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#rockbox log for 2006-06-15

00:00:05Paul_The_NerdLandry Breuil
00:00:19*amiconn wonders why the HC doesn't want to go to sleep, and the DC seems to be only half-sleeping :/
00:00:27tongasok tongas will be ok
00:00:44peturamiconn: how do you check?
00:00:47Paul_The_NerdFreenode is its own thing, and many names are taken.
00:00:48tongassorry to pollute a little your discussion, amiconn
00:00:54tongasi'm discovering IRC
00:01:35amiconnpetur: GPIO22 (D_SUSPEND) is supposed to go high when the DC is suspended
00:01:54amiconn(I switch it to input, and it has a pullup)
00:01:55peturso what's half-sleeping then?
00:02:30amiconnHowever, it doesn't go high unless I set a bit that ignores H_SUSPEND and D_SUSPEND and always sets them high
00:02:52amiconn..but the DC registers are inaccessible after the sleep sequence, so the thing should be sleeping....
00:03:16amiconnMompls, of course, an access will prepare it for wakeup
00:03:19tongaslast q: how do i introduce the name of the person i want to point my post to, at the beginning of the sentence ?
00:03:34 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
00:03:44amiconn...but not actually wake it up if not unlocked within 5ms
00:03:49amiconnSo the DC sleep should be ok
00:05:50tongasby pointing the name with the mouse ?
00:05:57Paul_The_Nerdtongas: In many clients, start typing the name and then hit tab after a few letters.
00:06:03 Quit Bagder (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:06:45tongasPaul_The_Nerd, ok ;)
00:06:57peturamiconn: temp readings in half fixed state?
00:08:32 Quit tongas ("Quitte")
00:09:42 Join Bagder [0] (
00:10:06 Join tongas [0] (
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00:12:19 Nick sharpe` is now known as sharpe (
00:13:23amiconnpetur: Approx. half the heat, i.e. 3 °C above PCB
00:13:53peturgood progress already ;)
00:15:27 Part Paul_The_Nerd
00:16:13tongastime to sleep here, courage amiconn !
00:16:52peturtongas: same timezone :)
00:17:04tongaswhere from
00:17:20*petur is .be, amicon is .de
00:17:31tongasamiconn de i knew
00:17:43tongasme .fr
00:17:43Mikachutongas: in time you will learn the secrets of irc, like /whois
00:18:10tongasplease go on...
00:18:14tongaswhat is it ?
00:18:17amiconnMikachu: /whois amiconn won't tell you where I'm from ;)
00:18:38*preglow welcomes Mikachu to freenode
00:18:40Mikachuno, but other secrets like /ctcp amiconn date will maybe reveal something
00:19:01Mikachuor is it time?
00:19:04Mikachui can never remember
00:19:07preglowtime, afaik
00:19:12Mikachuso it is
00:20:02preglowi think/hope i've disabled ctcp in this end
00:20:13preglowi haven't
00:20:25sharpeyay... xchat now...
00:20:26amiconnpreglow: Any specific reason to do so?
00:20:36 Join Daishi [0] (
00:20:38preglowamiconn: just to be rid of annoying assholes who like to probe
00:20:46preglowi usually allow ping, but that's that
00:20:50*Bagder remembers the good old days of CTCP floods
00:20:59tongaspreglow: how do you "write" an event ?("~ welcomes Mikachu to freenode")
00:21:02*preglow too...
00:21:05Mikachutongas: /me
00:21:06preglowtongas: use the /me command
00:21:27preglow/me lols on the floor
00:21:54preglowthe olden days of irc were truly golden, with takeovers and assholes everywhere
00:21:57*tongas thanks you!
00:22:36tongasdo you mean i'm an asshole °(
00:22:37amiconnpreglow: Now even I have a question... how did you put the / at the start of the line w/o turningit into a command ?
00:22:42preglowamiconn: /say
00:23:01*amiconn learned something...
00:23:05sharpeah, irc...
00:23:19 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:23:21BagderI can do //me in xchat
00:23:25Mikachujust a / by itself works in irssi
00:23:32preglowMikachu: nope
00:23:43Mikachuto produce that i typed / /
00:23:44preglowi get ambiguous command
00:23:47Mikachunot /say /
00:23:48preglowahh, right
00:23:57preglowdidn't know about that
00:23:58*preglow hugs irssi
00:24:06amiconnHydra says unknown command
00:24:15goffastupid question alert: does rockbox need a driver for windows 98?
00:24:16preglowa diamond among irc clients
00:24:28ender`amiconn: Ctrl+Enter in Hydra
00:24:34goffai mean for mass storage or whatever
00:24:36ender`/ <- like this
00:24:44amiconntss tss
00:24:45Mikachutongas: nobody is saying you're an asshole :)
00:24:47Bagdergoffa: rockbox never needs drivers
00:24:51preglowgoffa: i've even bumped into windows xp boxes where it needs a driver...
00:24:51Bagdergoffa: but windows might
00:25:06goffathat's what i mean
00:25:16Bagdergoffa: for what player
00:25:24goffawell h140...
00:25:25amiconnWin98 needs drivers for USB MSD
00:25:43goffaamiconn: does one exist?
00:26:07goffacan you just use iriver's?
00:26:42preglowgoffa: iriver's driver is for something different, afaik
00:26:46tongasmaybe tomorrow amiconn will have writen some code to shut USBOTG chip off ;)
00:27:13 Quit ender` (" cat /dev/coffee | /dev/cup | /dev/mouth | /dev/nose > /dev/keyboard")
00:27:40amiconnNeat feature...
00:27:42preglowwhat, executables in /dev ??
00:28:17goffai don't plan on using it for 98 myself... but i just reccomended the h140 to someone who might
00:28:19Bagdercat: /dev/coffee: No such file or directory
00:28:25goffaand was going to put rockbox on there
00:28:45 Join GebWuest01 [0] (
00:28:46Bagdergoffa: again, it doesn't matter if he uses rockbox or the original fw
00:28:47preglowgoffa: should be entirely possible, but will very probably need a driver
00:29:00preglowbut that driver will be very generic
00:29:07preglowand downloadable straight from microsoft
00:29:09goffaok.. yeah.. that's all i'd need
00:29:32goffaand win98se 2nd party service pack would probably work
00:29:33amiconnpreglow: Afaik there are no generic UMS drivers for 98 available
00:29:37preglowamiconn: oh?
00:29:49amiconn..definitely not from MS
00:29:52preglowthen disregard whatever i was saying
00:30:09preglowi haven't used win98, the lord be thanked, for at least 5 years
00:30:20goffai run into it all the time
00:30:32tongassorry all, a very last q /IRC tools: is it possible to playback a discussion (typically the logs of Rockbox site) ?
00:30:44 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
00:30:57preglowtongas: most irc clients allow you to log realtime, however, there's not much point, since all logs are at
00:30:58*amiconn wonders who actually still uses Win98 for serious purposes
00:31:11Paul_The_NerdYou need at least Win98SE for USB MSD, right?
00:31:37tongaspreglow: yes, but not easy to read...
00:31:37preglowamiconn: it's still a somewhat decent os for nice audio performance
00:31:41Paul_The_NerdSo it kinda depends which edition of Win98 this person has.
00:31:56preglowamiconn: crashes as soon as you sneeze, of course, but allows _really_ low latencies, sometimes even with crap drivers
00:31:58amiconnYou can update win98 to win98se
00:32:35goffayeah.. well i'm assuming se
00:32:36*amiconn wonders where this audio latency problem could be important
00:32:43preglowamiconn: realtime processing
00:32:53goffabut... people around here are cheap
00:32:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:33:16preglowin software synthesis and effects processing it's very important
00:33:16goffathey paid $3000 for their 98 box... so they assume that a new computer is going to be $3000 and isn't going to be any faster
00:33:28goffakinda like a '57 chevy.. it'll still do 80 down the highway
00:33:44amiconn80, pfft
00:33:45goffaand you explain moore's law
00:33:59 Quit tongas ("Quitte")
00:34:03goffaand show them the $500 emachine
00:34:04 Quit webguest29 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:34:11preglowgoffa: they're not far wrong anyway, given current software trends
00:34:12 Join nuknuk [0] (
00:34:13goffathey just don't get it
00:34:23preglowgoffa: windows xp isn't exactly greased lightning on my 2ghz++ cpu
00:34:34goffanot saying that
00:34:46goffaos has nothing to do with computer speed
00:34:52preglowsure, no, but the os is all people see
00:35:03preglowif that's slow, then the computer is slow for all intents and purposes
00:35:11goffaand you certainly aren't going to convince them to use linux
00:35:14 Join Zaghurim [0] (
00:35:19preglowi use linux/gnome
00:35:25preglowand it's not exactly blazing away either
00:35:35Mikachugnome is like xp opensourced
00:35:42 Part Zaghurim
00:35:46preglowthough i do know of faster stuff, of course
00:35:47goffalinux and openbox with cli and gnome aps (mostly)
00:35:51preglowbut i like gnome
00:35:56Mikachugoffa: hooray
00:35:58preglowi might switch to xfce some day
00:36:01GebWuest01give XFCE a try−−nicce and snappy
00:36:12preglowyeah, xfce isn't bad at all
00:36:16preglowi run that on my arch install
00:36:24goffayeah.. been tempted to try xubuntu on my desktop
00:36:25 Quit Mark__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:36:28goffarunning lfs on there now
00:36:28markunI use it too
00:36:37 Join bondolo_ [0] (
00:36:43 Join mongey [0] (
00:36:50preglowonly thing i've got against it is that the window decorations are ugly as hell
00:37:01mongeyi still cant compile rockbox
00:37:02*Paul_The_Nerd sighs.
00:37:05mongeybut i can compile rockbox on my laptop
00:37:06preglowyou've got a choice of a hundred bitch ugly window decorations
00:37:17GebWuest01yeah for sure not as pretty as gnome
00:37:18goffayeah.. and you could make your own if you were an artist :)
00:37:27*preglow pats Paul_The_Nerd
00:37:29*Aghaster uses gnome
00:37:34goffaand steal the gnome icons if you prefer that
00:37:36nuknukgot a quick question, if im to update my rockbox install on my iriver, can i just follow the normal installation instructions and expect it to install properly and keep my settings, or do I have to follow a special instruction?
00:37:43mongeyso its something wrong with this computer
00:37:43Aghasterbut i agree XFCE is pretty.
00:37:49Mikachunuknuk: just unzip the zip
00:37:49 Quit bondolo (Nick collision from services.)
00:37:55 Nick bondolo_ is now known as bondolo (
00:38:37nuknukMikachu, wouldnt that overwrite my old rockbox install settings though?
00:38:47Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I've got like, 27 accounts waiting for activation on the forums, some over two weeks since they first signed up. As well, there were over 55 in the list, but most of the ones I cleared were things like ( being responsible already for 3 of the 4 spammings we've had in the last couple weeks)
00:38:51Mikachunuknuk: no, shouldn't
00:38:59nuknuki'm trying to update from one rockbox to another, not from iriver to rockbox
00:39:00Mikachunuknuk: you have my halfhearted promise
00:39:00peturnuknuk: it's always recommended to export your settings to a cfg in case the settings block is updated
00:39:02GebWuest013.53 of KDE seems lots faster as well, really comming along..
00:39:05Paul_The_NerdI'm wondering what the cutoff point should be for someone who never activates.
00:39:08nuknukah alright
00:39:14Mikachuyeah what petur said
00:39:15nuknukMikachu, i can't ask for more than that :P
00:39:24Mikachubut all highscores should be in separate files that aren't in the zip
00:40:20nuknukwell then, sounds worth trying then :)
00:40:35nuknuki sure hope the display disappearing on my remote is a fixed bug rather than my remote dying though :O
00:40:54GebWuest01anyway enuff of my pointless spam−−just popped in to say thanks to rockbox Devs for making such a kickass product!!
00:41:57*petur must learn to rolo when debugging a newer build
00:42:33 Quit Kohlrabi ("Hello my name is CoolClonk .")
00:43:34preglowPaul_The_Nerd: forums require manual activation now?
00:43:57Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: No, they send an email to the user, and the user clicks "Activate my account"
00:44:01Paul_The_NerdThere are 27 people who haven't done so.
00:44:18Paul_The_NerdSome of which have received a reminder email.
00:45:02Bagderspeaking of users, lowlight has now joined the hall of fame and glory
00:45:13Bagder== commit access
00:45:15Paul_The_NerdSo, he gets a badge?
00:46:05 Quit nuknuk ()
00:46:15Paul_The_NerdAlrighty, one more for the list.
00:46:24Bagderno, he gets to do a lot of work!
00:47:47Paul_The_NerdOh, I've decided to order my own e200. I decided Rockbox or not, I like the hardware. ;)
00:48:41earHertzI know it's agauinst teh guidelines to uinclude apps functions in formware code. But I want to use gui_syncsplash in teh firmware code, just to debug. Is there a way to include it?
00:49:18petursure it is...
00:49:19earHertzwhat about in the hreader in export?
00:49:22preglowthat is
00:49:25preglowif you don't mind hacks
00:49:28Bagderisn't logf() good enough?
00:49:29hardeepfor debugging, just call it
00:49:43hardeepyou'll get a warning but it'll work fine
00:49:43earHertzBagder: no, I want to see it in real time
00:49:58 Join snex [0] (
00:50:00preglowhardeep: will it? i could have sworn i tried that several times
00:50:01 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:50:06preglowi can see no reason it won't, of course...
00:50:10earHertzhardeep: it'll still link?
00:50:19earHertzeven though it uses varargs?
00:50:20hardeepthe old splash() code definitely worked correctly, i'd assume the gui_splash does too
00:50:24preglowearHertz: it doesn't need to link, the firmware dir is a library
00:50:43peturI used it some time ago when checking the fat driver
00:50:43snexdoes anybody know if theres a project on making a GUI installer for rockbox?
00:50:46preglowat linking time, all functions are present
00:50:52preglowsnex: kind of
00:51:04preglowdid christi ever release the source code for her tool?
00:51:14 Join bondolo_ [0] (
00:51:18snexpreglow cuz i was considering doing one, it seems pretty simple to achieve
00:51:28preglowsnex: depends how much you want to cover
00:52:23Paul_The_NerdBagder: I'm disappointed. I felt I was being quite pessimistic in what I thought you would receive in the package, and it was even less than what I guessed.
00:52:33snexive only put it on an ipod, so i dunno how easy/hard the other installers are
00:52:49Bagderpity really
00:52:54Bagderbut I'm nagging them
00:53:31earHertzgod, my presient makes fun of a blind reportyeter and then chuckles like beavis and butthead
00:53:45Paul_The_NerdI'm kinda surprised they sent you two different capacity players. I would've expected them all to be 2gb models.
00:53:51preglowPaul_The_Nerd: really? i was expecting pretty much what we got, heh
00:54:04preglowperhaps that doesn't bode well for me
00:54:09Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Since they said "Some" instead of "A couple" I expected 3-4 players.
00:54:54preglowi was most certainly hoping for it
00:55:06preglowbut what i wasn't hoping for at all was a devkit
00:55:22preglowi'm still holding my breath there
00:55:35preglowsome portalplayer info would be pure magic
00:55:38Paul_The_NerdI wonder if we could at least get some code for the firmware updating .exe, or at least a description of what exactly it does.
00:55:39 Quit jaebird (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:55:53preglowPaul_The_Nerd: if we don't, they can't expect very much, that's for sure
00:56:03 Join jaebird [0] (n=jae@
00:56:05preglowthat'd be the pure bloody minimum i'd expect them to give us
00:56:12Paul_The_NerdThey can expect plenty, but not *reasonably*
00:56:57preglowwell, i'm just hopinf for some sweet, sweet portalplayer info
00:57:20Paul_The_NerdI'm quite sure you are.
00:57:46 Quit snex ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:58:14preglowno need for doubt here, i can supply signed "hell yeah" certificates proving i am
00:58:25XavierGrhardeep here?
00:58:29earHertzwhy am I getting "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/ipod," when I try to mount the ipod?
00:58:37preglowalong with pictures of myself with an enthusiastic smile
00:58:39 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
00:58:45 Quit Rob2222_ ()
00:58:46XavierGrhardeep: I think you commited the old version of iCacther.
00:58:56XavierGrAh welcome Genre9mp3!
00:59:03preglowthe new version wasn't in the tracker?
00:59:07Genre9mp3Hi there!
00:59:15XavierGrit was
00:59:18Genre9mp3Wow...That's great news!!!!
00:59:24preglowwell, just commit the new one, then
00:59:25 Join Rob2222 [0] (
00:59:27preglowsmall problem
00:59:37XavierGrI am just mentioning it.
01:00:01XavierGrHardeep has to do that though, I don't have CVS access :p
01:00:12Genre9mp3I'm simply speechless about the last commit! :D
01:00:24preglowit's great work
01:00:36crashda wps, eh?
01:00:48Paul_The_NerdHave we ever actually tried contacting PortalPlayer? I mean, it's unlikely to succeed, but it also can't really hurt, right?
