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#rockbox log for 2006-06-21

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00:07:34juxtapargh how do i exit the "photo viewer" with ipod 5g
00:07:49juxtapoh, nevermind
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00:17:18bleakedhey guys, sorry if you said anything to me.. we had a power outage
00:17:26bleakedand then my router was being a jerk..
00:18:06freqmodbleaked: no, it's quiet here...
00:18:25freqmodand you could check the logs
00:18:26bleakedso just to get this straight, i shrink /dev/sda1, and make /dev/sda2 larger
00:18:40bleakedfreqmod: does irssi log by default?
00:18:58bleakedoh..right on..
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00:23:55linuxstb_bleaked: Yes - just make sure you don't change the type of the first partition (it's type 0)
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00:25:51bleakedlinuxstb_: by shrinking it, would i have to reformat it, and reinstall rockbox, bootloader, etc?
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00:29:40linuxstb_Yes - that's the easiest way. You might be able to do it without reformatting (using something like GNU parted), but I wouldn't bother with a Nano.
00:31:11Mikachuthe bootloader should stay intact
00:32:00linuxstb_Yes, but bleaked wants to reinstall without apple_os.bin
00:32:07Mikachuah right
00:32:07linuxstb_(I think...)
00:33:51bleakedyes, that's right.
00:33:54juxtaphow do i apply a patch?
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00:36:41freqmodjuxtap:do you have installed a build environment
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00:37:52juxtapyou mean like cygwin or something?
00:37:56juxtapi looked there...
00:38:32bleakedlinuxstb_: so i'm deleted all of my partitions and creating them from scratch. what size should i make the first partition?
00:38:33juxtapi just wanna download a patch and put it in a directory
00:38:37juxtapwhat more do i need to do?
00:38:44freqmodpatches are applied against the source code, you'll have to install and configure a build enviroment (with cross-compiler etc.) and compile your own source code
00:38:55freqmodwhich patch do you want to apply?
00:39:02juxtapoh, right
00:39:25juxtapWPS patches... album art + scrolling margins
00:39:34linuxstb_bleaked: As small as you can. 1MB should be enough.
00:39:55linuxstb_(I don't know what limits there are)
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00:41:57bleakedlinuxstb_: so am i to create an empty DOS partition..or how i do i properly create the first partition w/ fdisk?
00:42:05Mikachucreate it, then set the type to 0
00:42:14Mikachubut don't change the type until after you create the second partition
00:42:52bleakedMikachu: ok
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00:45:01bleakedalright.. the 2nd partition obviously needs fat32 formatting, but does the first?
00:46:17bleakedwait, no i dont.
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00:48:29bleakedso i'm reading the install docs, and i see that one has to combine the bootloader w/ the apple firmware..but that's not the case for what i'm doing..and i know linuxstb_ mentioned something about a dummy file..
00:48:49bleakedso basically what i'm asking is how do i install the bootloader if i don't have apple firmware..
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00:49:29linuxstb_Do "dd if=/dev/zero count=1 of=dummy.bin" and then create rockboot.bin using dummy.bin instead of apple_os.bin
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00:50:54bleakedlinuxstb_: ok, makes sense, thanks.
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01:04:49bleakedlinuxstb_: hrm, rockbox won't boot.
01:04:55bleakedeverything seemed to go ok.
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01:06:46linuxstb_What happens?
01:07:19bleakeda little folder is displayed, with a url to apple support
01:07:37bleakedi think i might have done something system detects both partitions
01:07:39linuxstb_That means the Apple bootloader doesn't like the disk layout.
01:08:02linuxstb_You probably forgot to set the type of the first partition to 0
01:08:06bleakedbut isn't that what the rockbox bootloader is for?
01:08:15bleakedi set it to type 0 though
01:08:22bleakedi just looked at it in fdisk
01:08:41bleaked/dev/sda1 1 1 8001 0 Empty
01:09:07linuxstb_When the ipod is powered on, the part of the Apple firmware in ROM is run, that then loads the main firmware from the first partition.
01:10:51linuxstb_What command did you use to create the rockboot.bin?
01:11:21bleakedipod_fw -g nano -o rockboot.bin -i dummy.bin bootloader-nano.bin
01:11:37bleakedno errors, proper output
01:12:02*linuxstb_ waits
01:12:11Paul_The_NerdI'm a wee bit out of it today
01:12:25*linuxstb_ stops waiting
01:12:56bleakedperhaps the partition size is too small?
01:13:14linuxstb_I don't have my ipod with me, but I think the first partition is normally marked bootable as well.
01:13:14Paul_The_NerdWasn't there supposed to be -l instead of -i at some point?
01:13:23Paul_The_NerdIf you're using the dummy.bin method instead of using apple_os.bin?
01:13:40Paul_The_NerdYeah, lowercase l
01:13:50*bleaked followed the standard instructions..
01:13:53bleakedso perhaps?
01:13:57mongeywas reading some logs fromtoday
01:13:57Paul_The_NerdYes, but you're not using apple_os.bin
01:14:03mongeyabout the h300 lcd remote
01:14:03linuxstb_I think you're right. I forget my own instructions....
01:14:15Paul_The_NerdTry it with -l (lowercase l) for that step, instead of i
01:14:36mongeyjust a tempory suggestion, is that it be an option instead of auto detect
01:15:48Paul_The_NerdWhat's the difference between auto-detect and manual?
01:15:58Paul_The_NerdIf the auto-detect works, it should be exactly the same as a user selecting one from a list, right?
01:16:56smablyso i figured out a way to do it
01:17:08smablyand then i found a patch that does basically the same thing
01:17:14smablyonly it's somewhat broken
01:17:19smablyso i am fixing it, and then i'll submit it
01:17:43bleakednow it's rebooting over and over
01:17:53bleakedand flashing, "Rockbox error: -1"
01:18:02Paul_The_NerdOkay, boot into disk mode
01:18:08Paul_The_NerdAnd copy over the rockbox.ipod and .rockbox folder
01:18:14smably(broken in that it gets some buttons right, but not others)
01:18:20Paul_The_NerdOr extract a onto tit, or whatever your preferred method is
01:18:26Paul_The_NerdThe bootloader worked.
01:19:04smablyPaul_The_Nerd: something on your mind? :P
01:20:29smably(re-read your second last message if you don't get it)
01:23:09bleakednot working.
01:23:17*mongey lives near intel
01:23:35*mongey is off to spray a Amd logo onto it
01:23:36*Paul_The_Nerd lives near Apple and IBM campuses.
01:23:48bleakedit seems to function until i copy the rockbox files onto it..
01:23:53*smably lives near RIM
01:23:55Paul_The_NerdAnd then?
01:24:00bleakedi noticed i had to do it as could there be a permissions issue?
01:24:28Paul_The_NerdOnce the bootloader is giving -1 messages, that just means "I can't see rockbox.ipod in the first primary fat32 partition on your device"
01:25:15Paul_The_NerdIt looks for it in the root of said partition, then in the /.rockbox/ folder on that partition
01:25:16*bleaked starts over
01:25:25Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: You don't need to start over
01:25:39Paul_The_NerdJust tell us what it's saying after you extract onto your ipod
01:25:44Paul_The_Nerd"Doesn't work" is vague
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01:28:44bleakedPaul_The_Nerd: sorry, it goes back to displaying the url for apple support
01:31:58Paul_The_NerdWait, so simply copying rockbox.ipod over (just a normal file copy) without doing *anything* else after the bootloader is doing the -1 thing causes that?
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01:33:21bleakedPaul_The_Nerd: i started over (sorry, it only takes a minute). i have two partitions, the first is 1 mb, the second is the remainder of the disk.
01:33:48bleakedi made the first one type 0, and dd'd over the rockboot.bin
01:33:48Ish_nittiquick q, is there anyway to listen to my music while my ipod video is charging?
01:34:17Ish_nittiwhenever rockbox detects the usb is plugged in, it wants to reboot into the original firmware for itunes to connect
01:34:44Paul_The_NerdIsh_nitti: Hold Menu while you plug in the cable
01:35:01Ish_nittiis this in the manual?
01:35:05Paul_The_NerdIsh_nitti: I believe so
01:35:09Ish_nittii apologize
01:35:13Paul_The_NerdIt's definitely in the FAQ
01:35:14mongeysmably: will u have it fixed tonight?
01:35:16Ish_nittibtw, hows it going paul :)
01:35:22bleakedanyway, the second one is formatted via -F 32 option
01:35:54bleakedi've copied the rockbox files over to the 2nd partition
01:36:16bleakedplugging the cable in at any point properly boots it into disk mode
01:36:17linuxstb_bleaked: You seem to have gone backwards... You managed to get the Rockbox bootloader running, but now it doesn't?
01:36:34bleakedw/out the cable, i get the apple support url
01:37:32bleakedlinuxstb_: yea, it's quite odd.
01:37:38smablymongey: hopefully (i'm working on it right now, and if all goes smoothly, it's pretty likely i can finish it tonight)
01:37:43Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: But if you remove rockbox.ipod, it goes back to giving the -1 error?
01:38:04*bleaked removes rockbox.ipod
01:38:43mongeyi didnt know iriver acknowledged rockbox
01:39:53bleakedPaul_The_Nerd: no, it goes straight to the support url
01:40:12mongeylook at b
01:40:51Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: But you said you've now tried reinstalling the bootloader again. I'm *hoping* you didn't redo the ipodpatcher -r step
01:40:54 Join thoughts [0] (
01:41:13Paul_The_Nerd"or altered by third parties e.g. Rockbox,"
01:41:23smablyyeah, i was going to say something about that
01:41:32bleakedi never did that step.
01:41:40linuxstb_unless authorized in writing by iriver...
01:41:55Paul_The_NerdDo you think iriver will ever authorize in writing the installation of Rockbox?
01:42:00bleakedin fact, i don't even see that in the directions..
01:42:03linuxstb_bleaked: ipodpatcher is the windows version of dd.
01:42:05bleakedwhat is ipodpatcher?
01:42:08Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: Sorry, dd if=/dev/sda
01:42:16Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: Was thinking of the windows installation instructions.
01:42:21smablywell, iriveramerica did recommend it to someone, i think
01:42:30Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: The key was "I hope you didn't re-extracted the boot partition"
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01:42:43bleakedno, that's all blown away
01:42:57 Join JdGordon [0] (
01:43:07bleakedthe point of this project is to remove any trance of apple firware to provide a little more storage space, and potentially qucker boot time.
01:43:25bleakedall the same
01:43:40linuxstb_Try writing rockboot.bin again - and make sure you wait until the disk icon disappears from the Nano's LCD.
01:43:54linuxstb_(I mean the spinning disk in top-left corner)
01:46:36bleakedalright back in rockbox.
01:46:40bleakedi think i know what i did
01:47:22bleakedafter i copied over the bootloader, i was manually ejecting /dev/sda
01:47:37bleakedand every time i would do that, i would get the apple support url.
01:47:57bleakedbut just yanking the cord after the dd copy, and it booted rockbox
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01:48:23Paul_The_NerdSo, you got the apple support URL
01:48:27bleakedthank you guys so much for your generous, patient, and abundant help :D
01:48:28Paul_The_NerdAnd didn't try forcing a reboot.
01:48:40Paul_The_NerdThe Nano frequently gets the support URL after being ejected, for some reason
01:48:41bleakedno, i tried forcing it several times
01:48:44bleakedw/ no luck.
01:48:54Paul_The_NerdHolding Menu+Select until it restarted didn't work?
01:49:12bleakedit rebooted, but right back into the support url
01:49:48linuxstb_So just for the record, how big is your first partition now?
01:49:52 Quit Poka64 ("nite all")
01:49:58bleakedlinuxstb_: 1mb
01:50:12linuxstb_Could you have made it smaller?
01:50:26bleakednot sure, that's what you suggested.
01:50:50linuxstb_It just needs to be as big as rockboot.bin - but I don't know if there are any restrictions.
01:51:30bleakedyea.. idk.. i can spare 1mb, versus the 40-80 that were being stolen before
01:51:41Paul_The_NerdI was thinking, we could have a plugin (like the flash plugin for archoses) that moves rockbox.ipod into the firmware partition (for people who don't care about apple_os) so that the bootloader doesn't need to run, and the boot time can be even that little bit faster.
01:52:03Paul_The_NerdAs a future thing.
01:52:41linuxstb_Why not just write a flash plugin :)
01:52:42bleakedPaul_The_Nerd: is that possible to manually do now?
01:52:52linuxstb_(someone send Slasheri an ipod..)
01:54:39Paul_The_Nerdbleaked: I honestly don't know. I mean yeah, it's possible right now, but I don't know what would need to be done to do it.
01:54:40 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:55:07bleakedPaul_The_Nerd: fair enough..
01:55:15 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
01:55:45linuxstb_bleaked: No, you would have to change the Rockbox bootloader. Or maybe you could just write Rockbox to the firmware partition instead of the bootloader...
01:56:08Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: That was my suggestion, writing rockbox to the firmware partition instead of the loader, that he asked about. :-P
01:56:24Paul_The_NerdI'm just not sure if there's any code in the bootloader that must be run before rockbox is loaded.
01:56:54bleakedwell, either way, boot time definitely improved. i tend to be very anally perceptive on these things too..
01:57:05Paul_The_NerdIt's a noticeable improvement, yes.
01:57:15linuxstb_No, I think it's just a matter of creating a correct firmware partition image - which ipod_fw can't do as it is today.
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01:57:47 Part Ish_nitti
01:57:56bleakedso question..
01:58:25bleakedwhen one goes into the menu, the first entry is Recent Bookmarks..
01:58:32bleakedwhat is that for exactly?
01:58:51Paul_The_NerdI think you're in the context menu.
01:58:53Paul_The_NerdHolding select?
01:58:56bleakedand could the playlist options be moved to that location..
01:59:09Paul_The_NerdOr is that the main menu
01:59:14*Paul_The_Nerd wishes he had a rockbox here.
01:59:15bleakedmain menu
01:59:30Paul_The_NerdThere's no reason why you couldn't reorganize the menus.
02:00:14bleakedi just think it would be a better UI change.. i would love to quick toggle over to my current playlist, view/change it, then move on.
02:00:30linuxstb_Goodnight all, time for bed.
02:00:33bleakedinstead i have several tedious steps just to see what the next few songs are..
02:00:55linuxstb_Isn't that in the context menu in the WPS?
02:01:29 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
02:02:14bleakedlinuxstb: argh, i suppose you're right.
02:02:16bleakedmy bad.
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02:22:17 Join pjladdlife [0] (
02:23:07pjladdlifeREGISTER hola
02:23:58pjladdlifeCan somebody help me on a problm im having with rockbox on a mini 2g?
02:24:10Paul_The_NerdDepends on the problem.
02:24:10Paul_The_NerdWhat's up?
02:24:21pjladdlifeOk. cool
02:24:30pjladdlifemy music have lags...
02:24:47pjladdlifei read the cpu frequency things...
02:25:18pjladdlifeBut you know, i dont want to mess my cpu :)
02:25:32Paul_The_NerdThe CPU frequency automatically adjusts anyway
02:25:36Paul_The_NerdWhat format is your music in?
