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#rockbox log for 2006-04-17

00:00:06amiconn*not on
00:01:18amiconnIn a way, car adapter mode is similar to the headphone detect feature of ipod retailos (iiuc, since I've never really used retailos)
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00:14:08lostlogicdernit, logf debug should show on the console in the sim, right?
00:14:23amiconnYes, but it doesn't work on cygwin
00:14:33lostlogicwell I'm on linux... what'm I doing wrong?
00:17:37amiconnhmm, you did select a developer build and enabled logf, I suppose
00:17:51lostlogicyeah, developer -> logf -> simulator
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00:18:39lostlogic*reconfigures clean and tries again*
00:18:51amiconnI admit that I didn't try that. I think it should work. What I know does work is DEBUGF() - that always works in the sim, w/o explicitly electing it
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00:19:19Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Someone else has chimed in on the Troubles with a 4G Photo - freezing on startup type thread. I have to wonder if the CPU scaling fix isn't so "fixed" any more?
00:19:21*amiconn just improved H300 (and H100) adc button debounding
00:19:42amiconnShould solve Lear's "fake double-click" problem
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00:22:01punkrockguy318Has someone written code for double clicking?
00:25:09midkayi don't think so, shouldn't be too hard though..
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00:25:33midkayi did something somewhat similar for tetrox and the scroll wheel.
00:25:41amiconnSome places (well, one place) already uses double-clicking
00:25:49midkayamiconn, where?
00:25:54midkayoh, metronome?
00:26:10amiconnNo, even in the core: Recording from radio on Ondio
00:26:19amiconnThe principle is universal, of corse
00:26:20midkayoh, interesting.
00:26:50amiconnWell, on Ondio we need it to prevent accidental recordings
00:27:15amiconnThe Ondio has no hold switch, and no free combo in the fm screen to implement sof thold
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00:34:09punkrockguy318amiconn: doom needs a way for the player to run. I was thinking about adding double click to forward will make the player run... running is essential to even finish the game... i posted a mail on the ml.. what do you think?
00:34:33Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Or you could just remove the ability for the player to walk.
00:34:56punkrockguy318Paul_The_Nerd: That might be a better idea.. Wonder if that would affect gameplay at all
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00:35:48linuxstb_Paul_The_Nerd: CPU scaling was enabled on 7th April - the original poster says versions up to 14th April are OK.
00:36:02punkrockguy318Does anyone know if the ipod can take scroll events and button pressing events at the same time?
00:36:52linuxstb_Yes, but they are slightly different.
00:37:16punkrockguy318I'm looking at writing a patch for strafing in doom using the scrollwheel and the buttons
00:37:19linuxstb_A button press has both press and release events, but scroll events don't.
00:37:35linuxstb_That's what makes it tricky to use them in games.
00:38:54punkrockguy318i wonder if I could get it to work out?
00:39:02linuxstb_Also, button_status tells you which butons are currently pressed, but doesn't include scroll events.
00:39:18Paul_The_Nerdpunkrockguy318: Well, if I recall "Run" also made you turn more quickly, so I'd suggest trying to adjust the turn speed to about an average of the two, because running-turn feels too fast to me for normal use.
00:39:41amiconnlinuxstb: The scroll events are less special than you might think.
00:39:59amiconnArchos remote buttons also never send releases, or repeats
00:40:17amiconn...and are not included in the status
00:40:19linuxstb_So are they included in button_status?
00:40:26Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: Yeah. The only reason I'm even bringing it up, is that they're both Photo iPods, and I'm wondering if maybe the fix got it working, but didn't actually solve the problem, so now that something else has changed it's back. Weren't the symptoms "random freezing"?
00:40:58linuxstb_Paul_The_Nerd: Yes, the symptoms are the same. But I don't get freezes on my 4g Color.
00:41:31midkayPaul_The_Nerd & linuxstb, are you talking about iPod sluggishness?
00:41:48Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: Okay, well, I'll have them jump through a few more hoops then, and see if I can get more pertinent information.
00:42:00amiconnThis is because of the way the archos remote works. It's a serial remote, with 9600baud unidirectional transfer. The repeat rate is so low (2 events / second) that it's impossible to detect repeat, or release
00:42:19linuxstb_Paul_The_Nerd: I'm not saying it's not caused by the CPU scaling code, just that it Works For Me.
00:43:17Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: Indeed. I'm not a big fan of "It doesn't work for X people, but everyone who can actually track it down doesn't have the problem." :(
00:44:16pirokoi get freezes on my 4g!
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00:45:41Paul_The_Nerdpiroko: Photo/Colour 4G? And describe the conditions that trigger them.
00:46:27pirokogreyscale, and when playing music, usually for at least 45 minutes but I haven't thoroughly tested it. i'm willing to do ANYTHING to help debug
00:47:38Paul_The_Nerdpiroko: Well, the problem I'm tracking at the moment is specifically related to the Photo I think. But, let's start with "Are you using the Newest CVS build" and "For how long have you had this problem?"
00:48:06pirokoi'm using up-to-the-minute cvs, and I've had the problem every time I listen to music for more than an hour
00:48:22pirokoso far, i've only tested ogg
00:48:24pirokoat q3
00:48:28linuxstb_Can you rule out a specific audio track causing the problem? You said that disabling the CPU scaling fixed it - can you run for a few days without CPU scaling, and see if you get a freeze?
00:50:39pirokolinuxstb: i can, but the battery won't be able to last that long even if it's charging
00:50:57Paul_The_Nerdpiroko: He means "Don't update for a couple of days, and use the player as normal"
00:51:24pirokoah, gotcha. i think my battery time will significantly drop, but I'll give it a go.
00:51:24linuxstb_Yes, that's what I meant :)
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00:52:39pirokograbbing the source now...
00:54:04Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: I really don't know what to ask him, other than maybe "What bootloader version are you running"
00:54:55preglowsids on the ipod
00:54:59preglowthis bloody rocks
00:55:09Paul_The_NerdApparently your day has been made?
00:55:14preglowby god, yes
00:55:43preglowit's really missing the filters
00:55:46preglowi hope to fix that soon
00:56:29amiconnlostlogic: 2 new playback engine bugs :-( (1) Saving a cleared resume position doesn't work. If a playlist ends, you can resume again afterwards. It will play the last track from the beginning. (2) Directory skip totally confuses the engine. It starts stuttering, then drops out to the file browser.
00:56:59lostlogichad heard both of those.
00:57:22 Join Zoide777 [0] (
00:57:49lostlogicI really do need help with the directory skip feature, because I have no idea how it's supposed to work, so I haven't even looked at updating it to work with the new code
00:57:51Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I don't experience #1 on an H120
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00:58:08Zoide777hi guys
00:58:10amiconnI tried several times on H300. Got it everytime
00:58:24Zoide777amiconn: need any more greyscale testing? :D
00:58:34lostlogicthe other is most likely a matter of my improved audio_current_track() being used to set the resume, and it deliberately tries very hard never to return NULL
00:58:54amiconnZoide777: Not atm, thanks. Other things currently have priority (3.0 release targets)
00:59:06preglowgod, this rules
00:59:08Zoide777amiconn: ok
01:01:47preglownot everyday you see an idiot bouncing around the floor clutching his ipod while you hear chiptunes too loudly from the earplugs
01:02:38lostlogic*stretch* playback, including resume from offset _starts_ with metadata on the buffer. I am overlooking something stupid that is causing next track information to overwrite current track information on the WPS though.
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01:03:31pirokopreglow: have any favorites?
01:03:56bluefoxicyhow do I get into the tagthing on ipod again?
01:04:08preglowVARIOUS/G-L/Goto80/Truth.sid right now
01:04:19Paul_The_Nerdbluefoxicy: Hold Menu and choose to show ID3 Tags from the quick menu
01:04:24pirokoah! I didn't know Goto80 made sid tunes...
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01:04:31pirokoi've only heard his mp3s
01:04:33Paul_The_Nerdbluefoxicy: Assuming you've had it generate the cache. Instructions for doing that are at the TagCache wiki page
01:04:43preglowpiroko: oh, but he does
01:04:43linuxstb_Paul_The_Nerd: I'll do some more testing on my 4g and see if I can make it crash.
01:04:44pirokopreglow: the best part, they all use next to no cpu :D
01:04:49bluefoxicyyeah haven't done tha tand am too lazy to go to the page telling me how :)
01:05:13preglowdrumnbass chip tunes > *
01:05:48Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: Alright. Umm... good luck? Heh
01:06:02linuxstb_We need lostlogic's metadata-on-audio-buffer patch - to get rid of the 32 track limit. You can fit a few thousand SIDs in the audio buffer...
01:06:15preglowameff.sid really needs the filters, gharh
01:06:42pirokoah! I have to patch the source for the sid's before I re-compile this without freq scaling. thanks for reminding me!
01:06:44preglowpiroko: you'll recognize a lot of the sids if you've heard his monkey warning mp3 on monotonik
01:07:52linuxstb_preglow: Any clever ideas about handling track lengths?
01:08:10preglowlinuxstb_: the hvsc database thing is the only good solution
01:08:29pirokopreglow: found it! thanks
01:10:40pirokocrap. where is the ipod freq scaling define located again?
01:10:49preglowwhat model?
01:10:57preglowconfig-ipodcolor.h, i think
01:11:32preglowin firmware/export
01:11:35pirokoyeah, i was there. i just found it
01:11:46pirokoi was searching for scale, when i should've searched for freq
01:12:23pirokothis is so flippin sweet. ROCK ON 8-BIT STYLE! HAZAA!
01:12:43*piroko has every mp3 from
01:12:49preglowas you should
01:13:07pirokogod we're all just a bunch of geeks
01:13:13preglowi just had to stop listening to sids
01:13:29preglowi wont be able to go to bed if i continue
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01:14:15pirokoi love how you never find those dumb people that go into chatrooms just to talk about sex. they aren't smart enough to get onto irc ;)
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01:17:20pirokopreglow: what timezone are you in?
01:17:47seanhey i have a question / concern regarding rockbox and ipod (4gen) battery life....has anyone noticed it is a lot shorter with rockbox?
01:17:56pirokosean: yep. about 4 hours
01:18:01pirokosean: it's being worked on
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01:18:50preglowpiroko: gmt+1
01:19:02amiconnpreglow: Not +2 with DST?
01:19:03pirokopreglow: wow. -5 over here
01:19:26preglowamiconn: i have no idea, time zones are not among the things i consider myself knowledgable in
01:19:26 Quit sean (Client Quit)
01:19:42pirokolol. i have a phd in timezones
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01:20:47preglowjust got home from a lengthy mountain trip, so i'm quite beat
01:21:07punkrockguy318piroko: i think i'm -5 here.. but i'm not sure
01:21:07preglowif not i'd of course still be euphorpic from discovering rockbox doing sids
01:21:15pregloweuphoric too
01:21:32pirokopunkrockguy318: what state?
01:21:59punkrockguy318piroko: nj
01:22:04pirokoyep -5
01:22:08pirokoohio here
01:22:13pirokoohio sucks
01:22:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:22:42punkrockguy318nj isn't too great either :-\ all the towns/cities around me are really dirty.. and i feel like a minority! there's so many immigrants!
01:24:02dpassen1What part of NJ? I'm from Staten Island, NY
01:24:43punkrockguy318southern nj... cumberland area... 25 minutes from vineland
01:24:53*piroko starts rocking out to chiptunes with full cpu usage
01:24:53punkrockguy318i love the staten island accent :)
01:24:58dpassen1Cool, going to the Bamboozle?
01:25:06Avewhat is the MMC in HAVE_MMC ?
01:25:38dpassen1Its a 2 day concert up in the Meadowlands, I'm guessing based on your username.
01:26:10Paul_The_NerdAve: MultiMedia Card, or whatever?
01:26:20punkrockguy318what bands are playing?
01:26:42dpassen1Quite a bit, I was considering going mainly because of Lifetime
01:27:23AvePaul_The_Nerd: ah.. so hm its different from standard flash memory? like external slow memory
01:27:31punkrockguy318i almost got tickets from dave matthews band for this summer, but i'm going to be away :(
01:27:45pirokopreglow: why does goto80 get shoved into VARIOUS? goto80 is a god...
01:27:47Avethe whole damn code is full of "ifdef have_mmc"
01:28:00Paul_The_NerdAve: It's the card slot on the Ondio, I believe.
01:28:09preglowpiroko: indeed, tis sad
01:28:26pirokopreglow: how old are you, out of curiousity?
01:29:29AvePaul_The_Nerd: ok thanks
01:29:41obodoes rockbox have any measurement of uptime?
01:29:55Avethere is something in the debug menu
01:30:02 Join Carn [0] (
01:30:13pirokodebug:show runtime
01:30:21pirokosorry, view runtime
01:30:22AveI'm trying to figure out (still) how the runtime estimation works, its just using some current value out of the hat, based on 192kbps cbr mp3 playback, it seems
01:30:23Carnhey uhm i just installed this , and the doom plugin.. how do i exit the game?
01:30:32amiconnblargh! What happened to the H300 bootloader
01:30:35punkrockguy318Carn: push hold
01:30:36*amiconn runs
01:30:48obodon't suppose you know the variable name? :)
01:30:50preglowpiroko: 24
01:30:54Carnsorry i have the 5g ipod
01:31:01pirokoi think i may be one of the youngest people here...
01:31:10Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: What happened?
01:31:11Carnpush hold on the 5g?
01:31:12preglownot too bad, then
01:31:16preglowi think we've got younger
01:31:23Paul_The_NerdCarn: Yes, flip the hold switch on, wait about 1 second, and flip it off, and that brings up the menu
01:31:25pirokonah. i used to be able to say i was 14. then it was cool ;)
01:31:26 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
01:31:31Carnoh thanks alot
01:31:32punkrockguy318Carn, yes the hold toggle thing
01:31:49amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Check the build table...
01:31:50punkrockguy318piroko: i'm 16
01:32:16 Join Gibbed [0] (
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01:32:29pirokofor some reason, my running time is blank and my current time reads 1 hour, 40 minutes, but I just booted...
01:32:32 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
01:32:51preglowcurrent time doesn't work like that, i think
01:32:58preglowi've no idea how it works, though
01:33:07Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Aaah
01:33:12amiconnCurrent time should display the time since last charge.
01:33:30preglowpiroko: i take it you've got goto80's vinyl releases as well, then? :P
01:33:30amiconnTop time should show the top runtime between charges, until reset
01:33:37punkrockguy318i want to learn more about hardware programming.. i know C.. but what should I take a look at to learn more about direct hardware programming so I can help out with kernel level things? I took a look at the rockbox kernel code, but all of the outw()s were beyond me :)
01:33:54pirokopreglow: are they off 8bitpeoples?
01:34:01Moosamiconn: is your last commit for H300 only?
01:34:02pirokoor real vinyl?
01:34:06preglowpiroko: no, they're not available as mp3, just real vinyl
01:34:11amiconnMoos: yes
01:34:16oboamiconn: is there any kind of internal tick or counter?
01:34:18preglowpunkrockguy318: don't get scared by those, they're something we inherited from ipodlinux, hardware programming isn't very hard if you already know c
01:34:34pirokopreglow: no :( are they still available?
01:34:42preglowpiroko: i don't know if you can by them anymore, though, i got them when they were still fresh
01:34:49preglowpiroko: he's got a cd you can still buy, though
01:34:50*piroko pouts
01:35:11punkrockguy318preglow: what should I do to get started on hardware programming? i wrote a basic linux kernel module once.. but that was just, you know printf("hi i'm in the kernel"), etc
01:35:16amiconnMoos: The X5 PCF driver is pathetic. I expect it to drain even more CPU power than the old H300 one. It really needs work, but that can't be done w/o an X5 at hand
01:35:18pirokopreglow: i may just have to do that
01:36:10Aveuh, I dont get it, itlooks like all CURRENT_NORMAL defs are conditioned away, so where does the ipod code get the values then
01:36:18Moosamiconn: yes I guess :(, hopefully after the release LinusN will back to iaudio stuff
01:36:21pirokoargh. i still get the occasional "try-to-change-tracks-from-file-browser-but-then-don't-play-and-kick-me-back-to-file-browser" bug
01:36:42amiconnI got really weird crashes due to bugs on my H300, like backlight going off and not on again, or flickering backlight and non-working buttons. Booting into iriver fw fixed those nasty effect
01:37:02Moosamiconn: really *poor* runtime on iaudio currently :( (didn't make any benchmark yet)
01:37:03Aveaaah no I'm blind
01:37:37Moosamiconn: strange : (
01:38:14pirokois the afore mentioned bug known?
01:38:34amiconnMoos: Well, no wonder. If you set wrong port bits, or violate the i2c protocol, you can expect the PCF to hate you ;)
01:38:47Mooshehe : )
01:38:50amiconnOf course all these things are fixed in my committed versions
01:39:11 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:39:12Moosgoodie for release
01:39:26punkrockguy318preglow: any resources you would reccomend?
01:40:28Moosamiconn: still this mysterious batterie consumption on h3xx, I'm wondering if LinusN found a bit of time for investigate this before the release
01:40:47amiconnThis definitely needs to be fixed before release :/
01:40:51Moossomething definitively weird some wher
01:40:56Moosindeed :(
01:41:30Moosfor h1xx runtimes are good
01:41:57amiconnCould be better....
01:42:06Moosalways : )
01:42:09pirokowill the sid codec ever be permanently committed to the source code or will it just be available as a patch?
01:42:37amiconnpiroko: It will sure get committed, but most probably after the feature freeze
01:43:05preglowpunkrockguy318: no, none really, i just picked it up as i went
01:43:15Moosamiconn: that kind of stuff canot make exception?
01:43:30 Quit Zoide777 ("CGI:IRC")
01:43:34punkrockguy318preglow: Hmm...
01:43:36pirokookey dokey. thanks
01:43:44MoosI mean new codec not introduce new bugs on the core, right?
01:43:45punkrockguy318Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should get started with hardware programming?
01:44:27preglowrockbox is a nice way to start
01:44:37Moosamiconn: it seems there was plenty of hidden sid users : )
01:44:50pirokooh YEAH!
01:45:12amiconnMoos: A new codec does introduce new code in the core, for metadata reading.
01:45:29Moosindeed, not thought at that part
01:45:35pirokoit works fine so far as I can tell thus far
01:45:43*amiconn didn't check out the sid codec yet
01:45:55*amiconn would be more interested in ProTracker & friends
01:45:59*piroko hasn't had any problems with it yet
01:46:03Moosamiconn: but if linuxstb, preglow... 'll manage to have it clean?
01:46:11Mooshehe : )
01:46:40preglowsure, we'll have sid
01:46:53preglowbut after the feature freeze
01:47:01 Join webguest01 [0] (
01:47:16pirokounless you feel like patching, then you can have sid NOW :D
01:47:19MoosI mean for people waiting release for use Rockbox, that could be good in the 3.0 release if all is fine, no?
01:47:21Carnalright how come my music wont play
01:47:41amiconnAnyone wants to have a look at the new hd icon, or should I commit right away? It's better visible.
01:47:45Moospreglow: ok, it seems everyone thought SID can wait 3.1
01:47:46Paul_The_NerdCarn: Well, what's it doing?
01:47:48pirokoCarn: what is happening?
01:48:00Carni go to choose a song
01:48:02preglowamiconn: if you've got it available in viewable form, sure
01:48:03Carnand nothing happns
01:48:06midkayamiconn, i'd like to see it either way, if you have a bitmap uploaded somewhere, sure..
01:48:07Paul_The_NerdMoos: It's the rules. If you make ONE exception, then other people start asking "Well, why can't MY thing have an exception."
01:48:12Moosamiconn: please go go go
01:48:33Carnand the song says o:oo/o:oo
01:48:43MoosPaul_The_Nerd: there is _always_ exception for any rule ; )
01:48:46pirokopunkrockguy318: what are you asking?
01:48:59punkrockguy318What is SID?
01:49:05Paul_The_NerdCarn: That's still vague. Directory browsing, or via TagCache? Have you moved the songs on your disk since building the tagcache? How old is your build?
01:49:10preglowlinuxstb_: you think the hvsc database approach is feasible, though? it'll introduce a not small delay to metadata loading...
01:49:19Carni got the latest build">
01:49:21Carnits just
01:49:23Carnthe music wont play
01:49:33BHSPitMonkeypunkrockguy318: it's a synthesized music format
01:49:41Paul_The_NerdCarn: You didn't answer *any* of the rest of my questions...
01:49:41BHSPitMonkeyold atari-like music
01:49:53preglowamiconn: yeah, it does indeed look nicer
01:50:09 Quit Carn ()
01:50:13punkrockguy318piroko: BHSPitMonkey thanks you
01:50:24BHSPitMonkeyyours welcome
01:50:38*Paul_The_Nerd wonders how he's supposed to help people when all they'll say is "It just doesn't work."
01:50:39*Paul_The_Nerd sighs
01:50:47Moos: )
01:51:00pirokoamiconn: it's better than a circle with a dot in the middle ;)
01:51:09Moosindeed : )
01:51:14BHSPitMonkeyPaul_The_Nerd: could you have a look at the U.S. government for me real quick?
01:51:21BHSPitMonkeyI don't know what's wrong with it...
01:51:48Mooswasn't there one good HD icon for WPS somwhere, a minus HD?
01:51:50 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
01:52:02Paul_The_NerdBHSPitMonkey: That one's easy. One is a symptom of a greater problem. First letter "B" ends with an "ush". The greater problem though, is a big red R.
01:52:02 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:52:15 Join midkay_ [0] (n=midkay@
01:52:49*Paul_The_Nerd waits to try SID until Preglow has the filters working.
01:53:15*Moos never tried SID : )
01:53:19Moosyet ; )
01:53:34Paul_The_NerdUnfortunately my Nano doesn't have enough space free without even more trimming.
01:54:03*Moos looks on his X5 60 GB :P
01:55:07 Quit webguest01 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:55:32Moosarchoses have still the avantage big HD support
01:56:01 Join Carn [0] (
01:56:19Carnsorry, laggg out . the music isnt the problem the video is
01:56:23BHSPitMonkeyI dream of MIDI.
01:56:40BHSPitMonkey(to my knowledge, it still doesn't work (or work well), right?)
01:56:54Carnoh haha =X
01:56:54Paul_The_NerdCarn: Well, Rockbox doesn't support video at all...
01:57:00Carnduh -.-
01:57:06punkrockguy318does rockbox support the ipod clicker?
01:57:19BHSPitMonkeyit doesn't make the piezo clicking sounds, no
01:57:33Paul_The_NerdBHSPitMonkey: There's a patch for that. :-P
01:57:42BHSPitMonkeyPaul_The_Nerd: -.-
01:57:46BHSPitMonkeydoes it work?
01:57:48MoosBHSPitMonkey: we are "close" to have MIDI realtime.... somethi
01:57:57Moossomething for post 3.0
01:58:00Paul_The_NerdBHSPitMonkey: I don't know how well the clicker patch works. I hate the clicker.
01:58:00 Part Carn
01:58:08pirokowait, THAT'S what piezo is???
01:58:16BHSPitMonkeyPaul_The_Nerd: ah, thought you meant midi
01:58:28*Moos points to kkurbjun for MIDI
01:58:30BHSPitMonkeywhat did you THINK the piezo was?
01:58:31*piroko grabs the piezo patch and recompiles...
01:58:38Paul_The_NerdBHSPitMonkey: Oh, well there's also a patch for MIDI that makes SOME midi files playable.
01:58:38pirokoi honestly had no clue
01:58:56BHSPitMonkeypiroko: you need to spend more time at Radio Shack
01:58:59Paul_The_NerdIt's a viewer though, so it's not integrated into the playback system
01:58:59pirokoby the way, how do you apply multiple patches without them crapping out over eachother?
01:59:05MoosBHSPitMonkey: yep MIDI code wasn't commited cause feature freeze too
01:59:36BHSPitMonkeyMoos: oh, well, I'll hang on till it's prettier then :P
01:59:41 Join arf-arf [0] (
01:59:48Moos: )
01:59:55BHSPitMonkeyit's not just 1-channel or anything, right?
02:00:08 Join webguest80 [0] (
02:00:29MoosI don't no much about MIDI sorry, you have to ask kkurbjun
02:00:34*RotAtoR just downloaded the HVSC pack in anticipation of SID support
02:00:53BHSPitMonkeykkurbjun: atten-TION!
02:00:56Mooshehe RotAtoR
02:00:59BHSPitMonkeyhehe :P
02:01:11pirokooh crap. the piezo driver seems to only be for 4g... :(
02:01:17RotAtoRtime to sample some tracks first in foobar
02:01:18pirokoi mean 5g
02:01:18zei might just have to reverse-engineer my karma
02:01:28zeso rockbox can run on it
02:01:31zejust so i can play SID's
02:01:41punkrockguy318piroko: no piezo for 5g? :(
02:01:51punkrockguy318piroko: oh! okay... yum patch time!
02:01:58elinenbeamiconn: is that last commit of your's the battery fix everyone is looking for?
02:02:00pirokopunkrockguy318: you mean no piezo for 4g?
02:02:00RotAtoRgood lord, there's enough SID to last a lifetime in this pack!
02:02:02arf-arfanyone know what reload_codec is used for in snowgoon's patch of mpc.c?
02:02:24MoosRotAtoR: haha :D
02:02:47pirokoamiconn: yes?
