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#rockbox log for 2006-05-11

00:01:00Paul_The_NerdFalco98: I just discovered that I own two. I'm not sure where the second came from, as they're both labelled "Creative" and I only have one creative MP3 player, a little Muvo I got as a giveaway somewhere.
00:01:28Paul_The_NerdI suspect it's reproducing my division
00:02:24amiconnpreglow: No validity bit with original firmware either
00:03:01preglowit might just be a quirk
00:04:19amiconnOriginal firmware sets different channel status bits though. It also sets preemphasis (!)
00:04:34preglowthose drunkards at archos reserved (4) (!!)
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00:09:53Falco98Paul_The_Nerd: wow i didn't know Creative even made tape adapters..
00:11:51Paul_The_NerdFalco98: They probably just rebrand some cheap generic to package with players
00:12:05preglowamiconn: but yeah, i gotta finish this patch. so the best approach to spdif powering is recording.c telling pcm_record.c what the spdif power setting, then letting pcm_record.c deal with the rest?
00:13:23amiconnI think so. The alternative would be to handle it in recording.c directly; depends on how close pcm_record.c follows what recording.c tells it
00:15:49preglowit would be nice to deal with it in pcm_record
00:15:56preglowall source changes are registered in one place
00:16:07preglowin recording.c the source gets changed here and there
00:16:15 Quit jong (Remote closed the connection)
00:16:15preglowand i don't like duplicating code
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00:19:58*Falco98 wonders where hardeep went
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00:20:42hardeepFalco98: still here
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00:23:10Falco98hardeep: working on 3.0 then?
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00:25:54peturmemoserv help
00:26:13peturmemoserv show 1
00:26:20peturmemoserv 1
00:26:26peturmemoserv ?
00:26:32preglowhi there
00:27:08Mikachupetur: /
00:27:29hardeepFalco98 - not right now, no.
00:28:04peturyou sent something to me?
00:28:15Mikachuoh, heh, maybe i did a week or two ago
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00:28:33peturhow does one read it?
00:28:39MikachuDay changed to 05 maj 2006
00:28:39Mikachu00:53:02 -MemoServ(MemoServ@services.)- Memo has been recorded for [petur]
00:28:53Mikachu/msg memoserv read 1
00:28:54Mikachui think
00:29:29peturah... skype joke :)
00:29:35amiconn. /msg memoserv can be abbreviated to just /ms
00:29:58Mikachuif you have that alias, yes...
00:30:05peturworked here :)
00:31:05Mikachuafter reading that article, i am probably not going to run skype
00:31:15peturmy body needs a bit hibernating
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00:32:29Bagdersleep(HZ * 3600 *6);
00:34:18Mikachu(a year)
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00:36:01Falco98hardeep: just so you know (not sure if you saw it when i mentioned in here earlier), i've put a $10 bounty on my feature request, for a working patch
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00:36:42 Part Paul_The_Nerd
00:37:26hardeepFalco98: not sure how much of an incentive that is =)
00:37:42preglowwe all know you're in it for the money
00:38:09hardeepdoh, caught
00:38:10Falco98hardeep: better than $0 anyway :) plus i may raise it to $25 personal plus $25 project contribution if it works its way into an official build after 3.0 is out
00:38:51preglowwhat feature request is this?
00:38:52Mikachucorporate lobbying :(
00:39:14Falco98i was talking about it in here a few hours ago
00:39:20preglowsomeone bounty spdif recording quick, plz!
00:39:42Mikachucan someone put a bounty on conway's game of life?
00:43:26Falco98a few people might want to put a bounty on the iRiver h10s :-P
00:43:46Falco98actually i've been curious.. is there any work being done on the new iriver flash models?
00:43:50Falco98the T series i think?
00:43:56Falco98it's not even mentioned anywhere
00:43:59preglowhell, a bounty of a couple of five thousand grand and i'll port it
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00:46:28preglowFalco98: might be a useful feature, in any case
00:46:40preglowthere's a risk i might actually use it
00:48:15MoosBagder: oh, that seems there is something wrong with last CVS build, no .rockbox file, I first thought that it was relocalized in .rockbox dir, but apparently no
00:51:12Falco98preglow: which, mine?
00:51:26Falco98preglow: or spdif recording?
00:55:15Falco98ahh cool
00:55:34amiconnpreglow: spdif pass-thorugh works, when setting ebu1config correctly
00:55:38Falco98well if me and hardeep are right, it might be fairly easy to implement
00:57:13preglowamiconn: straight-forward?
00:57:37amiconnIn principle, yes. There's some clashing between playback code (voice) and recording code
01:01:39preglowso should we do it or not?
01:02:33amiconnI just set EBU1CONFIG to 4 instead of 0 (feed-through ebuin1)
01:02:47amiconnFor some reason it doesn't work right after entering the recording screen
01:03:16amiconnIf I got to the recording settings menu (which is voiced correctly), then go back, I get proper monitoring
01:03:47preglowyou know why source selection isn't saved right on iriver always?
01:04:12amiconnNope. From looking at the code it should
01:07:54preglowbut yeah, you didn't find a good way of getting the spdif sample rate on mas?
01:10:02preglowok, i'll just comment it out for archos, then
01:10:08amiconnOnly the mpeg header, which only updates when recording for real, but not when monitoring
01:10:11preglowbut i'll just add it in audio.h in case we ever get it going
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01:16:03preglowamiconn: enabling spdif power again even if it's already enabled should have no impact, right? it's just a pin flip
01:17:33*amiconn could now make 2 simultaneous digital recordings of the same source :)
01:24:15 Quit Poka64 ("nite")
01:24:44*preglow tests spdif power
01:26:11amiconnOkay, spdif feed-through does indeed feed through. 48kHz sample rate is preserved, which wouzldn't work for normal output (correct?)
01:27:20preglowit should feed through correctly if the data sheet is correct
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01:28:50preglowsource select just does not save right
01:32:26preglowwhen i select spdif as source, then shut down, it loads mic as source again
01:32:38whatboutbobamiconn: so you're saying optical out now works at the same time as optical in now?
01:32:39 Nick BHSPitMonkey_ is now known as BHSPitMonkey (
01:32:42amiconnI thought you found what happens...
01:32:57preglownope, i didn't
01:33:06sharpewhat to do, what to do...
01:33:20preglowwhatboutbob: new patch incoming soon now
01:33:21amiconnwhatboutbob: Yes, but not quite right yet
01:34:12amiconn2 threads messing with the same config register isn't a good idea
01:34:31whatboutbobamiconn: shweet. so you know if analog out works during recording?
01:35:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:36:33amiconnit does, and monitors the recording signal
01:36:46whatboutbobnice. thanks.
01:37:18preglowyou haven't tested that yet?
01:37:22preglowit's been in the patch for ages
01:38:07whatboutboboptical out I have...just not analog out.
01:39:03 Quit nave7693 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:39:27preglowwell, it's got the same signal as the headphones
01:40:43amiconnpreglow: I can record fine from archos to h140 when I make the DMA ignore the validity flag if you're using a digital in w/ a > 44.1 sample rate, and optical out, the output will be sampled back to 44.1?
01:41:25whatboutboboops...not optical out...analog out...
01:41:45*whatboutbob is still asleep
01:42:55preglowamiconn: so, should we?
01:43:28preglowwhatboutbob: not so much samples back as raped than spit out again
01:43:40amiconnwow, the MAS output is clipping...
01:43:49whatboutbobpreglow: that doesn't sound pleasant...
01:44:01preglowwhatboutbob: it's resampled to 44.1khz with no interpolation or filtering or anything
01:44:07preglowwhatboutbob: it sounds very bad, but nothing we can do about it
01:44:26preglowbesides, it's just monitoring, it's not the most important thing ever
01:44:39whatboutbobpreglow: no worries. I don't care...just asking for the faq.
01:44:50amiconnpreglow: Imho it doesn't sound that bad
01:45:02amiconnRight now I'm testing 32kHz recording
01:45:02whatboutbobsome tapers will want to daisy chain them.
01:45:42amiconnPlaying a wav on my archos (with wavplay), recording that on iriver
01:45:53preglowwhatboutbob: why not daisy chain with optical out, then?
01:46:01preglowthat's what you got in in the first place
01:46:07amiconn32->44.1 sounds worse than 48->44.1
01:46:09whatboutbobsample rate > 44.1 >optical in > optical out won't get errr...raped and spit out...right?
01:46:12preglowamiconn: doesn't surprise me
01:46:16preglowwhatboutbob: correct
01:46:22preglowwhatboutbob: the signal won't be changed at all
01:47:15whatboutbobpreglow: i don't think I'll ever use any of this functionality...there aren't enough tapers in my neck of the woods...I'm just confirming for the taping masses.
01:47:59preglowbut yeah
01:48:00whatboutbob'this funcionality' = optical/analog output
01:48:03preglowoptical out monitoring is not done yet
01:48:16preglowi'll leave that part to amiconn
01:48:23preglowi think i'll just leave spdif recording be from now on
01:48:41 Join Alexo_O [0] (
01:48:53 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
01:48:53preglowat least i learnt a bunch of stuff about coldfire's audio parts
01:49:07whatboutbobhehe...i think you've done enough. :-)
01:49:24preglowi need to update the manual as well
01:49:36whatboutbobyou going to try to commit the next patch?
01:50:11preglowi am going to post a patch, then i no complaints are heard, commit tomorrow
01:50:21preglowjust one problem left: source isn't saved properly
01:51:00 Join XavierGr [0] (
01:51:01whatboutbobthat minor irritation doesn't seem like enough to not commit.
01:51:11whatboutbob(if no other issues come to light)
01:51:32amiconnpreglow: recording doesn't keep the unit active in case the time between saves is too long (32kHz recording)
01:51:58amiconnAnd yes, it is voice that disturbs monitoring (not only optical but also analog)
01:52:48preglowamiconn: so it shuts off?
01:52:57*amiconn wonders whether we should accept spdif signals with valnogood set
01:53:19amiconnIn general, I mean. There might be more sources which don't set that bit correctly
01:54:03preglowi don't really know
01:54:27preglowbut yeah, how do i make recording keep the unit active, then?
01:55:06whatboutbobpreglow: I won't be able to test much over the next 24 hours, but if you could perhaps pm me or post a precompiled build w/ the new patch i'll make sure others do. (i can't compile @ work)
01:55:44preglowi'll post both
01:56:40Alexo_OSorry if I interrupt, but I think I'm having some problems installing Rockbox.... iPod mini 2nd gen, OsX, step f, where the guide says not to disconnect...
01:57:39Alexo_OConsole output?
01:58:02amiconnOooh, nice. The mas pcm codec does upsample low sample rates for spdif out (unlike the builtin mp3 codec). So spdif out works for 8/11/12/16/22/24 kHz pcm
01:58:08Alexo_Ohere it is:
01:58:10Alexo_OiBook-G4:~/Desktop/rockbox AlexTheStampede$ ./diskdump -w /dev/disk4s3 rockboot.bin
01:58:10Alexo_Odiskdump v0.1 - (C) Dave Chapman 2005
01:58:10Alexo_OThis is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO
01:58:10DBUGEnqueued KICK Alexo_O
01:58:10Alexo_Owarranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
01:58:10Alexo_O[INFO] Reading partition table...
01:58:11***Alert Mode level 1
01:58:11Alexo_OPart Type Start Sector End Sector Size (MB)
01:58:13Alexo_O[ERR] Specified partition (0) does not exist:
01:58:13amiconn(quadrupling or doubling the output rate)
01:58:15Alexo_OPart Type Start Sector End Sector Size (MB)
01:58:17Alexo_OiBook-G4:~/Desktop/rockbox AlexTheStampede$
01:59:13preglowamiconn: what kind of resampling does it use?
01:59:43amiconnI don't think it does anything fancy. Just doubling or quadrupling every sample...
02:00:07pregloweven cheaper than what we do
02:00:16amiconnI can check...
02:00:28preglowjust make a wav of some short pulses and impulses
02:00:42preglowif you find out it does something more fancy, that is
02:01:12amiconnIt just seems to do what I think. Nice aliasing noises...
02:02:10 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:02:19 Join Strath [0] (
02:02:20preglowthey should have more than enough horsepower left to do some really nifty-ass resampling
02:02:23preglowbut i guess they didn't care
02:04:02amiconnStill better than the mp3 codec. It simply disables spdif out for sample rates < 32 kHz
02:04:11preglowi guess
02:04:33preglowbut ok
02:04:43preglowany guesses what messes up the source saving?
02:05:02preglowi honestly have no clue
02:05:23amiconnHehe, the mas doesn't upsample(!)
02:05:38amiconnIt just lies about the bitrate, leading to mickey mouse recordings
02:05:43preglowother than that, new patch here:
02:05:47amiconns/bitrate/sample rate/
02:06:08amiconnI don't have your freqmeas stuff in place
02:06:17amiconnDo you think it would detect that lie?
02:07:12preglowit does measure the actual bitrate, so it should
02:07:23sharpei had an idea, but it's essentially useless
02:07:44sharpebut it's a cool idea, at the same time.
02:07:45preglowahh, shit, that patch will not compile for archos
02:08:12***Alert Mode OFF
02:08:17sharpeanyone wish to hear?
02:08:44sharpewouldn't be very applicable for players without any means to record though.
02:09:59 Join JdGordon [0] (
02:10:59Alexo_OPretty please....
02:11:15sharpemeh, for players than can record, we could monitor input for a few seconds, then adjust the output volume proportionally to lower the risk of hearing damage. as people generally turn their music up as things get louder... i don't know, i've just had the idea in my head for a while... it'd be fun to implement though.
02:11:38sharpewouldn't be too useful without anything to record with though.
02:13:06preglowsome players can do it in hardware
02:13:20sharpei know
02:13:46sharpebut it is an interesting concept, isn't it?
02:13:59preglowwell, i would never use anything like that
02:14:07sharpei really doubt i would either
02:14:09preglowbut some people might think so
02:14:18Falco98seems similar to the car stereos that adjust volume as the car accelerates
02:15:15sharpeexcept nothing to do with an accelerometer. :D
02:18:07whatboutbobsharpe: an avc...hrmm...interesting...but i wouldn't use it. :-)
02:19:26Alexo_Oseriously, i'm worried about my iPod...
02:19:40whatboutbobfalco98: now if police could force manufacturers to do that the other way around (the faster the car goes, the quieter the stereo), lives could be saved. :-)
02:20:39Falco98whatboutbob: hehe
02:21:35sharpeAlexo_O: what be thine problemo?
02:22:24Alexo_Oi'm stuck, at step f, the ipod should remount itself after a while
02:22:31Alexo_Oand it's not happening
02:23:56Alexo_Oalso, the guide says in uppercase to do not disconnect :-\
02:24:14BHSPitMonkeyuppercase shmuppercase
02:24:23preglowthink i'll post a build now
02:24:34sharpepssh, you can restore it. be a rebel. disconnect it. you know you want to.
02:24:47 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:25:10Alexo_Oso it's safe? well, that's good news :-)
02:25:22sharpeit's very hard to brick an ipod...
02:25:36sharpeothat than physically damaging it, of course.
02:28:00Alexo_Olike from factory. :-)
02:29:53 Quit pixelma (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so cool")
02:30:51preglowwhatboutbob_: patch and binary posted
02:31:01preglowcommence bed-time preparations
02:49:16 Join whatboutbob__ [0] (
02:49:36 Quit PaulJam (".")
02:50:37whatboutbob__preglow: Thanks. I'll test on the train in to work. That should get me some funny looks.
02:52:14 Quit Alexo_O ()
02:53:53sharpei had access to microsoft elearning training. didn't know it until it's about to expire
02:55:07sharpenot like i'm using it either.
02:59:39 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
02:59:41 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
03:02:36sharpeah, i have an idea for the name of something!
03:03:06amiconnpreglow: Hah, I know why the 'digital' source setting isn't saved....
03:04:24amiconnWe thought settings.c:418 would handle the case for HAVE_SPDIF_IN, but it does so *only* for MAS3587F
03:04:48midkayamiconn, did you catch my message like a day ago regarding the viewer?
03:05:18amiconnSome clever guy added the recording settings for iriver (UDA1380 in a totally different places: settings.c:501..521
03:05:31amiconnThis ought to be fixed to avoid further confusion...
03:05:52amiconnmidkay: Hmm, more precise time stamp?
03:06:39midkay15.24.37 in the log..
03:06:44amiconnpreglow: ...and decimator + analog gain should be combined in teh settings file as they are on the recording screen
03:09:33amiconnmidkay: The viewer is less bad than the editor, but it still needs fixing.
03:09:56amiconnThe viewer crashes with wide view + long lines. It also crashes when loading an utf16 file
03:09:59midkayamiconn, wasn't it the viewer you said needed fixing? or did i misread your message? did you mean 'editor'?
03:10:18amiconnI don't say it should handle these cases, but it shouldn't crash at least
03:11:04midkayargh, my bad.. you said editor. :)
03:11:08amiconnIt should also save settings as ascii using the settingsfile plugin library, and it should only save settings on exit when they really changed
03:11:35midkayamiconn, that latter part shouldn't be hard. is there a reason you want to save settings as ascii?
