14:42:43Bg3rOFF ? or MENU ?
14:43:25Bg3ra little bit .. strange key :)
14:43:29amiconnIt's actually the power button, but we used OFF to make clear it can't be used for long presses
14:43:30B4gder"press OFF to switch ON" ;-)
14:43:41Zagorsounds like a design by Sony/Ericsson
14:43:49amiconnIn the wiki I used OnOff for that button
14:44:04B4gderreminds me of "click start to shut down"
14:44:15tucozamiconn, should I change the button definition in for the manual. That is, what should that button be called?
14:44:30Bg3ramiconn i'm cleaning the button.h atm, that's why i'm asking ...
14:45:02preglowanyone know if 32 bit aiffs are possible? i can't seem to be able to make sox make one for me
14:45:06amiconn*Perhaps* we should rename it to BUTTON_POWER, and BUTTON_MENU to BUTTON_MODE,
14:45:18amiconnbut that requires lots of changes
14:45:49Bg3ryeah, i'll leave it for some other day ...
14:45:58tucozamiconn, is this correct for the player? \newcommand{\ButtonMenu}{Menu}
14:47:17Bg3rpreglow : why's this comment /* TODO: These codes should relate to the hardware */ in all ipods' key defines ?
14:48:10preglowBg3r: linuxstb wrote that, i don't get it either
14:52:47preglowalso <-
14:52:55 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:52:56preglowanyone ever gotten adpcm to work with wav.c?
14:54:53 Quit Rob2222_ ()
14:55:29Bg3rpreglow power on for iPods is the Play button, yep ?
14:55:33 Join Rob2222 [0] (
14:55:57Bg3rk, 10q
14:56:40ohrnI have just hit another weird problem on my H340
14:56:48ohrnbootloader USB mode have stopped working
14:56:59Bg3rohrn it happens sometimes ...
14:57:25ohrnany idea ono how to get it working again?
14:57:59ohrnbooting old firmwares or the original didnt help
14:58:34ohrnwell, it used to work perfectly
14:58:50ohrnand now it doesnt, I've tried several times on different computers
14:59:05ohrnand the only thing I can think of is if a new firmware changes some chip somewhere
14:59:14ohrnthat the bootloader doesnt initialize properly
15:00:12ohrnwhen attaching the cable all I get is the "Bootloader USB mode" text, but the computer doesnt detect anything connected
15:00:27Moosohrm: keep in mind is still in development
15:00:53ohrnattaching the cable when the full rockbox firmware is running works normally
15:01:28ohrnand since I havnt reflashed the bootloader I dont see wht it should suddenlt stop working... :*)
15:04:30Mikachui found a small bug... firmware/include/string.h defines strstr, but it's not actually implemented anywhere
15:05:18Mikachui copied in strstr.c from glibc but i can't find where in the build system to include the file
15:05:29 Nick CoCoLUS is now known as CoCo^uni (
15:05:59B4gderfirmware/common/, but only if you really need the function
15:06:24Mikachuthat's where i put it, but i can't figure out to make the build system see it
15:06:41Mikachui want to do a partial string matching in my modified dict.c and i think tolower/toupper will molest my utf-8
15:07:07B4gderMikachu: add the file to firmware/SOURCES too
15:07:08Mikachualso just spotted two ^M in unicode.c
15:07:14 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
15:08:22linuxstb_preglow, Bg3r : I wrote that comment in button.h when I originally added the button definitions (before preglow wrote the button driver). I assumed that the numbers would in some way relate to the hardware. But it seems that they don't - so feel free to delete that comment.
15:09:50Bg3rlinuxstb okies;)
15:10:01linuxstb_Bg3r: Also, "power on" is achieved by pressing either the centre button (SELECT) or MENU - those buttons are hardwired to the pcf50605. A long press on PLAY is power-off from within Rockbox.
15:10:23preglowselect too?
15:10:39Bg3rso, select/menu, not play ?
15:10:40preglowahaha, i did say PLAY, didn't i
15:10:41preglowoh well
15:10:47preglownever trust preglow
15:11:14Bg3ri'm asking just because i want order the buttons in some way
15:11:18linuxstb_On both my ipods, both select and menu will turn it on.
15:12:12Mikachuhere's a patch to remove the ^M from unicode.c,
15:12:23 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:13:02 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:13:08lostlogicwhee, online from heathrow again :)
15:13:17Mikachuactually random.c has ^M endings too, i'll include that too
15:13:36Bg3rlostlogic heh
15:13:37B4gderlostlogic: you found your way to the airport fine then I presume? ;-)
15:13:58lostlogicB4gder: yes yes −− the hotel I stayed at had a shuttle in the morning
15:14:07Mikachuif you care about that stuff
15:14:47preglowi need a 32 bit aiff :///
15:15:57Bg3rlinuxstb? i don't get why u define a BUTTON_HOLD ...
15:16:32ohrnBg3r: I have a suggestion for button.h
15:16:54Bg3rohrn like ?
15:16:59 Part LinusN
15:17:02ohrndrop BUTTON_REMOTE from the BUTTON_RC_xxx definitions
15:17:20Bg3rohrn yes, i'm doing this too
15:17:23ohrnand change BUTTON_REMOTE to 0x0fff0000
15:18:09ohrnthen a lot of button checking code can be simplified
15:19:40amiconnBg3r: With our new button event idea, we'll be running out of bits...
15:20:35Bg3ramiconn sure ?
15:21:02Bg3ratm we have 5 free bits on the platform with most keys - iriver
15:21:24amiconnThe top 5 are reserved for SYS_
15:21:33Bg3rexcept them
15:21:39amiconn..and we reserve 12 for main and 12 for remote
15:21:49amiconn32-24-5 == 3
15:21:51 Join charkins [0] (n=casey@pdpc/supporter/active/charkins)
15:21:53Bg3r11 remote
15:22:07Bg3r9 main unit
15:22:16Bg3r2 modifiers - repeat & release
15:23:05amiconn..and we need _REPEAT, _SHORT_RELEASE, _LONG_RELEASE, _DOUBLE_RELEASE
15:23:33Bg3rhm, i really want to see the comments from the dev conf
15:23:48amiconnMaybe we don't need _LONG_RELEASE
15:23:50 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
15:25:34amiconnHmm someone needs to analyse the exact event sequences used in every screen
15:25:53amiconnI expcet both the quickscreens and pitch screen to be the trickiest
15:26:21 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:26:54Bg3rwhere's the pitchscreen situated ?
15:28:22Bg3rZagor ? any plans to write the notes taken on the dev conf ?
15:28:23Mikachuin the code? screens.c iirc
15:29:42ZagorBg3r: we're distributing that responsibility. christi has written about the release plans. linusn will write about the new TargetTree file hierarchy etc.
15:29:58Zagori guess I could put up the agenda with notes, though.
15:31:00Bg3rplease, do so
15:32:03ohrnyou can easily save one bit in the SYS_xxx definitions
15:32:23ohrnjust change SYS_EVENT to 0xf0000000
15:32:35ohrnand drop it from all the other SYS_xxx defines
15:33:15Bg3rohrn yeah, this is possible too
15:33:28ohrnsame deal as with BUTTON_REMOTE
15:34:06Mikachuomg, someone ported puzzle bobble?
15:34:36BHSPitLappywth is puzzle bobble?
15:34:51safetydanMikachu, yeah after that there's no chance I'll get work done... too busy playing bubbles
15:34:57 Quit Lynx_ (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
15:35:19MikachuBHSPitLappy: fun game
15:35:33ohrnwhat wasnt the plugin named frozen bubble?
15:35:52Mikachuif you fork you have to change the name i believe
15:36:33Mikachuthat could be wrong
15:36:34BHSPitLappyis it pretty much the shoot-bubbles-to-make-groups-of-3 game
15:36:50BHSPitLappyholy crap
15:37:01BHSPitLappythe backlight fade... that's friggin awesome, is that relatively new?
