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#rockbox log for 2006-06-01

00:02:18 Join idiot^ [0] (
00:02:35idiot^rockbox supports ipod video 5g?
00:02:52idiot^when you put rockbox on does it void your mac warranty
00:03:03 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
00:03:13peturmost probably
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00:04:09preglowlong time since i've seen that fella
00:04:48aghasteruh? i dont think it voids the warranty
00:04:58aghasterdoes it?
00:05:02idiot^does it improve battery life on video?
00:05:11aghasterimprove battery life? never
00:05:27aghasteron my 4th gen i got for about 4h of battery life
00:05:50aghasterrunning rockbox
00:05:54dj-futhat's due to an incomplete power system though, for rb
00:06:00Bagderreading the ipod warranty, it certainly says you can't install any other software
00:06:23Bagderthe license warranty thing
00:06:30dj-fuiirc, someone was in contact with Ipod Canada and according to the helpdesk installing rockbox doesn't void any warranty
00:06:33aghasteryou've read it? lol
00:06:39Bagderyes I've read it
00:06:51Bagderand no, I don't have an ipod ;-)
00:07:02aghasterI once called Apple asking them if they had any SDK to program stuff for their firmware... lol
00:07:06aghasterdidn't work XD
00:07:29preglowwhat gives
00:07:40aghasterthe guy who answered me simply gave me the link with details about the hardware, to create ipod accessories
00:07:44idiot^anyone here have an ipod video
00:07:51aghasterand told me there was no SDK
00:07:57 Join postglow [0] (
00:08:04aghasteri have a 4th gen photo ipod
00:08:06aghasternot a video
00:08:06Bagder"we make the SW using magic"
00:08:12dj-funano here :]
00:08:44aghasterbut seriously, a company making open source firmware would only get more customers
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00:08:55aghasterit'd certainly attract hackers toward these mp3 players.
00:09:25 Join lodesi_ [0] (
00:09:40petursure... what's the ratio normal users / hackers?
00:09:45peturapple doesn't care
00:09:46Bagderthen say hello to Neuros
00:10:01aghasterwell, normal users would simply benefit from the hacks and enhancement of hackers :P
00:10:26 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
00:11:07aghasterWell, Mac OS X's kernel, Darwin, is open source. So Apple is a bit opened to the idea of open source
00:11:11aghastereven if its not complete
00:11:31aghasterreleasing the core of their firmware would be really appreciated, but i guess nobody requested it yet
00:11:48BagderI doubt they can
00:11:59Bagderthey probably bought lots of portalplayer stuff
00:12:36 Quit idiot^ ()
00:12:41dj-futhe ipod's use PP chips iirc
00:13:11 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:13:20preglowlooking forward to seeing what'll happen with the sandisk deal
00:13:49aghasterWell, I'd just call anyway to request that, just to see the reaction.
00:14:18aghastertheir line is free anyway. it doesnt cost me anything to call them :P (but my time)
00:14:37Bagder"sorry sir, the only source we have here is that little stain I have on my shirt since lunch"
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00:19:50_Veseliq_nn all
00:21:29sharpelets see...
00:26:58amiconnSlasheri: The tagcache problem on archos is obviously caused by the 10000 file limit... (?)
00:27:48amiconnI don't think the proper reaction for tagcache should be to just refuse working, and trying to commit over and over...
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00:41:52markunBagder: This can be removed I think:
00:42:43Bagderbut now sleep
00:42:48markunme too
00:42:51markungood night
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00:50:16peturamiconn: I think I need a better audio source for these tests
00:50:27stripwaxso I've noticed that the bitmap in the Tex manual for Pacbox on H1xx is basically bogus. I'll be submitting a patch
00:50:36amiconnpetur: Oh?
00:50:46*amiconn thought this was computer generated
00:50:59peturamiconn: I recorded the monitoring output back on pc, and I see the glitches too - this is all cvs builds btw
00:51:08peturit was...
00:51:12peturusing speclab
00:51:21preglowwhat're you measuring?
00:51:32peturrecording a sine
00:51:39peturcheck for glitches
00:51:49preglowand you've made a sine that isn't good enough? :PPP
00:52:45peturfor line-in, is the monitoring still via the uda mixer or via the coldfire?
00:52:59amiconnvia coldfire
00:53:07peturok, I say no more
00:53:17peturmust first loopback the pc then :(
00:53:32stripwaxDang, how do I get a screenshot from the sim again?
00:54:11peturamiconn: I recorded the output of the h340 back on pc thinking I'd get a copy of the pc output
00:54:53amiconnNo you won't
00:54:54peturthe recording of the monitoring is even wordse: it contains phase shifts
00:55:04peturworse even
00:55:18stripwaxnemmind, got it, just realised I've made about three trillion screenshots..
00:55:37amiconnUh, phase shifts?
00:56:03peturand I'm testing on a cvs build :(
00:56:25amiconnThere might be glitches in the monitoring when recording from spdif in, but I wouldn't expect phase shifts/glitches when recording from analog
00:56:34 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
00:56:42peturyou need to record several minutes to be sure you catch a glitch
00:57:11peturthere were two shifts reletively close after each other, and a bit later an empty part
00:57:15XavierGrstripwax: Push num_0
00:57:21peturrelatively even
00:58:10*petur loopbacks his pc audio to check the source
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00:59:18stripwaxXavierGr - not on my laptop :-( but F5 seems to do the trikc
01:00:26*petur swears at his pc and at speclab
01:00:39peturDAMN the glitches are coming from the pc
01:01:12amiconnAre you looping the waveform?
01:01:32peturI'm using the tone generator module of speclab
01:01:41preglowi can give you seamlessly looped sine right now if you want to
01:01:46*amiconn googles
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01:02:07petur'DL4YHF's Spectrum Lab'
01:02:43peturpreglow: I want to try that
01:02:55preglowpetur: any specific freq and length you want?
01:03:16peturI've been testing 200Hz
01:03:23*amiconn doesn't really trust soundcards
01:03:35peturme neither now
01:03:44peturnvidia crap
01:04:46*amiconn should generate a continuous .wav of several minutes, and record that, both via spdif and analog
01:04:55stripwaxok patch added, 5475. If pacbox is part of the upcoming release then this should be committed for the manual
01:05:22 Quit ender` (" My computer NEVER cras")
01:05:33amiconnLooped wav doesn't help me, as I will be using the good ol' archos as a source
01:05:54amiconn(possible thanks to the pcm codec)
01:06:30*amiconn fires up audacity
01:06:35*petur needs to check at work if there's some audio generation equipment in the lab
01:07:08 Part stripwax
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01:07:37 Join Seed [0] (
01:08:37preglowpetur:, perfectly looped
01:08:48preglowsmall too, so you should hear any looping glitches fast and often
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01:18:58amiconnpetur: How do you find those glitches?
01:19:11peturpreglow:perfect! thanks
01:19:44peturamiconn: guess... looking at the waveform. audacity is good at showing those buggers when zoomed out
01:19:53preglownp, lemme know if you need any other ones, i wrote a small tool to generate them to test rockbox gapless playback, heh
01:20:18*amiconn cannot imagine how this should work...
01:20:24*petur discovers winamp's looping is perfect
01:20:44preglowthat i would not have guessed
01:21:26amiconnpetur: When zoomed out, how can you see glitches in single periods?
01:22:22petursomehow there's an articfact in the display, hard to explain - will give a screenshot
01:22:33amiconnHmm, lemme see
01:22:40*amiconn just made a test recording
01:22:48amiconnBah, usb woes... :(
01:23:15preglowaudacity generates the peak display by averaging samples, i'd guess
01:23:22amiconnHard freeze even... :(
01:23:26preglowa phase error in a sine will give a very different average value
01:23:52preglowamiconn: i got one of those in the playback screen on h1x0 today
01:24:11preglowamiconn: usb logo didn't show, screen locked, backlight reacted, though
01:24:20amiconnWanted to plug usb, from the menu, after returning from the recording screen
01:25:01peturamiconn:"> is zoomed out version of
01:25:34*petur loads his unboosted testcode again
01:25:53amiconnOh, and I thought my test recording was noisy...
01:26:28*amiconn tested with 1000Hz in the left channel, and 750Hz in the right
01:27:25 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
01:27:50 Join Hoang [0] (
01:28:13amiconnHmm, no glitches here (apart from a 1-second dropout caused by the archos not rebuffering in time)
01:29:02HoangCan somebody help me with an issue with Rockbox on my iPod Photo?
01:30:24preglowjust ask away
01:30:37 Join kNIGits [0] (
01:30:39HoangWhenever i restart my ipod the settings disappear
01:30:43Hoangand it defaults to default rockbox stuff
01:30:57Hoang(when i shut it down adn turn it back on)
01:31:07aghasterHoang: Don't boot your ipod with hold switch enabled
01:31:21kNIGitsg'morning all
01:31:50kNIGitsis the person responsible for the rockbox bugtracker available?
01:31:53HoangOh i have another question: To charge the ipod I need to boot up Rockbox then hold the menu button when i plug in the connector, correct?
01:31:58HoangThen it'll charge?
01:32:39aghasterjust let it plugged in.
01:32:41aghasterand it'll charge
01:33:40Hoangwhen i plug it in without doing anything it freaks out. It loads up the disk mode then loads up rockbox and keeps on goin in a loop
01:34:05peturamiconn: NO glitches AT ALL with the unboosted code. I just can't test s/pdif of course :/
01:34:16*amiconn can
01:34:16 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:34:28amiconn...with a slight change to pcm_record.c though
01:34:42peturneed patch?
01:34:49amiconnI need to ignore 'valnogood', since the mas seems to not generate this flag correctly
01:35:37preglowi love people who don't keep to the specs
01:36:02preglowrelating to valnogood not being set
01:36:05preglowit should be
01:38:05 Quit safetydan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:38:13kNIGitsis the person responsible for the rockbox bugtracker available?
01:38:13preglowanywho, good night
01:38:21 Quit cmug (Remote closed the connection)
01:38:22 Join cmug [0] (
01:38:50 Join safetydan [0] (
01:39:04amiconnThe peakmeter fluctuates a bit even with spdif in
01:39:36peturseen that too here (line-in)
01:41:06amiconn(and the peakmeter going down while saving is rather irritating)
01:41:41peturit is...
01:42:44amiconnBah, usb seems to be always freezing on me today :(
01:43:44 Join JdGordon [0] (
01:44:03peturI've noticed that usb during app run stops working after some insert/disconnects. The usb symbol comes on the display but windows doesn't see it. power down and up the iriver and all is well again
01:44:30amiconnspdif recording seems to be bit perfect
01:44:46amiconnEven rolo fixes it
01:45:09amiconnI get 2 alternating usb misbehaviours, either the one you described, or a hard freeze
01:45:43amiconnGot a patch?
01:45:48peturindeed, rolo fixes it too :)
01:46:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:46:29kNIGitsare you guys happy with your bugtracker?
01:46:40 Join idiot^ [0] (
01:46:54amiconnpetur: Huh? 'The patch above...' <−− there is only one below?