03:12:09midkaywe may as well pretty much revert to the old loading/saving system in that case. i only tossed it because mainly it wasn't working for me, and then i discovered that bug report after changing it..
03:12:22amiconnThe button assignment stuff was already fixed by me a week ago
03:12:52amiconnThe changes there were really bad, e.g. it was impossible to scroll horizontally (wide view) on player
03:13:23amiconnWhy the old system? This was custom-made, right?
03:13:29midkayamiconn, ah, i was very worried about the player build of it, yeah.
03:13:39amiconnOndio was also very bad
03:14:11midkayamiconn, which was custom made? the old one was done with ascii, the new one just saves the structure to disk .. however.. :)
03:15:46amiconnWell, the old system did use ascii, but it didn't use apps/plugins/lib/configfile for it
03:15:56amiconnThat's what I meant with custom made
03:16:11midkayah, i hadn't seen lib/configfile.
03:16:22amiconnSeveral plugins use it already
03:16:32midkayi'll have to have a look. but i'm rather useless since that bug exists..
03:16:39amiconnoscilloscope even does the save-only-when-changed thing
03:17:02midkayamiconn, nice to know, i'll look into it.
03:17:14amiconn..although in a sub-optimal way, duplicating the whole settings block. I'll replace that with only one block + a crc32 across it
03:18:04amiconnBut now, sleep
03:18:10amiconn(03:18 am here)
03:18:11midkayamiconn, ah, that's what i was going to do..
03:18:22midkayamiconn, cool. alright. nite. :)
03:21:44midkay'tis it, sharpe/
03:23:26sharpenothing really. boredom.
03:24:01midkaywhat's up?
03:24:39sharpeabout the same thing as always. random bouts of happiness, boredom, sadness, et cetera. haven't worked on the emulator in forever. you?
03:27:59midkaywhy not? :\
03:28:02midkayi'm. hm.
03:28:18sharpei dunno, i've had time, but haven't really wanted to work on much
03:28:22midkaystressed about the viewer a bit..
03:28:28sharpewhat viewer?
03:28:37midkayrockbox's text viewer.
03:28:44sharpewhat's wrong with it?
03:29:00midkayi removed the saving/loading of file position when you exit and people rather want it back :)
03:29:01 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
03:29:24sharpewow... seems insignificant
03:29:46midkayyeah, it kinda is. it still should really be in by 3.0, since people apparently like to read books on their devices daily..
03:30:21sharpewell, think about it, if they drive while reading, you'll eventually be able to remove the feature quietly, without any fuss.
03:30:36midkayhahaha.. let's hope. ;D
03:31:34sharpei need to find something to occupy my time though
03:31:49midkayyeah :)
03:31:56midkayi have several, sorta..
03:32:15midkayneed to finish the bounce.c update. i think i'll do that now..
03:32:39midkaywormlet update i just remembered..
03:32:46midkayminor crap. :)
03:32:58sharpego me for not having cvs access!
03:33:25sharpeso it's not like i'm obliged to do anything
03:34:42midkayyou're semi-envied. ;0
03:35:20sharpeof course i can always think of some ideas for rockbox, however, it seems as if i'm out of them
03:35:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:35:28sharpeso i can't work on any of them
03:35:39amiconnmidkay: What about the clock plugin?
03:35:48midkaygoing to bug reports, finding a simplish one and fixing it is pretty fun. :)
03:35:52midkayamiconn, what?
03:36:04midkay@ the user/bg color stuff?
03:36:14amiconnClock needs adapting to different lcd resolutions
03:37:13midkayamiconn, right, but i don't think i can do that before 3.0. i'd like to get things mostly drawn based on LCD_HEIGHT and _WIDTH, so it would auto-adapt to all targets, instead of #if LCD_WIDTH == 112, xpos = 10; #elif ....
03:37:45midkaysimply xpos = (LCD_WIDTH / 11)-ish.
03:38:06midkaybtw, is there any change as far as the release date? still on for the fifteenth?
03:38:23midkayplayback is working better, but still seems pretty far from rock-solid.
03:39:06XavierGrwe have the power issue unsloved too :(
03:39:23midkayhm. :\
03:39:46 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
03:39:54midkayeverything just seems rather behind-schedule..
03:40:03 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:40:05XavierGrGod I was going for some bug hunting today but my windows machine broke, so I had to restore and make a new better image based on that.
03:40:08 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:40:11 Join Strath [0] (
03:40:19midkayXavierGr, ouch :\
03:40:39midkaythe "no open bugs on supported platforms" release goal seems pretty far away..
03:41:20XavierGr yup
03:41:59midkayi should go through and clean up a bit, also.. i've seen several dupes that i haven't had time to sort out, and invalid-ish ones..
03:42:20Falco98are they ironing out the h1X0 track-skip / seek bugs at all?
03:42:48midkayi haven't seen any playback work going on too recently..
03:43:19midkaybut they need fixing before 3.0, so i don't think may 15 will work out..
03:44:02XavierGrwell I have sent some samples to lostlogic for that but he didn't had the time to listen them
03:44:20 Quit MagusG (Connection timed out)
03:44:47 Join MagusG [0] (
03:45:09midkayXavierGr, ah..
03:47:28midkaybe back in like 15 minutes.. i'll do a bugtracker cleanout then.
03:50:27 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
03:53:02XavierGrok bed time here too.
03:53:19XavierGrit is getting early here! 5.00 am nearly...
04:06:36midkayum. i don't get it.
04:08:42midkayreally though. :)
04:09:33midkayi know that saying, but i don't get the picture. some tard's .. writing something on a clipboard?
04:09:47sharpehe's asking the tree
04:15:51sharpei like this one too,
04:18:53 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Pretzel Boy uses BitchX. Shouldn't you?")
04:20:03sharpesoon sleep...
04:23:29 Nick _slimeball is now known as slimeball (i=jew@
04:27:47sharpesleep time, g'night all.
04:27:52midkaynight sharpe
04:40:55 Quit Falco98 ("CGI:IRC")
04:41:04 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
04:46:46 Join damaki [0] (
04:47:01 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
04:47:02 Quit whatboutbob_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:01:16 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:01:20 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:12:08 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
05:15:18 Quit MagusG (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:18:46 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:19:38 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:27:21 Join webguest25 [0] (
05:27:43webguest25anyone got any progress on the ipod 3g port?
05:28:31 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
05:28:46 Quit webguest25 (Client Quit)
05:29:01Paul_The_NerdRockCalender's not in CVS, is it?
05:31:38 Join Sinbios [0] (
05:33:54BHSPitMonkeyany word on whether the freeze extension is on?
05:35:01Paul_The_NerdIt probably will be, but then the next deadline isn't reached yet.
05:35:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:40:22midkayPaul_The_Nerd, no, rockcalendar isn't.
05:42:27Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Didn't think it was, but it's in the table at PluginIndex for some reason
05:45:12midkayPaul_The_Nerd, yeah, rather weird.
05:48:20 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
05:48:23 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:51:22 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
05:53:21 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
06:00:33 Join JoeBorn [0] (
06:00:39 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
06:01:08 Part JoeyBorn ("Leaving")
06:05:57BHSPitMonkey(sorry, couldn't resist.)
06:06:09 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
06:11:52 Join buraianto [0] (
06:18:07 Quit buraianto ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
06:19:05 Quit ScoTTie ()
06:21:45 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:23:25 Join RoC_MM [0] (
06:24:35 Join gtkspert_ [0] (
06:28:22 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
06:28:48 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
06:31:55 Join cismo_ [0] (
06:42:17 Join JdGordon [0] (
06:43:40 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:46:17 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:50:38 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:52:04 Part Paul_The_Nerd
06:52:35 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
06:59:25 Join asd [0] (
06:59:39asdquick question for anyone out there
07:00:12asdhey; was wondering, if i rockbox my ipod, i CAN'T use itunes to transfer music?
07:00:37PresenceiTunes works with the iPod Apple firmware.
07:01:06PresenceYour "file system", like windows explorer, xtree, progman, whatever, works with Rockbox.
07:01:06asdso, if i transfer the music over, then i use the rockbox firmware
07:01:22PresenceApple works with Apple
07:01:48PresenceRockbox works as any normal hard disk/floppy/usb stick/whatever
07:01:53asdhuh. so, the 'file system' will it organize by ID3 tags?
07:02:08Presenceyou use windows, right?
07:02:09asdso, it'll be a seperate drive basically?
07:02:15Presencekay, coolio
07:02:26Presenceso you plug in your ipod, you get a new drive letter, like "I:"
07:02:47asdand i'll drop songs in there
07:02:49Presenceyou open up windows "Explorer", drag and drop your folders over that have music to "I:"
07:02:57Presenceand in rockbox, you have *two* choices:
07:03:00asdand it'll be organized in the ipod as folders?
07:03:03asduh huh
07:03:11Presence 1) you "explore" on your ipod just like it was on your windows explorer
07:03:29Presence 2) you use "Tag Cache" and do a database-style thing *Similiar* to iTunes on the ipod.
07:03:33blindit crashes very often?
07:04:27asdand the 'tag cache'... is it true that it doesn't organize songs by song number in ID3 tags?
07:04:33Presenceasd, personally, I'm a "neat freak" and my folder structure is JUST FINE thank you, so I do "#1" and explore the ipod "hard drive" in Rockbox just as I would if it were any hard drive.
07:05:05PresenceI couldn't specifically say about Tag Cache and song numbers in an album.
07:05:11PresenceI know the Wiki says it doesn't...
07:05:19Presencebut seriously, by now, I bet it totally works.
07:05:38PresenceThe Rockbox Guys make changes faster to the Rockbox code than to the manual. :)
07:05:55 Join XavierGr [0] (
07:06:12dongslol how the fuck do i put ipod in disk mode in itunes
07:06:17dongsthe interface is so retarded
07:06:20asdthanks a lot bro :D
07:06:29asdi'm off to bed, if i need anymore help i'll drop in
07:06:32Presenceasd, my pleasure.. congrats on the Rockbox install!
07:06:36asdgood night presence :D
07:06:43 Quit asd ("Leaving")
07:07:10Presencesee, now THATS the perfect example of a n00b user. joins, asks, gets the answer, leaves.
07:07:27dongsnow halp me so i can leave too :(
07:07:30Presenceunlike fucking dongs here.
07:08:00PresenceThe ipod goes into "Disk Mode" the moment you plug it into a USB port.
07:08:20dongson windows
07:08:23dongssome shit blocks it
07:08:25dongsfrom beign a drive
07:08:28dongsim guessing jewtunes
07:08:29Presencethe ONLY way an iPod doesn't go disk-mode is if (in either rockbox or ipod retail apple) you hold down "MENU" when you plug it in.
07:08:57PresenceApple iTunes talks to the iPod in "Disk Mode"
07:08:57dongsorly, does hte menu down work even with apple fw?
07:09:04dongswell it doesnt appear as a drive
07:09:04Presencethereisn't a "special iTunes-only mode"
07:09:06dongshow 2 do it
07:09:30Presencedongs, ya rly. MENU works on both Apple firmware AND rockbox firmware.
07:09:40dongsso does it charge while that?
07:10:01dongsi know i works on rockbox, so does that mean i hold menu and plug it in and it charges and i can still paly shit?
07:10:05PresenceYes, the iPod device will charge in A) disk mode, B) rockbox play mode, C) Apple Retail play mode.
07:10:06dongs(on apple)
07:10:19 Join B4gder [0] (
07:10:45PresenceYes, on the ipod Apple Firmware, holding menu when plugging into a USB port will keep the iPod playing along, JUST like rockbox's firmware.
07:11:56PresenceSo, plug in your ipod into usb port, wait a few mins, and refresh your "My Computer" window, and the ipod *will* be there as a removable disk device.
07:12:19dongsPresence: no, thats wrong
07:12:28dongsi rmeember when i first got my shuffle and was dumb enough to install jewtunes
07:12:38dongsit would appear as a drive for a split second then jewtunes would hide it
07:14:48PresenceWhat you describe does not occur on my computer-with-itunes, so I don't know what to tell you.
07:15:09Presenceother than
07:16:27 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
07:19:09 Quit hardeep (Client Quit)
07:19:40 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
07:20:57dongsok so
07:21:03dongswhats this shit about
07:21:06dongsipod mini
07:21:13dongsneeding to be plugged into a "power source"
07:21:15dongsto reflash
07:21:25dongsor something
07:23:22Presencebeats me.
07:23:57dongsthis is bullshit
07:24:42Presencewell, if you've plugged your mini into a USB port to flash it or whatever, are you not providing it power, too?
07:24:51ScoTTieit needs to be a wall socket
07:24:51Presenceor is your USB port/hub/whatever unpowered?
07:28:22dongsPresence: apparently not
07:28:29dongslol and they lost the wall charger too somewehre
07:28:47dongsScoTTie: anything canbe done without that?
07:29:23ScoTTieive never tried doing it any other way to be honest
07:29:41dongswell so much for getting rockbox on that mini then
07:29:44ScoTTieit might be possible if you ejected it
07:29:53 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
07:29:56ScoTTiein windows
07:29:59CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:29:59*ScoTTie shrugs
07:30:05dongsi did.
07:30:08dongsand tried resetting
07:30:15dongsit just shows the "plug me in to wall" pic.
07:30:20dongsand plugging to usb = fale
07:30:25ScoTTieguess its wall only then :\
07:30:36ScoTTiethe wall plugs cost a bomb aswell
07:33:35 Join rick2 [0] (
07:33:54rick2hows it going
07:35:08rick2anyone know of any new apps for rockbox
07:35:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:35:43dongsdefine "new"
07:36:10rick2anything other then what it put's on ipod
07:36:35dongsthats all the stuff, because it depends on your platform
07:36:42dongsso the daily builds include everything supported by that device
07:36:59B4gderat least everything the project has put in the CVS
07:38:57dongswell uyea
07:39:51B4gderthere's still the whopping 261 open patches that add further stuff
07:40:19rick2open patches?
07:40:43dongsas in, not closed
07:40:49dongsand not in daily builds.
07:41:24rick2found it on there site. i'll check them out
07:50:57 Quit rick2 ()
08:02:52dongslooks like they're going to get the wall plug tomorrow
08:06:03 Join webguest59 [0] (
08:06:47webguest59akaidiot: good morning.
08:07:42webguest59any idea why 060511:Rockbox for iPod 4th gen Grayscale is half the size of every other daily build?
08:07:54Mikachuno fonts
08:08:11webguest59cool.. thanks.
08:08:18Mikachuthey're in a separate zip
08:08:38Mikachubut they almost never update so you don't need to download that every day
08:09:05webguest59do you reckon the freeze on load problem from the 060510 version is fixed in 060511?
08:11:13 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
08:11:14webguest59anyhow,.. excellent project; i just found it tonight, but i really appreciate it.
08:11:56 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
08:12:57 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:14:31 Quit webguest59 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:15:51 Join damaki_ [0] (
08:21:17 Join nave7693 [0] (
08:22:48 Join Acksaw [0] (
08:23:11 Part nave7693
08:27:39 Join dj-fu [0] (
08:28:49 Join theli_ua [0] (
08:30:44 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:32:28 Join damaki__ [0] (
08:35:10 Part Paul_The_Nerd
08:41:31 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the IRC client with hair on its balls")
08:47:38 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:52:55 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
08:55:59 Join petur [0] (
09:00:12JdGordondoes any1 know how to use the custom keyboard thingy?
09:02:53markunJdGordon: just write all the chars you want on your keyboard in a text file and save it as UTF-8
09:03:09JdGordonand put it where?
09:03:25markunNo idea, but you can just play it.
09:06:17markunI'll close the patch. The code is in CVS, right?
09:07:22JdGordonye i tinhk so
09:09:56JdGordonworks but doesnt like new lines...
09:12:17LinusNthat's too bad
09:12:27markunWe could include some keyboard layouts with rockbox
09:12:51markunWhat should a new line do? Force a new page?
09:13:15LinusNJdGordon: it's supposed to skip newlines
09:13:27JdGordonwell i was expecting it print the keyboard as it is in the file.. have to play with spaces to make it formatted nicely..
09:13:38LinusNmarkun: it's tedious to edit a keyboard file if everything is on one line
09:14:19markunJdGordon: The layout will be different again if you change your font
09:14:21_FireFly_LinusN: is the "new" vkeyboard based on my idea?
09:14:45LinusNi don't remember whos idea it was
09:15:06markun_FireFly_: are these your ideas?
09:15:22_FireFly_i mean this
09:16:40JdGordonmarkun: ye so u design it to your font :D
09:17:02 Quit dj-fu (Connection timed out)
09:25:41*JdGordon is done.. a nice qwerty kb with all normal english chars :D
09:27:00 Join damaki_ [0] (
09:32:43markunmorning amiconn
09:33:04_FireFly_moin amiconn
09:33:35_FireFly_JdGordon: here(Germany) is 9:33 am ;)
09:35:15amiconnHmm, someone obviously couldn't read the UDA datasheet when writing the driver...
09:35:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:35:37amiconnAs we don't use the WSPLL, it doesn't need to be powered on...