01:01:18BagderI'm quite sure no Rockbox person ever did
01:01:27Genre9mp3Thank you very much preglow...I really really appreciate this! :D
01:01:28hardeepXavierGr: hmmm, i thought i grabbed the right version
01:01:32amiconnThe front page is looooooong now
01:01:40crashdthat is a sweet wps, i hate to say
01:01:44crashdhave to
01:01:58preglowPaul_The_Nerd: i think no one has
01:02:03preglowPaul_The_Nerd: feel free to, though :>
01:02:27Genre9mp3hardeep: Thanx for the commit! :D
01:02:44peturbuild table now truly looks like modern art
01:02:53preglowPaul_The_Nerd: just be sure to remind them of how badly it must suck for them losing the ipod deal and all
01:03:02crashdgoad the buggers
01:03:02preglowPaul_The_Nerd: and that we are probably their only way out of this
01:03:12XavierGrhardeep: the new version has black letters instead of gray. See the tracker, the new version is in the last comment
01:04:39hardeepblah, my bad
01:04:51 Quit bondolo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:05:19hardeepis it just the bmps that are incorrect?
01:05:19Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I figure there's probably a good way to frame it as "Beneficial to PortalPlayer" so I'll try to draft something, and run it by you guys once I've got a good idea what I think might actually at least have them think for a few seconds about it.
01:05:39XavierGrhardeep I am nnot sure, ask Genre9mp3.
01:06:16Genre9mp3hardeep: which one is supposed to be commited? The white one or the defult colours one?
01:06:17preglowPaul_The_Nerd: sounds wonderful
01:06:25 Quit bondolo_ ("Cya!")
01:06:29hardeepGenre9mp3: default colors
01:06:45hardeepi missed the last version, took the one just before
01:06:49Genre9mp3Ok then it's :
01:07:03Paul_The_NerdWhile some player manufacturers are nervous about third-party firmware, others such as Sandisk are already moving to support them, and with PortalPlayer support in Rockbox, the PortalPlayer SoCs will look even more favourable to those manufacturers who see this trend starting. Or something like that. I'll work on it. :)
01:07:21Genre9mp3hardeep: Again, thanx for the commit... :D
01:07:27 Join bondolo [0] (
01:07:56hardeepGenre9mp3: it's a great wps! (my default)
01:08:20Genre9mp3BTW, the different font issue is OK now?
01:08:20hardeepi've almost completed the changes to make it the system default as well...
01:08:34hardeepyeah, the script now supports multiple fonts
01:08:39XavierGrwow! :)
01:08:57Genre9mp3hardeep:almost completed?
01:09:17Genre9mp3that's great news!!!!
01:09:19*amiconn wonders why some items are displayed twice in iCatcher
01:09:53Genre9mp3amiconn: There are actually 2 different versions, iCatcher & UniCatcher
01:09:59preglowis the battery percentage still there?
01:10:22Genre9mp3preglow: see this:
01:10:25amiconnI mean battery percentage and battery symbol; numeric volume and volume icon
01:10:38peturmaybe a bit late, but I'd rather have song title in the middle as well, not the genre
01:10:53Genre9mp3amiconn: Oh
01:10:53preglowi still don't like the battery percentage being displayed where it is
01:11:09tucozpetur: I think that is fixed in the proper version
01:11:16hardeepyeah, it is
01:11:16tucozthat should be committed
01:11:18preglowif it should be displayed at all (which i think it shouldn't), it should be close to the graphical battery display
01:11:43hardeepi personally like the numeric values for battery and volume
01:11:46*petur probably runs an old version (several versions ago)
01:11:49Genre9mp3preglow: I made it this way for symmetry reasons
01:11:55XavierGryes I agree with hardeep.
01:12:07XavierGrIcons to be sleak and numbers to be precise
01:12:10hardeepXavierGr/Genre9mp3: please confirm it's the correct version now
01:12:12XavierGrsleek that is
01:12:44hardeepafk for a bit
01:13:05amiconnHmm, I definitely like the white version better than the blueish one
01:13:28tucozbut the white is less rockboxish
01:14:33preglowi don't really think the current rockbox colours should be mandatory in any way...
01:14:45Genre9mp3hardeep: I'm checking right now...
01:15:01tucozI think they should. For a default theme at least.
01:15:50preglowwhere'd those colours come from anyway? the web site?
01:16:05 Nick bagawk_ is now known as bagawk (
01:16:16 Join Hames [0] (
01:16:18Genre9mp3preglow: Tes the light blue of the web site
01:16:24Hameswhere can i find the iPod Updater?
01:16:25tucozheaven knows. My girlfriend hates "that blue screen" :)
01:16:37Hameswhen im trying to install rockbox it says i need the firmware and some file on the bak folder
01:16:39preglowi don't think it's the nicest colour ever myself
01:16:40Hamesi dont know where to get that file
01:16:55preglowit's pretty arbitrarily chosen, i'd guess, so let graphic designers just come up with what they want
01:17:03preglowperhaps someone will come up with a better scheme
01:17:38preglowthe ipod updater is on the apple site
01:17:41tucozsure. but a the current colour theme is pretty much part of the rockbox graphic profile
01:18:21Paul_The_NerdHames: Which installation instructions are you following?
01:18:24Hamesbut it says to put it on the bak folder, i dont want to actually update it
01:18:31HamesRockbox Installer v7.7
01:18:42preglowif we are to have a graphic profile, i'd like it better if it was something better thought out than just whatever colour scheme we used on our web site at one time
01:18:46Paul_The_NerdOkay, see, that's not official in the slightest, so ask wherever you found the installer.
01:19:02Hamesthis installer is simple though
01:19:09Hamesit asks me if i already have ipod linux
01:19:11Hamesand other stuff
01:19:23HamesIpod Linux users:
01:19:23HamesIf you are using iPod Linux, you must first extract an unmodified firmware image from the Apple iPod Update Utility.
01:19:23DBUGEnqueued KICK Hames
01:19:23HamesFor this I recommend you download the iPod Wizard program (
01:19:23HamesExtract it, open the last updater you used on your iPod, click on the "Updater" tab, and extract the appropriate
01:19:25Hamesfirmware binary for your iPod to the "bak" folder of this installer.
01:19:27Genre9mp3Speaking of colours, we can have the white version and other colour variations as well in the site for download...
01:19:36Hames"open the last updater you used on your ipo" <−−how do i do that
01:19:45Paul_The_NerdHames: Simple or not, it's not one of our softwares, so ask whoever made the installer.
01:20:13Hamesbut the instructions are the same as yours for ipod linux users
01:20:33Paul_The_NerdYou're using a program.
01:20:34preglowtucoz: sure, i just don't think we should elect a blue variation the default one just becuase it somehow being the "rockbox coloured" one. we should choose whatever looks best
01:20:48earHertzhardeep: calling gui_synspalsh from get_button freezes teh ipod
01:20:52preglowthat of course being subjective...
01:21:19Paul_The_NerdHames: The "installer" was not written by us. What does it matter if the program works the same way for installing Linux and Rockbox. Ask who wrote the program, not who wrote what it installs.
01:21:29preglowearHertz: get_button?
01:21:33Paul_The_NerdHames: Do you ask a musician why a CD Ripper doesn't work, or the person who wrote the CD Ripper?
01:21:34preglowearHertz: nothing is called that
01:21:52earHertzdorry, I'm a C++ programmer :)
01:21:52Hamesif the instructions are the same then yes.
01:22:08Paul_The_NerdHames: The same as what?
01:22:18Hamesas your version of the installer
01:22:23Paul_The_NerdWe do not HAVE an installer
01:22:31Hamesthen how do you put rockbox in there?
01:22:31Paul_The_NerdIt's their other version of the installer
01:22:44Hamesdont you guys have it so you have to compile your own with 3 files or something.
01:23:10Hamesyea thats the one
01:23:28Paul_The_NerdSo what installer are you asking about?
01:23:30tucozpreglow: i agree with you, although i think the default theme should look rockboxish. and without the colours, icatcher doesn't (imo).
01:23:35Paul_The_NerdBecause the only programs there are ipod_fw and ipodpatcher
01:23:37XavierGrwhy bleeding edge isn't updated?
01:23:42Hamesboth say if you have ipod linux, go to ipodwizard..blabla bla...
01:24:00preglowtucoz: of course it doesn't, it's not light blue, which i don't think is very important at all :)
01:24:06Paul_The_NerdHames: They don't say the exact same thing.
01:24:11tucozprobably nothing in that commit triggered a cvs to build
01:24:11Hamesi dont know how to extract the firmware image
01:24:14Hamesdo you knw how?
01:24:24Paul_The_NerdHames: If you follow the directions explicitly, it happens.
01:24:24Hamesusing ipodwizard
01:24:33Paul_The_NerdHames: You may notice it says that the ipodwizard was is an alternative
01:24:43Paul_The_NerdAt least at our page. how else would i get the firmware?
01:25:04Paul_The_NerdFollow our instructions.
01:25:16Paul_The_NerdEVERY step tells you exactly what to type there.
01:25:16Hames.2) (iPodLinux users only) Extract an unmodified firmware image
01:25:24Hamesaccording to your instructions, it tells me to do it that way.
01:25:29Hamesthats theo nly other way i see for ipod linux users
01:25:49tucozpreglow: you win ;)
01:25:59Paul_The_NerdYes, then you use iPodWizard
01:26:01Paul_The_NerdWhich isn't our software
01:26:10Paul_The_NerdSo if you can't figure out iPodWizard, go read its instructions.
01:26:13tucozi am too tired to come up with good arguments
01:26:22tucoz...for the rockbox colours
01:26:34XavierGrthe bleeding edge is clearly an old one.
01:26:50Paul_The_NerdHames: Why don't we start again. What *exactly* can't you figure out?
01:27:03tucozXavierGr: I do not think that a wps commit will trigger the build server to start building
01:27:09tucoznot sure though
01:27:17Hameshow to get the firmware
01:27:24XavierGrthen maybe I told hardeep something wrong... :(
01:27:30Paul_The_NerdHames: That's a very vague part.
01:27:37XavierGrI will update via vmware and build a full zip then
01:27:50Paul_The_NerdHames: You know to use iPodWizard. So, have you tried iPodWizard with an official ipod firmware update?
01:27:50Hameshow to get the firmware so i can load it in order to install rockbox
01:28:09 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:28:14Paul_The_NerdOkay, so the instructions tell you to do that.
01:28:16Paul_The_NerdAnd you don't.
01:28:18tucozgood night
01:28:22 Quit tucoz ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
01:28:35Hamesi think i figured it out
01:28:39Hamesok i gtg to work
01:28:40Hamesthanks for help
01:28:49Paul_The_NerdHames: The page says "extract an unmodified firmware image from the Apple iPod Update utility using the iPod Wizard program"
01:29:11Paul_The_NerdI would suggest trying what the page says *before* you ask for help, as sometimes it actually works.
01:29:17 Quit Hames ()
01:31:34 Join thegeek [0] (
01:31:37 Join thegeek_ [0] (
01:32:20 Quit GebWuest01 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:32:44 Quit thegeek_ (Client Quit)
01:32:52 Quit thegeek (Client Quit)
01:32:59 Join thegeek [0] (
01:36:42 Join Benacool [0] (
01:38:02 Quit obo (Remote closed the connection)
01:39:00XavierGrROLO error: Checksum error
01:40:51XavierGrsilly me I built for an H100 not the H300 I was testing :|
01:41:17Paul_The_NerdSounds like something I would do.
01:41:22CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:41:22*preglow thanks petur for the sorely needed code policiing
01:41:34*amiconn has a whole bunch of build dirs for different targets & sims
01:41:43*preglow too
01:42:25*Paul_The_Nerd only has a few
01:42:44*Genre9mp3 too (for the sims)
01:42:45XavierGramiconn: me too
01:42:56XavierGrI just reconfigured and selected another number
01:45:35XavierGrah now it is nice, but why the blue one :p
01:46:50 Join JdGordon [0] (
01:47:30 Nick mongey is now known as mongey|zZz (
01:47:51Genre9mp3BTW, Today I was on the train and I realised that a track in my music collection is titled "Rock Box"
01:48:21Genre9mp3...And it's a very nice instrumental one! :)
01:50:57Genre9mp3It's from "True Obsessions" album by "Marty Friedman"...
01:53:39JdGordonmorning all
01:54:34*JdGordon is happy :D gettting my h300 usbotg-able next week and a remote sometime soon also :D
01:54:58preglowhow's your h300 getting usbotg-able?
01:55:58JdGordonthe hardware mod for the us version
01:56:20JdGordonto power the 2nd usb port
01:56:27JdGordonstupid us version
01:58:33petur'night all
01:58:40 Quit petur ("Zzzz")
01:59:34 Part Paul_The_Nerd
02:02:30 Join egotrippen5 [0] (
02:06:32 Quit Aghaster (Remote closed the connection)
02:13:34 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
02:14:50 Join TeaSea [0] (
02:16:51 Quit slarti_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:17:18 Part pixelma
02:20:23dj-fuany ideas what would cause my windows partition not to recognize the filesystem on my ipod?
02:20:27dj-fuit has music and shit on it, running rockbox
02:20:40dj-fubut when i plug it in for drive mode it doesn't work (retail firmware & rb fw)
02:20:45dj-fuprobly a windows issue yeah?
02:21:36 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
02:25:25 Quit egotrippen5 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:29:20hardeepearHertz: try calling splash() instead of the gui version... maybe the multiple screen handling doesn't work
02:29:57hardeepso, consensus seems to be that the white version of iCatcher is better... i prefer that one myself, just didn't want to mess with defaults
02:31:39 Join scorche [0] (n=scorche@
02:32:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:33:00earHertzhardeep: thanks, I just went ahead and put the call in in apps/gui/list.c
02:33:15 Join slarti [0] (i=slarti@gentoo/developer/slarti)
02:33:30 Join dj-fu [0] (
02:33:44 Part JdGordon
02:34:05dj-fuanyone know what would cause me not able to see the fat32 partition on my ipod with windows, but linux mounts it fine?
02:34:45earHertzis there something similar to gui_syncsplash, that will just overwrite whats on teh screen, without rtestoring the old screen?
02:35:06earHertzlike putsxy, but without having to have a pointre to a screen?
02:35:08XavierGrhardeep: then go for the white one :p
02:35:31 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:36:19hardeepif no one complains, i'd actually like to change the default color to white as well instead of this "rockbox blue"
02:36:40dj-fuwhat about black?
02:36:52dj-fublack w/ white text wins
02:40:49 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
02:43:02 Join Subt [0] (
02:44:24fiftyfour123port rockobx to HFS+
02:44:36fiftyfour123and i'll give everyone involed a cookie :D
02:47:16 Quit fiftyfour123 ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
02:48:38 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
03:04:11 Quit Subt ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:05:11 Join JdGordon [0] (
03:15:08 Quit Milkmaster ()
03:24:38 Quit XavierGr ("Watch anime, saiyu sen jiko yo!")
03:24:51 Quit lancelott_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:25:51 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
03:28:08 Part Paul_The_Nerd
03:29:18 Join gtkspert_ [0] (
03:30:49 Join gpoo [0] (
03:31:08gpoohmm my ipod mini kept blipblip blip and know it won't turn on
03:31:18gpoowhen I pluged in usb
03:33:23 Join lancelott [0] (
03:36:20 Join webguest06 [0] (
03:37:13gpoocan rockbox run psp
03:37:25gpoois thier any unoffical psp open source firmware
03:39:41sharpegpoo, no.
03:41:07webguest06how do you patch a build that you already have
03:41:12webguest06like one that you downloaded?
03:41:18Mikachuyou don't
03:41:39webguest06there has to be a way
03:41:43webguest06like a patched build
03:41:49webguest06that you dont want to start over with
03:41:53sharpeno. there is no way to patch a build, that is already built.
03:42:17sharpethat's the way things work.
03:42:19Mikachubecause that is the way god created the earth
03:42:22JdGordonwell.. there is.. u recompile it and then do a diff on the 2 binaries...
03:42:29JdGordonand then patch it
03:42:37 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:42:38sharpeJdGordon: ssh, don't tell them that.
03:42:42Mikachuyou could just keep the second binary
03:42:47Mikachuit isn't what he wants to do
03:43:06JdGordoni know :D
03:43:47webguest06can you tell me how to do that?
03:43:55webguest06 recompile it and then do a diff on the 2 binaries...
03:44:55 Nick gtkspert_ is now known as gtkspert (
03:45:10Mikachusee, now you gave him crazy ideas
03:45:27sharpei told you... :D
03:48:05hardeepokay, hopefully the last big commit i need to do
03:48:34sharpeare you sure?
03:49:01 Join sharpe` [0] (
03:49:07sharpeoops... hehe...
03:51:52 Join wats [0] (
03:52:04watshi ya
03:52:31watswats wit these irc channels
03:53:02Mikachuwas that a self introduction or a question?
03:53:16watsmaybe both
03:53:17scorchelol....i was thinking the same thing
03:53:20sharpewell, they're places people can talk, and ask questions. like, we can give help to people having troubles with rockbox.
03:53:37Mikachuor sometimes if we feel grumpy, we'll just make snide remarks and laugh at you
03:53:42watsi dont really have troubles wit it
03:53:43sharpethat too.
03:54:08watsdo any of u guys also have Ipod linux on
03:54:22watsur ipod
03:54:28 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: roqz yer nutz!")
