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#rockbox log for 2006-04-16

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00:03:58peturamiconn: care to decipher another one?
00:06:18*TeaSea is away: I'm busy
00:06:21*TeaSea is back (gone 00:00:03)
00:06:33*TeaSea is away: I'm busy
00:06:39*TeaSea is away: I'm busy
00:06:50Ribsthanks for sharing that
00:06:51*TeaSea is back (gone 00:00:10)
00:07:03TeaSeaI pressed a button and my client did something.
00:07:30peturit's not a bug, it's a feature
00:07:49TeaSeapetur: I know.
00:07:52TeaSeaBut I did not know of this feature.
00:08:25 Join emacsen [0] (
00:09:16emacsenI have a simple question. I'm looking at Rockbox because I want one simple feature: I want to be able to either be able to delete files after I've played them, or in some other way make them "invisible"
00:09:35emacsenin other words, make podcasts easier to work with :)
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00:11:06kkurbjunemacsen, you can currently erase files from your player manually after playing them
00:11:33peturlooks like a dangerous feature to add...
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00:11:40emacsenkkurbjun: do you own a TiVO?
00:12:23kkurbjunan at&t one, I don't use it though, why?
00:12:35amiconnpetur: That looks just like a cumbersome call-through function
00:12:46emacsenkkurbjun: after you finish watching a show, it asks you "Should I delete this? Y/N"
00:12:51_jim_fearhahah im retarded, i thought the voice feature for the iriver was so that i could say STOP or IRIVER SHUT UP and the player stops
00:12:53emacsenthat's really what I want
00:12:56_jim_fearcome on that would be cool you know it
00:13:15peturamiconn: that's what I thought but I couldn't believe it was only that. Thanks!
00:13:52kkurbjunahh, I don't know if anyone would be interested in coding that feature, as petur said, it sounds like it could be dangerous
00:13:54emacsen_jim_fear: that sounds like an input device I was working on for my computer. Move your hand a certain way and it puts words into the computer
00:14:12_jim_fearhaha thats awesome
00:14:37emacsen_jim_fear: yup. just a slight movement of your hand and you could get any word you can imagine in it
00:14:54emacsenkkurbjun: how hard would it be to code it myself?
00:14:54_jim_fearthat sounds elaborate
00:15:05amiconnpetur: If all the iriver fw code would look like that, I would wonder how they achieve a longer battery runtime than rockbox...
00:15:13emacsen_jim_fear: look at your hands...
00:15:15peturI can write you a program that will give you that without any movement of your hand :P
00:15:33_jim_fearmy hands are pretty elaborate
00:15:42kkurbjunI'm not sure, I don't really mess with rockbox's internals much.
00:15:44emacsen_jim_fear: look at what they're pressing onto
00:16:01emacsenkkurbjun: is there some sort of abstract system to program against?
00:16:01kkurbjunI just stick to plugins
00:16:08peturamiconn: maybe we're still missing something - a chip not powered down?
00:16:19amiconnSomehow I don't believe it does. They probably use the motorola mp3 decoder, and that surely looks like _real_ asm
00:16:26Rob2222hi all
00:16:27kkurbjunemacsen, what do you mean abstract? there's a simulator
00:16:35emacsenkkurbjun: couldn't you make a plugin for this? "when at the end of mp3, push up this menu"
00:16:42mikolasis there any easy way to implement subsongs for sids in rockbox? it seems that the internals on rockbox are pretty heavily built on file based navigation...
00:16:49Rob2222is it possible to get the cvs sources from middle january?
00:16:53emacsenkkurbjun: I mean I haven't looked at the code. Is it C, firmware? something else?
00:17:40kkurbjunIt's mostly C, pieces of asm, but no where where you should need to change
00:17:47amiconnpetur: Sure, there's the mystical power-drain on H300. But even on H1x0 we don't reach the same runtime as the stock firmware
00:18:29peturRob2222: sorry, seems not online
00:18:30amiconnRob2222: cvs allows to check out any point in time
00:18:42Rob2222I thought so.
00:18:51Rob2222You have the option in head?
00:18:59mikolasrob2222, cvs co -r -D <date> ?
00:19:13kkurbjunemacsen, plugins don't have much access to the system normally so it could be difficult to code as a plugin
00:19:16Rob2222ok thx, i will try
00:19:35mikolascvs co -D actually, forget the revision flag
00:21:07amiconnSlasheri: Does that chunked browsing code require to regenerate the tagcache?
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00:27:26_jim_fearhey petur: what am i retarded, i did what u said, patched the firmware and did the firmware upgrade
00:27:30_jim_fearbut it still has the same interface
00:28:10peturdid you copy the actual rockbox files too?
00:28:34petur(rockbox.iriver and .rockbox folder)
00:28:37_jim_fearyes sir
00:28:43_jim_feari deleted everything off the player
00:28:49_jim_fearexcept one file that is access denyed
00:28:52_jim_fearidonno why
00:29:01_jim_fearbut yea i have all the rockbox files on the iriver
00:29:06_jim_fearand then i put that firmware on it
00:29:08_jim_fearafter patched
00:29:12_jim_fearran the firmware upgrade
00:29:20peturand when you power your iriver, do you see the rockbox bootloader?
00:29:22_jim_feaririver turned off i turn it back on and it seems like the old one
00:29:44peturthen it wasnt flashed ok
00:29:59_jim_fearpower cable should be plugged in or no?
00:30:00peturtry again, make sure it's the patched hex file...
00:30:04Rob2222cvs -z3 -D060115 co rockbox <= is that right?
00:30:08_jim_fearok ill patch it again too
00:30:48_jim_fearsuccesfully patched..
00:31:05midkayrob-, i think the -D060115 goes at the end.
00:31:13midkayco -D20060115 rockbox
00:31:20midkayor something.
00:31:36_jim_fearok lemme try the firmware upgrade again
00:31:46midkayRob2222, sorry.
00:33:22_jim_fearagain it shut off
00:33:28_jim_feari turned it on and its the same old interface
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00:33:41_jim_fearpetur: should i not have this thing plugged in?
00:33:59peturwas that with power cable attached?
00:34:13_jim_fearthe battery is fully charged though
00:34:34_jim_fearand again the .rocksbox folder and .iriver file are in the root director
00:34:55_jim_fearalong with the patched h300.hex
00:35:01peturboot without it, rockbox doesn't intercept booting when AC is being plugged in
00:35:11peturwithout the power cable
00:35:33*petur was typing an answer in his cygwin window :)
00:35:44Paul_The_NerdWait, don't you have to tell it to do a firmware upgrade in the menu for H300?
00:35:46_jim_fearoh wow
00:35:48 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
00:35:49_jim_fearthat worked
00:36:32peturnext step is tweaking it ;)
00:36:43peturbackdrops, wps, fonts,...
00:37:30*amiconn is impressed by the latest tagcache update
00:37:33_jim_fearyeah that should be interesting
00:37:49Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: It works?
00:38:09amiconnYes, it works, and the search is pretty fast, even on archos
00:38:33*petur watches Paul_The_Nerd getting slapped by Slasheri
00:38:47punkrockguy318I just wrote a script for installing rockbox on the 5g ipod
00:38:54punkrockguy318But my oh my! is it ugly.
00:38:57Paul_The_Nerdpetur: Well the last "chunked browsing like feature" wasn't wholly functional
00:39:00amiconnLess than 2 seconds for searching in a 3000-song database (excluding the disk spinup)
00:39:13Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Now, the only thing I personally want from tagcache is the return of a proper context menu.
00:39:23peturit probably only scanned the root then :P
00:39:48 Join infamis [0] (
00:40:03amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: There are some more tweaks, but basically it does everything the old tagdb did, and more
00:40:05punkrockguy318has any real work been done to creating an installer yet?
00:40:34Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Most of the work is still going into making everything work well, at least by the core group
00:40:35amiconnLike, the basic folder names should be localised (they were with the old tagdb)
00:41:14punkrockguy318Paul_The_Nerd: yeah. I hacked up a script to install rockbox on a 5g ipod, but it's pretty ugly :( it's a mix of bash and python...
00:41:55infamisDoes playing a playlist from the root directory work without error?
00:41:55 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
00:42:31Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Ideally the installer would be graphical, like the Archos one. But since Rockbox on Ipod isn't officially due to be released until 3.1, there's yet time. A simple one like you made would be quite helpful for people in the forums though, I imagine. :)
00:42:44Paul_The_Nerdinfamis: What kind of error would you be expecting?
00:43:10infamisI00: at 31F09E18
00:43:24infamisonly thing I've changed was the battery capacity to 950mAh
00:43:33Paul_The_Nerdinfamis: Can you play any other music?
00:43:41amiconnWhat would be great (since the tagcache has this info anyway) would be to display the tag info of a track (using the already existing tag viewer)
00:43:48infamislemme see
00:44:01punkrockguy318Tag viewer?
00:44:02 Join damaki_ [0] (
00:44:03peturhehe: the committing tagcache message is written on the initial screen (blue background) but uses the custom bg color as its own bg color
00:44:09Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I think there should be one more option on the main TagCache screen besides Artists/Albums/Genres/Searches/Etc: "Playlists"
00:44:20Paul_The_Nerdpetur: Or custom BG image.
00:44:21infamisPaul_The_Nerd: nope, errs at 31F0762C now
00:44:30amiconnWhat have playlists to do with the tagcache?
00:44:32Paul_The_Nerdinfamis: Okay. I've seen something LIKE this before.
00:44:57infamisWhat was the default battery capacity setting, anyone know?
00:45:06amiconninfamis: Did you update the whole package, including codecs?
00:45:16Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Well, I guess once it's in a virtual directory it's no problem anyway. I was just thinking that while a playlist isn't exactly a music file, it's relevant to playing music.
00:45:22punkrockguy318how can I use the tagviewer?
00:45:26amiconnThat looks like old, incompatible codecs
00:45:31Paul_The_Nerdinfamis: Battery Capacity shouldn't cause that error, but the default is 1300 usuall
00:45:44amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: The tagcache doesn't display files...
00:46:06infamisI just saw the cvs commit allowing 950mAh being the default for iAudio; updated, and built; copied over rockbox.iaudio & apps/codes/*.codecs
00:46:08Paul_The_Nerdinfamis: My *strong* recommendation is to delete the .rockbox folder, and rockbox.whatever, and then install a clean one.
00:46:23infamisalright lemme see
00:46:31peturbooting gives me a committing tagcache message that counts 0 -> 10 and takes 1 minute!
00:46:59amiconnpetur: It's supposed to take a while on initial commit. On archos it's more like 3 minutres...
00:47:16peturthat was already the second boot
00:47:32peturjust tried a third time and it's ok again... phew
00:48:10peturyep - it's ok now
00:48:18petur(sorry - false alarm)
00:49:19_jim_fearpetur: thanx for ur help =)
00:50:15 Join damaki [0] (
00:50:27punkrockguy318Is there any way I can browse my music by tags rather than directories?
00:50:32_jim_fearif u can help me delete that got damn file stuck on my iriver
00:50:41_jim_fearthen you would be awesome
00:50:48_jim_fearrockbox cant delete it either
00:50:49Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: It just seems to put a lot of people off that the easiest way to get to their playlists from TagCache is to leave it. It doesn't make sense if you hold to the philosophy that TagCache is just for metadata, but there was that Playlist Library patch idea, and it seems that adding both smart playlisting and the playlist Catalogue to it eventually could make TagCache into a quite appealing thing for Database fans.
00:50:58petur_iim_fear: use the rockbox filebrowser
00:51:05_jim_fearisnt that what it boots to
00:51:16Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: There's a page for TagCache in the wiki that explains how to set it up
00:51:21punkrockguy318thanks :)
00:51:22_jim_feari tried to delete the directory and contents and with no prompt it still is there
00:51:36petur_iim_fear: what file/dir?
00:51:44infamisWhere does rockbox store the currently selected font option at?
00:51:45_jim_feari renamed it to try and del it
00:51:54_jim_fearits under as/as/file
00:51:54infamis(on the hard drive)
00:52:26Paul_The_Nerd_jim_fear: Run a scandisk on the drive, maybe?
00:52:34Paul_The_Nerdinfamis: Save a .cfg file and you can see it in there.
00:52:54_jim_fearscandisc on the iriver?
00:53:12_jim_fearnever thought of that
00:53:39petur_iim_fear: to delete files under rockbox, set file view to show all (settings), then navigate to it, long-press the NAVI button and select delete. hit NAVI again to confirm
00:53:52peturbut better scandisk first
00:54:12amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Well, I agree that switching file display for getting to the tagcache and out of it is cumbersome, especially when there's no quickscreen to do it
00:54:16mikolasis there a reason that might prevent dircache from initializing? too many files or such?
00:54:44*petur votes for a virtual directory *again*
00:54:55amiconnThat's what my suggestion of a virtual directory would help...
00:54:58punkrockguy318When using the ID3 db is there any way to view files? Or must I change file view back to what it was?
00:55:00mikolasit seems it's no longer initializing on my x5 after patching in album art and sid support
00:55:21punkrockguy318Oh wow, my answer was in the last 5 lines
00:55:41punkrockguy318It would be nice to have an option in the id3 db menu. Perhaps Files? At the bottom?
00:55:43petursee, complaints are starting to rol in :P
00:55:54mikolasmight have something to do with having full high voltage sid collection on the harddisk :-)
00:56:14Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: As I said, the virtual directory would solve the problem too. Though I personally would like to see TagCache evolve to something more powerful, just so it can step past the point most of the other database players have their interfaces at.
00:56:54Rob2222make[2]: *** No rule to make target `bejeweled.c', needed by `/home/Rob/battery/rockbox/ibuild/apps/plugins/de
00:56:55Rob2222p-plugins'. Stop. <= wt.?
00:57:04Rob2222no rule?
00:57:08Paul_The_NerdRob2222: Delete bejeweled.c
00:57:17 Join sayocean [0] (
00:57:17punkrockguy318Question: Any notification of when the first tag cache update is done?
00:57:19sayoceanhi folks
00:57:27Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: When the HD stops reading.
00:57:45sayoceanor when the "circle" next to the time (top right corner) is gone
00:58:35Paul_The_Nerdsayocean: You're assuming he's on an iPod. While he is, not everyone is. Units that have an actual HD LED just blink that instead.
00:58:41_jim_fearmy stupid belkin car charger will still work with my iriver now right?
00:58:42Rob2222hmm, there is no bejeweled.c ?!
00:58:49_jim_fearits not irivers its aftermarket
00:58:58sayoceanoh nice
00:59:04sayoceani got lucky then
00:59:24punkrockguy318Paul_The_Nerd: Just a suggestion: would it be beneficial to give a notification when the database is done and to restart the ipod?
00:59:24Paul_The_NerdRob2222: It's been renamed to jewels.c
00:59:30petur_iim_fear: just remember to plug it in after you bootet rockbox
00:59:39peturelse it will boot the original fw
00:59:56 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:00:01Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: I personally think the forced update shouldn't occur in the background, but that's just me. It should show a progress bar, then restart for you.
01:00:16_jim_fearah ok
01:00:38punkrockguy318Paul_The_Nerd: currently, there's NO way to know when it's done and that you need to reboot without reading the documentation
01:01:06Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Well, the assumption is that people *will* read the documentation, since it's not necessarily wise to just experiment with things in any place.
01:01:07punkrockguy318Not saying that it's inheritly wrong by any means! But isn't one of the goals of this project an intuitive interface?
01:01:21Rob2222Paul_The_Nerd: Thank you very much.
01:01:26petur_iim_fear: and once you got everything tweaked to your likings, export the settings to a cfg file - some new versions may reset your settings
01:02:07Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Well, TagCache is very new, so right now it's getting to the "It does everything it's supposed to" step. But it's never to early to start thinking about "But how does the user know what it's doing?" portion.
01:02:35punkrockguy318What is this example and example 2?
01:03:12Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Open tagcache.config in a text editor. ;-)
01:03:24Paul_The_Nerdeerrr Tagnavi.config
01:03:28 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
01:04:06 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:04:07punkrockguy318Paul_The_Nerd: This is so much fun for me, I'm a real tinkerer and this project is just perfect for me :)
01:04:12 Join mirak [0] (
01:05:07amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Imho tagcache should update in the background. The update may take quite some time, and this way you can continue using the box while it's rebuilding
01:05:43amiconnI'm not sure how difficult it would be, but I would like to see the necessity for reboot go away.
01:05:47Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I dunno. I just feel like the initial forced update should be relativel non-interruptible.
01:05:50_jim_fearhey all my album folders have .pls files in them will that mess up the tagcache ?
01:05:50brendan_ Paul_The_Nerd, Upgrading the firmware on my ipod fixed the color problem
01:05:52_jim_fearsilly question im sure
01:06:01Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Or at least, very clear feedback when it's done.
01:06:14Paul_The_Nerdbrendan_: Quite strange in my opinion, but good to hear it. :)
01:06:33Paul_The_Nerd_jim_fear: The tagcache only cares about the metadata tags on supported music files.
01:07:21_jim_fearok ll
01:07:44Paul_The_NerdSo, if they do cause it trouble, it's a "bug"
01:08:48amiconnkkurbjun: Your latest commit caused RED for ipod video....
01:09:21peturbuild failed
01:09:31punkrockguy318what does RED stand for?
01:09:38Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Failed build, as Petur said
01:09:52punkrockguy318Paul_The_Nerd: oh, I thought it was an acronym
01:10:10Paul_The_NerdWe here at Rockbox are quite fond of the color green, and like it when the CVS builds table is a nice soothing solid green without red and yellow spatterings.
01:10:20amiconnThe plugin grew too large... by (at least) 0x160 bytes
01:10:32 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
01:10:53Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Why wouldn't it fit on Video, but would on other iPods? Framebuffer or something like it video related?
01:10:55punkrockguy318Plugins have to fit within a size restraint?
01:11:17Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Yup. 512k if I'm not mistaken?
01:11:18amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Sure. Video has the biggest screen....
01:12:04punkrockguy318Paul_The_Nerd: Why is that? If you don't mind me asking! Sorry, I'm just so curious :)
01:12:11amiconnpunkrockguy318, Paul_The_Nerd: Plugin RAM area is 512KB on all swcodec platforms, and 32KB on archos
01:12:27Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Because we have to reserve the memory in advance, and it counts against the audio buffer.
01:12:39Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Yeah, I forgot HWCodec again. I'm sorry, I'm bad about that. =/
01:13:04punkrockguy318Paul_The_Nerd: thank you
01:13:04 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
01:13:10 Quit Genre9mp3 (Client Quit)
01:13:23infamisPaul_The_Nerd: the problem was with my codecs....which was odd as I had the updated from cvs and when I built there was 'nothing to be done'. Then I threw the codecs from the bleeding edge build & the error ceased. pretty odd
01:13:23 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:13:39infamis'nothing to be done' for the codecs, that is
01:14:14 Join elinenbe [0] (
01:14:21amiconninfamis: That means there's a dependency problem with the codecs.... I wonder why
01:15:02infamisa dependency on the firmware or another file?
01:15:05midkaytagcache is taking *forever* to update on my recorder..
01:15:42punkrockguy318I really need someone to blame for letting me convert all my oggs to mp3. I wish I would have known about this project before I did a mass reripping session!
01:15:43infamisI thought a minimalist install includes the firmware & ./rockbox/*.codec
01:16:12infamis* /.rockbox
01:17:02amiconninfamis: It means that building the codecs depends on a certain source file which the build system doesn't "catch"
01:17:32Paul_The_Nerdinfamis: I do a clean rebuild every time, since it's a minute and a half anyway, and I ran into a problem like that once several months ago.
01:17:53CtcpVersion from Rick!i=rick@unaffiliated/Rick
01:17:53***Server message 505: 'logbot- :Private messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register! ( )'
01:18:23amiconni.e. the codecs need to be rebuilt when this file changes, cause otherwise they wouldn't work correctly (as you experienced), but the build system didn't detect this, and told you 'nothing to be done'
01:19:11infamisyeah a clean rebuild worked...
01:19:23amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: I prefer to do incremental rebuilds, especially on cygwin
01:19:38infamisamiconn: so it was a commit that was done today
01:19:50infamisthat the codecs relied on but make didn't catch
01:19:51amiconnAnyway, this is a bug in the build system
01:21:43infamisso one of those commits >= than the 15 Apr 06:23 one
01:21:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:21:56infamissince I'm gmt-6
01:22:08infamisand my last build was friday night like 11pm
01:22:16infamisor 5:00 gmt
01:23:23infamisNext question, any wps's out there that are pretty basic but have a readable big font (for driving)?
01:23:49infamisI like the boxes theme but changing the font to a bigger one makes it unreadable
01:24:43midkaycheck the WpsGallery for your model, i'd suggest.
01:25:39infamisalready did
01:25:42Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Yeah, but I don't do much development work, so on an *average* day, I only make two or three rebuilds total, for two targets. So, maybe 15 minutes of time. :)
01:26:03midkayinfamis, if you can't find anything you like, modify one that's already there or make your own.. or live with one you don't like :)
01:26:11amiconnHehe, a full rebuild of all my build targets takes >1 hour
01:26:20amiconnThat's without sims...
01:26:33peturcygwin sucks
01:27:04infamismidkay: I take the last option but instead of 'one you don't like' search/replace that with 'one you can't read while driving' :)
01:27:17Paul_The_Nerdinfamis: I'd recommend just making a very simple text-only one for the car. Use the rockbox_default code from the Archos Recorder WPS gallery, strip the peakmeter if it gives you a performance problem, tweak the rest as necessary, then pick a nice big font.
01:27:28midkayinfamis, haha. you should try your hand at making your own, it's quite simple and fun :)
01:27:45infamisyea, I guess, but don't wanna reinvent the wheel ya know
01:27:52infamisif there's already one out there
01:28:08midkayclearly there isn't :) or.. which model are you using?
01:29:13midkayyou could probably use many of the H100 WPS'.. so long as they don't have bitmaps..
01:29:28 Quit Minuo ()
01:29:32midkayand any nonbitmapped nano ones would work too..
01:30:20infamisI'll check 'em out...I'm just getting ready to go out and unleash the wrath of rockbox on the occupants in my car...
01:30:57infamisI use too many ellipses...
01:31:59midkayso do i :)
01:36:26 Quit infamis ("I'm out like Michael Jackson in a room full of women")
01:37:17peturbah... another failed isp1362 experiment :(
01:37:59Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: The Nano ones might not work.
01:38:08midkayPaul_The_Nerd, why not?
01:38:25Paul_The_NerdScreen's 16 pixels wider, and I think 4 taller.
01:38:37midkayPaul_The_Nerd, right, and why wouldn't they work? :)
01:38:43Paul_The_NerdOne too many lines of text
01:38:50 Join wehn [0] (
01:38:53Paul_The_NerdOr, half a line too many
01:39:04Paul_The_NerdThe Nano's screen is bigger
01:39:13midkaywhat's the nano's res? oh, it's like 172x138 or something, isn't it..
01:39:26midkayi was thinking 138x110 or something.. something's wrong with me. :)
01:39:28Paul_The_NerdX5 and H120 are 160*128, Nano is 176*132
01:39:40Paul_The_NerdMini is 138*110 I think?
01:39:45 Join speacial_ed [0] (
01:39:52midkaysomething like that..
01:40:24amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: You think right
01:40:34 Join ashridah [0] (
01:40:55*amiconn just tried tagcache on mini
01:41:51Paul_The_NerdAlright, I found a way to freeze my player (sorta).
01:41:58*Paul_The_Nerd tries to reproduce it
01:42:51*Paul_The_Nerd fails.
01:43:30amiconnThe mini's lcd resolution is really odd. Surprisingly, the bitshifting necessary in flipped mode doesn't slow down lcd_update() by a measurable amount
01:47:00 Quit b00st4 ()
01:48:35 Join mirak [0] (
01:52:03 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:52:13 Join midkay_ [0] (n=midkay@
01:53:20 Part emacsen
01:57:44 Quit mikolas ("Leaving")
02:00:19*petur swears at the isp1362
02:05:12 Quit speacial_ed ("Bye")
02:06:24wefdsdont tempt the devil
02:07:10RotAtoRamiconn: would you happen to know if the recent iaudio lcd code changes might cause partial lcd updates to mess up the unupdated regions?
02:07:21RotAtoRi've seen a couple people report this bug on the iaudio:
02:09:17MoosI can confirm this RotAtoR
02:09:35Moossince Bagder lcd changes
02:10:10RotAtoRok thanks, then there must be something a little buggy there
02:10:55RotAtoRthen i guess i'll have to bug Bagder next time he's around ;)
02:10:58Moosbefore Bagder lcd changes, there wasn't this bug
02:11:03Mooshehe : )
02:11:13Moosmaybe amiconn know why ???
02:12:46Moosamiconn: and the inverse select bar appear like "broken" when you keep browsing
02:13:37 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
02:14:35 Quit ashridah ("out")
02:15:28Moosbut time for me to go to bed
02:15:31Moosbye all
02:15:36 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
02:18:13stoffel /win3
02:20:58 Join Aghaster [0] (
02:21:06scottdernopw this is /win 4 stoffel
02:21:23Aghasteri've just learned the existence of this project, it seems very cool
02:21:29Aghasterwhere can i see screenshots?
02:21:37Aghaster(i have an ipod 4G 60gig)
02:23:12 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
02:23:13RotAtoRAghaster: you might also want to check out the current draft of the manual:
02:23:34RotAtoRit has screenshots to
02:24:48Aghasterk. i have an ipod 4th gen 60gig with color. do you think it'll be greatly supported?
02:24:55Aghasteri had bad support with ipodlinux
02:25:21scottderHow DO they make those screenshots anyway
02:25:42petureither sim or on the target
02:25:53Paul_The_NerdAghaster: It's quite well supported right now. There are a few glitches (peakmeters on the while playing screen can negatively affect playback) but I'd say it's still quite well running
02:26:22Aghasteri'd be better choosing iPod color/Photo build?
