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#rockbox log for 2006-03-21

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00:00:56Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: I've successfully added/removed hardware simply by editing the .vmx file (or at least modified hardware, to get my CD-Rom recognized, and to remove the floppy, and disable USB)
00:01:39XavierGrreally? I thought it had to do with software.
00:02:09Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: I dunno. So far I've only disabled a few things, and changed the CD-Rom from /dev/ whatever to D: so that it worked in windows.
00:02:10XavierGrPaul: Can you access your NTFS files from the emulate Linux machine?
00:02:53Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: I dunno. I've created a shortcut on my desktop to my home folder on the Linux machine, and just manipulate them from windows, rather than the other way around.
00:03:23XavierGrah so linux can see your windows files.
00:03:36Paul_The_NerdSo windows can see my linux files.
00:03:39Paul_The_NerdBut, close enough
00:03:53XavierGrI want to edit files from windows and then compile them through linux
00:04:13Paul_The_NerdYeah, while running the VM, check under your local area network and it should show up as a computer on it.
00:04:31Paul_The_NerdYour Home folder on the virtual linux machine is actually shared on the network, so you can directly modify files in it rather easily
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00:10:02XavierGrahh, shite! I have disabled all LAN services in WIndows XP.
00:10:15 Join afruff23 [0] (
00:10:20XavierGrAnd I am too lazy to reenable them.
00:10:27webguest11Can't you still browse
00:10:37webguest11Start > Run > \\debian
00:10:39webguest11and enter
00:10:47webguest11user:user pass:rockbox
00:11:01XavierGrno, it can't find it
00:11:11 Quit Rincewind_12 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:12:01XavierGrI have disabled many services like "server" and stuff.
00:12:16afruff23anybody need a good laugh? Read the last two pages of this thread. It has 2 PRO-MTP guys. Media Transfer Protocol vs. USB Mass Storage; who will win?
00:13:09webguest11XavierGr: I don't see why it shouldn't still be able to work as a client.. but that's windows for you I guess
00:13:20XavierGrI will make a small FAT32 partition. Then I will mount it on Linux. From there I could easily alter fines from windows and compile from Linux without either OS knowing of the other,
00:13:46webguest11The guest OS can't see your host hardware
00:13:55webguest11and vice versa
00:14:23XavierGrI think it could. At least with Full VMware.
00:14:29webguest11They'll pretty much have to communicate over the virtual network (unless you install full vmware and use raw disk access, but that's discouraged)
00:15:03XavierGrOnly to think that I have a very good cygwin setup.
00:15:19XavierGrBut the time savings of compile is very tempting
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00:17:34XavierGrHmm I had disabled network connectivity from VMware. Now windows can see the files
00:17:39XavierGrThanks webguest11@
00:18:11webguest11Ah, well that'd explain it yes..
00:18:22webguest11it is indeed amazingy handy
00:18:48XavierGrso how windows manage to see a linux PC?
00:19:08Paul_The_NerdOr "Yes"
00:19:36 Quit Fitzsimmons (Remote closed the connection)
00:19:42XavierGrNice, nice indeed. Now I've got to find copy paste.
00:20:46webguest11XavierGr: Download run it, enter "debian" as address and click open
00:22:19*Bagder spots 2.6.16
00:22:42preglowlet's port rockbox to linux!!
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00:23:36webguest11Fullscreen sim!1!11one
00:24:01Paul_The_NerdIf the Rockbox sim ran a little bit better, it'd make a decent stand-alone audio player.
00:24:12Bagderwe should make it run better
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00:24:41XavierGr"Network Error Connection Refused"
00:24:58Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: Is yours the new or old VMWare setup?
00:25:09Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: Because the original image didn't have SSH.
00:25:10XavierGrdon't tell me
00:25:22XavierGrimage size?
00:25:44XavierGr92.3mb for me
00:25:58XavierGr96.825.983 bytes
00:25:59webguest11dpkg −−list ssh
00:26:27webguest11That should either show a version or tell that now such package is installed
00:26:37webguest11either way, apt-get install ssh will take care of it
00:26:39XavierGryup. no packages found
00:26:40 Quit ender` (" According to the FAA, the propeller blade didn't break off, it was just a case of "uncontained blade liberation."")
00:26:46webguest11wait, no
00:27:07webguest11apt-get install openssh-server
00:27:24webguest11(as root)
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00:29:09XavierGrit couldn't find openssh-server so I just installed ssh
00:29:31Paul_The_NerdIs ssh just the client though?
00:29:34*Paul_The_Nerd wouldn't know.
00:29:42webguest11No, I think ssh includes both
00:29:52webguest11openssh-server is apparently newer than sarge
00:29:57XavierGrAllow ssh protocl 2 only?
00:32:11XavierGrok all is fine now I managed to log in.
00:32:21XavierGrBTW how is it possible that I am logged twice?
00:32:40XavierGrwhat If I run another instance of ssh and log again?
00:32:49webguest11There's no problem in that
00:33:09webguest11you can do it pretty much as many times as you want
00:33:29XavierGrso now I can copy paste to putty.
00:33:48XavierGrso everything I want to do is type it there
00:33:53XavierGrah I got it
00:34:02XavierGrit is like commanding the linux maching from ssh
00:34:09XavierGrmaching = machine
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00:34:41XavierGrGreat! Your help is valuable webguest11! Thanks again.
00:35:15webguest11Of course it all gets vastly more confusing since both computers are the same computer
00:36:23XavierGr-bash: ../tools/configure: Permission denied Do I have to be root to do this?
00:36:46*Paul_The_Nerd has never needed to be root to do that...
00:37:05BagderXavierGr: no
00:37:26Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: Did you just copy over your sources, or did you use CVS to download it?
00:38:19XavierGrTruth is that I copied my entire cvs to the new linux folder.
00:38:28XavierGrRight now I am downloading a new cvs
00:39:46XavierGrI am very curious to see how much faster it is from cygwin
00:39:57Moospreglow in case you didn't sptoted it yet:
00:40:03Bagdershould be a lot faster
00:40:13XavierGrSo paul it seems that I have the old image. Any packages that I must install?
00:40:40Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: I'd recommend apt-get installing zip at least, as I've found "Make zip" doesn't work very well without it. ;-)
00:41:03XavierGrwhat abput patch or cvs utils?
00:41:09Paul_The_NerdPatch is needed as well
00:41:11midkayBagder, btw, cool that you updated the main page with a better list of targets.. what do you think about a quick mention of a few features as well? (e.g. codec support - ogg/flac/wavpack playback on the iRivers - definitely an attractor)..
00:41:31Paul_The_NerdI don't *think* cvsutils are there, but I don't use them generally so I haven't checked
00:41:45Bagdermidkay: I don't think we need that there
00:42:03Bagderbut then I am old and grumpy ;-)
00:42:29webguest11I agree with whoever said a few days ago that the webpage doesn't convey much information for the newcomer
00:42:49webguest11Like why would I use rockbox over the retailos
00:42:53midkayBagder, if you say so. :) i just think that there might be some instances where someone comes by and wonders why he should use it and why it's better than the iriver firmware.. one or two major rockbox features might make them take a second look (not that it's our loss if they don't) :)
00:43:25midkayespecially the wide range of codec support.. crossfading and gapless as well..
00:43:42BagderI'd rather see a big link like "First Visistors Guide to What Rockbox is" or something like that
00:43:54midkaythings that many people probably think are very much impossible on the device..
00:44:00markunBagder: and what it is not
00:44:20midkayBagder, ah, like a brief introduction..
00:44:21Bagderit is a device for blind people, right? ;-)
00:44:27Paul_The_NerdHow 'bout this:
00:44:36midkayhaha, yes, that's also a very nice feature :)
00:44:44Paul_The_NerdA link at the very top that says "Why choose Rockbox?" and leads to a Key Features-style page.
00:45:03BagderI like that
00:45:06Paul_The_NerdThat way it doesn't stuff up the front page, but still clearly tells people where to go for a quick summary and incentive to change.
00:45:18Moosisn't the numerous features link enough? maybe change his name?
00:45:20midkayi wouldn't mind creating a wiki page like that if it's something that would be added to the front page..
00:45:37Paul_The_NerdMoos: The numerous features page tends to confuse absolute newbies with too much info.
00:45:40midkayMoos, it's kind of long and (almost) complicated..
00:45:50Bagdermaybe that link should then be removed
00:45:51Mooshehe, right :-)
00:45:57Paul_The_NerdI think plaintext is easier for the uninitiated than a complicated table
00:46:24midkaytons of effectively irrelevant information for many new users.. maybe remove the features link and add a "Why should I use Rockbox?" link to the top or in its place..
00:46:35Moosmidkay, Paul_The_Nerd: go make a new Wiki page then ;-)
00:46:54midkayagain, i would if there were interest.. and there appears to be, hmm.. :)
00:47:02Paul_The_NerdGet to it! :-P
00:47:23Bagderjust the page for the "Why Choose Rockbox"
00:47:44midkayso, like.. WhyRockbox i guess?
00:47:51Bagdersounds fine to me
00:48:06midkayalright. *wiki-ing* :)
00:50:58XavierGrwhich is the command for detailed current time?
00:51:10XavierGrI used date but I can't find seconds
00:51:56midkay%s probably? it's all in CustomWPS..
00:52:01midkayno, wait..
00:52:18XavierGrI mean in Linux
00:52:26midkayoh. haha. no idea..
00:53:31XavierGrfound it
00:55:13XavierGrsilly me it displays seconds by default.
00:55:28XavierGrnow time for benchmark
00:55:46XavierGrtime && make && time
00:55:54XavierGrtime = date
00:56:53XavierGrit seems fast!
00:57:25XavierGr(I hope this is not placebo)
00:57:50preglowi assume the stereo width setting is not supposed to glitch around 100% setting?
00:58:42Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: For many people it takes half the time
00:59:25linuxstbHas anyone compared VMWare/Linux with native Linux on the same hardware?
00:59:27markunpreglow: if that's just left - mono and right - mono I don't think it should glitch
00:59:36 Nick mirak is now known as m (
00:59:42XavierGrshite! Putty doesn't have a big screen buffer and I lost the starting time. I will rerun after make clean
00:59:55 Nick m is now known as menegme (
01:00:08linuxstbXavierGr: Just type "time make"
01:00:22 Quit windowsrefund ("Leaving")
01:00:28Bagderalso, on linux you should consider using "configure −−ccache"
01:00:35XavierGrthat will time a command?
01:00:40Bagderbut now I'll sleep!
01:00:41linuxstbXavierGr: Yes.
01:00:53XavierGrnite Bagder!
01:00:57Paul_The_Nerd'night Bagder
01:00:59midkaynight Bagder
01:01:16 Quit rkostynu ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
01:01:32XavierGrwow! make clean and make veryclean is very fast on linux
01:02:20preglowmarkun: no, it shouldn't glitch, i'm just doing something wrong in the fixed point stuff here
01:02:47webguest11XavierGr: you can define the screen buffer size in the putty options.. somewhere
01:02:50bagawkXavierGr: yes, using cygwin is like putting a ferrari stearing wheel in a ford pinto
01:03:02 Join damaki_ [0] (
01:03:31XavierGrwebguest11 are there any mods for putty? To customize fonts screen e.t.c? Or all these are part of putty?
01:03:58XavierGrreal 1m29.667s
01:03:58XavierGruser 0m27.296s
01:03:58XavierGrsys 1m1.921s
01:04:27XavierGrso it did 1 minute and 30 seconds from a make veryclean state.
01:04:32XavierGrThat seems superb
01:05:06Paul_The_NerdTook me 1m41s, including Doom.
01:05:10webguest11XavierGr: All part of putty, you can set it before you connect, or change some of them by right-clicking the titlebar and choose.. something
01:05:19webguest11Should be obvious
01:05:26webguest11which one to chose, that is
01:05:44XavierGrno wait. I see some nothing to make in the build log.
01:05:47XavierGrI will do it again.
01:06:01Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: Probably just the bitmaps
01:07:18XavierGrIf things go as I imagine.... I will be in 7th heaven!
01:07:22XavierGrYou made my day.
01:07:37XavierGrIt is *sweet*....
01:07:58 Join joelbryan [0] (n=joelbrya@
01:08:21XavierGrreal 1m31.698s yippie!
01:08:29XavierGrfor the h120 build
01:09:54joelbryanHi I would like to install Rockbox in my ipod mini, does it support ipod mini?
01:10:05XavierGrI think not yet...
01:10:09midkayjoelbryan, no.
01:10:20midkay"not yet", right..
01:10:25Paul_The_NerdDefinitely "not yet"
01:10:37Paul_The_NerdSome work has been done I believe, but it's mostly due to a lack of hardware to test anything on, right?
01:10:51midkaynot sure..
01:10:54Paul_The_NerdI recall someone doing work on it at least.
01:11:30joelbryanfund an ipod
01:11:52XavierGrok becnhmark for cygwin started!
01:12:03*XavierGr crosses fingers
01:12:04 Join TCK [0] (
01:12:05joelbryanfund an ipod for dev's project.
01:12:12Paul_The_NerdThere are several devs with iPods, they're just 4Gs, 5Gs and Nanos
01:12:41Paul_The_NerdAnd most of the core devs have their own bits they're working on anyway, so it really needs someone with a Mini to come along and work on it
01:13:04Paul_The_NerdI *think* there was someone with a Mini doing some work, but I haven't seen much talk about it lately. I'm not sure where they went.
01:13:10joelbryanmine I just bought it for less than $100, ipod mini
01:13:50midkayXavierGr, crossing fingers for a slow build? :))
01:14:01XavierGrsomething like that hehe :D
01:14:22midkayjust what i'd do :)
01:14:46 Quit PhR3aK ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
01:15:14XavierGrit is slow! Slow like a turtle.
01:15:29XavierGrIt is building the plugins right now. Let's see
01:15:58midkayXavierGr, you're just starting to use.. CoLinux? VMWare?
01:16:34midkayi remember seeing some info about that on the site somewhere - can anyone provide a link?
01:16:35XavierGrbut know that I got some more into it I will definitely use coLinux to to see any differences
01:16:40sharpe'cause he's cool like that.
01:16:52midkaysharpe, what's up? :)
01:16:53XavierGrreal 4m27.352s <−−−−−− LOL
01:16:59 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:17:08sharpenot much, eating, doing class work, etc
01:17:08midkayhaha. very cool.
01:17:14midkayi waanaaananananannt vmwaaaaaaarre...
01:17:15XavierGrThat's it! I am done with cygwin.
01:17:28XavierGryou mean the full version?
01:17:36midkayPaul_The_Nerd, that's it. thanks.
01:17:42midkayXavierGr, um, whatever you've got. :)
01:17:56XavierGrbecause I did it with just the player which is free. (Although I have the full too)
01:18:31Paul_The_NerdThe player works fine for this.
01:18:36midkayi'll just use player, i think.
01:18:39XavierGryes, definitely.
01:18:41sharpeoh midkay, in addition to the eating and class work, i'm also slightly miserable. so, it's all good.
01:20:00XavierGrI wonder where amiconn build his stuff. IIRC he uses windows, so he must use something among the three. (coLinux, Cygwin, VMware)
01:20:19sharpei use cygwin
01:20:19midkaysharpe, even better. :)
01:20:43midkay(well, i do too.. but.. i plan to use vmware soon!!.. )
01:21:43sharpei'm watching the fairly odd parents, and eating spaghetti... then, maybe off to code the wps loader some more.
01:21:54XavierGrnow I will have to import my settings, profiles, aliases, scripts and stuff. And my new development tree will be ready.
01:23:10midkaysharpe, haha, cool.
01:24:05sharpeyeh, i lead a leisurely life.
01:26:22 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
01:26:45midkaysharpe, well... continue, then. :)
01:29:34midkayXavierGr, what CPU are you running?
01:29:52XavierGrintel pentium 4 at 3.0Ghz
01:29:59midkaycool. :)
01:30:18midkaya64 3700+ at 2.4ghz.
01:30:36XavierGrthat will be faster than mine, correct?
01:30:42midkayjust curious what cpu got you 1m 30s with vmware..
01:30:49midkayyes, probably slightly..
01:31:04Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: My 1:40 was with doom, and I'm on an Athlon64 Mobile 3400+
01:31:18midkayPaul_The_Nerd, cool, i remember doom itself taking like 45 seconds or a minute on cygwin for me..
01:31:29midkaythat was the "old" doom though.. not the latest "new code" one..
01:31:44Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: This is the old doom. I was building for Nano, which the new code doesn't like last I checked.
01:31:47XavierGrI bought my brothers an amd sempron 64bit. I installed him windows XP proffesional 64 bit version. Only to find that there are major miscompatibilities
01:31:53midkayPaul_The_Nerd, right.. great.
01:32:11Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Also, it's an AMD64 mobile DTR, so the speed should be comparable to the desktop version of the 3400+
01:32:13midkayXavierGr, yes, xp 64 is .. well, a nightmare, in the end.. :)
01:32:22midkayPaul_The_Nerd, cool.
01:32:24XavierGrso you have 32bit windows or?
01:32:39midkayXavierGr, i tried out 64-bit.. had a little trouble getting the right drivers.. much more with some apps i really needed..
01:32:54midkaydecided to hold off until there's more support and compatibility.
01:33:03midkaywasn't "that much" faster in any case..
01:33:06XavierGryeah. I got problems with that all the time.
01:33:16midkayso i'm on 32-bit still, yeah.
01:33:19XavierGrMy brother made me to install 32 bit again
01:33:29midkayhaha. good choice..
01:33:54midkayi think by the time vista ships , support should be much better.. maybe that's when i'll go 64-bit..
01:34:11midkayor try again, at the least.
01:34:11XavierGrI don't plan to upgrade to Vista.
01:34:28midkayyour decision. :)
01:34:30XavierGrI think that when Vista is out, I will try to convert to linux
01:35:06midkayi'd consider linux if i didn't have such dependencies on some apps and notably games..
01:35:16Paul_The_NerdYeah, vista has too many "oh, but you can't..." stipulations with it.
01:35:26midkayPaul_The_Nerd, what?
01:35:30XavierGrOnly with a dualboot we can survive
01:35:37Paul_The_NerdWell, for one thing it's supposed to disallow unsigned drivers entirely
01:35:45midkayXavierGr, yes, for me.. and then it's almost pointless.. having to go back to XP all the time..
01:35:46Paul_The_NerdThen there's that whole "trusted computing" business.
01:35:48sharpeessentially the same for me midkay, except i have some hardware that only is supported by windows...
01:35:59midkayPaul_The_Nerd, they can't just disallow unsigned drivers..
01:36:03XavierGrmidkay: Of course there is VMware!
01:36:20midkayi'm sure they'll strongly suggest you don't use them, but there should definitely be an option in system properties to disable such warnings or preventions..
01:36:21Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: That's what the statement I read at somewhere said...
01:36:28midkaysharpe, that too..
01:36:39*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs.
01:36:45midkayPaul_The_Nerd, i wouldn't believe it if that made it into the final release.. that's nuts.
01:37:07sharpeand my wireless card is only supported by windows, and i don't feel like shelling out more for one to work with linux...
01:37:15Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I think it's nuts too, but I'm definitely waiting for a final say on that before I even think about upgrading. I also want to know how much "Trusted computing" actually gets in the way.
01:37:18midkaynot that there wouldn't be workarounds i guess.. hacks/third party patches to disable it, or even "faking" signed drivers..
01:37:39midkayPaul_The_Nerd, right.. i plan to upgrade, but i do want to hear about all the restrictions before i do..
01:37:53XavierGrVista is a very good reason to convert to linux I must say.
01:38:10midkayXavierGr, why in your opinion?
01:38:20XavierGrMaybe Vista will be the big nail into Microsoft if they don't watch out.
01:38:46XavierGrmidkay: I am a devoted Windows user, only to discover how locked I am with Microsoft
01:39:05midkayThe Driver Reliability Signature Program
01:39:05midkayBeginning with the Windows Vista operating system, users who are not administrators will not be able to install unsigned drivers. ... - 35k - Cached - Similar pages
01:39:44Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: My big concern is the "trusted computing" modes though. Theoretically with newer processors, programs will be able to have portions of themselves outside of the ability for the user to access, even with administrative priveleges. I don't like that idea at all.
01:39:45XavierGrThis mistake mustnt be repeated again. 90 % of the people did the same mistake back then. But then there were no alternatives
01:39:46midkaygeneral consensus seems to be that only admins can install any driver.
01:40:14XavierGrIf poeple turn out to open source things will be much better.
01:40:15midkayPaul_The_Nerd, true.. i definitely want to hear about things like that before i move to it..
01:40:25Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Well, that's fair then. Last I read was part of a general release statement sort of thing about the drivers.
01:40:25XavierGrI imagine a world free of OSes
01:40:37XavierGrImagaine the whole world using Linux
01:40:47XavierGrFree, fast and safe
01:41:02Paul_The_NerdIt was vague on it, and simply said something like "Users will be unable to install unsigned drivers" but didn't specify that admins could.
01:41:06XavierGrcompanies will crack and start writing apps drivers and games
01:41:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:41:21XavierGrthen all will be unified!
01:41:46XavierGrNo more "Hey I can't run this on my system" Or my HD isn't recognized by your OS.
01:42:12 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
01:42:18midkayPaul_The_Nerd, it's possible that they said that at first and decided to change it..
01:42:19XavierGrIt is like the metric and the US system. It is just crazy that the world doesn't want to change to one.
01:42:31midkayXavierGr, haha. "fast"? even if that, major incompatibilities..
01:42:57midkayif Linux worked with all my apps, games, and hardware, quickly and easily. i'd be there immediately.
01:43:01XavierGrmajor incompatibilities will be obsolete once Linux gets a userbase.
01:43:04Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: It's also possible it was yet another of those press releases by an uninformed middle-management person. There have been a few "What they were *supposed* to say was..." style retractions so far
01:43:38nudeli think it's ridiculous that a non-admin can install a program let alone an unsigned driver at the moment
01:44:19XavierGrI am nuts! I am on Windows on the net and use the admin account as my main!
01:44:33XavierGrBut I have hardware firewall.
01:44:39midkayxp is great for its (IMO) wide range of compatibility.. often i just plug in a new device and within seconds "Your hardware is installed and ready to use".. that makes me smile.. no drivers/config modification, mounting, permissions.. ugh.
01:45:04XavierGrmidkay: Linux didn't had the chance to be like it.
01:45:05midkayit's not exactly that all of that is too hard, but i'd reallly prefer it to just work..
01:45:06nudeloften i plug in an old device and it says my hardware is installed and i have to reboot :) (stupid USB bus)
01:45:15XavierGrCurrent userbase is 5%
01:45:22XavierGrCompanies just don't bother
01:45:30midkayand then dependencies and libraries.. that require other libraries which in turn require other libraries..
01:45:38XavierGrbut when that changes Microsoft and Apple will eat dust.
01:45:47midkayPaul_The_Nerd, haha, yes, that too perhaps
01:46:19XavierGrWe should support linux even if we don't like some things in Linux
01:46:26XavierGrIt's free after all!
01:46:35nudelbut OS X is Unix with a user-friendly front-end... pretty much exactly what people who want unix to be popular hav ebeen wanting, except it's closed source and costs money...
01:46:57nudellinux isn't free in terms of time and effort. money isn't everything. i've got a lot more money than time :)
01:46:58XavierGrTruth is that I am delaying the convert, but when I will make the leap I will never look back.
01:47:03midkayXavierGr, linux won't get a userbase until it's much easier and "better" - why should you switch? nobody will if there's no reason. <linux> "Our OS is free and open-source, but it takes very long to configure and you need to compile all your own stuff, and install your own drivers and libraries manually." that's not very enticing to most xp users, is it?
01:47:32XavierGrHave you used Ubuntu?
01:47:42XavierGrI was amazed at start
01:47:57XavierGrbut I am waiting for some more improvements
01:48:07midkaynudel, agreed at that. at least by default. you can restrict accounts further, of course..
01:48:10nudela friend gave me a ubunto boot CD that's been sittin gon my speaker for a few months. haven't had a reason to look at it.
01:48:27XavierGrat least give it a chance
01:48:36XavierGrI won't say that you will convert with it.
01:48:38nudellinux needs a killer app beyond the whole philosophical thing
01:48:40XavierGrBut you will change your mind
01:48:59XavierGrOr try Kubuntu if you are a desktop guy
01:49:12XavierGryes that is true
01:49:30XavierGrbut the big leaps will not come unless it has a bigger userbase.
01:49:48nudelchicken & egg :)
01:50:03XavierGrwell ;p ....
01:50:21XavierGrI just don't like black boxes!
