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#rockbox log for 2006-06-06

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00:00:11AghasterI'm a separatist btw, i'm a proud quebecer ;)
00:00:52sharpei'll rephrase that, you're heading up the canadian rockbox side of it :D
00:01:21Aghasterdon't call me canadian XD
00:01:41sharpesouthernly-direction-impaired? :P
00:02:10Aghasterquebec's rockbox side?
00:03:04AghasterI have everything but the canadian nationalistic feeling
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00:22:58Aghasterwhat do you think of the photo i took?
00:23:13midkayit's.. a photo. of an ipod.
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00:23:26Aghasterno... this ipod is special...
00:23:38midkayis it, now?
00:23:52Aghasteryup, its the first ipod in esperanto in the world
00:24:00Aghasterand its mine
00:24:30midkayit's not quite clear that it is, it's a picture of some guy ffs. :)
00:24:54Aghasterwell, esperantists know who he is
00:27:11midkayum, k. :)
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00:28:15linuxstbDr Zamenhof?
00:28:35Aghasteryeah, that's Zamenhof on an ipod
00:28:49amiconnIs that an ipod photo?
00:29:02Aghasterrunning rockbox
00:29:03Aghasterof course.
00:29:34*amiconn wondered whether it could be a 4g greyscale, and someone else than me ported the grayscale lib
00:30:04AghasterZamenhof did not live to see color photos...
00:30:11Aghasterway too old
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00:45:31lilohi all
00:45:41lilodid you lose anyone you needed?
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00:56:39midkaylilo, hm?
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03:09:29AghasterI hope we will have more esperantist rockbox users in the future.
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03:11:33Aghasterhi sinbios
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04:13:04DeltiDoes this firmware actually work?
04:14:01hacimDelti: what firmware?
04:14:44Deltirock box, what this whole channel is about
04:15:25DeltiBecause I just bought an ipod video and I hate the firmware
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04:24:09sharpe`three of me :(
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04:25:35sharpei'll stop now.
04:25:47webguest43where can i get the devkit?
04:26:07webguest43cyborg systems wint let me download it
04:26:38sharpefor rockbox?
04:26:43webguest43where can i get theversion 3.14
04:26:52sharpethe devkits outdated i believe
04:27:02webguest43so where can i get the new one?
04:27:03sharpewindows, right?
04:27:17sharpeyou're better off using either cygwin, or the vmware image
04:27:42webguest43i tried those, but im still having trouble
04:27:53webguest43im kinda new at this
04:28:02sharpethose are really the only options for development on windows for rockbox...
04:28:10sharpeaside from colinux, but i've no idea about that
04:28:19webguest43is there a guide or something that i could use?
04:28:27sharpeof course, one moment.
04:28:28webguest43the apply patches?">">">
04:29:33webguest43and how can i apply patches to the files?"> :D
04:30:05sharpeunder the category , "Applying A Patch"
04:30:12webguest43thnks a lot
04:30:21sharpeah, you're welcome
04:30:24webguest43i was trying to work with another guide
04:30:29webguest43but it was not working
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04:30:33webguest43ok bye
04:30:42 Part webguest43
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04:31:01andrewskii kinda forgot that rockbox had IRC; hi folks!
04:31:11 Join Falco98 [0] (
04:31:31Falco98hey all
04:33:01Falco98um.. meant to say "sup?"
04:33:06 Part midkay ("Leaving")
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04:34:06Falco98so... what's new?
04:34:07 Quit webguest27 (Client Quit)
04:34:17andrewskiFalco98: today's rockbox build?
04:34:37Falco98and tomorrow, 2.999999
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04:47:01 Part andrewski
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04:58:00Falco98missed him :-/
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05:07:20Falco98wow noone around tonight...
05:10:09 Join JdGordon [0] (
05:10:15Falco98hey jd
05:10:50Falco98anyone have any updates about the status of the freeze? i've been away for a few days
05:11:10JdGordonit looks like its gonna be around for a bit longer..
05:11:23Falco98oh? what's the official word on that
05:11:28Falco98like weeks?
05:11:57sharpei don't think weeks...
05:12:00sharpebut maybe.
05:12:14Falco98keep in mind of course the release was "mayday" :-P
05:12:24JdGordonye, so much for that :D
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08:04:39perplexityQuestion: Does anyone have any idea if we are going to see a new bootloader for the h3x0 series that boots into rockbox when the charger is plugged in.. sometime in the future? not asking for an eta of course..
08:12:08 Quit xmixahlx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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08:16:47 Join rocko [0] (
08:17:02rockoyou guys did a real good job.
08:19:56dongsall credit goes to: OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPERS
08:21:52dongsalso: what the fuck with fadeins/fadeouts on pause acutally WORKING.
08:22:05dongsi upgraded and that shit actually worked i was like wtf where do i turn this off.
08:23:04rockoi been using rockbox on my ipod
08:23:09rockoi'm a fan.
08:23:53 Join scorche` [0] (
08:24:46dongsme too but i wish it was built using closed-source compilers so that it would acutally run FAST.
08:25:06rockoi compile stuff every now and then
08:25:17rockowhat do you mean "closed-source compiler"
08:25:42dongsgcc produces horrible code for ARM
08:25:50dongsby horrible i mean HOLY SHIT WHO WROTE SHIT
08:26:00dongser 2nd shit = this
08:26:19 Join theli_ua [0] (
08:26:32rockoi thought it ran slow because it didn't utilize both of the processors in the ipod
08:26:45dongsrocko: a $5000 compiler from arm does insanely better job than gcc ever will
08:27:01rockoi use 2005
08:27:03rockoit's good.
08:27:08dongsit is
08:27:13dongsbut its also intel/x86 only
08:27:13rockoi'm not a fan of microsoft, but it does the job
08:27:29dongsoh, it does. i'm a fan of microsoft / their software
08:27:31rockoi'm sure microsoft will put out an x64 version soon
08:27:34dongsvs2005 is amazing.
08:27:46rockoi got it for 10 bucks through my school
08:27:49rockofull version.
08:27:58dongsunfortunately the most cool improvements are in .net/managed languages
08:28:09rockoi put it on my laptop ... so much better then 2003.
08:28:12dongsseems like c/cpp is kinda forgotton but at least the compilers for it are still improved
08:28:13perplexitydongs why not go and buy that compiler, then compile rockbox.. I'm sure if you did that someone would host the download for you ;)
08:28:37dongsperplexity: i have it as part of my work. the problem is rockbox used so many retarded gnu-only hacks that its impossible to port.
08:28:40rockomaybe i should try compiling it
08:28:45rockoi'm afraid of breaking my ipod though
08:28:55dongsrocko: ipod is not x86.
08:29:05rockox64 ?
08:29:11dongsits 'arm'
08:29:26perplexitydongs: Impossible? I doubt that.. perhaps a bit of a chore however.. why not start to make it compilable by other compilers.. I'm sure the devs would be happy to accept portability patches
08:30:12rockowhere do i buy?
08:30:22dongsperplexity: ive considered it. arm compilers are for windows (at least the ones we have, since nobody serious actually gives a fuck about linux), and rockbox gnu-junk based builds scripts/makefiles are quite annoying
08:30:30dongsrocko: you have $5000 laying around?
08:30:53rockodo i have to call?
08:31:22scorche`since nobody serious actually gives a fuck about linux
08:31:25*scorche` giggles
08:31:45dongsscorche`: its so funny but its true
08:31:55*NicP_ gives a fuck about linux :D
08:32:01scorche`in your opinion
08:32:03 Nick NicP_ is now known as NicP (n=nic@
08:32:16dongspeople try to 'switch to linux' and say they're 'cutting costs' etc but in the long run its a maintenance nightmare
08:32:26 Join psykoyiko [0] (
08:32:30scorche`but then again, ignore me.....i dont wish to get in one of your pointess and nonsensical arguments
08:32:37dongsand at the end you get exactly what you pay for
08:33:24rockoI've had no problems with linux
08:33:26rockonone at all
08:33:29scorche`rocko: dont take him too seriously
08:33:35dongsyou're what, a student?
08:33:37rockoi'm a unix man myself lthough.
08:33:59dongshave you actually done anything useful with linux in the ENTERPRISE or a CORPORATION with THOUSANDS of employees?
08:34:17perplexityactually dongs, I've been using Linux full time professionally since 96 on my servers and desktops.. so there are exceptions to the rule..
08:34:28perplexityand dongs, yes.. over 5k employees in fact :)
08:34:36scorche`how many times have we argued this with him?
08:34:39dongslinux on desktop in 1995, i'd actually pay to see that
08:34:48dongsjust for massive lols.
08:35:01perplexity'96.. and if you come up with the time machine I'll show you :)
08:35:12NicPsounds like u work for ms dongs
08:35:22dongsno, i dont work for 'ms'
08:35:24NicPi suppose macs suck too?
08:35:32dongsno, macs are great
08:35:39perplexityrecall that back then plenty of businesses were still running variants of *nix also.. windows was far more of a POS than it is today..
08:36:13rockoit's still a pos are you kidding me
08:36:36perplexityOh I know it's still a POS.. but 10 years ago it was a far less reliable/functional POS..
08:36:45perplexitythey are only delivering today what they promised 10 years ago..
08:38:27dongsya well, at least they're delivering
08:38:35dongstry googling for "desktop linux" + random year
08:38:37dongsfrom 1996 to 2006
08:38:48dongsevery fucking year since thattime has been the 'year of desktop linux"
08:38:52dongsand i wish i was joking
08:39:05 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
08:39:13NicPsame with mac tho
08:39:19NicPpeople stick to what theyre used to
08:39:23NicPand what everyone else uses
08:39:35rockowho cares
08:39:44rockodongs obviously has a chip on his shoulder
08:39:50 Join natemic [0] (
08:39:58rockoprobably screwed up his mp3 collection installing linux or something
08:40:25natemicis there another way to boot your ipod with the apple interface and not the rockbox one?
08:40:39dongsthe one way is hold menu while it boots
08:40:43dongsdoes that not work?
08:40:44natemicyeah, that used to work
08:40:46natemicnow it doesnt
08:40:48natemicfor some reason
08:40:58dongsthats weird.
08:41:00natemicholding menu and the select button doesnt cause it to hard reset
08:41:11dongsthat sounds bad
08:41:19dongsis it dead?
08:41:28natemicno, i can still use the rockbox interface
08:41:30markunnatemic: does the menu button work at all?
08:41:47natemicit works with the rockbox interface, everything is operational
08:41:51natemicbut i just cant hard reset it
08:42:00dongsand youre holding menu +select for 6+ seconds?
08:42:06natemicand if i hold play and turn it off, then back on, holding the menu button doesnt make it go to the ipod one
08:42:14natemicyes, ive held it for way too long sometimes
08:43:18natemici just held the two for about 30+ seconds, and still nothing
08:43:35dongshow about doesnt plugging usb and then discsonnectin cause a reset?
08:43:43dongsso hold menu while that happens.
08:43:54natemici tried, it still wont boot with the ipod menu
08:44:46natemicwow, nevermind, i just held play and then held menu and it worked for some reason
08:44:50natemici guess its just luck
08:45:17natemicthank you, though, for the help
08:45:19 Quit natemic ()
08:45:32scorche`natemic: it could be from you moving yo
08:52:23 Part rocko ("Leaving")
08:52:58 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
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09:35:05 Quit perplexity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:35:39 Join perplexity [0] (
09:43:13*amiconn is undecided whether it would be a good idea to commit his work-in-progress charging state & display rework
09:44:48 Quit perplexity ("Off to swap batteries")
09:45:20JdGordondo t and put it in undr a false commit msg so no1 realises :D
09:46:14amiconnIt works, however, since it isn't finished yet, it's a slight step back for th h1x0
09:47:59JdGordonmay as weell wait till u finish it then. no?
09:48:06 Join perplexity [0] (
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09:50:28 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
09:50:47JdGordonhey midkay
09:51:10JdGordonfeel like spicing it up a bit joining #ROCKBOX not #rockbox aye? :p
09:53:17 Join midkay_ [0] (n=midkay@
09:53:18 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:54:47*JdGordon hats studying :'(
09:54:47 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:55:10 Join petur [0] (
09:56:03peturbah. if firefox stability keeps degrading like this I'm back to IE :/
09:56:22JdGordonopera is better
09:57:06amiconnFirefox never crashed on me, unlike IE
09:57:18peturwell here it does :(
09:57:43peturon some sites that use flash or applets
09:58:00peturand all open windows go hanging
09:58:18Slasherion linux firefox is almost unusable because sometimes it crashes multiple times a day. At least Konqueror and Opera works without issues
09:58:36JdGordoni have no prbles wih fiefox on linux
09:58:47peturit started doing this with I think
09:58:56*amiconn didn't experience a single crash of firefox on linux either
09:59:17Slasherianyway, i think konqueror is better and faster than firefox so no reason to use it
09:59:23crwlI don't have crash problems with firefox on linux, but it sometimes gets stuck with 100% CPU usage for up to half a minute
09:59:46amiconnFor me there is a reason... I have no KDE installed, and won't install it
09:59:49 Quit petur (Client Quit)
10:00:08 Join petur [0] (
10:00:45crwlkonqueror is very good, especially now that it has adblock filter support built in (though it's not as good as the firefox extension), but there's still some reasons for me to not use it, but I can't remember them :P
10:01:20JdGordonis /\ or \/ AND ?
