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#rockbox log for 2006-04-28

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00:33:01Bagderobjdump likes to write #-268402686 instead of #0xF0008002
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00:34:01preglowgod knows who decided that was a clever way to do it
00:34:24Bagderbut somehow some addresses are written in plain hex
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00:46:10*amiconn gives up on patching gcc properly :(
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00:48:31preglowseems we have a problem with too small buffers in the wav metadata parser
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00:52:41preglowanyone wanna fix metadata.c? :]
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00:58:17amiconnBagder, t0mas: Hanging build...
00:58:36amiconn...perhaps not
00:58:48*amiconn still gets confused by utc vs. cest
00:59:20Bagdertime zones are scary
00:59:33Mikachuthere is even a timezone in australia that's +30 minutes
00:59:44Bagderthere are even +45 and +15 ones
00:59:54Bagderat least there has been
00:59:56*amiconn knows
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01:04:09preglowthe musepack stream seems so delightfully ad-hoc
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01:10:04webguest66artifacts are back when skipping tracks, mp3, H140, using latest Bleeding edge 27-04@21:11
01:11:00preglowwhat kind of artifacts?
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01:11:45webguest66a little "tack" just when the track starts after skipping
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01:12:07preglowwhat's the last build you tried that did not have these problems?
01:13:15webguest6626-04@20:22 is clean
01:15:37preglowwould you care to try the latest daily as well?
01:15:48preglowi'm pretty sure i know what caused it, but it doesn't hurt
01:16:01preglowbut i can't seem to duplicate it
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01:16:51preglownow, what to do about it
01:16:54*preglow summons Toni1
01:18:25webguest66it doesn't do it everytime I skip, it appears randomly when skipping
01:19:11webguest66I'll try latest as well
01:19:56preglowi'm almost certain this is caused by the libmad performance patch i applied today
01:21:40amiconnOh fark
01:22:04amiconnThere's still something wrong with the gcc 3.4 -Os builds
01:22:15preglowwebguest66: is it just a tiny click?
01:22:41amiconnRoLo causes a checksum error followed by I09:CPUAdrErr
01:23:12webguest66yes it's just a tiny click
01:23:27preglowyou sure that wasn't there before? all tracks can click if you interrupt them at a bad time
01:24:26webguest66I'm certain it wasn't there before, I have been culling my albums furiously and have noticed the difference
01:24:54preglowok, i'll mention it to antonius
01:25:29thesonorkis there any possibility to have a plugin or a patch to have a "real" shuffle mode, and not just a shuffling of the playlist? so the playlist is still sorted alphabetically but the songs change randomly ?
01:26:43thesonorkor is it just easy to config an my eyes missed it :)
01:27:23scorchereal is overrated
01:27:40thesonorkthats why the marks are ther
01:27:47Bagderthesonork: no there's no such thing in Rockbox
01:27:53webguest66preglow, it's still there with the latest
01:27:56Bagderwe've worked hard to provide the current way
01:28:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:28:25Bagderas we believe this is the correct way of doing shuffle
01:28:32thesonorkits just my GF searches for some songs she wanna hear in the car ya know.... and its hard to find without sorting
01:28:37preglowwebguest66: the latest daily build, not the bleeding, that is?
01:29:02webguest66latest bleeding edge I tried
01:29:12webguest66you want me to try the daily ?
01:29:25preglowyes please
01:29:35preglowthat's the last build i know of that hasn't got toni's patch in it
01:30:46thesonorkBagder, what about trying to use the Tracknumbers in playlist with some random number generator to play next track? wouldn't that be some solution? (i did not look at the sourcecode yet, so plz forgive me if i tell bullshit)
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01:31:35BagderI don't understand
01:31:47thesonorkif u have , lets say 300 tracks in playlist
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01:32:53thesonorkmaybe 2 secs before the current playing track is finished some number-generator generates a random number between 1 and 300, lets say 250,... the track with number 250. in the playlist willbe played
01:33:15Bagderbut why?
01:33:32Bagderso your GF can have the files sorted?
01:34:02Bagderit'll make back very awkward
01:34:15Bagderand it'll make it hard to play through all songs before repeating
01:34:25thesonorkactually, yes, ... dont missunderstand this, its just something i wanted to say
01:34:54Bagderyou sure won't be able to make me run ahead and implement it! ;-)
01:35:08preglowlazy developer!
01:35:26thesonorkbut wouldn't this work?
01:35:37Bagdersure it could
01:35:48Bagderlike winamp and family does
01:35:57thesonorkye even the apple firmware
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01:36:43thesonorkdont quote every word i write :P
01:36:52BBoyDCoyi just put the rockbox on my 4g color ipod. when i hook it up to the computer via usb, it's not showing up as an extra drive letter. any idea how to fix that?
01:37:12webguest66preglow, the track transitions are a little messy sometimes but I dont hear artifacts
01:37:14thesonorkdisk mode?
01:37:14BBoyDCoy(i.e. it won't show up in my computer, which i guess you need it to in order to uninstall)
01:37:20BBoyDCoyyes, disk mode
01:38:47thesonorki get to bed
01:39:00BBoyDCoyso do you know how i can open it in disk mode?
01:39:36thesonorksonork −−> soffork
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01:39:46preglowwebguest66: ok
01:39:56preglowwebguest66: i'll mention it to the guy who last changed the mp3 decoder
01:40:17preglowhe might know better than me where to look first
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01:41:32BBoyDCoyoh, i think she's workin
01:41:34webguest77sorry about that preglow, I was guest66
01:41:45preglowno worries
01:42:56webguest77the track transitions are a tiny bit messy sometimes with daily, but no artifacts
01:43:20preglowyeah, but they've probably always been a bit messy
01:43:29webguest77this is whilst skipping only
01:45:03webguest77but it's way past my bed time, thanks for the effort that you guys put in
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01:51:13BBoyDCoyi uninstalled the rock box (from a ipod, 4th generation color)... when i restart it now i still get the rockbox blue background and text, but it says "loading original firmware"
01:51:16BBoyDCoywill that go away?
01:51:27preglowyou need to put the old bootloader back
01:51:43preglowdid you backup your old bootloader partition?
01:51:58BBoyDCoy*sheepish no*
01:52:05preglowwell, that would have been the easiest
01:52:19preglowyou could just restore it if you don't mind loosing everything on it
01:52:20KlrSpzuse the ipod firmware updater
01:52:28BBoyDCoyyeah. that's what i was leaning towards
01:52:30preglowthat would be the easiest
01:52:36BBoyDCoyjust wanted to know if there's another way without formatting
01:52:39KlrSpzthe easiest would be
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01:56:26preglowamiconn: O2 doesn't work for arm...
01:56:36preglowthread.c:(.text.sleep_thread+0x10): relocation truncated to fit: R_ARM_PC24 against symbol `switch_thread' defined in .icode section in /home/thomj/rockbox-devel/build-nano/librockbox.a(thread.o)
01:56:56preglowlong call related, i'll wager...........
01:58:29*preglow kicks arm
01:58:41*amiconn kicks gcc
01:58:41qwmmay 15th is a lousy date.
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02:04:55Mikachupreglow: try -fno-optimize-sibling-calls
02:05:13Mikachui had to use that when i tried -Os, no idea if it's the same problem as yours
02:06:52*preglow tries
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02:08:24romanos_melodosHi! Can someone explain me what is podcasting and by what means can it be achieved?
02:09:52 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
02:10:08romanos_melodoshas it got any relation with the ipod?
02:11:00Mikachuyou can use podcasting with ipods if you want, but the name is not related
02:11:22Mikachuin essence it is just an mp3 file
02:11:25Mikachuor whatever format
02:11:30midkaythat article will tell you, of course.
02:11:33midkaycheck 'history' perhaps.
02:11:55romanos_melodosthe funny think is that i didn't knew that it was something like this
02:11:58amiconnBah, -Os breaks a lot of things with gcc 3.4.x
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02:12:25romanos_melodosi thought it solely had to do with ipods
02:13:17romanos_melodosis that feature supported by rockbox?
02:13:29amiconnPlayback stutters then crashes. Voice does the same. Spacerock shows weird polygons instead of asteroids. Rolo gives a checksum error. jpeg.rock crashes with an inverse screen and panic stkov main...
02:15:56romanos_melodosso just to get this right. iPod got it's name from that?
02:16:06romanos_melodosi mean from podcasting?
02:16:10midkayhaha. no.
02:16:17midkaythe other way around.
02:16:24midkayagain, you should check the article.
02:16:56romanos_melodosi took a quick look at it
02:17:11midkayhm, look harder, i'd suggest...
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02:17:23sharpehmm... i'm tempted to get a picaxe microcontroller... just to have...
02:17:30romanos_melodosi will
02:17:41amiconnsudoku and chessbox crash with IllInstr, brickmania shows garbled graphics and misplaces text, bubbles also crashes with stkov main
02:18:05amiconnThis is certainly not what we want :(
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02:18:27sharpeamiconn: it doesn't seem preferred.
02:18:51romanos_melodospodcast is working only with itunes?
02:19:18preglowMikachu: that actually did it
02:19:20preglowwhat does it mean? :>
02:19:39Mikachupreglow: i have no idea, i just tried disabling all options enabled by -Os one by one until it worked
02:21:10romanos_melodosany other way i can get podcasts without itunes? Are podcasts just audio files form radio stations or whatever which i can upload to my ipod?
02:22:07preglowno, they are magical!
02:22:21preglowi hate the pod prefix above anything else on this earth
02:22:42romanos_melodoswell i hated too
02:22:51romanos_melodosuntil rockbox get into it
02:24:18romanos_melodosthe funny think is that i thought that podcasting was a term to describe ipods acting as nodes and sharing files and stuff between them over a network
02:24:45sharpemidkay, that seems like a vaguely specific name prefixed with pod...
02:24:58midkayvaguely specific. HA.
02:26:24amiconnfl4m1n9 5700p1d 9cc
02:26:41sharpeflaming stupid gcc...
02:27:10preglowrockbox.ipod only gained 200 bytes
02:27:20sharpeyou can make it gain more...
02:27:28amiconnpreglow: By what?
02:27:35romanos_melodosscrew ipods, screw rockbox , screw everything
02:27:47romanos_melodosexcept me..
02:27:47sharpeohes noes! blasphemey!
02:27:48*amiconn would expect -O2 to increase size
02:28:08*amiconn takes out the screwdriver
02:28:10preglowamiconn: it actually decreased 180 bytes
02:28:28Mikachuoverall with .rocks?
02:28:39amiconnpreglow: that's odd
02:28:45romanos_melodosi got to get to the gym and work out .. summer is commin' .. i've got a belly twice my head
02:28:59JdGordonmove the wps code to a plugin and it will drop a fair bit from the core...
02:29:00Mikachubring your podcasts
02:29:18JdGordonand the file browser...
02:29:19sharpethe term "bit-banging" frightens me.
02:29:21 Join v3l0ct [0] (
02:29:33midkaythat was pretty good actually.
02:29:38*midkay high-fives sharpe.
02:30:08sharpebut, it is kind of weird to label it that. i mean, why not... "byte reading" ?
02:30:14sharpeinstead of bit-banging...
02:30:58midkaysharpe, the same reason the variable isn't named "bejeweled->playing" instead of "bj->dirty". :E
02:31:04sharpeeh, true.
02:31:13midkaydisgusting coders is what it is.
02:31:20sharpegrr those coders
02:31:30Mikachurockbox would be much better off without them
02:31:36midkayhellz yes.
02:31:44romanos_melodoswhat coders r u talkin about?
02:32:18Mikachuthose coders
02:32:18romanos_melodos"major noob"
02:32:29sharpegrr. grr coders grr.
02:32:47romanos_melodosoh well
02:32:51romanos_melodosscrew them too
02:32:56qwmanyone wanna play freeciv?
02:33:18sharpemeh, i suck at freeciv.
02:33:34qwmme too.
02:33:34 Join RoC_MM [0] (
02:33:56romanos_melodosis there any possibility that a 21 years old guy can have arthritis?
02:34:13Mikachuanything is possible
02:34:33XavierGr /quit
02:35:01RoC_MMWhat is this extended freezing period that's suggested?
02:35:09XavierGrhave to reboot though
02:35:16midkayit's a suggested extended freeze period, actually.
02:35:24 Quit XavierGr ()
02:35:25midkaythe suggestion is basically to extend the freeze period.
02:35:30Mikachui am betting it will be accepted
02:35:32RoC_MMwill this delay the release?
02:35:36Mikachui don't think all bugs will be fixed in 3 days
02:35:53midkaytwo weeks is the suggested delay
02:35:59romanos_melodosr u guys talkin about v.3?
02:36:33romanos_melodosis that gonna sort out the playback problems and all that?
02:36:47Mikachuwhen they are sorted out, the release is possible...
02:36:49midkayum, the idea is to fix that before we release, yes.
02:36:53romanos_melodosi'm havin a lot of playback lags when using flac
02:36:56midkaya buggy 3.0 is worthless.
02:37:05romanos_melodossurely is...
02:37:32dpassen1romanos_melodos: what player?
02:38:23dpassen1ipod ports are not going to be part of the 3.0 plan i thought
02:38:43midkaythey aren't. but playback fixes are, and iPods use the same system as the irivers.
02:38:58dpassen1Right, but iPod-centric optimizations are not
02:39:12romanos_melodoswell.. why is that?
02:39:13midkaydpassen1, iPod-centric, no.
02:39:24midkay15 days is not long enough to get the iPods upt-to-scratch.
02:39:26dpassen1They're still early in beta
02:39:56romanos_melodosis there any way that apple can sue rockbox?
02:40:13midkayshouldn't be, no.
02:40:24Mikachuthat would require a very strange law
02:40:39preglowsomeone try and apply that to latest cvs, ples
02:40:46rotatorpreglow: weeeeeeee!
02:40:47ashridahsomeone would actually need to make reverse engineering illegal for that
02:41:16romanos_melodosthe funny think is that not many people know about rockbox
02:41:28romanos_melodoson a second thought is not funny
02:41:30preglowrotator: btw
02:41:37preglowrotator: did you notice if that patch broke gapless?
02:41:40ashridahromanos_melodos: it's gained a fair bit of notoriety in geek circles. it'll spread
02:41:50rotatorI haven't had a chance to check yet
02:41:58rotatorbut I will test it now
02:42:05romanos_melodosshit.. i'm a geek?
02:42:24Mikachuyou are on irc
02:42:32 Quit linas5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:42:46romanos_melodoshappy that i'm not alone
02:43:09preglowrotator: ah, i meant the previous patch
02:43:13preglowrotator: the one in the tracker
02:43:19preglowrotator: or didn't you try it?
02:43:50rotatorpreglow: the previous seeking patch?
02:44:03amiconnpreglow: I could use a trick in order to test gcc 4.x builds for sh
02:44:13preglowamiconn: what trick?
02:44:20preglowrotator: yes
02:44:47amiconnI could compile normally with gcc 3.3.6 first, then delete all object files except system.o, then build again with gcc 4.x
02:44:59rotatorpreglow: It wouldn't apply cleanly and it didn't look straightforward to fix it, so no
02:45:07amiconnThis won't be a 100% gcc 4.x build, but almost
02:45:27amiconnAt least I could check whether it's worth the hassle
02:45:39preglowrotator: but yeah, i'm just wondering if this patch or my previous musepack patch is what broke gapless
02:45:55preglowrotator: i get tiny glitches between tracks here now, and i couldn't detect those while debugging my previous commit
02:46:03amiconn(binary size, runtime behaviour)
02:46:09Mikachuamiconn: i did that for mplayer for a few imdct files for a while
02:46:18 Join afruff23 [0] (
02:46:40rotatorpreglow: hmm, too bad, i'll listen for ticks here
02:47:20preglowi'm not exactly impressed by musepack's performance on ipods
02:47:20afruff23Are there any plans to remove the 1600 byte limit for the WPS?
02:47:55romanos_melodosi really think that flac is the best thing guys
02:48:09romanos_melodoseverything else is crap
02:48:28midkayah, certainly you're right, everybody else must love flac because it's "the best". because there is surely ONE 'best' format.
02:48:32 Part v3l0ct ("Leaving")
02:48:45dpassen1especially among lossless
02:48:59romanos_melodosi wish that in some years from now there will be something like iturntable
02:49:11afruff23LA is the best lossless if you go by best lossless compression
02:49:28romanos_melodosno frequency loss
02:49:39preglowit just occured to me that iPod is hungarian notation!
02:49:42preglowanother reason to abhor it
02:49:51dpassen1WavPack is my lossless codec of choice, but it hardly matters.
02:49:56afruff23People who use WPSes whcih show next song info can you help me please?
02:50:15afruff23no technical experience necessary
02:50:33afruff23you jsut have to have sued a WPs with next song info in the past
02:50:45romanos_melodosjust for the record, that we're talkin all this job but we mainly forgot about the main reason.. The mUSIC....
02:51:03afruff23caps lock
02:51:18midkayafruff23, what is it?
02:51:25midkaywhy not just ask?
02:51:35afruff23does all the enxt song info show up at the same time?
02:51:48midkaywhatever you specify to show up.
02:52:03amiconnpreglow: bPod ?
02:52:10afruff23no I mean, can the player retrieve this info at the same time
02:52:18midkay'at the same time'?
02:52:21midkayas what?
02:52:22afruff23since the guide says next song info is not always available
02:52:35rotatorpreglow: mmmmm, musepack seeking works nicely :)
02:52:44rotatorpreglow: no tick here so far...
