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#rockbox log for 2006-05-02

00:01:13lostlogiczomg, teh back in the US :-\
00:03:19preglowhow was the frencher side of europe?
00:03:43lostlogicI had so much fun, I didn't even notice I didn't use the internet for 4 days!
00:03:53amiconnBagder: Hmm, perhaps the best idea is forcing both UIE and the block into .text.uie. This way they will always end up close together
00:04:03 Join qwx [0] (
00:04:30amiconnWhile my (2) suggestion would also ensure that, it would be hackish as it relies on an unreachable block within UIE()
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00:11:14preglowlostlogic: then i'm sure you'll welcome a week of voice ui bug whining!
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00:15:08XavierGrwow welcome back lostlogic, was it good in Paris?
00:15:58muesli_-one night in paris?
00:16:18*XavierGr hates installers for stupid little programs!
00:16:32amiconnBagder: Red builds should be fixed now
00:17:18amiconnlostlogic: Please upgrade you build server's sh-elf-gcc to 4.0.3-patched (see CrossCompiler)
00:17:33amiconn(other build server operators too, of course)
00:17:40 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:18:22XavierGramiconn: can you do the same for the VMware image?
00:18:43amiconnI probably could, but where to upload it again?
00:19:09 Join ashridah [0] (
00:19:16XavierGrwell you could ask bagder to host it again. And I should contact the other guy that is hosting the file
00:19:48XavierGrMaybe I could do it too, but I don't trust my connection. (and maybe my skills)
00:19:54Bagderwe host it too
00:20:02lostlogicpreglow: uhh... I'll need to get some sleep first :)
00:20:22lostlogicamiconn: I will...\
00:21:26Bagdergreen is nice
00:21:43 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
00:21:49amiconnUgh, why does the vmware image run such oldish stuff...
00:21:57amiconnkernel 2.4, gcc 3.3.5 ...
00:22:21XavierGrwell I donloaded the stable installer from debian
00:22:34XavierGrthe gcc in borrowed from the older vmware image
00:23:22*amiconn needs to install 7zip
00:23:38preglowdebian stable???
00:24:00preglowoh well
00:24:01amiconnaka debian stone-age
00:24:03preglowit's a vm anyway
00:25:07XavierGrwell I don't know much about linux so I thought stable should be better.
00:26:30amiconnBagder: Is connected to the 2MBit line?
00:27:14*amiconn wonders why the download is slower than expected
00:27:35XavierGrcan we say that 2 frames is exactly the same amount of time in all mp3s?
00:27:50preglowit depends on the sample rate
00:27:53Bagderamiconn: no, 100mbit
00:28:30*amiconn wondering more
00:28:33preglowXavierGr: 1 frame is exactly the same number of samples (1152) for all mp3 files, but not the same amount of time
00:29:00amiconnNot entirely true
00:29:16amiconnFor mpeg version 2 and 2.5 it's 576 samples for layer 3
00:29:47XavierGrpreglow if it is the same sample rate?
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00:32:34amiconnXavierGr: mpeg version 1 frames (32/44.1/48 kHz) have 384 samples for layer 1, 1152 samples for layer 2 and 3
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00:32:58Manojhi folks
00:33:19amiconnmpeg version 2 frames (16/22.05/24 kHz) and version 2.5 (8/11.025/12 kHz) have 384 samples for layer 1, 1152 samples for layer 2 and 576 samples for layer 3
00:33:28ManojDo the bootloader for rockbox and the actual version of rockbox I compile have to be in perfect sync?
00:33:46amiconnSo the frametime is fixed as long as the sample rate doesn't change
00:34:00BagderManoj: no
00:34:12 Nick qwx is now known as qwm (
00:34:18BagderManoj: you normally don't upgrade the bootloader after the initial install
00:35:22Manojah. good to know. I fell in love with the Green5g theme, and want to try a variant using the album art patches
00:36:08preglowi want a nano version of green
00:36:37 Join Febs [0] (
00:36:52*preglow prods nudelyn
00:37:02nudelyni've almost finished oblivion
00:37:09preglowstill playing that, are you
00:37:18nudelynalmost 170 hours of playtime,lol
00:37:22nudelynstupid game!
00:37:30preglowdamned pretty, though
00:37:38 Join romanos [0] (n=romanos@
00:37:39nudelyngot a couple of weeks off now, but also have some opus plugin stuff to write
00:37:49 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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00:38:07Manojmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `rockboxlogo.h', needed by `/usr/local/ipod/src/rockbox-stable/rockbox-daily-20060419/build/apps/bookmark.o'. Stop.
00:38:13Manojdang. Now I must go hunting
00:38:37preglownudelyn: sure, but making a nano version of green is done in a jiffy, right? :>
00:39:08ManojHmm. no rockboxlogo.h in the daily build sources either
00:39:17nudelynshouldn't take too long, hour or so i guess
00:39:30nudelynjust have to be in the mood for doing photoshop stuff
00:39:50Manojgui/logo.h exists
00:42:18 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:42:44BagderManoj: that's with unaltered sources?
00:43:09Manojunfortunately, no
00:44:08 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
00:44:15Bagderso then you're using an outdated patch
00:44:17Manojah. make clean seems to help
00:44:33Genre9mp3preglow: I thought that a frame in MP3 lasts for 26ms (26/1000s) and is constant like the number of samples in it.
00:44:59Manojwell, the green5g patches do not apply to newer CVS sources than 20060419
00:45:08 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:45:11Manojso this is an old CVS, with perhaps outdated patches
00:45:21 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
00:45:37preglowGenre9mp3: the number of samples is constant, but the time is not, since time is a function of sample rate, which can vary
00:45:39ManojI am not sure I want to spend time grokking the sources yet to bring th patches up to date
00:45:50Manojbut I might
00:47:18Genre9mp3And if the bitrate is higher,the frame size is simply larger and vice versa, right?
00:48:03preglowyes, size in bytes, but not samples
00:48:17Genre9mp3ok...thanx for clearing that
00:49:12qwmmidkay !
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01:00:12amiconnXavierGr: Is there a reason why you used a preallocated disk file?
01:00:21amiconnSeems like a waste...
01:01:48stevenmHey guys. What's the command to add a file to CVS again ?
01:03:02XavierGramiconn: I am not sure what you are talking about. I just remember that VMware asked for a specific size for the disk.
01:03:10XavierGrCould it be dynamically set?
01:03:19Mikachuyou set the max size, but only the used space will be used
01:03:51amiconnvmware disk files can either allocate all space statically, or grow with the space used
01:04:07XavierGrhmm I don't remember this option
01:04:10amiconnThe latter is standard, static allocation must be explicitly chosen
01:04:53*XavierGr fires up VMware
01:05:10 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
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01:05:23 Join goffa_ [0] (n=goffa@
01:05:32XavierGramiconn: you mean the allocate disk space now?
01:06:33XavierGrthen silly me, you are right it is not checked by default
01:06:49XavierGralthough this is not a problem once the disk is compressed.
01:07:26amiconnIt's not a problem for transferring the image, sure
01:07:44amiconnBut it's a bit of a waste when unpacked
01:07:54XavierGralso don't forget to do the "dd" magic command before compressing the image.
01:08:08XavierGrit sure did a lot of different in the final compressed size.
01:08:21XavierGrdamn I don't remember the exact command.
01:08:34*amiconn tries to figure out how to transfer gcc sources into the vm
01:09:27amiconnThis fluxbox is a weird gui, and english keyboard setting doesn't make it easier...
01:09:34qwmich habe scheisse.
01:09:54XavierGramiconn: I tried to put there the lighter window manager
01:10:03amiconnyes, sure
01:10:05XavierGrit is only 2 MB from what I remember
01:10:27XavierGras for the keybaord you can try kbdconfigure as root.
01:10:37preglowqwm: i'd get rid of it if i were you
01:12:27 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
01:13:47Mikachufluxbox sucks, use openbox ;)
01:14:37amiconnWhy not fvwm2?
01:14:39 Join nave7693 [0] (
01:14:52 Join dj-fu [0] (
01:15:03stevenmanyone mind if i commit the midi sound output patch ?
01:15:08qwmno tabs in openbox right?
01:16:09qwmthat's a major minus.
01:16:31qwmi wouldn't be able to survive for long without the tabs feature.
01:16:56stevenmreal quick, are the buildservers gcc 3 or 4 now?
01:17:04Mikachuyes, they are
01:17:22 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
01:17:28stevenmMikachu, what version are the buildservers?
01:17:36Mikachu3 or 4
01:17:49Mikachudepends on the target
01:18:25Mikachuthen i have no idea
01:18:37stevenmI'm about to send up a few files.. tested Normal and Sim build on the dev kit that I had, compiles and runs. dont want to make a red build
01:18:43 Quit dj-fu (Client Quit)
01:18:45Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: 3.4.6 I think. Or .5
01:18:51 Join dj-fu [0] (
01:18:59amiconnqwm: tabs?
01:19:02stevenmPaul_The_Nerd, all right... thanks
01:19:06Mikachutabs are crazy
01:19:12Mikachuyou put many windows in a single frame
01:19:57qwmi love it.
01:20:03amiconnHmm, I like that in a browser...
01:20:13Mikachuyes, it should be implemented in applications where appropriate
01:21:07lostlogicamiconn: my server's upgraded.
01:21:17amiconnnice :)
01:24:10Paul_The_NerdDoes anyone agree with me here, by the way? <−−- I think that he should go ahead and commit this, and let the iPod users be the ones to test it.
01:24:26 Quit Daishi (Remote closed the connection)
01:26:56Paul_The_NerdI mean, it's already a codec that shouldn't be included in the 3.0 release, and the only way to really put it through its paces in an expedient manner is to have a group of people who don't traditionally compile their own builds give it a shot.
01:27:15FebsDoes "Gather runtime data" do anything anymore? Wasn't that associated with the now-defunct tag database?
01:27:36Paul_The_NerdYeah, Gather Runtime Data doesn't do anything (or anything usable) at the moment I believe
01:27:54FebsSo then it should be removed before the release?
01:28:24midkayi think a few things should be rearranged too..
01:28:36midkaytag cache stuff should IMO be moved to the file view menu...
01:28:58FebsI agree. I wrote it into the manual today and it seemed to be in an odd place.
01:30:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:31:13 Join Daishi [0] (
01:31:34 Quit ashridah ("uni")
01:32:12 Join TCK [0] (
01:32:59stevenmsweet, it didnt break cvs!
01:34:30Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: So, it somewhat works? When I tried his patch it was "okay" on iRiver, and non-functioning on iPod.
01:35:09FebsHas there been any talk of having an installer for the 3.0 release? If not, I'm going to put the current installation instructions into the manual.
01:35:33stevenmPaul_The_Nerd, well... it produces sound. I do not know of ipod, as unfortunately do not have one. I was meaning to try it for a while, but lack of device. My friend lent me a rockboxed iriver yesterday, so I tried it out
01:35:40Paul_The_NerdFebs: Well, bootloader install instructions will be necessary anyway, but an installer has been mentioned. I don't know if there's anyone really *doing* it though.
01:36:06Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: Well, I know it wasn't very fast with the one midi I had. Lemme compile and let you know what it does on iPods then. :)
01:36:44 Join sharpe [0] (
01:37:15stevenmPaul_The_Nerd, alright, cool. I did increase the sampling rate, but that is because it is just not useable at 11kHz. Either need to change the fractional percision, or what. I added some stuff to deal with buffer misses... a more of a quick fix than optimization but it sounds better
01:37:20sharpei are back everyone!
01:37:42 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:37:51qwmgood to know, sharpe
01:38:05 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
01:38:26sharpei know you all missed me and my great depressing moods.
01:42:28 Join nudel2 [0] (
01:44:48Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: Where can I get the patchset. Just realized I have that no longer
01:45:11stevenmPaul_The_Nerd, stevenm/patchset.tbz2"> I think I still have it there
01:45:27Paul_The_NerdGot it
01:47:07stevenmPaul_The_Nerd, also change the viewers.config... file is midiplay.rock
01:47:56 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:47:58 Quit nudelyn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:48:14Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: The viewers.confing already points to midiplay
01:48:35stevenmthere is occasionally strangeness with it for some reason. Starts playing, but instead of notes, you hear clicks. Next file you play will lock up during the malloc/load stage, unless you reboot device. Don't know if it's always been there or just since this patch. Always worked fine for me on laptop
01:48:44stevenmPaul_The_Nerd, ah yes, I changed it too. ok
01:48:54Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: I think it's too fast...
01:49:07Paul_The_NerdWhen it's not getting 6 million buffer misses, that is.
01:49:19stevenmthis is ipod ?
01:49:36Paul_The_NerdYeah, I think nearly double speed.
01:49:39stevenmoh wow. i still get them on iriver, ipod must be slower
01:50:19stevenmi'll have to look into that somehow. The rate of playback is determined by how many samples need to be generated per each midi tick. so the timing is based on the DSP
01:50:53Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: It also eventually froze, it seems. I'm not sure if it finished playback or just froze
01:51:14stevenmi am sorry to hear that... i really don't know how to debug that on my own. My friend just lent me an iriver yesterday, so I been doing that.. but no other hardware here besides a PC
01:51:20stevenmand an old archos :(
01:51:59stevenmi think it'll stop if you hit a button.. unless it is hard locked up
01:52:21Paul_The_NerdOh, it's a hard lock
01:52:22 Join themadhat [0] (
01:52:54Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: It froze on a "Tempo Set = 754"
01:53:03Paul_The_Nerd7547 actually, I think
01:53:30themadhatis rockbox good
01:53:31stevenmPaul_The_Nerd, thats just a tempo event from the file. seems kind of a low number htough
01:53:43themadhati just downloaded the ipod linux installer and i chose the rockbox option
01:53:48Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: It's a semi-slow song. The opening to Zelda on NES.
01:53:50themadhatim just a newb i know nothign abotu it
01:54:03stevenmPaul_The_Nerd, aah
01:54:09Paul_The_Nerdthemadhat: I'd suggest visiting and skimming the manual then.
01:54:32stevenmPaul_The_Nerd, I have got to get to homework. been putting it off all day. hopefully eventually the thing will be fully working
01:54:46Paul_The_Nerdstevenm: Hopefully. No big rush, figured I'd offer what feedback I could. :)
01:54:56stevenmaah. thank you. that is appreciated
01:55:15Paul_The_NerdI'm often around and have an H120 and an iPod Nano available for various testing purposes.
01:55:36 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
01:56:28stevenmnow, food, then major major matlab work. see you guys
01:56:42 Quit themadhat (Client Quit)
01:57:09 Quit stevenm ("Connection reset by beer")
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02:09:19 Join charkins [0] (n=casey@pdpc/supporter/active/charkins)
02:10:12 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:10:20 Join themadhat [0] (
02:10:23*Paul_The_Nerd mutters something about people assuming that "if it doesn't work for me, it doesn't function."
02:10:36themadhathwo do i start rockbox my ipod is just booting into the normal seetings
02:11:03Paul_The_Nerdthemadhat: You've installed the Rockbox bootloader?
02:11:23themadhati just used the ipod linux automatic installer
02:12:30Paul_The_NerdDoes that install Loader2 for iPodLinux then?
02:13:28 Join goffa___ [0] (n=goffa@
02:14:35amiconnHmm, how can I shutdown from fluxbox?
02:14:46sharpepull the plug.
02:14:54themadhat1 sec i have to reastrt my pc sorry lol
02:14:57 Quit themadhat (Client Quit)
02:16:25 Quit charkins ("Leaving")
02:16:59qwmamiconn: right click -> fluxbox-menu -> exit
02:17:04qwmassuming you have that in your menu.
02:17:32amiconnThat only exits fluxbox, and restarts X + fluxbox...
02:18:12qwmsure you clicked on "exit" and not "restart"?
02:18:31amiconnyes i am
02:19:19qwmthat's odd.
02:20:25XavierGramiconn: as root
02:20:29XavierGrshutdown -r 0
02:20:43XavierGrit will restart the machine
02:20:44ManojHmm. not much of a update needed for the patches to work on todays daily source tarball
02:21:04amiconnXavierGr: You can only do that as root...
02:21:31amiconnFor shutdown, use shutdown -h now then
02:21:33XavierGrfluxbox weirdyness I guess
02:21:43amiconnBut that's not really convenient
02:21:54XavierGrlook at the .xsession file
02:22:05amiconnI won't fiddle with the vm more than necessary right now
02:22:21amiconnIt now has a shiny new sh-elf-gcc, and I'll repackage it
02:22:29XavierGrso you managed to update it?
02:22:33XavierGrah nice
02:22:42 Quit goffa_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:24:39Paul_The_NerdOne day I'm going to have to get the new vmware image.
02:24:48Paul_The_NerdI'm still using the one without X and SDL and all that shiny stuff
02:25:03midkayhaha. loser. :)
02:27:19amiconnXavierGr: I found the 'trick' to clear unused blocks, and also cleared the swap partition. Should give nice compression
02:28:05*amiconn 's own vm uses a separate virtual disk for swap, which he made a copy from in a clean state
02:28:24 Join mrmagic52 [0] (
02:28:35amiconnugh. Estimated compression time: 40 minutes
02:31:06mrmagic52I have a question about the Ipod version of rockbox. Does it load the whole song into ram or does it just keep streaming it off the hard drive. Since the 5g 60 gig has 64 megs of ram it would be nice if the music files loaded in ram just like the ipod firmware. This helps the battery life.
02:31:15sharpeinto teh ram.
02:31:38mrmagic52love the program
02:31:47mrmagic52I'll donate some when I get some cash this month
02:32:15sharpeheh, go for it. not like it benefits me. :)
02:32:32mrmagic52I have the ipod linux. Rockbox and ipod firmware all selectable from a multiboot menu.....
02:32:56mrmagic52still haven't found any use for ipod linux
02:33:47Paul_The_Nerdmrmagic52: Rockbox's buffering algorithm is a bit different than the iPod retail firmwares, but it's designed to be most efficient if you tend to listen to your songs the whole way through, and not skip around alot. Unfortunately, I think we only manage to use half of the 5G 60gig's ram. Does anyone know if that was ever fixed?
02:34:20mrmagic52I'm sure they'll fix it. It's a big deal to me.
02:34:26amiconnNo, and fixing that will be very hard
02:34:34XavierGramiconn: yes 7zip takes long
02:35:40midkayamiconn, how will it be very hard? simply adjusting buffersize at compiletime is the solution, right?
