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#rockbox log for 2006-05-14

00:00:45preglowflac is fast like hell on ipod too, yeah
00:00:46*amiconn wants more ffmpeg optimised codecs in rockbox :/
00:01:00preglowamiconn: we'll hopefully have aac soon
00:01:16peturjnc: rockbox increases cpu frequency when it needs more processing power, this is called boosting
00:01:24amiconnThe ffmpeg people seem to really know what they're doing...
00:01:32Paul_The_Nerdjnc: In Rockbox, the CPUs run at one of two speeds. Normal and boosted. If a codec is slow, it has to boost occasionally to fill up the PCM buffer from time to time. Boost ratio (how often and for how long) is often used to approximate how fast a codec is relative to others.
00:01:34jncpowersaving measure?
00:01:35*amiconn remembers the old libflac thing...
00:02:13 Join damaki_ [0] (
00:02:13scottderHmmm i may rip some stuff to wavpack and flac....see what kind of battery life I get
00:02:24 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
00:02:26preglowamiconn: don't mention it again
00:02:42preglowwhoever wrote that code should be shot
00:02:48preglowagain and again
00:04:01markuntrying to use oo programming in c iirc
00:04:10preglowand overdoing it
00:04:12jncgggg gaim.
00:04:38amiconnSomeone should perform a thorough codec performance comparison both on coldfire and pp
00:04:57preglowwhen 3.0 is out, i'll do a bit of codec optimisation
00:06:29sharpei wonder what i should do...
00:06:39fiftyfour123can anyone help me with my problem here:
00:06:55 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
00:07:19sharpesure, we can help you. unfortunately, you left.
00:07:59jnchaha, good one
00:08:29Paul_The_NerdHe's asking for help installing iPL... with Loader2...
00:08:37Paul_The_NerdI wonder why he was asking here.
00:08:49sharpei've no idea?
00:08:52peturmaybe he saw he joined the wrong channel?
00:08:58jncrockbox does benefit from the work of ipodlinux users
00:09:08jncdeveloper(s) even
00:09:39qwmlet's slam our brilliant minds together and sing a song.
00:10:11sharpei don't quite want to get back to working on the emulator...
00:10:17jncallow me asking, who's ripped a number of CDs to lossless format?
00:10:18 Quit nudelyn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:10:36Paul_The_Nerdjnc: I use primarily lossless as my archival copy.
00:10:51*amiconn doesn't see the point in lossless, except for buying music only
00:10:51jncPaul_The_Nerd: okay. what OS are you ripping from?
00:10:54Galoisit depends on how many CDs constitute a number. I imagine most people here have ripped some.
00:11:07Paul_The_Nerdjnc: Windows. Which probably doesn't help you, since I saw you wanted Linux.
00:11:13Galoisin linux you use cdparanoia
00:11:21amiconnI have ripped exactly one, in both flac and wavpack, for testing purposes
00:11:23Galoiswritten by my friend monty (who also wrote vorbis)
00:11:38jnchow to tell if the rip is bit-for-bit identical to what you would burn back onto a CDR?
00:11:44Galoisit's almost impossible
00:11:45jnci know it sounds silly
00:11:49Galoisthe cdparanoia man page explains this well
00:11:55Galoisthere are a number of obstacles
00:12:15jncsample accuracy doesn't go that far, and so on
00:12:18Galoisfor example, the cd audio protocol simply does not provide positioning information more accurate than 1/75th second
00:12:28Galoisso every time you rip you might be off by that amount
00:12:41jnci don't think it will sound better
00:12:50Galoisat best, you can expect two consecutive rips to be identical provided that you time shift one of them by less than 1/75th second
00:12:50preglowpetur: yo, will that fix the volume delete bug?
00:12:54jnci'm not an audiophile. i just don't want to have to do this more than once
00:12:59 Quit DrMoos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
00:13:07Galoisso comparing two different rips, or one rip to the original CD, is hard
00:13:14 Join matsl [0] (
00:13:15peturpreglow: I don't know
00:13:27Paul_The_NerdGalois: And it's on the reburning that the error is introduced anyway, right?
00:13:27Galoisa lesser obstacle is that the CD audio specification simply is not designed for perfect bit preservation
00:13:31*petur gives up hunting fat bug :D
00:13:50Galoispaul_the_nerd: if you burn as audio cd, then both ripping and reburning introduce possible positioning errors
00:14:08Paul_The_NerdAh well.
00:14:09preglowpetur: well, it does look valid, i guess
00:14:21Paul_The_NerdThe only functioning CD players I have anymore are DVD-ROM drives, anyway.
00:14:30Galoisred book CD audio specifies a bit error rate of something like 1 out of 10^10 bits
00:14:48amiconnpreglow: Did you actually observe it?
00:14:54Galoisif you do the math, that means that a drive is allowed to flip one bit per complete CD and still be within spec
00:15:14amiconnI didn't observe it a single time, and I am using rockbox for quite some time now
00:15:21amiconn...on multiple units
00:15:22Galoisdata cds have additional error correction above the media layer (mode 2 encoding) that reduces the error rate by another factor of 10000
00:15:41amiconnGalois: The other way round...
00:15:48Galoismode 1 encoding
00:15:51amiconnData uses mode1, audio uses mode2
00:16:07sharpeGalois: it's be... one bit per ~1192 megs to be within specification then...
00:16:28Galois1192 megs is about two cds
00:16:32jncGalois: how about i redefine what i'm asking, how do i take WHALE cd and rip it to WHALE.ext on my hard disk, using (program ? here), and burn it back onto a CD-R. The CD-R copy will be identified and played exactly as the original, including any sort of fancy pre-gap tricks or 99th track extras
00:16:35Galois"Factors of two are not important." −−Walter Lewin
00:16:45Galoisjnc: cdrdao
00:16:56Galoisit's a linux program designed to copy the whole disc at once
00:16:59sharpeit's not quite two cdrs though.
00:17:15jncGalois: what if i want to not just copy it exactly, but also archive it losslessly in a compressed format
00:17:23Galoiscdrdao makes a file
00:17:25jncand extract it back onto CD-R with the same results
00:17:29Galoisthat file can be burned, it's bin/cue format
00:17:50 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:17:51Galoisyou can also archive that file (or files, technically speaking−− there's two of them, a bin and a cue)
00:17:53jncaye, but i'd like to not have to store an unwieldly cdrdao raw file
00:17:53 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
00:18:01Galoiswhat would you like then?
00:18:07Galoismultiple small files? man split
00:18:09jnchave it stored in a compressed format
00:18:19jnclike i do with oggvorbis, i mean
00:18:23jncplayable on rockbox
00:18:27Galoisso you want flac?
00:18:34Galoisfine, but that is not guaranteed to preserve pregap information etc.
00:18:35jncah, but does flac store CD-TEXT?
00:18:41Galoisno cd-text either
00:18:47jnci read that it has trouble with CD-TEXT and pregap extras
00:18:50Galoiscdrdao is the only surefire way to store cdtext and other extras
00:18:57jncwhat about wavpack
00:19:01GaloisI think you're going to have to compromise on your requirements here
00:19:18Galoisthere is a way, but it's not mindless
00:19:23jncgo on
00:19:42Galoisyou have to run cdrdao and have it extract every track as an individual wav file, along with the cue file (which are called toc files in cdrdao, equivalent thing)
00:19:47Galoisthe cd-text will be inside the toc
00:19:54Galoisthe toc will also have one line for each wav
00:20:10Galoisthen you can burn the toc as long as it can find the wavs in the same directory, onto a cd-r
00:20:26Galoisyou'll get a perfect copy of the original cd, *ASSUMING* the cd was pure audio and not multisession or some esoteric crap
00:20:40jncif it is multisession?
00:20:43Galoisthen you can separately compress the wav files. Note that you have to decompress them again prior to burning.
00:20:59Galoisif it is multisession, you'll get a bunch of wavs and a bunch of other crap like data partitions
00:21:07Galoisobviously the data partitions can't be put through flac
00:21:23jncoh. that means ... right. no reasonable way to archive it
00:21:30Galoisso the bottom line is you have to manually flac and unflac the wavs
00:21:40jnci wonder if WavPack fans have a solution for that
00:21:46Galoisyou want my suggestion? I'll give it to you
00:22:01Galoisget a dvd burner. That lets you fit 5-6 full toc/bin cd images on one disc
00:22:08Galoiswithout any modifications
00:22:17jnccds on more cds
00:22:25Galoisthey're super cheap too, $20 for internal ide burner I think
00:22:40Galoisand 40 cents per disc, cheaper per byte than cd-r
00:22:42jncfrom an cdrdao image, can i run cdparanoia on the image?
00:22:50Galoisyou know, I have never tried that
00:22:59Galoismy guess is ... no
00:23:31jncalso what's the conversion from bin/cue to the cdrdao output files
00:23:46jncand visa versa. i think it was a simple text format thing
00:23:53jncperhaps you know better
00:23:56GaloisI believe cdrdao can read a bin/cue directly
00:24:03jncthat would be cool
00:24:19jncif i used cdrdao and wanted to burn from a wintel box though
00:24:56Galoisalcohol 120% can convert any cd format in the world to any other cd format in the world, but it's shareware
00:25:35Paul_The_Nerdbin/cue is pretty widely supported
00:26:24Galoiscdrdao can read bin/cue (for burning on a disc), but it can't write bin/cue (for ripping from a disc) because it's snobby. I think.
00:26:51Paul_The_NerdWhat does cdrdao write?
00:27:08Mikachucdrdao writes bin/cue just fine
00:27:21Mikachuoh sorry, i read you wrong
00:27:27Mikachuin my world, write = write to cd
00:27:39Paul_The_NerdWell, cdrdao also runs on Windows anyway, doesn't it?
00:28:03Galoisdamn, it does supposedly run on windows. I did not know that.
00:30:42*petur wonders if can be closed
00:31:06 Join ashridah [0] (
00:33:12preglowhow would one reproduce the volume label bug if you corrected it now?
00:33:35amiconnpetur: I think so. The user reported back that it doesn't occur in newer builds, so lostlogic's rework obviously fixed it
00:34:15quanwhat the fuck
00:34:22quanoverwriting the latest build overwrite's config settings
00:34:27quanwhat total n00b thought that one up
00:34:41midkayit's necessary.
00:34:50quanits very unnecessary
00:35:09ender`quan: it's open-source, you can fix that yourself
00:35:16quanyea, right
00:35:34ashridahquan: it's the way things are. mostly because they're too lazy to handle a better config storage system :)
00:35:49quanno, because they provide a default cfg in the daily
00:35:55ashridahso if a new config variable goes in, the settings get dropped because they're flagged as old
00:35:56quanwhich can easily be not included
00:36:02jnca little warning telling n00bs that they should refrain from whining about it....
00:36:04quanwhat total n00bish happening
00:36:11Paul_The_Nerdquan: The active settings aren't in the file.
00:36:22quanthe file gets overwritten
00:36:34scottderquan is obviously not getting his moneys worth
00:36:36ashridahquan: config settings are stored in a hidden sector in the first track, not in a file.
00:36:36scottderoh wait
00:37:08ashridahquan: you didn't actually overwrite them, it forcibly dropped them when it booted because the config settings no longer matched the version of your build.
00:37:11Paul_The_Nerdquan: Settings are only cleared when the settings block version changes. And they have nothing to do with an overwritten file
00:37:18 Join HedgeMage [0] (i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage)
00:37:22quanexactly, ridiculous
00:37:23*HedgeMage peeks in
00:37:30ashridahit only happens when someone puts a new setting in.
00:37:42ashridahquan: no, it's called "in development"
00:37:45jncmaybe an export/import settings to file tool....
00:37:49ashridahif you want a stable release, use a stable release.
00:37:49jnccould that help?
00:37:50quanany typical settings system from xml to ini prevents the need of overwriting the file
00:37:55quanwhat are they using, serialized array?
00:37:55Paul_The_Nerdjnc: "Manage Settings" "Save config file"
00:38:01ender`quan: if you don't like it, you're free to implement your own config system
00:38:06jncso quan, you missed that feautre
00:38:10scottderUse CVS, you can get any happens....
00:38:14ender`just make sure it doesn't take too much memory
00:38:19jncbe sure to backup your config files before upgrading your OS
00:38:21XavierGrit would be good if the filenames on the bleeding edge builds were set with the name of the target too. Like rockbox-h300 or rockbox-ondiofm instead of just
00:38:22jncthat's very simple
00:38:25quanpoint is, they're using an absurd storage system for settings, end of story
00:38:27Mikachuthat's the most successful troll i have seen today
00:38:34jncquan: no, you didn't read the documentation
00:38:37scottderquan....go write your own then....
00:38:41peturread the CVS log on the front page - hint: 11 May 22:55
00:38:48quanwriting my own doesnt fix the daily-overwrite issue n00b
00:38:59peturbtw, preglow did it :)
00:39:12scottderWell apparently it would in your perfect version,no?
00:39:18scottdereven in CVS, always perfect....
00:39:20jncquan: yes it does, you need to save your settings before upgrading
00:39:35sharpethe love...
00:39:38jncquan: please don't come in here flaming people when you haven't taken the necessary steps
00:39:41quanjnc, doesnt happen when using xml/ini
00:39:43quanwhat are they using
00:39:47quanserialized vars?
00:39:56jncquan: who are you?
00:40:02Mikachukibble, famous from yesterday
00:40:09ashridahah, so he is
00:40:10scottderquan you are obviously too l337 for us....
00:40:13scottderyou should leave
00:40:17ender`quan: nobody forces you to use rockbox, you can stay with your stock firmware and you won't have any of these problems
00:40:21scottderbefore our noobishness rubs off on you
00:40:24XavierGrwtf is going on with all these trolls??
00:40:27quanthis overwrite bug is so ridiculous, i had to spend 2 minutes redoing my settings, its so frustrating
00:40:29MikachuXavierGr: it's only one
00:40:40Mikachuquan: you just wasted 10 minutes of 20 people's time
00:40:41quan2 minutes!!!!!!!
00:40:46jnci've tried. vote for a kick *sigh*
00:40:49XavierGris he kibble from yesterday?
00:40:50scottderOMG....the end of the world
00:40:54MikachuXavierGr: yes, like i said
00:40:57quanI think its time for
00:40:58Paul_The_Nerdquan: There is an option to save your settings to file. It's not our fault you chose to ignore it, and not read the changelog.
00:40:59quansome more sc logs
00:41:05MikachuHedgeMage: this is your cue
00:41:41scottderOk hear that...all future changes must take quan inability to do backups and be generally smart in mind
00:42:08quanlearn to speak english
00:42:09peturdamn admins don't seem to work in the weekend :(
00:42:24quanpetur, your petty threats are as old as irc itself
00:42:26quanget over yourself
00:42:31quanrofl n00b pwnt afk gg no re
00:42:34*HedgeMage peeks back in
00:42:41HedgeMagequan: pleas calm yourself.
00:42:43XavierGrwhere is an opper when you need him?
00:42:47 Quit ender` (" I have defined the hundred per cent American as ninety-nine per cent an idiot. -- George Bernard Shaw")
00:42:58peturthreats? I just sent them a mail about your abuse...
00:43:09 Part quan ("Requested by Eddward.")
00:43:11 Join quan [0] (
00:43:12scottderwelcome to being the only person on my ignore list quan
00:43:20quanhow the hell did you do that
00:43:22 Part quan ("Requested by Eddward.")
00:43:24 Join quan [0] (
00:43:26preglowquan: winnuke
00:43:27Mikachuhaha, irc noob
00:43:28quancut it otu asshole
00:43:29XavierGrthis guy must be banned permanently from freenode not just #rockbox.
00:43:31 Part quan ("Requested by Eddward.")
00:43:33 Join quan [0] (
00:43:35 Part quan ("Requested by Eddward.")
00:43:37 Join quan [0] (
00:43:38*jnc grins
00:43:40 Part quan ("Requested by Eddward.")
00:43:41MikachuEddward: having fun?
00:43:41 Join quan [0] (
00:43:44jncnormally i don't like this sort of thing
00:43:45 Part quan ("Requested by Eddward.")
00:43:46 Join quan [0] (
00:43:48jncbut that is pretty funny
00:43:50 Part quan ("Requested by Eddward.")
00:43:52 Join quan [0] (
00:43:59quanok I"ll stop
00:44:02XavierGrhow that happened?
00:44:02quansorry I'm stopping
00:44:06 Part quan ("Requested by Eddward.")
00:44:13 Join quan [0] (
00:44:13scottderOMG XML will fix everything!!!
00:44:15MikachuXavierGr: freenode has special haxings
00:44:17quandude, pelase stop kicking me
00:44:28Paul_The_NerdSeriously, you don't seem to like us, why do you even CARE if you're kicked?
00:44:30MikachuXavierGr: basically you do /quote remove nick
00:44:34 Part quan ("Requested by Eddward.")
00:44:45jncobviously he doesn't store his settings in XML/INI
00:44:53jncthat's why he can't stay unkicked
00:45:05HedgeMagehe's klined now
00:45:22jncgood times :)
00:45:23midkaythanks, HedgeMage :)
00:45:25HedgeMageyou can try banning the host instead of removing :)
00:45:45HedgeMagenp... it was in "chanop" area until he was removed :) I took it as ban-jumping :)
00:45:45XavierGrHedgeMage: Do you have any special powers (or authority)?
00:45:56HedgeMageXavierGr: I am a network staffer here on freenode
00:46:02MikachuHedgeMage: the problem is we don't seem to have any ops in here right now
00:46:03jncthe power of water, wind, heart.... combined
00:46:08XavierGrAh nice to see you!
00:46:08jnche is captian hedgemage
00:46:10preglowMikachu: the problem is we don't have enough
00:46:14preglowand i plan to mention that to bagder
00:46:16preglowagain and again
00:46:17HedgeMagethen who's Eddward ?
00:46:24Paul_The_NerdAye, that might be something you should look into :-P
00:46:25Mikachui wonder that too, he's not opped
00:46:28 Quit lee-qid__ ("Trillian (")
00:46:29HedgeMageonly network staff and chanops can remove...
00:46:44Mikachumaybe he just forgot to set his hostmask, or do you know all staff?
00:46:52HedgeMageI know all the staff :)
00:46:55HedgeMagewe're a small bunch
00:46:58*HedgeMage wonders
00:46:58scottderBut we're all soo n00b! :)
00:47:06jncoh geeze
00:47:12HedgeMageit's possible to set a chan to allow anyone to use /remove, but it's not common
00:47:20preglowfor some reason
00:47:24petursorry to go off-topic - do we reliably detect remote types on iriver?
00:47:35jncdon't know
00:47:58Mikachu[OpenProjects] -!- #rockbox You need to be a channel operator to do that
00:48:04Mikachuand i even tried it on myself
00:48:10sharpepetur: that's not off topic until you see me talk about random things.
00:48:34Paul_The_NerdI seem to remember us including something to detect remotes. The only reports I've heard of it *not* working relate to the experimental build, but that's also the only build that has a large number of users using a variety of remotes, so I don't know if it's our stuff or theirs.
00:49:03XavierGrpetur: yes I think we do.
00:49:25peturwell it's needed if we want in 3.0 :)
00:50:07XavierGrAFAIK rockbox can detect successfully all iriver remotes, though the button handling isn't perfect yet
00:50:07 Quit Acksaw ("I'm off, see ya later!")
00:50:34XavierGrin some places there are some misconfigured buttons for certain remote types
00:55:34 Join kinnee [0] (
00:57:18 Join RedBreva [0] (
01:05:46 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.1")
01:07:06amiconnpetur: Yes we do detect remote types reliably, after my latest work on it
01:07:25amiconn(unless you deliberately take more than 20 seconds for plugging it fully in
01:07:45amiconnHowever, the suggestion in the task you mentioned is oooold, and doesn't make sense
01:07:57amiconnIt was discussed way back in archos-only times...
01:08:14peturthen why was it tagged for 3.0?
01:08:17 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
01:08:45amiconnI have no idea
01:09:06amiconnThe old consensus was that the remote should *not* activate the main backlight.
01:09:34amiconnYou use the remote because you can't / don't want to access the main unit.
01:09:52amiconnIf you have the main unit within reach, you can use the main unit's buttons as well
01:10:08peturso he should write himslef a hack to have this on his unit...
01:10:17peturhimself even
01:10:50amiconnOne detail might need fixing though - the non-lcd remote should ignore the "first keypress..." option, since there is no backlight to activate
01:11:51peturbutton.c tests for REMOTETYPE_H300_NONLCD
01:12:12*petur wonders how many remotes there are
01:12:42peturso then it's ok already
01:12:57peturfirst press isn't eaten for nonlcd
01:13:11petur(line 547)
01:13:32amiconnOkay okay, didn't check :)
01:13:43amiconnThat's why I said 'might'
01:13:44XavierGrthen the patch should be closed/
01:13:50XavierGrthe bug report I mean
01:14:28petur11 to go :D
01:14:42amiconnNot all bugs are in the tracker...
01:15:21amiconnI will work on the battery status issue after finishing my runtime tests
01:15:50amiconn(which are actually part of the work)
01:16:19XavierGr11 to go?
01:16:24XavierGrI see 80 +
01:16:35peturdue in 3.0 ;)
01:16:50XavierGrwhere is that table?
01:17:09peturquick links
01:17:29peturright above the 'please do not submit blah blah'
01:18:00amiconnI wonder whether I should work on grayscale gamma before 3.0
01:18:03XavierGrAh I missed that
01:18:15amiconnIt may fix the 'headache bug' of doom on h1x0
01:19:24XavierGrDoom in H100 is pretty unplayable
01:19:57amiconnYes, because it's too dark even with doom's own gamma set to max
01:20:15petursomebody with an h1x0 should verify (and close) - I can't reproduce it
01:20:31XavierGrlet me check
01:21:13XavierGrargh I only have 4000 tracks in my unit!!!
01:21:44*amiconn has even less
01:22:00*sharpe only has... less than 1000...
01:22:18peturoh right - I didn't have 6500 either :(
01:22:22sharpeprobably around 800...
01:22:46amiconn~3300 here
01:23:38Paul_The_NerdYeah, I saw it but ~1800 here
01:23:40sharpe861 songs minus one or two albums...
01:23:44XavierGrlet me copy paste the music folder then and try :(
01:24:10XavierGralso I get the weel known error: Playback hangs while page scrolling
01:24:39petur4407 here...
01:24:58XavierGrcan I just try this on my H300?
01:25:02XavierGrit seems to be the same
01:25:16XavierGr(if there is this sort of behavious)
01:25:52peturprobably some buffer overflow happening
01:25:58XavierGrah whatever I will delete the rest of the back uped files
01:26:12sharpelets port rockbox to x86 based computers.
01:26:21XavierGrwell I will try with 7000 songs and tell you
01:26:30*petur points to the sim :)
01:26:40jncsharpe: how about mac68k
01:26:43sharpeyes, but, as an alternative operating system! ahah!
01:26:54jnci've got an mac colour classic dying for something useful
01:26:57sharpeor for, a media center type thing...
01:27:09XavierGrargh 100 minutes remaining
01:30:56peturstrange, the playlist viewer only loads 200 tracks at a time, so it shouldn't matter if you have 4000 or 6500 tracks - unless having 6500 tracks already causes the problem
01:31:02amiconnjnc: Amiga!
01:31:32*amiconn still *uses* an Amiga
01:31:45jncwell Amiga was decent hardware design unlike Apple
01:31:57jncApple hardware is crippled in ways to ghastly to mention
01:32:37Paul_The_Nerdpetur: Has anyone tried it with a smaller list, even just the ~1000 range? Maybe it's just scrolling faster than the playlist viewer can load them then.
01:33:00peturthat's no problem
01:33:02XavierGrI just tried with ~3500 files
01:33:20XavierGrthe only bug I encountered was the playback bug
01:33:21peturif you scroll faster it stops a bit and you see the last line isn't a track
01:33:34*amiconn is really curious how this 4GB MMC will perform
01:33:51amiconnIt will be fat32 formatted, unlike all the smaller MMCs
01:34:44*amiconn will have a flash player with more capacity than any other player on the market has built-in :-P
01:36:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:36:53RedBrevaOk on H140 with 5450 files...
