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#rockbox log for 2006-03-31

00:00:05tucozbluebrother^, looks good
00:00:10Paul_The_Nerdscf: The X5 is a smaller screen.
00:00:30tucozmuch better. (not that I remember what the looked like). But this looks goood
00:00:32miner49erlinuxstb: holey cack, what's the key loayout for that model?
00:00:38amiconnpreglow: Why? This way, the thread pretends that it sends the disk to sleep. What actually happens is nothing
00:00:43 Join cismo_ [0] (
00:00:45bluebrother^just look at the online manuals ;-)
00:00:49scfPaul_The_Nerd: ah true, thanx
00:00:51linuxstbminer49er: All the working ipod ports have the same keypad - IPOD_4G_PAD
00:00:55amiconn...but ata_disk_is_active() returns the pretended sleep state
00:01:22Mikachuis that the thing i "fixed"?
00:01:25preglowamiconn: yeah, but the sleep state is never changed, is it?
00:01:38preglowamiconn: now it just pretends it's never sleeping
00:01:40miner49erlinuxstb: phew, that's okay then. So, all iPods have the scrolly-wheel thingy?
00:01:43tucozbluebrother^, really nice. I'll commit this
00:01:55amiconnAumm, you're right
00:01:55preglowlinuxstb: could you have a look at the 4g battery stuff?
00:02:00amiconnThat shouldn't be...
00:02:05RoC_MM4g greyscale
00:02:26Paul_The_Nerdminer49er: They all have the wheel. Not all of them have the wheel also be the 4 buttons.
00:02:33*amiconn didn't check that 'sleeping' is set within ata_perform_sleep()
00:02:39preglowamiconn: what surprises me is the fact that the only thing that really changed now from before, is that some mutex locking isn't done, and the sleeping variable isn't set
00:03:03linuxstbI'm too tired to think about battery scaling now, but I will try and do it tomorrow evening. I'll try and run a battery test for my 4g Color during the day tomorrow, and then I can compare it with the greyscale.
00:03:10miner49erPaul_the_nerd: aah right. This is useful information, I will forget very soon though, of course.
00:03:33Paul_The_Nerdminer49er: Pictures of the various ipods
00:03:33 Quit petur ()
00:03:38preglowlinuxstb: no worries, was just wondering if you would care to do it since you can test it
00:03:41amiconnpreglow: Ah, perhaps it has to do with the wakeup that it tries to perform when it thinks the disk is sleeping?
00:03:55preglowamiconn: very possibly, i haven't seen that part of the code, i think
00:04:00preglowamiconn: at least that makes sense
00:04:16tucozbluebrother^, committed
00:04:16amiconnCheck lines 809ff and 1294ff
00:04:27 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
00:04:53preglowamiconn: it does a soft reset?
00:05:16 Quit petur (Client Quit)
00:05:26amiconnyes, seems so
00:05:34preglowamiconn: well, i think we can pretty much conclude that's the spot where stuff goes wrong
00:05:52amiconnWhy should a soft reset go wrong?
00:06:08amiconnIsn't that basic ata standard?
00:06:14preglowi have no idea
00:06:21 Join sean [0] (
00:06:24preglowbut it fits very much with everything i've seen so far
00:07:16preglowsounds a bit strange to need to do a soft reset to wake something
00:07:21preglowbut i have no idea at all about ata
00:07:40amiconnThe ata specs are in the wiki
00:07:58preglowi'm waaay too tired to read anything at all right now :)
00:08:01preglowit'll have to wait
00:08:32*amiconn is also tired :/
00:09:18seanquestion.....40gb ipod 4gen.....flac possible?
00:09:22preglowsean: sure
00:09:26preglowsean: it works very well
00:09:31preglowfastest codec we have
00:10:25seanhow do u ... .do it
00:10:34seanis there a readme or something im missing
00:10:37preglowdo what?
00:10:39preglowplay flacs?
00:10:41preglowyou just play them
00:10:45seanonto ipod?
00:10:48 Quit ender` (" Come to think of it, there are already a million monkeys on a million typewriters, and IRC is nothing like Shakespeare.")
00:10:58preglowhow far are you? you even got rockbox on the thing?
00:11:07seanno not yet
00:11:16preglowthen that quite obviously needs doing
00:11:29seanis there a readme?
00:11:33preglowafter you've got that going, a lame bull should be able to make flac work
00:11:49seanwhats a lame bull
00:12:09Mikachusean: a male cow that can't move
00:12:11preglowsean: a bull with severe difficulties in moving
00:12:51seanso i install this and it will support flacs and such?
00:12:53seanvery cool.
00:13:08preglowyes it will
00:13:21preglowand yes it is
00:13:38seanalrite ima try this ish....thanks man
00:15:16 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:15:42 Join arkascha [0] (
00:15:51 Quit biffhero_ ("buh, bye!")
00:19:30preglowamiconn: sweet mother of satan, that thing is 400 pages
00:20:25*amiconn wants a HD66753 datasheet
00:20:52miner49eroops, I've just decided to upgrade from debian sarge to etch...I hope I can still code after this...
00:21:11preglowminer49er: better start with more basic stuff like hoping you can boot
00:21:14preglowminer49er: hoping you can login long does ROLO normally take to load a new rockbox file?
00:22:19 Part Paul_The_Nerd
00:22:43preglowamiconn: spec says only way of waking a sleeping device is soft reset, hard reset or DEVICE RESET
00:23:29miner49erm00s: it appears i'm not registerd...
00:23:44lostlogicMrStaticVoid: as long as rockbox takes to boot up
00:24:04MrStaticVoidthen it must be freezing for me
00:24:15linuxstbamiconn: I have a copy of the HD66753 datasheet in Japanese.
00:24:20Mikachulostlogic: did you see what i wrote about id3 tag view thing?
00:24:27 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:24:28 Join egotrippen [0] (
00:24:28amiconnlinuxstb: I only found the HD66571
00:24:29miner49erMoos: i'm not regesterd
00:24:43lostlogicMikachu: don't think so... does it relate to me specifically?
00:24:52seanummm i cant find what number my ipod is
00:24:55Mikachupreglow: i don't know if this helps, but hdparm manual says the same thing for -Y, but for -y says standby mode also causes a spindown
00:24:56seanfor the ipodpatcher thing
00:25:11 Join tabby [0] (
00:25:18Mikachulostlogic: yes, scrolling the wheel in that screen only goes one step until you release the wheel and touch again, because it doesn't check for | BUTTON_REPEAT on ipods, and you changed that
00:25:27Moosminer49er: registered your nick type /msg nickserv register <your pass>
00:25:32 Nick scf is now known as Zzzcf (
00:25:56Mikachulostlogic: it's on line 1100 in screens.c and the next case
00:26:14 Quit egotrippen (Client Quit)
00:26:51Mikachuhm, that doesn't display correctly in xpdf
00:26:59seanhow do i find which number my ipod is for the "ipodpatcher"
00:27:12lostlogicMikachu: ah, yes, we need to go around and check that places that should allow button_repeat do...
00:27:17lostlogicsame happens in several games I understand
00:27:19amiconnlinuxstb: Thanks
00:27:39amiconnI hope the 66753 is similar enough to the 66751 to figure out some things
00:27:40Mikachulostlogic: ah, maybe it does happen in more places, this is the only one i noticed so far though
00:27:56lostlogicMikachu: there are plenty, a patch that fixes them would be muchly appreciated
00:27:57miner49er<Moos: It's not working for me - that'll be the vodka i've been drinking tonight
00:28:03amiconnThe update is definitely fishy, and I want to get display flip working etc
00:28:24amiconnThe 66751 is 128x128 while the 753 is 168x132. The data layout is the same
00:29:27miner49erMoos: If you can test for me, I would appreciate that a lot but my bird (girlfriend) has just come home and I need to see to her.
00:29:46amiconnNice :) Now I know the internal refresh rate. It's 69Hz, very similar to the H1x0 LCD
00:29:48 Join matsl [0] (
00:30:12amiconnTogether with the somewhat slow panel this should work excellent for grayscale...
00:30:51webguest26Could anyone test if they can convert this bdf*checkout*/xorg/xc/fonts/bdf/100dpi/UTB___24.bdf to rockbox fnt? Convbdf segfaults for me :-s
00:31:35 Quit tucoz ("Leaving")
00:31:38 Quit RedBreva ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
00:32:13tabbyHi, i want to ask something about ROCKbox logo.
00:32:17tabbyare these uses OK?
00:32:19tabbyIf it isn't OK, please imform them on Talkpage or somewhere.
00:32:40Moosminer49er: haha XD
00:32:47MoosI'll check that, link?
00:32:48 Part tabby
00:32:59Bagdertabby: its fine enough
00:33:06 Join mustaqila [0] (
00:33:07webguest26tabby: I can't see how it wouldn't be, since it's distributed in the source as gpl
00:33:20*mustaqila rapes Xerion
00:33:22webguest26Bagder: How about the large version?
00:33:23 Part mustaqila
00:33:43Bagderwe'll certainly license that under the same rules
00:33:58Bagderat least
00:34:02webguest26And more interesting, how about copyright/licensing of wiki contents?
00:34:16Bagderthat is a good question! ;-)
00:35:17 Quit sean ("CGI:IRC")
00:35:34webguest26"Copyright © 1999-2006 by the contributing authors." not very informative
00:37:03webguest26is it just under regular copyright terms then?
00:37:32webguest26because that'd be unfortunate
00:39:17 Part nave7693
00:44:35preglowamiconn: i think we can pretty much kiss a fast resolution of the m68k bug goodbye
00:45:08Doomed9heh, is there anyway to support rvf on H120?
00:45:38 Join sean [0] (
00:45:46seanrockbox is awesome
00:45:54webguest26Yes, yes it is.
00:46:15seanso now i can just upload songs (AND FLAC!!!) as i please with my normal program?
00:46:42Mikachujust open the ipod in explorer and copy the files wherever you want
00:46:44webguest26Absolutely (although I didn't know winamp had any sort of upload capabilities)
00:46:59seanyeah winamp new version can do it
00:47:05webguest26Unless you mean the winamp ipod thing?
00:47:10webguest26shouldn't use that
00:47:19webguest26That's for working with Apple OS
00:47:25seanvery true
00:47:31seanso explorer is the way to go?
00:47:33webguest26just copy the files unto your ipod in explorer
00:47:50webguest26Or any other program that works in the same way
00:47:54webguest26however you please
00:48:19seanhow can i delte all the music i have on here now?
00:48:52webguest26Don't know how that works, better ask someone with an ipod :)
00:48:59webguest26(who's used appleos)
00:49:04Mikachuthere's a dir somewhere under Ipod_Control that has all the mp3 files
00:49:23seanyeah i remmeber i just delete it....or delete the folders within it
00:49:24preglowMikachu: you did have a nano, yeah?
00:49:30Mikachuyes, still do
00:49:31preglowMikachu: windows? linux?
00:49:54preglowyou ever get the blinking battery icon when disconnecting from disk mode?
00:50:07Mikachui use apple for transferring files
00:50:23preglowi just insert usb and wait
00:50:23Mikachui could try though
00:50:31preglowit doesn't happen all the time
00:50:37Mikachui have the 'reboot to apple' menu entry
00:50:53Mikachuand not rebooting on insert of usb
00:51:00Mikachuso i don't actually have to touch the cable to switch
00:51:45 Join Aditya [0] (
00:52:04seanany reason why my computer isnt reading it ?
00:52:26Mikachuit seems menu+usb also reboots to apple with that patch
00:53:21 Part Aditya
00:53:54preglowlooking good
00:54:27preglowMikachu: and that never has any glitches of any kind?
00:54:54Mikachunot that i've noticed, no
00:55:00preglowgood to know, good to know
00:55:17Mikachuof course it won't reboot back to rockbox on unplugging by default though
00:55:27Mikachubut i write a { to /dev/sda1 in my script :)
00:55:28preglowMikachu: ahh, forgot about that
00:55:54seanstill cant my computer to read it when i plug it in
00:56:25Doomed9whats the rvf viewer called
00:56:39preglowi need sleep
00:56:42preglowlater, all
00:56:47Mikachugood night
00:57:41RoC_MMnite Mikachu
00:58:05seananyone know how to make the explorer read the ipod? or am i just retarded
01:01:59 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
01:03:54Bagderany way for me to check the number of pages of a pdf file?
01:04:52linuxstbsean: You may need to tick a box in itunes to enable access via explorer.
01:06:05 Quit JoeBorn ("")
01:07:48bluebrother^Bagder: some time ago I found a script on the net that counted pages of a ps file.
01:07:56bluebrother^unfortunately I lost it.
01:08:53Bagderit isn't that important, I just thought it would be nice to show "X pages" next to the link
01:09:12linuxstbBagder: I'm not sure where it came from, but my Debian has a "pdfinfo" which displays the number of pages.
01:09:29*Bagder checks
01:10:17Bagderxpdf-utils it seems
01:10:52Bagderno poppler-utils it is
01:11:14bluebrother^I just tried pdfinfo ... but it gives me a wrong page count :(
01:11:30 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
01:12:21webguest26linuxstb: dpkg -S pdfinfo
01:12:30Bagderit works for the two manuals I tried
01:12:38 Join actionshrimp [0] (
01:12:42Bagderrecorder and iaudio
01:13:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:13:48bluebrother^strange. Mine is pdfinfo 3.01 so I guess it isn't _that_ old.
01:14:13Bagder"pdfinfo version 3.00"
01:15:37bluebrother^anyway, I should go and catch some sleep
01:15:54 Quit bluebrother^ ("until tomorrow ...")
01:16:14 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
01:16:53*webguest26 boggles
01:16:56Bagderpage count added
01:17:28webguest26Why on earth is convbdf segfaulting for me, and not for phaedrus961? Riddle me that. Same bdf file.
01:17:54webguest26Can anyone test if convbdf on this file works?*checkout*/xorg/xc/fonts/bdf/100dpi/UTB___24.bdf
01:18:43 Join joshn_454 [0] (
01:20:09webguest26Why is there a donate button on the manual page?
01:20:17webguest26isn't that sortof.. redundant?
01:23:44 Quit arkascha ("Konversation terminated!")
01:24:02 Quit Shadowarrior13 ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
01:24:29 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
01:26:34goffa__heh... maybe more people will see it webguest26
01:26:51goffa__i hope more people donate
01:27:06webguest26Well it's on that same page twice
01:27:18webguest26Just seems like a fork in the eye to me
01:27:35webguest26I'd keep the text but remove the button
01:27:49webguest26maybe say "click the paypal button on your left to donate"
01:28:43goffa__yeah.. i know what you are saying...
01:28:48goffa__but i guess it doesn't bother me
01:29:30webguest26Probably easier to stay sane that way
01:30:41 Quit sean ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:31:03 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:34:08 Nick Kyomi|off is now known as Kyomi (
01:34:16KyomiAnyone get the latest experimental build?
01:37:00 Join sean [0] (
01:37:03 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:37:35seanmy computer wont read my ipod, its not that itunes "disk usage" isnt checked, winamp doesnt read it either, any ideas?
01:40:11 Join Arrogant [0] (
01:40:33Mikachusean: are you in apple os?
01:40:50seannope win xp
01:41:05sharpeare you using the apple firmware on your ipod?
01:41:16Mikachui meant on your ipod..
01:41:40seanum? i installed the rockbox os i thought
01:41:50seani followed that guide someone sent me
01:41:57seanits in the rockbox os as of right now
01:41:57KyomiAnyone have the recent experimental build?
01:42:08Mikachusean: what's on the ipod's screen when the cable is plugged in?
01:42:14KyomiI've noticed that when you try to save a config file and push a-b... it doesn't work anymore
01:42:18seansame as when its not plugged in
01:42:25seannothing changes
01:42:32Mikachuwell, rockbox doesn't support file transfers on ipods yet
01:42:32Kyomia-b gets you to some screen so you can move left/right in the text
01:42:33sharpeis the usb cable plugged in completely?
01:42:33seanits the rockbox os screen main menu
01:42:44sharpeer, both ends.
01:42:47Mikachuso you need to reboot back to apple os or the disc mode to copy files
01:43:03seanhow would i do either of those?
01:43:17sharpewhile booting hold play and select for disk mide
01:43:22Mikachuhold down play for a few seconds to turn off rockbox, then click menu (dont hold it down) then hold down menu
01:43:29Mikachufor apple os
01:43:34Mikachuand i guess play and select for disc mod
01:43:52seanwhats "disc mode"
01:44:05sharpeessentially where your ipod acts as a usb drive.
01:44:12seanthats what i want i think
01:44:54Mikachuif you have a nano that mode is slower than apple os, but otherwise it's fine
01:45:08sean40gb blck white, shoiuld be fine
01:45:51seanok so to reboot to disc mode i have to restart it then hold those 2?
01:46:13seanand i restart how?
01:46:13sharpeyes, while the apple logo is displayed.
01:46:18sharpehold menu and select
01:46:20Mikachusean: i already told you
01:46:28Mikachuyou don't want to hold menu+select unless it crashed
01:46:33Mikachuuse just play for a few seconds
01:46:37sharpeyeah, but it always works. :)
01:47:18seanthanks guys
01:47:21seanthanks a lot
01:47:59 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
01:48:47midkayamiconn, @ me not adapting wormlet for the minis - of course i didn't! :)
01:50:32midkayamiconn, holy crap.. from unworking to audio playback, bootable, usable in one day.. congrats!
01:52:25 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:53:01 Join Vertigo_t [0] (
01:53:30 Quit sean ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:53:48RotAtoRw00t! decently fast and accurate seeking for musepack?!
01:53:58*RotAtoR wets himself with glee
01:54:25goffa__i haven't stopped RotAtoR
01:54:36goffa__been running it on my iaudio for 2 days now
01:54:39goffa__or something like that
01:55:08*Moos have plenty of mpc's too :)
01:55:18RotAtoRthis is such good news, my entire collection is mpc!
01:55:45MoosYeah RotAtoR that's great thanks for the news
01:55:56goffa__yeah... about 1/3 here.. got approx 21000 mpcs
01:56:27RotAtoRit's good to see the format is still somewhat alive
01:56:29goffa__your nick looks familiar RotAtoR
01:56:40Moosbut btw will that needed to reencode all collection? :(
01:56:48KyomiI have... umm... none
01:56:51Moosor decoder thing
01:56:54RotAtoRgoffa__: yours too, dc hub user?
