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#rockbox log for 2006-06-13

00:00:22amiconnInfo->Debug->View HW info
00:00:45Paul_The_NerdAnd what am I looking for there?
00:00:46amiconnIf it says Flash : M=BF D=D6 it's flashable
00:00:57Paul_The_NerdIt is flashable then. :)
00:00:58amiconnIf it shows question marks, it's not flashable
00:01:22 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:02:57Paul_The_NerdIt doesn't have the hiss I get on other players. At all.
00:03:26amiconnGuess why I said the UDA1380 (iriver dac) is noisy?
00:03:35sharpebecause it is?
00:04:23amiconnI rather think it's not the dac itself, but rather the headphone amp, and/or some messed up wiring
00:04:28 Join TCK [0] (
00:04:31linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Do you get a hiss on your Nano as well?
00:04:34Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: The line out is less noisy.
00:04:43Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Fainter than my irivers, but definitely yes.
00:04:51sharpewhat does this hiss sound like?
00:05:13Paul_The_NerdI'd say of the players I own, for hiss, the iRiver h120 headphone jack is the worst, then iFP-799, then Nano, then this Archos
00:05:39Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: Turn the volume down to about -50 or -60 and the music will be about the same loudness as the hiss on the H120. It's just a hiss. Like... ssssssssss........
00:05:54Paul_The_NerdOn the Nano it doesn't interfere with my music until about -70ish
00:05:56 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:06:02sharpewhat if i already listen to my ipod at -50? :)
00:06:29amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: The archos firmware for recorder v1 has a background noise bug. Rockbox does not :)
00:06:32Paul_The_NerdIt also won't show up with all earphones.
00:06:38linuxstbsharpe: I can't hear any hiss on the 5g.
00:06:45sharpeneither can i.
00:06:52linuxstbBut the same headphones in my h140 deafen me...
00:07:00Paul_The_NerdFor example, I can't hear it at all with my stupid old Koss KTXPros
00:07:03linuxstb(I exaggerate slightly...)
00:07:10Paul_The_NerdWith my PX100s it's faint, but if I listen carefully I get it.
00:07:17Paul_The_NerdWith the CX300s I recently ended up with, it's *very* easy to hear.
00:07:31sharpei can't really speak for anything, i hear switching power supplies :\
00:08:07sharpeand tvs... and monitors...
00:08:24sharpeon an old mp3 player i had, i could tell when the backlight was on by listening.
00:08:29Paul_The_NerdOkay, well time for me to do this whole "class" thing
00:08:31Paul_The_NerdI'll see you people later
00:08:32 Part Paul_The_Nerd
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00:10:22sharpein the ipod bootloader, when it mentions that the ADC and button drivers are not yet implemented, does it mean, specifically for the bootloader, or for rockbox in general?
00:13:54linuxstbIt means that at the time the bootloader was written, they weren't implemented for the ipod.
00:14:06sharpethat's what i though...
00:14:12linuxstbNow they are written, but we don't use them anyway.
00:15:31sharpegah. though.
00:16:39sharpei'm going to have to move around some code to get the messages displayed in an accepted order...
00:17:04obodoes rockbox have an ln function anywhere?
00:17:13sharpenatural log?
00:17:19Ribshow can I remove the ratbox bootloader?
00:17:23sharpenot that i know of.
00:17:27linuxstbsharpe: As long as you don't slow it down...
00:17:34linuxstbRibs: Ask in #ratbox
00:17:38 Quit MrStaticVoid ("leaving")
00:17:43Ribsahhhh, CRAP
00:17:44markunanyone here working on the manual?
00:17:49RibsI meant to say "rockbox", sorry :)
00:17:53*Ribs is tired
00:17:59oboanyone know of any fixed point versions?
00:18:08linuxstbRibs: Which player have you installed Rockbox on?
00:18:22Ribsipod g5
00:18:27linuxstbFrom Windows?
00:18:43sharpelinuxstb: i won't, i just have to move it around so it will call ata_init(), disk_init() and disk_mount_all() before trying to load the settings, which i found out the hard way a while ago.
00:18:57 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
00:19:04tucozmarkun, occasionaly ;-)
00:19:51Ribslinuxstb: from Linux
00:19:55linuxstbobo: Look in the codecs - you may find an implementation there.
00:20:08linuxstbRibs: Did you keep a copy of the "bootpartition.bin" file you created when you installed the bootloader?
00:20:17 Join darkless [0] (n=darkless@
00:20:25RibsI have since deleted that
00:20:32Ribsthat'll make things difficult
00:20:40linuxstbIt will indeed....
00:20:49RibsI only ask, as my iPod is about to die
00:21:00RibsI want to hand it back to the store with original firmware on it
00:21:05Ribsso they can't bullshit me
00:21:10tucozmarkun, why?
00:21:13markuntucoz: I make a SVG version of the logo
00:21:26markunCould do with some work still
00:21:29tucozhopefully pdflatex can handle that
00:21:31 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:21:34tucozNot sure
00:22:18markunsodipodi can print to postscript, but I don't know how to make an eps file
00:22:57tucozpdflatex can not handle eps as far as I know
00:23:01linuxstbRibs: If you can't restore it from a Windows PC, the next best thing would be to write zeros to the disk - e.g. something like dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda count=500000
00:23:18linuxstbThat should wipe all traces of Rockbox...
00:23:24tucozIt can handle pdf though
00:23:54Ribslinuxstb: and it will restore orignial firmware from where...?
00:23:59Ribsdoes it have a store we can't access?
00:24:13 Join dpr0 [0] (
00:24:56linuxstbRibs: What do you mean? Apple have an "ipod restore" utility which you can run in Windows (or on a Mac) which contains copies of the firmware.
00:25:19RibsI see
00:25:40tucozlooks good
00:25:41Ribslinuxstb: I mean, if I zero out the iPod HD... will it be 'bricked' (useless, unable to boot) ?
00:26:09sharpeit's very hard to brick an ipod, short of hitting it with a brick.
00:26:12linuxstbRibs: Not "bricked", but unable to boot.
00:26:32linuxstbYou can still access the disk by forcing it into disk mode (hold SELECT+PLAY when booting).
00:26:38tucozmarkun, we could propably work out somehow to get that into the manual. I am not really sure how atm though.
00:26:49RibsI think I still have a window partition on here
00:26:52Ribsso I'll try that
00:26:55Ribsthanks for the advice, linuxstb
00:27:57markuntucoz: I'll look into it a bit more this week if I have time
00:28:01 Quit Kohlrabi ("Hello my name is CoolClonk .")
00:28:02markunGood night for now
00:28:05tucozgood night
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00:33:49 Join matsl [0] (
00:34:06linuxstbmarkun: Apparently inkscape can export an SVG file as PDF...
00:34:28pixelmatucoz: would an eps-file of markun's .svg help you in some way?
00:34:43tucozpixelma, that is 91MB in size
00:35:50 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:36:03tucozand the pdf is 31MB
00:36:06pixelmareally? I got about 8 MB here
00:36:48tucozI ran convert file.svg file.eps
00:36:58tucoz-> 91MB
00:37:29linuxstbThat must be a bitmap then...
00:37:46tucozhmm. I'll try with gimp
00:37:47pixelmaI did it with a vector graphics program
00:40:26 Quit webguest82 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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00:41:58 Join ashridah [0] (
00:43:10 Quit Aghaster ("Leaving")
00:43:37linuxstbSaving that svg file as .eps from inkscape gives a file about 53KB in size.
00:44:57tucozlinuxstb, i saved it as pdf, but that got clipped
00:46:19pixelmathen that's better than mine :) but I knew that my program can't deal with eps very well
00:46:44linuxstbYes, I tried that as well... Have you tried the ".tex" export? It needs the PSTricks LaTeX extension and simple writes the postscript commands as tex commands...
00:46:55linuxstb(\moveto, \lineto, \curveto etc)
00:47:28 Join dpro_ [0] (
00:47:32tucozNo, haven't tried that
00:47:34 Quit dpr0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:48:40 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:49:11sharpehmm... should it output a message if it does not understand a setting, like a misspelling?
00:49:53sharpeor just tell that there was a problem parsing it?
00:51:06midkaywhatever you think it should output.
00:51:43 Quit matsl (Client Quit)
00:52:08midkayne ... pas.
00:52:53midkaynothing. just.. make up your own mind, alright?!
00:57:50sharpewhen i do that, it's more of a thinking aloud kind of thing. but it comes out as text.
00:58:13tucozlinuxstb, it looks like scribus could work for pdf output. I got something fairly well looking here
01:01:56 Quit obo ("bye")
01:03:42linuxstbtucoz: I like the look of the "pstricks" macros. It keeps everything as nice text files...
01:03:58linuxstbAnd at least in my tex installation, pstricks is standard.
01:04:13tucozhehe, but I am not sure that will work. A guy over at #latex said so anyway
01:05:00 Quit akaidiota (Remote closed the connection)
01:05:05tucozsaving as pdf in scribus produces a 32K .pdf, which we can include with pdflatex
01:05:16linuxstbWhat's the issue with PSTricks?
01:05:54linuxstbBut I guess if PDF will work...
01:05:56tucozdunno, I asked if it could work, and got "erm, well, no"
01:06:15 Join akaidiot [0] (
01:06:31sharpei believe this will work correctly, if they don't have a 'default' boot set, then... it should end up booting the original firmware anyway...
01:06:35tucozlinuxstb, how do you use PSTricks?
01:07:11tucozyou \usepackage{pstricks} ?
01:07:42linuxstbI haven't got that far....
01:08:02linuxstbBut yes, google is telling me that pdflatex doesn't like PSTricks.
01:08:04 Join JdGordon [0] (
01:10:19linuxstbI've got an "epstopdf" utility installed from somewhere - that does a nice job of converting inkscape's eps files to .pdf - a 21KB PDF for the logo.
01:11:13tucozme too. Just tried it
01:11:39tucozThat is probably the easiest way to go.
01:11:44hardeepamiconn: okay, the first problem you reported should be fixed. regarding the second, were you just referring to the fact that the playlist viewer shows the wrong current track (e.g. the ERRed one)?
01:12:34amiconnThat's fixable by leaving and re-entering the playlist viewer though
01:12:51hardeepyeah, just missing an update somewhere
01:13:37tucozmarkun, in case you read the logs: Seems like this is the way to go. Save the .svg as .eps -> epstopdf logo.eps
01:18:59 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
01:20:46sharpei'm going to see if there's any problem with settings the boot order/keys a certain way.
01:23:13 Quit dpro_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:25:45hardeepactually, looks like we weren't changing whenever there was a track change −− fixed
01:26:20 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:27:40hardeephmmm, yellow builds caused by a particular server?
01:28:23preglownot uncommon
01:28:46amiconnhardeep: The problem is called gcc 4.1
01:29:07preglowdo you run that?
01:29:28amiconnYes, since I am running unstable. The last upgrade brought gcc 4.1
01:29:44amiconnThere are already 2 build servers running 4.1
01:29:59preglowperhaps we should also use cross compilers of some specific version for sim builds?
01:30:26preglowwould of course mean a world of bother
01:30:43 Join TCK [0] (
01:30:59preglowi didn't think even unstable used 4.1 yet
01:31:36amiconngcc version 4.1.2 20060604 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-2)
01:32:38preglowthere's no way away from that unless we do as i said
01:32:51preglowwhich would also mean building sdl and some other libs for the cross compiler
01:33:03preglowor, perhaps the systems libs would still work
01:33:09sharpeare there any other options that i should include in the settings?
01:38:52 Nick gtkspert_ is now known as gtkspert (
01:45:47 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
01:46:23linuxstbsharpe: What have you got so far?
01:53:28sharpeforeground/background color, watermark (as in, two lines displayed at the bottom of the screen), and which key boots which firmware.
01:53:58sharpeand the default firmware is included in the key settings
01:56:29linuxstbI'm sure a lot of ipod users will love you for it...
01:57:06linuxstbSo when do you change the colours? Do you leave the screen black until you've read the settings file?
01:58:18sharpethe colors are changed as they're read in the settings
01:58:34sharpewhich happens right after it boots
02:02:56sharpehit the !.
02:03:13sharpewhat is the normal background color? that nice shade of blue...
02:03:25linuxstbIt's LCD_DEFAULT_BG
02:04:13linuxstbBTW, your two lines displayed at the bottom might not work on the Nano and mini...
02:04:28linuxstb - unless you reduce the text output.
02:06:07sharpeyeah, i was planning on that.
02:08:54 Join lancelott [0] (
02:09:16ranokso what file do you need help getting to work?
02:10:15 Join scorche [0] (n=scorche@
02:17:16 Part pixelma
02:18:10sharpeanyone know how many lines can be displayed with the default font on the nano, color, and mini? :)
02:20:52sharpehow does a setting for a delay before the keypress is read, sound?
02:21:11ranoksorry, I know nothing
02:21:47XavierGrsharpe: for the "how many lines" question you can try the sim.
02:22:02sharpeyeah, but i want to be lazy.
02:23:44XavierGrI know, but...
02:24:10 Quit Doomed_zZz ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
02:27:33linuxstbranok: Sorry, you've caught me just as I'm going to bed (it's 1.30am here). The code relevant to the audio driver for the 3g is in various places in the firmware/ directory. But mainly pcm_playback.c and drivers/wm8731l.c
02:27:52ranokI'm off too
02:30:04ranoksame to you
02:31:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:41:27sharpeoh wait. i can just divide the screen height by the height of the font. wow.
02:42:40scorcheadd padding too
02:43:06scorcheat least one pixel...
02:43:16scorchecause i said so
02:43:23scorchecoem on
02:43:31scorchei havent talked to you in a while
02:43:50scorchesome harassment is in order
02:46:57amiconnw00000000000000000000t !!!!
02:47:06*scorche slaps amiconn
02:47:08*amiconn has contact to the isp1362 :D
02:47:15 Join xoder [0] (
02:47:17sharpeamiconn! the bootloader works!
02:47:27midkayamiconn, great, congrats. :)
02:47:32amiconnISP1362 HC ID: 0x3630
02:47:39 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
02:47:39amiconnISP1362 DC ID: 0x3630
02:47:54amiconnNow we can try to send it to sleep...
02:48:05amiconn...but before doing so, I need sleep :/
02:48:11sharpe... that's great. you make contact with it, now you want to kill it. :(
02:48:20sharpewhat if it had a family?!
02:48:26amiconnSleep... not kill
02:48:37 Join tvelocity [0] (
02:48:43amiconnWe need to stop it from sucking battery
02:48:52sharpeeuphamism for killing. :)
02:49:08sharpelike, putting your pet to sleep.
02:49:36midkayamiconn, i wanted to ask - what is that chip for exactly?
02:49:43amiconnmidkay: USB on the go
02:49:57amiconnThe problem was indeed a really fundamental one
02:50:01midkayoh, *awesome*. not necessary at all, at least not to run by default..
02:50:13sharpewhich player is it on?
02:50:18midkaymakes some sense that it would suck a lot of battery too.. since it should not be on often..
02:50:54amiconnThe chip select used for this chip (/CS3) isn't implemented as a single chip select, but it's split into a separate read strobe and write strobe (/SRE and /SWE)
02:51:30amiconn...but /SRE can be programmed to be active on write, and hence behave as the 'full' chip select
02:51:59scorchesharpe: h3xx i believe
02:52:13amiconnWho would've thought that... the config bit for that is in IDECONFIG1 ... tsk tsk
02:52:48amiconnStudying datasheets sometimes pays off :)
02:53:22sharpewhat happens if we try to set the color of a 2bit lcd screen?
02:54:19amiconnmidkay: Yes, we do want to support usbotg one day, but if the chip is not in use, it should be put to sleep
02:54:47amiconnThe chip sucks power in the same order of magnitude as the CPU, thereby almost halving battery runtime on H300
02:55:11midkayamiconn, right, should certainly be disabled while it's not in use..
02:55:12amiconnI'd expect >19hours, but get 11 hours
02:55:20amiconn(stock battery)
02:55:27midkaythat's extremely cool, congrats again. :)
03:00:21sharpeokay, with an integer division, the decimal (if there happens to be one) is ignored, correct?
03:08:29midkaythat was random and utterly annoying, disturbing and inappropriate.
03:09:14dongslast i checked, 'due to freeze, no model-specific enhancements are done, especially battery-life related' quote from 'Paul_The_Nerd'
03:09:29dongsthats what I got when I asked hy whats the status of ipod battery life improvement.
03:09:48midkayuh, certainly misquoted.
03:10:06dongs... and you're discussing battery life improvement on some random specific device
03:10:07midkayno *unsupported* model-specific enhancements.
03:10:15midkayit's not random, it's a SUPPORTED TARGET, and one of the most popular.
