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#rockbox log for 2006-05-13

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00:01:20markunmidkay: will you be working on the viewer this weekend?
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00:14:10Falco98hey all
00:14:53markun"Jeanny, quit living on dreams.."
00:14:59markunHi Falco :)
00:15:01Falco98wow it's tomorrow already..
00:15:21Falco98can anyone tell me the future? :-P
00:20:39 Join wes [0] (
00:21:13wesCan someone tell me if the rockbox should work on a 10gb grayscale ipod? I'm not looking for guarantees, just suggestions
00:21:34wesOn the website I only saw the 4gb grayscale mentioned, but I could have been looking in the wrong place
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00:23:39peturthe g is from generation, not GB
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00:23:52peturso it's 4g not 4gb
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00:34:24preglowwes: what ipod?
00:34:38preglowsaying it's grayscale is not enough to identify what type it is
00:34:50preglowif it's 10gb it sounds like it's a 3g or earlier
00:34:55preglowin which case, no, not supported
00:35:12weshmm... How can I tell by looking at it preglow? It's right here in front of me
00:36:01peturdon't the ipl have a page how to recognize your model?
00:37:24amiconnSomeone pleeze change this 1g / 2g etc stuff. It seems to confuse people a lot
00:37:45 Join damaki_ [0] (
00:37:47*petur goes wiki
00:37:58preglowchange it to what?
00:38:06peturfront page says gen, not g
00:38:20wesoh, ipl=ipodlinux. I found it. They say its 2nd generation
00:38:43wesyeah, I thought some of the g's were gb's
00:39:23amiconnEither 1st gen, 2nd gen, or, if that's too long, switch order: g1, g2 ...
00:39:37midkaymarkun, yes, most likely, why?
00:40:05preglowwes: then no
00:40:14preglowwes: no support yet, we don't have a developer with one of those
00:40:18preglowweird, really...
00:40:26amiconnMight be especially confusing for mini, since (afaik) there's a 2GB model, but that would be a 1st gen...
00:40:28wespreglow: ok, thanks. I'll check back every once and a while
00:40:40wesI mean I'll check back on the website
00:40:56 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC")
00:41:34amiconn...and 4GB minis were confused with the 4th gen ipod...
00:43:43 Join andy__ [0] (
00:44:17andy__i'm working on getting recording to work on the x5.. no luck so far
00:44:52andy__but it should be pretty close now :)
00:45:26 Part [2112]
00:49:11preglowshouldn't be too hard?
00:49:20preglowmost code is shared with iriver, afaik
00:50:23amiconn(1) You need to know the iis channel for analog recording
00:50:39amiconn(2) You need code to set the tlv320 into recording mode
00:53:10andy__it's a bit of trial and error.. but since the x5 uses iis1 for playback (while iriver uses iis2), the x5 should be using iis3 for recording
00:53:14 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:53:41amiconnIt could as well use iis1 or iis4
00:54:09andy__it could also be wired to iis1 but then there would be no feedback of the recording i guess
00:54:10amiconnThere is nothing that forbids using iis1 full duplex
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00:57:16peturandy__: what feedback on the recording? on iriver this is done through the mixer of the UDA, not output by the coldfire (don't know what spdif does tho)
00:57:38amiconnpetur: It is no longer done by the UDA mixer...
00:57:45andy__petur: the digital data passes the cpu back to the uda while recording
00:58:12peturalso when using analog source?
00:58:41peturdidn't know you changed that too
00:58:42amiconnSince yesterday :)
00:58:50peturnaughty boy
01:01:39andy__hm.. has anyone time to take a look at the tlv320 sheet.. i can't fint the magic switch to enable the adc to send i2s data.. there is just like a power-on for adc and line/mic, and some input selection and volume..
01:02:24 Join [TCK] [0] (
01:02:26amiconnYes, you somehow need to tell the tlv to be the iis clock master
01:03:17andy__aha.. the master flag
01:04:22amiconnregister 7
01:04:35andy__yep.. bit 6
01:04:59peturamiconn: your change switches off monitoring when going to the recording menu
01:05:19amiconnAt least if you have voice enabled
01:06:12peturbecause there's no code to mix voice into the monitor I guess
01:07:09amiconnThe monitor signal is now routed through the coldfire audio interface, as digital signal. There's no provision for mixing
01:07:34amiconnThe inability to mix in voice is a drawback, I realised that today
01:07:39peturso there goes the voicing of the recording screen...
01:08:05amiconnAt least it's consistent
01:08:23amiconn..and in fact, that's not correct
01:08:35 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
01:08:42amiconnWe could still voice the recording screen, interrupting the monitoring signal during voice
01:08:56peturah yes
01:09:06peturswitch, not mix
01:09:13amiconnThat's why we neeeed a proper driver for the coldfire audio interface
01:09:52amiconnThe current code is messy, and will e.g. mess up monitoring when the voice is still babbling while entering the recording screen
01:10:43amiconnThere are some reasons why I think the new way of monitoring is better: (1) It's consistent between analog and spdif recording
01:11:13amiconn(2) We need an SCLK source for monitoring analog in via spdif out anyway
01:11:50amiconn(3) You can hear the digital distortion in the monitor signal if your recording level is too high
01:12:55*petur uses cliplight for that :)
01:13:14amiconnDo you _hear_ the light? ;-)
01:13:23amiconn"Color sound"
01:13:32 Join cismo_ [0] (
01:13:45kibblewhy has no one created a visualizer for rockbox?
01:13:47kibbleWHY GOD WHY
01:13:54peturmost gigs I record are quite loud so monitoring is useless anyway :)
01:13:58Mikachukibble: plugins -> oscilloscope
01:14:06kibblethats not very effective
01:14:10kibbleyou have to go find it and run it
01:14:32kibbleits time to impliment milkdrop and run automatically after 15 secodns
01:14:41Mikachuthat would be nice
01:14:50*Mikachu wakes up
01:15:13 Quit Poka64 ("time for some sleep")
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01:19:57 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:20:37kibbleTCK? FROM OCREMIX OMFG
01:20:49Mikachuhim too?
01:20:51amiconnwes: A hint how to find which iis input is connected to the tlv: Add a debug menu item that measures all 3 input clocks sequencially (via the freqmeas circuit), and then try setting the tlv to clock master.
01:21:04amiconnOne of the 3 iis clock inputs should show a clock...
01:21:04Mikachukibble: i checked my log, you were kicked 21 times from #ocremix in it
01:21:13kibble21 thousand times?
01:21:35Mikachuyou would think so, but no
01:21:43kibbleI recently owned a bunch of ocremix faggots
01:21:56peturthere we go again
01:23:01kibble(15:43:16) * zircon was kicked by double7 (You're a tool. A Tool. Another Victory for BS Inc.)
01:23:04kibble(15:43:16) <@JtDL> Connection problems?
01:23:06kibble(15:43:19) <@JtDL> wtf
01:23:09kibble(15:43:19) * TCK was kicked by double7 (Get out Spie. Another Victory for BS Inc.)
01:23:11kibble(15:43:21) <@pixietricks|sustenance> either those above two options, or you can just go to and save the mp3's
01:23:14kibble(15:43:23) * djpretzel was kicked by double7 (Your website sucks a lot more now. How did you manage that?. Another Victory for BS Inc.)
01:23:16kibble(15:43:25) * Inanna was kicked by double7 (Every try to actually secure etg? I'll buy you a manual sometime. Another Victory for BS Inc.)
01:23:25peturkibble: stop that please
01:23:45kibbleor else what, you'll use your glower power?
01:23:55preglowkibble: he didn't say or what
01:24:01preglowhe even said please
01:24:04peturno else, I just ask politely
01:24:13kibblethe feeble inaction of a rnd fgt
01:24:33preglowgod, i love you
01:24:50kibbleWHY GOD WHY
01:24:55preglowfaggot, remember
01:24:58preglowi assume you're one too
01:25:03kibblecheck out my recent work
01:25:07preglowhell no
01:25:19kibblegood stuff
01:26:33peturwasting time on games huh?
01:26:55kibbleshut uastsep fag who wastes time on irc
01:27:37preglowyeah, he's the one wasting it taking over channels
01:28:28peturBagder's company 'thing' is taking long :\
01:28:43markunmidkay: saw someone complainging about the missing bookmark feature and was hoping you would fix it :)
01:28:58 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:29:07preglowBagder: i'm planning to nag him until more people gets ops
01:29:20 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
01:29:34andy__amiconn: i'm looking at the original firmware to see how they do it
01:29:43preglowperhaps i should just start in his absence
01:30:49sharpe'lo rockbox peoples...
01:32:07Davide-NYCpreglow, do you have any idea whether the AGC patch and the recent SPIDF code are compatible?
01:32:08kibbleshut the fuck up prefag
01:32:22preglowDavide-NYC: none at all
01:32:26preglowDavide-NYC: and ignore the troll
01:32:31kibbleshut the fuck up prefag
01:32:33Davide-NYCwill do
01:32:50kibbleShut the fuck up David-Caused-911-NYC
01:32:55preglowhaven't even looked at the patch
01:33:08Davide-NYCdoes it make sense to have Gain control on optical input?
01:33:14kibbleno fag
01:33:14preglownope, not for me
01:33:22peturDavide-NYC: the patch still works for analog recording
01:33:39peturdon't know if it applies cleanly
01:33:55peturI can make you a new one if there are troubles
01:34:06kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:34:09Davide-NYCmake me a new what?
01:34:32peturah you need a compiled build
01:34:46Davide-NYCOK, I'll compile a build from bleeding edge, applying the ACG patch and report back
01:35:02Davide-NYCI've only done this once so wish nme luck (haha)
01:35:31Davide-NYC(sound of newbie diving into cygwin)
01:35:36kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:35:46peturecho too
01:35:50sharpeso preglow, how goes the developing?
01:35:59kibbleshut up sharpfag
01:36:06Davide-NYCpetur, what does echo too mean
01:36:16Davide-NYCsharpe, ignore the troll
01:36:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:36:26kibblewhy dont you ignore the troll, davidfag
01:36:27peturthe troll keeps repeating the same shit
01:36:33kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:36:34sharpewhat troll? i just see someone crying for attention.
01:36:45kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:36:50sharpeanyway, anyone think i should work on the c64 emulator sometime?
01:36:53Davide-NYCI understand
01:36:53DBUGEnqueued KICK kibble
01:36:53kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:36:56Davide-NYCback soon
01:36:59kibblec64 had no good games
01:37:01kibblework on nes
01:37:18kibbleand video
01:37:28 Join gasg [0] (
01:37:34 Quit Sinbios (Nick collision from services.)
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01:37:58preglowsharpe: not too fast, doing other work now
01:38:15peturbe sure the code starts with if(user != kibble) { /* do great video stuff */ ...
01:38:43kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:38:48Davide-NYCthat's a bot
01:38:55kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:38:56kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:38:56***Alert Mode level 1
01:38:56kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:38:57***Alert Mode level 2
01:38:57***Alert Mode level 3
01:38:57kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:38:57***Alert Mode level 4
01:38:57***Alert Mode level 5
01:38:57kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:38:57***Alert Mode level 6
01:38:57***Alert Mode level 7
01:38:57kibblesure are a lot of fags in here
01:39:00Davide-NYCquestion: cvs -z3 co rockbox-devel
01:39:08sharpenope, otherwise he wouldn't spite you like that.
01:39:10Davide-NYCgets me the bleeding edge source, right?
01:39:11peturdidn't know there existed trollbots :)
01:39:19kibbleDavide-NYC sure is an idiot
01:39:36preglowit's easy to confuse him for a bot
01:39:56Davide-NYCplease answer my newbie dolt question
01:40:12kibblewhen will rockbox work for neo?
01:40:20Davide-NYCright petur
01:40:21preglowpetur: well, they do, at least equivalents of trollbots
01:40:28preglowpetur: lots of them born every day
01:40:48 Join damaki__ [0] (
01:41:54XavierGrthis guy seems to have rotten playing StarCraft! :P
01:42:05kibbleenglish idiot?
01:44:19kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:44:20preglowno, he's just an idiot
01:44:20Davide-NYCwhile the entire RB souce is DLing may I ask what the -z3 switch does in CVS?
01:44:23kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:44:35sharpecompression, if i remember correctly...
01:44:42kibblezlib idiot
01:46:57CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:46:57*petur reads the acceptable use policy of :D
01:47:03kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:04kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:04***Alert Mode level 8
01:47:04kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:04***Alert Mode level 9
01:47:04***Alert Mode level 10
01:47:04kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:05***Alert Mode level 11
01:47:05***Alert Mode level 12
01:47:05kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:07***Alert Mode level 13
01:47:07kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:09***Alert Mode level 14
01:47:09kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:11***Alert Mode level 15
01:47:11kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:13***Alert Mode level 16
01:47:13kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:15***Alert Mode level 17
01:47:15kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:17***Alert Mode level 18
01:47:17kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:19***Alert Mode level 19
01:47:19kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:22***Alert Mode level 20
01:47:22kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:23***Alert Mode level 21
01:47:23kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:25kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:25sharpei must admit, he is skilled with the pasting.
01:47:27kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:29***Alert Mode level 22
01:47:29kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:31***Alert Mode level 23
01:47:31kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:32Davide-NYCdoes anyone know if rec_agc_33.patch is the latest version?
01:47:32XavierGrwhere is bagder when you need him?
01:47:33***Alert Mode level 24
01:47:33kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:35***Alert Mode level 25
01:47:35kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
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01:47:37kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
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01:47:43kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:45***Alert Mode level 30
01:47:45kibblesure are a lot of fags who suck at english in here
01:47:57kibblehes right here idiot
01:48:01kibbleare you BLIND?
01:48:31 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
01:48:41kibblelooks like you faggots are starving for sc logs.
01:48:43kibble[20:40:45] Entering channel: Brood War CAN-1
01:48:45kibble[20:40:47] Entering channel: fag
01:48:47kibble[20:40:51] < -
01:48:50kibble]> if you're rndly in west, let me know
01:48:52kibble[20:41:01] <Digital_Coma> we always do west, anything else is rnd
01:48:55kibble[20:41:10] <FROM Digital_Coma> Your friend Digital_Coma entered a Starcraft Broodwar game called 7v1 join.