01:56:56*Kyomi converts them all to ogg
01:57:00goffa__there ya go
01:57:07goffa__used to be anyway
01:57:20goffa__that still going or did it die?
01:57:23MoosRotAtoR: need to rerip entire collection?
01:57:35Moosencodeur or decodeur thing?
01:57:55RotAtoRgoffa__: there are still a few hubs I visit occasionally
01:58:05*Moos goes to read the link :)
01:58:51RotAtoRMoos: it looks like the patch also changes the encoder, it looks like the seeking that was implemented is slightly inaccurate with the current encoder
01:59:31Mooswill we need to rerip CDs then?
01:59:50sharpedead battery...
02:00:42RotAtoRMoos: meh, i doubt the inaccuracy would be noticable, he said it was only a few inaccurate decoded frames out of the whole file
02:01:03Mooswee then \o/
02:01:52*RotAtoR goes off to try the patch
02:02:17Mooshehe :-) let us know
02:02:49 Join damaki__ [0] (
02:02:50*Moos waited this happen since looooog time ! :)
02:07:30 Join zipr [0] (
02:09:40midkaysharpe, what's up?
02:10:37 Quit zipr (Client Quit)
02:11:30*webguest26 wonders how well audio works on 2g mini
02:11:48webguest26Don't they have the "bad" pp chips?
02:12:28sharpelike bad as in evil?
02:12:40sharpeor the new modern sense of bad, as in good?
02:13:00webguest26Bad is in defective
02:13:10sharpei've no idea.
02:13:20webguest26Not actually evil, just not very good. Don't think they'll eat anyone's firstborn
02:13:40webguest26I guess I could read up on that somewhere
02:14:05 Join harlin [0] (
02:14:40sharpenor would they be 'gangster' even though that has no connection with the word 'bad' but is usually associated with said person.
02:15:22webguest26Ah, no, the minis have pp5020
02:15:40webguest26Regular 1g, 2g and 3g are the ones with pp5002
02:16:20 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:16:40sharpesomething's not right...
02:17:16sharpethat's what's wrong.
02:18:16RotAtoRhooray, musepack is seeking!
02:18:24RotAtoRstill seems a little buggy though
02:18:50RotAtoRhad a couple pops when seeking, not too loud though
02:19:02webguest26Sounds good, preglow will be interested to hear
02:19:05RotAtoRalso it didn't like seeking 20 minutes into a file
02:19:27RotAtoRI gave up after ~30 seconds of it constantly running the disk
02:20:07 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
02:20:08MoosVery good start indeed
02:20:19Moosthat sounds promising
02:20:56RotAtoRyeah, it seems almost perfect for shorter jumps
02:21:09MoosCoooooooooool !
02:22:38 Quit Matze (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:23:24 Join sean [0] (
02:23:43seani <3 rockbox
02:24:04sharpeone more down, sixty three million to go...
02:24:18 Join Mark__ [0] (
02:25:01seanone question, how do i get back to the main main menu, the one where i can browse the folders i made witth music in them
02:25:12seanand flac files sound amazing thru there btw
02:25:31sharpefrom the while playing screen, press select
02:25:37midkaythat's not a menu, that's the browser.. just exit any menu you're in with the menu button or the << to keep going up in the menu hierarchy..
02:25:37midkayor, yeah.
02:25:46sharpeand left to go down a folder level
02:25:50seani love you
02:26:00*midkay wanders off :E
02:26:07seanthanks all
02:26:12seanyou've got a great product here
02:30:59fergieIs there some color guide for setting color values?
02:31:31sharpewhat do you mean?
02:31:57fergieto set the colors
02:32:25fergielike forground: colorcode
02:32:44fergieso black is 0
02:32:48fergieand white?
02:33:11sharpewait, what are you working with?
02:33:48fergiewit a .cfg from a theme, they forgot to include the color values, the must be black and white
02:34:01sharpeokay then
02:34:09sharpeblack: 000000 white: FFFFFF
02:34:25fergieah ok, hex works also, thanks
02:34:48seanpeace...ill be back with more questions soon
02:34:57sharpelater :)
02:35:29 Quit sean ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:35:38sharpeyeah, FFFFFF unless you wish to remember 4294967295... which as far as i know, values are only stored/read in hex.
02:36:24vcaheh, i can see how that could be confusing if black was stuck in there as 0x"0" instead of 0x"000000"
02:42:29 Join MofoGX [0] (i=HydraIRC@
02:43:02 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
02:45:51 Quit MofoGX (Client Quit)
02:48:15 Join kernel_sensei [0] (n=boris@gentoo/developer/kernelsensei)
02:50:38 Quit kernelsensei (Connection timed out)
02:50:45 Nick kernel_sensei is now known as kernelsensei (n=boris@gentoo/developer/kernelsensei)
02:54:02 Quit fergie ()
02:54:55fiftyfour123is an hfs driver for rockbox currentl being developed?
02:58:30 Quit Doomed9 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:59:17 Quit Mark__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:02:04 Quit kernelsensei (Remote closed the connection)
03:02:04 Quit fiftyfour123 ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
03:02:11 Join kernelsensei [0] (n=boris@gentoo/developer/kernelsensei)
03:03:08 Nick Kyomi is now known as Kyomi|off (
03:05:41 Join JdGordon [0] (
03:05:58 Join midkay_ [0] (
03:07:18 Quit Arrogant ("Leaving")
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03:13:51 Join TCK [0] (
03:15:22 Part RoC_MM ("Leaving")
03:15:25 Join RoC_MM [0] (
03:16:41 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
03:23:53 Join unhcr [0] (
03:24:06unhcrhey all
03:24:14unhcrwhat is the battery life on the x5 with rockbox
03:24:18unhcr3 hours?
03:24:43midkay_unhcr, haha. no real tests have been done..
03:24:55midkay_should be way more than that.
03:24:59unhcr o okay
03:25:01unhcrso then its fine
03:25:11unhcrtomrorw im going to compile the album art
03:25:14unhcrand then
03:25:17unhcrlaugh at every fucker
03:25:21unhcrcause im not sharing the shit
03:25:27midkay_how generous of you.
03:25:33unhcrive asked the forums to help me
03:25:34unhcrno one does
03:25:57midkay_maybe if you laid off the i'm-better-than-you-cause-i-use-rockbox-and-you-don't attitude.. :)
03:27:07 Quit unhcr (Client Quit)
03:28:32sharpedid i miss anything?
03:28:56midkay_only the few minutes of dialog before he quit.. oh, and when he was here last night asking..
03:29:27 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:30:05 Join midgey34 [0] (
03:35:12 Quit herz42_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:38:18 Join midgey31 [0] (
03:38:47 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
03:47:14 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
03:56:03 Quit midgey34 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:05:42 Part harlin
04:22:55 Quit ScootScat72 ()
04:27:38 Quit webguest26 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
04:57:11 Join afruff23 [0] (
04:57:55afruff23I need help making a WPS
04:58:03afruff23can I put a picture inside fo another one
04:58:14afruff23say a picture takes up half the screen
04:58:23afruff23can I display another picture on top of that?
04:58:35afruff23fr jsut part of it
04:58:40afruff23for jsut part of it
04:59:21afruff23anybody there?
05:00:49 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
05:01:33afruff23is it possilbe to dispaly a picture on top of another picture in the WPS? (the bottom image is not the WPS)
05:01:46afruff23I eman the bottom image is not the backdroo
05:01:58afruff23mean backdrop*
05:13:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:21:05midkay_afruff23, um..
05:21:10midkay_well, why not try it?
05:21:37afruff23maybe alter
05:21:42afruff23my x5 isn't with me
05:22:01afruff23do you use the GIMP?
05:22:08midkay_it's probably done in the order you execute it in the wPS..
05:22:12midkay_ugh, no. :)
05:22:21afruff23what's wrong with it?
05:22:35 Join virtualball2 [0] (
05:22:40afruff23it's pretty powerful
05:22:42midkay_i don't like the multiple windows mainly.. just too 'weird'..
05:22:49midkay_so is photoshop. :)
05:23:02afruff23yea, but PS isn't free
05:23:34afruff23it's free?
05:23:41midkay_nope as in it's not free. haha.
05:23:46virtualball2i have a question, why ant rockbox work from a HFS+ iPod? Is it the way it searches for files in the home directory?
05:23:59afruff23it's formatted for macs
05:24:08afruff23at least I think that's why
05:24:11midkay_hfs+ ipod? mac? rockbox only reads fat32..
05:24:26afruff23I was right
05:24:33virtualball2midkay_, sorry, ya i was asking why only for fat32?
05:24:54afruff23it's one of the msot universal formats
05:25:05midkay_virtualball2, because other filesystem support takes time to create and code space..
05:25:07afruff23and most players already have it
05:25:16midkay_fat is the most popular, and yeah, most simply work like that.
05:25:37virtualball2oh ok thanks
05:25:46midkay_no problem
05:25:46afruff23does anybody know how to fill in transparent area with a certain color?
05:25:56midkay_afruff23, where/when?
05:26:01afruff23in gimp
05:26:20midkay_blah.. :)
05:27:57 Join burnhamd [0] (n=burnhamd@
05:29:09burnhamdwhat is the status of the ipod mini support
05:29:41midkay_burnhamd, the latest commits are visible on the main page... apparently it's working alright.
05:30:57afruff23audio is working on ipod mini 2g
05:31:10afruff23not sure abotu 1g
05:31:21 Join aliask [0] (
05:31:26burnhamdthat is the one i own
05:31:29burnhamdthe 1 g
05:31:47midkay_then it's not working yet, as far as i know.
05:36:23burnhamdanyone know if there is a developer in the community with this model
05:39:12 Join ts-x [0] (
05:40:12ts-xburnhamd: talk to amiconn, he's the one developing for the mini 2g.
05:40:53ts-xI don't believe any developers have 1g's - you may be able to do some testing to help them
05:41:13burnhamdyes i was planning on that
05:41:16afruff23anybody use GIMP
05:41:23burnhamdjust trying to asess the situation
05:41:52ts-xDid you read yesterday's logs...I believe there was some discussion pertaining to 1g v. 2g
05:42:11burnhamdno i havent
05:42:15burnhamdthanks for the tip
05:44:22ts-xnp...amiconn, linuxstb, and/or preglow would be the people you'd want to talk to
05:46:48ts-xburnhamd:, read from about 16:00 on
05:47:30ts-xoops, w/o the comma -
05:47:52burnhamdthanks i was searching throught the 29th
05:47:57 Join ScootScat [0] (
05:48:24 Part ScootScat
05:48:29 Join ScootScat [0] (
05:48:54 Quit mikearthur (Broken pipe)
05:50:35 Quit ts-x ("CGI:IRC")
05:53:08aliaskHey all, I'm looking for some feedback for a patch I made:
05:53:48midkay_aliask, sounds quite useful if only i used the playlist search more often. :)
05:54:15aliaskI use it all the time, because I don't think tagcache is quite ready.
05:54:45midkay_aliask, why not? certainly easier than searching for songs i think..
05:55:29aliaskWell, I like to have a big playlist with shuffled songs, and search for songs in it every once in a while, this is something tagcache doesn't offer (or does it?)
05:55:35 Join sean [0] (
05:56:06aliaskAlso, wading through all the artists/albums/songs is tedious, as the scrolling acceleration isn't that fast.
05:56:16 Quit sean (Client Quit)
05:56:29midkay_aliask, cool. well, we don't all have to have the same preferences. :)
05:56:57aliaskWhich is why rockbox is so good! :D
05:57:44 Join webguest04 [0] (
05:57:59webguest04does the ipod charge while in rockbox os mode while plugged in to the comp?
05:59:13aliaskHrm, just checking tagcache out a bit more, it looks like the folder limit applies when browsing, should it be ignored and just display the max amount?
05:59:29dwihnowebguest04: good question!
05:59:33burnhamdwbguest04: i believe that ipod charging is handled by the hardware so yes
05:59:46dwihnothat would be good
06:00:05dwihnoHow good is ipod audio quality with rockbox?
06:00:47webguest04qualitys sick
06:00:52webguest04especially with flac files
06:01:03 Join Rob2222 [0] (
06:01:15webguest04gapless audio....eqs....
06:01:22webguest04good friggen stuff
06:02:28 Quit webguest04 (Client Quit)
06:02:28 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
06:02:44 Quit virtualball2 ("virtualball2 has no reason")
06:17:29 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
06:35:28 Join RoC_MM [0] (
06:36:37RoC_MMany of the developers who were looking at that 4G battery benchmark earlier today around?
06:39:39 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:39:44 Join midk [0] (
06:43:53 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:44:28 Part Paul_The_Nerd
06:45:06 Quit burnhamd (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
06:56:16 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
07:04:44 Quit afruff23 ("An error? Impossible! My modem is error correcting.")
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07:14:30amiconngood morning :)
07:14:51dwihnoHowdy y'all!
07:15:43midkhey dwihno, long time no see.. :) morning amiconn - i guess you didn't catch it earlier, but congrats on the mini work :)
07:16:41amiconnFound it in the logs - thx :)
07:16:56midkah, you actually read all that. :)
07:17:20 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:17:21amiconnNot everything, but my client highlights lines directed to me
07:17:42midkamiconn, i use xchat which highlights the nick.. semi-hard to find sometimes though :)
07:18:03*amiconn prefers clients with configurable highlithing
07:18:21amiconnI have mine configured to highlight the whole line, in red text
07:18:26midkamiconn, in xchat you can configure colors.. haven't looked into it too much though.
07:18:33midkthat'd be nice, hm. what client are you using?
07:19:04RoC_MMxchat default is to highlight in red any lines with your nick and turn the tab for that channel blue (as opposed to red for just new chat lines)
07:19:20midkRoC_MM, maybe you're using a newer version..
07:19:24dwihnohiya midk
07:19:29RoC_MM2.4.5, actually a little old
07:19:37midk2.0.10c here, it only bold/yellows the nick, leaves the line white.. tab turns blue though.
07:19:38RoC_MMit may be a preference that I turned on
07:19:50*dwihno is -><- this close to getting a ipod video... would be nice to do some rockboxing again
07:19:54midkwhat's up, dwihno? i can't remember having seen you for a while. :)
07:20:03dwihnomidk: Been here, just idling most of the time :)
07:20:24dwihno"If you don't have anything smart to say, just shut up"... And shut up I did ;D
07:20:25midkdwihno, ah, haha. i guess i should read the entire userlist more often ;)
07:20:48 Quit imphasing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:21:45midkdwihno, well, cool - if you have any questions.. i've got a video as well.
07:22:00amiconnmidk: Actually, my net hacking time yesterday was just 5 hours from start until working playback
07:22:48midkamiconn, quite incredible.. from "unusable, almost abandoned port" to "basically fully working" in like half a day.. even less in total work time. :)
07:23:19amiconnIt is now working almost as well as the 4G grayscale
07:23:33midkwhat's not working yet? anything?
07:23:45amiconnThe only thing not yet working is the button driver in the bootloader, so I can't boot apple fw at all
07:23:45midka battery of plugins, i'd guess..
07:23:56midkamiconn, blah, that's low priority :)
07:24:10amiconnThe other quirks are the same as for the 4G itself
07:24:17amiconnplugins, battery monitoring...
07:24:25dwihnomidk: ah, really nice! so how are they? the last time I saw something else than a nano was a 1g :)
07:24:36 Quit thegeek ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
07:24:39midkdamn, you're efficient.. :) what's the res of the screen? same as another model?
07:25:44midkdwihno, haha. it's great.. physically, very small but sturdy; the screen is very nice.. video playback if you ever use it works well.. rockbox runs deliciously. :)
07:26:09RoC_MMamiconn, which target did you fix?
07:26:54midkamiconn, wow - the mini's screen is the same number of pixels as the 4G? isn't it like half the size? :O
07:27:10midkoh. no.. it's smaller, my mistake.
07:27:33dwihnomidk: yummy! I was thinking of running rockbox mainly, with an exception of running the apple fw when playing videos... but then, I'd still need to create that database (for just a handful of clips)... are there any plugins on target that create apple db's?
07:28:07midkdwihno, no database support at all (yet?..)..
07:28:25midkbtw, has your nick always been dwihno? i thought it was 'dwinho'.
07:28:45 Join thegeek [0] (
07:28:57midgey31so, I know not many devs are on, but has anyone had the chance to look at my snake2 patch?
07:29:05dwihnomidk: writing a plugin for creating a database, for, let's say, a directory, should be a trivial task, provided there are libs for the db format
07:29:15dwihno(or good specs)
07:29:26dwihnomidk: always the same name, yay! ;D
07:29:55RoC_MMmidgey31, try again tomorrow afternoon (EST)....the channel is quieter at night around now
07:30:01midkdwihno - haha, wow.. i've always thought it was the other way around :) - but i don't think it would be very hard, it just hasn't been done yet.
07:30:27 Quit nkh^away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:31:10dwihnomidk: As I can see it, there are two ways. 1) create a plugin 2) create an app
07:31:28dwihnothere are pro's and con's with both ideas, but both tasks should be trivial anyhow
07:31:28midkbooting to apple firmware is fine for videos, what's the problem exactly? rockbox plays music well, so you shouldn't need to go back and forth for that..
07:32:04dwihnomidk: afaik, the apple fw _requires_ "the database file" to be able to browse for files.
07:32:04midkmidgey31, i saw it earlier, fwiw.. i'll actually try it now and see how it is. :)
07:32:04midkfor what exactly?
07:32:07dwihnounless that has changed
07:32:14midgey31RoC_MM: yah I know the whole timezone thing sorta messes it up, I was really just wanting to get it in the log before I leave for vactaion
07:32:17midkdwihno, it does.
07:32:20midkhow does that affect you, i mean?
07:32:46 Join luigi_ [0] (
07:32:48dwihnomidk: Well, I don't want to use itunes to be able to play videos... I still need to create that database file somehow...
07:33:04midkmidgey31, just looking at the bitmaps. cool. :)
07:33:04dwihnomidk: one way being using a plugin in rockbox, and one way is an application run on your computer
07:33:25dwihnomidk: for smaller directories (only video's for instance) a plugin should do the task quite nicely
07:33:36midkdwihno, ah. well, afaik, itunes is about the only way..