09:42:53 Join BjoernErik [0] (
09:43:11 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:44:36 Join RedBreva [0] (
09:44:58markundwihno: is that a flying egg?
09:45:28JdGordon with a cape... its a bird, its a plane.. no its SUPER EGG!!!!
09:45:49 Quit Bjoern-Erik (Connection timed out)
09:46:38dwihnomarkun: more like F5+0 ;)
09:47:37 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:47:56 Join damaki [0] (
09:55:46 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
10:01:41 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:04:31 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
10:09:37 Part Paul_The_Nerd
10:13:27 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
10:15:50 Join gtkspert [0] (
10:24:54 Nick BjoernErik is now known as Bjoern-Erik (
10:28:42JdGordongrr.. my function takes a char** and i have declared a char blaa[][], i call the function with &blaa dont i?
10:29:22JdGordonor do i need to make that char ***?
10:32:39 Quit gtkspert_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:34:30 Join Poka64 [0] (i=Poka64@
10:35:22preglowthat is, it depends
10:35:22JdGordonjust blaa?
10:35:33preglowwhat is it an array of?
10:35:49*petur notices sheep in the channel
10:36:00Zagor[][] and ** are not equal
10:36:14JdGordonchar found_dir_names[MAX_SUB_FOLDERS][MAX_PATH];
10:36:23JdGordonan array of strings...
10:36:37 Quit whatboutbob__ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:36:40preglowthen it'll work, afaik
10:37:20petura big array...
10:37:33preglowno, it won't
10:37:49JdGordonye, i dont want to make it global coz it is fairly large...
10:37:57JdGordonMAX_PATH is 256 ye?
10:38:29 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
10:40:30JdGordonno worky... incompaitble type..
10:40:38*JdGordon hates pointers..
10:41:05peturcast char[][] to a char*
10:41:23ZagorJdGordon: think for a moment about how a ** and a [][] is arranged in memory. they are not the same.
10:42:51JdGordoni changed the function to be char blaa[][MAX_PATH] which fixed it...
10:54:07JdGordonwhats the best way to randomly go through a list fairly quickly?
10:55:15B4gderdo it right!
10:55:28JdGordondo what right?
10:55:41B4gderthe going through the list
10:55:58B4gderthe question is so blurry its not really possible to answer
10:56:10B4gderthere are too many "it depends"
10:56:25JdGordonatm ive got index = (index+a_prime)%num_items.. but thats not really all that random
10:59:22Zagorunless you want repeats, it's not an altogether easy thing to do
10:59:43Zagorshuffling the list is one method
10:59:55Zagor(i.e. create a shadow list and shuffle that)
10:59:58B4gderyeah, that's one of the "it depends"
10:59:59 Join phaedrus961 [0] (n=dfdsfsdf@
11:00:42JdGordonye, oh well.. i guess this is good enough..
11:01:40JdGordonoh, which target do we really need to be careful with ram usage?
11:02:39JdGordonor will a 512xMAX_PATH char array be sort of ok for all?
11:03:11B4gderit depends
11:03:20B4gderit won't work on the Archoses
11:05:20JdGordonis it good enough to #define the 512 by the PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE?
11:10:15amiconnJdGordon: If you define a 512x256 char array non-static, it will crash rockbox
11:10:28B4gderJdGordon: how can we know based on no info at all?
11:10:29amiconn32KB are too much for the stack. Rockbox is an embedded system...
11:10:41amiconnAhem, these are even 128KB
11:11:02JdGordonso static it is...
11:11:38 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
11:12:37amiconnJdGordon: Btw, what are you trying to do?
11:12:57JdGordonanother incarnation of the randomly insert directories..
11:13:00amiconnpreglow: Got my note regarding the non-saved digital input setting?
11:13:16 Join ScootScat [0] (
11:13:42 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
11:14:32markunJdGordon: Can't you make an array of pointers and point each entry to one of the dirs instead of copying the path?
11:15:13preglowamiconn: yup...
11:15:30JdGordonmarkun: umm... depends how the readdir() function works... ill check
11:15:37markunJdGordon: hmm.. that would only work with dircache
11:16:05JdGordonwhich would? the array of pointers? or that function?
11:16:54*amiconn wonders what that other incarnation should do
11:17:37JdGordon is the request im doing seen as my attempt at the other versions wouldnt work...
11:20:03 Join webguest79 [0] (
11:20:03 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:20:56amiconnJdGordon: You should talk to hardeep on that one. I'm 99% sure you don't need an array of strings.
11:20:58JdGordonhi.. ?
11:21:35XavierGrJdGordon I suggest you also read jpeg.c about directory reading.
11:21:49XavierGrI mean the part that has to do with the directories
11:21:55webguest79I have an h120, and I loaded it with .m4a's at 128kbs, but it sounds all choppy...
11:22:20Paul_The_NerdAAC support isn't very good in Rockbox yet. Especially on the iRiver targets.
11:22:24 Join zigford [0] (
11:22:34webguest79is anyone working on this?
11:22:37JdGordoni got the directory traversing from stats.c.. if the readdir return value can be stored instead of the name then that would be better... but i dont know if it can..?
11:23:00XavierGrJdGordon: You can call tree_get_context to see all available items in a directory. Then you can build up a pointer list with the entries
11:23:11 Quit ScootScat_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:23:17 Join petur [0] (
11:23:18Paul_The_Nerdwebguest79: It seems that generally speaking, people with AAC music aren't willing to put up with the hassle of trying to improve the codec.
11:23:21JdGordonhmm.. ok, dinner bbs
11:23:30XavierGrah so you must look into subfolders too?
11:23:51*petur thanks firefox for crashing :(
11:24:30Paul_The_Nerdwebguest79: In most cases, they don't feel they have the skill necessary.
11:24:52preglowi'd consider improving aac if faad wasn't so incredibly crappy
11:25:05webguest79oh. I have no idea how to optimise a codec. so I guess I'll just have to hope for the best, and meanwhile re-rip my cd's to mp3
11:25:13webguest79what's faad?
11:25:40zigfordITs like a trend
11:26:10Paul_The_Nerdwebguest79: Free Advanced Audio Decoder, or something like that? I'm not 100% sure.
11:26:19 Join damaki_ [0] (
11:26:24amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Afaik we're waiting for ffmpeg's new aac decoder
11:27:22Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I'd heard about that, but that doesn't mean someone else can't improve ours to a usable state until then. ;-)
11:27:55preglowgo ahead, it shouldn't be hard to make it somewhat faster
11:28:59webguest79thanks for the info, and I hope something comes out of this. Bye
11:29:03 Part webguest79
11:30:55 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
11:31:33 Join infamis [0] (
11:32:49tucozCould someone enlighten me how I should use replay gain. I use Ex Falso to tag my tracks, and I got an replay gain option there. Are there any 'good' settings I should use?
11:35:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:35:43Paul_The_NerdEvery day I can hear WMA creeping a little bit closer, and every day I wonder "Will the world end when it's playing on iPod?"
11:36:20Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: The defaults are probably good. Or at least, the defaults several other programs seem to use, which is 89dB, with both album and track gain tags.
11:37:23 Join JBGood25 [0] (
11:37:49tucozOk. Thanks. Maybe easier to use a commandline tool for that. It says progress 0% on all tracks, and it doesn't seem to process anything.
11:41:11tucozmaybe I need some other packages installed to get it working
11:41:51 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:48:31 Part Paul_The_Nerd
11:48:41 Join Ribs [0] (
11:50:19 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:54:28 Quit JBGood (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:56:52 Join Moos [0] (
11:56:52 Quit infamis ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:59:53crwlwhat tool did you use?
12:00:26tucozcrwl, me?
12:02:16tucozin that case, I use ex falso for the tagging and I have an option 'Replaygain' there.
12:02:45tucozI have installed mp3gain as well (in case that is needed)
12:06:27 Join mikearthur [0] (
12:08:42crwloh, mp3... no idea if it's actually replaygainable in Linux so that Rockbox will understand it
12:09:53tucozI see. But vorbisgain will work (for oggs) right=
12:10:01crwlyes, and metaflac −−add-replay-gain for flacs
12:10:39 Join TeaSea [0] (
12:15:23 Join Daishi [0] (
12:15:28 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:20:09tucozI see, so mp3gain is _not_ replaigain.
12:20:31Mikachuit's the same algo, but it doesn't actually write any tags
12:20:47Mikachuit changes the mp3 data losslessly
12:21:11preglowit does write tags as well, afaik
12:21:14Mikachuif you start an mp3 and run mp3gain on it, you'll hear the volume change while playing after it's done
12:21:17preglowfor reversal of the procedure
12:21:28Mikachunot replaygain tags then
12:21:31tucozOk. So the change will be noticed in rockbox?
12:21:39tucozas the mp3 data is changed
12:21:47preglowyes, doesn't even need player support
12:21:50preglowreplaygain is something else
12:22:31tucozI just ran mp3gain -r -c *.mp3. Is this ok, or should I use some other options?
12:22:56Mikachui seem to use /c /p /r /s s
12:23:03Mikachuthe last one just stops the writing of reversal tags
12:23:17 Quit hannesd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:23:22Mikachuand p is about time stamps.. so yeah, that looks right
12:24:05tucozOk. good
12:24:45preglowwhy does the newest nano build hang on boot? :>
12:25:06preglowfancy settings, obviously
12:26:55tucozhmm. Maybe I should use -a instead. To get the album to equal loudness instead
12:27:07preglowwhat the hell? rockbox.ipod isn't included in the cvs build zip????
12:27:25Mikachuif it's an album where the tracks are meant to go together that would be a good idea
12:27:34Mikachubut mp3gain probably won't preserve gaplessness
12:28:04B4gderpreglow: no?
12:28:07tucozoh, I see.
12:28:09preglowB4gder: sure doesn't look like it
12:28:30*B4gder goes checking
12:29:22 Quit zigford ("Toodles...")
12:29:54*B4gder is now officially lamer of the year
12:30:13JdGordonhaha silly bugger :D
12:30:29preglowB4gder: lemme guess, this applies to all builds? :P
12:30:34B4gderoh yes
12:30:43B4gderfunny how nobody has mentioned it
12:30:55preglowi think one guy did, but i was on my way out, and i forgot it
12:30:59pregloweither that, or i dreamt it
12:31:00tucozlamer of the year. What a nice award to get :)
12:31:13 Join hannesd_ [0] (
12:31:40preglowi was wondering if someone had commited my piezo patch without telling me, since my new cvs build was ticking when i used the click wheel
12:32:50dwihnoThere is click in ipod builds now?! :D :D :D
12:32:58*dwihno loves that annoying little sound ;~)
12:33:04preglowno, it's in my local build
12:33:10 Quit Poka64 ("back to work")
12:33:35dwihnoWhy won't anyone commit it? :(
12:33:49dwihnoIs it ugly?
12:33:51Mikachufeature freeze?
12:34:28dwihno"extended freezing period suggested"
12:34:28tucozWell, it wouldn't affect the feature freeze as the ipods are not 3.0 targets
12:34:28preglowno, it's not particularily ugly now, i believe. someone even made a nice driver out of it
12:34:32preglowbut we are in feature freeze
12:34:37preglowalso someone needs to do it :>
12:34:39 Join RedBreva__ [0] (
12:34:41 Nick RedBreva__ is now known as RedBreva_ (
12:34:41tucoz(I think)
12:34:51dwihnopreglow: care to share your build w. me? :)
12:34:53preglowshouldn't affect release targets, no
12:34:58preglowdwihno: sure, gimme a sec
12:35:04dwihnopreglow: aah, splendid :D
12:35:16dwihnoIs the sound similar to the original sound?
12:35:26Mikachuit sounds more like the key beep of atari st :)
12:35:37preglownot similar at all
12:35:39*dwihno is unpacking a heapload of wifi USB sticks! weeQ
12:35:39theli_uaanyone with ipod video here?
12:35:42preglowi can't make it short enough
12:35:55dwihnoMikachu: Never heard that sound really... :)
12:35:58Mikachuis the apple one just one frequency or some sort of sweep?
12:35:59preglowplugins won't work and it'll destroy your settings
12:36:02preglowso it's just a tryout, heh
12:36:13preglowMikachu: hard to say, it's so short
12:36:25tucozMikachu, the apple one is probably made by Vangelis
12:36:31dwihnowee :D
12:37:34tucozwhich reminds me, wonder who made the ubuntu dapper start sound. I like it.
12:37:35preglowB4gder: ahahahaha, nicety
12:37:58*B4gder wears the funny hat and stands in the corner
12:38:37 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
12:38:39*tucoz gets reminded of my first years in school
12:38:49B4gderhey, we're way below 300 seconds now for all builds
12:39:01B4gdera couple of megabytes shaved off
12:42:06*theli_ua just tested ported by him spectrum emulator on his iPod :D
12:44:20preglowdidn't someone post a patch to fix the next/prev picture behaviour on ipods?
12:45:15dwihnobut if the ipod builds aren't affected by the piezo patch, why are people hesitant regarding the inclusion?
12:45:23preglowno one are hesitant
12:45:27preglowi just haven't done it yet
12:45:40preglowand a feature freeze is a feature freeze anyway
12:45:44preglowi'd like to clear it before i do anything
12:45:47 Join Cassandra [0] (
12:46:38dwihnobooo! :)
12:48:28JdGordonok, why isnt the uisim using my new code? ive run make a million times and it keeps using old code.. (the code is in the core so i shouldnt need to copy any files around after make for it to run...) ??
12:49:46JdGordonhahaha im such a dll.
12:50:01*JdGordon kicks self and replaces brain...
12:50:26markunBagder: Shall I add font7zip and full7zip?
12:52:08 Quit tucoz ("Leaving")
12:52:39 Quit RedBreva_ (Remote closed the connection)
12:53:28markunBagder: and what about tar?
12:54:19B4gderI don't know, I don't think many people use those targets
12:55:11JdGordoncan some1 delete this comment?
12:55:20Moos12.30.43 # <B4gder> funny how nobody has mentioned it
12:55:35amiconnpreglow: Does your latest patch compile for archos?
12:55:38MoosB4gder: I did tell it to you yesterday
12:55:44preglowamiconn: i don't know, haven't tried yet, i think it does
12:56:14B4gderMoos: you forget that I'm blind and ignorant so I didn't see that
12:56:22Mooshehe :)
12:56:23markunB4gder: too bad that 7zip isn't used more. It saves a lot of space.
12:56:45Moos00.48.15 # <Moos> Bagder: oh, that seems there is something wrong with last CVS build, no .rockbox file, I first thought that it was relocalized in .rockbox dir, but apparently no
12:57:08B4gderMoos: I was in bed sleeping at that time
12:57:15B4gderI think
12:57:20Moosah ok :)
12:57:21B4gderor sleeping at least ;-)
12:57:31Moosnever read your logs? :p
12:57:38preglowi sure don't
12:57:42preglowtakes too much time these days
12:57:53preglowi scan through quickly to look for highlights on my nick, but i don't read it
12:57:57dongspiece of shit iTunesDB
12:58:04dongson shuffle you could place mp3s in / and it read them
12:58:26dongsbut on nano (and i guess others) it needs to be in iPod_Control/Music
13:00:43JdGordonare the files from the tree_context in the order shown in the tree? or can i now assume that?
13:00:59CassandraAlright, which one of you told Bagder he was allowed to sleep?
13:01:03MoosB4gder: is it planed to do same thing as for fonts for wps?
13:01:36B4gderthey're different between targets and they're much smaller
13:01:42CassandraAlthough the WPS stuff is receiving a major overhaul.
13:01:48dongsanyone here know much about iTunesDB format?
13:01:59CassandraSo that the stuff that's installed will be specific to the targer.
13:02:07dongsi wonder why the fuck this worked on my shuffle and fails here :(
13:02:07Mooswe don't need all wps for each platform, no
13:02:14Cassandra(It's done. I just need to test it a bit more.)
13:02:22MoosCassandra: working on it or something?
13:02:49CassandraIt's pretty nifty, even if I say so myself.
13:03:14 Join Febs [0] (
13:03:38Cassandrain that it'll also allow us to remove a lot of duplicated .bmp files from CVS.
13:04:13Moosgreat then !
13:04:27markunJdGordon: Maybe you should add which screen res your player has (or at least which one it is) in your forum post..
13:05:03JdGordonmarkun: ye, probably should :p
13:05:37CassandraHas this trend for offering bounties for features taken off then?
13:06:25*Cassandra wonders if anyone has offered to donate bounty money to the Rockbox fund.
13:06:31preglowthey have
13:06:40dongsbut did they?
13:06:59preglowi don't really know if anyone ever donates
13:07:09preglowall i know is that they say they do
13:14:42dongsvpod has a pretty good iTunesDB parser
13:14:50dongstoo bad its in C++ and written by a complete idiot
13:15:53Cassandrabtw - does anyone know why the directory cache config setting seems to have disappeared from my iPod?
13:17:43 Quit flynux_ (Client Quit)
13:18:44 Join flynux [0] (n=prout@2a01:38:0:0:0:0:0:1)
13:20:24CassandraGods, why is there no way to tell Windows to stop bugging me to reboot?
13:21:23preglowwouldn't be much left of windows then, would there?