01:48:57kibble[20:41:15] Entering game: 7v1 join
01:49:00***Alert Mode level 31
01:49:00kibbleMap name: •Fa§te§t Po§§ible Map Ever•
01:49:02kibble[20:41:20] Protricity: got the wc2 ost?
01:49:05kibble[20:41:23] Digital_Coma: wait this is the shitty version
01:49:07kibble[20:41:24] Digital_Coma: rm
01:49:10kibble[20:41:30] Entering channel: fag
01:49:12kibble[20:42:00] <FROM Digital_Coma> Your friend Digital_Coma entered a Starcraft Broodwar game called 7v1 join.
01:49:15kibble[20:42:02] Entering game: 7v1 join
01:49:17***Alert Mode level 32
01:49:17kibbleMap name: Fa§te§t Po§§ible Map Ever V2
01:49:18 Join quux [0] (n=bryan@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/quuxo)
01:49:20kibble[20:42:07] Digital_Coma: no
01:49:22kibble[20:42:10] Protricity: want?
01:49:25kibble[20:42:12] Protricity: its good stuff
01:49:27XavierGrPlease just go play starcarft. Isn't there a ladder to join?
01:49:27kibble[20:42:12] Digital_Coma: k
01:49:30kibble[20:42:15] Protricity: used to listen all the time]
01:49:32kibble[20:42:18] Protricity: then sc came out
01:49:36kibble[20:42:21] Digital_Coma: send
01:49:38kibble[20:42:22] Protricity: and I threw away my wc2 cd
01:49:40kibble[20:42:27] thkthkthkthkthk: go
01:49:42kibble[20:42:28] thkthkthkthkthk: already
01:49:46kibble[20:42:29] Digital_Coma: HEYFAG, shut up fag.
01:49:48kibble[20:42:33] Digital_Coma: rofl two bsees
01:49:49nudelynI've not used /ignore for a good few years :)
01:49:52kibble[20:42:38] thkthkthkthkthk: go
01:49:54kibble[20:42:38] HEYFAG-X2: your the fag
01:49:58kibble[20:42:40] HEYFAG-X2: not me
01:50:00kibble[20:42:44] Digital_Coma: shut up fag
01:50:04kibble[20:42:49] Playing game...
01:50:06kibblePlayers: Protricity (Protoss, purple), Digital_Coma (Zerg, teal), david7 (Protoss, red), Baelrog Brood (Zerg, white), I_OWN_U_BIATCH (Protoss, orange), HEYFAG-X2 (Terran, brown), T.A.N.K. (Protoss, blue), thkthkthkthkthk (Terran, yellow)
01:50:09*linuxstb_ hugs /ignore
01:50:12kibble[20:43:02] I_OWN_U_BIATCH: teams?
01:50:14kibble[20:43:05] Digital_Coma: 7v1 n00b
01:50:16kibble[20:43:08] Digital_Coma: you bsing?
01:50:18kibble[20:43:18] Protricity: for some reason
01:50:22XavierGryeah a must let me see.
01:50:22kibble[20:43:24] Protricity: this version isnt the exact ost
01:50:24kibble[20:43:24] HEYFAG-X2: \everyone
01:50:26Davide-NYCthank you nudelyn!
01:50:28kibble[20:43:26] Protricity: not sure why
01:50:30kibble[20:43:27] HEYFAG-X2: bsing?
01:50:32kibble[20:43:28] Digital_Coma: some fag is lag
01:50:36kibble[20:43:30] HEYFAG-X2: lol``?
01:50:40kibble[20:43:35] Digital_Coma: hey fag
01:50:42kibble[20:43:37] Protricity: gotta find the real ost
01:50:46kibble[20:43:38] I_OWN_U_BIATCH: wtf?
01:50:48kibble[20:43:38] Digital_Coma: shut up heyfag
01:50:50kibble[20:43:40] Protricity: this is one of the shitty versions
01:50:52kibble[20:43:43] Digital_Coma: pwnt
01:50:56kibble[20:43:44] Protricity: like ps1 or bnet
01:50:58kibble[20:43:45] I_OWN_U_BIATCH: stop calling peiople fags
01:51:02kibble[20:43:49] Protricity: shut up fag
01:51:04kibble[20:43:53] Digital_Coma: sure thing faggot
01:51:06kibble[20:44:01] Digital_Coma: what's with the lag
01:51:08kibble[20:44:04] Digital_Coma: who's lag hacking?
01:51:12kibble[20:44:15] Digital_Coma: nigger brown bsing
01:51:14kibble[20:44:19] Digital_Coma: sucks :(
01:51:17quuxkibble: Hi, I'm pm'ing you ...
01:51:20kibble[20:44:23] Protricity:
01:51:22kibbleI_OWN_U_BIATCH: Im going to kill everyone.
01:51:24kibble[20:44:24] HEYFAG-X2: why?
01:51:26kibble[20:44:26] Digital_Coma: WTF
01:51:30kibble[20:44:27] HEYFAG-X2: ill die?
01:51:32kibble[20:44:27] Digital_Coma: LOOK
01:51:36kibble[20:44:32] Digital_Coma: WTF
01:51:38kibble[20:44:44] Digital_Coma: OJ GONNA S
01:51:42kibble[20:44:48] Digital_Coma: BROWN UNALLIED
01:51:44kibble[20:44:58] HEYFAG-X2: i never allied
01:51:48kibble[20:45:02] HEYFAG-X2: so i never unallied
01:51:50kibble[20:45:02] Digital_Coma: yes you did n00b
01:51:54kibble[20:45:04] Digital_Coma: then you unallied
01:51:55sharpehmm... there are many feature requests for the same thing...
01:51:56kibble[20:45:06] Digital_Coma: so shut up
01:51:58kibble[20:45:11] Protricity:
01:52:06kibble[20:45:11] HEYFAG-X2: i never unallied
01:52:10kibble[20:45:13] HEYFAG-X2: u idiot
01:52:14kibble[20:45:15] I_OWN_U_BIATCH: wtf
01:52:16kibble[20:45:16] Digital_Coma: shut up moron
01:52:18kibble[20:45:17] Digital_Coma: orange bsing
01:52:20kibble[20:45:23] Protricity: orange you fucker
01:52:24kibble[20:45:24] HEYFAG-X2: yellow
01:52:26kibble[20:45:24] I_OWN_U_BIATCH: wtf?
01:52:30kibble[20:45:27] HEYFAG-X2: they all unallied me
01:52:32kibble[20:45:40] Protricity: damnit orange is ruining the game
01:52:34kibble[20:45:53] Protricity: omfg
01:52:36kibble[20:45:56] Digital_Coma: rofl
01:52:40kibble[20:46:01] Protricity: WHAT THE FUCK IS BROWN DOING
01:52:42kibble[20:46:05] Digital_Coma: yellow and brown team bsing
01:52:46kibble[20:46:17] Digital_Coma: lmfao
01:52:48kibble[20:46:22] Digital_Coma: brown is going to build in yellow's nbase
01:52:52kibble[20:46:35] Protricity: brown you fucker
01:52:54kibble[20:46:44] Digital_Coma: rofl brown left his whoel base
01:52:56kibble[20:46:51] Digital_Coma: gj fellow bser
01:52:58kibble[20:40:45] Entering channel: Brood War CAN-1
01:53:00kibble[20:47:01] Digital_Coma: rofl brownh acking
01:53:02kibble[20:46:49] I_OWN_U_BIATCH: lol
01:53:04kibble[20:46:48] Digital_Coma: and is taking over yellow
01:53:06kibble[20:40:47] Entering channel: fag
01:53:07 Quit kibble (Excess Flood)
01:54:13XavierGrat last
01:54:34*petur just sent a mail to with detailed logging and user ip address
01:54:41quuxLooked like some kind of repeater script ... anyone got log of the beginning of this little hooha?
01:54:51Mikachupetur: you can send his name and address too if you want
01:54:55peturthe whole channel is logged
01:55:14peturtoo late - mail is gone
01:55:26peturthey'll find him, no worry
01:55:33Davide-NYCI have received some errors whil trying to apply ACG patch
01:55:45Davide-NYCIt's probably me, but one never knows
01:55:57peturwill update the patch, one moment
01:56:26Mikachuquux: he just decided to paste a logfile before i messaged you, he was only being generally annoying before that
01:56:30 Quit damaki_ (Connection timed out)
01:56:38 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
01:56:39quuxahhh, ok
01:59:16 Join rob [0] (i=Robert@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.rob)
01:59:18***Alert Mode OFF
02:00:12peturDavide-NYC: new patch added at the bottom
02:00:29Davide-NYCthat was fast! I try it now
02:03:06whatboutbobwtf...kibble's still here?
02:04:20 Quit petur ("'night all")
02:04:59preglowisn't he?
02:05:15MikachuExcess flood, heh
02:05:44whatboutbobi wonder if that was his ddos attempt...?
02:05:47preglownight all
02:07:47 Quit anathema ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:09:09whatboutbobamiconn: could you pls help clear something minor up? what's the limitation that prevents 48kHz analog recording? (I don't care, but I've got people asking me)
02:09:56amiconnWe would need a different audio clock that's simply not available
02:10:16Davide-NYCpeeps, what does this mean: Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n] ?
02:10:29Davide-NYCwhen trying to apply a patch
02:10:45Davide-NYC(feel free to point me to documentation_
02:11:03whatboutbobamiconn: thanks. so does that mean 96kHz isn't possible for optical recording too? just 88.2?
02:11:19amiconnOptical can use any sample rate
02:11:34amiconn..since that is clocked from the spdif input signal
02:11:48MikachuDavide-NYC: it means that either the patch is already applied, or you applied another patch that did the same thing, or the patch is already (partly) in cvs
02:12:07whatboutbobamiconn: aaaah...ok. thanks.
02:12:25Davide-NYCshit, how do I jump back to a clean CVS snapshot and start from scratch?
02:12:56Davide-NYC(or just point me to Docs and I'll go read some)
02:14:22Davide-NYCdeleted everything and al starting over.
02:14:32Davide-NYCignore my pleading
02:14:51 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:15:06amiconnThere's some clever command sequence for diffing against cvs and then applying that diff in reverse, but I always foret that sequence...
02:15:40 Nick JoeyBorn is now known as JoeBorn (
02:15:41 Quit wes (Remote closed the connection)
02:15:49Davide-NYCHey (while I wait for CVS DL again) is anyone familiar with a good short CVS tutorial?
02:15:53 Join Inc [0] (i=xsst4@arcane/developer/inc)
02:16:00amiconnIguess something like
02:16:11amiconncvs diff -u | patch -p0 -R
02:16:45Davide-NYCI'm in desperate need of a good Tut... what does the -u switch do?
02:16:57amiconnunified diff
02:17:05Davide-NYCyeah, I need to read
02:17:34sharpei've another idea
02:17:49 Part quux ("..fadeout")
02:17:55amiconnThe -u is probably unnecessary in that sequence, but I always use unidiffs as I think they're easier to read
02:18:01sharpeporting nethack to rockbox :)
02:19:20Davide-NYCyou are assuming a level of basic knowledge I do not have
02:20:07Davide-NYCI will return in a few days with the requisite knowledge in head, for now I follow the simplified guide to applying patches and pay attention to the results when recording
02:20:28Davide-NYCI'm compiling now and it's fascinating
02:22:11Davide-NYCthanks! although I was hoping for something much smaller
02:22:18Davide-NYC368 pages!
02:23:16Davide-NYCthat's better
02:30:17Davide-NYCAGC patch seems to apply just fine.
02:30:35Davide-NYCtested it on the unit using the internal mic
02:30:45Davide-NYCwill test optical tonight
02:31:07Davide-NYCquestion: why is the AGC not commited?
02:31:15Mikachuanswer: feature freeze
02:31:57Davide-NYCfor my purposes AGC is essential. Thanks to anyone that had hands in/on it. And everyone else here for that matter.
02:31:59Davide-NYCgood night
02:32:22 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
02:34:11Incfor some reason I boot into rockbox but can't seem to get back into ipod firmware
02:34:45 Join webguest40 [0] (
02:37:23dongsyou have to be quick
02:37:27dongsafter reset keep pressing menu button
02:40:14 Quit webguest40 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:40:41IncI see
02:40:48Incand how to I get ahold of the menu?
02:40:51Inclike the games in rockbox?
02:41:53Incall I see on the list is
02:41:58 Join mirak [0] (
02:41:59Incnotes photos
02:42:11Inccontacts and calaenders
02:42:55 Quit andy__ ("CGI:IRC")
02:47:09linuxstb_Press the menu button...
02:49:14 Quit pixelma (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
02:49:56Incwhere's the game menu then?
02:50:12linuxstb_Browse Plugins
02:51:08 Part rob ("Leaving")
02:54:45 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
03:02:50dongsmenu as in the menu button
03:02:50dongswhat he said.
03:03:03 Quit Mikachu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:03:14 Quit dwihno (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:05:51Incoh shit. that's right. I forgot to put the doom wad in
03:08:10 Join dwihno [0] (n=dw@
03:12:10 Join ashridah [0] (
03:12:14Digital_Coma[19:54] * petur just sent a mail to with detailed logging and user ip address
03:12:23Digital_Comahahahah what a moron
03:13:55 Join Mikachu [0] (
03:13:59Digital_Comasomeone is flooding my irrelevant irc channel.. WHY COX WHY
03:16:03 Join lookup [0] (
03:16:58lookupi need help! i just used the battery plug-in for my ipod (on rockbox of course) and now i can't get out of the battery plugin. any thing that i could do?
03:17:15sharpewhich battery plugin?
03:17:20CassandraTry pressing MENU and SELECT at the same time.
03:17:35lookupok thanks
03:17:38lookupthat did it
03:17:47lookupi feel dumb :-(
03:17:50Digital_Comashut up
03:18:02ashridahthat battery plugin really should have a warning screen or something :)
03:18:14CassandraPlease do not feed the troll.
03:18:20lookupnah it's alright.
03:18:23*linuxstb_ hugs /ignore again
03:18:26lookupit was my mistake
03:19:43Digital_Comacassandra wanna fuck?
03:19:52lookupok thanks again
03:19:54 Quit lookup (Client Quit)
03:20:05CassandraOh my, I'm so offended.
03:20:53Digital_Comaway to feed
03:21:05Digital_Comayou sure suck at this
03:21:10Digital_Comago back to slashdot
03:21:26CassandraWell, that's me told.