02:25:47pjladdlifeMp3 192 kbps always
02:25:58pjladdlifestereo or joint, sometimes vbr
02:26:00Paul_The_NerdHave you tried using an WPS without a peakmeter?
02:26:15 Join jags [0] (
02:26:17pjladdlifei see Frequency and boost_counter here
02:26:19 Quit thoughts (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:26:49*Paul_The_Nerd wonders what that has to do with his question.
02:27:27 Part Paul_The_Nerd
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02:27:50 Join jags [0] (
02:27:52pjladdlifeIs just that on the rockbox forum someguy says that putting 75 mhz should work fine
02:28:16 Quit jags (Client Quit)
02:28:24 Join jags [0] (
02:28:59pjladdlifeAnd i dont know if follow that configuration is safe
02:29:06 Quit jags (Client Quit)
02:29:26pjladdlife`Cause i really dont want to mess my mini
02:29:29smablythat shouldn't be necessary, since rockbox should boost the cpu automatically
02:29:42pjladdlifeoh really?
02:29:42smablytry what paul suggested
02:29:56pjladdlifeThw wps thing? ....ok, i will try!
02:30:21smablyi don't know whether it'll work, but usually paul's right ;)
02:30:36pjladdlifeAja, OK ;)
02:30:39pjladdlifeThanks a lot
02:30:59pjladdlifeI dont know what is a wps either, but im gonna search
02:31:20pjladdlifecause im new in rockbox
02:31:39smablyWhile Playing Screen == the screen that shows up when you're playing music
02:32:01pjladdlifei used to work on podz podz2 and floydz, but now i have it all!
02:32:10pjladdlifeOk, im gonna search now
02:32:28 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:33:02pjladdlifeHey, rockbox kicks ass.
02:33:30mongey|zZznice call nice call
02:36:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:37:11pjladdlifedo you guys have any cool wps there for the ipod mini 2g can send it to me?
02:37:42smablysorry, don't have an ipod
02:38:31pjladdlifeOk, what type of portable do you have?
02:38:57smablyiriver h300
02:39:16pjladdlifethats cool
02:39:22 Join [TCK] [0] (
02:39:43 Join blooe [0] (
02:40:26*smably is from waterloo
02:43:30 Quit jd_ ()
02:46:49dj-fuI've got a nice one for a Nano
02:48:42pjladdlifedj-fu Dont you ever get the lags problem, music stopping?
02:50:59smablypjladdlife: does this happen all the time?
02:52:12pjladdlifeYes, alltheetime
02:52:30pjladdlifeim listening lemonheads now at 192 kbps and it fucks up cpnstantly
02:52:51smablyand you're using the rockbox default wps?
02:53:04pjladdlifeYes, the default wps
02:53:19pjladdlifeIve just found a simpsons wps
02:53:32pjladdlifeim gonna put it to test...
02:54:42 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:56:03smablyhere, try this: while you're playing a track, go into the debug menu, choose "view audio thread", and tell me what you see under "cpu freq" and "boost ratio"
02:58:00pjladdlifeIahhhhh ok
02:58:02pjladdlifewait please
02:58:30 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
02:59:16pjladdlifecpu freq 75 mhz
02:59:22pjladdlifeboost ratio 100%
02:59:34smablyok, and what are the two bars doing?
03:00:38pjladdlifethe two bars are placed aproximate to 10% of the total bar and moving a little bit
03:00:52smablyhmm, ok
03:00:58pjladdlifesorry my english, spanish is my main language
03:01:07smablyno problem :)
03:01:26smablysee, the bottom bar is supposed to fill up all the way and get gradually depleted
03:01:51smablyif it's sitting near empty, your player is having problems buffering the audio data
03:01:56smablywhy this is, i'm not sure
03:02:00dj-futhe rockbox default wps has a peak-meter, doesn't it?
03:02:26dj-futhat's probably a bad idea
03:02:33mongey|zZzsmably hows the remote work going?
03:02:43pjladdlifeyes there is a peakmeter
03:02:49smablymongey|zZz: coming along pretty well, actually
03:02:52pjladdlifeim gonna put a wps without a peakmeter
03:02:57smablygot stuck for a while, but i think i get it now
03:03:07 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
03:03:10pjladdlifeim sure this is taking some process
03:04:09smablypjladdlife: i'm guessing that that's not the issue because rockbox shouldn't have to redraw the peak meter when you're in the menus
03:05:18Mikachui remember someone getting skips even in menus, but they went away when he turned the peakmeter off
03:07:03pjladdlifeThe skips are less when im in the menu
03:07:16pjladdlifeSo the peakmeter is the issue
03:07:49smablyi doubt the peakmeter is the issue - but whatever the issue is, the peakmeter is making it worse
03:09:25smablyunfortunately, i'm not much of a rockbox expert, so i doubt i can do much to help you from here
03:10:04pjladdlifeI bet if i turn the eq off, its gonna be fine
03:10:15pjladdlifebut is not the idea, i want my rock preset
03:10:26smablyoh, eq!
03:10:31smablythat would probably do it
03:11:01blooeI'm considering adding support for the clicking sound when using the wheel on an ipod and I'm wondering if anyone else is already working on it
03:11:12pjladdlifeIm gonna try everything before the eq,cause its so important to me
03:11:58 Join ashridah [0] (
03:12:17smablyi'm almost positive that the eq is the problem
03:12:55 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:13:46pjladdlifeMe too
03:13:49smablyblooe: have you checked the patch tracker?
03:14:20blooeno - I havn't discovered that yet :)
03:14:45 Part ashridah ("Leaving")
03:15:06blooesmably: cool, found the patch tracker. I'll take a look - thanks
03:16:03smablyno problem - also, seems it's been requested: (i don't see any patches, though)
03:16:06mongey|zZzsmably: it wont take you 6 hrs will it?
03:16:13smablyoh, um...
03:16:16smablyit might
03:16:23smablyis it urgent? i'm kind of taking my time
03:17:04smablyok - but i can probably finish it fairly soon if i focus
03:17:04mongey|zZztake your time :D and get it done right
03:17:11smablyheh, ok :)
03:17:29mongey|zZzim just compiling my own build
03:18:46smablyi'm hoping to have it finished by midnight my time (~2 1/2 hours), but i can't promise anything
03:19:14mongey|zZz2 am here
03:21:36mongey|zZznow to find the wps patches
03:30:29 Join menollo [0] (
03:32:01 Join xoder [0] (
03:32:22menolloi have a question.. how can i write (or convert) a float? (lcd_putsxy is only for strings)?
03:37:37mongey|zZzhow do i change the logo for bootup?
03:39:08menollo here you can find to change logo...
03:39:38menolloow sorry
03:40:15menollothis one.. but you have to recompile rockbox..
03:43:14mongey|zZzi want to make the logo full screen though
03:45:27 Quit hardeep ("BitchX has bite! (Just ask Mike Tyson!)")
03:46:32 Join akaidiot [0] (
03:47:43mongey|zZzcompiing logo cahnged
03:49:12 Part pixelma
03:50:27 Join psycho_maniac [0] (
03:51:21pjladdlifeHey Smably
03:51:33pjladdlifeIt was the peakmeter!
03:52:06pjladdlifeNow, the songs play good
03:52:11psycho_maniacanybody around the winsconsin state want to buy a h120 ?
03:52:52pjladdlifeThanks a lot for your help
03:53:45pjladdlifeTurning off the eq makes it better too
03:53:58pjladdlifeim leaving, i have to study
03:54:05 Part pjladdlife
03:58:00mongey|zZzwhile usb charging
03:58:09mongey|zZzmy battery decreased
03:59:46psycho_maniacwhat player you have?
04:01:07 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:01:16psycho_maniacwhat do you mean decreased?
04:01:40mongey|zZzit went flat
04:01:45mongey|zZztheres none left
04:05:22 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
04:06:18 Quit lodesi_sleep (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:07:06 Join lodesi_sleep [0] (
04:14:35menollorb->snprintf(str, 15, "%f", v); outputs 'f' (v is a float..) whats wrong?
04:17:10sharpetry %d.
04:19:38menollohmm %d outputs -1084230620
04:19:54sharpewell, if it's what the float value is, then it works. :D
04:20:31menolloi dont think so.. but maybe i do something else wrong.. thx anyway
04:20:38sharpewhat are you trying to do?
04:21:24menolloi'm trying to make a all to all converter.. for temperture.. lenght (mile, meter) etc..
04:21:58 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
04:22:06Mikachuit is possible rockbox' snprintf doesn't implement floats
04:22:14Mikachuin fact the function looks very short
04:22:17 Quit [TCK] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:22:18sharpeentirely possible.
04:23:26sharpeyou can always do something such as, rb->snprintf(str, 15, "%d.%d", (long)v, (long)((v * 100) % 100)); for two decimals of accuracy.
04:24:03sharpeor casting to an int would be fine too. if i remember correctly.
04:24:17menollothx.. i think that will work
04:25:50sharpewhich is exactly how pacbox reports fps.
04:26:36sharpemore or less anyway. it obviously doesn't just have '%d.%d'
04:26:40sharpesame concept really.
04:33:40mongey|zZzwat file positions the logo on boot up?
04:36:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:37:22sharpeit's built into the source.
04:37:25sharpeso is the image.
04:37:56sharpeyou have to recompile rockbox to change the position, image, or other thing related to that.
04:38:06sharpeokay then.
04:38:11sharpeglad we could get past that.
04:38:13mongey|zZzi have changedthe image
04:38:32sharpei'd have a look in /firmware/ if i were you.
04:39:12mongey|zZzmight have found itd
04:40:04smablyfiletree is complete
04:40:11smablythe rest of it will be (mostly-)trivial
04:40:45sharpechances are, it's in firmware/. not apps/.
04:41:27 Join akaidiota [0] (
04:45:42menollopfff... i go sleep.. will look to it tomorrow :S
04:46:02menollogood night/moring/day/evening everybody :P
04:47:18sharpeit's sort of odd when you find sand in your wadded up bills...
04:47:41sharpewell, not really when you were at the beach.
04:47:46sharpeoh well.
04:47:57sharpejust trying to use it as a topic of discussion.
04:48:17sharpelike i am with my sand-covered ipod casing.
04:49:56sharpethat i have yet to clean off, by the way.
04:50:01 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
04:51:52 Quit menollo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:58:20 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:01:02 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:06:04 Join hardeep [0] (
05:07:04 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
05:19:19 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:24:07 Nick hannesd_ is now known as hannesd (
05:34:50*smably is too tired to think
05:35:07*smably isn't going to finish the remote patch tonight, but hopes to do so tomorrow night
05:35:39 Quit earHertz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:43:12 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
05:44:40 Join maeck [0] (
05:52:04 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzz")
05:52:27 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
05:54:32 Quit maeck ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
05:54:57 Join Flutterb1 [0] ( is hard to find replacement screws for the ajr.....i have search through all of the specialty stores around here
06:04:50 Quit lodesi_sleep (Remote closed the connection)
06:05:17 Quit sando ("bamf")
06:06:10sharpescorche: have you tried... a screw store? :)
06:08:45 Quit Flutterby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:10:23scorchei think i have found one that is close to it...but it is phillips
06:10:38scorchetorx in that size has to be special ordered from any place that i ahve tried
06:12:46hardeepscorche: online is probably your best bet
06:13:56scorchebut will they ship me a 5 cent screw?
06:15:19hardeepsure, but they'll probably charge $5 shipping =)
06:15:23sharpewith 2.95$ shipping and handling.
06:16:09sharpehave you tried, home depot? lowes home improvement?
06:16:24hardeepalright, i think i finally fixed this darned bug
06:16:25scorchethose places dont have near what i am looking for
06:16:29sharpegod-forbid i even ask, radioshack?
06:16:31scorchethis is a specialty screw
06:16:36sharpelike how special?
06:16:41sharpelike, short-bus special?
06:16:49hardeepfor anyone using voice, please try the latest cvs build, especially stopping playback
06:17:34smablyooh, exciting!
06:18:46scorchesharpe: the hardest part about the screw is that it is torx
06:19:46Paul_The_Nerdscorche: Just order like 20 of them, and be secure in knowing that if you ever lose one again, you're set.
06:19:53hardeepi had a tough enough time tracking down a torx screwdriver, much less screws
06:19:58Paul_The_NerdOf course, I'd just lose all 20
06:20:00sharpewell, i've some torx screwdrivers, you could create a mold of a screw off of one. :D
06:20:29scorchePaul_The_Nerd: i didnt lose of the stock ones was a crap one and immediately stripped itself
06:20:35Paul_The_NerdI had difficulty finding one of those torxes with the hole in the middle, for those annoying screws with the pin.
06:20:49scorchethose are secirity screws
06:21:17Paul_The_NerdI went to a bunch of stores looking for a screwdriver to fit them
06:21:26Paul_The_NerdAll along stupidly forgetting to check Fry's Electronics.
06:21:29 Quit xoder (Remote closed the connection)
06:23:15hardeeptsk tsk, your best buys are ALWAYS at Fry's
06:23:44sharpei don't have a Fry's near me.
06:23:48Paul_The_NerdSo I am told
06:23:57Paul_The_NerdI just moved and now I'm much nearer to my Fry's
06:24:16Paul_The_NerdIn fact I was there today for a case fan and a few misc other bits.
06:29:52sharpeah, i'm right, the closest Fry's is in Georgia.
06:32:18hardeeplinuxstb: around?
06:32:33sharpeif he isn't, you know what's coming.
06:33:38sharpethe obligatory answering machine-like message.
06:33:44hardeephmmm, does anyone have a "long" mp3 file that freezes when fastforwarding ? (
06:34:11sharpei've an 11 minute mp3
06:34:24sharpewould that be lengthy?
06:34:30hardeepdoes it freeze when fast forwarding?
06:34:32scorchei have ones that pass an hour
06:34:36scorchethat dont
06:34:49scorchealthough, i dont have the latest build
06:35:36sharpeooh. a twenty minute one
06:36:15sharpenope, doesn't freeze.
06:36:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:39:08psycho_maniachello i am planning on selling my h120. i was wondering if anybody thinks i would be able to get 200 bucks out of it?
06:44:22hardeepi'd recommend checking eBay to see what they're going for nowadays
06:45:06 Join ashridah [0] (
06:45:19 Part ashridah ("Leaving")
06:45:34psycho_maniacyeah good idea
06:50:03 Quit psycho_maniac ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:50:06 Join psycho_maniac [0] (
06:53:45 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
06:55:37 Quit psycho_maniac ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:00:30JdGordonhardeep: the longest track i have is 25min, ill check it out for ya
07:01:08JdGordonno, deleted that cd :p longest i have is 15min
07:02:31JdGordonwell it didnt freeze while ffwding, but it did take a few sec to start playing again
07:03:29 Join akaidiot [0] (
07:04:45 Quit joe2 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:06:37 Join ashridah [0] (
07:09:01scorchehardeep: i just got latest build and fast forwarded all the way to the end of a 2 hour mp3
07:09:08scorchenothing out of the ordinary
07:09:56hardeepthanks for testing
07:10:53sharpei think i'm headed to sleep, g'night everyone.