03:54:32sharpewell, that's somewhat implied
03:54:50watsI have it, on my Video Ipod, and i'm not able to listen to music wit it
03:55:15watsis it just me, or is that the version
03:55:41sharpewe're not the ipodlinux irc channel... but; why not use rockbox if you wish to play your music? :)
03:56:08watsbattery life, i heard it cuts the battery from 14 to 5 hours
03:56:18watsand the ipod linux room is completely quiet
03:56:24watsi tried there for a while
03:56:31watsbut nobody responded
03:57:15webguest06i had iPl
03:57:20webguest06but i found it to be useless
03:57:27webguest06and after i had it
03:57:29webguest06my ipod broke
03:57:32webguest06so i put rockbox on
03:57:37webguest06cuz it takes like 5mins to install
03:57:41watsi'm wonderin if it is
03:57:42Mikachuafter rock doom there was no point in ipl :)
03:57:43webguest06and iPl took me like 2 days
03:57:46watsboth do
03:57:48webguest06its not worth it
03:57:51webguest06for the 5G
03:57:54 Quit sharpe` ()
03:58:00Mikachuif i had an ipod video it might be fun with the wikipedia, but it's a waste with my 2GB nano
03:58:01watsipl takes like 5 minutes
03:58:12watsall u have to do
03:58:19watsis use the offical installer
03:58:23watsbam, ur down
03:58:26webguest06you have to boot into a LinuxLive CD
03:58:32webguest06but they dont have an installer
03:58:34scorcheyou can type things in one line ya know... =P
03:58:35webguest06for the 5G yet
03:58:38watsya they do
03:58:42watsit works perfectly
03:58:48watsit works for me
03:58:53watsit just asks u
03:58:55Mikachuscorche: apparently not
03:58:59watsto delete all ur songs
03:59:01sharpescorche: it lessens the excitement on one line. :)
03:59:18watsof cousre, its alot better like this
03:59:27watsand i get quick responses too
03:59:34DBUGEnqueued KICK scorche
03:59:37watsi do
03:59:50sharpeanyway, wats, do you have anything pertaining to rockbox we may help you with?
04:00:27watshmmmm, idk , rockbox is pretty stable
04:00:32watso ya
04:00:34watsi have one
04:00:54watscan rockbox read the music put on the ipod by itunes
04:01:03Mikachuwow, long one
04:01:03sharpewats: only if you use tagcache.
04:01:19Mikachuyou can add the folder recursively and play shuffle in normal mode
04:01:30Mikachudamn you people, now i say folder instead of directory
04:01:32watsthanks alot
04:01:41 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:01:50watswell i'm goina leave u guys
04:01:52scorchequite the laugh there
04:01:56sharpehey, we offer support, and entertain.
04:01:57watsgood job and thanks
04:02:03watsBYE BYE
04:02:10 Quit wats ()
04:02:37sharpethat was... odd, but alright.
04:03:02Mikachubetter than a fork in the eye
04:03:12scorcheor a rusty spoon for that matter
04:03:19sharpeor any object really.
04:04:56Mikachufotons are alright
04:05:13sharpethe bed/couch thing?
04:05:48Mikachuno... light particles
04:05:57Mikachuthe sleep thing is futon i believe
04:05:58sharpethose are photons.
04:06:10Mikachuyou english and your crazy spelling
04:06:18sharpewe don't talk phonetically here.
04:06:42Mikachuit just so happens to be foton in swedish
04:06:56sharpefuton or photon?
04:07:01Mikachuhaha, photon
04:08:06webguest06isnt this the rockbox IRC?
04:08:09webguest06not the FUTON>?
04:08:22Rickwho said a channel has to stay within its topic?
04:08:24Mikachuthis is what is usually referred to as offtopic talk
04:08:41sharpeyeah, it's the rockbox irc channel, but at the moment there is no one to help, so we discuss off-topic things. such as futons and photons.
04:08:57CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:08:57*Rick bounces
04:09:03sharpesaying photons are alright, is like saying atoms are good.
04:09:15Rickatoms are neutral
04:09:23sharpepretty much?
04:09:44Mikachuquestion mark hour?
04:09:52 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:10:05 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
04:10:14scorchei say?
04:10:21*Rick shakes fist
04:10:24fiftyfour123port rockbox to HFS+
04:10:27Mikachuput that fist down
04:10:31Mikachufiftyfour123: or what?
04:10:31 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:10:33Rickfiftyfour123: donate the hardware to one of the devs
04:10:34sharpefiftyfour123: be our guest
04:10:39fiftyfour123if you do, i'll give you a cookie
04:10:56scorcheRick: what hardware are you speaking of?
04:10:59sharpehmm... an interesting deal. what kind of cookie?
04:11:08RickI assumed HFS+ was some sort of dap
04:11:17sharpeit's a file system...
04:11:20fiftyfour123sugar cookie
04:11:23Rickoh :P
04:11:26sharpei'm on it!
04:11:35RickI stand corrected
04:11:50scorchemore like re-aligned
04:12:46Rickwhat is HFS+ used by?
04:12:50fiftyfour123how do you do the thing where it was like rick shakes fist?
04:13:03scorchefiftyfour123: /me <blah>
04:13:13fiftyfour123 /me <blah>
04:13:16*sharpe searches for something to port to rockbox
04:13:24fiftyfour123it didnt work
04:13:29*Rick hands sharpe an encyclopedia
04:13:29Mikachuwithout the space
04:13:29sharpewithout the space?
04:13:30scorchefiftyfour123: minus the space ;)
04:13:48scorcheit ispossible?
04:13:54sharpemost definitely.
04:14:34sharpeRick: i was looking for something more, game-like.
04:14:54scorchesharpe: dig-dug
04:15:15fiftyfour123it still didnt work it said unknown command
04:15:15*scorche misses that game
04:15:26sharpehow about something i remember playing? :)
04:15:37scorchesharpe: young'un
04:15:38Ricksharpe: I figured as much
04:15:58sharpeactually, i did play dig-dug, but still.
04:16:04fiftyfour123wait i cant do the thing
04:16:11fiftyfour123it doesnt work
04:16:16fiftyfour123it says unknown command
04:16:32Mikachuoh no, everyone stop what you're doing and help fiftyfour123 do the thing
04:16:41Rickfiftyfour123: what client are you using?
04:17:18fiftyfour123=firefox plugin
04:17:29Ricktry /action #rockbox your text
04:17:31*Rick shrugs
04:17:47scorchecould try /em as well
04:17:53scorchealthough /me is quite common
04:17:57*fiftyfour123 ghxdf
04:18:05Rickwhich one was it?
04:18:10fiftyfour123it was "/me text"
04:18:14fiftyfour123without quotes
04:18:31Rickthat's what we told you to do to begin with
04:18:41fiftyfour123you had <> around the text part
04:18:49Rickthat doesn't matter
04:18:51*sharpe <blar>
04:18:54*Rick <see?>
04:18:59*fiftyfour123 <rfhd>
04:19:06*Mikachu see come, /me see go
04:19:17*scorche sharpe: i said blah not blar!!! oh yeah... <>
04:19:23RickI'll assume it was just a EBKAC
04:19:58fiftyfour123some guy on the ipodlinux forums just asked me if a dell with windows xp is a pc
04:20:23Rickif it's a linux forum I'd heavily suggest saying "no"
04:20:32scorchesomeone in #rockbox just asked me how you do an emote
04:20:49*sharpe coughs.
04:20:58*Rick hands sharpe some cough drops
04:21:10 Join thegeek [0] (
04:21:13*fiftyfour123 wants a cough drop
04:21:25sharpeokay. we're good with the emotes now.
04:21:35*scorche says "no."
04:22:13sharpehey, i've got it. lets port FreeCiv to rockbox!
04:22:48sharpebecause that won't be fun-filled and exciting
04:23:10Rickhow many daps would that even be playable on?
04:23:36sharpei'd heir on the side of, none...
04:23:42 Quit webguest06 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:24:09 Quit fiftyfour123 ("Chatzilla 0.9.71 [Firefox]")
04:24:36Mikachuyay lets port scummvm
04:24:46scorchedig dug!
04:24:48sharpelets port the doom 3 engine!
04:25:54sharpedespite the fact it isn't open source
04:26:11sharpeand of the hardware we have available
04:26:41JdGordonlets port vista...
04:26:56Mikachulets port the .net platform
04:27:02JdGordonnoo... mono
04:27:09JdGordonits open source at least
04:27:18JdGordonjava would be nice
04:27:29JdGordonflash would be fun
04:27:53MikachuJdGordon: i thought we were joking
04:28:07JdGordonwe r
04:28:15JdGordonbut then i went serious for 0.5s
04:28:18sharpeheh, rbjvm.
04:28:19*JdGordon appologises
04:28:20Mikachuoh okay
04:28:48Mikachulets port folding@home
04:28:57sharpei was about to suggest, psh. why help find the cure for cancer when you can crack encryption?
04:29:35Mikachuthat would be the silliest waste of time since me watching 2 minutes of the simple life
04:30:14sharpethat's not funny...
04:30:34 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
04:30:41Mikachuit wasn't a joke
04:30:52sharpethat would be why it's not funny then
04:31:03sharpehmm. how about an rpg?
04:31:35sharpethat is oddly enough listed in turn based strategy.
04:32:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:36:02Mikachuby whom?
04:37:13 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
04:43:28 Quit sharpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:46:44 Join sharpe [0] (
04:47:10sharpei'm back!
04:47:24Mikachuhooray, were you gone?
04:47:38sharpeyes... thank you for noticing.
04:47:39 Join lancelott [0] (
04:51:59 Quit lancelott (Client Quit)
04:52:08 Join lancelott [0] (
04:55:40sharpeshould i bother pointing out that paul's an administrator, when it says below his name in the forums?
04:55:59Mikachuto who?
04:56:31Mikachuhe'll find out on his own
04:58:54sharpeyou know, adding letters in front of 'rockbox' create some interesting names. like, frockbox...
04:59:41Mikachuand not many others
05:01:24gpoowould rock box work
05:01:30gpoowith numark new dj device
05:01:35gpoothe one that allows scartching
05:01:38sharpeis there a port for it?
05:01:53gpoonot the idj
05:01:57gpoothe professional one
05:01:59gpooidj is a toy
05:02:35sharpei've no idea what you're talking about, so i'll just say 'Sure!' and ':D'
05:02:38sharpeSure! :D
05:02:55 Quit slarti (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:03:00gpoo :)
05:03:05gpoothat product
05:03:13gpooit called the icdx
05:03:22 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:03:37gpoo I am unsure how they the ipod to scratch, unless the device just uses the ipod as a hard disk
05:03:58sharpethey just use it as a storage device.
05:04:19gpoooh they do
05:04:38sharpewell, considering it says so, yeah, that'd be my bet.
05:04:39gpoohmm but then I bet how do they get the information and play list
05:05:01gpoonot even ipod support the itunes database
05:05:11gpooand futhermore what if they are itunes song
05:05:14gpoohmm strange
05:05:23sharpei'm taking a wild guess, they read the id3 information from the song.
05:06:52gpooyea that the only thing
05:06:59gpoounless they rocbox port for the dj player
05:07:06gpoodam they got
05:07:20gpooI like cuase it has scratch
05:07:38sharpei can tell
05:08:09gpooif you look at the picture the ipod is in music mode,
05:09:01gpooyou see the menu not the charge mode, hmm I notice when ipod is pluged to say pinoeer it says pioneer
05:09:52gpoomy fav numark is a usb turntable, a vinly but a usb one
05:14:38 Join slarti [0] (i=slarti@gentoo/developer/slarti)
05:15:13 Quit jd_ ()
05:18:00 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:57 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
05:38:50 Quit Benacool ()
05:49:01 Join hardeep [0] (
05:53:53 Join charkins [0] (n=casey@pdpc/supporter/active/charkins)
05:57:33 Join damaki [0] (
06:04:31 Quit slarti (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:13:14 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzzz")
06:17:58 Join Nibbier [0] (
06:18:04 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:28:37 Join smrq [0] (
06:30:27 Quit charkins ("Leaving")
06:32:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:54:21 Join aliask [0] (
07:12:42 Quit dj-fu ("Leaving")
07:17:05 Join finik [0] (
07:28:28 Quit ZenMasterJG (" Ugh... time for bed...")
07:34:11 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
07:39:57JdGordoni hate a semi-dead ipoo here, the appleos seems to keep stalling and i cant get music playback.. any chance ockbox will fix that?
07:42:45 Join charkins [0] (n=casey@pdpc/supporter/active/charkins)
07:59:33 Join akaidiot [0] (
08:10:24 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
08:10:54aliaskJdGordon: What's wrong with trying it?
08:11:42JdGordoni tihnk its a dead hdd actually.. dd fails to read the bootloader
08:11:55sharpethat's not very good.
08:12:25JdGordonand its getting pretty hot and keeps dropping the usb connect?
08:12:47aliaskHot? Would a dead harddrive do that?
08:12:59sharpecould be the power chip(s)...
08:13:58JdGordonhahah, its playying like dead cd
08:14:03JdGordonits definalty fucked
08:14:09JdGordonhow long are ipoo warrenty?
08:14:15scorche1 year
08:14:16sharpea year i believe
08:14:17aliask1 Year standard I think
08:14:24sharpewoo redundancy!
08:14:25scorchewow....i actually won!
08:14:31 Join EbErT [0] (
08:14:33*scorche celebrates
08:14:42aliaskBut in a way we all helped. Doesn't it make you feel special?
08:14:50sharpescorche: but i still have the 'rockbox expert' tag :D
08:14:50JdGordonhmm... i wonder why ipod rejected the return then?
08:14:52scorchebut i won
08:14:53aliask(Ok, I'm just saying that because I was slowest)
08:14:58scorchesharpe: ='(
08:15:29aliaskThey don't cover stuff that you did to the player. So if you dropped it in a glass of water, they wouldn't fix it.
08:15:50sharpei just wiped one of my disks of all deleted files.. muahaha.
08:15:54JdGordon$ fsck.vfat -a -v /dev/sda1
08:15:55JdGordondosfsck 2.11 (12 Mar 2005)
08:15:55JdGordondosfsck 2.11, 12 Mar 2005, FAT32, LFN
08:15:55DBUGEnqueued KICK JdGordon
08:15:55JdGordonCurrently, only 1 or 2 FATs are supported, not 123.
08:16:12sharpe123 Fats?
08:16:47sharpewhy would there be 123 file allocation tables?
08:16:56JdGordoni dunno..
08:17:16 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:17:22 Part LinusN
08:17:51 Join LinusN [0] (
08:18:17JdGordonand im getting Got 253952 bytes instead of 19448812 at 16384 on /dev/sda2
08:18:40JdGordonand buffer i/o errors in dmesg
08:18:44aliaskWait, is sda1 the bootloader partition?
08:18:56aliaskI don't think it's FAT.
08:19:06JdGordonoh ok..
08:19:07sharpeit's not anything...
08:19:20JdGordonbut sda2 is failing also, so something is dead for sure
08:19:35aliaskYeah. But explains the 123 thing a little.
08:20:03sharpewell, 123 tables, hooray for redundancy
08:21:24JdGordonclick click... hdd is definatly fubar
08:21:24 Quit smrq (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:21:53 Join smrq [0] (
08:21:54sharpemaybe there's... some small animal that makes a clicking noise in it?
08:22:23 Join leftright [0] (
08:22:25aliaskAnd making a lot of heat, and shorting stuff in the right order so that the iPod doesnt work.
08:22:55leftrightmooorning, everyone
08:22:59sharpedamned clicking-metallic-exothermic animals.
08:23:19sharpegood day.
08:23:33leftrightis there any way that the white noise (hiss) could be supressed when there is no music playing, on the H1xx series, i have a ihp140/UE10's and the hiss has become noticeable, not very irritating yet, so was wondering if you guys could somehow weave some magic in the code.
08:24:47aliaskI believe that the noise comes from the chips themselves, and perhaps small electronic interference on the board. I think it will be difficult, if not impossible to get rid of.
08:25:44leftrightI dont notice it when musics paying, only when there's no playback, so was wondering if some magic coding would suprees it when there is no playback
08:26:02sharpeplay a recorded track of nothing?
08:26:55leftrightlike perhaps muting the output if htere's no playback ?, just a suggestion
08:26:56aliaskIt's just that the actual noise of the music drowns it out. I suppose it might be possible to uninitialise the audio chip when nothing is playing, but I don't really know how viable that would be.
08:27:07CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:27:07*amiconn would really like to have access to a BDM'ed H300 :/
08:27:32sharpewell, amiconn it just so happens to be your lucky day.
08:28:07JdGordonstill no luck with the usbotg chip?
08:28:09amiconnThen I could see what retailos does to the various GPIOs
08:29:12aliaskDoes LinusN have one BDM'd up? Or was that the one that died?
08:29:18LinusNnot even i have a bdm:ed h300 nowadays
08:29:45LinusNit's just a matter of some soldering though
08:30:12leftrightLinusN, do you think it would be possible to supress the white noise with code somehow ?
08:30:22LinusNnot sure
08:30:39LinusNdo you know if the noise is the same in the of?
08:31:03leftrightsory, dont understand, of?
08:31:10aliaskoriginal firmware
08:31:11LinusNof=original firmware
08:31:31leftrightah, i'll try it, heh, forget that thing exists
08:33:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:35:04 Join fejfighter [0] (
08:36:13leftrightLinisN, yes the white noise is also there with original firmware
08:37:39leftrightshould I put it up as a feature request ?