01:50:53 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:50:55Paul_The_NerdThe problem is that *most* people won't switch if what they've currently got is "Good enough" and the new think doesn't Look cool"
01:51:06Paul_The_NerdWhy do you think there are some people who prefer iRiver's firmware to Rockbox still
01:51:09nudelI'd rather have documentation and a company/team that fixes bugs than access to the source code... Sadly Microsoft don't provide any of the above, although their documentation is better than most.
01:51:24XavierGrPaul_The_Nerd: Are there such people? I am amazed!
01:51:24 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
01:51:59midkayXavierGr, good luck getting it to change..
01:52:21XavierGrIt is harsh. I already tried once. And I failed.
01:52:40XavierGrBut I have to do it someday. The cup is full....
01:52:43midkaythere's just no reason to switch. Linux needs to offer more than customizability and development tools to get more users.
01:53:05XavierGrThat's why I mentioned Ubuntu
01:53:19XavierGrUbuntu is the perfect desktop linux distro.
01:53:39XavierGrHaving a desktop like KDE make WIndows desktop look like a mice.
01:53:58XavierGrThough problems still exist.
01:54:26 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
01:54:28XavierGrAnd the most discusting thing in Linux is to see various developers waste their man power to apps that overlap.
01:54:35 Join Kohlriba [0] (
01:54:54XavierGrmany apps for the same thing... that is a very bad aspect of Linux
01:55:28Paul_The_NerdI bet most of those developers could list a reason why they think either the apps don't overlap, or why they think the *other* app is the inferior one and should just stop.
01:55:30XavierGrLinux needs as you've said killer apps like the whole KDE implementation
01:55:53XavierGrThere are too many forks in Linux
01:56:00XavierGrLook at rockbox f.e
01:56:15midkayi used ubunto for a bit.. i personally didn't like it, at least compared to mandriva that i was using before that..
01:56:15XavierGrI don't know any forks in rockbox
01:56:43Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: There's two. I think Bluechip has one, and there's definitely one for some in-car MP3 player if I recall
01:56:54XavierGrWell I didn't like Gnome in Ubuntu, Kubuntu fits my needs much more
01:57:07preglowi don't think bluechip's got an actual fork
01:57:13preglowonly proper fork i know of is the neo thing
01:57:38XavierGrInteresting, I didn't know that there were forks.
01:57:49Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Hrm. I remember someone linking to what was practically a fork, but I could've been wrong. I just skimmed the page, it may have just been a collection of plugins/patches/something
01:58:01midkaybluechip has a few of his own plugins.. so he needs to maintain compatibility with current CVS, or recent builds.. that's not quite a fork, i guess.
01:58:42XavierGrfrom my little (to noce) experience I have to say that forks look bad to me.
01:58:51XavierGrnoce = none
02:00:37Paul_The_NerdForks aren't exactly preventable if your code is GPL licensed though.
02:00:37XavierGrSometimes I think that if someone would force me to use Linux it would be better in the end.... ;p
02:01:42preglowPaul_The_Nerd: the neo car mp3 player thing?
02:02:40Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: What about the neo thing?
02:03:44XavierGrwhat's the status of this neo thingie?
02:04:05Paul_The_NerdIt's at I think.
02:04:11webguest11XavierGr: KDE is cluttered and horrible - Gnome is the one true DE. For every app you think overlap, the developers (and a lot of the users) would indeed disagree with you
02:04:15zeXavierGr: i've seen the argument that there's no need for opensource firmware on <insert mp3 player>
02:04:25zeXavierGr: some amount of competition is healthy of course
02:04:41webguest11(I'm not trying to sstart a DE war - just illustrating that there isn't an obvious overlap where one could just be thrown out)
02:05:01zeXavierGr: but i agree there should probably be more cooperation in many instances of opensource apps
02:05:07XavierGrI don't say that forks should be banned. I just think that most of the times they lead to nowhere
02:05:55webguest11Forks don't happen by accident, but because there's a need for the fork.
02:06:02XavierGrwebguest11: I didn't like Gnome at all. No customization at all. It is like a very sleek and fast Win 3.1 enviroment
02:06:14zepersonally i don't like gnome or kde... i think its so much bloat and dependancy nightmare without any significant gain
02:06:20XavierGrKDE is a little bloated but it has many features
02:06:44XavierGrze: and what do you like?
02:06:56webguest11XavierGr: as I said, I don't want to argue DEs, just illlustrate that there are differences and one couldn't be thrown out in favour of the other - the same goes for other examples
02:07:09zejust a simple window manager
02:07:17zeand various misc apps
02:07:27XavierGrWHile I don't like GNOME I can see the good things it has to offer.
02:07:39zewhatever seems best for the job, irrespective of any "team persuasion" the app might have
02:07:47XavierGrAlternatives allways are good if they make the user thesis better.
02:08:11webguest11But you seem to miss that every fork is there for a reason, and because the people behind them want them
02:08:15zei often find it unfortunate that an app that could prove to be the best happens to come with so much baggage because of its "team persuasion"
02:09:06zemostly unfortunate because such are actually rare enough not to warrant so much baggage... if they were the norm, most of that baggage would be shared and it'd be fine
02:09:16XavierGrBut thats the point in linux, customization. If you don't like it you change it.
02:09:41XavierGrYou want something simple load Gnome. You want features load KDE
02:09:44 Quit webguest11 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:09:54 Join webguest11 [0] (
02:10:01 Join jd|uni [0] (
02:10:04XavierGrBut there are already many, many DE in Linux
02:10:15XavierGrand some are forks of the forks
02:10:24webguest11And each serve a different purpose. I don't see any harm in that
02:10:31XavierGrLook at simple KDE for example.
02:10:35webguest11This is much like the "omg don't spend time on Doom!" argument
02:10:53XavierGrIt was an excellent idea to make it simple but keep the relation with it.
02:11:02XavierGrnow the main dev said it will be a fork.
02:11:13XavierGrwebguest11: That's different
02:11:22webguest11Not by much
02:11:51XavierGrI didn't say that devs must be forced to do something or make a coup detat on open source.
02:12:11XavierGrA little more organization would be better.
02:12:27midkaythis is rather fascinating:
02:12:32webguest11You seem to me, to be saying that work is something that can be moved around, and lumped together, and if there wasn't a fork, there'd be one project with the same amount of work done as the two combined
02:13:27webguest11midkay: the one that surprises me the most is Saudi Arabia
02:13:30XavierGrnot all the times. But certainly if the devs are behind the same motivation a lot more can be done
02:14:12webguest11But they aren't.. there's no way to do maths on this
02:14:32XavierGrno I can't. Just speculating
02:15:51webguest11It just seems pointless to say "If these two groups with wildly different goals worked together.."
02:17:56webguest11This argument comes up every other time a software release is mentioned on slashdot
02:18:15XavierGrWell I just don't like to see many active fronts, while companies are rubbing their hands from the money that get for crappy applications.
02:18:38 Quit joelbryan ("Download Gaim:")
02:20:39 Join Zal91 [0] (
02:20:54Zal91Hello everyone
02:22:07*BHSPitMonkey hypnotized by Bubbles
02:22:10Zal91Can someone explain how to apply a patch?
02:22:21XavierGrdid you read the wiki?
02:22:26Zal91I have read the wiki
02:22:34Paul_The_NerdZal91: This specifically:
02:22:47XavierGrcan you compile rockbox?
02:23:00Zal91What compiler do I need
02:24:14XavierGrunfortunately you have to do some reading
02:24:22Zal91Well since I can't ,can someone apply a patch for me?
02:24:29BHSPitMonkeyagh. my eyes!
02:24:33sharpewhat target?
02:24:39BHSPitMonkeyyou "can't"?
02:24:47Paul_The_NerdCan't read?
02:24:53*Paul_The_Nerd wonders how we're communicating.
02:25:03*sharpe thinks he can read...
02:25:42XavierGrZal91: It would be good to at least try. Once you learn this it will make your patching life much more easy
02:25:51Zal91Pleeeeeeease, LOL
02:26:16Paul_The_NerdZal91: The problem with someone patching for you is in about 12 hours, a new feature will be added to rockbox
02:26:22Paul_The_NerdAnd then you'll be back here asking for another patched build
02:26:38Zal91Im reading
02:26:38Paul_The_Nerd"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life."
02:26:51Zal91I compiled some programs before in VB 2k5
02:27:31XavierGrwell it has nothing to do with VB. It would be a little strange at start but when you learn it it will be quite easy
02:28:43XavierGrthis will make your life easier
02:29:42Zal91Hmm I nerver can get Cygwin to work with my box
02:30:02 Quit Kohlriba ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
02:30:03webguest11Wow, some blind people thought that Rockbox was purely for the visually impaired.. I never would've thought
02:30:13webguest11(on the ml)
02:30:18Paul_The_NerdZal91: You are truly fortunate then, for we have alternates:
02:30:45webguest11VMware probably requires the least work
02:31:04Zal91Can I just boot nto linux
02:31:10Zal91via Dual boot
02:31:27XavierGrhey Zal91: I just learned the vmware ethod if that makes you feel better.
02:31:54webguest11Zal91: You have linux installed already?
02:32:20webguest11Ah, well then that's the way to go, really
02:32:29webguest11unless you're somehow tied into Windows
02:32:59webguest11Linux is the least painful platform to develop on
02:33:12XavierGrsee Zal91, you are much more fitted to learn compile rockbox than me.
02:33:16webguest11Although the vmware way is a bit faster to get going
02:33:57Zal91Im DLing the files
02:34:04Paul_The_NerdAnyone here have the "What are you sinking?" link?
02:34:15Zal91I just wanted to apply the new Rockboy patch
02:34:27webguest11Zal91: which files, for what?
02:34:49Zal91# Download and install VMware player from - Direct download.
02:34:59Zal91# Download the Rockbox VMware image (~ 85 Mb self-extracting) from
02:35:00 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:35:06webguest11Ah, okay
02:35:59Zal91 <<< Thats the patch I want to apply
02:36:08webguest11If you ever want to develop in Linux natively, the page to read is (I believe)
02:36:23 Join omp [0] (n=omp@unaffilliated/omp)
02:36:27webguest11All those steps are already done in the vmware image
02:37:24Zal91AHH the files are taking forever to download, and I have to go soon.
02:37:30Zal91Crappy DSL conection
02:37:52 Join ftc [0] (
02:38:28 Quit sharpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:39:07Zal91Can someone apply the patch, and I will PROMISE to learn to do it myself
02:39:58webguest11I don't have an arm toolchain
02:40:11midkayZal91, i actually don't think the patch will work.
02:40:14webguest11Sounds like some bizarre piece of jewelry
02:40:17Paul_The_NerdFrom my understanding the current patch doesn't even work well
02:40:38Paul_The_NerdIt may be best to learn to use the compiling tools while waiting for the next version, as he even said it doesn't work how he expected.
02:40:39midkayhe says it's untested, and it looks exactly like something i tried recently.. the way keys are handled in rockboy prevents the patch from working.. iirc.
02:41:06Zal91Would compiling be the same for a 5th Generation Ipod?
02:41:59Zal91Quote "Ok, so I was able to get through the first level of donkey kong for the first time ever. The controls aren't working like I expected them to, but I'll be able to fix that. I won't have any time to work on it until later tonight... Until then, if you just want to see some functionality in your rockboy, apply the patch. Happy rockboxing."
02:42:53Paul_The_NerdCompiling's the same for any of them, it just matters which compilers you have. The iPod ones use the arm cross-compilers
02:43:00 Part ftc
02:44:51 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:45:14Zal91Nevermind I don't have enough time to learn now I will try again tomorrow
02:45:24XavierGrok see you...
02:47:34Zal91Thanx guys
02:47:40jd|uniany1 here feel like commiting a patch for a bug with "immeditate" priority?
02:47:41 Quit Zal91 ("CGI:IRC")
02:47:45 Join lucky [0] (
02:49:08midkayjd|uni, tested+working? :)
02:49:27 Join virtualball2 [0] (
02:49:56jd|unimidkay: it just adds 1 more key definition
02:49:59midkaylooks very simple.. alright.
02:50:02jd|uni.. for the screen
02:50:17midkayreminds me that i want to change a different key mapping..
02:50:54*Paul_The_Nerd wishes people wouldn't PM me asking for me to build Rockbox custom builds for them
02:51:13XavierGrZal did?
02:51:16Paul_The_NerdSomeone else
02:51:19Paul_The_NerdFrom the Doom thread I think
02:51:40Paul_The_Nerd"Padlocklipsxbang" 0 posts.
02:51:51 Quit moozooh (
02:51:52midkaythat's annoying.
02:51:56webguest11A class act
02:52:27Paul_The_NerdI've received 2 requests from different people to make custom builds, and 2 PMs from other people saying "Thanks for helping all these people." (Both of those from people I've never helped.)
02:52:27NJoinmoozooh [0] (n=moozooh@
02:52:29midkayXavierGr, 1m34s for a 100% clean build.
02:52:31midkay(vmware). :)
02:52:39Paul_The_NerdAnd then various actual questions like "I've been trying to compile but keep getting X error" which are the ones I help with.
02:53:20DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
02:53:20XavierGr real 1m31.698s yippie!
02:53:26 Quit nls ("CGI:IRC")
02:53:29XavierGr3 seconds late
02:53:33midkayXavierGr, ... fu!!!!!!!! :)
02:53:39midkaythat's 100% clean?
02:53:43XavierGrdid you had anything more on that?
02:53:48midkayah, well.. i'm building for iPod video..
02:53:51XavierGrfresh build from cvs
02:53:54 Join sharpe [0] (
02:53:55XavierGrah ues
02:53:56midkaymaybe bigger bitmaps -> few more seconds..
02:53:57sharpei'm back!
02:54:00XavierGrthat has a lot to do
02:54:01midkayand more plugins perhaps
02:54:05XavierGrthen you are faster indeed
02:54:08midkaywhat are you building for?
02:54:13midkayi'd like to compare
02:54:16webguest11Not to mention arm vs cf
02:54:21XavierGrbecause the compiler skipped many entries
02:54:34webguest11Or rather, arm vs m68k
02:54:40XavierGrit would be nice to do compile for H100 just for the fun of it.
02:54:48midkayXavierGr, is that what you're building for?
02:54:51midkayalright, i'll do that.
02:54:56XavierGryes target 9
02:54:59XavierGrnormal build
02:56:02CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:56:02*XavierGr cresses fingers again. (for a slow build so that he can nag about) :D
02:56:12*midkay sets task priority to Realtime
02:56:20XavierGryou got me
02:56:29midkaywow.. almost done already.
02:56:36XavierGrno shite!
02:56:51 Quit jd|uni ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:57:13XavierGrquite interesting
02:57:18Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: 1m29.8 here, with an extra two plugins.
02:57:23Paul_The_NerdNeither of which are Doom
02:57:26midkayi'd guess that there's kind of a limit on the speed..
02:57:38XavierGryou got me but not much. I think that it could make it faster.
02:57:57webguest11I don't think ipod or h320 is much harder to compile than h120 in any way
02:58:00midkaythere's got to be a point where the cpu speed becomes mostly pointless and you're just waiting for the emulator to do its thing..
02:58:28midkayXavierGr, btw.. that's a new build dir, right? or make veryclean, your time?
02:58:44XavierGrnow it's time to try with coLinux...
02:58:52 Join DrumRBoy [0] (
02:58:52XavierGrnew dir
02:59:02XavierGrI tried with make veryclean but I lost the measurement
02:59:07XavierGrand started with a new dir.
02:59:14midkayeither way.
02:59:20midkaythanks for the motivation to go vmware. :)
02:59:20XavierGryeah nice findings
02:59:31midkay*closes cygwin for good, i think*
02:59:33XavierGrthanks webguest11 which he guided me
03:00:02midkayi'd like to hear about coLinux, too.
03:00:05Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Yeah, I did that yesterday. :)
03:00:13midkayPaul_The_Nerd, go vmware?
03:00:14XavierGrI will leave cygwin there for emotional reasons for some days.
03:00:26midkayyes, i think i will too.. better to have it than not i suppose.. :)
03:00:30midkayPaul_The_Nerd, cool. :)
03:01:20webguest11real 1m58.380s on native Linux.. interesting.. what kind of hardware do you have?
03:01:20 Quit herz42 ("Und wech")
03:01:40XavierGrintel pentium 4 at 3.0 Ghz
03:01:48webguest11ah, that'd explain it
03:01:54XavierGrwhat you have?
03:02:11midkayJdGordon, i committed it.
03:02:11webguest11XP2600 at 2ghz
03:02:47Paul_The_Nerdwebguest11: Laptop with an AMD Athlon64 3400+ at 2.2ghz (though several IMs came up during the build which may have affected it. =/)
03:02:51XavierGrmaybe some day I will do it from ubuntu
03:03:14webguest11Paul_The_Nerd: what was your time?
03:04:13webguest11Also, whoa.. I'd have thought an athlon64 3400 ran at more than 2.2ghz
03:04:22midkaywebguest11, and 1m27s for me on an athlon 64 3700+ at 2.42ghz
03:04:31Paul_The_Nerdwebguest11: 1m29.8s for an H120 build
03:04:31midkay(overclocked from 2.2)..
03:05:05XavierGryou got me too paul
03:05:27*Paul_The_Nerd should try it on his desktop at some point
03:05:41midkayPaul_The_Nerd, what's your desktop?
03:06:03Paul_The_NerdIt's a 3400+ as well, but a desktop chip instead of a mobile chip. I'm just curious if it'd perform differently
03:06:32Paul_The_NerdI mean, it has twice the ram, but since it's a VM set to 256mb, that shouldn't matter should it?
03:06:47midkayyeah, probably..
03:06:51webguest11Don't think so - I believe it doesn't page
03:07:00preglow1 get one minute for on arm compile on an athlon 64 3400+ here
03:07:04midkayi wonder if VM would benefit from a larger RAM allottment.. (sp?)
03:07:11midkayi mean for building rockbox..
03:07:15XavierGrwow preglow!
03:07:22midkaypreglow, how the hell? :)
03:07:24XavierGryou have a beast@
03:07:26Paul_The_NerdI dunno. I know the *biggest* performance hitter on my laptop (for general use) is this stupid 5400 RPM HD.
03:07:27preglowreal 1m0.177s
03:07:47webguest11preglow: well that's not on vmware though
03:07:53preglowhell no :)
03:07:57webguest11(neihter was mine)
03:07:58preglowubuntu 64 bit
03:08:01XavierGrah that explains it
03:08:13midkayah, now that rockbox can be built on 64-bit systems..
03:08:15midkayi'd like to try that.
03:08:19XavierGrpreglow: Cheater! :(
03:08:21preglowit can, somewhat...
03:08:28preglowi can only build the arm compiler
03:08:33midkaypreglow, ah..
03:08:44Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Was that a Nano build?
03:08:44preglowthe m68k and sh compilers wont compile in 64 bit mode
03:08:49preglowPaul_The_Nerd: yea
03:09:02webguest11Another round of applause for the gcc team
03:09:09Paul_The_NerdI'm gonna try a clean nano build. I'm curious if Doom really adds 10 seconds
03:09:17preglowwebguest11: plus, gcc 4.1 wont build for arm either
03:09:26preglowthey're really doing a grand job in that area
03:09:36webguest11preglow: you'd think they'd notice 64bit regressions by now
03:09:42preglowwebguest11: apparently not
03:09:52webguest11I mean, I can understand that there are bugs now, but introducing new ones is just amazing
03:09:57webguest1164bit-bugs, that is
03:10:26webguest11And then, only sortof understand.. it's not like the current batch are the first 64bit chips in the history of computing
03:10:53preglowno, not exactly
03:10:54 Join tvelocity [0] (
03:10:58preglowbut it might of course be amd64 specific
03:11:34preglowthink i might post a bug tomorrow
03:11:45preglownow if only i could understand this wav bug
03:12:19webguest11True, it probably is amd64 specific, but still.. :-\
03:15:03preglowseems a couple of bugs have already been posted
03:15:07preglownothing happens, as usual
03:15:46Paul_The_NerdOkay, an unpatched iPod Nano build for me is 1m22.0s
03:15:49 Quit DrumRBoy320 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:16:00preglowseems it's a general 64 bit problem...
03:16:14preglowPaul_The_Nerd: specs?
03:16:25Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Still on my laptop
03:16:42preglownot bad for a laptop
03:16:49webguest11In vmware...
03:17:43webguest11I think vmware is getting quite close to 100% processor performance in these cases (little IO, lots of computing)
03:18:18preglowyeah, the gcc people have known of the bug for half a year now
03:19:08Paul_The_NerdMan, iPod Nano is 8 seconds faster than H120. :(
03:24:02 Join damaki [0] (
03:26:58XavierGrnight every body!
03:27:21 Quit XavierGr ()
03:33:49BHSPitLappysolid state flash ftw
03:34:45midkayBHSPitLappy, what?
03:35:41 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:36:06webguest11Anyone here involved with the vkeyboardproposal wikipage?
03:36:32*Paul_The_Nerd is kinda a fan of the old vkeyboard, for his uses.
03:37:02webguest11Likewise.. I imagine a lot of switching screens
03:37:11webguest11But I see the appeal
03:38:29webguest11Of a) having a unified keyboard that looks and works the same on all bitmap screens b) having a coordinated way of inputting multiple different charsets
03:39:00webguest11The latter being most important
03:39:09webguest11To the user, that is
03:39:28webguest11I fear codesize issues on archos though
03:40:11midkayPaul_The_Nerd, have you figured out accessing rockbox source when using vmware?
03:40:28webguest11Accessing it how?
03:40:41midkayfrom windows, e.g. notepad.
03:40:50midkaydoes samba need to be started or something?
03:40:54webguest11Start > run > \\debian
03:40:55midkayi'm rather unfamiliar with it
03:41:02webguest11Nope, it should Just Work
03:41:10midkayoh. \\debian did it. thanks.
03:41:21midkayi was looking at "\\ip\user"..
03:41:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:41:32webguest11That should work as well
03:41:45midkayit's not for me..
03:41:54Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Yeah, the ip thing didn't work for me, because it just accessed my normal shares
03:42:06midkayPaul_The_Nerd, right, that's what i'm getting.
03:42:11webguest11You need to use the ip of the guest OS
03:42:21webguest11run /sbin/ifconfig
03:42:50midkaywell. \\debian is _much_ quicker anyways.
03:42:56webguest11True that
03:43:47webguest11Should be mentioned on the wiki page I uess
03:48:06 Join Kyomi [0] (
03:48:18KyomiWoah... theres alot of people here ^^;
03:50:10sharpeheheh, that was great timing...
03:50:22KyomiAnyone have a link to where all the games are on the rockbox site? I can't seem to find it :(
03:51:10KyomiWhat happend?
03:51:19Paul_The_NerdKyomi: The games are included with rockbox.
03:51:38 Quit JoeBorn ("")
03:51:42KyomiThe rockbox thing is running.. but its... like only a lt blue background and very small text
03:51:53webguest11That's Rockbox...
03:52:11sharpeis it the first time?
03:52:23sharpeyeah, that's the default theme
03:52:46KyomiIts... ew
03:52:55KyomiDoes the H3Mod stuff work with it?
03:53:05KyomiAnd how do I get to the menu of it?
03:53:15webguest11Press a-b
03:53:18sharpewhat player do you have?
03:53:27webguest11And no, you can't h3mod it, since it's not the iriver firmware...
03:53:39webguest11h3x0, I'm guessing, by the combination of h3mod and colour
03:53:57sharpeseems likely to me
03:54:17Paul_The_NerdKyomi: From the menu you can change fonts. With a combination of font and custom background it can look much better
03:54:47KyomiAll the menu says is repeat options and displaying what type of files
03:54:58webguest11Don't hold a-b
03:54:59webguest11just press it, shortly
03:54:59midkaypress a-b, not hold.
03:55:05sharpelike, a tap
03:55:11midkaylike. press and release.
03:55:19sharpelike, same definition
03:55:21midkayyou put your finger on it. and depress. and quickly release the pressure.
03:55:24webguest11Like a.... press
03:55:34sharpelike, a quick press
03:55:38midkaylike, you only need to depress it for an instant.
03:55:41sharpelike, when you type, that kind of press
03:55:47webguest11I think we've defined press, now.
03:55:48 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
03:55:48midkaylike, half a second. or as quick as possible.
03:55:56 Quit BHSPitLappy (Nick collision from services.)
03:55:59midkaylike, alright. :(
03:55:59sharpeunless, your type rate is like, in seconds
03:56:06 Nick BHSPitLappy2 is now known as BHSPitLappy (
03:56:07sharpelike, okay.
03:56:07Paul_The_NerdDepress the a-b button for a period of no less than 1ms and no more than 999.