15:37:28Mikachuyeah, yesterday or so
15:37:30B4gderfor ipod yes
15:37:47Mikachunote to self, strstr doesn't work so well if you mix the order of *needle and *haystack
15:38:01 Join Lynx_ [0] (
15:38:06B4gdersearching for a haystack in a needle? ;-)
15:38:22Mikachuyeah :)
15:38:30Mikachuit doesn't work with them in the right order either it seems
15:39:08Mikachuoh wait, the code does a second strcmp a bit down for no apparent reason
15:39:10Bg3rpreglow does the ipod 4g have hold key ?
15:39:46BHSPitLappyprops on that backlight thing... that has me hypnotized
15:40:36BHSPitLappybubbles looks really good
15:40:50BHSPitLappyawesome anims
15:40:55preglowBg3r: probably
15:41:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:41:11preglowthe only ipod i know well is the nano, so can't give you a good answer
15:41:21Bg3rok, this is strange
15:41:22safetydanoh bah bah bah
15:41:27safetydanlousy fixed point
15:41:42*safetydan only now realises that 4.0 just happens to be largest number you can represent in s2.29
15:41:45Bg3r#elif (CONFIG_KEYPAD == IPOD_4G_PAD) || \
15:41:46Bg3r (CONFIG_KEYPAD == IPOD_3G_PAD)
15:41:46Bg3r#define HAS_BUTTON_HOLD
15:41:47DBUGEnqueued KICK Bg3r
15:41:57 Join darkless [0] (
15:42:12Bg3rthe only diff in button.h between KEYPAD_3G and KEYPAD_4G is a BUTTON_HOLD define
15:42:33Mikachuthe nano doesn't send an interrupt for hold i think
15:42:34Bg3rah, i wanted to ask for 3g, not for 4g
15:43:16Bg3rwhere is Paul_The_Nerd :(
15:44:01safetydanright that explains why the cordic stuff craps out at 4.0
15:44:23 Quit didj (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:44:54Mikachuhooray, finally it works
15:44:55preglowsafetydan: haha
15:45:13Mikachunow for multiple matches...
15:45:28CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:45:28*safetydan is feeling a little silly having spent two hours going nuts over that little problem
15:45:38BHSPitLappydid something change with scrolling?
15:45:57Mikachuis there a −−dry-run equivalent for cvs update?
15:45:58BHSPitLappyit seems like something's affected the menus within plugins...
15:46:02preglowsafetydan: but can you make it work with 0.32 fixed point? :>
15:46:12preglowsafetydan: where the argument is not pi, but 0..1 ...
15:46:37Mikachummm, pi
15:47:01safetydanpreglow, well now that I know I'm not crazy and the algorithm does actually work, it shouldn't be too hard
15:47:22preglowsafetydan: as far as i could understand, it's not really dependent on the argument being in radians at all
15:47:39preglowsafetydan: as long as you can keep track of how you divide the cordic circle thing
15:47:51preglowi don't really know how cordic works, i just had a look at the code :/
15:48:39safetydanit's a bit of a black box for me at the moment too, but I'm getting there
15:48:44preglowwe need a good way to return codec error messages to the user
15:48:52preglowi think i had it going myself
15:48:59preglowonly problem was i didn't understand the K constant
15:50:07amiconnpreglow: Do we really need to ?
15:50:29preglowamiconn: well, how else is a user to understand that the codec doesn't support more channels than two, for example?
15:50:33 Join IcyStorM [0] (
15:50:45webguest96or chained oggs
15:50:56IcyStorMHow do I quit the new "Jewels" build on iPod 5G
15:51:06preglowIcyStorM: keep select pressed and you get a menu
15:51:25safetydanAh, K... that's just the reciprocal of the gain
15:51:27t0masB4gder: yuo can add timestamps to the debug messages
15:51:27amiconnpreglow: Well, the user will notice that playing a certain file doesn't work.
15:51:33preglowamiconn: but not why...
15:51:38preglowamiconn: not exactly user-friendly
15:51:43t0masthat way you should be able to see what server does what... and in what time
15:51:51amiconnOn archos, if the mas doesn't understand to decode a certain stream, it will just skip along
15:52:05preglowamiconn: that's archos, on swcodecs we can do a better job
15:52:23preglowamiconn: i'd rather not have to have users send files to me so that i can tell what's wrong with them
15:52:28preglowamiconn: i want rockbox to tell them
15:52:28 Join Aditya [0] (
15:52:33Mikachuwho is responsible for bubbles?
15:52:41bobTHCbtw, what about mas HW decoding state ?
15:52:41preglowMikachu: rotator, i guess
15:52:53amiconnIn the jpeg viewer we also just say 'unsupported' and the error code
15:52:54safetydanpreglow, is the best overview paper I've found
15:53:28preglowamiconn: 'unsupported' is better than 'codec error', at lteast
15:53:31IcyStorMHmm, why is the background in "wormlet" white even if I have choosed to use black bg-colour
15:53:47BHSPitLappymaybe because it's a game?
15:54:17IcyStorMYeah but why is it using my white colour in the game and not my black bg
15:54:36Mikachubecause it's a game
15:54:44preglowgames can do whatever they want
15:54:49amiconnPlugins always use the default fg/bg unless they change these themselves
15:55:42amiconn..and default bg isn't white, btw
15:55:54amiconnIt's light blue (rockbox blue)
15:56:45Mikachui changed mine to mikachu blue :)
15:59:01Mikachui'd forgot how much i rule at frozen bubble
15:59:28Mikachuwill there ever be any support for music/sound in plugins? or can they already do it if they really wanted?
15:59:59B4gderdoom has sound afaik
16:00:12amiconnrockboy too, and metronome...
16:00:44 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
16:01:01 Part yan
16:01:06Mikachuheh, i haven't run any of those so i didn't realize
16:01:23 Join alexweblinux [0] (
16:02:54Mikachuany chance of plugins playing sounds while still listening to rockbox music? :)
16:03:21 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:03:42 Part Paul_The_Nerd
16:03:50 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:04:39preglownot impossible
16:04:47preglowbut poor little cpu...
16:05:20Mikachujust some small plop sounds in bubbles and such would be fun
16:05:26amiconnmetronome should do that
16:05:29Mikachuthere are probably sounds in frozenbubble
16:06:00amiconnrockboy and doom can't because they claim the main buffer (and iram too)
16:06:25BHSPitLappycan't what?
16:06:26Mikachuyeah, they are not the type of games where you would want other music playing i think anyway
16:06:41Paul_The_NerdThis HAS to be a joke
16:06:49Paul_The_NerdPrefetch Abort: C0EDBABE
16:07:08B4gderyeah, its spelled wrong!
16:07:18Mikachuco-ed, not code
16:07:35Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Last time it was DEADBEEE
16:07:50MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: maybe you have a particularly high l33t affinity
16:07:55Paul_The_NerdMy iPod has apparently developed a sense of humor.
16:08:10preglowi think it would actually make sense for me to implement my Grand Rockbox Effects unit scheme as a separate application
16:08:36 Quit alexweblinux ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
16:08:36 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:09:02BHSPitLappykudos, all
16:09:33webguest96someone should %s/iRiver/iriver/g in the manual
16:09:57B4gderthere's a constant changing back and forth on that uppcase R
16:10:13B4gderat least in the wiki and the likes
16:10:36 Join quobl_ [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-8fbb94dfd7305762)
16:10:57Bg3rwebguest96 to be honest, on my intl h340's box it's written as iRiver ...
16:11:08B4gderthey used to write it like that
16:11:16Bg3rbut now they changed it
16:11:32webguest96My opinion is the current preferred form should be used
16:11:44B4gderI agree
16:11:46preglowi say write Iriver
16:11:56Bg3rpreglow this looks ... bad :)
16:12:01preglowi couldn't care less about how it looks
16:12:05preglowit's correct english
16:12:10preglowwhich iRiver is not
16:12:10webguest96preglow: And Ipod?