07:11:27 Join earHertz [0] (
07:12:15 Join webguest39 [0] (
07:12:38Paul_The_NerdI saw a _new_ H140 go for $160, so I doubt his H120 will get $200
07:12:52 Quit markun (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:12:58 Join markun [0] (
07:14:22 Quit webguest39 (Client Quit)
07:15:12 Quit ashridah (Remote closed the connection)
07:15:34 Join ashridah [0] (
07:15:39*smably lied about the remote patch
07:15:41smablyi think it's done
07:18:54 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:27:00 Part ashridah ("Konversation terminated!")
07:29:10amiconnhardeep: That's an odd fix...
07:29:21hardeepamiconn: how so?
07:30:28amiconnbecause it doesn't fix the actual problem, but instead adds a workaround which is noticeable by the user
07:30:57hardeepbecause playback continues a little longer?
07:31:47hardeepyeah, i was originally trying to stop playback but the way the voice code works made it difficult
07:31:50amiconnIt can be a lot longer though, depending how much is in the voice queue
07:32:24hardeepyeah, it can
07:32:33hardeepit's better then hanging, which was the bug
07:33:21hardeepi think we need to re-look at how voice is integrated into the playback code
07:34:07hardeepbut i'd like to get this darned release out first... =)
07:34:30amiconnThe voice mixing needs to be revisited. There's still the problem of non-working voice during pause, and sometimes after stopping
07:35:29amiconnshutup() should also flush the decoded voice (pcm) buffer
07:36:08hardeepalthough, with the mixing, that may also flush track playback
07:36:29amiconnThen someone needs to run a test whether a real second voice codec would be better (no codec swapping, but also no iram for the voice codec)
07:37:26amiconnhardeep: Not necessarily. My idea was to have a secondary pcm buffer for voice, and mix really close before playback
07:37:50amiconn...when playing, and using this secondary voice pcm buffer directly when stopped or paused
07:38:13hardeepyeah, that could work... i think it may be a little tricky with the current playback/pcm implementation though
07:38:51hardeepesp. the interaction of the various threads
07:39:05amiconnA voice flush would of course only flush the voice pcm buffer, so the small part that's already mixed in wouldn't be flushed
07:39:35amiconn..but that's < 0.5 sec
07:43:12 Join saa[b_r]ider [0] (i=saa_b_r_@
07:47:55 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
07:49:47 Join fejfighter [0] (
07:53:41 Join sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
07:54:08 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:02:20 Quit fejfighter ()
08:08:04 Join twisted_one [0] (n=mmschnei@
08:08:10twisted_oneHello everyone.
08:11:59markunhi twisted_one
08:15:01 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
08:16:41twisted_oneI was just wondering if anyone is able to give me a little bit of help with my TagCache DB not functioning correctly.
08:17:24twisted_oneI had it working yesterday, I updated to a newer build today, after deleting .rockbox and rockbox.ipod.
08:18:22twisted_oneWhen I started it up the tagcache was gone, no big deal. I tried to force and update and it scanned for about oh 5 seconds and then stopped. Rebooted to allow the stuff to commit (not sure if I needed to). Still nothing.
08:18:38twisted_oneI changed the view to a different setting, sure enough all of the files are still there.
08:19:43bleakedtwisted_one: yea, the tagcache is kind of funny. keep in mind it was first started in march and is still in alpha stages.. i.e., not finished.
08:19:50twisted_oneI found the TagCache info in the debug menu, its showing 1409 entries as being in the cache. Also claiming its 100% up to date. Yet when I try and browse by ID3 tags I get nothing.
08:20:02 Quit muesli|delhi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:20:11markuntwisted_one: did you try to reboot again?
08:20:28bleakedtwisted_one: for instance, it does not update itself at this point.. so you literally have to delete the db files and rescan/recommit every time you change your music.
08:21:05twisted_oneIs there a certain file I can delete or an entire dir to try it again?
08:21:28 Join RedBreva [0] (
08:25:20 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
08:29:37ZagorAlert: I'm upgrading the server. CGIIRC clients might get disconnected. Flyspray will be down a short bit.
08:29:58*B4gder buckles up
08:30:10*twisted_one braces for impact
08:30:52B4gderthe forums are insanely active these days
08:31:06twisted_oneThats a good sign, the project is growing.
08:32:08twisted_oneOr at the very least the userbase is.
08:32:32twisted_oneHell I just started yesterday
08:32:47twisted_oneI have been putting off buying an iPod for over a year now, then I found rockbox
08:32:54twisted_onewithin 12 hours I bought one =)
08:36:23ZagorUpgrade completed
08:36:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:36:34*B4gder starts breathing again
08:37:24 Join Zagor_testing [0] (
08:37:41 Quit Zagor_testing (Client Quit)
08:39:01 Join Zagor_testing2 [0] (
08:39:35 Part Zagor_testing2
08:39:50 Join Zagor_testing3 [0] (
08:40:00Zagor_testing3ah, now the images work again
08:40:03 Quit Zagor_testing3 (Client Quit)
08:40:51midkayfinally! viewcvs is fixed?
08:41:02Zagorno, i was talking about cgiirc
08:41:21midkayright, but i'm talking about viewcvs.. you can now visit viewcvs pages from the frontpage, a step forward..
08:41:32midkaybut you still can't see newish revisions.. any idea when this will be fixed? :\
08:41:43ZagorI will install viewvc instead of viewcvs as soon as I find some spare minutes lying around.
08:42:13B4gderZagor: another approach is to downgrade to the one I use for curl, as I've patched that to work fine
08:42:20midkaycool. i miss being able to browse newer revisions. :)
08:42:21 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
08:42:25B4gderand it is already on the server
08:43:12ZagorB4gder: that might be quicker, yes
08:43:34B4gderI tried patching the newer one too, but all that Python hurt my brain
08:43:49*scorche perks up
08:44:42ZagorB4gder: what was it that broke it?
08:44:57B4gderthe "commitid:" thing they've added
08:45:01B4gderin the raw RCS-file
08:46:01B4gderI'm guessing that's used to show what files that were committed in a given commit
08:46:21B4gderlike a "poor man's atomic commit"
08:49:38*Zagor found a pile of minutes and goes to check out viewvc anyway. new stuff is always more fun (and prone to break, yay) :-)
08:55:52bagawkZagor: I am a bit curious, why does rockbox not use svn? You guys even did some development for it right?
08:56:24Zagorbagawk: yes, bagder is a contributer to it. we've simply been too lazy to switch...
08:56:53 Join petur [0] (
08:58:29 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
08:59:31Zagoralso recently we looked into if perhaps "git" was a better option for us (since we get huge amounts of patches) but unfortunately I never got time to even complete the test set-up...
09:00:57bagawkI have played with git for a couple personal projects basically it's all my fault as usual ;-)
09:01:30bagawkWorks very well for keeping you own local revisions
09:01:44B4gdersince git uses curl, it actually has even more of my code ;-)
09:02:09Zagoryour virus code spreads everywhere! when will you release the payload?
09:02:18B4gdersoon, veeeery soon
09:05:50 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
09:09:29smablynew h300 remote button mapping patch uploaded:
09:09:34smablyplease try it out and let me know how it works
09:09:38smably...and i'm off to bed
09:10:40 Join chromoXdor [0] (
09:13:14 Join Lost-ash [0] (
09:14:41 Join mikearthur [0] (
09:18:51 Join theli_ua [0] (
09:26:30 Join pondlife [0] (
09:34:09 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
09:34:16 Join dpro [0] (
09:50:54 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
09:58:29 Join Poka64 [0] (
10:36:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:41:06 Quit chromoXdor (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:44:34juxtapis there not a noob method for applying a patch?
10:45:19Mikachuyes, wait until it is included in the releases
10:45:59juxtapta B4gder
10:46:29peturjuxtap: or maybe the patch of your interest is included in one of the experimental builds made by some users in the forums
10:48:18juxtapyeah perhaps
10:48:32juxtapi'd rather compile though
10:48:39juxtapthat guide is cool
11:00:24markunlinuxstb: we got the ADC of the gigabeat working and can now read the remote control values and battery voltage. The problem was a typo in the Samsung documentation..
11:01:21bleakedMikachu: hey.. remeber all that stuff we did to my nano.. well it's kind of doing something i don't think it should.. when i eject it from my system, instead of getting the checkmark indicating the device was properly disconnected, it immediately reboots and i have to quick pull the cord before the system automounts it.. why might this be?
11:06:11 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
11:08:13 Part ashridah ("Konversation terminated!")
11:08:52 Quit Bjoern-Erik ("Lost terminal")
11:13:31linuxstbbleaked: Ah, yes. Apple's disk mode will reboot if it detects a write to the first 32MB of the disk, thinking the firmware has been upgraded. Now that your FAT32 partition is in that first 32MB, it will always think that...
11:13:48linuxstbSo just don't eject it (but umount it).
11:14:24linuxstbmarkun: No excuse to not write the bootloader now then...
11:14:49 Join ZenMasterJG [0] (n=Jordan@
11:15:21markunlinuxstb: exams are an excuse :)
11:15:45B4gderlet's take a vote if we can accept that as an excuse! ;-)
11:16:15markunwibbix told me he would start the bootloader. I gave him a patch with a few changes I did so far.
11:16:53peturexams end at the end of the month, no?
11:17:04markunI have one tomorrow :(
11:17:58*petur remembers having much more spare time when he was a student :/
11:21:04bleakedlinuxstb: so, i only have to unmount it.. seems like a bad idea? doesn't the device need to be properly ejected? (i know in the past that when i would dump songs onto the device, if i wouldn't properly eject it, the songs would not show up, even though they transferred completely.
11:22:13B4gderI've never used eject, only umount
11:25:34JdGordonhardeep: incase u read the logs, i found that 25min track, had no problems ffwind through it, but it went about 3s over the end when i let it start plaaying again
11:26:14bleakedlinuxstb: also sort of interesting, but ever since i removed the apple firmare, the device is really snappy. songs just open much quicker, boot and especially shutdown times are very quick.. just overall better performance.
11:27:51 Join senab [0] (
11:28:00senabmorning ppl
11:28:19senabjust a quicky, is there any wiki page on howto compile on linux
11:28:42senablike instaling the crosscompiler and stuff
11:29:06senabdya think u could give me the name of it?
11:29:38B4gderstart here =>
11:29:50JdGordonah, next time ask the whole question :D
11:30:23senabcheers badger
11:30:42senabit just pisses me off that cygwin uses ov er 1.5gb
11:31:02senabso i'm switching to a small ubuntu distro
11:31:10 Quit senab (Client Quit)
11:32:52 Join TeaSea [0] (
11:35:53linuxstbbleaked: I do the same as B4gder - I've just been using umount on various USB disks for years and have never had problems.
11:35:59 Join mima [0] (n=mimak@
11:36:13 Join RedBreva [0] (
11:36:15B4gderI don't see what good eject would do to a usb device
11:38:42amiconnB4gder: Do I remember correctly that it was you who wrote the ISD200 linux driver?
11:38:47amiconnOr was that Zagor?
11:38:51B4gderZagor did
11:39:08 Quit RedBreva (Client Quit)
11:39:08Zagorviewcvs is now working, albeit a bit mory ugly-looking than before
11:39:49 Part mima
11:39:51amiconnThing is, the ISD200 driver is somewhat shaky on a current kernel, at least on amd64
11:40:29amiconnWhen connecting a device it works first, but after transferring data for a while starts throwing errors
11:40:41Zagoramiconn: yes, it's never been fully 64bit-cleaned as far as I know
11:41:12ZagorI haven't touched it for years now. it belongs to the usb-storage team these days.
11:41:52amiconnHmm, maybe I should file a bug report then
11:42:04amiconnI'll do a test under 32bit as well
11:44:55scorcheboo for free forced advertising!
11:45:52ravonSo tempting to write a made-up badmouthing post about the product.
11:46:00Zagorscorche: topic removed
11:46:31scorcheadmins triumph!
11:46:33 Join RedBreva [0] (
11:46:35 Quit RedBreva (Client Quit)
11:47:04Zagoruse the "notify" button on spam to bring admin attention to it
11:47:29Zagorumm, no i'm wrong
11:47:35scorchemeh...the "paste in in irc" method is faster
11:47:49scorche"report to moderator" ?
11:48:15Zagorright, that's what it's called. I've never had to find it myself, I only get the mail :-)
11:48:37scorcheplus, in the irc method, we get to laugh at them
11:53:15markunscorche: what was the post about?
12:00:30 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:00:39 Join sucka [0] (
12:03:09 Join fejfighter [0] (
12:11:08 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:13:04 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:15:49 Quit theli_ua ("by all")
12:18:08 Join freqmod [0] (
12:19:41Mikachubleaked: no idea, it'll do that if you wrote something to sda1
12:20:06 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
12:21:53JdGordoni did the h300usbotg internal wire mod, but its still not working, i just checked the voltage coming out of the host port and its only 3.77v, would that be why?
12:22:01 Join actionshrimp [0] (
12:23:03Genre9mp3JdGordon: What is this internal wire mod you are saying?
12:23:31JdGordonto get usbotg working on us h300's
12:23:42Genre9mp3oh. ok
12:26:10 Join sandoaway [0] (i=lolsteam@
12:29:10 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:29:11 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:29:43 Join dj-fu [0] (
12:30:45 Quit pondlife (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
12:31:40 Join pondlife [0] (
12:32:53 Quit sando (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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12:48:08 Join sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
12:48:13 Quit sucka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:51:43 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
12:52:50 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
12:56:48 Join damaki [0] (
12:58:57 Join dj-fu [0] (
12:59:51 Join sucka [0] (
13:00:18 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:00:42peturJdGordon: I don't know the exact differences between US and INT versions, but I'd expect some chargepump chip to be present to pump up the voltage
13:01:20 Join saab_rider2 [0] (i=saa_b_r_@
13:01:57 Quit jd_ (Nick collision from services.)
13:02:02 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
13:03:54 Join damaki_ [0] (
13:04:56peturJdGordon: and looking at it looks like there are some components missing, but not the chargepump. Probably just some external resitors and stuff to get it going?
13:07:53 Quit sandoaway (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:12:40markunJust found out the Meizu M6 uses the same undocumented ARM CPU as the iriver E10:
13:15:51pondlifeQuick tagcache question - what are "Example 1" and "Example 2"? I see them in the root, under "Search By Year" I take it they shouldn't be there in 3.0?
13:17:22 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:18:30freqmodlook in the tagcache config file...
13:19:19 Quit dj-fu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:19:42 Join dj-fu [0] (
13:20:14 Quit saa[b_r]ider (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:21:20amiconnpetur: The USB charge pump is part of the ISP1362
13:21:38peturah right
13:21:59peturhaven't looked at the datasheets in some time :/
13:22:29Genre9mp3pondlife: By editing the tagnavi.config you can create your own Custom Views in Tagcache
13:25:28 Quit Jungti1234 ()
13:29:37pondlifeGenre9mp3: So I see!
13:30:07pondlifeI've only just enabled Tagcache for the first time (testing)
13:32:42 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
13:33:11freqmodAnybody here that's good in C, i want to convert a float into a long with FP_BITS precision, and back.
13:34:33B4gdera flot to a long with precision?
13:34:39 Quit fejfighter ()
13:35:13B4gderyou mean you want some kind of 3/29 bit or similar version of the float?
