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#rockbox log for 2006-05-15

00:06:25CassandraI think we have a problem on the master build server.
00:06:30 Join webguest08 [0] (
00:06:40CassandraThe current H120 build zip file seems to be corrupt.
00:07:19Bagdercorrupt how?
00:07:59goffa_its taking bribes
00:08:11*goffa_ dodges tomatos
00:09:26CassandraAs in the ZIP file structure is invalid.
00:09:51Cassandrarbutil and 7zip both agree.
00:09:52 Quit webguest08 (Client Quit)
00:10:00 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
00:10:18CassandraI ran the build locally and it produces a valid zip file.
00:11:35amiconnWow, the iriver line in is noisy
00:12:13amiconnIf I push the gain up to +48dB, the peakmeter shows a pulsating signal while nothing is connected
00:13:17CassandraI have a theory. The iRiver's connectors suck.
00:14:32CassandraOK. I take it back bagder. The version I generated myself doesn't unpack properly under windows.
00:14:33amiconnIt's more like the digital electronics producing noise
00:15:55*Cassandra wonders if it's the Linux zip/unzip that's buggy or the Windows implementation.
00:16:12CassandraFor all I know 7-zip and rbutil (wxWidgets) use the same implementation..
00:16:33Bagderso in what way is it invalid?
00:16:38CassandraCan someone else please try to unpack the H120 bleeding edge build on a Windows system.
00:16:50oboworks okay in winrar
00:16:57CassandraBagder, the only message I get it that the files are corrupt.
00:17:05*Cassandra has a thought.
00:17:53CassandraI think it may be my stupid f***ing Windows system having a full disk.
00:17:58amiconnCassandra: Works ok in filzip as well
00:18:44Mikachuamiconn: i know they are, i was just hoping he would see the poitnlessness when there was actually an active op in the channel
00:18:59CassandraI was slightly thrown by the fact that there was a similar report on the forums a few days ago.
00:19:23amiconnWindows should told about low disk space way before getting into trouble
00:19:29amiconn*should have
00:19:42CassandraI turned it off. It warns way too early.
00:19:58amiconnImho the default setting warns rather late
00:20:09Mikachui think it warns too early too, but my experience is 4 years old
00:20:27CassandraWhat's particularly stupid about it is that I wasn't even unpacking to that drive.
00:20:31amiconnAfaik it warns around 200ish MB
00:20:36CassandraMust be writing temp files there.
00:20:45amiconnI consider everything below a gig dangerous
00:20:47Cassandraamiconn, I hadn't got there yet.
00:21:43CassandraOr maybe that's a red herring. I'm still having the problem.
00:24:10CassandraNew theory is that it's a permissions problem with the WPS files in CVS>
00:24:11sharpeamiconn: i believe it warns when it's below 10% of the disk space...
00:24:48midkayno, no..
00:24:57Mikachuit warns randomly on sundays
00:25:00midkay10% of 160gb for me is 16gb, and it only warned when i reached like 500mb..
00:25:29sharpei don't really know. i only recall a setting for the warning level.
00:25:29midkaytotal disk size might contribute to the warning level a bit, but it's certainly not the only thing the warning is based on
00:25:31CassandraActually I think it's worse than that.
00:25:42midkayCassandra, it very well could be..
00:26:27CassandraI think Rockbox may somehow be corrupting the FAT of the disk.
00:26:44CassandraI can extract the files fine to my C drive.
00:26:57jipwhat's the inside of a helicopter called?
00:27:02CassandraIf I copy them to the iRiver, I now get "file is corrupt" messages.
00:27:09CassandraCockpit? Cabin?
00:27:19 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
00:27:50jipcockpit... cabin.... isn't there another name for it?
00:29:11 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
00:30:27sharpe"front of an airplane" ?
00:32:58preglowany of you bastards know of a nice accurate way to rip cds in linux?
00:33:09 Join _FutureCrash [0] (
00:33:18 Quit FutureCrash (No route to host)
00:33:27PaulJamboot windows and use eac
00:33:27 Nick _FutureCrash is now known as FutureCrash (
00:33:32CassandraYeah. Install Windows then use EAC
00:33:57BagderI use grip with cdparanoia and lame
00:34:00CassandraOK - interesting. The disk comes up error free in chkdsk.
00:34:02preglowBagder: can cdparanoia disable read caches yet?
00:34:11*amiconn wants to be able to use grip :(
00:34:17Bagderpreglow: I don't know
00:34:25Bagdernever had any problem with it
00:34:30preglowcdparanoia is no point if you've got a read cache, they say
00:34:32preglowand i do
00:34:39*amiconn wonders why the debian people seem to handle bug reports the same way as the gcc people :(
00:34:42preglowBagder: btw, we need more ops registered with chanserv in here
00:34:43Bagderand I've ripped several hundred CDs with it
00:34:49CassandraI'm definitely getting "directory corrupt or unreadable" for 3 WPS dirs under Windows though.
00:34:56Bagderpreglow: I agree, that's t0mas' area
00:35:06preglowt0mas: we need more ops registered with chanserv in here
00:35:07amiconnCassandra: I recommend chkdsk
00:35:14CassandraDancePuffDuo, marquee, and zezayer.
00:35:19CassandraThe others are fine.
00:35:25Bagderamiconn: that's because debian people are but package maintainers, not actual authors of the packages
00:35:28preglowBagder: you know how to handle offset correction?
00:35:42*Cassandra points amicon to her comment re chkdsk above.
00:36:02amiconnBagder: Since someone in here told me about grip, I'm trying to install it on my linux box
00:36:05 Quit fiftyfour123 ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
00:36:07Bagderpreglow: nope, I'm not very into its details since it has always just worked fine for me
00:36:18preglowyeah, it does work fine without offset correction
00:36:30amiconnThere's a dependency bug that existed for months, is fixed for x86, but not for amd64
00:36:31preglowjust trying to pry out some details here, i want to rip all my cds this one time
00:36:35CassandraHmm. OK. Command line chkdsk does notice.
00:36:36preglowsince it's boring
00:36:52preglowamiconn: testing?
00:37:05preglowdependency bugs in testing have a history of slow fixing
00:37:11preglowi recommend unstable
00:37:24BagderI do too
00:37:32preglowit's not uncommon for the testing repo to be more broken than the unstable on
00:37:33Bagdereven if it hits you in the face sometimes
00:37:40amiconnI was on unstable before, but switched to testing because of massive dependency problems...
00:38:18amiconnWhen updating, it often wanted to uninstall half of my gnome desktop...
00:40:11*amiconn retries
00:40:46CassandraThis is why I recommend Ubuntu over Debian
00:40:57preglowubuntu is nice
00:41:12preglowi just wish they started bundling a kernel more suited to desktop usage
00:43:05amiconnCassandra: I was unable to install ubuntu on this box
00:43:10amiconnThe installer crashed at boot
00:43:25amiconnToo old a kernel
00:44:22preglowamiconn: tried disabling acpi?
00:44:34amiconnNo, why?
00:44:46amiconnI'd rather want to keep that functionality
00:44:51preglowi mean when installing
00:44:59preglowthat sometimes fixes bugs
00:45:12preglowi had a mate who fixed a kernel panic during install with disabling acpi in the install kernel
00:45:20amiconnI know what the bug is
00:46:00amiconnMy bios has a bug that sometimes causes spurious apic interrupts (note: apic)
00:46:11amiconnKernel 2.6.12 is known for crashing on that
00:46:19amiconn2.6.15 handles it fine
00:46:31preglowok, then use noapic in the kernel
00:46:40preglowwhen it boots
00:47:22amiconnI'll now stick with debian
00:47:34preglowbesides, the new ubuntu probably has fixed it
00:47:40amiconnRe-doing all the raid configuration would be quite some work
00:47:42CassandraOK, well there's a nasty bug.
00:47:55CassandraMaybe this is what caused the original corruption.
00:48:06CassandraI install Rockbox on the drive.
00:48:13CassandraRemove the USB connector.
00:48:23CassandraGet a "scanning disk" message on the USB screen.
00:48:31Cassandraand then the thing locks solid.
00:49:29CassandraAnd I mean solid, as in reset button time.
00:50:24PaulJamwhen you ran chkdsk, did you let it check for bad sectors?
00:50:43CassandraPaulJam, yeah.
00:50:55CassandraGUI chkdsk didn't spot them but command line did.
00:52:33 Join Moos [0] (
00:52:59Mooswow lots of ops now :)
00:53:33CassandraPaulJam, thing is, I suspect Rockbox of having caused the original corruption.
00:53:51CassandraGive there's been an identical report on the fora.
00:54:04MikachuMoos: yes, be vewwy caweful
00:54:21Mooshaha :)
00:54:46*Moos kick St Mikachu ;)
00:54:53Mooskicks even
00:55:55 Quit ender` (" Who is this General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?")
00:56:10MoosBagder: around?
00:57:04Moosjust wanted to know if you already tested rec and radio patches for iaudios? I didn't yet
00:57:18Bagdernope. I've had very little time lately
00:57:50Bagderand tomorrow evening I'll take off for a week's vacation
00:58:02Mooslucky you :-)
00:58:22sharpei've three hours to try to implement something else in the emulator... what?
00:58:54sharpebecause apart from video and disk emulation, i can't think of anything.
00:59:15 Join non0 [0] (
00:59:16sharpethat goes with video and disk
00:59:32Moossharpe: is your curent works somewhere? in case someone can help you
00:59:43sharpeMoos: nope.
01:01:40XavierGrsharpe: you should release a patch if the emulator is working
01:02:13sharpeXavierGr: i know... but not much works, other than the standard text mode and keyboard/joystick input
01:02:16Moosof course if you want make your code public ;)
01:04:18CassandraThat's just a little too much of a coincidence for bitrot to be the cause.
01:04:40obohmm, just compiled with HZ defined to 1000 - the button code gets a bit twitchy :)
01:06:39 Join JdGordon [0] (
01:06:56XavierGrmoos: what's the combo to exit a plugin in X5?
01:07:41preglowCassandra: what else could it be? no major changes in that area has been done
01:08:12goffa_XavierGr: its the power switch
01:08:12MoosXavierGr: no need combo, just the power switch button
01:08:15goffa_hold it for 1 second
01:08:23 Join TCK [0] (
01:08:27goffa_but not 2 :)
01:08:40Mooshehe :)
01:08:42 Quit PaulJam (".")
01:08:49XavierGrit won't work on the sim
01:08:50amiconnSynaptic scared me....
01:08:59CassandraNo-one's touched the disk drivers at all? What about dircache/tagcache changes?
01:09:05XavierGrI press enter (as the pic says) but it won't do anything
01:09:15Mikachuwhat's this one?
01:09:25goffa_i don't know about the sim
01:09:32Mikachu(second from the top on the mainpage)
01:10:00*Moos never used sim for X5 yet
01:11:28XavierGrBagder: Do you think it would be nice to change the zip filenames in CVS Builds to rockbox-"target".zip?
01:11:58Bagderyeah I guess
01:12:09JdGordonmorning all.
01:12:14Bagderbut now I will sleep
01:12:20amiconnMy x server doesn't like me anymore
01:12:20JdGordonyour al keen :D isnt it like 2am in sweden?
01:12:28CassandraWell, I suppose we could, but it'll break the installer again until I fix it.
01:12:39pixelmasomeone told me that the power switch button wasn't defined in the x5-sim - I was looking for it myself
01:12:43 Join elinenbe [0] (
01:12:43MoosBagder: nighty, and have good vacations
01:12:52CassandraOnly Badger is in Sweden.
01:13:21CassandraAnd it'd be about 1am there, I think.
01:13:24JdGordoninclude europe into sweden and your all there.. (yes, uk included :p )
01:13:38CassandraIt's just gone midnight here.
01:13:53Moos1:13 for Paris too :)
01:14:16XavierGrit is rather late for me here, but I have a weird schedule!
01:15:49 Join wubrgamer [0] (
01:16:08 Part wubrgamer
01:16:14Cassandra*sigh* I wanted to do more WPS work tonight, but this disk problem got me distracted.
01:16:16 Join wubrgamer [0] (
01:16:20wubrgamerhey guys
01:16:23wubrgamerhey guys
01:16:48CassandraIs there an echo in here?
01:16:52CassandraEcho in here?
01:17:02wubrgameri'm using a web client
01:17:10wubrgamerit lagz and I didn't know
01:17:15wubrgameri've got a 5g black 30gig video ipod, how safe is rockbox for it? don't mean to bother but i AM in a little bit of a rush, and all i really nee
01:17:15Cassandra;) No problem.
01:17:20wubrgamerto know
01:17:28preglowno units have been broken yet
01:17:34CassandraIf you're in a rush, don't install it.
01:17:38preglowand it's highly unlikely any ever will
01:17:38CassandraBest to take your time.
01:17:41wubrgameris whther or not i can remove rockbox ENTIRELY and put original ipod firmware on if i hate it
01:17:48wubrgameror if it goes funky on me
01:17:52CassandraYes. That's possible.
01:17:55preglowyou can always just restore it
01:17:56wubrgameri mean, i need somewhat of a gurantee
01:18:01CassandraJust use the Apple restore utility.
01:18:03preglowyou won't get that
01:18:10CassandraWe don't offer guarantees.
01:18:16wubrgamernot a legal iron-clad gurantee, just a general re-assurance
01:18:22preglowyou already got it
01:18:32preglowyou can always restore your ipod to its factory settings
01:18:33wubrgamerthanx........and one more thing
01:18:36preglowjust use the apple restore utility
01:18:38CassandraExcept that we'll give you every penny back you paid us for Rockbox if you're not satisfied.
01:18:56wubrgameri <# open source
01:19:03wubrgamer(yes # is a tech heart)
01:19:27preglowit looks like a hairy icecream from here
01:19:51wubrgameranyway, how far along IS video ipod rockbox........i heard it was buggy, is there a stable version somewhere ? or should i just live with my crappy defaults for another year for you guys to catch up ?
01:20:01preglowit's perfectly usable
01:20:03preglowbut not very polished
01:21:03CassandraSkips sometimes, which can be annoying.
01:21:09CassandraBut I use it daily,
01:21:16crashdi use it daily also
01:21:21wubrgamerso umm
01:21:25wubrgamerwhat do you mean skips ?
01:21:38CassandraWell, pauses'd be a better word I suppose.
01:21:44wubrgamerand is it relatively safe for my hardware ? am i going to have to worry about something frying ?
01:21:47crashdi never get skips on just playback, only when like, scrolling when finding something new
01:21:50wubrgamer(i'm very cautios)
01:21:51midkaystutters? lags? cuts out? pauses?
01:21:53crashdor using menus or whatever
01:21:55wubrgameri pride myself in it
01:22:01CassandraNo-one has yet fried an iPod with Rockbox.
01:22:01wubrgamernot too bad
01:22:10crashdit's good if you listen to music like a normal human being
01:22:13wubrgameri h8 this keyboard
01:22:18CassandraThat doesn't mean you won't. Just that it seems unlikely.
01:22:19crashdbut if you're one of these clicky clicky clicky people, you'll get annoyed quickly
01:22:20wubrgamerdefine normal
01:22:20goffa_i've heard you get cooties when y switch back to the original firmware
01:22:33wubrgamercooties ?
01:22:35wubrgamerlike bugs ?
01:22:36wubrgamerwhat ?
01:22:36midkayCassandra, well, there's the permanent disk mode..
01:22:38DBUGEnqueued KICK wubrgamer
01:22:43midkayso basically you 'can't'..
01:22:48wubrgamercan't wat ?
01:22:59midkayif it does happen to die, it was just as likely as in the iPod firmware.
01:23:11goffa_you know that disease you thought you might be contageous when you were in 2nd grade if you looked at a girl?
01:23:42Cassandramidkay, I don't like to say Rockbox could never do anything to damage your iPod, because I guarantee the moment you do, someone will find a way.
01:23:52CassandraI'm happy to say that I don't believe it can though.
01:23:55preglowof course it can
01:24:00wubrgamerwait ?
01:24:01preglowit's technically possible, in a way
01:24:02wubrgamerwhat ?
01:24:03midkayCassandra, i didn't say it couldn't. i said it logically shouldn't and there's no reason for it to..
01:24:10wubrgamerthis works
01:24:15wubrgamerwhat do i need to install it ?
01:24:18midkaypreglow, just wondering, what way are you talking about?
01:24:19wubrgamerlinks help
01:24:20preglowwhat os?
01:24:38preglowmidkay: you can sleep the ipod via the pcf chip after having masked away all possible wakeup sources
01:24:39wubrgamer*sigh* MS for now
01:24:50preglowmidkay: then you'd need to open the ipod and reset it, an ipodlinux guy managed that
01:24:52wubrgamersleep the ipod after what ?
01:24:58 Join hlj [0] (
01:24:59wubrgamerwhat ?
01:25:00preglowwubrgamer: nothing you need to worry about
01:25:05wubrgamerwill i have to intentionally do that?
01:25:05preglowunless you're a coder
01:25:10midkaypreglow, ... but Rockbox doesn't have any code that does that.
01:25:16wubrgamerme = not coder
01:25:17hlji have a black 4gb ipod nano
01:25:22midkayi'm not talking about it's impossible to kill it with code, i mean with like a daily build.
01:25:30hlji dont know how to put videos on it
01:25:30preglowunlikely at best
01:25:32midkaysure, i could kill mine by setting the cpu freq to 1ghz, couldn't i?
01:25:34preglowhlj: you can't
01:25:34hljcan someone help me
01:25:40wubrgamerwhich build should i install /
01:25:47hljyes u can
01:25:52preglowtell me how
01:25:58hlji dont know
01:26:08preglowyou seemed awfully certain for one that doesn't know
01:26:12hlji have read in forums people put music videos onto it
01:26:17preglownot with rockbox
01:26:25midkayhow about "google" for "nano video"?
01:26:37wubrgamerit's running ipodlinux guys
01:26:39midkaygood job.
01:26:49wubrgamerand it's not suppored on anything beyond the 3g
01:27:02wubrgameryou'll have to build and install stuff for ipod nano if you want video
01:27:04hlji was also wondering if rockbox and ipodlinux are the only 2 os for the ipod
01:27:18preglowhlj: apart from apple's os, yes
01:27:34hljwat do u mean?
01:28:04wubrgamerguys, once more, sorry which build should i use for umm, an ipod 5g 30gig ? black video ?
01:28:44sharpethe ipod video build....
01:29:26 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
01:30:16CassandraWell there's something odd. I have never posted to the Rockbox forums between 4 and 5 PM. Weird.
01:31:07 Part hlj
01:33:15 Quit wubrgamer ("CGI:IRC")
01:33:38 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
01:37:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:37:49 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:38:25preglowso many lines removed from recording.c HAS to be a good thing
01:38:25 Join lostnihilist [0] (
01:38:32 Join webguest00 [0] (
01:39:14webguest00does anyone explain how to apply patches?
01:39:43linuxstb_Try the WorkingWithPatches wiki page.
01:39:52Moosnighty all
01:39:54 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
01:40:15preglowdoes all codecs support resuming now?
01:40:34 Part jip ("Leaving")
01:40:54webguest00has anyone ever applied a patch?
01:41:11 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:41:27 Quit non0 ("..........")
01:42:25webguest00to apply a patch do I need to compile my own version of rockbox or can i just apply it somehow? I am also looking into applying a WPS. I am new to rockbox
01:42:33 Part webguest00
01:44:05 Join odenkirk [0] (i=debian-t@tor/session/external/x-c456fb4466e3369b)
01:45:22 Quit LordOfThePings ("getting some sleep.... back to rockbox on elio tomorrow")
01:45:36amiconnCould anybody tell me how to go back from unstable to testing?
01:45:38 Quit anathema (Nick collision from services.)
01:46:01preglowdowngrading is not generally supported by debian
01:46:18amiconnI have no working x server right now...
01:46:50preglowwhat part of it stopped working?
01:47:29amiconnIt doesn't start. Moans about some modules not available, and there's an error with and end-of-range being lower than the start
01:47:31 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:48:14preglowwhat modules?
01:48:25CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:48:25*amiconn could make a lot of remarks about the "user-friendliness" of linux
01:48:45preglowif you want user-friendly linux, you shouldn't use debian
01:49:40preglowthere is a way to downgrade
01:49:49preglowit involved pinning and some other magic i've never bothered to learn
01:49:56preglowbut you should be able to google it
01:50:02 Join lostnihilist [0] (
01:50:34Galoisa part of me, though, tells me that one should not be surprised "unstable" breaks things
01:50:38amiconn(EE) end of block range 0x1fffffff < begin 0xe0000000
01:50:38amiconn(EE) Failed to load module "evdev" (module does not exist, 0)
01:50:38amiconn(EE) Failed to load module "mouse" (module does not exist, 0)
01:50:51preglowhmm, riiight
01:50:58amiconn(EE) No Input driver matching `mouse'
01:51:00preglowthere's a newer xorg in unstable, probably
01:51:07preglowand the newest xorg has been modularised
01:51:16preglowyou might need to install additional components with apt
01:51:26preglowthought i don't know what they're called or why it hasn't already been done for you
01:52:29amiconnFatal server error:
01:52:29amiconnfailed to initialize core devices
01:53:51 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
01:54:19preglowbut okies
01:54:20preglowme night
01:54:43XavierGrwhat's exactly the PRE identifier on BUTTONS?
01:58:17 Join nile [0] (
01:58:22 Join dyce [0] (
01:58:44dycei think my nano got bricked
01:59:02XavierGrI really doubt that, but shoot
01:59:09XavierGrwhat happened?
01:59:17dycewell i got everything working
01:59:29amiconnlinuxstb: The 2 input packages are unavailable?
01:59:33dycerockbox worked fine
01:59:53amiconnHow the *** do they think I could install an unavailable package?
02:00:00dycei deleted everything in the ipod
02:00:09dyceexcept .rockbox and the rockbox file thing
02:00:18*amiconn is really annoyed now
02:00:30dyceso all 800mb in the music folder "ipod_control"
02:00:39dyceand i added a skin
02:00:44dycei disconnected it
02:00:51dyceit said low on battery
02:00:53dyceand shut off
02:01:11dycei put in usb to charge it and it doesnt do anything
02:01:45XavierGrany iPod guy here to help dyce?
02:02:09XavierGrdyce how long did you let the unit to charge?
02:02:10linuxstb_dyce: Try holding MENU+SELECT for a few seconds until it reboots.
02:02:18 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Connection timed out)
02:02:27dyceits been charging for around 15mins now
02:02:31XavierGramiconn: that's what happens when you play with linux kernels :P
02:03:03dycelinuxstb i love you
02:03:21linuxstb_The Rockbox manual should have "Don't panic - hold MENU+SELECT" in nice friendly writing on the front cover...
02:04:21XavierGryes indeed :)
02:04:50dycei tried it first, but i think it didnt have enough power
02:05:07dyceand i only held it for 2secs
02:06:04dyceis there a place to get more codecs?
02:06:06Doomedshould i buy a lite-on dvd burner from newegg?...cuz the nec one i got from NE has been shit
02:06:09XavierGrzooming out on iaudio is cery difficult
02:06:10dycei want to play retro sid tunes
02:06:56XavierGryou have to press and hold the select button, but doing that will end you zooming out too much (e.g if you want to zoom out once you have to be exact in your press)
02:07:26XavierGrlinuxstb: is it the same for iPod (you hold a combo for zoom out)?