13:21:35 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
13:22:53dongsuh? reboot?
13:22:58dongsi havent rebooted my windows machines in weeks
13:23:33CassandraThen someone will probably hack it shortly.
13:24:05dongsperhaps you have no idea how to admin a windows machine
13:24:24B4gderdongs' sensitive area
13:24:43peturCassandra: mine hasn't rebooted in quite some time too, but it's behind a firewall :P
13:25:27Cassandradongs: It's always possible, but since people have paid me quite considerable sums to do that very thing, it seems unlikely.
13:25:52 Join obo [0] (
13:26:16dongswell, there are a lot of stupid people then.
13:26:20dongs(im not denying that)
13:26:39preglowone for good arguments, aren't you?
13:27:08dongsthe ONLY people I ever seen complain about windows were either a) lunix users b) clueless AMD users who had no idea how to use windows
13:27:44 Quit Mikachu (Remote closed the connection)
13:27:51 Join Mikachu [0] (
13:28:05preglowmet a lot of people, haven't you?
13:28:05B4gderyou don't get out much do you?
13:28:18JdGordonumm... if they were clueless theyd have prob bought a dell so wouldnt be amd users... but stilll clueless...
13:28:32dongsnow dell is bad too?
13:28:35CassandraWell, by all means flaunt your superiority by telling me how to apply Windows patches without rebooting. I'm always glad to learn new things.
13:28:36dongsi've heard it all
13:28:50dongswindows patches come out once a MONTH.
13:28:56preglow"so it is"
13:29:02CassandraWell spotted.
13:29:11CassandraThe last set came out two days ago.
13:29:24CassandraThis is why my machine wants to reboot.
13:29:29dongsso why are you, being a "competent admin" rebooting TODAY?
13:29:44dongs(and complaining about it, especially if you know they were due 2 days ago)
13:29:49preglowsince when did that become a point?
13:29:54CassandraBecause I have two firewalls between me and the net, and I don't run IE.
13:30:05dongssounds like your loss
13:30:14 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
13:30:22 Join nobelium [0] (
13:30:31*petur slaps dongs with his AMD cpu
13:30:40*Mikachu hands dongs some ice
13:30:42dongsi find it funny that people will go out of the way not to use quality software, trying to find a solution to a non-existing problem
13:30:56Mikachuyeah, windows users are strange
13:31:01preglowand i find it amusing that some people thinks any operating system is flawless
13:31:16preglowbut hey
13:31:22preglowthere are idiots everywhere, like you say
13:31:27CassandraI like you, dongs. You're funny.
13:31:46JdGordoni see stupid people all around me... some dont even know they are stupid :D
13:31:48peturand why AMD users should be clueless - I find the opposite more true :P
13:31:50 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
13:31:59*B4gder is an AMD user
13:32:04B4gderlots of AMDs around
13:32:07*preglow too
13:32:13*preglow hugs his athlon64
13:32:14peturonly idiots buy slow overheating crap
13:32:28dongswell, thats amd users
13:32:31markunpetur: like a dec alpha?
13:33:06preglowi haven't bothered checking intel out since pentium 4
13:33:10 Join dj-fu [0] (
13:33:13 Join dwihno [0] (n=dw@
13:33:18CassandraJdGordon, I think it's called "the human condition" or something.
13:33:21Mikachuapparently those pentium m/d are pretty fast and not so hot
13:33:25Mikachubut i haven't tried myself
13:33:36preglowi don't upgrade too often
13:33:42*Mikachu warms his hands on an athlon xp 2ghz cpu
13:33:51Cassandrapreglow, it's looking as if Yonah may well be a better option than Althon64, at least in the short term.
13:33:56preglowi had a t-bird once, heh
13:34:02CassandraI'm eagerly awaiting the reviews.
13:34:16preglowi don't very much follow hardware in between upgrades
13:34:21Mikachuyeah i had a tbird .9ghz before this one
13:34:28dongs1.83ghz core duo beats amd in *every* benchmark
13:34:34preglowMikachu: i had a 1.4ghz tbird, also known as the hottest cpu ever
13:34:39CassandraI'm planning an upgrade later this year.
13:34:43dongsand that isnt even the fastest one, 2.16ghz one owns any existing cpu
13:34:49Mikachupreglow: ah, neat
13:35:01preglowMikachu: no
13:35:04Mikachudongs: one week amd is faster, the next week intel is faster, what else is new?
13:35:10dongsamd was never faster
13:35:19B4gderand now over to... emacs is a lot better than vi!
13:35:26Mikachuyeah, intel and microsoft are the best companies ever, and kittens never pee
13:35:28preglowB4gder: it's not!!!!!!!!!11111111111
13:35:28CassandraSeems sensible to wait till Socket AM2 and Yonah come out, since I usually do the rolling upgrade thing.
13:35:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:35:46CassandraIn some sense I've been using the same computer since 1994.
13:35:47dongsyonah has been out for like 5 months where have you been
13:36:00B4gderdongs is just our channel windows troll
13:36:18JdGordoni at least had sound with windows... fucking linux
13:36:18B4gderlet him run around and have fun
13:36:35preglowi've grown so used to linux trolls i forgot windows trolls existed
13:36:37markunJdGordon: that's more like it!
13:36:43dongsJdGordon: lol, dont even start there. once you get sounds in lunix working, try playing two at once.
13:36:51preglowdongs: works just fine
13:36:55Mikachui don't see the point of being a windows troll, unless you're steve ballmer
13:36:57preglowdepends on the driver
13:37:07preglowjust like in windows
13:37:14dongsi've got news for you
13:37:20dongsit didnt "depend on the driver" in windows since 1995.
13:37:28B4gderyes it did
13:37:29Mikachudongs: apparently you get annoyed when i use facts about windows that are more than 4 weeks old, yet you use facts that are many years old about linux
13:37:31preglowyes it did
13:37:38B4gderof course it did even
13:37:38preglowi bloody well used a card that was like that two months ago
13:37:42preglowand i used it for a long time, so i would know
13:38:01B4gderbut it also depends on the driver on just about every darned OS there is
13:38:06preglowof course
13:38:12JdGordonok this is boring.. how bout we argue over how crap the ipod os is..
13:38:18 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
13:38:21preglowJdGordon: there's no argument there...
13:38:33JdGordonso everyone can go back to idling
13:38:37markunIt's not THAT bad, is it?
13:38:48*B4gder never tried an iPod
13:38:48preglowmarkun: only thing nice about it is the design, if you ask me
13:38:51 Join dwihno [0] (n=dw@
13:39:02B4gderI tried a few running Rockbox
13:39:08dongsand battery life?
13:39:19Paul_The_NerdIt looks slick. And I'll say their audiobook/podcast handling still has us somewhat beat.
13:39:42Cassandradongs, I stand corrected, I mean Conroe, not Yonah.
13:39:51dongsthats what I figured.
13:39:53ZagorPaul_The_Nerd: really? i've heard a lot of complaints from people that searching in audiobooks sucks big time
13:40:03dongsbut yonah already owns any current cpu, and conroe will only be faster.
13:40:36Paul_The_NerdZagor: I dunno. I liked it better than seeking long distances, since next-track jumped to preset points, so it was really easy to get 3/4 of the way through. Though, bookmarks beat that hands down anyway
13:41:03Paul_The_Nerddongs: We've established that you're a "Mainstream is better" kinda guy. Can we just drop all this.
13:41:08Mikachui like how audiobooks in ipods os automatically saves where you are, and doesn't affect your music playlist at all
13:41:11CassandraThere are some neat things about iPod OS, or more specifically about iTunes.
13:41:16Paul_The_NerdI'm personally anti-Intel simply out of prejudice toward the name Conroe.
13:41:38CassandraMany iPod users won't make the switch to Rockbox because they're wedded to iTunes dynamic playlists.
13:41:43Mikachuactually that's the podcast feature, but i put my audiobooks there
13:42:03Mikachuthat's put in past tense, damn you english
13:42:50CassandraAnd as far as chrome goes, the iPod OS looks way slicker than Rockbox.
13:43:08preglowno shit
13:43:16dongsPaul_The_Nerd: as i said, your loss
13:43:17CassandraOf course some of the custom WPS screens make iPod look dull.
13:43:18Mikachui'm not sure i like sliding screens that don't slide as soon as you've pressed play
13:43:26markundongs: do you know if there are a lot of Toshiba Gigabeat users in Japan?
13:43:41dongsnot sure. i havent even seen it on sale but i didnt really look.
13:44:02CassandraHmmm. Cleartype or ATM for Rockbox. That'd be nice.
13:44:13dongsfuzzy fonts = nice?
13:44:14Mikachuthat would require alpha blended drawing
13:44:20dwihnoYay! Someone suggesting antialiased fonts!
13:44:30dwihno\o/ Cassandra \o/
13:44:32Mikachuyou can get 3x the horizontal resolution with antialiasing on lcd screens
13:44:38Mikachui think
13:44:52preglowCassandra: amiconn will skin you once he reads this
13:44:53Cassandradwihno, I suspect it'd have a large overhead, unfortunately.
13:45:08CassandraMikachu, yeah, I remember seeing that article.
13:45:12 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
13:45:27Mikachui've never looked at an actual lcd screen with proper subpixel aa though
13:45:29Cassandrapreglow, amiconn always hates anything I suggest to improve the UI. ;)
13:45:36dwihnoCassandra: Sounds reasonable... Perhaps some flashy caching might reduce the overhead
13:45:42Zagordongs: if yonan is superior, why does amd x2 beat it on half of these performance tests?
13:45:57CassandraIf it were up to him, I'm sure Rockbox'd run 80x25 VGA text. :)
13:46:00preglowZagor: through black magic and bribes
13:46:12Zagorpreglow: ah, I should have guessed
13:46:23preglowCassandra: no, that would be if it was up to me
13:46:26B4gdernow don't come bringing those darned facts
13:46:31B4gderit spoils a good argument
13:46:34preglowi want a good old fashioned ansi interface
13:47:00*Cassandra notes that the Jackash font has all the old DOS box graphics chars in it.
13:47:05Mikachupreglow: try ipl
13:47:21Cassandra(I designed it as a Linux console font back in the mists of time.)
13:47:44peturCassandra: new way to create the boxes wps :)
13:47:59CassandraFor some reason it hasn't translated to unicode well, which I can't understand since I went through it putting all the correct unicode codes in.
13:48:27Paul_The_NerdI saw a WPS somewhere that used all those characters to create the "graphics" and actually quite liked it.
13:48:31Cassandrapetur, I was originally thinking of doing that, but by the time I could get jackash ported, there wasn't really a need any more.
13:48:49CassandraPaul_The_Nerd, did you? Can you remember where?
13:51:06Paul_The_NerdCassandra: I honestly cannot. I want to think it was posted in our forums. It caught my attention because I saw a screenshot that looked like a graphical WPS, but only a .wps file was linked.
13:52:10 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
13:52:16Paul_The_NerdCassandra: There's one that does it somewhat in the Ipod Mini gallery, but it's not the one I'm remembering
13:52:21preglow <- what i want my rockbox to look like
13:52:41 Join dwihno [0] (n=dw@
13:53:25Cassandrapreglow: You're weird.
13:53:40CassandraAnd you smell funny.
13:54:07preglowaccurate description thus far
13:55:04preglowi'm most certainly going to make wps like that some time
13:55:24dongsthat would acutally be awesome
13:55:28 Quit Pladask (Connection timed out)
13:55:30dongsjust write a ansi console driver.
13:55:37dongsand all WPSs are in text mode.
13:55:41*Cassandra boggles at the WPS gallery.
13:55:42dongsquick, start a bug on this.
13:55:46preglowwell, they pretty much are right now
13:56:01dongsi dont think you can do per-letter coloring now though
13:56:04preglowjust needs some wps patches and it'll work
13:56:08CassandraI mean I thought the people who wanted Rockbox to look like Winamp were nuts
13:56:11preglowyeah, you need per-letter colouring
13:56:18Cassandrabut .... Media Player Classic?#
13:56:23B4gderthere's fonts there now
13:56:38preglowgod, i want to make wpses now
13:58:12preglowwasn't there a page that displayed all fonts?
13:58:28B4gderyes there is
13:58:33preglowor can anyone recommend me a program that lets me view these bastards on my pc?
13:58:45B4gderpretty old one
13:59:23CassandraB4gder, that page is quite out of date.
13:59:29B4gderyes indeed
13:59:53 Join adam_ [0] (
14:00:24Cassandraalt8x8 is an old PC console font too, I see.
14:00:39adam_where is a list of supported devices for rockbox?
14:01:18preglowomfg, alt8x8 will do nicely
14:01:18B4gderon the front page
14:01:58Cassandrapreglow, I believe that like jackash it's modified to be proportional.
14:02:23adam_so nothing for creative zen
14:02:39CassandraNope. Feel free to port it.
14:02:40Paul_The_NerdCassandra: It looks fixed on the site.
14:02:57 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:03:11B4gdernow the daily builds table includes a daily font package
14:03:15adam_rockbox, more like cockbox rite?
14:03:31dongshy abortion
14:03:35CassandraAdam - are you related to dongs by any chance?
14:03:39B4gderadam_: correct, no one has started anything on a zen
14:03:45preglowargh, proportional won't do
14:03:49adam_i didnt think so
14:03:55adam_hi dongs
14:04:08B4gderthe zen is dm230 based though
14:04:12CassandraPossibly by a bond of universal brotherhood then, or something.
14:04:16B4gderwork on that would open lots of more ports
14:04:48preglowwhy is everyone going dm320? dirt cheap or something?
14:05:07CassandraI think it's so sweet that Rockbox is getting popular enough to have trolls.
14:05:09B4gderI think its a low price tag for lots performance
14:05:42B4gderpreglow: accordin to Neuros they found no alternative that could compete
14:06:04B4gderor at least I interpreted it that way
14:06:04preglowtouch luck it's got no specs, then
14:06:06preglowtough too
14:06:11adam_hey, what about a replacement thing for the sony walkman phone walkman program?
14:06:42B4gderadam_: feel free to start all those ports
14:06:45markunadam_: any idea what kind of hardware is in there?
14:06:46Cassandraadam_, there's a problem with phone based software.
14:06:59B4gdermarkun: those phones are often arm based
14:07:01adam_i never feel anything other than free to do anything
14:07:07adam_but thanks for the encouragement
14:07:23adam_i have the w810i
14:07:32CassandraMost carriers insist on any phone software that runs on their network being authorised.
14:07:34adam_the software is pretty good
14:07:50CassandraTo the extent that they will block phones with unauthorised software.
14:07:55adam_i recommend you discontinue all work on rockbox and buy a sony ericsson w810i with a large memory card
14:07:58amiconnCassandra: I'd say forget about font antialiasing. Font drawing is already dead slow on colour targets
14:08:06CassandraThis is mostly because the mobile phone infrastructure is a bit shit.
14:08:18adam_Cassandra the programs arent running on their network
14:08:20B4gderadam_: how do you insert the harddrive in the memory card slot? ;-)
14:08:22adam_they are running on the phones
14:08:36CassandraI'm hoping to see mobile services migrate to a solution based upon wireless POPs and VoIP>
14:08:36peturadam_: can you record lossless (and good quality sound) with that phone?
14:08:42adam_b4gder you buy a sony(tm) memory card
14:08:50CassandraThen we can look at running Rockbox on phones.
14:08:51B4gderadam_: they fit harddrives? wow
14:08:54adam_petur: it's a phone, i'd hope the microphone is good enough for that
14:09:00CassandraBut it's not likely to happen before then.
14:09:03*amiconn would rather want another improvement that was discussed for quite some time: combined wps graphics
14:09:19dongsjaps have a *new* phone with 4gb micro-hdd in it. the most retarded business decision ever.
14:09:21CassandraReally I just want someone to write a plugin called PhoneBox.
14:09:23*amiconn doesn't want all the wasted cluster slack and dead slow wps loading
14:09:28preglowindeed, but not like a huge bitmap blob
14:09:31dongsi mean, when 4gb of flash costs less than a 4gb hdd, waht the fuck were they thinking
14:09:33preglowfind a nice solution first ;)
14:09:35peturadam_: i mean quality phone, not something designed for 200-3000Hz
14:09:45markundongs: yes, sounds crazy
14:09:57CassandraI believe we decided to stick them in tar files for 3.1
14:10:01dongs < dumb.
14:10:11amiconnEven if I would find a graphical wps that I like (maybe icatcher, after some tweakling) I wouldn't want to use it right now
14:10:11markundongs: and probably uses a lot more power, is damaged easilly when dropped..