03:56:17KyomiI got it now
03:56:17sharpethat sounds logical
03:56:25KyomiBut it still looks like ass :(
03:56:35sharpewell, it's not our problem, is it? :)
03:56:38Paul_The_NerdKyomi: Rockbox is designed to be functional, not pretty.
03:56:56Paul_The_NerdKyomi: But really, it can be a lot prettier than it could 6 months ago, and it'll get even better as new features are added
03:57:06Paul_The_NerdYou should try some of the themes that are available for download
03:57:20sharpedamn you paul, i was going to say the theme thing.
03:57:20KyomiDownload section?
03:57:49Paul_The_NerdKyomi: They're mostly in the WpsGallery
03:57:53golf7kyomi, would you rather look like shit and function good
03:57:58golf7or look good and function like shit
03:58:07golf7like a beemer with a pinto engine
03:58:11sharpeoh the love.
03:58:15golf7or a pinto with a beemer engine =P
03:58:37sharpeyay analogies.
03:58:39 Quit virtualball2 ("virtualball2 has no reason")
03:59:15midkayhaaaaha. you said "anal". haahahahaaaa.
03:59:24midkayanal-ogies. haahaha..
03:59:30midkayand the ogies looks like orgies.
03:59:39midkayhahahahahaaaaa... i kill myself.
03:59:57KyomiIm guessing it can't look as pretty as my main firmware did?
04:00:03sharpesure it can
04:00:33sharpeyou just have to find or make a theme, that looks exactly like it.
04:00:41sharpeor, use another pretty one...
04:00:45midkaysharpe, not without a lot of coding, no..
04:00:55sharpei like the theme i made...
04:01:04Paul_The_NerdKyomi: Being open source, technically it can look however you want it.
04:01:09sharpealthough, most people don't like the background...
04:01:17midkayKyomi, if looking like the stock firmware is what you want, why are you using rockbox? :)
04:01:17sharpea heart.
04:01:30BHSPitLappywhere's rockbox going as far as fonts are concerned?
04:01:48sharpeit's going like there is a tomorrow.
04:01:51sharpetaking it's time.
04:01:53KyomiThis still works with fm transmitter and all right?
04:01:55Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: What exactly are you asking?
04:02:37BHSPitLappyPaul_The_Nerd: last I heard (long ago) people wanted to move to an improved rb13 format or something
04:02:51KyomiIt's SOOO much eaiser to just like... slap some themes on there then be able to browse them
04:02:59 Join ghode [0] (
04:03:00sharpethere are some default ones...
04:03:08BHSPitLappyAA would be nice as far as fonts are concerned
04:03:09Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: rb13? Huh?
04:03:19BHSPitLappythe current standard's rb12
04:03:20sharpeah! antialiasing!
04:03:29Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: AA is pretty damn unlikely with the current bitmapped fonts
04:03:42midkayBHSPitLappy, AA isn't really possible unless it's "faked", and that wouldn't work with backdrops..
04:03:54*BHSPitLappy a little confused
04:03:55midkayyou'd need true transparency = slooowww...
04:04:55KyomiRockbox Info shows you about how much time is left in the battery?
04:05:01KyomiThat is just plain awesome
04:05:03midkayKyomi, yes, that's hilarious..
04:05:13KyomiWhat the heck.....
04:05:14sharpeyes, it's a real 'knee-slapper'
04:05:16Paul_The_NerdIt'd be more awesome if you could trust it. ;-)
04:05:20midkaysharpe, haha.
04:05:21KyomiIm confused
04:05:31KyomiWhen I had original firmware on
04:05:46KyomiIt said I had 52MB free space... now it says 1.10GB
04:05:56*Kyomi confused
04:05:57BHSPitLappywait until you've got the whole sentence typed before hitting ENTER ;)
04:06:05sharpei don't do that sometimes
04:06:17BHSPitLappyone time
04:06:19BHSPitLappyI was on a boat
04:06:24BHSPitLappyand there was this guy in the back of the boat
04:06:29Kyomi<3 playlist creation
04:06:31BHSPitLappyand he was like "come to the back of the boat!"
04:06:36sharpeand mother fucker?!!?
04:06:50sharpeprofanity always makes everything funny.
04:06:55sharpeespecially 'bitch'
04:07:03BHSPitLappythat's just plain not fucking true.
04:07:20KyomiIm still confused about the space issue
04:07:22sharpeyeah, but it fits when talking to people, you can always call them 'bitch'
04:07:34BHSPitLappyKyomi: why don't you hook up to your computer and see for yourself
04:07:40Paul_The_NerdKyomi: Well, see how much space windows says is free on it.
04:07:56sharpeit's funny, everyone thinks exactly the same...
04:08:08BHSPitLappyPaul_The_Nerd: if Windows told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?
04:08:34Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: I'd have to check the license agreement.
04:08:45sharpeand the EULA
04:08:45 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:08:55midkayEULA == end user license agreement..
04:08:57sharpei know, same thing.
04:09:00midkayfu luser.
04:09:07KyomiFound an error :(
04:09:11webguest11Profanity is the crutch of the inarticulate motherfucke
04:09:13sharpewhat be that?
04:09:16Paul_The_NerdKyomi: Error?
04:09:22KyomiThe JoltSteel skin is a broken link :(
04:09:27sharpeho dog!
04:09:42Paul_The_NerdOh man, did he link externally rather than just upload to the wiki?
04:09:50BHSPitLappyyes. yes he did.
04:09:56sharpeoh. that bitch.
04:09:57Paul_The_NerdKyomi: Just put a note next to it then. Or remove the link for now.
04:09:59BHSPitLappyKyomi: don't worry, it probably just sucks.
04:10:04KyomiBut its awesome
04:10:13KyomiIt shows the next song and everything
04:10:17 Join Aditya [0] (
04:10:22midkayKyomi, haha. as if that isn't standard..
04:10:27midkayor very hard to do..
04:10:28sharpeheheh, who wants to see my bland theme i made.. month or so ago...
04:10:36midkaysharpe, wikify it!
04:10:43sharpehold on...
04:11:04BHSPitLappywhat's with people wanting their player to look like vista
04:11:18sharpe :)
04:11:20midkaywow, quite nice..
04:11:28Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: What's with people wanting their player to look like Winamp?
04:11:36midkaysharpe, it's not up!!
04:11:38sharpethe more curves, the more requested.
04:11:44*BHSPitLappy 's player looks like an rockbox.
04:11:53Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Drop the www.
04:12:09midkayaha. that loser, sharpe..
04:12:18Paul_The_NerdI took the rockbox_default theme, stripped the peakmeter, and added a filler image for the bottom half of the screen, and that's that
04:12:23midkaysharpe, that's so fugly.
04:12:25KyomiI dun wanna use my real name.. thats just...creepy ^^;
04:12:34BHSPitLappyKyomi: honest, you mean?
04:12:39BHSPitLappycreeps are secretive.
04:12:54BHSPitLappynow tell me where you live, boy
04:13:19KyomiNah.. I just never give out my name online..
04:13:26BHSPitLappyhow old is you?
04:13:29sharpeyeh, sorry about that.
04:13:30KyomiAnd especially things like that
04:13:36sharpeew ew ew ew!
04:13:38Kyomi21 :(
04:13:42BHSPitLappysharpe: you and your queer hearts
04:13:43KyomiIm too old T.T
04:13:47BHSPitLappyKyomi: haha are you serious
04:13:57sharpegod damn. that's what everyone else says, damnit.
04:13:59KyomiI am now confused
04:14:07BHSPitLappyboo hoo, I can legally drink, but I'm afraid of internet predators
04:14:21Paul_The_NerdMan, people who are 21 saying they're too old make me feel even MORE ancient
04:14:22KyomiRockbox: 1.10GB free || iRiver firmware: 32MB free
04:14:39midkay|| windows: ????????!?!?!?!!??!!?!!!
04:14:41sharpemaybe your iriver thinks you don't need the extra space?
04:14:50Kyomichecking windows
04:14:59midkayKyomi, you told us about that "error" like 10 minutes ago.. why are you just now "confused"? :)
04:15:00Paul_The_NerdAlso, in a vaguely related note, I got carded at Walmart when attempting to purchase a computer game
04:15:08midkayPaul_The_Nerd, hahaha.
04:15:09BHSPitLappyPaul_The_Nerd: ... who let you out of your bed?
04:15:18BHSPitLappyyou know you're not supposed to be out without taking your pills.
04:15:19Paul_The_NerdI realized that my 3.5" floppy version of Doom was unusable on my laptop (since it lacks a floppy drive)
04:15:21sharpewhat was the rating? :)
04:15:27Paul_The_NerdSo I bought Doom 1. A 13 year old game
04:15:30Paul_The_NerdRated M
04:15:32KyomiWindows says 29.7MB now >_<
04:15:33Paul_The_NerdAnd they carded me
04:15:36sharpeit's rated m?
04:15:39sharpe... :(
04:15:51BHSPitLappylike gone with the wind is rated R :P
04:15:52Paul_The_NerdIn 4 years the game will be old enough to buy itself
04:15:59midkayPaul_The_Nerd, was it an old bag? carding isn't unexpected from them..
04:16:06 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
04:16:07sharpein four years, it will be just... a give away...
04:16:09Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: The girl was younger than me.
04:16:16KyomiApparently my H320 can't decide how much free space it has....
04:16:25sharpeare you visibly older paul? :P
04:16:26midkayyou should have just said "card yourself, witch" and walked out.. stand up for your rights or whatever.
04:16:32 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:16:32KyomiRockbox: 1.10GB free || iRiver firmware: 32MB free || Windows: 29.7MB
04:16:35midkayKyomi, i'd guess windows is about right.
04:16:46midkaybecause it CORRESPONDS with the iriver value!
04:16:50 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-5a85b6221fa46ed9)
04:16:50KyomiWhy does RB say I have 1.10GB then? o.O
04:16:56Paul_The_NerdKyomi: Well you probably have 32mb of free space in reality, because there's a recycle bin of .9gb or so
04:17:10webguest11Kyomi: Try recalculating.. Boot Rockbox, menu > info > Debug (keep out!) > Disk info
04:17:40Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: I'm usually told I look like I'm in my high 20s or low 30s. When I was too young to drink, people were always astonished when I told them, and I haven't been carded for an R movie since I was 15
04:17:44webguest11Kyomi: Now press up until you see "Disk info: Free xxxx MB" and press navi
04:18:15webguest11After that, the amount of free space should be correct in Rockbox
04:18:51KyomiHold up
04:18:55KyomiGotta get RB back
04:18:56sharpei have 16444mb free...
04:19:00sharpeyay me
04:19:04sharpeno yay
04:19:08KyomiBooted iR for usn connection
04:19:18sharpewhere the hell did the other 10000 go!?
04:19:39 Quit ghode|afk (Connection timed out)
04:20:55KyomiHow can I get rid of that .9 recycle bin?
04:21:05KyomiAnd how long does this take
04:21:10Kyomi29mb :(
04:21:21KyomiThis is so annoying
04:21:32webguest11empty it?
04:21:37KyomiPlease tell me theres a way to turn the backlight back on WITHOUT it doing any commands
04:21:44KyomiI can't see it in windows
04:21:55Paul_The_NerdMan, that's so weird that people want to have it ignore button presses
04:22:04Paul_The_NerdAlso, I think record doesn't do anything in most screens
04:22:06webguest11It'll be blended into your regular Recycle Bin
04:22:09KyomiI'm used to hitting a button to turn it on, then another one to do something
04:22:20KyomiNot the same thing
04:22:34Paul_The_NerdIt seems like a bloody waste of time to me, having to hit a button twice just to do one thing.
04:22:51Paul_The_NerdI mean, if you reach in your pocket to pause, do you have to hit pause twice?
04:23:04Paul_The_NerdOr is it only *some* buttons that require a second press?
04:23:17KyomiYou have it hit a button to turn the light on
04:23:18Paul_The_NerdThat is perhaps one of the most counterintuitive things ever.
04:23:21KyomiThen hit it again to do it
04:23:41KyomiYeah.. maybe.. but it's EXTREMELY annoying in while your in a menu
04:24:00midkaywhy not just adjust vol up or down one?
04:24:11midkay.. doesn't really make a difference, and it turns the light on.
04:24:22webguest11or go up or down a bit in the menu you're in...
04:24:30midkayyes, that..
04:24:33webguest11Can't hurt, can it?
04:24:35KyomiWoah... cool
04:24:38Paul_The_NerdAnyway, you can also delete the recycle bin by telling rockbox to show all files, then just deleting it from there
04:24:38Kyomipicture zoom :)
04:24:56KyomiHow do you get to like a.. a secondary menu
04:25:09Paul_The_NerdA secondary menu?
04:25:28KyomiLike if you wanna do something with the picture
04:25:36Kyomior how you get to the menu to delete stuff
04:25:36Paul_The_NerdIt's a picture viewer...
04:25:45midkaynot a picture editor.
04:25:51Paul_The_NerdClick and hold navi on a file to get other options of things to do with it
04:26:08Kyomik ty
04:26:11Kyomibbl :D
04:26:16Kyomiawesome help ^^
04:26:24 Quit Kyomi ()
04:27:22sharpeit never fails...
04:27:32Paul_The_Nerd"It doesn't look pretty"
04:27:34BHSPitLappyof course it does
04:27:47webguest11"Rockbox sucks!" [10 minutes passes] "Cool!"
04:27:50sharpewhile making a playlist on rockbox, i always accidentally forget to touch the wheel before releasing the select button.
04:28:22midkaysharpe, what?
04:28:40sharpeheh, i never succeed in making a playlist in rockbox :)
04:28:56midkay.. :)
04:30:26BHSPitLappyhas the status of id3 brower/indexing changed?
04:30:34BHSPitLappybrowser, even
04:32:45Paul_The_NerdNot really
04:32:55Paul_The_NerdHave you seen mention of it changing in the changelog?
04:35:09BHSPitLappyI s'pose not
04:37:11 Quit webguest11 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
04:38:02 Join damaki_ [0] (
04:38:24 Quit webguest86 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
04:40:06sharpeoh well, g'night everyone.
04:41:02midkaynight sharpe
04:41:43midkaywow. archos recorder build went quick!
04:42:01midkaycan't say the exact time.. but <1m almost for sure..
04:43:08 Quit Xerion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:43:34 Join Xerion [0] (
04:47:58omphas anyone ever had the rockbox interface freeze? (ipod nano)
04:48:22omp'cause it happened to me twice :o
04:48:32Paul_The_NerdDoing what?
04:48:37BHSPitLappythat hold switch can be fickle
04:49:17ompdunno it just froze while i used it, but restarting it fixed it
04:49:51Paul_The_Nerdomp: Well, it's hard to figure out what's wrong without you at least knowing what you did right before it froze
04:50:34ompi was just listening to music and browsing through songs :p
04:50:46ompoh well
04:52:18Paul_The_NerdWell, could you try to cause it to happen again, and pay attention to what happens to cause it?
04:52:27 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:53:45 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:54:00 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ("Trillian (")
04:57:58 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
04:59:57midkayhow do i set the time/date on vmware? Paul_The_Nerd?
05:01:34 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:01:57Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: There's a few ways
05:02:12Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: but really, su, then use hwclock
05:02:53Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: You're probably going to have to correct it every time you boot the VM anyway, I think. I haven't figure out a good method yet
05:03:12midkaynever mind then.
05:03:17midkaythanks though.
05:04:33midkaywhat the hell is going on..
05:04:43Paul_The_NerdWhat's it doing?
05:05:11midkaynow, it's arm-elf-gcc: command not found.. worked earlier.
05:05:28midkayand, sh-elf-gcc is messed up.. it's not in the path by default, and when added, it.. compiles, but doesn
05:05:37midkaydoesn't generate a working image, or something..
05:05:51midkayi did do a "Reset" - bad?
05:06:00Paul_The_NerdI've done a reset without problems.
05:06:09Paul_The_NerdBut I haven't tried sh-elf-gcc at all
05:06:20midkayi also edited the .bashrc to add a few aliases and to add sh-elf-gcc to the path by default..
05:06:28midkaydidn't change anything else, though.
05:08:12Paul_The_Nerdsh-elf-gcc is in my default path
05:08:55Paul_The_NerdBut I have the original VMWare image, not the new one. Maybe that one had it messed up?
05:09:06midkayPaul_The_Nerd, where does it point to?
05:10:59Paul_The_NerdHow do I check?
05:11:09midkayecho $PATH
05:11:19Paul_The_Nerddidn't type it all caps
05:11:30midkayah. :)
05:11:31Paul_The_NerdIndeed /home/user/sh/bin
05:11:45midkayi want to throw my PC out the window right now..
05:12:01Paul_The_NerdIt's probably just something not done right with the newer version of the vmware image
05:12:37midkayi'm just so goddamn tired and don't want to deal with this right now.. sigh..
05:12:52Paul_The_NerdI'm about to take the path of sleeeeeeep
05:13:02midkay8pm and i could crash within a minute..
05:13:27Paul_The_NerdI think I'm heading out.
05:13:29Paul_The_NerdG'night folks
05:13:30 Part Paul_The_Nerd
05:18:13 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:23:39midkayhm. i think we have a major problem..
05:24:54 Join phaedrus961_ [0] (
05:25:21midkayyes. we do.
05:26:14midkayarchos recorder builds (maybe more) as of now, when started, show a completely black LCD..
05:26:24midkaynot sure when this started, but within a couple days..
05:32:49 Quit phaedrus961 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:41:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:42:03 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
06:06:06 Nick phaedrus961_ is now known as phaedrus961 (
06:12:23 Quit Aditya (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:13:43 Join Aditya [0] (
06:19:33 Quit imphasing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:25:12 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzz")
06:38:52 Join preglow_ [0] (
06:38:52 Quit preglow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:59:14 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
06:59:25 Quit nnod (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:59:35 Quit ashay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:03:15 Quit phaedrus961 ()
07:07:14 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
07:08:46 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
07:14:06 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
07:14:06 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
07:17:32 Quit phaedrus961 ("Leaving")
07:19:13 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
07:21:27amiconn7:20 am here
07:26:32 Quit lucky ("Leaving")
07:26:59midkayamiconn, did you read what i wrote, btw?.. latest recorder builds == filled black screen and no button input, or so..
07:27:05midkaycan you confirm?
07:28:16Mikachuthe manual frontpage says
07:28:17amiconnI didn't update my recorder since a week. Will check
07:28:19MikachuRockbox - users manual
07:28:24MikachuAppleiPod Nano
07:28:36Mikachuie, no space
07:28:53midkayamiconn, thanks - it was working fine for me with a build from a few days ago, all of a sudden anything i compile today or download from the site (cvs build).. = black screen.
07:29:36amiconnPerhaps ypur contrast setting is way off
07:29:53midkayamiconn, i don't really.. see how it could be... it's possible though..
07:30:08midkaydo you know the combo by any chance?
07:31:19 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ("Trillian (")
07:31:21amiconnF1 down down right down down right down down right down down down right
07:31:28amiconnThen reduce contrast with down
07:31:44Mikachuthen you get infinite lives
07:32:16midkayhaha. that did it - insane.. everything was/is messed up.. how the hell..
07:32:41midkaythanks, amiconn
07:33:29Bg3rmorning :)
07:34:37Bg3ramiconn perhaps we should add a "reset settings" button ...
07:34:42Bg3rfor archos tooo
07:35:10amiconnI rather think we should make the config transition better sooner than later
07:35:20midkayconfig transition?
07:35:24Bg3ryeah, that's the other option
07:35:25amiconn(although probably post-3.0)
07:35:31Bg3rmidkay config file
07:35:47Bg3r*only* config file, without config sector
07:35:59Bg3ramiconn did you try my button.h cleaning btw ?
07:36:08amiconnYes, and only storing a small part of config data binary
07:36:31*amiconn was too tired
07:36:36Bg3rah :( okay
07:36:54Bg3rbtw, maybe i should sort plugin.h and bump the min plugin ver too ...
07:37:38amiconnDid you do sth incompatible?
07:37:54Bg3rany binary plugins won't work correctly using the old button defines ...
07:38:01amiconnah ok
07:38:42amiconnWell, just 2 functions to sort
07:39:01Bg3rwhich ones ?
07:39:20amiconnEverything that's below /* new stuf at the end .... */
07:39:47amiconnbutton_hold() already has its proper place, so just some ifdef shuffling
07:39:59 Join Chile` [0] (
07:40:11Bg3ri'll look into this
07:40:34Chile`how's ogg sound quality on the ipod through rockbox?
07:40:45amiconnset_option belongs to the */menu */ section I'd say
07:41:24 Join LinusN [0] (
07:41:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:47:43Bg3rlinuxstb ?
07:48:24Bg3rdoes anyone here know whether ipod 3g has hold button ?
07:48:35midkayit does.
07:48:45midkaynot a button, a switch, to be precise..
07:48:56Bg3rokay, it's a key :)
07:51:05JdGordonhey all
07:51:10JdGordondamn i hate uni :'(
07:52:21midkayyo JdGordon
07:52:21midkayhm, for the pitch screen located in screens.c - where should key definitions for it go?
07:52:29 Part YouCeyE ("Leaving")
07:52:55Bg3roh, more button loops ... :)
07:53:14Bg3rmidkay if there are already keydefines there, then that's the place
07:53:23midkayBg3r, there aren't..
07:53:27amiconnBg3r: ?
07:53:34midkayseems to be normal to put them in the corresponding .h file though..
07:53:39midkayi'd just like to confirm :)
07:54:43amiconnmidkay: I think you can use screens.h for now.
07:54:57midkayamiconn, alright. ty.
07:55:18amiconnHowever, see the devcon notes on what is planned to do about core button actions:
07:56:07midkayamiconn, i read those but i didn't see anything very specific about buttons. i did read that unification/global button mappings is planned, but not where/how.. so i guess until then we stick with ifdefs.. :)
07:57:07JdGordonre: radio/recorder wps.. is it wanted for 3.0?
07:58:33amiconn3.1, as it requires quite some work to make the wps code more generic
07:58:54Bg3ramiconn it seems that show_logo and tree_get_context aren't in the right place too ... (blame me for the last)
07:59:37JdGordonamiconn: wel.. iv got a patch to add radio wps, it works fine.. if its wanted for 3...
08:11:00amiconnParty mode increased code size quite a bit :(
08:12:38Bg3ramiconn where should these func go ?
08:13:58amiconnThey already are placed under /* misc */
08:14:17amiconnImho that's the right place as long as there is only one of their kind
08:15:00Bg3rah, okay :)
08:17:37Bg3ramiconn i moved the BUTTON_REPEAT to bit 26 (BUTTON_REL is bit 25), so now the free bits are 21-24 (i could free bit 20 too, but i left one bit free between the remote and main buttons on Hxx0
08:20:29midkaywhy are there seperate H120/140 and iHP-110/115/120 builds? different hardware?
08:20:44Bg3rmidkay yes
08:20:49midkayhow different?
08:20:57Bg3rH1x5 is with 16MB ram instead of 32
08:21:36Bg3rand iirc the s/pdif is commanded in a reverse way
08:21:50midkayno biggie - just wanted to know of anything major :)
08:23:31Bg3ramiconn in fact how do u see this action stuff ?
08:23:43midkaydoes ondio have pitch adjustment capability? same MAS as recorders, right?
08:24:03Bg3rone button has one func in the wps, other in the navigation (menu/tree) ...
08:24:17midkayBg3r, i mean capability, not access to the screen.
08:24:26midkayit can if the screen were available?
08:24:56Bg3rmidkay that was for amiconn ... i don't know anything about ondio :)
08:25:03midkayoh, my bad. :)
08:25:12midkayamiconn has one and knows about them i think..
08:25:28Bg3rmidkay in fact he has ported rb to ondios ..
08:25:36Bg3rhe and [IDC]Dragon iirc
08:26:03JdGordondoes any1 know how to get vnc to show my desktop instead of just a grey screen when i connbect?
08:30:47LinusNyou don't like grey? :-)
08:31:01JdGordonwell... i prefer seeing fluxbox...
08:31:10Bg3rLinusN any comments on my button.h changes ?
08:31:29Bg3rmorning btw:)
08:31:40LinusNi haven't checked the actual patch, but i think it looks ok
08:31:54LinusNi just wondered...why?
08:32:05Bg3rwas that for me ?
08:32:17Bg3rthe question :)
08:32:18LinusNis there an actual problem with the buttons, or is it just a general cleanup?
08:32:28Bg3rjust a cleanup
08:32:40 Join nnod [0] (
08:32:48LinusNi like the BUTTON_REMOTE mask
08:32:52 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
08:32:55Bg3rand maybe a prepare for the action stuff ...
08:33:09Bg3rin fact this was amiconn's idea
08:34:35nudelI don't get why people want .cue file support. It adds a lot of complication to the code for *zero* benefit.