02:02:48Moosarf-arf: preglow said he will take a look
02:03:11Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Different build servers got it for H300, and one of them has a slightly different m68kgcc?
02:03:12Moosstill red :(
02:03:13preglowyeah, i will
02:03:16preglowbut after 3.0
02:03:23Moosnot hurry
02:03:55amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Yes, it seems to be gcc dependent. 3.4.6 is working fine.
02:04:13*BHSPitMonkey watches osx sloooooowwwwly boot
02:04:31Moospreglow: maybe the author of this patch will improve things too, let's hope
02:04:31pirokoBHSPitMonkey: need to optimize? ;)
02:04:35 Join jaypee68 [0] (
02:04:47jaypee68hello all
02:04:50amiconnHmpf, what to do about this???
02:04:51BHSPitMonkeypiroko: mebbe... but there's not much I can do
02:04:55BHSPitMonkeyemulation is emulation
02:05:15amiconnIt's clearly a gcc goof, spitting out instructions that make no sense, in a module I didn't touch...
02:05:32pirokoBHSPitMonkey: ah. didn't realize you were emulating. try running it :D
02:05:34Moosuch : (
02:05:55preglowMoos: perhaps
02:06:00amiconnlinuxstb: pleez update your m68k-elf-gcc ...
02:06:10preglowMoos: he seems to use rockbox, so perhaps he'll continue when he sees we'll use it
02:06:14BHSPitMonkeypiroko: try buying me a mac :p
02:06:19jaypee68I just recently installed rockbox on my 2GB Nano and am some trouble finding a feature.
02:06:26jaypee68is track seeking possible?
02:06:28 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:06:29Moospreglow: indeed, I'm optimistic : )
02:06:36pirokojaypee: hold down fast forward/rewind
02:06:53Moospreglow: sorta Rockbox made MPC live again : )
02:07:22amiconnAh no, me silly
02:07:41jaypee68duh, taht was pretty simple. :-) I didn't realize I had to hold them cos whenever I hit ff and rew it just changed tracks
02:07:43jaypee68thanx :-)
02:07:55BHSPitMonkeyamiconn silly
02:08:06Moosthe new 2nd ooops word? :p
02:08:26jaypee68what's everybody's favorite WPS on the Nano?
02:08:28BHSPitMonkeywoot, installing iTunes on my virtual mac
02:08:40pirokoBHSPitMonkey: what os are you running?
02:08:47BHSPitMonkeypiroko: linux
02:08:56pirokoBHSPitMonkey: pear?
02:09:17pirokoi never could try it. no dvd drive :(. but then again, i have a powerbook :D
02:09:26punkrockguy318Hmm.. I'm taking a look at the piezo patch... And just wondering how it was done.. In the init function, there are two lines.... + outl(inl(0x70000010) & ~0xc, 0x70000010);+ outl(inl(0x6000600c) | 0x20000, 0x6000600c); How were these adresses and values obtained?
02:09:29BHSPitMonkeywhat do you need a dvd drive for?
02:09:51pirokoBHSPitMonkey: you just download the install dvd's?
02:09:51obopunkrockguy318: I nicked em from Mikachu who nicked em from preglow :)
02:10:04obopunkrockguy318: I think they came from ipl
02:10:11amiconnipl blackmagic...
02:10:19BHSPitMonkeypiroko: or make the images yourself, send them across the network?
02:10:29punkrockguy318obo: oh, lol
02:10:31pirokoBHSPitMonkey: that would be fun ;) yeah, no need anyway
02:10:56punkrockguy318obo: how do you ever know what device is at what adress? and what to send to it?
02:10:56pirokogod, after running ipod linux, and then running rockbox, there's not even a competition
02:10:56 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
02:11:08BHSPitMonkeypiroko: watch your mouth
02:11:12 Quit Genre9mp3 (Client Quit)
02:11:27pirokoBHSPitMonkey: huh?
02:11:47BHSPitMonkeythou shall not speak ill of iPodLinux :P
02:11:49midkay_he has major blind faith in iPL :)
02:11:50obopunkrockguy318: well, I just stole it... I think the ipl guys reverse engineered the retailos
02:12:01BHSPitMonkeyno they didn't
02:12:07BHSPitMonkeythat would be a hoot, though
02:12:23pirokoBHSPitMonkey: don't get me wrong, i love ipl. they just have different design goals.
02:12:41punkrockguy318obo: oh.. is reverse engineering pretty much just guessing and checking?
02:12:42BHSPitMonkeypiroko: indeed, which is why there IS no "competition" :P
02:12:54BHSPitMonkeyI'm fond of both projects
02:12:57pirokoas am i
02:13:02obopunkrockguy318: pass - way beyond what I do
02:13:10BHSPitMonkeyone brought videos to my nano :)
02:13:14pirokobut right now rockbox is heading more towards what I'm looking for in a player
02:13:22pirokoand i don't have a color screen :(
02:13:32pirokomy videos looked like poop on a stick
02:13:40pirokobut it was still cool for about a month
02:13:56BHSPitMonkeyI agree that rockbox is a better music player... that's what it's designed for
02:14:06BHSPitMonkeybut I also like seeing my programs come to life in iPL
02:14:14punkrockguy318BHSPitMonkey: i couldn't get music to play in ipl
02:14:17BHSPitMonkeys/programs/program/ :P
02:14:33punkrockguy318obo: alright. I'd to learn a little bit more about hardware programming, but I don't know where to start :-\
02:14:34BHSPitMonkeypunkrockguy318: ok?
02:14:45BHSPitMonkeypunkrockguy318: take apart your tv and touch everything inside
02:15:03punkrockguy318:-P i'll get right on that :)
02:15:27BHSPitMonkeyI swear, you'll learn more in a fraction of a second than you would from hours of bookreading
02:15:40pirokoBHSPitMonkey: yeah, running a shell 'cat'ing files from ipl was pretty flippin badass
02:16:07BHSPitMonkeynot to mention iDoom
02:16:19punkrockguy318iDoom is pretty slick :)
02:16:19pirokooh hell yeah. i was so stoked when the fixed the frame-rate on the 4g
02:16:24pirokoand iboy
02:16:47BHSPitMonkeyI've been testing for both authors this week, it's cool stuff
02:17:01pirokoi showed all my friends and they were like "OH MY GOD YOU ARE PLAYING DOOM ON YOUR IPOD!!!" by the way, did they ever get sound working for idoom?
02:17:07BHSPitMonkeynot yet
02:17:11pirokooh well
02:17:18BHSPitMonkeyI was just talking with hy about that a night or two ago actually
02:17:24BHSPitMonkeyhe's gonna look into it some more
02:17:32 Join iCstyle [0] (
02:17:36pirokocool. i may have to switch over for a bit to play with it :)
02:17:38BHSPitMonkeythey have sound in rockdoom, but it's pretty gimpy if you ask me
02:17:46pirokoyeah, and it doesn't run on the 4g's
02:17:48punkrockguy318I was playing rockdoom today, and someone took a look at it... and they didn't know what doom was! Ah! the younger generation is going downhill, i tell ya
02:17:50kkurbjunBHSPitLappy, why do you say that?
02:18:00*BHSPitMonkey hides
02:18:02punkrockguy318BHSPitMonkey: i think it's cute
02:18:17midkay_kkurbjun, the messed up high-pitched sound on the iPods, i think..
02:18:20 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (n=midkay@
02:18:21pirokopunkrockboy318: you are the yonger generation :P
02:18:23kkurbjun:), I'm just curious
02:18:34pirokowow. younger even
02:18:44kkurbjunany other features that you think it misses?
02:18:46BHSPitMonkeykkurbjun: it sounds messed up, like the sample rate is farked or something
02:18:53pirokopunkrockguy318: you have a 5g?
02:18:56BHSPitMonkeylike rockboy does
02:18:58punkrockguy318piroko: yeah
02:19:06 Join damaki__ [0] (
02:19:13*piroko eyes punkrockguy318 greedily
02:19:18 Quit jaypee68 ("Leaving")
02:19:18kkurbjunidoom doesn't have sound though correct?
02:19:23 Join Zoide777 [0] (
02:19:25*BHSPitMonkey has a 5G, too
02:19:31BHSPitMonkeykkurbjun: iDoom doesn't have ANY sound, :P
02:19:39BHSPitMonkeyand for some reason I still prefer playing iDoom
02:19:43BHSPitMonkeyprobably due to the controls
02:19:47Zoide777has anyone tried using tagcache with wavpack files?
02:19:50pirokoidoom doesn't have sound, but runs on 4g's. rockbox has sound, but doesn't run on 4g :(
02:19:51Zoide777mine aren't getting indexed
02:19:55punkrockguy318BHSPitMonkey: what are the controls on idoom?
02:20:01kkurbjunHmm, I see
02:20:03BHSPitMonkeypunkrockguy318: good :)
02:20:09midkaykkurbjun, didn't linuxstb say that it sounded correct on iPods with a different sample rate? i know it wouldn't be the best way to do it, but what about a simple #if CONFIG_KEYPAD == IPOD_3/4G_PAD to use a working sample rate for iPods until the actual problem gets fixed?
02:20:28kkurbjunidoom uses the wheel to turn?
02:20:31dpassen1Zoide777: WavPack uses APEv2 tags by default, right?
02:20:32BHSPitMonkeykkurbjun: it can
02:20:44BHSPitMonkeyit's got a config file
02:20:45iCstylehi all! i've got a problem with tagcache on my ipod mini 2g... can i tell you?
02:20:58punkrockguy318i was looking at the code of idoom, thinking about hacking up the controls a bit
02:21:12BHSPitMonkeypunkrockguy318: umm, that's what the config file is for o.o
02:21:37punkrockguy318BHSPitMonkey: no, i was going to try to add running and scroll whell support
02:21:38kkurbjunmidkay, yes, it does work with the sample frequency output of doom at 44k, but I think the plan is to wait till 11k is implemented on the ipods
02:21:49midkaykkurbjun, i was considering testing the sample rate linuxstb mentioned (if it was indeed him) .. if i found that it worked correctly, would you mind if i committed it so iPods would use that sample rate?
02:21:54Zoide777dpassen1: i think so
02:21:55midkayah. :(
02:22:03BHSPitMonkeypunkrockguy318: yes, you can use the wheel, if you set the control in the config file...
02:22:10BHSPitMonkeyyou can make the wheel turn or whatever
02:22:24punkrockguy318BHSPitMonkey: what about running?
02:22:34punkrockguy318i'll check it out
02:22:40punkrockguy318do you know where it's located off hand?
02:22:44BHSPitMonkeyask in the appropriate channel
02:23:02kkurbjunmidkay, If you can test it and doom still runs fine I don't see a reason you can't commit that. On the H300 at 44k the sound is stuttery though.
02:23:20punkrockguy318BHSPitMonkey: ?
02:23:20 Join ashridah [0] (
02:23:20midkaykkurbjun, hm, i'll see how it works..
02:23:31midkaykkurbjun, know offhand where it might be?
02:23:34BHSPitMonkeypunkrockguy318: this isn't #idoom, it's #rockbox :P
02:23:48punkrockguy318BHSPitMonkey: i was speaking of rockdoom
02:23:54kkurbjunmidkay, in i_sound.c
02:23:59BHSPitMonkeypunkrockguy318: oh, that's not what you said.
02:24:06midkayfound it :)
02:24:14BHSPitMonkey"<punkrockguy318> i was looking at the code of idoom, thinking about hacking up the controls a bit"
02:24:15punkrockguy318BHSPitMonkey: excuse me :)
02:24:21kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, I can add in an always run configuration in the startup of rockdoom if that would help out
02:24:44*piroko wishes piezo worked for 4g...
02:24:50BHSPitMonkeypiroko: come on.
02:24:56punkrockguy318kkurbjun: that would help a lot.. and it'd be easier for you to do then me
02:25:05punkrockguy318kkurbjun: some levels are impossible without run
02:25:10pirokoamiconn: i love the new hd icon!
02:26:19kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, yeah, I know, I'll add that in then. I'm not going to touch the scrollwheel stuff though as I don't have an ipod. I did readd some mouse code though so it shold be easier
02:26:49midkaypunkrockguy318, i was considering attempting using the wheel to turn and left/right for something else, like strafe..
02:27:00 Join damaki [0] (
02:27:00punkrockguy318midkay: that's exactly what i was thinking
02:27:17midkaypunkrockguy318, hm, so .. okay.. :)
02:27:37pirokoBHSPitMonkey: are you wow-ing me?
02:27:46kkurbjunall you need to do is submit a mouse event with data2 being set to the turn amount. the interpretation code is in g_game at line ~747
02:30:29punkrockguy318kkurbjun: alright i'll try checking it out.. i have trouble interpreting other people's code
02:31:16kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, the main event submission is in i_video.c under getkey also btw
02:31:45 Join JdGordon [0] (
02:31:45webguest80hi all, I'm running into trouble getting the cross compiler toolchain build for m68k, on linux... binutils and gcc compiled fine, but I'm running into a problem with gdb: "configure: error: no termcap library found"
02:31:58BHSPitLappywow, of all the channels I'm in, this one's the most populated
02:32:12pirokowebguest80: install libtermcap
02:32:29 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
02:32:59preglowbed time
02:33:13Zoide777has anyone tried using tagcache with wavpack files? mine aren't getting indexed
02:33:30dpassen1Zoide777: WavPack uses APEv2 tags by default, right?
02:33:58 Quit damaki_ (Connection timed out)
02:34:22webguest80piroko - that's what I thought first off, but I can't find the sucker... Ubuntu's Synaptic claims no knowledge of "libtermcap", or "termcap"
02:34:42punkrockguy318webguest80: i couldn't find it either :(
02:34:45Zoide777dpassen1: i think so. what should i do?
02:34:50midkayhey JdGordon, you asked if i looked at your patch - i thought you didn't want me to? :)
02:35:12JdGordoni was joking :p
02:35:14dpassen1I think a similar bug (with MusePack files, which also use APEv2 tags) was reported. I'd bet someone is looking into it.
02:35:14pirokowebguest80: try a 'locate termcap'?
02:35:19midkayi wasn't, i closed the page ;)
02:35:25midkaywell, anyways, i checked it out today/am checking it out.
02:35:27iCstylehey, where can i download the miika's plugin to see the tagcache commiting status?
02:35:32midkayi fixed the scrollbar problem..
02:35:45midkayi'd like to adjust a few more things and then probably commit it..
02:36:31*piroko didn't know there was anything wrong with the scrollbar
02:36:46midkaypiroko, talking about his viewer patch..
02:37:33webguest80piroko: I have some docs, a perl module, and that's about it... I think your original suggestion was on the right lines - I'm missing a lib, I'd imagine. I just can't work out / find out what package provides it.
02:37:46punkrockguy318kkurbjun: i'm checking it out now
02:38:13kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, I just committed the always run configuration option for you
02:38:29kkurbjunlet me know if you have any questions
02:38:40punkrockguy318alright thanks
02:39:45pirokowebguest80: well, i have a /usr/lib/ and /usr/include/termcap.h and /usr/include/ncurses/termcap.h, if that helps
02:39:57pirokomaybe from ncurses lib?
02:41:07 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:41:15 Quit Mikachu (Remote closed the connection)
02:41:16pirokoapt-get install termcap-compat
02:41:17 Join Mikaelh [0] (
02:41:46punkrockguy318kkurbjun: i'm pretty sure scrollwheel is handled quite a bit differently then buttons... i don't think scrollwheels have button press/release events
02:42:20pirokopunkrockguy318 and webguest80: look here
02:42:25pirokoit explains your problem :)
02:43:09 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@
02:43:11kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, I'm not sure how the scrollwheel is handled in rockbox, you might have to use button_get to read the status
02:43:46punkrockguy318kkurbjun: i'll take a look at the jewels code
02:44:13Zoide777dpassen1: ok, thanks. bye
02:44:15 Part Zoide777
02:44:37punkrockguy318compiling makes my tiny room so hot
02:46:14pirokopunkrock318: you check out that debian page?
02:46:37punkrockguy318piroko: not yet i'm working on something
02:46:46pirokowebguest80: how about you?
02:46:55punkrockguy318kkurbjun: looks like i was wrong... scroll/turn works now :)
02:47:36webguest80piroko - yep, read it, just looking at the gdb makefile now
02:47:50kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, great : ), that was quick
02:47:58pirokowebguest80: awesome. good luck!
02:48:01webguest80that does indeed look like the answer though...
02:49:27webguest80thanks piroko - appreciated. I installed rockbox the other day on my iHP 120, and thought it was very cool - enough to make me see if I can jump in and do some stuff
02:50:29kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, if you come up with a patch I'll gladly commit it as long as it compiles clean
02:50:45 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:51:02BHSPitLappyas an option, right
02:51:14punkrockguy318kkurbjun: alright, i'm still working on it, but i think i'll have a patch ready before tonight is over
02:51:15BHSPitLappykkurbjun: need a button configuration menu
02:51:38kkurbjunBHSPitLappy, there is a button configuration menu already
02:51:55kkurbjunI don't know if it's fully functional yet for ipods though
02:52:08punkrockguy318kkurbjun: strange.. it works in the simulator, but not on the ipod :-\
02:52:51pirokowebguest80: no problem at all. I'm just happy I finally helped somebody! :D
02:54:26kkurbjunyeah, unfortunately the sim isn't perfect..
02:54:40punkrockguy318kkurbjun: where does doom keep it's config file?
02:55:05kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, in /games/doom/default.dfg
02:55:28kkurbjunit's a binary file though
02:55:41bluefoxicysomeone explain
02:55:47bluefoxicywtf 'fade-in delay' and 'fade-out delay' are
02:56:08bluefoxicydoes one move the next song back and the other move it forward relative to the end of the current song?
02:56:41*bluefoxicy wants fade-in to start early
02:57:20midkaykkurbjun, well, 44.1khz makes the sounds the correct pitch, but although they aren't really stuttery, they're kind of.. slightly distorted..
02:57:30bluefoxicyand silence killing, the part of the song under -40db at the beginning and end should be chopped off before anything else is done ... otherwise cross-fading tends to be "fade out, silence, fade in" instead of mixing
02:58:14carinibluefoxicy: I'm with you on the silence killing, at least at the end of the track. Would be nice if crossfading could start early when dB gets below a threshold.
02:58:20lostlogicbluefoxicy: or you could encode your files correctly... or if its really important, you could code the feature.
02:58:25kkurbjunbluefoxicy, it only has an effect when you are using the crossfader, fade-in is the number of seconds from when you press change track till when the song starts play, fade out is the same deal just with the current song
02:58:42bluefoxicykkurbjun: "fade out is the same deal" ?
02:59:07bluefoxicyso when I press next it waits FADEOUT_DELAY, then FADEIN_DELAY, then starts the next song?
02:59:15kkurbjunmidkay, does it slow the game down much?
02:59:22bluefoxicy(i.e. makes the fade-out delay longer)
02:59:28cariniI don't think it makes sense to set both delays > 0
02:59:30midkaykkurbjun, you mean like fewer FPS?
02:59:34punkrockguy318kkurbjun: i wonder why it would work in the sim but not on the device :-\
02:59:41bluefoxicylostlogic: some files just have long silences at the end :(
03:00:46lostlogicbluefoxicy: 'just have' are the original tracks that way on their disks?
03:01:09bluefoxicylostlogic: yeah, especially songs that end in a sudden drum-hit
03:01:10kkurbjunno, the song currently playing waits to start fading out x seconds from when you press change track just like fade in does, so if say fade out is 0 seconds and fade in is 1 second the crossfader will start fading the current song out immediatly, while the next song will start to fade in after a second
03:01:14bluefoxicyor on a long fade-out instrument
03:01:22kkurbjunmidkay, yes
03:01:40bluefoxicythe instruments can sit at under -40dB for a while, and you can get 4-8 seconds of barely audible sound out
03:01:51kkurbjunI may be wrong about the fading stuff, but that's how I've understood it
03:02:04midkaykkurbjun, should it? :o it's hard to say.. hmm.. would timedemo show any performance difference?
03:02:06lostlogicbluefoxicy: so crossfade should automatically trim that? hmm... would be difficult to code...
03:02:26cariniCouldn't crossfade just kick in at the end of the track when dB gets below a threshold?
03:02:37lostlogiccarini: not that simple.
03:02:38kkurbjunmidkay, yes, timedemo would show the performance difference
03:02:46midkayhow does timedemo work?
03:02:55lostlogiccarini: how do you keep it from kicking in at silent points earlier in the track?
03:02:55bluefoxicylostlogic: more thinking another pre-processor would trim it, because you can't really hear it below a certain threshold, and if your volume isn't set at max eventually you don't hear anything anymore :)
03:03:18lostlogicbluefoxicy: preprocessor −− on the host pc, not the portable player...?
03:03:19carinilostlogic: Search from the end of the track backwards until dB gets above a threshold.
03:03:23bluefoxicylostlogic: just that with a crossfade, it would trim off what you CAN'T hear during the crossfade as an 'unintended consequence'
03:03:29lostlogiccarini: again, not that simple, codecs don't decode backwards.
03:03:33kkurbjunmake sure you have disk spin down set to something high (~100s) and disk poweroff to off. All you have to do is select the doom 1 shareware wad and turn on timedemo and it will run
03:03:56kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, I'm not sure why that would happen, how were you reading the scroll wheel events?
03:03:58carinilostlogic: You could just process what you have in the pcm buf?
03:04:05bluefoxicylostlogic: on the portable player. I meant 'preprocessor' like the extra stereo plug-in that processes decoded MP3 files in WinAmp before sending them to the sound output plug-in (hence pre-processing)
03:04:18bluefoxicyI think preprocessor is the right term.. I'm not sure
03:04:29kkurbjunmidkay, once it's done it will output /games/doom/timedemo.txt
03:04:33bluefoxicymost programs I've seen mimic winamp and call them "DSP plug-ins"
03:04:36lostlogiccarini: of course, but that's just enough for the crossfade, not enough to say "Well there is silence starting X before the end of the track, so crossfade starting back X"
03:04:50kkurbjunwhich tells you how many tics the demo took and how many it should take
03:04:53lostlogicbluefoxicy: no, this is post processing, this happens after decoding.
03:04:58cariniRight, but you could increase the size of the pcmbuf by 5 seconds or so, right?
03:05:01bluefoxicyokay, so a post-processor :)
03:05:03midkaykkurbjun, it has to be the shareware wad?
03:05:06bluefoxicylostlogic: I am not an audio major!
03:05:19*bluefoxicy is a computer security guy, he just likes music @_@
03:05:31 Join dj-fu [0] (
03:05:38lostlogiccarini: it would be possible to add X seconds silence detection, but it would be a ratehr difficult feature to do.
03:05:48kkurbjunmidkay, yes, I limited it to the shareware wad as some versions of doom 2 don't have any demos, causing the game to crash
03:05:58midkayokay, *downloads*
03:06:05bluefoxicywell whatever, it's not really important
03:06:06midkayalso, any reason that would cause addons to not run?
03:06:06carinilostlogic: Isn't it just a matter of starting the crossfade earlier?
03:06:14bluefoxicyit's not like I obsessively pay attention to the musiic :)
03:06:25kkurbjunmidkay, what do you mean?
03:06:30punkrockguy318kkurbjun: button_status.. i think i'll have to use button_get
03:06:31midkayquake2.wad and dukenukem.wad both used to work fine under a week ago, but i tried them now and they keep exiting. "there were still 4 files open." and "bye"..
03:07:28lostlogiccarini: not to do it correctly, you'd hafta have crossfade secs + silence secs of data on the buffer when the decode of track1 finishes. Then, you would rewind the pcm buffer by up-to silence seconds, detecting silence of course, and then you would apply the normal crossfade to the next crossfade seconds back of audio.
03:07:43kkurbjunmidkay, I disabled support for all the gp32 wads that were non-standard, they cause memory corruption on the player which leads to freezes and data aborts.
03:08:12midkayhm. i did always get a data abort after the first level of dukenukem, but.. ah well..
03:08:14punkrockguy318kkurbjun: are there plans to support quake and dn?
03:08:25kkurbjunIt would be pretty hard to support them properly, even prboom in the software renderer at high resolutions won't run them
03:08:27lostlogicso there, I've designed it for ya, who wants to code it? :-D
03:08:59carinilostlogic: Well, as crazy as it sounds, I was going to play with it once you finished your playback rework
03:09:10 Join damaki_ [0] (
03:09:12lostlogiccarini: can be done in parallel, I'm not touching pcmbuf.
03:09:26lostlogicor if I am, it's only voice and beep that I'll touch.
03:09:28bluefoxicyI typoed on the virtual keyboard
03:09:31bluefoxicywhere the hell is backspace
03:09:51carinilostlogic: Okay.
03:10:01kkurbjunmidkay, punkrockguy318, I don't have any plans to support them due to the difficulty and effort, I'd rather get dehacked support running personally. If you want to run the wads you can split them with deutex, fix the graphics that are oversize and then put the wad back together
03:10:08 Part midgey34
03:10:10bluefoxicyguys "Sonib" won't find "Sonic Heroes" music :O
03:10:11midkayscroll the cursor down off the screen, select = backspace..
03:10:18midkayand left/right will be to move the cursor.
03:10:33midkaykkurbjun, dehacked support?
03:10:38bluefoxicythat's like
03:10:40bluefoxicyinobvious :)
03:10:47midkayyes, but there is sort of a lack of keys. :)
03:10:50Paul_The_Nerd midkay: Dehacked were basically executable patches that changed behaviour rather than level or art.