08:39:46leftrightsorry, s/u/i ^^
08:40:28JdGordonis apple 1 yr warrenty still good on ex-demo ipods?
08:40:38JdGordonmaybe thats why it was rejected
08:41:13thegeekLinusN : I have a h120 that has the usb/ata-mainboard-"bug" (design problem / loose soldering)
08:41:15LinusNleftright: yes, do that
08:41:26 Join webguest27 [0] (
08:41:26 Quit leftright ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:41:30LinusNthegeek: how nice for you :-)
08:41:35thegeekI have some experience soldering, (even smd), what is needed to fix it?
08:41:39 Part webguest27
08:41:49 Join dunno [0] (
08:41:51LinusNhave you tried to remove the daughterboard?
08:41:54thegeekdo I unsolder the daughterboard and just reflow the chips
08:42:11thegeekI thought I'd hear with you before doing anything;)
08:42:15LinusNyou need to remove the solder from the 4 joints in the corners
08:42:34LinusNthen you can easily take them apart
08:42:48LinusNyou will notice what needs to be done when you have done that
08:42:59dunnoLinusN, ok if I put the white noise supression in the feature list
08:43:15LinusNbe aware, those smd pads are tiny
08:43:26thegeekyes, I know (from the scans)
08:43:30thegeekI guess it's worth a try
08:43:39thegeekthe warranty is long gone anyway
08:43:57LinusNa small tip for you: you can manage with a large tip and some solder braid
08:44:13thegeekyeah, I've been reading up on smd-soldering tricks ;)
08:44:19LinusNok :-)
08:44:32LinusNgood luck
08:45:55 Part dunno
08:46:17thegeekthanks, I think I'll need it:P
08:46:56LinusNif not, you can send it my way, it's not that far
08:47:00amiconnLinusN: Do you know the tick frequency in retailos?
08:47:09LinusNno, i don't
08:51:05 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:55:21 Quit spifwand ()
08:55:40 Quit EbErT ()
09:03:15 Join mikearthur_ [0] (
09:07:01 Join chromoXdor [0] (
09:07:34 Join petur [0] (
09:17:29 Quit charkins ("Leaving")
09:18:26 Join nesukun_ [0] (
09:18:37 Quit nesukun_ (Client Quit)
09:19:58 Part LinusN
09:22:04 Join nesukun_ [0] (
09:29:34 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:30:48 Join B4gder [0] (
09:31:30 Join ashridah [0] (
09:32:08 Quit nesukun (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:36:59 Quit mikearthur_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:37:38 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:38:49B4gderaha, the sansa pregenerates the thumbnails
09:39:01B4gderfor image browsing
09:43:02 Quit chromoXdor ("Download Gaim:")
09:49:08 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:50:51 Join SereR0KR [0] (
09:52:27 Join petur [0] (
09:53:03peturlooking at the number of articles about rb each year, 2006 seems to be the year of breaking through to the masses
09:54:09*B4gder finds a file on his sansa that contains: "#DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE THIS FILE
09:54:29peturmaybe rename it?
09:54:36B4gderyeah, I'll do that
09:54:58peturyou still have the box they cam in to rma them?
09:55:48 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
09:55:51 Join chromoXdor [0] (
09:55:52B4gderProduct: e260
09:55:53B4gderFW: 01.00.12A
09:55:53B4gderRegion: America
09:55:53DBUGEnqueued KICK B4gder
09:55:53B4gderBuild Date: 2006.03.29
09:56:02B4gderand then "Serial:"
09:56:14B4gderwith 800 zero bytes following it
09:56:42peturthey're going to sell lots of them :)
09:57:06B4gderoh, no I counted wrong
09:57:15B4gderit is padded to even 0x200 bytes
09:59:54 Join stripwax [0] (
09:59:56 Join bagawk_ [0] (
10:02:16 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
10:06:34 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
10:07:13 Part stripwax
10:08:02 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:11:34 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:17:19 Join cismo_ [0] (
10:23:17 Quit sharpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:23:37B4gderls -l
10:23:58B4gder-rw-r−−r−− 1 IT Ingen 5420032 Apr 14 18:29 PP5022.mi4
10:24:26B4gderdidn't the h10 guys talk about those mi4 files?
10:24:26 Quit smrq (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:24:48B4gderindeed odd
10:24:55markunI remember such a file also for a philips player update
10:24:59linuxstbYes, lots of players use .mi4 files.
10:25:11linuxstbWas that philips a portalplayer device?
10:25:40markunYes, a HDD6330
10:26:03 Join sharpe [0] (
10:26:29linuxstb542032 bytes is about the same as the ipod firmware images stored (unencrypted) in the firmware partition.
10:27:01linuxstbThat's what I meant.... about 5.5MB
10:27:08 Join smrq [0] (
10:27:20B4gderand I got .rom file in the fs too
10:27:50linuxstbHow big?
10:28:17B4gderchecking now
10:28:59B4gdercontains clear text strings
10:29:48linuxstbAre there the usual set of exception vectors at the start? (branch instructions)
10:30:53 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:31:11B4gder 0: ea000015 b 0x5c
10:31:11B4gder 4: ea00003c b 0xfc
10:31:11B4gder 8: e1b0f00e movs pc, lr
10:31:11B4gder c: ea00003c b 0x104
10:31:11B4gder 10: ea00003d b 0x10c
10:32:05linuxstbI wonder if that contains the code to decrypt the .mi4 file...
10:32:52B4gderthe funny thing is that they mention pp5022 all over
10:33:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:33:14B4gdereven within the mi4 file
10:33:59markunI was wrong about the HDD6330 firmware update. The file is called FWImage.ebn. Starts with PPOS and contrains some strings for example: PP5022AF-05.40-PP07-05.40-MG02-00.01-DT
10:34:33B4gderthe very same
10:34:38B4gderlike this .mi4
10:34:46B4gderPPOS first
10:34:54B4gderand PP5022AF-05.51-S301-00.12-S301.00.12A-D
10:35:29B4gder"Copyright(c) 1999 - 2003 PortalPlayer, Inc. All rights reserved."
10:35:40markunYou can download the firmare here:
10:36:00markunmine have the same copyright
10:36:17markunDoes yours also say ARIZONA?
10:37:13DBUGEnqueued KICK markun
10:37:16markunDigital Media Platform
10:37:18markunCopyright(c) 1999 - 2003 PortalPlayer, Inc. All rights reserved.
10:38:41B4gderno arizona here
10:38:41 Quit smrq (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:38:51B4gderthe philips one is 1300K larger
10:39:27***Alert Mode level 1
10:39:27***Alert Mode level 2
10:39:27B4gder(Build 169.20)
10:39:27***Alert Mode level 3
10:39:27B4gderDigital Media Platform
10:39:54B4gderhinting that Arizona is the build name or something
10:41:17 Join smrq [0] (
10:42:36B4gderthe mi4 seems to have the exceptions at 0x200
10:42:56B4gder 200: ea000388 b 0x1028
10:42:56B4gder 204: ea000375 b 0xfe0
10:42:56B4gder 208: e1b0f00e movs pc, lr
10:42:56***Alert Mode level 4
10:42:56B4gder 20c: ea000379 b 0xff8
10:42:56***Alert Mode level 5
10:42:56B4gder 210: ea00037e b 0x1010
10:44:30B4gderand the philips one:
10:44:37B4gder 200: ea000558 b 0x1768
10:44:37B4gder 204: ea000545 b 0x1720
10:44:37B4gder 208: e1b0f00e movs pc, lr
10:44:37***Alert Mode level 6
10:44:37B4gder 20c: ea000549 b 0x1738
10:44:37***Alert Mode level 7
10:44:37B4gder 210: ea00054e b 0x1750
10:47:05CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 41 minutes and 20 seconds at the last flood
10:47:05*preglow summons portalplayer docs
10:54:27 Quit smrq ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
10:54:38***Alert Mode OFF
10:58:43Genre9mp3The tracker seems messed up...
10:59:16Genre9mp3The latest bugs/patches are supposed to be on the first page, right?
10:59:30 Join smrq [0] (
10:59:49merbanandoes players with tms cpu's have lesser chance of porting coz the lack of a proper tool chain ?
11:01:22JdGordonit prob has 0 chance of a port without a proper toolchain..
11:01:35merbananI'm thinking of the creative range of players
11:02:15LinusNmerbanan: the arm core is simple
11:02:28LinusNmerbanan: the dsp core is worse, but there is a gnu asm port
11:03:20LinusNso, we can develop code for the dm series, but we can not write dsp code in c
11:03:47LinusNalso, we have no knowledge about the onboard peripherals
11:04:11LinusNsince texas instrument don't believe in sharing information
11:04:42merbananahh, ok
11:05:54 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
11:06:50 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
11:08:44 Quit smrq (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:10:23 Quit nudelyn ("At Argon, we're working to keep your money.")
11:13:23preglowwhy are all the mails just labled "Notification from Rockbox"?
11:16:52 Join Redbreva [0] (
11:16:55 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
11:18:42RedbrevaJdGordon: Your package has just been posted, should be with you in about 5 working days.
11:18:53JdGordonwow, amazing
11:19:57RedbrevaIt was only 1.80 pounds, so don't even worry about the postage ;-)
11:20:17 Quit Redbreva (Client Quit)
11:20:39JdGordonhe's nuts :D
11:20:45 Join Redbreva [0] (
11:21:33RedbrevaDamn, IRC is so flakey at work - even the web based version...
11:25:47 Quit Redbreva ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:26:24 Join heff [0] (
11:30:21ashridahdon't suppose anyone knows how i can force fsck.vfat to use the second FAT table over the first, do they?
11:30:32*ashridah managed to, uh, corrupt the first one :)
11:30:58Rickashridah is evil
11:31:12ashridahwell. no. stupid is more like.
11:31:16Rickyes, evil
11:32:07ashridahdamnit. i have a nasty feeling i've nuked the filesystem on this hd. :S
11:33:42LinusNmaybe you can use dd to copy fat#2 to fat"1
11:33:44ashridahso, yeah. If i've managed to, say, overwrite the first512 bytes of a fat32 partition, any chance of recovery? after all, the second FAT table should cover most of it, but damned if i know how i can get it back :S
11:33:58 Join menollo [0] (
11:34:53ashridahwait a second. isn't there a backup of the boot sector as well/
11:34:55LinusNunfortunately, the first 512 bytes are vital
11:35:29 Quit Stepn ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
11:35:45LinusNi'm not sure about the boot sector copy
11:35:58ashridahLinusN: i was afraid of that. fortunately, i've got backups of a majority of it, and the rest were archives from here and there, but recovery is going to take a loooong time :(
11:36:11LinusNwhat type of data is it?
11:36:20 Join Stepn [0] (n=Stepn@unaffiliated/stepn)
11:37:17ashridahmovies, music (no great loss, anything important was on dvd or my mp3 player), archives for all of the programs and utilities i've leeched over the past year, drivers, documentation i've downloaded, n64 roms (again, on dvd). several isos (probably a few i didn't have backups for, but not many i reuse)
11:37:55ashridaheverything but the first 512 bytes will be intact, and i'm just trying to nut my brain to figure out some way to a) copy the fat table over, and reconstruct the rest
11:38:12ashridahI know the partition's dimensions, for instance.
11:38:23LinusNsaved my ass once
11:38:34*ashridah takes a look
11:38:40LinusNit's a "pay if you like it" licens
11:39:45 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
11:40:18 Part chromoXdor
11:40:23ashridahhell, i wouldn't be surprised if 99% of the drive is completely contiguous either
11:40:30 Join chromoXdor [0] (
11:41:02ashridahhm. seems handy
11:41:58ashridahof course, the fun comes when i have to put this data someplace while i'm recovering it, i bet :)
11:42:16 Join guillaume [0] (
11:42:57ashridahthe other annoyance is that the drive's also the boot drive. windows is going to have a fit when i try to run this, i'm betting :(
11:43:14ashridah(when i say boot drive, i mean it has the boot sector, that's not where windows is installed)
11:43:20guillaumehello all
11:43:51guillaumeI have to prepare a iaudio X5 for a blind people
11:44:27guillaumei have install the voices capability but when I play a song and i press the button to return to the menu rockbox freeze
11:44:42guillaumesomeone have an idee ?
11:45:18guillaumethis fonctionnality is in devellopement for the X5 ?
11:46:38LinusNthis is a known bug in rockbox
11:46:40crashdguillaume: the x5 is still in development, so it's going to be buggy
11:47:08ashridahman, i so can't believe i did this. the annoying thing is that the command i used before was to save the MBR of the fricking hard drive :)
11:48:33ashridahhm. i'm afraid to say this program may not recover the data that i don't have backups for :S
11:50:51LinusNmaybe you should try to reconstruct the boot sector first
11:51:07LinusNuse a sector editor and look for the boot sector copy
11:51:23ashridahheh. the problem being i have no idea what it looks like
11:51:33peturif it had only windows: fdisk /mbr
11:51:46LinusNpetur: it's not the mbr
11:51:59ashridahpetur: the mbr's fine, and that was grub anyway, which is easily fixed.
11:52:30*petur creeps back under his rock
11:52:39LinusN...and stay there! ;-)
11:52:48ashridah(and annoyingly, i made a backup of :) )
11:53:00ashridahit's like a 512 byte file of pure taunt :)
11:57:06 Join Redbreva [0] (
11:57:09 Quit Redbreva (Client Quit)
11:57:39ashridahannoyingly, pay-for to actually get it to fix something.
11:57:44ashridahbut worth a look
11:58:40JdGordon might help
12:01:48ashridahJdGordon: that's the one linus said first :)
12:02:06JdGordonunder a different url :p
12:02:25JdGordonjust dont try writing to the disk at all and you should be able to get your data back...
12:02:28JdGordonif your lucky...
12:02:29ashridahmore or less
12:02:44ashridahJdGordon: i know the procedure.
12:03:03 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
12:03:07ashridahdamnit. i was afraid of this
12:03:13ashridahthe only copy of windows i have is vista
12:03:47ashridahyes, this makes things... difficult.
12:04:05JdGordonthere must be a linux live cd distro specifically for data recovery?
12:04:08ashridahyeah, the installer for filerecovery crashes
12:04:17 Join chromoXdo1 [0] (
12:04:28ashridahJdGordon: probably, but if that was the case, i'd just reboot into the working linux distro i already have (where i made the mistake in the first place :) )
12:05:00*JdGordon stopps making suggestinos..
12:05:47ashridahthe problem is, i simply don't know where to get a backup boot sector from that'll work.
12:06:01 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:06:09ashridahi think i'm going to have to bite the bullet and just wipe the disk.
12:06:12 Join thegeek [0] (
12:06:37ashridahi'm losing some data, mainly backups of my games directory (95% of which i've got copies of or never play anymore anyway)
12:07:53ashridahmusic i can get off my mp3 player without much fuss. movies were mostly junk i hadn't bothered to burn, or had burned but hadn't deleted. archives is a royal pain, because some of it's a pain to leech again (ie, big++ )
12:08:17ashridahjust a pain that so little damage == so much loss
12:09:46ashridahof course, the filesystem was mounted at the time too.
12:10:06ashridahso unmounting it probably made it try to write to the fat table stored in the boot sector :(
12:10:11 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:11:46ashridahbtw, what does ATA: -71 panic mean on rockbox? :)
12:12:15 Quit crashd ("Lost terminal")
12:12:35 Join theli_ua [0] (
12:16:19linuxstbashridah: Looking at ata_init() in firmware/drivers/ata.c, it means the set_multiple_mode() function returned "not RDY". But I don't know why it would do that...
12:17:16ashridahah, that'd probably be because i yanked the usb cable while ubuntu was booting :)
12:17:41ashridahah, crapicus upon crapicuses. this damned thing had an NTLDR boot sector
12:17:49 Join crashd [0] (
12:18:08Rick :o
12:18:34ashridahlooks like the sector in question might be at C00
12:18:40ashridahbut the 'magic' doesn't seem to match.
12:19:41 Join heff_ [0] (
12:21:00 Quit heff ("Client Exiting")
12:21:26 Nick heff_ is now known as heff (
12:21:55ashridahwell. looks like i'll have to admit defeat.
12:21:58ashridahhow fricking annoying.
12:24:25ashridahah well, no-one to blame but myself
12:24:27*ashridah mutters
12:25:04 Quit chromoXdor (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:26:34ashridahraaghl. why could i have done this to sdb2. wouldn't have given a damn if i'd nuked the ntfs partition vista's on :)
12:26:36 Quit earHertz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:26:37 Quit crashd ("Lost terminal")
12:27:33 Join earHertz [0] (
12:28:29 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:28:29 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:29:40ashridahman. so happy i went on a mass burning spree a week ago to free up space on this drive.
12:32:30 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
12:32:43 Join TeaSea [0] (
12:32:54 Join mongey1 [0] (
12:33:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:34:57 Join crashd [0] (
12:38:02ashridahthe really annoying part about this is that I had all the drivers for winxp on that fricking drive, and i was just about to install xp on there :)
12:42:28 Quit mongey|zZz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:44:43B4gderI removed all music from my sansa, but it doesn't like that...
12:45:09B4gderso it still thinks there are 30 songs on it and resumes play...
12:46:44linuxstbSounds familiar...
12:47:43Genre9mp3B4gder: It seems that you have some fun there with your new toy! :)
12:47:49B4gderoh yes
12:48:17Genre9mp3btw, the WPB is not a bad idea at all!
