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#rockbox log for 2006-03-26

00:00:07BagderI am and have fiddled with the script
00:00:19t0masalso the output one
00:01:04sharpemy memory is in general, good
00:01:15t0masBagder: what are those serv- logs?
00:01:18Bagdert0mas: I did a different approach
00:01:31t0masyeah, I saw you enabled all debugging in the script
00:01:33BagderI copy the dbglog file at the end of the round
00:01:34t0masbut I wanted a backlog...
00:01:39t0masah ok
00:02:05ThommyRockyshould i be right, that theres no IPOD 5g WPS SIM?
00:02:19Bagderthe serv- files are the HTML files that are the rightmost link of each line in the cvs build table
00:02:26t0masyeah, I see
00:02:43BagderThommyRocky: sure is
00:03:20ThommyRockywhere to find it?
00:03:32Bagderyou build it from source
00:04:29 Join qwm_ [0] (
00:04:49ThommyRockyno idea how to do this ... Iam a stupid boy
00:04:59Bagderthere are lots of docs on the site
00:05:06t0masBagder: now wait for the next failure...
00:05:10t0masand checkout all the logs we have
00:05:11ThommyRockywill have a log on it
00:05:26Bagdert0mas: yeps
00:05:40t0masthat failing line...
00:05:46t0masthat looks like massive connection trouble
00:05:52t0mas6 servers working out of 10...
00:05:58Bagderyes, people say the site had trouble during the day
00:06:00t0maslots of connections dropped during build
00:06:20t0masare you editing ?
00:06:32t0masor can I edit some little things?
00:06:33Bagderyes, but you can do it now
00:06:43 Join JoeBorn [0] (
00:06:59Bagderwe got two more servers tonight
00:08:22t0masquick perl question... can I get a reference to a @builds item?
00:08:32t0masand change the line back to the original if it failed?
00:08:51preglowget a reference to an item?
00:08:56 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:08:58preglow\$builds[wtf] ?
00:09:13preglowi haven't coded perl for ages, but that should be it
00:09:21Bagderthat sounds like a weird way to do it
00:09:36t0masyeah, maybe it wasn't the right question
00:09:44BagderI would make a copy of the array and alter that
00:09:57t0mascan't do that...
00:10:09t0masif I mark a build as done in a copy, how would the other threads now it's done? :)
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00:11:02preglowwhat does the @builds array contain?
00:11:12t0masall build targets we have
00:11:24Bagderwell the @builds array should not be modified I think
00:11:29Bagderbut another array could be
00:11:38t0masit is modified right now...
00:12:26preglowi'd just make a copy of it and pop stuff off of it when each target's done, and mark the entry as busy if it's in processing
00:12:47t0masthere was something special with return values in perl right?
00:12:48ThommyRockyiam confused with build up a sim for win :/
00:13:03Bagdert0mas: not that I can think of
00:13:39preglownothing special about return values
00:15:30 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:16:51Bagdert0mas: if you removed my mv dbglog you should put back your fix
00:17:22BagderI used my way since it allows tail -f better
00:17:46BagderDST tomorrow
00:17:55Bagdertime to sleep
00:18:00t0maswait 1 min
00:18:12t0mastake a look at
00:18:14t0masline 280
00:18:17t0mas(around there)
00:18:29t0masI've added special return value 2 to the buildremote function
00:18:33t0masfor SSH error's
00:18:46t0masif that happens, it should restore the buildline... so that makes a rebuild
00:19:10t0masbut it's 0:19... I've been running all day... and I've drunk a little to much during dinner :)
00:19:13t0masso please check it :P
00:19:15Bagderbuildremote never rerturns 2 since if exitcode != 0 it returns 1
00:19:18 Quit Kyomi ()
00:19:31t0maswrong order
00:19:34t0masthat's what I mean ;)
00:19:40 Join rUiSu [0] (
00:19:54t0masshall I fix it? or have you already done it?
00:20:03Bagderyou fix
00:20:14amiconnwavplay now plays 16 bit wav files with all common samplerates, mono and stereo :)
00:20:31ThommyRockywho need wav ;D?
00:20:48amiconnStopping is also possible
00:20:53t0masbuilding now :)
00:21:15amiconnOnly one major thing missing: restore MAS status
00:21:39t0masBagder? can you kill one server for me? :)
00:21:50t0masjust make iptables drop traffic to Linus or something
00:21:55Bagderthere was a problem in the last round anyway
00:24:37t0mashmz... that 1 statuscode isn't enough
00:24:52t0maswe need to find out what formula ssh uses to return statuscodes from commands...
00:25:12t0masso we can determine on what codes there is a ssh problem, and on what codes it's a build problem
00:25:22Bagder"ssh exits with the exit status of the remote command or with 255 if an error occurred."
00:25:41t0masnot your version
00:26:03t0masI got exit code 1 on connection error for example...
00:26:11Bagderit still says so
00:26:17t0masand -1 now, when I killed some random sshd process
00:26:19t0masat a server
00:26:43Mikachui'm pretty sure shell return codes can only be 0-255
00:26:53Bagderbut why do you need to know the error reason?
00:27:04Bagdershould just about all of them cause a rebuild by another serveR?
00:27:26t0maswe have two types of errors...
00:27:37t0mas1. errors returned by the build process (no need to rebuild)
00:27:56t0mas2. SSH connection errors (need to rebuild)
00:28:01Bagderwhat errors does this detect for case 1?
00:28:08BagderI don't see it
00:28:21t0masit returns the exit code form the running command...
00:28:31Bagderah, acbuild
00:28:40t0masyeah, but we get some strange results
00:28:43t0maslike this one: SSH failed code: -1.
00:29:42t0masWarning: had builderrors, SSH failed code: -1.
00:29:42t0masWarning: had builderrors in build-ipodnano
00:29:42t0masWarning: had builderrors, SSH failed code: -1.
00:29:45t0masWarning: had builderrors, SSH failed code: -1.
00:29:51t0masthe first one is mine... killed sshd there, just to test
00:29:56t0masthe other 3 are real warnings
00:30:24 Part rUiSu
00:31:29Bagderso we need a better way to actual detect build errors
00:31:36Bagderand treat everything else as ssh errors
00:32:04Bagderwe should really remake the system slightly to not rely to much on a local script
00:32:12Bagderso much
00:32:13 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
00:32:22Bagdersince it makes it very awkward to modify
00:32:25 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:32:30 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
00:33:30t0masbut sending all commands is difficult too...
00:33:40 Join ashridah [0] (
00:34:16t0masreally bed time now :)
00:34:31Bagderbut we could make a system that re-distributes
00:34:35t0massome people decided to take 1 hour of my night... somewhere around 02:00
00:34:43Bagderif only the local configs isn't edited within the file
00:34:51t0masadd a simple config file...
00:34:59t0maspath = "";
00:35:01t0masccache = true;
00:35:11Bagderplain perl
00:35:16Bagderand then just require the config file
00:35:26Bagder$ccache = 1;
00:36:07sharpehmm... mkdir takes only absolute paths right?
00:36:08 Quit PhR3aK ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
00:36:17t0masgood night
00:36:21Bagdert0mas: night!
00:36:35*t0mas turns of his phone... pc... pda... and alarm clock...
00:36:43t0massunday morning is gonna last loooong
00:37:17Kohlrabi<sharpe> hmm... mkdir takes only absolute paths right? | you mean you always have to append the whole path like 'mkdir /home/me/foo'?
00:37:17Bagderyou youngster you ;-)
00:37:44sharpei knew that already...
00:38:14sharpeand i mean rockbox mkdir, not mkdir as in the command.
00:38:23t0masBagder: I bet you have to get up to feed you kid etc? ;)
00:38:29Bagderoh yes
00:38:36Bagder07:00 rise and shine
00:39:12*t0mas grins
00:39:33t0maskids can wait like 15 more years...
00:40:04Bagderand by an accident, I'm more than 15 years older than you ;-)
00:41:01t0masyou looked younger than 33 at the devcon pictures...
00:41:03Bagdercrappy showbuilds script bugs
00:41:12BagderI'm 35
00:41:15t0masbut maybe that's because you were next to Linus
00:41:25*t0mas grins... and runs :P
00:41:39Bagderooold grandpa Linus
00:41:53t0maswell... at least he couldn't have been my dad
00:42:00t0masthat sounds so horribly old :P
00:47:55amiconnold men at devcon.. :)
00:52:34sharpeouch... think i just cut my tongue :(
00:52:59 Quit zoneout (Remote closed the connection)
00:53:16sharpemkdir() does not seem to be creating directories...
00:53:25 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
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00:57:46 Join thegeek [0] (
00:58:54Mikachuheh, "You have finished the game" "Life: 22"
01:01:06sharpewell, that was scary.
01:01:22 Part Aditya|Shower
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01:06:30ThommyRocky2one q: if i Use i Irrive WPS on Ipod it dosnt shows the Background only bg.bmp| (in the background) where is the problem?
01:10:17 Quit imphasing (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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01:12:55 Part ThommyRocky2
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01:13:06 Part Short1
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01:22:06dpassen1What's the size in pixels of the H120 remote?
01:22:28 Quit nudelyn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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01:30:49 Join qwm [0] (
01:32:34lostlogicep0ch: yay, I didn't break it.. I wonder why that is.
01:33:36 Join Nico_P [0] (
01:35:35 Join RotAtoR [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
01:36:28sharpeyay it works so far...
01:39:44 Quit Short1 ("Leaving.")
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01:43:31 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
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03:04:53Massa1whowas massa
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03:48:18 Join ssnajper [0] (
03:49:17ssnajpercan anyone tell me what ipod 3g status is?
03:49:22 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:50:25 Quit Kohlriba ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
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04:18:50*scottder is just so happy he can play ogg vorbis on his Nano now...
04:19:03sharpemyself is sad :(
04:19:20sharpeworking on a plugin
04:19:23 Quit MrStaticVoid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:20:07sharpetrying to figure out an easier way of seperating the file name and the extension from the complete filename
04:20:47scottderI guess the easier answer is regular expressions, but I am betting it;s not that simple
04:21:06sharpewhat i was trying, but it's like... blah.
04:21:11 Quit qwm_ ("leaving")
04:22:36KyomiHey, isn't the tag for scrolling %s
04:22:42sharpeah, think so
04:22:47KyomiIn custom wps
04:22:54KyomiIt said it could be anywhere
04:23:09sharpeyeah, it's %s
04:23:10KyomiSo I'm trying to modify the JoltAmp wps so the song title will scroll
04:23:17KyomiBut it wont scroll
04:23:33sharpeis it larger than the screen?
04:23:53sharpetried putting it at the beginning of the string? :
04:24:06sharpecouldn't tell you.
04:24:20Kyomi%ac%?it<%it|%?fm<%s%fm|Unknown Track>
04:24:42KyomiOr should it be before the %it
04:24:57sharpetry having it before the %ac
04:25:37KyomiDo you know if a %S is anything?
04:25:43 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
04:25:50sharpeyou mean, a conditional for it?
04:26:13KyomiI think I might of put it in there by mistake
04:26:17sharpeit will only scroll of the line is longer than the screen width...
04:27:48KyomiI know that much :P:
04:28:08KyomiDo you need to reboot it?
04:28:15KyomiOr can you just play something?
04:28:19 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
04:28:24sharpereloading the wps you mean?
04:29:23KyomiI think I might know the problem
04:29:29KyomiIt's not bigger then the screen
04:29:39KyomiBut it is bigger then the display area that the wps gives it
04:29:59KyomiHow can I get past that part to make it scroll?
04:30:14sharpeyeah, it only scrolls if it's bigger than the screen, not the images behind it...
04:30:21Paul_The_NerdThere are no "display areas" really. Just the width of the screen.
04:30:26 Join carini [0] (
04:30:33KyomiBecause I can't see the beginning and end of the song
04:30:39Paul_The_NerdWhen viewports are done, then it can scroll after a specific length, but for now, no.
04:31:05Paul_The_NerdA new method of displaying. It's not due particularly soon, though. ;-)
04:31:27KyomiIs there a way to take a screenshot to show you?
04:31:49Paul_The_NerdIf you enable screendump in the debug menu, when you plug in a USB cable it takes a screenie instead of connecting
04:33:26sharpei'm watching lifetime, while working on code!
04:34:04KyomiWhere is the screenshot stored?
04:34:23sharperoot of drive
04:34:31Kyomihold on a sec :)
04:34:33 Join Cassandra- [0] (
04:35:38Kyomican I send it to one of you here?
04:35:47muesli__if somebody needs a helping light...
04:36:00Paul_The_NerdYou could just pots it at one of the many image hosting places
04:36:13sharpefor instance, imageshack...
04:37:09 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:38:33 Nick Arrogant[RE4] is now known as Arrogant (
04:38:59KyomiThats what I mean
04:39:06KyomiIs it possible to get that to scroll?
04:39:17midkay%s = scroll...
04:39:29KyomiI've tried that like..everywhere and it wont scroll
04:39:33sharpenay, tis not if it's just covered by the image
04:39:51midkayyeah, is it the very front that's cut off or way more?
04:39:53Paul_The_NerdKyomi: It'll only scroll if the line is longer than the whole screen.
04:40:01Kyominot the image?
04:40:15midkayquickest way i think would be to simply add a few spaces before the strings..
04:40:16KyomiIt's probably just barely big enough
04:40:28KyomiOther problem
04:40:44KyomiIs there a way to make the Album : thing line up with the other two?
04:41:06Paul_The_NerdOne more space before the other two doesn't do it?
04:41:09midkaysure, edit it.. remove a space there..
04:41:18midkayor add one for the other two..
04:41:46Kyomi%ac%?it<%s%it|%?fm<%fm|Unknown Track>
04:41:52KyomiIs the %s in the right place?
04:43:03KyomiOr should it be before %ac?
04:43:10 Part carini
04:43:39sharpemidkay, so far...
04:44:19 Part Paul_The_Nerd
04:44:23sharpeit like, kind of works.
04:45:14 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
04:46:05midkaysharpe, cool.
04:46:27sharpei just need to do... a few things...
04:47:17Jungti1234Did txt viewer support unicode?
04:47:26sharpeI Don't Know!!
04:47:46 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Kühe!!!")
04:47:47sharpei don't think it does though, not sure.
04:48:55Jungti1234Many korean speak that it had supported unicode.
04:49:10Jungti1234I don't think so....
04:49:34midkayJungti1234, if you're using a unicode font, it probably does...
04:50:14midkaywhy not try?
04:51:20Jungti1234I save and saw it in unicode.
04:51:39Jungti1234It didn't seem.
04:52:26midkayJungti1234, what font?
04:52:37Jungti1234Then, did Rockbox support unicode in former days?
04:52:51midkayunicode support is rather recent...
04:52:57sharpedon't think it did
04:53:30Jungti1234I saved it as 'ANSI', and it seem.
04:53:39midkaywhat kind of question is that? it didn't support unicode, then support was added. if "former days" means "before it supported unicode", then no, it didn't support unicode when it didn't support unicode..
04:53:56midkayand it began to support unicode after it began to support unicode.
04:54:07sharpesuch wonderful redundant login :)
04:54:19midkaynever mind.. brb.
04:54:39Jungti1234first again
04:55:01Jungti1234Did Rockbox viewer support unicode once upon a time?
04:55:37Jungti1234At short time some.
04:56:15Jungti1234ah... 'Long ago'
04:56:16 Join afruff23 [0] (
04:56:52afruff23How do I display the total track time of the NEXT file in the WPS?
04:57:09Jungti1234English is difficult.
04:58:58sharpeafruff23, you... don't... it would seem.
04:59:44afruff23yea, I found that wierd as the WPS guide implies that it is not possible
05:03:58afruff23the custom WPS guide says "The file may be 2 lines long for the Player, 13 lines for the Recorder and 26 lines for the iriver models (with native Rockbox font)."
05:04:05afruff23what about the iaudio X5
05:04:24 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
05:04:30sharpedepends on the font
05:04:43sharpehmm, deja vu
05:04:45 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:04:46 Nick Cassandra- is now known as Cassandra (
05:04:51afruff23default font
05:06:11midkayafruff23, those "limits" are almost pointless.. it all just depends on the font.
05:06:24midkaywhat fits on the screen, and a bit more..
05:06:30sharpemidkay, do me a favor
05:06:31afruff23I just said default font
05:06:40midkaysharpe, no!! .. or... what is it? :)
05:06:49midkayafruff23, why not just _try_ and find out?
05:06:57midkayprobably something like the iriver models.
05:07:20midkaybetween 23 and 28, i'd say.
05:07:58sharpeheh, midkay, hold on..
05:08:41afruff23isn't it wierd that the H3x) has higher res than theHx0 but the guide says they both support 26 lines on the default font
05:08:53midkayafruff23, it's _wrong_.
05:08:59midkaythe h300 has a bigger screen, period.
05:09:05afruff23I know that
05:09:06midkayit's inaccurate.. and.. almost pointless.
05:09:15afruff23Someone should update that
05:09:20midkayfeel free.
05:09:47afruff23I don't know the limits of iRivers using default font though
05:10:09midkayi can do it, i suppose..
05:10:20afruff23whcih one?
05:10:29afruff23H1x0 or H3x0?
05:10:36midkaywhich one what?
05:10:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:10:47afruff23I thoguht you were going to test it
05:10:54midkayi was going to update the wiki.
05:11:00midkay26 lines == iriver h100, afaik.
05:11:03 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
05:11:07midkay== iaudio.. afaik, again.
05:13:09 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Client Quit)
05:13:53 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
05:13:55afruff23Did anybody ever feel 26 lines are not enough?
05:14:00afruff23it seems like a lot to me
05:14:37midkayafruff23, if it feels like a lot to you, why would you ask if it were not enough?
05:14:56midkaythat's simply all you can fit with the default font. period. use a smaller one, or.. live with it..
05:15:08afruff23I'm gaining a foundation before creating a very detailed WPS
05:16:13midkayi'm not sure what you mean by that.. the limit is 26 lines with the default font, that's all that fits.. i don't see how opinions related to the size of the font add to your knowledge of WPS-making..
05:16:54afruff23I suspect my WPS may be more than 26, so i need to know whether to use a smaller font or not
05:17:08Jungti1234Who is JoelPuik?
05:17:14afruff23or put less info on the screen
05:17:46midkayafruff23, 26 is the number of lines that fit with the default font. the wps itself can be way longer (e.g. loading images..)..
05:18:28midkay26 seems like a hell of a lot of room, especially with the size of the default font. what could you possibly need more for? plus, we have alternating lines.. scrolling lines.. conditionals..
05:18:56sharpefor the low low price of 8.99 a month!
05:19:27afruff23sharpe, what?
05:19:48sharpejoke about 'plus we have...'
05:21:56midkaysharpe, did you want me to try something or what? :)
05:22:07sharpeeh, nah... i may have it now
05:22:47sharpeeh, well, if you want to :)
05:22:49afruff23also, do scrolling lines scroll even if the info would fit on the screen without scrolling?
05:22:58midkaysharpe, what is it? the plugin? :)
05:23:35sharpereally just something for it, but yeh. seperate a string with filename given, into the name and the extenstion. because i don't feel like doing it.
05:24:37midkayi'd check the tree code and stuff.. it somehow does that to figure out what to do with each file based on its extension..
05:26:27 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:31:25afruff23is there anywa to display custom tags in the WPS(i.e. non-standard ID3 V2 tags)
05:32:40sharpenot unless you code it in, nope
05:33:12afruff23what about color text?
05:33:29sharpecan't do it within the wps...
05:33:45afruff23then where?
05:34:20afruff23I assume you mean that you can have color text in other places
05:34:45sharpeit's not up to the wps for the foreground colors, it's the user's settings...
05:35:00sharpebut you'd just have to have a theme that would set them
05:35:08afruff23so you mean the general settings
05:38:39afruff23wouldn't the multifont patch allow them to be changed separately
05:39:48sharpeseems like it'd only do the fonts, and not the colors...
05:45:07 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:45:08 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:49:10afruff23which players do not have an RTC?
05:51:26afruff23giw many steps does the volue have?
05:52:03afruff23is there a graphical way to display volume without using many bmps?
05:52:14sharpeuse less bitmaps?
05:54:04afruff23they should've made widgets for volume and EQ
05:54:08afruff23like the progress bar
05:54:15sharpeheh, you should make them :)
05:54:45afruff23well, how many steps does the volume have?
05:54:54sharpedepends on the playetr
05:55:35afruff23then how would I do that if it depends on the player?
05:55:43afruff23The WPS is universal
05:55:46midkayafruff23, why do you need the number?
05:56:01afruff23Ro now how many pics I eed
05:56:08sharpeyou don't need it for the wps
05:56:11midkayno matter the volume range, 10 is the max number of pics you can use for volume.
05:56:22midkayyou can't nearly have one picture for each step.
05:56:25Jungti1234hey Bagder
05:56:34midkayit scales for different volume ranges.
05:56:39midkaygotta go, bbiab
05:56:44Jungti1234hey all
05:57:07Jungti1234Can't I use Rockbox logo?
05:57:20Jungti1234in wikipedia
05:57:47 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:58:19sharpewoohoo, my ghettofied approach works.
05:59:07Jungti1234To whom is copyright of Rockbox logo?
06:03:14 Join Rob2222 [0] (
06:04:15TiMiDmaybe it's GPLed ...
06:04:24sharpeseems logical.
06:04:57Jungti1234I want correct answer.
06:05:05Jungti1234'maybe'? no.
06:05:31sharpeit may be public domain.
06:06:56TiMiDsince it's included in rb source code tree without specific nitification, it has to be gpl ...
06:07:17Jungti1234what is 'nitification'
06:07:24sharpehe meant notification
06:08:20sharpehey midkay, i'm going to have to use a different extension, otherwise it'd get confusing if we get support for zips.
06:15:00 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
06:16:29Jungti1234I want.
06:16:58Jungti1234Rockbox decides each language standard language.
06:18:16Jungti1234standard language -> formality name
06:18:25 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
06:19:56Jungti1234and Inform clearly copyright of logo.
06:20:44 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:22:34sharpeheh. i did not realize for the past thirty minutes i was trying to create a folder before the parent was created... :)
06:31:17 Join Short1 [0] (
06:31:42 Nick Short1 is now known as short1 (
06:32:01 Part short1
06:44:53 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzz")
06:45:42midkaysharpe, what?
06:46:02sharpethe temp dir stuff...
06:46:15midkay<sharpe> hey midkay, i'm going to have to use a different extension, otherwise it'd get confusing if we get support for zips.