03:10:22midkayand it's a *huge* problem.
03:10:56dongsi think ipod battery life problem is huger, personally.
03:11:08midkaywell, it's not supported, so don't worry about it.
03:11:40 Join qwm [0] (
03:12:09dongshow is whatever you were discussing any more supported htan ipod
03:12:15sharpethe ipods will not be offically supported until november (?)
03:12:19midkayum. 3.0 = iriver. 3.1 = ipod.
03:12:27midkaythe ipods will not be supported in 3.0, and we're trying to finish 3.0.
03:12:35dongslol i see.
03:12:44midkayyeah. LOL.
03:12:48qwmoh no, whenever i enter this channel, dongs is scattering shit around. :)
03:13:09sharpehahah... is what he does..
03:13:27sharpehey midkay, wish to try the customizable bootloader? :D
03:13:28scorcheevery irc channel has to have one of em
03:13:35midkaysharpe, customizable?
03:13:44midkayscorche, right, it's just unfair that we get a much worse 'one'.
03:13:58sharpeand it's not customized at compilation either.
03:14:11midkay.. go on..
03:14:22midkaycustomizable how?
03:14:48scorchemidkay: well, someone has to have em....and at least he is in an area where people can prove him wrong, dont listen to him, know that he is full of something, etc.
03:14:57sharpehas settings for colors (fg/bg), optional text displayed in the bottom left corner, and which firmware is booted by which key, and which firmware is the default.
03:15:02midkayscorche, right, at least that..
03:15:15midkayyou'd think here, about 6 tries later, he'd have given up ;)
03:15:24midkaysharpe, hm, niceo.
03:15:46sharpego me
03:16:15scorchemidkay: well..he makes me giggle too
03:16:17sharpethat's just... odd...
03:16:24midkay"what am i supposed to do with all my great ideas? put 'em in a tub and wash myself with 'em? cause that's what soap is for, lois."
03:16:36midkayscorche, ah, he used to, it's just getting old+mundane now..
03:16:57scorchewell....he finds ways
03:17:16midkay... or is it?
03:17:18scorcheit is
03:17:23scorcheif only he did it more
03:17:25sharpeand the whole customization code takes... ~170 lines, including changed that need to be made to the original bootloader...
03:18:08*scorche deflects midkay's assault onto dongs
03:18:29*sharpe senses hostility
03:18:54*scorche bows before sharpe's observance skills
03:18:55midkay<qwm> just shut up you fucking cunt. i can't stand hearing more of your drivel dongs.
03:18:57midkay<dongs> ok qwm
03:19:04scorcheo oooooo
03:19:16scorchebring up the one where badger got im!
03:19:19midkay5/16/06. :D
03:19:26midkay"you're always wrong, but this time even more so" or something. :)
03:19:46scorchethat was one of the times that he was amusing
03:20:08scorchei mean remember the piece of software he was talking about?
03:20:14midkayyou know that when Bagder calls you stupid, it's a pretty serious issue.
03:20:23midkaynah.. i try to forget these things. :)
03:20:44 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Free sex with a BitchX upgrade! Call for details!")
03:20:54qwmtry to forget the windoze you rely on so much, midkay
03:21:14*scorche urgently calls hardeep
03:21:15midkaytry to eat your mother out. oh wait. you can't because she's a man.
03:21:30sharpethat's so lame... :D
03:21:31midkayand your dad's a woman.
03:21:35midkaygth, sharpe.
03:21:39sharpethat one too :)
03:22:24sharpeit works correctly when there's no boot.ini
03:22:39midkaythat's so lame.
03:23:04sharpeit's so lame to talk about the lameness of a lame comment.
03:23:45scorchei would re-think that last statement sharpe
03:23:55sharpeyeah, i know.
03:25:57sharpethey're crumbelieveable.
03:28:43midkayyou wanna know what's crumbelievable?
03:28:45midkayyour.. code.
03:28:57midkaytake that, yo.
03:29:04midkaynow how you gonna act, son.
03:29:11scorchemoer lik "code" amirite?
03:29:18sharpeyou want to know what else is crumbelieveable? cookies.
03:29:40sharpeyeah. take that. you... daughter.
03:30:06midkaysh*******t, bi*atch. yo' momma'z so woman that she's a female, bro.
03:31:24sharpeso, wish to test the bootloader? or nay, just like every other code i give you?
03:31:25 Join schroeder [0] (
03:31:37midkaynay, of course. just for that.
03:31:51midkayyou little ungrateful quack. after all the help i gave you in Factions.
03:31:59sharpeyou didn't help me?
03:32:07sharpeschroeder: hello.
03:32:12schroederi have a (n00b) question :)
03:32:19scorchethen ask it =)
03:32:20midkayi just said i did. even if it was a lie.
03:32:22sharpeyou've got questions, we've got answers.
03:32:32midkaysharpe has no answers, that clueluess little.. quack.
03:32:33sharpeoops. i'm infringing on a copyright.
03:32:45schroederi just set up a devel environment using colinux
03:32:57schroederand successfully (well i hope) build the sources
03:32:59scorchesure this si a n00b question?
03:33:10schroederbut make zip doesnt worjk
03:33:18schroedern00b question: why?
03:33:27sharpedoes it give you any error?
03:33:40schroederxargs: zip: No such file or directory
03:33:59midkayyou're typing "make zip"? it needs to be in your builddir..
03:34:06schroederi am
03:34:10sharpemy guess, is zip either isn't in your path, or it isn't even in your environment.
03:35:19sharpedoes any other zip-like thing work? like, "make bzip2" ?
03:35:36schroedersame error (with according name)
03:35:40sharpemake tar ?
03:35:52midkayschroeder, quite honestly, i think the colinux setup is probably a bit weird, i don't think anyone uses it anymore. the vmware image is very quick + extremely easy, you might want to try it instead.
03:36:04schroederyep tar worked
03:36:08sharpemake tar...
03:36:11sharpeit's funny.
03:36:33*scorche again deflects the blow onto dongs
03:37:08*scorche watches as dongs falls onto the floor and convulses
03:37:13sharpei know what our motto can be, "you've got questions, we've got answers pertaining to the topic concering your question."
03:37:19*scorche watches as the people rejoice
03:37:46scorchesharpe: and provided you give us information other than "my ipod freezes"
03:38:28sharpeso it's. "you've got questions, and provided you give a somewhat detailed explanation, we've got answers pertaining to the topic concerning your question."
03:39:10schroederzip wasnt installed......
03:40:00sharpetold you. :)
03:40:42schroederwell, now that i figured that one out, rb development should be a piece of cake
03:41:26schroederso you were saying...vmware?
03:44:28sharpemidkay: are you suuuureee you don't want to try it?
03:44:39midkayi .. i.. ass-umed that was some $$$-app
03:44:41midkayneed to reflash?
03:44:58midkayschroeder, it is, but there is a free player..
03:45:18midkayschroeder, check the wiki page.
03:45:31midkaysharpe, i need to reflash my ipod with a new loader?
03:45:33midkayalright, i'll try it..
03:45:41sharpeit's not reflashing, but okay.
03:45:49sharpeyou want the source, or just the binary?
03:45:58midkayoh. right.. not thinking.
03:46:01midkaybinary works.
03:47:21schroedermidkay: thanks, i will.
03:47:28sharpei hath sent it
03:48:12midkayhow is it used?..
03:48:28sharpeyou mean...
03:48:31sharpewhat it does?
03:48:36sharpehow it does it?
03:48:43sharpeor how to use the settings?
03:48:54midkayhow is it used? not what does it do, or how does it work.
03:49:14sharpereads settings from /boot.ini
03:49:44midkay.. don't suppose you could tell me WHICH settings or how they're specified?
03:50:15sharpefgcolor: 000000, bgcolor: ffffff
03:50:24sharpewatermark_1: blah, watermark_2: other line
03:50:40sharpeboot_rockbox: default, boot_linux: play, boot_original: menu
03:51:47 Part ashridah ("Leaving")
03:52:16midkayevery setting should be on a newline
03:52:53midkaytesting, then..
03:53:50midkaynice. :)
03:56:55 Join webguest53 [0] (
03:57:08 Join webguest31 [0] (
03:57:46 Quit webguest31 (Client Quit)
03:57:46 Quit webguest53 (Client Quit)
03:58:04sharpeglad we could help them.
03:59:09sharpenow rockbox has it's own custom bootloader :)
03:59:15sharpeat least, for ipods.
04:00:23 Join EbErT [0] (
04:00:44EbErThi all
04:01:05midkaysharpe, what do you mean? we've always had our own bootloader. :)
04:01:16EbErTi'm having trouble w/ bootloader matter of fact
04:01:29sharpecustom as in, users can customize it
04:01:46EbErTi think its cuz i installed the one for ipod that natively boots to apple os
04:01:55sharpeuh huh
04:02:08sharpeand the problem?
04:02:14midkaysharpe, well then it's not rockbox that has its own custom bootloader, it's the users' that is custom. not that i think this will be accepted ;)
04:02:34EbErTi can't get it to go to the charge screen
04:02:49EbErTwhen plugged into the wall
04:02:51sharpedepends on your interpretation of how you read 'custom'
04:03:13midkayif you mean *customizable*, surel.
04:03:26sharpeEbErT: the bootloader doesn't handle the usb charging
04:03:27EbErTsupposed to press menu as it starts, right?
04:03:29midkaycustom implies that it has changed from standard, which it shouldn't by default.
04:03:37sharpemidkay: okay. you win.
04:03:55EbErTooh, i was charging via firewire before, that's right
04:03:58midkayyou say that like you're giving up.. e.g. you thought you could win. :)
04:04:22EbErTdurnit, and i gave away my firewire cable and adapter!!
04:05:00EbErTactually, sold it to my cousin. (and a 20g ipod)
04:05:19sharpethen it's all good then
04:05:39EbErTmy photo one didn't come with firewire
04:05:46EbErTnot really, can't get it from him
04:05:59sharpethen it's only semigood then.
04:06:02EbErTwill it charge and play through the wall with firewire?
04:06:05EbErTright :/
04:06:57EbErTi mean, u can't have wps screen on when its plugged into the wall
04:07:24EbErTwill it play and charge at the same time
04:07:26sharpeyou can charge in rockbox...
04:07:53 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:07:54sharpewhilst in rockbox, hold menu as you plug in the cable...
04:08:10 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
04:08:12EbErTif you have a firewire cable..
04:08:53sharpeit should work.
04:09:29EbErThave any idea what it would do with a car charger? should it work?
04:10:36 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
04:10:56EbErToh, i misread this:EbErT: the bootloader doesn't handle the usb charging
04:11:21sharpei bet fiftyfour123 lives in new york. and has road runner.
04:11:29EbErTi thought u mean the usb cable wont allow charge
04:12:01EbErTyeah, sorry
04:12:39sharpeit's okay
04:13:22sharpeit's two times tuesday at dominoes today.
04:13:41EbErTi hate papa john's sauce
04:13:48EbErTtoo durn sweet
04:14:34sharpei'm a, pizza you find in the mall near me, kind of guy.
04:14:55EbErTthick or thin crust
04:15:07sharpeer, normal?
04:15:24EbErTplayin it safe eh
04:15:27sharpethin crust is just to... cardboard-like for me.
04:15:47EbErTu gotta get a good thin crust
04:15:51EbErTbuttered down some
04:16:24EbErThaha, my grandmother is watching family guy, heard her turn it on
04:17:48EbErTgotta go see her watch it. thx for help again, as always
04:18:00 Quit EbErT ("CGI:IRC")
04:18:28sharpeeh, helping people with rockbox gives you that, "i helped someone" feeling.
04:18:39sharpepartially because you helped them.
04:18:57midkayand why else?
04:19:21sharpei'll tell you as soon as i think of it
04:21:40midkaybippity boppity gnome.
04:22:16 Quit lukaswayne9 ("Ex-Chat")
04:24:38 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
04:24:52midkayYES. FINALLY.
04:25:06midkayi've had my guildwars account for a year, today.. my warrior gets a b-day present. :D
04:25:45midkaydamn, a necrid horseman.
04:26:02sharpei should play guild wars sometime
04:26:21midkaydisappoiiiiinting. :(
04:26:27midkayi wanted a titan. or a jade armor.
04:26:34sharpeneed to finish that mission to become, "Weh no su" (?)
04:26:48Paul_The_NerdWhat does the titan do?
04:26:51Paul_The_NerdI got one...
04:27:03Paul_The_NerdI logged in randomly recently, and it was all "Here, have this!"
04:27:29sharpePaul, you've a nano, right?
04:27:40sharpeWish to test the customizable bootloader?
04:27:57Paul_The_NerdI have 0 interest in a customizable bootloader.
04:28:01midkayPaul_The_Nerd, ah, cool, you play?
04:28:09sharpeneeded to see if it works with nanos.
04:28:31midkayPaul_The_Nerd, a burning titan from the Ring of Fire areas.. love those. they're just little pet things, they don't really do anything. but some are worth much more. :)
04:28:32Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Not much. Got stuck at a mission where people kept abandoning it after catching the elite skill in it, and leaving me stuck, so I kinda lost my taste for jerks.
04:28:37schroederwhat does the customizable bl do?
04:28:48midkayPaul_The_Nerd, ah, that's too bad... want some help? bored-ish. :)
04:28:48Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I have the little burning titan. He looks kinda neat.
04:28:53midkayseriously? lucky bastard..
04:29:05sharpeschroeder: lets you pick colors, text to be displayed while booting, and which keys boot what and which firmware is default.
04:29:10Paul_The_NerdAt the moment, I'm about to learn the Rockbox interface on the AJBRv1
04:29:19Paul_The_NerdBatteries are charging.
04:29:28midkayah, cool.
04:29:42midkayPaul_The_Nerd, what's your in-game name?
04:29:44sharpei think i may play guild wars in a little bit...
04:29:51Paul_The_NerdAnyone know if there are known issues regarding the line out on AJBRv1? Is there any reason other than "It's broken" why it wouldn't get sound output?
04:30:03schroederneed testing on a 5G?
04:30:13Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I don't remember. Which one do I give, any character name, or something else?
04:30:29midkayany character name works.. :)
04:30:33sharpeschroeder: nope, got it covered. twice :)
04:30:37schroeder:) k
04:30:55Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Llorean Kal Avec (The name predates Guildwars and my forum account, but I'm somewhat fond of it.)
04:31:18sharpePaul_The_Nerd: i bet i know where the first part of that comes from.
04:31:44midkayPaul_The_Nerd, cool, added you to friends.. we should play sometime. :)
04:31:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:31:53sharpeadd me! :D
04:32:21*scorche plays WoW
04:32:38midkayhaha. the horseman's actually sorta cool..
04:33:16Paul_The_NerdWell I just picked up factions, so I'll probably be playing that some after the move is a little more sorted out
04:33:58midkayPaul_The_Nerd, ah, awesome.. be glad to lend you a hand. been playing guild wars for like a year, factions i also got recently-ish (well, nearly a month ago).
04:34:16sharpei've had factions longer :) yet midkay's farther in it.
04:34:27midkayi've had the original for longer, loser. :)
04:34:41sharpei don't have the original. winner.
04:34:51midkayi win, sure.
04:35:00Paul_The_NerdI've had the original since before day 1, but I kinda got burnt out from getting to 19 in less than a week, then failing this mission a couple hundred times
04:35:24midkayPaul_The_Nerd, know what mission off-hand?
04:35:31Paul_The_NerdSome stupid one in the desert.
04:35:41sharpei believe i got factions a day or two after it came out, i didn't know it until i read the release date...
04:35:41Paul_The_NerdThere's a snake with an Elite skill that people always want to catch.
04:35:44midkayah, a couple of those are a little tricky..
04:35:49midkayhaha. :\
04:35:51Paul_The_NerdThe mission isn't particularly bad
04:36:01Paul_The_NerdUnless half your party quits as soon as they get the skill
04:36:13Paul_The_NerdAnd the AI are just stupid on it for some reason. They run off in some odd direction and pull EVERYTHING
04:36:24midkayhm, maybe fixed by now..
04:36:32midkaythough generally they suck anyways. :)
04:36:43 Join hardeep [0] (
04:37:06midkayextremely fun game with friends, even just one.. doesn't work out so well when you're playing alone or in a generally-stupid pick-up-group.
04:37:37Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Yeah, my friends didn't start playing 'till after I was burnt out. Actually, I've found the AI to be more reliable than humans in most cases.
04:37:44Paul_The_NerdBut then, when I was playing Humans were Stupid.
04:38:06Paul_The_NerdIt'd usually take a full team to take down my PVP character. I'm sure it's actually competitive now, and I suck by modern comparison.