02:52:45midkayuse a conditional if in doubt.. i've never had a problem. it usually doesn't show up for like 5-8 seconds..
02:52:56 Join nave7693 [0] (
02:53:03preglowrotator: really?
02:53:15preglowrotator: look harder! i'm almost 100% certain i got ticks :)
02:53:19preglowbut anywho, i need to sleep now
02:53:19afruff23I am going to use a conditional, but I don't know waht variable to set it for
02:53:24preglowplease leave feedback here, i'll read the logs
02:53:27afruff23i.e. %It
02:53:54midkaywhat don't you understand? that is indeed a usable tag.
02:54:08rotatorpreglow: i've fast fowarded to the end of 7 tracks now, and no ticks yet (crosses fingers)
02:54:23afruff23one second, I'll write the code and explain a little more
02:54:56romanos_melodosoh, regarding tags.. I've got a huge collection of greek songs but there's no support. Any suggestions?
02:55:15Mikachuyou lie
02:55:24Mikachuand i think i answered that yesterday
02:55:24romanos_melodoscan i download a file or something?
02:55:30afruff23%?It<%It %Ia|>
02:55:40midkayafruff23, sure that works..
02:55:48Mikachuromanos_melodos: set unifont as your font firstly
02:55:59afruff23i know, but would the player retrieve the next file's artist and title at the same time?
02:55:59romanos_melodoswe spoke this morning
02:56:04romanos_melodosi've done it
02:56:08midkayafruff23, yes.
02:56:12romanos_melodosbut doesn't works for id tags
02:56:20Mikachuthen your tags are not correctly set
02:56:24romanos_melodosonly for directory folders
02:56:39romanos_melodoshow's that possible?
02:56:49afruff23midaky, your last answer was given after understanding my question better, correct?
02:57:09phaedrus961romanos_melodos: go to the display menu and change the default codepage to greek
02:57:20Mikachuromanos_melodos: lots of programs have no idea how the id3 standard works
02:57:37afruff23in other words, the next file's artist and title info will be made available to the WPS at the exact same time
02:57:40pixelmasince unicode i also got problems with for example &auml; in wps
02:58:03midkayafruff23, ********yes*********.
02:58:08amiconnpixelma: Save the .wps file as utf-8
02:58:13afruff23thank you
02:58:20romanos_melodosyou've saved my life phaedrus
02:59:06phaedrus961no problem :)
03:00:36romanos_melodosbtw phaedrus, can i switch the whole menu to greek now?
03:01:10romanos_melodoslast time i've done it, i couldn't recognise the characters...
03:01:30romanos_melodosi had some stupid squares and dots ..
03:01:50afruff23isn't that greek?
03:02:02romanos_melodosvery funny
03:02:03pixelmaamiconn: ;)
03:02:21sharpeit's all greek to me. *rimshot*
03:02:48romanos_melodoswell.. if it wouldn't be greek then it wouldn't be anything
03:02:57romanos_melodosand you wouldn't had ipod, internet
03:03:03romanos_melodosor even language right now
03:03:12qwmtry :>
03:03:22afruff23 in other words, the next file's artist and title info will be made available to the WPS at the exact same time
03:04:01 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
03:04:03afruff23will any of the the next file's info be made available to the WPS sooner than other info?
03:04:13sharpeactually, we'd probably have language...
03:04:34 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:04:35romanos_melodosactually , that's the last thing..
03:04:56sharpei sense a hint of sarcasm :)
03:05:18afruff23ANd no democracy
03:05:43romanos_melodosi don't want to be such a pain.. but some things are sacred...
03:06:26romanos_melodoswe're having fun or whatever, chatting and geeking around but.. it seems that we all lost our values
03:06:31afruff23is this: %?ig<Genre:%ig|%t0>;%?iy<Year:%iy|%t0>
03:06:46afruff23the same as this?
03:06:52afruff23in terms of output
03:07:01romanos_melodosand in this shity life, i'm proud to be greek and try to maintain some human values wherever i am.
03:07:33romanos_melodosin the end, is all that matters ;)
03:07:51scorchevalues are overrated
03:08:14sharpeafruff23; i don't think you need the extra | if there is not another statement.
03:08:16afruff23plz people, this is not a place for value discussion
03:08:17ashridahscorche: oh come on, you missed the best one of all. "values are overvalued" :)
03:08:29romanos_melodosand let bush talkin about democracy.. the guy doesn't even know how to write it..
03:08:35markunDo you guys prefer the old 'center scrolling' (scrolling at 2/3 of the screen) or the new one (scrolling at 1 line from the bottom) ?
03:08:52afruff23sharpe, so this:?
03:09:06sharpeyeah... that should have the same effect, as with the
03:09:18midkayhm, i don't think it will. but you can try.
03:09:33afruff23midkay, were you talking to me?
03:09:36romanos_melodosin what language is rockbox written?
03:09:41sharperomanos_melodos: c
03:09:43midkayyou and sharpe.
03:09:45midkayc + asm!
03:09:45scorchei win
03:09:48sharpewell, if it does, you saved two bytes. if not, oh well.
03:09:50midkay_i_ win.
03:09:53ashridahC and some assembly
03:10:00scorchemidkay: you never win
03:10:01rotatorpreglow: :\ finally got a tick with musepack, i can send you the track if you like
03:10:09midkayscorche, die.
03:10:19scorchemidkay: after you
03:10:29romanos_melodosanywhere i can find the rockbox source code?
03:10:30afruff23Actually, I would save probably 20 bytes and sicne my WPS is over 1500 bytes and is incomplete
03:10:31*scorche feels the love
03:10:33afruff23that would help
03:10:37romanos_melodosis that on the site?
03:10:40sharpethen you two will be immortal, as you're waiting for the other to die.
03:10:45scorcheromanos_melodos: yes
03:11:02romanos_melodosoh great, i'll have a look
03:11:17afruff23rockbox is closed source
03:11:22afruff23no code on the site
03:11:27afruff23 :)
03:11:30sharpethat'd totally be a bitch.
03:11:35ashridahromanos_melodos: everything rockbox related is inside the wiki on, pretty much
03:11:38scorcheromanos_melodos: it is called a joke
03:11:49 Part Paul_The_Nerd
03:11:55afruff23I think he hit enter right after me
03:12:07romanos_melodosit's called i'm talkin the piss on you
03:12:26sharpeshould i actually get a picaxe kit, so i have a reason to not be bored all of the time?
03:14:31romanos_melodoswho's idea was to put the metronome inside rockbox? I wanna kiss that guy!!! (i'm a Drummer) :P
03:15:03sharpei caused the metronome plugin to crash on my ipod. :D
03:16:56afruff23I like using the mtronome to annoy people
03:17:00afruff23high volume
03:17:05afruff23line-oout to sepakers
03:17:37romanos_melodostry using 250 bpm
03:17:46 Part nave7693
03:17:49romanos_melodoswill certainly blow their ears off
03:17:59afruff23When i used it on the nano It would only work everytime you pressed the button
03:18:04afruff23it couldn't do a beat
03:18:10afruff23maybe I'm dumb
03:18:19romanos_melodosthat's how it is
03:18:34afruff23then how do you get it to do 250 bpm?
03:18:41afruff23you mean pressing it manually everytime?!
03:18:51afruff23that'd break my thumb
03:19:07romanos_melodosi misunderstood
03:19:09sharpeyeah, you have to press it just over four times per second to achieve 250 bpm.
03:19:21romanos_melodosi've just pressed it once on the center
03:19:33romanos_melodosbut it gets jammed sometimes though
03:19:56qwmwho needs greek anyway.
03:20:00qwmisn't it dead yet?
03:20:02afruff23One time, I isntalled rockbox on my friend's nanohighest voklume told him to listen to this song
03:20:07afruff23opend metronome and bam
03:20:17qwmthere's a reason why they call it ANCIENT.
03:20:30afruff23isn't there mdoern greek
03:20:32romanos_melodosi think we've get over that subject years ago qwm
03:20:58romanos_melodosofcourse there is modern greek..
03:21:04qwmmodern greek is ancient greek spoken by weird isolated greeks on islands like crete.
03:21:33afruff23No, as in mdoern greek uses latin alphabet
03:21:36romanos_melodosqwm , r u from planet earth?
03:21:58romanos_melodosr u guys greek?
03:22:10afruff23no, but I have 2 greek friends
03:22:23qwmi like ANCIENT greek mythology.
03:22:32qwmlots of butt humping.
03:22:37romanos_melodosafru, latin came from greek
03:22:54romanos_melodosu mean u didn't knew?
03:23:16romanos_melodosi think u guys deserve a history lesson sometime..
03:23:23afruff23as in my WTF was not directed to you romanos
03:23:46qwmwhat afruff23
03:23:57afruff23lots fo butt huimping?
03:24:02romanos_melodoswhen i'm hearing stuff like modern greek took from latin
03:24:08qwmthe greeks invented it.
03:24:15romanos_melodosi'm sorry but that sound really hillarious
03:24:33afruff23isn't there a form of greek that doesn't use latin alphabet?
03:24:44qwmancient greek.
03:24:53romanos_melodoslatin took everything from ancient greece
03:25:02romanos_melodosway of thinking
03:25:10romanos_melodosand even the alphabet
03:25:12afruff23those damn hispanics!!!!!
03:25:25qwmdego twats are what they are.
03:25:33 Join lostnihilist [0] (
03:25:35qwmdid they still butt humping too?
03:25:45qwm-still+steal. argh!
03:25:55*dpassen1 longs for the pre-iPod days =\
03:25:59romanos_melodosthey didn't steal
03:26:04afruff23they stole the gyro and made it into the burrito
03:26:07romanos_melodosthey just borrowed..
03:26:09 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
03:26:16qwmfuck no.
03:26:21qwmthey pirated the greek culture.
03:26:32afruff23the RIAA is comign after them
03:26:48qwmRIAA is unfortunately thousands of years too late.
03:27:26romanos_melodosdon't worry.. there's a lot of riaa in this world..
03:27:36romanos_melodosonly the initials changing
03:28:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:28:10romanos_melodosall for profit..
03:28:28romanos_melodoswhy they just don't leave us alone?
03:28:42afruff23because big corporations pay them moeny
03:29:16romanos_melodosthey're saying that they're closing a lot of european servers
03:29:38romanos_melodossome peer 2 peer servers like edonkey are already shut off
03:30:08romanos_melodosand they're threating torrent major sites like isohunt as well
03:30:36sharpewell, piratebay is in sweden. yay sweden!
03:30:44afruff23you can't blame them much for stopping people from pirating an OS
03:30:51romanos_melodosit seems that in about someyears from now
03:31:00romanos_melodoseverything will be controlled..
03:31:10 Part midgey34
03:31:16afruff23or perhaps the exact opposite if people get smarter
03:31:17romanos_melodosit's not pirating...
03:31:23romanos_melodosjust sharing
03:31:35romanos_melodosfor us (students) is different
03:31:38romanos_melodosyeah right
03:31:56afruff23If everybody pirated, then there would be no incentives
03:31:57romanos_melodoslike they don't get their money from major corporations..
03:32:04afruff23for people to make things
03:32:21afruff23other than advertising
03:32:34romanos_melodosu think ibm's target is how to sell a laptop?
03:32:55romanos_melodosor how to set up a man network?
03:32:56afruff23no, I meant advertising as a way for profit
03:33:22romanos_melodosscrew the bastards.. have we got to pay for anything ? damn..
03:33:29afruff23if they made things freeware, then they could only make moeny by allowing others toa dvertise on their site
03:34:15romanos_melodosi can really understand the work of a programmer
03:34:36romanos_melodosand i'm sure that he's got to be paid as well
03:34:41afruff23and in this shity life, i'm proud to be greek and try to maintain some human values wherever i am.
03:34:47afruff23startt by not pirating
03:35:30romanos_melodosbut saying that microsoft is going to lose money , is really absurd
03:35:50mc_365@<afruff23>Thats the best one all evening
03:36:07afruff23mc, is that sarcasm?
03:36:25mc_365<afruff23> and in this shity life, i'm proud to be greek and try to maintain some human values wherever i am.
03:36:32mc_365<afruff23> startt by not pirating
03:36:41afruff23lol thanks
03:36:59romanos_melodosu want me to talk about u?
03:37:12romanos_melodosoh man..
03:37:13afruff23I'm jsut saying your logic is falwed
03:37:23romanos_melodosyeah right
03:37:26afruff23if everybody pirated, then nobody would make new software
03:37:28romanos_melodossorry mr. perfect
03:37:39romanos_melodosi ain't killed anyone
03:37:48romanos_melodosi just downloaded some stuff...
03:37:54afruff23no, bu your stealing
03:38:08RoC_MMI think you think sharing software and making software are incompatible afruff23
03:38:19RoC_MMRockbox is made even though people copy it
03:38:20romanos_melodossteal is a kind of action
03:38:28RoC_MMAnd you can't steal software either.
03:38:29mc_365Just don't take the high ground if thats not where you really stand
03:38:30sharpewhy is it turning into a debate...
03:38:36afruff23yes, but these people do it in their free time
03:38:43afruff23they could jsut one day stop devloping
03:38:44romanos_melodosdid i get to anyone's home and get anything?
03:38:53romanos_melodosthis is shit
03:39:02romanos_melodosoh come on now
03:39:20romanos_melodoswhat r u trying to point out?
03:39:35romanos_melodosit's not a crime
03:39:43romanos_melodoscause i've already said
03:39:51romanos_melodosi'm using it for my self
03:39:57afruff23I'm saying there's NO REASON why Rockbox will continue to exist except for its users
03:40:17RoC_MMTroll man.
03:40:18afruff23ok, let's use an analogy
03:40:24afruff23I sneak into the movie theater
03:40:29afruff23I'm not stealing per se
03:40:40romanos_melodosthat's not an analogy
03:40:46afruff23but the makers of the film are making less than they could have
03:40:52romanos_melodosinternet, is not an analog space
03:41:00afruff23just like pirating software
03:41:01romanos_melodosit's got no bounds
03:41:09romanos_melodosand everything is anonymous
03:41:24afruff23that alst statement is false
03:41:28romanos_melodoswe share ..
03:41:41romanos_melodoswe don't sell to others..
03:41:44sharpethere is something in greece, against piracy...
03:41:49RoC_MMafruff23, I'm offended that your stealing my time by using bad analogies.
03:41:56romanos_melodosfor christ shake. is it so difficult to understand?
03:42:04goffayeah.. i could have had more time if you didn't come and steal it
03:42:16RoC_MMTime STEALER!
03:42:31romanos_melodosok.. sorry
03:42:33sharpeso that's how people become immortal. they steal time from others.
03:42:35romanos_melodosgo on
03:43:00afruff23if everybody pirated, then how would a programmer make moeny?
03:43:15RoC_MMYou mean if everyone made copies?
03:43:29afruff23if one person bought a copy
03:43:34RoC_MMuh huh
03:43:42afruff23and then everybody else got a free copy from this oen guy
03:43:50RoC_MMuh huh
03:43:53goffaafruff23: what about the ADDED sales resulting from increased exposure?
03:43:55romanos_melodosare u all guys from the states?
03:44:16markunafruff23: maybe a 2nd job :)
03:44:29romanos_melodosi reckon all the servers with pirated software are us based
03:44:38RoC_MMThe programmer would get paid by his employer, and the copying is completely in line iwth an open-source license.
03:44:39romanos_melodosu.s. based
03:45:05afruff23but where would the employer get his moeny from?
03:45:13mc_365<romoanos_melodos>you can rationalize all you want but the fact is if the author / owner has stipulated that his product is for sale and you obtain it with out purchase or leagal transfer of ownership
03:45:18mc_365you stole
03:45:24sharpefrom the company headquarters!
03:45:24goffaafruff23: how does red hat exist?
03:45:39goffabelieve me when i say they make money
03:45:45RoC_MMNo mc_365 stealing is completely taking something that someone already has.
03:45:55afruff23goffa, from whom?
03:46:00RoC_MMSoftware can be replicated with no harm or impact on anyone.
03:46:01romanos_melodosyou've all guys have everything messed up in your minds
03:46:06goffaafruff23: magic faries
03:46:12goffaoh and that printing press
03:46:12mc_365everything man made someone has or has had
03:46:36sharpeso what if we all are dyslexic?
03:46:37romanos_melodoscompanies are paying programmers for private programmes
03:46:39goffabut your theory is blown to hell
03:46:50RoC_MMYou'll never be charged with stealing when dealing with software, because that analogy is false propaganda.
03:46:51afruff23and romanos, you're the one saying that stealing is always physical....
03:47:15romanos_melodosyeah right
03:47:23RoC_MMI think you'll notice that when you make a copy of something, a copy doesn't cease to exist somewhere.
03:47:28RoC_MMWhich means you cannot steal software.
03:47:42goffawhy won't everyone believe afruff23? remember red hat doesn't exist
03:47:51goffapay no attention to the man behind the curtain
03:48:12sharpeRoC_MM: unless you accidentally "Move" it instead of "Copy" it. :)
03:48:17goffasuse is broke too
03:48:26mc_365so if you designed some new invention patent it the I took a picture of your blue print and produce the product your entitle to nothing cuase I didn't steal it
03:48:40RoC_MMmc_365, no we're talking about software, not an invention.
03:48:41goffaand microsoft is just barely scraping by because of all of those evil pirates
03:48:54JdGordonevil evil pirates..
03:48:55mc_365its an analogy
03:48:59RoC_MMIf you'd like to talk about inventions we can change the subject.