07:34:03dwihnomidk: There has got to be other ways...
07:34:16midkdwihno, well, foo_pod is supposed to work but doesn't..
07:34:18dwihnomidk: So how do you choose fw? A special key combo?
07:34:32midkdwihno, yeah. on boot, if you hold menu you end up in the original firmware.
07:34:35dwihnomidk: "if there is a will, there is a way"
07:34:55midkdwihno, however true that is, there isn't a way atm.. as far as i know, again. :)
07:35:24dwihnoSo how about audio quality? You used to have a archos previousley, right?
07:35:51midkdwihno, yes - and i used to think the archos sounded good... :)
07:36:13 Join B4gder [0] (
07:36:21midksounds incredible.. i'm using FLAC only at the moment, but MP3s sounded great when i used them too..
07:36:39midkgapless, crossfading, 5-band EQ are notable..
07:36:40dwihnoI prefer wavpack, due to better compression
07:36:52dwihnoflac is still nice :)
07:36:57midkwavpack's cool too. i did some comparisons, flac files ended up a few KB smaller.. :)
07:36:59midkboth are very fast..
07:37:30dwihnoAre you using maximum compression then?
07:37:34RoC_MMdepends on the level of compression you choose.
07:37:48RoC_MMflac has more mindshare
07:38:00dwihnoWith maximum compression (non-hybrid), wavpack gives me smaller files
07:38:36dwihnothen again, people must have something against wavpack... there are not many applications with wavpack support :/
07:38:39midkmax flac for me gave smaller, only slightly.. oh well.. :)
07:38:52RoC_MMsmaller by how much?
07:38:57dwihnowhat flac options do you use?
07:39:17midkRoC_MM, not much at all. maybe 100kb most on a ~30mb file... max compression, level 8 iirc.
07:39:19dwihnomidk: speaking of ipod, how about that dreaded scratch issue?
07:39:34midkdwihno, ah, that.. pretty bad.
07:40:02midkprobably not as bad on the white models, but on my black one it's kind of major.. workaround is simple, get a playthrough case that you can leave on always..
07:40:21RoC_MMthey really got a problem there
07:40:33RoC_MMdont' even put it in your pocket or breath on it until it's in a case
07:40:44ScootScati heard you can use brasso to remove the scratches
07:40:58dwihnoWhat case do people recommend then?
07:41:03dwihnoI've read about something called rhinoskin
07:41:06RoC_MMeventually you'll get used to the scratches though...they look like the screen has a wet smear, so you go to wipe it but it doesn't come off
07:41:13Bg3rmorning :)
07:41:24RoC_MMit's less of a scratch
07:41:28RoC_MMand more of an abrasion
07:42:59 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:43:32dwihnoI hate scratches...
07:43:52 Join midk [0] (
07:44:03dwihnowill the entire casing get affected, or just the screen?
07:44:36 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzzzzzz")
07:44:36midkdwihno, the metal backing gets really ugly and quickly..
07:45:04midkthe screen is where it's most noticeable during use.. like smudges on your monitor..
07:45:10RoC_MMthe scratches look like scratches on the casing, and they are the same severity as on the older ipods, which is not bad....some people like their mirror finish on the back to stay inblemished...this is impossible without a case
07:45:10midkbut in the light, i can see all the scratches easily, on my black one at least.
07:45:28RoC_MMit's a lot like smudges
07:45:53midkyeah, the pixels look.. um.. magnified and stuff. :)
07:46:03dwihnoeww :(
07:46:19midkdwihno, just gotta get a case asap..
07:46:45dwihnohow much size does it add onto the unit?
07:46:53midkit's not unusable after it's scratched - i've learned to ignore it - but it's nice to have it scratchfree..
07:47:04midkdwihno, depends on the case..
07:47:39RoC_MMmost are like cell phone cases like for those flip's quite a bit less elegant, but it's also quite protective.
07:47:58RoC_MMvery similiar to a case on a flip phone
07:48:03midki actually stopped using the actionjacket recently, at least a lot less..
07:48:13midkmy ipod's so ugly now it's hardly worth it..
07:48:21midki'd like to try an iskin perhaps.
07:48:53dwihnoare there replacement cases?
07:49:02dwihnoSomeone must have thought about it
07:49:04midkwhat do you mean?
07:49:22midkreplacing the ipod's case (back/front) itself?
07:49:32 Quit luigi (Connection timed out)
07:49:33dwihnoSimply open the case, put the hw in a new 3rd party shell
07:49:44midkah.. i haven't seen anything like that..
07:51:00RoC_MMnite all
07:51:12midknight RoC_MM :)
07:52:01dwihnoall scratch issues would be solved in an instant
07:52:07dwihnoJust a new case.
07:52:10 Part RoC_MM ("Leaving")
07:52:26midkdwihno, true, but i don't think anyone's bothered..
07:53:31dwihnothere are countless case manufacturers... there should be shell manufacturers as well
07:53:45midkdwihno, well, lemme know if you discover anything.. :)
07:53:50dwihnosurething :)
07:53:53 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
07:55:27 Quit midk ("Leaving")
07:58:16 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
07:58:38midkaydwihno, say my nick! :)
07:59:51dwihnomidkay \o/
08:00:05midkayhaha. i forgot you used to do that!!!
08:01:24 Quit miner49er (Remote closed the connection)
08:03:44dwihnomidkay: There are countless ipod accessories shops on the 'net... Perhaps you could check as well?
08:03:58midkaydwihno, for .. shells?
08:04:05dwihnoreplacement shells.
08:04:11dwihnosomeone must have thought about it.
08:06:35midkaylooking, can't find anything..
08:06:45dwihno(still a case, but not too shabby)
08:07:04midkaythe iSkin looks delicious, have you seen it?
08:08:16midkayneh as in haven't seen it?
08:09:39midkayah, those metal ones look pretty nice.
08:10:21midkaybut, yeah.. snag a case and an ipod video, and i don't think you'll be disappointed. :)
08:13:36dwihnoRemotes will not work, huh?
08:13:43midkayno(t yet)..
08:13:58 Part Paul_The_Nerd
08:17:47dwihnoare there any accessories you recommend?
08:18:03dwihnoI just MUST have some kind of AA-battery pack thing
08:18:07midkaydwihno, i don't have or use any, no..
08:18:10dwihnoThat would be swell
08:18:18midkayhmm.. i have heard of extended batteries..
08:18:24midkaybut can't remember anything about AAs..
08:21:17 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
08:33:21 Join mikearthur [0] (
08:34:22amiconnlinuxstb: r u there?
08:34:24 Join tvelocity [0] (
08:40:51 Join einhirn [0] (
08:42:20midkaynite all
08:45:01Bg3rnite, midkay
08:59:53 Quit huntermic ("Leaving.")
09:00:34 Quit MrStaticVoid ("leaving")
09:02:07 Quit JJure (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:02:50 Join JJure [0] (n=nospam@
09:05:11 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
09:06:40crashBagder: are you there?
09:09:07 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:13:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:17:16 Join petur [0] (
09:19:32 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
09:21:14 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:26:08 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
09:26:43 Join LinusN [0] (
09:33:47amiconnTurned out that just lcd_update_rect() caused the graphic glitches on greyscale iPods. Now it's working like a charm :)
09:36:36 Join Moos [0] (
09:36:44MoosGood morning
09:38:23peturred build...
09:39:30safetydanno ipod mini 2g sim either...
09:39:48amiconnI didn't expect lcd_enable() to be used on any b&w or greysacle target
09:39:54safetydanThe mini 2g looks the same as the 1g right?
09:39:55amiconnsafetydan: Image missing...
09:40:15amiconnI'll scan my mini at the weekend
09:40:28JdGordonthe ipods are taking over th eubild table!! kill em all!
09:41:15Slasherihmm, i started to redesign the tag browser.. in future, there are no searches defined in the code, but as strings like: "Best songs" artist album song ? y >= 2000 & title !^ "crap" & genre = "good genre"
09:41:25safetydanfrom the simulator point of view there's no difference between the 1g and the 2g is there?
09:41:43Bg3ramiconn lcd_enable is used for backlight on/off on the minis
09:41:57amiconnNo it's not
09:42:02Bg3rhuh ?
09:42:04amiconnJust for the 3G it was
09:42:10Bg3rah, k
09:42:24Bg3rimho it should be named differently on 3G ...
09:42:52LinusNok, seems that Asteroids is still registered as a trademark, any ideas for an alternative name?
09:43:05Bg3rastrorocks ?
09:43:41LinusNomg, i'm so fed up with these "rock" and "box" puns
09:43:57JdGordonjust roids?
09:44:14Bg3rLinusN i'm too, but in this case it has some meaning ...
09:44:17JdGordonthen be thankful the poroject isnt named Hemm something
09:44:21MoosLinusN: Hi, while you are around on X5front, the volume values seems wrong, still sound at 0 :-)
09:44:24LinusNBg3r: sure
09:44:35LinusNMoos: hahaha
09:45:04Bg3rMoos and probably it's louder than @ 23 ? ;)
09:45:06JdGordonfine.. no1 laugh at my joke.. thats kewl...
09:45:07LinusN"rockstars" :-)
09:45:12 Quit JdGordon ("sick of u all!")
09:45:16Moosthe inverse I mean of course the lower value isn't good
09:45:20 Join JdGordon [0] (
09:45:21 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:45:58amiconnBg3r: I *removed* lcd_enable for the b&w iPods, and my backlight still works...
09:46:42Bg3ramiconn u mean the 3g ?
09:47:19amiconnFor all b&w iPods
09:47:32amiconnThe only one that used the backlight switch in lcd_enable was the 3g
09:47:39amiconn..which doesn't make sense.
09:47:50amiconnb&w lcds are perfectly readable without backlight
09:54:22 Join austriancoder [0] (
09:55:27 Quit thegeek (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:56:21austriancoderwhat do you think about colored icons for folders, music-, picturefiles...
09:58:15peturwould be better visible than what there is now
09:59:52LinusNaustriancoder: colored icons are nice, and also icons that match the font size
10:01:07 Join Aramil [0] (
10:04:29stamppotA question: when enabling the tagcache and forcing a tagcache update, I see that it accesses the disk for a while but if I then look in artists, albums or songs nothing is recorded there
10:04:50stamppotI keep the tagcache on disk.
10:04:55stamppotAm I missing something?
10:05:37Moosstamppot: did you rebboted?
10:05:47stamppotY up.
10:06:09stamppotI have dircache enabled as well.
10:06:13Moosdid you have the commiting tagcache screen?
10:06:49stamppotdidn't see it, due to backlight timeouts probably
10:07:54Mooswhen you reboot usually the Rockbox boot screen stay and you have one commiting tagcache message
10:08:26stamppotMoos: let me check...
10:09:24stamppotMoos: yup. I get the committing tagcache message...
10:09:56Mooslet's it finish then
10:10:04LinusNi had the same problem until i set the setting to "in ram"
10:10:08stamppotHmmm, never mind. It works all of a sudden,,,
10:10:24austriancoderLinusN: as plugins uses bmp's i could also use bmp
10:10:35austriancoderfor icons
10:10:46stamppotLinusN: I keep it on disk (I didn't know what the memory consumption would be)
10:11:39 Join tonz|away [0] (
10:13:29stamppotOK, lets assume I'm thick, but shouldn't it be possible to recursively insert all songs of an artist into a playlist? Just tried this using tagcache, and the only option the quickmenu gives me is 'open with'
10:15:01Moosstamppot: did you checked the Tagcache wiki page yet?
10:16:50austriancoderLinusN: Found nice icons under GLP.... now.... whats the best way to support different font sizes for icons?
10:16:51stamppotMoos: of course... :)
10:17:16aliaskIs there any way to get the filesize of something in rockbox?
10:17:17 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:17:20stamppotBut this doesn't fall under the smart playlist functionality or something.
10:17:42LinusNaustriancoder: i have no idea :-)
10:18:03Moosstamppot: Tagcache is new, let's it still evolute
10:18:14LinusNi guess you would have to check the font height and match the available icon sizes
10:18:34austriancoderLinusN: okay..
10:18:43austriancodercheck the icons:
10:18:49peturIf fileview set to all - wouldn't it be better to have tag broswing as a virtual folder?
10:18:53austriancoderare they okay for everybody?
10:18:55stamppotAlso, does anyone have an idea what the memory consumption of keeping the tagcache in memory would be? Assume that I have 15GB of songs, roughly 2300 tracks
10:19:24stamppotI'd like to add that info to the wiki-page as well
10:19:34LinusNaustriancoder: aren't they a little too detailed?
10:19:40peturaustriancoder: much too complex imho
10:20:47aliaskaustriancoder: Yeah I agree, too detailed to make even 15x15 icons.
10:20:53austriancoderi will try many icons, will pick the best 3 an we will have a vote
10:21:03aliaskSounds like a good idea.
10:21:41*petur likes the folder/file icons of w2k
10:21:47LinusNor have some of those arty guys at misticriver draw a set
10:22:14linuxstb_amiconn: I'm around now.
10:22:14Moosnice idea :)
10:22:23aliaskThere were some nice ones that popped up in the mailing list, I'll find a link
10:23:09 Quit Aramil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:23:31austriancoderwho big are the current icons?
10:23:56LinusN7x6 or something
10:24:07LinusNcheck the source
10:24:32austriancoderaliask: ah... that looks nice
10:24:59aliaskI just did a guesstimate from the manual, they look about 7x7
10:25:21Mikachuthat looks nice because of the aa fonts :)
10:26:34austriancoderneed to go to my bus... see you later
10:28:13aliaskAnti-aliasing would be a nightmare wouldn't it.
10:28:23Bg3rbitmap_icons_6x8 are the one used in the browser ...
10:28:25peturhis icons came from here:
10:29:09 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:29:19Mikachui think a truetype renderer would sort of take too much resources, but maybe it would be possible to render pre-antialiased fonts
10:29:41aliaskMikachu: Using opacity?
10:30:00Mikachuyeah, i guess the problem is the alpha transparency
10:30:02aliaskpetur: Those look really nice.
10:30:32Slasheristamppot: you can check the codec buffer size from the debug menu before and after loading the tagcache in ram
10:30:48Slasherithat should tell the excact memory consumption
10:31:27peturwhy does it display that committing tagcache message?
10:32:00preglowso you know what's happening?
10:32:13Slasheripetur: while that message is displayed, new files are being uniqued and sorted with the existing files in the database
10:32:33 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:32:44 Join petur [0] (
10:33:08Slasheriand index tables with seek locations are updated as well
10:33:31peturbut why when I haven't changed anything?
10:33:46Slasherithen you shouldn't see that message
10:33:57*petur tries again
10:35:17petursometimes it's flashes quickly, sometimes it's there for 5-10 seconds
10:35:26 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
10:36:09aliaskIs there any way to get the filesize of something in rockbox?
10:36:17Slasheriif rockbox was turned off cleanly, that message should only flash
10:36:41peturnot always :(
10:36:54peturand how do I turn tagcache off?
10:37:07 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:37:15peturbecause it slows down my boot time and I can't combine it with file view
10:37:37Slasheripetur: there is no really a way to turn it off. But if you choose to keep it on disk, then you shouldn't get that committing tagcache message unless you have forced a tagcache update manually
10:37:49 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
10:38:44 Nick tonz|away is now known as tonz (
10:39:43peturSlasheri: well... setting it to disk now only makes the message flash shortly
10:40:28 Join ashridah [0] (
10:41:33peturanyway, I got to stop playing with it to have some battery left for the ride home - and got work to do ;)
10:42:34Mooshehe :-)
10:43:12peturpaid work, not RB work :(
10:44:56Slasheripetur: if you load the cache in ram, make sure you don't shutdown rockbox before it has ran a few minutes
10:45:24Slashericurrently there is a bug that will remove the tagcache, because it thinks the commit file has became corrupt if rockbox is shutdown too early
10:45:27amiconn_linuxstb_: The colour iPod lcd driver needs some work, imho. There's a lot of function calling and conditional execution going on
10:45:38amiconn_Wasting cpu cycles...
10:45:53peturSlasheri: I didn't, I let it run until the disk went quiet
10:46:12Slasheripetur: after that, you should still wait at least a minute
10:46:17amiconn_Now that I have some insight, I thing a unified rockbox build for mini 1g+2g isn't hard
10:46:32Slasheribecause tagcache checks files against the dircache even when disk has spun down
10:47:10peturhow about that virtual folder idea?
10:47:53Slasheriit will be implemented somehow
10:48:00 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
10:48:19Slasherifor example in tagcache "Browse files" or something like that
10:48:42amiconn_Imho the virtual folder idea should be implemented the other way round
10:48:44peturwould be nice to have both worlds ;)
10:49:08amiconn_Have a virtual dir <database> in the root of the file browser
10:49:22peturI agree with amiconn
10:49:48linuxstbamiconn_: That's good news about a unified mini build. I'll have a look at the colour LCD driver - I haven't done anything to it since the initial port from IPL about 6 months ago.
10:50:27amiconn_linuxstb: Runtime adaption to hardware differences (like lcd type for the colour iPods) should imho be done using function pointers rather than conditional execution
10:50:38amiconn_At least for stuff that's called often...
10:53:42linuxstbBut is it an issue to have one if statement in lcd_update() ?
10:53:56 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:53:56 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
10:57:02preglowreally shouldn't, no
10:57:10preglowas long as it's only called once, of course
10:58:01linuxstbThat if statement shouldn't be there for the Nano though - only the Color/Photo.
10:59:45 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
11:01:29preglowa branch in send_data is worse
11:01:54preglowyeah, i can see us using function pointers here
11:02:28preglowat some point we need to go through the code and resolve some numerical address to defines
11:02:34preglowa lot of them already have corresponding defines
11:04:32linuxstbI didn't notice that if statement in lcd_cmd_data(). That should obviously go.
11:11:29 Nick kclaf is now known as kclaftop (
11:12:05 Nick tonz is now known as tonz|away (
11:13:29amiconnlinuxstb: Perhaps not in lcd_update(). In lcd_blit() it will
11:13:30preglowpity we can't burst write in it
11:13:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:13:54preglowi thought that was scheduled for removal
11:14:03preglowahh, right
11:14:49amiconnA few days ago I realised that lcd_blit() might be useful for colour as well. Video codecs...
11:14:53 Join austriancoder [0] (
11:15:22amiconnIt's somewhere in the logs.