16:12:15preglowwebguest96: yes
16:12:32Bg3rapple think differently than you, apparently
16:12:44webguest96And Ibm, *chortle*
16:12:51preglowi say we shouldn't let corporate language infiltrate proper language
16:13:07Paul_The_NerdIBM can stay all caps because it's International Business Machines
16:13:13webguest96Yes, I just realised
16:13:14Bg3rpreglow it's a matter of habbit ...
16:13:39webguest96They're still proper names, it's not like we're verbing them or anything
16:13:45 Part IcyStorM
16:14:32 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
16:15:15Paul_The_NerdSo, how would I go about resolving this c0edbabe prefetch abort?
16:15:57preglowwebguest96: they're proper name with a spelling that goes against all linguistic rules
16:16:10preglowPaul_The_Nerd: wha?
16:16:21Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Voice has decided to change into prefetch aborts for some reason.
16:16:32preglowat address c0edbabe?
16:16:36Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Yes.
16:16:39preglowwhat the fuck
16:16:55Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: It was at deadbeee until I cvs uped and put a newer build on
16:16:57safetydanThere truly is no other possible response to a crash at that address.
16:17:18 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:17:33webguest96I recommend getting rid of the unit which has obviously become self-aware
16:19:03preglowPaul_The_Nerd: it's trying to speak to you!"¤
16:19:11Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I *do* live in a college town.
16:19:17Bg3r"i hear dead people..."
16:19:50Bg3ror was it "i see..."
16:21:18Paul_The_NerdI wonder if that's my fortune for the day.
16:21:33tucozWhat do you think of moving the drop function in tetrox for the h1xx to the Rec key?
16:21:41preglowi just grepped the source for that address, i can't find it anywhere
16:21:55preglowbut it obviously tried to fetch an address from there
16:22:28tucozIt's not very convenient to move the blocks with the right hand, and drop with a key on the right hand side of the player
16:23:57Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I've still got a few misc patches on mine, would that affect things much? Should I rebuild without the patches and get you a less hilarious data abort location?
16:24:43preglowPaul_The_Nerd: i can try it myself instead
16:24:46preglowhow to reproduce?
16:25:32Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Okay, there are three different results you can get.
16:25:40 Join Siku [0] (
16:25:53Paul_The_NerdIf you boot up, with voice enabled and a voice file present, but never enter the menus (so the voice never plays) you get that problem
16:26:18Paul_The_NerdYou get that problem when you try to start playback
16:26:31Paul_The_NerdIf you boot up, enter the menus so you hear voice, then attempt to start playback, you get an Undefined Instruction at a different address
16:27:41Paul_The_NerdIf you have voice on, disable it, and then attempt to start playback, everything just freezes.
16:28:13Paul_The_NerdAnd if you have voice disabled entirely and attempt to start playback (after a clean boot and the voice file is present) you get Undefined Instruction again
16:29:32Paul_The_NerdThe undefined instructions is in .text.dirbrowse
16:29:49preglowthis just sounds straight out unlikely
16:29:59*preglow gets a voice file
16:30:45preglowwill a 2.5 voice file trigger it?
16:30:48B4gderregarding voice, we decided Christ should attempt to contact AT&T about the license
16:30:52Paul_The_NerdHm, apparently the hard-freeze and the undefined instruction are interchangeable.
16:31:14preglowB4gder: would have been nicer if we had christ himself contact them
16:31:23Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I *think* mine is a 2.5 voice file. It's the English_Audrey one from shortly before they were stripped from the page.
16:31:28B4gderinteresting slip there, I agree ;-)
16:31:56Bg3rB4gder : "2006-03-17: *The* The Rockbox International Developers Conference 2006"
16:32:09B4gderbug Zagor about it ;-)
16:32:17B4gderits been there for days already
16:33:05MikachuBg3r: there could be other The Rockbox International Developers Conference 2006es
16:33:17ZagorBg3r: whine whine :-)
16:34:38 Join SereR0KR [0] (
16:35:22preglowPaul_The_Nerd: i get a crash in current_playmode
16:36:41preglowsomething just has to be overwriting something here
16:36:54preglowthe second instruction of current_playmode is an ldr
16:36:58preglowand it looks very fine
16:37:05*preglow adds some debugging features
16:40:19*preglow can't remember the flags to make objdump disassemble bin files...
16:40:34B4gderI always forget that too ;-)
16:40:54B4gder-D −−target binary -marm
16:41:18 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
16:44:12 Join ST [0] (
16:44:22preglowldmltib ?
16:44:36preglowwhatever that means, i doubt our arm has it
16:44:57preglowforget it
16:45:08preglowwell, ok
16:45:14preglowthat's hardly an illegal instruction
16:45:22 Quit ST (Client Quit)
16:45:26 Join Moos [0] (
16:45:33Mikachuheh, one hit on google
16:46:03preglowload multiple if less than increment before
16:46:08preglowi forgot about ldm syntax
16:46:11preglowbut anyway
16:46:14preglowit's a legal instruction
16:46:25preglowbut a better point is the fact that that is not the instruction that's supposed to be there
16:46:34Mikachuthat's quite an acronym
16:46:45preglowso i think voice file loading corrupts memory somehow
16:48:06preglowthis is nasty
16:49:41tucozIs unplayability a bug? Xobox is quite unplayable on h1xx as it is right now.
16:52:42tucoz1) The menu should use inverse selector instead of gray/white 2) It is very hard to see where the 'ship' when playing. Should I file a bug for this?
16:53:38B4gderor prod Paprica ;-)
16:53:55tucozAh, ok. I'll talk to him later on
16:54:11tucozPaprica, around?
16:55:24Mikachuevery time i've whoised him, his idle is less than a minute :)
16:55:54*amiconn doesn't even understand the principle of xobox
16:56:07Mikachuwhat the goal of the game is?
16:56:27Mikachuyou want to fill as much of the playing area as possible by drawing around parts of it
16:56:48Mikachuyou die if you hit an enemy, or it hits your line before you finish drawing it
16:56:58bobTHClike snake
16:57:11Mikachubut the other way around for the tail i guess
16:57:20Mikachuafter you enter a filled area you're safe
16:57:38preglowthe error is not in load_voicefile
16:57:38Mikachuand if you surrounded any areas without enemies in them, they will be filled too
16:58:15safetydanLike Qix
16:58:34Mikachusince it's a clone of qix yeah... :)
16:58:46tucozPaprica, I am away for a while now, but if you read this could you fix some h1xx issues for Xobox? 1) The menu should use inverse selector instead of gray/white 2) It is very hard to see where the 'ship' when playing.
16:59:37preglowif i don't talk_init, i don't crash either
16:59:40preglowbut that's to be expected
17:00:48webguest96Why don't plugins use the regular menu system?
17:01:12tucozwebguest96, they should :)
17:01:44Mikachusome do
17:04:00 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ("Trillian (")
17:04:42tucozPaprica, 2) could possibly be solved by drawing a black border and/or having the cross in the middle of the ship in black as well.
17:06:48 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
17:07:30 Join mikearthur [0] (
17:09:18 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
17:09:30 Join Xerion_ [0] (
17:11:29 Join Hobbit_HK_ [0] (
17:11:56 Join blah-- [0] (
17:12:08 Quit ScoTTie_ (
17:12:08 Quit tucoz (
17:12:08 Quit t0mas (
17:12:08 Quit B4gder (
17:12:08 Quit DreamTactix291 (
17:12:08 Quit lostlogic (
17:12:08 Quit ohrn (
17:12:08 Quit Paprica (
17:12:08 Quit HCl (
17:12:08 Quit nudel (
17:12:08 Quit gunpowda (
17:12:08 Quit cs_weasel (
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17:12:08 Quit Hadaka (
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17:12:32NJoinslarti [0] (n=tmartin@gentoo/developer/slarti)
17:16:33preglowlooks like the culprit is in voice_init
17:17:48preglowno, no it's not
17:21:40*Zagor heads off
17:21:41 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:26:44 Quit Hobbit_HK (Success)
17:26:51 Quit B4gder (Connection timed out)
17:28:00 Quit Paprica (Connection timed out)
17:28:15preglowthink i've got the bug now
17:34:35preglowthis is weird...