02:07:30linuxstb_There is a patch for Sid files in the patch tracker - but you need to compile it yourself. But I expect it will be added to the official builds in a couple of weeks time.
02:07:34 Join Falco98 [0] (
02:08:01XavierGrah no it is not the same for iPods
02:08:08linuxstb_XavierGr: If you're talking about the jpeg viewer, then no, it's the wheel.
02:08:34XavierGrwho choose the iaudio keys for jpeg viewer? they seem very strange
02:08:58XavierGrI am about to fix a reported bug and I am not sure if it is good to keep current keymap
02:09:16linuxstb_They were probably chosen quickly without much thought - if they are as bad as you say, I would expect a patch to change them would be accepted.
02:09:46XavierGrah nice, then I will try to fix the bug and change the keymap.
02:10:39XavierGralso on a side note:
02:12:51XavierGrJPEG_ZOOM_IN_PRE is defined in jpeg.c (though it has a typo and it isn't recognised currently) and used in the code, JPEG_ZOOM_OUT_PRE isn't defined but it is used. Is this on purpose (I assume that they have the same behaviour but no target uses this)
02:12:55dycedoes rockbox reduce on battery usage?
02:13:15XavierGrdyce: in iPod curretnly yes AFAIK
02:13:42XavierGrreduce battery usage = less batter, right?
02:14:34XavierGrI mean currently rockbox eats more battery than the default firmware
02:14:44XavierGrsorry for my spelling
02:14:51XavierGr(and maybe grammar)
02:15:12dyceis it possible to switch back to the apple firmware?
02:15:22Doomedcheck the wiki
02:15:23dycewithout uninstall
02:15:31XavierGrrockbox comes with a bootloader
02:17:18sharpewerd. people.
02:17:57XavierGralso JPEG_TOGGLE_SLIDESHOW is not used anymore in jpeg.c. Button keymaps definitelly need cleaning
02:18:27 Part nile
02:19:36dycebah i know it comes with a bootloader, but what is the command to tell it to goto apple firmware
02:19:51*dyce keeps searching the wiki
02:20:32XavierGrdyce I don't know but I am sure it is written on the wiki
02:20:42XavierGrah there you go
02:22:12 Quit pixelma (" I love my HydraIRC -> <-")
02:22:55dycesweet, time to show off rockbox to some stupid nublets at school
02:23:05 Quit weake (Client Quit)
02:23:15 Quit qwm (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:23:26 Join qwm [0] (
02:23:33 Join weake [0] (n=weequay@tor/session/external/x-60be5ec2d046b899)
02:25:44 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
02:26:17XavierGrdyce: hehe, that's the spirit!!!
02:27:56Falco98gah, where's Jd
02:28:04sharpei just had an idea. what if i only have it redraw the screen when there is a memory write/read?
02:28:10Falco98anyone in here wanna help me debug some playlist.c code?
02:28:18 Quit weake (Excess Flood)
02:28:22 Quit odenkirk (Killed by lilo ())
02:28:24Falco98it's too obfuscated (and my C too rusty) for me to understand well
02:31:38 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
02:33:44XavierGrFalco98: hardeep is you man
02:34:47 Join Paprica [0] (
02:36:13 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
02:37:12 Quit tim66 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
02:37:42 Join Ali92 [0] (n=nguyeniv@
02:38:23 Join weake [0] (i=debian-t@tor/session/external/x-b10126d6174380a2)
02:38:57dyceis it possible to organize the plugins, like put sokoban and doom to a games folder
02:39:16midkaydyce, not really at the moment, but i was thinking of trying something like this..
02:39:51sharpeyou'd just need to show folders when the plugin dir is viewed... i was looking at it a while ago...
02:39:57midkaysimilar to viewers.config - like plugins.config, which would specify plugin name and type (e.g. doom.rock,game) and then split up the browse plugins menu into all, games, demos, apps ..
02:40:00sharpesomething along those lines...
02:40:03midkaysharpe, well, that's not via the menu.
02:40:35sharpei'll just get back to the emulator.
02:40:47midkayyes, you damn well will.
02:41:03sharpemidkay, want to do the disk emulation? :D
02:41:11midkayomfg, i'd love to. :)
02:41:20midkay.. may-14th fools!
02:41:21sharpeand the video?
02:41:39 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
02:41:42dycedo plugins have to be ran thru the plugins menu?
02:41:52dycecan i copy a .rock thing over to the main dir
02:42:04midkaythey go wherever you want them, but the menu only browses /.rockbox/rocks.
02:42:08midkaythe no was to your first question.
02:42:36sharpeof course you can run it thru the filebrowser...
02:42:54XavierGrdyce: so yes you can start any plugin you want from wherever you need to
02:43:09sharpewoo for three different answers!
02:44:03*amiconn finally got that darn linux to behave :/
02:44:05sharpeshould i have a menu with the saved states? or should i just have it save/load from a defined one?
02:44:16 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:44:23 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
02:44:23*midkay is away for a bit - l8rz.
02:47:44sharpei had a function declaration inside another function... wonder how that happened...
02:47:51XavierGrI really don
02:48:03XavierGr't get the _PRE thingy in jpeg.c
02:49:18sharpecan anyone think of a way i'd do scaling of the screen to fit smaller screens? that would be quick...
02:52:08 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:54:55 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Connection timed out)
02:55:46 Quit Paprica (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:55:59Mikachusharpe: that's a hard problem, see rockboy and pacbox
02:56:03Mikachugood night
02:57:01dycehow to quit doom?
02:57:41sharpeswitch hold on to bring up the menu, then switch it off to control
02:58:49Falco98XavierGr: sorry.. was away for a bit.. yeah i figure hardeep is the one to ask, but i feel bad for bugging him so much :-P
02:59:17 Quit Ali92 ()
02:59:23XavierGrwell I don't know anything about playlist code so don't look at me :P
02:59:49sharpewow, where was i getting 0x28 and 0x19 from?
03:00:31 Join whatboutbob [0] (
03:03:02whatboutbobamiconn: What impact does moving the gain stuff into the UDA driver have? Is it just a code clean-up?
03:08:38 Join gener [0] (n=opera@
03:09:37 Part gener
03:10:36sharpewell, i may have bitmap mode implemented
03:12:06 Join pjo [0] (
03:12:26pjoHello ! I just joined ! and got a question
03:13:05pjoiPodLinux is running, triple boot, can I install rockbox and boot rockbox or Linux ?
03:13:19sharpeit's possible...
03:13:23 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:13:48pjosharpe: Pls advise any pointer URL on this subject
03:14:06sharpeah, let me try and look
03:14:25sharpeso you already have ipodlinux installed, and rockbox? or just one of them?
03:16:23XavierGris there an ipod user here (with rockbox) that is willing to test a small change in jpeg.rock?
03:16:41 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
03:16:50pjoonly iPodLinux is installed
03:17:07sharpeokay well... you may be able to try
03:17:24pjoand I am wondering how to install rockbox without damaging iPodLinux
03:17:24sharpei really am not sure about triple booting, i only use rockbox...
03:17:40pjosharpe: thanks
03:17:49midkaypjo, just unzip a daily build to your root.
03:17:51sharpepjo: welcome, hope you can get it working
03:17:57midkayipl loader 2.2 or 2.3 should detect it..
03:18:07midkayDid For Me (tm)
03:18:27sharpeword. completely unhelpful comment(tm)
03:19:25pjoI am confused. WHen you say Loader can detect it, does it mean rockbox ?
03:19:28sharpemidkay, i may have the standard bitmap mode working
03:20:44pjoDo I install RockBox into FAT32 ?
03:21:21pjoafter installation, can I boot Linux using Hold switch ?
03:21:22midkaysharpe, cool.
03:21:25midkaybbi 30-ish..
03:21:27 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
03:22:13sharpepjo: i have no idea
03:23:09linuxstbpjo: Which ipod do you have, and do you know which version of the ipodlinux bootloader you installed?
03:26:42pjoit is Photo color 60g and ipodlinux is the latest from
03:27:05pjoI have not yet installed Loader2
03:27:37linuxstbRockbox needs either the Rockbox bootloader (which can also start linux), or Loader2.
03:28:20pjoPls advise any pointer regardin Rockbox loader to be able to triple boot, Apple, Linux, Rockbox
03:29:18pjoI am reading Loader 2 wiki page but there is no mentioning to RockBox
03:29:27sharpeit's at the bottom
03:29:45sharpei've got to make a call, i'm probably leaving after that.
03:29:45*linuxstb needs to go to bed. Goodnight all.
03:29:54sharpeg'night everyone
03:33:42pjopls advise where nightly build of Loader can be found
03:34:48sharpeturns out i' not leaving.
03:35:39Falco98sharpe: how'd the call go tonight?
03:36:14pjosharpe: Thanks
03:36:15sharpethey will call me backeth, shower. :D
03:37:06sharpeFalco98: i may have gotten the bitmap mode working in the video emulation for the c64 :D
03:37:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:38:10XavierGrok I will call it a day.
03:38:12sharpec64 emulator :D
03:38:24XavierGrAt least I managed to fix 2 small bugs
03:38:53sharpeturns out it's essentially the same code as textmode, but changed addresses to get the color/bitmap data...
03:39:01Doomedwhoa what if i got a color screen and put it in the H120
03:39:26sharpeis the h120 black and white / grayscale?
03:40:00sharpeif you just solder the screen how the original was, i highly, highly doubt it would work. but that's just my idea
03:41:40pjosharpe: pls advise how users can find the nightly page of Loader2 , not the direct link to the zip
03:41:57sharpethat's just the link i saw on the wiki for loader 2
03:42:56pjobecause it cannot be found in images directory
03:44:14sharpei don't think there's a nightly build of it
03:47:17sharpei could be wrong though, i don't know much about ipodlinux.
03:49:54 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
03:50:48sharpemidkay: two minutes short of thirty minutes :D
03:51:15midkayi was already 2m into the fawlty towers episode i watched :)
03:51:18midkayseriously though.
03:54:13 Join Jd|uni [0] (
03:54:20Jd|unihey hey!
03:54:26midkayjd! jd!
03:55:03Jd|unihow r we all today?
03:55:22sharpebored and depressive, but slightly happy. :)
03:57:25Falco98sharpe: u should look at my code then O:-)
03:59:18Jd|uniany1 knwo the ssh command to enable x11 forwarding?
04:00:16 Quit _Lucretia_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:00:32scorcheJd|uni: which ssh client?
04:00:41Jd|unixterm :p
04:01:37 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
04:02:21scorcheshould just be a -X option
04:02:35scorchenote the capital
04:02:39Jd|unicant open display :'(
04:03:07scorchetry to open xclock
04:03:20Jd|unicant open display
04:03:38Jd|uniim going through 2 ssh sevrers which might be the problem?
04:03:48scorcheand you used the option?
04:03:55Jd|uniyup, on both
04:04:10Jd|unihave to go through the uni server to get to the outisde workld :'(
04:05:31Jd|unigrr.. these damn comps dont have vnc
04:06:34scorcheyou have your display environment var set?
04:07:15Falco98damn, there's gotta be someone in here familiar with the playlist programming :-/
04:07:30Jd|uniim getting familiar with it.. :'(
04:08:11Falco98well.. i'm trying
04:11:24 Join shriphani [0] (i=shriphan@
04:11:36shriphanii need help again people
04:11:45Jd|unigrr.. using the -X option doesnt set the env var...
04:11:47Falco98join the club :)
04:11:48Jd|unican i set it manuaklly?
04:12:10 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
04:12:16shriphanibcoz the rockbox controls seem different to the original ipod cntrols
04:12:32Falco98they are...
04:12:34shriphaniis there a control manual that i can read ?
04:12:46sharpethey may be in the manual...
04:12:47Jd| i tihnk
04:12:51Jd|unimanuals for every target
04:13:05shriphaniand yeah where can i get idoom ?
04:13:07Falco98yeah the manual is linked right beside the download for the daily builds
04:13:29sharpeidoom is linux's version of doom i believe
04:13:45shriphaniyeah but i got a doom plugin with rockbox
04:13:52scorcheJd|uni: ssh should automagically set the var on the remote system to the server
04:13:58shriphaniand i got another question to ask too
04:14:05sharpewe've another answer?
04:14:21Jd|unino.. we r all out of answers today
04:14:23shriphanihow do i get videos to play o my rockbox ipod
04:14:26Jd|unicome again another day...
04:14:28Jd|uniu dont
04:14:28sharpeyou don't
04:14:38scorchealthough, that could be where the problem lies with going through 2 servers
04:14:52sharpeyou'd have to boot back into the apple firmware to play videos
04:15:10scorcheerrrr.... Jd|uni
04:15:53shriphaniand how do i boot to the ipod firmware without getting rid of rockbox ?
04:16:02sharpewhen you reboot, hold menu
04:16:08scorcheshriphani: hold me....bah
04:16:24sharpebut holding scorche may work also.
04:16:37scorchei feel lonely...
04:16:51sharpewelcome to the club.
04:16:57scorcheand am pissed today because i was unable to go to a ministry concert
04:17:09sharpeis that a band?
04:17:17sharpemaking sure.
04:18:16shriphaniand yea how do i restart back in rockbox from my original apple firmware ?
04:18:33sharpeselect + menu :)
04:18:55shriphaniok u mean reset ?
04:19:24shriphanii am downloding the zipped browser
04:19:28shriphanimanual sorry
04:21:09scorcheJd|uni: what was the ssh forward command line on the unix client?
04:22:05*scorche pokes Jd|uni
04:22:07pjoIf anybody knows what to do if nickserv nick name password is lost
04:22:38sharpetry your best at guessing?
04:23:32pjoi tried to contact freenode staff but at support channel of freenode I cannot post message
04:25:26pjoi wanted to /join ipodlinux
04:26:44 Quit pjo (Client Quit)
04:28:26sharpehe's in japan!
04:28:42Falco98wow, never woulda been able to tell that..
04:28:59sharpeproud of myself.
04:29:18Falco98well i was referring to his sentence structure..
04:29:21sharpemaybe i should implement a... debugger, and disassembler.
04:29:37Falco98then again i would be proud to have skills in japanese equalling his grasp of english..
04:29:52sharpeso in the middle of a program, you can switch to it and edit the memory.
04:29:53Falco98sharpe: debug the random-folders patch O:-P
04:30:11 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
04:30:13Falco98it's a simple bug!
04:30:28sharpewhat's the bug?
04:30:34Falco98just something little in the for() loop or something like that.. bad indexing.. something.. causes it to not work at all
04:31:18Falco98well the patch is supposed to pick a rand() number somewhere between 1 and (size of existing playlist), go to that # in the playlist, and then search for the nearest folder / album boundary
04:31:29Falco98(boundary is, in this case, just where the directory changes.. to be clear)
04:32:14Falco98and insert the 'current' folder at that boundary.. thus basically implementing "random albums" without having to have a listing of albums in advance, or having to put an array-index of boundaries on the stack
04:33:23Falco98but for some reason, now, when you perform the operation on a tree, all the folders therein are inserted nearly in perfect order.. which is generally not the desired result here ;-)
04:35:21sharpei know i'm going to fail, so i won't even try :)
04:35:36Falco98but since i'm a n00b and (as i keep saying) my C skills are rather rusty, i can't quite decipher the code well enough even to debug
04:36:00Falco98well if you know playlist.c at all, you might be able to understand
04:36:07sharpeheh, nope.
04:36:11Falco98ah ok
04:36:28sharpei really don't know too many parts of the rockbox code offhand
04:36:51sharpemostly just... plugin.c/.h and such
04:37:04Falco98you could look at the patch O:-)
04:37:14Falco98it's pretty simple by rockbox standards
04:41:04scorcheJd|uni: get back here!...i wanna figure this out =P
04:42:38sharpeFalco98: so it just does the folders past the current one?
04:42:59Jd|unisoz, back
04:43:07*Jd|uni is in a prac and want to finish it...
04:43:29Falco98yeah it basically stacks them in order.. except it kinda messes up the first 2 folders (does them backwards, and splits one in half for some reason, which is also wrong), but then lists every other folder completely in-order
04:44:19Falco98personally i can't even tell how the code detects folder boundaries, or steps forward
04:44:34sharpeneither do i?
04:45:07Falco98ahh.. well i'm hoping / figuring that someone who knows a bit about RB code might make more sense of it ;-P
04:47:36sharpeyay music time
04:48:04Falco98what does strncmp( ) do exactly?
04:48:30dpassen1compare strings
04:48:30sharpereturn zero if the two strings are equal
04:49:46 Quit shriphani ("restarting in linux")
04:50:10Falco98can it have 3 arguments?
04:50:21sharpetwo strings, and the number of characters to compare
04:50:34Jd|uniany1 know a good way to insert 1 string into another without copying the 2 strings to another buffer and back again?
04:50:56sharpeif you want just compare the two strings, you can just use strcmp() i believe...
04:51:04Falco98ahh thanx
04:51:46sharpeJd|uni: couldn't you like... have a pointer to where to place the second string in the first one, and just increment it each time?
04:52:08Falco98damnit it would be surely easier to read his code if he'd use spaces between arguments :-P
04:52:21sharpeFalco98: haha :)
04:52:31Falco98or does rockbox require that it not have spaces anywhere :-P
04:52:48Falco98(strncmp(dir, pti.filename, strlen(dir))) is a bit easier to read than
04:52:55sharpeyep, it requires no spaces to be anywhere. the source should fit on one line.
04:52:55*Jd|uni hopes falco isnt talking about my code...
04:53:13sharpeunless you have wordwrap, of course.
04:53:19Jd|uni... coz if he is ill stab him across the net :D
04:53:20Falco98Jd: i don't think so..
04:53:29Falco98unless you're the same as JdGordon :-P
04:53:41Falco98(same first 2 letters anyway)
04:53:57sharpewouldn't that be funny? :D
04:54:33Falco98with my luck it would be true :-P
04:54:47sharpenow that i look at my code, i'm not quite sure where i got the numbers for timing and such, but i know they work, so i'll leave them alone. i'm sure if i did the math i could figure them out again..
04:57:30sharpelike this, while (rasrate > ((rcount * HZ * 25) / 7800))
04:59:06dpassen1seems like thats the reason for commenting
04:59:18sharpereally the only place i didn't comment :)
04:59:44Falco98sharpe: so what does this line do? "for (t=dir; *t; t++)"
04:59:56sharpethe hell?
05:00:16Falco98"dir" is a string containing.. i guess the path
05:00:56sharpeiterates thru each character, i suppose.
05:01:00Falco98but i'm not sure what having "*t" signifies
05:01:05sharpeme neither
05:01:17sharpei got it.
05:01:23dpassen1it turns,, a full filename into a path by iterating over the full filename
05:01:26Falco98a pointer to the first character
05:01:51sharpeit will always evaluate to be true, as it's not zero. so when it hits the null at the end of the string, it will be false, so it will exit the loop.
05:02:09 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:02:18Falco98and "e" will be set to the spot of the final /
05:02:19sharpebeause *t would be the actual character
05:02:22Falco98that makes sense
05:03:10Falco98so it sets "e" to the position of the last "/", after which would only be the filename
05:03:30Falco98then it sets "e" to null..
05:03:39Falco98shouldn't it set the character *after* "e" to null?
05:04:18dyceipodlinux can play videos on nano right?
05:04:25sharpei suppose
05:04:40dycejust it has to be uncompressed
05:04:45sharpei've no idea.
05:04:48*Falco98 scratches his head.. wishes hardeep were here :-P
05:05:31dycewill videos be supported in the future??
05:05:31dpassen1It turns *e which is the last '/' character to null
05:05:44dpassen1So the string is null terminated at that point
05:05:54dpassen1So the filename is removed, leaving the path
05:06:00Falco98oh you're right
05:06:09Falco98for some reason i was thinking we want to retain the last "/"
05:06:18sharpegosh. how could you?!
05:06:50dpassen1If we're comparing paths, it probably doesn't matter as long as its consistent.
05:06:55Falco98dpassen1: are you looking at the patch by any chance? i'm thinking that the bug in here should be easy to spot...
05:07:51dpassen1I am now, I've been looking to get into Rockbox programming but I can't claim knowledge of playlist.h/.c or anything.
05:08:18dpassen1As soon as my semester is over, I will.
05:08:24Falco98fair enough.. but really all you need is (hopeffully better knowledge of C than me) :-P
05:08:29dpassen1But if you could explain the problem?
05:08:31sharpei think i'm going to be going
05:08:32Jd|unifalco: u need to drop the last / because when u go into a new file it wont have a / if its a dir
05:08:38Jd|unithats artificially addded..
05:08:43sharpegoodnight everyone, i'll be back tomorrow.
05:08:51Falco98aight.. thanx for ur help
05:09:32Falco98dpassen1: basically this patch is supposed to recurse thru the directory tree and add whole folders at random spots in the existing p/l, but only at directory boundaries
05:09:44Falco98(to recap)
05:10:03Falco98instead, it's messing up the first 2 folders, and then inserting everything else perfectly in-order
05:10:40dycewhat program compiles .diff files?
05:12:49 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
05:13:12zedyce: .diff files are patches
05:13:26Falco98dyce: maybe someone else can give you better info, but i think you need to use the "patch" command to integrate the files with the source before compilation
05:13:27zei think there's an FAQ about it
05:14:11Falco98try finding the "introduction to compilation" wiki, it has some info there about applying patches, etc..
05:15:03Falco98dpassen1: i'm suspicious about something here...
05:15:19Falco98the "else if" after the "if ( !*dir )" block...
05:15:32Falco98for some reason i don't think that should be an "ELSE" if...
05:16:32Falco98cuz (someone correct me if i'm wrong), that seems like the crucial block for actually telling the function where to insert stuff.. and it would NEVER be entered as long as it's going thru valid directories
05:17:31zeFalco98: !*dir means its a valid directory?
05:17:36zeFalco98: as in *dir being false?
05:17:42zeor null
05:18:14lostlogichardeep: last commit's a hack, perhaps the code that buffers tracks should not ever set playlist_end, but rather it should be the track skipping code's job? It's fine for now, but is not correct.
05:18:16 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:43 Join Sinbios [0] (
05:18:44Falco98ze: i'm not sure.. that's how it seems to me
05:19:24dpassen1Falco98: To me, it looks like that would be hit the first time
05:19:38Falco98which one
05:19:49dpassen1in line 118 of the patch, dir[0] = '\0';
05:20:01dpassen1then the first iteration of the loop
05:20:07zeFalco98: i'm just guessing here, but if a directory is valid and thus whatever opens it or whatever succeeds, wouldn't *dir become a pointer to the directory and thus be non-null? which means if its null (and thereby !*dir is true), that means the directory is not valid?
05:20:41zei've got no context, it could be something else entirely, thats just my uneducated guess heh
05:21:02Falco98ze: if you're right, then i think i may still be somewhat right.. because the block containing the code that removes the filename to get "just the path" is inside the "if (!*dir)" block
05:21:14Falco98ze: check out the patch?
05:21:25Falco98i'm focusing around line 130
05:21:47Falco98dpassen1: if it only hits the first time, don't you think that may not be doing what it's intended to?