11:15:28preglowwhat does it do?
11:16:03linuxstbIt bypasses lcd_framebuffer - so a video codec can decode to a local buffer and blit it to the lcd.
11:16:24amiconnB4gder: What about my idea of an extra 'basic score' per broken (i.e. red) target?
11:20:17nudelPosted by one of the Rio/Sigmatel developers: "One aspect of Plays-for-sure 2.0 which might appeal to denizens of this board, by the way, is that it mandates gapless playback. Some of Microsoft's marketing gimmicks can fairly be described as just gimmicks, but this time they do seem to be, however sledgehammerously, genuinely trying to drive up the quality of digital audio players."
11:20:44nudelSweet. If Microsoft make gapless playback a standard feature I'll have Bill Gates's's's's's babies
11:21:09 Nick kclaftop is now known as kclaf (
11:21:18amiconnpreglow: starting around 01:30
11:23:20amiconnnudel: pays-for-sure???
11:23:54nudelit's microsoft's certification/logo thing for WMA music players that support a bunch of stuff like WMA10 and subscription DRM and, apparently, gapless
11:24:07nudeli.e lots of evil stuff, and gapless \o/
11:24:25nudelwell, according to that one post. don't know any more details, e.g. which formats have to play gaplessly
11:25:26amiconnI know what it is. Didn't you see the deliberate typo?
11:27:38preglowgapless playback is a standard feature
11:27:39nudelohh lol, sorry, i'm hungover :)
11:27:44preglowwith quality stuff, of course
11:27:50preglowno need to sell your soul to microsoft to have that
11:27:54nudeli.e. zero mp3 players except the karma and rockbox
11:28:02preglowpft, use rockbox
11:28:09nudeli am :) but more choice is always good
11:28:45nudeli think gapless should be considered a "lack of bug" rather than a feature
11:29:36preglowamiconn: not a bad idea
11:29:50preglownudel: i think it should be considered the only sane thing
11:29:53 Join tvelocity [0] (
11:30:05preglownot having gapless playback is plain broken
11:30:07amiconnWell, in regard to gapless, archos obviously managed to do a better job in 2000 than most dap manufacturers do today
11:30:22preglowwell, that's a direct consequence of how the platform works
11:30:34preglowand it only works in the most special of cases
11:30:45 Join B4gd3r [0] (
11:31:16preglowif you need specially encoded music, then you don't have gapless playback, if you ask me
11:31:40preglownot proper gapless, at least
11:32:02*linuxstb agrees that inserting gaps between tracks is a bug
11:32:10amiconnWell, it's a lot more proper than what e.g. iriver does in th h series
11:33:22amiconnArchos doesn't deliberately insert gaps. The worst thing than can happen is a few milliseconds gap
11:33:32amiconn(one partial mp3 frame)
11:33:40preglowit's impossible for it to insert gaps
11:33:45preglowso no wonder
11:34:07amiconnWell, it could insert gaps
11:34:22preglowi wouldn't really say they did a better job, they just chose a design that makes it harder for them to insert gaps :)
11:34:38amiconnIt seems the lack of gapless e.g. on iriver is because of the lame buffering system
11:34:48preglowdoesn't matter how it's buffered
11:34:58preglowif both tracks are in mem, you still get a glitch
11:35:07preglowand a long one
11:35:12amiconnpreglow: Stopping playback because the next track isn't buffered would insert a gap on any platform
11:35:46amiconnSame happens if you feed non-stripped metadata to the decoder/dac
11:36:13nudelcrossfading? i want a randomly generated DJ talking nonsense to me between tracks.
11:36:44preglowwe'll work on integrating festival for that
11:36:46linuxstband during tracks...
11:36:53nudelheh yeah, and averts
11:37:18preglow"elephant hovercraft sails forever bookshelf into the whatever, now for next track"
11:37:21linuxstb"Your music is sponsered by Please donate...."
11:37:59 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
11:38:15preglowhell, with a large dictionare and some markov chain data trained to mimic some idiot dj, this could be really fun
11:38:20preglowdictionary, even
11:38:25 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:40:42 Quit kkurbjun (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:44:31 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
11:44:53 Join Moos [0] (
11:45:55 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
11:47:11 Join webguest98 [0] (
11:47:51 Quit B4gder (No route to host)
11:48:31 Quit webguest98 (Client Quit)
11:48:31 Join austriancoder [0] (
11:58:36 Quit bluebrother^ ("leaving")
12:03:05 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:03:14 Join austriancoder [0] (
12:08:53 Join imphasing [0] (
12:10:49 Part linuxstb ("Leaving")
12:11:03 Quit petur ("hungry")
12:11:26 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
12:12:23 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
12:13:00 Join webguest81 [0] (
12:14:32 Part JJure
12:15:33 Join JJure [0] (n=nospam@
12:15:38 Part JJure
12:16:14*webguest81 throws in a vote for Tango icons
12:17:30 Quit webguest81 (Client Quit)
12:20:22preglowthey're bloody bigger than our screens
12:20:35 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:21:13 Join webguest37 [0] (
12:21:21austriancodersure... we need to modify them... lets see how good they look
12:21:40aliaskWell 16x16 pixels isn't _too_ big
12:21:53preglowooh, there are small ones too
12:21:58preglowthis'd actually rock
12:22:03aliaskYeah, I quite like them
12:22:27aliaskGPL too.
12:22:37webguest37there was a mockup on the mailinglist a while ago that used tango icons
12:22:52webguest37(webguest81 here)
12:23:42preglowi like the fact that the smaller ones have been custom made
12:23:45preglowinstead of just scaled down
12:24:36preglowahh, so that's you
12:24:48nudelnice icons
12:25:06webguest37No, not me
12:25:59*Moos likes the icons too :)
12:26:11*austriancoder is workong to get icons into rockbox
12:27:36preglowit would be great indeed
12:27:55amiconnThe icons shouldn't be any bigger than the default font chars
12:27:58preglowbut a gui like that will require a lot of planning
12:28:47austriancoderamiconn: LinusN told me this too
12:28:58preglowhow high is the default font+
12:29:00 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
12:29:05austriancoderpreglow: sure.. but i think we need such a gui
12:29:06LinusNwe should have several sets of icons
12:29:19Moospreglow: did you check the RotAtoR news about musepack?
12:29:22LinusNin different sizes
12:29:24preglowaustriancoder: need, no, but it would sure be nice
12:29:30LinusNand also loadable icons for themes
12:29:33preglowLinusN: not exactly trivial to achieve
12:29:42preglowyou can't just resize icons at that size
12:29:48preglowevery pixel counts
12:29:49austriancoderLinusN: a theming system would be cool
12:30:26amiconnaustriancoder: Default font height is 8 pixels... for all targets currently.
12:30:36amiconnThis won't change before the 3.0 release
12:31:08austriancoderamiconn: thanks for this info
12:31:13pregloweven though it really should
12:31:54preglowbut we can pretty much forget 8x8 icons unless we want to make them ourselves
12:32:25amiconnThe current icons are 6x8
12:32:49webguest37isn't it even 7x7.. hrm, or 6x7?
12:32:56preglowhas rasher's rockbox page vanishes?
12:34:30amiconnThe file browser icons are 6x8. Some places use 7x8 icons, some others 5x8
12:34:43amiconn(status bar)
12:35:06amiconnOf course, one line is reserved for spacing in the file browser
12:36:12Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I can still get to it."> right?
12:37:20preglowi could have sworn that exact url just didn't work right now...
12:43:49Mikachuwow i'm #3 for march
12:45:04preglowi didn't think those were still updated
12:45:05preglownot bad
12:45:30preglowwith my tendency to break sentences up in several lines i do feel somewhat like a cheat, though :>
12:45:55Mikachuhe hasn't enabled the words/line column
12:46:00webguest37Ah, but there's a wordcount as well
12:46:14webguest37so you win anyway, heh
12:47:30preglowhaha, but amiconn spoke only a few thousand words less then me
12:47:38preglowyet he also spokes over thousand lines less
12:49:26Mikachui'm not seeing wordcount anywhere
12:49:48Mikachuoh in the big numbers part
12:51:17safetydangood to see that 'patch' is the 8th most popular word this month
12:51:54Paul_The_NerdPatch is an important word
12:52:38safetydanand according to the most referenced nicks this month, the Rockbox project is run by preglow and amiconn
12:55:15*webguest37 wonders about
12:55:26webguest37aren't all these included?
12:55:43LinusNthat's a very old page
12:56:22webguest37ah, just found it on the Documentation page
12:59:46webguest37Same thing with /lang/?
13:00:29 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
13:01:26 Join petur [0] (
13:02:08 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:03:13preglowwhat can i say, i'm going for a regime change
13:05:06tucozhehe, midnight2k3 must have been pretty busy around here. 4th place overall and 468 days since that nick was last seen here.
13:05:55preglowyeah, he was quite a chatterbox
13:06:21preglowi remember seeing him later than that, though
13:06:22Paul_The_NerdThat's "midkay" now, right?
13:06:27tucozI think so
13:06:46tucozIs grayscale working on the ipods now?
13:09:21 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
13:11:05tucozI tried to use both hevea and latex2html on the docs yesterday with no luck.
13:11:31tucozBut, it's possibly because I didn't try hard enough :-)
13:13:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:15:24 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
13:15:34 Join P1mP [0] (n=muesli_t@
13:19:03 Join webguest01 [0] (
13:19:29*LinusN is playing astrorocks on x5
13:19:44 Join Matze [0] (
13:19:44Mooswee ! :)
13:19:45 Quit webguest01 (Client Quit)
13:20:29peturI thought you had something against the *rocks name? :D
13:20:51preglowgod, not another name with 'rock' in it :/
13:21:02Mikachubetter than boxeroids
13:21:07preglowhell no
13:21:11preglowthat's an excellent name
13:21:24preglowbest 'box' name i've seen, as a matter of fact
13:21:28preglowLinusN: hahah, also good
13:25:42dwihnoanyone have experience with replacing batteries on ipods?
13:25:46preglowboxeroids does have a nice sound to it, though
13:25:51dwihnoor have any insight on how hard it is to change it
13:26:14Mikachudwihno: on a scale from 1-5 i think it's about 6
13:26:26preglowit also sounds like a nasty ass rash, which is a bonus
13:26:35peturdwihno: there must be lots of sites that show how-to's I think
13:26:46preglowdwihno: what model?
13:27:21LinusNhow about "spacerocks"?
13:27:32LinusNkind of a synonym to asteroid
13:27:40 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:28:13MoosI like it !
13:28:40webguest37why not just asteroids :-/
13:28:49aliaskYes, exactly.
13:28:53Bg3rwebguest37 because it's a trademark
13:28:56LinusNit's a registered trademark, owned by Atari
13:28:57bluebrother^tucoz: I failed for the button environment. Something is a bit complicated there. But I got it working using a command macro.
13:28:59dwihnopreglow: g5 (video)... I am about to get one... but I need to straighten the battery isue out first.
13:29:21aliaskCan we call it "astroroids"
13:29:43tucozbluebrother^, ok. Well, anything is better than the current setup
13:30:14webguest37This trademarking of real words in their regular meaning needs to stop
13:30:17MoosLinusN: "spacerocks" sounds more Rockbox spirit imho :)
13:30:30LinusNwebguest37: amen
13:30:33bluebrother^It's similar to the screenshot command.
13:30:36webguest37I mean "Apple" is fine, because Apple has nothing to do with actual apples
13:30:59webguest37But a game about asteroids being called asteroids.. well that's just not trademark-worthy
13:31:28 Quit actionshrimp ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
13:31:37preglowdwihno: the battery _might_ be soldered to the board
13:31:41preglowdwihno: i know it is in the nano
13:32:07tucozsounds good
13:32:16 Join actionshrimp [0] (
13:32:25 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
13:32:32tucozI wonder if there are other standard features we should write macros for
13:32:50tucozhmm, \note{} thing
13:33:37tucozbluebrother^, did you get a mail?
13:33:38LinusNso, which is it gonna be? "spacerocks"?
13:34:03*Moos votes for it too
13:34:37dwihnopreglow: that's pretty nasty ... :( ... I'll google and se what I'll find out
13:34:45tucozwhy not rockspaceboxes to please preglow ;-)
13:35:09tucozeven better, hehe
13:36:19 Join scf [0] (
13:36:52bluebrother^tucoz: I just commited a patch for a \note macro ;-)
13:37:07bluebrother^now only the table stuff is still in my pipe.
13:37:09tucozbluebrother^, cool. Me is happy
13:37:42bluebrother^just checked my mailbox. Mail reached me :)
13:38:32tucozI am quite certain the first version of the latex proposal had that url-style. Well, good you changed it
13:39:03bluebrother^the url \usepackage was already in it. I changes the \urlstyle and removed the comment marks.
13:39:30tucozyes, I wonder why it was quoted out.
13:40:51tucozdo you want to commit your fs-patches yourself?
13:41:17 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
13:44:35 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:44:36 Quit petur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:44:45 Join petur [0] (
13:45:02bluebrother^I haven't replied to that mail yet.
13:45:09 Join austriancoder [0] (
13:45:13tucozoh, sorry
13:45:14 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
13:45:15 Quit webguest37 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
13:45:23bluebrother^so if you want to have it in quick do it yourself ;-)
13:45:31austriancoderLinusN: rtc on x5 - really cool
13:45:59tucozbluebrother^, I just read that you commited a note macro, missed the 'patch' there :-)
13:46:00bluebrother^and I want to finish the tables stuff first.
13:46:19bluebrother^but after that ...
13:46:57tucozno hurry. I might have a go at 80-col the first and second chapter
13:47:11bluebrother^anyone here using xchat? I'm searching for the sound event that gets triggered when I'm highlighted.
13:48:13tucozoh, which sound event it is
13:49:48bluebrother^exactly that is my problem.
13:50:07bluebrother^but without sound I'm missing more and more events ...
13:50:24bluebrother^(in other words: I need more monitors!)
13:51:24tucozI understand
13:51:29tucozMaybe it's notice?
13:52:22bluebrother^seems not −− I already defined a sound for that event.
13:52:37peturnot many clients support a soundevent when your nick is shown - if you're on windows you could try nettalk
13:52:44bluebrother^I assume I don't need to restart xchat for the settings to take effect.
13:53:18 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:55:00preglowman, i totally dig that the manual is actually getting patches
13:55:08preglowobviously a lot of latex people out there
13:55:08 Quit P1mP (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:55:49dwihnoDamn, I just can't seem to find ipod g5 batteries... still, there SHOULD be ones available.
13:56:04tucozIt's cool that having the manual in cvs actually works as we wanted it.
13:56:15preglowtucoz: exactly
13:56:50 Join webguest37 [0] (
13:58:40tucozbluebrother^, you forgot to attach the patch to the \note{} macro patch. But, no hurry. I go and do some stuff on my own now.
14:00:07bluebrother^tucoz: fixed. I had the window still open ;)
14:01:00tucozcool. I am about to code-police some parts of the manual. Starting with the first chapter
14:01:14bluebrother^nice :)
14:03:34 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
14:05:09 Join P1mP [0] (n=muesli_t@
14:06:09 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:10:34bluebrother^tucoz: while code policing, I was thinking about naming conventions for labels as well.
14:10:46tucozah, that is true
14:11:04bluebrother^I'd suggest using the section name. If necessary prepend the section one level higher.
14:11:19bluebrother^and I'd also prefer having labels written lowercase.
14:11:23tucozthe section name is good.
14:11:24tucozme too
14:11:39preglowoh yes
14:11:40bluebrother^so the xobox plugin would be named sec:xobox
14:11:42tucozwith underscore as a separater?
14:11:53bluebrother^maybe, or using camelCase.
14:12:02preglowunderscore, please
14:12:19bluebrother^i.e. to mark xobox as a plugin: sec:pluginXobox or sec:plugin_xobox.
14:12:28tucozsecond one is better I think
14:12:34preglowme too
14:12:34bluebrother^ok, I'll add this to the Guidelines.
14:13:00tucozonly sections gets a label? or subsections as well?
14:13:07preglowwhatever needs one
14:13:18preglowthere's really no need to assign a label to everything
14:13:42tucozno, that is not wanted. It's kind of hard to tell what needs a label, and what does not.
14:13:50LinusNcould someone with ipod knowledge fix the red build for ipod 3g?
14:13:58preglowi usually add one whenever i need one
14:14:31 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:14:44preglowno time for testing now
14:14:48preglowperhaps later
14:14:49tucozme too, but I've never worked on a collaboration latex-document before
14:15:12preglowwell, i doubt we'll ever need referance even 10% of the sections we do
14:15:26preglowand subsections, perhaps sometimes, but very, very rarely
14:15:40tucozyou are probably right.
14:15:44preglowlots of things might need references
14:15:47preglowyou can't go labling everything
14:15:49 Join XavierGr [0] (
14:16:01tucozI won't, I promise :)
14:16:22preglowno, i dunno, this is just the way i work, but i've never done a (big) collab latex doc either
14:16:29preglowusually just worked with one other fella
14:16:36tucozhmm, we should also have a fixme macro
14:16:39markunpreglow: how's the new crossfeed?
14:16:43preglowone that lights up red
14:16:47preglowmarkun: it's nice
14:16:53preglowmarkun: i can try to hack you up a patch before i leave
14:16:54tucozyes, I'll go make one
14:16:54markunAlmost ready for commit
14:17:05preglowmarkun: almost, i just need to polish some settings and add an asm version
14:17:14preglowand i'll be gone this weekend
14:18:44 Join skwad [0] (
14:18:57markunyou can hack up the patch if you want, but I can wait till next week
14:19:54skwadCan i make precompiled simulator for the iaudiophile forum so they can develop some wps ?
14:20:17preglowmarkun: looks like that'll be the way of things, then, i wont have time to take out the relevant pieces now
14:20:23markunskwad: sure, why not?
14:20:34skwadjust wanted to know if it was allowed
14:21:19webguest37You'll technically be obligated to provide source, but if you don't modify anything, pointing to seems to be acceptable
14:21:42webguest37Wow, that Tango set has a lot of icons
14:22:45webguest37Hm, looks like thinkgeek sent out their April 1st mail today
14:22:56webguest37Unless this is a real product:
14:23:45 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
14:24:07petur'vinyl inserted'
14:24:20webguest37Or this: :)
14:24:51preglowmarkun: only thing i don't like much about it is the fact that it's got four parameters, and most of them are pretty subtle
14:25:11preglowbut they're also pretty much necessary for fine tuning for those of us who cares about that
14:25:19 Part XavierGr
14:25:32markunpreglow: do you need different settings for different songs?