06:46:45sharpeit'd be confusing checking every zip to see if it had a wps in it with the associated bitmaps
06:47:03sharpeso, just use a different extenstion and let another plugin handle it :)
06:48:08midkayi know checking the zip for a WPS is hard. but even if we don't do that, we really shouldn't have a different extension..
06:48:18midkayat the most, just require the zip to be in the root, i think..
06:48:23midkayer, WPS.
06:48:58midkaybut i also think it would be really cool to look for a WPS (not scan the entire zip, just check a few predetermined paths) so that zips downloaded from the WPS gallery could be used directly.
06:49:01sharpeyeah, but how would we know if one wanted to just extract it, versus extracting it and runnning it?
06:49:03midkayit shouldn't be very hard at all..
06:49:07midkayask the user.
06:49:27midkayscan the structure.. if found, "load WPS?" (yes or no..) or if not, just.. open.
06:49:51sharperuin my hopes and dreams why don't you.
06:49:55midkayi can tell you that a proprietary extension won't be easily accepted, that's all i have to say..
06:50:07sharpeit'd be funny though :)
06:50:16midkayconfusing, proprietary, pointless..
06:51:30midkaysharpe, having packaged WPS files as zips that simply require the WPS to be in the root is fine..
06:52:01midkaybut i'm just saying, while you're doing that, why not check for a simple few folders as well and expand compatibility greatly so we don't need to start re-uploading new packaged versions..
06:52:46sharperight now, extracts bitmaps to respective folder, and the wps and all other files to the main temp folder
06:53:09midkayif a WPS is detected, or what?
06:53:23sharperight now it's just the plugin to extract and run the wps
06:53:46midkaywell, that will end up in the zip plugin, right?
06:54:42midkayhmm.. then again.. compatibility could become a nightmare..
06:56:19midkayalright, i think having only one loading system for now is the best thing to do..
06:57:24midkaysimply a WPS in the root and a folder with the WPS' name also in the root which has the bitmaps.. consistent with the normal wps creation/loading and simple..
06:57:55midkaye.g. "blah" as a wps: only scan for blah.wps in the root, and a folder blah/ if it exists... and extract only those to /.rockbox/temp?
06:57:57 Join thegeek_ [0] (
06:58:07 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:58:14sharpeactually, it's more like /.rockbox/wpspkg/
06:59:15midkayi don't mind what the folder is called, but it shouldn't change per-wps..
06:59:24sharpeit doesn't
06:59:34sharpei just decided to go with 'wpspkg' instead of temp
06:59:43midkayah, sounds good..
06:59:53 Quit Jungti1234 ()
06:59:53sharpesince, it reflects it's contents
07:00:24midkayalright.. so what i'd do is merge the wps extractor/executor into the zip plugin.. and make it only look for a standard structure (a WPS in the root and potentially a folder with the same name in root also)..
07:00:28 Join bam_ [0] (
07:00:57bam_anyone using the "voice" files?
07:01:00sharpemidnight for me.
07:01:02midkaysharpe, actually, maybe before you do that you/we should consider a few things..
07:01:13sharpewhat are those things midkay?
07:01:31bam_any of the dev's in here?
07:01:34midkaysharpe, firstly.. remote/main WPS'..
07:01:55midkayany WPS file should allow you to load to either remote or main positions..
07:01:59midkaybrb, one sec..
07:02:00sharpedon't remote wps' have .rwps as their extension?
07:06:15bam_anyone have the source code for favorites?
07:08:29midkaysharpe,do they?
07:08:40sharpeno idea, never used them
07:08:51sharpetis listed in tree.c as rwps
07:09:46midkayah, alright, that's good..
07:09:51midkaynow.. what about multiple WPS'..
07:10:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:11:10sharpewhat about them?
07:11:21midkayhow will you handle them?
07:11:32sharpelike multiple .wps files in the same zip?
07:12:30sharpeeasy. skip the latter ones after the first one is found. :P
07:13:15sharpebetter organization than having them all lumped into one zip
07:13:52midkayit might be nice to list all the detected WPS files if more than one is found and let the user choose which to load..
07:14:04sharpei know
07:14:07midkayactually might be a very nice idea, to store all of your WPS' in one zip..
07:14:29midkaypackage rockbox with a single WPS zip file.. downloadable "packages"..
07:15:35sharpehooray for modularity
07:17:42sharpelets make a checklist for all of the ideas...
07:18:35midkayi wouldn't mind writing a checklist and a few case examples..
07:19:41sharpeeh, go for it...
07:22:12 Quit afruff23 ("If you can't laugh at yourself, make fun of other people.")
07:24:23 Quit Arrogant ("Leaving")
07:25:55TiMiDmulti-screen tetris plugin
07:26:14midkayTiMiD, your work?
07:27:15midkaycool :)
07:27:15TiMiDyesterday I was bored so I programmed that
07:27:21TiMiDwell not my only work, the background picture for the main screen is from the existing "tetrox" plugin
07:27:41midkayTiMiD, neatness, looks cool :) done? submit a patch..
07:28:00TiMiDnot done yet
07:28:00TiMiDno mappings for remote keys
07:28:19TiMiDno menu to select 1 / 2 players and so on
07:28:38midkayTiMiD, ah.. :)
07:30:33 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
07:30:33TiMiDand one pbl, the remote screen is too small so it's difficult to display scores with more than 4 digits
07:31:19midkaywhat if you moved the play area up to the top..
07:31:27midkayshould be room on the bottom to display score with many digits..
07:31:33midkayif that seems necessary..
07:31:59sharpeimplement another tetris screen :D
07:32:24TiMiDgood idea
07:32:30TiMiDnot for today though
07:32:36TiMiDI need to go out
07:32:46TiMiDbreath fresh air
07:32:49midkayTiMiD, alright.. looks cool though :)
07:33:05TiMiDyup :)
07:39:55 Join Lost-ash [0] (
07:41:58 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
07:42:19 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
07:52:48 Join RoC_MM [0] (
07:55:47bam_what tags are for those left/right level lines?
07:56:02bam_wps file
07:56:19 Join biffhero [0] (n=rob@
07:59:18 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:59:40 Join Rick [0] (
08:07:48 Join Gibbed [0] (
08:07:52 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
08:08:04 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
08:14:34 Quit Rick ("I… don't need to be here.")
08:29:01 Join Rick [0] (
08:33:21 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:33:25 Join Gibbed [0] (
08:34:30 Quit Kyomi ()
08:52:04 Quit sharpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:57:33 Quit biffhero ("BitchX: the quilted quicker picker upper")
08:57:33 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
08:57:33 Join sharpe [0] (
08:57:33 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
08:57:33 Quit TiMiD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:57:33 Join TiMiD [0] (n=TiMiD[
09:09:48Slasheriah, tagcache engine seems to be stable enough now for the first commit :) still need to add the chunked browsing to the UI
09:10:03CassandraAnd today I shall add a new build host.
09:10:33 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:10:34 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
09:10:35CassandraSlasheri, that's good. Does it work OK without the chunked browsing. What happens if there's too many entries?
09:10:46 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:10:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:11:35SlasheriCassandra: currently it just stops listing more entries if dirbuffer becomes full
09:12:00Slasheribut i think it should be now easy to add the chunked browsing to the ui, trying to do that now
09:12:20CassandraCool. It'd be much better with that, particularly on Archos.
09:12:48Slasheriyep :)
09:13:39 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
09:13:58Bgermorning :)
09:13:59 Quit quobl (SendQ exceeded)
09:14:05Slasherihi :)
09:14:20ashridahSlasheri: need any testers?
09:15:13Bgertagcache ?:))))
09:15:14Slasheriashridah: hmm, which players you have?
09:15:18amiconnSlasheri: Do you have an insight which code becomes dead code after switcing to tagcache?
09:15:25SlasheriBger: yep, engine ready and ui coming soon
09:15:43amiconnDead code should be ripped out
09:15:45Slasheriamiconn: yes, just a moment
09:17:10Slasheriamiconn: at least: apps/dbtree.[ch] apps/database.[ch] and removal of all pointers to tagcache from codec- and plugin-api, and disabling searchengine plugin
09:17:32Slasherioops, tagdatabase :)
09:17:52amiconnYes, and databox, plus the runtimedb
09:18:27amiconnWe won't have runtimedb in 3.0. After that this feature should be added to tagcache
09:19:08Slasheriyes, true
09:19:28Bgeramiconn databox ?
09:19:47BgerHCl planned to port it to tagcache
09:20:02SlasheriBger: it wont be removed, just "disabled"
09:20:06Slasheriso it can be ported later
09:20:12Bgerah, k:)
09:26:16CassandraHmmm. Do I need gcc-core as well as gcc?
09:26:31amiconnYou need *only* gcc-core
09:26:43amiconn(to build the crosscompiler)
09:27:08CassandraAh, right. gcc is the whole nine yards?
09:27:56CassandraAh, 230Kbit/s. I love 2mbit broadband.
09:28:54amiconnyes, the 'gcc' package includes all supported languages
09:29:17amiconngcc-core is enough for just C
09:32:53*Cassandra grumbles about the fact her arm-elf compiler is 3.4.x and thus not compatible with the build system.
09:33:11CassandraWell, it's probably compatible. Just not desirable.
09:34:00amiconnIirc binaries built with arm-elf-gcc 3.4.6 don't work
09:37:03Cassandraamicon: I was using 3.4.4, which didn't have any problems.
09:39:04 Join nnod_ [0] (
09:39:17CassandraHmmm. Why am I rebuilding binutils, when I already have a working arm toolchain?
09:39:28 Part nnod_ ("Leaving")
09:44:31amiconnI just realised that there might be a problem with the picth feature and s/pdif output (on archos)
09:46:11 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
09:49:09*Cassandra sees the forum topic "make problems in vmware" and thinks "but what if I don't want to".
09:49:54lostlogicRemember, remember the 5th of November.
09:50:48dpassen1Did you enjoy the movie, lostlogic
09:51:06CassandraAlan Moore thinks it sucks.
09:51:33CassandraBut then he's never liked a movie they made from his stuff, with highly variable levels of justification.
09:51:34lostlogicquite enjoyed it. there were flaws, and I didn't like that he tortured her. kinda surprised that they were allowed to produce it.
09:52:11Cassandralostlogic, V isn't supposed to be a hero - he's a loon.
09:52:21lostlogicno, he's a hero.
09:52:25lostlogicat least he is to me
09:52:28lostlogicbut then I'm an anarchist.
09:53:01CassandraAlan Moore thinks he's portrayed as a US liberal rather than an anarchist.
09:53:15Cassandra(One of the reasons he was disappointed.)
09:53:41lostlogicI guess he's a broken hero −− but desperate times require desperate measures, perhaps V's measures aren't 'sane' but they work, and what works is what's necessary when a government has gone that wrong.
09:53:43dpassen1But Alan Moore will never approve an adaptation of his work. Never
09:54:02lostlogicwhich (incidentally) both US and UK governments are getting frighteningly close to doing.
09:54:49Cassandralostlogic, in a sense. To put it another way, when things have gone that wrong, no-one can be in the right.
09:55:29*Cassandra is looking forward to seeing the film.
09:55:42 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:55:47Cassandra(Although I was disappointed by the comic. To me it seemed to fizzle.)
09:56:09lostlogicI think the movie actually did a nice job on the ending
09:58:47CassandraHmm. Where the instructions say "as rbclient, check out rockbox-devel" do they mean anonymously?
09:59:10Bagderrbclient is read-only
10:00:19CassandraFair enough. And where do I get the ssh key from?
10:00:48Bagderin a /msg from me
10:01:22Bagderput that in ~rbclient/.ssh/authorized_keys2
10:01:47Bagder(as a single line, in case your irc client split it)
10:02:44CassandraThat 2 is a typo, right?
10:03:01Bagderbut you can have it in the regular one too I believe
10:03:18Bagderthe 2 is for v2
10:03:24CassandraOh, right.
10:03:43CassandraYeah. I never bothered to use that. v1 compatibility is not important to me.
10:04:21CassandraOK - I think this server is ready for addition. Do you have some way of running a test?
10:04:56Bagderif you tell me your host name I can check out some basic things at least
10:04:59lostlogichaven't we pretty much hit the point where more servers stop helping because they increase the transfer time as much as they decrease the build time?
10:05:21lostlogicwell cool then
10:05:21CassandraI still need the acclient script, I think.
10:05:25*lostlogic sleeps.
10:05:30BagderI checked the logs and the transfer times are never more than just a few secs
10:05:44BagderCassandra: I'll copy a script to you
10:06:25*Cassandra sighs. I miss my ADSL connection and all my static IPs. Au revoir,
10:07:15BagderCassandra: there's an script in your rbclient
10:07:18Bagder's homedir now
10:07:27CassandraCool, thanks.
10:07:28Bagdercheck the PATH variable in the top of the script
10:07:41Bagderand ccache status, and make -j number
10:08:02Bagderthen we're ready to fly
10:09:14Bagderyou have all compilers and sdl installed?
10:09:29CassandraShould do, yes.
10:09:40CassandraWhere's the ccache status and make -j?
10:09:51CassandraOh, sorry.
10:09:52Bagdercheck the configure invoke within that script
10:10:33CassandraThat's all cool.
10:10:43Bagderok, server added
10:10:59CassandraSo now we wait till someone commits?
10:11:13CassandraStory of my life. ;)
10:13:33CassandraWish there was some way to do a dry run to make sure everything's working.
10:13:51Bagderyou should be able to run as rbclient
10:14:32Bagderperhaps that's a bit tricky
10:14:48Bagderbut I agree, it would be neat with some kind of "self test"
10:14:56CassandraErm, I think it just deleted itself.
10:15:18CassandraAnd all the CVS dirs.
10:16:04BagderI recopied it to you
10:16:23Bagdersorry, that invoke was a bad idea
10:17:32CassandraNever mind
10:21:06CassandraSo we have 8 build servers now then?
10:21:13amiconnSomething is fishy in filetypes.c. Why does adding one line to viewers.config require upping MAX_FILETYPES by 2 to get rid of "Filetype array full" ?
10:22:08CassandraNo, more. Nice.
10:22:51CassandraAlthough this server looks a bit dodgy. ;)
10:23:09Bagderwe have 12 servers atm
10:23:30*Cassandra needs a way to read her IP from her router.
10:23:43CassandraCurrently if it changes I have to update the DNS manually.
10:24:01Bagderyou can often use curl to get a page from it
10:24:02amiconnGet a dyndns account...
10:24:10Bagderwith the IP
10:24:41CassandraThat's not the problem. It's getting the router to tell me the IP.
10:24:43*amiconn has a router which supports dyndns internally
10:25:23CassandraHowever, I've just spotted an SNMP service.
10:27:59CassandraOf course. Far be it from the router to actually tell me what the community name and security name is.
10:33:43amiconnAny archos dev fancy testing my new wavplay plugin?
10:36:45amiconnIt's still a hack, since it relies on some parameters being set up correctly by the core playback engine, but other than that, it's working fine here.
10:37:56 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
10:39:43CassandraI can test it if you like.
10:40:25CassandraWhat in the goddess' name is a securityName and why the hell should I need one?
10:42:47 Join zoneout [0] (
10:44:11Bagderin what context?
10:46:42merbananCassandra: doesn't public and private do ?
10:46:51CassandraSpecifically SNMP for the Alchemy WRT54G firmware.
10:47:02Cassandramerbanan - that's the community name.
10:47:25Bagdersnmp is not really my area of expertise
10:47:41merbananok, snmp v1 only seamed to need a community name
10:49:22CassandraMine neither.
10:49:43Cassandramerbanan, maybe that's the problem. Maybe I need to tell snmpwalk to use v1.
10:50:17CassandraNah, that's not it.
10:51:33merbananCassandra: well the configuration interface should have a snmp entry
10:58:01*Cassandra throws her hands up in despair.
10:59:30*amiconn also gets varying IPs, and lets his router handle that with dyndns updates
11:00:07amiconnWorks rather well for build box access and other kinds of external access
11:00:39Cassandraamiconn: I think I'm about to switch to using that too, since my router supports it.
11:01:02*amiconn uses dyndns for years.
11:01:17amiconnBefore I got my new router, I had a dyndns client running on my Amiga
11:03:52 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
11:07:24JdGordonhey all
11:07:36muesli__ho all
11:07:36Bgerhey you:)
11:10:16JdGordonsilly q.. whats more important.. me doing my prac for tomorow for uni.. for fixing the patch before the deadline :D
11:10:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:11:49Cassandrabagder: If you're around, please change my hostname to
11:12:44BgerJdGordon for sure the first one ;)
11:13:03JdGordon?? that was soo not the answer i was expecting..
11:13:04 Quit quobl_ (Remote closed the connection)
11:13:04muesli__JdGordon take the ferry to manly and relaxe at the beach ;-)
11:13:15JdGordonwrong city
11:13:21JdGordonand i spent all day on the beach today
11:13:26*JdGordon is sunburnt :D
11:14:05muesli__tasty % crispy as a toast?
11:16:41BagderCassandra: ok
11:16:50CassandraJdGordon, you know you have a week until feature freeze, right?
11:16:57CassandraBagder, thanks.
11:17:21JdGordonyes.. no, i was being sarcastic... i dont really care about uni all that much atm.. too tired from a day on the beach!
11:17:59CassandraAh, right. ;)
11:20:47BgerJdGordon which patch ?
11:21:06JdGordonplaylist control in plugins
11:21:27Bgerah :)
11:22:06JdGordonshould it be called playlist or playback control?
11:23:08*amiconn just had a weird idea
11:23:27amiconnWell, perhaps not weird at all. I'm asking for comments:
11:23:50amiconnSince JdGordon is working on playback control from within plugins, why not just make the wps a plugin as well?
11:24:08amiconn- Would save on core size
11:24:19amiconn- WPS and a plugin can never be shown at the same time
11:24:30JdGordonand would allow multiple wps implementatinos...
11:24:36amiconn- Would allow for fancy wps redirection
11:24:37TiMiDeverything vould be a plugin then
11:24:56TiMiDsame could apply for filetree
11:25:02JdGordonamiconn: leave it for 4.0 :)
11:25:16amiconn(thinking about redirecting to a car head unit, or Cassandra's idea of using the nano as a remote for the video)
11:27:32muesli__<amiconn> - WPS and a plugin can never be shown at the same time isnt this a disadvantage?
11:27:49amiconnNo, a statement
11:28:35JdGordonamiconn: youd need to give plugins alot more access to core functions to do it.. i.e access to the settings menus, and filebrowser.. and.. and...
11:28:36muesli__cos using the remote while ie playing a rock would rock :o
11:29:01amiconnA plugin gets exclusive screen control anyway, of both screens in case of iriver
11:29:36JdGordonmuesli__: that would be awesome.. 1 screen for plugin and lcd remote for playback control :D
11:29:41JdGordontoo bad i dont have a remote tho :p
11:29:52amiconnChanging that would mean a lot of work (my old idea of having two UI threads for units with two displays)
11:30:22amiconnI'd rather not want to think about the implications.
11:30:34 Join quobl_ [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-5d079dedb3acfe65)
11:31:07amiconnIt's not just having 2 threads and adding some simple messaging, but today we often rely on the fact that 2 user actions can't happen at the same time,
11:31:16JdGordonsplitting some stuff into plugins would be good tho.. might even get rid of some #ifdef hell... plugin for radio, recorder, wps, filetree, settings menu..
11:31:26amiconnbecause there is only one UI. This assumption would no longer hold
11:32:15amiconnJdGordon: Recording is too tightly integrated with the core to be cut out.
11:32:50JdGordon.. just an example..
11:32:51amiconnOther than that, it's a question of philosophy. Should the core provide all typical DAP functions without relying on plugins?
11:33:14amiconnI know, that doesn't hold anyway on swcodec platforms because of the loadable codec
11:33:19JdGordoncept splitting it all off would slow the whole thing down tho wont it? if it has to read the file from disk every time its called? may as well just leave it in the core
11:38:54JdGordon.. and so endith the topic of conversation...
11:39:47 Part amiconn
11:43:26JdGordondo i just need to add the .c to SOURCES in plugins/lib for the file to compile? or do i need to get a plugin to use it also?
11:45:14JdGordondoes any1 know how to remove hiss in audio in audacity?
11:51:22 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
11:52:33linuxstbJdGordon: Yes, you should just need to add yourfile.c to plugins/lib/SOURCES and #include "yourfile.h" from your plugin.
11:56:02cannardthis shall be a long shot
11:56:02MikachuJdGordon: isn't there a noise remover plugin?
11:56:08cannardbut rez for rockbox??
11:56:59JdGordonMikachu: i dunno... but i figured it out :), sounds great
12:02:56JdGordonany1 know where set_int is?
12:04:54Mikachuline 1699 in settings.c
12:05:41JdGordongrrr.. find missed it for some reason :'(
12:05:55*JdGordon adds it to plugin api :p
12:06:34*Mikachu just did :tag set_int in his editor
12:07:02 Join SereR0KR [0] (
12:10:56JdGordonweee... compiles with no errors :D
12:11:01JdGordontime to test in a plugin
12:14:42 Join Massa [0] (n=Massa@
12:16:12JdGordonim getting a "undefined reference" error to memcpy, can i just get around that by doing #define memcpy api->memcpy ? (in the plugin lib)
12:16:40MassaHi everybody!
12:16:51 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
12:16:55JdGordon.. or just add static to the offending line :D
12:17:31 Join chris05 [0] (
12:17:53chris05hey does someone want to try and help me out with patching a little bit?
12:18:12MassaIs somebdoy here with a iRiver H3x0 which also notices problems with the clock's year? Or am I the only one?
12:18:20JdGordonisnt there a make install target for the sim builds?
12:18:41JdGordonMassa: going from rockob to regular fm?
12:18:53Massacris05, what does your patch do?
12:19:28chris05well i mean applying patches from vmware and the debian package
12:19:43MassaNo, suddenly jumping to 1999 - even when only using Rockbox!
12:20:03MassaI identified it happens when I connect and disconnect to USB
12:20:16JdGordonlinuxstb: any preference to the name of it? its playlist_control.c atm, but i tihnk playback_control.c would be better..?
12:21:13Massachris05, applying patches from vmware and debian to Rockbox :-| ???
12:21:15 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:21:40JdGordonchris05: patch -p0 < file_of_the_patch.patch
12:22:01chris05alright but were do i put the files or does it matter? sorry i dont know much about linux
12:22:26JdGordondoesnt matter where the patch file is.. but u need to be in the rockbox-devel directory (i think(
12:22:28Massachris05, aah now I got it - it's about patching in principle ;)
12:23:19chris05anyone wanna kinda walk me through it for the first time after i know how once ill have it down im pretty sure?