05:22:04dpassen1Yes, I'm just trying to understand it a bit better before I say something incorrect
05:22:14dpassen1Which may of course have already happened
05:22:26zeFalco98: it might make sense to get just the path if its trying to see the path + file as a directory?
05:22:47zeand thus fails and takes that as a measure in response to the failure? heh
05:22:49zei dunno
05:22:54zewhere's this patch?
05:22:56Falco98oh i might be wrong
05:23:09Falco98i'm only now starting to understand
05:23:13Falco98but i don't quite see the bug yet
05:23:28Falco98(get the last patch posted at the bottom)
05:27:53 Join dj-fu [0] (
05:28:04zeok so *dir starts off null, and thus !*dir will always be true for i=0, and thereby the else if will not be hit for i=0
05:28:27dpassen1As is my understanding, as well
05:28:49zethen in i=0, dir gets set to the path minus the filename
05:29:06zeso for i=>0, !*dir should no longer be true, and thus the else should be hit
05:29:15zeand then its a matter of the if after the else being true or not
05:30:39Falco98well for some reason it is most definitely not doing as intended..
05:30:46zethats assuming that the code within the if !*dir is correct and actually removes the filename from the path and sets dir correctly to the path
05:30:49dpassen1which is oddly comparing the filename of the playlist track info to the dir as set back in the i=0 case
05:30:51Falco98however it does end up recursing through the whole tree and inserting everything
05:32:13Falco98dpassen1 you might have a point.. lemme find what you're talking about
05:32:44zebut its only doing it for the length of dir
05:32:54zeand if dir is only as long as the full path minus the filename
05:33:04zethen that number of chars of the full path should match with dir
05:33:49zeand dir at that point has its zeroth element set to null, thus it has no length yet
05:34:05zeor hmm
05:34:08zewait nm
05:34:26zee should get incremented later in that block
05:35:19dpassen1This also seems like if you have two folders one called foo and another foo (remix) they will be compared only up to the 3rd character.
05:36:00zeif foo is the one in dir, then yeah it souns like it
05:36:03dpassen1That wouldn't explain the current issues, but it would lead to odd behavior
05:36:30Falco98i guess that's why everything in a common superDIR are inserted together...
05:37:16zeam i missing something, what's e actually doing?
05:37:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:37:38zeit gets set... then it gets set some more.. and finally gets set again
05:38:02dpassen1e takes the address of the last '/' in the filename
05:38:08dpassen1so as to null terminate at that address
05:38:13Falco98maybe that's why i figured the final "/" should be retained in the path string
05:38:26Falco98because then there would be no ambiguity between "foo" and "foo 2"
05:38:51zei was never very good at understanding pointers :p
05:39:07Falco98same here ze
05:39:10 Quit dyce (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:39:13zejust when i think i get it, my code doesn't work
05:40:27zeso with *blah and blah, which is the address and which is the memory at that address?
05:40:39Falco98*blah is the address
05:40:42dpassen1blah is address, *blah has been dereferenced
05:41:03dpassen1Ok, when declaring
05:41:15dpassen1type * var declared a pointer
05:41:20dpassen1But during usage
05:41:32dpassen1var would be an address, *var would be the data pointed to
05:41:39zewhen *e= stuff, is that setting the address to stuff?
05:41:57dpassen1*e = '\0' sets the character at address e to '\0'
05:42:17zeoh ok
05:42:24zeoh right
05:42:30zebut char *e=stuff is setting the address
05:42:43zewhile later, *e=stuff is setting the character at the address of e
05:43:00dpassen1are you looking at line 132?
05:43:20zeyeah and around there
05:43:27zewhats up with the double ;'s btw? :p
05:43:32Falco98i am too.. i don't quite understand
05:43:38dpassen1Yeah, that's just a typo
05:43:44Falco98does that affect anything?
05:43:58dpassen1nothing semantically, just adds a null statement
05:44:45dpassen1but line 132 declares two char pointers, t and e. e is then set to the address of the end of dir
05:45:06hardeepi haven't looked at it too closely but, just based on all this discussion, i'd recommend changing the code that gets the dir name to something simpler
05:45:12hardeepsee tree.c:set_current_file() as an example
05:45:22zeif dir is a null string, doesn't that make strlen(dir) 0?
05:45:36hardeepit extracts the dir from the filename using strrchr()
05:46:05dpassen1I'm sure there's lots in this patch that could be done easier and better and more in line with Rockbox standards.
05:46:46hardeepmaking this change would save a couple pages of discussion though... =)
05:47:08dpassen1Yes, I'm looking at tree.c now
05:47:18zehardeep: well i'm also polluting the discussion with my own learning :p
05:47:30dpassen1As we all are
05:47:46Falco98same here
05:48:01*Falco98 is probably the oldest one here too..
05:48:05zefor all we know so far, none of this has anything to do with the bug
05:48:15Falco98ze: i have a strong feeling
05:48:27dpassen1But clearly, the patch has issues beyond the 'bug'
05:48:46Falco98dp: his old version of the patch worked perfectly, but was way too intensive
05:48:58dpassen1Which version?
05:49:03dpassen1Maybe I can compare the two
05:49:14Falco98it did the insertions a whole different way
05:50:02Falco98basically it did a scan of the whole tree and made a list of possible insertions, then picked them at random (i think)
05:50:06Falco98inserting them in order
05:50:30dpassen1I'll be back tomorrow, I'll give a stronger look then if still necessary.
05:50:54Falco98in the second version, it was to make an array containing track-lengths of all the folders, then use that to find insertion points
05:51:07Falco98dp: thanks.. it probably will, but we'll see :)
05:52:27 Join holotone [0] (n=rabble@
05:53:36holotoneHowdy ya'll..!
05:53:47holotoneJust a quick check in to see if RB 3.0 was still going "live" today?
05:54:01holotoneI hadn't heard any updates at or at
05:54:52Falco98hmm.. good question
05:55:07Falco98i haven't heard too much definitive news on the matter in a while
05:55:12Falco98(a few days, anyway)
05:55:44holotoneI'm in no rush, I was just curious - The folks at misticriver have been speculating over the last few days, so I figured I'd just come to the source and check it out.
05:57:51Jd|unicrap, soz caps
05:57:57Jd|unifalco: what timezone u in?
05:58:05holotoneYeah, that's kind of the impression that I had
05:58:18Jd|uniand btw.. falco, Jdgordon is me...
05:58:30*scorche gasps
05:58:32holotoneWell, either way, keep up the awesome work!
05:58:56holotonethanks again, guys....
05:59:22Falco98Jd: eastern US
05:59:37Jd|uniso ur about 19 hours behind me or something?
05:59:37Falco98ahh hey jd
05:59:47Falco98so it's about midnight here
05:59:53qwmmorning here.
06:00:03Falco98didn't mean any disrespect, i've just been trying to debug :-/
06:00:08Jd|uni12 hours behind.. its just turned 2pm
06:00:17Jd|unino prob :D
06:01:19Falco9812 hours behind would make it 2 am here :-P
06:01:28Falco98and right now it's just midnight
06:01:38Falco98so.. either 14h behind or 8h ahead
06:01:38Jd|uni14hours then
06:01:56Jd|unicant be ahead.. its monday here already :p
06:02:04Falco98hehe ok
06:02:09Falco98well i never remember that stuff very well
06:02:16Falco98ok well i'm starting to understand ur code..
06:02:31Falco98did u see what hardeep suggested about stripping dir / filename?
06:02:32Jd|unioh good :D
06:02:50 Join shadou [0] (
06:02:55 Quit shadou (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:03:19Falco98only a screen or so back
06:04:03Falco98and a little earlier we came up with an example that breaks your directory compare
06:04:30Falco98if the two folders are "foo" and "foo (remix)", it will think they're the same
06:04:38Falco98if "foo" == DIR
06:05:10Falco98since it does strcmp( foo, foo (remix), strlen(foo) )
06:05:40Falco98(which may be a good case for leaving the "/" at the end of the dir after you get the filenames off)
06:06:34zeFalco98: if leaving the / doesn't interfere with things referencing the directory...
06:06:41 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
06:07:10Falco98ze: the string we're talking about is referenced only in this function, only in the comparison operations...
06:07:21zeFalco98: oh ok
06:07:36Falco98Jd|uni: on line 146, what is the last "%c" for?
06:07:38zeso then just e = t; to e = t+1; would fix that wouldn't it?
06:07:44 Quit holotone ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
06:08:21Falco98ze: that's what i suspect
06:08:22 Join scott666 [0] (
06:10:44Falco98JD, still around?
06:11:00ze% is modulus isn't it?
06:11:09zesomething to do with the remainder in a division? i forget
06:11:18Falco98i can't figure out what that %c is intended to do tho..
06:11:53Falco98at that point "c" is the length of the playlist
06:12:13zelength of the playlist, or length of what remains of it, it looks like
06:12:23Falco98either / or
06:12:34Jd|unithe idea is that it gets added only after the curent spot in the playlist
06:12:37Falco98it's the "remainder" iff we're talking about an already-going deal
06:12:55Falco98my question is (on line 146) what is the " % c " for?
06:13:01 Join Febs [0] (
06:13:16Falco98"r = (r + direction)" seems like it should work fine
06:13:28midkayhow about just r += direction?!
06:13:59Falco98midkay: (agreed)
06:14:19midkayFalco98, (you suffer from) (parenthases) (((overuse))) (.)
06:14:30Falco98is that a script?
06:14:58*Jd|uni likes brackets...
06:15:06Jd|unifalco past ethe line ur asking about
06:15:10midkaybrackets are pretty cool.
06:15:16scorche{these are better}
06:15:17Falco98r = (r + direction)%c;
06:15:22midkay{these SUCK}
06:15:27midkay[these are pretty cool]
06:15:30Falco98i don't think the %c works
06:15:35scorche{YOU SUCK}
06:15:37scott666<the one true bracket>
06:15:39Jd|uniok, past the whole function to
06:15:50Falco98what's ?
06:16:08midkay{go to hell}
06:16:18zeFalco98: a place to paste
06:16:26midkayFalco98, try visiting it :)
06:16:51scorchewhere did that i come from?
06:17:09midkayup your face and around the corner.
06:17:35Falco98Jd|uni: line 20 there...
06:17:46scorchei am rubber and midkay is glue...whatever you say, bounces off of me and sticks to you!
06:18:08midkaywell, not whatever 'you' says. i'm the glue, not 'you'.
06:18:21scott666you chagned tenses mid-sentence..
06:18:22midkaywhatever 'you' says bounces off of you and sticks to me, you mean.
06:18:41*scorche boggles
06:18:51*Falco98 rolls his eyes
06:18:56scott666"sticks to him" not "sticks to you"
06:18:57Jd|unithat is so we dont go start checking at the begining of the list again
06:19:01scott666but then it doesnt ryhme
06:19:06Jd|unii.e before the current spot in the playlist
06:20:06Falco98not sure i understand...
06:20:07scorcheJd|uni: ever get your problem figured out?
06:20:57Falco98won't that artificially change the value of "r" to something we don't want?
06:21:42Jd|uniyes.. there should be a r+=_something_...
06:21:54Jd|uniscorce: which rpoblem in particular?
06:22:01Jd|uni im still in the prac if thats what u mean
06:22:18Falco98i think it would be better just to do r += direction, and then check for special cases individually after that
06:22:31Jd|unitry it and find out..
06:22:37scorcheJd|uni: not being able to tunnel x11
06:27:22Jd|unino, im not worried... i needed it to debug that rockbox code falco is workliong on.. but this prac is taking all my time
06:27:42 Quit dj-fu (Remote closed the connection)
06:28:36Falco98Jd|uni: why not just check (after doing r += direction) whether r >= i ?
06:28:51Falco98"if r >= i, p = i, break"
06:29:07Jd|unicoz i was coding it when i was half asleep...
06:29:28Jd|uninot i.. i is not the index
06:29:37Jd|unii is the count of how many tracks we have looked at
06:30:49Falco98ah whoops.. i need something for "playlist_amount"
06:31:02Falco98i'd use C except C is messed-with in the special cases
06:31:50Jd|unicount.. ?
06:33:03Jd|unifor the variable name...
06:33:44Falco98so add a new one?
06:34:40Jd|uniif u want...
06:35:15Falco98or just call playlist_amount() again..
06:35:53Jd|unican u paste the whole add_directory_to_playlist function plz? i wanna get a better look at it all
06:36:00Falco98ah dang i guess i can't add lines to the .patch file heh
06:36:37Falco98i guess i need to open playlist.c then :-P
06:36:54Jd|uniu can add to the patch.. but u need to fiddle with numbers
06:37:45Jd|uniok, i got the file open
06:41:10Jd|uniim going home
06:41:14Jd|uniu gonna be around in 30min?
06:42:09Falco98or, should be
06:42:45Jd|uniok, so we'll chat when i get home
06:42:59Jd|unibtw, shoudli bother with ccna cerification in my course (softwware eng) ?
06:43:17Falco98dunno.. you could, wouldn't hurt
06:43:31Jd|unithats what i rekon.. specially if the govnt is paying :D
06:43:35Falco98some companies like seeing those certs, tho maybe not if ur strictly a software dev
06:43:41 Quit Jd|uni ("CGI:IRC")
06:44:57 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:50:49 Quit Falco98 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:52:54 Join dyce [0] (
06:52:57 Part dyce
06:53:49 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
06:58:05dongsanyoen got a quickref to arm asm?
07:00:30scorchei do
07:02:22 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzzz")
07:02:30 Join Rick [0] (
07:04:59 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
07:07:45 Join Falco98 [0] (
07:09:32 Join damaki_ [0] (
07:11:37 Join JdGordon [0] (
07:11:39 Join B4gder [0] (
07:11:56Falco98i've done some work.. a little...
07:11:59JdGordonmiss me? :p
07:13:22 Quit BHSPitLappy (Connection timed out)
07:14:03Falco98so where were you before?
07:14:20JdGordonat uni
07:14:29JdGordonhence the |uni part of my nick :p
07:15:01Falco98ok i made one notable change:
07:15:24Falco98i changed it so if we're adding folders to an already-going playlist, the coin flip is always "up"
07:15:24JdGordoni see... does it work?
07:15:40Falco98u mean compile? or work perfectly?
07:15:45JdGordonu dont want that tho...
07:15:45Falco98i dont know either quite yet :-P
07:16:21Falco98for some reason i'm not sure whether i've found the real bug yet...
07:16:32JdGordonwhy cant direction be negative if we r inserting into an exsiting pl?
07:17:07 Join speacial_ed [0] (
07:17:35Falco98the only reason for direction to be negative in the first place was so that we could have stuff inserted at the *beginning*, keep in mind
07:17:41 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
07:17:45Falco98so 2 reasons:
07:17:58JdGordonno, direction was just to add a bit more randomness...
07:18:01Falco981) if we're already running a playlist, we don't need that case anymore
07:18:26Falco982) if we're already running a playlist, it would be dangerous (or at least useless) to add something *before* the album we're currently playing
07:19:01Falco98#2 is the most important reason :-P
07:19:31JdGordonthe if (r<0) line should stop that from ever happening...
07:19:50speacial_edUmm so I just installed rockbox on my 5g 30gb winpod and.... well it says its using like 25 gigs of the 30... and my 2nd partition is 5 gigs and 3rd is like less than a gig... any ideas?
07:20:07Falco98JdGordon: well if that case happens, where is the album inserted?
07:20:12Falco98in the middle of the currently-playing one
07:20:34JdGordonha, yes.. it should be p = r+1 then
07:21:10Falco98then it'll insert the new album (in the middle plus one track) of the currently playing album :)
07:21:39Falco98or do u mean it should be r = r + 1?
07:22:12JdGordongrr.. ye your correct.
07:22:24Falco98hehe sry
07:22:53JdGordonhow about then ir (r<0){ p = c; break; }
07:22:55Falco98hmm so i ran Make and it didn't explode in my face.. does that mean it compiled?
07:23:45Falco98what would "p = c" do?
07:24:07JdGordonp is the position where its getting inserted.. i.e put it at the end if we r at the beginignng again
07:24:10Falco98c is either playlist size or playlist remaining...
07:24:31Falco98well if we're at the beginning we want it to go at the beginning no?
07:24:46dpassen1Maybe, changing variable names to something meaningful would help?
07:24:57dpassen1So its easier to digest what is going on
07:25:08Falco98and if we only let the counter go up when a p/l is already running, we eliminate the case of inserting stuff where it'll not get played
07:25:23 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:25:31Falco98dpassen1: interesting idea
07:25:49JdGordonhaha,,, but that is no fun :D
07:25:53dpassen1When I was first looking at the patch, it took a while to acclimate to p,r,c, etc.
07:26:00JdGordonas u can c... im lazy when it comes to typing variable names
07:26:11Falco98esp. since all 3 of those change their meaning very shortly after
07:26:17JdGordonbit more obfuscation for you... direction = -1+(2*(r%2));
07:27:04Falco98that works...
07:27:11*JdGordon us making it more sane...
07:27:20Falco98i was acutally wondering what a working formula for that might be :-P
07:27:48Falco98how bout just (r % 2) * 2) -1
07:27:51Falco98missing a (
07:28:01JdGordonor that..
07:28:15JdGordonsame thing almost
07:29:01Mikachuhopefully the compiler is smart enough, but if not, (r & 1) will be faster
07:29:25Falco98what's the & do?
07:29:30dongsgcc? smart compiler?
07:29:31JdGordonbitwise and
07:29:47JdGordonr&1 doesnt give -1/1 ?
07:30:02dongshow the fuck did gnu faggots end up with TEQP being a fucking 'msr'
07:30:06Mikachuit would always be positive
07:30:11Falco98well it compiled
07:30:25*JdGordon has replaced variable names to resotre sanity...
07:30:28B4gdergo wash your mouth with soap dongs
07:30:40Mikachumaybe prot inspired him
07:30:52Falco98jd check my version.. about to paste again
07:30:57scorchewe have 6 ops o_O
07:31:06speacial_edUmm so I just installed rockbox on my 5g 30gb winpod and.... well it says its using like 25 gigs of the 30... and my 2nd partition is 5 gigs and 3rd is like less than a gig... any ideas?
07:31:33B4gderwho says that and what is the problem with it?
07:31:43dongsspeacial_ed: same reason you buy a 160gb hdd and its only 145gb.
07:32:09speacial_edso thats the reason the first partition is so huge huh?
07:32:12speacial_edgood thought
07:32:31JdGordonmine is working now... cept its in order which sux...
07:32:46Falco98that was teh prob. in the first place :-P
07:33:01JdGordonbut its at folder boundaries...
07:33:03Falco98does it insert some weird folders, like split in half, right near the beginning of the p/l?
07:33:03dongsspeacial_ed: time for 5 R's
07:33:13JdGordonwasnt the prob being inserted mid folder?
07:33:24Falco98speacial_ed: ./ignore dongs
07:33:32Falco98jd: both
07:33:39MikachuJdGordon: what exactly do you want to do with r?
07:33:41speacial_edfalco98: will do
07:33:54JdGordonMikachu: direction needs to be -1 or 1
07:34:02JdGordonbased on r%2
07:34:13B4gderr&1?1:-1 ?
07:34:25 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
07:34:26JdGordonhaha.. thatl do :D
07:34:47Falco98the compiler seems to have handled "direction = (( r % 2 ) * 2 ) - 1;" pretty well
07:35:25Falco98oh does r&1 test for even/odd then?
07:35:37*Falco98 slaps forehead
07:36:57MikachuLinusN: i think you want to add some more people to chanserv access list
07:37:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:38:23*dongs is still looking for some arm asm reference
07:38:50Falco98JdGordon: anything?
07:39:05JdGordonnot yet...
07:39:29dongsthats pretty small it better be amazingly well compressed
07:40:06dongsya thats good enough
07:40:34*B4gder bows
07:40:48*Mikachu applauds cordially
07:40:55*scorche giggles
07:41:36*JdGordon adds debug output :'(
07:41:39Falco98JdGordon: i also think the directories should be left with the final "/" intact
07:42:09Falco98cuz strcmp("foo" "foo 2" strlen("foo")) will put them equal
07:42:44Falco98however if it's strcmp("foo/" "foo 2/" strlen("foo/")) it'll work
07:43:08JdGordonu then might have to ADD a / to the dir name...
07:43:18 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
07:43:23Falco98when you're stripping the filenames off
07:43:29JdGordoncoz they are added artificially...
07:43:31Falco98just leave on the final "/"?
07:43:31Mikachujust use strcmp instead of strncmp
07:44:16Falco98Mikachu: the problem is, the second item in the comparisons will still have a filename after it
07:44:49B4gderthen it certainly must use a slash or similar
07:45:05dongsuse ":" like apple.
07:45:16Falco98so it would be more like "strcmp("Foo" "Foo/bar.mp3" strlen("foo"))"
07:45:21dongsB4gder: do you know what hte first 8 jump instructions at beginning of memory is for?
07:45:32dongsi heard "reset vector" mentioned or something simlar.
07:45:50B4gderyeah, they're exception/interrupt vectors
07:46:00 Quit speacial_ed ("Bye")
07:46:13Falco98JdGordon: what do u mean when u say "added artificially"?
07:46:27 Join webguest88 [0] (
07:46:44JdGordonthey are added by a function.. not as part of the filename... anyway i got a fix
07:47:03Falco98what, slashes aren't part of the filename?
07:47:17dongsew pastebin has no ads and is 100x better than some lame php-pasting site
07:48:28Falco98JdGordon: u just commented out the "if" after "else"?
07:48:48JdGordonand remove the filename and do the check on strlen(filename)
07:49:06dongsB4gder: so, 0 is reset vector, 1 is what? unhandled exception/crash?
07:49:18 Quit webguest88 (Client Quit)
07:49:34JdGordonok.. none of that code is ever excecuted..
07:49:41JdGordonif (!count || last_insert_pos) is wrong...
07:50:39 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
07:51:11B4gderdongs: I guess you need to check a arm7tdmi doc for the details, I don't recall them
07:52:38 Join {EDF}SS2 [0] (
07:54:20JdGordonline 772
07:55:02Falco98oh gotit
07:56:00Falco98so what's that mean
07:56:45JdGordonin fact.. everything from 766 down is only excetued once for me.. something must be mangling *position...
07:57:30Falco98it worked in your old versions.. what did you change?
07:57:37JdGordonnothing.. ?
07:58:33 Join bleaked [0] (
07:58:37Falco98what's the difference between insert_folders_randomly and insert_tree_randomly ?
07:59:10JdGordonu must be looking at an old one... neither of those should be called...
07:59:15JdGordonor even exsist
07:59:19JdGordoni tinhk
08:00:37Falco98i still see a few things floating around in your version of the patch from yesterday...
08:01:50JdGordonhahahaha... im an idiot... when i copied this code form the old functions i didnt rename i.. i is the counter for the files as well and i tihnk it changes the wrong i ...
08:02:07 Join PaulJam [0] (
08:02:25JdGordonor maybe not...
08:02:32bleakedquestion, i've been playing with tagcache over the past few weeks. one problem i've noticed is that when i rotate out music on the device, and when tagcache 'updates' its database, it never deletes entries of deleted songs. is this a known bug? can i manually clear the cache? is there something i may be doing wrong?