14:25:50markunor could we choose some nice values for some of them?
14:26:15tucozbluebrother^, are you editing the LatexGuidelines page? If not, do you think you could remove the edit lock?
14:26:58bluebrother^I just finished editing it.
14:27:15preglowmarkun: the settings should be universal
14:27:21markunI remember from my tests that much more or less than 13 samples delay didn't make sense
14:27:24preglowmarkun: differing from head to head
14:27:52bluebrother^cool, I found the event for xchat. "Channel Msg Highlight". Why haven't I seen this before?
14:28:00preglowmarkun: the parameters you can change are: direct sound gain, cross sound gain, cross sound high frequency gain, cross sound cutoff freq
14:28:09preglowmarkun: the delay time is not yet adjustable, but that might happen
14:28:22preglowmarkun: since the delay changes depending on how thick your head is, heh
14:28:58amiconnLinusN: Going for highscore takes a bit more... ;)
14:29:13tucozthere is still an edit lock on the page
14:29:19amiconnSomeone obviously forgot to check button assignments...
14:29:25preglowthat highscore is mine for ever
14:31:10linuxstbLinusN: spacerocks fixed for the 3G.
14:32:53 Quit P1mP (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:33:08 Join SereR0KR [0] (
14:35:43*linuxstb should have compiled it first....
14:37:29linuxstbAnyone understand the purpose of the second CONFIG_KEYPAD check in spacerocks (starting at line 103) ? i.e. why is that a keypad feature?
14:38:15LinusNbeats me
14:38:27amiconnspacerocks for 3G is still red. Ondio buttons are also missing...
14:38:45linuxstbYes, I know. I'm puzzling over the code around line 103...
14:40:04 Quit midgey31 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:40:19LinusNlinuxstb: seems to be related to the screen size to me
14:43:17 Join mikearthur [0] (
14:44:58linuxstbHmm... Maybe I'll just add the 3G keypad and leave it as it is. I can't test my commits now anyway.
14:48:06*bluebrother^ grabs a coffee ...
14:56:25 Join webguest36 [0] (
14:57:39 Nick B4gd3r is now known as B4gder (
15:01:05 Join Lynx [0] (
15:07:21 Join b00st4 [0] (
15:07:22*preglow vanishes
15:07:29 Quit b00st4 (Client Quit)
15:07:48 Join b00st4 [0] (
15:09:19 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:10:37elinenbewhat is the X5V?
15:10:50webguest37X5 without fm
15:11:11webguest37How that translates into a V is anyone's guess
15:11:16tucozbluebrother^, what do you think we should use to highlight the bold part in a item list?
15:11:59bluebrother^hmm. You mean emphasized parts?
15:12:27tucozwell, not really. like \item {The Scale} Between the indicators of ....
15:12:35bluebrother^ah, ok.
15:12:49bluebrother^\item[The Scale] Between ...
15:12:59tucozOk, what will happen then?
15:13:16bluebrother^iirc this was using the description environment.
15:13:32tucozOk, will probably work
15:13:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:14:14bluebrother^yup. \begin{description}\item[Term] Description for it
15:14:40tucozhmm, so I should use description instead of itemize?
15:16:00tucozI'll see how that looks
15:17:18 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
15:19:14 Quit Lynx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:19:14 Nick Lynx is now known as Lynx_ (
15:22:20*LinusN loves the Luke_Skyrocker WPS/theme
15:23:20webguest37Where's that?
15:23:58amiconnOh, LinusN turned to the dark side ;(
15:23:59tucozhmm, I am not sure what we should use as a standard. With the itemize environment, we get bullets. But, then we need to highlight the 'entry' ourselves.
15:24:04LinusNamiconn: :-)
15:24:09amiconnGraphical gimmicks...
15:24:22 Join pore_69 [0] (i=pore_69@
15:24:29webguest37I love the idea with the stars
15:24:39LinusNi love the trench
15:25:06webguest37ah, that's what I meant
15:26:08 Part pore_69
15:27:52bluebrother^I'm just looking if we can modify the description environment to use bullets as well
15:28:28bluebrother^but as the lists _are_ descriptions I think we should prefer the description environment.
15:28:39tucoznice if you get that working. I'll commit your notes patch now.
15:28:52bluebrother^except where the lists aren't descriptions of course.
15:29:00bluebrother^I'm still trying.
15:29:18bluebrother^found some nice information on the net too.
15:30:20tucozI am a bit undecided on what looks best, bullets with a bold description. Or just a bold description
15:32:29Lynx_does anyone else think the wiki needs a better table of contents?
15:33:04webguest37Does it have one? :)
15:33:40Lynx_well, i'm talking about the main wiki page
15:34:12Lynx_I often find myself searching for a page that i have seen before, but can't remember how to get to via links
15:36:55linuxstbWe need a wiki about the wiki...
15:37:06LinusNLynx_: most "important" pages are linked from the "Documentation" page
15:37:21Lynx_LinusN: yes, the index there is nice
15:37:25LinusNthat is the official toc
15:37:55Lynx_Mikachu: that's cheating ;)
15:38:29*amiconn often uses WebIndex, and still doesn't understand why Zagor removed the direct links to it
15:39:39 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
15:40:46 Part LinusN
15:41:28bluebrother^tucoz: after googling around a bit: the easiest way seems tu define a new list format. Works quite well for me.
15:41:53bluebrother^now I have a description-environment with bullets but I'm not sure if I like it.
15:41:59 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
15:43:25tucozOk, that we could decide. Maybe I just use the description env for now. That is, for list of the kind in chapter 2->playlist submenu
15:43:36tucoz..decide later on..
15:43:47tucozman, I suck at writing
15:44:19tucozJust to get rid of the textbf at least
15:44:28 Quit b00st4 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:44:47 Join SereR0KR [0] (
15:45:23tucozor what do you think?
15:45:28bluebrother^with search and replace this wouln't be a big deal.
15:45:42bluebrother^so I'd say stick with the description for now.
15:46:06 Quit tonz|away (Remote closed the connection)
15:48:02tucozI like the note macro.
15:50:53 Join P1mP [0] (n=muesli_t@
15:51:11bluebrother^great :)
15:51:27bluebrother^I'd like to expand your fixme macro to show a margin icon as well.
15:51:50webguest37Haha, an lcar theme/wps
15:52:54tucozbluebrother^, do that
15:54:53tucozI think I commit my changes to the rockbox_interface chapter. The description env looks a little weird, but the file is easier to work with at least.
15:55:01Mikachuwebguest37: i wonder if you can get the woman from startrek to record the voice interface too
15:55:40webguest37Now that'd be something
15:57:54Lynx_how difficult is it to compile the simulator under windows? do i have to install sdl under cygwin?
15:58:19Mikachuyou can use a precompiled sdl, but you need the headers too
15:59:11 Join Paprica [0] (
16:01:45 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:04:52B4gderLinus' cygwin package should be fine for that I think
16:05:12 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
16:08:50Lynx_i'm just installing that
16:13:18 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
16:14:57Lynx_hmm, configure still tells me about a missing sdl-config
16:15:12 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
16:15:49B4gdercould be a PATH issue perhaps
16:16:42 Join Matze [0] (
16:16:49Lynx_where would i search for the sdl-config file?
16:17:44B4gder /usr/bin/ or /usr/local/bin I'd guess
16:17:49 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:18:29Mikachuadded fancy colors to spacerocks, is it HAVE_LCD_COLOR i want to check for?
16:23:07amiconnLCD flip is tricky for the mini :(
16:23:26 Quit Nibbler ("Think of someone of "average" intelligence. Then think half the world is dumber than that.")
16:23:27amiconnThe problem is that the mini LCD with is not a whole number of bytes
16:23:36amiconnFlipping that means bitshifting...
16:24:11amiconnThe LCD controller can do that (rotation+masking), but that means writing all lines twice
16:24:29 Quit webguest36 ("CGI:IRC")
16:24:40amiconnNo such problem for 1G..4G
16:26:11B4gdersomehow I don't feel very disturbed by not being able to support lcd flip on the mini-)
16:26:46webguest37What is the way to get extra output from "make"?
16:27:01Mikachudoes that patch look good?
16:27:25 Quit P1mP (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:28:35 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:28:37amiconnI think the CPU should do that, especially since on arm shifting comes almost for free...
16:29:01B4gderMikachu: with no testing done or anything it looks fine to me
16:29:09Mikachuhow do you use an ipod upside down without covering the display with your hand?
16:29:25MikachuB4gder: i tried compiling+running that with both ifdef and ifndef on my nano
16:30:03Mikachu(and it worked fine :)
16:30:15linuxstbHow about setting a backdrop image?
16:30:27amiconnMikachu: The main use of upside down is when your box is lying on a table and you're using earphones. Using it upside down means less strees to the cable, and also slightly more usable cable length
16:30:51Mikachuamiconn: ah, they have the phone plug on the top?
16:31:03Mikachuokay, makes less sense for the nano then
16:31:07linuxstbMikachu: I think only the Nano doesn't.
16:31:10amiconnMost of our targets have
16:31:13Mikachulinuxstb: i guess that would be plausible
16:31:26*webguest37 despairs at the enourmous LD rockboxui command
16:31:31amiconnOnly exceptions are (afaik) fm/v2 recorder (side) and nano (bottom)
16:31:51B4gderthe x5 has it on the side
16:32:12B4gdervery near the top
16:32:18amiconnOkay, then add X5 to the exception list
16:32:41*amiconn thinks that having the earphone socket on the side is a silly design
16:32:57 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
16:33:06 Join Nico_P [0] (
16:34:34Mikachusounds hard to keep in pocket
16:35:10B4gderin the x5 case it really isn't any real nuisance
16:36:28B4gderbut still an odd design idea
16:36:47B4gderthe fm/v2 has it in the middle of the side, don't they?
16:37:11 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:37:21amiconnDon't know, since I don't own one
16:37:44B4gderme neither, trying to remember how Linus' one looks
16:38:21B4gderMikachu: committed!
16:38:45*Mikachu hopes for no points
16:38:56B4gderwe need to keep the build servers going
16:40:40B4gdernow here's fine quote from the iaudio forum:
16:40:45B4gder"Will be RockBox operate as multiboat?"
16:40:52webguest37Has anyone looked into crosscompiling w32 sims?
16:41:04webguest37that is, sdl-w32
16:41:06Mikachuit should be possible with some mingw32 hackery
16:41:14webguest37Yeah, I'm looking into it
16:41:23webguest37Compiling SDL was no problem
16:41:40webguest37I'm now trying to hack up the rockbox Makefile to do what I want
16:41:58B4gderyou may need to patch the configure somewhat
16:42:04webguest37Replaced all native tools with the ming32 versions
16:42:11webguest37Well, currently I'm just manually editing the makefile
16:42:14B4gderwe built the previous native win32 sim on linux
16:42:23B4gderand there are traces of that left
16:42:29amiconnB4gder: katamaranbox?
16:42:30B4gderyou can probably take advantage of them
16:42:36 Join Spida_ [0] (
16:42:40webguest37I'll have a look
16:42:55B4gderrockbox - your first dual boat firmware! ;-)
16:43:02webguest37 /usr/lib/gcc/i586-mingw32msvc/3.4.5/../../../../i586-mingw32msvc/lib/libmingw32.a(main.o): undefined reference to `_WinMain@16'
16:43:09webguest37is what I'm getting now
16:43:17webguest37When it's linking
16:44:06*webguest37 checks out configurescript
16:44:50B4gderthe iaudiophile forum turned into a rockbox fest
16:45:03B4gder(x5 people)
16:45:48B4gdertable still green
16:46:43Mikachushouldn't viewcvs diffs be in fixed width fonts?
16:46:51Mikachucode in varwidth looks really strange
16:47:24Lynx_make tells me "not rule to make target 'zip'. Stop.". How do I fix that?
16:49:17skwadyeah B4gder but it isn't well organised I find
16:49:44B4gderwhat isn't?
16:49:48B4gderah, the forum?
16:49:50skwadthe iaudiophile forum
16:49:57B4gderah, not it seems more like chaos to me
16:50:14*skwad thinking the same
16:50:27skwadwhat means white text in the wiki ?
16:50:59linuxstbI noticed the front page news item doesn't mention that Rockbox also works on ipods - only Archos and iriver...
16:52:04Mikachuheh, "the modified firmware"
16:52:32skwadwhy is Hipod written in white ?
16:52:43 Quit Jungti1234 ()
16:52:51B4gderbecause it is a wiki-style text but there's no such wiki page
16:53:18 Join bobTHC [0] (
16:53:21B4gderyou can prevent that somehow I forget how
16:54:28 Quit Spida (Connection timed out)
16:54:29B4gderipod mini 2g daily builds added
16:54:31linuxstbI think you need to put an ! before it - !HiPod
16:55:00amiconnlinuxstb, skwad: <nop>HiPod
16:55:06skwadok thx
16:55:36skwadworked nice
16:55:37linuxstbAn ! also works...
16:55:51amiconnThere's a nice link at the bottom of the edit window opening a popup window describing all formatting options
16:56:36 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:57:11 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
16:58:26 Quit petur ("time for a drink")
17:00:11webguest37Strange that the iaudiophile frontpage link to the forum goes straight to a post saying "Flac run's the best"
17:02:19 Quit skwad (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:02:33 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:06:41 Join arkascha [0] (
17:09:19 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:10:01 Join Febs [0] (
17:11:30 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
17:11:58webguest37hrrr.. it's like I'm not linking with mingw32, except I am
17:13:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:14:17goffa so... what's Mikachu's color patch?
17:14:48goffaleaving town in an hour... wondering if its worth flashing my iaudio :)
17:14:59Mikachuit's just for spacerocks as you can see
17:15:38goffalooks cool though
17:15:52goffai think i'll leave the player alone though
17:15:57amiconnTeh asteroids aren't filled??
17:16:09Mikachuthat's not my fault, they were only polygons before too
17:16:13webguest37Should they be?
17:16:24goffai don't remember them being filled
17:16:24amiconnWould look way better, imho
17:17:03webguest37But it'd be wrong
17:17:07goffatoday will be a true test of battery life...
17:17:29Mikachui think some clones use filled and some use unfilled
17:17:32 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Dayz !!!!!!!")
17:19:20goffawell looks like i've got spacerocks
17:19:25goffaguess that's what counts for now ;)
17:19:49Mikachui need to add piezo sound effects too :)
17:20:49 Join TCK [0] (
17:21:10amiconnOpportunity to show off with an efficient polygon fill ;)
17:23:35 Join qwm_ [0] (
17:27:10goffaso.. is there a place to adjust the clock on the x5?
17:27:15goffai guess i shouldn't mess with it
17:27:21goffabecause tomorrow it will change anyway
17:27:42 Join b00st4 [0] (
17:29:32webguest37Exciting, I have a rockboxui.exe
17:29:43Mikachudoes it work too?
17:29:47linuxstbMikachu: You now need to merge spacerocks and starfield...
17:29:52webguest37We'll see about that
17:30:29Mikachui can't touch starfield, preglow promised to kill me
17:30:49linuxstbQuite right too...
17:31:18Mikachuit would be fun if you could rotate in starfield though, so the stars scrolled by sideways etc
17:31:49Mikachubut i think that would constitute touching
17:32:10goffacall it something else?
17:32:30webguest37It actually runs. Hurray
17:32:30goffastaroids or something
17:34:42Mikachugoffa: the point is i don't want to write any actual code
17:35:33goffai just thought you were trying to avoid death by preglow
17:35:34Nico_Panyone to help me with the playback engine ?
17:35:35goffahe he he
17:35:46 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:36:00 Join webguest17 [0] (
17:36:01webguest37"The application or DLL <blabla>_temp_codec.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette."
17:36:09webguest37Diskette? Diskette?!?
17:36:29Mikachu"please insert the floppy disc windows 98 cd-rom in drive d:"
17:36:29webguest37Minor problem though, the sim actually runs
17:38:19 Quit webguest17 (Client Quit)
17:38:22webguest37Well that's strange.. "file" seems to think that it is indeed a w32 DLL
17:41:19safetydanman... maybe I should have just called it pregain instead of precut in the equalizer... though then there'd be questions like "why can't in increase the pregain above 0 dB"...
17:41:37webguest37(my problem with _WinMain was that I had to link against SDLmain as well as SDL)
17:42:26FebsAre people really asking that?
17:43:14linuxstbNico_P: I would like to have a look at the album art patch and see if I can fix the playback problems - but I can't do it now. Is your latest patch available anywhere?
17:43:21Febs"Precut" seems like a self-explanatory term.
17:43:37Nico_Plinuxstb: :D i'll send you my latest version
17:44:28Nico_Pi've sent you a DCC request...
17:46:55safetydanFebs, saw a question about it on the iaudiophile forum
17:48:32Nico_Plinuxstb: it's on the patch tracker now
17:49:45Nico_Pi haven't yet moved the data out of mp3entry... i wanted to concentrate on fixing playback
17:49:56linuxstbNico_P: OK, thanks. I'll let you know if I make any progress.
17:50:02Slasherihmm, what is the problem with that patch?
17:51:03 Join webguest16 [0] (
17:51:32Nico_PSlasheri: it stores the album art in the file buffer. But at least part of the bitmap data is read by the codecs, and that causes failures for some codecs and/or breaks gapless playback
17:52:05Nico_PMP3s play but there is a slight 'hiccup' between tracks
17:52:21Slasherii should do the metadata buffering to the playback engine..
17:52:31Slasherimaybe i have time to do that before the feature freeze :)
17:52:38Nico_Poggs fail if following MP3s, but work fine (gapless too) when started from the browser
17:53:06 Quit webguest16 (Client Quit)
17:53:28Nico_PSlasheri: that would be really cool but isn't it a bit too big of a task to start before the feature freeze ?
17:53:58Slasherihmm, maybe. In fact, that shouldn't be a big task
17:54:21Slasherijust convert the codec buffer to metadata buffer to store the codecs and other data
17:54:58webguest37Weird, shouldn't _temp_codec.dll and .rockbox/codecs/mpa.codec be identical if you play an mp3?