03:49:04afruff23piracy right now is not a problem
03:49:08mc_365I didn't take anything from you
03:49:13afruff23but if everyone were to pirate, then.....
03:49:14mc_365but I stole
03:49:15*RoC_MM has never seen a pirate.
03:49:29RoC_MMstealing is a physical action
03:49:31afruff23look in tthe mirror
03:49:35afruff23no its not
03:49:39sharpearr, they sail the seven internet backbones, arr.
03:49:40RoC_MMNot applicable to something not tangible
03:49:55mc_365everything is tangible
03:50:09romanos_melodosMajor Companies are paying programmers for private programms. Companies are getting money by selling software to major other companies like : institutions, universities etc... etc... I'm just a poor guy who's downloading some software, occasionaly and i'm not stealling it because that software was on another computer , so i'm borrowing it.
03:50:12sharpethought isn't. what produces it is, but thought itself isn't.
03:50:15goffaRoC_MM: ARRR matey!
03:50:28RoC_MMmc_365, that cannot be true, as it conflicts with the fact that some things are not tangible.
03:51:16mc_365romanos just proves my point he knows it wrong but he says he's poor
03:51:17romanos_melodoscompanies are not rely on individuals
03:51:20*afruff23 is thinking of a better analogy that won't steal your time
03:51:33romanos_melodosso programmers never get out of job
03:51:38RoC_MMI'm tired of you pirating my time.
03:51:38romanos_melodoscut the bullshit
03:51:45afruff23I go into a museum that has an entrance fee
03:51:53afruff23I take a pciture of it's entire exhibit
03:51:58afruff23and distribute it freely
03:52:04goffaYOU THEIF!!
03:52:05romanos_melodosfair enough
03:52:06goffaoh wait
03:52:08afruff23that museum just lost a lot of business
03:52:13goffaum.. no
03:52:18goffathe museum probably gained a lot
03:52:29goffapeople will want to attend if it is interesting
03:52:43afruff23I jsut said "entire exhibit"
03:52:44goffacase in point... i download a cd by a band i've never heard
03:52:53goffai like the cd
03:53:01romanos_melodosgo and buy it
03:53:02goffaguess who's going to the show when they come to town?
03:53:12romanos_melodosu are
03:53:17goffaoh wait.. i'm in jail
03:53:21mc_365but the fact is the owner wants to sell the anticipation of see great works of art and by distributing pictures you've stole that
03:53:25afruff23piracy is nto really applicable to music since CD sales don't really affect an artist's income
03:53:25sharpeArr, matey... batten down the hatches, thar be virii and trojan about...
03:53:27goffabecause i'm a pirate
03:53:31afruff23they got msot money from touring
03:53:51mc_365its all stealing and we all know it
03:53:57goffai stole rockbox
03:54:02mc_365I do like everyone else
03:54:13goffathen i paid more than what they would have charged me to liscence it
03:54:20romanos_melodosu guys don't understand the term anonymous
03:54:21mc_365I just don't take high ground or justify it.
03:54:23goffaas a donation
03:54:27afruff23in my ideal world, all software and music would be free
03:54:34goffabut i'm a damned dirty theif
03:54:42romanos_melodosdon't try to bring equality to internet and real world
03:55:02 Quit pixelma (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
03:55:13afruff23I guess romanos you have hte motto "it's not stealing if oyu don't get caught"
03:55:29romanos_melodosmy moto is share not steal
03:55:31mc_365if it was all free then it would all be crap
03:55:45goffamc_365: people still need to get things done
03:55:46romanos_melodosshare damn it
03:55:51goffaand rockbox isn't crap
03:55:54romanos_melodosi'm making some music of my own
03:56:00goffaand its free
03:56:01romanos_melodosdo i really have to sell it?
03:56:12romanos_melodosi may like to share it with people
03:56:12afruff23linux is free
03:56:18mc_365if you didn't pay, license, or obtain through legit source what you are doing is stealing
03:56:19goffaromanos_melodos: if you sould it it wouldn't be crap
03:56:20afruff23winamp is free
03:56:22romanos_melodosthat's my fuckin point
03:56:25afruff23fooabr2k is free
03:56:32goffathey are crap then
03:56:45romanos_melodosi don't think so..
03:56:53romanos_melodosso rockbox is crap then..
03:56:58romanos_melodosget out of here
03:57:00afruff23except most appsa ren't free
03:57:04mc_365I said if it was "All" free it would be crap
03:57:04goffathey have to be because they aren't free... according to "< mc_365> if you didn't pay, license, or obtain through legit source what
03:57:08goffa you are doing is stealing
03:57:27romanos_melodosfor me , linux are way much better than windows
03:57:33romanos_melodosso free is better
03:57:34goffaromanos_melodos: me too
03:57:44afruff23I highly suggest some fo you guys take some sort of ethics class
03:57:44goffaand not BECAUSE its free
03:57:47mc_365rockbox is great becuase the devs are constantly trying to show how good a DAP could be
03:58:05goffaafruff23: i suggest you make your horse a low-rider
03:58:19afruff23castrate myself?
03:58:32romanos_melodosi think there's a lot of tension in here for nothing..
03:58:33afruff23I don't get oyur proverb
03:58:41goffaactually that idea isn't bad either... then your genes wouldn't spread
03:58:53goffatranslation: get off your high horse
03:59:22mc_365I think everyone else is on the horse
03:59:54afruff23another analogy: say you own a sprouting software company and all your sfotware gets pirated, you have no moeny, your wife leaves you, you're homeless, you sell drugs, kids become drug dealers, cycle goes on
04:00:10mc_365Why are you entitled to have something the maker did not intend to give you freely
04:00:46goffasounds like your wife is a bitch.. and if you become a drug dealer because your software didn't sell, you have issues
04:01:03romanos_melodosas i said, software is mainly produced for companies. Have u heard a company that uses a pirated products??
04:01:15goffabest buy
04:01:34afruff23lol, more like "worst buy" with their prices
04:01:55scorchecompusa actually isnt bad when things are on sale
04:01:57mc_365and becuase they do good business you should be alowed to use said product for free
04:02:08afruff23compusa is my favorite physical retailer
04:02:15mc_365lota logic in that argument romanos
04:02:16afruff23that has chains
04:02:29goffaafruff23: i mentioned best buy because they got caught pirating this month
04:02:40afruff23what did they pirate?
04:02:55goffawinstone benchmarking tool
04:02:59goffai think
04:03:02mc_365MS used pirated codecs in WMP8
04:03:04scorcheand compusa's service plans or warranties or whatever are actually ery decent
04:03:05afruff23is that for audio tests?
04:03:05sharpeactually, it was best buy's geek squad thing, wasn't it?
04:03:19goffams pirated xerox's shell to make windows
04:03:20scorcheit was
04:03:29afruff23compusa has soem of the best prices on networking prices
04:03:41afruff23I got my 802.11g router for $10
04:03:46romanos_melodosis that why there's a xerox folder somewhere inside windows?
04:03:51afruff23after $70 mail-in rebate
04:03:51mc_3659 out of 10 companies probably don't have all the PC licenses up to date
04:03:56goffaromanos_melodos: probably
04:04:01romanos_melodosi hate belkin
04:04:03afruff23it's worked fine for me
04:04:07scorchelinksys FTW
04:04:15afruff23linksys for the overpriced
04:04:21scorcheif you say so
04:04:34scorchedo you have linux on your belkin router?
04:04:38afruff23what's wrong with belkin's routers
04:04:47afruff23but wh would I need it?
04:04:51romanos_melodosi vote for netgear
04:05:06mc_365can you but linux on a belkin?
04:05:07romanos_melodosfreakin awesome
04:05:14scorchemc_365: too late
04:05:20scorcheromanos_melodos: not really...
04:05:25afruff23no, I can't put linux on it , but again WHY would I want it?
04:05:45goffayeah its free
04:06:02scorcheafruff23: no, i cant put rockbox on my ipod, but again WHY would i want it?
04:06:04scorchesame thing
04:06:09afruff23no it's not
04:06:16afruff23just give me soem functions that it can do
04:06:28afruff23with linux
04:06:33afruff23on a router
04:06:45goffabetter firewall, routing, more stable dns
04:06:46romanos_melodosis anyone using gentoo?
04:06:59afruff23better firewall?
04:07:03romanos_melodosi mean linux gentoo..
04:07:08afruff23NAt is more than enoguh for me
04:07:17afruff23routing? mroe specific please
04:07:25scorchetransmit power, port triggers, scripts
04:07:28afruff23stable DNS? Mine is stable
04:07:41romanos_melodosnetgear got 2 firewalls btw
04:07:46afruff23Port triggerring is already possible
04:07:54afruff23transmit power? more specific
04:07:57romanos_melodosnat for sure and i don't remember what was the other one
04:08:05scorcheincreased fields
04:08:12afruff23scripts? no idea how this could be applied to be sueful
04:08:24scorchecommand shell, telnet daemon
04:08:32goffai think my iq is dropping
04:08:32scorcheafruff23: for startup and firewalls
04:08:32afruff23romanos, SPI?
04:08:40goffaby listening to this debate
04:08:43afruff23what do you eman startup?
04:09:00romanos_melodosi think afruff
04:09:01scorchewould you rather i sai boot-up period?
04:09:27afruff23I still don't knwo what you eman by that?
04:09:45scorchethen stick with your belkin router
04:09:56afruff23oh, you eman faster startup?
04:10:11rotatorpreglow: after listening to several more albums, I've had only one tick with musepack, the problem doesn't seem to be as bad as before, but it's still there
04:10:17afruff23it's already pretty fast
04:10:22scorcheafruff23: no
04:10:55afruff23care to explain?
04:10:58scorcheas in what you want started up, things you want to run on start up, commands to run...hell, think of what you can do
04:11:16afruff23again, application?
04:11:26scorchethink of one yourself
04:11:27scorcheim hungry
04:11:31 Quit muesli__ (Connection timed out)
04:11:34scorchei am going out for food
04:11:35goffascorche: i don't think he's capable
04:11:50romanos_melodosi'm off to bed.. nice talkin to ya all. Bye!
04:11:52scorchegoffa: i am giving him the benefit of the doubt
04:11:55afruff23Do a DoS attack on on startup
04:12:06scorcheuh....yes...with your router...
04:12:14scorchegood application
04:12:23 Quit romanos_melodos ()
04:12:46afruff23still, I can't think of a time where I would need these new features
04:13:01scorchethen like i said, stick with our belkin router
04:13:04sharpeyou could blame the DoS attack on trying to find where to download something.
04:13:28scorcheif you fail to see the usefulness of it, it isnt for you anyway
04:13:33afruff23so why do you blast Belkin, when the product is cheap and good?
04:13:48afruff23Most people don't need startp options
04:14:09scorchebecause they tend to fail shortly after the 1 year mark
04:14:12 Quit Rick ("I… don't need to be here.")
04:14:28afruff23I ahve 2 belkin routers going on for 3 years
04:14:36scorchei am happy for you
04:14:43scorchelike i said before, i am hungry
04:15:00 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!")
04:15:24scorchehardeep: that doesnt help
04:15:40goffaha ha ha
04:16:02afruff23would that work
04:16:08afruff23in a WPS?
04:16:18scorchetest it and see...
04:16:23afruff23it is in fact too lines
04:16:35afruff23maybe later
04:17:14afruff23let me rephrase, can you put line breaks within conditionals?
04:17:54 Join Rick [0] (
04:18:22afruff23which file info tag puts the least strain on retrieving it?
04:18:26afruff23is it filename?
04:19:22afruff23by default, is text aligned left, center, or right?
04:22:43afruff23anybody know?
04:23:51Mikachudoesn't matter, they're all loaded in ram
04:25:23afruff23foudn answer to my last question
04:25:30afruff23it's left
04:25:36afruff23as I suspected
04:26:06afruff23anybody got a preference to left, center, or right?
04:29:59RoC_MMCrapflood pirate.
04:30:38afruff23I;m used to IM chat
04:31:10scorcheok....time for /exec -o fortune!
04:31:13scorcheeveryone join in!
04:31:24scorcheThe Ruffed Pandanga of Borneo and Rotherham spreads out his feathers in
04:31:24scorchehis courtship dance and imitates Winston Churchill and Tommy Cooper on
04:31:24scorcheone leg. The padanga is dying out because the female padanga doesn't
04:31:24DBUGEnqueued KICK scorche
04:31:24scorchetake it too seriously.
04:31:24scorche−− Mike Harding, "The Armchair Anarchist's Almanac"
04:31:34Mikachuyou know some of those are like 15 lines righT?
04:31:49scorchethat is what makes em fun...ya dont knwo what you are gonna get =P
04:31:57MikachuCommon sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.
04:31:57Mikachu−− Albert Einstein
04:32:11scorchei win
04:32:29scorcheim bored
04:32:34scorcheand hungry
04:33:33afruff23go to lemonparty
04:33:47scorcheom ok...
04:33:53scorcheeven though that wont phase me
04:34:00scorchei am a /b/ tard ;)
04:37:07afruff23in my WPS, shoudl I put text to show what part is the artist or title?
04:37:12afruff23or album or etc.
04:38:07 Join macdonalder [0] (
04:43:44afruff23Ic an't use multiple line conditinals
04:44:23 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:44:24 Join StringBlade [0] (
04:44:33StringBladegood evening all
04:45:00StringBladeI really hope someone's around because I think I'm up shit creek and I need some serious help :<
04:45:55StringBladejust picked up an iPod nano 4Gb and went to install rockbox on it from linux
04:46:36StringBladefollowing the installation instructions the first thing it said was to format the thing as FAT32 (it was already HFS because it got set up on my wife's iBook)
04:46:52 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:46:58afruff23you formatted ti wrong?
04:47:17StringBladewell, here's the thing
04:47:27StringBladeit says to format it, but gives no instructions as to how to do it from linux
04:47:48afruff23I think you have to use windows
04:47:52afruff23I may be wrong
04:47:56StringBladebut the first thing I did was dd if=/dev/sda and dd if=/dev/sda1
04:47:57Mikachuyou don't
04:48:00 Nick scott666|work is now known as scott666 (
04:48:05MikachuStringBlade: and of what?
04:48:05StringBladeto get the mbr and main partition as backup
04:48:24StringBladeof=mbr.bin and of=bootpartition.bin
04:48:35Mikachui guess you did count=1 on the first one then
04:48:59StringBladeheh, not the first time started grabbing the whole 4 GB
04:49:04StringBladeso I stopped and did count=1
04:49:10StringBladebut anyway
04:49:11Mikachuanyway what you want to do is mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sda2
04:49:27StringBladesee, that eluded me
04:49:35Mikachube very sure not to type hda2 or something like that
04:49:37StringBladethe plot thickens
04:49:57StringBladeso after dl'ing all the files I might possibly need
04:49:58Mikachuyou can give more options if you want to set the volume label etc, but it seems rockbox eats that after a while anyway
04:50:10StringBladeI give up on linux and decide to try to format the thing using the iBook
04:50:28 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
04:50:36StringBladeDiskUtiliy let me format MS_DOS no problem
04:50:54StringBladebut in the process (of one of the writes) it erased all the contents of the drive
04:51:08StringBladeso it can no longer boot into it's normal OS
04:51:21Mikachuwrite back your trusty mbr and boot partition backups
04:51:40StringBladeI have to run in disk mode (for a while I thought I was fskd when it wouldn't recognize the USB when I plugged it in)
04:51:53StringBladedid that, but it didn't fix anything
04:52:15StringBladeso I tried one last time and managed to install the rockbox.bin semi-correctly
04:52:40StringBladeI say semi-correctly because now it won't stop rebooting and flashing "Rockbox error: -1"
04:52:45Mikachutry writing back the mbr, replug it, check that the partition table is correct, replug, write back the boot partition and format sda2 as fat32
04:52:55StringBlade"loading original firmware"
04:53:06StringBladebut the original firmware fails (apparently) and reboots
04:53:15StringBladeand now it won't go into disk mode
04:53:30StringBladeand the USB drive won't recognize it (because it's perpetually rebooting)
04:53:56StringBladeif I press and hold MENU/SELECT it stops flashing
04:54:06StringBladebut never gets to the disk mode
04:54:17Mikachui thought it's menu+play for disk mode
04:54:18StringBlade'cause if I press PLAY/PAUSE, it goes back to flashing
04:54:26StringBladeat the apple
04:54:27Mikachuer, select+play
04:54:31StringBladeer, right
04:54:42StringBladebut if I let go of MENU/SELECT, then it reboots
04:55:00Mikachuhold menuselect until it reboots and press select+play, and it should go to disk mode
04:55:14StringBladeok, whew
04:55:16StringBladejust got it back
04:55:28StringBladenow I"ll have to scroll up to see what's the dealio
04:55:33StringBladethanks for your help
04:55:40StringBladeI bought this for a road trip tomorrow
04:55:49StringBladeand I figured it would be a breeze to set it up
04:56:00StringBladecompared to the Windows or Mac install instructions
04:56:02Mikachuwow, even i wouldn't have started installing something completely new the day before
04:56:19StringBladewell, it's a new device and I would have had nothing anyway
04:56:41StringBladeI only have linux and OS X, and an OGG collection
04:56:46StringBladewhat's a guy to do?
04:57:04Mikachui see
04:57:43StringBladeok, mount tells me that sda2 is vfat
04:57:54StringBladeso I should just have to dd the mbr back, right?