17:40:33 Join ghode|afk [0] (
17:40:37 Join ghode [0] (
17:40:41 Quit ghode (Remote closed the connection)
17:41:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:49:31preglowsomething goes terribly wrong in codec load
17:49:37preglowit's starting to look like a cache issue after all
17:50:28 Quit quobl_ (Remote closed the connection)
17:52:09Bg3rpreglow could you try ?
17:53:33Bg3ramiconn could you try it on the archoses ?
17:53:39 Quit tenzing (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:56:19mirakMoos: hey
17:56:28mirakwho is Moos ?
17:57:27 Quit gunpowda (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
17:58:43XavierGrHello All!
17:59:22Bg3rhello, XavierGr :)
17:59:24Bg3rand bye ...
17:59:31XavierGroh bye!
17:59:41Mooshello and bye too :)
17:59:47 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
18:00:39XavierGris the cut copy paste patch commited?
18:02:10XavierGrwhen I can't find it on the commit history?
18:03:24Mikachuit's the top two entries...
18:03:55XavierGrI muste been really blind or drunl!
18:04:06Mikachuor both
18:04:12muesli__too much ouzo!!! ;-p
18:04:21XavierGrI saw the manual commit for it and not the actuall code....
18:04:44XavierGrmuesli: no I don't like ouzo. Maybe Raki (tsikoudia) coud be better.
18:05:03 Quit webguest96 ("CGI:IRC")
18:05:06muesli__whatever kixxx ur butt :-)
18:06:14XavierGrbad day in college though. I had a debate with one of the proffesors there. I was annoyed by the way he laughed at C language, while praising Java. (He teaches Java)
18:06:35 Join webguest86 [0] (
18:07:04webguest86Hi, am I the only one thinking that tetrox should not use a dark background on h1x0?
18:07:04muesli__its all spanish villages to me ;-)
18:08:11MikachuXavierGr: heh, my advice is don't bother, i've had one or two java profs to
18:08:15XavierGrHe was like: On java we can do this quite easily while in C you waste your time e.t.c, I tried to tell him that maybe somethings are easier but due to a cost.
18:08:49muesli__you cant change congret heads...
18:08:53muesli__waste of time..
18:08:56XavierGrshort story is that I ended up being the nerd or the guy that is a fanboy...
18:10:53XavierGrfrom my little knowledge (as far as 3 lessons) it seems to me that java is something like C with classes and object-oriented. Is that right?
18:11:59webguest86and no memory handling
18:12:02Mikachuor c++ with sucking
18:12:26XavierGrno memory handling? Interesting...
18:12:49charkinsno *explicit* memory handling
18:13:07Mikachuit has a garbage collector with its own mind
18:13:41 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Dayz !!!!!!!")
18:14:41XavierGrhe was quite happy with the try{} catch theme. It got my nerves at times. Saying that programming in C with fopen is childish....
18:15:54webguest86Saying that a programming language has no merit is stupid in pretty much all cases.
18:16:04XavierGrI agree
18:16:11webguest86Be it C, Java, BASIC, Fortran or whatever
18:16:42Mikachuall profs think what they do is the most awesome thing ever, otherwise they wouldn't be a prof in it
18:18:26 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:18:40 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
18:18:43XavierGrI am annoyed by some people. They discourage you completely. I learned programming basics via Visual Basic. Every time I mention that name Everybody laughs. The through Rockbox I learned C only to find others to lauch at it.
18:19:17XavierGrEven if I don't use Visual Basic any more, I don't regret coding for it a little bit.
18:19:19Mikachui also learned visual basic, but i make sure to never mention it :)
18:19:30t0maslauch at C?
18:19:31webguest86I don't see why people would laugh at either. Learning programming basics using VB is completely fine
18:19:59webguest86Now, using it for anything important would generate an odd stare from me
18:20:33Paul_The_NerdMy first programming was in actual BASIC. Well, QBASIC which is even worse. Assuming one would call that "programming" anyway.
18:20:41t0masI did that too
18:20:43XavierGrI agree, but on a small personla app, it is quite handy if you hand GUI and stuff. (though there must be many alternatives)
18:21:02XavierGrhand = want
18:21:03t0masXavierGr: but some people were laughing at C?
18:21:12XavierGrNot exactly lauching
18:21:21XavierGrBut very itchy about it.
18:21:32t0masAnd what did they want to use?
18:21:33*preglow learnt programming in qbasic :>
18:21:45XavierGrThat java is the crussader that can won all others. (it is quite stupid)
18:21:57Paul_The_Nerdt0mas: I know a lot of people who think JAVA is superior in *all* cases.
18:21:59t0maslet them write a firmware in Java
18:22:10preglowPaul_The_Nerd: this bug is a tricky one
18:22:12XavierGr(that wasn't his exact words, I jest felt that he was implying to it)
18:22:13*t0mas wrote a simple OS kernel...
18:22:18t0masgood luck doing that in Java
18:22:33XavierGrthat was my point but...
18:22:48*t0mas does like Java for some things...
18:23:05Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: You know I love to find the difficult ones. At least this one *probably* won't need another compiler change (I hope)
18:23:07t0masbut still... people saying that it's so perfect because of it's GC just can't code :P
18:23:38charkinsgarbage collection
18:24:18Mikachumy edict (japanese dict) mod of dict is coming along...
18:24:36tucozAt least Java has a pretty impressive API presented in a quite easy to use way
18:24:41t0masMikachu: based on the dict plugin?
18:24:44t0masor rewrite?
18:24:59XavierGrMikachu that would be handy for me.
18:25:04Mikachuhacked to pieces would be the right word :)
18:25:08Mikachucan't scroll down yet
18:25:16preglowMikachu: what font is that?
18:25:17Mikachui just managed to get it to print all matches
18:25:20t0masah, original dict can't do that too ;)
18:25:36Mikachui think i want to parse the edict format a bit more
18:25:42t0masMikachu: we should try to get it integrated into dict... and get scrollign...
18:26:25Mikachui removed your binary search, but it still takes less than a second to search through my 2MB file
18:26:48t0masyeah, but a normal english dictionary is way bigger...
18:27:02Mikachubut i can't sort the japanese dict by ascii :)
18:27:08Mikachuand it has multiple entries with the same reading anyway
18:27:10t0masyou can do binary search on unicode?
18:27:27Mikachunot me
18:27:34t0masah ok
18:27:41Mikachuand it would probably be uneasy on utf8 encoded unicode
18:27:50t0masdon't know
18:27:55t0masnever really looked into unicode...
18:28:09t0masbut it's time to make some food... 18:30... starting to get hungry :)
18:28:25Mikachuhehe, i just ate some sandwiches
18:30:01preglowPaul_The_Nerd: turns out the crash is thanks to something funky in codec load
18:30:43Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: So, it has nothing to do with voice directly, it's just agitated by voice?
18:30:46preglowMikachu: reading up on diff. eqs? :>
18:30:52preglowPaul_The_Nerd: looks like it
18:31:12Mikachupreglow: heh, yeah
18:31:13Paul_The_NerdIs this the point at which we summon lostlogic?
18:31:17Mikachu"kontinuerliga system"
18:31:30Mikachuwe find eigenfunctions and eigenvalues for sturm-liouville operators
18:31:37Mikachugreat fun
18:31:42preglowgod knows what that is
18:32:34Mikachui have to use my desktop lamp to get decent pics of the ipod, if i just use the backlight my camera decides to make the display white and the rest dark, like the webcam on night 1
18:32:53preglowmanual exposure should work
18:33:01*safetydan notes java discussion, stays quiet despite Java being his day job :)
18:33:06Mikachumy camera has 4 buttons, one of them is power
18:33:11preglowmy job is c++ :///
18:33:22safetydanMikachu, try a long press, it works in Rockbox :)
18:33:28Mikachusafetydan: hehe
18:33:31 Quit linuxstb_ ("Leaving")
18:33:40 Quit kkurbjun (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:33:41safetydanI had a lecturer that described C as "like a double-ended chainsaw"
18:33:46safetydanhe didn't like pointers at all
18:34:01preglowthat's beacause he is weak
18:34:03safetydanHis favourite language was Haskell
18:34:08preglowyes, exactly
18:34:36safetydanThough few people seem to know that Java started as an embedded systems language
18:34:41safetydanCalled Oak I believe.