10:01:23amiconnkonqueror itself is good, but I don't like the KDE desktop
10:02:09crwlwell, YMMV :) I couldn't stand using GNOME for a day, it sometimes feels worse than windows 2000, and that is something
10:02:24JdGordon?me hates gnome also
10:02:28*JdGordon ven
10:02:34JdGordoneven even
10:03:05peturlink test 1-2-3
10:06:24 Join bluebrother [0] (
10:06:52peturbtw, I think /| is AND
10:07:07petur /\ even
10:07:14 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
10:07:50*petur hasn't used that notation since he left school
10:08:16 Join anathema [0] (
10:08:34Jungti1234How can I appoint position of letter?
10:10:54Jungti1234oops, In WPS
10:12:23JdGordonu can really only get the row.. not colum...
10:12:42Jungti1234%al%s%m|45|205| %?it<%it|%fn>
10:24:49 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
10:25:20 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:25:22Jungti1234Isn't it right?
10:27:48JdGordonta petur, didnt see your reply..
10:27:53Jungti1234Where can I find it?
10:40:06 Join dpro [0] (
10:40:42 Quit Kohlrabi ("Hello my name is CoolClonk .")
10:48:42Jungti1234help me........
10:51:18 Join wooo [0] (
10:52:02 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
10:53:08 Quit Kohlrabi (Client Quit)
10:53:29 Join Matze [0] (
10:53:47Matzehello there :)
10:54:34markunhi Matze
10:55:40Matzei have a question: i'm currently "trying" to port TileWorld (you see a feature request) to rockbox... well maybe i'll never finish but i hope to learn a lot out of this try... my first big problem is with the makefile, i just copied the one from Chessbox and made the neccessary changes (correct sourcefiles, right name for the output files)... this seems to work, but is this the right way? Is there any documentation on making makefiles for rb pl
10:57:10Matzenext problem is, that i've made it telling me something about that he wants to make widgets.h but he doesnt have the target for that... i just included PLUGIN_HEADER and the neccessary plugin loading code into the main file, with inclusion of plugin.h. where is my mistake? :) maybe anyone of you knows just by this description
11:00:22Jungti1234Does that fit to Experimental Build?
11:01:33Matze? that has nothing to do with the experimental build... ah well, i use the original cvs source..
11:04:54Jungti1234me, me.
11:05:56 Join SereRokR [0] (
11:09:07 Quit anathema (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:11:53 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
11:13:05tucozbluebrother, do you think I should commit the jpg frontpage? The size of the h120 manual 986K with that.
11:15:05tucozheck. I commit it. We keep the png in cvs for future use. The jpg artifacts are almost non existing.
11:15:22 Quit SereR0KR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:16:02 Quit tucoz (Remote closed the connection)
11:28:01 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
11:30:33 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
11:37:49bluebrothertucoz, just noticed your commit.
11:37:59bluebrotherreally nice :)
11:38:46 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:39:07 Join petur_ [0] (
11:40:44tucozYes. the manual download is getting less intimidating in terms of size
11:41:34bluebrotherjust looked over the actual daily build page. Really nice, especially as the h300 manual is now nearly as big as the others.
11:41:41 Nick petur_ is now known as petur (n=d4efd6a6@rockbox/developer/petur)
11:42:02 Join darkless [0] (
11:42:09tucozYes. I have been thinking of a size reduction some time, but didn't know what to do.
11:42:48bluebrotherI was discussing this reduction some time ago, but there were some objections to use a lossy format for a bitmap ...
11:42:58bluebrotherbut I think for now it's the best solution.
11:44:02amiconnI'd rather use a vector version of the logo if available
11:44:04tucozNot optimal, but good enough imo. At least if it makes more people download the manual.
11:44:36tucozYes. I think a vector version of the logo would be nicest.
11:45:15amiconnjpeg for a logo is a terrible misuse, imo
11:45:34tucozhehe. It is.
11:45:54bluebrotherthe only thing that could people still refrain from downloading the manual is the page number ;-)
11:46:09bluebrotherhehe. I knew amiconn wouldn't like this.
11:46:22tucozbut a logo that is one third of the size of the manual is also misue (of KB)
11:46:49amiconnyeah, true
11:47:04bluebrotherI really need to search for vector solutions for latex ...
11:47:12amiconnBut I wouldn't care about a few 100KBs of size difference
11:47:46bluebrothermaybe the "new logo" discussion on the forums lead to someone rebuilding the logo as svg.
11:47:57tucozme neither. Later on, we should be able to produce a print-manual, and a on-line manual.
11:48:47tucozjust by using pdflatex, and it's options. However, I have failed so far with that.
11:49:25tucozso the current situation is sub-optimal. Then again, the manual is still a draft :D
11:49:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:49:30bluebrotherI would care about the size if I'm on a slow connection (which happens sometimes −− 56kbit is really painful) or on a slow computer
11:49:50tucoz56kbit is the stoneage
11:50:25bluebrotherwhen I'm at my parents I only have a analogue telephone line.
11:50:45tucozI know what you mean.
11:51:01bluebrotherwhich doesn't happen too often, but then I cut down my internet activities to an absolutely minimum
11:51:13bluebrotherwaiting to get back to my fast network ;-)
11:51:31tucozyou're at your parents now?
11:51:45bluebrotherno, I'm at university
11:51:54tucozoh. I get it :)
11:52:19bluebrotherbut I don't have my machine with me, so using irssi with putty
11:52:46tucozYou use windows at your uni?
11:52:49bluebrotherwhich I haven't managed to recognize highlighting.
11:52:54bluebrotherYeah, I need to.
11:53:07bluebrotherProgramming environment is w32-only
11:53:38 Quit Jungti1234 ()
11:55:03tucozxgl/compiz is fun :)
11:55:07 Join rockbox [0] (
11:55:15rockboxhey guys
11:55:33tucozhi rockbox
11:55:45rockboxneed help here - just installed bootloader on ipod nano and now i cant turn it on and it wont show up as a hard disk or anything
11:55:49rockboxwhat do i do to fix it?
11:55:59JdGordonthrow it against the wall..
11:56:07*JdGordon had the same problem and that fixed it
11:56:15rockboxno really - it isnt mine either haha
11:56:23JdGordonwoops.. wrong indow :p
11:56:23rockboxipodpatcher doesnt recognise it
11:56:25peturreset it?
11:56:32rockboxhows that
11:56:45tucozisn't it possible to enter diskmode somehow on the ipods?
11:56:51rockboxcool how
11:56:53tucozby holding menu or something
11:57:06tucoznot sure
11:57:35peturisn't this mentioned in the wiki?
11:57:41tucozhave you searched the wiki?
11:58:23rockboxphew fixed it
11:58:25bluebrotherI have only tried the compose extension yet.
11:58:25rockboxpanic over
11:58:30rockboxloooooove you guys lol
11:58:47 Join _FireFly_ [0] (">
11:59:04tucozbluebrother, it's really neat. But, it feels a bit unstable.
11:59:15tucozLike the cube and rotate
11:59:25bluebrotherperhaps my graphics card is a bit slow −− radeon 7500
11:59:27 Quit rockbox (Client Quit)
12:00:02tucozmight be. I think the next version of will take care of that.
12:00:40bluebrotherxorg 7.1 has aiglx I read. Still waiting for packages for my distro ;-)
12:01:22tucozthat was the stuff I was thinking about.
12:01:55bluebrotherfor now I'm pretty happy mostly everything is working. Even hibernate :)
12:02:17tucozyou run fedora right?
12:02:43 Join Poka64 [0] (
12:02:44bluebrothertried debian some years ago but didn't like it at all.
12:02:47tucozok. I tried hibernate once (ubuntu dapper). Weird things happend
12:03:04bluebrotherbut ubuntu is on my to-try-list
12:03:20 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:03:29bluebrothermaybe I should really consider getting a used machine for playing stuff.
12:03:39bluebrotherbut gentoo is another distro I wanted to try.
12:03:46perplexityI just migrated ubuntu dapper from the in-kernel suspend to suspend2 and hibernate works a treat..
12:03:46tucozI like it. I used to use suse, but that always failed somehow after a while
12:03:56bluebrotherdamn, I need more money. And more time ;-)
12:04:10bluebrotherI left Suse behind over 5 years ago.
12:04:26bluebrothertoo bad IBM sold their laptop stuff :'-(
12:04:51tucozyast was really bad at the time I used it.
12:05:12tucozapt is so good
12:05:41bluebrotherfedora's yum is also really great.
12:05:53bluebrotherI used apt for quite a while on my old rh-box.
12:05:57tucozah. so I've heard.
12:09:33bluebrotherit's always the same. You're coding and then there comes that "but ... we also need a new feature". And it breaks mostly everything.
12:10:27tucozannoying, yes.
12:14:35bluebrothersometimes it's a nice idea to delete windows temporary files.
12:15:01bluebrother"catastrophic" compiler errors are gone ... windows is strange.
12:16:04 Quit tucoz (Remote closed the connection)
12:19:57 Quit theli_ua (Remote closed the connection)
12:21:16 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:21:16 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:28:19 Quit rconan_ ("Leaving")
12:36:45 Quit wooo (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:40:37 Quit perplexity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:43:54 Join theli_ua [0] (
12:51:44 Join anathema [0] (
12:56:22 Join Febs [0] (
13:00:18JdGordoni want to mak /media/storage/blaa accessable as a dirctory for my websie on my server.. cept that folder is on a diferent partition to /var/www so it wont let me make a link to it.. any1 kow how to do t?
13:00:33bluebrothersymlink it
13:00:40bluebrotherln -s
13:02:57bluebrotheror create a mapping in your httpd.conf
13:03:28JdGordonoh damn.. ln -s worked :p
13:11:20 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
13:13:04 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
13:18:31 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
13:21:06 Join perplexity [0] (i=heh3685@
13:27:38 Join lodesi [0] (
13:30:08 Quit bluebrother ("bbl")
13:49:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:50:46Hansmaulwurf:(, i have only 71 MB free on my player :(
13:51:47 Quit humulus (Remote closed the connection)
13:56:17 Nick Mikaelh is now known as Mikachu (
13:56:28 Join tempi [0] (n=tempi@unaffiliated/tempi)
13:56:36tempihowdy, dear hackers!
13:57:24tempii got an ipod with a broken 1.8" disk in it. since i want to use the ipod only for testing, i wonder what the cheapest way would be to connect ANY kind of storage to the ipod - it does not have to fit into the case.
13:58:21tempii am looking for 1.8-to.2.5" IDE adapters but can't find one in this direction (they are all the other way around: to connect an 1.8" disk to a 2.5 or 3.5 host)
14:00:09 Join Florian|| [0] (
14:06:15 Part Florian|| ("Verlassend")
14:06:52peturtempi: find a broken ipod with a working disk?
14:07:12tempinot at an affordable price...
14:07:32tempimy hope is to find a adapter so that i can connect either a CF-card or a 2.5 drive to the ipod
14:07:59tempii've got plenty of 2.5" drives here
14:18:40preglowaren't those "a bit" too big?
14:18:47 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:18:51preglowforget me
14:22:45 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
14:26:01 Join JdG [0] (
14:26:52 Quit JdGordon (Nick collision from services.)
14:26:59 Nick JdG is now known as Jdgordon (
14:27:04 Nick Jdgordon is now known as JdGordon (
14:29:53 Join Lear [0] (
14:31:35Genre9mp3I just noticed a ".glyphcache" file in my rockbox dir....what exactly is that?
14:32:33 Join PaulJam [0] (
14:34:02Paul_The_NerdIt's for unicode I believe.
14:35:32Genre9mp3So it's a cache for glyphs of the unifont.fnt, right?
14:35:44amiconnGenre9mp3: It caches the least recently used unicode positions so rockbox can preload those glyphs at next boot
14:44:25tucozwhy are we shipping two tetris clones?
14:44:45 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
14:47:15amiconntucoz: Good question. I even thought we disabled rockblox when going through the manual
14:47:35tucozso I saw in the bug-report :).
14:47:45_FireFly_amiconn: the manual for rockblox is afaik back online
14:47:53amiconnThat's why I thought it should be removed, until someone pointed ou tthat rockblox is still included
14:48:12amiconnStill I think rockblox should be removed beofre release
14:48:48tucozMe too. Guess that is a pretty quick operation anyway.
14:50:14JdGordonand beer s finished :'(
14:51:34 Join TeaSea [0] (
14:53:37 Join bluebrother [0] (
14:59:44bluebrothertucoz, you noticed your last commit breaks all other ondio-specific screenshots?
14:59:58tucozreally? grrr :)
15:00:07bluebrotheri.e. all that I commited some days ago.
15:00:08tucozof cource
15:00:17bluebrotherwe just need to rename them.
15:00:37tucozHmm. What to do? Rename and duplicate?
15:02:06bluebrotherwould be the fastest solution.
15:02:29bluebrotherExcept from the fact I don't like the duplication, but it's "only" ~15 pictures.
15:03:11tucozMe neither. But, for this I think it's ok
15:03:25tucozOk, I'll fix it then
15:04:04bluebrotherwc tells me it's only 11, so I think this is ok
15:04:14bluebrothergood :)
15:04:59markunnice try wiki spammer..
15:08:38 Join JdGordon_ [0] (
15:09:17amiconntucoz: Would it be possible to only split the screenshots which are really different, i.e. have some screenshots identical for more than 1 manual?