02:35:54amiconnIn theory, yes
02:36:10XavierGramiconn: is there a but?
02:37:02amiconnYes. It will be cumbersome for the user if he has to decide whether he's got a 32MB or 64MB model
02:37:21midkayum.. the user doesn't know if he has a 30gb or a 60gb model?
02:37:29midkaythat's one retarded user ;)
02:37:31amiconnIt would be possible to autodetect the RAM size, but that has further implications
02:37:32XavierGrI thought that only 60 GB models have 64MB ram
02:37:41midkayXavierGr, right.
02:37:42mrmagic52right only 60 gig have 64 meg
02:38:02amiconnYes, *now* only the 60GB model has 64MB ram
02:38:07Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Trust me, some of the people I've talked with in the forums are *well* below that threshold. "What sort of iPod do you have" has been responded to with both "Black" and in one PM "The kind that plays music."
02:38:13 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:38:36mrmagic52I do internet tech support.... I understand
02:38:45XavierGris there another kind of iPod?
02:38:52Paul_The_NerdNot that I'm aware of.
02:38:56mrmagic52Is the phone line plugged into your modem? "WHat's a modem?"
02:39:00amiconnyes there is ;)
02:39:05midkayamiconn, is that bound to change? i don't think it will, and of course the system can be adjusted to any new model..
02:39:25 Join drIcX [0] (
02:39:29Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: The real concern is that it'd be nice to offer ONE 5G build, rather than 5G-30 and 5G-60 builds.
02:39:31 Join jbauman [0] (
02:39:34midkayjust as there could have been a new archos recorder with 8mb..
02:39:54midkayPaul_The_Nerd, memory adjustment on-device sounds tricky, but if that's the way they want to go..
02:40:32midkayPaul_The_Nerd, it's like offering H100 and iHP-100 builds. same hardware, one has a smaller buffer.. as i understand it. (or very similar hardware).
02:40:50amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Exactly. The same way it would be nice to offer one mini build, instead of separate 1st gen and 2nd gen
02:40:54XavierGrmidkay: both are iHPs
02:41:00amiconnFor mini, this is comparatively simple
02:41:05midkayXavierGr, oh?
02:41:11XavierGrmidkay: iHP-110 and iHP-115 has 16mb buffer
02:41:33mrmagic52also is there anyplace I can get the natural voice files?
02:41:36XavierGrand maybe some other changes too that I am not aware. Linus knows better
02:41:40midkayXavierGr, my bad.. h100/h120
02:42:03XavierGrI always disliked the new name. (H1xx)
02:42:25XavierGrbut all H1xx models have iHP-1xx written on them so...
02:42:27Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Yeah, the h110 and h115 have 16mb, the h120 and h140 have 32. But at least with those they're technically different models instead of just different capacities. Though I have once found someone who downloaded the h100 instead of h120 build, it was that they clicked on the wrong thing, instead of being confused. I don't have that confidence with the common iPod user (no offense to the ones in here.)
02:42:43amiconnThe important difference (h100/h120 vs. ipod 5g -30/60) is that iriver users are used to the difference, because iriver also offers separate firmware files for download
02:43:47midkayamiconn, ah..
02:44:02Paul_The_NerdYeah, a lot of people aren't aware there's *any* hardware difference other than the drive capacity.
02:44:12mrmagic52I don't consider myself a common ipod user..... I was actually able to get the linux install on my ipod 5g to work which is not an easy task
02:44:35amiconnWe could offer unified builds for h100/h120, but then we have to solve the same main problem as for ipod 5g 30/60
02:44:37midkayum, nice job. :p
02:44:59XavierGramiconn: but are you sure the only difference is ram?
02:45:03midkayamiconn, well, maybe if you/someone do it for one, you'll learn something and it should be easier to do for the other. :)
02:45:05Paul_The_NerdThe "common" iPod user can be exemplified by the person who wanted to strip all the ID3 tags from all his files because he had an WPS that showed the path structure to the file, and wanted to use that feature rather than having it show the ID3 info (I'm not sure why... I guess his paths were more correct?)
02:45:13mrmagic52I still don't see a real use for the ipod linux..... it doesn't do much.... Just neat because I got it on there.... now it's like what do I do now?
02:45:32Paul_The_Nerdmrmagic52: That's about how many of us feel. :)
02:45:52midkaydon't say that around BHSPitLappy ;)
02:45:54XavierGrof course unifying such cases will make the CVS table shorter. That's a good reason to do so.
02:46:00amiconnThe different ram size means that the codec and plugin buffers have a different address with the current ram layout.
02:46:25midkayamiconn, so what is involved in adjustment to a different size? doesn't sound like all that much.
02:46:30mrmagic52honestly rockbox is much more functional than ipod linux....
02:46:39Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Except that he addresses are set at compile time.
02:46:45amiconnPlugins and codecs are linked to a fixed addres, and so they won't run when loaded to a different address
02:46:52mrmagic52I geeked out when I got doom2 running on my
02:47:06 Join maeck [0] (
02:47:23midkayamiconn, well, there must be a solution or you wouldn't have expected it :)
02:47:32XavierGrwhich runs faster BRW Doom on ipl or doom on Rockbox? (on iPod)
02:47:36amiconnWe cannot put the codec + plugin buffers directly behind the firmware either, because these adresses will also change when the build size changes
02:48:10XavierGrBTW sorry
02:48:35midkayhaven't managed to get iDoom or iBoy working for me, haven't tried.. so i'm not sure.
02:48:36 Quit drIcX ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:48:44 Quit Febs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:49:10XavierGrit would be fun to know though. Imagine if rockbox is faster.
02:49:34midkayif i had to pick one, i'd *guess* that rockbox's is, if any..
02:49:43Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: Well, I believe ours is the only one with sound. And it looks close enough to fullspeed on my Nano that I can't tell the difference. :)
02:49:49midkayseems like it went through a lot of optimizations. :)
02:49:58XavierGrmidkay: due to OS overhead?
02:50:24XavierGryeah, I bet that rockbox is faster too.
02:51:07midkayXavierGr, yes, and rockbox is definitely faster overall..
02:51:10midkaywe've got smarter coders :)
02:51:40XavierGrmidkay: exactly :D
02:51:50Paul_The_NerdWe've got code that was built for audio players, rather than squeezed into one.
02:52:10midkaysmiles-and-nods :)
02:52:49 Join zynric [0] (n=tharg@tor/session/external/x-9e90d6e621c039c7)
02:52:50 Join Arrogant [0] (
02:52:51mrmagic52I can't play idoom on my linux... 5g... I don't even have a music option on my main screen in linux
02:53:18midkaymrmagic52, you're not supposed to have a music option, i'm quite sure.
02:53:27mrmagic52ahh okay
02:53:29Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I had one on my Nano.
02:53:55mrmagic52podzilla 1 had it but podzilla 1 won't work on 5g I have to use podzilla2
02:54:09Paul_The_NerdI tried 1 and 2 but don't remember if both had it.
02:54:19 Join drIcX [0] (
02:54:39mrmagic52I just saw screenshots with a music option on the menu and I thought I should have that..... I guess I can't play music in linux then?
02:55:09mrmagic52which doesn't matter to me since I have the new loader with the boot menu
02:55:40Paul_The_NerdAlso, we should have a "For the media" section to our page where there's some basic core information and statistics (A list of "supported" and "usable" targets, maybe the number of downloads in the last week or something if available, and maybe a point of contact for fact-checking of an article if they even care about that sort of thing.)
02:55:55Paul_The_Nerdmrmagic52: The music support in Linux is worse than ours anyway
02:58:29mrmagic52I was just shocked that doom had sound in rockbox....
02:59:19mrmagic52here's something funny guys.....
03:02:22 Quit romanos ()
03:08:51 Quit mrmagic52 ()
03:10:51 Quit Arrogant ("Leaving")
03:11:33 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:22:07 Quit scott666_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:22:48 Join bleaked [0] (
03:24:20bleakedis it at all possible to use an alternative filesystem on an ipod?
03:25:25Paul_The_NerdRockbox only supports Fat32
03:26:58sharpebut, not skinny32.
03:27:34 Join mrmagic52 [0] (
03:28:02midkayholy. crap. are. you. serious.
03:28:18mrmagic52anyone have the natural voice files?
03:28:21 Join themadhat [0] (
03:28:38themadhati have ipodlinux runing now how do i ste up rockbox
03:29:06mrmagic52have loader2 on it and then just copy the contents of the archive to the root directory of the ipod
03:29:31themadhathwo do i ste up loader 2 on a 3rd gen
03:29:35qwmPaul_The_Nerd: mentioning fat32 in the year 2006 is punished by death in some countries.
03:29:36mrmagic52don't know
03:29:47Paul_The_Nerdqwm: It's perfectly suitable for MP3 players
03:29:49mrmagic52check the ipod linux page
03:30:07themadhati only see stuff for the 5th gen now
03:30:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:30:13qwmit's perfectly suitable for bill's butthole.
03:30:28mrmagic52let me check the loader2 page
03:30:36Paul_The_Nerdthemadhat: Well, first you need to restore your iPod's official bootloader. Then run through our bootloader installation process, but instead of using our bootloader.bin use the loader2 one.
03:31:13 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
03:31:35themadhatim a an idiot how do i do this threw windows
03:32:26 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
03:32:26Paul_The_Nerdthemadhat: I just told you how.
03:32:46Paul_The_Nerdthemadhat: Was there a step you were having problems with in our instructions?
03:33:01themadhatwhat dpes this mean iPod's official bootloader
03:33:12themadhathow do i retsore it
03:33:13mrmagic52in windows follow steps 1.9-1.13 of this post but use loader2
03:33:16Paul_The_Nerdthemadhat: As in "Restore your ipod, or at least uninstall ipodlinux"
03:33:36themadhatr u kidding lol i just got it installed k 1 se3c
03:34:16mrmagic52anyone have the natural voices?/
03:36:34themadhatim uninstalling now
03:37:00Paul_The_Nerdmrmagic52: We can't redistribute those at this time
03:37:17mrmagic52ahh ok
03:37:35mrmagic52just liked the way those sounded
03:37:54mrmagic52I'd probably end up hating all the voices anyway... could imagine they'd get annoying
03:38:03themadhatits uninstalled nwo what
03:38:10 Quit mrmagic52 ()
03:38:32themadhatwhat is your bootloader installation process
03:39:04Paul_The_Nerdthemadhat: It's at the IpodInstallation page in our wiki. Just substitute the bootloader .bin file with the one for loader2
03:39:45themadhatwere do i find loader2
03:40:33Paul_The_NerdI don't know. You were the one asking how to use it.
03:40:55Paul_The_NerdI'm just telling you an install process that should work, as long as loader2 actually works on your ipod
03:43:15Paul_The_NerdY'know, I don't like iTunes, but I do like the fact that they apparently stuck to their guns and force the 99 cent price point back down the throats of the recording industry.
03:45:13themadhati got loader2
03:46:47midkayjesus, loader2 is SLOW.
03:46:48midkayjust tried it.
03:46:53midkayawfully unusably slow.
03:47:33Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: You're just spoiled. Plenty of people use it. By choice. Over ours.
03:48:11midkayi can't believe it. i mean, it takes like a second for the cursor to move after you tell it to move, half the time it DOESN'T move, and half the time it moves when you don't want it to, and half the time it moves in the opposite direction..
03:51:13midkayPaul_The_Nerd, are you familiar with mounting an iPod in the vmware image?
03:52:28 Join TCK [0] (
03:54:02Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Not in the slightest. I disabled USB in mine because it was getting on my nerves
03:55:24Paul_The_NerdI also disabled the floppy drive because I don't have one, and changed something in the config because it was expecting a CD-Rom drive where there wasn't one, and not finding the one that was.
03:57:16midkayhm. yeah.
03:57:24themadhathow do i extract unmodified firmware image
03:57:34midkayPaul_The_Nerd, haha, exactly what i did, no more no less :D
03:59:09Paul_The_Nerdthemadhat: Every step you need to do, and how to do it is outlined at the IpodInstallation page.
04:01:11 Join RoC_MM [0] (
04:02:31themadhatim a stupid newb lol its hard
04:03:27Paul_The_NerdIt tells you almost exactly what to type. The only thought required on your part is trying the different Ns to figure out which drive is the iPod, and then picking the right bootloader.bin, and since you're using Loader2 even that question is removed.
04:04:44 Join XavierGr [0] (
04:06:14 Join Arrogant [0] (
04:07:03 Quit RoC_MM (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:09:05themadhatlet me try again
04:13:57themadhatwhen doing this command "ipod_fw -o apple_os.bin -e 0 bootpartition.bin" i get this error "ipod_fw -o apple_os.bin -e 0 bootpartition.bin"
04:14:07 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
04:16:10themadhatshould i replace it with loader.bin
04:17:06Paul_The_NerdThis is common sense.
04:17:31themadhati nm i do have the bootpartition.bin
04:17:35themadhatso why am i gettign that error
04:17:59Paul_The_NerdI dunno, you didn't paste an error message
04:18:18themadhato soory
04:18:52themadhatC:\rockbox>ipod_fw -o apple_os.bin -e 0 bootpartition.bin
04:18:52themadhat'ipod_fw' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
04:18:52themadhatoperable program or batch file.
04:18:52DBUGEnqueued KICK themadhat
04:19:37Paul_The_NerdDo you have ipod_fw in that folder?
04:20:14themadhatguess no tlol
04:21:31Paul_The_NerdThen you didn't follow all the instructions, did you?
04:22:04themadhatthe step after this i dotn see my ipod gen listed i have a 3rd gen
04:22:28Paul_The_NerdExcept in that step we've already established that you use Loader2 instead, right?
04:22:51themadhatlet me try
04:23:46 Quit PaulJam (".")
04:24:35themadhatlet me test now
04:25:38themadhati get a folder icon now is that bad or good
04:25:57Paul_The_NerdProbably bad.
04:26:07sharpe'night everyone.
04:26:38Paul_The_NerdYou merged apple_os.bin with the loader2 bin file, whatever it's named, then had it put that on your iPod. And you verified in advance that loader2 works on your ipod as I told you to earlier, right?
04:26:42 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:27:30themadhatnope lol
04:27:35themadhatdidnt do anyof that
04:27:49themadhathow do i merge the files
04:28:00themadhatim a newb lol sorry
04:28:17Paul_The_NerdIt's one of the steps. The one that creates rockboot.bin
04:28:40Paul_The_NerdBeing a "newb" is not an excuse for skipping steps *or* not doing things you're told to do, I'm sorry.
04:28:44themadhati folowed all the step in the tut
04:28:51themadhatand i have rockboot
04:29:09Paul_The_NerdBut you didn't check that loader2 works with your iPod, even though I told you to earlier.
04:29:16Paul_The_NerdIt's entirely possible it's not working now simply because it doesn't work.
04:29:17themadhathwo do i check
04:29:30Paul_The_NerdI dunno, I thought they had a table at their site
04:29:34themadhatis there a tut for a 3rd gen ipod
04:29:43 Join webguest89 [0] (
04:30:03 Quit webguest89 (Client Quit)
04:30:05Paul_The_NerdWhatever tutorial they may have
04:31:49Paul_The_NerdI don't know why you're posting that link.
04:32:30themadhatdoez rock box even support 3rd gen lol
04:32:42midkaysorry, but jesus christ.. :p
04:32:55Paul_The_NerdRockbox supports 3rd gen
04:33:01Paul_The_NerdIt doesn't play music on it though
04:33:44themadhatso why wouold i want it lol
04:34:11 Quit maeck ("Chatzilla 0.9.65 [Mozilla rv:1.7.12/20060202]")
04:36:15Paul_The_NerdYou asked for it.
04:36:41themadhatwell didnt knwo that
04:36:57Paul_The_NerdI assumed that you had perhaps actually done the requisite investigation and decided that you either wanted other features that it offered or to prepare for when it does support sound.
04:38:37themadhatsorry for waisting your time
04:40:53 Join speacial_ed [0] (
04:41:00speacial_edok so i see an installer for ipl on the ipl website that says it supports 5g... and can i just use it without doing anything extra?
04:41:04 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: use it, it makes hair grow in funny places!")
04:41:34Paul_The_NerdI dunno
04:41:36Paul_The_NerdWe're not iPL
04:42:14 Quit speacial_ed (Client Quit)
04:43:30themadhatwhats ipl
04:45:14ravonAnyone who knows a good NFS client for Windows?
04:50:01 Join RoC_MM [0] (
04:53:33 Part drIcX
04:53:54 Join qwx [0] (
04:53:58 Quit qwm (Nick collision from services.)
04:54:07 Nick qwx is now known as qwm (
04:55:01 Quit bluefoxicy (Excess Flood)
04:55:14 Join bluefoxicy [0] (
04:55:17 Quit dark ("changing servers")
04:55:31 Quit pill (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:55:36 Join dark [0] (
04:56:12 Join pill [0] (
04:56:56 Join spitfire000 [0] (
05:00:30 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:02:52 Join spitphyre [0] (
05:03:11 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:07:59spitphyrecan some1 gimme a hand with a 5g pod?
05:08:31 Join speacial_ed [0] (
05:09:05speacial_edum i just tried to update to the latest bleeding edge and im getting alot of unable to extract errors
05:09:19speacial_edjust me?
05:09:49Paul_The_Nerdspitphyre: What exactly is the problem?
05:09:59Paul_The_Nerdspeacial_ed: You're the only person who's reported that. Take it as you will
05:12:35spitphyredo i need to be running linux to edit pathces
05:13:20 Quit Poka64 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:14:52Paul_The_Nerdspitphyre: That doesn't really have anything to do with the 5G iPod... but no, you can compile under windows (though if you use the VMWare method technically you're running linux inside of windows)
05:15:34 Part zynric
05:17:04spitphyreis the VMWare method in the docs for rockox?
05:17:35 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:56Paul_The_NerdI take it you haven't read the SimpleGuideToCompiling wiki page?
05:19:30spitphyrejust the documentatin
05:19:59spitphyreill go check now
05:20:14 Quit spitfire000 (Connection timed out)
05:21:23 Part themadhat
05:21:29spitphyredo u mind if PM you?