03:21:29sharpejust a random stream of nonsense...
03:21:55CassandraI'm just fascinated to see how long he can keep it up for.
03:22:11CassandraIt's kind of like an IQ test.
03:23:03Digital_Comano point in wasting pwnt on tweedle dee and tweedle dum
03:23:53CassandraDid that make any sense even in Idiot?
03:23:57 Join damaki [0] (
03:24:18IncI hold down the center key
03:24:23Incand the menu key but nothing happens
03:25:08CassandraYou're still stuck in the plugin?
03:25:54 Join djparrot [0] (
03:26:27 Part Inc
03:26:28djparrotgood riddance
03:27:08sharpeit's kind of funny that iffy is a word...
03:27:58Digital_Comano, it's really not interesting at all. try again
03:28:30sharpei'm hurt.
03:29:20 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:36:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:38:16 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
03:38:46 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
03:45:10 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:46:00 Join sockerteze [0] (
03:46:02djparrotspeak now sockerteze or forever hold your fag
03:48:28 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Hey baby, come sit on my lap. We'll talk about whatever pops up.")
03:50:44ashridahsockerteze: don't mind the troll
03:51:38 Join RoC_MM [0] (
03:51:42djparrotI can smell RoC_MM from here
03:51:55RoC_MMi must be famous
03:53:09Digital_Comayou probably just smell
03:54:01RoC_MMsmell of famous
03:54:29Digital_Comasmell of irr
03:55:42RoC_MMwhat builds are we running folks?
03:56:44RoC_MMI use the new 5/3 build for my iPod 4G Grey. I like that the battery indicator is working now. It makes me very happy.
04:08:48RoC_MMI like the new disk activity icon for the default theme too.
04:12:11 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
04:17:26 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
04:17:28djparrotI think I bsed Davide-NYC once
04:21:23Davide-NYChello all, I just patched the bleeding edge with the AGC patch and the Radio frq patch no problem
04:21:37Davide-NYCtarget = H120
04:22:07Davide-NYCI took a look inside the histogram patch and modified some of the paths to be more general
04:22:35Davide-NYCi.e. <specific foldr>/apps/etc −−> apps/etc
04:23:06Davide-NYCtried to apply it I got a bunch of error messages. Anyone wanna help a semi-idiot apply this patch?
04:23:22 Join webguest47 [0] (
04:23:25djparrotI bet webguest47 hacked vgmix
04:23:40Davide-NYCdjparrot are you trolling?
04:23:41 Quit webguest47 (Client Quit)
04:23:56Davide-NYCare you a bot?
04:24:39Davide-NYCno devs online?
04:30:41 Quit sockerteze ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
04:41:32Digital_Comano one cares
04:45:03 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
04:45:34Davide-NYCdigital_coma, what are you referring to?
04:46:50Digital_Comathink for a second
04:47:42Davide-NYClet me guess, no one cares about the histogram patch
04:48:06Davide-NYC'case it's just eye-candy and it's for a dying target
04:48:32Davide-NYCDid I win?
04:49:16Digital_Comathink again
04:50:06Davide-NYCthen I don;t get it
04:50:07 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:50:22Davide-NYCno one cares about what....
04:50:43Digital_Comalearn to read
04:50:45Davide-NYCIf it's not personal, and it's not the patch itself then what
04:50:58Davide-NYCOh I see RTFM
04:51:31Davide-NYCthanks a bunch, I'll contribute what I can when I can
04:51:38djparrotI don't got time to fuck around.
04:51:50Digital_Comathis is really hard for you isn't it
04:52:01Davide-NYCsure is
04:52:04Davide-NYCno training
04:52:48Digital_Comayep, take Relevance 201
04:54:55Davide-NYCtoo cryptic for me, I'm not trolling I'm not being abusive (I don't think) and I'm trying to get somewhere. What's the problem? Is there an IRC FAQ I missed?
04:55:16midkayDavide-NYC, you're cool.. Digital_Coma's the prob
04:55:36Digital_Comarofl trying so hard to fit in
04:55:40Digital_Comatoo easy
04:55:46midkaywaves and waves of trolls today, haven't seen any for months and all of a sudden here we are
04:55:57Davide-NYCI'm ignoring now
04:56:05midkaygood idea.
04:56:11Digital_Comamidkay, thanks for the information. i'll make sure the wave rises
04:56:13Davide-NYCthanks midkay, I thought he was actually trying to tell me something I missed
04:56:25midkayDigital_Coma, no prob, do your worst :)
04:56:47midkayDavide-NYC, generally, people in here are very helpful, not a good day to ask, though, apparently..
04:56:59midkaylack of devs + presence of idiots..
04:57:14Davide-NYCI noticed, but on the flipside there has been a lot of positive progress (for my target at least) in the last 48 hours
04:57:31Davide-NYCwhat targets do you care about?
04:57:37djparrotDigital_Coma shut the fuck up
04:57:46midkayDavide-NYC, cool, which is yours? i've got an archos recorder and an ipod 5g.
04:57:48Digital_Comafuck you djparrot
04:58:20Davide-NYCooo iPod 5G is nice! I'm an iriver H1xx guy, love the recording features
04:58:24midkayDigital_Coma, nice fake-argument.. logging in with two clients on the same machine is reaaaally convincing.
04:58:34Davide-NYCthat's my main reason for being all into RB.
04:58:42midkayDavide-NYC, ah, the last few days have been a jackpot for you, then :)
04:59:33Davide-NYChaha same IP
04:59:46midkayyeah, quite a clever guy, really.
04:59:49Davide-NYChysterical, even I can see that one and I know nothing
05:00:00Digital_Comait's more than enough
05:00:13midkaywhat sort of genius would think to run TWO clients at ONCE on ONE machine? it's mind-blowing.
05:00:27djparrotthat's not funny
05:00:44midkayi fail. :(
05:00:52Digital_Comayep it would have to be on one machine, for some random and unbased reason
05:01:12Davide-NYChey midkay, since the IPs are the same and the nicks could change, is it possible to ignore the IP?
05:01:13 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:01:14midkayunbased? that's not a word.
05:01:16djparrotRob2222 added to current fag list.
05:01:26Digital_Comalearn to english
05:01:35Davide-NYCmidkay, hug the ignore switch, it's your friend
05:01:53midkayDavide-NYC, i personally dislike it except for trolls :)
05:01:58Digital_Comahahah doesn't know how to ignore
05:02:06Digital_Comalearn to irc
05:02:58Davide-NYCmidkay if you check this thread you'll see why I care about the histogram patch
05:03:40midkayDavide-NYC, i haven't read many of your messages, so i'm not sure what you were asking..
05:04:04Digital_Comahard to pay attention to so much irrelevance
05:04:05Davide-NYCit's just eye-candy really, relating to user fonts in the recording screen and cool graphical displays of remaining HD space, battery life, input balance, and a history of your recorded levels
05:04:19midkaypretty cool..
05:04:36Davide-NYCyeah, the auto gain control patch applies and compiles fine
05:04:52Davide-NYCbut the hitogram patch fails and I'm not knowledgeable enought o fix it
05:05:06midkayyou can try to manually apply the rejected hunks..
05:05:31Davide-NYCOK backup one sec
05:05:40Davide-NYCa hunk is just a code segment?
05:05:58Davide-NYC(dives back into cygwin)
05:06:11midkayit should give a list of hunk x failed/succeeded..
05:06:18Davide-NYCit did
05:06:27Davide-NYCbut I've done a bunch of things since
05:06:34Davide-NYCthat was an hour ago
05:06:58djparrotI'll agree he's a fag.
05:07:26midkayDavide-NYC, that doesn't matter. if you remember what file it was that got patched, you can browse to it.
05:07:28Davide-NYCquestion, if I -R a patch and some of it's hunks are redundant with other patches I applied prior I could botch the whole compile, right?
05:07:31midkaythere will be three files..
05:07:39midkayfile.c, file.c.orig, and file.c.rej.
05:07:52midkayyou want to put stuff from file.c.rej into file.c at the right places.
05:08:04midkayline numbers are shown in the .rej file, to make things pretty easy.
05:08:09Davide-NYCi think I got it
05:08:22midkaylines preceeded (sp?) by a plus means 'add', and a minus means 'remove'.
05:08:40Digital_Comalearn to english
05:09:25Davide-NYCI think the AGC patch and the histogram patch touch some of the same files. I am worried that they touch some of the same hunks.
05:09:43midkayDavide-NYC, quite possible, but shouldn't be too hard to figure out.
05:09:53Davide-NYCIn which case by manually applying the histogram hunks I could be messing up the AGC hunks right?
05:10:01Davide-NYCOK, I am diving in right now
05:10:08Davide-NYC(nice friday night I'm having)
05:10:14midkayit's possible, but just 'be careful' ;)
05:10:24Davide-NYCwhat is the wordt that could happen?
05:10:51midkayit won't work right..
05:11:04midkaythe problem probably isn't conflicting code but simply misaligned code.
05:11:08midkaythe patch looks for specific lines..
05:11:15midkayand after applying a patch, those lines probably have moved.
05:11:26midkayif new functions were inserted above, or removed..
05:11:43Davide-NYCright, the text the patch looks for will not be there
05:11:47Davide-NYCgo ti
05:11:51Davide-NYC*got it
05:11:56Davide-NYCthanks so much!
05:12:01midkayno prob
05:12:06Davide-NYCmidkay rules!
05:12:12midkaywe all rule.
05:12:18 Join RoC_MM [0] (
05:12:20djparrotPut ROC_MM in your pipe and smoke it.
05:12:28RoC_MMi thinks
05:12:31RoC_MMdjparrot, is a bot
05:12:43RoC_MMusing %Name
05:12:47Davide-NYCnah, its a jerk
05:13:24Digital_Comatweedledee is reunited with his twin
05:14:18djparrotugh, shut up
05:14:53 Join HedgeMage [0] (i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage)
05:14:55djparrotfuck, it's that one fag, what's his face
05:15:45*HedgeMage looks around
05:16:02HedgeMageSo, what exactly is rockbox anyhow?
05:17:04*HedgeMage thinks it's awfully quiet in here
05:17:18djparrotI'll agree he's a fag.
05:17:48Davide-NYCquestion (begs forgiveness) is there a way to just produce the patching log without actually changing any files?
05:17:50HedgeMagedjparrot: there's really no need for that language, please.
05:17:51 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:21sharpeHedgeMage: just ignore that, it's been here for a while...
05:18:24midkayDavide-NYC, hm, good question.. patch −−help, see if you can find an arg for it.
05:18:37Davide-NYCooo you just made my day: −−help
05:18:42Davide-NYCI've been /?
05:18:52Davide-NYClike in CMD.EXE
05:19:02sharpeHedgeMage: you may want to check out for what rockbox is...
05:19:05midkayDavide-NYC, :) −−help is standard for linux-ish commands, like /? is for cmd ones.
05:19:12Davide-NYCI love it
05:19:14HedgeMagedjparrot: you have five seconds to convince me you know how to breathe.
05:20:23 Quit Digital_Coma (K-lined)
05:20:23 Quit djparrot (K-lined)
05:20:29HedgeMageThat should do it.
05:20:39midkaymucho thanks :)
05:20:47HedgeMagemidkay: any time
05:21:17Davide-NYCthe author of this patch made no comments anywhere
05:21:30midkayDavide-NYC, haha, typical :)
05:21:31Davide-NYCI have to infer and deduce even the simplest things
05:21:32sharpemaybe it was all in his head?
05:21:46Davide-NYCI'm not a programmer so this is going to be difficult
05:22:02HedgeMagesharpe: then, logically, he should place his brain in a jar and deliver it with the source code ;)
05:22:05*HedgeMage hides
05:22:21HedgeMageOkay, enough unprofessional snarkinees, I'm off to chase spambots
05:22:22midkayhaha :)
05:22:23*HedgeMage waves
05:22:27*midkay waves back
05:22:27sharpenot my patch, so i've no problem with that. :)
05:22:30 Part HedgeMage
05:22:36*sharpe waves to himself
05:22:51sharpebecause sharpe is cool like that.
05:23:14Davide-NYCfound the patch switch I needed −−dry-run Do not actually change any files; just print what would happen.
05:23:21midkayDavide-NYC, ha, i knew it. :)
05:23:23Davide-NYC−−dry-run, how cool
05:23:27midkaydry run. ha.
05:23:35sharpetry −−wet-run.
05:23:36*midkay giggles quietly.
05:23:49midkayor −−slow-run.
05:23:52midkaye.g. −−jog.
05:23:53sharpei think i may go play some more games...
05:23:58midkayor −−crawl.
05:24:00midkayor −−prone.
05:24:12midkayor −−snipe
05:24:37midkayyeah. i was just getting started with ghost recon: advanced warfighter when i popped in :)
05:25:29Davide-NYChey don;t leave I'm still dumb as dirt here!
05:25:59Davide-NYC"reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R [n]
05:26:27Davide-NYCdoes this mean that if I type Y it will reverse my previous patch?
05:26:30midkaythis is a dry one?
05:26:44Davide-NYCso it dont matter
05:27:03sharpei recently got guild wars: factions... i'm bored like that...
05:27:09Davide-NYCyou guys know about fuzz?
05:27:14midkaytry either way, or see what -r does in −−help.
05:27:17midkaysharpe, cool, i've got guild wars but haven't got factions yet.
05:27:29midkayDavide-NYC, fuzz means like offset, i think..
05:27:35sharpeheh, i've never played the non-faction one...
05:27:45sharpefuzz... isn't that like, lint?
05:27:45midkayhaha. nice..
05:27:57midkaygod, i've got like..
05:28:03midkay700 hours racked up in playtime for guild wars.
05:28:07sharpewhen you think of fuzz, what color do you think of?
05:28:12Davide-NYCI think fuzz does text matching one or two lines forward or backward from the intended line
05:28:35midkayDavide-NYC, i think it's actually up to like ten lines, but yeah.
05:28:42midkaysharpe, pink. or blue.
05:28:51Davide-NYCcan you set it really wide like 25 lines?
05:29:05sharpei think of like a dark blue...
05:29:08midkayDavide-NYC, −−yelp :)
05:29:13midkayyou know what i mean.
05:29:32sharpei've an idea!