01:47:02idiot^when using rockbox and listening to a song i hear you cannot do anything else while the song is playing
01:47:04idiot^is that true
01:47:14peturyeah, it was bad... use the one below :)
01:48:20amiconnYeah, but why does it reference a non-existing file?
01:48:22Hoanghey "idiot^" I'm pretty sure u can do other stuff while song is palying
01:48:27Hoangbut some plugins may stop the music
01:48:27*kNIGits sighs, and goes back to #flyspray
01:48:32 Part kNIGits ("Leaving")
01:48:34*amiconn thinks that removing history is a bad feature for a tracker
01:48:35Hoanglike doom which has its own sound etc
01:48:56peturhuh? works here...
01:49:09idiot^anyone alive here with an ipod 5g
01:49:40amiconnpetur: The link below works... I mean that the text references another patch file which isn't present anymore...
01:49:50 Quit HeibonJoo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:50:14peturI deleted that attachment, yes. but the link should be gone too (it is here)
01:50:45amiconn[01:50:16] <petur> I deleted that attachment <== that's what I mean. The tracker shouldn't allow to delete attachments
01:51:18peturit does, in nice bold text next to the attachment 'delete'
01:52:00peturmaybe we have too much rights...
01:52:04*amiconn notices that he shouldn't have made the test .wav full-scale
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01:56:08 Join idiot^ [0] (
01:56:15idiot^is iPod Linux and rockbox the same thin
01:56:57peturhmmmm one glith at the moment the disk powered down - this is with my agc build....
01:57:22peturI must test this stuff a bit more, but not now - bedtime
01:57:30amiconnMaybe the agc detects a spike and changes gain?
01:57:49dj-fuidiot^, absolutely not, rockbox is not linux based or a re-code of any previous firmware
01:57:51*amiconn wonders whether petur isn't interested in the spdif test result
01:58:01*petur is
01:58:22 Quit lodesi_ ("Leaving")
01:58:33idiot^so what is rockbox
01:59:00 Join qwx_ [0] (
02:01:08*petur wonders if amiconn has s/pdif test results :D
02:01:20amiconnGah, a glitch :/
02:02:15amiconn...after 7.43 seconds
02:02:59peturthis is weird. whatboutbob had the same thing: the glitch(es) were only in the beginning
02:03:56peturright, I need some sleep. later all...">
02:04:06 Quit petur ("Zzzz")
02:04:34amiconnThis is audible...
02:06:17 Quit Rick ("I don't need to be here.")
02:06:20amiconnAnd a similar one after 05:20.99
02:08:28amiconn...and 02:51.13
02:08:33 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:08:44amiconnThis is at the point of spindown after buffer flush
02:12:03 Join ashridah [0] (
02:16:07 Nick qwx_ is now known as qwm (
02:16:27amiconnDito at 02:40.49 and 05:31.67
02:18:41amiconnCorrection: 02:40.49 and 05:20 are the spinup points, 02:51.13 and 05:_31.67 are the spindown points
02:21:20 Join akaidiota [0] (
02:27:53 Quit Hoang (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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02:45:47midkaysharpe, you whore.
02:45:53midkayignore me in factions and then leave.
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03:00:44 Part pixelma
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03:02:53 Join idiot^ [0] (
03:03:01idiot^does rockbox drain your battery faster than appleOS?
03:03:09idiot^i own a 5g apple black 30gb video
03:03:14idiot^how much faster
03:03:24Mikachu5 billion fantasillion times!
03:03:33idiot^im bored of appleOS
03:03:41midkaynot that it won't get better, but considering the ipods are completely 'unsupported' and absolutely not optimized at all..
03:03:51midkayso try it and find out if it lasts long enough.
03:03:51Mikachunot much faster
03:04:00Mikachumaybe 10-40%
03:04:06sharpeyou'll probably get about 4 to five hours of rockbox use...
03:04:28idiot^i can squeeze out like 1 hour and 20 mins of video usage on AppleOS
03:04:47midkayFYI, rockbox doesn't have any video support..
03:05:04Mikachui think the difference is bigger on hd players than on flash
03:05:19idiot^hows rockbox run
03:06:02midkaythat makes no sense at all.. it runs *off* a partition, much like every file on your disk..
03:06:21Mikachuyou don't need any more partitions, it runs from the main fat partition
03:06:40idiot^i c.
03:06:48idiot^is it easy to uninstall?
03:07:40idiot^so rockbox is basically used for music
03:07:45idiot^is there any screenshots out there?
03:07:59midkaynot much to see, but check the manual.
03:08:37idiot^when you install rockbox you don't lose all your files on your ipod right?
03:08:39ashridahat the moment. there's been work on getting video codecs running, but the problem is, that's more for the iriver H3xx series, since to do video on the ipod video will require specs for a chip that is completely undocumented
03:09:26ashridahif it came to the point where you had to do a restore, apparently you would, but installing rockbox doesn't delete your music/files no
03:09:56idiot^asridah, thanks.
03:10:35ashridahbut that would be if it actually broke and was unbootable. and we remind you that rockbox on the ipod isn't supported yet :)
03:11:18idiot^when installing rockbox it gives you a boot menu
03:12:12ashridahapparently, i haven't used the ipod port, so i don't know exactly what it looks like tho.
03:15:11 Quit idiot^ ()
03:15:30midkayit does not..
03:15:39midkayyou can get to the apple OS with the menu key during boot, though.
03:16:38ashridahah. that's where i may have been confused :)
03:18:35 Quit tom_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:44:40sharpewhat should sharpe do?
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04:17:16 Quit Logicwax ("amburo iambic")
04:19:31 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Atari 2600 today!")
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04:44:37 Nick daurn|afk is now known as daurn|laptop (i=daurnscr@unaffiliated/daurn)
04:44:37DBUGEnqueued KICK daurn|laptop
04:45:13thePianoManjust an idea guys, has anyone given any thought to using doxygen for the rockbox source?
04:45:22CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:45:22*thePianoMan puts on flameproof suit
04:46:29whatboutbobamiconn: just a quick heads-up for recording tests, if you haven't considered it... i've found the easiest way to spot glitches is to filter out the sine frequency you recorded, so then all you're left with is the glitches.
04:48:52Paul_The_NerdthePianoMan: Do you want to go through making the necessary setup?
04:49:03 Quit ScoTTie ()
04:50:34thePianoMando you mean configuring doxygen or actually documenting the source files?
04:52:08thePianoMani would be happy to play around with doxygen's config but actual documentation could be done in bits and pieces
04:53:04thePianoManI'm totally new at all this open source stuff though so I have no idea if it would be useful or help in any way.
04:54:27Paul_The_NerdI think Doxygen has been suggested before, though I don't recall if there were objections or not. I *think* that the general consensus was that the real issue was getting the code itself documented properly.
04:54:29sharpei'm going to sleep.
04:54:34sharpeg'night everyone.
04:56:13 Quit rotator (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:57:10thePianoManPaul_The_Nerd: I understand - I guess that for the person who wrote the code, commenting could be (in their mind) a waste of time
04:57:11daurn|laptopPaul_The_Nerd: you nerd
04:57:17daurn|laptopyour always on here
04:58:14thePianoManThough I think that the Rockbox project would be more likely to attract new developers if there was better documentation
04:58:47Paul_The_NerdthePianoMan: Well, a lot of people don't have much time to work on Rockbox anyway. Many of them spend all that time just coding, and don't even have any to document. In an ideal world, there would be time, but in the choice between "getting it working" and "documenting what I've got", well, guess which gets picked. Especially since everyone here is unpaid volunteer programming. :)
04:59:05Mikachui think the only hard part is the lcd stuff, and someone wrote docs for that in the wiki
04:59:11Paul_The_NerdFortunately, *I* am not yet to blame for any of this.
04:59:21daurn|laptopif code is commented, you don't get people saying "rockbox is to hard to port" - and you get more ports
04:59:41Paul_The_NerdBut only because I haven't yet written anything, of my own outside of like... adapting some button mappings for plugins and little bits like that.
04:59:43JdGordonits still hard to port..
04:59:55Paul_The_NerdThe hard part isn't existing code, in most cases.
05:00:59thePianoManI understand why people don't comment code. I would be happy to try and write code patches for parts of the code. But if someone is going to write documentation for existing code it would make sense (in my mind) to have a consistent documentation system.
05:01:02daurn|laptopJdGordon: but if commented, people try
05:01:09JdGordoni would think the hardest part with portinig to a new target is getting the drivers written which is diff for all targets, so commenintg that wont make it any easier..
05:01:33 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:01:42*JdGordon ouwld be all for commenting the code.. but its boring and u actually need to understand it to be able to do it..
05:01:48JdGordonwhich is why its not happenng..
05:01:59Paul_The_NerdthePianoMan: I agree that a consistent documentation would be nice. I'd recommend asking LinusN and Bagder at least how they feel about doxygen
05:02:09daurn|laptopi'd even have a try
05:02:26ashridahI'd be inclinde to agree. even if people propose ports, often they don't know anywhere near enough about the platform's hardware or the required assembly language for it to be able to make decent progress.
05:02:28thePianoManI just googled the IRC logs for doxygen and saw that it had been mentioned
05:02:48JdGordondoxygen would be good... but a PITA to setup.. but once its there it would be INVALUABLE...
05:03:01 Quit lukaswayne9 ("Ex-Chat")
05:03:17ashridahbut that said, more documentation the better. particularly for people doing plugin development, etc.
05:03:32thePianoManmaybe there are other documentation engines that are easier to set up... might do some more research
05:03:54JdGordonseen as comments doesnt really effect the code i doubt the core devs would mind seeing patches and commiting them during the freeze...
05:04:02ashridahI'd be inclined to setup something similar to LXR too
05:04:36*JdGordon has lots of shit to do and 3 hours to do it in... cya later
05:07:08daurn|laptopi always comment my own code
05:07:34daurn|laptopmainly so that i can remeber what it does 2 months later XD
05:16:27 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
05:16:46 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:28:04daurn|laptopis any1 working on a iriver H10 port?
05:30:51ashridahnot to my knowledge, although since it's a portalplayer based product, it wouldn't be infeasable given the ipod work.
05:31:17ashridahprobably going to require sacrificial hardware tho
05:31:38daurn|laptopforget that
05:32:01Paul_The_NerdSacrificial hardware or someone with... was it a JTAG interface?
05:32:17ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: even then, it'd probably require disassembly
05:32:40Paul_The_NerdI'd been led to believe that at least that way the hardware could be recovered.
05:37:37daurn|laptopi think i'm ready to at least *start* a port
05:42:10daurn|laptopi've got a few baddish quality shots of the pcb
05:42:21daurn|laptopas well as some chip names/numbers written down
05:42:41daurn|laptopwhat do i need?
05:46:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:46:43 Part whatboutbob
05:47:41Paul_The_NerdProbably figuring out what's necessary to implement a bootloader.
05:49:44daurn|laptop... how
05:50:30 Join dj-fu [0] (
05:51:54Paul_The_NerdIf there were a set process for it, it'd probably already be done.
05:53:02daurn|laptopi/we have an exploit
05:53:16daurn|laptopis a bootloader a nessecity
05:54:14Paul_The_NerdPretty much. I mean, ideally when the device is turned on, Rockbox should load with a release-ready version.