15:09:23 Quit JdGordon ()
15:09:35*lodesi is away: Occupé
15:09:42tucozYes. That is how we do it most of the time
15:10:01tucozas long as the resolutionxbpp is identical
15:11:32tucozand bluebrother introduced a new feature recently, where we can split by target as well. Like my recent commit with the main-menu. It has recording/fm-radio for the fm, but not for the sp. Still, same resxbpp
15:12:16 Part JdGordon_
15:13:07amiconnYes. Some screenshots will even be identical across 5 targets (all archos targets except player)
15:13:20 Join JdGordon [0] (
15:13:52tucozExactly. And the ipod4g and iriverh1xx share the same screenshots now.
15:15:41bluebrothercurrently we have a 3 step fallback. Look for an image <basename>-<resolution>-<device>. If not found try <basename>-<resolution>, so all targets that have identical screenshots will use that. If none of them found print a "not found" text, so the manual could still be built
15:16:36bluebrotherwhich means that adding a screenshot that's different from say h100 for the 4g is only a matter of adding a new file with the appropriate <device>.
15:17:50bluebrotherunfortunately this means we need to split ondiofm and ondiosp on all places where they differ from the resolution screenshot.
15:18:42tucozit's not so bad. Several of the screenshots are either radio or recording. -> no duplicates
15:19:12 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
15:22:04 Part tempi ("Leaving")
15:25:31 Quit anathema (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:34:27 Part tgcondor
15:36:11 Quit bondolo ("Cya!")
15:41:56Paul_The_Nerdbluebrother: Does the manual tell people to get fonts from ?
15:43:26tucozPaul_The_Nerd, RTFM :D
15:44:12tucozI don't think that it is in the manual yet
15:44:22Paul_The_NerdSomeone said they were directed to get the fonts there from the pdf manual
15:44:35Paul_The_NerdAnd apparently the hebrew fonts there at least don't work with the hebrew language file anymore
15:44:41 Part JdGordon
15:44:47tucozOh. That might be true. I thought you meant the font-package
15:44:56tucozthe new one that is
15:45:03Paul_The_NerdPoints to">
15:45:06Paul_The_NerdWhich is apparently bad
15:45:18Paul_The_NerdSince they don't work right. Hehehe
15:45:22tucozyep. I can fix that. Should I point to the download package?
15:45:50Paul_The_NerdThe daily builds page, since the package's filename changes with the date.
15:46:12Paul_The_NerdIt should always be the last entry in the Daily Builds table, right after the Source download, I believe
15:46:51tucozwonder what to do about the langs link
15:47:06Paul_The_NerdAren't all languages included in Rockbox anyway?
15:47:32Paul_The_NerdI must admit, I'm not terribly familiar with the localization options.
15:47:57tucozI thought so. But, this might be in the case that you use a released version and a new/updated translation of that version is released.
15:48:28amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: The /fonts/ url is waaay outdated. All the non-iso8859-1 fonts available there won't work correctly since the introduction of utf-8
15:48:36Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I figured.
15:49:10amiconnSome "historic" sub-folders on need cleanup
15:49:21Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: Hmmm... Maybe mention that those localizations are _only_ for release builds, and that if you're using a daily / CVS download the newest translations will automatically be included, and the ones there may be invalid.
15:49:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:49:55Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Oddly enough, the simplest guide I've found to compiling is this, despite being out of date:">
15:49:59amiconnWhat translations?
15:50:13tucozamiconn, over at
15:50:33Paul_The_NerdI don't know, those could be up to date
15:50:34tucozwouldn't know for sure what they are
15:50:41amiconnAll the translations are included in all rockbox packages since I don't remember when...
15:50:57Paul_The_NerdI have no idea what the ones in that folder are, and it's possible we just shouldn't point people to them
15:51:25 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
15:51:39*lodesi is back (gone 00:42:04)
15:51:41 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
15:52:17tucozSo it is pointless asking people to go to a page for .lang downloads?
15:52:18*amiconn accidentally hit the disconnect button
15:53:42 Quit theli_ua ("by all")
15:55:35tucozamiconn, do you know what the folder is used for?
15:57:07 Join JdGordon [0] (
15:58:11 Quit pondlife ("Gottago")
15:58:28tucozamiconn, Paul_The_Nerd. Is this ok?
15:58:55Paul_The_NerdLooks great to me.
15:59:35Paul_The_NerdIt's always disconcerting when someones problem was caused by the fact that they _did_ read the manual. ;-)
16:00:12 Join pondlife [0] (
16:00:25tucozYes. That is not good. I'm glad we have the draft stamp on the manual though.
16:00:37Paul_The_NerdVery definitely
16:00:41tucozas a sorts of disclaimer
16:03:00Paul_The_NerdI still need to familiarize myself with the manual a little better. I plan to print out hardcopies of the manuals for the units I have and go over them sometime later this week, once I'm done with my classwork.
16:03:33 Join Febs [0] (
16:06:09*Paul_The_Nerd sighs.
16:06:18Paul_The_NerdApparently "kamalneet" is blaming Rockbox for what happened to his iPod.
16:06:22 Join theli_ua [0] (
16:06:52Hansmaulwurfprint all 100 pages?
16:06:58Paul_The_NerdHe changed it so his iPod entered deep sleep in 15 minutes while in retail. So, he plugged it into a wall in Retail, it went into deep sleep after finishing charging, then endlessly rebooted for many hours.
16:07:21tucozyou can print it with 4 pages on each sheet of paper. Like a booklet
16:07:21Paul_The_NerdHansmaulwurf: I find it easier to edit when I can scribble notes onto the paper while at a 24-hour restaurant.
16:07:48Hansmaulwurfthats true, but i would exclude the pictures
16:08:10Paul_The_NerdDraft quality grayscale printing at maximum speed.
16:08:20 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
16:08:47Paul_The_NerdI almost never use my printer these days anyway.
16:09:06 Join dalong [0] (
16:11:16amiconntucoz: .lng not .lang
16:11:22dalongcan anybody help me. i have installed rockbox on ipod nano, then i selected "bliss" theme, and then choodsed clear backdrops as a resylt menu is black now - black bacgroun - black font
16:11:24amiconn.lang are the source files
16:11:32tucozok. thanks. I'll fix
16:11:50dalongnow i can reset rockbox settings ?
16:12:24dalongor in what config file i can change these settings?
16:12:27peturdalong: boot it with hold on
16:12:33FebsMain menu −−> reset settings
16:12:50dalongthe result is the same, setting do not changes
16:12:59peturFebs: if you can read it...
16:13:08tucozdalong, do what petur says
16:13:13dalong2Febs - i cannot see these menu items : )
16:14:20dalongpetur, tucoz thx a lot !!! :)
16:18:24FebsSorry, I flipped to the IRC window right as he asked the reset question and I didn't see the prior point about black on black. ;)
16:19:07peturI'm going to add a protection to that if I get the time ;)
16:19:25peturthe color matching I mean, not the IRC flipping :p
16:19:38amiconnThere already is a protection
16:19:39dalongit would be cool :) khkhkh
16:19:47peturthere is?
16:19:53amiconnYou can't set background & foreground to the same colour
16:19:55Paul_The_NerdHow protective is it?
16:20:01Paul_The_NerdI mean, if you pick black, and near-black...
16:20:24 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:20:29amiconnThere are 2 cases were it doesn't prevent from going to invisible text:
16:20:37amiconn(1) Loading from .cfg
16:20:37peturamiconn: in the color picker or the config routine itself?
16:20:55amiconn(2) Choosing a foreground that is invisible on your choses background _picture_
16:21:00 Join Dyegov [0] (
16:21:09petur(2) is hard to fix
16:21:14Paul_The_NerdVery hard
16:21:42 Join alberink [0] (n=alberink@
16:21:50Mikachuthe selector bar should still make the text visible in that case
16:22:10amiconn(2) is practically impossible to fix, and I'm not sure about (1)
16:22:19 Nick alberink is now known as stamppot (n=alberink@
16:22:30amiconnMikachu: It doesn't. The selctor just switches foreground & background
16:22:32_FireFly_amiconn: i think for (1) it is the same as for (2)
16:22:36Mikachuamiconn: i meant about (2)
16:22:51amiconnMikachu: Same for (2)
16:23:19Mikachudoes the selector bar make the text colored by the background picture?
16:23:52 Quit theli_ua ("by all")
16:24:02Mikachuif bg and fg are completely different colors, but fg and the picture are near, then the selector bar should make it visible
16:24:05amiconnRather, yes
16:24:32amiconnThe background picture *is* the background if it exists
16:24:47amiconnThe bg colour isn't used at all in that case
16:25:08XavierGrif the user manages to select the same colour for fg and bg there is always the reset settings option.
16:25:34 Part Dyegov ("Leaving")
16:25:45XavierGr(at boot time)
16:28:42Paul_The_NerdWell, I think too much protection against user mistakes is wasteful
16:29:13Paul_The_NerdYou need something complicated to deal with the backdrop situation, and it requires them to take action to cause the problem. They can always reset and do it right.
16:30:21stamppotHi guys!
16:30:22amiconnI agree that the reset option is sufficient. But ending up with unreadable text isn't always the user's fault
16:30:32stamppotAnything I can do to help get Rockbox 3.0 out the door?
16:30:34peturmaybe we must force theme files to always specify fg/bg colors if they specify a backdrop
16:30:45stamppotVerify bugs? Do stuff for the manual?
16:30:46dalongand one mpre question :) can anybody to share his eqs presets?
16:30:51 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Kühe!!!")
16:30:56amiconnIt can also happen when he loads a theme that doesn't specify all 3 setting(fg colour, bg colour, and bg picture)
16:31:24 Join Matixs [0] (
16:31:24peturamiconn: :)
16:32:38amiconnHmm, that reminds me: (1) Is it possible to explicitly specify "no background picture" in a .cfg (I think it is) and (2) Does loading such a .cfg file when there is currently a background loaded unload the background picture (not sure about this one)?
16:33:04MatixsHello, i have one question. When iam updating tagcache, rockbox freeze on entry number 255. How i can find out which track it is ?
16:33:18Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I always felt that we should instead require people to specify font color in all themes. The only ones that really don't are the ones that assume black.
16:33:22peturamiconn: I think I fixed the backdrop clearing some time ago
16:33:57Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Also, I feel that if you set BG color, it should clear backdrop, as a way for themes to remove backdrops. Since I don't think there is a way for a .cfg to clear one yet.
16:36:16tucozstamppot, although we appreciate manual work, the manual is not critical in terms of a 3.0 release
16:37:02 Join lancelott [0] (
16:37:03*petur notices the manual gets most commits these days...
16:37:52 Join bluey- [0] (
16:39:27Hansmaulwurf3.0 will be released after the battery thing on the H300 is fixed right?
16:39:54Paul_The_NerdKinda under debate
16:40:13stamppottucoz: understood, but if you have anything else to do...
16:41:07MatixsHave anyone solution on my problem? When I am updating tagcache, rockbox freeze on entry number 255. How i can find out which track it is ?
16:41:15stamppotHansmaulwurf: what battery thing?
16:44:04 Quit klrspz ()
16:44:09Paul_The_NerdMatixs: Remove half of the new songs you added. Then rebuild it cleanly after deleting. If it doesn't freeze, it's in that half. Add half of that back, try again, repeat until it freezes and you've narrowed down the field
16:44:21Paul_The_NerdKeep doing that with groups you know fail until you've narrowed it down to 1">
16:44:48preglowshould i close this?
16:46:32 Quit `3nergy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:46:55MatixsPaul_The_Nerd Iam still using itunes, and i dont remember, which a added yesterday. How tagcache work? Scan directories from beginning A to directory which begin Z ?
16:48:04Paul_The_NerdMatixs: I don't know what order it scans.
16:50:06Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Probably, yeah
16:50:45preglowalso, there's an ipod bug marked 3.0 critical
16:51:16bluebrotheri guess that bug must be a bug then ;-)
16:51:33bluebrother(assuming it doesn't affect the release targets)">
16:52:38bluebrotherah, reported for h300 too.
16:52:53*bluebrother starts trying tagcache with the actual build
16:52:53preglowdata aborts don't occur on coldfire
16:52:59preglowthey're an arm thing
16:53:05Paul_The_NerdThat's a prefetch abort though?
16:53:10preglowyes, i know, i'm a turd
16:53:15preglowprefetch aborts are also arm only
16:53:59preglowso it should be filed in its own bug report, i guess
16:54:09preglowthought it _might_ indicate a crosstarget bug
16:54:14bluebrotherah, the reporter states as "almost fixed" −− large album art in the tags.
16:54:28*bluebrother should read tasks completely first
16:54:43MatixsIm my case, no error, simply rockbox freeze
16:55:19MatixsBut i have many songs with album art
16:56:12Paul_The_NerdMatixs: You need to simply figure out which songs you added, or strip the album art off the songs already on the player
16:56:54MatixsYes, which song is "bad"
16:56:55_FireFly_Matixs: you could find out via the create time of the files which you have added recently to your player
16:57:19preglowa distinct lack of bugs i'm qualified to fix quickly
16:58:46bluebrotherwtf? I can't find the "force tagcache update" anymore. Has it been moved?
16:58:55MatixsNow i move all directories (about 300MB each)
16:59:16MatixsBut your idea _FireFly_ is better :)
17:00:05Paul_The_Nerdbluebrother: It was moved to the "File View" menu
17:00:34bluebrotherah, ok. I guess I'll update that in the manual now ...
17:03:40 Join `3nergy [0] (
17:04:09Paul_The_NerdI wonder... could TagCache be expanded to a more general metadata thing? For example, doesn't JPEG have EXIF or something, that could potentially be cached and sorted? Just... an idea that floated through just now.
