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#rockbox log for 2006-04-21

00:02:13RedBreva_Hi Guys, start of dumb newbie question season... I have actually managed to install SuSE 10 on the laptop, but am at a bit of a loss on how to start making it a Rockbox development platform. I can see that a good starter would be to install GCC, but Yast only has the option to install 4.x, and it seems that 3.x is prefered..?
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00:03:52sharpeas far as i know, 3.x is preferred...
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00:06:21Mikachuyou probably can't use the Yast gcc for crosscompiling
00:06:50RedBreva_Any suggestions on how to get started?
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00:07:35lostlogicRedBreva_: hostCC doesn't matter
00:07:43lostlogiccross compiler depends on target
00:07:55lostlogic4.0.x for arm, 3.3.x for sh1, 3.4.x for m68k
00:08:33RedBreva_so 4.x on host is OK ...
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00:11:22Paul_The_NerdThere's someone in the forums who claims simply leaving the CPU boosted stops skipping in higher bitrate AAC files on iPod. Is it possible that our speed change doesn't happen early enough?
00:12:39lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: with the frequency adjusting automagically, it will let it fall to ~1s on the buffer, boost, fall, boost, fall, if the codec gets into trouble wh en it's already down at ~1s, it will skip soon, but with boosting always on, it will get in trouble with nearly 3 seconds to get out of trouble.
00:15:39Paul_The_NerdAh, so with boost always on, it has more time to reach a more easily decodeable portion of the song?
00:15:49*Paul_The_Nerd nods.
00:15:59scorcheamiconn: i played bubbles way too much today...
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00:19:25preglowriiight, we don't use the wspll for recording yet...
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00:24:36sharpeshould i update the raster counter before or after an instruction is executed?
00:26:26preglowehh, according to the schematics, sysclk is unconnected...
00:28:17sharpeokay, the c64 updated the frame 50 times per second... pal's framerate is 25fps... it makes so much sense to display every other frame.
00:29:49twisted`anyone with an iPod who doesn't feel like settin up udev or hotplug or whatever
00:29:55twisted`can use that script to mount and unmount
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00:36:07obotwisted`: shouldn't it eject as well on unmount?
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00:41:04twisted`it could
00:41:11twisted`when you eject it can stay connected on usb
00:41:22Mikachuif you eject you have to replug it if you want to mount it again i think
00:41:27twisted`when you unmount well... you can just take it out
00:41:34twisted`Mikachu: yeah
00:41:47Mikachubut it's better to eject it before you do unplug it
00:41:54Mikachumostly for linux' sake than the ipod's though
00:45:02sharpeokay, time to see how many errors and warnings i get...
00:46:14sharpea lot...
00:47:01Mikachuthat bit in onplay.c about the shuffle insert
00:47:12Mikachuit checks that the file is a directory, but the while playing part doesn't
00:47:29twisted`Mikachu: works here perfectly :)
00:49:11sharpei completely lost a section of code.
00:49:32Mikachuthis is what i mean,
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00:51:44hardeepMikachi: what are you trying to do?
00:51:50hardeeper Mikachu
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00:53:57Mikachuhardeep: a few lines down is the path for when not playing, and the shuffle_insert there checks for & ATTR_DIRECTORY
00:54:12Mikachubut maybe you can insert a single file shuffled in a playlist after all
00:54:14Mikachunever mind!
00:55:27hardeepthe check at the bottom is to handle the case where nothing is playing
00:55:48hardeepit doesn't make any sense to insert a single track shuffled in that case so we only display the option for directories
00:56:14Mikachuyes, the fact that you can add a single track shuffled was the part i missed first
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01:09:01twisted`sharpe: that sucks man
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01:09:11twisted`sharpe: happened to me a few times, ya feel pwned sooo badly
01:09:31sharpei'm guessing at first, i had around... 60 to 100 or so.
01:09:44sharpenow i'm down to twenty :)
01:09:57twisted`60 to 100
01:10:01twisted`lines of code?
01:10:16twisted`sometimes it's btw good to lose code
01:10:26twisted`because the second time the way you write it may be very much more rational
01:10:34twisted`resulting in better code
01:10:44sharpetis what i've done
01:11:07twisted`my previous inturnship
01:11:11twisted`I had to code all day
01:11:13twisted`in php
01:11:30twisted`most of the time I spend on rewriting code
01:11:43twisted`the guy who had to teach me howto... asked me why I kept rewriting
01:11:48twisted`cause he didn't see the point
01:11:57twisted`I did, going from 200+ to 20+ lines of code
01:12:03twisted`is an very big improvement :P
01:12:21twisted`cus I tend to write something, fix on that, fix on that
01:12:27twisted`and look at it and think: hmm, I could've just done...
01:12:45sharpeyeah, i did a big improvement while writing the code...
01:13:03twisted`your working on the c64 emulator right?
01:13:19twisted`kewl I guess
01:13:24twisted`I never owned a c64
01:13:34twisted`I've always had Nintendo stuff
01:13:48sharpei never used my c64...
01:13:51sharpedunno where it is.
01:13:59 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
01:14:05twisted`how old are you if I may ask?
01:14:22sharpeactually, i guess it was my parent's c64.
01:14:26sharpefifteen :)
01:15:01twisted`figures then
01:15:05twisted`I thought I was young
01:15:08twisted`but now you made me feel old
01:15:13*twisted` smacks sharpe
01:15:22sharpei try.
01:15:30twisted`it's dope
01:15:32twisted`I'm only 18
01:16:13sharpeeveryone says i act older...
01:16:17sharpewell, used to anyway.
01:16:54twisted`older people tend to use capitals at the starting of a sentence most of the time and end it with a .
01:16:58twisted`I never did
01:17:03sharpei used to
01:17:40sharpealthough i still do on occassion.
01:17:55sharpewithout the extra s
01:17:56HotfusionI played on my c64 all the time when I was younger before I had a 486
01:18:12twisted`only thing that rats you out where you can bust people on that they are young... when you talk about music
01:18:26RotAtoRhehe, i used to play on my dad's c64 and c128 all the time as a kid
01:18:34twisted`that sentence didn't make sense...
01:18:39sharpenot much.
01:18:46HotfusionI remember having to hold down the drive bay door just to load tennis
01:18:54Hotfusiongood ole' 5 1/4 drive
01:19:02RotAtoRhehe, here's me on a c128, i think:
01:19:02scorchetwisted`: not quite true....i was raised on 80s music
01:19:25sharpeRotAtoR, ahah...
01:19:40twisted`scorche: depends on the person yeah
01:20:04sharpemost of the errors i didn't realize i made.
01:20:04Hotfusionbest game on the commodore 64
01:20:06Hotfusionairborne ranger
01:20:09twisted`scorche: but a lot of people are like... from my age actually which fucks me up 'n makes me feel old... "Prodigy? what's that?"
01:20:18twisted`I blame television
01:20:23scorchei am the same age as you
01:20:40preglowwhen was the c64 introduced, again?
01:20:40Hotfusionah yes prodity
01:20:55scorchemy first comp was a apple IIgs though
01:21:02twisted`scorche: ur parents were rich
01:21:19RotAtoRpreglow: according to wikipedia, 1982
01:21:28preglowdamn, that lasted for a while, then
01:21:33twisted`my first pc... which I owned myself... was... I think... yeah... a Compaq I think, or maybe the old IBM pc...
01:21:34scorchei loved it...had a huge thing full of floppies....REAL floppies
01:21:36twisted`hmm not sure
01:21:36preglowi didn't get one until waaay later
01:21:40Hotfusion1st modem was 9600 baud modem
01:21:46preglowdamn, i was barely born at 1982
01:21:52Hotfusionthought that was flying
01:21:52sharpelasted until 1990 or so...
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01:22:11RotAtoRsharpe: 1993, accoring to wikipedia :)
01:22:25Hotfusionairborner ranger, destroyer, seven seas of gold, stealth fighter
01:22:26Hotfusiongreat games
01:22:29RotAtoRthat is a long run
01:22:35sharpenow i must register on wikipedia and change the date to reflect my guess... :)
01:22:57RotAtoRi remember many hours playing the great giana sisters
01:23:01Hotfusionoh remember test drive
01:23:04Hotfusionthat was very good
01:23:22RotAtoRi never had a nintendo, so that was my mario
01:23:30sharpereading this makes me feel old... but i'm not...
01:23:48twisted`<3 mario
01:24:08twisted`man my dad totally ruined my computing life
01:24:16twisted`he told me not to use linux cus I couldn't do this 'n that
01:24:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:24:24twisted`if I started usin it when I wanted to...
01:24:29twisted`I would've had 10 years of experience now
01:25:38HotfusionI remember where I used to live a long time ago there was a tandy computer repair store
01:25:45Hotfusionthat fixed commodores at the time
01:25:55Hotfusionwas like a hundred or so screwes just to get to the internal components
01:26:03sharpedidn't radioshack do the tandy?
01:26:51sharpeonly ten more errors to fix.
01:27:01sharpepartially warnings
01:27:15Hotfusionkinda funny when you fix 1 error and it magically fixes 20
01:27:22Hotfusionworse the othe way around hehe
01:27:37twisted`useually when you fix one another one arises
01:27:45twisted`at least with bugs that is
01:27:56sharpeexponential bug growth.
01:28:02Hotfusionyou fix all bugs and it still don't work
01:29:02sharpeone down...
01:29:58twisted`I'm considerin
01:30:03twisted`buyin a second hand NES controller
01:30:06Hotfusionyou guys wrapping up the code freeze on rockbox, may day can't come soon enough
01:30:08twisted`and a cheap USB controller
01:30:18sharpei've thought about that too...
01:30:18twisted`and puttin the hardware of the USB controller into the NES controller
01:30:31BHSPitLappypssh, they're 2.99 at gamestop
01:30:52 Quit thegeek ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
01:30:53BHSPitLappyI have a NES controller here with a torn up connector (tried to make it parallel)
01:30:53sharpebut you don't get your self satisfaction of hacking something together.
01:31:09BHSPitLappysharpe: I'm referring to NES controllers themselves
01:31:25sharpewell, i haven't been to gamestop in a while then :)
01:31:38BHSPitLappythis was a couple years back, honestly
01:31:51*twisted` checks a local eBay like site
01:31:55twisted`4 bucks for a NES controller
01:32:13 Quit lostnihilist (Remote closed the connection)
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01:35:06sharpewell, the rewritten emulator... compiles.
01:35:45sharpeand i caught myself forgetting to update the lcd.
01:36:56sharpewonderful data abort errors.
01:38:32 Join thegeek [0] (
01:40:42 Join lostnihilist [0] (
01:44:24sharpenow i remember why i never just declared the emulated ram as an array...
01:45:12 Join TCK [0] (
01:45:52preglowsomeones going mad on the feature requests
01:47:26lostlogicanyone have some corrupted MP3 streams that currently play OK in rockbox and want to test a 1 line change to mpa.c for me?
01:47:49sharpewell, seems as if they know what they want in an audio player.
01:49:59 Join Aditya|Nap [0] (
01:50:02 Part Aditya|Nap
01:50:33 Join webguest98 [0] (
01:51:03preglowno corrupted streams here, no
01:51:26BHSPitLappyisn't rockbox responsible for some of the .fnt standard?
01:51:54webguest98hi i'm trying to complie with vmware, could someone tell me how to access the rockbox folder where i have the source, wich commands i should use?
01:53:39 Quit lostnihilist ("Leaving")
01:56:58webguest98running windows, i have the source at C:\rockbox
01:57:28webguest98how can i access it from Eterm in vmware
01:57:42 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
01:57:57lostlogicpreglow: I'm going to risk breaking some corrupted streams that currently play and wait for bitching, I think −− the file I thought it was causing problems with had problems without the change, I was just being retarded.
01:58:11lostlogicand the logic I'm adding _makes sense_
01:58:53preglowgo ahead
01:58:57 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:00:28 Join lostnihilist [0] (
02:02:15sharpeeh, this sucks.
02:02:19webguest98running windows, i have the source at C:\rockbox
02:03:41 Join eu4ic [0] (
02:04:34sharpewell. i don't know how to fix this data abort error...
02:04:36lostlogicwebguest98: you'd hafta setup a share between the two.
02:04:54lostlogicwebguest98: I think there is some kind of share setup in the default vmware image, but I've not used it so I'm not sure
02:05:06lostlogicsharpe: check that all of your shit's aligned?
02:05:16 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
02:05:23sharpewell, i've tried aligning it.
02:06:08webguest98thank you... is there any way to compile not having to use Debian?
02:06:26webguest98is there a way to everything from my computer?
02:06:40webguest98is there a way to everything from my computer?
02:07:15Rondomwebguest98: either use cygwin, vmware or install ubuntu/debian or any other linux distro on your pc
02:07:19sharpewait, would it matter if it's declared static?
02:07:42Rondomif you want to use vmware you have set up a samba share
02:07:50 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
02:08:06lostlogicwebguest98: I do not believe it is possible to compile natively from windows
02:08:11lostlogicsharpe: shouldn't
02:08:23sharpeblah, how should i align it?
02:08:52lostlogicsharpe: there's an attribute aligned something something
02:09:15webguest98i'm sorry how do i setup a share?
02:09:18sharpe__attribute__ ((aligned (16))) is what i found...
02:09:18lostlogicbut it's almost definitely not the actual buffer that's misaligned, but some data that you are trying to read off of it
02:09:50sharpei see...
02:10:15sharpewell, definitely doesn't matter if it's static. :D
02:10:21 Quit stoffel (Remote closed the connection)
02:10:44 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
02:11:15midkayhm, i'm working on the pitch screen, reintroducing the old left/right +/- 2% thing.. the problem is that the system used for +/- 2% involves the pressing and releasing of a button, and so since the pitch screen is in the menu for iPods and others, when the screen is entered with RIGHT, the release drops the pitch by 2%. so i want to ignore the first RIGHT release event *only* if we enter from the menu. any suggestions?
02:11:15eu4iccan someone help me really quick? −− i'm having a little trouble navigating the rockbox site
02:11:34midkayeu4ic, if you can be a bit more specific about your problem, perhaps..
02:11:44Mikachumidkay: lastbutton?
02:12:03midkayMikachu, hm?
02:12:34eu4ic<midkay> i'm trying to look for the section on the site where it lists all the addons i can download for rockbox
02:12:43eu4iceither i'm not looking in the right place, or i'm just blind
02:12:55Mikachuswitch (button) {case mybutton: if (lastbutton == mybutton_pre) {do stuff} }; lastbutton=button;
02:12:58Mikachusomething like that
02:13:07midkayeu4ic, addons? no, they just don't really exist.
02:13:19midkayall plugins are included.. WPS/themes can be downloaded at the WpsGallery @ the wiki..
02:13:25Mikachuwhere _pre is a press and mybutton is |release
02:13:31Mikachuit's done in various places in rockbox
02:13:33midkayMikachu, ah, hmm..
02:13:38lostlogicpreglow: shit. It breaks _resuming_ any mp3. I hate the world.
02:13:49sharpeand the world loves you back.
02:14:06preglowlostlogic: hah
02:14:28lostlogicso now I get voice, or the ability to resume MP3 :(
02:14:43 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:14:58preglowyou can't fix libmad itself to deal with this?
02:15:15eu4ic<midkay> thanks for clearing that up
02:15:17midkayMikachu, slightly confusing mentally, but that sounds like it'd work, trying it, thanks :)
02:15:25midkayeu4ic, no problem
02:15:33lostlogicI don't know anything about its internals, and am rather overloaded just with getting swcodec and voice on swcodec in a stable state :(
02:15:41Mikachumidkay: you should find something good with grep lastbutton
02:15:57midkayMikachu, ah, i'll try that. :)
02:16:09 Quit pixelma (" WOW! This IRC Client ownz! HydraIRC -> <-")
02:17:19 Part Paul_The_Nerd
02:18:22preglowcan't exactly brag too much about knowing its internals either
02:19:55webguest98sorry, another try... i have the source in my windows pc at c:\rockbox, my question, there's no way i can compile it from my computer?
02:19:59lostlogic*nod* I'm pretty sure it's that 8 bytes bug −− it's looking for the next frame _after_ the small _last_ frame fo the voice clips
02:20:31eu4icDoes anyone know how I'm supposed to get Doom to run on the iPod 5g rockbox software?
02:20:49lostlogicwebguest98: you can compile it in vmware, if you mount that folder into vmware.
02:20:50Mikachumost people who read the wiki page probably
02:20:51midkaywebguest98, what? why can't you compile it?
02:21:07preglowlostlogic: linuxstb said he'd look into fixing that bug
02:21:24preglowi don't have time right now
02:21:36preglowat least i gotta get this spdif stuff done first
02:21:47lostlogicpreglow: nod :( Maybe Day it is going to be. *goes back to working on other voice related issues, and doesn't try to resume any MP3s
02:22:57sharpehey lostlogic :), i need to tell you a statement.
02:23:05 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
02:23:06lostlogicsharpe: ?
02:23:12webguest98when i do "make zip" nothing happens
02:23:36webguest98when i do "make" lot of text is displayed
02:23:42sharpewhat should i align the stuff to?
02:23:43preglowsome overshoot on the date is to be expected
02:23:48sharpewait, that's a quesiton.
02:23:49midkaywebguest98, nothing means the zip was made.
02:23:54 Join Daishi [0] (
02:23:59midkaywebguest98, 'lots of text' is normal for make..
02:24:04webguest98where can i get it?
02:24:07lostlogicsharpe: just needs to be long aligned (4 byte) to not break
02:24:13midkaywebguest98, in the build dir..
02:24:15webguest98i can't find it in my computer
02:24:37lostlogicsharpe: amiconn gave me forumulas for aligning buffer data access if you need them at all
02:24:42webguest98ok in the build dir... but how do i bring it to my computer
02:24:51sharpelostlogic: you know, that may be useful.
02:25:03midkaywebguest98, what do you mean? VMware?
02:25:27midkaywebguest98, Start -> Run -> \\debian .. log in with "user"/"rockbox" and voila.
02:25:59webguest98i can't access \\Debian it says i have no permission
02:26:17midkaydid you try to log in?
02:26:30webguest98sorry, how?
02:26:41midkaymaybe try start -> my network places.. 'user on debian' or 'homes on debian'
02:27:00midkaystart -> run -> \\debian should prompt for a username/password..
02:27:26webguest98i'm sorry, it says that the path isn't found
02:28:09preglowgod, i love this
02:28:12midkaywebguest98, hm, if you're using the debian image from the wiki, samba should already be configured to share that stuff..
02:28:14twisted`what's the hostname of ur pc
02:28:16preglowsometimes spdif recording works, sometimes not
02:28:17twisted`are you sure it's debian
02:28:23twisted`ahhh k
02:28:24twisted`my bad
02:28:28*twisted` didn't know bout the VM
02:28:49 Quit eu4ic ()
02:30:11webguest98i should find Debian at Microsoft windows ntwork, clicking on the workgroup icon right?
02:31:37 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
02:32:01 Quit bon (Remote closed the connection)
02:32:22webguest98when i try to click on the workgroup icon it gives me "workgroup is not accessible. you may not have permission to use this network resource. contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. the list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available"
02:32:23zewebguest98: thats a horrible thing to say
02:32:25twisted`I use VMWare to run Windows...
02:32:53twisted`webguest98: did you type that or copy that?
02:32:55preglowi forgot a 0x
02:35:10midkaywebguest98, any firewall perhaps?
02:36:39twisted`webguest98: next time, when windows gives an error do Ctrl+C
02:36:43twisted`it copies it then :)
02:37:18 Join kaediil [0] (
02:37:34*preglow leaps out the window
02:37:49Mikachupreglow: oh no -_-;;
02:38:19webguest98bloody hell Midkay, you're right it was the firewall... thank you, many thanks :)
02:38:32webguest98i'm finally in :)
02:38:36midkaywebguest98, aha :) no problem
02:39:02HotfusionWarning: computer has an unexpected error press any key to continue
02:40:00midkaytwisted`, very interesting, i never knew you could ctrl+c windows errors :)
02:40:28twisted`midkay: dude
02:40:37twisted`midkay: how many errors does one windows machine produce
02:40:51twisted`midkay: if ya would have to type 'em all... man... you'd go nuts
02:40:54HotfusionWIndowds 95 or Windows xp
02:41:03midkaytwisted`, haha. whenever i need to, i type them :)
02:41:04twisted`all versions
02:41:22Hotfusionbetter ye 95 or ME
02:41:25twisted`one of the first things I learned was that I could ctrl+c my errors
02:41:55midkaytwisted`, i guess that also says you had to ask for a lot of help ;P
02:42:15webguest98how can i tell now my firewall to give me permission to access debian
02:42:29midkaywebguest98, depends on what your firewall is..
02:42:44twisted`midkay: nope, I just saw a shitload of errors which make ya go like: wtf
02:42:54twisted`and when someone tells you: do this and that
02:42:57twisted`replyin with the error
02:43:03twisted`is much easier then sayin; eh it doesn't work
02:43:06twisted`then they go: why
02:43:11twisted`well cause it says a lot of mumbo jumbo
02:43:15midkaytwisted`, yes, yes :)
02:43:18 Join erich [0] (n=erich@debian/developer/erich)
02:43:51twisted`in gnome you can select the error
02:43:53twisted`in kde I dunno
02:44:06erichSo on my iAudio X5 I get 6 hours of battery life with rockbox. Thats fine for me; I don't know how much it will have with the regular firmware. the player is a year old.
02:44:07Mikachuyou can always grep /dev/mem as root for one of the words
02:45:55 Join bon [0] (
02:46:32 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
02:46:37webguest98where should i look for the
02:46:47 Quit lostnihilist (Remote closed the connection)
02:46:49 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/external/x-99dcd3fdba380a69)
02:47:05midkaywebguest98, just your build dir..
02:47:09 Join lostnihilist [0] (
02:48:35webguest98i have to create the 3 last folders right?
02:49:04twisted` /homes!?
02:49:09twisted`what kind of system is that :|
02:49:10midkaywebguest98, ?
02:49:19midkaytwisted`, it's homes on the debian image, seemingly..
02:49:25twisted`midkay: didn't you mean /home/rockbox/buildir/
02:49:26midkayor networked oddly..
02:49:32Mikachubetter than Documents\ and\ Settings
02:49:42twisted`microsoft is on crack
02:49:47midkayopened: \\debian\homes\rockbox\apps\screens.c ..
02:49:55 Quit ep0ch (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:50:04midkayscratch that 'user' part, webguest98 :)
02:50:12webguest98ok :)
02:50:24 Join JdGordon [0] (
02:50:52webguest98i found it :) at \\debian\homes\rockbox\build_h120
02:51:35midkaythat's it
02:51:48webguest98one more thing
02:52:12Hotfusionanyidea why the iRiver H3xx seris are discontinued. They'll still sell a heck of alot compared to current DAPs now. hmm, makes me wonder if iriver is going in the wrong direction
02:52:44webguest98just for the test, can i erase everything inside \\debian\homes\rockbox and "make" it again right?