03:10:56bluefoxicyokay, I'm searching ... umm
03:11:01bluefoxicyhow do I make it search, now that I typed it
03:11:02kkurbjunas a note: the only reason they run in idoom and some other ports is because they disabled the rangechecking code.
03:11:11midkayhold select.
03:11:28Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: For example, it could be used to create creatures that had another creature as a projectile, rather than an actual damage projectile, thus creating creature spawners (eggs that spat a single facehugger in the Aliens Total Conversion, for example)
03:11:50zeok i think i found the flash memory where the karma's firmware is stored
03:11:54zeseems to be an intel chip
03:11:57midkayPaul_The_Nerd, ah, i see.
03:12:01ze48-ball uBGA package
03:12:03midkayhey, it's ze.
03:12:06kkurbjunthose wads still cause memory corruption, but I believe it doesn't effect those ports as much due to the way and order they malloced the screens that are used for buffering
03:12:07Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I used to do a *lot* of Doom mods back in the day.
03:12:26zeis that like, impossible to read without either getting some code running on the device or destroying it to get the chip off? heh
03:13:05midkayPaul_The_Nerd, haha.
03:13:13zeso far i'm kindof getting that impression :/
03:13:48midkaykkurbjun, huh. "timed 2134 gametics in 7223 realtics = 1076145760 frames per second"..
03:14:31kkurbjunyeah, the calculation is wrong, it's 35*gametics/realtics
03:14:35bluefoxicytoo bad the touchpad has a hardwired up-down logic circuit
03:14:47bluefoxicyinstead of generic direction sense like a laptop touchpad
03:14:49 Quit piroko (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:14:52kkurbjunwell, it's not wrong, it's just not written right
03:15:15midkayokay, 10.34fps..
03:15:25midkaynow to test 11.025khz.
03:15:27punkrockguy318kkurbjun: now, i'm pretty confused. I've tried getting scrollwheel input from button_get(false) and button_status.. BOTH work in the sim but NEITHER work with the device :(
03:15:34kkurbjunmidkay, what player are you testing on?
03:15:40midkaykkurbjun, this is an iPod 5G.
03:16:14kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, I'm not sure, are you following code similar to jewles?
03:16:15bluefoxicyyou guys should embed the Tetris A-Type music in the tetris game XD
03:16:23bluefoxicyand have rockbox boot into it on first boot
03:16:25 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
03:16:28punkrockguy318kkurbjun: yes
03:17:13BHSPitLappybluefoxicy: fsck you
03:17:18BHSPitLappySong B FTW!
03:17:52punkrockguy318or KID A!
03:17:52midkayhm, the high-pitched noises are kind of cute though..
03:18:00midkaymaybe we need an option.. "Cute mode" or something.
03:18:39kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, I'm not sure.. you're definately running the rock you've compilied on the player?
03:18:59kkurbjunI'm looking at the jewels code and it seems pretty straightforward..
03:19:21punkrockguy318kkurbjun: yeah it is
03:20:45Can0BeansSo on my Ipodmini, the "play" screen seems to only fill half of the screen, so it's all "scrunched" together
03:20:51Can0Beansany way to expand that?
03:21:16punkrockguy318kkurbjun: double checked, it's the some rock
03:21:20Paul_The_NerdCan0Beans: Pick a different While Playing Screen.
03:21:22midkay10.59fps @ 11.025khz [[vs]] 10.34fps @ 44.1khz.
03:21:28kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, that code in jewels works on the player correct?
03:21:38FebsCan0Beans, the While Playing Screen is completely configurable:
03:22:14kkurbjunmidkay, that's not bad then, I'd just add the ifdef.. I'm supprised it didn't affect it more, it's a much greater impact on the Hxxx's
03:22:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:22:33kkurbjunat least the sound won't be quite as awful then
03:22:46midkaykkurbjun, hm, alright. do you know anything about the real problem behind 11.025khz not working?
03:22:53punkrockguy318midkay: did you fix the doom sounds?
03:23:20midkaypunkrockguy318, hm, yes and no.. they sound right now (correct pitch), but they are in fact slightly distorted.. scratchy-ish.
03:23:31kkurbjunmidkay, it's because the code that sets the frequency isn't implemented for anything but 44k yet on the ipods
03:23:32midkayi think slightly distorted is better than ridiculously high-pitched, though.
03:23:43punkrockguy318midkay: yeah...
03:24:05punkrockguy318midkay: do you have any ideas? i've got a problem.. i've implemented scrolling for turning.. it works in the simulator, but not on the device...
03:24:32 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:24:54midkaypunkrockguy318, kkurbjun would probably know if anyone, kkurbjun - do you think it might have anything to do with the way Doom handles buttons or something? *shrugs*
03:25:03midkayi'll give it a try myself after i commit this and see if i can get it running.
03:26:03punkrockguy318midkay: but what puzzles me is that it works fine on the simulator! :-\
03:26:09 Join dj-fu [0] (
03:26:26kkurbjunmidkay, I really don't know, doom handles the buttons pretty much like the other plugins
03:26:41midkaykkurbjun, i think a nice option for rockdoom would be to make the harddrive timeout infinite, so you don't encounter pauses during playback.. i'm not sure how often these occur in general, though..
03:26:58kkurbjunthe only difference between the sim code and the player code in doom is the player uses the user timer and it has sound
03:27:16midkaypunkrockguy318, well, i'll give it a try.
03:27:27kkurbjunmidkay, I have plans to look into that, I just havn't gotten a chance
03:27:29midkaypunkrockguy318, did you try deleting or renaming your doom config file? maybe it needs a settings reset..
03:27:49midkaykkurbjun, gotcha
03:27:59kkurbjunI think they can be eliminated without setting the spindown time extremely high
03:28:11midkaykkurbjun, cool..
03:28:25 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
03:28:46lostlogicugh, I still cannot figure out what is corrupting my id3 data on the WPS.
03:29:50punkrockguy318midkay: tried that :-\
03:30:02punkrockguy318kkurbjun: it wouldn't have anything to do with rockdoom.wad would it/
03:30:32Paul_The_NerdHey, where do I get the HVSC database anyway?
03:31:13kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, no, that just contains some files needed for the modified menus and some of prbooms features
03:31:23punkrockguy318kkurbjun: i didn't think so
03:33:30 Join piroko [0] (
03:33:42pirokogod i can't get irssi configured with auto-connect to save my life...
03:35:42midkaycommitted sound fix..
03:36:24punkrockguy318midkay: cool :)
03:36:27punkrockguy318midkay: i might be on to something
03:36:44midkaypunkrockguy318, hm, let me know if you get anywhere.
03:37:09punkrockguy318midkay: are you going to check it out?
03:37:14 Quit piroko ("telinit 0")
03:37:18midkayi'm trying it myself, yeah..
03:37:20lostlogic <−− I'm sure that I'm missing something completely retarded here. I use cur_id3 to hold the tag info of the playing track. I give the address of that struct to the wps (or anyone) when asked for the currently playing track. I can't for the life of me figure out how part or all of the tag info that is displayed for the playing track is overwritten with the wrong parts of the ne
03:38:28punkrockguy318midkay: 5g uses the IPOD_4G_PAD right?
03:38:38bluefoxicyplugged in the ipod cable
03:38:43bluefoxicyand it failed to save my settings
03:38:46punkrockguy318midkay: i thought so, just checking
03:38:54midkayk :)
03:38:57bluefoxicynow I set crossfade up again, enabled it, it seems to just skip the first 6 seconds of a song
03:39:02lostlogicbluefoxicy: known bug :( I'm sure someone will fix it eventually.
03:39:38bluefoxicylostlogic: should it totally fuck up crossfading, and is there a way to make my settings save?
03:39:50lostlogicbluefoxicy: sure, shut down will save settings
03:39:54 Join XavierGr [0] (
03:40:01midkaysettings aren't save on a usb connect, that's rather a bug..
03:40:04 Join piroko [0] (
03:40:05lostlogicand I don't knwo why it would screw up crossfade
03:40:17scorchewhy must everything have the dots..
03:40:25bluefoxicylostlogic: is a proper shutdown menu+action?
03:40:26pirokoahh... much better. x-chat rules :)
03:40:31bluefoxicyor is that hard reset?
03:40:33lostlogicno, that won't save either
03:40:37lostlogicbluefoxicy: just hold play
03:40:38midkayscorche, haha, you'll never know.. i think..
03:40:49punkrockguy318piroko: i'm using gnome-xchat... it's pretty slick
03:40:53scorchewhat if i already know..
03:41:05bagawkpiroko: Irssi uptime: 67d 3h 43m 22s
03:41:06midkayyou really, really don't..
03:41:10bluefoxicylogic okay now it's not turning on
03:41:17lostlogicbagawk: how do you check that?
03:41:22scorchei am using x-chat on fluxbox
03:41:24pirokogrr... running ipod with no freq scaling, and instead of freezing it rebooted and then got frozen at the rockbox load screen...
03:41:24scorchei win
03:41:25bagawklostlogic: /uptime
03:41:40lostlogichmph, I don't remember resetting irssi 9 days ago :(
03:41:46pirokoscorche: if i could be, i'd be running bitchx on RATPOISON biatch
03:41:50 Quit peroni (Remote closed the connection)
03:41:53scorchemidkay: do i want to know is the question..
03:42:02midkayyou really, really don't..
03:42:03*scorche switches to irssi
03:42:06midkaytrust me..
03:42:06scorchei win
03:42:26 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:42:27scorcheare you getting head right now?..
03:42:53scorcheand the channel goes silent...
03:43:00piroko<crickets chirping>
03:43:01scorcheaw crap..i used 3 dots..
03:43:07midkayyou blew it.. seriously..
03:43:18pirokothis freezing bug is really starting to bug me...
03:43:22pirokolol. no pun intended :P
03:43:23scorchei dont blow things..
03:43:34midkayscorche, sorry, suck..
03:45:36scorchei swear, whenever i stop idling, the id level of the channel goes down at least 30 points
03:46:09midkayand you have no idea why..
03:46:21midkaywe'd be in the negatives if i weren't around..
03:46:27scorcheor why you have the dots..
03:46:36midkaythat's another story altogether..
03:46:48scorchethen why did you change the topic..
03:46:59midkayfrom what.. to what?..
03:47:42Paul_The_Nerdpiroko: Do you know where I can find this "HVSC songlength database" thing?
03:47:50punkrockguy318midkay: kkurbjun i think i'm on to something
03:48:06midkaypunkrockguy318, button_get_w_tmo works..
03:48:09midkayalbeit very slowly..
03:48:30punkrockguy318midkay: why doesn't button_get(false)?
03:48:38midkaypunkrockguy318, you got me..
03:48:47midkayjust wanted to give it a try.
03:48:59kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, great, what are you coming up with?
03:49:09midkaykkurbjun, you don't think it has to do with the released/old/new button stuff, do you?
03:49:30kkurbjunall that stuff doesn't affect the buttons_status call
03:49:41midkaywhat if we don't use button_status, though?
03:49:43pirokoPaul_The_Nerd: i just pulled the entire collection from and unzipped it to my ipod
03:49:47 Join jbauman [0] (
03:50:12punkrockguy318midkay: kkurbjun i wrote a completely seperate segment for scroll wheel, just because it wasn't working with button_status
03:50:51kkurbjunmidkay, I'm not sure what the effects are of using button_status with button_get, I would think that it should be alright as button_get is a queue of events I believe
03:51:00midkayseperate segment? hm. that probably indicates something to do with the released stuff..
03:51:17 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:51:17Paul_The_Nerdpiroko: Yes, but I can't seem to find any file that would be the songlength database among the collection.
03:51:27 Join Strath [0] (
03:51:31Paul_The_Nerdpiroko: I'm looking for the actual length database, rather than all the songs.
03:52:07pirokoPaul_The_Nerd: ah, for getting around the 2 minute playtime thing? i'm honestly not sure... I can look though
03:52:20kkurbjunone thing that might help is clearing out the button_get queue first though
03:53:00kkurbjunsomething like this at the start:
03:53:02kkurbjun while (rb->button_get(false) != BUTTON_NONE)
03:53:02kkurbjun rb->yield();
03:53:32Paul_The_Nerdpiroko: Well, 3minute in foobar2000
03:53:42midkayi think.. i'll leave punkrockguy318 to this one.. ;)
03:53:44*amiconn is playing bubbles on his Ondio FM :-)
03:53:51kkurbjunor maybe while (scrollevent=rb->button_get(false) != BUTTON_NONE)
03:53:54pirokoPaul_The_Nerd: gotcha
03:54:01midkayamiconnnnnnn.. weee waaaaaant bubbbbbbbles for archossssssss.. :)
03:54:02lostlogicamiconn: crazy man
03:54:08kkurbjunand then using scrollevent after it's out of that while loop
03:54:43Paul_The_Nerdpiroko: Actually, thing I found it.
03:54:51Paul_The_Nerdpiroko: songlengths.txt in the documents folder
03:55:25 Quit Arrogant ("Leaving")
03:55:53 Join JdGordon [0] (
03:55:58midkayhey, JdGordon?
03:56:00midkayoh. haha.
03:56:03midkaynice timing..
03:56:18midkaydidn't realize you'd left.
03:56:20amiconnActually it's quite playable
03:56:39midkayJdGordon, have you found the 'save settings as default
03:56:42midkayoption working?
03:56:53JdGordonit should work...
03:57:02midkayi keep saving and it never seems to reload them, i haven't checked the code yet but i was wondering what your results were.
03:57:34JdGordonlemme see if i have the edited version on my player..
03:58:47JdGordon.. i dont.. lemme have a look-see
03:59:08midkayno big deal, i'll check it out.
03:59:14midkayjust wanted to confirm that it worked for you..
03:59:38 Quit Can0Beans ("Leaving")
04:01:00dj-fuanyone have a nice ipod nano wps theme?
04:01:15dj-fuusing iAmp currently, with snap font.. pretty nice
04:01:22 Quit webguest80 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:02:29midkayamiconn, so when does archos-bubbles see the light of CVS? :)
04:04:26 Join voltagex [0] (
04:04:31punkrockguy318kkurbjun: got a second? i've made a test program that uses button_get(false) and it works fine.. but the same procedure in doom doesn't seem to work :-\
04:04:38voltagexanything interesting happen while I was asleep?
04:05:33kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, yes, do you have a question? How about a version that works with button_status?
04:05:58punkrockguy318i'll try that
04:06:31kkurbjunI'm not sure how the scrollwheel works, but it could be the user timer or sound, try disabling sound and see if it works
04:06:34midkaypunkrockguy318, wait, you wrote a plugin that gets scrollwheel input using button_get(false)?
04:06:39punkrockguy318kkurbjun: what does button_status() return?
04:06:41punkrockguy318midkay: yeah
04:06:51midkaypunkrockguy318, why? that kind of code should be all over CVS..
04:06:59midkay(i would think)
04:07:15kkurbjunif it still doesn't try modifying i_system.c to not use the timer callback
04:07:23punkrockguy318midkay: it's just a test program to make sure my routines were right
04:07:29voltagexmidkay: did HCl or lostlogic do anything with the DUMB codec?
04:07:35midkaypunkrockguy318, hm, alright..
04:07:43midkayvoltagex, i wouldn't be the one to ask, sorry, no idea..
04:07:50kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, button_status returns the current state of the buttons
04:07:57voltagexok, lostlogic's gone isn't he?
04:08:05voltagexwho here is good with makefiles?
04:08:05kkurbjunI don't know if it works with the scrollwheel though
04:08:09midkayi don't think so..
04:08:28punkrockguy318kkurbjun: in what form?
04:09:13kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, it just returns an int that you can see if certain bits are set
04:09:15midkayJdGordon, hm, is there any reason that configs are saved per-file?
04:09:27JdGordonthats the origional behaviour
04:09:41midkayseems veryvery annoying and pointless to me.. are there any objections to just having 'global' textviewer settings, anyone?
04:09:42JdGordonnever made sense to me.. but i left it in..
04:09:56kkurbjunit &'s all the status buttons together so you have to check certain bits for what you're looking for
04:10:10punkrockguy318kkurbjun: Paul said that the scroll wheel didn't work with button_status
04:10:12kkurbjunor |'s that is
04:11:12kkurbjunahh, the other thing that I can think of is whether you're code is using button_get and button_status.. they may not work together
04:11:24amiconnmidkay: rsn
04:11:29kkurbjunor the doom code with your modifications that is
04:11:36midkayamiconn, what?
04:11:41punkrockguy318kkurbjun: i don't think they can work together
04:12:12kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, so when you put the code in doom are you leaving in the button_status calls?
04:12:13midkayamiconn, 'real soon now'?
04:12:40punkrockguy318kkurbjun: yes, but removing the checks for the scrollwheel
04:13:19voltagexamiconn: would it be possible for you to take a look at the codecs makefile?
04:14:32kkurbjundoom's button driver may need a rewrite to use button_get exclusively, I remember trying that once and it wasn't working very well so I just left the old driver in there from rockboy. It should be able to be done though.. I think it wasn't detecting the button release events always
04:15:42kkurbjunbut those symptoms could have just been becuase of the H300's hardware, whenever navi is pressed it overrides all the other buttons, so I think the button_get code wasn't creating a released event if navi was pressed down, another key was released and then navi was released
04:16:34punkrockguy318kkurbjun: hmm
04:17:07 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:18:04elinenbeamiconn: what time is it there!
04:18:12elinenbeamiconn: I think you should sleep! :-)
04:18:26amiconn04:18 am
04:18:32punkrockguy318kkurbjun: I don't know what to do. I don't want to rewrite all of the code to button_get if i'm not even sure if it's going to work
04:18:40punkrockguy318kkurbjun: what really puzzles me is that it worked in the sim perfectly...
04:18:52JdGordonmidkay: finally got it compiled and runing.. ye, defaults work fine..
04:19:18amiconnmidkay: Check cvs...
04:19:27midkayJdGordon, e.g. you changed to scroll by line and chose save as default, quit, and restarted the file, and it remained in line mode?
04:19:49kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, why don't you put the code you have on the patch tracker for now so that others can look at it to be able to give some feedback
04:19:54amiconnHrmph, partial commit failure...
04:19:55JdGordonohh... restart the same file?? i didnt do that, i chose another file..
04:20:06midkayamiconn, coool.. *connects recorder to usb*
04:20:13midkayJdGordon, hm..
04:20:18midkaywhat about using the same file?
04:21:28JdGordonseems to work..
04:22:18JdGordonoh, the save setting per file is so u can resume where u were when u left
04:22:20punkrockguy318kkurbjun: i don't even know what to upload, i wrote about 5 different versions, and none of them work on the ipod, but they work on the sim :-\
04:22:23kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, the real people to ask are linuxstb or preglow as I believe they did the initial/most of the work on the ipods so one of them would know the button driver code
04:22:27JdGordonso it does make sense to store than
04:22:40midkayJdGordon, ah.. hm..
04:22:44midkaysaving the position makes sense.
04:22:49midkaysaving the actual modes..
04:22:55midkayshould be global.
04:23:02kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, just put all 5 up, you know how to make a diff correct?
04:23:19punkrockguy318kkurbjun: yeah i made a couple and sumbitted them last night
04:24:06kkurbjunok, great, just put all the versions you have in i_video.c and #if 0 all of them but one out so that it can at least compile with the patch
04:24:53kkurbjunI'll look at them also to see if I can see anything, but like I said linuxstb or preglow would know better then I would
04:27:34kkurbjunno problem, thanks for the effort, hopefully it will lead to a working solution soon
04:31:41pirokoanyone here coding for rockbox on os x?
04:33:26 Join midkay_ [0] (n=midkay@
04:34:10pirokoi'm just wondering if anyone uses x-code
04:34:18BHSPitMonkeypiroko: I'm -still- installing osx :P
04:34:42pirokoany reason?
04:34:59 Join gtkspert [0] (
04:35:13 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:35:39zeman i hate them tiny little surface-mount micro switches
04:36:10zewith the little bit of plastic sticking out for some custom switch deal to hook over for the user to operate it by
04:36:32zeand the shit's all like half a millimeter wide where it connects and love to just break off and render the switch unusable
04:36:43midkay_ze, haha, YES.
04:36:53midkay_that happened on my rio riot long ago..
04:37:04zeit just happened on my karma for the hold switch
04:37:12zeand i NEED my hold switch, damnit
04:37:15midkay_power/hold switch combo on my riot, yeah..
04:37:33zehah well at least the power is just a button
04:37:47midkay_very lucky :)
04:37:59zethis just reinforces my contempt for hard-wired hold switches though
04:37:59midkay_i didn't use it much, luckily, but i did have a small workaround..
04:38:07midkay_i forced it ON and just set the auto shutoff to 1 minute :)
04:38:27zevs suitable button combo's handled in software
04:39:06zenow i guess i HAVE to to figure out how to load custom firmware on this thing
04:39:18zeso i can get rockbox running on it and setup a software hold mode
04:39:36midkay_haha. get to it! :)
04:39:44midkay_amiconn, haha, wow @ bubbles..
04:40:26zethere's still the problem of public-key encrypted firmware upgrades that load onto a memory chip without exposed pins...
04:41:03 Quit iCstyle ()
04:41:05punkrockguy318kkurbjun: thanks for all your time! i submitted the patch with the cleanest first attempt (the other ones kinda got lost).
04:41:07zeand that while rio's dead, sigmatel ows their IP
04:41:27midkay_ze, haha, indeed that sucks..
04:41:34 Quit Daishi (Remote closed the connection)
04:41:48pirokopunkrockguy318: what are you using for your programming environment?
04:41:56pirokopunkrockguy318: vim? :D
04:42:08 Join Daishi [0] (
04:42:09zeif only somebody would just leak the public key :/
04:42:16voltagexze: there's no way to get at it via USB?
04:42:22zevoltagex: the hard drive yes
04:42:27punkrockguy318piroko: gedit and vim, why?
04:42:43voltagexze: how are official firmware upgrades done?
04:42:53kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, no problem. I'll take a look at it a bit later. having my own code problems right now : )
04:42:53midkay_ze, haha, yeah.. good luck, me and a few others talked to a couple of Rio engineers on some forums and they wouldn't help!
04:42:54pirokopunkrockguy318: awesome. just wondering, honestly. have you tried leafpad over gedit? it's a bit faster, not that it matters much
04:43:10pirokodoes anyone here use IDE's?
04:43:12zevoltagex: but the upgrade routines are in ROM, they'll read firmware upgrades (off the HD or via usb i guess) and decrypt them into flash rom
04:43:28punkrockguy318piroko: i'll check it out
04:43:30*bagawk lives in vim
04:43:39zeoh well dinner bbl
04:43:45midkay_l8rz ze
04:43:53dpassen1I think a similar bug (with MusePack files, which also use APEv2 tags) was reported. I'd bet someone is looking into it.
04:44:01punkrockguy318piroko: the gedit in the new gnome is pretty slick... project sidebar, a bit faster, and python plugin support
04:44:03dpassen1didnt mean to type that
04:44:14pirokopunkrockguy318: damn... forget leafpad!
04:44:32voltagexI know I've been asking so much, but can someone help me out with the codecs makefile?
04:44:49punkrockguy318piroko: they both seem to have about the same startup time over here
04:45:04pirokoi'm trying to figure out xcode for os x, but i'm having difficulties. i think i may just stick with vim. I wrote an essay with vim on a 486 once :D
04:45:21kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, I don't think your patch is complete on the tracker
04:45:28bagawkmy vimrc:
04:45:40bagawkI must say, my favorite thing ever is the last line
04:45:50punkrockguy318kkurbjun: ah crap
04:46:19punkrockguy318piroko: vim is pretty nice, but i'm too lazy to learn all the commands, and it gets me frustrated
04:46:30punkrockguy318piroko: i always forget what find is.. and goto line... so i just boot up gedit
04:46:38pirokopunkrockguy318: didn't you say you use vim though?
04:46:52punkrockguy318yeah, vim and gedit
04:46:55pirokoi'm trying to find a programmer friendly app for os x...
04:47:04pirokobagawk: i have stolen your vimrc ;)
04:47:21punkrockguy318it's whatever i accidently type... whenever i want to edit something sometimes i end up in vim, sometimes i end up in gedit :) you know how that is
04:47:36pirokoyep yep
04:48:11pirokobagawk: what if i actually need to type 'jj'?
04:48:16punkrockguy318kkurbjun: funny enough, that patch on the tracker (that's missing half my code) works on the sim as well...
04:48:19piroko... nevermind
04:48:36punkrockguy318piroko: your running OSX? lucky you :)
04:49:10bagawkpiroko: hehe, I do not think I really ever have to type that, i guess j esc ij
04:49:18pirokopunkrockguy318: i guess. it has its ups and downs ;)
04:49:24pirokobagawk: or wait about a second
04:49:44pirokopunkrockguy318: i'm happy i got fluxbox and ethereal running on it though
04:49:49punkrockguy318kkurbjun: that was my first attempt, and it worked in the sim. it replaces the left/right button with the scrolls, and the existing code stays the same
04:50:09punkrockguy318piroko: i could never see me going to *box on osx
04:51:05pirokopunkrockguy318: i only use it for running linux programs. i don't like having aquafied linux windows. it's just not right. and I know, running fluxbox seems counter-intuitive. that's why I do it ;)
04:51:35pirokoopen terminal, startx. hello fluxbox
04:51:42kkurbjunpunkrockguy318, ahh, ok, It seemed too simple : )
04:51:54punkrockguy318piroko: i used to be really jealous of mac users... but now ubuntu is improving... so i'm less jealous.. but jealous none-the-less
04:52:06pirokoi just wish there was a way I could run my aqua programs in fluxbox...