17:55:13webguest37or is it altered before being loaded?
17:55:22SlasheriHmm, i will check
17:55:27webguest37I guess I *could* check the source, but that'd involve work
17:56:06 Quit Febs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:56:24webguest37Ah, hrm, it is altered
17:57:37webguest37or not.. wah
17:57:41Slasheriit should be identical
17:57:44webguest37at least it has been, in this case
18:00:29webguest37Interesting, there's ifdef WIN32 blocks in the function responsible for the codecload
18:01:10webguest37hrm, no, I probably don't want that
18:01:26webguest37eh, I do
18:01:28 Join ziomek [0] (
18:02:21 Part ziomek
18:03:20 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
18:05:00linuxstbInteresting post about ipod 5G battery life:
18:05:01amiconnMikachu: starrocks? spacefield?
18:05:10SlasheriNico_P: Hmm, i don't wonder that the patch breaks the playback buffer.. just looked at the patch
18:05:13linuxstb(claiming Rockbox outlasts the Apple firmware)
18:05:29amiconnwebguest37: You need to use dlltool instead of ld for building the codecs and plugins
18:05:36Nico_Pyes ? it's probably full of mistakes
18:05:40amiconn...when building for windows, that is
18:06:02webguest37amiconn: that might matter....
18:06:29 Quit linuxstb ("Client Exiting")
18:06:30SlasheriNico_P: i will try to do the metadata buffering soon, then it would be easy to use that instead
18:06:50Nico_PSlasheri: cool
18:07:06Nico_Pmaybe you'd want to include album art directly ?
18:07:34 Quit Genre9mp3 (Client Quit)
18:07:35Slasherihmm, i will consider that :)
18:07:40webguest37Now to figure out how to actually use dlltool,, then
18:07:45Slasheribut i would need to use simulator as i have only h140
18:08:56amiconnAlbum art in 4 greylevels...
18:08:57Nico_Pthere is still some work needed on the displaying part : scaling, allowing to use a 'covers' subdir, including massa's changes... but maybe whilst you're at it you could include the basic loading
18:09:29Nico_Pand btw, do you have any big mistakes i made in mind ?
18:09:33webguest37amiconn: It's not as bad as you'd think
18:09:49amiconn4 greylevels suck badly for image display
18:10:17 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ("Trillian (")
18:15:57 Nick qwm_ is now known as qwm (
18:16:14 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
18:16:48 Join Nico_P [0] (
18:17:18 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
18:18:06amiconnWee, I finally managed to open my mini
18:18:33amiconnSurprise: The codec is neither a WM8721 nor a WM8731, but a WM8711
18:18:59 Join _arkascha [0] (
18:19:55 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
18:21:01webguest37Here's what I did to crosscompile the SDL sim.. I don't have enough knowledge to fix the configure script or the codec problem..
18:21:27Mikachudo the .rock plugins work?
18:22:21webguest37Cube is spinning
18:22:55webguest37Plasma is damn slow
18:23:03Mikachuheh, surprise
18:23:15webguest37fire's fast enough though.. seems the other way round on target iirc
18:24:49webguest37But yeah, everything but codecs seem to work
18:25:06safetydanodd, codec loading is basically the same as plugin loading
18:27:11 Quit safetydan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:30:55 Join bobTHC [0] (
18:32:10 Quit arkascha (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:38:25 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:40:56 Quit dbzdeath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:42:45 Join Matze [0] (
18:44:06 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:44:18 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
18:44:40 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
18:47:42 Join SereR0KR [0] (
18:53:33 Join qwm_ [0] (
18:54:31 Join davinci [0] (
18:54:42 Part XavierGr
18:56:28 Join woremacx [0] (
18:56:29 Quit Zzzcf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:00:16 Join webguest31 [0] (
19:00:25 Quit webguest31 (Client Quit)
19:00:33 Join webguest31 [0] (
19:00:36 Quit _arkascha (Remote closed the connection)
19:00:57 Join Zzzcf [0] (
19:01:00webguest31for best rockbox support, would it be better to purchase an X5 over a 5G?
19:02:42 Join tempi [0] (n=tempi@unaffiliated/tempi)
19:03:16tempihere's again the man again that currently works on iPodLinux Loader v2...
19:04:23tempii have another question: do you have use for the ability to pass a text string to the loaded rockbox from the loader? e.g. that you can configure the loader to launch rockbox with either of 2 or more arguments and the user can then select them at boot time?
19:05:08tempiif so, contact me soon, please, over at #ipodlinux-dev or personally (might have to try my other nick "tempel" then as well)
19:05:12 Join ghode|afk [0] (
19:05:17tempiand off again...
19:05:17 Part tempi ("Leaving")
19:05:31Mikachudoes he pay for irc windows or something?
19:05:40 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:05:52webguest37drive-by ircing
19:06:51 Quit webguest31 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:11:13amiconnBagder: Is there an attachment size limit in the wiki?
19:11:34amiconnI'm trying to upload my mini2g shots, but it doesn't work...
19:13:37 Join luigi [0] (
19:13:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:15:01 Part luigi
19:15:33 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:16:20 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
19:17:01 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
19:19:07webguest37wow, the HACKING document in uisimulator has "no info yet" on win32 sim
19:19:58Bgerwebguest37 win32/X sims are considered obsolete now
19:20:35webguest37Yeah, just noting that win32 sim came and went without being mentioned in that document
19:21:44Slasherihmm, just wondering how i could remove the glue from the backside of h140 as i removed one of the worn stickers
19:22:13Slasheriwithout breaking the paint
19:22:28Bgerh140 has a paint too ?
19:22:53 Quit davinci (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:22:56Slasherii think it has something like that (black paint on the magnesium allow or similar)
19:23:26bluebrother^I have the european h120 which is champagne
19:23:27Bgerah, i got it now
19:23:40bluebrother^on some edges the "paint" came off.
19:23:47 Join obo [0] (
19:23:57bluebrother^the inner case seems to be white. Looks quite funny.
19:25:03webguest37Maybe it wants to be an ipod
19:25:22 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:25:27bluebrother^maybe. But it doesn't have a click-wheel ;-)
19:27:17 Nick woremacx is now known as woremawy (
19:30:27 Quit luigi_ (Connection timed out)
19:36:23 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:39:14 Join jay-k [0] (
19:40:55jay-khello - I'm using the x5 rockbox and seem to have locked myself out of the UI - anybody got time to give me a pointer?
19:41:58 Join davinci [0] (
19:42:48jay-kI turned off backlignt timeout - and now the buttons are unresponsive. Can anyone tell me how to reset the configuration to the default. I tried reflashing the firmware - but no go.
19:43:21Mikachutry holding one of the buttons while booting, not sure which it would be for x5
19:44:11 Join petur [0] (
19:47:21jay-kno dice - just booted with each button held down. I get the boot screen, the rockbox logo, then the backlight turns off and keys are unresponsive again.
19:47:37Mikachui guess something is wrong with the backlight first press filter code
19:47:59Mikachui don't know how that works though
19:48:26jay-kis there a file somewhere that stores the startup config ? I can still access it as a drive
19:48:52Mikachuno, it's saved somewhere on the disk not part of a filesystem
19:49:30amiconnIt's possible to clear the settings sector from a pc - if you use dd and know what you are doing
19:49:43 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
19:49:56Mikachuprobably easier to copy a rockbox.x5 that is hardcoded to reset the settings
19:50:03jay-kI am familiar with dd..
19:50:08Mikachuor even better has the bug fixed
19:51:26jay-kmikachu - you mean a specially compiled rockbox ? I tried reflashing but that didn't work.
19:51:49webguest37you would need to change the config sector version thingy
19:52:10amiconnNo, just zeroing the config sector is enough
19:52:11Mikachuno, there's a check in startup that resets settings if you hold the right button
19:52:13amiconn(with dd)
19:52:29Mikachuyou could just remove the button check and it would reset the settings
19:53:08jay-kok... so how do I find the config sector?
19:53:27jay-kset location or ?
19:53:55 Nick qwm_ is now known as qwm (
19:53:56Mikachujay-k: did you try booting with hold on too?
19:54:32jay-kyup. :-(
19:54:38amiconnjay-k: Try the following:
19:55:18amiconn(1) check for config sector: dd if=/your/iaudio_dev of=config.bin skip=61 count=1
19:55:46amiconnThen open this in a hex editor. It should start with "Roc"
19:56:01 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
19:56:09amiconnIf you're sure this is your config sector, then overwrite it:
19:56:34 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:57:33amiconndd if=/dev/zero of=/your/iaudio_dev seek=61 count=1
19:58:03Mikachube sure to use seek there, and not skip again
19:59:09jay-ksho' nuff.
20:00:06jay-khere goes nothing.
20:00:35jay-kYou guys are officially my heros. :-)
20:00:48Mikachusomeone should fix that bug though
20:01:36jay-kWhich one, where the backlight is off so you can't use the keys, or where there is nothing you can do to overwrite the config sector?
20:02:00amiconnThe config sector business will go, one day
20:02:17webguest37There should be a SETTINGS_RESET defined for.. all targets?
20:02:33amiconnBut if there's a bug with backlight timeout and the 'eat first keypress' thing, this needs to be fixed
20:02:34Mikachuor it should use button_hold for all targets without it
20:02:49amiconnMikachu: Not all targets have hold
20:03:19Mikachuwhat i meant to say was the ones with hold don't need a settings_reset
20:03:31peturI was surprised the 'eat first keypress' was on default
20:03:46amiconnIt is for colour targets
20:04:15Mikachuwhat's the connection between colour and backlight?
20:04:25Slasheriah, just used turpentine and now black shines from the backside of my h140 :) no stickers or glue left at all
20:05:30amiconnjay-k: So, did you set the backlight to always off, or always on?
20:05:34webguest37Mikachu: Most colour screens are completey unusable without backlight
20:05:56Mikachurockbox should detect if you're looking at the screen or not
20:06:31jay-kI set the backlight to 'off'
20:06:50jay-kwhen I did that, all the buttons stopped responding immediately. I couldn't change it back.
20:09:36 Join ghode|afk [0] (
20:12:09amiconnHmm, backlight completely off should automatically disable 'eat first keypress'
20:12:43Mikachuif (!filter_first_keypress || is_backlight_on())
20:12:57Mikachuwould anything break if is_backlight_on() reported true when backlight is disabled?
20:13:09 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
20:13:39 Join retardedteddy [0] (
20:14:37jay-khere's what I noticed when trying the buttons on bootum
20:15:25 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:15:36jay-kit would sometimes take that first keypress - for example if I was holding down select (the joystick pushed down) it would go to the first folder (firmware i think) but after that the buttons were unresponsive.
20:17:27 Join RedBreva [0] (
20:18:02Mikachupossible that the button driver queues the events before the settings are loaded maybe
20:18:16linuxstbMikachu: The problem with using hold to reset settings on the ipod is that inserting USB/power will turn on the ipod, even if hold is on. A few people have "complained" about losing their settings accidentally by doing that. So we should try and prevent that happening.
20:18:37Mikachui've been able to reset it accidentally two times in the last three days without using usb
20:18:43 Quit retardedteddy ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:19:03linuxstbHow do you manage that?
20:19:16Mikachui'm not exactly sure
20:19:21RedBrevaI have just added "" to fix the broken Ondio manuals, can anyone comit it please?
20:19:34linuxstbThe config version has been bumped a couple of times recently - that will reset your settings.
20:19:45Mikachuyeah but it was while i was out
20:20:01Mikachui probably turned on hold right after i pressed menu and put it in my pocket, forgot i had to press play too
20:21:01linuxstbThat's also a problem with using hold - if a user has auto-resume, they may want to turn it on, turn hold on and then put it away before Rockbox starts...
20:21:20 Join maeck [0] (n=chatzill@
20:21:47linuxstbBut I can't think of a better solution with our current button driver - just enabling a key combination didn't work.
20:21:54Mikachuthe only actually annoying part is losing the current position in the playlist
20:22:09amiconnlinuxstb: Hmm, early usb detection should catch that, before loading settings
20:22:14 Join kkurbjun [0] (
20:22:29Mikachuwhy didn't a key combination work?
20:22:53linuxstbThe button driver doesn't seem to register presses before it is started.
20:23:00Mikachui remembered that now
20:23:04linuxstbamiconn: I'm not sure what you mean.
20:23:14amiconnlinuxstb: Yes, that's because of how the ipod button driver works
20:23:20amiconn(interrupt driven)
20:23:25Mikachuis that a hw limit?
20:23:35amiconnOn targets where we poll the button there's no such limit
20:24:03Mikachucouldn't you read it from the hw directly in that place only, or would it be cheating?
20:24:08amiconnlinuxstb: There's early usb detection in main.c which is done even before ata init, i.e. before loading settings
20:24:11Mikachulike button_really_check_status()
20:24:39linuxstbamiconn: Yes, but how would that help us with resetting the settings?
20:24:53 Join Ricky28269 [0] (
20:24:55amiconnI dunno. Imho the button driver should just poll on iPod the same way as on other targets. The button tick is there anyway
20:25:32amiconnlinuxstb: It means the settings shouldn't be reset because of hold being enabled and then waking up the iPod by plugging USB
20:25:52Ricky28269hi, i was wondering how i can get a 'base WAD' for rockdoom and where i should copy it to? i'm new to rockbox and doom, but i'd really like to get it working...
20:26:39amiconnThe settings can only be reset after they are loaded, which means loading from disk. As early USB detection happens before ata init, the settings can't be loaded yet and hence not be reset
20:27:37amiconnHmm, but they are reset...
20:27:46amiconnSo something isn't working as it should
20:28:09linuxstbRicky28269: Which player do you have?
20:28:27Ricky28269ipod 5g
20:28:58linuxstbThe Rockbox Doom doesn't work on the ipods yet.
20:29:23Ricky28269darn... is iDoom compatible with rockbox?
20:29:54 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
20:30:31linuxstbNo - iDoom runs under ipodlinux.
20:30:56Ricky28269and ipodlinux still doesn't fully support 5g, plus it requires linux and my linux box is at home :S
20:31:02 Quit webguest37 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:31:11Ricky28269*requires linux to install
20:31:41Ricky28269well then, on with more browsing through the plugins folder :)
20:32:13Ricky28269oh one more thing, does anyone here have a suggestion as to how to make all the iTunes scrambled file names into nice ones that i can easily browse?
20:32:50linuxstbamiconn: I've just done a quick test, if I turn my ipod off, then turn on hold, and then plug in USB, it boots and then reboots into disk mode (settings are not reset). But then, if I unattach USB, the ipod reboots (with the hold switch still on) and goes into Rockbox, where the settings are then reset.
20:33:14 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
20:33:52linuxstbSo the early USB detection works as you thought, but it's the subsequent reboot back into Rockbox that causes the problem.
20:34:15amiconnYes, if the hold switch is still on when unplugging USB, the reset is obvious
20:34:17linuxstbRicky28269: Use TagCache -
20:34:19Mikachuthis is probably not so helpful, but why would you have hold on when having it on your desk?
20:34:41 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:34:51amiconnBut the settings are also reset if you switch hold on, plug usb (rockbox boots & reboots into disk mode), then switch off hold before pulling USB
20:35:14 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:35:36amiconnAt least on my mini...
20:35:57linuxstbThat doesn't make sense. I'll try it...
20:37:01linuxstbWorks as expected for me - no reset.
20:37:06linuxstb(on my 4g Color)
20:38:31Ricky28269okay, i'm following those tag cache instructions. another question i have is, when i am playing a song, it skips during playback. file type is plain mp4, and i wasn't doing anything but listening, nothing was going in the background
20:39:16 Join Nico_P [0] (
20:39:17linuxstbThe mp4 (AAC) decoder is very slow - skips are due to it not being fast enough to decode in realtime.
20:39:28linuxstbDo you know the bitrate of your files?
20:39:41Ricky28269i believe it's 128kb/s
20:40:27Ricky28269yea on the play screen it says 128kBit avg (no id3)
20:40:30MikachuRicky28269: do you have the peak meters on?
20:40:34linuxstbMy 128kb/s AAC test file works fine. Do you have the peakmeter on your play screen?
20:40:47linuxstbMikachu: Good question...
20:40:47amiconnlinuxstb: I have an idea:
20:40:49Ricky28269it skips approximately every 6 seconds, for about half a second
20:41:01Ricky28269Mikachu, maybe. what is that? lol
20:41:06amiconnThe bootloader should check both usb and hold status.
20:41:31amiconnIf it find usb active, it should immediately reboot to disk mode, without even bothering to load rockbox
20:41:32MikachuRicky28269: the moving bars
20:41:52amiconn..and if it finds usb inactive but hold active, it should shut down
20:41:52Ricky28269oh yea. yea, on this play screen, but i think it also skips on the other play screen - i'll check right now
20:41:59Mikachuamiconn: what if you want to have usb in to charge?
20:42:13linuxstbChecking usb status in the bootloader could be tricky. Any initialisation of the hardware we do in the bootloader seems to cause the Apple firmware to refuse to run.
20:42:38amiconnBtw, speaking about apple firmware:
20:42:42Ricky28269okay i switched to one called iAmp, it has no peak meters and seems to be working
20:42:53linuxstbIf you notice, most of the firmware/ code is #ifndef BOOTLOADER for the ipod.
20:43:00amiconnI can't get the apple firmware to start from the rockbox bootloader
20:43:29amiconn...independent of which bootloader button code I use. Tried both mini (1g) and ipod 4g code
20:43:31Ricky28269that's another question i have! how do i switch back to the apple firmware, instead of loading the rockbox firmware?
20:43:42amiconnMaybe preglow could give some hints...
20:43:57MikachuRicky28269: hold menu
20:43:58linuxstbSo it's just the button detection that's failing?
20:44:34linuxstbI mean, if you delete rockbox.ipod, does the apple firmware load?
20:44:46Ricky28269ok, i'll try it after the TagCache thing. speaking of which, another question: how will i know when the TagCache update is done?
20:44:49 Join odoyletul [0] (
20:45:09linuxstbWhen your hard disk stops making noises.
20:45:39Ricky28269lol, that's the only indication? great.......
20:45:42 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
20:45:47linuxstbIt's still a work in progress....