05:23:06spitphyreahh,...never mind go it straigtend out. thansk much
05:28:10 Nick spitphyre is now known as spitfire000 (
05:30:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:32:01 Quit spitfire000 ("mirate esto ->")
05:32:10 Join Icenine [0] (
05:35:23 Nick Icenine is now known as starchild (
05:35:41 Nick starchild is now known as f (n=Starchil@pdpc/supporter/active/Starchild)
05:36:13 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
05:38:02 Nick f is now known as s0cks (n=Starchil@pdpc/supporter/active/Starchild)
05:38:06 Join epik [0] (
05:40:32 Join macdonalder [0] (
05:41:59 Quit lostnihilist (Remote closed the connection)
05:46:00 Quit speacial_ed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:47:15 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
06:00:36 Join Arrogant_ [0] (
06:00:40 Quit epik ()
06:02:11 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
06:04:55 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
06:07:50 Quit macdonalder ("bye bye ;D")
06:16:27 Part Manoj ("No reason")
06:19:40 Quit Arrogant (No route to host)
06:20:43 Part s0cks ("Leaving")
06:23:38 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:23:38 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
06:35:33 Part Paul_The_Nerd
06:36:40 Join Salomon [0] (
06:36:46Salomondamn there's a lot of you
06:37:16Salomonand none active, like every other IRC channel ever
06:38:00 Nick Arrogant_ is now known as Arrogant (
06:38:04Salomonsomebody needs to port Rockbox to the M5
06:38:50Salomonnow that i've finally got mine working again
06:38:56 Join lostnihilist [0] (
06:39:04 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
06:39:11 Join gursikh [0] (
06:39:21 Part gursikh
06:39:23 Quit hardeep (Client Quit)
06:39:43 Join JdGordon [0] (
06:39:49 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
06:39:58 Quit hardeep (Client Quit)
06:40:03Salomonsomebody work on M5
06:40:29BHSPitMonkeyyou just volunteered.
06:40:29 Quit t0mas (SendQ exceeded)
06:40:48Salomonhaha, i know i did
06:40:56Salomonbut i don't have time and don't know anything about programming drivers
06:41:22Salomoni might be able to get PCB scans, but pictures are already up there
06:41:34Salomoneven though they are just camera photos
06:42:38Salomonbesides, the web hosts haven't even made the M5 a wiki section yet
06:43:25 Quit Salomon ("Leaving")
06:43:52BHSPitMonkeythe way it works, basically, is someone smart comes along who owns the player you have, and he really wants a rockbox port... so he does it.
06:44:06BHSPitMonkeyaaaand he's gone.
06:46:33 Join gotribego [0] (
06:46:40gotribegoquick question
06:46:40 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
06:46:58gotribegoin the iPod_Control folder
06:47:05gotribego-> Music
06:47:16gotribegocan i just delete all the F00 and so on folders
06:47:32gotribegoto get rid of videos and music that the stupid itunes dont recognize ?
06:47:54midkaythose would be all the music/videos iTunes *does* recognize..
06:48:00 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzzzzz")
06:48:04midkayitunes put them there.
06:49:15BHSPitMonkeythe ones that it doesn't recognize, aren't there. that's why they don't get recognized.
06:49:16biffherowhat is an M5?
06:49:25BHSPitMonkeyit's a model of a player
06:49:29BHSPitMonkeythat YOU don't own.
06:50:04biffheroI guessed that it was a player, since he was in #rockbox. Maybe I _do_ own one. How do you know? Have you been talking to my wife?
06:50:56gotribegowhen i disconnect the ipod
06:51:03gotribegoand load the original firmware
06:51:03BHSPitMonkeybiffhero: we've been doing more than talking.
06:51:14gotribegothe ipod doesnt "recognize" ANY of the songs that are in the music folder
06:51:20gotribegoi go to settings> about
06:51:21BHSPitMonkeygotribego: the program foobar can go through and fix them.
06:51:26midkaythey have to be loaded from iTunes...
06:51:28gotribegoand it shows 0 songs, 0 artists, 0 videos etc
06:51:36gotribegowhen i open up itunes, there are 0 items
06:51:48BHSPitMonkeygotribego: did you just drag those songs into those folders??
06:52:00gotribegobut when i go look in the actual ipod , the music folder is taking up 20 gigs of space
06:52:06gotribegonope, BHS
06:52:19BHSPitMonkeyyou added them in itunes?
06:52:33gotribegoitunes is starting to piss meo ff even more
06:53:20BHSPitMonkeyI really feel like you're doing *something* wrong
06:53:39gotribegoi honestly dont think the fault is on my end. either the ipod or itunes is fucking up
06:53:54gotribegoi just went ahead and delted the music folder altogether
06:54:04gotribegotried adding 5 new songs via itunes, and everything is ok now
06:54:05gotribegobut wtf
06:54:23 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
06:56:59 Join qwx [0] (
06:58:27 Join family [0] (
06:59:44 Nick family is now known as JdGordon (
07:05:57 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
07:06:09psiiis this correct c syntax for a pointer to 10 function pointers returning an int and taking 1 int parameter?: int ((*a)[10])(int);
07:06:42 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:07:36 Join B4gder [0] (
07:12:21psiithank you Mikachu
07:13:07midkaya 2-band EQ would be less of a performance hit than the 5-band one, right?
07:16:53 Join JdGordon [0] (
07:21:48 Join gotribegoooo [0] (
07:29:34biffhero<BHSPitMonkey> biffhero: we've been doing more than talking. <<< maybe that explains why _all_ we do is talking. ick.
07:30:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:35:17 Nick qwx is now known as qwm (
07:36:02 Quit gotribego (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:38:16 Join Arrogant_ [0] (
07:38:47 Join Aditya|Nap [0] (
07:40:45 Part Aditya|Nap
07:44:28 Join Aditya|Nap [0] (
07:52:23 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:52:46 Quit bluefoxicy (Excess Flood)
07:52:58 Join bluefoxicy [0] (
07:54:40 Join family [0] (
07:54:49 Quit family (Client Quit)
07:56:22 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
07:58:51 Quit Siku (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
07:58:51 Join family [0] (
07:59:18 Quit family (Client Quit)
08:00:04 Join JdGordon [0] (
08:00:25 Quit Arrogant (Connection timed out)
08:07:24JdGordondurka durka.. im bored
08:07:34 Join RedBreva [0] (
08:11:42JdGordonwhats a good, lightwieght bittorent client for linux?
08:14:29scorchewow i am good
08:15:05 Join Milenco`laptop [0] (n=milenco_@
08:15:14markunJdGordon: I use rtorrent
08:15:58scorchein linux, i use well in command line
08:17:10 Quit Aditya|Nap (Remote closed the connection)
08:17:12Milenco`laptopI'm wondering about Rockbox. Could I install Rockbox on my iPod 5G and still use the original apple ipod skin, with the use of album-art and lyrics? There are a few things bothering me about the iPod, mainly the the iTunes thing, which doesn't allow me to drop music on my iPod like a mass storage device.
08:17:23 Join qwx [0] (
08:17:25Milenco`laptopAnd does Rockbox supports compilations like iTunes?
08:19:15 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
08:19:34B4gderrockbox supports browsing by tags, yes
08:19:49crashdthat's not what he's asking B4gder
08:19:58crashdat least, i dont think so O.o
08:20:05B4gderso what is a "compilation like iTunes" ?
08:20:18crashdi guess it's a VA cd
08:20:52crashdis a few of the 'skins' available for rockbox, there is one that closely resembles the apple os
08:21:12Galoiswithout cover art though
08:21:33crashdit wouldn't take much to add cover art to that skin tho
08:21:38crashdand make a build with AA
08:21:46Milenco`laptopThanks, I saw some of those skins already. I would really like to use the Apple skin, since i'm so used to it already
08:21:50bleakedMilenco`laptop. otherwise, if you run *nix, amarok 1.4 has support for ipods, and will properly upload files and write to the itunesdb..
08:22:26GaloisI think we all agree here that usb mass storage is way more convenient than uploading music via the itunes db
08:22:27bleakedyou can even drag files off of the ipod onto your hard drive.
08:22:48bleakedagreed, but it's an option.
08:22:53 Join dj-fu [0] (
08:23:05Milenco`laptopRunning Windows here, so i think amarok isn't really an option for me.
08:23:21crashdMilenco`laptop: anapod explorer is the best app for windows for managing ipods, off the topic
08:23:22bleakedyea, i guess not then.
08:23:24dj-fuahhhh! the W word
08:23:32crashdas we're concerned with the ol' rockbox
08:24:22Milenco`laptopI'm just asking myself if i'll make the right decision moving over to rockbox. There are a lot of things i like about the 'standard' ipod, like album art, lyrics, compilations, those things. But on the other hand, i rather have my ipod as an mass storage device, and have the option to change the interface slightly.
08:24:47dj-fualbum art is kinda working (with a patch)
08:24:51dj-fuI've seen screenies
08:24:57dj-fucrossfeed is a bonus :]
08:25:01crashdwell, as we've said, rockbox supports both album art (if you can be botehred to make your own build, isnt in cvs atm), and 'compilations' via tag-cache
08:25:03B4gderMilenco`laptop: you can always just revert back if you don't like Rockbox
08:25:11crashdor, just browsing to the folder/m3u
08:25:12B4gderit won't hurt you
08:25:37Milenco`laptopI just did some research on that. It is working, but only with seperate .bmp files, right? No support for album art in ID3 tags yet?
08:26:16Galoisputting pictures in id3 tags is so abusive it boggles the mind
08:26:18Milenco`laptopI know B4gder, but due to curcumstances i don't really have all my stuff here (and time), since i'm backpacking through australia ;)
08:26:30bleakedmy current problem with the handling of music by rockbox is that one views the music as raw directories. but then i discovered tagcache..which is exactly what i needed..but then i soon realised that this thing doesn't automatically update itself, and when i do run an update, not only do i have to cycle power on the device, but it generally only finds 1/3 of the music that is stored on the drive. so it's frustrating.
08:26:35Milenco`laptopWhy is that Galois?
08:26:49crashdbleaked: this is why rockbox is in development
08:26:52Galoisid3, technically, already breaks the ISO standard
08:26:57LinusNbleaked: afaik, it is supposed to update itself
08:27:05crashdand if it's a bug, get reporting it
08:27:23 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:27:26Milenco`laptopBut still its a lot easier to store song information, since it's stored in the mp3 itself.
08:28:19bleakedwell, before i report it, i want to make sure i'm not doing anything wrong
08:28:26Milenco`laptopAllthough i wouldn't really have a problem with making seperate files with the album art. How about lyrics? Are they supported, as in, reading them from the ID3 tag?
08:28:39Galoiswell, this conversation won't get far with me, because I think mp3 is an abomination too
08:28:47B4gderMilenco`laptop: that's another patch required for that
08:28:55bleakedand i didn't mean that problem to come off as a complaint or anything, i fully understand it's in development. :D
08:29:36Milenco`laptopI don't mind patching B4gder, as long as it works. ;) Its prolly easier to patch rockbox then to change 5000 mp3's. :)
08:30:09B4gderthen you'll like Rockbox - we have many patches floating around! ;-)
08:30:21bleakedMilenco`laptop. yea, lyrics in id3 tags is so uncommon, it might be a while before that's supported. i think for a lot of rockbox users, the ability to play free formats is really the deal maker.
08:31:01 Quit Arrogant_ ("Leaving")
08:31:09B4gderand I would say that mp3 is the most important format for Rockbox
08:31:25Milenco`laptopWhat do you mean by " the ability to play free formats" bleaked?
08:31:32crashdMilenco`laptop: ogg/flac playback
08:31:42Milenco`laptopAh. :)
08:34:56bleakedit's truly a godsend, especially when one unexpectedly receives, let's say, and ipod as a gift, and 90% of their music is in ogg, and now suddenly they can actually use their library instead of re/transcoding into mp3, or just not using that music like i had to do for a long while.
08:39:19 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!")
08:47:23 Join petur [0] (
08:47:41 Join qwm [0] (
08:52:13 Join scott666 [0] (
08:56:19 Join bernych [0] (
08:56:48bernychHi folks, I've a problem!
08:57:27CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:57:27*LinusN is waiting for the question
08:57:29 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:58:05*petur spots a grey hair on LinusN's head
08:58:20*scott666 is being killed by the suspense
08:58:33bernychI was trying to do a dual boot bootloader for the X5 and I putted the rockbox firmware in the flash after 2M, now the original iaudio fw has completed scrabled fonts adn it's very unstable!
08:59:15bernychCan someone dump the entire flash memory (or at least the last 2M)?
08:59:22 Quit gotribegoooo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:00:29LinusNbernych: reading between the lines, your question is: "where is a safe place in flash to put the rockbox bootloader?"
09:00:32amiconnRockbox does have a 'Dump ROM contents' in the debug menu
09:00:59amiconnLinusN: Did you adjust the ROM size for X5 in this function?
09:01:35LinusNi don't think so
09:02:00amiconnWhat's the X5 ROM size? Is it also located at address zero?
09:02:44LinusNbernych: the x5 firmware uses roughly 2.3mbytes
09:02:46amiconnNm, it *is* adjusted
09:02:59bernychTHe problem is that now I lost the original flash content over 2M, which seems to be used by cowon fw!
09:03:19LinusNthen move the bootloader
09:04:11LinusNi guess i'm wrong there
09:04:50bernychmy original fw uses about 1.6M
09:05:28bernychin my opinon cowon fonts were stored starting from 2M, and now I lost them
09:06:08LinusNlooks like most of the flash is used
09:07:03crashdcould get rb to chainload like it does for the ipod?
09:07:09bernychLinusN: Can you dump all your flash memory in a file please, so that I can restore it?
09:14:30LinusNcrashd: the x5 firmware is designed to run from flash
09:15:34LinusNbernych: i /msg'd you
09:17:55 Join Zendefera [0] (
09:18:05 Part nave7693
09:18:11bernychLinusN: I'm not used to IRC, what I should do to get your msg?
09:18:33Zendeferahey guys, I had a question, I can't find it on the site any more, but wasn't there a list of features that the ipod supported?
09:18:54LinusNbernych: it depends on the irc client
09:19:55bernychLinusN: I use the one from the rockbox site
09:20:15 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
09:21:23peturthen click on 'LinusN' that you see to the right of '#rockbox' above the chat window
09:23:00 Join Acksaw [0] (
09:24:22preglowLinusN: we don't currently use any of the interrupts on the second coldfire interrupt controller, do we?
09:24:53preglowi'm having some trouble enabling some, it seems
09:25:33preglowi've modified the corresponding values in both INTTERUPTEN and INTPTRI registers, any more you know of that would be needed?
09:28:26RedBrevaLinusN: Morning... What should I list as minimum Rockbox for iPod WPS's... 2.5 or 3.0? ( )
09:28:55peturthere's no 2.5 for ipods
09:29:07B4gderRedBreva: neither 2.5 nor the upcoming 3.0 are for ipods
09:29:14RedBrevaExactly... and there is no 3 yet
09:29:23B4gderthe min release would be a date I guess
09:29:36RedBrevabut what is the version of RB that will allow these WPS to work...
09:29:36B4gderdaily build date: xxxxx
09:29:42midkayRedBreva, nice! i'd say 3..
09:29:48midkaysince that's when all these tags were / will be introduced..
09:29:51Milenco`laptopIs there somewhere I can see a demo of Rockbox? To see how it works, the interface and all?
09:29:55midkaythe first time they'll all be supported.
09:30:15B4gderbut still, Rockbox 3.0 won't be for ipods
09:30:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:30:24B4gderso it would be a bit confusing anyway
09:30:33B4gderMilenco`laptop: I don't think so
09:30:34preglowLinusN: looks to me like it should be set to 63, then
09:30:46midkaymaybe just like Post-3.0 Daily Build..
09:30:48RedBrevaHow about Feb 2006 Dailys onwards (That's when iPods got sound)
09:31:10B4gderRedBreva: but we've added wps tags since
09:31:15midkayRedBreva, even after that is when a lot of tags were introduced (devcon 2006 is when the date should be I think).
09:31:18Milenco`laptopToo bad, would be easier to just install it i guess. :)
09:31:23midkaythat's when RTC support was added and that's the most recent addition i can think of.
09:31:36B4gderMilenco`laptop: feel free to make such a demo when you've installed it! ;-)
09:31:49midkayand quite an important addition (requirement) since many WPS' use RTC in the wps..
09:31:53Milenco`laptopWhehe, I will if I decide to do so! :)
09:32:03RedBrevaSo April 2006+ ??
09:32:15midkaysounds good to me
09:32:23LinusNpreglow: no, 48
09:32:29B4gderRedBreva: thing is that you can probably not just guess and get a good date
09:32:47B4gderso I say set a big '?' if you don't know
09:32:59B4gderand leave it to users to tell
09:33:13LinusNpreglow: i placed the secondary interrupts starting at 48 in the vector table
09:33:27preglowLinusN: right, the first 16 entriees in system.c are exceptions?
09:33:36midkayno need to be specific, nobody should be using a build older than like a week, let alone like over a month :)
09:33:42midkayno need to be too specific*
09:33:52B4gderI think it should be as specific as possible
09:34:05midkayapril 2006+ sounds plenty specific to me
09:34:11RedBrevaHow about the date the WPS was added to the Wiki?
09:34:24midkay2006-03-17: The Rockbox International Developers Conference 2006.
09:34:26midkay^ date.
09:34:42LinusNpreglow: wait
09:34:48B4gderRedBreva: i guess you know that the dl links are wrong on the 5g video page?
09:34:56midkayRTC support was added then; nothing since, or nothing very noteworthy.
09:35:48RedBrevasure, I haven't done the actual links yet - still getting Look'n'Feel sorted... I will link to the files once I have actually tested that they work ;-)
09:35:58LinusNpreglow: i was wrong, they start at 64
09:36:42midkayyou guys working on downloadable addons and stuff?
09:37:05preglowLinusN: so 63 it is, then
09:37:36preglowi can't be bothered to count again, so i'll just try that
09:37:46B4gdermidkay: I'm not sure what you're asking, but RedBreva is working on a site for Rockbox themes
09:37:59LinusNpreglow: PDIR1FULL is vector 64
09:38:25midkayB4gder, looks like a lovely tie-in with 3.0 and hopefully light/full download packages..