04:52:22punkrockguy318kkurbjun: that's what i thought the first time i got it working in the sim! but alas, nothing in life is that easy :)
04:52:45pirokopunkrockguy318: i bought it for the hardware, mostly. but yes, os x is quite nice. i actually installed ubuntu on my powerbook but ended up having to go back after a lack of hardware support
04:53:02punkrockguy318piroko: what version?
04:53:23pirokoit was the dev version at the time. dapper-drake i think
04:53:45punkrockguy318piroko: that's the current dev tree... laptop support has drastically improved, so i've heard
04:54:07punkrockguy318piroko: i only own one laptop.. it's a pentium I.. i use it as a thin client to my desktop and it's not too bad
04:54:23 Join angelashes [0] (
04:54:35punkrockguy318piroko: even vanilla debian takes about 2 minutes to load :(
04:54:43pirokopowerbook support is tricky. everything worked fine except for built in wireless and the trackpad was way too sensitive and i couldn't change it
04:54:48angelashesdoes anyone own the itrip for the ipod?
04:55:06pirokopunkrockguy318: try booting damn small linux on a 486, then complain :P
04:55:08 Part Paul_The_Nerd
04:55:20punkrockguy318piroko: one huge reason I'm jealous of OSX as a *nix platform... native starcraft :)
04:55:26 Join Inc [0] (i=xsst4@arcane/developer/inc)
04:55:36Incwait so I can run the origional itunes software
04:55:40Incand rockbox?
04:55:45Incerr ipod software
04:55:46pirokopunkrockguy318: what is this native starcraft you speak of!?
04:55:51pirokoInc: yep
04:55:56 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
04:55:58pirokoInc: just reboot and hold menu
04:56:00punkrockguy318piroko: blizzard released a native osx version of starcraft
04:56:06Incpiroko~, it won't effect my default firmware?
04:56:16pirokoInc: it shouldn't
04:56:30pirokopunkrockguy318: for download or what?
04:56:32punkrockguy318piroko: it just makes me angry that they couldn't release a linux version... How much more work would it have to be to port from one nix platform to another
04:56:41Incpiroko~, so how do I get it to defaulty boot my ipod standered firmware?
04:56:43punkrockguy318piroko: well, you need to own the cd..
04:57:14pirokoInc: that's a bit tricky. you'd need to modify the bootloader. I'm not the right person to ask for that, sorry :(
04:57:15punkrockguy318piroko: it's pretty pricy, a whopping $5 :)
04:57:27Incpiroko~, I see
04:57:40pirokopunkrockguy318: holy crap! and I'm sure you don't NEED a cd, if you catch my drift ;)
04:57:43Incso does anyone know how I can only at times boot rockbox?
04:57:51Incand mainly have it boot the defautl firmware
04:58:09GaloisInc: I have a patch for that
04:58:11pirokoInc: well, if you boot the apple firmware, it will stay running until you reboot your ipod manually
04:58:25GaloisInc: I even tested it, it works
04:58:26punkrockguy318piroko: true.. But i have NO idea what that is or what that's about! ;-)
04:58:29IncGalois~, thanks.
04:58:48pirokopunkrockguy318: i use a mini version of that, but yeah no idea...
04:59:06 Quit angelashes ()
04:59:23pirokothis whole rockbox thing is destroying my grades...
04:59:28pirokoah well
05:00:07Incso what is my alternative
05:00:11Incif I mess up my
05:00:20Inc60gb ipod "somehow"
05:00:23punkrockguy318piroko: yeah, i've had a long weekend and i haven't touched my homework
05:00:36Galoisa working ipod cannot be messed up by installing rockbox
05:00:53Galoisyou can screw up and lose your data, so back it up, but the hardware has built-in reset switches
05:01:17pirokoInc: boot into disk mode by restarting and holding down select and play, connect your ipod to your computer and run the ipod updater to re-install your original firmware
05:01:34pirokoInc: if for whatever reason something bad happens
05:01:44Incpiroko~, so I couldn't actually forever mess it up?
05:01:46 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:02:01Galoisyou can forever mess it up, but it takes hardware failure to do so
05:02:07IncGalois~, so basically how do I get both firmwares to have access to the music.
05:02:10Galoisand hardware failure could happen even without installing rockbox
05:02:19IncGalois~, and this could not cause that could it?
05:02:28Galoisthere's no easy way to have the same block of music data be playable in both firmwares
05:02:34Galoisthere's a hard way, but I never bothered with it
05:02:35IncI don't want to void my warrenty
05:02:41punkrockguy318Galois: well...
05:02:53GaloisI'm also not sure about warranty status
05:02:57Incwell I wanted my music only playable mainly in the normal ipod stuff.
05:03:03Galoisrumour has it that apple canada has stated rockbox leaves your warranty intact
05:03:04Incbut yeh where can I see a list of games?
05:03:06punkrockguy318Inc: you could use iTunes.. and then you could use the TagDbB
05:03:19punkrockguy318Inc: but you won't be able to play your files that you bought from itunes
05:03:22Galoispunkrockguy318: that gets you two different databases
05:03:30Incpunkrockguy318~, no worries.
05:03:48Galoisapple, for some strange reason, is not forthcoming on the warranty status of rockbox
05:04:03Galoissince I bought my ipod specifically to run rockbox and I've never used the original firmware, I really don't care
05:04:08punkrockguy318Galois: yes, but the TagDB just scans for all files on the disk. So the files that iTunes spreads randomly throughout the disk are picked up by TagDB and catagorized into artist/song etc
05:04:21Galoispunkrockguy318: oh, that's neat, I didn't know that
05:04:36*Galois as you can tell does not use TagDB. Down with databases!!
05:05:02punkrockguy318Galois: but i don't use iTunesDB except for videos.. i need retail for video, but that's it
05:05:06Incso how would I boot into rockbox
05:05:15Incafter I've set ipod firmware as defualt?
05:05:15Galoisyou mean with or without the patch?
05:05:16punkrockguy318Galois: i prefer just having an organized directory structure
05:05:24GaloisInc: do you even know how to compile rockbox?
05:05:29Galoisthat patch is source code, you need to compile it first
05:05:38IncI currently have ordered the ipod
05:05:46Incand am just explorering all opertunities
05:06:56pirokopunkrockguy318: i use an organized structure too. itunes helps with that for most of it though
05:07:08punkrockguy318why do ALL these manufactors refuse to open any documentation for their hardware?
05:07:12pirokopunkrockguy318: I used to use juk on linux
05:07:20punkrockguy318piroko: i rip with grip, and play with rhythmbox
05:07:26pirokopunkrockguy318: think about that for a second
05:07:30Galoispunkrockguy318: neuros has semi-open hardware
05:07:39Incsorry if you don't mind me asking
05:07:47Inchas anyone had a hardware failure?
05:07:50pirokopunkrockguy318: they open their hardware, other companies can now build the same thing
05:08:00GaloisI believe one person on this channel has had hardware failure, and it wasn't while installing rockbox
05:08:03pirokoor use their ideas
05:08:04Galois(it was while installing ipodlinux)
05:08:17punkrockguy318piroko: hmm
05:08:31IncI see.
05:08:38pirokopunkrockguy318: not everyone believes in the open source movement, unfortunately...
05:08:44Galoisif you value open hardware buy neuros. If you value cute small sexy mp3 players, buy apple.
05:08:56pirokoGalois: hey now...
05:09:10Incso onto my next question. where do I find the games or applications or whatever
05:09:17Galoisactually, I was trying to make another point, but it somehow came out badly
05:09:17pirokoInc: they come with rockbox
05:09:24Incthere's no list?
05:09:27pirokoGalois: i was just kidding
05:09:29Incor anything.
05:09:31pirokoInc: there is
05:09:50Incif you don't mind me asking
05:09:53Galoisrockbox is our way of making other mp3 players open whether the manufacturer likes it or not
05:10:27pirokoInc: games and apps are listed there. and no problem. pretty much everyone here loves to help[
05:10:57scorchehowever, there are many that are .c rather than .rock
05:11:17Galoiseven neuros is not completely open hardware, they use a texas instruments DSP that has closed specs. Their excuse is that the DSP is "optional" for playing audio.
05:12:09Incpiroko~, so ok. I read something about doom
05:12:14Incand some gameboy roms
05:12:30Incwhere would I find information on this or is that not on the actuall rockbox site
05:12:33 Join lostnihilist [0] (
05:12:34punkrockguy318It's funny how little I play doom on my pc.. but how psyched I am about playing it on the ipod
05:12:47punkrockguy318Inc: both of these features are supported out of the box
05:12:59punkrockguy318Inc: and they are also documented on the website
05:13:25Incso it's not like black and white on my ipod video or would it be that way?
05:13:26Galoispunkrockguy318: maybe because it's more challenging on the ipod. small screen, no running, no strafing, and you can't move backwards.
05:13:45pirokoi think i'm going to try to tackle porting the mandelbrot generator to the 4g...
05:13:54punkrockguy318Inc: it will be in color
05:14:06punkrockguy318piroko: i feel like such a failure
05:14:13pirokopunkrockguy318: ?
05:14:25punkrockguy318piroko: i couldn't add in the scroll wheel for doom :(
05:15:07pirokopunkrockguy318: don't feel bad. the pinnacle of my programming was a one-time-pad encryption program for the ti-83 :P
05:15:24pirokopunkrockguy318: but it was/is a badass encryption program...
05:15:27punkrockguy318piroko: i love programming calculators
05:15:33pirokopunkrockguy318: same here
05:15:35Incis there a feature list?
05:15:40punkrockguy318piroko: i just bought a ti-89.. it's sweet
05:15:43Incor a feature list for the vvs builds
05:15:43pirokopunkrockguy318: we should share some code :D
05:15:50*piroko envies punkrockguy318
05:15:55punkrockguy318piroko: yes.. i just need a usb cable
05:15:56Incso I might decide if I want to use
05:16:14Inccvs or the default
05:16:24punkrockguy318piroko: i wrote a painting program for the 82.. before i knew that there was already a paint program on there
05:16:31punkrockguy318i was really bored in health class freshman year
05:16:34kkurbjunInc: to start
05:16:46pirokoInc: and for ipod specific questions
05:16:46Incpiroko~, do they have a version for ipod videos?
05:16:54pirokoInc: yep
05:17:27dj-fudoes it play video yet?
05:17:45kkurbjunInc this has an old list that hasn't been updated for ipods or in a while, but gives you an idea:
05:17:59IncI see.
05:18:19kkurbjunnevermind, it has the ipod on there
05:18:26 Quit Rob2222_ (Success)
05:19:22pirokothat feature comparison says the apple fw can do bookmarking for multiple files, but afaik, it can only do it for audiobooks...
05:20:04IncI see. thanks.
05:20:08 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
05:20:16pirokohello paul
05:20:28midkay_piroko, no, as many bookmarks as you want on any audio file..
05:20:34midkay_or.. at least a large number of them. :)
05:20:53pirokomidkay_: how do you do that?
05:20:53midkay_piroko, oh, my bad, the apple firmware you meant.
05:21:04midkay_sry. *slips back into shadows* :)
05:21:53voltagexPaul_The_Nerd: at the risk of getting ignored, are you any good with makefiles?
05:22:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:22:28Paul_The_Nerdvoltagex: Y'know, I *almost* bout the O'Reilly book on them too. But no, I know NOTHING of them. :)
05:23:16voltagexPaul_The_Nerd: HCl was trying to work out where libdumb is disabled in it, because he says it will quite possibly work, slowly
05:23:46voltagexwell the other way around it is to compile the thing manually
05:24:02Paul_The_Nerdvoltagex: Well, I can look at it, but odds are I'm less likely to find anything than him
05:24:16Incwho's an actuall developer for rockbox?
05:25:05Galoismidkay, who just slipped into the shadows
05:25:08voltagexPaul_The_Nerd: if you get a chance to, it would be much appreciated
05:26:13Paul_The_NerdInc: There's quite a few who frequent this room. Why?
05:26:37IncPaul_The_Nerd~, oh just curious I want to be certain it won't screw up my brand new 5g 60gb ipod
05:26:41midkay_what? haha.
05:26:51midkay_Inc, no, it simply cannot..
05:27:04 Join nave7693 [0] (
05:27:06Paul_The_Nerdvoltagex: CODECLIBS = -lmad -la52 -lffmpegFLAC -lTremor -lwavpack -lmusepack -lalac -lfaad -lm4a <−−- Should this line just have a -ldumb added onto it, to make it build?
05:27:12scorchehoo ha!.....he aid a line without 2 dots
05:27:28Incmidkay_~, ok good. I just do not want to void my warrenty or anything
05:27:32 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:27:36Paul_The_NerdInc: Yeah, Apple did a pretty damn good job of foolproofing their hardware.
05:27:36midkay_Inc, warranty is another thing..
05:27:41Incit's also possible to remove it (should I decide correct?
05:27:58Incmidkay_~, whats the warranty issue.
05:28:00GaloisInc, I told you all this before. It is impossible to screw up your ipod unless the hardware fails. The warranty status is uncertain.
05:28:02Paul_The_NerdInc: Supposedly Apple Canada has stated our software doesn't void the warranty, but we can't make any real promises that it won't. It IS just files on the disk though.
05:28:04midkay_yes, you can uninstall it, but be sure to keep a backup of the bootpartition.bin file you create during installation.
05:28:09lostlogicgah, memcpy on id3 structs isn't safe.
05:28:14lostlogicthat's bloody fantastic.
05:28:30midkay_Inc, it's not official apple software, so apple doesn't 'support' it. fix: just uninstall rockbox if you ever send it in and they won't have any idea..
05:28:34IncPaul_The_Nerd~, I see.
05:28:45Paul_The_Nerdvoltagex: Maybe the dumb folder needs to be renamed libdumb though. Dunno
05:28:50Incalso not to mention
05:28:56IncI do have a foolproof warranty
05:28:59Incthat covers anything
05:29:00Galoisyou can always uninstall rockbox before sending it in for warranty service, PROVIDED that the hardware is still working well enough to allow you to uninstall rockbox
05:29:03Galoiskind of a catch-22
05:29:03Incexample if I drop it in water
05:29:07Incit's still covered.
05:29:35Incwell ok
05:30:00ProgramZetai wonder what an apple tech would say if they recieved a rockbox'd ipod
05:30:26ProgramZetait might be worth it to check
05:30:26Galoiswe believe that apple would service an ipod even if they found rockbox on it, but nobody's tested this thoroughly yet
05:30:33nave7693omfg this ipod is on steroids
05:30:35dj-fuit doesn't break warranty, or so i'm told
05:30:37Galoisalso, apple's so big that you might get inconsistent answers
05:30:40nave7693that's what they would say
05:30:43pirokoif i'm making a minor change to the FeatureComparison page, I should probably check "minor changes, don't notify", right?
05:30:49Incconsidering Galois it would be fool proof if it defaultly built to automatically boot the ipod firmware
05:30:55Incthey woul have no trace of rockbox
05:31:04Galoisthey can disk dump and get traces
05:31:09Incunless they hit the correct keys to boot rockbox (if I understand it correctly)
05:31:13pirokoInc: yep
05:31:16Paul_The_Nerdvoltagex: it looks like a little more would need to be done. I think it's not "disabled" so much as "not enabled"
05:31:35Galoiseven with the "apple default" patch, the rockbox bootloader still shows up on the screen
05:31:46 Part nave7693
05:31:50Incso ok what exactly do I need to look for for gameboy games that I might want to play with rockbox
05:31:54Incany certain thing?
05:31:56Incor tips?
05:32:05IncGalois~, I see.
05:32:10Paul_The_NerdGalois: I think that if you've reformatted the disk that'll probably be enough. I somehow doubt Apple goes through a data recovery process on returned iPods...
05:32:18voltagexPaul_The_Nerd: so is that better or worse?
05:32:50punkrockguy318Inc: what model are you going to get?
05:32:55 Join RoC_MM [0] (
05:33:05Incpunkrockguy318~, 5g 60gb I ordered it.
05:33:32RoC_MMAny devs awake?
05:33:37punkrockguy318Inc: gameboy on the 5g ins't wonderful yet... the controls need to be worked out.. but they will get eventually worked out
05:33:46Paul_The_Nerdvoltagex: Well, I'm not really sure. I don't know what's necessary to add a codec to the make process, but I think it needs to be wholly added.
05:34:08Incpunkrockguy318~, but it works right?
05:34:19voltagexPaul_The_Nerd: I'm not allowed to stay up til 3am anymore so I won't be able to talk to HCl
05:34:30Incpunkrockguy318~, are the cvs builds any better?
05:34:40pirokovoltagex: not allowed?
05:34:45voltagexwho else is likely to turn up who knows about the codec builds?
05:34:50punkrockguy318Inc: well, that's what i'm speaking of, cvs
05:34:59IncI see.
05:35:01voltagexpiroko: dad walked in at 3am and glared at me then stormed off
05:35:06GaloisInc: "works" is a somewhat generous assessment
05:35:07Incthe cvs builds are the ones with that functionality
05:35:08punkrockguy318Inc: ipod support is only working through cvs builds
05:35:19IncGalois~, it's able to play the games
05:35:23Incjust the controls aren't great
05:35:25GaloisI seem to remember that you can only use the A button
05:35:30Inc(From what I understand)
05:35:38punkrockguy318Inc: yeah.. a button and up/down/left/right
05:35:47pirokovoltagex: HA! I have the same problem... I just use my laptop in bed now and close it really quickly when I hear them coming. Muahaha....
05:35:59Galoisand, you know, lots of gameboy games just don't cut it with only the A button
05:36:00punkrockguy318Inc: someone needs to work on using the scroll whell.. i might try to patch it up later
05:36:01voltagexpiroko: I've done that too
05:36:13voltagexpiroko: I swear they think I'm looking up pr0n
05:36:26voltagexpiroko: laptop for school != pr0n laptop
05:36:30 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (n=midkay@
05:36:52voltagexhi midkay!
05:36:57pirokovoltagex: i use anonym.os :D
05:36:59punkrockguy318Galois: i'm thinking... left/right with scrollwheel, up down as buttons, and a and b with left and right? start could be SELECT and select could be SELECT + UP or something
05:37:03punkrockguy318and hold could bring up the menu
05:37:09midkayhey voltagex
05:37:27pirokowhy can't we use the button config from ipl?
05:37:30voltagexmidkay: I need to ask a favour
05:37:34pirokotouch sensitive
05:37:45punkrockguy318piroko: hmm?
05:37:47midkayvoltagex, go ahead, no guarantees ;)
05:38:16voltagexmidkay: apps/codecs/Makefile <−− what's stopping "dumb" from being built?
05:38:21Incso basically if I understand this correcltly. If I try to install rockbox.
05:38:33midkayvoltagex, i'm not good with makefiles, but i could have a quick look..
05:38:33Galoispunkrockguy318 that's not a bad plan, but it makes it kind of hard to press buttons while using the scrollwheel, which many games kind of need
05:38:34Incand make it boot the apple software defaultly
05:38:41Incit will still show the rockbox screen?
05:38:45Galoisit's probably still better than the current situation
05:38:59voltagexmidkay: any help would be appeciated
05:39:14pirokopunkrockguy318: the whole control system used no button pressing at all. you would just touch up, down, left, right, and diagnal up left and right were a and b and diagnanal down left and right were select and start
05:39:33punkrockguy318piroko: wow... that's cool
05:39:51pirokopunkrockguy318: yeah, it was
05:39:51punkrockguy318piroko: i don't think rockbox supports that in the rb api
05:39:59midkayvoltagex, on the line that says "dumb:" a bit over halfway down..
05:40:06voltagexpiroko: that's actually quite intuitive controls
05:40:10Galoisthe hardware does indeed support wheel location data though, so it's just a matter of changing the API
05:40:11pirokopunkrockguy318: that's what I was afraid of...
05:40:17midkaywhat's called is different from everything else, try modifying it so it looks very similar..
05:40:30midkaye.g. copy something else and just change the codec's name to 'dumb'.
05:40:40voltagexmidkay: ok
05:40:54punkrockguy318Galois: that would be cool :)
05:41:09punkrockguy318well it's bedtime.. too much coding for one night! night everyone!
05:41:10pirokowow! an idea that people like! yay!
05:41:14pirokonight punkrockguy318!
05:42:04midkaynight punkrockguy318 :)
05:42:56pirokoit's a sideways race-car!
05:43:10pirokowow... i'm a bit tired...
05:43:31pirokobe right back
05:43:31 Quit piroko ("telinit 0")
05:43:40 Join piroko [0] (
05:44:12pirokodid it say 'telinit 0' when I quit?
05:44:34Inc22:42 <Inc> 22:38 <Inc> and make it boot the apple software defaultly
05:44:35Inc22:42 <Inc> 22:38 <Inc> it will still show the rockbox screen?
05:44:39 Part Paul_The_Nerd
05:44:45pirokoGalois: yay thank you
05:45:00 Join damaki__ [0] (
05:45:25kkurbjunInc, It will boot rockbox default unless you use a patch that someone made
05:45:32scorchejust curious (doesnt relate to rockbox), but is there a way to map a USB port to a com port?
05:45:53pirokoInc: when you get your ipod, talk to me and I can make you a patched rockbox if you want
05:46:06pirokounless that's frowned upon here
05:46:15IncI see.
05:46:15kkurbjunscorche, there is hardware cables you can buy for that
05:46:23Incpiroko~, cool.
05:46:29Incthanks it should come wensday ish.
05:46:52Incsorry to ask so many questions (I like to know everything about something before I try it)
05:47:07Incif you guy's need someone to distribute builds I have 800gb of unused bandwidth
05:47:08 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:47:11scorchequestions are good =)
05:47:18Galoispiroko, sending firmwares to other people is somewhat frowned upon because you can send trojans to 0wn their ipod
05:47:47scorchekkurbjun: ya, but i would rather not
05:47:52scorchei mean, i need to use it once
05:47:59Galoisactually, I'm kidding. Patches are frowned upon because they make the recipient dependent on others to get more patches. Better to teach them how to compile their own rockbox.
05:48:33*Inc knows
05:48:35scorche...if you give a man a fish...give a man a fishing for life
05:48:37Inchow to compile
05:49:53pirokoGalois: that's what i was thinking
05:50:01pirokoInc: do you know how to patch?
05:50:28pirokoInc: what os are you running?
05:50:29Incnever messed with anything like rockbox
05:50:42Incfbsd , arcanelinux and windows
05:50:44voltagexscorche: light a man a fire, warm for a night, light a man on fire, warm for the rest of his life >:)
05:50:59pirokovoltagex: nice analogy...
05:51:13Incpiroko~, I do some developing on a linux distro
05:51:14scorchemore like cold for the rest of his life...
05:51:54voltagexwhat is libfaad?
05:52:15midkayvoltagex, how did that work?
05:52:23voltagexmidkay: grabbing latest cvs
05:52:37pirokoInc: This may help a little:
05:52:39midkayah, gotcha.
05:55:17 Join macdonalder [0] (
05:56:12 Join biffhero [0] (n=rob@
05:57:55 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:58:25 Quit punkrockguy318 ("Ex-Chat")
05:59:02 Quit powr-toc (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:59:41biffheroI am trying to build from CVS, and I am not getting a file "rockbox.ipod". D'oh!
05:59:58pirokobiffhero: what exactly are you doing?
06:00:11 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:00:23biffherodying in genlang. not sure if it is my CVS (just did 'cvs update' tonight, most recent before that was probably April 1.
06:00:49biffheroprioko: I am trying to cvs update; cd build ; make ; make zip
06:01:08pirokobiffhero: you have to run configure after cd build
06:01:15biffheroevery time?
06:01:33biffheroI thought that only had to be done the first time, to set up your makefiles
06:01:40pirokobiffhero: try a cd build;rm -rf *;configure;make
06:01:46pirokobiffhero: sometimes they change
06:02:29biffherogenlang is dying
06:02:35pirokowhat does it say?
06:02:42biffheroUndefined subroutine &main::No Info called at /home/rob/home_data/ipod/rockbox/cvs/rockbox/tools/genlang line 418, <LANG> line 1241.
06:03:48 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:04:18criminyis there a way to make the default booting into the original ipod system and hold "menu" to boot rockbox? Meaning, making the behavior reversed?
06:04:35pirokocriminy: there is a patch for that
06:04:54pussfellercriminy, hold the ipod upside down when you reboot
06:05:02pirokobiffhero: try compiling this to test if something went wrong with cvs:
06:05:09 Join Angel_of_Death [0] (
06:05:28biffherogood call. will do.
06:05:50criminyno time to compile, I'll just hold menu until tomorrow
06:05:53Galoiscriminy, the patch is
06:06:52pirokoGalois: how did you know it's there? in other words, where did you find that information out?
06:07:04pirokotrying to learn how to fish here... ;)
06:07:38lostlogicGalois: did t0mas talk to youa bout your server? I notice it's not in the list yet :(
06:07:42*biffhero hands piroko a lighter
06:08:16 Quit Farpenoodle ("Large sacks of cheese")
06:08:30*piroko pokes biffhero in the eye
06:08:32Galoislostlogic: nope
06:08:48biffheropiroko, it looks like it is getting further, so I will purge my cvs and then re- cvs update
06:08:50Galoispiroko: I wrote that patch, and that URL points to my server
06:09:06pirokoGalois: heh. that makes sense...