04:38:26midkayhaha. when you've played with a good/experienced/smart group your view on the AI may change a bit. :)
04:38:48midkayi was burnt out on it for a while, yeah.. factions changed that, though.
04:39:47midkayi bet the one you had trouble with was thirsy river (if that's the name for the one i'm thinking of)..
04:39:53midkaywhere you fought larger and larger groups of guys, right?
04:40:45midkay1 group, then onto 2 groups, finally 3..
04:40:52midkayone of my least favorites..
04:41:34sharpei think
04:41:39sharpei may... go play factions..
04:44:25sharpei'm off to play!
04:44:32midkayyay :DDD
04:47:49*scorche is off to play dota
04:48:22scorchewarIII custom map
04:48:27scorchevery popular and fun
04:48:48Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Don't think so.
04:48:50midkayah. nice.
04:48:53Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: You had a time limit, if I recall.
04:49:03midkayPaul_The_Nerd, hm.. ah, that one..
04:49:09Paul_The_NerdIt wasn't terribly bad
04:49:12Paul_The_NerdThe time limit didn't suck or anything
04:49:19Paul_The_NerdIt should've been a cake walk
04:49:21midkaythe other "tricky" one of the three, compared to the other..
04:49:41Paul_The_NerdThe only thing "tricky" about it was when the AI wandered off and brought a whole branch down on you at once.
04:50:10*scorche sighs
04:50:14*midkay nods..
04:50:32*scorche hates it when g/fs have that special time of the month
04:50:35midkaynot a hard mission, nah.. but there's another in the desert that's even quite easier.. and another that's a bit harder. :)
04:50:42midkayhaha. :E
04:50:44scorcheespecially when they are already psycho
04:51:35scorchei think this is the longest i have ever seen an off-topic conversation go this long in here
04:51:55scorche...if that sentence made any sense
04:52:05Galoisit's a sign that development is frozen
04:52:06*Galois runs
04:52:23Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: If I recall I did the other two already. It's a trio that you have to complete, right?
04:52:30Paul_The_NerdIt's been forever...
04:52:44Paul_The_NerdOh, right, I'm supposed to be yelling about off topic convos. Right
04:52:45midkayPaul_The_Nerd, right, all three need to be beaten, then you can Ascend.. then you move on to the southern shiverpeaks, and finally the ring of fire.
04:52:46Paul_The_NerdShush, y'all.
04:52:57midkaythree missions per each of those last two areas..
04:54:00scorchePaul_The_Nerd: well, it worked
04:54:08scorchefor a whole min!
04:55:48Paul_The_NerdSo, anyway, anyone know if I need to somehow enable the line-out on AJBRv1, or if it's likely just broken?
04:56:02midkaydon't think it should need enabling..
04:56:20Paul_The_NerdI wouldn't assume it to
04:56:24 Part XavierGr
04:56:41hardeepPaul_The_Nerd: what are you connecting it to?
04:57:19 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:57:26Paul_The_Nerdhardeep: Tape adapter for my car
04:57:43scorchePaul_The_Nerd: i just plug it into my headphone port
04:57:44hardeepdoes the adapter take digital input?
04:57:58Paul_The_NerdY'know, I'm stupid
04:58:00Paul_The_NerdReally stupid
04:58:03scorchei have not seen one that does
04:58:08Paul_The_NerdI misread the "Line In" to say "Line Out"
04:58:13Paul_The_NerdNot even the digital one
04:58:15Paul_The_NerdThe one on the bottom.
04:58:33scorchehey...that does say in
04:59:10Paul_The_Nerdhardeep: Another question, since you're here: If the charger is plugged in, I should see a charging indicator where the battery status normally is on the status bar, right?
04:59:32scorchePaul_The_Nerd: rockbox on or off?
04:59:49Paul_The_Nerdscorche: On.
05:00:08midkayPaul_The_Nerd, next to, actually..
05:00:20midkaya plug icon next to the battery along with the battery animating itself.
05:00:20Paul_The_NerdSo, mine's not charging.
05:00:22scorchewhat he said..
05:00:25scorchei am too slow today...
05:00:40 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:00:41Paul_The_NerdIs there a most likely cause for failure to charge?
05:01:11midkaybroken plug thingamajig>
05:01:30midkaynot especially uncommon.. did you try wiggling it?
05:01:31scorchenot plugged into wall?
05:01:49 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:01:56Paul_The_NerdI have nothing with which to test the charger, unfortunately
05:02:03hardeepi remember seeing people report problems with the charging circuit
05:02:21hardeepoftern requiring resoldering of something
05:02:54Paul_The_NerdIs that the battery connectors thing?
05:03:02midkayright, maybe the adapter receptacle thing..
05:03:40hardeepPaul_The_Nerd: with the battery connector problem you'd see other problems (not starting up, music not playing, etc.)
05:04:25 Quit lancelott ("Leaving")
05:04:32 Join lancelott [0] (
05:07:26hardeepbtw, you might want to try with a different charger if possible... may not be a problem with the device
05:07:37Paul_The_NerdI intend to
05:07:51Paul_The_NerdI have a multi-charger somewhere around here. Anything I should know about safe input?
05:08:33hardeepmy charger is 9v 1200mA and works fine
05:08:41hardeepi've heard that 12v is okay too
05:08:57Paul_The_NerdThis is only 300mA. =/
05:09:23hardeepthe stock charger that came with my device was 600mA
05:09:31scorchestock is 9v 600 mA
05:09:37scorchei give up
05:09:42Paul_The_Nerd300 should be enough to determine if it's drawing power or not though, right?
05:10:40hardeepyou'd think
05:10:43 Join damaki_ [0] (
05:11:10Paul_The_NerdIt shows charging icon.
05:11:13Paul_The_NerdOkay, so, dead charger
05:11:15Paul_The_NerdHorrible batteries
05:11:18Paul_The_NerdBoth issues resolved
05:11:27Paul_The_NerdThe player itself is in near-mint condition other than that. :)
05:13:43hardeepyou may never go back to the iRiver/iPod =)
05:14:14Paul_The_NerdI'm somewhat fond of having multiple file formats supported. ;)
05:14:27*scorche lubs his archos
05:14:57Paul_The_NerdNext question: Anyone got a link to the 8mb mod instructions? Won't be doing it soon, but it's on the list of things to consider and I'd like to read up on it. A cursory search failed me.
05:15:05 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:16:12Paul_The_NerdThank you muchly
05:16:31hardeepalthough, you get pretty impressive battery life even without the mod
05:16:33scorcheok...i really give up now
05:16:47Paul_The_Nerdhardeep: I just put 2650 batteries into it. :)
05:16:50scorchehardeep: not on VBR i have noticed
05:17:17Paul_The_NerdAfter prying the cold, lifeless, terrifying original green batteries from it.
05:17:28scorcheit accesses about every 5 sec or so
05:17:48hardeepscorche: hmmm, that doesn't sound right
05:18:02scorchewell....i do have an older build on atm
05:18:12hardeepdo you have your # of files in playlist/directory settings set to a really high value?
05:18:29scorcheif i go view the audio thread, it is set at about 7/8
05:19:09scorcheyes...but i have a crap load of music as well
05:19:43hardeepscorche: that just means you need to have it organized better =) i have ~5000 tracks on my player and stick with defaults for both
05:19:52hardeepcould probably reduce it in fact
05:20:28Paul_The_NerdI'm tempted to go ahead 'n flash it. I assume that'll drastically reduce boot time?
05:20:35scorchewell, lemme get a newer build, and lower the limits, and get back to you
05:20:57hardeepPaul_The_Nerd: yes, significantly
05:21:53Paul_The_NerdI'm tempted to wait until WAV playback is in the core.
05:22:00 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
05:22:09midkayto flash?
05:22:32hardeepi agree with midkay, you should go ahead and do it...
05:22:33Paul_The_NerdDon't really _need_ to flash, as it's hardly going to be my primary use player.
05:22:35hardeepit's very safe
05:22:50midkayquite safe, simple.. nothing will change when WAV playback is integrated..
05:23:08Paul_The_NerdI'd have to reflash when WAV is integrated though, right?
05:23:14midkayno, no..
05:23:22midkayreflashing after the first time is.. entirely safe.
05:23:29midkaythen you get an iPod-like safety bootloader..
05:23:34midkayand just reflash a smaller portion.
05:23:36Paul_The_NerdWell, reflashing the first time should be pretty damn safe too, shouldn't it?
05:24:01midkayyeah, not entirely impossible to screw up, but it's impossible to screw up after the first time.. :)
05:24:05hardeepvery, haven't heard of anyone bricking in over 4 years
05:24:09midkayi don't think we've had a legit case of screwup, have we?
05:24:20Paul_The_NerdI think thought that I'll wait until I have a power adapter I'm sure I can rely on at least
05:24:21midkayone guy screwed his box by flashing with another model or something..
05:24:35midkayon purpose, no less.
05:25:18midkayif your batteries are > ~50%, it's fine, but of course your decision
05:25:50midkaythe first flash is scary, i've had to do it a couple times.. but after that it's very "aahhh" :)
05:25:54Paul_The_NerdPoint me to instructions then.
05:26:01midkay2sec startup or so :)
05:26:21Paul_The_NerdIt's technically not my player. And I *might* have to return it someday
05:26:24Paul_The_NerdOr my brother could forget I have it.
05:26:25 Quit damaki__ (Connection timed out)
05:26:27midkayhere we go..
05:26:44midkaylet's hope the latter :)
05:27:11midkaybut by now the procedure is very safe, lots of checks for integrity and stuff..
05:27:37Paul_The_NerdHe hasn't used his device in *years* so he'll probably forget if I don't remind him
05:27:45hardeepeven a blind man can do it, literally:
05:29:59Paul_The_NerdDo I download one of the flash content files from that page, or are newer ones available somewhere?
05:30:28midkayyou can compile them i believe, but they aren't in daily builds..
05:30:30midkayso those should be latest.
05:34:51Paul_The_NerdRombox is too big. :(
05:35:52Paul_The_NerdSo it tells me.
05:35:53midkaydid you get one from the daily builds?
05:36:11midkaythat's weird, it was sized down recently..
05:36:30midkayrockbox.ucl it is.. :\
05:36:36midkaynot a very large difference anyways.
05:37:03Paul_The_NerdCan I remove ajbrec.whatever?
05:37:21Paul_The_NerdI thought so.
05:38:04Paul_The_NerdOkay, all flashed and happy
05:38:56Paul_The_NerdThe battery charging screen is odd...
05:38:58Paul_The_NerdIt says 8%
05:39:10Paul_The_NerdIs that remaining or something?
05:39:29midkaymm, no.. give it a moment perhaps..
05:40:02Paul_The_NerdI think it's a side-effect of my new charger or something...
05:40:24midkaypossibly.. yeah..
05:45:50 Join lancelott [0] (
05:47:22scorchehardeep: was looking through some things... is slightly wrong.....the "Recorder (v1)" came in at least 15s also....not just 20s
05:49:00midkaythen fix it.
05:49:28scorchethe chart is wrong, but the footnotes say "seems to be"
05:49:32scorchemidkay: i am lazy
05:51:24 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
05:56:28 Quit schroeder ()
06:02:54 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:03:53 Join lancelott [0] (
06:15:42 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzzz")
06:17:13 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:17:18 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
06:17:45 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:20:57 Join lancelott [0] (
06:21:50 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
06:24:53 Part Paul_The_Nerd
06:31:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:37:25sharpei'm back!
06:37:44*scorche groans
06:37:55sharpeand i have pez.
06:38:41sharpeyeh. everyone loves me.
06:38:55scorchecannot copy rockbox: the file or directory is corrupt or unreadable
06:38:57scorcheargh indeed
06:39:07scorche<3 windows
06:39:34sharpeusing the built-in zip functionality?
06:40:07scorcheno...using the built-in drag-and-drop-into-explorer functionality =P
06:40:28scorchei dont wanna boot into linux atm though =(
06:42:28 Join mongey|zZz [0] (
06:43:36 Nick mongey|zZz is now known as mongey (
06:44:14mongeyamiconn you found the battery problem right?
06:44:52midkayhe did
06:44:57midkayand i believe he's asleep.
06:45:22mongeyJust like that chip will
06:45:55sharpei'm in a good mood.
06:46:23sharpei get to go visit a friend i haven't seen for christmas this friday. and saturday. and partially sunday.
06:46:52mongeyah your french midkay? ive got a french test this morning :P
06:47:07midkaymongey, nah, just.. nearly done with a second year of learning it. :)
06:47:34mongey3rd year here
06:48:16sharpelets write a scripting language for rockbox. we can call it scriptbox. ahahahah.
06:48:29sharpei am such a comical genius.
06:48:33 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
06:49:18scorchei had 3 years of french....that ended about 3 years ago
06:50:13sharpeyou know, that means six years ago you were going to have three years of french.
06:50:31 Quit mongey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:50:31scorchewhat about it?
06:51:08sharpethat was it.
06:51:47 Join mongey [0] (
06:52:16sharpeokay then.
06:52:22scorcheuh huh.\
06:54:54scorchehavada oncles.
06:56:20sharpei'm bored.
06:59:52 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:04:49 Join lancelott [0] (
07:05:40 Join aliask [0] (
07:08:28 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:13:25 Join lancelott [0] (
07:18:00 Join MusiFreq [0] (
07:18:07 Quit MusiFreq (Client Quit)
07:20:48 Quit Jabba (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:23:23 Join MusiFreq [0] (
07:23:29 Quit MusiFreq (Client Quit)
07:24:53 Join Jabba [0] (n=jabba@
07:28:52 Quit rocko (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:43:10 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:46:38 Join lancelott [0] (
07:48:40 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:55:14amiconnGood morning :)
07:55:52amiconnHmm, Paul_The_Nerd is gone :/
07:56:18amiconnIf rombox was too big for him, he did *not* use the latest flashing instructions + files
07:57:00amiconnWe definitely have too many places where flashing info is scattered nowadays
07:57:41 Join lancelott [0] (
07:57:52 Join RedBreva [0] (
07:58:51mongeyamiconn: how far are you along in putting that chip to rest?
07:59:12amiconnI have written no code to actually do that,
07:59:29amiconnbut the biggest problem was that we were unable to actually talk to the chip
07:59:40amiconnThis is solved now.
07:59:47*mongey nods
07:59:55amiconnI hope to be able to whip up something tonight
08:00:07finikguys, does anybody know where do I put julius full screen logo (
08:01:05 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:01:28mongeywhich dap?
08:03:49 Join SereR0KR [0] (
08:04:56 Join lancelott [0] (
08:11:51 Join sharpe` [0] (
08:11:51 Quit sharpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:25:30 Join dj-fu [0] (
08:27:05 Join ravon [0] (
08:31:33 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:31:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:37:50 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
08:38:33 Nick sharpe` is now known as sharpe (
08:42:27 Quit Prot (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:42:44 Quit RedBreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:42:46 Join Prot [0] (
08:52:41 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
08:56:53 Quit MrStaticVoid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:58:08 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
08:59:18 Join petur [0] (
09:03:40 Join vadim [0] (
09:05:42 Join moda|ASOT [0] (
09:05:53moda|ASOTYO GUYS!
09:05:55moda|ASOTi got my iriver h340 working :)
09:06:12moda|ASOTgot a replacement 40gb from a h140, plugged it into my h340 and it works a charm :)
09:06:23moda|ASOTreformatting the hdd, so i can put my music on it now :)
09:06:46JdGordonwell done
09:06:58JdGordonso the hdd was dead?
09:09:33moda|ASOTbut the guy who sold it to me only included the h140, he said he sold the accessories ages ago :p
09:09:48moda|ASOTso now i have a dead h140 with no hdd and a dead 40gb hdd
09:10:03moda|ASOTafter the holidays, ill put the original firmware back on it and get it rmad :) :p
09:10:49JdGordonwanna let any of your 4 remotes go to a good home yet?
09:11:14moda|ASOTnow i only got a h340 non lcd, a h320 non lcd and a h120 lcd :p
09:11:25moda|ASOTand im keeping both non lcds for resale value :p
09:11:35moda|ASOTand my sister is using the h120 lcd.... so i dunno
09:12:19*JdGordon woul kill for a remote.. even non-lcd..
09:12:27JdGordon.. and is willing to travel north to do so :D
09:12:38*amiconn spots petur
09:12:40moda|ASOThow should i do the format? format it in the iriver software or using the xp software?
09:13:03amiconnpetur: Did you read last night's log? I had a little chat with our friend the ISP1362 :D
09:13:19JdGordondont do it in xp, max of 32gb parititon then
09:13:29moda|ASOTah, mk
09:13:30JdGordonwell done amiconn
09:13:54moda|ASOTnow i gotta clean my iriver :p
09:14:04*amiconn is itching to write the isp power-down code
09:14:17moda|ASOTFormat... Don't Touch..... lol
09:14:29 Quit Malnilion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:14:30moda|ASOTits done already
09:14:42peturamiconn: yay!
