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#rockbox log for 2006-05-05

00:00:10lostlogicXavierGr: it's only on manual skip, right?
00:00:26Bagder473 open feature requests
00:00:37Mikachudo mine, do mine!
00:00:38captbunzook. here's a simple question.
00:00:58captbunzosay I want to totally "reset" the rockbox OS.
00:01:14peturwhat player?
00:01:26captbunzoCan this be accomplished by deleting .rockbox and rockbox.ipod?
00:01:29peturboot it with hold on
00:01:31Bagderhumulus: the x5 port is very new so its still lacking a few basic things that work on other targets Rockbox runs on
00:01:37XavierGrlostlogic: I think yes, let me check again the manual change from filebrowser.
00:01:47captbunzoyeah - that doesn't seem to REALLY reset everything.
00:01:53humulusBagder: but mp3/ogg works properly?
00:01:59XavierGrlostlogic: and I am sure that there is nothing wrong on normal track change (when a track ends)
00:01:59Bagderhumulus: yes
00:02:01Mikachucaptbunzo: no, that won't clear your settings
00:02:02humulusBagder: and video?
00:02:12lostlogicXavierGr: that's all I meant −− any other change is 'manual'
00:02:15Mikachucaptbunzo: boot with the hold switch on
00:02:19*lostlogic out for now.
00:02:20peturcaptbunzo: what do you understand with reset?
00:02:46captbunzoRockbox is very consistently hanging on boot.
00:03:02XavierGrlostlogic I remember you saying that filetree change is different than right/left change.
00:03:12captbunzoI can usually get it to reboot through a combination of reboots and reset reboots.
00:03:25captbunzoI figured reinstalling the OS isn't a bad idea.
00:03:38humulusok i'll check it out :)
00:03:41captbunzojust wanted to make sure that I deleted everything.
00:03:42peturyou can wipe the folder and ithe rockbox.ipod file
00:03:59Mikachucaptbunzo: you saw what i wrote?
00:04:16peturin case you think a file got corrupted
00:04:21captbunzounfortunately, I was already doing that.
00:04:37captbunzopetur: a file - are we talking a ROCKBOX file? or something else on the hard drive?
00:04:42captbunzolike an audio file.
00:05:10peturrockbox.ipod or whatever there's in the .rockbox folder
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00:05:35captbunzowell, I'm doing a reinstall of the OS files.
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00:07:12captbunzook. first boot after I "reinstalled". And it's hung.
00:07:42captbunzoIt shouldn't stay on the splash screen, correct?
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00:09:30petursorry, I'm no ipod expert
00:09:42captbunzook. thanks anyhow! :)
00:09:55peturhave you booted with hold on already?
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00:14:31captbunzoand it will boot on.
00:14:48captbunzothe CPU frequency debug screen fails automatically.
00:15:30peturthen sorry, can't help any further
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00:53:17MikachuHCl: about skype,
00:55:12HClwho wha
00:55:23Moosis there any X5 users around please?
00:55:24HClthanks o-o
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01:01:55humulusMoos: yes but i'm not running rockbox yet
01:02:50 Quit ender` (" Just because I have a short attention span doesn't mean I")
01:05:16Mooshumulus: thanks, I just thought I need the Cowons directories for upgrading...
01:06:03MoosI just upgrading to the dual-boot fw and trying to see if that works
01:06:14 Join lee-qid__ [0] (
01:07:12Moosworking... I'll can now switch to cowan's fw if I need to listeb Radio, or USB OTG :)
01:07:42Moosbut that remind me original fw aren't so good :(
01:08:31Moossleep time here, bye all
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01:41:55sjgrox2xAnyone around that could possibly help me out?
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01:43:52midkaysjgrox2x, no, since you haven't told us what you need help with.
01:45:05sjgrox2xI have spent the past few days to try and get a patch to install on t my ipod. I have read all of teh tutorials well at least I think all of them on how to do and waht to do. I ahve tried both VMware and cygwin and cant get a patch to work.
01:45:26midkaywhat's the problem?
01:46:06sjgrox2xI am pretty much lost on how to get the patch converted (at least I think what i read means to convert it) and then put it on to my ipod.
01:47:16sjgrox2xI know i read countless posts from other people on teh forums that this is a tough task and you need to have somewhat of a background in programming but my programming knowledge in limited
01:47:25midkayconverted? you need to compile it..
01:47:33sjgrox2xYes, that is what I ment, compile.
01:48:22midkaywell, if you can give us a specific error you get, or be more specific about the problem..
01:48:48sjgrox2xWell i seemed to have gotten closer with Cygwin
01:49:04midkayvmware's the easiest, i think..
01:49:09sjgrox2xI am not really sure how to compile the patch
01:49:12sjgrox2xBut this is what I did
01:49:15midkayeither way, an error message would be nice..
01:50:05sjgrox2xI guess i was skipping the compiling patch and just trying to go straight to adding the patch by typing: patch −−binary -p0 < patchfilename
01:50:22midkayand then what happened?
01:50:24sjgrox2xI skipped the compiling because I could never get tot he folder that I downloaded the patch to
01:50:32sjgrox2xWhen i tried to add it
01:50:33sjgrox2xIt says this
01:51:47sjgrox2xBefore it was asking me for the File to be patched
01:52:02sjgrox2xbut now it says "Bash: patch: command not found"
01:52:20 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:53:41midkayso patch has been uninstalled somehow..
01:53:47midkayor you're not running cygwin
01:53:54sjgrox2xI am running cygwin
01:53:55midkay(which it looks like you are, never mind)
01:54:17sjgrox2xHrmm, not sure how it got uninstalled, Should I run the setup again?
01:54:37midkayif you like. if you still have VMware installed, it's probably a lot easier.. everything's already set up.
01:54:53sjgrox2xI have that
01:55:15sjgrox2xI have it running
01:55:32 Join Zoide777 [0] (
01:57:06midkaydid you try patching?
01:57:16sjgrox2xIt does not work when i try
01:57:22sjgrox2xAlways say the directory doesnt esist
01:57:44midkayyou're specifying the right patch file name, right? vmware doesn't use the cygwin folder..
01:58:08Zoide777has anyone here tried the rockboy patch on a grayscale ipod?
01:58:19sjgrox2xBy specifying where the patch is, I am typing C:/rockbox/thepatch.patch
01:59:04Mikachuthat's most likely wrong
01:59:13midkaysjgrox2x, sorry, vmware might be a bit confusing. it emulates linux, and doesn't use your C: or D: drives.
01:59:32sjgrox2xYea, I dont really know how to use linux :S
01:59:56Mikachubasically, just leave out the drive letter
01:59:58Mikachuthere is only one /
02:00:05sjgrox2xOk, let me try that.
02:00:16Mikachuand of course, give the correct path to the patch file
02:00:19midkayMikachu, but his patch is on C:\ and vmware does *not* touch any of your standard drives...
02:00:31Mikachuright, you have to put the patch file on the filesystem first
02:00:33midkayyou can't even access anything on C: if you try, without copying it over..
02:00:36Mikachuor you will have limited access
02:01:06sjgrox2xOK, sorry for being new to this... How do I upload the file to the linux system?
02:01:30midkayyou need to go to 'my network places' and look for 'user' or 'homes' on debian server..
02:01:48midkaytry to enter either, and use "user" and "rockbox" for the username/password
02:02:41sjgrox2x"My Network Places" on my computer?
02:03:21sjgrox2xWhat would be the server I am trying to connect to.. Like the ip or link to it?
02:03:35Mikachui think \\debian
02:04:14sjgrox2x"Windows Requires a Share to publish to. Please try another location."
02:05:32 Part Paul_The_Nerd
02:09:37 Quit sjgrox2x ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:11:22 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:11:53Zoide777\\debian isn't working here either... it was before though
02:12:36Zoide777"Windows cannot find '\\debian'. Check the spelling and try again, or try searching for the item by clicking the Start button and then clicking Search."
02:13:31 Join Renderer [0] (n=d@
02:14:09 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
02:14:36midkaylogged onto vmware, right?
02:14:59 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
02:15:43 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
02:16:37 Join Doomed_9 [0] (
02:17:35midkayworks for me..
02:17:40midkaysometimes i need to log into users or home first
02:19:38 Join darkless [0] (
02:20:58 Quit twisted` (Nick collision from services.)
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02:29:58 Join sjgrox2x [0] (
02:31:02sjgrox2xHey midkay are you still around? My modem lost connection for some reason (comcast sucks) and it just went back on. Do you think you can help me some more?
02:31:26midkayi'm sorta here, yeah :)
02:31:35midkaydid you try checking 'my network places'?
02:31:44sjgrox2xYea, when I went to network places
02:31:55sjgrox2xit gave me some error that it could not to connect to it
02:32:00sjgrox2xGoing to check
02:32:11midkayhmm.. wait.. windows firewall? disabled? disable any firewalls that are on..
02:32:57sjgrox2x"Windows requires a share to publish to. Please try another location"
02:33:01 Join bagawk_ [0] (
02:33:03sjgrox2xI think its disabled, letme check
02:33:13midkaytriple-check, it's caused trouble for people before..
02:34:00 Quit Doomed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:34:41sjgrox2xWell I have nver had this error before.. When I try to view the windows firewall i get this: Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display windows firewall settings."
02:35:10*midkay raises eyebrows
02:35:16ashridahgoogle the error message
02:35:35ashridahmost things are in msdn, which google tends to index
02:35:41ashridahincluding direct quotes of error messages
02:38:20sjgrox2xI got to restart, brb.
02:38:54 Quit sjgrox2x ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:43:45 Join sjgrox2x [0] (
02:44:02sjgrox2xOK, googled worked :D
02:44:33sjgrox2xMidkay, what did you want me to type in my network places? \\debian\user?
02:44:53midkayshould get you to the share..
02:45:05midkaydoes that work?
02:45:17 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:45:19sjgrox2xWindwos requires a share to publish to. Please try another location.
02:46:02midkayi'm lost. i guess it's back to cygwin..
02:47:17sjgrox2xUgh... Ok. Do i need to update cygwin then?
02:47:41sjgrox2xBecause last time that took me 1+ hours
02:47:54Mikachusjgrox2x: if you type "wget" in vmware, does that work?
02:48:41sjgrox2xit works
02:49:08Mikachujust give the url to the patch instead of then
02:49:16Mikachuyou'll need to put '' around the url probably
02:49:18Mikachuor ""
02:49:36midkayMikachu, how does he access the build after it's compiled?
02:49:49Mikachuthat's a later problem
02:49:49midkayi guess he could manage it from vmware..
02:50:15Mikachui used http for file transfers when i used vmware
02:51:18 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
02:51:34Mikachubut my situation is reversed
02:51:46sjgrox2xSorry, but how to I paste with vmware
02:52:03Mikachuyou'll have to type it
02:52:16Mikachuyou can use or something i guess
02:52:36sjgrox2x That link doesnt seem right since its not a file type, but is it?
02:52:56Mikachuwget won't name the file correctly, but it will have the correct contents
02:53:07Mikachuyou can give -O mypatch.patch if you want
02:53:12Mikachuor just rename it afterwards of course
02:53:36sjgrox2xOk its saved
02:54:33 Join Zigmob [0] (
02:55:12sjgrox2xWhen I do a dir I get index.html (which is teh google page I assume) index.html?getfile=11447 and rockbox-devel
02:55:32Mikachuthe getfile one is your patch...
02:55:53sjgrox2xYea.. sorry I dont know linux, how do i rename that?
02:56:02 Join bagawk [0] (
02:56:28Mikachumv inde<press tab> file.patch
02:56:47Mikachuheh you have index.html too
02:56:49Mikachurm index.html
02:57:18 Part Zigmob
03:00:11sjgrox2xOk, now when i type: patch −−binary -p0 < file.patch I get what i was getting when i was using cygwin
03:00:35Mikachuwhat is that, and why are you using −−binary?
03:01:04sjgrox2xThat is teh command I read to do in the tutorial for compiling
03:01:21sjgrox2xIm taking a screen shot now
03:02:39Mikachuwhat does pwd say?
03:02:47Mikachuah wait, the path is in the xterm title
03:02:55Mikachuyou need to cd to the rockbox dir first :)
03:03:41sjgrox2xDo i have to move the patch there too?
03:03:56Mikachuyou can say < /home/user/file.patch instead
03:04:57sjgrox2xOk, awesome, it just came up with a bunch of Hunks that succeeded
03:05:07Mikachunone failed?
03:05:17sjgrox2xNot that I see
03:10:18sjgrox2xGoing to go read on in the tutorial, further i got so far. thank you so much for your help so far
03:10:19 Quit Renderer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:10:35Mikachuyou're welcome
03:10:42 Join lostnihilist [0] (
03:14:01 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
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03:25:40 Quit PaulJam_ (".")
03:25:47 Quit lukaswayne9 ("Ex-Chat")
03:29:36sjgrox2xMikachu are you still around?
03:31:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:34:41sjgrox2xOk, after I made the zip.. "" What is my next step?
03:35:15Mikachui guess you could use yousendit or something like that
03:35:23sjgrox2xWhat if I have webhosting
03:35:28sjgrox2xCould I upload it to it?
03:36:08sjgrox2xWhat would be the commands for that.. sorry :S
03:36:21Mikachuthat would depend on the webhost
03:36:40sjgrox2xWhat depends?
03:36:52sjgrox2xI have ftp access if thats waht you mean
03:36:52Mikachudo you use ftp?
03:37:03Mikachutry 'ftp'
03:37:49sjgrox2xim logged in
03:39:12sjgrox2xI think it worked
03:39:56sjgrox2xGenious... :D
03:40:13Mikachui would work on getting the windows filesharing thing working if i were you
03:41:10sjgrox2xYea that would be a lot easier to use... I will figure that out later.. For now, this is awesome!
03:41:20sjgrox2xDo you need any webhosting?