06:09:12pirokobiffhero: glad to hear it!
06:09:31Galoisbiffhero: it helps to do cvs update -dP
06:09:38Galoisthat way you get the new directories too
06:09:54voltagexwhat do I have to add to the top of a diff to make patch automatically find the files to patch?
06:10:00biffherothat might be it, will try that one first
06:10:18pirokovoltagex: can't you just run diff?
06:10:49 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
06:10:59voltagexpiroko: I did, and it didn't put the filename at the top
06:11:41pirokovoltagex: maybe diff -u?
06:11:48pirokoi'm just throwing out guesses here...
06:13:06pirokovoltagex: did it work?
06:13:09voltagexpiroko: I'll try that when rockbox is built
06:13:27voltagexdamn I need a faster machine
06:13:37pirokovoltagex: what's your processor?
06:14:03pirokovoltagex: ... i think that's better than my ppc 1.67ghz...
06:14:22voltagexpiroko: lol, 1GB of ram here, and it's still shit slow
06:14:29pirokovoltagex: 1GB here too
06:14:36pirokohow long to compile?
06:14:44biffhero2G on my thinkpad T41p
06:14:58voltagex$1000AUD to upgrade to an X2 4800+... *drool*
06:15:05voltagexpiroko: 10min at least
06:15:20pirokovoltagex: ok I feel sorry for you. it takes about a minute here :)
06:15:22scorcheheh...i went "cheap" and got myself an opteron 175
06:15:47voltagexscorche: better than an X2?
06:16:00scorcheit is a step up from the x2 4200+
06:16:05voltagexoh, that cost includes new mobo too
06:16:17voltagexpiroko: scratch that, 1min here too
06:16:36 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:16:37 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
06:16:43biffherono feel sorry for you now
06:16:47 Quit jbauman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:17:03voltagexarrghh. still didn't compile dumb
06:17:15pirokoumm... what is dumb?
06:17:26scorchei wuv my proc <3
06:17:30pirokowait, tracker format?
06:17:31voltagexpiroko: DUMB tracker music codec
06:17:45pirokovoltagex: what system do those usually come from?
06:18:29 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:18:34voltagexpiroko: all kinds
06:18:38biffheroreal 1m57.713s
06:18:39voltagexmidkay: you still here?
06:18:52pirokobiffhero: where'd you get that readout?
06:18:55biffheropiroko, brand new cvs checkout works now.
06:19:02biffheropiroko: 'time make'
06:19:15pirokobiffhero: awesome. I'm happy it worked!
06:19:28*piroko is going to time his powerbook...
06:19:50voltagexbiffhero: you any good with makefiles?
06:20:01biffherovoltagex: not sure, what's up?
06:20:19voltagexbiffhero: can't get the "dumb" codec to compile
06:20:28voltagexbiffhero: it was disabled somehow in the makefile
06:20:31pirokoreal 0m2.665s
06:20:33biffherois dumb.o a targe?
06:20:38pirokolol. just kidding!
06:20:45biffheropiroko: that's not right after a 'make clean'?
06:20:48pirokoi need to stop saying lol...
06:20:54pirokobiffhero: i know. it was a joke
06:20:59biffherovoltagex: um, make that a target.
06:21:03midkayvoltagex, yes?
06:21:16voltagexmidkay: no worky after changes to Makefile
06:21:21*biffhero hands piroko a lighter, wouldn't want him to be cold for the rest of his life.
06:21:55midkayifndef SIMVER near the top..
06:22:01midkaymaybe try adding DUMB in that list..
06:22:45voltagexadded to sources
06:23:00voltagexmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `dumb.c', needed by `/home/Administrator/rockbox/build/apps/codecs/dep-codecs'. Stop.
06:23:00voltagexmake[1]: *** [build-codecs] Error 2
06:23:00voltagexmake: *** [all] Error 2
06:23:05voltagexoops sorry
06:23:33biffherovoltagex: do you have this line: export SOFTWARECODECS=libmad liba52 libffmpegFLAC libTremor libwavpack dumb libmusepack libalac libfaad libm4a
06:24:18 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzzzzz")
06:24:46voltagexbiffhero: where's that supposed to be?
06:24:51 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
06:25:06pirokoouch. my time estimate was a bit off... real 2m57.630s
06:25:18biffherovoltagex: that's in my Makefile in my build/ directory
06:25:24biffheropiroko: :-P
06:25:54 Quit piroko ("This computer has gone to sleep")
06:26:27 Join sharpe [0] (
06:26:38sharpehey everyone...
06:27:20voltagexbiffhero: yes that line is there
06:27:31Paul_The_NerdNo, no, it's "Hi everybody!"
06:27:50biffherovoltagex: yeah, I realized that I was barking up a wrong tree after I looked for 'dumb.c' on my machine
06:28:16voltagexbiffhero: should I try a make clean?
06:28:20 Join piroko [0] (
06:28:32biffherovoltagex: that can't hurt, it will only cost you time.
06:28:41biffheropiroko: reboot to the faster CPU?
06:29:05pirokobiffhero: no, shut my laptop lid so I could safely go to the bathroom :)
06:29:14pirokowhat did it say?
06:29:24biffheropiroko: afraid you can't aim over it?
06:29:31voltagex* piroko has quit IRC ("This computer has gone to sleep")
06:29:44sharpethe reason it's only "hey everyone..." is because i still feel the same as i did before i was in PA.
06:30:06voltagexbiffhero: you do realise that *everything* pisses all over Macintrash.
06:30:27pirokosweet. no, i'm supposed to be sleeping right now and my laptop is in my bed. if my parents were to wake up, it'd be under my pillow and under sight
06:30:36sharpeand i'm still in pennsylvania.
06:30:38pirokoi mean out of sight...
06:30:54pirokovoltagex: what do you have against macintrash?
06:30:55voltagexnope, still the make error
06:30:55biffheropiroko: man, I used to read under the covers with a flashlight. you IRC under the covers with a laptop
06:31:13biffherovoltagex: I noticed that I don't have a 'dumb.c' in my source tree at all
06:31:13sharpeat least e doesn't need a flashlight for that.
06:31:13pirokobiffhero: and read with a flashlight under the covers ;)
06:31:14voltagexpiroko: quite a lot of trouble with them at school
06:31:29pirokovoltagex: they run os9?
06:31:54voltagexbiffhero: at first I had to specifically checkout dumb from the codecs directory in cvs
06:32:07pirokovoltagex: because I HATE os9... we have it at our school too and they really really suck...
06:32:08voltagexpiroko: ok ok, OSX is much better
06:32:10biffherovoltagex: ah, you are ahead of me, then
06:32:17pirokovoltagex: yes, thank you ;)
06:32:30voltagexmidkay: help needed
06:32:33sharpewhy do i feel like i'm just reading someone's conversation?
06:32:35biffherovoltagex: 'cvs co dumb' ? it failed for me
06:32:48pirokosharpe: because you are?
06:32:49midkayvoltagex, is biffhero helping you or what?
06:32:52 Part Paul_The_Nerd
06:33:20voltagexbiff: the command I'm using is: cvs -z3
06:33:21voltagexco rockbox
06:33:21DBUGEnqueued KICK voltagex
06:33:42biffherovoltagex: me too, but how did you checkout dumb?
06:33:47voltagexthe change co rockbox to co rockbox/apps/codecs/dumb
06:33:53sharpei'm five hundred miles away from my home, on a laptop, past midnight, on a slow broadband connection....
06:34:04biffherogoing to go tuck some rugrats into bed. brb
06:34:05sharpein the dark too.
06:34:19sharpei've got a handcrank too.
06:34:21voltagexmidkay: biffhero got stuck too
06:34:22pirokosharpe: i'm in my bed in the dark on a laptop...
06:34:30CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 8 seconds at the last flood
06:34:30*piroko wants a gas-powered laptop
06:34:33midkayvoltagex, well..
06:34:40midkayhold on, i'll try it myself..
06:34:41*piroko with a bits-per-gallon rating...
06:34:50 Quit Daishi (Remote closed the connection)
06:34:52voltagexmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `dumb.c', needed by `/home/Administrator/rockbox/build/apps/codecs/dep-codecs'. Stop.
06:34:57piroko... i'm tired...
06:35:01sharpemidkay, what have i missed since i've not been here?
06:35:06biffheroI can't 'cvs co rockbox/apps/codecs/dumb', I get an error
06:35:25voltagexhmm try my full command
06:35:32 Join Daishi [0] (
06:35:40midkaysharpe, nothing noteworthy :)
06:36:14sharpedo you have any idea what i was working on, for rockbox, before i left for spring break?
06:36:15voltagexor if that doesn't work: cvs -z3 co dumb
06:36:18biffherocvs server: modules file missing directory for module rockbox/apps/codecs/dumb
06:36:27biffherovoltagex: that's it
06:36:42biffherowell... /cvsroot/rockbox/apps/codecs: no such repository
06:37:21voltagexsharpe: <JediMindTrick> You were making the "dumb" tracker music codec work </JediMindTrick> j/k
06:37:30voltagexbiffhero: sorry, no idea
06:37:50sharpei've had an odd, memory lapse type thing
06:38:03*piroko hides under his covers as a thunderstorm approaches...
06:38:26*scorche wishes he had a laptop
06:38:38sharpetechnically, this isn't my laptop
06:39:02*voltagex wishes he had a laptop that was useful for something else other than paperweight
06:39:05sharpewhich is why i don't have my rockbox development tools.
06:39:18sharpeooh, i have one of those.
06:39:32sharpeno cd drive. from, 1995.
06:39:42pirokomy parents bought me this powerbook for christmas... with my money...
06:40:07sharpei need to find a nice, cheap laptop..
06:40:12*piroko has a 486 nec versa laptop from 1980
06:40:16voltagexsharpe: my laptop is from last year
06:40:29voltagexpiroko: aaaww yeah! coaxial network port?
06:40:54pirokovoltagex: yep! and believe it or not, a pcmcia slot!
06:41:01sharpei think the one i have is either a 386 or 486...
06:41:05pirokowith an ethernet card!
06:41:07sharpenot sure if it's 1995...
06:41:59Incworng window
06:42:07sharpewonderful gaim and it's multi-protocol support.
06:42:12pirokoi tried putting menuetos on my 486, but the graphics card was too slow. hey! anyone play skyroads for DOS?
06:42:28pirokosorry, off-topic...
06:42:40sharpei barely got menuetos working on my old laptop.
06:42:54sharpeonly got it working like once
06:43:01voltagexpiroko: YES! I have the full version of that, as well as Jazz Jackrabbit and OMF 2097
06:43:02pirokosharpe: do you remember the setting you used by chance?
06:43:11pirokovoltagex: that's so cool...
06:43:40voltagexpiroko: OMF2097 is freeware now
06:43:52sharpenope... don't remember
06:43:57pirokoseriously!? freeware for DOS only or open source?
06:44:03pirokosharpe: that's ok. no biggie
06:44:20sharpebut almost every time i tried, the floppy drive kind of... failed
06:44:30sharpegod damnit, there is a cricket here.
06:44:51voltagexpiroko: freeware for dos, there's an open source clone written in Ruby
06:45:29sharpeno, nevermind.
06:45:43sharpei think i may be losing it.
06:45:56pirokovoltagex: awesome thanks
06:46:04voltagexmidkay: any luck getting it to build?
06:48:16pirokoback in a bit
06:48:19 Quit piroko ("This computer has gone to sleep")
06:48:23sharpewhee, i'm off to fix dead pixels.
06:50:30sharpeeh, nevermind
06:51:33sharpeor not
06:51:55midkayvoltagex, sorry, finished editing a wiki page and then had to go get the laundry.. vmware's booted and ready, so i'll try it now..
06:52:23sharpeanyone think of any more ideas for the c64 emulator?
06:52:29sharpewhile i was gone...
06:52:30midkaysharpe, ideas? it'
06:52:33midkayit's an emulator. :)
06:52:48sharpei mean, more features to implement...
06:52:55midkaylike what?
06:53:06sharpei don't know. that's why i'm asking :)
06:53:19midkayan emulator emulates.. 'features'? :)
06:53:58voltagexsharpe: save state, screenshot, mabye even video clip recording?
06:54:31 Join vmx_ [0] (
06:54:33sharpewell, screenshots can be made with just rockbox, so i really shouldn't have to do that...
06:54:50 Quit vmx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:54:50midkayvoltagex, is "dumb" supposed to be working?
06:55:10voltagexmidkay: according to HCl, yes, slowly
06:55:20 Join Jiremi [0] (
06:55:59 Quit dj-fu (Remote closed the connection)
06:56:24Jiremiis there a plugin for the ipod video rockbox that would let me record from a mic plugged into the headphone jack?
06:57:39GaloisI heard ipodlinux has a hack for ipod recording
06:57:45 Nick carini is now known as carini[away] (n=chatzill@pdpc/supporter/active/carini)
06:57:57Jiremiok thanks
06:58:06Jiremiwill it work with rockbox?
06:58:30sharpewell, depends on what you mean
06:59:05sharpetheir method, their program, etc...
06:59:14sharpeeh, you may not want to listen to me
06:59:17Galoisit's possible to install ipodlinux and rockbox on the same ipod. I've never done it.
06:59:20midkayvoltagex, i'm not sure, i think you lack the necessary dumb.c or something,.
06:59:24sharpei'm partially incoherent.
06:59:30sharperight now anywya
06:59:35Galoisand I'm not actually sure ipodlinux allows recording, you might want to be smart and check whether it does
07:00:52voltagexmidkay: err did it work for you?
07:01:21Jiremiwait i thought ipod linux didnt work on the video ipod
07:01:54Jiremieven their page says it isnt supported
07:02:21midkayvoltagex, no, i think *we* lack the necessary dumb.c i mean.
07:02:22midkayor something..
07:02:38Galoisit's unsupported, but can be made to work
07:02:40GaloisI think
07:03:41Jiremii tried it once, had to repartition a volume that wouldnt be written to half the time, it wasnt fun
07:04:29Galoisyou're right, it's not fun, which is why I never bothered to use ipodlinux
07:04:35sharpeit's offically unsupported, but unoffically supported.
07:05:28sharpei make such wonderful logic.
07:07:14sharpei've got four, actually dead pixels on this screen it would seem
07:08:06sharpeeh... i think i may go soon.
07:11:09sharpei'm done, i'll go feel bad while i sleep.
07:11:20sharpelater conscious people.
07:12:51voltagexmidkay: there is no dumb.c in the official makefile
07:12:53voltagexmidkay: there is no dumb.c in the official makefile
07:13:00sharpei'll get to work on the c64 emulator for rockbox when i get home.
07:13:06midkayvoltagex, .. right, which i think is the problem.
07:13:06voltagexthe official release.
07:13:16 Part sharpe
07:14:02midkayright, i think dumb.c should be a rockbox creation or something..
07:14:14midkaylike the glue that.. holds rockbox and the codec itself together.. or something witty like that.
07:17:58 Quit Angel_of_Death ("Leaving")
07:22:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:22:42voltagexwell I'm gone for a little while
07:22:50 Nick voltagex is now known as VoltAFK (
07:22:50DBUGEnqueued KICK VoltAFK
07:28:53 Join webguest26 [0] (
07:29:02webguest26hello :)
07:29:28webguest26there is something wrong with #rockbox channel, I can't log in using ksirc
07:29:46webguest26it comes up saying I have been banned from the channel
07:29:53webguest26even though this is the first time I've visited it
07:30:14 Join euxneks [0] (
07:30:31euxneksfeature freeze
07:30:37euxneksdoes that mean what I think it means?
07:31:31Galoisat least bugfixes are still allowed during a feature freeze
07:31:47webguest26whens the eta for that release?
07:32:23euxnekswell I was wondering if there is a way to view photos with the rockbox?
07:33:08BHSPitLappyI think there's a jpeg viewer
07:33:38 Join jnc [0] (
07:35:27 Quit Jiremi ()
07:35:41jnci'm checking out portable players, since i was amazed to find that rockbox is working on iPod hardware
07:35:50jncalso the listing ;)
07:36:20jncif i'm listening to oggvorbis and flac audio primarily, what is the best way to go?
07:36:40euxneksI have an iAudio and that works nicely for flac and ogg
07:37:05GaloisI use an ipod nano exclusively with ogg
07:37:26webguest26can you convert *.m4a to ogg?
07:37:26euxneksI suppose rockbox and ipod is a nice combo =)
07:37:48Galoisyou can, with the usual enormous loss of quality that comes with transcoding
07:37:58euxneksdepends on whether it's a DRM one or not, I think
07:38:12euxneksah that too =)
07:38:19jnciAudio looks nice
07:38:34euxneksthe X6 I think is the new one
07:38:41euxneksI have an X5 and it's pretty nice
07:38:47euxneksyou could also get a PMP
07:38:51webguest26euxneks: never had that sort of problem before; its just a run of the mill m4a rip
07:38:57euxneksto watch movies on a tiny little screen
07:39:06jncmovies are working in rockbox?
07:39:15Galoiscertainly not
07:39:24ashridaheuxneks: there's already a photo viewer in rockbox
07:39:24euxnekswebguest26: if you had the original CD, it's best to recode into ogg if you really want to go that route
07:39:49euxneksashridah: do you have a link?
07:39:49 Quit webguest26 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:39:50BHSPitLappylinuxstb: there?
07:39:53jnci wish players had support for SD cards
07:39:59scorchesome do
07:40:06jncit is so easy to find SD media...
07:40:11ashridaheuxneks: it's in the codebase already, if you've got it installed, just find an image and open it
07:40:27euxneksso it's not like a seperate module or something
07:40:35euxneksthat's pretty cool
07:40:36jnchow does rockbox keep all the firmware similar, is it written mostly in C?
07:40:37ashridahwell, it is, it's a viewer plugin
07:40:43ashridahbut it's there
07:41:00ashridahjnc: mostly C, some assembly for optimisation or hardware specific purposes
07:41:11ashridahbut that's kept to a minimum where possibly
07:41:13ashridahpossible even
07:41:26euxneksis there a way to change the interface?
07:41:35ashridahchange the interface to what?
07:41:50euxneksnot just the WPS
07:42:05euxneksI mean customize to interesting colors, etc
07:42:11ashridahcurrently only the WPS is customizable
07:42:12euxnekschange key bindings
07:42:18euxneksoh ok
07:42:35ashridahit's only been fairly recently that rockbox has had hardware where it's even desirable to try
07:42:48euxneksi.e. iaudio?
07:42:50Galoisthe foreground and background colors can be customized
07:43:00ashridaheuxneks: well, iriver/ipod in general
07:43:04Galoisyou can also add a background image
07:43:10ashridahit's only been about two years, and they're more interested in functionality over appearance
07:43:15Galoisthat's it, short of the ultimate customization, which is changing the source code
07:43:25euxneksah ok
07:43:39euxnekswelp it's late for me.
07:43:44ashridahbut yes, a complete theming rewrite isn't impossible, it's just not on anyone's plate right now, particularly given the freeze
07:43:45euxneksthanks for the info everyone.. =)
07:44:14euxneksthanks ashridah
07:44:21euxneksGalois too =)
07:44:34euxneksbe back when my gf returns my iaudio she's borrowing
07:44:56jnci think battery life is important to me. i would be listening to music anywhere from 6-8 hours continuous
07:45:22jncwould that be troublesome for rockbox supported players?
07:45:28euxneksmy iaudio x5 routinely lasts the whole day
07:45:35euxneksanyway I'm off to bed gnite
07:45:36jnci will look into that
07:45:39 Quit euxneks ("Woof")
07:45:41jncthanks for the advices
07:45:57 Join Bg3r [0] (n=Bager@rockbox/developer/Bger)
07:47:02ashridahjnc: some players aren't terribly well optimised in rockbox yet, so their battery life is occasionally suboptimal
07:47:17Galoisipod nano only lasts 8 hours max with vorbis, at present
07:48:42jncGalois, does that mean ipod nano is an example of suboptimal battery useage?
07:48:59 Quit lostnihilist ("Leaving")
07:49:11ashridahGalois: it hasn't gotten better with the cpu-freq addition?
07:49:17ashridahor that IS better? :)
07:49:20 Join rUiSu [0] (
07:49:39Galois8 hours is fine for me, but maybe others differ
07:50:06Galoisthe sad thing it is it could easily be 20 hours if apple would only make the thing twice as thick
07:52:24jnci would feel evil to buy from Apple
08:02:10rUiSuso.. how have you all been doing?
08:03:03jncsleepy ;)
08:03:48rUiSuhow much time do you spend every day developing this software???
08:03:56rUiSu..or firmware...
08:04:10CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:04:10*ashridah pauses his ritual of stabbing caricatures of Sun microsystem's JCE long enough to wave
08:04:43ashridahrUiSu: it varies from developer to developer and how much other work each developer has on
08:06:29VoltAFK"Hold down your shift and 4 keys at the same time. In about a second you will be making $$$ fast."
08:06:46 Nick VoltAFK is now known as VoltageX (
08:06:46DBUGEnqueued KICK VoltageX
08:07:03rUiSu:P thats pretty old yet I had forgot aboutit
08:07:26scorchei ead that somewhere earlier today...
08:12:28jnc read comment 32 ;)
08:14:54VoltageXmidkay: there's a DUMB diff on the tracker (if you're still around)
08:15:32rUiSuok, c ya everybody
08:15:34 Quit rUiSu (" IRcap [8.12] ")
08:16:30jncdoes iAudio X5L versus X5 offer any difference using rockbox fw/
08:44:31 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:45:21 Join RedBreva [0] (
08:46:58VoltageXany devs active?
08:47:29 Join ashridah [0] (
08:47:41VoltageXashridah: are you a dev?
08:47:56 Join JdGordon [0] (
08:48:39 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
08:52:27BHSPitLappyjnc: weird
08:52:57 Join JoeBorn [0] (
08:53:01BHSPitLappyfunny how she mentioned all of the iPod's features as advantages over an iPod :P
08:53:12BHSPitLappyand she got 10GB less than the alternative
09:05:12 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:18:52 Join Farpenoodle [0] (n=solo84@
09:22:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:26:32 Join lostnihilist [0] (
09:26:39 Join JdGordon [0] (
09:27:10 Quit RedBreva (Remote closed the connection)
09:29:00 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
09:33:23 Join mikearthur [0] (
09:41:45 Join RedBreva [0] (
09:44:11 Join solexx [0] (
09:44:21 Join Henshin [0] (
09:45:46 Part Henshin
09:46:47 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
09:49:42 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:50:36VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: would you mind taking a look at a .c file for me?
09:50:43VoltageXI'll pastebin it
09:52:44 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:53:22 Quit solexx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:53:35 Join wehn [0] (
09:55:52JdGordonVoltageX: i can look if you need general help... ?
09:56:56 Part Paul_The_Nerd
09:56:59VoltageXJdGordon: ok, i need to modify it first
10:00:56VoltageX , REALLY long sorry
10:01:19VoltageXerror messages at the bottom
10:02:54 Join pfavr_ [0] (
10:03:05JdGordonu missing a .h or something?
10:04:15VoltageXquite possibly...gimme a min
10:04:27 Quit pfavr_ (Client Quit)
10:07:10VoltageXafaict no
10:08:05 Join dj-fu [0] (
10:11:23JdGordonhave u changed this file?
10:11:38VoltageXJdGordon: no
10:12:22JdGordonwierd... iv just pulled down the latest cvs and im doing a search through the code for he undefined functinos and its not being found at all...
10:13:50HClany luck getting dumb to make..?
10:13:51VoltageXJdGordon: this .c was from a diff, but the diff messes things up
10:14:09JdGordonah, ok that would make sense.. then the diff is fubar
10:14:12VoltageXHCl: we're missing dumb.c
10:14:17JdGordonur definatly missing a file or 2
10:14:22HCljust make a dummy one?
10:14:50VoltageXHCl: possibly, but midkay seemed to think we needed something so RockBox could use DUMB
10:15:10HClwell eventually you need a proper dumb.c
10:15:18HClfor me the more immediate issue was trying to get it to build at all
10:15:26JdGordonwhere is the patch?
10:15:30VoltageXI found a diff from 2005 that implements DUMB as a .rock, but it's shonky as all hell
10:15:31HClsomeone disabled it sometime, but i don't know how.
10:15:58HCli'm actually bored at the moment so i happen to have some spare time
10:16:32HClfrom what i saw in the makefile, we need a dumb.c in codecs, and have that added to the SOURCES
10:16:45VoltageXHCl: I'll get you dumb-plugin.diff
10:16:49HClthen we need to add a dumb.elf line or similar, and add a dependency on $(BUILDDIR)/libdumb.a
10:16:58HClthen the makefile *should* call make libdumb
10:17:03HClthat's how far i got anyways
10:17:14HClit should've called make in dumb but it didn't
10:17:18HCland i had no idea why not
10:17:19HCl :/
10:17:36VoltageXHCl: someone's ahead of you, already implemented fixed point math by the look of it
10:17:51HClsounds as if it's not too hard to get it to work then.