18:35:16 Join Spida [0] (
18:35:35Mikachuand to be truly portable, it makes modern desktop computers run at the same speed as embedded systems?
18:36:08webguest86Java isn't *that* slow.. it's just that the gui toolkits suck immensely
18:36:28safetydanAh the speed argument. You know Java can actually be faster than native code. The advantage of runtime profiling.
18:36:32Mikachui haven't tried that many JREs, but the ones i have tried all take at least 3-4 seconds to start...
18:36:40safetydanstartup time still sucks yes
18:36:49safetydanJava 6 is supposed to address that a bit with JVM sharing
18:36:50Mikachui don't care so much for runtime speed for desktop apps
18:37:00Mikachuand i don't want a jvm loaded in mem plz
18:37:18safetydanI take you don't like .NET either?
18:37:21XavierGrwow the java wars!
18:37:27Mikachuwell, mono doesn't seem so slow
18:37:34Mikachui don't want to start a huge discussion or anything
18:37:38safetydanIt's running a VM in the background as well
18:37:44kclafxavierGr : yea next time ud better stfu ;D
18:37:44tucozI wouldn't say java is that slow. It's Swing that sucks. I think the newer java versions are quite good. And it is said that server JVM is quite fast compared to the standard JVM
18:37:59safetydantucoz, it's the same vm just different paramters :)
18:38:05Mikachusafetydan: when you said jvm sharing would solve startup time i assumed it means i would need a jvm loaded at all times
18:38:12tucozwell, a different mode then :)
18:38:12preglowany oo language that doesn't have operator overloading is no friend of mine
18:38:50XavierGrjava doesn't has that from what I remember, right?
18:38:54*Paul_The_Nerd seconds preglow's opinion on that one.
18:38:57webguest86operator overloading is serious crack
18:38:57Mikachuwill anything bad happen if i lcd_puts outside the screen?
18:39:13safetydanMikachu, well each additional Java app wouldn't start a new JVM at least
18:39:14preglowthe java designers thought operator overloading makes the language less clear
18:39:18preglowi think the lack just makes it annoying
18:39:36Paul_The_NerdHow does something that's optional make a language less clear?
18:39:48 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
18:39:58safetydanpreglow, the silly thing is there is at least one overloaded operator in Java
18:40:08safetydanAddition is + and it's also string concatenation
18:40:36safetydanThey were too weak to go the whole hog and force something like string.add("moo") instead of string + "moo"
18:40:49preglowhow nice
18:40:59preglowno, siree
18:41:02preglowi like my operator overloading
18:41:03Mikachustring + "moo" + "hi" + woot() would be a bit unreadable with string.add syntax i think
18:41:31preglowwhat, strings.add("moo").add("hi").add(woot()) is unclear to you? :-)
18:41:46Paul_The_NerdReadable enough for me, thanks.
18:41:46webguest86Remind me why they're not using . for string concatenation?
18:41:52webguest86oh.. meh
18:41:55safetydanwebguest86, too confusing with numbers
18:42:02safetydanand methods of course
18:42:08webguest86Yes, methods.. damn methods
18:42:47webguest86I propose we all start using sml instead.
18:42:57preglowi need some beer for this debugging session
18:42:58preglowshop time
18:43:07*safetydan has beer in freezer
18:43:11safetydanmust make cold
18:43:16*Mikachu has icecream in freezer
18:43:33safetydanSoon I'll have bearcream in freeze if I'm not careful
18:43:42safetydanfreezer even
18:43:49*safetydan gets beer
18:44:02*kclaf has women in freezer
18:44:23*Paul_The_Nerd could have a c0ed babe in the freezer if you gave him just a few seconds.
18:45:00Mikachuthat sounds very disgusting
18:45:02safetydanbeercream! I mean beercream!
18:45:08preglowit does indeed
18:45:12safetydaneven that doesn't sound too good
18:45:31preglowoh, i've had beer and ice cream
18:45:42Mikachupreglow: it's sort of a generalization of fourier expansion
18:46:02preglowMikachu: ahh, right
18:46:14preglowi've had a nice bock with ice cream
18:46:15preglowtasty as hell
18:46:33preglowanything with beer in it = tasty as hell
18:48:11Mikachuif i have a while loop around a switch case, how do i break out of the while loop?
18:48:16Mikachudo i need a state variable?
18:48:35 Join kkurbjun [0] (
18:48:37safetydanor state variable
18:48:55Mikachui have already used one goto in this code :)
18:49:00Mikachu== max
18:49:12ohrnthe floodgates are alreay open then
18:49:24 Nick ^BeN^ is now known as Paprica (
18:49:35Paprica10x amiconn =]
18:49:36 Join Matze [0] (
18:49:39amiconnMikachu: The binary search in dict is there for several reasons being that it would be really slow to search a larger dict on Ondio linearly
18:50:51ohrnI wonder why they didnt fix break in the C99 standard
18:50:57Mikachui could probably use binary search with a more intelligent edict->rdf script
18:51:02Mikachuthat grouped words together by reading
18:51:09Mikachubut for now i just wanted to get it working
18:51:42amiconnI don't know whether you already did something in that direction, but my idea is to combine both files used by dict, and make dict.rock a viewer
18:52:09amiconnThis way one could have an arbitrary number of dictionaries
18:52:11 Quit Mikachu (Remote closed the connection)
18:52:16 Join Mikachu [0] (
18:52:26Mikachudid you get "get it working"?
18:52:58amiconnDid you get my 2 subsequent remarks?
18:53:18amiconn[18:51:58] <amiconn> I don't know whether you already did something in that direction, but my idea is to combine both files used by dict, and make dict.rock a viewer
18:53:22amiconn[18:52:25] <amiconn> This way one could have an arbitrary number of dictionaries
18:53:49Mikachushould work if we just concatenated the files and stored the size of the index in the header so the plugin can jump to the definitions part
18:54:41Mikachuthe index files has 32 chars with the searchable keys, and an int offset into the other file
18:54:54Mikachuso just adding the number from the header to that should give the right byte offset
18:55:25amiconnOr just store the offset from the beginning of the file as it is now
18:55:38 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
18:55:59Mikachuright, i was thinking without modifying rdf2binary for some reason :)
18:56:02amiconnBinary search for unicode should be possible using UCS-2
18:56:08Mikachubut that's even easier
18:56:23Mikachuyou have ucs2<->utf8 functions already?
18:56:24amiconnOf course that would restrict us to a subset of unicode
18:56:35 Join obo [0] (
18:56:42amiconnOtherwise we could use UCS-4
18:56:51amiconnDoing it with UTF-8 is a bit harder
18:57:10 Join matsl [0] (
18:57:32Mikachuthe index file is usually not the large one, so that shouldn't be a problem i think
18:57:40Mikachuthe .desc file can still be utf8
18:58:17Mikachubut we still don't have a unicode strcasecmp i think
18:58:30Mikachu(or strcasestr)
18:58:31amiconnAh, yes
18:59:05Mikachui want to do exact match, partial match, beginning partial, and end partial
18:59:35Mikachuend partial not being so crucial
18:59:38amiconnWell, as long as we don't need that in the core, it could be part of the plugin lib
18:59:52amiconnThen other plugins could reuse it
18:59:53Mikachuwould it be static in every plugin that uses it then?
19:00:03Mikachunot a big issue i guess
19:01:15amiconnThis is the case with all plugin lib functions
19:01:44amiconnThe plugin lib is there to avoid source code duplication.