03:41:34Mikachuno thanks, i have 100mbit at home :)
03:41:42sjgrox2xIm jealous
03:41:58Mikachuit will only be 10mbit after the 21st
03:42:11sjgrox2xThat sucks, but its still better then my connection
03:43:35sjgrox2xJust my luck.. After getting all this to work, my ipod isnt showing up
03:43:51Mikachuis vmware still running?
03:44:06sjgrox2xYup, figured that was the problem since it keeps saying your ipod has been disconnected
03:44:24Mikachui think vmware can be set to steal usb devices
03:44:31sjgrox2xIt stole it :@
03:44:33 Join ProgramZeta [0] (
03:44:50Mikachujust for fun, does this work?
03:44:57Mikachumount -t vfat /dev/sda2 /mnt
03:45:05sjgrox2xWhere do you want me to type that?
03:45:11Mikachuin vmware, as root
03:45:20sjgrox2xLemme load i tback up
03:45:24Mikachuif it does, you can install rockbox on your ipod in vmware
03:47:17sjgrox2xis there a space after sda2
03:47:48sjgrox2xI think i need to disconnect from the ftp first, how do i do that
03:48:01Mikachueh? don't worry about the ftp
03:48:15sjgrox2xIt said ?Invalid Command
03:48:23Mikachuoh you mean exit the ftp program
03:48:29Mikachujust type exit or quit or bye
03:48:37Mikachuor press ctrl-d
03:48:43Mikachuone of those should work
03:49:00sjgrox2xMount: only root can do that
03:49:06Mikachu03:45:07 <sjgrox2x> Where do you want me to type that?
03:49:06Mikachu03:45:13 <Mikachu> in vmware, as root
03:49:19sjgrox2xMy bad
03:49:40sjgrox2xI dont know hwo to do root
03:49:49 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
03:49:50Mikachuokay, can you check ls /dev/sda2
03:50:10sjgrox2xcame up in bold yellow
03:50:21Mikachuokay, that probably means it detects your ipod fine in vmware
03:50:44sjgrox2xYea I see up top it says Apple USB Device or something
03:51:12Mikachuokay, type ssh root@localhost
03:51:16Mikachuand give rockbox as the password
03:52:34 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
03:53:56Mikachutry the mount command again
03:55:39 Join dj-fu [0] (
03:55:51sjgrox2xHrmm, when i just tried to add that to my ipod again when i try to play a song it just says root and doenst play
03:56:14Doomed_9u unziped it?>
03:56:20 Nick Doomed_9 is now known as Doomed (
03:56:37sjgrox2xDo I need to tagcache again?
03:58:18sjgrox2xMikachu a bunch of stuff came up this time about mounting whe i typed in teh comamnd
03:58:37Mikachuokay, maybe the system doesn't have support for all the stuff
03:58:50Mikachuit would probably be fiddly to add
04:00:01sjgrox2xC:\Documents and Settings\Seth Goldstein\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\FL67VAUG\mount[1].jpg
04:00:32Mikachuah you just mistyped it
04:00:46Mikachuvfat /dev/sda2
04:01:25 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
04:01:44 Join qwx [0] (
04:02:49 Join ericmoritz\0 [0] (n=eric@
04:03:32biffherois that a vmware player image of linux, to help newbies get rockbox on their players? that's cool.
04:03:38ericmoritz\0hey I just put rockbox on my wifes ipod nano, the volume control acts odd, I spans the values -74 to 6, why is that?
04:04:13biffherosjgrox2x: you need to have a space after the 'vfat', so it looks like this: mount -t vfat /dev/sda2 /mnt Otherwise you almost have it.
04:04:25 Join keithhub [0] (
04:04:47scorcheericmoritz\0: think in Db
04:06:07scorchewell dB
04:06:16sjgrox2xinvalid block device
04:06:30scorchebasically, dB scale has an actual meaning
04:07:06scorche0 is the line level
04:08:53Mikachusjgrox2x: hm okay, lets give up then
04:08:59 Join hotwire [0] (
04:09:31ericmoritz\0ok, it makes more sense now... I told her to keep it at 0
04:09:43sjgrox2xAlrighty :)
04:09:47Mikachuheh, she will go deaf in 5 minutes then
04:09:49scorchethat can be pretty loud =
04:09:51sjgrox2xThanks for all your help, but I dont think it worked
04:10:08ericmoritz\00 for use with her car stereo
04:10:26 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:10:38scorchei would go a bit lower ;)
04:10:48Mikachui suppose the car has a volume control
04:11:16scorchei find that it sounds better when you turn the player vol down, and the car vol up
04:11:31 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:11:43Mikachui find that unlikely, if 0 is really line level
04:11:44ericmoritz\0I'm actually thinking of getting rid of my Gmini 402 now and getting a ipod video because rockbox fixes all the complaints I had with the ipod
04:12:16 Join dj-fu [0] (
04:12:17sjgrox2xDoes rockbox have a codec for videos or am I just blind and I cant find it
04:12:23Mikachuit doesn't
04:12:29*scorche shrugs at Mikachu
04:12:40scorcheit is what B4dger said
04:12:41sjgrox2xI would love to hve that. So Far thast all I miss
04:12:44Mikachui haven't actually tried though, and you have
04:12:54ericmoritz\0does anyone know if the remote control accessories still work when Rockbox is loaded?
04:13:07Mikachunot yet
04:13:49 Part keithhub
04:14:16ericmoritz\0Mikachu, was that an answer to my question?
04:14:29Mikachuyes, but i'm not 100% sure
04:14:38 Nick qwx is now known as qwm (
04:14:58ericmoritz\0it's no big deal if it doesn't, I'll probably never use a remote
04:16:59Mikachui don't quite see the point of having a remote to something i keep in my pocket :)
04:17:19*goffa wishes the remote was wireless
04:17:24goffathen i could see a use
04:17:33Mikachui assumed we were talking about a wireless remote
04:17:39scorcheas did i
04:17:50dj-fuIt's probably close to the headphones
04:17:52goffais the x5 or iriver remote wireless?
04:17:54ericmoritz\0it's handy when in the car
04:18:05dj-fumeans I wouldn't have to pull my nano out of my pocket, flip my case, turn the hold off and move my fingers
04:18:09dj-fua remote would be cool ;[
04:19:09sjgrox2x+wireless headphones
04:19:42sjgrox2xYou still need teh dock for it to work
04:20:16ericmoritz\0I assume other accessories like a speaker dock works right?
04:20:37ericmoritz\0one with the stupid ipod connector, not a headphone jack
04:20:56Mikachui think the lineout connector works, yeah
04:20:58Mikachubut i haven't tried
04:22:00sjgrox2xEverytime I install a patch do I have to tagcache again?
04:24:47 Part `3nergy (":)")
04:25:39Doomedi think so
04:25:59sjgrox2xThat sucks, it takes so long to do 50gb of music
04:27:54sjgrox2xSomething messed up when I did my patch. When I goto play a song it has (root) in parenthesis and doesnt play
04:27:58ericmoritz\0I find that much music on a device to hard to manage
04:28:07 Quit ericmoritz\0 ("Leaving")
04:28:18sjgrox2xEhh, I have a hard time chosing what I want to put on when I have 200+gb
04:29:17 Join gursikh [0] (
04:29:20 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
04:29:37 Part gursikh
04:31:08 Quit dj-fu ("leaving")
04:33:21 Quit ProgramZeta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:36:15 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
04:36:53 Join damaki [0] (
04:37:31 Quit sjgrox2x ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
04:39:38 Join hotwire_ [0] (
04:42:07 Join sjgrox2x [0] (
04:45:01 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Elvis has left the building")
04:46:09 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
04:46:09 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:47:12 Quit hotwire (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:48:27 Join dj-fu [0] (
04:48:45 Quit dj-fu (Client Quit)
04:48:55 Join dj-fu [0] (
04:57:52lostlogicXavierGr: okokok, I figured out your bug, I think... tomorrow, if I don't remember, tell me "you gotta flush the fillpos on manual track change"
04:58:28*XavierGr puts that to the top of his todo list!
04:58:46XavierGrThanks lostnihilist! :D
04:58:56XavierGrI mean lostlogic! :P
04:59:12lostlogicwould it make sense that the noise would be up-to 1/5s of audio from a few seconds after the currently playing position of the old track?
05:00:27XavierGrI don't really understand what you just said :( But I will make sure to test it.
05:00:41lostlogicI'm asking what th enoise sounds like
05:00:56Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: What noises are these?
05:00:59lostlogicdoes it sound like up-to 1/5 second of missequenced audio from the old track
05:00:59XavierGryou mean currently right?
05:01:17XavierGrit makes sense now. It seems like this.
05:01:17lostlogicthat's the bug I found
05:01:22lostlogicand I'll fix it tomorrow.
05:01:32XavierGryou heard the artifacts.ogg right?
05:01:34 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:02:15lostlogicXavierGr: tbh, I haven't listened to it (made you send it and never listened)... I just analized the code path of manual track change and discovered this bug.
05:02:52XavierGrif you fix it I don't mind
05:03:05XavierGrI just thought that this will be better recognizing what it is.
05:03:25 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:03:38 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:03:38lostlogicXavierGr: fortunately, you'd mentioned once that you thought it might be some audio from the old track, so I had some inkling what to look for.
05:04:10lostlogicI generally prefer to solve bugs by code analysis than other methods, it's more precise, and much less likely to introduce new bugs that way
05:04:12XavierGrah okay that's nice to know
05:07:33lostlogicand I leave you with dreams of: (because I gave a handshake commitment to buy one today)
05:09:22lostlogicXavierGr: I'm committing the fix now, because it was a 1 liner upon further consideration.
05:12:36dj-futhat's a nice bike *_*
05:13:28lostlogicdj-fu: :)
05:13:33lostlogicg'night alls
05:17:11 Join damaki_ [0] (
05:18:44 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:21:01 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:21:04 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:21:17 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
05:28:41 Quit Genre9mp3 ("Leaving")
05:31:39 Join lostnihilist [0] (
05:31:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:32:47 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:35:23 Join ruisu [0] (
05:35:50ruisuok, ive moved to kubuntu, so ill learn C because i need to :p
05:39:01 Quit ruisu (Remote closed the connection)
05:40:04XavierGrlostlogic: seems much better but not entirely fixed. I will try to do some more tests and/or make another recording for you to listen.
05:40:47 Quit hotwire_ ("Chatzilla [Firefox]")
05:42:54 Join speacial_ed [0] (
05:49:11 Join nWr^Suicide_Guy [0] (
05:49:16 Nick nWr^Suicide_Guy is now known as Suicide_Guy (
05:49:34Suicide_Guyi cant figure out how to get hte bootloader to work on my iaudio x5l
05:49:45Suicide_Guyit works fine, but i cant get it to boot into rockbox
05:56:30Paul_The_NerdWhat does it do instead?
05:59:22 Join qwx [0] (
05:59:36Suicide_Guyi figured it out
05:59:38Suicide_Guyim just an ididot
05:59:45Suicide_Guyi forgot to install rockbox after it
06:00:07Suicide_Guyi was thinking the bootloader came with rockbox too
06:00:23Suicide_Guyjust did some messing around in rockbox and love it
06:00:25Suicide_Guyyou guys are amazing
06:02:14Suicide_Guyagain, sorry for my stupidity lol
06:02:17Suicide_Guykeep up the great work
06:02:25 Quit Suicide_Guy ()
06:02:32 Quit _Lucretia_ ("Leaving")
06:03:47jncthat was great.
06:04:14jncPaul_The_Nerd: you solved his problems, :)
06:05:43Paul_The_NerdYes, there's my magical problem solving skills. I've gotten so good, I don't even need to *do* anything anymore. :-P
06:06:19jncis it now "Paul the Nerdificent" ?
06:14:07 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:14:45 Join JoeBorn [0] (
06:23:16 Join ericmoritz\0 [0] (n=eric@
06:23:29Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I've asked him to restore the original apple firmware, and see if it shows the charging symbol then, or just when the Retail is loaded from our bootloader.
06:24:14ericmoritz\0hi, i'm a little confused on how the playlists work. When I start playing a song, it adds all the songs from that directory to the playlist. How can I make it just have the songs I want
06:25:11scorcheinstead of just hitting the button to play it, hold the button down for like 2 sec
06:25:25scorchethat will get you to options and you can choose playlist from there
06:25:48ericmoritz\0when I click playlist, I get a blank screen
06:28:12Paul_The_Nerdericmoritz\0: Okay, so you click and hold "Select" or "Navi" on a song, and then get a menu, you choose "Playlist" and see nothing?
06:28:29 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
06:29:13ericmoritz\0Paul_The_Nerd, yeah
06:29:28Paul_The_Nerdericmoritz\0: What sort of MP3 player do you have, and how old/new is your version?
06:29:39Paul_The_Nerdericmoritz\0: Also, are you in the filetree, or TagCache?
06:29:57ericmoritz\0ipod nano, I installed the latest build as of like 10pm est
06:30:01ericmoritz\0Tag Cache
06:30:30Paul_The_NerdThen why did you say 'Directory' when you meant 'Album' or 'Level'
06:30:44Paul_The_NerdDirectory is a word that applies to filetrees. TagCache doesn't support the feature you were told to use yet.
06:31:03ericmoritz\0sorry, my albums are in directories
06:31:15Paul_The_NerdYes, but you didn't enter the directory, because you weren't in the filetree
06:31:20Paul_The_NerdYou entered the Album in the TagCache browser
06:31:35ericmoritz\0Paul_The_Nerd, you're right, I used the wrong word
06:32:16hardeepthat reminds me
06:32:32hardeepSlasheri: any reason we can't use the playlist functions from Tag Cache?
06:32:42Paul_The_NerdJust sayin', it's hard to help without details. But yeah, if you browse in filetree, you'll be able to choose "Playlist" then "Insert" which will let you insert individual files, or folders.
06:32:54hardeepall we need is the pathname of the selected track
06:33:24Paul_The_Nerdhardeep: I *think* they've either not been implemented, or were disabled at some point. (There are some people who said they were there when TagCache was first added, then removed, though I haven't verified this, so it's just random forum dwellers)
06:34:19scorchePaul_The_Nerd: well, you are slightly less harsh than you usually are when doing troubleshooting =D
06:34:20ericmoritz\0Paul_The_Nerd, yep, using the file browser mode works fine
06:34:47Paul_The_Nerdericmoritz\0: Hopefully we'll have the full functions in TagCache soonish, but you can never tell when.