01:38:13*scottder wonders what an MMC is
01:38:18sharpewhat was i going to do?
01:38:29BHSPitLappyscottder: imagine a SD card... but older
01:38:32amiconnHmm, if we are going to implement the MMC4.1 protocol, we'll have a similar problem as we have with HDs >128GB
01:38:37MikachuMultiMedia Card
01:38:46scottderOooh THOSE MMC :)
01:39:19amiconnThe USB->MMC bridge in the Ondio won't support MMC4.1
01:39:35amiconn...but unlike on the HD based players, we have an advantage
01:39:40markunis scottder the same guy as quan?
01:40:12amiconnWe can deny handing control of an MMC >4GB to the bridge, and advise the user to use an external card reader
01:40:12Mikachuno, kinnee is
01:40:19scottderUmm no...
01:40:26peturthere are several users here...
01:40:37Mikachuonly those two right now
01:40:42sharpeand i'm not one of them... ahah! heheh...
01:40:51scottderhe was at a differnet locale :)
01:41:15scottderthat was him
01:41:33scottderI'm in RI
01:41:42peturyes, I see it now
01:41:49 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
01:42:16sharpei wonder how much performance gain i'll get in the emulator by removing those lines..
01:42:23Mikachuwhich ones?
01:42:37sharpeones that called yield() every once in a while..
01:43:29 Join jip [0] (
01:44:00sharpeof course, i won't really be able to tell, as i'm going to use the sim
01:44:26sharpemaybe not.
01:44:30Mikachui want atari st so i can play wizball
01:44:39sharpetoo bad, you get the c64.
01:45:04BHSPitLappywork on n64
01:46:07sharpebefore i try the version with the removed lines, i get 11.11fps at about 120% cpu emulation...
01:46:11BHSPitLappyah, ocarina of time on my ipod... sounds... frustrating
01:46:42sharpethe only problem is... emulating... like, 15 buttons using... 6...
01:47:09peturipod will be fun then :P
01:47:18Mikachuwizball only used a four direction and one button joystick
01:47:33sharpeso did the c64 :)
01:50:36sharpewooo! that had absolutely no affect on it at all.
01:52:48sharpeguess i know what i can take out of the code.
01:53:48Mikachu~/dl/stsound/bin/stsoundc =(lha p Beverly\ Hills\ Cop\(Axel\ F\).ym|tail -n +4)
01:53:53 Part Paul_The_Nerd
01:53:55Mikachui wonder if there's a more user friendly ym player for linux
01:54:45Mikachuthese files are 1kB each btw, would be nice with a plugin :)
01:55:30 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
01:56:10preglowoooh, ym
01:56:20Mikachuthis one isn't even open source
01:56:21preglowsweet, sweet fm
01:56:41Mikachudo you agree that the xenon ingame music is the best ever?
01:56:50 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
01:57:07Mikachuit can drive any person insane
01:57:20Mikachu7+8 beat is weird
01:59:45Mikachumaybe i should use this as my alarm clock
02:01:05sharpeheheh... the sim build of c64box has ~3800% cpu emulation...
02:01:33 Quit anathema ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:08:09sharpeit's better to limit the framerate.
02:08:12sharpeway, better.
02:08:25XavierGrpetur: the bug is valid
02:08:43XavierGrI tried to page scroll on a playlist with 6800 entries and it froze.
02:11:33kinneeany additional themes avaiable for rockbox?
02:12:10BHSPitLappyhey there, troll
02:12:41kinneeany additional themes avaiable for rockbox?
02:13:01sharpegah, i think i am becoming dyslexic... i see illrate as illiterate, and imitate and intimate...
02:13:15kinneeyea, agreed. you're probably an idiot
02:13:25BHSPitLappykinnee: you're not going to spam, "rockbox: You get what you paid for"?
02:13:32kinneerockbox: You get what you paid for
02:13:36sharpenow that you've said it..
02:13:45kinneehey I have some questions about rockbox
02:13:47kinneecan someone help me out?
02:13:56 Join [TCK] [0] (
02:13:57EddwardMikachu, did you want me earlier?
02:14:06kinneeI thought of a great feature that rockbox can use: Not Sucking
02:14:10kinneewhat do you think?
02:14:28kinneeit can be implimented cross platform
02:14:31XavierGrgo fuck youself, that's what I think
02:14:34XavierGrabusing troll
02:14:42BHSPitLappyby "kinnee", don't you mean, "pr0t"?
02:14:45sharpei was actually going to be nice, but, nevermind.
02:14:45MikachuEddward: heh, no
02:15:01 Part kinnee ("Requested by Eddward.")
02:15:07BHSPitLappysharpe: don't bother, he's an old-fashioned troll
02:15:15XavierGrthat was nice good ridance
02:15:17Mikachuthat's just a regular /part
02:15:17BHSPitLappyhe's earned so many k-lines on freenode
02:15:39sharpeBHSPitLappy: i know
02:16:42sharpewell, i seem to get accurate frames per seconds on the emulator, 22.22/25 @ 117% cpu emulation.
02:19:04EddwardWho's kinnee, and how did I request he/she be kicked?
02:19:35preglowdon't care as long as it's working
02:19:43MikachuEddward: you didn't
02:19:47Mikachuhe's trying to trick you
02:20:33Eddwardgood enough. It's been fun all. Bye
02:20:44 Quit Eddward ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.13/20060508]")
02:21:30sharpewould it seem like a nice idea for me to implement a debugger in the emulator?
02:23:02 Join kinnee [0] (
02:23:04kinneeRockbox: You get what you paid for
02:23:04kinneeRockbox: You get what you paid for
02:23:04DBUGEnqueued KICK kinnee
02:23:04kinneeRockbox: You get what you paid for
02:23:04***Alert Mode level 1
02:23:04kinneeRockbox: You get what you paid for
02:23:05***Alert Mode level 2
02:23:05***Alert Mode level 3
02:23:05kinneeRockbox: You get what you paid for
02:23:07***Alert Mode level 4
02:23:07kinneeRockbox: You get what you paid for
02:23:09 Part kinnee
02:23:20Mikachuso much time, so little to do
02:23:22scottderLike you could do any better....
02:23:58 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
02:24:02scottderkinnee, I am amazed you know how to turn a computer on
02:24:03BHSPitLappythe lack of purpose in life like that, astounds me
02:24:14BHSPitLappyscottder: umm, he's gone
02:24:15midkayscottder, um, he's gone. :)
02:24:24scottderhrrm odd
02:24:32BHSPitLappyand he's an infamous, unstoppable troll
02:24:47BHSPitLappydon't try to defeat him with "rational argument", you'll just end up losing
02:25:12sharpeokay... what to do with the emulator next?
02:25:13 Join kqqeed [0] (
02:25:14kqqeed02.24.47 # <BHSPitLappy> don't try to defeat him with "rational argument", you'll just end up losing
02:25:16 Part kqqeed
02:25:29scottderhe has an open ftp port
02:25:31midkaysimilar, one might add, to trying to defeat BHSPitLappy with rational argument.
02:25:36BHSPitLappythanks for the quote, kinnee@ip70-162-120-243
02:25:40midkayjust kidding! jay-kay.
02:25:58Mikachuscottder: he's very aware of that
02:26:02sharpeand even more similarly, trying to understand sharpe with rational statements.
02:26:20scottdermust be where he keeps his l33t warez
02:26:24BHSPitLappy"The troll is a peculiar and astounding creature. Beware its powerful mandibles and negligible intellect!"
02:27:13BHSPitLappyit is, scottder
02:29:32BHSPitLappyI started browsing his FTP, and he started repeatedly kicking me
02:29:47 Join wwukff [0] (
02:29:48wwukffRofl, you stupid n00bies having fun with my ftp? Lmfao get a life.
02:29:48BHSPitLappyseems he figured out how to ban now :)
02:29:48wwukffRofl, you stupid n00bies having fun with my ftp? Lmfao get a life.
02:29:48***Alert Mode level 5
02:29:48DBUGEnqueued KICK wwukff
02:29:48wwukffRofl, you stupid n00bies having fun with my ftp? Lmfao get a life.
02:29:48***Alert Mode level 6
02:29:48***Alert Mode level 7
02:29:48wwukffRofl, you stupid n00bies having fun with my ftp? Lmfao get a life.
02:29:50***Alert Mode level 8
02:29:50wwukffRofl, you stupid n00bies having fun with my ftp? Lmfao get a life.
02:29:54 Part wwukff
02:30:01CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 6 minutes and 44 seconds at the last flood
02:30:01*preglow kicks Bagder
02:30:05*preglow kicks Bagder again
02:30:21sharpewouldn't you feel horrible if bagder was dead?
02:30:34Mikachutime for another /stats p maybe
02:30:41preglowkicking a corpse is less of a crime than kicking someone alive
02:30:41preglowso no
02:30:43Mikachuoh no, 0 staff members online
02:30:48sharpehe could be at his computer, dead, on the keyboard.
02:31:22preglowhe could also be running around the streets throwing feces at people
02:31:34preglowthe possibilities are endless
02:31:44Mikachuyeah, we swedes are known to do that
02:31:47sharpebut that involves the legal system.
02:32:41sharpein most countries, anyway
02:33:13preglowsharpe: besides, if he was dead on the keyboard, where are the telltale signs of "< Bagder> gdfbskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee "
02:33:36zepreglow: he didn't fall on the enter key
02:33:39BHSPitLappypreglow: but what are the chances his head would roll over to the ENTER key
02:33:47sharpeespecially after he's dead.
02:33:58BHSPitLappyDoes Bagder have cats?
02:34:15preglowhe was balancing on his nose on the e key for a while
02:34:15sharpeis he like the crazy old woman who has twenty catS?
02:34:18preglowthen tipped over
02:34:52BHSPitLappypreglow: but if he went from G to E, he was rolling left
02:35:04BHSPitLappywhich would take that tip over to CAPS LOCK and TAB
02:35:17BHSPitLappydidn't consider that
02:35:29sharpei don't even know the layout of a dvorak keyboard
02:35:52sharpebut it's a 50/50 chance that E is left of G.
02:36:09 Join kerivv [0] (
02:36:34Mikachuit's to the left on dvorak too
02:36:46sharpeoh well.
02:37:07sharpejust keep picking keyboard layouts until g is to the left of e
02:37:21preglowhe bounced
02:37:23preglowsimple enough
02:37:36preglowbounced a couple of times, balanced on his nose for half a minute, then rolled
02:37:48sharpechemical reactions in muscles?
02:38:02preglowno, firecrackers
02:38:06midkayor maybe linus came in and thought it'd be pretty funny to tap enter.
02:38:08kerivv−−- Log for 14.05.106 Server: Channel: #rockbox
02:38:10kerivv−−- Nick: logbot- Version: Dancer V4.16 Started: 1 month and 19 days ago
02:38:11*scottder utilizes some contacts he has at cox :)
02:38:13kerivv00.00.45 # <preglow> flac is fast like hell on ipod too, yeah
02:38:15kerivv00.00.46 # * amiconn wants more ffmpeg optimised codecs in rockbox :/
02:38:18kerivv00.01.00 # <preglow> amiconn: we'll hopefully have aac soon
02:38:20kerivv00.01.16 # <petur> jnc: rockbox increases cpu frequency when it needs more processing power, this is called boosting
02:38:23kerivv00.01.24 # <amiconn> The ffmpeg people seem to really know what they're doing...
02:38:25kerivv00.01.27 # <jnc> ohhh
02:38:27sharpeawww, he's quoting the log...
02:38:28kerivv00.01.32 # <Paul_The_Nerd> jnc: In Rockbox, the CPUs run at one of two speeds. Normal and boosted. If a codec is slow, it has to boost occasionally to fill up the PCM buffer from time to time. Boost ratio (how often and for how long) is often used to approximate how fast a codec is relative to others.
02:38:30kerivv00.01.34 # <jnc> powersaving measure?
02:38:31 Join Badger [0] (
02:38:32kerivv00.01.35 # * amiconn remembers the old libflac thing...
02:38:35kerivv00.02.13 Join damaki_ [0] (
02:38:37kerivv00.02.13 # <scottder> Hmmm i may rip some stuff to wavpack and flac....see what kind of battery life I get
02:38:40kerivv00.02.24 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
02:38:42kerivv00.02.26 # <preglow> amiconn: don't mention it again
02:38:45kerivv00.02.42 # <preglow> whoever wrote that code should be shot
02:38:47kerivv00.02.48 # <preglow> again and again
02:38:47XavierGrSave us
02:38:50MikachuXavierGr: look again
02:38:50kerivv00.04.01 # <markun> trying to use oo programming in c iirc
02:38:52scottderHe knows how to cut and paste....
02:38:52kerivv00.04.10 # <preglow> and overdoing it
02:38:53midkaynot him.
02:38:55kerivv00.04.12 # <jnc> gggg gaim.
02:38:57kerivv00.04.14 # <jnc> ;)
02:39:00kerivv00.04.38 # <amiconn> Someone should perform a thorough codec performance comparison both on coldfire and pp
02:39:02kerivv00.04.43 # <preglow> yup
02:39:06kerivv00.04.57 # <preglow> when 3.0 is out, i'll do a bit of codec optimisation
02:39:07kerivv00.06.29 # <sharpe> i wonder what i should do...
02:39:10kerivv00.06.39 # <fiftyfour123> can anyone help me with my problem here:
02:39:12kerivv00.06.55 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
02:39:13Mode"#RockBox +b *!*n=stew@* " by HedgeMage (i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage)
02:39:20 Part Badger
02:39:26 Quit kerivv (Client Quit)
02:39:46XavierGrAs if he has a job to do!!!
02:39:51***Alert Mode OFF
02:40:51sharpemeh, what should i do next on the emulator? i can think of anything other than work on the graphics modes, but i don't want to do those.
02:41:00scottderwe're all so newb compared to him
02:41:22jncsharpe: i don't know enough about it to brainstorm with ya, sorry mate
02:42:12 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
02:42:38sharpe why do i have the save-state functions in memory.h....?
02:44:26 Quit Galois ("Leaving")
02:44:30 Quit obo ("bye")
02:44:34 Join livin [0] (
02:45:00 Join courtc [0] (
02:45:04scottderhmmm livin can't be kerivv
02:45:07scottdernot at all
02:45:17preglowhell no
02:45:21sharpei have a function for calculating the crc32 of some data..., without a table... i'm that bored...
02:45:24preglowthat'd indicate some kind of idiotic persistance
02:45:40 Join Galois [0] (
02:45:41livinsince when does crc32 need a table to calculate
02:45:52 Quit damaki_ ("You're entering a world of pain")
02:46:00scottdermaybe he'll cut and paste more!
02:46:01BHSPitLappythat troll from earlier
02:46:07scottdercuz that is fricken GENIUS
02:46:12BHSPitLappyhe's serving all his software
02:46:23BHSPitLappyand he's got all these anonymity programs
02:46:27BHSPitLappyeffing kid
02:46:47livinoh, you mean FUCKING
02:46:51scottderwell we are all n00b comnpared to him
02:47:00BHSPitLappy"Ari's HTTPS Server"
02:47:04livinyea? who is this guy?
02:47:15sharpeany meaningful extension using 'sta', anyone?
02:47:15BHSPitLappythe guy who was spamming in here earlier
02:47:21BHSPitLappyand in #ipodlinux
02:47:27BHSPitLappyan old friend of freenode
02:47:35livineveryone is a noob except for him?
02:48:40preglowlivin: ?????????????++
02:48:53scottderbet the MPAA would love to see all the movies he has
02:49:07scottderRIAA might like the music too
02:49:30 Join Hideo_Kuze [0] (n=irc@tor/session/external/x-e43bb9906e008041)
02:49:42livinwhy is BHSPitLappy calling everyone a n00b? thats not cool
02:50:55sharpedoes a byte telling if the saved state is in little or big endian format, suffice to anyone that cares?
02:51:22livinlol waste of memory
02:51:30livinno wonder rockbox crashes all the time
02:51:35sharpeyeah, those lost seven bits.
02:51:46sharpedamn me and my wastefulness.
02:51:55preglowdamn you to hell
02:51:55livinthats what I said, yea
02:52:27scottderwow and maybe livin will pass puberty and have something better to do
02:52:29scottderdon't like it
02:52:29preglowlivin: kekekekekekke
02:52:31scottderuse something else
02:52:31sharpei should be able to fit the contents of the emulator ram into those seven bits. but no, i've got to use them for blank space.
02:52:37scottderor write your own
02:52:43scottderwhiny bitch
02:52:52livinI did write my own, its called spambox
02:53:01sharpehow ironic.
02:53:17preglowi don't believe he is capable of irony
02:53:40XavierGrlivid how old are you anyway?
02:53:44livinif you try hard enough, eventually you'll say something that may be called an insult
02:53:53livinso far its just bitching and whining, still funny though
02:53:56preglowit's nice to see we're all getting so used to having a resident fucknut here that we've started conversing with him
02:54:00*Mikachu throws an infinite number of monkeys and a typewriter at livin
02:54:17livinwow Mikachu is still the same old utter faggot he was at ocremix
02:54:30livingo catchemall fag
02:54:43*scottder threw him back in ignore...and did some emailing :)
02:54:55livinlol more email threats
02:55:34courtcWhat a strange channel.
02:55:37Hideo_Kuzehmmm, how hard would it be for us to nmap the guy with the cox isp earlier with decoys and practically syn flood him?
02:55:44livinafter roughly 2.5 years of random fags sending whiny emails to my proxy's isp at cox, I must conclude they all wasted their time
02:55:48XavierGrlivin: in case you didn't notice: how old are you anyway?
02:55:58Mode"#RockBox +b *!*n=livin@* " by HedgeMage (i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage)
02:56:11Hideo_Kuzelivin: get off now or you'll be dosed off
02:56:52HedgeMageHideo_Kuze: illegal activities are off-topic on freenode.
02:57:04courtcpreglow: is there a dev channel? or perhaps even more remote, an ipod dev channel?
02:57:16preglowthere is a dev channel
02:57:19preglowbut people don't like using it
02:57:22 Quit livin (Client Quit)
02:57:24 Quit _FireFly_ ("Client exiting")
02:57:30Hideo_Kuzesorry he just annoyed me
02:57:43 Join livin [0] (
02:57:46HedgeMageit's okay, he is quite annoying.
02:57:53Hideo_Kuzehe's back
02:58:01livinHedgeMage needs to learn how to use ops. Too bad hes a fucking n00b. Oh well.. Live and N00b.
02:58:03livinHedgeMage needs to learn how to use ops. Too bad hes a fucking n00b. Oh well.. Live and N00b.
02:58:04sharpehe loves us!
02:58:05DBUGEnqueued KICK livin
02:58:05livinHedgeMage needs to learn how to use ops. Too bad hes a fucking n00b. Oh well.. Live and N00b.
02:58:07livinHedgeMage needs to learn how to use ops. Too bad hes a fucking n00b. Oh well.. Live and N00b.
02:58:09***Alert Mode level 1
02:58:09livinHedgeMage needs to learn how to use ops. Too bad hes a fucking n00b. Oh well.. Live and N00b.
02:58:11***Alert Mode level 2
02:58:11***Alert Mode *RED* level 102
02:58:11livinHedgeMage needs to learn how to use ops. Too bad hes a fucking n00b. Oh well.. Live and N00b.
02:58:13***Alert Mode *RED* level 103
02:58:13***Alert Mode *RED* level 203
02:58:13livinHedgeMage needs to learn how to use ops. Too bad hes a fucking n00b. Oh well.. Live and N00b.
02:58:15***Alert Mode *RED* level 204
02:58:15***Alert Mode *RED* level 304
02:58:15livinHedgeMage needs to learn how to use ops. Too bad hes a fucking n00b. Oh well.. Live and N00b.
02:58:15courtcpreglow: people, as in devs or users?
02:58:21scottderLive and Noob?? what does that even mean
02:58:24 Quit livin (K-lined)
02:58:25preglowcourtc: devs
02:58:32preglowcourtc: i don't really want users in a dev channel anyway, heh
02:58:36HedgeMagehow's that for learning to use it? ;D
02:59:16Mikachui hate annoying people with irc bouncers in 50 places
02:59:22Mode"#RockBox +b %#rockbox!*@* " by HedgeMage (i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage)
02:59:23preglowi hate irc bounces
02:59:29HedgeMagedarnit wrong one
02:59:38BHSPitLappyHideo_Kuze: hehe, I actually DID nmap that guy
02:59:38scottderWhat's that I hear....the souund of a prepubescent screaming in the distance
02:59:48Mode"#RockBox -b %#rockbox!*@* " by HedgeMage (i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage)
02:59:48Mode"#RockBox -m " by HedgeMage (i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage)
02:59:56HedgeMagesorry, bad alias :(
03:00:00BHSPitLappyfound an open VNC port, as well as HTTPS and FTP
03:00:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:00:15*HedgeMage beats her aliases to death and does it manually
03:00:15BHSPitLappywish I knew how to crack VNC passwords, that would be pretty funny
03:00:28MikachuBHSPitLappy: it's probably all a sandbox to make you happy
03:00:28Mode"#RockBox +b %*!*@* " by HedgeMage (i=HedgeMag@freenode/staff/HedgeMage)
03:00:33HedgeMagemuch better
03:00:37Mikachuhe knows exactly what he's doing
03:00:42HedgeMagehe can still get in, but he can't talk
03:00:44BHSPitLappyMikachu: doubtful. VERY.
03:00:56Hideo_KuzeBHSPitLappy: the whole 65535 ports?
03:01:05HedgeMagethat way if an innocent user is caught they can /msg someone and ask for an exception
03:01:06 Join hitti [0] (n=tharg@tor/session/external/x-fb1238f2fbc4784d)
03:01:06BHSPitLappyHideo_Kuze: no, just the basics.
03:01:16XavierGrhere we go again
03:01:18*HedgeMage sighs
03:01:26Hideo_Kuzeis that him?
03:01:31Hideo_KuzeI'm using tor too
03:01:42 Join Astinus [0] (i=alex@freenode/staff/gentoo.astinus)
03:01:49HedgeMagewe'll know in about five minutes :P
03:01:55BHSPitLappyhere's what our friend does in his free time
03:02:26Hideo_Kuzeblah flash files
03:02:31HedgeMageAstinus: had to get extreme and +q the isp... troll had a dynamic IP
03:02:52*Astinus hrms
03:03:03*Astinus shrugs
03:03:18HedgeMageI don't like doing that, but at least on a small chan it's less likely to hit real users
03:03:21MikachuBHSPitLappy: he's actually a pretty good composer
03:03:31preglowassholes can be that
03:03:34XavierGrarfenhouse LOL
03:03:35Mikachuannoying as hell on irc though
03:04:15courtcpreglow: anyway, it's a shame. It's good to have a low-noise env, guess I'll have to rely on you posting any interesting stuff in #ipodlinux-dev :p
03:04:27preglowwell, i'm in the dev channel...
03:04:35preglowif other people want to join, they can
03:04:49courtcYes, but do you *use* it?
03:04:54XavierGrhe stole excel saga theme too
03:05:01preglowthere are no one to talk to there, so no
03:05:16sharpewow. he likes married with children.
03:05:28Hideo_Kuzeoh Mikachu ctcp VERSION doesn't work on me :)
03:06:03Hideo_Kuzehe's somewhere in atlanta
03:07:25preglowtime for me to totter off
03:07:59scottderLater preglow
03:08:02sharpedon't act a fool too much now.
03:08:16***Alert Mode OFF
03:09:24Hideo_Kuzesince I'm here, I have a question to ask, why is it that the cvs build table has the ipod 3g all green and yet there is no zip file for it?
03:09:25scottderwhen his mom finds out why the internet got shut off he'll be SO grounded
03:09:49BHSPitLappyMikachu: lol
03:10:17BHSPitLappyMikachu: are you a music buff ( in that sense ) ?
03:11:10ashridahHideo_Kuze: usually that's the case if the actual code being built isn't complete enough to run, but it could just be that no-one's bothered to add it onto the page yet
03:11:50Hideo_Kuzeah, and there also isn't a bootloader for the 3g yet right?
03:13:06sharpeisn't the macro defined for endian swapping a 32 bit value, SWAP32 ?