12:23:24MassaYou have to stay in the directory to which the patch shall be applied - it doesn't matter where the patch file is
12:25:41Massachris05, so tell me what patch you want apply to what
12:27:07chris05the iboy controls one or the album art one i was gonna do the rockboy one first tho
12:27:50chris05i get loged in to debain and then im pretty much lost
12:28:22MassaDo the album art first - I know more about it (I wrote parts of it ;))
12:28:39MassaDo you have a working rockbox development environment?
12:28:54MassaI'll say - are you able to compile an unpatched version?
12:29:09chris05is that the cvs one?
12:30:02chris05i think i got it hold on a sec i moved all my rockbox things
12:32:44 Join Moos [0] (
12:32:52TiMiDnew tetris plugin
12:32:56TiMiDwith remote
12:33:11MoosOuiiii !!! :)
12:33:16JdGordonweeee, all done :D
12:33:38JdGordonTiMiD: new one? or changed looks?
12:33:38MikachuTiMiD: you study japanese?
12:33:56TiMiDI'm living in japan
12:34:12Moosfrench in Japan :)
12:34:14TiMiDat least for some month I don't know
12:34:26chris05alright i dont got the cvs one is the one at
12:34:28TiMiDmaybe I would like to stay
12:34:30Mikachuhow many tetris plugins does rockbox need?
12:34:57Massachris05, huh?
12:35:01TiMiDthis one has a 2 player mode with remote
12:35:52TiMiDJdGordon: new one written from scratch, I just took the backgrounds from the previous plugin
12:36:02MassaTiMiD, are you able to integrate the features of your plugin to the existing one?
12:36:03TiMiDand the key assigments
12:36:07chris05i didnt the cvs one like i just had the one that i copy over to my ipod
12:36:57Massachris05, did you download the sources in a tar package or did you directly get it via CVS?
12:37:02JdGordonlinuxstb, Bagder, any of the other swedes :p ready to go :D
12:37:07chris05was it the source that i was supost to get or the one with .rockbox(folder) and rockbox.loader
12:37:44chris05rockbox.ipod i mean
12:37:49TiMiDMassa: imoossible
12:37:58Massachris05, of course you need the sources if you want to patch something...
12:38:12MassaTiMiD, why?
12:38:13TiMiDcode base is completely different
12:38:37chris05lol alright sorry im new to this compiling and stuff
12:38:39TiMiDI can integrate if I c&p my whole code in the file
12:39:30MassaTiMiD: how does it look at different devices (color, non color, smaller screens bigger screens, with different LCD remotes, without LCD remote, ....?) ;-)
12:39:42*JdGordon homework time
12:40:20TiMiDMassa: I still need to use the differents backgrounds from the other devices
12:40:22Massachris05, the best is you download the CVS repository directly via CVS - you're then able to update it easily (well most of the time)..
12:41:28TiMiDMassa: I didn't told I wanted to commit it right now, it's not finished
12:41:44Massachris05, do you have the correct compiler and stuff for your target?
12:41:56chris05alright im pretty sure i got the right one now it was rockbox-bleeding.tar.gz and has folders called apps,bootloader and all that things
12:42:19Massachris05, are there directories named "CVS"?
12:42:35 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
12:45:32MassaTiMiD, on which devices does it work at the moment?
12:45:38chris05nope just folders that were called apps,bootloader,doc,firmware,flash,fonts,gdb,tools, ect... and files in them called backlight.c,fonts.c ect..
12:45:42chris05i got it from
12:45:44TiMiDiriver H100
12:47:06Massachris05, O.K., you can use it - although I suggest to directly use a CVS download - but you can do it later...
12:47:34Massachris05, do you have the correct compiler environment for your target?
12:48:02Massachris05, I don't mean Rockbox itself, I mean the compiler, linker and tools to compile it for your target...
12:48:17 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:48:27chris05i think so i downloaded the vmware debian image thats supost to have the things i need
12:48:44chris05it has cvs, flex, bison, m4, make, zip/unzip, patch, ssh, samba
12:49:01MassaTiMiD, have you already set up a patch tracker entry for your plugin?
12:50:21TiMiDIf I find the motivation I will probably
12:50:23Massachris05, O.K. let's try it (although I never did it with debian/vmware ;) )
12:51:06MassaTiMiD, at least it sounds to be interesting - two player mode and stuff :)
12:51:24Massachris05, so you logged in to your system as some user?
12:51:28TiMiDoh just an idea I wanted to try
12:51:42TiMiDbut to play on the remotemay be difficult
12:52:01TiMiDbuttons are not really designed for that :)
12:52:04*Moos is thinking to iAudio remote :p
12:52:10MassaTiMiD, I think it's interesting enough to give it a try - and to share the code, of course :D
12:52:51TiMiDMoos: iAudio remote buttons are decent ?
12:53:10chris05yeah i am now
12:53:12TiMiDMassa: anyway it could also allow a player to play on the remote with single mode
12:53:18MassaTiMiD, that's the same reason why I don't think doom is good for my device - I'm sure it'll break my keyboard sooner or later :-(
12:53:32MoosTiMiD: decent is one big word for the buttons, but the screen is more than decent
12:53:50 Join Sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
12:53:55chris05it says user@debian:~$
12:54:26Massachris05, did you already unpack the rockbox sources to a directory?
12:54:29 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
12:54:44Massachris05, as same user?
12:55:03Massachris05, if yes - go to that directory now...
12:55:07chris05what? i did it in windows
12:55:50Massachris05, with which tool?
12:56:43Massachris05, did you follow any instructions which tells you this works or did you do it on your own?
12:56:46MarcoPoloWhat does exactly this instruction : IIS1CONFIG = 0x800; The comment says it stops playback. How ? Is it a cpu register which is so written ?
12:57:27Mikachuprobably memory mapped hardware
12:58:42Massachris05, I don't think it'll work by unpacking it with WinRAR...
12:58:58chris05ahhh i see
12:59:10 Quit Jungti1234 ()
12:59:12MarcoPoloMikachu: and where can I find the definitions for this memory mapped hardware ?
12:59:27Massachris05, but you can continue to follow the instructions - they also tell about downloading it directly by CVS
12:59:29Mikachuhow would i know, you haven't even said what target it is
12:59:57chris05would u know how to get it so i can use the files in debian?
13:00:04Massachris05, although they're not very detailed in that point...
13:00:14MarcoPolo(but in general, in which files are those mapping defined ?)
13:00:19Massachris05, you're still logged in?
13:00:33Massachris05, create a new directoy named "rockbox"
13:01:20chris05alright i think i did i typed mkdir rockbox
13:01:37Massachris05, cd to that directory
13:01:54Massachris05, now we'll check out the rockbox sources via cvs.
13:02:01Massachris05, enter the following command:
13:02:25Massacvs -d login
13:02:28MarcoPoloMikachu: ok, I found it
13:02:34MarcoPoloit's in mcf5249.h
13:03:12MarcoPolobut it's for coldfire processors
13:03:12Massachris05, huh... the smilie in the above line should be a double colon, followed by "p". So that it reads pserver
13:03:46chris05cvs -d login
13:03:46chris05cvs -d login
13:03:50Massachris05, it'll then ask you for a password. Just press enter without entering a pasword
13:04:27Mikachu#if defined(CPU_COLDFIRE) && !defined(SIMULATOR)
13:05:12Massachris05, does it work? (of course you need a working network connection to the Internet...
13:05:30Massachris05, from inside your debian vmware image - but I assume it works...
13:05:45chris05so i was supost to type
13:05:46chris05cvs -d login
13:06:05MarcoPoloMikachu: ok. i was looking how was recording done, so it's rather platform dependent
13:06:17Massachris05, "cvs" is the command. "-d" tells him which protocol and repository it should use.
13:07:29chris05okay i think i did it
13:08:06Massachris05, so it asks for a password? You then pressed enter? And it then doesn't complain about anything?
13:08:38chris05nope it went back to user@debian:~/rockbox$
13:09:08Massachris05, that's OK - it'll not say anything if it worked :-)
13:09:33chris05okay were getin somewere then!
13:09:39Massachris05, now you can download the rocbox repository by using the CVS command - as follows:
13:10:04Massachris05: enter the same CVS command as above, but instead of "login" at the end enter the following:
13:10:39Massachris05 "co rockbox"
13:10:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:12:15chris05okay its showin a bunch of filenames scolling
13:12:33 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
13:13:09Massachris05, it downloads the whole rockbox source structure and files - nearly the same as you already had in the downloaded tar file...
13:13:22chris05ahhh alright
13:13:53chris05okay its done
13:14:13Massachris05, but later on you can go to that directory and just say "cvs update" and it will download the changes and incorporate in your existing structure...
13:14:33Massachris05, now cd to the newly created rockbox directory
13:15:20chris05k did that
13:15:23Massachris05, (Now that I'm thinking about - it was not so smart to now have two directories named rockbox - but it does not hurt at all...)
13:15:56Massachris05, now create a subdirectory in which you then build the beast - often named "build" and cd to that directory
13:16:17Massachris05, you can have several subdirectories for different targets.
13:16:36chris05so i should mkdir build
13:16:44Massachri05, yeah!
13:17:00 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
13:17:04Massachris05 and again go to that directory
13:17:31Massachris05, now you'll start the configure command and tell the environment for which target you want to compile:
13:17:40Massachris05 "../tools/configure"
13:18:32Massachris05, it will start with a menu and ask for which target you want to compile...
13:18:56chris05k got that part done and im guessing i am supost to chose the number for my ipod video and press enter
13:18:58Massachris05, enter the number which reflects youre target (which one?)
13:19:22Massachris05, yeah
13:20:26Massachris05, the next menu asks if you want to compile something you'll use at your device (normal build) or simulator, or bootloader or manual.
13:20:28chris05k now its at were it says normal, devel, simulater,bootloader, manual
13:20:43Massachris05, choose "normal" if you want to use it on your device later...
13:21:04chris05k got that
13:21:13Massachris05, after that it should tell you which compiler it'll use and that it created a Makefile
13:21:41Massanow enter "make" - and get a cup of cofee ;)
13:21:49Massacofee -> coffee
13:22:28Massachris05, it'll now compile a bleeding edge build for your device...
13:22:56chris05alright well thanks for helpin me through this lol! ill brb
13:23:01Massachris05, come back when it's finished - it's only the first step :)
13:32:06chris05it keeps saying warning backlight.c has1.3e+05 s in the future
13:33:01Massachris05, huh? Does it continue? If yes, ignore it!
13:33:03amiconnSeems we need a vmware image including vmware tools
13:33:43amiconnMassa: The build process won't continue when it encounters files with future time stamps
13:34:03Slasherinow the long waited tagcache has been committed!
13:34:08amiconnThe problem is that vmware doesn't always stay in sync without a little help
13:34:18 Quit ep0ch ("Kopete 0.11.1 :")
13:34:18Slasheribut it has still many problems with it to be fixed later..
13:34:35midkaychris05, a quick workaround.. open the file, edit it in some way (just add and remove a space somewhere) and re-save it to reset the timestamp so vmware won't complain.
13:35:00midkaySlasheri, it's working? :)
13:35:04Mikachuchris05: you can also do touch -R . in the dir that contains apps, firmware etc
13:35:27chris05how do i make it stop showing that message
13:35:36 Join webguest87 [0] (
13:35:39midkaychris05, ctrl+c to cancel the build..
13:35:44Massachris05, don't do that recursive touch! I'm sure it'll have some negative effects when updating...
13:36:01Mikachuwhy would it?
13:36:02Slasherimidkay: it might work, try it ;)
13:36:14 Join SereR0KR [0] (
13:36:15Massachris05, is the backlight.c the only file with timestamp in future?
13:36:18midkaySlasheri, i shall, quickly! *checks out* :)
13:36:20Slasheribut it's not yet as usable as it should be
13:36:25webguest87Tagcache! Woo
13:36:35midkaySlasheri, so how exactly does it work? enabled from the menu, i guess?
13:36:42MassaMikachu, aren't then all files "changed" for the cvs command?
13:36:42*amiconn will soon test stereo matrix settings with maspcm, the switch to working on english.lang
13:36:43Mikachuhm, it looks like touch doesn't have an -R option anyway
13:36:43chris05im not sure thats the only one that it was sayin it for
13:36:50amiconn*then switch...
13:36:59MikachuMassa: i doubt cvs cares about file dates
13:37:00chris05so dont do the "touch -r" thing?
13:37:03Slasherimidkay: yes. What platform you are using?
13:37:18preglowamiconn: i asked you this before, but can't remember if you answered, are you fixing all the inconsistent cap usage as well?
13:37:20midkaySlasheri, ipod 5g.
13:37:43Slasherimidkay: ok, then you have two menu options available
13:37:45amiconnpreglow: Some, perhaps
13:38:09Slasherihowever, it might not work at all and only crash your ipods as it haven't been tested on that platform yet
13:38:10amiconnI don't know about many places of inconsistent caps anyway
13:38:15Massachris05, you may try to "touch ../firmware/backlight.c"...
13:38:16preglowamiconn: i can remember a ton
13:38:57MassaBTW, why does it have timestamps in future
13:39:00chris05okay now do i type "make" again
13:39:23amiconnI admit that I don't use english.lng often
13:39:26midkaySlasheri, cool, let me snag latest cvs
13:39:39 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
13:39:40Massachris05, yes!
13:39:44*amiconn prefers his native language, although he has no problems understanding english
13:39:51Slasherihmm, wondering if the cvs builds are not working at the moment (at least nothing seems to happen)
13:39:53linuxstbSlasheri: Congratulations on the tagcache commit.
13:40:01Slasherilinuxstb :)
13:40:05webguest87Why is tag cache under Playback? *ducks*
13:40:15*linuxstb assigns March 26th "tagcache day"
13:40:15tucoz+1 on the congratulations.
13:40:26Slasheriwebguest87: well, we can fine tune that later :)
13:40:32*JdGordon chucks in he congrats also.... even tho has no idea what its for :p
13:41:04tucozJdGordon, tag database, but just better than the old one (I think)
13:41:07*webguest87 watches heavy harddisk activity
13:41:21webguest87Slasheri: can I see somewhere how large the tagcache is?
13:41:32webguest87(to decide whether or not I want to load it to ram
13:41:46tucozbut something is wrong with the builds
13:41:51preglowi've pretty much read english my entire life, so it is pretty much a second native language to me
13:42:31chris05k now its saying that drivers/button.c has a modification time in the future like last for the backlight.c
13:42:38tucozMaybe Bagder and t0mas forgot something during their late night script fixing session
13:42:39MikachuIpodHardwareInfo says USB handler is "Done"
13:42:57webguest87Woo, "Current progress: 35%" exciting
13:43:39Slasheriwebguest87: after you have rebooted the player, check how big /.rockbox/tagcache* files are
13:43:39 Quit MarcoPolo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:43:58Slasheridebug menu doesn't show the size yet
13:44:04chris05but it finished a couple after i did the make thign it said make[1]: 'ipod_fw' is up to date and a couple more then showed that warning again
13:44:06preglowwhy aren't the build boxes building?
13:44:11webguest87Fair enough
13:44:26webguest87preglow: They're sulking. I think they've become self-aware.
13:44:27Massachris05, thats weird.
13:44:43*webguest87 obviuosly has no idea
13:45:20chris05yep any idea of what i should do now:S
13:45:22Massachris05, maybe you have the wrong timezone in your vmware image?
13:45:35Massachris05, so it stopped compiling?
13:46:35linuxstbSlasheri: I've selected "force tagcache update" on my ipod, and then gone into the debug menu, and it says "Current progress: -1%". But I can hear the hard disk going.
13:46:52chris05well it showed that warning file 'drivers/backligh.c has modification time 1.3e+05 s in the future and kept doin that and so i pressed control + c to stop it
13:46:54Slasherilinuxstb: hmm, you don't have dircache enabled?
13:47:06Slasherithen it cannot display the progress
13:47:10linuxstbSlasheri: That's probably true.
13:47:29 Join LinusN [0] (
13:47:33Massachris05, what does "date" say? Does it correctly display your date/time?
13:47:35LinusNBagder: there?
13:47:37linuxstbSlasheri: Should I enable dircache, and then reboot?
13:47:44Slasheriand without dircache, it's also not possible to load tagcache in ram
13:47:57Slasherilinuxstb: you can try that :)
13:48:02webguest87Slasheri: What happens if I try?
13:48:20*preglow nudges the build system boys
13:48:21Slasheriwebguest87: hmm, try what?
13:48:23*webguest87 has dircache off, set to load tagcache in ram and is updating tagcache
13:48:32JdGordonis it soo good having as a cvs build machine? i had severe www slowness a while ago (i assume it was building at the time) ?
13:48:40Slasheriwebguest87: ok, then tagcache just operates and builds slower
13:48:56chris05umm its off by like 2 days it says its fi mar 24 07:07:37 cet 2006 but its acutaly sat mar 26 3:04 am
13:49:01Slasheriand it will not load to ram
13:49:19 Part LinusN
13:49:29webguest87"Committing tagcache"
13:49:53MassaHmm, anybode else here who successfully uses vmware as development platform?
13:50:05preglowi started scanning the disk for tags, and the tagcache progress started out on 30% :P
13:50:06Slasheriwebguest87: sounds good :) still no crashes? ;)
13:50:14Slasherithat should be the most critical step
13:50:20webguest87JdGordon: I don't think it's related to that. The link broke somewhere in
13:50:24webguest87Slasheri: nope, done now
13:50:31JdGordonoh ok
13:50:44webguest87Looking good
13:50:56*webguest87 browses the ID3 database
13:52:17preglowso optimising get_metadata now suddenly became a priority? ;)
13:53:02*webguest87 immediately starts requesting features.. is an "all" "folder" that contains all songs in the cards?
13:53:20webguest87Well.. first bug
13:53:27Mikachuthe pause on headphone unplug looks useful
13:53:36preglowMikachu: i'd hate that...
13:53:42preglowMikachu: that's what the apple fw does
13:53:45webguest87I inserted a file after the current one, but another one was actually inserted
13:53:56Mikachupreglow: it's a preference
13:54:29preglowSlasheri: does it boost while scanning?
13:54:36Slasheriwebguest87: hehe, the UI is likely to be still quite buggy.. hopefully somebody likes to fix it ;) i like more fixing the engine thing
13:54:39Slasheripreglow: yes it should
13:54:48 Quit webguest87 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:54:53 Join webguest87-2 [0] (
13:55:06webguest87-2Slasheri: another song with the same name, in fact
13:55:10Mikachupreglow: besides, it's easier to pull out the coord than unlock and press play and lock again :)
13:55:15Mikachuer, cord
13:55:33preglowSlasheri: and i browse tags by settings 'show files' to id3 database?
13:55:45webguest87-2preglow: yup
13:55:46linuxstbSlasheri: Something went wrong with my update after enabling dircache and rebooting. I had to delete the tagcache file in .rockbox in order to make the "force update" work. But it seems to be going fine now.
13:55:53*preglow goes to find his resetting screwdriver :/
13:56:04Massachris05, it seems nobody else here is using vmware - is the date only wrong inside your image or is it wrong at your whole computer?
13:56:11 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
13:56:19Mikachuwhat setting do i want to enable, gather runtime data?
13:56:31chris05no its only wrong inside my image
13:56:31Massachris05, and how did you log into your virtual machine? With ssh as the instructions mentions?
13:56:39preglowit didn't show anything in any of the categoriews
13:56:54preglowthen crashed
13:57:08webguest87-2Slasheri: Multiple songs with the same name seems to be a problem
13:57:21Massachris05, are you able to set the date inside your image?
13:57:28webguest87-2(ie. the same song gets inserted regardless which one I insert)
13:57:46linuxstbSlasheri: The tagcache built without errors on my ipod, but when enabling ID3 view, I got a "prefetch abort at FFFDFFFC" when leaving the menu.
13:58:00linuxstb(this is on my iPod 4G Color)
13:58:02Massachris05, it's one part of the instructions - did you already follow them?
13:58:08*webguest87-2 is glad he has the same device as Slasheri
13:58:11Mikachubut uh, how do i browse non-music files?
13:58:16preglowi just can't make it work on my h120
13:58:19chris05what does CCYY stand for?
13:58:35webguest87-2preglow: Dircache on or off?
13:58:42preglowwebguest87-2: on
13:58:54Mikachuand how do i know when it's done?
13:58:55 Join marevalo [0] (
13:59:01Massachris05, I assume it's the year with century - 2006 currently ;)
13:59:03Slasherilinuxstb: oh, so there are still some alignment issues
13:59:06preglowi alays use dircache
13:59:17ashridahSlasheri: weird. i started getting warnings about tagtree.c tagcache.c and tagcache.h being 'in the future' by 2.something E 03 seconds :)
13:59:19preglowSlasheri: no, that's something else
13:59:20webguest87-2Me too, it seems. I thought I didn't.
13:59:31marevalohi all, for the commiters out here
13:59:33preglowSlasheri: prefetch abort means it tried to execute code from that address, but that address is in the middle of io port land
13:59:43Slasheriah, hmm
13:59:47webguest87-2Ah, dircache has decided not to work
13:59:48midkaySlasheri, so, how do i browse by tags after updating the cache?
13:59:56marevalothere is a patch on flyspry adding correct pieces for ChessBox on the Archos targets
13:59:56webguest87-2I guess it's upset by my files
14:00:07Slasherimidkay: select the id3 database mode
14:00:12Slasherithen it should work
14:00:12webguest87-2midkay: set show files to "id3 database"
14:00:28 Nick marevalo is now known as marevalo_motogp (
14:00:32chris05it said operation not permited
14:00:34Mikachucalling a function tagcache_init() from the function init_tagcache is of course not confusing at all :)
14:00:45Mikachuwebguest87-2: how do you view normal files when in that mode?
14:00:55webguest87-2Mikachu: You don't
14:01:07ashridahSlasheri: nevermind. my system was out a few thousand seconds
14:01:13webguest87-2well, there's no metadata to browse, I don't see how you'd mix those
14:01:18midkayshow files: id3 database - freezes rockbox when you try to leave the menu..
14:01:19Massachris05, Aah - you have to be root for doing this. Open another ssh connection and login as root (password: rockbox)
14:01:24Slasheriashridah: hehe :)
14:01:36midkaylet me try "load from disk"..
14:01:41webguest87-2Current progress: 161% o.O
14:01:52chris05how to i open another root?