05:54:26Paul_The_NerdIt's not necessary to work on the port, but it should be necessary before it's ready to release
05:54:55daurn|laptopi *would* like to work with the exploit
05:55:08daurn|laptopi don't have the time or money to replace a bricked one
05:56:51 Quit r1sk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:56:54Paul_The_NerdDoes the exploit allow you to load and execute third party code?
05:58:39daurn|laptopwith the help of others i/we got a primitve medios port, and played doom & a gameboy emulator
05:58:58daurn|laptopbut, i would like rockbox
05:59:29daurn|laptopand it seems i've gotta do it myself
05:59:31Paul_The_NerdWell, it sounds like you've got the necessary information to create display and button drivers for Rockbox.
05:59:39Paul_The_NerdWell, every port starts with one person
06:01:24daurn|laptopnow, what do i do
06:04:07Paul_The_NerdStart looking and the hardware-specific bits of Rockbox, and create equivalents for whatever hardware it is you're working on.
06:05:48JdGordonthe h10 is mostly like the ipod isnt it? so alot of the work is likely done for u already...
06:05:58JdGordonu just need the lcd and button drivers..
06:05:58 Quit thePianoMan ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:06:07daurn|laptopone i want to do now is archos gmini 402
06:06:10daurn|laptopi have one
06:06:18daurn|laptopand i've coded for it b4
06:09:42daurn|laptopis it best to get the latest source?
06:10:03daurn|laptopdead link: The requested URL /daily/rockbox-daily-20060601.tar.gz was not found on this server.
06:10:51daurn|laptop.bz2 work
06:11:05JdGordonheheh./.. its not 1/6/6 yet on the build servers...
06:11:19JdGordonactually.. sorry.. it is.. JUST..
06:11:20daurn|laptop works
06:11:28daurn|laptop.gz doesn't
06:11:46JdGordonmeh, no big deal..
06:14:27 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
06:14:38JdGordonwriting psuedo code in word is PAINFUL:L :p
06:14:48 Join dpassen1 [0] (
06:15:39daurn|laptopwrite the real code
06:15:53JdGordonfor an assignemnt.. atually asking fo pc
06:16:16daurn|laptopthats pointless
06:16:39JdGordonthe subject is software analysis and design... so no coding...
06:18:29ashridahour soft-eng lecturer managed to squeeze code into his exams.
06:18:43ashridahi mean actual code, not pseudocode.
06:18:58ashridahdamned sod asked us to write junit tests to cover the functionality of a class.
06:19:07ashridahso much writing, so little marks :(
06:19:21daurn|laptopwith rockbox
06:19:34daurn|laptopshould you keep your working copy up2date with the latest?
06:19:42daurn|laptopor doesn't it matter if it gets out of date
06:19:46JdGordonif u want to....
06:20:39ashridahdepends on your style. a big merge is likely to be harder than many smaller ones, just depends on what kind of work's going on, and how invasive your work is
06:20:57JdGordonuntill yesterday my source tree was sooo fubared :D i had about 6 diff things i was working on all in 1 tree :D
06:32:19 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
06:33:40 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:35:12 Join Kratos [0] (
06:35:16 Nick JBGood25 is now known as jbauman (
06:35:47 Join damaki [0] (
06:38:03JdGordonfuck ye
06:38:10JdGordonno more freeking assignments due
06:38:15midkayhaha. grats.
06:38:22daurn|laptophow do i compile rockbox
06:38:25daurn|laptopwhich folder?
06:38:33Kratosahh, I just learned a few days ago
06:38:38JdGordoni just hope my idiot group mates can compile it and hand it in tomorw without me :p
06:38:55JdGordondaurn|laptop: u got the cross compiler setup?
06:39:51daurn|laptopi have a compiler
06:41:49 Quit BHSPitLappy ("Dropped my laptop.")
06:47:32ashridahJdGordon: were the group mates your choice?
06:54:30 Part Kratos
06:57:56 Quit hannesd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:58:49 Part Paul_The_Nerd
07:00:04 Join hannesd_ [0] (
07:03:46 Quit RotAtoR_ ("zzzzzzzzz")
07:12:36JdGordonashridah: would have been but we were all the slackers who didnt get into groups by ourselfs so we were put together..
07:12:48daurn|laptop is there a table somewhere of all chips used in all the differnet deviecs?
07:12:53daurn|laptopshowing whats in common etc
07:19:33ashridahJdGordon: heh. I deliberately started headhunting people before the semester started in order to get a competent group. even then, i still had to pull a bit more weight than the rest of the team, because they were all doing another subject with the same lecturer, and that lecturer decided that he'd make the major assignments for both subjects due on exactly the same day.
07:21:38ashridahhe 'retired' at the end of the year, fortunately.
07:23:48 Join Hoang [0] (
07:24:04Hoanghi, can soembody help me w/ my ipod? I cannot get it to charge
07:24:18HoangWhen i connect in the power it keeps restarting. It boots up to rockbox then it goes to disk mode then back to rockbox, etc.
07:28:52Hoangok nevermind, after disconnecting and 50 tries
07:28:59Hoangit finally loads up rockbox without power
07:29:06Hoangthen i get into disk mode successfully and charge
07:35:15 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
07:37:57 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:44:57 Nick daurn|laptop is now known as daurn|afk (i=daurnscr@unaffiliated/daurn)
07:44:57DBUGEnqueued KICK daurn|afk
07:46:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:46:35 Join Rick [0] (
07:48:45 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
07:50:40JdGordonashridah: ha, that sux
07:53:36 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Khe!!!")
07:55:45ashridahyeah. especially since my partners vanished over one week of the three week period we had to write the code and test it. didn't make things much easier, although that was partly my fault for not organising things a bit better.
07:55:57 Join JoeBorn [0] (
07:56:13JdGordonnever blame yourself...
07:56:17JdGordonits always their fault..
07:56:52ashridahi say partly, mostly because i actually TOLD them to do some work over the holidays ;)
07:58:23JdGordonthe pirate bay has been shut down???
07:59:08ashridahthat was inevitable, i suspect. their parliament was considering copyright law changes iirc
07:59:38Hoangtorrentspy still alive
07:59:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:59:52*ashridah suspects it's only a matter of time before these services move to cuba or whatever
08:00:03ashridahjust like many online gambling sites have
08:01:31 Join RedBreva [0] (
08:01:31 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
08:02:32 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
08:03:04 Quit ashridah ("uni :S")
08:07:16HoangDoes the battery indicator showing empty affect the ipod Photo/Color or just the 3G?
08:07:18Hoangthe site isn't very claer
08:07:31HoangFirst it says it's a known issue for 4G and higher then it says it's for 3G
08:07:48Hoangbefore that it says that rockbox doesn;t run on 1g-3g
08:12:19 Join DakotaK [0] (n=chatzill@
08:18:29 Quit Rick ("I don't need to be here.")
08:19:00 Join ender` [0] (i=useless@
08:27:17 Join moda|ASOT [0] (
08:27:25moda|ASOTguys, i need big big big help!
08:27:42midkayyou might just get it if you tell us what you need help with
08:27:57moda|ASOTmy h340 is totally bricked.... i mean totally.... and i have no idea what to do...
08:28:15moda|ASOTit was working this morning, turned it off, left it in my locker and went to school
08:28:35midkayi can't really help there, but.. how do you know it's bricked? it doesn't just 'brick' itself.. not last i checked.. :)
08:29:02moda|ASOTand i turned it on in the arvo, and rockbox fails to boot, says result= -1 and when i boot into the iriver firmware, it gives me the 0000 songs and 0000 folders error....
08:29:19moda|ASOTi plug it into my pc and it doesnt recognize it
08:29:44moda|ASOTbut i can rma it, even tho its outa warranty, HOWEVER, it has rockbox on it.....
08:29:52midkaysounds like it possibly got formatted somehow.
08:30:01midkayerror -1 iirc is 'rockbox not found'. e.g. not on disk..
08:30:17moda|ASOTi booted into the iriver firmware, and tried to format it, but it says cant format... .like the hdd is missing
08:30:29midkayfar from bricked in any case; bricked is completely nonfunctional, like a brick..
08:30:33moda|ASOTnow, is there any possibility that a connection has come loose?
08:30:36midkaycan you hear the drive spin up?
08:30:41Hoangcan you try formatting using windows?
08:30:43moda|ASOTyea it spins up
08:30:52moda|ASOThow would i do that hoang?
08:30:53Hoangor some other formatting program like partition magic?
08:31:01midkayhe just said he couldn't, didn't he?
08:31:05midkayor have i misread something?
08:31:13midkay<moda|ASOT> i plug it into my pc and it doesnt recognize it
08:31:13Hoangoh sorry
08:31:14Hoangi read it wrong
08:31:23Hoangi read the part about trying to format. didn't ntoice he said "firmware"
08:31:34moda|ASOTit doesnt show up in windows at all
08:31:53moda|ASOTit shows the hdd model, and when i first plugged it in it said found new hardware etc... and then nothing
08:32:22midkaypretty weird..
08:32:44moda|ASOTin computer management, in xp, it shows it as disk2 with 168gb of space and it says cannot be initialised
08:32:50moda|ASOTit says unallocated or something... arghg
08:33:13midkaydoesn't show up as a drive?
08:33:19moda|ASOTnot in my computer no
08:34:27moda|ASOTim going to try and open it up and see if i can reseat the cables for the hdd
08:34:45midkaysure, i need to get to bed, i won't be of much use anyways..
08:34:54midkayi think people who can help you much more though should be around soon.
08:34:56midkaye.g. check back.
08:34:59midkayor wait..
08:36:36moda|ASOTi cant even get the thing off wtf
08:40:03HoangHey midkay do you know why my ipod gives me a "delayed write failed" error whenever i try to transfer files?
08:40:33midkayno idea, i've only had it like once, and that was when i unplugged it immediately after clicking copy.
08:41:34Hoanggrr now i can't chagne files or put files on it
08:41:37midkaydo you safely remove it?
08:42:04Hoangbut when i try to copy windows gives me that error
08:42:37midkayscandisk/chkdisk it?
08:42:45moda|ASOThrm... the internal design of the h300 has changed
08:43:30midkayanyways, bed it is for me.. *poof*
08:43:57Hoanggood night
08:46:52moda|ASOTwell this is shit
08:49:20moda|ASOTlucky i have a part backup of my iriver
08:52:36 Join swampcow [0] (
08:54:01 Join damaki_ [0] (
08:54:12moda|ASOTbloody hell
08:54:54moda|ASOTwindows isnt detecting the hdd anymore..... ARGH
08:57:13 Quit Hoang (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:57:34JdGordonmeh, deap hdd.. build a bridge :D
08:57:54JdGordoni mean... my condolences..
08:57:59 Join patterson [0] (
08:58:01moda|ASOTbut this a new revision, and it looks like the hdd is basically unreplaceable...
08:58:01 Quit JdGordon ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
08:58:21moda|ASOTi cant even see where the drive plugs into the mainboard
08:58:46 Quit RedBreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:01:25moda|ASOTis there anyway to reflash an iriver h340 back to the original firmware?