09:14:44JdGordonquick format
09:14:54*petur goes to read the log
09:14:58 Join Malnilion [0] (
09:15:25moda|ASOTlol, my sisters iriver now has 2000 songs.... thats almost as much as me and i have 20gb more... lol
09:16:31*moda|ASOT goes to put shit (ahem.... music) on his iriver
09:19:09aliaskJdGordon: Want my non-lcd h300 remote?
09:19:30JdGordonas long as it work...
09:20:05aliaskLet me see if I can find it.
09:20:53peturamiconn: nice job, I would have never found out about that CS - not even suspected something like that
09:21:57peturamiconn: does that mean that CS3 normally acts on 2 hardware pins?
09:22:03 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
09:22:26 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:22:52peturamiconn: and are you full awake already? :D
09:24:17moda|ASOTshit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
09:24:26moda|ASOTi think i lost my armin van buuren collection :( NOOOOO!
09:25:52amiconnpetur: Yes and yes
09:26:21amiconnCS3 is primarily meant for connecting flash media
09:27:09amiconnThe other pin, /SWE, is shared with GPIO12, but GPIO12 is already taken for the PCF IC
09:28:23peturamiconn: btw, 5 hours sleep are not enough for me atm, my health level is <100% and suffering from the heat (>25degrees celcius)
09:28:39moda|ASOTi just found a dead pixel on my 20" widescreen
09:28:57*petur hands moda|ASOT tons of toilet paper
09:29:15*moda|ASOT cries
09:30:17 Join mikearthur [0] (
09:30:21*petur hands moda|ASOT more toilet paper
09:30:42*moda|ASOT crumples it up and throws it at petur, and then cries some more
09:31:07scorchego cut yourself!
09:31:38peturdead pixels are no rma reason unless you have a bunch of them or some very close to each other
09:31:40*moda|ASOT stabs scorche.... am not
09:31:59moda|ASOTi know petur, i only just noticed it, its one single red pixel on the left side of the screen
09:32:13peturit's a dead pixel alright? no small bit of dust?
09:32:27moda|ASOTits a stuck pixel
09:32:36scorchei find it amusing when people tell me that they had a dead pixel form on them
09:33:39*amiconn likes that summer has finally arrived
09:34:08*moda|ASOT likes that winter is upon us and its skiing season
09:34:19amiconn21 C right now, up to 32 C today
09:34:31moda|ASOTlol, it was 10 degrees today
09:34:32peturlast night 30 degr in my home - way to much
09:34:38moda|ASOTwhere is that amiconn?
09:34:49scorcheit was 90 degrees here today
09:34:56*scorche mumbles something about euros
09:35:10moda|ASOTamiconn: you watched the world cup?
09:35:13moda|ASOTwell, so far
09:35:21moda|ASOTaustralia won :) w00t!
09:35:33amiconnI don't care about it
09:35:34*moda|ASOT prods scorche.... damn american
09:35:34peturI bet he was watching the isp1362
09:36:12moda|ASOTsuffering from the heat (>25degrees celcius) <−−−− LOL
09:36:16moda|ASOT25 degrees isnt heat
09:36:26peturit is for me
09:36:34peturcan't stand it
09:36:37moda|ASOT(basically) every single day in summer here is over 30 degrees ;)
09:36:56scorchequit making me do conversions!
09:37:03moda|ASOTrofl scorche
09:37:26*moda|ASOT installs rockbox on his new iriver hdd :)
09:37:32scorchei think in C in chemistry and electronics....but not for weather ='(
09:38:18moda|ASOTim guessing rb3.0 isnt out yet?
09:38:33*scorche opens door #3
09:39:18 Join BHSPitMonkey_ [0] (
09:39:42 Join B4gder [0] (
09:40:26 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:40:52peturI bet temperatures are much better in Sweden
09:41:04moda|ASOTwow, rb experimental is upto 2.7 :O
09:41:10B4gderwe're in heat shock in Sweden
09:41:11moda|ASOTlast time i downloaded it was 2.2
09:41:20*moda|ASOT celebrates
09:41:45 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
09:42:03JdGordonB4gder: wanna swap then? its bloody 10C atm
09:42:19JdGordonunless 10C is a heat wave in sweden :D
09:42:20*petur wants to swap
09:42:21B4gderwe know cold up here
09:42:43moda|ASOTlol JdGordon.... melbourne
09:42:43*JdGordon hates the cold
09:42:45B4gderwe had 100+ days of uninterupted snow on the ground this winter
09:42:53JdGordonumm.. congrats?
09:43:05moda|ASOTi wish it snowed in queensland :|
09:43:09B4gderwe deserve our 30C now ;-)
09:43:33aliaski love melbourne weather
09:43:35moda|ASOTanyone got vista?
09:44:17JdGordonat least its not raining here..
09:44:31JdGordonor freezing winds straight from antarctica
09:45:08peturJdGordon: stop teasing me
09:45:12moda|ASOTJdGordon: try playing waterpolo while getting freezing winds.... when the ambient temp is 12 degrees :|
09:45:22moda|ASOTnot pleasent
09:45:29JdGordonna, that doesnt sound fun at all
09:45:38moda|ASOTfuck oath
09:48:56*petur fails to crawl into a fridge at work :/
09:49:57*moda|ASOT unplugs the fridge :p
09:50:38moda|ASOTsigh... :|
09:50:43*JdGordon turns the heater to 26C :D
09:51:13 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
09:51:31*moda|ASOT turns the heater to 30C :D
09:52:06peturgood thing that an irc channel is a good insulator :p
09:52:41moda|ASOTi wanna go back to europe :p
09:53:10 Quit vadim ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
09:53:12moda|ASOTi cant wait until the 2nd of july tho.... i get to go to sheepworld :)
09:53:25moda|ASOTyea :)
09:53:33JdGordongoing for some skiing?
09:53:44moda|ASOThell yes :)
09:54:08JdGordondads fav joke atm... why are kiwis weaking kilts now?
09:54:23moda|ASOTno idea
09:54:29 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:54:34JdGordonsheeps got used to the sound of the zipper :D
09:54:58*moda|ASOT WinAmp Armin van Buuren - Live from Asta, The Hague (2006) - A State Of Trance Episode 250 53:39/510:14 [|−−−−−−−−−−−−-] 192 kbps mp3
09:55:01moda|ASOToh yea
09:56:11moda|ASOTwtf 60mins to copy 10gb of music... sif
09:57:02ScoTTie_good epi :>
09:57:16ScoTTie_is that all 8 hours?
09:57:19moda|ASOToh yea
09:57:25ScoTTie_ive only got 5 of it :(
09:58:02moda|ASOTits great stuff
09:59:31 Quit MrStaticVoid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:59:44 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
10:05:49 Quit Kohlrabi ("Hello my name is CoolClonk .")
10:06:55 Join webguest58 [0] (
10:09:37 Quit lancelott ("Leaving")
10:11:05 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
10:11:20 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
10:18:33 Quit ScoTTie_ ()
10:20:38 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
10:24:24 Join Stepn [0] (
10:31:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:32:04 Join MusiFreq [0] (
10:36:37JdGordoni thought there was no malloc? whats buffer_alloc() ?
10:43:13linuxstbIt's for boot-time allocation of memory.
10:43:53linuxstbI think it can only be used before audio playback is initialised, and the memory can't be free'ed.
10:45:16JdGordoni realised adding a seek start/end time to the playlist_track_info struct would be useless :p it hardly ever used
10:49:20amiconnLinusN: May I ask you to do some H300 tracing?
10:49:28amiconnI found some pin
10:49:55amiconns that probably are USBOTG related in the disassembly
10:53:23 Join dpro_ [0] (
10:58:40LinusNamiconn: i spent some time on the train this morning tracing some signals
10:58:53LinusNmy fellow passengers gave me strange looks
10:59:04LinusN(beeep) ... (beeep)...
10:59:23LinusNgpio63 is the PSTCLK pin
10:59:26aliaskhahaha :)
10:59:49LinusNit is set to a low output, probably to reduce interference
11:00:07LinusNand maybe even to save some power
11:00:34amiconnLinusN: The most interesting signals are (1) GPIO53 (most probably USB +5V control - but where is this connected?)
11:00:44linuxstbJdGordon: You possibly want to add it to the mp3entry struct (firmware/export/id3.h) - that's the main struct used by the playback.c code. But the decision will be to have one of those structs per file, or one per sub-track. My feeling is that one per file could be the way to go (a lot of the fields will be the same for all sub-tracks), but I haven't really thought about it.
11:01:01amiconn(2) GPIO39 _out_ and GPIO38 _out_
11:01:03LinusNamiconn: i traced that once upon a time, but i lost my notes. i'll do it again
11:01:12amiconn(the corresponding _in_ signals are known
11:01:23LinusN39 out is mclk1, probably set to low output for the same reasons as 63
11:01:59amiconn(3) GPIO26
11:02:13LinusN26 goes to an unmounted resistor, r26
11:02:22LinusNi didn't find out where it went
11:03:31amiconnThe iriver firmware sets all mentioned pins to GPIO out
11:04:34LinusNi'll try again to find 53 and 26
11:04:46amiconnAlso interesting: PCF50606 GPOOD3
11:06:43 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
11:07:01tucozmarkun, are you here?
11:07:13LinusNbtw, gpio21 goes to the isp1362 OTGMODE pin
11:07:39amiconnLinusN: Btw, the freescale recommended way to quiesce PSTCLK & friend is setting bit 17 of the CSD register
11:09:48markuntucoz: yes
11:10:05LinusNamiconn: yeah, i remember reading that somewhere
11:10:11tucozshould I commit the new logo?
11:10:21LinusNthe new logo?
11:10:26markunDid you get it to work?
11:10:30tucozyes, as a pdf
11:10:38tucozLinusN, a svg logo for the manual
11:10:44tucozdon't worry
11:10:57markunHm, I think it needs some more work
11:11:05linuxstbmarkun: Did you create the svg file yourself?
11:11:29markunlinuxstb: with The Gimp, autotrace and sodipodi.
11:11:34 Join lds [0] (
11:12:03tucozok. when you are finished, you can commit it yourself if you want. Just save it as an .eps (e.g. with inkscape) and run the epstopdf command
11:12:10tucoz*then run
11:12:36tucozand change the path in frontpage.tex to the new pdf
11:12:44markunHave to go to work now
11:12:45linuxstbmarkun: It looks great to me - nice job.
11:12:54tucozyes, very nice
11:13:32markunIt has a lot of redundant points and round corners which should not be round
11:13:40linuxstbI guess we should put both the .svg and .pdf versions in CVS?
11:14:03tucozI think so too
11:14:29markuntucoz: well, if you think it's good enough you can commit it now and I will update it later
11:14:52linuxstbIf my opinion counts, I think it's more than good enough.
11:15:01tucozOk. Then I'll do that. It saves us another 220K off the manual
11:19:22 Nick dpro_ is now known as dpro (
11:20:04 Quit qwm ("Lost terminal")
11:22:13 Quit Kohlrabi ("Hello my name is CoolClonk .")
11:23:33tucozoh, svg is a plain text file format. Should I commit that file without the -kb flags then?
11:23:58B4gderI doubt it matters much
11:24:17B4gderas even small edits are bound to change a lot of it
11:24:17tucozYou are probably right
11:24:33tucozthe diff would make little sence as well
11:25:06amiconnsvg is xml based
11:25:20B4gder... and xml is terrible to diff
11:30:42Mikachuthere's no point in committing it as binary just because the diffs won't make sense
11:30:44 Quit nudel ("At Argon, we're working to keep your money.")
11:31:02linuxstbPDF can also be plain text, but I think changing line-endings will break the internal byte indexes, so that should be binary.
11:34:15amiconnPDF is almost always compressed
11:35:07 Quit webguest58 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
11:35:11 Join webguest58 [0] (
11:35:55Mikachuwhy does the viewcvs script crap out on new files? ie
11:36:10Mikachuor maybe it's binary files
11:37:01amiconnviewcvs has probelms with all newer commits since a few weeks ago
11:37:09amiconnProbably some recent change in cvs
11:38:19LinusNwe know what the problem is, and we need to upgrade viewvc
11:40:42 Quit webguest58 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
11:49:27 Join bluebrother [0] (
11:51:30B4gderfunnily enough, I could patch an older viewcvs to work
11:51:46B4gderbut the one we have at rockbox is newer and python hurts my brain
11:54:36 Join webguest26 [0] (
11:55:02Mikachui had a 3d graphics programming course last semester, in python
11:55:25Mikachuit only had half a lecture about python at the start
11:55:39 Quit webguest26 (Client Quit)
11:56:28 Quit tucoz ("Leaving")
11:56:30B4gder'they actually guided me toward RockBox for an "alternative" firmware,'
11:56:47B4gderthey being iriver nordic
11:59:54merbanan:) well everything to get happy customers
12:00:59 Join menollo [0] (
12:03:18B4gderis that also why they stopped making the good players? ;-)
12:09:27 Quit menollo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:09:54 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:10:27 Join menollo [0] (
12:11:55LinusNthe customers don't need to be happy, as long as they pay
12:12:39LinusNon the contrary, the customer needs to be a little unsatisfied, so he/she upgrades to the next model every now and then
12:12:58B4gder"oh yes we promise we have it fixed when you buy our new model"
12:13:22B4gder"... oh, not quite this time either but if you just buy the next one we can almost promise"
12:15:37 Quit lds (Remote closed the connection)
12:17:05 Join lds [0] (
12:17:55 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:18:04 Join midkay_ [0] (n=midkay@
12:22:10JdGordonrant time... im doing uni full time atm.. anyway, ive just done my timetable for next semester. 9 contact hours per week, 5 subjects and uni wont let you do any more than 5! love their definition of full time. because of this idiocy I have an extra semesetr for 2 subjects :'(
12:22:40moda|ASOTrofl JdGordon
12:27:27 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:27:28 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:29:13 Join Febs [0] (
12:32:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:35:30 Join TeaSea [0] (
12:41:51 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
12:43:29tucozbluebrother: in case you got the time, and got access to the manual source. I just noticed that the page-foot for e.g. i120 is not looking too good after my change to playername in the preamble
12:47:49FebsSuggestion for the channel topic: "Yes, don't worry, we're working on it." From
12:48:08Mode"#rockbox +o B4gder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
12:48:30Topic"Rockbox 3.0? Yes, we're working on it." by B4gder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
12:48:50JdGordonare we? i thought it was canceled?
12:49:01B4gderit wasn't
12:49:08B4gderwe've talked about it though
12:49:20preglowwhat is the progress on the power issue?
12:49:22preglowh3x0, that is
12:49:49amiconnpreglow: I'm planning to write the powerdown code tonight
12:49:57JdGordonu da maan amiconn :D
12:50:02amiconnI managed to access the chip last night :)
12:50:04preglowamiconn: you've got a clear picture of the how and what of it?
12:50:31preglowgoodie, goodie
12:53:59 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
13:00:57preglowso perhaps we'll exceed iriver runtimes also on h3x0
13:00:59preglowthat'd rock
13:01:21B4gderit would
13:02:11preglowamiconn: you did find that the cpu was cooler with rockbox than retail, yes?
13:02:47preglowi wonder if this problem is also what makes some ipods have sucky runtime
13:03:24amiconnYes, the CPU was a tiny bit cooler under rockbox than under retail
13:03:37preglowi wonder how they manage it
13:03:41preglowwith their kickass mp3 decoder
13:03:48amiconnNot very significant because it was ony ~1 C
13:04:13amiconn..but still somehow expected since we also exceed iriver runtime claims on H1x0
13:04:52amiconnI'd guess iriver doesn't use sleep mode when there's nothing to do for the CPU
13:05:08preglowand i'd guess sleep mode doesn't trigger very often during playback in rockbox anyway
13:05:12amiconnIt wouldn't surprise me at all.
13:05:42amiconnArchos did the same stupid thing, leading to the Ondio having significantly less runtime than they promised
13:05:57amiconnRockbox actually fulfills archos' promise
13:08:30amiconnpreglow: Our mp3 decoder is quite efficient now. I'd expect sleep mode to trigger every now and then
13:08:47tucozis the h3x0 power issues the only real showstopper that is left?
13:09:06preglowstill a number of bugs left
13:09:07tucozsort of?
13:09:13preglowand i think voice ui is really flakey
13:09:22tucozah, voice yes.
13:09:27amiconnPlayback still has numerous bugs
13:09:53amiconnJust encountered one of them this morning
13:10:09FebsIt's a shame that Brandon hasn't been able to spend much time on RB recently. But, RealLife happens.