08:02:51Falco98oh heh
08:02:58Falco98i just noticed you have 2 "i"'s floating around
08:03:21Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: Yes, it doesn't detect and remove songs. Right now it can only add, so you'd have to delete the tagcache files and rebuild it from scratch. Remember, it's very new still.
08:03:58bleakedyes, only a few months, correct?
08:04:35bleakedok, well two quick questions..
08:04:38JdGordonFalco98: floating around?, i just changed my i's to l and it didnt change anything.. so i either missed one or its not the bug
08:04:48 Quit {edf}ss (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:05:06Falco98jd: look at line 725
08:05:23Falco98then 768
08:05:31bleakedfirst, what files do i delete to remove the cache, and, i've read teh comparison of the various methods one can store the cache on the device, used both, and still cannot decide what is best. any recommendations?
08:05:33JdGordonye, thats what i mean
08:05:38Falco98i'm wondering if those 2 conflicted...
08:05:39JdGordonthe 2nd set need to be chnaged
08:05:51JdGordondoesnt look like they did...
08:06:00Falco98ah.. dang
08:06:01JdGordongood ol' local variables and scope :p
08:06:32Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: For the first, every file in the base /.rockbox/ folder with tag in the name, EXCEPT tagnavi.config, if I recall.
08:06:56Falco98wait tho.. the second "i" function has access to the first "i" tho right?
08:06:57Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: For the second: Do you go back to your tagcache often, or do you prefer to just start your music, and listen for quite some time without browsing again.
08:07:07JdGordonyup, *position is being mangled...
08:07:27Falco98figure out what's doing it yet?
08:07:59JdGordonno :'(
08:08:38bleakedPaul_The_Nerd. generally i toss on an album, play for a while, pause, resume, pause, resume, next album.. occasionally if i've set it down for a while and pick it back up, i'll choose a different album.
08:09:16Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: Probably leave it as "Disk" then.
08:09:30bleakedok, thanks.
08:09:39*JdGordon shoots self
08:09:46JdGordonbloody freeking typo in playlist.h
08:09:46Falco98what is it
08:10:03JdGordonPLAYLIST_INSERT_FOLDERS_RANDOMLY = 16 not = -1 :o
08:10:22Falco98which should it be
08:10:23JdGordon=-6 even
08:10:48 Quit bleaked (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:11:34 Quit hardeep (Remote closed the connection)
08:11:57JdGordonand now we r back to the proper prolem....
08:12:03JdGordoninserting mid folder :'(
08:12:20Falco98how do u check so fast? u have a simulator?
08:12:35JdGordonbuild the sim and dump some mp3 in it
08:12:46Falco98god damn modifying playlist.h makes the whole damn thing rebuild
08:12:56Falco98in windows, jd?
08:13:01JdGordonno, linux
08:14:24Falco98did you make the changes i suggested about fixing the cointoss?
08:14:45JdGordonyes, and no.. :D
08:15:00Falco98paste ur function again?
08:16:24JdGordonshouldnt u be going to bed?? :D
08:17:39Falco98i dont need to get up..
08:17:52 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
08:18:47Falco98use this:
08:19:20Falco98and if it still acts the same, at least we'll know that wasn't the problem
08:21:41JdGordonits definalty not the problem :D
08:21:51Falco98so you tried it then?
08:22:00Falco98cuz it should be that way anyway :-P
08:22:26Falco98so what exactly is happening wrong, now?
08:22:46Falco98is there any random-order inserting at all?
08:22:48JdGordoninsert_pos is being set incorrectly... somewhere...
08:22:56JdGordonits very random..
08:23:07JdGordonbut 1 folder is enclosing all others...
08:23:12Falco98so it's almost right?
08:23:27Falco98that's the way it's been with me too
08:23:34Falco98but the others.. are they still in order, or random now?
08:23:54JdGordonye, all in order, cept 1 folder
08:23:59JdGordonthis is really pissing me off :D
08:26:15Davide-NYCyou guys working on the randon folders?
08:26:39JdGordonfor the past few days :'(
08:26:49Davide-NYCoh, sorry I asked
08:26:56Falco98hehe no prob..
08:27:21Falco98why, you wanna help us debug this damn thing?
08:27:30Falco98it's certainly pestering us..
08:27:44Davide-NYCI can't right now
08:27:52 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:27:53Davide-NYCbut I could prob help you tomorrow night
08:28:08Davide-NYChopefully just to test your working patch
08:28:13Falco98sweet.. check in, i'm sure there'll still be bugs :-P
08:28:20Falco98yeah, cross your fingers..
08:28:52Falco98JdGordon: is there a way to have it, maybe, write a debug file to file-output?
08:29:13JdGordonye, DEBUGF()
08:29:18JdGordonits the same as printf..
08:29:27JdGordonim using it.. but its not the best debug tool..
08:30:09Falco98look at line...
08:30:48Falco98"if l == ...."
08:31:03JdGordon? thats all fine...
08:31:07Falco98isn't that out-of-scope from the for() loop you use l in?
08:31:22JdGordoncopy the whole line...
08:31:39Falco98 if (l==count)
08:31:49Falco98insert_pos = 1
08:32:01JdGordonno, thats in scope..
08:32:31JdGordoncount needs to be renamed also.. i just noticed there is a count var alreadt
08:32:42Falco98where do you init. l?
08:33:26 Join kiji [0] (n=co_baek@
08:35:57Falco98maybe i meant where is it declared
08:36:16JdGordonunder if (*position == PLAYLIST_INSERT_FOLDERS_RANDOMLY)
08:36:52Falco98ahh ok cool
08:36:59kijiHi i got a problem here, anyone wanna help ???
08:37:07Falco98shoot, kiji
08:37:11dongswow, could you have any more consistent coding style there Falco98 / JdGordon ?
08:37:22dongsi hope your patch never gets accepted just because of that.
08:37:36JdGordonwhat in particular shmuck?
08:37:40JdGordoni mean dongs?
08:37:45kijii can't install a software here
08:37:46dongsjust looking at stuff you pasted.
08:37:49dongsinconsistent spacing etc.
08:37:52Falco98./ignore dongs
08:38:01dongs./shrug not my problem
08:38:07Falco98we're trying to get it to just work
08:38:12dongsdoes it matter?
08:38:12Falco98we can clean it up later
08:38:14JdGordonmuch better :D
08:38:23dongs"later" wont happen.
08:38:33dongsif you are writing code, write it properly the first time.
08:38:38dongsyou're not saving anything.
08:38:40Falco98kiji: whatcha trying to install?
08:38:45dongsyou're making a mess for yourself/others to deal with later.
08:38:50Falco98JdGordon: any luck?
08:39:00JdGordon.. no
08:39:59Falco98did u finish renaming count?
08:40:16dongskiji: what.
08:40:24JdGordonye, the problem only occurs on the 2nd folder added..
08:40:39JdGordonso its not a boundary check thats buggered..
08:40:59Falco98but they're still all going in-order too?
08:41:33Falco98oh they're going in random now?
08:42:49JdGordonthe first folder to get inserted gets split.. all others are put in somehwere in the first folder, but randomly.. witth their tracks in order..
08:42:49kijii can't use my computer and my document in a start menu
08:43:08kijiand i can't use dos or regedit
08:43:19*scorche checks the channel's name
08:43:33kijibesides i can't install a new software like itunes :P
08:43:56dongsoh hm. 2nd vector is undefined instruction.
08:44:06Falco98JdGordon: how many folders are u testing with?
08:44:21dongs"u" is not a word either.
08:44:35scorchedongs: quit trolling
08:44:40dongsi'm not.
08:45:10dongsi pointed out 2 extremely important things
08:45:21dongs1, that writing quality / properly formatted code from beginning is critical
08:45:27Paul_The_Nerdkiji: This is not the right place to search for help with that. I would suggest using Google.
08:45:27dongsand 2, that 'u' is not a word.
08:45:30dongshow the fuck is this trolling.
08:46:03kijii do use google but i can't find it
08:46:10midkaydongs, how about 'quit being absolutely annoying and utterly useless'?
08:46:12Paul_The_NerdWell the latter because even you should know well enough to know that anyone using "u" is familiar with the fact that it's not a word, and chooses to use it anyway.
08:46:15Falco98JdGordon: try with 5 or 6 folders, just to make sure they're really going in random.. if the split-folder thing is the only bug left i'll be happy for the night :-P
08:46:18kijican you tell me what the exact phrase?
08:46:20scorchekiji: try joining #windows instead
08:46:49dongsmidkay: what's with random hate. do you disagree with what i said or what?
08:48:14dongshow come they stopped making daily win32 builds?
08:48:23dongsis it because its broken or what
08:48:25Paul_The_Nerddongs: You are often around in this channel saying things almost clearly with the intent of sparking off-topic debate, or arguments. You like to tell people they should be using other compilers, or OSes, and have generally made a nuisance of yourself, and probably know you're doing so. It's not that what you said recently was particularly trollish on its own, but in light of the way you generally act, it seems less than merely in
08:48:26midkaydongs, i disagree with about everything you say.. i popped in and noticed your 'u' message, and i thought it would be a good time to let you know. since you've got here i haven't seen you contribute anything useful, just complaints and in-my-opinion-ish (generally worthless) suggestions.
08:48:58dongsPaul_The_Nerd: your text got cut off at "merely in"
08:49:34JdGordondo /ignore thingyies stay around after a reconnect? or do u have to redo it every connect?
08:49:40LinusNhmm, the new wps zip building code still doesn't handle different resolutions very well
08:49:47kijifirst when i got a problem with this i can use a total commander to see the local disc and save it here then i can take it for another day, but now i can't use it anymore, do you know what other software to crack it?
08:49:49Paul_The_Nerddongs: Back to something on-topic, what "Daily win32 builds" are you talking about?
08:49:53dongsirc. serious business.
08:49:55dongsPaul_The_Nerd: uisim.
08:50:07 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:50:10LinusNit can't handle when there are different bitmaps directories for different resolutions
08:50:17Paul_The_NerdNot broken. It's just that we use SDL now.
08:50:19LinusNlike icatcher
08:50:25dongsas opposed to?
08:50:54dongshow does 'we use sdl now' explain lack of uisim builds?
08:50:57Paul_The_NerdPrior there was a windows-specific and an x11-specific sim. Now there's just the SDL one.
08:51:04dongsi see
08:51:09Paul_The_NerdThat's how it explains it.
08:51:16dongswell, so where are the windows binaries of it then?
08:51:31preglowno binaries for the sim at all
08:51:40Falco98JdGordon: can you repaste your whole add_directory_to_playlist function? i need to copy-paste over mine :-P
08:51:50scorchekiji: as we have said before, this is not the correct place to search for your answers.
08:51:53JdGordonin a sec
08:53:29LinusNdongs: the simulator is a developer tool, for developing code, so there is no point in having binaries for download
08:55:29 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
08:59:02JdGordoni think its the recursion screwing it up
08:59:18Falco98i think you messed up fixing the cointoss...
08:59:31B4gdermarkun: nice work on the languages!
08:59:38Falco98direction = 1;//(track_index&1)?1:-1;
08:59:58 Quit kiji ()
09:00:02JdGordonare the directories always the first entries in the file listing
09:00:13JdGordonFalco98: yes, just sets it to 1 for the moment
09:00:21Falco98ahh ok
09:00:32 Join theli_ua [0] (
09:01:09*dongs eyes line 114 in the last paste
09:01:22Davide-NYCLinusN I noticed that all of the extra WPS were rejected during make zip yesterday
09:01:38LinusNthat is intended
09:01:46Paul_The_NerdIs it strictly necessary that the cointoss be weighted? Why not just do an honest two-result random chance to pick up or down?
09:01:48Falco98what's the problem you see, dongs?
09:01:52Paul_The_NerdWell, pseudorandom
09:02:10LinusNhowever, the new system requires that all bitmaps are in the same directory, for all wps sizes (in wps)
09:02:19Falco98paul: it's not "weighting" per se.. I just want it fixed so it counts only-up in the case of an already-going playlist
09:02:25LinusN(in cvs) i mean
09:02:25JdGordonciontoss isnt weighted..
09:02:39dongsFalco98: you're executing the if statemetn if dir and pti.filename are not equal?
09:02:56Davide-NYCmay I ask for a quick example? (I'm not on my machine right now)
09:03:16Paul_The_NerdJdGordon: Yeah, I realized that after I hit enter. I misread the statement. Sorry.
09:03:25JdGordonno probs :)
09:03:27markunB4gder: Should the untranslated entries be empty or "" ?
09:04:30Davide-NYCLinusN, when ou say "the new system requires that all bitmaps are in the same directory, for all wps sizes" is that for all WPSes?
09:04:36Falco98dongs: yeah
09:04:59Davide-NYCso it's essentially one big "WPSbitmaps" folder.
09:05:10Falco98since that means that "dir" has changed between this playlist entry and the prior one, so that means it's a directory boundary
09:05:28LinusNDavide-NYC: it means that each wps in cvs can have a <wpsname>.www.hhh.dd.wps file (for different width, height and depth)
09:05:41LinusNbut only one dir for the bitmaps
09:06:05 Join petur [0] (
09:06:09markunDo you guys think the file name chinese-traditional.lang is too long?
09:06:17midkaybtw, anyone know what the schedule is for 3.0? still tomorrow (today)? another week? end of May? ..
09:06:31LinusNanother week (read the ml)
09:06:32markunwhat about chinese-trad.lang?
09:06:38Falco98early '08 :)
09:06:39Davide-NYCand that dir is called ,wpsname.
09:07:18Davide-NYCoh nevermind, I get the jist, I'l confirm the details when I'm infront of my machine
09:07:24dongsmarkun: well what would be chinese-simplified then?
09:07:24Falco98JdGordon: in line 114 of your paste, what exactly does the "e" in the if-statement do?
09:07:24midkayLinusN, ah, hadn't read Bagder's message, thanks.
09:07:46JdGordonjust a extra sanity check.. not strickyl needed
09:08:11Falco98i forget what *e even is..
09:08:39markundongs: chinese-simp ?
09:09:02markundongs: yes, I think so
09:09:49markunIf we were usings something like svn we could rename the file later on (hint) :)
09:09:58JdGordonthis stupid thing has a mind of its own..
09:10:05JdGordoni give up for the moment.. need food
09:10:18Falco98i need shower / bed..
09:10:19dongsah, the joys of open source development.
09:10:31markundongs: is there a cvs equivalent from microsoft?
09:10:35dongsmarkun: of course
09:10:38dongsvisual source safe
09:10:40dongsand it rocks.
09:10:47B4gderthat's totally crap
09:10:53B4gdernot even MS themselves use it
09:10:57Falco98JdGordon: ttyl.. let me know if u come up with any solutions :-P
09:11:10 Quit Falco98 ("CGI:IRC")
09:11:40 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
09:11:59B4gderand calling it a CVS equivalent is stretching the truth quite far
09:12:08dongshave you even used it
09:12:20B4gderwhy does that matter?
09:12:30dongsgee i wonder.
09:12:34B4gderuse google
09:12:51B4gderand again, how come MS doesn't use it?
09:12:57B4gderif its so good
09:13:29B4gderdongs: you're always just full of it, but this time your even more
09:13:40dongsthis arm sim i ripped out of VBA doesnt support some of my phone's instructions :( and im at a loss where to go about adding htem because the arm simulator core is a 120k header file with thousands nested #define statemetns :(
09:13:55dongshow annoying
09:15:16dongsCopyright 2002 (2002) <
09:15:44B4gderand they fixed all problems since? allow me to doubt
09:16:04B4gderbut I know MS works on a replacement
09:16:09B4gderthey may get things right in that
09:17:37B4gderbut ok, this is #rockbox
09:17:47B4gdersvn would be cool
09:17:52B4gderone day...
09:18:34LinusNdoes visual source safe work on linux?
09:18:47B4gderit doesn't work on any OS ;-)
09:19:04 Join petur [0] (
09:19:12 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:19:50*petur swears at firefox
09:20:01peturthat last update is unstable as hell
09:20:27Davide-NYCwhat happened>
09:20:42peturhanging completely during page load
09:21:05Davide-NYCjust built a new machine for the wife and dread hearing all the moaning tomorrow (not the right kind mind you)
09:21:29Davide-NYCIE torn out only browser currently = FF
09:21:36B4gderyeah, wives are superb at finding all new problems never experienced before
09:21:46kclafpetur : i use it for a few days now, it seems ok
09:22:00kclafpetur : linux or win32 ?
09:22:08Davide-NYCgood Q
09:22:09peturkclaf: good for you... w2k here
09:22:41peturB4gder: kids too ;)
09:23:01B4gdermy daughter is thankfully not old enough
09:23:11B4gdershe's just destroyed a keyboard so far ;-)
09:23:52preglowjust one?
09:26:15amiconnB4gder: There's a missing dependency in the build system: The build server doesn't rebuild right now...
09:26:42 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:26:44amiconnWhile it usually doesn't need to rebuild when fonts are changed, it should rebuild when rockbox_default.bdf is changed...
09:26:47B4gderit doesn't care about changes in the fonts dir
09:27:00 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:27:24 Join elinenbe [0] (
09:28:10B4gderand the way it works, just adding a single file within that dir is not as easy as it may sound
09:30:08 Part Paul_The_Nerd
09:32:19 Join __guillaume__ [0] (
09:32:46markunamiconn: thanks for fixing the font
09:33:55 Join [TCK] [0] (
09:36:00amiconnB4gder: Could you manually trigger a build?
09:36:04 Join `3nergy [0] (
09:36:33amiconn@dev: In case anyone's going to commit some code soon, this is of course not needed
09:36:53B4gderI usually dig up something to fix and commit when I want to force a rebuild ;-)
09:37:09LinusNi will soon commit a fix for the wps building
09:37:15B4gderlike in the docs/ dir everything is always lagging ;-)
09:37:35B4gderno, docs aren't considered either ;-)
09:37:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:39:44 Join RedBreva [0] (
09:40:57*theli_ua was so hoping for feature unfreeze today ;( ...
09:41:20*theli_ua is crying
09:45:40*petur was hoping for more rockbox time past weekend... got veto from wife :\
09:45:45 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:59:48 Part Davide-NYC ("User is away.")
10:10:25 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
10:21:16 Quit JBGood (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:29:41 Join infamis [0] (
10:31:44infamiswhat happened to backdrops, fonts, themes, and wpses? they're no longer in the 'make zip'?
10:31:57theli_uainfamis they are in
10:32:02theli_uamake fullzip
10:32:25B4gderand only fonts were moved to a separate package
10:32:58theli_uamaybe we should add this to 'major changes' on front page? :)
10:33:02markuninfamis: wps' are left out if they are made for a different screen size
10:33:39infamisok, make fullzip got me the fonts but still not wpses....but why does the cvs bleeding edge include them?
10:33:52infamisx5 fyi
10:34:01B4gderand you have them checked out?
10:34:21infamisyup just did an update
10:34:54infamishowever, I do get 'due to size constraints' messages during the execution of make zip/fullzip
10:35:02infamis8 lines
10:35:20infamissecond line says 'restraintss'
10:36:39JdGordonjust noticed on the release announcement it has thanx to other oss projects but no mention of ipl... shuoldnt it have a big thanks to them for the opod oirt?>
10:36:44JdGordonport even
10:37:14LinusNthe release is not for the ipod
10:37:43JdGordoni know.. but ok
10:38:14B4gderI think we could very well list all projects we've borrowed code from
10:38:26infamismy bad, it says restraints, not constraints
10:38:29B4gderfor this release there are MUCH more importnat projects than ipl
10:38:43B4gderlike libmad, ogg etc
10:39:48linuxstbI agree with that. Do we also need to deal with the different licenses somehow?
10:40:15B4gderyes we need to include the different licenses
10:40:20 Quit `3nergy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:41:52infamis$ make fullzip
10:42:58preglowwhere would we want to do that?
10:43:38infamisI was trying to post a multi-line thing but I guess the client stops text after the first line break
10:44:03LinusNinfamis: oops
10:44:19infamisfrom around lines 250
10:45:21LinusNinfamis: which platform?
10:45:28infamisx5, normal build
10:45:48 Join `3nergy [0] (
10:47:39dongsdoes gcc/binutils use some retarded non-standard names for arm asm?
10:47:50 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
10:47:57LinusNinfamis: is your unmodified?
10:48:02dongsor am i doing somethign wrong?
10:48:02dongs00009088: msr cpsr_fsxc, r0, lsr pc < gcc
10:48:03dongs00009088 30 FF 2F E1 BLX R0 < ida
10:48:50LinusNinfamis: did you check out everything from CVS, or did you download a tar file?
10:48:55infamisI uncommented out the relevant '#print ...' lines: 254,255,257,272
10:49:03dongsoh hm that looks liek a thumb command
10:49:07infamisI did:
10:49:13dongsi wonder why it didnt switch
10:50:08preglowdongs: blx isn't supported by arm7tdmi
10:50:20preglowdongs: that's probably why objdump didn't translate to that
10:50:23LinusNinfamis: did you do "cvs up -dP"?
10:50:32infamis /usr/src/rockbox-devel$ cvs -z3 update
10:50:43dongspreglow: i see. thats pretty shitty. i guess i need a arm9 sim, do you know of any that are opensores?
10:51:01LinusNinfamis: you should probably add the -dP switch to that
10:51:07preglowdongs: hell no
10:51:22preglowdongs: and btw, i'm talking bs, unless you told objdump you have an arm7tdmi
10:51:50preglowobjdump isn't the very peak in programming excellence
10:51:53dongsi didnt, i used some opensores arm disasm lib
10:51:53linuxstbinfamis: You shouldn't need the "-d:..." part of that command - the cvs command will look in a folder called CVS in the current directory for that information.
10:52:07dongsthat just takes and gives mnemonic (in gcc format) for a given instruction
10:52:30preglowthere are new thumb instructions there anyway
10:52:35infamiswhat's the difference though? what does -dP add/change?
10:52:41preglowgod damn, i write extra bad today
10:52:42dongsso first i wasted 6 hours because i forgot to setup instruction pointer on cpu reset and all shit was broken and i was pulling hair out
10:52:57dongsthen i find out i get undefined instruction after like 100 cycles.
10:53:01LinusNinfamis: all the wps files and directories have changed
10:53:39LinusNyou need to either ude the -dP switches or delete everything in the wps module before updating
10:54:16dongsi wonder if any of the ARM's sims can be extended with custom modules for harwdare/whatever
10:54:22dongssomehow i doubt it
10:54:42linuxstbdongs: If they're open source, then there should be no problem.
10:54:56infamiswhy does cvs give me an 'M' every time I do an update?
10:54:59dongslinuxstb: by 'ARM's' i meant the company.
10:55:07LinusNinfamis: because you changed it
10:55:10dongsi tihnk they have armulator and some other stuff in latest rvct.
10:55:17dongsbut that is hardly opensores.
10:55:20infamisshouldn't it overwrite it?
10:55:25LinusNabsolutely not
10:55:28dongslinuxstb: know of any arm9 sim that actually works?
10:55:32LinusNthen you lose your changes
10:55:43linuxstbdongs: Nope - I've never looked for arm sims.
10:55:57LinusNthat's the difference between checkout and update
10:56:42infamisso I specify -C to overwrite then right?
10:57:36infamisand even doing that it says it moved the locally modified file....then i did a make fullzip but I still get the same initial results
10:59:19Paul_The_NerdAre you sure it says it moved it, and isn't telling you to move it?