09:03:03 Join Hoang [0] (
09:03:15Hoangrockbox loves to screw up my ipod
09:03:22Hoangand loves to not connect nicely with my computer
09:03:35Hoangcan anybody help me?
09:04:26 Join petur [0] (
09:04:42HoangCan anybody help me? I'm having trouble connecting to my ipod w/ rockbox
09:05:05moda|ASOTHoang i think im having more problems :p
09:05:23HoangAt first installed rockbox and it was all fine. Just recently i couldn't copy files over. Now I can't even view the hdd in windows
09:05:37moda|ASOTwelcome to my world :p
09:05:50Hoangi guess
09:05:55Hoangbye bye to rockbox till next version
09:06:10Hoangit's so awesome too =(
09:06:34Hoangexcept that it makes my ipod not want to connect to my computer
09:07:29 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:07:41Hoangrockbox makesm e want to kill people =(
09:08:34moda|ASOTiriver makes me want to kill people
09:08:49peturHoang: I doubt that rockbox does all this, as rockbox boots to apple firmware to connect to the pc
09:08:59preglowHoang: rockbox has nothing to do with file copying
09:09:38preglownot really
09:09:41Hoangit used to be fine. i installed rockbox and i got my music on successfully
09:09:51Hoangthen it stops workin
09:09:58preglowwe don't have our own usb code, so we reboot the ipod to the apple disk mode to transfer files
09:10:02Hoangthis happened before and i had to reformat and restore my ipod
09:10:04nudelynIt takes a good minute or two for my iPod to finally appear as a disk after it reboots into USB/disk mode. God knows what it is doing but it ties up any program (including Explorer) that tries to get a list of drives until it is finally ready to talk to Windows. And this is with all the stupid iTunes services removed.
09:10:34Hoangi see it appear in explorer but it won't open up
09:10:43Hoangit doesn't even say "hoang's ipo" anymore
09:10:48Hoangjust removable disk
09:10:50nudelynHoang: Do you see the ipod reboot when you plug in the USB cable? i.e. it'sno longer in rockbox?
09:10:56moda|ASOTfucking iriver peice of fucking shit
09:10:59Hoangit goes into diskmode
09:11:31HoangWhen i try to access the ipod it says H:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O error
09:11:37Hoang*I/O device error
09:11:38nudelynrockbox shouldn't be in the picture then, unless some part of the rockbox install has messed up the diskmode
09:11:55peturHoang: try to run a disk check utility, your HDD seems corrupted
09:12:13moda|ASOThowbout some trouble shootin for poor old me then eh.... ARGH
09:12:46peturmaybe try to do a full restore of apple firmware. If your disk is going bad, at least you'll have warranty if rockbox was removed in time.
09:12:52Hoangi can't even right click on the drive to goto prooperties and checkdisk or scandisk
09:12:53amiconnHoang: Do you have itunes installed?
09:13:28HoangThe weird thing is that the ipod just randomly starts being weird. When i first put rockbox on i could successfully copy music over.
09:13:30amiconnAfaik itunes has some setting that may prevent accessing the ipod in disk mode
09:13:39Hoangoh no, it was working fine
09:13:56amiconnNote that I'm not sure, I never used itunes
09:14:00Hoanggrr i gues i gotta boot up the mac and use it to restore ipod.
09:14:07Hoangthe pc restore doesn't work
09:14:46amiconnRestore should always work
09:14:51Hoangon pc it just freezes
09:15:03amiconnMaybe you need to force the ipod into disk mode by button combos
09:15:08Hoangi've tried that too
09:15:58amiconnpetur: there?
09:16:10HoangI'm gonna go format it on the mac
09:16:13Hoanggrrr stupid ipod
09:16:38moda|ASOTcould my problems be hdd related?
09:16:46 Join damaki__ [0] (
09:16:47peturamiconn: 50%
09:16:59 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
09:17:12peturamiconn: I saw your link yesterday
09:17:49amiconnpetur: Please find some more data in the logs
09:18:04 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:18:13amiconnIt seems that the spdif input glitches *every time* the cpu frequency changes
09:18:21amiconnAnalog in does not, however.
09:18:46amiconnI tried an analog recording 2 few minutes ago, 2 full buffer flush periods
09:19:16amiconnThe only thing I can see is a slight noise influence when the hd goes on/off
09:19:36amiconnMaybe that's what causes your agc code to change gain...
09:19:52preglowspdif glitches?
09:19:54preglowhow nice!
09:19:57preglowin what way does it glitch?
09:20:07amiconnspdif glitches when boosting/unboosting while recording">
09:21:08amiconnSeems like a couple of samples are simply missing... probably more than one period
09:21:12preglowouch! dropped samples
09:21:19preglowand lots of them
09:21:31amiconnNo such thing with analog in, for some unknown reason
09:21:46moda|ASOTwell this is just lame
09:21:54 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
09:22:17preglowamiconn: ok, so we should both prevent boosting AND using heavy encoding codecs with spdif, then :///
09:22:35preglowbecause it glitches if you do?
09:22:42preglowcould of course force boost
09:22:46amiconnWwe can still use heavy encoders
09:23:05amiconnWe can boost/unboost during analog recording, and stay unboosted during spdif monitoring, but always boost during spdif recording
09:23:06preglownot if we keep cpu at 45mhz
09:23:15preglowthat would work
09:23:22preglowi wonder how much cpu will be affected
09:23:26preglowbatterly life
09:23:41amiconnI think we even want to rather than record unboosted all the time
09:23:49amiconnBuffer flush takes agens when unboosted
09:24:22preglowi guess battery life when recording isn't that important either
09:24:23Mikachuwhat about adding a freq level in between?
09:24:38amiconncvs recording does just that (record at a constant 124MHz)
09:24:43 Join Rick [0] (
09:24:45preglowamiconn: really?
09:25:43 Quit Rick (Client Quit)
09:26:04 Quit swampcow (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:26:09*petur returns
09:26:10 Join Rick [0] (
09:26:11Paul_The_Nerdmoda|ASOT: Seriously, were the caps strictly necessary?
09:26:48amiconnpreglow: You can find the glitch positions of my spdif recording test with boost/unboost for buffer flush: starting 02:00
09:27:14amiconnI could also give you the full thing, but it's 50MB+ ...
09:27:16Paul_The_Nerdmoda|ASOT: Also,
09:28:19 Part DakotaK
09:28:29moda|ASOTPaul_The_Nerd: hehe, oops
09:28:49 Quit safetydan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:28:53moda|ASOTahh hell
09:28:56Paul_The_NerdThat's what the "search" box is for on the front page of
09:29:20 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:29:24peturamiconn: boosting at recording start will not be compatible with pre-recording
09:29:25moda|ASOTim just very angry... it just bricked itself in like.... 6 hours it was not use
09:31:36peturamiconn: the adc shouldn't have changed gain for that. anyway: it's clear I need to test this more. Maybe changing gain on the fly can cause glitches? I just don't know.
09:32:27moda|ASOToh great, now i have check hdd connection.... ARGH
09:32:35 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:33:24peturamiconn: I noticed too that the glitches I saw also happened at spindown
09:34:49moda|ASOTall the ata11 errors that have been answered it seems it the hdd doesnt spin, but it spins up for me,...;. ARGH
09:36:00moda|ASOTis there anyway to make a iriver hdd to ide or visa versa cable?
09:36:05Paul_The_Nerdmoda|ASOT: If you notice it says the error means that the HD is inaccessible, not that it doesn't spin. It only says that it is _probably_ because it doesn't spin.
09:36:34Paul_The_NerdYou may want to open it up, and double check that the drive is properly seated.
09:36:40moda|ASOTso how do i fix it then? ive reseated the hdd like 20 times
09:37:06Paul_The_NerdWhy have you reseated it so many times?
09:37:24moda|ASOTit was an exageration, like, maybe 5 times,
09:37:31Paul_The_NerdEven then.
09:37:55moda|ASOTso what am i supposed to do now?
09:38:20Paul_The_NerdI'm still curious why you've had to reseat it multiple times
09:38:37moda|ASOTto try and get it to work? jeez
09:39:16Paul_The_NerdWait, so by "5 times" you mean you've just opened it since the error started happening and removed and reseated the drive 5 times?
09:39:17 Join fughidabowit [0] (
09:39:31 Join safetydan [0] (
09:39:41*moda|ASOT hides
09:39:45 Nick moda|ASOT is now known as moda (
09:40:08modaits detected in xp now, as a mass storage device, still doesnt detect the hdd
09:40:38Paul_The_NerdI take it you open your player often then?
09:40:48modanope, first time
09:41:24Paul_The_NerdJust found it odd, most people wouldn't pull their drive in and out five times when they didn't even know what the problem is.
09:41:26Paul_The_NerdOr at least I wouldn't.
09:41:40modaPaul_The_Nerd: its a differant problem to what it was initially
09:42:06Paul_The_NerdSo, you were getting one problem, you reseated the drive several times, and now you've got a different one?
09:42:33 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
09:42:37modaat first it was detecting the hdd at all, the rockbox firmware would start then die, the hdd was spinning up and then dieing, opened it, reseated it, and now ive got this problem
09:42:50 Join stripwax [0] (
09:43:03Paul_The_NerdThe rockbox bootloader would start, or the actual firmware?
09:43:10Paul_The_NerdAs in, did you ever get to the Rockbox logo?
09:43:31modaas in, it couldnt find the rockbox directory, and gave the the error result = -1
09:43:31Paul_The_NerdSo did you get an error message?
09:44:01Paul_The_NerdI guess your best bet is to get an enclosure for the disk and see what you can recover off it.
09:44:23modai already have a backup of it, my main concern is flashing it to the iriver firmware to rma it
09:44:29modaor atleast get it working again
09:45:49Paul_The_NerdSo, get ahold of a cheap 1.8" drive from somewhere, or borrow one from someone who trusts you.
09:46:17modamy sister has an h320.... but i dont wanna take it appart
09:46:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:46:49modathey are like $200 from ebay hdds :(
09:46:59 Join petur [0] (
09:47:06Paul_The_NerdThen find another way to do it. If you don't want to take the 320 apart, it's completely irrelevant to the whole situation. You don't need to get a 20 gig one. Find a much smaller capacity used one somewhere.
09:47:18Paul_The_NerdOr get a larger capacity one, and when you get your player back use it to upgrade
09:47:21Paul_The_NerdThough intentionally claiming to have not voided your warranty when you in fact have is technically fraud in many locales, and I feel morally obligated to inform you of this.
09:47:50modai know i know i know
09:48:19nudelynYou're only getting them back for providing awful firmware and forcing you to install 3rd party software. :)
09:49:05modawhere the hell am i going to get a dead ipod hdd from.... ebay sucks
09:50:09modai want one of these but that works in reverse:
09:50:22modaso i can put a normal desktop hdd onto my iriver
09:50:40 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
09:50:53amiconnpetur: The glitch I've shown is from the spdif recording, not the slight amplitude change in the analog recording that I think might trigger the agc
09:50:58 Quit JoeBorn (Nick collision from services.)