13:10:24preglowdoes indeed
13:10:24amiconnPlayback just didn't start, counter stayed at 0:00
13:10:27tucozok. rockbox should hire lostlogic and slasheri as consultants of the playback system and run a course through the maze of mysteries in that department
13:10:34amiconnStop/Resume didn't help. Reboot did
13:10:49tucozamiconn: is that in general, or only on a specific target?
13:10:55amiconnThat was H140
13:10:57preglowsounds general
13:11:13tucozi guess it is
13:11:16FebsI ran into a bug yesterday on ipod where the remaining time was shown as: -3:-27. But I couldn't reproduce it.
13:11:41amiconnVoice often stops working when playback is stopped
13:11:41preglowi've had that too
13:11:56preglowi got it using an mp3 file with an erronous xing header
13:12:09preglowamiconn: does voice work at all when playback is stopped?
13:12:17preglowahh, no, i'm thinking about paused
13:12:51peturthe -3:-27 is caused by some oversimplified formatting
13:12:52amiconnSometimes... It was already better some time ago
13:13:30 Quit sharpe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:15:10 Quit moda|ASOT ()
13:16:30 Quit MusiFreq (Remote closed the connection)
13:21:54 Join MusiFreq [0] (
13:22:22 Join MusiFreq_ [0] (
13:22:52 Quit MusiFreq (Client Quit)
13:22:52 Quit MusiFreq_ (Client Quit)
13:38:05 Quit menollo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:38:05 Quit LinusN (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:38:52 Join menollo [0] (
13:38:55 Quit tucoz ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
13:39:31 Join webguest41 [0] (
13:40:47 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
13:49:52 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
13:51:58 Quit webguest41 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:00:04 Join Redbreva [0] (
14:05:02amiconnB4gder: Any news from ups?
14:05:25B4gderthey'll deliver to my customer's address tomorrow
14:05:35 Quit Redbreva ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
14:06:14B4gderI did my duty and yelled suitably much to their customer service person about their lack of service
14:06:31peturdoubt it will help ;)
14:06:32B4gder"no we can't call you when we get there, we don't have a phone"
14:06:58B4gderpetur: I'm sure it bounced off immediately and won't help anyone
14:10:34 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
14:12:55merbananB4gder: is it the stuff from Sandisk ?
14:13:33 Quit Jungti1234 (Client Quit)
14:13:49 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:13:58B4gderexpect a full and detailed report once I've received it
14:14:18LinusNa bomb
14:14:29B4gderfrom apple
14:14:46B4gderthe package doesn't say who its from
14:15:22 Quit menollo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:15:25 Join Xerion [0] (
14:18:01 Join Ribs2 [0] (
14:19:24 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
14:22:45 Join JdGordon [0] (
14:26:15 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:26:20JdGordonwhy the heck didnt they install a decent gui apt-get frontend in kubuntu??
14:26:20 Join linuxstb [0] (
14:26:41B4gderbecause gui frontends are for the weak? ;-]
14:26:48*B4gder hides
14:28:13JdGordonmy bad.. they just hid it :p
14:29:27 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:32:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:33:55 Quit Ribs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:37:08 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:37:56 Quit slarti (Remote closed the connection)
14:39:09JdGordonis there a mark bright in the house?
14:39:36 Join slarti [0] (i=slarti@gentoo/developer/slarti)
14:43:02 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
14:44:07 Join JdGordon [0] (
14:45:32*amiconn pints JdGordon to the IrcNicks page
14:45:53*B4gder is gonna have a pint or two tonight
14:45:59peturpints are ok too
14:49:24 Quit aliask ("Sleep")
14:57:12preglowsounds like a good idea in general
14:57:35Mikachu"they come in pints?"
14:58:06petur25 and 33 cl actually (.be)
14:58:39Quarrymannot in 50 cl?
14:59:23peturnot here no
15:00:35amiconn50 cl is standard in germany
15:00:52Mikachuapparently a pint is 47.3 cl
15:00:56amiconn..and that's almost a pint (had to look up this weird unit first)
15:01:03 Join steveb_ [0] (
15:01:05Mikachuaccording to `units`
15:01:19B4gder1 US pint = 0.473176475 liter
15:01:22B4gderaccording to google
15:01:44B4gder1 Imperial pint = 0.568261485 liter
15:02:02B4gderI believe we get british pints mostly here when we get pints
15:02:21JdGordonwhy cant the yanks get anything right :D
15:02:25Mikachuah, units defaulted to us pints
15:03:12Mikachuthe us even has two different pints, dry and wet
15:03:31 Part steveb_ ("##uk - The brits still rule the world")
15:03:49amiconnMikachu: The britannica also has that info...
15:04:04*petur offers the channel some Tripel Karmeliet (
15:04:07B4gderand the dry one is 0.551
15:04:14Mikachuamiconn: sorry, i missed your url
15:04:16B4gderpretty close to the imperial one ;-)
15:04:18*amiconn wonders why people still use those odd units, like gallons, inches etc
15:04:40Mikachuamiconn: because they are americans, their way is correct by definition :)
15:05:22B4gderyay! land of the free!
15:06:30peturfor the Australians in the channel:
15:08:05JdGordon$9 for 330ml.. better be bloody nice for that price
15:08:23peturit is ;) and also much cheaper here :p
15:08:36JdGordonok, next time im over there ill buy one :p
15:09:23 Join dakiller [0] (
15:09:48JdGordonapart from free beer, the cheapest ive ever bought was 500ml bear beer in Israel for AUD$1.50 or something rediculous
15:10:03JdGordonu can image how terrible it was :D
15:10:06muesli|delhivb 4ever...
15:10:12muesli|delhibesides becks of course..
15:10:16JdGordonat elast u didnt say XXXX
15:10:46JdGordontassy beer >> draught >> vb >> piss >> carton cold/light ice
15:15:14preglowpetur: damn, that sounds tasty
15:15:39B4gderwe need a beercon ;-)
15:15:46*petur has one bottle left in his fridge at home
15:15:53preglowoats in a tripel, never heard of that
15:16:17peturIf I can make devcon next year, I'll bring beer :)
15:16:21muesli|delhibtw...fosters is made in india too
15:16:21muesli|delhithey sell it as domestic :D
15:16:58 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:17:45 Join JdGordon [0] (
15:18:32preglowi've never been much of a fan of strange units, but pint i like
15:18:43preglowfor some reason...
15:18:55crashdpint is the only way to serve beer
15:19:31B4gderso why don't they pour beer in pint-size bottles/cans?
15:19:47JdGordonu can get 500ml cans occasionally
15:19:49preglowB4gder: i have seen pint sized bottles/cans
15:19:50crashdbecause you aren't supposed to drink beer out of bottle or cans
15:19:50JdGordonand longnecks
15:20:05JdGordon800ml of beer :D now thats niiice
15:20:05B4gder500ml is very common here, but that's not pint-sized
15:20:14crashdit's supposed to go from the hoppery > barrel > glass > mouth
15:20:20muesli|delhiJdGordon dont wanna see ur belly :)
15:20:29JdGordoni got hollow legs
15:20:32B4gdercrashd: yet all those pour it in bottles and cans
15:20:35B4gderthey have no spine!
15:20:39crashdthey are rubbish, is why
15:20:46crashdthere's no good excuse for it
15:20:53B4gderwe need a boycott
15:20:57preglowwatery mouth
15:20:58B4gderto teach them
15:21:21preglowa couple of pints of bitter would suit me nicely right now, with this heat
15:22:10JdGordonchanging topocs slightly.... i keep getting "sudo: timestamp too far in the future:" any way to fix it? or just wait till tomorow night when the timestamp is good again?
15:22:26bluebrotherJdGordon: touch it.
15:22:46JdGordontouch what?
15:22:53 Join PaulJam [0] (
15:22:53bluebrothertouch the file.
15:23:06JdGordonwhich file?
15:23:07bluebrothertouch can change the timestamp of a file.
15:23:25JdGordoni get that when i try running a command from sudo
15:23:57peturchaning topic slightly back again: some special beers come in 37.5cl and 75cl bottles with cork here. Also 1.5L bottles exist (!)
15:24:38JdGordonyou use cl in europe? or just lazyness here?
15:24:53peturcommon for beer bottles
15:24:54muesli|delhicl? we only count in l :D
15:24:56B4gdercl is pretty common
15:24:58 Join Poka64 [0] (
15:25:04B4gderfor drink measures
15:25:05JdGordonthat 375ml and 750ml both standard here
15:25:23JdGordonmind u.. i dunno any beer in 750ml bottles
15:25:49B4gderthose indian ones come in 750ml
15:25:54muesli|delhithey have 650ml over here
15:26:42peturthere's a drinks shop at 200m from work here, it's as big as a supermarket and 3/4 of it is beer
15:26:43preglowpetur: site keeps referring to glasses, but i can't find a way to order them anywhere
15:27:22*preglow needs a couple of trappist beer glasses
15:27:54preglowmore like chalice
15:28:55peturmost here only have glasses of one beer and serve the others in that too. Too many different glasses otherwise
15:29:09peturbut in pubs you always get it in the right glass
15:30:11preglowgot a leffe glass the other day, but that's the only thing that's gotten close around here
15:30:27preglowthe orval ones look nicer :>
15:31:11peturI don't really care much, the contents is more important ;)
15:31:41preglowno, it doesn't concern me wildly, but it's a nice touch, heh
15:31:57 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:33:23preglowwish i had something like that beer store around here
15:33:32 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:33:53preglowi pretty much need to go to sweden/denmark to get a decent selection
15:34:08preglowsomething i can't be bothered to do
15:34:56peturI don't know what shipping costs would be, too heavy to ship cheap I fear
15:35:54 Join JdGordon [0] (
15:36:13preglowplus gargantuan taxes on top of it when importing
15:36:40peturalso when sending as gift?
15:37:03preglowthe norwegian government would rather see everyone teetotalers insteaed of adopting a more realistic stance to alcohol
15:39:11peturwe were once on holiday by car in Norway, half the trunk was beer/wine/stronger stuff. Got questions at the border but they let us through. Seems we got very lucky then.
15:39:16 Join Febs [0] (
15:40:14preglownormally you get fined to hell then all your alcohol gets confiscated
15:40:20preglowif you've got more than you're allowed to, that is
15:40:45preglowhalf the trunk probably qualifies by a large margin, heh
15:40:53peturI'm pretty sure it was...
15:41:03peturit was a big car too :p
15:42:50 Quit bluebrother ("bbl")
15:43:58 Join Shado23 [0] (
15:47:09Shado23Hi, I need some purchasing advice. I'm looking into buying an iriver, should I get a H320 or a H120 (With rockbox in mind)?
15:48:26muesli|delhii had an 120, 140 and finally an 320
15:48:42muesli|delhithe 140 is the beste choice
15:48:47muesli|delhifor me
15:48:58Shado23I can't decide, because I'd like a colour display, but the design of the H100 series looks better to me
15:49:10preglowShado23: do you care about the colour screen? care about spdif?
15:49:28preglowright now the h1x0 performs best with rockbox, but that might change very soon
15:49:29muesli|delhithe 140 is more handy
15:49:29Shado23I won't be needing that much space I guess, otherwise it,s the same as the H120, right?
15:49:42peturh3x0 has usbotg
15:49:47muesli|delhiusb 1.0
15:49:51muesli|delhiuseless imho
15:49:51peturh1x0 has spdif
15:50:11Shado23the H120 only has usb 1.0?
15:50:18muesli|delhithe 320 gets pretty thick with a case
15:50:28peturbetter 12mbps than 0mbps
15:50:42muesli|delhino...ustotg has usb v1.0
15:50:51Shado23ok won@t be needing that
15:51:06muesli|delhiits nice but useless with v1.0..
15:51:17Shado23and colour display is not essential, but would be nice to have
15:51:22muesli|delhiactually the h320 gets quite fat with a case
15:51:35muesli|delhiwhereas the h140 remains kind of neat
15:51:43Shado23mz main problem is the buttons on the 320 look weird, at least on the pictures i've seen
15:52:15Shado23but how is it different from the H120 except from the diskspace?
15:52:24muesli|delhibuttons are definitely better on h140 also
15:52:31muesli|delhithe joystcik is fantastic
15:52:50amiconnmuesli|delhi: Wrong... usbotg is always usb2.0, because it's not defined for older protocol versions
15:53:01amiconnThis has nothing to do with the transfer speed
15:53:24muesli|delhiamiconn whatever..its useless slow on h320
15:53:34muesli|delhi15mins for 256mb...
15:53:37*amiconn found it to be rather useful
15:53:44*petur too
15:53:48 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
15:53:54muesli|delhinot usuable as an image tank (for my use)
15:53:58Shado23the H10 series won't be supported all of a sudden, right?
15:54:03amiconnI used it as a backup for my digicam on my trip to Torino
15:54:38muesli|delhiwell..i have a 4gb drive...
15:54:42muesli|delhithat would take ages
15:54:55amiconnThe most annoying thing wasn't the speed, but the inability of retailos to sync folders
15:55:17Shado23so I'll probably get a H120, as it seems to be identical to the H140 and I don@t need the space
15:55:41muesli|delhithe h120 was my very favourite...
15:55:49muesli|delhimice and design
15:55:53 Quit lds ("Parti")
15:56:14Shado23one thing tough, with rockbox it always works as a usb storage device and no MTP, right?
15:56:23Shado23*it will
15:56:44peturUMS yes
15:56:50 Quit bondolo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:57:14Shado23because I'm on linux and I don't won't to use special pograms just to transfer something if possible
15:57:22Shado23ok, very good to hear
15:58:40Shado23got kinda tempted by the nice colour skins, but since I'll be using it to listen to music not watching the screen it makes no actual difference
15:59:26Shado23this was the only place I could find still selling them
15:59:54 Quit Febs ("Need to reboot.")
16:00:05 Quit Mikachu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:00:21Shado23or, is there somewhere better which I missed?
16:00:22 Join Mikachu [0] (
16:01:20 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:01:31muesli|delhiamiconn how do rate the chances to set that nasty chip asleep?
16:01:57LinusNwould be trivial, now that we have contact with the chip
16:02:31LinusNhowever, i'm still not 100% sure that putting it to sleep will stop the power drain
16:02:56LinusNbut i certainly hope se
16:03:48 Join egotrippen [0] (
16:04:33JdGordonany1 wanna have a guess how much the h100 lcd remote weighs?
16:04:36 Join lancelott [0] (
16:04:52JdGordon<300g ye?
16:05:24 Join TCK [0] (
16:06:13*muesli|delhi crosses his fingers badly
16:06:22 Part LinusN
16:06:28preglowaround 50 grams
16:09:55JdGordonthe h100 remote does work with the h300 ye?
16:09:58 Join Febs [0] (
16:10:33 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
16:10:36JdGordonthougt so.. but just checking
16:11:26 Join darkless [0] (
16:11:28amiconnJdGordon: All 3 iriver remotes work with both the H1x0 and the H300
16:11:43egotrippenthe old iMP-400 almost works, but the LCD doesn't display and all the buttonmaps are switched around
16:12:05egotrippenthe H100 remote really works
16:12:55egotrippenimp-400 remote^
16:19:01 Quit akaidiot ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
16:19:03preglowdo the different remotes work with rockbox yet, though?
16:22:42egotrippeneither the H100 remote works best, and the others have patches or somehting, or they all work
16:23:02amiconnThey all work, with a slight issue concerning the H300 LCD remote
16:23:48amiconn(up/down does what left/right should and vice versa)
16:24:53amiconnThat is, it's worng in the wps, but correct in the browser
16:25:08amiconn(or so; I don't have a h300 lcd remote)
16:26:00 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
16:26:24egotrippensince rockbos, i barely ever use my remote
16:26:26egotrippenoddly enough
16:26:43egotrippenthe playlisting really reduces the need for it, IMO
16:26:59 Join gpoo [0] (
16:27:14 Join Flutterb1 [0] (
16:27:16gpoois thier a option for rockbox to use less battery
16:27:41egotrippenset 'disk power off' to on, that'll help a little
16:28:09egotrippenif you're using an H300, there's a chip that's using way more power than it should
16:28:23egotrippenbut the problem's been tracked down, and it may be corrected in the next couple of days
16:28:42gpooI am on mini ipod
16:29:06egotrippenwell then, disk power off should help a bit
16:29:22gpooI am also plaing on getting of solio
16:29:26gpoohave you heard of that
16:29:30amiconnThere's no disk poweroff for ipod (yet?)