11:00:05t0masyou can also just delete it
11:00:06t0masand update
11:00:11t0masit will detect a problem
11:00:16t0masand recreate the file
11:00:21Paul_The_NerdYeah, that's my usual method. rm blah, cvs update.
11:00:31t0masindeed, that's what I do too :)
11:00:39infamissays it moved it to ".#[filename]"
11:01:13Paul_The_NerdAnd when you do a cvs update after that, no more M?
11:01:23infamis(Locally modified moved to
11:01:32infamisthen we get a U
11:02:27preglowt0mas: yo, we need more ops registered with chanserv
11:02:36t0maslet me check if I can do that
11:02:43preglowthe trolling sessions are really getting boring
11:02:52preglowBagder said you could
11:03:18 Join qpt [0] (
11:04:22 Join NVeara [0] (n=LOLWAT@
11:04:40qptanyone around
11:05:01NVearaHAY GUYS
11:05:09NVearaI HAVA A PROBLAM
11:05:17t0masyeah, you do
11:05:21t0masyour shift key is stuck?
11:05:29qptoh good one t0mas
11:05:40qpthe's going to say something about caps lock >O_O<
11:05:42t0masand you're drunk?
11:05:46preglowident LOLWAT
11:05:48t0masor your fingers are to nig?
11:05:54NVearaWHAN YOU DO THAT
11:05:58NVearaIT MAKAS IT
11:06:00NVearaHARD TO CHAT
11:06:06preglowNVeara: no caps, please
11:06:08preglowand shut up too
11:06:10qptenter != punctuation
11:06:17*t0mas feels a kick comming in 10 seconds
11:06:20Kick(#rockbox NVeara :preglow) by preglow!n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow
11:06:28Paul_The_NerdI was gonna say "waiting that long?"
11:06:45t0masok, let me search what these access levels mean here
11:06:58preglowtake your time, we've got the problem covered for now anyway ;)
11:07:05qptoh i see
11:07:15 Join NVeara [0] (n=LOLWAT@
11:07:17qpthe told me in /msg he has a virus or something. the letter e maps to the letter a
11:07:20qptand he can't turn off caps
11:07:24*qpt shrugs
11:07:40t0mastry #freenode
11:07:42qptdo you have any anti-virus software?
11:07:42t0masor a staffer
11:07:47t0masbut please don't bother us with this shit
11:07:53t0masas I don't even believe you
11:07:55infamislol I can actually understand him/her
11:08:03preglowqpt: sounds very "likely"
11:08:21Mode"#RockBox +b *!*@ " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
11:08:21Kick(#rockbox NVeara :t0mas) by t0mas!n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas
11:08:30 Join dpro [0] (
11:08:30t0mashave fun
11:09:17scorchewell then...
11:09:36qptthat was kind of mean
11:09:38qpthe really needed help
11:10:12peturlike getting his pc cleaned first?
11:10:13preglowyes he does
11:10:20t0mashe should ask some freenode staffer
11:10:27qptwell its a rockbox problem apparently
11:10:32qpti dunno i think you just handled it poorly
11:10:38LinusNt0mas: why ban him? he obviously needed help, but his english skills was bad
11:10:53t0maswhat? you believe his caps problem is comming from rockbox??
11:11:12t0mashe obviously has some problem, but I don't think we're the ones to help him...
11:11:37LinusNwe could have helped him with his rockbox problems
11:11:52Mode"#RockBox -b *!*@ " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
11:12:01t0masyou can try
11:12:47preglowi'm going to start shooting people some day in the future
11:13:20t0masok, tell me when and where you start
11:13:21 Join NVeara [0] (n=LOLWAT@
11:13:26qptNVeara: just curious. If you can't type e's apparently, how did you change to this nick?
11:13:59scorcheqpt: many clients have a default nick
11:14:05peturHALLA :D
11:14:11markunNVeara just told me he downloaded rockbox from some kind of port site.. :)
11:14:15t0masNVeara: try rebooting your pc
11:14:27preglowlet's cater to the trolls, please
11:14:28preglowlet's do that
11:14:32NVearaIT'S NOT A PC IT'S A MAC
11:14:37t0masreboot it anyway :P
11:14:49t0masbtw... virus in a mac? sounds unlikely...
11:14:51preglowooh, a mac virus now :P
11:14:57Paul_The_NerdNVeara: "PC" stands for "Personal Computer" and by the definitions of those words, even my MP3 player is technically a PC. Y'know. If you want to get technical.
11:15:00preglowthose don't exist, so it's impossible!!!
11:15:01 Part NVeara ("Leaving")
11:15:07*t0mas has seen to much of these things to believe is
11:15:51scorchemacs are just as vulnerable to virii as windows is....if not more....however, the only way i can see him getting infected, is if a "friend" did it as a joke
11:16:18t0masyeah, or he actually did download some trojan-ed rockbox setup
11:16:31petursince when do porn sites offer rockbox?
11:16:35scorchei doubt any dl-ed trojan would be amac ver
11:16:43*petur wants to see the WPS'ses they include ;)
11:16:56 Join damaki__ [0] (
11:17:04markunpetur: I have the link for you, but it reloads very nasty porn all the time.
11:17:19Paul_The_NerdAnd then a self-extracting zip for Rockbox?
11:17:35markunDidn't see that
11:17:37peturmarkun: nah... not at work please.... not at home either :P
11:17:42scorcheand also, it can be hard to type very fast when you have to keep reminding yourself to type e instead of a....memory acts that way =)
11:17:44Paul_The_Nerdmarkun: I'm just trying to guess.
11:18:04scorcheerrr....other way around
11:18:18 Join quux [0] (n=bryan@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/quuxo)
11:18:19Paul_The_Nerdscorche: Yeah, but you could script that behaviour pretty easily into a client.
11:18:53 Join NVeara [0] (n=LOLWAT@tor/session/external/x-c48e86ea399bd52b)
11:19:07scorchehowever, most people that know how to script things like that wont pull that crap
11:19:12Paul_The_NerdAnd suddenly it's a tor session instead of an IP?
11:19:33 Join elisabeta [0] (
11:20:14scorchehowever, his name (on the box) is discrediting
11:21:00peturmarkun should understand what that means :)
11:21:06peturlol wat
11:21:08qptpetur lol!!!
11:21:11qptoh wait, i don't get it
11:21:23 Part elisabeta
11:22:30 Join beta [0] (
11:23:26 Quit NVeara (Client Quit)
11:23:57Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic, hardeep: As I'm not sure who to leave this message for, it seems the logs are a good enough place. Seeking outside the buffer (at least on FLAC, on H120) causes it to change to the next track (for example, 6 minutes into an 8-minute FLAC)
11:24:22preglowi think that's a linuxstb problem
11:24:41preglowoh, right, not flac specific
11:24:47Paul_The_NerdProbably not flac specific, no.
11:25:19Mikachuyou can make the codec buffer smaller and try on mp3/ogg
11:25:53 Join damaki [0] (
11:26:06Paul_The_NerdMikachu: I could also just encode a whole CD to a single MP3. I just haven't done any real testing yet.
11:27:01Mikachuthat would work too
11:29:14 Join LoveJesus [0] (
11:31:14betacan rockbox ruin my ipod?
11:31:46preglowbeta: anything can happen, but it hasn't happened yet, and it's very unlikely
11:32:04betaive heard that installing firware on embedded devices can turn them into paperweights
11:32:04betaas happened with putting linux on my ipaq
11:32:04betai ended up with a $500 paperweight
11:32:10 Nick beta is now known as elisabeta (
11:32:23infamisyeah! $l =~ s/^(.*)\r$/$1/g;
11:32:47preglowmodding your ipod is almost foolproof
11:32:49infamisdamn cygwin
11:32:56Paul_The_Nerdelisabeta: The thing is, Rockbox doesn't actually flash anything. It's just stored on disk, and can be removed with Apple's restore utility safely even if your iPod is at the point where a traditional firmware would've "bricked" it, because Apple has a loader that then loads our software, and that loader is never touched.
11:33:22 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:33:35Paul_The_Nerdtraditional firmware _modification_ rather
11:34:56elisabetaso it's just a module?
11:35:15 Quit muesli|delhi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:35:15Paul_The_NerdI don't know exactly what you mean by that.
11:35:21infamisturns out my cygwin install was set up in dos mode...and those carriage returns weren't filtered out while reading in I just added: $l =~ s/^(.*)\r$/$1/g; after the my $l = $_;
11:36:03infamisI compared a cvs update with a download from the viewcvs.cgi script
11:36:09elisabetawell, i dont know much about ipods... But, if its running some sort of quasi os that supports dynamic loading of programs... hence a module
11:37:04elisabetathis happens with the palm, occasionally i add an app that causes a reboot loop, whiich is annoying, but theres a reset method that can prevent anything other than the core os from loading, to break out of the reset loop
11:37:17elisabetadoes the ipod have a way to reset in a similar fashion?
11:37:27Paul_The_Nerdelisabeta: The problem is the term "firmware" really. In the case of the iPod, it's not actually firmware. Their loader loads their software from a hidden partition, and their operating system then runs. We put our own bootloader their. Theirs loads ours, ours loads Rockbox as the OS instead. There's not really a core OS, so much as a bootloader that can also serve as a disk-mode in an emergency.
11:37:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:38:21Paul_The_NerdSo, if anything goes wrong, you force it to reboot into the Disk Mode, and just have the Apple Restore tool rebuild the hidden partition clean, and your iPod's in factory condition.
11:39:10Paul_The_NerdThe absolute worst-case scenario is having to reformat the ipod fully, losing music, but in most cases you can use our tools to restore a file, bootpartition.bin, that should be saved from the installation process.
11:39:54elisabetathats good news
11:40:45elisabetai'll hsve to give it a spin.gif. i have an older ipod, it's a 20gig, kind of big, maybe it's a 2nd revision
11:41:09Paul_The_NerdWe don't have support for 1st through 3rd generation iPods yet, unfortunately. No devs around with one to get it working.
11:41:11ZagorCassandra: regarding your letter to at&t. wasn't there also an ambiguity in the license text that could be interpreted as to give us permission to distribute the voices?
11:41:23infamiswell, if anyone didn't notice what I've said above, end-of-line carriage returns need to be filtered out when reading in wpslist
11:41:25 Quit infamis ("CGI:IRC")
11:41:29 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:42:20 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
11:43:00Jungti1234e10 manual
11:43:36 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
11:43:38peturin an exe... damn iriver
11:44:55 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
11:45:31petur1. viruses?
11:45:48petur2. windows only
11:46:15Jungti1234See the address.
11:46:43Jungti1234It's 'rar' file.
11:46:46 Quit LoveJesus ("Reconnecting")
11:46:47 Join LoveJesus [0] (
11:47:10 Quit Genre9mp3 (Client Quit)
11:47:52 Join damaki_ [0] (
12:00:42peturMassa seems upset that I closed his request to have non-lcd remotes enable main lcd backlight
12:01:04 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:01:13peturwants it re-opened for discussion
12:01:54preglowi don't think there's anything to discuss
12:02:17peturor shall I turn it into a feature request?
12:02:22preglowwhy would anyone want the remote to flash the backlight on the main unit?
12:02:42peturhis specific use/setup....
12:03:11markunpreglow: maybe if the buttons on the unit don't work anymore
12:03:36preglowthat's something of a special case...
12:03:47preglowi don't think we should cater to every possible scenario out there
12:04:03preglowthe case for 99.9% of all users is that they use the remote because the main unit is somewhere they can't reach it
12:04:45 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:04:45Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: The only theoretical I can see is in-car use. The unit sits in a cup holder other than the nearest one, the non-LCD remote is somewhere closer to the driver.
12:06:23peturhe explains it here:
12:07:18Paul_The_NerdI still think that's a very special case. You really *shouldn't* be looking at it while driving anyway, as that's unsafe. ;-)
12:08:04 Join Moos [0] (
12:10:59 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
12:22:01 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
12:22:04 Join nave7693 [0] (
12:22:05 Join Fujisan [0] (
12:22:45tucozhehe, never seen that meny ops in here :) Funny logs lately
12:25:05 Join PaulJam__ [0] (
12:25:22 Part nave7693
12:26:36*linuxstb wonders why DAPs are starting to support Macromedia Flash...
12:27:31Paul_The_NerdClearly so I can watch Strongbad Emails on them.
12:27:46PaulJam__i wonder why browsers are supporting flash
12:28:20 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:28:27 Nick PaulJam__ is now known as PaulJam (
12:28:49Paul_The_NerdI wonder why they add features like Flash, and an infrared ability to control various TVs, rather than say, an actual equalizer.
12:29:06 Join anathema [0] (
12:34:34 Quit anathema ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:37:57 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Khe!!!")
12:39:20 Join Anathema [0] (
12:42:24dongsmy phone uses flash as main menu
12:42:30 Quit PaulJam_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:43:37 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
12:43:58muesli|delhiwe have bots :D
12:44:41 Join pjo [0] (
12:56:42 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:58:40 Join PaulJam [0] (
13:00:51 Join akaidiot [0] (
13:01:10 Quit Anathema ()
13:02:11 Join Anathema [0] (
13:03:09 Join TheD [0] (
13:03:33JdGordonspeaking of ir tv... how hard would it be to make a plugin that can record and control the tv with ir codes..?
13:04:20dongswihch device has IR codes?
13:04:23dongser IR eye
13:04:43dongsyoure back.
13:05:05pjoI am trying to install RockBox onto the iPod which already has iPoslinux
13:05:31pjoLoader newest version
13:05:49pjoCould anyone give me instructions how to do it ?
13:06:18Paul_The_Nerdpjo: If you're using loader 1, you'll have to remove it first.
13:06:26dongsi think the loader already looks for rockbox.ipod
13:06:28Paul_The_Nerddongs: Iriver E10, or something.
13:06:31dongsso all you need to do is copy that
13:06:36dongs(just a random guess)
13:06:39Paul_The_Nerddongs: Loader2 looks for it, Loader1 doesn't.
13:06:42pjodongd: i do not use Loader 1
13:06:46dongs< pjo> Loader newest version
13:07:00Paul_The_NerdEither way, they're both iPodLinux software, not ours.
13:07:02dongspjo: then copy rockbox.ipod to /
13:07:17Paul_The_NerdBut loader2 should pick it up if you just extract the rockbox archive into the fat32 partition, I believe
13:07:44 Nick daurn|afk is now known as daurnimator (
13:07:44pjorockbox.ipod should be in FAT32 or ext3 ?
13:08:05Paul_The_Nerdrockbox.ipod and the .rockbox folder
13:08:08pjothat seems very easy
13:08:09dongsand .rockbox dir
13:08:16dongsthen do it already.
13:08:25 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
13:08:37Mikachupjo: you can do it more complicated if that makes you feel better
13:08:52pjowhat should go into rockbox.ipod and what to .rockbox ?
13:09:11dongsrockbox.ipod = the file.
13:09:15dongs.rockbox = the dir.
13:09:25dongsthey're in daily builds.
13:09:32dongsyou probably want the fonts build too.
13:09:33 Nick Anathema is now known as anathema|afk (
13:09:34 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
13:09:57pjohow do I boot into RockBox, or Apple, or iPodLinux ?
13:10:05dongsand loader will give you achoice.
13:10:06 Join JdGordon [0] (
13:10:30pjowhere can I find info on fonts building ?
13:10:55Mikachufonts build is a noun, you just download it
13:11:32Jungti1234who have X5?
13:11:52pjohas anyone tried this tripple boot before ? and how did it go ?
13:11:55 Nick anathema|afk is now known as anathema (
13:12:01dongspjo: just fucking do it
13:12:02dongsand let us know
13:12:08Paul_The_Nerddongs, lighten up
13:12:20 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
13:12:32pjook then I have to back up FAT32 and ext3 partitions
13:12:34Paul_The_Nerdpjo: We can only really support our bootloader. Really if you need more help with it, you should try contacting someone who's familiar with specific ipodlinux bootloader.
13:12:39dongspjo: and if it doesnt work you can complain to your smoking coworkers tomorrow during the usual boss-complaining hour about your new paperweight
13:13:34pjoafter backing up the entire partions to DVD-RAM I will try this and report to you
13:13:40dongsLOL. DVD-RAM.
13:13:44dongsare you a troll?
13:14:03B4gderdongs, please shutup
13:14:19markundongs: wow, you're even more grumpy than usual
13:14:46markunJungti1234: hi
13:14:47tucozB4gder, I am itching to commit the iCatcher stuff. Do I have your clearance to do that?
13:14:48dongsdongs more like ddongs
13:15:04B4gdertucoz: I think so
13:15:24Jungti1234hi, what happen?
13:15:29dongsJungti1234: do you know 1818?
13:15:40dongsthat describes 90% of people in this channel
13:15:52tucozok. is it just the WPSLIST file that defines the themes now?
13:16:34 Part __guillaume__ ("Quitte")
13:16:40 Join __guillaume__ [0] (
13:17:07JdGordonspeaking of annoying bugs... any1 wanna commit my patch to fix some major bugs in text editor?
13:17:25dongsJdGordon: i'd like to report a bug, editing text with 5 buttons is hard2do
13:17:39JdGordon(y) dongs
13:17:55TheDHi, can anyone tell me if the VMware Development Platform is set up by default to make patched builds?
13:18:09dongsi dont see why not
13:18:13Mikachu"patch" is included
13:18:15dongsunless its missing patch for some reason
13:18:18dongsso yea
13:18:27markundongs: there are even people who use 1 button (and morse) :)
13:18:45dongsmarkun: i couldnt even figure out how to edit settings filename.
13:19:00 Quit mirak (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:19:01Paul_The_Nerddongs: I assume then that you didn't read the FAQ.
13:19:03dongsi even tried, too.
13:19:11*petur waits for the hint about usbotg
13:19:13Paul_The_NerdSeeing as the text input controls are explained in it.
13:19:16dongsPaul_The_Nerd: nope, i was on the shitter bored and didnt feel like reading the faq
13:19:28markundongs: yes, I also avoid the vkeyboard
13:19:40dongsmarkun: there are some other choices? or what
13:19:51dongs'vkeyboard' is nasty from usability point of view.
13:20:05JdGordonso come up with a better version...
13:20:08PaulJambtw, is there a reason why the morse input was mapped to play+a-b instead of just a-b in the virtual keyboard?
13:20:10dongshow about using dasher
13:20:21PaulJam(on h300)
13:20:23dongsdasher + wheel would be hot
13:20:32markundongs: I don't think there's another way. Usually just press save and don't change the filename.
13:20:38dongsmarkun: well yea
13:20:39dongsi knew that.
13:20:43dongsi wantead to change it though
13:20:57dongswhat the FUCK
13:20:59dongsnevr mind that url
13:21:38markundong and his debian propaganda :)
13:21:59dongswhy would i promote debian i dont even run lunix
13:22:15markundongs: ah, I remember that dasher project
13:22:18markunThe demo looked nice
13:22:45B4gderI don't think many people run lunix
13:22:56preglowi run n00bix
13:23:03tucozme too :)
13:23:10tucozand I like it
13:23:27markunAnd the OS I use is believed to be dead by many..
13:23:38preglowi just believe it to be crap
13:23:45B4gdermarkun: GEOS on the C64? ;-P
13:23:47preglowdid i say believe?
13:23:48preglowi meant know
13:24:46tucozGEOS, that was an OS on a stick right?
13:24:54dongsstatus of getting dasher input for rockbox?
13:25:19Paul_The_Nerddongs: I dunno, how far along are you?
13:25:30tucozI think I have an old cartridge with GEOS actually
13:25:35markundongs: you are the first one to come up with the idea
13:25:36 Join Febs [0] (
13:25:41dongsmarkun: orly, lemme patent it
13:25:52dongsmarkun: you think it would be useful or what
13:26:12dongsi mean it only needs up/down (wheel) and 'fast forward' to move the stuff.
13:26:16dongsand maybe a menu with some other keys
13:26:18dongsor somethign.
13:26:21 Quit `3nergy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:26:22markuncould be. Although 2D navigation is better for dasher than just the 1D wheel I think
13:26:51Jungti1234Whom did speak '1818'?
13:26:52dongsDasher is free software< that means you can rip th sores and claim you wrote it
13:27:19peturno you can't
13:27:23markundongs can
13:27:30dongsi can and i do, on a daily basis
13:27:42dongsthe only problem is most of open sores code is total shit and needs complete rewriting
13:27:48tucozDoesn't dasher include some sort of word database as well?
13:28:00dongstucoz: yes, you can train it on any text source.
13:28:08dongsor can use a default one like dictionary or something.
13:28:20peturI think dasher would need as many cursor clicks as the vkeyboard
13:28:33dongsif you use the wheel to do up/.down in dasher
13:28:39dongsand say center button to zoom in
13:28:43dongsit would be less.
13:28:44dongsi duno
13:28:50dongsat least it looks better than vkeyboard.
13:28:54Paul_The_NerdIt seems like it'd only be beneficial to iPod users.
13:28:58dongswell obviously
13:29:04dongswho cares about all the other stuff.
13:29:11Paul_The_NerdWell, most of the developers here.
13:29:24dongsJungti1234: hi
13:29:29Jungti1234Who did speak '1818'?
13:29:31dongsJungti1234: I DID
13:29:50dongsJungti1234: some people in here could be classified as that.
13:30:20Jungti1234You know its meaning.
13:30:41Jungti1234And it doesn't speak at random.
13:30:42peturJungti1234, tell us too ;)
13:30:49dongsya ya.
13:30:59*dongs crawls back into an oven
13:31:26Jungti1234May I speak 'Son of bitch' here at random?
13:32:29dongsif you say 'shit' in an irc channel and nobody is around to read it, does it still get transmitted over the network?
13:32:51tucozwhat is 1818 anyway?
13:33:00dongsJungti1234: pay attention
13:33:03dongstucoz: pay attention
13:33:08dongsto the conversation.
13:33:16*petur votes for the creation of the #rockbox_impolite_users channel
13:33:23tucozI am. But I don't know what it means
13:33:26markuntucoz: Jungti1234 frased his answer as a question
13:33:31tucozI see
13:33:41dongs(suggested name)
13:34:36Jungti1234 see it
13:35:05Jungti1234Shibal = 18, Fuck
13:35:21tucozI get it
13:35:53tucozdongs is a Net mejo ;)
13:36:10peturNVeara got banned for less :P
13:36:23dongshis key was stuck
13:36:27dongsyou heartless bastard
13:37:09peturdongs: read what I wrote: he got banned for less
13:37:11markunYes, he was only trying to remove a virus from his mac that was cause by installing rockbox from a porn site
13:37:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:37:55markunpoor guy
13:40:49 Join ABondar_de [0] (
13:40:51LinusNamiconn: yes?
13:41:55dongsevne with bytecoder interpreter enabled freetype still manages to fuck the hinting
13:42:10dongscheck that horror out
13:42:20dongs6 and 8 is screwed
13:43:55__guillaume__hello all
13:44:28 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
13:44:43__guillaume__i have a little problem with rockbox on a iaudio X5 and the voice possibility
13:45:32__guillaume__when i play an mp3 and i hold the select button to go back to the file menu the iaudio crash
13:46:05 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
13:46:26__guillaume__maybe because the audio periferique is occuped
13:46:48__guillaume__is there any possibility to stop the song ?