14:02:19Slasheriwebguest87-2: hmm, weird :D
14:02:25midkaySlasheri, showing id3 database simply freezes..
14:02:36Slasherimidkay: you had ipod too?
14:02:39Massachris05, which tool did you use to connect and login to your virtual machine? putty?
14:02:43preglowSlasheri: i just make it work, whenever i try to browse the database, it shows nothing, force update does nothing (always at 0%), thought it has completed one scan
14:02:55preglowSlasheri: i just _cant_ make it work, was what i meant to say
14:02:57Slasherimidkay: ok, it's probably a bug with that platform then
14:03:01midkayhmm. :(
14:03:07Slasheripreglow: you have to reboot
14:03:16preglowSlasheri: i have, many times
14:03:19chris05when it loads the image it automaticy came up with thing that asks for a login username and then password
14:03:21Slasheriah, hmm :/
14:03:32webguest87-2Am I the only one who has it working?
14:03:47ashridahit locks up when i enable id3 database too
14:03:53Slasheripreglow: can you check the logf console?
14:03:53Massachris05, then just log out and log in again as "root" instead of "user"...
14:04:14Massachris05, or try to use "su - root"
14:04:25preglowSlasheri: ahh, no, i'll compile a logf build
14:04:39Slasherigood :) that should help
14:05:02safetydanwow, tagcache comitted and it hasn't even been mentioned on misticriver yet
14:05:08Mikachugreat, now rb decided not to save my settings on shutdown
14:05:21*webguest87-2 punches dircache
14:05:39*ashridah forces a tagcache update to see if that'll help
14:05:53chris05okay the date is set right now
14:06:16Massachris05, did also set the correct keyboard in that step?
14:06:23Massachris05, or is it already correct?
14:06:43chris05yeah the keyboards alreayd correct
14:07:29Massachris05, I also suggest to "shutdown" vmware (don't know how to do this) and start it again - just to see if the date is still correct...
14:07:31chris05what does hwclock do?
14:07:47BgerJdGordon here?
14:07:57JdGordonthere and everywhere :D
14:08:16Bgerthe view current playlist uses the plugin buffer ...
14:08:19Massachris05, at linux hwclock get's and/or sets the linux clock to the same values as the PCs hardware clock
14:08:19safetydanhrm... maybe I should have charged this before firing off tagcache
14:08:22preglowSlasheri: it says commiting 2889 enties \n bulding index: 0 \n buffer way too small!! \n failed init
14:08:28 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
14:08:29Mikachuwhy won't it save my settings? :((
14:08:35Massachris05, in vmware it may be different - I don't know...
14:08:35 Join Seed [0] (
14:08:35preglowSlasheri: + some typos from me, yes
14:09:05Mikachuhm, now it did
14:09:17Massachris05, if everything is fine - start it all over and log in as "user" again.
14:09:18JdGordonBg3r: ye, i tihnk your right...
14:09:21Slasheripreglow: oh, that's weird
14:09:26preglowSlasheri: why's that?
14:09:46Slasheripreglow: does it say that when booting up?
14:09:53Massachris05, I suggest to reload the whole thing (you could also get rid of that additional "rockbox" directory then) ;)
14:09:59Slasheriit tries to allocate the entire audiobuffer as the temporary buffer
14:10:13preglowSlasheri: yes, when booting up
14:10:37Slasheribut somehow, it seems there is almost no space on it to allocate from..
14:10:48Massachris05, after logging in as "user", remove the whole rockbox directory structure again: "rm -rf rockbox"
14:11:13Slasheripreglow: tempbuf_size = (int)audiobufend - (int)audiobuf - 4;
14:11:16JdGordonmy last msg was for Bger not Bg3r :p
14:11:22preglowSlasheri: that should suffice...
14:11:50Massachris05, then download the cvs again (the second cvs command - the login is only needed once) - now directly in your user's home directory
14:11:53BgerJdGordon haha
14:11:54*amiconn slaps Slasheri for casting pointers to int
14:11:58preglowwhy does logfdump dump all the entries backwards?
14:12:07Slasheripreglow: it needs about 250k from that buffer
14:12:09amiconnpointers need to be cast to long
14:12:20Slasheriamiconn: oh, i will fix that
14:12:39amiconnYou'll produce lovely warnings on 64bit if you don't
14:12:49preglowunsigned longs, even
14:13:02 Join obo [0] (
14:13:06preglowptrdiff_t !
14:13:17webguest87-2bless you
14:13:24 Quit bam_ (Connection timed out)
14:13:26Massachris05, is your date/time still correct?
14:13:55chris05i had to figure out how to set my time zone right and its rebooting now
14:14:28*Mikachu cvs up -D "one hour ago"
14:14:40t0maskilled the script?
14:14:58amiconnWhat's wrong with the build system?
14:15:04amiconnNo rebuilds...
14:15:06t0masnot building anything
14:15:18safetydanSlasheri, plugging in the charger seems to interrupt the tagcache build
14:15:21preglowSlasheri: i've only got a tagcache_tmp.tcd file, shouldn't there be more?
14:16:15 Join bam_ [0] (
14:17:00Slasherisafetydan: ah, that too. fixing soon :)
14:17:03safetydanAnd what do you do if forcing a tagcache rebuild does nothing?
14:17:23safetydanSince now that I've interrupted the build it won't restart.
14:17:29Slasheripreglow: yes, after commit() succees there will be 5 index files and the tagcache_tmp.tcd should have been removed
14:17:50Slasherisafetydan: that's weird. Try to reboot
14:18:00Slasheriit should continue the update then
14:18:08Slasheriah yes, in fact you have to reboot
14:18:23*amiconn gets a weird crash now in wavplay, if channel mode is set to karaoke
14:18:28Slasherithe changes have to be committed first before the building can continue
14:18:29preglowSlasheri: i'll just try to delete it and go at it again
14:18:58amiconnReally weird, it crashes with I04:IllInstr at 08924100. There's no memory in area 08.......
14:19:08preglowSlasheri: why does it start at 30%? :P
14:19:14*webguest87-2 notes that this still beats the old approach hands down
14:20:07Slasheripreglow: hmm, maybe you have some other than tagged music files on the disk too?
14:20:11Slasheriit just skips them :)
14:20:31safetydanSlasheri, rebooted several times still not building
14:20:54safetydanprogress debug screen says 0%
14:20:58Slasherisafetydan: hmm :/ then you need to check the logf or remove all tagcache* files in .rockbox
14:21:07safetydanwhich was going to be my next step :)
14:21:09preglowsame problem i had, yes
14:21:15chris05yeah they are but now when i try to download the cvs it says unknown host
14:21:20preglowSlasheri: ok, so once the disk has been scanned, i need to reboot?
14:21:27Slasheripreglow: yes
14:21:48Slasheripreglow: and then it should take a few seconds while display shows "committing tagcache"
14:22:10 Quit darkless (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:22:17Massachris05, it seems your network connection does not work anymore :(
14:22:28preglowSlasheri: btw, what is the update procedure? does it detect if a file has gotten its metadata changed in any way?
14:22:57chris05oooooo i accendely uncheck it from being connected
14:23:51Slasheripreglow: currently it detects only when new files has been added
14:24:22chris05massa, its downloading it again :) and the date is set right now too!
14:24:29preglowSlasheri: exactly the same thing happened again
14:24:32Slasheripreglow: if tagcache is loaded to ram, new files should be detected automatically
14:24:51preglowso something weird is afoot
14:24:52Slasheripreglow: then there is a problem with the fixed buffer allocation..
14:25:01Slasheriif you can, please try to debug it :)
14:25:03Massachris05, we'll see if it works on the next make :D
14:25:04safetydanhrrm... I thought logf builds were fixed recently
14:25:10preglowok, i'll give it a couple of mins
14:25:11Slasheriat least, checking the tempbuf_size with logf would help
14:25:17Slasherinice :)
14:25:20safetydanmp3_encoder.c: In function `filter_subband':
14:25:20safetydanmp3_encoder.c:1470: error: can't find a register in class `ADDR_REGS' while reloading `asm'
14:25:24preglowsafetydan: still a problem in mp3_encoder
14:25:29 Join darkless [0] (n=darkless@
14:25:36preglowsafetydan: someone should just add -fomit-frame-pointer properly to the debug builds
14:25:46preglowsafetydan: there's _no_ reason not to include it, we have no gdb stub
14:26:08pregloweither that, or give the DEBUG symbol its proper meaning
14:26:13preglowright now it means 'compiled with gdb stub'
14:26:22preglowso i can't use it for checking whether to use asm routines
14:27:03amiconnBah, gcc bug!!!
14:27:38amiconnReally nasty one
14:28:45safetydanupdating tagcache
14:28:52safetydanskipping, cache alrea
14:29:02safetydanso apparently it thinks my cache is up to date
14:29:10preglowarghgh1!!! what a blessing it is to develope remotely
14:29:36safetydanI think I'll delete the cache files
14:29:38Slasherisafetydan: nope, in fact logf("skipping, cache already waiting for commit");
14:29:41linuxstbSlasheri: It never seems to get past the tagcache_tmp.tcd stage on my ipod.
14:29:42chris05massa, im back to the make command ill tell u if it works this time!
14:29:54Slasheriso it hasn't been committed. Probably same problem preglow is having too
14:30:15safetydanwoo, I'm not alone
14:30:29Massachris05, shall we open a private window so that I don't miss you're next step?
14:30:29*amiconn wonders what the hell gcc is doing here
14:31:17preglowSlasheri: tempbuf_size is -823118589...
14:31:27amiconnIt just made a jumptable for switch (byte ranges) where the last destination offset overflows the range (bytes are sign-extended and gcc used 0x80)
14:31:34safetydanokay, now it's happily updating
14:31:35preglowamiconn: hah
14:32:25preglownice to see gcc hasn't lost its sense of humour
14:32:35*amiconn wonders why this bug didn't strike earlier
14:32:51amiconnThe code is practically identical to what is in sound.c
14:33:27chris05massa, i tryed opening a private one i dont know if it worked if it doesnt do u use msn?
14:33:54JdGordonany1 know how many seconds the full audio buffer can hold (h300) ?
14:35:13preglowSlasheri: audiobufend is 0xffffffff
14:35:18Slasheripreglow: eh, that's really nice.. :D try this:
14:35:38linuxstbJdGordon: Are you talking about the compressed data buffer, or the decoded data (PCM) buffer?
14:35:41Slasheriline 1372 in tagcache.c, change int to unsigned long
14:36:10preglowSlasheri: how will that help when audiobufend is clearly wrong?
14:36:27Slasheripreglow: ah, then it doesn't help if that's really wrong..
14:36:36JdGordonlinuxstb: i mean, whats the theoreticla max it can buffer? i wanna know sort of how much buffer-ability u lose if u enable the dir/tag caches..
14:36:40Slasherihmm, then i wonder the player even works at all
14:36:48Slasheriare you sure it's wrong?
14:37:03preglow logf("%x %x", audiobufend, audiobuf);
14:37:11preglowright around line 1372
14:37:20preglowit gave the values 0xffffffff and 0x310fc820
14:37:27preglowboth of which are completely wrong
14:38:03Slasheriah, true.. :/
14:38:19preglowbut that shouldn't happen, now should it
14:38:21Slasherithat doesn't look very good then
14:38:34*amiconn reordered the case: s to work around that bug :/
14:39:11Slasheripreglow: but dircache works fine?
14:39:29preglowSlasheri: fine like wine
14:39:45Slasherithen audiobuf has to be correct.. and the end address is wrong
14:40:00linuxstbJdGordon: That obviously depends on the bitrate of your files. The audio buffer is around 29MB-30MB (I think you can see the value in Info->Rockbox Info)
14:40:16amiconnHmm. I would need a test file with different frequencies in left & right channel...
14:40:17preglowahh, of course, it's right, i forgot the memory map
14:40:53Slasheripreglow: hmm, but the end address is still wrong?
14:41:00*amiconn wonders whether it's possible to create such a file with audacity
14:41:00preglowwell, yeah
14:41:06preglowi can't see how 0xffffffff can't be wrong
14:41:17Massachris05, is the make process finished now (hopefully successful)?
14:41:21safetydanokay, I let it rebuild again and same thing, it's not comitting the the cache
14:41:39preglowsafetydan: try logfing the audiobufend variable
14:41:43Slasheripreglow: try to remove extern char *audiobufend in the beginning of tagcache.c to see if that helps
14:41:51Slasherino other file defines it either
14:42:03chris05are you getting my private message or is that not workin?
14:42:18 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
14:42:27Mikachuyou need to be registered or Massa needs to set +6 on himself with nickserv
14:42:33 Join SereR0KR [0] (
14:42:36preglowSlasheri: compiler error, undefined bla bla
14:42:43Mikachuor you could do a dcc chat
14:42:46Slasheriah :/
14:42:56 Join chrisw05 [0] (
14:43:01Massachris05, that's great! You now have created your first own bleeding edge build!
14:43:14chris05nice! now what lol
14:43:19Massachris05, no I don't get a private message.
14:43:43amiconnHmm. Something is clearly wrong in the mas pcm codec docs
14:44:30chris05i logged in with mirc if that makes it any easyer lol
14:45:28Massachris05, you now can additionally make a zip file with your build with "make zip" - it creates a in your build directory
14:45:34*linuxstb does the "I've just finished ripping all of my 387 CDs" dance
14:45:44*Mikachu gives linuxstb a cookie
14:45:58*JdGordon sends linuxstb's info to the riaa :D
14:46:01preglowSlasheri: but audiobufend is a hard coded linker symbiol
14:46:03Slasheripreglow: remove both of the extern defines and include buffer.h
14:46:04JdGordonlinuxstb: to flac?
14:46:09Slasherithen it should compile
14:46:14preglowSlasheri: so something has to be wrong in the linker script
14:46:16linuxstbJdGordon: Yes. Took me three weeks :)
14:46:30JdGordonbloody hell! how much disk space is the whole collection?
14:46:30Slasheripreglow: then i wonder why playback engine doesn't crash..
14:46:38Massachris05, you can then unpack that zip to your device - as you usual do with the downloaded bleeding edge builds...
14:46:42Mikachu387*450MB or so i'd guess
14:46:51chris05alright cool
14:46:53linuxstbJdGordon: About 100GB
14:46:53 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:46:56 Join huntermic [0] (
14:47:08chris05how would i do the patches then?
14:47:09Slasheri|#ifdef SIMULATOR
14:47:09Slasheri|extern unsigned char *audiobufend;
14:47:09DBUGEnqueued KICK Slasheri
14:47:09Slasheri|extern unsigned char audiobufend[];
14:47:14Slasheripreglow: maybe that was the problem
14:47:18 Part huntermic
14:47:24Slasheriso buffer.h defines it correctly
14:47:24Mikachu258MB/cd on average then
14:47:25Massachris05, but I assume you first have to get access to that zip from windows - there must be something about at the instructions...
14:47:29 Join huntermic [0] (
14:47:35chris05yeah i figure it out
14:47:42chris05i just type \\debian\user
14:47:50linuxstbMikachu: I have a fair number of 3 or 4 track CD singles which brings the average down.
14:47:55chris05into run and it opens as a network place
14:48:02preglowSlasheri: that did the trick
14:48:05Massachris05, cool :)
14:48:05Mikachubut swapping the discs is the boring part
14:48:05preglowSlasheri: commiting tagcache
14:48:10Slasheripreglow: great! :)
14:48:17Slasherii will commit a fix
14:48:26Massachris05, now we can start with patching the sources ;)
14:48:33linuxstbMikachu: Yes, and cleaning up the freedb info.
14:48:33amiconnpreglow: I found a 'fun' effect: The MAS stereo matrix seems to have that overflow problem we were talking about regarding to the swcodec matrix
14:48:35preglowbut how come only i was bitten by the bug? :>
14:48:40preglowamiconn: hahaha
14:48:44chris05okay im ready!
14:48:50preglowamiconn: only for pcm, or+
14:48:55Mikachupreglow: it didn't work for me either, if you mean tagcache
14:49:03safetydanpreglow, and me as well
14:49:11JdGordonany1 know how doom is going? is it gonna get into 3.0?
14:49:13Mikachui just thought you were handling it so well
14:49:19Massago to your users home directory inside your vmware session (just "cd")
14:49:20preglowahh, k
14:49:37SlasheriMikachu: now it should have been fixed, just update the cvs
14:49:41chris05k got that
14:49:42CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:49:42*preglow browses by tags!
14:49:48Slasheripreglow: hehe :)
14:49:55Mikachui'm not sure i want to use it if it won't let me browse files without going into the settings menu first
14:50:06Massachris05, create a new subdirectory ("patches" - or whatever you want to name your directory holding the patches)
14:50:23linuxstbMikachu: I agree. A simple "Browse ID3 tags" type menu option could hopefully fix that.
14:50:39Massachris05, transfer the patches you want to add to that directory (from windows)
14:51:00Mikachuor just Browse by tags
14:51:05preglowoop, crash
14:51:14Mikachuor (and this is going out on a limb) "Music"
14:51:20chris05okay i will just transfer that album art one for now
14:51:33chris05and i got that done
14:51:56Massachris05, I don't know exactly if samba changes the format - you need to have it in unix format!
14:52:07JdGordon.. is tagcache in cvs yet? or still mucking around with testing?
14:52:14linuxstbJdGordon: Yes, it's in CVS.
14:52:21Massachris05, do you have basic knowledge about vi?
14:52:37*JdGordon udates...
14:52:42chris05no :(
14:53:00chris05well i dont think so what is vi?
14:53:37Massachris05, the famous "special" Unix text editor - people who don't know about it hate it usually ;)
14:53:47amiconnThat's it. No more distortion if I go from 0x80000 to 0x80001
14:53:55Papricacould someone check this out and commit it if it's ok?
14:54:01Massachris05, is the command unix2dos available inside your vmware?
14:54:58Mikachuif you don't have that, try fromdos
14:55:12JdGordonsorry.. where is the option to enable it?
14:56:01chris05well i typed in unix2dos and it said command not found and i think mikachu was talking to me and i tryed that and it said the same
14:56:17SlasheriJdGordon: in playback menu
14:56:37MassaDoes someone know if transferring patch files from windows to inside a vmware image convert the fileformat from windows to unix?
14:56:54Massachris05, and u2d?
14:57:05Mikachudoes he have wget? he could just download the image in vmware directly
14:57:17Massachris05, actually "u2d −−help" ;)
14:57:28Massachris05, or "recode"?
14:57:31amiconnpreglow: The karaoke formula needs to be fixed (for both hwcodec and swcodec). It overflows...
14:58:05safetydanyay, now it says comitting tagcache
14:58:26chris05nope none of them
14:58:36amiconnThere's also a problem with custom stereo width...
14:58:42safetydanI assume it's known that cvs pages don't seem to be working right?
14:58:43 Join Febs [0] (
14:58:53*amiconn needs to redo the formula for >100%
14:58:54Massacris05, so I'll try to tell you how to use "vi" / "vim"...
14:58:58Massachris05, so I'll try to tell you how to use "vi" / "vim"...
14:58:59Slasherisafetydan: yep, the build system seems to be down
14:59:20Massachris05, go to the patch directory
14:59:37webguest87-2chris05: apt-get install tofrodos
14:59:48amiconnIt must be: abs(channel_straight_factor) + abs(channel_cross_factor) < 1
15:00:14Massachris05, follow wbguest87's instructions - of course as root again...
15:00:20amiconnOtherwise it overflows if the signals in both channels are uncorrelated
15:00:39*safetydan also browses by tags
15:00:49safetydannow I have to get my tags fixed
15:00:58amiconnt0mas: Still no rebuild?
15:01:09chris05what was it that i typed earlyer to log in as roo somethin -root
15:02:04elinenbeis there any description of how to use tagcache anywhere?
15:02:20tucozelinenbe, in the current irc-log
15:02:32elinenbeearlier today? :-)
15:02:48tucozyes, like the last 2 hours perhaps
15:02:48Massachris05, "su - root" - that means "substitute user", the "-" means to execute the environment as if the user logs in and "root" means the user you want to become...
15:03:10preglowamiconn: sure it can overflow
15:03:17Massachris05, when you're finished with your root task - you just enter "exit" and you'll back as "user"
15:03:36preglowamiconn: i don't even know if i'm using your formula for swcodec karaoke, btw, i just did something i'd thought work there
15:03:59chris05ahhh alright when i typed in that it said E: couldnt find package tofrodos
15:04:06 Nick marevalo_motogp is now known as marevalo (
15:05:03Massawebguest87-2, do you have experience with the rockbox vmware stuff?
15:05:28 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:07:55Massachris05, o.k. back to plan B, the vi stuff; exit the root environment with "exit"
15:08:31Massachris05: you're now in the patches directory?
15:08:55Bgerhm, should i close this
15:08:56Massachris05: open the patch inside the vi-Editor: "vi <filename>"
15:09:32chris05ok got that open
15:10:17Massachris05, just a moment - I have to do something in real life - I'm back in a few minutes..
15:10:30 Quit JdGordon ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
15:10:32amiconnpreglow: You did use my formula for karaoke...
15:10:49preglowkaraoke is useless anyway
15:10:53preglowit makes everything sound like crap
15:10:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:11:01amiconnI.e. left_out = left_in - right_in; right_out = right_in - left_in;
15:11:23 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
15:11:28amiconnThat cancels mono sounds, but uncorrelated sounds add up... it has to be /= 2
15:12:12amiconnThat is, in case we have to expect uncorrelated sounds. Do we?
15:12:18 Quit marevalo ("Abandonando")
15:12:25amiconnSame goes for variable stereo width
15:12:42Mikachui'd say there's a pretty high chance of one channel being near -1 and the other near +1 at a given time
15:12:54Mikachubut that's just going by intuition
15:13:23Bgeramiconn: ?
15:13:30arf-arfanyone know the root p/w for the debian image? I need to set the clock
15:13:48chris05arf-arf, rockbox
15:13:52preglowamiconn: it sure can happen
15:14:03arf-arfcheers chris5
15:14:19preglowamiconn: if left sample is -32768 and right sample is 32768, then wee
15:14:29preglowamiconn: 32767...