05:29:39Davide-NYCanyone interested in my miserable failure of a dry-run?
05:32:04Davide-NYCcant think straight enough to do this by hand right now
05:32:24sharpetechnically, you are doing whatever by hand right now
05:32:30Davide-NYCwill reattempt with my new 'perspective' tomorrow afternoon
05:32:41Davide-NYCthanks midkay.
05:32:58midkayDavide-NYC, np, good luck :)
05:33:00Davide-NYCsharpe, I have to apply 'hunks' manually to many files
05:33:06midkaywe're always here. sort of.
05:33:23midkayDavide-NYC, well.. depends on how many files, but it should not take long at all.
05:33:30Davide-NYCthis will be painful, I'm sure there's a tools to assist in this process
05:33:34midkaya few minutes at the most, i'd guess.
05:33:37midkayit's quite simple.
05:33:58Davide-NYCyou're kidding right?
05:34:14midkaywe're not dealing with manually placing a thousand lines of code, just like.. probably several (3-6 or so) hunks in rather obvious places.
05:34:55Davide-NYCyes, but I've never done this before and have not had formal training.
05:35:01sharpetomorrow i must call and apoligize to someone for something...
05:35:02Davide-NYCmany minutes of staring blankly
05:35:16Davide-NYCin between actual actiojn
05:35:20midkayDavide-NYC, does your editor have line numbers? they're absolutely imperative..
05:35:33sharpethe patch gives the line numbers...
05:35:48sharpeor, ones relative to the lines to replace/remove...
05:35:50midkayjust find the source line in the rej file, go to that number in the .c file, and look around that area for the right code.
05:36:02midkaysharpe, yes, but your editor needs to show line numbers for them to be useful.
05:36:02Davide-NYCwhat editor do you guys use?
05:36:15Davide-NYCI use notepad2
05:36:16midkayi code from windows, so i use textpad.
05:36:26sharpei just use Relo right now
05:36:27Davide-NYCI check it out
05:36:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:36:32midkayin linux i always used kwrite or kate.
05:36:44Davide-NYCI'm in Win32
05:36:54Davide-NYClinux not yet for me
05:37:11midkaytoo much of a hassle for me.
05:37:20sharpeme too...
05:37:23Davide-NYCagreed (ducks for cover)
05:37:28midkayi use too many windows apps/games to even potentally consider switching, and dual-booting is a pain.
05:37:39sharpeme and my, non-compatible network card.
05:37:57midkaymy integrated one didn't work either..
05:37:58Davide-NYCI use NLite to tear out the extra MS crap and have me a lean install disk
05:38:02midkayhad to use a seperate one.
05:38:06sharpewell, more like linux-driver-lacking network card...
05:38:14midkayanother reason i use windows; it works, and quickly. :)
05:38:26Davide-NYCyou should check out NLite
05:38:28sharpei never have any problems with windows...
05:38:49*midkay googles
05:38:49Davide-NYCGuys, NLite make Win32 even better
05:38:57sharpei've gotten a xp pro install cd, under 180 megs, if i remember correctly, with nLite... (I think)
05:39:04Davide-NYCyeah dude
05:39:18Davide-NYCjust remember to never tear out the IE core files.
05:39:23midkayah, sounds nice..
05:39:26Davide-NYCthe browser sure, dump it.
05:39:31midkaybut not something i'd probably use.
05:39:37Davide-NYCbut the rendering files are necessary for many many apps
05:40:03Davide-NYCbelieve me midkay it takes two hours and you'll never install XP 'vanilla' ever again
05:40:13sharpei like vanilla ice cream.
05:40:16Davide-NYCI haven't since I discovered it
05:40:31Davide-NYCOK I gotta go record my buddies band at some bar
05:40:35midkayi don't mind.. i use a number of windows components, and the several i don't use don't bother me
05:40:39Davide-NYCdo some iriver-rockbox testing
05:40:44midkayyay :)
05:40:51Davide-NYCeasy breezy kids
05:40:52sharpefield testing!
05:40:59midkaylaterz, good luck :)
05:41:16 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
05:41:52sharpewow. my eyelids are really sensitive to touch right now, and i don't know why.
05:42:11midkaysharpe deserves the most-random-crap-ever award..
05:42:50sharpei can't remember what i was going to do
05:42:59*midkay is off to GRAW..
05:43:06sharpeoh. i was going to play factions.
05:43:07midkayunless you wanna guildwars ;)
05:44:36sharpei've got to go play games, go to sleep, wake up, move stuff, call and apologize, and play more games.
05:44:55midkayfun stuff.
05:45:04midkayhave you played much factions yet?
05:45:16sharpeeh, i've got a level 10 and 14
05:45:32midkayah, cool.
05:45:44sharpeis 20 the highest level?
05:45:53midkayi haven't played much in the past couple months.
05:46:00midkayi used to play it all day every day :)
05:46:08midkaysummer break's a-coming, though..
05:46:16sharpei just have nothing better to do, yeah, it is...
05:46:19midkayi'll probably snag factions and dive back in.
05:46:51midkay'cause it's hard to just play for a little bit..
05:47:07midkayto do anything worthy of doing, it tends to take like.. a while. :)
05:47:07sharpeit also tells you, to take a break after three hours.
05:47:36sharpewhich is kind of funny...
05:48:12sharpeeh, i think i'm going to just skip games, and go to sleep
05:48:44midkayhave fun, whatever you do.
05:48:48sharpelol, alright
05:48:50midkay*starts gr:aw*
05:48:51sharpelater midkay
05:48:55midkayl8rz, yo.
05:53:26 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
05:55:52 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
05:55:55 Join ivan` [0] (
05:56:04ivan`there's no brightness adjust for the X5 yet, right?
06:07:12 Join nave7693 [0] (
06:13:10 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
06:27:05 Part nave7693
06:32:53 Join hardeep [0] (
06:32:56 Join gtkspert [0] (
06:52:51 Part Paul_The_Nerd
06:58:40 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
07:07:51 Quit ashridah ("out")
07:10:57 Join scott666 [0] (
07:31:28 Join whatboutbob [0] (
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08:04:05 Join hardeep [0] (
08:08:26 Join nave7693 [0] (
08:13:25 Quit [TCK] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:36:42 Join damaki_ [0] (
08:38:10 Part nave7693
08:39:10 Join Acksaw [0] (
08:43:04 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
08:47:10 Join damaki__ [0] (
08:54:21 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:59:36 Join damaki [0] (
09:01:04 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:03:47 Join damaki_ [0] (
09:03:57 Quit ivan` ("Chatzilla 0.9.70-rdmsoft [XULRunner]")
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09:14:43 Join damaki__ [0] (
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09:17:51 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:19:38 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
09:21:51 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:25:32 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:30:40 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
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09:42:11*amiconn had to fix a bug before starting his runtime test on player...
09:43:31 Join RedBreva [0] (
09:45:56peturmorning Germany ;)
09:48:32peturamiconn: is it ok to commit that small fat.c change, I have yet to find anything that could cause the label to vanish :(
09:50:07 Join damaki [0] (
09:51:33amiconnpetur: Define 'that'
09:52:09amiconnBtw, under which conditions does the label vanish?
09:52:31peturmask volume flag instead of comparing
09:52:34amiconnI didn't experience it yet, although I do delete dirs in the root from time to time
09:52:40peturme neither
09:52:41 Join damaki_ [0] (
09:52:48amiconn(the dreaded 'System Volume Information')
09:53:18peturbut what tool set the volume ID - I use w2k, don't know how linux interpretes the fat spec :)
09:53:33peturbbl - breakfast time...
09:55:11amiconnOh, were those reports only from linux people?
09:56:38amiconnWe're not handling the volume label correctly according to the fat specs...
09:56:59amiconnNm, forget that
09:59:25amiconnpetur: I would like the correct check (per the fat specs) better...
10:08:23peturwhich is? I find the spec unclear - will check it again tonight
10:08:49 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
10:10:16 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:10:18amiconnif ( (entry->attr & (FAT_ATTR_VOLUME_ID|FAT_ATTR_DIRECTORY)) == FAT_ATTR_VOLUME_ID )
10:11:49 Join damaki__ [0] (
10:14:37Galoisstupid question of the day, why does cvs build now output "Skip DancePuffDuo.wps due to size restraints" etc.
10:14:46GaloisI mean, no offense, but I kind of like that wps
10:16:24peturamiconn: will test and commit tonight, no more time now but plenty tonight :)
10:16:41 Quit petur ("later")
10:21:45Galoisdid someone change the resolution of the wps or something? It fit perfectly on the screen before
10:21:51 Join JdGordon [0] (
10:22:44JdGordonevening all
10:26:58 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:27:49*Galois checks out the old DancePuffDuo.wps and bludgeons it into the correct resolution
10:30:22linuxstbGalois: Which player do you have?
10:30:39Galoisipod nano
10:31:07linuxstbThen there is no DancePuffDuo for your LCD - you were probably using the 160x128 version before.
10:31:32Galoisindeed, that version looks fine on the nano (to me, anyway)
10:32:30 Join ShamrockMan [0] (
10:34:05linuxstbI think you simply need to copy DancePuffDuo.160x128x1.wps to DancePuffDuo.176x132x1.wps
10:34:14RedBrevaLinux people - Help... I want to create a link in dir sims to sims/01/rockboxui so in sims I enter 'ln -s 01/rockboxui ./01_player' and that works fine, but... I want to to add a −−background parameter to the command, how do I do it?
10:34:24Galoisthanks linuxstb
10:35:07JdGordonRedBreva: add the -background paramter like you would normally...
10:36:07 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
10:36:08 Join SereR0KR [0] (
10:36:13amiconnI think that's not possible
10:36:22RedBrevaif I enter ln -s 01/rockboxui −−background ./01_player the create link command fails
10:36:29amiconnA link in the linux sense is a bit different than a link in the windows sense
10:36:35 Join quan [0] (
10:36:47JdGordonno, make the link, but then run the link with the param
10:36:51RedBrevaIf i enclose the first part in '' it doesn't work
10:38:54Galoisin other words you have to go "01_player −−background" in order to use the command with the −−background option
10:39:07Galoisif your main goal is to avoid typing −−background then you need an alias, not a link
10:39:25RedBrevaAhhh - what's an alias?
10:39:55RedBreva'cause I am a point and click type guy... ;)
10:40:14Galoisif you want a desktop icon then you should .. right click on the desktop and make a desktop icon
10:40:22Galoisan alias is basically, well, you type
10:40:36Galoisalias 123="sims/01/rockboxui −−background"
10:41:04Galoisand henceforth (until you close that window), the command "123" in that window means "sims/01/rockboxui −−background"
10:41:19Galoiser, that's terrible, you want something like /full/path/to/sims/01/rockboxui instead of just sims/
10:41:45 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
10:41:56Galoisyou can make it permanent by editing ~/.bashrc in your favorite text editor (~/.bashrc is a line by line listing of commands that are run at startup for every window)
10:43:24RedBrevaI can indeed create a 'shortcut' from within Konqueror, that allows me to point to an exectutable and pass parameters :)
10:43:44RedBrevaNo way to command line the creation of one of thos I suppose?
10:43:55Galoisthat's exactly what alias is for
10:44:50Galoisa link in linux means "this link corresponds to that file"
10:44:55Galoisvery different from shortcuts or aliases
10:45:24Galoisit's arguably much more powerful −− for example Windows shortcuts do not work on DLLs, but linux links do work with the linux equivalent of shared libraries
10:45:37MikachuRedBreva: you can do echo '01/rockboxui −−background' > 01_player;chmod +x 01_player
10:45:58Mikachuthat's probably what your file manager does
10:48:22amiconnGalois: On NTFS it's possible to create a different type of link, so called junctions (not with windows explorer but there are free command line and graphical tools)
10:48:36amiconnThese work for everything and are transparent for applications
10:48:51Mikachudo they work across partitions?
10:49:19amiconnBeware though: they are so transparent that even explorer doesn't know about them. If you delete a junction to a directory, you will delete the target dir
10:49:23Mikachuon linux, you can do it regardless of the fs
10:49:35amiconnMikachu: Even on fat?
10:49:35Mikachujunctions sound a lot like mount −−bind
10:49:49Mikachuyeah, talking about mount now, not hardlinks
10:49:55amiconnNo, they aren't like mount
10:50:36Mikachuyou know what mount −−bind does?
10:50:49amiconnThey are like links (didn't check yet whether they work cross-partition) and are an incarnation of the yet more powerful concept of reparse points
10:52:18Mikachuyou can use bind mounts on both dirs and files
10:55:01Kohlrabium, this junction thing sounds interesting, got any links to GUI-junction-programs handy? (just reading the knowledgebase description for cmdline)
10:55:21amiconn'winbolic link' is one
10:55:29KohlrabiShould have checked wikipedia first;)
10:55:36Kohlrabithx, I'll look for it :)
10:56:03amiconnThe commandline tool is called 'junction', from sysinternals
10:56:15Kohlrabi"Interesting tidbit: a hall of mirrors effect can be created by placing a JP in the folder it targets."
10:56:30Mikachu"Note: junction points link only to folders (*). You can create a similar link to a file, but with the restriction that the file must belong to the same logical volume, using hard links." says wikipedia
10:56:58Galoishm smells like mount bind to me
10:57:18Mikachume too
10:58:30amiconnI don't know, but I would think that unlike ntfs junctions, mount −−bind is not handled by the filyesystem
10:58:44Mikachuyes, but the end result is similar
10:59:20amiconnThere's one type of junctions you can create with no additional tools, and that's know to explorer.
10:59:47amiconnYou can put one partition into a (sub-dir) of another - no need to create drive letters for every partition
11:00:18Mikachulike regular mounting
11:00:50amiconnyes, but handled by the parent filesystem driver
11:01:25amiconnIt requires ntfs, and windows 2000+
11:02:11Kohlrabi'NTFS link' looks nice, it's integrated into the shell
11:05:30 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
11:05:52 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
11:07:36 Quit Kohlrabi (Client Quit)
11:09:41 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
11:24:19RedBrevais it possible to run more than one sim at a time?
11:32:13 Quit luckz (Remote closed the connection)
11:32:14 Join luckz [0] (
11:32:20 Quit crash___ (Remote closed the connection)
11:32:22 Join crash [0] (
11:35:46 Quit nudelyn ("At Argon, we're working to keep your money.")