04:58:28Mikachuwon't hurt
04:58:32StringBladewell, I mean to get it back to not blinking
04:59:49StringBladewell, I'm back to no flashing and it's only complaining (briefly) that it doesn't understand the mbr
05:00:03StringBladeis it a problem that I grabbed the firmware from it after it had been formated in HFS
05:00:14StringBladeand now I'm trying to write to it in FAT32
05:01:33 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:01:50StringBladethe other problem with the Mac instructions is that the latest ipod updates (with the firmware) do not conform to the structure laid out in the instructions)
05:02:00StringBladei.e. can't find Firmware*
05:02:07Mikachuno idea guy, i think their firmware can handle both fat and hfs though
05:02:18scottderIs it silly I encode things in differnt codecs just because my Rocboxed Nano can play them :)
05:02:28StringBladethe iPod updater is mpkg not the other file type
05:03:29scottderMikachu: was that yes to me or StringBlade? :)
05:03:40Mikachuyou :)
05:03:57StringBladealso, the instructions said the boot partition would be around 40-80M - mine was 30k
05:03:57scottderHey I feel bad if the codec sits there unused :)
05:04:19MikachuStringBlade: then you did something wrong heh
05:04:22scottderGot a CD yesterday,,,ripped it to Musepack, just because
05:04:31 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:04:44StringBladeMikachu, then how do I get this thing back to factory settings? or can't I?
05:05:24MikachuStringBlade: well, they have a "ipod restorer" thing on
05:05:47StringBladeMikachu, I did follow the instructions exactly: dd if=/dev/sda1 of=bootpartition.bin
05:05:55StringBladejust turned out to be 30k
05:06:23Mikachusomething is wrong at any rate
05:10:01 Quit afruff23 ("IceChat - Keeping PC's cool since 2000")
05:16:06 Quit macdonalder ("bye bye ;D")
05:17:15StringBladeMikachu, ok, restore worked - I'm back to square one
05:17:29StringBladedo you mind if I walk through the install with you?
05:17:36StringBladeI can understand if you don't want to
05:18:12Mikachuwell, you can ask if you hit any problems
05:18:58StringBladeI just want to verify my steps as I go along - that the file sizes sound right and if not, I"ll give you the commands I'm running
05:19:50StringBladeI believe I need to unmount the player before I format it, correct?
05:23:21StringBladeis there anywhere that describes the partitioning of the ipod?
05:23:24StringBladelooks like 4 partitions
05:23:32StringBladeor maybe just 2 or 3?
05:23:57mc_365anybody figure how to use foo_pod with 5G videos to rebuild itunesdb and keep file tree structure?
05:24:40StringBladek, I'm back to the problem I had before, the mkdosfs wiped the partion table, so fdisk -l /dev/sda shows no valid partitions
05:25:53Mikachuare you running mkdosfs on /dev/sda or /dev/sda2???
05:26:19StringBladesda .. d'oh
05:26:31StringBladetime to reload :)
05:26:38StringBladegood thing it's easy to do
05:28:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:28:57StringBladebut I do format in msdos before grabbing the firmware?
05:29:00StringBladethat seems backwards to me
05:29:05StringBladebut what do I know
05:29:19Mikachudoesn't matter, it's on a different partition
05:31:14StringBladebootpartition is only 30k again
05:32:34StringBladeI guess I'll just have to use it as a normal iPod for this trip :(
05:33:00Mikachuhave you actually repartitioned it correctly?
05:33:14Mikachuand also, you won't be able to extract any firmware from it after you format the whole device :P
05:33:35StringBladeI restored the device from the iPod updater
05:33:40Mikachuah right
05:33:41StringBladethen I formated just sda3
05:33:52Mikachu? there are only 2 partitions
05:33:53StringBladegrabbed the mbr and sda1 (30k)
05:34:09StringBladeI can't tell
05:34:16StringBladefdisk sees nothing
05:34:20StringBladecfdisk sees nothing
05:34:29StringBladebut clearly, there's something
05:34:37StringBladewhen it's mounted, I have folders
05:34:41StringBladewith some stuff in them
05:34:57StringBladethe standard 4 folders (Calendar, Contacts, etc.)
05:36:17StringBladeregardless, the wiki is a little parse on "how to convert HFS to FAT32" for the music partition, and I wonder if the bootpartion location hasn't changed with the latest Nanos
05:36:24StringBladeoh well...I have to call it a night
05:36:27StringBladethanks for your help
05:40:52 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
05:44:08StringBladeok, I've been granted some amnesty - I've got some more time ;)
05:44:40StringBladeit seems I can still run the iPod software after formatting the music partition
05:44:43StringBladethis is a good thing
05:44:52StringBladebut I can't explain the small boot partition
05:45:07StringBladeany idea what I can use to find out more about the partitions of this drive?
05:47:13StringBladehow about /dev/sda2?
05:47:17StringBladeit's 64Mb
05:47:49StringBladeit appears I have 3 partitions: 1, 2, 3
05:48:28StringBladeparition 1 is only 31k, partiition 2 is 64M, and partition 3 is the music partition
05:52:03Mikachuwell, then sda2 must be your boot partition
05:52:52 Quit scott666 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:53:00StringBladegot it
05:53:08StringBladeI'm much happier nwo
05:53:30StringBladeI can see the rockbox bootloader (but it won't succeed because I haven't installed rockbox yet)
05:53:39StringBladeand I can still boot into the original firmware
05:53:56StringBladeagain, many thanks for your help (and patience for an iPod n00b)
05:55:48StringBlademaybe the newer iPods have a different partition table
05:55:50StringBladewho knows?
05:56:14 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:56:51scorcheis anything on sda1?
05:57:45StringBladecan't mount it
05:58:03StringBladedon't know the filesystem
05:58:12StringBladehfsplus doesn't seem to work
05:58:26StringBladeand mount can't auto-detect it
05:59:27MikachuStringBlade: want to send it?
05:59:42StringBladesend what?
05:59:55StringBladethe result of mount?
05:59:58StringBladeor the bin?
06:00:15Mikachuyeah the contents of the partition
06:00:57StringBladesure, where you want me to send it?
06:00:58Mikachui'm just curious
06:01:17StringBladeheh...IRC n00b too....kinda
06:01:23StringBladejust /dcc Mikachu ?
06:01:36Mikachudon't know about xchat, probably /dcc send Mikachu /path/to/file
06:01:45StringBladeok, I'll try that
06:03:05StringBladedoesn't work?
06:03:09 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
06:03:10Mikachuno, NAT
06:03:19StringBladewhat port do I need to open?
06:03:30Mikachunot sure what i'd want to do with it though
06:03:39StringBladeI'm happy to help
06:03:43 Part mc_365
06:03:43StringBladeI can email it if you'd rather
06:03:45StringBladeit's only 30k
06:03:51Mikachuno, never mind
06:05:16 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
06:06:04StringBladenew and different problem
06:06:07StringBladerockbox won't load
06:06:28StringBladebecause it says "No parition found - Partition 1: 0x00 0 MB" I can't get it to load the iPod firmware again (just keeps trying to load Rockbox)
06:10:46StringBladewell after all is said and done, I'm restoring it one more time.
06:11:12StringBladeguess I'll have to try it some other time when I understand what the hell I'm doing here (I understand the concept, but clearly something's wrong)
06:11:28StringBladeeither Rockbox is making poor assumptions, or I'm not copying something in the right place
06:12:33 Join dj-fu [0] (
06:14:21scorchejust the root dir
06:19:00StringBladeyes, but it seems Rockbox is looking at sda1 and not finding anything
06:19:16StringBladebut sda3 is what gets auto-mounted when I plug it in to my computer
06:20:26 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:20:27 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
06:24:44StringBladedo you think the problem may lie in this command? ipod_fw -o apple_os.bin -e 0 bootpartition.bin
06:24:55StringBladewhere 0 should be 1 in this case?
06:26:09scorchenot sure...i am not an ipod person =)
06:26:18scorchebut you can always try it
06:26:26StringBladenot tonight
06:26:30StringBladeI just want something that works
06:26:42 Join TCK [0] (
06:26:48StringBladeI was hoping for Rockbox awesomeness, but that will have to wait for another day
06:27:00 Join Lynx [0] (
06:27:15StringBladeI chose the iPod because I couldn't find an iRiver H1xx or H3xx
06:27:28StringBladeplus I have a friend who works for Apple
06:27:57scorchepoor soul...
06:31:44jncStringBlade: which hardware?
06:36:42StringBladeiPod nano 4G
06:36:43 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
06:38:00 Nick slimeball is now known as _slimeball (
06:38:38 Quit PiXEL8 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:38:50jncStringBlade: the iPod Video is apparently the most well supported platform for iPods and rockbox firmware
06:40:42StringBladejnc, good to know −− too bad I already have the nano :)
06:40:49StringBladeit'll work at some point
06:40:54StringBladeI just have to keep at it
06:41:01StringBladebut now I must sleep
06:41:04StringBladeg'night all
06:41:12 Quit Lynx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:41:12 Nick Lynx is now known as Lynx_ (
06:41:15 Quit StringBlade ("it's been fun")
06:43:32 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzzz")
06:48:56 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
06:50:37 Quit TCK ("well, if you say so.")
07:12:20 Quit lostnihilist ("Leaving")
07:12:22 Join lostnihilist [0] (
07:16:34 Join Lynx [0] (
07:20:55 Join macdonalder [0] (
07:28:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:33:56 Quit Lynx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:33:56 Nick Lynx is now known as Lynx_ (
07:37:20 Quit Jungti1234 ()
07:42:22 Join scott666 [0] (
07:44:04 Join Hotfusion [0] (
07:48:14 Quit gursikh (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:54:03Slasherilostlogic: hmm, crossfade mode should be always used when manually skipping (not the mix mode), that seems to be currently broken
07:54:30Slasherilostlogic: playback also stops occasionally and one needs to reboot the player to start it again (other attemps makes the player crash)
08:05:20 Join infamis [0] (
08:05:28 Quit infamis (Client Quit)
08:09:50 Join B4gder [0] (
08:12:33 Join infamis [0] (
08:15:13CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:15:13*B4gder reads OpenNeo commits
08:16:14amiconngood morning
08:16:26scorchegood night
08:16:41 Quit infamis (Client Quit)
08:21:00amiconnHmm :-(
08:22:10amiconnToo bad. gcc 4.0.3 -Os makes again smaller binaries than 3.4.6, but they also crash.
08:22:34*amiconn wonders whether we're doing something fundamentally wrong
08:23:55amiconnI actually have a suspicion...
08:24:25amiconnIt'll be tedious to verify / correct it, but may be worth it.
08:39:32 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:43:20 Join lee-qid [0] (
08:49:09 Join Acksaw [0] (
09:04:41 Join petur [0] (
09:11:29 Join RoC_MM [0] (
09:12:49 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:18:30 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:26:56 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
09:27:44 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:28:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:30:28B4gdergot a first tshirt-arrived-fine confirmation now
09:31:12 Join julius [0] (n=julius@
09:31:18peturand now a second... :)
09:31:21SlasheriB4gder: hmm, do you still have those tshirts available?
09:31:30B4gderyes a few
09:31:34B4gderonly XL left
09:31:46Slasherioh, those are pretty big
09:32:03B4gdernot _very_ big though
09:32:22peturthey're not american XL :P
09:33:08peturhaven't checked what I ordered and received but it fits perfectly
09:33:38B4gderyou got an L
09:33:54B4gderunless I did a mistake ;-)
09:34:19Slasherihehe :) hmm, M would be fine for me but i guess XL might work also :)
09:34:34 Join linuxstb [0] (
09:34:35peturSlasheri, little guy :P
09:34:43Slasheripetur: haha, not that little ;D
09:35:42peturjust what we need:
09:35:56scorcheeh?....what shirts?
09:37:04*petur discovers that VoiceCode doesn't understand "fix bug"
09:37:55 Join cismo [0] (
09:37:56 Join PiXEL8 [0] (
09:38:07B4gderand more pics here of course =>
09:38:16scorchesaw it
09:38:35scorchewhat size is XL in american sizes?
09:38:42scorche(prolly still too big for me =P
09:38:57B4gderscorche: LinusN is using one on the pics
09:39:13scorchehow tall is he?
09:40:06B4gderwell, I'm 190cm and I wear L
09:40:21scorchecm eh? =P
09:40:28B4gdereuro man here you know
09:40:32LinusNi'm 186cm
09:41:08scorcheyou people are tall >_>
09:41:29scorchedamn euros
09:42:04scorcheT_T goes to rockbox project too >_>
09:46:18scorcheB4gder: save one for me...just need to re-arrange my paypal >_>
09:50:47scorcheand the correct english term for those, are "polo shirts" =P
09:53:04B4gderyeah, I've learned that by now
09:53:12scorchebah...that was on the next message >_>
09:57:52moochquestion: rockbox(ipod): i set a directory to be played, and go to the playing screen. if i press O to browse the directories, how can i go back to the playing screen ?
09:58:37Bg3rhaha petur u're as tall as me :P
09:59:34scorcheBg3r != B4gder ?
09:59:45Bg3rscorche definitely not
10:00:10scorchemeh, i always thought Bg3r was just a condensed name for him =P
10:02:41 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:04:45Bg3rhaha we should fill in a table in the wiki with this data :D
10:04:49 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:04:55moochdoes anyone have any idea?
10:05:09B4gdermooch: tried the manual?
10:05:22*B4gder has no ipod and doesn't know the button mappings for it
10:05:29moochbut i will try again
10:05:32 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:05:41peturBg3r: trying to be funny, eh? :P
10:06:26Bg3rsome kind
10:17:59peturweee.. no meeting today :D
10:18:21*petur spent the whole day in one big meeting yesterday
10:18:39peturI hate it when they do that to me
10:18:39 Join Poka64 [0] (
10:18:54peturnot even a luch break - they ordered sandwiches
10:19:04B4gdermeeting hell
10:19:29peturyeah - and the result was almost nothing
10:29:18 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:30:20 Join Rick [0] (
10:31:06 Join ashridah [0] (
10:31:14 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
10:37:04 Join RedBreva [0] (
10:42:37 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
10:45:17 Quit julius ("Leaving")
10:47:09 Join PaulJam [0] (
10:47:39Bg3rhm, can i make sed to _delete_ a line ?
10:49:06Bg3rD/matching regex ?
10:49:17Bg3r10q :)
10:50:47B4gderactually I think it is /regex/D
10:56:05 Join obo [0] (
10:58:55 Quit macdonalder ("bye bye ;D")
11:02:28 Join wehn [0] (
11:03:17 Join damaki_ [0] (
11:06:49amiconnmooch: You go back to the wps with Play
11:07:20 Join julius [0] (n=julius@
11:07:24*amiconn had an idea how to work around the weak alias issue with gcc 4.0 for sh rockbox
11:07:46amiconnAnybody knows whether/how it's possible to define weak symbols in assembler?
11:16:50moochamiconn: is very unintuitive...
11:17:10*mooch work
11:18:40*amiconn thinks it is rather intuitive
11:18:56 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:19:11amiconnYou press PLAY to get to the while-PLAYing screen
11:19:52*Zagor detects a discussion we've had before, and notes again that "explainable" != "intuitive" :-)
11:20:15B4gderwell, in this case I don't know what else could be intuitive
11:20:44ZagorI always thought it was a good idea to have a single button toggle between modes. not different buttons in different screens.
11:21:31B4gderI don't ;-)
11:22:07ZagorI think you focus too much much on what's written on/next to the buttons.
11:22:27B4gderI hear you don't have an X5 ;-)
11:23:06B4gderits not about what's on the keys to me
11:23:12amiconnZagor: That depends very much on the target button layout. On archos it makes sense, on iriver and ipod it does not
11:23:19Zagorthat's right. I have enough trouble understanding the buttons on the iriver.
11:23:55Zagoramiconn: i disagree. REC, for example, would be a perfect mode switch
11:24:23amiconnREC means recording. Now that would be unintuitive...
11:24:53B4gderREC is menu/quick screen on x5 ;-)
11:24:59*B4gder leaves for lunch
11:25:08amiconnYou can also see the red symbol as some kind of 'cancel'
11:25:08Zagoras I said: you focus too much on what's printed on the button. "A-B" doesn't mean "menu" either.
11:25:24Zagoryet nobody has a problem with that
11:25:52Zagor"ON" doesn't mean "toggle mode"
11:25:58ZagorI could go on a while.
11:26:11scorcheand yet it wouldnt solve anything...
11:26:30*petur fails to find a large trout to slap with
11:26:30Zagoryes it would, the mode switching would be much less confusing if it was always on the same button
11:26:53*scorche hands petur a baby leopard shark
11:26:56amiconnI doubt that
11:26:58scorcheits all i have =(
11:27:03ZagorI always find myself gambling between PLAY and SELECT to resume. which does what?
11:27:40scorchewerent you the one that was telling us that we focus too much on what is printed on the button? =P
11:28:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:28:36amiconnZagor: Imho that's the simplest part. SELECT does select a new file, PLAY just plays the current playlist
11:29:26*wehn senses a discussion on the play/stop mapping issue i've seen a few times?
11:29:34Zagorwhy does PLAY not play the file I'm on? there simply is no logic to this, you have to learn it by heart. like old chemistry lessons... :-)
11:30:17amiconnZagor: See above; Play is not Select, and hence doesn't Select the file to play. 100% logical...
11:30:47Zagori don't want to select. I want to play. word games does not make create logic out thin air...