15:14:40 Quit zoneout (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:14:46amiconnBg3r: It doesn't mention a target... I assume archos recorders/ player
15:14:56amiconnDoesn't really make sense to me
15:15:10amiconnUsing just one button for hold defeats its purpose
15:15:22 Join zoneout [0] (
15:15:30amiconnON can easily become permanently pressed in a bag
15:15:47amiconnpreglow: Yes that's what I mean
15:16:07amiconnThe question is how likely this will happen
15:16:10preglowamiconn: well, there's nothing else you can do about that particular bug than halve the volume on each channel
15:16:25preglowamiconn: it might very well happen
15:16:31preglowamiconn: not to such a large degree as that, though
15:16:34amiconnHalve the aplitude, not halve the volume
15:16:49preglowsame shit
15:16:53preglowdifferent wrods
15:16:55amiconnThat's 6dB
15:16:56preglowwrods, yes, wrods
15:17:15amiconnNah, we just have to, it seems
15:17:18pregloweach scale factor needs to be 0.5 og -0.5
15:17:21Bgeramiconn should i close it ?
15:18:00linuxstbHas anyone successfully used tagcache on an ipod yet?
15:18:02preglowi feel the time of my shutting up getting closer
15:18:09amiconnBg3r: I think so. It's also ooold...
15:18:42Bgeryeah :)
15:18:49midkaylinuxstb, has a fix been committed?
15:19:10preglowlinuxstb: it's consistently a prefetch abort?
15:20:08linuxstbpreglow: It's not finishing building the database - tagcache_tmp.tcd never goes away.
15:20:13Massachris05, I'm back...
15:20:23Massachris05: ist the file still open in vi?
15:21:01Massachris05: press ":" and you should be in the bottom line and see a blinking cursor
15:21:50tucozlinuxstb, did you update to latest cvs? I got the same on my h120, but now it works
15:22:11preglowalso, is diskcache mandatory?
15:22:14preglowdircache, even
15:22:15chris05it took me to the bottom of the page but not the end of the whole thing
15:22:42linuxstbtucoz: Yes, I've updated with Slasheri's fix.
15:22:45chris05if i press page down a bunch of times it takes me to the very bottom
15:22:50Massachris05: that is correct, it's called the "command mode" :)
15:22:52tucozlinuxstb, ok.
15:23:12Massachris05: enter "set fileformat" in that line and press <enter>
15:23:19linuxstbtucoz: In fact, I just realised I'm still running the old version....
15:23:28amiconnpreglow: It shouldn't. Tagcache is designed to work with and without dircache, even with no dircache compiled in
15:23:41Massachris05: what does it say?
15:23:56amiconnThen it won't be loaded into ram but used from disk like lod tagdb
15:23:56tucozlinuxstb, :) Hopefully that fixes it.
15:24:15preglowlinuxstb: i get as far as commiting tagcache
15:24:18chris05set: no filemormat option: 'set all' gives all option values
15:24:20preglowthen a data bort
15:24:24preglowi will check the cause now
15:24:35amiconnt0mas: We need builds!!
15:24:43Massachris05: "fileformat", not "filemormat"
15:24:51amiconnmaybe Bagder can do sth as well...
15:25:14linuxstbWould it be a big task to add a "Browse database" option to the main menu - and leave the file browser working normally?
15:25:30Massachris05: you have to press ":" again - it leaves command mode after entering a command...
15:25:58amiconnlinuxstb: My idea was to add avirtual directory linking to the tag(db|cache)
15:26:14preglowsome place faaaar into commit
15:26:27preglowsome store fails
15:26:28chris05sorry typeo it says "set: no fileformat option set all gives all option values"
15:26:38amiconnWould work the same way as the virtual directories added by multivolume support
15:27:07Massachris05: in command mode enter "version" and press <enter> - which version does it show?
15:27:37chris05Version 1.79
15:28:19Slasheripreglow: ah, in fact there is still one alignment issue
15:28:20chris05Version 1.79 (10/23/96) is that sayin its from back in 96 :o
15:28:30Slasheripreglow: at which point it does crash?
15:28:34Massachris05, huh!? What's that for a version???
15:28:39preglowSlasheri: in commit, trying to identify the code line now
15:28:53Slasherioh, that's weird
15:29:03Massachris05: O.K. - we'll try plan C :)
15:29:06linuxstbI've also just got a data abort at 00031438
15:29:14Mikachuno c0edbabes today?
15:29:22chris05lol ok good thing u can plan ahead and get all of these plan
15:29:23Slasheripreglow: i was hoping it would crash after the commit
15:29:24preglowunfortunately, no
15:29:31Massachris05: enter "1,$s/b
15:29:33preglowSlasheri: no, it definitely crashed during commit
15:30:02chris05it did something im not sure what tho
15:30:20linuxstbMy data abort it in tempbuf_unique_insert().
15:30:29 Join Aditya|Shower [0] (
15:30:52Massachris05: shit - my text was a typo... - I hope it does not destroy anything.
15:30:59chris05now at the bottom it says 139 lines changes
15:31:01t0masamiconn: correction... we need Bagder
15:31:11Massachris05: just press u (without entering command mode)
15:31:51Massachris05, did it still say changed?
15:32:24chris05it went back up to the top and says 139 lines changed, would it be better if i closed it and opend it back up?
15:32:28Massachris05: to be sure we didn't change the file, go to command mode and enter "q!" and press <enter>
15:32:57Massachris05: this will close the file without saving the changes and brings you back to the command line
15:33:26Massachris05: try to open the file with "vim" instead of "vi"
15:33:30chris05ok did that and then i opend it back in vi like last time
15:33:38chris05o oops
15:34:20 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:34:35 Join Daishi [0] (
15:34:37Massachris05: did you leave it again and try to reopen in vim?
15:34:38 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
15:34:52Massachris05: (I hope vim is available)...
15:34:56chris05i closed it and then tryed opening it with vim and it said command not found
15:35:20Massachris05: shit - so we have to keep the vi; reopen it in vi
15:35:40chris05is there a way to get vim easily or not
15:35:49webguest87-2apt-get install vim
15:36:01webguest87-2Debian ships with nvi and nano as editors by default
15:36:15webguest87-2(nano being a Free clone of pico)
15:36:27webguest87-2(and also a horrible pun)
15:36:33Massaactually it seems not be possible to apt-get anything...
15:36:43webguest87-2What, network not working?
15:36:48chris05apt-get worked i think for vim
15:37:22webguest87-2oh, tofrodos didn't work? That's probably new to Debian sid then, sysutils should haved dos2unix then
15:37:24chris05"after unpacking 15.24 of addininal space will be used" "do you want to continue"
15:37:25Mikachuwebguest87-2: how is it a pun?
15:37:35webguest87-2Mikachu, well, a play on words
15:37:38Massahuh? :-| And it did not work for the "tofrodos"?
15:37:41webguest87-2not an actual pun, I guess
15:37:56webguest87-2Massa: tofrodos is not in sarge, I think
15:38:04Massachris05, say yes!
15:38:07webguest87-2it was split out from sysutils after sarge
15:38:42Massachris05: I mean press "y" and maybe <enter> - just sitting in front of your computer and saying "yes" will not help :D
15:39:13Mikachuhaha, i don't remember what package it is but one ./configure outputs "configure succeeded, say 'make' to compile"
15:39:15Massawebguest87-2: do you know in which package the unix2dos tools are?
15:39:33webguest87-2sysutils, iirc
15:39:40MassaMickachu, lol
15:39:44webguest87-2apt-cache search unix2os should reveal it
15:40:07webguest87-2without the typo
15:41:00Massachris05 - did it work?
15:41:38chris05could not connect to
15:42:26Massachris05: you were able to install vim? And unable to do a "apt-chache search unix2dos"?
15:44:02Massachris05 - I have to go away for about 15 or 20 minutes - when I'm back we'll continue, ok?
15:44:06chris05no after i pressed y it said connecting to and stayed at zero percent
15:44:24chris05i will see if i can get this vim thing installed i t hink i get the idea
15:44:31 Nick Massa is now known as Massa[A] (n=Massa@
15:44:31*Massa[A] is now away - Reason : having lunch
15:52:06 Join mikearthur [0] (
15:53:28 Nick chrisw05 is now known as chrisww05 (
15:53:40 Quit chris05 ("CGI:IRC")
15:53:48 Nick chrisww05 is now known as chris05 (
15:54:47 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
15:54:50chris05webguest87, is there any reason when it tyred to connect to it doesnt work?
15:55:15webguest87-2chris05: Do you have connection elsewhere? ping or something
15:56:33chris05yeah it gets that but whenever i tryed to do the apt-get install vim it does that and askes for me to press y and then when its connectiong it stays at 0% and eventualy times out
15:58:15chris05and then i just pinged and it replys with that too :|
15:58:48chris05o wow it worked this time
15:59:02Mikachuit has a couple of ips, maybe one of them is down
15:59:10chris05ahh maybe
15:59:43chris05do u think massa would rather work with vim or unix2dos?
15:59:52webguest87-2Depends on what you want to do
15:59:54Mikachuunix2dos would be a lot easier
16:00:07Mikachudos2unix is probably what you want though
16:00:37chris05im not sure what it does but im trying to patch from vmware and the debian image
16:00:48Mikachuchris05: do you have the command 'wget' ?
16:01:11chris05i think so i typed wget and said missing url
16:01:35Mikachuokay, if you just type wget and the url to the patch it should be fine..
16:03:10chris05to the zip?
16:03:28Mikachuwhat patch are we looking at?
16:03:35chris05i got 3 diff ppl tryin to help me out lol maybe i should wait for massa
16:03:39chris05the album_art one
16:04:09Mikachuhm, if you transfer the zip to debian and unzip it there it might work better
16:04:31Mikachubut i don't think i know exactly what the problem is
16:04:54webguest87-2Any news on the WMA front?
16:05:07Mikachui haven't heard anything
16:05:07chris05o they are just explaining on how to patch all together
16:05:53safetydanwebguest87-2, the guy working on it hasn't said anything for a while
16:07:23 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
16:07:57 Nick Massa[A] is now known as Massa (n=Massa@
16:07:57*Massa is no longer away : Gone for 23 minutes 25 seconds
16:08:08MassaNow I'm back again
16:08:31Massachris05, any progress?
16:09:14chris05i got vim installed how do i do the apt-cache search unix2dos it just went to the next like
16:09:36chris05next line*
16:10:22webguest87-2apt-get install sysutils
16:10:33webguest87-2That holds dos2unix and unix2dos
16:10:42webguest87-2(as well as some other utilities)
16:12:10chris05hmmm its staying at zero again
16:12:35Massawhat do you mean with "its staying at zero"?
16:12:57webguest87-2The download stalls
16:13:00chris05well i dunno whenever i use the apt-get when its connecting to
16:13:01webguest87-2Try again
16:13:14chris05but it works if i cancel it and ping it and then do it cause its workin now
16:13:25preglowamiconn: is there much left in your lang rework?
16:13:50chris05unix2dos works now :)
16:14:04webguest87-2or you could use - edit (vim or nano) /etc/apt/sources.list and change all instances of to and run apt-get update
16:14:22Massados2unix is what we need here ;)
16:14:36 Quit zoneout ("Leaving")
16:14:47chris05okay dos2unix works too!
16:15:19chris05should i stay in as root or go back to user
16:15:48 Join Rondom [0] (n=Rondom@
16:16:07Massagood - now go back to your "user" (except if you want to update your debian system as webguest87-2 suggests)
16:16:24chris05im not sure how i would do that
16:16:40chris05can i do that from windows later or not?
16:16:43 Join Xerion [0] (
16:16:54chris05from connecting to the network share
16:17:25MassaNo, you have to do it from inside your virtual debian - but you can do it later (if you want - it's optional ;))
16:17:38Massaare you back in your patches dir?
16:17:40chris05ok sounds better later
16:18:08Massalet's still have a look at the patch - even if we have dos2unix now, open the file with "vim"
16:19:08chris05ahhhh brb computer needs a restart
16:19:27 Quit chris05 ()
16:22:38 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
16:23:21MassaHi Jungti1234!
16:23:31Jungti1234ok ummm
16:24:33Jungti1234To whom is copyright of Rockbox logo?
16:24:41 Join chris05 [0] (
16:24:47*t0mas really doesn't know
16:24:55t0masIt might be rasher...
16:25:00Massachris05? Are you here again?
16:25:05t0maswhy are you asking?
16:25:13chris05yep starting back up vmware
16:25:15t0masyou are allowed to use the rockbox logo inside rockbox :)
16:25:21Jungti1234I may go mad.
16:25:26t0masgood luck
16:25:30Mikachuisn't it licensed under the gpl too?
16:25:31t0masshall I call a shrink?
16:25:57Massachris05: you mean copying your vmware image?
16:26:15*webguest87-2 thinks the logo was done by a friend of Linus or Bagder
16:26:27chris05no im starting the vmware image like booting it up
16:26:48Jungti12341. Each language proper name of Rockbox
16:27:05Massachris05: O.K., tell me when you're back in the patches dir...
16:27:28Jungti12342. Clear correctly copyright of Rockbox logo
16:28:27Jungti1234I'm arguing with people.
16:28:47chris05ok im back to the patches dir and u wanted me to open it with vim
16:29:42Jungti1234'To whom really is copyright of Rockbox logo?' 'How must Rockbox speak in Korean?'
16:29:53Massachris05: yes - does it work? If yes, go to the command mode and enter "set fileformat" and <enter>. What is the result now?
16:29:56chris05it says "album_art.patch" [new file]
16:30:18Jungti1234hey t0mas
16:30:44Jungti1234Can't I use logo in wikipedia?
16:31:00chris05nvm i had 2 patches dir on accedent
16:31:05Massachris05: new file? Then you didn't open the existing patch...
16:31:23*webguest87-2 notes 2 areas of uncertainty
16:31:24chris05yeah i got it opend in vim now
16:31:27t0masJungti1234: I think you can..
16:31:29webguest87-21) logo copyright
16:31:31t0masbut I'm not sure
16:31:34webguest87-22) wiki contents copyright
16:31:36t0masask Linus, Zagor or Bagder
16:31:40t0masor try the mailinglist
16:31:58Massachris05: go to command mode (":") and enter "set fileformat" followed by pressing <enter>.
16:32:07Jungti1234webguest87-2: right..
16:32:16Jungti1234You're right........
16:32:23webguest87-2Jungti1234: I don't think there are any clear answers to those right now
16:32:35chris05now it says fileformat=unix
16:32:59Massachris: AAaaaargh! Everything we did in the last hour was not necessary :) :) :)
16:33:15chris05well i learned somethin at least!
16:33:21Massachris05: it means, the patch is already in correct format and doesn't need transformation.
16:33:34Massachris05: you can leave it with ":q!"
16:33:50chris05okay lol
16:33:53Massachris05: then go back to your rockbox directory
16:34:39Massachris05: BTW, if it would have shown "fileformat=dos" you would have to change it with dos2unix..
16:34:53Massachris05: anyway...
16:34:59Mikachuchris05: you didn't see a lot of ^M at the end of every line?
16:35:28chris05i dont think so i didnt look that close should i check again real quick?
16:35:38MassaAhh, yes - good point. Sometimes vim misinterprets the files...
16:36:26chris05ok i looked and there wasnt any
16:36:37Massathen it seems to be O.K.
16:37:19Massain your rockbox directory enter "patch -p0 < ../patches/album_art.patch" (or similar - depends on the location and name of the patch)
16:37:49Mikachumay i interject a little tip, give −−dry-run to patch too
16:38:01Mikachuthat way you won't mess up the files in case it doesn't work
16:38:15Mikachuand if you don't get any errors, run the command without −−dry-run
16:39:14chris05so patch -p0 −−dry-run < ../patches?album_art.patch first then without the −−dry-run
16:39:15MassaGood tip!
16:39:36chris05- the question mark type
16:39:49MassaYes - when it succeeded on all files
16:40:38chris05okay i did it and didnt see any errors so ill do the real deal now lol
16:41:55Massaafter that you can go back to your build directory and just "make" again (and "make zip" afterwards if you want)
16:42:24 Join Spida_ [0] (
16:42:35chris05brb gonna get me a cup of coffe ha lol
16:42:51chris05jk lol but it took awhile but i think i got this down!
16:43:37chris05alright well while im waiting for this to make what would i of done if the file was fileformat=dos?
16:43:44Massaand if you see at that something changed, you just go to your rockbox directory and type "cvs update" this will get you the latest updatest.
16:44:18MassaJungti1234: bye!
16:44:23Jungti1234see you tomorrow
16:44:31 Quit Jungti1234 ()
16:44:38MarcoPolois there a way to make a wps react on a key press ?
16:45:25 Quit Spida (Nick collision from services.)
16:45:27 Nick Spida_ is now known as Spida (
16:45:40Massachris05: you would have to convert it to unix file format. "dos2unix dospatch.patch > unixpatch.patch"
16:46:05Mikachube sure to not use the same filename there, or you'll end up with an empty file
16:46:08Massabut if the transfer from windows already converts it to unix - you don't need to..
16:46:51Mikachuyou could just wget everything inside debian and you should have no problems
16:46:53chris05alright so i can just open it in vim and : and then the fileformat
16:47:11chris05alright and thats the wget urltopatch.patch
16:48:08Massaopening the file with vim was just an easy check if the file is in dos or unix format.
16:48:28Mikachuif you say file file, it should say if the file has dos or unix lineendings too
16:48:29Massaof course you're also able to change the fileformat in vim "set fileformat=unix"
16:48:34Massaand then write the file...
16:49:56MassaMikachu: does not work - at least not here, there's no difference in both cases it says "RCS/CVS diff output text"
16:50:07Mikachuhm okay
16:50:57Massachris05: happy patching - have you already transferred your selfmade build to your device?
16:51:43Massachris05: I remember the first time I did this - it was exciting (H)
16:53:09chris05lol o it is i started at like 1am this morning its like almost 7am now so lets hope it was worth it lol, it is always good to learn somethin new tho
16:53:41Massamost of the things only happen once - so now everything should go faster ;)
16:53:46chris05thanks alot to all u who helped! lol i posed a thing on the forum to get help ill have to repost and ill metion u for helpin so much if u want
16:53:52MassaBTW, where are you from?
16:54:22chris05washington, usa
16:54:58MassaBecause here it is almost 5PM ;) (I'm from Germany)
16:55:13chris05yeah i just spend all night learning this :)
16:55:38safetydanIs anyone going to strongly object if I try and move id3.c from firmware to apps?
16:56:21MassaSo you're on your way? I can leave now and do some other stuff (drink a beer or two - or something like this)? (b)
16:57:02chris05yeah go for it u deserve a couple for takein so much time to help me out:)
16:58:10MassaNo problem - you're welcome!although I could have searched for some weird bugs inbetween
16:58:38Massabut it's O.K. - I'm currently not in the mood to do so... ;)
16:59:06MassaBye everybody!
16:59:11Mikachubye dr nick!
16:59:37 Join davinci [0] (
16:59:40 Quit Massa (Remote closed the connection)
17:00:09TiMiDsafetydan: excelent idea
17:00:24TiMiDthis one has nothing to do wih kernel code
17:00:55safetydanTiMiD, unfortunately it's not a simple thing...
17:01:13TiMiDI'm looking at the code right now
17:01:16safetydanah well, someone's got to try it :)
17:01:49TiMiDhehe that could be you
17:02:18TiMiD(because noone else wnats to put his hands into this dirty mess
17:02:42TiMiDwel that file seems clean compared to some other
17:03:34safetydanit is clean, but moving it breaks the rest of the firmware compile
17:03:39 Quit Vertigo_t (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:04:28TiMiDit doesn't seems very bounded to the other kernel code though
17:05:23 Join mirak [0] (
17:05:52safetydanyeah but other parts depend on the id3 parsing code
17:06:14safetydanwell, I can compile swcodec
17:06:17safetydannow for hwcodec
17:08:36 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:09:23 Join damaki_ [0] (
17:09:52 Join PhR3aK [0] (
17:10:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:11:21 Quit chris05 ()
17:20:33safetydanno wonder no one's really got in to this before... it's like a maze of twisty little passages all subtley different
17:21:06oboare there any options to create a .map file, or if it's automatic, where would I find it?
17:22:17safetydanobo, try looking under apps in your build directory
17:22:49obogot it - thanks
17:23:34 Join Vertigo_t [0] (
17:24:00oboData abort at tempbuf_unique_insert in tagcache.o
17:25:31MarcoPolodo rockbox have some functions to work with files (ie. removing extensions etc.)
17:26:16webguest87-2not as such
17:26:18Slasheriobo: thanks, i think i have found the bug
17:26:29Slasheriit was just a simple typo
17:26:39mirakwhat's new in rockbox ? :)
17:26:51webguest87-2mirak: tagcache's been committed
17:27:08mirakwebguest87-2: what is it for ?
17:27:18miraklibrary browsing ?
17:27:19webguest87-2metadata-based browsing
17:27:34mirakso it's in daily build
17:27:39webguest87-2Not yet
17:27:54Slasheriobo: i have updated the cvs, please try now :)
17:28:11webguest87-2just went in today, and the cvs builds are not happening
17:29:39arf-arfslasheri, I've compiled a build with the tagcache (great work)
17:29:54oboSlasheri: thanks - it boots up okay now :)
17:30:05arf-arfbut the tracks in albums aren't in order, usually they're in reverse order
17:30:59arf-arfor the first track is last but the rest are fine
17:34:06 Join herz42 [0] (
17:38:04mirakwebguest87-2: hum it might be the reason, I logued with a new user and don't have this problem
17:38:09 Quit Rondom ("no plane available today....")
17:38:19mirakwebguest87-2: sorry, wrgon channel
17:39:42Slasheriarf-arf: ah, yes. I will add sorting to those too
17:40:51arf-arfAnd how about a sorting mode that ignores "The " prefix to band names?? Cheeky, eh?
17:42:01Slasheriarf-arf: yep, i will do that too (in fact i had it working in previous test builds)
17:43:46linuxstbsafetydan: I posted a message to the mailing list a few weeks ago describing the problems caused by moving id3.[ch] to apps/
17:44:27linuxstb(on 12th Feb)
17:44:57safetydanlinuxstb, I should have remembered that. I'll take a look
17:45:58safetydanso no answers to your questions then?
17:47:15MikachuSlasheri: will 'the' also be an option? it doesn't feel natural to me since i'm not english
17:48:07webguest87-2Huh, browsing songs I only see A-B?
17:48:12webguest87-2That is, a* to b*
17:49:58CassandraHmmm - is something up with the website? It doesn't seem to have noticed today's commits.
17:50:09webguest87-2The build system seems dead
17:50:14webguest87-2and bagder is nowhere to be found
17:50:36CassandraHe was around earlier. Ah well.
17:52:24 Join b00st4 [0] (
17:52:37b00st4any1 there?
17:53:15webguest87-2110 of us..
17:53:21b00st4i need help with applying a patch on my ipod 5g
17:53:33b00st4ah, hello
17:53:38Mikachuask chris05 when he comes back :P
17:53:52webguest87-2b00st4: Can you build Rockbox?