02:26:22Paul_The_Nerdscottder: You can enable screenshots in the debug menu, and then it saves them as .bmps in the root when you insert the USB cable. Disable screenshots to get normal USB functionality back
02:26:57Paul_The_NerdAghaster: Builds are Target specific. The only one that will work for you is the one designed specifically for your player
02:27:05 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
02:27:11Aghasterok, but i don't know if iPod color/Photo suits my ipod
02:27:15 Nick muesli__ is now known as muesli-- (n=muesli_t@
02:27:19Aghastermy ipod is a 4th gen color
02:27:22Aghasterso. dunno
02:27:25Paul_The_NerdAghaster: That's the right one, yes.
02:27:39Paul_The_NerdAghaster: You may also want to read this page for installation instructions:
02:27:53Aghasterin what language is rockbox written in?
02:28:22 Join omega21 [0] (
02:28:55peturC and ASM
02:29:26omega21hi there, I just wanted to say that Apple Canada told me that putting Rockbox on an iPod would not void the warranty. Perhaps this could be put on your FAQ? Thanks!
02:29:42petur:huh: ?
02:30:09peturuntil you ship it back...
02:30:21omega21ok, not @ me.
02:30:30Paul_The_Nerdpetur: You should always be able to remove all traces of it, simply by reformatting the disk.
02:30:43peturunless it's *broken*
02:30:47Paul_The_NerdWell yes
02:30:59 Part omega21
02:31:02Paul_The_NerdBut if it's broken to that point, then they won't be able to boot it to the point they see the bootloader anyway
02:31:26Aghasterhum... installers required files for installation from that link are windows executables
02:31:29Aghasterwhat about linux?
02:31:29peturyes, irivers are a bit nastier in that point
02:31:54Paul_The_NerdAghaster: Read the very first line of the page after the contents links.
02:32:19Aghasterlol... sorry i skipped that line while reading
02:33:51peturdamn... why won't this stupid chip talk to me :(
02:34:04peturI give up
02:34:18 Quit petur ("Zzzz")
02:34:27wehnhmm. fast forwarding Large files seems to be broken in todays daily.
02:34:41scottderhow large and what format?
02:34:44wehnkeeps hanging after releasing 'left'
02:34:46Paul_The_Nerdwehn: Large files at all, or specifically if you get outside of the audio buffer?
02:35:03wehnogg vorbis, 2 hours long!
02:35:41wehnit used to work until i updated. I was using earlier April daily before
02:35:41Paul_The_Nerdwehn: And you said "Fast forward" but "releasing left"
02:36:21wehnas in "hold left" to ffwd. when an hour or so into the file. release. then hang.
02:36:37Paul_The_NerdYou hold left to rewind though...
02:36:40scottderI believe right is FF and left is REW
02:36:53wehnsilly me. RIGHT. uhh.
02:37:02*Paul_The_Nerd wonders if kkurbjun is going to fix the broken Ipod build any time soon.
02:37:39Paul_The_Nerdwehn: Okay, can you do me a favour? Play the file, wait until the HD stops spinning while playing the file, then fast forward just 1 or 2 minutes further into it, and see if that works?
02:38:06wehnthat does work. (but i'll retest now)
02:39:50wehnyep. seems to happen if it has to spin up to get the next bit.
02:39:59Paul_The_NerdSo, "seeking out of the buffer"
02:40:06wehnyes. :)
02:40:49Paul_The_NerdOkay, one last thing: Could you try a Bleeding Edge build from the CVS Builds page, and verify that the problem is still there. I imagine it will be, but since I'm not 100% sure what Lostlogic's most recent changes do, there's always the chance it is fixed.
02:41:09wehnthese are 80Meg files. 2 hours mixups recorded from radio. OGG quality 3 (~90kBit).
02:41:42wehnThis install was fresh (ie not unzipped over an old one...
02:42:02wehnbut is it ok to unzip over the current one? to keep scores, config etc.
02:42:32Paul_The_NerdIn most cases, it's fine.
02:43:05Paul_The_NerdThough erasing your .rockbox folder shouldn't clear your configuration, as that's stored elsewhere. But of course, it'll delete any backed up .cfg files or whatnot.
02:43:39 Quit wefds (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:43:50 Quit obo ("bye")
02:43:56 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
02:44:53Jungti1234anyone has plan to buy E10?
02:46:03Paul_The_NerdI don't plan on buying any more MP3 players unless I actually start becoming active in development somehow, or if one of my existing ones breaks
02:46:07Jungti1234E10 is good device...
02:46:17scottderSince I got my Nano can't think of going back to a HD based player
02:46:26Jungti1234If my exam results is good, is going to buy it.
02:47:00Jungti1234If Rockbox works in E10, I will be pleased.
02:47:09muesli--scottder luv the scratches so much? ;)
02:47:12scottderI had bad luck with HD based players
02:47:30scottdermuesli−−: what scratches? I have very nice aluminum case for mine :)
02:47:34Jungti1234what is HD? Hard Disk?
02:47:50 Quit _jim_fear ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
02:48:11punkrockguy318I have terrible scratches on my 5g :(
02:48:14Jungti1234I caught cold...
02:48:31wehnPaul_The_Nerd: still hangs with bleeding edge. spins up disk. then it's hung.
02:49:00scottderpunkrockguy318: thats what cases are for.....fact of life with ipods
02:49:19Paul_The_Nerdwehn: Alright, good to know.
02:49:30BHSPitLappyiPod condoms are only like $6 at wal-mart
02:49:31punkrockguy318scottder: i even got scratches with a leather case :(
02:49:35BHSPitLappyI'm satisfied with mine
02:49:43Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: In case you don't see it in the log without the highlight, seeking outside the buffer (at least on a single very large ogg file) is still bad.
02:49:46scottderThat's why I went aluminum....
02:49:50punkrockguy318BHSPitLappy: the 5g's even come with one
02:50:02scottderstrudy, doesn't add much to overall size
02:50:07scottderprotects like the dickens
02:50:07BHSPitLappypunkrockguy318: a slip case, not protection during use
02:50:27punkrockguy318scottder: i would get an aluminum but it's a little too late now :(
02:50:39scottderipod condoms....what ARE you doing with your ipod?
02:50:43BHSPitLappymy nano looked horrible
02:50:51BHSPitLappybrasso did a good job on it
02:51:15scottderLets put it this case was ordered and arrived before my nano did :)
02:51:16wehnPaul: I might have some big Flac files around somewhere. I'll try that.
02:51:34scottderI just want a 20Gb flash ipod now :)
02:52:07 Quit dj-fu (Success)
02:52:09scottderI have a 1/2 hour long flac and I can track around in it fine
02:52:15scottderbut I have a nano, so no HD spinup :)
02:52:26Paul_The_Nerdwehn: I imagine it'll happen with all big files. Lostlogic is the guy who'd be able to look into the actual cause, but he's probably actually enjoying his weekend or something horrible like that. ;-)
02:52:51scottderHow selfish
02:53:05wehnPaul: yeah, i'm going to hit the mountain bike trails later. :)
02:53:35Paul_The_Nerdscottder: Well, it should be a buffering problem, not an HD spinup related problem. The buffers are handled the same way on the Nano, so I'm curious with bleeding edge can you load the flac, then seek to some point maybe 5 minutes from the end, and have it work?
02:54:04scottderI installed the latest CVS build this morning
02:54:26Aghasteri installed rockbox, but i have an error. bootloader works, but when it loads it says "Rockbox error: -2" "loading original firmware"
02:55:03scottderPaul_The_Nerd: codec failure
02:55:08punkrockguy318Aghaster: I got that yesterday too. Can you boot into rockbox?
02:55:27Aghastershould i press anything to load rockbox?
02:55:47scottderwehn: is that the error you got?
02:56:11wehnscottder: what? codec failure?
02:56:32wehnno it just hangs.
02:56:44scottderhrrmm...well then my error may be another clue
02:56:48wehni sit and wait for music and none comes. and everything stopes updating on the screen
02:56:51scottderit says that then jumps to the next song
02:56:52Paul_The_Nerdscottder: Wehn is using potentially a newer version of playback.c than you though.
02:57:07scottderAhhh been updated since this morning Paul_The_Nerd ?
02:57:17Aghasterpunkrock: what can cause an "error -2"?
02:57:51Paul_The_Nerdscottder: Depends on how long ago "this morning" was for you. The last update was 15 Apr 09:19 GMT I believe
02:57:58wehn317 meg flac + USB 1.1 = pain. waiting.
02:58:16punkrockguy318Aghaster: I'm really not quite sure, I just installed rockbox for the first time yesterday. I got that error when I followed instructions on an external forums site. When I followed the directions on the rockbox page, everything went smoothly
02:58:37Aghasterhum. which model do you have?
02:58:47scottderI think it says at boot lemme check :)
03:01:04Jungti1234I don't have problem.
03:01:44punkrockguy318Aghaster: ipod 5g
03:01:58wehnPaul_The_Nerd: ffwding a Flac gives a "Codec Failure" splash. then skips file.
03:02:02Aghasterlooks like its not detecting the installed rockbox on it
03:02:10Paul_The_Nerdwehn: Interesting.
03:02:14Aghasterbecause i rebooted without installing it and with install, it did the same
03:02:19Aghasterwhat did you do to install it?
03:02:21Paul_The_NerdAghaster: No, if the file isn't found it should give Error -1
03:02:31Aghaster-2 means what?
03:02:38Paul_The_NerdAghaster: I'm not 100% sure.
03:02:49Paul_The_NerdAghaster: I'm trying to figure that out. :)
03:02:49Aghasterwhere can i find the answer to my question?
03:03:09scottder-2 Steve Jobs is mad at you
03:03:52GaloisI think -2 means wrong checksum but I'm not sure
03:04:04Paul_The_NerdI thought -4 was wrong checksum
03:04:27punkrockguy318Where can I find a list of the #defines for each platform? I'm writing a plugin and I want to test for a certain keypad
03:04:42Aghasterare error number specified anywhere?
03:04:46Paul_The_NerdAghaster: When it boots, before the Error -4, it should say Model: something, what model does it say?
03:04:55Aghasterits an error -2
03:05:04Paul_The_NerdEither way
03:05:07Paul_The_NerdWhat model does it say?
03:05:22 Join lostnihilist [0] (
03:05:35Galois chksum=betoh32(chksum); /* Rockbox checksums are big-endian */
03:05:35Galois if(rc < 4)
03:05:35Galois return -2;
03:06:19Paul_The_NerdAghaster: I did not ask for the version number...
03:06:27Aghasterwhat version thenÉ?
03:06:29 Join nave7693 [0] (
03:06:30punkrockguy318Nevermind found my answer
03:06:35Paul_The_NerdGalois: What's the variable rc set to? Also, what file's that in?
03:06:53Paul_The_NerdAghaster: I said "It should say Model: something, what model does it say?"
03:06:56Galoisbootloader/ipod.c, I didn't want to paste too many lines of spam
03:07:18 Join JdGordon [0] (
03:07:25Galois20060131-0937 is hell of old
03:07:32Paul_The_NerdAghaster: It says "Model: 0x000600004?"
03:07:36AghasterIPOD model
03:07:48Galoisyou probably got a bad zip file
03:07:54Paul_The_NerdThere should be a line that JUST SAYS "Model: something"
03:07:58Paul_The_NerdAll I'm asking for is that line.
03:07:59Aghasterstrange, i downloaded the latest
03:08:09GaloisI mean the, not the bootloader
03:08:17Aghasterthere is no 'Model:" line
03:08:30Aghasteri tought i downloaded the last one, i'll verify again
03:08:39Aghasteras galois said
03:08:51Paul_The_NerdAghaster: That means that it hasn't yet determined what model your rockbox.ipod is for. And yeah, with that date you have a several month old one.
03:08:59Paul_The_NerdAghaster: Where on earth did you get it from?
03:09:08Jungti1234'Model name: blah'?
03:09:13Aghasterfrom daily builds o.O
03:09:44 Join webguest46 [0] (
03:10:02Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: Indeed. It's useful because that Model: is taken from the rockbox file. So if someone puts an H100 build on an H120, you can tell there.
03:10:07webguest46hi hall
03:10:07Aghasteri'll get the cvs build then
03:10:24Paul_The_NerdAghaster: Unzipping that file gave you a build that reports a 3 month old version #?
03:10:26 Nick webguest46 is now known as metfan (
03:10:39Galoisnah, the version # is prolly from the bootloader
03:10:44Aghasteri unzipped that file to the root of my ipod, and thats what it gave me.
03:10:56metfananybody know how's the support for IPod 3G????
03:10:56Aghasterlet's see with cvs build now
03:10:59Paul_The_NerdGalois: Oh, right, he hasn't gotten to the rockbox version # display yet
03:11:09Galoisyou might have done something stupid, like failed to umount the ipod before pulling the plug
03:11:16Paul_The_Nerdmetfan: In English only one ? is necessary. It does not have Audio yet.
03:11:34Jungti1234But, you said '20060131 - 0937'...
03:11:57metfanPaul_The_Nerd: Thanks
03:12:04Jungti1234Today is April 16(or 15), 2006.
03:12:10punkrockguy318When the hold button is toggled... Is that a button press event? Or need I test for if the hold button is on?
03:12:24Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: I *think* it's both.
03:12:46 Quit metfan (Client Quit)
03:13:20Aghastercool, cvs worked
03:13:35Aghasterits ugly, i'll install a theme :P
03:13:45Jungti1234It works?
03:13:50punkrockguy318i can't find what the define is for the HOLD button :-\
03:13:50Aghasteryeah, it loaded
03:13:58Aghasterwith cvs version
03:16:38 Quit muesli-- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:16:54scottderI love the new GreenAmp v2 theme :)
03:17:02scottderI already modded it a bit :)
03:17:37Aghasterwhere can themes be downloaded?
03:19:06scottderShame there isn't a GreenAge for the regular ipods
03:19:19punkrockguy318Paul_The_Nerd: I'm not finding any definitions for HOLD as a button.. I think it must be a status that you can check...
03:20:20Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Okay
03:20:47punkrockguy318I'm looking at the idoom source, and they use rb->button_hold()
03:21:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:25:02BHSPitLappyidoom or rockdoom?
03:25:14punkrockguy318rockdoom* excuse me :)
03:25:26 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:28:14punkrockguy318How can I compile just one plugin?
03:28:19JdGordonu cant
03:28:30JdGordonunless u hack up the Makefile
03:28:32 Join mirak [0] (
03:28:38punkrockguy318how can I exclude the compiation of a plugin
03:28:56JdGordonedit the SOURCEs files in the plugins folder and remove the plugin
03:31:06Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: Those are a little... old.
03:31:24 Quit mirak (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:31:58 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:32:00Jungti1234Paul_The_Nerd: very old :)
03:33:07Paul_The_NerdThat's quite old too
03:33:13Jungti1234Isn't it part that is mistaken?
03:33:58Paul_The_NerdThe "Fat32" portion is no longer entirely true. While it's probably true that Rockbox will never intentionally use it, the "Because of the hardware" excuse is at least partially invalid.
03:34:27Jungti1234'Multi-band equalizer!'
03:34:44Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: Yes, but that's in the "Archos-specific" section, if you'll notice
03:34:55 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:34:55Aghasterhum.... when i load rockbox now it gets stuck at the splash screen
03:34:58punkrockguy318Is there a documentation for the rb api?
03:35:17Paul_The_NerdAghaster: I thought you said it worked a bit ago. Did you change anything?
03:35:22JdGordonpunkrockguy318: thats about as good as there is...
03:35:49Aghasteri played a bit in the settings, i changed the themes for one of those that was listed on it. it changed nothing, but maybe its because of this
03:35:57punkrockguy318JdGordon: good enough for me. i'm just looking for usage of the button _hold function
03:36:03Aghasterhow do i boot original firmware?
03:36:36Paul_The_NerdAghaster: Hold Menu immediately after turning it on.
03:36:52Paul_The_NerdAghaster: I suggest reading the FAQ and Manual for answers to common questions.
03:37:13Aghasteri tried, but it didnt work. this time i was quick enough
03:37:15Aghasterthats why
03:38:52punkrockguy318Is there any way you can toggle hold using the simulator?
03:39:00 Join lostnihilist [0] (
03:43:14Aghaster:/ i reinstalled it and installed a theme, but it doesnt work
03:43:21 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
03:43:36punkrockguy318Aghaster: what doesn't work? rockbox of the theme?
03:43:56Aghasterwell now that i tried to lead the theme rockbox is stuck at splashscreen again
03:44:57Aghasterseems like it doesn't like any theme.
03:48:14Paul_The_NerdAghaster: ANY theme, or just specific ones? Try Zezayer and see if it works.
03:54:04punkrockguy318I can't find a way to toggle the hold button using the simluator. is this possible?
03:55:25Aghasterargh. i can't get it to load properly at all now
03:55:36Paul_The_NerdAghaster: Try resetting your settings.
03:55:41Aghasterhow can I?
03:55:58Aghasteri can't get into rockbox, its stuck at splash screen
03:59:20Aghastertired for tonight. i'll program instead
04:00:40cyberjbanyone have screenshots of rockbox on iPOD ??
04:00:52Aghasterwell, on mine. if it could work fine
04:01:35Aghasteranyway, how do you want to have a screenshot of rockbox on ipod? it'd be a photo
04:01:53cyberjbno kiddin
04:02:15Aghasterthat sounds quite sarcastic, isn't it?
04:02:39cyberjbits suppose to
04:02:42Paul_The_NerdAghaster: Well, you can reset the settings by flipping the hold switch to On immediately after turning on the Ipod
04:03:03Aghaster... damn i just wiped it off my ipod lol
04:04:09Paul_The_NerdAghaster: As I suggested, you should've read the Manual and FAQ.
04:05:14 Quit cyberjb ("my mom always said to leave the toliet seat closed.")
04:05:31Aghasterthanks, worked
04:05:45Aghaster(for clearing)
04:05:50Aghasterwhere is the manual for ipod?
04:08:44 Quit Russss (Remote closed the connection)
04:12:59 Join seretran [0] (
04:14:15punkrockguy318I'm really having trouble figuring out how to test if the hold button is on. This code is entirely new to me, would someone mind giving me a helping hand? :)
04:18:30 Quit Jungti1234 ()
04:21:16 Join Jaguar [0] (
04:23:02 Join bananafon [0] (
04:25:39 Part Aghaster ("Leaving")
04:27:43punkrockguy318I would really appreciate if someone would look at my plugin code. It's supposed to display a message if the hold button is on, but it doesn't. What's wrong?
04:32:30midkay_punkrockguy318, are you sure that's the way to check for the hold button? i'm unfamiliar with the hold switch detection.
04:32:52punkrockguy318midkay_: I'm not positive, but i looked at the teris plugin, and it uses almost the exact same procedure
04:34:11punkrockguy318Do you have any ideas? All the code looks good to me
04:34:20 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
04:34:31midkay_if i knew more about hold switch detection i probably would...
04:34:52 Join mikearthur [0] (
04:35:11midkay_did you try flicking the switch a few times?
04:35:14punkrockguy318i want to find out more! but i don't know where to look! i looked at other plugins that detected for hold, and that's almost the same code... :-\ i don't think there's a doc for it
04:35:17punkrockguy318midkay_: yeah :-\
04:37:24midkay_did you try perhaps changing button = rb->button_get(true); to button = rb->button_get_w_tmo(HZ/4); or so?
04:37:28midkay_i'd suggest testing that..
04:39:18punkrockguy318what would that do?
04:40:52 Quit sayocean (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:42:07midkay_rescans buttons every 1/4s.. a different way than the button_get(true) method, which i don't know much about. worth a shot, i think..
04:42:10 Join spitball [0] (
04:42:24midkay_bbi 15 minutes or so..
04:51:26 Join nielsendres [0] (
04:58:01midkay_ha. 15m 24s..
04:58:04midkay_i'm so _good_..
04:58:26Paul_The_NerdAnd nothing was said in the time between.
04:58:54midkay_still. i'm good.
05:01:19punkrockguy318midkay_: you are good
05:01:25punkrockguy318midkay_: i figured out my problem
05:01:33midkay_punkrockguy318, what?
05:01:50 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:02:59punkrockguy318midkay_: you were right, it was because button_get was a blocker. And the program wouldn't flow right.
05:03:23punkrockguy318i submitted my first patch :)
05:03:33*midkay_ darts to check it
05:03:41 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (n=midkay@
05:04:23 Quit nudel ("At Argon, we're working to keep your money.")
05:07:53midkayit'd be useful to know more about button_get. punkrockguy318, HZ/4 might need to be raised. did you test it and does it run as well as it did with button_get(true)?
05:07:59 Join nudel [0] (
05:08:41punkrockguy318midkay: It wont' work with button_get(true). Since button_get(true) blocks, there's no way the hold code can work. If the hold button is on, you can't press buttons and move on in the code
05:08:56punkrockguy318button_get(false) might be the best solution
05:08:57midkayyes, i mean normal gameplay.
05:09:18midkaygameplay with button_get(true) == gameplay with button_get_w_tmo(HZ/4)?
05:09:25midkayi doubt it, that's why i'm asking.
05:10:28punkrockguy318the only difference would be that hz/4 would take 1/4th of a second for the menu to arise
05:10:53punkrockguy318the gameplay seems the same
05:11:37midkaywell, not necessarily. but okay, wasn't sure if the button checking code you changed was for gameplay or just for the menu system.
05:11:48punkrockguy318for the menu system
05:12:00midkayok :)
05:12:21midkayi need to fix a jewels bug, i'll try your patch and possibly commit both at the same time..
05:12:49 Quit nielsendres ("Ex-Chat")
05:13:14punkrockguy318midkay: i also just attatched another patch.. the same thing for snake.. snake already uses button_get(false) so it worked fine with just the addition
05:13:44midkayah, then you might want to just go to button_get(false) for Jewels as well. consistency and quite possibly more 'efficient'..
05:13:57midkaywait, snake or snake2?
05:14:05midkaysnake i think will be gone soon..
05:14:08punkrockguy318snake.. and i'm doing it for snake2 now
05:14:14midkaysnake2 would be useful.
05:14:17punkrockguy318i did snake by accident
05:14:25midkaysnake2 is planned to replace snake rather soon, i think.
05:15:14punkrockguy318i'm testing the snake2 patch now...
05:16:47*Paul_The_Nerd has now officially hit the "I've spent too much time in the forums" point.
05:17:18midkayPaul_The_Nerd, haha, anything in particular that pushed you to the limit? :)
05:17:37Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: The fact that I now have the most posts.
05:17:38 Quit spitball ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:17:44 Join raybert [0] (
05:17:53punkrockguy318midkay: hmm.. snake2 uses button_get(true) by default.. i wonder why?
05:18:05 Quit raybert (Client Quit)
05:19:36 Join raybert [0] (
05:19:37 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:19:40 Join rugrug [0] (
05:20:53rugrugany devs on other knowledgeables have a minute for a question?
05:21:32midkayPaul_The_Nerd, hahaha..
05:21:43midkaypunkrockguy318, why do you wonder?
05:21:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:21:49Paul_The_Nerdrugrug: Go ahead and ask, we'll see if anyone knows.
05:22:03midkayit wouldn't exist if it wasn't useful.. just like jewels used it by default, snake2 does.. no reason not to, really.
05:22:25punkrockguy318midkay: ah, nevermind
05:22:27rugrugcurious if the dock connector line out on ipods works ]
05:22:45Paul_The_Nerdrugrug: Just the line out portion should work, I believe
05:23:21rugrugin your estimation an itrip should have no problem sapping power and gettin signal then?
05:23:49Paul_The_NerdI'm not so sure about the power thing.
05:24:05Paul_The_NerdI think I've heard that the iTrip doesn't work.
05:24:22rugrughmm... thats the one i had almost taken for a given....
05:24:36Paul_The_NerdBut the line out I'm pretty sure *does* work because if I remember correctly someone complained that it was set to the same volume level as the headphone port, instead of being out at line level.
05:24:38midkayrugrug, well, there's no risk in trying if you're curious.
05:24:40rugrugany other FM transmitters work that you know of?
05:24:56midkayif you already have the iTrip, that is.
05:25:19rugrugi have neither itrip nor ipod - been waiting on ogg support :)
05:25:30midkayah. :)
05:26:24punkrockguy318midkay: alright, I've submitted the working patch for snake2
05:26:28 Part seretran
05:26:48rugrugthanks for the input - if i find out for certain ill be sure to drop by and mention.....
05:27:17 Quit rugrug ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
05:29:18scottderIn the car I use a monster iplay
05:29:22scottderworks great
05:29:32scottdercharges and does FM
05:33:25 Join MTWomg [0] (
05:33:37MTWomgI have a ipod mini, but I don't know if it's a 2g or not.
05:33:39MTWomghow do I check?
05:34:42Paul_The_NerdDoes it show the capacity on the back?
05:34:56MTWomgwow. thanks!
05:35:09MTWomgby capacity you mean that it says 4GB in a square, right?
05:35:20MTWomggood. thanks for the help.
05:35:28Paul_The_NerdAs far as I know, that's the only way to tell the difference
05:36:10MTWomgjust installed the firmware. it works.
05:36:15MTWomgthanks. going on about the install process.
05:38:25Paul_The_NerdHave fun
05:39:09MTWomgjust installed
05:39:13MTWomgcan I make the text larger?
05:39:51Paul_The_NerdJust select a different font
05:40:09Paul_The_NerdI'd recommend picking up the manual, because there's a *lot* of options that you could potentially have questions about
05:40:17MTWomgI'll be reading that thing tonight.
05:40:24MTWomgi hate the watermark on it though
05:40:39MTWomgthe install was supprisingly painless.
05:40:45MTWomgi'm shocked my ipod still works :D
05:41:11MTWomgright now I'm using the default firmware (I did figure out the pressing MENU while booting up thing)
05:42:01Paul_The_NerdAt the point Rockbox is now, the only remaining reasons to use the built in firmware, really, are "Video" on the 5G, and "I bought music from the iTunes store"
05:42:21MTWomgI do have some music from ITMS
05:42:28MTWomgexclusive tracks, etc
05:43:22Paul_The_NerdYeah, unfortunately we'll never be able to play those.