17:04:36amiconnDoesn't make sense *imo*
17:05:18amiconnRockbox is primarily a dap firmware. All that jpeg viewing, game plugins etc are just addons
17:05:35Hansmaulwurf(stamppot) Hansmaulwurf: what battery thing? <−−−− the battery consumption on the H300 series with rockbox is very bad
17:07:04Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Fair enough, but we have the "Supported" file view, which shows all files in viewers.config, and it made me think of it.
17:07:13Hansmaulwurfand i think noone knows the reason
17:08:29stamppotHmmm, haven't compared it to the iRiver version in a long long time (it's been a long long time since I booted that one... :)
17:08:34stamppotHow bad is it?
17:08:52preglowpretty bad
17:08:57preglowmore or less halves battery time, afaik
17:09:52Hansmaulwurfmaybe its the bad iriver hardware architecture ;)
17:09:59stamppotI usually run it off a charger, that's why I didn't notice, probably...
17:10:06amiconnThe bad thing is that it's most probably caused by some uninitialised hardware
17:10:23amiconn..and the degree of badness also seems to vary from unit to unit
17:10:47stamppotAmiconn: do you want that quantified?
17:10:56amiconnI got slightly more than half the playtime I would expect in a runtime test
17:11:04Hansmaulwurflike the ticking with the H100
17:11:13Hansmaulwurfvary from unit to unit
17:11:20amiconn(11 hours instead of 19)
17:11:23amiconnOther people reported even worse runtimes
17:11:32 Join hardeep [0] (
17:11:47stamppotBest way to test this is? Battery_bench?
17:11:49Hansmaulwurfamiconn: i this the last bug that is holding 3.0 off?
17:11:57Paul_The_NerdHansmaulwurf: Varies from remote to remote. I used to not have the ticking, broke my remote, ordered a replacement, and it ticked very very very badly.
17:12:19amiconnHansmaulwurf: The ticking is a design/production flaw in the irivers. It varies from unit to unit and can't be fixed in software, only reduced
17:12:41preglowrecording section of the manual needs updating after i implemented spdif recording
17:12:54amiconnHansmaulwurf: No it's not. If the power issue were the only remaining bug, I'd vote for excluding the H300 from 3.0
17:14:43preglowquite a number of bugs are reported by anonymous people who stop responding to their bugs
17:14:52Paul_The_NerdYeah, that is quite frustrating
17:14:54preglowdo we still allow anonymous bug reports?
17:15:00Hansmaulwurfah ok, just thought it because in the mailing list the power issue was the only thing i read
17:15:01preglowi think we should stop
17:15:04preglowand that as soon as possible
17:15:10stamppotpreglow: according to flyspray, you do...
17:17:39bluebrotherpreglow, I second that. People who want to report bugs seriously won't refrain from it by the extra step of registering
17:18:28bluebrothertucoz, it seems \opt is inserting extra spaces. Have you noticed that before?
17:18:32preglowand they'll be notified when we need further info
17:19:13*stamppot is away: get some food
17:20:47pondlifeI've been attempting to investigate"> - this is actually a nasty crash, not just voice stopping.
17:22:02pondlifeUnfortunately I'm a bit stumped in playback.c. Who knows that code..? lostlogic? hardeep? Anyone else fancy a go.?
17:22:06 Join jrmuizel [0] (
17:22:38preglowlostlogic's pretty much it
17:22:56preglowhow's it crash?
17:23:32preglowi see
17:23:44pondlifeYes, but I think that may just be the sim...
17:24:22pondlifeI guess I should be testing the new logf patch and running on the device.
17:24:47pondlifeBut my reset switch is broken, so it's not something I want to click too often!
17:24:54preglowahaha, ouch
17:25:01preglowthat's a bit of a bummer indeed
17:25:10pondlifeOne day soon it's going to vanish into the case.
17:25:55pondlifeVoiced dirs/files seems to be the root of most crashes.
17:26:32pondlifeBut I'm finding it tough going in here - sems like there should be a mechanism to prevent a codec being swapped out whilst it's still executing.
17:26:41Hansmaulwurfi have the same problem with the reset button, i solved it that I made the hole bigger with a borer
17:27:17pondlifeGood idea - although I'm a bit clumsy with power tools ;-)
17:33:09 Join rconan [0] (n=richard@
17:35:21lostlogicpondlife: I can help you investigate it if you want, but still seem to be kept busy with real life and real job
17:36:04preglowpondlife: a codec being swapped while it's executing sounds somewhat unlikely
17:36:24preglowlostlogic: what, your activities here are imaginary? ;)
17:37:05lostlogicpondlife: I know that pressing stop while voice is playing causes crashage (it's noted on that wiki page I have about playback)
17:37:54lostlogicpondlife: and I think it has to do with the sequence of events that must take place when stop is pressed in order for both codecs ot end up stopped
17:38:19lostlogicsomething like the music codec ends up stopping first and then the voice tries to swap to a codec that's not running any more or something stupid like that
17:38:43pondlifelostlogic: sorry, was on kettle duty
17:39:10pondlifeI'm just trying to get my head arond some basic concepts
17:39:13lostlogicI have an incomplete patch that might help with some issues in the codec swapping if you're interested in taking a look
17:39:22 Quit ender` (" Information travels more surely to those with a lesser need to know.")
17:39:38 Quit jrmuizel (Connection timed out)
17:39:47pondlifeHmm, I think I need to know what I'm doing first - I'll look at it for educational purposes, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
17:39:54pondlifeand I have very little knowledge
17:41:14pondlifeIf you want to mail it over to me, you can send it to liamDOT kunjATntlworld DOTCOM
17:41:59lostlogicthe original reason I started doing that was in the interest of fixing voice vs. audio early initialization or something
17:42:27 Join chrisntr [0] (
17:43:08pondlifelostlogic: I know you don't use the sim much (at all?) but do you know if the sim uses different methods for codec handling than the device?
17:43:16chrisntrI compiled ipod_fw.c and it created ipod_fw but it's not executable or a command:(
17:43:43pondlifeI don't think it should, but the way it uses _temp_codec.dll suggests otherwise
17:44:13preglowchrisntr: platform?
17:44:23chrisntrUbuntu 6.06
17:44:36preglowchrisntr: did you do ./ipod_fw or ipod_fw?
17:45:00chrisntrI ran gcc -o ipod_fw ipod_fw.c
17:45:07preglowyes, but to execute
17:45:14chrisntrah right, ipod_fw
17:45:18preglowuse ./ipod_fw
17:45:19chrisntri'll try ./ipod_fw
17:45:24preglowubuntu doesn't path . by default
17:45:33preglowlike most other linux distros
17:45:51chrisntrpreglow: bingo, cheers :)
17:45:57preglownp, hehe
17:46:10chrisntrAnyway to make . by default?
17:46:27 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
17:46:32 Quit petur ("[x]")
17:47:10lostlogicpondlife: no, same
17:47:16lostlogicpondlife: the differences don't start until below the pcmbuffer
17:48:09Paul_The_NerdThere should be an option to adjust the watermark in the PCM Buffer, like there is with the compressed one..
17:48:28tucozbluebrother, no. I haven't noticed that
17:48:31lostlogicpondlife: I'm thinking that my think on the problem of the audio codec shutting down before the voice codec and ending up with the swap call being done wrong is probably right in some vague way... still not clear on the code path that gets us there though
17:48:58pondlifeOne real basic problem I'm getting is that dram_buf[0] is being used before it's initialised - this gives me a seg fault.
17:49:16bluebrothertucoz, also using \dap\ with additional following spaces seem to produce unwanted space :(
17:49:29pondlifeI'm doubting that I'm even building the sim correctly! (Only found about about make install yesterday.)
17:49:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:49:42bluebrotherI'm looking over the code stuff in the ipod installation section.
17:49:52lostlogicpondlife: well that should be corrected... who uses it that early?
17:49:59tucozbluebrother, isn't that becuase the last \ in \dap\ esacpes one space?
17:50:24bluebrotherI guess, but I haven't looked into it further.
17:50:25pondlifelostlogic: I'm just getting a backtrace, will let you know shortly
17:50:44bluebrotherI just noticed that we could also use \dap{}, which doesn't give this additional space.
17:51:05tucozoh. Cool.
17:51:19bluebrotherotoh, \dap. and \dap{}. differ in the way that the 2nd has a tiny bit more space between the dap and the dot.
17:51:33bluebrotherI guess it's the kerning not being applied in that case.
17:51:45*tucoz wonders what kerning is
17:52:13tucozI found it
17:52:13bluebrotherI'm still looking how this works exactly, but if this is the way I think atm using \dap{} would be preferable to \dap\
17:52:16preglowspacing two characters
17:52:30 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.1 -")
17:52:36bluebrotherkerning shrinks the space between two characters if its appropriate.
17:52:46preglowor expands
17:52:54bluebrothersay, AV −− you can shrink the space to make it look better.
17:52:59preglowusually not expands, though
17:53:21preglownot something you usually think about, each font has a kerning table that gets used
17:54:02tucozWe should only use \dap\ when followed by a space. \dap otherwise.
17:54:17tucozpreglow, ok. Never heard the word before.
17:54:38bluebrothersimilar to the ligatures (is this the correct term?) like fl −− on most fonts you can set fl as one character, so the f "flows" directly into the l
17:55:00preglowligatures is corret
17:55:04preglowcorrect too
17:55:50 Quit darkless (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:56:01bluebrotherI just translated the german word for it ;-)
17:58:07tucozligature is according to wikipedia "a device, similar to a tourniquet, usually of thread or string, tied around a limb, blood vessel or similar to restrict blood flow" :)
17:58:11preglowit's the same in all languages i know of
17:58:25tucozthe medicine term that is
17:59:26bluebrothertry ;-)
17:59:48 Join Poka64 [0] (
17:59:54tucozreading that as we speak
18:00:03 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
18:02:34pondlifeBlimey - a complete CVS get takes a while now...!
18:02:54bluebrothermy current idea of the ipod code sections.
18:04:02tucozcoolness. That is one of things that was missing. Does that handle opts as well?
18:04:50tucozas in that is cool :)
18:05:22bluebrotherwhat'd you mean? The typography stuff?
18:05:29bluebrotheror my code environment?
18:05:42tucozhehe. I meant your the 'code'-env.
18:06:18bluebrotherok, then I'll go on with that.
18:06:29tucozif it is possible to write \begin{code} \opt{foo}{bar} bla bla bla \end{code}
18:06:40bluebrothershould be nice for the manual iriver installation as well
18:06:56tucozand that the opt is not written verbatim
18:07:04bluebrotherpossible, but not supported yet. Should I add it?
18:07:36 Join wooo [0] (
18:08:23tucozIt's not many places where we would need that. But, in the wps section I edited some days ago that would have been good.
18:08:49tucozAs one of the tags was only valid for a specific opt
18:11:10 Quit chrisntr ("Ex-Chat")
18:12:12PaulJampreglow: i think the main reason why there are no answers to annonymous bugreports is, that you can't post a comment to a bugreport annonymously.
18:14:50preglowa nice reason to forbid anonymous reports
18:15:20Paul_The_NerdIt would also decrease drive-by-critical-feature-requesting
18:17:02Paul_The_NerdDoes anyone know where the confusion that leads to people thinking Rockboy is an external download comes from?
18:17:39 Quit Matixs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:17:55PaulJamPaul_The_Nerd: propably because it doesn't appear in the show plugins menu
18:18:07pondlifelostlogic: the problem I referred to earlier occurs because dram_buf[0] is used before it has been initialised in swap_codec (from codec_pcmbuf_insert_split_callback < codec_start < codec_load_ram...)
18:18:56pondlifelostlogic: When reset_buffer was called, it didn't set up dram_buf[0], probably because voiced menus were disabled, or the english.voice file is not present
18:19:14Paul_The_NerdPaulJam: I suppose the manual entry could be a bit clearer, saying explicitly "This is a viewer style plugin, and does not show up in the menu" or something (assuming it doesn't. People like to tell me they've read the manual in the hopes that I'll then be more likely to just help them without suggesting they read it first)
18:26:50lostlogicpondlife: ah, but why is swap_codec called if voice isn't initizliaed
18:27:01lostlogicthat's a neat bug.
18:27:52pondlifeYep, I'm just hacking at it.
18:29:14pondlifeBear in mind that voice should be initialised by now. This is after I've done a bit of tree browsing with .talk clips enabled (although not functioning)
18:29:30pondlifeThen I try to play an MP3 and BLAM
18:29:43pondlifeVery likely to be a sim-only problem I think
18:30:20pondlifeSome kind of bug in the queue system..?
18:31:25pondlifereset_buffer was called, but it decided not to initialise dram_buf.
18:34:20 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
18:34:48 Join lowlight [0] (
18:38:17 Quit rconan ("Leaving")
18:41:39 Quit hannesd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:44:16 Join hannesd_ [0] (
18:54:47 Quit klrspz ()
18:56:09*amiconn will probably be able to do some chip temp measurements on his h300 tonight
18:56:28amiconnInfrared thermometer...
18:56:56Paul_The_NerdHopefully we'll get some good results.
18:57:18markunamiconn: does it take a ir picture?
18:58:30amiconnNo. You need to aim at the spot you want to measure
18:58:59amiconnThere's a laser pointer that helps in aiming
19:00:06 Quit pondlife ("Gottago")
19:00:14 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
19:06:42 Join Cillian [0] (
19:06:55CillianWith the rockbox bootloader, how do I load the normal apple firmware?