02:53:00midkaywebguest98, no, you mean clear out the build folder..
02:53:03midkayand you should do 'make veryclean
02:53:21webguest98ok i'll try that
02:53:26*twisted` loves his script
02:53:29midkaynothing in /rockbox is modified during build except the build dir.
02:53:32twisted`it's so simple that it's kick ass
02:53:51midkaytwisted`, ah, i won't ask what it is and just keep wondering. :p
02:55:15midkaytwisted`, nice.
02:55:16 Quit taz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:57:14 Join Sinbios [0] (n=Sinbios@
02:57:57scorcheim lazy..
02:58:55webguest98i'm in "debian:~/rockbox#"
02:59:08preglowok, so no one here with skills in coldfire and audio+
02:59:09preglow? <-
02:59:26webguest98and do "debian:~/rockbox# make veryclean"
02:59:27twisted`what's coldfire and audio+
02:59:28midkaywebguest98, cd build_h120?
02:59:39midkayyou build from your build dir..
02:59:46midkayand make veryclean from there as well.
02:59:52erichtwisted`: coldfire is a CPU, afaik the one in the iAudio X5.
03:00:05kaediilalso the one int he iRiver 120
03:00:14midkay'make veryclean' only works within a build dir. other stuff does not change during/after compile.
03:00:18 Join taz [0] (
03:00:44webguest98ok ok
03:03:56preglowgotta bed
03:03:59preglowsee all later
03:04:23twisted`preglow: nite
03:05:42webguest98the "make veryclean" worked so as the "make" and "make zip"
03:05:45twisted`how u call those things
03:05:49twisted`you see flyin in westerns
03:06:04Mikachuthe dry bushes?
03:06:54DBUGEnqueued KICK twisted`
03:07:21 Quit Inc (""changing servers"")
03:07:23 Quit powr-toc ("Leaving")
03:08:20twisted`I swear...
03:08:27twisted`sometimes I wonder what the HELL my iPod is doing
03:09:39 Join Kyomi [0] (
03:09:43Paul_The_NerdSometimes I wonder how "Please, don't ask for gameboy roms here or discuss where to find them for download" translates into "PM me and ask me for Roms"
03:09:59KyomiAnyone get the latest experimental build and know if it has the updated SID plugin?
03:10:16BHSPitLappyPaul_The_Nerd: because the world pure straight hates you
03:10:19Paul_The_NerdIsn't there a thread at MR that says what has been added?
03:10:52MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: the key word being "here" probably
03:11:31Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Well, I can't tell them not to ask *anywhere*. Technically I don't even have jurisdiction in the Rockbox forums, but at least people seem to think I do, and usually listen to me. :)
03:12:11Mikachuwhat i meant was that it's possible to interpret "here" as in the public part of the forums
03:12:11 Quit taz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:12:28sharpePaul_The_Nerd: it's because you're nice to them. :D
03:12:35Mikachuthus translating your first question into your second question
03:13:31Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: I dunno. One of them described me as "always sounds like he fell out of the wrong side of bed." I think that's about the right level of "respect for the fact that he will help us, but no desire to converse with him"
03:13:45Paul_The_NerdKyomi: Why not just read the progress thread at MR, or compile your own build with SID?
03:14:01KyomiI was reading it
03:14:08KyomiSometimes he doesn't say what happends
03:14:19KyomiI can't compile anything like that :P
03:14:29KyomiBecause I h8 cygwin
03:14:41KyomiAnd I'm not dual-booting or running linux
03:14:43Kyomiso nyah :P
03:14:49Paul_The_NerdKyomi: Ah. So not "can't" so much as "won't." You could also *download* the experimental and see if it has it.
03:14:50goffadoes cygwin work in wine?
03:15:06sharpethat's kind of redundant isn't it?
03:15:16Paul_The_NerdKyomi: And as has been mentioned, VMWare offers another alternative. So does colinux. We have 3 means so far of building Rockbox in windows.
03:15:23Mikachumore stupid than redundant :)
03:15:28Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: For those who want truly abominable compile times.
03:15:33webguest98i'd like now to apply a patch, reading the tutorial, it tells to do "cd to/source/root" and than "patch < patchfile"
03:16:01sharpewhat about, vmware inside quemu, inside wine, inside vmware, inside windows? :D
03:16:25webguest98but how's the procedure, where should i have my patch in debian
03:16:34kaediilsharpe is obviosuly masochistic
03:16:37Mikachuwebguest98: "patchfile" includes the full path
03:16:49Mikachuwebguest98: so if it's in /tmp/file you type /tmp/file
03:17:49 Join taz [0] (
03:17:59webguest98than i do "make" after "make zip" and will have my rockbox patched?
03:18:08KyomiHow can I tell which version is in it?
03:18:53MikachuKyomi: ask the guy to send you the source and look
03:19:03Mikachuif he doesn't, he's violating the gpl
03:19:13Mikachubut i suspect the source is in the forum post as well?
03:19:25KyomiMikachu: That still doesn't help me
03:19:33KyomiYes, I know to look
03:19:41KyomiBut is it labeled with the version?
03:20:00KyomiWhere will it be?
03:20:52Mikachuno idea ;)
03:21:22KyomiExactly why I'm asking the question :P
03:21:55Mikachui guess you could just ask the experimental guy
03:22:03Paul_The_NerdKyomi: Doesn't he just use the daily?
03:22:14KyomiBut Doom wasn't in the Daily for a bit
03:22:22webguest98the steps to patch should be, "make" than the "patch" than "make zip" right?
03:22:23KyomiI dunno if the SID thing is
03:22:45Mikachuwebguest98: incorrect
03:22:56webguest98how than?
03:23:03Mikachupatch, make, make zip
03:23:14Mikachualso; it's then, not than
03:23:24webguest98sorry :)
03:23:51webguest98i'll try then patch, make and make zip"
03:24:06Paul_The_NerdKyomi: SID isn't part of Rockbox, so it'd only be in it if he patched it.
03:24:17 Quit lostnihilist ("Leaving")
03:24:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:26:02webguest98when on Eterm for patch, on wich folder should i be at? /rockbox right?
03:27:05webguest98debian:~/rockbox/cd to/source/root
03:28:00Mikachudo you understand what to/source/root means?
03:28:11Mikachuit's the directory that has "apps", "firmware" etc
03:29:01Paul_The_NerdIt means the root folder of your source code, rather than literally /source/rood
03:29:53webguest98ok you do "cd" and after the path of where you want to be taken to right?
03:30:09twisted`I wonder can I unmount my iPod from irc...
03:30:22webguest98pointless my previous question then, right?
03:30:26twisted`YUP I can
03:30:31twisted`Unmounting iPod...
03:30:31twisted`umount: /mnt/ipod: not mounted
03:30:31twisted`iPod umounted from /mnt/ipod
03:30:38twisted`Checking if iPod is connected...
03:30:38twisted`iPod not connected! Abort...
03:31:24 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
03:32:08 Quit Daishi (Remote closed the connection)
03:32:38 Join Daishi [0] (
03:32:54sharpehey paul, i rewrote the emulator code.
03:35:09Paul_The_NerdDoes anyone know if it's possible to disable receiving PMs on the forums?
03:35:19kaediilDon't log on?
03:35:35sharpedon't click the link with "message" in it?
03:35:36JdGordonPaul_The_Nerd: i tihnk there is an option in your prefs..
03:36:29 Quit Farpenoodle (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:36:38Paul_The_NerdJdGordon: I didn't see it in the prefs. Do you know where exactly?
03:36:40 Join Farpenoodle [0] (
03:37:54JdGordonhmm.. maybe this forum doesnt have it..
03:38:11webguest98could someone please then explain me the "cd to/source/root"
03:38:16sharpePaul_The_Nerd, what pm's are thine getting?
03:38:34sharpechange the directory to where the folder your source is in
03:38:37Paul_The_Nerdwebguest98: Go to the root folder of your source code. Probably the rockbox folder
03:39:52webguest98but its giving me "-bash: cd: to/source/root: no such file or directory"
03:39:55Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: It varies. The most common are "Can you give me Doom .wads / gameboy roms / pacman roms", then comes "Will you make a custom build for me?". Occasionally I get a genuine "I can't figure this out, and you were helping me in the thread, but I didn't want to keep filling up the forums" style question. And every now and then "Hey, can you delete my thread for me, as the forums don't seem to let me do that?" or some other administ
03:40:32Paul_The_Nerdwebguest98: "cd" means "change directory." You need to change to where YOUR source is, not type it exactly.
03:40:45Paul_The_Nerdwebguest98: So, "cd ~\rockbox" or something similar maybe
03:41:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:41:00*Paul_The_Nerd typed the wrong /, I believe
03:41:29sharpespeaking in the third person, are we?
03:41:42webguest98let me try thanks
03:43:01Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: Bad habit I picked up somewhere. But yeah, I'd rather not ignore PMs completely because then the people who actually *need* help get the shaft. So it'd be easier to turn them off, have them get a rejection message or not be able to send one, and then have them just ask in the appropriate thread
03:43:10webguest98 "cd" means "change directory." You need to change to where YOUR source is, not type it exactly
03:43:32webguest98ahhh :) ok k i think i'm getting it
03:46:27Hotfusionman skingrad oblivion is taking awhile to get through
03:49:45 Part Paul_The_Nerd
03:49:50webguest98"file to patch: <what here? patch file name?>"
03:49:56 Quit Daishi (Remote closed the connection)
03:50:36Mikachuyou want to press ctrl-c there and give -p0 or -p1 to patch
03:52:08webguest98-p0 or -p1? sorry...
03:52:46sharpetry, "patch -p0 < yourpatchfilename"
03:54:55webguest98thank you it seems to work that way, but i got a "1 out of 2 hunks failed... "
03:55:16Mikachuthen you are probably out of luck
03:55:25webguest98what does it means ?
03:56:13twisted`that the patch mechanism is secretly gay
03:56:18twisted`and lost a hot lookin dude
03:56:24twisted`or you just mistyped...
03:56:36biffheroargh. need help
03:56:40Mikachuit's hard to get a patch to not apply to one hunk by mistyping a command
03:56:49Hotfusionjust not hunky enough
03:57:08biffheroi loaded up a theme, but the background and font colors are the exact same.
03:57:26Mikachumaybe it only changes the wps then
03:57:41 Join Daishi [0] (
03:57:45 Quit erich ("Client exiting")
03:58:45kaediilwhat does incompatible model mean when trying to run a plugin?
03:59:29twisted`that your model
03:59:32twisted`is incompatible
03:59:33twisted`duh :)
03:59:51Mikachuit can also mean that the plugin can be too old/new compared to your rockbox.player
03:59:56kaediilwell that clears thing sup a lot :)
04:00:11Mikachuie some internal stuff changed
04:00:27biffherotwisted. r u in front of a rockbox ui?
04:00:28kaediilhmm wth did I do to the plugin, I have been working on it all day grr
04:01:30sharpekaediil: what is the errror?
04:02:11sharpewithout the extra 'r'
04:07:34 Join axion__ [0] (
04:08:59twisted`biffhero: nope
04:10:25webguest98so if 1 of 2 hunks failed, then the patch is not going to work, correct?
04:11:23biffherowebguest98: correct
04:11:52biffherowhat file holds the current settings? if i nuke that, i should boot up into normal rockbox theme
04:12:39 Part macdonalder ("bye bye ;D")
04:13:23webguest98is there any other way i can try to do it?
04:13:40 Quit axion_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:14:12biffherowebguest98: at this point, u need 2 read the files, and patch "by hand"
04:15:23midkaywebguest98, check the file.c.rej..
04:15:33midkayand just do it manually, yeah.
04:15:43kaediilhmm interesting. Ever since I updated from the repository, it seems I have to do a make veryclean in between builds or I get "Incompatible model" error
04:16:06webguest98how? <my god>
04:16:54midkaywebguest98, the lines with a - behind them = delete them..
04:16:54midkayand + = add..
04:16:56midkayjust add the + lines, subtract the - lines, and that's it. should be a quick job.. like .. a minute's worth of work at most. :)
04:17:44biffheromidkay: do you know what file holds my settings? like what theme to start up with?
04:18:09midkaybiffhero, it's not accessible really. if you have an iPod, turn it on and flick the hold switch on, and your settings will be reset..
04:18:50biffherotoggle the hold switch on/off after rockbox boots?
04:19:13midkaye.g. press menu, then turn the hold switch on right away..
04:19:25midkayso it's on when rockbox boots, and thus interpreted as "reset my settings pls".
04:19:41 Join axion_ [0] (
04:19:51webguest98<midkay> i should delete the "-" lines from the patch file correct
04:20:26midkaywebguest98, what do you mean? remove the lines with a "-" in the .rej file from the file itself..
04:20:43biffherowoo hoo. thx midkay
04:20:49 Quit hardeep ("Killed by BlackJac (Requested by panasync)")
04:20:51midkaybiffhero, no problem
04:21:26twisted`this has GOT to be the most useless thing EVER
04:21:31twisted`you can shoot an object into spac
04:21:35twisted`and you can get it back
04:21:38twisted`for 99 dollar
04:21:48twisted`cannot be bigger then a can of soda and cannot be heavier then 350 gram
04:21:53twisted`what the fuck... is the use
04:21:56midkaythat is so cool.
04:22:11biffherosolar radiation experiments
04:22:22webguest98i have 7 ".rej" files.. wich one is it?
04:22:24sharpeheh, the differening opinions of people on irc.
04:22:35sharpestill can't type today
04:22:40midkaytwisted`, there doesn't always have to be a use.. maybe just for *having* something that's gone farther than 99.9% of human beings into space?
04:22:56midkaywebguest98, whichever said 'x hunks out of x failed'..
04:23:02midkaymaybe more than one..
04:23:07sharpethat percentage is probably higher than that midkay
04:23:12midkaysharpe, for sure..
04:25:04 Quit kaediil (Remote closed the connection)
04:25:10 Quit axion__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:26:27webguest98the most similar i find is a line with "−−-", i should now erase this line, save the file and try the patch again?
04:26:41 Join kaediil [0] (
04:27:53twisted`I'd rather go into space myself
04:28:03twisted`but seriously... what is so small... that you wanna send there and back
04:28:07twisted`it can even be ALIVE if you want
04:28:14twisted`what you wanna put in a can SO SMALL
04:28:35twisted`hmm... Cigarretes from Outer Space
04:29:24midkaywhy not?
04:29:46webguest982 hunks failed now!
04:30:52twisted`this women got busted
04:31:02twisted`for smuggelin some weed 'n a grenade into a prison
04:31:10twisted`hidden in her cunt
04:34:20midkayi'm offended.
04:35:08midkaythat word you used.
04:35:21midkaythat many consider to be _the_ most offensive word in the english language.
04:35:28sharpei know
04:35:29twisted`"her" ?
04:35:47sharpe"women" ?
04:36:00midkaysharpe, okay, you're blowing it. :p
04:36:21twisted`fuckin conventional americans...
04:36:38twisted`'n why the hell are all the birds happily whistlin outside... it's like 04:30am
04:37:07sharpethey want to fuck with your head.
04:37:16midkay4:00am or 04:00. not BOTH.
04:38:23sharpethe deafening loudness of *silence*.
04:41:57scottderOooh 8 and 10GB Nanos *drool*
04:42:17sharpeevery type a word so much, it loses meaning and sense of it's correct spelling?
04:44:00webguest98ok, i got the hunk error, i removed the "-" line now there's no way to know if its going to work, right?... i should now "make", "make zip" and install my patched rockbox, correct?
04:44:28twisted`midkay: both is proper
04:44:35midkaywebguest98, well, it should work if you get no errors.
04:44:42midkaytry making, you'll either get errors or not.
04:44:56midkaytwisted`, semi-joking.. but 04:00am is rather redundant..
04:45:42twisted`midkay: a lot of people still dunno, 12hr time would be 04:00pm for 16:00pm 24hr time
04:46:06midkayno idea why you'd say 04:00pm instead of just 4:00pm..
04:46:22 Quit Kyomi ()
04:46:33midkaya "0" before a digit in the hour place on a clock says to me "24-hour time"..
04:46:36sharpeor just, 4pm
04:46:45midkaysharpe, haha.
04:46:53Hotfusionor 16:00 4pm
04:46:55twisted`oh I always prefix time
04:47:06webguest98i got errors
04:47:09sharpeor we could always stop talking about the format of time.
04:47:11midkaythen fix + retry..
04:47:18midkayor we could always not!
04:47:23twisted`00:00 - 00:00 just looks better then 0:00
04:47:32sharpeor we could figure out how i don't get data abort errors
04:47:34Hotfusionmake is like a stop watch
04:47:41midkay00:00 should only show up in 24hr time..
04:47:49midkaythus 0:00 is an invalid argument..
04:47:54midkayor whatever.
04:47:59sharpeyou mean representation
04:48:01twisted`midkay: it should yeah
04:48:09twisted`midkay: BUT most people still are like: night or day?
04:48:09midkaywhat should yeah what?
04:48:19twisted`uh... whaddaya think ya stupid fuck, I said 04 not 16
04:48:30midkayright, 04 implies morning.
04:48:39midkaybut, yeah :)
04:48:40 Quit kaediil ("Leaving")
04:48:44twisted`tell that to your fellow citizins
04:48:46midkaymost people are idiots :)
04:48:48sharpewhat about, we create a time format, where it's all syncronized throughout the whole world, and has a completely different type of display?
04:48:51twisted`citizens ?
04:48:56*twisted` doesn't care
04:49:00twisted`me is tired
04:49:04Galoiswe should abolish and stamp out redundancy
04:49:08webguest98<midkay> fix what??!!
04:49:18midkaysharpe, like a;sidlaAEKKEIAIASDIFASDFsharpesux­FADF = 4:01pm!
04:49:19twisted`sharpe: it's called @
04:49:23midkaywebguest98, fix the errors?
04:49:39 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:49:41twisted`Internet Time is a "new" way to tell time, invented and marketed by the Swiss watch company Swatch. The current Internet Time is the same all over the World (no time zones or daylight saving time adjustments). The current Internet time can be found on the World Clock just below the long list of cities there. ("Internet time: @xxx .beats")
04:52:13twisted`seriously... linuxtoday is some piece of shit
04:52:31twisted`they link to an article... which links to an article... which links to the article WHERE ALL THE OTHER ONE'S ARE BASED ON
04:52:38twisted`just link to THAT one
04:52:54sharpereminds me of... research.
04:53:03sharpeon a sparsely documented topic
04:53:05sharpeyou know
04:53:10sharpelike the bubonic plague.
04:53:32sharpewhich i have to write a paper on
04:54:54twisted`the hell u talkin bout... :D
04:55:06sharpeeverything's based on the same thing
04:55:45sharpewith different wording
04:56:06sharpeslight deja vu
05:01:32 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
05:08:49webguest98thank you very much for all the help, i'll be here tomorrow :)
05:08:52webguest98thank you
05:09:04 Quit webguest98 ("CGI:IRC")
05:09:28 Join speacial_ed [0] (
05:11:18 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:15:35 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:19:50 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:20:35twisted`wikipedia sucks badly in consitency
05:20:53 Quit speacial_ed ("Bye")
05:21:35midkayin what way?
05:21:41twisted`well ok
05:21:47twisted`google: wiki metallica
05:21:54twisted`and then click from there to their album pages
05:22:01twisted`it will tell the opposite
05:22:09twisted`or stuff that has been told different
05:22:13twisted`or page styles aren't the same
05:22:15twisted`or whatever
05:22:48midkaywhat's inconsistent exactly?
05:24:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:27:44sharpenot being consistent. :)
05:28:59twisted`midkay: ya know what consistent means right?
05:29:06twisted`cus that means like, same as in code
05:29:09twisted`that it would be
05:29:13midkaytwisted`, i know what consistent means, of course.
05:29:16twisted`ahh ok
05:29:19midkayi mean what is inconsistent *about the pages*?
05:29:20twisted`well some ppl don't
05:29:34midkayhm, well, we already went over the fact that most people are retarded. :p
05:29:49midkaybut not really! just gauging your reaction!
05:38:56 Join gursikh [0] (
05:46:12 Join mymomthelush [0] (i=user@
05:50:13 Join lostnihilist [0] (
05:52:55twisted`ey I asked this like... before but I forgot
05:53:01twisted`I want to have a bootloader or something
05:53:10twisted`so I can choose between rockbox and the original firmware
05:53:27twisted`or atleast change swap it around that it boots original instead of the other or something
05:54:20gursikhThe choice at boot is already RB bootloader behaviour by default.
05:54:37gursikhWhat target?
05:55:23twisted`gursikh: iPod Video
05:55:32twisted`I gotta press that button
05:55:34twisted`real fast 'n stuff
05:55:46twisted`I just want either a) a bootloader, which waits like 5sec
05:55:56twisted`or b) it should standard boot original
05:56:01sharpei've an idea
05:56:02twisted`how can I get that
05:56:24sharpethat would satisfy all the people that want to be able to choose to boot the original firmware
05:56:43twisted`which is?
05:57:04sharpeipodlinux bootloader!
05:57:28twisted`and how do I config it to bootup rockbox or original?
05:57:39gursikhyeah, i guess you can do that too, But AFAIK the RB BL can boot into linux,RB, and Orig as well.
05:58:18sharpeactually i had a completely different idea
05:58:20sharpebut still
05:58:40twisted`can I change it
05:58:48twisted`so it does original unless I press menu
05:58:54twisted`or get a menu, like lilo or grub
05:59:05sharpei was thinking about a grub like menu...
05:59:16sharpemodify the code
05:59:28gursikhdefault RB answer: Down the code and get crackin!
05:59:29 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:59:56twisted`I don't even have a build env. yet
06:00:05twisted`so I gotta go through like a zillion docs
06:00:07sharpebetter get started then
06:00:11twisted`fuck that
06:00:13twisted`too tired
06:00:15sharpeonly one page if you're good
06:00:26sharpeand fifteen minutes
06:01:09sharpeare you on windows or linux?
06:04:35Galoistwisted`: I already have a patch for that
06:06:15twisted`for the bootloader u mean?
06:06:21twisted`happen to have a precompiled one? :D
06:06:44Galoisit's bad form to run binaries that other people supply, so ... no
06:09:23Galoisit's like eating pills from someone you don't know
06:09:32scorchesecurity risks
06:09:50sharpegee, i think there's something wrong with my makefile for the bootloader
06:09:52scorchebut it is mainly about you learning to do it yourself i believe
06:10:02twisted`oh I just consider it as a on-a-trust-basis
06:10:18sharpeso far, 250 attempts to build rdf2binary, convbdf, scramble, ipod_fw, bmp2rb, and codepages
06:10:19Galoisa secondary reason is that I think people should use rockbox since rockbox is better than the default, so it hardly makes sense to encourage using the apple firmware
06:10:48Galoisa third reason is that the patch isn't very useful anyway −− the apple firmware has a sleep mode and it never shuts off unless you leave the player off for like 2 days
06:10:50twisted`it lowers battery with 14hrs
06:11:01twisted`so... better, not yet for me
06:11:09twisted`since I use those 20hrs :P
06:11:20Galoisso at worst you need to press and hold menu, what, once every two days, if you use the apple firmware all the time?