08:34:46amiconnmidkay: The Ondio has pitch adjust capability. The Ondio FM has the same MAS as the recorders, and the Ondio SP has a similar MAS which lacks mp3 encoding and has different config memory addresses, but is otherwise identical
08:34:57amiconnThe problem is the number of buttons...
08:35:20midkayamiconn, i'm putting pitch screen in the menu for all targets, so buttons aren't a problem.
08:35:45midkaywell, right now i'm about to commit my update to the screen and the addition of button definitions - tomorrow, probably, i'll have it in the menus..
08:35:53amiconnYay, that was something I was planning to do... one day...
08:36:32midkayblast, can you seriously not commit anything from a dir checked out by anonymous?
08:36:36midkayno commands i can run? tried update..
08:36:44midkayi don't wanna have to recheck out. :(
08:37:18amiconnMake a cvs diff, check out a fresh directory non-anonymous, and apply your diff
08:37:36midkayis that all?
08:37:44midkay(i mean as far as ways to get around it)
08:37:58amiconnYou can't commit from an anonymous checkout
08:38:12midkayalright. *sighs* :)
08:38:41midkayamiconn, how does cvs diff work?
08:38:48Bg3rBagder any decisions about git/svn ?
08:39:02Slasherimidkay: cvs diff >your.patch
08:39:10Bg3rmidkay cvs diff -u > patch
08:39:19Slasherithen checkout, and cat your.patch | patch -p0
08:39:21Bg3r cvs diff -u rockbox-devel > patch
08:39:25JdGordoncan i add a title bar to the onscreen keyboard?
08:40:01Bg3rJdGordon if it still fits on the smallest screens, why not ...
08:40:12amiconnWasting space?
08:40:22JdGordonhow about ignore it on the tiny screens?
08:42:42Bg3rJdGordon maybe ifdef based on screen height
08:44:24Bg3rimho the vkeyboard needs rework...
08:44:51midkaywhat do you mean, a "title"? "Keyboard"? why? :)
08:45:47Bg3rmidkay maybe more like "Enter filename"/"Enter note" ...
08:45:55amiconnLinusN: What do you think about my idea to always boost during disk access?
08:46:10midkayup to you ..
08:46:17amiconnWould give a nice speedup and should in fact save battery...
08:46:57amiconnSpeedup is roughly a factor of 2.5
08:47:09 Join didj [0] (
08:47:23amiconnThe boost / unboost could be handled in an intelligent way in the ata thread
08:47:57LinusNamiconn: good idea
08:49:28Bg3rthen why u ask ?:)
08:49:52 Join nave7693 [0] (
08:50:02amiconnpreglow_, linuxstb, other iPod devs: Could you check whether ata transfer speed differs between boosted/unboosted ?
08:53:32 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:53:41 Join midkay_ [0] (n=midkay@
09:02:34*midkay_ crosses fingers, hoping he didn't kill anything..
09:03:41 Part nave7693
09:03:57 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (n=midkay@
09:05:28amiconnmidkay: I'd say the pitch screen should go into the wps context menu for targets where it can't be called by a button from wps
09:06:18midkayamiconn, well, sound settings is first on the context menu - don't you think it would be best and most universal to just put it in sound settings? makes 100% sense there and it's rather easily accessible..
09:07:04amiconnBtw, you changed behaviour in wps
09:07:26amiconnNow the pitch screen would pop up just when holding ON
09:07:27midkayif it goes directly in the context menu.. (yes, i know that - i didn't think it'd be a big deal, simplifies the code considerably)..
09:07:52midkayit's actually almost easier this way - trying to hold on when you're adjusting the pitch is a bit uncomfortable imo..
09:12:49 Quit phaedrus961 ("Leaving")
09:13:27 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
09:13:48midkaywhat the devil is up with the build system?
09:13:56midkay*waiting for confirmation so i can go to bed*...
09:14:04midkay6+ minutes late already..
09:14:09 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:14:34JdGordonprob waiting for my comp
09:14:44JdGordonits running like a dog atm for some reason
09:15:06midkayJdGordon, haha. blast you..
09:15:25midkaypause the porn viewing please.. i need to gooooo... :)
09:17:08JdGordonjust finished.. i tinhk
09:17:25Bg3rwith pr0n ? :D
09:17:34JdGordonno, the build
09:17:49midkaymaybe ONE build finished,, out of like.. 5? :)
09:18:12JdGordonna, i only get 1 or 2.. and rbclient has logged out.. so it should be done
09:18:23LinusNi'm not sure pitch should be in the sound settings
09:18:32midkayLinusN, why not?
09:18:44LinusNfirst, i think it's a playback setting
09:19:10LinusNsecondly, it is a volatile setting, not stored on disk
09:19:25midkayLinusN, well, we could store it on disk.. i think we even got a feature request for that.
09:19:30midkayi'm not sure about it though..
09:19:48LinusNi wouldn't want it that way, but otoh i never use it :-)
09:19:59midkaynor i - does _anyone_? yeesh... :)
09:20:18LinusNmusicians and audio book listeners, i believe
09:20:30midkaytimestretching would be nice - possible on the swcodecs, no?
09:20:37LinusNshould be possible
09:20:49midkayeven the apple's standard ipod firmware allowed it, for audiobooks.. afaik.
09:20:56LinusNalbeit cpu intensive if we want decent quality
09:21:07midkayspeeding up/slowing down audiobooks. i remember reading that it was timestretching..
09:21:22LinusNmidkay: red ondio builds
09:21:23midkaywhew, a measly 3 errors on a couple targets. good..
09:21:37midkayoh. oops..
09:21:44midkayhow did i manage to screw that up.. :)
09:22:34midkaywait, what happened?
09:22:41 Join B4gder [0] (
09:22:47amiconnmidkay: Ondio has no BUTTON_ON
09:22:48midkayi haven't defined ondios to use button_on..
09:23:12JdGordonhahah 1 1067 1067 ( 1067) TERRIBLE!
09:23:21midkayaccording to my source, button_on isn't in the ondio definitions.. let me double check..
09:23:42LinusNJdGordon: boooooh
09:23:50midkayoh, my bad. haha.
09:24:00midkayi defined ondio_pad layout above.. and redefined it below.
09:24:33amiconnJdGordon: Is your build machine a '286, or what? ;)
09:24:51JdGordonmay as well be its running so slow atm..
09:25:09JdGordonmidkay: dont commit anything for a sec
09:25:16midkayJdGordon, crap, just did..
09:25:26JdGordonok, no prob
09:25:32JdGordonmight have restarted fast enough
09:25:36midkaysry.. hopefully :)
09:25:48Bg3rthis is near 20 minutes ...
09:27:04JdGordon.. didnt... next buiold will be wuick
09:27:15amiconnWow. It seems my machine is actually one of the fastest. 6 or 7 seconds for (bootloader) builds...
09:27:19JdGordoni tihnk its pointless havving my comp in the build system.. damn POS
09:27:47B4gderyou should use real linux and it'll run must faster
09:27:59JdGordonhell no.. damn i hate the bloody thing
09:28:19amiconnIt's a pity that the upload speed is so limited...
09:28:35amiconnshould become a bit better within the next days
09:28:40midkayhaha. B4gder btw, i created that "short" features description page on the wiki (WhyRockbox) - maybe you want to have a look.
09:28:49B4gderwill do
09:28:57midkayneed to get to bed now, though.. nite all.
09:29:13LinusNmidkay: i like WhyRockbox
09:29:24midkayLinusN, the title or the.. content?
09:29:35LinusNgood work
09:29:49Bg3rB4gder what about s/mp3 players/(DAP|digital audio players) ?
09:29:53Bg3ron the front page
09:29:59midkaycool, thx :) if you didn't hear, it was for the main page..
09:30:18midkayprobably to replace the full features list that's linked to and probably too much for beginners to handle..
09:31:44ZagorBg3r: too technical, imho. i think most "general users" call them mp3 players, even when they support other formats
09:32:11*JdGordon thinks Bg3r's * key is stuck... got B0ld?
09:32:36Bg3rJdGordon ?
09:32:42midkayJdGordon, you mean mine? :)
09:32:49JdGordonye, sorry
09:33:16midkayJdGordon, i decided to try emphasizing the main points in bold - wasn't sure how it would look, but i was tired of writing and i thought it looked pretty good, so i put it up.
09:35:40midkayhm - the cvs build system hasn't detected my commit immediately after the fix for ondios - i wonder if it didn't realize it since it was already building something, or just taking a while?
09:36:15LinusNreload the page
09:36:27*amiconn wonders why still no one seems to consider the grayscale lib for games
09:36:57amiconnI think the solid greyscale cube on archos proves that the lib is fast enough for moving gfx
09:36:59LinusNbecause it SUCKS! :-)
09:37:12Bg3rsounds considerably better than the standard Archos firmware ?
09:37:41Bg3rmidkay how this ?
09:37:45midkaymaybe something to look into - i updated apps/plugins/bubbles.c
09:37:45midkayah. there it goes.
09:37:45DBUGEnqueued KICK midkay
09:37:45midkaynight again.. *poof*
09:37:50LinusNand on the iriver it sounds like a bag of shit ;-)
09:38:04amiconnBg3r: On recorder it actually does (at least v1)
09:38:20Bg3ramiconn ??
09:38:21amiconnNo ticking background noise
09:38:52 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:39:51 Join preglow [0] (
09:40:46Bg3rdo the ipods support recording ?
09:41:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:45:05 Join preglow__ [0] (
09:46:28 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
09:48:26 Quit preglow_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:49:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:49:26*safetydan sees a request for truetype font rendering on target...
09:49:40 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
09:55:33 Quit preglow (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:59:27 Join ScootScat72 [0] (
10:00:54 Join bobTHC [0] (
10:01:01bobTHChi folks !
10:06:59BHSPitLappyhi folk!
10:09:43 Quit ScootScat (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:28:27 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
10:32:16linuxstbBg3r: In theory, yes, the ipods support recording. It's not implemented in Rockbox yet though.
10:35:39kclafrecording through the jack connector ?
10:35:40bobTHCon that page : a mistake is in the last paragraph about ipod
10:36:06bobTHCin the last sentence
10:37:04 Join c0utta [0] (
10:37:10Bg3rbobTHC that's why i'm asking
10:37:33*Bg3r is impatient to get scored ...
10:39:45JdGordonhaha.. ur waiting for me
10:39:54JdGordonshould be faster this time
10:40:03JdGordonhow long ago did u start it?
10:40:17linuxstbkclaf: Recording through the headphone connector, plus a true line-in via the dock connector.
10:40:41JdGordont0mas: :( remove my comp from the build system... its slowing the whole thing down...
10:42:18Bg3rlinuxstb btw, is there a reason to define the hold button as a button?
10:42:26Bg3ron ipods
10:43:06Bg3rand, why only for 3G ?
10:43:38linuxstbBg3r: I've no idea. That was probably one of slimx's 3g patches that I committed.
10:44:13Bg3ri'm asking because there's no such define on any of the other targets
10:46:14linuxstbslimx hasn't been around recently - and he's the only person I know with a 3g. I don't even know if the audio driver I wrote is working....
10:46:31linuxstbBut if that define isn't being used anywhere, then delete it.
10:46:58Bg3rit's used in button.c :), but i'll take a look
10:47:05linuxstbYes, I've just seen that...
10:47:06 Quit c0utta ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:47:16 Join c0utta [0] (
10:49:23B4gderJdGordon: I now moved out your server from the cvs build script
10:49:38B4gderbut thanks a lot anyway
10:50:21JdGordoni have a nother comp im evventually gonna set up probably as a proper linux server.. that might have better speeds...
10:50:30JdGordonbut im lazy, and prob wont happen for ages
10:51:06Bg3rwhose is the fastest server ? (217.112...)
10:51:20B4gder217 is Slasheri's
10:51:44B4gderbut it isn't that easy to tell which is the "fastest"
10:52:05Bg3ryep, because archos targets are easier for compile ...
10:52:15B4gderyes, and bootloaders are really quick
10:52:24B4gderthe sims are the heavy builds
10:52:37 Join ashridah [0] (
10:53:00Bg3rokay, now if you have problems with buttons on the targets, blame me :P
10:53:16*crashd decides not to update via a bleeding edge build today
10:53:16crashd: )
10:54:19*B4gder made the server stats pages even more fancy
10:55:27ZagorI'd say the server which consistently does the most builds is the fastest.
10:55:43B4gderwell, its a bandwidth issue too
10:55:53B4gderthat one has 100mbit
10:55:59bobTHCbtw, sunday , stats were unavailable
10:55:59B4gderto the main server
10:56:00ZagorI have an unfair advantage :-)
10:57:09B4gderin fact, only 3 servers do the sim builds
10:57:26Mikachuthe sims - livin it large
11:02:27 Join mikearthur [0] (
11:02:39crashdis there a wiki page which details which audio codecs are working on which platforms, and so on?
11:03:16crashdisnt that a discussion of the possibilities?
11:03:23crashdsuch a cretin.
11:06:19Bg3rwhat should we do with the gl's patches ?
11:06:30 Quit phaedrus961 ("Leaving")
11:06:53B4gderrewrite them in the same spirit but without using his code
11:07:07amiconnB4gder: Did you remove the upload for sim builds meanwhile?
11:07:22B4gderI was hoping for t0mas to do that
11:07:34amiconnlinuxstb: Is there a way to reliably tell the iPod generation before buying it?
11:07:47B4gderbut I think I'll edit it to skip the zip file myself
11:07:51*amiconn is thinking about getting hold of a 3G, or mini
11:08:54 Join imphasing [0] (
11:09:33Bg3ramiconn ?
11:09:43Bg3ri was going to remove it
11:09:56linuxstbamiconn: This page describes all the different iPods -
11:10:33linuxstbIf you look underneath the big table, it also describes the differences between the different models.
11:13:07Mikachuis this good?
11:13:12MikachuStkov main
11:13:44Bg3ryes, it's good as much as a stack overflow is good ...
11:13:54Mikachugot it playing Bubbles
11:13:58Mikachuat maybe level 12 or so
11:14:17Mikachuhow large is the stack for plugins?
11:14:23B4gderit uses the main stack
11:14:28B4gderso 8K
11:15:59JdGordonyay! seg fault :'(
11:16:26amiconnBg3r: What were you going to remove?
11:16:49Bg3rthe BUTTON_HOLD define ... in iPod 3g code
11:17:08Bg3rused only in button.c line 362
11:17:46Bg3rbut i proved again my english skills :P
11:20:08crashdlet's see if Bg3r's patch breaks rockbox on my ipod ;)
11:20:50*Bg3r prays
11:21:02crashdam only getting 9k/sec from the server tho O.o
11:21:13crashdwhich is...a little slow.
11:21:35B4gderbandwidth is not what it has the most of ;-)
11:21:50crashdyeah, but ive never had really slow downloads from before
11:21:51crashdah well
11:22:14B4gderI released a security advisory for curl yday
11:22:27B4gderand I'm now loading the net a lot by people downloading new curl packages
11:23:10Bg3rB4gder found by u or ?
11:23:25B4gderno, found by an external guy doing auditing
11:23:56 Join Nico_P [0] (
11:24:06 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
11:24:22B4gderbut shares the same network as
11:26:21Mikachuhm, i still had .0
11:28:09Bg3rsprintf... :)
11:28:21B4gderyeah, a sorry piece of flaw
11:28:51B4gderbut believe me, it is _hard_ to keep things really clean
11:28:54Mikachububbles_searchgroup() is recursive
11:28:57ZagorB4gder: I think we should strip the 'nowrap' attribute from the "where" column. we have som very long filenames now and it makes the "what" column really cramped.
11:28:58Mikachuso that's my prime suspect for now
11:29:16ZagorB4gder: (in the lastcvs page)
11:29:35B4gderZagor: but the file names won't wrap anyway, so it won't help a lot
11:29:48B4gderwe should consider chopping them somehow
11:29:56B4gderwhen they are really long
11:30:19Zagoropera wraps on '/'
11:30:20Mikachububbles_anchored is also recursive
11:30:30B4gderwhat's opera? ;-)
11:30:49Mikachushould i open a bug about this?
11:30:58B4gderMikachu: I think you should
11:31:03crashdBg3r: nothing seems to have broke
11:31:06crashdyou can breath out now ;)
11:31:13Bg3rcrashd okay :)
11:31:20 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
11:31:20crashdbut, im sure you knew that anyway, heh
11:31:28amiconn"what" is still wider than "where" here...
11:31:49Bg3rcrashd i don't have an iPod, so i can't be sure :)
11:32:20Zagoramiconn: yes, if you have a very wide browser window. try 800-1000 pixels width.
11:32:23Mikachulets say i wanted to increase the stack size, how would i do that?
11:32:47amiconnWe don't want that
11:32:58amiconnPlugins use the main stack, which is in IRAM
11:33:03Mikachuah, okay
11:33:05amiconn(for iriver + iPod)
11:33:10Mikachuthen the 32MB don't help
11:33:12ZagorMikachu: the correct solution is to fix the plugin
11:33:20Mikachuyaeh, i ujst meant if i wanted to play more today :)
11:34:00amiconnBg3r: In fact BUTTON_REPEAT and BUTTON_REL don't need their own bit when we'll add other modifiers
11:34:29Bg3ramiconn probably :)
11:34:32amiconnOnly one modifier is possible per button event, so modifiers could be an enumeration, using some bits the SYS_ event
11:35:04Bg3rah, then we have 16 possible modifiers already :)
11:35:34Bg3r64 with REL/REPEAT bits
11:35:40Mikachuchar str[30];
11:35:45Mikachudoes stuff like that use a lot of stack?
11:35:52B4gder30 bytes ;-)
11:35:52Bg3r30bytes ? :)
11:35:55Mikachu(this is not in the recursive function)
11:35:56Mikachuokay :P
11:36:07Mikachui'm a bit tired
11:36:28Mikachui can move those into the loops they're used in, at least that will give the recursion 30 more bytes :)
11:38:01Bg3rhm, as the 3.0 is a major release, what about changing the logo ?
11:38:03*Bg3r hides
11:38:06Mikachuis this legal?
11:38:09Mikachu switch(bubbles(&bb)){
11:38:09Mikachu char str[19];
11:38:09Mikachu case BB_WIN:
11:38:16Bg3ryes, it is
11:38:21Mikachulooks a bit funny
11:38:27Mikachubut it should give bubbles() 19 bytes
11:38:37B4gderBg3r: I like the logo
11:38:38ZagorBg3r: I haven't seen a logo suggestion I like more than our current one
11:38:57Bg3rZagor what about a new logo contest ? :)
11:39:14amiconnMikachu: These recursive functions look like they recurse too much, and hence both get slow and hog the stack
11:39:15JdGordonoh bloody helll... the recent plugin.[ch] changes means i have to manually patch them again :'( damn u
11:39:16ZagorI'd have to dislike our current logo first. :-)
11:39:28Bg3rsee, this is a bit too-orange (imho)
11:39:49Zagororange is pretty! :-)
11:39:53Mikachuamiconn: okay, that sounds plausible given the crash
11:40:18Bg3rJdGordon sorry :(
11:40:24JdGordonhehe, no worries
11:40:33*amiconn has written a minesweeper clone (with many different shapes) in javascript, and hence knows how slow recursion can get
11:40:41Mikachuamiconn: this should save a tiny bit,
11:40:57amiconnI switched to recursion-without-recursive-calls
11:41:05Mikachuthat sohuld save more
11:41:21amiconn..and check whether I already visited a cell before recursing to it again
11:41:33Mikachui sort of thought that that check was missing too, but i wasn't sure
11:41:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"">
11:42:10Mikachudo you mean you switched in your game or in bubbles?
11:42:22amiconnThe actual source is">
11:42:24amiconnIn my game
11:42:30amiconn30KB javascript
11:42:33Mikachuah, i thought it was fast
11:43:07*B4gder just edited the front page
11:43:09tucozamiconn, have you seen that javascript unix someone made?
11:43:36tucozor maybe not unix but *nix-like
11:44:12Mikachuamiconn: do you feel like looking at it now or should i add the bug?
11:44:19Mikachui just don't want to add the bug if you're fixing it
11:44:51Bg3rtucoz ?
11:45:08tucozBg3r, yes?
11:45:39Bg3ri wanted to ask you about the URL :P
11:45:57tucoz:-) Try it out. It's quite cool.
11:47:02Bg3rwow :)
11:47:15Mikachuamiconn: actually i think i fixed it.. at least it still works fine
11:47:36tucozeven vi works
11:47:50Mikachuamiconn: does this look right to you?
11:49:44JdGordonmy text editor plugin.. updated..
11:50:01B4gderjust fyi, we know when you update it
11:50:10JdGordonoh ok
11:50:18B4gderwe get mailed on all tracker updates
11:50:18*amiconn doesn't
11:50:24JdGordonbut, im hopeing some1 will actually look at it..
11:50:57Mikachubugzilla has a fun feature that lets you get all the mail another person gets
11:51:20B4gder*all* his mail? B-]
11:51:35Mikachufrom the bugzilla.. :)
11:51:36 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:51:41*B4gder grins
11:51:55Mikachui'm still playing bubbles without any problems
11:52:00Mikachubut haven't made it to the same level yet
11:52:09Mikachubut it doesn't look like i broke gameplay
11:52:26 Join Rick [0] (
11:55:06JdGordonwtf?? i accidently booted the iriver fw and it booted in like 10sec!
11:55:49tucozwhich is good or bad?
11:56:05JdGordonmakes no diff.. i never use it anyway
11:57:30Bg3rany objections against ?
11:57:38Bg3ragainst commiting it
11:58:25JdGordonshouldnt that change be done on all regular yes/no questions anyway?
11:58:56B4gderBg3r: go ahead!
11:59:28Mikachushit, i'm at level 16 now and i think it was a few more levels from this one.. :)
11:59:58tucozJdGordon, is the text editor good?
12:00:06JdGordonof course it is!
12:00:25tucozI could think of uses for that. Like, on target wps-editing etc.
12:00:50JdGordonye, thats what its for...only suky thing is the on screen keyboard which needs work
12:00:56tucozWhat vkeyboard do you use? The standard one
12:01:36tucozhmm, I think that is too hard to use. I never remember where space is on that one :-(
12:01:59JdGordonarnt all the blanks space?
12:02:36tucozI think not. But, I am not sure
12:02:37JdGordonalso, coz there is no "enter" key, u can only edit 1 line at a time..
12:03:25B4gderwe should add a multi-line mode for it
12:03:34tucozI think I have tried to type a space, but when I look at a file renamed using a blank, I get a square on host
12:04:04Mikachuamiconn: got it, it's fixed so if you want to, apply that patch
12:04:18Mikachuamiconn: level 21 has large groups of the same color, that's where it crashed
12:05:07B4gderthere, we're now on top ;-)
12:05:18 Join Moos [0] (
12:05:32B4gderits funny how much they vary
12:05:51*B4gder runs off for lunch
12:06:18Bg3rhow the build system decides which build on which server to be made?
12:06:35tucozBlack magic
12:06:55JdGordont0mas said they take 1 each, starting with the targets that the fewest servers can build...
12:08:31JdGordonwho can spot the 1 ascii char thats not available in the keyboard, but should be
12:09:41Mikachuby ascii, do you mean 0-127?
12:09:51 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
12:10:14tucoz: and ; ?
12:10:20tucozor isn't that ascii perhaps
12:10:31JdGordonthem also.. ok, 3 chars missing
12:10:35Mikachuthose are definitely ascii
12:10:49JdGordonno \
12:12:18Mikachuamiconn: , close that if you do apply it
12:12:29tucozJdGordon, if you work on the keyboard, do you think you could make space be a bit easier to find? Or are all blanks spaces
12:12:36Bg3ramiconn i'll do it :)
12:12:59JdGordontucoz: i just looked.. all the spaces between groups should be spaces
12:13:30tucozreally? ok. Then I rest my case
12:13:38Bg3rMikachu u've tested it, yep ?
12:13:56MikachuBg3r: yeah, like i wrote in the desc
12:14:08Mikachubut i died on level 22 :/
12:14:11tucozJdGordon, Is that true for the spaces on the bottom right corner of the keyboard as well?
12:15:17JdGordonyup, should be
12:15:53*JdGordon just found the morse code input screen
12:15:59JdGordonlooks interesting..
12:16:13Bg3rJdGordon yeah :)
12:16:44phaedrus961tucoz, there are at least three chars on the vkeyboard which are displayed as spaces but aren't. maybe you used one of those?
12:17:18tucozIs it possible to use direction keys in the current vkeyboard? To move to a certain position in the text. If it is, how do I access that mode.