19:07:08CillianOk, forget it
19:07:09sharpehold menu while booting
19:07:18CillianYeh, just found that in teh FAQ
19:07:22CillianI missed it the first time
19:07:31sharpeyeh, the FAQs a wonderful thing.
19:09:04CillianHmm, doesn't seem to work...
19:09:08CillianIt just loads rockbox
19:09:29Paul_The_NerdCillian: Then you're not pressing and holding it early enough
19:09:47Paul_The_NerdCillian: Try turning on the iPod with the Menu button, and just holding it down (try not to wiggle your finger, as triggering scrolls can mess it up)
19:10:07CillianOk, worked this time
19:12:51 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:13:28 Join PaulJam [0] (
19:15:44sharpei think it's kind of funny, when paul calmly explains to a person, what they did wrong, and why it didn't work...
19:16:38 Join darkless [0] (
19:21:45sharpei wonder if i should ever work on the whole, user customizable builds.
19:22:31CillianI just didn't know finger wiggling effected it
19:23:39 Join mirak [0] (
19:24:57bluebrothertucoz, do you know the difference between opt and optv?
19:27:30tucozno, I never heard of optv
19:29:02tucozmaybe it's something to do with verb
19:30:31bluebrotherit's used in the ipod_install.tex. Seems to be needed at some points.
19:30:56tucozhmm. Wonder why the standard opt doesn't work
19:31:08tucozfound it
19:32:21tucozcheck the optional.sty file.
19:34:15tucozI think it's so that an opt is ignored within a verbatim environment
19:35:01sharpehmm... in the font struct, why do we have height as an unsigned int, while max width is just declared as an int?
19:35:56 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
19:42:19 Join Cillian_ [0] (
19:42:23 Quit hannesd_ ("Client suicide")
19:44:06bluebrothertucoz, I commited my changes for now.
19:44:28bluebrothersomeone needs to check the information itself, but I still don't own an ipod ;-)
19:44:38bluebrotherI'm away now, cu l8ter.
19:44:43tucozbye bye
19:45:36 Join hannesd_ [0] (
19:48:21 Quit PaulJam (".")
19:49:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:50:41 Quit hannesd_ ("Client suicide")
19:52:01 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
19:52:31 Part lowlight
19:52:38sharpewoo! i explained something about the repetition of the same date of today, as it happened many times in the past
19:53:19 Join ben_ [0] (
20:01:15 Quit Cillian (Nick collision from services.)
20:01:17 Nick Cillian_ is now known as Cillian (
20:02:36CillianIs there a way to do multiple commands in an irssi alias?
20:03:47BHSPitMonkeyCillian: try the command "/join #irssi" first
20:04:01CillianOops, sorry, wrong channel
20:04:14CillianHeh, I shuffled round my channel numbers
20:09:58dprosorry but what do the two bars in the audio thread debug menu actually represent ?
20:11:11ben_hi i have a question
20:11:39sharpehi we have answers.
20:12:15ben_when i'm installing rockbox on my ipod 4g and i'm trying to read the existing firmware to my ipod i get a message in terminal saying './diskdump: command not found'
20:12:40sharpewell, it would appear you do not have the program diskdump.
20:12:56ben_but i do and i CD'ed into the directory as well
20:13:13sharpedid you type the ./ also?
20:13:31sharpei doubt it'd do anything, try it without it?
20:13:50dproben_ : is it executable ?
20:14:22ben_no the logo is just a white page and it has no extension
20:14:36ben_and the problem remains when i remove './'
20:14:57sharpeso is it in the same directory?
20:15:19ben_you mean Desktop/rockbox?
20:15:28sharpesure, lets go with that?
20:15:41ben_the same directory as what
20:15:50sharpeas you're in currently?
20:16:02sharpeand did you chmod them?
20:16:15sharpethat'd be your problem...
20:16:16ben_what should i chmod them to?
20:16:29sharpechmod +x ipod_fw diskdump
20:16:41sharpewelcome :D
20:17:35ben_i'm still getting the same thing
20:17:35 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
20:17:45ben_except now i don't have to run it in sudo
20:18:10sharpeit still gives you that it's not found?
20:18:23ben_hang on i'll open a new shell
20:18:25sharpewith and without ./ ?
20:18:32ben_i'll try without
20:19:01ben_ah here we go
20:19:38 Join PaulJam [0] (
20:20:29sharpe...where everybody knows your name...
20:25:28 Join scorche` [0] (
20:26:30ben_ok now i've installed the bootloader, but when i disconnect the ipod it has the small writing like it says it should but it doesn't enter the apple firmware
20:26:31 Join Moos [0] (
20:26:39 Join BHSPitMonkey_ [0] (
20:27:02MoosHello all !
20:27:02ben_and 'rockbox error: -1' keeps flashing up
20:27:08dproben_ : what does it do ? does it boot rb ?
20:27:33ben_the bootloader comes up but it doesnt boot anything
20:28:00ben_it stays on the bootloader with things like 'loading original firmware' flashing up occasionally
20:28:01 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Nick collision from services.)
20:28:07 Nick BHSPitMonkey_ is now known as BHSPitMonkey (
20:28:09dproben_: this is a vfat formatted 4g with a rockbox.ipod file on it's 2nd partition ?
20:28:25ben_it doesn't have rockbox.ipod
20:28:41ben_just after i've installed the bootloader
20:28:53ben_and the wiki says it should default to the apple firmware
20:29:06ben_and when i connect it the ipod doesn't mount on my mac
20:29:15dproben_ : no thats wrong (either the wiki or you)
20:29:26dprohold menu while booting
20:29:42ben_i can't get it to turn off now
20:29:56 Join knoopx [0] (
20:29:59dproearly enough when press and hols menu and select for a few secs
20:30:01knoopxwhats on
20:30:44ben_its not doing anything
20:31:01ben_the bootloader stays open and the light stays on but nothing happens when i press any of the buttons
20:31:21dproben_ : holding down menu & select for a few seconds doesn't reboot ?
20:31:40ben_ah now i does
20:31:43knoopxtheres any implemented function to show only playlists on file list? recusrive folder search only for *.m3u files
20:31:46dproben_: and when you see the apple logo _immediately_ press menu then it should boot OF
20:32:59ben_no when i hold menu + select it resets but it comes back up on the bootloader which doesn't do anything
20:33:28ben_and nothing happens when i press menu when the apple logo comes up
20:33:49dpromaybe retry to build a booltoader with your firmware backup the bootloader for 4g and ipod_fw ?
20:34:17ben_my computer isn't recognising that my ipod is connected
20:34:20dproben: what did you use to extract the original firmware ?
20:34:42ben_same as the tutorial said
20:34:44*dpro wishes he'd remember what key combo goes to emergency disk mode
20:34:51dproand what os are you using ?
20:34:58ben_os x
20:35:02ben_i'm following">
20:35:08dproand your ipod is vfat formatted ?
20:35:17ben_fat32 yeah
20:36:28dprohmmm ... ok reboot like I said and press play and select immediately when it's booting
20:36:44ben_here we go!
20:36:46dproshould at least show up as a disk (not an ipod though)
20:37:02dproben_ : what ?
20:37:08ben_yeah it's showing up
20:37:13ben_now what
20:37:28ben_do i put rockbox.ipod on
20:37:31dproinstall linux on your mac ;)
20:38:07ben_i like linux but i don't like compiling things myself and apt-get can get confusing
20:38:30dproben_ : yes I'd install rockbox and see if that works, but apparently something went wrong with the OF extraction / boot loader merge
20:39:06dproben_ : finding working cracks and installing share/freeware from all over the place can be quite confusing too at times ;)
20:39:19ben_ah so if installing doesn't work i should recover the ipod using my image?
20:40:01dproben_ : I'd try to reinstall a newly merged OF/rb bootloader first maybe you're ipod_fw command was not quite right
20:40:07dpro(but what do I know)
20:40:16ben_ok i'll try that
20:40:22 Join hiabane [0] (
20:40:52dproben_ : but first just unzip rockbox onto the 2nd partition and see if the current bootloader boots at least that
20:40:53 Join obo [0] (
20:41:20hiabaneanyone on here who can help me with some issues I am having using the in linux?
20:42:06 Join damaki__ [0] (
20:43:12hiabanewell actually in Suse
20:43:18dprohiabane: no idea what's the problem ?
20:44:30hiabanewell when I compile it and get everything running I get warning messages running ../tools/configure that say the gcc is not there
20:44:40hiabanewell not in my path
20:44:42ben_awesome! rockbox is running! thanks
20:44:50dprohiabane: and it isn't all that bad if you get your build environment by hand, there is plenty of time for coffee and beer when actually compiling
20:45:09dprohiabane: which gcc ?
20:45:22dprowhat happens when you type "gcc" in a shell ?
20:45:31hiabaneits arm_elf_gcc
20:45:57hiabanegcc in konsole gives me no input files
20:46:03dproso is there a arm-elf-gcc binary anywhere on your system ?
20:46:09obohiabane: have you added /usr/local/arm-elf/bin to your path?
20:46:23obo(i think that's the default location the script installs to...)
20:46:41hiabaneno I haven't I used the to install the binary into home/haibane/build
20:47:00dproben_ : you still might to investigate further why the OF won't boot - just in case you ever want it back ;)
20:47:00hiabaneit might be let me check
20:47:19ben_ok thanks
20:47:31dprohiabane: find is your friend
20:47:33ben_well i've still got the image so i'll keep that safe
20:48:06hiabaneah it is in usr/local/arm-elf/bin
20:48:23dproben: still pressing menu while bootinh should take you to the OF if everything went fine
20:48:39dprohiabane: so ad it to your path and rerun configure
20:48:50hiabaneI just run export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/arm-elf/bin"
20:49:05hiabanenow configure is probably my problem
20:49:12hiabaneI don't know anything about configure yet
20:49:23dproit's noob proof ;)
20:49:26ben_i might repair it and start over at some point
20:49:31hiabanejust type configure?
20:49:49dprogo to your build dir
20:49:58dproand type ../tools/configure
20:50:07hiabanethat configure
20:50:16dproyeah that one
20:50:57hiabanehella amazing
20:51:04*dpro needs a shave and a shower
20:52:25 Quit ben_ ()
20:54:04hiabanealright guys one more thing came up make[1]: *** [/home/haibane/rockbox-devel/Build/apps/screens.o] Error 1make: *** [all] Error 2
20:55:54oboany errors listed before that? what kind of build are you doing?
20:56:11 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:56:36hiabanewell I will let you know in a little bit. I forgot my cvs was from a few days ago as that is how long it has taken me to get around to getting the gcc working
20:56:52hiabaneso I am regrabbing the devel
20:57:21obofair enough :)
20:57:51hiabanecan I just use cvs update -dp
20:57:58hiabaneif so wow that was stupid what I just did
20:58:20oboyup, cvs -q up -dP is kinda hardwired into me these days
20:58:30hiabanehaha I bet
20:58:33hiabaneah now it is back
20:59:19CillianHmm, my ipod seems really against going into apple firmware
20:59:26CillianI've tried like 10 times now, it only worked once
20:59:44hiabanethat can't be good
20:59:51CillianYeh, worked this time...
21:00:14hiabanemust have been the patches I did
21:00:18hiabanecause it works without the,
21:00:24hiabaneso far
21:01:00sharpeit's really just luck that you have with getting back in to the apple firmware
21:01:15hiabaneluck or no luck
21:01:19hiabanewho wants to go back there?
21:02:58hiabaneWhat are the necessary patches to get album art working? I think one is causing my build to crash sometimes
21:05:03 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:06:51 Join haibane [0] (
21:06:56 Quit hiabane ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:06:56haibaneah much better
21:09:50haibanealright so now it keeps asking me file to patch?
21:11:21Paul_The_NerdWhich means you most likely picked the wrong number beside the p
21:11:43haibaneah I just pulled it out to rockbox-devel instead of inside my build folder and it worked
21:11:45Paul_The_NerdFortunately you can also simply type the absolute path to the file. It'll tell you a little above which file it needs, so if you know where the file actually is, you just type the path to it
21:14:36haibanehmm back to my error 1 and error 2
21:14:50haibaneI bet it is the scrolling blah blah whatever I patched
21:17:06haibaneany ideas about the scrolling margins patch working or not?
21:18:31Paul_The_NerdWell, it depends on what the error 1 and error 2 messages actually say
21:18:40Paul_The_NerdBut it's very possible the scroll margins patch could be out of date.
21:18:49haibanemost likely it is
21:18:58dproCillian: that's the mersenne twister algo in the bootloader - no crap just press menu _early_ enough
21:18:58Paul_The_NerdIt happens quite frequently.
21:19:05haibaneI am going to go ahead and try with just album art patch
21:19:45Paul_The_Nerdhaibane: You may be interested in this:"> <−−- Just, if you use it, and find a bug, switch to an official build and verify the bug before reporting it.
21:20:58haibanetried it. See I am one of the last posters
21:21:08haibaneit didn't do anything different
21:24:24Paul_The_NerdIt doesn't say that scroll margins is included in that build. Oops
21:24:39haibanei don't think I need it though either
21:25:14haibaneah its working without the scrolling margins now
21:25:24 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:25:40haibanepetur what an interesting name
21:26:05haibanejust never heard it spelled that way. Its nice that way though
21:26:36haibaneanyone want to give me a noob run through of how to use irc or simple stuff I should know?