03:13:30MikachuHideo_Kuze: i figured since you're on tor
03:13:42MikachuBHSPitLappy: in what sense?
03:14:06BHSPitLappyMikachu: in the sense of, say, a band nerd, or someone who would take Music Theory :P
03:14:17BHSPitLappyas opposed to someone with an extensive knowledge of Zeppelin or something
03:15:15Mikachuthis is him,
03:16:30BHSPitLappyerm... composition != remix
03:16:57BHSPitLappy22, and that annoying
03:16:57Mikachuit's a fine line in game remixing
03:17:15*Mikachu is listening to Rayza VS Sonic - Free Life Ditty (100 Reasons Mix) (0:01 / 1:41)
03:17:18 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
03:17:18BHSPitLappystunning; I expected at least 10 years younger than that
03:17:19Mikachuthe original track is 7 seconds
03:17:28Hideo_Kuzewait that's the ahole that just spammed us?
03:17:45XavierGrIs he Ari Asulin?
03:17:47BHSPitLappysee the alias, "Protricity" aka PROT
03:17:57BHSPitLappyand his IP led me to "Ari's HTTPS site"
03:18:10Hideo_Kuzewow, idiot
03:18:14scottder"I'm 22 and my music owns you."
03:18:15XavierGrhe has his mail there
03:18:18BHSPitLappyhe's a regular to freenode's k-line list
03:18:25Hideo_Kuzenow we have his real name, and where he went to school
03:18:35XavierGrlol I will send his mail on every porn site I can imagine!!!!
03:18:38Hideo_Kuzeand his face
03:18:45BHSPitLappyand his face!
03:19:00BHSPitLappyXavierGr: EVERY single place in your bookmarks list? :O
03:19:02Mikachuthat email is probably dead since long
03:19:36XavierGrBHSPitLappy: Hehe
03:20:01XavierGrMikachu: Worths the try
03:21:10BHSPitLappyI'm not finding his stuff impressive from a "composition" standpoint
03:21:11Hideo_Kuze"I'm 22 and my music owns you. Only important thing to know about me is this; if you actually get upset when I call you a fag, then you are a fag. afk"
03:21:14Hideo_Kuzesounds like him
03:21:45scottderbecause we're all n00b
03:22:28XavierGrhis face reveales everything about him!! :D
03:22:29 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
03:23:11Hideo_Kuze"The most influential life ever lived" yeah, irc trolling
03:23:26XavierGr22 and troller.
03:23:34XavierGrThis world is sure strange
03:23:36Hideo_Kuzebibliography of a troller
03:23:38BHSPitLappy22 at the time he wrote that bio
03:23:42BHSPitLappyprobably older by now
03:23:52BHSPitLappyHideo_Kuze: biblio != bio
03:24:05Hideo_Kuzeexcuse moi
03:24:13BHSPitLappymoi is excused
03:25:42Hideo_Kuzeso anyway, who was last working on the ipod 3g?
03:29:18Hideo_Kuze"" has his cell phone number on it too
03:31:28scottderHis AIM works :)
03:36:17Hideo_Kuzeman this guy leaves such a long digital trail
03:36:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:37:39sharpetime to the the horror of my attempt at a save-state type thing for the emulator
03:37:50sharpethat made no sense, at all...
03:37:58 Quit Astinus ("Be right back...")
03:39:40scottderAri has no musical background, training, education or instruction. For the most part, music making seems a very natural thing to him and he believes all that is required is a creative mind and a lot of patience.
03:42:26 Part HedgeMage
03:43:14 Join jpmahala [0] (
03:45:15 Nick BoD[] is now known as BoD[away] (
03:47:37 Part jpmahala
03:49:13 Quit BHSPitLappy (Connection timed out)
03:55:22 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
03:56:15 Join whatboutbob [0] (
04:01:19sharpei got the savestate working...
04:01:49sharpei suppose my miracle for the day is done.
04:02:06 Join JdGordon [0] (
04:06:45*scottder hands sharpe some water to make
04:07:28sharpei'm jesus?
04:07:36scottderbeer not wine
04:07:42sharpesame concept
04:07:58*scottder hands sharpe malt hops and yeast as well
04:08:21sharpethe only thing is, i think the crc's are not correct...
04:08:29 Quit _FireFly_ ("Client exiting")
04:08:51scottderwhat are you trying to do?
04:09:16sharpethe savestate for the c64 emulator
04:09:51sharpestarting to think it really doesn't matter if i have a crc for making sure it's correct.
04:10:59sharpeeh, i'll try this.
04:11:49 Join Falco98 [0] (
04:12:19sharpeheh, it's better now.
04:12:20Falco98hey all
04:12:40JdGordonhey Falco98
04:12:48scottderas long as I can play this:
04:12:51Falco98just got your PM's
04:13:06Falco98it seems great minds think alike :-P
04:13:17Falco98get it implemented yet?
04:13:35sharpeScootScat: well, if it only used text, you could theoretically right now.
04:13:38JdGordonno, not yet
04:13:42Falco98ahh ok
04:13:48Falco98it should be fairly quick tho right?
04:13:51sharpeone s is not enough for name completion.
04:14:24sharpeyeah, standard text mode is the only thing implemented right now...
04:14:33JdGordonhas any1 tryed the new fonts?
04:15:38XavierGrsharpe is there a patch for this c64 emulator?
04:15:57Falco98what has changed with the fonts?
04:16:17Falco98(and are you talking about a global change?)
04:16:20JdGordonabout a dozen new ones
04:16:31Falco98do they replace or add to the old ones?
04:17:52 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
04:18:10Jungti1234What language is this? 'zdej uprasanje je ce bo men to sploh pasal'
04:18:37XavierGrfrench I guess?
04:18:52Falco98i doubt it
04:18:59sharpeXavierGr: nah, there's not a patch... i'm still working on it considerably...
04:19:04Falco98the only french word there is "je"
04:19:13Falco98and i'm not even sure of that :-P
04:19:23sharpethere's an english word there
04:19:46Falco98actually two :-P
04:19:46XavierGrwhich one?
04:19:51Falco98and "to"
04:20:22sharpewhy do i hesitate to call people i should call?
04:20:34Falco98who is "people" and why "should" you?
04:21:29sharpe"people" is my good friend who moved a considerable distance, whom i still talk to her. i "should" because, i don't know.
04:21:34Jungti1234pac Ruki iz Gazette!!
04:21:54Falco98i wasn't trying to challenge. been there myself ;-)
04:21:57 Join livin [0] (
04:22:04livinso, you faggots been talking about me for the last 2 hours eh?
04:22:13livinno other lives to live
04:22:16sharpecan't really say we have.
04:22:22scottderand you're here taling to us
04:22:26Falco98sharpe: don't fret, and call..
04:22:26sharpeFalco98: yeah... kind of sucks.
04:22:27livin03.15.15 # <Mikachu> this is him,
04:22:27scottderwhat does that say about you
04:22:30livin03.16.30 # <BHSPitLappy> erm... composition != remix
04:22:30livin03.16.53 # <BHSPitLappy> wow
04:22:34livin03.16.57 # <BHSPitLappy> 22, and that annoying
04:22:37livin03.16.57 # <Mikachu> it's a fine line in game remixing
04:22:39livin03.17.15 # * Mikachu is listening to Rayza VS Sonic - Free Life Ditty (100 Reasons Mix) (0:01 / 1:41)
04:22:42livin03.17.18 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
04:22:44livin03.17.18 # <BHSPitLappy> stunning; I expected at least 10 years younger than that
04:22:47livin03.17.19 # <Mikachu> the original track is 7 seconds
04:22:49livin03.17.28 # <Hideo_Kuze> wait that's the ahole that just spammed us?
04:22:52livin03.17.33 # <BHSPitLappy> yep
04:22:53livindoesnt it suck to be wrong all the time?
04:22:54livin03.17.39 # <Hideo_Kuze> ahaha
04:22:55DBUGEnqueued KICK livin
04:22:55livin03.17.47 # <BHSPitLappy> see the alias, "Protricity" aka PROT
04:22:55livin03.17.57 # <BHSPitLappy> and his IP led me to "Ari's HTTPS site"
04:22:56***Alert Mode level 1
04:22:56livin03.18.08 # <XavierGr> hahaha
04:22:58livin03.17.45 # <XavierGr> Is he Ari Asulin?
04:23:00livin03.17.47 # <BHSPitLappy> see the alias, "Protricity" aka PROT
04:23:00Falco98sharpe: maybe only try once, but still try
04:23:02livin03.17.57 # <BHSPitLappy> and his IP led me to "Ari's HTTPS site"
04:23:06livin3.23.38 # <BHSPitLappy> 22 at the time he wrote that bio
04:23:08livin03.23.42 # <BHSPitLappy> probably older by now
04:23:11livin03.23.52 # <BHSPitLappy> Hideo_Kuze: biblio != bio
04:23:11sharpeFalco98: i know, i'm going to. the quotation marks were for emphasis, from what you had put :D
04:23:13livin03.23.59 # <Hideo_Kuze> oops
04:23:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:23:14*scottder wonders how livin got into college....
04:23:16livin03.24.05 # <Hideo_Kuze> excuse moi
04:23:18livin03.24.13 # <BHSPitLappy> moi is excused
04:23:21livin03.25.42 # <Hideo_Kuze> so anyway, who was last working on the ipod 3g?
04:23:21scottderasu must have LOW standards
04:23:24livin03.29.18 # <Hideo_Kuze> "" has his cell phone number on it too
04:23:26livin03.31.28 # <scottder> His AIM works :)
04:23:28livin03.39.40 # <scottder> Ari has no musical background, training, education or instruction. For the most part, music making seems a very natural thing to him and he believes all that is required is a creative mind and a lot of patience.
04:23:32livin03.42.26 Part HedgeMage
04:23:34livin03.43.00 # <scottder> Anyway
04:23:36livin03.36.17 # <Hideo_Kuze> man this guy leaves such a long digital trail
04:23:37Falco98./ignore livin
04:23:39JdGordonkick kick kick :D
04:23:40livinget a life n00bs
04:23:48 Part livin ("Requested by Falco98")
04:23:52Falco98it seems to have worked, i'm not getting anything from him now
04:24:05Falco98i didn't know it was that easy
04:24:10sharpebut, he's the one who sat there and read the logs... :\
04:24:20scottderWish you had done that a few hours ago Falco98
04:24:39Falco98was he the troll in here earlier?
04:24:44sharpemy cell phone has sucky reception, so it makes it so much better.
04:24:45Falco98i forget the alias...
04:24:49JdGordonthere u go Falco98
04:24:52JdGordonnow its breaky time
04:25:10Falco98u think that change should be pretty easy to do?
04:25:20JdGordonwhich change?
04:25:25scottderhe shut down all his services too
04:25:36Falco98changing the patch to count up or down for dir. boundaries
04:25:37JdGordonnew patch has the coinflip thing
04:25:40sharpemaybe he's going to sleep
04:25:45Falco98oh is it posted?
04:25:53 Join San [0] (
04:26:03Falco98i woulda tried to code that myself but i'm not too sure what trick u use to tell where the boundary is..
04:26:08Falco98my C is way too rusty
04:26:20 Part San ("test")
04:26:23JdGordonactually i added some crap which isnt needed...
04:26:36Falco98like what
04:26:40Falco98anything nice?
04:26:51JdGordonno, just stupidity :D
04:26:52Falco98or so u just mean in your algorithm
04:27:05Falco98which made it harder for me to figure out
04:28:01JdGordondw.. ok, u need to make 1 really mionr change, whch isnt really needed...
04:29:07sharpei called...
04:29:24Falco98sharpe: any luck?
04:29:32Falco98JdGordon: what change?
04:29:33sharpeFalco98: aye :)
04:30:31Falco98sharpe: excellent
04:31:22 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
04:32:14Falco98JdGordon: oh is "r" insertion point?
04:32:57***Alert Mode OFF
04:34:19 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
04:34:23qwmwb midkay
04:35:40Jungti1234:) hi
04:35:51qwmrichard sharpe!
04:36:03Falco98hardeep: around?
04:37:04 Join San [0] (
04:37:08 Quit San (Client Quit)
04:37:09Falco98jdgordon has implemented that change it seems...
04:37:21qwmsharpe: it's a series of novels.
04:37:23Falco98u have a chance to look at the newest patch yet?
04:37:31qwmsharpe, that is.
04:37:38qwmthe main character's name is richard sharpe.
04:37:50sharpei see.
04:37:55qwmsean bean plays him in the movie adaptations..
04:38:03qwmthere's like 20 novels and ~15 movies.
04:38:10hardeepFalco98: no, not yet
04:38:46Hideo_Kuzescottder: hehe
04:38:55Falco98hardeep: k.. if you get a chance anytime soon, i'd like your opinion on it :-P
04:39:10 Join afruff23 [0] (
04:40:36hardeepJdGordon: i see one bug. direction will be either 0 or 1 which means you'll hit an endless loop
04:40:45afruff23what happened to fonts?
04:40:51afruff23I can't find them
04:40:51hardeepyou want it to be -1 or 1
04:41:11Falco98hardeep: are you taking into account the one-line codefix he posted last on the tracker?
04:41:24Falco98(just makin sure..)
04:41:46hardeepalthough that check should also be extended in the same way for the end of the playlist
04:42:07Falco98oh, gotcha
04:42:20Falco98i'm having trouble just plain figuring out what some of the variables mean :-P
04:42:46 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
04:43:02hardeepactually, nm about the end of playlsit check... i see the for loop handles it for you
04:43:22Falco98hardeep: i think he's AFK btw
04:43:40Davide-NYCI went through all of the hunks in the histogram patch.
04:43:59Davide-NYCchecked whether or not the made it to the resective file.
04:44:00afruff23the fotns aren't included in the builds anymorewhere can I find them?
04:44:21midkayDavide-NYC, yo.
04:44:30Davide-NYCproblems (of course)
04:44:52midkaysure.. 'sup?
04:44:53Davide-NYCput all of the hunks when I thought they were supposed to go (only one didn;t make it actually)
04:45:05 Quit gromit` ("Coyote finally caught me")
04:45:08sharpemidkay, i got the savestate working..g.
04:45:11Davide-NYCcinfigured, compiled, errors
04:45:45midkayDavide-NYC, well, if you're sure it's in the right place..?
04:45:50midkayit ALL needs to be merged, though..
04:45:53midkaynot just a few.
04:45:53Davide-NYCthat's the thing
04:46:08Davide-NYCI can make certain assumption as to logical order.
04:46:19Davide-NYCyou wanna take a lok?
04:46:32Davide-NYCI made notes and only touched four files (of relevance)
04:46:45Davide-NYCthe other two are just .lang files
04:46:54midkayeven easier..
04:47:05midkaywhat's the problem? you can't figure out where they go?
04:47:36Davide-NYCI think the proble reallt is that the AGC patch and the Histogram patches used to be a single patch
04:47:53Davide-NYCI think they "step" on too many similar places and confuse the patch function
04:47:58Davide-NYCthat's what I think
04:48:06Davide-NYC(boulder of salt)
04:48:24midkay.. but what is the problem?
04:48:25 Quit Jungti1234 ()
04:48:30midkayyou don't see where the hunks go?
04:48:34afruff23When I go to
04:48:46afruff23"browse fonts" nothign coems up
04:49:13Davide-NYCno I do (within a certain degree of certainty) but even after I merge the hunk (all of em) configure compile, make zip and put on the unit
04:49:18midkayafruff23, sigh, they're a seperate daily build zip file.
04:49:23Davide-NYCI do not see what I'm supposed to see
04:49:35afruff23where can I find them?
04:49:36Davide-NYCon the player
04:49:52midkayafruff23, jesus, i said: daily build. how about the, um, daily builds page?
04:50:05afruff23I'm there
04:50:10afruff23can't find it
04:50:13midkaylook to the right, now look down.
04:50:16 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:50:24midkaythird row, center, actually.
04:50:28midkaysee it? it's text.
04:50:33midkaythere's a link.
04:50:39afruff23I thought ti would have its won section
04:50:50Falco98BTW, i don't have access to my "safely remove hardware" button these days −− how concerned should i be when removing my h140?
04:51:03midkayDavide-NYC, well, it's hard to imagine that everything would merge and compile and nothing would be different.
04:51:15midkayare you sure you're compiling in the right dir, and copying over correctly, etc?
04:52:11Davide-NYCin a functioning cygwin environment, i DL the source via CVS to dir 'rockbox
04:52:28Davide-NYCI then patch from within rockbox
04:52:43Davide-NYCI then mkdir to "davbox"
04:52:52Davide-NYCI configure and make and make zip from there
04:52:52 Join cismo_ [0] (
04:53:03Davide-NYCas per the instructions
04:53:26Davide-NYCI end up with file detritise in davbox plus my lovely zipfile
04:53:46Davide-NYCwhich contains rockbox.iriver and .rockbox
04:54:01 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
04:54:57midkaymake sure there is no rockbox.iriver in x:\.rockbox\
04:55:28Davide-NYCon the player?
04:55:47Davide-NYCchecking now
04:56:09midkaygood, hm.
04:56:19Davide-NYCthe only instance of rockbox.iriver is in the root
04:56:28Davide-NYCI may have also found a bug
04:56:34Davide-NYCin the new AGC patch
04:56:42midkayi'd let him know..
04:58:50Davide-NYCmidkay, pardon my density, but whom should I inform of this bug?
04:59:04midkaywhoever wrote the patch.
04:59:55Falco98hardeep: so you're saying i shouldn't use the patch quite yet?
04:59:56JdGordonhaha hardeep , yes im a dill yet again :D
05:00:17Davide-NYCall of the authors? Or just the original author?
05:01:31Davide-NYCat least two have had a crack at it
05:01:31midkayall of the authors as in more than one?
05:01:31midkaywhoever made the one you got, i suppose.
05:01:50Falco98haha wb Jd
05:01:51Falco98Jd can i make a suggestion?
05:02:22JdGordonenouugh already :D
05:02:43 Quit hitti ("Disconnecting")
05:03:00JdGordonwhats the suggestino?
05:03:24Falco98i was just gonna say, simplify your algo. a little.. when u do the coin flip, just set "counter" to -1 or 1, (whether the rand is even or odd). then in your for() loop, instead of doing "i++" do "i + counter"
05:03:28 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:03:56JdGordoni is not the insert insert..
05:03:59Falco98easier for u to trace & debug (& me to understand) and you wont have pieces all over :-P
05:04:10JdGordoni keeps track of how many tracks have been looked at
05:04:32Falco98hmm i was just saying "i" for example, not looking at the code itself...
05:04:57Falco98which loop do u use to count down-or-up ?
05:05:16Falco98(the one with the variable "t"?)
05:05:16 Join Shorty [0] (n=howejal@
05:05:22 Part Shorty
05:06:21JdGordonr is the track index which gets counted up/down.. i goes from 0..count always
05:06:34Falco98oh maybe this: simply set "direction" to -1 or 1 depending on the coin flip
05:06:46JdGordonthats what ive done
05:07:12JdGordoni hadnt had breakfast yet and was still mostly asleep before... patch is fixed and almost uploaded (again :< )
05:07:28Falco98what was the problem hardeep was talking about before?
05:07:48JdGordongood ol infiinte loop was very possible if..
05:08:02JdGordondirection was getting set to 0/1 not -1/1
05:08:13JdGordonso if it was 0 it was an inifnite loop :p
05:08:18*JdGordon embarresed
05:09:02JdGordonok this 1 should be final...
05:09:19Falco98that's why i was saying.. hard-code "direction" as either -1 or 1 instead of using all the divisions and mods and stuff, to avoid ur own confusion ;-)
05:09:53JdGordonnothing wrong with a bit of halthy confusion every so often...
05:10:39Falco98maybe i'll let Hardeep look at this one before compiling :-P
05:10:45sharpewell, i'm in a better mood now
05:10:47JdGordonchicken :D
05:11:29midkaysharpe, cool @ savestate :)
05:11:40JdGordongrr.. how to i remove all ttraces of sendmail from my comp??? iv done apt-get remove −−purge sendmail twice and it still keeps trying to be run after a reboot
05:11:43midkay(sorry, a bit late) :)
05:11:49sharpeit's okay
05:11:51midkaysounds like it's coming along pretty well.
05:12:11sharpei just need to figure out what to work on next, not including video modes/disk emulation
05:12:21Falco98Jd: how do i apply the new patch if i've already applied the old one?
05:12:32Falco98do i have to overwrite with the original daily code?
05:12:42JdGordoni guess so...
05:12:46 Join whatboutbob [0] (
05:12:50Falco98oh i guess i could patch -remove
05:12:53JdGordondo cvs up -C to replace with the oriognal copies
05:13:01JdGordonor that...
05:13:33midkaysharpe, well, what're your options? :)
05:13:56sharpemidkay: i'm not sure... can't really think of much else to do
05:14:06sharpei also got it to report the fps more accurately
05:14:09Falco98meh i dont have my cygwin set up to use the CVS directly yet
05:14:16midkaysharpe, haha. nice. :D :D :D.
05:14:18Falco98thx WAB
05:15:01Davide-NYCOK I buzzed both Jvo Studer (vinylivo) and Petur about the bug.
05:15:03sharpeso instead of 11.11/25, it's now 22.22/25
05:15:23Falco98yeah my removable disks have been set to that already.. but i've always wondered since everyone seems to explode when "safely remove hardware" comes up..
05:15:38whatboutbobdavide-nyc: the patch is in flyspray isn't it?
05:15:55Davide-NYCI'm trying to make heads or tails of it now
05:16:20Davide-NYCtrying to identify the switch that turns it on or shuts it off depending on the source chosen
05:16:29 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:16:33whatboutbobdavide-nyc: what's the prob?
05:16:43Davide-NYCwhataboutbob = great FAQ on taperssection
05:17:14Davide-NYCthe prob is that AGC is off when line-in selected as source
05:17:16whatboutbobfalco98: i've done that...but i still actually 'safely remove the hardware' out of habit...
05:17:45Davide-NYCI think it sould be selectable for mic and line-in
05:17:45Falco98whatboutbob: yeah.. the problem is, my explorer.exe refuses to run these days, leaving me w/o a taskbar, systray, desktop icons, etc
05:18:07Davide-NYCand always off during source==digital
05:18:16 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:22whatboutbobdavide-NYC: thanks. 'tis still a work in progress tho. I just added a few videos of exploding batteries to the battery mod section (after reading about the exploding MT)
05:18:34whatboutbobfalco98: that sounds healthy.
05:18:52Davide-NYCWAB, did you get the jist of the AGC bug?
05:19:20whatboutbobdavide-nyc: hrmm...if i were you I'd just mention it in the patch on flyspray.
05:19:24sharpeanyone have any ideas for what i should try to implement?
05:19:40Davide-NYChow do you feel about having AGC available during line-in recording?
05:19:41whatboutbobsharpe: you bored?
05:19:49sharpewhatboutbob: aye
05:19:57Davide-NYCfix this, it'll be a piece of cake!
05:20:07sharpeer, i meant implement, as in, for the c64 emulator :D
05:20:13sharpewhat's wrong?
05:20:22whatboutbobsharpe: *cough*
05:20:34whatboutbobcompletely unbiased suggestion there...
05:20:52sharpei don't even have any other player than an ipod... :)
05:21:14whatboutbobmwaha...that might prove difficult though.
05:21:44Davide-NYCthe AGC bug is just a teeny big
05:21:46Davide-NYC*bug so funny that these crazy arse emulators are way back in vogue now.
05:22:00Falco98whatboutbob: well, it has been this way for a week or so and it's been usable.. i'm just trying to evacuate enough data to do a reinstall
05:22:08sharpeit's the emulator for rockbox! :D
05:22:42whatboutbobdavide: yeah, agc for line-in would be handy once I know what and when its doing it (ie there's some kind of log/cue). Have already discussed it with vinylivo, so it may be on the cards.
05:22:44Davide-NYChere's my unbiased suggestion:
05:23:01Davide-NYCYou have?
05:23:07Davide-NYCI just sent him a PM
05:23:22Davide-NYCI feell like I'm missing a piece of logic
05:23:35Davide-NYCwhy *woudn't* you want AGC for line-in?