05:43:41lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: is the ogg file > 30m?
05:43:58Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Yup. It's only seeks outside the buffer.
05:44:07lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: not surprising
05:44:25Paul_The_NerdMTWomg: Well, unless Apple decides to open source it's DRM we can't legally include it, y'know?
05:44:41lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: I'm putting track metadata on the buffer, and as part of that I'm properly handling REALLY EFFING big files.
05:44:56MTWomgfuck the law!
05:45:02Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Hehehe. Alright, I'll do the "It's being worked on" thing.
05:45:11lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: probably about 80% coded, so sometime late tomorrow, I should have another big broken commit to make :)
05:45:31Paul_The_NerdMTWomg: Well, there are two solutions. One, you can remove the DRM yourself if you're in a country that allows you as the legal owner of the music to do so (or if you feel like bending/breaking appropriate laws.)
05:45:51lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: thanks a lot. and now I rest. just got home from a movie, on the way to which, I got run over, and had my life literally saved by a bicycle helmet.
05:45:55Paul_The_NerdThe other solution is for someone outside the project to create a plugin or patch that gets your key on the ipod, and allows proper playback of DRMed music anyway.
05:46:03MTWomgHow does rockbox handle reallly long (3-4 hours long) and large (250 megs +) files?
05:46:18MTWomgthe normal firmware locks up randomly if I put the ipod in sleep with one open
05:46:19lostlogicMTWomg: it doesn't at this point. give it 2 days.
05:46:26Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Ouch. Hope the movie was good at least. So far today, I think that's the *only* playback bug that's been mentioned in my presence.
05:46:53MTWomgFinally I'll be able to sleep with the stern show (I record it myself, no downloading here!) open.
05:46:59lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: sounds good... good time for me to break it more ;) (actually, I'm designing this next commit very carefully, so I hope that I'm just exagerating the expected brokenness)
05:47:20Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Hehehe. Well, most of the community now knows about older daily builds, so they'll survive. :)
05:48:05lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: oh, and it is so far -100 lines, I'm guessing by the time I'm done it'll be -80 or so, but that's -80 lines to give us metadata on buffer, which will make album art much easier after 3.0
05:48:28lostlogic(and yes, I often measure success in - lines of code :))
05:48:31 Part nave7693
05:49:31Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: I don't care about album art. My playlist plays through without freezing, and reshuffles properly on repeat. As far as *I* am concerned, your work is done. :-P
05:49:45bananafonpaul, does cross fade work for you in ur ipod?
05:50:03lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: yeah, how's crossfade, I've had spurious reports of it not engaging properly
05:50:06Paul_The_Nerdbananafon: I don't use crossfade. Let me grab my ipod and check.
05:50:13lostlogicI wonder if I have a bug with crossfade not handling codec changes well
05:50:14lostlogicor similar
05:50:40lostlogicit may also relate to the bug(?) where the pcmbuf drops low on track changes, but I haven't found any verification or good reason for that either.
05:50:43Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: How does crossfade handle the next song not being buffered yet?
05:51:22lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: If the next track isn't buffered, the crossfade is likely to be rejected, buty the buffer fill should start early enough to have the next track buffered before crossfade needs it.
05:51:26MTWomghey, why can't the latest daily/rockbox see the IPOD_CONTROL folder?
05:51:52Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Yeah, but if you just start playback, then only one song gets buffered. Then someone listens for 15 seconds, no crossfade to the next song. Again only one song gets buffered... etc. Right?
05:52:06Paul_The_NerdMTWomg: It can. Hold Menu, and then change the file view to all files.
05:52:11MTWomgk, thanks
05:52:32MTWomgI like the fade out when you pause
05:52:34MTWomgreally nice
05:52:38lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: hmm... yes, if they manually skip like that, that is true.
05:52:56punkrockguy318RotAtoR: hey
05:53:01Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: And crossfade definitely didn't happen when my ~1:02 first song ended naturally
05:53:12Paul_The_NerdNo codec change. MP3->MP3
05:53:22lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: alright, I'll consider it a bug then.
05:53:22RotAtoRpunkrockguy318: hi
05:53:39Paul_The_NerdMTWomg: Odd, that was the first thing I disabled. ;)
05:53:56punkrockguy318RotAtoR: I feel pretty dumb now :( I wanted to implement that functionality in something, but I didn't even think to see if it would be useful.
05:54:13RotAtoRhehe, no problem
05:54:15MTWomgI wish the thing would show a volume bar instead of the DB level for volume
05:54:29punkrockguy318RotAtoR: but i did make patches for snake, snake2, bricks, and astroids
05:54:36Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Oops. Somehow my durations were both set to 0s... which would cause no crossfade, right? I wonder how that happened
05:54:54MTWomgI basicly want all the neat features of rockbox but it to look like the normal firmware. I bet I can't do that though.
05:54:56Paul_The_NerdMTWomg: You can set it to show volume as a triangle instead of numeric
05:55:01punkrockguy318RotAtoR: would you mind taking a look at them? they're my first attempts at hacking rockbox :)
05:55:01RotAtoRpunkrockguy318: i saw that, they all make the same changes?
05:55:09midkaypunkrockguy318, good..
05:55:21MTWomglooks like I have a lot of manual reading to do
05:55:35punkrockguy318RotAtoR: yes, except the programs i hacked where already button_get(false)
05:55:45punkrockguy318unlike jewels
05:55:49RotAtoRpunkrockguy318: i'll take a look tomorrow, it's rather late here and i'm heading to bed soon ;)
05:55:51Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Okay, now with a full buffer, next-track crossfades work fine, even with codec switches.
05:56:07punkrockguy318RotAtoR: yeah, it's late here as well. see you around! :)
05:56:19MTWomgwhere can I download rockbox themes?
05:56:28Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: In fact, even with just ONE song buffered (initial start of playback) and 10 seconds into the song, a next-track crossfade happened fine.
05:56:40Paul_The_NerdMTWomg: The WpsGallery wiki page is the best overall source
05:56:50punkrockguy318midkay: i learned quite a bit tonight about input and hold
05:56:59MTWomggot a link?
05:57:08Paul_The_NerdI just told you exactly where it is...
05:57:16punkrockguy318midkay: next time i get a chance to code I think i'll try to hack up some hold functionality in the simulator
05:57:23MTWomgI know, but I'm lazy
05:57:24lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: ok, thanks much, I'll leave the bug posted to remind me to keep looking for anythign that might cause it.
05:57:31 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:57:31midkaypunkrockguy318, good :) ah, cool, i thought it already worked.
05:57:32punkrockguy318midkay: it's quite cumersome to have to test every change with the hold function ON the ipod
05:57:44lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: specifically I still wonder why the pcm buffer tends to drop more than I'd expect on a non-codec change track change.
05:57:47Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Well, I was testing on an iPod, but it's a Nano. The lack of disk-spinup may make a small difference.
05:57:50midkaypunkrockguy318, hm, i prefer to do all testing on-device..
05:57:51punkrockguy318midkay: does it? i couldn't find a key for it
05:58:00lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: that may be the difference even...
05:58:13midkaypunkrockguy318, i remember seeing a recent commit for the simulator to do with locking buttons, i *think*.
05:58:23MTWomgIs anyone putting in the pause when headphone cord is removed feature? The default firmware has it
05:58:30Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: It's only been reported on iPods though, right?
05:59:00midkaypunkrockguy318, april 12: "Patch 5107 from Steve Bavin, enable locking on sdl sim, now mutexes actually MUT EX on the SDL sim"
05:59:10lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: unsure, I think so.
05:59:31midkaylostlogic, that was your commit, wasn't it? does locking work or what?
05:59:32lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: I haven't been separating bugs between ipods and coldfires, but if this is related to CPU power neesd, then it coudl be ipod specific
05:59:35midkaybutton hold?
05:59:36MTWomganyone? :(
05:59:37Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Well, I just tried on H120. I started a track, waited 3 or 4 seconds, hit next track, and it did a perfect 2 second crossfade
05:59:47lostlogicmidkay: works the same as it does on target now afaics
05:59:49midkayMTWomg, the feature isn't in and probably won't be too soon..
05:59:57midkaylostlogic, cool.
06:00:03Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: So, basically, H120 and iPod Nano don't easily let me trigger it.
06:00:09midkayMTWomg, is it a priority for you? how often do you need to use it? :)
06:00:17lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: thanks, I feel better :)
06:00:24MTWomgmidkay: all the time
06:00:25midkaythere's a lot more going on than pausing playback when you disconnect the headphone cord.
06:00:28lostlogicnow it really is sleep time, g'night rockbox!
06:00:36midkaynight lostlogic :)
06:00:48Paul_The_NerdMTWomg: I think there might be a patch for it, if you feel like learning to compile.
06:00:54MTWomgI can use a c compiler
06:00:58MTWomgBut I hate to
06:01:12punkrockguy318midkay: I took a look at his patch, but I don't see anything that allows you to toggle the lock :-\
06:01:27midkaypunkrockguy318, hold on..
06:02:16MTWomgK, so far I got the volume setting and other things (font, etc) how I want them
06:02:20MTWomgnow to check out those themes
06:02:42midkaypunkrockguy318, aha, no, it's not implemented.
06:02:43midkay#ifdef HAS_BUTTON_HOLD
06:02:43midkaybool button_hold(void) {
06:02:43DBUGEnqueued KICK midkay
06:02:43midkay /* temp fix for hold button on irivers */
06:02:43midkay return false;
06:02:43***Alert Mode level 1
06:02:48midkay.. for the sim.
06:02:59midkayshouldn't be too hard a .. um..
06:04:39punkrockguy318hmm, i'll have to check it out next time.. it's too late tonight
06:06:19punkrockguy318midkay: Well, it's bedtime for me. Thanks for all your help! If you don't mind, would you take a look at those patches and see it they're commit worthy when you get the chance? Thanks! See you around! Happy easter!
06:06:36midkaypunkrockguy318, i sure will, thanks, you too. night. :)
06:06:44 Quit punkrockguy318 ("Ex-Chat")
06:06:45MTWomg <−− lol, only two mini WPS files are there
06:06:49MTWomgluckly I like the first one
06:07:05Paul_The_NerdMTWomg: Well, if you don't feel there's enough, feel free to create some 'n add 'em
06:07:14midkayMTWomg, i wouldn't call having awful judgment "lucky", but.. suit yourself.
06:07:20midkayjk ;)
06:07:33MTWomgIt's either dancing megaman or the first one
06:07:51midkayyes, and "luckily" *cough* you like the first one, when clearly dancing megamen pwn the crap out of boring text!!
06:07:56MTWomglol do I install themese
06:08:42MTWomgI think I figured it out
06:08:54midkaygood job, since nobody was about to explain anyways!
06:09:06MTWomgdidn't work
06:09:13midkayokay, okay. you need to unzip them!
06:09:22MTWomgand put them where?
06:09:39Paul_The_Nerd.wps file and bitmap folder go in /.rockbox/wps
06:09:44Paul_The_Nerd.cfg file goes in /.rockbox/themes
06:09:53MTWomgwhat bmp
06:09:59MTWomgI don't see any on
06:10:02Paul_The_NerdNot all of them have a folder of bitmaps
06:10:09midkayMTWomg, what's in the zip file?
06:10:12Paul_The_NerdFor example, the one you want is JUST a .wps file
06:10:19Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: That one's all oldschool. Text-only WPS
06:10:27MTWomgyeah, I got the .wps
06:10:43Paul_The_NerdPut that in the wps folder under .rockbox
06:10:53midkayPaul_The_Nerd, hm.. alright.. you seem to have it under control :)
06:11:01MTWomgwhat's next?
06:11:05Paul_The_NerdThen in General Settings choose Display Options, and then Browse WPS (if my memory serves)
06:12:40MTWomghow do I get it to use it's theme?
06:12:44***Alert Mode OFF
06:13:07MTWomgjust got it's font working as well
06:14:10Paul_The_NerdIt's just a WPS file. It's not a full theme anyway
06:14:25Paul_The_NerdTheme's are usually distributed as a .zip because they consist of at least a .cfg and a .wps
06:14:27 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:14:27 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
06:15:18 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzzzzz")
06:29:24 Quit MTWomg ()
06:36:10 Quit robin__ (Remote closed the connection)
06:36:42 Join robin_ [0] (
06:45:49JdGordon:'( WTF is nero trying to se my dvd burner as a cd burner when im trying to burn my 4gb iso with a dvd-r in the drive??
06:46:07Paul_The_NerdBecause Nero is really REALLY annoying like that
06:46:12 Quit ts-x ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:46:31JdGordoni love how it says it will try burning at 92x!
06:54:25 Quit vmx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:54:28 Join vmx [0] (
06:56:51 Join Psykus [0] (i=0_o@
06:57:03Paul_The_NerdDoes anyone know if our Ogg codec is capable of handling .ogg files with multiple logical streams?
06:57:48JdGordon..only 1 way to find out...
06:57:48Psykushey, trying to restore an ipod video from rockbox, the executable ipodpatcher.exe is refusing to restore the original bootloader because it doesn't recognize the device as an ipod...i had imaged the drive sometime after I installed rockbox for something else
06:58:08Psykusand i'm sure I have the right device number
06:58:35 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:58:50Psykusi didn't see any sort of force option, which would be ideal for this situation
06:59:18Paul_The_NerdJdGordon: Well, somebody's having troubles with some. So I was curious if anyone knew if that was supposed to happen
06:59:31Psykusthe ipod restore app won't recognize the device with the rockbox bootloader I think
06:59:52Paul_The_NerdPsykus: Format the device entirely, and then the ipod restore app should recognize it.
07:00:00Psykusnope, already did that
07:00:10Paul_The_NerdPsykus: Hopefully you did that AFTER ipodpatcher failed to work
07:00:23Paul_The_NerdBecause otherwise, that's why ipodpatcher doesn't work
07:00:58Psykusis there any way to force ipodpatcher to restore the bootloader?
07:01:09Paul_The_NerdBut for me it's always worked to format the entire ipod to NTFS and then run the restore tool on it (sometimes I needed to reboot. The restore tool is iffy)
07:01:27Paul_The_NerdPsykus: Why are you so focused on ipodpatcher?
07:01:38Psykusi've already tried formatting
07:01:46Paul_The_NerdWell, at this point it's in Apple's book.
07:01:53CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:01:53*JdGordon stabs nero repeatadly...
07:02:07Psykussuppose i'll try rebooting
07:02:07Paul_The_NerdIf you've reformatted no Rockbox software exists on there any more. In fact, it's in the exact same state if you'd formatted it without ever having installed rockbox
07:02:14midkayJdGordon, did you select the correct device mode? "DVD" instead of "CD".
07:02:23JdGordonmidkay: ye
07:02:27Psykusi figured it might be seperate
07:02:32midkayJdGordon, are you trying to burn an image?
07:02:46midkayah, yes. i had that before too.. are you using nero express?
07:02:47JdGordonye, ok i just realised the image is 8gb.. not 4
07:02:50JdGordoncould be why :p
07:02:51Paul_The_NerdNah. Your ipod now has nothing Rockbox related on it, so the problems relate to it and the apple restore tool.
07:03:20Psykusk, rebooting now
07:03:30 Quit Psykus (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:04:18 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
07:04:23 Join webguest09 [0] (
07:07:50 Quit webguest09 (Client Quit)
07:08:12Paul_The_NerdWell, that was special
07:08:35scorchetouched my heart with his patience
07:11:10Paul_The_NerdCan't you actually pick a nickname with the webchat?
07:11:33midkayPaul_The_Nerd, i don't think most of the users that use the webchat know what the "nick" field is for.
07:11:43JdGordonno, i dont think they so
07:11:47midkaynor would they if it were changed to "name"..
07:12:10Paul_The_NerdSo change it to "What do you want to be called?"
07:12:13Paul_The_NerdNo, scratch that
07:12:20*Paul_The_Nerd does not want to see a "PimpMastah" in here.
07:12:48*BHSPitLappy is now known as PimpMastah
07:13:14 Join PimpMastah [0] (i=ScorchE@
07:13:47scorchei=ScorchE@ FTL
07:14:26PimpMastahso will the rockboxorz help me to get the chicks?
07:14:47JdGordonhell ye!
07:15:22 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
07:16:03 Part PimpMastah ("well, that was oddly fulfilling")
07:16:49 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:21:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:22:23 Quit raybert ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
07:27:18JdGordoncan any1 help me with my unix tools assignments?? "Use a loop, read, expr and echo to produce a file Totals containing a line for each student who has
07:27:18JdGordona practical assessment that has an ID, followed by a : character and a total for up to three practical
07:27:18JdGordonassessments, followed by a : character and an average practical mark."
07:39:39JdGordonhaha, my comp is crapping itself trying to do 2 video encoding and my general work all at once :D
07:41:21JdGordoncpu is only @ 50C tho with the fan off..
07:41:38JdGordonturned it back on tho coz the vidcard was getting too hot and was doing funny stuff..
07:41:41midkaywhat processor?
07:41:48JdGordoncelly 2.4
07:42:08midkayafk, vomiting! ;)
07:42:24scorchemidkay: i wouldnt do that before you see the specs on this system
07:42:42midkayscorche, quickly, before it's too late!
07:44:57scorche[Uptime] 46 days, 18 min :: [CPU] 1-Pentium MMX @ 166MHz (31% load) :: [Memory] 41M Used, 60M Total (30% Free) :: [Video] S3 Inc. 86c325 [ViRGE] (800x600/24 Bit/73Hz) :: [Disk] 2.94G Used, 14.85G Total (75% Free) :: [Network] Linksys Network Everywhere Fast Ethernet 10/100 model NC100 (eth0: 346.96M In, 95.98M Out
07:46:26scorchethis is my upcoming fileserver that i am too lazy to upgrade with my spare mobo/cpu
07:46:48scorchebut alas, i have many things to get done before i play
07:47:29scorcheon a side note, i am hungry
07:49:20midkayah, now i get it.
07:50:06 Join RoC_MM [0] (
07:57:47 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
08:02:47 Join _jim_fear [0] (
08:02:51 Join JBGood [0] (
08:03:04_jim_fearhey i am having a few issues with rockbox on my iriver h340
08:03:06_jim_fearanyone around?
08:04:45Galoisdead time
08:05:10_jim_fearyeah i noticed
08:05:14_jim_fearim having random skipping problems
08:05:15_jim_fearwhich suck
08:05:26_jim_fearwhile browsing through directories
08:05:54Galoisturn off everything that uses cpu
08:06:11_jim_fearhmm like...
08:06:18Galoisespecially equalizer and WPS graphics and peak meters (although the latter two don't matter when browsing, I don't think)
08:06:19scorchepeak meters
08:06:34_jim_feari havent even had a chance to mess with peak meters yet =)
08:06:37midkayEQ, crossfeed..
08:06:40scorchethey do cause, they are still running i believe
08:06:48_jim_fearwait u can turn those off
08:06:57_jim_fearo i guess u can turn the eq off i didnt think of that
08:07:42*midkay contemplates trying and possibly committing JdGordon's viewer patch.
08:07:54JdGordonno... dont...
08:08:00Galoisit might also help to turn up the anti-skip buffer but I'm not sure
08:08:01midkayoh, alright.
08:08:08midkay*closes firefox 'patches' window*
08:08:22_jim_fearGalois do u know if i need to reboot the system after i change the antiskip buffer?
08:08:32_jim_fearcuz i turned it all the way up to 10 mins didnt reboot and just went back
08:08:35_jim_fearit still had the issue
08:08:53Galoisthe other things like eq,crossfade, peak meters are more important
08:09:07_jim_fearthat sucks
08:09:15_jim_feari mean i can do without the crossfade
08:09:22_jim_fearbut the eq i just set up perfect for my car lol
08:09:36midkay_jim_fear, antiskip will not help the stuttering.
08:10:14midkaymp3 is simply not yet to the point where it plays back fine with the EQ on, regardless of crossfeed, graphics, peak meters or anything else. eq kills it, anything else just adds to the performance penalty.
08:10:41_jim_fearso if i turn off the eq
08:10:45_jim_fearit shouldnt stutter like that?
08:11:01midkayas long as most other stuff is off. crossfeed will probably hurt a lot too..
08:12:21_jim_fearok ill have to try that
08:14:41 Quit jbauman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:14:50 Join cs-cam [0] (
08:15:12 Join webguest26 [0] (
08:15:23amiconngood morning
08:15:29 Part webguest26
08:15:34JdGordonmorning amiconn
08:16:41cs-cami installed rockbox on a ipod color but it stays stuck at the splash on boot
08:17:33cs-camany ideas?
08:17:46JdGordonu got the .rockbox folder?
08:19:01cs-cami installed it from windows earlier today and sometimes it would boot sometimes it wouldn't
08:19:10midkayamiconn, what is the chessbox "opening book"?
08:19:34cs-camso i restored the ipod with the apple software and reinstalled rockbox with linux and i'm not getting any further
08:21:21 Join webguest82 [0] (
08:21:50cs-camare there any logs or a way i can see whats going wrong during boot/
08:25:19 Quit webguest82 (Client Quit)
08:26:01amiconnmidkay: Well, it's an opening book for chess. Most chess programs have that
08:26:52amiconnComputers are particularly poor at chess opening and end-game they use a library of known openings to solve the former problem
08:28:18 Join ashridah [0] (
08:29:14amiconnHmm, it's correct what Moos and RotAtoR discovered - Bagder's optimisation may break partial lcd updates, in 50% of the cases
08:29:25amiconn(on X5)
08:29:34 Join RedBreva [0] (
08:30:14amiconnAlso in 50% of the cases (independent from the 50% where update is broken), the desired speedup doesn't happen
08:31:45amiconnI already pointed out the latter shortly after Bagder's commit...
08:32:02cs-camis there something i can do to be able to see whats happening during boot up?
08:33:23Slasherics-cam: logf
08:33:31Slasheriand morning :)
08:34:11cs-camSlasheri: morning ;) i need to build my own rockbox to enable that hey?
08:34:25_jim_fearcan i change the speed in which if you hold down it scrolls through directories
08:34:34_jim_fearcuz all i have on is the eq nothing else
08:36:14Slasherics-cam: yep, correct. Then it can be used to follow the boot up process at real time from a remote lcd controller, or to be dumped to disk from the debug menu later
08:38:44 Quit _jim_fear ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
08:39:17 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
08:41:07midkayamiconn, ah, so it's like.. preset moves or something?
08:47:51 Join Ribs [0] (
08:49:03 Quit JBGood (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:50:31amiconnWhoa! The x5 i2c driver for the pcf50606 looks like it's teh slowness... and it's used in the button tick like on H300
08:50:42amiconnIt will literally eat cpu cycles...
08:51:06 Quit robin_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:51:36amiconnSomeone with an x5 should perform a test: Run test_fps at 11MHz, first normal and the with button hold enabled.
08:51:56amiconnI bet the latter will be at least twice as fast...
08:56:00 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
08:57:11RedBrevaAnyone know if the SDL sim should be playing audio in VMWare image correctly - mine is skipping like a bouncy thing...
08:57:57RedBrevaWell not so much skipping as taking 20 second to decode 3 second of audio with big gaps between!
08:58:04amiconnIt's skipping since some point in lostlogic's rework
08:58:27RedBrevaOK, cool, as long as I havent feckup my installation :D
08:58:50amiconnHow much it skips depends on OS and sound card driver
08:59:17RedBrevaDidn't notice before, I only managed to get audio working at all in vmware yesterday evening
08:59:28Slasherithe delay loop might be too big. lowering that should help
09:00:14Slasherithat's in uisimulator/sdl/thread-sdl.c
09:00:25Slasheriyou need to make the yield not to sleep so often
09:03:36amiconnWe need to sleep a bit on the sim, otherwise it will eat 100% cpu even if idling
09:03:44amiconnsleep on yield, that is
09:04:13Slasheriwe can sleep in the yield, but not everytime
09:04:21Slasherifor example every 5th call to the sleep
09:04:30amiconn100% CPu are absolutely undesirable when developing on a laptop. (1) Noise and (2) battery runtime when dev'ing on-the-go
09:04:42Slasherithat would keep the cpu usage low
09:05:28Jungti1234big problem
09:06:13amiconnYes, noise. There are those CPU fans...
09:06:28 Quit ProgramZeta ("Trillian (")
09:06:35 Join VoltageX [0] (
09:06:45VoltageXhas hcl been active?
09:06:53Jungti1234playing a song and a marked song are different.
09:07:27SlasheriJungti1234: well, you should tell lostlogic that
09:08:04Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: how old is your build?
09:08:29Jungti1234Isn't my problem.
09:09:07Jungti1234Some Koreans have the problem.
09:09:22Paul_The_NerdWell, while this has been a problem with recent builds, it *may* not be a problem now, as a lot of work has gone into fixing it, so it's important to know if this bug exists in the newest version.
09:09:56VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: does something need testing?
09:10:04amiconnreboot, brb
09:10:07 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so good")
09:10:24Jungti1234When next time music plays, makes strange sounds.
09:10:58Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: Not so much at the moment. Many/most of the playback glitches seem to be ironed out, with a few very notable exceptions relating to seeking outside the buffer (especially in exceptionally long file) but apparently lostlogic has a plan to tackle that. So really, we need to see what bugs show up *after* the next change he makes
09:11:24Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: That definitely sounds like the problem the old version had. Can you find out how old their download is, and if it's not the newest CVS Build, have them try that?
09:13:07VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: ok, happy to run cvs on my player and help out
09:14:12Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: Well, the current CVS one should be *pretty* good. Though of course, if you get reproduceable problems other than seeking outside the buffer, reports are always welcome
09:14:37VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: yesterdays CVS was thrashing the hard drive in the H340 a hell of a lot
09:14:37Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: There have been some reports of Crossfade problems, but I personally can't cause them to reproduce at all
09:14:57VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: also wps took a very very long time to change (30sec-2min)
09:15:31VoltageXjust gonna grab the latest CVS now
09:15:43VoltageXgah, gonna have to reapply my patches
09:15:49Paul_The_NerdThat sounds more like disk fragmentation or something else, rather than a Rockbox thing
09:16:04Paul_The_NerdI don't think there's been any changes recently that would affect WPS loading
09:16:29VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: I have been moving a lot of files around with it, should I try a normal windows defrag?