12:48:17peturthe whole porting story was just a cover up to get new toys ;)
12:48:23ashridahooh. new toies
12:48:27Genre9mp3petur, hehe
12:48:29ashridahtoys even
12:48:55Genre9mp3WPB= While Playing Bar.... :P
12:49:01B4gderwhen I upgrade it, it stores a file in the root named VERSION.TXT that contains:
12:49:09 Join Higgy____ [0] (
12:49:25 Nick Higgy____ is now known as Higgy (
12:49:37B4gderVersion Info: Product Rev.: PP5022AF-05.51-S301-00.12-S301.00.12A-D
12:49:37B4gderBase Code: 05.51-S301-00.12-S301.00.12A-D
12:49:37B4gderODM Ver.: S301-00.12-S301.00.12A-D
12:49:37B4gderOEM Ver.: S301.00.12A-D
12:50:53 Join juxtap [0] (
12:51:25juxtaphow about a slow-me-down plugin :]
12:51:45preglowslow you down?
12:51:57Genre9mp3B4gder: Now Sansa expects a Rockbox port? Simply by providing 2 players? Are they willing to provide some Hardware Documentation as well?
12:52:15juxtaplike, slow a track down, without altering pitch
12:52:16B4gderI don't think they _expect_ one
12:52:24B4gderbut they hope for one
12:52:30preglowjuxtap: it's on the list, but it's not a priority
12:52:32preglowat least not for me
12:52:51juxtapis it really? cool
12:52:53Genre9mp3Well, they can help also...not only hope
12:53:06B4gderI'm not so sure they can
12:53:15preglowme neither
12:53:19Genre9mp3but why?
12:53:41preglowi don't think portalplayer would be too happy to see docs released
12:53:52Genre9mp3Is it a legal issue to provide documentation or something?
12:53:55preglowthey've probably got signed agreements about it
12:53:57B4gderif they even have shown the docs
12:54:09B4gderits very possible sandisk only uses APIs etc provided by PP
12:54:24Genre9mp3I see...
12:54:24B4gderand using code provided by PP
12:54:28Jungti1234Does E10 chip need scan?
12:54:54Jungti1234I have pictures only.
12:55:40B4gderJungti1234: if you intend to work on a port, you need to be able to identify the chips from the markings on them
12:55:40 Quit jaebird (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:56:02 Join jaebird [0] (
12:56:04 Quit jd_ (Nick collision from services.)
12:56:08 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
12:56:25Genre9mp3Well, a Sansa developer that has access to this documentation could contribute to a Rockbox port...
12:57:06linuxstbNot if that Sansa developer is bound by an NDA...
12:57:28linuxstbNon-disclosure agreement.
12:58:18B4gderchipmakers like NDAs
12:58:37 Quit chromoXdo1 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:59:29Genre9mp3It's like they don't want people to mess around with their chips
13:00:34Genre9mp3But seeing the benefit that iriver gained by Rockbox, I understand Sansa's hopes...
13:01:36Genre9mp3We could make a wiki page called: SendYourPlayersHere... :)
13:02:09peturIt is strange that h1x0 players suddenly show up everywhere
13:02:19Genre9mp3petur: I agree
13:02:42Jungti1234which player use ARM in rockbox port?
13:02:51B4gderJungti1234: ipods
13:04:14Jungti1234then, they have datasheet?
13:04:28B4gdernot for ipods, no
13:04:37Jungti1234what's mean?
13:04:47Jungti1234don't have? have?
13:04:50B4gderit means no there are no datasheets for them
13:06:39linuxstbThe ifp799 also has an ARM core, and also (I think) doesn't have documentation.
13:07:03Jungti1234I know samsung staff one.
13:07:28Jungti1234I will ask to him.
13:08:08Jungti1234ahh, ARM datasheet is all-important?
13:08:51 Join pondlife [0] (
13:08:53Jungti1234ipods was no it, too. no?
13:08:53B4gderARM is just the cpu core, you want a datasheet for the specific microcontroller in your player
13:09:05Genre9mp3I am reading this: and I am wondering, Is it possible to solve interference problems with coding? This statement does not make sense to me...Am I wrong?
13:10:01pondlifeHello all, just wondered if anyone had noticed that the CVS build appears to have stalled.
13:10:58pondlifeNice IRC topic btw...
13:11:14JdGordonwho broke em??
13:11:19JdGordondamn that lack of auto-building..
13:11:35 Join Daishi [0] (
13:11:38B4gderits just the same "hang" we have occationally
13:11:47B4gderits a flaw in the distributed build system
13:11:56peturI doubt the last commit caused it...
13:12:06B4gdersometimes one of the builds just never complete fine but hang
13:12:30peturis it one of the servers?
13:12:31pondlifeHow about implementing some kind of time limit?
13:12:45B4gderthat's the plan
13:14:08 Join chromoXdor [0] (
13:16:08preglowwhere have all the meaningful tracker mail subjects gone? :/
13:16:32*B4gder poked Zagor about it
13:19:35B4gderit certainly reminds us how amazingly silly the default mail subjects are in flyspray
13:19:44tucozamiconn, Don't you think it's safe to remove this from the flashing instructions: "Don't flash any old builds which don't have the latest coldstart ability.."
13:20:18tucoz..." These instructions refer to builds from cvs state 2003-07-10 on player: 2004-12-17".
13:21:21 Join Hames [0] (
13:21:27Hameswhere can i get rockbox games/themes for my ipod?
13:22:38markunthe games are installed with rockbox
13:23:25Hamesknow any other places?
13:23:31 Join bluebrother [0] (
13:23:37JdGordonany gameboy rom u cant find
13:23:40Hamesfor like anything else rockbox...themes/apps/?
13:23:42JdGordonother than that thee are noe
13:25:33markunHames: if you know how to program you can create your own
13:25:44juxtappreglow, show me a url for the slow-me-down?
13:27:48preglowwhat url?
13:27:51preglowit doesn't exist
13:28:05linuxstbHames: There aren't really any other places to get Rockbox plugins - anything worthwhile is included in the official builds. You may find some plugins which haven't yet been added to the official builds in the patch tracker, but you'll have to compile them yourself.
13:28:05juxtapi dunno
13:28:12juxtapa "coming soon" page maybe
13:28:17juxtapor "requests"
13:28:18Hamesok thx
13:28:20preglowit's not coming soon
13:28:25preglowit's already in feature requests section
13:28:42preglowslowing down music with no pitch change isn't trivial
13:29:05preglowat least not if you want good quality
13:32:34Hamesoff-topic: has anyone here ever had a problem where there would be a problem detecting the ipod from the pc? someone turned off my pc while the ipod was still connected.
13:33:33Hameshave you ever accidently closed the connection without ejecting and having it work fine?
13:35:07juxtapcan anyone charge their ipod by plugging directly into a plug port? i tried it and all it does is make rockbox reboot a million times
13:35:32 Quit chromoXdor ("Download Gaim:")
13:36:16linuxstbjuxtap: Just hold MENU when you insert the cable.
13:36:32Hamesit's detecting it still, like F: iPod Video but it won't connect to it.
13:37:04juxtapthanks linuxstb
13:37:12juxtapi'll try that then :p
13:37:56linuxstbHames: It's possible the disk is corrupted. Does it still work OK in both Rockbox and the Apple firmware?
13:38:09Hamesi think it worked
13:38:21Hamesanapod finally detected it and gave me a warning not to disconnect it when still connected
13:38:36Hamesit loaded up on anapod but let me restart it to make sure.
13:39:13Hamesthank god it worked :)
13:39:33Hamesso where do I put the theme? in the root rockbox folder on my ipod?
13:40:29Hameseaech one into each category right?
13:41:48 Join RedBreva [0] (
13:42:06 Quit fejfighter ()
13:42:26 Quit heff ("Client Exiting")
13:44:27 Quit YouCeyE (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:46:12 Join darkless [0] (
13:46:35B4gderperhaps the sansas don't use the 5024
13:47:12B4gder"Can you tell us how much of your business in Q1 was non-Apple?"
13:47:22B4gder"Apple as I said was more than 95% of our revenue, so the rest was non-Apple."
13:47:32crashdB4gder: how do you upgrade the sansas?
13:47:55preglowB4gder: hahah
13:47:58B4gderyou run an exe that puts files in the player's filesystem root
13:48:02preglowB4gder: sounds like they're in for a nice future
13:48:06crashdah, and they upgrade from there
13:48:13crashddo you know what they are called, the upgrade files?
13:48:18peturB4gder: you still haven't opened it up? tsk tsk tsk
13:48:20preglowB4gder: you know how the upgrade procedure is, btw? anything get flashed?
13:48:21crashdor, do you fancy sending me them ;)
13:48:31B4gdercrashd: reload by sansa page for some detals
13:48:38crashdahh cool
13:48:48crashdhmm, isnt in my lastlog, what's the url?
13:48:53B4gderpreglow: I think it flashes the lot
13:49:39crashdheh, obviously using the portalplayer then
13:49:58crashdthe BL file is probably similar to the h10's BL_H10.rom
13:50:08B4gdervery likely, yes
13:50:42tucozhmm. What is the name of the on-button for ondios?
13:51:26tucozthat is, in the flashing instructions "...MiniMon monitor is included, it starts with F3+On (recorders), RIGHT+ON (Ondio) or "+"+ON (player)..."
13:51:51Genre9mp3The Sansa is good looking and small...
13:52:13tucozis it the mode button perhaps?
13:52:16Genre9mp3B4gder: What do you think about it's LCD?
13:52:31B4gderlooks nice
13:52:36*tucoz summons amiconn
13:54:01B4gderI didn't find a screwdriver small enough to really pull it to pieces
13:54:12B4gderhave to do it at home instead
13:54:31preglowB4gder: so you think the pp5024 is just very similar to the pp5022, then?
13:54:31B4gderthe outer screws only opens it enough to replace the battery
13:54:34preglowwould be good news for me
13:54:45B4gderyes, either that or this isn't a 5024 at all
13:56:10 Quit menollo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:57:11B4gder... and the h10 .mi4 file looks very similar
13:57:13linuxstbThe 5024 has a lot of extra hardware in it though - the audio codec, headphone amp, RTC, battery charging, a "unique ID" for use with Windows Media DRM....
13:57:44linuxstbB4gder: Time to open it up...
13:57:54B4gderI'll do it tonight
13:58:40linuxstbHave sandisk given you any answers about documentation?
14:00:12B4gderhe has answered more like "it might be hard, what you you need? I try to do this informally"
14:00:25crashdthey are locked into their nda with pp, i'd guess
14:00:34B4gderI assume so too
14:00:44crashdand to get stuff to load on these particular pp setups you'd need to sort that out
14:00:51B4gderand this guy is in the US, and I'm not sure they even have developers there
14:01:08linuxstbDoes the sansa have a mic input?
14:01:13tucozplayer-owners, is this correct?
14:01:15 Join shriphani [0] (n=shriphan@
14:01:23B4gderah, I mean it has a mic
14:01:37linuxstbWell, the hardware seems to match the features of the PP5024 then.
14:01:40shriphaniguys how do i put in the ipod apple firmware clone for rockbox into my ipod ?
14:01:57tucozis that a theme?
14:02:08shriphaniand i am on linux :)
14:02:17LinusNtucoz: yes, + and - are used on the player
14:02:23tucozLinusN, thanks
14:02:39shriphanilinus torvalds is here ?
14:02:45LinusNnot that i know of
14:02:45linuxstbshriphani: Your OS makes no difference. You just download the files and copy them to the relevant subdirectories under .rockbox/ on your ipod.
14:03:06tucozLinusN, do you happen to know what button ON is on the ondios?
14:03:15shriphaniok so i just copy the entire zip file to mah ./rockbox ?
14:03:15ashridahshriphani: i don't think torvalds starts with an N
14:03:26shriphanibut i saw linus :)
14:03:31B4gderalthough he speaks Swedish too ;-)
14:03:45ashridahyes, it's a curious co-incidence.
14:04:01LinusNtucoz: i'm not sure about which button is used to turn it on
14:04:10shriphaniso should i copy the zip file or the files after extraction ?
14:04:16LinusNshriphani: you're not the first
14:04:31 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:04:39linuxstbshriphani: It depends how the zip file has been created. Just compare the files in the zip with the files in .rockbox/themes/ and .rockbox/wps/ - it should be obvious what goes where.
14:04:39LinusNshriphani: after extraction
14:04:50shriphaniok :)
14:06:00 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:07:47 Quit pondlife ("byebye")
14:08:25 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
14:10:20 Join Febs [0] (
14:12:35shriphaniok guys i manually placed the files int heir respective directories
14:12:42shriphaniso i should reset the ipod ?
14:13:30peturshriphani: menu -> browse themes
14:13:51shriphaniweee thanks
14:15:00shriphaniguys rockbox seems to be consuming a lot of battery any fix for this ?
14:15:23crashdit's a feature.
14:15:35linuxstbIf there was an easy fix, it would already be done...
14:15:51linuxstbBut it will be worked on.
14:16:25shriphaninow at least ppl wont take a look at my ipod and say wtf is that
14:17:58shriphanihey if i go put mp4 codecs in .rockbox/codecs will it play video
14:18:45ashridahshriphani: those codecs are rockbox specific bits of code
14:19:16ashridahsadly, no-one's hacked together a winelib loader and x86 virtual machine for rockbox yet :)
14:19:43ashridahvideo playback on the ipod video is handled by a third party chip we don't have docs for
14:19:53ashridahso it's likely to be a long long time before video works on that
14:23:40 Quit Hames ()
14:24:39shriphanianyone runs a ,ac here ?
14:24:42shriphanimac ^
14:25:17 Join chromoXdor [0] (
14:27:33 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
14:30:54 Join lee-qid [0] (
14:30:59linuxstbshriphani: Yes.
14:31:29shriphanioh cool
14:31:38JdGordonhas any1 actually done the hardware mod ont he us h300 to get otg working?
14:31:54shriphaniwill a fat32 formatted ipod blow up when connected to a mac ?
14:32:00linuxstbNo, it works fine.
14:32:09shriphanioh good
14:33:00B4gderok, I checked now. It is a PP5024B
14:33:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:33:31peturha! found a small screwdriver ;)
14:33:39B4gderyeah, I was too curious
14:33:47linuxstbAnything else interesting in there?
14:34:00B4gderthere's rather large chip branded hynix
14:34:08B4gdernext to the PP one
14:34:30B4gderother than that, remarkably little things
14:34:41crashdwell, ram in general ;)
14:34:43B4gdercould be dram sure
14:34:53linuxstb"Hynix Semiconductor is the world's top tier memory semiconductor supplier offering DRAM, SDRAM, and Flash memory chips to a wide range of established ..."
14:34:57crashdthere you go then!
14:35:04peturflash :)
14:35:10B4gderand it certainly isn't the flash
14:35:25B4gderthe flash is in two sandisk chips
14:35:48peturthat would be a joke: sandisk using flash from another vendor
14:36:25JdGordondo sandisk actully make their own chips tho? or just rebrand someone elses?
14:36:26linuxstbDon't Samsung produce DAPs using non-Samsung CPUs?
14:36:29LinusNwhen i worked at Ericsson, we had Motorola phones
14:36:33Hansmaulwurfare there actual Players which have a digital in?
14:36:50linuxstbHansmaulwurf: H1x0 and the old Archoses
14:36:53LinusNHansmaulwurf: iriver h100
14:36:57Hansmaulwurfyeah i know
14:37:06LinusNwhy the question then?
14:37:08Hansmaulwurfi meant "new" player
14:37:15LinusNi dount it
14:37:29linuxstbProbably that Microtrack thing which I forget the name of.
14:37:34LinusNthe riaa lobby is too strongm methinks
14:38:05LinusNand i don't think it's a feature in high demand among the masses
14:38:29linuxstbHere it is:
14:38:57linuxstbAlso a portalplayer device I think.
14:40:51 Join heff [0] (
14:41:58Hansmaulwurfhm thanks
14:42:16Hansmaulwurfdoes the X5 have line-in?
14:43:03peturvia an extra block
14:43:15petur(one reason I didn't buy it)
14:43:28Hansmaulwurfextra block?
14:43:35Hansmaulwurfmeans, a kind of docking station?
14:43:40peturattaches to the bottom
14:43:50peturconnector block
14:43:56 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
14:44:04 Join dpro [0] (
14:47:53 Join XavierGr [0] (
14:59:56 Quit jd_ ()
15:01:48B4gderthe db format must be a PP thing
15:02:07 Join PaulJam [0] (
15:03:50B4gderdoes ipod use a similar thing?
15:03:51 Quit chromoXdor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:03:56B4gdersee the bottom of my sandisk page
15:06:00 Part shriphani ("dinner")
15:07:06muesli|delhilol B4gder was just reading that news
15:07:31B4gderyes, I mention that one
15:07:39B4gderthe philips also use the same one
15:07:48B4gdernot that it matters much, it is just interesting
15:07:49markunAh yes, sorry
15:08:35B4gdercrashd: you know of the h10 uses that db way?
15:10:06Genre9mp3LOL B4gder!
15:10:19Genre9mp3I just found these photos...
15:10:25LinusNthat's me
15:10:53Genre9mp3LinusN: I know...