09:38:32preglowLinusN: yes, i counted again and you're right
09:38:48preglowi'll just stuff the INTBASE assignment in system.c
09:39:57LinusNdo so
09:42:09 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:42:41preglowiriver just shuts down recording when you disconnect spdif, so i think i'll do the same, just in case it's covering over a bug
09:42:42 Part bernych
09:43:50preglowat least i can't explain why the hell dma randomly stops if you do it enough times
09:47:18 Join qwx [0] (
09:47:19RedBrevaBTW, audio playback in SDL sim, is it still 'broken' or is it my setup that's at fault?
09:47:40preglowworks here
09:48:21 Quit qwm (Nick collision from services.)
09:48:22RedBrevaI only get 2 or 3 seconds of audio and then a 3 second pause etc...
09:48:29 Nick qwx is now known as qwm (
09:49:16Zendeferahas there been any talk as to when rockbox will support video playback on the ipod videos?
09:49:57preglowthere doesn't need to be any talking about it either
09:50:01preglowsomeone just needs to come and do it
09:50:09preglowwhich anyone are welcome to
09:50:14crashdwell, there is two options really
09:50:20crashdboth of which need to just get done, as preglow says
09:50:28 Join TeaSea [0] (
09:51:06Zendeferawhat type of hardware knowledge does one need to have to code for lets say rockbox on a ipod?
09:51:31crashdZendefera: depends, the rb api is an abstract, so hardware knowledge isnt a must
09:51:41crashdbut for doing video, it'd be good to know a little, if not a lot more
09:51:54preglowto code video you'd need to be quite good at optimising
09:52:00preglowso knowledge about arm would be good
09:52:01Zendeferaright, I am not sure, but would it be like workong on an inbeded device?
09:52:09markunZendefera: if you want to use the ARM for video decoding (which is only 75MHz) you don't need to know much about the hardware, but if you want to use the DSP you do.
09:52:26preglowwhat dsp?
09:52:27markunZendefera: 2x75MHz
09:52:39preglowhe broadcom? we haven't even got tools for that
09:52:44markunpreglow: the broadcom chip
09:52:52crashdit is an option, it's just that no one has gotten to the bottom of it yet ;)
09:53:05markunpreglow: I know, so you need a lot of knowledge :)
09:53:31Zendeferawell I think building video support is out of my grasp right now.
09:53:36Zendeferais rb written in c?
09:53:42scott666will rockbox (theoretically, of course) be able to support regular .avi files, or will they have to be some custom format?
09:53:54markunpreglow: btw, I was looking at the Kenwood players which are similar to the Gigabeats, but I think the userbase is even smaller..
09:54:05LinusNscott666: .avi is a container format
09:54:33scott666xvid then
09:54:38crashdthere's no reason why rockbox can't load any given file, it's hardware constraints, and usefullness that is the factor
09:54:42Zendeferahow can I get the latest cvs src for rb?
09:54:48crashdit could load DXF files, but what's the point? O.o
09:55:05scott666Zendefera: download a tarball?
09:55:18preglowmarkun: why? gigabeat port not keeping you entertained? :)
09:55:23scott666or CVS
09:55:27scott666either way..
09:55:31Zendeferacvs :)
09:55:54markunpreglow: for now it does :)
09:56:21markunpreglow: I'm so glad I'm not on my own anymore. Shonky it such a great help.
09:56:30preglowoh, so you've got help
09:56:31preglowthat's great
09:56:44preglowwe looking at something functional soon?
09:57:16markunWe are telnetting into a gigabeat in australia to run little tests we put in kernel moduels to play with the hardware :)
09:57:59preglowbtw, who's the fat.c guru around here, btw?
09:58:00markunAfter that I need to look at the crt0.S of which I know very little. To do memory remapping.
09:58:02preglowbtw, btw, btw
09:58:23preglowcrt0.S needs to be split up one of these days...
09:58:40LinusNpreglow: i know some of fat.c
09:58:54preglowLinusN: then would you know why the disk label would vanish when deleting a directory?
09:58:59markunpreglow: yes, at least for the different CPU architectures.
09:59:06LinusNpreglow: it does? wow!
09:59:20preglowLinusN: it did for me, Mikachu also had his disk label vanish, so i guess this is a bona-fide bug
09:59:38preglowLinusN: i don't think he knows how it happened, but i'm fairly certain it was a delete directory that did it for me
09:59:52LinusNmy guess is that it only happens when you delete a dir in the root, right?
09:59:58preglowyup, this was in the root
10:00:32 Quit Milenco`laptop ()
10:03:04LinusNiirc, the volume id is a regular directory entry, with the VOLUME_ID attribute
10:03:22peturit is
10:03:35LinusNi guess a bug report is in order
10:03:52LinusNshouldn't be hard to nail that sucker
10:04:30preglowLinusN: :>
10:04:50LinusNah good
10:05:07peturLinusN: I managed to record voice output this weekend, so full duplex on iriver already works just like that
10:05:28preglowlike i said, i'm not certain the delete directory did it, but i can't remember any other file operations i did on my iriver in the interval in question
10:05:43preglowpetur: hooray!
10:05:49preglowthat is good news
10:06:53scott666is there a way for rockbox to enable the scroll wheel click?
10:07:03preglowi've got a patch for it
10:08:02scott666ok, cool
10:08:10preglowand btw, anyone know how i relabel this sucker from linux? :)
10:08:54preglowscott666: it'll be put in eventually, it just needs a bit more work
10:09:20scott666yeah, i figured that much. i dont really even want it on, just wondering about the status of it
10:10:03preglowlinuxstb: thanks
10:10:33scott666i tried registering an account on the flyspray page and when i click 'send code' i just get a blank page.
10:10:51preglowhow nice
10:11:11scott666tried it a few times, from FF and IE and got the same thing every time
10:11:44 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
10:11:58preglowthe only stupid thing with rockbox piezo is that we can't make the short clicks retailos does
10:12:20preglowours are slightly longer, but still not too annoying, if you ask me
10:12:29linuxstbWhat's the problem?
10:12:33preglowtick timer accuracy
10:13:03preglowretailos seems to enable it for a very short time
10:13:17scott666cant we do that?
10:13:27preglowthen we'd have to block in the piezo handler
10:13:40peturcan't we do it via I/O ourselves then?
10:13:56preglowpetur: the piezo drivers works by just setting a freq value
10:14:10preglowpetur: unless we block for say 1ms, we can't disable it until the next tick
10:14:51scott666theres no way to get any other kind of noise out of it is there?
10:15:13preglowwhat kind of noise?
10:15:16preglowit's a simple pulse wave generator
10:15:18scott666(im not really even sure what i mean by that)
10:15:25preglowyou can set pulse width (afaik) and pulse period
10:15:26petureffectbox :)
10:15:43preglowsure, we can play one voice chip tunes in it
10:15:47preglowbut i haven't tried
10:15:55scott666anything that can add to rockbox wow-factor
10:15:58scott666like doom
10:16:19preglowa nice three note arpeggio with pulse width sweep would sound cool...
10:16:29scott666stuff that can cover up major bugs like not being able to play mp3s with the EQ on without skipping
10:16:33peturthey used to play WAV files throught the PC speaker, and it has a similar interface...
10:16:44preglowpetur: you have more direct control of that, afaik
10:17:15scott666preglow: that would definitely be sweet
10:17:28preglowif we figure out how to flip the output value of the piezo at will, then we can output pcm through it as well
10:17:35scott666until it got annoyig, anyway
10:18:25preglowthat'd happen pretty much immediately if you trigger it by scrollwheel, heh
10:18:25peturit could be used for metronome output when recording :)
10:18:33preglowpetur: hahaha, indeed
10:18:59scott666ipods can record now?
10:19:04 Join RoC_MM [0] (
10:19:29scott666or just recording in the general, non-rockbox sense?
10:20:16linuxstbscott666: There is no recording on ipods yet, but there will be.
10:20:38scott666through what?
10:21:01linuxstbThrough the headphone socket (mono only) and hopefully through the line-in in the dock connector.
10:21:35scott666ah, right, the dock
10:21:45scott666youd need some accessory to use it then?
10:22:02linuxstbNot really an accessory, just a cable.
10:22:15Zendeferahey does rb give you the clicking sound as you are moving through menus and stuff? like the apple ipd fm does?
10:22:23RoC_MMto use the headphone socket you imply need a mic that ends in a mini connector
10:22:23Zendeferafm = fw
10:22:50RoC_MMyou can in fact use a set of headphones as a cheap microphone, if it's plugged into the mic in (on a soundcard) or the headphone jack on an ipod
10:23:02scott666ive done that
10:23:15RoC_MMand by cheap, I mean really cheap
10:23:27scott666(not on purpose−−i mixed up the wires on a cheap headset)
10:23:44Zendeferahaha, and at times you can play audio through a mic :)
10:24:25 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
10:25:09scorchehmmm....that reminds me....i heard beeping through the archos recorder mic once
10:26:06RoC_MMZendefera, it's call the piezo...and rockbox does not yet support that either by design or quite yet...
10:26:25RoC_MMBut you get used to the silence in a few minutes anyway
10:26:38preglowRoC_MM, Zendefera: we just discussed it... read the last fifteen minutes of the log
10:26:52RoC_MMOh awesome
10:26:53Mikachupreglow, LinusN: i also tried to delete a dir in / iirc
10:26:57RoC_MMI'll have to go off and read the log
10:27:00RoC_MM[goes off]
10:27:15 Join t0mas [0] (
10:29:56scott666is there a way to play doom with the original music (midis)
10:30:26scott666that game had sweet music
10:30:42linuxstbNo. The person who ported Doom is also working on the Rockbox midi player. But it's a tough task to get them both running fast enough at the same time.
10:30:50RoC_MMI see so the piezo story is "Developing" but not "yet".
10:31:09linuxstbIt could be done on the ipods though if we use the second CPU for midi playback.
10:31:14 Quit jbauman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:31:15RoC_MMWhich is somehow basically what I said I think.
10:31:23RoC_MMBut thanks for the point out preglow
10:31:25scott666whats the story on the second cpu?
10:31:43scott666(ive got a 5G ipod, so thats mostly what im interested in)
10:31:59linuxstbAre you talking about the Broadcom chip?
10:32:09RoC_MM(video decoder chip)
10:32:36scott666were you talking about the Broadcom chip when you refered to the second cpu?
10:32:39linuxstbAll ipods have two CPUs in the PortalPlayer chip. The 5g also has the Broadcom video chip.
10:32:46scott666if so: yes
10:32:46linuxstbI was talking about the PP chip.
10:33:15scott666which can we use so far?
10:33:57linuxstbWe can in theory use both CPUs in the portalplayer chip (we know enough to do it), but at the moment we only use one. I don't think anyone in Rockbox has looked at the Broadcom chip at all.
10:34:59scott666why are we only using one? just to avoid the complexity of threads and whatnot?
10:35:23RoC_MMto keep the awesomeness high.
10:35:27linuxstbYes, because it's simpler to just use one.
10:36:36scott666RoC_MM: awesomeness would be using all 3 at once
10:37:07peturit would also be sucking battery :P
10:37:07linuxstbYes, for about 30 minutes until the battery runs out...
10:37:34preglowif we'll ever be using the broadcom chip, i'm pretty sure it'll be uploading apple's own binaries
10:37:39scott666thats what hte power adapter is for
10:37:57preglowanything else would mean investing a huge amount of time in reverse-engineering with little benefit
10:38:07preglowand yes, video decoding is little benefit ;)
10:38:29scott666will it be possible to decode video without it? just slower?
10:38:43preglowpossible, yes, very hard, yes
10:38:45RoC_MMpoints out that rockbox is a music player
10:38:45linuxstbWe could run the Rockbox UI on the broadcom chip - as it's in charge of the LCD...
10:39:54scott666but thats not likely to be happening any time soon?
10:40:11linuxstbVery unlikely to ever happen IMO.
10:41:13linuxstbThe 5g's only one of about 18 targets Rockbox runs on...
10:41:35RoC_MM2 new ones added just recently I think
10:41:37scott666its also the only one you can buy new at retail stores (AFAIK)
10:41:39linuxstbThe IPL people have a lot more interest in it than we do.
10:41:54RoC_MMone or both of the Mini iPod target's are new
10:42:02linuxstbscott666: There's the Nano, iaudio X5 and (hopefully soon) the Toshiba Gigabeats.
10:42:40linuxstbAnd at some point they will be replaced by Apple with new ipods, probably without the Broadcom chip.
10:42:59scott666ah yeah, nano too. i dont think ive seen the others in stores, but maybe thats because i dont know what they look like
10:44:20Kohlrabiif Apple goes the iRiver way they'll dump features in favor of eye-candy and conservatism
10:44:32linuxstbHaven't they already?
10:44:32KohlrabiLike they did I think with firewire-support :)
10:44:40KohlrabiYeah, I dunno
10:44:56KohlrabiWell, actually Apple is the spearhead, right you are :)
10:45:21Zendeferahey does rb give you the clicking sound as you are moving through menus and stuff? like the apple ipd firmware does?
10:45:22scott666i /really/ dont like how the iriver h10 looks
10:45:41Kohlrabia friend of mine found it good and stuff
10:45:47Zendeferajesus, rockbos cvs is large :P I guess it doesn't help me any that I did a cvs checkout of all :)
10:45:49scott666Zendefera: scroll up
10:45:53Kohlrabiuntil aI told him about dumped vorbis-support
10:45:54linuxstbZendefera: The official version of Rockbox doesn't, but there's a patch on patch tracker which implements it.
10:46:10Zendeferalinuxstb cool.
10:46:14markunlinuxstb: In june the Gigabeat S will be in stores so maybe they stopped the production of the F and X series already :(
10:46:16linuxstbZendefera: But only via the piezo, not via the headphones.
10:46:24linuxstbmarkun: Then you don't have long...
10:46:41KohlrabiIs the voice support for menus functional for iPod targets
10:46:47Kohlrabiyou could use that then, maybe
10:46:55Zendeferalinuxstd shoudn't be to hard to mod for headphones
10:47:12linuxstbWhy do you think that? It's completely different.
10:47:14ZendeferaI hope so, because I am blind, and I need speech output
10:48:01Zendeferalinuxstd well maybe I am thinking of it wrong, but the code for following your movements is already implement, just a matter of rewriting the output source?
10:50:18scott666argh, i need to sleep
10:50:31scott666its almost 4am here :-/
10:50:34linuxstbYes, but "just rewriting the output source" means mixing the beeps with your music. I don't know how difficult that would be, but it's not as simple as the piezo output.
10:52:07RoC_MMI'm sure there will be plenty of people complaining that's it's just "just so" as they want it once it is implemented anyway,.
10:52:46RoC_MM*that it's not
10:53:08 Nick scott666 is now known as scott666|sleep (
10:53:20Zendeferalinuxstd I never thought of that, hmm, point taken :)
10:53:47RoC_MMEverything is more complicated in real life.
10:54:05Zendefera:), aint that the truth.
10:54:28preglowlinuxstb: we've already got a beep routine that mixes with music
10:54:35Zendeferanow anyone have any experience using rb's talking features?
10:54:36 Quit RedBreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:54:45linuxstbIs the latency low enough to use for keyboard feedback?
10:56:46preglowlinuxstb: should be, it's already used for track skips
10:57:04preglowdon't know about clickwheel usage, though
10:57:09preglowthe latency needs to be pretty good
10:57:20preglowas in almost instantaneous
10:57:57Zendeferawhen rb is playing, can you browse for another thing to play?
10:58:33Kohlrabiwith voice enabled?
10:58:35Kohlrabiyou mean?
10:59:04preglowlibfaad still has insane dependencies, i see
10:59:30Zendeferakohl yeah
10:59:32peturZendefera: voice is mixed into the music
10:59:44Zendeferaok, that is good.
10:59:54linuxstbLooking at pcmbuf.c, it looks like pcmbuf_beep() inserts the beep at the start of the next PCM chunk. So just one beep per chunk seems possible.
11:01:07peturZendefera: for folders you can have it spell them or create clips to play, files are spelled only (unless I'm mistaken)
11:01:46KohlrabiI think you can have clips for files, too
11:01:54KohlrabiI'm 80% sure ;)
11:02:12preglowLinusN: what interrupt priority should i use?
11:02:27preglowlinuxstb: how long is one chunk?
11:02:57LinusNpreglow: that depends on how important the intterupt is
11:03:14LinusNi think the tick is on level 3 and the dma on 7
11:03:32linuxstbpreglow: I think it's 32KB.
11:03:34preglowit's just for interrupting playback when spdif is unplugged or corrupted
11:03:54preglowlinuxstb: then i think we might need finer granularity than that for clickwheel feedback
11:04:01linuxstbMe too.
11:04:03LinusNpreglow: then just pick one
11:04:12preglowi picked seven, heh
11:04:27preglowi locks up when the int fires
11:04:30preglowi probably don't ack right
11:05:32KohlrabiZendefera: look and
11:05:36LinusNpreglow: probably
11:05:48LinusNpreglow: stay away from seven, it is unmaskable
11:07:04preglowis it now
11:07:07amiconnpetur, Zendefera: For both folders and files, it's possible to (1) spell them, (2) have them announced by number and filetype, (3) have clips to announce them
11:07:33*petur was mistaken
11:08:24peturamiconn: is voice working better now btw? I haven't had a single freeze since this weekend
11:08:45amiconnI didn't check voice on swcodec recently
11:09:06amiconn(recently == last 4 days or so)
11:09:23amiconnYour init swap seems to work fine on hwcodec
11:09:39*amiconn chose his recorder today
11:09:47preglowbtw, has any done the langv2 button name fixing yet?
11:10:23Bg3rpreglow i started, but no time at all for rb atm :(
11:12:04B4gderupdated image
11:12:07amiconnlangv2 rework needs to be done before release...
11:13:45Kohlrabiwhat's VMware player exactly?
11:13:59B4gderKohlrabi: a limited vmware installation
11:14:10Kohlrabiis it free of charge?
11:14:10B4gderbut fully functional
11:14:20Kohlrabinice :)
11:14:59linuxstbIs that free player available for Linux?
11:15:26Kohlrabijust brwosing through VM's site
11:16:08linuxstbLast time I tried vmware, my Windows installation CD complained I wasn't using a Dell PC...
11:16:48 Quit Zendefera ()
11:18:56RoC_MMVMPlayer is available free of charge from their site, for Linux and for Windows.
11:19:20 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
11:19:55RoC_MMYou might have problems with VMPlayer for Linux if you used a non-stock kernel.
11:20:13amiconnOooh, that's new. It used to be windows-only...