11:31:51wehnHere's a bug/discussion I had with Linus on a similar vein:
11:32:48Zagorwehn: yes, this causes lots of confusion
11:33:12Zagorhowever I'm afraid we've had the chaos for so long it's more painful to fix now than keep it :-(
11:34:36wehnI'm sure thats what they said about the imperial system... ;)
11:34:51*wehn ducks
11:35:02wehnno, i'm used to it now too.
11:35:49ZagorI'm just worried we'll keep doing confusing keymaps on all new targets since we've discarded the basic philosophy.
11:36:00Zagoranyway, I'm off to lunch now. we can bicker more later :-)
11:36:20wehnwas going to ask what the basic philosophy was...
11:36:58 Quit JBGood (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:39:29ravon$1 = {codec_frequency = 44100, frequency = 44100, clip_min = -134217728, clip_max = 134217727, track_gain = 0, album_gain = 0, track_peak = 0,
11:39:29ravon album_peak = 0, replaygain = 0, sample_depth = 16, sample_bytes = 0, stereo_mode = 2, frac_bits = 27, dither_enabled = false, new_gain = true,
11:39:29DBUGEnqueued KICK ravon
11:39:29ravon crossfeed_enabled = false, eq_enabled = false, eq_precut = 0, gain = 0}
11:39:36ravonwhat causes sample_bytes to increase?
11:41:23amiconnWell, nobody knows about weak symbols in asm?
11:42:43CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:42:43*amiconn now has a very strong suspicion what causes the crashes with gcc >= 3.4 and -O2 / -Os −− on all platforms
11:43:18LinusNamiconn: no, i don't remember much about it, was such a long time ago
11:43:29 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
11:44:07amiconnLinusN: Doing this would allow to build archos rockbox with gcc 4.0 and higher...
11:44:23LinusNi see
11:44:24Jungti1234Text viewer is strange....
11:44:25amiconn..since gcc wouldn't see these symbols anymore, and hence wouldn't complain
11:44:25peturamiconn: i know nothing about it but have recently seen some asm code using .weak symbolname
11:44:44LinusNcheck the assembly output from gcc
11:45:14amiconnMy suspicion about the -O2 / -Os problem is that these options enable global cross-jump optimisation.
11:45:49amiconnHowever, iiuc switch_thread() must always be called the standard way, never jumped to
11:45:57amiconnThis is what gcc does...
11:47:20Jungti1234Bg3r. you there?
11:47:23preglowswitch_thread is a bit of a hack...
11:48:18amiconnpreglow: I agree that it is a bit hackish, but do you have an idea how to do it better?
11:48:34amiconnHow does one implement threading in a clean way?
11:49:19preglowamiconn: apart from writing the whole shebang in assembler, nope, heh
11:49:26*amiconn wonders whether there' s function attribute to tell gcc about the uniqueness of switch_thread()
11:49:40Jungti1234hey, Why does it do scroll for left, right?
11:50:06Jungti1234There is bug.
11:50:11preglow11:45 < amiconn> However, iiuc switch_thread() must always be called the
11:50:12preglow standard way, never jumped to
11:50:16preglowwhat do you mean, really?
11:50:55 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
11:50:56amiconnIt has to be called with jsr / bsr, not jumped to with jmp / bra
11:51:24preglowit does that???
11:51:30amiconnOtherwise it won't return to the right place after going one thread round
11:52:27amiconnpreglow: [11:45:16] <amiconn> My suspicion about the -O2 / -Os problem is that these options enable global cross-jump optimisation.
11:52:37amiconnAnd indeed it does that...
11:52:43 Join Moos [0] (
11:52:48LinusNpreglow: jmp switch_thread
11:52:59preglowriiight, i get it now'
11:52:59LinusNinstead of jsr switch_thread, rts
11:53:08preglowyeah, got that, just wondering how it could do it
11:53:10preglowbut i get it
11:53:14amiconnx09025664: 0xD102mov.l@(0x00C,pc),r1; 0x09025670 (0x0F0007FC)
11:53:14amiconn0x09025666: 0x412Bjmp@r1
11:53:37preglowbut yeah, you can disable that one optimisation, yes?
11:53:40amiconnThat's a snippet from sleep_thread() on archos, compiled with gcc 4.0.3 -Os
11:54:06 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
11:54:21amiconnpreglow: Yes, we could, but then we'd loose quite some optimisation potential
11:54:39amiconnI'd rather want to disable that for this one function only
11:56:40preglowyou really think that yields that big a gain?
11:57:31preglowyou know what option this is, btw?
11:59:44 Join asteele [0] (
12:00:18 Quit mirak (Connection timed out)
12:03:04*asteele is looking for the ssh public key (for distributed builds)
12:17:13amiconnpreglow: Looks like the option is -fcrossjumping
12:19:43preglowthen i wonder what the sibling calls option i had to enable to make O2 for arm work is...
12:28:06 Join changsito [0] (
12:28:44changsitojust want to report some difficulties to play some ogg vorbis tracks
12:28:56changsitoon H120 with lastest build
12:29:41amiconnpreglow: -fno-crossjumping increases binary size by almost 4KB (archos, gcc 4.0.3 -Os)
12:29:41changsitoin fact the tracks are encoded in 480 kps
12:30:03changsitothis seems to be the problem
12:30:48preglowchangsito: how does it not play them?
12:30:53preglowcodec error? just skip?
12:31:04changsitono difficulties to play it
12:31:10changsitoit plays 5 sec, then stop
12:31:16changsitothen resume
12:31:19preglowahh, right
12:31:23preglowit's just too heavy for our cute little cpu
12:31:47preglowand only more optimising can fix it
12:31:49changsitook, i should just encode in 250 kps
12:31:58preglowwell, i sincerely doubt you can hear the difference :)
12:32:06ravonIs there a "Codec Implementations For Dummies" somewhere?
12:32:14preglowif you use 480kbs, you might as well almost use flac
12:32:21changsitook, thanks
12:32:22preglowthat is very fast on rockbox :-)
12:33:04changsitoi'll try flac then
12:33:22dwihno_Anyone knows why wavpack is so slow on rockbox btw?
12:34:36 Quit Jungti1234 ()
12:37:21preglowit isn't _that_ slow?
12:37:29preglowdepends on how you compressed it
12:37:36preglownormal compression is fast, high is not
12:37:53preglowas to why, you need to ask david bryant that
12:40:07dwihno_ah, okay
12:40:40dwihno_Perhaps I should transcode everything to flac then.
12:43:02preglowas i said
12:43:06preglownormal compression is fast
12:43:11preglowand still compresses better than flac
12:43:51 Quit quobl_ (Remote closed the connection)
12:43:55 Quit julius ("Leaving")
12:44:22 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:44:26changsitobtw, which codec is better for power saving ?
12:44:45preglowhard to say. flac uses very little cpu, but needs the drive to be spun up all the time
12:44:48preglowi'd probably say mp3
12:44:59preglowit also depends on the player
12:45:06preglowthen mp3
12:45:12changsitook thanks
12:45:20changsitoLAME is my friend so
12:45:33preglowyep, lame and good vbr settings and that'll be the best for power saving
12:45:53dwihno_preglow: it's not just that... software companies are bad at supporting wavpack... :/
12:47:01preglowi don't think they're particularil adept at supporting flac either
12:47:07preglowsomewhat more than wavpack, though
12:51:25markunShall I put the old center-scrolling back or leave it like it is?
12:51:49preglowcenter scrolling? we never had that?
12:52:30markunwe used to call it that. The screen start scrolling before the cursor hits then last row
12:52:43markunIt used to start scrolling at 1/3 from the bottom
12:52:53markunNow at 1 line from the bottom
12:53:45 Join quobl_ [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/external/x-00b116e29bb987c0)
12:55:14markunIs anyone against me changing it back?
12:57:12dwihno_I mean, I am!
12:57:18markunah :)
12:57:22dwihno_isn't it configurable anyhow?
12:57:39markunnot right now
12:58:01dwihno_Variable scrolling with the ipod wheel would be nice though :)
12:59:02preglowi want the scroll margin to be a bit bigger than it is now
12:59:11preglowbut calling it center scrolling sounds like the cursor is always in the center ;)
13:00:12 Join actionshrimp [0] (
13:02:11markunpreglow: can you try if you like this?
13:05:42asteelefor what it is worth, i like the idea of centre scrolling :)
13:09:39 Quit quobl_ ("Leaving")
13:10:10 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
13:11:39 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
13:13:38 Join damaki__ [0] (
13:14:11RedBrevaDiscuss: Only the H1xx page is currently populated, nothing is cast in stone, no zip files actually exist to download yet .. simple coments about the basic layout/concept please
13:15:31RedBrevawhy thank you kind sir..
13:15:32B4gderI miss some meta-data like author
13:16:06B4gderand I believe you will need some info weather the package works on a stock rockbox or if any patches are required
13:16:18B4gderperhaps something about what rockbox version it works on
13:16:26B4gder(since the wps format change over time)
13:17:15B4gderbut overall of course a great start
13:17:29RedBrevasure, I havnt finished the HTML validation/accesability stuff yet (Comments from vis impared welcome), but sure addition data will be added shortly.
13:17:36markunCan't players with the same LCD specs be grouped together?
13:17:41amiconnB4gder: Good weather?
13:18:22amiconn[13:16:09] <B4gder> and I believe you will need some info weather the package ...
13:18:38markunRedBreva: sorry, I now see they are :)
13:18:50B4gdernow now are we mr I-always-spell-thing-right today? ;-)
13:18:58RedBrevaShould 'Stock' screens be displayed seperate to 'patch reqd' screen?
13:19:27B4gderRedBreva: perhaps, but I think a clear marker would be nicer
13:19:36B4gderso that I can see as many as possible on one screen
13:19:44amiconnB4gder: ;-) Not really, just a funny one...
13:19:49B4gdera matter of taste of course
13:20:41RedBrevasure, back soon....
13:20:51*petur whispers WPS margins :P
13:21:16B4gderand a way to rate them
13:21:25peturwould also be nice to have 'm for filetree and menu
13:21:38peturmargins, that is
13:21:54moochre: key bindings
13:22:01*petur runs
13:22:15moochthere should be a way one could re-do the bindings on a config file, and the use the one you like
13:22:21moochlike ncmpc ;)
13:27:03amiconnmooch: Configurable button assignments were discussed again and again. Consensus was that we don't want them, as it would be a support nightmare
13:27:22 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:28:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:28:37preglowand a bunch of work to boot
13:29:22 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:31:36 Join romanos_melodos [0] (
13:31:59petur <−−- 1.8" disks review
13:32:24romanos_melodosgoodmorning everyone! Just a quick one. Is there any utility inside rockbox to show me the disk space i got left?
13:32:33 Join TeaSea [0] (
13:34:20peturromanos_melodos: menu -> info
13:34:41 Quit PaulJam_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:35:25romanos_melodosthanx petur
13:37:23 Quit RedBreva ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:38:14 Join Musicmad [0] (
13:38:34 Join PaulJam [0] (
13:39:48 Part Musicmad
13:41:20*petur posts sa shameless rockbox advertisement on the tomshardware forum
13:46:31 Join Nepbaland [0] (
13:46:38*amiconn notices that his suspicion might be wrong
13:46:46 Quit romanos_melodos ()
13:46:48 Join RedBreva [0] (
13:48:30B4gderme likes
13:49:09*preglow like too
13:49:49RedBrevaobviously they will all be tested to ensure thay work etc before going on, but the big question is which ones from the WPS gallery go on - all working ones, or just the ones I like :D
13:50:14preglowi would like a rating system :P
13:50:32B4gderRedBreva: just get a basic set and let users submit the rest
13:51:16RedBrevaSo is the basic page layout/format acceptable?
13:51:42preglowdamn, i have some crazy urge to start coding web backends again
13:51:46B4gderwhen the amount grows a lot, I can imagine that you'll need to introduce additional sorting/browsing wys
13:52:27 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:52:30preglowand a rating system!
13:52:43B4gderrates will be very useful
13:52:44preglowthat allows people to log in and rate
13:52:49preglowand also submit
13:53:02B4gderand show "most popular" etc
13:53:04RedBrevaTrue... at present it's hand coded html, cause it's easy for me to get the result I want... once it's a happy camper, I will strat to work out how to automated / add features etc... :)
13:54:02preglowsure, no worries, nice to see someone working on it
13:55:00RedBrevawell talking of work... I had better do some now :( I will have a go at the rest of the pages later....
13:55:27peturmaybe make two categories (ragular /patched rockbox) in stead of repeating the remark below each wps?
13:55:46 Quit RedBreva ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:55:55B4gderpetur: RedBreva suggested that too but I asked for them on the same page ;-)
13:56:19petursure, same page but another heading
13:56:24B4gderah, right
13:56:28B4gderyes that should work fine
13:57:08 Join webguest72 [0] (
14:02:28 Quit webguest72 ("CGI:IRC")
14:08:32 Quit changsito ("Trillian (")
14:09:51 Join Gibbed [0] (
14:09:55 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
14:10:05darklessdid anyone implement a rating system for rockbox yet?
14:10:07 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
14:19:15 Join tvelocity [0] (
14:24:18 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:26:12 Join Hyperman [0] (
14:26:22Hypermanhey there
14:26:51peturho there
14:26:56Hypermanhey there
14:27:02peturho there
14:27:43Hypermandoes anyone know what's new about the develop of Rockbox for iriver H10?
14:27:56B4gderyes we know
14:28:00B4gder=> nothing
14:28:46B4gderand no one is working on it
14:28:54moochwould it be possible to implement some kind of accelerated scrolling on ipod, and have it togglable ?
14:29:37preglowof course
14:29:42pregloweverything is possible :)
14:30:32moochi mean, is anyone willing to do it? ;)
14:30:46 Join changsito [0] (
14:30:47mooch /me cannot code...
14:31:06Hypermanbut in your web site it said it's on develop
14:31:17B4gderI don't think so
14:31:31peturwiki probably
14:31:50 Quit changsito (Client Quit)
14:32:03petur*read it*
14:32:36 Join changsito [0] (
14:32:37petur" work has started on this yet..."
14:33:02Hypermannot in the wiki i think
14:33:15Hypermanoh ya
14:34:58 Quit Hyperman ("CGI:IRC")
14:47:33 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:52:49moochi mean, sometimes i want to scroll to the end of the dir listing and it becames slooooooooooooooow to do it without accelerating scroll
15:08:39ravonoh sweet! NSF-sound.
15:08:45ravonThough it's slow and distorted, but it plays.
15:10:30ravonor, hmmm.. I wonder how much I can trust this remote desktop sound transfer.
15:12:28 Join XavierGr [0] (
15:17:10 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/external/x-c673a9f9e354f2eb)
15:21:38 Join dpro [0] (
15:21:44 Join SereR0KR [0] (
15:22:15dproanyone ever tried to build a recent (4.0.x) gcc on freebsd for arm-elf ?
15:25:53 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
15:26:59amiconnravon: RDP sound transfer over a slow link is delayed, but mostly reliable, only stutters occasionally. But it uses lossy on-the-fly compression (WMA), so quality is degraded
15:27:32 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
15:27:45ravonamiconn: Thanks. Seems to be my fault.
15:28:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:31:45dproaaarg: "Makefile", line 822: Need an operator and so on ... this looks /bad/
15:32:48B4gderdpro: are you using gnu make ?
15:32:55B4gderor rather, make sure you do that
15:33:57*dpro slaps forehead
15:34:02dpro'g'make ;)
15:34:17*dpro totally forgot there was another ...
15:36:11 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
15:38:45 Quit Fitzsimmons (Remote closed the connection)
15:46:12dproif I leave the first (empty) partition untouched can I use parted to repartition the ipod video ? (I don't have access to pcfdisk on the ppc box and since my hd went south I can't really compile anything)
15:51:29 Join Kyomi [0] (
15:51:50KyomiHmmm.. I do believe my mp3 player battery is screwed
15:52:13TeaSeaKyomi: :(
15:52:14KyomiI thought it was just rockbox using too much battery... so I tried the stock f/w
15:52:26KyomiIt worked fine the first time
15:52:32KyomiSo I kept using it for a bit
15:52:38KyomiAnd today it lasted all of one hour
15:52:52KyomiEven the battery bar in the stock f/w said it was still full
15:53:07KyomiHere's the strange thing
15:53:19KyomiI could leave it off for a bit and it would recharge itself >.>
15:53:52 Join Una^ [0] (
15:53:59KyomiDo you know the max mAh the h320 can take
15:54:12 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
15:54:15KyomiI want a longer lasting battery for it as long as I'm going to have to get a new one
15:55:27 Join linuxstb [0] (
15:55:49 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
15:57:58KyomiBut kinda doesn't help me atm ^^;
15:58:30peturonly a new battery will help I fear
15:58:39linuxstbpetur: I noticed you closed this bug report a few days ago: I've been meaning to ask you if you are 100% sure it's fixed - especially for the case where the WPS is using a backdrop (the %X tag).
15:59:21 Part LinusN
15:59:31 Join PaulJam [0] (
15:59:32peturah damn, didn't test with a backdrop WPS, only with a WPS on top of a std backdrop
15:59:57peturwill test that too
16:00:02 Join TeaSea [0] (
16:00:53linuxstbI can't test, as it's only applicable to the H300 (the ipods reboot when USB is inserted). But I looked at the code, and I don't think the backdrop is either being cleared or returned to the main Rockbox backdrop.
16:01:10peturright :(
16:01:58peturshall I reopen it for now?
16:02:01 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:02:56linuxstbI think so. I'm hoping to find some time to clean up the backdrop handling before 3.0. There are possibly a few places where it's not working correctly.