19:02:21amiconnOnly one plugin can be loaded at a time, so we don't waste ram,
19:02:37amiconnand disk space isn't really tight
19:02:53amiconnnot even on our flash players
19:03:01Mikachuit's probably within the limits of cluster sizes anyway
19:03:51amiconnOn a 20GB (or larger) FAT32 partition standard cluster size is 32KB,
19:04:05amiconnso a complete archos plugin fits into one cluster
19:04:07Mikachuoops, i don't have w* in my hiragana table
19:09:54ohrnI've just copied a big bunch of files back and forth over USB
19:10:07 Join webguest20 [0] (
19:10:09ohrnand the battery level dropped considerably
19:10:21 Quit webguest20 (Client Quit)
19:11:11ohrngetting power from usb is still broken, or?
19:11:31Paul_The_Nerdohrn: On what target?
19:11:32ohrnon the H300 that is
19:11:40 Join webguest15 [0] (
19:12:32 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-93fce3c0fb3ccc48)
19:12:33Paul_The_NerdI don't think much has changed relating to the power situation on that lately, has it?
19:14:08ohrndunno, thats what Im asking
19:14:21ohrnif its bug material or not. :)
19:15:23Paul_The_NerdWell, I didn't see any messages in the changelog that said USB charging on H300s should be fixed, but I could've missed it. Did you see any?
19:16:44ohrnno, but I only understand half of them anyway
19:21:26 Nick CoCo^uni is now known as CoCoLUS (
19:24:06ohrnin the "virtual keyboard"
19:24:20ohrnhow to I move the insert caret on a H300?
19:25:05Mikachuthere's a function for endianswapping a long in dict.c, isn't there a general rb function/define for that?
19:25:56HClbah.. stupid college :/
19:26:05*HCl doesn't get much of a chance to work on rockbox :/
19:28:36XavierGrohrn press and hold play
19:29:16ohrnah, thanks!
19:29:27ohrnok, next stupid question
19:29:45ohrnis it possible to get shuffling without loading a playlist?
19:30:01ohrni.e. play all files in dir X shuffled?
19:31:13Paul_The_Nerdohrn: If shuffle's enabled, then yeah, just click on a file
19:31:13Mikachuohrn: yes, open the context menu on the dir and select Insert Shuffled
19:31:33Mikachu(there is a bug about this not being shown when the playlist is empty)
19:31:33Paul_The_NerdYou can even set it not to play the file you clicked on.
19:31:58Mikachuthere is also a bug that i haven't reported yet that it's not possible to insert files last and shuffled, only either
19:35:51ohrnI think Im starting to figure this out
19:36:52ohrnso I insert a dir
19:36:54ohrnthen what
19:37:18 Join Moos [0] (
19:37:54ohrnhow do I "press play" on my new playlist?
19:38:37Paul_The_NerdFunny you should say "press play"
19:38:56Paul_The_NerdThe Play button (not Navi) resumes whatever's currently in the in-ram playlist
19:39:38ohrnwhen I pres play it beifly shows a "Loading..." splash
19:39:47ohrnbut it doesnt play anything
19:40:17Paul_The_NerdWhen you inserted the first group of songs, it should've started playing automatically. Did it?
19:40:56ohrnalso I found "View Current Playlist" in the settings
19:40:59Paul_The_Nerdohrn: Okay, question one: Are you inserting a folder?
19:41:01ohrnnothing happens when I select it
19:41:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:41:18Paul_The_Nerdohrn: And, does that folder contain songs, or just other folders (that contain either songs or folders, it doesn't matter)
19:41:21ohrnyes, I select playlist -> Insert on a folder
19:41:25ohrnnothing is playing right now
19:41:31Paul_The_NerdDoes that folder contain songs, or folders?
19:41:38ohrnyes, it contains mp3 files
19:41:40ohrnno subdirs
19:42:01Paul_The_NerdSo, when you long-click on the folder, and then choose Playlist, then Insert, it doesn't play?
19:42:20amiconnMikachu: Rockbox has several macros for endianess handling, based on 2 inline functions
19:42:37amiconnThey should work in plugins as well
19:42:44 Join Nico_P [0] (
19:42:45ohrnif I select a single file first, so that it is playing
19:42:49ohrnthen I can add more dirs
19:43:00ohrnand it seems to work as expected
19:44:27Paul_The_NerdStrange. I have no problems with it. =/
19:44:41Mikachuamiconn: and what would one that works on a long be called?
19:44:45 Quit charkins ("Leaving")
19:45:02Paul_The_NerdAlso, directed at other here: Why is Playlist-> Insert *incredibly* slow compared to going to the playlist menu and choosing "Create Playlist" from within the folder I'd be inserting?
19:45:14Mikachui tried looking for it but i got lost in ifdefs
19:45:55amiconnMikachu: Depends on what you want. The generic swap function would be swap32(). That one always swaps, but there are some conventient macros as well, allowing to e.g. read a big endian integer no matter what the cpu endianess is
19:46:32amiconnThat would be betoh32() in the above example (big-endian-to-host-32)
19:46:42ohrnwell, now it works
19:46:48amiconnAll these macros and the 2 inlines are defined in system.h
19:46:49preglowamiconn: there are some bytes to be saved on some archos devices in sound.c, by using shorts instead of ints for the bass_treble etc tables
19:47:00ohrnlets just blame my incompetence
19:47:02Paul_The_Nerdohrn: Are you sure you weren't doing it on a folder that contained subdirs before?
19:47:12ohrnIm pretty sure, yea
19:47:24amiconnpreglow: Maybe not. The code size increase might eat up the space saved for the tables itself
19:47:27Paul_The_Nerdohrn: if you enable the recursively insert... option under the Playlist menu, that won't be a concern in the future.
19:47:39preglowamiconn: there'd be a code size increase?
19:48:12amiconnWell, possibly for signed values and most certainly for unsigned ones
19:48:38amiconnI tried that once in the early stages of the grayscale lib
19:49:08amiconnChanging some values in the struct from int to short/char gave a code size increase of >500 bytes...
19:49:27 Join DrMoos [0] (
19:49:28preglowbut why?
19:49:39preglowsome sh weirdness?
19:49:44amiconnzero extension...
19:50:07preglowsh is a tad bit too weird for me
19:50:34preglowsomeone should donate me an archos device so i can learn it :>
19:50:51amiconnWell, on coldfire there might also be a code size increase
19:51:22ohrnyea, gcc will do all sorts of stupis stuff with shorts
19:51:59ohrntrust me, I've read the disassembly and had the nightmares
19:53:21amiconnColdfire does no extension on load, so if the value is needed as 32bit later, either extension needs at least one extra instruction
19:54:48ohrnyea, and gcc tend to invent dump stuff like: and.l #0x000ffff, d0 ; move.w d0, somewhere
19:55:30ohrndump = dumb
19:55:55preglowamiconn: i'm having some trouble interpreting these stereo setting values
19:56:14amiconnWe actually saw one of gcc's most hilarious 'inventions' at devcon
19:56:18preglowamiconn: liks 0xc0000 for mono mode, isn't that value 1.5 ?
19:56:30amiconnmove.l %%d0,%%d1
19:56:42amiconnaddq.l #4,%%sp
19:56:47Mikachuamiconn: okay
19:56:50amiconnmove.l %%d1,%%d0
19:57:03preglowbloody marvelous
19:57:06ohrnyea, thats a classic
19:57:36amiconnpreglow: These values are 1.19 fixed point.
19:57:48amiconn0xc0000 is -0.5
19:58:01 Quit webguest15 ("CGI:IRC")
19:58:18preglowthe source says 13.19...
19:58:24amiconnFor some reason the standard for MAS is to have the straight values negative
19:58:39amiconnYes, in the source it's 13.19 because it uses 32bit ints
19:58:59amiconnThe MAS only uses 20bit so that's what the MAS sees
19:59:05preglowi think it's a beat misleading
19:59:08preglowi get it then
19:59:12Mikachuamiconn: looks like letoh32 does what reverse() did
19:59:39preglowso i can just invert the values and i'll have what i need?