09:17:01Paul_The_NerdYou could, though windows defrag likes to have 15% or more free. At the very least have it check the drive for fragmentation and see how bad it says it is.
09:17:25Paul_The_NerdBut you may be better off just deleting everything with a quick-format and then copying everything over again in one swoop
09:17:29ashridahi've tried defragging over usb. it's horribly slow
09:17:34ashridaheasier to reformat the silly thing and copy the files over again
09:17:38VoltageXashridah: USB2?
09:17:50ashridaheven over usb2
09:17:57VoltageXwill do
09:18:03 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
09:18:15VoltageXjust got to figure out whether I have copies of everything on the player
09:18:50scorcheanyone know if there is a way to convert an archos jukebox recorder pre-V2 to USB2?
09:21:37amiconnNo, that's not possible
09:21:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:22:20amiconnV1 recorders came both as USB1.1 and USB2.0 though. At least the 20GB models were USB2.0
09:22:43scorchei hvae a 15
09:22:49scorchewell, 160 gig now =)
09:23:18scorchejust wish it was usb2
09:24:04scorchewhy is it not possible?
09:24:20amiconnIt's a different bridge chip, which is not pin compatible
09:24:43amiconnBtw, you may be lucky with the USB1.1 bridge and your 160GB disk
09:25:23amiconnThe USB2.0 bridge does the USB<->ATA handling itself, and doesn't support LBA48, i.e. disks >128GB (136GB as the manufacturers are counting)
09:25:23scorchei was not sure if it was going to work, but it did
09:26:02amiconnThe USB1.1 chip doesn't handle it all by itself, that's why you need a special driver
09:26:03Paul_The_NerdMan, I hate that whole 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes bs.
09:26:12scorche1024 ;)
09:26:47amiconnscorche: I bet a 160GB disk will work in an USB2.0 recorder as well, just one has to be *very* careful about the partitioning
09:26:50 Join damaki [0] (
09:27:00scorchehow so?
09:27:22scorche(this is one of the new perpendicular drives if you hadnt already assumed so)
09:27:28amiconnThe partition should not exceed the 128GB barrier, otherwise hasty things will happen when the system tries to write above that barrier
09:27:57VoltageXformatting my H300: volume is too big for FAT32
09:28:21VoltageXhmm mustnta touched the drive
09:28:28VoltageXrockbox still loads
09:28:28amiconnSince the bridge cannot address sectors above 128GB, it will probably map the sectors modulo 128GB, i.e. back to the beginning of the disk...
09:28:49amiconnYes, real ouch
09:28:58scorchethis is the 2.0 bridge we are talking about?
09:29:01Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: Use Swissknife or some other tool to format, rather than Windows
09:29:14scorchewhat about the 1.1 bridge?
09:29:19amiconnI'm not sure whether it will also happen with the 1.1 bridge. It might
09:29:38VoltageXis it fat32 by default?
09:29:41scorchei should test this...
09:29:43RedBrevaI have had a fiddle with the delay in thread-sdl.c and nothing really makes much difference... except I had to kill the process at some settings (no responsive)
09:30:05amiconnRockbox also doesn't implement LBA48
09:30:41amiconnThis is fixable although far from trivial
09:30:48Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: Yes, it's fat32 but windows doesn't like to format Fat32 beyond 32gb because it's crazy.
09:31:13amiconnM$ wants to force users towards NTFS
09:31:26VoltageXdownloading swissknife
09:31:30scorcheamiconn: i believe that the 1.1 also has the same problem
09:31:43JdGordonany unix scripters here? im having problems with join and its pissing me off :'(
09:31:55scorcheCapacity: 127 GB
09:32:17scorchelooks like some partitioning is in order
09:32:36amiconnAh, so the drive is clamped?
09:32:48 Join speacial_ed [0] (
09:32:53amiconnPartitioning won't help exceeding the barrier
09:33:02scorchehold on...checking a few things
09:33:03amiconnIt's the sector addressing that is limited
09:33:36scorchelooks like it is clamped
09:33:54scorche128.00 GB
09:33:58amiconnI would leave it that way. You are wasting some space on the drive, but your data is safe this way
09:34:12scorchei dont care...i got the 300$ drive for 60$ =D
09:34:14 Join solexx_ [0] (
09:34:25VoltageXwas jewels fubared in cvs recently?
09:34:40Paul_The_NerdNot that I know of, why?
09:34:58VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: just froze rockbox completely
09:35:15VoltageXi.e. paperclip reset needed
09:35:21Paul_The_NerdJust playing jewels?
09:35:29scorcheso as it is, it will not have the aformentioned effect?
09:36:22amiconnThe drive should have 149 "real" GB, 21 of which you can't use (or about 14%). Not too much of a waste, imho
09:36:24VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: start rockbox −−> browse plugins −−> open chessbox −−> play with chessbox for a bit −−> close chessbox −−> open jewels −−> Play New Game −−> freeze :(
09:36:29scorchewould it do the same thing on a 2.0 bridge?
09:36:54scorcheand for 60$, i am very happy i have any room at all
09:37:06amiconnThe bridge chips are too old, and can't handle the addressing mode needed for >128GB
09:37:28amiconnThe same goes for the USB->ATA bridge in the irivers
09:37:35scorcheand like you said, they cannot be replaced for new ones?
09:37:56amiconn(but it's less likely that 1.8" drives will exceed the 128GB limit too soon)
09:38:11Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: Two questions- Can you reproduce it, and if so, how?
09:38:12VoltageXamiconn: an 80gb 1.8" drive is $400AUD anyways so you'd have to be crazy to replace it unless repairs cost more than that
09:38:47VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: I'll try with the latest CVS after I format the drive
09:39:07Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: Specifically, how much do I need to do in chessbox (as jewels hasn't been changed recently but chessbox has.)
09:40:25amiconnVoltageX: Right now, yes. But these units will likely be around for a longer time, and at some point in the future 1.8" disks >128GB will be available, and people will want to put them in their players...
09:40:53scorcheperpendicular recording
09:41:24amiconnThese mp3 beasts tend to stay around for quite some time. Thinking of the archoses..
09:41:34scorchei love mine
09:41:50VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: I actually couldn't figure out how to play :P - about 5 illegal moves then I hit play 3 times (moves the computer)
09:42:33scorchehonestly, there arent any other players out there that i would rather have...size is a downside, but i can do pretty much anything i want with it
09:42:44scorchealso, not being able to read other formats
09:42:56scorchebut, it is better than having something like an ipod
09:43:42amiconnYou have a recorder?
09:43:49scorche2 actually
09:43:56scorchebut one that i use
09:44:07amiconnThen you can play wav with a recent-enough daily...
09:44:14scorchei know
09:44:19scorchebut not flac etc
09:44:22amiconnwav (and aiff) playback will be integrated in the 3.1 release
09:44:49VoltageXwhat does the <file> is in the way message from cvs mean?
09:45:04 Quit speacial_ed ("Bye")
09:45:20amiconnFlac is probably too heavy for the poor little archos cpu, but we will try. Perhaps we manage to get it working
09:45:24ashridahit means a file exists in the file tree that it doesn't want to overwrite
09:45:43scorcheamiconn: if you ever need any help with testing or the ilk...
09:45:45ashridahi'd say you applied a patch or something, and a file with the same name (possibly the same patch) has been merged)
09:45:54amiconnWhat will probably be possible (and imho a very nice thing) is playing tracker modules, like ProTracker etc
09:46:41Avequestion about runtime estimation on ipod(nano), if I understood correctly, the lifetime is simply linear interpolation based on voltage values alone?
09:46:45VoltageXamiconn: which I"ve recently been going on and on and on about :)
09:46:54amiconnI'll also have a go at wav recording after the freeze (if [IDC]Dragon doesn't do it before me)
09:48:47amiconnHe said he tried, but didn't get it working.
09:49:08amiconnDeja vu.... same happened with his wavplay.
09:49:24amiconn(it's a time issue, I know)
09:49:50 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:51:29 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
09:54:25scorcheamiconn: well thanks for the discussion...and if there is anything i can do to help, let me know
09:59:09 Quit wehn ()
10:00:57 Join aegray_ [0] (
10:01:05 Quit aegray_ (Client Quit)
10:01:17 Join aegray_ [0] (
10:01:20Aveis there a way to read current draw from battery on the ipod?
10:03:34 Quit aegray_ (Client Quit)
10:09:46 Join bluebrother [0] (
10:29:20amiconnSlasheri: Dunno whether you've read the log; chunked browsing works very well. Tried the latest tagcache both on archos recorder and ipod mini
10:30:19amiconnBut I have a question - is there a reason why tagcache doesn't use the localised strings for 'Artists', 'Albums' etc?
10:31:20 Quit Jungti1234 ()
10:31:26Slasheriamiconn: yes, i read the log. that sounds very good :)
10:31:47amiconnAlso, the progress display in the splash doesn't seem to work right. It shows 0 (sometimes 1) found, then waits a while, and then the search ends, with all entries it should find
10:31:51Slasheriamiconn: the reason for the missing localisation at the moment is that the tag browser menu is defined in tagnavi.config -file
10:32:09Slasherii have not yet got an idea how to localise those strings
10:32:09amiconnAh, so it's completely defined there?
10:33:46Slasheriamiconn: it's not always possible to update the progress display, for example some complex searches might take a long time while tagcache caches the seek tables in memory
10:34:08Slasheriand in that time, the browser just waits for the tagcache engine to finish the query
10:34:55amiconnHmm, okay. Soit's just a rough progress display
10:35:17amiconnIf that's documented, I don't think it's a problem. I just wondered...
10:35:29Slasheriyep. or it is possible to make it more responsive by lowering the tagcache engine cache table size, but that would make some searches slower
10:36:18amiconnDisplaying the ~3000 songs on my archos ("Songs" from the root) takes ~2 seconds
10:36:20Paul_The_NerdIs there somewhere that the syntax for tagnavi.config is listed?
10:36:34Slasherihehe, that's quite fast
10:36:55SlasheriPaul_The_Nerd: no good documentation for the syntax yet..
10:37:01amiconnAre there searches that might be slower?
10:37:03Slasheribut looking at the examples might give some ideas
10:37:25Paul_The_NerdSlasheri: Well, my confusion was relating to the ~ in the examples
10:37:54amiconnIf not, we might drop the progress display, and just display a simple 'Loading...' (or 'Searching...') splash
10:37:57Slasheriamiconn: hmm, well, defining a search with more conditional tags or referring to other tags in the search clauses, will make the search slower
10:38:51 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
10:38:55SlasheriPaul_The_Nerd: that means that the condition will be true is we find an occurrance of the given string in anywhere in the tag
10:39:16Paul_The_NerdAh, so "Heavy Metal" and "Metal" both are true for ~ metal
10:39:17 Join SereR0KR [0] (
10:39:29Slasheri= tries to find excactly matching tag, and ^ a tag beginning with the given string
10:40:11Paul_The_NerdOkay, can you put more than one thing on a given level?
10:40:16Slasherian empty string "" opens a query window
10:40:22amiconnSlasheri: Hmm. I think we need to find a solution for the localisation problem. This also prevents voicing, so the tagcache isn't usable for the blind
10:40:37Slasheriamiconn: hmm, true..
10:40:59amiconnWe could spell out everything, but that's cumbersome...
10:41:03SlasheriPaul_The_Nerd: currently all conditions are "anded", there is no "or" yet
10:41:35Paul_The_NerdSlasheri: The ipod has an "All songs" option on each layer. So if I pick an artist, I see each Album by that artist, plus a link to all songs by that artist. Would that be : album song : or is there no proper syntax to do that yet?
10:42:05Slasherithat's not yet possible
10:42:14Slasheribut will be implemented later :)
10:42:26amiconnSlasheri: How is tagnavi.config parsed?
10:42:36Paul_The_NerdNo rush from me, as I'm a Filetree person, but it does seem a popular request.
10:42:39Slasheriamiconn: tagtree_init() parses it at boot time
10:43:41Slasheriand the well parsed structures are passed to the tagcache engine at search time
10:45:01amiconnWe could localise the standard cases, but that means more code...
10:45:29Paul_The_NerdYou could allow the use of localization tokens in the tagnavi.config
10:45:31 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
10:45:43amiconnInstead of the string in "", tagnavi.config could contain the string ids as a literal
10:45:48SlasheriPaul_The_Nerd: ah, that sounds like a good idea
10:46:16amiconn...and the parser would then fill in the proper string from the language string array
10:46:45amiconnFor this to work, it would need a ID->numeric id mapping list
10:49:21 Join dj-fu [0] (
10:50:43amiconnSomehow I don't really like this approach, but then I don't see a different possibility right now
10:52:01Slasheriat least that approach made the code in fact a way simpler than it was before (except the parser part)
10:52:27Slasherianother possibility could be to embed the configuration in the code.. but then user couldn't easily define own searches
10:53:26amiconnWe could do a mix. Embed the standard searches in the code, and let the user define additional ones in tagnavi.config
10:53:38amiconnSame way as the filetypes are handled...
10:53:39Paul_The_NerdThat seems best to me, actually
10:54:00Paul_The_NerdGenre, Album, Artist, and All Songs, and their subcategories, could be preset and localized.
10:54:02Slasherihmm, that is probably a good way to do it
10:54:29 Part arse_ ("parse error")
10:54:41amiconnI'd say Genre, Artist, Album, Song and their 'Search...' variants are standard
10:55:02amiconnThey were standard with tagdb (iirc)
10:55:35Paul_The_NerdI think for the front page there should just be "Search" and then, when you select it, a list of possible tags to search is made available.
10:55:50Paul_The_NerdIt seems a little cluttered to have all three search variants on the front page.
10:58:09 Join damaki_ [0] (
10:59:22Slasheriin future that configuration possibility would enable user to do smart playlists also, like "Best songs" song ? score > "80"
10:59:53dj-fudoes the iPod nano have multie processors?
11:00:17Paul_The_NerdSlasheri: Wouldn't you just need to add score as a supported tag, and then you'd already have that feature?
11:00:27Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: It has two cores, yes.
11:01:09SlasheriPaul_The_Nerd: basically yes, adding it would be really simple. But it requires some additional feature to the tagcache engine too (like proper support of modification the tags and importing & exporting data)
11:01:35Paul_The_NerdSlasheri: Yeah. I know there's nothing like RuntimeDB yet.
11:02:22Slasheriwhen the engine would be prepared to modify data on the fly, then i think it would be a powerful runtimedb too
11:04:01 Quit bluebrother ("Verlassend")
11:05:04Slasheriit's just necessary that there is the possibility to export all modified data to a changelog file and import that file when regenerating the database. And it would be nice if that file could be processed with PC too to be able to do permament modifications to the real tags stored in the files
11:05:47Paul_The_NerdOr a plugin. ;-)
11:05:57Slasherihehe, yeah :)
11:08:52Slasheriprobably the biggest issue would be how to individualize the files.. so should we take a checksum or something like that from the file headers when building the database and use that to connect the tagcache entries to real files.. that would cause performance loss and the possibility of having same checksums with more than one entries
11:11:12Slasheriunless checksums are used, statistical data could be lost if file is renamed or something like that
11:11:18ashridahhaving the same checksum for two different files is pretty damned rare, but if that's the case, is it really a problem? in the extremely rare instance, it just means you get a false positive on both, and rescan both occasionally.
11:11:40Paul_The_NerdSlasheri: I think if the user renames his files before telling it to update the tags on them, that's their own problem
11:11:48ashridahi'd agree
11:12:14SlasheriPaul_The_Nerd: hmm, yep.. probably it would be best not to use checksums at all
11:12:36Paul_The_NerdSlasheri: I think simply filenames (or whatever method is used to track down the file when one clicks play on it) should be more than enough. ;-)
11:12:52ashridahSlasheri: i'd just do a checksum on just the filename itself
11:13:29 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:13:33ashridahuse something cheap like crc32
11:13:34Slasheriashridah: well, then it would be better to use the filename as the "checksum" itself =)
11:14:00Slasheriat least there wouldn't be the risk of duplicate checksum entries then
11:14:16ashridahSlasheri: not really, if you include size and modtime or something somehow, then it changes if the file's got the same name but is still a different file
11:14:43ashridahafter all, potentially all this info could be dredged from dircache, which means no disk access to get it (doesn't it?)
11:15:03ashridahdircache may need updating to add a few extra bits of uniqueness
11:15:17Slasheriyep, in fact dircache already has that info available
11:15:20ashridahbut lets face it, it's going to be pretty rare to have the same filename, same size, AND same modtime...
11:15:45ashridahif it does, i'd be more inclined to suspect a screwup in the directory tables :)
11:15:54Slasherihehe, true. but with crc32 it's still possible, that different entries would generate the same checksum
11:16:03 Join bluey [0] (
11:16:20dj-fuyou could checksum the first x bytes of data in the file
11:16:24ashridahtrue, but that just means occasionally we have to do a more detailed check
11:16:34ashridahafter all, there are plenty of resolution schemes for hash collisions
11:16:53ashridahdj-fu: that means hitting the disk, and what happens if someone's retagged it and tags are at the front?
11:17:04dj-fuah, word
11:18:16ashridahheh. i should probably shut up and go back to making my encrypted peer2peer chat app for uni.
11:18:50Slasheriashridah :D a new "irc killer" app? =)
11:18:58ashridahnothing special
11:19:29JdGordonashridah: to get around uni rules? or as a project?
11:19:39Paul_The_NerdYou *could* just compare the existing tags on the file with the ones in TagCache before updating it.
11:19:49ashridahjust sends a local certificate across the wire to the remote end, verifies the remote's cert against a set of locally trusted ones, and if it's trusted, uses the keys contained therein to do keyagreement and then start tripleDES encryption
11:19:56ashridahJdGordon: project.
11:20:01JdGordonah ok
11:20:02ashridahJdGordon: doign a subject on secure programming
11:20:15SlasheriPaul_The_Nerd: yes, true. But that would make it in fact slower than rebuilding the entire db from scratch
11:20:23ashridahSlasheri: besides, this is only one endpoint each
11:20:39ashridahnot multi-user.
11:20:44Paul_The_NerdSlasheri: Well, I thought this was just for verifying that a file is infact itself.
11:20:56ashridahso closer to IM really, although a lot bigger of a bitch to do.
11:21:15Slasheriashridah: hehe, i wrote in the past a partially working peer2peer radio streamer :)
11:21:45ashridahah, plenty of those already on the net. just hook up videolan
11:21:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:22:01 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
11:22:16SlasheriPaul_The_Nerd: hmm, yep. but probably just a simple changelog file would be enough to start with :)
11:23:12VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: did you manage to reproduce the chessbox/jewels crash?
11:23:30dj-fuI love you guys
11:23:37Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: No. Have you managed to reproduce it with a CVS buidl?
11:23:51 Join Myth1 [0] (
11:23:56VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: slight issues with my net connection here, downloading CVS now
11:24:01Myth1hi everyone
11:25:54 Part amiconn
11:26:15linuxstb_Myth1: hi.
11:26:19 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
11:26:24JdGordonhaha.. u scared him away Myth1
11:26:47Myth1asking too much questions lately ;)
11:29:19linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: To answer your question about SID in the patch tracker (hopefully Myth1 will correct me if I'm wrong) - yes, the problem is that SIDs are never-ending programs. That's why song length needs to be stored manually, and then the codec can stop the program executing after that time has passed. But the .sid file format doesn't include song length.
11:29:55Paul_The_Nerd linuxstb: Thanks. It's something I've often been curious about.
11:30:48VoltageXlinuxstb: I"m sure I've used a SID plugin in WinAmp that knew what the song length was
11:31:17VoltageXlinuxstb: I'd like to be able to set a song length manually if exact times aren't possible
11:31:22Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: Apparently those frequently just use a database of known SID songs.
11:31:51VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: I wonder how hard it is to read that db
11:32:44linuxstbVoltageX: It's not hard at all. The database I've seen (part of HSVC) has the md5 checksum and running time for about 31,000 SID files and is just a simple text file.
11:33:15Aveits hvsc!
11:33:24linuxstbSo we would need to calculate the MD5 checksum on the loaded SID file, and probably convert the text file to a binary format.
11:33:33linuxstbAve: Thankyou :)
11:33:34 Join lee-qid_ [0] (
11:34:01Aveso the subsong selection doesnt exist?
11:34:10VoltageXlinuxstb: I'd rather not have my player calculating MD5s
11:34:15linuxstbI'm not sure how to make it easy for a user to add futher entries to the database though.
11:34:27VoltageXmaybe an external program to hash SIDs?
11:34:31Aveyou can pack gapzillion sid songs into a gigabyte.. ah nice
11:34:36linuxstbVoltageX: It's hardly going to kill it to calculate an md5 checksum on < 64KB of data.
11:34:51VoltageXlinuxstb: I have no idea how MD5 works :)
11:34:59Avehas anyone considered using light packer like lzo for sids?
11:35:08Aveor would be be needlessly stupid
11:35:39Myth1that would be useless because of the clustersize
11:35:40VoltageXAve: considering, like linuxstb said, <64kb of data, quite excessive
11:36:00linuxstbRockbox currently only works with a 1 file = 1 track view of the world. Supporting sub-songs would mean fixing that, which isn't trivial.
11:36:09Aveaah so even if the file takes 1 kB, 64kB is wasted on disk?
11:36:22VoltageXlinuxstb: :(
11:36:24linuxstbNo, the "cluster size" - which is (I think) normally 32KB.
11:36:35Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: So, that's why an ogg with multiple logical streams would fail then? (I wasn't sure if it'd fail, or just play them sequentially as one long track, or what)
11:36:38linuxstbi.e. each file will consume a multiple of 32KB.
11:36:38VoltageXlinuxstb: so subsongs will be RockBox 4.0?
11:36:48Aveok same thing
11:37:03Avetoo bad, many of the good songs are not the first song in a sid
11:37:05linuxstbVoltageX: I don't believe anyone has committed to adding it.
11:37:19 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
11:37:30VoltageXlinuxstb: it seems rockbox needs more devs
11:37:41Myth1Hmm, I have problems with the current cvs build: Skipping to next next song does not work correctly
11:37:43Myth1is this known?
11:37:50VoltageXlinuxstb: I'm learning C but I'm a few years off hacking rockbox
11:38:21AveMyth1: is it filetype specific?
11:38:36Myth1Ave: No, its with both SID and mp3
11:38:37AveI had some weird problems with yesterdays code relating to song skip
11:39:00Myth1The day before yesterday it worked fine
11:39:02VoltageXMyth1: I know SID skipping is dodgy but I haven't had trouble with MP3
11:39:02linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: I'm not sure about that - that bug report looks like it is not talking about chained Ogg files (basically just normally Ogg files concatenated together), but rather a single Ogg file with 3 streams multiplexed together, similar to a DVD with 3 audio tracks. But I could be wrong.
11:39:38Myth1Voltage: Well, now its not only dodgy, it just doesn't work. I press the song skip button and it shows the next song but doesn't start playing
11:39:49 Join vonck [0] (n=mvo@
11:40:02Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Well, each of the three streams is different lengths, so I was reading it as if it were chained.
11:40:08AveI was thinking of doing the battery test and see if the voltages are different than what it says in powermgmt.h
11:40:43Avebut I dont really see what the code uses for lifetime estimation on ipod nano
11:40:54Myth1rockboxui tells me "sdl_audio_callback: No Data."
11:41:00linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Maybe they are just chained then. Ogg/Vorbis is the codec I'm least familiar with.
11:41:02SlasheriAve: the code is in powermgmt.c
11:41:09Slasherithere are the volate tables
11:41:33Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Okay. I'll generalize my response then. ;-)
11:42:03linuxstbMyth1: Are you only having problems in the simulator, or is it on your H320 as well?
11:42:03AveSlasheri: yes I see that, but how does it convert the voltage/capacity into actual time if you dont know the current consumption
11:42:15VoltageXMyth1: I'll test skipping out in a second on a H340
11:43:11Myth1did not try it on the h320, yet. but the problems are happening in the simulator (which worked fine the day before yesterday)
11:43:19VoltageXMyth1: CVS from 30min ago, works skipping MP3s (high bitrate vbr)
11:43:38Myth1ok, I'll update
11:43:48linuxstbMyth1: Someone posted this bug report as a comment on the patch tracker: "I seem to be getting only "half" of the songs' channels on my Iriver H120, or at least, not the entire output. For a song like Galway_Martin/Arkanoid.sid from the HVSC I only hear the background chords, not the actual melody."
11:44:03VoltageXMyth1: only thing I can see going wrong is it keeps playing the last track for about 2 seconds before skipping
11:44:53Myth1linuxstb: Thats because Galway Noise & Samples are not included yet. Also it only support Single speed PAL playback and filters are disabled
11:45:21Myth1VoltageX: I've recognized that, too. Could it be that my insertion buffer is too large?
11:45:47SlasheriAve: ah, yes. the current consumption should be somewhere in the header file..
11:46:02VoltageXMyth1: I'm not a dev...yet
11:46:02Slasheribut that's just estimated, and will change a lot depending of the current codec and bitrate
11:46:07VoltageXMyth1: I'm not sure what you mean
11:46:47AveSlasheri: indeed, so we will never have a proper "time left" reading available unless there is a way to read battery current from somewhere in hw
11:47:06linuxstbMyth1: No, I think it's an issue in the core playback code, rather than anything you've done wrong in your codec.
11:47:20Myth1ah, ok
11:47:59Paul_The_NerdMyth1: Yeah, at the moment next-track actions play a fraction of the current track like that (I think only when a buffer fill is needed as part of the action)
11:48:21VoltageXtrying to read an unsupported file with the jpeg viewer freezes rockbox
11:48:24ashridahdoh! No installed provider supports this key:
11:48:30ashridahsodding JCE
11:49:01ashridahused the wrong type of keyagreement
11:50:17VoltageXyep, the jpeg viewer definately doesn't like PNG
11:50:21Myth1btw: A CVS related question: If I download the latest source with cvs, apply the diff for sid and the update using cvs: Will the SID-Diff be destroyed or merged?