16:05:12KyomiAnyone have the link for the thread at misticriver about replacing a H320 battery?
16:05:57 Quit wehn (Remote closed the connection)
16:14:45KyomiI was just reading through that
16:14:57KyomiWhat I need is a place to buy a battery ^^:
16:15:52klrspzhehe, just showed my ceo rockbox, he was like drooling
16:16:05dwihno_He should be.
16:16:11dwihno_Rockbox is groovy
16:16:14klrspzhe's the one who gave me my ipod
16:16:33klrspzhe was like "wow i can't believe you can do that, i didn't think stuff like that was possible"
16:16:49klrspzshowed him some plugins and he was like all apeshit about it, asked me to do it to his
16:17:09dwihno_Among the greatest things is the codecs support.
16:17:24klrspzyeah, gapless playback is a lifesaver
16:17:31Kyomiklrspz: Show him Doom II? :)
16:17:41klrspzKyomi, no i don't have the wad's on my device
16:17:50klrspzhaven't gotten around to hunting them down
16:18:18klrspzi have the original game at my parent's house i'm sure... john carmack himself handed me the cd to both castle wolfenstein and doom
16:18:25klrspzwell, diskettes actually :)
16:18:36klrspzi even have a few beta doom's as well
16:21:45Kyomiklrspz: I...<
16:21:52klrspzheh, ok?
16:21:54KyomiJust how in the hell did that happend?
16:22:02KyomiI wanna meet him :P
16:22:12klrspzid software is like 30 min away from me
16:22:45 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
16:23:17klrspzand when i was a kid (when i was like 5) i wrote shit in gwbasic and qbasic and my dad was friends with a mutual friends, told him abou tme, then he told carmack about me, and then we ate dinner together once, where he gave me wolfenstein3d's first 2 levels on 3.5" floppy
16:23:47 Nick dwihno_ is now known as dwihno (n=dw@
16:24:06klrspzit was kinda cool looking back at it... at the time he was just another guy
16:25:23KyomiWould that work for my h320?
16:25:34KyomiI'd just have to reverse polarity?
16:31:05KyomiI may of found a replacement :D
16:34:15 Join romanos_melodos [0] (n=romanos_@
16:35:32romanos_melodosany chance for getting any more games on the next rockbox release? iBoy would be cool..
16:36:13peturromanos_melodos: find some open source (GPL) ones...
16:36:44romanos_melodoswill i be able to use then in rockbox petur?
16:37:19peturno but it's a first requirement for having them ported to rockbox
16:37:40amiconnSounds like a gameboy emu for ipl. We have rockboy...
16:37:51linuxstbamiconn: Yes, it is.
16:37:52 Quit klrspz ()
16:38:06romanos_melodosis there a game boy emulator in rock?
16:38:47linuxstbYes, but it needs work for the ipods - it doesn't work at all on some of them (e.g. the Nano), and the button handling needs improving on all ipods.
16:39:52romanos_melodosso it doesn't works on nano?
16:40:31romanos_melodosisn't any way to gat that into my nano? Hope that someone is workin' on it ..
16:41:13KyomiOr rather
16:41:17KyomiWhich is what I meant :P
16:41:33KyomiThis would work in my h320 right? Just reverse the pins?
16:43:32romanos_melodossilly question, but how rockboy works on a colour ipod and not in nano?
16:43:48romanos_melodosis it cause of the small display?
16:44:36linuxstbYes, the LCD routine needs modifying for each different LCD. It just hasn't been done for the Nano yet.
16:44:59romanos_melodosso is it possible?
16:45:09linuxstbOf course.
16:45:11romanos_melodosi mean in the near future?
16:45:41romanos_melodosi would really be glad to help in all means
16:45:56romanos_melodosis anyone working on it?
16:46:45romanos_melodosi mean getting rockboy in nano?
16:47:01linuxstbNo, I don't think anyone is working on it.
16:47:23linuxstbIt's obviously not a priority for anyone who owns a Nano.
16:48:34 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:48:51Genre9mp3romanos_melodos: Where are you from?
16:49:06XavierGryeah where?
16:49:16romanos_melodosi know it's going to sound really stupid, but if it's just the display analogy that changes , then we can just adjust the x and y axis
16:50:24romanos_melodosi mean if someone could give me the source for it, i could take a look
16:50:45romanos_melodosis that rockboy assembly or c written?
16:50:58linuxstbIt's in C.
16:51:23petur look in apps/plugins/
16:51:25*Genre9mp3 wonders if romanos_melodos is from Greece..
16:51:28 Join RedBreva [0] (
16:51:56 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:51:59romanos_melodosyes i am genre
16:52:08romanos_melodosi've already pm you..
16:52:30XavierGryou must be registered to send pm romanos
16:52:36Genre9mp3You must register your nick to chat private..
16:52:46romanos_melodosdidn't knew that
16:52:47Genre9mp3oops...XavierGr got me..
16:52:50RedBrevaOK, firsst stab at a platform with WPS's that require patches(X5)... again, links are not complete etc...
16:52:51linuxstbIt's not a huge job, so please feel free to look at it. The problem you have to solve is that the Nano's LCD is 172x136, and the Gameboy's is 160x144 - so you need to drop 8 lines from the display.
16:52:57Bg3rwow, 3rd greek
16:53:02XavierGrso another Greek guy
16:53:06XavierGrthat makes us 4
16:53:08XavierGrnot 3
16:53:16XavierGrtvelocity is also from Greece
16:53:16 Join Moos [0] (
16:53:17dprogia sas ;)
16:53:30romanos_melodosto kaname ellada edw mesa
16:53:31Genre9mp3we are 5!
16:53:49XavierGrdpro you are greek or you kidding?
16:53:49Bg3rbut, please, in english ;)
16:53:53peturRedBreva: woohoo
16:53:56romanos_melodosbut lets keep english , so anyone know what's going on
16:54:02dproXavie: ematha ligo ;)
16:54:13muesli__pita talk ;)
16:54:22Genre9mp3Ok....I live in Athens where you guys live?
16:54:30RedBrevapetur: You like it?
16:54:37 Join ashridah [0] (
16:54:40dproGenre: vienna (.at)
16:55:02peturRedBreva: getting better every iteration ;)
16:55:34 Quit Kyomi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:55:43XavierGrmuesli: I would just like to inform you that yesterday I ate you!!! :P
16:55:57muesli__LOL ;)
16:55:58*petur goes drinking some Orval (sorry preglow)
16:56:09XavierGrSomeone Igave me a candy bar named muesli!
16:56:11tvelocityyeah i like muesli too
16:56:20romanos_melodosi'm in the rockboy file.. which one is the main.cpp file where the display properties are?
16:56:23muesli__you deatheaters!
16:56:26 Quit petur ("beer time")
16:56:28tvelocitymy mother used to make muesli when i was younj
16:56:42 Join Kyomi [0] (
16:56:47muesli__now ur old and half dead?
16:57:00XavierGrLiddle sells muesli candy bars here!
16:57:12romanos_melodoshow can i register my nick btw?
16:57:34dproromanos: /msg nickserv help
16:57:38RedBrevaOK, now I *really* have some paid work to get on with :-( I have two weeks off, starting in about 1 hour, and I have "a shed load of stuff" to get sorted before I can go home...
16:58:19tvelocityregistering your nick here is easy, someone explain me how its done in quakenet... it must be rocket science or something:P
16:58:20 Quit RedBreva ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:59:11 Join israel [0] (n=10373019@
16:59:12israel downloads Firefox −−−−->
16:59:23 Part israel
16:59:51tvelocityOMG PONIES!!!11
17:00:03ashridahthat's classic
17:00:17*ashridah goes to look and see what fun rootkits exist in it
17:00:24tvelocityit's teh rox0rz
17:00:34 Quit Nepbaland ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
17:00:37tvelocityponies are teh pwn
17:01:08tvelocityfeel free to /ignore me, i've been playing too much WoW lately
17:02:12XavierGrok here is the connecting chain between Greek Rockbox users. Genre9mp3 is my cousin and tvelocity my college costudent. What will romanos_melodos be? :D
17:02:21goffalooked like too much aol for a minute
17:02:40tvelocityaol is teh sux
17:02:50tvelocitysorry i forgot to put an OMG in it
17:02:57tvelocityOMG aol is teh sux!!!!11one
17:03:53goffano you need a wtf lol too
17:04:10goffathere ya go
17:04:17tvelocityyeah barbeque
17:04:36romanos_melodoslinux stb , r u still here?
17:04:46romanos_melodosi need a hand with that rockboy thingo
17:05:18romanos_melodosi can't find tha main file , which includes the display preperties for rockboy
17:06:21romanos_melodosit would be great if someone could help m out..
17:09:20KyomiThats nice....
17:09:38KyomiH3x0 replacement battery :D
17:09:43 Join scf [0] (
17:10:00KyomiAccording to misticriver thread fits in almost all iriver Hxxx :)
17:10:01scfdualboot is not supported for X5 yet?
17:10:05KyomiOnly 20 USD :D
17:10:45TeaSeaKyomi: Right.
17:10:57TeaSeaAnd scf: Right :)
17:10:58KyomiSo long dying battery ^^
17:11:27TeaSeaKyomi: I'd still try and see if someone with the exact same Hxxx model as you has tried it out first.
17:11:30TeaSeaJust to make sure :)
17:12:16linuxstbromanos_melodos: You'll just need to read the source and try to understand it - I'm not familiar with the details. But I think the LCD display code is in lcd.c. The "main.c" file is probably called rockboy.c
17:12:21KyomiTheres like 19 pages in that thread
17:12:44TeaSeaKyomi: SIYF
17:12:49TeaSeaSearch Is Your Friend
17:12:59scfguys, what is the best practice for usage/charging schedule for X5?
17:13:09TeaSeascf: Same as with any battery of that type.
17:13:12scfsorry if question is a bit offtopic
17:13:25romanos_melodosi'm lookin at it right now linux
17:13:28scfTeaSea: and? :)
17:14:05TeaSeathe X5's battery isn't too comfortable sitting at 100%, doesn't mind 60+%, quite likes 40-60%, Isn't too fussed about 20-40%
17:14:10TeaSeaBut it hates being at 0%
17:14:21TeaSeaSo try not to let your battery run completely dry, or it'll screw it up quicker.
17:14:35TeaSea(Which I found out after my battery was already borked :( )
17:14:43romanos_melodosso after changing the values to the ones i want to get and compiling both lcd and rockboy , in what dir should i place the folder?
17:14:53scfTeaSea: so if I listen to mp3s few hours per day, it is better to charge it a bit every day?
17:15:25 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
17:15:42scfbtw, any way to see charge percentage?
17:15:57KyomiSomewhat in rockbox
17:16:05KyomiThat lil icon that the top left
17:16:26KyomiOr just go into Info => Debug => View Battery
17:16:28scfKyomi: didnt try rockbox yet :) my x5 arrived just in the morning :)
17:16:33KyomiStock f/w = nope
17:17:03TeaSeaThe X5 firmware isn't too bad.
17:17:15romanos_melodosi still can't send pm's
17:17:23TeaSeaThe thing which severely let me down, as well as probably every other user, is the lack of updates.
17:17:33scfTeaSea: yea I've understand that it uses less power then rockbox atm
17:17:36KyomiTeaSea: Opinions on H320 stock international 1.29k firmware?
17:17:53romanos_melodosdon't i just need to put this on the main? => /msg nickserv help
17:17:56TeaSeaKyomi: I haven't had a H3xx for a year, so wouldn't know.
17:18:08KyomiWhat do you have now?
17:18:47KyomiLooks like I'm buying US and flashing international again :/
17:18:52goffaTeaSea: only problem i had with x5 firmware was no mpc support
17:18:58TeaSeagoffa: mpc?
17:19:04Genre9mp3"/msg NickServ register <yournick>" if I remember well
17:19:08TeaSeagoffa: ?
17:19:09dproguys should I use a downloaded bootloader or just build one from yesterday's cvs ? (I just set up my dev environment again and need to get back on track now)
17:19:09goffafile format
17:19:16TeaSeaNever heard of it.
17:19:36goffanot many people use it.. but better sound quality than mp3 at similar bitrates
17:19:41goffausually slightly smaller
17:19:44TeaSeaKyomi: Careful. If you value DRM support (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) flashing international on a US H3xx will destroy DRM.
17:19:55TeaSeaHell, flashing anything on a US H3xx will destroy DRM.
17:19:56KyomiI already did that
17:20:04KyomiDRM is ghey
17:20:05romanos_melodoskanas ellinas akomi mesa?
17:20:13TeaSeaKyomi: Si!
17:20:15Kyomihave a link for the x5?
17:20:27romanos_melodosre sy genre, pws kanw eggrafi?
17:20:34goffai liked the article that called drm - Content Restriction And Punishment (CRAP)
17:20:38goffamost accurate
17:20:44Genre9mp3romanos_melodos: "/msg NickServ register <yournick>"
17:20:53linuxstbdpro: There's no need to compile your own bootloader - just download one.
17:20:53XavierGrromanos: in english please
17:21:00dprolinuxstb: k
17:21:53Genre9mp3oh sorry it's "/msg NickServ register <password>"
17:23:13KyomiI can't seem to find the x5 on iriver's site
17:24:02linuxstbTry the iaudio site...
17:24:55KyomiWell excuse me... I didn't know it wasn't iriver :P
17:25:01KyomiTheres too much i<something>
17:26:14KyomiA bit smaller then the h320
17:26:23Kyomiscreen size that is
17:26:28KyomiI think this is 220x176
17:26:28dproKyomi. iHopeItrunsLinux
17:27:42KyomiiHopeyouDie :P
17:28:29KyomiiHaveTogoNow :)
17:28:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:30:18 Quit Kyomi ()
17:33:56 Join solexx_ [0] (
17:39:21 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:41:32 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
17:43:15romanos_melodoswhere do i have to go in order to launch rockboy?
17:43:35ashridahromanos_melodos: just select a .rom in the file browser
17:43:39scfyou would better prefer rockgirl
17:48:53 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
17:51:16 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:57:51 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:03:24 Join Moos [0] (
18:04:23dpromy bootpartition.bin is ~110M and rockboot is ~11M is that ok ?
18:05:16scott666that sounds right
18:05:45scott666yeah, i have the same numbers
18:05:54scott666(5G ipod here)
18:07:07dproscott: yup mine is a video and now I can just dd it back to /dev/sda1 et voila ?
18:08:03scott666i did it on windows, so i cant tell you for sure
18:08:11scott666but if thats what the instructions say then yes
18:08:44*dpro goes looking for instructions but dd feels right ;)
18:13:30dprook dd is the way ;) ->
18:14:42 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
18:24:00*dpro wonders if it is ok to use cfdisk to repartition ... since macfdisk doesn't see the partitiontsable and parted is just crap
18:28:08Presencewow, will the patch 5219 libmad thing also help out iPod performance?
18:28:23Presencelooks like some pretty hefty tweaks.
18:29:12 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:29:21 Nick PaulJam_ is now known as PaulJam (
18:30:25scott666test it and find out?
18:31:48Presencehaha, indeed.
18:33:36 Join lee-qid [0] (
18:33:42 Join webguest67 [0] (
18:34:43webguest67hey guys!
18:35:42webguest67hey guys!
18:36:20scott666whats up
18:37:08 Quit webguest67 (Client Quit)
18:37:31Presencewell, an iPod uses an ARM core, so maybe, eh? we'll see after today's round of usage. :)
18:46:10 Join Ribs [0] (
18:47:35 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
18:49:05 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
18:50:42dpropresence: where is this patch ? I can't seem to find it ...
18:54:25 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
18:58:10 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:58:30dprok, found it
18:58:52 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
18:58:57 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:02:42 Nick PaulJam_ is now known as PaulJam (
19:07:20 Quit romanos_melodos ()
19:08:00 Quit ^BeN^ ("MULEz SCRIPT: ERROR 103: Dead mouse in hard drive.")
19:15:41 Join ep0ch_ [0] (n=ep0ch@
19:16:09 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
19:16:13ep0ch_Presence: 5219 was commited yesterday
19:17:45ep0ch_and apparantly knocks of 10% boost for ipod
19:19:18 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
19:19:31 Quit changsito ("So long, and thanks for all the fish !")
19:20:25 Join changsito [0] (
19:26:31amiconnYet another playback bug...
19:27:31amiconnWhen pausing while boosted, the engine doesn't unboost until unpausing again
19:27:52Paul_The_NerdIsn't that an old one, or is it just a regression?
19:28:27amiconnDunno whether it's old, just noticed it on my mini
19:28:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:28:48Paul_The_NerdI think I remember it being talked about in the past. But I could just be crazy. It happens.
19:37:10 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
19:38:13PaulJamcan it be, that rockbox messes with the settings of the original firmware when it crashes? My player (h320) just froze and after i resetted it the original firmware was reset to korean language and the contrast setting was higher than possible with the original firmware.
19:45:44ravonAre there any more codec docs besides this one: ?
19:46:39 Join romanos_melodos [0] (n=romanos_@
19:47:11 Join Pavementartist [0] (
19:47:15PaulJamit seem as if others have the same problem:
19:51:11 Part Pavementartist ("Leaving")
19:51:20ravonWake up, #rockbox
19:51:28*t0mas yawns
19:51:31t0maswhat's the problem?
19:51:35romanos_melodosno way!
19:51:41ravonThere we go :)
19:51:57ravonI'll pop a watery beer in your honor.
19:52:57ravonThis is frustrating. Can't figure out what makes the sound choke. Is it my code, the nosefart code or my init settings that mess it up?