14:10:21amiconnLoading a graphical wps takes _ages_
14:10:33preglownot on nano
14:10:40dongsits also heavy and ugly as fuck
14:10:41 Quit RedBreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:11:09dongsthat puke green color looks even worse in real as opposed to photo
14:11:46adam_dongs: it looks like it could be a transformer from the old cartoon series
14:12:05amiconnI still like the single bitmap idea more than tar file
14:12:24adam_i could get a 2gb card for my phone for ú106
14:12:27adam_not too bad
14:12:50B4gderand I like the tar idea more than the single bitmap ;-)
14:13:09markundongs: maybe they explain it here:
14:13:43dongstheres nothing interesting on that page
14:13:45dongsother than usual sales shit
14:14:06dongslol, you can save up to half a gig of PC data to it
14:14:11dongsi wonder why they hard limited it like that
14:14:20 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
14:14:26amiconnmarkun: The ipod retailos is crap by definition, as it's tied to crappy pc software
14:14:26 Join solexx_ [0] (
14:14:53Mikachudongs: i like how half of the text on that top graphic is molested english
14:15:02preglowi like tar idea better than a single bitmap
14:15:09preglowon the grounds of it not being a pain in the ass for wps developers
14:15:24dongsthat hasnt stopped thousands of winamp skins
14:15:24CassandraI think most of us are happier with tar.
14:15:31dongsi think you underestimate the target audience.
14:15:47preglowthe wps developers i spoke to seemed to agree
14:15:52*petur is with amiconn
14:16:12Mikachuskinners will overcome any obstacle
14:16:24Mikachuthey even skinned winamp before winamp had skinning support
14:16:44dongswhy the fuck ipod insists i have to specify "artist" name in the list
14:16:52peturthey do the same with original DAP firmwares :)
14:16:58Mikachubut i also like tar better than single bitmap
14:17:02preglowall related bitmaps should be put in one bitmap, though
14:17:07dongsspeaking of tar
14:17:07preglowif they aren't already
14:17:15JdGordondo both together... piss everyone off :D
14:17:17Mikachupetur: i even found a program to change the ascii font on my nvidia card
14:17:30 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
14:17:36preglowwhy'd you want to replace that beautiful font?
14:17:46Mikachuyeah i don't know
14:17:48dongsall of au/KDDI newer phones that download shit use some variation of tar format for its multimedia data. songs with album art/lyrics etc come in a tar, as well as syncronized multimedia packages and shit like that.
14:17:48Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Play/Pause/Stop icons, for example, being a single fixed-width bitmap?
14:17:51Paul_The_NerdOr fixed height
14:17:55Mikachui used it to remove the idiotic 2 second delay at bootup though
14:18:43tucozmarkun, how's the gigabeat port progressing?
14:19:16markuntucoz: we're still figuring out how all the hardware is connected by writing little test apps
14:19:34markuntucoz: logs of our adventures:
14:19:37tucozso you execute code on it? In linux?
14:19:43tucozah. cool
14:19:47 Join zigford [0] (
14:19:47preglowPaul_The_Nerd: yeah
14:19:48 Join shadou [0] (
14:19:51preglowPaul_The_Nerd: and the codec bitmaps, etc
14:19:58markunyes, we have a gigabeat connected to a computer with a USB NIC
14:20:06 Quit dj-fu (Nick collision from services.)
14:20:09 Nick shadou is now known as dj-fu (
14:20:49zigfordchocolate biscuit
14:20:54dj-fugigabeat yessa
14:20:57dongsMikachu: what 2 seconds delay
14:21:10tucozyou work collaboratively on one gigabeat?
14:21:11Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: That's my preference too honestly.
14:21:32Mikachudongs: the one while showing "this is an nvidia 6200 etc we rule you suck" before the mb bios is reached
14:21:44markuntucoz: well, shonky and I write the code and gtkspert looks at his gigabeat to see if anything happens :)
14:21:52tucozhehe. cool
14:21:59dongsoh that gigabeat.
14:22:03dongsyea i think i saw this shit on sale
14:22:04 Quit solexx (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:22:06dongsit looked megadum
14:22:24B4gderyou have such a nice way with words dongs
14:22:31markundongs: sure
14:22:53markundongs: but with rockbox it will be a lot better
14:22:57dongslol @ 300 bucks for a music player that will die after you drop it once
14:23:36peturlearn to be a bit more carefull with your stuff!
14:23:37markunhe dropped it once and it didn't die :)
14:23:38*tucoz notices that the #gigabeat logs are a quicker read than #rockbox
14:23:50 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
14:25:42zigfordI like the bit about putting it into a small pocket
14:26:01markundongs: what made you think they break faster than other 300 buck players?
14:26:53dongsi would never waste 300 on a music player
14:26:59dongsso thats not a concern for me
14:27:09 Join SereR0KR [0] (
14:27:34markundongs: compared to a free ipod the gigabeat is crap of course :)
14:28:11dongsbut its also crap because i would have absolutely no use for it
14:28:21dongsespecialy the space
14:28:40dongsits too slow to be used for storage, and if i wanted to play video on a 2.4" qvga i can already do that on my phone
14:28:42tucozso the Koreans are interested in the Gigabeat as well.
14:28:43Paul_The_NerdI like how your definition of "Crap" seems to simply be "Things you don't like."
14:28:44markunForgot you have a nano
14:29:00dongsdo oyu ahve a problem with that?
14:29:03markuntucoz: which koreans?
14:29:23Mikachuthat is a 1
14:29:25markuntucoz: He has 2 irivers already :)
14:29:35tucozjust saw his nick in the gigabeat logs
14:29:52Paul_The_Nerddongs: Generally speaking, when someone calls an object crap it implies that the object itself is flawed, rather than it simply being useless to them.
14:29:58Genre9mp3markun: I saw some pics of the Gigabeat, As I understanded from the pics, in the retail OS you can use the screen both vertical and horizontal, right?
14:30:13markunGenre9mp3: yes, that's right
14:30:40tucozGenre9mp3, you made the icatcher wps right?
14:30:42Genre9mp3It seems a cool player to me...I don't like the cross very much, though
14:30:53 Join Gandalf21 [0] (
14:30:54Genre9mp3tucoz: yes
14:31:09tucozI like it. Nice work
14:31:15Gandalf21where i can download arm-elf-gcc for linux? i use ubuntu
14:31:22dongsyou dont
14:31:25dongsyou read the wiki how to build it
14:31:26dongsand do it
14:31:30Genre9mp3tucoz: Thank you very much...glad you like it
14:31:49Gandalf21dongs...are u tolking to me?
14:32:08CassandraOoh, cool. KarmaEQ will allow me to work out the correct EQ settings for flat response for my headphones.
14:32:20CassandraAll I need is the actual frequency response data.
14:32:37tucozCassandra, have you considered including Genre9mp3's wps in CVS?
14:33:23Cassandratucoz: We've not had any submissions for a while, I think.
14:33:35tucozwhat do you mean?
14:33:42dongsits ok but i dont like that icatcher breaks with my font.
14:33:45dongsand look all purple.
14:33:48Cassandratucoz: I'd like to see more WPSes that work at more than one resolution, myself.
14:33:59Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: They're supposed to submit them to the patch tracker if they want inclusion.
14:34:06Cassandratucoz, for copyright reasons, we can't just put any wps we'd like into Rockbox.
14:34:07tucozMe too. And that is ported to all the wps targets.
14:34:11peturbut it is
14:34:15B4gdericatcher is submitted
14:34:17tucozI see.
14:34:27Moos and for all platforms
14:34:32CassandraB4gder, ah, OK.
14:34:49CassandraLet me commit my changes to the wps building and then I'll have a look at it.
14:35:13Gandalf21dongs can u help me?
14:35:31tucozGoodie. As I've said before, that is in my opinion a candidate as a default theme
14:35:40B4gderI agree
14:35:42dongsGandalf21: with?
14:35:44markunme too
14:35:46dongsthe instructions are as clear as it gets
14:35:52dongsyou download 2 files, and type in like 3 commands
14:36:05 Quit obo ("CGI:IRC")
14:36:07tucoz...If we use the rockbox blue theme for the colour targets
14:36:09dongsbut you can ask somethign specific.
14:36:09Gandalf21i have binutils and gcc already installed
14:36:10 Join obo [0] (
14:36:27dongsnot for arm-elf OBVIOUSLY
14:36:28Genre9mp3Wow...thank all for this... :)
14:36:36dongswhich is what that document talks about building
14:36:42theli_uacool.. i see terminus fonts are submitted :) ... B4gder , thanx :)
14:36:46markunGenre9mp3: he's always this friendly
14:37:00Gandalf21but i have to uninstall gcc and binutils i have installed ?
14:37:17dongsyou build arm-elf versions using the ones you have installed. duh.
14:37:24CassandraHmm - it requires the album art patch.
14:37:24linuxstbtheli_ua: Have you started work on a spectrum emulator port, or are you just thinking about it?
14:37:31tucozRow 3, Column 2 :
14:37:42markunGandalf21: just try it first. If it fails you can always ask some more.
14:37:44preglowlinuxstb: did you try the vorbis patch for the ifp port?
14:37:45dj-fuanything interesting happening in CVS atm?
14:37:46theli_ualinuxstb almost done
14:37:50dj-fuhaven't pu a daily build on for a few weeks
14:37:53MoosGenre9mp3: it seems your wps made unanimity :)
14:37:54Paul_The_NerdWow. I thought *I* was the gruff, belligerent support guy.
14:38:01Gandalf21it fails!
14:38:15linuxstbpreglow: No, I haven't been able to do anything Rockbox related recently.
14:38:19theli_uaB4gder, there was no need in 12b font cause 6x12 normal and bold are identical
14:38:20Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Vorbis patch iFP port?
14:38:25preglowi'll try it, then
14:38:27Genre9mp3Cassandra: If you are talking about iCatcher, there is a default version in the tracker
14:38:28B4gdertheli_ua: oh
14:38:32dj-fuPaul_The_Nerd, you've got gruff, beligerent support guy confused with irc troll
14:38:35CassandraOh, right.
14:38:51Genre9mp3...and it is for all targets
14:38:58linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: The iFP porter posted some small ARM optimisations to Tremor and libmad on his website.
14:39:23B4gdertheli_ua: thanks, removing the bold one again
14:39:31Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Aaah. I checked the wiki like, a day or two ago, but don't ever go to his site.
14:40:05theli_ualinuxstb, the emulator is just ported spectemu... it lacks sound and user input .. :)
14:40:07Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: Yeah, I tend to avoid the words "obviously" and "duh" and merely imply them. ;-)
14:40:13linuxstbtheli_ua: I'll be happy to have a look at it, and (post-3.0) help optimise it. Which target are you working on?
14:40:16tucozPaul_The_Nerd == Llorean?
14:40:19dongsanyone know the reason ipod wants mp3s in those random dirs inside iPod_Control? is it because they use fat and no long filenames? or what
14:40:36dongsi tried making iTunesDB with a filename with a "'" in it and it didnt want to read it
14:40:36Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: Yessir
14:40:37B4gdertucoz: bingo!
14:40:50tucozPaul_The_Nerd, quite impressive work in the forums there
14:40:56Genre9mp3Moos: It seems that dongs breaks this unanimity! :)
14:41:04theli_ualinuxstb, i have iPod mini and for now i test emulator on it and sim for ipod mini and video (big screen) :)
14:41:07dj-fudongs, It's so it's a pain in the ass, and very much like the rest of mac. pain in the ass.
14:41:16MoosGenre9mp3: haha :D
14:41:22dongswell, i'd liek a more technical answer.
14:41:23Paul_The_Nerddongs: Arbitrary choice on Apple's hand, as far as anyone can tell.
14:41:31dj-furead manpage for libtunesdb?
14:41:37preglowthat patch did not go well with gcc here
14:41:37Paul_The_Nerddongs: They recently (newest versions) made it even more restrictive.
14:41:50PaulJamCassandra: if you'r looking for frequency response data of your headphones you might find this site useful:
14:42:00tucozhehe, Hero Member :)
14:42:07linuxstbtheli_ua: What's the resolution of the spectrum's screen? Also, how fast is the emulation at the moment?
14:42:19dongsPaul_The_Nerd: i am wondering that. because like I said, on my shuffle iwas able to write iTunesDB with :rootdir:file.mp3 and it would pick it up. but on the nano which I upgraded with latest firmware, its refusing to play anything unless its in :iPod_Control:Music:
14:42:38CassandraThanks Paul. It has my headphones, but still only in graph form. Pfeh.
14:42:42Paul_The_Nerddongs: As I said, the newest versions are more restrictive. That's the new restriction. ;-)
14:42:46CassandraI need *numbers* dammit!
14:42:50theli_ualinuxstb, 256x192 .. i can make a build for your target and mail you with a demo snapshot so you can look at it
14:43:10dongsi wonder why they're bothering
14:43:27amiconnlinuxstb: Spectrum is 256x192, plus solid border colour around that
14:43:28theli_ualinuxstb, just want to clear and make it usable before submitting to tracker
14:43:32Cassandradongs, in order to annoy me, I suspect.
14:43:36*amiconn is too slow
14:43:44Paul_The_Nerddongs: Obfuscating the filenames makes it more difficult for the absolutely lay user to share his music with others by way of the ipod.
14:43:56linuxstbtheli_ua: That's OK - I'll wait for you to publish your patch. Seems perfect for the 5g, but annoyingly just a little too bit for the 220x176 displays...
14:43:57JdGordonis it safe to do %0 ?
14:44:15 Join yobesoom [0] (
14:45:20tucozSo in reality, there is no problem sharing music on the ipods as long as the files are tagged properly, and are renamed useing the tags?
14:45:28preglowmmmm, distortion
14:45:29Genre9mp3BTW..I was wondering, how the compiler chooses the WPSes for each target, anyone know?
14:45:38dongstucoz: yea
14:45:40CassandraBTW yes, I do.
14:45:41dongstucoz: but tagging fucking sucks
14:45:46dongsi just want my shit in dir/track or somethign
14:46:10linuxstbdongs: Then you simply can't use Apple's firmware.
14:46:13CassandraCurrently it (not a compiler but a shell script, actually) picks the ones that are of lower or equal resolution,.
14:46:27CassandraThe new version will pick only those of the same resolution.
14:46:28Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: As long as the files aren't DRMed, yeah, you can run a mass rename from tag after copying them back to the computer and they'll be fine.
14:46:36Genre9mp3The resolution is on the name?
14:46:42tucozPaul_The_Nerd, I see.
14:46:46CassandraIt is in the new version.
14:46:46Genre9mp3eg. boxes220x176c?
14:46:56CassandraIt used to be stored in a seperate file.
14:46:57linuxstbGenre9mp3: There is a "WPSLIST" file which is used for that.
14:47:27tucozin the wps folder in the source tree there is no need to "name" the files like that, right?
14:47:39linuxstbNo - that's just a convention.
14:47:47CassandraNot until I commit the new patch, no.
14:47:55CassandraAlthough the convention is changing slightly.
14:48:05amiconnCassandra: You need to differentiate between graphical wps'es which most often only work for one specific resolution, and generic wps'es which will work for a range of resolutions
14:48:07preglowtomal's patch cuts from 50% to 28% boost on a 162kbps ogg file, but there's some distortion now
14:48:12Genre9mp3Why not organize the WPS in subdirs for each resolution?
14:48:34Cassandraamiconn, text wpses are treated differently.
14:48:58linuxstbAnother minor issue is date/time tags, and tags for remote hold - those are target, not LCD size/depth dependent....
14:49:12CassandraGenre9mp3, because it would result in unnecessary duplication of bmp files.
14:49:16preglowjust need to find the bug, and this is definitely commit material
14:49:31Cassandralinuxstb, I consider the system to be a work in progress.
14:49:55CassandraNot that we have any text wpses in CVS at the moment, which I think is a shame.
14:49:57Genre9mp3Cassandra: This is already done...for wpses for all targets...or am I wrong?
14:50:14Genre9mp3everyone has its own folder
14:50:49Moospreglow: any luck with musepack?
14:51:10amiconnlinuxstb: Ah, yes. An obvious example is archos recorder vs. archos Ondio. Recorder has an RTC, Ondio does not
14:51:20CassandraGenre9mp3, it is yes, but the new patch fixes this.
14:51:31*Cassandra should get off my arse and do final testing so I can commit it.
14:51:45preglowMoos: no, i'm doing other stuff in the meantime, i don't feel like fixing snowgoon's patch right now
14:51:58Genre9mp3Cassandra: How the new patch do that?
14:52:08linuxstbamiconn: I was thinking of iPod 4G and H1x0...
14:52:48Moospreglow: the patch I'm using made lot of performance gain plus seeking, isn't it suffisent for initial commit?
14:52:50amiconnYes, same thing
14:52:50Genre9mp3But anyway, I think that the naming is a bit ugly for the user...
14:52:54CassandraGenre9mp3, by storing all the bmps relating to a particular WPS for all resolutions in the same folder.
14:53:22preglowMoos: seeking is broken
14:53:23CassandraGenre9mp3, this is why the new system renames it to just the name of the wps.
14:53:27preglowMoos: trying seeking backwards, for instance
14:53:42Genre9mp3Cassandra: Then, that's cool
14:54:27Moospreglow: I'm using the version patch updated before the last one, and definitively seeking here, and significatively cut down boost ratio
14:54:46Moospreglow: is the seeking broken in your last patch?
14:54:48 Quit yobesoom_ (Connection timed out)
14:54:56Genre9mp3The cfg files for the wps (themes) are generated by the compiler?
14:55:55Moospreglow: so *far* better than CVS .mpc version anyway
14:57:07CassandraGenre9mp3, by the same script, yes.