09:51:04stripwaxmoda - someone on did exactly that. i don't know the details but search the forum#
09:51:20stripwaxfyi i know some users have had their irivers fixed even after rockbox installed
09:51:25 Part stripwax
09:51:34modawtf, fine then, a searching we will go
09:52:03 Nick JoeyBorn is now known as JoeBorn (
09:52:17peturamiconn: I need to test gain changes tonight...
09:52:36peturand maybe find a small signal generator here at work ;)
09:54:26amiconnThat would be this one:">
09:54:28modaanyone wanna help me search for this thing?
09:54:42amiconnNote that the amplitude is very stable otherwise
09:54:55amiconn(not mains powered unit involved)
09:54:59modahehe, found it nm
09:55:19peturserver not found :(
09:56:02peturbah... unstable network connection, nevermind
09:56:11peturI see it now
09:56:21fughidabowithey all - is it normal for none of the Music to show up unless I select "All Files" and goto the Ipod_Control\Music folder????
09:56:32peturamiconn: was that a gain change you did?
09:56:41modaooooh... is the irver hdd adapter the same plug as a cf card?
09:56:49amiconnNope, that was just a disk spinup during analog recording
09:56:55Paul_The_Nerdfughidabowit: Yup, iTunes hides it intentionally. You can also use TagCache to index your music by tags.
09:57:14fughidabowitah ok - how do i load all the files into TagCache
09:57:21peturamiconn: interesting
09:57:37Paul_The_Nerdfughidabowit: The TagCache page in the wiki explains it fully
09:57:48peturmust be due to fluctuating voltage
09:57:51 Quit thegeek ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
09:58:15fughidabowitsweet thanks - already found it :)
09:59:20amiconnpetur: Btw, why should boosting at the start of recording not be compatible with prerecording?
09:59:44amiconnJust that prerecording implies the recording is always started, and hence always boosts for spdif in
10:00:28peturamiconn: oh, that way....
10:00:50peturI thought boost the moment you press 'record'
10:01:18modawhat could cause a dead hdd?
10:01:27amiconnYes, if prerecording is not enabled
10:01:48amiconnThis way, we would save energy whenever we can, and still ensure glitch-free recording
10:01:53fughidabowithey Paul: do i need to install Tag Cache separately?
10:02:28amiconnYour patch is already perfect for H300, just H1x0 needs a bit of extension
10:02:32Paul_The_Nerdfughidabowit: Nope, it's built in
10:03:08Paul_The_Nerdmoda: Age, bad luck, dropping your player, faulty parts, any of about 6 million other things
10:03:11fughidabowitpaul: found it - im using an older build which seems to work better than the current daily (which is why i was looking in the wrong place)
10:03:23peturamiconn: I'm still worried about the glitches I see in my agc setup, need to check on that tonight
10:04:22amiconnI think it's the agc
10:04:35*petur hopes it's fixable
10:04:46 Quit wtf (Client Quit)
10:05:19peturI use it in safe mode: it turns down gain a bit if peaks are detected
10:05:50peturnice for set-and-forget concert recording
10:06:05*petur got his new mics and preamp yesterday :D
10:06:48 Join wtf [0] (
10:06:55 Join Prot [0] (
10:07:03 Quit webguest57 ("CGI:IRC")
10:07:30LinusNmoda: anything can cause a dead hd
10:07:53LinusNbut it could just as well be the battery
10:10:17modawell, the hdd spins up, rockbox gives me an ata11 error, iriver says check hdd
10:10:41modaits half detected in windows too
10:11:05modatrying to find a cf card, as iirc they have the same connectors as 1.8inch hdds
10:11:27peturmoda: the half detection is in fact the usb controller that is working ok but fails to access the disk
10:11:41modai know that :)
10:11:54 Quit patterson ()
10:11:58modait was detected the hdd before, but wouldnt show up in my computer
10:12:38 Quit Rick ("I don't need to be here.")
10:13:05modawill a cf card fit into the ide plug>
10:13:48 Part Paul_The_Nerd
10:15:29 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
10:16:51 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
10:17:18modaIT SHOWS UP IN XP
10:17:31modaas "diskdrive"
10:18:39modanot really a victory
10:20:07 Quit fughidabowit ()
10:22:13modahe microdrive is identical to a CompactFlash Type-II card...I foresee no problems with the physical replacement if you're comfortable inside the thing <0−−−−−− thats good
10:24:11modahere goes nothing
10:25:25modabugger, doesnt fit physically, the pins line up tho
10:25:49 Quit Hoang ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
10:26:53 Join damaki [0] (
10:28:15 Quit zigford (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:33:21 Join Rick [0] (
10:39:18modawhat ways are tehre to fix the ata11 erro?
10:40:03 Join `3nergy [0] (
10:40:06LinusNit all depends on what is wrong
10:40:19moda:| rofl, i knew that :p
10:40:29LinusNreplace the hard drive, replace the battery, resolder some connections
10:40:56modaanyway to just reflash it back to the original iriver firmware without buying anything etc?
10:41:20LinusNmoda: is this h100 or h300?
10:41:38 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:41:51 Join dj-fu [0] (
10:42:15markunmoda: do you have a compact flash card you could put in there?
10:42:18LinusNwhy reflash to the original?
10:43:02modamarkun: i do, but it physicaly wont, the cf card is too big, and hits something stopping it from going in
10:43:09modaLinusN: to rma it :p
10:43:31LinusNa little late for that now, isn't it?
10:43:45 Nick hannesd_ is now known as hannesd (
10:44:06modanot really, i have an outstanding agreement with my local iriver, coz ive had it replaced 3 times outa warranty
10:44:55modaargh... why cant it just work
10:45:03 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:48:16 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
10:51:55modaso is there anyway to reflash it?
10:52:05LinusNnot without a working hard drive
10:52:26modaif i could get a hold of a cheap 5gb 1.8inch that will work, right?
10:52:43LinusNyes, if it really is the hard drive that is at fault
10:56:19modaso what are my options?
10:56:34modai just want to get it working again
10:59:40modasigh... why does it have to die now
11:04:07modalooks like i need a new battery or hdd :\
11:05:05 Quit Rick ("I don't need to be here.")
11:05:46*moda stabs iriver
11:07:14dj-fuknow what player pawns all? creative zen
11:07:19dj-fuvison:m or whatever.
11:07:28dj-fuI actually considered saying it was better than my rockboxed nano
11:07:49dj-fulike damn, it plays XviD and DivX
11:10:07markundj-fu: then at least we don't need to port rockbox to it.
11:10:41dj-futhat's a poor excuse.
11:10:42markunBut of course 'better' also depends on what the user wants
11:10:47dj-fuI think it's one of those 'database' players
11:10:53dj-fuif you know what I'm on about.
11:12:06 Join dpro [0] (
11:13:25 Quit safetydan ("Ex-Chat")
11:14:34modaanyone wanna take my h340 and try and fix it?
11:15:00 Join Rick [0] (
11:15:25 Join damaki_ [0] (
11:20:18modahey LinusN, i thought you reflashed someones h3xx when they bricked it early on on rockbox?
11:20:37modausing some sorta secret gadget thingo
11:21:24peturmoda: attaching a jtag connector will get noticed by iriver when you rma it :p
11:21:34modaahh, true :p
11:22:00modajtag iirc is the same connecter used to program amd and intel cpus... intreging :p
11:22:50modawhere would i source a cheap 1.8inch hdd and spare battery?
11:23:54markunSpare battery (for ipod gen 1 and 2) from china on ebay
11:25:36peturI'd bet on trying another disk first
11:29:44 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:34:46 Join ashridah [0] (
11:40:05 Quit Rick ("I don't need to be here.")
11:42:35 Join Rick [0] (
11:43:46 Join natemic [0] (
11:45:01 Join qwx__ [0] (
11:45:51natemicis anyone here
11:46:19Bagderabout 103 people, you and a bot
11:46:19LinusN105 people afaics
11:46:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:46:45natemichaha, can anyone give me some help maybe?
11:47:41natemicif i deleted the rockbox.ipod file on accident, and i cant get it back, if i redownload the .zip from the website and put that file back on there will all my music still be there?
11:48:51LinusNand you can still restore the music from your backup, can't you?
11:49:03natemicyeah, i dont have the backup anymore
11:49:06natemicdifferent computers
11:49:11 Join zigford [0] (
11:49:14natemicit just worked though, thanks, i thought i lost everything
11:49:23LinusNscary feeling
11:49:33natemicone more thing
11:49:40 Quit Siku ()
11:49:46natemicis there anyway to boot with the old itunes firmeware and view music like that
11:50:11natemicbasically, i have all my flac stuff i want to be run with rockbox, and a bunch of mp3's id like to browse through with the apple interface, is that possible?
11:50:15LinusNwell, you can load the music with itunes and use the rockbox tagcache
11:50:39 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:51:13natemicdo i just launch the ipod with the apple firmware and load music like normal and then switch between the two?
11:51:27LinusNrockbox has its own database
11:51:48LinusNbut rockbox will find the music loaded by itunes when it creates the database
11:52:39LinusNso yes, you can use both itunes and rockbox if your music is well tagged
11:53:01LinusNthat's what i have heard anyway, i don't have an ipod :-)
11:53:25modahrm.... cheap 1.8inch hdd.... hrm
11:53:25peturstop advertizing itunes :p
11:53:34dwihnoipod ipod ipod!
11:53:34LinusNpetur: lol
11:53:51*dwihno summons the itunes daemon
11:55:33dwihnoanyone knows of any linux ways to genrate the itunes db?
11:56:46 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
11:56:58 Quit natemic ()
11:57:33dj-fuyeah, sure. Use rockbox
11:58:00dj-fuand rm -rf ~/.wine/c_drive/Program\ Files/iTunes
11:59:53dwihnoreally nice
12:00:06dwihnodj-fu: I do use rockbox, but I still want to test the video feature...
12:00:16dwihnodj-fu: I never used the apple fw to play anything...
12:00:29dj-fuI'm not sure if gtkpod/gnupod does the video stuff
12:00:44dwihnognupod seems to have video support
12:00:51dwihnoas of 21st of may
12:13:10 Join zblach [0] (
12:13:35zblachanyone around?
12:15:11*LinusN counts to 105 people
12:15:22 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:15:22 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:16:40markunzblach: ask your quesetion quick before everyone is gone..
12:16:54markunquestion even
12:17:52 Quit Paprica (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:17:55*petur leaves.... for lunch ;)
12:18:41zblachi was having an issue with fonts and themes. i think i've resolved it
12:19:00zblachsome themes that I really liked still look a bit strange, but *shrugs*
12:19:25 Join Siku [0] (
12:22:09 Join lodesi [0] (
12:37:55 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:38:11 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
12:38:28 Nick ^BeN^ is now known as Paprica (
12:43:53modagod damn it
12:50:48 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:55:50 Quit zblach (Remote closed the connection)
13:01:45 Join TeaSea [0] (
13:04:49 Join lodesi_ [0] (
13:06:00 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
13:08:08 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:09:03 Join extintor [0] (n=lowe@
13:11:17extintorwhat is the easiest way to make rockbox remember settings ? My settings are reset everytime a charge the player. It's an iPod Nano.