21:27:04peturactually it's just my first name but as they would write it in Icelandic (without the accent)
21:27:04haibaneI always want to say make zipo for some reason
21:27:17haibaneoh that is pretty sweet man
21:27:48haibaneah the joys of feeling like a noob today
21:28:02 Join lodesi_ [0] (
21:28:07*petur is going to have fun debugging the remote
21:28:07 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:28:42peturThe remote whatboutbob gave me arrived and I had rockbox crash within 5 minutes :(
21:29:00haibaneso did that work
21:29:11preglowcrashed or shut off?
21:29:34haibanewow crashing the rockbox sounds fun
21:29:43peturpreglow: crash. from the recording screen I took the menu and set clipping light option, then wanted to return to recording screen.
21:29:47 Quit scorche` ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:30:11peturprobably related to the crash whatboutbob had with my gain fix
21:30:38peturmust do something else now first, will try to reproduce later
21:32:03knoopxi need a clean-simple-fast-beautiful firmware :D
21:32:14knoopxfor my ipod
21:32:35haibaneugh album art never works for me...
21:34:35dproaaarg this pitch/dropout bug is driving me crazy ... now it worked over 3 tracks at 107.4 % and now it clicks again ... nothing else changed it's even the same bitrate ...
21:34:57tucozpreglow, have you had a look at a recent ipod manual? The code sections in the install chapter
21:35:14tucozI think I like them ;-). Not sure yet
21:36:13tucozI like that we have a code macro (for code/typewriter text).
21:36:24bluebrotherback again ;-)
21:36:29tucozbluebrother, hi
21:36:52bluebrotherI hope I didn't introduce any errors on my last change ;-)
21:37:07tucozNo problem. The ipod manuals builds nice at least
21:37:26bluebrotherI was thinking of the instructions itself actually.
21:38:13tucozah. Wouldn't know as I don't have an ipod
21:39:19 Part Paul_The_Nerd
21:39:20bluebrotherme too, which is the point. But I guess you already noticed I added a note in front of the installation notes.
21:40:13tucozwith a nice stop-sign in the margin :)
21:42:10tucozbluebrother, how do you think we should mark filenames. That is, in some places we refer to a .wps file. Should this be emphasized somehow? \fname perhaps?
21:42:32knoopxwhat is I2S driver?
21:43:15bluebrotherI think we should use the fname macro for all types of filename, thus including file extensions as well.
21:43:32bluebrotherand probably change fname to use tt.
21:43:46tucozok. I agree on the tt
21:44:46tucozI'll have a go at the advanced topics chapter
21:46:19bluebrotherI just found tons of tabs in the iriver install :(
21:46:30preglowtucoz: i haven't had a look at anything rockbox related at all for a good while
21:46:32 Quit SereRokR ("XChat Aqua")
21:46:38preglowgot some more time coming up again now
21:46:39tucozpreglow, fair enough :)
21:46:55preglowdpro: pitch/dropout issue?
21:47:04preglowtucoz: what's wrong about it, btw?
21:47:38tucozpreglow, nothing is wrong with it. First impression was that it might be a bit too dense.
21:47:39preglowoh, not wrong
21:47:42preglowi'll have a look now
21:48:34 Join nobelium [0] (
21:48:46tucozis it 'filename' or 'file name'?
21:49:01 Join rconan [0] (n=richard@
21:49:09haibaneanyone able to get album art working right on a 4th gen?
21:49:29bluebrotherafaik "filename"
21:49:39preglowboth are right, afaik
21:49:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:50:16dionoeato add bitmaps for one of the plugins, do i only need to register it in the SOURCES file ? (and use the extern global var in the plugin) translates me the german word to both versions. At least I'm used to the non-spaced.
21:50:36preglowi'm fine with both, really
21:50:41tucozok. But we should only use one of them. Filename looks best in my eyes. But then I am not a native english speaker
21:50:51 Quit haibane ("CGI:IRC")
21:50:53 Join haibane_ [0] (
21:50:57tucozboth in the same section of text?
21:51:06 Quit rconan (Client Quit)
21:51:29 Nick haibane_ is now known as haibane (
21:51:49tucozI change the advanced topics to use filename. Then it's easy to search and replace in the future
21:52:18haibaneso what's up guys?
21:53:03haibanesorry just ran and got an irc client
21:54:17dpropreglow: sorry I was on the phone ... I get hard to reproduce dropouts when using the pitch feature on ipod
21:54:33 Join _spanner_ [0] (
21:54:48preglowthe only bug i know of is that the resampler goes a bit clicky sometimes
21:54:53dpropreglow: sometimes they don'T appear for ages, but then there they are and they are quite annoying
21:55:01tucozshould I empasize a program such as Notepad in the text?
21:55:12tucozand Windows
21:55:34preglowdpro: so you actually get dropouts?
21:55:35dpropreglow: no it's more like silence for up to about a second and then it resumes
21:55:43dpropreglow: yes
21:55:44preglowwhat codec?
21:55:56dpropreglow: all even pcm/wave
21:56:05 Join LookingforHelp [0] (
21:56:13preglowadjust the pitch, then enter the audio debug screen
21:56:20preglowand look at the pcm level when it happens
21:57:03LookingforHelpHey guys, Ive been having trouble compiling my patched up source for rockbox
21:57:23LookingforHelpI got all the way to making the build directory
21:57:40dpropreglow: and then ?
21:57:45LookingforHelpAnd I did the ../tools/configure
21:57:50*dpro waits for a dropout to happen
21:57:50LookingforHelpMade the makefile
21:58:01LookingforHelpAnd then I did make
21:58:10LookingforHelpThere was some error in finding the file in the directory
21:58:19LookingforHelpAnd the makefile was in the rockbox-daily folder
21:58:19dionoeafinding which file ?
21:58:27LookingforHelpthe makefile I guess
21:58:27bluebrotherwere you able compiling the unpatched sources?
21:58:30preglowdpro: well, if it does, it's a cpu usage issue
21:58:45LookingforHelpHaven't tried doing the unpatched
21:58:46dionoeaLookingforHelp: well what did the error message look like ?
21:58:47preglowdpro: i bet it'll happen during rebuffering or something
21:58:57LookingforHelp1 second
21:59:24dpropreglow: yeah it sounds a bit like a buffer problem
21:59:32LookingforHelpIt just said no targets specified. Stop
21:59:45preglowdpro: buffering uses a lot of cpu, and currently i don't think cpu is auto-boosted when buffering
21:59:47LookingforHelpI restarted my computer twice already, and It still doesnt work
21:59:51preglowlostlogic: what about that anyway?
21:59:53tucozbluebrother, what will happen if I put this in a code block? \%?it{\textless}\%t8\%s\%it{\textbar}\%s\%fn{\textgreater};\%?ia{\textless}\%t3\%s\%ia{\textbar}\%t0{\textgreater}
22:00:10LookingforHelpLet me try compiling a non-patched source
22:00:59bluebrothertucoz, just try it ;-) \, { and } are recognized, so I guess it _should_ work. But within the code environment you could write this much easier
22:01:06preglowLookingforHelp: os?
22:01:15bluebrothermaybe the \% will fail.
22:01:26tucozbluebrother, does it work similar as a verbatim block?
22:01:27dpropreglow: it happens when the pcm bar is all empty
22:01:38preglowdpro: the top one?
22:01:45LookingforHelpYeah, it just says no targets specified.
22:01:59preglowdpro: did you notice if the unit was loading songs at the time?
22:01:59dpropreglow: yup
22:02:03bluebrothertucoz, yes. It is actually based on fancyverb, so it is some kind of verbatim block
22:02:04LookingforHelpApparently the makefile and autoconf.H files are being made in the rockbox-daily-20060606 folder
22:02:12tucozI see
22:02:23preglowLookingforHelp: so ok, you've got the source, you've made a build directory, you're in it and you do ../tools/configure
22:02:27bluebrotherI just read the documentation for fancyverb and used it ;-)
22:02:28dpropreglow: no the disk didn't do much at the time
22:02:30preglowLookingforHelp: and it doesn't work?
22:02:35LookingforHelpIt does
22:02:36bluebrotherbut the result is quite impressive
22:02:45LookingforHelpI chose 15 for the video iPod
22:02:51LookingforHelpThen n for normal
22:02:51preglowdpro: well, it doesn't surprise me that the pcm buffer goes empty, i just wonder why
22:02:52 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:02:56dpropreglow: but the dropouts are much more reliably happening at > 140%
22:03:11preglowdpro: well, of course, the higher the rate, the higher the cpu use
22:03:14dionoeaLookingforHelp: are you sure that you have the cross compile toolchain ?
22:03:16LookingforHelpand it made the makefile in the rockbox-daily-20060606 directory
22:03:17preglowdpro: try 200, it'll skip all the time
22:03:22LookingforHelpI might not
22:03:35LookingforHelpI read that the cross compile was usually automatically installed with cygwin
22:03:48LookingforHelpShould I go to the wiki and figure that part out?
22:03:55dionoeai don't have a clue :)
22:03:57preglowLookingforHelp: what message do you get?
22:04:00preglowexactly what
22:04:04LookingforHelpfor what
22:04:16preglowwhen it fails
22:04:19preglowthe last message you get, more or less
22:04:20LookingforHelp"$ make" command?
22:04:28tucozbluebrother, do you think I should put the wps examples within code blocs?
22:04:29dpropreglow:yup but why also with wav or flac (even at 110%) and why the hell sometimes even when playing _slower_ but never at 100% ?
22:04:41LookingforHelpmake: *** No targets specified and no makefiles found. Stop
22:04:54preglowLookingforHelp: well, does configure succeed? does it mention anything about some tools not being found? it sounds like you don't have a cross compiler
22:05:05dpropreglow: though IIRC I had dropouts even at 100% after running pitched for a while
22:05:06dionoeaany high ranking rockbox developer here ? Would it be ok that i apply a small zoom to sokoban on the video ipod ? (2 lines change)
22:05:10preglowdpro: because both are more intensive than 100%
22:05:16LookingforHelpThere is an error at the beginning when i first do it, but it just continues
22:05:22preglowdpro: my ipod is flat out dead now, so i can't test, but i will later
22:05:55dpropreglow: any hint where to start looking in the src to get an idea how the sw codec system actually works
22:05:57LookingforHelp../tools/configure: line 436: cd: /home/guest: No such file or directory
22:05:58bluebrotherhmm, I guess it will look nice. Maybe not for the examples.
22:06:05*dpro only has a ver superficial idea
22:06:08preglowdpro: playback.c, and good luck
22:06:17preglowdpro: pitch change is in dsp.c
22:06:30preglowLookingforHelp: sounds like you have something not configured right
22:06:34bluebrotherbut we could give it a try. Or invent a new example code block with an "example" heading ;-)
22:06:45tucozbluebrother, that sounds perfect
22:06:52*dpro wonders if turning of interpolation might change the behaviour
22:06:53LookingforHelpSeems like it, but it skips over it and then all of the options come up
22:07:01LookingforHelpSounds fine to me from what I can see
22:07:38LookingforHelpShould I install the cross compiler?
22:07:54bluebrotherjust copy the code block definition in the preamble and change the first argument (name of the environment) and the label= (caption)
22:08:10LookingforHelpI'm looking at my .bash_profile file and it doesn't have any "$ PATH: PATH..."
22:08:16tucozYes. I'll do that now. I can also change the fname to tt
22:08:50preglowLookingforHelp: if you don't have a cross compiler, you'll be told so by configure
22:08:59bluebrotherthe gobble= is responsible for the number of characters that are stripped from the beginning of each line. I found it very helpful to have this set to 4 to be able indenting all code lines.
22:09:21bluebrotherwhich requires me to indent all code lines with 4 spaces actually, but that's ok.
22:09:28LookingforHelpErr.. ok. Well, I've had a post on the forum for about 3 days and no one knows the problem
22:09:31preglow../tools/configure: line 1039: arm-elf-gcc: command not found
22:09:33preglowlike that
22:09:48LookingforHelpI'm pretty sure my arm-elf-gcc is good
22:09:55preglowit says so just a bit before saying Creating makefile
22:10:00preglowwhat's the last thing configure says?
22:10:16LookingforHelpIt says using arm-elf-gcc
22:10:54preglowit should say it's creating makefile...
22:10:55preglowat least here
22:10:58preglowi use linux, though, no idea
22:11:17LookingforHelpsorry, it says "using arm-elf-gcc 4.0.2 (400)"
22:11:21LookingforHelp"creating makefile"
22:11:32LookingforHelp"created makefile" created*
22:12:37preglowdoes it?
22:12:41preglowis there a makefile?
22:13:04LookingforHelpits only 5 kb... that about right?
22:13:13LookingforHelpIt also made an autoconf.H file
22:13:25preglowtucoz: i think the header line is a bit too close to the text, plus i don't know how useful those line numbers are
22:13:31LookingforHelpbut both of them are located in the "rockbox-daily-20060606" folder
22:13:41LookingforHelpnot the "build" folder
22:13:56preglowtucoz: also, again, i don't like mixing caps with small caps, i'd prefer it if it was just 'code' in small caps
22:14:05preglowLookingforHelp: then something is very wrong
22:14:13preglowLookingforHelp: try copying it to the dir you're at
22:14:22LookingforHelpDone it already.