11:20:43amiconnBut then, if you already run linux, there's almost no point in using the vmware dev image
11:21:06amiconnB4gder: I've updated the wiki page.
11:21:59*RoC_MM notes the irony of using VMPlayer's newfound Linux support to emulate a Linux virtual machine under Linux.
11:22:33RoC_MMUnless you don't have that "cross compiler toolchain" thing.
11:24:32amiconnLinusN: The cygwin package needs updating too...
11:24:42LinusNah, yes
11:26:49amiconnGood thing: no more newlib workaround. Bad thing: building it still takes ages...
11:30:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:32:58preglowI00, of all things
11:33:04 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
11:33:39LinusNpreglow: I00?
11:34:12 Join damaki [0] (
11:34:55preglowisn't that the bloody reset exception?
11:34:57 Join Siku [0] (
11:35:17Mikachuwow, the backlight fading looks awesome while playing midi
11:37:09 Join whatboutbob_ [0] (
11:37:32amiconnMikachu: You're mirroring the vmware dev image, correct?
11:37:47amiconnPlease update your mirror...
11:37:51 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
11:37:58Mikachuurl to the file?
11:39:33amiconnWhen you've updated, please update as well
11:39:43Mikachucan i remove the old file afterwards?
11:39:59amiconnI think so
11:41:00Mikachuokay, done
11:41:33preglowand now i get I40:PDIR1FULL, which i haven't even tried to enable
11:43:33amiconnMikachu: Wow, that was quick...
11:43:39Mikachuif i add << 1 to tempo in the midi stuff, it seems to play at a better speed, it sounded like it was about double the speed before
11:43:43Mikachuamiconn: yeah, 100mbit ftw
11:43:51Mikachuamiconn: it was done before i even found the url in the edit page
11:44:02Mikachuonly 20 days left :(
11:44:20preglow20 days left of 100mbit?
11:44:31*preglow remembers the glorious days of 100mbit
11:44:37Mikachuyes, then it's 10mbit
11:44:58Mikachui'll survive
11:46:09 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:47:06preglowLinusN: got any idea why i receive a PDIR1FULL interrupt when entering the recording screen when all i've done is set INTBASE correctly? i thought all the interrupt were disabled by default both by way of INTERRUPTEN and INTPRIx
11:47:50 Quit aegray_ (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
11:48:01LinusNpreglow: i don't know
11:48:42LinusNmaybe you should set spurvec to an unused vector as well
11:49:17 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
11:49:35 Join dj-fu [0] (
11:50:55preglowright, there's always spurvec
11:50:58preglowthat might be it
11:51:45LinusNalso make sure that InterruptEn is 0 for all sources
11:52:56 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
11:53:59preglowi haven't even set it yet
11:54:06preglowbut it doesn't matter, obviosuly, i can't reproduce it now
11:54:09preglowgod, i hate it when this happens
11:54:15Mikachuokay, enabled variable cpu freq now, seems to work fine :)
11:54:58preglowMikachu: why shouldn't it?
11:55:12Mikachulast time i tried i had less success, i probably did something wrong then
11:55:27preglowon a nano i'd say so, yes
11:55:29preglowalways worked fine here
11:56:13Mikachumaybe i'll set the normal freq a bit higher than 30mhz though
11:56:43preglowit isn't spurvec
11:57:08Mikachutext scrolling is acting funny for me, but only on the first line
11:57:13Mikachuworks on any other line
11:57:30Mikachuthat might be my fault too somehow
11:57:38Mikachujust want to know if anyone else has seen it
12:02:24Mikachupressing previous when there's only one second of the playing track left has weird results
12:02:38Mikachujust writing it here so i don't forget when i find the right page on the wiki...
12:04:05preglowbah, i give up
12:04:28whatboutbob_noooooo! :)
12:04:46Mikachuright, that was already known
12:05:29preglowi get a PDIR1FULL no matter what i do, i don't even bloody enable it
12:08:01 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
12:09:29*preglow learns the importance of doing hard resets
12:10:40 Join dpro [0] (
12:11:34whatboutbob_preglow: that fix the PDIR1FULL problem then?
12:11:56preglowi set INTERRUPTEN to 0x00c00000 and INTPRI3 to 0x60000000, thus only IEC3PARERR should be enabled, but still, i get I40:PDIR1FULL
12:12:01preglowwhatboutbob_: no
12:12:15preglowwhatboutbob_: it just explained why i couldn't understand why it got thrown when i hadn't enabled _anything_
12:12:30whatboutbob_ah. :-(
12:12:37preglowrockbox init doesn't deal with int controller 2 at all yet, so the values went untouched across a rolo boot
12:14:39dproguys does anyone have a bootpartition and mbr backup of a 2Gb nano - mine was on a hd that crashed and itunes doesn't restore it properly (I wouldn't mind but the nano is my flatmate's ...)
12:14:48Mikachui do
12:15:21dproMikachu: I do realize this is totally illegal but would you gzip it and put it somewhere I can get it ?
12:15:40dprothen again what would I do with it without a nano ;)
12:15:46Mikachui don't think it is, if you have an actual ipod nano 2gb
12:16:18dproMikachu: lacking a digicam I can't even proove it ;)
12:17:29dprowget: permission denied .
12:18:14preglowLinusN: no matter what interrupts i enable, PDIR1FULL gets fired... sure the UIE vector detection is correct for intcontroller 2 as well? can't see any reason why it shouldn't be, but...
12:21:09 Join bernych [0] (
12:21:55LinusNpreglow: i'm pretty sure the vectors are fine
12:23:14linuxstbdpro: The mbr from a 2GB Nano is available here: (see the table at the bottom)
12:24:10linuxstbdpro: Also, I think ipodwizard can extract the bootpartition.bin contents from the iPod updater application.
12:24:16preglowLinusN: when i try to enable IEC1PARERR, the PDIR1FULL exception is actually reported to happen at 0x56. isn't that flash?
12:24:24dprodamn - now lacking any firmware it doesn't even show up in emergency disk mode anymore - don't you just love apple's restore utility (they probably should call it fsck-up utility ...)
12:26:32dproI shouldn't have let my flatmate use itunes on it ...
12:26:44 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
12:27:04 Join emacsen [0] (
12:27:07dproit just repeats rockbox bootloader: error -1 loading original firmware ... ouch
12:27:08emacsenAnyone awake?
12:27:27emacsencool... quick question... I need to put the original ipod boot loader back on
12:27:46emacsenI'm going to get the ipod serviced and they'd freak if they saw anything out of the ordinary
12:27:52 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
12:27:55 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
12:27:58dproemacse: provided you have it it should be dd if=mbr.bin of=/dev/sdX
12:28:43Mikachuemacsen: you can just use the ipod restore program
12:28:52Mikachuif it works
12:28:52linuxstbemacsen: The installation page on the website has uninstallation instructions.
12:28:53emacsenMikachu: I don't have an ipod restore program
12:29:01Mikachuemacsen: use the internet, luke
12:29:17emacsenlinuxstb:yeah it mentions an "ipod restore program" which I either can't get or won't run
12:29:26emacsenMikachu: think... GNU/Linux...
12:29:48emacsenNo "Apple Restore Program" for GNU/Linux- and you KNOW that since you CTCP Versioned me
12:29:49*B4gder detects a GNU/ prefix we don't see much in here ;-)
12:29:59linuxstbemacsen: It seems it's missing from the GNU/Linux instructions.
12:30:05Mikachuemacsen: i know you run gaim irc, which works fine in windows, macosx and linux
12:30:07Mikachuprobably solaris as well
12:30:21linuxstbemacsen: Do you still have the bootpartition.bin file you created during the installation?
12:30:33emacsensure, just dd it back on?
12:30:43dproemaces: exactly
12:30:54Mikachuboth the mbr and the boot partition
12:30:55dproemacsen: and the mbr
12:31:08linuxstbThe mbr hasn't been changed - unless you created a new partition for ipodlinux.
12:31:09Mikachuthen you probably want to remove all files from the fat partition
12:31:09B4gderis echo enabled? ;-P
12:32:30emacsenlinuxstb: the one called "bootpartition.bin" right (just being 100% sure)
12:32:49linuxstbYep, just "dd if=bootpartition.bin of=/dev/sdX1"
12:33:17Mikachuemacsen: it should be about 70-90MB
12:33:39linuxstbIf you're extremely paranoid, you should wipe sector 61 as well....
12:33:48emacsencool... gonna try it. linuxstb: someone may want to put that on the wiki... there are times you have to bring your ipod to the Apple Store (eg for them to replace the battery) and if they see it's not running exactly like before- they won't service it
12:34:06Mikachuyou could dd if=/dev/full of=/dev/sda, then restore the mbr and boot partition, and mkdosfs /dev/sda2
12:34:13linuxstbIt's in the Windows/Mac OS installation instructions, but not the GNU/Linux ones for some reason.
12:34:45emacsenMikachu: yeah I could have done that... but saving the MBR and the first part of the first partition seemed safe enough
12:37:06emacsenMikachu: it's a 4 gig ipod after all :)
12:37:18emacsenI don't want to put all 4 gig on my laptop
12:37:28Mikachui didn't say you should
12:39:02dproso should I give the "restore program" a shot ? the nano over here seems rather bricked ATM
12:39:13 Quit whatboutbob_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:39:23*dpro needs to find a win/mac first ...
12:39:47emacsenlinuxstb: yeah... well... not hooray but yeah, it's back to the way it was... all pretty and braindead...
12:40:30emacsenlinuxstb: the original firmware is like the cheerleader in HS. All beauty, no brains. Me, I'm going for the girl whose nose is in the book at study hall, Rockbox :)
12:41:16linuxstbemacsen: If I was you, I would wipe the Rockbox config sector as well. e.g. "dd if=/dev/zero count=63 >> mbr.bin" and then "dd if=mbr.bin of=/dev/sdX".
12:41:40 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
12:41:43 Join ashridah [0] (
12:41:52emacsenlinuxstb: I have the original mbr, not good enough?
12:41:59emacsenthe one from the installation
12:42:36emacsenit's 512k
12:42:38linuxstbNo, that's only one sector in size. There is a gap before the first partition (which normally starts at sector 64) which is where Rockbox writes the config data.
12:42:41dproemacsen: hehe with a little theme tweaking you could actually get away with the beautifull smart and educated young lady ;)
12:42:41emacsenerm 512 bytes :)
12:43:44linuxstbIt's extremely unlikely Apple would look for that, but it's easy to do.
12:43:56emacsenlinuxstb: if you run that command, won't the MBR get boinked?
12:44:12emacsenyou're replacing 64 bytes with zeroes
12:44:22emacsenright up front :)
12:44:25linuxstbNo - the "dd if=/dev/zero count=63 >> mbr.bin" appends 63*512 bytes of zeros to the end of mbr.bin
12:44:44emacsenduh... I'm sorry... it's still 6am here :)
12:45:50dpro<homer> mmhmmmm disk mode </homer>
12:46:00dproselect & play did it
12:46:11emacsenlinuxstb: GRR
12:46:13emacsenTHAT broke it
12:46:23dproemacsen: shouldn't that be already ;)
12:46:30emacsenlinuxstb: that seriously broke it
12:46:49emacsenlinuxstb: now I DO need the restore program
12:47:03emacsenlinuxstb: please don't give advice
12:47:10emacsensorry that was wrong to say
12:47:21emacsenlinuxstb: please be more careful with your advice :)
12:47:26 Join JdGordon [0] (
12:47:51ravonIt should've worked
12:48:14linuxstbTry dd'ing the bootpartition.bin file back as well then.
12:48:19emacsenravon: well now it boots, and says "Apple support" and shuts down
12:48:51ravonNote to self: Read more than 2 lines up when entering in the middle of a conversation
12:50:04emacsenlinuxstb: okay, with the old bootpartition, it works
12:50:14emacsenlinuxstb: sorry for lashing out
12:50:34Mikachudon't worry, you can't break your ipod
12:50:37emacsenlinuxstb: that was really assinine of me. I sincerely appologize
12:50:49linuxstbOut of interest, can you do "fdisk /dev/sdX", then "u" to change units to sectors, and then "p" to print the partition table. What is the start sector for your boot partition?
12:51:05linuxstbemacsen: No problem. I knew it could be easily fixed.
12:51:18emacsenlinuxstb: will you add those instructions to the wiki page?
12:51:32emacsenlinuxstb: they need to be there for folks bringing the Apple in for servicing
12:51:42linuxstbThe ones that f**ked your ipod?
12:51:58emacsenlinuxstb: no... the ones that "restored it"
12:52:29linuxstb:) But yes, the Linux instructions should be brought in line with the instructions for Windows/Mac OS.
12:52:30emacsenlinuxstb: ie "My ipod battery is crap and I need to bring it in to be replaced. The Apple people want to run a test, so how can I remove Rockbox without a trace"
12:52:52*dpro id dd'ing ... let's see if it'll boot again after a mkdosfs and putting the firmware back
12:53:09dproemacsen: wipe -rf .rockbox rockbox.ipod
12:53:41dproand make sure you use the original mbr/bootloader
12:54:02linuxstbAh, it seems the boot partition starts at sector 63, not sector 64. So my instructions wiped the first sector of the boot partition...
12:54:21amiconnlinuxstb: With your extended mbr.bin, you would destroy the start of the first partition (the firmware parition)...
12:54:45linuxstbamiconn: Yep :) I extended it by one too many sectors...
12:54:53dpromikachu: thx for the files ... now looks like a shiny new windows ipod ;)
12:55:15emacsenlinuxstb: ah :)
12:55:17 Join aegray [0] (n=aegray@
12:55:29amiconnlinuxstb: I use dd directly when I want to wipe the config sector
12:55:45linuxstbHow can you do that? I didn't think it could skip in the output.
12:55:54*dpro will be an ipod guru by 2013 ;)
12:56:02amiconnlinuxstb: it can
12:56:12 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
12:56:25linuxstbAh, "seek="...
12:56:58amiconndd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<disk> seek=61 count=1
12:57:06dprohmmm: I just did a dd if=mbr.bin of=/dev/sdX ; dd if=bootpart.bin of=/dev/sdX1 ; mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sdX2 # et voila
12:57:28dprolinuxstb: yes seek or better skip=
12:57:52dproah ok now ic
12:58:02dproforget my previous (dumb) comment
12:58:16linuxstbI remember the problem - I don't think cygwin or Mac OS allows seeking in disk devices...
12:58:53Mikachuskip is for the source file, seek is for target
12:58:58Mikachuit's easy to make mistakes there
12:59:10Mikachuit could even be the other way around
12:59:58linuxstbamiconn: Have you used that dd seek=... command in cygwin?
12:59:59dproMikachu: but since we have manpages ... I guess I never really confused the two when actually /using/ them (unlike when talking rubbish on irc)
13:00:27Mikachui can just press tab
13:00:44*Mikachu hugs zsh
13:00:47dproMikachu: to avoid rubbish on irc ?
13:00:53Mikachuto not make mistakes when i use it
13:01:21emacsenthanks all
13:01:24 Part emacsen
13:02:01dprohmmm it's so sad to see the beautiful nano with this crap os again ...
13:02:20amiconnlinuxstb: yes. Works fine.
13:02:57dproI mean can you believe you need gnupod/itunes to actually put anything it'll recognize on there ? is there not even a file browser hidden anywhere ?
13:05:42dprook back to coding ...
13:06:47dprohow do you guys feel about making the pitch screen modal (as in vi like) so one can control pause/play/cue/rew from one screen ?
13:06:58 Join qwx [0] (
13:08:58linuxstbamiconn: I wonder why I wrote ipodpatcher.exe then....
13:09:19amiconnWell, how would *I* know that? ;)
13:10:10amiconnI know that I deleted config sectors and things a zillion times that way from cygwin, on various rockbox devices
13:10:26amiconnI also copied FATs and other things for analysis
13:10:49amiconnHmm, but ipodpatcher is standalone, you won't need a cygwin installation...
13:11:03linuxstbYes, and it does some safety checks, so it's not a waste of time.
13:11:03*preglow kicks coldfire
13:11:26preglowif this issue turns out to be me being stupid, i'll never touch a keyboard again
13:11:48amiconnThere is a standalone 'dd' for windows, but I don't know whether it supports device access
13:12:44dwihnoamiconn: There's a special dd version (coupled with a funky dll) which does the job.
13:12:56dwihno(no, not cygwin)
13:12:58 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
13:13:38 Join Moos [0] (
13:16:36 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:19:33 Join TCK [0] (
13:20:42 Quit stamppot ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
13:22:18preglowsweet lord
13:22:38preglowcan one disassemble the iriver firmware using objdump without losing absolutely all hair?
13:29:46 Join stamppot [0] (
13:30:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:32:04preglowbut anyone, 0x0 is flash on h120, yes?
13:33:38preglowthen why the flaming hell do i get an interrupt there?
13:34:55preglownow i just enable int22 (parity bit error), and now i get I40 sometimes, I00 other times
13:35:29preglowi don't get why there should be a difference, int22 and 23 in INTERRUPT both map to interrupt vector 23 in the int controller
13:35:58preglowINTERRUPTEN, that is
13:39:24 Join skwad [0] (
13:41:27 Quit stamppot (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:42:23 Part bernych
13:42:50 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:45:20 Join stamppot [0] (
13:47:30 Join actionshrimp [0] (
13:48:47 Quit skwad ("Parti")
13:52:29 Join noa [0] (
14:01:28 Join jbauman [0] (
14:15:22*preglow gives up
14:16:15linuxstbs/pdif recording?
14:16:48 Join romanos [0] (n=romanos@
14:18:15 Quit Hotfusion (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:18:44romanosti epathes kai stenaxwriesai?
14:20:11Genre9mp3preglow gives up on s/pdif recording I suppose?
14:20:36XavierGrand for gods sake speak in English in the main channel
14:20:45romanosno way
14:20:54romanoshello genre :P
14:21:40preglowyes, spdif recording
14:21:44romanosghost broke it
14:21:47*noa just unpacked a 30gib ipod video.. will try out rockbox once it's recharged
14:22:21dpronoa: just set the anti-skip buffer quite high then it's just grrrrrret
14:22:39noaoki, will do that
14:22:53lostlogicdon't know why you would do that... just makes it rebuffer more often for less time...