06:11:44twisted`Galois: everytime I take it out of the usb connector
06:11:47sharpeyou can still reset it in the apple firmware...
06:11:48twisted`it reboots :)
06:12:22Galoishuh? what are you talking about
06:12:35Galoismy ipod nano does not reboot when the usb connector is removed, not in the apple firmware
06:13:18sharpeholding select and menu in the apple firmware reboots...
06:16:20*scorche gently pats sharpe gently on the head
06:16:50scorchetoo many gently-s in there >_>
06:17:02 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:17:02 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
06:17:43sharpeafter about the four-hundredth attempt to build the tools in my bootloader makefile, make started throwing errors
06:18:01sharpediscovered there were around thirty make.exe's running
06:18:11sharpeblackbox crashed
06:18:39twisted`Galois: when I remove it from the dock, it reboots
06:19:05scorcheyou win win orlinux?
06:19:14sharpecygwin :D
06:19:24twisted`when my phone seeks for network, the iPod light goes on
06:19:37sharpethat's amazing.
06:22:05lostlogicI am an imbecile.
06:22:20*twisted` pets lostlogic
06:22:32lostlogicbeen beeting myself up over a bug that resulted from the typing of && vs || in a very obvious place.
06:22:55 Quit mymomthelush ("Trillian (")
06:23:13 Join Arrogant [0] (
06:23:15sharpelostlogic, what about my problem? :D
06:23:31lostlogicsharpe: you already tried aligning the big array thing itself?
06:24:01twisted`I should actually...
06:24:07sharpetried, 1, 4, 8, 16, and 'aligned' by itself for the compiler to do it.
06:24:15lostlogicshould compile with -save-temps, get the assembly, dissassemble the rockbox.elf, find the instruction that data aborts, find that in the .s file for the file it comes from, map that to a C line and then debug.
06:24:16twisted`like... once... re-encode allll my music that I have on the iPod
06:24:28twisted`to MP3 VBR 128-192
06:24:35sharpeeh, it's okay
06:24:36lostlogictwisted`: never reencode
06:24:40lostlogicunless you mean re-rip
06:24:49sharpei'll work around it to use the plugin buffer
06:25:00twisted`and you won't notice the sound difference anyway
06:25:31twisted`it just drives me nuts
06:25:35 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:25:40twisted`that complete albums are 320kbps
06:25:42lostlogic... transcoding is bad, mmmk?
06:25:54twisted`wtf I can't hear that difference through the iPod earplugs
06:26:06sharpewhy don't we get mad about it...
06:26:12lostlogicget better air plugs
06:26:18lostlogicear even
06:26:22lostlogicI talk like dumb, is late
06:26:24sharpethey're ear buds...
06:26:34scorchei late earbuds...
06:26:51sharpeearplugs block sound...
06:27:06scorchehave some of the shure ones that go around your would be surprised at how nice they are
06:27:24scorcheinvasive, i dont like
06:27:37lostlogicW00T voice over audio for the first time since I started refactoring it!
06:27:44lostlogicand it seems comparatively stable.
06:27:54lostlogichow about some IEMs
06:27:59lostlogicwhich both block sound and play sound
06:28:04sharpewait until it starts throwing mean paranoia inducing comments
06:28:22scorche"i cant let you do that dave..."
06:28:25lostlogicI'm so getting a pair of E500s when they come out
06:28:39lostlogicand now I sleep.
06:28:42sharpeshould totally add that in as a voice..
06:28:42 Join RoC_MM [0] (
06:28:48*BHSPitLappy turns lostlogic off.
06:29:04twisted`*rocks to the beat of ac/dc*
06:29:14scorchelostlogic: mmmm...those are hot
06:29:20sharpetwisted`: alternating current/direct current?
06:29:21BHSPitLappy*shocks to the voltage of ac*
06:29:37sharpeactually it'd be amperage...
06:29:54BHSPitLappysharpe: yeah, that occured to me immediately following the use of the RETURN key.
06:30:00*BHSPitLappy runs away, crying
06:30:08sharpei have a ENTER key
06:30:18scorchei have 2!
06:30:25BHSPitLappybut does it have a little arrow on it?
06:30:27sharpelike, totally!
06:30:30sharpeyes, yes it does.
06:30:34scorcheonly one does =(
06:30:36BHSPitLappycause that's symbolese for "RETURN"
06:30:49BHSPitLappyor \n or nl or whatever
06:30:50sharpethat's the symbol for look left
06:30:54*BHSPitLappy looks left
06:30:57BHSPitLappytricky bastard
06:31:01scorcheBHSPitLappy: what about my turbo button? =P
06:31:05sharpei'm a tricky one i am
06:31:08*BHSPitLappy runs for cover
06:31:12BHSPitLappynot the turbo button!!
06:31:25sharpehas anyone heard of my dilemma with wireless keyboards?
06:31:32BHSPitLappybut please do tell
06:31:33scorchei wuv mine
06:31:42twisted`I got 2 Enter keys
06:31:44twisted`one has the arrow
06:31:47twisted`the other doesn't
06:31:50twisted`I also got one key
06:31:54twisted`that says: not used"
06:31:55scorchemy only beef is security, but that is why i dont use the bluetooth versions
06:31:56sharpewhy is it so hard to make a wireless keyboard that's rectangular in shape, and is a mini keyboard...
06:31:58twisted`it produces this: z
06:32:04twisted`I mean: <
06:32:06sharpeand why are all keyboards shaped like amoebaes now?!
06:32:16twisted`damn I neve use the key I think it ends at the z
06:32:18BHSPitLappytwisted`: maybe we should take one of those enter keys away, and maybe you then won't use it so damn often
06:32:26BHSPitLappysentences only need to take up one IRC line
06:32:29twisted`BHSPitLappy: bullshit
06:32:39scorchelook and weep!
06:32:41twisted`BHSPitLappy: point me where it says so in the rfc
06:32:41sharpehow many words
06:32:43sharpethere are in
06:32:47sharpethe damn sentence
06:32:54*scorche digs up the stats of this box
06:32:59*BHSPitLappy points to paragraph 1729, line 17, word 6
06:33:09twisted`a sentence is a sentence when I use proper grammer and puctionation
06:33:12twisted`and I use neither
06:33:12sharpehow do you encompass that in one word?
06:33:58scorche[OS] Slackware 10.0.0 (2.4.26) :: [Uptime] 50 days, 23:07 :: [CPU] 1-Pentium MMX @ 166MHz (12% load) :: [Memory] 41M Used, 60M Total (32% Free) :: [Video] S3 Inc. 86c325 [ViRGE] (800x600/24 Bit/73Hz) :: [Disk] 2.94G Used, 14.85G Total (75% Free) :: [Network] Linksys Network Everywhere Fast Ethernet 10/100 model NC100 (eth0: 411.31M In, 108.79M Out)
06:34:24twisted`scorche: you need new hardware
06:34:29twisted`specially a new nic
06:34:31sharpehe needs a life
06:34:39twisted`I mean that name is like... wrong to the max
06:34:53*scorche sobs in the corner
06:35:06sharpeand that's what you get.
06:35:14twisted`I need a new pc
06:35:14sharpewhy am i procrastinating so much?
06:35:17scorchehow can you denouce an s3 ViRGE?!?!?
06:35:18twisted`it's slow as fuck...
06:35:21twisted`and I need new hd's
06:35:30sharpei need to buy that 2.0ghz processor...
06:35:55sharpebut then i realize
06:36:12sharpei can buy another mobo like i had, and overclock this on
06:36:19*scorche pets his real box
06:36:38twisted`this pc... damn.. old
06:36:49scorchefor a poor person, you learn to respect the smaller things
06:36:51twisted`Intel Pentium 4 2.53ghz, 1.5gb ram
06:36:58scorchei upgraded a few months ago
06:37:03twisted`and like... not so many hd space
06:37:06twisted`Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
06:37:07twisted`/dev/hda3 18G 9.1G 7.8G 54% /
06:37:07twisted`tmpfs 761M 4.0K 761M 1% /dev/shm
06:37:07twisted`/dev/hdb1 187G 185G 1.6G 100% /WD200GB-1
06:37:07twisted`/dev/hdc1 184G 175G 0 100% /WD200GB-2
06:37:08scorcheopteron 175 ^_^
06:37:09twisted`/dev/hda1 115M 9.6M 105M 9% /boot
06:37:12twisted`/dev/hda4 92G 73G 15G 84% /home
06:37:14twisted`tmpfs 10M 152K 9.9M 2% /dev
06:37:16twisted`/dev/hdd 582M 582M 0 100% /media/cdrom0
06:37:19twisted`/dev/sda2 56G 55G 1.4G 98% /mnt/ipod
06:37:27twisted`I still gotta locate the other hd's
06:37:33twisted`I have 2 more 200gb's somewhere
06:37:34scorchei have 1.5T
06:37:35twisted`but where...
06:37:37scorcheand i need more
06:37:48BHSPitLappyformidable paste there.
06:38:10scorchelucky there isnt any flood protection in here
06:38:45twisted`flood protection?!
06:38:53sharpelets test that theory...
06:39:00twisted`I remember doin /exec -o ls -lhR / once when I was fuckin high
06:39:03twisted`they got sooo pissed
06:39:19twisted`cus everyone else was stoned too so couldn't remember the chanserv pass
06:39:22twisted`to kick me off the chan
06:43:05twisted`Remember kids, don't mix drugs and irc
06:44:13BHSPitLappyfriends don't let friends chat high
06:44:45scorchefriends don't let friends chat high without logging activated
06:45:10twisted`yesterday I did a dcc-chat with a friend of mine
06:45:16twisted`to test how fast it sended shit
06:45:28twisted`we ended up doin ls -lhR and dmesg and god I don't know what else
06:45:34twisted`parsin complete 'n utter crap
06:45:46BHSPitLappydon't you know ls is a gateway command?
06:45:56BHSPitLappyyou're lucky you didn't overparse yourself to death.
06:47:42 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
06:47:49Hotfusionwell guys in a couple of hours I will press the submit button for my 1st mp3 player iaudio x5l *gasp*
06:48:39HotfusionI gotta p
06:50:10twisted`BHSPitLappy: wha?
06:50:21BHSPitLappyface it. you need help.
06:50:50twisted`BHSPitLappy: no :D
06:50:54twisted`BHSPitLappy: what I need is really simple
06:51:04twisted`BHSPitLappy: either $4 or a pack of cigarrettes
06:51:12 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
06:51:14*scorche shuffles up close to twisted`
06:51:36sharpei want to... do the following...
06:51:49twisted`scorche: go ahead!
06:51:50sharpescream at something
06:51:58twisted`sharpe: want my phone number?
06:51:59sharpego to sleep
06:52:07sharpebe happy
06:52:07twisted`sharpe: u can call me and we yell togheter
06:52:17sharpenot be bored...
06:52:37sharpenot be lonely
06:52:37 Join dj-fu [0] (
06:52:45twisted`k now it just got scary
06:52:47 Quit RotAtoR ("fsck your disk")
06:52:54twisted`scorche: I think sharpe wants your attention
06:53:03sharpeeh, i'm being serious.
06:53:26*scorche winks slyly at sharpe
06:53:35twisted`dude we all want to bang a chick
06:53:36twisted`I mean
06:54:15sharpelast week when i was out with my friends, i was sad... i rolled down the winodw and screamed 'fuck' at trees...
06:54:26twisted`anyone here listen Children of Bodom?
06:54:42sharpei think i'm becoming slightly dyslexic!
06:55:07 Quit vmx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:55:20Hotfusionno, maybe slight tourette
06:55:34 Join vmx [0] (
06:56:04sharpeeh, i think i'm getting all those good mental illnesses and disorders.
06:56:38twisted`u need to get laid
06:56:40twisted`fo real man
06:56:53*twisted` gives sharpe $5 for a cheap ho 'n with the change u can buy a pack o ramen
06:57:02sharpethat reminds me
06:57:07scorchesharpe: where abouts you live?
06:57:09sharpei should cool some ramen noodles tomorrow
06:57:40*twisted` rocks to his imaginary air-guitar
06:57:52scorchetwisted`: redudndant much/
06:58:03midkayscorche, YES.
06:58:05scorchescorche: typo much
06:58:06midkaythis is mr. 04:00am.
06:58:11sharpespicy chicken flavor i think
06:58:13twisted`Fri Apr 21 06:58:13 CEST 2006
06:58:14twisted`I beat ya'll
06:58:39twisted`I better get some drugs 'n beer tonight
06:58:43twisted`'n get laid!
06:59:00twisted`actually... any of the tree is good... but the latter is preferred...
06:59:18 Quit gursikh ()
06:59:21sharpeis that all you do in life?
06:59:26scorchemeh....i like to save a lot of it for sat instead of fri
06:59:33midkaytwisted` is polluting this channel like nobody ever has before. ;)
06:59:42scorchewell....since i got here
07:00:02sharpeexactly, it's turning into... an irc channel!!
07:00:07twisted`sharpe: what get drunk 'n shit?!
07:00:09twisted`basicly yeah
07:00:26sharpewell, at least my life is filled with
07:00:33twisted`BORING SHIT!
07:00:41scorchesharpe: you are young, you have time
07:00:46twisted`sharpe: come over to amsterdam
07:00:48twisted`we'll party
07:01:43sharpei don't want to fly seven hours to germany...
07:01:59midkaytook you long enough to look that up. :)
07:02:13twisted`they didn't won the war
07:02:33sharpemidkay, i didn't look it up...
07:02:39midkaymhm. yep.
07:02:47Hotfusionfrom wikipedia
07:02:48twisted`yeah else he would've known it wasn't germany
07:03:06sharpetrying to remember how long it takes for a military aircraft to fly to germany... is in germany now?
07:03:25sharpenoo, it's in belgium
07:03:29sharpejust like the smurfs.
07:03:30 Join Azraak [0] (
07:03:38twisted`ya'll got issues
07:03:42twisted`but then again
07:03:44twisted`I don't mind
07:03:48twisted`I hate the Netherlands
07:03:52sharpelook who's talking... :D
07:03:55twisted`long live the republic of Amsterdam
07:04:13twisted`I never said I didn't have any issues, I just say ya'll have 'em in a way that it's not not cool (tm)
07:04:25 Join B4gder [0] (
07:04:25twisted`hmm... remove one "not"
07:04:27sharpei'm back to
07:04:35sharpedoing whatever i was doing.
07:04:57twisted`admit it! you were wanking!
07:05:02scorcheHotfusion: it doesnt support ID3?
07:05:04*twisted` won't shake ur hand
07:05:16scorcheboth hands on the keyboard mister
07:05:28sharpethen i can't move the mouse.
07:05:34twisted`who needs a mouse
07:05:38scorchewho needs a mouse?
07:05:43scorchetwisted`: pfft!
07:05:48*twisted` uses E
07:05:54*twisted` can do anythin with ze keyboard
07:05:55scorcheterminal FTW
07:06:11twisted`tho the mouse is just l33t
07:06:19*twisted` holds META and scrolls mouse wheel
07:06:21twisted`ooh psychedelic
07:06:36Hotfusionwho? what?
07:06:37sharpei need to buy a wireless mini keyboard
07:06:57sharpetwisted, can you find me one in amsterdam?
07:07:22midkaydamn, this is frustrating..
07:07:28twisted`sharpe: dude, don't tell me the economics are so bad they don't have 'em there
07:07:29 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:07:50sharpethey have wireless keyboards, but barely any that are mini.
07:07:54 Join dj-fu [0] (
07:07:57sharpeit's like
07:08:05Hotfusionoh I bet that got wireless keyboard ;)
07:08:08*twisted` doesn't see the point of wireless keyboards
07:08:18sharpeit's physically impossible to make a small, rectangular wireless keyboard.
07:08:19twisted`they need batteries...
07:08:22scorcheHotfusion: read somewhere that it doesnt support ID3
07:08:36Hotfusionwhat you talkin about
07:08:37twisted`same with wireless mouse
07:08:44*twisted` got everythin on cords
07:08:49*twisted` doesn't trust "wireless"
07:08:53sharpeyeah, you can't choke anyone with wireless things.
07:09:00scorchetwisted`: keyboard doesnt wear out till months
07:09:05Hotfusionsure you can pull out batteries
07:09:08Hotfusionput down throat
07:09:10scorchemouse is solved with rechargable
07:09:10twisted`check out my kick ass ascii drawing on
07:09:16twisted`I couldn't have done THAT with wireless keyboards
07:09:40scorcheand just dont get the bluetooth ones and operate in encrypted mode and you are fine
07:09:48scorcheHotfusion: your x5l
07:10:07Hotfusionnot worried there scorche
07:10:26sharpetwisted, host my website.
07:10:27Hotfusionrockbox is there :D Plus i used ID3-Tag version 3.3 to sort my artists and songs
07:11:01scorchebut i am sticking wiht my archos recorder =P
07:11:05twisted`sharpe: why?
07:11:41scorchetwisted`: so he can wank off to his collection when he goes away
07:11:57sharpetwisted`: because i'm too lazy to register a domain, and pay for hosting. and you love me.
07:12:03jncquick opinion now, what's the absolute best rockbox supported hardware?
07:12:10HotfusionWhat do you guys think about the Toshiba Gigabeat. Eh no video but looks ok
07:12:13twisted`sharpe: 0_o
07:12:14sharpei'd say archoses...
07:12:24jncarchos yeah?
07:12:26sharpelongest it's been developed for.
07:12:35twisted`sharpe: I can get you an forwarder for
07:12:37twisted`but that's it
07:12:42scorchei wuv my archos recorder =P
07:12:52sharpethat's tempting :D
07:13:05midkayB4gder.few_free_minutes == true? :)
07:13:22B4gderhm, yes I think so
07:13:40sharpe'few_free_minutes' not defined in struct 'B4gder'
07:14:27twisted`if (twisted_gets_head();) then {sharpe_gets_hosting();}
07:14:43sharpegee, that's almost a given then.
07:14:49sharpewhen can i get access?
07:14:51midkaysharpe, hahaha.. B4gder, i'm confused as hell trying to get some _PRE stuff working in the pitch screen, i thought you were experienced with that + was wondering if you could have a look.
07:15:12scorchetwisted`: you have beautiful eyes
07:15:26twisted`don't tell me you went to my flickr
07:15:32twisted`he did
07:15:34B4gdermidkay: I'm really not, I think amiconn is a good man to poke about that
07:16:12midkayscorche, url for all of us!?
07:16:43 Join scorche` [0] (i=ScorchE@
07:16:47 Quit scorche` (Client Quit)
07:18:37twisted`Remember kids, don't do webcams and drugs at the same time
07:19:16scorcheoh jeah
07:19:24scorchetwisted`: your ascii sucks
07:19:29sharpeyeah, because it's impossible to remove photos once posted online.
07:19:59twisted`scorche: want me to hang you like I did there :P
07:20:20sharpeahh, "rockbox : inbetween daily dev cycles"
07:21:13scorchemidkay: earlier (last nights build-ish), i couldnt get back to my music after exiting metronome
07:21:38sharpefor some reason, my doom builds freeze.
07:21:43*twisted` actually starts to wonder if scorche is female or just highly... gay...
07:22:00scorcheactually, very straight
07:22:11midkayscorche, you ran metronome during playback or while stopped?
07:22:22sharpesecure in his sexuality enough to act the way he does.
07:22:27scorchestraight enough that i have no issues with touching a thong-wearing man's ass
07:22:43scorchemidkay: during playback, which stopped playback, but i couldnt get back to playing
07:22:51Hotfusionso it's true. twisted is sith
07:23:02twisted`Hotfusion: you had to THINK about that one?!
07:23:06scorchesharpe: exactly
07:23:16midkayscorche, so.. you were playing music, started metronome thus stopping playback.. then quit.. what did you do next?
07:23:17Hotfusionno I just looked at it 10 sec ago
07:23:27HotfusionI was distracted by the television
07:23:36scorchemidkay: hold on...lemme replicate
07:23:41twisted`no I mean you needed photographical proof of it?
07:24:04Hotfusionsarcasm has left the room
07:24:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:25:00twisted`Build (N)ormal, (D)evel, (S)imulator, (B)ootloader, (M)anual? (N)
07:25:13twisted`hmmm... Simulator is so I can poke shit round on my pc right?
07:25:18midkayB4gder, what's the diff between button_get(true) and button_get(false)? or anyone?
07:25:32B4gdermidkay: blocking or not
07:25:33sharpedoesn't true block until it gets a key?
07:25:41midkayB4gder, what do you mean, blocking?
07:25:42scorchemidkay: hit f1 twice to get back to wps
07:25:52B4gdermidkay: it hangs until you press a key and then returns
07:26:03scorchei can browse, but if i try to hit play in the wps, it wont play
07:26:04twisted`I just...
07:26:06B4gdernon-block means it just checks for a key and return in any case
07:26:12twisted`completely fucked up all compiles
07:26:13midkayB4gder, ah, so switching to false would explain the stopping of playback right away when entering the pitch screen?
07:26:18twisted`I build it for sh1
07:26:25*twisted` can recompile everything
07:26:26midkayscorche, so where does it freeze?
07:26:38B4gdermidkay: no, a blocking button_get doesn't stop the music
07:26:57scorchemidkay: not a total freeze...just wont play if i het play...freeze was possibly the wrong word
07:26:59midkayB4gder, that's weird, i can't see any other reason it would immediately stop or SEVERELY slow down playback..
07:27:09midkayscorche, ah, hm..
07:27:26scorchemidkay: it will work if i browse and play another song, but i cant resume in the wps from it
07:28:01midkayscorche, ah, i see.. so it must just be a problem with not re-initializing something.. i could have a check-see after this..
07:28:24scorchemidkay: no problem...not high on the list i'm sure, but just something i noticed
07:28:51sharpetwisted`, i know why you should provide hosting for me, want to hear the reason? :D
07:29:04midkayscorche, yeah, not high-up, but should be a very quick fix :) thx for the mention
07:29:26twisted`sharpe: well?
07:29:37midkayB4gder, hmm, switching back to 'true' fixed the playback killing..
07:30:00sharpebecause you know you want to host the website where the c64 rockbox emulator came about... lol...
07:30:11scorchei am tempted to take bubbles off the thing....i played that way too much today when i should have been doing other things..
07:30:18Bg3rmorning :)
07:30:30midkayscorche, haha. i beat it recently. :)
07:30:33midkaystuck on the last level for.. days..
07:30:40scorchehow many levels are there?
07:30:41*midkay wants 100 more levels.
07:31:13*scorche goes at it again
07:31:54twisted`how much space would you need anyways
07:32:07sharpefor what?
07:32:24sharpefor the emulator?
07:32:32sharpei don't know.
07:32:39sharpewhat is there to host about an emulator?
07:32:48sharpesource, documentation...
07:32:53scorchemidkay: what was the highest score you have gotten on one level?
07:33:06twisted`sharpe: you can also just get a shell @
07:33:07midkayscorche, maybe 99 or something.. i remember a few one-shot wins..