11:50:36Myth1ah, thanks
11:51:17Paul_The_NerdVoltageX: Since it's named "Jpeg viewer" why are you trying to feed it a png?
11:51:47VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: to see what happened :)
11:51:49AveSlasheri: its using CURRENT_MAX_CHG of 350 mA for ipod, I think..
11:53:34Aveor actually its not defined for ipod at all :-\
11:54:18Avedamn nesting ifdefs
11:54:24VoltageXMyth1: playing SID is not working at all for me, and I'm sure I applied the sid diff
11:55:10linuxstbVoltageX: Did you type "make zip" and then unzip the entire zip file to your player?
11:56:43 Join JoeBorn [0] (
11:56:45 Join Nico_P [0] (
11:56:57Avedo you really need to copy everything, or will rockbox.ipod do in most cases?
11:57:16Aveor the "main thing" whatever it is
11:57:17VoltageXor maybe I forgot to apply the sid diff :$
11:58:08linuxstbAve: It depends on what you've changed. Sometimes rockbox.ipod will be enough, sometimes just the plugin.rock file, sometimes just the .codec file...
11:58:48linuxstbVoltageX: Do you have the apps/codecs/sid.c file?
11:59:19Aveoh yeah, the codecs, dang
12:00:17VoltageXlinuxstb: now I"ve built it correctly, trying again
12:00:56 Join Moos [0] (
12:02:13VoltageXlinuxstb: yes, sid.codec was built
12:02:19dj-futhis has gotta be the most active dev channel i've seen in ages
12:03:05 Quit vonck ("Ik ga weg")
12:03:51Avedj-fu: must be the slashdot effect?
12:03:58VoltageXI cannot get sids to play on the CVS build
12:04:03 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
12:04:32linuxstbVoltageX: Did you do a "make zip" followed by unzip?
12:04:43VoltageXlinuxstb: yes
12:04:58VoltageXmp3s work fine
12:05:26linuxstbWhich player do you have?
12:05:38VoltageXlinuxstb: H340
12:05:54linuxstbHave you rebooted it after installing the new version of Rockbox?
12:06:23 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
12:06:37VoltageX:S sorry, works now
12:06:54VoltageXMyth1: you still around?
12:08:27VoltageXmaybe not. anyways, skipping tracks with SIDs works (that was the problem Myth1 was having)
12:09:25 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
12:10:28VoltageXskipping backwards, however, does not
12:12:05Avelinuxstb: you filthy ilfiltrator
12:13:21 Join Farpenoodle [0] (n=solo84@
12:20:05 Join jbauman [0] (
12:20:21 Quit jbauman (Client Quit)
12:21:15 Quit Nico_P ()
12:25:56VoltageXmoment of truth, does my hideous radio hack work.
12:26:11Avenah the chip spec that wiki has only mentions charging current measurement, who knows if apple has planted some shunt in there and you have some register where you can read it
12:27:06VoltageXwell I can scan right down to 0.5mhz without my player catching on fire but it doesn't do anything :P
12:30:20 Join sucka [0] (
12:33:46 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:34:59HCl :p
12:35:49ashridahVoltageX: i doubt the crystal can actually generate a useful frequency that lot.
12:35:51ashridahlow even
12:39:57VoltageXashridah: lol
12:39:57ashridahHCl: run!
12:40:13*VoltageX hides
12:43:05VoltageXis there any way to make the radio scan faster?
12:44:10ashridahprobably not
12:44:25ashridahPLL's tend to be slow, and since they're simple to make...
12:44:47VoltageXis there a usleep function in rockbox?
12:44:54VoltageXor can I do sleep(0.5)?
12:49:36 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:50:13 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:50:39HCl :P
12:51:30VoltageXHCl: I'm interested in DUMB
12:55:17 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
12:59:20 Join stoffel_ [0] (
13:04:52 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
13:07:42 Join ep0ch [0] (
13:08:10VoltageXI'm being ignored :(
13:08:39ep0chHi VoltageX!
13:09:48VoltageXHCl doesn't want to talk to me
13:09:53VoltageXI'm just not l33t enough
13:09:59ep0chyes DUMB would be good, i will donate some cash to Rockbox when someone gets it working
13:10:12VoltageXme too, I promise
13:10:14 Join bluebrother [0] (
13:10:22VoltageXand/or chocolates, wine & hookers
13:10:36 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:10:46ep0choh happy Easter Rockbox
13:11:15 Quit stoffel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:11:20VoltageXwhat variable holds whether the hold switch is on/off (h300)
13:21:13Shonky/msg nickserv set unfiltered on
13:21:37VoltageXwhat I'm trying to do (FM tuner) is that is I flick the hold switch on, then off, the tuner jumps 10mhz up
13:21:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:29:04 Join TeaSea [0] (
13:33:06ShonkyCan someone suggest a way to search the IRC logs on They are all individual files per day so downloading them all isn't practical
13:34:28 Join EtaKneSS [0] (
13:34:42EtaKneSSsalut a tous
13:34:48EtaKneSScomment ca va ?
13:35:10VoltageXEtaKneSS: english :)
13:35:20EtaKneSSi speak fr
13:35:30EtaKneSShow speak fr
13:35:39VoltageXthis is an english channel
13:35:48EtaKneSSok Mr Voltage
13:35:54EtaKneSSlet's speak eng
13:36:00VoltageXmaybe use a translator on the internet?
13:36:05EtaKneSSok can u help me mr voltage
13:36:16ShonkyNevermind. Googling for " searchterm" is good enough...
13:36:18EtaKneSSyeah i will try a translator
13:36:52EtaKneSSmr voltage i have problem with an fujitsu hdd locked disk
13:37:14 Join Bjoern-Erik [0] (
13:37:34EtaKneSSand i think that in this channel i will find what i search about
13:38:13EtaKneSSVoltageX can u help me for this unlocking disk
13:38:38VoltageXEtaKneSS: is this on an MP3 player
13:39:08EtaKneSSthis disk is on my new laptop
13:39:31VoltageXEtaKneSS: wrong chanell
13:39:38VoltageXtry talking to your laptop maker
13:39:40EtaKneSSthis is jujitsu MHT2030AT disk
13:39:55VoltageXor talk to the people where you got the laptop
13:40:01EtaKneSSno i'm from tunisia i can't tell no body
13:40:02VoltageXEtaKneSS: wrong channel
13:40:16EtaKneSSwhy wrong channel
13:40:17VoltageXlook it up
13:40:41VoltageXEtaKneSS: This channel is about Rockbox Open Source MP3 firmware
13:40:44EtaKneSSwhere is the right channel for unlocking disk
13:40:45VoltageXEtaKneSS: no laptops
13:40:53EtaKneSSoki doki
13:40:55VoltageXI don't know
13:41:15EtaKneSSok man i understand now
13:41:32EtaKneSSexcuse me
13:41:45 Join warthawg [0] (
13:42:02EtaKneSSu d'ont know where i can find a solution
13:42:13VoltageXEtaKneSS: Google
13:42:30EtaKneSS:) google
13:42:43 Join JoeBorn [0] (
13:42:45EtaKneSSno thnik in google servers
13:42:48warthawgi never google on the first date
13:43:17EtaKneSSi just search for default master password jufitdu unlock
13:43:38EtaKneSSand i don't find this
13:43:52EtaKneSSVoltageX help me man
13:44:04EtaKneSSand i can help u for any think
13:44:37EtaKneSSis there any eggodrop bot here ??
13:46:32EtaKneSSthink u VoltageX u are a freind man
13:46:43EtaKneSSlet take a look
13:46:49VoltageXEtaKneSS: I think you need to work on your Google skills
13:55:19 Quit Myth1 (Remote closed the connection)
14:13:25 Join peroni [0] (
14:16:30peronihi everyone
14:16:32 Quit EtaKneSS ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:17:24peroniplugin question: i just copied battery_bench.c to test.c
14:17:44peroniwhen i compile, it doesn't compile the file test.c
14:18:21peronido i have to add something somewhere?
14:20:18 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
14:21:51bluebrotherperoni: yes, to SOURCES
14:26:37 Join edx [0] (
14:27:47peronithank you
14:28:01 Join webguest62 [0] (
14:29:20 Quit webguest62 (Client Quit)
14:45:19 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
14:46:27 Quit VoltageX (Nick collision from services.)
14:46:46 Join voltagex [0] (
14:46:51voltagexI'm baaaaaaaack
14:47:23midkaywe love you.
14:47:31midkayruuuun *towards voltagex*!!
14:47:33*voltagex feels warm and fuzzy
14:47:37*voltagex hides
14:47:39midkayaaaaaa *we love him*!
14:47:45midkaynoooo *he's hiding*!
14:47:53midkayaa *screw it*.
14:48:02voltagexI'm surprised you haven't been kicked for flooding yet
14:48:15midkaywhy would i have been?
14:48:33voltagexI must be lagging because those lines came up *really* fast
14:48:53midkaydepends which. seems to be at least a 4-5 second gap between most of them..
14:49:02voltagexgah the australian SourceForge mirror is gone.
14:49:13voltagexmidkay: it was 1 second here.
14:49:14midkayuse the 'superb internet' seattle, WA one.
14:49:22voltagexstupid isp speed limited
14:49:25midkayvoltagex, no, it was *lag* there.!!
14:49:35voltagexmidkay: why that one in particular?
14:49:47midkaycos it's near to me!
14:49:49midkayand i use it.
14:50:02voltagexok, on a 512k adsl connection you can theoretically use up 100gb.
14:50:08voltagexyet my download limit is 25gb
14:50:49midkaytheoretically use up 100gb? in .. which way?
14:51:57midkaywhy not 500gb?
14:52:35voltagex512kbit/s = ~50k/s*3600*24*30
14:52:38ashridahgb or gB
14:52:49voltagexerr in downloads per month
14:53:06ashridahvoltagex: minus overhead, sure
14:53:42midkayah. how restrictive.. you can't download 24/7/31. :(
14:54:00voltagexmidkay: no, I think it's unfair that I go over the limit in <2 days
14:54:10midkayhow the hell do you do that?
14:54:21voltagexmidkay: although, that's not correct because I can't download that fast
14:54:23midkayby your calculations that's not even possible within like 6 days..
14:54:41voltagexmidkay: hence a little bit of complaining
14:54:47voltagexI think the download counter is broken
14:55:07midkayum, that's a pretty major error, why aren't you on the phone with them?
14:55:14voltagexI go over it thanks to a little invention called BitTorrent
14:55:33voltagexmidkay: I didn't notice the speed limiting straight away, and today's a public holiday
14:55:38midkaythat doesn't explain the exceeding your maximum connection speed..
14:56:43voltagexbut I do ~40gb a month anyway, so I may have a slight torrent addiction.
14:57:15midkayif you download so much so often, why not spring for a faster and/or less restrictive connection?
14:59:16voltagexmidkay: because it's australia, there are no less restrictive connections, and my parents won't pay any more :P
14:59:44midkayyou should call them if they're screwing up majorly..
14:59:57voltagexmidkay: I'm going to call them when I can
15:00:01midkayanyways, /me needs to go to bed.. laterz.
15:00:06midkaygood luck.
15:00:09voltagexmidkay: also gonna see if I can pay for more quota
15:00:14voltagexmidkay: night
15:00:26voltagexmidkay: I"m not gone til the early AM :)
15:00:39midkayvoltagex, 6:00am here :)
15:00:52voltagexmidkay: lol, 11pm
15:01:01midkayhaha. i love timezones.
15:01:14midkaybut the earth would be much better as a flat plane, i think, instead of a sphere.
15:02:05 Join uski [0] (
15:02:56 Join mikearthur [0] (
15:20:06 Quit uski (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:20:49 Join smoothie24 [0] (n=Papalam@
15:21:24 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
15:22:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:23:29smoothie24hey can anyone give me a hand ?
15:27:53 Join arf-arf4242 [0] (
15:28:38 Quit edx ()
15:29:51 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
15:31:01voltagexsmoothie24: I might be able to help, what's the problem?
15:33:21 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:37:44smoothie24hey well i am trying to dump the bootpartition but i am getting some seek error
15:38:14 Join thouters [0] (
15:38:46 Nick TeaSea is now known as Thundercloud (
15:38:57 Nick Thundercloud is now known as TeaSea (
15:41:26thoutersHi I was wondering if anyone ever considered writing a video player (uncompressed avi f
15:41:44thoutersor instance), since recent players all have color lcds.
15:45:36 Quit arf-arf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:56:10 Quit arf-arf4242 ()
15:59:28voltagexsmoothie24: you still here?
16:00:08 Join bon [0] (
16:01:02voltagexsmoothie24: are you running the latest CVS build?
16:01:41smoothie24not sure
16:02:18smoothie24how can i check ?
16:03:22smoothie24using a mac
16:04:06voltagexoh, you haven't installed RockBox yet?
16:04:17Hansmaulwurfdirectory change is a bit fucked up?
16:04:36smoothie24nop couldnt get the bootloader
16:05:06smoothie24the diskdump i get sector error
16:05:09voltagexsmoothie24: sorry, guessing that's an iPod you've got. No idea.
16:05:34voltagexsmoothie24: you'll have to wait til someone comes along who knows iPods
16:05:38 Join Paprica [0] (
16:05:44smoothie24thanks man
16:06:29Hansmaulwurfwhen i change the directory with the "forward/nextsong" und "backward/lastsong" button my H120 crashes
16:06:39 Join arandil [0] (
16:08:36arandilhi to all :) I sincerely hope you lot can help me :) I just installed rockbox on my ipod 4g, but now when it's connected to my pc, it doesn't show up in "my computer". what is there to do now?
16:09:08Hansmaulwurf"my computer" means in iTunes?
16:10:11Galoisreboot the ipod while it's connected to the pc
16:10:33arandilthat would be both, nor in itunes, nor in "my computer"
16:11:51arandilah, it seems that i just have to hold down the keys a bit longer... stupid, but thanks
16:14:02 Join piroko [0] (
16:14:09JdGordonmidkay: did u end up looking at the patch?
16:15:27 Join damaki__ [0] (
16:17:32pirokowell I listened to my ipod till I fell asleep last night, and I awoke to find it frozen with 7% battery left, so either the low battery killed it or it just froze, I'm not sure.
16:18:39 Join qwm_ [0] (
16:20:17 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:21:25 Join arf-arf [0] (
16:22:30Hansmaulwurfi would bet my money for the low battery
16:22:47 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:25:35 Quit arandil ()
16:26:27scottderhey all I am runnig doom with freedoom wad on my nano...loads fine but I can't move :)
16:27:17Galoismake sure the hold button is unset and push menu to move forward
16:28:14scottdernope still nada
16:28:17Galoiswell maybe you're up against a wall ... push << and >> to turn
16:28:39 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:29:05Galoissometimes you have to spin the scroll wheel for a second before the buttons register
16:29:10scottderI got it :)
16:30:07pirokoi'm surprised it worked throughout the whole night then. usually I get the frequency scaling bug to come and crash it. it hasn't happened in a while...
16:30:56 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:34:04scottdernow I too can be the cool kid in school
16:35:30Hansmaulwurfi really think Doom is the "killer application" for rockbox
16:36:57TeaSeaBTW, is chessbox supposed to take ages on the X5 for the AI to make a move?
16:37:22Hansmaulwurfdont know, on my H120 it takes some secs
16:48:10 Quit RedBreva ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
16:48:11 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
16:48:22 Join thegeek [0] (
16:49:53lostlogicwhee, about to test my first build with metadata on file buffer
16:50:23lostlogicchance of audio playing 50%, chance of track changes working 25%, chances of it not eventually blowing up .01%
16:51:57lostlogicdamn, got the bad side of 50%.
16:52:58 Quit cs-cam ("and... he's gone")
16:56:12 Quit Gena (Remote closed the connection)
16:56:48HClvoltagex: yea, it needs floating point stuff
16:56:55HClsorry, i usually run off afk again and so
17:02:29voltagexHCl: so it doesn't run in any form?
17:02:43HClas far as i know it actually compiles
17:02:52HClit may even use floating point emulation
17:03:03HClbut it'll be extremely slow
17:03:17HClbut it needs to be converted to fixed point
17:03:20voltagexHCl: I don't care, tell me how to add it to my makefile :D
17:04:05HCli'm not sure, someone else disabled it from being built
17:04:16 Quit bluebrother (Remote closed the connection)
17:04:36voltagexHCl: :( I'm desperate for my tracker music
17:04:54HCli'll help in a bit, parents demanding me to do stuff :/
17:05:08voltagexHCl: ok, 1am here, I'll be gone in 30min
17:05:16HCligh, okay
17:05:19 Quit herz42_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:05:23HCli'll help first, i guess, or try to, anyways
17:05:57voltagexHCl: me and one other person will throw money your way when it works :D
17:07:02HCli don't need money >.o
17:07:05HClmuch anyways
17:07:12voltagexHCl: don't know about the other guy, but I'm serious
17:07:23voltagexchocolate/alcohol/hookers then.
17:07:30 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
17:07:53ep0chhehe i said about a year ago i would give another donation when sid+mods work
17:08:10 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:08:13voltagexep0ch: 50% there
17:08:13 Join TeaSea [0] (
17:08:36voltagexep0ch: I've tested about 30 sids, only one didn't work correctly
17:08:54ep0chi think the ones that don't work are the ones which use samples
17:09:03Hansmaulwurfwhat are sids?
17:09:16ep0chsid = C64 music format
17:09:42ep0chor is SID the name of the sound chip?
17:10:27 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
17:10:47pirokohow old are you HCl?
17:11:24pirokowait, SID's are working now? have the changes been committed yet?
17:11:36voltagexpiroko: it's on the patch tracker
17:11:40HClpiroko: 22
17:11:55pirokooh. i'm 18 and I have the same parental problem :P
17:12:08ep0chall about SID:
17:13:01lostlogicYES data abort!
17:13:02pirokovoltagex: there now ;)
17:13:19HCli don't know how these makefiles work anymore, need to get into it..
17:13:36HCldumb is still in there but it's disabled *somewhere*
17:14:04pirokoit only plays for two minutes though and then loops?
17:14:14pirokoeven if the file is > 2 minutes?
17:18:42voltagexyou can download dumb from the cvs easy enough... I found one place where it was disabled.
17:20:22pussfellerthe cvs is totally not working for me anymore, even when I clean the settings
17:20:39voltagexin apps/codecs/Makefile, there seems to be a lot of places where dumb should be
17:20:51HCllike where?
17:21:00pussfellerits hanging on the boot screen, and if I do get it up, after multiple reboots, if I play anything, it hangs
17:21:29 Join RedBreva [0] (
17:21:35HClall is defined by $ROCKS
17:21:40HClbut i have no idea what $ROCKS contains
17:21:47HClROCKS := $(SRC:%.c=$(OBJDIR)/%.codec)
17:21:51pussfellershould I just delete .rockbox? and start over
17:21:52HClwhat does that mean
17:21:57voltagexHCl: care to /msg so I can paste a lot?
17:22:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:23:05 Quit Farpenoodle ("Large sacks of cheese")
17:23:53voltagexin apps/Makefile
17:24:06HClokay i think i got it
17:24:46 Join Farpenoodle [0] (n=solo84@
17:25:28Jaguaranyone know anything about the backward text on screens of apple firmware on a 4g greyscale?
17:25:42HClugh, parents whining.
17:25:49HClvoltagex: at the very least a dumb.c needs to be made
17:25:52HCland added to the makefile
17:26:05HCland from there i'm still unsure how the makefile work
17:26:30HCldumb.c also needs to be added to SOURCES
17:28:42voltagexHCl: my brain's not working
17:29:00voltagexHCl: I *will* wait till you come back, got an ETA?
17:29:44HClwon't take long
17:33:25pirokoJaguar: what do you mean by backwards text? I have a 4g greyscale
17:34:12Jaguarapple firmware is all backwards..actually more mirror image.. have read others have heard of it happening but I haven't found any sollutions anywhere.
17:34:27HClthere, back..
17:35:04pirokoJaguar: I've never had that problem, but then again i've only booted back into the apple firmware twice since rockbox :P
17:35:21 Quit thouters ("leaving")
17:35:29Jaguarhmm i wonder why...using the autoinstaller off the forums
17:35:38 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
17:36:01linuxstb_Jaguar: When did you install the Rockbox bootloader?
17:36:10voltagexHCl: would it be at all possible for you to make diffs of the changes
17:36:32Jaguarcouple days ago, and just now..same thing
17:37:23HClvoltagex: first i need to get it running..
17:37:25linuxstb_With the bootloader-4g.bin currently on the wiki (dated 4th April), it shouldn't happen.
17:37:50HCli'm not very fluent in makefiles
17:38:56 Join qwm [0] (
17:39:15HCli need a makefile expert for this, i' can't figure it out :|
17:39:22voltagexHCl: join the club
17:39:31lostlogicarm instructions are 16 bits wide?
17:39:41linuxstb_No, 32.
17:40:38Jaguarlinuxstb..ok i'll try thanks
17:40:46HClhm, i think i understand it, but now i don't know why it doesn't work.
17:41:15voltagexcouldn't it be compiled manually/by shell script?
17:41:19linuxstb_HCl: You may need to do a make clean - sometimes the build system doesn't detect all changes.
17:41:55Jaguardo I need to reset ipod before install new bootloader or will it overwrite?
17:42:32linuxstb_If you still have your original unmodified bootpartition.bin (or apple_os.bin), then you can just use that.
17:43:05linuxstb_But don't follow the instructions from the beginning (i.e. extract a new bootpartition.bin) if you already have a bootloader installed.
17:47:03HClnope, no idea about the makefile :/
17:47:14HCli'll look at it later when i have some more time
17:47:44voltagexwould you mind emailing me if you make any progress?
17:48:04 Quit ep0ch (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:48:57 Quit qwm_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:49:06lostlogicGCC, YOU ARE DUMB. write_ti->blah1 = 1;; write_ti->blah2 = 2; <−− why does it load write_ti's address into two _different_ registers to use for addressing for those two lines?
17:51:22 Quit Jaguar (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:52:00 Join Jaguar [0] (
17:52:14pirokoloading el ipod with entire HVSC SID collection. Rockbox rules... :D
17:53:37voltagexpiroko: someone said dircache would have trouble with tat
17:54:09pirokowhy dircache and not tagcache? is the HVSC archive too deep?
17:54:33HClvoltagex: um... i don't really like email and at the moment i can't email at all
17:54:54*piroko uses fetchmail and pine connected to gmail for uber l33tn3ss :D
17:55:04lostlogicwhich is faster: *write_ti = next_track; or memcpy(write_ti, &next_track, sizeof(struct track_info)); (assuming both have the same function)
17:56:00pirokowhere in the heck does rockbox store its settings?
17:56:13lostlogicpiroko: the 'current' settings are stored in the 2nd sector of teh disk
17:56:23lostlogicie just after the partition table, before the fat
17:56:40pirokothere are three partitions? what format is the second partition?
17:56:43lostlogicif I recall correctly, so don't quote me on that
17:56:54lostlogicpiroko: huh? there are 2 on an ipod
17:56:55lostlogicnot 3
17:57:25 Quit RedBreva (Remote closed the connection)
17:57:37pirokowow. i was thinking of the partition table as a partition. so the settings are stored on the same partition as the firmware?
17:57:57pirokowell, the apple firmware
17:58:01pirokoand the bootloader
17:58:26lostlogicthey aren't stored on a partition
17:58:33lostlogicthey are stored in a particular sector of the disk
17:58:38pirokowell that's annoying
17:58:44linuxstbThe first sector is the partition table, then (on ipods) the firmware partition starts at sector 63, and then the FAT32 partition starts about 80MB further in. The config sector is at about sector 61 or 62.
17:58:45HCli hate this makefile
17:58:53HClget someone else to look at it e-e
17:58:57 Join Gena [0] (
17:59:22lostlogicah, so not the 2nd sector, but some sector between the partition table and the first partition start.
17:59:35amiconnlinuxstb: The firmware partition is 40MB on my mini2g
17:59:43HClamiconn: don't you know about these makefiles?
17:59:43pirokowouldn't be easier to store the config on the same partition as the rockbox firmware?
17:59:54amiconnlostlogic: The config sector is (start_of_first_partition - 2)
18:00:05linuxstbamiconn: Yes, the older ipods have 40MB firmware partitions, the Nano and 5g have 80MB partitions.
18:00:10amiconn(of course with sanity check)
18:00:29lostlogicpiroko: it's sorta legacy from before filesytem writing was turned on in rockbox.
18:00:42linuxstb(the Nano and 5g have the hibernate-to-disk mode in the apple firmware).
18:00:42lostlogicpiroko: but it also makes sesne, and lets you keep rockbox settings even if you format your data partition
18:00:51Jaguarlinuxstb newest bootloader fixed text thank you
18:01:00pirokoyeah, and it allows you to reset them without booting into rockbox :P
18:01:32pirokoie: i now have to wait for dircache to finish before I can turn it off...
18:01:39lostlogiclinuxstb: if I'm getting a data abort at an address, is it reasonable to say that that abort occurs near the (address - function_start_address)/4'th instruction of the function it occurs in?
18:01:52amiconnlinuxstb: I bet rockbox boots faster than apple un-hibernates...
18:02:10amiconnHCl: Wht mkefile?
18:02:11pirokofaster than it unhibernates: yes. faster then it unsleeps: no
18:03:26warthawgis ipod battery life much shorter on rockbox than it is on the retail os?
18:03:49warthawgpiroko: 3 or 4 hours compared to ?
18:04:09HClamiconn: the codecs one..
18:04:16amiconnwarthawg: 3 or 4 hours in total? Wazzat for a platform?
18:04:18pirokoabout 10 :P
18:04:24HClamiconn: libdumb needs to be enabled, not in main cvs but just for testing
18:04:31HCland it's almost gobbilygook to me
18:04:35amiconnHCl: I'm no codec expert....
18:04:35HCli actually understood most of it
18:04:42HClbut now i don't understand why it doesn't work.