11:36:16 Join udo [0] (
11:36:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:37:27udoanyone awake with knowledge about iriver H1x0 hardware?
11:37:46JdGordondoes playback not boost anymore?? playback pauses if i hold down up/down in the tree view...
11:38:08udoI was wondering about iriver H1x0 mods
11:38:46udomaybe swapping the crystal that makes the 44.100 Hz samplerate
11:38:57udoto get to 48000?
11:39:34udoor somethign else?
11:41:42 Join bluey- [0] (
11:48:27 Join lee-qid__ [0] (
11:48:44 Join chang [0] (
11:48:46RedBrevaYep, but you have to do it from the command line, the 'shortcuts' created by Konquer will only run one at a time :(
11:48:53RedBrevaAh well
11:51:11udono one? later then
11:51:18 Quit udo ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
11:52:34 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
11:56:50 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
12:01:31 Join obo [0] (
12:06:56JdGordonbored bored bored bored bored
12:13:40 Join PaulJam [0] (
12:13:56 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
12:17:02 Join Poka64 [0] (i=Poka64@
12:23:32 Quit hannesd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:24:36 Join hannesd_ [0] (
12:24:56 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
12:30:07amiconnHmm, these archos 'rubber' bumpers are made of anything but rubber :/
12:30:36amiconnObviously they slowly decay over time, producing some pink liquid...
12:36:12*amiconn dissected both his player & recorder, resoldered the battery contacts and equipped both units with a set of new 2700mAh cells
12:36:37amiconnI had to clean the bumpers of the recorder thoroughly
12:37:02 Join mirak [0] (
12:37:23 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
12:43:47 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
12:44:26 Quit hannesd_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:47:38 Quit obo (Remote closed the connection)
12:48:33 Join TeaSea [0] (
12:48:49preglowamiconn: trying spdif analogue monitoring, works great
12:48:59 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
12:49:07preglowcd player -> spdif -> h120 -> line out -> pc
12:49:09 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:51:54amiconnThe reverse should also work
12:52:00preglowamiconn: hmm
12:52:06preglowamiconn: monitoring is not turned off when i exit the recording screen
12:52:12preglowimho, it should be
12:52:31amiconnPlayback should reset it
12:52:40amiconnI know, we need a proper driver....
12:52:55preglowif that'll fix it, it's ok
12:56:42 Quit chang ("So long, and thanks for all the fish !")
12:57:09 Join Mogwai [0] (
12:59:12 Join andy__ [0] (
13:00:53andy__morning ladies and gents, i just did my first recording on the x5
13:03:12andy__my god.. so little work, why didn't i try this earlier :)
13:03:28preglowwhat iis channel was recording on?
13:03:47preglowplayback too?
13:04:00andy__yep.. it works in duplex mode
13:07:21 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
13:10:23andy__has anyone looked at the recording-codec patch btw? it would be nice with realtime mp3 encoding :)
13:11:08peturafter 3.0 ;)
13:12:47 Quit ShamrockMan (Remote closed the connection)
13:13:00markunand wavpack
13:14:42 Join ashridah [0] (
13:14:56 Quit mirak (Connection timed out)
13:15:17andy__and speex
13:15:24preglowspeex encoding isn't cheap
13:20:59amiconnWe don't even have speex decoding yet :/
13:21:30 Join mirak [0] (
13:23:09 Join dpro [0] (
13:23:10 Join obo [0] (
13:30:14 Join JdGordon [0] (
13:33:39 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
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13:45:37 Quit Acksaw ("I'm off, see ya later!")
13:46:24 Join Acksaw [0] (
13:48:20 Quit lee-qid__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:51:32andy__hm.. line-in does not work.. i get radio static instead :) anyone found a GPIO to select line-in/radio yet? :)
13:52:03JdGordon... mentioneing the target would prob be a good idea..
13:54:41 Join lee-qid__ [0] (
13:56:25andy__JdGordon: x5
14:00:40andy__aha.. GPIO 29 (
14:03:28 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
14:13:01 Join bluey- [0] (
14:16:53 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
14:19:10daurnimatorya mum was SO loose, she was the prototype for a ZIF connecter
14:19:21 Join whatboutbob [0] (
14:19:51 Join solexx__ [0] (
14:22:20 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
14:23:20whatboutbobgreetings folks. I have yet another q...this time about 24bit playback on the h1xx. is it dithered to 16bit, or is it 'legitimately' 24bits?
14:23:44preglowall data is truncated to 16 bits
14:23:49preglowno dithering
14:24:00whatboutbobah.o k. thanks
14:24:07preglowi'll add a dithering option after 3.0
14:24:52preglowwe'll also have 20 bit playback when someone bothers to make it
14:24:53CassandraNow that's interesting.
14:24:56preglowthat's the max
14:25:02CassandraI bought an ER4P->ER4S cable.
14:25:14CassandraThe iPod happily drives the ER4S.
14:26:02CassandraAnd the main effect seems to be that the bass is slightly more defined.
14:26:43 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
14:27:03whatboutbobpreglow: would the effort to get 20bit playback running then make life easier for 20bit recording? :)
14:27:18whatboutbob...pave the way...
14:27:20preglowa bit
14:27:22preglowbut not much
14:28:18CassandraCan someone explain to me why you'd want to record at higher bit depth that 16.
14:28:36CassandraI mean it's not as if you can hear frequencies as high as 44Khz any way.
14:28:42daurnimatorcause you can
14:29:05MikachuCassandra: to halve the frequency later and listen to whale song? :P
14:29:13Mikachuor is that low frequency?
14:29:16Mikachumaybe dolphins then
14:29:46preglowCassandra: bit rate has nothing to do with sample rate
14:29:47MikachuCassandra: besides, 44khz sampling frequency lets you record frequencies up to 22khz only, and that's the theoretical upper limit
14:29:59Mikachuthere's that too
14:30:23preglowCassandra: increasing bit depth will lower the noise floor, which is at -96dB at 16 bits
14:30:51Mikachuis that the same thing as saying it increases the dynamic depth?
14:30:57preglowdynamic range, yes
14:31:00CassandraCan you really detect sounds that quiet?
14:31:06preglowCassandra: if they're load enough
14:31:24preglowCassandra: the ear can detect more than 96 db
14:31:32preglowyou'll end up deaf, but yeah...
14:32:38preglowi agree more with us needing higher bit depth more than us needing higher sample rate
14:32:39 Quit solexx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:32:45preglowbut i don't really care much about either
14:32:55 Quit pixelma (" I love my HydraIRC -> <-")
14:33:14CassandraAh, so higher bit depth gives finer gradation of sound? Of course.
14:33:21CassandraStill seems pretty pointless though.
14:33:29preglowpointless it's not, it depends what you're doing
14:33:33Mikachuyes, you could detect smaller differences between volumes at a given level too
14:33:45preglowfor a finished track, mixed and everything clear, i think cd quality is just fine
14:33:52preglowfor production purposes though, hell no
14:34:14whatboutbobcassandra: and any extra noise floor hurts when amplified...which is what tapers usually have to do...
14:34:51preglowi don't consider a recording a finished thing
14:34:56preglowit usually needs post processing
14:35:10preglowand when that's a fact, you should use all the bit depth you can
14:35:25CassandraSort of makes sense, I suppose.
14:35:26Mikachuif you want to change the pitch, doubled sample frequency is useful
14:35:40CassandraParticularly if you're using SPDIF to record from a decent source.
14:35:57whatboutbob...but it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to ears are happy with 16bits...but there are plenty of tapers already asking about it since the spdif stuff was committed.
14:36:37Cassandrawhatboutbob, the thing is, I think a lot of "audiophile" stuff is basically technology dicksizing.
14:36:51whatboutbobcassandra: i agree entirely.
14:36:53CassandraAnd I consider myself an audiophile. Just not an obsessive one.
14:37:24andy__hm.. i've found references to EBUCONFIG2 in the IAudio X5 code.. It could mean that SPDIF is available through the dock connector
14:37:26preglowi like to apply common sense to it
14:37:31Mikachuso you don't buy cable lifters for $1500?
14:37:46Cassandrapreglow, exactly why I asked.
14:37:51andy__err.. EBU1CONFIG
14:38:00preglowandy__: receive only, then
14:38:41*Cassandra wonders if the 'improvements' I'm hearing with the ER4S cable are placebo effect.
14:38:44whatboutbobandy_: wow!
14:38:51CassandraI can't be arsed to ABX it though.
14:39:28Mikachuis that audiophile talk for a blind test?
14:39:58preglowa double blind one
14:40:13whatboutbob...with a half twist...
14:40:31whatboutbob...and the real show-offs add a pike.
14:41:46CassandraSomeone ought to write an ABX plugin for Rockbox.
14:41:46 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
14:41:53amiconnpreglow: Imho anything >16 bit is pointless with our hardware
14:42:10preglowamiconn: not spdif
14:42:25amiconnThe uda is so noisy that I strongly doubt it gets even close to 90 dB s/n ration
14:42:25preglowfor spdif it makes very much sense
14:42:51preglowit really shouldn't be very hard to code it either
14:43:26amiconnWell, I would stay away from it. It will cost a lot more cpu because we'll end up in interrupt hell
14:43:40preglowbut i still think it's worth trying
14:43:44preglowwe've got the hardware for it
14:46:44whatboutbobWe've got the hardware to put men on the moon too. Did we do that? Oh...wait...
14:47:00*whatboutbob was never in the debating club...
14:47:24 Quit Vladoman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:47:27qwmCassandra: what's ABX? :>
14:47:30 Join Vladoman [0] (
14:48:44amiconnHmm, the uda datasheet claims an s/n ratio of >=87dB for the headphone driver. I wonder why it's so noisy then in the iriver...
14:49:13preglowhave you measured it?
14:49:32preglowif not, please do so, you might be surprised at how low noise thresholds you can hear
14:50:14Cassandraqwm: A double-blind audio test. Basically a way of checking for perceived quality differences in audio without the effect that knowing what you're listening to gives.
14:50:31amiconnI didn't measure it. I don't even have an idea how to measure noise.
14:51:01amiconnI only know that the archos' headphone out is significantly less noisy than the iriver's
14:52:35qwmCassandra: i see. :)
14:53:18Cassandra is a good explanation.
14:53:43preglowamiconn: just play a sine wave and record it?
14:53:56CassandraWhen I go back to the H140, the first thing I notice is how noisy its headphone out is.
14:54:07whatboutbobbah! :)
14:54:09preglowif the noise floor is higher than that of your input, then you should be able to measure it fine
14:57:19preglowgod, i miss the audio facilities in windows
14:57:37preglowthe one thing for which linux is still crap-ish
14:59:13 Join SereRokR [0] (
15:11:33 Quit SereR0KR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:12:07MogwaiI've been trying the daily builds on my 4g ipod and all builds after 20060501 seems very unstable. Is there something like an community accepted stable build for Rockbox or should I just keep trying builds at random?
15:12:56CassandraNot really, no.
15:13:08CassandraThings are likely to be more broken until the 3.0 release.
15:14:09MogwaiI see, so is there a stable 2.0 milestone release I could use or should I just continue with my 20060501 :)
15:14:28preglowuse whatever works
15:15:11Mogwaiok, got it, thanks
15:21:06preglowamiconn: how does the dma interface know how much to transfer from the PDIR register at a time?
15:21:16preglowthe value in BCR is waaay larger than the fifo depth
15:22:50amiconnThe dma is demand-driven from the audio interface
15:23:20preglowok, cool
15:23:52amiconnOnly dma channel 0 and 1 support demand-mode from audio interface
15:25:59preglowyou can use movem with the PDIR registers
15:26:09amiconnYes I know
15:26:18preglowinterrupt mode might not end up _that_ slow
15:26:52amiconn~4 samples/interrupt
15:27:15preglowmovem can't read the entire fifo
15:27:16amiconnPlus our output buffers would need double width (32 bit/channel)
15:27:26preglowsure, which i think is good anyway :>
15:28:18 Join anathema [0] (
15:28:57 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
15:32:33 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:32:59 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
15:33:06 Quit Mogwai ("Leaving")
15:33:19 Quit _FireFly_ ("Client exiting")
15:36:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:37:32 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:37:36 Join obo [0] (
15:37:52 Join Moos [0] (
15:39:33 Part Paul_The_Nerd
15:39:43 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.2 -, XC-WSys 0.18")
15:42:22 Join tempel [0] (n=tempi@unaffiliated/tempi)
15:43:06tempelI try to find the source code of "ipodpatcher". Does anyone know where that is? I looked into the CVS but could not find it
15:49:52CassandraCan someone explain to me the difference between a speaker port driven by an amp, and the speaker port on an MP3 player?
15:50:03CassandraErm, headphone port
15:50:39dprotempel: dunno but ipodpatcher seems to be essentially 'dd'
15:50:58tempeli need it to rebuild for windows, and need to see the source, though
15:51:18tempeland it has more functions that dd
15:56:15dprotempel: what do you need it to do ? (/me has never used it ipod_fw and dd did the job )
15:56:45tempeli am reviewing and updating the docs on how to install a loader for ipodlinux
15:57:00tempelin the process i found that the tools used for windows are not even known to us
15:57:04dproit was right on the wiki ;)
15:57:25mirakwith v5 bootloader there is no usb charging possible ?
15:57:25tempelah, had not realized that it contains the sourc as well. thanks
15:59:46PaulJammirak: if you are talking about the v5 bootloader for h300, then you can use the usb charging of the original firmware by holding the record button while inserting the usb cable
16:00:03mirakthat's what I though
16:03:48 Join Falco98 [0] (
16:04:07Falco98hey JdG
16:16:43andy__ok.. x5 recording patch in tracker now
16:18:09andy__line-in is not working yet and recording volume is not functional either (it should work :))..
16:21:23 Join Lear [0] (
16:22:17Falco98JdGordon: u around?
16:33:16 Join mikearthur [0] (
16:33:54mikearthurcurrent CVS drop is pretty broken
16:34:19mikearthurcan't access any fonts, and all the themes have the default font, so are all aligned incorrectly
16:35:08 Part tempel ("Leaving")
16:35:24PaulJamthere is a seperate font pack available
16:36:13PaulJamthe fonts arent included anymore in the dayly/bleeding edge builds
16:37:26 Quit Falco98 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:37:39 Join Falco98 [0] (
16:39:04 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:39:08mikearthurwhere do I get it from?