14:22:54preglowi need to do some reverse engineering to so what the hell i'm doing wrong
14:22:58preglowand i don't have time for anything of the sort
14:23:01lostlogicwhat made you change the anti-skip buffer in the first place?
14:23:19dprolostlogic: skipping ?
14:23:20*petur welcomes back lostlogic
14:23:46dprolostlogic: I had dropouts with anything below 30secs
14:24:33dprothat is with cvs from a few days back
14:25:29lostlogicdpro: what triggered the dropouts? That doesn't make sense really...
14:25:41 Join whatboutbob_ [0] (
14:25:46lostlogicpetur: thanks
14:26:02Mikachuyou have 12 days to fix everything
14:26:23*Mikachu demonstrates inability to subtract
14:26:29linuxstbIs the anti-skip setting just related to the minimum amount of data Rockbox keeps in the (compressed) audio buffer?
14:26:36lostlogiclinuxstb: yes
14:26:45lostlogicI guess the longer buffering runs are what causes the skips he's talking about.
14:26:57dprolostlogic: If I knew ... but it definitely was more likely under load (i.e. when using a plugin while playing music)
14:27:00linuxstbYes, filling from disk can cause skips...
14:27:03lostlogic*shrug* just another performance doohicker.
14:27:25linuxstbIf amiconn doesn't get there first, I may try an ARM-optimised ATA driver.
14:27:34LinusNamiconn: i have updated the cygwin packages now
14:27:50amiconnlinuxstb: I won't get there until at least the 3.0 release
14:27:59amiconnI may try ata dma on iriver before...
14:28:26whatboutbob_preglow: feel free to smack me down, but is it worth committing optical recording as is?
14:28:39linuxstbNor would I. ipod recording is something I would like to try after 3.0 is released as well.
14:28:53whatboutbob_preglow: it seems to work flawlessly for some people...
14:29:19amiconnlinuxstb: My next ipod thing will be the grayscale lib...
14:29:45amiconnProbably some minor fixups before, like debug menu items...
14:29:53Mikachuthe manual says the plasma plugin demonstrates the grayscale lib, even when "compiling" it for ipod nano. i don't know how far the manual rework has come?
14:29:58Mikachuspeaking of grayscale
14:30:15dprowhatboutbob_: is there an ipod recording patch somewhere one can fool around with already ?
14:30:23linuxstbwhatboutbob: The question is if a problematic s/pdif recording implementation is better for the 3.0 release than no implementation.
14:30:55whatboutbob_dpro: not that i'm aware of. i'm discussing optical recording for the iriver h1xx
14:31:03dproah ok
14:31:22whatboutbob_linuxstb: yup...i understand...i guess i'm raising that question in a round-about way. :)
14:31:23linuxstbdpro: No. IPL has partially implemented recording - for 4g and later, it records in mono via the headphone socket, but doesn't support the line-in.
14:31:46*dpro needs to figure out where to set tv out off/on anyway first ...
14:31:48preglowwhatboutbob_: it outright hangs the unit for me, so no
14:31:54preglowi won't commit anything that hangs the player
14:32:00Mikachudoes that work on nanos too, headphone jack recording?
14:32:10dprolinuxstb: IPL gives me mainly headaches ... I never even got sound to work on 5gs
14:32:11preglowheadphone jack recording?
14:32:17linuxstbMikachu: I think so.
14:32:35whatboutbob_preglow: fair enough. is that just with negative testing though? (ie pulling the plug on recording)
14:32:58preglowwhatboutbob_: pulling the plug _sometimes_ crashes recording, which will give the lovely hang at 8kb bug
14:33:12preglowwhatboutbob_: also, as far as i've been told, i can't do it myself, it hangs if you start recording with no input
14:34:01preglowiriver seems to solve these problems by refusing to record with no input and stopping recording if you plug out the spdif input
14:34:19preglowand that's what i'm trying right now, but i can't make the interrupts work
14:35:16linuxstbpreglow: Did your "getting paid to work on Rockbox" project need recording?
14:36:07preglownope's, that's been put on hold
14:36:20preglowand that's ipod based anyway
14:38:23whatboutbob_preglow: anything i can do to help? (...apart from order you a bottle of Rogaine)
14:39:07 Join RedBreva [0] (
14:39:18linuxstbdpro: I would be interested in getting the TV-Out working as well - you'll need to start disassembling the diagnostics mode code to work it out though.
14:40:15 Join Poka64 [0] (
14:40:16linuxstbIt's not a simple matter of enabling/disabling it though - it has an independent framebuffer.
14:41:42preglowwhatboutbob_: no, not much, i'll have a look at it when i get some more rockbox time again
14:41:50*preglow bbl
14:46:54amiconnLinusN: Nice, thanks :)
14:47:02dprolinuxstb: linuxstb: does it ... and if one just writes to that after a reset from a video playing original firmware ? anyone tried this ?
14:50:13linuxstbdpro: AFAIK, a reset will do just that - reset the hardware. I would expect that the Apple bootloader would initialise the hardware as well.
14:50:30dprolinuxstb: but are we using apple's bootloader ?
14:50:40dproah ok
14:50:44linuxstbThat's what loads the Rockbox bootloader...
14:51:09dproanyway it mighht be worth a try ... maybe it doesn't ;)
14:51:14linuxstbA lot of the hardware (e.g. the LCD) isn't initialised in Rockbox - we just use it in the state we find it.
14:51:32linuxstb(although I think amiconn has fixed that for the greyscale LCDs)
14:52:56amiconnBoth rockbox and ipl init the greyscale LCDs
14:52:58linuxstbdpro: You could play with the diagnostics mode - hold LEFT+SELECT after a reset. There is a TV-Out option there.
14:53:35dprodamn where is left ;)
14:53:43linuxstbamiconn: OK. I've only really looked at the colour ones.
14:54:01amiconnThe problem was that retailos relies on th ebootloader init, and was mirrored when booting retailos via the rockbox bootloader, since we used the lcd in a different way than retailos
14:54:05dprowow diagnostics mode ... I learn a lot here everyday
14:54:19amiconnNow we use the same mode as retailos
14:55:13Mikachu-exp(i*pi) = 1
14:55:20dproaarg damn freebsd ... alias make=gmake *phew*
14:55:28 Join JdGordon [0] (
14:57:23 Quit JdGordon (Client Quit)
14:59:12 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
14:59:25linuxstbdpro: From diagnostics mode, as soon as you reset the ipod, the TV-Out is disabled. It looks like it's before the Apple bootloader is started.
15:00:00dprolinuxstb: so probably it's the firmware doing it and not the bootloader ?
15:00:30linuxstbYes, the TV-Out is normally disabled.
15:01:14*dpro needs to get a video on the ipod but no gnupod over here ... just to see if a hardreset might leave it on by default
15:03:00linuxstbThat's unlikely. And not very useful either....
15:04:21dprolinuxstb: I mean /if/ it works then it /might/ be possible to figure out what settings are different i.e. which registers to write to to enable it ... but I realize that's a pretty blueeyed hope
15:09:35whatboutbob_petur: you in the house?
15:09:48 Part LinusN
15:10:29whatboutbob_ok, now i'm curious...where's the other 90%?
15:12:21 Join mmohr [0] (
15:12:31 Join Massa [0] (
15:12:39whatboutbob_petur: if i begged and pleaded would you have any interest in creating a patch to somehow enable backlight activation on remote button press during recording?
15:13:16mmohrHi everybody!
15:13:37 Part Massa
15:13:46 Part mmohr ("Konversation terminated!")
15:13:53 Join Massa [0] (
15:14:39MassaDoes anybody have deeper knowledge in programming of the pcf50606?
15:14:42dproeasy one: how do I get the fontsize of the current theme ?
15:15:00dprooh ...
15:15:19*dpro just realizes that's not necessary for the pitch screen uses the same font all the time ...
15:18:39*petur returns from the 90%
15:19:40peturwhatboutbob_: I can look, but not until tomorrow, no time now :(
15:20:00peturtomorrow evening that is
15:20:08amiconnwhatboutbob: What should that do?
15:20:27amiconnRemote backlight is always activated when you use the remote buttons
15:20:35amiconn(unless you switched it off completely)
15:20:45peturI think he means main BL
15:21:23amiconnWhy would one want to enable the main backlight with the remote buttons???????
15:21:36peturlet's ask whatboutbob_
15:21:45amiconnEven on archos, which only the non-lcd remote, the remote buttons never enable backlight
15:21:58 Join qwm [0] (
15:28:01whatboutbob_amiconn/petur: for viewing the peak meters without adjusting settings (i was talking about triggering the remote backlight btw).
15:28:45amiconnNow I'm even more confused...
15:29:08 Quit ScoTTie_ ()
15:29:09amiconnYou can enable the remote backlight with the remote buttons, can't you?
15:29:13whatboutbob_currently the only way to view the peakmeter in a dark room is to flick the hold-switch. i accidentally stopped a recording the other night because i flicked the hold switch off and brushed stop.
15:30:07amiconnThere is the "1st keypress enables backlight only" option. Just enable it for the remote
15:30:22whatboutbob_amiconn: yup...but not while hold is on. (reads back to his request and notes he missed something rather important).
15:30:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:30:54amiconnOf course not. Hold is hold, so it disables all button events
15:32:24whatboutbob_i understand that, but i'm asking for an exception. I realise not everyone would think it makes sense, which is why i ask only for a patch (for my own use, and for the other tapers i know who want it)
15:32:49whatboutbob_petur can of course tell me to sod off. ;)
15:33:42amiconnIn your case I would just set the remote backlight to always on during the recording session
15:33:57amiconn(but I wouldn't recommend to keep this setting at all times)
15:34:08whatboutbob_amiconn: this chews up the battery reasonably quickly.
15:34:18 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:34:55whatboutbob_...and disables the clip light.
15:35:31linuxstbwhatboutbob_: IIUC, you want a mode (for the remote) where a button press whilst hold is on will enable the backlight?
15:35:50whatboutbob_linuxstb: correct.
15:35:58RedBrevaUnix is case sensitive right? So would a path of 'Backdrop' rather than 'backdrop' in a zip/gz/tar file cause issues installing a theme on a Unix platform - I'm guessing yes, but want to confirm it
15:36:37linuxstbAre you talking about using the theme in the simulator?
15:36:48RedBrevayes, and for real
15:36:52linuxstbIt shouldn't make any difference if you're installing onto a FAT32 partition.
15:36:57whatboutbob_should i log this request in flyspray?
15:36:57 Join JBGood [0] (
15:37:09linuxstbBut yes, it might break the sim.
15:37:32RedBrevaso on real hardware it should be OK, but on the sim it fails
15:37:42RedBrevaOK... glad I checked
15:38:46linuxstbIf you're using a native Unix filesystem for your sim (e.g. ext2/ext3), then yes.
15:40:15peturwhatboutbob_: sorry for being unresponsive, gone to 100% payed work atm
15:41:06whatboutbob_petur: no need to apologise. i'm being cheeky asking anyways.
15:43:31Massaamiconn, do you (or somebody else here) have knowledge in programming the pcf50606?
15:44:48amiconnWhat in particular?
15:46:28Massais it O.K. to first do a pcf50606_write(xxx, something) and then read the place again with pcf50606_read(xxx)?
15:46:42MassaI mean, does it bring back the same value as set?
15:47:42amiconnI don't think so. It depends on the register what you will get back
15:48:12Massaregister 0x39 :-)
15:48:16amiconnThe datasheet is available in the docs section...
15:48:26 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
15:48:44MassaSo in general it would be better to create a local variable in that module to hold a value?
15:48:52MassaAhh, O.K. I'll have a look at!
15:49:22 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
15:49:30linuxstbThat's definitely a good idea because I2C is slow.
15:49:32]RowaN[midi!!! yeye =]
15:49:46*]RowaN[ gives a round of applause
15:50:31MassaAnother question regarding this: for what things is the pcf50606 used?
15:50:55whatboutbob_is flyspray registration working atm? I'm getting a form error.
15:51:40MassaI ask because the only official definition is RTC_PCF50606 - but I think it's main usage is charge control - or am I wrong?
15:51:42*whatboutbob_ learns to read.
15:52:09 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
15:53:00amiconnMassa: The PCF is used for RTC, all kinds of ADC (buttons, remote buttons, remote type detection, battery voltage) in the H300
15:53:01klrspzhey devs, (ON AN IPOD[nano]) when bookmarking is set to ask, it generally skips over the acceptance of creating a bookmark and thus doesn't (even if you HOLD play, since play is the option to accept the save)
15:53:15amiconnIt is *not* used for charge control - that's a separate chip
15:53:19 Quit jbauman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:53:32Massaamiconn, Only in the H300? I thought the iAudio X5 does it also use???
15:53:45linuxstbklrspz: It's possible that PLAY isn't the button to confirm. Try SELECT.
15:53:54amiconnIt's also used for some gpio controlled things, not all of them are identified. The pwm output is also used, for backlight brightness control
15:53:56Massaamiconn, huh? But it's used for USB charging, isn't it?
15:54:00klrspzlinuxstb, either way, there's no time to do it
15:54:17amiconnMaybe it is in the X5 - I have no idea about that
15:54:29MassaSo it's only used to enable/disable USB charging with gpio?
15:54:46klrspzlinuxstb, i hold play for 2 secs, and it goes to the save/skip screen and immediately goes back to the file browser..
15:55:12linuxstbThat sounds like a bug then. Is it in the patch tracker?
15:55:21linuxstb(I mean bug tracker...)
15:55:30amiconnMassa: [15:54:16] <amiconn> It is *not* used for charge control - that's a separate chip
15:55:32 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:55:36klrspzdon't know, i'll try to look in a little bit.. just got to work so i got some catching up to do
15:56:06amiconnWe don't know for sure how that chip is controlled - only the status pin is known so far
15:56:22amiconnThe charging chip in the H300 is the LX2201
15:57:07klrspzlinuxstb, a search for 'bookmark' doesn't yeild a result with the stated issue
15:57:15MassaHmm, I'm currently working a bit on the USB charging patch (the original author seems to vanish) - and this one and also LinusN said, that setting the pcf50606 register 0x39 to 0 would enable USB charging and setting it to 7 would disable it.
15:57:32MassaThe comment for this says "set GPOOD2 to High-Z for USB charge enable"
15:58:05MassaIs it possible and necessary to directly program the LX2201?
15:59:49amiconnHmm, so GPOOD2 of the PCF is known - it connects to the enable pin of the LX2201
16:00:19amiconnBut that's not everything we need to know - there must be more pins and/or other methods of accessing the LX2201
16:01:01amiconnThere are only 2 ways to find out. (1) Go hunting for the routines in a retailos disassembly (2) trace the hardware
16:01:41MassaI think both ways are nothing for me :o
16:02:50MassaMy knowledege about that hardware stuff is absolutely nothing - I only try to create a patch with which it is able to switch on and off the USB charging...
16:03:32MassaAnd currently it doesn't work as suspected - so I try to find out what's wrong...
16:04:22MassaCurrently I read the GPOOD2 register in the pcf50606 to detect if the USB charging is enabled or not; it seems, this does not work...
16:04:27amiconnThere must be at least one more control - the one that selects 100mA or 500mA charging from USB
16:04:37amiconnNot, that cannot work
16:04:50amiconnHmm, perhaps it could
16:05:05amiconnIt would only tell you if something enabled charging before
16:05:06MassaWhy? Or Why not? Please lighten my dark...
16:05:27amiconnI wouldn't tell you whether it's actually charging
16:05:41amiconnHow do you read from the pcf?
16:05:49MassaThat's clear - it only should tell me if the charging is enabled or disabled...
16:06:04amiconnYou need to interrupt-protect the pcf accesses
16:06:13Massawith the function pcf50606_read
16:06:41Massaand I think (hope) it does the necessary work for me...
16:07:26*Genre9mp3 is glad to play MIDI files on his H300
16:07:52 Join Aditya|Nap [0] (
16:07:56MassaAbout the 100mA/500mA charging - does somebody know which register to set or read for this?
16:08:18 Quit Aditya|Nap (Remote closed the connection)
16:08:41amiconnYou must not use pcf50606_read with interrupts enabled
16:08:55amiconn...because it is also used from within an isr (the button tick)
16:09:21amiconnIf you do, both your read and the button isr will confuse each other
16:09:28Genre9mp3BTW, is MIDI Playback planned to play like any other format instead using the plugin?
16:10:09MassaHow do I make sure it works? I created a setting for this and everytime the user sets or resets this settings the write and read routine will be called.
16:10:31klrspz$20 BF2 at staples nationwide!!
16:10:38linuxstbGenre9mp3: I'm sure that's the eventual aim.
16:10:43MassaI assume it will not work when it is currently in an isr?
16:10:56Genre9mp3linuxstb: cool!
16:12:32amiconnMassa: You need the same sequence as in lcd-h100-remote.c:474..476
16:13:07amiconnJust replace adc_scan() with the appropriate pcf access function
16:14:01Massaamiconn, you mean the "set_irq_level(HIGHEST_IRQ_LEVEL); my_func(); set_irq_level(oldlevel)" sequence?
16:14:16romanoshi! Does anyone knows how can i get songs to my ipod's apple firmware without using itunes? Also why my apple firmware resets to defaults each time?
16:14:40Massaamiconn, thanks - I'll try this!
16:23:29peturromanos: drag and drop
16:23:42Massaamiconn, I just had a look at the datasheet - there is a table where the pins are described there is a column "I/O" which only says "O" for the GPOOD2 pin. Does this mean I can only write and not read?
16:26:34linuxstbromanos: If you are asking how to copy files so that the Apple firmware will play them, then you have no choice but to use either itunes or one of the many third-party equivalents.
16:27:07 Join SereR0KR [0] (
16:27:52linuxstbromanos: But you should go to an ipod site like if you want to find people who can help with using the Apple firmware.
16:30:29dproromanos: I recommend gnupod because it will at least not obfuscate your filenames and you can still find them from rockbox
16:30:54mikearthuris ReplayGain supported for OGG?
16:31:32 Quit whatboutbob_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:33:34mikearthuron Rockbox that is
16:34:29markunmikearthur: yes
16:35:26 Quit romanos ()
16:37:22markunIt's going pretty well with our gigabeat hacking:
16:37:57markunwrong window
16:39:48linuxstbmarkun: Keep us all updated :)
16:44:23 Join lodesi [0] (
16:50:01markunokok, I'll shut up now :)
16:54:02 Quit ]RowaN[ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:54:21dprooh how do I seek now ... wasn't there sth. like audio_seamless_seek a month ago ?