15:11:29Hansmaulwurfnice t-shirt
15:12:11Hansmaulwurfthe URL is a bit out-of-date
15:12:41Jungti1234I want one.
15:14:00crashdB4gder: the h10 db specs are about, and some posts on misticriver have most of the info has some more, iirc
15:15:03 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
15:15:12B4gderthe same it is then
15:15:22crashdyeah, i'd guess
15:15:29crashdfilename look the same anyway, at least, the extensions
15:15:36B4gderand even path
15:16:40 Quit aliask ("night")
15:18:19 Join Aditya|Nap [0] (
15:18:32 Part Aditya|Nap
15:19:59 Join tvelocity [0] (
15:20:51 Part JdGordon
15:22:18linuxstbBagder: No, the ipod database looks different to that.
15:22:31linuxstbB4gder even...
15:23:07B4gderobviously at least 4 different brands of PP players use it
15:23:17linuxstbBut tagcache means we can avoid these proprietory databases anyway.
15:23:48B4gderyes, it just just a little detail, hardly anything that matters to Rockbox
15:24:42linuxstbSo you can just drag and drop files anywhere on the player, and the database updates itself?
15:25:10linuxstbIs that fully automatic?
15:25:25preglowtagcache still needs to be updated manually, yes?
15:25:30B4gderI haven't tried it much yet but the little I have it found out by itself
15:25:48B4gderand this thing only allows browsing by db
15:26:03peturpreglow: only the first time I think
15:26:05linuxstbpreglow: I've got a feeling that tagcache updates automatically if you use dircache and store tagcache in RAM.
15:26:51 Join Poka64 [0] (
15:27:01preglowall sane people use dircache anyway, right? :>
15:27:12linuxstbAbsolutely... Although I keep forgetting to turn it back on.
15:27:40preglowonly times i don't use it is when settings have been reset and i didn't notice
15:31:36 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:31:44 Join ashridah [0] (
15:32:01 Join antil33t [0] (
15:34:00Jungti1234I will study it little more in detail on weekend.
15:36:21 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
15:36:22B4gderJungti1234: the CPU has an ARM core that is for sure, but it is a Samsung chip so the markings on the chip can proably be used to identify exactly which
15:36:48B4gderas you said, call samsung and ask about which of their chips it is
15:37:42B4gderit doesn't look like the gigabeat ones
15:38:04B4gdercompare with
15:38:29antil33tmay i ask a question?
15:38:41B4gderjust ask, don't ask if you can ask
15:38:42Jungti1234Is it datasheet???!
15:39:03 Quit darkless (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:39:07antil33tok, if i dont like rockbox on my ipod, can i remove it and put back the old firmware?
15:39:27B4gderto both ;-)
15:39:36peturantil33t: it's dual boot
15:39:45antil33to.. thats cool
15:39:52antil33ti just gotta figure out howto install..
15:40:00petursee the wiki
15:40:02linuxstbWhat player do you have?
15:40:14antil33tipod 5g
15:40:34antil33tdoes it matter that its full?
15:40:40 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:40:42antil33twell 200mb free
15:40:46linuxstbThen start here:
15:41:01linuxstbNo, Rockbox will just take up a few MB
15:41:22antil33ti think i like this
15:41:46linuxstbDuring the installation, you'll create a file called "bootpartition.bin". Make sure you keep that safe - you'll need it if you ever want to remove Rockbox completely.
15:42:03antil33tive removed the ipods firmware and put it back on again
15:42:19antil33ti got bored one night
15:43:10antil33theh im atually gonna screw with a 500 odd dollar unit..
15:43:42markunB4gder: the samsung arm was custom made for iriver I believe
15:44:09 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
15:44:34antil33tright im going to try this
15:44:37markunBut I was not able to find much info:
15:44:37antil33tthanks for your help
15:45:39markunB4gder: the same series of CPUs is used by the iriver H10jr, T10, T20, E10, U10 and clix
15:45:44 Part LinusN
15:47:30antil33tcrap its funny when you find blood all over your finger
15:47:38 Join ashridah [0] (
15:48:01B4gder... and can't find your wife nor remember what you did the last hour?
15:48:15antil33tim not married
15:48:19antil33tor old enough
15:48:24antil33twell at least i think im not
15:50:50antil33toh so that 1.4 mb file i downloaded isnt rockbox, but the bootloader?
15:50:58 Quit bluebrother (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:51:08linuxstbWhat's the file called? 1.4mb sounds like Rockbox.
15:51:35antil33trockbox-ipodvideo ?
15:52:10linuxstbThat's Rockbox itself. You should also download the fonts zip file.
15:52:33 Nick bluebrother^ is now known as bluebrother (
15:52:48antil33tso, when i install it does it come up with a sellector for eaither os?
15:53:16linuxstbNo. It defaults to loading Rockbox. Hold MENU as it's booting to start the Apple firmware.
15:53:59lou(you dont want apple firmware anymore anyway after trying rockbox)
15:54:06antil33tso rockbox has a rebooter? or is it just the center+play key
15:54:27 Quit Febs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:55:03loupress play for ~5 secs to shut the ipod down
15:55:13linuxstbYou can turn the ipod off from inside Rockbox (hold PLAY for a few seconds). Then pressing MENU or the CENTRE button will turn it back on.
15:55:20louby pressing MENU you bring it back up
15:55:41antil33toh yep
15:55:44antil33tthen when you reload it
15:55:47antil33thold down menu?
15:55:51antil33tto start the normal ipod
15:56:10linuxstbYes, from the off state, if you press MENU to turn it on and never let go, it should start the apple firmware.
15:56:24antil33tnow to get installing..
15:57:47antil33tyou need to put the ipod into bootloader mode dont you?
15:57:52antil33tbecause it doesnt say to
15:58:45linuxstbbootloader mode?
15:59:00antil33twhere it makes the ipod into a hardrive
15:59:23linuxstbdisk mode, yes.
15:59:39antil33thow do i do that?
16:00:03antil33ti cant rember
16:00:23antil33toh never mind
16:00:24antil33tgod it
16:00:26antil33tgot it
16:01:49louthere is a step-by-step instruction on
16:01:55louits near to failproof
16:01:58antil33ti beleve im there
16:02:03antil33tand its weird..
16:02:35louthats the one yes
16:05:35antil33thmm got the boot partiton of
16:06:21 Quit theli_ua ("by all")
16:09:02 Join ryran [0] (
16:12:13linuxstbHow big is it?
16:12:53 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
16:13:06antil33tand the video chip firmware is 5.1mb
16:13:37antil33tit says it cant open apple_os.bin
16:13:58linuxstbDid you create it?
16:14:24linuxstbThe step before the step where you extracted the video chip firmware.
16:15:52antil33tdual monitors can be messy
16:16:19antil33tipod_fw -g video -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin bootloader-video.bin
16:16:22 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
16:17:53Mikachuwhat's the define for multivolume?
16:18:01Mikachuexperimenting a bit :)
16:18:42linuxstbCheck the config-ondio files
16:18:48XavierGrthe build table seems strange...
16:18:52markunB4gder: to decode the numbers on iriver's samsung CPUs:
16:19:14antil33tyay installed the bootloader
16:19:17Mikachuheh, it was MULTIVOLUME
16:20:14Mikachuthis will be exciting, made a second fat partition in blocks 3-10
16:20:27antil33tahh sweet
16:20:39Mikachu60 extra MB
16:23:26Mikachuhooray, it works
16:23:43antil33tyeah i just got rockbox installed onto my ipod yay
16:24:03XavierGrantil33t: now sit back and enjoy it!
16:24:08antil33ti will
16:24:12MikachuXavierGr: 60 extra MB on 2GB nano is nice
16:24:19Mikachuit means another album
16:24:32antil33tanything else i should put on?
16:24:47Mikachubut i don't want to risk corrupting my main partition by extending it forwadr
16:25:02 Join darkless [0] (
16:25:31XavierGrMikachu how you achieved that?
16:25:40peturantil33t: check the forums and the wps gallery in the wiki
16:25:43Mikachu#define MULTIVOLUME in config-ipodnano.h
16:25:57 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:26:55antil33tok rockbox... looks... different.. its got tiny font!
16:27:35markunantil33t: there is font package on the rockbox download page
16:27:51ashridahthere are themes to deal with that.
16:27:52antil33tyou know that .rockbox folder?
16:28:08antil33tdo i put the folder .rocbox into the ipod
16:28:21antil33tor do i put its contence into the ipod?
16:28:30markunthe folder
16:28:38antil33tk because it doesnt do anything..
16:29:05antil33toh push menu
16:29:12antil33thehe this is leet
16:29:36 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:30:07B4gderI thought you were anti that? ;-)
16:30:11antil33tnow wheres that font thing?
16:30:18antil33ti was anti what?
16:30:28B4gderyour nick
16:30:44antil33tmy old nickname was antil33t
16:30:53antil33tso my new nickname is really antil33t
16:31:00antil33tits all OCNZ's fault
16:31:28antil33tnow wheres that font pack?
16:31:43 Join EbErT [0] (
16:31:54 Join Nico_P [0] (
16:33:11Hansmaulwurfantil33t: Daily Builds
16:33:13Hansmaulwurfthe last one
16:33:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:33:21Hansmaulwurfhas a Rockbox logo
16:33:32Hansmaulwurfits called "fonts" :P
16:33:40antil33tyeah i was looking in the wrong place
16:35:30antil33tahha so i can at least tell people i installed it at 2:35 am
16:36:29peturwhat? it's 4:35pm here :p
16:36:51antil33tim in new zeland
16:37:11*petur wants to go hiking there
16:37:20antil33tits winter atm
16:37:22antil33tand theres snow
16:37:34peturlucky b*st*rd
16:37:37klrspzsummer here
16:37:49antil33tnow how does one change the font?
16:38:06klrspzin the display settings
16:38:09petureasiest way is to load a theme
16:38:14klrspzor that
16:38:27klrspzspeaking of, i need to make a nice theme
16:39:08antil33tok i like this
16:39:12antil33tits so more computer like
16:39:23antil33ti just wont be playing music on it (yet)
16:39:57peturlucky you didn't install ipodlinux then ;)
16:40:16antil33thah i couldnt be bothered
16:40:18klrspzspeaking of WPS'... what exactly does the status bar do? i didn't see anything change when i changed the theme on my side
16:40:29 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Kühe!!!")
16:41:42klrspzalso, can one capture the levels of the peakmeter and assign images to it?
16:42:17 Part Paul_The_Nerd
16:42:17 Quit lancelott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:42:20 Join lancelott_ [0] (
16:42:35antil33tdoes the backlight stay on all the time?
16:42:37klrspzand lastly, one more annyoing question.. is there going to be better support for theming? (ie, absolute positioning, different fonts on the same screen, etc)
16:42:40klrspzantil33t, you can set that as well
16:42:52XavierGrwhat happened at rockbox front page?
16:42:53klrspzi highly encourage just going through every single option and playing with it
16:43:09peturklrspz: 3.1 will have viewports (absolute positioning)
16:43:16klrspzcan't wait
16:43:20XavierGroh the sponsors tab got saperated!
16:43:41klrspzi wish i had time to get into the code :(
16:43:57klrspzi love rockbox so much, i wish i could be a part of it :~(
16:44:23antil33theh now it turns off
16:44:48peturantil33t: read the manual or look at all the settings in the menu
16:44:48 Join hardeep [0] (
16:45:39antil33tyeah i thnk i need to
16:47:03peturantil33t: and when you have everything configured to your liking, export your settings as .cfg as backup
16:47:55 Join cgray [0] (
16:48:31cgrayhi all, i have a little problem with rockbox on my sister's ipod nano
16:49:01klrspzactually, make many as you are configuring :)
16:49:07antil33toh yep
16:49:11cgrayshe hit a button (she says it was "clear backdrop") and now the screen goes blank right after rockbox boots up
16:49:12ryrancgray: what's the problem?
16:49:28klrspzi've had the irresponsible habit of getting a new binary after making some changes and it screws up
16:49:31antil33tmaybe the font and the background are the same colour :)
16:49:43peturcgray: switch on hold while rb is booting
16:49:44klrspzcgray, boot up, and put HOLD on to disable settings
16:49:50peturit will reset your settings
16:49:57klrspzthen load your cfg or create a new one
16:50:02cgrayklrspz: how do i put hold on?
16:50:08klrspzcgray, what device?
16:50:19klrspzon top, there's a small slider button
16:50:33*petur starts looking at his other monitor
16:50:58*ryran wishes he had two monitors...
16:51:11cgraysweet... thanks guys
16:51:16antil33tok now heres a bug
16:51:25antil33twhen i choose a song
16:51:37petura bug? only one?
16:51:38antil33tthe play screen is completley retarded
16:51:40klrspzyou've had the software for like 10 minutes and now there's a bug?
16:51:41XavierGrperfect avatar for B4gder:
16:51:45antil33tyeah :)
16:52:03klrspzantil33t, can you define "completely retarded"
16:52:37antil33twell tgers the song info in the middle
16:52:40antil33tand theres some blue lines
16:52:49klrspzahh, that's the theme
16:53:00antil33tyeah and you cant read the song names?
16:53:05klrspzone of the default themes doesn't work too well on the nano i believe
16:53:08antil33tso maybe the theme is buggy
16:53:11antil33tive got a video
16:53:19klrspzit's been a while since i've done a install of rockbox :)
16:53:25antil33tgot a theme?
16:53:37peturantil33t: wpsgallery in the wiki
16:53:40klrspzi use some bl ue one, i haven't made one yet
16:54:00klrspzi use iPod Vision Nano
16:54:53klrspzbbl, got some work to do
16:55:00antil33tthx :)
16:55:56 Quit Jungti1234 ()
16:56:03antil33tjust dling the theme
16:56:46antil33twhere do i put the theme?
16:56:54antil33ttheres no read me file :(
16:57:08antil33tmeh ignore me
16:57:09peturmost have a tree struc in them, just unzip
16:57:21antil33ti read back where i dled it from
17:00:44antil33tnope still not theming right..
17:01:39 Quit cgray ("ERC Version 5.0.4 $Revision: 1.726.2.20 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
17:01:39antil33toh fixed it :)
17:01:45peturdid you do menu -> browse themes ?
17:01:59antil33thmm no
17:02:05antil33till go do that
17:02:16peturor execute the cfg file of the theme
17:02:30antil33tthats what i did Laughing Out Loud
17:02:43antil33tit has a loading light/thing
17:03:15 Join chendo1 [0] (
17:03:28hardeepcvs build appears to be stuck
17:03:40peturall day....
17:04:03peturB4gder is playing with his sansa :)
17:04:09chendo1just a possibly paranoid question: it's fine to flash directly from a 1.02 US to a patched 1.29K yeah? or should i upgrade to 1.04 US first or something ;x
17:04:23chendo1putting rockbox on girlfriend's H320 and i kinda don't wanna brick it ;p
17:04:31chendo1(since it's like, 2 days old)
17:04:40peturchendo1: sure, but you know you'll lose DRM
17:04:45chendo1oh she doesn't care
17:04:51chendo1she prefers pacman to DRM.
17:05:00B4gderhardeep: it got stuck but I've fixed it, it'll heal on next commit
17:05:08 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
17:05:11antil33tdrm.. sounds evil
17:05:21chendo1okay, so just to double check...
17:05:35chendo1i download original 1.29K, download the fwpatcher, 300 bootloader bin
17:05:46antil33tshe should have got an ipod
17:05:48chendo1patch it, copy onto mp3 player, copy a rockbox build, then flash?
17:05:55chendo1she hates ipods
17:06:00 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
17:06:10antil33thmm there easy to install rockbox on
17:06:12peturshe should have gotten a EU version
17:06:15chendo1i told her mum to get a 2gb T10 though, very nice, had a play with it
17:06:24chendo1petur: H300s are scarce in australia now...
17:06:30chendo1only place that stocked it only had US
17:06:38chendo1otherwise yeah, would've gotten an international
17:06:44peturI'll wait for a 2tb G10 :D
17:06:49chendo12TB? ;p
17:06:57antil33trigo See Ya im gonna go to bed to play with this rocbox thing
17:07:00antil33tthanks for your help
17:07:17chendo1patched h300.hex = 4,190,208 bytes?
17:07:25chendo1i'd md5sum it but i lack a tool.
17:07:42peturfwpatcher does that for you already
17:07:54chendo1if you say so
17:08:00B4gderyes it does
17:08:41chendo1and is there an updated version of the H300 color WPS pack?
17:08:44chendo1the one that's sticked seems a bit old
17:10:36chendo1on the misticriver forums*
17:10:45B4gderthen ask them for a newer one
17:10:50B4gderthat's no official package
17:10:55B4gderfrom rockbox I mean
17:11:42chendo1i thought they commit stuff into CVS or something
17:14:27 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
17:15:11chendo1uh... do the ipod video/photo have the same screen size as the H300?
17:15:21chendo1or are the wps themes lumped together for the hell of it?
17:16:02Presenceipod video has larger screen & resolution than ipod photo.
17:17:04markunchendo1: photo/color has the same resolution as the H300
17:17:56chendo1not video though yeah?
17:18:04Paul_The_NerdNo, not video.