10:18:01VoltageXmath.h compatible implementation of pow(),
10:18:02VoltageXexp(), log() and floor(), based on libmsun from FreeBSD
10:18:03HClit never seemed as much work anyways
10:18:09HClit needed only a few functions
10:18:12VoltageXI'm not having much luck with linebreaks here
10:18:41VoltageXthat should make it easier for you
10:18:59HCllets see if i can check that version out and make it patch cleanly first
10:19:04VoltageXit seems all you'd have to do is un-pluginify dumb.c from that diff
10:19:14HCldoes it patch cleanly?
10:19:30VoltageXHCl: unfortunately...heeeeeeeeeell no!
10:19:57VoltageXit seems to completely fubar plugin.c/h
10:20:32VoltageXbut still, reduces your workload
10:21:11HCllets see if this works..
10:21:25HCltrying to check out 2005-12-01
10:21:26VoltageXHCl: famous last words
10:21:30HCl :P
10:21:34HCloh yes
10:21:44HCli say that a lot when running untested code
10:21:45VoltageXHCl: I'll just add Chemical X to Chemical Y
10:21:46HClfor the first time
10:22:10VoltageXactually, Zn to HCl, then drop a match in
10:22:34VoltageXerr, H2SO4, actually
10:22:52VoltageXmy highschool chemistry fails me
10:23:04HClpatch unexpectedly ends in middle of line...
10:23:18VoltageXHCl: it's not just me then
10:23:37HClit's gzipped twice
10:23:39VoltageXI ended up extracting dumb.c from that diff to muck around with it
10:24:10HClcan't find file to patch..
10:24:29VoltageXHCl: that's only a simulator file, screw that
10:24:49HClthat patched cleanly
10:24:51VoltageXand why am I bothering autocompleting your name when we're the only one's talking
10:25:03VoltageX!!! kekekekeke zomg tracker music
10:25:42HClnow i need to figure out how to unset the -D option....
10:26:58HClcvs update -A
10:27:02CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:27:02*HCl makes a backup first..
10:27:39*HCl has to go back to family again.
10:27:41HClbbl :/
10:27:47JdGordonscrew the family!
10:28:09VoltageXJdGordon: that would be illegal in a lot of countries.
10:31:05dj-fulol, my mrs is addicted to bubble.rockbox.
10:31:09dj-fuI wish I hadn't shown her.
10:31:29HClback >>
10:32:00HCl5 conflicts
10:32:02HClnot too bad
10:32:41VoltageXI'ma bbl too, later all... good luck HCl
10:32:55JdGordon:'( why does everyone add album art to their wps's??
10:33:20VoltageXJdGordon: because they're retarded and like album art.
10:33:47*JdGordon wishes he had _some_ graphical ability...
10:34:13 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
10:36:54*HCl goes to compile >.>
10:37:47 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
10:41:56 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:42:37 Join Rick [0] (
10:44:46 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
10:44:46 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:44:46 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:44:46 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:44:47 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
10:44:47 Quit Kohlrabi (Success)
10:44:47 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
10:44:47 Join carini [0] (n=chatzill@pdpc/supporter/active/carini)
10:44:49 Join Gibbed [0] (
10:44:53 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
10:45:01 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:45:20 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
10:45:21 Quit macdonalder (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:45:27 Join Rob2222 [0] (
10:45:28 Join JdGordon41 [0] (
10:45:30 Join elinenbe [0] (
10:46:56ravonlol, so I'm not the only one struggling with dumb? :D
10:48:59VoltageXravon: I've been fighting with it the whole day. HCl seems to be getting somewhere
10:49:17ravonVoltageX: You got the lib to compile, right?
10:49:25HClit patches cleanly
10:49:29VoltageXravon: no
10:49:30HClit fails to build and link libdumb now
10:49:44HClno, do you know how to get it to compile?
10:49:54VoltageX<insert massively long string of curse words>
10:49:56ravonI compiled the lib separately, so I'm gonna try with the dumb.c file included in the patch.
10:50:28VoltageXravon: if you get it going, can you make a diff?
10:50:34ravonVoltageX: sure
10:50:46ravonVoltageX: For which player are you compiling?
10:51:08VoltageXnice beefy 124mhz processor
10:53:47VoltageXhang on, if ravon got the lib to compile, and HCl's stuck with the lib, couldn't we put it together?
10:54:33ravonI compiled the lib outside of Rockbox with the m68k cross compiler against the Rockbox headers. Not the slightest idea if it'll actually work.
10:55:08VoltageXravon: tell HCl how you got it to compile
10:55:13HCli got the plugin stuff working and all.. just the lib won't compile...
10:57:56ravonbtw, any reason why dumb is a plugin and not a codec?
10:58:43ravonHCl: It really wasn't any magic involved. I configured dumb with their configure script and changed the compiler to my cross compiler in Makefile.rdy
10:58:52ravonAnd added the include path to the Rockbox headers.
10:59:06HClmost codecs were first a plugin in their early stages
10:59:09HCland later made into codes
10:59:30HCli'm trying to compile the original 2005-12-01 version now
10:59:58VoltageXHCl: audio doesn't work in that version :S
11:00:17ravonAh, that's what I did. I copied the Rockbox dumb-files over the CVS-dumb files since the Rockbox ones contained a bunch of changes.
11:00:31ravonTrying to compile the almighty uglyhack version here.
11:00:35HClthis is compiling dumb..
11:00:37HClVoltageX: hmm..?
11:00:57HClVoltageX: what do you mean?
11:01:33VoltageXprepare for multiline paste
11:01:45 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:01:46 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:01:57VoltageXAudio output does not work H300; someone (LinusN)
11:01:58VoltageXon IRC mentioned that the pcm_play_data() API is
11:01:58VoltageXcurrently out of order
11:02:19VoltageXfrom the patch page for that dumb plugin patch
11:02:22 Quit carini[away] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:02:32 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
11:06:45HClin theory
11:06:51HClit should compile in the nowadays rockbox
11:06:58HClprovided i figure out how to enable building of libdumb
11:09:36Paul_The_NerdThat will make some people quite happy
11:09:51VoltageXPaul_The_Nerd: and shut me up
11:10:29VoltageXwell I have to go again, good luck (again) HCl
11:10:30*HCl searches for his cvs login
11:10:39HCli'll commit the libdumb updates first
11:11:45ravonHCl: Could you send me your modified dumb.c?
11:13:53 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:14:58HClmm? i haven't modified it o-o
11:15:20 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
11:15:29ravonHmmmm. Tons upon tons of errors in mine :/
11:15:54 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
11:16:48HCli get a lot of warnings but it compiles
11:16:58HClon the original version anyways
11:17:09HClthe new one won't compile because libdumb won't compile
11:18:49 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:19:19ravonHmmm, ok.
11:19:33ravonOh, God. Gonna have to reindent this entire file.
11:19:36ravonif(f==zero) if(k==0) return zero; else {dk=(double)k;
11:19:51 Part Paul_The_Nerd
11:20:06 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
11:22:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:28:39dj-fudoh, mrs just found Jewels on rockbox
11:28:42dj-funever gonna get it back now
11:29:31ashridahoh. Mrs.
11:29:45ashridahdj-fu: so give her one of the many many pc clones
11:30:03HClravon: it's called astyle
11:30:08dj-fulol, don't have a pc for her to play it on
11:30:17dj-fui will not swap my laptop for my ipod ;p
11:30:35 Join mikolas [0] (
11:30:52wehnoooh goodie! "H300: Optimised PCF50606 driver, significantly reduces CPU power drain"
11:31:19ravonHCl: Unreadable and gave me lots of warnings about ambigous elses :)
11:31:49VoltageXHCl: *pester*
11:32:52 Join SereR0KR [0] (
11:32:58 Join Myth1 [0] (
11:33:10Myth1hi guys
11:34:44Myth1linuxstb: Are you here?
11:35:02mikolasdoes the pcf5606 driver optimization also benefit x5?
11:35:38HClravon: ah.
11:35:45HClVoltageX: afk, bbs :/
11:35:55VoltageXme too ;)
11:37:19 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:38:00 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
11:38:18wehnmikolas: don't know. maybe?
11:39:14 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:40:33 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
11:42:26 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:42:35 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
11:47:25Myth1I have a question: Linuxstb added the sid codec to the patch tracker. If I write a new version, do I have to modify the thread from linuxstb or do I have to create a new task?
11:48:09ashridahan update to his patch, or a new patch completely?
11:48:10midkayMyth1, it depends on how much you change i guess, i'd probably post it in the same thread.
11:48:55dj-fualright, on an ipod nano, how do I boot to original firmware
11:49:36ashridahdj-fu: hold menu
11:49:43ashridah(or something to that effect)
11:49:44dj-fuah ty
11:49:46linuxstbMyth1: You should post it in the same thread - but I'm not sure if the patch tracker will allow you to do it. If that's the case, then start a new thread, and I'll close the first one.
11:51:52 Join Moos [0] (
11:52:01dj-fulooks like i'm gonna have to hax up a .wps
11:52:08dj-futhat snap font is mint but it looks wack with all the included ones
11:52:51Myth1linuxsstb: I'm afraid I can't modify your thread
11:53:12linuxstbMyth1: OK, then just start a new one.
11:53:27Myth1ok, you can then ignore my last mail
11:53:34Avewowee, gapless playback (vorbis) is really something else
11:53:40Myth1I have new improvements available ;)
11:53:47linuxstbTrack length?
11:53:50*daurnimator lobs a holy hand grenade at Myth1 ,8 ,4"Halleluja!" ,8 ,4BoOm
11:53:55Myth1no, not yet (unfortunately)
11:54:08Myth1but the sound quality is far more better than the version from tonight
11:54:20linuxstbJust read your email - that's good news.
11:54:32Myth1and its even faster ;)
11:54:56Myth1you should try the latest version, I'm really satisfied with the quality. the filters sound really nice - and they are all integer calculations ;)
11:56:02Avewhat about subsong selection?
11:56:13dj-fuis there a tut on wps creation?
11:56:21Avedj-fu: yes on the wiki
11:56:43linuxstbAve: That won't be possible without changes to the core Rockbox playback engine. Codecs themselves don't interact with the user.
11:57:50Aveyes, I was hopinh myth1 had some trick up his sleeve
11:58:48 Join obo [0] (
11:58:50Myth1unfortunately not :(
11:58:52 Quit mikolas (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:59:42dj-fuis there some way I can simulate rockbox, so I don't have to copy and unplug et all the time to test ou a theme?
11:59:58Aveyes, use the simulator included? but you need sources I think
12:00:03Avethe wiki has section on that too
12:00:46VoltageXHCl: you still afk?\
12:00:48Myth1mmh, I have problems with generating the cvs diff. I did "export CVSROOT=~sinsch/src", copied the rockbox folder to ~sinsch/src/CVSROOT and then did a cvs diff >mypatch.diff, however it did not detect my changes in the sid codec
12:00:50dj-fusweet, i'll take a look
12:02:27 Join ender1 [0] (i=ychat@
12:02:50Myth1btw: Is it possible to get a cvs account (limited to my codec), once the feature freeze is resolved?
12:06:27linuxstbMyth1: You shouldn't change CVSROOT.
12:06:43dj-fudoh, is it just me or do neither of the wps wikis' say how to specify a font
12:06:44linuxstbDoing "cvs diff > mypatch.diff" will not pick up sid.c - because it isn't in CVS.
12:06:54HClVoltageX: sorta.
12:06:57dj-fucancel that, i'm stupid
12:07:31 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:07:34Myth1linuxstb: Ah ok, so that was for the "diff /dev/null apps/codec/sid.c" thingy.
12:07:40linuxstbMyth1: You should also do "cvs diff -u3 > mypatch.diff" - to create a diff in "unified" format. That's the preferred format for Rockbox patches.
12:07:51Myth1sorry, for beeing so dumb :/(
12:08:01wehndj-fu, you can make a config with only the font in it, and bundle with WPS
12:08:06HClVoltageX: sup?
12:08:18 Join Rick [0] (
12:08:52VoltageXHCl: any luck with libdumb?
12:09:43linuxstbMyth1: Assuming you checked out the "rockbox" module from CVS, I think you just need to type "cd rockbox/ ; cvs diff -u3 > sid_v2.diff ; diff -u3 /dev/null apps/codecs/sid.c >> sid_v2.diff".
12:10:37linuxstbYou can then test that patch on a clean copy of the source from CVS, and see if it works.
12:11:21Myth1linuxstb: It required me to export CVSROOT, or specify cvs -d option. So I exportet the CVSROOT varaiable
12:11:33HClVoltageX: not really, i still don't know how to make it compile libdumb
12:11:34Myth1I think I got it to work
12:11:50HCland i'm stuck there so far
12:11:53VoltageXdidn't ravon manage it?
12:12:07HClsomeone who knows about makefiles must help add it.
12:12:11ravonVoltageX: Trying to get dump.c to compile with the m68k compiler.
12:12:13HClalso i'm working on crappy equipment
12:12:16HCllaptop keeps dying
12:12:18linuxstbMyth1: Are you working in a copy of the source you have previously checked out from CVS, or a .tar.bz2 archive you downloaded?
12:12:21HClfamily wants to shove me out of the door
12:12:26HCland in general i'm fairly stressed
12:12:57VoltageXHCl: ok, seriously, I know I go on about it but don't worry too much about DUMB
12:13:05Myth1linuxstb: I checked the source out as described on the rockbox cvs page
12:13:06HClnah, i want it to work
12:13:11HCli just don't know these makefiles.
12:13:35HCli need to be less stressed before i can look at it normally
12:13:58VoltageXwhere's lostlogic when we need him
12:14:02linuxstbMyth1: In the directory where you are typing "cvs diff", do you have a "CVS" subdirectory (and apps/, firmware/, tools/ etc) ?
12:14:57dj-fuyea, found it, it's *.cfg under themes/
12:15:04linuxstbHCl: Are you trying to use libdumb in a plugin or a codec?
12:16:01HClbut either way
12:16:04HCli need it built.
12:16:13HClat the moment it won't build libdumb at all.
12:17:30linuxstbYou should try adding it as a dependency to one of the existing codecs - e.g. mpa.c
12:17:43HClyea, that was what i was about to do
12:17:44HCl :p
12:17:56HCljust as we speak :
12:18:03linuxstbmpa.elf to be precise...
12:20:00HClno idea why adding my dumb.c and adding it there didn't though
12:21:17linuxstbDid you add dumb.c to the apps/codecs/SOURCES file?
12:21:39HCloh, i suddenly get a compile error in the plugin
12:21:49HClit was making dumb.c but ignoring its dependency
12:23:19HClah, this should be easy to fix
12:24:12 Quit Gibbed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:24:34HClor not o-o.
12:24:38HClwho can tell me about pcm_play_data
12:24:46ravonhaha, just struggled with that :D
12:24:54 Join mikolas [0] (
12:25:14ravonGot pissed off and changed it to:
12:25:15ravondumb_get_more_pcm(&buf, &size);
12:25:15ravon rb->pcm_play_data(NULL, buf, size);
12:25:43linuxstbI think pcm_play_data requires a callback function to provide more PCM data to the audio driver.
12:26:40 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
12:26:41linuxstbrockboy and doom are two plugins that use sound. kkurbjun also made a midi-player plugin which I think is on the patch tracker. That also has sound output.
12:26:52HCli saw..
12:26:54linuxstbBut I've never done it myself, so can't help.
12:26:56HClthey just pass NULL and 0
12:27:01linuxstbAh, OK then.
12:27:04HClso i'll just add that.
12:27:30VoltageXthat midi player doesn't work :P
12:28:50HCli can't test here at the moment.
12:29:04HClwhat do you want me to compile it for voltage? h300?
12:30:41 Join JW [0] (
12:31:18HClyou'll have to test it
12:31:20JWWhen a patch is 'synced to cvs' does that mean it's useless to apply it?
12:31:39VoltageXHCl: gladly test it
12:31:40HCli'd say it means it was updated to patch cleanly against new cvs
12:32:33JWHCl: ah, k. That makes sense indeed.
12:34:25dj-fui just crashed Doom and now it won't reboot
12:34:28dj-fu(ipod) any ideas?
12:35:52dj-fufuck, I'm such an idiot. had Hold on.
12:36:22dj-fuI was thinking "shit I hope I didn't break it"
12:36:38midkayluckily, you can't!
12:36:44HClhcl@titania:~/rockbox-dumb/rockbox/iriverh300$ make zip
12:36:45HCl :)
12:36:53VoltageXipods don't need any help to break
12:37:02VoltageXafk for a sec
12:37:29*HCl thinks he knows what the extra arguments are for
12:37:34HClinitial buffer
12:37:35HCl :)
12:38:40Myth1the new sid codec is online:
12:38:40 Quit ender1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:38:41 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
12:39:16HClVoltageX: try that.
12:42:07 Join XavierGr [0] (
12:43:11Myth1buy guys
12:43:16 Quit Myth1 ("... und tschüß")
12:44:42 Join whitewiz [0] (
12:44:47 Quit whitewiz (Remote closed the connection)
12:44:57 Join whitewiz [0] (
12:45:17ravonManaged to get it to compile, but objcopy generates a 0-byte .rock-file :/
12:45:27*HCl looks at his .rock
12:45:49HClyou're right
12:45:49HCl :/
12:46:56 Quit mikolas (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:48:12 Join Farpnut [0] (n=solo84@
12:48:15 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
12:48:25 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:48:56 Join marevalo [0] (
12:51:44HCli'll make a patch against current cvs of what i have and put it on my ftp
12:51:48HCli have to go
12:52:10 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:52:36 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:53:19 Nick stoffel_ is now known as stoffel (
12:56:58JW has 4 attachments, which one is to be applied?
12:57:11 Join damaki [0] (
12:57:33 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
12:57:52JWHCl: congratiolations with the resultst of your university on the programmers match.
12:58:05HClnot my university anymore, but thanks :o
12:58:11HClthough i still live on the campus
12:58:43preglowmidkay: yes?
12:59:10JWand use it's servers :-P (or DNS at least)
12:59:15 Join stoffel_ [0] (
12:59:42midkaypreglow, oh, um.. i came up with a solution to the pitch screen a few days ago.
12:59:50*XavierGr drools over his new contest ackuired iHP-115 :)
13:00:25midkaypitch_up = +0.1%; pitch_up|button_repeat = +2%; then the left/right operation of +/- 2% quick-flipping.
13:00:27XavierGrthis unit ticks too
13:00:41preglowmidkay: ahh, didn't notice
13:00:48HClJW: yup :P and its connection
13:00:53midkaypreglow, i didn't do it yet.
13:01:00XavierGr4 H100 remotes an H140, H115 and H340 and all remotes tick (exception on H340 with amiconn fix)
13:01:07midkayjust an idea.. which i will work on soon.
13:01:13preglowmidkay: basically sounds good, yes
13:01:31XavierGrHCl: The slight ticking sound that an H100 remote makes on screen refresh.
13:01:41midkaypreglow, cool.
13:05:58linuxstbpreglow: Tried the latest version of the SID codec?
13:06:23preglowlinuxstb: nah
13:06:29preglowjust got up after sleeping for a zillion hours
13:06:40preglowreading the patch as we speak
13:09:47 Quit Farpenoodle (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:10:22 Quit Farpnut (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:11:17 Join TeaSea [0] (
13:11:49preglowthe filter has waaay too large a cutoff
13:12:23 Quit stoffel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:13:10 Nick stoffel_ is now known as stoffel (
13:13:15 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:14:02preglowbut that can be fixed by tuning, i expect
13:14:07preglowit really should be a setting :>
13:14:33 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:17:15preglowthe filter seems to sit well with 8580 based tracks, though
13:18:46preglowtrack transitions are even more lagged than before now :/
13:20:01linuxstbThe code in sid.c that loads the SID file into the codec's buffer is very slow - I've just rewritten it, and will send it to Rainer.
13:20:04 Quit whitewiz ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
13:20:37preglowmetadata.c, you mean?
13:20:45linuxstbNo, I mean sid.c
13:20:52linuxstbI haven't really looked at metadata.c
13:21:25preglowsid.c loads files??
13:21:28preglowahh, right
13:21:40linuxstbJust the copying from the audio buffer to the local buffer.
13:21:45webmindhmm, my rockbox sometimes loses it settings after a restart (especially after a crash) is there anyway to backup these?
13:21:52preglowfortunately for me, the filter sounds almost exactly right on all of goto80's stuff
13:22:36 Join damaki [0] (
13:22:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:23:34 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
13:24:03 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/external/x-c010d96d717e9f38)
13:24:50preglowsome tunes are too slow
13:26:02linuxstbIs that the PAL/NTSC timing issue?
13:26:15preglowno, the factor is far too large
13:29:10preglowfilter sounds decent enough, but it totally ruins some tracks
13:29:21preglowbut that's an old problem in the sid world anyway, and applies even to real c64s
13:32:29VoltageXHCl: you still here?
13:34:55 Join powr-toc [0] (
13:37:10wehnwebmind: menu -> manage settings -> write .cfg file.
13:37:44 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:38:07 Quit filoktetes (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:38:43 Quit criminy ("leaving")
13:41:46 Join mikearthur [0] (
13:43:05 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
13:43:30 Join mikearthur [0] (
13:55:00 Join qwm [0] (
13:55:11 Join lee-qid_ [0] (
14:03:37 Quit pussfeller (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:04:19 Quit qwm_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:06:08VoltageXthere was no dumb plugin/codec in that zip HCl posted
14:07:52 Join swampcow [0] (
14:08:22ashridahcould explain why the .rock was empty? :)
14:08:39VoltageX:( :( :( :( :(
14:08:48VoltageXand now HCl is not here
14:09:06VoltageXand I'm not allowed to stay up to 3am...
14:11:34 Join cismo [0] (
14:11:35 Join eper [0] (
14:12:42*ashridah points and laughs
14:16:08 Quit wehn ()
14:18:26 Quit stoffel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:18:39 Join pussfeller [0] (
14:23:22 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:24:17 Join qwm_ [0] (
14:25:32 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
14:26:58preglowlinuxstb: there are also some other floating point code left in it
14:34:40 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:35:50 Quit ashridah (Excess Flood)
14:36:17 Join ashridah [0] (
14:36:27VoltageXpreglow: does floating point math get emulated or cause crashes?
14:38:08ashridahemulation would be horribly horribly slow
14:38:21ashridahso much so that it may as well crash :)
14:38:27 Join stoffel [0] (
14:39:07linuxstbFloating point is just done in software - which is slow.
14:40:16preglowlinuxstb: just init time, though
14:42:23VoltageXlinuxstb: is that why rockdoom takes a long time to start?
14:43:03linuxstbBecause it does stuff... You'll need to ask kkurbjun about it.
14:44:30 Join qwm [0] (
14:45:14 Quit quobl ("Leaving")
14:50:32BHSPitLappy2linuxstb: I still get stuck in sudoku...
14:51:01 Join solexx_ [0] (
14:51:18BHSPitLappy2I'll hit "Menu" and it'll show the text input screen, and MENU again outputs "Save Failed" (this is a "New" Puzzle)
14:51:55 Join desheh [0] (
14:51:58deshehhey there
14:52:08deshehcan any1 help me with the iAudio port?
14:52:23deshehI seem to have difficulties with it...
14:52:58*lostlogic points linuxstb and preglow (and any other devs) to <−− interested in comments on the doesn't work right yet metadata-on-buffer patch. 2 files changed, 718 insertions(+), 680 deletions(-)
14:53:03deshehevery time I try to play I file it tells me:
14:53:17deshehI04: IllInstr
14:54:00Moosdesheh: which build using? cause the current playback isn't full of stability
14:54:15*Moos point to lostlogic :p
14:54:19Moos: )*
14:54:24deshehthe latest one
14:54:29 Quit qwm_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:54:29deshehjust d/led it
14:54:47lostlogicif you're getting that on every file, it ain't me.
14:54:57Moosdesheh: did you folow all the installation steps?
14:56:07 Quit solexx_ (Remote closed the connection)
14:56:10 Join solexx_ [0] (
14:56:29deshehI believe so
14:57:03Moosdo you have fresh .rockbox dir with the iaudio.rockbox files?
14:57:51deshehthat's weird
14:57:59deshehnow it suddenly plays..
14:58:15lostlogicwere the files that broke DRMd or something weird
14:58:25preglowlostlogic: any chance of improving the latency when skipping files? it almost seems like the entire pcm buffer has to empty before the new track starts
14:58:44preglowlostlogic: ideally the remaining pcm buffer should be flushed when skipping tracks, imho
14:58:47 Nick VoltageX is now known as VoltAsleep (
14:58:47DBUGEnqueued KICK VoltAsleep
14:58:52lostlogicpreglow: skips that require disk buffering or skips that don't?
14:58:59preglowlostlogic: skips that do
14:59:12preglowskips that don't work right, i think
14:59:23lostlogicpreglow: on nano? Hmm... on hdd players, that time is just disk spin time any way...
14:59:43preglowi still think audio should stop at once when you skip
14:59:48preglowit feels much more responsive
14:59:56deshehhow can I get hebew ID3 tags working?
15:00:07lostlogicyeah, that can be done, either once I'm done with or once I give up on metadata on buffer.
15:00:48preglowi can't trigger it very easily now
15:01:46preglowseems it's pretty random
15:01:54preglowdepends on pcm buffer level
15:02:15Moosouch wrong windows :/
15:02:22lostlogicso sometimes the audio keeps playing until the pcm buffer goes empty, but others it shuts up immedaitely on skip press, and not relating to codec buffer levels?
15:02:32preglowseems like it
15:02:38deshehdoes any1 know how can I get hebew ID3 tags working?