12:17:40JdGordonye, on the h300 u hold on and use left/right
12:17:40tucozphaedrus961, ah. That is possible. Well, then I have a case again :-D
12:17:49Bg3rMikachu r'u in the credits already ?
12:17:53MikachuBg3r: yes
12:17:58Bg3rname ?
12:18:11Mikachumikael magnusson
12:18:18 Join KN|stiff [0] (
12:18:26tucozJdGordon, thanks
12:19:11Mikachuamiconn: committed, sorry for all the hilights :)
12:20:57MikachuBg3r: thanks
12:21:13tucozJdGordon, ok. As there are blanks that are not space, then I think that should be changed so that it's not that ambiguous.
12:22:01JdGordonprobably.. there is a nice long forum thread abuot a replacemtn keyboard widget... hopefully they will come up with a good solution..
12:22:19JdGordonthe ones between that act as column borders are safe to use as space
12:22:41phaedrus961I have a patch which allows you to define your own layout
12:23:01JdGordonphaedrus961: does it allow for more than 1 line of input?
12:23:02phaedrus961and also allows unicode chars
12:23:05Bg3r ?
12:23:09tucozOk, well that is ok for me then. But it's not a good solution anyway
12:23:27phaedrus961Bg3r, yes
12:24:17markunI think a custom keyboard for every target (like being suggested in the forum) is not worth the trouble.
12:24:24Bg3rany opinions on this: ?
12:24:34markunphaedrus961's patch is generic and simple.
12:24:49phaedrus961JdGordon, no it doesn't, but maybe it could
12:25:23*JdGordon thinks its silly having a huge input area (havnt actually seen your code, going by the current kb), and only alowing 1 line of text
12:25:24phaedrus961on targets with large screens at least
12:25:35JdGordonalso, i need a simple way to get multiple lines form the user :p
12:25:49markunphaedrus961: enter, tab, space etc are a problem
12:26:14Bg3rphaedrus961 and remote support ... :)
12:26:29phaedrus961markun, entering them is not a problem, only displaying them
12:26:32markunJdGordon: what's silly about it? It's only used for file names so far
12:26:34JdGordonBg3r: shouldnt that patch make sure the current track is stopped before deleting it?
12:26:50Bg3rJdGordon that's what i thought too ...
12:26:52JdGordonmarkun: true.. but its soo much blank space
12:26:55Mikachucalendar.c: if (rb->kbd_input(memos[memos_in_memory].message,
12:27:02Mikachuis that also for a filename?
12:27:23markunMikachu: no, you are right
12:27:28Mikachuthat wasn't meant to sound sarcastic by the way
12:28:13JdGordonphaedrus961: also, might be nice to add a tilte for the keyboard, so the user knows what why he is at the kb screen.. incase he forgot or something
12:28:25*JdGordon gettign a pie.. back in 4min
12:28:32MikachuBg3r: you're using utf8 in your commit messages but the frontpage expects iso-8859-1.. if you care
12:29:10Bg3rMikachu yeah... but this also goes in the cvs log..
12:30:06Mikachuokay, i don't know what policy you have on taht
12:30:30phaedrus961JdGordon, we could pass a string to be displayed by the keyboard function, but I don't think it's needed until we use it for something other than filenames
12:30:35markunMikachu: maybe we should start using UTF-8 a bit more. Diffs from lang files look very strange now.
12:30:36Mikachumarkun: did you ever do anything about that unicode text viewer?
12:30:54tucozviewcvs also expects iso-8859-1
12:31:08Mikachui'm pretty sure it's just a setting in apache
12:31:13markunphaedrus961, do you plan to continue on the viewer?
12:31:14Mikachuthe content headers have iso88591 in them
12:31:30Bg3rwhile on Mikachu's patches, any opinions on this: ?
12:31:55MikachuPaprica should be handling that one
12:32:05phaedrus961I kind of lost interest, but maybe I'll continue sometime
12:32:12Mikachuhe asked me to but that bug up
12:32:19Bg3rah, okay
12:32:34phaedrus961If someone wants to test or work on it, I can send a patch
12:32:51phaedrus961I've already fixed the half-screen bug
12:33:14Bg3rphaedrus961 put it on the tracker ..
12:33:15Mikachudo you count widths of varwidth characters?
12:33:17phaedrus961and begun work on switching encodings, but no menu yet
12:34:44Mikachuand i trust you don't linebreak utf-8 in the middle of a character too? :)
12:35:19Mikachui'd be interested in the code
12:35:26phaedrus961nope :)
12:36:13phaedrus961I'll put it on the tracker
12:37:38JdGordonany1 like the idea of a predone menu for plugins which gives u control of the music without having to exit the plugin?
12:38:10Mikachuhahhaa, flyspray is funny
12:38:13MikachuFlyspray cannot provide the page you requested. Perhaps you requested a task that does not exist, or you do not have permission to view the page you wanted.
12:38:16MikachuYou may have tried to use a naughty URL to interact with the database backend using SQL injection. If this is true, go to the corner and think about your actions. When you return, please do not do it again!
12:38:26tucozJdGordon, I am all for that
12:38:41Bg3r:D haha
12:38:44JdGordonthats enough for me...
12:38:55 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
12:39:05tucozJdGordon, although I have little say in that area :-)
12:39:43LinusNJdGordon: i want that
12:40:07Mikachuthat reminds me, i sort of had an idea about ipod wheel and volume
12:40:12*JdGordon getting a clean cvs tree
12:40:33 Quit c0utta ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:40:35Mikachuinstead of controlling the volume directly when you touch the wheel, it could check if you touched it on a certain point, and only accept volume changes until the next release
12:40:41Mikachusince lostlogic's patch allows checking for that
12:40:53 Join c0utta [0] (
12:41:04 Join webguest80 [0] (
12:41:06Mikachuthat way it shouldn't be possible to change the volume by accident in your pocket, making preglow happy
12:41:29Mikachuthe only problem is it's pretty hard to guess what point you're supposed to start on
12:42:14Mikachuit would also be possible to require scrolling 1/4 lap before starting to accept volume changes if you really don't want to do it by accident
12:42:21linuxstbJdGordon: Yes, I'm definitely in favour of a plugin audio menu as well.
12:42:22 Quit c0utta (Client Quit)
12:42:25 Join c0utta [0] (
12:42:27JdGordonis this coz ipod has no hold?
12:42:30Mikachuand opens up possibilites like doing other things when starting on other points
12:42:36MikachuJdGordon: no, because we want to have hold off :)
12:42:49JdGordonbut still control audio?
12:43:07Mikachurather, be able to press next/previous without the volume changing
12:43:19Mikachusince you can't press those buttons without scrolling the wheel if you're not looking
12:44:18 Join Zoide7777 [0] (
12:44:26 Quit webguest80 (Client Quit)
12:44:34Mikachuphaedrus961: sorry for being impatient, but are you putting the patch in?
12:44:41Zoide7777hi guys
12:44:58phaedrus961yeah, give me a min
12:45:14Zoide7777i noticed the update so now there are keys for pitch change in the ipods.... Where in the interface should those keys be pressed?
12:45:28MikachuZoide7777: there isn't a hook for actually going to that screen yet
12:45:37linuxstbJdGordon: How are you thinking about implementing a menu for audio functions in plugins?
12:46:27JdGordonlinuxstb: create a menu with all the functionality, then just add the function to the plugin api.. that would work wouldnt it?
12:46:53JdGordonthen its just up to the individual plugins to call it
12:47:23linuxstbOr you could put it in the plugin lib - to keep the core code size down. Assuming you can easily export all the needed functions via the plugin API.
12:47:39linuxstbAh, but then there is no localisation... So maybe the core is best for now.
12:47:42 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:48:40JdGordonwe can #define it out for the archos.. how many games are available on it? i dont tihnk it would be so nescacery in the other plugins...
12:49:17JdGordonwhich targets are really size constraind?
12:49:23MikachuBg3r: hrm, i just confirmed the patch doesn't fix the bug
12:49:31linuxstbJdGordon: All of them. We shouldn't waste RAM anywhere.
12:49:41Bg3rMikachu hmm
12:49:55JdGordonlinuxstb: i meant exe size wise...
12:49:56Mikachuit's easier to try now that the plugin lets me jump to level 21
12:51:30Mikachufor the record, it crashes if the first thing i do in the level is shoot a red ball at either of the group of 3 red balls in level 21
12:51:36JdGordonlinuxstb: actually, if i reuse as many functions as i can, it shouldnt add too much to the size..
12:51:53linuxstbJdGordon: Now we have amiconn's compressed loader, I don't think we are dangerously short on space on any target. But IMO, if code is only needed by plugins, it should be in the plugin lib.
12:52:38JdGordonno reason this couldnt be used in the core.. then the wps can be removed and the entire system can be done through menus...
12:52:48linuxstbBut saying that, I don't feel strongly about it - IMO, localisation could be a good reason to keep it in the core, and it shouldn't be too much code.
12:52:48*JdGordon forgot sarcasm tag on prev msg
12:52:53MikachuBg3r: do i want to reopen the patch or open a new bug?
12:53:24Bg3rMikachu if you plan to dig into this, reopen it
12:53:26imphasing7:08 hours on the 5g, playing FLAC
12:53:32imphasingYay for benchmarking
12:53:43MikachuBg3r: well, i don't really have any idea what else to try
12:53:48linuxstbimphasing: That's interesting. I got slightly more than that on my 4g Color.
12:54:13linuxstbDo you know the approximate bitrate of your FLAC files? I think mine were around 900kbps.
12:54:57phaedrus961Mikachu, patch uploaded
12:55:02imphasingLet me check..
12:55:10Mikachuunfortunately i have to go to school for 4 hours now :)
12:55:28 Join ironi_ [0] (
12:55:32ironi_hi all
12:55:32linuxstbimphasing: Also, is this with a very recent Rockbox? i.e. one that does dynamic CPU speed changing?
12:55:46amiconnlinuxstb: We should still strive to get code size down on archos
12:55:50imphasingThis is the daily fron yesterday
12:55:53 Join XavierGr [0] (
12:55:53linuxstbamiconn: Of course.
12:56:11amiconnWhile the hard limit is lifted, almost evry byte counts due to the limited ram
12:56:20phaedrus961Mikachu, there were some things I wanted to finish on it anyway, maybe it'll be updated when you get back
12:56:29imphasingthese are 800kbps flac files
13:00:02JdGordonah crap.. how do i copy in vnc so i can paste the text outside of vnc?
13:01:09amiconnB4gder: 5 seconds for one of the builds on mine. Is that a record?
13:01:28B4gderI think so
13:02:41 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-c382bae3a42be6d3)
13:05:15*Zagor is pondering automated lint runs
13:05:29Zagorwe have too little colour in our build table :-)
13:05:48B4gderwell, enable that gcc4 warning we have disabled ;-)
13:06:54B4gderadds signed/unisgned warnings like crazy
13:07:34JdGordonare static local variables created when the program starts? or the first time the function with it is called?
13:07:39Zoide7777Could the "Max files in dir browser" default be increased to more than 400? If that's a problem for the archoses, there could always be an ifdef for them...
13:07:54B4gdermore than 400?
13:07:59ZagorB4gder: well I'd prefer som more useful messages
13:08:18B4gderZagor: we can in fact add a lot of more pedantic gcc warnings too
13:08:37 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
13:08:42B4gderpeople with more than 400 entries in a single dir should be educated!
13:08:50Zoide7777B4gder: because it's too small. Every time I reset settings or update Rockbox I have to change it, or else it doesn't list all of my files and says dir browser cache full or something
13:09:04B4gderthen rearrange I say
13:09:14B4gderor save a .cfg
13:09:39Zoide7777B4gder: well, I had already succumbed to creating Artist folders while I wait for tagcache... and even so it's way more than 400...
13:10:07Bg3rZoide7777 then add one more level with genre ...
13:10:07B4gder400 artists?
13:10:34B4gderI use genre/artist/album/track.mp3
13:10:47Zoide7777B4gder: almost 700 artists
13:11:15Zoide7777well, 679
13:11:35linuxstbZoide7777: Just create a one-line .cfg file containing the text "max files in dir: 10000" (or whatever you want the limit to be) and select it after every settings reset.
13:12:24linuxstbOr as B4gder said, save a .cfg file with your preferred settings for everything, and load that.
13:12:34Zoide7777linuxstb: ok, i just wonder why the default is so low? surely it doesn't hurt to raise it for the more modern players?
13:12:46B4gderI don't think 400 is low
13:12:53linuxstbMost people would ask why it is so high.
13:13:03amiconn400 is quite large, imho
13:13:21Zoide7777really? oh, well
13:13:30Bg3rthe only time i hit this limit was when browsing my "fun" stuff ...
13:13:49amiconn...but most of these problems will be solved when changing the running config to use .cfg files
13:13:51Zoide7777I guess that's why I'm one of the few who really want scrollwheel acceleration and who prefer a database to the file/folder navigation
13:14:02amiconnNo more settings reset by config block version changes
13:14:03Zoide7777(too many artists!)
13:14:19linuxstbZoide7777: I think most Rockbox users have an Genre/Artist/Album/ directory structure set up. Which makes Rockbox navigation easy.
13:14:22B4gderZoide7777: other poeple would split the list
13:14:29Zoide7777Bg3r: > 400 porn pics??
13:15:18ironi_i have problems with VA-albums
13:15:30ironi_with databse it always makes too many artists in my list
13:15:50Bg3rZoide7777 haha no
13:16:04Zoide7777Bg3: hey, you said it was your "fun" stuff... :)
13:16:12Bg3rtext/jpegs/ etc
13:17:25 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
13:18:37Jungti1234what is 'pitch'?
13:20:11Zoide7777Jungti: high/low frequency
13:20:29Zoide7777Jungti: for example, a note D is higher pitch than a note C, if they are on the same octave
13:20:44Zoide7777Jungti: similarly 5000 hz is higher pitch than 1000 hz
13:21:09linuxstbIn Rockbox, the "pitch screen" allows you to adjust the playback speed to play the track faster or slower (which also changes the pitch)
13:24:09Jungti1234sorry, I don't understand.
13:24:24Jungti1234It's difficult word.
13:24:44JdGordonplaylist_next changes the current track?
13:25:42Zoide7777Jungti: Another example is human voice. Usually a man's voice is "lower pitch" than a woman's voice. And a woman's voice is "higher pitch" than a man's voice
13:26:04Jungti1234'pitch' means that throw a ball. no?
13:26:11tucozthat also
13:26:22Zoide7777but the meaning is totally different
13:26:54Jungti1234hmm.. pitch...
13:27:11Jungti1234Frequency alteration?
13:27:46*amiconn found one blue and one silver iPod mini on ebay so far
13:28:12tucozamiconn, ipod for you?
13:28:23Zoide7777Jungti: yes, in a way. higher pitch = higher frequency, lower pitch = lower frequency
13:28:46Jungti1234ok :)
13:30:45B4gderI can build with langv2 file
13:31:17Zoide7777Jungti: So in Rockbox, when you speed up the playback you increase the pitch. Similar to playing a vinyl or cassette at high speed. Suddenly the singer sounds like a girl or a chipmunk
13:31:49ironi_but can't that be prevented to some extent
13:32:04Jungti1234ah? playback speed?
13:32:18JdGordondoes audio_pause() mute the radio?
13:32:26ironi_i mean that when oyu play faster it makes the voice a bit darker and the other way around
13:32:39ironi_so that it isn't that obvious?
13:32:46ironi_just guessing here
13:32:48Zoide7777Jungti: Yes. It can be useful to increase playback speed. For example if you listen to audiobooks and you want to listen to it faster.
13:33:13Jungti1234Zoide7777: nono, Again
13:33:15cs_weaselthat's computationally expensive for something like a DAP to do
13:33:22ironi_cs_weasel: i guess :)
13:33:39cs_weaselthat's the sort of thing you see in software like Acid and such
13:33:46Jungti1234Zoide7777: Is it frequency alteration? or playback speed?
13:33:49cs_weaselneat trick, but taxes the cpu :)
13:33:58Zoide7777Jungti: Both
13:34:14Jungti1234I'm confused.
13:34:51tucozJungti1234, it is playback speed
13:34:52Zoide7777Jungti: You *could* alter then independently, but it's harder for the CPU because it has to do more calculations (someone please correct me if I'm wrong)
13:35:09tucozJungti1234, which implies freq. alteration
13:35:15Jungti1234tucoz: ok
13:35:17Jungti1234Zoide7777: I understand now.
13:35:25cs_weaselit's the same thing, think of a line that goes up and like so __-=-__-=-_-=-_
13:35:45cs_weaselif you run through it faster, the frequency of the wave is higher too
13:36:20cs_weaselyou're suddenly doing 10 waves per second rather than 5
13:36:38cs_weaselwhile doubling the speed you're traveling through it
13:37:01Zoide7777This link might be helpful:
13:37:39cs_weaselalso, getting an audio editor like soundforge or something, zooming waaay into your mp3, and watching it play at different speeds :)
13:37:51amiconnWell, we will probably be able to alter playback speed and pitch independently, without much extra cpu power, but for mp3 only
13:38:16 Join Matze [0] (
13:38:51Jungti1234then, what is 'Party Mode'?
13:39:04Zoide7777midkay: are you around?
13:40:32 Quit Zoide7777 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:40:34 Join Zoide7777 [0] (
13:40:57tucozJungti1234, try it out and see. But, in short terms, it disables stop-play-next-prev track changes and adds the track to the playlist instead
13:41:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:41:51tucozStart playing a track, enable party-mode and try pressing keys in the file-browser
13:42:06tucozUsefull for PARTIES :-D
13:42:12cs_weaselso you don't embarrass yourself by screwing up when you're pretending to be a DJ :-D
13:42:16Zoide7777does anyone know how midkay's pitch screen is going? I tried a build he sent me yesterday and it seemed to work fine
13:42:51Zoide7777(then my ipod froze, but I don't know if that's related)
13:45:00B4gdersurprise at next commit!
13:45:04Zoide7777I have an idea!!! Could there be an option in Party Mode for "scratching" on the touch wheel??? Would that be possible or too difficult to implement?
13:46:07tucozB4gder, exiting
13:46:16tucozexciting I mean
13:47:32JdGordoncan we put all the available .h files into 1 .h so we dont have to figure out which damn file we need to include?
13:48:08Jungti1234B4gder: what?
13:49:05B4gderwhat what?
13:49:32tucozJungti1234, curious, eh?
13:49:34B4gderI can't tell you what the surprise is, then it won't be any surprise
13:50:45Zoide7777What do you guys think about the scratching idea? By scratching I mean like what DJs do when they spin the disks back and forth...
13:51:01B4gderZoide7777: good luck ;-)
13:51:55Zoide7777B4gder: hahaha ok
13:52:44Jungti1234Zoide7777: good idea
13:54:33Zoide7777I mean, if we have software that lets us play Gameboy games and Doom on our MP3 players, we might as well be able to use it for scratching... :D
13:56:18Jungti1234tucoz: Where can I find it? 'Party Mode'
13:56:42tucozIt would be cool (although probably too expensive) to have a Samsung SSD in my h120.
13:57:00 Quit Nico_P ()
13:57:00tucozJungti1234, general-setting->playback I think
13:57:59Jungti1234ahh, yeah
13:59:03B4gdernow there's a build going on...
13:59:27Bg3rB4gder !!!!!!!!
13:59:52B4gderthe v2 is actually not the surprise
13:59:55Bg3rthis can't be true :)
14:00:20B4gderI haven't enabled the v2 yet since we still lack support scripts for it
14:00:29tucozB4gder, congratulations :)
14:00:34B4gderthat's what I'll do next
14:00:44B4gderbut check the cvs build for _another_ surprise ;-)
14:01:25safetydanthe suspense is killing me
14:01:40Bg3rhuh ?
14:01:53cs_weaselF5ing like a maniac
14:02:31B4gderhey, that'll prolong the build! ;-)
14:02:52cs_weaseldoh ;)
14:04:03*safetydan awaits commit emails
14:04:07safetydanmuch less load on the server
14:04:30Bg3ryeah :)
14:04:39Bg3rcongrats, LinusN :)
14:04:49B4gderalso in the daily builds now
14:05:01tucozWhat, X5 works?
14:05:10Jungti1234my computer is bad.
14:05:11B4gderand bleeding just now
14:05:12cs_weaseloh cool, congrats
14:05:12tucozor "works"
14:05:14Bg3rX5 probably boots :)
14:05:45JdGordonok, why doesnt my menu show?
14:05:47B4gderall cheering should go in LinusN's direction
14:05:58Mooswee LinusN \o/
14:06:13B4gderbut he got 18 points!! :-]
14:06:25*Moos is ready for test something in his X5 60 gb
14:06:29tucozCongratulations LinusN
14:06:31XavierGrIs there a bootloader?
14:07:13B4gderI'd like a small x5 picture please
14:07:45JdGordongotta do something about that build table.. waay to wide :p
14:07:53Bg3rany opinions about this patch: ?
14:08:55XavierGrBger: Any news on the zoom thing. I see you have a major activity this day :D
14:09:00 Join qwm_ [0] (
14:09:04Jungti1234good good good
14:09:06MoosB4gder: is there someone (maybe you) already working on the STOP button replacement for X5?
14:09:34JdGordononly 1 of those warnings actually means anything.. 5 are unused vairables... congrats (y)
14:09:43B4gderwe just have to do key assignments without a stop button
14:09:56B4gderthere's the silly rec button we can abuse I guess
14:10:05Mooshehe :-)
14:10:20B4gderand we have no button combos on x5
14:10:20*Bg3r also spots 9/18 ^[^i]/^i actual (not sim) targets ...
14:10:22MoosB4gder: did you planed to do it yourself?
14:10:33B4gderI'm on a langv2 track for 3.0
14:10:43Moosmaybe I will as soon I have more time
14:11:02MoosGood luck for langv2 front
14:11:09Bg3rops, 11/18
14:13:20B4gderMarsdaddy says he has WMA fixed-pointed now...
14:13:29tucozB4gder, no radio on the X5?
14:13:51Moosthere is
14:15:00Jungti1234AR+RANLIB /home/Jeong/rockbox/boot/librockbox.a
14:15:00Jungti1234make: *** /home/Jeong/rockbox/bootloader: No such file or directory. Stop.
14:15:00Jungti1234make: *** [all] Error 2
14:16:08JdGordonhow do i just to the next/prev track, and play/pause music?
14:16:28Bg3ragain, any opinions about this patch: ?
14:17:15B4gderI'm in favour of allowing the feature somewhere outside of the debug menu, and maybe that is a fine approach
14:18:05Jungti1234ah, I download it now.
14:20:48linuxstbB4gder: Is there a wiki page for langv2? (I've failed to find it...)
14:21:09 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:21:09B4gderno, just my old notes:
14:21:23B4gderbut I'm not going for the full concept to start with
14:21:30preglow__you got something to boot on x5 rockbox now?
14:21:42Bg3rhey, B4gder any other pics from the devconf ? :)
14:22:07Jungti1234yahoo.... nicd B4gder
14:22:21B4gderI want to collect pics from the guys and make a little devcon gallery
14:22:26B4gderbut time...
14:24:06JdGordonhow do i goto the next/prev track in the playlist programatically?
14:24:56tucozIs there a RTC in the X5?
14:25:21tucozok, thanks.
14:25:53Jungti1234How do I make bootloader the 'exe'?
14:25:54B4gderpreglow__: seen marsdaddy claiming to have a fixed-point wma codec now
14:26:00LinusNthe x5 bootloader is not yet ready
14:26:01Jungti1234tools/mkboot ?
14:26:12Bg3rJungti1234 then better wait
14:26:17Jungti1234haha.. ok
14:27:12JdGordonboo... is any1 there??? how do i jump tracks?
14:27:22XavierGrBagder: Where is that? Any Links?
14:27:24Bg3rJdGordon jump as ?
14:27:42JdGordonprev/next track... playlist_next() doesnt seem to do anything
14:28:09Bg3rJdGordon look at apps/playlist_menu.c ... should be there
14:28:27preglow__B4gder: oooh
14:29:13JdGordonaudio_prev()/next() ...
14:29:25 Join KN|stiff [0] (
14:29:40preglow__i was hoping on seeing a zip
14:29:44JdGordonany1 know where set_sound() is declared?
14:29:51preglow__JdGordon: settings.c
14:32:21JdGordonok, ive done a menu that has prev/next track, play/pause/stop, change volume, shufle and repeat modes, and view/search playlist... anything else i should add?
14:32:41JdGordon+ im getting some funky warnings :D
14:33:02Bg3rbtw, shouldn't we rename "Rockbox Info" to "System Info" ?
14:33:17Jungti1234yeah, It's not Rockbox's information.
14:33:22Jungti1234It's information of device.