22:14:29LookingforHelpLet me type the error that comes up
22:14:39tucozI think the heading looks good. Just think I want a thinner line, and maybe get rid of the numbers
22:15:01LookingforHelpWait for a minute, I'm doing it from the beginning
22:15:03preglowit looks like the small caps are fake as well ://
22:15:31tucozbluebrother, is it possible to get the heading line thinner, and maybe move a few dots up
22:16:18preglowbtw, i think we should move the install binary stuff from the wiki to something more proper, since 1: the urls are waaaay to long now, 2: if someone alters the binary without anyone noticing, bad things can happen
22:16:46tucozhehe. That is true
22:16:47dpropreglow: LOL
22:17:08LookingforHelpHeres the error
22:17:30LookingforHelpmake: *** /home/guest: No such file or directory. Stop
22:17:40LookingforHelpmake: *** [tools] Error 2
22:17:49bluebrothertucoz, try framerule=<thickness>,framesep=<distance> in the DefineVerbatimEnvironment arguments
22:18:09tucozOk. I think I remove the numbering in the example block
22:18:14preglowi also dislike the use of mixed caps and small caps in the page footer, but i guess that's kind of obvious by now, heh
22:19:23dpropreglow: hmmm do you think there's any point in trying with mono files ? (should be half the job right ?)
22:20:21preglowdpro: i don't think there's any point, the problem is quite obvious to me
22:20:34preglowthere's a bit less work with mono, yes, but not exactly half
22:20:44dpropreglow: which is ? codec speed or resampler speed ?
22:21:04dpropreglow: well yes I thought mono would be half + a little extra copying
22:21:18preglowtucoz, bluebrother: also, shouldn't the header be in small caps too? we use them in the footer, after all
22:21:28preglowdpro: well, that's just resampler speed
22:21:33preglowdpro: codec will of course be faster too
22:21:35 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:22:15bluebrotherpreglow, good point
22:22:56LookingforHelppreglow: did you see my error messages?
22:23:18preglowLookingforHelp: yeah, but it's pretty much nonsense
22:23:31preglowLookingforHelp: don't know what's wrong, sorry, can't test either since i'm on linux
22:23:50 Join _lodesi [0] (
22:24:09LookingforHelpWell, thanks anyway. Gotta wait for the forum people to respond.
22:24:11preglowLookingforHelp: you could of course try out the vmware image so you to can use the proper linux tools on windows :)
22:24:31LookingforHelpYeah, too difficult p
22:24:52preglowmno, i think it's pretty easy
22:24:59preglowonce it's installed it's pretty much exactly like using cygwin
22:25:02preglowjust waaay faster
22:25:02LookingforHelpShould I just go to the wiki for it?
22:25:10preglowand i think installing it is easy as anything
22:25:21preglowi wouldn't know that either, i don't have a windows to test it on :)
22:25:26LookingforHelpWell, if i still have the same problem with it then I probably dont need to do that
22:25:37LookingforHelpI can boot onto a live linux cd.
22:25:46LookingforHelpGot any instructions on how to do it through one of those?
22:25:52preglowi really doubt you have the same problems there
22:26:00preglowi can pretty much guarantee it'll work just fine
22:26:17LookingforHelpSo type in the same commands but do it through terminal?
22:26:38LookingforHelpOr how am I supposed to do it through there.
22:26:52dpropreglow: now if we could play backwards also after someone more gifted optimized the resampler enough ;)
22:27:01LookingforHelpI have wireless internet, so Its difficult to configure the internet there. I can get all of the instructions now
22:27:16preglowdpro: playing backwards will need extensive work on the playback engine and is... unusable...
22:27:22LookingforHelpCan I do it through a live linux cd like SLAX though..
22:27:26preglowLookingforHelp: right
22:27:33preglowusing a livecd won't work
22:27:41preglowunless you have a linux partition to store the cross compiler tools on
22:27:42dpropreglow: wouldn't a larger buffer make the dropouts less likely ?
22:27:48preglowdpro: no
22:28:01LookingforHelpYeah, I dont.
22:28:02dpropreglow: I have to check how alsaplayer does the backwards playback thing ...
22:28:04 Quit lodesi_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:28:10LookingforHelpI'll try the vmware I guess
22:28:20tucozbluebrother, I got to go. I do not commit my changes now.
22:28:38LookingforHelppreglow: should I delete all cygwin files from my computer first?
22:28:47 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
22:28:51dproprelgow: why unusable ? it can be done with mad, and pcm/wave shouldn't be a problem either
22:29:38preglowdpro: mp3 and 110% pitch works just fine here, no cpu problems even when buffering, though it does struggle badly
22:30:01preglowdpro: alsaplayer and rockbox is wildly different
22:30:23dpropreglow: of course ... but it would be a killer feature
22:30:28preglowdpro: i know perfectly well how to do it, the problem is that rockbox needs to be hacked to pieces to make it work, and it's really pretty useless
22:30:36dproprelow: keave it running for a while at 110%
22:30:39preglowdpro: no, not a killed feature, it'd be interesting, but that's thatt
22:30:53LookingforHelppreglow: Should I remove cygwin before I get this?
22:30:54 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
22:30:56preglowalmost no one would use it, hardly worth weeks of playback engine hacking
22:30:59preglowLookingforHelp: do as you wish
22:31:02preglowLookingforHelp: don't need to
22:31:06dpropreglow: it would mean scratching on the clickwheel ;)
22:31:08LookingforHelpThanks, I'm going
22:31:17 Quit LookingforHelp ("CGI:IRC")
22:31:28preglowdpro: ghaghah, that would need even more work
22:31:39preglowdpro: when you scratch you do decode speeds up to several thousand percent
22:31:52dpropreglow: no you don't (mostly)
22:32:05preglowdepends what you do, of course
22:32:10Genre9mp3About the tagnavi.config file: You can edit this file in order to create your own queries, right?
22:32:18preglowbut at least 1000% is not unrealistic
22:32:27Genre9mp3I mean, this is intended to be this way, right?
22:32:27preglowthat is impossible to decode realtime
22:32:36preglowwhich means we'd need to keep a big-ass decoding buffer
22:32:47dpropreglow: that's why there should be a scrub buffer you never need this all the time
22:33:22dpropreglow: and not every mp3 frame needs the same time to decode
22:33:36 Quit haibane ("Leaving")
22:34:01preglowdpro: there's no way i can make a wav skip with pitchshifting on
22:34:19dpropreglow: let me check
22:34:35preglownot even with 200% pitch
22:34:36preglowno way
22:34:38preglowit doesn't even boost
22:35:07amiconnDoes it start clicking?
22:35:12preglowthe decode time of an mp3 frame varies with bitrate, but little else
22:35:16preglowamiconn: this isn't the click issue
22:35:24amiconnI know
22:35:36preglowit never starts clicking a > 100% rate
22:35:37preglowonly below
22:35:51preglowonly when upsampling for some reason
22:36:03preglowthe routiner are virtually identical, so god knows why
22:36:10preglowroutines, yes
22:36:41amiconnDid you try to record such clicks?
22:37:02amiconnPerhaps the pattern can give some hint what's going on
22:38:03preglowi've tried, and the clicking is extremely subtle
22:38:13preglowthere's only a one-two sample error going on somewhere
22:38:14 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
22:38:17markunamiconn: will you do some heat mesurements tonight?
22:38:29preglowto such a degree that it's hard to see the clicks on the waveform
22:38:54dpropreglow: hmmm ... with cvs 03/06/06 + a few patches it seems wave works fine over here too ... good ;) *crossing fingers*
22:39:10amiconnpreglow: Not even with a synthetic signal (i.e. sine wave)?
22:39:44amiconnmarkun: Don't know yet whether I'll find the time. Currently busy with charging state/display
22:39:53amiconnBig commit pending
22:40:12dpropreglow: but then it's probably not the resampler but the codec speed
22:40:19preglowamiconn: only signal i've tried's been a sine
22:40:38dpropreglow: granted if the reseampler used 0% cpu there would be more available for the codec ;)
22:41:08amiconnpreglow: I would expect to see the period of the clicks, and whether the irregular samples are constant, or follow some kind of pattern
22:41:19dprohah just had a dropout with pcm/wave at ~ 107%
22:41:26amiconn..and whether the period is constant between multiple tries, or not
22:41:34Genre9mp3amiconn: Speaking of charging state/display, I remember you saying that battery animation doesn't work in wps or something?
22:41:50amiconnYes. It doesn't, and never did
22:42:14dpropreglow: play a ~8 minute track with wave at 110% and be patient .... it's really annoying when djing trust me
22:42:17amiconnI checked both the source and an old build for comparison
22:42:23Genre9mp3You mean battery animation in status bar when in WPS?
22:42:44amiconnNo I mean animation when using wps tags to construct a battery symbol
22:43:18amiconnStatus bar anim always works (on the targets were Slasheri didn't break it)
22:43:41Genre9mp3Well it always worked with iCatcher WPS
22:43:48dpropreglow: and again and again and again ... wave skips over here ...
22:44:09PaulJamGenre9mp3: but you use altenating sublines for the animation
22:44:25amiconnGenre9mp3: Then you have probably implemented some kind of trickery that does the animation
22:44:45Genre9mp3PaulJam: Yes, is there another way?
22:44:53amiconnA number of cvs wpses does that too, but it's not like the original status bar battery anim
22:45:14amiconnGenre9mp3: No, but I thought there was (I was wrong)
22:45:46Genre9mp3So there's no problem with the wps tags after all, right?
22:45:54peturI like the fact that the statusbar battery icon shows the current level while charging
22:46:34amiconnpetur: Yes, and I kept that in my new code, and improved it some more for other targets
22:46:44preglowdpro: not a skip here
22:46:58amiconndpro: What ipod?
22:47:02dpropreglow: not in the last 3minutes here either
22:47:10Genre9mp3amiconn: Do you intend to change the wps tags behavior?
22:47:15dpropreglow: video 60Gb and mini 2g
22:47:18amiconnGenre9mp3: nope
22:47:33preglowamiconn: the noise is periodic, i know as much, and the period changes between different codecs
22:47:48dpropreglow: but it's coming back I know I only have to patiently wait
22:47:52amiconnBetween codecs, but not between multiple tries of the same codec?
22:48:04preglowamiconn: nope, at least i couldn't provoke that
22:48:11preglowamiconn: i made a wav and an mp2 of the same file
22:48:24preglowamiconn: and switched quickly between them, always the same noise with wav, and always the same but different with mp2
22:48:34dpropreglow: how does the boosting thing work ? can only codecs boost or is this automagically depending on usage ?
22:48:35amiconnSo it's codec dependent... maybe it has to do with the size of the sample blocks?
22:48:51preglowamiconn: i'm almost certain it's a dsp_input_size()/dsp_output_size() issues
22:49:00dpropreglow: I guess what I wanted to ask is if the resampler can also request a higher cpu freq
22:50:24amiconnpreglow: Why not prove this theory?
22:50:56dionoeabetter looking sokoban: dionoea/dump%20060606-224900.png">
22:51:18peturaaargh... can't seem to reproduce that freeze with the remote I got earlier :/
22:52:01dionoeado the graphics look ok ? or should i change some of the tiles ?
22:52:01amiconnpetur: I can easily provoke freezes...
22:52:11peturdo you?
22:52:25dpropreglow: what ipod are you using ?
22:52:38peturthe weather must have gotten better in Berlin too by now ;)
22:52:53*petur got sunburn...
22:53:22amiconnpetur: Yes. Enter the recording screen with voice enabled. Record nothing, leave with stop. Either it freezes right away, or while moving back out of the menu, or at the latest when plugging usb
22:53:47peturbut is that remote related?
22:54:01dprodamn again 10 minutes without skips where are they when I need them >;->
22:54:12amiconnIt's a reliable way to freeze rockbox on iriver
22:54:20peturhmmm maybe what I got wasn't either - I was operating the main unit
22:54:39Genre9mp3dionoea: I like the new graphics!
22:55:21dionoeathanks :)
22:55:48dionoea(i guess that i won't be able to change them before the freeze ends ...)
22:56:18amiconndionoea: Will you adapt th enew gfx for the smaller colour targets as well?
22:56:26amiconn(220x176 and 160x128)
22:56:27dionoeathat's what i was about to do
22:56:35peturamiconn: I tried your recipe for a freeze but it didn't...
22:56:37dionoeai also have a pending minesweeper zoom change
22:56:52dionoeashould i commit it (i have cvs write access i think)
22:57:20amiconnHmm. At least it's not a new feature
22:57:28amiconn(the new gfx I mean)
22:57:28dionoeai can wait :)
22:57:39Genre9mp3dionoea: The graphics need to adopted to smaller screens?
22:57:58Genre9mp3isn't the same size for all targets?
22:58:08Genre9mp3I mean, the blocks...
22:58:18dionoeawell this is for the video ipod screen ... and i changed the block size to make it bigger
22:58:25dionoeaelse it just hurt my eyes :D
22:58:26Genre9mp3oh, ok
22:59:43dionoeawhat are the sims i should test to have at least one sample of each screen size/color depth ?
23:00:05dionoea(at least color screens)
23:00:06Paul_The_NerdIpod Nano, 4G Gray, 4G Color, 5G, Mini
23:00:17Paul_The_NerdAnd... err.. IAudio X5
23:00:31dionoeaall the other are b&w screens ?
23:00:40Paul_The_NerdWell, 4G Gray and Mini are B&W
23:00:43Paul_The_NerdSo drop those
23:00:56dionoeaand the archos or iriver targets ?