16:39:08 Quit andy__ ("CGI:IRC")
16:40:11PaulJamthey can be found on this page: (they are a little bit hard to find)
16:48:40 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:51:08 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
16:53:41 Join damaki_ [0] (
16:53:43Falco98anyone wanna read the code of the latest "insert random folders" patch and tell me how it decildes where to insert?
16:56:57*Falco98 kicks JdGordon
16:58:41Falco98(but not in a mean way)
17:00:38 Join damaki [0] (
17:05:57BoD[]Hello !
17:06:28BoD[]hey... When I try to make (under cygwin) it fails with this message : make: *** sudoku: No such file or directory. Stop.
17:06:33BoD[]make[2]: *** [sudoku] Error 2
17:06:47BoD[]any idea on what is wrong?
17:07:03BoD[]i did make clean before but doesn't help
17:08:31BoD[]also, I have a mp3 that fails to play
17:08:32 Join TCK [0] (
17:08:50BoD[](but not sure it's the case on the latest build since I can't build)
17:09:03 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:09:31 Join damaki__ [0] (
17:09:47BoD[](in case anybody's interested)
17:09:50Falco98BoD[]: does your path have any spaces in it?
17:10:01BoD[]which path
17:10:11Falco98the path containing your source code
17:10:21BoD[]nop : /home/Administrator/rockbox/rockbox-devel/build
17:10:39Falco98ahh sry
17:10:52Falco98though i've heard various reports today that the CVS is messed up
17:11:05Falco98i don't really get stuff from the cvs so i wouldn't know for sure :-P
17:11:17Falco98can you get any old releases to build?
17:14:27 Join gasg [0] (
17:14:32 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:17:10 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:19:43 Join damaki_ [0] (
17:24:56 Join damaki [0] (
17:33:49 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
17:35:33 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:36:16 Quit Sinbios (Connection timed out)
17:36:21 Nick gasg is now known as Sinbios (
17:36:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:37:02 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:37:07 Quit crwl ("Reconnecting")
17:37:07 Join crwl [0] (
17:38:07 Join obo [0] (
17:39:01 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:39:07Falco98!ping jdgordon
17:39:17Falco98?whois jdgordon
17:39:30Falco98hrm i forget the old IRC commands...
17:40:59crwluse /
17:45:09Jungti1234I bought E10. :D
17:45:33 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
17:46:16 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
17:49:25Jungti1234iriver E10
17:49:55linuxstb_Jungti1234: Do you know what CPU is inside the E10?
17:50:58Jungti1234It didn't come yet.
17:52:00Falco98found it :)
17:52:05Falco98looks interesting
17:52:28Falco98is anyone messing with the iriver T series yet?
17:52:34Jungti1234It comes in next week. Then, I'm going to see hardware.
17:52:35Falco98i haven't found ANYTHING about it on the forums, etc.
17:53:55Jungti1234Falco98, T series?
17:54:36Falco98yeah.. hold on i'll show u an example
17:54:51Jungti1234T10, T20, T30.
17:55:26Jungti1234yeah, I knew.
17:56:00 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
17:56:10Jungti1234then, you want T series forum?
17:56:35Falco98i havent seen the t20 tho.. but the t10 and t30 are at best buy
17:56:46Falco98are you saying there IS a T series forum?
17:56:55Falco98i haven't found the T series even mentioned in the forums
17:57:05Falco98all they're talking about "possibly" doing is the H10
17:58:11Falco98in the FAQ
17:58:22Falco98or the "future ports" section
17:58:59Falco98no mention of T-series
18:00:16Jungti1234that's thing which you must make.
18:00:57Falco98well all i'm saying is, i'm surprised noone else has brought it up yet
18:01:06Falco98these players have been in the stores for months and months now
18:01:10JdGordonhey Falco98
18:01:24Falco98maybe it's not possible to do new f/w for them, but if so i wanna see a report for why ;-)
18:01:28Falco98JdGordon: hey, whats up
18:01:42JdGordontime i went ot bed :p
18:01:55Falco98oh you're leaving already?
18:02:06Falco98i was hopping you could explain ur new patch to me a bit
18:02:19Falco98(maybe hopping a little too)
18:02:48Jungti1234here is 01:02 :)
18:03:06JdGordonwhat i do is pick a random track in the current playeist.. then work through the plalist untll the next folder starts and insert the new one there...
18:03:10JdGordon2.02am here..
18:03:12Falco98here it's 3 minutes after Noon
18:03:46Falco98that's what i figured.. but i can think of a few problems with that
18:03:49Falco98well 1 or 2
18:04:04Falco98basically, how does an album get inserted randomly at the beginning?
18:04:11BoD[]I have a mp3 that doesn't ply
18:04:17BoD[]but plays correclty in winamp
18:04:20 Quit crashd (Remote closed the connection)
18:04:21Jungti1234JdGordon, we must sleep.
18:04:36dongsJungti1234: itslate.
18:04:37Jungti1234hi dongs
18:04:43BoD[]anybody's interested ? :)
18:04:43JdGordonif the playlist is empty its instered at the start.. if its not empty its almost impossible for it to be instered there..
18:04:47 Join crashd [0] (
18:04:48JdGordonhaha Jungti1234 so true
18:05:08Falco98once the first album has been inserted into the new playlist you're creating
18:05:13Falco98it's not empty anymore right?
18:05:20Jungti1234Korea and Japan is same time.
18:05:32Falco98so the second album you insert has what, a 1 - in - 15 chance of getting in before the first one?
18:05:44Falco98(or is it even possible at all?)
18:06:22JdGordonno, the 2nd album inserted is almost definatly going to be inserted at the end... but as u ad more the numbers get smaller.. it works fine in my testging
18:06:27Falco98and every folder you insert after that, has even less of a chance to get "first"
18:06:58Falco98what, so if the playlist you have so far has 500 songs in it.. and the random picker picks position #3 ...
18:07:13Falco98will the album you're inserting be inserted before the first album or after?
18:07:17 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
18:07:48JdGordonit would get instered before the first track after #3 that is not in the same folder as #3
18:08:01Falco98so after the first album
18:08:10JdGordonits not flawless.. but its much better on memory...
18:08:16JdGordonno stroing indicies at all...
18:08:21Falco98so the more tracks have been inserted, the less the chance that something gets in "before" the 1st album
18:08:46Falco98yeah, that seems like it might be an advantage
18:08:48JdGordonsomethinglike that... like i said.. its 2am and iv had a few beers..
18:09:01Falco98we just need to figure out how to tweak the algorithm to solve the first-album-insert case
18:09:08Falco98cuz now it's rather biased :-P
18:10:15JdGordonwell.. the code is there.. i dont tinhk its too complicated.. if u can think of a good tweak im all ears... but now im going to bed
18:10:48 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
18:10:50Falco98i'll leave messages in the forum thread and/or flyspray
18:10:59Falco98heh oh well :-P
18:15:49 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
18:16:52 Join hardeep [0] (
18:21:37 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
18:21:58Jungti1234I'm dozing now...
18:22:08 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:22:53 Quit Jungti1234 ()
18:23:07dongskekeke. i r korea. kekekek. zerg.
18:25:42 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
18:27:14CassandraGenre9mp3, heya. How goes converting your WPS to the new structure?
18:27:44Genre9mp3I am away from my home right now...
18:27:45dongsnew strucutre/
18:27:57Genre9mp3I'll work on it when I go back
18:28:10CassandraAh, right. I thought you were back.
18:30:18Genre9mp3I'll probably be back Tuesday or something...
18:31:38Hansmaulwurfnew wps structure?
18:33:36Paul_The_NerdAre you guys just talking about the new way WPSes are included when you make a rockbox archive?
18:33:57CassandraNothing about the files itself has changed.
18:34:40Genre9mp3BTW..this way it's way better now! ;)
18:35:04CassandraThat was the intention. ;)
18:35:35Falco98what has changed?
18:36:33CassandraCopes with multiple resolutions better now. CVS only contains one copy of each BMP file.
18:36:59dongsabout time
18:41:34Hansmaulwurfbtw, is it maybe possible to use different fonts on the rwps and wps?
18:41:46 Join damaki_ [0] (
18:44:02Paul_The_NerdIt's possible. It's just not possible the way things are right now.
18:44:31Paul_The_NerdHeck, I think it's implemented in the multifont patch.
18:44:53Paul_The_NerdOh, no, it's planned for a future iteration of it.
18:46:03Falco98hardeep: u around?
18:46:29hardeepFalco98: hey. what's up?
18:47:00Falco98jdgordon figured out a way of doing album insertion without keeping an index array
18:47:18hardeepFalco98: yeah, i took a look at the patch
18:47:21Falco98though the tradeoff might be somewhat more processor intensive
18:47:23hardeeplooks pretty good
18:47:34hardeepyeah, my two biggest concerns are performance
18:47:47hardeepnot so much the processor use but the disk usage
18:47:51Falco98a few minutes ago i was hassling him about it because i came up with a very serious special-case bug
18:48:03Falco98yeah.. well his new way probably won't chew on the disk too much thankfully
18:48:19hardeepactually, it does
18:48:31hardeepthe playlist_get_track_info() call he makes requires a disk read
18:48:44Falco98what does that do
18:49:08hardeepit retrieves the pathname of the track at a specified index
18:49:17hardeepwe store the pathnames on disk usually
18:49:35Falco98oh, so it has to read it from the current playlist file?
18:49:43hardeepor control file, yeah
18:50:04Falco98which way do you think would end up being better?
18:50:09Falco98the indexed way or the dynamic way?
18:50:29hardeephis new apprach is not bad, and it definitely handles the case of inserting into an existing shuffled tree
18:50:41Falco98last night i dreamed up a way to insert random folders into an already-existing shuffled list even using indices
18:50:49hardeepthe one other problem i have is the possibility of certain directories "clumping" together
18:51:07Falco98well this is my problem with his new implementation:
18:51:22Falco98the first folder inserted will nearly ALWAYS end up at the beginning of the playlist
18:51:56Falco98because after the first one is inserted, it picks a random number (1 - #tracks), then counts UP to find the next directory boundary
18:52:05hardeepyeah, and folders with less tracks are less likely to be reached randomly and will clump with their neighbors
18:52:13Falco98so unless the rand picks 0 (and maybe even if), the second insertion will go AFTER the first
18:52:46Falco98well i dunno about that.. even small directories will be inserted at a random position in the big list, right?
18:53:21Falco98it does make large directories more likely to recieve "neighbors", but i'm not sure that would be too much of a problem if not for the "first case" problem
18:53:21hardeepoh, hmmm
18:53:37hardeepyeah, you're right
18:54:06Falco98i posted a sample solution to this problem on flyspray, though
18:54:13Falco98at the bottom
18:54:18Falco98tell me what you think
18:54:26hardeepyeah, i noticed... sounds like it could work
18:54:49hardeepother option would be to "flip a coin" to determine whether to go up or down
18:55:29Falco98that would even out the cases a bit, i guess
18:55:47Falco98then again i kinda figured picking a random number was the "coin flip" in the first place :-P
18:55:57Falco98(it is in the case where you're inserting the 2nd album in total)
18:55:58hardeepyou could just use the random number
18:56:02hardeepif even, go down, if odd go up
18:56:32dongsmaybe your rand() implementation sucks.
18:56:36dongstime to switch to MT
18:56:46 Join Poka64 [0] (
18:57:07hardeepit looks solveable though
18:57:16hardeepi guess performance is the only concern
18:57:31Falco98so.. overall, which way do you think would be the better implementation? the one we're discussing now, or having the existing playlist scanned to make an index array at the beginning?
18:58:00 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:58:05hardeepFalco98: this new approach doesn't limit the number of albums that can be interested
18:58:07Falco98(i figure that could solve the "insert into existing playlist" problem while still using indexes)
18:58:08hardeepwhich is good
18:58:20dongsplaylists are evil anyway.
18:58:25dongsso are albums
18:58:33dongsand "artists"
18:58:45dongsjsut name all mp3 s track001.mp3 -> track999.mp3
18:58:49dongsand put them in one dir
18:58:51dongsproblem solved
18:58:52hardeepif performance is not too bad, i think this new approach is the better way
18:59:00Falco98plus, this new approach won't explode if someone tries to insert random folders into an existing shuffled p/l
18:59:43Falco98how severe a problem do you think all those disk-reads might end up being?
19:00:09hardeepthe disk will be active anyways since we're writing to it
19:00:14hardeepit'll just thrash some
19:00:28hardeephave you tried the patch on your device?
19:00:35Falco98not yet, anyway
19:00:52Falco98i've heard there might be problems with today's build, plus someone reported in the forum that the patch didn't compile
19:01:17Paul_The_NerdWhere's the description for this method?
19:01:37hardeepin the code =)
19:01:43Paul_The_NerdOh, wait
19:01:49Paul_The_NerdI just misunderstood an earlier statement.
19:01:58Paul_The_NerdTo me "counts UP" meant "Moves vertically upward" not "Increases"
19:02:10Paul_The_NerdWhy not have it flip a coin to decide between counting up or down seeking a directory boundary?
19:02:24Falco98that was what hardeep suggested
19:02:27Falco98it seems reasonable
19:02:33Paul_The_NerdOh, right
19:02:35Paul_The_NerdSo I see
19:02:38Paul_The_NerdI'm only half here..
19:02:41Falco98my initial thought was to have it compare to the (total # of tracks) /2
19:02:52Falco98and if the random # is lower, it seeks down, and vice versa
19:02:58Paul_The_NerdWell then change that from me suggesting that idea, to agreeing with his suggestion.
19:03:53 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
19:06:37 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
19:11:24 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.1")
19:14:55dongsmore like shitty jap keyboard
19:15:09Falco98dunno what you mean
19:15:19dongswell, ' is shift-7 on jap keyboard.
19:15:21dongswhat the fuck
19:15:25dongsand : is where ' is.
19:15:33dongsfucking useless.
19:15:49Falco98couldn't you change the key mapping to US standard or something?
19:15:53Falco98and type from memory?
19:16:31dongsthe keys are physically differnt
19:16:35dongsthe right hand side
19:16:43dongslike [ ] etc
19:16:49Mikachuyou can still remap them...