19:54:12 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:55:51ravonHow slow is it to convert 8->16 bit from a lookup table 6*297 bytes every chunk iteration?
19:56:09peturPaulJam: I've seen this too recently
19:56:10ep0ch_does it use floating point? does it use any iram?
19:56:25*petur is reading the log ;)
19:56:56ravonep0ch_: hard coded array of 256 numbers
19:57:22ravonAnd the plugin doesn't use floating point in the sound generation IIRC
19:57:29ravoncodec, even
19:58:09ep0ch_ravon: best thing is to put a patch in the tracker if you haven't done so already, many eyes and all that
19:58:46ravonep0ch_: Yeah, I will. Though I'm a Rockbox rookie, which is directly reflected in the code. It need cleansing :/
20:00:25 Quit romanos_melodos ()
20:00:52amiconnCrap! Resume doesn't work anymore on hwcodec. It pretends to resume, but plays silent. Starting a new playlist works...
20:02:23muesli__btw is pressing rec while starting equivalent to "reset settings" ?
20:03:50 Join xardoz [0] (
20:05:15 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat") and 4/27 hang at the Rockbox/version boot screen Ipod 4th gen Gray. I've reset settings while booting and still no go, when I go back to 4/26 build everything is fine.
20:07:05amiconnIt gets even more strange :-/ When this silent play happens, the only way to fix it is skipping back to the start of the track.
20:07:46amiconnAfter that, stop & resume will resume correctly, but the wps time display is off by 2 minutes
20:08:03*amiconn suspects hardeep's playlist.c changes
20:09:54amiconnOnly happens for certain playlists (i.e. directories...)
20:11:01 Join JBGood [0] (
20:12:43 Join julius [0] (n=julius@
20:13:47ep0ch_ravon: when you mentioned about converting the lookup table every iteration, can't you just recalculate the the entire lookup table to 16 bit?
20:14:11ravonep0ch_: I can output the data in 16bit?
20:14:29ravonTo pcmbuf_insert, that is
20:14:43ep0ch_28 bits iirc
20:14:59ep0ch_i dunno what i'm talking about :D
20:15:08ravonThe table is in 28bit now
20:15:20amiconnwtf... this seems to be an old bug (!) It happens in the root dir only (at least I observed it only in the root), verified on 2 units
20:16:30amiconnOne was an Apr 17 build, the other a current one
20:16:36 Part xardoz
20:17:49ep0ch_Slasheri: here?
20:18:18muesli__is lame able to convert 48khz wavs?
20:18:34Galoisconvert? What kind of antiquated concept is that?
20:18:41ep0ch_should do
20:18:48muesli__decode as mp3
20:18:52 Quit quobl ("Leaving")
20:19:03 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:19:05GaloisI believe lame handles any sampling rate
20:19:30muesli__mk, will try it
20:19:36Galoisoops I am wrong
20:19:39Galois"sampling frequencies of 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz"
20:20:12muesli__though it shouldnt be recognizable better quality huh?
20:20:14ep0ch_why lame? Vorbis is the way to go ;)
20:20:26muesli__dunno..dont like ogg
20:20:34Galoishow can you not like ogg
20:20:58muesli__runtime should be better on mp3
20:21:29Galoisit should, but rockbox has a pretty inefficient mp3 routine right now
20:21:56ep0ch_muesli__: what are you doing? what source has 48 mhz come from?
20:21:58muesli__right now?
20:22:08dprodoes audio recording work on ipod video ?
20:22:10muesli__have coldplays live dvd here
20:22:29muesli__it offers me to rip in 48khz
20:22:38ep0ch_muesli__: what mp3 player do you have?
20:22:41Galoisall dvds are 48k
20:22:47muesli__irivers h320
20:23:03ep0ch_best to convert it to 44.1 before hand really
20:23:11Galoisgod, conversion is lame
20:23:23Galoisrockbox plays 48k audio just fine
20:23:28ep0ch_otherwise you will use rockboxs resampler to do 48 -> 44.1
20:23:43Galoisresample? what are you talking about
20:23:57Galoisthis ain't a CD player you know. It's not limited to playing 44.1
20:24:00ep0ch_iriver outputs at 44.1
20:24:09Galoisfine, but do you want your universe to revolve around iriver?
20:24:42Galoisan mp3 player does not last forever. eventually that iriver will break and you will (hopefully) get a decent player that isn't limited to 44.1
20:24:51ep0ch_anyway it doesnt matter, you wont hear a difference betweeen 48 and 44.1 :)
20:24:54Galoisdo you at that point reencode your entire music collection?
20:25:07muesli__btw i have ac3 2ch/ac3 6ch / dts 6ch. just did ac6h but it sounds kind of dull
20:25:07*Galois is strongly against the concept of conversion
20:25:16Paul_The_NerdGalois: Rockbox has a pretty crappy resampler though, so if you're listening to it on Rockbox on Iriver you *probably* want to resample properly, and rerip later if you want that slight improvement
20:25:18goffa96k wma is cd quality too *rolls eyes*
20:25:25dprohamm strange ... shouldn't pressing play while booting load linux.bin by default ?
20:25:40Paul_The_Nerddpro: Holding play early enough will, yes.
20:26:27muesli__btw i have ac3 2ch/ac3 6ch / dts 6ch. just did ac6h but it sounds kind of dull, which one should rock?
20:26:29ep0ch_Galois: if your so strongly against it you should advocate leaving it its native format :D
20:26:51Galoisif I had infinite capacity then that's what I'd do
20:27:37Galoisalso, eventually rockbox's resampling will be non-crappy (I hope)
20:28:26dproah ok I was too late ;) ... tataa triple booting video, just need pcfdisk somewhere to make an ext2 partition for the actual / fs ;)
20:28:57Paul_The_Nerddpro: I figured that was it. Even if the kernel bin file isn't found, it'll say "Loading Linux" and then fail. ;-)
20:29:52dpropaul:yeah it loads linux just fine but then (obviously) fails with a kernel panic ...
20:29:53muesli__i have some mp3s with disorders while they are in irivers fw ok. could that be caused due resampling stuff?
20:31:02dprook guys thanks a lot ... ttyl gotta go to a nerd-club-mate party
20:31:25dpropaul: BTW recording on ipod video is that possible ? (or what needs to be done/tested ?)
20:31:26ep0ch_muesli__: maybe, but most likely due to dodgy mp3 frames
20:31:27muesli__sounds like too much bass even when its at 0
20:32:40amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Nobody said the resampler will always be crappy
20:33:07Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: That's true. I was just stating its current condition. I imagine that resampling once in advance will also be more battery-efficient though
20:33:47Paul_The_Nerddpro: I don't know if it's possible to record by way of the headphone jack, but I think there's a line-in pin through the dock connector at least that'll probably be usable one day. Nobody's really done much in that direction at all, I believe, other than what code exists in iPodlinux that we can make use of.
20:33:57Paul_The_Nerddpro: But I think that's mostly 4G and earlier related
20:35:01ep0ch_hmmm what shall I have for tea?
20:35:24ep0ch_good choice :D
20:35:35 Quit Una^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:37:13 Join bluebrother [0] (
20:47:21 Nick changsito is now known as _chang (
20:49:43 Join Una [0] (
20:49:58 Nick Una is now known as Una^ (
20:50:34 Join pixelma [0] (n=M_@
20:51:04goffapayday rules.. you get to do things ... like buy food
20:54:50goffaglad i don't have to pay rent or pay for my car anymore
20:54:53ravonSending in those tax report thingys does not rule though. How's one supposed to remember that?
20:55:05goffayeah.. this is true
20:55:25goffaif uncle sam knows how much you owe, why don't they just send you a bill?
20:56:24 Nick _slimeball is now known as _slimebal (
20:56:57 Nick _slimebal is now known as slimeball (
20:57:17 Join DpK|Cronic [0] (
20:57:35DpK|Cronichi PaulJam
20:57:44goffainstead of this goofy 40 page (or however many pages) form... asking questions like, "if the stars are in alignment with venus, and your gross adjusted total from form x40-p box C equals 49, fill out schedule 156f"
20:57:55goffaplace the total in box R
20:58:32Galoisin europe there's not even a bill. The government just takes the withholding and that's it.
20:58:55goffahere, you're employer takes whatever they _think_ you owe
20:59:21goffaand then you fill out some monkey-ass form to find out weather you over/under paid
20:59:37Galoisamericans prefer their current system of graft, er I mean, tax deductions, even if the taxes they save all go to the tax preparers
20:59:40ravonHere too, but it never adds up due to stocks and loans etc
21:00:21ravonYou're supposed to pay loans with non-taxed money, but you pay them with taxed. So you will almost always get money back.
21:00:21goffai'd like to just see a low flat tax with no deductions
21:00:25goffabut then i'm not rich
21:00:53goffabut i still think that if i was rich it'd be far
21:01:08goffai could give up a yacht so a poor guy could eat
21:01:34 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:01:54ravonOne hell of a meal.
21:03:39goffagood thing our president is a genius and strives to make everything fair
21:03:47goffalove some of those quotes
21:03:57goffalike "It's your money. You paid for it."
21:04:25ravonThe same guy who wants 10 years for piracy? :)
21:04:32ravonTalk about caving in for the money force.
21:06:34goffa"I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family."
21:06:38 Quit DpK|Cronic ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
21:07:10Mikachu"now watch this drive"
21:07:24 Join DpK|Cronic [0] (
21:07:32DpK|Cronichi PaulJam
21:09:13 Join romanos_melodos [0] (n=romanos_@
21:09:39goffai read a good post on yesterday ravon.
21:10:09goffapedophiles, rapists, and violent crime gets you 6 years
21:10:16ravonyup, that's the one :)
21:10:33goffaso, you can find some artist you hate, beat the hell out of them, and get 6 years
21:10:37romanos_melodoshi! Does anyone knows how can i prevent rockbox from shutting my ipod down when i'm leaving it idle?
21:10:38goffabut if you download the cd, you get 10
21:10:50Mikachuromanos_melodos: change the shutdown on idle setting
21:10:53ravonBeating Craig David up and getting him in a coma for a week - 6 years. Copy his CD - 10 years.
21:11:01goffathere ya go
21:12:19Paul_The_NerdWhat if you just steal a physical copy of the CD from a store? What's the penalty for that?
21:12:21goffai've decided we don't have government
21:12:24goffawe have an auction
21:12:38goffaPaul_The_Nerd: good idea :)
21:12:52goffai'm sure its less than 10 years in PMITA prison
21:13:30Galoispetty theft is a misdemeanor. Your penalty is probably a fine and community service, although you can theoretically go to jail.
21:13:37 Join webguest14 [0] (
21:13:55romanos_melodoshas anyone any idea where can i find the guy who built rockboy? I need some help on gettin' that in ipod nano..
21:14:32Paul_The_Nerdromanos_melodos: I imagine if the creator wanted to deal with it, he/she would've already fixed it.
21:14:55romanos_melodoswell.. he didn't
21:15:22amiconngnuboy was initially ported to rockbox (iriver) by HCl
21:15:35amiconnSince then, a number of other people have worked on it
21:15:51webguest14how can i generate ID3 cache?
21:15:59romanos_melodoswell that's irrelevant.
21:16:02*amiconn optimised gfx for H1x0 a bit and ported it to archos recorder
21:16:20Paul_The_Nerdwebguest14: Read the TagCache page on the wiki.
21:16:32romanos_melodosanyone who can help me port rockboy to nano?
21:16:58romanos_melodosi think we've got to fix the dimensions and compile it..
21:17:39scott666is rockboy working on the ipod video?
21:17:54scott666i havnt played with it yet
21:18:02scott666do i have to find roms to use it?
21:18:24 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
21:18:41Paul_The_NerdIt's not just fixing the dimensions. You have to figure out how you want to handle scaling (dropping X lines from one side or the other, splitting them among both, or taking every Xth line)
21:18:46romanos_melodosgo to game boy roms and download
21:18:51Paul_The_NerdPlease, don't paste links to illegal roms in the channel
21:19:17amiconnScaling should be selectable, like on H1x0
21:19:43romanos_melodossorry nerd
21:20:23amiconnGameboy is 160x144, H1x0 is 160x128. You can select to drop 16 lines from the top, 16 lines from the bottom, 8 lines each from top & bottom, or every 9th line
21:20:26romanos_melodoswell, it's just playin' around with the values on the x , y axis .. isn't?
21:20:45romanos_melodoscan u give me a hand amiconn?
21:20:47Paul_The_NerdSince the 'nano is 176x132, you get 4 whole more lines.
21:21:10amiconnIt has to be decided whether the X axis should be scaled up
21:21:15amiconnOn H300 we do this
21:21:44scott666how does the scaling work on the ipod video?
21:21:49crashdit doesnt
21:22:00crashdit's either native size or nothing, it cant do fullscreen on the 5g yet
21:22:08crashdnobody's fixerered it
21:22:22romanos_melodosso it's better for the other versions?
21:22:27Paul_The_NerdThe controls also don't exactly work very well at all
21:22:50Paul_The_Nerdromanos_melodos: The fullscreen zoom is hard-coded for a 220x176 screen I believe, at the moment
21:23:28romanos_melodosanyone who can help me out on doing this?
21:23:44amiconnHmm, seems the scaling is quite different from what it used to be when I fiddled with it...
21:24:02Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Karl went in and did a rework getting it to do colour on the H300, I believe.
21:24:06romanos_melodosi've got the rockboy folder
21:24:22Paul_The_Nerdromanos_melodos: Well, you've not even asked any specific questions. How much have you looked at the code yet?
21:24:58romanos_melodoswhich is the file that i've got to chroot?
21:25:14webguest14how can i make crossfade working?
21:25:28romanos_melodosi've downloaded the source
21:25:41romanos_melodosbut it's a folder with many .cpp files
21:25:41Paul_The_Nerdwebguest14: What problem are you having with it?
21:25:59romanos_melodoshow can i convert .cpp to .rock?
21:26:03romanos_melodosand make it work?
21:26:07webguest14doesn't hear any crossfadding
21:26:20Paul_The_Nerdwebguest14: And you've enabled it, and set the delays appropriately?
21:26:30Paul_The_Nerdromanos_melodos: You're not going to have much luck if you don't know *any* C...
21:26:33scott666are there eq presets somewhere on the site? i thought it was a bit odd that it doesnt come with any
21:26:46romanos_melodosi know programming
21:26:50romanos_melodosa little bit
21:27:05webguest14what's difference between crossfeed and crossfade?
21:27:13Paul_The_Nerdscott666: Well, nobody's submitted any. As it is, the EQ should really ideally be a more personal thing anyway, but yeah, nobody's submitted any.
21:27:18ravonWill there be any more extensive developer docs for 3.0?
21:27:21Paul_The_Nerdwebguest14: They'r explained in the manual.
21:27:23romanos_melodosi just want to know how the heck u make the .rock file extension
21:27:44Paul_The_Nerdromanos_melodos: Which tells me you've not compiled Rockbox, because when you run through the compilation process, it compiles the plugins to .rocks on its own.
21:27:45amiconnThis code looks quite hackish... In order to support more different LCDs, it seems necessary to restructure it quite a bit
21:28:27preglowravon: what more developer docs do you need?
21:28:29romanos_melodoshmm that sounds tricky
21:28:32webguest14fade-in delay: 5 sec, duration: 5 sec, fade-out delay: 5 sec, duration: 5 sec
21:28:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:28:49romanos_melodosi thought that c++ makes just an .exe
21:28:58 Join Fitzsimmons [0] (
21:28:59ravonpreglow: Complete doxygened interface would be enat.
21:29:18Paul_The_Nerdromanos_melodos: It's C not C++. And it makes a .exe if you're compiling it for windows. In reality it depends on which compiler you use, what binary format you get.
21:29:55ravonpreglow: The current docs are mainly the source and some sporadic architecture explanations.
21:30:01Paul_The_Nerdwebguest14: I'm not certain, but I think that would result in no audible delay and a 5 second gap between songs...
21:30:07romanos_melodosso how can i get a .rock format
21:30:25Paul_The_Nerdromanos_melodos: As I said, when you compile Rockbox, it links and compiles the plugins as .rocks for you.
21:30:47romanos_melodosoh ok
21:30:53webguest14Paul_The_Nerd: what do you suggest to use?
21:31:03scott666romanos_melodos: have you set up your rockbox dev environment (cygwin, etc) yet?
21:31:08Paul_The_Nerdwebguest14: Try setting both durations to 5 seconds, and both delays to 0.
21:31:25romanos_melodosin which files should i look for the display properties?
21:31:54romanos_melodosit's got an lcd file...
21:31:57webguest14Paul_The_Nerd: and which mode?
21:32:12amiconnlcd.c and sys_rockbox.c
21:32:34romanos_melodosremember in which line is it amiconn?
21:32:39romanos_melodoson the lcd?
21:32:40Paul_The_Nerdwebguest14: Crossfade should be fine.
21:33:39webguest14it's rocking :)
21:33:56webguest14thank, paul
21:34:13Paul_The_NerdNo problem
21:36:31 Quit webguest14 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:40:39 Join yeahx [0] (
21:40:55 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:41:09romanos_melodosamiconn r u still here
21:41:15amiconnmidkay: I know what's going wrong with the quickscreen when lines need scrolling...