14:57:28preglowMoos: track just skips here if i try to seek backwards
14:57:38preglowalso, i don't think the current seek table implementation will work for long mpcs
14:57:59Moosdid you radicaly change things in last patch version?
14:58:04preglowlooks like it assumes that the sons always fits in the buffer
14:58:07*JdGordon has insert directory tree in random order working.. for real this time :D
14:58:24preglowno, i didn't change much at all, i just removed all the tabs and merged it with my gapless stuff
14:58:57Moosdo you think we can hope for 3.0? :)
14:59:27preglowlooks to me like we'll be extending until late may
14:59:28preglowso perhaps
14:59:29Mooson you? :P
14:59:41Mooswee then :)
14:59:42preglowhaha, i don't think anyone else will do it, at least
15:01:11tucozpreglow: And if marsdaddy is pleased with his wma codec before the end of may, will you be able to keep your optimizing fingers of that?
15:01:18Moospersonally I can so far live with the patch I'm using, but I thought more for people doesn't using patches and having the cvs mpc version with a lot of cpu activity + no seeking at all
15:01:21tucoz*off of
15:01:48preglowtucoz: i don't think it probable that'll happen
15:01:55preglowin any case i almost certainly won't have time
15:03:35preglowbesides, a new codec almost certainly is a feature
15:03:45preglowso i think it should be kept out of a stable release
15:03:57tucozthat is true
15:04:58 Quit tucoz ("Leaving")
15:05:37 Part adam_
15:07:51 Join Kernel_Killer [0] (
15:10:51 Part obo
15:13:39 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:16:40 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
15:20:13 Join tempi [0] (n=tempi@unaffiliated/tempi)
15:21:09tempiamiconn, do you have a second? or anyone else who understands how backlight dimming on ipods work? i try to fix a bug in iPodLoader2...
15:23:18dongsim pulling this out of my ass but i think they have a thread that starts and changes brightness.
15:23:25tempithe problem is that recent changes to loader2.4 (in beta) are having an effect on the apple firmware when loaded: the backlight turn on/off without the dimming effect any more. this only happens on 4G and Photo models, but not on 5G (Video) models. I like to understand how the fading works so i can underdtand the problem
15:23:27dongsor at least i remember seing somethign to that effect
15:25:02Gandalf21have i to use the patch after compiling rockbox or first?
15:25:05tempii like to understand how the dimming is achieved. is it done by quickly toggling the light on/off or is there a D/A value that i changed?
15:25:30dongstempi: if you look at backlight.c in firmware dir
15:25:32dongsit depends on the model
15:25:33preglowipods have native dimming
15:25:33tempi.. that gets changed, i mean
15:25:37preglowbut we use pwm dimming
15:26:12preglow4g and photo models use native dimming, afaik
15:26:13tempihmm, so it could be anything... darn
15:26:17dongspreglow: correct
15:26:17preglowso that's probably your problem
15:26:36tempiaha, then it could be a register i may have "damaged" in loader2
15:27:00tempido you know if 5Gs use a diffrerent dimming method?
15:27:02dongs outl(inl(0x70000084) & ~0x2000000, 0x70000084);
15:27:02dongs outl(0x80000000, 0x7000a010);
15:27:08dongstempi: this is 4g fade out
15:27:17dongsnano uses a single outl
15:27:19dongsto turn off.
15:27:22linuxstbtempi: The 5g has the same backlight code as the Nano - which is different to the 4g/Photo
15:27:22dongs(is that 5g?)
15:27:29tempiyou mean, you just flip one switch and it does the dimming on its own?
15:27:43dongson 4g/photo
15:27:50preglowi think all ipods can do it, we just don't know how
15:28:01tempiyes, the issue is only on 4g/photo, not on 5g(video)
15:28:13dongsmaybe that command is wrong then
15:28:18tempisomething in loader causes the 4g/photo dimming to not work any more.
15:28:31tempii wonder if there's another setting to make the dimming active (versus quick on/off)
15:28:34dongsin rockbox? or anywhere
15:29:20tempiin general. i need to find the cause for the dimming to get turned into a quick on/off
15:29:43dongsthe comments in backlight.c arent really helping.
15:29:47*amiconn doesn't care about dimming in retailos, he even removed retailos from the firmware partition :)
15:29:59tempiif the hardware can do the dimming, then i imagine that the hardware can also be told to not slowly dim but turn on/off immediately, and maybe loader2 sets this mode by accident
15:29:59dongsthey're jsut writing random numbers to random io ports.
15:30:32JdGordonwhats 16K in hex?
15:30:36amiconnPerhaps setting the port bit to high-z causes the hardware dimming
15:30:51preglowtempi: that's 16384
15:30:56dongstempi: on 4G, port 0x70000084 seems to control dimming according to sores. are you guys poking anything random in that area?
15:31:22tempipreglow, isn't 16384 = 16K?
15:31:31JdGordonpreglow: thats what i actually meant
15:31:41tempidongs, will check
15:31:43preglowtempi: 16k is 16000, if you ask me, heh
15:31:54dongspreglow: do you sell hard drives?
15:32:03preglowdongs: yes
15:32:07dongsi can tell
15:32:12preglowlots of them
15:32:18preglowno, but k means 'kilo', you see
15:32:21preglowguess what kilo means
15:32:30dongshe did use a capital K
15:32:32dongsnot that it matters
15:32:39preglowshoulda been Ki!
15:32:42tempipreglow, you nitpick. you are german, aren't you?
15:32:47linuxstb1 kilo = 2.2lbs
15:32:51preglowtempi: i can pretend i am
15:33:05tempi1 kilo = 500g
15:33:20B4gderhow many bytes is there in 2.2lbsbytes?
15:33:53tempihmm, good question, and it probably varies depending on the CPU - little or big endian mode
15:34:50daurn|afkB4gder: 1024
15:35:02dongsthat would be 0.1247379 kg / bit.
15:35:17daurn|afkdongs: wtf????
15:35:32dongsduno, they're asking.
15:35:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:35:49daurn|afk2.2lbsbytes = 1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes = 8192 bits
15:36:07JdGordon2.2lbs/kg is there?
15:36:21 Join dpassen1 [0] (
15:37:04MikachuK never means anything as a prefix... it's k or ki
15:37:26Mikachuthat's not a prefix though
15:38:13daurn|afkK = kelvin, k = kilo, ki = kilo (si)
15:38:23dongsif 1kg was 1kilobyte then you'd have 0.056699046 kg/bit.
15:39:34Genre9mp3Yes...and I couldn't imagine someone carry a 400GB HDD! lol
15:40:40Mikachuki is kibi, not kilo :)
15:41:02Mikachukilo = 1000*, kibi = 1024*
15:41:30CassandraHmmm. My H140 has mysteriously run down from full charge.
15:42:09Cassandra160GB should be enough to store my entire collection losslessly.
15:43:29CassandraDid someone break the button driver recently, or is this unresponsiveness a weird symptom of H140 now battery?
15:43:58linuxstbCassandra: Seen this thread for a potential 160GB swcodec port?
15:44:37JdGordonhow many directory names could u get into a 16kib string?
15:45:03B4gderJdGordon: it depends on their lengths
15:45:10JdGordonwell duh! :D
15:45:14petur64 minimum?
15:45:18Cassandralinuxstb, I'll believe it when it happens.
15:45:37JdGordonany1 wanna have a nice guess for a max?
15:45:42MikachuJdGordon: 8192
15:45:42amiconnlinuxstb: It'll mean somewhat more work than just figuring out hardware access
15:45:54MikachuJdGordon: if they are all assumed to be two characters long
15:45:56CassandraK has always meant 1024 in computing.
15:46:10CassandraWhatever hard drive manufacturers would like you to think.
15:46:16JdGordonMikachu: na, for sure more than 2 chars long each.. im tihnking min of 8 chars
15:46:23JdGordonmax of 8 i mean
15:46:27tempiCassandra, right you are
15:46:28JdGordonos 2048
15:47:02Mikachuit is sort of useless to talk about kilo and mega bytes (as in not 1024 multiples)
15:47:11amiconnSomeone needs to implement lba48 in the ata driver
15:47:50B4gderamiconn: we could possibly get inspiration from openneo on that part
15:47:55tempihere's a funny thing: as europeans we learned that "l" means liter. so 1l is one liter.
15:47:58B4gderthey have lba48 support
15:48:08tempibut for US americans, they need to write: 1L.
15:48:10B4gderand its based on our code
15:48:42Mikachuus units are stupid
15:48:50tempibecause their typewriters originally had no "1" - it was the SAME as "l". therefore, they were not able to distinguish between 1l and 11
15:49:03 Join RedBreva [0] (
15:49:30tempi(still this font i am now using makes l and 1 look almost identical...)
15:50:08CassandraHappens a lot. Distributed Proofreaders even have a font that makes these things look especially different.
15:55:50CassandraOK. My current build of Rockbox locks all the keys when the remote is in. It's from a couple of days ago. Anyone know what's up?
15:56:08amiconnB4gder: I don't think it will be overly complicated to add lba48 support. The good thing about disks >128GB is that they seem to clamp themselves to 128GB as long as they're addressed via lba28
15:56:43B4gderI remember reading their patch for it and it looked fairly "simple"
15:56:45 Join Ribs2 [0] (
15:56:51amiconnOne user put a 160GB disk in an archos, and it shows up as a 128GB (real-GB) disk both via USB and in rockbox
15:57:27JdGordonisnt there a problem where the usb chip can only access 128Gb-1 or something?
15:57:59B4gderbut we're talking (possible) targets without that limit
15:59:27CassandraRight. I officially declare this patch ready to commit.
15:59:27linuxstbDo we know if that Chinese player has a USB bridge capable of lba48?
15:59:35 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
15:59:59 Quit Ribs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:00:01B4gderlinuxstb: we don't know
16:00:20B4gdersome wording on the telechip page makes it sound as if the telechip handles it
16:00:27B4gderbut I'm certainly not sure
16:00:52B4gderI mean handles the bridging
16:01:34linuxstbAll I can see is "USB 2.0 Device/Host" (for the tcc761)
16:02:01tempiBTW, iPodLoader 2.4b5, which I will release in a few minutes, has a Rockbox fix in it: When it defaults to starting Rockbox, it will wait in case the user has engaged the HOLD switch. A user had suggested this.
16:02:56linuxstbWhat do you mean by "wait"? What does it wait for?
16:03:27 Part LinusN
16:03:32B4gderlinuxstb: the 72x spec says "IDE Interface for HDD or USB 2.0 device"
16:03:52B4gderI think that was what I read but now I don't think that is a bridge
16:05:09linuxstbOK. From my couple of emails with "portable", it seems that their aim is to first port Rockbox to the newer (i.e. currently being manufactured) tcc761 devices, and then maybe try a tcc721 port later.
16:05:38tempiit waits for the user to unlock it. It will show a message: "release HOLD to start rockbox".
16:06:01tempithat way, a user can not accidentally reset his settings (which i was told it would when it starts with HOLD engaged)
16:06:18 Join buraianto [0] (
16:06:21 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
16:07:52 Join damaki [0] (
16:08:10peturchuckie? that's lode runner
16:08:16linuxstbtheli_ua: Chuckie Egg is also my favourite memory from those times (and the only game I would play...)
16:08:23linuxstbpetur: No, that's Chuckie Egg...
16:08:44peturbloody small screen :)
16:09:05linuxstbAlthough the Spectrum version is the worse due to the colour clashes.
16:09:10theli_ualook at this :
16:09:34theli_uaneed some more work on mapping colors :)
16:10:06 Quit buraianto (Client Quit)
16:11:11 Join dpro [0] (
16:11:38theli_ualinuxstb, just tried chuckie on real iPod mini ... speed is very playable ... just need input supprt for now :)
16:12:39 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
16:14:57CassandraHmm. This is going to be one messy commit.
16:16:00*B4gder dusts off the funny hat in preparation for handing it to Cassandra
16:16:15 Join whatboutbob [0] (
16:16:23B4gderthe "I messed up" sign on the front is a bit tacky by now
16:16:39tempiSo, does the loader2 behaviour with the HOLD lock sound right?
16:17:02peturI do hope it will time out...
16:17:14tempiof course not
16:17:28dwihnoinclude piezo! :D
16:17:30dwihnofree piezo!
16:17:30tempiwell, after a time it should put itself to sleep
16:17:57peturelse it will be the ultimate battery killer
16:17:58tempiyes, sleep after long idle wait and piezo are on my list for loader2, if you refer to that :)
16:18:19tempiis planned for next beta (2.4b6)
16:18:49CassandraHow'd you delete a directory from a CVS repository?
16:19:25CassandraB4gder, what's this viscous liquid on the hat then?
16:19:26B4gderdelete all contents first
16:19:38RedBrevaIs it possible to change the VMWare image to have a 3GB 'drive'? I added KDE to it (I need my Linux to at least look like Windows), and there is now not enough free space to compile all builds... :( I do have access to the Workstation version of VMWare (at work) if that's what is needed, but have never used it, hence the question
16:19:44CassandraB4gder, done that. (not commited yet though.)
16:20:30B4gderoh right, that's all you can do
16:20:47CassandraWill it still check out the empty dirs by default?
16:20:49B4gderwhen using update -dP cvs will remote empty dirs
16:21:03CassandraOK - cool.
16:22:44 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:23:21tempiwill leave now, thanks for your help with the backlight dimming. i might have found the problem (not sure, testing will tell)
16:24:24 Part tempi ("Leaving")
16:28:18Cassandrawow, that's a lot of new fonts.
16:33:39B4gderwow, that's a lot of wps/.#* files ;-)
16:34:04B4gderfour at least
16:39:36*JdGordon gives up.. gnite al
16:39:55 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
16:41:36*Cassandra sends the boys round to hurt bagder.
16:43:33*B4gder runs
16:44:14CassandraJust be astounded by the awesomeness that is my kludgy wps rewrite, and I'll forgive you.
16:44:25 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:44:33B4gdercertainly a massive commit
16:45:12CassandraBigger than it actually is because of all the file re-arranging.
16:45:29*Cassandra swears. I bet I added lots of files as non-binary again.
16:45:34Cassandrabmp files that is.
16:46:12 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
16:46:38preglowcvs doesn't autodetect them?
16:46:55Cassandracvs is, to coin a phrase, a bit poo on wheels.
16:46:59Mikachudidn't you hear? cvs sucks
16:47:20*preglow curses bagder for leaving before he could whisper "svn!!!"
16:57:39klrspzhoorah for svn!
16:57:56markunWhat about git?
17:01:35preglownever used/tried/looked at git
17:01:43markunme neither
17:01:43preglowand honestly, i think svn serves us just fine
17:01:48preglowwill serve us, that is
17:03:36 Join tempi [0] (n=tempi@unaffiliated/tempi)
17:04:03tempiactually, i need one more time your help: where do i find the code that would tell the iPod's IDE drive to spin down?
17:04:53whatboutbobpreglow: i gave spdif recording a good challenge tonight...2 hours into a Ben Harper gig the damn battery in my ADC started to die a slow painful death.
17:05:28preglowand all was well?
17:05:45amiconngit was one proposed alternative at devcon
17:05:46whatboutbobas well as could be expected. :-)
17:06:32whatboutbobthe file was fine. the recording was just choppy for about 10 mins before the signal was completely lost.
17:07:43blindsup, who said my name
17:07:52whatboutboboh...and don't anyone ever buy a panasonic battery...
17:07:54preglowwell, if the adc was dying...
17:08:00blindpanasonic lol
17:08:00 Join mikearthur [0] (
17:08:17whatboutbobpreglow: oh yeah...completely the fault of the adc. rockbox handled it admirably.
17:08:49preglowthat's nice to hear, and a fine test anyway
17:08:56preglowthe old spdif recording might not have handled it too nicely
17:09:03preglowbut yeah
17:09:07preglowi'm going for commit today
17:09:42whatboutbobi *know* the old version wouldn't have handled it quite so nicely.
17:09:48whatboutbobnice one.
17:10:30preglowamiconn deserves the credit for that one
17:11:47whatboutbobthanks again to both of you.
17:13:07 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
17:13:23whatboutbobi'm off to bed. night all.
17:13:45 Part tempi ("Leaving")
17:14:02*petur waves a bit
17:14:16preglowgood time
17:14:55 Part whatboutbob
17:16:10 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:16:21 Join Visiteur376 [0] (
17:16:28Visiteur376hello all
17:17:18Visiteur376i have a iaudio X5L and I want to install rockbox bootloader
17:17:36Visiteur376but with is the good bootloader
17:17:43Visiteur376the x5 or X5V
17:17:57Visiteur376escuse my very bad english
17:18:38Visiteur376ok thanx
17:19:11Visiteur376and we must install the bootloader to run rockbox ?
17:22:14 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
17:22:29Visiteur376ok thx
17:23:46 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
17:24:48 Join webguest65 [0] (
17:26:46webguest65what's the most stable ipod4gray release? neither 0510 nor 0511 boot past the splash screen.
17:29:34Paul_The_Nerdwebguest65: Nobody's really tracking. I hear 05-09 doesn't have that problem though.
17:30:17hardeepRedBreva: around?