05:24:24Davide-NYCor at least the option
05:24:28whatboutbobi mean i just don't currently find AGC useful for my purposes, because its too damn subtle to fix well in post-production.
05:24:44whatboutbobi've got nothing against having it there. :) an option...
05:26:57whatboutbobsharpe: so is the C64 emulator functional then?
05:27:25sharpewhatboutbob: if you mean functional as in, it runs... yep.
05:28:00sharpehowever, only standard text mode works right now
05:28:51whatboutbobahh, ok.
05:28:52sharpeso, you get to play around with the c64's basic
05:29:13Davide-NYCWAB, as a song writer the last thing you want to do when recording a new idea is fiddle with tek. Which is why I find the AGC so invaluable
05:29:32Davide-NYCJust press a button and go.
05:30:01Davide-NYCI even have rec on startup with agc set to voice
05:30:11Davide-NYC(for acoustic stuff)
05:30:26Davide-NYC-one button-
05:30:33whatboutbobdavide: i can see how it would be great for that.
05:30:40Davide-NYCwell two, I have to hit the little red button
05:30:51Davide-NYCso two buttons, on and rec
05:33:17 Part courtc
05:34:11sharpemidkay: the savestate also takes into account if the savedstate was saved as little or bit endian... so incase the saved states are transferred to another player with a different endianness, it will still recognize it correctly... at least, i hope :D
05:34:24sharpeer, big. not bit.
05:35:58 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
05:36:38Davide-NYChey WAB, I gotta go out now, but I wanted to ask one last question about AGC
05:36:56Davide-NYCdid Jvo say anything about implementing this? did he say it would be easy?
05:36:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:37:10Davide-NYCBecause I could ask a programmer friend to help me out.
05:37:56Davide-NYCMan, I;m an idiot, WAB logged out a few minutes ago
05:38:02Davide-NYCgood night people
05:38:29Falco98god damn usb 1.1 is slow...
05:38:30Davide-NYChey sharpe, if you really bored (I mean for real) and you want to help the iriver fols out
05:38:39Falco98especially when copying a few gigs of new rips to the h140 :-P
05:38:48Davide-NYClike Falco98!
05:39:07Falco98what's the request?
05:39:09Davide-NYCyou could take a look at the AGC patch and the Histogram patch
05:39:12Falco98not that i can do it, just curious
05:39:30Davide-NYCAGC for line-in recording, not just mic-in recording
05:39:40Davide-NYCAGC makes no sense for Digital input
05:39:45sharpewell, i'm not a dev, nor do i know anything about the playback/recording engines. :D
05:39:50Davide-NYC(blass preglow for that)
05:40:00Falco98and i don't know too much about recording in general
05:40:01sharpebut, i can take a crack at it without success
05:40:15Davide-NYCif you're so certain don;t waste you rtimw
05:40:25Davide-NYCcheck em out here
05:40:26sharpewhich would mostly consist of staring at it for a few minutes, and asking myself "the hell?"
05:41:01Davide-NYCthe patch at the very bottom
05:41:34Davide-NYClook for stuff that refers to SOURCE_MIC
05:41:53Davide-NYCif general_settings.record_input == SOURCE_MIC
05:42:01Davide-NYC(that was from memory)
05:42:22sharpeand what do you want it to do?
05:42:33sharpeer, bug fix?
05:42:46Davide-NYCI want the AGC function to be available when line-in is chosen as source
05:43:07Davide-NYCit's maybe a feature
05:43:43sharpei *may* be able to get that to work
05:43:45Davide-NYCI can't understand why it wouldn;t be implemented on line-in, so if it was overlooked then it's a bug-fix.
05:44:06Davide-NYCBut if there's a good reason for it to not have been implemented on line-in then it's a feature
05:44:13Davide-NYCya dig?
05:44:20Davide-NYCI gotta run out
05:44:29Davide-NYCBut I'll log back in when I get back
05:44:34Davide-NYCdude, thanks!
05:44:42 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
05:49:26 Join ST [0] (
05:51:09 Quit ST (Client Quit)
06:00:16Falco98hmm.. 70 minutes to copy 3.5 gigs of ogg's onto my h140
06:00:21Falco98stupid old-USB
06:03:31midkay<sharpe> midkay: the savestate also takes into account if the savedstate was saved as little or bit endian... so incase the saved states are transferred to another player with a different endianness, it will still recognize it correctly... at least, i hope :D
06:03:37midkaysharpe, pretty, uh, cool.
06:03:42scottderoggs rule! :)
06:08:12Falco98i'm copying a big batch of files to my h140, and it seems to have given up mid-copy
06:08:23Falco98it's been stuck on one song for a few minutes now
06:08:26Falco98anyone seen this before?
06:08:46Falco98the HDD access light is gone
06:09:47Falco98ahh nm
06:10:07Falco98i had started a copy of something else across the network and i guess it "paused" the iriver transfer for me
06:14:25sharpei'm going to play with dll injection
06:14:50Rickwhy take it into account
06:14:55Rickjust make sure it's always in whatever endian
06:15:09sharpeeh, because i'm lazy.
06:15:39Falco98hmm.. night all
06:15:42sharpeit'd take about the same amount of code to save in in a certain endian, as it does to save it in whatever endian and conver it if needed
06:15:47Falco98thx to jdgordon and hardeep..
06:15:59Falco98and everyone remember to try out the random-albums patch :)
06:16:42 Quit Falco98 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:16:49sharpewoo! time to go see what programs i can crash.
06:16:55sharpeg'night everyone
06:31:18 Join nave7693 [0] (
06:34:58 Part nave7693
06:36:28 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
06:36:35Davide-NYCSharpe I'm back
06:37:11Davide-NYC /msg NickServ IDENTIFY Davide-NYC
06:38:03scorchenice password >_>
06:38:25Davide-NYCsloppy cut 'n' paste
06:38:43Davide-NYCfirst few days on IRC (ever)
06:38:44scorchethat is why i always do it in the console, so even then, it wont get through
06:39:06Davide-NYCscorche, explain
06:39:15scorchewell, the server window
06:39:38Davide-NYCyou mean over in the window?
06:40:18 Join Doomed [0] (
06:40:52afruff23is there any help page for making a tagnavi.config file?
06:46:46 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
06:46:48afruff23can I make another file but name it blah.tcd and it would work with tagcache?
06:50:05afruff23what am I supposed to use to edit the tagnavi file?
06:50:20afruff23it seems to have unsupported characters when I pen it in notepad
06:52:11afruff23wil vim dispaly the unsupported character?
06:52:22afruff23or is the character actually a square?
06:52:53afruff23it's a program
06:53:48afruff23the sqaures seem to occur in predictable palces
06:54:16afruff23"Artists" artist : album : title"Albums" album : title
06:54:26Doomedin a tagcache.tcd?
06:55:05afruff23after the word title is the square symbol
06:55:25afruff23it's some sort of spacer icon
06:56:24Doomedyeha ive noticed that in a lot of things
06:56:27Doomedits doubl
06:57:03Doomeddoubled boxes right
06:58:16afruff23I would appreciate a tagnavi.tcd tutorial very much
06:59:56 Quit afruff23 ("We be chillin - IceChat style")
07:10:17 Join TheD [0] (
07:15:37 Join aBrick [0] (
07:15:59aBrickanyone around to help with a couple of quick questions?
07:20:10scorcheaBrick: ask your questions and someone will come back, and see them
07:22:39 Join Sinbios [0] (
07:23:28aBrickfair enough
07:24:29sharpecan't sleep...
07:24:48aBrickregarding tagcache usage, after following the setup steps on the wiki, and forcing a tagcache update, I rebooted by player (ipod 5g) and was presented with an error message about loading a codec, didn't get the exact message, but I'm going to try again to get it. Also, nothing is available after the reboot and tagcache commit.
07:25:31sharpeaBrick: yeah, it seems after a tagcache update; there's always a codec error (for 5g anyway), rebooting will fix it.
07:25:31aBrickbtw, the message about the codec appeared when trying to restart the last playing song (resume feature is on)
07:25:49aBrickso, basically reboot twice?
07:25:54sharpepretty much
07:26:00aBricki'll give it a shot, thx
07:27:20aBrickalso, does there happen to be a computer based application to update the tagcache info?
07:27:27aBrickto speed the process...
07:28:06sharpethere was someone who had asked about that before, but i'm not aware of if he's done anything with it
07:28:10aBrickthought i'd ask. would be pretty handy, maybe i'll think about getting involved this summer when school doesn't own my life.
07:29:54sharpeif you do, do something with the idea of an offline tag cache updater, you can find the tagcache functions in /apps/tagcache.c and .h, in the rockbox source...
07:30:13sharpefor building the database and such
07:31:41aBrickthanks, i'll try to remember that while losing my mind for the next few weeks.
07:31:49sharpeheh, anytime
07:32:22sharpei think i'm going to head to sleep now...
07:32:42aBricki'm going to continue working on my paper
07:32:48aBrickboo for papers.
07:32:52scorchesharpe: need me to come tuck you in?
07:32:55sharpeoh, reminds me. i've got to rewrite that paper.
07:33:00sharpeer, parts of it.
07:33:12sharpescorche: no thanks
07:33:20scorchesharpe: =[
07:33:36sharpeheh. anyway, g'night everyone.
07:34:07sharpei doubt i'm going to get anything done with the c64 emulator tomorrow...
07:34:37sharpeokay... vision is... tilting... 'night.
07:36:10 Quit Hideo_Kuze (Remote closed the connection)
07:36:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:37:32aBrickideas on no menu displayed after enabling tagcache and setting display options to ID3 Database?
07:43:16midkaydid you update it?
07:43:21midkayyou need to reboot, probably.
07:45:54JdGordonwernt u going to bed like 2 hours ago sharpe ?
07:48:28aBrickyeah, i forced an update, rebooted, i see the tagcache comitting X/10 messages, then the Artist/Album/Etc. options are not displayed
07:49:05midkaycheck to be sure you have a tagnavi.config file in /.rockbox ..
07:49:09midkaymaybe you deleted it.
07:49:19aBricki must've
07:49:21aBrickit's not there.
07:49:30aBrickdo i need to recreate that somehow?
07:49:42midkayyes, put it back from a cvs build.
07:50:08JdGordon hahahaha
07:52:09aBrickbeautiful, thanks for that.
08:15:26 Join ashridah [0] (
08:20:12 Quit nobelium (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:24:35 Quit TheD ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:27:27amiconnbattery_bench.rock has a bug in its spinup detection / handling ...
08:28:19dongsis ipod firmware loaded at a fixed address in memory?
08:28:23dongs(the apple one)
08:28:34dongsand if it is what is it
08:38:10 Join Acksaw [0] (
08:54:53 Join Poka64 [0] (
09:04:26 Join Ribs [0] (
09:07:54 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
09:08:23Davide-NYCany devs or helpful souls around to answer a quick question
09:10:13JdGordondont ask to ask.. just ask...
09:10:41Davide-NYCwhat do I do when I have the following message during a make zip ::−−> Skip redeye.rwps due to size restraints
09:11:18Davide-NYCwhat exactly does it mean? I'm using cygwin to build on win32
09:12:12amiconnYou don't need to do anything about it
09:12:38amiconnIt just means that the wps packaging left out a wps for your target, as it doesn't fit the lcd
09:12:39dongsamiconn: do you know where apple firmware is loaded in memory?
09:12:43amiconn(too big or too small)
09:12:50amiconndongs: nope
09:13:04 Join Hideo_Kuze [0] (n=irc@tor/session/external/x-f99165b31e37dd89)
09:22:58Davide-NYCDoes anyone know where I can find the default WPS code for iriver targets?
09:23:16Davide-NYC(probably the same as the gray 4g ipod WPS code
09:23:43 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
09:24:13 Join RedBreva [0] (
09:34:11RedBrevaDavide-NYC: isn't the default WPS platform agnostic? (
09:35:46midkayit is.
09:37:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:38:05amiconnAll bitmap targets have the same default wps. Player is different
09:38:06Davide-NYCI see now, the peakmeter doesn't fit on some targets and is thus not displayed, but the code si the same?
09:38:40amiconnPeakmeter should fit on all targets with the default font
09:39:01 Quit Poka64 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:39:03midkayamiconn, not recorders with the status bar on..
09:39:11Paul_The_NerdThe rockbox_default wps code should probably be on the front CustomWPS page, since the code itself isn't shown in the .wps file
09:40:49Davide-NYCThat's were I found it
09:40:54Davide-NYC*after* asking the question
09:41:18Paul_The_NerdThough it is shown in the CustomWPS page.
09:41:21Paul_The_NerdThe code is.
09:41:23amiconnmidkay: Ah, yes, one line too much...
09:41:37Paul_The_NerdIn my first statement I meant "WpsGallery" rather than CustomWPS
09:42:12 Quit Hideo_Kuze ()
09:52:52Davide-NYCurgh, trying to compile the simulator, having trouble.
09:53:18Davide-NYCLD rockboxui.exe
09:53:54 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
09:56:30Paul_The_NerdWhat error are you getting?
09:59:16Davide-NYCurghh, too tired, closed the cywin window by accident..
09:59:29Davide-NYCI'll try it again tomorrow
09:59:38 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
10:00:05 Join Poka64 [0] (
10:14:17 Join {edf}ss [0] (
10:14:24{edf}ssAnyone around?
10:18:33amiconn. /msg logbot seen Anyone
10:19:16{edf}ssamiconn I'm just getting started, and one of the first directions is to download the firmware; all Apple has for download is their updater, so what's needed to be done?
10:20:22 Join znot [0] (
10:20:56*amiconn guesses {edf}ss has an ipod
10:21:08{edf}ssthank you.
10:21:14{edf}ss2gb nano
10:22:38 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.1")
10:24:37Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: Our instructions tell you exactly which files to download, none of them are from apple...
10:25:16{edf}ssthe instructions at that link are great, the pdf is not
10:25:25{edf}sswell, not for ipods, anyway
10:26:21*amiconn summons LinusN
10:26:48amiconnI need some info on target tree...
10:27:40amiconnA wiki page about it is still missing...
10:29:10 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
10:31:51Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: Where are there PDF instructions, or are you just talking about the manual?
10:32:07{edf}ssyes the manual
10:32:07Paul_The_NerdThe manual
10:32:52Paul_The_NerdYeah, it's a draft.
10:33:14Paul_The_NerdThere's not a final install process (you may notice it's not as simple as it could be) and once there is it'll probably go in the manual.
10:34:20{edf}ssno prob at all, I just couldn't figure out what to do based on the manual, heh
10:34:24Paul_The_NerdWith the iPod, theoretically we can eventually have a one-click install, and there's a few installers people in the forums have made that are approaching that point.
10:35:34amiconnBe careful about one-click install. It may be patented ;)
10:36:44Paul_The_NerdWell we can pick an arbitrary number of clicks to demand from the user to avoid patents.
10:38:20{edf}ssall the low ones have been patented, you could make a 312-click install :/
10:38:44*amiconn got 21 hours of playback out of his new battery set
10:40:06 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
10:41:36linuxstbdongs: The Apple firmware is loaded to the start of RAM (0x10000000 on the PP502x ipods), but I think the Apple firmware then remaps RAM to start at 0x00000000 - which Rockbox does as well.
10:46:21 Join Poka64 [0] (
10:46:27JdGordonnot bad amiconn, what was it before the new batts?
10:47:06amiconnDidn't do an exact measurement, but I has the impression it was way less.
10:47:37amiconnThat's what I want to find out with the tests I'm currently running - it seems our recorder v1 charging algo is still crap
10:48:17scorcheamiconn: what batteries?.....and crap in what way?
10:48:18amiconnThe batteries were charge in an external charger for my first run (the one getting 21 hours)
10:48:48amiconnscorche: It seems to shut off too early, for various reasons
10:49:06 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
10:49:07amiconnMy old batteries were 2500mAh, new ones are 2700mAh
10:49:31amiconnResoldered & cleaned battery contacts as well when changing them
10:49:54scorchelast time i tried batteries >2300, they didnt work =S
10:50:32scorcheand my player emitted a beeping that seemed to come out of the mic...
10:51:07scorcheand the batteries were good...i am using them in my mouse atm
10:51:23amiconnThat doesn't necessarily mean they are good enough
10:51:47scorcheand does the charging shut off completely too soon, or go into trickle too soon?
10:52:09amiconnIt depends on the inner resistance - since the hard disk draws a lot of currrent when spinning up, it is important that the inner resistance is low
10:52:38amiconnA mouse needs less current, so batteries with a higher inner resistance will work fine
10:53:07 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
10:53:17amiconnWell, the current algorithm always trickles
10:53:50amiconnI had a similar effect as you only once - when I tried an old set of 1200mAh cells, the unit didn't start
10:54:04 Join chang [0] (
10:54:12scorcheany beeping?
10:54:29scorcheor ever heard any other occurances of beeping?
10:55:11amiconnNo. It just didn't work, although the batteries were fully charged
10:56:11amiconnMy player hd sometimes made funny noises when the (old) batteries were almost empty
10:57:25scorche"funny noises"?
10:57:55amiconnTrying to spin up ..."squeak"
10:58:26scorchehmmm....this was most definitely a beep....and the mic is the only thing that i can imagine producing it
10:59:14amiconnThere is no mic in the player... and a mic can't produce noises, at least not the type of mic used in the recorder
10:59:51{edf}ssHAHAHA DOOM ON MY IPOS
10:59:57{edf}sssorry I'm just highly amused
10:59:59scorchethere is nothing else that would be capable of it though...
11:00:06scorcheunless you can think of something
11:00:08{edf}ssthanks guys, later
11:01:05scorcheand i have never known of a HD producing a distinctive "beep" in regular intervals or any other intervals for that matter
11:01:56 Join powr-toc [0] (
11:04:35Paul_The_NerdI've heard an HD make very very very beep-like sounds.
11:06:46 Join lee-qid__ [0] (
11:08:26 Join TehYoda [0] (
11:08:31 Nick TehYoda is now known as Trkstr (
11:08:52Trkstrok quickly someone start talking me out of uninstalling rockbox
11:09:07znotok, shut up
11:09:14Trkstrnot helping
11:09:19Paul_The_NerdTrkstr: If you don't like it, feel free. But I'm curious why
11:09:31Trkstrbasically i have lots of accessories
11:09:41Trkstrfm receivers
11:09:50znotdual b00t for a dual n00b
11:09:57Trkstri do dual boot
11:10:26Trkstrbut for some reason, with the external battery installed, it won't let me boot into normal bio (i know i know normal bios... bleh)
11:10:35markunTrkstr: you could uninstall it an come back in 6 months time to see if we have support for accessories
11:10:43Trkstri could
11:10:45znotreal problem is you cant use itunes db and no-db simultaniously
11:10:47Paul_The_NerdTrkstr: Disregard znot. Don't let him get on your nerves.
11:11:10znotthat, and the whole rockbox id3 tag browser is broken still
11:11:15Trkstri don't want to uninstall as i like bejeweled on the run :P
11:11:32 Join stripwax [0] (
11:11:37Paul_The_NerdTrkstr: Can't you unplug the external battery, boot Retail, THEN plug it in?
11:12:09Trkstrtrue i could
11:12:26Trkstrbut most of the time, the external battery is for when i run near dry on my iopod ;P
11:12:42Paul_The_NerdWell, plugging it in for a few seconds should charge the iPod for long enough to boot Retail without it.
11:14:13 Part markun ("Requested by znot")
11:14:18 Join markun [0] (
11:15:00 Join dj-fu [0] (
11:20:42{edf}ssWho is developing the DooM plugin for rockbox?
11:21:17midkayhe's not in here at the moment.
11:21:26{edf}ssit's a 1-man project?
11:21:36scorcheleave a message after the beep..
11:21:42midkaywell, everybody's open to work on it..
11:21:52midkaythe main dev behind it is not around.
11:22:07midkaywhy would you ask who if you know it's a number of people?
11:23:37{edf}ssI don't know. Is the guy Paul Louden, or is that someone else?
11:23:37 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
11:24:49midkaythat's Paul_The_Nerd, and i don't believe he's contributed a line of code to the rockbox doom plugin. :) (no offense paul, and correct me if i'm wrong please)
11:25:24Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I contributed to the original version, and then he went and switched source-ports. I still didn't contribute too much though, just some simple bits here and there, housekeeping really]
11:25:38Paul_The_NerdThe guy you're looking for is Karl Kurbjun
11:25:55midkayPaul_The_Nerd, ah :)
11:25:59{edf}ssWell, I just wanted to thank all of you in general for RockBox, and especially the DooM guys, because that's just freakin' awesome :)
11:26:12{edf}ssAlso, encourage you to get the music working :)
11:26:37 Join Paul_The_Jock [0] (i=ScorchE@
11:26:57*Paul_The_Jock beats Paul_The_Nerd up
11:27:00 Quit Paul_The_Jock (Client Quit)
11:27:01Paul_The_NerdActually, in highschool twice I was "PE student of the year" for all the horror that goes with it.
11:27:12midkayhaha. :E
11:27:16znotno one cares
11:28:08scorcheyes, i am that bored
11:28:13{edf}ssSo what's the quickest/simplest way to make RockBox randomly play a song from the entire musical contents of your device?
11:28:17znotis it possible to change that ugly ass startup logo image in rockbox?
11:29:13Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: Using TagCache or Filetree?
11:29:14{edf}ssit looks like if you have shuffle on and you simply go into "music" it works perfectly :)
11:29:14scorcheznot: yes.
11:29:23znothows that scorche?
11:29:33{edf}ssPaul_The_Nerd whatever the default is, but it seems to be working fine this way, thanks
11:29:33Paul_The_Nerdznot: It's a .bmp. Replace it with another one. Very simple.
11:29:40znotcant find it, where?
11:29:52{edf}ssin .rockbox I'd guess
11:29:53Paul_The_Nerdznot: Well, it's compiled in, so you'd have to be looking at the source.
11:29:59*scorche wonders is znot actually did any searching
11:30:02znotthats what I thought
11:30:03scorcheif rather
11:30:23znotsee scorche? best not to make assumptions
11:30:32 Part amiconn
11:30:53scorchesee what?
11:31:14 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
11:31:38*midkay wonders if scorche or Paul_The_Nerd was here at all during the past two days when this same guy was flooding and spamming and trolling.
11:31:56znotrofl obsessive
11:31:59 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
11:32:00Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: In fact I was. At one point he was pleading not to be kicked again. It was rather funny in that "pathetic crybaby" sort of way.
11:32:08scorchenot really....but i was here for dongs
11:32:18*scorche searches the logs in search of entertainment
11:32:26znotPaul_The_Nerd is one of those few left who still doesn't realize that I wasnt actually being /remove d
11:32:31znotoh well, n00bs will be n00bs
11:32:50midkayPaul_The_Nerd, haha, and did you see his ocremix profile?
11:32:57 Join TeaSea [0] (
11:33:02midkaywhat a depressed little boy...
11:33:13znotyea, thats why I have 20 songs on the site
11:33:16znotcause I'm depressed
11:33:26*scorche hands znot a razor
11:33:28znotnothing gets by you, fgt
11:33:43midkayby god, i'm an 'fgt'.
11:33:54znotat least you aren't in denial
11:34:00scorcheremember kids! Rippy the razor reminds you to always walk down the road, not across the street....dont waste it!
11:34:02znotcant say the same for paul_the_fag overhere
11:34:23Paul_The_Nerdznot: No, I know you were being /removed, but for practical purposes, anything that removes you from the channel is essentially a kick.
11:34:42 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:34:42 Part znot ("Requested by Paul_The_Nerd.")
11:34:49 Join znot [0] (
11:34:54znotoh please dont stop!
11:34:54 Part znot ("Requested by Paul_The_Nerd.")
11:34:56 Join znot [0] (
11:34:58znotoh no more
11:34:59 Part znot ("Requested by Paul_The_Nerd.")
11:35:02 Join znot [0] (
11:35:04znotrofl what n00bidity
11:35:05Paul_The_NerdSo, that's it 'eh?