17:54:01MarcoPoloif I recompile rockbox sources, do I only have to copy rockbox.ipod on my ipod ? or do I need all the .rockbox directory too ?
17:54:03 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
17:54:17webguest87-2MarcoPolo: You need .rockbox as well
17:54:27webguest87-2(9 times out of 10, at least)
17:54:39b00st4nah i mean if there is a patch like album_art_v3.5-MM_20060324.patch how can i get this working
17:54:41safetydanMarcoPolo, it's easiest if you do 'make zip' then unzip the file on to your iPod
17:54:59b00st4do i need an extra program or just open it witch rockbox running
17:55:00safetydanb00st4, you'll need to be able to compile rockbox first
17:55:07webguest87-2b00st4: you need to be able to build Rockbox first
17:55:30b00st4hm, hows that working, any aq?
17:55:46SlasheriMikachu: Hmm, probably it should be an option
17:56:27MarcoPolosafetydan: even if I only change things in rockbox core files ? (and if I already have .rockbox)
17:56:38safetydanb00st4, how much time do you have? You're looking at a few hours to get things compiling.
17:57:02safetydanMarcoPolo, probably not, but it's usually easiest to just copy the lot over
17:57:14MarcoPolosafetydan: ok
17:57:14b00st4i got all the time i need
17:57:23webguest87-2MarcoPolo: possibly, yes.. changes to the core might affect codecs, plugins etc.. you might get lucky and only need rockbox.
17:57:44b00st4is there no faq thoo?
17:57:58 Join XavierGr [0] (
17:58:03safetydanb00st4, there is documentation
17:58:10safetydanb00st4, start here
17:58:12webguest87-2b00st4: Which OS do you run?
17:58:37webguest87-2what safetydan said then
17:59:01b00st4aight, thx ppl
17:59:09b00st4is there everything explained?
17:59:22safetydanthat's the start of it
17:59:37safetydanonce you get that set up you'll want
18:00:04safetydanafter that
18:00:46b00st4all right
18:01:55 Quit thegeek_ ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
18:02:36Mikachui noticed the makefile doesn't have -pipe for the CFLAGS, do you think it might make a difference in cygwin?
18:02:43Mikachui tried it on linux and it only makes less than half a seconds difference
18:03:24Mikachuthat is the Makefile in build/, on the gccopts line
18:04:19 Join thegeek [0] (
18:05:34 Join davinci_ [0] (
18:08:00 Quit davinci (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:08:54webguest87-2How can I view all songs with tagcache?
18:09:30webguest87-2I only get songs starting with a and b
18:11:49*amiconn summons t0mas or Bagder
18:11:50Slasheriwebguest87-2: the chunked browsing is not yet working right, but you can increase the maximum files in a directory limit
18:11:53Slasherithat should do it
18:12:01*t0mas pops up
18:12:01amiconnWe need working builds!
18:12:35*t0mas sends Bagder an sms...
18:12:40t0masmaybe he's close to some pc
18:13:37webguest87-2Slasheri: excellent
18:14:29webguest87-2Slasheri: Having two songs with the same title seems impossible?
18:14:42webguest87-2only shows one of them
18:14:46Slasheriwebguest87-2: at the moment, yes
18:14:53webguest87-2(and I want to listen to the other one!)
18:15:00 Quit didj (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:15:12 Part davinci_
18:15:24Slasherihmm, i will fix that too
18:15:31b00st4how big is cygwin?
18:15:41Mikachudepends on how many packages you install
18:15:43t0masamiconn: now lets wait :)
18:15:48Slasheriwe just need to skip the unique checking when processing the title tag
18:15:50b00st4all the needed
18:16:10b00st4like listed here
18:17:53Mikachuall the sizes are listed, you add it up :) i'd guess a couple of hundred megs maybe
18:18:15safetydan547 MB on my system
18:18:19safetydanyeesh it's big
18:20:59amiconnMy cygwin path contains 798MB (excluding /home)
18:21:21Mikachuwell the rockbox checkout is ~138MB of that probably
18:21:41amiconnI said excluding /home...
18:21:41Mikachuah you have that in /home
18:22:05amiconnIt's just cygwin packages plus the crosscompilers (in /opt)
18:22:21webguest87-2eugh, /opt :(
18:22:43Mikachuyou aren't a fan of /opt?
18:22:52webguest87-2not really, it seems so.. dirty
18:23:06Mikachui like putting binary packages there
18:23:12Mikachulike openoffice-bin and rar etc
18:23:35webguest87-2binary packages are dirty, so
18:23:48Mikachui mksquashfs'ed openoffice to save 150MB
18:23:59 Join FireFly_ [0] (
18:24:36Mikachuactually i save 200MB so it's down to a third
18:25:45 Quit herz42 (Remote closed the connection)
18:26:56 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:27:51MarcoPolowhat is sizeof( char* dummy[100] ) ?
18:28:04 Join herz42_ [0] (
18:28:17Mikachuyou mean (char *)dummy[100]?
18:28:24MarcoPolochar dummy[100];
18:28:27MarcoPolosizeof (dummy)
18:28:42MarcoPoloand then char *dummy2;
18:28:48MarcoPolodummy2 = dummy;
18:28:59mirak100 !
18:29:26mirakone notation asks the size of the pointer
18:29:43mirakthe other the size of the array
18:29:53MarcoPoloso here sizeof(dummy) = sizeof(dummy2) ?
18:30:05XavierGrI wish the new VMware image was out.
18:30:24webguest87-2what are you missing?
18:30:35MarcoPoloor sizeof(dummy)=100 and sizeof(dummy2) =4
18:30:56Mikachuwhy not just try it?
18:31:57Mikachu printf("%i %i\n", sizeof(dummy), sizeof(dummy2));
18:31:59Mikachu100 4
18:32:20Mikachu printf("%i %i\n", sizeof(&dummy), sizeof(dummy2));
18:32:23Mikachu4 4
18:33:20MarcoPoloi did
18:33:33MarcoPoloand sizeof(dummy2) is char for my computer :p
18:33:48MarcoPolook it's not the same
18:34:01Mikachui thought char is always a byte (8 bits)?
18:34:08Mikachu(in C)
18:34:10safetydangrr... with or without the newlib trick I can not get a sh1 cross compiler built
18:34:29MarcoPoloMikachu: maybe because I have an amd64 ...
18:36:14 Quit XavierGr ()
18:36:27Mikachuwhat happens if you assign 300 to a char and then try to print it?
18:37:09Mikachui get 44
18:37:21 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:37:37MarcoPoloMikachu: same here
18:37:56MarcoPolosizeof(char) is 1
18:38:03Mikachuoh right
18:38:12MarcoPoloright to
18:38:14Mikachui'm silly, your pointers are 64 bits and mine are 32 bits
18:38:19MarcoPoloit's the pointer on char which is int
18:38:32Mikachuthat's cleared up then
18:38:36linuxstbsafetydan: I think we need to try and persuade someone (amiconn?) who knows the hwcodec playback system to move the id3.[ch] and dependencies from firmware/ to apps/
18:38:47Mikachui'm not 100% pointers are always ints, but usually they are
18:39:06amiconnThis can't be done before unifying the playback engines
18:39:49MarcoPoloMikachu: if I do char dummy[100]; then char* dummy2 = dummy; is &dummy2[0] the same as &dummy[0] ?
18:39:56MarcoPolo(it should be)
18:40:22 Quit mirak ("Ex-Chat")
18:40:25safetydanamiconn, really? it doesn't seem too far off being possible at the moment
18:40:26linuxstbamiconn: Have you read my mailing list message here?
18:41:19amiconnsafetydan: The playback engine needs id3.[ch]. The hwcodec playback engine is in firmware/. Moving id3.[ch] means callbacks from firmware to apps
18:41:36amiconnThis is unwanted
18:41:41safetydanwhich is bad yes I understand
18:42:00safetydanbut as linuxstb there's only two things that seem to need changing
18:42:02linuxstbamiconn: Why not move the hwcodec playback engine to apps?
18:42:03amiconnI don't think this is something to be done before 3.0
18:42:10amiconnlinuxstb: It makes no sense
18:42:30amiconnWhy make a huge effort and move it, when it is going to be replaced?
18:42:46amiconnAnd furthermore you can't really move it
18:42:52safetydanactually, we're only a week from freeze aren't we? definitely not the best time for a big change its current stated
18:44:10 Join DT291 [0] (
18:44:10 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:48:44linuxstbamiconn: I disagree that it makes no sense to move the code which will end up being part of the unified playback system from firmware/ to apps/. Slowly unifying the two systems would seem a reasonable approach, and that would be a first step.
18:49:01 Quit FireFly_ ("Leaving")
18:49:52amiconnThe first step is (imho) getting the swcodec engine stable
18:50:18amiconn...and get the desired features designed in and working as intended
18:50:28amiconn(e.g. dynamic buffering of metadata
18:51:35Slasheriamiconn: hmm, do you know currently any problems with the swcodec engine that causes it being unstable?
18:51:56amiconnWell, it has never been 100% stable so far
18:53:47preglowi had a nasty hang a couple of weeks ago
18:53:55preglowbut the sporadic nature of the bugs makes it a bit hard to debug
18:54:18amiconnSporadic hangs here and there
18:56:03XavierGrQuestion: Is the default rockbox code unifont?
18:56:10XavierGrcode = font
18:56:30preglownot by a long shot
18:56:55XavierGrso making a vkeyboard with this font is impossible.
18:57:11Mikachuyou saw the patch in the tarcker for custom keyboard layouts?
18:57:21XavierGrwell I heard of it.
18:57:53XavierGrdoes it solves the misalignment issues on all targets?
18:58:02Mikachuno idea
18:59:49safetydanSlasheri, sims are busted after your last commit
19:00:27safetydanand player target as well
19:00:39XavierGrI guess that a solution for the vkeyboard is to load a specific font for each target temporary for that screen, though I don't know if this will be a good idea.
19:00:53 Join Mmmm [0] (
19:01:43MarcoPolowill tagcache work on ipod ?
19:01:58Mikachuit should
19:02:22MarcoPolocoool :)
19:03:49Slasherisafetydan: oh, fixing that :)
19:05:04Slasherithat seems to be a problem elsewhere
19:05:43herz42_has anyone got tagcache actually got running on ipod?
19:06:00safetydanSlasheri, eh? line 2136 of playback.c refers to tagcache
19:06:05Mikachui just meant the plan is it should work
19:06:10safetydanwhich I'm assuming is #ifdef'd out for the sim
19:06:15*amiconn now has the correct stereo width formula that avoids overflows
19:06:32herz42_I get data abort when the chache file is read on startup
19:06:34safetydancvs build pages are back up by the way
19:06:43b00st4ok, i installed cygwin and started the bash, do i just hve to type is these commands ?
19:07:07amiconnI see RED :(
19:07:19preglowamiconn: the old one wasn't good?
19:07:26Slasherisafetydan: just found that, fixed :)
19:07:45preglowamiconn: need to compensate the straight factor?
19:08:00amiconnI redid the whole calculation.
19:08:25MarcoPoloto make tagcache work I have to choose ID3database in file view ?
19:08:33amiconnNo added complexity, but ensures that abs(straight) + abs(cross) == 1
19:08:48PhR3aKany news about audio playback on the x5
19:09:20b00st4or you can download the complete source package with fonts and all from the daily build page and unpack it:
19:09:21b00st4 $ tar xzf rockbox.tar.gz
19:09:37b00st4is there the rockbox update or cvs ment?
19:09:56 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:09:58SlasheriMarcoPolo: yes
19:10:07tucozsafetydan, did you look at some cordic algorithms recently? I am looking for a log function
19:10:27preglowtucoz: you can do log with cordic?
19:10:33tucozI thought so
19:10:34safetydantucoz, yeah I was the cordic guy... it should be possible to do log
19:10:38 Quit b00st4 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:10:42safetydanpreglow, yeah cordic is extremely flexible
19:10:59 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
19:11:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:11:02tucozsafetydan, do you have a link to some good info on that?
19:11:11Slasherihmm, it seems that playback engine crashes now more easily with the recent changes.. For example skipping files very fast causes player to crash :/
19:11:34MarcoPoloSlasheri: then it freezes when I go out of the menu
19:11:36 Join b00st4 [0] (
19:11:48MarcoPolo(and it's freezing now as I did "Force tag cache update")
19:11:48SlasheriMarcoPolo: it shouldn't do that
19:11:54preglowSlasheri: you mean lostlogic's changes or tagcache?
19:11:55b00st4sry,inet crashed
19:11:59Slasherihmm, weird. Are you using ipod?
19:12:02lostlogicSlasheri: that's because I rule.
19:12:03MarcoPoloSlasheri: yes
19:12:08preglowSlasheri: i got that too, btw
19:12:10preglowSlasheri: the freeze
19:12:12Slasheripreglow: lostlogic's most likely
19:12:12b00st4<b00st4> or you can download the complete source package with fonts and all from the daily build page and unpack it:
19:12:12b00st4<b00st4> $ tar xzf rockbox.tar.gz
19:12:12b00st4<b00st4> is there the rockbox update or cvs ment?
19:12:25Slasherilostlogic: hehe :)
19:12:52herz42_Slasheri: I have the same behaviour as MarcoPolo in ipod 5g
19:13:09 Join Skydemon [0] (n=udo@
19:13:10b00st4 or
19:13:16Slasheriherz42_: ah, in fact that might be another alignment issue
19:13:20Slasherii will fix it shortly
19:13:39b00st4no1 who can help me, wit that simple quest?
19:13:44*amiconn wonders what happened to his alignment fix for the old tagcache snapshot
19:13:52herz42_doesn't look exactly like an alignment prolem, but I'll stay tuned :)
19:14:32tucozb00st4, what do you need help with?
19:14:33Slasheriamiconn: that code has been rewritten completely.. :)
19:14:35lostlogicSlasheri: my current task is rehashing track skipping so that no state changing pcmbuf calls are made on the audio thread, only on the codec thread. This will eliminate the need for mutexes in the pcmbuf and should make track skipping more reliable
19:14:42amiconnI'd like to know whether it works properly on archos, but don't dare to cvs update...
19:14:50Mikachub00st4: what is your quest?
19:15:09Mikachuand what is the speed of an unladen swallow?
19:15:10Slasheriamiconn: because i needed to redesign the commit function to support the sorting
19:15:22amiconnDoes chunked browsing work now?
19:15:31amiconn(from disk, that is)
19:15:46Slasheriamiconn: in theory (engine level) yes, but ui doesn't work very well at the moment... :)
19:15:52tucozwhat is chunked browsing btw?
19:15:56Skydemonhiyas all ) - anyone here who uses the 'new' experimantal build from Kosh? just wonder were i can find the setting witch Remote i use :)
19:16:42Slasheritucoz: ability to retrieve sorted list of tags directly from disk in chunks without the need to sort everything in memory at runtime
19:16:57tucozAh, I see.
19:17:28safetydantucoz, sorry yes I should be able to dig something up, hang on
19:18:05Slasheriherz42_: does it build the cache if you enable dircache and set tagcache to be loaded in ram?
19:19:02herz42_Slasheri: iI'l try
19:19:47Slasheriherz42_: and check if you have any .tcd files in .rockbox directory
19:19:49Slasheriback soon ->
19:20:06herz42_i have. do I need to delete manually?
19:20:07 Join bluey [0] (
19:20:07b00st4tucoz, dont u read qry?
19:20:20safetydantucoz, this was a pretty good example of the range of cordic functions
19:20:20Slasheriherz42_: you might try that also
19:20:25tucozb00st4, no. what are you looking for?
19:20:34tucozsafetydan, nice. Thanks a lot.
19:20:41Mikachub00st4: it's pretty impolite to query several people about the same thing
19:20:45b00st4<b00st4> i just installed cygvin an started the bash
19:20:45b00st4[19:29] <b00st4> now it says or you can download the complete source package with fonts and all from the daily build page and unpack it:
19:20:45b00st4[19:29] <b00st4> $ tar xzf rockbox.tar.gz
19:20:45DBUGEnqueued KICK b00st4
19:20:45b00st4[19:29] <b00st4> within the tutorial
19:20:45b00st4[19:30] <b00st4> shall i dl the daily build or cvs build
19:20:54 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
19:21:09safetydantucoz, also, if you can dig up a paper called "A survey of CORDIC algorithms for FPGA computers" that covers the theory really well. Doesn't specifically show a log() implementation though.
19:21:12b00st4nah, i was just wondering, cuz tucoz wasnt responding
19:21:49tucozb00st4, oh. That depends what you want to do with the build
19:22:12b00st4any u also wanted to help me, any i dont want to talk bout such noobprobs in aminchat, cuz u guys seem to have more serious problems
19:22:12Mikachuyou probably don't want the cvs build right now
19:22:12 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
19:22:18 Quit BHSPitLappy (Nick collision from services.)
19:22:23b00st4i want to do a patch
19:22:26 Nick BHSPitLappy2 is now known as BHSPitLappy (
19:22:29b00st4aply a patch
19:22:31tucozb00st4, you can patch a daily
19:22:45b00st4like album_art_v3.5-MM_20060324.patch
19:23:00 Quit webguest87-2 ("CGI:IRC")
19:23:09b00st4what do u mean?
19:23:16tucozb00st4, I don't know. But, if I were you, I would use cvs to retrieve the source tree
19:23:28b00st4kk, thx
19:23:35herz42_Slasheri: I have triggered rebuild. and it's busy so far...
19:24:27b00st4i was readin this
19:24:47tucozsafetydan, thanks. I'll look for that as well.
19:25:25tucozb00st4, sure. But, regardless how you retrieve the source, building it is exactly the same
19:26:18amiconnBah, the playback engine hangs *a lot* now :(
19:26:29 Quit Skydemon ("bye bye")
19:26:49tucozand if you check out the source by CVS, you don't have to download the entire source tree every time there is a change. You just write cvs up -dP and only the changes gets downloaded.
19:27:51 Join drspoon [0] (
19:28:16bam_anyone have the source code for the favorites plugin?
19:28:27 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
19:28:44safetydanbam_, it's in rockbox CVS
19:28:56bam_oh, cool
19:29:05drspoonamiconn: i've noticed playback crashing after i ffwd or rew
19:29:09bam_gonna do some re-writing...
19:29:25amiconnI have voice UI enabled
19:29:51amiconnThe first playback after boot is working, but a simple Stop -> Play (to resume) makes it hang.
19:30:13bam_oh, so that bug is still there huh?
19:30:58amiconn(and voice during playback doesn't work)
19:31:01bam_I reverted to the mar-23rd build because of this..
19:31:43 Join SereR0KR [0] (
19:32:16bam_but the favorites and onboard playlist creation rox
19:33:40drspoonis there currently a way of making a menu through the rb struct from plugins?
19:34:23Mikachupacbox uses them
19:35:36drspoonthe pacbox menu is annoying on h300 if you call it with NAVI it automatcally opens the first menu item
19:35:45drspoonok on ipod tho
19:36:37drspooni just think it's a little bit silly to re-write a different menu system for every plugin
19:36:54drspoonwhich is what happens currently
19:37:04Mikachuyeah i think most of the devels agree too
19:38:03drspoonalso it would mean colourising and beautifying the ui (not a priority IMHO but some want it) could be easy for plugins
19:38:09Slasheriherz42_: good, at least it does something. When hd stops spinning, reboot the player and check if you see "committing tagcache" message on the screen
19:38:42drspoonyou'd just add a few #ifdefs to the menu code, not every plugin
19:38:43linuxstbdrspoon: OK, that must be a bug in the way pacbox uses the menu and needs fixing. No-one has mentioned it before.
19:39:13 Quit PhR3aK ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
19:39:32drspoonit might be because the menu is called with NAVI on press, and the item is selected and activated with the release of it
19:40:07Mikachua similar problem happens on ipods in the view playlist menu when called from the wps context menu
19:40:18herz42_Slasheri: on first reboot I get a data abort. On the second one, logf reports header error, tagache faile init...
19:40:19Mikachubut that forces you to reboot so it is a bit worse
19:40:36drspoonMikachu: yeah
19:40:37Slasheriherz42_: hmm, do you have the most recent cvs version?
19:41:06herz42_Slasheri: almost. I'll check
19:41:17Slasheriherz42_: you should have at least revision 1.3 of the tagcache.c file
19:42:22amiconnpreglow: Fix for stereo width & karaoke mode committed.
19:42:50herz42_Slasheri: yes, it's the latest one
19:43:04Slasheriherz42_: ah, that's weird then :/
19:43:14Slasherianyway, the header error is caused because of the crash
19:43:24preglowamiconn: goodie
19:43:25Slasheribut i have no idea why it still crashes
19:44:06herz42_Slasheri: it reports some 'file is no aac or alac' or something alike while scanning. that shouldn't be a problem, right?
19:44:24Slasherithat should be ok
19:45:11 Join RotAtoR [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
19:45:17amiconnSlasheri: Still some yellows...
19:45:37amiconnBtw, the yellow in the iPod video sim is a 64bit issue.
19:45:54Slasheriamiconn: ah, fixing
19:45:55amiconnYou should not cast pointers to int, but rather to long, I told you...
19:46:05Slasheriyes, i will change that :)
19:46:48linuxstbherz42_: Do you have any ".mp4" or ".m4a" files which are not aac or alac? Or that maybe were encoded by Nero, and not itunes?
19:48:20herz42_linuxstb: Maybe my audio books. I had to do some quirks to see them as audiobooks in retailos
19:48:54Mikachuimpressive, someone still has the old devcon2006 page open that references my shot.jpg
19:49:43herz42_Mikachu: probably a browsre cache issue
19:52:33amiconnt0mas / Bagder: seems to have no sdl installed. It should not get simulator builds scheduled until the issue is fixed
19:52:58t0masamiconn: I'll check
19:53:32t0masremoved sdl from the list
19:53:44t0mascan you install/test your SDL libs?
19:54:00amiconnThe build table looks like sh*t :(
19:54:09tucozno kidding
19:54:12t0masat least it's building again
19:54:18t0masafter reaching Bagder
19:54:26tucoza bag of shit to be precise :)
19:56:37MarcoPoloSlasheri: it says "updating in background" and doesn't stay in background, but the disk is always on
19:57:22SlasheriMarcoPolo: hmm, doesn't stay in background? :) is the disk still doing something?