13:12:19peturstop rockbox in a normal way after changing the settings. usb insert causes it to reboot without saving
13:12:35peturyou can also export your settings to a cfg file
13:12:55markunpetur: is this intentional?
13:13:09peturtoo be fixed I think
13:13:57 Quit Rick ("I don't need to be here.")
13:14:51extintorpetur: I see, thank you for the advice :)
13:14:57 Part Paul_The_Nerd
13:17:43modaanyone got a spare 1.8inch drive? :)
13:17:59 Join Rick [0] (
13:18:25modaim bidding on like 5 on ebay :| but they all have ages to go
13:18:37modaand i want to get it soon.... very soon
13:18:54markunmoda: maybe you could ask a friend with an old ipod if you could borrow it
13:19:17modathats what im doing, but my friend sold his old dead one a month ago :(
13:21:30 Join Gibbed [0] (
13:21:31 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
13:21:42 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
13:26:14 Join Tom_ [0] (
13:27:32 Join Tom__ [0] (
13:45:15 Quit Tom_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:45:34 Quit zigford (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:45:57 Join zigford [0] (
13:46:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:46:57 Quit moda ()
13:48:11 Quit Tom__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:53:14 Join whatboutbob [0] (
13:53:23*petur whispers 'should I stay or should I go' by The Clash
13:53:53*preglow whispers the riff
13:56:31*whatboutbob wonders if he's walked into a karaoke session...
13:57:12peturno, into a silent channel with lots of people coming and going ;)
13:58:31whatboutbobpetur: got any new patches for me?
13:59:05peturwhatboutbob: no, I wasted an evening figuring out the glitches I saw came from my pc soundcard
13:59:21whatboutbobpeutr: i just closed off those last couple of test were they screwed...
13:59:40peturthis is all spdif, right?
14:00:10peturI had no problems with clean cvs + patch
14:00:29peturI did have problems with my personal build which includes agc
14:00:47whatboutbobmy cvs is clean.
14:00:51peturso tonight I hope to get time to figure out what's going on
14:01:26peturyou get glitches with cvs + my patch on analog in?
14:01:36whatboutbobyou sure u/l the correct patch? remember you were talking about stuff in errr...recording.c(?) that wasn't there?
14:01:42whatboutbobpetur: correct.
14:02:03peturI updated that patch now... ;)
14:02:11 Join Tom_ [0] (
14:02:16whatboutbobnot just 'glitches' though. lots and lots and lots of glitches on recording # 4 and 5. i stopped after that.
14:02:27whatboutbobaaaah....ok...well i haven't retested since then.
14:02:52peturnevermind testing. If they're on analog recording, I can test it as well
14:03:06 Join c0utta [0] (
14:03:46peturhmmm I thought amiconn said analog recording with my patch was ok
14:03:48 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
14:04:00*petur gets all confused - must write this down somewhere
14:04:29*petur discovers the logbot has written it down for him
14:04:50Jungti1234long time no see :)
14:05:10 Quit lodesi_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:06:47markunGood day Jungti1234
14:08:00 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
14:08:50 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:10:23 Join lodesi_ [0] (
14:12:09 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
14:12:53 Quit kingspawn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:14:18amiconnpetur: Analog was definitely ok. Only that slight amplitude change (which I expect to see even without boost/unboost)
14:15:17amiconnI'll verify that theory tonight as well
14:15:23*petur wonders what whatboutbob is experiencing
14:15:32amiconnAlso whether gain changes cause glitches
14:15:47peturyes, that I want to test too
14:16:23*petur writes 'get signal generator from lab' on a sticky note
14:16:48 Join kingspawn [0] (
14:20:01whatboutbobpetur: want me to u/l a sine wav?
14:20:35peturnah, preglow made me one last night
14:22:10*amiconn has a 10-minute dual-sine wav
14:26:00*whatboutbob is confirming Mmmm's noisy remote observations (recording)
14:26:40peturbleh... at least the h100 remote will be usable for looking at logf messages
14:27:12petura total of 3 voters. impressive :p
14:27:42whatboutbobwow...i'm surprised i haven't noticed it before. i've heard noise in recordings before but figured it was my mics.......
14:28:27 Quit dpro ("0ff160")
14:28:58whatboutbobfor example, with 20dB of gain, levels with remote plugged in and no mic are: -72 and -63
14:29:15peturI can open up the remote and check it when it arrives, but I guess it's just picking up noise on the lines that go to the uda
14:29:24whatboutbobsame, but with remote removed, shows −−81dB on both channels.
14:29:42amiconnIriver definitely seems to have a grounding problem
14:30:21amiconnIt's most probably in the main unit, and it differs between individual units
14:31:27LinusNit is in the main unit
14:32:07peturis it the same for h3x0 as h1x0?
14:32:07LinusNi haven't yet found a way to modify a ticking unit though
14:32:23LinusN(not that i have tried *that* hard)
14:33:02whatboutbob'reduce ticking' makes no impact on the noise (but i'm guessing you smart cookies already knew that)
14:33:55whatboutbobso that'll be what's picking up the damn cell phone interference then. the remote's acting like a giant antenna.
14:34:42peturmaybe tape some alu foil inside the remote?
14:35:06 Quit MarcoPolo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:35:14whatboutbobpetur: i imagine you'd have to find a way to ground it.
14:35:22LinusNor wear an anti-obduction foil hat
14:35:39whatboutboblinusN: i do that never know who's trying to read your mind...
14:35:56peturI knew you would say that
14:36:16*whatboutbob sends mean thoughts petur's way.
14:36:42*petur concentrates on CE usb code to avoid them
14:37:09whatboutbobgah...that sucks....
14:37:42whatboutbobon the + side, at least my mics are better than i gave 'em credit for.
14:37:43 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
14:38:23 Join Poka64 [0] (
14:39:14*petur figures whatboutbob now has more remotes he doesn't need
14:40:06*LinusN is doing 8051 asm, sooo 80's
14:40:38peturearly 90's too
14:40:45peturwhen I did that
14:42:21 Join Rondom [0] (
14:42:31whatboutbobpetur: hehe..I'm gonna see if I can figure out a h/w mod to fix it first. now to break the news to the folks over at TS...
14:43:00peturthey're going to like it.... not
14:45:05*preglow did 6502 asm four years ago
14:45:20peturTHAT is old
14:45:52peturlearned it at school (and thus forgot all about it)
14:48:22 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:53:06 Join anathema [0] (
14:53:08daurn|afkhow do i add a new target?
14:54:41LinusNdaurn|afk: it depends
14:55:32daurn|afki want to start a new rocbox port
14:58:02ashridahdaurn|afk: do you actually know ARM assembly, out of interest?
15:02:31 Join Febs [0] (
15:02:49markundaurn|afk: which device was it?
15:02:58daurn|afkarchos gmini 402
15:03:32whatboutbobpetur: want another remote? :-p
15:06:50peturheh... no, just kidding ;)
15:08:34daurn|afkhow do i add another target?
15:09:29whatboutbobpetur: likewise. dammit...this is irritating.
15:10:20linuxstbdaurn|afk: Start with tools/configure. Then look at firmware/export/config.h and the config-???.h files in the same place. You'll need to create a new config-[targetname].h file and #include it from config.h
15:10:56whatboutbobLinusN: so if its a ground issue, do you suspect the remote tick during playack is related. So if I find a way to ground the main unit, both problems could be solved? (yeah...a lot of ifs in that sentence)
15:11:27LinusNthe problem is that the analog and digital ground are connected on the ticking units
15:13:34LinusNmost likely a mistake, since there is still a resistance
15:13:43daurn|afkdaurn|afk: care to help me?
15:14:28LinusNdaurn|afk: new targets are preferrably added using the new target-tree structure
15:15:24LinusNdaurn|afk: which cpu is it?
15:16:39daurn|afkits an arm...
15:16:40daurn|afkone sec
15:17:10daurn|afkits one of them TI DM320 chips
15:18:15LinusNhow far have you come with the port?
15:19:20daurn|afki haven't done anything yet
15:19:30daurn|afkstarting out now
15:19:33daurn|afkjust got the source
15:21:51 Join damaki [0] (
15:24:49amiconnLinusN: Do you also have a non-ticking unit?
15:24:51markunLinusN: is there documentation on how to use the target-tree structure or should I just look at the X5 stuff?
15:25:48amiconn*someone* was supposed to document traget tree ;)
15:28:18 Join damaki__ [0] (
15:29:01daurn|afkwhats the easiest way to add a new target
15:29:15LinusNamiconn: i have only silent units, and a pcb from a ticking one
15:29:31LinusNdaurn|afk: i suggest you start with the bootloader
15:30:00daurn|afki want to be testing/deving rockbox through an exploit
15:30:04LinusNi'm sure you will have plenty of work just to compile and run anything on that target
15:30:06daurn|afkrather than as firmware
15:30:35preglowthe target tree looks pretty simple to me
15:31:28LinusNit is
15:32:08daurn|afkcould you tell me which device is closest to the gmini 402?
15:32:16daurn|afk(of ones already with rockbox)
15:32:19LinusNnone, really
15:32:20preglowi don't think any device is very close to it
15:32:27LinusNbut ipod has a arm cpu at least
15:32:51daurn|afkfor other apps on it, i use arm-linux-nofpu-gcc
15:32:55daurn|afkif that helps
15:33:20preglowthe current arm-elf-gcc we use will probably do nicely for gmini too
15:34:27whatboutbobbah...all three of my h1x0's have the same remote recording issue.
15:34:58*daurn|afk guesses cloest is gigabeat f
15:36:01amiconnLinusN: There might be in fact 2 different ticking issues, at least on H300
15:36:36 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:38:35amiconnMy H1x0 does tick, but not very loud
15:39:13amiconnOne problem seems to be the grounding, which causes the ticking that isn't fixable (only reducable) in software
15:39:59amiconnThe other problem (on H300) is obviously bad shielding of the remote lcd /CS line, which is completely fixed by 'silencing' /CS
15:40:50LinusNi see
15:40:54whatboutbobamiconn: could part 2 possibly apply to H1x0?
15:40:55LinusNgotta go now
15:40:57 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:41:02 Part LinusN
15:43:57preglowwhatboutbob: i don't think it did
15:45:39daurn|afkhow do i port rockbox
15:46:00 Join damaki_ [0] (
15:46:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:49:01 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
15:49:05whatboutbobi've just confirmed (unsurprisingly) the same remote recording interference exists in iriver f/w
15:49:41daurn|afktheres is another project to get code on this
15:49:52daurn|afkwhich already has many addresses etc
15:49:54daurn|afkand an exploit
15:50:23*whatboutbob trundles off to bed, somewhat disheartened.
15:50:30 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
15:51:39 Quit kingspawn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:52:53 Join damaki [0] (
15:53:02daurn|afki would upload to the wiki
15:53:09daurn|afkbut i refuse to use my real name
15:53:21peturnot again
15:53:43GaloisI thought only CVS contributions required your real name?