20:00:08 Join mozetti [0] (
20:00:09preglownegate, etc
20:00:17amiconnWhat format *do* you need?
20:00:21 Join KN|stiff [0] (
20:00:29preglowi'll be using s0.31, but i was thinking of just reusing that code
20:00:46preglowto have this done quickly
20:00:58preglowforget it
20:01:00preglowi can't do that
20:01:07preglowthat'd require a call into apps code
20:01:12preglowi'll just do it some other way
20:02:15amiconnWell, just reuse the code and adjust the values to the format used by dsp.c
20:02:35preglowyeah, will
20:02:42preglowi'll go ahead and introduce a dsp_cf.S now too
20:02:48preglowso we won't need huge blobs of asm in dsp.c
20:04:05 Join spiralout [0] (
20:04:40Papricacould you check the last version of rockcalendar on your ondio?
20:05:14spiralouthi...where can i find a printable manual of rockbox for iriver players?
20:06:07 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:06:23Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: There's also a manual in the CVS in latex that can easily be converted to PDF. Out of curiosity, which iRiver?
20:06:39 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
20:06:44Mikachumanual still doesn't compile for nano because of lacking images..
20:07:02spiralouth140 how to get the latex manual from cvs to pdf?
20:07:05Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Yeah, but Nano isn't an iRiver target. :-P
20:07:10Mikachusure, just saying :)
20:07:10BHSPitLappysomeone make dem images :P
20:07:36Paul_The_Nerdspiralout: Once you check out the source, you follow steps as if you were going to compile, and when you do the configure, one of the choices is "Manual"
20:07:43Paul_The_Nerdwhen you then follow that with "make" it creates a .pdf
20:08:07spiraloutah thanks for the fast replies
20:12:11 Quit spiralout ("ChatZilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
20:18:54Paul_The_NerdApparently people are getting rather irritated that Doom is listed in the "3.0" release.
20:19:37Paul_The_NerdMany many "Why not spend more time working on something else"
20:19:56Paul_The_NerdAnd many ignoring of the statement "Doom is essentially a freebie, because it's an actively developed patch"
20:21:02amiconnThere is a reason why we want that
20:22:09Mikachuif someone wants to spend time on doom that's up to them, users don't really get to decide (if you ask me)
20:22:34Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Most of the work for doom has been done from the outside anyway.
20:23:20Spidahm, doom doesn't seem to be include in rockbox optimized 1.06 for iriver h3x0
20:23:45amiconnOne more reason to not call it optimized, hehe
20:23:48Paul_The_NerdSpida: that's because it was broken, and got fixed shortly after optimized stopped updating
20:23:59Mikachuheh, i wanted betoh32 after all i think
20:24:48Mikachuyeah, now the descriptions aren't all wrong :)
20:26:04Mikachunow i can press prev/next to go to other hits (for partial matching)
20:27:35Paul_The_NerdSo... when did FB2K 0.9 finally release?
20:28:44 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Kühe!!!")
20:29:27dpassen1Yesterday, I believe.
20:29:36dpassen1Tried it out, went back to 0.8.3
20:29:56 Join fox010 [0] (
20:30:09Mikachuhm, matching at the start of an entry should be pretty easy yeah, just strncmp?
20:30:41Paul_The_Nerddpassen1: What didn't you like?
20:31:22dpassen1No ASIO output, features seemed removed, rather than added
20:32:09dpassen1As I have 0 complaints with 0.8.3, I see no reason to update .. yet.
20:33:48preglowbtw, any idea how long until the next devcon? a full year?
20:34:04Paul_The_Nerddpassen1: When I tried to use masstagger in 0.8.3 it mangled some of my files, and didn't do that in the 0.9 RC I tried, which is mainly the only reason I picked one over the other, since I don't really use most of the features. :)
20:34:31dpassen1Curious, regardless of version, masstagger is my most used feature.
20:35:24Paul_The_Nerddpassen1: I think I may have had a setting wrong back then, though. I think the "mangling" was more "It put Ape tags on them, and I did not expect that so forget to verify I'd set it right"
20:37:57nobelium-Spida: there isn't optimized version anymore
20:38:04nobelium-it was retagged experimental due to its nature
20:38:13nobelium-plus it's now maintained by a different author
20:38:34nobelium-and can be reached at
20:38:42 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
20:40:49Mikachuneed a utf8strwidth or something too...
20:40:59Mikachulinebreaking is totally busted
20:45:14preglowthis firmware/ and apps/ thing is really starting to get really shady
20:46:12amiconnPaprica: Is there a newer one that
20:46:29amiconns/that/than the one I tried at devcon?/
20:47:42amiconnSee starting 20:11
20:48:22amiconnAdditional remark: The default date is 1900-01-01 which is really odd
20:49:19preglowamiconn: is it likely the matrixing facility will be used further? if not, i think i'll just hardcode a loop for each case
20:49:25preglowshould be a bit faster
20:50:24preglowperhaps i should just code a general one just in case it is needed at some point
20:51:28amiconnWell, stereo width is working in 1% steps on archos
20:51:45amiconnThat means there are 256 different cases
20:52:01preglowthat one would have to be semiconfigurable, yes
20:52:07preglowbut it still only uses 2 values, not 4
20:52:15Papricaamiconn, i sending you the last rockcalendar the (asymmetric) mono left, mono right, and karaoke
20:52:28Papricaaccept it ok?
20:53:10 Join webguest11 [0] (
20:55:11preglowamiconn: i'll just do a general one in case it's ever needed
20:55:20webguest11What's the reason for Doom in 3.0? ("There is a reason why we want that")
20:55:33webguest11That is, what is the specific reason, other than it's pretty much ready
20:56:01amiconnpreglow: I think you can save some battery by having special cases for pure stereo, pure mono, mono left and mono right
20:56:07webguest11(not one of the complainers, just curious about that one remark)
20:56:37amiconnConfigurable stereo width and karaoke can be handled by a symmetric configurable loop
20:56:57amiconnI don't think we need the general case with all 4 variables being different
20:57:28kclafer im a bit lost in RB source code structure, where could i find the code that opens & reads a .txt file ?
20:58:22Mikachuyou mean the viewer plugin?
20:58:31kclafok thx mikachu
21:01:48 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
21:10:38 Join XavierGr_ [0] (
21:11:42XavierGr_can anyone test if works for him?
21:11:51XavierGr_I can't connect there...
21:11:54Yashworks for me
21:12:28amiconnpreglow: Btw, any news regarding the voice crashes on iPod? I got your remark about it possibly being a cache issue.
21:12:33XavierGr_hmm the proxy was to blame
21:12:36preglowamiconn: i don't see how it can
21:12:45preglowamiconn: the area where it crashes is not in the codec buffer
21:13:00preglowamiconn: i have narrowed the issue down to codec_load
21:13:17preglowi'm taking a small break from debugging now
21:13:25 Join mirak [0] (
21:13:45 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:14:14preglowcodec_load_file, i mean
21:20:10 Join benBurnsToShine [0] (
21:21:44preglowand have anyone got any adpcm files the wav codec will actually eat?
21:28:03 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
21:29:48 Join herz42 [0] (
21:29:49 Quit benBurnsToShine ("~ H a l o k a n ~ S c r i p T v2.1 dispo sur http://www.halokan.")
21:29:52 Join jlo [0] (
21:30:04jloHI ALL
21:30:50Mikachube vewwy vewwy quiet, i'm hunting wabbits
21:31:12jloooops, .... sorry
21:31:23 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
21:32:25*Paul_The_Nerd wanders around ahead of Mikachu and swaps all the Rabbit Season signs with Duck Season signs.
21:32:25preglowjlo: hi
21:32:41jlohello preglow
21:32:45MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: :(
21:32:52preglowjlo: did you test the crossfeed with first order filters?
21:32:54*Mikachu shoots Paul_The_Nerd thinking he's a duck
21:32:59Mikachulook, i'm Dick Cheney!