19:57:32Slashericheck from debug menu the tagcache info and progress
20:00:11t0masamiconn: I'll force a rebuild to check if everything is ok now
20:00:23MarcoPoloSlasheri: yes, the disk is always on
20:00:23herz42_Slasheri: it seems to fail in the line 'idp->id = id' (or maybe one instruction earlier) in tempbuf_unique_insert()
20:00:39MarcoPoloSlasheri: I can't, it's frozen, not in background
20:00:50 Join dpro [0] (
20:01:26MarcoPoloit says it's running in background but it isn't. The disk is on (I hear it's noise). And I can't do anything but rebooting
20:01:29Slasheriherz42_: ah, i will check that code again. Are you still sure that you have compiled and installed the latest cvs to your player? =)
20:01:47MarcoPoloSlasheri: I got cvs from 5 min ago personally
20:02:07SlasheriMarcoPolo: hmm, then it has probably crashed :/ you need to reset it
20:02:11herz42_Slasheri: yes, but I'll recompile and retransfre to be 100% sure.
20:02:18MarcoPoloSlasheri: yes
20:02:49herz42_MarcoPolo: Try to start tagging while in wps (playing music). When I opened the file browser, while tagging, mine was freezing too
20:02:53b00st4hm, is there any chance, to get a patch working with no developing skills?
20:03:16t0masa very small one :)
20:03:39b00st4any chance to learn?
20:03:51t0maswhat patch are we talking about?
20:04:01t0masand are you using Windows or Linux?
20:04:16b00st4album_art_v3.5-MM_20060324.patch for example
20:04:24Mikachuchris05 managed to do it
20:04:31t0mashm... have you setup the dev enironment?
20:04:36b00st4or applepause.diff
20:04:45b00st4no, just cygwin
20:05:19 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
20:05:22t0masdevkit cygwin? or standard cygwin?
20:05:34MarcoPoloherz42_: in RAM or on Disk ?
20:05:58b00st4standart i think
20:06:51herz42_MarcoPolo: If you mean the tagging method: I think that was set to disk when that happened
20:07:12b00st4but i included some devel
20:07:15MarcoPoloherz42_: ok. It's still freezing here
20:07:21MarcoPoloherz42_: you have an ipod ?
20:07:36herz42_MarcoPolo: yes, 5g video
20:07:39XavierGra=1; for(i=1;i<=a-1;i++) <- will that for run or it will exit immediately?
20:08:35herz42_this should exit immediately
20:08:39Mikachuit will run once
20:08:50b00st4t0mas can we qry
20:08:52Mikachu1<=1 is true
20:08:57Slasherihmm, has 5g S3C2440 CPU?
20:08:59herz42_andbut check is a-1
20:09:00XavierGrit will or won't run once?
20:09:10MarcoPoloSlasheri: no PP5020
20:09:15t0masb00st4: well... I would like to help you, but not at this moment...
20:09:19Mikachuso it's a bit silly at least
20:09:19Slasheriah, then that isn't a problem
20:09:23XavierGrI don't want to run once
20:09:32b00st4all right
20:09:34herz42_XavierGr: it won't run once
20:09:35SlasheriROCKBOX_STRICT_ALIGN should be defined for that cpu also
20:09:42safetydanXavierGr, never run. i <= a - 1 and if a is 1, then i <= 0 is your condition. You initialise i to 1.
20:09:44XavierGrok that's what I wan't thanks
20:09:50b00st4thx tho
20:10:02t0masmaybe somebody else has time?
20:10:14XavierGrthe a is part of another "for" it is not like that always.
20:10:40b00st4sure, mybe ill fix it till then
20:10:41safetydanXavierGr, if you want a loop to run at least once, you could try a do{}while loop
20:10:51linuxstbSlasheri: ROCKBOX_STRICT_ALIGN should be set for all ARM processors - you can use the CPU_ARM define.
20:11:35Slasherilinuxstb: hmm, that sounds good
20:11:52 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:12:42MarcoPoloSlasheri: yeah
20:13:00herz42_Slasheri: Do you know why I get this data abort only on every second boot?
20:14:22Slasheriherz42_: yep, it tries to commit the tagcache -> crash. And when booting next time, there is a header error and incorrect files are deleted
20:14:26Slasherithen it happens again..
20:14:40herz42_ahh, ok that explains that one
20:15:01MarcoPoloSlasheri: where should I add ROCKBOX_STRICT_ALIGN ?
20:15:13SlasheriMarcoPolo: hmm, what CPU you have?
20:15:39 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:15:43Slasherithen you don't need to add it..
20:15:46Slasheriit should be o
20:16:34MarcoPoloSlasheri: so, why doesn't it work ?
20:16:37 Join Matze [0] (
20:18:18 Join thegeek [0] (
20:19:06 Join Nico_P [0] (
20:19:10 Join _nicolas [0] (
20:19:19 Quit _nicolas (Remote closed the connection)
20:23:20 Quit drspoon ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
20:23:47SlasheriMarcoPolo: well, i don't know.. but it will be fixed on time
20:23:55MarcoPolook :)
20:27:24 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
20:27:46Papricaany devs here?
20:28:01 Part Aditya|Shower
20:29:44 Join RabidSnail [0] (n=macos@
20:30:36RabidSnailsorry, i'm just not used to joining a channel with no conversations going on
20:31:15RabidSnaildoes anybody know the state of the port to the gigabeat?
20:31:26herz42_whoever recently comitted config.h - the CPU_ARM is a define and not a value for CONDIF_CPU
20:31:53Slasheriherz42_: ah, of course. Now i found the problem :)
20:32:09Mikachunice, 4228
20:32:10Slasherithe alignment fix was missing from unique_insert
20:32:23tucozRabidSnail, only one poor developer on the gigabeat at them moment.
20:32:28 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:32:39RabidSnailhow far has he/she gotten?
20:33:04 Join Rob2222 [0] (
20:33:11tucozRabidSnail, some code in cvs. But, nothing runs on the gigabeat.
20:33:27amiconnSlasheri: Almost a highscore...
20:33:30tucozRabidSnail, isn't there a gigabeat page with info on that?
20:33:34tucozwiki I mean
20:33:43RabidSnailyeah, but it's pretty sparse
20:33:59RabidSnaili figured there was more stuff than what was on there
20:34:19tucozRabidSnail, if you see markun around here some time, talk to him
20:34:35tucozno problem
20:34:36CassandraBah. I have the slowest build machine.
20:34:53Mikachuhow come there's an ipod 3g built zip but not 4g and nano? not that it affects me
20:34:58Slasheriamiconn: uh :/
20:34:59tucozmaybe your ccache isn't mature enough?
20:35:25Mikachuor is that only because they didn't build?
20:35:48Cassandratucoz: That's certainly true.
20:36:05 Join tempel [0] (n=tempi@unaffiliated/tempi)
20:36:43Slasheriherz42_: please try now; a fix has been committed :)ä
20:36:47tempelahem, hello. it was suggested i let you know that i made ipodloader work with MacPods. i.e. it can now read HFS files
20:37:00Papricasomeone know if i can commit this patch: ?
20:37:10tempelslowcoder has the code and will hopefully soon update the svn respository
20:37:12CassandraI wish it told me which build was mine.
20:37:28t0masCassandra: you mean a list for your server?
20:37:32tempelwill leave now again. you can contact me over at #ipodlinux-dev
20:37:42 Part tempel ("Leaving")
20:37:57t0massmile to Bagder and wait a few minutes... and he might want to get his perl wizardness to do that :)
20:38:58 Quit bluey (Remote closed the connection)
20:39:48herz42_Slasheri: Will I have to rebuild the cache file, or should the ol done work?
20:40:17amiconnSlasheri: CPU_ARM is a flag, not a CONFIG_CPU value
20:40:30herz42_fixed already :)
20:40:43safetydanPaprica, I see no reason why you can't. So long as it doesn't break anything else of course :)
20:40:52 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
20:41:17Papricait doesn't, i just want to know if i can
20:41:23MarcoPoloSlasheri: should it be solved for me too ?
20:41:33Slasheriherz42_: old one sohuld work
20:41:38CassandraHmmm. Looks a bit random. Certainly I've been faster on the other runs.
20:41:39herz42_Slasheri: ok
20:41:40tucozAnd maybe someone want to commit the new bitmaps for chess?
20:41:42SlasheriMarcoPolo: probably
20:41:59Slasheriamiconn: yes, i already fixed that :)
20:42:10preglowi like the fact that aac.c doesn't set the sample rate......
20:42:45preglowyes it does
20:43:06amiconnpreglow: Speaking about sample rates, any chance to see a less crappy resampler soonish?
20:44:05preglowamiconn: not as in during the next week, no
20:44:18preglowa not so crappy resampler requires a bit of work
20:45:02herz42_Slasheri: now it is 'Committing tagcache'. Might take a while. But things have improved...
20:45:21herz42_Slasheri: I have to leave now (few hrs), but I'll be back ;)
20:45:31Slasheriherz42_: great :)
20:45:37Slasherihope it works now
20:45:55preglowamiconn: the current one has bugs, though, i'll probably try fixing them
20:46:09amiconnSlasheri: Why not just align the cache entries on all targets?
20:46:24MarcoPoloSlasheri: it is saying "updating in background" but it seems frozen
20:46:29Slasheriamiconn: it increases wasted space when loading to ram.. and little cpu power too
20:46:34amiconnWhile coldfire doesn't require it, misalignment costs performance
20:47:17Slasheriin that case performance shouldn't really be an issue
20:48:21Slasheriprobably it could be good idea to just align on all targets, because that alignment shouldn't increase the size when loading to ram
20:48:30Slasheriso it only affects the temporary buffer size
20:48:41herz42_Slasheri: just wanted to note that it not data aborts in load_tagcache (probably after commiting?) :(
20:48:52herz42_s/not/now/ :(
20:49:07Slasherii will look that tomorrow
20:49:38herz42_I'll also have a look later...
20:50:02Slasheritry to use the cache directly from disk without loading to ram
20:50:08Slasheridoes it still crash?
20:50:39herz42_I have the problem that it crashes on each boot now...
20:51:01Slasherioh.. then just remove all .tcd files
20:51:23Slasheriand disable to "load to ram" option
20:52:07herz42_ok, I managed to change it befor the crash now. So then it doesn't crash. But I didn't browse tags yet
20:52:17herz42_have to leave. cu later
20:52:21 Part herz42_
20:52:34 Join webguest84 [0] (
20:53:54elinenbeSlasheri: are you going to put up a wiki about tagcache? I'm very interested in checking this out!
20:55:00Slasherielinenbe: hmm, maybe when i have enough time :)
20:55:10Slasheribut now i need to go too. cu tomorrow
20:55:21 Join IcyStorM [0] (
20:55:52tucozelinenbe, wiki for development or for use?
20:56:09IcyStorMWhich one is the Rockbox config file?
20:56:35MikachuIcyStorM: what do you mean?
20:56:51IcyStorMThe file where all settings is saved
20:57:07Mikachuyou can go to manage settings and write a .cfg file there
20:57:10IcyStorMWPS settings, music settings, playback settings, backlight settings.....
20:57:10IcyStorMand so on
20:58:01tucozIcyStorM, /.rockbox/somefile.cfg
20:58:41 Part IcyStorM
21:00:31amiconnThe active config is not stored in a file, but in a special sector outside the partition
21:03:32preglowamiconn: btw, why did you go for that solutiojn in the first place?
21:03:55 Join webguest16 [0] (
21:04:05amiconnThat's an oold leftover from before my time, and was explained numerous tims
21:04:20amiconnBack then the filesystem had no write support
21:04:20preglowremember it?
21:04:23preglowahh, right
21:04:33preglowso there's pretty much no reason to keep it now?
21:04:48 Quit webguest84 ("CGI:IRC")
21:04:50amiconnWell, there is a reason to keep *some* settings binary
21:05:05amiconnOther than that, we should switch to .cfg files
21:05:09preglowwhich and why?
21:05:25Mikachuit seems to take a lot longer to load a .cfg than the binary config
21:05:33preglow'course it does
21:05:35amiconnResume index, runtime stats
21:05:45preglowamiconn: sure
21:05:57Mikachuso maybe it would be silly to switch, unless you mean switching to a binary file on the filesystem
21:05:58amiconnHowever, switching isn't trivial
21:05:58preglowamiconn: but the size of those are so small we can even start using the iriver eeprom
21:06:27amiconnWe need a hook to register a function that is called on spinup
21:06:51amiconnCurrently there is the delayed sector feature at the ata driver level
21:07:07amiconnThat obviously won't work for files
21:07:21 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
21:07:35 Join SereR0KR [0] (
21:11:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:14:50b00st4hi, can anyone tell me, how to apply a patch/diff on my ipod 5g?
21:15:09b00st4i already installed cygwin...
21:15:17XavierGrdid you read the wiki?
21:15:38b00st4jap, but i dont have any developingskillz yet...
21:15:38 Quit MarcoPolo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:15:54XavierGryou don't need development skills.
21:15:58b00st4read this and this
21:16:06XavierGrwhat you can't understand?
21:16:27b00st4but dont know where to commit the comands and how i can use the progrmas
21:16:41b00st4Applying a 'patch' (output from diff -u) is done with the 'patch' tool:
21:16:42b00st4 cd to/source/root
21:16:42b00st4 patch < patchfile
21:16:47b00st4for example
21:16:59b00st4cmd? cygwin?
21:17:00XavierGrhave you downloaded the source?
21:17:23 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
21:17:23b00st4cvs login
21:17:24b00st4 cvs -z3 co rockbox
21:17:24XavierGrcan you compile?
21:17:27b00st4like this?
21:17:35b00st4did that
21:17:38XavierGrcan you compile?
21:17:57b00st4compile what?
21:18:01XavierGrthe source
21:18:10XavierGrI mean do you know how?
21:18:11b00st4im afraid not
21:18:33XavierGrok, do you have the rockbox directory you just downloaded?
21:18:53b00st4i have a directory
21:19:04XavierGrit must be called rockbox, right?
21:19:20 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:19:26XavierGrno, no, not .rockbox. rockbox
21:19:36XavierGr(with out the dot)
21:20:16XavierGropen cygwin and type cd "your path to the rockbox directory"
21:20:26amiconncan be called as you like. It depends on how it is checked out
21:21:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:21:11*amiconn creates the base dir beforehand, and checks out individual dirs instead of predefined modules
21:21:57b00st4ok, found the dir
21:22:11XavierGrok, are you inside that dir?
21:22:29XavierGrthen mkdir "name of folder" <- choose whatever you want
21:22:35b00st4jap, im in
21:22:39XavierGrthen cd "the folder you created"
21:22:49XavierGrthen, ../tools/configure
21:23:00XavierGranswer the questions from the script
21:23:17 Quit bam_ (Connection reset by peer)
21:23:31b00st4hm, build?
21:23:51b00st4what shall i take
21:24:04b00st4normal, devel, bootloader or manual
21:24:23XavierGrnormal if you want a firmware for your target
21:24:51XavierGrthen type make
21:24:54b00st4i want to apply a patch
21:24:59XavierGrit will start compiling
21:25:28b00st4autoconf.h and makefile
21:25:29XavierGrthen you can apply the patch (okay you can do that before) and recompile
21:25:41XavierGrdoes it compile?
21:25:50b00st4so i load the patch to the same dir?
21:26:06b00st4it says created makefile
21:26:15b00st4within cygwin
21:26:16 Join bam_ [0] (
21:26:20XavierGrwhatever dir you want. You must type a command that will contain the path to the patch
21:26:25XavierGrtype make
21:26:41b00st4all right
21:26:55b00st4no i got a folder named firmware
21:26:58XavierGrwhat target do you have?
21:27:03b00st4ipod 5g
21:27:19XavierGrah current cvs is broken for the 5g.
21:27:40XavierGrah no
21:27:45XavierGrit is broken gor the 4g
21:28:03b00st4puh :D
21:28:09XavierGrdid you typed make
21:28:16b00st4its still writing
21:28:27b00st4libfaad currently
21:28:34 Join [TCK] [0] (
21:28:44XavierGrwiat until it finishes and tell me if you got an error at the end.
21:29:24b00st4all right
21:29:33 Join lodesi [0] (
21:29:50XavierGrok now you have the firmware compiled.
21:30:02XavierGrtype make zip and a zip file will be created with the firmware.
21:30:19XavierGrthen you can extract the zip file into your player.
21:30:22XavierGrnow how to patch:
21:30:23b00st4its still writing, how long will it take
21:30:31b00st4ah, ready
21:30:56XavierGrnow take the patch you want and copy paste it inside the rockbox directory
21:31:34XavierGrtype cd ..
21:31:53XavierGrare you inside the rockbox directory in cygwin?
21:32:04XavierGrok then type:
21:32:22preglowis the last ipod red just some build system glitch, or?
21:32:30XavierGrpatch −−binary -p0 < "your patch name"
21:32:47XavierGrwhat you got?
21:33:11b00st4it worked
21:33:20XavierGrwhat did it typed?
21:33:28XavierGrdid you had a HUNK failure?
21:33:33BHSPitLappypreglow: (unrelated) did you hear someone got ipodloader2 booting from hfs
21:33:41b00st4patching file apps/metadata
21:33:48b00st4no 2 times succeded hunk
21:33:54XavierGrnothing more? Ok good
21:34:05XavierGrnow do what we said previously
21:34:07b00st4patching file bal bal bla a few times
21:34:25XavierGrcompile again and make zip in the end
21:34:27b00st4unzip on player?
21:34:36preglowBHSPitLappy: yeah, i've talked to them
21:34:38XavierGrextract the zip file and load the contents inside you player.
21:34:39preglowBHSPitLappy: doesn't help us much
21:34:41XavierGrthen you are ready
21:34:43BHSPitLappypreglow: I know
21:34:49BHSPitLappypreglow: but it's an interesting prospect
21:34:58b00st4and like this i do it every time, i apply a patch?
21:34:59BHSPitLappyfor the mac purists, anyway..
21:35:00preglowyeah, but we pretty much need write support
21:35:20XavierGrb00st4: Yes, if you are fortunate enough and the patch is good.
21:35:36XavierGr(and you don't get failed hunks on the patching process)
21:35:49b00st4how about .diffs its similair?
21:36:03b00st4or do i have to copy their contet to somewhere
21:36:21b00st4ok, cuz i can open them with editor
21:36:31amiconn.diff and .patch are actually the same format
21:36:53XavierGrnow if the source change you can type cvs update in the rockbox directory and have the latest cvs changes. Then re-compile
21:38:11b00st4and the patches are still applied?
21:38:24XavierGrif you had it applied yes
21:38:38b00st4so i can update constantly
21:38:39 Join telliott [0] (
21:39:00XavierGryes, but if a change in source mess up with the patch you will get Conflicts
21:39:14telliottAnyone still using an Archos V1 recorder?
21:39:19XavierGrand that will introduce errors when you compile
21:39:59amiconntelliott: Sure, why?
21:40:30telliottI'm curious what the largest hard drive it will access.
21:40:43b00st4hm, i tried to do with a diff, but it failed
21:41:01b00st4failed at 1796
21:41:11XavierGrwell the the patch is old.
21:41:38XavierGryou can try to fix it yourslef if you know a little C.
21:41:42b00st4i just copied the text of the dif into an .txt file and saved it to .diff
21:42:01 Join imphasing [0] (
21:42:10b00st4nothing im afraid....but maybe ill learn, it really interessts me
21:42:28b00st4Friday, 24 March 2006, 08:29PM
21:42:34telliottamiconn: What size hd do you have?
21:42:37XavierGrremember that now you broke your source
21:42:37b00st4hm, can that be old?
21:42:49XavierGrcvs changes rapidly.
21:42:55b00st4when it failed?
21:43:09b00st4so i gotta do everything new?
21:43:11XavierGrbecause it applied some changes but couldn't apply all of it.
21:43:16amiconntelliott: Max. supported HD size (in all rockboxed DAPs): 128GB (136GB in HD manufacturer terms)
21:43:20amiconnI have 80GB
21:43:22XavierGrI think yes
21:43:55XavierGror try the same patch with -R
21:44:09XavierGrbut I am not sure if this works for a failed patch
21:44:27telliottCool. I may look for a 120GB drive. Any idea what price I should pay?
21:44:39b00st4instead of -p0?
21:44:42telliottI'll look for 4200rpm
21:44:43b00st4or at the end
21:44:46 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
21:45:08BHSPitLappytelliott: 3.5"?
21:45:24XavierGrb00st4: before the filename
21:45:34XavierGrpatch -p0 −−binary -R "filename
21:45:35telliottfor Archos V1 recorder
21:45:57XavierGrpatch -p0 −−binary -R < "filename"
21:46:57b00st4nah, doesnt work
21:47:06telliottWould it be a huge waste to format a 120 gig drive fat32?
21:47:07b00st4option requires an argument
21:50:44b00st4ok, ill compile again, any chance, to make a backup, bevore applying a patch?
21:50:50Papricaamiconn? is this leap year calculation is ok?
21:50:51Papricaif ((year % 100 == 0 && year % 400 == 0) ||
21:50:51Paprica(year % 100 != 0 && year % 4 == 0))
21:50:51DBUGEnqueued KICK Paprica
21:50:51Papricareturn true;
21:51:02Mikachub00st4: −−dry-run will show you if the patch will apply without doing anything
21:51:31XavierGrMikachu: That's nice!! I wasn't aware of that... thanks
21:51:34b00st4even if it failed?
21:51:39Mikachureading man pages is always fun
21:51:48Mikachub00st4: it will look like it failed, but in reality it didn't do anything
21:51:55amiconnPaprica: Yes, just a bit more complicated than necessary
21:51:58Mikachub00st4: just be sure to run it again without −−dry-run if it did apply
21:52:11Mikachui usually forget to do that and wonder why nothing is different :P
21:52:21Papricaamiconn, do you have a different way?
21:52:39amiconnif ((year % 400 == 0) || (year % 100 != 0 && year % 4 == 0))
21:52:42amiconnreturn true;
21:52:49Papricahuh ok =]
21:53:00Mikachuyeah if it is divisible by 400 it will be divisible by 100 too
21:53:05Mikachusince 100|400
21:53:10amiconnThe first year % 100 == 0 is superfluous because year % 400 == 0 implies it
21:53:47Papricaright thanks
21:53:47Mikachu!= 0 is also superfluous, but maybe less confusing to have it in
21:53:54sharpebut with years, is they're divisible by 100 they're not leap years... if i remember...
21:54:08Mikachusharpe: unless they're divisible by 400 too
21:54:45oboany devs bored enough to look at a couple of ipod patches?
21:54:46 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:54:54sharpeaye mikachu...