18:04:50pirokogrr... is dircache on by default?
18:04:56pirokoeven after settings reset?
18:05:01amiconnpiroko: For me it's 10..11 compared to (guessed) 16 :-P
18:05:02HClamiconn: well, it's just the makefile
18:05:04warthawgamiconn: i don't know the battery life on ipod on either rockbox or native, just asking what they are
18:05:17pirokoamiconn: on a 4g ipod!?
18:05:34pirokoamiconn: oh yeah. you have the advantage of the different processor...
18:06:06*HCl patpats his ihp140 with 29 hours of playtime o-o
18:06:42HClyea :)
18:06:46HClbattery upgrade :)
18:06:51HClnormally 16, with battery upgrade 29
18:06:55Hansmaulwurfgot 14 hours on my last benchmark test
18:06:56HCli haven't *ever* gotten it to empty yet
18:07:01Hansmaulwurfwith my H120
18:07:09HClget a battery upgrade
18:07:11HClthey're cheap and good
18:07:18Hansmaulwurfdont know, my player is over 2 years old
18:07:22HClmine cost me 13 euro including shipping from hongkong
18:07:25Hansmaulwurfi think i will buy a new one
18:07:35Hansmaulwurfhm 13€
18:07:36HCljust a battery upgrade, not a new player o-o
18:07:39Hansmaulwurfthats an argument
18:08:31Hansmaulwurfgod damn it, that directory change bug is annoying
18:08:36HCldownside is you have to take your iriver carefully apart
18:08:37 Join Una^ [0] (n=alex@
18:08:53HCland you mustn't screw up while doing that
18:09:44voltagexHCl: hong kong is closer to me than america, did you ebay the battery? I currently get 8 hours in rockbox with my H340...
18:09:50HClyea, ebay
18:09:57HClmm.. what was it again...
18:09:59*piroko is creaming his pants while rocking out to chiptunes...
18:10:17HClipod 1st/3rd generation battery upgrade 2200mah or so
18:10:35voltagexpiroko: you need to work on your stamina
18:10:41 Join webguest89 [0] (
18:10:46HClh340 has colour screen though, costs more battery
18:10:52warthawgi think i will blow away ipodlinux today and make more room for rockbox
18:10:54voltagexHCl: that's the one I'm looking at getting
18:11:16voltagexHCl: but colours are purrrrrrrrrty
18:11:26webguest89hey guys i was just wondering if anyone can help me get idoom to work in rockbox. i tried to install it in linux but i couldnt get it
18:11:32pirokoholy crap! the audio thread takes up so little cpu! yippee!
18:11:37warthawgi wonder if i can just reformat the ext partition as winfs and use it with rockbox
18:11:54voltagexwebguest89: idoom or rockdoom?
18:12:28pirokotagcache... works... with sids...
18:12:49webguest89i already have both linux and rockbox
18:12:49voltagexwebguest89: rockbox's doom is called rockdoom, it's already in the latest rockbox
18:13:20webguest89i am acessing rockbox on my video ipod
18:13:22voltagexwebguest89: I think you're confused here. iDoom is for iPodLinux
18:13:25pirokoand since when was the battery runtime estimation for the 4g updated? it reads about 4 hours, which should be correct
18:13:32webguest89i heard idoom can work in rockbox
18:13:48voltagexwebguest89: check the rockbox webpage for CVS builds of rockbox
18:16:31webguest89if i download the latest cvs build will i get rockdoom?
18:16:35 Join _jim_fear [0] (
18:16:43voltagexwebguest89: yes
18:17:01webguest89should i delete my old rockbox os from my ipod?
18:17:36_jim_fearyo rockbox has some really awesome utilities and features but when it comes down to it, its all about the music, and if I can't scroll through directories without it stuttering every 3 folders, than I am going to take it off my iRiver... can anyone help me with this issue?
18:18:05lostlogic_jim_fear: what do you mean stuttering?
18:18:14voltagexwebguest89: I'm not sure for iPod, check the upgrade instructions?
18:18:32_jim_fearif a song is playing
18:18:35voltagex_jim_fear: what mp3 player do you have?
18:18:40_jim_fearand i want to queue up another song (great feature)
18:18:50lostlogic_jim_fear: the audio drops out? scroll slower, use page skip instead, it's a performance issue.
18:18:59_jim_fearscrolling through the directory lists the audio dropps out
18:19:00voltagex_jim_fear: hmm I don't have that problem
18:19:09_jim_fearwell i do and its really annoying me
18:19:21_jim_fearlostlogic: i can scroll REALLY slow its still does it
18:19:25voltagex_jim_fear: hmm I don't have that problem, try getting the CVS build
18:19:47lostlogic_jim_fear: havne't heard of that... what kind of audio tracks you playin'?
18:19:51_jim_feardo i have to upgrade firmwares to change builds?
18:19:55voltagex_jim_fear: download cvs, unzip to the player
18:20:03_jim_fearok well ill try that
18:20:15_jim_fearlike i said though its all about the music and if thats skipping the features mean nothing
18:20:35_jim_feari understand its not a perfect little os but come on =)
18:20:59lostlogic_jim_fear: if its all about the music, listen to the music and leave the directory browser alone, or invest some time and energy into helping us fix the performance issues on H3x0.
18:21:19voltagex_jim_fear: download n unzip alllll files into the player, overwrite
18:21:26_jim_fearhaha i wish i was a programmer!! lostlogic dont take it personal i know i am coming off like an ass an i appologize
18:21:40voltagexlostlogic: am I recommending the wrong thing?
18:21:56lostlogicvoltagex: nope, he should definitely give the latest build a try.
18:22:02 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:22:41voltagexlostlogic: ahh cvs, answer to everything
18:23:53voltagex_jim_fear: process is as follows: download cvs zip, plug player in, unzip/overwrite, unplug player, reboot player
18:24:35_jim_feartrying it now
18:24:45_jim_fearnow i have the eq off crossfeed off
18:24:47voltagexlostlogic: you any good with Makefiles?
18:24:53_jim_fearall the other things that last night everyone was telling me to turn off
18:24:56_jim_feari changed the theme
18:24:58_jim_fearand it got worse
18:25:00lostlogicvoltagex: mediocre
18:25:09_jim_fearbut what i was hearing is that the theme wont change the performance
18:25:34voltagexlostlogic: did you read any of HCl's struggles with the codec makefile?
18:25:48voltagex_jim_fear: that's correct
18:25:55lostlogic_jim_fear: eq, crossfeed, crossfade will change performance, theme will msotly only change performance whenyou are in the WPS, specifically WPSs with peakmeter are expensive.
18:26:05lostlogicvoltagex: no, was ignoring, busy fighting with my own data abort ATM
18:26:27lostlogic_jim_fear: if you are just watching the WPS, you don't have audio drop outs?
18:26:32lostlogicbut if you are browsing files you do?
18:26:38lostlogicwhat about if youa re just in menus?
18:26:42_jim_feari have a lot of mp3s
18:26:50lostlogic_jim_fear: all in one directory?
18:26:56voltagexlostlogic: when you get a chance, can you tell me what's disabling the "dumb" codec from being built?
18:27:01_jim_fearthey are all scene rips (if you are familure) so they are directories with sub directories for each album
18:27:12HCli'm interested in that too. why dumb doesn't build.
18:27:14lostlogic_jim_fear: gotcha
18:27:20_jim_feari have it sub catagorized, !NEW, Acoustic, Rap, etc
18:27:37_jim_fearstill stutters
18:27:43_jim_fearshould i turn tagcache off or something
18:27:44voltagexHCl: just recruiting help :D
18:27:48lostlogic_jim_fear: do you ahve the dircache option on? (I've never used it, don't knwo what it does to performance)
18:28:00_jim_feari have no idea lemme see
18:28:01voltagex_jim_fear: definately try the cvs
18:28:08lostlogic_jim_fear: is it rebuilding the tagcache currently?
18:28:15_jim_fearvoltagex: i just did dude
18:28:16lostlogic_jim_fear: because that would cause stuttering possibly
18:28:18_jim_fearlostlogic: no
18:28:42lostlogic_jim_fear: try turning off dircache and tag cache, I've not used them so that could be a difference...
18:28:43_jim_fearatm im trying to find dircache
18:29:05_jim_fearidonno how to turn off tagcache it just says keep on disc or ram
18:29:06 Join aegray_ [0] (
18:29:14_jim_feari had it on disc
18:29:14voltagexlostlogic: I thought dircache was on in h300 by default?
18:29:15lostlogic_jim_fear: I have an ipod 5g which currently has worse rockbox performance than H3x0 and I have no such stuttering, so there must be some setting or difference that we are missing.
18:29:18_jim_fearfiguring ram is for buffer
18:29:22 Quit aegray_ (Client Quit)
18:29:34_jim_fearok well that makes me feel better
18:29:45_jim_feari have my anti-skip buffer on 5s
18:29:47_jim_fearshould that be higher?
18:29:51lostlogic_jim_fear: won't matter
18:29:52_jim_feari figured it had nothing to do with skipping
18:29:56_jim_fearyea i figured
18:30:05voltagex_jim_fear: have you got the cvs yet?
18:30:11lostlogic_jim_fear: my last player was h3x0, adn also didn't have this problem.
18:30:13lostlogicvoltagex: he said he does
18:30:20_jim_fearwhats prevent clipping
18:30:32_jim_feargood lets figure this out =)
18:30:35_jim_feari have faith
18:30:41 Join RotAtoR [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
18:30:51lostlogicit reduces samples to the maximum real amplitude rather than sending samples that will clip on to the hardware
18:31:05voltagexok..... well I'm running cvs with I guarantee more directories than jim
18:31:07_jim_fearso that wont matter?
18:31:12lostlogicit's a DSP process, so could cost a couple percent performance
18:31:12voltagexno skipping
18:31:14_jim_fearidonno voltagex haha
18:31:39_jim_fearlostlogic: it was off i was wondering if that would help if it was on =)
18:31:43lostlogicbut then I always use replaygain which is a similar cost.
18:31:59_jim_fearthat i read up on and didnt know how useful it would be so thats off 2
18:32:09pirokoumm. I don't mean to sound dumb, but what's the dumb codec?
18:32:12_jim_fearcrossfade is on shuffle
18:32:41lostlogicdo you require crossfade? might try turning that off just to see if it's the bastard, although I doubt it.
18:32:53pirokooh, and I just want you guys to know that this is the most friendly and helpful irc channel I've ever been in :D
18:33:04_jim_fearvoltagex: did you say u have a H3x0?
18:33:22voltagex_jim_fear: yes
18:33:28_jim_fearlol it dropped audio getting into the setting
18:33:36_jim_fearvoltagex: what do u have ur anti-skip buffer on
18:33:40voltagexpiroko: tracker music codec
18:33:51lostlogic_jim_fear: next, if you can play a track, and go to menu|info|debug|audiothread and watch the pcm buffer level and boost levels and reprot their behavior, that might give some clues.
18:34:00_jim_fearoh shiznit hold on guys
18:34:02voltagex_jim_fear: whatever the default is, sorry not near my player
18:34:15_jim_feardamn thought i had it
18:34:37_jim_fearlostlogic: ok ill try that
18:34:59lostlogic_jim_fear: what bitrate and type of encoding are your mp3s?
18:35:23_jim_fearvbr mostly
18:35:37lostlogicwith what approximate bitrate?
18:35:48preglowooooh, sid support!
18:36:32lostlogicpreglow: if I'm getting a data abort at an address, is it reasonable to say that that abort occurs near the (address - function_start_address)/4'th instruction of the function it occurs in?
18:37:05_jim_feartrack count: 2-5 cpu freq: 45MHz-124MHz boost: 27%-31% pcmbuf: 7-15
18:37:15_jim_fearlostlogic: normally 192-256 tops
18:37:18_jim_fearusually 192
18:37:24 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
18:37:25preglowlostlogic: cant see why not, i usually just disassemble rockbox.elf and see exactly what instructions its at
18:37:25lostlogicpreglow: because if I am, it seems like I'm getting a data abort near if (!buf_ti) buf_ti = write_ti (where both buf_ti and write_ti are pointers to track structs)
18:38:02lostlogic_jim_fear: damn, I see no reason you shouldn't be able to browse directories wihtout breaking.
18:38:12preglowsounds fancy
18:38:29lostlogicpreglow: :( it's quite confusing me. How does one disassemble rockbox.elf?
18:39:09preglowwith arm-elf-objdump ?
18:39:16lostlogicpreglow: riiight, ty
18:39:18amiconnlostlogic: There's something fishy with codec change in the sim.
18:39:53_jim_fearis there a way i can maybe reset everything to the factory (lol) settings
18:40:03_jim_fearsee if that does it
18:40:10_jim_fearcuz i have my eq saved
18:40:11amiconnI have 4 test tracks, all different formats, in my H140 sim. (wv->ogg->flac->mp3). When I play track 1 and it ends, tracks 2 and 3 are auto-skipped. Track 4 plays.
18:40:35amiconnBut I can play any track if I select it from the browser
18:41:45_jim_fearwow this really sucks
18:41:50lostlogicamiconn: quite odd... once I either get metadata on buffer working or give up, I can take a look
18:42:10lostlogic_jim_fear: yeah, you can uhh... hold something... or have hold turned on... or something during bootup to reset settings.
18:42:21piroko_jim_fear: manage settings->reset settings
18:42:33_jim_fearyeah do i have to reboot after that piroko
18:42:34pirokohold turned on works too I think
18:42:50piroko_jim_fear: I don't think it should be neccessary but it wouldn't hurt
18:43:06lostlogicpreglow: so I objdump it... how do I map the addresses in there to the playe raddresses, (feeling retarded here)
18:43:13_jim_fearpiroko: im kinda running out of ideas here
18:43:38lostlogicpreglow: nvm, I think i comprehend now
18:43:45preglowlostlogic: the address as reported by the exception handler should just be in there
18:44:02lostlogicfirst column, right?
18:44:41piroko_jim_fear: restart with hold on?
18:45:52 Join ravon [0] (
18:46:07_jim_fearvoltagex: you there? im wondering if maybe the European firmware I used to patch could be the issue
18:46:42voltagex_jim_fear: I have the japanese firmware, but afaik euro works too
18:46:47lostlogicpreglow: ok, it's a later instruction: write_ti->id3.elapsed = 0; blah, how can that fail, I've just set write_ti to point to an area of the buffer and copied a valid track_info struct to that area. *scowls at his code*
18:47:59preglowhow did you map the address to the source line?
18:48:04preglowi assume a str instruction is what crashes?
18:48:21lostlogicmemcpy(write_ti, &next_track, sizeof(struct track_info)); (some stuff that doesn't touch write_ti); write_ti->id3.elapsed = 0;
18:48:35lostlogicpreglow: yeah, its a str with an offset that matches up to an offset in the .s file which matches up to a line.
18:49:00lostlogicif this is goign to fail, shouldn't the memcpy have failed!?
18:49:04_jim_fearyo seriously
18:49:12_jim_fearim just gonna have to re-flash this thing
18:49:18_jim_fearcuz i cant deal with this lol
18:49:25lostlogic_jim_fear: you can still use the original firmware with rockbox on there
18:49:34lostlogicuntil someone (you or one of us figures out your problem)
18:49:49linuxstb_lostlogic: No, the memcpy will avoid non-aligned memory accesses.
18:49:50_jim_feari dont know if i understand what u mean
18:49:57voltagex_jim_fear: are you *sure* you put the CVS build on there?
18:50:11voltagex_jim_fear: he says you shouldn't have to reflash
18:50:13lostlogiclinuxstb_: ahhhh, this is an alignment issue! I didn't even think of that when putting metadata on the buffer.
18:50:16_jim_fearvoltagex: no the page was confusing
18:50:19lostlogiclinuxstb_: brilliant!
18:50:27_jim_fearand i clicked on H300
18:50:36_jim_feardownloaded that rockbox.rar
18:50:41_jim_fearand overwrite everything
18:50:44linuxstb_lostlogic: I thought that's what you were talking about....
18:50:50preglowmemcpy aligns stuff for you
18:50:58_jim_feardidnt change anything except the # at the bottom of the player when lodaing
18:51:03_jim_fearit used to say cvs now it doesnt
18:51:11voltagex_jim_fear: hmm
18:51:11lostlogicugh, now I hafta make sure I align before I write a metadata struct to the buffer.
18:51:28preglowshouldnt exactly be hard...
18:51:36voltagexhang in there
18:51:41preglowshould be done anyway, for performance reasons
18:51:42 Join infamis [0] (
18:51:44lostlogicbuf_widx += 4 - buf_widx % 4;?
18:52:02lostlogicwell not quite that, but something of the sort
18:52:30_jim_feari am thinking about backing up all my settings, taking everything off the player (again) and trying the flash over again
18:52:36voltagex_jim_fear: it sounds like you did everything right
18:52:45_jim_fearvoltagex: unless u can think of something else
18:52:45lostlogic_jim_fear: flashing has nothing to do with rockbox.
18:52:56lostlogicI mean ... the rockbox OS doesn't change from flashing over and over
18:53:06voltagex_jim_fear: backup, format, reflash (iriver firmware), cvs
18:53:10_jim_fearthen how am i the only one with the issue
18:53:21_jim_fearformat huh
18:53:26_jim_feari should have done that to begin with
18:53:49_jim_fearwait what happens if i reflash the iriver firmware un patched
18:53:54_jim_fearand put the cvs in it
18:53:57lostlogic_jim_fear: when you say it skips every 3 directories, do you mean that you go to the browser, select a directory to view, back out, select another, etc.?
18:54:03pirokovoltagex: where do you get the jap firmware from?
18:54:13voltagexpiroko: iriver site
18:54:15lostlogic_jim_fear: iriver firmware unpatched will not boot rockbox at all
18:54:30 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:54:31voltagex_jim_fear: download jap firmware, patch, then load rockbox
18:54:36voltagexafter format
18:54:57_jim_fearlostlogic: its not a constant, its varies, sometimes going into a directory will freeze the player for a second but not the audio, than if you hold the up or down button in a directory with a bunch of directories in it, it will stop playing the music after the 4-6th directory (respectfully)
18:55:02voltagexlostlogic: I was having crazy crazy issues from disk fragmentation, format solves it
18:55:07 Quit Paprica (Connection timed out)
18:55:08_jim_fearthen when you let go of the up or down button the audi ocomes back
18:55:49_jim_feari dont care how long it takes to reach the menu's, he77 if i can slow down the speed of the scroll up and down when holding the up or down button so that its slow and doesnt skip ill do that
18:56:18voltagex_jim_fear: try format first
18:56:29voltagex_jim_fear: solved some of my wierd problems
18:56:37_jim_feardamn dude it takes about an hour to move all my music on and off this thing lol
18:57:03_jim_feardoes the iriver manager have a format feature
18:57:05_jim_feari forget
18:57:22voltagex_jim_fear: we kinda need to know if this solves it, then it isn't a bug that needs fixing
18:57:23amiconnlostlogic: buf_widx = (buf_widx + 3) & ~3;
18:57:38_jim_fearok ok
18:57:43voltagex_jim_fear: iriver firmware has format feature
18:57:56_jim_fearimna stick with the european firmware though
18:57:59_jim_fearand just repatch it
18:58:02_jim_feari have it backed up
18:58:06lostlogic_jim_fear: the holding scroll _will_ cause audio to drop out
18:58:11lostlogicthat's what i meant by scroll slower
18:58:29voltagexlostlogic: o.O doesn't drop out for me
18:58:30_jim_fearlostlogic: if i just press down fast it will skip too
18:58:36_jim_feari was just about to say that too
18:58:47lostlogicit's sorta a bug and sorta just how it is, you are instructing the player to scroll as fast as it can, which will eat all the CPU power and result in audio dropping out.
18:59:03_jim_feari tell u what though i love iriver though, i broke 2 of my old non color screen irivers and the third one they sent back was a color screen =D
18:59:19voltagex_jim_fear: you don't need to reflash after a format
18:59:39lostlogicas for entering directories, you should actually turn dircache on, because that will reduce the time required to enter directories and eliminate some of the skips with that.
18:59:45_jim_fearlostlogic: it never dropped audio on the stock firmware if i was in that same dir and scrolling as fast as it can
19:00:14_jim_fearvoltagex good point i didnt even think of that
19:00:24lostlogic... yes, and rockbox has virtually nothing in common with the original firmware.
19:00:56_jim_fearbut rockbox doesnt have a setting for me to slow down the max scroll speed huh?
19:02:06preglowlostlogic: i had rockbox just suddenly pause (no pause icon, though) playback in the middle of a track the other day. you know of a bug like that?
19:02:17preglowunit could still be shut off
19:02:23preglowby keeping off pressed
19:02:28_jim_fearpreglow: that happened to me last night too
19:02:48_jim_fearthe player was just sitting playing a track in my car stopped @ a light and it dropped audio =)
19:04:12 Join |kid| [0] (
19:04:13_jim_fearomg im so formating this right now
19:04:16lostlogicpreglow: track > 30m? otherwise, no I don't.
19:04:34preglowlostlogic: track of about 7-8 minute length
19:04:34 Quit webguest89 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:05:14|kid|anybody knows how to reboot the rockbox? :S
19:05:20lostlogicpreglow: if you had a slightly old build, it could have been when buffer fill was running it screwed up the playing track, there were a couple bugs like that, but if it was the altest playback code, then it's new to me.
19:06:15_jim_fearwow that was one hell of a quick format
19:06:22_jim_fearsorry to use so harsh letters
19:07:00_jim_fearvoltagex: should i throw all my backup .rockbox directory in there or the stock one
19:07:12_jim_fearthe backup one being (i assume) all the settings i just had
19:07:21_jim_fearahh ill do the original
19:07:34lostlogic_jim_fear: extract a fresh _CVS_ onto it.
19:08:08_jim_fearokie dokie
19:09:31voltagex_jim_fear: it might be a problem with those settings, so turn them back on one at a time, testing after eeach
19:09:51preglowlostlogic: i updated it before i left wednesday
19:09:55_jim_fearvoltagex: i am hoping ur right
19:10:04_jim_feari went through the manual last night and set everything one by one
19:10:09_jim_fearwith out rebooting the iriver
19:10:13lostlogicpreglow: old.
19:10:17 Nick BHSPitLappy2 is now known as BHSPitLappy (
19:10:52lostlogicpreglow: the current playback is quite stable, except for those bugs explicitly listed on the SoftwareCodecPlayback wiki page
19:11:01piroko|kid|: what model player do you have?
19:11:12lostlogic(at least to the best of my knowledge, I wouldn't have started trying to put metadata on the buffer if it wasn't)
19:11:21|kid|iriver h340
19:11:26lostlogicamiconn: gah, is audiobuf aligned?
19:11:42amiconnaudiobuf should be aligned
19:11:54 Join ts-x [0] (
19:12:10amiconnYou said that you need to align the headers, that's why I posted the formula...
19:12:31lostlogicamiconn: yeah, but filebuf isn't aligned, so I hafta align filbuf and then align the buf_widx relative to it.
19:12:52 Join mr [0] (
19:12:54amiconnfilebuf isn't aligned? That's new to me...
19:13:30lostlogicit follows talk_buf which is voicefile sized which I assume isn't guaranteed to be aligned.
19:14:03voltagexHCl: you still around?
19:14:18voltagexshit, cpu temp @ 68C
19:14:20amiconnhmpf. I only ever observed an aligned buffer
19:14:45lostlogic filebuf = &filebuf[talk_get_bufsize()];
19:14:52piroko|kid|: i can't seem to find the shortcut for the iriver restart... sorry...
19:15:03pirokovoltagex: where did you get that temp readout from?
19:15:05|kid|np, thnx anyway :)
19:15:14 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:16:15lostlogicamiconn: what's the formula to align down?
19:16:38amiconnalign down? I though you need to align up
19:16:39lostlogicwhile I'm aligning, might as well make the filebuf's length aligned too.
19:16:51amiconndown is simple
19:17:01amiconnbuflen &= ~3;
19:17:25amiconnBut check tal_buffer first, it might be aligned
19:17:30 Join gursikh [0] (
19:17:52lostlogicit depends on the size of the voice file, is a voice file always a multiple of 4 bytes?
19:18:20lostlogic voicefile_size = filesize(filehandle);
19:20:03 Join Strath [0] (
19:20:06 Join punkrockguy318 [0] (
19:20:30punkrockguy318I'm confused about a simple feature in rockbox... Text Entry... How can I backspace using a ipod 5g? I've read the manual but it's not quite clear
19:20:42 Join webguest78 [0] (
19:20:56lostlogicthis also aligns the codec copy buffers which were not aligned before... even if I give up on the metadata on buffer, that will be worthwhile.
19:21:13amiconnlostlogic: From looking at voicefont.cpp, it's not guaranteed to have a multiple-of-4 length
19:21:22mrokay coping over some songs
19:21:33punkrockguy318Select Inserts the currently highlighted character. If the cursor is down at the filename, Select will delete on character. But it doesn't say how to get the cursor down to the filename...
19:21:39mrnick _glassJaw
19:21:43 Quit webguest78 (Client Quit)
19:21:43mrok lol
19:21:50 Nick mr is now known as _glassJAw (
19:21:53amiconnMaybe the talk buffer code should round up the length for alignment
19:22:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:23:35lostlogic <−− I'm still getting a data abort and now feeling very stupid about it.
19:23:59 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
19:24:11amiconnOtoh, all current voice files have amultiple-of-4 length, dunno why
19:24:27voltagexlostlogic, on a completely unrelated note, do you apply replay gain to your files or just use the csv file?
19:24:31infamisEveryone! Make fun of my wps!!!
19:24:38lostlogicvoltagex: just to the headers
19:24:56voltagexlostlogic: what app does that?
19:25:04lostlogicvoltagex: replaygain
19:25:27voltagexmp3gain...doesn't that alter the file?