19:17:05dongsno yo ucant
19:17:16dongsgood luck remapping that shit
19:17:18Mikachumaybe you can't
19:17:19Mikachui can
19:17:31dongsthe onl way you can remap them is with a crowbar
19:17:51Mikachuyou're funny
19:18:06dongsim serious
19:18:24dongsdid you look at the keycaps?
19:18:32Paul_The_NerdYeah, you could remap that pretty easily
19:18:35dongstheyre in wrong places. physically. how do you propose it should remap
19:18:36Mikachuthere are even more keys than on a us keyboard
19:18:50Mikachudo you think the computer looks at the keycaps when you press a key?
19:18:52Paul_The_NerdI mean yeah, \ would go on the asdf line at the end, instead of qwerty line, but the rest of the keys in that general area could then line up
19:19:26 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:19:29Paul_The_NerdOr you could move \ up to the number line
19:20:08dongsand what about [ and ]
19:20:13dongscant program for shit without those 2
19:20:39Paul_The_NerdThe two keys after P
19:20:43Paul_The_NerdRight where they are on the US keyboard.
19:21:17Paul_The_NerdYeah, see, Mikachu sees it too.
19:21:22Paul_The_NerdIt's not rocket science.
19:21:58dongsoh well, still retarded.
19:22:16Mikachusure, the default mapping looks pretty stupid
19:22:24Mikachuyou should see the swedish default map
19:22:27Mikachuit has / shifted on 7
19:23:01Mikachuwe have 3 extra letters though
19:23:02DBUGEnqueued KICK Hansmaulwurf
19:23:02Hansmaulwurf(Mikachu) it has / shifted on 7 <−−- thats normal
19:23:08Hansmaulwurfon my german keyboard
19:23:12dongsonly if youre gay
19:23:27Mikachuthen german keyboards are also stupid
19:23:45Mikachubecause / is shifted on 7...
19:23:48Hansmaulwurfi like it, we need the ae, ue, and oe very often so
19:24:04Mikachui manage to have / unshifted and still have åäö
19:24:32Hansmaulwurfand where on the keyboard?
19:24:42dongsthis looks gooky
19:24:54Falco98Mikachu: those characters didn't show up here :-P
19:25:08dongsSTOP HACKING ME
19:25:36Falco98too late dongs, i've almost decrypted your hard drive and reverse-hacked your firewalls!
19:25:49Falco98your R pwned!!!1!!one
19:26:19dongsSWEDES R HAXING ME
19:26:29Mikachui think you would get along with kibble
19:26:53CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:26:53*Falco98 wonders whether kibble:dongs is to c.k.:superman
19:27:04 Join nudelyn [0] (
19:27:12Mikachus/is to/as/
19:27:23Falco98messed it up, but u get the drift
19:27:45Falco98[realized that only after having typed & committed]
19:28:03dongsi got a better one
19:28:08Falco98and you're awefully confident that your readers can read & quickly interpret PerlRE aren't ya?
19:28:11dongskibble:dongs as jews:wtc
19:28:32Mikachuperl didn't invent regex
19:29:23Falco98whoops.. s/PerlRE/regex ...i guess
19:29:40Paul_The_Nerds/a/b/ is pretty common in here.
19:29:41Mikachuand yes, most people on freenode should know regex :)
19:29:55Falco98heh perhaps
19:30:03Mikachuand i didn't even use regex
19:30:21Mikachui used the s command with a plain text search
19:30:38Falco98ok u can stop pointing out all the things i got wrong any minute now :-P
19:30:45dongsi proudly used Windows XP Professional SP2.
19:31:58MikachuFalco98: i think that was about it
19:32:06Falco98heh cool
19:35:10 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:35:11 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:35:19dongsso i went to my friend today to give away my ipod shuffle and show off rockbox, and when i demoed all the games and shit on my nano he got hard
19:36:01dongs(hot sex followed)
19:36:07dongs(thanks rockbox team)
19:36:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:37:11*Falco98 barfs a little...
19:37:32 Join obo [0] (
19:37:35dongswhy is that.
19:37:44Hansmaulwurfpeople who bought an i pod shuffle should not allowed to install rockbox on their players
19:37:57Hansmaulwurf(imho) ;)
19:38:07dongsreally now
19:38:08 Join Poka64 [0] (
19:38:10dongswhats wrong with shuffle?
19:38:38Hansmaulwurflets start with the display
19:38:43Hansmaulwurfwait, what display?
19:38:46dongswhy woudl i need a display?
19:39:05dongsHansmaulwurf: i have all my mp3s in one dir
19:39:09dongsnamed from track001.mp3
19:39:10Hansmaulwurfbecause I wanna choose what song i want to hear
19:39:12dongsto track???.mp3
19:39:18dongsand they:re untagged
19:39:22dongsand i dont give a shit what they are
19:39:24tim66yeah, but we've got the voice UI, so we could port text adventure games to it now?!
19:39:28 Join cismo [0] (
19:40:14peturpeople who shuffle their songs either have no respect for the artist or listen to music that needs no respect
19:40:35dongsi never used the shuffle function.
19:40:40dongsi copied liek 20 mp3s to it in january
19:40:45dongsand havent changed them since then
19:40:45Hansmaulwurfshuffle mode for partys etc. is a great thing
19:40:49Mikachupetur: maybe that is true for some genres
19:40:55Hansmaulwurfbut i wanna hear ti a complete album
19:41:02 Quit Ribs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:41:34Paul_The_Nerdpetur: Or they listen to music that comes as singles. Not everything is intended to be an album, or requires a context.
19:41:36 Join Ribs [0] (
19:42:01Hansmaulwurfwhat is a single?
19:42:28Paul_The_NerdHansmaulwurf: The free downloads from They Might Be Giants, notably. :-P
19:42:43dongsfuck music
19:42:46dongsspeaking of that
19:42:49dongsim on level 50 of bubbles.
19:42:54dongslike omg.
19:42:56Hansmaulwurfnow THAT is a statement :P
19:43:04Hansmaulwurf50 level of bubbles?
19:43:12Hansmaulwurfi have only 11 on rockbox
19:43:31dongswhat? you lie/
19:43:39dongsor do youmean you only played to level 11
19:43:58Hansmaulwurfi *have* only 11 levels
19:43:58dongsit wont let you go to a level you havent played yet
19:44:00Falco98on my h140 i have nothing but full albums, but i like listening to it on shuffle every once in a while
19:44:22Falco98and it can be rather nice when crossfaded
19:44:34Falco98hearing a classical song fade into rap, etc
19:45:00Falco98(actually i don't remember whether i have any rap albums on it yet.. but definitely some heavier stuff)
19:45:01PaulJami use the shuffle function almost always
19:45:16dongsi play bubbles
19:45:19Falco98though now that there's actually "album shuffle" available i've been using that for the last few days
19:45:38Hansmaulwurf"album shuffle?
19:45:42dongsdoesnt "album" play for liek 60 minutes?
19:45:54dongswhen the fuck do you find 60 minutes to listen to stuff without interruption
19:46:07dongslet alone more than 60 minutes to let it shuffle :P
19:46:27Paul_The_NerdSome people actually have the capability of listening to music *while* they work.
19:46:44Hansmaulwurfdongs: when i at home and doing stuff like cooking, doing stuff for university
19:47:13Hansmaulwurfor driving alone
19:47:20Falco98Hansmaulwurf: yeah.. randomly inserts all folders in a subtree, by folder, creating a random-album-mode
19:47:23Mikachui can't work while not listening to music
19:47:57dongsi hate music
19:48:24dongsHansmaulwurf: so are you sure you only have 11 levels of bubbles?
19:48:36Mikachudongs: wow you're in the wrong channel then
19:48:43 Quit obo ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
19:48:50Hansmaulwurfdongs: i didnt play it for some weeks but i remember i had only 11 levels
19:48:52MikachuHansmaulwurf: what happens when you finish level 11?
19:48:54Hansmaulwurfor maybe 12, but not more
19:49:25Hansmaulwurf"game over" or something
19:49:37Hansmaulwurfno, i finished the lelvel
19:50:01Mikachui found a bug just after it was committed, and that was on level 23 or somethengi
19:50:05dongsgame over sounds like you failed it
19:50:26HansmaulwurfMikachu: i try to reach that levle
19:50:43Mikachuyou can start on the last one you reached
19:51:15dongsby scrolling
19:51:19dongsthats how im on level 59
19:51:34dongslevel 40 was a bitch
19:52:16dongsthen after that it was some easy ones
19:52:32dongssomewhere near 50 was really cool, with proper aiming yo ucould nail the whole level in like 2 steps
19:52:38dongsbecause shit near the top was open
19:52:50dongsand it would bounce off all the shit below
19:53:25 Join obo [0] (
19:53:30dongsISNT THAT GREAT??
19:53:47Mikachuyes that sounds like level 1-10
19:54:04dongsno u
19:55:24dongs50 > 10
19:56:23dongs < huhushuffle is fucking great
19:59:24 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
20:04:15*Falco98 scratches his head
20:04:27*Mikachu hides the fleas
20:04:34Mikachui didn't do it
20:06:25 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
20:06:51XavierGrwow you guys sure talk a lot!!! :P
20:07:07Falco98heh, you too :)
20:07:35XavierGrwell... errr maybe!
20:17:45*dongs drops a pin
20:18:57*dongs drops another
20:20:47 Join exoduz [0] (
20:22:08 Quit Ribs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:23:14 Quit anathema ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:23:43*dongs drops a box of pins into #rockbox and watches every idle user get sporked
20:24:20 Join Ribs [0] (
20:24:28exoduzis rockbox also ont he 3th gen ipod 4 gig mini?
20:25:02Paul_The_NerdThere's no 3rd gen mini...
20:25:13exoduzoh ok
20:25:29Paul_The_NerdWhich iPod are you talking about exactly?
20:25:41exoduzeh the 4 gig one its a Mini
20:26:02exoduzoh no its 6 Gig but its still Mini
20:26:49Paul_The_NerdWell, if I recall we support 1st and 2nd gen minis. But, just for identifying which one you've got:
20:29:28peturbah... kibble was more fun ;)
20:29:37quanany downside to the ipod video vs the ipod photo?
20:30:30exoduzye i got ipod 2nd gen
20:30:36exoduzmini one of 6 gb
20:31:36Falco98quan: price, maybe?
20:31:45quanFalco98, re: rockbox
20:32:58Paul_The_Nerdquan: The Photo has better battery life and playback in Rockbox right now I believe, though at this very moment it's less stable (all 4Gs are I understand).
20:35:26exoduzFor iPod 4G (Grayscale) users - bootloader-4g.bin, < does that include grayscale 6 gig ?
20:35:32quanmy 4g crashes a lot
20:35:39quanwith rockbox
20:35:46quanthink a 5g would be more stable?
20:35:56dongswhat the shit
20:36:05dongsipidlunix says they will never support the shuffle
20:36:47exoduznm G = geneartion :<
20:37:05dongsdefine "crashes a lot"
20:37:11dongswhere does it crash
20:38:05dongsomg i want my clicky sounds when spinning wheel
20:39:20dongsis anyone working on disassembling and documenting apple:s ipod firwmare?
20:39:26 Join sockerteze [0] (
20:39:34dongsif so plz point me towards that place
20:40:05quandongs: randomly during song playback
20:40:17 Quit Poka64 ("back soon")
20:40:29 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:40:37dongsis your battery low?
20:41:05Paul_The_Nerddongs: It's a common problem on 4Gs. It's just a bug in Rockbox that's turned out difficult to track down.
20:41:26linuxstb_quan: Have you tried earlier builds?
20:42:17quanthats what I gotta do now
20:42:24linuxstb_Paul_The_Nerd: I'm not sure if anyone has even tried to track it down. I haven't had any time recently, but have noticed random freezes on my 4g Color with a build from about a week ago.
20:43:58dongsoh yay
20:44:08dongslol useless
20:44:12dongs3 lines of shit
20:44:20Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: Well, it's at least still known to be agitated by CPU frequency changes, or at least, people are as recently as today talking about how setting the boost on causes theirs to crash less / not at all (though of course, it could be placebo for the "less" people). So even though nobody's really trying to track it down (shouldn't be during 3.0 freeze anyway) it's at least not completely unknown. :)
20:45:41 Quit sockerteze ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
20:46:36XavierGrwhat's the news about 3.0? Will the feature freeze be extended until June?
20:46:45dongsguys i want to hack the gibson
20:47:15Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: I don't think anyone's even suggested extending it past the 29th.
20:47:44XavierGryes I meant 29
20:47:57linuxstb_It's definitely a recent problem for me - i.e. it started a few weeks after the CPU boosting was introduced, so the CPU boosting isn't top of my list of suspects.
20:49:22Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: Well, note I simply said "agitated by CPU frequency changes" :-P You listen to a lot of FLAC though, right? Or am I remembering incorrectly.
20:49:58 Join [TCK] [0] (
20:50:00linuxstb_Yes, that's true.
20:50:49Paul_The_NerdI was actually wondering if it has something to do with the triggered boost to refill the PCM buffer, rather than actually the act of boosting itself...
20:52:43dongswhy does rockbox skip if you play mp3aand scroll menus
20:52:46dongsand apple fw doesnt skip
20:52:52dongsi want my $0 back immediately!
20:52:57crashdbecause rockbox is in development :>
20:53:10Paul_The_NerdFeel free to write a better scrollwheel driver.
20:53:25dongsi dont think scrollwheel is the problem lol
20:54:17linuxstb_Everything is the problem at the moment.
20:54:33Paul_The_NerdIf I recall, the scrolling creates a flood of interrupts and thus causes playback skips because our codecs aren't as fast as they could be, right?
20:55:18dongswe should just like
20:55:25dongsextract mp3 decoder from apple firmware
20:55:32dongsand load it as a binary image.
20:55:39linuxstb_Paul_The_Nerd: Yes, and it's also the LCD driver being slow.
20:55:40dongsloool then it will be fast
20:56:04dongsi saw some attempts to do region updates on lcd
20:56:09Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: And I heard font drawing in general was slow on color screens.
20:56:13dongsbut then the function calls repaint on entire screen
20:56:30dongsor did i miss somethign
20:57:12dongsmore liek copyrightviolationbox
20:57:23dongs(when you take apple mp3 decoder + rockbox)
20:57:49dongsalso i very much disagree with current way of handling various hardware
20:57:51dongsby using #ifdef
20:58:05dongsi think ipod shit should be all moved into its own files
20:58:31dongsor even better, all hardware/platform specific shit should be separate
20:58:32linuxstb_That's what the target tree system is in the process of achieving.