11:35:12znotman, I haven't seen such a batch of n00bs in here since the ocremix days
11:35:18znotyea, thats it
11:35:19midkayznot, are you crying in your ocremix profile picture? *wondering*
11:35:29znotdon't think so
11:35:32znotI think I"m sneering
11:35:50midkaylooks like a young man who didn't get what he wanted for x-mas...
11:35:58znotI never had an x-mas
11:36:07scorchemidkay: why am i not finding "znot" in the logs?
11:36:16scorchei dont wanna dig into my personal ones >_>
11:36:17midkayscorche, because he oh-so-cleverly uses different nicks.
11:36:22znotwhile you're obsessing over me, check out one of my later songs
11:36:30Mode"#RockBox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:36:33scorchemidkay: such as?
11:36:35 Part znot
11:36:41Mode"#RockBox +o Paul_The_Nerd " by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
11:36:53midkayscorche, hm, sec.
11:36:53*scorche hugs Bagder
11:36:56{edf}ssI'm browsing through these included plugins, and I'm not sure how to exit from them (ipod nano), can someone fill me in?
11:37:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:37:10Hansmaulwurfpress "stop"
11:37:20 Join stripwax_ [0] (
11:37:22midkay'quan' at one point
11:37:31{edf}ssodd, I must have tried that, but pause/play exited lol
11:37:32Paul_The_NerdKibble or something like that before?
11:37:41midkayyeah, kibble was one..
11:37:45Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: Menu or Menu+Select usually
11:38:07midkaykinnee also..
11:38:16midkay02.13.32 # <kinnee> rockbox: You get what you paid for
11:38:30midkaythat makes me laugh for several reasons, none of which i know..
11:38:50dongslinuxstb: i see. do you know where "start" of firmware is in the retailos.bin as extracted by ipod_fw -e 0?
11:39:11scorchelinux: you get what you pay for
11:40:09{edf}ssPaul_The_Nerd thank you again :)
11:40:53Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: No problem.
11:40:58 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
11:41:07 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:42:35 Quit stripwax (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:42:37{edf}sswhat does DataBox do, display a txt file?
11:43:27Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: I believe DataBox doesn't work right now, but I could be wrong. Each plugin name can be found in the wiki at the PluginWhatever page, for example
11:45:42 Join damaki [0] (
11:46:26{edf}ssheh, only 2gb in my case, no need for that :)
11:47:04Paul_The_NerdIf I understand it well enough, once it's working again, it's basically somewhat similar to what iTunes calls "Smart Playlists"
11:47:30Paul_The_NerdOf course, ideally everything Databox does right now should be able to be merged into the tagnavi.config functionality.
11:47:41 Join whatboutbob [0] (
11:49:22{edf}ssit's perfect as-is for me. I'm surprised that Apple and these other companies use them for so little when it's apparently capable of so much
11:51:28Cassandra{edf}ss, it's a support issue. The more things it can do, the more expensive it is to support.
11:52:01CassandraTo be generous to Apple, one might also say that it's a philosophical issue. They're great believers in KISS.
11:52:34{edf}ssfor a min I thought you were talking about the band :)
11:53:09CassandraThat too, possibly.
11:53:28CassandraI now have a mental image of Steve Jobs in whiteface. That's so wrong.
11:53:40midkayjesus. *shudders*
11:53:41 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.1")
11:54:45{edf}sswow, now I can bring ebooks on my ipod too :)
11:55:10{edf}ssguess I could have done that with the default firmware via "notes" but I never bothered
11:56:20{edf}sshow do you stop, rather than pause?
11:57:11{edf}ssah, hold it down
11:58:17 Join Poka64 [0] (
11:58:23 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
12:00:18linuxstbdongs: In my 4g Color apple_os.bin, the firmware itself starts at 0x200. You can see the eight ARM exception vectors, which are mapped to the start of DRAM at 0x00000000.
12:01:47TrkstrOMG rockbox works with my external battery!
12:01:53Trkstri love rockbox again!
12:02:04Trkstrthe relationship wasn't lost :P
12:03:57 Join damaki_ [0] (
12:04:31 Join dj-fu [0] (
12:06:32Trkstrcome on someone else share my happiness
12:06:50 Join theli_ua [0] (
12:07:42CassandraCan someone remind me how to delete with the iPod virtual keyboard?
12:08:09dwihnoTrkstr: what kind of external battery?
12:08:19dwihnoTrkstr: The Belkin 4xAA pack?
12:08:21Paul_The_NerdCassandra: Move the cursor into the filename, and press Select
12:09:19JdGordonCassandra: speaking of which.. maybe it might be a nice idea to add a backspace sort of icon to the virtual keyboard? so u dont have to remember which key it is... also a \n key..
12:09:53 Quit _FireFly_ ("Client exiting")
12:10:18CassandraDoesn't sound bad.
12:10:34 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:10:34Paul_The_NerdI agree
12:10:37CassandraI really hate the iPod vk implementation. It's so darn unintuitive.
12:10:49JdGordonbit of a pain to implement tho..
12:11:09midkaya \n key? how can you have \n e.g. in a filename?
12:11:56JdGordonfilename isnt the only place u can use the vkeyboard.. but ye
12:12:26midkaythe only place i'd consider \n useful would be like the editor..
12:12:41 Part theli_ua ("")
12:12:49 Join theli_ua [0] (
12:13:00Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Well, ideally we want to have one Vkeyboard implementation across everything, so for the current one to be usable it needs some sort of \n
12:13:24 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
12:17:49 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:18:49Trkstrdwihno: no a belkin one the belkin tunepower
12:18:54Trkstrvery thin and sexy
12:19:12 Quit chang ("So long, and thanks for all the fish !")
12:19:47Trkstrspeaking of thin and sexy, i'm free tonight, so if any of you hot yound ladies out ther are keen for a good night out, im your man :)
12:19:58 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:20:06Trkstrbut when it comes to spelling correctly, im prolly not...
12:22:09{edf}ssWhen browsing the drive contents, is there any way to list all files in a given directory, similar to the default iPod's "all" selection when browsing all music/albums from a given artist?
12:22:20markunBagder: compliments from my girlfriend, she thinks the t-shirt I'm wearing looks really nice :)
12:24:38dwihnoTrkstr: Ah. If I were to purchase a power pack, I'd get one with 4xAA :)
12:24:46dwihno(for the usual reasons)
12:25:06Paul_The_Nerdmarkun: I think the site should have a gallery of everyone with a shirt, like
12:25:22Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: What isn't it showing?
12:25:40 Join obo [0] (
12:27:10{edf}ssit shows everything, but I mean to show every file, including the ones in child directories
12:27:35Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: Oh, you want it to show all the files in subdirectories of the current directory. I'd suggest TagCache then, which will give you basically the Album/Artist/Genre interface similar to iPod. The directory tree shows you an honest directory tree.
12:28:07peturI had the shirt on last week, and had a funny thing happening while riding my bike
12:28:52peturI wear a bright oragne vest above it, and together with the light blue color, several people thought I was a policeman
12:29:04{edf}sswhat/where is TagCache? It's not in the plugin list
12:29:09peturnever have seen so many cars stop to let me pass :)
12:29:25Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: It's not a plugin. ;-)
12:30:30 Quit theli_ua ("Покидаю")
12:30:43{edf}ssthanks again Paul_The_Nerd, I'll learn to use that in time. For now though - something pretty simple - how do you turn the device completely off?
12:30:57Paul_The_NerdHold Play/Pause longer
12:31:24 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:32:32{edf}sswell that was indeed simple, and dumb of me not to figure it out
12:33:03{edf}ssThanks for the assistance everyone, I think I'll idle in here for now, but I must go as it's 06:30 here :)
12:33:48 Join Lost-ash [0] (
12:33:58 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
12:34:16 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
12:35:23 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:35:40dj-fudoes the currently daily nano build boot?
12:35:57dj-fuhaving a few issues with playback and tagcache doesn't work at all
12:36:04dj-fusome disk access problem, but yeah
12:36:06dj-fuanyone know?
12:36:52Paul_The_NerdI'll check a CVS build in just a sec
12:36:55{edf}ssdj-fu unless it was very recently compiled, I have the latest and it's fine
12:37:26dj-fuPaul_The_Nerd, thanks ;)
12:37:37dj-fumigh taswell to it myself, just being lazy
12:37:40*dj-fu goes off to find usb cable
12:39:04dj-funasty, 0.4kB from the rockbox site
12:39:11{edf}ssdoes rockbox support .mid?
12:39:28Mikachuthere is an experimental plugin
12:39:43Paul_The_NerdViewer. ;-)
12:39:48dj-fuit's a DAP! mid is disgusting
12:40:02dj-fudigital audio player
12:40:06dj-funot analogue from the 80's player!
12:40:16Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: It boots fine for me.
12:40:26ashridah{edf}ss: .midi has had some recent patches merged in. it may or may not be working
12:40:35dj-fuPaul_The_Nerd, thanks, getting it now
12:40:52dj-fucontention ratio on my DSLAM is shocking, I pay for 3.5mbit but get 20kB/
12:41:02Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: Y'know, you could've just gotten it and found out for yourself. Note: I used a bleeding edge, not a daily. I'm not sure why you asked about an out of date build, anyway. :-P
12:41:08ashridahdj-fu: midi is still very relevant, with appropriate soundfonts and equipment.
12:41:57dj-fuPaul_The_Nerd, <dj-fu> migh taswell to it myself, just being lazy
12:42:06 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
12:42:18dj-fuYou're such a nice beligerrent channel support guy.
12:42:20Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: MIDI has some playback qualms right now, but it *tries* to work.
12:42:26Mikachudj-fu: is on a 2mbit line
12:42:32dj-fulol 2mbit? gangsta
12:42:45CassandraShared with an entire office, I believe.
12:42:48dj-fuwhy not get hooked up to sourceforge?
12:42:59Paul_The_NerdSourceforge makes kittens cry.
12:43:01{edf}ssit reports "no midi patchset found", anyone have a quick link?
12:43:22Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: stevenm/patchset.tbz2">
12:43:36CassandraWell, if anyone was sensible, they'd have documenteted where to look on the wiki.
12:43:49Paul_The_NerdThe playback speed is entirely screwed up right now, in very much the same way sound effects were(are?) wrong in Doom.
12:43:59CassandraThis is where most people look for their Rockbox related stuff.
12:44:10Paul_The_NerdCassandra: It's linked in the SoundCodecs page under Midi.
12:44:32 Join chang [0] (
12:45:16Hansmaulwurfhm i think 3.0 is postponed to 29.06 right?
12:45:20MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: i halved it and most midis play at the right speed, but some are still way off so there's probably something deeper
12:45:28CassandraThat would seem to be a logical place to look
12:45:55 Join Rondom [0] (
12:46:49 Quit chang (Client Quit)
12:46:52Paul_The_NerdCassandra: Yeah, it's not terribly clear which file to download though. Midi only started producing Audio output again a very recently, and it's not realtime yet in most cases (or even a codec, it's just a viewer), but I'll go ahead and make it clearer which link is the appropriate one.
12:47:06linuxstbThe ipod audio driver only supports 44.1KHz at the moment - I'm sure that's the issue. The irivers support 11.025KHz, 22.050KHz and 44.1KHz.
12:47:35CassandraI do wish the Rockbox lists would stop unsubscribing me. It's most peeving.
12:47:40{edf}ssheh, I put the patchset in and upon playback it gets Undefined instruction at #)$&#& and is frozen. Do you want that address?
12:48:44Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: That would do it. :)
12:48:58Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: Which kind of iPod?
12:49:01 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
12:49:07{edf}ss2gb nano (white :P)
12:49:08 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:49:30Mikachuit worked for me last time i tried it but it was a couple of weeks now
12:49:35Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: How new is your build, and have you played any files prior to playing the midi?
12:49:45dj-fuhey Paul, what WPS do you use?
12:49:47Paul_The_NerdMikachu: I just listened to a MIDI with a clean CVS build from 5 minutes ago. ;-)
12:49:52Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: Mine.
12:49:58{edf}ssdownloaded it less than 6h ago, and I've played several files, not other midis though
12:50:12dj-fuis it available to me anywhere? :]
12:50:18Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: Rockbox-default, no peakmeter, simple backdrop. It's nothing special.
12:50:30Paul_The_NerdI'm a simple guy.
12:50:42dj-fuzezayer is what i'm usin right now
12:50:52dj-fudo you use tagcache?
12:50:54Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: Odd, no recent changes in midi code. But then, I'm not having any problems playing a midi.
12:51:04Mikachui should make a better one some day, i made this one in 5 minutes for fun,
12:51:05Paul_The_NerdOther than the "it sounds like crap" issue, but 'eh.
12:51:31Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: Nah. Every now and then I generate the TagCache to test when people encounter problems, then I destroy it 'cuz I don't need it.
12:53:12Paul_The_NerdI'm a fan of playlists. I just have a /playlists/ folder set up for what I need, and I browse for individual albums
12:53:21dj-fuyeah, same
12:53:30dj-fujust wanted to test it out but I can never get it working
12:53:31stevebi cant find my remote or headphones :(
12:53:42Mikachusteveb: did you look behind the sofa?
12:53:43stevebmy iriver has been used as a removable HD for the last week
12:53:50stevebMikachu: if i had a sofa, i would look there
12:54:00Paul_The_NerdI've just ordered my third h100 remote. I have bad bad luck with those things.
12:54:16stevebhow much are they? i quite fancy one
12:54:21Paul_The_Nerd$35 if I recall
12:54:28stevebthe H300 remotes are a rip off
12:54:28ashridahrofl. it took me over a year to get around to throwing out the box from my iriver :)
12:56:49{edf}ssPaul_The_Nerd: for midi playback, do I need to put this synth sample mp3 on the device somewhere?
12:57:36Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: You should just need to put the extract patchset files in the /.rockbox/patchset folder, and that's it. Then click on a midi.
12:58:19 Join Redbreva [0] (
12:58:34{edf}ssah, I didn't know .tbz2 is an archive, I just threw it in the .rockbox dir :)
12:58:52Paul_The_NerdYeah, when you fully extract it you should have a lot of .pat files
12:59:54{edf}ssnote to self - in future extract on hard drive then copy to flash :)
13:00:31Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: I *strongly* recommend manually booting to Retail, THEN plugging in, rather than letting Rockbox boot you into Disk Mode. Retail is faster on Nano.
13:00:43Paul_The_NerdFor *most* people at least, in deference to Galois' magic nano.
13:01:03dj-fufaster for disk transfers?
13:01:15dj-futhat's interesting
13:01:25Paul_The_NerdPerhaps an order of magnitude or more.
13:01:33{edf}ssI'll keep that in mind, thanks.
13:02:17Paul_The_NerdActually, definitely more than an order of magnitude. Perhaps almost two.
13:03:38Kohlrabiso you just need the latest CVS, a patchset and midifiles to get midi to work?
13:04:20Paul_The_NerdShould be, yes.
13:04:34Paul_The_NerdAs I said though, it's not "usable" yet. Lots of buffer misses, and various other problems
13:04:50dj-fuooh, comitting tagcache, something differnet
13:04:53Kohlrabiok, Monkey Island here I come :D
13:04:56dj-fuso what is tagcache? an id3 browser?
13:05:08dj-fuho ho, it's working
13:05:18{edf}ss:O you can run SCUMM on this?
13:05:22Paul_The_NerdKohlrabi: Exactly. In fact, the sample .mp3 showing how the patches sound is from MI.
13:05:48Paul_The_Nerd{edf}ss: Just MI music. Scumm has been suggested, but it's a big project, and nobody from outside has stepped up to base.
13:05:51dj-fuerr, that's nto good
13:06:06dj-fuPaul_The_Nerd, with cvs, do you get playback? i just tried playing something from the tagcache browser and it said codec failure
13:06:11dj-fu(they are just mp3 vbr)
13:06:25Mikachudid you update .rockbox or just rockbox.ipod?
13:06:33dj-fuboth, and cleared my settings
13:06:35{edf}ssThere is a MUCH larger volume-range available on rockbox than normal iPod. I like it!
13:06:37dj-fuI mkfs.vfatted it.
13:07:08 Quit Redbreva (Remote closed the connection)
13:07:12dj-fustrange, working after a reboot
13:07:20{edf}sswell I still got the freezing on midis heh, not that important
13:08:14Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: Yeah, that's a recent bug relating to TagCache I've seen people report. On the boot when it commits, it gets codec failures.
13:08:35dj-fuworked after a reboot strangely
13:08:38*dj-fu disables tagcache
13:11:44dj-fueh, retail firmware isn't faster paul
13:11:45dj-fu51199488 bytes (51 MB) copied, 13.6174 seconds, 3.8 MB/s <−− retail firmware iPod nano 4gb
13:11:56dj-fu51199488 bytes (51 MB) copied, 13.7079 seconds, 3.7 MB/s <−− rockbox
13:12:05dj-funo magnitudes there
13:12:11Paul_The_NerdAs I said, for most people
13:12:16dj-fuunless I have one of those magic ones
13:12:24Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: You're a nano, and you were copying multiple files?
13:12:31Kohlrabibtw: are there any plans/patches for MOD-support for rb?
13:12:40dj-fuPaul_The_Nerd, just a 'dd' test
13:12:56dj-fudd if=/dev/urandom of=/media/disk/file.random bs=512 count=99999
13:12:59dj-fuand file.random2
13:13:22Paul_The_Nerddj-fu: Not the same thing, then. Try copying a .rockbox folder over. And you are using a Nano, right?
13:13:29dj-fuyeah, nano 4gb
13:14:06dj-fui'll just take ya word for it
13:14:30Paul_The_NerdWell, it doesn't happen to everyone. Just most of us. 7 minutes for the .rockbox folder in Disk Mode, ~8 seconds in Retail.
13:14:30 Join PaulJam__ [0] (
13:14:41Paul_The_NerdIt's very definitely not a "it feels longer" style different. ;-)
13:15:00dj-fulet me test
13:15:02dj-fui'l reformat it
13:15:31 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
13:15:35Galoisit's good to know that someone else out there also has a magic nano
13:16:45dj-fuman, took <1second for a cvs .rockbox
13:16:48{edf}ssthis is not specifically rockbox related, but is there another method of connecting an ipod nano that simply charges it, and is not set for data transfer? I'm just looking for some way to charge it faster :)
13:16:54*dj-fu highfives Galois
13:17:08Cassandra{edf}ss, hold down menu when you plug in the charger.
13:17:10dj-fu{edf}ss, you can hold down menu when you plug it in to listen to music & charge at same time
13:17:15CassandraThat's ROckboxo specific.
13:17:33Mikachumaybe you just have write caching enabled?
13:17:33{edf}ssI don't want to listen to music, I just want the battery to be FULL as soon as possible
13:17:54CassandraWell, if you don't use it, it will charge.
13:18:08Mikachu{edf}ss: it will probably charge faster in apple os
13:18:12CassandraThere's no way to charge with the power off.
13:18:15dj-funot that I know of, Mikachu
13:18:16dj-fu/dev/sda2 on /media/sda2 type vfat (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,quiet,shortname=winnt,uid=1000,gid=100,umask=077)
13:18:23dj-fumounted with pmount/hald
13:18:36Mikachudj-fu: then you have caching on, try writing "sync"
13:18:50{edf}ssok I'll leave it in the plain old apple menu flashing ZOMG DO NOT DISCONNECT OR YOU WILL BURN IN HELLLLL!!!!!!1
13:18:53CassandraI'm pretty sure the iPod charger is hardware based and thus firmware independent.
13:19:07 Join stripwax [0] (
13:19:26MikachuCassandra: if rockbox uses more power charging will be slower
13:19:32 Quit mirak (Connection timed out)
13:19:43Mikachu{edf}ss: i changed the message to mikachu rules yay :P
13:19:53 Join fidel [0] (
13:19:56dj-fuit is a lot slower with 'sync'
13:20:05dj-fu2m 19sec to delete .rockbox
13:20:08{edf}ssMikachu you edited the apple firmware?
13:20:15Mikachudj-fu: i mean typing sync in a command line, not adding sync to the options
13:20:22dj-fuoh, doh.
13:20:25Mikachudj-fu: don't use sync for mounting, it will wear out the flash a lot faster
13:21:17fidelis there a special playce where i should put my music files on using rockbox. or can i just put them whereever i wan them to be ?
13:21:38Galoisanywhere except iPod_Control
13:21:46Mikachuyou can put it there too if you want
13:21:48dj-fumusic\artist\album\ is usually a good layout
13:21:50CassandraYou can probably put them there too.
13:21:54fidelok thx
13:22:04Galoisyou can if you fiddle with the settings to display iPod_Control files
13:22:08CassandraGods the Apple fw takes forever to load.
13:22:15dj-fuaye, it does.
13:22:19 Join gromit` [0] (
13:22:24fidel2nd question:are there custom themes for rockbox ?
13:22:32dj-fusee wpsgallery wiki node
13:22:40fidelthx again
13:22:51dj-fuyou could also make your own, but wps is a nasty litle tag language
13:23:00dj-fuimho, anyway
13:23:23Mikachuit would be a lot more fun with a rendering editor
13:23:31dj-fuoh yeah
13:25:02fidelok: third one :D If i want to view video files via rockbox. do i need a special format for those media files ? if yes, which & is there a converter available ?
13:25:10dj-fuI don' think video viewing works
13:25:36Paul_The_NerdThere's no video in Rockbox on any SWCodec targets
13:25:37Mikachuit doesn't not work as much as it isn't implemented at all
13:25:47fidelok then i need to know howto select if i boot into rockbox or apple software
13:26:00dj-fuhold down Menu to boot into apple software
13:26:02dj-fuwhen ya turn it on
13:26:07Paul_The_Nerdfidel: I'd honestly suggest reading the IpodFAQ page.
13:26:17dj-futhat's probably a good place to start :p
13:26:21fidelok then. :D
13:26:29Paul_The_NerdThough I do just hype it because I want to feel useful. ;-)
13:27:33dj-fuhur hur! highfive
13:29:43{edf}ssWhat do you guys use for a hex editor, for changing txt values in the ipod firmware, for example?
13:30:26 Quit stripwax_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:30:33 Join JdGordon [0] (
13:30:43dj-fuMikachu, should I usually 'sync' before unmounting? or is it automatic
13:30:55Mikachuumount will sync
13:30:55Paul_The_NerdI think the general consensus is that the iPod firmware is something to be "tolerated if necessary" rather than "used" :-P
13:31:11dj-fudamn right paul
13:31:15Mikachudj-fu: and eject will umount
13:31:21dj-fuI actually don't boot into it at all
13:31:26dj-fuMikachu, ok, just checking
13:31:27 Quit PaulJam_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:32:51 Nick PaulJam__ is now known as PaulJam (
13:33:59 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:36:48{edf}ssso are the SCUMM games playable? I can't imagine the txt is easy to see
13:36:58Paul_The_NerdNobody's ported Scumm yet.
13:37:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:37:11{edf}ssoh, someone said they're gonna play Monkey Island
13:37:35Paul_The_NerdThey said they were gonna listen to MI music, actually.
13:38:01dongslinuxstb: i see
13:38:20{edf}ssah, my mistake :) MI Music...I don't even remember it, is it any good?
13:38:51 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:38:51 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
13:39:42dongsok i see.
13:39:47dongsso junk before 0x200 is crap
13:39:55 Join damaki [0] (
13:40:31 Quit Poka64 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:40:37linuxstbIt's not junk, it's the firmware header used by the Apple bootloader.
13:41:22dongsso i load at offset 0x200, and make that mapped to 0 in memory?
13:42:09linuxstbIt's not quite that simple - it will probably start off at offset 0x10000000 and then get changed to 0x00000000.
13:42:32dongsis apples firmware position independent code?
13:43:09linuxstbNo idea - I've never really looked at it. The IPL people will know more.
13:43:10dongshm wow this looks very very similar to my brew phone's area at address 0
13:43:19dongssame 8 xx xx xx EA instructions
13:43:25dongsfollowed by platform name
13:43:25linuxstbYes - all ARM firmware will have those.
13:43:55{edf}ssWell guys I really am going to sleep now, thanks for the assistance, ttyl.
13:45:32fidelinteressting project. thx to the developers (just to mention that :))
13:46:02dongslinuxstb: so those first 8 are to memory offsets?
13:46:06dongsfrom 0?
13:46:36 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
13:46:50dongshm that doesnt make sense. unless the address is encoded. on my nano those vectors point to the portalplayer copyright string.