21:41:36amiconnromanos_melodos: Towards the bottom in both files
21:41:50 Join gursikh [0] (
21:43:56romanos_melodosy = (((r * 263) + (g * 516) + (b * 100)) >> 10) + 16; u = (((r * 450) - (g * 377) - (b * 73)) >> 10) + 128; v = (((r * -152) - (g * 298) + (b * 450)) >> 10) + 128; if (y < 0) y = 0; if (y > 255) y = 255; if (u < 0) u = 0; if (u > 255) u = 255; if (v < 0) v = 0; if (v > 255) v = 255; PAL4[i] = (y<<[0].l) | (y<<[3].l) | (u<<[1].l) | (v<<[2].l); return;
21:45:15 Part yeahx
21:46:24 Nick scf is now known as unexterminatabl (
21:46:25 Nick unexterminatabl is now known as unexterminatable (
21:47:15romanos_melodosis that it amiconn?
21:48:01amiconnNo, that's just an rgb->yuv conversion.
21:48:15amiconnAlso, you can't expect to just change one line
21:49:11romanos_melodosif LCD_DEPTH ==16 int i;#endif if (!hw.cgb) { pal_write_dmg(0, 0, R_BGP); pal_write_dmg(8, 1, R_BGP); pal_write_dmg(64, 2, R_OBP0); pal_write_dmg(72, 3, R_OBP1); }#if LCD_DEPTH ==16 for (i = 0; i < 64; i++) updatepalette(i);
21:50:43romanos_melodosi know that this is ridiculous :P
21:51:34Paul_The_Nerdromanos_melodos: I suspect that if you can't recognize which lines do the drawing you'll have a very hard time modifying them well. ;-)
21:52:15romanos_melodoswell.. i haven't done it before
21:52:46romanos_melodosi'll have just to mess around since noone else is looking forward for bringing rockboy to nano
21:54:01amiconnIt will happen sooner or later
21:54:17romanos_melodosi wanna try it today
21:54:22 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
21:54:42Paul_The_NerdThere's a lot of vastly more important work to do in iPod anyway.
21:54:47amiconnIt's just that the ipods currently aren't a priority (for specific adaptions) since they aren't a 3.0 release target
21:54:49peturI'll start playing games the day I have time for them... could take several years for that to happen ;)
21:55:12romanos_melodoshi petur
21:55:25romanos_melodosi think u tried to help me out this morning..
21:55:59romanos_melodosregarding rockboy
21:56:25peturI've never ever started it up
21:56:39romanos_melodoswell, it was something else then
21:59:20chiwould the ipod flag for amarok still produce something usable for an ipod with rockbox on it?
21:59:59 Quit PaulJam (".")
22:00:04preglowgod, how i hate freebsd
22:00:28ep0ch_what now? i likes it
22:00:35preglowi can't even get samba to work
22:00:50ep0ch_except when it crashed when it doesnt umount properly
22:01:08ep0ch_hmmm samba works fine here
22:01:11Paul_The_Nerdchi: Rockbox is much more flexible than Apple's firmware, so I can't imagine why not.
22:01:14*amiconn currently tries enabling gcc optimisation options one-by-one
22:01:20Paul_The_Nerdchi: You *may* have to use TagCache
22:01:55ep0ch_preglow: i know using the backslashes the wrong way round on smbclient confused me for a while
22:02:01*amiconn accidentally deleted system.o
22:03:42preglowep0ch_: it runs ok and everything
22:03:47preglowep0ch_: but _REFUSES_ to authenticate me
22:03:53preglowi've set up samba a million times on linux, easy as pie
22:03:58preglowbut on freebsd everything is bloody hard
22:04:01pregloweven the shell is useless
22:04:12 Join PaulJam [0] (
22:04:35preglowbest of all, _IT DOESNT BLOODY LOG WHAT'S WRONG_
22:06:15 Quit JBGood (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:06:20ravonIsn't that an option in the config?
22:06:41ravonAnd doesn't it log to syslog?
22:06:54 Quit romanos_melodos ()
22:08:19preglowfreebsd has no syslog that i can see
22:08:23preglowthe other logs does not mention it
22:10:26ep0ch_no /var/log/samba?
22:10:42preglowbut it doesn't mention the auth errors
22:10:52preglownor does it mention anything at all when it doesn't find the password file
22:11:57ep0ch_does it work if you do it all manually via smbclient paramaters?
22:14:29 Quit lee-qid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:14:58preglowNT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE whatever i do
22:15:11 Quit ep0ch_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:15:48 Join lee-qid_ [0] (
22:16:03amiconnpreglow: Do you try to connect to a windows machine (XP or 2003)?
22:17:04 Join ep0ch_ [0] (n=ep0ch@
22:17:20preglowi'm trying to connect to localhost where i've got samba going
22:20:16ep0ch_you have 'allow hosts = localhost' i take it
22:20:32*amiconn has no idea where to look for problems in that case
22:20:51*amiconn also wonders why one would connect 2 *nix systems via samba
22:21:09preglowamiconn: because of people with windows boxes
22:21:40preglowep0ch_: of course
22:22:05preglowep0ch_: you know how to use the tdbsam passwd backend?
22:22:26*amiconn doesn't see the connection
22:22:35preglowauth is what is fucking up
22:22:43preglowi just don't know how, since it never tells me
22:22:57preglowright now i'm using smbpasswd, but i'd like to try another to see if it gets better
22:23:22preglowluckily, the only way i know of to use the tdbsam backend is through the 'net' command, and that demands a password, god knows which
22:23:37preglowit surely isn't the either mine or roots
22:25:08*preglow longs for linux
22:25:19pregloweverything in freebsd is cumbersome
22:25:38amiconnEven more cumbersome than in linux ;)
22:25:44dwihnoIt might be.
22:25:52preglowby far
22:26:02preglowi find linux pretty straightforward
22:26:05preglowprobably since i used it so long
22:26:06dwihnoanything special you come to think of?
22:26:58 Join midgey34 [0] (
22:27:17 Join petur2 [0] (
22:27:33 Join RedBreva [0] (
22:30:23 Join DarkJesus [0] (
22:30:37RedBrevaEvening all... Have just spent a little time reworking the HTML on It should now be standards compliant, and passes almost all the accessability tests... The big question is, do the pages still display correctly on a wide variety of browsers, screen sizes etc.
22:31:05RedBrevaNone of the download actually work yet... just RFQ on the look and feel etc.
22:31:35Inc... I have an idea.
22:31:46Inchow about a wholeeeee new web site design
22:31:48scott666the links dont go anywhere?
22:31:50Paul_The_NerdRedBreva: I would suggest you divide them up by screen instead of by target. For example "220x176x16: H3x0 and iPod Photo"
22:31:55Incmore "up to date"
22:31:56scott666ah, ok then
22:32:12ep0ch_RedBreva: looks fine in konqueror
22:32:15DarkJesusLooks great on firefox
22:32:26Paul_The_NerdRedBreva: There's no reason there should be ones that don't work on two identical screens on different targets.
22:32:28DarkJesusWhy are there only 8 themes though?
22:32:34scott666ditto, firefox
22:32:42petur2ok on IE and firefox (windoze)
22:32:42Inclooks fine but I vote a whole new design hehe.
22:32:56scott666Paul_The_Nerd: if you click the links it appears that that is how its set up
22:32:57petur2could use a bit more spacing above 'WPS for 'Patched' Firmware'
22:32:58*amiconn fires up his browser collection
22:33:18RedBrevaDInc :P
22:33:32Paul_The_Nerdscott666: I noticed that, but it seems more logical to me to not have several links to one page. Also, it'll make clear to people who don't know that the restrictions are by screen rather than target.
22:33:59ep0ch_RedBreva: seems ok in w3m (no pics though...) ;)
22:34:26Paul_The_NerdRedBreva: Looks fine in Firefox , and Opera 8.5 on XP with a 1280*800 resolution
22:34:43 Quit _chang ("So long, and thanks for all the fish !")
22:35:04ep0ch_anyone with netscape 4? :)
22:35:13scott666i think the average user is going to have an easier time just clicking on /their/ player, but it could probably designed to make it obvious as to which players all have the same resolution
22:35:35RedBrevaNetscape 4... I have to use that still at work!
22:35:38bluebrotherRedBreva: have you tried asking the w3 validator about it?
22:35:46Paul_The_NerdWhat you could do is have the link say "220x176x16bit" then underneath it the pictures of all players that use that screen.
22:36:24amiconnRedBreva: Checked Firefox 1.5, IE6, Opera 7, Opera 6, Netscape 4.7, Espial Escape, and Hotjava
22:36:26scott666it looks fine in IE too, assuming its supposed to be all left-alligned
22:36:35bluebrotherRedBreva: it validates much better when switching to xhtml 1.0
22:36:56amiconnAll looking okay within the capabilities of the browser, except there's a slight glitch in Opera 6 and Netscape 4.7
22:37:19pixelmain Firefox 1.5 i tried to download a .zip file, download seemed to be o.k. but the actual zip was empty
22:37:32pixelmabut could also be my fault
22:37:35RedBrevabluebrother: I use an offline validator, but I have still had occasions where extremely coliant code fails to display on some browsers, theyseem to prefer crap code <cough>IE</cough>
22:37:52RedBrevashoot my speelins is carp tonight!
22:37:54amiconnRedBreva: There's a light-blue border around the whole page in Opera 6 and Netscape 4.7, Opera 7 also has that problem
22:38:15amiconnIt seems these browsers do not default to a zero border if no border is specified
22:38:35RedBrevaamiconn: OK, will note this on the TODO list - thanks
22:38:36bluebrotherthe online validator finds 5 errors, 1 when overriding the doctype to be xhtml 1.0
22:39:34amiconnOf course really old browsers will have a hard time since it's all style sheets...
22:39:47amiconnpixelma: [22:31:07] <RedBreva> None of the download actually work yet... just RFQ on the look and feel etc.
22:40:00*amiconn tries in AWeb
22:40:22pixelmai'm sorry - then i have to say: it looks good
22:40:37RedBrevahehehe - thank you
22:40:38ep0ch_end of the day you only need to worry about IE5+ and Firefox really
22:41:07*bluebrother stopped supporting NS4 and IE < 5 some time ago
22:41:07 Quit petur (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:41:16RedBrevaOK, so the basic concessus, I didn't screw anything up too badly code wise... many thanks
22:41:18amiconnRedBreva: Even there it's actually usable, only the background is white, the table frames are missing and the links have their default colour
22:42:15pixelmaso is in IE 3.1 too
22:42:34ep0ch_but should you want to be sure there's always the web browser archive at
22:43:43amiconnep0ch_: You still need the right OS...
22:44:23preglowi can't get bloody nfs working, even
22:44:23ep0ch_what was it?
22:45:44amiconnRedBreva: You should consider putting size attributes into the <img> tags
22:46:24RedBrevaI have on a couple of the pages, still working may way thro' them
22:46:30RedBrevamay = my
22:46:55amiconn"iriver H1320"? (typo on the 220x176x16 page)
22:47:56ep0ch_amiconn: speaking of which i think cvs.html could do with size attribs too
22:48:13amiconnMany pages probably have that problem
22:48:33amiconnUsually I don't notice, because both my pc and my connection are fast
22:48:54amiconnOn Amiga it's very noticeable, because decoding images takes a bit more time
22:49:25RedBrevaOn the iPod Video page, if I put full size images, it will be rather unmanagable... smaller thumbnails?? size??
22:49:57 Join Daishi [0] (
22:50:05amiconnJust put 2 per row
22:50:22RedBrevalots of scrolling then tho?
22:51:03RedBrevaAlso slow to d/load page
22:51:54Paul_The_NerdWhy not do it like our forums. Smaller thumbnails but clicking switches to a full res image?
22:52:01Paul_The_NerdOr are you going to have the images a link to the WPS .zip?
22:52:53amiconnZoom on mouse over
22:52:56*amiconn hides
22:53:09BagderRedBreva: a "back to themes front page" link on the sub pages would be neat too
22:53:25RedBrevaamiconn: What like
22:53:48RedBrevaBagder: True, will do
22:53:54amiconnRedBreva: Not bad...
22:54:08amiconnIs it intended that the image always appears in the top left corner?
22:54:36RedBrevayes, my coding isn't yet up to anything more sophisticated :(
22:55:15Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I'm more of an onclick fan, myself.
22:55:23*petur2 points RedBreva to overlib
22:55:33 Nick petur2 is now known as petur (
22:55:46amiconnHmm, the rockbox frontpage does show proper background colour in non-css browsers
22:56:14*Bagder browsed with netscape 4.7 the other day
22:56:21amiconn(and link colours are also mostly as intended)
22:56:22 Quit julius ("Leaving")
22:56:36*amiconn tried with AWeb and IBrowse
22:57:49RedBrevapetur2: interesting, will have a proper lok at that sometime soon...
22:58:34 Part gursikh
22:58:43amiconnBagder: Netscape 4.7 does have css support (although buggy)
22:59:05Bagderit was the only browser I had
22:59:12BagderI didn't choose it
23:00:10RedBrevaOK folks, I have been summoned to spend 'Quality Time' with the wife... must go, I will continue in the morning... using <body bgcolor="#b6c6e5" text="black" link="blue" vlink="purple" alink="red"...>
23:00:43 Quit RedBreva ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
23:00:57 Join webguest31 [0] (
23:01:42 Join akaidiot [0] (
23:06:28 Quit webguest31 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:06:30 Quit sharpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:06:56 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:10:20 Join Moos [0] (
23:12:49DarkJesusDoes the audiosctobbler patch work then?
23:14:48 Quit Moos (Client Quit)
23:15:16 Quit DpK|Cronic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:15:58Paul_The_NerdYou could always try it...
23:16:00Bagderjudging by the talk in the patch entry it sounds like it may
23:16:56DarkJesusThere isn't one in a daily build then?
23:17:12DarkJesusI've never patched the rockbox firmware before - I'll give it a try
23:17:13Bagderfeature freeze
23:17:26Paul_The_NerdYeah, if there's still a patch tracker entry, odds are very good it's not in the daily.
23:17:27DarkJesusIs there any instructions on how to do it on linux?
23:17:43BagderDarkJesus: plenty!
23:17:45Paul_The_NerdThe WorkingWithPatches wiki page.
23:18:56 Join DpK|Cronic [0] (
23:19:01DpK|CronicPaulJam back
23:19:26DarkJesusWhat's with the -p0, -p1, etc?
23:19:49BagderDarkJesus: that's mentioned too
23:22:11DarkJesusI don't understand it though
23:22:24Bagderit cuts off pieces of the file path from the left
23:22:37Bagdernumber of slashes to ignore
23:22:59Bagder-p2 == ignore everything up to the second slash (from the left)
23:23:44 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
23:24:26 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
23:25:06DarkJesusWhat does this mean though?
23:25:38bluebrotherpatch files contain the filenames of the files that are affected.
23:26:14bluebrotherdepending on the directory level your in when generating / applying the patch the paths need to be adjusted.
23:26:47bluebrotherso you can strip a part of the path. This is controlled with -p
23:28:09DarkJesusSo if you are in /home/user/rockbox/ you'll need to use p3?
23:28:14DarkJesusor p2
23:28:32Bagderit depends only on the actual patch you apply
23:28:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:28:50Bagderand the source tree you're applying it to
23:29:26Bagdercan you instead tell us what your problem is?
23:30:07Paul_The_NerdIn /home/user/rockbox/, for *most* patches -p0 is actually what you want.
23:30:58bluebrothersay your patch file wants to patch rockbox/apps/metadata.c. The patch was generated from within the rockbox dir, so it contains a reference to apps/metadata.c. If your in rockbox/apps this means you need to strip the first path element (the apps/). From rockbox/ you don't need to strip anything at all, i.e. -p0
23:31:08bluebrotherjust read man patch.
23:31:26bluebrotherit's a really descriptive man page including examples.
23:32:14amiconnHmm, gcc does strange things...
23:32:41amiconnWhy does -O plus all options said to be enabled with -Os not produce the same output as just using -Os ?
23:33:14Mikachumaybe it makes other choices that aren't available as separate options
23:33:14dwihnoYou just answered that question :) −−> <amiconn> Hmm, gcc does strange things...
23:33:42Paul_The_NerdI think the important piece of information here is that it's "gcc" which as you've mentioned doesn't seem to be the most reliably consistent piece of software.
23:33:59amiconnThe binary size difference is >)KB
23:35:49amiconn...and the -Os binary hangs, while the ( -O + all extra options) (both minus -funit-at-a-time) does not
23:36:00amiconnShaky stuff :(
23:36:23amiconnToo bad, it seems we have to stick with gcc 3.3.x for archos if we want to use -Os :-(
23:37:40dwihnoreally strange
23:38:44amiconnI wonder whether we're doing something wrong. -O2 works fine for plugins today (except the switch() corner case which I have a patch for)
23:39:01amiconn..whether we're doing something wrong in the core, I mean
23:39:16 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
23:42:38PaulJami have a question concerning the vmware image: is it normal that it takes ages to boot? after 15 minutes is is at the stage "uncompressing linux..."
23:43:30peturonce booted, just pause the player, don't shutdown ;)
23:44:12PaulJamso it is normal?
23:44:50Mikachuprobably not
23:44:54peturdepends on the computer I guess, can't remember that it took that long
23:45:32PaulJamthis is on a pc with 3 GHz and 1024 MB ram
23:46:29asteelethat's certainly not normal
23:46:52asteelethe first time i booted it on my laptop (quite a bit slower) took ~2 minutes
23:46:58asteelenow it takes ~20 seconds to resume it
23:51:21 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
23:53:19 Quit asteele ()
23:55:13 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
23:55:22 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
23:57:01 Join TCK [0] (

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