14:33:27JdGordonpreglow__: its not in settings.c
14:33:49tucozhow do I access the menu in the x5 sim?
14:35:01preglow__right, it's in sound_menu.c, i confused them
14:36:14Zoide7777Any news on a playback speed screen now that the buttons are assigned?
14:41:02Papricablah, the link is invalid when i try to close a task on the tracker
14:42:19LinusNfrom config-ipodmini.h:
14:42:21LinusN#define MODEL_NUMBER 9 /* TODO: change to 9 */
14:43:53XavierGrI think it is time for me to ditch Trillian and start using GAIM
14:44:03ZagorPaprica: which link?
14:44:28Papricatry to slose it
14:45:15Zagoris it committed?
14:46:16preglow__amiconn: i don't get why the stereo width formulas look like they do, care to elaborate?
14:46:18Zagorclosed. no problem here.
14:46:19 Nick preglow__ is now known as preglow (
14:50:39 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
14:52:09 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:52:12 Join tvelocity [0] (
14:54:00JdGordonand with that.. im going to bed
14:54:02JdGordongnite all
14:54:09 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:54:29Zoide7777sorry to be nit-picky, but should the ipod3g image go to the left of the 4g one? (in the cvs builds page)
14:54:38 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
14:55:01amiconnWoo, congrats LinusN
14:55:23B4gderZoide7777: the columns in the table are alphabetically sorted
14:55:29LinusNamiconn: nah, it's not working just yet, i just let bagder prepare the builds
14:55:41B4gder(although some of the texts used for the sort is not shown)
14:56:32*preglow nudges amiconn
14:56:43Zoide7777B4gder: ah, ok; b/c with the visible text it would seem that ipod3g comes before ipod4gray
14:57:17B4gderyou mean in the bleeding table then?
14:57:46B4gderin that table they just get appended somewhat randomly ;-)
14:58:03Zoide7777ok, it doesn't really matter :) i was just being nitpicky
14:58:49amiconnpreglow: What exactly about the formulas? They're designed to (1) keep the total volume constant for <= 100 % (2) keep the volume mostly constant for > 100% (3) are based on the fact that 'straight' means -1 on the MAS instead of +1
14:59:11*LinusN just booted rockbox on his x5!!!
14:59:34*Moos apllauses :-)
14:59:43*LinusN does the famous x5 dance
14:59:50MoosHurray !!!
14:59:51B4gdera box that rocks!
14:59:56Zoide7777good job
15:00:01 Nick qwm_ is now known as qwm (
15:00:23Zoide7777time to update:
15:00:28Zoide7777"Rockbox is an open source replacement firmware for mp3 players. It runs on a number of different models..."
15:00:36amiconn(1<<19) means 1.0
15:00:49LinusNthe rockbox logo has the wrong colors though...
15:00:59linuxstbLinusN: Congratulations.
15:01:04B4gderLinusN: odd
15:01:09*preglow does the new target dance!
15:01:11B4gderbad tables?
15:01:12LinusNi guess it's because it's for the ipod
15:01:48amiconnThe >>10 and <<9 in the second formula are there to avoid overflows
15:01:56preglowamiconn: i'm mostly wondering about the part with the division, but i guess you explained that now
15:02:14amiconn(and the net effect of an additional /2 )
15:02:27preglowbut yeah, it more or less works now
15:02:34preglowi just need to hook it into the rest of rockbox
15:02:36preglowit's really bloody nasty
15:02:43amiconnAh, no, in fact that sums up to a total <<19
15:02:49 Part ironi_
15:03:49LinusNhmmm, how do we solve the logo issue?
15:03:49linuxstbLinusN: The logos are converted with bmp2rb - and configure is using -f 4 for the iaudio x5 (same as H300)
15:03:52B4gderLinusN: it should be h3x0 style, if I read the configure correctly
15:04:14B4gderand the driver assumes h3x0 style
15:04:38*B4gder was slower than linuxstb
15:04:43LinusNok, so it must be something else
15:05:07amiconnPerhaps the 16->18 bit conversion has a bug?
15:05:35amiconnBtw, someone should change the USB logo into a BMP.
15:05:35LinusNcould be
15:05:46B4gderLinusN: make a "test logo" with some clear R G B to identify the color problem easier
15:06:45 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:06:46preglowamiconn: in straight numbers the formulas are as follows, right?: straight = (1 + width)/2 for width <= 1.0, 1.0 for width > 1.0 cross = -straight + width for width <= 1.0, -(2*x/(1 + x) - 1) for width > 1.0
15:07:05XavierGrwow Linus! Gongrats man!
15:07:06amiconnLinusN: Take a screenshot of the logo on target. If the BMP has the correct colours, it must be the 16->18 bit conversion
15:07:24B4gdergood idea!
15:07:39amiconn(since screenshot works from framebuffer)
15:07:40*XavierGr dances the "Gentlemen-we-will-soon-have-sound-dance"!
15:07:56B4gderXavierGr: we don't yet :-)
15:07:56amiconnpreglow: No.
15:08:12B4gderah, it says "soon" in there
15:08:27B4gderhubbel said he'd work on the sound for x5
15:08:28LinusNcan't take screenshots just yet, it thinks usb is active :-)
15:09:00amiconnI'll try to pull the original formula from my fp stuff. It seems you made a mistake when reversing the sign
15:09:16MoosB4gder: that sound like a really good news
15:09:25amiconnLinusN: Just add a call to screendump() after displaying the logo in main.c
15:09:50Jungti1234How do I make bootloader the 'exe'?
15:09:56preglowamiconn: which part is not right?
15:10:07preglowamiconn: and keep in mind i'm not compensating for mas weirdness
15:10:22MoosJungti1234: just wait a bit, you will know once you will
15:10:23amiconnI know
15:10:24 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:10:46MoosJungti1234: +can
15:10:51Zoide7777Hey, could the same type of code that runs the oscilloscope (which kicks ass btw) be used to create a visualization like the one in Winamp? (bars that rise and fall for each frequency range, but the whole thing stays in one place instead of moving across the screen)
15:11:29preglowZoide7777: no
15:11:34preglowZoide7777: you'd need additional dsp code
15:11:51Jungti1234Moos: I just curious.
15:11:57preglowZoide7777: it's more or less something completely different, only thing they have in common is the fact that they draw to the screen
15:12:13Jungti1234I -> I'm
15:12:13amiconnLinusN: You can scrap out lcd_roll() from lcd-x5.c
15:12:33MoosMoos: I'm unpatient to boot Rockbox on my X5 too, let's hope in LinusN :-)
15:13:03Bg3rMoos so unpatient so u started talking with yourself ? ;)
15:13:11Jungti1234hahaha :D
15:13:18Mooshaha /D
15:13:58Zoide7777preglow: Really?? I mean, of course I believe you, but I'm very surprised b/c it seems that, if anything, the Oscilloscope plugin is much more "advanced"
15:14:55Zoide7777just in case, i mean something like this:
15:17:23preglowZoide7777: the other way around, the spectrum view requires either an fft (most commong) or a filter bank for doing what it does
15:17:30preglowall the oscilloscope does it draw some samples to the screen
15:18:24Zoide7777preglow: you mean oscilloscope just draws amplitude?
15:18:31preglowZoide7777: yes
15:18:38Zoide7777ah ok
15:18:48 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ("Trillian (")
15:19:27Zoide7777midkay: yeeees? :D
15:20:12*LinusN is browsing files on x5
15:20:40midkayhaha. hey. :) about the pitch screen.. i committed an update last night that "enables" it for the ipods, but it's just not yet accessible - i only need to add it to the menus.
15:20:50Zoide7777preglow: Now, what really surprises me is that the peakmeters seem to be just as demanding or even *more* demanding on the cpu than the oscilloscope!
15:20:52midkayso it should be done by the end of today..
15:21:12*XavierGr sighs as he rememobers Linus'es Screenshot from his open H100 showing his music folders....
15:21:25Zoide7777midkay: ok, thanks a lot! I must tell you that it's an *awesome* feature imo
15:21:30 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
15:21:43 Join Rockbox [0] (
15:21:49MoosLinusN: wee !
15:22:06LinusNsomething is definitely fishy with the lcd driver
15:22:14preglow <- that one?
15:22:16 Nick Rockbox is now known as XavierGr_Gaim (
15:22:24Zoide7777midkay: I was also discussing the idea of scratching with the scroll wheel (like DJs w/ vinyl).... :D
15:22:25amiconnpreglow: Your formulas are actually right (if replacing x with 'width' as well), just written in an unusual way
15:22:52XavierGrpreglow: Yes!
15:23:23 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Client Quit)
15:23:28XavierGrI wonder what this little resistor does!
15:23:38preglowamiconn: yeah, i do tend to have a more mathematical viewpoint on things like this, x should be width, yes
15:23:38midkayZoide7777, :) one thing.. Linus suggested not having it in sound settings, calling it more of a playback setting - after sleeping, i'm finding myself in agreement - it should show up in the context menu in the WPS
15:23:57Zoide7777midkay: makes perfect sense to me too
15:24:20preglowamiconn: but apart from that, those formulae look very much like your code to me, i more or less just wrote them straight down looking at the code
15:24:29 Quit XavierGr_Gaim (Client Quit)
15:24:38midkayZoide7777, that makes it a lot easier to do.. so yeah, expect it.. within.. about 12 hours. :)
15:24:51amiconnpreglow: Your formulas have the sign already reversed, but not taken advantage of reordering
15:25:01preglowamiconn: they're ordered like the code :-)
15:25:23amiconnlike I would rewrite cross = -straight + width into cross = width - straight
15:25:32preglowamiconn: sure, and i'll do that too, when i code it
15:25:33Zoide7777midkay: BTW, is there any reorganization of Rockbox menus planned? I think that, in general, they're a bit disorganized. For example, The main screen has "Sound Settings", "General Settings", "Manage Settings", "Playlist Options"
15:25:53preglowi think we should have a serious look at the rockbox menu structure for 3.1
15:26:02preglowthere's a lot of potential for improvement
15:26:07Zoide7777midkay: it seems to me it would be better to have a "Settings" section and in it have "Sound", "Playlist", "Load/Save" or something like that
15:26:14Zoide7777preglow: yeah
15:26:42midkayZoide7777, it's not specifically planned or anything.. but it could be improved, i think..
15:26:57midkayi do think sound settings should be outside the other settings for quick access..
15:27:07Zoide7777midkay: don't hurry too much w/ the pitch screen :) it's not like i'm hiring out the devs or anything hehe
15:27:19B4gderLinusN: ok, feel free to blame my crappy script ;-)
15:27:33midkayZoide7777, they'll do it if i don't quickly! :) nah, it's just a few lines of code in a file..
15:27:40LinusNi always blame your crappy scripts
15:28:08 Join gracchus [0] (
15:28:20amiconnLinusN: Is there a datasheet accessible for the x5 lcd?
15:29:04LinusNamiconn: Renesas HD66773R
15:29:08LinusNit's in the wiki
15:29:34preglowB4gder: nice to see some work on langv2, btw
15:29:52Bg3rso, the button rework isn't planned for v3.0 ?
15:30:12B4gderI'm doing the light version of v2 to start with
15:30:21B4gderi.e not for plugins
15:30:26preglowwhich should be ample
15:30:41Zoide7777the scroll wheel doesn't quite work in the ID3 info screen
15:30:42preglowas long as the button assignments are correct in main rockbox, all shall be well
15:30:52Zoide7777you have to scroll a lot just to move a little
15:32:53Zoide7777weird.... i'm pretty sure that Xobox thinks a bouncing ball crashed with me even though it only touched the trail behind me
15:32:58amiconnLinusN: Perhaps BGR versus RGB, or trhe order of the 2 16bit writes?
15:34:06Zoide7777(maybe it was just my brain that was too slow to react hehe)
15:34:16LinusNamiconn: maybe
15:34:17B4gderLinusN: btw, we should probably include the actual table-generating perl script as a comment in the lcd driver, could be useful when trying to understand the tables
15:34:25LinusNB4gder: yes
15:35:14*amiconn has a table-generating C program
15:35:37amiconn..for the greyscale->RGB values in xlcd_gray_bitmap()
15:35:42B4gderseems overkill to do such simple tables with a C program ;-)
15:36:09preglowit is, especially when the alternative is perl, sweet perl
15:38:17 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
15:40:12XavierGrdoes anyone know how to mount the physical disk of vmware on windows? If that is possible of course
15:41:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:42:01 Join Spida_ [0] (
15:43:09Zoide7777ok, now I am very sure
15:43:14Zoide7777the crash detection in Xobox is not working quite right
15:43:27Zoide7777it thinks that a ball crashed with me even though it didn't
15:43:38Zoide7777it only seemed to "crash" with the ghostly trail behind my moving square
15:44:01 Join Sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
15:44:05 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
15:44:13Slasherimaybe that is the idea.. little more challenge :)
15:44:20Zoide7777hehe maybe
15:44:32Zoide7777oh Slasheri btw, how's tagcache going
15:44:53 Join mikearthur [0] (
15:45:06PapricaJungti1234, yes?
15:45:40Slasheriit will be ready when next version of rockbox is released. at least i will try to have some time to do that
15:45:51Zoide7777ok thanks
15:46:34Jungti1234Paprica: I have idea
15:47:19*B4gder got a svenska.lng file output using v2
15:47:55XavierGrfor anyone that want to mount a vdk image vmware disk on windows
15:48:07MoosB4gder: Congratulations
15:48:23B4gderthere's actually only one script left to do now
15:48:55B4gderand that is the trickiest one
15:49:21preglowSlasheri: some time for debugging would be nice too, unless it's bug free, of course ;)
15:50:03amiconnB4gder: pls don't commit v2 until I committed my .lang rework
15:50:09B4gderoh no
15:50:11amiconnI'll work on that tonight, I promise...
15:50:32B4gderamiconn: I'll give you all the time you need, I'm not rushing this
15:50:51Bg3rXavierGr "VDK is a disk driver, not a file system driver, therefore you can only access partitions which your Windows host can recognize. For example, you cannot access ext2 partitions on virtual drives unless you have a 3rd party ext2 file system driver installed on your Windows system."
15:51:08amiconnXavierGr: You can also share a folder from within the vm (with samba if it's linux) and access this share from the host
15:51:33 Quit Spida (Connection timed out)
15:51:57amiconnAccessing the vmdk file while the vm is running is dangerous.
15:53:52XavierGramiconn I know that. I just wnat to edit my files even when VMware is not running
15:54:08 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:57:18preglowRockbox for the Archos Studio and Player models features MP3 playback that, to many users, sounds considerably better than the standard Archos firmware. <- how is this possible on a hwcodec platform?
15:57:39B4gderArchos messed up
15:58:02B4gderthere's background noise in the original firmware
15:58:06preglowfrom what?
15:58:09Bg3rLinusN while working on something LCD related, why don't you take a look at , the last attachment
15:58:48 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
15:59:06B4gderpreglow: I'm not sure we ever found out exactly why, we just noticed that Rockbox doesn't have it and the original has and we never researched it fully. At least I can't remember any definite explanation.
16:00:05LinusNBg3r: i think we'll wait with that until the viewport overhaul
16:00:18XavierGrstrange. I logged once from windows into the VMware machine. Start->Run-> \\debian. Then I entered my username and password. But now I want to log in as root. How can I change the login info?
16:00:51B4gderyou run 'su' in your linux terminal
16:00:56Bg3rLinusN won't this simplify the things ?
16:01:10 Part Nibbler ("leaving")
16:01:15LinusNyes, but not until we want to do the actual work
16:01:16XavierGrBagder but this won't allow me to see the files from Windows
16:01:44B4gderif you use su or not?
16:02:14B4gderyou lost me there
16:02:23XavierGrStart->Run-> \\debian I can see the files that I have permission not the root ones.
16:02:45B4gderyou explain very tiny snippets
16:02:48XavierGrI know I can see the files within VMware but I don't have a GUI there
16:02:52B4gderI have no idea what kind of setup you have
16:02:54PapricaMikachu, the color changes for tetrox is very ugly @@
16:03:15 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
16:03:31Paul_The_NerdB4gder: He's accessing it via Samba, and he's told windows to login as user/rockbox, so he cannot see the other files
16:04:00XavierGrnow I want to log in as root. But I can'tfind an option to enter the login screen again.
16:04:24*Paul_The_Nerd has no clue, just speaks "tiny snippets" fairly well.
16:05:20*B4gder sits down and tries to write perl instead
16:05:35Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: Why do you need to create files as su?
16:05:58Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: You shouldn't need to be su for anything specifically related to rockbox development...
16:06:03XavierGrI want to change my profile to insert my aliases. /etc/profile
16:07:23bobTHCuse a telnet or ssh session
16:07:50 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:08:58 Join XavierGr [0] (
16:09:19bluebrother^how about ~/.profile?
16:09:24XavierGrack I pressed logoff into cmd and Windows restarted! :)
16:09:55Paul_The_Nerd.bash_profile rather?
16:09:59Kummerit's not just the archos. I noticed that ipods (well, my ipod at least) has a lot less background hiss on rockbox than on the original firmware
16:10:22Paul_The_NerdKummer: But it still has the volume tick that drove me nuts.
16:10:47Kummervolume tick? on ipod nano?
16:11:09KummerI didn't notice anything
16:11:15Paul_The_NerdListen at low volumes
16:11:18Paul_The_NerdPlease tell me you hear it
16:11:34Paul_The_NerdBecause I'm gonna be angry if mine really *is* defective
16:11:37Paul_The_NerdAngry and vindictive.
16:11:41KummerI've run it down to mute, nothing. And I use in-ear isolation headphones.
16:12:03cs_weaseltrying here too, can't here it on my 2 gig nano
16:12:03Paul_The_NerdKummer: I can hear it with Senn PX100s pretty well on some songs.
16:12:27Kummerif the song matters, gimme one of the songs :P
16:12:39Paul_The_NerdLet me see if I can reproduce
16:12:48XavierGrPaul I can hear colume ticks on both H300 and H100 on both firmwares.
16:12:55XavierGrGuess it is normal on some devices
16:13:13Jungti1234how about it?
16:14:10 Join SereR0KR [0] (
16:14:12Paul_The_NerdKummer: Of course now I can't seem to trigger it. If I find it again, I'll make note of the song.
16:14:18XavierGrPaul: Thanks about telling me that there is .bash_profile for each user
16:14:43Paul_The_NerdKummer: When I took it to the Apple store, they couldn't reproduce it either, and told me if it was too quiet for them to hear, it was "within tolerance" and therefor my Nano was fine.
16:15:14Kummerwell maybe you could describe it so that I (we) know what to listen for
16:15:48Paul_The_NerdKummer: It's just a faint click for every increment of the volume. So going from 55 to 45, you'd hear 10 of 'em.
16:16:11XavierGrPaul: Exactly what I get.
16:16:31Kummerhm, sounds like a feature, not a bug. I _want_ some feedback when the volume changes.
16:16:47Paul_The_NerdNah, this is definitely in the "unintentional" category
16:16:48XavierGroh come on you can't be serious
16:17:02XavierGrit is a definite hardware design flaw
16:17:13KummerI am serious (I think?). It's not like I change volume very frequently in normal listening.
16:17:28XavierGrwell yes it is not so annoying
16:17:33XavierGrbut it is a flaw
16:17:44Kummerit's a flaw if you can't turn it off :P
16:17:44Paul_The_NerdWell, I can't get my iPod to do it right now anyway.
16:17:51 Quit SereR0KR (Client Quit)
16:17:54XavierGrI couldn't expect to listen to it on both H300 and H100
16:17:59XavierGrand now iPod
16:18:06Paul_The_NerdMy iRiver's never done anything like it, except the remote-ticking, which has a known flaw at its cause anyway
16:18:15amiconnXavierGr: If you want to change the user info a windows machine uses to connect to a share, you can do so by first disconnecting the network drive
16:18:17XavierGrno no remote ticking
16:18:41amiconnThere is a network drive assigned (with no drive letter) even if you just connected to the UNC path
16:18:41 Quit Jungti1234 ()
16:19:03 Join SereR0KR [0] (
16:19:49amiconnIn explorer menu: Tools->Disconnect network drive
16:20:14*Paul_The_Nerd looks at a picture of an X5 and realizes it's clearly made for right-handed people, or left handers with very very long thumbs.
16:21:06B4gderright-handed with very short thumbs it is ;-)
16:21:08 Join quobl_ [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-a6929d0c5a536c28)
16:21:09*Moos is right-handed, but always use is left hand for both iriver and X5 :)
16:22:00 Join Febs [0] (n=medifebb@
16:22:02Paul_The_NerdI haven't held it, but it looks like it'd be awkward to use your left thumb for it.
16:22:19Kummerit makes sense to use your left hand. You want your dominant hand free for more complicated tasks than simply operating an mp3 player
16:22:41amiconnI held it, and I'd say it's made for left handed people, or right handed with ultra-short thumbs
16:22:56MoosPaul: the X5 is tiny, you are not need long thumbs, it's just one visual effect cause the picture
16:23:08Moosamiconn: haha :D
16:23:21amiconnMaybe koreans have short thumbs...
16:23:28Paul_The_NerdI'll admit I have no size reference
16:23:40Paul_The_NerdAnd I have huge hands. (I like the old Large-style Xbox controllers)
16:24:20XavierGrcan I put on bash_profile my own functions?
16:24:28Paul_The_NerdThough I have no incentive to get an X5 anyway. I think I'm just not a fan of asymmetrical designs.
16:25:02XavierGrbecause I got an error when I logged on linux. Saying that my profile can't understand a specific line I wrote. But it worked fine in /etc/profile in cygwin
16:25:03bobTHCXavierGr > for u're connection trouble u can try that >
16:25:17B4gderPaul_The_Nerd: the x5's biggest benefit is its form factor
16:25:28B4gdercompared to the h3x0 that is
16:27:12Paul_The_NerdB4gder: Well, I don't have an h3x0 either, though I hear they're very similar in size to an h1x0 anyway
16:27:29B4gderyes they are
16:27:29Bg3rPaul_The_Nerd they are a little bigger afaik
16:28:15 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
16:30:49 Join nobelium- [0] (
16:36:14 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
16:38:23amiconnBg3r: Shouldn't the jewels highscore file also be renamed to jewels.highscore?
16:39:45XavierGroh noooo
16:39:54XavierGrI deleted my profile
16:40:23XavierGrI tried to append data to etc/profile but my vi knowledge made me delete everything there
16:40:42XavierGrnow I will have to start over.
16:41:51bobTHChehe :wq
16:42:46XavierGrthat's why I want to see all linux files within windows
16:42:56*Paul_The_Nerd waits for reports to flood in on the 'bug' that sound doesn't play on X5.
16:43:17*B4gder nods
16:43:30B4gderwe've opened the gates
16:43:34XavierGrBger: nice ownership! :)
16:44:19 Join skwad_ [0] (
16:45:54XavierGrbye all!
16:45:56 Part XavierGr
16:47:21 Join KN|stiff [0] (
16:49:17 Quit nobelium (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:50:30skwad_just a question : do I need a patch to flash the rockbox firmware like h300 or do I just need to send the .iaudio in the firmware folder ? it's for x5
16:51:21Moosskwad: nothing to flash yet
16:53:44B4gderskwad_: when things work, you need to flash the x5 like you do when you upgrade x5 firmware
16:53:57B4gderthen put the rockbox zip on the player
16:54:02B4gderunzip it I mean
16:54:08skwad_ok no problem
16:54:32skwad_I just thought we would have to patch like h300
16:54:49B4gderwe should probably do that later on
16:54:56B4gderbut there's no such procedure just yet
16:55:11B4gderthe x5 has a more hacker-friendly upgrade procedure
16:56:22Paul_The_NerdSo, X5 won't support dual boot for the moment? You just replace it with rockbox, for the time being?
16:56:34 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
16:56:35B4gderor rather with the bootloader
16:56:53Paul_The_NerdWell, yeah
16:56:55B4gdersince we can always come back to the original upgrade procedure
16:57:22B4gderso for the moment it'll work for us
16:58:06Paul_The_NerdDoes the CVS bootloader work?
16:58:30B4gderbut we're this −−-> <−−- close now
16:59:07Paul_The_NerdI have no x5, but I'm trying to prep myself in case people ask when more knowledgeable folk aren't around
16:59:21B4gderLinusN has booted rockbox on it
16:59:39B4gderand browsing files etc works
16:59:48skwad_you surely will need that paul_the_nerd ^^
16:59:58skwad_ok thx for all this informations
17:00:02skwad_have to go
17:00:46amiconnB4gder: If the X5 is so brick-safe, I would prefer seeing rockbox in flash for decent boot times
17:01:06amiconnThat's one of the annoying things about iriver rockbox...