13:47:54LinusN__guillaume__: eh? of course you can stop the song
13:48:07petur__guillaume__: it shouldn't, voice should get mixed into the song
13:48:20peturit shouldn't crash, I mean
13:48:58Paul_The_Nerd__guillaume__: When did you download your copy of rockbox?
13:49:39MoosLinusN: I guess he want to tell auto stop the music by voice system, temporary until the things will be fixed
13:50:00__guillaume__i have the build of the 05/11/2006
13:50:07__guillaume__thx Moos :p
13:50:13Moosnp :)
13:51:09 Quit tucoz ("Leaving")
13:51:31MoosLinusN: voicing isn't fully ready for iaudios, right?
13:51:33LinusN__guillaume__: does it happen every time?
13:52:19LinusNMoos: should work just as well for iaudio as for the other platforms
13:52:51__guillaume__and when a song is in pause we can't hear the voice but the iaudio didn't crash
13:53:05preglowt0mas: figured out chanop stuff?
13:53:22Paul_The_NerdYeah, voice can't play when paused. But it shouldn't freeze when not paused.
13:53:25 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
13:53:37MoosLinusN: ok, never really tried it yet with X5
13:53:57__guillaume__with my build it freeze... maybe i have doing something wrong...
13:53:59ABondar_dehello all
13:55:00MoosLinusN: btw, did you see all the great things on the X5 front, dual-boot, recording, FM Radio ?
13:55:26LinusNyes i did
13:56:48amiconnLinusN: Q uestion regarding target tree - are the traget tree paths added to the -I paths even if TARGET_TREE isn't defined?
13:57:04MoosLinusN: what are your thought about? I know iaudio isn't a priority for you during the freeze, but...
13:57:24LinusNamiconn: they are set in the configure script, regardless of TARGET_TREE
13:57:33amiconnAh, nice
13:57:52amiconnThat allows gradual migration to target tree then
13:57:56ABondar_decan somebody commit that patch? (does anybody looks for new pathes or is it better to tell about new ones on IRC?)
13:58:49 Part ABondar_de
14:01:54preglowthat should indeed be commited
14:01:57preglowand more like it
14:02:08 Quit Vladoman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:02:11preglowi think bger was going to fix it, be he seems to have vanished
14:02:19 Join Vlad0man [0] (
14:02:40JdGordonhelp.. how do i join 3 files with unix join without writing to an intermediate file?
14:02:54B4gdercat fil1 file2 fil3 > mooo
14:03:37amiconnLinusN: I am planning to write a proper driver for the coldfire audio interface. Want to do it the proper way. Would it be correct to put the driver itself into firmare/target/coldfire/ and some more specific definitions (like the iis channel used for playback etc) firmare/target/coldfire/iaudio/x5 , firmare/target/coldfire/iriver/h120 etc?
14:03:41JdGordoni need to join the three files by one of the items int he file..
14:04:57 Quit TheD ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
14:05:00 Quit qpt (Remote closed the connection)
14:05:04 Join ABondar_de_ [0] (
14:05:10 Join mikearthur [0] (
14:05:13 Join jono425 [0] (
14:05:20dongswhat 3 files
14:05:48dongsyou mean like
14:05:53dongscat lol hi file > dongs.txt?
14:05:59markundongs: no
14:06:37markunpay attention
14:06:48dongs21:02 < JdGordon> help.. how do i join 3 files with unix join without writing to an intermediate file?
14:06:52dongswtf is a 'unix join'
14:06:55markun14:02 < B4gder> cat fil1 file2 fil3 > mooo
14:06:58peturamiconn: do we need this for 3.0?
14:08:17amiconnpetur: I think so. Currently some strange things happen if you have voice enabled and enter the recording screen
14:08:19markundongs: don't know, never used it.
14:08:49amiconn...or if you enter radio, leave with radio playing, then enter recording and leave again
14:09:23dongslooks like one of those lunix utilities that you wll never use but it still takes up disk space
14:09:30dongsand im serious too.
14:09:50preglowanyone started to think on what wpses to bundle yet?
14:09:53JdGordonthats about right
14:10:06JdGordonpreglow: ajant blue :D
14:10:47markunpreglow: maybe icatcher as default and the current default renamed to simple.wps?
14:10:58peturLinusN: are you going to let h300 boot rockbox on AC power insert?
14:11:59 Quit jono425 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:13:16amiconn? :ambiguous answer: :/
14:14:14 Part quux
14:14:47 Join `3nergy [0] (
14:15:10 Join solexx_ [0] (
14:16:05markunbye Jungti
14:16:06 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:16:58preglowmarkun: where can i get those, again?
14:18:43amiconnpreglow: I was finally able to solve my x11 problems. Guess what? The debian mirror I used was incomplete(!!) Switched to the main ftp server, installed the missing driver modules and fonts
14:19:36LinusNamiconn: yes, it would be correct
14:19:55preglowamiconn: hah
14:19:58preglowamiconn: what mirror was that?
14:20:17 Quit solexx_ (Remote closed the connection)
14:20:27 Join solexx_ [0] (
14:21:11LinusNwhat do we really want to call the joystick button on the iriver and x5 targets?
14:21:26LinusNis "navi" an iriver specific term?
14:21:47preglowi like "select" :/
14:22:01LinusNi know "select" is rockbox specific, i made that up when i defined the iriver keys ages ago
14:22:09ABondar_de_it is called "NAVI"
14:22:14markunnavi is writen on the button
14:22:15LinusNon x5 too?
14:22:16preglowthe fact that this wps is for all targets really tickles me
14:22:27preglowit looks a bit too much like the ipod one for my taste, but it's by no means bad
14:22:34preglowamiconn: that's really ugly...
14:22:36LinusNthere is no "navi" text on my h140
14:22:47Paul_The_NerdLinusN: It's labelled Navi on the remote, but not the H1x0 unit.
14:22:51markunpreglow: it's just to give a better first impression
14:22:53amiconnLinusN: I'd say SELECT, as on H1x0
14:22:54dwihnoNavi is the name of the fairy in the game: "Zelda, ocarina of time"
14:23:05LinusNPaul_The_Nerd: "navi" on the h100 remote?
14:23:17markunLinusN: and on the H300 unit
14:23:19 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Khe!!!")
14:23:21Paul_The_NerdLinusN: The button that serves the same purpose is labelled that.
14:23:38LinusNbut the h100 remote doesn't even have a joystick
14:23:41markunbut select for the H1xx series is better I think
14:23:41 Join jono425 [0] (
14:23:58Paul_The_NerdLinusN: Or not. Hm. I know I saw the word "Navi" somewhere before I found Rockbox.
14:24:20LinusNi just looked at the remotes, and you are right
14:24:34markunLinusN: the button/wheel is labeled navi/menu on my remote
14:24:41*preglow tries icatcher
14:24:44MoosLinusN: on X5 it's called Menu
14:24:45XavierGrYes my vote goes to select too, even if I am an iriver user.
14:24:55XavierGrThe word select can be crossplatform.
14:25:06LinusNi like icatcher, but i don't like that it has the song title at the bottom of the screen
14:25:12Paul_The_NerdLinusN: Odd, I just looked at my remote and couldn't find "Navi" on it. But my remote is missing part of the front black plastic bit.
14:25:25Paul_The_NerdMy vote goes to Select as well, by the way.
14:25:32Paul_The_NerdIt clarifies the purpose of the button.
14:25:50preglowi don't like that it has next: info :>
14:25:52LinusNalso, i don't really like the icatcher shuffle icon
14:26:01XavierGrBTW iCatcher needed some modifications before commitment AFAIK. The author will return tomorrow from his vacation I think.
14:26:03LinusNpreglow: does it?
14:27:13preglowLinusN: well, the screen shots certainly do indicate it
14:28:06dongsicatcher doesnt work with my font.
14:28:11dongsthats a show stopper as far as imn concerned;
14:28:26LinusNpreglow: ah, i see
14:28:42LinusNi only used unicatcher on the h100
14:28:51LinusNand that one doesn't have it
14:29:00JdGordondoesnt icatcher need AA ?
14:29:17Paul_The_NerdOne thing of note regarding WPSes: It seems to me they should have tags for foreground and background color, so that they can specify their own (much like they get their own backdrop and status bar status)
14:29:31XavierGrLinus: That's because UniCatcher uses a big font.
14:29:37LinusNof course
14:30:20XavierGrBut I am pretty sure that line positions can change easily.
14:32:13preglowicatcher looks nicer on target than on the screenies, heh
14:32:44jono425Excuse me, I was wondering if someone could tell me whether Rockbox on Archos (recorder) should be able to read an id3v2.4 tag? Mine doesn't.
14:32:46*linuxstb isn't a fan of the "i" prefix though...
14:33:42dongshow about 'j'
14:33:45preglowsweet lord, wps loading is slow on h1x0 :/
14:34:06Fujisanhey guys i am your pal
14:34:15Fujisanyou will love me in no time
14:34:23 Join ashridah [0] (
14:35:12Fujisanforget about your old tamagochi fujisan is her (>".)>
14:35:18preglowwhat's the percent indicator in icatcher for?
14:35:21 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:35:33Fujisanwhat is this room about btw?
14:35:41B4gderthis is not a room
14:35:49B4gderand its called #rockbox
14:36:18Fujisanwhy is it not a room and what does rockbox mean?
14:36:40Paul_The_NerdRockbox is software. This is its development channel, primarily.
14:37:24amiconnjono425: Afaik it *should* work, however, I didn't try it myself. I only use id3v2.3
14:38:38Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Battery level?
14:38:51amiconnjono425: What happens exactly, btw?
14:38:56 Join kingspawn [0] (
14:39:03Paul_The_NerdThere's a %bl tag right before the only % sign I see on its own, but I suck at reading .wps so I could be wrong
14:39:05preglowPaul_The_Nerd: i thought that gauge in the upper right corner was the battery level
14:39:35 Quit pjo (" HydraIRC -> <- Try something fresh")
14:39:41Paul_The_NerdWell, the %s in the screenshots seem to line up with it fairly well. Apparently it's just covering all its bases.
14:39:58FujisanCan i try Rockbox plz?
14:40:04preglowFujisan: go ahead
14:40:15Paul_The_NerdEverything's available at
14:40:27Fujisanwhat does rockbox do
14:40:30Fujisanis it an os?
14:40:32JdGordonyour mumma
14:40:34preglowjust go read
14:40:35Fujisanlinux distro
14:40:40Fujisani want to guess first :D
14:40:47preglowyes, so i see
14:40:47preglowbut read
14:41:20jono425I use foobar2000 to tag both id3v1 and id3v2 tags. When Rockbox reads the id3v1 tags perfectly when it is set to read those first, however, none of the id3v2 tags seem to be read at all when I give them precedence in Rockbox.
14:41:39Fujisanoh i have an mp3 player and its not supported :'(
14:41:51Fujisani have the creative zen touch ;( 20 gb
14:41:56Paul_The_Nerdjono425: Do other programs see the ID3v2 tags properly?
14:42:33preglowFujisan: then tough luck
14:43:03preglowPaul_The_Nerd: i really think that percent battery reading should go on the grounds of being utterly confusing
14:43:04Fujisanbut what is the purpose of Rockbox?
14:43:10Fujisani dont get it
14:43:20jono425Well, I have a program called AudioShell in Windows which displays tag information for files besides MP3, and it sees them correctly.
14:43:24B4gderFujisan: then read the site and stop bothering us
14:43:24Paul_The_NerdFujisan: Everything's at the site.
14:43:30daurnimatorhi all
14:43:49Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I personally prefer % over a visual meter, but I do agree the % should go for that WPS.
14:44:03JdGordonPaul_The_Nerd: just your luck he'll have an ipod and very quickyl get acounted with the forums :D
14:44:08Paul_The_Nerdjono425: You're sure it's showing the v2 and not the v1?
14:44:11FujisanBut I really want to talk with you in person.
14:44:22amiconnjono425: Have a short file with this type of tags that doesn't display in rockbox but does display in other programs?
14:44:23jono425Winamp seems to read them fine as well
14:44:35*amiconn doesn't use foobar
14:44:38jono425just a minute, thanks
14:45:00daurnimatorhi all
14:45:10daurnimatori'm wondering what license helix mp3 decoder uses
14:45:31Paul_The_Nerddaurnimator: RPSL, isn't it?
14:45:34B4gderdaurnimator: a non-compatible one
14:45:37Fujisanis it possible for me to download your firmware and tweak it to work on my mp3player>
14:45:40Paul_The_NerdOr something like that.
14:45:50Fujisanis that allowed>?
14:45:51Paul_The_NerdFujisan: It requires quite a bit more than "Tweaking"
14:45:55daurnimatorso - non GPL?
14:45:57B4gderFujisan: yes, if you are very skilled and have lots of time
14:46:05Fujisani am skilled
14:46:12B4gderthen prove it! ;-)
14:46:29CassandraB4gder, aren't you supposed to be on holiday?
14:46:37Fujisanhmz no i will just start my own firmware project :P
14:46:42B4gderCassandra: yes, in about one hour I will
14:46:44Fujisanthanks for the idea guys :P
14:46:55Cassandraamiconn, what do you use for ReplayGain if not foobar?
14:47:08amiconnCassandra: I don't use replaygain at all
14:47:15CassandraFair enough.
14:47:17amiconnI have no use for it
14:48:35CassandraYou don't find having volume consistency across songs useful then?
14:49:20preglowi really don't either
14:49:28*JdGordon neither
14:49:29amiconnI'd rather listen to the songs at the intended volume
14:49:36FujisanSo when i port ROckbox to my platform i own the ported version?
14:49:40 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:49:53CassandraI'm not sure there *is* an intended volume per se.
14:49:55linuxstbFujisan: You have to comply with Rockbox's license(s).
14:50:19preglowFujisan: which mandates you send us your pants
14:50:26CassandraNo-one really owns GPLed software. That's kind of the point.
14:50:55CassandraBut it does come with a cast-iron money back guarantee.
14:51:41ZagorFujisan: you own your changes
14:51:48Fujisanbut you will have to mention my name on your site :)
14:51:50preglowbut not your pants, anymore
14:52:20JdGordonFujisan: as long as u give your real name everyone is happy... :p
14:52:46Fujisanhmz some people call me monkey boy
14:52:58JdGordonheheh monkey boy
14:53:04CassandraIf you don't we hunt you down and kill your firstborn, just like we did to that Bluechip bastard.
14:53:17Fujisanbut thats because i am co-founder of the Steve Ballmer fansite
14:53:26peturglitter's in jail already :)
14:53:38preglowshouldn't the backdrop be reset when loading a new theme?
14:53:44Cassandrapetur, the Curse of Rockbox is strong.
14:53:50Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Yes, but it's not. :(
14:54:01 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.1")
14:54:07FujisanPaul_The_Nerd do you work for MS?
14:54:09preglowPaul_The_Nerd: word, then that's a bug
14:54:11jono425amiconn: I have a short file at
14:54:40jono425I made sure it didn't work on my Rockbox.
14:54:48Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: As I was saying, in my opinion WPSes should let you explicitly define their own foreground and background color. And if you don't define background color or backdrop image, they should default to the one you've set to the menu. At least, in my opinion. That way you can unify your look however you like.
14:55:01Paul_The_NerdFujisan: No, I do not.
14:55:13preglowwell, it makes no sense for the tango backdrop to stay when i'ev set the icatcher theme
14:55:34CassandraPaul_The_Nerd, I'd agree with that.
14:55:48jono425If i go to the Show ID3 Info page, Title, Artist, Album, and Genre fields are blank; Tracknum is actually correct, and Year says "No Info"
14:56:10Paul_The_Nerdjono425: According to what I've got, that file only has id3v1.1, no id3v2 at all
14:56:13CassandraImplementation is kind of a biatch though.
14:56:25preglowCassandra: why? sounds simple enough
14:56:31CassandraI suppose we can change the Theme generator script to unset the backdrop.
14:56:40FujisanHmz bad news
14:56:44Paul_The_Nerdjono425: The file you posted does not have id3v2 tags, as far as I can tell.
14:56:45dongshm nintendo DS has arm9
14:56:53linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: "file" tells me that it's an "MP3 file with ID3 version 2.4.0 tag"
14:56:55dongsi guess thats where i should have ripped the simulator from :(
14:57:05FujisanCreative doesnt want people to develop open source firmware for their mp3 players
14:57:06CassandraWell, I don't think we want generally to be replacing users backdrops unless the WPS explicitly requests it.
14:57:14Fujisantoo bad
14:57:17Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Odd. Let me open it in something else then
14:57:33preglowCassandra: i pretty much feel that when you load a theme, you want the entire thing replaced
14:57:42CassandraSo it's not enough to clear the backdrop if you load a new WPS.
14:57:55Cassandrapreglow, agreed, but not if you just load a WPS.
14:58:00Paul_The_NerdCassandra: If the WPS doesn't explicitly set a backdrop with a %X or %bg (or whatever the background color tag will be) it should just use the menu one, right?
14:58:03preglowCassandra: agreed
14:58:17jono425Paul_The_Nerd: Strange. When I play it in Rockbox (with id3v2 tags in precedence), my WPS does show that it has id3v2.4 tags...
14:58:22dongsPaul_The_Nerd: thats how its done now
14:58:27dongsi think.
14:58:41CassandraI'll look into fixing the theme script so that if there's no background in the WPS it resets it.
14:59:03CassandraActually could be simpler than that.
14:59:07Paul_The_Nerddongs: Not entirely, no. If you switch from a WPS with to a WPS without a backdrop image, it uses the prior one, until you reboot.
14:59:10preglowCassandra: wouldn't this be better solved in the theme loader?
14:59:14dongsPaul_The_Nerd: lol
14:59:18FujisanOpen source firmware is very unlikely because of the proprietary code that Creative have no doubt gone to great lengths to write and will want to protect.
14:59:36CassandraSince themes can set their own backgound, we just always reset the background as part of the themes.
14:59:39Paul_The_Nerdjono425: Apparently it's a glitch in one of my programs. Foobar seems to see it there too.
14:59:41Fujisani really wanted to do it in my spare time
14:59:49LinusNFujisan: that applies to all players
14:59:56Cassandrapreglow, I don't think so. Best to keep the theme loader as a cfg file parser.
14:59:58B4gderFujisan: that didn't stop us
15:00:03linuxstbFujisan: I guess that's just talking about Creative releasing their own firmware as open source - not third-party open source firmware like Rockbox.
15:00:10Fujisanbut isnt that hacking?
15:00:14CassandraSince we can do it within the syntax of theme files, it should be fine.
15:00:22linuxstbFujisan: In the traditional meaning of the word, yes.
15:00:28LinusNFujisan: it's hacking indeed
15:00:38LinusNdamn fun
15:00:39B4gderFujisan: call it what you want, its making our code run on our own hardware we paid for
15:00:47CassandraAlthough there's the downside that people need to know to put it in their theme files if they aren't autogenerated, of course. Hmm.
15:00:52FujisanOk i thought you guys did it legally not that i care :)
15:00:58B4gderwe are 100% legal
15:01:00Fujisani like to hack stuff
15:01:01LinusNwe do it legally
15:01:05linuxstbFujisan: I think you're misunderstanding the word "hacking".
15:01:06Fujisanoh i see
15:01:11Fujisanno i dont
15:01:33dongsdsemu seems to have more or less complete arm9 core going
15:01:35dongsnice ~
15:01:43Fujisanyou are changing the proprietary firmware
15:01:46dongsnow another 6 hours to make it fit into my project and then forget simething trivial.
15:01:55B4gderFujisan: no
15:01:59preglowthink i can unset the
15:01:59LinusNFujisan: not at all
15:02:00ZagorFujisan: no, we replace it
15:02:01preglowthey're really old
15:02:06 Join Poka64 [0] (
15:02:07Fujisanyou write your own
15:02:08CassandraWhich reminds me, I noticed someone put a Doom WAD that violates LucasArts copyright on the wiki.
15:02:10Fujisanok i see
15:02:15CassandraBetter go remove it, I suppose.
15:02:33Fujisanso you make it from scratch
15:02:37Fujisanthats kewl
15:03:03FujisanLinusN i know what it means
15:03:09Fujisanmy english is so si
15:03:12B4gderpreglow: most likely, yes
15:03:18Fujisanits not my native language
15:03:26preglowB4gder: i'll give it a try for good measure
15:03:36Mode"#RockBox -b *!*jirc*@* " by preglow (n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow)
15:03:43Mode"#RockBox -b *!* " by preglow (n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow)
15:03:44ravonAnyone who knows any dynamically linked -> statically linked binaries converters?
15:03:53Mode"#RockBox -b *!*icechat*@* " by preglow (n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow)
15:03:55ravonI recalling using one that produced segfaulting binaries :/
15:03:59Fujisanbad firmware can **bleep** up a player
15:04:03Mode"#RockBox -b *!*ju_@* " by preglow (n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow)
15:04:15PaulJamCassandra: i think the problem is not the menu backdrop, but the backdrop of the wps: if you have a wps that uses a backdrop and then load a wps that has no backdrop, the backdrop of the old wps stays. i'm not sure if it would help to clear the menu backdrop in the theme.cfg.
15:04:21ashridahravon: sure. 'ld'. :)
15:04:23FujisanSo how did you guys test the firmware without risking ruining the player?
15:04:34Fujisanyou used somekind of virtual player?
15:04:35dongsi am sure a few got ruined along the way.
15:04:46B4gderonly a few
15:04:48jono425Paul_The_Nerd: my id3v2.4 files seem to be read correctly by Winamp too. I don't have any other programs to test them on. I was curious because I couldn't find any Rockbox documentation for it, and foobar2000 now tags MP3s by default with id3v2.4. I am quite content using id3v1.1 though...
15:04:52ravonashridah: Too late if I only have the binary, isn't it? :)
15:05:13ashridahravon: no, should still be able to convert them, afaik
15:05:14linuxstbCassandra: What do you think about all the WPSs in the WpsGallery that use (C) 'ed images? e.g. the Winamp clones.
15:05:25ashridahif not, you might be able to decompose it with 'ar' or something like that, maybe.
15:05:30Fujisani always wanted to say that name :)
15:05:36Fujisannever met a Cassandra b4
15:05:48Paul_The_Nerdjono425: I thought you said Rockbox was saying that they were ID3v2.4 as well. What exactly was the problem then? Tags not showing in WPS?
15:06:07Cassandralinuxstb, I'd say it's probably better to avoid them, but "look and feel" emulation is more of a legal grey area.
15:06:09linuxstbFujisan: That depends on the target - some allow you a safe way to run code (and recover from a crash), others needed a hardware debugging tool to test code.
15:06:24CassandraWe're certainly not trying to pass off.
15:06:46stevebyou know what would be cool? an audioscrobbler plugin for rockbox
15:06:47dongswhat in the shit is 'darcs'
15:07:07linuxstbCassandra: e.g. this one seems a blatent copy: I'm just wondering if they belong in the wiki.
15:07:08 Join RedBreva [0] (
15:07:11Paul_The_Nerdsteveb: There's a feature request, and I think a patch, in the tracker already
15:07:11preglowwhat in the shit is 'goole'
15:07:12JdGordonsteveb: i belive there is one on flyspray
15:07:12preglowgoogle too!