16:29:43gpoothey are selling it at this mac store teke serv
16:29:52gpooit a solar panel chagher
16:30:03gpooI wonder if it works with when it hooked to my backup
16:30:37gpooor belink tuneboast
16:30:39egotrippenoh yeah, there's a store online that sells those solar things
16:30:42gpooextra 8 hour
16:30:52gpoodo you think they are worth 99 usd
16:31:09egotrippenthe solar things? i don't know how well they work, that's out of my pricerange
16:31:19gpoomine to
16:31:22gpoois like to much
16:31:39egotrippeni'd check whatever the ipod equivalent of misticriver is, see if there's a do it yourself battery pack guide
16:31:40gpooit has a built in battery, that get charged up by the sun
16:32:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:32:10egotrippenat MR there's a guide for making a pack that takes 4 AAs, it costs about $10 to make
16:32:11 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Khe!!!")
16:32:24egotrippenthe ipod one would be harder because you need the proprietary plug, but
16:32:26egotrippenshould still be possible
16:32:46 Quit egotrippen ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:36:19 Join stuffedspacedog [0] (
16:36:27 Join Jungti1234 [0] (
16:36:36Jungti1234I have question
16:36:46Jungti1234What is 'Units Per Read'?
16:36:56gpoofor 45 dollar or more I can get Belkin TunePower Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod
16:36:58Jungti1234in the peak meter menu
16:37:45stuffedspacedogRe: solar chargers, I got one for my birthday last August, went to extremely sunny Bali, and it took over a day to charge. Here in Hong Kong it takes almost a week to charge... don't waste your money!
16:38:52Jungti1234anyone don't know?
16:39:30gpoostuffedspacedog oh thanks
16:39:47gpoostuffedspacedog so any suggestion for extra battery life, i see they are hacks
16:39:50 Quit Flutterby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:40:58stuffedspacedogyeah you can get a 4aa battery holder and stick lithium batteries in it... expensive though. better still, buy an iriver h140!!
16:42:49gpooa iriver last long time
16:43:09gpooBelkin TunePower Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod chrages via firewire
16:43:21gpoobattery backup but the reviews on amazon some say good other say bad
16:43:26 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:43:35 Join egotrippen [0] (
16:43:45egotrippensorry, i was lagging out
16:44:00stuffedspacedogyep i tried it, maybe got 50% extra run time on a 4G photo w/rockbox... still less than an H140
16:45:05egotrippenthat's with a new battery? i missed the last couple things that were said
16:45:33stuffedspacedogno with the belkin tunepower
16:46:22egotrippenif you're not shy, newertech makes replacement ipod batteries
16:46:51egotrippeni've got one in my H300 (uses the same type as first gen ipods)
16:47:08stuffedspacedogBTW congrats to Amiconn for communicating with H300's demon chip... I actually only came in to warn people not to buy the solar ipod charger.... c ya!
16:47:20 Quit stuffedspacedog ("CGI:IRC")
16:47:26gpooi am able to open a third gen ipod but ipod mini is harder
16:47:55gpooI saw video how ipod mini is open
16:47:56gpooit ugly
16:48:00gpooyou need glue
16:48:12gpooand other stuff it not as easy and part can break
16:48:17gpoobut it possible
16:48:27egotrippenthat sucks
16:48:36gpoothird gen of my friend was easy,
16:48:38egotrippenthis site has a battery 'with installation kit'
16:48:41egotrippenand also a battery pack
16:48:42gpoowith force, but easy
16:49:08gpoomy friend never wanted to buy a battery, but I showed how easy I could replace it
16:51:43egotrippenwhen you get back
16:51:51egotrippenbattery pack, adds 10 hours
16:52:06egotrippenthe first site had one, $60ish, and added 22 hours
16:56:03Jungti1234korea 2 : 1 togo :)
16:56:07 Quit Jungti1234 ("CGI:IRC")
16:56:11 Join jbauman [0] (
16:58:14 Quit Xerion (" ")
16:58:49dongsthe zergs are rushing it
17:01:38 Join hardeep [0] (
17:09:59 Join chendo [0] (
17:16:03 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
17:19:13 Join bobwise [0] (
17:20:16preglowgotta love stereotypes
17:20:38Mikachui hate those damn stereotypes, coming here, taking our jobs
17:21:26 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:21:56 Join Febs [0] (
17:25:39 Quit slarti (Remote closed the connection)
17:27:02preglowand our tax money!!!!22
17:27:55 Join Hyparity [0] (
17:28:32HyparityHi. I have a question about my GMini.
17:28:42HyparityDoes someone of you have time for me?
17:29:32Mikachuask and hope for the best
17:29:54 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
17:31:37 Quit bobwise ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:31:59HyparityOK. I'm blind and I have a GMini 202
17:31:59*Paul_The_Nerd sneaks in and waits for news.
17:32:11HyparityI want to make the player speeking.
17:32:33Paul_The_NerdHyparity: Rockbox doesn't support the Gmini 202.
17:32:36HyparityI heared something about a speechbox for the open source rockbox system.
17:32:53HyparityOh, OK.
17:34:01amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Found my remark regarding your flash image in the log?
17:34:10Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: No, I hadn't yet.
17:34:29Paul_The_NerdI was all looking for Bagder getting the package that I sorta skimmed
17:34:57 Join bobwise [0] (
17:35:13Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Okay, where are the instructions/files I should use?
17:37:40amiconnThis page has the latest images, using bootbox instead of archos as the alternative/backup firmware
17:37:58amiconnI don't know which instructions and which flash images you used
17:38:30Paul_The_NerdI was pointed to
17:38:31amiconnMaybe we can collect the scattered flashing information and update it properly
17:38:51amiconnThe manual chapter about flashing is also really outdated...
17:39:23*amiconn should take down the old flash images from his webspace
17:40:47 Part Hyparity
17:41:17amiconnThere's even another page dealing with archos flashing -
17:45:00Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Okay, have Bootbox/Rombox working now.
17:45:32amiconnNice boot time compared to the archos rom, eh?
17:45:57Paul_The_NerdVery nice.
17:46:26Paul_The_NerdNow I need to get a proper charger.
17:46:33 Join Xerion [0] (
17:46:41amiconnDidn't you say you got the original charger?
17:46:56Paul_The_NerdIt's broken
17:47:16 Join cismo [0] (
17:47:45amiconnWell, you can either use an unregulated 9V DC charger, or a regulated 12V charger
17:47:55amiconnThe original one is 9V DC unregulated
17:48:36Paul_The_NerdYeah, I plan to pick one up somewhere this afternoon.
17:49:14amiconnYou need one that's capable of providing at least 500mA. The original is specced 600mA
17:49:30Paul_The_NerdYeah, all I've got around is a 300mA one.
17:49:48amiconnThe plug is center positive. Switching polarity will blow the charging circuit
17:50:25Paul_The_NerdI'm very careful about that one. :)
17:50:34amiconn(Not as evil as on iriver, where it will most likely fry the CPU, but still not recommendet)
17:51:11Paul_The_NerdI'm definitely excited that the unit itself seems to be in near-perfect condition, and that everything that was an issue are just easily replaceable stuff.
17:51:50amiconnYeah, that's the nice thing about the old archoses. Standard batteries, standard harddrives...
17:52:27amiconn...and you can get longer runitme than H1x0 with today's high capacity NiMH cells
17:52:56Paul_The_NerdI replaced the old ones with 2650's.
17:53:30hardeepamiconn: I was trying to find the battery stats on the wiki. What's the runtime you're getting on your archos?
17:54:07amiconnI didn't put them in the wiki
17:54:28amiconnI got 21 hours with recorder v1, and 21:20 with the Studio
17:54:42amiconnSame set of music, no backlight, disk poweroff enabled
17:55:11amiconn(disk poweroff isn't available in cvs builds for Studio, because some players crash from it. Mine runs just fine)
17:55:22amiconn2700mAh cells
17:56:24amiconnUnfortunately, the v1 charging algorithm still leaves something to be desired
17:56:43amiconnGot only 90% of the stated runtime when charging internally
17:59:03amiconnOndio runs around 9hours with 900mAh NiMH cells
17:59:05 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
17:59:23tucozamiconn: what instructions should be in the manual?
17:59:43tucozI think the current ones are from the 2.4 docs
18:00:20Paul_The_NerdIt should be the "FlashingRockbox" steps, with links to the BootBox files, right?
18:01:53amiconnFlashingRockbox instruction, with some outdated points removed, the files from BootBox, and parts from RomBox as well
18:02:47*amiconn has now taken down the outdated flash images
18:04:18tucozIf the wiki is uptodate, I can make a latex version later on
18:09:49 Join jensp [0] (
18:19:37 Join bluebrother [0] (
18:20:52 Quit Lynx_ (" bye")
18:21:06tucozbluebrother: are you here?
18:21:50bluebrothertucoz, yes.
18:22:35tucozI can not change this myself atm, but my change to show the full name of the players made the footer look bad on e.g. h120
18:23:27bluebrotherI just noticed it.
18:23:43tucozok. good
18:24:33bluebrotherhmm. The new logo doesn't look good here at all :(
18:24:56tucozwhat happens?
18:25:02tucozor rather, what is wrong?
18:26:20 Join RedBreva [0] (
18:26:28tucozIt feels terrible not to have access to linux...
18:26:29bluebrotherit looks like being out of too less too big pixels.
18:26:42bluebrotherI'm feeling with you ;-)
18:27:26tucozIs it different than the .svg version?
18:27:35tucozI committed that as well
18:28:48tucozthat looks weird alright
18:29:20tucozmaybe something went wrong. I tried zooming in 1600% and it looked great
18:29:42tucozon the title page
18:30:20 Join slarti [0] (i=slarti@gentoo/developer/slarti)
18:30:24tucozIf you open the svg in inkscape and save it as eps and afterwards run epstopdf, you can see if I did something wrong
18:30:33tucozin the commit or otherwise
18:31:50bluebrother with 400%.
18:32:02markunStrange that it isn't anti aliased..
18:32:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:32:28tucozyes. It was defintly fine yesterday and earlier this morning
18:32:47 Quit Shado23 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:32:54bluebrotherand I miss the grey code lines on the lower right of the logo.
18:33:17*Paul_The_Nerd agrees
18:34:35tucozWell, I think the svg logo could be enhanced. Still it is better with a vector logo, than a bitmap
18:37:32bluebrotherthat's true.
18:38:51tucozbluebrother: I can send the pdf to your mail. See if that looks ok
18:39:22Mikachuit's antialiased in evince, and probably looks good when printed
18:39:40bluebrothertucoz, I just corrected the page footer.
18:40:54 Quit mongey ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
18:40:56tucozsee if that looks weird:
18:41:58bluebrotherluckily it was pretty easy.
18:42:23bluebrotherhmm, looks the same. Seems to be related with xpdf.
18:42:36tucozprobably that then. I have only used acrobat
18:42:49bluebrotherlooks ugly with kpdf, xpdf, ok with evince. Haven't tried acroread as I haven't got it installed.
18:43:19tucozsure is strange
18:43:29 Join damaki__ [0] (
18:45:40 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
18:47:34 Join mikearthur [0] (
18:48:27amiconnNot strange at all
18:48:51amiconnThe pdf viewers where it does look ugly don't do anti-aliasing for vector gfx
18:49:18 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
18:52:05 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
18:54:44Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Can you think of any reason the AJBR might suddenly stop playing in the middle of a song? It's happened twice so far, and both times it went on to the next song, which also didn't play. They all had names in the U-Z range, in a folder with over 1000 entries (with the buffer set to 400, but when I had it make a playlist it included them) and wondered if that might be related, or if it's some other issue, perhaps known.
18:56:02amiconnLow charge?
18:56:18 Quit egotrippen ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:56:42amiconnOh, hmm. What rockbox build?
18:56:48Paul_The_NerdYesterday's daily
18:57:02Paul_The_NerdActually, random CVS sometime through yesterday, I suppose
18:57:28amiconnYou did flash the rombox.ucl that came with it?
18:57:58Paul_The_Nerd060612-0313. It shows metadata for the track, but no audio output, so the disk spin up at least, to get that.
18:58:34amiconnHmm. I thought it stopped playback and dropped back to the browser...
18:59:25Paul_The_NerdPartway through a song I suddenly have silence. I look at the screen, and the timer's counting up from 0:00 on a new song, but still with no audio.
18:59:31Paul_The_NerdI can skip to the next song, still no audio.
18:59:42amiconnThat's odd... never observed this behaviour
18:59:45 Quit _FireFly_ ("Client exiting")
19:00:03Paul_The_NerdUnfortunately I stupidly turned it off, instead of trying to relaunch a playlist, both times, so I don't know if audio returns if you stop and resume or stop and play something else.
19:06:27 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:11:34gpoohow does tag cache work
19:11:42gpooI mean is it avaible on the ipod mini firmware
19:11:46gpooI seem not to find it
19:12:58bluebrothergpoo, you need to force a tag cache update and when that is finished switch to the ID3 view.
19:13:08gpoooh k
19:13:48bluebrothersee the manual, section 2.3
19:18:30 Quit bobwise ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:18:30Paul_The_NerdSomeone in the forum just told me I should "really stop talking"
19:18:44Paul_The_NerdIt was in a bad way, but all I was doing was asking someone to try to verify a bug wasn't a hardware failure. =/
19:20:05tucozbluebrother: I read that the next version of xpdf will support anti-aliasing of vector graphics.
19:20:49tucozand xpdf is a backend for kpdf
19:21:03bluebrothertucoz, I'm wondering why evince has anti-aliasing and kpdf not −− they are both based on xpdf AFAIK.
19:21:11tucozI see
19:21:28bluebrotherbut if it's only a display issue I think we can live with it.
19:21:37markunbluebrother: evince is uses poppler
19:22:07tucozthe wikipedia article on poppler says that kpdf also uses that
19:22:11Mikachui wouldn't be surprised if most people didn't print out the manual
19:22:20bluebrotheryes, but IIRC poppler is also based on xpdf. But it seems I'm wrong in my memory here.
19:22:20Mikachuin gentoo, xpdf uses poppler :)
19:22:26tucozbut the xpdf article states that xpdf is used
19:22:32tucozin kpdf
19:22:44tucozbluebrother: you are right.
19:22:52tucozpoppler is based on xpdf
19:22:57crwlkpdf did use xpdf, but it changed maybe at kde 3.3 or .4
19:23:28 Join damaki_ [0] (
19:23:35bluebrotherhmm, what does kpdf use now?
19:23:37markungpdf uses ghostscript I believe
19:24:15tucozbluebrother: the poppler article states poppler. the xpdf article states xpdf. So, I dunno
19:24:34tucozand the kpdf article states xpdf
19:24:36 Part Paul_The_Nerd
19:25:11bluebrotherhehe, poppler is named after Futurama :)
19:25:13tucozthe kpdf front page says xpdf, so I guess that is right :)
19:25:34crwlat least kpdf's output quality changed quite noticeably in some KDE update
19:25:58markunIf you want to be sure use the ldd command
19:28:02 Join obo [0] (
19:29:54 Join Ish_nitti [0] (
19:30:05Ish_nittihello everyone :)
19:30:17Ish_nittistill very satisfied with my rockbox
19:30:53Ish_nittihave another noob question, saw someone that was posting about new patch builds. one for "Video IPOD" and one for "Video IPOD 64mb"
19:31:07Ish_nittiwhats the difference and how do i know which one i own?
19:31:28bluebrotherthe difference is the ram size of your player.
19:31:46Ish_nittithats what i thought, but i didnt want to jump to conclusions
19:31:47bluebrotherhaving more memory allows you to preload more music.
19:32:11Ish_nittihow would i know if my video ipod is 64mb or not?
19:32:28bluebrotherI don't know.
19:32:44bluebrotherisn't that described on the page with the experimental builds?
19:32:54obo30Gb models are 32Mb, 60s have 64
19:32:57kerbIsh_nitti: 30gb = 32. 60gb = 64
19:34:09Ish_nittithank you guys
19:38:42 Quit jbauman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:39:20 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:42:26 Quit gpoo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:44:32 Join einhirn [0] (
20:08:27 Join j^2 [0] (n=j@pdpc/supporter/active/jaysquared)
20:08:33j^2hey all
20:08:39j^2i got a n00b question
20:09:40j^2i just installed rb on my ipod 4g grayscale, how do i get it to read all the music on there? it doesnt look at the xml file? and that ran for a sec..then stopped...i thik
20:11:22 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
20:11:43 Quit PaulJam (Nick collision from services.)
20:11:48 Nick PaulJam_ is now known as PaulJam (
20:11:52preglowxml file?
20:12:05Mikachuthe itunes db, but i think it's binary on the ipod
20:12:06preglowto read the music itunes has put on your ipod, you must use tagcache
20:12:34j^2really? it don't seem to work. tag-cache
20:12:35Mikachuor just delete the Ipod_Control folder and copy the music over properly :)
20:13:55j^2the handbook says 5 minutes, the busy icon says it's running but then it just stops
20:15:37 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:16:57oboj^2: have you tried restarting your ipod after that?