07:33:11twisted`that's the company I work for
07:33:20scorchei have one-shotted, but only 97 =(
07:33:21twisted`$2 a month or something
07:33:28twisted`and you can compile on that machine too\
07:33:30midkayscorche, maybe that was it then.. can't remember. :)
07:33:35sharpeeh, i may
07:33:41midkayscorche, anyways, the last level is _hard_.. where are you now?
07:33:53scorchemidkay: it seems time based, so you might have gotten 99
07:34:02midkayscorche, hm, quite possible.
07:34:13scorcheis there a way to resume from the last level you were at?
07:34:45midkayafter qutting, just choose to go back to the level..
07:34:49scorcheoh.....didnt see that
07:34:58midkayoh, you're on an archos, aren't you?
07:35:00scorcheignore me
07:35:02scorchei am
07:35:08scorcheit might be a bit harder for me =P
07:35:18midkayyeah :p
07:35:32scorchei found that prolly is a bit harder =P
07:35:50*scorche puffs up
07:36:28midkaymy 5G's LCD is almost 3x as large, so yeah, maybe a little advantage :)
07:36:57sharpesource takes up 52kb.
07:37:04scorcheit isnt too true on-line to where it goes =P
07:37:09scorchehave to guess sometimes
07:37:42twisted`sharpe: well I can host ur site I guess
07:37:48twisted`don't really use all of my space anyways
07:37:52midkayscorche, yeah, tried it on my archos, quite ugly and hard to play..
07:38:04midkaystill very impressive that it runs at all. i wouldn't believe it had i not tried it. :)
07:38:16scorchemidkay: i like it....but then again, it is all i have
07:38:23sharpei was really just kidding about it, unless you really want to.
07:38:46scorchethen again, i cant motivate myself to ever get an ipod
07:39:05midkayscorche, why not? :)
07:40:02scorchewhy should i?
07:40:10scorchei can mod my current player however i wish
07:40:13midkaydunno, i asked you :)
07:40:35scorcheand 160 gigs (well, 128 cause of sector limits) can be hard to turn away from
07:41:10 Join spitball [0] (
07:41:13midkayscorche, ah, nice.
07:41:23sharpeyou know what'd be interesting to implement?
07:41:26scorchewhat i would gain from ipod, are mainly cosmetic deals, which i dont care much about
07:41:39midkayscorche, if that's how you feel, stay away ;)
07:41:41sharpeon the fly compression on a hard disk.
07:42:05scorchewell, it would support other formats also, but what else besides that?
07:42:30 Quit dj-fu (Connection timed out)
07:43:13midkayscorche, the huge color LCD - resulting in larger fonts with more viewing area, nicer WPS', etc.. swcodec playback = not only more formats, but crossfade, crossfeed, parametric EQ.. video playback in apple firmware..
07:43:27midkayit all depends on whether any of it matters to you :)
07:43:57scorchealso, i am poor and would rather spend the money on other things =P
07:44:04midkaythat too. :)
07:44:38midkayany ideas why this freezes the player, anyone?
07:44:39midkay while((button == PITCH_RIGHT_PRE) || (button == PITCH_RIGHT_PRE|BUTTON_REPEAT))
07:44:39midkay button = button_get(true);
07:44:53midkayPITCH_RIGHT_PRE == BUTTON_RIGHT ..
07:45:22midkayit should continue on after RIGHT is released, but it just sort of freezes the LCD (button scanning or something, locked into the loop)..
07:46:33twisted`I never thought I'd say this
07:46:38twisted`but I actually miss programming :|
07:46:53twisted`cus somehow it was fun to do :)
07:47:41twisted`COME ON MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!! *rocks*
07:48:08twisted`np: Children of Bodom - Lil Bloodred Ridin Hood
07:48:28midkayyou all suck@
07:48:44twisted`pff now your probably gonna tell me I'm not supposed to sing along or something
07:48:57midkayno, no, go on!
07:49:06twisted`I'm considerin to reinstall my machine today...
07:49:26twisted`but not quite sure yet... considerin Slackware... but... dunno
07:49:37midkayamiconn, morning :) hey, maybe you have an idea about the code i just pasted a little earlier?
07:49:48sharpego for slackware :D
07:49:56scorchei wuv slack
07:50:05scorchebut i also wuv other distros =P
07:50:22scorcheslack is what i learned on though, so it will always hold a special place
07:51:14amiconnmidkay: Nope. Only remark I have is that _PRE button macros shouldn't be used that way, but that shouldn't break your code
07:51:28twisted`debian did the trick for me
07:51:36midkayamiconn, right, it's just temporary screwing-around-trying-to-get-it-to-work code atm :(
07:51:39twisted`learned the most on gentoo... but that also became the distro I hated the most
07:52:26scorchedebian is my current preferred
07:52:36scorchefriend is also a dev for debian
07:53:12 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
07:53:21axion_twisted`: hahaha, same
07:54:19sharpewhat should i do?
07:54:37scorcheget laid?
07:54:48sharpeother than that?
07:55:41twisted`get drunk
07:55:51Hotfusiongo to amsterdam
07:56:00 Join dj-fu [0] (
07:56:07scorcheone of these days, i need to go out there
07:56:20twisted`it's boring actually...
07:56:41twisted`but well, it just rocks compared to the strict shit in other countries
07:57:04twisted`hmm, no I won't try Slack...
07:57:17twisted`maybe OpenBSD... hmm... cus I *won't* use FreeBSD
07:57:20axion_try LFS
07:57:32twisted`just because of the fact that it seems to be very overrated
07:57:39scorchelfs is hot
07:57:42sharpeheh, be a rebel.
07:57:45twisted`nope, I won't ever do "compile your own linux" crap again
07:57:48sharpeuse windows.
07:57:59twisted`gentoo drove me insane
07:58:07twisted`emerge -avuD world
07:58:10twisted`10 hrs later
07:58:11scorcheyou should try lfs/encap if you havent =P
07:58:11axion_i've been using lfs for a few years after i gave up on all portage-like net distros after using gentoo
07:58:31scorcheaxion_: what do you think of it?
07:58:33twisted`I've been recommended to use SourceMage
07:59:34axion_i like being in total control...nothing can f*ck up unless I tell it to
07:59:56twisted`debian doesn't fuck up on me :)
07:59:59*twisted` pets debian
08:00:07twisted`actually I should resize my /
08:00:20twisted`and install either bsd or hurd on it...
08:00:30twisted`I would prefer hurd
08:00:42 Join scorche` [0] (i=ScorchE@
08:00:50 Quit scorche` (Client Quit)
08:00:53 Quit dj-fu (Remote closed the connection)
08:01:52axion_true, but i can build lfs for my p4, and use new software without waiting for it to be put in one of debian's repos
08:02:58twisted`ya that;s actually the ONLY reason I'm considerin to use a sourcebased distro
08:03:05twisted`but then again... I could compile it all myself
08:03:09twisted`that';s why I thought of Slack
08:03:13twisted`got a bit of both afaik
08:03:17*twisted` wanna checkout xgl
08:03:28scorcheyou see my link?
08:03:35twisted`read it
08:03:48scorcheits hot
08:03:58axion_i would recommend slack right after lfs...good choice, though still i386 based
08:04:08 Join damaki_ [0] (
08:04:09twisted`so is debian
08:04:16*twisted` doesn't care about optimizations
08:04:50axion_does debian/slack even have a a64 version?
08:06:00scorchedebian does
08:06:14scorchei believe someone made a slack, but not sure
08:06:50axion_ah. yeah gentoo is just getting worse too
08:07:13midkay*commits pitchscreen update*..
08:07:18midkay*hopes it doesn't break anything*
08:07:35axion_now they don't even support stage1 installs. they give you a pre-compiled toolchain to work with, and let me tell you it is buggy as hell
08:08:25 Join dj-fu [0] (
08:08:36scorchetoolchains are handy for lfs =P
08:09:34twisted`that was the main reason I used gentoo
08:09:38twisted`cus I had to do shit from scratch
08:09:38sharpeever realize something out of nowhere?
08:09:46twisted`but... eventually ya didn't do SHIT
08:09:50scorchesharpe: never
08:09:51twisted`cus ya type: emerge bla
08:09:55twisted`and it does EVERYTHING
08:10:14*Paul_The_Nerd thinks there should be a rockbox-fans channel, for rockbox users to chat about non-rockbox things without making the logs harder to read each day. :-P
08:11:03scorchePaul_The_Nerd thinks too much
08:11:30twisted`../../../../gdb-6.1.1/sim/arm/iwmmxt.c:3722: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function 'memcpy'
08:11:34twisted`bad gdb
08:11:35 Join Mikaelh [0] (
08:11:36twisted`../../../../gdb-6.1.1/sim/arm/iwmmxt.c:3727: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function 'memcpy'
08:11:52twisted`people read logs?!
08:12:01axion_i just grep them
08:12:09twisted`what for :|
08:12:27Paul_The_NerdYou can only really grep if you're looking for specific keywords though
08:12:38axion_or times :)
08:12:43sharpeyou know. i know none of you care. but, i think i just realized i fucked something up in my life.
08:12:53scorchebout time
08:12:58sharpethank ye
08:13:03B4gderyou have a life?
08:13:08B4gderthen get out of here
08:13:19sharpespring break, nothing else to do :)
08:14:02midkayB4gder, you're in charge of fixing any pitchscreen problems. thanks for volunteering (i.e. being the first dev to speak recently). much appreciated. :)
08:14:05twisted`there is
08:14:07B4gderbut man is the forum getting crowded these days
08:14:09 Quit Mikachu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:14:12twisted`GET DRUNK!
08:14:14twisted`GET NEKKID!
08:14:24sharpeoh B4gder, i forgot to tell you, i can't get the emulator to work with the arrays.
08:14:47B4gderwhy not?
08:14:55sharpeget a data abort error
08:15:08twisted`I remember someone givin me a patch for the iPod thing...
08:15:11twisted`but where did it go...
08:15:24sharpesomewhere where you can't remember.
08:15:37twisted`Galois: < to where do I apply that actually?
08:15:39spitballhmm... sounds like the multiplexer is out of synch with the decoder chip
08:15:42B4gdermidkay: ;-)
08:16:04midkayB4gder, surprisingly generous actually ;)
08:16:27midkaycome on come on dammit.. buiiiiild.
08:17:06midkayB4gder, i see that the builds appear on the table below as they're finished, right? @ CVS builds.
08:17:24B4gderthey appear there as soon as they're complete
08:17:50midkayB4gder, right.. it'd be absolutely kickass to see the green/yellow/red number as they finish as well.
08:17:50sharpei'm going to
08:17:58B4gdermidkay: a small hint they at least link fine ;-)
08:17:59Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: You apply it to /bootloader/ipod.c as it say in the file...
08:18:03sharpework on something.
08:18:07twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: ah k
08:18:07midkayB4gder, i'm on it :)
08:18:25*B4gder hands midkay the plate with 19 golden points
08:18:47midkaycan't believe i didn't catch that..
08:18:53B4gderand farsan is back in the game
08:19:14twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: is that in the rockbox cvs or...
08:19:15 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:19:33sharpeb4gder, can you think of any solution to my problem? :D
08:19:48 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:19:48Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: All rockbox source is in CVS... Also, I take it you haven't actually looked for it yet?
08:19:53B4gdersharpe: not really, as I can't think of why it happens right now
08:20:04sharpeneither can i nor lostlogic
08:20:21midkayk, fix should be committed.. B4gder you're seriously in charge now, i need to go ;) nite all
08:20:29 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
08:20:37B4gdergood night midkay
08:20:39sharpei think i'm going to go do some work, then go to sleep...
08:20:41twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: I did a find and couldn't find the dir it mentions :S
08:20:53sharpeg'night peoples.
08:20:58twisted`sharpe: nite
08:21:25twisted`hmm I got no dir called bootloader :S
08:21:36Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: Well, did you check out "rockbox" or "rockbox-devel" as the using cvs page mentions that rockbox just has the files necessary for a normal build
08:21:42twisted`ahh rockbox
08:21:52Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: try "cvs co bootloader" from the root of rockbox
08:21:52twisted`kewl, lemme grab the other one
08:24:02twisted`k I build the bootloader... now... do I have to do make zip? or... ?
08:25:12Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: You should have a bootloader directory under your build dir, with a bootloader.bin
08:25:34Paul_The_NerdYou use that in much the way you originally installed your bootloader (I hope you kept the bootpartition.bin from the first time)
08:25:35twisted`ah yes :) and I install that the same way
08:25:46twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: yup
08:25:50Paul_The_NerdYou don't want to repeat the first step where you extract bootpartition.bin
08:29:12twisted` Step 3 - Install the bootloader
08:29:17twisted`I only need that step right?
08:29:22twisted`cus I didn't remove any files
08:29:41twisted`"Download a pre-compiled bootloader for your iPod from the IpodInstallation page. " instead of that I use the bootloader I just compiled right?
08:31:36scorchewell, its been fun kids
08:32:32twisted`it works
08:32:59 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
08:33:25 Join cismo_ [0] (
08:36:55 Quit JBGood25 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:38:08 Part Paul_The_Nerd
08:40:11 Nick kclaf is now known as int (
08:46:47 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:47:57 Join dj-fu [0] (
08:48:23 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
08:54:11 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
08:54:50 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:55:10 Join dj-fu [0] (
08:55:21twisted`I got money! cash!
08:55:28twisted`now all I should do is find my shoes
08:55:34twisted`'n goto teh store 'n buy cigarettes!
08:55:42twisted`'n some booze
08:58:51zeyou should buy a guitar amp
08:59:26axion_buy a life while you're there :p
08:59:48zeaxion_: pff, like anybody needs that
08:59:53zeaxion_: a guitar amp would be much better
09:01:27axion_amps are cool yes
09:02:02B4gderand there's only one guitar amp for us
09:02:11axion_only if you know how to play though...then they arent
09:02:29zeaxion_: nonsense
09:02:44zeaxion_: if you listen to any music with electric guitar in it
09:02:56zeaxion_: you're most likely enjoying an amp as much as you are the guitar and the performer
09:03:12zeB4gder: haha oh yeah i saw that the other day
09:03:40axion_i listen to music i like. if they dont know how to play its a completely different story...called a headache. every day when i lived with this room mate
09:04:00 Join petur [0] (
09:04:02axion_i mean unplug the fucking amp if you cant play
09:04:30zeright, well
09:04:44zelots of nice recordings are done of people who know how to play
09:05:01zeand most of them are done by mic'ing the amp
09:05:54 Join infamis [0] (
09:09:29 Part Azraak
09:09:53 Quit sharpe ()
09:10:27 Join sharpe [0] (
09:12:05sharpescrew it, i'll work on it when i wake up.
09:12:31sharpe'night everyone.
09:14:36 Quit Lynx_ (" bye")
09:16:41 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
09:18:15 Join einhirn [0] (
09:24:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:25:05 Quit Arrogant ("Leaving")
09:26:29 Join Saranomaly [0] (
09:28:52Saranomalyhey, I'm new to rockbox and I'm having a somewhat frustrating problem with it... would this be the place to ask for help?
09:29:22Saranomalywonderful :)
09:30:17SaranomalyI'm running it on a 4g iPod, and it installed okay, but when I play songs under any conditions they always skip like I'm using a cheap CD player or something
09:31:17SaranomalyI'll get 20- or 30-second chunks of music followed by a 1-second gap before it resumes play again
09:31:33peturgot any of these active: EQ, crossfeed, WPS peakmeters?
09:32:17SaranomalyI haven't changed anything yet, just trying to test it out... let me check
09:33:34SaranomalyCrossfade and EQ are off, where do I find the settings for WPS peakmeters?
09:34:01peturit's not a setting
09:34:19Saranomalywell, then where do I see whether or not I have it enabled?
09:34:19peturdoes the WPS (while playing screen) got peakmeters?
09:34:37 Quit infamis ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:34:44peturcan you try one without?
09:34:58Saranomalywhere would I change that?
09:35:39petursettings -> browse themes
09:35:46Saranomalyah, okay
09:36:21Saranomalysorry for asking dumb questions like that, I really haven't learned my way around it very well yet
09:37:17peturit seems to me, form all reports about skipping, that it's always the peakmeters who do it...
09:37:45Saranomalyah, it sounds to be working perfectly now, thanks so much :)
09:39:37peturSaranomaly: ipod support is still very much beta, will get better as time passes ;)
09:40:54crwlcouldn't the ipod default wps just not have peakmeters in the meantime?
09:41:19peturthat would be a good idea
09:41:31Bg3rhey, petur :)
09:41:42Saranomalyexcellent... I was about to sell my ipod before a friend told me about rockbox because I was missing the features my old creative zen nx had, but it seems that everything I missed is here
09:41:44Bg3ri see there is a progress with the isp1362
09:42:05peturnot enough
09:42:11Bg3rbut there is!
09:42:33Bg3rso, u've got some kind of response from the chip ?
09:42:50peturthe bloody chip still doesn't answer, but I've got some init code that I want to get into the bootloader
09:43:39peturI hope Linus has some time today to try it (I'm not comfortable with flashing my player with my own bootloader)
09:44:29Bg3rpetur ah :)
09:44:48Bg3ri was a bit surprised when i saw the changes in the bootloader:)
09:45:16peturI've seen that iriver configures the chip to wake up on CS. The datasheet doesn't say you have to, but I figure you have to at power up or it won't respond
09:45:28peturthe isp1362 can be woken up by CS and/or hardware pins
09:45:46peturand I didn't find the hardware pins
09:46:08peturso yes, some progress :)
09:50:59 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
09:52:05*petur hands support badge to Paul_The_Nerd
09:54:44 Quit Evilnipple ()
09:56:11markunHotfusion: I'd say the gigabeat is a nice player, but lacks rockbox :)
09:57:22linuxstbBig iPod news: - Apple are not using PortalPlayer chips in their next iPod.
09:58:24crwlperhaps they'll begin using something that's documented? ;)
09:58:45petursome obscure and even less documented dsp?
09:58:51linuxstbVery unlikely... My guess would be Broadcom.
10:00:00B4gder"the stock plummeted 41.88 percent"
10:00:03peturseems pp got punished for having only one big customer
10:00:16petur(90% !!!)
10:00:46peturfor sale: portalplayer production plant
10:02:02B4gderfor us I'd guess it is bad news
10:02:27Paul_The_NerdNo iPod 6G support for a while.
10:02:30B4gderor let's say it opens the opportunity for brand new reverse engineering
10:02:59Paul_The_NerdBut then all the rumors floating around about it portray it as probably being a pretty video-heavy device, which is at the moment kinda out of the scope of this project anyway.
10:03:36crwlwhen new iPods are supposed to be released?
10:03:38peturmaybe rb/ipl made them switch to another controller to make our life hard? :P
10:04:00Bg3rpetur haha that comed to my mind too :)
10:04:18Paul_The_NerdI can just see that meeting. "Sorry <portalplayer sales rep.> We've decided that various online open source projects found your chips too easy to reverse engineer, and have decided to move on to a more obfuscated architecture."
10:04:54B4gder"But please give us a call when you have a totally new family of obfuscated cpus we can use in the future"
10:04:56Paul_The_NerdWhen the next generation is opened up, you will find that all chips have no brand-identification markings at all.
10:05:15Paul_The_NerdJust the numbers 1-x for lookup on a table somewhere internally at Apple
10:05:42crwlrockbox is probably not a good thing for Apple - it makes iPods much more less dependant on other Apple technologies (AAC, iTunes)...
10:07:07B4gderperhaps, but there are many million ipods and only a very small fraction of those use and will ever use Rockbox
10:08:05crwlOTOH I can't see why a smaller manufacturer like Cowon with their iAudios would care - except that it might get slightly more difficult for them to sell their newest player if a rockboxed X5 or something else is good enough :)
10:09:04B4gderI don't see how Rockbox hampers their sales
10:09:23B4gderon the contrary, they can get an updated firmware without doing anything on their own
10:09:23Paul_The_NerdI think all Rockbox could do is slow the "upgrade" market a bit.
10:09:52B4gderit prolongs life of older units, which might not be what companies want
10:10:02Paul_The_Nerd"might not?"
10:10:17B4gderwell, they of course want to sell new units
10:10:26B4gderbut they still want a good name and a good rep
10:10:32Paul_The_NerdThough iRiver seems to have dropped entirely out of the large-capacity player market
10:10:32linuxstbI wonder what percentage of Rockbox-on-ipod users bought their ipods specifically for Rockbox.
10:10:40*Galois raises hand
10:11:07Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I think that's going to be the question of my first poll ever in the forum. I'm kinda curious too
10:12:11linuxstbIt's probably worth including IPL in that poll - maybe some users bought it because of IPL.
10:12:36 Quit sharpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:12:36linuxstbJust to get the numbers up :)
10:12:39 Join sharpe` [0] (
10:12:41crwlwhat percentage of, say, iRiver h100 series users you think use rockbox? or would use if they knew about it?
10:13:05 Nick sharpe` is now known as sharpe (
10:13:20linuxstbThe Rockbox forums at misticriver are very busy - so it's probably a fairly high proportion of misticriver users.
10:13:24Bg3rotoh, posting such poll in forum like misticriver's one isn't representative ...
10:13:28B4gderthe shear fact they void their warranty will keep the masses away, no matter what Rockbox does
10:13:33crwlbut then again, the default firmware really sucks except for someone with very little needs
10:13:42Bg3rB4gder i doubt it ...
10:13:44linuxstbThere was a poll at, and I think about 25% of ilounge users use Rockbox.
10:14:04crwlas if anyone with a H100 still had warranty left anyway :)
10:14:21B4gderI wonder how the number comparison is IPL vs Rockbox
10:14:22Bg3rlinuxstb i think this % will raise with better arm codec efficiency (and use of the other core)
10:14:31Galoisthe problem is that companies often are stupid and pursue utterly idiotic policies.
10:14:39B4gdercrwl: hah, true
10:14:58Galoisfor example, copy-protected CDs, everyone except the music execs knows that they hurt sales
10:15:03 Join RedBreva_ [0] (
10:16:43linuxstbHere's that ilounge poll: - 15 out of 62 voters use Rockbox (24.19%)
10:16:54Bg3rPaul_The_Nerd i think posting it on the forum is even less representative ...
10:17:21Bg3rpost it on the apple forum :D (if there is one :D)
10:17:23sharpeit's not as if he's asking how many people that visit the rockbox forums, use rockbox...
10:17:23 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
10:17:24Paul_The_NerdBg3r: The idea is "What percentage of _Rockbox users_ bought the iPod to use Rockbox on. Where else would you look to specifically poll those using our software?
10:17:30 Part LinusN
10:17:51 Join LinusN [0] (
10:17:59 Join jumpfroggy [0] (
10:18:15linuxstbCan I vote twice as I have two ipods?
10:18:37Paul_The_NerdI don't think there's an option to allow multiple votes. =/
10:19:06linuxstbIn fact, I've bought every MP3 I own because of Rockbox...