20:45:57odoyletulhey i have a question where can i find some good nimh batteries
20:46:10Ricky28269yea, well i guess that's the price of open source :)
20:46:30Mikachuthe price is you can fix it
20:46:37Ricky28269odoyletul, you might want to try, i heard they can teleport them through your screen instantly
20:46:38odoyletuli need some for my archos jukebox
20:46:43Mikachuif it was closed and all the developers died you would be stuck with a nonworking program
20:47:02MikachuRicky28269: “” could not be found. :((
20:47:02*Ricky28269 knocks on wood
20:47:19 Join tianjing [0] (
20:47:25Ricky28269well then the next best try would be your nearest RadioShack :)
20:47:40odoyletuljeez cmon i figured you guyz would know some good sources
20:47:55amiconnlinuxstb: Yes. But the apple firmware gets confused by our bootloader
20:48:11amiconnThe display is mirrored and shown at an offset
20:48:23odoyletulyou dont have to be mean to me
20:48:24Ricky28269lol! that's pretty funny, i should try that
20:48:25linuxstbThat's exactly the same bug as the 4g grayscale users have reported.
20:48:50Mikachucan't you do something like write the retailOS cookie in iram and reboot from the bootloader and do no init at all and just check the cookie?
20:48:51Ricky28269amiconn, does this mirrored+offset thing work on 5g ipods or a diff model?
20:49:03amiconnmini 2g
20:49:10odoyletulcan someone be serious and help a brotha out
20:49:11linuxstbRicky28269: It's a bug - and it only affects the mini 2g and 4g greyscale.
20:49:25Ricky28269ah darn. i was going to do it and show my friends, be like "hey guys look my ipod is messed up, it's all flipped and stuff"
20:49:36Ricky28269that would be fun.
20:49:52Ricky28269odoyletul, i suggest google or something. this is not #nimhbatteries
20:50:03linuxstbMikachu: But that would mean an extra reboot, which doesn't seem desirable.
20:50:09 Join tboy [0] (
20:50:14Mikachulinuxstb: apple takes like half a minute to boot anyway
20:50:23Mikachui usually go and have dinner while it boots
20:50:37odoyletuli need them for my archos player so i can run rockbox OS
20:50:39linuxstbYou could have dinner and a movie whilst the 5g firmware boots...
20:50:57Ricky28269that's quite an exaggeration, although it does take almost a minute...
20:50:59Mikachuso maybe the reboot would only look a bit strange, but not hurt a lot
20:51:00linuxstbApple's solution is their sleep/hibernation modes.
20:51:09amiconnWell, apple boots considerably slower than rockbox on mini 2g
20:51:26linuxstbAnd it's just got worse with later ipods I think.
20:51:33amiconnI'd say apple boot on mini 2g needs about the same time as rockbox boot on iriver
20:51:43amiconnrockbox boot on mini 2g is blazingly fast
20:52:03Ricky28269i have only had experience with my 5g, so i don't kno about the older ipods, but the 5g does take about a minute i believe
20:52:16 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-4ec93dc6f1789846)
20:52:19odoyletulyeah because there is no hdd to spin up smarty pants
20:52:23Ricky28269as long as you wake it up every once in a while, it doesn't power all the way down...
20:52:37amiconnThe slowest part of rockbox boot is the time the apple logo is shown
20:53:02amiconnodoyletul: There is a HD to spin up...
20:53:27Ricky28269wow, it seems the volume indicator of the iAmp wps is off the top of the screen.... :S
20:53:41Mikachurockbox takes exactly 5 seconds to reach the main menu from pressing menu to awaken from deep sleep on my nano
20:54:14odoyletulipods suck apple don't even make them
20:54:20Ricky28269i scroll the wheel for volume changes and some pixels at the top turn on and off, in no apparent bar pattern or anything
20:54:38Mikachuodoyletul: thanks for the meaningful contributions
20:54:39Ricky28269odoyletul, you just keep looking for batteries k?
20:54:59odoyletulthey OEM from some company in japan
20:55:06amiconnMikachu: 7 seconds on mini 2g (from switched-off-by-rockbox state)
20:55:26Ricky28269i would time my 5g but it's probably still doing the tag cache thing :)
20:55:38Mikachui added a button_clear_queue() after the splash is done, i think i'll remove that
20:55:45odoyletulapple only writes the firmware which cripples the player to their shit
20:55:46Mikachusince i can press play after like 3 seconds and it will be queued
20:56:09Mikachu-!- #rockbox You need to be a channel operator to do that :(
20:56:31odoyletulthe original firmware for that player plays movies music ebooks
20:57:44Ricky28269IRC should have a votekick command :-D
20:58:24tboyI seem to have a problem with tagcache
20:58:34tboyevery time I force a update
20:58:35odoyletuli was in china and i could have bought a bunch of ipods for the price of one ipod
20:58:45 Quit actionshrimp ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
20:58:46tboymy H300 freezes after 30 sec.
20:58:56tboyanyone familiar with this?
20:59:29Slasheritboy: can you crash it with the simulator?
20:59:40amiconnMikachu: button_clear_queue() should ideally not be used at all.
20:59:43Slasheriif possible, please try with that and using same files as on your player
20:59:51odoyletulmy friends buy that shit too
21:00:10amiconnOn archs, when rockbox is flashed, it allows to press resume directly after poweron, and rockbox will catch it :)
21:00:15Slasheritboy: then you can take a bactrace from a debugger if it crashes
21:00:19tboySlasheri: I haven't tried
21:00:53Ricky28269is there a way i can get rockbox to load my iTunes playlists?
21:01:03Mikachuamiconn: yeah it was not a good idea
21:01:24odoyletulwait so i can resume from where i was on the mp3
21:01:30 Join maeck_ [0] (
21:02:01odoyletulamiconn does that mean i can resume where i was on the mp3
21:02:03*Mikachu feels an overpowering desire to help odoyletul
21:02:06Mikachuno wait, i don't
21:02:51odoyletulwhat i am just stating the truth
21:03:21Ricky28269it seems my force tag cache update feature is not working. i select it, it says updating in background, and the hard drive makes noise for a couple seconds, then just stops and nothing updates.
21:03:28Mikachumost of your statements are incorrect and/or stupid
21:04:28Ricky28269and what is the danger of incrementing Max files in dir browser to something huge? is that just a freeze detector basically?
21:04:52odoyletul this is the original player before apple puts their shit on it
21:05:13 Quit maeck (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:05:14 Nick maeck_ is now known as maeck (
21:06:18*Ricky28269 definitely agrees with Mikachu regarding odoyletul, especially after seeing that last line.
21:07:46odoyletuli heard that the new rockbox has it where you can have voice commands
21:08:45Ricky28269oh wow i just found the 'Open with' command, how useful!
21:10:02 Join webguest03 [0] (
21:10:16Ricky28269not to mention the rest of the options..... basically complete file support, yay :)
21:10:30webguest03odoyletul: I think what you have there is known as an "Ipod Clone"
21:11:59 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:12:11 Quit tianjing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:12:21 Join tianjing [0] (
21:12:39webguest03Looks like one of those Neo players
21:12:42 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
21:12:46 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
21:13:04 Join bluey [0] (
21:13:16odoyletulyeah so it does alot more than ipod ever thought of
21:13:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:14:26odoyletuli never seen an ipod mini that plays vidz
21:14:40Ricky28269how much is 70 lira, in USD?
21:15:29oboRicky28269: if tagcache is complete - menu -> general -> file -> show files - set to id3 database
21:15:43Ricky28269it's not complete, it doesn't start...
21:15:54linuxstbI think you also need to shutdown your ipod and restart it.
21:16:03blueywtf? why is it so fu***** expensive to order something from UK?
21:16:13bluey30GPS for delivery???
21:16:17Mikachuto where?
21:16:23Ricky28269oh, yes it seems, it auto-turned off so i turned it on and it said "Committing tagcache" - checking now
21:16:24*linuxstb has no complaints - living in the UK...
21:16:46Ricky28269Yay, it works! :)
21:17:11*Ricky28269 is in good old North Carolina, USA
21:17:12blueyto germany 40GPS? that can't be true
21:17:30Mikachuwhat is a GPS?
21:17:46Ricky28269gold pieces, of course!
21:17:49Ricky28269RuneScape currency :)
21:17:52webguest03GBP, I think is the correct abbreviation of british pounds
21:17:55blueybritish pounds i guess
21:17:58Mikachui thought most countries used paper money now
21:18:10webguest03bluey: I think it'll be shipped with its own plane or something :-/
21:18:10Ricky28269Mikachu it was a joke..
21:18:17Ricky28269you've never played RuneScape before?
21:18:18Mikachume too
21:18:22blueyor somekind of heavy transporter
21:18:37Mikachui think i thought they really were gold pieces?
21:18:41Mikachuer, you* :)
21:19:30Ricky28269lol no. im just in the mood for RuneScape, but im on my crappy computer at my dad's house, so im messing with rockbox instead :)
21:20:12Ricky28269its a celeron 467 mhz... can't do much of anything lol
21:21:35Ricky28269does the gameboy emulator work on ipod 5g, and what are the buttons?
21:22:17odoyletulipod is always the best FOR ME TO POOP ON
21:22:21 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
21:22:39webguest03odoyletul: good, now take that somewhere else
21:22:57Ricky28269 /votekick odoyletul
21:23:08 Join miner49er [0] (
21:23:33 Part davinci
21:24:07odoyletuli guess that didnt work
21:24:26Ricky28269it was a joke
21:24:49webguest03It didn't work :)
21:25:47odoyletulman i just come here asking where i can find some decent batteries for my mp3 playa and i get sassed at some guy asks for help with his broke ipod and he gets help like nothing
21:26:24Ricky28269BECAUSE THIS ISN'T #nimhbatteries !!!
21:26:48Ricky28269this is #rockbox, it is a support discussion for rockbox, having nothing to do with replacement mp3 player batteries!
21:26:58odoyletulits hardware that is required to RUN THE MP3 PLAYER
21:27:01peturodoyletul: try to get sanyo ones, they last the longest
21:27:18Ricky28269then go to #hardwarethatisrequiredtoRUNTHEMP3PLAYER or something!
21:27:26peturalso: look at photo related review sites, they feature battery tests
21:27:55peturgoogle is your friend :)
21:27:58odoyletulthanks petur
21:28:01Ricky28269batteries for mp3 players are so remotely related to this topic, you might as well ask for windows xp help on the lines that "rockbox was made for windows"
21:28:32odoyletulwhat about generics should i stay away from those
21:28:53peturright, well I've seen many linux discussions here, never complained about it...
21:29:23webguest03odoyletul: That's usualy a good idea for any product, but then again, you might catch a good deal
21:29:34Ricky28269lol, well anyway i hope you kinda get my point. i asked for rockbox help, and i got it because this is #rockbox...
21:29:44peturodoyletul: as the saying goes: you get what you pay for... sometimes good, sometimes a rip-off
21:30:29*Ricky28269 's stupid crappy computer freezes as he plugs back in his ipod video to transfer a gameboy rom to it
21:30:35 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
21:31:09odoyletulwell i want to get a couple sets of nimhs but ebay and websites like that charge like 12 bucks to ship 16 batteries
21:31:11 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Khe!!!")
21:31:37webguest03odoyletul: Get something local.. having them shipped far is unlikely to be worth the extra cost
21:32:18odoyletuli was hoping an enlightened individual such as the people here would know a good source on the internet
21:32:40peturI always buy batteries local
21:32:48odoyletulyeah right they want 12 bucks for 4 batteries
21:32:54Ricky28269like i said: radioshack
21:33:05peturshipping costs too much compared to the cost of the batteries
21:33:32odoyletulmost stores i go to don't even carry 2700mah batteries
21:33:33peturso compare some stores close to you
21:33:47Ricky28269also i saw a sign in the window of some video game store that said you can buy batteries there, i don't remember the store though
21:33:50peturthat's bad
21:34:03Ricky28269actually it might have been EB Games
21:34:22webguest03odoyletul: You're in Boston (?), and you can't get decent batteries?
21:34:56 Join arkascha [0] (
21:34:57odoyletuli want some 2700mah batteries so my player will run 20 hours
21:35:18webguest03so you say
21:35:39peturgoogle, and if you fail, ask a good brand for a dealer near you
21:36:45Ricky28269lol, im playing pokemon gold on my ipod video :)
21:37:01Mikachupikapika chuuuuuu
21:37:21Ricky28269idk the buttons tho :S
21:37:22odoyletulyeah now you can brag to your dorky friends lol
21:37:41Ricky28269ummm.... ok?
21:37:43linuxstbSlasheri: There seems to be a bug in tagcache relating to genres. I think that it's possible that either the numeric genre tag OR the genre_string to be set from the tags. So when a file only has a numerical genre, the genre_string is empty, so tagcache is categorising that track as "Unknown".
21:38:19linuxstbI noticed this yesterday when I first tried tagcache with some mp3/id3v2 files, but a few others have mentioned it on the forums.
21:38:22 Join fergie [0] (
21:38:25webguest03odoyletul: Please stop attacking people who are trying to help you
21:38:43webguest03Even if they happen to own hardware that you despise.
21:39:22Ricky28269agh, i can't use up down left and right lmao....
21:39:56Ricky28269this is quite funny, i wasn't expecting to be able to play game boy games on my ipod :)
21:40:33odoyletulhow well do the controls work
21:40:54odoyletulwhich button is a b etc
21:40:56Ricky28269not well cause i can't figure out how to use directions. but A and B work fine, so far
21:41:13Ricky28269i went into the menu and pressed buttons and ended up with play as A, and menu as B
21:41:57Mikachuall keys aren't bound on ipods in rockboy yet
21:42:01odoyletuldon't you hist use the directional pad on the side of the buttons
21:42:30Ricky28269i have an ipod, remember? lol
21:42:49odoyletulwell i have an archos jukebox
21:42:56Ricky28269ipods have the scroll wheel, and the 5 buttons :S
21:43:02peturah.. the fun of multi-platform software ;)
21:43:10 Join qwm_ [0] (
21:43:11Ricky28269lol yea
21:43:24Ricky28269especially when the platforms have completely different button setups
21:43:29linuxstbYep, 18 targets now....
21:43:29webguest03odoyletul: ther archoses can't really play gameboy games very well. The screen is much too small, and the cpu is much too slow
21:43:59webguest03Is rockboy even included for archos?
21:44:07linuxstbYes, I think so.
21:44:18 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
21:44:29Ricky28269what is "iriverify" ?
21:44:44bluebrother^converts rockbox playlists to iriver format.
21:44:47odoyletuli dont really care about that i am just using it as a case for one of my 2.5 hard drives
21:45:03Ricky28269ah, i found the plugins sections of the wiki. how useful :)
21:45:10 Nick scf is now known as unexterminatable (
21:45:16 Join thegeek [0] (
21:45:19odoyletulhells yeah 60gb of mp3s
21:45:24miner49eryou could always play asteroids...I mean spacerocks!
21:45:25webguest03I wonder why iriverify is included on anything but irivers
21:45:35jay-kSo - sorry to idle so long - do the peak bars eat up a lot of CPU?
21:45:36*linuxstb wonders the same thing and goes to fix it...
21:45:47Ricky28269jay-k: yep
21:45:58Ricky28269i turned them off and everything works smoothly, 99% of the time
21:46:12jay-kok - that would explain why I started getting skipping with EQ on and peak on some ogg files
21:46:21odoyletuloh BTW i am able to play pokemon on it
21:46:34Ricky28269EQ is a waste of batteries, IMO
21:46:56webguest03odoyletul: really? I would've thought it wasn't playable
21:47:23odoyletulthe main problem with the rockboy on archos is you have to make sure it is 1mb or under
21:47:41odoyletuleach rom is 1mb or under
21:47:42miner49erthere is a GB game that is actually playable on tha Archos'?
21:48:16Ricky28269ah great. from snake: "Game Paused, [Off] to quit" - what is the button combo for [Off]?
21:48:43webguest03menu+select or something like that, iirc
21:48:48 Quit kkurbjun ("Leaving")
21:48:54Ricky28269nevermind, i froze it anyway
21:49:18webguest03It is menu+select, by the way
21:49:29webguest03Just checked
21:49:37 Quit tboy ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:49:38 Nick Kyomi|off is now known as Kyomi (
21:49:43KyomiAlright.. I have a question on Doom
21:49:51KyomiHow can you play other wad files?
21:49:55jay-kYeah. I don't usually use it EQ - even on the stock iaudio firmware.
21:50:43 Quit _Lucretia_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:50:44jay-kI notice the Iaudio firmware peak bars slow WAY down when processing high quality oggs.
21:51:13Ricky28269the "cube" plugin is pretty awesome - it's openGL right?
21:51:35webguest03Ricky28269: not at all
21:51:51webguest03Homebrew 3d code
21:51:52MikachuRicky28269: er, no dap has a 3d card
21:51:57 Quit Mikachu ("brb")
21:52:01Ricky28269ah, weird.
21:52:08Ricky28269software 3d engine test then
21:52:13jay-kahah. That would be hot. GLPod. ;-)
21:52:22linuxstbjay-k: That's not surprising. High quality vorbis files require a lot of CPU, and so does the peakmeter.
21:53:00webguest03Kyomi: you need to put them in games/doom .. don't know what to do if you've already done that
21:53:00 Join IcyStorM [0] (
21:53:06jay-kYeah. I did some vorbis coding on a 90Mhz arm. it dropped below realtime at about 212kbps, doing nothing but playback.
21:53:13IcyStorMWhere have the CVS builds gone?
21:53:15jay-k(no status display at all)
21:53:17KyomiI tried that Add-on menu but it says nothing
21:53:27KyomiBase game is all it says in GAME
21:53:41webguest03IcyStorM: have they gone anywhere?
21:53:52webguest03Kyomi: no idea then
21:53:54 Quit bluey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:53:55Ricky28269i wish rockdoom worked on ipod :(
21:53:59IcyStorMlook here
21:54:06IcyStorMgz source
21:54:07IcyStorMbz2 source
21:54:07DBUGEnqueued KICK IcyStorM
21:54:12webguest03Ah, hah
21:54:22webguest03Probably because it's building
21:54:24IcyStorMnothing else is there
21:55:13 Part arkascha ("Konversation terminated!")
21:55:35jay-kNow - for a nice break from the 'hey how do I' and 'where are my batteries' -
21:55:54jay-kCan I just tell you guys that the interface for rockbox is Fan-F@#%ing-Tastic?