06:35:05Paul_The_Nerdscorche: I just have no bedside manner, unless I can tell someone's panicking.
06:35:14scorchePaul_The_Nerd: <3
06:38:22ericmoritz\0What's the Example1 and Example2 things in the TagCache browser?
06:38:52ericmoritz\0dev fud?
06:39:35Paul_The_NerdIf you open the tagnavi.config file, they're practical examples of how to customize it to do more fun things than it seems like it can. :)
06:40:02 Quit sjgrox2x ("CGI:IRC")
06:40:46scorchePaul_The_Nerd: also, how come with doing the aforementioned process, you cannot say, do that to a folder that has folders inside of that, and add all the music that is inside those folders, which are inside of the folder that i hit insert on?
06:40:53scorche...if that made any sense at all
06:41:12ericmoritz\0I sometimes seem to get stuck in one directory in file browser mode. the back button doesn't seem to do anything. Anyone get that?
06:42:26Paul_The_Nerdscorche: If you enable "Recursively insert subdirectories" it will grab all the subfolders. For example, I can do all of my ACDC music by "Insert" on ACDC, and it gets all 4 album subfolders
06:42:42Paul_The_Nerdericmoritz\0: Haven't heard that one before.
06:43:05scorchePaul_The_Nerd: hot...thanks...for some odd reason, i totally skipped over that option
06:43:35Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Further info, got the guy to restore his original Bootpartition.bin and it shows the charging icon in the upper left corner, and it does. So, it happens independently of our bootloader. Hardware flaw maybe? Some defective 5Gs in the wild?
06:45:58Presencemy "brand new" two weeks old ipod 5thGen is awesemo with Rockbox.
06:46:44Presenceand the cygwin UI simulator instructions on the wiki worked perfectly.
06:54:34 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzzz")
07:08:53 Part macdonalder ("bye bye ;D")
07:13:35 Join RoC_MM [0] (
07:14:02 Join cismo_ [0] (
07:18:35dongsis 1gb nano same thing as the 2gb nano?
07:18:38dongsas far as rockbox goes
07:18:51cmugthere is no 1gb nano?
07:18:51Paul_The_NerdAll Nanos are the same as far as Rockbox goes
07:18:57dongsthere is too
07:18:58Paul_The_Nerdcmug: There is a 1gb nano.
07:19:01dongsi just saw it in teh store today
07:20:22cmugreally, wicked
07:20:36cmugi thought only 2gb and 4gb models existed
07:21:01Paul_The_NerdThey introduced the 1gig later when they cancelled the Shuffle
07:21:15cmugoh, im just out of the loop ;)
07:21:22cmugarmy does that to people
07:21:27Paul_The_NerdI can imagine
07:22:51dongs1gb goes for like $149
07:22:53dongsaround here
07:23:16dongsoh, same price as in apple store.
07:25:38ericmoritz\0if you haven't bought a nano yet, you should wait, they just announced 4gb and 6bg models that will be on sale soon
07:25:54 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
07:25:57dongsbut they wouldnt be $150 eh
07:26:08ericmoritz\0I'd assume that will drive the price of 1gb and 2gb down
07:26:27Paul_The_NerdYeah, but if you can afford a 150 now, you can afford 200 or 250 later. Double the space for not double the price is a good thing.
07:26:30ericmoritz\0you'll probably get a 2gb for 150
07:27:10ericmoritz\0of coarse a 2gb is only $50 more
07:27:28 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:27:31ericmoritz\0it's worth the extra $50 :)
07:28:30 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:28:40hardeepSlasheri: around?
07:29:46ericmoritz\0hell, you might as well get an older 20gb 4th gen
07:30:16scorcheooo...a 4gb nano will be coming soon?
07:30:20ericmoritz\0a friend with a shiny new ipod video will probably sell you his old one for $50 :)
07:30:38dongs4gb nanos have been around a while already
07:30:41Paul_The_Nerdscorche: Well, the *rumour* is they're doubling capacity. 1, 2, 4 to 2, 4, 8. Just rumour though.
07:30:57scorchelol...i was poking fun at him saying that 4 gigs are coming out
07:31:42scorcheand if you are worried about $/space, for 50 more than the 4 gig, you can get 30
07:32:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:32:22 Join cismo [0] (
07:35:30 Quit ericmoritz\0 (Remote closed the connection)
07:43:56 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:47:03 Join qwm [0] (
07:50:10 Quit speacial_ed ("Bye")
08:00:42 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:03:22 Join qwx [0] (
08:03:32 Quit qwm (Nick collision from services.)
08:03:40 Nick qwx is now known as qwm (
08:09:59 Join speacial_ed [0] (
08:15:29 Join Acksaw [0] (
08:18:16 Quit crwl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:29:14 Join webguest13 [0] (
08:29:43webguest13hey guys i have a question what does rockbox error -1 mean
08:30:25Paul_The_NerdIt means you forgot to copy over the and then extract it.
08:30:43webguest13but i did extract it into the top folder
08:30:59Paul_The_NerdWhat kind of player is it?
08:31:18Paul_The_NerdSo you have X:\rockbox.ipod and X:\.rockbox (which is a folder)?
08:31:25Paul_The_NerdWhere X is whatever drive letter it is
08:31:35 Quit speacial_ed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:31:41Slasherihardeep: hi
08:31:59 Join theli_ua [0] (
08:32:09webguest13nvm forgot the rockbox.ipod
08:32:13webguest13loaded it and now its fixed
08:32:18webguest13its late and had a brain fart
08:32:22Paul_The_NerdSo, you didn't *extract* it into the root.
08:32:29hardeepSlasheri: I think I've fixed the problem with playlist commands not being available for tracks in tagcache
08:32:32webguest13but its fixed now
08:32:33Slasherihardeep: it should be easy to make the playlist functions to work.. i might look that as soon as i am less busy with work
08:32:36Paul_The_NerdWhich is exactly what I said you didn't do. :-P
08:32:42Slasherihardeep: oh, that sounds good
08:32:43hardeepSlasheri: was wondering if you could look at it to see if it's correct
08:32:59Slasherihardeep: sure, do you have the patch somewhere?
08:33:11Slasheriok, i will check it
08:34:12 Join speacial_ed_ [0] (
08:34:13 Nick speacial_ed_ is now known as speacial_ed (
08:34:16hardeepit appears to be working fine, but I wasn't sure if I was calling the right tagcache functions
08:34:50Slasherihardeep: it looks good, just commit it :)
08:35:05hardeep'kay =)
08:38:35dongsi got a weird lockup, i have 6 files in \ of rockbox, 5 and 6 are real mp3s, the first 4 are various unicode filenames . mp3 of 0 bytes. when i play either 5th or 6th mp3 the ui locks up and needs a hard reset.
08:38:38 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
08:39:48Paul_The_NerdWhat happens when you play one of the first 4?
08:39:48dongscould it be "next file" function crashing because of 0 bytes
08:39:59dongsPaul_The_Nerd: they're just 0 byte files
08:40:12dongswith mp3 extension that i used for testing
08:40:12Paul_The_NerdYes, but when you click on them, what happens?
08:40:18dongs5th track plays.
08:40:26dongs(and crashes)
08:40:46Paul_The_NerdSo it freeze immediately, with the 5th track showing in WPS, but no progress?
08:40:57dongsand after that the keys are dead
08:40:59Paul_The_NerdAnd this is a CVS Build?
08:42:44Paul_The_NerdIs it set to shuffle or sequential play?
08:43:08webguest13how do i boot into stock firmware?
08:43:36Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: You didn't read the FAQ I suppose. Hold Menu while booting.
08:43:51webguest13its late
08:44:20dongsPaul_The_Nerd: default
08:44:27webguest13but that didnt work
08:45:05Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: It's late is an excuse for what again? Also, if it didn't work, you're doing it wrong. Turn off the unit by holding Play/Pause. Turn it on, and continue holding Menu until it says "Loading Original Firmware"
08:45:45Paul_The_Nerddongs: Interesting. And it freezes immediately, as opposed to once the buffering tries to get to them?
08:46:31dongsPaul_The_Nerd: maybe the 2nd. i seem to recall the time counter isnt 0:00 when its locked
08:46:33amiconnSlasheri: The tagcache browser seems to not set some type flag correctly. The icons are correct (folder vs. audio file), but voice is inconsistent.
08:46:35dongsso maybe youre right.
08:47:08Paul_The_Nerddongs: Well, it's easier to diagnose once we actually know what's wrong. ;-), care to check?
08:48:03dongsi would if i had the player here. im just noticing something i noticed earlier today.
08:48:14dongsshould be repeatable if you make some 0byte mp3s in alphabetical order before the real ones
08:48:15 Quit webguest13 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:48:25dongslike aa.mp3, bb.mp3 0 bytes, then cc.mp3 dd.mp3 "normal"
08:48:55 Join KimHC [0] (i=jkoio@
08:48:56scorchesadly, it goes 1. 10. 11. 12. 13. 2. 20. 21. =(
08:49:23dongsohh,non-natural numeric sort order?
08:49:31dongssomeone should code an option for that!
08:49:33scorchei hate it
08:49:48*scorche hints
08:49:53dongseven explorer.exe has an option for that.
08:50:13amiconnugh, now the tagcache browser got confused, showing random strings instead of the first 4 main folders. After some browsing it crashed
08:50:50dongsheres some good natural sort code to rip
08:50:54Paul_The_Nerddongs: If I remember to check it later I will. I'm actually watching Season 1 of House with a friend, and am just making sure not too many questions go unanswered or helped. If you get the chance to test later, drop by the forums and leave the results if you could.
08:50:57amiconnSlasheri: Btw, I tried the full crc32 instead of the space saver for tagcache on iriver. No speedup at all.
08:51:17 Join einhirn [0] (
08:51:24dongsPaul_The_Nerd: yes i will probably mention it again
08:51:41Paul_The_NerdWell, we should handle invalid files gracefully.
08:52:04 Join Zoide777 [0] (
08:52:07hardeepdongs: the problem is reproduceable in sim as you describe... something gets into an endless loop
08:52:13hardeepwill investigate
08:52:15dongshardeep: wiht 0byte mp3s?
08:52:24Zoide777theli_ua: hi, i'm the guy with the grayscale 4g
08:52:29dongsi know its not really a common condition
08:52:34dongsi mean how many mp3s you have that are 0 byte
08:52:36dongsbut still better fix it
08:52:42Zoide777in addition to the problem with rockboy, I'm having a problem booting rockbox itself
08:52:53Zoide777I have to hard reset a couple of times, or else it hangs in the Rockbox logo screen
08:53:47amiconndongs: That code won't help us at all. (1) It's C# (2) It uses a windows api function for the actual work
08:53:48theli_uaZoide777, hm ... maybe you just have problem's with rockbox itself? cause patch changes nothing but rockboy's files
08:54:10dongsamiconn: uh, no.
08:54:12dongsit has the algorithm
08:54:15dongswho cares what its implemented in
08:54:26scorcheamiconn: why dont we just code rockbox in C# then from now on?
08:54:28*scorche ducks
08:54:41dongsheres a java version
08:54:48scorche....even worse
08:54:50Zoide777theli_ua: yeah, actually i tried rockbox without the patch and it still gives the booting problem
08:55:01Zoide777theli_ua: it didn't use to with an older build, though...
08:55:15Paul_The_Nerddongs: I would strongly suggest you listen to Amiconn when he says "That won't work." He tends to know what he's talking about far more often than I do.
08:55:16amiconnI try to stay away from objects, especially sharp ones
08:55:44dongsthere is nothing object oriented in that java code.
08:55:48scorchei would rather go C# than java...
08:55:51dongsthe algorithm is right there and can be adapted easily.
08:56:05*Paul_The_Nerd wonders why dongs isn't busy adapting it then
08:56:27scorchePaul_The_Nerd: <3
08:56:29dongsduno, cause im not at my place
08:57:03Paul_The_NerdWell, you've got 9 days to post a patch and get it bulletproofed.
08:57:16Paul_The_NerdIt'd probably make it into 3.0, it seems more a bugfix than a feature.
08:57:18hardeepstrange, the tagcache re-committed when I rolo'd
08:57:29theli_uaZoide777, this is strange .. can't see any changes in cvs which should affect 4G iPods ... just the screendump fix
08:57:54scorchei would call it a fix
08:58:23scorchebefore i have formatted things, and just got the torrent, if they had it in track numbers like that, it got annoying
08:58:36amiconndongs: Okay, didn't see that it has the algorithm. It's non-obvious, and you need to register for download. yuck!
08:58:52scorchewow....i need to go away before my typing/english gets worse...
08:58:54Paul_The_NerdI always formatted my track numbers as two-digit anyway.
08:58:55dongshehe, well that java version is better
08:59:13amiconnSo I cannot judge about the code suitability, but it tends to be that oo code doesn't help us much
08:59:34markundongs: yes, the compareNatural doesn't look that difficult to adapt
09:00:17 Quit KimHC ("Http://www.ZeroIRC.NET Zero IRC Ver 2.9b")
09:00:30dongsyea. its jsut going through teh string, and checking isdigit() and setting some flags etc.
09:00:33*amiconn thinks that this 'natural' compare isn't all that natural after all
09:00:34dongsnothing crazy going on
09:00:44dongsdo you guys already have a sorter function which takes different sorters?
09:00:47dongsascending/descending etc?
09:01:00 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:01:59amiconnIn windows explorer it happened multiple times that I was looking for a file and thought it wasn't there, just because windows explorer placed it in a different position in the list than I expected
09:02:54 Join damaki [0] (
09:02:55dongsthats why explorer has something called typeahead
09:03:02dongswehn you can just type first few chars of a name
09:03:03 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
09:05:20 Join petur [0] (
09:06:37amiconnSlasheri: Some more precise hints what happens with voice in tagcache: (1) Files are often (always?) called folders. (2) To the contrary, the virtual '<all tracks>' folder is called file, with a negative number (!!)