10:19:11linuxstb^MP3 player
10:19:18Paul_The_NerdI bought my H120 because of Rockbox, accidentally
10:19:42Bg3ri bought h340 because of the future rockbox port ...
10:19:51linuxstbAll of them in advance of Rockbox actually doing anything useful (starting with an Archos Recorder v1)
10:20:01crwlI bought my H120 because it was perhaps the only Vorbis-playing HD player then
10:20:13crwland it had great hardware specs
10:20:25crwltoo bad the firmware sucked, but it was usable for what I bought it
10:20:29Paul_The_NerdI'd read about both Rockbox (though I only remembered it as "An open source firmware for MP3 players"), and had read that a future iRiver player would have an open source firmware (the "linux" based PMP), and somehow while at the store those ideas got confused into the H120 being able to use an open source firmware. Of course it wasn't when I first bought it, but it had the features I wanted natively anyway.
10:20:50peturI bought my h340, got pissed by the firmware and started looking around
10:20:59crwland about an year after that (summer 2005), rockbox was starting to get quite usable on the player
10:21:03Bg3rcrwl btw (out of curiosity) are you using the standard oggenc ?
10:21:29linuxstbI love this "tutorial":
10:22:13Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I just didn't have the heart to say anything about it directly.
10:22:20crwlBg3r, the aotuv one... and I would probably use that Lancer encoder, but last time I checked, I couldn't get it to compile under Linux
10:22:54 Join SereR0KR [0] (
10:23:36Bg3rcrwl i'm asking because from what i've heard/read, the standard's oggenc isn't better than lame at all ...
10:23:51 Quit jumpfroggy ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
10:24:16Paul_The_NerdBg3r: I thought the standard one eventually ended up incorporating a lot of the AuToV changes eventually anyway
10:24:25Galoisit's still better in the 48-64k range
10:24:31crwlBg3r, almost anything newer is better than mp3 at sub-128 kbps bitrates, I'd say
10:24:38Galoisbut, of course, most of aotuv's improvements are in that range
10:24:41crwlbut lame is *really* good, but it also has a *long* optimization history behind it
10:24:48twisted`Galois: thanks for the iPod fix btw
10:24:54Galoisxiph libvorbis is almost the same as aotuv beta2
10:24:58crwlPaul_The_Nerd, yes, that's true, a lot of stuff was incoroporated at (I think) vorbis 1.1
10:25:04Bg3rcrwl i'm talking about the higher bitrates
10:25:17crwlBg3r, that might be true, I don't hear the difference anyway
10:25:36Bg3ror maybe i've read some really oold threads ... libvorbis is "imperfect" at the high bitrates if you believe the people with the golden ears
10:26:02crwlon the computer I encode to FLAC and from there I transcode to -q4 vorbis for portable use
10:26:02Paul_The_NerdIt eventually just becomes a question of "Which hits transparency at the lowest bitrate, and/or has the least artifacts." And if you have the space for all your music at a moderate-to-high bitrate anyway, then the difference is academic other than artifacts, no?
10:26:06Galoiswhich is pretty believable, I might add
10:26:14linuxstbIs there any concensus on the best lossy codec for high bitrates - 256kbps or higher?
10:26:20crwl(it's very simple to transcode from FLAC to Vorbis, oggenc supports FLAC input and copies the tags too, they're a natural pairing)
10:26:37crwllinuxstb, that would probably be MP3/Vorbis/AAC/MPC, whatever floats your boat
10:26:37Galoispaul_the_nerd: the problem arises when the encoder has faults that are audible at any bitrate
10:26:47Bg3rcrwl yeah, i've used this combo soon and was impressed by it :)
10:26:50linuxstbcrwl: Very helpful :)
10:27:01linuxstbSo you're saying there's probably no difference?
10:27:08Paul_The_NerdGalois: Well yeah. I personally would qualify that as an artifact.
10:27:16crwllinuxstb, I guess that, generally, nobody can tell the difference except with some isolated problem samples
10:27:34Galoislinuxstb, on most music all of MP3/Vorbis/AAC/MPC hit transparency at 135k
10:27:49crwlwhen using a good encoder, that is
10:27:54Galoisaotuv is slightly better than the others, but it's not statistically significant
10:28:01twisted`what do you mean with "hit transparancy" ?
10:28:09Galois5 on the scale
10:28:21Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: "Transparency" is the point at which *most* people can't hear the difference between it and the original CD in a blind test.
10:28:29Galoisit means a trained listener cannot distinguish between the lossy sample and the original better than 50-50
10:28:34crwlI haven't been able to ABX lame −−preset standard (that reaches about 170-220 kbps VBR) or vorbis at -q5 (~160 kbps VBR)
10:28:49crwlwith "normal" music, that is
10:28:51twisted`also depends very on the music
10:29:00Bg3rcrwl normal as ?
10:29:23Galoisnormal means not castanets, fatboy slim, and so on
10:29:30crwlyes, that's what I meant
10:29:32twisted`I mean, anything above 192 is just... pointless for most metal anyways
10:29:38Galoisstuff like classical, techno, rock is normal
10:29:54crwljust some music from some CD, not known problem samples
10:29:56twisted`but a complete symphony, well then you can indeed lose tones...
10:30:25twisted`but imo, flac is overrated
10:30:37crwlall the years when I've been encoding with decent encoders and reasonable bitrates, I've hit a real sound quality problem only once and on one single song
10:30:40preglowlose tones??? sounds dubious...
10:30:48twisted`the whole "omg I can convert it back and it got the crc as the wav! w00t
10:30:54twisted`just... sickens me :P
10:31:18crwland that was an old LAME bug, it didn't allocate enough bits for the very first samples of the song in VBR mode, and it had this loud distorted guitar noise right at the beginning
10:31:38twisted`preglow: I noticed a significant difference between a symphony by Beethoven encoded in 192 and 320
10:32:19Bg3rtwisted` maybe u just should use VBR ...
10:32:32twisted`Bg3r: considered it, but I never did it for the space :)
10:32:42twisted`on my iPod I am considerin to re-encode everything so it's smaller
10:32:48preglowsure, difference, but you don't lose whole tones
10:32:53twisted`cus I could easily fit 1.5-2x the ammount of music
10:32:57Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: I don't understand why lossy encoding is overrated. If you want an actual *backup* of your music, isn't it ideal for it to both be playable, *and* smaller than the original?
10:33:01Galoisif space is a concern then vorbis aotuv is the obvious choice
10:33:07Paul_The_NerdLossless, not lossy
10:33:19 Nick Mikaelh is now known as Mikachu (
10:33:22peturfor me it's either have all my music with me (30GB of 320kbps vbr mp3) or only part of it (any lossless codec), so flac would be a step back
10:33:47*preglow hates recording
10:33:49Mikachuif it's 320kbps average it's not vbr :)
10:33:56crwlI have 20GB of ~128 kbps VBR vorbis, and I could probably go lower than that if I really ran out of disk space
10:34:06preglowLinusN: i just can't make spdif monitoring work
10:34:30LinusNtoo bad
10:34:34Paul_The_NerdOkay, I still don't get people who only use rockbox for *some* of their music.
10:34:38preglowbut it has to be something i'm doing wrong
10:34:41twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: if you want a backup, just use WAV's... but... that's just my opinion
10:34:45preglowi've even found a 44.1khz source now
10:34:49crwltwisted`, using WAVs is just stupid :P
10:34:52Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: Why use WAVs though? They're bigger. You can fit less.
10:35:10twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: I never noticed the difference myself between FLAC and Mp3 320kbps... so the choice for me was obvious
10:35:15crwland they don't have a standardized tagging system..
10:35:28twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: yeah but why would you use a *backup* on your portable player?
10:35:43twisted`a backup is something you put on your harddisk, tape, etc
10:35:54Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: Who said anything about using it on a portable. You said the format was overrated. Its purpose is primarily backup, so I asked about using it for its purpose
10:36:01Galoisthere's one easy way to tell the difference between FLAC and mp3 320kbps. It doesn't involve listening.
10:36:33Galoisreencode both with a lossy codec. The mp3 sounds noticeably worse.
10:36:33preglowLinusN: oh, and btw, what is the wsi input of the uda connected to on the coldfire?
10:36:38LinusNpreglow: silence or garbage?
10:36:43twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: the reason I find it overrated is because diskspace costs nothin these days... just burn the wav's... but thats just my opinion
10:36:43preglowLinusN: silence
10:36:58Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: It doesn't cost *literally* nothing though. It's just cheap.
10:37:22B4gderand again, wavs don't have tags
10:37:23Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: A 30% larger HD (the difference between flacs and wavs on a decent average) can cost as much as a couple hundred bucks.
10:37:34twisted`I mean I remember the days when 20mb was a LOT
10:38:02LinusNpreglow: it is connected to lrck2 according to my schematics
10:38:15preglowso we can use it for recording at several sampling rates
10:38:24twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: then don't buy a 500gb but 2 250gb's
10:38:41Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: It still costs more than a 250 and a 160.
10:38:52LinusNpreglow: sure, but it is the coldfire that generates the clock
10:38:54twisted`I mean sure it's nice that it can be smaller
10:39:06preglowLinusN: i just assumed it could be configured
10:39:34twisted`but what annoys me the most about FLAC
10:39:49twisted`is thatn on communities where they share music... theso nazi about it
10:40:03Galoistwisted` is on crack. Hard disks are not the right thing to measure if you're talking about backup.
10:40:13twisted`"bitch bitch, it's not flac, I cannot turn it back into wav, we don't accept this"
10:40:18twisted`you want your fuckin music or not, bastard
10:40:40Mikachuso now flac is bad because people are idiots?
10:40:40crwlhey, "music sharing communities" are made up of idiots
10:40:43Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: Well, A) You're discussing mostly illegal activities, and B) Some people prefer to have an actual duplicate of the original.
10:40:43Galoisthe right thing to measure is DVD-R, because most people these days use DVD for backup. And with DVD-R backups, the cost of backup is not measured by the cost of media.
10:40:58crwlthe same people used bladeenc in the 2000's
10:41:05MikachuGalois: it's not?
10:41:11Mikachuby what then?
10:41:17crwland "true stereo 192 kbps MP3" after that, because "joint stereo destroys the music"
10:41:19twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: an actual duplicate of the original is a copy of a cd, NOT a digital backup on your computer... IF that would be the case, make an ISO
10:41:22Galoisfor most gainfully employed people, it costs more IN TIME to sit there and burn the DVD than the blank DVD costs
10:41:27 Join SereRokR [0] (
10:41:44Galoisalso any serious backup solution requires long term storage cases, and believe me, those cost more than the media
10:41:46Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: A flac + cue can create the same duplicate as an ISO, plus be playable without mounting
10:41:59Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: And you can even embed the cue in the tags
10:42:19Mikachutwisted`: i'd say you're losing this one ;)
10:42:26twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: .iso is very playable
10:42:27B4gderbig time
10:42:28preglowi'd say you're all bitching about preferences anyway
10:42:32twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: mplayer can read it out directly
10:42:34twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: so can xmms
10:42:40peturmy CD's are my backup, they're stored safely. I only use the digital version on my HDD's
10:43:14crwlI've had *two* strange cases of CD's seemingly self-destructing in my CD drawer
10:43:40twisted`crwl: the estimated life-span of a cd is approximately 10 years, after that it just wears off
10:43:41Mikachui've lost lots of old cd backups because the media died, but it was so old i didn't care about it anymore :)
10:43:51Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: .iso is also uncompressed. Again, what takes less time to download, 300mb or 500mb?
10:43:52crwlboth are Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds albums from the 1990's, no stratches or anything... one or two of the last tracks just don't play anywhere
10:43:54twisted`commercially pressed can last longer, but record labels use cheaper and cheaper media these days
10:44:05peturcrwl: if that happens, I'll buy them again, still cheaper than making backups
10:44:07twisted`Paul_The_Nerd: does that even MATTER these days?
10:44:10crwlpetur, true
10:44:14Mikachutwisted`: are you saying flac is worse than wav because people don't want mp3s from you?
10:44:29crwlI don't have FLACs of those albums because at the time I didn't use it
10:44:39twisted`Mikachu: nope, I'm not sayin that, just the whole hypocrisity of it
10:44:46Paul_The_Nerdtwisted`: Yes, it does. You assume that everyone is in your economic position. I have friends who use dialup still. Or capped college connections, which are actually slower than some dialup.
10:44:47twisted`and mainly I think because of my first experience with FLAC
10:44:53twisted`which just made me hate it till the end of time :P
10:44:56Mikachutwisted`: i like my diskspace so much that i usually encode to 100kbps ogg
10:45:19crwltwisted`, and yes, those were of course commercially pressed CD's, not CD-R's or anything - I use CD-R's only for in-car use or something like that :P
10:46:02twisted`it was this live recording, encoded in flac, total size was 450mb... the actual quality of the music was depressing... it was mono and was somewhat close to 96kbps mp3
10:46:06Mikachutwisted`: why not pad your wavs with 2G of silence too, since it's so cheap?
10:46:27Mikachutwisted`: it wouldn't have been better as uncompressed pcm
10:46:32B4gder"I buy my quality silence as flac"
10:46:45 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
10:47:09peturtwisted`: the reason it was bad was probably the source of the recording, not flac.
10:47:22twisted`petur: yeah, but then the choice of format is just very wrong
10:47:23*preglow hugs his vinyl
10:48:09crwlI buy my quality pops and scratches as vinyl
10:48:10preglowtwisted`: would it have been any better in wav? sounds like something of a moot point to me
10:48:26Galoisthat argument is unpersuasive. A poor quality recording is precisely the kind that suffers most under lossy compression.
10:48:39peturtwisted`: somebody makes a recording, gives it to a friend as LQ mp3, he burns them to CD-AUDIO to listen to in the car, anothe friend likes the recording and rips that cd to flac
10:48:50peturthat's how I've seen it happen already
10:49:05twisted`preglow: if you rar or gzip a wav it get's the same compression as flac, so for download it wouldn't matter
10:49:13preglowhell no
10:49:15Mikachuno, it won't
10:49:18preglowtry gzipping a wav and see
10:49:20crwlwhen is rockbox going to support gzipped wavs? ;)
10:49:21axion_twisted`: tapers dont release lossy recordings. they distribute the best quality they possibly can. some venues/bands don't allow soundboard patching
10:50:09twisted`preglow: I did that with those files, and there was no difference in size
10:50:18peturaxion_: I pass my recordings on as vbr mp3 (128-320kbps)
10:50:20preglowi find that incredibly hard to believe
10:50:25preglowmainly since i've tried doing it myself
10:50:28 Quit SereR0KR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:50:39B4gderthat seems... not likely
10:50:42Galoispreglow, I can believe it. If the original source recording was poor then flac will have a hard time.
10:50:42preglowso unless the wav was a square wave or something...
10:50:57Galoisflac works very hard to keep all the pops and scratches intact
10:51:21linuxstbtwisted`: Can you remember what % compression rar/gzip gave you?
10:51:25axion_petur: i am referring to etree tapers...where all the taper-friendly recordings come from
10:51:28preglowgive flac a white noise sample, and i'm sure it'll compress tons better than with gzip
10:51:34axion_i cant speak for true bootlegs
10:51:49twisted`linuxstb: you mean as opposed to the wav's?
10:52:06linuxstbtwisted`: Yes, the size of the WAVs and the size of the .rar
10:52:07Galoispreglow: you mean like sox -t raw /vmlinuz -t wav kernel.wav ?
10:52:21 Quit RedBreva_ ("CGI:IRC")
10:52:49LinusNGalois: the linux kernel is far from white noise
10:53:00Galoisfine, /dev/random
10:53:04twisted`linuxstb: pff that was like 2 years ago... can't remember the exact ratio but I do remember the size of the flac and gzip were the same
10:53:31twisted`you ever listened to /dev/random?!
10:53:38twisted`it drives you fuckin nuts :P
10:53:38preglowit sounds like angels singing
10:53:52twisted`I mean /dev/null should produce absolute silence afaik
10:54:21twisted`yes is always the same annoyin beep
10:54:46Mikachui used to have /dev/urandom as my alarm clock
10:55:00preglowno wonder you're thin, then
10:55:01 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
10:55:08preglowyou've gotta be a nervous wreck
10:55:22Mikachuit's so annoying i used to wake up minutes before it so i didn't have to hear it
10:55:41preglowi would at the very least need to have it faded in
10:55:44LinusNyou should use urandom to set the wakeup time :-)
10:55:47preglowto avoid swallowing the tongue, and all
10:56:04crwlthe default alarm sound on my cellphone sounds probably quite a lot like /dev/urandom
10:56:18MikachuLinusN: haha
10:56:22preglowi did wake myself with foobar2k and the amp volume at full dial, though
10:56:30preglownot exactly as planned, but it did the trick
10:56:48Mikachui use my music player as wakeup now, with an annoying signal as a backup 15 minutes later
10:57:31preglowyeah, i do that too, with my phone being the annoying signal
10:58:39preglowhello aliasing
10:59:02Mikachuit wouldn't be annoying if it was a pure sine :P
10:59:14Paul_The_NerdMy phone fades in if I try to use it as an alarm
10:59:31Paul_The_NerdUnfortunately, I'm used to sleeping through loud and varied noises, so a fade-in makes it nearly impossible for it to work well. =/
10:59:56preglowMikachu: this thing just turns into a chip tune
11:00:19Mikachuit's very hard to sleep through even one cycle of that
11:00:59MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: you need one of those alarm clocks donald has in "Mickey's Trailer"
11:01:19Paul_The_NerdMikachu: I have one advertised as "The loudest digital alarm clock on earth"
11:01:22Paul_The_NerdIt works most of the time
11:01:47Paul_The_NerdI have gotten complaints from the neighbors in the past though. =/
11:02:02preglowyou need time controlled electrodes
11:02:20Mikachuautomated sleepwalking
11:02:40preglowa 500 volt spike in the nuts should do the trick
11:02:51peturwho needs an alarm clock if you have a good wife to wakeup next to? :P
11:03:02preglowalways waking up smacked into the roof might get annoying, though
11:03:16LinusNpreglow: by your wife? :-)
11:04:06preglowLinusN: but yeah, when i set txsource in iisconfig to be ebu1, do you think it'll magically clock the samples out after the ebu clock? :>
11:04:22preglowif not, it's kind of a useless feature, imho
11:04:32LinusNi feel the same
11:04:35Mikachunice segue
11:04:37preglowsince the external ebu clock will almost never be perfectly equal to the internal one
11:04:57LinusNi believe it should work that way
11:05:06 Join wehn [0] (
11:05:43preglowthen god knows where i'm messing up
11:06:03preglowlets see if some early lunch smartens me up
11:06:22LinusNthat never helps me...
11:06:34LinusNi just can't get any smarter :-)
11:07:06LinusNi don't know if it's good or bad though
11:07:35 Join tvelocity [0] (
11:07:41Mikachupreglow: do an iq test before and after
11:08:30LinusNdo the same iq test before and after, then you will at least *feel* smarter :-)
11:09:52wehnbugger. battery_bench seems broken in daily 060403.
11:10:03wehnwas trying to do before and after tests for H300 optimisations
11:12:47wehngot 8h 26min with 18th Apr CVS,
11:13:15wehnany idea which dates affected by breakage, intro test is there, just no data logs.
11:13:25wehntest -> text
11:14:32B4gderindicating a lack of number of threads
11:14:43B4gderaround that time
11:17:33wehncheers! i'll try after the 5th. (go charger! go!)
11:18:22wehnand that viewCVS is great! hadn't found it before.
11:18:38B4gderit is certainly a useful tool
11:20:02 Join RedBreva_ [0] (
11:23:24 Join ashridah [0] (
11:24:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:24:56 Join PaulJ [0] (
11:33:51 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
11:38:12ravonIs there a math lib in rockbox?
11:39:17ravonmkay :(
11:39:32ravonThere should be though. It would make porting sound libs so much easier :)
11:39:56linuxstbIsn't the math lib just for floating point?
11:40:04ravonThat and a POSIX file I/O layer.
11:40:48linuxstbThe file I/O layer is pretty close to POSIX AFAIK.
11:40:56ashridahlinuxstb: it also contains log tables and whatnot
11:42:04preglowwe don't have a floating point unit
11:42:10preglowthe math lib would be of no practical use
11:42:23preglowand we have all the io i can possibly think we'll need
11:42:58linuxstbAnd codecs shouldn't be doing file I/O anway...
11:43:24preglowravon: if you're talking about dumb, you should be too busy converting all the floating point math to fixed point math to be wanting math libraries :)
11:43:50ravonpreglow: Yeah, for dumb too, but also for other libs.
11:43:57ravonnosefart for example
11:43:58 Join lee-qid_ [0] (
11:44:08LinusNravon: a math lib is useless
11:44:16preglowwell, just forget floats altogether
11:44:18preglowwe can't use them
11:44:19LinusNit would be far too slow for realtime playback
11:44:19linuxstbIf a lib needs libm, then it's using too much floating point...
11:44:36preglowfloating point is so incredibly slow for us it's of absolutely no use
11:44:46preglowand i'd count rockbox even linking the float routines as a bug
11:46:55ravonHmm, probably true. Oh well, I'll continue with this and see how it runs.
11:50:13ravonMaybe nezplug would be a better choice. It's doesn't use floats at all.
11:51:32preglowisn't nosefart the best one, though?
11:51:41preglowi refuse to believe it'll be hard to port it to use ints
11:51:44linuxstbI've just had a very quick look at nosefart, and it doesn't seem to use floats in the important parts of the library. So I wouldn't dismiss it.
11:52:01preglowyeah, exactly
11:52:08preglowi can't imagine where you'd need floats in the emulation part
11:52:17preglowthere's not even any filtering going on
11:52:24linuxstbFrom the changelog (in 2000): "removed all floating point from sound generation"
11:52:25ravonnezplug doesn't even compile in newer gccs :/
12:10:47 Join Moos [0] (
12:14:02preglowso iis channel 2 is used for playback on h1x0?
12:18:36preglowi'm such an asshat
12:18:40preglowspdif monitoring works
12:20:55preglowwhy does pcm_record.c even bother to stop PLAYBACK on iis1config?
12:20:59preglowit's not the playback channel...
12:28:04preglowit obviously doesn't clock correctly
12:28:18preglow48khz sounds bad
12:28:36preglowtypical high freq distortion
12:33:33preglowand that's with iis2 clock selection follow iis1
12:35:05preglowrecorded audio is just fine, monitored audio is not
12:35:08preglowhelp :/
12:49:16Paul_The_NerdMan, 10 votes so far and it's split even.
12:50:54 Join mikearthur [0] (
12:51:13linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: So 5 out of 50 million ipods have been bought for use with Rockbox?
12:51:31 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:51:45Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Indeed.
12:51:48GaloisI make six, I'm just not willing to register in a forum solely to vote
12:52:28 Quit RedBreva_ ("CGI:IRC")
12:52:35nudel7 :)
12:52:49preglowok, gotta go
12:52:52preglowback tomorrow
12:53:08Paul_The_NerdI'm honestly surprised that so many forum dwellers have voted for "I bought my iPod for Rockbox" considering how often I field the question "How do I make it boot into retail primary?"