15:02:41Moosdesheh: chech the codepage id3, set it to hebrew
15:02:49deshehset what, the font?
15:02:53preglowlostlogic: it seems to trigger more when i switch codecs
15:03:00deshehI did, and I cashed the id3
15:03:06deshehstill jibberish
15:03:11Moosdeshe no, the option
15:03:16Moosthe setting
15:03:31deshehwhere is it?
15:03:33deshehin what menu?
15:03:45preglowlostlogic: btw, isn't metadata in buffer more of a 3.1 feature? sounds like a surefire way to introduce more bugs to me
15:03:59lostlogicpreglow: right now, I do not deliberately clear teh pcm buffer for any skips, I can add that.
15:04:25Moosdesheh: display/default codepage
15:04:33Moosset to hebrew
15:04:42deshehthanks alot! :D
15:04:46preglowlostlogic: i'll have a look at the patch anyway
15:04:51dj-fuso who do I need to shag to get non-skippy ipod playback ;]
15:04:57preglowlostlogic: though i don't expect to understand much of it :>
15:04:59Moosdesheh: no problem
15:05:32lostlogicpreglow: I'm torn on the subject. metadata on buffer will help to solve some bugs which (imo) should be in before 3.0 (seeking from the last few seconds of a track mainly), and it's the 'right way' to handle it, IMO, but yes, now that I got into it and the diff got that large, I am thinking that it might be best left out for now, and leave seeking from the last pcmbuf secs of the buffer broken.
15:06:44 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:07:14deshehthanks guys!
15:07:16 Quit desheh ()
15:07:42lostlogicdj-fu: probably you jus tneed to turn off eq, crossfeed, and replay gain and peekmeter
15:08:04dj-fuI don't have any of those things turned on, unless it comes default with em turned on
15:08:06linuxstblostlogic: I'll look at your patch now, but I'm not intimate with the metadata handling.
15:08:48lostlogiclinuxstb: You and preglow seem to be the only folks around other than Slasheri and myself who will even take a peek into playback.c, so I figured I'd poke you in particular :)
15:09:22Mooshehe : )
15:09:34MoosLear could help too on those stuff
15:09:45lostlogicMoos: aye, but he's not around as much :(
15:09:47Moosbut not around
15:09:55Moosnope :(
15:10:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:10:01*linuxstb is wondering why people are getting random crashes on their 4g ipods. Mine is working very nicely...
15:10:50linuxstblostlogic: What does your metadata patch do with the metadata for the current track? Does it copy it to a static buffer?
15:11:12linuxstblostlogic: Forget that - I see the code now.
15:11:26preglowlostlogic: if you think you can cope, i'm not really against you adding metadata on buffer for 3.0, but it's more or less entirely up to you to handle whatever bugs come our way
15:11:37lostlogiclinuxstb: I have cur_track and cur_id3 to facilitate 'clean' gapless transitions
15:12:29lostlogicpreglow: understood, I'll see how it goes, as I said, track transitions are completely effed so far, but at least I fixed id3 tags once I realized that the char*s in mp3entry all need offset adjustment when an mp3entry was moved about.
15:13:09preglowlostlogic: i'd truly like to see good track transitions, that's fore sure
15:13:16preglowfor too
15:15:01linuxstblostlogic: I'm confused by this sentence on your SoftwareCodecPlayback page: "Some codecs seem to return an error if they are told that there's no more buffer by the playback code."
15:15:15linuxstbHow do you expect the codec to react?
15:15:32dj-fulostlogic, how can I check if I have those things turned on
15:15:33 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:15:33 Join shadou [0] (
15:15:36 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:16:04lostlogiclinuxstb: if it requests data and gets none, it should break its decoding loop, but not return error, so that it does a request next track, and can be restarted on the next track without having to reload the codec.
15:16:25shadousorry, must have pung out
15:16:47shadoulostlogic, how can I check if I have eq, crossfeed, replaygain and peekmeter turned on?
15:16:49shadouor go about turning them off
15:16:55lostlogicshadou: you dj-fu? they are in the audio settings menu... and the peekmeter would show up on your WPS.
15:17:06shadouyes, I'm dj-fu
15:17:09lostlogicdo all songsg gap? what codec? Anything else you are doing when the songs are droppign out?
15:17:24shadounothing at all, just randomly when it's in my pocket there's like a 1sec silence
15:17:29preglowlinuxstb: any thoughts on how to fix the libmad issue?
15:17:31 Nick shadou is now known as dj-fu (
15:17:39dj-fuand um, mp3
15:17:59linuxstblostlogic: OK, that makes sense. So that applies to all errors - if there is a problem decoding the current track, the codec shouldn't return, but should instead break out of the decoding loop, and check for ci->request_next_track() ?
15:18:44 Join stoffel_ [0] (
15:18:48linuxstbpreglow: Which issue is this? The padding bytes needed for the last frame?
15:20:01dj-futurned eq off, testing now
15:22:16 Join webguest67 [0] (
15:22:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:22:55preglowwhat are the stereo narrow/stereo wide options mentioned in the channel config part of the manual?
15:22:57preglowis it outdated info?
15:23:35 Quit webguest67 (Client Quit)
15:25:07Moospreglow: you remind me, always wondered one thing, is theoricly possible to make the sound option of archoses in software way?
15:25:19linuxstbpreglow: The simpliest solution may just be to make playback.c pad loaded mpeg files with the required number of zeros - as the bug reported suggested. But this doesn't feel clean - as it's a libmad-specific issue, so should be handled inside mpa.c
15:25:24MoosI guess those things are natively hardware, right?
15:25:51preglowMoos: i think they are now
15:25:53dj-fuwell, turning off Eq seems to have worked, ta lostlogic
15:25:59preglowMoos: except mdb, which i also plan to support one day
15:26:16dj-fualthough I'd love to have an Eq and skipless playback, so hop to it aight
15:26:26 Join J1 [0] (
15:26:56Moospreglow: I thought to MDB, loudness, super bass... for devices like iaudio (with no hardware support for basses) for exemple, that could be great
15:27:33MoosI love the sound option of Ondios
15:27:47preglowwe'll get them
15:27:59*goffa_ yawns
15:28:09preglowi've been experimenting with mdb lately
15:28:12Moospreglow: great
15:28:13goffa_7:30 am is too early to be at work .. at least for me today
15:28:14preglowthat is, something that at least resembles it
15:28:22 Join punkrockguy318 [0] (
15:28:46Moosfound something interesting?
15:29:01dj-futhis zazaney theme or w/ever is nice
15:29:08 Join Rondom [0] (n=Rondom@
15:29:21 Quit stoffel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:31:07 Quit JW (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:31:22 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:33:10preglowlinuxstb: what if we just tell libmad it's got a few more bytes than it actually gets when we pass it the last buffer? afaik, there's always some guard space at the end of the mp3 buffer, so we should be ok in just letting it read whatever garbage is there
15:34:24preglowassuming it actually doesn't care if sees garbage, of course...
15:34:26linuxstbI was wondering whether it can be random data, or whether it should be (e.g.) zeros.
15:34:27preglowif it
15:34:43lostlogicpreglow: if it doesn't care what's there that should be fine
15:35:06linuxstbBut yes - if it doesn't care about the contents of those extra bytes, just always add that MAD guard value to "size" when decoding a frame.
15:35:07lostlogicthere's plenty of space that's 'read safe' at the end of the filebuf even after the official guard buf
15:35:27linuxstbBut even if it was not, there is always some kind of memory after the audio buffer.
15:35:47linuxstbThat's what you meant.....
15:35:50lostlogiclinuxstb: and yes, any error that the next_track: label will be able to recover from should not return
15:36:04linuxstbDo you want me to start changing some codecs to do that?
15:36:05preglowbut yeah, we need to find out if it vomits if it sees garbage
15:36:07preglowi'll have a look
15:36:31lostlogiclinuxstb: it would improve the user experience to do so.
15:36:49dj-fuis there anywhere to set an ipod to sleep (i.e; not wait for the timeout)
15:37:00lostlogicdj-fu: hold play to 'turn it off'
15:37:17dj-futy man
15:37:23dj-fubeen heaps of help tonight ;)
15:37:37preglowgangsta would be busting a cap in it
15:37:37linuxstblostlogic: For example, in flac.c, I think we just need to move the exit: label so that it is above the if(ci->request_next_track()) test.
15:37:40preglownot pressing it gently
15:38:07linuxstblostlogic: Will the playback code be happy if a codec just aborts decoding a track in the middle?
15:38:16lostlogiclinuxstb: yes.
15:38:34lostlogiclinuxstb: the only place I'm concerned about just moving the exit label is codecs which have an exit condition _above_ the next_track label.
15:38:50linuxstbFor example?
15:39:38dj-fugood to see such haxors working on a very well deserving project, rockbox kicks arse
15:39:41lostlogicI swear I saw one when I was looking at this last time.
15:40:15lostlogichmm... maybe it's a much easier change than I thought.
15:40:26 Join qwm_ [0] (
15:41:48dj-fui donated 5 bucks to the cause
15:41:51 Nick carini is now known as carini[away] (n=chatzill@pdpc/supporter/active/carini)
15:41:54dj-fucause i'm poor, it's all i had in my pp
15:42:47 Nick carini[away] is now known as carini (
15:42:51lostlogicrockbox thanks you... although the swedes have been rather scarce lately :-P
15:43:43 Nick carini is now known as carini[away] (n=chatzill@pdpc/supporter/active/carini)
15:43:46*goffa_ thinks he scared the swedes off with his request :)
15:43:50 Nick carini[away] is now known as carini (n=chatzill@pdpc/supporter/active/carini)
15:44:25preglowlinuxstb: madplay seems to pad with zeroes :/
15:44:55 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
15:45:28goffa_having a hard time convincing them it'd be a good idea
15:47:25preglow /* check that a valid frame header follows this frame */
15:47:35preglowthen i wonder how they can get away with padding with zeroes
15:47:49goffa_i guess paul is from philly, so i can't blame it on the swedes... and linus, maybe he was just trying to understand, but he didn't seem thrilled with the idea
15:48:13 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
15:48:22preglowgoffa_: what request+
15:48:27DJ_Dooms_DayHiya, can anyone answer a quick question for me?
15:49:47DJ_Dooms_Dayanyone here?
15:49:56lostlogicdj-fu: dont' ask to ask, just ask.
15:49:56 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:50:01lostlogicer DJ_Dooms_Day
15:50:04DJ_Dooms_DayIs there a text viewer on the rockbox 3xx builds yet?
15:50:13linuxstbYes, there always has been.
15:50:35DJ_Dooms_DayRock on, where can i find it? plugin browser?
15:50:55linuxstbNo, it's a "viewer" - you just "play" the text file in the file browser.
15:51:30DJ_Dooms_Dayoh nifty. Any limitations? Ala does it have trouble loading large text files?
15:51:47goffa_to them it seems like it only saves 1-2 clicks... but adding songs is something i do often enough that that adds up... and accidentally hitting the nav button twice happens a lot too
15:52:14goffa_so to me loading a playlist happens quite often after that, and that's not just 1-2 clicks.. plus its annoying
15:53:24linuxstbDJ_Dooms_Day: I don't know for sure, but I would be surprised if there were any limitations - that wouldn't be the Rockbox way.
15:53:36lostlogicgoffa_: can't you just stop playback, and select the file to play?
15:54:10goffa_well when you select a file, it queues all of the files in the dir.. and that erases your playlist
15:54:26goffa_so, while the first song is right, you have to reload your playlist afterwards
15:54:37lostlogicman, people sure do use their players differently than I do.
15:55:14goffa_i'd like to just go into the browser, pick a file, and have it inserted before the next song
15:55:27goffa_would save a lot of clicking around when i acidentally bump the nav button twice
15:55:29DJ_Dooms_Daythats what i would think linuxstb, but i just tryed it and made it freeze haha. I love unstable builds :P
15:55:29Galoisthe ipod has both a right button and a select button
15:55:44Galoisright now these both do the same thing. One solution would be to make them to different things.
15:55:45 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
15:56:03Galoisthen goffa_ could have his way and Paul/lostlogic/I could have our way
15:56:06ravonoooh, Zeta as in BeOS?
15:56:17goffa_Galois: that would help
15:56:18Galoiser, do different things
15:56:23linuxstbDJ_Dooms_Day: If you can reliably crash Rockbox, then post a bug report. There shouldn't be any instability with the text viewer at the moment.
15:56:40goffa_i'd hope that the depress of the nav button would queue and play the file...
15:56:52goffa_but i still like the idea of making it user configurable
15:57:09DJ_Dooms_Daywell whats the NAV button do in the text viewer?
15:57:15GaloisI think goffa_'s usage pattern is ridiculous and there would be rioting on the streets if it were made default
15:57:45linuxstbDJ_Dooms_Day: Check the manual:
15:59:02Galoisalso, doesn't party mode already change the player so that queue is the default?
16:01:15goffa_Galois: i think it would to
16:01:16preglowwe should also fix the fact that mp3 seeking breaks gapless
16:01:25lostlogicpreglow: why does it?
16:01:34goffa_that's why a toggle would be good
16:01:46 Nick J1 is now known as JW (
16:02:26preglowlostlogic: because some time/sample tracking variables aren't calculated correctly, i guess
16:03:00preglowi guess the fact that mp3 seek tables leave no room for knowing where you're really jumping doesn't help
16:03:04linuxstbIsn't it impossible to calculate the sample tracking variable after a seek?
16:03:11preglowyes, exactly
16:03:13 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ("Trillian (")
16:03:21preglowbut still
16:03:28linuxstbSo do we know how many PCM samples we need to drop at the end of the file?
16:03:37lostlogicso that's a codec problem... because the playback code just gets the sample/time tracking from the codec's reports?
16:03:39preglowbut not how many are left
16:03:51linuxstbSo we would need to buffer them, and then drop them when the file is finished decoding...
16:03:51preglowso we don't know when to start cutting
16:04:09goffa_Galois: party mode queues files last
16:04:10linuxstbIs there an upper limit?
16:04:15goffa_doesnt queue, then play
16:04:19preglowlinuxstb: yeah, well above a frame's worth
16:04:24 Quit dj-fu (Remote closed the connection)
16:04:27goffa_in other words i don't want to lose current playlist
16:04:54goffa_if you hit the navi button twice that's what happens
16:05:24linuxstbpreglow: Are they decoded into IRAM at the moment?
16:06:12preglowlinuxstb: the frames? yes
16:06:37GaloisI always found it highly nonintuitive that play returns to WPS while select enters a new song
16:06:55mikearthurI agre
16:06:57Galoisif these two were switched, then the "hit the navi button twice" problem would go away
16:07:19Galoisselect kind of sort of makes sense to enter a new song, but play makes a lot more sense
16:07:35mikearthuralso, it would be handy if pressing the menu button, whilst in the menu, returned you to the WPS
16:08:00Galoismenu does return to WPS from the menu, but not from the file browser
16:08:28mikearthurnot on mine
16:08:31mikearthurit takes one step back
16:08:47Galoiseventually it returns, after it hits the root
16:08:57mikearthurbut it would be nice if it went straight back
16:09:21Galoismikearthur, I see your point, there's already a perfectly good way to take one step back (left button) so menu should go back to WPS
16:09:22mikearthurbecause stop and the menu button have the same function when in the menu
16:09:32goffa_Galois: play is fine... but erasing the playlist is ... odd
16:09:35goffa_to me anyway
16:09:38mikearthurso yeh, left does it too
16:09:40goffa_or creating a new playlist
16:09:43 Join dpassen2 [0] (
16:09:44goffa_depending on what you want to say
16:09:45linuxstbpreglow: Do you know how common it is for the number of samples to be dropped to be more than the length of the last frame? Why would an encoder add an entire frame which is not needed?
16:09:47mikearthurso there are 3 ways to do the same function :s
16:09:59punkrockguy318rockbox is good :) it got me to relearn C
16:10:26Galoisgoffa_ I agree that erasing the playlist with two select presses is bad. It should at the very least take two presses of two different buttons to erase the playlist
16:10:43 Join herz42_ [0] (
16:11:06Galoisthat way there's no efficiency loss for people who want to play new songs, and a big gain for people prone to accidents
16:11:40mikearthurwho is "in charge" of the HCI of rockbox
16:12:18preglowlinuxstb: i don't know, but i thought exactly that about the skip amount at the start of a file as well, and i had to fix that to support more than one frame
16:13:06preglowmpa.c still crashes when changing tracks
16:13:09preglowin a memset, of all things
16:13:13preglowon amd64 sim, that is
16:14:36linuxstbI can sort-of understand why the startup of the codec may need some extra frames (frames depend on the content of the bit reservoirs in earlier frames). But not the end.
16:14:40goffa_Galois: I agree
16:14:58preglowlinuxstb: still doesn't change the fact that higher numbers are allowed
16:15:06preglowwe might just not support that, of course
16:15:07preglowbut anyway
16:15:12linuxstbLet's just drop mp3 support...
16:15:13preglowcan we detect if we're at the last frame?
16:15:17 Join infamis [0] (
16:15:21muesli__kkurbjun just started doom since several weeks..its stunning fast :D
16:15:28goffa_linuxstb: no one will notice :P
16:16:18linuxstbpreglow: I think so - after we've decoded it, and libmad has told us how many bytes of compressed data were consumed.
16:16:29infamismanana mi gente
16:17:08goffa_Galois: do you think it would be that much code to have a menu in general settings -> playback that would have default action for right and navi button?
16:17:13goffa_so you could set them however you want
16:17:31goffa_with one of the options being queue next and play
16:17:37goffa_or insert next and play
16:17:44goffa_that seems to be the biggest argument against
16:17:48Galoisyes, too much code. It should be a compile time option. But rockbox devs for some reason are violently opposed to compile time configuration
16:17:49goffa_is the amount of code
16:17:54Galoismust be that anti-linux blood running through them
16:18:04goffa_he he he
16:18:28linuxstbGalois: Most of the devs use Linux on their desktops. We're just in favour of keeping things simple.
16:18:42goffa_seems to me like that would replace party mode too
16:18:59preglowlinuxstb: how will that differ? a partial frame will be just as big as a complete frame
16:18:59goffa_because you could set the action to queue last... OR queue next
16:19:47goffa_the patch was like 16k in the original non-working release
16:20:04 Quit brendan_ ("Leaving")
16:20:49linuxstbpreglow: What information does the lame header give us? Is it the number of samples to drop at the start and the end, or the total number of samples to drop at the start, and the total length?
16:21:51goffa_the original firmware for iaudio had a shuffle depth... like current dir, or entire playlist... rockbox doesn't work that way, and i don't see how that could be implemented
16:22:03goffa_other than changing default action for buttons
16:22:23preglowlinuxstb: samples to skip at start, and samples to skip at end
16:23:10linuxstbIs that ci->id3->tail_trim ?
16:24:47JdGordon41wee :D crashed the sim..
16:24:50*JdGordon41 kicks ass :D
16:27:02punkrockguy318Hmm... button_status() doesn't work with the scroll wheel...
16:28:31linuxstbpunkrockguy318: No. Because the clickwheel events don't have press/release events.
16:29:20punkrockguy318linuxstb: So i assume there's a bug in the sim.. scrolling works fine with button_status() in the simulator
16:29:51linuxstbYes - the sim shouldn't put the scroll events in button_status()
16:30:02punkrockguy318alright.. i filed a bug earlier
16:30:14punkrockguy318 if you want to comment
16:30:49herz42_but then the question is how to simulate a scroll wheel with discrete positions to touch...
16:31:13punkrockguy318herz42_: i believe that's supported in the kernel, but needs to be added to the api
16:31:32herz42_ok, scrolling action could be simulated, but not the absolute position reading
16:31:54Galoisgoffa_: luckily, as linuxstb said, rockbox makes it really simple to change this. If you swap TREE_RUN* and TREE_WPS* in apps/tree.h then the select and play behavior get swapped. I just did it for my own ipod.
16:31:57herz42_(I#m not sure if/which plugins make use of this)
16:32:01linuxstbherz42_: Yes, that's going to be tricky.
16:32:01punkrockguy318herz42_: i remember someone saying that positions were supported in the kernel
16:32:19GaloisI think I'm going to keep them swapped, it already feels easier to use than before
16:32:20linuxstbpunkrockguy318: It's not supported in CVS, but there's a patch on the patch tracker.
16:32:38punkrockguy318linuxstb: oh alright.. rockboy would definitely make good use of that
16:33:38goffa_Galois: i'll have to look into that
16:33:40linuxstbI'm sure something similar to that patch will be added to CVS - but I think most devs are concentrating on the 3.0 release. i.e. nothing ipod-specific.
16:33:44goffa_i'm not too sure how to compile
16:33:49goffa_but i'll do some research
16:33:53goffa_thanks for the tip
16:35:14herz42_has anybody started investigating serial communication on ipods yet?
16:35:30herz42_together with rockbox I mean
16:35:40linuxstbherz42_: I don't think even the IPL people have investigated yet for the 4g and above.
16:36:16herz42_linuxstb: wasn't it supposed to be 'compatible' somehow?
16:36:27linuxstbherz42_: What do you mean by "it" ?
16:36:50 Quit dpassen2 ("CGI:IRC")
16:36:52herz42_linuxstb: the serial protocol with its data format / cmd structure
16:37:09linuxstbYes, I think so. But there is no low-level serial port driver for the PP5020. Only the PP5002.
16:37:46herz42_ohh, then that might make things difficult :(
16:39:09herz42_I was recently noticing, that audio playback doesn't work through the line out of the universal dock. So there seems to be some handshaking necessary...
16:39:19 Quit infamis ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:39:45mikearthurdoes the rockbox.iriverfile store all the settings?
16:39:53linuxstbWhat is the "universal dock" ? It works with my "pocketdock" (or did, before I disassembled and destroyed it)
16:40:29herz42_linuxstb: thats the new dock from apple with optional remote control
16:40:41JdGordon41how do i go about figuring out why rb->set_option crashes?? it was working before and i havnt changed anything related (but merged a patch with the file, should be unreleated)
16:40:46herz42_my car addapter works fine also
16:42:04 Nick JdGordon41 is now known as JdGordon (
16:42:26 Nick herz42_ is now known as herz42 (
16:43:13 Join dpassen2 [0] (
16:45:51mikearthurto any devs: I wrote a nice little bash script which downloads the latest release for your specified model automatically
16:45:53mikearthuranyone want it?
16:46:21 Join herz42_ [0] (
16:47:06 Join waran [0] (
16:47:35 Join qwm [0] (
16:47:44JdGordon"Fatal signal: seg fault (SDL parachute deployed)
16:47:44JdGordonXlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x59)!"
16:47:44JdGordonis this likely to be a rockbox bug or sdl bug? i got it going into a rb->set_option()
16:48:11waranwich Platform do you use
16:48:26linuxstbmikearthur: I think all the devs compile their own builds from CVS.
16:48:35mikearthurlinuxstb: cool, just wondering
16:48:42JdGordonwaran: h300 sim
16:49:03mikearthurlinuxstb: who is "in charge" of the rockbox user interface?
16:49:21JdGordonwaran: on linux
16:49:59waranyou got Linux - RockBox your Sim :)
16:50:40waranshould be a hardware-problem
16:50:42linuxstbmikearthur: No-one in particular is in charge of anything.
16:50:46waranasync sounds like display for me
16:50:59mikearthurbecause the UI could really, really do with some work
16:50:59 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/external/x-ff11611b0de754fd)
16:51:12mikearthurits very unintuitive
16:51:29mikearthurand with the iPod people now looking at RockBox, it's putting a lot of them off
16:52:02*waran is one of the iPod-People. But he likes OGG/Vorbis and is able to accept a horrible UI for that :P
16:52:05goffa_mikearthur: what problem are you having with the ui?
16:52:11mikearthurI was saying earlier
16:52:21mikearthurin the menu, three buttons perform the same function
16:52:34Galoisthe UI is mostly reasonable. A few buttons could be switched around.
16:52:57mikearthurApple is the top seller of MP3 players because there UI is more than "reasonable"
16:53:20GaloisI'm not so sure anymore
16:53:32goffa_bah.. they sell a lot because they market a lot
16:53:34mikearthurhovering over a song and pressing "Play", in the browser, does not play it
16:53:35waranmikearthur, ya - but the rest of the Firmware is shit :)
16:53:39GaloisUI has many different components
16:53:41mikearthurwaran: I'm sure it is
16:53:47Galoishardware, input, display
16:54:02mikearthurthe HCI is poor
16:54:03Galoisthe ipod's hardware UI is excellent
16:54:21 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:54:27Galoisdisplay UI in rockbox is reasonable (I think), and input UI could be improved
16:54:30goffa_i'm going to try Galois's tip... that will make things 100% better for me if it works
16:54:37waranGalois, full_ack
16:54:51goffa_hopefully the file will play when i press play.. and not force me to requeue
16:54:53mikearthurdisplay UI is good
16:55:06mikearthurinput is very, very inintuitive
16:55:19mikearthurI would say its possibly the worst of any MP3 player I've used
16:55:24waranit isn't _that_ bad
16:55:29linuxstbmikearthur: I'm not saying Rockbox is perfect, but I also find the Apple firmware extremely frustrating and unintuitive.
16:55:49Galoisleft doesn't work on apple
16:55:53mikearthurI'm not suggesting we clone it
16:56:02mikearthurI'm just saying bits and pieces need looked at
16:56:10 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
16:56:10 Join jbauman [0] (
16:56:17mikearthurwould filing a bug be appropriate?