13:35:20linuxstbfreqmod: Have you found your speex bug yet?
13:35:21markunfreqmod: don't you just want to multiply the float by 2^FP_BITS and store it in a long?
13:35:23freqmodi want to implement float spx_exp(float xf) using fp_exp
13:35:49freqmodyes, I think so, i think the math library on the ipod has a faulty exp function
13:35:51 Join PaulJam [0] (
13:36:20freqmodand i try to implement exp now using fp_exp, but currently is sounds nearly as bad as the original on the ipod,
13:36:20markunspeex! Didn't even know you were working on that
13:36:44 Join dj-fu [0] (
13:36:47freqmodhowever now I get the _same_ noise on the simulator (when using the exp function)
13:37:12linuxstbI remember preglow (or maybe someone else) mentioning the availability of fixed-point patches for speex. Do you know about those? I've no idea if they are in the SVN/CVS version of Speex yet, or if they are somewhere else.
13:37:35freqmodyes, i am using them, but they does not include an exp function :(
13:38:04 Nick jd_ is now known as jd_away (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
13:39:36freqmodcurrent exp function:
13:39:54JdGordonpetur: ye, i did the mod because others have done it and it worked, so im just wondering if my player just wont do it or if i stuffed the mod
13:41:45*petur wonders if B4gder isn't a bit too quick to close some bug reports
13:41:47 Join Febs [0] (
13:44:25JdGordonpetur: just plugged the ac in and got 4.97V from the port, so looks like usbotg is useless without a full battery :'(
13:44:38JdGordondefeats the purpose of it almost ...
13:45:25JdGordonwhy does the h300 not let u turn it off its its being charged?
13:45:57peturI'd check what those missing components are (the mod was just the wire, right?)
13:46:08freqmodit is a _little_ better..., but it is still difference to the standard c library, maybe it helps to increase the precision
13:46:16JdGordonye, the missing stuff is a cap and a resistor according to the wiki page
13:48:43 Join menollo [0] (
13:50:00 Join gtkspert_ [0] (
13:52:31 Quit ZenMasterJG (Connection timed out)
13:52:42 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
13:54:58 Join Xerion_ [0] (
13:55:16 Join sandoaway [0] (i=lolsteam@
13:55:38 Quit HCl (Remote closed the connection)
13:55:40 Join HCl [0] (
13:56:09 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
13:56:24 Join obo [0] (
13:57:25obofreqmod: this any help? another fixed point exp (and ln)
13:57:45freqmodobo:I will try it
14:00:31freqmodobo:sorry, sounded a little worse...
14:02:02obono worries - it's enough for my (crude) needs anyway
14:02:21linuxstbI noticed the author mentions he has ARM versions of his functions available if you email him...
14:02:26*freqmod tries to adapt an exp function from GSL (gnu sientific library)
14:02:34 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:08:33 Quit Xerion (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:08:34 Nick Xerion_ is now known as Xerion (
14:11:02 Nick gtkspert_ is now known as gtkspert (
14:13:53 Quit MrStaticVoid ("leaving")
14:13:57 Join dj-fu [0] (
14:14:04 Quit sando (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:15:10 Join dpr0 [0] (
14:17:53*freqmod didn't like that _one_ call to exp, and commented it out, and then the noise dissappeared
14:18:40freqmodexcept that it is an exp call in nb_celp.c if st->lbr_48k is activated... don't really know how to test that
14:18:54 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:19:03 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
14:19:27menollois there a way to convert floats to strings??
14:19:47 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
14:20:33menolloi've tried.. for int it work.. but not for float
14:20:48B4gderare you talking about rockbox code?
14:20:51tucozI wonder if Paprica has fixed the star plugin for the h120. It's certainly not fixed in cvs
14:20:55 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
14:21:00B4gdermenollo: then don't use floats ;-)
14:21:17menollohmm.. ok :S
14:21:17B4gderRockbox's sprintf() doesn't support any float flags
14:21:17tucoz(as he closed the bug report as 'Fixed')
14:22:07freqmodand then sterio started to work too :)
14:22:17linuxstbtucoz: I was just wondering the same...
14:22:25freqmod, but it is currently decoded in mono
14:22:28menolloi was trying to make my first plugin.. an all to all converter (for distance temperture etc etc..) but that makes it a lot diffricult
14:23:57 Join lodesi [0] (
14:26:12Mikachuthe calc plugin shows floating numbers
14:28:16menollook thx.. i will look at it
14:30:05 Join TCK [0] (
14:30:39 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
14:36:00XavierGrcan we just moo?
14:36:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:36:58XavierGrcan't too
14:36:59XavierGr:p the game with this: qnbjanw ;)
14:37:29saab_rider2XavierGr! you've been dethrowned!
14:38:44saab_rider2throan? how the hell do you spell it??
14:39:26saab_rider2dethroned :p
14:39:37XavierGrhe broke my record! :(
14:40:03saab_rider2using a cheap battery!
14:40:32*petur wonders what a duel disk album is and hides just in case it means something bad
14:41:01Mikachui would guess he meant dual
14:41:08XavierGrno matter how many times I post on MR to submit their results on the wiki they just ignore me!
14:41:10*petur also wonders what time he would have got without caption backlight
14:41:26*petur ignores XavierGr
14:41:45XavierGrcaption light on?
14:41:51XavierGrI thought he said off
14:42:28XavierGrI can't really believe this result caption backlight consumes a lot of battery
14:42:33saab_rider2I didn't even notice that!!
14:42:58saab_rider2could it be that a 20 GB drive uses less power by any chance?
14:43:14 Nick saab_rider2 is now known as saa[b_r]ider (i=saa_b_r_@
14:44:12XavierGrI don't think so
14:44:19XavierGrAFAIK both drives are rated the same
14:44:39muesli|delhiwow, 32h are nuts
14:44:43Genre9mp3XavierGr: What about the 60GB?
14:44:58muesli|delhieven better than on my h120
14:46:50XavierGrGenre9mp3: I think it's the same too
14:47:13saa[b_r]iderXavierGr *only* able to get 30 hours ;)
14:47:25XavierGryeah I am so pissed
14:47:32XavierGrI am going to RMA it :p
14:49:06JdGordondoes the lcd remote go through much batt?
14:49:40XavierGrwell it should be measureable .
14:50:15amiconnXavierGr: The 20GB 1.8" drives do consume less power than the 40GB models
14:50:28amiconnOnly one platter to spin instead of 2
14:50:44muesli|delhikewl..i have a 30gb drive
14:50:47saa[b_r]iderwhich makes sense, since XavierGr has a 60 GB drive
14:50:57XavierGrI don't remember the watt ratings
14:51:22amiconnWatt ratings aren't that important in this case
14:51:25saa[b_r]iderwhat would be interesting is finding out how the album art patch affects battery life
14:51:46amiconnEven if the spindle motor is the same, the dual platter drives will consume more energy
14:51:52 Join ZenMasterJG [0] (n=Jordan@
14:51:53amiconn..because the spinup takes longer
14:52:07XavierGrso you think the difference is measureable?
14:52:09Mikachuwhich will lead to a higher "wattage"
14:52:37amiconnMikachu: wattage != energy consumption
14:53:01 Join FyrtioTva [0] (
14:53:14XavierGrreally? I thought it was that way
14:54:10Mikachuare you referring to apparent effect? i'm not sure that is the right english term
14:54:15 Nick FyrtioTva is now known as apo` (
14:54:41Mikachueffect = energy per second
14:56:41Mikachuor was that |S|? i forget :)
14:57:55apo`Can somebody tell me where to get unifont? I can't find it :/
14:58:28Mikachuoh yeah, they call it power in english, not effect
14:58:51 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
14:58:53tucozapo`: isn't it in the fontpackage?
14:58:55 Join idnar_ [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
14:59:11Mikachureal power P=Re{S}, reactive power Q=Im{S}, apparent power |S|
14:59:21amiconnI'm referring to energy (measured in J == Ws) vs. power (measured in W). Not sure about the english terms
14:59:37apo`tucoz: You mean from ?
14:59:41tucozapo`: you can download the font package here in any case,
14:59:57Mikachuenergy consumption would traditionally be measured per time unit, ie in watts
15:00:01apo`Thanks :)
15:00:11tucozapo`: no problem :)
15:00:25apo`*tries again*
15:00:40 Quit sandoaway (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:00:52Mikachuif the harddrive uses the spindown energy to feed back electricity to the battery, which i think it doesn't, only the reactive power would increase by adding platters
15:01:18 Join bluebrother [0] (
15:06:31 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:06:38 Quit obo ("CGI:IRC")
15:09:57 Join mongey1 [0] (
15:10:09 Quit ZenMasterJG (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:14:24 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:15:25 Join PaulJam [0] (
15:16:22 Join Lost-ash [0] (
15:21:52 Quit mongey|zZz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:24:19 Part Lost-ash ("Konversation terminated!")
15:29:45amiconnMikachu: No, the harddrive doesn't feed back energy from the platters to the battery. However, modern harddisks use the energy from the spinning platters to perform the "emergency park" when the disk is spinning (heads unparked) and the power is cut
15:30:49amiconnBecause this emergency park is unregulated (it simply parks as fast as it can), you'll hear a distinctive 'clack'
15:31:27 Quit linuxstb (Remote closed the connection)
15:33:11amiconnIt's not recommended to do this very often; IBM states a lifetime of 1,000,000 normal park/unpark cycles, but only 20,000 emergency park cycles (iirc)
15:33:43preglowibm drives have a life expectancy of two weeks anyway
15:34:05amiconnI never had problems with IBM (unlike Quantum, NEC, ...)
15:34:06Genre9mp3Someone with CVS access should check the latest update of this patch:
15:34:25Genre9mp3It makes the H300 LCD remote work like a charm!
15:34:34Genre9mp3Not even a minor glitch!
15:34:50preglowamiconn: are you kidding? everybody had problems with ibm drives, they were crap
15:34:57preglowi had three of them, and all of them crashed horribly
15:35:08Genre9mp3The author says that it works with the H100 LCD remote as well
15:35:41Genre9mp3The only problem I found was that you are not able to start the player using a non-LCD remote...check the comments
15:36:48Genre9mp3The remote bugs are due in 3.0, right?
15:39:29peturthat's one thing I hate about rockbox crashes: the loud clack of the disk when you reset it
15:40:07*smably wakes up
15:40:21Genre9mp3Oh are here! :)
15:40:29Genre9mp3Great work with the patch...
15:40:37Genre9mp3just tested it
15:40:47 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
15:40:54 Join actionshrimp [0] (
15:42:28amiconnpreglow: I've used and still use numerous IBM drives. I deem them very reliable. Within one single series IBM had quality problems
15:43:07amiconn(3.5" SCSI, don't remember the exact name, but these were 9GB drives)
15:43:47 Quit Myst` ()
15:43:48amiconnpetur: The loud clack is also still present in the H300 bootloader USB mode...
15:44:53peturI had one scsi disk (2GB I think it was) from IBM and it crashed badly. Of three quantum scsi disks I've had one develop bad clusters and it was swapped with a new one. It turned out to be a known bug in the firmware (!)
15:45:06preglowamiconn: these were ide drives
15:45:13smablyGenre9mp3: heh, just woke up ten minutes ago (thanks, glad it works)
15:45:27preglowamiconn: a couple of runs of drives they produced the same year they sold their hard drive business
15:45:38preglowsmall wonder they sold it, they had a HUGE return rate on the hds
15:45:53*petur wonders if LinusN is goint to do some more bootloader work for the h300
15:46:02preglowif i had an ibm disk in my system still, i'd replace it immediately
15:46:12*amiconn wouldn't
15:47:18ender`i have many IBM disks (and some Hitachis), and they work without any problems
15:47:18peturi've seen ibm deskstar disks get extremely hot and fail if there wasn't a big fan blowing on it
15:49:23ender`4x IC35 120GB, 1x IC35 180GB, 1x DTLA 40GB
15:49:55ender`Deskstars are the only drives that haven't failed on me yet
15:51:20ender`i've had problems with Maxtor, WD and Seagate
15:52:11amiconnHehe, same here, just that I had problems with Quantum, NEC and (old) Seagate
15:52:58ender`i only ever had 1 Quantum drive (8GB), and i recently retired it, but only because it became too small (and i needed the bay for a larger drive)
15:53:18 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
15:53:38 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
15:54:19Genre9mp3smably: Did you read my comment?
15:54:41ender`with WD, i had one disk behave weirdly from the moment i got it (performance), i got it replaced. on another WD, the firmware has a known bug that it misreports the temperature and has one of the SMART fields set ti failed
15:57:15ender`maxtor 40GB disk developed bad sectors in 3 months after purchase, replacement started emulating floppy speeds 3 months after i got it. seagate 300GB had performance problems (max 10MB/s in reads), replacement was fine except for the 1st MB, where it didn't go beyond 300kB/s
15:58:51 Join Rondom [0] (
16:02:12 Quit sucka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:02:48 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
16:05:00Mikachupreglow: one of my ibm drives had the power connector break
16:05:22preglowgod, how much data i've lost thanks to ibm
16:05:24*preglow curses ibm
16:05:39smablyGenre9mp3: yep, glad to hear it's working (mostly) on the non-lcd remote
16:07:21Mikachuall four leads snapped
16:09:17 Join Captain_America [0] (
16:10:01Captain_Americahey does anyone have a image editor that can circular select/crop?
16:10:04bleakedsmably: whoa, you have the best nick i've seen on irc in a looong time. :D
16:10:14Genre9mp3smably: Do you think that the minor problem in the non-LCD remote is fixable?
16:11:24tucozCaptain_America: gimp probably has that function
16:12:03Captain_Americai cant dl any progs
16:12:08Genre9mp3smably: But even if you can't fix it (cause you don't have one) it would be cool if we could base in your approach and try to fix that as well
16:12:14Captain_Americaim on my brothers comp
16:12:21Captain_Americaim trying to make an icon
16:12:24bleakedCaptain_America: yea, i think gimp can do that.. i just don't think there is one 'circular tool'.. you might have to draw a cirlce and cut it out via some less obvious method.
16:12:37Mikachuthere is circular select
16:12:38smablybleaked: haha ;)
16:13:15smablyGenre9mp3: i'm not sure, since i haven't looked at that part of the code, but i can have a look tonight
16:13:27Genre9mp3smably: great
16:13:41Captain_Americawhat are you guys coding
16:14:04smably...and i'm off to work now
16:14:29Genre9mp3I'm not using the non-LCD remote, but if that is fixed, then we will have full remote support in Rockbox! :)
16:15:26 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Khe!!!")
16:15:57bleakedCaptain_America: yea, looks like gimp can do that.
16:16:58bleakedthere's an elipse select tool
16:17:11Mikachuyou can hold shift or something to make circles
16:22:00PaulJamwould it be possible to have the non-lcd remote always have the same function like in the wps? i don't see a point in using the non-lcd remote for navigation in the browser or the menu.