19:25:34infamisnot the music data
19:25:58lostlogicvoltagex: you can set it to alter the data or not
19:26:05lostlogicvoltagex: it's just nonobvious how :-P
19:26:08punkrockguy318Can someone help me out with my text entry problem? It's probably very simple
19:26:18voltagexI want to be really really sure before I run it over 72gb of mp3
19:26:20lostlogicpunkrockguy318: I've not figured it out myself yet, or I'd help ya :-P
19:26:49punkrockguy318lostlogic: hmm.. I know I got down to the filename once, but I'm not sure how
19:26:51infamispunkrockguy318: you just keep pressing down
19:26:52dpassen1voltagex: My recommendation is to use foobar2000 to add replaygain tags to your files.
19:26:53_glassJAwmy nick is stolen =)
19:27:15voltagexdpassen1: and rockbox will read them?
19:27:22punkrockguy318infamis: when i scroll down it just brings me back up to the top
19:27:35voltagexok thanks
19:28:01punkrockguy318infamis: nevermind
19:28:27punkrockguy318infamis: it's pretty subtle that the cursor is at the filename... the cursor doesn't change at all once your at the filename
19:28:34infamisas soon as the text entry thing comes up, press down 8 times
19:28:59_glassJAwvoltagex: its _jim_fear guess what
19:29:18voltagex_glassJAw: didn't work?
19:29:24_glassJAwnegative =(
19:29:32_glassJAwit seems to stutter less!?
19:29:39_glassJAwbut if i hold down up or down in a dir
19:29:43_glassJAwit still stops the audio
19:29:45_glassJAwall together
19:29:54voltagex_glassJAw: absolutely no idea, sorry
19:30:00 Quit _jim_fear (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:30:06 Nick _glassJAw is now known as _jim_fear (
19:30:09_jim_fearthats cool
19:30:18_jim_fearim trying to find dircache
19:30:23infamisanyone gonna make fun of my wps?
19:31:05voltagexinfamis: it's actually not too bad
19:31:40 Quit |kid| ()
19:31:44_jim_feardamn wait voltagex lol do u know where to find the setting for dircache?
19:31:46ts-xvoltagex: I second dpassen1's recommendation of foobar2000 for replaygain - works well
19:31:48infamisyea I just needed something big when I'm driving since my eyes have to travel about 2 feet to reach the screen
19:32:08dpassen1ts-x: are you using 0.8.3 or 0.9
19:32:08voltagex_jim_fear: general settings i think
19:32:36punkrockguy318infamis: seems a little unintuitive to me.. I'll see if I can do something about it. In the mean time, I submitted a patch
19:32:52ts-x0.8.3, although I downloaded 0.9 but haven't installed
19:33:15voltagexlostlogic: when you're not too busy would you mind checking out the codecs makefile?
19:33:21dpassen1I know id3v2 handling was changed in 0.9, I'd like to know if the tags are still readable
19:33:26dpassen1I'll probably test soon
19:33:28lostlogicvoltagex: never not too busy ;)
19:33:58infamispunkrockguy318: just takes some time gettin used to...I discover new menu options every day!
19:34:05voltagexlostlogic: :((
19:34:07_jim_fearalright guys i give up for now
19:34:09ts-xdpassen1: Is there a way to retain your current settings when upgrading, or do you have to do a clean install?
19:34:14_jim_fearthanks for ur help lostlogic and voltagex
19:34:22lostlogic_jim_fear: juck
19:34:24lostlogicluck that is
19:34:48dpassen1clean, but you can install to a different folder, and have 2 different versions residing
19:35:04 Quit _jim_fear ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
19:35:15dpassen1columns_ui settings can be retained, if you export them to a .fcs file
19:35:20voltagexholy $#@% 15 hours for replaygain
19:35:40ts-xThat's what I was thinking about doing - I've got the interface pretty highly customized and don't want to have to rebuild it right now :)
19:36:03punkrockguy318infamis: yeah, i understand, but it could be a little more intuitive by default. Perhaps a blinking cursor, or a box displayed around the filename to show where the focus is?
19:37:25infamispunkrockguy318: I have to admit that the first time I saw a text entry screen and all of a sudden no character was highlighted, I didn't know the cursor was at the filename I'm actually with you
19:37:35lostlogicamiconn: no thoughts on the code snippets I pastebinned?
19:38:53amiconnlostlogic: oh, sorry
19:39:14voltagex3:40am, need sleep
19:39:16amiconnThe offset calculation is wrong; my formula was for direct ligning
19:39:17voltagexbye all
19:39:34punkrockguy318infamis: yeah... it's not that it's inheritly wrong the way it is, but it COULD be improved. that's what's interface is all about
19:39:58lostlogicamiconn: so the one in the buffer reset is ok but the one for the buf_widx is wrong?
19:40:06amiconn...but I see that you need the offset for correcting the length.
19:40:14 Part voltagex ("libdumb libdumb libdumb it's just a DUMB codec... hi lostlogic and HCl :)")
19:40:18amiconnNo, both are wroing
19:40:45lostlogic:( I'm so glad you're here... Takes me forever to figure things like this out.
19:41:41amiconnoffset = (-(size_t)filebuf) & 3;
19:41:45lostlogicamiconn: oooh, I see whatchu mean, and why the offset calculated that way doesn't work.
19:41:50amiconnNote the 'minus'
19:42:13amiconnamount = (-buf_widx) & 3;
19:43:06amiconnBtw, in this case it's a good thing that you're developing on ipod; you won't notice these things on iriver
19:43:34lostlogicamiconn: it would just hurt performance on iRiver?
19:44:55 Join FireFly_ [0] (
19:46:53 Join filoktetes [0] (
19:47:13 Join webguest12 [0] (
19:49:35 Quit webguest12 (Client Quit)
19:51:22 Quit lee-qid_ ("Trillian (")
19:53:37 Quit warthawg ("my work here is done")
19:54:38 Quit infamis ("scary movie4 download completed")
19:57:19 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:00:06Aveisnt it true that li-ion batteries need few full charge-discharge cycles before they reach full capacity?
20:00:16 Join bluebrother [0] (
20:00:47AveI've been running the battery test on fresh ipod nano and its been 5.5 hours and already its showing 10% battery
20:01:28Slasherihmm, it seems the build system has jammed
20:01:52Slasheriamiconn: btw, now the tagcache is committed in background if dircache has been enabled
20:18:30 Join qwm_ [0] (
20:20:02 Join mikolas [0] (
20:20:48 Join mbalazs [0] (
20:21:35 Join hack [0] (n=KELEBEK@
20:23:02 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
20:23:10mbalazshey, anyone know how to reset the settings of rockbox to default from a computer?
20:23:52mbalazsI can't access to rockbox, because there are white background and foreground
20:24:10BHSPitLappyerase .rockbox and extract it again
20:24:14 Join emacse1 [0] (
20:24:21mbalazsI already did
20:24:25mbalazsstill the same
20:24:26emacse1I found a skin that I like... how do I actually install it?
20:24:50BHSPitLappymbalazs: then something's messed up.
20:25:05 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
20:25:17mbalazsI think it stores the settings in the memory or some hidden place I can't reach
20:25:58 Part hack
20:26:10mbalazsnothing's messed up, because I experienced this problem a few times and reinstalling rocbox solved it
20:26:35 Join TeaSea [0] (
20:26:36mbalazsbut now somehow it won't work
20:28:26Avedid you remove .rockbox recursively?
20:28:37Avethe prefs are saved in files in the filesystem right?
20:28:54pirokodammit. ipod froze yet again...
20:28:57 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:29:45mbalazsI did remove it recursively (from total commander, shift + del)
20:30:17 Join SereR0KR [0] (
20:30:42mikolasare more buildservers still needed?
20:31:48punkrockguy318Man, I'm taking a look at some of the kernel stuff of rockbox. How the heck was this written without documentation of the hardware? Crazy!
20:32:27emacse1hrm... anyone here have an ipod nano?
20:33:34mikolasi'm just setting up different cross compilers and i have my server online 24/7 so i could contribute some cpu for the project. the line is only 8/1mbit.
20:35:42Aveemacse1: o/
20:36:02emacse1Ave: can you play ogg vorbis files?
20:36:11emacse1and can you recommend a font/wps combination?
20:37:03Avesure I can play vorbis
20:37:11emacse1mine doesn't play Vorbis...
20:37:20emacse1did you have to do anything?
20:37:28Aveand well, imo there is only one good looking wps, the ipod nano with some smaller font
20:37:42AveI compiled from cvs code but any daily oughta work just as well
20:37:57emacse1Ave: I found a nice one on the page... is there a way to put a WPS in after the fact?
20:38:03emacse1I like the Brushed Metal one
20:38:26Aveunzip the theme in .rockbox and then use the theme selector
20:39:14emacse1k, lemme try
20:41:01linuxstbmbalazs: Which player do you have?
20:41:16Avesometimes the themes have extra directories, just watch out for those
20:42:04mbalazslinuxstb: i have an ipod video 5g
20:42:53linuxstbThen just turn the hold switch on whilst Rockbox is starting - that resets the settings.
20:43:57emacse1it doesn't like my ogg vorbis files
20:44:06emacse1is there a specific kind of vorbis file it wants?
20:44:46linuxstbNo, there's nothing special about the vorbis file Rockbox plays. What happens when you select one?
20:44:53emacse1it skips to the next one
20:45:04emacse1the "next one" being the one and only mp3 file I have
20:45:22emacse1I have about 10 vorbis files
20:45:30 Join Daishi [0] (
20:45:59 Join |Unknown| [0] (
20:46:07linuxstbI think the only vorbis files that cause problems are ones encoded with a very early version of the vorbis encoder. Maybe that's the case with your files.
20:46:23emacse1LOL okay and now it's frozen :)
20:46:33|Unknown|anyone fix rockboy yet?
20:46:34emacse1linuxstb: maybe... should I just try others?
20:47:11 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:47:40mbalazslinuxstb: thx, it worked !!
20:47:51mbalazsanother question
20:48:01 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
20:48:19 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
20:48:21 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
20:48:32emacse1no... it doesn't even like ogg files I ecoded myself recently
20:48:55mbalazsI'm new to the ipod hardware but I'm wondering whether how the ipod plays mp3 when it's running the original firmware or something else
20:49:07 Join humulus [0] (
20:49:17mbalazsdoes rockbox play the songs by a software player?
20:49:28mbalazsand does the original firmware do it too?
20:49:44linuxstbYes, the ipod uses the main CPU for audio decoding - both in the original firmware and Rockbox.
20:50:00emacse1oh, that's weird
20:50:09mbalazsthen why does rockbox slow down when I start rolling the clickwheel
20:50:10humuluslinuxstb: is there a hardware player ?
20:50:31humuluslinuxstb: or what is the opossite of software player?
20:50:32Avelinuxstb: you know whats the function of the "other cpu" when under apple firmware?
20:51:00Aveor other core, really
20:51:01mbalazsis the original more optimized or something?
20:51:02linuxstbhumulus: The Archos devices that Rockbox supports has a hardware MP3 decoder.
20:51:35emacse1linuxstb: can you give me an ogg vorbis file that you know works?
20:51:43humulusups, eventually i would be interest. to work on rockbox, is it a gnu project?
20:51:46linuxstbYes, I'm sure Apple is using an MP3 decoder written by PortalPlayer which will be highly optimised.
20:52:00 Join obo [0] (
20:52:27linuxstbhumulus: It's not a GNU project, but it's licensed under the GNU GPL.
20:52:43Aveemacse1: go to and snag a song
20:52:48humuluslinuxstb: ok, no fsf paper work :D
20:52:49emacse1linuxstb: I've tested it with all my ogg vorbis files. My podcast, the OpenBSD songs, etc
20:52:57pirokowho's working on the ipod 4g scaling?
20:53:26emacse1Ave: those are not ogg vorbis files
20:53:34humulusi suppose there are developerz in here :)
20:53:35Avesure they are
20:53:49humuluscool, would be interessted
20:53:55emacse1oh I see one now
20:53:58Avefor example
20:54:01mbalazswell, thanks for your help, I have to go
20:54:13linuxstbemacse1: Have you done the usual checks for when something goes wrong? i.e. delete your .rockbox folder and rockbox.ipod, install the latest CVS build, and reset your settings?
20:54:13 Quit mbalazs ("CGI:IRC")
20:54:29humulusalways wanted to do some embeded stuff too :D
20:54:45emacse1linuxstb: this is from today
20:54:45linuxstbpiroko: I wouldn't say I'm working on it, but I committed it to CVS for the 4Gs.
20:55:02emacse1linuxstb: I just downloaded it 30 mins ago
20:55:05linuxstbemacse1: Did the files work in the past?
20:55:17emacse1linuxstb: I don't know. I never installed Rockbox before 30 mins ago :)
20:55:55pirokolinuxstb: i'm pretty sure it's causing the ipod to lockup after an hour or so, just fyi
20:56:08linuxstbpiroko: Why do you blame the CPU scaling?
20:56:18pirokobecause I turned it off and it played flawlessly
20:56:59emacse1okay it likes THIS ogg vorbis file...
20:57:11emacse1so now we have to ask: Why is your ogg vorbis file different than mine?
20:57:47pirokoemacse1: what program are you using to encode?
20:57:57emacse1piroko: oggenc
20:58:43emacse1ah, but maybe an old one!
20:58:49emacse1Vendor: Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20030909 (1.0.1)
20:59:05linuxstbpiroko: OK. That's suspicious. But I know there are other bugs which could be causing lockups. But I'll remember it.
20:59:06piroko1.0.2 is out
20:59:07emacse1same with song37 from OpenBSD
20:59:13pirokolinuxstb: ok thanks
20:59:32emacse1Vendor: Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20040920 is from the ogg vorbis file that linuxstb gave me...
20:59:42linuxstbI didn't give you a file....
20:59:43amiconnMy latest PCF i2c driver cuts the cpu load down from 12.3% to 5.8% at 45MHz, and from 50% to 13.3% at 11MHz (124MHz: no change) :-)
20:59:50|Unknown|anyone fix rockboy yet?
21:00:14linuxstbamiconn: Nice work. Now fix the ipod i2c driver...
21:00:33amiconnI'll check it once more, then commit
21:00:47amiconnSame technique should be applied to the H1x0 adc driver
21:01:57emacse1LOL one ogg vorbis file crashes it
21:02:09linuxstb|Unknown|: You'll have to be a bit more specific in your question.
21:02:31 Join powr-toc [0] (
21:05:00powr-tocdoes rockbox have audioscrobbler support yet, or support for recording how many times you've listened to a particular track???
21:05:13 Part amiconn
21:05:46yobesoomumm so I was just playing an MP3 on my iPod 4g and it crashed giving me this message: "Data Abort at00045FC4"
21:05:52Aveheh nice, I ran the battery_bench and well the pwoer ran out, and NOTHING got into the logfile, not a single row?
21:06:05yobesoomI can supply the original file. Nothing fancy.. just a 128kbps mp3
21:06:50linuxstbyobesoom: Thanks. I'll have a look at your file. Can you upload it somewhere?
21:06:58yobesoomyeah I'll toss it up on yousendit
21:07:17emacse1linuxstb: wait, you'll take his files, but not my self-encoded ogg or OpenBSD song?
21:07:39linuxstbI know nothing about ogg...
21:07:52linuxstbData aborts I can debug.
21:07:54Aveemacse1: run ogginfo on the files
21:08:04emacse1Ave: I have. What am I looking for?
21:08:09Aveemacse1: or try the kahvi link there and wahts been suggested to you
21:08:17Avetry older release etc
21:08:30emacse1Ave: I did that. the kahvi works
21:08:37Aveok so you ahve bogus files
21:08:40Avetoss em
21:09:00emacse1Ave: no, they're not bogus. They work on my computer just fine
21:09:01yobesoomand upon closer inspection it was 192kbps.. but still that's nothing funky
21:09:58Aveemacse1: well for this particular decoder they seem bogus, then?
21:10:14Avetremor maybe doesnt like old files
21:10:30emacse1Ave: okay, that's fine... but can you define "old"?
21:10:43Ave[21:58] < emacse1> Vendor: Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20030909 (1.0.1)
21:10:59emacse1Vendor: Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20040920
21:10:59emacse1also failed
21:11:03Aveor it could be soemthing else like multiple streams
21:11:29emacse1Ave: do you know ogg vorbis or are you guessing?
21:11:40Aveso, my nano battery lasted for 8 hours solid playback decoding 192kbps cbr mp3 with very little actual menu usage etc backlighting
21:11:59emacse1Ave: oh you're from Finland... I've been watching your video all weekend... it's haunting my dreams!
21:12:13Avemostly guessing, but I know there are some limitations in the vorbis decoder
21:12:17Avewhat video is that
21:12:19yobesoomfile's up
21:12:29emacse1Ave: Armi and Danny :)
21:12:37Avethats 30 years old, give it a rest
21:12:41yobesoomshould I post the url in here since freenode won't let me msg people?
21:12:56emacse1Ave: I only saw it Friday, and it's only 23 years old
21:13:03 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:13:10 Quit thegeek (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:13:18Avewell h, its actually so bad it becomes good
21:13:42emacse1Ave: anyway... most of these files I can give to you to try yourself, if you want
21:14:15AveI just ran my battery flat for no reason whatsoever, logging failed..
21:14:50emacse1Ave: don't run your battery flat :)
21:14:52 Quit smoothie24 ("Leaving")
21:15:27AveI was trying to get a better battery estimate voltages but turns out its pretty damn accurate
21:15:55Aveipod died within 30 seconds of the meter reaching 0%
21:15:55emacse1Ave: so is that a no?
21:15:58linuxstbyobesoom: Downloading now....
21:16:13Aveemacse1: cant do jack at the moment but you can always send the files
21:16:22Aveor put em up somewhere
21:16:24emacse1Ave: send them where/how?
21:17:31yobesoomI did mine on yousendit
21:18:20linuxstbyobesoom: Your track plays fine for me on my 4g Color.
21:18:26 Join XavierGr_ [0] (
21:18:30yobesoomdoesn't crash halfway through?
21:18:42yobesoommy 4g is bw
21:19:09linuxstbHaven't got that far yet... I'll play it all the way through now.
21:19:49linuxstbI guessed you had a greyscale 4g - but this kind of problem should affect all ipods equally.
21:20:17linuxstbAlso, are you using the very latest CVS version of Rockbox?
21:20:31emacse1linuxstb BTW is the daily build from the CVS?
21:20:34yobesoomI put on CVS from like 3 days ago
21:20:35emacse1or another branch?
21:21:13linuxstbyobesoom: That is _very_ old considering the rapid changes the playback code is going through. I would guess your bug has already been fixed.
21:21:25yobesoom3 days is old? O_o
21:21:31yobesoomokay I'll update and see if the bug repeats
21:21:37linuxstbemacse1: The daily build is just a CVS build made at a fixed time each day. There is nothing special about it.
21:21:59emacse1linuxstb: well you mind trying the ogg vorbis files I have?
21:22:04emacse1see if they work for you?
21:22:10linuxstbyobesoom: Yes, there have probably been about 20 changes to the playback code since then...
21:22:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:22:18linuxstbemacse1: Sure.
21:23:39yobesoomdo you know if anyone is actively working on the aac playback code?
21:23:47yobesoomit doesn't play any of the files I've encoded
21:25:04emacse1that's one... here's another, this one I made myself...
21:25:10linuxstbyobesoom: No, I don't think anyone is working on it.
21:25:17emacse1linuxstb: sorry they're big
21:25:49 Quit |Unknown| ()
21:26:01linuxstbemacse1: song37 is playing fine for me now.
21:26:14emacse1linuxstb: now? as opposed to before?
21:26:27emacse1linuxstb: you using CVS? daily build?
21:26:27linuxstbNo, I just mean I am currently listening to it.
21:26:35linuxstbThe current CVS.
21:26:46 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
21:27:06powr-tocdoes rockbox have audioscrobbler support yet, or support for recording how many times you've listened to a particular track???
21:27:14linuxstbpowr-toc: No.
21:28:00powr-toclinuxstb: is it planned?
21:28:05Paul_The_Nerdpowr-toc: There was support for recording how many times you've played a track, but with a recent reworking of the database system the old method had to be removed. It'll hopefully be back eventually, but there's still a ways to go first.
21:28:23powr-tocPaul_The_Nerd: cool...
21:28:37powr-tocI think I'd find it quite handy...
21:28:37emacse1linuxstb: song37 now plays for me... WTF
21:29:23Paul_The_Nerdpowr-toc: Well, as I said it'll be back in time. There's no specific schedule for Rockbox features though, so it can't really be predicted when.
21:29:30 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:29:50emacse1linuxstb: anyway... that's enough for now I guess *shrug*
21:29:52powr-tocwhat would be cool is if there were some kind of scripting/plugin system so that you could develop your own behaviours for things to do at various events (e.g. track start, end) etc...
21:29:55emacse1thanks all
21:29:56 Part emacse1
21:30:40linuxstbpowr-toc: You have the full source code... So you can theoretically make it do whatever you want.
21:30:43Paul_The_Nerdpowr-toc: Well, since it's open source you could always just code yourself a patch. That's essentially scripting, just compiling it before the script is run. ;-)
21:31:31 Join criminy [0] (
21:31:33powr-toclinuxstb: Paul_The_Nerd: Sure, unfortunately I have other development demanding my time...
21:32:13Paul_The_Nerdpowr-toc: Well y'know... a scripting system takes just as much time to develop a script for as programming does, and at least with C it's an existing language. :-P
21:32:48powr-tocPaul_The_Nerd: true, but you could 'theoretically' port python to rockbox, that'd be neat.
21:33:13powr-tocThough I'd imagine you'd probably be better using ipodlinux for that
21:33:28 Join RedBreva [0] (
21:34:21 Quit criminy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:34:24 Join criminy [0] (
21:36:41 Join Marsdaddy [0] (
21:37:31 Part Marsdaddy
21:39:25linuxstbpowr-toc: Don't forget you're dealing with an embedded platform with very limited resources...
21:39:33Paul_The_NerdAnd no malloc.
21:40:06powr-toclinuxstb: sure...
21:40:52powr-tocI was just saying it'd be cool 'if'... I realise it's a little trickier in reality.
21:41:24linuxstbIt's not a case of being tricky - more a case of not being the most efficient solution to the problem.
21:41:24 Quit criminy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:46:53 Join criminy [0] (
21:47:48ravonAnyone who's currently working on the dumb-codec?
21:49:08 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
21:49:09t0masquick question...
21:49:13linuxstbravon: I don't believe anyone has touched it for months.
21:49:16 Join webguest42 [0] (
21:49:17t0masthe tagcache stuff
21:49:26t0masare we slowly moving to a tag database like thing?
21:49:31ravonlinuxstb: osnap, oki, thanks. I might give it a shot tomorrow then.
21:49:44t0masand is some tagdb etc. sceduled for 3.0 ?
21:49:51webguest42you fucked my ipod you cunts
21:50:21linuxstbDo you have a problem?
21:50:24Aveis tagcache something you need to install separately (plugin) or does it come as built-in?
21:50:25ravonYeah, damn that Rockbox team. Forcing their firmware onto players at gun point
21:50:26t0maswebguest42: you might want to try I different approach
21:50:29Mode"#RockBox +o t0mas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:50:58Paul_The_NerdAve: Built in.
21:50:59linuxstbt0mas: tagcache is the replacement for the old tag database in Rockbox. tagcache is an advertised feature of 3.0
21:51:12t0masand the runtime db etc?
21:51:19linuxstbNo, the runtime db is for later.
21:51:20 Quit webguest42 (Client Quit)
21:51:30Mode"#RockBox -o t0mas " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
21:51:51t0mashmm... the gather runtime data option is still in the menu...
21:51:51Paul_The_Nerdt0mas: I'll give you even odds that his iPod got screwed up by improperly following the directions.
21:51:54linuxstbI'm sure he/she feels better now...
21:52:06t0masPaul_The_Nerd: you can't screw up ipods...
21:52:37linuxstbt0mas: You can if you don't know what you're doing. But never permanently.
21:52:44t0masyou can brick an Iriver by flashing with something weird... but Ipods are always restorable
21:52:56Avemaybe you should include directions to back up the whole first partition just in case and how to restore it
21:52:59t0masthat's what I mean... you can always restore the original state
21:53:02Aveor even the whole disk
21:53:09linuxstbAve: That's exactly what the installation instructions do say.
21:53:15Avedoes it? heh
21:53:21t0masyeah, but he might have missed that ;)
21:53:28powr-toclinuxstb: it's not about efficiency though... it's about having an extension architecture to allow end user innovation (as in firefox/extensions/greasemonkey)
21:53:34t0masbut hey... there's a tool from apple to fix a "broken" ipod
21:53:36Paul_The_Nerdt0mas: Yeah. I know you can't permanently screw them up. But believe me, it's very very easy to have people THINK they're permanently screwed up.
21:53:59Paul_The_Nerdpowr-toc: It's open-source. That's about as "end-user" extensible as you can get.
21:54:00t0masyeah, like we had with iriver too
21:54:15linuxstbpowr-toc: You can't ignore efficiency - especially when Rockbox runs on devices with 11MHz processors and 2MB of RAM.
21:54:16t0maslow battery power made the original firmware hang on boot
21:54:17Avehey, can you actually make the second partition a little bigger?
21:54:25 Join webguest27 [0] (
21:54:39Avebecause rockbox is using only so little of the 80 or so megabytes that the first partition originally occupies
21:54:42webguest27you owe me a new cunting ipod
21:54:55t0maswebguest27... what's your problem?
21:54:57linuxstbwebguest27: If you have a problem, we'll be happy to help.
21:55:07Paul_The_Nerdwebguest27: You might want to start with "My iPod's not working after I tried to install. How do I fix it?"
21:55:11Paul_The_NerdI'm usually much better with that one.
21:55:17webguest27it's brust
21:55:21t0masyeah, and then add what you did
21:55:26t0masand why you think it's borken
21:55:28Paul_The_Nerdbrust is not a word in the English language.
21:55:34webguest27chuck it though the window
21:55:54Avethou shall not feed the troll
21:56:00bananafonwebguest LOL
21:56:03Paul_The_NerdWell, we certainly aren't responsible for physical damage that you have incurred to the device.