21:33:04*Mikachu gets a heart attack
21:33:35preglowjlo: i'm thinking about trying to put your crossfade in before rockbox 3.0 feature freeze
21:33:37Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Hehehe. I even live in Austin, though I'm not a Lawyer.
21:33:40 Part Aditya
21:33:42preglowjlo: cross_feed_
21:33:47MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: hehe
21:34:52jloyes, it works well, no big differences betweeen first and second, what's important is to have the shelving part
21:34:56ohrnbtw, does anyone know why you can't have the charger and usb cable connected to a H300 at the same time?
21:35:18ohrnthe computer shuts down the usb hub when the charger is connected
21:35:33preglowjlo: then we will use first order, it'll make a huge difference in speed
21:35:51ohrnhappens both with rockbox and original firmware
21:35:55 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:36:22jlopreglow : would be fine if you could do it but please do a single config file with eq and crossfeed parameters
21:36:37tucozpreglow, I just noticed an updated APE-patch. Didn't David Bryant come up with a scheme that doesn't make APE-tag loading slow?
21:36:37 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
21:37:09tucoz(if that is the reason for not loading APE-tags anyway)
21:37:18preglowtucoz: is it slow?
21:37:30preglowtucoz: i think it was just scanning for the id3v2 and ape tags in one go
21:37:31tucozpreglow, I mean, the searching to the end of the file
21:37:35Mikachu/* Macro that sign extends an unsigned byte */
21:37:38Mikachu#define SE(x) ((int32_t)((int8_t)(x)))
21:37:42Mikachusorry, but that was funny :)
21:37:46preglowjlo: config file?
21:37:57preglowjlo: what does crossfeed have to do with the eq?
21:38:12preglowtucoz: you have to do that
21:38:34preglowMikachu: hahahah, i didn't even see that
21:38:41Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Now if *only* that were what caused the errors at C0EDBABE, my day would be complete.
21:38:59tucozpreglow, exactly. But I got the impression that APE tag loading was not added to rockbox becuase it is inefficient. But, by doing like you said, it doesn't really matter
21:39:28preglowtucoz: it's partly that, and partly a tag priority issue
21:39:32tucozI see
21:39:37preglowtucoz: as in what to do if you find both id3v2 and ape
21:40:01tucozdefine a prioroity, and go by that. I would say, if you find an ape tag, load that
21:40:12Mikachulooking at ohrns bug about contrast not having an effect on H300, should it have an effect on ipods?
21:40:28preglowtucoz: i'd rather say always use apev2
21:40:30ohrnanother question, does anyone know if there's a way to get windows to *stop* telling me I have connected a hi-speed usb device to a slow port?
21:40:31Mikachui'm not sure what it would do on a color display, so maybe the menu item should be hidden
21:40:42Mikachuohrn: mke2fs /dev/hda1
21:40:53ohrnthis computer only has usb 1.0 ports so it's not like I can to anything about it....
21:41:03tucozpreglow, yes. Hard code that.
21:41:09ohrnyea, well, I'm tempted but I already have linux on my other box
21:41:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:41:31tucozas an ape-tag would most certainly have been added by a person wanting an ape tag :-)
21:41:42jloit means that crossfeed may have three parameters (delay, F, high freq attenuation) to suit everybody and those parameters together in the same config file that eq because lowshelf eq is fine to exactly tune low freq pf crossfeed : I'll send you a config file sample
21:41:47 Join mirak [0] (
21:42:17Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Do the color LCDs even really have a contrast setting? I think it should be hidden...
21:42:28Mikachuyeah that's what i'm wondering
21:42:46Mikachuand invert screen etc
21:42:48preglowjlo: i get what you're meaning, i just don't know if i want that
21:43:07preglowjlo: i have to consider that some people might wants to change only the eq settings and not the crossfeed settings
21:43:34preglowjlo: by forcing them to save the crossfeed settings together with the eq settings, i'll annoy a lot of people
21:43:54jlomaybe you're right
21:44:02preglowi agree it'd be neat
21:44:07preglowbut we'd need a switch or something for it
21:44:11preglowand we don't want more options :]
21:44:43jlowhat do you mean by switch : crossfeed on /off ?
21:45:48preglowno, a switch to determine if you want to save only eq settings or both eq and crossfeed settings in the preset file
21:46:09jlo i understand
21:46:13preglowperhaps we'll do a dsp preset system one day
21:46:19preglowthat'd make sense, i guess
21:46:37preglowbut yeah, i'll boot into windows and give your crossfeed stuff a go when i have time soon
21:46:52preglowi want it to make it into 3.0 at least, it's much better than the crossfeed we have now
21:47:24jlowould be fine if you try : with pulse signal it's easy to set it up
21:49:13jlopreglow : also read my page, you'll understand why i think EQ and crossfeed are a bit related
21:49:28preglowwill do when i test it
21:49:43preglowi think i know already anyway
21:50:17 Quit fox010 ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:57:23ohrnI'm pondering a preformance issue with pacbox
21:57:37 Join Lear [0] (
21:57:55ohrnif a plugin never calls rb->yeild() stuff like HD spindown never happens (becasue other threads never get a chanse to run)
21:58:08ohrnbut calling rb->yield() is a serious performance hog
21:58:09 Join fox010 [0] (
21:58:57jlo preglow : let me know by mail when you want me to test a patch
21:59:16ohrnwhat is best, calling yeild less often or adding ata_spindown() to the plugin api?
22:01:17preglowjlo: will do
22:01:50jlobye everybody, I have to leave
22:02:02preglowlater, jlo
22:02:11 Part jlo
22:05:14LearHe, "somewhat sidetracked"... :)
22:05:22 Join solexx_ [0] (
22:06:46 Quit quobl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:01 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-6600a3275fe96fee)
22:12:03t0masany swedish people around?
22:12:40t0masok, I've someone bragging about his database access to secret services db's there
22:12:57t0masdo you have a name of someone there?
22:13:04t0masname, city and age...
22:13:12Mikachua name of who?
22:13:24t0mashe should be able to get phone number, address (ok, I can do that) and court records (no way...)
22:13:37t0mas[22:12:04] <Mole2> +In 2-3 days I can know if she have ever been in court and all the names of her relatives.
22:13:41ohrnok, so he found an online phonbook
22:13:47ohrnwho cares?
22:13:51*mozetti snickers
22:13:52t0mas[22:12:18] <Mole2> +In 1-2 weeks I can have her photo and all her old school grades etc...
22:13:56*t0mas wants to test ;)
22:13:56Mikachut0mas: go to and search for someone's name
22:14:30Papricaamiconn, is the key mapping for rock calendar is OK now?
22:14:31t0mas[22:14:02] <Mole2> +In one case I could not locate a girl properly since she moved around to much lately. So instead I located her father who was a high up bank manager and working in Latvia...
22:14:35t0masinteresting bullshit man...
22:14:45t0masohrn: can you get me the name of your neighbour?
22:14:48Learwell, you wouldn't need a "secret service" database for that... any journalist would know how to get that kind of information.
22:14:52t0masI just want to see how much info he can really get
22:15:05t0masLear: for just some random person?
22:15:23LearI guess, I'm not a journalist myself. :)
22:15:42Paul_The_Nerdt0mas: A *ton* of information can be gathered just by appropriate google inquiries.
22:15:47t0maswell... in the Netherlands it's not easy to get such information
22:15:47preglowthanks god
22:15:50LearProbably need a little more than just a name though.
22:15:55t0masafaik court records are not public
22:15:59Mikachut0mas: saw the url?
22:16:07ohrncourt records are public here, so thats not a big deal either
22:16:07t0masMikachu: yes
22:16:27t0masohrn: ah, so google, a phone book... and some searching in court records does the trick?
22:16:43t0masghehe, nice country for privacy then...
22:16:47ohrnand you can visit your local IRS office and get a wealth of info as well
22:17:03ohrntthe tax collector
22:17:21t0maswtf? they give you information about someone else?