17:18:10 Join Farpnut [0] (n=solo84@
17:18:25Paul_The_NerdBut the Video is not lumped in with the Photo and H300 section
17:18:34 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:18:39 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:18:45preglowonly times i don't use it is when settings have been reset and i didn't notice
17:18:56preglowdisregard that
17:19:18B4gder/set disregard_mode 1
17:19:51 Quit ryran ("hasta la pasta!")
17:22:36 Quit Siku ()
17:26:09Paul_The_NerdDoes anyone know what happens if you send in an "information request" at portalplayer's site with the "product data sheets" box ticked off?
17:26:33Paul_The_NerdAre these pr / advertising style 'data' sheets?
17:27:45B4gderI would guess they are of that kind
17:30:08Paul_The_NerdI'm trying to figure out what the best point of contact would be regarding an actual request.
17:31:45ashridahfigure out some way to get a bank loan to order enough 'engineering samples' or evaluation units or something? :)
17:31:56 Join Siku [0] (
17:32:43Paul_The_NerdI guess of their listed contacts, "Product Information" is better than "media contact" or "employment information"
17:33:16B4gderwe need a mole, try employment!
17:33:17peturget employed there, get the docs and get out again
17:34:29B4gderwith 95% business with a company that dumped it, you may not have to work there very long ;-)
17:34:48chendo1okay, weird
17:35:00ashridahwait. apple dumped portalplayer?
17:35:03chendo1i flashed the iriver with the patched 1.29k
17:35:07B4gderashridah: yeps
17:35:11chendo1i don't get a rockbox bootloader screen at all...
17:35:16ashridahwho are they replacing them with?
17:35:19B4gderashridah: samsung
17:35:36chendo1and it feels like i have to press it down for a while to get the normal screen to boot.
17:35:51 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:36:38 Quit Farpenoodle (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:36:58mongey1im compiling rockbox but i want to change the boot logo
17:37:04mongey1can i have it any size?
17:37:55Mikachuyou may need to change some code if you change the size
17:38:07Mikachubut as long as it's not larger than the screen it might work anyway
17:38:55linuxstbThe logo's drawn at a fixed 10 pixels from the top of the screen - you can change that in the show_logo() function in apps/misc.c
17:39:26 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
17:39:38 Quit Nico_P ()
17:39:53 Nick Nibbier is now known as Nibbler (
17:40:23 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
17:41:13chendo1i think i semi-bricked my h320....
17:41:26chendo1i can't seem to turn it on unless i plug the AC adaptor in.
17:41:45chendo1markun: downloaded 1.29k, patched it, flashed it.
17:42:25markunAt least it boots with the charger so you can flash it again.
17:42:39chendo1so what should i do? reflash with the same 1.29k? or repatch and reflash?
17:42:42peturchendo1: flash it again. I've read reports that some units needed to be flashed twice. Unexplainable
17:42:58chendo1so same binary? or repatch it?
17:43:04petursame file
17:43:20 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
17:44:40chendo1phew... thank god i changed to english first
17:44:47chendo1it was in korean and i thought it was below DB Scan...
17:44:49chendo1but that was format, hah
17:45:21 Join PaulJam__ [0] (
17:46:07chendo1phew, that fixed it
17:46:09chendo1thanks petur
17:46:23peturas I said, enexplainable
17:46:31chendo1really slow to boot too.
17:46:32peturunexplainable too
17:46:46chendo1slow to boot? ;o
17:46:56 Join Nico_P [0] (
17:47:22chendo1hung on the batt: 4.12v for like 10 seconds.
17:47:30chendo1i'm in now, but yeah
17:50:18 Quit PaulJam_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:52:20mongey1is there a way yo just have a logo come up and not the writing
17:52:43 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
17:52:53chendo1second bootup faster, but still slower than mine
17:53:26peturit should boot in 5 seconds or so
17:53:54 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
17:54:12petureuh... 10 seconds from keypress to actually browsing
17:54:17chendo1about yeah, but mine boots faster ;/
17:54:23chendo1oh well, not important
17:54:38chendo1now... pacman.
17:55:12tucozmongey1: you got cygwin running? Or did you go for another solution?
17:57:19mongey1i put it on my mams laptop
17:57:24 Quit guillaume ("Quitte")
17:57:45mongey1does this computer being 64 bit make a diff?
17:58:02tucozthe one you struggle with?
17:58:09tucozor your moms laptop?
17:58:40tucozNo, is the one you're having trouble with 64 bit?
17:59:57mongey164 bit = the troubled one
18:00:13tucozOk. I don't know. Maybe google does :)
18:01:02mongey1well im having trouble now
18:01:17Paul_The_NerdAnyone around who could read my draft to PortalPlayer and tell me what they think?
18:01:18mongey1zip error nothing to do
18:03:14tucozmongey1: I found a page on google telling me that since cygwin added 64 bit file i/o, a lot of packages had to be recompiled and linked
18:03:24peturPaul_The_Nerd: sure
18:04:10tucozIt could be that LinusN's packages don't work for 64 bit archs
18:04:47tucozI am not sure if this is hard, but you could try and compile the cross-compiler yourself and see if that works
18:06:27chendo1depends what disto you're on
18:07:53 Quit earHertz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:08:08tucozchendo1: it's cygwin
18:12:53 Join obo [0] (
18:13:59chendo1sorry i got no clue on that
18:18:10tucozthere seems to be a handy script in the tools folder that does this for you. It's called
18:19:28 Quit petur ("hyperterminal on WinCE sucks big time")
18:21:29 Quit chendo1 ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
18:22:07 Join him [0] (
18:30:39 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:30:56 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
18:31:02 Join linuxstb [0] (
18:31:43 Nick bagawk_ is now known as bagawk (
18:33:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:37:46*Paul_The_Nerd does the "My Sandisk player has arrived" dance
18:39:15XavierGrIt's been a while since I last saw a Rockbox dance!! :P
18:39:27louwhich model?
18:40:06louthe 6G thing?
18:41:30louwhat i dont understand is
18:41:51Genre9mp3Paul_The_Nerd: Enjoy your new toy! :)
18:41:59louwhy do you pay ~$250 dollar for a 6G mp3 player when you can have a 30G ipod for the same price
18:42:29Rickcompare features?
18:42:36Rick'sides, most people consider ipod to be evil :P
18:42:45Genre9mp3lou: Don't try to spoil other people's moments! :-P
18:42:57Paul_The_Nerdlou: Because a 30g ipod is $300 and this was $230. And this one will not suffer no matter HOW much I shake it while playing.
18:43:18loufair enough
18:43:19Paul_The_NerdA 30 gig iPod has an HD in it, and overall less features.
18:43:29Paul_The_NerdAnd I've already got a much better 20 gig HD based player anyway. ;)
18:43:34Genre9mp3...and for god's an iPod! LOL
18:43:54RickGenre9mp3: what is an ipod?
18:43:54 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
18:44:03louipod suits my gucci shades :P
18:45:06RickPaul_The_Nerd: so are you going to work on some rockbox-e270? :P
18:45:51Paul_The_NerdRick: Well my first priority is to learn the playback code, but once 3.0 happens I'll probably do what I can to help with the e200 series, yes.
18:46:37Paul_The_NerdI'm not nearly as experienced as some of the other devs here, but I did help a *very* little bit with the iPod port, and I hope to do quite a bit more this time.
18:46:58Rickcool :)
18:47:12Genre9mp3Paul_The_Nerd: I wonder what is your opinion about the new iAudio 6....
18:47:42Paul_The_NerdGenre9mp3: My opinion is "It looks goofy" :-P
18:47:54Genre9mp3why's that?
18:48:14Paul_The_NerdThat diagonal slidebar thing just looks funny to me.
18:48:23Paul_The_NerdI mean the player has an inverted % sign on it.
18:48:39Genre9mp3It seems an excelent player to me...
18:48:50Paul_The_NerdProbably not bad in terms of features.
18:49:02Paul_The_NerdThough it looks like the e200 series is a little better in that area.
18:49:02Genre9mp3And the % thing is something that you can get used to...
18:49:37Paul_The_NerdThough the iAudio 6 is a bit cheaper, so it becomes as "How much is X feature worth to you to add it?"
18:49:41Paul_The_NerdAlso, the 6 is microdrive based, isn't it?
18:49:47Genre9mp3Does the Sansa have USBOTG at high speed?
18:50:02Genre9mp3and a nice OLED screen
18:50:10Paul_The_NerdThe Sansa doesn't have USBOTG at all.
18:50:55Paul_The_NerdIt's basically a tradeoff between the two of them, in the end.
18:51:23Paul_The_NerdI personally don't see the point in buying a microdrive player.
18:54:19Paul_The_NerdI have nothing against the iAudio 6, it looks nice. It's just not my type of player, I suppose
18:55:55Genre9mp3Well I think that is a very capable player...full of features
18:56:30Genre9mp3Radio, Line-In Recording, USBOTG etc.
18:57:46Genre9mp3Though, as I understand it, Sansa's key feature over the iAudio 6 is the SD Card Reader
18:57:46Paul_The_NerdAnd I never said it wasn't a very capable player
18:58:14 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:58:33 Join linuxstb [0] (
18:58:49Paul_The_NerdLarger capacity, flash, larger and higher resolution screen, video support, Micro-SD card reader (including Gruvi cards which is what they're pushing as a new way to sell music, I suppose) and I guess maybe a few other things
18:58:50Genre9mp3well, is just a "goofy capable player" :-P
18:59:18Paul_The_NerdI'm fine with a horizontal or a vertical slider, but diagonal just seems strange to me.
18:59:26Paul_The_NerdI'll admit it's definitely more space-efficient for a long scroll
19:00:09 Nick Flutterb1 is now known as Flutterby (
19:00:28 Join Pieter_ [0] (
19:00:33Genre9mp3AFAIK the iAudio 6 has also video support...
19:00:44Genre9mp3MPEG4 playback
19:00:45Paul_The_NerdGenre9mp3: I didn't see it listed. I may have missed it.
19:00:54 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:00:59Pieter_so i bought an Archos PMA a while back, and while it's really great, it would be nice to have rockbox running on it for some extra features
19:01:19 Join webguest82 [0] (
19:01:21Pieter_how hard would it be to port the simulator to it, as it already runs linux (and even sdl, with some limitations?)
19:02:00webguest82it apeears that a build has "stalled" on the cvs builds page
19:02:18Paul_The_NerdPieter_: It probably wouldn't be too hard.
19:03:27Paul_The_NerdHmm... there's a lot of noise associated with the light-up wheel thingy.
19:03:39Paul_The_NerdAnd the volume doesn't go low enough. =/
19:03:47tucozwebguest82: that is fixed. The next commit will fix that
19:04:17Pieter_if i find enough time to go check what has to be done perhaps i will...
19:05:32Genre9mp3Paul_The_Nerd: What's that light-up feature on the wheel?
19:06:09Paul_The_NerdGenre9mp3: When you turn the wheel, it lights up this very nice blue color, but with my CX300s I can hear a lot of noise when the wheel is lit.
19:06:32Genre9mp3I see...
19:06:45Paul_The_NerdAs a note, I can't hear it with my PX100s, except a very very very very faint tick when the light turns off.
19:08:02Genre9mp3It's funny that suddenly we have 3 Sansa players to talk about (Bagder's and yours)
19:08:29*amiconn appears
19:08:33webguest82does the sansa play gapless ?
19:08:37Paul_The_NerdWell, I've been unhappy with the Nano so I was looking for a flash based player with a certain list of features.
19:08:44amiconntucoz: You wanted to ask sth?
19:09:07Paul_The_Nerdwebguest82: I don't have anything to test that with at the moment, but I seem to recall ports that it doesn't, so I'm going to assume they're valid and not bother checking because I'm lazy. :)
19:09:13Galoiswhat do you not like about the nano?
19:09:16tucozamiconn: yes. What is the on button on the ondios? with regards to the flashing section
19:09:57tucozin the Known issues and limitations section at
19:09:57*amiconn wonders what's the connection of flashing with the On button
19:10:04Paul_The_NerdGalois: Primarily the fact that it has no built in mic, and I wanted something small that I can use for taking voice memos and also as a music player.
19:10:40GaloisI see. For me the main drawback is that it has a little less space than I would like.
19:11:16amiconntucoz: Wrt the boot options, On is the combined OnOff on Ondio
19:11:17 Quit webguest82 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:11:30tucozok. Thanks
19:11:35amiconnBut the flashing instructions are terribly outdated, even the wiki version
19:11:49tucozI see. Well the wiki version is in the manual now at least
19:11:57Paul_The_NerdGalois: I also like the FM Radio feature of the Sansa (iAudio 6 has as well) just because it's nice to be able to check weather/news/etc.
19:12:02amiconnI already have them on my todo list, but 3.0 itself is more important imho
19:12:28tucozThat's ok with me
19:13:01amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Hehe, the Ondio has all those things you mention that the Sansa has, but the Nano doesn't
19:13:04Paul_The_NerdI wonder though, why they chose to use the USB cable as the FM antenna.
19:13:08amiconn(radio, recording, built-in mic)
19:13:28amiconnAnd expandable storage via flash memory cards
19:13:30*Genre9mp3 is downloading Sansa's e200 manual
19:13:39GaloisI never used radio or recording even when I had mp3 players that supported it, so ... no loss for me
19:13:40 Join webguest82 [0] (
19:13:47 Part webguest82
19:13:50Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Yes, it does, and I seriously considered it for quite a while, but the Nano was given to me as a gift anyway. ;)
19:14:00pixelmaGenre9mp3: I like the iCatcher wps (except: on Archos only halfway) and I appreciate that you developed it for all targets :) - but I noticed that some of the code (regarding artist, album, title) could be written simpler IMO
19:14:39Genre9mp3pixelma: In what way simpler?
19:14:40Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: The Sansa doesn't *seem* to have the hiss that the iPods and iRivers have by the way, but there's definitely some noise being caused by something during video playback, and the LED for the wheel causes some. I can't get the volume low enough to be absolutely sure though.
19:15:16amiconnWhat about silence in tracks?
19:15:33 Join gamerD00d [0] (n=klrSpz@
19:16:05Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Do you think pausing would be good enough, or should I find something actually silent?
19:16:11amiconnWhen looking at the images on Bagder's page, I think the Sansa is quite big for a flash player
19:16:34amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Well, just encode a digital silence track, and play that
19:16:38Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: It's smaller than a Nano in an iSkin, for what that's worth.
19:16:46amiconnBtw, what formats does Sansa of play?
19:17:01Genre9mp3pixelma: I just made it to show info if an ID3 tag is not present
19:17:12pixelmaGenre9mp3: to give you an example: the title line would be shorter and should work the same as if it looked...
19:17:14pixelma...%s%ac%?in<%in - |%pp - >%?it<%it|%fm>
19:18:00Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Nothing special. MP3, WMA, DRMWMA and WAV if I recall.
19:18:47Genre9mp3pixelma: You are probably right
19:18:51pixelmaGenre9mp3: also have alternatives for album and artist tags
19:19:01amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: No ogg... what else to expect ;)
19:19:17amiconnMaking a digital-zero .wav should be dead simple
19:19:39Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I don't have anything to make one with, apparently. I swear I had some sort of audio tool on my laptop. Recommend something for windows by chance?
19:20:17*amiconn uses Audacity
19:20:40Galoisdd if=/dev/zero bs=1024 count=512 | oggenc -r -o silence.ogg -
19:20:49Genre9mp3Pixelma: If I remember well I use alternatives for artist/album tags
19:21:08Genre9mp3pixelma: I use dir names
19:21:09amiconnGalois: That wouldn't help... no ogg support in retailos
19:21:11*Paul_The_Nerd goes to download audacity.
19:21:52Paul_The_NerdHmm... the video support is better than I expected, considering the complaints I'd heard
19:21:56pixelmaGenre9mp3: No I meant an simpler alternative to your code as in the 'title' example
19:22:10Galoisdd if=/dev/zero bs=1024 count=5000 | lame -r - silence.mp3
19:22:18Genre9mp3pixelma: I see...
19:22:36 Quit _Lucretia_ ("Leaving")
19:23:07 Join Lear [0] (
19:23:11Genre9mp3pixelma: BTW I'm planning to make additional colour themes for colour targets of course....
19:23:40pixelmaGenre9mp3: interesting - but I have an Ondio ;)
19:25:43Paul_The_NerdOh, apparently no WAV support... because it uses a database only.
19:25:59 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
19:26:17Genre9mp3pixelma: Also, I did my best to the tiny Archos screen....what exactly is that you dislike there?
19:27:55pixelmaGenre9mp3: for me it wastes space with volume/battery shown as icons and numeric - and it doesn't have next song info
19:28:36pixelmaI coded my own iCatcher version to change that
19:29:25 Quit heff ("Client Exiting")
19:30:08 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
19:30:24 Join heff [0] (
19:30:46Genre9mp3Well I don't have an Archos or Audio, so if you think it's better we can use your version then...
19:31:11amiconnBagder: If you already opened your Sansa for checking the CPU type - any chance you took/will take PCB shots?
19:31:49 Join tongas [0] (
19:31:50BagderI didn't have my camera around (and my scanner sucks)
19:32:05Genre9mp3pixelma: I suppose that you arranged the info like the rwps?
19:32:12Bagderbut it wasn't that hard to disassemble so I can do it again
19:32:22pixelmaGenre9mp3: hmm, I don't know... do you want to take a look?
19:32:43Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: Very very low amount of noise. I have a 10 second silence mp3, for the first half there's a faint amount, the second half nothing I can hear at all.