21:55:58oboanyone know why on a debian sid box 'cvs -q diff -ub > output.patch' produces a file with DOS linebreaks?
21:55:59 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-f45e92f3522e6165)
21:56:20 Join tboy [0] (
21:56:23 Quit tboy (Remote closed the connection)
21:56:24jay-kIncreasing speed of menu scroll the longer you hold the scroll button - Who'da thought!
21:56:31webguest03obo: because the original has DOS linebreaks?
21:57:11webguest03If not, I've no idea
21:57:13obowebguest03: nope - normal checkout of rockbox
21:57:19Ricky28269jay-k: ??
21:57:42webguest03obo: Are you sure? There have been some Rockbox files with CRLF lineendings
21:57:52 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:58:10linuxstbobo: Which files are you looking at?
21:58:27jay-koh... I was just scrolling through my music collection, trying to find the track that was skipping earlier - and I held the joystick-down, and the scroll through the artists accelerated as I held it. So nice.
21:58:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:58:37*Ricky28269 is mezmerized by the plasma plugin
21:58:39oboplayback.c, settings.[c|h], settings_menu.c and english.lang
21:58:45Ricky28269ooo, pretty colors...
21:59:20webguest03obo: Right those shouldn't be crlf
21:59:32Kyomiargh... I wanna play different wad's :(
21:59:53KyomiIs there a way to increase the dir browser cache?
22:00:09linuxstbIncrease it? What do you mean?
22:00:21linuxstbIt already caches every file.
22:00:34webguest03Or do you mean the "max files in dir" thing?
22:00:45 Part IcyStorM
22:00:49webguest03If so, menu > general settings > system > limit > max files in dir
22:01:53KyomiI mean beyond 400
22:02:08KyomiI have like 1700 wad files in the doom dir
22:02:45webguest03Sure, go to that menu and change it
22:02:50webguest03requires you to reboot afterwards
22:03:09KyomiIt wont go past 400
22:03:17KyomiWhich is why I said beyond 400 :P
22:03:18webguest03teh fukc?!
22:03:29webguest03Can't see why it shouldn't.. anyone?
22:03:49webguest03Sure you're pressing the right buttons?
22:04:05 Join afruff23 [0] (
22:05:00Ricky28269lmao @ the snow plugin
22:06:05afruff23ehat's the difference between shuffle in the repeat mode tag and the shuffle in the playlis/song info tag (%ps)
22:06:11 Join Mikachu [0] (
22:06:50webguest03afruff23: Shuffle in the repeat mode means that when the playlist has been finished, it'll be reshuffled and played again
22:07:02Kyomiwebguest03: I pressed every button I could
22:07:12KyomiIt wouldn't go past 400
22:07:24webguest03afruff23: The other shuffle just means that songs aren't bein played in directory order
22:07:48webguest03Kyomi: no idea
22:07:59afruff23so the shuffle for repeat mode is usually not in a manufacturer's firmware, right?
22:08:09KyomiEverytime I plug in the usb cable and take it out... it resets my backlight time to like.. 2 seconds
22:08:13Ricky28269Kyomi: do you mean the option wouldn't change, or the option would be high but the limit would still be 400?
22:08:30KyomiTheres a number you can adjust
22:08:33webguest03afruff23: Probably correct
22:08:34KyomiIt wont go past 400
22:08:47KyomiYou can lower it
22:08:54KyomiBut it just wont go by 400
22:09:24KyomiAnd for the love of god
22:09:29KyomiFix that backlight error :P
22:09:34KyomiIt's really annoying at 2 sec
22:10:24KyomiI think rockdoom should be in the "open with" area
22:10:35KyomiSo just select a wad... say open with rockdoom
22:10:40KyomiAnd it'll load the wad :)
22:11:32KyomiAnd I REALLY hope that running and strafing are in the next release
22:11:38KyomiSo I can get past level 2
22:11:39webguest03Someone on the ML having problems with Gentoo.. what else is new?
22:11:54KyomiI mean.. it's awesome to be able to play the game
22:12:14KyomiBut since you can't run... you can't make it into the lil castle thingy in the second level to get the keycard
22:12:24KyomiUnless theres a key combination I'm missing somewhere
22:17:00Ricky28269i agree with the doom open-with idea, that would be good cause it might fix the ipod version as well
22:17:37afruff23when displaying images in the WPS, what is the origin(0,)? is it the topright, topleft, bottomright, bottomleft?
22:18:20 Join cismo [0] (
22:18:44Ricky28269im guessing top-left, that's pretty much a standard for pixel coords
22:19:14afruff23and when you put the coordinates for an image, you're giving the coordinates for the top left f the image
22:19:37webguest03Should be.. why not try it out?
22:19:46jay-kso - if you set anti-skip to 10 minutes, does it actually load up the next song too, or is it 'up to 10 minutes of the file currently playing' ?
22:19:50afruff23I don't know how to compile
22:19:54afruff23the uisimulator
22:20:21afruff23the precompiled one doesn't have it for the X5
22:20:28webguest03you could try it out on target
22:20:39afruff23that would be such a hassle
22:20:43webguest03There's a precompiled sim?
22:20:46jay-kForgive me - if this is documented somewhere, I'll go pester the web server instead of you all. ;-)
22:21:01afruff23on the uisimulator page
22:21:08afruff23but it's from february
22:21:18afruff23so no X5 support
22:21:28webguest03ah, and it'll be the w32 sim too
22:21:43Ricky28269ugh, i dont understand the whole playlist thing :S
22:22:04afruff23yea, I use windows
22:22:37webguest03Well, the old w32 sim, not the new sdl sim compiled for Windows
22:22:39afruff23could somebody compile the uisimulator for me?
22:22:44afruff23and include x5 support?
22:23:10Mikachuyou can use the vmware image
22:23:34afruff23I don't know what you mean by that
22:24:21Mikachuhang on
22:24:34afruff23it emulates linux
22:24:47webguest03Would make more sense to use cygwin to compile a windows sim
22:24:56Mikachuyou can run the sim in vmware :)
22:25:07afruff23but I still ahve to compile
22:25:09afruff23don't I
22:25:22afruff23I don't know how
22:25:28Mikachuthat guy managed to compile a windows sim in cygwin earlier
22:25:34Mikachuthat's why instructions are written
22:26:27webguest03Well, using cygwin would let the simulator run natively, which is probably preferable
22:27:30webguest03But yeah, it'd involve compiling either way
22:27:53afruff23I have little experience compiling
22:27:56Mikachui don't know if typing make is all that hard
22:27:57afruff23could somebody send me the files precopiled for the uisimulator on windows
22:28:10Mikachui just think the chances of someone having compiled a w32 sim is pretty low
22:28:27afruff23why? because everyoe uses linux?
22:28:31webguest03I don't have one, and can't make one.
22:28:46webguest03I do, at least.
22:29:21 Nick Zzzcf is now known as scf (
22:29:37Ricky28269are you talking about a windows emulator for linux, or a linux emulator for windows?
22:29:50afruff232nd one
22:30:09Ricky28269maybe you should try a live cd?
22:30:12webguest03well, you could run the vmware image in linux as well :)
22:30:25afruff23live cd???
22:30:40 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
22:30:43Ricky28269a cd that boots instead of windows, and doesn't modify the hard drive at all (unless you want it to)
22:30:51Ricky28269i believe knoppix is a popular live cd
22:31:01webguest03Well, not modifying the harddrive is a bitch if you want to build a crosscompiler
22:31:02afruff23that's now what I want
22:31:06afruff23I only need to use it once
22:31:15Ricky28269for what?
22:31:21webguest03I doubt any current live-cd has crosscompilers for m68k, arm and sh
22:31:22afruff23building the uisimulator
22:31:41Ricky28269pclinuxos is a live cd that comes loaded with all sorts of programs, it probably has compilers
22:32:04 Join maeck_ [0] (n=chatzill@
22:32:14webguest03What problem would it solve?
22:32:28afruff23I just need to compile uisimulator
22:32:32afruff23I don't need linux
22:32:39webguest03So install cygwin
22:32:46afruff23I tried ti before
22:32:46Ricky28269i wonder if there is such thing as LINE
22:32:53afruff23it hangs
22:32:57afruff23on the downlaod
22:33:02webguest03oh, use another mirror
22:33:07afruff23I did
22:33:08webguest03some of them are bad
22:33:08 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
22:33:11afruff23I used 2 different oens
22:33:14 Join damaki [0] (
22:33:21afruff23it hanged in the middle
22:33:46webguest03:-/ try again with a third mirror
22:33:57 Quit tianjing (Remote closed the connection)
22:34:34 Join tianjing [0] (
22:34:42webguest03Or maybe your connection is broken
22:34:45afruff23I've always heard of linux people not being able to use certain thigns without emulators
22:34:47 Quit RedBreva ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
22:34:53Ricky28269LINE appears to exist but have no files, as if someone said "i want to make a program that runs linux programs on windows" and then gave up
22:34:53afruff23but now the windos people are left out
22:35:37Ricky28269oh, maybe it does have files...
22:35:39webguest03Ricky28269: don't tell, it's on sourceforge?
22:36:03Ricky28269but it does appear to have files - i made an assumption before the page was finished loading
22:36:21webguest03SF is full of abandoned projects promising to revolutionise the world - with no files or anything
22:36:35Ricky28269SF does have some good projects tho
22:36:44KyomiThe new experimental build says its in-sync with the mar 31 one
22:36:46ender`line actually worked for some apps
22:36:55KyomiBut when I boot it up it still says its the mar 30 one
22:37:04Ricky28269but does line work as well as wine? :)
22:37:24*ender` needs to try CoLinux
22:37:42KyomiArgh... he packaged the same one
22:37:57*petur gave up on colinux for the moment
22:38:47 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:39:26sharpei'm here for the weekend everyone!
22:39:45*Ricky28269 doesn't know you.
22:39:50*Ricky28269 is new tho
22:39:50afruff23for usign CVS it says I ened to have CVS isntalled
22:39:57afruff23what is that?
22:40:09afruff23using need*
22:40:22 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
22:40:39afruff23why do i need a program to downlaod stuff?
22:40:51Ricky28269because it's CVS...
22:40:58sharpeyou need to cvs to the cvs cvs server to obtain the new copy of the cvs souce, then compile, then cvs to the newer cvs server that supports only the version you just compiled, then you have to compile the source from the new server, which will in turn allow you to use cvs with any server.
22:41:23afruff23it's all clear now
22:41:29Ricky28269clear as mud
22:41:35KyomiDoes someone have a mar 31 experimental build
22:41:45Ricky28269i do i do@
22:41:48KyomiThe one on audiostuff was uploaded today
22:41:51jay-kor you could download:
22:41:52Ricky28269but i deleted the zip file.
22:42:05KyomiWhen I boot it up it still says it's yesterdays version
22:42:09Ricky28269i do have the Pokemon Gold zip file tho
22:42:39Ricky28269double-you tee eff?
22:42:47afruff23god, it's so complicated to preview a WPS!
22:43:06 Join kkurbjun [0] (
22:43:31XavierGrdoh! the doom guy!
22:43:38KyomiDoom guy!
22:43:41KyomiHelp me :D
22:43:46Ricky28269oh emm gee
22:44:04KyomiI wanna play different WADs because I heard I could... how do I load those?
22:44:20KyomiAnd.. is there a run option somewhere so I can make it past level 2?
22:44:20Ricky28269i wanna play doom, period. on an ipod 5g.
22:44:39KyomiRicky28269: You wont be able to get past lvl 2 atm
22:44:47Ricky28269that's ok with me :)
22:44:48KyomiIt's still fun though :)
22:44:56Ricky28269it complains about a base wad
22:45:00 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:45:21kkurbjunKyomi, what player are you using?
22:45:42KyomiiRiver H320
22:45:55KyomiThe game loads fine
22:45:57kkurbjuntoggle the hold switch, that enables run
22:46:11Kyomikkurbjun: What about strafe?
22:46:11afruff23could someone make a nobb guide to uisimulator? the current one is way too complciated for people trying to make a WPS, but have no experience
22:46:21Ricky28269kkurbjun, so doom doesn't work on ipod 5g right?
22:46:35kkurbjunand to play other wads put them in the addon directory under doom
22:46:39 Join Matze [0] (
22:46:43kkurbjunRicky28269, no
22:46:47KyomiThere wasn't one
22:46:58Kyomi*has like.. 1700 wads she wants to try*
22:47:02kkurbjunthen you can select other wads in the startup menu
22:47:15KyomiAm I SOL about strafing though?
22:47:31kkurbjunI think that holding on and using the direction keys will strafe in the cvs
22:47:32webguest03afruff23: what do you mean? The simulator is just the same as the regular firmware
22:48:00kkurbjunamiconn, are you around?
22:48:07afruff23the uisimulator requires compiling
22:48:14 Quit maeck (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:48:16afruff23soemthing a nobb like me isn't skilled at
22:48:17*Kyomi demands rockdoom come with a manual
22:48:17webguest03afruff23: Yes. So get too it! ;)
22:48:27webguest03afruff23: There are instructions. Follow them.
22:48:32*Kyomi also demands that the music work... sooner or later
22:48:33*Ricky28269 demands rockdoom work on ipod 5g :S
22:48:37afruff23it says I need cvs
22:48:45afruff23but there are no isntructions on using cvs
22:48:53kkurbjunKyomi, why don't you addon to the wiki page
22:49:01webguest03afruff23: you need the cygwin environment as I said
22:49:09KyomiWhere at?
22:49:26afruff23yes, but before that, it says I need to downlaod stuff using CVS
22:49:43jay-kok folks - gotta pretend I have a job. thanks for the assistance earlier. Catch you another time!
22:49:46Ricky28269where would i download a regular PC version of doom?
22:49:48webguest03afruff23: no it doesn't
22:49:49 Quit TCK (Connection timed out)
22:50:08afruff23so I could just download withou cvs right
22:50:15afruff23just click on the repository
22:50:27webguest03afruff23: you just do what that page tells you..
22:51:02 Quit jay-k ("I owe.. I owe.. it's off to work I go...")
22:51:09webguest03afruff23: might be even easier to follow
22:51:11afruff23I do and it tells me to first get stuff from cvs
22:51:20webguest03afruff23: where?
22:51:26afruff23on the uisimulator page
22:51:38*Ricky28269 has got to go now, but it's been fun. bye everyone!
22:51:40 Part Ricky28269
22:51:42webguest03Why are you on the uisimulator page?
22:51:52kkurbjunKyomi, also, there is another feature where you can play other demos (.lmp format) if they are placed in doom/Demos
22:51:52afruff23because I want to sue the uisimulator...
22:52:07webguest03afruff23: You *need* a working cygwin installation first
22:53:38KyomiAnother question for you
22:54:10KyomiHas anyone been getting this problem: You plug in the usb cable and it works fine.. but the backlight time is reset to 2 seconds
22:54:17 Join stripwax [0] (
22:54:42KyomiEven after you take it out it still stays at 2 sec
22:56:14 Quit afruff23 ("Easy as 3.14159265358979323846...")
23:01:21 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
23:04:08 Quit miner49er ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
23:04:36Kyomikkurbjun: Whats the use of the Base Game option?
23:04:45KyomiSelect DoomI/II?
23:05:11kkurbjunKyomi, you can run doom1 shareware, registered, retail, doom2, tnt, or plutonia
23:05:22kkurbjunthose are the official id releases
23:05:36KyomiI never even heard of tnt or plutonia
23:05:46kkurbjunI guess it also has support for french doom, but none of the language strings are in the game
23:06:00KyomiWith the addon folder
23:06:10KyomiIs it just named "addon" inside the doom folder?
23:06:14 Join miner49er [0] (
23:06:17kkurbjunthey were just commercial addons with id's backing
23:06:17KyomiBecause there wasn't one there when I go this
23:06:26kkurbjunyes, just Addon
23:06:34kkurbjunor addons... one second
23:06:43kkurbjunnope, addons
23:06:55 Join solexx_ [0] (
23:07:58 Quit miner49er (Remote closed the connection)
23:09:40Kyomigonna test it now :)
23:10:05 Join miner49er [0] (
23:11:19kkurbjunKyomi, one last thing is the addons and demo's only will show 10 in the list right now.
23:12:27Kyomionly 10 at a time or only 10 total?
23:12:58KyomiErr... I think I overwhelmed it
23:13:13KyomiIt just says Select Addon: 3
23:13:19KyomiAnd it wont lemme change it
23:13:49 Quit tianjing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:13:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:14:16 Join webguest35 [0] (
23:14:18kkurbjunKyomi, try it with just 10 in there, the addon code still needs work
23:14:30 Quit webguest35 (Client Quit)
23:14:32 Nick qwm_ is now known as qwm (
23:14:38KyomiI crashed it
23:14:47KyomiWith like the 6 million wads I have
23:20:04KyomiAlright.. lets try it with 10
23:20:48KyomiI'm guessing it only displays a number just.. because it's like.. technically beta?
23:22:39 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:27:08KyomiIt didn't didn't load it
23:27:14KyomiIt just loaded regular doom 2
23:27:34 Quit miner49er ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
23:28:22KyomiAnd the hold button.. just holds him in place
23:29:36 Join miner49er [0] (
23:30:15 Quit odoyletul ()
23:31:03KyomiFigured out the run
23:31:10KyomiBut the add-on thing still isn't working :(
23:31:30KyomiAnd is there a way to make the left and right strafe without having to press the play button?
23:35:22 Join Arrogant [0] (
23:39:51 Quit Arrogant (Client Quit)
23:39:55 Join tianjing [0] (
23:40:55KyomiIt's not regular Doom 2 anymore :(
23:41:10KyomiThere isn't a Time: something Par: something
23:41:33KyomiNo.. it did load the map.. just... on level 2
23:46:09 Quit Vertigo_t (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:48:18 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:50:27 Join RotAtoR [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
23:50:37peturmust be a new record for talking to yourself :D
23:51:21 Join Vertigo_t [0] (
23:52:53lostlogiclots of bots track that
23:53:21peturit 'll sure make it into the stats :)
23:54:44 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
23:55:35 Quit ender` (" It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.")
23:56:34 Quit joshn_454 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:58:04 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
23:58:18 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Client Quit)
23:58:37 Quit stripwax (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

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