16:22:57peturexcept when using the voice interface of course :)
16:23:07 Quit lukaswayne9 ("Ex-Chat")
16:23:40PaulJambut you still have to use the main unit to leave the wps
16:25:02Genre9mp3PaulJam: I don't see the point to navigate with the non-LCD remote
16:25:16Genre9mp3, too
16:25:48 Nick jd_away is now known as jd_ (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
16:26:50 Join joe2 [0] (
16:27:54 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
16:28:30amiconnGenre9mp3: There are some points (if you're a remote user) (1) Voice UI (2) When you can read the main LCD, but the unit is too far away to operate the buttons
16:28:48amiconnThe archos remote is non-lcd, and you can use it for navigation
16:29:03amiconn(in the archos firmware too)
16:29:51 Quit PaulJam (
16:29:51 Quit tucoz (
16:29:51 Quit menollo (
16:29:51 Quit Genre9mp3 (
16:29:51 Quit TeaSea (
16:29:51 Quit petur (
16:29:51 Quit ender` (
16:29:51 Quit twisted_one (
16:29:51 Quit Flutterb1 (
16:29:51 Quit Rob2222 (
16:29:51 Quit darkless (
16:29:51 Quit sharpe (
16:29:53 Quit Mikachu (
16:29:53 Quit Siku (
16:29:53 Quit apo` (
16:29:53 Quit ^BeN^ (
16:29:53 Quit juxtap (
16:29:53 Quit crashd (
16:29:53 Quit Presence (
16:29:53 Quit Galois (
16:29:57 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
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16:30:09*freqmod thinks it is a netsplit
16:30:25 Quit Genre9mp3 (Killed by (Nick collision))
16:30:25 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
16:30:25NJoinPaulJam [0] (
16:30:25NJoinapo` [0] (
16:30:25NJointucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
16:30:25NJoinmenollo [0] (
16:30:25NJoinGenre9mp3 [0] (
16:30:25NJoinTeaSea [0] (
16:30:25 Join petur [0] (n=d4efd6a6@rockbox/developer/petur)
16:30:25NJoinender` [0] (i=null@
16:30:25NJointwisted_one [0] (n=mmschnei@
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16:30:25Hansmaulwurffirst :P
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16:31:00 Quit JoeyBorn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:33:41 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
16:36:29 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:36:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:37:07 Quit joe2 (Remote closed the connection)
16:40:46saa[b_r]iderGenre9mp3: so you tested this new H300 remote patch?
16:41:38 Join Genre9mp4 [0] (
16:41:57*Genre9mp4 curses the evil netsplit
16:42:18 Quit YouCeyE (Success)
16:42:32Genre9mp4saa[b_r]ider: Yes I did...
16:43:24Genre9mp4amiconn: Does the non-LCD remote navigate in File Browser currently in CVS?
16:44:47Genre9mp4saa[b_r]ider: The H300 LCD remote works fine with the patch
16:44:50 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
16:45:33saa[b_r]iderGenre9mp3: so what does right and left do now? does it function like right and left on the player?
16:46:47Genre9mp4saa[b_r]ider: Yes...All the functionality is as it should... read the comments here:
16:47:06 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
16:48:17saa[b_r]ideryeah I've been there after I saw your post at MR
16:48:47saa[b_r]iderGenre9mp3: what about the +10 and -10 buttons?
16:49:04Genre9mp4There wasn't only the right/left problem....but now, all the problems are fixed
16:49:16Genre9mp4The +10/-10 buttons worked before
16:49:36Genre9mp4(at least in the CVS)
16:50:05saa[b_r]iderexcuse my laziness :p does it skip pages?'s something like page up/down
16:50:59 Join sucka [0] (
16:51:22 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
16:53:46 Quit Genre9mp3 (Connection timed out)
16:54:05 Nick Genre9mp4 is now known as Genre9mp3 (
16:54:39*Genre9mp3 just checked the non-LCD remote with a CVS build
16:54:46 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
16:55:01Genre9mp3right/left DO actually navigate in menus/file browser
16:55:18Genre9mp3So the only problem with the patch is that...
16:55:50Genre9mp3And what has to be solved next is being able to start the player with the non-LCD remote, as well
16:56:54saa[b_r]iderdon't care much for the non-LCD remote :)
16:58:05amiconnGenre9mp3: If starting the player with the non-lcd remote doesn't work, it's a hardware limitation, nothing rockbox can solve
16:59:12Genre9mp3amiconn: When you push play you get the "Hold on, power off..." message no matter what
16:59:29Genre9mp3I thought that this is a I wrong?
16:59:36amiconnThen it's a problem of hold detection in the bootloader
17:00:14amiconnAnyone could try to fix, but flashing a new bootloader first time w/o BDM is a bit dangerous...
17:00:19Genre9mp3amiconn: So the only problem with the patch is the non-LCD navigation
17:01:07*Genre9mp3 should comment again in the tracker
17:01:48*amiconn should use the tracker more often
17:02:06amiconnI use the tracker less than before the migration to flyspray...
17:02:36Genre9mp3amiconn: What do you think about the patch?
17:07:18amiconnRather ugly approach...
17:07:47 Join hardeep [0] (
17:08:24 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:10:17 Join smably_ [0] (
17:10:31amiconnDepending on how long the freeze will stay, we might solve the problem before 3.0, but in fact I think it's a minor problem not worth holding back 3.0 for
17:11:02smably_amiconn: agree, re: ugliness
17:11:13smably_can you think of a better way to do it?
17:11:16mongey1WTF my battery go drained
17:11:27amiconnWhat we could do nearly instantaneous is fixing the buttons for H300, so that a H100 remote on a H100 would work correctly, and a H300 remote on a H300 would also work correctly
17:12:04amiconnThen a H100 remote on a H300 would have some buttons swapped, and a H300 remote on a H100 would also have some buttons swapped
17:12:19smably_there are a lot of H100 remote owners on the H300
17:12:30smably_more than H300 remote owners, probably
17:12:55amiconnThe more long-term solution (already planned) is introducing an intermediate layer that translates between buttons/button sequences and actions
17:13:09amiconnApp layer code would then check for actions, not buttons
17:13:32amiconnThe translator could be dynamic (irivers) or static (other targets)
17:13:54amiconnIt would also handle things like short/long press, combos & double clicks)
17:14:25smably_i suppose it would also make it really easy for users to remap the button actions
17:14:38hardeepi'd like to see the translator be dynamic for all targets -> user defined key bindings
17:14:47amiconnAdvantages: Proper handling of multiple remotes, more compact app code, and better consistency
17:15:12amiconnhardeep: I have several strong reasons against dynamic button mapping
17:15:23amiconns/dynamic/user defined/
17:15:52smably_are you thinking that it would be a support nightmare?
17:16:29amiconnNot only that, there are also hardware constraints which buttons can be used together
17:16:32hardeepi'm not so sure
17:16:57hardeepamiconn: well, that can be handled by checking the key-mappings before "compiling" them into whatever format we need them
17:16:58amiconn->when remapping, some combos will stop working
17:17:42 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
17:17:49hardeepbasically, add an offline sanity check before letting them be loaded
17:18:29hardeepthat could also handle conflicts, not just constraints
17:18:39 Quit PaulJam (".")
17:18:55amiconnNow who should code that?
17:19:17hardeepwhoever implements the feature. =) i was thinking of having a go at it if i have some time
17:19:58amiconnWe currently have 21 targets, with 11 different keypads
17:20:16hardeepyup, not saying it's trivial, but it's definitely doable
17:20:47amiconnI say forget user-defined button mapping, for support nightmare, hardware constraints, and code complexity reasons
17:21:12twisted_oneis there a way to delete just the TagCache? I am having issues with mine, I would like to dump it and rescan everything.
17:21:13hardeepwell, if we have the translation layer you mentioned, the firmware code shouldn't be all that complex
17:21:28hardeepthe offline stuff probably will be, but that's fine
17:21:39 Join actionshrimp [0] (
17:21:44hardeeptwisted_one: delete /.rockbox/tagcache*
17:21:44amiconnIt's perhaps doable, the question is whether it makes sense. Imho it does not
17:21:48bluebrothertwisted_one, delete the *.tcd files in .rockbox
17:22:13twisted_oneok, thanks guys, I'll give that a go and see if that fixes this. =)
17:22:18hardeepamiconn: i don't like half of the current key bindings and i'm sure there's just as many people who wouldn't like my choices
17:22:23amiconnhardeep: A static translator will surely be more compact than a dynamic one
17:22:45hardeepamiconn: true, but you had already mentioned needing a dynamic one for the iriver remotes
17:23:30amiconnThe translator method will make the ui more consistent anyway. It forces us to go though all app code and check what different button actions actually exist
17:24:00amiconnhardeep: Yes, but that will increase code size + memory requirements for iriver only, where it's not that much of a problem
17:24:26amiconnOn archos, ipod, gigabeat, and iriver ifp it can be static
17:24:59hardeepi think it's worth seeing how much it really adds...
17:25:08amiconnThe translator needs to be extendable even if it is static, to allow plugins to define additional actions
17:25:29amiconnWe don't want actions in the core which are only needed by plugins
17:25:41 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
17:25:48hardeepdefinitely not, agreed
17:26:07amiconnThe real work is (1) identifying all button actions (2) identifying UI contexts in which these actions are valid
17:26:14 Quit lukaswayne9 (Remote closed the connection)
17:26:29amiconnIf we have that, implementing the translator method shouldn't be hard
17:26:49Mikachuone issue is that in some plugins, an action makes more sense in one place than the same action does in another plugin
17:26:57Mikachuwhere place means button
17:27:21Mikachudue to lack of buttons
17:27:51 Quit sucka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:29:51smably_amiconn: do you think there's any way that we will get complete remote support in 3.0 (barring the button handling rewrite, of course)?
17:31:18smably_because otherwise, we should remove it from the release requirements
17:31:39linuxstbDoes the iriver firmware support the h100 remote on the h300 and vice-versa?
17:32:22smably_actually, i'm not sure about the H300 remote on the H100, but i'd guess so
17:32:51 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
17:34:20amiconnThe 'complete remote support' actually means that all screens (at least in core code) should use the multi-screen gui
17:34:52smably_oh, ok
17:35:00smably_so what's missing from this right now?
17:36:11amiconnI'm not sure...
17:36:29amiconnI know that the multi-screen support in the recording screen is a big ugly hack
17:36:44amiconn...but I don't know which screens are still missing
17:36:51bluebrotherIIRC I had bookmarks not working on the remote screen ... but that was some time ago.
17:37:01*amiconn doesn't use his remote at all except for development
17:37:38smably_i've never noticed any remote display problems, except in plugins
17:37:54bluebrotherloading a bookmark isn't shown on the remote
17:37:59linuxstbI'm just testing now. ID3 info isn't on the remote.
17:38:17linuxstbPitch screen isn't...
17:38:42linuxstbGraphical EQ isn't...
17:38:51 Join sucka [0] (
17:38:59smably_is this info in the bugtracker?
17:39:03*amiconn wants TiMiD back :/
17:40:33bluebrothercontext menu in the file browser also.
17:40:47bluebrotherat least I can't get it to show.
17:40:53linuxstbThere's a detailed report here:
17:41:11linuxstb(listed as due in 3.0)
17:41:15bluebrotheroh, context menu is working. Used the wrong button.
17:41:26smably_linuxstb: thanks :)
17:41:40linuxstbIs the keyboard implemented on the remote yet?
17:41:46 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:42:56linuxstbTo answer my own question, no...
17:46:40 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
17:48:20hardeeplinuxstb: any problems with the patch you posted on ?
17:48:30hardeepshould we get it committed?
17:49:44smably_linuxstb: i'm not sure i'm convinced that we need the remote to work properly in the debug menu
17:49:59linuxstbsmably_: I agree. But that still leaves a lot of work to do.
17:50:55smably_good thing i have tons of free time :)
17:51:34linuxstbhardeep: I haven't been using Rockbox very much recently, so haven't been able to test it. Also, lostlogic hasn't been around to comment either. But I would be inclined to commit it and see if anyone complains...
17:52:14hardeeplinuxstb: okay, i'll do some quick tests with and then commit
17:52:14*lostlogic magically appears
17:52:36*linuxstb picks himself up from the floor
17:53:06 Join saab_rider2 [0] (i=saa_b_r_@
17:53:10*preglow magically goes to wash some dishes
17:53:20lostlogiclooks right to me.
17:53:21 Join webguest64 [0] (
17:55:30 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:56:41 Quit petur ("[x]")
17:57:18 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
17:57:46 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
18:02:54 Quit ender` (" If I had only finished this sentence,")
18:07:25 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
18:08:19 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
18:09:01 Join sadeness_ [0] (n=LamersIn@
18:09:45 Nick sadeness_ is now known as sadeness (n=LamersIn@
18:11:08sadenesshello! is here anybody who work on iAudio M5?
18:12:36 Join Daishi [0] (
18:13:15sadenessAt least I looking for RB developers. :-)
18:14:20 Quit saa[b_r]ider (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:14:30linuxstbI'm one of those, but I know nothing about the different iaudios...
18:14:49sharpesadeness: i'm not one of those, however i can answer some questions.
18:16:05sadenesswell. i wanna RB on my iAudio M5 and I ready to work on it. How can I help the project?
18:16:59linuxstbDo you know how the M5 differs to the X5 supported by Rockbox?
18:17:26sharpeif they didn't differ at all hardware wise, wouldn't that be great?
18:17:44linuxstbThen it would be called an X5...
18:17:54sadenessnot yet :-) . i know that it is monochrome.
18:18:04sadenessX5 has colour display.
18:18:28linuxstbI think the first step would be to disassemble your player and add info to this page:
18:18:32sharpelinuxstb: i know. but still, it's something to hope for.
18:18:48linuxstbe.g. add a new IaudioM5info to go with the IaudioM3info and IaudioX5info
18:19:25sharpewow. A5. for some reason i thought it was A5.
18:20:18 Quit tucoz ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
18:21:00sharpenevermind, i'll just stick to what i usually do.
18:22:06XavierGractually virtual keyboard is missing from the remote too.
18:31:30 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
18:31:49 Join actionshrimp [0] (
18:36:35 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
18:36:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:37:30 Nick idnar_ is now known as idnar (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
18:37:37tucozIs it ok to close this?
18:38:08tucozit's sortof a feature request, but mostly a question that should have been in the forums
18:39:20XavierGrIsn't there already feature requests for video?
18:39:26XavierGrIf yes, then delete it.
18:39:47bluebrotherI hate feature requests where the submitter sets the severity to high.
18:40:19tucozXavierGr: there are not really a feature request for video
18:42:41XavierGrI dunno
18:43:13bluebrotherI vote for closing :)
18:43:14tucozBut, the content of that task is not a request. It's a question with a demand for an answer to his email adress.
18:43:29 Join roland [0] (
18:43:33XavierGrthen stab it! :D
18:43:45tucozSo be it :) We all know that we won't forget video as a requst anyway
18:43:59bluebrotherhehe ...
18:44:10rolandhello, may i ask a little question google doesn't found an answar?
18:44:29sharpeit's not like we're reminded of video support at least once in the forums everyday.
18:45:03bluebrotherroland, no, asking is strictly prohibited in this channel ;-) Just shoot.