19:34:00pixelmaGenre9mp3: yes I put it this way - and the title moved above the progress bar and maked place for next song info
19:36:11Genre9mp3pixelma: I wouldn't mind changing the layout of the Archos wps in your way...If others also prefer it this way...As I said, I don't have an Ondio or an Archos, and I don't know how it is on real target
19:36:33 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
19:41:08Genre9mp3Hmmm...In case a used the wrong phrase....I don't have any problem with your change. If others also agree on this I guess is should get commited your way
19:41:34pixelmaI understand, so where to start a survey?
19:43:02Genre9mp3forums maybe?
19:43:55Genre9mp3Hmmm...I think it's better to add a poll in the forums...
19:44:01pixelmaI'm not a forum member - so I will put a link here so that others can have a look - will take me a few minutes though
19:44:58 Quit ravon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:45:03hardeepprobably not enough archos users around nowadays to warrant a survey
19:45:09Paul_The_NerdBy "You will not be able to see songs from MTP mode in UMS mode" apparently they mean "The file attributes will be set to hidden"
19:45:32 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (n=munkee@
19:46:41Genre9mp3hardeep: BTW, Any progress with the rwps issue?
19:48:55hardeepGenre9mp3: i didn't a chance to fix it... it'll just be the same change as what i did for fonts
19:50:28 Quit tucoz ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
19:55:17Genre9mp3hardeep: Currently only the H100 rwps is commited
19:56:26hardeepyeah, i'll fix it so both are available
19:57:17 Join Aghaster [0] (
19:58:32*Paul_The_Nerd wonders if the players Bagder got sent include the license notice telling you that you're not allowed to reverse-engineer or disassemble the software.
19:58:45Bagdernot that I noticed ;-)
19:59:06Bagderand btw, its not applicable in my country
19:59:11Paul_The_NerdMine was carefully folded up and hidden *behind* the CD in the sleeve.
19:59:23merbananyey for sweden
19:59:46Paul_The_NerdI just thought it'd be funny if they'd essentially asked you to do so, and then sent you a notice not to, at the same time.
19:59:55Bagderhaha, yeah
20:00:48Paul_The_NerdSo, from the sounds of it, any work done for the e200 series will probably quite benefit most of the reference-type PortalPlayer players (others using the MI4, IDX, etc etc setup)?
20:01:09 Quit SereR0KR ("XChat Aqua")
20:01:22Paul_The_NerdThat's kinda cool.
20:01:42merbananis MI4 some kind of encryption ?
20:02:09crashdno, it's a file type that is encrypted in a specific way ;)
20:02:14crashdjust nobody knows which particular way
20:02:27crashdwell, somebody does, heh
20:02:40Bagdersomebody at PP I bet ;-)
20:02:48crashdone has to hope so
20:02:51crashdotherwise they'd be fucked
20:03:07merbananso the firmware is partly encrypted
20:03:39merbananwhere can one look at one of these firmwares ?
20:03:46Bagderhang on
20:03:56 Join SereR0KR [0] (
20:04:18 Nick PaulJam__ is now known as PaulJam (
20:04:21merbananand is there a wikipage with current info ?
20:04:53Bagdernot yet ;-)
20:09:28 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
20:10:01 Join nudelyn [0] (
20:10:09 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.1 -")
20:11:39Paul_The_NerdTheir database generation feels slower than ours, but I don't really have a point of reference other than "feels"
20:13:10Paul_The_NerdWhich reminds me, I wonder why people haven't created a plugin to import the iTunes database yet. Wouldn't importing it to our format be faster than rescanning all the songs? Especially for people who like to use iTunes?
20:13:11pixelmaGenre9mp3: have a look: <- note: the next song info on Archos is only available during the last minute (depends on bitrate and timing) and isn't right in the sim
20:14:07 Part LinusN
20:14:38amiconnHmm, the isp1362 is still only dozing instead of sleeping :(
20:15:08amiconnI think I need to compare some pin signal levels between retailos and rockbox
20:15:21*amiconn fetches multimeter and magnifying glass
20:16:20 Join MrShlee [0] (
20:16:48 Quit Farpnut ("Large sacks of cheese")
20:16:53amiconnLuckily iriver used the LQFP version, not the TFBGA one
20:18:00*amiconn starts a rarely used device - the printer
20:18:16MrShleeMy H3XX crashed with a error message "I04 : Ill Instr at 32F0041E"
20:18:22MrShleeMake any sense?
20:19:16amiconnCrash in a codec
20:19:21RedBrevaanyone online who is good with PHP? I have a problem with sort() - it is case sensitive, natcasesort() sorts into the 'Correct' order, but does not change the index values, for walking thro' the array by index gives incorrect order! Suggestions?
20:20:41*Paul_The_Nerd suggests use of google.
20:20:53Mikachuor #php
20:22:45 Quit Kohlrabi ("Hello my name is CoolClonk .")
20:25:24Genre9mp3pixelma: cool...
20:25:54pixelmaGenre9mp3: that's also with the cleaned up code ;) who's to decide?
20:26:37Genre9mp3:/ opinion is that is better your way....
20:26:54 Join Nico_P [0] (
20:26:59pixelmaI don't know either
20:27:03Genre9mp3anyone disagrees on that?
20:27:40pixelmaamiconn? since you have Archos' too?
20:29:05hardeepi like the newer version
20:29:22Genre9mp3hardeep: me too
20:29:43Paul_The_NerdDo the newer one.
20:29:48Paul_The_NerdBlame me if anyone objects. :-P
20:30:16Genre9mp3Well..pixelma...I think you should send the file to hardeep (I don't have CVS access)
20:30:16pixelmaoh thanks
20:31:02Genre9mp3Mind that it should be named: iCatcher.112x64x1.wps
20:31:49pixelmaGenre9mp3: I'd like to send it to you, 'cause (as I said) I changed something else too
20:32:04 Join Myth1 [0] (
20:32:31 Quit Myth1 (Client Quit)
20:33:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:33:57 Quit MrShlee ("Changed by popular Request - "I am the heart of your darkness, you stinking oompa-loompa morons!"")
20:35:08 Part Paul_The_Nerd
20:36:09 Quit heff ("Client Exiting")
20:37:20 Join sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
20:48:22gamerD00dwhy am i on twice?
20:48:24 Join Amon-san [0] (
20:48:25 Quit gamerD00d ()
20:48:36Amon-sanhi everyone
20:50:24Amon-sani was wondering if rockbox was planning support Pontis SP-600 in their firmware-project
20:51:33 Join bluey- [0] (
20:56:33 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
21:13:01 Join TBUHP666 [0] (
21:13:02markunAmon-san: It's not planned. But if any SP-600 owners are interested they can start a rockbox port
21:13:21Amon-sani own one
21:13:29 Nick him is now known as [San] (
21:13:39Amon-sanbut unfortunately i don't have any programming skill whatsoever
21:13:40 Quit Nico_P (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:14:35markunAmon-san: is there a forum for pontis users?
21:14:57Amon-sancause the manufacturer stopped supporting the device
21:15:06Amon-sancause thy were bought by another company
21:15:08markunThat would be a good place to ask
21:16:23 Quit Aghaster ("Leaving")
21:20:47 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:20:54 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
21:27:28 Join ravon [0] (
21:38:20 Join gtkspert_ [0] (
21:40:05 Quit PaulJam (".")
21:41:05TBUHP666Hi will rockbox ever work on HFS ipodformat?
21:42:28peturwhat's 'ever'? Not in the near future...
21:42:43linuxstbNo-one who wants HFS support has started to work on it yet.
21:43:00peturSo untill somebody comes along and writes a driver...
21:44:33TBUHP666oh so i guss it might never happen anytime this year
21:46:18linuxstbThat would be my guess as well. But you never know - it just needs someone to come along with the skill and motivation to do it.
21:46:57 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
21:47:47juxtapwhat's hfs
21:48:12peturmac file system
21:50:59juxtapoh, k
21:55:43 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:56:57 Join Nico_P [0] (
21:57:57 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
22:01:05 Join Daishi [0] (
22:01:18 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:11:08 Quit TBUHP666 ()
22:11:37bluey-hfs is still not writeable on linux or?
22:13:00Mikachui think it's writable, but you can't mkfs it
22:15:33 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
22:17:07 Join Acksaw [0] (
22:17:19dionoeaIf you say Y here, you will be able to mount extended format Macintosh-formatted hard drive partitions with full read-write access.
22:18:02dionoeabluey-: ^ (so it has write support)
22:20:10 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
22:21:32 Join stripwax [0] (
22:27:19 Quit mirak (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:32:58 Quit Acksaw ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
22:33:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:37:43 Quit bluey- (Connection timed out)
22:37:53 Join damaki_ [0] (
22:39:33 Quit tongas ("Quitte")
22:39:52*Paul_The_Nerd is even more confused.
22:40:54Paul_The_NerdI read in several places that the e200 series record in "32kbps WAV" but I get a 16-bit Mono 48khz uncompressed (768kbps is uncompressed, right?) WAV.
22:42:37 Quit mocker (Connection timed out)
22:47:03XavierGrGOAL!! :P
22:50:14 Quit lancelott_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:50:21preglowLOL!! :P
22:50:21peturPaul_The_Nerd: 48k * 2 bytes != 768kbps
22:50:44markunpetur: kb not kB..
22:51:10XavierGrcongratulations on all swedees here! :)
22:51:57 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:52:12Amon-sanat last they shot the deciding goal.
22:52:27Paul_The_Nerdpetur: 48k*2 B = 96 kilobytes = 768 kilobits. :)
22:52:45*petur slaps forehead
22:53:19Paul_The_NerdAnother really strange thing I noticed.
22:53:31Paul_The_NerdWhen the backlight goes off, they just stop updating the LCD. It stays on, but not updated.
22:56:14 Join Poka64 [0] (
22:57:15 Join lancelott [0] (
22:58:15 Join boushko [0] (
22:58:51 Quit jd_ ()
23:02:32 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
23:06:54BagderPaul_The_Nerd: I think your mail sounds great
23:08:06*amiconn swears at the ISP1362
23:08:16*amiconn knows it won't help
23:08:31scorcheamiconn: did you try kicking it?
23:08:34Paul_The_NerdBagder: Thanks. I'll fire it off tomorrow, and of course let you guys know as soon as I get a response.
23:08:58XavierGrppor amiconn, it must be annoying...
23:10:37 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
23:11:02preglowPaul_The_Nerd: i agree with bagder
23:11:29preglowPaul_The_Nerd: who's the recipient anyway?
23:11:39XavierGrmail? what mail? is it public?
23:11:44preglowXavierGr: no
23:11:53XavierGrah okay...
23:11:59Paul_The_Nerd"product information"
23:12:23preglowPaul_The_Nerd: rightie
23:12:26Paul_The_NerdIt was the best I could find, and at least it's an actual name to send the letter to.
23:12:33Paul_The_NerdHaving a human name rather than a department helps.
23:13:42Bagderthe sansa's description of what happens over usb is... weird
23:14:01Bagderit displays on the LCD what it thinks is happening
23:14:04Bagderlike "writing"
23:14:32Bagderbut often it says "connection broken"
23:14:46Bagderwhen my copy just complete a while ago and I didn't do anything more
23:15:32Bagderand you know what, it has swedish language!
23:15:46Paul_The_NerdBagder: My sansa hasn't shown anything weird on it's display
23:15:46pregloweven more charming!
23:16:06Paul_The_NerdThough, I deleted a recorded voice file over UMS and had to spend 10 minutes waiting for it to rebuild the database.
23:16:07preglowi need a drink
23:16:19BagderPaul_The_Nerd: I only see this "weird" when copying with Linux
23:16:24Bagderdidn't see it using xp
23:16:50preglowBagder: might it be connected to windows xps usb unmount functionality?
23:17:02preglowBagder: afaik, linux and windows doesn't terminate usb connections the same way at all
23:17:14Bagderyeah, perhaps
23:17:23preglowmy nano gives me grief all the time in linux
23:17:26preglownever had it happen in windows
23:17:33preglowbut in linux it also never says "ok to disconnect"
23:18:27*amiconn doesn't care about these ipod messages
23:18:37preglowi do care when it doesn't bloody reboot afterwards
23:18:47preglowmy nano hangs up when disconnecting from usb a lot of times
23:18:49preglowand needs a manual reset
23:18:51amiconnI just pull usb, and it reboots
23:19:02preglowjust pulling usb isn't very wise with caching
23:19:11amiconnYeah, I don't use caching
23:19:13preglowand it STILL hangs some times
23:19:36XavierGrcaching on USB devices is evil
23:19:44dionoeapreglow: rmmod uhci_hcd
23:19:50dionoeaand then it'll say "ok to disconnect"
23:19:53amiconn..except for flash, but even then windows seems to cache way less than linux
23:19:58dionoeabut i doubt that it's very usefull
23:20:15BagderI just umount and smile
23:20:24dionoeasame thing here :)
23:20:35XavierGrnah typing umount is very bothersome!
23:20:42XavierGrI just like to pull the cable.
23:21:41 Quit Amon-san ("/b/ ftw")
23:21:54Bagdermount /mnt/archos && make zip && unzip -od /mnt/archos && umount /mnt/archos
23:22:08XavierGrouch now you got me.
23:22:27XavierGryes if you are developing the moment you use it it's nice
23:22:34Bagderand all that in the script called "install" ;-)
23:22:59preglowdionoea: rmodding sounds really overkillish
23:23:27dionoeapreglow: well it works :)
23:23:35preglowtrue enough
23:23:45preglowas long as it inserts the module for me automatically
23:23:49dionoeai also have issues getting it to recognise the device if ehci_hcd is loaded
23:24:05dionoeawhich i don't really understant
23:24:17amiconnAfaik ehci is for usb2.0
23:24:44 Quit Nico_P ()
23:24:49amiconnSo with only uhci or ohci (depending on hardware) loaded, you'll only get usb1.1 performance & capabilities
23:24:58dionoeaunfortunately yes :(
23:25:10dionoeabut with ehci it loops on messages like:
23:25:16*dionoea gets his ipod
23:26:04dionoeaor maybe i should remove uchi instead ... although i doubt that both would conflict
23:26:30Bagderthey don't for me
23:26:38dionoeaJun 15 23:26:30 localhost kernel: usb 4-4: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 46
23:26:42Bagderthen I don't use ipod
23:26:42*amiconn notices that the sponsors box on the website started moving around, and ended up in a floating box
23:26:45dionoeai get this every 3 seconds in syslog
23:26:52dionoeaonly for ipod. Archos works fine
23:28:26 Join heff [0] (
23:30:11 Quit heff (Client Quit)
23:30:48*amiconn wonders where the line with "this" dropped
23:35:18dionoea23:26:37 < dionoea> Jun 15 23:26:30 localhost kernel: usb 4-4: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 46
23:35:33dionoeaand it just loops for ever
23:35:50amiconnAh, missed that somehow
23:36:04dionoeacould be a bug in the kernel... but that would be weird since loads of people use USB2 hard drives
23:36:05amiconnIt thinks the ipod is forever new ;)
23:36:10MrStatic1oidthat happened to me when my usb 2.0 controller died
23:36:14*amiconn should try that
23:36:15MrStatic1oidit still worked in usb 1.1
23:36:24 Join JackalSMP [0] (
23:36:25MrStatic1oidreplaced the controller and it worked again
23:36:32JackalSMPwhats new in 3.0/?
23:37:03markunJackalSMP: which player do you have?
23:37:15dionoeawhat 3.0 released ?
23:37:20dionoea-what +was
23:37:28markundionoea: no
23:37:32dionoeaoh ok :)
23:37:33JackalSMPand video
23:37:38markunJackalSMP: 3.0 is not for ipods
23:38:03dionoeaJackalSMP: you can still try the daily builds. They work fine here
23:38:05markunBut you can still use rockbox if you want
23:38:16dionoea(on ipod video)
23:38:18JackalSMPi have it on both
23:38:21 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
23:38:27JackalSMPi love it
23:38:47Paul_The_NerdJackalSMP: Well, everything available is there in the daily builds. 3.0 is just bugfixes specific to the "release" targets, really.
23:39:14JackalSMPhey what about plugins are there new ones or things i can add
23:39:29Paul_The_NerdEverything official is included.
23:39:46Paul_The_NerdThere are patches that add other plugins, as well as custom themes that people have made.
23:40:37 Join ZenMasterJG [0] (n=jordan@
23:40:58amiconndionoea: My mini g2 is working just fine with usb2.0 on my linux box
23:41:02JackalSMPanything i can do to help?
23:41:31dionoeaamiconn: i'll try on an other computer ... maybe it's just an issue with my laptop's usb
23:41:54Paul_The_NerdJackalSMP: If you're a programmer, tracking down and fixing bugs is the primary task around here.
23:42:43JackalSMPi do graphic design but i have friends who do programming and i think i can get him to help out
23:44:17dionoeahum, is booting with "hold" on supposed to clear the config ? (because it just did here when i unplugged the usb)
23:44:41 Join heff [0] (
23:44:55JackalSMPhow do i load a patch ?
23:44:56dionoeahum :(
23:45:35Paul_The_NerdJackalSMP: You have to patch the source code, and then compile it.
23:46:00JackalSMPoh ok
23:46:05JackalSMPthnx you
23:49:03 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)

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