09:07:23dongscan also rip this function from php
09:07:30dongsthat should be in fairly readable C
09:07:48Zoide777hmmm... the latest cvs build doesn't work on the 4g grayscale
09:07:55Zoide777it locks up at the Rockbox logo screen
09:08:27peturhmmm... we had the same report yesterday
09:08:41peturno lockup with an older version?
09:08:46Zoide777if you hard reset it about twice, then it does get through the logo
09:08:55Zoide777no, it worked ok with a build from some days ago
09:09:09 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:09:20peturIf you could find out what day it starts going wrong it will help a lot
09:09:34Zoide777petur: ok, let me try and find out
09:09:55hardeepamiconn: this may be related to the fix I just made... the attribute that the tree code used to use to identify tracks from id3db is not valid anymore
09:10:35amiconnhardeep: This is a build from yesterday's cvs
09:11:10hardeepamiconn: i meant that I fixed a similar issue in the tree code... i'll see if it's similar for voice ui
09:11:24amiconnah ok
09:12:17Zoide777petur: works with may 2, i'm trying may 3 now
09:13:33Zoide777may 3 works...
09:13:47Zoide777may 4 coming up
09:15:00Zoide777may 4 breaks
09:15:12Zoide777so whatever change there was on may 4, it makes 4g grayscale hang at the logo screen
09:15:52Paul_The_NerdWell, you mean whatever changes were made on the 3rd leading up to the 4th daily
09:16:09Zoide777well, i tried the may 3 daily build and it worked
09:16:24Zoide777but the may 4 daily didn't
09:16:30Paul_The_NerdYes. The may 3rd daily is made in the wee hours early May 3rd morning.
09:16:38Zoide777ah i see
09:16:40hardeepamiconn: did this work with old tag database?
09:17:17amiconnSet voice to numbers or .talk clip to see what I mean
09:17:39amiconn(.talk clip falls back to numbers when there is no clip, which is always the case in tagcache)
09:17:41Paul_The_NerdZoide777: So, the May 3rd changes need to be looked at. Which is good ,because the only May 4th change was to viewer.c, not a heavily used file in the boot process.;-)
09:17:54hardeepyeah, i see the problem. just surprised it ever worked
09:17:55Zoide777is there a way to download old cvs builds?
09:18:07dongscheck out with cvs date tag
09:18:10dongsand build
09:18:10Paul_The_NerdZoide777: If you're using CVS to compile yourself, there is.
09:18:38amiconnHmm, now I get the messed-up strings effect again.
09:18:39Paul_The_NerdThough technically at that point you're not downloading _builds_ so much as source. ;-)
09:18:53Zoide777Paul_The_Nerd: how do you do that? I mean, i've got the vmware thing set up, but i mean how do you download w/ the specific date?
09:18:54dongs Greyscale ipods: Fixed screendump for the (not-so-) new framebuffer format. < this?
09:19:06amiconnSeems to happen if I boot with the browser set to file mode, then switch to tagcache. But it doesn't happen always...
09:19:16dongs-D <date>
09:19:38Paul_The_NerdZoide777: As dongs said.
09:19:45dongs-D 2006-04-30 or whatever
09:19:46peturor me increasing the buffer for the language file? we can't be that short on mem....
09:19:47Zoide777well, all i can say is that it gets past the logo screen after a few hard resets
09:20:11 Quit theli_ua (Connection timed out)
09:21:04peturhmmmm payed work.. bbl
09:21:58amiconnhardeep: I took a screendump...">
09:22:16dongshow do you take a screendump ;/
09:22:36amiconnpetur: I had a look at the changelog as well, and can't imagine which change could cause such a hang
09:22:39hardeepamiconn: looks fine to me...
09:22:56Paul_The_Nerddongs: The screendump option in the debug menu, and screendumps happen on USB inserts, instead of actually entering USB mode.
09:23:11dongsi saw the option, didnt know how to trigger it.
09:24:11Zoide777dongs: but that would be for a specific date, not a specific time
09:24:15hardeepbtw, that screen dump does confirm a problem I'm seeing −− the folder icon in the tag cache is different then the one in the file tree
09:24:26hardeepstrange thing is, it's the same on the sim
09:24:31amiconnhardeep: Was just about to mention that
09:24:49amiconnIt was the same before your fix...
09:25:04hardeepah, okay
09:26:11hardeepamiconn: did the corruption also start after you updated? or were you seeing that before as well?
09:26:27amiconnThat happened before as well
09:26:40 Join crwl [0] (
09:26:58 Join qwx [0] (
09:28:14amiconnMaybe it depends on the settings; I have dircache switched off and keep tagcache on disk
09:28:31 Quit Zoide777 ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
09:32:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:34:55 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:37:45Slasherihmm, that is weird.. i have never experienced such a corruption before
09:37:53Slasheriso it happens only with the voice ui enabled?
09:39:39 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:39:57dongsdo people acutallyu se voice ui?
09:40:17dongsit seems about as useful as id3 tags
09:40:20dongsspeaking of id3 tags
09:40:23dongshow can i make rockbox IGNORE them
09:40:24Paul_The_NerdBlind people
09:40:35Paul_The_NerdWhat do you mean ignore them?
09:40:41dongswhen tehre is no tag
09:40:44dongsi want the filename in wps
09:40:46dongsnot blank space
09:40:49Paul_The_NerdThen do that
09:40:53dongsbut it doesnt
09:40:55Paul_The_NerdHave you read about conditional statements on the custom WPS page?
09:41:01Paul_The_NerdHell, Rockbox_Default does that
09:41:12dongsmaybe nano theeme doesnt
09:41:32Paul_The_NerdMeanwhile, representatives of various sight-impaired groups often show up in our forums when someone breaks voice.
09:41:41Paul_The_Nerddongs: "nano theeme?"
09:41:57peturnaano theeme
09:45:16amiconnI use the voice UI a lot. Very useful in the car
09:45:59dongswhat does it say? speak out the menus or something?
09:46:20dongsseems liek natural sort is more interesting than voice ui
09:47:06amiconnhardeep, Slasheri: I now know under what conditions the corruption happens. It happens if you browse in file view, have 'voice folders' set to '.talk mp3 clip' and actually move across a folder with a clip, then switch to tagcache view
09:47:42 Quit cismo (Remote closed the connection)
09:47:44 Join cismo [0] (
09:47:54amiconndongs: It speaks the menus and can speak the folders & files in various ways
09:48:02linuxstbdongs: See point 4. on this page for an example showing how to use the filename in the WPS if there are no tags:
09:48:20amiconn...and imho is way more useful than natural sort
09:49:02linuxstbI'm sure someone has already written a patch for "natural sort"...
09:49:06Paul_The_NerdNatural sort helps people who don't know how to use a tag and rename tool, Voice UI helps blind people who don't have a real alternative. :)
09:49:24amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: I'm not blind...
09:49:32hardeepbizarre, i think i may have found a compiler bug
09:49:45dongslinuxstb: whereis it
09:49:48linuxstbThis may be it:
09:49:57Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Yeah, which means technically you have an alternative to voice UI that's less favorable, but still usable, much as he has an alternative to natural sort.
09:50:08LinusNhardeep: that's a lame excuse :-)
09:50:23amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Using the voice UI while driving is certainly a good thing, isn't it?
09:50:50hardeepLinusN: hehe
09:50:51Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Oh, indubitably.
09:50:57dongslinuxstb: seems so.
09:51:02 Join damaki_ [0] (
09:51:29Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Did you see that even without Rockbox, at least one 5G thinks it's receiving power?
09:51:41dongslinuxstb: not very good and only works on leading numbers
09:52:18*amiconn somehow expects a comment from lostlogic or preglow ;)
09:53:50amiconnWell, I wouldn't mind natural sort as long as it doesn't add too much code, and it is optional
09:53:55markundongs: in which situations is natural sorting useful?
09:54:01amiconnIn windows explorer it isn't optional...
09:54:11dongswehn i have all RFCs as audiobooks.
09:54:29dongsnamed like rfc123.txt rfc200.txt
09:55:52markunyes, then it would be useful
09:55:53linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: I've never seen it. But I'm sure I asked the first person who reported this if RetailOS was working fine, and he said yes.
09:56:11dongsmarkun: also stuff like 1.mp3 2.mp3 .. 10.mp3 11.mp3 would get ordered properly
09:56:19dongsinstead of 1.mp3 10.mp3 11.mp3 2.mp3 etc.
09:56:27Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Well, I've got someone who restored their bootpartition.bin and now has a charging icon constantly. It works fine, it just always says it's charging.
09:56:37linuxstbYes, I've read that.
09:56:39dongsthe patch linuxstb linked would handle those cases
09:56:46dongsbut it wouldnt do something like track1.mp3 track2.mp3
09:57:23markundongs: it would, but not track2.mp3 track10.mp3 :)
09:57:53Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I'm just wondering if it's officially moved into a "not our fault" category.
09:59:00linuxstbMaybe check if the user is running the most recent Apple firmware. If Apple have fixed it, then we would have to.
09:59:30Paul_The_NerdGood idea
10:00:23linuxstbSadly, Apple never publish changelogs for their firmwares - the most they say is "bug fixes".
10:00:36Paul_The_NerdThat drives me quite nuts.
10:01:20amiconnHow 'hard' is a hard reset on ipod? Does it really reset everything, or would only disconnecting the battery do that?
10:01:43dongsmy nano doenst look very user serviceable
10:01:54dongsi didnt find any screws and shit on it
10:01:59 Join damaki__ [0] (
10:03:09linuxstbamiconn: I'm pretty sure it resets everything.
10:03:27amiconnMy mini also doesn't have screws visible from the outside, and I managed to open it, and take photos
10:04:19Paul_The_NerdAren't they held together by that wonderful natural force, "friction"?
10:04:59dj-fuhey any ideas on why if I try to delete a file or folder with rockbox's menu it kinda dies after pressing play 'confirm'? the screen keeps marqueing, the music keeps playing
10:05:02dj-fubut no dice
10:05:03dj-fuhave to reboot
10:07:02 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:07:18 Join qwm [0] (
10:08:28linuxstbIs it just my lack of coffee, or does this forum post make absolutely no sense at all?
10:08:43Paul_The_NerdNo, I was going to ask the same thing.
10:09:10Paul_The_NerdI can usually translate from forum->English, but yeah...
10:09:50 Quit dj-fu ("leaving")
10:12:02 Join dj-fu [0] (
10:12:46dongslooks like typical blogspam
10:17:20 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:17:26 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
10:19:14dongslol SDL.
10:19:24dongssomeone should build a direct3d UI simulator for windows.
10:19:43dongsbecause SDL is communism.
10:20:14 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:20:34Paul_The_NerdAnd intentionally writing code for direct3d when there's no necessity to do so is bending over to pick up the soap when Microsoft's in the shower with you.
10:21:20dongsheh, if I had to pick between directx and sdl for a windows project you already know what I would pick.
10:21:35Paul_The_NerdIt's not a windows project.
10:22:17dongsbut but..
10:25:16markundongs: It's a *former* communist party :) (look for SDL
10:26:07dongsno, you misread, it was formerly KSS.
10:26:19dongsoh, neever mind. under "ex" heading.
10:27:07 Join qwx [0] (
10:30:03 Join damaki_ [0] (
10:31:59 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:32:55hardeepdongs: the problem you reported with the 0-byte mp3 files should be fixed in latest CVS
10:33:12 Join RedBreva [0] (
10:34:16 Join ashridah [0] (
10:34:39markunlinuxstb: I think the guy in the forum is looking for something like this:
10:35:54Paul_The_NerdWhat about ?
10:37:13 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:37:20dongsstatus bar in file list is themeable, right?
10:37:32Paul_The_NerdYou can turn it on and off.
10:37:37Paul_The_NerdIn a theme.
10:37:40dongsyes, but can it be themed?
10:37:56dongsit doesnt seem so
10:38:00dongsfrom a quick look
10:38:02Paul_The_NerdI just told you the extent of what you can do with it.
10:38:07dongsi see
10:38:13dongsisnt that kinda shitty?
10:38:17linuxstbdongs: I think someone was working on it - try searching the patch tracker.
10:38:29linuxstbdongs: Yes, feel free to fix.
10:39:02Paul_The_Nerddongs: Let's see. "Themable status bar" or "Good battery life." Which of those two affects everyone? There's a lot of other things to work on.
10:39:24dongstrue, but isnt "good battery life" depending on figuring out how to use the 2nd cpu?
10:39:41 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!")
10:39:44dongsmaybe if statusbar is themeable, more people will use rockbox, and more people will be interested in fixing it?
10:39:46Paul_The_NerdThere's also "optimizing drivers" "improving codec performance" and a variety of other things
10:39:50linuxstbThe second CPU will reduce battery life even more.
10:40:06linuxstbWhich is one reason why it's not being used yet.
10:40:20dongswhy is apple's mp3 codec "so great" so that it uses almost 5h more battery?
10:40:34Paul_The_NerdPeople who use Rockbox because of the pretty factor are *probably* not the sort of people interested in diving into and assembly optimizing codecs.
10:40:36linuxstbBecause it's been highly optimised by full-time professional programmers.
10:40:54 Quit user01 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:41:05dongslinuxstb: so whats with the huge battery life gap?
10:41:33Paul_The_Nerddongs: It's not really been investigated much right now. There are other greater priorities.
10:41:58linuxstbI'm sure we're not configuring the hardware in the most power-efficient way - and that may be hard to fix without documentation.
10:42:14peturdongs: every question you ask here is another 10 minutes time wasted of a programmer ;)
10:42:23dongsgee thanks.
10:42:28dongsfeel free not to answer them mr programmer.
10:42:42Paul_The_NerdNot to mention he's now asking about ipod-specific features in the middle of a feature freeze in which ipod-specific stuff isn't supposed to be worked on. ;-)
10:42:56LinusNlinuxstb: and rockbox is optimized by part-time professional programmers
10:43:07linuxstbLinusN: I know :) Sorry for the offense...