18:45:03rolandhow do i reset rootbox to default settings on an iPod5g? (the back- and foreground-colors are the same so i dont find the menus)
18:45:17sharpeturn on the hold switch when you're booting
18:45:37sharpeer, be sure it's on when you're booting, turn it on before it gets to rockbox.
18:45:41bluebrotherdamn, I was too late
18:45:51sharpethat's them there quick eyes.
18:45:57rolandyeah! that worked... :)
18:46:37rolandthanks! where are the settings stored?
18:46:56sharpenot as a file, off the main partition(s)
18:47:01bluebrotherin a special block on the disk
18:47:08linuxstbIn a secret place....
18:47:10bluebrotheryou can export them to a file (write .cfg)
18:47:11XavierGrhehe "rootbox" :)
18:47:28sharpei said "sandbox" and got nothing.
18:47:44saab_rider2XavierGr: so what exactly is your H100 record ;)
18:47:55XavierGr21 hours with stock battery
18:48:14XavierGrbut yeah others have get more with other batteries
18:48:37saab_rider2sweet.. I wonder what the record is with a stock battery with the H300
18:48:53saab_rider2man no more tests for me for a while!
18:49:23saab_rider2I should upload the battery_bench files though
18:49:28XavierGrsaab_rider2: change your battery and then sit back and relax/enjoy
18:49:30sharpewell, i'm off, i'll be back later. not that anyone cares, of course.
18:50:01XavierGrsharpe: I will care once you start fixing bugs! :D
18:50:03saab_rider2yeah I should.. 4 out of my 6 tests were done using the official build
18:50:32saab_rider2+ 1 with an unofficial build, and another with iRiver's FW
18:50:47 Nick saab_rider2 is now known as saa[b_r]ider (i=saa_b_r_@
18:50:51XavierGrthe outcome is summed up on 1 phrase:
18:51:19XavierGr"Rockbox", it really kicks default firmware's ass!!!
18:51:29idnarmm, rockbox seems to drain the battery on my X5 quicker than the original firmware
18:51:47XavierGryes the x5 target is still in its infancy
18:51:55saa[b_r]iderwe should have that recorded as the "official" Rockbox test file
18:52:00bluebrothercould you make a sound file of that? Like the winamp that kicked the llamas ass?
18:52:27bluebrotherdon't know if winamp still ships that demo file.
18:52:32XavierGrI am not a good speaker maybe someone else... :P
18:52:32saa[b_r]iderit should be in Linus's voice :D
18:52:37saa[b_r]iderstill does
18:52:51bluebrotherI'm still using winamp2
18:53:02saa[b_r]iderthey have lamas in the background..
18:53:11saa[b_r]iderwinamp 5 is really good
18:53:12bluebrothermaybe record it in different languages ...
18:53:31saa[b_r]ideronly gripe with winamp is proper Unicode support
18:53:32bluebrotherI recently installed winamp5 on a friends laptop. Deleted it about 5 minutes later.
18:53:49bluebrotherIf winamp2 isn't sufficient for my I have foobar :)
18:53:50sadenesssaa[b_r]ider, foobar2000.
18:54:13saa[b_r]iderbluebrother, you can change the look into "classic" which is winamp 2 style
18:54:14XavierGryup foobar is good
18:54:48bluebrothersaa[b_r]ider, I found it to be really sluggish on that machine. Replaced it with winamp2 and was ways quicker.
18:54:50saa[b_r]iderbluebrother, and I don't like the media center thing either, you can minimize that as well
18:55:14XavierGrI am a weirdo, I use a winamp5 and have a winamp2 skin that looks like Winamp5.
18:55:22XavierGrand all that to save 1 second when loading
18:55:26bluebrotheranyway, for me I won't install winamp5. I have better alternatives ;-)
18:55:44saa[b_r]iderfoobar I haven't gotten to make it look good
18:55:57XavierGrfoobar has a problem with my mp3s
18:56:06Captain_Americaanyone here use windows media player 11 yet
18:56:07XavierGrwhich reminds me that it has the same problem as rockbox
18:56:09 Quit roland ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:56:10saa[b_r]iderit does?
18:56:14XavierGrwhile all other players dont
18:56:23saa[b_r]iderwhich is?
18:56:23bluebrotherwmp is crap.
18:56:28*Genre9mp3 wonders when XavierGr will get rid of the nasty llama
18:56:34saa[b_r]iderI have it installed
18:56:36XavierGron some tracks encoded with a crappy encoder it will just show wrong runtimes
18:56:49Captain_Americathe new wmp rules
18:56:52XavierGron rockbox it is bearable becasue at least it will play the whole file
18:57:02bluebrotherwhy? Can it make coffee?
18:57:04 Quit sucka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:57:12XavierGrbut in foobar when it reaches the end of the wrong runtime it will stop halfway
18:57:14Captain_Americaand lattes'
18:57:20saa[b_r]idercoffe with album art too! :D
18:57:35bluebrotherusing the can holder of your computer?
18:57:37XavierGrwmp is really crap
18:57:43Captain_Americaalright going to watch freddy got fingered
18:57:45XavierGrstay away from it and DRM
18:57:47Captain_Americano its now
18:57:52Genre9mp3XavierGr: right click > Fix MP3 Header...
18:57:57XavierGrah nice movie Captain_America
18:58:01saa[b_r]iderI had a problem with rockbox under one of the unoffical builds it was very strange...
18:58:03Genre9mp3Just find some time and do it!
18:58:11XavierGrGenre9mp3: do that for 60 albums for each song
18:58:28bluebrotherfoobar can do batch processing ...
18:58:31saa[b_r]iderit would go to the next song, but think it's playing the previous song, and would go with the previous track's time
18:58:34bluebrothermaybe theres a plugin
18:58:38XavierGrit doesn't have batch on that
18:58:42saa[b_r]iderif that makes any sense to you
18:58:47XavierGrbut I will search for it more
18:58:53bluebrothertoo bad.
18:59:05 Quit Xerion (" ")
18:59:14XavierGrLinus once told me that it was a rockbox bug
18:59:22Genre9mp3XavierGr: I think it worths the time...
18:59:24XavierGrbut then he forgot about it
18:59:45XavierGrGenre9mp3: If I find a batch tool I will do that.
18:59:53 Join mikearthur [0] (
19:00:00XavierGrElse I am not going to click each and every one file to fix it
19:00:25XavierGrbut I ask myself:
19:00:28webguest64sorry to jut pop in here, but I was reading somewhere about rockbox on an IPOD with a itunes replacement, but I cant find that article. Any Ideas on the itunes replacement software?
19:00:40XavierGrWhat are the possibilities that Rockbox and Foobar share the same bug?
19:00:52bluebrotherwebguest64, I guess you mean TagCache
19:01:46XavierGryeah Cacheri is responsible for it :)
19:02:09webguest64I was looking for the PC application..
19:02:20Genre9mp3XavierGr: I think that your files have "nasty" headers that Winamp (and maybe other players as well) can "tolerate"
19:02:28XavierGrthere is no PC apllication for a music database on rockbox
19:02:30bluebrotherthere is no pc application. TagCache builds its database on your player.
19:02:58webguest64I also thought I found a paged that show where other sites had stories about rockbox, but I can't find that page either.. Is it still Monday?
19:03:07Genre9mp3XavierGr: I wouldn't consider it as a Rockbox and Foobar2000 bug
19:03:18XavierGrwell linus said so backthen
19:03:39bluebrotherArticlesAboutRockbox in the wiki IIRC.
19:04:07saa[b_r]iderwebguest64 wiki
19:04:08Genre9mp3XavierGr: But again, I insist on doing it manualy, it still worths the time
19:04:20XavierGrno! I insist too
19:04:31XavierGrit's too much of a hassle
19:04:41XavierGrAt least rockbox will playback the whole file
19:04:52XavierGrso on my PC I can just use Winamp
19:04:58Genre9mp3Think that not only you'll be able to use foobar2000, but you won't have the problem in Rockbox, too
19:05:01XavierGrnot that I listen too much music on my PC
19:05:04saa[b_r]iderGenre9mp3 XavierGr do you two have rockbox-friendly album art on your players?
19:05:17XavierGrno I hate album art
19:05:37tucozwebguest64: probably monkeys audio
19:05:39Genre9mp3saa[b_r]ider: What do you mean by rockbox-friendly album art?
19:05:40XavierGrI am with amiconn on the album art issue
19:05:48tucozno, monkey media or whatever it is called
19:05:55saa[b_r]iderwell I'm not using it yet, as I still have to clean up the mess of an MP3 collection that I have
19:06:02Genre9mp3saa[b_r]ider: I use 100x100 bmps
19:06:06 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
19:06:24saa[b_r]iderGenre9mp3: as in converted to bmp, in a size readable by rockbox... yeah, that's what I ment
19:06:48tucozmedia monkey was the name
19:06:55Genre9mp3saa[b_r]ider: I use often the Album Art version of iCatcher ;)
19:07:07saa[b_r]iderXavierGr: hate as in don't care for it, or as in, can't bother to convert?
19:07:16webguest64tucoz−−- yes that was it..
19:07:41Genre9mp3XavierGr: Has no actual reason to hate it... :-P
19:07:44XavierGrsaa[b_r]ider: I don't care for it, and that it takes valuable screen size hiding other information
19:07:50 Join Zweiundvierzig [0] (
19:08:06 Join OSi [0] (
19:08:27OSihi, i have a huge problem :(
19:08:44saa[b_r]iderso you like having bitrate, codec etc...
19:08:59Genre9mp3Office of Strategic Influence? Or the OSI Model?
19:09:02saa[b_r]idertucoz: media monkey looks sweet
19:09:21Genre9mp3saa[b_r]ider: The bitrate,codec etc, was for me?
19:09:30OSii tried to install rockbox on my ipod 5th G and now i cant start him
19:09:32saa[b_r]iderwebguest64: it's not a must to use media monkey though
19:09:34XavierGrsaa[b_r]ider not so much info. I just like big fonts and artist composer info
19:09:43tucozsaa[b_r]ider: yes. I used it a couple of years ago. Very nice.
19:10:03saa[b_r]iderGenre9mp3: no, to XavierGr who thinks album art takes up space which should be used for other info
19:10:06webguest64I'm not looking to use Media Monkey with RockBox.. I'm just looking for some Ideas..
19:10:12Genre9mp3saa[b_r]ider: ok
19:10:21markunOSi: nothing happens when you try to turn it on?
19:10:33 Quit freqmod ("Konversation terminated!")
19:10:34XavierGrwebguest64: what exactly do you want to do?
19:10:57webguest64I'm not a big fan of Itunes DRM'd music, but I liked how Itunes can put podcasts onto your player and synce up music when you connect.. Things that just dont work with drag and drop..
19:11:01 Join einhirn [0] (
19:11:05OSia picture with a folder a "!"
19:11:22XavierGrwebguest64: then use some synch software
19:11:35XavierGrthere are a lot out there and some are free.
19:11:48XavierGruou just insert your DAP click synch and bingo
19:11:50OSiand ""
19:11:54webguest64I don't on a Ipod now, I only have a Lexar player that runs from a 1gig USB thumb drive. So I'd like to have the itunes functions, with out Itunes..
19:12:09*amiconn had a just had a weird idea regarding album art
19:12:12 Join obo [0] (
19:12:24Genre9mp3amiconn: ???
19:12:35*Genre9mp3 is surprised
19:12:39webguest64I'm really thinking about buying the new Sandisk Sansa e270, but I'm waiting for more market support. I'd like to be able to buy some accessories
19:12:53markunOSi: can you connect to usb?
19:13:11Genre9mp3amiconn: What's that weird idea?
19:13:36OSiyes, disk mode is still working
19:13:45webguest64XavierGr - What do you suguest for Sync Software?
19:13:51amiconnAn idea that (1) supports album art on all bitmap targets, using the grayscale lib (2) supports album art as jpeg yet (3) does neither need the grayscale lib nor the jpeg code present in the core
19:13:51OSii tried to play backup but it doesnt worked
19:13:56 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
19:14:00XavierGrehm truth is that I don't know many
19:14:08XavierGrI use beyong comapre 2
19:14:16markunOSi: maybe the restore tool from apple?
19:14:18XavierGrbut I am sure you can find tons of them
19:14:25amiconnI mean, uses the grayscale lib on b&w targets, of course native gfx on colour targets
19:14:34Genre9mp3amiconn: Supporting jpg album art would be soooooo nice
19:14:34 Quit einhirn (Client Quit)
19:14:50XavierGryes and cpu consuming maybe?
19:14:53webguest64XavierGr - the app from Scooter Soft?? I've used it in the past.. but never to sync directories..
19:15:07OSii tried apple ipod updater and tried to play a backup from ipodlinux
19:15:43XavierGrisn't the grayscale library that boosts CPU in order to do the LCD trick on b/w targets?
19:16:02amiconnViewport support would be a prerequisite. Then we can extend the plugin api and provide hooks for some internal gfx stuff and, most important, plugins would no longer render to the screen directly, but get passed a viewport
19:16:07 Join Xerion [0] (
19:16:08markunOSi: if you wait a little perhaps someone with a ipod has an idea what you could do
19:16:24amiconnThen album art would just be passed on to the jpeg viewer...
19:16:46amiconn(with the viewport set by the wps code to the area where the album art should be displayed
19:17:03markunamiconn: sounds like a good idea
19:17:29Genre9mp3So we could use plugins in WPS viewports, such as jpg viewing, lyrics viewing etc. ?
19:17:30OSiok :(
19:17:38juxtaphow does album art work? the properly scaled bmp file is put into the album's directory?
19:17:42saa[b_r]ideramiconn: any chances viewing album art can be optimized on colored targets with minimum extra battery load?
19:17:49 Quit Kohlrabi ("Hello my name is CoolClonk .")
19:17:57amiconnFor grayscale support, we need some hooks to make sure no 2 code paths try to access the lcd simultaneously, as the grayscale lcd transfer runs in an interrupt
19:18:04saa[b_r]iderjuxtap: you need the patch though...
19:18:11juxtapyeah i know...
19:18:17juxtapbusy downloading cygwin :p
19:18:30saa[b_r]iderjuxtap: what player do you have?
19:18:35juxtapumm, 5g
19:18:46amiconnGenre9mp3: Yes, lyrics viewing could also be done via a wps viewport
19:19:10amiconnOr if somebody really wants he could run fire or plasma in a viewport...
19:19:13saa[b_r]iderjuxtap: you should read the album art patch's notes...
19:19:25juxtapall of them?
19:19:36XavierGrdoes anyone know that iriver firmware supports synched lyrics?
19:19:46 Quit Xerion (Client Quit)
19:19:46linuxstbOSi: Obviously something went wrong with your installation of the Rockbox bootloader. Which installation instructions did you follow?
19:19:46Genre9mp3or maybe a visualization plugin like the vu meter or the oscilloscope..
19:19:52markunamiconn: or some other visulalization plugin maybe
19:19:58XavierGrWhen I first bought my H140 I used this feature once for the fun of it
19:19:59webguest64check out the cygwin live cd..
19:20:02saa[b_r]iderXavierGr: do you know that it takes shitloads of work to have it view?