15:07:14B4gderdongs: please stop that kind of blurbs
15:07:27CassandraPaulJam, you're right. Fix probably needs to be in the WPS loader then, although again it's not trivial since you have to make sure that it doesn't erase the background unless it was put there by the last WPS loaded.
15:07:40dongscan someone download 'darcs get' and send it to me?
15:08:02dongsim not installing some random revision control system just to get to the latest sores
15:08:08stevebsorry, dont have darcs on this pc :-/
15:08:15stevebits quite good though
15:08:27amiconnjono425: Hmm, tried it in the rockbox sim, tags are displayed fine
15:08:46dongsoh, works too
15:08:51amiconn(I've XXed out the V1 tag strings with a hex editor to clearly distinguish)
15:08:52linuxstbamiconn: The file also has id3v1 tags - have you tested both priorities?
15:09:12ravonSeriously, the randomizer function in Winamp was written by a drunk 5-year old with DAMP.
15:09:25amiconnjono425: What rockbox version do you use? (should've asked that earlier)
15:09:34 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
15:10:40Cassandralinuxstb: Like I said, probably not. I suspect that the Apple'a'likes are more of a problem, in that Apple might actually come after us for those.
15:10:49amiconnCassandra: The wps loader could set the wps backdrop to whatever the menu backdrop is before evaluating the wps file
15:11:06*petur is with amiconn
15:11:36Paul_The_NerdCassandra: There's also Windows Media Player-alikes, and I think Creative Zen-alikes, right?
15:11:36jono425amiconn: Rockbox 2.5, on an Archos Recorder v1. I should've mentioned it sooner. :)
15:11:46Fujisanoh well at least my creative mp3 player battery powns you all :P
15:11:52Fujisan24 hours :o
15:11:53preglowheheh yes :D
15:11:58amiconnjono425: Try a cvs build. It has loads of fixes compared to 2.5
15:12:02CassandraLinusN: I've hid the Star Wars file, but I can't delete it from the wiki.
15:12:05B4gderFujisan: yes sure, now get lost
15:12:13Fujisan no
15:12:16CassandraPaul_The_Nerd, yes, I believe so.
15:12:16jono425Paul_The_Nerd: The tags show neither in the WPS or the ID3 viewer screen, although the WPS identifies the tags as id3v2.4
15:12:18B4gderI mean it, or get real
15:12:22FujisanB4gder why?
15:12:29preglowyou're annoying
15:12:31B4gderbecause you are a troll and nothing else
15:12:32Fujisani am glad to be here
15:12:33jono425amiconn: Okay, thanks. Any recommended builds?
15:12:45Fujisani think Rockbox is a great project
15:12:46amiconnI'd always recommend the latest
15:12:48petur*was glad* :D
15:12:53Cassandraamiconn, yeah - nice simple solution, I like it.
15:13:05amiconnCassandra: KISS, you know...
15:13:13Fujisancan i use Rockbox as an os?
15:13:23preglowsweet lord
15:13:34Fujisanhehe sorry
15:13:36Mode"#RockBox +o B4gder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
15:13:46Fujisanno sorry
15:13:49Fujisanplz dont ban me
15:14:09B4gderthe cut the CRAP now
15:14:13Fujisanok ok
15:15:02CassandraHmmm. I think I should poke around some GUI skin sites. See what they seem to think is the legal issue.
15:15:18CassandraI mean Object Desktop ships with emulations of other OSes, doesn't it?
15:15:34jono425Hey, what do you know, it works. Thanks.
15:16:02Fujisanno really i wanted to get an iriver anyways so i can use Rockbox this is great so i can put a screen saver and read text files on my mp3 using your firmware?
15:16:30Paul_The_NerdNo screen saver, yes text files.
15:16:39FujisanCassandra which Os do you want
15:16:52PaulJama screensaver would be quite useless on a mp3player
15:16:53Fujisani am using a great app for that now
15:17:05midkayPaul_The_Nerd, in your PluginDoom update you removed the category tag.. that was unintentional, i hope..? :)
15:17:12CassandraFujisan, I'm trying to ascertain the legality of some of the "look and feel" skins for Rockbox we have in the WPS Gallery.
15:18:12Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I only added two lines. I don't see any removal of a category tag...
15:18:17CassandraOh yeah, speaking of legal issues, we still need a nice big "if you are a f***wit and play your DAP too loud, we will point and laugh when you go deaf" disclaimer somewhere.
15:18:28midkayPaul_The_Nerd, check the diff..
15:18:30CassandraPossibly phrased slightly more diplomatically than that.
15:18:51preglowi say we phrase it exactly like that
15:18:55preglowminus the asterisks
15:18:57Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: The 1.25 version of the page is still CategoryPlugin. The diff doesn't show anything removed except the bit pointing to the patch tracker.
15:19:24Fujisanpreglow your nick looks really familliar to me which other channels/networks fo you visit?
15:19:28 Quit Febs (Connection timed out)
15:19:33midkaythe 1.26 version.. has the CategoryPlugin removed..
15:19:34Cassandrapreglow, nice idea, but the disclaimer needs to be somewhere really prominent, like the main page of the website.
15:19:42midkayit was Cassandra!!!
15:19:44Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I made the 1.25 revision though...
15:19:46midkaysorry Paul_The_Nerd :)
15:19:58midkayi saw your name on the latest-10-edits thing..
15:20:11FujisanCassandra i bet there is a legal disclaimer wizard somewhere online
15:21:10CassandraIt wasn't me! You can't prove anything!
15:21:21Paul_The_NerdMaybe just "Install our software at your own risk. By choosing to install it you agree to waive your rights to pursue any damages caused by this software, to the full extent of the law" and leave it at that?
15:21:26Paul_The_NerdSomething similar to that, at least.
15:21:32linuxstbIsn't that what the GPL states?
15:21:50midkayCassandra, it's in the logs, we have it figured out. surrender.
15:21:56Paul_The_NerdThe GPL talks about no warranty on merchantability or usability, and so on.
15:22:04CassandraYou'll never take me alive, copper!
15:22:19 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
15:22:56CassandraI think it's just sensible to say something specific about hearing loss. I mean it is possbile that some people using Rockbox have never been told that loud music can make you deaf. Seems only fair to warn them.
15:22:57jono425When someone said that Rockbox should support id3v2.4, I wondered if perhaps they had a newer CVS build. I should have tried that. Anyway, thanks for the help.
15:23:22 Part jono425
15:23:30dongsthen there should have been a disclaimer on front page of
15:23:59Paul_The_NerdCassandra: Maybe in the manual, under volume, mention that volume levels above a certain threshold can permanently damage hearing, etc.
15:24:07FujisanCassandra they must be from another planet if they think that loud music is good for hearing
15:24:26preglowPaul_The_Nerd: a bit more central than that
15:24:34linuxstbCassandra: Haven't they already been warned by the original DAP manufacturer, or the headphone manufacturer? I can't imagine that makers of PC audio software have the same warning...
15:24:58t0masisn't this a simple case of better safe than sorry?
15:25:06t0masjust put it in the manual with the volume settings
15:25:24t0mas"Warning: Listening to music at loud volume for an extended time can damage hearing."
15:25:54FujisanYou guys tried the new yahoo subscription service 5 bucks a month for unlimited music?
15:26:22LinusNsomehow i doubt that it's unlimited
15:26:30Mode"#RockBox -o preglow " by preglow (n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow)
15:26:39Fujisanme too
15:26:46Fujisani must have read it wrong lol
15:26:49*dpro doesn't listen to pay music anymore
15:27:07Mode"#RockBox +o preglow " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
15:27:11Mode"#RockBox -o preglow " by preglow (n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow)
15:27:17*B4gder commits a little shell script
15:27:30*LinusN does the shellscript dance
15:27:47B4gderstill needs to apply the sh patch before it works really well
15:27:51dongshaha. some lunatic wrote arm9 emulator completely in x86 asm.
15:27:53B4gderbut I have no time for that now
15:27:59dongsand i dont mean just the fast part. the whole thing.
15:28:10Mode"#RockBox -o t0mas " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
15:28:16preglowB4gder: nicety
15:28:19linuxstbFujisan: "Microsoft Windows XP or 2000" - that's a little limited...
15:28:31Paul_The_NerdUnlimited... except for these limitations.
15:28:32Mode"#RockBox +o t0mas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
15:28:35t0maswrong order...
15:28:42Mode"#RockBox -oo Mikachu XavierGr " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
15:28:46Mode"#RockBox -o t0mas " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
15:28:47LinusN"Yahoo! Music does not permit copying or transferring music files to other users."
15:28:50t0mastnx for your help
15:29:05linuxstb"Transfer your subscription songs to a number of compatible portable devices (for an additional charge)"
15:29:14 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
15:29:22t0masfor the record: Your ops list is now: Cassandra, preglow, amiconn, lostlogic, edx, Bagder, LinusN, Zagor and me
15:29:29Fujisanyer that sucks but how are they going to check that :)
15:29:38 Quit Vlad0man (Connection timed out)
15:29:45LinusNFujisan: drm
15:29:58Mode"#RockBox -o Cassandra " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
15:30:00*Paul_The_Nerd sniffles
15:30:21*amiconn tries to avoid 'digital restrictions management' by all means
15:30:34CassandraRight. I checked out StarDock's theme site.
15:30:37Fujisanoh yeah of course drm the french invention :/
15:30:58CassandraThey say "don't upload copyrighted stuff. If the owner asks us to remove it, then we will."
15:31:13Fujisanamiconn i was looking for a way to make all my illegal stuff legal lmao
15:31:14*qwm yawns
15:31:34Mode"#RockBox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
15:31:40CassandraThe power is going to my head. Bwahahaha!
15:31:41Mode"#RockBox -o Bagder " by LinusN (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
15:31:48Mode"#RockBox -o LinusN " by LinusN (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
15:32:01Fujisangood night
15:32:02 Join Vlad0man [0] (
15:33:11CassandraErm, goodnight?
15:33:42Fujisanno not me you
15:33:51Fujisanor at least thats what i thought
15:34:00JdGordonno more ops... aaawww
15:34:22MikachuLinusN: that list doesn't feel like it covers all times of day
15:34:36preglowwe've got europe covered, at least
15:34:37 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:34:48Paul_The_NerdAye, ye do.
15:34:48LinusNlostlogic is american
15:34:55Paul_The_NerdOr insomniac Americans.
15:35:38Fujisanhmz 79 cents times 10.000 = 7900 usd to get all my music legal :o
15:35:46Fujisansounds like a bargain to me
15:36:25 Join Ribs [0] (
15:37:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:38:05CassandraIt's lunchtime where I am. :)
15:38:11lostlogicgah, that's such an insult! :-D
15:38:39Fujisanoh 120 bucks a year to put all the songs you want on a mp3 player at yahoo
15:38:53Fujisanthat is not to bad since i want to go legal now
15:41:19 Part RedBreva ("Gone Shopping")
15:41:20Fujisanthats werd you wont own the songs but you are allowed to play them its like renting songs lmao
15:41:29Fujisanthats silly
15:41:41Fujisani wonder who came up with this idea
15:42:16CassandraPeople in the music industry.
15:42:25CassandraAccording to them you've never owned the songs anyway.
15:42:32 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:43:51ashridahCassandra: technically, copyright law came up with that idea. the media industries just exploit it
15:44:35linuxstbI've never seen a license agreement on a CD though, so what have I bought?
15:44:54Fujisanthe right to listen to it
15:44:56CassandraCopyright law doesn't actually say that you don't own the thing you bought, just that you don't own the rights to its commercial exploitation.
15:44:57 Join RedBreva [0] (
15:44:58Fujisanwhen you plz
15:45:15CassandraI'd like to see copyright law come into line with patent law myself.
15:45:18ashridahlinuxstb: when did you see a license agreement on the statue of david?
15:45:30linuxstbI've never seen the statue of david...
15:45:55FujisanCassandra wouldnt it be interesting to make music under the GPL opensource license
15:46:08ashridahwell. granted, neither have i, but i'm willing to bet there wasn't a license agreement chiselled onto it either :)
15:46:11CassandraI believe some people do.
15:46:27linuxstbBut my point is that software always has licenses - so I know (more or less) what rights I'm buying. My music doesn't.
15:46:36Fujisani believe so too but only some indie labels
15:46:44CassandraThese days the world'd be full of Cease and Desist notices from Michaelangelo Corp.
15:47:10CassandraThose licenses are all legally unenforceable anyway.
15:47:37Paul_The_NerdHonestly, shrinkwrap software licenses are the ones that drive me nuts.
15:48:47Paul_The_NerdMost retailers won't let you return software for your money back after you've opened them, and the license isn't available until you've taken it home and started to install.
15:48:50Fujisanbut linuxstb you are right music doesnt come with a license
15:48:59 Join TeaSea [0] (
15:49:38CassandraPaul - they let me return it.
15:50:02CassandraFortunately I work at the Citizens Advice Bureau. I know UK consumer law quite well.
15:50:40*Cassandra returned her copy of X2 because it ran like a dog on my machine.
15:50:48CassandraHence "not fit for the intended purpose".
15:51:21Paul_The_NerdCassandra: Most places here have a "you can only return it if it doesn't work, and then only in exchange for a working copy" policy in regard to anything that can be reasonably easily pirated. I mean, you *can* return it, but you have to make a larger hassle than you should.
15:51:40Fujisanamagawd i have a problem i bought a product online at a site from an american company , it comes with an 30 day iron-clad money back guarantee yet you need prior authorization...
15:51:58Fujisanbut i dont have all the required hardware
15:52:02 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:52:07CassandraOh, here too. It's just that legally they often can't do that.
15:52:14stevebthere is a 14 day thing in the uk
15:52:16t0masthat's the fun part of it
15:52:24CassandraWhat's not allowed is to return something because you changed your mind.
15:52:30t0masat least in the Netherlands we have laws protecting online buyers
15:52:45stevebCassandra: you can if you havnt opened it
15:52:48Paul_The_NerdCassandra: Yeah, but how do you prove you didn't just change your mind?
15:52:48Cassandrasteveb, only for stuff bought at a distance (i.e. mail order or internet.)
15:52:59t0masyou can return everything you've bought without seeing it (as in: telephone, post order or internet) within 8 days
15:53:02Fujisant0mas i am from the Netherlands but because i bought it from an american company the american law applies and not the dutch law
15:53:07t0maswith no mention of the resaon
15:53:10Cassandrasteveb, nope. Most shops let you, but there's no legal requirement for them to do so.
15:53:15stevebis that right
15:53:17stevebnever knew that
15:53:20t0masFujisan: true
15:53:45linuxstbt0mas: Yes, there are "distance selling" regulations in the UK as well IIUC.
15:53:51CassandraPaul_The_Nerd, that's the great thing about the law. The onus is on them to prove that, not you (for the first six months after purchase anyway).
15:54:09t0masjup, distance selling is a good translation of what it's called here :)
15:54:31Fujisant0mas it didnt protect me so its not that great
15:54:35Cassandrasteveb, try it with a CD sometime. The store will usually offer you store credit only.
15:55:07Cassandrat0mas, I think that's an EC thing.
15:55:12Fujisani wish i never bought those 3 d goggles they hurt my eyes :'(
15:55:13Paul_The_NerdCassandra: See, any time I've come up with it here, it's involved maybe an hour+ in the store talking to higher and higher personnel until eventually it's simply not worth the wasted time for them not to refund me. Though, in their defence, I look like the sort of person who would buy a game/movie/whatever, pirate it, and then return it. I am definitely not trustworthy looking.
15:55:15t0masmight be extended here
15:55:43Fujisant0mas i spoke to some dutch lawyers about it they couldnt help me lmao
15:55:51CassandraPaul_The_Nerd, well the States kind of sucks for consumer rights from what I understand.
15:56:03t0masFujisan: probably because the store declared US law to be applicable?
15:56:04CassandraThe UK is not great, but we have some decent consumer law.
15:56:24Fujisant0mas they distribute from UK
15:56:28Fujisanto Europe
15:56:32t0masah ok
15:56:33Fujisanand i am in HOlland
15:56:44CassandraIs Holland in the EC?
15:56:49Fujisanand it didnt even cross my mind that it was under US law
15:56:51t0masit doesn't matter where you are, if the store has some terms declared :)
15:56:55t0masCassandra: duh it is...
15:57:15Fujisant0mas so if i bought it from an arab country it could be under sharia terms?
15:57:25 Join JoeBorn [0] (
15:57:25stevebCassandra: i dont buy cd's that i dont like :P
15:57:25t0masif they want it to... yes
15:58:13Cassandrasteveb, very sensible of you. I do sometimes. But I don't usually return them on the grounds that I take that risk when I buy them.
15:58:37stevebCassandra: i just know what i like
15:58:38*t0mas normally just ilegally downloads music... then buy it if I like it
15:58:43CassandraInternational Trade Agreements are tricky.
15:58:57Fujisanyes they are Cassandra
15:58:58CassandraBasically any combination of the law in either country can apply.
15:58:59Fujisani agree
15:59:14CassandraThat's why there's a whole bunch of specialist lawyers who deal with it.
15:59:31CassandraWithin the EC, EC law applies, of course.
16:01:15CassandraAnyway, fun though this has been, I have to try to find a present for my mother's 60th birthday.
16:01:18 Part Paul_The_Nerd
16:02:20Fujisanstill here :o
16:02:31Fujisanlets talk in dutch and drive the americans insane :D
16:02:41t0masHeb ik al een keer gedaan
16:02:42Fujisanof niet dan :O
16:02:47t0masmeesten zijn trouwens geen amerikanen, maar zweden
16:02:52Fujisanoh echt waar
16:03:01t0masen HCl en markun spreken ook Nederlands :)
16:03:01JdGordonhey.. the yanks arnt the only "english" speakerss in the channel atm...
16:03:16Fujisanen engelsen :D
16:03:17XavierGrarghhh!!! I am getting crazy (though I am european :P
16:03:32t0masjust 4 to 5 american's here I guess?
16:03:48Fujisaningewikkelde taal Nederlands
16:03:49t0masmost of the US is asleep... or preparing breakfast
16:04:27markunFujisan: english please
16:04:46*t0mas is waiting for San Francisco to wake up... but they're at UTC - 7
16:05:00t0masso it's 7:00 in the morning there :)
16:05:41Fujisanoh blah
16:05:49Fujisanzit er een leuk meisje op paltalk
16:06:05Fujisandus ik denk ik maak een kans komt er zo'n australier :/
16:06:11Fujisanhe bah
16:06:13XavierGrFujisan: ok you made your point
16:06:35t0masand rockbox or at least ICT related...
16:06:39FujisanXavierGr , Anata wa amerikan jin DesuKa?
16:06:47JdGordonwhat did u say about australians?
16:06:57t0masJdGordon: he met a stupid one
16:07:08t0mastrying to impress a girl he liked
16:07:09t0mason some chat
16:07:13MikachuFujisan: nihonjin desu ka
16:07:35t0masJdGordon: was it you? ;)
16:07:51Fujisan<−−- nihonjin wannabe :)
16:07:59XavierGrI don't know how Greece is in Japanese :P
16:08:00Mikachuwatashi mo
16:08:04 Join JBGood [0] (
16:08:17Fujisansumi masen
16:08:52Fujisanie wakarimaska
16:09:12Mikachu"house do you understand"?
16:09:16Fujisanyou dont know japanese?
16:09:32Mikachumaybe a bit better than you ;)
16:09:40Fujisani know a bit japanese very bad though some japanese people thought me on paltalk
16:10:04 Join Febs [0] (
16:10:09XavierGrJapanese is fun, but I hate kanji (as most learners I think)
16:10:13 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:10:24Fujisani use pimsleur audio tapes :O
16:10:38Fujisanplus i get instructions from real japanese people
16:10:39XavierGrAh I've got those.
16:10:47XavierGrBut never listened to them
16:10:51Fujisani dont want to learn how to write
16:10:54Fujisanme sometimes
16:11:00XavierGryou are lucky. Where did you find them?
16:11:10Fujisanto master a language you need at least 2 hours a day
16:11:15Fujisani got them of usenet
16:11:19 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:11:25XavierGr"to master"
16:11:40Fujisanyes to get the ropes
16:11:40XavierGrI don't want to master I just want a better understanding of it.
16:11:50Fujisanto become a good japanese speaker
16:12:07Fujisani yeah to master is subjective
16:12:18Fujisanlike most things
16:12:27XavierGrI am so confused with the R letter in Japanese
16:12:32XavierGris it R or L?
16:12:40XavierGrSometimes I can clearly here it as L and others as R
16:12:41Fujisangive me a word
16:12:48XavierGrit is confusing indeed
16:12:57MikachuXavierGr: japanese doesn't have an R letter, it's just written with R when you write it in romaji
16:13:15XavierGryes I mean the pronounciation
16:13:38Mikachuenglish l and r aren't as close as swedish r and l
16:13:42t0masFujisan: you might be the first one here who actually knows some Dutch songs :)
16:13:43*t0mas is now playing: Ali B feat. Yes-R en Partysquad - Rampeneren
16:13:45 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
16:13:54t0mas(first one I could find :P)
16:15:21Fujisaneverytime i find a cute single girl online some anglosack ( american, UK or Australian ) comes and takes her away :(
16:16:39Fujisanand the worst thing is now i can see him call her on webcam :(
16:17:39*t0mas stays away from online dating...
16:17:46t0masjust hit the clubs during the weekend man...
16:17:53t0maswhere in the Netherlands do you live btw?
16:18:12 Join damaki [0] (
16:18:15*XavierGr too (stays away from online dating)
16:18:24XavierGrbut on the other hand I hate clubs too!
16:18:26*petur hopes it's far away from Belgian borders :)
16:18:50t0masah, far from Belgium
16:18:55t0masand far from me :)
16:19:01Fujisanyou t0mas?
16:19:12Fujisannothing is far in Holland t0mas
16:19:28t0masGouda / Utrecht
16:19:29peturnow we only need 'far from this channel'
16:19:30 Quit ABondar_de_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:19:37t0masparents in Gouda, studying in Utrecht
16:19:43Fujisanoh kewl
16:19:55Fujisani claim to study
16:20:12Fujisani need to study harder
16:22:09 Part LinusN
16:22:33t0mashehe, Fujisan: to stay in the mood of bad Dutch music:
16:22:36*t0mas is now playing: Qf - Vieze Vrouwe (Slette Houwe)
16:22:58Fujisani am listening to a supermix of the 80s
16:23:01 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Khe!!!")
16:23:17Fujisant0mas my nerd friend and me developed a kewl trick to touch girls w/o getting beat up :O
16:23:35Fujisanwe bring our digital cams to the club and act to make pictures for the site
16:23:45Fujisanwe even get their email and everything :P
16:23:46 Part markun
16:23:48 Part Paul_The_Nerd
16:24:09t0masjust dance man...
16:24:15Fujisani do dance
16:24:25Fujisanbut only when i am stoned
16:24:31lostlogicthat's so creepy.
16:24:36t0masit is
16:24:38*lostlogic is glad he's not a girl.