13:47:15 Join JdGordon [0] (
13:47:24 Join San [0] (
13:47:58 Quit JdGordon (Client Quit)
13:48:16linuxstbdongs: No, they are branch instructions.
13:50:17dongsah, the branch instruction takes address * 4
13:51:43 Join JdGordon [0] (
13:55:19 Join Poka64 [0] (
13:59:56JdGordonso how close to the end of the freeze are we?
14:00:20*dongs checks temperature
14:00:36 Join DaBlade [0] (
14:00:38Paul_The_NerdIt's probably the 29th, since it doesn't seem like it'll be tomorrow.
14:00:48 Join Cassandra- [0] (
14:00:52DaBladeDoes RockBox support Creative's Zen line of players?
14:01:07dongsnice im finally getting some useful stuff.
14:01:10preglowdongs: no
14:01:12preglowDaBlade: no
14:01:14dongsDaBlade: i dont think so. for supported platforms.
14:01:24DaBladeAre there any plans for it?
14:01:38DaBladeOr do you know of any other projects that do?
14:01:38preglowlinuxstb: we know anything about if the h10 has any fancy-ass anti-bricking stuff going on?
14:01:41JdGordondont think so
14:01:47DaBladeI wanna play Vorbis on my Zen Touch. lol
14:01:50preglowDaBlade: no plans, we don't really have any info on the hardware
14:01:57dongsSTMFD is a usual start-of-subroutine instruction? it seems to be saving registers or somethign.
14:02:13preglowdongs: it does
14:02:21DoomedH10 would be awsom e
14:02:21DaBladepreglow: So you need information in it? Could stuff like dmesg output and such help?
14:02:24preglowit's usually among the first instructions
14:02:45preglowDaBlade: what, zen runs linux?
14:02:47Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: People have bricked the H10 through "theming" so I imagine they're easier to brick than an iPod.
14:02:58preglowPaul_The_Nerd: blah
14:02:59DaBladepreglow: No, but I'm using GNU/Linux on my PC... :P
14:03:02preglowthen we'll need jtag for it
14:03:09preglowDaBlade: not much help
14:03:18preglowDaBlade: someone needs to open them up and see what's in them, unless it's already been done
14:03:22preglowthen we need to get data sheets
14:03:43DaBladeWell, there are already working PC-side programs for it
14:03:52DaBladelibnjb for instance, which is used by apps to access it
14:03:55preglowagain, doesn't help us much
14:04:02preglowwe need to put code on the device
14:04:08Doomedwow that sucks bricking on themeing :(
14:06:18linuxstbpreglow: I've no idea how the H10 boots...
14:07:16 Quit Hansmaulwurf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:07:27Doomedits like a sleep mode
14:07:37Doomedfor like everything,
14:07:50Doomedunless u reset it, it goes through the normal boot
14:10:13preglowi've got a feeling we'll need jtag for it
14:10:49dongswow arm asm looks fucking stupid
14:12:29 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
14:14:52 Join solexx [0] (
14:14:52 Quit TiMiD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:15:03 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
14:16:53Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: The H10s also don't have an easy UMS mode, I believe. I keep reading about "tricks" and such. And then there's the H10jr, the normal (5/6gigs-ish) and the 20gig version, I'm not sure if all three types have the same hardware or not. Our page doesn't seem very informative...
14:17:13 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
14:17:46 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:17:46 Nick Cassandra- is now known as Cassandra (
14:20:19BagderI think there are UMS h10 models
14:20:50Bagderso perhaps the ones who don't have it, restrict it via sw or something
14:21:59Paul_The_NerdBagder: Yeah, it's a software restriction. Both the 5/6 and the 20gigs can be accessed via UMS using trickery (things involving removing the battery etc, strange stuff some of it.) Just saying an actual USB driver would probably be needed, instead of rebooting to the retail firmware. ;-)
14:22:11Bagderah, true
14:22:17 Join mikearthur [0] (
14:22:39*amiconn wonders why no 5g rockbox user complained...
14:22:47Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Complained about?
14:22:51amiconnThere's a bug in storing the scroll step size
14:23:05amiconnIt won't store scroll steps > 255 correctly
14:23:07*Bagder leaves again
14:23:21*amiconn is shuffling settings bits around
14:23:51*JdGordon is trying to get nas working
14:24:27JdGordonnetwork audio system...
14:24:41amiconnpreglow: Is there a reason why the decimator gain is stored separately from the analog gain?
14:24:56amiconnIirc the gains are combined in the UI now
14:29:22preglowthere's a single option, so there should be a single setting
14:29:29dongsalac = is that apple lossless shit?
14:29:33preglowdongs: yes
14:29:46preglowamiconn: no idea why it's done like that
14:29:57preglowdidn't petur commit that code?
14:30:47 Quit solexx__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:31:02 Join shadou [0] (
14:36:29XavierGramicinn: did you say something about a battery_bench bug earlier?
14:37:26XavierGryou had a problem when making a benchmark?
14:37:55 Join Rob2222 [0] (
14:38:00amiconnThe problem is that battery_bench only monitors whether the disk is spinning. It does this based on the spindown timeout, but:
14:38:27amiconnWhen playing music, the playback code calls ata_sleep() which sleeps the disk after half a second
14:39:05 Quit shadou (Remote closed the connection)
14:39:06amiconnSo on archos, battery_bench starts its write action when the playback code already performed the disk spindown
14:39:39amiconnThis causes a spinup, with no quick spindown this time, but the standard spindown timeout
14:40:13amiconnIt doesn't cause problems running a benchmark, but it shifts the result due to the additional spinups
14:40:37XavierGrand that appears only on archos_models?
14:40:58amiconnI only observed it on archos so far, probably because they have way less ram,
14:41:16amiconnso rebuffering, while occuring more often, takes only a short time
14:41:37amiconnObviously too short for battery_bench to catch it in time...
14:43:07 Quit Hansmaulwurf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:43:18XavierGrwell battery_bench will never utilize a spinup by itself, it will try to catch the disk in a spinup condition, if not data is written on the memmory until in the end manages to grasp a spin.
14:43:22amiconnThere's no simple solution for that problem I'm afraid
14:43:32 Quit Rondom ("möp-möp-möp")
14:43:48 Join dpro [0] (
14:43:52amiconnWe need a callback implementation
14:43:52XavierGrbut you say that ata_sleep() is called. So I assume that the disk is stopped before the disk spindown time?
14:44:12amiconnAfter the Q_SLEEP interval, which is half a second
14:44:28amiconnThe swcodec playback code does the same,
14:44:33 Join damaki_ [0] (
14:45:03amiconnbut it seems that the disk spins long enough for battery_bench to catch it before ata_sleep()
14:45:03XavierGrso how much time a full rebuffer is needed by archos?
14:46:04amiconnspinup time + roughly 1 second
14:46:26amiconnDisk reading is quite fast on archos (asm optimised :-) )
14:46:43amiconnOndio is way slower though, so no problem there
14:48:14XavierGrah so you say that the plugin sees the spinup (let's say in the end) and the spindown timer is reset making the disk spining longer, right?
14:48:43amiconnI think one of 2 things happen
14:48:45 Join shriphani [0] (i=shriphan@
14:48:50dongsASR = ?
14:48:53shriphanii need help folks
14:49:09shriphanii just put rockbox on my ipod but the bloody font is so small that ...........
14:49:16dongschange font.
14:49:22shriphanihow ?
14:49:24amiconnEither the plugin sees the spinup and starts its write action, but the disk already spun down again in the meantime, causing a second spinup
14:49:25dongspress menu, setings, display, browse fonts.
14:49:32dongsuse a mangnifying glass if needed.
14:49:44shriphaniand how do i get the required codecs
14:49:53dongsthey're already included.
14:49:57dongsall the ones that your device supports.
14:50:00shriphanibcoz for a few songs rockbox reports missing codecs
14:50:06amiconnor the plugin doesn't catch the spinups at all, causing it to save after the 60 minutes interval elapsed
14:50:10dongsduno never tried it with anything but mp3
14:50:13shriphanilike a song called shaan feat blue
14:50:29 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:50:33shriphaniit worked on my ipod previously but now rockbox reports a missing codec
14:50:54shriphaniand i am dead sure that it is a MP3 file
14:51:04stripwaxshriphani - does the file play in , say, Winamp?
14:51:12shriphaniand every other MP3 plays superb
14:51:28shriphaniany ideas ?
14:51:29linuxstbWhat exactly does Rockbox say?
14:51:34dproshriphani: maybe it contains DRM ?
14:51:45stripwaxdpro (MP3 files can't contain DRM can they?)
14:52:20dprostripwax: well there's some stupid xml encapsulation stuff that can easily be done f.ex. (nokia does this)
14:52:20 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:53:17stripwaxshriphani- like I said, can you play this MP3 file in Winamp, or some other software on your PC? Also, like linuxstb said, what *Exactly* is the error message rockbox reports?
14:53:38dongswhy the hell would ipod have this string in it
14:53:43shriphanicodec missing
14:53:48shriphanithats the only message
14:53:50XavierGramiconn: I think you can check if the last is happening. Via the log you can see when the logging happened and in conjuction with the M/DA you can make sure how many measurements where done before a disk spin up
14:53:56dongsMemory full. %d notes loaded, some notes not loaded. (30)
14:54:03Paul_The_Nerdshriphani: I don't think there's an error string that says exactly "codec missing"
14:54:11shriphanijust wait
14:54:13 Join mirak [0] (
14:54:18linuxstbshriphani: I can't find it either...
14:54:25shriphanithat is the substance of the statement
14:54:36amiconnXavierGr: I didn't check the logs yet. I am performing a full playback(discharge) - charge(idle) cycle on both recorder & player
14:54:37stripwaxshriphani- great but what are the WORDS in the statement
14:54:51amiconnShould be finished tonight, then I'll check the logs
14:54:56Paul_The_Nerdshriphani: You were asked what exactly it said. Honestly, these people know more about the software than you, so generally you should trust that they know when something is important.
14:55:03linuxstbshriphani: We need the exact error message, so we can look for it in the source code and try to explain to you what it means.
14:55:08XavierGramiconn: nice then
14:55:37dongsdoes ipod load midi files or something?
14:55:37shriphanijusdt a second
14:56:05shriphaniit is playing them now !
14:56:19stripwaxshriphani - heh. nice error.
14:56:48Paul_The_NerdI'm guessing you were using TagCache.
14:57:54shriphaniand i went to browse fonts
14:58:00shriphaninothing comes up
14:58:06Paul_The_NerdDid you download the font archive?
14:58:12shriphanioh shit
14:58:20Paul_The_Nerd's probably why
14:58:26Paul_The_NerdIt's on the daily build page
14:58:38shriphanithe font archive ?
14:58:47shriphaniand i just put it in the root folder ?
14:59:06shriphaniof my ipod that is
14:59:15Paul_The_NerdJust extract it into the root
14:59:22Paul_The_NerdIt should create a folder under .rockbox called fonts.
14:59:24shriphaniand yeah
14:59:35shriphaniit'll do it itself
14:59:41shriphanior should i put it there
15:00:11 Part JdGordon
15:00:22Paul_The_NerdIt should create a folder under .rockbox called fonts.
15:00:43shriphanithank u very much
15:00:54 Part fidel ("Leaving")
15:01:51 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:01:55shriphaniand yeah
15:02:09shriphanisome songs r still untagged
15:02:14 Join JdGordon [0] (
15:02:21shriphaniwhat about them
15:02:31shriphanihey Paul_The_Nerd
15:02:33Paul_The_NerdWhat are you asking?
15:02:44Paul_The_NerdUntagged songs are untagged songs...
15:02:46shriphanicertain files r untagged
15:02:48linuxstbshriphani: If they are untagged, then tag them...
15:02:52shriphaniso how do i tag them
15:02:56shriphanivia itunes ?
15:03:00Paul_The_NerdAny tag editor will work.
15:03:06whatboutbobamiconn: speaking of battery benchmarks (yeah...i'm a little slow)...I just ran one for spdif recording.
15:03:18shriphanilike itunes ?
15:03:38linuxstbI don't use itunes, so I don't know if it adds tags to files, or only in its own database.
15:03:43Sikua quick question: does Rockbox's AAC decoder support HE-AAC (v1 & v2)?
15:03:49Paul_The_NerdSiku: No.
15:03:56Sikuok, thanks
15:03:59whatboutbob...reminded me that rockbox doesn't write wav headers before battery runs out...even tho the recording appears to stop before shutting down.
15:04:09Paul_The_Nerdshriphani: Try it and find out is the best I can say.
15:04:22shriphaniok lool
15:07:17dongslol @ apple compiling ipod firmware on windows
15:07:22dongsi bet they arent using gcc either.
15:07:44shriphaniand yeah
15:07:57shriphaniif my ipod updater updates my ipod will it f00k up ?
15:08:10dongsi think so
15:08:14XavierGrwhatboutbob: how long did you managed to record?
15:08:14dprowhatboutbob: so we need a sox plugin ;)
15:08:16dongsit'll trash rockbox, yeah
15:08:20dongsso just redo it again.
15:08:28Paul_The_NerdIt'll destroy our bootloader. You'll have to redo all steps from "ipodpatcher -r N bootpartition.bin" to "ipodpatcher -w N rockboot.bin"
15:08:36shriphaniok i aint updating it
15:08:43dongsyou could.
15:08:51dongsit only takes like 3 steps to put it back in.
15:09:00 Part JdGordon
15:09:24 Join JdGordon [0] (
15:09:29shriphaniok i'll update
15:10:11Mode"#RockBox +o t0mas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
15:10:15*t0mas joins the party :P
15:10:22shriphaniok guys unzipped file in root folder
15:10:32shriphanithat should be it isnt it ?
15:10:39XavierGrnow we've got a lot of oppers
15:10:57whatboutbobXavierGr: 13.5 hrs w remote clip light activating every so often (i wanted to simulate 'real-life' recording as closely as possible...)
15:11:02Paul_The_Nerdshriphani: You didn't say what file, or anything.
15:11:15XavierGrwhere you were guys? The whole weekend a bloody troll made quite a fuss here.
15:11:33Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: I'm not normally an op. I've been deputized to watch for the troll.
15:12:00XavierGrwhatboutbob: wow! 13.5 hours with optical in/out. Normal battery?
15:12:04whatboutbobdpro: sox?
15:12:16whatboutbobXavierGr: hehe...nope...2200mAh.
15:12:30XavierGrah that's why!
15:12:36XavierGrBut it is much anyway
15:13:07XavierGreven with a nromal battery it will record for quite some time.
15:13:09*amiconn got 21hours of playback out of his new recorder battery set :)
15:13:12whatboutbobshould be about 8 hrs with the stock battery, but someone else has reported 6 (not sure how old the battery was)
15:13:18dprowhatboutbob: (to make pcm -> wav after the battery ran out ;)
15:13:32dongsPaul_The_Nerd: someon was trolling>>
15:13:49XavierGrthen I guess H100 is the ultra protable reocrding device!
15:13:55whatboutbobdpro: ah. cool. thanks. its easy enough to fix
15:14:14Paul_The_Nerddongs: Yeah, other than your occasional anti-FOSS sniping, there was a much more consistently annoying troll.
15:14:18whatboutbobXavierGr: Its pretty damn handy now, thanks to rockbox...yeah. :)
15:14:26amiconnwhatboutbob: Did you have spdif out enabled, or not?
15:14:33JdGordonany linux gurus here??
15:14:40whatboutbobamiconn: nope
15:14:50dongsi cant believe people troll on irc.
15:14:52dongsso unproductive.
15:15:00dproJdGordon: no, but ask your question and see for yourself ;)
15:15:13shriphaniPaul_The_Nerd the fonts dir
15:15:21whatboutbobamiconn: think that would have a significant impact?
15:15:21dprodongs: and it's so much more fun on lists ;)
15:15:21shriphanii unzipped it in the root folder
15:15:32Paul_The_Nerdshriphani: If there's now a /.rockbox/fonts folder full of fonts, then you're set.
15:15:37dongsfonts needs to go into .rockbox
15:15:38amiconnProbably not significant, but a bit
15:16:02Paul_The_Nerddongs: The archive is compressed with subdirectories, so you should be able to extract it into the root of your player, as long as it's done properly.
15:16:02tim66if you're using spdif on an iriver, would it be possible to disable the analog input/output to save on power consumption??
15:16:04XavierGrok the viewer is seriously f*cked up. It hangs both simulator and my player whenever I try to scroll right with wide mode on
15:16:05shriphaniyups there
15:16:28amiconntim66: Analog input & adc are deactivated when recording from spdif
15:16:36whatboutbobtim66: 8 hrs not enough for ya? ;)
15:16:40amiconnAnalog output is always enabled
15:17:09tim66it would be nice to have the option of analog out, digitial out, or both. if that were possible/?
15:17:35tim66always nice to have a few hours left to playback after a recording is made
15:18:05amiconnI think the analog output power consumption is negletible, even compared to the low impact of spdif out, as long as there is no load to drive
15:18:10amiconn(i.e. headphone)
15:18:39shriphanithanks Paul_The_Nerd
15:18:40whatboutbobi think i get about 26hrs flac playback w/ my battery...has been a while since i tested tho.
15:19:33tim66amiconn: even driving the DAC?
15:19:36amiconnThe biggest drain while recording is most probably the disk spinup. The pcm recording itself is 'boring' to the cpu
15:19:40 Join San||NiceAndClea [0] (
15:20:44 Join anathema [0] (
15:20:44 Quit San||NiceAndClea (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:20:52whatboutbobany of you folks heard of the MicroTrack? Its a 24/96 recording device. A chap over at TapersSection had his Li-ion battery explode on him.
15:21:44dproamiconn: hehe 'boring' ... nice anthopomorhization ... mine esp. 'enjoys' prime factoring
15:21:49dongsmicrotrack rules
15:21:53dongsis that the m-audio thing?
15:25:09 Join whatboutbob_ [0] (
15:25:45whatboutbob_dongs: yeah
15:26:09 Join Rondom [0] (
15:26:14dongsthat thing is awesome
15:26:21whatboutbob_imagine this happening inside of it tho:
15:26:21 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:26:43whatboutbob_and keep in mind that a lot of tapers keep those things in their pockets...
15:26:52 Nick whatboutbob_ is now known as whatboutbob (
15:27:04 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
15:27:06dongsright in your pants
15:27:38whatboutbobtry explaining that away to security as your being loaded into the ambulance: 'sorry...i had mexican food for dinner...'
15:28:38dongstell them you installed linix.
15:29:19 Join San||NiceAndClea [0] (
15:31:10 Quit DaBlade (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:32:01Paul_The_NerdAlright folks, I'm off to war. Be back later
15:32:03 Part Paul_The_Nerd
15:32:48XavierGrI am really annoyed when I am debuggin and the bug appears to be nowhere
15:33:04Mikachui for one really love that situation
15:33:09dproXavierGr: then it's a feature >;->
15:33:18XavierGrthe viewer hangs if someone uses the wide mode with a txt file more than 190 characters
15:33:28XavierGrI put splashed over the place
15:34:04XavierGrand what I have found is that the sim crashes just after viewer_draw ends but never reaches the next instruction
15:34:47XavierGrI have one splash at the end of the function and another one after the call. First splash occurs (end of function) but it will never reach the second.
15:35:01amiconnUse gdb on the sim
15:35:02XavierGrthe strange thing is that between those calls there is no code
15:35:17amiconnThere *is* code - the function return
15:35:39XavierGrhm I should check the value then
15:36:08XavierGrwell the function is void (but I guess there is somthing in return even for void I am not sure about those details
15:36:13mirakI don't remember the reason why on H300 it's not possible to be in UMS mode while charging from USB at the same tim
15:36:18amiconnWhat I would do: Run under gdb control, let it crash, then inspect the backtrace
15:36:59 Part JdGordon
15:37:08XavierGramiconn: ok let me see if I can run gdb and understand what's going on (and how to use it)
15:37:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:37:34amiconnXavierGr: I didn't say there is a return value; I meant that there is code executed between the end of the function and your next splash after the call
15:38:20 Join JdGordon [0] (
15:39:01 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:42:18 Quit ender` (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
15:42:26 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
15:42:34XavierGrwhy on earth a function cannot exit, I am wondering
15:43:00 Quit dpro ("BIAB")
15:45:27XavierGrit is very weird, sometimes the sim will crash others it will just hang. (while the command lines continues to uoput events, like backlight condition)
15:46:01 Join dpro [0] (
15:46:08dongsso you failed it?
15:56:44 Join Falco98 [0] (
15:57:01Falco98ok, there's something i can't figure out with WPS's
15:57:24Falco98anyone around know much about WPS coding?
15:57:39 Quit lee-qid__ (Success)
15:59:55dongsnot me.
15:59:59dongsi support text-only wps.
16:02:07 Join Aditya|Nap [0] (
16:02:27 Part Aditya|Nap
16:02:48 Quit dpro ("Leaving")
16:04:24linuxstbFalco98: What's your WPS problem?
16:05:57Falco98linuxstb: i'm confused about how loaded graphics are displayed
16:06:07Falco98that is to say, where they are positioned on the screen
16:06:12dongsvery carefully
16:06:52PaulJamyou define the position of the images when they get preloaded
16:06:53Falco98like, for example, in iamp... it displays the battery-charge icons, but how does it choose the position?
16:07:07dongsrockbox should just implement a HTML/CSS parser and javascript then WPS's can be made really awesome.
16:07:35Falco98oh, so the 2 numbers following an image load are X,Y coords?
16:07:44Falco98(from the bottom-left corner i'm guessing?)
16:08:12PaulJame.g. an image preloaded by : %xl|c|batt0.bmp|2|5| will be shown at the coordinates 2x5
16:08:32Falco98ahh ok
16:09:02Falco98and are the coords in terms of lines, spaces then?
16:09:06PaulJamthe upper left corner is 0x0
16:09:14Falco98(i suppose they could be pixels but something tells me that would be wrong)
16:09:50Falco98whoops upper-left yeah
16:10:19 Join Daishi [0] (
16:11:40 Quit San||NiceAndClea ()
16:11:50 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
16:16:49Falco98BTW, what happens if i plug in my USB cable while my h140 is playing?
16:18:20 Join dpro [0] (
16:20:17PaulJamit stops playing and goes to usb mode, unless you hold the rec button while plugging in, then it charges from usb
16:21:29linuxstbI think that only works on the H3x0 - the H1x0 doesn't support charging via USB.
16:21:56PaulJamoh, sorry. i forgot that.
16:22:00Falco98i care not so much about charging via USB as "not bricking my player" :-P
16:22:41JdGordonbout fucking time... we will finally be allowed to rip cds to mp3 and record tv in australia once laws are passed :D
16:23:12whatboutbobjdgordon: have they given a timeframe?
16:23:55JdGordon quick skim doesnt show a timeframe
16:24:41 Nick daurnimator is now known as daurn (
16:24:55Mikachui liked how the slashdot article said something like "which you have been allowed to do in the us for a long time" as if the us is in any way an example of a country where you have some sort of freedom
16:25:04whatboutbobjdg: you realise the main reason they're doing it is cos of the US free trade agreement?
16:25:14JdGordonmeh, i dont care why...
16:25:24JdGordonand the us fta isnt such a bad thing...
16:25:56 Nick daurn is now known as daurnimator (
16:26:06whatboutbobnot saying it is...i just think its lousy that it takes that for the aussie govt to do anything about our antiquated copyright laws.
16:26:50stripwaxFalco98 - it won't brick anything
16:27:03Falco98stripwax: k, thanx
16:27:15stripwaxno worries
16:27:16Falco98"haha" was in regards to jdgordon :-P
16:27:35Falco98i didn't know CD ripping was disallowed in australia
16:27:53Falco98then again, according to iTunes, it's illegal here too...
16:28:12ScoTTierecording tv shows onto tape is illegal in .au
16:29:22Mikachuyou have to pay a license to own a tv in sweden
16:29:29whatboutbob...but only cos our poiticians have been too lazy to change the law since 1968.
16:29:35JdGordonso imagine how much worse downloading tv eps from ameica coz our crappy networks stop screening a series mid season!!