10:43:15dongshm i dont see a patch for statusbar
10:43:20linuxstb(it came out badly - I'm a professional programmer...)
10:44:37Paul_The_Nerddongs: Funny, searching "Patches" for "Statusbar" I see two, one that says custom icons, and one that says costume statusbar, which is admittedly poor spelling but probably should be inferable.
10:45:16dongsyes i totally skipped over it.
10:45:25dongsthe title was utterly meaningless.
10:45:30dongsexcept maybe if youre french or something.
10:45:30 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:45:48Paul_The_Nerddongs: "Statusbar custom icons" is totally meaningless, or are you just talking about the second one?
10:45:55dongsthe costume one
10:46:29dongswhat, does something like 'status_title[status_title_pl]!="Now Pausing"' even work??
10:46:43dongswtf @ that code
10:46:55LinusNdongs: there is a reason that patch is still in the tracker :-)
10:47:35preglowit does work in other languages, yes
10:51:20dongsat least it uses current system font for the bar.
10:51:22dongsthats a good start.
10:51:52Paul_The_NerdOn many screens the bar would be unreadable if it was the same font as the rest.
10:54:45dongswhat the hell
10:54:56dongsthe whole status text stuff in that patch does really stupid things
10:55:00dongsdid the guy actually TEST it?
10:55:10dongsor did he jsut write it and hope it worked
10:56:36LinusNit worked for im, iirc
10:56:44LinusNamazingly .-)
10:56:50peturhaven't seen paprica in quite some time...
10:56:52dongswell, i guess it might work.
10:57:00dongsif gcc optimized strings
10:57:07 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:57:08dongsand he put the pointers into status_title[]
10:57:18dongsi suppose something like foo[] != "now playing" could work
10:57:19 Join phaedrus961 [0] (n=dfdsfsdf@
10:58:10LinusNit still has to support localization, so comparing string pointers is a no-go
10:58:31dongsbut i guess thats why it worked.
11:01:19 Join zigford [0] (
11:04:17dongsoh fuck
11:04:33dongsi deleted my old rockbox dir with original apple firmware
11:04:42dongscan i get it back if I do a factory reset?
11:05:14Paul_The_NerdThe Apple Restore tool can always be used, yeah.
11:05:42dongsgonna see if I can pick it up from undelete
11:05:47dongsotherwise restore it is
11:06:22RedBrevaare replaygain tags in WPS supported, or is a patch required?
11:07:32Paul_The_NerdIf it's not listed in the CustomWPS page, then a patch is required. It's pretty simple for someone to check for themselves. :)
11:08:00zigfordOn the note of tags. Why arne't my vorbis tags read?
11:08:28Paul_The_Nerdzigford: Under what circumstances aren't the Vorbis Comments read?
11:09:11zigfordwps says "no id3"
11:09:19Paul_The_NerdThat doesn't mean the Vorbis Comments aren't read
11:09:26Paul_The_NerdDoes it show "Artist" where artist info belongs?
11:09:40Paul_The_NerdOkay, it's a binary state.
11:09:45Paul_The_NerdThe answer is "Yes" or "No"
11:09:57zigfordI know. I see your point and you are right.
11:10:03zigfordit must be reading them
11:10:16Paul_The_Nerd"No id3" means the file doesn't have ID3 tags. It's actually quite literal
11:10:46Paul_The_NerdAny other metadata results in "No ID3." If I recall it's there to tell you which version of ID3 tags your file has, but I could be wrong about that last bit.
11:10:52zigfordI realize. Is this normal for it to attempt to find an id3 in a vorbis file
11:11:19Paul_The_NerdIt doesn't.
11:11:34zigfordOkay, so its part of the wps
11:11:42Paul_The_NerdThat would be the notion.
11:12:18LinusNthat's part of the legacy from the old days, when rockbox only did mp3
11:13:03zigfordOk. I am using a wps that doesn't do it now. I have seen a wps with song ratings. Is that part of a wps too?
11:14:12Paul_The_NerdWe don't have support in Rockbox for ratings at the moment. They were part of the old RuntimeDB, and not integrated with TagCache yet.
11:15:20dongsall the trouble to go through to get the updater.exe
11:15:25dongswithout having to install that crap
11:15:48Paul_The_NerdCan't you just download it from
11:15:52dongsand i guess ic ant use it anyway. needs ipod service or some other crap
11:15:58dongsno, i wanted to avoid having to install that stuff.
11:16:18dongsso unpacking msi, junk inside, but the 50meg .exe needs ipodservice running.
11:16:31linuxstbThe Windows installation instructions in how wiki have a section describing how to get a copy of the original bootpartition.bin from the Apple updater.
11:16:52dongslets see
11:16:53*linuxstb curses his brain...
11:16:53Paul_The_NerdYou don't have to run it, do you?
11:17:13linuxstbNo - I think ipodwizard can extract the firmware from it.
11:17:53linuxstbIt's even easier on a Mac - the boot partition images are just stored in the resources folder for the installer application on disk.
11:18:50dongsah. they're as resources in the .exe version as well
11:18:54dongshow do i know which one is nano's?
11:19:19linuxstbCheck the Mac OS X installation page - it has a table which maps Firmware versions to ipods.
11:19:35linuxstb(assuming you can see those numbers in Windows)
11:20:25dongslooks liek that.
11:20:33dongsoh, 14 is also rockbox for nano
11:21:31dongsonly like 6 megs though
11:21:47linuxstbNo - that's the whole thing.
11:22:07linuxstbYou should just be able to use ipodpatcher.exe to write that to your boot partition.
11:22:08dongsstarst with "stop" sign with apple computer.i nc?
11:22:14linuxstbYep. The amusing ascii art.
11:22:22Paul_The_NerdThe perfect anti-hacker measure.
11:22:34 Join qwm [0] (
11:25:51 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
11:27:33dongsso that 6meg thing includes everything?
11:27:40dongsresources,code, etc?
11:27:47dongsor is font and UI stuff in rom elsewhere?
11:28:51linuxstbI think that's everything.
11:29:12Paul_The_NerdThat's the file you modify when you want to change the font or images or whatnot, I believe
11:29:37linuxstbAlso, Apple loads it all into RAM at boot. I don't know if it then discards anything though.
11:32:02 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:32:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:34:06dongsoh, i see something that looks like graphics in that image.
11:34:53dongsi wonder if its anythign standard
11:35:00dongsis there stuff written to extract this junk?>
11:44:14_Veseliq_damn, no msi mega view series support...
11:45:02 Join spinxfr [0] (
11:45:47 Join Moos [0] (
11:47:45amiconnBagder: has a rather old m68k-elf-gcc (3.4.1) ...
11:51:50 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:06:54dongswow theres a lot of fonts in the apple firmware.
12:07:04dongsi should jsut rip them
12:07:34 Join qwx [0] (
12:09:06 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:09:06 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:10:27 Join dj-fu [0] (
12:12:35dongsrockbox fonts are all 1bit right?
12:12:40dongsno grayscale/aliasing?
12:12:48markundongs: that's right
12:13:09 Join B4gder [0] (
12:13:23 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
12:15:34 Join damaki [0] (
12:15:51 Join dj-fu [0] (
12:17:26 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:17:28 Quit dj-fu (Client Quit)
12:17:36 Join dj-fu [0] (
12:18:47 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
12:20:21 Join mikearthur [0] (
12:21:13dongsis it jsut me or screendump on the nano is kinda "off"
12:21:25 Join nudel2 [0] (
12:21:28dongsseems the bmp header isnt exaxctly right
12:22:36 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:22:44dongshm either that or windows image viewer is fucking osmething up
12:23:06Paul_The_Nerd"off" is not particularly descriptive in terms of "words that can be used to describe computer data"
12:23:15dongsthe top line was missing
12:23:22Paul_The_NerdLike, one row of pixels?
12:23:24dongsbut it seems its a feature of windows image viewer.
12:23:42dongsit replaces the top line with a black line which is part of the image border.
12:23:59dongswhen i opened it in paint it looked fine.
12:23:59amiconnThe first line is usually less visible in the windows image viewer due to its anti-aliasing
12:24:34Paul_The_NerdI'm not a big fan of windows image viewer
12:24:41dongsi think its great
12:25:16Paul_The_NerdIf it actually displayed images properly, it might be okay.
12:25:35dongsthis is the first time i noticed it displaying "improperly"
12:26:04Paul_The_NerdIt hates the high-res Rockbox layer, for example. It's not uncommon for it to choke on things.
12:26:15Paul_The_Nerdlogo, rather
12:30:00 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:30:39 Join dpr0 [0] (
12:31:31 Quit nudelyn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:31:59ravonrofl!! A cat just popped a squirrel outside our window.
12:32:00 Nick dpr0 is now known as dpro (
12:32:31 Join qwm [0] (
12:32:44ravonSpeaking of that. Time for lunch.
12:33:13dongshm. charger_inserted in power.c is a no-op for ipod, but yet i get a plug icon in statusbar
12:33:33 Part Paul_The_Nerd
12:35:47 Join lee-qid__ [0] (
12:35:58 Join darkless [0] (
12:36:06*dpro wonders what ravon is having for lunch ...
12:37:01LinusNdpro: :-)
12:37:46petursmileys? tasty ones?
12:38:26dongshm i guess that icon isnt charging but a usb plug.
12:38:45dongsreally hard to tell since its like 5x5 pixels
12:39:08 Join theli_ua [0] (
12:41:01theli_uahow do you debug plugins? :(
12:42:18linuxstbUse the simulator.
12:44:02theli_uayeah ... how do i make breakponts .... know where plugin crashed simulator :)
12:44:48dongsso, mp3 decoding in ipod nano is in software?
12:44:52 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:44:57dongs(in apple firmware)
12:45:02dongsor do they use that portalplayer shit
12:45:14linuxstbThe software runs on that portalplayer shit...
12:45:34linuxstbThe portalplayer chip contains the two CPUs.
12:45:41 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
12:46:19dongsso thats the arm7 core or whatever?
12:46:25linuxstbYes - two of them.
12:46:32LinusNlinuxstb: speaking of cpu, what use do we have of the second cp?
12:46:42linuxstbAt the moment, nothing. It's sleeping.
12:46:47dj-fuput the EQ on it!!
12:46:59dj-furealtime eq + crossfeed + playback please :]
12:47:07*dj-fu dances
12:47:12linuxstbThat's the easy way out. (and it's not exactly simple either)
12:47:25*dongs sells external battery kits to go with that feature
12:47:28linuxstbIMO, one CPU should be able to handle all that when it optimise.
12:47:59LinusNlinuxstb: you mean we shouldn't use the second cpu at all?
12:48:01dongsi wonder how much performance can be gained by ads/rvct compiling of at least say mp3 codec
12:48:08dongscan this be measured somehow?
12:48:13dprowhy not use it for the gba emulator ;)
12:49:00Paul_The_NerdClearly the second CPU should be used so that we can play Doom while listening to our own soundtracks.
12:49:17linuxstbdongs: IMO, it's a waste of time trying to compile Rockbox with commercial compilers. Rockbox should be built with open source tools, so we should concentrate on optimising that situation.
12:49:56B4gderI agree
12:50:15Paul_The_NerdThirded, for what I'm worth.
12:50:35dongsobviously you've never seen the difference between code produced by gcc and a "real compiler"
12:50:49linuxstbI don't doubt that. But I don't care.
12:52:34 Join qwx [0] (
12:55:31ScoTTieis there anyway to open files in the hidden ipod directory ?
12:55:40dongsyea allow viewing all files
12:55:46dongsin settings somewehre
12:55:54ScoTTiesweet thanks
12:55:58Paul_The_NerdHold the Menu button while in the filetree, for a few seconds
12:56:05Paul_The_NerdThat'll get you the quick menu
12:56:08dongsgeneral->file view
12:56:14dprodongs: and the 'real' compiler won't work on freeBSD or linux/ppc ...
12:56:16Paul_The_Nerddongs: The quick menu's a lot easier
12:56:52dongsdpro: lol, again, you either get code that runs 20% faster or you get compatibility with communism
12:56:56dongswhich one is more important?
12:57:11preglowwe don't have commercial compilers
12:57:12dproBTW the official arm ltd. compiler sucks (and is quite costly)
12:57:14linuxstbLinusN: Going back to your second CPU question, I'm not saying we shouldn't use it, just that I think getting everything Rockbox currently does (regarding audio playback) working together on one CPU is a feasible optimisation target.
12:57:15preglowand i don't want to buy one
12:57:18preglowthat's the end of the line for me
12:57:24preglowgcc sure sucks
12:57:27preglowbut that's another matter
12:57:28dj-fulinuxstb, do you think that's possible?
12:57:29dprodongs: communism ? freeBSD ? huh ?
12:57:41preglowlinuxstb: agreed
12:57:41*dpro must have missed something or dongs missed OSX
12:57:53dj-fulinux=communism remember :)
12:57:58dj-fuit was invented by soviet hackers in the cold war
12:58:00Paul_The_NerdNot to mention dongs is here using Rockbox and yet speaking against the very philosophies that created it...
12:58:06dongsdpro: ads/rvct sucks? really now.
12:58:06ScoTTiechanging the quick menu to all didnt seem to work for me
12:58:09*dj-fu votes for a ban
12:58:13ScoTTiedid it the long way and it worked
12:58:24preglowdongs: how much do they charge for ads?
12:58:32dprodj-fu: ah ... ;)
12:58:38dongsads is old
12:58:39B4gderdongs: you gonna pay for a license to all of us?
12:58:40LinusNdongs: may i ask why you are constantly throwing flamebait around?
12:58:44dongsfew k though.
12:58:48linuxstbdongs: Are you suggesting that any user who wants to compile their own custom Rockbox build needs to buy a compiler?
12:59:01dj-futhat's not very oss.