20:17:11j^2....odd it works now
20:17:15j^2i'm so lost
20:18:22j^2it wont play though...
20:21:56 Quit MrStaticVoid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:23:02 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
20:24:52 Nick Ribs2 is now known as Ribs (
20:25:14 Join Beto [0] (
20:25:31Betohi excuse me i have a problem
20:26:18Betoive installed ipodlinux n chose the bootloader option that enables me to pick what program to run
20:27:02 Join damaki__ [0] (
20:27:04Betothen i installed rockbox, n i safely unplugged my nano, then it starts to rockbox
20:27:57Betoi cant make it go to the bootloader, is there another way on how i can have both programs?
20:28:18markunDidn't you overwrite the ipodlinux bootloader?
20:28:35Betoum i dunno
20:29:01Betocan u help me step by step please?
20:29:06markunI believe the ipodlinux bootloader also supports rockbox, so maybe you should install that
20:29:14markunI don't have an ipod, sorry
20:29:28tucozmarkun: do you have a page where we could read about the gigabeat progress?
20:30:17MikachuBeto: just put the linux kernel in the root of the fat partition and call it "linux.bin"
20:30:40markuntucoz: not really, only the logs of #gigabeat:
20:31:01tucozok. thanks
20:31:23Betowheres the linux kernel
20:31:43Betobecause its not on my nano
20:32:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:34:07j^2witch rockbox is there better battery management?
20:34:14 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
20:34:25Betoat ipodlinux it tells me that i have to download ipod application manager,
20:34:36Betoso that the bootloader can work properly
20:34:51Mikachuif you don't know where the linux kernel is, how did you manage to install ipodlinux?
20:35:13Betothey have an "official installer" it does all the work for u
20:35:50Mikachudon't forget to decompress it first
20:36:06Betothen i just move that to the root
20:36:25Mikachuyeah, and name it kernel.bin
20:36:33Mikachuthen hold down play when you boot
20:36:38 Join Amien [0] (
20:36:43Betook ima try it
20:36:47Betothank you
20:36:50obokernel.bin or linux.bin?
20:37:11AmienON+PLAY .. what buttons are those? ipod 5g
20:37:36Amieni need it for deleting bookmarks
20:37:46Betohey ya you said linux.bin earlier
20:37:48Mikachuoh yeah, maybe it is linux.bin
20:37:54Mikachui got confused by the url
20:38:50Betowow my ipod has alot of folders, by root which folder do u mean?
20:38:56Betodo i just put it there?
20:39:14Mikachuroot is e:\ or whatever
20:39:44Amienand is it possible to access to mp3 that are on the ipod which were installed using itunes
20:39:57dionoeabtw, i was wondering if it's possible to change the default "start folder" in rockbox
20:40:00dionoeaanyone know ?
20:40:12dionoea(the folder which is displayed after booting)
20:40:35Mikachudionoea: you can enable 'playlist following' if you want
20:40:44Mikachuthen it will always open at the currently playing file
20:40:48Mikachui found that to be annoying though
20:40:58dionoeahum ... i'll add an option then :)
20:41:22oboAmien: take a look at the TagCache wiki page
20:41:25dionoea'cause i have a /media/ folder and i'd like it to always display this folder's contents at the boot
20:41:36Betook i messed up
20:41:57Mikachuhow much can you mess up copying one file?
20:42:04Betothe ipod took me to apple firmware n said error: -1
20:42:06Ish_nittianyone have any clue what a .rdb file is?
20:42:15MikachuBeto: did you gunzip it?
20:42:40Betoi used ace to unzip it
20:42:59Mikachui guess that should work
20:43:26 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:43:35Betoi restart the ipod, then i hold play, and it takes me to the original ipod firmware
20:45:09Betoare you sure i was just supposed to move .bin to the ipod
20:45:31Mikachuyou call it linux.bin?
20:45:35Mikachujust making sure
20:46:00Betook got it
20:47:11Betoima throw this ipod, and step on it
20:47:25 Join lodesi [0] (
20:50:02Betook now i moved the linux.bin file to the hidden folder in my ipod
20:50:25hardeepis there any reason we disable the debug menu on simulator? a lot of the information is hardware independant (e.g. swcodec audio info)
20:51:23preglowi think safetydan made a patch for sim debug
20:51:46preglowi think it's mainly left out because of a general lack of SIMULATOR define checks, heh
20:52:08Betough here i go again im going to reformat the ipod n erase everything, bring it back to factory settins
20:52:39Betowhich one should i install first? ipodlinux or rockbox?
20:52:44amiconnhardeep: The main reason is that with archos, none of the debug menu entries made sense for the sim
20:53:26amiconnThis changed with the addition of swcodec, but most items are still hardware related
20:53:46hardeepyeah, it looks like safetydan added the one item I
20:53:52hardeepi'm interested in:
20:54:35 Join Higgy [0] (i=user@
20:55:07preglowi'd love to see that commited
20:55:11Betook so which one should i install 1st?
20:56:04 Join bluey- [0] (
20:56:42linuxstbBeto: ipodlinux is harder to install, so I would suggest doing that first - following their instructions or using their installer. Once you get that working, you just need to unzip to your ipod.
20:57:16Betook thank you
20:57:32Betobut for in the ipodlinux installer, it gives me 3 options
20:58:24Beto1. to load default apple firmware 2. load ipodlinux. 3. load bootloader(should i choose the 3rd option?)
20:59:10 Nick Prot is now known as `wrotf (
20:59:33 Nick `wrotf is now known as Prot (
21:00:17Betook the 3rd option is called ipodloader2, i click on that one right?
21:00:44linuxstbWell, I don't know that installer, but you definitely want ipodloader2 if you want to install Rockbox.
21:01:12Betoits installing
21:01:26 Join Quarryma1 [0] (
21:01:59 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:05:32Betook the ipod loader2 is working
21:08:15Betook i erased the file i was supposed to havei n the bak folder in rockbox installer
21:09:38 Quit MrStaticVoid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:14:14Ish_nittiWill rockbox not read the folder.jpg inside each folder as the album art?
21:14:48Betowhen i extract the firmware to the bak folder in rockbox installer
21:14:53dionoeaIsh_nitti: doesn't that need a patch to be applied first ?
21:14:59Betowhich firmware is ist
21:15:04Ish_nittidionoea: no idea
21:15:12dionoeawell i think that it does :)
21:15:15Betofrom the ipod, or from the updater
21:15:17Ish_nittigotcha :)
21:15:27dionoeaa version is available on the wps pages in the wiki
21:15:34Ish_nittilove you long tyme dio
21:15:59dionoeabut then i never tried it so i don't know how it works :)
21:17:08 Quit PaulJam (".")
21:17:31Ish_nittii have the recent black glass build
21:17:45Ish_nittiso the album art patch isnt included (obviously)
21:17:53Ish_nittiyet, my fonts are still fucked.
21:19:04Ish_nittithen i del my rockbox.ipod and entire .rockbox folder
21:19:27Ish_nittiupload the recent build from the main download page, and the defualt box theme is all messed up still
21:19:29dionoeathe "non album art" version works fine here
21:19:41dionoeabut you might need to install the "rockbox fonts" package
21:19:44Betothe rockbox installer aint finding my ipod
21:19:45dionoeait's on the nightly builds page
21:20:03 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
21:20:47Betothis is what it says
21:20:53BetoWARNING: The installer cannot locate your iPod's drive name. Please make sure th
21:21:17Betoit says ipod drive letter not found
21:21:27Betomy ipod is connected
21:21:27Ish_nittiis it plugged in?
21:21:36Ish_nittimake sure itunes is open
21:21:39 Join bluey- [0] (
21:21:50Ish_nittiand that itunes see's the ipod also
21:22:00Ish_nittifor some reason, my video ipod does that
21:22:09Ish_nittii cant access it unless itunes is open and see's the ipod is connected
21:22:18 Quit jensp (Connection timed out)
21:23:08Betoitunes sees it
21:23:13Betoima retry
21:23:17Ish_nittigo to mycomputer
21:23:20Ish_nittiand see if you can see it
21:23:20dionoeait works fine here with no itunes running :)
21:24:14Betoyes it sees it
21:24:37Ish_nittithen go into it
21:24:48Ish_nittiyou said you were having trouble extracting the build to the ipod?
21:24:53Betohmm the only folder in my ipod is ipod_control
21:24:59Ish_nittiyeah thats fine
21:25:18Betoive just installed linux wit the bootloader
21:25:18Ish_nittinow copy your rockbox.ipod and the .rockbox folder to your ipod
21:25:22Hansmaulwurfthere is a page where is described with pictures how you can open the H100 remote
21:25:26Ish_nittiin the same place where you see the ipod_control
21:25:29Hansmaulwurfdoes someone know the link?
21:25:47Hansmaulwurf <−−- wanna help that guy
21:26:00Betobut the rockbox installer aint lettin me install it
21:26:23 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:27:11Ish_nittii think you're grabbing the wrong file
21:27:18 Join damaki__ [0] (
21:27:22Ish_nittigive me the url to the page you're looking at where you're downloading it
21:28:26 Join Rondom [0] (
21:28:53Betoipod nano
21:28:54*Ish_nitti is lazy
21:28:58Ish_nitti1 sec
21:29:19Ish_nittigrab that
21:29:27Ish_nittiunzip it to a folder on your desktop
21:29:36Ish_nittiinside that folder should be two thing
21:29:49Ish_nittiand a .rockbox folder
21:30:00Ish_nitticopy both of those to your ipod "HD" you see in My Computer
21:30:26Betohold on
21:30:39 Nick Prot is now known as BartOST (
21:31:12Betook its copyin
21:31:19 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:31:33 Nick BartOST is now known as Prot (
21:31:59Betoalmost done
21:32:23Betook now i unplugg right?
21:32:30Betosafely though
21:32:52Ish_nittiit should reboot, and you should see rockbox load up
21:32:59Ish_nittiinstead of the -1 error
21:33:48BetoI SEE the rockbox on the ipodloader
21:33:57Betothank you so much
21:34:01Ish_nittino prob beto
21:34:05Ish_nittienjoy rockbox
21:34:09Betoim in ur debt
21:34:16Ish_nittinah man, no stress
21:34:25Ish_nittisomeone here helped me, im just passing it along
21:34:48Hansmaulwurf <−−−− is there someone who could support me that the clip wont break?
21:35:07Betook now i have a question
21:35:23 Join usAFKschroed [0] (
21:35:29Ish_nittibeto it took me awhile to get use to how it all works out
21:35:37Ish_nittii still havent figured out how to get my playlist managed
21:35:44Betoi no how
21:35:50Ish_nittior why my fonts are all messed up with certin themes
21:35:59Betoive had it b4 but
21:36:01Ish_nittibut i need to grab the recent font pack
21:36:15Betoive never had the bootloader, or linux on it
21:36:43Betothis guy sent me a rockbox zip file
21:37:01Betowit patches that contained mp4 encoder n stuff
21:37:51usAFKschroedhas anybody ever used the win ipod simulator?
21:38:00 Nick usAFKschroed is now known as schroeder (
21:38:13crashdschroeder: url?
21:38:33schroederfor ipod vid
21:38:39crashdoh, that's just the rockbox sim
21:38:43 Join damaki_ [0] (
21:38:52schroederthats what i meant
21:39:10schroederi get the error: _temp_codec.dll is not a valid windows dll
21:39:29schroederis it actually supposed to produce sound output?
21:41:00schroederit happens when trying to play an mp3 file (to get the WP screen)
21:41:09crashdhums, im not sure about audio out
21:41:13crashdi recall it didnt work last time i tried the sim
21:42:10Mikachuyes, it's supposed to work, at least in linux
21:42:37Betour talking bout the simulator right?
21:42:45schroederrockbox sim
21:42:55Betosomewhere in the forums it said that it didnt support sound
21:42:59Betoor something like that
21:43:11Betoi dunno bout the dll error
21:43:19schroederk, thats not the problem. i dont need the sound output but i want to test a WPS
21:43:42Betodo it the oldskool way
21:43:52schroederwhich is?
21:43:52Betoput it in ur ipod
21:43:54 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:43:57Beton try it out
21:44:08Betothats what i did
21:44:20Betostill working on mine though
21:45:51Betowell ima go thanx ish
21:45:58Betothank you alot
21:46:00schroederk thx
21:46:09 Quit Beto ("CGI:IRC")
21:47:36 Join testing [0] (
21:47:48 Quit testing (Client Quit)
21:48:06dionoeais it possible to profile rockbox firmware and plugins easily ? (if yes, how ?)
21:54:33peturyes, but I don't know exactly how
21:54:51peturit's some define (search for profile)
21:55:58 Quit SereR0KR (Remote closed the connection)
21:56:54 Quit bluey- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:57:44dionoeaheh, docs/TECH seems to explain how to do it
21:58:15 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:58:59 Join damaki [0] (
21:59:22 Join bluey- [0] (
21:59:55 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:00:27 Join mongey [0] (
22:01:31mongeyFebs you here?
22:01:39mongeyor anyone
22:01:48Ish_nittiok so keep seeing the themes that say "*You will need rockbox with the Album Art patch to use this theme"
22:01:52mongeythat wants to try connect to zuh
22:02:19Ish_nittishould the recent daily build contain that patch?
22:02:37 Quit Higgy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:02:52mongeyi dont think so
22:04:08peturIsh_nitti: either compile your own versio with the patch or use one of the unsupported experimental builds floating in the forum
22:04:19mongeythere is a build
22:04:44Ish_nittiyeah i grab a build that says it fixes the scroll margin, album art and font
22:04:50Ish_nittibut none of it works
22:05:06Ish_nittido you have the link to a build walkthru? i would be happy to do it myself
22:05:15dionoeait's kind of complicated
22:05:27Ish_nittiif its like compiling in linux, i can handle it.
22:05:29dionoeawell ... it takes more time than downloading a zip :)
22:05:43dionoeathe linux crosscompile howto is quite good
22:05:56preglowdionoea: rockbox allows you to build with profile support if you select a dev configure
22:06:00 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:06:02preglowdionoea: only works properly on iriver
22:06:07preglowor at least coldfire based targets
22:06:42preglowthere are some docs as well
22:06:44 Join damaki [0] (
22:06:45mongeyOh ye what dap?
22:06:45dionoeai forced compilation of the plugins with -O3 to see if it fixes the xobox sound skipping problems :)
22:06:56preglowxobox skips?
22:07:01preglowthen it doesn't yield often enough
22:07:02dionoeaon ipod
22:07:04preglowit's not THAT complex a game
22:07:07Ish_nittimongey: what model of ipod is that for?
22:07:20preglowO3 almost certainly won't prevent skipping
22:07:29dionoeaif it makes it faster ... who knows :)
22:07:40mongeyIsh_nitti: my bad iriver
22:07:48preglowO3 might very well make it slower
22:07:57dionoeathat'd be weird
22:07:58preglowdionoea: anyway, my point is it's probably the wrong approach
22:08:19dionoeapreglow: i know :) but i tried finding obvious optimisations in the source and i couldn't find any that really helped
22:08:33preglowyou don't necesarilly need to optimise
22:08:46preglowjust yield and sleep properly and don't redraw more than necessary, for instance
22:08:55dionoeait yields every 50ms
22:09:11amiconnThat's not enough
22:09:16preglowindeed not
22:09:20 Join [TCK] [0] (
22:09:26dionoeahum ... :)
22:09:29Ish_nittiwhat does h300 mean?
22:09:30amiconnIt seems that with swcodec, you need to yield several times _per tick_
22:09:31Mikachui think the yield system is sort of crazy, the amount of yielding 'needed' depends on the target, and all codecs probably yield different amounts too
22:09:47dionoeai'll try settings it to 10ms then
22:10:04preglowMikachu: not a lot of alternatives
22:10:05hardeepi'd like to see the pcm/playback thread do more every time it's active
22:10:15hardeepaccording to lostlogic, it only retrieves one frame
22:10:32Mikachuyeah, unless someone wants to write a scheduler (not me) :)
22:10:50preglowMikachu: i've been toying with the idea myself, but i'm not convinced it'll lead to easier coding
22:11:14preglowand it'll not be an easy transition
22:11:34preglowfor instance, arm will have to start running at a lower priority
22:12:43amiconnyield() has _very_ little overhead
22:13:08preglowthe cache collision overhead is probably bigger then the yield mechanism itself
22:13:19dionoeaok, 03 indeed doesn't help *at all*
22:14:02amiconnOn archos, it does usually come out at ~600 yield rounds per second (meaning 600 cycles through _all_ threads!)