16:30:08whatboutbobJdG: that's the only reason i got into torrenting...when 9 frigged with the West Wing.
16:30:20JdGordonhaha, same
16:30:33JdGordonand is the last ep tonight usa time :'(
16:30:43whatboutbobmm-hmm... :(
16:31:23whatboutbobi liked how 9 were advertising it as the 'season finale' though...when it was like the 9th ep of the season.
16:31:47*whatboutbob thinks we've gone off-topic. :-)
16:32:21 Join seeker [0] (
16:33:19seekerhi all... just installed rockbox on an iaudio x5. the manual says that i should be able to reach the main menu by holding play. somehow this doesn't seem to work. is this possibly a bug in todays daily build or am i doing something wrong?
16:33:32 Nick daurnimator is now known as daurn|afk (
16:38:08whatboutbobg'night folks.
16:38:19 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC")
16:38:46*seeker wonders if nobody can help him
16:38:48linuxstbseeker: It could be a bug in the manual - try pressing record.
16:39:06seekerlinuxstb: hmm tried this already shows up play mode settings
16:39:20linuxstbTry a shorter press.
16:39:29linuxstb(or longer...)
16:40:01seekerlinuxstb: aah yes! thanks a lot. that was it: pressing rec just very shortly
16:43:05*seeker weaves everybody goodbye
16:43:08 Quit seeker ("Leaving")
16:43:42JdGordonFalco98: did u try out the patch yet?
16:46:51Falco98it seems to work
16:47:45Falco98ok question... i have the USB plugged into my h140 (plugged in when it was already on), and now i'm trying to do something, but the HDD access light is just blinking constantly and it's no longer responding in explorer
16:49:49JdGordongnite all
16:49:53Falco98ahh ok, i think i might have accidentally told it to shut down while in USB mode −− it just sat there frozen until i tried hitting "play" again which caused a soft-reset
16:50:01 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
16:51:18 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.1")
16:51:42 Join Poka64 [0] (
16:53:35 Join PierreTramo [0] (
16:53:51PierreTramoi'd like to use (or try) rockbox with iriver h320
16:54:02PierreTramoi read the website, but a lot of parts are not clear for me
16:54:12PierreTramoi understood i would have multiboot...
16:54:24PierreTramobut if i want to update the iriver firmware, is it possible?
16:54:50PierreTramocan it already play a vorbis file? what about battery life, compared to the official firmware?
16:57:17GaloisI'm sure these are all in the FAQ
16:58:12PierreTramo ?
16:58:19Galoiswell, the vorbis part is in there at least
16:58:49PierreTramobut i never know if you're talking about h3xx or h1xx
16:59:28Galoisthe FAQ could be improved
17:00:16 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
17:00:33PierreTramolook at the H3x0 column...
17:00:41Jungti1234Where can I get font?
17:00:48PierreTramoCharging -> works? doesn't?
17:01:00PierreTramoCodecs -> nothing means there are no codecs?
17:02:26Galois kind of implies H340 works
17:04:16Jungti1234Where can I get font?
17:07:07 Quit shriphani ("restarting in linux")
17:08:14 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:08:50 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
17:09:47amiconnpreglow: Do you think the signalisation which gain type is in effect (A / D) in the recording screen is crucial?
17:09:51 Quit lalmeras ("leaving")
17:10:00 Quit Jungti1234 ()
17:11:05amiconnI would like to get rid of the separate decimator gain setting, but it will make this signalisation either cumbersome, or a hack of some sort
17:11:54PierreTramodoes the download of
17:12:03PierreTramoworks at your respective homes, please? :P
17:12:13PierreTramodoesn't work here :(
17:15:39 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
17:16:28preglowamiconn: yes
17:16:40amiconnwhat 'yes'?
17:16:52preglowamiconn: if i was recording, i would want to use all the gain i could on a weak source, until it started using using digital gain
17:17:32amiconnHmm, but what's the difference between applying digital gain while recording, or while post-processing?
17:17:37amiconnI can't see one
17:17:42preglownothing, but i've got the choice then
17:17:50preglowi can decide later
17:17:51 Join freqmod [0] (
17:17:58preglowif i don't know if it's gaining digitally, i don't know anyway
17:18:22amiconnMy point is that it shouldn't matter...
17:18:39amiconnYou would want to use the maximum signal range, imho
17:18:59preglowi would want to use the maximum analogue gain, no more
17:19:19preglowif i decide it needs more gaining afterwards, i can do that in an audio editor
17:19:32amiconnPlus, (afaik) digital gain is applied before cropping to 16 bit resolution
17:19:54preglowbut i still like the indicator
17:20:26preglowwhether you are gaining analogue or digital makes a huge difference, and we shouldn't need to have the user guessing what rockbox is doing
17:26:57amiconnHmm, I don't think it's such a huge difference. Rockbox uses digital gain even in the analog range,
17:27:30amiconnsince the analog gain setting is relatively coarse (2dB steps for mic, 3dB steps for line),
17:27:44amiconnand digital gain has 0.5dB steps across the whole range
17:28:39amiconnHow would you signal that?
17:29:26preglowit doesn't need signalling if you use first an analogue gain, then a digital cut to compensate for the lack in precision
17:30:41zeanalog gain just needs to go as high as it can without clipping the ADC... its purpose its maximize the number of digital bits used to resolve the signal (and hopefully do less amplification of noise)
17:31:17zeideally there should be no need for digital gain, just when the best-compromise analog gain setting isn't quite up to the level you want it
17:31:36preglowthat's how it is now
17:32:29amiconnze: The analog gain range of the uda is way smaller than the digital gain range.
17:32:43amiconnWe use analog if we can, and then add digital
17:33:02zei see
17:33:19amiconnStill, digital gain is less ugly than one might think,
17:33:24preglownot really, no
17:33:28preglowbut perhaps in this case
17:33:39amiconnsince the adc has 24bit resolution, but we only record 16bit in the final output
17:34:03preglowi don't believe the adc has 24 bits of real resolution, btw
17:34:11preglowthat's pretty unlikely for such a low-cost device
17:34:17zepersonally i'd do digital in post as a normalization, but that may not be practical for many uses with these kind of devices
17:35:01preglowstill, whether digital amplification is bad or not
17:35:05preglowit's not the same thing as analogue
17:35:17preglowand people have got their preferences, i just believe a partial digital amplification should be signalled as it is now
17:35:21preglowthat's all
17:35:56zei would definately agree that people should know when digital gain is being applied, if thats what you mean
17:36:02preglowit is
17:36:52zei'm not familiar with how the gain is depicted on-screen, but maybe some visual differentiation between "analog steps" and "digital steps"?
17:37:14preglowit's a single range as of now, and as soon as you exceed the analogue range, a (D) is shown after the amplification value
17:37:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:37:52amiconnBtw, I wonder how digital attenuation actually works
17:37:55Paul_The_NerdMaybe a menu option for "Strict Analog" which forces steps of the analog gain step size.
17:38:07Paul_The_NerdY'know, just so people know that it happens.
17:38:38 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
17:38:42preglowamiconn: how?
17:39:03amiconnpreglow: Digital gain is -64..+24dB
17:39:16zepreglow: so currently it's not possible to adjust in fine-steps 0db if the signal's hot enough not to exceed the analog range?
17:39:26amiconnWhen attenuating and the output signal is full-scale, what would be the input signal?
17:40:02preglowsounds impossible
17:40:15amiconnYe, but it exists in the uda, and it works...
17:40:41preglowbut i've gotta go
17:41:11zeamiconn: only way i can see that working is maybe with a bit reduction?
17:41:26zebut that still doesn't sound right heh
17:42:47dongslinuxstb: but where exactly does the firmware 'start' at?
17:42:51dongsnot 0, i guess.
17:43:55amiconnI suspect that the 'digital' gain isn't really digital.
17:44:07amiconnIt's called 'decimator gain control' in the datasheet
17:46:16amiconnIt seems that the difference between 'analog' and 'digital' gain is that the 'analog' gain is applied in the preamps, and the 'digital' gain is applied in the ADC
17:46:22amiconnBoth are in fact analog
17:47:37zedoes that mean the ADC has its own little preamp of sorts?
17:48:22amiconnI interpret it the way that the 'digital gain' influences the scaling of the adc circuit itself
17:48:51amiconnI'll study the datasheet a bit more
17:50:07 Join webguest65 [0] (
17:50:15webguest65Slasheri ?
17:50:16zescaling of the adc circuit, as in what voltage level it percieves as 0db?
17:52:58zesounds weird, but interesting... if thats the case, then it doesn't sound to me like there's any analog/digital gain problem
17:54:04 Join nobelium [0] (
17:54:41zethough i have to wonder what undesirable consequence there might be of that, if any, and if/how it might affect the preference towards the preamp
17:54:44 Quit Hansmaulwurf (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:03:26 Part webguest65
18:12:13linuxstbdongs: Yes, it starts at 0. The first branch instruction/exception vector is the reset vector IIUC, so follow that to the "real" start.
18:21:23 Join hardeep [0] (
18:21:41Falco98so how can i get voume in my WPS to display as percent instead of -db?
18:21:58Paul_The_NerdFalco98: Have you read the CustomWPS page?
18:22:11Falco98i'm missing something..
18:22:45Paul_The_NerdIf it's not there, maybe you just can't.
18:23:06linuxstbafaik, you can't. You can either display the volumes in dB, or display a graphic.
18:23:15Falco98well in the WPS gallery there are multiple WPS's in which the screenshot claims the volume is %
18:23:21Falco98so perhaps i'm just confused..
18:23:26Paul_The_NerdDo those ones require patches?
18:24:16Falco98no mention of, anyway
18:24:17hardeepthey could have been added before the change to dB
18:24:26Falco98that would make sense
18:24:40Paul_The_NerdYeah, that seems likely.
18:24:54Paul_The_NerdI seem to remember a patch letting you show it in WPSes too, though. %pV instead of %pv, or something
18:25:01Falco98cool.. as long as i know that it's not a problem
18:25:30Falco98hardeep: the newest patch from JdGordon doesn't work at all
18:25:31Paul_The_NerdJust use an image instead. People like those. They're shiny.
18:25:34*qwm is very disappointed in rhythmbox
18:25:47Falco98i find volume images to be clunky and uninformative
18:25:57Falco98(and tiny and hard to see)
18:26:14Paul_The_NerdI agree.
18:26:24hardeepFalco98: hmmm, i'm sure it's something simple
18:26:32Falco98though it's counter-intuitive to me having volume always in the "negatives"
18:27:01Falco98hardeep: yeah.. it inserts all folders in exact order, except it puts folder #2 first, and puts its first 2 tracks at the end of the playlist
18:27:06Falco98or something funky like that
18:27:32Falco98Egotrippen mentioned it on flyspray just about the same time i was testing it myself
18:27:54Paul_The_NerdFalco98: The trick is that dB volume actually tells you practical information (especially if your unit doesn't have a fixed line out). There's still the graphical version as a more intuitive way. ;-)
18:28:57Falco98Paul_The_Nerd: yeah, agreed.. i mean i'm getting used to dB, and like having number-exact volume meter either way..
18:32:48 Quit _Lucretia_ ("Leaving")
18:33:25 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
18:35:16Falco98hardeep: glanced at that patch yet?
18:35:40hardeepi don't see anything obvious that would explain the problem
18:35:44hardeepit needs to be debugged
18:36:16Falco98i wish i could understand his code.. heh
18:36:26 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
18:37:59 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
18:38:19 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
18:41:21 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
18:43:50 Quit Falco98 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:46:35 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
18:47:25 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
18:50:16dongswhat the shit
18:58:32 Join webguest48 [0] (
19:11:42 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
19:12:44CassandraI've never really understood how dB gives practical info, since it's a relative scale anyway.
19:12:59 Join bagawk_ [0] (
19:13:10Paul_The_NerdYes, but it's relative to the recording, whereas % is relative to the hardware.
19:13:41CassandraRelative to the recording in what way?
19:15:44 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:16:49Paul_The_NerdWell, basically, a -10 on iPod and iRiver and Archos *should* be the same, because it's 10dB lower than the level the file is recorded at, rather than X% from an arbitrary point (the maximum output of the device)
19:16:58Paul_The_NerdAssuming I understand it correctly, which I may not.
19:17:00 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
19:18:11Paul_The_NerdSo if a file produce 90dB at line level, and you set the volume to -20, I guess you'd get 70 (before you take into account headphones/speakers of course)
19:19:03Paul_The_NerdWhereas, if a file produces 90dB, and you set the volume to "80%" what do yo uget?
19:19:35sharpei know i know! pick me!
19:19:40CassandraHmm. I think I have a lead on why iPod battery life sucks so badly.
19:20:12CassandraAs someone suggested earlier the iPod firmware does indeed seem to charge much faster than Rockbox.
19:20:32CassandraWhich suggests that something other than playback is drawing too much power.
19:20:43Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: The problem is that if 100% is the maximum the player can output, it's different on each player. Some cap at +0, some at +6, some at +12. So 80% is different on each player, whereas -10dB is the same on all of 'em.
19:21:05Paul_The_NerdCassandra: Horrible LCD driver badness?
19:22:08webguest48Paul_The_Nerd: so why does the dB level max out at 0? why not have it go into the positives? (and what if 0 is alot less than the player's output?)
19:22:32CassandraMaybe, except the draw from a non-lit LCD should be (a) negligable and (b) constant.
19:22:44Paul_The_Nerdwebguest48: Not all of them max at 0. What do yo umean "what if 0 is less than the player's output?"
19:23:07 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
19:23:20webguest48Paul_The_Nerd: well if 0 is the level a song was recorded at, couldn't that be only 80% of the player's max output?
19:23:42linuxstbCassandra: I think lostlogic has mentioned that we need to tell the charging hardware to draw more current from the USB - Rockbox is currently drawing something like 100mA, but it should be 500mA. But I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong....
19:23:44webguest48or is RB coded such that 0 dB tends to be 100%...
19:24:25CassandraPaul: I like your theory with respect to dB, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work. Just set my Iriver and Ipod to -22dB and the H140 is much louder.
19:24:30Paul_The_Nerdwebguest48: The dB can go up to whatever the maximum from the hardware is. On the iPod nano for example, +6. Then you can use preamp by way of say, replaygain, to digitally increase the gain on a file, but 0 is the level at which "If the file does not clip within itself, the hardware will not clip"
19:24:59Paul_The_NerdCassandra: Betwixt my Nano and H120 they seem equally loud to me.
19:25:21webguest48cool.. i'm off for now
19:25:24 Quit webguest48 ("CGI:IRC")
19:25:40Paul_The_NerdCassandra: My tests involved the same file, and loading of the same config. Any change you've got EQ/Crossfeed/RG altering results?
19:25:56Paul_The_Nerdchance, rather
19:25:59 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:26:49Paul_The_NerdCassandra: I could of course half the theory wrong. My understanding of some things is quite limited.
19:27:29Paul_The_NerdMan, I cannot type today
19:28:06sharpePaul_The_Nerd: but at least your typos are actually words.
19:28:11CassandraMy H140 settings got reset.
19:28:25CassandraThey're much closer with ReplayGain and Crossfeed enabled.
19:29:17CassandraAs in the same audio settings on both.
19:29:43 Quit Poka64 (Remote closed the connection)
19:30:07Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: That's because my typos are mental not physical in most cases. My hands type some words by habit, and unfortunately similar words get replaced.
19:30:30 Join Poka64 [0] (
19:31:09sharpei believe mine are just due to, me thinking about other things while typing.
19:33:01sharpebecause my brain is so fantastical.
19:33:23 Join scrub [0] (
19:33:26Paul_The_NerdMy brain just exists out of sync with the rest of my body. I also tend to speak two sentences simultaneously. If I can't pick which of two ways to say something, I just start one sentence, and finish the other, often splicing words from them together in the middle.
19:33:47scrubnot sure I care
19:34:17*Cassandra pets the troll. Isn't he cute?
19:34:41scrubsince when are trolls cute
19:34:54Paul_The_NerdSince then
19:35:12 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
19:35:35CassandraOh, in Sweden they have loads of cute trolls for sale.
19:35:39scrubthose trolls have huge dicks
19:36:08scrubnot suprising, most trolls do
19:36:13CassandraOoh, the troll said a bad word.
19:36:20scrubshut up fag
19:37:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:37:17CassandraSuch intellectual prowess, to demolish and belittle me with his superior command of English.
19:37:32 Join Aditya|Nap [0] (
19:37:40scrubI dont deserve this n00bish banter, I donated 12 cents to rockbox paypal
19:37:59CassandraLife is so unfair sometimes, isn't it?
19:38:01Paul_The_NerdWe did kinda get the bottom of the troll bucket, didn't we?
19:38:33CassandraThis one is, I think, a little baby troll, probably with very little assets.
19:38:40scrubyou got a point there paul, this anti-troll charade is quite degraded and pathetic
19:38:58scruband common
19:39:00 Part Aditya|Nap
19:39:35CassandraYeah, we can't all be the kind of intellectual giants who can mock people with such bon mots as "Shut up, fag." Sheer comic genius, that.
19:39:43scrubShut up, fag.
19:40:11Paul_The_NerdOoh, ooh, call me a fag too.
19:40:42CassandraThat word you keep using. I do not think it means what you think it means.
19:40:51scrubShut up, fag.
19:41:17preglowlord of the rofl is back, is he
19:41:33scrubrofl obsessive fags
19:41:40preglowscrub: that's prefag to you, sir
19:41:45CassandraOur very own My Little Trolly.
19:41:52scrubi bet you downloaded all my music, googled me 30 times, and checked out my
19:41:54sharpewe can market that.
19:41:55scrubrofl obsessive
19:42:20CassandraIsn't he adorable?
19:42:23sharpe"My Little Troll" Now comes with free irc access!
19:42:28preglowno, no i didn't do that
19:44:20preglowi prefer to give my attention to the musicians that aren't twats
19:44:31scrubthen you had better start doing that, n00b
19:44:41preglowcan do
19:45:26CassandraIs a n00b better or worse than a fag? Enquiring minds want to know.
19:45:36preglowCassandra: i'm both
19:45:46preglowso it can't be good
19:45:46scrubShut up, obsessive n00b fag.
19:45:47CassandraOoh, you must really suck.
19:46:11goffa_what i don't understand... is how n00b's can program rockbox.. since n00b=newbie
19:46:30preglowsheer luck
19:46:37XavierGrwho is musician here?
19:46:37goffa_that must be it :)
19:46:41XavierGrwhat scrub?
19:46:44Paul_The_NerdThousand monkeys, thousand typewriters, you know the drill.
19:46:45CassandraPoor little sexually confused troll. Do you think one of the other trolls exposed himself to him when he was a baby or something?
19:46:52scrubShut up, obsessive n00b fag.
19:46:57XavierGryou call cheap remixes compositions?
19:47:04scrubI may be a troll, but at least I'm not a girl
19:47:09Cassandragoffa_, it's trollish. It doesn't have to make sense.
19:47:15scrubI dont call remixes compositions, I call them remixes
19:47:21XavierGryou made my day scrub! LOL
19:47:23goffa_i hope he can find another fag-troll to hang out with ;)
19:47:32scrubglad to have another fan on board
19:47:38goffa_might bighten his mood
19:47:40scrubI can send you some stuff thats not on that site if you want XavierGr
19:47:44scrubhere, let me dcc
19:47:53CassandraHow very lucky for you. I wish I could be a big manly man like you. I guess I'll just have to resign myself to my natural inferiority.
19:47:58XavierGrno thanks I am not interested on remixes
19:48:08scrubglad you agree, chickie
19:48:17scrubmake up your n00bie mind XavierGr
19:48:36XavierGrand people that are not smart enough to realise how shitheads they are.
19:49:03CassandraOh, he's probably just about smart enough for that.
19:49:08scrubmy songs own yal
19:49:21XavierGrscrub: I see you are (or maybe more) 22 years old. You must be a real loony
19:49:21scrubthats some impressive english there XavierGr
19:49:27CassandraIt's just that I think that this is the first time he's ever spoken to a woman he wasn't related to.
19:49:35scrub22 was a joke at the time
19:49:39scrubI'm 32
19:50:00scrubyea that must be it
19:50:07Paul_The_NerdThat's close to the power of two I was guessing.
19:50:23XavierGrmy my, I thought trolls were <=10 years old
19:50:32scrubthought again, n00b
19:50:59goffa_some trolls live to their hundreds in some books i've read
19:51:17scrubI own a house near college, you can google it up. prefag already did. Live with 2 girls, one whom I used to date, but dumped
19:51:24sharpescrub: it would be 'think again.' 'thought again' is past tense.
19:51:25scrubMostly I cant stand women, just the sex part is fine
19:51:38goffa_sounds like 3's company mr tripper
19:51:40XavierGrscrub you know what I don't care what you do
19:51:41scrubif not for sex and food prepairation, women are complete social voids
19:51:57scrubeveryone has been talking about me for the last half an hour
19:52:02XavierGrthis guy is sure funny
19:52:03scrubofcourse they care about what I do
19:52:17XavierGryeah you are the clown of the channel you knwo
19:52:18scruball this free attention, I must perform
19:52:24CassandraWe know it makes you feel good. The problem is we just can't resist. You're so cute.
19:52:26scruband you're a rnd
19:52:37XavierGrdon't forget to put on you red nose
19:52:43scruboh shit,
19:52:48scrubred nose
19:53:00scruband I"m the one they're trying to ban
19:53:02scrubthats justice
19:53:30scrubso yea, as I was saying
19:53:34Mikachuscrub: did you just get fired or something?
19:53:37 Nick bagawk_ is now known as bagawk (
19:53:44XavierGrwe don't acare what you were saying
19:53:48scrubno, if you piad attention, you'd see its the weekend
19:53:57scrubspeak for yourself XavierGr fag.
19:54:00scrubeveryone else cares
19:54:17XavierGryou think so?
19:54:30XavierGrI don't
19:54:33scrubthey spent 2.5 hours yesterday looking me up online
19:54:35CassandraActually we don't. It's just marginally more amusing watching you make a tit of yourself than, say, reading LiveJournal.
19:54:37scrubfinding out as much info as possible
19:54:46scrublmfao livejournal fags
19:54:55scrubwhat would you women do without livejournal?
19:54:55XavierGrI've already said that you are a clown on this channel
19:55:00scrubyou probably wouldnt even have computers
19:55:10*Mikachu does the kirby dance <('')> <("<) (>"<) (>")> <('')>
19:55:14XavierGrstupid and annoying things can get the attention of people for some time
19:55:25goffa_yeah.. we sure are lucky... when you go to the circus you have to pay money to see the freaks
19:55:43scrubwomen do 3 things online -> blogs no one reads, flirt with ugly fat 14 year olds for attention, and amass power undeserved by flirting with ugly fat 14 year old ops
19:56:06scrubthx XavierGr
19:56:08scrubthought you'd like that
19:56:17scrubI see you agree with me. Well its good to know someone does
19:56:30goffa_scrub... you are calling yourself 14?
19:56:31XavierGrtalk for yourself
19:56:37goffa_cassandra is talking to you
19:56:39Cassandrascrub: How true. Ugly fat 14 year olds are exactly what I'm into. Unfortunately you aren't mature enough to qualify.
19:56:45scrubgoffa_, no one is flirting with me idiot, rtfm->flirt
19:56:54CassandraOr pretty enough.
19:57:01scrubare you kidding?
19:57:02goffa_scrub: where's the manual on flirting?
19:57:05scrubcheck out my pictures
19:57:07scrubI'm a man god
19:57:14goffa_there you go flirting again
19:57:21scrubI'm flirting, no one else is
19:57:35CassandraI'm sure your palm loves you a great deal.
19:57:38scrubshut up fag
19:57:45scrubhey, thats new and creative
19:57:53scrubthats the other thing women do put me in my place there
19:58:01scrubthey amass a treasury of common insults and phrases
19:58:02XavierGrscrub: why not stop chatting here and make more of those cheap remixes you are so obsessed about?
19:58:04 Quit damaki_ (Remote closed the connection)
19:58:24CassandraBut who would I play with if he did that?