12:59:04dprolinuxstb: he probably works for them ;)
12:59:08B4gderfor "a few K" USD
12:59:19dprolinuxstb: and apple sure bought a few licenses
12:59:21preglowbut yeah
12:59:23preglowwe need a gcc guy here
12:59:25dongsdpro: i dont doubt it
12:59:28preglowwho volunteers to dive into gcc?
12:59:31Paul_The_NerdScoTTie: If the quick menu doesn't work for you, why haven't you verified its reproducability and then either filed a bug report, or added on to an existing one?
12:59:34dj-fuand look wha ta crappy job apple did
12:59:48*linuxstb starts poking himself in the eye with a sharp stick to avoid gcc
12:59:53ScoTTiebecause i found out about 5 seconds ago when you asked me
13:00:15Paul_The_NerdIt's always worked for me. ;-)
13:00:23dj-fuin soviet russia, rockbox compiles you
13:00:38preglowdj-fu: another slashdotism here, and i'll have to kickban you
13:00:47dj-fuoh noes
13:00:50pregloweven though i'm not +o
13:00:54dj-fuwhat's a slashdotism? I don't follo /.
13:00:55preglowi'll manage somehow!
13:01:08preglowdj-fu: good
13:01:23dprodj-fu: yeah someone write a c compiler plugin !!!
13:01:27preglowthe slashdot crowd tends to throw around jokes likes that for, oh, a couple of years at a time
13:01:30preglowit gets tiring
13:01:44dj-fuIt was referring to the communism statement
13:01:48dj-fubut yeah, not very well
13:01:50preglowi know
13:01:50*dj-fu nods
13:01:53dongs Today, the majority of the four billion ARM Powered devices worldwide have software created with RealView tools. Investing in the RealView solution is the clear choice for a safe, reliable and high-performance design. < see, ARM knows what's best for YOU.
13:02:09LinusNwe must obey
13:02:13preglowsurely we must
13:02:15B4gderdongs: then buy us licenses and shut up
13:02:22preglowgrab some cash from the donation fund and get us a compiler server, now
13:02:22 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:02:23*dpro obeys , gets credit card
13:02:48preglowand while we're at it, let's get some coldfire tools too
13:02:52LinusNand sh1
13:02:57linuxstband ida pro for all
13:03:01LinusNand calmrisc
13:03:11B4gderand cool hw debuggers/emulators
13:03:27dprojtag adaptors
13:05:39preglowand let's sell rockbox!!!11
13:05:49preglowyou guys don't know how much cash you're missing out on
13:06:56dprowho volunteers for the actual (rock)box, the manual, shipping logistics and the 24h call-center-slave hotline ?
13:07:14Paul_The_NerdWell, I'm already doing that last one in text-mode.
13:07:35linuxstb1-800-PAUL-THE-NERD ?
13:07:58Paul_The_NerdDrop the Paul, and I wonder if it's taken...
13:08:56linuxstbDial it and find out...
13:09:08Paul_The_NerdNah, man, if I couldn't read through what I'd typed and edit out some of the more descriptive terms before clicking "Post" I don't think I'd be able to survive.
13:09:19preglowso, anyone, what's the situation on wpses for 3.0?
13:09:54preglowif that is to happen, it should happen right now
13:10:43preglowafaik, no one has even thought on what wps(es) to bundle yet, and the process won't be simplified by including a new patch the last week
13:11:18linuxstbI think Cassandra was working on changing the WPS build system - not sure how far she got though.
13:11:44linuxstbBut yes, that doesn't solve the issue of which WPSs to bundle.
13:12:00 Join TeaSea [0] (
13:14:26preglownot really many good h3x0 wpses
13:15:26Paul_The_NerdI thought there were a ton of 'em. Or are they all at MR, or !good, or both?
13:15:36preglowi'm just looking at the wiki
13:15:41preglowand there's also the issue of whether we want to keep a uniform appearance across targets
13:16:12dj-fubundle zezayer
13:16:13peturmany on MR need at least those margins, many also do album art...
13:16:15dj-fuit's the winner
13:17:19preglowyeah, mr has some nice ones
13:17:28preglowi still think a competition would be a nice idea
13:18:08Paul_The_NerdIt would be nice. At least, for another official one to go alongside Rockbox_default and Boxes.
13:19:19preglowi don't like boxes too much. i think it's too crowded
13:20:42preglowLinusN: will you have the time to look at the h3x0 power consumption stuff before release?
13:22:12 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:22:58 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
13:23:12linuxstbIs this the margins patch we are talking about?
13:24:02preglowi've gotta say i'm a bit against applying it at this time
13:24:09preglowtoo late, we've got enough to do before release as it is
13:24:32preglowand it does change quite a bit of code
13:26:38peturinstead of changing lcd_setmargins() everywhere he should have created a new function
13:27:04linuxstbLooking at the patch, it "only" seems to do the following: lcd_setmargins(x,y) -> lcd_setmargins(x1,x2,y), lcd_getxmargin() -> lcd_getleftmargin(); and adds a new lcd_getrightmargin() function. (plus the same for the remote)
13:27:05 Join tvelocity [0] (
13:27:46linuxstbSo yes, it changes a lot of code, but it's just the same changes applied everywhere.
13:27:47 Join PaulJam [0] (
13:28:06peturhe should have made lcd_setmargins(x,y) call lcd_setmargins(xa,x2,y) itself
13:28:55peturchanged much more code than needed
13:29:30 Join cismo_ [0] (
13:31:46 Join midkay_ [0] (
13:32:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:39:58 Join qwm [0] (
13:42:13 Part Paul_The_Nerd
13:43:16 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
13:45:07 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
13:50:10 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:50:46amiconnWe do want to switch to viewports anyway - after 3.0
13:53:21 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:53:23linuxstbI think I'm now agreeing to leave any WPS patches out as well - make 3.1 the big "eye candy" release.
13:54:20Mikachubug freeze, only add new features
13:54:22 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:54:35preglowearlier would have been fine
13:54:37preglowbut too late now
13:54:48B4gderfireworks is a suitable name for 3.1 then :)
13:56:46preglowbut i'm gone for the weeked
13:56:48preglowlater, all
13:57:08dproanyone knows of an easy way to tell an ipod mini 1g from a 2g ?
13:57:41linuxstbOnly the 2g has the HD capacity engraved on the back.
13:57:54 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:59:16 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
13:59:30XavierGryeah a WPS contest would be very good.
13:59:45XavierGrIs there any chance that default WPS changes for various targets?
13:59:50dprolinuxstb: thx ... now that's really easy ;)
14:00:03B4gderXavierGr: I would say there's a chance, if anyone would work on it
14:00:09*dpro officially declares the mini next to him 2g
14:01:29XavierGrB4gder: I know a person which is designing a WPS adapted for all screen targets and using all the great stuff that a wps can currently give.
14:01:29dwihnoB4gder: What happened to the t-shirt contest? ;)
14:01:49XavierGrMaybe there will be a patch later today.
14:01:53*B4gder slaps dwihno with an old fish
14:01:55linuxstbXavierGr: Will that work without any patches?
14:02:25XavierGrthe patch will be the submission of the WPSs
14:02:40linuxstbAny screenshots available?
14:03:23XavierGrhmm he showed me yesterday his work, only iPod 5g remains to be adapted. I really liked the screenshots.
14:03:30XavierGrwait I will try to find a link
14:04:16 Join cismo [0] (
14:05:48 Quit lee-qid__ ("Trillian (")
14:06:28 Quit PaulJam_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:11:06 Quit RedBreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:14:17 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:17:29 Join Poka64 [0] (
14:22:28 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:23:25 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=Yngwiejo@
14:27:18 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:37:50 Join Aramil [0] (
14:38:08 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:38:21zigfordXavierGr: Did you find the link?
14:39:42 Join scott666_ [0] (
14:39:43 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:43:16 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:51:46_FireFly_XavierGr: there is no remote images ;)
14:52:03XavierGryes there is a saperate link for them
14:52:11 Join bot47 [0] (
14:52:20bot47Hi there
14:53:56bot47The recently implemented method to enable the Dock Connector's power of iPods seems to brake the iPod Radio Remote!
14:55:50 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
14:56:44bot47Just in the case anyone cares...
14:57:13peturipod accessories are not supported yet
14:58:43bot47I just want to warn anyone not to use their remotes with build including firmware/drivers/pcf50605.c version 1.8!
14:59:06Mikachubot47: you mean physically break?
14:59:15B4gderso it actually _breaks_ for good?
14:59:41bot47Yes, I'm not quite sure, but it really looks like that. I'm currently prooving it
14:59:58bot47Yes, either the remote or the ipod
15:00:03linuxstbDoes that plug into the dock or the remote connector by the headphone socket?
15:00:22linuxstb^dock connector
15:02:42bot47It still works sporadically, but sometimes the radio, the keys, or even nothing won't work at all. And also, the ipod displays sometime a message like "This Accesoire cannot be used with this iPod."
15:03:19peturyou mean when using it in apple fw?
15:03:26bot47Of course
15:06:22bot47I'm triple checked that the remote's behaviour is wrong. I'm now trying to figure about what exactly caused the problem, but it shortly began after the CVS commit I posted. I will now test if it was really broken by Rockbox.
15:08:40linuxstbOne thing I would say is that that code is found in IPL, which in turn found it by reverse-engineering the diagnostics mode in a 4g ipod. So it's possible we shouldn't do it on the 5g and Nano.
15:09:38linuxstbBut it does seem to make some accessories work, so it would be a shame to revert it.
15:11:47 Join webguest02 [0] (
15:12:59 Part LinusN
15:13:28bot47I just restored my iPod's software to remove iPL 2.4b2
15:13:41bot47Did not really do anything.
15:15:38 Quit theli_ua ("")
15:17:11linuxstbIs that the same version of the Apple firmware that you were running before?
15:17:59 Join PaulJam [0] (
15:18:24bot47and in the beginning 1.1.1 worked properly
15:19:22 Join dj-fu [0] (
15:20:47webguest02Interesting =>
15:21:39linuxstbbot47: The only conclusive test I can think of would be to return your Radio Remote and get a replacement, and then see if you can break it again.
15:21:49linuxstb(just using that patch)
15:22:00bot47lol ;)
15:22:10bot47not exactly what i want
15:22:27B4gderwe want sacrifices! ;-)
15:22:40B4gderand you have been chosen
15:23:02 Join theli_ua [0] (
15:27:38bot47I'm going to get a replacement, but I don't really know if I want to break it again. I didn't bought it in my town, but 50km away. It is not visibly damaged, so I bet I get a replacement.
15:28:02 Quit theli_ua ("")
15:29:03 Quit dj-fu (Remote closed the connection)
15:29:47 Join Romanos [0] (
15:30:06bot47afk now
15:32:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:32:41 Join qwx [0] (
15:35:36 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
15:35:36 Quit bot47 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:40:17Lynx_Is it a known bug that audio pauses on long scrolling in the file browser?
15:40:46linuxstbOn ipods, yes.
15:40:54Lynx_no, this is H300
15:41:39linuxstbIt's possible, but I don't own one, so can't say for sure.
15:41:45linuxstbI _think_ others have reported it though.
15:41:57Lynx_hmm, could not find a report on flyspray
15:42:46 Join RedBreva [0] (
15:42:54linuxstbIt's not really a bug as such, more the fact that you're asking Rockbox to do too much at the same time, and it can't currently keep up. At least, that's the ipod reason.
15:43:19linuxstbBut wait and see if an H300 developer answers your question....
15:43:29 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:44:28amiconnSame on H300
15:44:43XavierGrlynx: what audio format are you playing when that happens
15:44:51Lynx_XavierGr: just mp3
15:45:31amiconnIt happens with all formats sooner or later
15:45:43amiconn(well, perhaps not with wav or such - didn't try)
15:46:05XavierGrI didn't know that
15:47:51Lynx_so it's not considered a bug?
15:48:02B4gderI would call it a bug
15:49:43Lynx_it's kinda annoying, too
15:50:31Lynx_why does it happen anyway, what changes from scrolling for 2 sec to scrolling for 4 secs?
15:50:38Mikachuthe buffer runs out
15:52:57 Join dj-fu [0] (
15:55:14*petur runs off for a weekend with plenty strong beers
15:55:21 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC")
16:01:13 Join nobelium [0] (
16:01:16Lynx_did something about dircache change? can't find it in the menu anymore
16:04:05PaulJamAre there any plans to implement the crossfade settings with only 3 parameters (fade in duration; fade out duration; overlap) before the 3.0 release?
16:05:23B4gderat least I haven't seen any huge crowds volounteering for that
16:08:19Romanosis there any way to get an html viewer for rockbox?
16:08:29B4gderRomanos: yes, write one!
16:08:52PaulJamor hope that someone else writes one
16:09:07B4gderor pay someone else to write it!
16:09:31Romanosthe fonts would be that small , that u're going to need a microscope to read them
16:10:08B4gderwell, lots of phones have browsers
16:10:21B4gderand several of them with LCDs smaller than the biggest rockbox targets
16:10:22Romanosu mean pdas?
16:10:40Romanosphones like mobile ones?
16:11:00Romanosyeah.. but aren't they 3gs?
16:11:05B4gdersome are
16:11:32Romanosi reckon you're talkin about wap
16:11:49B4gderI have a gsm phone that shows HTML pages
16:11:52RedBrevaI ran Opera on my Nokia 6600... Nothing 3G or WAP
16:12:05Romanosi didn't knew that
16:12:08B4gderand its not even a new phone
16:12:15Romanosso anything is possible
16:12:21B4gderof course its possible
16:12:24RedBrevaIt was quite good actually!
16:12:37B4gdermy phone has a 220x176 screen
16:12:41Romanosdreamweaver on rockbox????
16:12:47B4gderwhich is the h300 size...
16:12:51B4gderjust rotated
16:12:58Slasherii have a phone with qwerty keyboard, wlan, gprs and putty ssh (nice for irc with irssi) :)
16:13:19Slasheriso that is very possible indeed
16:14:26Romanosif i could view html content through my rockbox, that would really be so neet
16:14:26RedBrevain a WPS, does the background image sit infront of the text?