19:20:04amiconnYeah, oscilloscope :)
19:20:17XavierGrsaa[b_r]ider: yes indeed
19:20:30amiconnHmm, there's at least one caveat though - we need to make sure that the plugin doesn't need to be loaded on each track change
19:20:30XavierGrbut it is there for some weirdos
19:20:48sadenessrunning line with fresh jokes
19:20:48amiconnJpeg already has a mechanism to switch images
19:20:56markunXavierGr: for koreans probably :)
19:21:06XavierGrkllier feature
19:21:22XavierGrsynched lyrics instead of gapless or on the fly playlists
19:21:30 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
19:21:41amiconnSo the plugin should stay loaded as long as the wps is shown
19:21:52saa[b_r]idersince we're on the subject of "visualizations", I wish there's a way to have my Knightbox WPS's "KITT" voicebox actually represent a peakmeter
19:21:57Genre9mp3The most killer feature of the TV remote capabilities of E10!!! :)
19:21:58amiconnThis requires extending the plugin mechanism, probably running it in an own thread
19:22:27amiconnMuch less of a problem with viewports though
19:22:32XavierGramiconn: actually it sounds pretty complex, but yeah it sounds good feature
19:22:51saa[b_r]iderall after 3.0 :)
19:23:09*Genre9mp3 wonders if the Coldfire can handle "heavier" visualizations...
19:23:19OSilinuxstb i forgot to do a step at the first try
19:23:22amiconnAnd most of all, it's restricted to one plugin at a time, i.e. you can't have lyrics *and* album art at the same time
19:23:32saa[b_r]idersaa[b_r]ider: doesn't want to loose battery life!
19:24:16XavierGramiconn: yes it is obvious. we have only 1 plugin buffer, and I expect to be tricky to laod another plugin with current plugin engine
19:24:24 Join Xerion [0] (
19:24:39Genre9mp3saa[b_r]ider: Your battery life concerns are obvious!
19:24:52amiconnSupporting more than one plugin would require a dynamic plugin loader
19:24:57XavierGrha in this scenario it would be impossible to use battery_bench
19:25:00OSithis one: ipod_fw -o apple_os.bin -e 0 bootpartition.bin
19:25:02 Quit apo` (Connection timed out)
19:25:14amiconnXavierGr: True - if you use a wps plugin
19:25:55*Genre9mp3 is still surprised by amiconn's ideas :)
19:26:02*amiconn 's "dark-lcd" runtime test is still running
19:26:26 Quit jd_ ()
19:26:59 Quit actionshrimp ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
19:27:15saa[b_r]iderGenre9mp3: I damaged one battery, I don't want to damage my new one as well :)
19:27:43saa[b_r]iderI want to have 24+ hours of battery life for the next 5 years :D
19:28:17XavierGrisn't this a little too ambitious?
19:28:30amiconnsaa[b_r]ider: The battery doesn't get damaged just by using it
19:28:30saa[b_r]iderit's called being sarcastic ;)
19:28:48amiconnFor LiIons the complete handling is more important
19:28:58saa[b_r]ideramiconn: I really wonder if I had bad charging habits
19:29:02amiconnAnd if you say 5 years - forget that with LiIon
19:29:17amiconnLiIon suffers from aging even if you don't use it
19:29:18mongey1smably_: hows that patch coming along
19:29:36amiconn3 years is much for a LiIon battery
19:29:38saa[b_r]ideramiconn: I depended mainly on using the AC adapter, and I charge when the player dies...
19:29:39 Join freqmod [0] (
19:29:44*XavierGr imagines after 5 years a new type of cell that it will be able to fit in his H300 and still playback for 60 hours
19:30:19saa[b_r]ideramiconn: what do you think is the best way to charge a liIon?
19:30:24XavierGrsaa[b_r]ider: you mustn't exhaust your battery so much
19:30:45saa[b_r]iderXavierGr: as in drain it till it's dead?
19:30:45smably_mongey1: (i'm planning to release a new version tonight with significantly cleaner code and possibly non-lcd remote support)
19:30:51XavierGroptimal chargin for li-poly and li-ion is around 40%
19:31:04amiconnLiIon doesn't like (1) being fully charged during storage (2) being empty for extended periods (3) heat
19:31:15XavierGrsaa[b_r]ider: yes, don't drain it till the end
19:31:49saa[b_r]ideramiconn: having a balance between 1 and 2 is tricky
19:32:11amiconnXavierGr: You _can_ drain it all the way down without ill effects, provided you don't leave it discharged for long
19:32:20saa[b_r]iderXavierGr: but if I don't drain it till the end, I end up charging it more often... isn't that supposed to be bad as well?
19:32:47saa[b_r]iderand after you fully charge it, USE IT!
19:32:53XavierGramiconn: yes no memory effect, but some insist that low voltage levels on li-ion will make it to loose some juice over time
19:33:16 Quit pondlife ("byebye")
19:33:33 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
19:34:28amiconnYou must never deep-discharge a LiIon battery. If you do, it could even explode when you try to recharge it. But since that's so dangerous, it's guaranteed by a hardware circuit in all LiIon appliances
19:34:43 Quit OSi ()
19:34:48saa[b_r]iderI thought Li-ion battery has a set number of cycles, so constant charging decreases the number of cycles left, therefor shortening the battery's life...
19:35:29amiconnAs mentioned, the factors that shorten a LiIon battery's lifecycle are (1)..(3)
19:35:33Genre9mp3saa[b_r]ider has deep-dischared his poor little battery 6 times in the row! :)
19:35:52saa[b_r]iderso I can charge it whenever? but 1) not keep it full without usage, or 2) empty for a long time?
19:36:01amiconnThe recommended storage conditions for when you don't use them is a charge state around 60%, and a cool place
19:36:02saa[b_r]iderand away from heat
19:36:10amiconn(not below 0 C though)
19:36:36saa[b_r]iderGenre9mp3L thanks for noting that out :p
19:37:14saa[b_r]iderwhat about "over" charging, that's *not* a concern with li-ion right?
19:38:01amiconnIt is, that's why all LiIon chargers I know of are hardware controlled
19:38:36amiconnI.e. overcharging is dangerous (battery might explode or catch fire), but prevented by the charging circuit
19:38:39saa[b_r]iderso keeping it on the charger should be harmless (eg iRiver H300's charger) cause it is hardware controled?
19:38:58saa[b_r]ideralright... batteries 101...
19:39:12saa[b_r]idertomorrow batteries 102 li-polymer
19:39:36amiconnLiPo behaviour is almost identical to LiIon
19:39:52smably_saa[b_r]ider: this is what happens if you overcharge a LiPo:
19:40:20saa[b_r]idercan't watch google videos :( thanks to the great firewall of china :|
19:40:27 Join akaidiota [0] (
19:40:34saa[b_r]idersmably: thanks though :)
19:40:42smably_oh, damn :(
19:40:56smably_trust me: it's pretty spectacular
19:41:24saa[b_r]iderno fair!
19:41:43saa[b_r]iderXavierGr: I DEMAND you erase that clip from your memory :p
19:42:01Genre9mp3saa[b_r]ider: The Great (Fire)Wall of China? ;)
19:42:12XavierGrthat was nice
19:42:27 Quit hannesd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:42:50saa[b_r]iderGenre9mp3: yeah... we get *occasional* google and CNN blocks
19:43:15saa[b_r]iderarigato markun-san
19:43:21XavierGrMy god this IS scary
19:43:48sadenessIs there any tool for trace firmware? Disassemle?
19:43:53XavierGrimagine what will happen to you if you are listening to your H340 that moment
19:44:01 Join hannesd [0] (
19:44:32markunsaa[b_r]ider: ida pro (expensive) or objdump (free)
19:44:45 Join RedBreva [0] (
19:44:47markunsadeness: that was for you
19:44:58sadenessmarkun, got it.
19:45:05 Quit webguest64 ("CGI:IRC")
19:46:31saa[b_r]iderWOW! some explosion!
19:47:08saa[b_r]iderI bet future versions of iPods will have wifi, and the ability of charging "over-the-air"
19:47:36saa[b_r]iderand they could instantly deactivate the hardware circut, and have all iPod users blow up!
19:47:44 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:47:46saa[b_r]iderI'm sure that was jobs' actuall plan
19:47:58saa[b_r]ideractually *is*
19:48:41saa[b_r]iderand we thought things like iRobot were fiction :D
19:48:57saa[b_r]ideriRobot, iPod ? too obvious man!
19:49:48saa[b_r]iderand the koreans actually beat jobs to his goal with all this wi-bro stuff..
19:50:06saa[b_r]iderok, I'll shut up now...
19:50:17*saa[b_r]ider is hyper before bed-time
19:53:07saa[b_r]ideramiconn: one last battery question... by any chance does USB charging have amy negative effects?
19:53:20amiconnNo. It just takes longer
19:53:23XavierGrah yes that is interestin
19:53:30XavierGrnice to know
19:53:40XavierGrbecause there was a rumor on MR that it was bad
19:53:57amiconnIn fact a lower charging current should be better, because less heat is generated
19:54:01XavierGrbut it didn't make any sence why it would be bad
19:54:16XavierGryeah that's what I knew.
19:54:20saa[b_r]iderI thank god for USB charging... one time I went to visit my parents back home, and forgot my charger...
19:54:42saa[b_r]iderconnected my player to USB and charged away, albeit over night
19:55:48saa[b_r]iderspeaking of night... time for me to sleep. see you all tomorrow!
19:56:47 Quit saa[b_r]ider ()
19:57:30 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:58:11 Join akaidiot [0] (
20:03:24 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:03:34 Join obithrawn [0] (
20:09:03 Join ZenMasterJG [0] (n=Jordan@
20:15:44 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
20:16:25 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
20:17:13 Join beto [0] (
20:18:04 Join Aditya|Nap [0] (
20:18:26 Part Aditya|Nap
20:21:11betoi need help
20:22:25sadenessbeto, ?
20:22:43 Join SereRokR [0] (
20:23:06 Join Bonkers [0] (
20:23:26Bonkersanyone taken a archos recorder apart before? is it possible to get between the PCBs without unsoldering them?
20:24:27betooh sorry, ok im trying to install iboy into my ipod but i keep gettin a
20:25:21betoinval dir home/roms/
20:26:02betodo i make a folder in the root called home?
20:29:03 Join banan_ [0] (
20:31:37scorcheBonkers: there are either 3 or 5 solder points that you must remove the solder from
20:31:42scorcheso no
20:34:12 Quit Bagder (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:34:58 Quit beto ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:36:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:37:08 Quit SereR0KR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:37:26Bonkersscorche: if I take off the end near the USB connecter, will I actually be able to get inside? or do I have to take off both ends? I'm trying to get at the a/c adapter plug, I'm pretty sure that the center conductor has broken off from the pc board
20:38:18 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
20:39:05 Join MbS [0] (
20:39:06scorcheBonkers: after you remove the solder points, it will fold out over the usb side
20:43:21 Join tvelocity [0] (
20:44:01scorcheBonkers: see the links in this section
20:47:41 Quit MbS ()
20:49:34 Join MbS [0] (
20:51:20 Join OSi [0] (
20:52:23OSiipod users here?
20:53:22Bonkersscorche: wow, thanks
20:55:55Captain_Americaanyone here have a dvdrw drive
20:56:19 Nick MbS is now known as MadBigSausage (
20:56:52MadBigSausagei do
20:58:48 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
20:59:05muesli__amiconn is there soemthing thats speaks against to make it to cvs?
21:00:57Genre9mp3muesli__: You can read todays logs to find out...
21:01:09smably_muesli__: amiconn said earlier that it's a very ugly approach (which it certainly is), and i assume that he'd rather not uglify the codebase with it
21:01:29Captain_America1x would be horribly slow for dvdrw
21:02:08Genre9mp3smably_: Just wondering if you plan to try a different approach to the problem...
21:02:16MadBigSausage@CA: But it would be a good burn
21:02:37smably_Genre9mp3: yep, i have an idea in mind that would get rid of all the code duplication
21:02:48smably_whether or not it'll work remains to be seen
21:03:02smably_but it looks promising (hopefully i'll upload a new version of the patch tonight)
21:03:20Captain_Americathat means itll take as long to bun the disk as it would to play it
21:03:27Genre9mp3Using an intermediate layer as amiconn's suggestion?
21:04:07smably_no, it's very similar to the current approach, and it still uses a slightly ugly hack
21:04:25smably_on the other hand, it will be trivial to implement
21:04:43Genre9mp3Well, good luck with that
21:05:03smably_thanks :)
21:05:16markunCaptain_America: 1x DVD speed is 1385 kB/s, right?
21:05:45XavierGr1x != good burn
21:05:58XavierGrit may be a good burn
21:06:06muesli__smably once the h300 lcd remote is working i dont need the experimental build anymore
21:06:13XavierGrbut you can achieve a good burn (or better) with greater speeds
21:06:16muesli__thats all i care about that build
21:06:32Captain_Americaso would this be a good dvdrw drive
21:07:41 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Khe!!!")
21:07:45markunOSi: linuxstb knows a lot about ipod stuff
21:08:03MadBigSausageHaving x1 is useful but x16 or higher is pretty much standard now.
21:08:12MadBigSausagethat looks like a pretty old drive
21:09:49 Quit hannesd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:10:50MadBigSausagehere's a better one CA:
21:14:10Captain_Americayah im looking for dirt cheap
21:14:20Captain_Americaim getting a new comp in like a few months
21:14:36Captain_Americaand i just want to burn a few of my avis off
21:14:48MadBigSausage(see private chat window)
21:14:53OSihelp, my ipod fucked up by installing rockbox
21:15:37OSisomeone can help me?
21:16:47linuxstb_OSi: You said earlier that you missed an installation step - have you tried going back to that step and continuing?
21:16:57OSi3 times
21:17:09OSii tried to restore my ipod
21:17:14OSibut nothing is working
21:17:41linuxstb_Firstly, do you have the bootpartition.bin you created when you first attempted the installation?
21:18:09 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
21:18:34OSi:( yes, but its not the first
21:18:46 Join PaulJam [0] (
21:19:41OSiif i start the ipod it schows the folder with the "!" with the support webpage of apple and shuts down again
21:19:46linuxstb_That's a problem then. If you did the installation wrongly, then overwrote your original bootpartition.bin with a broken one...
21:20:03OSithats right
21:20:03linuxstb_1) Force it into disk mode; 2) Plug it into your computer; 3) Run the Apple restore program.
21:20:18OSidone, just the same
21:20:31linuxstb_So the Apple restore program doesn't work?
21:20:58OSiit works and find the ipod but the folder is already there ;/
21:22:03 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:22:11linuxstb_How are you forcing your ipod into disk mode?
21:22:35OSii plug it in my usb and its automatically there
21:22:52linuxstb_No. Reboot (hold MENU+SELECT), then press SELECT+PLAY
21:22:58 Join lodesi [0] (
21:23:37OSiand that works?!
21:24:01linuxstb_That is what is meant by "forcing the ipod into disk mode"
21:24:27OSiok i try to restore again
21:24:42OSiat first with the ipod updater
21:24:57linuxstb_What does your ipod's screen say now?
21:25:10OSidisk mode
21:25:37OSior what do you mean?
21:26:15 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:26:36linuxstb_no, that's fine
21:27:31OSii just need to download the updater again because i deinstalled it
21:27:55obithrawnWhat is disk mode?