22:14:40Mikachuis there hlt or something like that on arm that you would want to call?
22:14:49preglowyou mean sleep cpu?
22:14:52preglowi already did that
22:14:55Mikachuah heh
22:15:12preglowarm has no sleep, but portalplayer has
22:15:17Mikachuif everything just keeps yielding, how do you know when to sleep?
22:15:29preglowif sleep count == thread count
22:15:48preglowas soon as one thread awakes, the sleep count is reset and you go around again
22:16:15preglowi've been toying around with a sleep time variable for each thread to avoid having to yield if unnecessary
22:16:17amiconnMikachu: sleep() does increment num_sleepers, then yields
22:16:25preglowbut i don't know if it'll do much at all
22:16:39preglows/yield/switch context/
22:16:55amiconnIf num_sleepers == num_threads, the scheduler calls halt (or the respective CPU's halt equivalent)
22:17:49amiconnThe next interrupt will wake it up again. If no thread sleep times out, the scheduler will just do one round, and put the CPU to sleep again
22:19:22 Join EbErT [0] (
22:20:26preglowamiconn: but do you think adding a wakeup_tick variable to the context struct to avoid waking up threads unnecessarily would save us anything noticable at all?
22:20:30puslingif I want to buy a rockbox, what hardware should I go for ?
22:20:47amiconnpreglow: nope
22:20:52preglowpusling: what do you want? flash/hd? do you use anything other than mp3? colour lcd? spdif?
22:21:30amiconnpreglow: Imho it would only make the scheduler more complex, ans slower
22:21:44amiconnsleep() already takes care of the sleep timeout
22:21:45puslingpreglow: I want good ogg-vorbis and long battery life ;)
22:21:52 Quit Quarryma1 ("bah")
22:22:25preglowpusling: i think iriver h1x0 is the best player for rockboxing
22:22:40preglowamiconn: complexity gain would be negligible
22:22:48puslingis it still available in normal retail stores ?
22:22:56preglowamiconn: why slower? it would do exactly what sleep() does now, but save us a context switch per thread
22:23:02 Join heff [0] (
22:23:11preglowpusling: some people say there's been a new run of them, so yes, perhaps
22:23:28 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:24:35 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:24:37 Quit Ish_nitti ("")
22:25:02 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:25:12 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
22:25:28 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
22:25:35 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:25:41 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:25:55 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
22:32:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:33:40 Join mirak [0] (
22:36:02 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
22:36:35dionoearha!!!! i added yield calls almost every where and sound still skips
22:37:01 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
22:39:11 Join thomjoha [0] (
22:39:20 Nick thomjoha is now known as prethom (
22:41:02 Join sharpe [0] (
22:41:26 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:41:27mongeyAny updates on the h300 power issue
22:41:34mongeysince this morning?
22:42:10mongeycode is being written right ?
22:42:39Mikachuif you want it done faster, send huge amounts of money to amiconn
22:43:45*mongey sends free big mac tokens to amiconn
22:43:50mongey:D all i got
22:43:52Paul_The_NerdSeriously, there will be a commit in the changelog that will surely say something either about the H300 power issue, or the ISP1362 chip.
22:44:04Paul_The_NerdAll you have to do is check the front page, and you'll know when it's done.
22:44:39*mongey still hasnt got cygwin working
22:44:47XavierGrI have already bought a lot of confetti boxes when that commit appears :p
22:45:09loucygwin? its just 'download, doubleclick, wait, done'
22:45:23*Paul_The_Nerd wonders what cygwin has to do with the CVS log on the front page.
22:45:23XavierGror download the vmware image.
22:45:45 Join Aghaster [0] (
22:46:07*Paprica is waiting to the end of the features freeze.
22:46:15mongeydont you remeber i have the error that says i have more than 1 cygwin1.dll
22:46:31loudelete the other one
22:46:39mongeythere is no other one
22:46:43louthere is
22:46:49lousomewhere in a path
22:46:52loudo a search
22:46:54mongeyi searched
22:46:56*XavierGr doesn't like to see the freeze end, until all major bugs are squashed.
22:47:01Paul_The_Nerdmongey: I thought you were saying it in response to checking the front page, though, was all.
22:47:03loui had that aswell
22:47:17Paul_The_NerdVMWare is faster anyway. ;)
22:47:17louthere was another dll in some shit rsync bin folder
22:47:19mongeyhow did you fix it
22:47:30loui deleted the 2nd one :(
22:49:34*mongey searches for all cygwin1.dll 's
22:51:31mongeyI found one that is in a .tar.bz2
22:51:35 Quit preglow (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:51:45mongeywill i delete?
22:52:13 Join ZenMasterJG [0] (n=Jordan@
22:52:37dionoeahum if i comment out the move_board() call and leave only refresh_board() it still freezes (commenting out refresh_board() makes it work... well run ... without freezing)
22:52:57Paul_The_Nerdmongey: If it's in an archive it should be fine.
22:52:59dionoeaso it's definitively a lcd drawing slowness issue
22:53:15Paul_The_Nerddionoea: What is this?
22:53:22dionoealagg on ipod
22:53:25dionoeaaudio lagg
22:54:11Aghasteryeah, xobox makes audio playblack lag on ipod
22:54:32 Part j^2
22:54:45Aghasterit does it everytime it has to remove a part of the black you just cut off in the game
22:54:58 Quit Poka64 ("nite")
22:55:01dionoeaAghaster: it does it even if i don't move here
22:55:19Aghasternot on mine
22:55:20Aghasterwhich ipod?
22:55:27dionoeasince i even commented out the moving code
22:55:40Aghaster4th gen photo
22:56:06Aghasterthe only game that is fun to play while listenning to music is jewels
22:56:13Aghasterit lags a bit, but its bearable
22:56:22dionoeastar is fun too (the ball is a little bit too slow)
22:56:36Aghasterhave you tried the fire plugin?
22:56:40Aghasterlol... so useless
22:56:48dionoeaand audio will lagg too :)
22:57:02MikachuAghaster: i made the color! :)
22:57:02Aghasteryeah, the fire plugin makes music lag so much
22:57:08Mikachui don't see the ball move in the star plugin
22:57:08Aghastertrue? nice lol
22:57:12Mikachuit just jumps
22:57:26dionoeaMikachu: what target ?
22:57:31dionoeaerr... player
22:57:32Mikachuipod nano
22:57:37Mikachubut possibly i wasn't playing music at the time
22:57:43dionoeahum ...weird, it seemed to work fine in the sim
22:57:44Paul_The_Nerdmongey: Have you just done some google research on that. It's a Cygwin problem, not a Rockbox one so you should really at this point be following their avenues of support.
22:57:48dionoeawhat build are you using ?
22:58:28Aghasterit looks like you don't have the toolchain for cross-compiling
22:58:40 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
22:59:06Paul_The_NerdAghaster: He has the toolchain. Read the whole message, not just the end of it.
22:59:12Mikachudionoea: it just jumps with music playing too
22:59:22Mikachudionoea: sometimes when going across the whole screen i can see it one frame in the middle
22:59:23dionoeaMikachu: is it b&w ? or with colors ?
22:59:28AghasterWhy not use linux then? it would be so easy...
22:59:45dionoeahum, the nano lcd driver must be better than the video's :)
22:59:53dionoeai maybe shouldn't have changed the timer :)
22:59:57Paul_The_NerdThe Video's is slow because it has the broadcom chip
23:00:12Paul_The_NerdThe Nano's is fastest of the color targets because the screen is also smaller.
23:00:16AghasterAm i the only one to experience random freezes?
23:00:19Paul_The_NerdColor iPod targets
23:00:28Paul_The_NerdAghaster: 4G Grayscale?
23:00:32Aghasterno, color
23:00:34tucozmongey: have you tried to remove cygwin and start from scratch, following the install instructions _very_ carefully?
23:00:49Paul_The_NerdAre they error-message style freezes, or just lock up and have to restart freezes?
23:01:00Mikachudionoea: it's only a 4th of the size, it's much "faster" :)
23:01:04Aghasterit locks up hard, and i have to reboot my ipod
23:01:10Paul_The_NerdBut no error message?
23:01:15Aghasterno error message
23:01:16 Join Rondom_ [0] (
23:01:31Paul_The_NerdThen it's the "CPU Scaling" issue, though that's not necessarily the full cause, just what people call it.
23:01:34Aghasterit always does that when playing music, it hangs for no reason, randomly
23:01:56Paul_The_NerdIt's pretty widely discussed in the forums, and their are bug reports on it.
23:02:01 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
23:02:04mongeydone twice
23:02:05 Nick Rondom_ is now known as Rondom (
23:02:07Aghastercan i have link for these forum threads?
23:02:34Mikachudionoea: while you're at it, you can change the strange keybindings in the menu too :)
23:02:40Paul_The_NerdWell, two problems with that statement. The first of which is that "Threads" implies multiple links.
23:02:50tucozmongey: have you also tried to do what the error message suggests?
23:02:52Paul_The_NerdThe second is, I don't know where they are offhand, and you can search as quickly as I can. ;)
23:03:06Paul_The_NerdAs it is, the only current solution is creating a build without CPU scaling enabled.
23:03:10tucozmongey: I guess you have, just checking
23:03:20Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: He has
23:03:38tucozannoying problem then
23:03:48Paul_The_Nerdtucoz: m68k-elf-gcc and arm-elf-gcc both get that message. Normal gcc executes fine. It seems to be a problem associated with the ones he got from the Rockbox Cygwin mirror, somehow
23:03:56AghasterPaul: ok, the build i use is one i build by myself. where do i disable it?
23:03:58tucozI see.
23:04:43Paul_The_NerdAghaster: Dunno. It's a define, in the config-ipodcolor.h or whatever, I would guess.
23:04:56Aghasteri'll search it
23:05:06mongeyill re reinstall
23:06:03tucozmongey: I am installing cygwin as well at the moment (for the first time). Following the instructions at
23:07:47mongeythat what i did
23:08:03mongeycept i followed the screen shots
23:08:18tucozok. I'll see if I get the same error
23:09:39 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
23:09:57mongeydo i only slect the ones which it tells me and deselect the rest?
23:10:27Paul_The_NerdYou don't need to deselect anything
23:10:53tucozmongey: I only click on the packages that is suggested
23:10:58tucozno deselecting
23:11:01Paul_The_NerdYou should be able to, to save space, but there's not much reason to.
23:11:17Mikachuyou probably need some of the preselected ones too
23:11:23Mikachuso you'd have to know what you were doing
23:12:11mongeydamn super slow mirrror
23:12:51tucozI selected Quite fast I must say
23:13:20mongeyhow quick ?
23:13:48mongeyCurrent Downstream: 45.69 KBytes/s
23:13:59tucozwhich is roughly what my internet connection can handle
23:15:16mongey25% done
23:16:01Mikachuone great thing about the cygwin installer, if you change the mirror it redownloads everything
23:17:01tucozso I noticed. I accidently stopped the installation at 97%, now I need to go through the package selection once again.
23:17:16mongeywill i catch up
23:17:19Mikachucan't expect too much from redhat :)
23:18:07 Join ashridah [0] (
23:19:34tucozand if I select a package, but change my mind. Only the package gets deselected. Not the dependencies...
23:19:59tucozaha. so it only downloaded the remaining stuff
23:20:22tucozbut it didn't know what packages I had selected and downloaded.
23:20:47tucozmongey: now the installer is running :) 30%
23:20:49Mikachuyou used the same mirror?
23:21:11Mikachuit downloads to mirrorspecific directories... only god knows why
23:21:16Mikachumanually moving the files fixed it iirc
23:21:26tucozthe download is finished
23:21:30sharpenot all the mirrors have the same versions though.
23:21:35tucozand the installer is at 41%
23:21:41sharpewhich, it will alert you to.
23:21:50sharpeso that just kind of is, weird.
23:22:20mongeythat was for a file
23:22:27 Quit Amien ()
23:22:31 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
23:22:32 Quit Prot ("killaScript 0.23a")
23:22:45Mikachuwhy is prot not banned?
23:22:51prethomhe is
23:22:57prethomquietbanned, at least
23:23:08 Nick prethom is now known as preglow (
23:23:21sharpeah! you hidden person you.
23:23:46preglowdoesn't look like that host is banned anymore...
23:23:57mongeyinstall using rockbox mirror now right?
23:24:28tucozpreglow: is that the nyc host?
23:24:56tucozok, then it was something else
23:25:08sharpethere was another subdomain to it though.
23:26:00mongeyactually sumthing came up last time
23:26:06mongeyabout a cygwin1
23:26:19tucozSounds like a clue to your issues
23:26:24mongeyand i said delet and it said can not delete
23:26:32mongeyjust after the install
23:26:40Mikachuand you said "what the hell do you mean 'can not delete'?"
23:26:45Mikachuand it said ^_^;;
23:28:07tucozmy install has been at 98% for a while now
23:28:49Paul_The_NerdI think that's extraction.
23:29:02tucoz...running the same script
23:29:27tucozbut the hd-led is blinking every now and then
23:29:33tucozso I guess all is good
23:31:39 Join damaki_ [0] (
23:33:52mongeyim off
23:34:04mongeygetting grief for being on too lon
23:34:29mongeyill report later :D
23:35:29tucozdo that
23:35:41tucozmy install is still at 98%
23:36:18 Join Daishi [0] (
23:36:45tucozthere. finally
23:39:42 Join JackalSMP [0] (
23:39:58 Quit ashridah ("gone")
23:40:06JackalSMPi have a question about the ipod video and dual boot if anyone is awake
23:40:10preglowjust ask
23:40:30JackalSMPdoes rockbox support video fir ipod vedio?
23:40:43JackalSMPhow do i dual boot?
23:40:56JackalSMPi have a ipod nano with rokbox on it
23:41:04preglowthen you dual boot like on nano
23:41:13JackalSMPhow do i ?
23:41:19preglowrockbox on video is pretty much like rockbox on nano
23:41:26preglowby keeping a button pressed while you boot
23:41:33preglowif you press nothing -> rockbox
23:41:46preglowif you keep some other buttons i don't remember pressed -> linux or retail os
23:41:55Paul_The_NerdFor retail
23:41:59Paul_The_NerdPlay/Pause for Linux
23:42:00scorcheplay for linux
23:42:07preglowwhat they said
23:42:09*scorche never wins
23:42:23Paul_The_NerdBut you always try.
23:42:29JackalSMPno it loaded the rockbox for the menu button i pressed
23:42:32scorcheno...noT always =)
23:42:43scorchecat pressed the shift
23:43:12JackalSMPok i figured it out thank you
23:43:24 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
23:43:29tucozis there a paste function in cygwin?
23:43:49dionoearight click on the window's title bar
23:43:58dionoea(it's good old windows term)
23:44:23tucozthen I only get the move/resize etc options
23:44:33JackalSMPhow do you turn off the ipod ?
23:44:34dionoeayou have stuff to copy/paste too
23:44:40dionoeaJackalSMP: hold play
23:44:58dionoeatucoz: or on the icon
23:45:11tucozah, thanks
23:45:12 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:45:41dionoeagood night ppl
23:45:44JackalSMPi want to boot to rockbox but cant get out of the ipod firmware
23:45:55sharpeJackalSMP: hold select and menu.
23:45:59 Join JoeBorn [0] (
23:46:28JackalSMPoh ok thnxs
23:49:53tucozmongey: in case you read the logs. My install went fine, and I am now building rockbox
23:51:51 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
23:51:54tucozI think that mongey has got an conflicting cygwin1.dll somewhere, and in case he can not delete it, it's becuase windows has locked that file
23:52:13tucozyou are here :)
23:52:28tucozhow are things progressing?
23:52:32mongeycygwin installer tried to delete a cygwin
23:52:38mongeybut it wasnt there
23:53:00tucozHave you tried now, after your re-install?
23:53:37mongeywhere do i extract the source to ?
23:53:47tucozJust get the cvs tree
23:53:51tucozeasier that way
23:54:37tucozif youre home folder is /home/mongey
23:54:41tucozgo to that directory
23:55:07tucozcopy this: cvs login
23:55:23 Part Paul_The_Nerd
23:55:29 Join jbauman [0] (
23:55:38tucozand paste it to the command line by right-clicking the title bar and choose edit->paste
23:56:00 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
23:56:06tucozthen copy: cvs -z3 co rockbox-devel
23:56:10 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
23:56:15tucozjust press enter for the password
23:56:29mongeysame error
23:56:39tucozok, search for that file then
23:57:27 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC")
23:57:38tucozbe sure to close cygwin properly before you try and delete the file
23:57:52mongeytheres only 1
23:58:04tucozon your entire computer?
23:58:18tucozor in the cygwin folder?
23:58:30 Join webguest23 [0] (
23:59:01mongeyentire computer

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