16:56:21linuxstbFor example, I like left/right to go up and down a menu structure. Apple uses the MENU key to go back, and not the key marked "back".
16:56:32waranThe top-reasons why I use RockBox is the wide range of format-support and because the original FW has this stupid iTunes-Bondage.
16:56:54mikearthurlinuxstb: I'm with you there
16:56:54goffa_Yeah.. for me its file format too
16:57:19Galoiswaran I'd rank the reasons as 1) format support, 2) being able to change shit and recompile, 3) USB mass storage simplicity
16:57:25goffa_but there's only one problem that i have.. that's been discussed extensively... no one agrees with me though :) well tboy does... but he's not a dev
16:57:57mikearthurlinuxstb: I think, a big annoyance for me, is the fact that there is no quick way of leaving the menu, when you are several functions deep
16:58:05 Quit qwm_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:58:31linuxstbmikearthur: I think everyone agrees with that. That is currently hard to fix because of the design of the menu code, but I'm sure that will change.
16:58:50waranRockB is written in CPP, isn't it? - Maybe I should have a look on it...
16:59:13mikearthurnot CPP
16:59:17linuxstbNo, it's plain C, with some low-level and performance-critical parts written in asm.
16:59:26waranpanic :)
16:59:30linuxstbBut all the UI stuff will be C.
16:59:33mikearthurlinuxstb: I'm glad people agree
16:59:54mikearthurhow much of the input UI is client-based?
17:00:02linuxstbmikearthur: Another issue is that Rockbox's menus are really "pop-up menus". But the UI doesn't tell the user this. Again, there are plans to change this.
17:00:03mikearthurby client I mean player
17:00:19mikearthurhow do you mean pop-up menus?
17:00:27JdGordonok, should i be worried if rb->set_option crashes n the sim but works fine on the player?
17:00:40linuxstbI mean that you start in the file browser, enter the menu, and then when you leave the menu you go back to the file browser.
17:00:52linuxstbIn the Apple firmware, everything starts from the menu.
17:01:44linuxstbSo you go file browser -> menu -> file browser. Or file browser -> WPS -> file browser. Or file browser -> WPS -> MENU -> WPS -> file browser.
17:02:02mikearthuroh also
17:02:07mikearthurand I was thinking of coding this myself
17:02:37mikearthurhow hard would it be to make the player, when you have it set to start playing a song on startup, to have the file browser start i that songs directory
17:02:40waranbtw: Build a nice iPod-USB-PowerSupply today :)
17:02:46linuxstbJdGordon: Yes, it's probably accessing memory it shouldn't be - which you might not notice on the player. Have you tried running the sim with gdb?
17:03:04linuxstbmikearthur: There's already an option for that - "follow playlist".
17:03:06JdGordonhmm.. pill try
17:03:13JdGordonim not sure if i have gdb installed
17:03:21mikearthurlinuxstb: that doesn't work on startup I'm 99% sure
17:03:23mikearthurI'll try it now
17:03:25 Quit herz42 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:03:53linuxstbmikearthur: If it doesn't then I would probably call it a bug.
17:05:07mikearthurwhat does the rockbox.iriver file do?
17:05:27linuxstbThat's the main Rockbox binary.
17:05:38mikearthuroh ok
17:05:43mikearthurI always assumed it stored the settings
17:05:51punkrockguy318kkurbjun: are you around?
17:05:56mikearthurwhere are the settings store?
17:06:11linuxstbIn an unused sector on the disk before the first partition.
17:06:35mikearthurbecause whenever I upgrade my rockbox, I lost all my settings
17:07:02linuxstbThat should only happen sometimes - when a change to Rockbox causes the settings structure to become out of date.
17:07:25mikearthurso that isn't considered a "bug"
17:07:53herz42_mikearthur: it's wise to save the settings to a cfg file. That can be loaded after the update
17:07:55linuxstbNot unless it happens when it shouldn't
17:08:01mikearthurherz42_: ah ok
17:09:31punkrockguy318is there any way that i can print debugging output in a plugin? so i could read it in the sim
17:10:00Galoismikearthur: there used to be a bug where unplugging the ipod with the hold switch on would reset your settings
17:10:07 Quit JW (Connection timed out)
17:10:37 Join lostnihilist [0] (
17:10:55 Part XavierGr
17:12:38linuxstbGalois: That's a feature...
17:12:47linuxstb(but possibly not a good one)
17:13:07Galoisit heavily violates the principle of least surprise
17:14:00linuxstbIt's there as a safety measure. We can't use other keypresses at that time, because the button driver doesn't detect keypresses pressed before Rockbox starts.
17:14:37Galoisthe number of people likely to make positive use of that feature is far fewer than the number of people who will get bitten
17:14:55linuxstbGalois: So are you suggesting that feature should be removed?
17:14:59Galoishell yes
17:15:20linuxstbThen how would you recover your ipod when the settings cause you problems?
17:15:38JdGordondo a check after rb loads??
17:15:42goffa_so.. where do i get sh_elf_gcc also.. do i need to switch TREE_RUN_PRE to TREE_WPS_PRE?
17:15:54punkrockguy318linuxstb: i'm having a problem... i'm trying to hack doom to read scrollwheel input... but it's not working out... since the clickwheel can't be used with button_status(), the loop would need button_get(). but the doom engine needs the status of the buttons, so button_get() wouldn't work... :-\
17:15:55Galoisrockbox should be Bug-Free (tm) to the point where settings should not cause irrecoverable problems
17:16:07linuxstbGalois: What if you choose a language that you don't understand?
17:16:25Galoishow does apple solve this problem?
17:16:28 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:16:40 Part biffhero
17:17:02linuxstbGalois: You probably have to run their "ipod restore" application which wipes your music.
17:17:18GaloisI suggest that permanently changing the language setting should take nontrivial active effort, like in KDE/GNOME/whatever
17:17:29punkrockguy318linuxstb: i was talking with kkurbjun and he said that i should talk to you
17:17:53 Part waran (" ")
17:18:06linuxstbYou've summarised the problem, and found the solution - you'll need to use button_get(). So I'm passing you back to kkurbjan :)
17:19:10punkrockguy318linuxstb: button_get is just an event queue.. it returns an int with a bit of a button that's being pressed... correct?
17:20:55punkrockguy318linuxstb: hmm, there's the problem... the doom engines requires keyup and keydown events :-\
17:21:11linuxstbGalois: The language is just one example. Because Rockbox for the ipod is still in the early stages, you can't dismiss the fact that bugs will happen - hence the need for the settings safety-net.
17:22:02GaloisI can think of other ways to provide a safety net. Maybe the presence of a file would trigger it, similar to /forcefsck in linux
17:22:15linuxstbGalois: But what if the problem happens on the road?
17:22:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:22:46punkrockguy318Galois: i would suggest a button rather than hold.. because it resets when you take it off the charger, and a lot of times, it's on hodl
17:22:48Galoisagain, looking at the costs and benefits, I can't see that scenario outweighing what I believe is the huge cost of people constantly losing settings
17:23:10linuxstbBut if people don't read the documentation...
17:23:23Galoisthen they're not likely to find out about the hold switch either
17:23:27Galoisexcept accidentally
17:23:35Galoiswhich is not desirable
17:24:08Galoisa lot of times people leave the hold switch in the on position while the thing is turned off, to make sure the device stays off. It's really easy to then connect the cable in that state.
17:24:31punkrockguy318Galois: amen... i would be happier with fast forward being the clear config
17:24:45linuxstbpunkrockguy318: I've already said that that isn't possible.
17:25:01punkrockguy318linuxstb: oh, i missed that.. hmm
17:25:32Galoispeople screwing up their configs while on the road is a corner case that doesn't merit the pain of lots of unwanted settings resets
17:25:50Galoisalso, I dunno about you, but my laptop is with me at all times on the road
17:26:36punkrockguy318linuxstb: why isn't the clickwheel used in button_status()? could it be written to include the clickwheel?
17:26:36linuxstbRockbox is still unreleased software for the ipod - and in that context, I'm happy with the hold behaviour. It will be different when the first official release happens.
17:27:26goffa_what do i need to download to get sh-elf-gcc?
17:27:39Galoisgoffa_ I thought you had an ipod
17:27:44goffa_no.. x5
17:27:45linuxstbpunkrockguy318: Because the concept of scroll events is different to the concept of buttons. A scroll event doesn't have a beginning and an end.
17:27:48 Join JonSenior [0] (
17:27:52mikearthurlinuxstb: random dev question: is the bootloader USB mode any faster/more battery efficient than the in-Rockbox one
17:27:55goffa_actually x5l
17:28:06Galoisoh. well, there's a wiki page that explains how to build sh-elf-gcc, or you can download the 140MB vmware image
17:28:09goffa_but thats not really different than x5 from a compiling standpoint
17:28:51punkrockguy318is there any way to use button_get() and ignore all events except for scrolling? or are any clickwheel specific functions?
17:29:05goffa_hmm... looking for the wiki.. not seeing it..
17:29:18linuxstbmikearthur: It shouldn't be any different in terms of speed, but maybe battery consumption will be different - depending on things like CPU speed, and how much of the hardware has been powered up.
17:29:39Galoispick one :P
17:29:44linuxstbgoffa_: For the X5, you want m68k-elf-gcc
17:29:59linuxstbsh-elf-gcc is for the Archos devices.
17:30:17punkrockguy318linuxstb: well thanks for all your help! :) i'm going to go do some hacking
17:30:48 Join wonderwal [0] (n=k0@
17:32:48mikearthurpunkrockguy318: I believe its pronounced "haxoring"
17:32:52 Quit JonSenior ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
17:33:27goffa_is this what i want?
17:34:03Galoisyou need cygwin in order to use that
17:34:10goffa_that's what i thought
17:34:43mikearthurdoes the iRiver have a RTC?
17:34:54 Join Tobu [0] (
17:35:35 Join obo_ [0] (
17:35:53TobuI've been hacking on the dircache
17:36:04TobuI'd like to make it use filetypes
17:36:14TobuBut dircache is in firmware,
17:36:22Tobuand filetypes is in apps.
17:36:40TobuIs there a solution?
17:37:24goffa_ugh... i must be blind
17:37:46linuxstbmikearthur: The H3x0 does, the H1x0 doesn't.
17:38:06mikearthurlinuxstb: thanks
17:38:17linuxstbTobu: What do you mean by "use filetypes" ?
17:38:20 Quit bananafon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:38:41TobuI'd like to cache which dirs contain music below them
17:38:53 Quit bancus ("leaving")
17:38:55TobuIt's in filetypes.h, or tree.h
17:39:37Tobudircache is ideal, because it recurses through everything at startup
17:42:02goffa_ how do i modify this to find the linux m68k-elf-gcc?
17:42:16TobuIdea: If I make dircache_init take a pointer to the functions I need in filetypes, will it work?
17:43:10goffa_modify the url i mean
17:43:29jncwould a developer take a donation of an iRiver H10?
17:43:40jnc(under the pretense that they add support for it)
17:44:41HClh10 isn't supported yet? isn't it like ipod?
17:44:59Galoisgoffa_, if you use linux, the correct instructions to follow are
17:45:09 Join JonSenior [0] (
17:46:11goffa_thanks Galois
17:46:13jnclast i read, H10 is not supported
17:46:19jncsome discussion began but was not continued
17:46:32JonSeniorHaving been using a mid-feb build of RB for a while, I recently upgraded to the latest version. This appears to have resulted in a change of battery reporting.
17:47:01JonSeniorOn more than one occasion I have had RB report an empty battery, yet upon a reboot, it merrily claims a much higher level.
17:47:10Tobulinuxstb: I mean, it's a linkage issue.
17:47:39TobuBut I'll try to passing function pointer, and see if that works.
17:47:45JonSeniorIs this a likely sign of immenent battery failure (< 1 yr old) or just RB being a little unsure?
17:48:20HClravon: figured out why dumb produces an empty .rock yet..?
17:48:28 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:48:28*HCl will bbs
17:48:54linuxstbTobu: If I was you, I would try and think of a different solution to your problem. My understanding is that dircache is something that works at the filesystem level - so making it dependent on the application code feels dirty.
17:49:59linuxstbJonSenior: Which device are you using Rockbox on?
17:50:33TobuYeah, but the dircache seems the less intrusive place I can do it.
17:50:47TobuThere's the startup recursion,
17:50:50linuxstbTobu: What problem are you trying to solve?
17:50:58Tobuand the fact it's hooked in moves.
17:51:08jncJonSenior: battery reporting was listed as being so-so feature
17:51:09TobuI'm trying to filter out files:
17:51:48Tobuand hide directories that don't have music below them
17:52:11linuxstbWhat about other supported filetypes - such as Gameboy ROMs, text files, jpegs, ....
17:52:32TobuI'm making it dependent on the filter setting
17:52:36Tobuin the quick menu
17:52:58Tobuto show: any files, supported files, music, playlists
17:53:00linuxstbThen it shouldn't be part of dircache - that would mean rescanning the disk whenever that settings was changed.
17:53:30TobuIt doesn't cache the contents
17:53:33JonSeniorI was aware of issues with predicted life, but I didn't realise that they ran over into reported voltage readings (And thus actually battery status). It just struck me as strange that they appeared to have changed for the worse while everything else is getting better. Ah well.
17:53:49TobuIt just stores a marker to be read by the filter
17:54:10Tobuthe marker has as many states as the filter: any, supported, etc
17:54:31linuxstbHow would it work if the user isn't using dircache?
17:54:39TobuIt wouldn't
17:54:47TobuIt couldn't be fast enough
17:54:58Toburecursion would hurt
17:55:25linuxstbWhy don't you just organise all of your wanted content inside a top-level "music" folder?
17:55:46linuxstbOr put all unwanted content under something like "data".
17:56:43TobuThe iAudio firmware does the filtering, and I prefer it that way
17:57:03linuxstbJonSenior: You haven't said which player you are using Rockbox on.
17:57:57ravonHCl: Nope, haven't checked it out yet.
17:58:11ravonDoes it link against the dumb-lib?
17:58:36*HCl is treating cat bites while he was debugging his cat
17:58:45JonSeniorlinuxstb: Sorry H300. I did say that once, but only after the web client had logged me out!
17:58:47linuxstbTobu: It just seems to me to be a complex feature to implement, making dircache even more complex, and that it can be solved by simply organising your folders appropriately.
18:00:34TobuSo, I'll have to prove it's not _that_ complex :)
18:01:02Tobu\me goes back to code
18:01:03linuxstbYes :). And also take care of the cases where the user creates or moves files around the directory hierarchy from within Rockbox itself.
18:01:04 Quit jnc (Remote closed the connection)
18:01:37TobuI'll just use the hooks in dircache.
18:02:12linuxstbIf you have questions about dircache, Slasheri will be the person to ask - he wrote it.
18:03:56punkrockguy318is anyone here familiar with the doom code?
18:05:16 Join powers [0] (
18:05:26powersanyone here?
18:05:30punkrockguy318hello :)
18:05:58powershi.. i'm having some problems with rockbox and i really need some help
18:06:24powersi'm using rockbox on an ipod nano and all of my songs dissapeared..
18:06:48powersi was listening to a song and the damn thing jammed
18:07:19powersand then i rebooted and it just have the directories but not any of the songs..
18:09:01powershas anyone got any idea?
18:11:03lostlogicpowers: you might try plugging it into your computer and seeing if the FAT is corrupted, or if the computer sees the songs.
18:11:35powersthe computer sees the songs just fine
18:12:01powersany other ideas?
18:12:04linuxstbpowers: Where are the files? Are they inside the iPod_Control folder?
18:12:38lostlogictime to chkdsk/fsck it
18:12:50linuxstbWere you using tagcache?
18:13:28powerssorry, i don't know what u're talkin' about
18:13:42linuxstbThen you weren't using it :)
18:13:54lostlogicthe FAT may be corrupted from bad removals, or something, so I recommend running windows chkdsk on it
18:14:04powershold on
18:14:13powersi've just made some directories
18:14:16powerson the root
18:14:53linuxstbHow do you normally disconnect your ipod from your computer? Do you just unplug it?
18:15:08powersi'm using the usb thingo
18:15:17powerssafe removal
18:15:59powerswhat is tagcache?
18:16:03linuxstbOK. The only other thing I would suggest (apart from running chkdsk) is to reset your settings in Rockbox - turn the hold switch on as your ipod is booting.
18:16:21linuxstbIt's Rockbox's tag database that lets you browse your music by artist/genre etc.
18:16:53powersjust a sec
18:17:00peturto check the filesystem: when connected, right-click the drive (H:), properties -> Tools -> errorchecking
18:17:34powersif i'll do the reset thing that you're talkin about , will that erase my directories and change the backgrounds and such?
18:18:00peturfirst export your settings to a cfg file
18:18:29petur'manage settings' in the menu
18:20:02 Quit JonSenior ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:20:59powershow can i do that?
18:21:09powerswrite .cfg file?
18:21:12 Nick obo_ is now known as obo (
18:21:48peturgo to the menu, select manage settings -> write cfg
18:22:14powersok i'm there
18:22:22powerswhich button next?
18:22:40peturlinuxstb? what ipod button?
18:22:57 Quit lee-qid_ ("Trillian (")
18:23:15powersit's allredy have a configuration file there
18:24:52powersgamw tin poutana mou
18:25:55linuxstbone moment...
18:26:27linuxstbPress and hold the SELECT (centre) button.
18:26:33goffa_Galois: you still here?
18:26:51goffa_i just need to copy that rockbox.iaudio file over, rightL
18:26:56goffa_er right?
18:27:28powersthanx linux
18:27:32goffa_and i can slap it in the .rockbox folder and theoretically things will run fine?
18:27:33powersand something else
18:27:44linuxstbgoffa_: Are you trying to install a version of Rockbox you've compiled yourself?
18:28:13goffa_or think i've compiled correctly i should say now
18:28:25linuxstbThe standard way is to type "make zip" - this creates a file - and then unzip that file onto your device.
18:29:13powerssometimes when i'm disconnecting my ipod it turns off and it shows an empty battery icon.. why is this?
18:29:16 Join Aviv [0] (
18:29:20goffa_ah.. i see it
18:29:25powersmy battery is full :P
18:29:27goffa_i'll have to copy that at lunch time
18:29:34 Quit jbauman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:30:24linuxstbpowers: Why do you think the battery is full? That will be the Apple bootloader thinking the battery is empty.
18:30:26 Join bluebrother [0] (
18:30:44powersis anyone else running nano in here?
18:31:04powersthe batterry is full charged
18:32:24powersstupid rockbox
18:32:27linuxstbBut what is telling you the battery is fully charged?
18:32:36linuxstbThat full-screen battery icon is displayed by the Apple bootloader - so there's nothing Rockbox can do about it.
18:33:40powersi dunno
18:34:03powersis there any other release of rockbox or another thing like it?
18:34:35powersit starts to become really frustrating
18:34:36 Join _Lucretia [0] (
18:34:41linuxstbThere are new versions of Rockbox every few hours.
18:35:22powersthanx lin
18:35:42linuxstbIf you are disconnecting your ipod from your computer, and the Apple bootloader is displaying the battery empty symbol, then the battery is empty. It's completely independent of Rockbox.
18:36:07linuxstbMaybe your USB port isn't supplying power.
18:36:27powersdon't think so
18:36:38powersit's a firmware crap issue
18:37:09powersi'm using the same port when i want to charge my mobile
18:37:20powersit must be something else
18:38:03 Quit marevalo ("Abandonando")
18:38:38linuxstbWhen you plug it in, can you see the battery icon in the top-right corner? Is that showing the charging animation?
18:43:30 Quit dpassen2 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:48:05powersit's charging just fine
18:48:47powersthis is interesting
18:48:56powersi don't know if it's a problem
18:49:16powersi think it has to do with the configuration file
18:50:07powersis there any problem if i make the main .rockbox folder hidden?
18:50:17powersbut not the files inside it
18:50:25 Join Rondom [0] (
18:52:17 Join yishunguy [0] (
18:52:36linuxstbNo, you can make the folder hidden if you wish. But files starting with a . are already hidden inside Rockbox, unless you select the "show all" option.
18:54:42linuxstbpunkrockguy318: Are you checking for BUTTON_REPEAT events with the clickwheel? I haven't looked at your patch, and am leaving now for a short time.
18:55:19*lostlogic reverts metadata on buffer to work on other stuff for today.
18:55:41powershow can i put some songs to my original apple firmware? can i put then in my itunes foldeR?
18:55:46punkrockguy318linuxstb: no.. what's BUTTON_REPEAT?
18:57:24HClwho here can tell me why objcopy would make an empty .rock for the dumb plugin?
18:57:27HClamiconn: ?
18:57:42RedBrevabluebrother: Thanks ;-)
18:57:46HClwe really need some technical documentation to how things are put together..
18:59:20punkrockguy318linuxstb: nevermind, i looked at the jewels source and figured it out.. thanks i'll check it out ;)
18:59:25 Join qwm_ [0] (
18:59:30bluebrotherRedBreva: :)
18:59:32powersstupid m@th@f@cker steve jobs
18:59:58bluebrotherRedBreva: but you could do me a favor and generate patches from outside the manual directory.
19:00:20bluebrotherThat way I don't need to cd before applying
19:00:26 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
19:00:40 Join gantrixx [0] (
19:00:54gantrixxhas anyone had an experience with the viliv?
19:01:04powershow can i put some songs to my original apple firmware? can i put then in my itunes foldeR?
19:01:05bluebrotherunfortunately my free time is a bit more limited atm so I'm kind of lagging more
19:01:05linuxstb_punkrockguy318: I think you just need if (button & DOOMBUTTON_LEFT), instead of if (button == DOOMBUTTON_LEFT)
19:01:12powershow can i put some songs to my original apple firmware? can i put then in my itunes foldeR?
19:01:36linuxstb_powers: You need to use itunes (or a third-party equivalent app)
19:02:09punkrockguy318i changed it to switch(button) and case DOOMBUTTON_LEFT | BUTTON_REPEAT: case DOOMBUTTON_LEFT
19:03:45 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
19:04:38powersi hate greece
19:09:11powersis there any way to burn the radio stations instantly?
19:09:26*HCl screams at rockbox makefiles
19:09:42HClwhere does it remove ELFS for plugins e-e
19:10:01 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:10:08 Quit powers ()
19:13:22 Join godzirra [0] (
19:13:27godzirraHowdy folks.
19:13:38godzirraOut of curiousity, is browse plugin->doom supposed to crash my ipod? :)
19:15:14godzirra"browse plugins"
19:15:29punkrockguy318what ipod do you have?
19:17:28linuxstb_HCl: If you want to post a patch, I'll be happy to have a quick look.
19:17:36 Join matsl [0] (
19:17:44HCllinuxstb_: i have one on my ftp
19:17:46punkrockguy318godzirra: hmm
19:17:57linuxstb_HCl: I think someone said that was missing dumb.c
19:18:01HClshould work, if you have problems with it, yell, i'm not too experienced with
19:18:06HCli'll add that >>
19:18:14HClor just tell me how to tell diff to include that >>
19:18:23linuxstb_Just upload it separately.
19:18:59HClit compiles cleanly and so
19:19:04HClwell, with warnings, but it compiles
19:19:21HClbut the .rock that gets out of it is empty
19:19:56HClthe .o seems fine, or at least, seems to contain data
19:19:59HClso does the .elf
19:21:01goffa_grr.. galios's idea didn't seem to work for me.. i did learn how to compile rockbox though
19:22:24 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
19:22:33 Quit _Lucretia (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:22:40linuxstb_HCl: Your plugin is missing the PLUGIN_HEADER macro at the top.
19:22:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:22:58 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
19:24:02HClnow this'll get interesting
19:24:07HClthis is supposed to play tracker music :o
19:24:16preglowlet's see, now
19:24:27HClnow it won't compile with that header added >>
19:25:11HClnm >>
19:26:14RedBrevabluebrother: Sure, I had simply been using the facility in Kate to generate the diff - at least that does the white space stuff correctly ;-)
19:26:52bluebrotherah - I haven't used kate for diffing. But nice to know it can do this ...
19:27:27HCl-rwxr-xr-x 1 hcl hcl 206100 Apr 17 19:26 apps/plugins/dumb.rock
19:27:28HCl :D
19:27:37HClwhere is my iriver
19:27:53HClcrud.. x_x
19:28:07punkrockguy318preglow: I'm rather confused. How is button_status() different from button_get(false)? I just need someone to clarify for me
19:28:30preglowpunkrockguy318: no idea
19:28:42linuxstb_button_status() returns an integer where the bits represent which buttons are currently pressed.
19:28:58linuxstb_button_get() gets the press/release/scroll events.
19:29:16 Join Ribs [0] (
19:29:18linuxstb_... and repeat events
19:29:28punkrockguy318how do the bits differ?
19:29:38 Join jbauman [0] (
19:29:51punkrockguy318when you get something from button_get(), doesn't it also return all the buttons being pressed?
19:30:11linuxstb_It returns the next event in the queue.
19:30:12ravonHCl: osnap! You solved it?
19:30:18RedBrevaThis VMware application should carry a health warning... I havn't been out of Linux for three days, except to check e-mail... hmmm Thunderbird is now installed, where can I find the correct settings for my ISP? ;-)
19:30:21ravonYou beast.