17:01:21preglowi think it boots more than fast enough
17:01:27preglowcouple of seconds and it's on
17:01:36amiconnBoots are never fast enough unless they're instant
17:01:56Paul_The_NerdI know at least one person who doesn't think the boots are fast enough
17:02:08preglowPaul_The_Nerd: he must have loved the iriver firmware, then
17:02:18Hansmaulwurflittle problem: I try to add a album, lets call it "B" to an existing playlist called "A". at the moment song 5 of album "A" is playing. now if i at "B" to "A" as "next song". the first song of "B", which should be played right after song 5 of album "A" is replaced by song6 of album "B".
17:02:31Paul_The_NerdHe wanted the bootloader to pass a press of the play/pause into Rockbox itself, so that one could resume playback without having to wait for Rockbox to finish booting to press the key, but didn't want to use the "Resume on Boot" feature
17:02:42Hansmaulwurfthat sucks a bit
17:02:46Hansmaulwurfis this bug known?
17:02:54Hansmaulwurfhappens every time i try it
17:03:56Paul_The_NerdHansmaulwurf: Does song 5 of B get added to the playlist at all? For example, are 1-5 appended after 6-x?
17:05:02amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: That's in fact the good thing with rockbox in flash. You can press the resume button right after switching on the unit, and rockbox will catch it
17:05:14amiconnVery convenient, works on (flashable) archoses
17:06:06Hansmaulwurfyes, in my example, after adding playist "B", my playlist looks like : song1 - 5 of playlist "A", song6 of playlist "B", song 2 - 12 of playlist "B"(the rest of the whole album "B), then playlist continues with album "A"
17:06:08amiconnOn iriver one has to wait until the bootloader finally decided to load rockbox, found it on disk, loaded it...
17:06:24Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Oh, I'm not against Rockbox in flash in any way. Though I'm content with the current iRiver method just because I'm a very patient person.
17:06:50Hansmaulwurfunderstand it Paul_The_Nerd?
17:06:53Paul_The_NerdHansmaulwurf: Oh, so it's only one song out of place.
17:07:10Hansmaulwurfi can reproduce the bug with every album i add
17:08:30Hansmaulwurfusing H120, version from yesterday
17:09:09Hansmaulwurfi dont know who long the bug exists, but some weeks ago it didnt exist
17:09:29 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
17:11:27MikachuPaprica: the gray?
17:11:29 Join b0bTHC [0] (
17:11:42MikachuPaprica: the other changes should just be a swap of the square and the S
17:14:04Mikachuwe can compromise, keep the color on T if you want :)
17:14:05 Quit bobTHC (Nick collision from services.)
17:14:05 Nick b0bTHC is now known as bobTHC (
17:14:05Paul_The_NerdThe last two changes to playlist.c were the 5th and 9th of Feb. Could it have been that long?
17:15:28 Quit markun (
17:15:30Hansmaulwurfcould be
17:15:34 Quit damaki_ (Remote closed the connection)
17:16:00 Quit skwad_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:16:01Paul_The_NerdMikachu, Paprica: I think using the dark gray for the pieces makes it a bit difficult to see clearly on the H120. I mean, you can see it clearly, but it feels straining.
17:16:32 Join damaki_ [0] (
17:16:36Mikachui only changed it for color targets
17:16:37 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:17:53Paul_The_NerdMikachu: I was just talking in general, since I wasn't sure who picked that originally
17:18:47Paul_The_NerdHansmaulwurf: I'm not really sure where to look to fix this, but either way, have you filed a bug report?
17:19:01Papricai will change the T to brighter gray
17:19:16Hansmaulwurfno Paul_The_Nerd, coz i was first asking if the bug is known
17:19:18Papricaok? =]
17:19:41 Join bluey [0] (
17:19:42Hansmaulwurfand second i have very strange settings, im playing with them at the moment
17:19:48Hansmaulwurfmaybe its not playlist.c
17:21:29NJoinmarkun [0] (
17:22:08MikachuPaprica: ah yes, those are the exact colors i had in my old tetris
17:22:19MikachuPaprica: so that would be great
17:33:45 Nick Hobbit_HK_ is now known as Hobbit_HK (
17:36:52 Join tucoz [0] (
17:37:11tucozfun, I found the original tetris.
17:38:12 Quit tucoz (Client Quit)
17:38:18Mikachuthe original tetris is for the nes
17:38:36Mikachui think
17:39:50 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
17:41:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:43:36 Join Icy_DA_STORM [0] (
17:44:07 Quit Icy_DA_STORM (Client Quit)
17:45:49 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:46:13Mikachuamiconn: don't know if you saw but i didn't fix the bug after all :P
17:47:32 Join Chamois [0] (
17:47:47 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
17:49:44 Quit ghode (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:53:19Paul_The_NerdSometimes I just don't want to respond to people in the forums... 'I use the european version of Rockbox, v 1.65' *sigh*
17:53:57 Quit kernelsensei (Connection reset by peer)
17:54:27 Quit gracchus ("bye")
17:55:12Mikachuphaedrus961: you probably know this already but if you scroll to the right in your viewer, the characters are still cut off mid-byte
17:55:31Mikachuphaedrus961: but other than that it is better than before
17:56:38Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Someone said they have the the European version of Rockbox. Really they have 1.65eu iRiver firmware, but I have to wonder how many people still think that since you "patch" stock firmware, that Rockbox is a mod rather than its own fw.
17:56:58 Join egotrippen [0] (
17:58:16 Quit egotrippen (Client Quit)
17:59:02 Join [TCK] [0] (
18:03:01Paul_The_NerdHey, can someone like Bagder sticky the Rockbox 3.0 release schedule in the General forum? It seems like it'd be a good idea. ;-)
18:14:21 Join kernelsensei [0] (
18:20:35 Quit [TCK] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:20:35 Quit menegme (Remote closed the connection)
18:21:54bobTHCsome infos about crossfading and mixing ->
18:22:23 Join mirak [0] (
18:22:27bobTHCif someone can add it to the wiki, it will be nice....
18:22:51nobelium-very nice yeah :)
18:22:59nobelium-btw, what is crossfeed (not crossfade)
18:23:46Paul_The_NerdbobTHC: You can't add to the wiki?
18:24:06bobTHCnah sorry
18:24:15Paul_The_NerdWhy not?
18:26:25Febsnobelium, look at this wiki page:
18:26:43nobelium-thanks Febs
18:27:12 Join dpro [0] (n=x@
18:27:23 Quit Febs ()
18:29:07 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
18:29:11Paul_The_NerdHello dpro
18:30:26 Join mirak [0] (
18:31:04dprohi paul ... I'm currently toying with the idea of putting rockbox on my flatmates nano ... do you by any chance know how much space arm xedv gcc + rockbox cvs will approx. need ? (my powerbook's disk is _totally_ full, but I could rm some movies ;)
18:31:41 Part LinusN
18:31:42safetydandpro, you don't need to compile it to install it
18:31:46crashddpro: about 30/40mb
18:31:46dpro... then again there should be some space on my asus wireless disk thingie ...
18:31:50crashdbut as safetydan says...
18:31:54safetydanunless you plan on adding your own patches
18:31:56Paul_The_Nerddpro: Honestly, no clue. I have the whole toolchain set up with source, so it's quite big for me. But yeah, you don't need to compile to install it.
18:32:02dprobut what if I want to ;)
18:32:11dproI have a few hacks in mind ...
18:32:14Mikachumy ipod-chain/ dir is 20M
18:32:17crashdiirc, the binaries are about 20mb in size, but i could be ludicrously out
18:32:24Mikachucrashd: good guess
18:32:35crashdi seem to remember the arm toolchain being 24mb or something
18:32:41crashdamazing what cruft your mind keeps
18:32:50safetydanwow... 53 meg for arm crosscompiler on i386
18:33:08dproI even need to compile gcc (I'm on debian ppc ..., but there's a arm-7 gcc for gameboy advance lying around somewhere on my disk anyway)
18:33:37dproprobably just a matter of changing target and linkscript ?
18:34:45dprohell I'll put the stuff on the ipod, there's still a gig free space ;)
18:35:41Mikachuthat version is probably too old anyway
18:35:46dprobut from what I gather ~0.5 gig should do the trick
18:36:04Paul_The_NerdYeah, less than that probabl
18:36:16dpropaul: excellent!
18:37:10dproI have that much on my backup partition ... what gcc is recommended ?
18:37:10Paul_The_Nerddpro: My cygwin versions of all 3 toolchains (sh1/arm/m68k) including GDB is about 330mb
18:37:20Paul_The_Nerddpro: For arm, 4.0.x
18:37:26Mikachudpro: it's detailed (somewhat confusingly) on the installation page
18:37:42Mikachuit says 3.4.x in big orange text, and further down with small print 4.0.x
18:37:50Mikachu(may be updated since i last looked)
18:38:23dproMikachu: hehe I knew why I'd ask here
18:38:50Mikachuhow the hell are you supposed to press that on an ipod without a friend?
18:39:08Mikachuwell, it's not so hard after all, but still a funny bind
18:39:48Paul_The_NerdMikachu: What does that do?
18:40:21Mikachutoggles the scrollbar
18:40:22dpromikachu: should work for mammals with opposable thumbs and 2 hands ;)
18:40:36Mikachudpro: i forgot you can press select+right with one finger
18:41:11dpromikachu: but granted it's an awkward move ...
18:41:13Mikachuit's still pretty much hit and miss if you'll change some other setting at the same time
18:41:15Paul_The_NerdI personally *really* hate Left/Right and Menu/Play combos on the ipod
18:41:33Paul_The_NerdI'd much rather diagonal combos. Menu/Left, Menu/Right, etc.
18:42:35Mikachuwell, eventually the viewer plugin should get a menu
18:44:13Mikachuit curretnly has 10 keybinds for the ipod (!)
18:44:23Paul_The_NerdI was just stating my distaste for them in general. I don't actually use the viewer plugin. I have a PDA with nice antialiased text and adjustable font sizes and other nice features for such purposes. :)
18:44:48 Join hshah [0] (
18:45:28hshahhello all
18:45:57hshahTiMiD: i thought you were going to add my wps into the cvs all those many months ago :p
18:47:55 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
18:49:49 Join Nico_P [0] (
18:49:54bobTHCa little introduction to cue points ->
18:50:36hshahi hadn't updated my rockbox in a while, and now ive done so, my volume is funny
18:50:45safetydanhshah, how is it funny?
18:51:01hshaheven when changed to % it still goes between 0% and -89% regardless of the minimum and maximum ive set :(
18:51:14safetydanVolume is only in decibels now
18:51:20safetydanno percentage scale
18:51:30safetydan0 is the loudest (i.e. 0 attenuation at the amp)
18:51:31preglowthe old percentage scale wasn't really percent anyway
18:51:44hshahdoesn't matter what it was, it was nicer :p
18:51:51preglowhshah: damn, you really used an old rockbox
18:51:58preglowit's been months and months since we did that change
18:52:06hshahyeah - it was from the end of september i think
18:52:28hshahover the summer i updated like every day, then once at uni ive been so busy, i just didn't have the time
18:52:38hshahso what r the major changes since then?
18:52:44hshahwhats this party mode about?
18:52:57safetydanpreglow, I'll be making another attempt to 0.32 format that cordic function tonight
18:53:17safetydanhshah, party mode let's you cue songs without any of the other controls work (i.e stop)
18:53:46safetydanas for other major changes, what hardware do you have? Colour support is probably the most visible change for h300 series
18:54:30 Join webguest41 [0] (
18:54:33Paul_The_NerdFull parametric equalizer
18:54:40safetydanoh yeah, I forgot about that :)
18:54:40Paul_The_NerdGrayscale bitmaps in WPS
18:54:49Paul_The_NerdSeveral new games
18:54:56dproparty mode sounds nice, I was thinking about adding pitch change (basic resampling + linear interpolation - yeah yeah tell me cubic is better, but linear is basically a add and a shift)
18:55:10 Join ghode|afk [0] (
18:55:14safetydandpro, there's already a pitch changer
18:55:18dproreally ?
18:55:23dproexcellent ...
18:55:28hshahinteresting interesting... will have a look at all these features later
18:55:31dprosorry I'm totally new to this
18:55:35Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Man that *really* needs to go into the menu so people know it exists.
18:55:44bobTHCdpro, changing pitch affect tone
18:55:59safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, the speed/pitch thing?
18:56:11dproso what
18:56:19Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: Yeah
18:56:20dprobobTHC: so it does on a turntable
18:56:40bobTHCnot really, test it
18:56:48MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: gray? color works too
18:56:58Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Color doesn't do much on an H120
18:57:22dprocan't at the moment, but basically you might refer to unwanted lowpoass sampling due to the lack of interpolation when pitching/slowing down ?
18:58:03preglowdpro: that's exactly what the current pitch control does
18:58:19dpropreglow: what ? interpolate or not ?
18:58:32preglowdpro: rockbox already has a resampler (simple shitty linear interpolator), i just enable that when you use the pitch control
18:58:56dpropreglow: ok will test this later today
18:59:15dpropreglow: than again with table lookup cubic should work acceptably fast
18:59:20bobTHCadding a good interpolator can be a good feature like on dj CD player
18:59:28preglowi'm planning on improving the resampler some day before 3.0
18:59:31safetydanman I had to dig through the wiki to find out how to get the pitch screen up, it really isn't very obvious
18:59:47Mikachuwhy is there only linear and cubic, not square?
19:00:03dprosafetydan: url (so I don't need to do the same) ?
19:00:06Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: I had the slight advantage of being in the channel to see it discussed several times. ;-)
19:00:08preglowsquare is the equivalent of no interpolation
19:00:17preglowit's zeroeth order interpolation
19:00:22Paul_The_Nerddpro: Hold Play and use volume increase/decrease
19:00:22preglowwhich is a fancy name for no interpolation
19:00:24safetydandpro, on iRiver it's Power/Play + up or down
19:00:32Mikachuthat sounds a bit strange
19:01:05preglowMikachu: i just got what you meant..
19:01:09merbananpreglow: have you looked at the ffmpeg resampler ?
19:01:24Mikachui've never heard of square interpolation at least
19:01:25preglowMikachu: the problem with square functions is that they're not very suited to interpolating, that's more or less the reason
19:01:29preglowmerbanan: nope
19:01:35bobTHCtotally Mikachu, thats why a rela variable pitch
19:01:39dpromikachu: there's many schemes but for audio cubic spline usually works best
19:01:59preglowfor audio doing some proper resampling usually works best
19:02:13bobTHCit's can be done even on sh1 device with HW dsp coding
19:02:15merbananpreglow: it's supposed to be fast and fixedpoint
19:02:20dpromikachu: lagrange is good for audio because it makes sure you hit the points exactly
19:02:23preglowmerbanan: then i must have a look at it
19:02:40 Quit bluebrother^ ("Leaving")
19:02:51Mikachui even know what that is
19:03:18preglowlooks like it's based on a polyphase filterban
19:04:54amiconnPaprica: Imho you should try the grayscale lib for tetrox on greyscale targets. That would be a real plus compared to rockblox, esp. on archos
19:05:16amiconnOf course that's not yet possible on the greyscale iPods
19:05:38preglowamiconn: would it be hard to adapt the greyscale lib now that timer.c is there?
19:05:54preglowthat is, i don't really know if it works on pp5002 ipods yet
19:06:11amiconnIt's quite some work b/c of the different pixel blocking
19:06:27amiconnI now have some iPod minis in my eBay watch list
19:06:27Zoide7777preglow: don't worry about finding testers :D
19:06:34amiconn(silver and blue)
19:07:41amiconnProbably it also needs some testing on each greyscale iPod to find the LCD internal refresh rate
19:08:00amiconnA test plugin for that is quite simple now the timer is there
19:08:04dprois diskdump in the ipod install dox simply dd for os x ?
19:08:39*amiconn will get his DSL speed upgrade tomorrow :)
19:08:41Mikachuyou can use cat if you want, the problem is finding the device node in osx i think
19:08:42Zoide7777amiconn: sign me up if you need someone to run it
19:08:48amiconnGood news for the build system...
19:08:52Zoide7777amiconn: (the frequency thing)
19:08:56bobTHCeature and it's named :
19:08:56bobTHC"Variable playback speed possible without affecting pitch"
19:09:05bobTHCsorry bad paste
19:09:11preglowbobTHC: not simple
19:09:17preglowpeople request that all the time
19:09:20bobTHCi know
19:09:25amiconnpreglow: Not too hard either, for mp2/mp3
19:09:39amiconnJust leave out/play twice some frames
19:09:42bobTHCthe m3po do it with a simple sh1
19:09:48bobTHCand with the dac
19:09:51amiconnOf course the bit reservoir needs to be handled
19:09:54bobTHCin fact it's the dac
19:10:08preglowamiconn: 1) sounds like shit, 2) you can't adjust the factor, 3) that works on all codecs, really
19:10:11bobTHCsorry, end of the day
19:10:36amiconnpreglow: Huh? Why shouldn't it be possible to adjust the factor?
19:10:37dproMikachu: I'm on debian so ...
19:10:53Mikachudpro: then why did you ask osx?
19:10:56amiconnAs bobTHC mentioned, the terratec m3po does it, with an SH1
19:11:05amiconn...and people say it sounds quite okay
19:11:08bobTHCdsp harware coding
19:11:25preglowthere are a million ways of doing in, and i need to find a method that sounds ok and is cheapish
19:11:35bobTHCbut we can do it by SW for other codecs
19:11:41bobTHCand other devices
19:12:23amiconnDoing it in software with pcm requires 2 transformations, too much work for our small CPUs
19:12:32dpromikachu: because there are install instructions for os x and win ... neither I have
19:13:07Paul_The_Nerddpro: dd if=/dev/sda1 (change for your ipod> of=bootpartition.bin
19:13:11dpromikachu: and genetically osx I thought was a bit closer
19:13:28dpropaul: ok that's what I thought
19:14:30 Join sepperatore [0] (
19:14:51preglowamiconn: well, yeah, you can change the factor, but it'll still sound crap
19:15:10preglowthat's basically the cheapest way of doing time stretching
19:15:30preglowbut we probably can't afford to depart too far from that idea
19:15:50 Part Paul_The_Nerd
19:16:04dpropreglow: but time stretching is so useless for that, simply up/downsampling with interpolation is what should be done IMO
19:16:19preglowdpro: that doesn't time stretch
19:16:24amiconnWell, I don't see the fundamental difference between this doubling/dropping frames and the 'true' way of transforming into frequency domain, stretch/squeeze, and transform back,
19:16:34dpropreglow: but why would you want that ?
19:16:43preglowamiconn: then you don't understand the math behind it very well :)
19:16:49amiconnexcept that it only works for mp2/mp3, and the granularity is a bit rough (perhaps)
19:16:52preglowdpro: i don't
19:17:03dpropreglow: ah good :)
19:17:35merbananpreglow: polyphase kaiser windowed sinc and blackman nuttall windowed sinc audio resample filters, thats what it is
19:18:07preglowamiconn: the way you speak of with the freq domain is called phase vocoding and yields drastically better results
19:18:36*amiconn wonders where the fundamental difference is
19:18:36preglowmerbanan: yeah, i see
19:19:12preglowamiconn: the fundamental difference is that the freq domain method applies the transform smoothly across all the samples, where the block based time domain method just duplicates blocks
19:19:23amiconnWell, mp2 doesn't fit in this idea, but mp3 basically is audio in frequency domain
19:19:55preglowmp3 might work slightly better due to the lapped nature of the mdct
19:19:57amiconnAh, yes, but afaik mp3 also smoothes the transitions between blocks
19:20:10preglowyes, what i said above
19:20:38preglowfor mp2 you'll have nasty phase discontinuities
19:20:42 Part sepperatore
19:21:10preglowbut yeah, if i ever implement it, it'll probably be some semi-cheap psola algorithm
19:21:55dpronow tell me party mode can also "scratch" the buffer using the ipod's clickwheel and I really won't need the soure ;)
19:22:51preglowthat'd rock immensly
19:23:09dpropreglow: shouldn't be all that hard, I'll definitely look into it
19:23:32preglowdpro: it won't sit very well with out playback system, so you probably need to do some kick-ass custom coding
19:23:42bobTHCparty mode , is a good idea, but need, cue point system, loop system (A-B), and variable playback ;)
19:23:47*preglow wants optimised codecs for his birthday
19:24:04dpropreglow: when would that be then ?
19:24:13bobTHCtomorow ;)
19:24:32dpronext year ?
19:24:40Zoide7777dpro: though as you can see in the irc logs for today/yesterday, *I* trademarked the idea of scratching with the scroll wheel :D haha
19:24:57merbananpreglow: a new aac codec is in the works for ffmpeg
19:25:07 Join KN|stiff [0] (
19:25:20Zoide7777dpro: obviously I would actually be *very* happy if someone else figures out how to do it ;P
19:25:24dproZoide: I have it in a project file dated early 2005 :P
19:25:36Zoide7777dpro: awesome!
19:26:00*Zoide7777 suggested it in the hopes someone else would do it, cause he can't do it himself
19:26:00dprobut I'm not the one-click-shopping-patent type ;)
19:26:15preglowmerbanan: for real? url?
19:26:22dprozoide: it will happen I guess
19:26:28Zoide7777dpro: those people should need a patent to exist!!! >:/
19:26:31 Quit thegeek ()
19:27:31merbananpreglow: it's in the works, I guess it will be posted to the devel list in a day or to, and for the beginning it will use float, but that might change
19:28:55 Join thegeek [0] (
19:29:25 Quit thegeek (Client Quit)
19:30:14 Join thegeek [0] (
19:30:18bobTHCvariable speed playback is natively include in the MPEG-4 Audio standard
19:32:57Mikachudpro: there aren't linux instructions?
19:34:08dpromikachu: I haven't found any ... never mind I know what to do now
19:34:38dpromikachu: go home get cable, go to a party while gcc is building
19:34:56 Join linuxstb [0] (
19:35:26dpromikachu. but first finish this stupid job here at the office installing all sorts of useless crap on someone's mac ... pecunia non olet
19:35:51Mikachudpro: ah, it was so simple i didn't even notice there weren't instructions :P
19:36:06Mikachu(specifically for linux)
19:36:28dproyeah it's all just dd
19:36:32 Quit nobelium- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:36:35 Join nobelium [0] (
19:37:04dproI hope my flatmate isn't too puzzled when she finds her nano converted to vfat ...
19:37:16Mikachuhaha, you don't ask?
19:37:34dpronope she said she had a backup of all the tracks
19:38:03dproand now it's fully loaded with days of cc licensed netmusic
19:39:48 Join SereR0KR [0] (
19:40:40 Quit Zoide7777 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:41:06 Join Zoide7777 [0] (
19:41:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:43:24 Join Rondom [0] (
19:44:20Zoide7777what's the difference between chicago and nimbus?
19:45:19crashddpro: heh
19:45:59Zoide7777and between nimbus and xtal?
19:47:10dprok, gotta surrender my network cable to the desktop box for a few updates ... cu l8r from home
19:47:11 Join Febs [0] (
19:47:25 Quit dpro ("l8r")
19:47:37 Join obo [0] (
19:51:05 Part Zoide7777
19:52:51 Join Kyomi [0] (
19:58:43 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
20:02:37 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:02:45 Join linuxstb [0] (
20:03:30 Join JoeBorn [0] (
20:03:38 Nick Rondom is now known as Rodom (
20:05:12 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:05:49webguest41Chicago: Includes only ascii characters. Xtal-14: Extension of Chicago to include Latin-1 characters. Nimbus-12/14: Slight changes of various kinds to Xtal-14, and downsizing in the case of nimbus-12
20:05:59webguest41Not that Zoide7777 is still here, of course...
20:06:19Mikachuasking + quit is my favorite
20:06:37KyomiI have a question about updating
20:06:41Mikachui especially like join + asking + 2 minutes + quit
20:06:44*Kyomi promises not to leave :)
20:07:02safetydanKyomi, ask away
20:07:12webguest41Let me guess: "Do I need to reflash?"?
20:07:23KyomiI saw that on the site already :P
20:07:50webguest41I'll shut up
20:08:14KyomiMy question is... when you update with the daily build for the H320... are your settings reverted back to default? Or are they saved somewhere that isn't overwritten?
20:08:56webguest41They're saved in an otherwise unused sector on the harddrive
20:09:10safetydanKyomi, you can also explicitly save them out to a config file
20:09:15KyomiAnd with skinning also... I'm guessing you have to re-select the theme after update?
20:09:28webguest41No, same deal
20:09:59webguest41Sometimes, however, the config structure code will change, and in those cases, your settings will be reset
20:10:03safetydanSometimes the settings will be reset on update due to changes int the config layout so it's good to export a config file anyway.