12:54:11nudeli'd be more likely to ask "how can i remove that broken waste of space from my HDD?" :-)
12:54:27nudels/broken/never worked in the first place/
12:54:56Galoisthat 80MB boot partition is looking mighty tempting. On a nano it's a fair chunk of space.
12:56:30linuxstbI think that's the difference between Rockbox and IPL. IPL people (both devs and users) generally seem to quite like the Apple firmware :)
12:57:17Paul_The_NerdI don't know HOW you can like that thing.
12:57:25Paul_The_NerdWell, I guess I know how.
12:57:29Paul_The_NerdBut it rhymes with "brain damage"
12:57:52Paul_The_NerdIt took me more time to get used to using the Retail OS when I first got my Nano than it did to switch from the h120's retail to Rockbox.
12:59:48 Join webguest98 [0] (
13:03:14Paul_The_NerdAlright, it is necessary that I seek out comestibles. Be back later.
13:03:16 Part Paul_The_Nerd
13:03:26webguest98hi... i'm having problems applying a pacth, i get failing hunks
13:03:31 Quit mikolas (".")
13:03:55webguest98could someone help here please?
13:04:15B4gderthen you need to hand edit
13:04:21B4gderor ask for an updated patch
13:04:40webguest98ask the developer?
13:05:05B4gderwell, whoever got you the patch in the first place
13:06:02webguest98i tried to edit following the instructions i got here yesterday
13:06:51webguest98i was told i should look for text lines starting with "-" and remove them
13:07:02webguest98is that all?
13:07:13B4gderyou need to understand the failuers
13:07:17B4gderand correct them
13:07:32B4gderit _may_ be very simple
13:07:42B4gderbut it can also be very tricky
13:08:17B4gderso you need to read the patch and see what changes it wanted to do
13:08:27B4gderand then you make sure you do those changes to the sources by hand instead
13:09:15webguest98i look for the files where the error happened, and try to make the changes?
13:12:48webguest98a ".rej" file is kind of a report file?
13:13:05B4gderyes, it shows exactly what change(s) it couldn't apply
13:15:42webguest98thank you B4gder you enlighted me a little more :), let me take a look... i'm sorry i'm a very newbie :/
13:15:49B4gderno worries
13:15:52B4gderwe've all been there
13:18:59 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
13:19:38Jungti1234is anyone russian?
13:19:53B4gderI think there are millions of them ;-)
13:19:57Zagori bet a couple of million are, at least
13:20:08Zagorbah, too late
13:20:13B4gderwe're a funny family ;-)
13:20:17 Part _rj ("Konversation terminated!")
13:20:20Jungti1234hahaha :)
13:20:25Bg3rmillion as a 1E+6 ?
13:20:31Jungti1234in here
13:20:45Jungti1234Bg3r: :)
13:20:48ZagorBg3r: no, 2^20
13:22:03Jungti1234Here russian be?
13:22:22Bg3rJungti1234 why ?
13:22:43Bg3rmaybe some1 who isn't russian can answer to your question too
13:22:52Jungti1234I'm going to request translation to him(her).
13:23:04Bg3rJungti1234 translation of ?
13:24:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:24:41Bg3rZagor Russia's population as of Dec. 2005: 142,800,000
13:24:57*Zagor makes a note
13:26:01webguest98<B4gder> correct if i'm wrong... the "-"lines in the rej file are copies of lines with errors on the original file, and the "+"lines are the ones we'll be using to replace?
13:26:26B4gderwebguest98: the rej file contains the patch that couldn't be applied
13:26:33B4gderwhere - lines are removed lines and + are added ones
13:27:18B4gderit fails to apply when it can't find the exact line(s) it should replace
13:27:29 Join deathfromafar [0] (
13:28:07webguest98so it here we have to insert manually?
13:30:35 Quit spitball ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:30:52LinusNbut remember, there is often a reason why it fails
13:31:13LinusNand you might have to rewrite parts of the code to make the patch work
13:31:34LinusNbasically, you have to know what you're doing
13:33:29webguest98then i'm not going to get this working!?
13:33:40linuxstbwebguest98: Which patch it is?
13:34:05webguest98the SID patch
13:34:39linuxstbAre you definitely using the latest version? There's been about 2 or 3 versions posted.
13:35:18LinusNwebguest98: what does the .rej file contain?
13:35:22webguest98i think so its the "sid_v1_2.sid"
13:35:50webguest98long post ahead
13:36:09*LinusN ducks
13:37:02crashd\o/ because we all love massive pastes into irc :>
13:37:05crashdanywho, luncheon time
13:37:55webguest98ok with pastebin
13:38:38Mikachuyou can ignore the first one, and for the second just add the AFMT_SID, line
13:39:39webguest98but this line
13:39:43webguest98+ AFMT_SID, /* SID File Format */
13:39:48webguest98is already there
13:40:16linuxstbThen all is probably OK. Have you tried compiling it?
13:40:49webguest98i'll try now
13:42:50*petur whispers to LinusN: did you try my patch already?
13:43:03LinusNi'm a very busy man nowadays
13:43:16LinusNbtw, what is it supposed to accomplish?
13:43:45peturinit the chip at power up time
13:44:45webguest98a couple of errors when compiling
13:44:51peturand maybe somebody spots some error I made?
13:45:48webguest98how can i copy the displayed infromation from vmware to paste it in pastebin?
13:47:50LinusNpetur: i see that you try to control the 5V to the chip
13:48:22LinusNare you sure that the ENABLE and FUNCTION is setup correctly for the GPIO pins you use?
13:49:10peturno... will do that first then :(
13:49:57 Quit deathfromafar ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
13:57:12peturLinusN: just a small question, didn't you use the port config values that 'they' used?
13:57:25linuxstbAre there any 60GB ipod 5g/video owners around?
13:58:05LinusNpetur: i haven't written any code for the isp, so i haven't set up the port pins
13:58:25LinusNrockbox only sets up the port pins it uses
13:58:26peturright - will check it
13:59:33peturdon't tell me you need to configure the GPIO pin for CS3 too?
14:03:27 Join obo [0] (
14:03:34obolinuxstb: waves
14:03:59linuxstbobo: You have a 60GB 5g?
14:04:09linuxstbHave you installed IPL?
14:04:27oboyeah, but never use it...
14:04:44linuxstbI'm looking for a copy of an unmodified partition table from a 60GB 5g. Did you back that up before installing IPL?
14:05:06linuxstbIt's to help Mac OS X users convert their ipods to FAT32.
14:05:30linuxstb(it's the very first sector on the disk)
14:05:45oboI don't think I did - but I have a colleague here who hasn't installed ipl on his
14:06:00obowhen he gets back from lunch I'll see if I can borrow his for a few minutes
14:06:00linuxstbDo you have access to a linux machine, or cygwin?
14:06:12obodd with a count=1 ??
14:06:23linuxstbYou just need to do (for example) "dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr-video60gb.bin count=1"
14:06:26linuxstbSo yes.
14:06:30Mikachuis bs 512 by default?
14:06:51Mikachuyou could do head -c 512 /dev/sda > mbr-video60gb.bin too
14:07:01obookay - want it on the wiki page?
14:07:18linuxstbYes please -
14:07:37oboI'll tackle him when he walks back in :)
14:07:43linuxstbOK, thanks.
14:08:19 Join dpro [0] (
14:11:23peturbtw, I tried vmware yesterday and I'm unable to connect to the share, any ideas?
14:12:02webguest98try disabling firewal, it was the only i could connect
14:12:42peturhmmm good point. But kerio normally asks me before blocking stuff
14:12:50peturah no wait
14:12:52webguest98i about to quit with this patch... any ideas please!
14:13:06peturtried it on a machine without firewall
14:14:15peturwebguest98: what target? maybe somebody has a build with SID ...
14:14:36webguest98ipod color
14:16:18webguest98cheched every rej file and respectives, everything seems ok, all the reports of the rej are already patched!
14:18:46linuxstbwebguest98: I've edited the patch very slightly so that it applies to current CVS cleanly. You could try downloading a clean version of the Rockbox source, and using my modified version of the patch (I'm about to upload it to the patch tracker now)
14:20:12linuxstbFixed .diff file now uploaded.
14:20:14webguest98thank you <linuxstb>
14:24:41webguest98i can't find it :(
14:24:49 Quit wehn (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:25:26 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:32:59 Quit int (Nick collision from services.)
14:36:10obolinuxstb: done
14:38:50 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
14:39:21linuxstbobo: Thanks. I'll let the person who requested it in the forums know.
14:45:12webguest98<linuxstb> thank you i'll try now :)
14:45:33 Join dogbeer [0] (
14:48:42 Quit dogbeer (Client Quit)
14:50:09webguest98<linuxstb> when you say i should use a clean source of rockbox... i should download, remove old version and upload to debian?
14:51:02 Part obo
14:51:05peturwebguest98: get the current cvs version, then apply patch
14:51:40linuxstbwebguest98: Yes, the safe thing is to completely delete your existing copy of the source, and start again with a fresh download.
14:54:48webguest98sorry.. but in "\\debian\homes\rockbox" are folders that then are missing on the rockbox-2.5.tar
14:55:44peturnot 2.5, the current cvs version
14:56:23 Part Paul_The_Nerd
14:57:27peturyes, or do a cvs download from the folder (
14:58:57linuxstbB4gder: Did you remove the .tar.gz bleeding-edge source download on purpose? Only the .tar.bz2 appears to be there. Also, the daily builds downloads only have the .tar.gz source.
14:59:17 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
15:00:17Jungti1234what is 'manifacturer'?
15:01:01webguest98this one yes?
15:01:07linuxstbHe probably meant "manufacturer" - the company which makes something.
15:04:46Bg3ruf, yes
15:05:00Bg3rme and my very "good" english :D
15:07:57Mikachulostlogic: my ipod hasn't shut down even though playback is paused
15:08:05Mikachulostlogic: auto shutdown is set on 5m
15:10:05peturhmmm... company drink today... 1) me happy to commute with bike 2) bad news for development work tonight :D
15:11:20Jungti1234Chessbox has problem.
15:11:36Bg3rpetur :D D
15:11:47Jungti1234maybe it is bug.
15:13:48Bg3rJungti1234 what problem?
15:14:21Jungti1234I have screenshot. wait
15:20:43 Part LinusN
15:20:43 Join jaebird [0] (n=jae@
15:24:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:25:18 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
15:26:51webguest98why can't i log in now using Eterm?
15:27:13webguest98i need a real password!
15:27:57lostlogicMikachu: it hates you.
15:28:05lostlogicMikachu: I assume it's not plugged in?
15:29:36peturwebguast98: used anonymous?
15:30:07webguest98if i use anonymous it doesn't let me "make"
15:31:29webguest98i'm trying again with anonymous
15:32:20webguest98cd rockbox-devel
15:33:49webguest98doing "../tools/configure" i get a "permission denied"
15:34:29peturwebguest98: see wiki page about vmware
15:36:25petur is even closer
15:43:20webguest98it worked :)
15:43:41webguest98"make" now
15:44:16 Join Rondom [0] (
15:44:34 Join scf [0] (
16:02:48webguest98this patch is not working too
16:03:39webguest98or i can't figure it out
16:04:45webguest98i'm going on hollidays today could any kind soul upload a compiled rockbox with the sid patch for ipod color, please?
16:04:54 Join TeaSea [0] (
16:05:43 Quit dpro (Remote closed the connection)
16:09:14 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
16:09:45 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
16:13:27linuxstbwebguest98: - but test it first if you are planning on relying on it for any length of time...
16:14:16webguest98thank you :D
16:18:58 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
16:19:02 Join Kyomi [0] (
16:19:23KyomiAlright... dir/tagcache takes ALOT out of the battery
16:19:33KyomiI barely got through one song and it crapped out
16:19:56KyomiI was lucky enough to get it back on to take it off and it seems fine now... apart from charging itself o.o
16:24:15 Part YouCeyE ("Leaving")
16:27:31SlasheriKyomi: Hmm, that doesn't sound normal
16:29:21webguest98jeesuss chrisss it works!!! amazing, thanks a billion <linuxstb> you done me hoolidays ::D
16:30:48KyomiSo... you think I need a new battery?
16:31:00KyomiI've had it for maybe... 2 years?
16:36:26 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:36:49KyomiMy battery is going down a bit faster then it should it goes by like.. -2 almost every minute
16:38:59 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:39:24 Quit axion_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:41:18 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
16:57:50Jungti1234hey Bg3r
17:00:52 Join pondlife [0] (n=pondlife@
17:00:53Jungti1234see it
17:02:16Jungti1234Is it Rockbox's chess rule? :D
17:02:20pondlifelostlogic: I've a bit more info on the situation where crossfade fails if you're interested...
17:02:30ravonphew, only sin() and rand() left now.... then it compiles.
17:02:37ravonStarving :(
17:04:04 Quit Kyomi (Nick collision from services.)
17:04:14 Join Kyomi [0] (
17:06:40 Join filoktetes [0] (
17:09:40 Join Lost-ash [0] (
17:09:50 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
17:13:46lostlogicpondlife: not now −− flyspray or wiki it if you want...
17:14:59 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
17:15:07 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
17:15:19pondlifelostlogic: OK, I've wikied it anyway
17:16:03pondlifelostlogic: feel free to mail me if you have questions, bye
17:16:10 Join damaki__ [0] (
17:16:31*pondlife gets on with Paid Work
17:16:40 Quit pondlife ()
17:16:52KyomiAnyone know much about the H320 battery?
17:19:59Jungti1234 - What should I do about this?
17:20:46KyomiThat.. is awesome
17:20:59KyomiIt's the instant win portal
17:21:32Kyomiwhat in the hell?
17:21:37Jungti1234It can't move.
17:21:40KyomiTheres like 8 white knights
17:21:51goffago PAWNS!
17:22:09KyomiThat isn't checkers :P
17:22:23KyomiThe reason I ask about the battery
17:22:32KyomiIs it because it drains out REALLY fast
17:22:37goffai realize there are too many, but if you get your pawn to the end, you get to pick your piece
17:22:41Kyomilike -2 every min or so
17:22:45goffathat's what i was referring to
17:22:53Kyomi*displays battery power numerically*
17:23:19KyomiI've like... completely forgotten most of the rules in chess
17:23:24KyomiAnd there it goes
17:23:30Kyomino more power for me :/
17:23:36Jungti1234White horse is 11. :)
17:23:53KyomiI'd choose queen :P
17:24:00Kyomiget like 11 queens XD
17:24:15goffamost would...
17:24:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:26:03amiconnBg3r: r u there?
17:29:57 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:33:50 Quit Jungti1234 ()
17:34:11 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
17:37:49 Join bluey [0] (
17:41:14 Join Philip_0729 [0] (
17:42:27amiconnAny owner of a H300 remote (LCD and/or non-LCD) around?
17:42:30 Join stoffel [0] (
17:44:12amiconnPhilip_0729: LCD or non-LCD?
17:44:38Philip_0729H300 LCD
17:44:48Philip_0729and i have a non lcd one i could dig out....
17:44:58amiconnOh, very nice. :)
17:45:00 Join TCK [0] (
17:45:14amiconnCould you test something for me?
17:45:36amiconnI want to improve remote detection + init, but only have the H100 remote myself
17:45:55amiconnDo you have a recent build on your H300? (I presume you have a H300)
17:46:10Philip_0729fairly recent yes
17:46:32 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
17:46:44amiconnYou will need a build as of 20-Apr-2006 21:10 UTC or later for the test
17:46:55amiconn(One after my 21:05 commit)
17:47:07Philip_0729i'll download a bleeding edge....
17:49:09 Quit webguest98 ("CGI:IRC")
17:50:25Slasherigrr, no rockbox development at this weekend, as my main workstation has broken.. it no longer boots at all
17:51:25lostlogicSlasheri: :( yet another reason Maybe Day is becoming more of a reality :(
17:53:13Philip_0729ok i have new build
17:53:42Philip_0729my LCD remote is not working at all... :?
17:53:57amiconnHmm, it should...
17:54:10amiconnDid you plug it after boot?
17:54:57Philip_0729sorry the contrast setting was changed ..... :)
17:55:12amiconnI ask you to do the following:
17:55:24Philip_0729but up/down is not working right
17:55:43amiconnIt is working right in the wps, but not in the browser
17:55:56amiconnThat's a somewhat tricky problem we'll address later
17:56:16amiconnDisconnect the remote. Go to Info->Debug->View I/O Ports
17:56:31 Nick scf is now known as unexterminatable (
17:57:00amiconnTell me the value of ADC_REMOTEDETECT
17:57:19amiconnokay, same on my H300.
17:57:49amiconnNow plug in the remote _slowly_, and watch both the first digit of GPIO_READ (1st line) and ADC_REMOTEDETECT
17:58:18amiconnGPIO_READ should change from D.... to 9..... first, and a little later ADC_REMOTEDETECT will go up
17:58:27amiconnDo not plug in fully yet
17:59:04amiconnTell me the raised ADC_REMOTEDETECT value, then plug in fully, and check the value again
17:59:17Philip_0729then 2c
17:59:51amiconnNow disconnect the remote again, switch the remote to hold, and repeat the procedure
18:00:05amiconnTell me both the raised and the final value
18:01:32Philip_0729takes lots of intermitant values in hold and off
18:02:07amiconnYes, sometimes the elevated value varies a bit. That's not critical
18:02:13 Join Daishi [0] (
18:02:19 Quit Kyomi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:02:38Philip_0729end value with hold on is 6 b/c
18:02:57amiconnBasically, I want to verify whether the behaviour is the same for the H300 remotes as what I observed with the H100 remote
18:03:05 Join Kyomi [0] (
18:03:07 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
18:03:28Philip_0729Gpio read is same as hold off
18:03:50amiconnWhat is the intermittent value (roughly)?
18:04:10amiconnShould be around BF if my theory is right
18:04:25fiftyfour123*HFS+ supports*
18:04:41Philip_0729bf then if a little more 8f
18:04:49Philip_0729and that is same as hold off
18:05:06amiconnyes, so it's the same behaviour as with the H100 remote
18:05:26amiconnNow if you could check the non-LCD remote as well.
18:05:38Philip_0729sometimes remotetype at bottom displays type 2 others type 3
18:05:59amiconnYes, that's a bug that would be fixed with my changes
18:06:22 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:06:46amiconnIf you check the non-lcd remote, you don't need to check with hold on and off, as hold doesn't matter on that remote
18:07:04Philip_0729gpio read is same
18:07:10 Join Ribs [0] (
18:07:30Philip_0729remote detect 80 > BF > 8F
18:07:52amiconnOk, many thanks for the tests :)
18:08:10Philip_0729also if hold is on goes to BE not Bf
18:13:36 Join freqmod [0] (
18:13:37 Quit lee-qid_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:16:00 Join webguest62 [0] (
18:18:36 Join lee-qid_ [0] (
18:20:52 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
18:20:55 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
18:22:03 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/external/x-2627af45fe46d726)
18:24:41webguest62is there a more recent custom cfg file format spec guide anywhere available?
18:28:04 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
18:34:14webguest62actually the setting name for the browser cache would help too =)
18:37:26webguest62is it max files in dir?
18:38:24 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
18:41:44 Quit webguest62 ("CGI:IRC")
18:48:38 Quit lee-qid_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:55:43 Join obo [0] (
18:56:44 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
18:57:11 Quit fiftyfour123 ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
18:58:20 Quit predius_ ("Lost terminal")
18:59:15 Join freqmod [0] (
18:59:28 Join webguest67 [0] (
19:02:59 Quit Kyomi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:03:33 Join Kyomi [0] (
19:03:33 Quit Kyomi (Remote closed the connection)
19:06:33linuxstbCan any h300 owners confirm this bug?
19:07:06 Part Saranomaly
19:07:26linuxstbLooking at what I think is the relevant code - gui/logo.c:gui_draw_logo() - there is a call to display->clear_display() before the logo is displayed. So I don't understand how the bug can happen.
19:08:50 Join lee-qid_ [0] (
19:14:54Philip_0729i don't get that but the backdrop from the WPS is used and for continuity it should use the backdrop for the menu...
19:16:23 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:17:13 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
19:20:50stoffellinuxstb: im running an h300 optimized build from paulh from ~1-2 weeks ago. is that usefull to you?
19:21:51stoffeli don't see the magenta rectangles, but some wps bitmaps are still shown while the usb logo is visible
19:23:50 Join pondlife [0] (n=pondlife@
19:24:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:25:25pondlifelinuxstb: H340 owner here, just tried to repro 4752..
19:25:42 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:26:00pondlifelinuxstb: No display weirdness occured - USB icon was displayed as expected
19:26:41 Join Acksaw [0] (
19:29:38amiconnlinuxstb: No gfx glitches when connecting usb while playing, but then I use neither a graphical wps nor a background bitmap
19:30:59 Quit filoktetes (Remote closed the connection)
19:32:21lostlogicWhen USB is connected while menu is held, what events are put where? Does it cause a sys_timeout to be issued to all waiters or somethign?
19:33:43amiconnUSB power mode fires no events
19:39:01lostlogicI had a bug yesterday in my voice refactor where it would get stuck on the voice codec and never swap back. Until I held menu and plugged USB, then it would switch back and resume operating. The bug basically caused the voice thread to go to sleep on a queue_wait() instead of doing a queue_wait_w_tmo(,,0), so I can't figure out why plugging it in would wake up
19:39:32amiconnThat's indeed strange
19:39:51amiconnUSB power mode itself does definitely not send any events
19:40:07amiconnMaybe the charging code does send SYS_CHARGER_CONNECTED
19:40:20lostlogicbroadcast? that's probably it.
19:40:33linuxstbPhilip_0729: I think you've hit the problem - the WPS backdrop isn't cleared when displaying the USB logo. I also agree with you that the main Rockbox backdrop should be restored.
19:41:06 Quit pondlife ()
19:41:36Philip_0729especially if that backdrop of your wps has pink rectangles for other pics...
19:42:03amiconnlostlogic: It's the charging code that sends an event in case of USB power, I just checked
19:42:28amiconnif(charger_inserted() || usb_powered()) .... queue_broadcast(SYS_CHARGER_CONNECTED, NULL); .....
19:43:11lostlogicamiconn: ty, at least now I know why... was making me slightly insane.
19:44:03 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: no this is NOT a cybersex client")
19:48:20 Join TCK [0] (
19:56:38nudelI've got some low-bitrate ogg vorbis files that seem to crash rockbox on ipod 5g. Not the latest version of RB though (I was going to wait for the album art patch to coexist nicely with the newer versions before updating). Should I send them to someone?
19:56:57nudelEr, they play fine but if you seek then RB locks up when you release the ffwd/rwnd button.
19:57:18 Part claym
19:57:24crashdnudel: might be worth having a chat with lostlogic, he's been overhauling the playback system
19:57:29crashdaltho, i think he's afk this weekend
19:57:58nudelhmm i should try with a newer firmware really
19:58:00crashdmaybe another dev can help
19:58:05crashdwell, if you want, send me over one of the ogg's
19:58:05nudeli can always go back to my old one afterwards
19:58:11amiconnnudel: Pls try with latest cvs
19:58:12crashdand ill give it a whirl, see if i can recreate the bug
19:58:58crashd you're running on ipod 5g, right?