21:56:04*t0mas feels some ban comming :P
21:56:07Mode"#RockBox +o t0mas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:56:08bananafon"cunting" ipod huh
21:56:16powr-tocPaul_The_Nerd: sure, but that hasn't stopped many OSS projects developing extension api's. e.g. eclipse, jedit, netbeans, firefox, thunderbird, almost every irc client, emacs, vi....
21:56:31bananafonbye webguest
21:56:39linuxstbpowr-toc: Yes, but those applications don't run on very limited battery-powered embedded devices.
21:56:44bananafonway to follow the instructions CORRECTLY
21:56:59webguest27you owe me
21:57:00powr-toclinuxstb: sure...
21:57:06linuxstbpowr-toc: I'm not saying a scripting extension system is impossible, or a bad idea, just that there may be other solutions.
21:57:17bananafonwhats ur email
21:57:18preglowlinuxstb: !
21:57:21Paul_The_Nerdpowr-toc: Yes, but those are also run in vastly different environments. Like, those where such a thing is really possible.
21:57:23bananafonhow does 300 on paypal sound ?
21:57:29preglowi'm looking forward to trying out some sids, heh
21:57:50Paul_The_Nerdwebguest27: If you threw your iPod through a window, how is that *our* problem, 'eh?
21:58:04linuxstbpreglow: It's working nicely. Myth1 is the person who ported his own sid player to Rockbox.
21:58:15Aveis it possible to repartition the ipod drive? because of:
21:58:17Ave-rw-rw−−−− 1 root root 79M 2006-04-15 10:44 nano_boot.img
21:58:17Ave-rw-rw−−−− 1 root video 4.6M 2006-04-15 10:48 rockboot.bin
21:58:30Avethe first partition is wasting 74 megs?
21:58:40preglowlinuxstb: rainer?
21:58:50powr-toclinuxstb: well perhaps the rockbox community could investigate or discuss what those solutions might be, and whether or not they are viable.
21:58:55preglowyeah, i remember him and kb writing that player a long time ago
21:59:12preglowkb is/was the big soft-synth guy on the demo scene
21:59:17linuxstbAve: The Apple firmware uses that partition to hibernate. So you can't completely shrink it - unless you never let the Apple firmware hibernate.
21:59:28bananafonlol webguest
21:59:50Avelinuxstb: hm ok ic, well thats space for "one more album" .. ah well
22:00:40AveI dont plan to use apple side - ever, so I can experiment with it and restore the original layout if something breaks
22:00:44 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
22:01:15 Quit webguest27 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:01:21linuxstbpreglow: It could do with some EMAC optimisations I think. The filters are currently disabled - they were too slow on Coldfire, and the ARM just about managed to run them in realtime.
22:01:39Paul_The_Nerdpowr-toc: Or someone could just implement whatever idea they have, and submit it as a patch.
22:02:10preglowlinuxstb: i'll have a look at it, sid without filters is no fun
22:02:15 Join Marsdaddy [0] (
22:02:23preglowthey're simply state variable filters anyway, so should be quite easy
22:02:33linuxstbAve: Yes, if you never leave your ipod in the Apple firmware for more than 12 hours, you should be fine to reduce it down to about 5MB.
22:02:36powr-tocPaul_The_Nerd: sure... but that only scales so far as an extension model.
22:02:59linuxstbWe already have a plugin API. What can't you do with that?
22:03:31 Join Can0Beans [0] (
22:03:34Avelinuxstb: the only reason I might go into apple side is to use it for battery charging, but even that may be useless, ipod nano uses all hardware for charging right? so the firmware should not matter one way or another?
22:03:46powr-toclinuxstb: Can you capture events and execute on them? e.g. end of a track, start of a track etc?
22:03:54Can0BeansCan anyone tell me if Rockbox works on the 4g mini?
22:03:57*powr-toc doesn't know too much about the rockbox internals
22:04:00linuxstbAve: You can just use disk mode for charging if you don't want to use Rockbox.
22:04:11powr-toci.e. practically nothing.
22:04:15Can0BeansI see lots of references to the 2g mini
22:04:37pirokowhat font should be used to correctly render japanese characters in rockbox?
22:05:20Paul_The_NerdCan0Beans: 2g means "2nd generation"
22:05:30Avelinuxstb: I was looking at the code and unless you have HAVE_CHARGE_CONTROL (or so) defined rb doesnt really interfere with charging, right?
22:05:46linuxstbpowr-toc: No, I don't think you can currently get access to track change events. But if someone wanted to write a plugin which required them, then they could get added to the plugin API.
22:05:51Can0Beansso if my mini is second generation, I should be in business!
22:05:59AveI'm asking does it matter whether you are in rb or apple side at all
22:06:02pirokoBHSPitMonkey: yep, that's it. thank you!
22:06:08Paul_The_NerdCan0Beans: Exactly
22:06:38linuxstbAve: I don't know very much about the charging. I normally switch to disk mode or sometimes the Apple firmware when I leave my ipod to charge.
22:06:40Paul_The_NerdAve: I charge my Nano in Rockbox about half the time (since it automatically reboots anyway if I don't hold down menu) and haven't had problems yet.
22:06:41obopowr-toc: you talking about scrobbler support?
22:06:45preglowi also see someone else has started some piezo work
22:07:03obopreglow: yeah, I blatently nicked some code you posted :)
22:07:15Aveyeah ok, well all in all, if I just use apple disk mode to charge and it doesnt go to hibernate I can downsize the 1st partition
22:07:15 Join Paprica [0] (
22:07:32linuxstbAve: Yes - that's my understanding.
22:07:47linuxstbBHSPitMonkey: Were you complaining about Sudoku the other night?
22:08:04AveI'll see the nano code about charging just in case, once more
22:08:21preglowobo: haha, all is well
22:08:40*BHSPitMonkey hides from linuxstb
22:08:49preglowlinuxstb: no wonder, the filters use floats...
22:08:56obopreglow: have you looked at the patch - and if so, am I heading in the right direction?
22:08:56BHSPitMonkeynot complaining, just stating that it doesn't really work...
22:08:59linuxstbpreglow: I know...
22:09:15linuxstbBHSPitMonkey: How old is your Rockbox? I made a few changes to Sudoku recently.
22:09:20preglowlinuxstb: resid uses fast fixed point filters, we should just steal those
22:09:52BHSPitMonkeylinuxstb: it's old, just disregard me for now
22:09:54preglowobo: no, i just got back from the snowy hills, i'll have a look at it later
22:10:01BHSPitMonkeyI can't update it till later, anyways
22:10:26linuxstbI fixed all the ipod annoyances (well, to my own satisfaction), and also added a random game generator.
22:10:43 Part phil
22:10:47yobesoomtoday's firmware now plays a half second of AAC and dies
22:10:51BHSPitMonkeylinuxstb: can you create partial puzzles and solve them? ( I figured that's what "new" was for)
22:10:54yobesoomthat's better than none and dying
22:11:31linuxstb"New" is to manually enter a game. You can then either solve it yourself, or Rockbox will solve it for you.
22:11:58BHSPitMonkeyso now, you can get back to the menu at any time, without getting stuck?
22:12:19MarsdaddyHi all! I've written a plugin that uses a codec that requires file operations which are in librockbox −− when I try to link this for the iRiver it fails...
22:12:31preglowMarsdaddy: hi, nice to see you here!
22:12:36linuxstbHopefully. The keys have been changed, so MENU takes you to the menu, and the clickwheel is used for movement (with line wrapping).
22:12:40 Join mikearthur [0] (
22:12:48Marsdaddypreglow: thanx for the welcome
22:12:52pirokowait, rockbox has a built-in solving algorithm?
22:12:52preglowplugins can't use librockbox
22:13:00pirokofor sudoku?
22:13:00Marsdaddyyes i know!
22:13:12linuxstbpiroko: Yes, it's been there since about last September.
22:13:24Avewhy doesnt sudoku work with nano, tho?
22:13:34pirokoholy crap that's amazing. there has to be a difficulty it can't solve though. some are really tough...
22:13:36Paul_The_NerdAve: No 176x132x16 art
22:13:38AveI have a sudoku j2me-game for siemens mobile with silar screen size
22:13:42Aveso its doable..
22:13:48preglowMarsdaddy: all operations that are needed need to be simulated with the plugin api we have
22:13:59Marsdaddypreglow: ok
22:14:05linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: I'll have a look at fixing that now. I'll just copy some smaller images.
22:14:09preglowMarsdaddy: what functions do you need?
22:14:12AvePaul_The_Nerd: well if art is the thing holding it down..
22:14:37Marsdaddyall the basics
22:14:49preglowmyeah, right
22:14:53preglowwe have those in the plugin api
22:15:08preglowbasically you just need to store the plugin struct pointer globally
22:15:09Marsdaddyand malloc? how do I handle that?
22:15:09 Quit filoktetes (No route to host)
22:15:26preglowthen write fopen() etc wrappers that access the plugin struct pointer and do what is needed
22:15:32preglowMarsdaddy: we try to avoid malloc
22:15:33Paul_The_NerdPaul_The_Nerd: I'm fairly certain all it needs is tiles appropriate for the screen size. Not 100% though
22:15:48Marsdaddypreglow: thanks for the pointers
22:15:51preglowMarsdaddy: right now, everything that needs malloc fakes it
22:16:06preglowMarsdaddy: but we're planning on including a real malloc for use by plugins only
22:16:10kkurbjunpreglow, doom has a descent malloc
22:16:22preglowkkurbjun: oh? cool
22:16:24pirokoI LOVE YOU GUYS!!! sorry... I'll be back in a bit
22:16:46Marsdaddypreglow - this has been a big help, I've had a bad run recently fighting gcc-m68k
22:16:54kkurbjunMarsdaddy, if you want to use the malloc in doom copy z_zone.c/h and link them in your plugin
22:16:58preglowMarsdaddy: oh? windows/linux?
22:17:07preglowMarsdaddy: ahhh, you're speaking about the compiler bugs
22:17:13preglowMarsdaddy: yeah, those are bloody annoying
22:17:20kkurbjunpreglow, it's not the best algorithm, but it implements malloc, calloc, realloc, and free
22:17:24preglowgcc really isn't the the best compiler on earth
22:17:27MarsdaddyHad to rework some code in stupid ways
22:17:38preglowMarsdaddy: yeah, unfortunately, we're not used to that
22:17:44preglows/not// :)
22:18:00preglowboth arm and m68k gcc has had bugs
22:18:22preglowwe still see m68k gcc bugs all the time
22:18:42powr-tocobo: yeah
22:18:43 Quit ^BeN^ (Connection timed out)
22:18:44MarsdaddyOk so I should use the plugin api - if I want a generic codec lib that is used in the main player and a plugin that should be ok?
22:19:00linuxstbYour codec lib shouldn't use file I/O.
22:19:06 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
22:19:07preglowlinuxstb: for testing it can be nice
22:19:10preglowbut yeah
22:19:16preglowthe finished thing should not do file io
22:19:30oboRuss from was in here yesterday - they're working on a new system for DAPs
22:19:32preglowrockbox has to handle all file buffering in the core
22:19:53linuxstbIdeally the codec should be passed a pointer to some compressed data, and the codec will just uncompress that data. Without needing access to the disk.
22:19:53preglowobo: yeah, they seem quite eager to cooperate, which is good
22:19:56powr-tocobo: I'm not even too worried about scrobbler support, I'd just like to know what I've been listening to, so I can script some synchronising behaviours etc...
22:20:21obopreglow: only thing is at the moment it needs mktime()...
22:20:47obopowr-toc: ah, fair enough
22:21:03Marsdaddylinuxstb: Yes I had a feeling that was the case... need to rework the codec
22:21:09powr-tocobo: but scrobbler support would be close to ideal.
22:21:14kkurbjunlinuxstb, thanks for fixing that red video build, I'm working on decreasing the code size now to try and avoid that stuff later
22:21:21preglowobo: we'll be able to work around that
22:21:28linuxstbkkurbjun: No problem. It's getting extremely tight now...
22:21:37obowell, I've got yet another half-finished patch here... :)
22:21:47Marsdaddylinuxstb: so, should I put the io for handling the ASF wrapper in metadata?
22:21:54kkurbjunyeah, no kidding, there was very little added to the code on that last commit..
22:22:00preglowMarsdaddy: but please, do whatever is needed for testing, but the finished codec should work as linuxstb says
22:22:03kkurbjunon the H300's its not nearly as bad
22:22:06 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:22:19Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Apparently sudoku doesn't set its own font color, which can cause problems with a white background.
22:22:31kkurbjunand I was hoping to eventually add dehacked support...
22:22:46obopreglow: do you mean adding a mktime into rockbox?
22:22:48 Quit XavierGr_ (Connection timed out)
22:22:53linuxstbMarsdaddy: Ideally you should change the codec so that it does all "I/O" using memory buffers. But as preglow said, that's less important than getting something running.
22:23:03preglowMarsdaddy: all our early xxx2wav plugins did just what you say now anyway, we just had a library .c file that had FILE *fopen(etc, etc, etc) { rb->fopen(etc, etc, etc); } and so on, just simple wrappers calling the plugin struct pointers
22:23:31kkurbjunas a side question, was that old 640k limit on dos like the plugin limit in rockbox?
22:23:33Marsdaddypreglow: interesting...
22:23:55preglowMarsdaddy: i don't think we wrapped fopen, but the principle is the same
22:24:09linuxstbMy recollection is that the xxx2wav plugins would read the entire compressed file into memory, and then uncompress them - so no direct file I/O inside the codec.
22:24:11Marsdaddythanks for the input everyone... back to it. See you again.
22:24:15 Part Marsdaddy
22:25:00Mode"#RockBox -o t0mas " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
22:25:19 Join damaki_ [0] (
22:25:34Avelinuxstb: weird, but appears the smallest partition size you can crate is 8M
22:25:46Ave255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 248 cylinders
22:25:46AveUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
22:25:55linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: I think a few plugins may have that problem. I fixed that bug in Snake2 last week.
22:26:16t0masAve: that's pretty normal...
22:26:18preglowkkurbjun: no, not at all, really
22:26:27t0masyou can't create a partition smaller than 8 mb on a pc either
22:26:32Avethats perfectly ok
22:26:33preglowkkurbjun: it was more of an architectural decision
22:26:48preglowkkurbjun: you had to tweak the on-chip memory controller to access more than 640k
22:26:53Aveah ok, its not often one meddles with this small disks these days..
22:26:54Paul_The_NerdOkay: I'm going to say something now that may sound stupid at first, but think on it for a moment before you tell me that.
22:27:58kkurbjunpreglow, hmm, I knew there was a hardware limit as well.. were there any systems that had more then that 640k?
22:28:06Paul_The_NerdWhen a user loads JUST a .wps, or a theme that changes WPSes but does not have a font color set, I think that it should reset the font to black. Black is the default, and most WPSes that use it don't set it to black.
22:29:01preglowkkurbjun: sure, all of them, you just needed to tweak about
22:29:07preglowall the emms and xmms drivers did this
22:29:15Aveany special mkdosfs arguments that I should know about? (other than -F 32)
22:29:26preglowthe dpmi and vcpi systems did even more fancy stuff, using protected mode
22:29:39preglowso you could access all 4gigs of memory
22:29:46preglowall on a stock 386
22:30:02kkurbjunyes, ahh, so that 640k was extended memory also, just build on the motherboard?
22:30:15preglownope, main ram
22:30:58preglowbeware i might be spouting bullshit here, it's a really long time ago i dabbled with real mode memory management coding :)
22:31:32kkurbjunhmm, I never programmed in dos so I was never familiar with the design, I just remember it being a pain in the butt to get programs running if there were alot of tsr's running : )
22:31:35mikolaskkurbjun, see
22:31:57kkurbjunmikolas, thanks for the link
22:32:23preglowkkurbjun: exactly :) i had to battle a lot with emm386 and qemm and the like myself
22:32:27mikolasi've pretty much forgotten about ms-dos memory management, fortunately i might add
22:32:39 Quit Paprica (Connection timed out)
22:32:46preglowkkurbjun: is quite interesting
22:34:54 Join Paprica [0] (
22:35:35 Join qwm [0] (
22:38:10 Join filoktetes [0] (
22:38:30linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: I've just committed Sudoku for the Nano.
22:39:02 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:41:02 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:41:44 Join damaki [0] (
22:46:12 Quit qwm_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:46:39 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
22:51:34 Join midgey34 [0] (
22:55:15*midkay leaps into Photoshop to create Sudoku nano-specific bitmaps
22:55:31midkayhm, what's up with the H320? last i checked there weren't 220x176 bitmaps.
22:55:38midkayalso using 160x128?
22:56:14 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:58:47linuxstbmidkay: There are 220x176 bitmaps (didn't you commit them?)
22:59:38linuxstbThe mini is the only device without Sudoku now...
22:59:49linuxstb(and the Player)
23:00:33midkaylinuxstb, oh, riight.. hmm..
23:00:44midkayi committed updates to them, the last ones were awful IMO :)
23:01:02linuxstbI won't argue with that.
23:01:20linuxstbI think the 5g could do with some as well if you're bored.
23:01:32midkayyes, adapt it to fill the screen?
23:01:54 Quit ts-x ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:02:02midkayyeah, might do that. hmm.
23:03:08 Join amiconn [0] (
23:05:01midkaylinuxstb, do you play sudoku a lot or even at all?
23:05:48midkayi think i must have a bug here..
23:06:15midkaythe number i'm trying to enter doesn't occur in the same vertical or horizontal row and it's giving me 'illegal move'..
23:06:50scorcheor region?
23:06:58peturah, my asm question victim :)
23:08:07*amiconn still wonders about the mysteries of i2c
23:08:32amiconnWell, my driver brought down the load considerably, but it's still higher than I would expect
23:10:18 Join matsl [0] (
23:10:18 Quit Paprica (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:10:22peturwhat's ida telling me here: pea (loc_0_7C+4).w ? push effective address that's on location loc_0_7C+4 ?
23:10:46preglowamiconn: your sister finally got rockbox credit after all the bug hunting? :)
23:10:55amiconnHehe, yes.
23:11:13pregloware you of scandinavian decent or something? your first names sound strangely norwegian/swedish
23:11:14amiconnActually for gfx work, and I'm about to commit more: bubbles for archos
23:11:24 Quit sucka ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
23:11:31preglowdescent, that is
23:11:38amiconnHer name isn't scandianavian at all
23:12:31amiconnMy name is scandinavian, but that's because this name was very popular in 1971
23:12:37preglowsure is used a lot here :)
23:13:21midkayamiconn, bubbles for archos, can't wait to see that :)
23:13:26preglowgreat, another new target request
23:14:24amiconnShe also made an better visible virtual harddisk icon
23:14:43RotAtoRamiconn: did bubbles actually make it under the 32k limit with all the levels?
23:14:53RotAtoRand is it actually usable??!
23:15:16amiconnRotAtoR: Bubbles is under 32K even on ipod mini, which is arm, and arm code is bigger than sh1 code
23:15:38RotAtoRahh, ok
23:15:41preglowby far
23:15:46preglowi'd guess
23:15:55amiconnI didn't try it yet, she made the gfx, I have to adjust the code and find decent button assignments
23:16:03amiconnEasy for recorder, harder for Ondio...
23:17:07 Join thegeek [0] (
23:17:34 Quit Una^ (Remote closed the connection)
23:18:09peturcan one of the asm guru's help me pls? ^^
23:18:43amiconnmidkay: There's a bug in the quickscreen: If it decides to use the sysfont, it switches back to uifont too early (immediately after showing the text instead of when leaving the quickscreen): result: If the text still needs to scroll, it will be displayed with the wrong font as soon as it starts scrolling...
23:18:46 Join DrMoos [0] (
23:19:13 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:19:16 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
23:19:36 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
23:19:53amiconnMoos: Your observation was correct: Bagder's optimised lcd update breaks partial updates on X5
23:19:59amiconn(in 50% of all cases)
23:20:04midkayamiconn, that's a known bug but i can't figure out how to fix it.
23:20:22midkayi moved the font change to before the screen is even called and after, but i still had that problem.
23:20:22Moosamiconn: hi, ohoh :(
23:20:39MoosHi midkay too
23:20:46midkayhey Moos :)
23:21:02amiconnMoos: I'll probably have a shot, but debugging X5 code will be cumbersome for me...
23:21:16Moosamiconn: and Bagder/LinusN aren't a lot arounds those last days
23:21:35Moosamiconn: great, if you need I test something, just ask
23:21:38amiconn(I want to do it the right way and convert the whole lcd_write_data() mess to asm for performance)
23:22:01midkaybbiab all
23:22:02 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
23:22:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:22:20amiconnShouldn't be _that_ hard, since the controller is similar to the H300 one, and the main difference is the weird hookup which I know about
23:22:36Moosamicoon: w00t then : )
23:22:49MoosI trust your asm knowledge ; )
23:22:53preglowman, mp3 is fast on coldfire now
23:23:03preglowalmost no boost even for 320kbps
23:23:06amiconnpreglow: Now make it that fast on arm ;)
23:23:14Mooshehe : )
23:23:16preglowi'll try after 3.0
23:23:52amiconnWe want to beat apple mp3 runtime...
23:23:53Moospreglow: and please after 3.0, the musepack seeking thing, if you have a bit time : )
23:23:57preglowamiconn: yes........
23:24:01preglowMoos: yeah, i will
23:24:30*amiconn takes another look at the pcf50606 datasheet
23:24:46preglowit's a hack, but at least it's a pretty nice hack, and it works
23:25:00*Moos go to take some food
23:25:13Moospreglow: musepack patch?
23:25:33preglowMoos: yea
23:25:50*petur s(t)uck(s) at asm: pea (loc_0_7C+4).w
23:25:51Moosyou will improve this ; P
23:26:05preglowpetur: wonder what it means?
23:26:19peturwhat gets pushed?
23:27:31preglowthe address
23:27:39preglowehh, hmm
23:27:47preglowi've never really used pea
23:27:56preglowbut it's really just a lea instruction with a push after it
23:27:59 Join mindmedic [0] (
23:28:00 Quit Gena (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:28:07peturwould this be a global variable?
23:28:18preglowcould be everything
23:28:24preglowwhat code?
23:29:10preglowit just looks to me like it pushes 'loc_0_7C+4' to the stack
23:29:22peturthe chip won't talk to me so I try to read their code to see what i'm missing
23:29:35amiconnpetur: This just pushes the the (short) value loc_0_7C+4' to the stack, sign-extended to long
23:29:37preglowit just pushes a value to the stack
23:29:45preglowahh, so it sign-extends
23:30:01amiconnCFPRM.pdf, page 42
23:30:01peturright, thanks
23:30:17peturrtfm, yeah
23:30:18amiconn(addressing mode: absolute short)
23:30:50peturthe ida output sometimes doesn't match the manual - how wonderfull :/
23:31:19amiconnYou mean the isp1362 manual?
23:31:38preglowpetur: you know if ida supports the emac instructions?
23:32:05 Join Gena [0] (
23:32:11amiconnpreglow: m68k-elf-objdump doesn't even support all standard instructions correctly, let alone emac...
23:32:41peturthe asm code ida produces is hard to understand for me... buut any asm would probably ...
23:33:00 Quit powr-toc ("Leaving")
23:33:23preglowamiconn: ida is waaaaaaaaaay better than objdump
23:33:25amiconnWhat I found so far that's incorrectly disassebled by m68k-elf-objdump: * trapf / trapf.w / trapf.l * move.w #nnnn,%%sr
23:33:35 Join qwm_ [0] (
23:33:50 Join Arrogant [0] (
23:34:45preglowamiconn: to my surprise nothing at all has happened with the m68k 64 bit gcc bug
23:35:01preglowafter more or less just being told i have to fix the bug myself, i just don't bother asking the devs anymore
23:35:02amiconnyeah :(
23:36:38preglowit doesn't look like a very complicated bug, they do some wrong sign extension where they pretend all host ints are 32 bit
23:36:45preglowbut wading through gcc code gives me a headace
23:37:14preglowi just don't see how, the only int i can see in that file is a 0
23:39:04pirokoi assume the features "wake on time" and "car adaptor mode" are for non-ipod models?
23:42:07pirokoby "wake on time" i mean "wakeup alarm"
23:42:44pirokoyep, so it seems
23:43:37 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:44:31amiconnpiroko: Wake up alarm is possible on ipod afaik, but not implemented yet
23:44:49amiconnSame goes for H300...
23:44:55linuxstbYes, it should be fairly straightforward on the ipods.
23:45:14 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
23:47:09pirokosame with car adapter mode I would assume
23:49:19linuxstbI _think_ Rockbox's car adapter mode just does things like pause/resume when external power appears and disappears. This is generic and should work on ipods. (I don't own a car, so have never used it).
23:49:52linuxstbIf you are thinking about support for ipod-specific car interfaces, then that's not trivial - but will hopefully come in the future, along with support for other ipod accessories.
23:51:50 Quit mikolas ("Leaving")
23:52:47mindmedici still can't grasp how cool rockbox is...
23:53:37mindmedicwhen i tried it i was prepared for a experimental piece of firmware...
23:54:01amiconnlinuxstb: Car adapter mode is actually 2 features, one of which is only for those units where rockbox can be flashed and usually shows a charging screen
23:54:24amiconnCar adapter mode makes more sense on units which automatically wake up when external power is applied
23:54:35mindmedicsorry ^^
23:54:40peturwhich reminds me: is Linus planning to let the h300 boot RB on AC power?
23:55:01amiconnIt is planned, as soon as we can control the charging chip properly
23:55:21 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
23:55:49linuxstbamiconn: I should read the manual... As you've probably spotted, the ipod wakes up when external power is applied.
23:56:57amiconnCar adapter mode does 2 things: (1) When rockbox is running, it pauses playback when external power is cut, and unpauses when external power returns.
23:57:05amiconnThis is for short stops
23:57:41amiconn(2) When the unit wakes up from external power, it fully boots and resumes playback, instead of just showing a charging screen

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