16:14:52 Quit webguest02 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:15:10B4gderthe backdrop is always behind
16:15:44RedBrevaUhmmm, so why can't I see the text unless I use ff00ff
16:16:15B4gderis that really a backdrop image you're talking about?
16:16:24RedBrevaRedbreva Goes away to check his WPS code again....
16:16:28B4gderperhaps I'm just halucinating
16:17:04 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:18:49PaulJamRedBreva: if you load the image with %x the image is in front of the text, you need to load the image with %X
16:19:03RedBrevaAhhhh! Thank you
16:20:00PaulJamin your case this would be %X|background.bmp| (the image needs to be the size of the display)
16:21:07B4gderback in the days when I hacked WPS, there was just a handful of tags ;-)
16:21:27*B4gder gets that dazy nostalgic look in his face
16:23:26RedBrevaAh, the other glitch was because forground/background colours are american :(
16:23:26 Quit darkless (Connection timed out)
16:23:58 Quit Romanos ()
16:25:20amiconnXavierGr: These iCatcher WPSes look quite good ('cept that I don't like centered text personally). However, the ipod mini is also capable of displaying 4 greylevels just as H1x0 and ipod 4g.
16:26:31*amiconn wonders what the corel icon like symbol does in the statusbar
16:26:57Genre9mp3amiconn: Glad you like the wps....
16:27:29Genre9mp3I'm currently working on the iPod5G version as well..
16:28:24Genre9mp3Since when the iPod Mini supports grayscale??? I was working on a sim I compiled some time ago and it didn't work...
16:29:31 Quit muesli- ("ich will Khe!!!")
16:30:16 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:32:12 Join Lost-ash [0] (
16:32:22 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
16:32:30 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
16:33:20XavierGramiconn: what corell icon?
16:33:36XavierGrthe circle with dots is the volume
16:36:43Genre9mp3It also animates when seeking or paused
16:40:25 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
16:41:41amiconnThe mini supports 4-gray since the beginning...
16:42:51amiconnIt uses the very same driver as the 4g greyscale ipod
16:43:37Genre9mp3I got blury images with 24bit bmps in the sim...
16:44:10Genre9mp3I'll recompile a sim with the latest fix and I'll work on that..
16:44:42 Join theli_ua [0] (
16:46:43Genre9mp3also I managed to remove the unnessecary "%al" tags in the code
16:55:14lostlogicXavierGr: so now, are you _sure_ that the remaining noise you are _supposedly_ ;) hearing is not just the transition between the levels of the two tracks?
17:01:07 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:01:21 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
17:02:41 Join lostnihilist [0] (
17:02:57 Join PaulJam [0] (
17:03:03 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
17:06:21 Quit dpro ("0ff")
17:08:56 Join Xerion_ [0] (
17:21:09 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
17:21:10 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:26:41 Quit Xerion (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:26:41 Nick Xerion_ is now known as Xerion (
17:28:25RedBrevaIs the Nano very slow at file operations, or is my USB port playing up - 6 minutes to delete 8 unwanted WPS folders!!
17:32:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:34:05ashridahhurray for lots of tiny files
17:34:29ashridahRedBreva: i seem to recall talk of the disk mode being a very slow implementation
17:34:33 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:34:39ashridah(on ipods in general)
17:34:46ashridahi could be talking out of my ass tho ;)
17:35:23RedBrevahehehe, Ok, thanks ... Just tried on another port and it's still dog slow :(
17:48:16 Quit RedBreva ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
17:51:35 Join _llll_ [0] (
17:51:50 Join PaulJam [0] (
17:58:07goffaheh.. my video card just saved me $1600
17:58:19goffajust about bought a dell 3007wfp
17:58:40goffabut i need a new vid card...
17:59:44goffai would really like a 30" monitor for dvds though
18:00:17 Join Lear [0] (
18:03:24 Quit scott666_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:05:56 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
18:07:20mikearthuris Rockbox getting sued?
18:14:20 Join lee-qid__ [0] (
18:20:34 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
18:23:11 Part _llll_
18:23:39 Join Ribs [0] (
18:25:46 Join cismo_ [0] (
18:27:56 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:29:34 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: double your pleasure, double your fun!")
18:34:29XavierGrlostlogic: Tonight I will make another recording for you to hear what I am saying. I doubt that it is what you say, but who knows maybe I am wrong.
18:36:20 Join chang [0] (
18:38:21 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:46:19 Quit chang ("So long, and thanks for all the fish !")
18:53:55 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
18:54:41 Join sn1ff [0] (
18:54:47 Join TCK [0] (
18:54:47sn1ffhow can I quit rockbox?!
18:55:59 Part XavierGr
18:56:29 Quit Genre9mp3 ("Leaving")
18:56:42 Join obo [0] (
19:06:50 Join dpro [0] (
19:21:58 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:18 Join RedBreva [0] (
19:23:23_FireFly_sn1ff: what do you mean with "quit rockbox"?
19:28:48 Quit Acksaw ("I'm off, see ya later!")
19:29:42 Join darkless [0] (
19:30:16 Join Acksaw [0] (
19:31:48 Quit theli_ua ("")
19:31:51 Join lostnihilist [0] (
19:31:59Presencerockbox, I wish I could quit you.
19:32:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:32:29_FireFly_Presence: ?
19:32:54Presencehaha, its a joke.
19:33:21Presencequote kinda from "Brokeback Mountain", a movie about gay cowboys.
19:33:39Presenceand apparently they use rockbox.
19:38:55dprohehe aren't we all just gay cowboys ;)
19:47:58 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
19:48:36 Join bluebrother [0] (
19:50:13 Join ericmoritz\0 [0] (n=ericmori@
19:55:05ericmoritz\0when are the dailys built (what time)
19:56:38 Quit spinxfr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:00:09bluebrotherericmoritz\0: sometime during the night. Just look at the http headers.
20:00:30bluebrotherlast build for h120 is for example: Last-Modified: Fri, 05 May 2006 04:25:12 GMT
20:00:39Hansmaulwurfand here:
20:00:46Hansmaulwurfu can see what changes are included
20:00:56ericmoritz\0Hansmaulwurf: thanks I was looking for the changelog
20:01:21bluebrotherbut why is the exact time important? If you want the newest build you should use the cvs builds.
20:01:34 Join webguest47 [0] (
20:01:41bluebrotheractually the daily builds are cvs builds, but only build once a day.
20:02:57ericmoritz\0I wanted to know if the tagcache playlist fix was in the latest build
20:03:35bluebrotherbottom of the page: Changes done <lastdailybuild>
20:03:41Hansmaulwurfthen install the bleeding edge build
20:03:52Hansmaulwurfthey are updated with every change (I think)
20:04:19bluebrotherso the latest daily build doesn't have the fix.
20:04:48Hansmaulwurflooks like
20:05:08bluebrotherthe changelog tells ;-)
20:05:16_FireFly_the bleeding edge builds are done after each cvs commit
20:05:29ericmoritz\0this is what I'm looking for :)
20:06:28bluebrotherjust look at the changes of the latest daily build:
20:06:52bluebrotherlatest change is 3:13
20:07:14ericmoritz\0yeah, it's not in there, I'll have to install the bleeding edge one or wait until tommorrow morning
20:07:23bluebrothercomparing with the cvs log on the frontpage tells us directly the fix you mean was comitted later.
20:07:38bluebrothermeaning it isn't included, so you need to use a cvs build.
20:07:49ericmoritz\0yeah I know :)
20:08:04bluebrotherI don't see any point in waiting.
20:08:08Hansmaulwurfi dont the a reason why one should wait for a daily build
20:08:29ericmoritz\0Hansmaulwurf: I forgot the usb cable at home :)
20:08:40ericmoritz\0Hansmaulwurf: that's why I'd have to wait
20:08:45Hansmaulwurflol then why are u asking?
20:09:13 Join Pi [0] (
20:09:23ericmoritz\0Hansmaulwurf: because I can probably beg for a cable for someone at work
20:09:47ericmoritz\0and I asked about the commit time before I knew about the bleeding edge builds
20:10:51ericmoritz\0I probably have to kill the .rockbox folder with every build update don't I
20:11:03 Quit webguest47 ("CGI:IRC")
20:11:41Pidoes anyone know a simple function that tells if the USB is connected or not?
20:12:09PaulJamyou can just copy the new build over the old one
20:12:36 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
20:16:44 Quit chi (Remote closed the connection)
20:17:24 Join chi [0] (n=chi@tor/session/external/x-d9bfe8f864725700)
20:19:01 Join damaki_ [0] (
20:25:34 Quit Aramil ("Ex-Chat")
20:29:07linuxstb_Pi: What do you need to do?
20:29:17ericmoritz\0PaulJam: what if the configuration format changes?
20:29:34PiI think i just sorted it
20:30:15PiI am/was trying to set it up that when you press play, in the menu, it quits to the menu compleatly
20:30:34linuxstb_ericmoritz\0: Rockbox will automatically reset the settings to the defaults when it detects the config format changes. You don't need to delete .rockbox (I never do).
20:30:36PaulJam the configuration is stored on a special sector on the disk, not in the .rockbox folder
20:30:52Pii wanted to set it up so that if the usb was conected it wouldent return to the wps
20:30:59ericmoritz\0that's why the colors stayed the same
20:32:12 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:32:19bluebrotherericmoritz\0: you can of course save your settings to a file somewhere in .rockbox and reload it if the config format changes.
20:32:48Piinsted I just checked to see if music was playing and i think it is working
20:34:05 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:36:38 Quit obo ("bye")
20:43:34 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
20:49:03 Join theli_ua [0] (
20:51:18 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:59:00 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
21:00:32 Quit theli_ua ("")
21:00:46 Join obo [0] (
21:01:57 Join TCK [0] (
21:09:22 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
21:13:44 Join gursikh [0] (
21:13:51 Part gursikh
21:17:57 Quit Rob2222 ()
21:18:33 Join Rob2222 [0] (
21:26:28 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
21:30:17 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
21:30:49 Join mikearthur [0] (
21:32:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:32:28 Quit Hansmaulwurf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:32:46 Quit mikearthur (Client Quit)
21:34:53 Join mikearthur [0] (
21:39:55 Join chi- [0] (n=chi@tor/session/external/x-62b47e280d8f98e5)
21:41:41 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:43:21 Quit lukaswayne9 (Client Quit)
21:50:41 Join Romanos [0] (
21:50:51 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:51:57XavierGrlostlogic: are you around?
21:52:51Romanoshi xavier?
21:53:49Romanosgot any ideas on how to implement an html viewer for rockbox.. lol
21:54:00XavierGrI don't even know html
21:54:31Romanoswell.. u don't need to know html to create one
21:54:50speacial_edI have a 5g winpod and I have Rockbox IPL and Retail OS, however from the loader where you choose one of the three if I pick "Retail OS" it simply loads up IPL... I installed with silvius "5g easy install" tutorial. Any help?
21:54:51ericmoritz\0use lynx :)
21:55:06ericmoritz\0port lynx i mean
21:55:13Romanosget ridd of ipl loader
21:55:26Romanosit's crap
21:55:56speacial_edthen how do i choose which one to run?
21:56:19RomanosRockbox IPL?
21:56:24Romanoswhat r u talkin about?
21:56:42Romanosu mean the three of them right?
21:56:53Romanosrockbox, ipl and retail
21:57:15Romanosjust install rockbox
21:57:29Romanosand then ipl
21:57:44Romanosand use the loader tutorial for ipl
21:58:02Romanosbut in my personal bad experience i wouldn't use ipl's loader
21:58:04speacial_edno other way? Id rather not go through all of that again
21:58:40Romanosi know that u wanna give it a shot, but i'm tellin ya.. it's not worth it
21:58:52Romanoshang on..
21:59:37Romanosthis is what i used to figure out loader
22:00:18Mikachuspeacial_ed: rockbox' bootloader can load all three
22:00:41Romanosyep.. and it accomplishes that really smoothly
22:00:41 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
22:00:42speacial_edsomeway I can just replace it without doing too much?
22:01:08 Quit chi (Remote closed the connection)
22:01:11Mikachuspeacial_ed: just install the rockbox bootloader
22:01:34Romanoswell, he's already got it
22:01:35speacial_edwhere do i get it?
22:01:45speacial_ed0_o so lost
22:01:46Romanosyou already have it mate
22:01:58 Join Daishi [0] (
22:02:25Romanosjust press any button once when u see the apple logo at rebbot proccess
22:02:33Mikachuspeacial_ed: firstly, ignore Romanos, secondly, go to and read the instructions for installing rockbox bootloader
22:02:38Romanosu should boot into ipl right away
22:02:59 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:03:05speacial_edsorry romanos I have to follow mikachu on this one hes helped me out before
22:03:47Romanosyeah.. no worries, i really try to figure out how bad manners can a human person have
22:03:55Mikachuspeacial_ed: do you still have an apple_os.bin?
22:04:06MikachuRomanos: i think you mastered bad manners long ago
22:04:31Romanoshmm i really don't remember doing that
22:04:38speacial_edwhere would the apple_os.bin be located?
22:04:53Romanosbut anyway we all get judged by our actions and behaviour
22:04:56Mikachuspeacial_ed: you would have used in when installing the ipl bootloader
22:05:20speacial_edsoo... how do I check?
22:06:00speacial_edi dont see it in my second partition.. should it be there?
22:06:14Mikachuon your computer
22:06:15 Join m0ra [0] (
22:06:23speacial_edIm dumb sorry
22:06:28speacial_edi have it yes
22:07:38Doomedhey, does tagcache have a "add to playlist" option in yet...i no it keeps changing
22:08:04Doomedjust read the cvs
22:08:07ericmoritz\0Doomed: The latest cvs build has it
22:08:19ericmoritz\0I just installed it an hour ago
22:08:42ericmoritz\0works as expected
22:09:16m0raIm stuck at the bootloader intalling to my ipon nano. Done ipodpatcher from 0-100 and nothing found. It replys alway with "Error opening disk..." exept with 0 it replys "Drive is not a ipod, aborting"
22:09:18speacial_edMikachu: so should I just install the rockbox bootloader?