16:58:50lostlogicdpro: yeah, it's not needed any more, seeks are seemless, UNLESS the audio_pre_ff_rewind is called first
16:59:00lostlogicin which case the audio is paused and flushed for the seek'
17:00:05dprolostlogic: ah ok so is there a .h file where all the play/pause/resume/seek things are defined ? which ones are to be used preferably ?
17:00:48peturlostlogic: doing rockbox atm?
17:00:53ender`how optimized is the vorbis decoder in rockbox compared to iriver's original firmware?
17:02:45lostlogicpetur not really, just catching up on what I missed both in rockbox and at work... this evening (if I don't fall asleep at 20h) I'll probably take a peek.
17:02:47ender`i've got a .ogg file that plays in original firmware, but skips a lot in rockbox (on H120). the file is 364kbps though
17:03:09lostlogicender`: well doesn't that answer your question already?
17:03:18ender`kind of
17:04:09ender`i've successfully played ogg file with average 498kbps on original iriver (but i've lost that file)
17:04:10linuxstbI didn't think the H120 had any problems with Oggs. Do you have EQ/Crossfeed/peakmeter or any other CPU-intensive things running at the same time?
17:04:11 Join akaidiot [0] (
17:04:59ender`linuxstb: no
17:05:45linuxstbHave you looked at the audio debug screen whilst playing the file? This will tell you for sure if it's a CPU speed problem, or something else.
17:06:01ender`let me check
17:06:21linuxstbThe tell-tale signs will be a 100% boost ratio and the pcm buffer becoming empty.
17:06:45lostlogiclinuxstb: if the average bitrate is 364, it might have > 1mbps spikes... some of my 230kbps live rips spike to >700kbps.
17:07:17ravonThat audio debug thingy was the coolest.
17:07:19linuxstbThat sounds nasty. Maybe it should use FLAC for those frames....
17:08:56ender`boost is at 100%, the PCM buffer never seems to fill beyond 200kB
17:09:20linuxstbYep, looks like our vorbis decoder is too slow...
17:09:48preglowno shit
17:09:54ender`want the file for testing?
17:10:25linuxstbpreglow: I knew it wasn't our fastest codec, but I didn't realise it couldn't play all files though.
17:11:59 Join qwx [0] (
17:13:41 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
17:14:42 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
17:15:55preglowit can't
17:16:03preglowsome q9 q10 struggle on h120
17:16:06preglowlesser files on ipod
17:16:29amiconnImho a file with lossy compression and such a high bitrate is insane...
17:16:47ender`this file is Q7,5 AFAIK
17:19:38preglowi see no point in it either
17:20:05Mikachuwhat bitrate is ogg q9 usually?
17:20:09lostlogicyep, pretty dumb... things like whistles and applause really fuck with vorbis streams for some reason (and whistles during applause are the BIG CAN'T DECODE THIS NO MATTER WHAT frames)
17:20:13lostlogic(for me)
17:20:28preglowsounds like a "great" psymodel
17:20:33preglowsweet god
17:20:35preglowi'm switching to musepack
17:20:36Mikachuyou want your lossless applauds
17:20:39preglowthe simpler the better
17:20:45ender`lostlogic: it does sound like cheering in the problematic parts :)
17:21:03 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:21:32 Join darkless [0] (
17:21:37 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:22:54dprohmmm ... what's wrong with if (audio_status() == AUDIO_STATUS_PAUSE) audio_resume(); ??
17:25:42lostlogicdpro: audio_status() will be playing and paused
17:26:08lostlogicso try if (audio_status & AUDIO_STATUS_PAUSE) or some such logical operation
17:26:34dprolostlogic: arrgl thx so AUDIO_STATUS_PLAYING | AUDIO_STATUS_PAUSE
17:26:43lostlogicor you could use that, yeah
17:27:54 Join bernych [0] (
17:28:40bernychSomeone knows well the ColdFire asm?
17:30:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:30:32bernychI'm trying to code the start_iaudio_fw procedure in asm for dualboot. I like to write to register like flashbar and rambar, but things like movec %d,%rambar give me mismatch operands error.
17:30:49 Join akaidiota [0] (
17:30:56bernychsorry: %d0
17:31:44preglowin asm or inline asm?
17:31:51bernychinline asm
17:31:58preglowmove.l %d0,%rambar1 or 2 should work
17:32:11preglowmovec, i mean
17:32:30 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
17:33:09 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:33:56bernychrambar1 works but flashbar1 doesn't! and what about itt1 and itt2?
17:35:55 Join Acksaw [0] (
17:37:22hardeeplostlogic: welcome back =)
17:37:37hardeeplostlogic: are you working on rockbox currently?
17:37:40lostlogichardeep: thanks, and thanks for working on playback while I was out
17:37:46lostlogichardeep: not coding currently, not till this evening.
17:38:02hardeeplostlogic: okay, i found the bookmark bug that's been reported ... will fix
17:38:16bernychpreglow: any idea?
17:38:36lostlogicgreat! it's good that you seem to understand the way playback interracts with the rest of the system much better than I do, while I understand its guts very deeply :)
17:39:56peturlostlogic: I swapped talk and audio init in main.c yesterday, seemed to fix voice eating itself after playback
17:40:11lostlogicpetur: yeppers, saw dat, good think.
17:45:39 Quit petur ("sporting time")
17:48:54 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:49:04 Join akaidiot [0] (n=not@
17:52:20 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:53:48lostlogicgotta figure out what threading issue is preventing USB mode.
17:55:37hardeeplostlogic: when a new playlist is started while the current one is playing, why not just stop playback first instead of adding this new Q_AUDIO_PLAYLIST mode?
17:56:06hardeeplostlogic: the bookmark problem is because the offset being passed is ignored in this case
17:56:23 Join Acksaw [0] (
17:56:44hardeeper, Q_AUDIO_NEW_PLAYLIST
17:56:53lostlogichardeep: apparently a 'design requirement' of the system is to have crossfade into the new playlist.
17:57:13hardeephmmm, that's a strange requirement
17:57:20lostlogicI'm fine with dropping it, personally :)
17:57:32hardeepi'd rather the new playlist started immediately −− that's the reason i selected it
17:57:46lostlogichehe, yah
17:58:23Paul_The_NerdWell, does that affect folder transitions with auto-change-folder?
17:58:39lostlogicit should also be possible to duplicate some of the logic from if(start_play) in audio_load_track for the case of Q_AUDIO_NEW_PLAYLIST
17:58:42hardeepPaul_The_Nerd: no, that's a different path
17:58:56lostlogicbut I didn't realize it was necessary
17:59:32Paul_The_Nerdhardeep: Alright. I don't know much about the code, I was just trying to think of "Cases where the playlist changes and I feel it should crossfade" and that was the only one
17:59:39preglowbernych: ahh, no, and i'm busy right now
17:59:54hardeeplostlogic: the codec initialization?
18:00:39lostlogichardeep: sorry the if (offset > 0)
18:01:03lostlogicit might be somewhat trivial to enable that for the Q_AUDIO_NEW_PLAYLIST function?
18:01:14 Join JBGood25 [0] (
18:01:20hardeeplostlogic: I had changed it to just pass the offset to audio_load_track, but that doesn't appear to be working
18:01:41*lodesi is away: Occupé
18:01:41hardeepthe playback starts at the right offset but the time counter still says 0
18:01:59lostlogicand that doesn't happen on a new play in the same situation?
18:02:36hardeepi don't think we really want to crossfade when starting at an offset
18:02:39hardeepmaybe that's the quick fix
18:02:49hardeepstop playback if new playlist and offset > 0
18:03:08 Quit JBGood (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:03:33lostlogicsure, just be careful of the serialization and thread-safety of the stop call.
18:03:54 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:05:25 Part bernych
18:10:47 Quit Massa ()
18:18:38hardeeplooks like it works
18:18:51 Quit dpro ("hd change finally")
18:21:05 Join Maxou` [0] (
18:21:33Maxou`i have a -small- question, does the midi playback works normally?
18:24:23 Join pondlife [0] (n=Miranda@
18:27:12lostlogicthe plugin sounds like it works, but it is not yet treated as a 'normal' audio file format.
18:28:04Maxou`so playback does not work on iriver? because for me it hangs at "Loading instruments"
18:29:44 Join Ribs [0] (
18:29:55lostlogicdon't know... haven't tried it.
18:32:08preglowMaxou`: well, do you have instruments?
18:32:48 Quit akaidiot ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
18:33:23Maxou`preglow, erm no i don't think so
18:35:11preglowthen small wonder
18:35:26 Join romanos [0] (n=romanos@
18:36:14 Nick scott666|sleep is now known as scott666 (
18:36:26Maxou`what should i do so?
18:40:57preglownever used it
18:41:00preglowbut you need patch files
18:41:01 Join akaidiot [0] (
18:41:10preglowthat is, instruments
18:42:04 Join qwm [0] (
18:45:01 Quit pondlife (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:47:04 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Hey baby, come sit on my lap. We'll talk about whatever pops up.")
18:48:35*lodesi is back (gone 00:46:53)
18:51:38 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:53:08 Join mikolas [0] (
18:57:09 Quit romanos ()
18:59:21Mikachuon some midi files it just seems to hang, on others it works
18:59:47Maxou`ah.. all midi's I tried hanged.. no luck
19:00:48 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
19:03:33 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
19:03:50 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:04:19 Join Acksaw [0] (
19:11:50Maxou`mp3 playback is buggy on last CVS :/
19:12:07Maxou`it goes next before the end
19:12:18Maxou`and he just hanged
19:12:21 Join qwx [0] (
19:12:45 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
19:16:07 Quit mikolas (".")
19:19:40RedBrevashould 'Line Selector: pointer' be included in a theme .cfg? Personally - No... What's the general feeling on this?
19:20:12LinusNhard to tell
19:20:18 Join romanos [0] (n=romanos@
19:22:22 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:24Maxou`LinusN, I have problem on mp3 playback of latest CVS, it goes to next song before the end, and it hangs some times..
19:23:35RedBrevahmmm...not sure I like it, but I suppose I should leave it there, if the user don't like it, they can always change it I suppose...
19:24:00LinusNMaxou`: i haven't worked on the playback code for ages
19:24:01Mikachui agree with Maxou`
19:24:07LinusNbetter look for lostlogic
19:24:12Mikachui think hardeep's latest commit broke it
19:27:53preglowMaxou`: do you seek?
19:28:18Mikachuit happens on normal playback
19:28:36Maxou`I play one song and let it play..
19:29:37 Join jeff_ [0] (
19:30:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:30:57lostlogichmph... why would hardeep's change break things...
19:32:10Mikachuit's just a guess so far
19:32:43lostlogicMikachu: so, you select a playlist (with nothing currently playing), and the first song it plays quits before the end of the track?
19:33:29Mikachui think it's just the wps switches to the next song early
19:33:35Mikachubut i've had that before i thnk
19:33:44Mikachumaybe it's anti placebo
19:34:07lostlogichmm, weird
19:34:51 Quit jeff_ ("Leaving")
19:38:28 Quit JBGood25 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:38:37 Join jeffelkins [0] (
19:40:24 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
19:40:43*lodesi is away: Occupé
19:40:57Mikachuis a comparison variable > code constant faster than comparison variable&mask != 0 ?
19:41:26Mikachuthe mask is also a code constant
19:42:23 Quit romanos ()
19:43:20lostlogicdepends if a subtraction or a & is faster
19:43:59Mikachui had a better idea
19:44:16 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@otaku.freeshell.ORG)
19:44:45*Mikachu optimizes code without even knowing if it's a hot path
19:46:04 Join blind [0] (
19:46:45blindSo I've been using rockbox on my iPod for a while.. and I turned it off, went to bed, went to turn it on, and I have the sad iPod icon. Out of the blue..
19:47:27blindbut now I just plugged it into the computer, and it loads fine. very odd.
19:47:29 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
19:48:02lostlogicblind: odd indeed.
19:48:21blindMaybe the battery just needed to be charged? Would that happen on a low battery?
19:59:22 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:00:35 Join Lear [0] (
20:01:42 Quit klrspz ()
20:02:18 Join lodesi [0] (
20:03:31 Quit godzirra ("Lost terminal")
20:08:54 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
20:11:15preglowsweet lord, this windows har really started rotting since i left it for linux
20:12:07preglowmy ubuntu is actually faster
20:12:11 Join Matixs [0] (
20:12:22Galoisdon't forget Windows Update
20:12:29 Join Rondom [0] (
20:14:50Matixshello, i have one question related to rockbox and linux.How i can set the path to crosscompiler forever? now a can manualy before compiling rockbox set the path with export PATH=/home/user/etc.
20:15:52lostlogicMatixs: just append it to the path in your .bashrc or .bash_profile
20:16:01lostlogicbut that's a linux question, not a rockbox one ;)
20:17:25ender`maybe configure should write full path to compiler to the makefile? :)
20:17:49Matixs:) but when i can append this? my .bash_profile looks now :
20:17:49Matixs# set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists
20:17:49Matixsif [ -d ~/bin ] ; then
20:17:49DBUGEnqueued KICK Matixs
20:17:49Matixs PATH=~/bin:"${PATH}"
20:17:50Matixs PATH=$PATH:/home/host/sh1/bin
20:17:50***Alert Mode level 1
20:18:36Matixsis it correct?
20:19:06 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
20:20:17GaloisI recommend putting the sh1 line after fi
20:21:58Matixsok, thats was that i wasn't sure
20:22:29 Join qwm [0] (
20:23:37Matixsok, thank you very much, sorry for wasting your time and sorry for my english :D
20:24:10 Part Matixs
20:27:51***Alert Mode OFF
20:31:47 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:35:31XavierGrlostlogic: I think I am going to record those artifacts I am talking about in the manual track change.
20:35:47XavierGrSo you would be able to hear what I am saying
20:37:05XavierGrLinusN: By any chance, do you remember the bug with wrong metadata on some audio files I had sent to you?
20:38:06lostlogicXavierGr: sure
20:40:07 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
20:41:47 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
20:42:27darklesslatest CVS (also before hardeep's latest commit) mess up when you FF in a track... I need to pause and then play, otherwise it won't continue (and even then it plays a bit of the audio before the skip before it continues from the correct position)
20:43:30darklesspressing stop after this little manouvre freezes rockbox
20:43:54lostlogicdarkless: when did this start? seeking was working fine last week...
20:44:15LinusNXavierGr: i remember
20:44:15Maxou`lostlogic, maybe same as simple playback bugs
20:44:44darklesslostlogic: I'll try to work my way back to see which daily made it go caboom
20:45:19XavierGrLinus: What do you think we can do about it? Can you tell me where exactly the bug is? (Which source file)
20:46:09pillianyone with the last stable build for H1x0?
20:46:47pilli almost had a car crash because of another unexpected hanging/hard reset
20:47:16Maxou`I don't think there's any release for H1x0
20:47:40LinusNXavierGr: i don't remember
20:48:22lostlogicwhat is this stability he speaks of? I'm not familiar with it.
20:50:59XavierGrLinus: Do you know where to search for it? Any hint or the case of the bug?
20:51:15XavierGrthat is if you remember
20:51:26XavierGrlostlogic where can I send you the file?
20:55:31 Join JBGood25 [0] (
20:56:00klrspzis it safe to delete \iPod_Control ?
20:56:11Mikachuif you won't use apple os anymore
20:56:36klrspzwill the AOS reinitialize this automatically?
20:56:44klrspzi like to show how badly the AOS sucks
20:56:56klrspzand how much better RB is :) but i don't want all the bs left around
20:57:06Mikachuyou could make an autorock that removes it :)
20:57:55lostlogicXavierGr: lostlogic at lostlogicx dot com
20:58:32lostlogicyeppers was taken somehow, despite my having this nickname for going on a decade :(
21:02:47darklesslostlogic: The first daily where the seeking problems occur is from the 24th, since the 23rd doesn't have it (and 26,28,30,2 has it)
21:03:16CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:03:16*goffa___ goes to check
21:03:16hardeepseeking works fine for me on latest CVS
21:03:53darklessI have a track where seeking doesn't work properly, I need to go back all the way to the 23rd to solve it
21:03:53goffa___9 years for me
21:04:14goffa___well.. since it was used online
21:04:15lostlogicdarkless: well then what's particular about _that_ track that breaks seeking is the question we should be asking.
21:04:18lostlogicwhat format is it?
21:04:23lostlogicwhat bitrate is it?
21:04:31lostlogicare its tags not correct WRT it's length?
21:04:41goffa___1992 was when people started calling me that
21:05:36darklessI haven't checked its tags. It's 7:12 in length (Eagles - Hotel California from "Hell Freezes Over" (a live-album))
21:05:52Mikachuheh, i have that tape
21:05:52Mikachui found it on the street
21:06:16darklesssame format as pretty much all my music (lame-encoded APS, ~205 VBR)
21:06:38lostlogicwell then why does that track break?
21:06:57darklessno idea but it does and it's easily reproduced
21:07:29darklessI can try other tracks if you'd like me to
21:10:51preglowsomeone remind me never to use windows again
21:11:22LinusNpreglow: don't use windows again
21:11:26darklesslostlogic: I reproduced the error on Green Day - Jesus Of Suburbia (same encoding+bitrate, 9:08 length)
21:11:55 Join qwx [0] (
21:13:02RedBrevaOK, a rash staement i realise... but, I think I have finished with untill a) anyone finds a mistake, problem etc. b) I start on the 'Patching Required' table.
21:13:05darklesslostlogic: and again on the track "Get Over It" (from that Eagles CD), length 3:31
21:14:04RedBrevaIt really needs for someone with a 5G iPod to d/load and install all the themes and check they work Ok on target, they all seemed Ok on Sim...
21:14:23lostlogicdarkless: forward or backward seeking? Are you seeking repeatedly? Starting another seek before audio has resumed from a previous one? Starting seeking while the disk buffer is still mostly empty?
21:15:09darklessafter playback has begun I seek forward a few minutes, playback doesn't resume after I stop forwarding
21:15:24 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:15:34lostlogicdarkless: see if it stops happening if you wait until at least 20 or 30 seconds of the song has played before starting to seek.
21:16:08 Join lodesi [0] (
21:17:10darklessok, it did the same thing... I let it play from start to 0:31 then FF'ed to 2:50
21:17:15 Quit nudel2 ("At Argon, we're working to keep your money.")