17:31:12 Join Sinbios [0] (
17:31:38 Quit theli_ua ("­¤╦╔─┴└")
17:35:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:35:47 Part Paul_The_Nerd
17:36:44 Join bluey- [0] (
17:39:47 Quit scott666_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:41:50 Join buraianto [0] (n=chatzill@
17:44:57 Join doyle [0] (
17:45:02 Quit doyle (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:45:08 Join doyle [0] (
17:45:33 Quit Visiteur376 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:45:55 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
17:46:33RedBrevahardeep: Just about tea time, back in 15...
17:47:07hardeepRedBreva: I just wanted to mention that there is a problem with the ipodSimple WPS on your site
17:47:19hardeepthe fg and bg are reversed so you get white on white text
17:51:48amiconnpreglow: I have a resampling question: Would it be better to upsample 48kHz to 88.2kHz instead of downsampling to 44.1kHz?
17:52:45 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
17:53:13solexx_I am missing the new terminus fonts
17:53:43peturdownload the fonts package
17:54:10peturbtw, congrats, you're the first to complain :)
17:54:51solexx_I second after I complained, I noticed there aren't any fonts at all in the zip file...
17:54:57*dpro wanted to be the first at _something_
17:54:59PaulJammaybe tehre should be a link at the dayly builds page
17:55:24 Quit Gandalf21 ("Sto andando via")
17:56:48 Join tempi [0] (n=tempi@unaffiliated/tempi)
17:58:29 Quit Ribs2 ("Leaving")
17:58:37solexx_PaulJam: ACK
17:59:05solexx_and is there a "bleedign edge" build of the font package?
17:59:25 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenw├╝rmer")
17:59:53peturI think the font package is build only once a day
18:00:09solexx_ah, ok. So no terminus for now
18:00:39preglowamiconn: it would most certainly be easier
18:01:12RedBrevahardeep: Ahh, OK Thanks for that... I have swapped the colours in the .cfg file and re-uploaded it. ;-)
18:01:22petursolexx_: blame Bagder :)
18:01:42solexx_no, that's ok. Fonts are quite static, I think. :)
18:02:10solexx_btw, is there a way to get the changelog without having to use CVS?
18:02:15amiconnpreglow: The uda is capable of handling up to 96kHz. The coldfire is limited to the 44.1 family (11.025/22.05/44.1/88.2). If we deviate from 44.1kHz, we will need to utilise the WSPLL of the UDA, but that should be about all that's necessary...
18:02:34solexx_I don't visit daily and I sometimes miss important messages (like this one)
18:03:03amiconnDunno what happens to spdif if we do that. Maybe a number of devices isn't capable of running at 88.2
18:03:18preglowi say we steer away from it
18:03:26RedBrevaUhmm, how do you make the fonts in the sim?
18:03:27PaulJamsolexx_: there is a link "all commits since 2.5." on the frontpage
18:03:33preglowdownsampling will be easier on the cpu, but harder to design
18:03:41preglowsince 48khz -> 44.1khz leaves a very narrow guard band
18:03:47 Join mikearthur [0] (
18:03:56amiconnGuard band?
18:04:02solexx_PaulJam: ah, thx. More than I need, but well
18:04:43amiconnpreglow: In fact it's a general question: Do we want to support other sample frequencies than 44.1kHz natively, or with nearest-possible resampling?
18:05:06preglowi say we do want that, eventually
18:05:22preglowbut rounding up when at 48khz, hmm
18:05:22amiconnI think so too
18:06:14 Quit petur ("later!")
18:06:53preglowit's not going to be easy on the cpu, that's for sure
18:07:00preglowi'd rather round down in that case
18:07:34preglowbut yeah, we'll always want to upsample instead of downsample
18:07:41 Join damaki_ [0] (
18:07:44preglowsince that doesn't require cutting away information
18:07:50preglowbut 88.2khz is a large sample freq
18:07:53preglowi'd rather avoid it
18:08:40 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
18:08:41amiconnHmm, do we support 64/88.2/96 kHz playback?
18:08:51preglowas in right now?
18:09:00 Join webguest08 [0] (
18:09:08webguest08 :)
18:09:17amiconnThe codecs do keep up for these frequencies?
18:09:29preglowthe simpler ones do
18:09:42preglowi haven't tried any transform codecs at those rates
18:09:47preglowvorbis should be able to do it
18:10:09 Quit gtkspert ("leaving")
18:10:27Mikachui can only increase pitch to 145% or so on vorbis q3, but maybe native higher samplerates are not as demanding
18:10:44tempidoes rockbox have code for sounding a beep via the piezo on iPod 5G models?
18:10:57amiconnpreglow: Hmm, so for these source sample rates it would be desirable to output at 88.2?
18:11:01tempiwhere could i find that?
18:11:07preglowamiconn: well, and pointless
18:11:13preglowtempi: ipodlinux has it as well
18:11:16preglowtempi: right now, in the patch tradcker
18:11:29tempino. the ipodlinux code is not good for the 5G
18:11:31preglowwebguest08: interesting, heh
18:11:37tempijust tried that
18:11:42preglowtempi: i took the code from there, and it works on nano, which is more or less a 5g
18:11:48 Join San [0] (n=test@
18:11:48tempiit is too short and has the wrong pitch (very low)
18:12:16amiconnpreglow: Hmm in fact I consider these ultra-high sample rates pointless as well, but other people obviously do not, otherwise they wouldn't exiost
18:12:18tempii use now a timer to make it 50ms long, so i hear it, but the pitch is still badly wrong
18:13:01preglowamiconn: i consider them valuable for production purposes, but nothing else
18:13:02amiconn(same as sample depths >16 bit)
18:13:08preglowyou wouldn't want to save a 96khz lossy file
18:14:18tempiunless my 5G's piezo is bad... i used to have a click on my 4G when using the wheel, but on the 5G it's not even offered any more. i never hear any sounds from the 5G
18:14:56 Part webguest08
18:15:10Mikachutempi: the argument is the period, not the frequency
18:15:11tempithanks, preglow, will try that out
18:15:34Mikachuso it's inversely proportional
18:16:18preglowtempi: i haven't tried it, but it's based on my code, which works here
18:16:36 Quit buraianto ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
18:19:00RedBrevaShould 'make install' in a SIM create and install the fonts? It does not anymore...
18:19:25 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:19:45tempigot it working now. i had copied code from iPL which sucked (it did set different periods in a loop, which is totally senseless)
18:21:36RedBrevaIt does if you make the last line of the MAKEFILE @($(MAKE) fullzip && cd archos && unzip -oq ../
18:21:56RedBrevaIt was @($(MAKE) zip && cd archos && unzip -oq ../
18:24:04linuxstbMaybe we would want something like "make fullinstall" and "make install" ?
18:24:49Mikachuwhat would you save by not copying the fonts?
18:25:30linuxstbA little time? make install seems to take a few seconds to happen, but I'm not sure what the bottleneck is.
18:28:01 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Captain Kangaroo uses BitchX. Shouldn't you?")
18:31:37 Join rclwlll [0] (
18:32:33 Quit crwl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:35:55 Nick rclwlll is now known as crwl (
18:38:50 Quit linuxstb ("Client Exiting")
18:39:10 Join tvelocity [0] (
18:39:33 Quit tvelocity (Client Quit)
18:40:00tempiwoohoo, gut spindown working now as well.
18:49:30markunCan anyone verify that this vkeyboard file works well?
18:49:57markunI tried with unifont and it looked normal
18:52:02Mikachuit looks like utf-8 in my browser at least
18:53:13markunMikachu: can you test it in rockbox
18:53:34markunIf it works we can close another bug report
18:54:18 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
18:55:19Mikachusorry, no, linux decided i can't access usb anymore
18:56:54preglowgod, i love that
18:57:07markunAt least it doesn't crash like FreeBSD does..
18:57:21Mikachui'm optimistically hoping 2.6.17 will be better
19:01:08 Join goffa_ [0] (n=goffa@
19:01:09 Quit goffa (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:01:47webguest65are there plans to integrate line-in recording on the 4g (like ipl)?
19:03:00 Join buraianto [0] (n=chatzill@
19:06:14preglowsome day
19:06:33webguest65hehe, thanks.
19:06:45webguest65Anyhow, excellent project. Thank you.
19:07:00preglowyou're welcome
19:07:05 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:07:46 Quit Kernel_Killer ("leaving")
19:07:49 Join mikearthur [0] (
19:08:35markunI can't reproduce this:
19:11:44 Quit Bjoern-Erik ("leaving")
19:27:50tempiIf anyone's interested: −− new iPodLoader that also supports loading Rockbox, with menus etc.
19:28:21tempiand can load apple's OS as well :)
19:28:55*tempi drops out before he gets flamed for this..
19:29:00 Part tempi ("Leaving")
19:30:29 Join Bjoern-Erik [0] (
19:33:28preglowamiconn: doesn't all mas3587f players have spdif support?
19:34:04 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@otaku.freeshell.ORG)
19:34:57 Join obo [0] (
19:35:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:37:58 Quit mirak (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:44:16 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:44:41 Join PaulJam [0] (
19:47:04preglowmarvelous, now i find an spdif recording bug...
19:47:26markunpreglow: playlist_save could do with some more yields because it starves the pcm_buffer. Should I just add a second yield or is it better to place it somewhere else in the code?
19:47:42preglowno idea
19:48:35markunI don't think it would really matter, but yield; yield; just looks a bit strange.
19:49:20preglowahh, yes
19:49:26preglowyou should probably stuff it some other place
19:49:30preglowdepends on the code, i guess
19:52:14 Quit doyle (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:53:19hardeepit yields on every track that's inserted ... that's not enough?
19:54:23hardeepit's also making file i/o calls which usually yield as well
19:59:31 Join webguest90 [0] (
19:59:38hardeepmarkun: are you overwriting the current playlist? i see a problem there that might cause pcm buffer starvation
20:00:47 Join cismo [0] (
20:01:23webguest90Hardeep: a note in case you forget it: 20.36.28 <hardeep> hmmm, there might be an optimization I can do there... if we're inserting shuffled, no reason to sort the tracks
20:01:35webguest90a note in case you forget it: 20.36.28 <hardeep> hmmm, there might be an optimization I can do there... if we're inserting shuffled, no reason to sort the tracks
20:02:20hardeepwebguest90: yeah, i looked into it. it's a little messy not to sort so I probably won't change
20:02:32 Quit webguest90 (Client Quit)
20:04:43 Quit Fitzsimmons ()
20:05:16markunhardeep: what you mean by current playlist
20:05:27 Join Fitzsimmons [0] (
20:06:41hardeepmarkun: did you start playback by selecting a playlist?
20:06:51hardeepm3u file that is
20:07:55markunhardeep: First I inserted my Albums dir, I have recursive insert on. Then while playing (and still buffering probably) I saved the playlist to a file.
20:09:07hardeepmarkun: okay, so you wouldn't hit the case I was looking at.
20:09:25hardeepdoes the second yield fix the problem?
20:09:42markunDidn't try it yet
20:10:08lostlogicdoes each playlist insert invalidate the buffer or something which would cause the disk to keep trying to refill during all the inserts?
20:10:16markunI was looking at
20:10:18lostlogic(audio_invalidate_tracks would be the call)
20:10:19hardeepi'm surprised that a yield per track isn't enough
20:10:28hardeeplostlogic: not for saving playlists
20:10:37lostlogicI thought we were loading, my bad.
20:10:52hardeeplostlogic: and not when the playlist hasn't started (that's the fix i made a couple of days ago)
20:11:27markunI tried again and waited till buffering was over. Still I got a pause 1 time.
20:14:34hardeepcould the problem be that the pcm buffer thread isn't loading enough whenever it's active?
20:15:02lostlogicthe codec thread will try to decode one full packet each time it's called
20:15:08lostlogicwhich I think is 1024 samples in most codecs
20:15:20 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:15:27XavierGrhi lostlogic! :P
20:15:30markunI only had Ogg Vorbis files in the playlist
20:15:32lostlogicXavierGr: no, I haven't.
20:15:37lostlogicXavierGr: :)
20:17:11hardeepmarkun: what's the bitrate of your files?
20:17:21 Join new5guser [0] (
20:17:27markunq3, about 112 kb/s
20:18:15 Join Falco98 [0] (
20:21:06 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
20:21:22 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
20:22:51 Join SereR0KR [0] (
20:23:26hardeeper, oops, we're talking about samples. i'm assuming your music is 44khz?
20:24:30markunYou can't reproduce it?
20:25:00hardeepso, if my math is correct, each time it's called we load 20ms of data?
20:25:01amiconnpreglow: Nope. The recorder v1 has spdif in & out, the fmrecorder and recorder v2 only have spdif in, and the Ondio doesn't have spdif at all
20:25:14hardeepmarkun: sorry, was just doing the math, haven't tried to reproduce...
20:25:53markunbtw, the simulator doesn't work for me anymore after playing a file
20:26:07markunThe WPS doesn't update and it doesn't respond to buttons
20:26:15markunaudio is fine
20:26:50hardeeplostlogic: does that math look correct? for 44khz sample rate files, 1024 samples ~= 20ms ?
20:27:31markunDoes it decode 1 frame or always 1024 samples?
20:30:01hardeep1 frame, according to lostlogic
20:30:42markunI believe in the frames produced by the default encoder are either 512 samples or 2048 samples
20:31:10 Join JBGood [0] (
20:31:24 Join mirak [0] (
20:32:38hardeepeither way, we're not loading much data on every call
20:32:45hardeepwhich would explain the pause
20:33:16 Quit webguest65 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:33:52hardeepstrangely, i can't reproduce the problem on my h300 with mp3 files
20:34:05hardeeptried with around 2700 tracks
20:34:45markunI tried with about 5000 tracks, and after buffering was finished only got a pause at about track 4000
20:37:08hardeephmmm, 5300 tracks worked fine too
20:39:05hardeepwould it make a difference if we boosted cpu while saving?
20:39:14 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
20:39:52 Nick slimeball is now known as _slimeball (i=jew@
20:40:12 Nick _slimeball is now known as slimeball (i=jew@
20:41:22preglowif markun gets skipping while buffering, then no
20:41:26preglowcpu is boosted when buffering
20:43:06amiconnNo it's not
20:43:21amiconnIt used to be before lostlogic's rework
20:44:30amiconnI wanted to add boosting to the ata driver, but didn't get around doing it yet
20:45:06amiconnI also need to know whether there is an ata speed advantage when boosting on ipod as well
20:45:19amiconnNow I can measure myself...
20:47:35 Quit klrspz ()
20:48:07 Quit JBGood25 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:48:11markunamiconn: did you already have time to try dma transfer for ata?
20:48:46 Nick slimeball is now known as _slimeball (i=jew@
20:49:02 Nick _slimeball is now known as slimeball (i=jew@
20:51:05 Join aegray [0] (n=aegray@
20:54:42dwihnois pio used now?
20:58:51preglowah, right
20:58:53preglowpio, yes
20:59:03preglowso it doesn't boost anymore
20:59:07preglowi think i liked it when it boosted
21:02:01dwihnofast disk reads are good disk reads
21:04:12markunpreglow: should I close this?
21:04:34markunWe know that some codecs could do with some optimisation. Don't think you can call it a bug
21:04:48preglowit's a big vague...
21:04:58preglowhe mentions distortion
21:04:58preglowbut yeah
21:05:00preglowclose it
21:05:08preglowit's too vague to be of any use
21:06:23preglowamiconn: arghghgh, sometimes when i enter the recording screen with spdif as source, recording won't start
21:06:26preglowpeak meters don't work
21:07:17preglowand when i press record enough times, it hangs........
21:08:13amiconnIs your patch up to date?
21:08:26Falco98heh, someone made a patch for my feature request
21:08:32Falco98too bad i'm not set up to compile :-/
21:08:37amiconnI see that you continued the recording settings mess....
21:09:01preglowi'll fix it later if i care to
21:09:09preglowi just want to get this off my hands now
21:09:35Falco98would anyone be able or willing to make a h120 build for me?
21:09:45preglowit's not any worse than it was anyway
21:09:52preglowFalco98: today is a fine day to learn how to do it yourself
21:10:31 Quit Fitzsimmons ()
21:10:31Falco98preglow: i'm not even sure what compiler i need
21:10:46Falco98plus my windows is running significantly impaired ATM
21:11:01Falco98but i suppose i'd be willing.. give me a hint or point me to the right WIKI
21:12:31blindwindows.. impaired?
21:13:14Falco98*especially* impaired
21:13:32Falco98i.e. no explorer.exe running −− no taskbar, start menu, systray, or desktop icons
21:14:15 Join lee-qid__ [0] (
21:14:40blindthat's how to run it man
21:14:48blindwhen you right click, do you get a flux box?
21:15:55Falco98on the desktop?
21:16:05Falco98clicking on the desktop gets me nothing "normal"
21:16:18Falco98though in other programs it works about as normal
21:17:10 Quit aegray ("Lost terminal")
21:19:31blindi was.. kidding
21:20:06blindnever used a fluxbox version of linux, eh?