15:53:59peturbtw, don't upload exploits and stuff to the wiki, only legally acceptable stuff
15:54:03preglowit does
15:54:13preglowlots of fake names on the wiki
15:54:16daurn|afkexploits aren;t legal?
15:54:22Galoisexploits are legal in most of europe, where rockbox is based
15:54:23preglowbut if you want to become a contributor, that'll be another issue
15:54:54daurn|afkwhy would exploits not be legal?
15:55:05GaloisDMCA, patriot act, etc.
15:55:11peturoh, are they. oh how nice
15:55:16daurn|afkthats usa only
15:55:30daurn|afkthe rest of the world doesn't care - or in my case, approves
15:55:59 Join kingspawn [0] (
15:56:16daurn|afki just looked at users list
15:56:20daurn|afkand i can see people i know
16:00:03 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:02:15 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:02:58 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:04:24 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:05:58daurn|afkmade a profile
16:06:33daurn|afkhow do i add pictures to a wiki entry?
16:07:01peturthere's a help function, you know
16:07:31daurn|afkthere is?
16:08:47 Join gtkspert [0] (
16:09:09 Join Rondom_ [0] (
16:10:17petursorry, it doesn't seem to contain help on images... edit a wpsgallery page to find out
16:10:50 Join Febs [0] (
16:14:06daurn|afki did
16:14:11daurn|afkbut, they are huge
16:14:19daurn|afkit needs an auto thumbnail thing
16:14:29daurn|afkhave a look at this:
16:14:49peturbig it is :)
16:15:11peturnice to do list
16:15:39 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (
16:15:51daurn|afki have tried scanning it
16:15:55daurn|afkbut they are always out of focus
16:16:00daurn|afkand not worth uploading
16:16:24markundaurn|afk: perhaps better to add the images just as attachments instead of displaying them
16:16:32peturthe pics aren't good enough to recognize all chips. maybe use the macro setting of the camera and try stong indirect lighting?
16:16:37*linuxstb was about to suggest the same thing as markun
16:16:53 Join idiot^ [0] (
16:17:11markundaurn|afk: and why didn't you use your real name in the wiki?
16:17:26daurn|afkcause, NO ONE online gets to know...
16:17:36daurn|afkunless theres a meet
16:17:44daurn|afkwhere it sort of inadvertantly comes out
16:17:55peturdaurn|afk: nevermind, it's motion blurr. don't drink so much :p
16:18:31idiot^anyone here have a ipod
16:18:33idiot^and use rockbox
16:18:54daurn|afkpetur: with all the pics
16:19:00daurn|afki think you can get every chip
16:19:06 Quit Rondom (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:19:32peturnot all no... bad lighting
16:19:45daurn|afki did it at 3am
16:19:49daurn|afkafter a party
16:20:07peturhey, I was right about the drinking :D
16:20:24linuxstbidiot^: Yes, there are ipod users here...
16:20:58 Quit Jungti1234 ()
16:21:09 Join thegeek [0] (
16:21:18daurn|afkbruised manderin tastes like stomach acid
16:21:32 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:22:27 Join qwx [0] (
16:22:39 Join thegeek [0] (
16:26:05 Nick daurn|afk is now known as daurn|laptop (i=daurnscr@unaffiliated/daurn)
16:26:05DBUGEnqueued KICK daurn|laptop
16:32:11 Quit qwx__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:32:12 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Khe!!!")
16:33:46 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:34:07 Quit idiot^ ()
16:35:08 Join Guest805 [0] (
16:35:27 Quit Rondom_ ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
16:37:01 Quit ScoTTie_ ()
16:37:12 Quit Antioch ()
16:38:17Guest805Hello I need some urgent help concerning the uninstallation and reinstallation of rockbox.. is anyone here available that knows how?
16:38:39peturon what device?
16:38:55Guest805I dont have the .bin backup of my original firmware because i just finished formatting my computer
16:39:09Guest805so is it possible to use the iPod updater to do a restore
16:39:15Guest805and format the ipod somehow?
16:39:41markunWhy do you want to uninstall rockbox if you are going to reinstall it later anyway?
16:40:07Guest805i screwed up and deleted all the skins and stuff
16:40:13Guest805and im to lazy to redownload them all
16:40:36ashridahso just unpack over the top again
16:40:57Guest805doesnt it need certain files tho?
16:41:02Guest805like specially configured/
16:41:37ashridahnot really. most config stuff is kept in a sector before the first partition.
16:41:38peturjust get a daily build and unzip
16:41:54petur(cvs builds don't contain the fonts)
16:42:12Guest805thx !
16:42:40markunAren't you too lazy to download that?
16:42:57thegeekhmm, when is 3.0 going to be released?
16:43:17markunthegeek: soon
16:43:22peturwhen it's ready
16:44:06Guest805is 3.0 going to have video for nano?
16:44:12Guest805or iPod firmware in general
16:44:24Mikachu3.0 isn't even for ipods
16:44:32Guest805i didnt kno
16:45:39Guest805i dont check up on the site much anymore, my computer was formatted so i dont have my basics anymore (bookmarks i visit regularly)
16:47:26Guest805well, thx alot every1, ur help is appreciated. and great work @ every1 who helped make RB. i have to go to work now so good bye all.
16:47:37 Quit Guest805 ()
16:48:40 Join JBGood [0] (
16:50:31 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:50:51 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
16:52:57CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:52:57*amiconn hates dilemmas
16:53:07Mikachuwhereas everyone else can't get enough of them
16:53:36amiconn..especially the dilemma named "release 3.0"
17:02:35*petur is in the 'release must be bugfree' camp
17:05:51 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
17:09:17 Quit jbauman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:09:27 Join bluebrother [0] (
17:11:29 Nick qwx is now known as qwm (
17:13:12 Join webguest68 [0] (
17:14:30amiconnpetur: 'must be bugfree' will probably never happen. 'must be free of major bugs' is more like it
17:14:40amiconnStill, I don't see this happen any time soon
17:14:49amiconnThat's the dilemma
17:16:10amiconnpetur: Btw, there's a major bug happening when returning from the recording screen. The unit often hard freezes, either immediately, or when trying to access it via USB
17:16:22amiconn(voice enabled)
17:17:24peturwill keep an eye open for it. I do have voice enabled but haven't had any freezing recently
17:18:19amiconnI had a freeze every time I wanted to check the test recording. Then I started roloing before usb. When leaving the recording screen and menu too fast, it freezes immediately (H1x0)
17:19:55peturweird. I've been switching a lot too lately but only suffered the 'no usb' problem
17:20:09peturwhich I'm sure isn't recording related
17:20:35peturmaybe spdif related?
17:21:26amiconnHappens with analog recording as well
17:22:06 Join darkless [0] (
17:23:29 Quit Rori (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:34:40 Join Spiv [0] (
17:38:28 Join ender [0] (i=useless@
17:38:59 Quit ender` (Nick collision from services.)
17:39:02 Nick ender is now known as ender` (i=useless@
17:39:18 Join idiot^ [0] (
17:42:18 Quit idiot^ (Client Quit)
17:43:06 Nick daurn|laptop is now known as daurn|afk (i=daurnscr@unaffiliated/daurn)
17:43:06DBUGEnqueued KICK daurn|afk
17:43:12 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
17:43:56 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
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17:53:18 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:03:55 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
18:04:13 Quit petur ("[x]")
18:04:44 Quit webguest68 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:08:19 Quit Tom_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:09:41 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
18:11:59 Join damaki_ [0] (
18:14:21Hansmaulwurf <−−−− no comment
18:14:37 Join dwihno [0] (n=dw@
18:27:29 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:31:23CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:31:23*preglow prays for portalplayer docs...
18:32:29 Join Falco98 [0] (
18:33:17 Quit Falco98 (Client Quit)
18:37:21 Join Febs [0] (
18:42:37 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
18:44:07 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
18:44:08 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:50:37 Join RedBreva [0] (
18:58:35 Join bobwise [0] (
19:01:39 Nick jd_ is now known as jd_miam (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
19:03:11 Quit lodesi_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:03:25 Join obo [0] (
19:03:47 Join Xinux [0] (
19:07:30 Join lodesi_ [0] (
19:09:15 Nick lodesi_ is now known as lodesi (
19:09:23 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
19:09:45 Join Digital_Coma [0] (
19:10:07 Part Digital_Coma
19:12:27 Part amiconn
19:16:27 Quit kingspawn ("hm")
19:17:27 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:20:25 Join Volgar [0] (
19:30:51 Nick jd_miam is now known as jd_ (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
19:31:39 Join PaulJam [0] (
19:38:07 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
19:41:24 Quit _Lucretia_ ("Leaving")
19:43:26 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@otaku.freeshell.ORG)
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19:49:05 Quit Volgar ()
19:49:54 Quit bobwise ("CGI:IRC")
19:55:30 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
19:55:49 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
19:55:49 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
19:58:03 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
20:02:56 Join webguest42 [0] (
20:05:03 Quit webguest42 (Client Quit)
20:07:45 Join Acksaw [0] (
20:08:12 Nick Acksaw is now known as ACK54W (
20:09:11 Join rconan [0] (
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20:13:26 Quit rconan (Client Quit)
20:14:34 Join rconan [0] (
20:15:39 Join bluey- [0] (
20:15:53 Quit obo ("bye")
20:20:13 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:20:19 Quit rconan ("Leaving")
20:20:21 Quit Siku ()
20:20:22 Join rconan [0] (
20:20:50 Quit rconan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:20:58 Join rconan [0] (
20:21:04 Join lodesi [0] (
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20:29:14 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (n=munkee@
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20:35:54 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
20:56:28 Join {EDF}SS [0] (
20:56:55{EDF}SShow do you delete/clear the current playlist on an ipod nano 2gb?
20:59:38Mikachuif you want to make a new playlist, just stop playback and add some songs, the old one will be deleted
21:05:38 Join cadaveria [0] (
21:07:05cadaveriahmm...e d noe gy prat her da?
21:07:41merbananhela tiden
21:07:48preglowbut yeah, english
21:08:21cadaveriaalrighty then...its a teaparty?candlelight supper?
21:09:58preglowwe can't be trusted with fire
21:10:01preglowor hot drinks
21:10:24BHSPitMonkeyor vaguely sharp objects
21:10:28preglowusually we just sit around saying "ehehehehe" to each other
21:10:50preglowit gives a certain sense of community
21:12:12BHSPitMonkeyI can respect that
21:12:22BHSPitMonkeywhat's the deal with 3.0...
21:13:32Xinuxim compressing 2gb of files
21:13:35Xinuxthis will take forever.
21:21:11 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
21:24:13 Quit cadaveria (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:24:46preglowBHSPitMonkey: what deal with it?
21:25:23BHSPitMonkeyjust noticing the topic says " Latest news: extended freezing period suggested"
21:27:16preglowah, right
21:27:22preglowrelease is done when we deem it done
21:27:30preglowso you could call it extended
21:27:36preglowit's just an indefinite extension :>
21:31:45 Quit XavierGr ()
21:32:46 Join XavierGr [0] (
21:33:03 Join lodesi_ [0] (
21:34:21 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:36:01 Join idiot^ [0] (
21:36:15idiot^when uninstalling rockbox do you loose any of your applefirmware or files? songs, etc?