23:00:57Paul_The_NerdBut the H300 is the same as the 4G Color / Phot
23:01:02Paul_The_NerdThere are no color archoses supported
23:01:06amiconndionoea: color: ipod video, either of ipod color or iriver h300, and iaudio X5
23:01:11Genre9mp3H100 the same with iPod 4g
23:01:12amiconnOh, and ipod nano
23:01:22Paul_The_NerdH100 is grayscale
23:01:27Genre9mp3H300 same with iPod 4g colour
23:02:20dionoeaok, thanks
23:03:36preglowamiconn: i did start fiddling with it an could at least generate worse glitches that sounded extremely similar before i ran out of time
23:03:44dprook have to go out (as in leaving the house) to see a friend who arrived from zurich today ...
23:04:01dpropreglow: would it help to add boosting to the resampler ?
23:04:33*dpro must admit thatskimming through playback.c didn't make him exactly understand how boosting works though
23:05:18preglowamiconn: one issue i know of is that dsp_output_size() never takes into account the inital sample position of the resampler in each frame which might yield a one sample accuracy, but fixing it doesn't fix the glitch
23:06:00preglowamiconn: also, dsp_input_size() uses a completely different calculation method which also disregard the initial resample position, but again, i at least tried fixing it without the problem disappearing, but i didn't try too extensively
23:06:00amiconndpro: Boosting is done in pcm_playback afaik
23:06:03preglowit's still on my schedule
23:06:19preglowdpro: the pcm buffer should autoboost once it's too low
23:06:33preglowdpro: so no, i don't think adding boosting to the resampler would do much at all apart from sucking more battery
23:06:42 Join vertz [0] (
23:06:59dprohmmm ... but with wave I never see it boosting but I stull get dropouts (though they are a bit - ahem - nondeterministic)
23:07:00dionoeahum ... using a laptop's trackpoint to draw isn't great ...
23:07:17preglowdpro: well, try setting rockbox to always boost
23:07:27preglowdpro: by manually incrementing the boost counter in the debug screen
23:07:51vertzHi, i have a question: does Monster iCarPlay FM sender work with rockbox or only the original firmware?
23:08:41dpropreglow: hmmm what do the boost counter numbers actually mean ?
23:09:05preglowdpro: just set it to one to have it always be boosted, it's the internal boost/unboost counter
23:12:46peturvertz: if it does or need anything more than the audio connection then it's not supported (yet)
23:13:25dpropreglow: ok thx will try with boostin on and walk to the bar listening to waves @ 120% to see if the dropouts still occur
23:13:36*dpro will report back in this theatre
23:14:03vertzpetur: ok thanks :)
23:19:35preglowwalking to the bar listening to wavs at 120% pitch, now there's an enthusiast :)
23:20:17nobeliumhas anyone noticed accelerated BPM on iriver h300 playback?
23:21:59dionoeaipod color sokoban: dionoea/dump%20060606-232116.png">
23:25:40 Quit _lodesi (Remote closed the connection)
23:26:15amiconndionoea: Wee. That also covers H300 :)
23:27:01 Part hacim
23:27:05 Quit _spanner_ ("Leaving")
23:27:10 Join ashridah [0] (
23:30:10dionoeahum ... the ipod nano's screen is really small
23:30:34Paul_The_NerdIt's bigger than the X5
23:31:19dionoeahum, in fact an #if LCD_HEIGHT condition wasn't right in the sokoban source :)
23:31:55 Join lookingforhelp [0] (
23:32:01dionoeaare any of the color screens smaller than 128 pixels high ?
23:32:41dionoeafor the nano: dionoea/dump%20060606-233144.png">
23:32:49lookingforhelpis preglow still here?
23:33:24preglowhe is
23:33:31lookingforhelpI used vmware
23:33:43lookingforhelpwhere does it export the zip file?
23:33:52preglowthat i wouldn't know, heh
23:33:54preglownever used it
23:33:57preglowbut the wiki page should tell
23:34:00lookingforhelpIt doesnt
23:34:06preglowlemme think
23:34:06lookingforhelpI checked everywhere
23:34:08lookingforhelpIt worked though
23:34:21preglowdoesn't it show up as a share
23:34:36lookingforhelpa share? Where's that
23:35:18 Quit Bagder (Remote closed the connection)
23:35:21Paul_The_Nerddionoea: I believe the X5 is 160x128, nothing smaller in color
23:35:27preglowlookingforhelp: the share name is \\debian\user
23:35:32preglowlookingforhelp: enter that into an explorer window
23:35:37preglowlookingforhelp: it should then ask for a password
23:35:45dionoeaPaul_The_Nerd: ok, thanks. Do the grey scale LCDs have HAVE_LCD_COLOR defined ?
23:36:00lookingforhelpexplorer window? Sorry, I feel like such a newbie.
23:36:04preglowlookingforhelp: with vmware running, of course
23:36:16amiconndionoea: No, as that would be outright wrong
23:36:24preglowlookingforhelp: what, a newbie to windows as well? :) just enter it in the run command dialog if you wish
23:36:32amiconnYou can check for greyscale vs. black&white by checking LCD_DEPTH
23:36:38dionoeaamiconn: i'm just asking :D
23:37:15lookingforhelpenter \\debain\user into vmware?
23:37:19preglowlookingforhelp: we're talking in windows here, not in vmware
23:37:32lookingforhelpinto a command prompt then?
23:37:42preglowlookingforhelp: while vmware is running, just open an explorer window and type \\debian\user into it
23:37:47Paul_The_Nerdlookingforhelp: Easiest place is Start->Run
23:37:47dionoeaamiconn: so is it ok that i commit the sokoban changes ?
23:37:51preglowlookingforhelp: or open the start menu and use 'run'
23:37:59lookingforhelprun a command prompt
23:38:21preglowyou can do it from the command prompt as well, but it's far from the easiest way
23:38:28lookingforhelpThe network path was not found
23:38:32lookingforhelpthats the message I got :(
23:38:59preglowhave a look at network neighbourhood
23:39:03preglowand see if it's listed there
23:39:05klrspzdos prompt doesn't support UNC locations
23:39:13preglowthis really should have worked, though
23:39:24klrspzC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>cd \\johng
23:39:24klrspzCMD does not support UNC paths as current directories.
23:39:41preglowklrspz: nah, but copy and all those other guys do recognize them, don't they?
23:39:57klrspzmm.. dunno, never messed with that directly
23:40:10preglowme neither, i just vaguely remember doing so
23:40:20klrspzoh wait, yeah it does
23:40:26amiconncopy and friends do support unc paths
23:40:39klrspzblah, MS and the inconsistencies
23:40:57amiconn..but imho the easiest way for accessing an unc path is entering that path into the location bar of a windows explorer window
23:41:10Paul_The_Nerdlookingforhelp: VMWare is running while you try to do this, right?
23:41:26Presencenet use x: \\server\share
23:41:30preglowlookingforhelp: what windows do you use?
23:41:40preglowthen blargh
23:41:42preglowit should work
23:41:45lookingforhelpI open a command prompt and type what?
23:42:03preglowyou open a ordinary explorer window
23:42:09preglowand type \\debian\user in the location bar
23:42:15preglowif that doesn't work, try just \\debian
23:42:21preglowbut it should work :/
23:42:25klrspzyou guys helping for compiling and such?
23:42:33preglowklrspz: apparently, heh
23:42:42preglowsomeone has to
23:43:09klrspzi had gotten all the way to the CVS extraction (btw, aren't you guys moving to SVN yet?) and then gave up
23:43:25lookingforhelpI dont even have a debain.
23:43:30lookingforhelpI did everything on the wiki
23:43:31preglowklrspz: of course we're moving to svn, bagder just reminding again and again that we're doing so
23:43:35preglowklrspz: i suggest you remind him too!
23:44:08preglowlookingforhelp: then i really can't help you anymore, i don't have the means to test myself
23:44:59Paul_The_Nerdlookingforhelp: You may want to reboot your computer, or shut down VMWare and re-run it. It should show up on your network as a computer named Debian.
23:45:12lookingforhelpI'll do that.
23:45:14klrspzwhat if his network settings are fubar?
23:45:18lookingforhelpI'll come back if I need help.
23:45:18klrspzin vmware
23:45:19lookingforhelpThanks guys
23:45:25klrspzdo you have to bridge?
23:45:28 Quit lookingforhelp ("CGI:IRC")
23:45:35klrspz(it's been about 3 years since i've messed with vmware)
23:45:37Paul_The_Nerdklrspz: It _should_ work out of the box, unless he changed anything.
23:45:54Paul_The_NerdOr, possibly, if there's something funky about his home network.
23:45:55*dionoea waits for the "ok" to commit the sokoban display changes
23:47:35preglowdionoea: i'd give you an ok, but i know nothing about a) sokoban, b) your changes
23:47:53Paul_The_NerdAs long as they're just new .bmps, it should be fine.
23:48:01preglowdoes it affect release target code at all?
23:48:06Paul_The_NerdFor the sake of consistency they shouldn't go in.
23:48:22preglowahh, right, feature freeze
23:48:48klrspzwell, is there not a trunk dedicated to a live distro?
23:49:14dionoeathis is the diff: dionoea/rockbox.sokoban.patch">
23:49:24klrspzdo the merges in that one for files you WANT to release.. otherwise the testing trunk could contain any commits anyone in the world wants to add
23:49:25dionoea(+ the 3 bitmaps)
23:49:37 Quit knoopx (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so good")
23:49:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:50:25Paul_The_Nerdklrspz: That removes the pressure for people to work on the release. People can just forget about it and continue playing with the testing one.
23:50:41preglowwhich is the entire point of the feature freeze
23:50:49preglownot that it works perfectly anyway, but hey
23:50:53dionoeaisn't that what open source projects are about ? having fun on new features ? :D
23:51:17Paul_The_NerdBut sometimes you've got to say "Alright, nobody commits ANYTHING new until this list of bugs are fixed."
23:51:18klrspzon our projects here at work, we each have our own trunk, and check it into a "test trunk", then it gets merged later into a "live trunk"
23:51:19preglowyou still can
23:51:22preglowjust not have them commited yet
23:51:43Paul_The_NerdThat way if you want to show off "Shiny new thing alpha" you have to get the bugs fixed first.
23:52:11preglowright now we're stuck with bugs that only a few people have much knowledge about, it seems
23:52:54Paul_The_NerdWhich is unfortunate.
23:52:57klrspzwell, i really have no input in the whole scheme of things.. ya'll are doing a kickass job none-the-less
23:53:05klrspzi'm finally proud of my ipod
23:53:33preglowunfortunately one of them is mine
23:53:35Genre9mp3there are 22 bugs due in 3.0 at least in the FS
23:53:49preglowi'll see if i can have a look at it again tomorrow
23:54:00preglowat least i'm fairly certain my code isn't the problem
23:54:37Paul_The_NerdAlways a plus
23:54:38 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
23:54:53preglownot for me easily fixing it
23:54:55klrspztouchy question, is there a R.D. for v3?
23:55:03preglowr.d ?
23:55:07dionoea1st of may (on the wiki)
23:55:10preglowhell no
23:55:10Paul_The_NerdIt's been pushed back many times
23:55:19preglowwe're at the point where we release when we can now
23:55:22Paul_The_NerdUnfortunately we were a wee bit ambitious with it
23:55:24preglowrelease dates don't seem to work out for us
23:55:48preglowwhich is something we need to keep in mind for the future
23:55:50 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
23:55:57 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
23:56:00preglowimho we should strike out the 3.1 date right now
23:56:14preglowkeeping the release goals, of course
23:56:19*Febs reiterates his proposal that we should never EVER set a firm release date again.
23:56:20Genre9mp3It's easier to predict the Dow Jones index than the Rockbox 3.0 Release Date! :)
23:56:24Paul_The_NerdI think the release goals need to be rethought
23:56:25preglowjust deciding on a freeze when the featureset nears our goal
23:56:31preglowFebs: hear, hear
23:56:38BHSPitMonkey"Latest news: extended freezing period suggested"
23:56:42Paul_The_NerdI think any feature not in before the freeze shouldn't be attempted to be implemented during it.
23:56:50Paul_The_NerdAlso, no bugs as vague as the H300 power problem
23:57:03Mode"#RockBox +o preglow " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
23:57:14Genre9mp3Will be a 3.0 release for the H300 anyway?
23:57:20preglowsuggestions for a new topic? :>
23:57:45preglowGenre9mp3: with the current bug fixing speed there's a small possibility
23:57:48Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Now serving: Frostbite.
23:57:59bluebrother"Dow Jones index is easier to guess than Rockbox 3.0 ;-)"
23:58:18Paul_The_NerdGenre9mp3: Nobody's identified the power problem yet, which is the main rift between the H100 and H300 status I believe
23:58:22Genre9mp3preglow: I don't think there should be a release for the H300 with the power leaking problem
23:58:28dionoeahum, when compiling for a true target i get: /home/dionoea/rockbox/arm/lib/gcc/arm-elf/4.0.3/../../../../arm-elf/bin/ld: address 0x2000148 of /home/dionoea/rockbox/rockbox/builds/ipod/apps/plugins/sokoban.elf section .bss is not within region PLUGIN_RAM
23:58:28preglowme neither
23:58:30preglowmost agree
23:58:37dionoeaanyone know what that means ? (well ... how to fix it ?)
23:58:47Mode"#RockBox -o preglow " by preglow (n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow)
23:59:00Paul_The_Nerddionoea: It means that the plugin ends up too big.
23:59:01preglowdionoea: debug on?

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