21:55:26 Part telliott
21:55:31sharpeheh, i'm working on joining videos...
21:57:10b00st4[22:06] <Mikachu> b00st4: just be sure to run it again without −−dry-run if it did apply
21:57:18b00st4what do u mean
21:58:36Mikachub00st4: if you run with −−dry-run, it will not touch your files, it will only let you know if it works or not
21:58:47Mikachuif it does work you have to run it without −−dry-run to actually apply the patch
21:58:48amiconnPaprica: rockcalendar doesn't build for nano...
21:58:56Mikachuand if it doesn't work, you have to do something creative
21:58:58Papricai know
21:59:37 Quit RabidSnail ()
22:00:05b00st4so first i type patch −−binary -p0 < "your patch name" −−dry-run
22:00:09MikachuPaprica: i noticed an annoying thing in tetrox (and fixed it), after you press down to drop a tile to the bottom, you can still accidentally move it left and right before the next tile is shown
22:00:16b00st4and it will tell em if it will work
22:00:32MikachuPaprica: add a move_down(); after the while (canMoveTo) move_block(...); thing
22:00:37ender`is tetrox tetris?
22:00:43ender`then, that's normal
22:00:48PapricaMikachu, do you have a patch?
22:01:11Mikachuender`: it's basically impossible to do on purpose..
22:01:14ender`most tetris clones let you drop the block, and then move it before the next one is shown
22:01:20Mikachubut i do it all the time on accident
22:01:49Mikachuender`: there is a button for moving down faster without dropping too...
22:03:12ender`iirc, the original tetris didn't let you do it though (but it's been years since i last ran that one)
22:03:27b00st4[22:14] <b00st4> so first i type patch −−binary -p0 < "your patch name" −−dry-run @mikachu
22:03:44Mikachuno, you want to give −−dry-run as an argument to patch
22:03:48b00st4or −−dry-run -p0 < xxx
22:04:20b00st4ill try that
22:05:11Mikachuheh, lots of rockbox patches there now..
22:05:58b00st4u guys all studied programming?
22:06:16b00st4how did u learn?
22:06:29Mikachui had complete knowledge of the world when i was born
22:06:50Mikachujust hacking around here and there
22:06:59Mikachusooner or later you'll stop making the same mistakes
22:07:21Mikachumodifying readable code is a lot easier than writing new code
22:07:34sharpemaking up stuff is easier too.
22:08:12ender`i just tried tetrox, the drop & move seems useful to me (i usually drop the block, then move it under something, since that's faster than waiting for it to drop down by itself)
22:08:23ender`btw, the blocks are hard to see on H120
22:08:30sharpeif i remember, that's what the original tetris did...
22:08:51Mikachuwell, tetrox only waits one frame, it seems like it should be a bit longer if it's to be a feature
22:08:57ender`remind me tomorrow, and i'll look for it (i know i have it somewhere)
22:09:11Mikachudo you want the nes one?
22:09:12ender`1 frame is more than enough if you're used to it
22:09:20sharpei think i remember the gameboy version doing it...
22:09:32sharpei don't think i had the nes version... hmm...
22:09:42b00st4aight, it worked, thx mikachu
22:10:05ender`i've got the original tetris for dos somewhere
22:10:29sharpeheheh, we all have some version of tetris somewhere
22:10:59CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:10:59*ender` kept the original tetris from 286 :)
22:11:11XavierGrI still have the original on my Gameboy! :)
22:11:19Mikachui have the nes version on my gba
22:11:34sharpeit's just not the same mikachu!
22:13:15Mikachumy first consoles were mega drive and snes, i missed the 8bit era
22:13:26Mikachuthat's genesis for you americans
22:13:27ender`btw, i'd prefer to have instant drop for tetrox on the joystick button than a/b
22:13:27sharpemy first one was the nes...
22:13:59XavierGrMikachu i had mega drive too :D
22:14:05ender`my first (and only) console was PS2
22:14:14MikachuXavierGr: hooray, sonic fan? :)
22:14:14XavierGrI remember playing Sonic like crazy!
22:14:36*ender` did play sonic a lot at his friend (and bought the PC version when it came out)
22:14:38Mikachui basically knew all the levels by heart, i probably still do for sonic 1
22:14:40b00st4hm, cant apply this
22:14:42XavierGrMy cousin had Snes, and I was a Zelda fun too.
22:14:50Mikachumaybe a fan
22:14:57XavierGrMikachu: yeah
22:15:06Mikachub00st4: you want one from the comments
22:15:12b00st4it ells me, perhaps u was using the wrong -p or −−s strng option
22:15:40Mikachui'm guessing the one in the middle
22:15:43b00st4is the latest
22:15:47Mikachuif you want you can read the comments describing them
22:15:54b00st4it goes on:
22:16:04Mikachuyou don't have to tell me what it says though
22:16:09b00st4the text leading up to this was
22:16:20Bgerguys, nite
22:16:20b00st4−−- menu.c
22:16:23b00st4+++ menu.c
22:16:25 Quit Bger ("BitchX: now with Olestra!")
22:16:33Mikachuoh, it's already 22:16, damn summer time
22:16:46Mikachub00st4: you want to cd to the right dir first then
22:17:11b00st4and what is the right dir?
22:17:24b00st4i mean, what dir
22:17:36b00st4im in the dir of the patch
22:17:38Mikachui'd guess one that has a menu.c in it
22:17:51Mikachumaybe apps/plugin/rockboy if it's a patch for rockboy
22:20:15b00st4dont work...not so important
22:23:27 Part amiconn
22:24:25b00st4the patches there are in .bz2, where do i have to put this files?
22:24:45Mikachuthey aren't patches
22:24:59b00st4ok, so just to /plugins?
22:25:13Mikachuyou also have to add the file to SOURCES
22:26:29b00st4where is this folder?
22:26:46Mikachuit's a file in plugins/
22:27:25b00st4how can i ad the value?
22:27:32b00st4open with editor and then?
22:28:14Mikachuit should hopefully be obvious when you look in the file
22:28:41b00st4in sources?
22:29:10Mikachu... yes
22:29:36 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
22:31:07b00st4there are just many filenames written, but where exactly do i have to fill in the new one
22:31:14b00st4doesnt mind?
22:35:02b00st4can anyone help me how to install a new plugin?
22:35:18Mikachudoesn't matter where
22:35:25Mikachuas long as you don't put it between an #ifdef and #endif
22:35:57b00st4k, and how to seperate from other filenames
22:36:32Mikachujust put it on a line on its own
22:37:08b00st4its important where of this lines /* plugins common to all models *
22:37:20b00st4or /* These need adjusting for the Mini's and iRiver if'p screen */
22:37:20Mikachuif you put it there it should work yeah
22:37:29Mikachuthose are just comments...
22:37:29b00st4all right, thx m8
22:38:31 Quit merbanan (Connection timed out)
22:40:38 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
22:41:46Mikachujust funny
22:43:22PapricaMikachu, what your tetrox patch does?
22:43:54Mikachuit makes it so that when you press drop, you can't move that piece after it reaches the bottom
22:44:09Mikachuyou can now during the frame after the drop, and i think it's not on purpose
22:44:36Papricaok i'll try it later =]
22:45:34 Join Nico_P [0] (
22:46:27 Join actionshrimp [0] (
22:47:35midkaydid you ever manage to get tagcache working on your ipod? i just figured out a trick; it's working on mine now, if you didn't know..
22:48:13preglowno, i didn't
22:48:15tucozpreglow, in rockbox, what is a sensible number of decimal points when generating a atan table?
22:48:17preglowwhat is the trick?
22:48:29preglowtucoz: depends on what you're trying to do
22:48:57tucozpreglow, I am looking at the calculator plugin. To implement the missing functions
22:49:20Mikachui'd say that one should be as accurate as possible
22:49:32tucozMikachu, ok.
22:49:34midkaypreglow, i told tagcache to load to RAM and forced an update to make sure it was up-to-date.. then i rebooted rockbox to make sure those settings were in effect. i went back and set "show files" to id3 database, accepted that setting, and shut down rockbox from the main menu by holding play. when you start up again, you're there.
22:50:03midkayit seems like the problem is switching between files and id3 database "realtime"..
22:50:09midkayrebooting with the new setting works though.
22:50:09preglowtucoz: ahh, yeah, especially for the calculator where speed isn't a concern
22:50:15preglowmidkay: weird...
22:50:21tucozpreglow, ok. thanks
22:50:32midkayquite cool to see it work, though. :)
22:50:49tucozMy h120 also freezes horribly when I switch file-view
22:51:10tucozit even rebooted to iriver fw once
22:51:11midkaytucoz, try switching file-view and then shutting down from the menu, and restarting. probably works on the irivers too.
22:51:31midkaydon't freeze it by leaving the menu system.
22:51:40tucozmidkay, yes that works. But, not if I go to the id3-view before I reboot :)
22:51:50midkaytucoz, right. that
22:51:55midkaythat's the apparent bug.. :)
22:52:14b00st4hm, what went wrong, when i got errors while ../tools/configure ?
22:52:14tucozJust that I get the same on an iriver, as you get on the ipods
22:52:23tucozb00st4, what errors?
22:52:54b00st4with plugins
22:53:30tucozb00st4, <- paste your errors there and post the link
22:53:46midkaytucoz, it's probably a global problem then.. shouldn't be too hard to figure out, if at the least you just induce a reboot after changing the setting.
22:54:22tucozb00st4, it's just for markup. Select text or something
22:54:34tucozor 'no'
22:55:09tucozmidkay, should I try something ?
22:55:54midkaytucoz, what? if you want.. :)
22:56:42tucozmidkay, hehe. didn't know if you wanted me to try something to track the bug
22:57:23midkaytucoz, ah, no.. :) i just figured out how to get it working, i don't really feel like screwing around with the source right now though..
22:58:11linuxstbmidkay: Nice spot - tagcache works on my ipod as well with that workaround.
22:58:23b00st4typed down
22:58:53midkaylinuxstb, cool. i'm just curious what player Slasheri has, and if it works for him already, and if so, why..
22:59:02linuxstbAs expected, it built a database containing both my itunes-loaded files and everything else on my disk.
22:59:05preglowhe has a h140
22:59:15midkayit works for him?
22:59:19preglowlinuxstb: that rocks pretty badly
22:59:23 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
22:59:25tucozlinuxstb, so you can browse your itunes files as well?
22:59:28preglowno more ITUNES PLZ
22:59:49linuxstbtucoz: Yes - tagcache includes them both. The files itunes copies have normal tags in them as well.
22:59:52midkaylinuxstb, try browsing "songs". do you get a bunch of /iPod_Control/Music/blabla crap?
22:59:57tucozlinuxstb, cool.
23:00:09Mikachub00st4: you want more than that
23:00:26Mikachuthat just says 'omg error'
23:00:30Mikachuyou missed the actual error
23:00:35linuxstbmidkay: I can't notice anything like that.
23:00:55midkaylinuxstb, hmm. ohh... they're mp4 files, videos.
23:01:00midkaythat's weird, should be removed..
23:02:11b00st4shall i do a screen?
23:02:14midkayhmm.. i wonder what the deal is.. i don't have any duplicates in here like i should.
23:02:39midkaydoes anyone know if tagcache caches flac files?
23:03:03linuxstbmidkay: Yes, I have lots of flac files.
23:03:03Mikachub00st4: just paste the whole error in pastebin...
23:03:15Mikachu387 cds of flac files to be exact? :)
23:03:32webguest16tagcache seems a bit over-zealous about removing duplicates
23:03:34midkaylinuxstb, then maybe it's not indexing iPod_control.. because i have my collection in FLAC on /, and everything in mp3 for ipod firmware in iPod_control/music..
23:03:55midkayor, maybe it's removing duplicates, yes.. :) bad idea.. i think..
23:04:14webguest16Same here
23:04:26midkaymaybe an option.. "remove duplicates" - "no", "from ipod_control", "from root except ipod_control", "yes" or something.
23:04:36webguest16The duplicates it's removing for me just happen to share the same title
23:04:39midkayso you can define where your actual intended song collection is..
23:04:42linuxstbYes, I think there are problems with duplicates - I have multiple copies of the same songs, and if I click on one such song in "songs", then Rockbox freezes.
23:04:43midkaywebguest16, same for me..
23:04:59XavierGrDuring save of file Main.IriverBoot an error was found by the version control system. Please notify your Rockbox administrator.
23:04:59XavierGrGo back in your browser and save your changes locally.
23:05:08webguest16Anyway, Slasheri is aware of this
23:05:10XavierGrwhat's that supposed to mean
23:06:44 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
23:08:58Papricalook at the last comment
23:09:12Papricaif you could try it.... i'll be happy =]
23:09:45midkayis there ipod 5g support? i'd like to try it if there was..
23:09:56Papricamidkay, not yet
23:10:33Papricanew rockbox keyboard will be very useful for this plugin
23:10:52linuxstbPaprica: Sorry, I'm busy with real work atm. I can try in a couple of hours if no-one else can help.
23:11:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:11:20Papricaok, it's not high priority
23:11:31midkayPaprica, what needs doing for 5G?
23:11:38 Join solexx [0] (
23:12:15Papricahaha alot :]
23:12:42Papricabigger keyboard, fit the calendar to ipod video screen
23:12:57Paul_The_NerdAlright, how do I enable tagcache on the first time? Just "Force Tagcache update?"
23:13:25tucozb00st4, looks like something is wrong with the contact plugin
23:14:48b00st4and the battery_bench
23:14:56midkayPaprica, if i make the necessary bitmaps.. the code part is pretty easy to scale, isn't it.. ? :)
23:15:06Paul_The_Nerdb00st4: No, battery bench was succesful
23:15:15b00st4the contact plugin i simply pasted in the plugin dir and added it to sources
23:15:26Papricamidkay, the keyboard thing is annoying
23:15:42Paul_The_Nerdb00st4: There's definitely something wrong, notice all the errors are in contact.o
23:15:45Papricalook at the key_coords array
23:16:02b00st4/* plugins common to all models */
23:16:06b00st4like this
23:16:33Paul_The_Nerdb00st4: The problem is in contact.c itself
23:16:46b00st4so the file is nuked
23:16:55Paul_The_Nerdb00st4: It's trying to use memcpy, which isn't available to it in that way.
23:16:56lodesib00st4: wait a min, i'm correcting this
23:17:23b00st4u wrote this?
23:17:30lodesiyep :)
23:17:34midkayPaprica, what's with all the diffs?
23:17:56 Quit actionshrimp ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
23:18:13Papricamidkay, if you make a bitmap, i recommend you to base on h3xx bitmap layout
23:18:29midkayPaprica, that's what i mean. the same exact layout, just bigger.
23:18:55b00st4now i just have to replace?
23:19:00 Join mikearthur [0] (
23:19:00lodesino prob, can you confirm if it correct's the problem ?
23:19:09midkayPaprica, fwiw, i haven't tried it, but the screenshots and bitmaps look great.. i love the way the keyboard looks.
23:19:11lodesiyes, replace the old file with this one
23:19:13*amiconn whsipers "use the force (==standard vkeyboard), Paprica"
23:19:21Paul_The_Nerdtagcache only supports MP3?
23:19:39crwlno, it supported at least vorbis fine here
23:19:48*Paprica wants new vkeyboard
23:19:53crwlonly that songs in albums seemed to be in reverse order, heh
23:20:08*tucoz thinks the vkeybard proposal in the wiki looks promising
23:20:18Paul_The_Nerdcrwl: I only have MP3s and flacs, I believe.
23:20:31midkayi like the look of Paprica's keyboard.. large and simple.. familiar shift/caps lock, etc..
23:20:38crwlPaul_The_Nerd, hrm. I don't know if I have flacs on my player, so no idea about them
23:20:55crwlI've got perhaps thousands of FLACs in my HD though, I always transcode them to vorbis
23:21:03Paul_The_Nerdcrwl: Ah. I'd been lead to understand it was going to build using all filetypes rockbox supported. But then, I have patience.
23:21:16midkayexcept maybe the qwerty layout.. i think that might not be very nice since you can't access the keys directly..
23:21:21Papricamidkay, make the bitmaps, define all to fit to ipod video, i'll do the keyboard array thing
23:21:23tucozmidkay, as long as it could work with other non-latin chars
23:21:40crwlPaul_The_Nerd, I think it's going to support them all, yes
23:21:41*amiconn doesn't like the rockcalendar keyboard
23:21:57amiconnToo many keypresses to get things done
23:22:02tucozmidkay, have you had a loook at the keyboard in the wiki?
23:22:12crwlif not already then, I only quickly tried it
23:22:29Paul_The_Nerdcrwl: It doesn't do my flacs. Time to copy over .oggs and see.
23:22:34midkaytucoz, yes, briefly. looks like a nice idea, but i don't see any code or on-target demos, so... :)
23:22:53linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: AFAIK, tagcache should support all filetypes currently supported by Rockbox. I think it indexed my FLACs OK.
23:22:57tucozhehe, you are right.
23:23:02midkayPaprica, alright, i'll work on bitmaps and see what i can do
23:23:15tucozmine indexes flacs
23:23:22 Quit solexx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:23:39Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: It *only* shows one album in my index,, and two genres Game and Unknown.
23:23:54midkayPaprica, take your time if you're gonna work on the code though.. not sure how long it will take
23:24:55Papricamidkay, i have no time to code, i have an history test on Thursday
23:25:05Papricai need to learn =\
23:25:29midkayPaprica, oho, alright. :) hmm.. do you know what basically needs to be changed to scale it to the video? i can probably handle it..
23:26:09crwljesus, i upgraded a new rockbox build and for some reason it booted to the original iriver firmware
23:26:31crwlwill we soon be able to throw that away completely? :P
23:26:34crwlresult: -5... hrm.
23:26:45amiconnSwcodec playback is really shaky now with the latest builds... :(
23:27:37crwlamiconn, since how long?
23:27:53tucozamiconn, isn't it comforting that the release date is closing in ;-)
23:29:22Mikachulooks like you will be busy this month
23:30:51b00st4lodesi: still an error
23:30:57*amiconn really hopes that some more devs than during the 2.5 freeze will actually be working on fixing stuff this time :/
23:31:17amiconnLast time it was like 3 devs actually working on fixing stuff
23:31:29lodesib00st4: weird, i didn't get al of them.. can you do another screenshot ?
23:32:22*amiconn thinks he should commit the archos wav playback plugin
23:32:39lodesiamiconn: i'm dying to test it ;)
23:32:45b00st4of course ;)
23:32:53amiconnlodesi: No chance to test yet?
23:33:12Paul_The_Nerdb00st4: That's a different file though
23:33:19lodesii can test as soon as it's commited or you send a patch
23:33:39b00st4i neva touched libplugin.a
23:33:44amiconnThe patch is in the tracker, already updated it multiple times...
23:34:02lodesiamiconn: ok, wait a min
23:34:03b00st4no rule to make timetable.c needed
23:34:06Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: Okay, maybe I'm doing something wrong. How did you go about properly enabling tagcache?
23:34:26b00st4must have something to do with it
23:34:32lodesib00st4: check that you have timetable.c in apps/plugins
23:35:03tucozPaul_The_Nerd, hmm. Try to delete the tagcache* files from /.rockbox and do a force update afterwards
23:35:38b00st4lodesi: del that file
23:35:45Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: Trying that, then.
23:35:55lodesib00st4: it's not there ?
23:35:58tucozI think that's what I made
23:36:05 Join krimi^ [0] (
23:36:09Paul_The_Nerdb00st4: Well, it's trying to build it. That might be why you're getting an error
23:36:27 Nick krimi^ is now known as nkh^away (
23:36:28b00st4hm, i know, i think its still in the source
23:36:55lodesib00st4: update to the cvs repository, it'll get it back
23:37:01b00st4this should be the reason
23:38:02Paul_The_NerdIs timetable part of CVS? I thought it was still just a patch.
23:38:39b00st4no, it was a plugin, but it didnt work for me
23:38:51b00st4no no errors, thx lodesi
23:39:02lodesib00st4: cool, no prob :)
23:41:27amiconnShouldn't have done that. cvs up caused a conflict in english.lang and I forgot to make a copy this time. :(
23:41:43BHSPitLappyo noes
23:42:10kclafguys, is tagcache part of the cvs or only a patch atm ?
23:42:15midkayprecisely why i hate 'up'..
23:42:19Mikachuamiconn: what about .#english.lang.324234?
23:42:22Mikachuor whatever it gets named
23:42:28linuxstbkclaf: It's in CVS.
23:43:02kclaflinuxstb : aww nice gonna try it right now
23:44:07amiconnMikachu: Hmm. Is that a diff of what cvs changed in my local file?
23:44:17amiconnIt actually looks like this, never noticed...
23:44:18Mikachuit should be a copy of the file you had before i think
23:44:22 Join charkins [0] (n=casey@pdpc/supporter/active/charkins)
23:44:56amiconnAh, yes
23:45:17tucozamiconn, phew?
23:45:18b00st4k, no i did all the cahnces to my firmware and i have the zip
23:45:30amiconntucoz: Yeah, definitey
23:45:35b00st4do i just have to unzip it on rootfolder of my ipod?
23:46:36b00st4and do the settings get lost?
23:46:49lodesiamiconn: wavplay works perfectly :)
23:47:42lodesigoing back to mp3 is ok
23:48:06amiconnAnyone having an idea where to post corrections for errors found in datasheets?
23:48:50amiconnI already know several errors in the datasheets contained in our wiki
23:49:21linuxstbMaybe create a DatasheetErrata page, and add links from the main datasheets wiki page?
23:51:58b00st4is there any source for plugins? im searchin for doom game
23:52:03bam_anyone know how to compile just a plugin by itself...?
23:52:08b00st4just find the patches
23:52:23Mikachubam_: look at the output from make V=1
23:52:50Paul_The_Nerdb00st4: The doom game source is in the patch tracker
23:53:44lodesitime to sleep
23:53:46 Quit lodesi ("Leaving")
23:54:05 Join JdGordon [0] (
23:54:36Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: Okay, so I remade it the *exact* same way as I did it the first time, and this time it seems to have worked. =/
23:54:47b00st4the source?
23:54:53tucozPaul_The_Nerd, cool
23:55:19Paul_The_Nerdb00st4: Seeing as you apply it before you compile, it pretty much has to be the source doesn't it? ;-)
23:56:18b00st4yap :D
23:56:20b00st4im tired
23:56:28b00st4what version is it? 0.86?
23:57:27Paul_The_Nerdb00st4: Why don't you just look. There's sources for several versions.
23:57:58b00st4the latest i find is 0.86 on flyspray, but its over one week old

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