21:17:29darklesson a 4:03 length track
21:17:46lostlogicdarkless: it doesn't like you.
21:17:58lostlogicyour codec is not sending a seek complete event
21:18:01lostlogicfind out why.
21:18:32 Join gursikh [0] (
21:18:40 Part gursikh
21:19:25hardeeplostlogic: i had a thought on the resume info being cleared too early: couldn't we use the track changed callback to identify when we've stopped playing?
21:19:46XavierGrlostlogic: message sent
21:19:47Presence hahah, all the songs on the ipod 5g themes are "My Humps".
21:19:48Presencethats rad.
21:21:12darklesslostlogic: I don't have CVS set up, otherwise I'd try to back out some of your April 24th changes to see which one borked it
21:21:57 Quit qwm (Connection timed out)
21:22:10RedBrevaI liked the idea of all the screens showing the same track info - better to compare and contrast ;-)
21:22:17 Join nudelyn [0] (
21:23:15lostlogichardeep: hmm, good point −− track changed callback and manual stop should be the only places we need to save resume information
21:23:33lostlogicand a track changed callback that happens after playing is false should save null or something?
21:23:56Mikachudoes idleshutdown already save?
21:24:11lostlogicbroken on ipod, but that's a 'manual' stop of audio
21:24:26lostlogicthere are only 3 ways to stop: 1) manual 2) automatic and 3) error
21:24:58hardeeplostlogic: yeah, that should work
21:25:28Genre9mp3Does anyone know, how often does the "view Battery" in the Debug menu refreshes?
21:26:05lostlogichardeep: there's a nagging path in there where a manual stop might end up with incorrectly null data, since the codec stops asynchronously, would just hafta ensure that the codec is unloaded before playing is false to prevent it.
21:26:08Mikachusharpe: did you get the message from that guy?
21:26:25lostlogicXavierGr: I'll get the mail this evening, mail server is down, so it's spooling on my secondary for now.
21:26:54 Quit JBGood25 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:30:02Genre9mp3Here's the case...every time I charge my H340 with the default firmware, the battery reaches 4.19v but when I charge it with rockbox, I get 4.21v. Also, as I see in the Debug, it reaches this voltage level some minutes (20 or so) before stop charging
21:30:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:32:23lostlogicGenre9mp3: that's the natuer of LiIon charging −− the battery internally actually reaches ~4.20 volts after only 1 hour of the total charge time, and charges at a constant voltage for the remaining time.
21:32:48lostlogicGenre9mp3: also, the difference in recorded battery level can be easily attributed to having to reboot after the stock firmware charge before taking the reading.
21:35:07Slasheriwhen the charging circuit switches from constant current charging to constant voltage charging, the battery should have about 80-90% charge
21:35:27Genre9mp3lostlogic: I just reboot after finished charging (with rockbox) and I get 4.21v as well.
21:35:39lostlogicSlasheri: really? My understanding was that the CV stage started closer to 70%
21:36:08Slasherihmm, that probably depends on the battery type used
21:36:21 Join jbauman [0] (
21:36:49lostlogicGenre9mp3: are you charging from AC, or from USB?
21:37:05 Join webguest15 [0] (
21:37:38lostlogicthat's interesting. it's possible that the default setting for the charging chip has a lower threshold current to terminate charge than what the stock firmware uses.
21:38:07lostlogiccan't remember if the LX2201 has an adjustable threshold.
21:38:41lostlogicGenre9mp3: does it take longer to do a full charge on rockbox or on iriver?
21:39:58Genre9mp3hmmm...I can't answer to this for sure...probably the same time I suppose
21:40:31Genre9mp3I can do some tests though to find out the exact times
21:41:15lostlogicI'd be interested to know.
21:41:29Genre9mp3Sure...I'll let you know
21:43:28Genre9mp3I may do a battery bench also for both rbx & stock charges to see if there are any differencies as well
21:46:54klrspza bookmark loads the latest bookmark in the bmark file right?
21:47:10t0mashmz... some native English speakers around?
21:47:28klrspzuh yeah
21:47:31t0masthe right way of saying: moving into a house with some other students?
21:47:45klrspzmakes sense to me
21:47:48t0masso moving out of your parents house, but not going totally solo
21:48:02klrspzgetting a room mate/roomie
21:48:06t0masah ok
21:50:33klrspzi just noticed you can scroll through bookmarks when opening a bmark file.. how do you properly delete them on an ipod? it says ON+Play = Delete, but that doesn't even make sense to me
21:50:57Genre9mp3question: iPod mini doesn't support 24bit bmps like H100 does?
21:53:56klrspzodd... it seems you hold FF to erase the instance of a bookmark
21:57:08 Quit _FireFly_ ("Client exiting")
21:57:16 Join lodesi_ [0] (
21:58:17 Quit akaidiot ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
21:58:44klrspzat the rate my ipod is discharging under rockbox, i only have 53 minutes to listen to it, wtf
21:58:50klrspz(it's been on the charger all morning)
21:59:08Mikachuyes, ipods don't charge a lot in rockbox
21:59:18klrspzit says 100%
21:59:24 Join Arrogant [0] (
21:59:32klrspzbut after like 6 min it drops down to 89%
21:59:56klrspzi didn't think that'd make a diff, but i'll try it in the apple os.. but that really confuses me
22:01:29 Part Arrogant ("Leaving")
22:02:56klrspzwhenever i go past song 3 on my playlist, the total count drops by 1
22:05:14 Join qwm [0] (
22:06:13 Quit RedBreva ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
22:07:12klrspzMikachu, where you bullshitting me?
22:07:51Mikachuapparently there is some switch in the hardware to enable higher current modes
22:10:40klrspzwell i'll try that out then i guess
22:11:01klrspzi was wondering why my battery life kept getting less and less
22:11:06klrspzby a dramatic amount of time
22:11:27 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:12:04 Join akaidiot [0] (
22:12:29 Join JBGood [0] (
22:17:14 Join lowlight [0] (
22:17:56lostlogicI get like 6 hours of playback on my IPV after charging always in rockbox.
22:18:03 Quit jeffelkins ("Leaving")
22:18:32lostlogic'course I use a direct AC adapter that charges via the firwire charging pins, not a USB charge adapter
22:18:54klrspzmy ipod nano only came with usb charger adapter
22:19:12lostlogicwell sure, that's all mine _came_ with too
22:19:42 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:19:45 Join straycat [0] (n=left@
22:19:57klrspzi don't have money to be spending on something like an ipod unfortunately... i got it for free, so i'm not complaining, but i'm not going to make it an expense.. already got a skin on the way and an fm transmitter... that's all the dough i care to spend on it right now
22:20:05 Nick straycat is now known as left (n=left@
22:20:10lefthi people
22:20:25 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:20:48Mikachuklrspz: boot retailos when you charge
22:20:55klrspzi am right now
22:21:11 Quit jbauman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:22:09leftthere is actually someone with an iaudio M5 interested to port rockbox/with any suggestion to port the X5 version for the M5?
22:22:23 Join herz42 [0] (
22:22:56LinusNleft: is there *any* developer that has an m5?
22:23:49leftwell... me :D
22:24:00lowlightAnyone having problems with the text viewer?
22:24:11Mikachudefine problems
22:24:17lowlightMy cvs build for today completely locks up my h140
22:24:37Mikachuno then
22:24:41leftLinusN, is so n00b having an M5? I'm that old? :I
22:25:01noaweeehoo! Some initial testing on my new 30gib indicates that rockbox works like a charm. Thanks
22:25:01LinusNleft: well, do you think you are up to the task?
22:25:01lowlightwhen viewing text files that is
22:25:34leftI have no idea what's the task LinusN, maybe..
22:25:40 Join damaki_ [0] (
22:26:22LinusNthe task is to port rockbox to M5
22:26:32LinusNthe main thing is probably the lcd
22:26:51leftin fact it's the only hard difference, no?
22:27:00noaonly one question, is video playback supposed to work? (when I prepared the boot loader i added video playback firmware)
22:27:06LinusNi think there are more differences
22:27:24Mikachunoa: there is no video playback in rockbox
22:27:47noaMikachu, oki
22:28:15noaI'm happy as long as I can playback ogg (I have 30gib of encded cds here)
22:28:26 Quit lodesi_ (Success)
22:28:35leftLinusN, the way to discover it, is? opening my M5?
22:28:42noarebooting into apple firmware for video playback isn't all that complicated also
22:28:53lowlighthmmm...text viewer works fine for my 4/26 build, but not for today's build
22:29:01Mikachuif you have 30GB of oggs, you won't have any room for videos, problem solved :)
22:29:39noaI won't sync all the bad music I've collected over the years, so I'll have some gigabytes left
22:30:15 Join qwx [0] (
22:31:41noahas there been any talk about support for video playback? (I do program c but I'm totally new to this)
22:32:02Mikachuit's planned for the Future
22:32:25noathat is ususally the case
22:32:47noais there a "task list" or similiar with low hanging fruit for new contributors?
22:33:03 Join lodesi_ [0] (
22:33:58noaoki, I'll have a look
22:34:34noaI suppose first step is getting a development enviroment up and running
22:36:09 Join vertz [0] (n=vertz@
22:38:00lowlightAnother way to lock up the text something, view a text file, repeatedly press stop (switching between the menu and the text), eventually I get a freeze
22:39:03*noa plays around and is wondering.. How do you exit the jewels plugin with ipod controls?
22:39:59 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:40:05noafound it.. press and hold select
22:40:06lowlightactually nothing needs to be playing to lock up the viewer
22:40:48 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:40:51 Nick qwx is now known as qwm (
22:44:51Paul_The_Nerdnoa: There's also a thread in the General Discussion forums of the most wanted feature requests.
22:46:29 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
22:46:50 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
22:49:38noaPaul_The_Nerd, I'll check that out tomorrow
22:50:14Paul_The_NerdAlso, they updated the article on CNET to be a little more clear that Rockbox is still in a fairly early state for iPod. I felt on the original read-through that they presented the shortened battery life as "just something to be accepted about it" rather than "an aspect of its early state"
22:52:33 Quit webguest15 ("CGI:IRC")
22:55:03blindSo yeah, rockbox killed my iPod, I guess.
22:55:10Mikachuprobably not
22:55:12crashddon't be ridiculous blind
22:55:20crashd"mr. t ate my balls!!!"
22:55:29blindit was working fine, i listen to it everyday..
22:55:36blindi turn it off, put it on my table, go to sleep.
22:55:42crashdthat was for all the oldies :p
22:55:44blindwake up, go to turn it on, sad ipod icon.
22:55:45Mikachublind: it is not dead, only temporarily stunned
22:55:48XavierGrand then what blind?
22:55:55blindso i plug it into the computer.
22:55:58blindrockbox loads.
22:56:06blindSo I unplug it from the computer, rockbox loads.
22:56:26Mikachuare you sure you're not just out of battery?
22:56:31blindI listen to it for about 10 minutes, rockbox freezes. I restart the iPod, sad ipod icon. restart, sad ipod, plug it into the computer, sad ipod
22:56:51blindPositive, it was charging for an hour, and then i only used it for 10 minutes.
22:56:59crashdblind: worst case situation, you have to do a factory defaults restore using the Apple iPod Updater
22:57:02Mikachucharging in apple os?
22:57:02blindand i even plugged it into the charger, sad ipod icon.
22:57:12Mikachuit won't charge much in rockbox
22:57:12blindit won't go into apple os.
22:57:20crashdblind: disk mode?
22:57:34crashdand from there, you can use the apple updater to reset factory defaults
22:57:51blindI don't have the apple updater, or a mac or a windows computer.
22:58:11crashduse your backup partition
22:58:22crashdthat you made when you installed rockbox via linux/bsd/sunos or whatever you used
22:58:26Mikachuit still sounds like battery to me
22:58:43blindmikachu, then shouldn't i be able to get into apple OS?
22:58:50vertzI can install rockbox on my ipod video 30G right?
22:58:55Mikachuvertz: yes
22:58:57Mikachublind: not sure
22:59:05Presencesame thing happened to me first day of my ipod + rockbox, I just let it charge in emergency disk mode for 8 hours, never happened again.
22:59:26blindit won't go into disc mode now.
22:59:34vertzMikachu: is there anyone i can fuck it up and not recover it later? hehe
22:59:49vertzi'm kinda good at fucking things up
22:59:58blindyeah, won't go into disc mode.
23:00:00crashdyou'd have a hard time fucking it up to a none recoverable state vertz
23:00:16Mikachuvertz: no, you'd have to do it on purpose, and know exactly what you were doing to break it
23:00:16blindwhen plugged into the computer, the battery charging icon thing comes up..
23:00:29blindbut when i reboot it, i get the sad ipod icon.
23:00:35Mikachuleave it like that for more than 3 seconds
23:00:42vertzah! thats sounds great! then i'll just give it a shot
23:00:49blindit was charging for an hour, mikachu
23:00:51Presenceyeah, leave it at the battery charging icon for like a few hours, man.
23:01:16blindbut when rockbox DID load, it showed over a half full battery meter.
23:01:40Presencefuck rockbox's battery meter, it tries ,but it ain't all that. give your 30G ipod some time on that charger.
23:01:41vertzone more question, can i still watch videos?
23:01:53Mikachuvertz: you can dual boot
23:02:13Presencesorry, confused blind w/ vertz
23:02:16blindI have a 60G :)
23:02:22vertzdual boot? really? cool
23:02:35Mikachuvertz: you can even triple boot (ipl)
23:02:55Presencevertz: when you first turn on the ipod or coming back from the reboot, as soon as you see the dark screen with the apple icon, hold down "menu" for like ever until you get Apple's firmware.
23:03:04vertzhehe, i dont use my ipod anyway.. got it for free of a friend, but now i'm bored and i figured i could do something with it hehe
23:04:06Paul_The_Nerdblind: Give it some serious time to charge, and if you feel it's not happy, restore the bootpartition.bin you should've kept according to the instructions. But whatever problem you're having is sounding very definitely hardware based.
23:05:15blindPaul_The_Nerd, I like rockbox. I'll give it time to charge, but even if I wanted to, I couldn't restore that bootpartition.bin because the iPod won't boot up.. not even into disc mode.
23:05:37Presencei bet it will as soon as it has a long-ass charge.
23:06:15blindI hope.
23:06:47Presenceare you charging off a wall adapter, or a pc USB port?
23:07:11blindi've tried both. currently off the PC
23:07:43Paul_The_Nerdblind: If it won't boot up into disk mode, it's *definitely* a hardware failure, since every aspect of that takes place before you get to any rockbox software.
23:07:52 Quit Siku ()
23:08:17blindmy first iPod had a hd failure. I hope this one doesn't too :[
23:09:26 Part lowlight
23:10:53*amiconn appears
23:11:05*Mikachu cowers
23:11:44Presenceseriously, what do the cool 60gig ipod kids use to wrap their ipod up in when on the move?
23:11:50peturskype suddenly starts doing 40kbps transfer without me asking it
23:12:10Mikachupetur: i think it tunnels other people's conversations
23:12:13PresenceI'm still using the $0.10 cent sleeve that came in the ipod box.
23:12:26Bagderskype can relay others talk
23:12:29Mikachupetur: i think it tunnels other people's conversations
23:12:36*petur kicks skype out of mem
23:12:41linuxstbpetur: That's what closed-source software does...
23:12:50Paul_The_NerdPresence: I use an iSkin for my Nano.
23:12:55peturI'll have no such thing
23:12:58Mikachui use my pocket for my nano
23:13:15Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Once. ONCE, I accidentally put it in the same pocket as my keys. It was never the same again.
23:13:24Paul_The_NerdMikachu: And it was only there for a fraction of a second
23:13:43Mikachuit gets scratches from wiping dust off
23:13:56Mikachubut if i want to look at something i'll buy a painting
23:14:11Presencesee, yeah... but won't using a skin or whatever make docking in a thingie just like a pain in the ass?
23:14:25Mikachuthe skin should hopefully not cover the connector
23:15:14Presencewell, yeah, sure, but a dock standing-up thingie it would bork. Blah, off to Frys or somewhere to anti-clutz this thing.
23:15:46Paul_The_NerdMikachu: Well, my concern is that the single scratch it got makes the screen moderately less viewable already. I don't care much about looks, but it's nice to be able to read the menus.
23:16:09Mikachui can imagine a key scratch would be more annoying than a dust scratch
23:16:40Presenceactually, a cat claw scratch... cat jumped up onto desk right onto the ipod, full claws.
23:16:51Presencelovely "rip" right through the screen, extra fine.
23:16:53linuxstbThere is a bug in the ipod bass/treble settings saving, but I'm not sure which is the best way to fix it. The range is from -6 to +9, and it's been defined as a 4-bit signed value. So +8 and +9 don't get saved properly. Is the best solution to just increase it to 5 bits?
23:18:24Mikachucan't you just shift the value after loading?
23:18:43linuxstbYes, but I don't think any of the other settings do that, and it seems a lot of hassle for a single bit.
23:19:30linuxstbe.g. the Archos volume is -78 to +18, but is stored in 8 bits, not 7.
23:19:54Mikachui guess i won't miss the bit :)
23:20:05amiconnmarkun: r u there?
23:20:34 Nick BoD[away] is now known as BoD[] (
23:20:36BoD[]Hello !
23:21:40BoD[]hey... when I build the simulator under cygwin, playback produces an error
23:22:09BoD[]"The application or DLL ...\_temp_codec.dll is not a valid Windows image."
23:22:27BoD[]do you guys have an idea of why?
23:22:40linuxstbDid you type "make install" after building the sim?
23:22:43Presenceisn't that one too many dots?
23:22:57BoD[]I just did make
23:23:17linuxstbThen that's the problem. Did you copy the ".rockbox" folder from a "real" Rockbox build?
23:23:44linuxstbTry deleting the archos/.rockbox folder, and then type "make install".
23:24:00BoD[]hmmm I'm not sure cause I did it several days ago. But yes, that sounds like something I would do :)
23:24:26BoD[]ok it's working now !
23:24:30BoD[]thanks a lot :)
23:26:05 Quit klrspz ()
23:27:51 Quit herz42 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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23:35:31 Quit petur ("zzzz")
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23:52:48amiconnSlasheri ?
23:53:28 Quit Rick ("I don't need to be here.")
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