19:58:58 Quit mirak (Connection timed out)
19:59:08crashdnice wps btw ;)
19:59:09nudeli'll download the latest cvs now and try it too
19:59:18nudelthanks :) i need to update it and make nano version at some point
19:59:22crashdim on a cvs from this morning, so ill check it out with this first
19:59:27crashdthen go for the bleeding edge
19:59:56 Join Kyomi [0] (
20:01:39nudeli don't know much about how these were created, btw... i think they may have been split from one large ogg file which may explain why seeking is b0rked
20:01:50nudelit's a radio show that i downloaded
20:02:01crashdoh, ok, it might be a file problem then
20:02:03crashdill check anyway
20:02:25nudeli figure even a bad input shouldn't cause a crash. better to skip the file than require a reboot
20:02:48amiconnStill, rockbox shouldn't lock up with 'bad' files
20:03:58*amiconn is too slow
20:04:52lostlogicare they low bitrate and also low samplerate?
20:04:58lostlogicI'm in town this weekend, AFK next.
20:05:02crashdahh, sorry dude :>
20:05:39nudelthey're ~70kbps, 44.1 kHz
20:05:52lostlogichmm... then I don't have any _known_ issues that would cause problems.
20:06:14lostlogicseeking in non-44.1khz files seems broken, but that's a separate issue
20:06:24nudelprobably the worst sounding files i've ever listened to... not only recordedf rom FM radio, but a bad FM radio, at 70kbps
20:06:49crashdmaybe it just hates shitty quality ogg's ;)
20:08:45lostlogichmph, no portalplayer in next nano version... gee fun... wonder who they'll find who is even more NDA happy.
20:09:04crashdis it going to be a 'nano' or some kind of even smaller flash player?
20:09:14amiconnpico ;)
20:09:16nudeli hope they use the new sigmatel chipset so it's gapless out of the box
20:09:21crashdhehe, well that was the obvious
20:09:45nudelthe Apple Nacho (better at scopping cream cheese into your mouth than playing music)
20:09:45lostlogicsays nano
20:09:59linuxstblostlogic: The press release from portalplayer says something like "mid-end and high-end ipods". So maybe the Nano will continue with the PP5021.
20:10:25lostlogic"But this week PortalPlayer (PLAY) disclosed that a forthcoming chip won't be showing up in a planned version of Apple's (AAPL) iPod nano."
20:11:12linuxstbHere's the press release:
20:11:24linuxstb"PortalPlayer believes that the PP5021 will continue to be used in other members of the iPod family."
20:13:08amiconnnudel: I'd rather hope it would not use the sigmatel stuff
20:13:51linuxstbnudel: What does the chipset have to do with gapless?
20:13:58nudelnew sigmatel chipset sounds good, though they could cripple its features (and undoubtedly will remove USB MS)
20:14:10nudelwell, they provide a reference firmware that's gapless
20:14:17nudelapple would have to fuck it up *on purpose*
20:14:23nudelrather than out of laziness
20:15:08nudeldoh, i always do a make instea dofa "make zip"
20:15:12linuxstbThat's a step forward at least... But is it aimed at high-end MP3 players?
20:15:16scottdersilly question...does rockbox support files wil embedded que sheets?
20:15:24scottdernot que
20:15:33linuxstbscottder: No. And it wouldn't be trivial.
20:15:47scottderOk....just curious :)
20:16:09 Join filoktetes [0] (
20:16:34nudelhigh-end... yeah, well, all mp3 players i guess. it's the first chipset made by the ex-karma people and they say it has all the features that the chroma would've had
20:16:36linuxstbQuite a few people have requested it, but I don't think any developers think it's worthwhile. You can always just split the file and still have gapless playback in Rockbox.
20:17:30scottderYes, I have a few things that are encoded that way. I'll just use foobar2000 to split it out
20:18:13crashdnudel: so, seekins breaks rb with this ogg yeah?
20:18:56scottdernudel: problem is it's not just the chipset...but how it's implemented
20:19:02nudeli've just built the latest firmware, but someone's abut to come round so i may not test it for a while
20:19:08crashdnudel: you're not wrong
20:19:11crashdbreaks for me too
20:19:37lostlogicsomeone should report that on the SoftwareCodecPlayback wiki page... and fix it.
20:19:49nudelback in a bit, sorry
20:20:05scottderSomething broken with vorbis files?
20:20:35crashdis there a decent tool to grep info on an ogg file?
20:20:47crashdprolly best if nudel reports it tbh, he has more files that break it than i do ;)
20:21:27lostlogicscottder: low bitrate vorbis files seem to break on seek according to these folks
20:21:42scottdercrashd: ogginfo in linux may do it
20:21:51scottderhow low bitrate
20:21:59crashdwell, there's something up with the file
20:22:01crashdas it breaks winamp too
20:22:08crashdjust had to intervene in a winamp-falling-over
20:22:14lostlogicoh, well if it breaks winamp too, I ain't fixin' it for 3.0 :)
20:22:21crashdill double check
20:22:29crashdbut seeking through it caused winamp to start chowing on resources
20:23:23lostlogicprobably has some kind of difficulty finding the correct seek location and start bouncing from one end fo the file to the other, which I can fathom breaking rockbox...
20:23:33scottderwas the issue with seeking in large files fixed?
20:23:40lostlogicscottder: yes
20:23:44crashdwinamp crashes with a Macromedia Director error, ive checked it thrice now
20:23:51crashdsomething is rotten in the state of vorbis
20:23:53lostlogicscottder: unless they are large non-44.1khz file
20:24:09scottderAhh ok...
20:24:15scottdergotta run will be back later
20:25:55Avehmm holy shit
20:26:20AveApple's decision to not use the PortalPlayer chip in a future version of the iPod nano. From the article: "PortalPlayer stock promptly shed $9.46, or nearly 42% of its value, and more than $220 million in market value
20:27:11Avewas it because of ms vista exclusive future product, or rockbox <g>
20:29:06sharpehello everyone.
20:31:26 Join Febs [0] (
20:34:38 Quit filoktetes ("Leaving")
20:35:31amiconnHmm, petur isn't around.... there's an obvious bug in the CS3 init.... wonder the isp1362 doesn't want to talk to him
20:36:39amiconnHmpf, false alarm
20:36:46*amiconn confused chip selects
20:37:26 Quit webguest67 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:41:41 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@otaku.freeshell.ORG)
20:43:51 Join Myth_ [0] (
20:44:12Myth_hi guys
20:44:49goffahi Myth_
20:45:34FebsDoes anyone know whether the iPod 5G hardware has recording capability?
20:45:46*Febs looks at preglow and linuxstb.
20:46:06 Join pixelma [0] (n=M_@
20:46:34crashdisnt there some contention as to wether it's possible to get the pp in the 5g to record via the headphones, a la 3g?
20:46:44crashdFebs: it probably is possible, but no one's looked into it enough yet
20:48:40lostlogicit definitely has recording capabilities
20:48:46lostlogicprobably throgh the headphone port
20:48:47linuxstbIPL doesn't support recording on the 5g, but I'm 99% sure that's just because no-one's attempted to code it yet.
20:48:58crashdhehe, three similar answers : >
20:49:06linuxstbWhy do you say it *definitely* has recording capabilities?
20:49:22lostlogiclinuxstb: doesn't apple support voice recording on it through the dock?
20:49:36linuxstbYes, it does...
20:49:58lostlogicwell then it definitely has recording capabilities...?
20:49:59linuxstbGriffin are launching a "high quality" recording interface soon.
20:50:19linuxstblostlogic: Yes. I forgot about the recording accessories...
20:51:05linuxstbAFAIK, the dock connector should have a stereo line-in, and the left channel of the headphone socket also works as an input.
20:51:27linuxstbI'll probably have a go at recording, but after 3.0 is released.
20:51:35crashdwith the recording accessories, then, do they run a part of the retailos that is hitherto unaccessible
20:51:47linuxstbYes - that's my understanding.
20:51:52crashdah, same for radio im guessing ?
20:52:13crashdat least, the interface for radio, i guess the actual signal comes from a 'line in' from the unit you purchase
20:52:29linuxstbPossibly. I think the Apple Accessory Protocol allows for "intelligent" accessories - that can take key input from the ipod, and display graphics/text on the LCD.
20:53:39linuxstbSome documentation is here:
20:53:56crashdoh, interesting
20:54:01crashdhavent seen this before
20:54:55linuxstbThe problem is that (afaik) there is no low-level serial driver available for the remote port on the 4g and later ipods.
20:55:36crashdthat'd be a real dog then
20:55:37linuxstbSo that will either involve some lucky guesses based on the 3G code, or some disassembly...
20:56:29 Join KlrSpz [0] (n=klrSpz@
20:56:42KlrSpzjust installed rockbox.. if there are any dev's here.. you kick ass
20:57:19KlrSpzanyone have any cool voice files? (better than on the site)
20:57:35amiconnlinuxstb, lostlogic: Is the retailos on the firmware partition encrypted? If so, is the encryption known?
20:58:03linuxstbNo, it's not encrypted. There's a simple checksum which is added by ipod_fw.c
20:58:35crashdit's the bootloader that's encrypted on the ipods innit?
20:58:46Mikachuthe one in flash?
20:58:52lostlogicthe radio is different from recording, afaik, it simply draws power from the host ipod and does everything else internally.
20:58:57linuxstbYes - but only on disk. The version that's flashed isn't...
20:59:01 Join axion_ [0] (
20:59:06crashdthat's what i mean
20:59:15crashdbut the encryption on that has alreayd been..uh..circumvented
20:59:16Mikachuamiconn claims reading the flash shouldn't be too hard
20:59:57obohas anyone tried setting MEMORYSIZE to 64 before?
21:00:00amiconnIndeed not, provided the mapping is known. preglow?
21:00:55 Part Philip_0729
21:01:07linuxstbA simple write(fd,0x0,1024*1024) in the bootloader seemed to work fine for me.
21:01:25FebsLinuxstb, thanks for the info. I am 95% sure that I'll be buying a 5G. Recording is not a critical feature because I still have my H120, but it's nice to know that the potential is there.
21:01:55linuxstb(it has to be done in the bootloader, because Rockbox remaps main memory to 0x0)
21:02:04lostlogicFebs: 5g is a nice player, but a button combination nightmare :-P
21:02:26linuxstbI blame Rockbox for having too many features...
21:02:54crashdthe only problem with the 5g is that the lcd is just too big
21:02:59crashdin my experience, anyway
21:03:14crashdbut, any of the performance loss due to that will get ironed out, in time, i guess
21:03:15linuxstbYou could create a build that only uses 1/4 of it...
21:03:29crashdwell, yeah, but that'd be stupid ;)
21:03:29obohmmm, 63075616 byte codec buffer...
21:03:39lostlogichmm... yeah, wouldn't even be that hard... treat it like a nano screen basically
21:03:40linuxstbobo: Is it working?
21:03:50obonope, codec failure on all tracks
21:04:25obopcmbuffer never starts to fill
21:04:28linuxstbYou will have to make sure the codecs are being linked at the correct address (512KB before the end of RAM I think). Same for plugins.
21:04:33amiconnlinuxstb: Where is the flashrom remapped to in main rockbox?
21:04:35lostlogicweird. all of the filebuf code is mapped relative to start and end pointers for the audiobuf
21:04:42lostlogicah, yes.
21:04:43linuxstbamiconn: I don't think it is.
21:05:06linuxstbi.e. the flash is inaccessible after Rockbox starts.
21:05:17Mikachuthat's probably a good idea
21:05:19obolinuxstb: any pointers where I should look?
21:05:19Mikachujust in case
21:05:19 Quit axion_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:05:21 Join axion_ [0] (
21:05:45linuxstbobo: Look at the .lds files. But they should all be based on MEMORYSIZE, rather than hard-coded.
21:06:10linuxstbapps/plugins/ and firmware/
21:06:30 Join RedBreva_ [0] (
21:06:31Myth_btw: A serious question: How is the progress on the DUMB-Player? I'm asking because I could do a simple mod player within a few hours and wonder if its worth the time.
21:06:56crashdMyth_: afaik, it hasnt been touched since it was commited to CVS, although there was some chatter earlier about a nes sound player
21:06:58linuxstbobo: There is some memory remapping code, and it's possible that that isn't remapping the whole 64MB.
21:07:16 Quit Kyomi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:07:32obookay, I'll have a play
21:08:01linuxstbMyth_: I think a couple of people have been looking at in during the last few days. The problem was the heavy use of floats - I don't know how much progress has been made.
21:08:01 Join Kyomi [0] (
21:08:18linuxstbBut if you could write a small and efficient mod player, that would seem very desirable.
21:08:23Myth_ok, so someone is working on it
21:08:35linuxstbI think it was ravon and HCl
21:08:48crashdMyth_: personally, id love you forever if you wrote a mod player that worked ;)
21:08:51Myth_my mod player is small and efficient, I'm just afraid I'll release it and it goes into nirvana because of the dumb-player ;)
21:08:53crashdbut, if it's a waste of time, then obviously
21:09:12crashdwell, it may turn out to be more effecient than the one in dumb
21:09:16ravon"working". Tested it and came to the conclusion that it's slow as an emu
21:09:18linuxstbMyth_: Do you know how it compares to dumb?
21:09:28Mikachuravon: emu the bird?
21:09:50Myth_its just a mod player, no it, s3m and xm (though I could do xm, too).
21:09:52ravonMikachu: Emu the savanna buffalo :)
21:10:06 Join Xerion_ [0] (
21:10:09ravonMyth_: Anything is better than nothing :)
21:10:12Mikachunot as in emulator
21:10:19 Quit Xerion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:10:19 Nick Xerion_ is now known as Xerion (
21:10:20Myth_btw: Can I use malloc() to allocate buffer within a codec?
21:10:25amiconnlinuxstb: I think the flash doesn't contain the whole retailos. Retailos is too big for that
21:10:50amiconnBut the apple flash bootloader has to contain the load-and-decyrpt routine...
21:11:04linuxstbThere's a separate bootloader/diagnostics mode - that's in flash. Retailos is only on disk, and then loaded into RAM.
21:11:22ravonhurrah, got nosefart to load the nsf file and show the song title.
21:12:05ravonThey really didn't spoil us with documentation on that one :/
21:12:41Mikachuhow do/will you tell the codec what subsong to play?
21:13:02ravonPlugin, I guess.
21:13:28ravonIf it'll ever produce sound, that is.
21:14:03Mikachuhm okay
21:15:15obolinuxstb: the .lds files under the build-dir are adjusted to 64 - and the other .lds files contain MEMORYSIZE
21:15:37Mikachu"i'm sorry about my friend, he had too much lds back in the sixties"
21:16:32linuxstbobo: Look at your file, and also the apps/codecs/*.map files - do they show the correct 64MB-based addresses?
21:17:41KlrSpzhey guys, i just hooked my ipod up, disconnected, and now when it boots into rockbox it says "cleared" and just sits there, won't let me do anything.. any ideas on what to check?
21:17:52MikachuKlrSpz: your hold switch is on
21:18:00KlrSpzoh shit
21:18:01KlrSpzi feel dumb
21:18:10Mikachudon't worry, we've all been there
21:18:16KlrSpzaww man, so config is dead too i suppose.. oh well
21:18:28Mikachuif you menu+select reboot it may restore
21:18:45KlrSpzahh, instead of letting it write the config out
21:18:47KlrSpzyeah, that did it
21:18:47KlrSpzyou rock
21:18:53KlrSpzthis OS is awesome
21:19:03Mikachualso, Manage config -> write .cfg == good idea
21:20:30KlrSpzhow do you backspace on the nanopod? i was looking through the wiki but wasn't finding it
21:20:47obolinuxstb: DRAM length is set to 3F00000 (63Mb), that is also the Origin value for PLUGIN_RAM
21:21:01MikachuKlrSpz: in the vkeyboard?
21:21:11MikachuKlrSpz: go to the input line and press select (ie, anywhere outside the text entry field)
21:21:53KlrSpzmm.. like when you hit save .cfg file
21:22:05KlrSpzit pops up i guess the vkb, but i don't see how to do that
21:22:13Mikachujust go up over the edge
21:22:22linuxstbobo: That sounds right. And the codec buffer should be the final 512KB.
21:22:35KlrSpzMikachu, yeah, it seems to be adding spaces
21:22:46Mikachuthen you're not in the input line i guess
21:22:56KlrSpzoh there it goes.. i wasn't seeing an indicator that i was on th eline
21:23:14obobrb, 10 min
21:24:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:28:23 Quit Myth_ ("leaving")
21:30:34 Join cvxdes [0] (
21:32:20cvxdeshmm, I'm getting "[ERR] File is too large for firmware partition, aborting." when installing on the iPod. Can anyone help?
21:32:36 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
21:34:37KyomiI dont think the most recent experimental build has SID in it ;_;
21:34:45KyomiI'm getting a No Codec For:
21:35:37 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:36:05cvxdesLooks like no one here helps. Heh... *walks away*
21:36:08 Part cvxdes
21:36:43linuxstbcvxdes: You need a little patience....
21:36:56 Quit HCl (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:38:21lostlogicahh, patience... ie waited a whopping 6 minutes from entering the channel to giving up on us.
21:39:24 Quit Xerion (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:40:06Mikachudialup in sweden is charged by the minute, but i don't think comcast is
21:40:42lostlogic*giggle* I've just learned that I'm going to be in Amsterdam for Queen's Day.
21:45:47 Join leftright [0] (
21:46:21leftrightlostlogic, Queens day in amsterdam is one big pissup, make sure you bring a spare liver
21:46:55lostlogicleftright: fortunately(?) I'm a total lightweight, so I'm easy on the liver...
21:47:08lostlogicI just hope to stay conscious
21:47:32leftrightand dont ride a bicycle around in town, there's too much glass lying around, i had to pedal home on two flat wheels a few years ago
21:47:42lostlogichaha, I skate, not bike :)
21:48:04KlrSpzbtw, i saw on the site that someone was looking for some kind of installer, it's not much, but i wrote a batch file to assist in the install/uninstall of rockbox
21:49:53leftrightlostlogic, and you do know what the real purpose of the coffe bars are
21:50:06KlrSpzgettin lit!
21:50:12sharpeyay ramen!
21:50:14lostlogicyes, yes, I'm not that much of a newb
21:50:26leftrightjust making sure :>
21:51:17leftrightand the woman in the wndows are really satunning, some of them anyway, and there's a special for ROCKbox dev's
21:52:37 Join isidore [0] (
21:52:47KlrSpzsure sure
21:54:56 Part leftright
21:54:57goffajust tell them.. they'll make it special ;)
21:56:03lostlogic::rolleyes:: I'll be travelling with a female friend any way ;)
21:56:27 Join midgey34 [0] (
21:57:44 Quit isidore (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:59:31amiconnKlrSpz: There is an installer already, it's just not yet adapted to any of the newer platforms
21:59:48KlrSpzi thought it was just for the archos? dunno really
21:59:50amiconnThe installer is built using innosetup, which is gpl
22:00:10amiconnYes, it's just for archos right now, but it could be extended...
22:00:35KlrSpzyeah well, mine is just a dos batch file
22:00:45KlrSpzi might build a vb app later or somethin
22:00:54 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:02:57lostlogicVB *shudder*
22:04:05 Quit Kyomi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:04:05ender`innosetup isn't gpl, it's a modified zlib license
22:04:23peturbloody company drink - do not disturb unless urgent - /me drunk :/
22:04:57*ender` remembers somebody ranting in innosetup newsgroups because it's licence wasn't OSI-verified
22:07:30amiconnpetur: I think we don't know all necessary gpios to communicate with the isp1362
22:07:35 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:51amiconnE.g. I would expect the reset pin to be connected somewhere
22:09:11 Join Acksaw [0] (
22:11:35peturamiconn: all i know from looking at the iriver stuff is in the code... do have to get the gpio function/enable things right
22:11:36twisted`maybe i shouldn't start the riot on Queensday, for lostlogic's sake
22:12:46lostlogictwisted`: punk. you live in amsterdam?
22:13:21twisted`lostlogic: if I had o-lines you would have be k-lined now, nobody calls me punk
22:13:38twisted`lostlogic: but yeah
22:13:48 Join Xerion [0] (
22:14:02*Mikachu plays back to the future 2 music
22:14:06peturamiconn: I talked to Linus before about the gpio interconnects, his suggestion was to check the iriver code
22:14:12twisted`I am everythin that the punks represent are not
22:14:25sharpei like punk music...
22:14:35DBUGEnqueued KICK Acksaw
22:14:35*Acksaw Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication RHP Greatest Hits 05:29|192kbs|mp3
22:15:07peturacksaw: RHCP made far better music than that
22:15:15Mikachuwouldn't the acronym for red hot chilli peppers be rhcp, not rhp?
22:15:25sharpeit should...
22:15:25Acksawpetur, like i dont know!
22:15:28Acksawyeh midgey34
22:15:35Acksawyes Mikachu
22:15:39 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:15:46Acksawi have no had the time to correct it yet
22:16:03sharpei wonder if the similar would throw data aborts as often as my ipod...
22:16:05lostlogictwisted`: ... what defines punk to you?
22:16:19 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (i=steve-o@
22:16:23peturDEAD KENNEDYS
22:17:42 Quit quobl (Excess Flood)
22:18:01twisted`lostlogic: to me? well in amsterdam there's this building called the "Vrankrijk", a lot of punks meet there
22:18:24 Join HCl [0] (
22:18:24twisted`lostlogic: and some people I happened to meet are also punk
22:18:27CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:18:27*petur powers down...
22:18:31lostlogictwisted`: and punks are teenagers of a particular variety?
22:18:36*Mikachu puts petur in the closet
22:19:00twisted`lostlogic: at least, they say of theirselves they're punk, they all seem similar tho, so I guess it's all the same
22:19:04sharpemaybe i should be like marvin from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy...
22:19:22 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/external/x-66f5ad77b250ef76)
22:19:25Mikachuwhen petur powers up he will be coming out of the closet
22:19:30 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
22:19:45lostlogicI've never understood the various meanings of the term punk. There is punk music, there is punk culture, there are punk people. Don't get it.
22:20:04sharpeit's unique to what you're applying it to?
22:20:33Mikachu n 1: an aggressive and violent young criminal [syn: {hood}, {hoodlum},
22:20:33Mikachu {goon}, {thug}, {tough}, {toughie}, {strong-armer}]
22:20:42Mikachu 4: a teenager or young adult who is a performer (or enthusiast)
22:20:42Mikachu of punk rock and a member of the punk youth subculture
22:21:34twisted`lostlogic: the similarities I could draw between all these "punks" is that they a) appear to have no money at all for proper clothes, b) got the weirdest haircuts, c) all the music sounds the same, d) they're pro-"anarchy" while they all demonstrate for communist parties, e) they are all against eating meat etc (while they still continue to eat cheese, which needs the acid for a dead cows stumach to be produced, way to go idiots, damn do
22:22:20twisted`lostlogic: the music, also very funny, is most close to be drawn to "nazi" music, while they all seem to be wearing: anti-nazi buttons etc
22:22:44lostlogicI'll uhh keep that in mind.