19:58:30scrubpretty much any discussion with women involves them spouting precomposed sentences,comments, and opinions other people made
19:58:38scrubits quite hard for women to come up with this stuff themselves
19:58:42scrubif they did, they would be men
19:58:57goffa_scrub, kind of like what you are posting?
19:59:10scrubyea, cause someone like me comes around every day right?
19:59:12XavierGrwe don't care about your opinion about women, get over it
19:59:17scrubyes you do
19:59:23scrublook, goffa_ is discussing it with me
19:59:25scrubso is Cassandra
19:59:31scrubever get tired of being wrong all the time XavierGr?
19:59:50goffa_its fun watching you dig a hole
19:59:53XavierGrah so you made your point you are so pathetic that you just need a little attention.
20:00:03scrubnah, just woke up, eating breakfast
20:00:07scrubyou're the one talking to me
20:00:08scrubnow thats pathetic
20:00:17 Join raybert [0] (
20:00:42XavierGrif you think that is pathetic then shut up and get over it.
20:01:07CassandraSorry, sometimes I just enjoy the lovely squishy noises fish make when you shoot them in a barrel.
20:01:19scrubtell you what, don't let XavierGr talk anymore. makes the rest of you look ridiculous
20:01:31scrubrubs off on the impression of the whole chan
20:01:58goffa_scrub you made a typo... instead of XavierGr you should have written scrub
20:02:12scrubholy shit, we have another XavierGr in here
20:02:16XavierGrBah this is getting boring....
20:02:25scrubwhat will they say next
20:02:41scrubgoffa_: You're !!! omg i hate u! your ugly and i hate you!!
20:02:42scruband then
20:03:19scrubXavierGr: omg I dont care this is boring. omg scrub ur a clown LoOollolOOollL
20:03:28goffa_scrub... have you tried aol? there are many people just like you than you can hang out with
20:03:36scrubits like talking to an aol text generator
20:03:39goffa_than = that
20:03:51scrubwow, jinx
20:03:57scrubdid I not just guess goffa_ was an aol fag?
20:04:02scrubman that was awesome
20:04:12goffa_scrub: not on aol.. was suggesting it to you
20:04:15scrubI can see through fags like a glass gay bar
20:04:19 Join damaki [0] (
20:04:29goffa_aparently you have some sort of literacy problem
20:04:44scrubgood one, fag
20:04:47goffa_and seem awfully interested in fags
20:04:48scrubyour insults are improving
20:04:53scrubyou're ready to hit the playground
20:05:16XavierGrgoffa: he is obsessed with fags and HIS crap music. I see the relation between those 2.
20:05:29scrubI havent made music for 3 years
20:05:30XavierGrgoffa: ok let's ignore the troll
20:05:38scrubyou can try
20:05:40XavierGrdon't feed him anymore
20:05:48scrubrofl, after half an hour of feeding
20:05:52scrubI'm already full
20:05:52goffa_but i was having fun.. but you are right
20:06:08goffa_arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics ...
20:06:24Mikachudid you just call yourself a retard?
20:06:35goffa_for giving scrub the time of day
20:06:56yobesoomscrub as in #vqf scrub??!
20:07:18scrubhaha whats vgf
20:07:24yobesoomokay nevermind
20:07:26goffa_guess not
20:07:27scrubrofl n00bs
20:07:30goffa_that scrub was cool
20:07:41scrubwait, are you insinuating I'm not cool?
20:07:50goffa_no.. i'm blatantly telling you that
20:07:59scrubrofl, lead the lamb to the slaughter right there
20:08:55Mode"#RockBox +o Paul_The_Nerd " by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
20:09:04Mode"#RockBox +b *!*i=livir@* " by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
20:09:14Kick(#Rockbox scrub :Bagder) by Bagder!n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder
20:09:25Mikachutry without the i= part too
20:09:35Mikachuhi prot looking at the log file
20:09:41XavierGrBagder we need more ops here
20:09:50XavierGrthis guy is sure getting annoying
20:09:52Mode"#RockBox +o XavierGr " by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
20:09:59CassandraI really should stop playing with him. It's only encouraging him to come back.
20:10:02Mode"#RockBox +o Mikachu " by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
20:10:11Mikachuonly linusn and someone called edi have level 30 it seems
20:10:11XavierGrah thanks! :)
20:10:12Mode"#RockBox +o Cassandra " by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
20:10:12goffa_i think he thinks he won
20:10:15 Join scrub [0] (
20:10:23scrubRofl, learn to ban, idiots.
20:10:24Mikachui am guessing he doesn't
20:10:24scrubRofl, learn to ban, idiots.
20:10:26Mode"#RockBox +b *!* " by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
20:10:26Kick(#Rockbox scrub :Bagder) by Bagder!n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder
20:10:40Mode"#RockBox +b %*!*@* " by Mikachu (
20:10:40Mode"#RockBox -b *!*i=livir@* " by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
20:11:12CassandraI think his IP is static.
20:11:21CassandraIt's probably safe to ban just his host.
20:11:26Paul_The_NerdIs he really Protricity, or just claiming to be so?
20:11:32Bagderoh well, let's adapt if he comes back
20:11:34Mikachuhe is
20:11:35XavierGrwho knows
20:11:49Paul_The_NerdAh well, not surprising. I never got along with ASU students.
20:11:50Mikachui just put a +q on the host, so you can join but not talk
20:12:38Mikachuand his ip isn't static, he was klined about 3 times yesterday i think
20:12:52CassandraFair enough.
20:15:14 Join damaki_ [0] (
20:18:30sharpehow's everyone? :)
20:18:45goffa_lol.. good you?
20:19:42sharpeabout the same as always, bored, slightly depressed, et cetera. after i'm finished with this work i may try to think of more ideas for the emulator before i try the video modes...
20:20:12goffa_c64 was it?
20:22:02goffa_just got my first bill from that site is going to make me broke
20:22:13 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
20:24:20 Quit damaki_ (Remote closed the connection)
20:25:25goffa_the guy running it is going to be very rich
20:26:59sharpe"breaking new, you don't have to tie your shoes anymore!" wow...
20:27:21goffa_i haven't been tying my shoes for about 5 years now
20:27:26 Join double7 [0] (n=double7@tor/session/external/x-a67ec5fb6b02ae40)
20:27:52sharpei tie my shoes every... month or so. the laces eventually come untied, so i've to fix that.
20:27:54goffa_started with oakley slip ons.. they changed the size... now i buy merrels :)
20:28:25mikearthurdoes anyone have the link to how to solder a wire and make the iRiver H140 charge from a USB cable?
20:28:46goffa_was thinking there was an article on misticriver on how to do that
20:28:50goffa_let me see if i can find it
20:28:57mikearthuryeh, it was on misticriver
20:29:00mikearthurcan't find it though
20:29:00*Cassandra suspects we may need a "How do I get Rockbox on xxx?" sticky in the fora.
20:29:20Cassandraeveryone wants Rockbox running on their toaster these days, it seems.
20:29:22goffa_whoa mike
20:29:31goffa_toh buird youc omt
20:29:39goffa_not build your own
20:29:42goffa_that was supposed to be
20:29:44mikearthurnash man
20:29:55mikearthurthere was a way to actually solder a wire inside the iRiver
20:30:07goffa_i saw that to
20:30:15Paul_The_NerdCassandra: Yeah, there's a NewPort wiki page, but no NewPort gen-discussion post.
20:30:21goffa_this is a little less scary albeit more expensive
20:30:28 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:30:36mikearthurhehe, aye
20:31:07CassandraPaul_The_Nerd, possibly all that's needed is a link to the wiki.
20:31:22Paul_The_NerdCassandra: That's what I'd say. A sticky with the link, and be done with it.
20:31:29CassandraAlthough I seem to remember that I put the "how to get a feature in Rockbox" thing on both.
20:32:30Paul_The_NerdI put a "How to report bugs" one up, so a "How to get a new port started" rounds it out nicely
20:32:43goffa_this site i spretty sweet... versa charger looks cool too
20:33:08CassandraYeah. Just gotta make sure we don't get proliferating sticky disease.
20:33:50double7we need a zen port
20:34:16sharpemy friend wants a zen port :)
20:34:24 Join damaki [0] (
20:34:41Paul_The_Nerddouble7: Well, the Zen Vision M has one of those processors we don't have a compiler for, I believe. Other than that, here's what you need to know to get started:
20:35:40*Cassandra doesn't need a Zen port.
20:36:01CassandraBut if people want to put in the time and effort, I'm all for them doing so.
20:37:42 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:37:42 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
20:39:37rayberthowdy, anyone able to help with iaudio tool chain build?
20:40:02*stripwax just realises he was offline for the scrub comedy channel
20:40:05goffa_heh... boxwave just cost me as much as lala
20:40:14stripwaxWow, that's some fun conversation back htere
20:40:26goffa_stripwax: good thing for logs :)
20:41:35goffa_my only regret was that he didn't understand my three's company remark about his two "hot" female roomates
20:44:15*qwm has a soup in the oven
20:45:15sharpei like three's company. was a good show... used to watch it on nick at nite when it was still on
20:45:44Paul_The_Nerdraybert: What problem are you encountering?
20:45:58goffa_yeah... i used to watch it when i was really young when it was originally on
20:46:16goffa_before i understood the whole jack tripper in the closet theme
20:46:20 Quit Trkstr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:46:56goffa_but it was still funny
20:47:01goffa_don knotts ruled
20:48:26*amiconn is seeing six-fold
20:48:33raybertpaul: binutils builds; gcc fails; I'm running fc4 gcc 4.02 flex-2.5.4a-36.fc4
20:48:34DBUGEnqueued KICK raybert
20:49:16rayberttrying to build: binutils-2.16.1 & gcc-3.4.6
20:50:19goffa_ugh... i can't find my dvd sleve... i want to pedal down to the post office and return these
20:50:30raybertwith m68k/bin in path, gcc/configure fails; w/o m68k/bin, gcc/make fails
20:50:53goffa_mostly as a good excuse to get out in this nice weather
20:51:07Cassandraamiconn: Heh?
20:51:44Paul_The_Nerdraybert: I personally dunno. I'm not to knowledgeable in that area, though exactly *how* configure fails might be helpful.
20:51:58preglowCassandra: drugs
20:52:54raybertpaul: gcc/configure says: *** The command 'gcc -o conftest -O2 conftest.c' failed.
20:53:08raybertwith errors such as: /tmp/cc4b6jOS.s:7: Error: Unknown operator −− statement `pushl %ebp' ignored
20:53:23sharpeassembly errors make me cringe
20:53:38amiconnCassandra: six ops in the channel...
20:54:15goffa_ah.. it was under my chair
20:56:56 Join superwut [0] (n=double7@tor/session/external/x-4ebbf3427b59a6e4)
20:57:33CassandraAh, right.
20:57:36CassandraBlame the troll.
20:58:47preglowso bagder got my nag
20:59:00mikearthurthats the one :D
20:59:21superwutwait, areyou the Mikachu from ocremix?
20:59:22 Quit mooch (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:59:36 Quit double7 (Remote closed the connection)
21:00:29 Join Rondom [0] (
21:02:00 Join cacophony_ [0] (n=cacophon@tor/session/external/x-0fee638c186ad8b4)
21:02:34 Quit anathema ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:02:35Mikachusuperwut: there is a the Mikachu in ocremix?
21:02:53superwutnm, I thought you were him
21:02:57cacophony_you go to ocremix?
21:03:18Mikachusuperwut: what sort of "the" are we talking? i was on the irc channel years ago
21:03:35superwutyou are him then eh?
21:03:41superwutwow, everyone from oc is in here?
21:03:49cacophony_Mikachu: you're the one from ocremix?
21:03:50preglowis this our troll speaking to himself or what?
21:04:04Mikachumight be
21:04:06preglowi'm willing to bet he's bored enough
21:04:18Mode"#RockBox +o preglow " by Mikachu (
21:04:39cacophony_hey whats your favorite ocremix song
21:04:58superwutthat doom boss song
21:05:06cacophony_by daknit?
21:05:21preglowi'm willing to bet it is
21:05:41amiconnOp status for sale today? ;)
21:05:45cacophony_sorry, is this conversation offtopic?
21:06:09cacophony_wow yeah
21:06:15cacophony_thas a kewl one
21:06:16superwutlets take it to pm caco
21:06:44 Join pim [0] (
21:06:46DBUGEnqueued KICK pim
21:06:46***Alert Mode level 1
21:06:46***Alert Mode level 2
21:06:46***Alert Mode level 3
21:06:46***Alert Mode level 4
21:06:46***Alert Mode level 5
21:06:48***Alert Mode level 6
21:06:51***Alert Mode level 7
21:06:52***Alert Mode level 8
21:06:54***Alert Mode level 9
21:06:57cacophony_stop that
21:06:58***Alert Mode level 10
21:07:00***Alert Mode level 11
21:07:02***Alert Mode level 12
21:07:04***Alert Mode level 13
21:07:10***Alert Mode level 14
21:07:12***Alert Mode level 15
21:07:14***Alert Mode level 16
21:07:16***Alert Mode level 17
21:07:18***Alert Mode level 18
21:07:22pimall those ops
21:07:24pimand no eps
21:07:28 Part pim
21:07:37Mode"#RockBox +b %*!*@* " by Mikachu (
21:07:47superwutlol what the hell?
21:08:01cacophony_hey tomas is ops here
21:08:02goffa_aparently there are faggots in here
21:08:04goffa_i guess
21:08:04cacophony_hey t0mas
21:08:16Mikachuum, and apparently me
21:08:22goffa_he he he
21:09:20goffa_that was a nice bike ride
21:09:56goffa_since faggots is the topic of the day.. i'm going to watch capote (came in the mail)
21:09:56superwutseriously, why are there all these ocremixers in here
21:10:05cacophony_i dunno due
21:10:10cacophony_cool tho
21:10:18superwutpikachu, t0mas, cacophony_ i guess, and they were talking about protricity earlier
21:10:29superwutCassandra, aren't you from ocr also?
21:10:31goffa_need to stop midi support i guess :)
21:10:38cacophony_protricity?? he's an ahole
21:10:44superwutlol he is
21:10:51cacophony_why talk about him
21:10:54superwutsorry I wanted to pm you caco
21:10:58cacophony_well his music is good i guess
21:10:59superwutbut I cant pm on this server, its so gay
21:11:07superwuttry it
21:11:08Mode"#RockBox +b *!*n=double7@tor/session/external/x-4ebbf3427b59a6e4 " by Mikachu (
21:11:10Kick(#rockbox superwut :cacophony_ ) by Mikachu!
21:11:14Mode"#RockBox +b *!*=cacophon@tor/session/external/x-0fee638c186ad8b4 " by Mikachu (
21:11:15Kick(#rockbox cacophony_ :Mikachu) by Mikachu!
21:11:21stripwaxhur hur
21:11:31Mikachustripwax: be careful, i almost kickbanned you there
21:11:35preglowgod, this guy has to be bored
21:11:41preglowbored out of his skull
21:11:45CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 18 minutes and 12 seconds at the last flood
21:11:45*stripwax goes back to hacking in silence..
21:11:54stripwaxhe man
21:12:14stripwaxdid you get the maze finished?
21:12:27sharpenever started :)
21:12:43sharpejust went on to the c64 emulator
21:12:54 Join nostradamus4 [0] (n=ares@tor/session/external/x-7a37041e4fb9ba9f)
21:12:59*amiconn is undecided where to handle combined gain
21:13:01stripwaxyeah, so I hear.. seriously, if I can play paradroid on my ihp120 I'll be in heaven
21:13:22amiconnWould it be better in pcm_record.c, or uda1380.c
21:13:24 Join double7 [0] (n=double7@tor/session/external/x-04bbec528a1c4eca)
21:13:28amiconnI tend to think the latter...
21:13:30stripwaxor, you know, upgrade to an ipod video or something ..
21:13:31preglowhe's at it again
21:13:38double7that was unpleasant
21:13:38double7so anyway
21:13:39double7what were we talking about?
21:13:43 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
21:14:01nostradamus4how mikachu is irrevocably an irrelevant faggot
21:14:11nostradamus4there are a lot of points to be made on the subject
21:14:17double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:17nostradamus4for instance,
21:14:18double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:19DBUGEnqueued KICK double7
21:14:19double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:20***Alert Mode level 19
21:14:20double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:21***Alert Mode level 20
21:14:21***Alert Mode level 21
21:14:21double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:21***Alert Mode level 22
21:14:21***Alert Mode level 23
21:14:21double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:22***Alert Mode level 24
21:14:22***Alert Mode level 25
21:14:22double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:23***Alert Mode level 26
21:14:23***Alert Mode level 27
21:14:23double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:24nostradamus41. hostmask ban
21:14:25***Alert Mode level 28
21:14:25double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:27***Alert Mode level 29
21:14:27double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:28nostradamus42. learn to irc
21:14:28dpassen1Shoudn't nostradamus4 be speaking in quatrains?
21:14:29***Alert Mode level 30
21:14:29double7rofl @ fag ops fumbling with their n00bish irc ban scripts
21:14:31Mode"#RockBox +b double7!*@* " by XavierGr (
21:14:34nostradamus43. tor ban lmfao
21:14:35Kick(#rockbox double7 :XavierGr) by XavierGr!
21:14:35***Alert Mode level 31
21:14:38nostradamus4Another Victory for BS Inc.
21:14:47 Join anathema [0] (
21:15:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:15:00*goffa_ is wondering what they have succeeded in
21:15:02nostradamus4[15:14] * XavierGr sets mode: +b double7!*@* lmfao another hostmask ban
21:15:13nostradamus4learn to irc you incompetent boob
21:15:31Mode"#RockBox +b nostradamus4!*@* " by XavierGr (
21:15:35Kick(#rockbox nostradamus4 :XavierGr) by XavierGr!
21:15:44 Join wut22 [0] (n=double7@tor/session/external/x-04bbec528a1c4eca)
21:15:48preglowi'll teach it to him if you promise to go outdoors and learn to have some fun
21:15:52wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:15:53wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:15:55***Alert Mode level 32
21:15:55DBUGEnqueued KICK wut22
21:15:55wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:15:55preglowi promise, this doesn't qualify
21:15:55XavierGrcan we ban his ISP?
21:15:56***Alert Mode level 33
21:15:56wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:15:58***Alert Mode level 34
21:15:58wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:15:58***Alert Mode level 35
21:15:58wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:15:58***Alert Mode level 36
21:15:58wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:15:58***Alert Mode level 37
21:15:58***Alert Mode level 38
21:15:58wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:15:58***Alert Mode level 39
21:15:58***Alert Mode level 40
21:15:58wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:16:00***Alert Mode level 41
21:16:00wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:16:02***Alert Mode level 42
21:16:02wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:16:04***Alert Mode level 43
21:16:04wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:16:06***Alert Mode level 44
21:16:06wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:16:08***Alert Mode level 45
21:16:08wut22whollotta n00bs in here.
21:16:10 Nick wut22 is now known as `ut23423 (n=double7@tor/session/external/x-04bbec528a1c4eca)
21:16:10DBUGEnqueued KICK `ut23423
21:16:10***Alert Mode level 46
21:16:17stripwaxwut22 - no offence, but if you don't have anything better to do, just leave?
21:16:26preglowok, ok, i've got a nice dev channel regged
21:16:30`ut23423shut up, stripfag
21:16:30`ut23423shut up, stripfag
21:16:30***Alert Mode level 47
21:16:30`ut23423shut up, stripfag
21:16:30***Alert Mode level 48
21:16:30***Alert Mode level 49
21:16:30`ut23423shut up, stripfag
21:16:30***Alert Mode level 50
21:16:30***Alert Mode level 51
21:16:30`ut23423shut up, stripfag
21:16:30***Alert Mode level 52
21:16:30***Alert Mode level 53
21:16:30`ut23423shut up, stripfag
21:16:32***Alert Mode level 54
21:16:32`ut23423shut up, stripfag
21:16:33preglowwhich i'll just +m
21:16:34***Alert Mode level 55
21:16:34`ut23423shut up, stripfag
21:16:38nobeliumspam bot
21:16:38***Alert Mode level 56
21:16:38`ut23423shut up, stripfag
21:16:49`ut23423giving up already, prefag?
21:16:50Mode"#RockBox +b `ut23423!*@* " by XavierGr (
21:16:51Kick(#rockbox `ut23423 :XavierGr) by XavierGr!
21:16:51***Alert Mode level 57
21:16:54sharpeeven i'm not that bored.
21:17:09 Join lllllIllllain [0] (n=lahtrain@tor/session/external/x-c288331f09de8251)
21:17:10 Join wut324ds [0] (n=double7@tor/session/external/x-04bbec528a1c4eca)
21:17:11preglowXavierGr: don't nickban, it'll just encourage him
21:17:15wut324dsHoly shit you fags suck at ops
21:17:16wut324dsHoly shit you fags suck at ops
21:17:16***Alert Mode level 58
21:17:16DBUGEnqueued KICK wut324ds
21:17:16wut324dsHoly shit you fags suck at ops
21:17:17***Alert Mode level 59
21:17:17***Alert Mode level 60
21:17:17wut324dsHoly shit you fags suck at ops
21:17:17***Alert Mode level 61
21:17:17***Alert Mode level 62
21:17:17wut324dsHoly shit you fags suck at ops
21:17:17***Alert Mode level 63
21:17:17***Alert Mode level 64
21:17:17wut324dsHoly shit you fags suck at ops
21:17:18***Alert Mode level 65
21:17:18***Alert Mode level 66
21:17:18wut324dsHoly shit you fags suck at ops
21:17:20***Alert Mode level 67
21:17:20wut324dsHoly shit you fags suck at ops
21:17:21nobeliumhe can just change identd
21:17:22***Alert Mode level 68
21:17:22wut324dsHoly shit you fags suck at ops
21:17:37DBUGEnqueued KICK lllllIllllain
21:17:38***Alert Mode level 69
21:17:38***Alert Mode level 70
21:17:39***Alert Mode level 71
21:17:39***Alert Mode level 72
21:17:39***Alert Mode level 73
21:17:41***Alert Mode level 74
21:17:41***Alert Mode level 75
21:17:42***Alert Mode level 76
21:17:42***Alert Mode level 77
21:17:44***Alert Mode level 78
21:17:44***Alert Mode level 79
21:17:45***Alert Mode level 80
21:17:45***Alert Mode level 81
21:17:46***Alert Mode level 82
21:17:46***Alert Mode level 83
21:17:46***Alert Mode level 84
21:17:47***Alert Mode level 85
21:17:47***Alert Mode level 86
21:17:47***Alert Mode level 87
21:17:47***Alert Mode level 88
21:17:47***Alert Mode level 89
21:17:47***Alert Mode level 90
21:17:47***Alert Mode level 91
21:17:47***Alert Mode level 92
21:17:47***Alert Mode level 93
21:17:48***Alert Mode level 94
21:17:48***Alert Mode level 95
21:17:48***Alert Mode level 96
21:17:49***Alert Mode level 97
21:17:49***Alert Mode level 98
21:17:49***Alert Mode level 99
21:17:49***Alert Mode *RED* level 100
21:17:50nobeliumi'd +m for now
21:17:51stripwaxwut324ds - whereas you just suck at everything else, presumably
21:17:51***Alert Mode *RED* level 101
21:17:51***Alert Mode *RED* level 102
21:17:51***Alert Mode *RED* level 103
21:17:53***Alert Mode *RED* level 104
21:17:53***Alert Mode *RED* level 105
21:17:53***Alert Mode *RED* level 106
21:17:55***Alert Mode *RED* level 107
21:17:55***Alert Mode *RED* level 108
21:17:55***Alert Mode *RED* level 109
21:17:57***Alert Mode *RED* level 110
21:17:57***Alert Mode *RED* level 111
21:17:57***Alert Mode *RED* level 112
21:17:59 Nick wut324ds is now known as l1111 (n=double7@tor/session/external/x-04bbec528a1c4eca)
21:17:59DBUGEnqueued KICK l1111
21:17:59***Alert Mode *RED* level 113
21:17:59***Alert Mode *RED* level 114
21:18:01***Alert Mode *RED* level 115
21:18:03***Alert Mode *RED* level 116
21:18:03***Alert Mode *RED* level 117
21:18:05***Alert Mode *RED* level 118