16:24:42Fujisanmy friends are all djs for the most part
16:24:52*t0mas is glad he normally parties in Gouda / Reeuwijk or Utrecht
16:25:05Fujisanits amazing what you can do with only a digital cam
16:25:11Fujisanthey love it
16:25:13t0masyou should work for ofzo
16:25:21*lostlogic has been known to date online, clubs are teh boring.
16:25:31 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:25:32 Join Febs [0] (
16:25:35t0masoh wait
16:25:39t0masit was
16:26:31Fujisanfor some reason i dig 80s parties the girls that come there are nice
16:26:34Fujisani suppose
16:26:46dprowonderfull watching drunkl people from the safety and comfort of my living room >;->
16:27:21t0masdpro: that website?
16:27:22Fujisanand much cheaper
16:27:47Fujisani am saving so much money not going out as much
16:27:52dprot0mas: yup
16:27:54Fujisani used to spend 60 euros a week
16:28:00t0masdpro: I wasn't that drunk ;) ;)
16:28:38t0masFujisan: get others to pay your drinks ;)
16:28:48Fujisani aint a girl :/
16:28:52XavierGr60 euros a week OMG? In 2 months you can get a new DAP with that money :P
16:29:06t0masFujisan: so what :P
16:29:20t0masmy girlfriend has some "modern" idea about paying...
16:29:20Fujisanbesides i learned my lesson these girls will try to drink of you all night and than at the end say ty and leave :(
16:29:22t0masno problem with me
16:29:30Fujisani dont even get a kiss :'(
16:29:35*dpro gets himself a sandwich (pays for it ;)
16:29:36Fujisanbetter to spend it on hookers
16:29:51 Quit anathema (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:30:11peturoh please Fujisan, get a life
16:30:15t0masFujisan: don't you like the challenge?
16:30:23Fujisanoh man chris peterson my hero
16:30:28Fujisani love that series GET A LIFE
16:30:33t0masI wouldn't want to spend money on a hooker... just because it's no challenge then :P
16:30:36Fujisanthat was some great stuff
16:30:44XavierGrFujisan: I heard that you have high quality hookers there :P
16:30:51Fujisani am challenged t0mas
16:31:00Fujisani dont need an extra challenge :/
16:31:03t0masXavierGr: legal prostitution here yes
16:31:13Fujisanyes XavierGr they are from sweden :)
16:31:20t0masjust pick the right club (and be over 18)
16:31:30t0masand pay :)
16:31:53Fujisant0mas i and handsome so its hard to get girls
16:32:01XavierGrit's legal here too, but most of the times it sucks! I refuse to go. But I heard in netherlands you have very high quality prostitutes.
16:32:02Fujisanfor free
16:32:13Fujisanwe do in Amsterdam
16:32:26t0mashm... well I'm not mr. perfect
16:32:36Fujisanoh man i was walking in Amsterdam and all these pretty blond hookers winked at me
16:32:44t0masbut hey... most people don't really care that much... as long as you look normal
16:32:53t0masand don't start playing tricks with your digi-cam
16:32:59XavierGrMy buddies just came back from Amsterdam.
16:33:22XavierGrThey went there to try some pot.
16:33:32 Quit theli_ua ("Покидаю")
16:33:45Fujisant0mas i always attract the category girls where when would think i rather yerk off :/
16:33:46t0masI've never even tried it...
16:34:07t0masnot even smoking in general...
16:34:22Fujisanyou must be intelligent than t0mas
16:34:26t0masjust don't feel the need to kill myself for a lot of tax money...
16:34:29XavierGryeah: I dislike both smoke and pot too.
16:34:35Fujisani used to be b4 i started to smoke that shite ;/
16:34:45 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
16:34:46t0masthat's the other part...
16:34:52Fujisannot even mentioning the paranoia
16:35:03peturthak god smoking is not allowed in this channel :D
16:35:15 Quit damaki_ (Connection timed out)
16:35:20*Fujisan lights up a big ass JOINT :0
16:35:46*petur wants to be ops....
16:35:55Mode"#RockBox +o t0mas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
16:35:57*XavierGr too
16:35:58Mode"#RockBox +o petur " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
16:36:01t0maslike that? ;)
16:36:11Mode"#RockBox -oo petur t0mas " by t0mas (n=tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
16:36:38*t0mas remembers the times when he played with IRC op-status...
16:36:40t0maslong ago...
16:36:51t0mashaving everybody in the channel opped...
16:37:00peturdon't even know the commands :(
16:37:00t0masand kick eachother
16:37:02*XavierGr just captured a spider!
16:37:18*t0mas has IRCop on a Dutch network now... and now I have to be decent ;)
16:37:27t0masand maybe I've become a year or 4 older...
16:37:37t0mashuisnetwerk van pc-active
16:37:44 Join webguest77 [0] (
16:37:55Fujisanthere was a swedish guy in a dutch channel on paltalk and he asked why do you guys say die all the time :/
16:38:13webguest77anyone gotten the 'random folders' patch working yet? O:-)
16:38:18t0masyou mean the Dutch word 'die'?
16:38:22Fujisanyer hehe
16:38:35t0massimple... because it's Dutch for "that"
16:38:46Fujisani know that but it was funny
16:39:13JdGordonFUCK YEAH...
16:39:18JdGordonhail to the king.. baybe :D
16:39:48JdGordoni finally got this bloody feautre working properly..
16:39:55 Nick webguest77 is now known as Falco98 (
16:40:04JdGordonFalco u turd
16:40:05Falco98so what was the problem?
16:40:16JdGordonhow long have u been iding there??
16:40:22Falco98only about a minute
16:40:28Falco98just got out of the shower
16:40:41JdGordoni restarted the patch and changed the entire thing
16:40:45JdGordonmuch simpler now
16:40:50JdGordonand it fucking works :D
16:40:51Falco98so how's it work now
16:40:57Falco98same way?
16:41:09JdGordonsimilar, but works per file, not folder..
16:41:24JdGordoni mean it looks for the insert sport int he add_file. not add_folder function
16:41:25Falco98how per file?
16:41:30 Quit `3nergy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:41:33 Nick daurnimator is now known as daurn|afk (
16:41:41Falco98and once it finds the spot.. goes thru the whole folder?
16:41:56JdGordonno, it rmemebrs the last folder and spot it inserted at
16:43:07 Quit Vlad0man (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:43:25Falco98and what's it do once it reaches the end of that folder's files?
16:43:57PaulJamJdGordon: are you planning to continue work on the previous implementation of the random folders (jump to random folder after the current one)?
16:43:58 Nick PierreTramo is now known as GCarrier (
16:44:15 Nick GCarrier is now known as PierreTramo (
16:45:45Falco98PaulJam: though if this patch works, that feature might be a little unnecessary [especially since it's likely to require more resource-hogging to get working]
16:45:46JdGordonrandomness isnt great.. but it works 100% :D
16:45:47 Join Vlad0man [0] (
16:46:07Falco98can i see the patch?
16:46:11JdGordonpatch and bed time...
16:46:31*Falco98 goes to get today's daily...
16:47:35PaulJamFalco98: but with the insert random folder approach it is not possible to easily skip an album that you dont want to listen to
16:48:04Falco98paul, true..
16:48:05Fujisando yu still do performances ?
16:48:11Fujisani like your music
16:48:12Falco98it takes several presses, anyway
16:48:20 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:48:30JdGordonPaulJam: i agree.. which is why i like that idea.. but its not as easy to implement
16:48:31Falco98nope aaaahm retired
16:48:37*JdGordon laughs saying this 1 was easy :p
16:48:45Fujisanrock me amadeus
16:48:46Falco98heh jd
16:49:59 Join Acksaw [0] (
16:50:39 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:51:09 Quit Acksaw (Client Quit)
16:51:22JdGordonpatch is on flyspray
16:51:42JdGordonthis might even be ready post 3.0 :o
16:52:06 Join Acksaw [0] (
16:52:35JdGordonget hardeep to have a look at it when he's around.. im going to bed
16:52:37 Nick PierreTramo is now known as GCarrier (
16:52:43Falco98alright.. g'night
16:52:49JdGordongnite all
16:52:54 Nick GCarrier is now known as PierreTramo (
16:53:08 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
16:58:24 Join Febs [0] (
17:02:22 Quit __guillaume__ ("Quitte")
17:07:46 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:07:47 Quit RedBreva (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:08:04 Join RedBreva [0] (
17:15:23 Join `3nergy [0] (
17:17:14 Quit Vlad0man (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:18:35 Quit RedBreva ("Leaving")
17:19:03 Join Vlad0man [0] (
17:19:37 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:20:17 Join damaki [0] (
17:24:03 Join hardeep [0] (
17:24:26 Quit [TCK] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:27:06Falco98yo hardeep
17:27:24Falco98apparently jd got the patch working.. he re-did it overnight
17:27:45Falco98he's gone to bed but he asked me to have you glance at it when you have a second
17:27:50Falco98( )
17:28:06hardeepi'll look at it later
17:28:17Falco98cool, thanx..
17:28:37Falco98i think he left out the coin toss.. but if it works as-is hopefully that shouldn't be hard to re-implement
17:36:58hardeeplostlogic: i couldn't find a better place to reset playlist_end
17:37:36hardeeplostlogic: however, i think a better option might be to just not handle automatic skip in the playback code
17:37:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:37:53hardeepinstead, let the playlist code restart playback similar to how it works on Archos
17:42:05 Join scorche` [0] (
17:46:50lostlogichardeep: what do you mean by having the playlist code restart playback?
17:47:27hardeepfor archos, i call playback_start() to start the next directory, for swcodec that was disabled
17:47:39hardeeper audio_start()
17:48:00hardeepblah, audio_play()
17:48:01lostlogichardeep: that doesn't mix well with crossfade
17:48:28hardeepdo we really want to crossfade there?
17:48:43lostlogicbeats me −− it did before I started working on it
17:48:46lostlogicso I made it still.
17:48:53hardeepah, i see
17:49:06hardeepi think we should look at when a crossfade occurs after 3.0
17:49:20 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
17:49:50lostlogicI gotta look into the buffering issues that are still hanging over my head before 3.0 :-\
17:50:31hardeepsounds like fun =)
17:50:36Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: You see the message I left in the log. Seek out of buffer = track change.
17:51:03lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: no, I didn't...
17:51:07 Quit `3nergy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:51:36lostlogichardeep: Is it possible that your clearing of tracks on rebuffer caused seeking out of buffer to incorrectly clear tracks −− since that also clears some tracks and does a rebuffer?
17:51:54Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Okay. Really easy to reproduce with a single FLAC larger than the buffer. Load it, wait for the buffer to fill, then seek outside the buffer, and the disk spins up, and the next song starts.
17:52:13 Join ABondar_de [0] (
17:52:15hardeeplostlogic: i only do it when the tag is invalid... i wouldn't expect that to be set when seeking
17:52:22lostlogichardeep: ok
17:52:31hardeepPaul_The_Nerd: does it happen with mp3?
17:52:53*lostlogic finds an mp3 that bug.
17:52:53Paul_The_Nerdhardeep: Lemme see if I have a big enough MP3 around, gimme a minute.
17:53:14hardeepPaul_The_Nerd: just go the last loaded track and seek out of buffer
17:53:19hardeeper go to
17:53:45Paul_The_Nerdhardeep: That can be a fairly small amount though.
17:56:57Paul_The_NerdIs it okay if I just try another Lossless format, or WAV, I seem to be having bad luck trying your solution Hardeep. I can't tell if the auto rebuffer is happening because I got it too low, or if it's succeeding.
17:57:19lostlogicdamned large song bugs.
17:57:33lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: I'm guessing that it happens with songs that are larger than the buffer
17:57:39hardeepi used to have a large mp3 file around, let me see if i still do
17:57:42lostlogicbecause I have a few other bugs that are specific to wrapping the buffer.
17:57:43Paul_The_NerdJust disable all seeking. :-P
17:57:53lostlogicjust disable songs > audio buffer size.
17:57:54hardeepi remember creating it to test seeking on archos
17:58:03Paul_The_Nerdhardeep: I used to have some 120mb audiobooks I'd converted from files bought on audible, but those are backed up somewhere
17:58:14amiconnlostlogic: You could try to build with MEM set lower
17:59:05lostlogicamiconn: more just a matter of "What the hell is the 'right way' to handle a seek that would spin the buffer around a couple times?" than a difficulty in testing.
17:59:43preglowanyone heard anymore about the mp3 data abort issue?
17:59:43amiconnlostlogic: A good idea might be to check how the archos code handles it - tracks larger than the buffer are the standard case there
17:59:57lostlogicamiconn: *nod*
18:00:01*amiconn thinks that even with 32MB, songs larger than the buffer will happen regularly
18:00:16amiconnI have a one-hour dj mix as one large mp3. >100MB
18:00:23Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: It's exclusive to FLAC
18:00:31hardeepi believe we reset the buffer and begin loading from seek point on archos
18:00:31Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: It doesn't happen with wavpack or wave
18:00:57Paul_The_NerdSomething to do with the seektable maybe?
18:01:17lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: praps, would love to see a logf of the behavior on flac
18:01:18 Join markun [0] (
18:01:20hardeepthere have been a bunch of seek bugs reported for Flac on the tracker
18:01:31Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: My replacemend LCD remote appears tomorrow.
18:02:00Paul_The_Nerdhardeep: Most of them boil down to the one I just described, after investigation. Either that, or the person doesn't have a seek table
18:02:13Paul_The_NerdOn a semi-related note, while you can seek in a WAVE, you cannot resume in one.
18:02:35preglowshould just be a matter of adding some set_offset/whatever cals
18:02:37preglowcalls too
18:03:17lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: cannot resume a wave beyond the buffer size?
18:03:28Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: Cannot resume a wave period.
18:03:40Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: You can seek, you can seek beyond the buffer, you cannot resume anywhere.
18:03:42lostlogicPaul_The_Nerd: cool!
18:04:45preglowhow does resume work anyway?
18:04:49amiconnTis 4GB MMC is working in the Ondio :)
18:05:19 Join egotrippen5 [0] (
18:05:58hardeepi'm waiting for the 2TB mmc
18:06:28amiconnWill probably be called mu-carg (card) by then
18:07:58hardeepheh, yeah
18:09:08 Quit petur ("...bikes home before the rain starts")
18:10:48 Quit egotrippen5 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:12:47 Quit scorche` ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:13:32lostlogicGRR why the hell doesn't replaygain on mp3 work for me!?!
18:14:26Paul_The_NerdWhat type of tags?
18:14:46Paul_The_NerdSpecifically, what iteration if ID3v2?
18:16:45lostlogicno idea −− I just ran them all through mp3gain, no idea what the original tags were
18:17:04Paul_The_Nerdmp3gain like to do ApeV2 tags though
18:17:05lostlogichow would I check?
18:17:13Paul_The_NerdIt likes to do them alot.
18:17:18 Join jpmahala [0] (
18:17:22*lostlogic beats it soundly about the head and neck
18:17:43Paul_The_NerdI really don't know how to check other than simply load the file in foobar2000 and see what it tells me.
18:17:55linuxstbHex editor (or xxd) works for me...
18:18:17Paul_The_NerdYes, but you're all techy and stuff.
18:18:23Paul_The_NerdYou even have Linux in your name
18:18:30amiconnDoesn't mp3gain work different, in that it does the correction directly (via the mp3 frame's global gain value), and only stores tags for undoing the modification later?
18:18:39*lostlogic installs foobar2000 on his lappy and retags the world
18:18:46lostlogicamiconn: if you run it without options it just writes the tags
18:19:23linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: hehe... I just use the standard Unix tools for everything. Audio editing using "dd" is a favourite pastime...
18:19:32Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: fb2k can do your replaygain tagging for you anyway, on basically all the file formats Rockbox supports tagging for. But it likes Apev2 as well, so make sure it's set to do ID3v2 tags instead. :)
18:19:45lostlogicyeah, I will...
18:19:48*lostlogic mutters some more
18:19:50 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:19:53lostlogicI hate using windows for things.
18:19:57 Join damaki_ [0] (
18:20:20 Join Acksaw [0] (
18:20:20Paul_The_Nerdlostlogic: I heard foobar actually ran okay in WINE, if that's any mitigation of the windows effect for you.
18:22:17 Quit JBGood ("Leaving")
18:22:29 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:23:01 Join einhirn_ [0] (
18:23:04 Join Acksaw [0] (
18:24:25 Join jbauman [0] (
18:26:20 Join Moos [0] (
18:29:49 Quit hardeep (Remote closed the connection)
18:30:40Falco98i'm having a little trouble with this theme.. my top line is this:
18:30:41Falco98%al%?bp<%xdG|%bl%> %ar%pv
18:31:01Falco98but for some reason, it's not showing anything, except it displays the graphic correctly when plugged-in
18:34:23 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:35:31 Join PaulJam [0] (
18:35:48ABondar_deis there any information how to work with
18:36:01 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:37:22*lostlogic can't figure out how to tell foobar2000 to use id3v2 tags vs. apev2
18:38:59preglowthe foobar people don't much like id3v2...
18:39:30Falco98i'm used to vorbiscomments now, so i hate either id3 version nowadays :-P
18:40:22Paul_The_NerdI honestly don't know how to force a specific tag type with .9 or .9.1 or whatever. =/
18:40:44Falco98the random-folders patch now works well, except it always puts the first folder first
18:40:53Falco98(and so far, it seems to always put the last folder last.. wtf)
18:40:56 Join lowlight [0] (
18:41:01FebsIs there any more up-to-date reference of where we stand with release critical items than If
18:41:29lostlogictold foobar2000 to rewrite tags on all tracks and it seems to have worked.
18:42:30lostlogicahh, back to my -57 volume, -12db preamp listening happiness
18:42:52 Join _Lucretia [0] (
18:43:06 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
18:43:09 Quit _Lucretia_ (Success)
18:46:07linuxstbFebs: I'm not sure which of these are "release-critical" - maybe some of them can/should be moved to 3.1... -
18:47:07 Join SereR0KR [0] (
18:47:39lostlogicthere's also the bugs ont eh SoftwareCodecPlayback page, some of which are and some of which are not release critical.
18:48:11preglowany release critical, though?
18:49:46FebsIf the release date is going to be bumped, it might be helpful to update the ReleaseTodo page so people know where things stand.
18:50:13FebsI can go through and update the ManualTodo page, but I know that the manual itself is not considered release-critical.
18:52:22lostlogicI marked off the ones I think are release critical on my wiki page.
18:59:44 Join obo_ [0] (
19:00:05 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
19:00:58 Join damaki__ [0] (
19:03:32 Quit PaulJam (Nick collision from services.)
19:03:40 Nick PaulJam_ is now known as PaulJam (
19:04:58 Nick obo_ is now known as obo (
19:07:11 Join akaidiota [0] (
19:08:11 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox !!!")
19:11:04 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:14:45*Falco98 hears a cricket chirp in the distance..
19:14:53*Paul_The_Nerd squishes it.
19:15:10Paul_The_NerdMy headphones do not provide enough isolation for crickets to be around.
19:15:27 Join nave7693 [0] (
19:16:33 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:17:27 Quit ABondar_de (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:17:54 Join bu88a1 [0] (
19:18:46 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
19:19:23 Part bu88a1
19:20:05tucozregarding the icatcher themes. Do you think we should get it in CVS asap and take the remaining issues from there, or nag Genre9mp3 before a commit?
19:20:25XavierGrI think nag to him will be better
19:20:32XavierGrI just talked with him on the phone :P
19:20:42Falco98all these stop/restart cycles.. they can't be good for my h140's hd ??
19:20:44XavierGrhe will be back tomorrow evening
19:20:50Falco98or should i not be worried
19:20:52tucozXavierGr, hehe. Ok
19:21:17tucozSo I can write up a summary on the issues as a reply to the patch then.
19:21:18XavierGrthen he will adjust the codec icons that are left out and hear suggestions about the WPS in general.
19:21:59tucozgreat. And maybe remove the redundant battery indicator
19:22:51 Join webguest34 [0] (
19:23:05 Join blitzkriff [0] (
19:24:04blitzkriffhello world!
19:24:20Paul_The_NerdFalco98: What do you mean?
19:24:29blitzkriffI'm sorry, I've been trying to find out everywhere how to get involved with developing rockbox
19:24:36blitzkriffI've registered on sourceforge
19:24:44blitzkriffand browsed the site and stuff
19:24:55blitzkriffbut can't find out what rockbox is coded in
19:24:57tucozblitzkriff, you've come to the right place
19:24:59Paul_The_Nerdblitzkriff: C
19:25:00blitzkriffand how I can get involved?
19:25:19blitzkriffoooh-oooh! C
19:25:21linuxstbblitzkriff: Nothing is on Sourceforge any more - it's all on
19:25:31blitzkriffoh OK :)
19:25:34 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
19:25:43Paul_The_Nerdblitzkriff: The source is available at the site. There are a list of feature requests and outstanding bugs in the tracker. A great way to get involved is to pick something there and work on it. There's also a thread in the General Discussion forum of Most Requested Features, if that interests me.
19:25:48Paul_The_NerdIf that interests you.
19:25:50linuxstbWhich player do you have?
19:26:04blitzkriffI've got a new ipod video
19:26:12linuxstbCool - we need more ipod developers...
19:26:16blitzkriffjust found this site this weekend
19:26:24 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:26:25blitzkriffwell I know v.little about C
19:26:29blitzkriffwouldn't mind learning
19:26:45linuxstbRockbox is fun way to learn. Lots of people have learnt C via Rockbox
19:27:01blitzkriffbut generally have done stuff with simpler languages
19:27:06Falco98for some reason, when i use this: "%ar%pvdB" .. it truncates like.. half of the "-" sign in front of the dB level, when it's in the 2-digits
19:27:11blitzkriffbut hey
19:27:13blitzkriffwhy not
19:27:23linuxstbThe easiest place to start will be with the plugins - either make some changes to the existing plugins, or try and write a new one.
19:27:24blitzkriffI'll see what I can find on the site
19:28:27blitzkriffok, I'll check the plug-ins
19:28:32blitzkriffsee if I can understand them :)
19:28:58blitzkriffthanks for being helpful&friendly :)
19:29:07blitzkriffhalf expected to get flamed ;)
19:29:10kingspawnlinuxstb: If I may ask, is there a designated place that holds info on what needs to be done, what should be done, and what might be done?
19:29:24 Quit einhirn_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:30:00linuxstbkingspawn: The closest is the patch/bug/feature tracker -
19:30:04XavierGrnice to have you on board blitzkriff. I wish all people that join first time here is like you....
19:30:19*XavierGr thinks about that bloody weekend troll!
19:30:25 Join lodesi [0] (
19:30:31kingspawnlinuxstb: k, thanks. I'll have a look at that
19:30:33Falco98XavierGr: which one :-P
19:30:35blitzkriffthx xavier
19:30:54CassandraHe was entertaining, in an annoying sort of way.
19:31:08linuxstbMade reading the logs hard work though...
19:31:35tucozanother victory for BS inc, HAHAHHAHA
19:31:47CassandraTrue, not as entertaining as just kicking him straight off would've been.
19:31:51tucozfunny troll
19:31:57XavierGrOMG all the logs on the IRC section are 1428!!!!!
19:32:14XavierGrI am turbo-dta'ing them now! :)
19:32:17CassandraYou what?
19:32:36CassandraWas that in English?
19:32:37amiconnwhew! :-)
19:32:49obolostlogic: oops - - small bug?