22:09:25Mikachuspeacial_ed: yeah
22:09:56m0raany solution advices?
22:10:00 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:10:12Romanosspecial , u've already got the bootloader
22:10:35sn1ffm0ra: what about disconnecting all the other devices
22:10:43 Quit Pi ("bye")
22:10:47m0raall other usb devices?
22:10:58m0raI'll give it a go
22:11:00ericmoritz\0m0ra: I installed it on the nano, but I was using Linux so I don't know... are is it drive mode?
22:11:15m0radrive mode?
22:11:37Romanosdrive mode only when connected via usb
22:11:59m0rado i haveto switch my ipod to a certain mode for this to work? the install document said nothing about that :c
22:12:15ericmoritz\0m0ra: I don't know
22:12:51Mikachuif you have itunes i think it will block access to the ipod by default
22:12:53*ericmoritz\0 will shut up, he doesn't know what he's talking about...
22:13:11m0raIs that so? So ill haveto delete itunes?
22:13:18speacial_edok... bootloader installed
22:13:30Doomedu cant install rockbox?
22:13:40Mikachum0ra: no, just set the ipod to disk mode in itunes
22:13:43Doomedu can boot into the ipod firmware tho right?
22:13:58Mikachuit's really a mode in itunes though
22:14:07Doomeddo what Mikachu just said
22:14:13Doomedit should install after that
22:14:28m0raOh, ill try that, thanks for the advice yall!
22:14:43 Join cismo [0] (
22:14:54speacial_edMikachu: I installed the rockbox bootloader and now it automatically goes to Rockbox, of course, but how do I get into IPL?
22:15:16speacial_edipod linux...
22:15:18Romanospress any button during boot once
22:15:21Mikachuspeacial_ed: put the kernel on your fat partition, and call it linux.bin
22:15:28Mikachuspeacial_ed: then hold down play right after the apple shows
22:16:05Romanoswhat's the linux file has to do?
22:16:12Romanosi used the nano installation
22:16:34Romanosshould be an ipl installer for video definitely
22:16:52 Quit MarcoPolo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:18:38speacial_edMikachu: Took me a few times to get it right (as it used to when I had only Rockbox and tried to get into retail OS) but I got it and it works nicely, thank you much
22:18:47speacial_edAnd you have surpased Paul as my favorite helper
22:21:26speacial_edUh O, looks like I spoke too soon, it booted linux but when I tried to run retail OS it started iPL loader....
22:21:42speacial_edPerhaps Im missing a file or something for retail OS
22:21:43m0raStuck again :x "ipod_fw -o apple_os.bin -e 0 bootpartition.bin" is not a regognized command
22:21:55Mikachuspeacial_ed: maybe
22:22:00m0raam i missing something again?
22:22:25Mikachuspeacial_ed: did you run something that looked like this?
22:22:30Mikachuipod_fw -g nano -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin bootloader/bootloader.bin
22:22:49speacial_edI dont believe so...
22:23:11speacial_edi dont have a nano though...
22:23:42speacial_edwait I do think I did that one, just with video
22:23:49speacial_edIll try it again
22:23:57Mikachucan you paste your ipod_fw command?
22:24:25speacial_edipod_fw -g video -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin bootloader-video.bin
22:24:40 Quit Doomed ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
22:24:43Mikachuhm well that should be including the apple os then
22:25:09speacial_edI probably made some horrible mistake when installing iPL
22:25:51speacial_edAny suggestions?
22:26:11Romanosi can help u out if u want special.. i've done it many times
22:26:32speacial_edIm up for just about anything I guess, whats your idea Romanos?
22:27:04Romanosyou'll just have to pm me.. there's eyes everywhere
22:27:11 Join Rondom [0] (
22:27:12Romanosbad eyes..
22:27:19speacial_edWhat do you mean?
22:28:11m0raHow the hell should a command starting "ipod_fw" do anything when executed from the commandprompt? There is no program running that recognizes it and it isn't part of the windows basic commands? I'm loosing it soon guys!
22:28:25MikachuRomanos: i won't disturb you
22:28:52speacial_edMikachu: Do however tell me if what Im about to do would be bad, please.
22:28:53m0raThe helpdocument is driving me crazy, so many things untold, so many flaws :(
22:29:42Mikachum0ra: ... you download the program from the install page
22:29:57m0rawhat is the programs name?
22:30:22Mikachuor maybe it's in the rockbox zip
22:30:29Mikachui don't know how you windows people do it
22:30:46m0rathe document said that download just 2 files, and that i did :P
22:30:52linuxstb_It's all on the IpodInstallation wiki page...
22:30:58speacial_edipod_fw.exe is in the install page for ipod
22:31:16speacial_edits right under the link to ipodpatcher.exe and bootloader
22:31:18m0rahave to seek it out then.
22:31:34speacial_edYou know, where it says "download required files"
22:31:35m0ramy mistake!
22:31:51m0raim going blind or something
22:31:55m0rathere it is
22:31:58speacial_edWe all do it
22:31:59m0ranicely on the list
22:32:07Romanoshave u tried to just download the ipodlinux installer special?
22:32:25Romanosit really can't be simplier than that
22:32:34speacial_edYou mean the thing thats supposed to install iPL for you?
22:32:37speacial_edDoesnt work for me.
22:32:52speacial_edTried it a few times
22:33:02Romanoshave u watched the video?
22:33:13Romanoson how to install it manually?
22:33:27 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
22:33:33 Part ericmoritz\0
22:33:38Romanosany lock with that?
22:34:01speacial_edWhat do you mean?
22:34:07speacial_edI have iPL already...
22:34:22speacial_edIt runs fine, its just that I cant boot into retail os
22:34:43Romanosi think it's time to restore
22:35:00 Join ericmoritz\0 [0] (n=ericmori@
22:35:09ericmoritz\0is there a easy way to clear the playlist?
22:35:11speacial_edI dont wanna do all that again.
22:35:16 Quit PaulJam (".")
22:35:31speacial_edIm not very gifted with computers and it took me forever to install iPl
22:35:50Romanosr u sure that ipl installer doesn't works?
22:36:26speacial_edIll try and run it right now too
22:37:30Romanosdownload the latest version first
22:38:02speacial_edwill do
22:38:21 Quit lostnihilist ("Leaving")
22:38:38Romanosare u shure you are holding the correct buttons when booting?
22:39:10speacial_edYes 100%
22:39:27speacial_edI can sometimes be stupid, but not that stupid
22:39:54Romanosit's not about stupidity , otherwise everyone would be stupid..
22:40:08speacial_edHey I have an iPod_os_backup.fw... could I use that to help me someway?
22:40:12 Part ericmoritz\0
22:40:19 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
22:40:42speacial_ed"Error accessing filesystem."
22:42:11 Join zgh [0] (n=zgh@
22:42:23Romanoshave you try download that ipl installer yet?
22:42:25speacial_ed"I was unable to properly access the SysInfo file on your iPod; either it didnt exist, theres something wrong with your iPods filesystem, or [most likely] theres a bug in the installer
22:42:55Romanosu should probably use the restore function mate
22:43:14zghhas anyone gotten rockbox to compile using gcc-4.0.3 -Os?
22:43:14Romanosi'm sure there's something wrong at the first place
22:43:15 Join gursikh [0] (
22:43:23 Part gursikh
22:43:31zghi am having linking problems
22:43:34speacial_edAnd after that Ill have to reinstall iPL and such?
22:43:46Romanosyep.. that's the deal
22:43:55Romanosbut backup everything
22:44:01Romanosfrom your fat part
22:44:51linuxstb_zgh: Which target are you trying to build?
22:44:58zgharm-elf ipod nano
22:45:06zghon linux
22:45:34speacial_edIn the installer after I get the error it asks if I have a backup of my OS which I do, and if I want to restore it.... would doing that maybe fix the problem?
22:45:44speacial_edAnd will it delete iPL too?
22:46:14Romanosnever tried it that way
22:46:21Romanosback up first!!!
22:46:26linuxstb_zgh: What's the linker error?
22:47:34zghlinuxstb_: when linking rockbox.elf:
22:47:38zghlinuxstb_: /home/zhobson/rockbox/rockbox-cvs/build/librockbox.a(thread.o): In function `sleep_thread':
22:47:41zghthread.c:(.text.sleep_thread+0x10): relocation truncated to fit: R_ARM_PC24 against symbol `switch_thread' defined in .icode section in /home/zhobson/rockbox/rockbox-cvs/build/librockbox.a(thread.o)
22:47:45zghsorry for the spam!
22:48:20linuxstb_Have you changed any other GCCOPTS ?
22:48:22 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
22:48:31zghjust -Os instead of -O
22:49:05Mikachuis that an error?
22:49:20zghMikachu: yes the link fails
22:49:41Mikachuthis is a shot in the dark, but when i tried -Os i had to use -fno-optimize-sibling-calls too
22:49:49Mikachui don't remember what the error was though
22:49:53zghMikachu: thx I will try that
22:52:44zghMikachu: it built!
22:53:01zghnow to see if it'll explode!
22:53:08Mikachui had some bad luck with the jpeg plugin
22:53:17m0rawhere can i download themes for rockbox?
22:53:36m0raand brw, i got it to work, thanks for your help guys!
22:56:49BHSPitMonkeyI like arctic descent
22:57:32BHSPitMonkeyread it wrong...
22:57:36 Quit aegray (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:58:11 Join RedBreva_ [0] (
22:58:27zghoh well
22:58:44MikachuOs is probably much slower too
22:58:53zghit was a fun experiment
22:59:20zghthanks for the help ipod panics are very exciting ^_^
22:59:46zgh*screeeech! crackle crackle!*
23:01:02m0rahow do i install themes :x
23:01:12speacial_edI was just reading around the iPL page and apparently its loader2s fault my retail os wont boot how do i uninstall it?
23:01:17BHSPitMonkeym0ra: unzip them?
23:01:21m0rato the root?
23:01:27speacial_edto .rockb
23:01:33speacial_edbleh i cant type
23:01:36speacial_edto .rockbox
23:01:41 Join PaulJam [0] (
23:02:02BHSPitMonkeyspeacial_ed: how's it loader2's fault? it's always worked.
23:02:03m0raso if its a folder named "Ipod_nano" ill extract that folder to .rockbox?
23:02:26BHSPitMonkeyspeacial_ed: but all you'd need to do is install the rockbox loader now, in the normal way.
23:02:36m0raor its content like "Themes" "Fonts"
23:02:56speacial_edWhen Loader2 is installed, you can't boot into the apple firmware. Just letting you know.
23:02:57speacial_ed I've acknowledged that I know of this several times now. — Josh (talk) 16:00, 10 Apr 2006
23:03:03m0rawell, ill figure it out −−>
23:03:22speacial_edAnd I have the rockbox loader installed now and when I try to boot retail it runs loader2
23:04:14Mikachulinuxstb_: +#ifdef probably
23:04:46 Join matsl [0] (
23:06:00speacial_edBHSPitMonkey: any ideas?
23:06:37BHSPitMonkeyspeacial_ed: maybe that's a recent bug, I dunno
23:06:39BHSPitMonkeyI've used it though
23:06:47 Quit Romanos ()
23:07:00speacial_edI just want to get rid of loader2 and see if it works...
23:07:08BHSPitMonkeyjust do a restore
23:07:10BHSPitMonkeyand start over.
23:07:35BHSPitMonkeyunless you know what you're doing...
23:07:52speacial_edI know about somethings, I guess, but generally no
23:08:27m0raok, now how do i delet the music that i have uploaded to the player by itunes ?
23:08:52m0rawhats the folder called or the files or sumthing
23:08:55speacial_edPut it in disk mode and go into itunes and delete it?
23:09:11m0rak, if it works that way :P
23:09:15speacial_edit does
23:17:14Mikachulinuxstb_: i played to level 4 three or four times now without crashing, and still stayed on 30.00 fps
23:19:59Bagder"Subject: [U-Boot-Users] [PATCH 3/11] Add Rockbox FAT filesystem driver with write support"
23:21:18 Join aegray [0] (n=aegray@
23:21:53 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@otaku.freeshell.ORG)
23:23:32 Join jeffelkins [0] (
23:24:20Mikachulooking through the old mailing list archives?
23:24:36Bagderthat's from U-Boot-Users
23:24:41Bagderas of today
23:24:52Mikachuah, they borrowed your driver
23:26:09jeffelkinsAny word on FS #5264 — System Freeze: iPod Photo 60GB ?
23:32:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:32:47*amiconn now has a strong suspicion what goes wrong with arm-elf-gcc -mlong-calls, but without function sections....
23:34:14amiconnI believe this is fixable with moderate effort
23:36:20 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
23:37:53speacial_edheh, the installer worked this time... thats good but it also makes me angry that i actually follow the tutorial the other time... at least I got some experience out of it...
23:39:04speacial_edo geeze I lied it still wont load retail os and it doesnt show rockbox...
23:41:22 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
23:41:29 Quit Acksaw ("I'm off, see ya later!")
23:44:54 Quit klrspz ()
23:46:04 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
23:47:47 Quit jeffelkins ("Leaving")
23:50:48 Quit Poka64 ("nite")
23:52:14amiconnYay! My theory is correct!
23:52:59*amiconn now has a rockbox.ipod for mini2g built with -mlong-calls, but _without_ -ffunction-sections
23:53:06amiconnSaves 11KB
23:54:11amiconnGcc goofs like I thought
23:54:24 Quit akaidiot ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
23:54:52amiconnThe description for -mlong-calls says that gcc uses some heuristic to decide which functions can be called by a short call even with -mlong-calls enabled
23:55:33amiconnCalls to functions within a different sections use long calls, and calls to static functions use short calls
23:56:07amiconnThe interesting thing is what happens with a static ICODE function: gcc chooses the wrong option and wants to make a short call...
23:57:15amiconnThe hacky solution is to make all icode functions non-static. The only functions of this type are in ata.c (6 functions in total)
23:57:52amiconnThe proper solution would be to fix gcc, arrrgh!

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