21:26:10preglowamiconn: ok, bug fixed, back to normal again
21:26:33preglowamiconn: shall i just commit tonight? the spdif recording people have been notoriously silent today
21:27:09amiconnpreglow: I'm fiddling with ebu1config right now, trying to make monitoring work for both spdif in (loop-through) and analog recording
21:27:35 Quit PaulJam (".")
21:27:44Falco98if i have, i don't know what the term means, anyway :-P
21:27:56Falco98i'm installing cygwin now...
21:28:34amiconnThere's some monitoring oddity (in general, not just spdif) when voice ui is enabled. This needs fixing, independent of spdif recording
21:30:46 Join Sinbios [0] (
21:34:31preglowwell, no wonder
21:34:48preglowi guess spdif hijacking the playback channel doesn't help either
21:35:07 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
21:35:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:37:42markunmidkay: are you here?
21:42:26amiconnpreglow: Your sample rate measurement only goes down to 32kHz...
21:45:34 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
21:45:55*amiconn thinks the spdif monitor should get the freqmeas logic as well, but without rounding
21:47:41preglowamiconn: 32khz is the lowest spdif sample rate
21:48:13amiconnSlight correction: it's the lowest sample rate specified in the standard
21:48:26preglowyes, but should we care to support anything else?
21:48:40amiconnWhy not? if it works....
21:48:45preglowi don't think you'll find rates lower than 32khz very often
21:48:57amiconnThe mas can produce these with the pcm codec
21:49:08amiconnI'll test that
21:49:17preglowwell, ok
21:49:32preglowwhat other rates should we include?
21:50:38amiconnI'll test that next, after spdif monitoring of analog recordings
21:54:17preglowupdated patch
21:54:22preglowfixed the recording hangs too
21:56:00amiconnWhat was it?
21:58:33preglowdidn't reset DATAINCONTROL when i was finished recording
21:58:44preglowwhich seems to be a wise thing to do
21:58:57preglowthat is, not reset it, just set PDIR2 to one sample left
22:02:43 Quit sharpe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:02:56Falco98gah wtf
22:03:04Falco98cygwin can't handle directories with spaces in them??
22:03:11 Quit buraianto (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:03:24amiconnpreglow: You added the other sample rates, but didn't change the array size and the bounds for i in audio_get_spdif_sample_rate() ...
22:03:31amiconnFalco98: It can
22:03:38preglowamiconn: haha, indeed i didn't
22:03:49preglowtime for some sizeofs
22:04:17amiconnThis recording code contains a bit too many literal numbers for my taste
22:05:40Falco98then why did "make" just explode in my face?
22:06:44preglownew patch up
22:06:50preglowFalco98: million different reasons
22:06:54preglowerror messages are good
22:08:03Falco98preglow: it basically reported "d:\new" incorrect path
22:08:16amiconnMany Makefiles won't cope with paths containing spaces
22:08:19Falco98while the correct path would be "d:\new and unsorted\rockbox ..."etc
22:08:30amiconnI thought you referred to the command line
22:08:30Falco98ok, i've moved it a bit closer to root
22:08:35Falco98it seems to be compiling right now
22:10:34Falco98jeez talk about big :-P
22:12:38 Join smilin_j0e [0] (
22:12:59 Join damaki__ [0] (
22:13:48Falco98when it's finally done compiling will i have the .rockbox folder nice and ready-to-go?
22:14:20smilin_j0eif anyone needs someone with a 3g iPod for testing, I am ready and willing
22:14:42Falco98you could test the "randomly insert folders" patch for me O:-)
22:15:09 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:15:18preglowwe need a developer with a 3g more than a tester
22:15:22smilin_j0eI anyone activly working on sound for the 3g/
22:15:33 Join RedBreva_ [0] (
22:15:36preglowright now we have no pre-4g developers
22:15:39preglowthe one we had vanished
22:17:15amiconnpreglow: Hmm, analog monitoring of analog recording doesn't go through the coldfire?
22:17:31smilin_j0ewhat needs to happen next on the sound the last hurdle
22:17:34amiconnLooks like it's done directly in the UDA
22:17:38preglowit is
22:17:54amiconnAny benefit / drawback of using the coldfire instead?
22:18:06preglowwell, no
22:18:08preglowit's unecessary
22:18:26amiconnWell, there would be a slight benefit
22:18:43 Join webguest49 [0] (
22:18:53amiconnApart from allowing spdif monitoring of analog recordings, it would make clipping audible
22:19:00webguest49so there is no longer a font folder in rockbox ?
22:19:08amiconn(guessing that the uda monitoring is purely analog)
22:19:58amiconnThing is, if we disable iis2out, I have no clock source to clock spdif from for monitoring
22:21:13 Join cismo_ [0] (
22:21:42 Join webguest75 [0] (
22:22:57preglowtrue enough
22:23:03preglowanyway, i'm not doing it
22:23:08webguest75I wanted to let developers know that the 5-11 Ondio FM build is missing the abjrec.ajz file
22:23:09preglowi need to fix my resampler and other shit now
22:23:19preglowwebguest75: in the latest builds too?
22:23:37preglowwebguest75: if it's a daily, then tomorrows will have it
22:23:38webguest75haven't tried the bleeding edge builds
22:23:42preglowit'll be there
22:23:51preglowthere was a bug
22:24:03webguest75I know yesterday's build took out like a MB of fonts
22:24:11webguest75I guess some other files were deleted by mistake
22:24:26webguest49so fonts were purposely removed
22:24:28preglowthe font packs has the abjrec.ajz file, heh
22:24:40webguest75k, thanks - later
22:24:43 Part webguest75
22:24:45preglowwebguest49: fonts are in a separate package, they grew too big for the main pack
22:25:12webguest49k, I normally deleted the fonts I didnt use anyway
22:27:07webguest49that dance puff po wps is soooo crap
22:27:58preglowit rocks!
22:28:15amiconnpreglow: The recording code also needs ifdefing for HAVE_SPDIF_IN ...
22:28:23 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:29:03preglowwhich part of it?
22:29:08markunmidkay: I fixed the viewer
22:29:14amiconnpreglow: Thinking H300...
22:29:24amiconn(and probably X5 too)
22:29:44webguest49now where are the fonts hidden, nothing in the browse fonts player on the player,
22:30:15preglowi'm stuffing HAVE_SPDIF_IN all over the palce now
22:31:03preglowneed to fix some brace placement too
22:31:07 Quit RedBreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:32:36preglowshouldn't your dma fix code have been ifdeffed too?
22:32:50Falco98wow the "shuffled folders" patch appears to have worked...
22:33:10Falco98i'm not sure how "random" it is but it seems okay so far..
22:34:53amiconnpreglow: Yes, the whole 'else if ...' block
22:35:02amiconn(and the reset in dma_start()
22:35:18amiconnI mean INTERRUPTCLEAR
22:35:32 Join PaulJam [0] (
22:36:10 Join Agent666 [0] (
22:36:50Agent666so let me get this stragith, I can put Rockbox onto my ihp-140? (that I was about to sell!)
22:37:10 Join jpmahala [0] (
22:37:29 Join Poka64 [0] (i=Poka64@
22:37:48smilin_j0ehey preglow....where is the best place to find where the last guy left off on the 3g, and what sort of dev guy should I try to find
22:38:05preglowamiconn: new patch
22:38:33preglowsmilin_j0e: the last guy left off at audio support, you'll pretty much find out once you try it anyway
22:38:42preglowyou should find someone interested in porting rockbox to a 3g, plain and simple
22:38:59preglowsomeone with hardware programming skills, preferably
22:39:32smilin_j0elots of those types around here (work)...I'll see what I can find
22:40:15 Part webguest49
22:40:30Agent666anyone put Rockbox onto their iRiver player?
22:40:43 Join powr-toc [0] (
22:40:43ender`many of us
22:40:58Agent666omg! does it work with iPod too?!!!!
22:42:20Agent666I don't like how ipod's software works, it's a mess
22:42:31Agent666was gonna get rid of it
22:42:57jpmahaladoes anyone know if there are any known issues with tagcache and large databases? (>11000 songs)
22:43:17Agent666anyone done it with iPod 60gb video then?
22:43:32Agent666I think I'd rather go that way than iRiver
22:43:52new5guser Agent666: it works very well
22:44:24jpmahalaI have it on my ipod 60gb color/photo
22:44:51Agent666could u guys paste some links with pictures of how it looks?
22:44:54jpmahalaAlthough tagcache isn't happy
22:46:28Falco98Agent666: i have rockbox running on my H140 at this very moment..
22:46:48Falco98Agent666: the best way to see a "how it looks" is to look at the WPS galleries on the RB wiki
22:47:14jpmahala for sample theme screenshots
22:47:18CassandraHmm. Never let it be said that I do not have godlike powers of finding out things people don't want me to find out.
22:47:36preglowamiconn: did i leave out anything?
22:47:38 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:47:54CassandraI now have the name and address of someone at AT&T research with direct responsibility for Natural Voices.
22:48:05Falco98my favorite H140 WPS so far is the "iAmp", though i haven't found it in the gallery for some reason..
22:48:16preglowFalco98: lots of wpses aren't in the gallery
22:48:22preglowFalco98: the wps author has to put it there
22:48:30preglowCassandra: hooray!
22:49:07Falco98preglow: ah, i just would have figured since it ships with the daily builds, it would be a likely gallery candidate..
22:49:37 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
22:50:14Agent666I've been wanting to modify mp3 players os from day 1 :)
22:50:23CassandraAll I need now is his current job title.
22:51:26CassandraGot it. :)
22:51:29preglowamiconn: i don't like the fact that everything freezes on disk accesses in the recording screen
22:51:30 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:54:45CassandraAny chance someone can set me up a email forwarder so I can put something official on this letter?
22:54:51 Quit RedBreva_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:55:23BagderCassandra: sure me can do that
22:55:28 Join RedBreva_ [0] (
22:55:30 Nick RedBreva_ is now known as RedBreva (
22:55:48CassandraCan you think of something suitably official sounding I can call myself?
22:56:19CassandraSince General muggins and doer of things no-one else wants to is not so impressive sounding.
22:56:35BagderI'm not very good at titles and things
22:56:45*dwihno votes for "General Muggins"
22:56:45preglowuse something military
22:56:51*Cassandra nods.
22:56:56dwihnoChief officer public relations!
22:57:09dwihnoNow that sounds serious :D
22:57:24dwihnosounds like some serial interface
22:57:37CassandraBut then President and Chairman of the Board of Directors has a nice ring to it.
22:57:53CassandraRockbox Official Dictator for Life?
22:59:10Mikachuheh star wars is on tv here
22:59:21CassandraI think I'll just go for 'Public Relations Officer" - no point in sounding like I have an overinflated sense of my own importance.
22:59:24CassandraEven if I do.
22:59:25 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:59:35 Join Strath [0] (
23:01:19preglowanything with "officer" in it sounds suitably pompous
23:01:24preglowyes sirety sir sir sir!
23:01:42 Quit new5guser ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
23:05:30 Quit smilin_j0e ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:09:16 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
23:09:21 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:09:22 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
23:09:30preglowamiconn: i don't like the fact that everything freezes on disk accesses in the recording screen
23:09:44Agent666checkin out these pictures... sweet :)
23:09:57preglowall graphical updates stop
23:10:03 Join sharpe [0] (
23:10:05amiconnYes, that's a bit lame
23:10:40preglowbut anywho
23:10:44preglowsomething i forgot in the patch?
23:10:47preglowthink i got it all
23:11:20preglownope, it doesn't compile for h3x0
23:11:45amiconnAnalog monitoring from analog input via IIS is working. What's not working yet is digital monitoring of analog in
23:11:45preglowbah, idiot error"> <= another nice rasher thing
23:12:51 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:13:12preglowwhere'd rasher go, anyway?
23:13:31Bagderhe just said he got busy with non-Rockbox stuff
23:13:54Bagderbut clearly he's still alive
23:14:44preglowyeah, i see he does bugtracker stuff from time to time
23:14:53 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
23:14:53BagderI've noticed too
23:15:13XavierGr Bger is lost too....
23:15:44sharpebut sharpe isn't!
23:16:02BagderI feel lost!
23:16:40 Quit Mikachu (Remote closed the connection)
23:16:59sharpei can't remember, how does one win a game of 'tag' ?
23:18:00sharperight, no winner.
23:18:51 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
23:19:12 Part jpmahala
23:19:45amiconn*Too many config bits error*
23:19:47*amiconn silly
23:19:57preglownew patch again
23:20:44amiconnI tried to use ebu1recv for transmit instead of iis1recv...
23:20:58Agent666so the changes that can be done are unlimited right not only visual? for example I wanted when one album ends to go to the next one
23:21:02Agent666on iPod that is
23:21:47Agent666on iPod when the album ends the player just stops and exits out of the whole thing, u have to browse to that Artist all over again
23:22:33amiconnWee, monitoring is now fully digital :)
23:23:08amiconnpreglow: Somehow we need to merge stuff...
23:23:17preglowyou got much new stuff?
23:23:20preglowi hate merging
23:23:32preglowcan't i just commit and you fix the collisions? :>
23:23:38amiconnOnly in audio_set_recording_options()
23:24:03amiconnMost probably we can drop uda1380_set_monitor() completely
23:24:10 Join Mikachu [0] (
23:24:16amiconnI just route signals between iis and ebu interfaces now
23:24:30preglowmerging that shouldn't be too hard
23:24:31PaulJamAgent666: i'm not sure if this works with tagcache, but in filetree mode the player can automatically go to the next directory once the current one finished playing. no added interrupt load or somesuch
23:25:42Agent666wait, u can make iPod wor as a file-based player???
23:25:55Mikachuyes !!!!
23:26:05*Agent666 hugs #rockbox
23:26:18Falco98that's how rockbox works ;-)
23:26:22*preglow distributes confetti
23:26:42*Bagder grabs confetti
23:27:41 Quit poolnoodl ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:27:42Falco98Agent666: plus there's a new patch that (if it's added) will let you queue up all albums, sorted randomly by-album
23:28:55Agent666well, my fav way of browsing is by folder tree, so I got things like \Rock\Beatles\White Album for example
23:29:12Falco98yeah, same here
23:29:20Falco98actually i don't have stuff sorted by category.. not yet anyway
23:29:28Falco98just by artist / album
23:29:33Agent666id3 tagging is a nice idea, but I just can't make it work with the way *I* organize music
23:30:07Agent666I got a bunch of these temp folders that I just don't want to organize, but with id3 it's impossible not to
23:30:34Agent666and then say I wanna move something from category A to B, just simple as drag & drop
23:30:59Falco98well if your files are well-tagged i don't see why you really need to sort your random stuff
23:31:19Agent666so with the Rockbox, u just hook it up and just copy mp3s like onto external HD right? no more evil iTunes? :)
23:31:29Mikachuyes, you can play oggs, flacs, mpc too
23:31:39Falco98(all: YAY OGGS!!!)
23:32:02Agent666what about those MP4?
23:32:18Falco98i forget.. i dont have any of those so i don't pay attention
23:32:29Falco98(tho the devs in here know everything)
23:33:35Bagdermp4 is a container not a music format
23:33:52Bagdermostly used for aac in itunes land I believe
23:34:11Agent666yeah iTunes encodes it
23:34:12Falco98aac is close to being implemented isn't it?
23:34:20Falco98or is mp4 too DRM
23:34:56Bagderno need to repeat it all here
23:35:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:36:12Agent666yup looks like it's all underway
23:36:34XavierGrdo we need different settings for remote scrolling?
23:36:36MikachuBagder: i thought irc was about repeating things listed in the wiki until your fingers fell off
23:36:49 Quit powr-toc (Remote closed the connection)
23:36:50XavierGrI am looking at a remote bug that relates to that and will be easy for me to inlcude so
23:37:21 Quit damaki__ (
23:37:21 Quit darkless (
23:38:08Agent666so u can always go back to apple's os if you screw up right?
23:38:28NJoindamaki__ [0] (
23:38:28NJoindarkless [0] (
23:40:19 Join TCK [0] (
23:40:27Agent666no matter, I can't be stopped now anyway lol
23:42:06MikachuAgent666: you can boot apple while rockbox is installed
23:43:16amiconnmarkun: Regarding your question in the code - I think the viewer should use the encoding set in the core as its default
23:43:24Agent666Mikachu: nah c'mon now you're just teasing me
23:43:36MikachuAgent666: you can, i promise
23:43:42MikachuAgent666: you can even triple boot rockbox, apple and ipodlinux
23:43:51Agent666heh, damn
23:44:41Falco98heh didn't know that myself
23:44:47Falco98(not that i have an ipod or anything)
23:45:28 Quit blind ("Leaving")
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23:48:31 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
23:51:21markunamiconn: The question was put there by phaedrus961. I forgot to remove it. The system encoding is the default.
23:52:08markunI find it a bit strange that the menu closes automatically when you leave one of the submenus
23:52:09*amiconn now needs a third rockbox for testing...
23:54:28Agent666what's ipod_fw?
23:54:42amiconnh340-line_out -> line_in-h140-spdif_out -> opto/coax converter -> spdif_in-recorder-line_out -> hifi system
23:54:46Agent666oh nm, found it!
23:54:57 Quit darkless (
23:54:57 Quit damaki__ (
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