22:23:00Mikachutwisted`: i don't think that was the kind of punk he was accusing you of being :)
22:23:02*Acksaw Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue Greatest Hits 03:36|192kbs|mp3
22:23:05Acksawthat beter?
22:23:20twisted`Mikachu: I hope not :P
22:23:49lostlogictwisted`: correct, I was just saying "punk" in the same way that many people say "bitch" or "ass" to someone who's being a smartass.
22:23:51Mikachui bet those punks use flac too
22:24:15 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:24:32sharpeyou can also say "punk ass bitch"
22:24:45twisted`and all "punks" seem to disagree with me on political standpoints, musical taste (so far for their taste btw, HEY! let's beat this shit until we can't hear the difference anymore 'n then scream some weird shit and it's NEW!), philisophical standpoints (I bet they can't spell it :P)
22:24:46Mikachuor punk bitch ass
22:25:11Mikachutwisted`: neither can you ;), it's philosophical
22:25:23twisted`Mikachu: meh I just woke up 5min ago or something
22:25:32twisted`Mikachu: I'm very happy I can read atm :P
22:26:08twisted`Mikachu: yeah, true, s/philisophical/philosophical
22:27:08sharpelostlogic, i found out where it's data aborting...
22:27:27twisted`actually the "punk"-movement... cracks me up
22:27:34twisted`they got seriously no idea what they're doin...
22:27:37 Quit Farpenoodle ("Large sacks of cheese")
22:27:48Mikachuyeah they should be using wav
22:28:31lostlogicsharpe: and?
22:29:03sharpeit's has to do with loading settings for the emulator :D
22:29:15twisted`Mikachu: nah, punks use Mp3 96kbps, cus the "transparancy" is already hit at that point with that music
22:29:20lostlogicbecause you try to read or write a long to a non-aligned address??? :)
22:29:36sharpetwould seem, i'm checking it out now :)
22:30:16 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
22:32:11linuxstb__sharpe: It could also be reading/write a short to a non-aligned address (i.e. an odd memory address)
22:32:16 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
22:32:18*petur hits Mikachu with quite a big hammer - then falls asleep again
22:32:30Mikachui guess i deserved that
22:33:02 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:33:14 Quit BHSPitLappy (Connection timed out)
22:33:17petursorry /me still drunk
22:33:24amiconnpetur: I couldn't find any obvious problems in your code
22:33:56amiconnIs the retail fw disassembly available somewhere?
22:34:29*amiconn would also expect that the interrupt and/or dma pins are connected somewhere
22:35:53 Quit SereRokR ("XChat Aqua")
22:36:40twisted`lostlogic: so actually you meant to say "punk" in a Clint Eastwood kinda way
22:38:19peturamiconn: i got the ida stuff from linus, I'll package and pm you
22:38:43 Join RotAtoR [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
22:40:32peturamiconn: got ida?
22:43:00lostlogictwisted`: yah, that's really the only way I use the term.
22:43:24twisted`lostlogic: LOL
22:43:35twisted`lostlogic: so everything I typed was actually for nothin, rofl
22:43:54sharpesuch a waste, isn't it?
22:44:03Mikachuit was interesting and amusing
22:44:04twisted`lostlogic: cause I thought you said it because I said riot
22:45:18sharpewell, i fixed the data abort...
22:46:33lostlogicsharpe: yay!
22:46:34 Join Spacksaw [0] (
22:46:44lostlogictwisted`: not a waste, now I know what that kind of punk means, which I never really quite grasped ;)
22:46:44sharpenow to just fix the loading of the roms :)
22:47:27twisted`lostlogic: well to make a long story short, just some kids who rebel against their parents and don't really know what the hell they're doin
22:47:47twisted`lostlogic: I mean seriously, how can you be pro-anarchy while you demonstrate for communist morals
22:48:08 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
22:48:34lostlogicyes, I grasped from your previous statements
22:48:39yobesoomummm most anarchy ideals are considered communist...
22:48:50*lostlogic is an anarchocapitalist
22:48:59sharpewould read() mind reading 8kb at once?
22:49:24lostlogicsharpe: no, it'd probably prefer to read a bit more...
22:49:38sharpewell, it's the largest of the roms... :)
22:49:47lostlogiclol ... right, commodore 64.
22:49:59twisted`yobesoom: it's impossible
22:50:09twisted`yobesoom: at least, depends how they see anarchy
22:50:19lostlogicI thought the communist ideal is no state... and socialist ideal was state-controlled production"?
22:50:20twisted`yobesoom: anarchy is total chaos
22:50:24lostlogictwisted`: no.
22:50:29lostlogicanarchy is the lack of a regimented body of law.
22:50:30twisted`no order no rules no one is in charge
22:50:31Mikachui thought communism was about a centrally controlled thinger where everyone gets an equal share of stuff
22:50:33sharpewell, it will get to read 68kb when i get it to be able to save/load the state of the emulator.
22:50:41lostlogicwhich absolutely does not imply chaos
22:50:54sharpeMikachu: in theory, yeah...
22:51:14lostlogicMikachu: I believe communism is simply the ideal that everyone should have what they need and give what they can... which can be achieved in a totalitarian way or an anarchistic way
22:51:15twisted`lostlogic: that's just a lame form of anarchy
22:51:50lostlogictwisted`: ... I'd quite rather have a stable anarchocapitalist society than anything else...
22:51:50twisted`but then again, all political forms that now exist are just weak
22:52:07twisted`I fuckin _hate_ communists and socialists
22:52:13scorchecommunism is based on common ownership...
22:52:26peturamiconn ?
22:52:34twisted`I mean seriously, if you can't work, fuckin die or something, I'm not gonna work to support you... I mean... why would I even?!
22:52:44lostlogictwisted`: hate is such a strong word. I strongly disagree with them.
22:52:55Mikachutwisted`: wow, this is why i don't discuss politics with people
22:53:08Mikachuit's better to not know their crazy opinions :)
22:53:35Mikachus/don't/prefer not to/
22:53:52Mikachuso you want your mom to die when she's 65?
22:54:00peturtwisted`: what if you got some handicap; just die because you're perfect?
22:54:28Mikachutwisted`: you wouldn't like sweden
22:54:29lostlogicMikachu: she should have damn well saved for her retirement
22:54:30twisted`I didn't say I won't support other people, maybe I should've said it differently, if you want to support people yourself, SURE go ahead
22:54:34twisted`but it isn't something imo
22:54:38twisted`that the state should do
22:54:40Mikachui'm 21 and i've never worked for a minute yet
22:54:41twisted`or government
22:54:57twisted`Mikachu: oh sweden is only a LITTLE bit worse then the NL
22:55:07twisted`seriously I live in a fuckin socialist country
22:55:22Mikachuif it's okay with you, i'll stop taking part in this discussion here
22:55:24lostlogicwe pretty much all do these days
22:55:24*Bagder must've joined wrong channel
22:55:43lostlogicwe might need that #rockbox-ot channel :-D
22:55:43twisted`lostlogic: what?
22:55:50sharpewe just got political overnight.
22:56:00lostlogictwisted`: most of the countries in the first world are getting more socialist by the day
22:56:03lostlogicit sucks.
22:56:04goffawelfare=socailism pretty much
22:56:13twisted`it shouldn't be
22:56:16twisted`it's criminal too
22:56:27twisted`they go like; well we can take the money from the rich, cus they got so much
22:56:28*lostlogic proudly wears his 'taxes are stealing' shirt a lot of days.
22:56:31twisted`and let's give it to the poor!
22:56:40twisted`well, FUCK THAT
22:56:47 Part Mikachu ("tell me when you're done")
22:56:55twisted`if you can't come up with some scheme to become filthy rich over the back of some poor bastard
22:57:00twisted`well that's just your fuckin problem
22:57:01lostlogictwisted`: you could stand to be a little more diplomatic in your communications in here...
22:57:06*petur plays some more DEAD KENNEDYS songs
22:57:16goffa:) nice petur
22:57:27twisted`lostlogic: what do you mean?
22:57:33 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
22:57:49lostlogictwisted`: I think you've sincerely offended Mikachu, by your vehement and violent (cursing) statements.
22:58:08lostlogicand while a good political discussion is no bad thing, offending people is not something we should be doing.
22:58:32FebsDamn, went I went into a meeting a while ago, we were talking about the shortage of buttons on the iPod 5g. I come back and all hell has broken loose.
22:58:45twisted`lostlogic: imo it's impossible to offend people by stating your policital standpoints, if that was so, then I should feel offended 24/7 by the propaganda they broadcast on the tv and radio and godknowswhereelse
22:59:20Bagdertwisted`: but you speak like a little kid
22:59:26Bagdercursing and badmouthing
22:59:36Bagderits not polite
22:59:41Bagderand not fun to read
22:59:52lostlogictwisted`: people _get_ offended, you do not offend people, but regardless, you can choose to phrase things in a less offensive way in order to foster rational discussion.
23:00:20sharpeit works
23:00:27goffawhat's that sharpe?
23:00:32Bagdersharpe: screendumps!
23:00:37sharperewritten c64 emulator
23:00:44sharpeactually, i must fix the screen output
23:00:51sharpeas... there is no c64 video. :D
23:00:56twisted`Bagder: just because I am using "bad words" doesn't make me less of a person then you, maybe uptight people tend to offend me the same as I could offend you, and the whole way of talking "proper" is just outdated anyway, and it's idiotic and criminal because you are actually censoring
23:00:59sharpeoutput, video output.
23:01:13Bagdertwisted`: I'm telling you why you upset people
23:01:19Bagderyou can chose to ignore
23:01:48Bagderand I didn't say anyone was lesser
23:01:55twisted`Bagder: imo if you get upset by that you should consider getting professional help cause your not made for a real society with real problems anyway
23:02:07BagderI know how to behave
23:02:16twisted`Bagder: no, indeed, you did not, but you did point out, ah you just did it again "behave"
23:02:18Bagderask bluechip ;-)
23:02:34*lostlogic giggles uncontrollably
23:02:37twisted`which good for nothin bastard came up witht the stupid idea to "behave" or have 'moral standards"
23:02:43twisted`it's the same as sayin: no smoking
23:02:51Bagdertwisted`: now stop this
23:03:00Bagderthis is #rockbox
23:03:07goffanot #soapbox
23:03:30lostlogictwisted`: do you notice that even though I _agree_ with you I can't take your side at all right now? this is not a positive reflection on your ability to communicate.
23:03:38twisted`Bagder: I will for the sake of the channel
23:03:54*petur hits twisted`with a razor sharp DEAD KENNEDYS CD
23:03:56Bagderthank you
23:04:16 Join Mikachu [0] (
23:04:54twisted`Bagder: no prob, btw, kudo's for not banning or kicking, most ops do so without askin first if it can be stopped whatever is against their liking
23:05:21peturamiconn ?
23:05:36Mode"#RockBox -o Bagder " by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
23:05:54lostlogicdamn swedes and their egalitarian ideals.
23:06:09lostlogicshit, politics out, sorry.
23:07:00twisted`btw for the maybe need other channel thing, not neccessary, there;s another one where most of it seems to be possible, #ninjapirate, also here
23:08:05Mikachuwould it be possible to use multiple fat partitions on ipods in rockbox?
23:08:24Mikachui noticed something about multipartitions but i think that was for flash cards that a player let you plug in
23:08:26BagderMikachu: rockbox mounts the first it can, iirc
23:08:35Bagderah yes
23:08:39lostlogicI think it would be possible to expand the multivolume support for that.
23:08:41Mikachujust thinking about using the 60M space between the bootloader and the main fat partition
23:08:43lostlogicis there a good reason to though?
23:08:55Mikachubut i don't want to expand the main fat there since it might get overwritten sometimes
23:09:35peturit's not a real fat partition is it?
23:09:41Mikachuwhat isn't?
23:09:41lostlogicit could be made one.
23:09:49Mikachuit's an ext3 partition right now
23:09:59Mikachubut i have rockdoom now ;)
23:10:49peturamiconn ?
23:11:06Mikachui think when he gets back, he'll see you called
23:11:12 Join matsl [0] (
23:11:16 Join quobl_ [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/external/x-8442dbecafa02d62)
23:12:13 Quit Acksaw (Connection timed out)
23:12:14 Join tvelocity [0] (
23:16:41 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:17:05 Quit petur ("ah what the hell...")
23:20:20 Join Aditya|Nap [0] (
23:20:27 Part Aditya|Nap
23:21:25 Quit Spacksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:21:47 Join Acksaw [0] (
23:22:19 Join jbauman [0] (
23:22:54 Join prethom [0] (
23:22:56oboIs TARGET_ID set by the Makefile? If so, is it possible to do the same for ARCHOS? Or is there an enum for the target ids with their text name?
23:23:31 Quit prethom (Client Quit)
23:23:51oboI'm basically trying to get a string containing the model name.
23:24:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:26:39 Quit lee-qid_ ("Trillian (")
23:27:02Bagderat least the ARCHOS variable in the makefile contains the target name
23:29:54 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
23:29:59 Join tobi-wan [0] (
23:30:24oboyeah, that would do nicely... but it's undeclared?
23:30:52 Join Farpenoodle [0] (
23:30:53tobi-wanhi guys! i just tried out rockbox on a ipod g4 (using ubuntu dapper) looks good so far, only when i want to boot into rockbox, the ipod 'hangs' it reboots continously. what am i doing wrong?
23:31:00Bagderwell, you'd need to pass it in as a define or something
23:31:08tobi-wani tried 2 different rockbox builds: the current one and the one from 13th of april
23:31:23sharpetobi-wan: what's the last screen where it hangs or reboots?
23:31:23lostlogictobi-wan: did you install the actual rockbox build, or just the bootloader?
23:31:41 Quit ender` (" If everything seems to be coming your way, you're probably in the wrong lane.")
23:31:45tobi-wanactual rockbox, reboot without it works as expected, boots into apple os
23:31:52tobi-wanlast screen is the apple
23:32:07tobi-wanthe background-light flashes, the apple shows, it vanishes, it reappear ad infinitum
23:32:20obookay - I tried to see how TARGET_ID was set, but I can only find references to it being used, not where it's defined - how does it grab the value from the Makefile?
23:32:22tobi-wanbtw: it's got the newest apple fw-update beforehand
23:32:29 Part Paul_The_Nerd
23:33:03Bagderobo: in apps/Makefile: -DTARGET_ID=$(TARGET_ID)
23:33:27Bagderyou could simply add -DTARGET_NAME=$(ARCHOS)
23:33:30sharpetobi-wan, you installed the bootloader, right?
23:33:33oboBagder: ah! Thanks
23:33:38tobi-wansharpe: yep, i did
23:33:40lostlogictobi-wan: you're confusing me −− you say rockbox works fine, but then you say you can't boot rockbox... this confuses me.
23:33:44 Join SereR0KR [0] (
23:33:45tobi-wanfollowing the instructions to the very minute
23:34:02Bagderobo: that of course only give you the current build's target name
23:34:20sharpebut it can boot into apple os?
23:34:21oboBagder: that's fine for my needs :)
23:34:32tobi-wanlostlogic: oh, i was unclear. it does *not* boot. installing the firmware works (or seems so, at least): it reboots and boots the apple OS ('cause rockbox isn't there yet). when i add the rockbox zip, it reboots forever
23:35:08lostlogictobi-wan: and by add the, I assume you mean unzip -d ipodpath
23:35:36tobi-wanlostlogic: yes, i do. it creates a .rockbox and some other file on /dev/sda2 for me
23:35:59tobi-wansharpe: how can i try that?
23:35:59lostlogicwhat kind of 4g is it?
23:36:04tobi-wanits a 4g grey
23:36:38lostlogicUSB detection bug maybe? probably.
23:36:53sharpetobi-wan, from the way you had said it, i thought you meant you could boot onto the apple firmware, but by holding menu as soon as it restarts, you should be able to with more or less success...
23:37:15tobi-wanlet me try that....
23:37:31lostlogicalso possibly try turning on hold while it's doing it's infinite reboot whatzit.
23:37:46tobi-wansharpe: yep, this one works
23:37:54tobi-wangot apple nice and pie
23:38:11tobi-wanlostlogic: this could help? one sec
23:38:31lostlogichold switch tells rockbox to reset settings... dunno, worth a shot
23:38:34sharpewhen hold is switch on while rockbox boots, it reverts to the default settings...
23:38:53sharpeheh, i figured out why it wasn't drawing the screen
23:39:12lostlogicafter that I'm stumped
23:39:14sharpei had forgot to set the number of horizontal/vertical lines to draw...
23:39:32tobi-waninteresting... activating 'hold' leaves me at the apple logo with permanent background light
23:39:50sharpethat's... strange...
23:39:50tobi-wanhuh.... seems like i got a pretty "special" ipod here.....
23:39:53lostlogicsounds like rockbox has a difficulty reading your partition.
23:40:00lostlogictobi-wan: dosfsck that thing
23:40:02tobi-wanit is fat alright
23:40:05tobi-wanok, i will
23:40:24 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:40:51tobi-wanwell... at first i thought that the latest firmware update might have messed things up (apple firmware), but since it boots fine.... i wonder
23:41:16sharpethe apple firmware update shouldn't have any affect on it, at least i don't think so...
23:41:18 Join Acksaw [0] (
23:41:37tobi-wanthat's my opinion, too
23:41:48*lostlogic knows nothing about latest apple firmware update vs. rockboxes.
23:42:26sharpehmm... just a thought, but did you update the apple firmware after you installed rockbox's bootloader?
23:42:41linuxstbtobi-wan: Does the Rockbox bootloader display any messages? At what point in the process does the reboot happen?
23:43:22tobi-wanlinuxstb: at the point when the apple logo appears
23:43:46 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
23:43:47linuxstbYou mean before the Rockbox bootloader starts? (i.e. the screen turns light blue)
23:43:55linuxstbSorry, not blue for you....
23:43:59tobi-wandosfsck: /dev/sdb2: 495 files, 1868/986065 clusters
23:44:15tobi-wanno, not blue :-) but yes, the backlight starts, the apple shows
23:44:22tobi-wanseem ok, too
23:44:50linuxstbThe Rockbox bootloader starts after the apple logo. Is the bootloader being started? It should display some text on the screen.
23:45:17tobi-wanno, it is not
23:45:46tobi-wanfor me, the zip contained a .rockbox folder and rockbox.ipod, both of which are mod 700
23:45:56linuxstbThen I'm guessing you installed the wrong bootloader. What "bootloader-????.bin" file did you install?
23:46:18tobi-wanand ./fw_loader -g 4g too
23:46:58tobi-wandefinitively bootloader-4g.bin
23:47:42 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:47:44tobi-wanso, let us recap: the apple bootloader seems to be intact, since appleos boots fine. obviously, i have managed to mess up the bootloader of rockbox in person?
23:48:24sharpei screwed something up.
23:48:31linuxstbtobi-wan: The way it works is that the Apple bootloader loads the Rockbox bootloader, and then the Rockbox bootloader either starts the Apple firmware or Rockbox.
23:48:56linuxstbtobi-wan: So if the Apple firmware is starting, then it must be being started by the Rockbox bootloader.
23:49:13sharpeahah, i've got to take a screenshot of this...
23:49:32tobi-wan*hrm* so both of them are caught in an endless-loop? apple-bl->rockbox-bl->apple-bl?
23:49:44tobi-wanthat would point to a broken installation of rockbox application, not?
23:49:52linuxstbDid you try to install the Rockbox bootloader more than once?
23:49:59 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
23:50:11Paul_The_NerdAnyone with the ability to close FlySpray feature requests around?
23:50:51tobi-wanlinuxstb: yep, when i messed up the first time, i re-flashed my ipod and tried the process again
23:50:58linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Yes, I love that job...
23:51:19tobi-wan*arrr* i also tried ipodforlinux, and it didn't work either... i'd love to play oggs :-/
23:51:27Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: <−−- I believe this one's already in.
23:51:44lostlogictobi-wan: ipodlinux doesn't play oggs, afaik.
23:51:48Galoisthe presence of ipodlinux can screw up a rockbox install
23:51:56Mikachudoes it play anything yet? :)
23:52:01linuxstbtobi-wan: OK, so you definitely restored the ipod between the first and second attempts? Installing the Rockbox bootloader onto an ipod with the bootloader already there can cause confusion.
23:52:03Galoisipodlinux can play oggs, just not easily
23:52:11tobi-wanGalois: i flashed the ipod before the whole process
23:52:23tobi-wanlinuxstb: yep, definitively
23:52:37linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: You mean the feature is in Rockbox, or is already requested?
23:52:46Paul_The_NerdGalois: The presence of iPodLinux has caused many a complaint of "I can't get back to retail OS"
23:53:03Galoisclearly ipodlinux is evil
23:53:47Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: It was requested in the past (pre 2.5)
23:54:10Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: At the very least the Composer tag is now as supported as Artist, which seems to be the brunt of their request. You can even search by it in TagCache
23:54:13tobi-wanhtm..... my girlfriend will be gone over the weekend... maybe i should *erm* borrow her ipod nano
23:54:48tobi-wanGalois: initially i was hoping to get mpd to work on i4l *sigh*
23:55:01tobi-wanany more ideas atm?
23:55:36linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: I've just searched the source, and there seems to be support for the composer tag in Rockbox already - the %ic tag.
23:55:36Galoisif your music is all backed up, restore your ipod with the apple utility and follow the instructions again to the letter, I'm pretty sure the instructions work
23:56:10tobi-wanGalois: ..... i will, for sure, though with not so much as a glimmer of hope
23:56:26Galoistobi-wan: I know you've tried it twice already, but ... it has happened before that people made the exact same mistake twice
23:56:32tobi-wanstatus change: now when i reboot, the apple logo appears (with background light) and stays that way
23:56:39Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Yup. As I was saying, it's basically a request for an existing feature. :)
23:56:55linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: OK, I'll close it then...
23:57:01Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: It's too late. :-p
23:57:26tobi-wanGalois: :-D hopefully you are right, though, to be honest, i doubt it. i took care not to get it wrong
23:57:27BagderI tought the man to fish ;-)
23:57:29*Paul_The_Nerd gives the shifty eyes.
23:57:45tobi-wanwell, i'll go to sleep for now and continue tomorrow, fresh day fresh luck... whatever :-D
23:57:48Galoistobi-wan: which installation instructions are you following, anyway?
23:57:52tobi-wanthanks guys for the suggestions!
23:58:04tobi-wanGalois: those on the wiki and those on newsforge, one for each try
23:58:14Galoisyou're doing a linux install?
23:58:41tobi-wanoh, yes
23:58:44GaloisI wrote that linux install page on the wiki, and I'm sure there is no such thing as fw_loader anywhere in that page
23:58:51Galoisso what you wrote above already contains a mistake

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