21:30:11 Join webguest42 [0] (
21:30:35 Join shirour [0] (
21:31:17 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
21:31:23shirourhi everybody... i'm a developer for the player m:robe 500i (olympus). recently i've managed to get C source compiled & run on the machine.
21:31:37shirouri was thinking of porting musicbox to the m:robe.
21:31:49shirourwhere should i get started?
21:32:30OSineed to restart computer
21:32:46 Quit OSi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:33:23markunshirour: are you talking about rockbox?
21:33:34shiroursorry, yeah - rockbox.
21:33:50markunDid you find out all the hardware inside it?
21:34:04shirouri've hacked the original firmware, built a full IDE for the player, and now i can compile & run C source
21:34:16shirouri've written drivers for the lcd & remote
21:34:58shirouryep - but now i want to go forward.
21:35:54markundownload the rockbox source from cvs first
21:36:01 Join amar [0] (
21:36:22shirourwhat does the source include?
21:36:32shirourdo i need a special bootloader or can i use it as 3rd app
21:36:56markunyou need a bootloader
21:37:27markunhow do you run code on your player?
21:38:54shirouri've added an exploit to the original firmware
21:39:22markunIs the firmware in flash or on disk?
21:39:34sadenessshirour, thumbs up!!
21:40:30markunwell, perhaps you can also make rockbox start as a app
21:40:37 Join OSi [0] (
21:41:02markunDon't know what the safest way would be. Is there a way to recover from a bad firmware flash?
21:41:39shirourthat's the problem - no... that's why i've added an exploit
21:41:57shirourdoes rockbox use any kernel function?
21:42:16OSiok i restore my ipod now
21:42:28markunrockbox has it's own kernel, if that's what you are asking
21:44:14OSioh man it wont work
21:44:55markunshirour: what do you mean by 'IDE for the player'?
21:46:21 Join lds_ [0] (
21:47:11 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:48:10OSii use an old ipodlinux backup now
21:50:13markunshirour: is there a place where I can see what kind of hardware is in the m:robe 500i?
21:50:33obithrawn"To install (or upgrade) Rockbox you need to attach your iPod to your PC via USB or Firewire, ensure that iTunes is set up to allow you to access your ipod as a disk," How do I make sure that its set up to do that?
21:50:37shirourmarkun: IDE - full compiling environment for m:robe, with scripts that insert everything into the special exploit file
21:51:48shirourwell, is a good place to start.... the basic stuff is: TMS320DM320 (arm+dsp), 2 x 32MB SDRAMS, 1 FLASH
21:52:24*freqmod has finally got speex in rockbox working, with stereo too, (but it is currently a bit slow)... TODO: tag support, codec cleanup & seek.
21:52:36markunfreqmod: nice work man!
21:53:04dwihnoCan anyone recommend a formatting utility for my ipod?
21:54:11markunshirour: there are a lot of players with the same arm+dsp. If you port rockbox perhaps a lot of other ports will be started.
21:57:17shirouryeah... so how should i start...?
21:57:40markunread the code?
21:57:59 Quit ZenMasterJG (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
21:58:06 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
21:58:17OSiwow my ipod is broken...
21:58:47markunOSi: incredible. You are the very first. Everybody thought it was impossible..
21:59:34markunshirour: but perhaps others have better suggestions.
22:00:40shirourmarkun: thanks...!
22:00:43OSiyeah than i am the first
22:01:09markunlinuxstb: no more ideas what OSi can do?
22:08:09RoC_MMIs it just me or does Speex sound no better than Ogg Vorbis at the same bitrate?
22:08:18OSican anyone send me the folder "iPod_Control"
22:08:54RoC_MMRockbox works fine without that.
22:08:57 Join damaki [0] (
22:09:00markunRoC_MM: what bitrate did you try?
22:09:08OSior in this folder the "Device" folder for ipod video
22:09:58markunRoC_MM: It's designed to compress speech very well, but I didn't try how well ogg vorbis does it
22:10:13RoC_MMIt is an interesting codec.
22:10:26preglowRoC_MM: wideband or narrowband?
22:10:48preglowand you did of course encode speech?
22:10:51 Quit juxtap (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:10:54RoC_MMI don't remember if it was 44.1 or 22K if that's what you mean.
22:11:10preglowspeex encodes at either wideband or narrowband mode
22:11:21preglownarrowband is 8khz srate, wideband is 16khz
22:11:24OSiback in a minute...
22:11:26 Quit OSi ()
22:11:28preglowuse wideband
22:11:44RoC_MMNarrowband sucks?
22:12:23preglowit's comparable to telephone quality
22:12:29preglowwideband is recommended these days
22:13:29 Join OSi [0] (
22:14:02 Quit PaulJam (".")
22:14:09markunRoC_MM: some samples
22:14:19RoC_MMDoing my own listening test now
22:14:44RoC_MMProbably Speex makes a bigger difference at 16K
22:17:26OSino one has an ipod video or no one want to send me this folder?
22:17:46dionoeadon't know if this is what you're looking for
22:18:13OSiis this your backup?
22:18:18 Quit amar ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:18:24OSiyou have 30gb ipod?
22:18:26 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:18:35OSiok i will try
22:18:43 Join MrShlee [0] (
22:19:58MrShleeHello, Can I find out who is developing the doom plugin>
22:20:12dionoeait must be in the source code somewhere
22:20:33 Join pondlife [0] (
22:20:51dionoea * H300 Port by Karl Kurbjun
22:20:52dionoea * IPod port by Dave Chapman and Paul Louden
22:20:52dionoea * Additional code contributed by Thom Johansen
22:20:56dionoeaMrShlee: ^
22:21:02RoC_MMGood job to whoever made a Speex decoder for rockbox, but in my listening test as before, Speex outputs files almost the same size as Ogg Vorbis comparable quality and frequency (16K), and it sounds nearly identical. It may be better but I sure can't tell.
22:21:33preglowRoC_MM: has anyone made a speex decoder for rockbox??
22:21:38MikachuRoC_MM: on speech?
22:21:47 Quit Rob2222 ()
22:21:47linuxstb_preglow: Yes, check last night's logs.
22:22:06Mikachu21:52:28 * freqmod has finally got speex in rockbox working, with stereo
22:22:11linuxstb_(and today's)
22:22:12RoC_MMfreqmod said it at 14;34: freqmod except that problem (and a little speed problem) i have made an speex(mono) decoder for ipod/rockbox
22:22:13preglowwhere's the patch?
22:22:27linuxstb_No patch, but he uploaded his 8MB source tree :)
22:22:35MrShleeAny idea how much memory the H3xx has?
22:22:39preglowwhat about decoding speed?
22:22:55linuxstb_It's realtime at 50% pitch according to freqmod.
22:23:04linuxstb_It still has a lot of floats in it.
22:23:10preglowall floats are used init time
22:23:12preglowi think
22:23:18MrShleeThats alot of ram.
22:23:21MrShleeok. thanks
22:23:23freqmodlinuxstb_:fixed sterio
22:23:36freqmodlinuxstb_:realtime @ 50% only for mono
22:23:38RoC_MMYeah Mikachu on like 4 seconds of music and then 15 seconds of speech.
22:23:43 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:23:59preglowfreqmod: could you outline roughly what modifications you've made to libspeex itself, if any?
22:24:00linuxstb_freqmod: Does it use a lot of mallocs
22:24:01preglowfreqmod: any optimisations?
22:24:07preglowlinuxstb_: it does
22:24:07OSiit dont work :(
22:24:10preglowlinuxstb_: tons and tons
22:24:14*freqmod is making patch.
22:24:28linuxstb_preglow: That's very bad for a voice codec...
22:24:47preglowlinuxstb_: doesn't sound too bad to me if he has done no optimising at all
22:24:50freqmodit uses many malloc's but only at initializing...
22:25:09linuxstb_preglow: No, I meant the mallocs. I agree the speed is good for this stage of development.
22:25:11dionoeadoes the plugin api have a lcd_printf style function ?
22:25:20dionoeaor so i have to sprintf in a local buffer first ?
22:25:24preglowlinuxstb_: sure it's bad, but we'll just have to trim them away, that's that
22:25:43 Quit bondolo ("Cya!")
22:26:44 Part smably_
22:26:59OSidionoea can you upload your ipod_control\device folder please? because i dont have this folder in my ipod
22:27:02linuxstb_dionoea: You always have to use a local buffer IIRC.
22:27:05 Join Rob2222 [0] (
22:27:09dionoeaOSi: no i can't
22:27:09linuxstb_OSi: Why do you need it?
22:27:26 Join juxtap [0] (
22:27:38OSii dont know, i easily want to try everything that my fucking ipod works again
22:27:42dionoealinuxstb_: ok, thanks
22:27:54freqmodOSI: have you tried the apple ipod updater?
22:27:57linuxstb_OSi: What happened when you tried my suggestion?
22:28:02OSiabaout 100 times
22:28:14OSistill the same problem
22:28:35freqmodthen the ipod_control folder won't help, you may ust move any exsiting away, and then use the updater again
22:29:03linuxstb_OSi: So you forced your ipod into disk mode, then connected it to your computer, then what did the ipod update say?
22:30:04OSiit shows me my ipod, then i pressed restore, the program restored, but i have still this problem
22:30:13 Quit juxtap ()
22:30:53 Quit MrShlee ("Changed by popular Request - "I am the heart of your darkness, you stinking oompa-loompa morons!"")
22:31:17linuxstb_So the updater told you it was successful?
22:31:52linuxstb_And then what did your ipod do?
22:33:37freqmodPatch (against rockbox cvs (~10min ago):">
22:34:02OSihe rebooted, and after the line under the apple logo was full (dont know the vocabulary of the exact word) the folder with the "!" shown me again
22:34:23 Part sadeness (" , whois!")
22:35:53Rob2222From 12,5h runtime to 24,5h !!!!
22:36:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:37:00 Join juxtap [0] (
22:37:11Rob2222Nice done!
22:38:21markunRob2222: calm down, this is old news :)
22:38:21linuxstb_OSi: When did you disconnect it from your computer?
22:38:27preglowfreqmod: but yeah, have you optimised at all? any asm? iram?
22:38:54OSii didnt disconnected it from the computer
22:39:36Rob2222well,m I didnt expected THAT power saving ...
22:39:44freqmodno... unoptimized, I am not that god at optimizing, will maybe try after fixing seeking, tag support & proper codec cleanup, so it is possible to play 2 subsequent speex tracks.
22:40:17 Quit lukaswayne9 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:40:41freqmodpreglow: I have done some work in math_approx.c (math functions, to replace functions that don't exist/work on the ipod)
22:41:28preglowahh, right, ipod
22:41:34preglowbeen tested on iriver at all?
22:41:54linuxstb_OSi: All I can suggest is to leave it to charge for a while, and try the restore again. Also, try searching Apple's support site, starting here:
22:41:59freqmodno, no testing except on amd64 simulator and ipod.
22:42:11preglowfreqmod: and are you sure the arm asm optimisations have been enabled?
22:42:19freqmodi don't have any other (rockbox) supported hardware
22:42:49 Quit Hansmaulwurf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:43:12 Join ep0ch_ [0] (
22:44:26freqmodno arm asm optimalisations enabled the optimalizations are: arm4-asm arm5e-asm & blackfin-asm (& SSE) ipod:arm7tdmi, don't know if any of the optimalizations work
22:44:50preglowarm4 should work
22:44:52freqmodehh... not enabled optimalizations, but speex supported optimalizations
22:45:13preglowso if you haven't enabled them i seriously suggest you try it :)
22:45:38freqmodok, i'll try it tomorrow (going to bed in 15 min)
22:46:07preglowoh, and yeah, the speex you ported is the latest development one, yes?
22:46:25preglow1.1.12 right now, it seems
22:46:31freqmodyes, checked out of svn a few houres ago...
22:46:58preglowahh, goodie
22:47:20preglowi can see myself optimising this thing once i get time
22:47:27OSiok, thank you linuxstb for your help and all others too that tried to help... bye#
22:48:17freqmodpreglow: if you do tell me.
22:48:22 Quit OSi ()
22:49:23dionoeahas anyone already done a png decoder for rockbox ?
22:50:16 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
22:52:03tucozdionoea: I have never heard of one at least. And no patch on the tracker
22:52:31dionoeai might give it a try then
22:52:48 Quit Xerion (" ")
22:53:12dionoeaonce i'm done with rockgimp^Wrockpaint
22:56:00dionoeabtw, is it possible to disable the "long press on play on an ipod shuts it down" thing in a plugin ?
22:57:31linuxstb_Not easily. It's built into the button driver.
22:58:01linuxstb_You would have to modify the button driver to allow that behaviour to be disabled.
22:58:01dionoeamy ipod gets powered off all the time when i test my plugin :)
22:58:27 Quit ep0ch_ ("Kopete 0.11.1 :")
22:58:36linuxstb_Then either change the button mapping in your plugin, or persuade everyone else that the poweroff button should be changed...
22:58:41dionoeai'll wait for the touch wheel event handling code to make it into CVS ... that way people won't have to press the key
22:59:07dionoealinuxstb_: well play is the key for down ... there aren't too many other keys i could use
23:00:14 Join Xerion [0] (
23:03:05 Join damaki_ [0] (
23:03:59 Quit juxtap (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:06:03midkaydoom doesn't suffer from play=off, does it?
23:06:12midkayi'm sure i've remained firing a weapon for that long..
23:06:21Mikachuthe shutdown code is in the button driver iirc
23:06:26 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
23:06:43Mikachui changed the combo to play+select in my build after i shut down three times in the jpeg plugin...
23:06:49 Quit shirour ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:07:14 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
23:07:52 Join TCK [0] (
23:09:04dionoeamidkay: i couldn't find the code which disables it in doom
23:09:10dionoeaif you have an idea ...
23:09:41midkaydionoea, no idea, but do you even know if what i suggest is true? does doom manage to avoid play=shutdown?
23:10:00dionoeai'd have to test :)
23:10:51midkaywell don't assume what i say is correct.. it's probably not. ;)
23:11:14 Quit pondlife ("byebye")
23:11:23dionoeait doesn't shut down
23:14:18 Join PaulJam [0] (
23:15:03dionoeaall the doom code is in plugins/doom/ right ? (because i can't find the intersting piece of code)
23:15:03 Quit webguest42 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:15:23 Join juxtap [0] (
23:15:30Mikachucould be related to grabbing the time
23:16:19 Join bondolo [0] (
23:17:10 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:18:49 Quit merbanan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:18:49dionoeamust be something in i_video.c line 151 and down
23:19:16 Quit banan_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:19:42dionoeaerr ... no ...
23:19:42juxtapdid that dude sort out his ipod?
23:27:46 Quit lukaswayne9 ("Ex-Chat")
23:30:03 Quit Xerion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:37:07 Join darkless [0] (
23:37:57 Quit tucoz ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
23:38:32 Quit juxtap ()
23:39:51 Quit hardeep ("BitchX-1.0c19 -- just do it.")
23:41:10 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
23:45:43 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
23:47:15 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
23:52:36 Join b00st4 [0] (
23:56:08 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
23:56:17 Join Kohlrabi [0] (

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