20:10:12webguest41So saving your settings to a file is a good idea so that you can revert when that happens
20:10:22preglowamiconn: 0% stereo width doesn't sound very good
20:10:31webguest41There's an echo in here..
20:10:42KyomiYeah.... :P
20:19:24 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
20:20:33preglowanyone here that knows how the archos stereo width and channel settings should sound like that want to test a patch for me?
20:25:53 Quit quobl_ (Remote closed the connection)
20:27:17webguest41Oooh, interesting. Don't know how they sound though, so I'm no use.
20:27:28webguest41on archos
20:27:33amiconnpreglow: What's wrong with stereo width == 0? Should sound identical to pure mono, if you made that a special case
20:28:36 Quit hshah ("Leaving")
20:28:50preglowamiconn: then i have misunderstood something badly
20:29:16preglowamiconn: i also thought it should sound like pure mono, but it doesn't
20:29:50preglowat stereo width 0%, the straight factor is 0.5 and the cross factor is -0.5 with my code
20:29:57preglowthe last should of course be 0.5 for ordinary mono
20:31:09amiconnOh, and 0x7fffff << 8 is not exactly 1
20:31:39preglowamiconn: not exactly, no, the last eight bits will be zero
20:32:00preglowamiconn: and it won't at any rate, but you can't represent a 1.0 in s0.31 fixed point
20:32:02amiconnEven 0x7fffffff isn't exactly 1, but that won't matter I think
20:32:26preglowamiconn: and i'm trying to stick to emac friendliness with no additional shifting
20:33:08preglow cross = width - straight;
20:33:11preglowthat can't be correct, then
20:33:24amiconnFor <= 100%, cross should be straight - width, not width - straight
20:33:51preglowfixed it now
20:33:53amiconncross needs to be 0.5 for width == 0, and 0 for width == 100 %
20:33:53preglowand it sounds just great
20:35:22amiconnCouldn't you just do the calculation in s0.31 directly, since you're already using int64_t anyway?
20:35:44*safetydan curses s0.31 format
20:36:15*amiconn believes it doesn't matter much
20:36:33preglowamiconn: i guess i could, but the precision of the 1 would actually end up worse
20:37:13preglowamiconn: according to my tests, at leaszt
20:37:28preglowi got a one value of 0x7feff... something
20:38:00preglowi didn't think too hard on it
20:38:10preglowi don't think it's got any relevance for the sound anyway
20:38:16amiconnYour case SOUND_CHAN_MONO is wrong...
20:38:29preglowamiconn: indeed it is
20:38:33Papricasomeone could check wtf is wrong with highscore.c?
20:38:40preglownice typo
20:38:53amiconn..and I wonder whether using pointers instead of array addressing would be faster
20:39:03Papricai try to use it, but in the save it give me some unknown chars
20:39:07amiconnMy experience on SH1 is that it's *much* faster
20:39:24amiconnDidn't compare that closely on coldfire yet
20:39:29amiconnNo idea about arm
20:40:17preglowfor arm it should have no relevance
20:40:25preglowthe ldr and str instructions are equally fast indexed
20:40:33 Join Zoide7777 [0] (
20:41:02preglowfor coldfire an indexed load is 1 cycle slower than an ordinary load
20:41:25amiconnWell, on SH1 it depends on the momentary stupidity of gcc
20:41:33preglowsure, for coldfire as well
20:41:46Zoide7777Hey guys I put together a Unicode (with Simplified Chinese characters) font based on Nimbus 14
20:41:47preglowcoldfire gcc should of course convert the indexed reads to post-incremented reads
20:41:54amiconnSometimes it calculates the indexing over and over within the loop
20:42:07amiconnOther times it uses the indexing capability
20:42:17preglowamiconn: i take it you haven't gotten m68k-gcc going on amd64 yet?
20:42:22Zoide7777Should I put it on the bug tracker?
20:42:28preglowgod, that is annoying
20:42:29Zoide7777or can i just link to it here?
20:42:31preglowi really like developing on this box
20:42:34preglowbut i can only develop for arm
20:42:38amiconnI *could* try to compile for 32 bit and install the 32 bit libs
20:42:48webguest41Zoide7777: bug tracker I think
20:42:51preglowi think i'll go annoy the gcc devs for a bit
20:43:10amiconn...but I don't think this is a good solution
20:43:12Zoide7777though bug tracker requires the non-anonymous registration...
20:43:14safetydanvery silly question... 0xffffffff in s0.31 is... 0.0?
20:43:17preglowamiconn: no, it's not
20:43:18*safetydan is having braing trouble
20:43:21safetydanbrain even
20:43:22preglowamiconn: it's probably just a stupid little bug anyway
20:43:37amiconnsafetydan: it's -0.000<sth>1
20:43:37preglowsafetydan: -1
20:43:39 Join kernel_sensei [0] (n=boris@gentoo/developer/kernelsensei)
20:43:41safetydanZoide7777, track is the best place
20:43:44preglowsafetydan: that is, what amiconn said
20:43:45safetydanZoide7777, tracker even
20:44:09amiconnIt's -1 / (2^31)
20:44:24preglowsafetydan: using that as an output format for the cordic?
20:44:35safetydanpreglow, attempting to
20:44:37*preglow pats safetydan
20:44:51 Quit kernelsensei (Connection timed out)
20:44:58safetydanyou people and your fixed point... we should just port one of those FPU emulators to Rockbox and be done with it...
20:45:00 Nick kernel_sensei is now known as kernelsensei (n=boris@gentoo/developer/kernelsensei)
20:45:08preglowsafetydan: you can use floats in rockbox
20:45:13preglowsafetydan: it's just that it has no libm
20:45:13amiconnFixed point isn't really hard
20:45:20preglowsafetydan: and we'd really prefer to not use floats anyway...
20:45:32Mikachuhow do floats work, emud by gcc?
20:45:35amiconnYou just have to take care of possible overflows and precision
20:45:38preglowamiconn: nah, not really hard, but it always involved more thought than using floats
20:45:47safetydanI understand the reasons, just this makes my poor little brain hurt :)
20:46:09preglowamiconn: btw, aren't you overcompensating a bit when you're shifting in the division in the archos stereo width code?
20:47:16amiconnThe MAS format is s0.19 (20 bit)
20:48:31amiconnI shift the divisor 10 bits to the right, which equals shifting the result 10 bits to the left
20:48:48amiconnThen I also shift the result another 9 bits to the left
20:48:54amiconn...for a total of 19 bits
20:49:21preglowi didn't think of it that way
20:49:37Mikachufixed point seems a bit like quantum mechanics
20:49:37amiconnThis partial shifting avoids using 64 bit ints
20:49:47Mikachuyou don't really have any idea what you're doing, but in the end the numbers add up anyway
20:50:10amiconnMikachu: Imho fixed point is very different from quantum mechanics
20:50:40amiconnI can understand the former, but failed to understand the latter (at least the mathematics behind it)
20:51:05Mikachu<phi|psi> !
20:51:17*Mikachu does the quantum dance (or does he?)
20:51:20 Join webguest38 [0] (
20:52:20 Quit webguest41 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:52:31preglowamiconn: i just used the 64 bit version for precision, it probably won't enlarge anything anyway
20:52:34 Join Zagor [0] (
20:52:37amiconnpreglow: Imho the not-quite 1.0 problem is why the MAS uses -1.0
20:52:45preglowamiconn: yeah, probably
20:52:45amiconnWe could do that for swcodec too
20:52:59preglowamiconn: but then we'll have problems when we hit 1.0 * 1.0
20:53:05amiconnDoesn't really matter if we switch phase, as long as we do it in both channels
20:53:31amiconnhmm, true
20:53:42*amiconn wonders how the mas handles that
20:53:49preglowi think it'll cause a nasty clip or wrap for us
20:53:54preglowdepending on emac configuration
20:53:56preglowfor arm it'll wrap
20:54:18 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
20:54:40preglowthe problem with the almost-1 is no problem, if you ask me
20:54:42preglowit'll never be noticed
20:54:48preglowif anyone notices it, i'll eat my bloody hat
20:54:52preglowand i don't even have a hat
20:55:04Mikachui could have a hat sent
20:55:12preglowas long as it's purdy
20:55:20preglowsomething with a lot of easily digestible fibers
20:55:32Mikachui think under the circumstances i can promise it
20:55:32crashda hat made of chocolate, perhaps ?
20:55:46crashdmust remember to stop unplugging ipod with hold switch on
20:55:58preglowwhat's wrong with that?
20:56:05crashdboots rockbox, with hold on
20:56:08crashdwhich clears my settings
20:56:17preglowahhhhh, right :-)
20:56:25crashdpain in the ass ;)
20:56:42Mikachudoes it reboot when you just unplug it?
20:56:57Mikachumine only does if i write to partition 1
20:57:19KyomiiPod.... *cackles*
20:57:29KyomiWhat you want is an iRiver ;)
20:57:39crashdonly, the h3xx series and the h10 are discontinued
20:57:54crashdso it was either an ipod, or something else which didnt really fit my description of what i wanted
20:58:28KyomiAre you serious?
20:58:36crashdmy h10 broke
20:58:44crashdand i had to get a new dap from the same store
20:58:48KyomiWell... i guess I'm pretty much out of luck if something breaks ;_;
20:59:20Kummerget used to it, iPod is gonna be rockbox's most popular platform in time
20:59:34webguest38The ipod isn't bad, if you don't need recording or radio.
20:59:38webguest38(with Rockbox, of course)
21:00:10Mikachuwhen all 100 million with ipods use them, someone is bound to be able to code something up
21:00:11 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:00:25 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
21:01:35amiconnpreglow: Is HD read speed any different on iPod when boosted vs. when unboosted?
21:03:21Mikachudoes he have a non-nano ipod?
21:04:09KyomiBut I...*HATE*.... iPod...
21:04:16KyomiAnd mostly anything apple related
21:04:17crashdMikachu: does who?
21:04:27KyomiI can hardly stand having quicktime on my computer
21:04:31crashdKyomi: i hate the ipod too
21:04:43crashdhowever, i cant complain when ive got 30gb of music and a stable and decent os on there
21:04:46crashdie: rockbox
21:04:50amiconnMikachu: He has a nano, but the nano uses an ata i/f to the flash
21:04:58crashdwith a usable battery life, with more to come
21:05:03Mikachuthe word HD confused me then
21:05:33*webguest38 sees no reason to hate the ipod
21:05:36webguest38It's hardware. If it works, use it.
21:06:42webguest38And it's not like anyone's being forced at gunpoint to install Quicktime
21:06:52*webguest38 doesn't own an ipod
21:06:56amiconnI can't say I like the iPod. The form factor is nice, but it's scratchy, has this odd click wheel, and the colours are mostly crap
21:07:05amiconn(except the black and silver ones)
21:07:08crashdblack is all that i need
21:07:24crashdi agree, if i couldnt have got a black one, i woldnt have gone for it
21:07:27crashd< shallow ;\
21:07:33amiconnI might still get one, with a greyscale lcd to port the lib....
21:07:41tucozamiconn, the mini is not that scratchy
21:07:47*amiconn is watching silver minis on eBay
21:07:58tucozoh, you turned to the dark side
21:08:50webguest38Well yeah, there are some valid points against it. The scratching being pretty obvious (Video and Nano, mostly?), and the clickwheel being a matter of personal preference, but..
21:09:13 Join quobl_ [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-e50e879ad72cd44d)
21:09:33preglowamiconn: i dunno, might test at some point
21:09:48amiconnThe nano has a physically too small display for my taste, especially for its resolution
21:09:49KyomiBut...iPods are EXTREMELY overpriced
21:10:09Mikachui won mine, would never have bought one...
21:10:11preglowamiconn: but ok, you think the patch looks fine then? i'll commit if so
21:10:27amiconnpreglow: I need that info to decide what #ifdef to use for my boost-while-accessing-disk addition
21:10:46preglowamiconn: mok, i'll do a large file read test
21:10:47amiconnpreglow: I think so, though I didn't try it yet
21:11:08preglowamiconn: it sounds like it should on ipod, i think
21:11:15webguest38Kyomi: Depends how you mean.. with Rockbox, they're mostly on par with similar priced items afaik.. I agree that without it, they do too little for their price.
21:11:21preglowamiconn: i'll just commit it, if something is wrong, a minor fix is all there should be left to do
21:12:14preglowamiconn: ahh, i should probably disable the dead channel settings code in sound.c first
21:12:37 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
21:13:16KyomiHmmm... anyone know anyhting about steven segal movies?
21:14:03 Quit Rodom (No route to host)
21:14:50amiconnOne build server seems to have vanished...
21:15:10preglowKyomi: i know they're shit
21:15:21KyomiI know that
21:15:32KyomiBut I'm trying to find an actress that was in one
21:15:41KyomiI think it was out for justice but I dunno
21:15:45preglowthe one on the boat? :> should be helpful
21:15:51KyomiHe was in there and in some prision
21:15:54KyomiI'm already trhere
21:15:55preglowbut yeah
21:16:00KyomiI can't find it there
21:16:05preglowthen it doesn't exist
21:16:07KyomiI dont have enough info :(
21:16:14KyomiI dunno what I'm looking for
21:16:15preglowand you dreamt it
21:16:15webguest38preglow: Good point.
21:16:21KyomiI saw it
21:16:26webguest38imdb knows everything.
21:16:31preglowthere's the bloody sound callback function array that needs an entry to the function
21:16:31webguest38If it's on film, it's in imdb
21:16:56preglowamiconn: we really need to do something about this apps/firmware thing
21:16:57KyomiHe was in it and was in a prison undercover to save some judge lady that got kid napped and was going to get the electric chair
21:17:03 Join Rodom [0] (
21:17:18KyomiBut the actress in there looked asian and the most beautiful eye makeup on
21:17:27KyomiI'm trying to find a pic of it ^^;
21:18:47preglowi'll just let the dead code be
21:18:55preglowa nice reason to fix the problem some day
21:19:11KummerKyomi it's not clear that the iPod nano 4GB is overpriced. AFAIK all other 4GB flash-based players cost more.
21:19:45KyomiBecause 4GB suck :P
21:19:53Kummerof course one could argue that the unavailability of flash ram is due to apple buying it all up
21:19:53KyomiI'm not going to downgrade from 20GB
21:20:18*Kyomi would rather replace the harddrive in her H320 to a 40GB :)
21:20:22Kummerflash is a different category, I would not compare the two with terms like upgrade/downgrade
21:20:32Kummersometimes you really really need Skip Free(tm) play
21:20:34 Join damaki [0] (
21:20:56*amiconn sees a flash player as a complement for an HD player, not as a replacement, so he doesn't see it as a downgrade
21:20:58 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
21:21:26 Join Moos [0] (
21:21:31tucozKyomi, is it this film?
21:21:35webguest38Yeah, they serve two different (but possibly overlapping) purposes
21:21:47KyomiTo me... getting a 4GB iPod... and before having a 20GB iRiver... yes.. that is a downgrade
21:21:59MikachuYou have: 2GB/(100kB per 8 second)
21:22:00MikachuYou want: hours
21:22:00Mikachu* 44.444444
21:22:06Kyomitucoz: OMG!
21:22:08Mikachuthat's enough for me, i'm never away for more than a day :)
21:22:09KyomiI LOVE YOU
21:22:14KyomiThank you sooo much ^_^
21:22:15tucozKyomi, google loves you
21:23:02Zoide7777Unicode Chinese font patch added! :)
21:23:21Zoide7777and it's only 14 pixels, so it should be less problematic than Unifont
21:23:30Kyomitucoz: How'd you find that?
21:23:31muesli__cant be censored by chinese government?= ;)
21:23:41 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC with a difference")
21:23:44KyomiThere wasn't much info to go on
21:24:02preglowamiconn: disabled the sound.c code in hackish way, but i can't see any better ways
21:24:13Zoide7777muesli_: maybe with the help of some western companies ;)
21:24:40 Join centos [0] (
21:24:41muesli__business is business hohohoho
21:25:14centosdoes anyone know how long it will take rockbox to boot on an ipod 5g?
21:25:42crashda second or three
21:25:56KyomiIt's EXTREMELY faster
21:25:56crashdnot very long at all
21:26:23KyomiAlthough... there was something interesting from when I switched to 1.29K from <somenumber>USA
21:26:34KyomiThe speed it loaded increased by like 3x
21:26:34tucozKyomi, paste this in google. And it's the first hit: prison undercover "steven seagal" judge kidnapped
21:26:47centosa second or three? thats really fast. :)
21:27:05crashdyeah, it is really fast
21:27:43KyomiI wonder why the US version of the SAME firmware didn't include video....
21:28:12preglowKyomi: patents, probably
21:28:21preglowKyomi: or license issues
21:28:23crashdcursed video chipset
21:28:34 Quit centos (Client Quit)
21:29:24Zoide7777arrggg.... there is a vertical alignment issue with the font I uploaded
21:29:32Zoide7777well, i have to go though
21:29:52Zoide7777if someone wants to have a go at it, it's in the tracker (.bdf and .sfd files for Fontforge are in the .zip)
21:29:55Papricaoops, unnecessary line on my last commit
21:29:59*Kyomi tries to make a Dark Crystal font from the windows one... but fails miserably
21:30:00 Part Zoide7777
21:30:49PapricaMikachu, your patch is commited
21:30:54Papricamay i close ot
21:31:14Papricai dont include the press button before new game..
21:31:36Papricaand i wont commit it.. i'll make a menu...
21:31:44MikachuPaprica: that part is mostly because you don't save the highscore yet, and if i want to say "omg paprica i got so and so many points" it closes in 2 seconds
21:32:49Papricaahha =]
21:33:10amiconnpreglow: Looks like a working solution, although not particularly clean. It leaves an (unavoidable) gap in the array
21:34:07*amiconn wonders whether there are better ways at all
21:34:54amiconnThe sound setting functions usually deal with hardware. Stereo width is special since it's a hardware thing on the MAS but not on swcodec platforms
21:35:37preglowamiconn: yeah, i know what the problem is, but the solution chosen makes it a bit hard to do cleanly when some functions are dsp.c based
21:36:05 Join webguest04 [0] (
21:36:11safetydanhrm... I seem to have a hit a roadblock... how to represent 0 to pi/2...
21:36:20preglowsafetydan: hmm?
21:36:55safetydancordic needs one of parameters to range from 0 to pi/2 which doesn't fit in s0.31... though I could just rescale it... duh
21:37:07 Join dpro [0] (
21:37:14preglowwell, like i said the other day
21:37:20preglowi don't understand cordic too well
21:37:36KyomiOne more question
21:37:43preglowif the algorithm actually needs one of the mnumbers to be a straight numerical pi thing, then the 0.32 fixed point thing isn't really possible without hacks
21:37:57KyomiI think the plugin is something like pacbox or something... is that some kind of emulator?
21:38:04preglowsince what you really need to is pretende 0 is 0 and 0xffffffff is 2*pi
21:38:04safetydanKyomi, yes
21:38:18MikachuKyomi: it's a pacman (and only pacman) emulator
21:38:24KyomiWhenever I try to use it, it just says something like "No ROM files in <directory>" and stops
21:38:33MikachuKyomi: then put some rom files there
21:38:45KyomiOf what?
21:38:49KyomiI have like 8 million
21:39:00crashdyou need the Miday Pacman roms
21:39:00safetydanpreglow, the algorithm is pretty dependent on the sign of the angle around the unit circle
21:39:03crashdor similar
21:39:06safetydanor at least seems to be
21:39:26*safetydan wonders if we should just use a nice taylor series
21:39:51Mikachuof the first order, sin x ~= x
21:40:02Mikachucan't go any faster than that :)
21:41:12KyomiBut...I want it to be an ACTUAL emulator :P
21:41:23KyomiThat emulates... whatever rom you put in it :P
21:41:30webguest04I tried to create the rockbox tagdatabse for an Archos Recorder 20 but there seems to be some kind of a size limitation on it, I only get about half of my songs in the Index. can anyone help me?
21:41:36*Kyomi needs a gba emulator on the H320
21:41:44MikachuKyomi: that will never happen
21:41:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:42:00KyomiTheres directional buttons
21:42:01Mikachui can almost promise that
21:42:10safetydanKyomi, buy a gba... it's cheap and you can have it now
21:42:14KyomiAnd the on/button below could be a/b :P
21:42:20 Quit Hansmaulwurf (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:42:21safetydanor buy a pda
21:42:24Kyomior the ones on the other side
21:42:26Mikachuthe cpu is probably just a bit too slow
21:42:45nobeliumi still think it's slow for GBC
21:42:52nobeliumaladin sucks there
21:43:07KyomiIf it's too slow for that... how can all these other color games and stuff get on it?
21:43:08preglowsafetydan: might as well just use a big table, then
21:43:17Kyomilike that jewels game and the bubbles?
21:43:22preglowor perhaps a taylor series with some nice wrapping
21:43:27preglowperhaps it's worth a shot
21:43:30nobeliumbecause they are coded straight to rockbox
21:43:33nobeliumand don't use an emulator
21:43:36nobeliumthat's my guess
21:43:40KyomiHmmm question
21:44:07KyomiHow can you get a list of all the changes since the last daily build? Are all of them on the homepage?
21:44:33Mikachuyou can click the all changes since 2.5 link and wait a while
21:45:27preglowsafetydan: but yeah, if we are to use a taylor series, we might as well just use your old cordic code, imho
21:45:39preglowsafetydan: they'll both have the same precision "problems"
21:46:03Mikachudon't you need quite a lot of terms to get good accuracy toward the end points?
21:46:06 Join KN|stiff [0] (
21:46:43amiconnpreglow: Seems the build bug for m68k-elf-gcc on x86_64 is already reported
21:47:23KummerI think the all changes since 2.5 link is only updated daily
21:47:38Kummerso, it doesn't help in comparing against the daily build
21:47:39preglowamiconn: it is, since half a year
21:47:46preglowamiconn: and no surprise, the gcc people shows no will to fix it
21:47:57amiconnThe gcc guys seem to prefer to ignore it.... status unconfirmed although reported 7 months ago...
21:47:58preglowamiconn: even though it seems to be a general 64 bit problem
21:48:11preglowi think i'll go bug them for a bit
21:48:18amiconnIt happens with *all* versions I tried
21:48:26KyomiWhen the bootloader loads up
21:48:35KyomiIt says Model Name: H300
21:48:40KyomiBut..its H320..
21:48:42 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
21:48:50dprohmmm something went wrong on my nano ...
21:48:52preglowamiconn: yeah, and gcc 4.1.0 has the some problem to boot
21:49:24 Quit Rick ("I… don't need to be here.")
21:49:31dproI installed the nano bootloader with dd (to sda1)
21:49:55dproI put rockbox on sda2 (vfat ipod root)
21:50:04dpronow apple asks me to ask for support ...
21:50:17Mikachuyou probably forgot to set the partition type of sda1 to None
21:50:35 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
21:50:58safetydanKyomi, there's probably no hardware difference between a h320 and a h340 (apart from drive size) so they're both called H300
21:50:59KyomiAnother question... what does the A-B do when you are entering text? It just brings up the alphabet with some other characters in it and shoves the text area to the bottom..
21:51:01KyomiWhat is that?
21:51:29Mikachui guess, if you want to enter any of those characters?
21:51:57dprostrangely enough fdisk still thinks it's 3 partitions and the 3rd is hfs but I can mount sda2 as vfat ..
21:52:16KyomiMikachu: But all of those are already on the main screen without pressing the A-B button
21:52:17webguest04There seems to be a problem compiling the tag database if it need to be bigger than 4.8 Mb
21:52:40MikachuKyomi: okay.. i don't know how the keyboard input looks on that target
21:52:55Mikachudpro: partition type != filesystem
21:53:09Mikachudpro: sda1 should be None and sda2 should be W95 FAT32
21:53:13 Quit mirak (Success)
21:53:18Mikachuoh sorry, Empty, not None
21:53:37crashdwhat's the quickest way to rebuild a given plugin?
21:53:37Mikachuit won't work otherwise
21:53:41 Join ender1 [0] (i=ychat@
21:54:15KyomiIt's amazing how much norton screws over your space in my iRiver
21:54:23dpromikachu: so what number would that be in cfdisk ?
21:54:34KyomiI deleted the "norton protected" stuff on the player since I couldn't see it other wise
21:54:42KyomiAnd my free space shot up to 689MB
21:54:50KyomiFrom 28ZMB
21:54:58Kummer0, I think?
21:54:59Mikachudpro: it seems cfdisk doesn't display it properly... use fdisk
21:55:15Mikachudpro: type t, 1, L
21:55:19Mikachuand you'll see a list
21:55:29Kummer /dev/sda1 1 10 80293+ 0 Empty