20:58:39dongs#if dongs #else blah #etc etc gets really annoying
20:59:02dongsit should happen soon
20:59:09dongsbefore peopel get bored of stuff that doesnt work
20:59:34dongslike if i wanna fix fading on nano
20:59:37dongsi dont care about iriver
20:59:40dongsor some other trash.
21:00:29dongsfucking 4am
21:00:32dongsenoguh of this
21:00:33linuxstb_But as a Rockbox developer you have to care about all targets...
21:00:47dongsthe problem is
21:00:53dongsit shouldnt be bunched up in one file
21:00:59dongsif you really "care" about your targets.
21:01:03 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:01:34Paul_The_NerdI don't think it's going to hurt the code's feelings due to cramped conditions.
21:02:09Paul_The_NerdBut it's been proposed to create a tree structure for various hardwares to separate things into a more organized file structure. If you think it should happen soon, maybe you should start implementing it?
21:02:25dongsa greatly thought out hardware abstraction layer which deals with things like audio/lcd/whatever would go a long ways, but then you ahve some lunatics who want shit like spdif recording or some other insanity, so shit gets hacked on top of other shit and you got a big problem.
21:02:38dongsPaul_The_Nerd: why hasnt anyone done that yet.
21:02:50Paul_The_NerdI notice you're talking alot for not doing it.
21:03:05linuxstb_dongs: Because it's only recently become a problem.
21:03:17dongsi have a job and a family to take care of, and not sort through thousands of lines of amateur code
21:03:25dongslinuxstb_: i thoguht so. because you only recently started supporting more than 2-3 platforms.
21:03:44crashddongs: are you little cretin who was trolling here last night?
21:03:56dongstrolling? me?
21:04:00crashdgood work
21:04:43Paul_The_Nerddongs: Many of the rest of the devs have jobs, families, and other draws on their time too. You aren't more important than them. If you want something done soon, do it. Otherwise, don't complain that it's not done yet.
21:05:42 Quit Falco98 ("CGI:IRC")
21:06:07 Join DrMoos [0] (
21:06:39 Join damaki [0] (
21:07:40 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:08:43dongsanyway. as i was saying.
21:11:08XavierGrdongs you call iriver trash
21:11:20XavierGrmy my... look who's talking.
21:11:39XavierGrbut I will stop DAP flamewars right now////
21:11:58 Join Albright [0] (
21:12:33AlbrightOkay, so I have an iPod, and I've been using iTunes to get the songs on and off...
21:12:51AlbrightAnd then using the "Force Tag Cache Rebuild" (or whatever) feature to get the songs to show up in RockBox...
21:13:14XavierGryes and?
21:13:25AlbrightBut is there a way to do it so I don't have to rebuild Tag Cache every time I move songs on or off the device?
21:13:32AlbrightMaybe have it just rebuild it every time it starts up or something?
21:13:50Paul_The_NerdIf you have dircache enabled, and tagcache set to "Memory" it should
21:13:55XavierGrAFAIK no, you have to rebuild
21:14:06XavierGrthen I am talking bs
21:14:26AlbrightHmm, okay, I'll try that. Thanks.\
21:14:30Paul_The_NerdYou'll boot Rockbox after having moved new songs onto the player. Dircache should do its thing in the background. Then, once dircache has added them, the next time you reboot the player they should automatically be added to tagcache. At least, that's how it's worked for me.
21:14:48AlbrightAh, so I still have to reboot it...
21:15:21*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs.
21:15:28Paul_The_NerdIt's a fairly new feature.
21:15:49AlbrightOkay, I'll try it.
21:15:53Paul_The_NerdYou could always just organize your music in a filetree, and not have to deal with any of this. :-P
21:16:29AlbrightYeah, maybe I'll do that if I'm sure I want to stick with RockBox. Still just testing it out.
21:16:30TeaSeaTagcache lacks quite a few things which means I don't use it :D
21:16:50preglowlike what?
21:17:01Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Inserting Albums/Folders/Levels into a playlist.
21:17:15preglowwhy doesn't that work? doesn't sound very hard
21:17:20AlbrightOh, also, have any studies been done on battery consumption using RockBox versus using Apple's default firmware?
21:17:28preglowit's way worse
21:17:29preglowno studies
21:17:40hardeepi need to update the playlist code to handle the tagtree structure −− currently it's filetree specific
21:17:40preglowbut yeah, it's a preliminary port
21:17:41AlbrightWhat's way worse? RockBox?
21:17:47preglowhardeep: ahh, right
21:17:50preglowAlbright: rockbox yes
21:18:23AlbrightI thought as much. :( I was using it last night, and the battery seemed to drain much faster than it ever has in the past... I've never completely drained it in one night before.
21:19:29TeaSeaTo playlist insertion thing.
21:21:09preglowAlbright: what player?
21:21:23AlbrightiPod nano, 4GB
21:21:31preglownano has about ten hours play time now, i think
21:21:43AlbrightWith RockBox?
21:21:47 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
21:21:51preglowit's even worse with the hard disk players
21:21:59AlbrightHmm. Then maybe my battery wasn't full...
21:22:15preglowi'm not sure about the battery time
21:22:20preglowit probably changes from time to time
21:22:22Paul_The_NerdWell, it can depend on format, bitrate, and if you have EQ set and stuff too.
21:22:54Mikachuand how much you touch it
21:23:24 Join Acksaw [0] (
21:23:39 Quit Albright ("Leaving")
21:29:33sharpei'm koo koo for coca puffs!
21:30:03quanI'm koo koo for shut the fuck up
21:30:42sharpeoh no! that hurts!
21:31:53 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:33:56 Join damaki_ [0] (
21:36:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:38:14 Join Poka64 [0] (
21:39:31 Part Paul_The_Nerd
21:49:37 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:09:58 Quit buraianto (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:11:40 Quit Poka64 ("back soon")
22:12:14 Join buraianto_ [0] (n=chatzill@
22:12:16 Nick buraianto_ is now known as buraianto (n=chatzill@
22:15:16 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:17:24 Join Poka64 [0] (
22:25:36 Quit exoduz ("Leaving")
22:42:26 Join Eddward [0] (n=Eddward@
22:47:10 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
22:47:20EddwardIs mod file support in plan at all? On the web site it looks like it was toyed with but that it's not really planned for any particular release.
22:49:01preglowthere's a patch for it
22:49:07preglowhaven't tried it, but people says it works
22:49:08sharpei've an idea!
22:49:12sharpeanother of my great ideas...
22:50:18 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.1")
22:51:42BHSPitLappydo we know if the freeze extension is taking place or not?
22:52:22 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:53:26preglowprobably is
22:54:08sharpeno one wants to hear my idea... i guess they've all been sucky... oh well...
22:55:03markunsharpe: why don't you just tell it..
22:55:48sharpebecause... i don't know...
22:56:13*amiconn_ appears
22:56:21 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:56:21 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:56:50*amiconn learned today that there is an MMC4.1 protocol
22:57:01amiconnFinally, MMCs >4GB are possible
22:57:22sharpethe idea itself is kind of redundant, and doesn't seem very useful at the moment... sort of the same concept as a .dll, or .lib...
22:57:26amiconnThe new limit is 2TB
22:57:28BHSPitLappyisn't MMC done with
22:57:40BHSPitLappythen again
22:57:45BHSPitLappyI have no idea what we're talking about
22:58:12jncit would be, except that SD association membership is insane
22:58:29*petur looks if he can order a 2TB MMC :)
22:58:42amiconnNo, not yet
22:58:51amiconnThe largest ones are 4GB afaik
22:58:52*petur is pretty sure his devices won't take such a card :)
22:58:53sharpei may try to hack something up to get an example working...
22:59:00*amiconn ordered a 4GB card today :)
22:59:14BHSPitLappyok, so we ARE talking about MultiMedia Cards then?
22:59:22BHSPitLappyI thought those were dead.
22:59:27amiconnNot at all
22:59:27*sharpe feels pressured to use /me...
22:59:34BHSPitLappyupped by SD
22:59:48BHSPitLappythought my damned n-gage was the last thing to take those things )
23:00:05amiconnSD and MMC are very similar, but the MMC protocol is open (well, kinda) unlike the SD protocol
23:00:32amiconnAnd SD slots are almost always MMC compatible (but seldom vice versa)
23:00:35jncMMC is an open alternative, despite SD being more capable
23:00:37markunThere are to ways to solve this problem:
23:00:40 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
23:00:58markuneither add some glyphs to the default font or remove some chars from the default kbd layout
23:01:12markunThe second one is easyer of course :)
23:01:22amiconnBHSPitLappy: It seems a number of newer nokia phones take MMCs, those capable of playing mp3
23:01:38BHSPitLappyI've seen miniSD in phones
23:01:49BHSPitLappySD being the successor to MMC...
23:02:09markunsharpe: ok
23:02:34sharpeoh, didn't realize anyone was paying attention
23:02:41amiconnSD isn't a successor, it's a (very similar) parallel development
23:03:36 Join Poka64 [0] (
23:03:49BHSPitLappysince SD slots are back-compatible with MMC, but MMC slots don't read SD, I just assumed one was ahead of the other.
23:04:06BHSPitLappyI see it as calling the Game Boy A
23:04:18BHSPitLappy*Advance parallel to the Game Boy Color
23:05:10jncit's more like you drive a piece of shit car, and someone offers you a brand new limo to drive you around, but you are required to pay $12,000 annual membership to a club
23:05:23jncif it were me? i'd keep driving the piece of shit car.
23:05:48markunamiconn: do you also think all the glyphs of the default vkeyboard should be visible with the default font?
23:06:17amiconnmarkun: 1/4 1/2 and 3/4 are standard iso8859-1, so I wonder why they don't work with our default font...
23:06:37jncSD would be an interesting way to hold albums though
23:06:49jncin FLAC format, it could almost be reasonable
23:09:06 Quit [TCK] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:09:51amiconnmarkun: These glyph positions are even defined in our default font, just the bitmaps are all-zero...
23:10:45amiconnSomeone needs to fill in the bitmaps with a bdf capable font editor
23:15:34markunyes, that would be the best way to solve this bug
23:16:08PaulJami could imagine it will be dificult to design the characters that they fit for the width and height of the default font.
23:18:20amiconnI know whom to ask...
23:21:25XavierGrdoes anyone know a command line untility that will cut x frames of an mp3?
23:22:24sharpedoes 'shared code library' sound good for a name of something that is self-explanitory?
23:23:07preglowsharpe: why would we want anything like that?
23:23:20sharpewe don't, it's just an idea :)
23:24:05sharpelike a, 'see if i can do it' kind of thing.
23:27:16 Join anathema [0] (
23:28:44markunBefore I post something stupid.. wavpack works fine on ipod rockbox, right?
23:30:18markunany ipod owners here who tried wavpack?
23:34:12amiconnHmm, is there a problem?
23:34:20amiconnI didn't try yet, but I could
23:34:53 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:36:02preglowi have
23:36:10markunamiconn: there was a guy talking about q10 ogg transcoded from wavpack sources. He says space doesn't matter to him so I wanted to suggest him to stick with wavpack
23:36:31preglowwavpack works fine
23:36:36markunok, thanks
23:36:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:37:59 Join Acksaw [0] (
23:40:13jncoggvorbis at q10? may as well use FLAC
23:40:36jncthere's a breaking point between oggvorbis q5 and q6, IIRC
23:40:54 Join damaki__ [0] (
23:41:04 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
23:41:13jncthe filesize grows unusually, and for a mildly noticable increase in quality
23:41:16markunjnc: Why should he recode his wavpack files to flac?
23:41:25jncwhat is wavpack
23:41:30jnci've never heard of this
23:41:47jncFLAC is a standard lossless format that I know to be well tested and documented
23:41:58jncbut wavpack? ...
23:42:11markunWell, he has his CDs ripped in wavpack already..
23:42:13 Join scottder [0] (
23:42:31 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
23:42:48 Quit PaulJam (".")
23:44:36 Quit tim66 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:45:21*jnc reads up on WavPack
23:51:28dpassen1WavPack is very nice
23:51:54jncit does seem worth further investigation
23:51:56preglowsure is
23:52:08jncis WavPack patent encumbered?
23:52:31preglowi think it's based on fairly standard techniques, just like flac
23:53:00amiconnHmm, wavpack boosts a lot on ipod
23:53:24markunamiconn: can you also try flac?
23:53:27 Join nudel [0] (
23:53:45jncwhat do y'all think of FLAC versus WavPack
23:53:58preglowamiconn: it depends on the file
23:54:03preglowamiconn: -h encoded files boost more
23:54:08jncthey seem similar enough to me. what have you used, and what are your thoughts?
23:54:09preglowflac is faster
23:54:21dpassen1jnc: Depends what you're looking for. You can't go wrong, though
23:54:32jnci'd like to archive my physical CD albums
23:54:39preglowjnc: both are nice, but wavpack has more interesting formats, if you ask me
23:54:46preglowand it compresses slightly better than flac
23:54:53jncso that i can make a bit-for-bit identical CDR out of it, if i need to
23:54:57dpassen1WavPack lossy + correction is still the most interesting feature to explore.
23:54:58amiconnpreglow: Iirc I used -h when creating my test album. Likewise I used flac -8 (or whatever it was called)
23:54:58preglowjnc: s/formats/features/
23:55:37amiconnBoost ratio is ~70%, higher than mp3
23:56:24jncis there a case where FLAC works better
23:56:35 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:57:02scottderjnc, you follwing a thread on HA? :)
23:57:17jnci've read some threads there i think
23:57:49jncmy CD collection is currently ripped in an old beta of oggvorbis
23:57:49scottderOpps not HA....Head-Fi :)
23:58:05dpassen1Here's a nice one on HA
23:58:14jnci'd like to re-do this once, and not have to do the physical work more than just once
23:58:17jncso it's gotta be accurate
23:58:28preglowyeah, i'm planning the same
23:58:32preglowi'm gonna rip to wavpack, i think
23:58:57dpassen1As long as you pick an open codec, its guaranteed that your files will be playable in the future.

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