21:36:20idiot^or does it just remove rockbox itself
21:37:01BHSPitMonkeyjust rockbox
21:37:04 Join damaki__ [0] (
21:37:05BHSPitMonkeyit's independent
21:37:26BHSPitMonkeyidiot^: how do you plan on uninstalling?
21:37:56idiot^from an uninstaller..
21:38:05idiot^I have an iPod 5g Video and uhh I installed it with this thing hold on
21:38:10idiot^let me grab the link
21:38:40BHSPitMonkeyyou can just delete rockbox.ipod and .rockbox from your iPod if you don't want rockbox anymore...
21:39:15BHSPitMonkeythen you'll still have the rockbox bootloader, but it'll boot the apple firmware automatically (and it's just as fast as the original loader)
21:39:16idiot^What about the firmware
21:39:37BHSPitMonkeyso, it's just a matter of seeing that blue screen vs. the apple logo
21:41:03 Quit idiot^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:41:32 Join idiot^ [0] (
21:41:45idiot^sorry i got disconnected, so all i have to do is delete those?
21:41:49idiot^what about the firmware
21:42:04BHSPitMonkeythen you'll still have the rockbox bootloader, but it'll boot the apple firmware automatically (and it's just as fast as the original loader)
21:42:07BHSPitMonkeyso, it's just a matter of seeing that blue screen vs. the apple logo
21:42:15Mikachuthe bootloader won't load apple if it doesn't find rockbox, rather it will say error -1
21:42:27BHSPitMonkeyMikachu: since when?
21:42:35BHSPitMonkeyit always fell back to apple for me
21:42:38linuxstbMikachu: It should say "error -1" and then load the Apple firmware...
21:42:41Mikachuah, okay
21:42:49idiot^ i used this to install rockbox, i can use it to uninstall but i want to know if it will delete my stuf
21:43:46 Quit Infirit (Remote closed the connection)
21:43:54BHSPitMonkeyask the author, not us
21:44:04BHSPitMonkey"unofficial" is a key word
21:44:29BHSPitMonkeyI'm pretty certain it won't erase anything, though
21:44:37linuxstbidiot^: There is always a risk of it going wrong (I've no idea how big or small that risk is though), in which case you will probably have to restore (and lose your music).
21:44:51BHSPitMonkeyit would have to format your FAT partition if it lose settings
21:44:53linuxstbThe only risk-free option is the one BHSPitMonkey suggested. Just delete the rockbox.ipod file.
21:44:58BHSPitMonkeywhich would be ridiculous
21:46:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:47:15 Quit idiot^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:52:33 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59:39Mikachuamiconn: good news, irssi is in google's summer of code, and one project suggestion is adding xterm mouse support ;)
22:00:14 Join Rondom [0] (
22:00:53 Join lee-qid__ [0] (
22:07:01 Join webguest27 [0] (
22:07:46 Quit webguest27 (Client Quit)
22:09:10 Quit Poka64 ("nite for now")
22:09:37 Join jazzbone [0] (
22:12:43sharpegoodday everyone
22:14:49*petur resumes recording tests
22:20:11 Join obo [0] (
22:23:37 Quit lee-qid__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:26:45 Quit lodesi_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:27:09 Join lodesi_ [0] (
22:28:28peturerr... writing disk during recording takes the same time with or without boost. Why did I get the feeling it took longer :/
22:28:53Hansmaulwurfpetur: you saw the H100 interference thread?
22:29:01Hansmaulwurfwith the remote
22:29:39Hansmaulwurfdo you have an idea what this could cause?
22:30:04 Quit anathema (Nick collision from services.)
22:30:16preglowit does?
22:30:22preglowi thought amiconn said it was sped up by a ton
22:30:22peturbad hardware design by iriver
22:30:39 Join wooo [0] (
22:30:42Hansmaulwurfhm ok
22:30:50peturbad shielding or grounding probably
22:31:04Hansmaulwurfi would bet its the grounding
22:31:48Hansmaulwurfdont think this has something to do with EMC
22:31:55peturwhatboutbob is sending a spare remote to me, I may have a peek inside...
22:33:29 Join lee-qid__ [0] (
22:35:38 Join RedBreva [0] (
22:40:37 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
22:41:42 Join stripwax [0] (
22:43:13peturwhat's this thing with UDA1380 chips dying?
22:43:58peturI thought the headphone output had short-circuit protection
22:44:48preglowit does
22:48:14peturmaybe we should do a bulk purchase of UDA's :)
22:48:57 Join Siku [0] (
22:49:07preglowa lot of them have died?
22:49:26 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
22:49:34peturI've read about three so far
22:50:51peturtwo caused the player to become very unresponsive
22:51:30 Join Sinbios [0] (
22:51:33 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:53:18 Quit lee-qid__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:57:07*amiconn more and more gets this annoying and persistent feeling that we'll never release 3.0 and the freeze will never end :-(
22:57:33petursummer is coming...
22:57:46*amiconn is unable to force himself intoo fixing even comparatively simple bug
22:58:00 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
22:58:15pilli starting to wonder if my ihp140 hdd is not dying
22:58:29pillrockbox takes more and more time tol start
22:58:53pilland when i put my ear to it, i hear little intermittent 'tak' sounds
22:59:02 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
22:59:06lostlogicI've developed a disease named "Summer Activities" which has kept me out of rockbox coding for weeks... sorry :(
23:01:05 Join DakotaK [0] (n=chatzill@
23:01:47 Quit jazzbone ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
23:02:32 Part DakotaK
23:04:49Ribslostlogic: I hope you've been cured now...
23:05:09 Join DakotaK [0] (n=chatzill@
23:05:39 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:40 Part DakotaK
23:05:41 Quit mirak (Connection timed out)
23:06:05lostlogicRibs: so far it just seems to be getting worse as the weather gets nicer :-P
23:06:27*petur hands lostlogic some bad weather from Belgium
23:06:39Ribsyeah, something must be done about this
23:06:55Ribslostlogic: let's swap homes
23:07:01Ribsyou live in England for a bit
23:07:10Ribsand I'll enjoy the cute girls in low cut tops wherever you are ;)
23:08:04*lostlogic lives in Chicago
23:08:11RibsChicago will do
23:08:19*amiconn isn't very susceptible to this summer activities thing
23:08:19RibsI'm sure there are cute girls there
23:08:24RibsI'm fed up with English girls anyway ;)
23:08:36 Quit Lez (Remote closed the connection)
23:08:44lostlogichaha, there are cute girls here, unfortunatley we also have the american phenominon of fat girls wearing not enough clothing.
23:08:46 Quit jd_ ()
23:08:50lostlogicamiconn: no?
23:09:50*petur likes summer and winter
23:09:51preglowtoo cold here still
23:09:56preglowpetur: agreed
23:10:10XavierGrit is hot as hell here
23:10:14preglowXavierGr: go figure
23:10:17amiconnI like when it is warm, but summer is also my preferred time for coding
23:10:22XavierGrI am happy that I have an aircondition
23:10:38peturamiconn: disk flushing times:with boosting 16 sec, withoit boosting 26 sec
23:11:11peturanything above 25 degrees celcius is too hot for me
23:11:16 Join Lez [0] (
23:12:01preglowlostlogic: did you ever answer my question about the codec_pcmbuf_insert_split_callback chunk size thing?
23:18:44preglowlostlogic: if not: any reason it doesn't wait with dsp_process() until it's got room to fit the whole result into the pcmbuf?
23:21:49 Quit lodesi_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:22:14XavierGrpetur: Are you kidding me? It can easily reach 38 degrees C in Crete during summer!
23:22:32XavierGrand it is very rare to have tempratures below 10 C.
23:22:43XavierGr(the whole year)
23:23:09peturthat may be the reason I only went once to Crete and have never returned
23:23:28amiconnXavierGr: Please send some degrees over to germany...
23:23:51XavierGrpetur: You didn't like Crete? When did you come here?
23:23:57peturand those b*st*rds only switched on the airco at 5pm
23:24:36peturXavierGr: sometimes I wonder about that myself
23:24:44amiconnOnly 9 degrees C right now in Berlin
23:25:01XavierGrat least I live 10 minutes from the beach and have an aircondition so...
23:25:15XavierGr9 degrees on June! OMG
23:25:36amiconnYes, should be around 10 more...
23:25:41peturWe also went to Portugal once and got hit by a heatwave....
23:25:44amiconn(at this time of day)
23:26:04 Join lodesi_ [0] (
23:26:11XavierGramiconn: so you need your coat to get out...
23:26:16 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
23:29:13peturI do hope these glitches I see now are from my pc
23:29:24peturas they happen with cvs version
23:30:27amiconnAlso too much rain.. soI can't use my bicycle and have to use the car instead. It seems all the street repair firms in Berlin went berserk (in anticipation of this soccer world cup thing)
23:31:45peturrain has been ok here, every morning and evening it has been dry, so I didn't need the car :D
23:31:47XavierGramiconn: I wish I would had that street repair activity in Crete.
23:32:24XavierGrRoads here (and generally infrastructure) suck big time.
23:35:13*petur gives up on unboosted recording and checks the buglist for an easy victim
23:35:39amiconnYeah, surely all these repairs are necessay/ a good thing. But please, not all at the same time, creating big traffic jams...
23:35:42 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
23:36:51amiconnpetur: There are no easy victims...
23:37:01peturI know....
23:37:17amiconnBtw, what's the problem with the recording?
23:38:00peturI didn't bring a signal generator home.... I'm seeing glitches everywhere :(
23:38:42peturMaybe my pc sound output is playing tricks with me
23:38:46amiconnDid you change something more significant than in yesterday's patch?
23:38:58peturlast test was with cvs version
23:39:11peturit must be my pc
23:39:12amiconnWell, I would avoid using a pc soundcard for such tests
23:39:45amiconn...even if it is an expensive one (except if it's for optical spdif tests)
23:39:46peturoh.... I could burn a generated sine wave on a cd
23:40:38amiconnUse something that generates less electrical 'smog' than a pc, and place the test equipment a few meters away from the pc
23:41:05amiconnPreferably, both the source and the iriver should be powered from batteries only
23:41:19peturthat I do (the iriver at least)
23:41:51peturI've got a discman (now with auto-resume switched off) that runs on batteries
23:42:06peturgot a tool to generate a sine WAV file?
23:42:16amiconnI used audacity
23:42:45peturheh nice one
23:42:55amiconnMade a 10-minute file with a 1000Hz sine in the left channel, and a 750Hz sine in the right channel
23:42:57peturoverlooked that menu entry
23:43:30*amiconn realised that he even has a 'signal generator' CD
23:44:46peturwhat amplitude do you use. 0dB may be too much I think
23:45:03 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
23:45:23amiconnI used 0dB
23:46:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:46:55 Join TCK [0] (
23:50:40 Join Daishi [0] (
23:51:39 Join ashridah [0] (
23:54:14 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
23:54:27 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
23:54:32 Join Kohlriba [0] (
23:55:00 Join matsl [0] (
23:55:45*petur burns a testcd

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