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#rockbox log for 2006-06-26

00:01:05freqmodwell the battery is replaceable (but you'll have to open your ipod and resolder the cables
00:01:52juxtapi'd gladly carry a bigger/heavier device for longer battery life!
00:01:58*freqmod dissasembled his broken ipod nano, (it actually still works as a mass storage device)
00:02:26preglowhow the hell did you manage to open it? :>
00:02:42linuxstb_freqmod: Make some scans of the PCB...
00:02:47preglowyes please
00:03:04freqmoda knife beside the contact hole
00:03:07linuxstb_And then remove all the chips and draw a schematic...
00:03:42anathemajuxtap: sorry to but in, i have a battery pack made by berklin iirc,takes 4 AA batteries and with rockbox seems to charge it up as well when plugged in. very useful when travelling
00:03:52preglowi tried using a guiter pick around the whole bloody ipod
00:04:07preglowmanaged to budge it half open, but no further
00:04:31freqmodit is some glue inside too
00:04:57*freqmod installs xsane
00:05:12juxtapanathema, cool, for ipod?
00:05:22juxtap*googles berklin iirc*
00:05:47anathemaberklin battery pack i think its called
00:06:14anathemasomething like that, the idea is that you can run your ipod from AA batteries without touching the internal battery
00:06:17juxtapso it has a plug that fits in an ipod... that's neat :]
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00:06:58anathemahowever i dont think the ipod can run on a completly dead internal battery though, so it might not work as an alternlative if the ipod battery was completly depleated
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00:09:00anathemajuxtap: its a bit clunky with fitting on the back of it, but for travelling about i dont really care about the size of it tbh as long as it keeps powered up
00:09:10juxtapthere's gotta be something available that charges the internal battery
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00:10:11juxtapit fits on the back? weird :p
00:10:22juxtapman i can't find anything on it
00:10:57 Quit markun (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) luck from google?
00:12:06anathemahah oops, yes thats it, my mistake. apoligies im rather tired tonight
00:13:06anathemayes that could well have been where i found out about it
00:13:14anathemacant recall tbh
00:13:39juxtapcool ta
00:15:10Bagderapply? ;-)
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00:16:53BagderI found out that PortalPlayer's CEO is only a 3rd degree away from me
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00:17:22Bagderie, a friend's friend knows him
00:18:03*Bagder likes
00:20:42PhR3aKok i have rockbox on my nano now... but h always
00:20:46Genre9mp3Bagder: CEO = Chief executive officer?
00:20:55PhR3aKbut it always boots the apple fw
00:21:10Bagderbut now, sleep(3600*6);
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00:21:32Genre9mp3Bagder: Hmmm...all seem to be a well organised conspiracy! :)
00:21:58*petur hopes the sleep() Bagder used takes seconds as argument
00:22:25PhR3aKhow do i turn off my nano completely? long pressing play just seems to be a "sleep mode"
00:22:38*amiconn prefers ticks
00:22:53*petur ticks amiconn
00:23:14*Genre9mp3 seconds amiconn
00:26:07linuxstb_PhR3aK: Are you talking about Rockbox or Apple's firmware?
00:26:52PhR3aKlike... rockbox boots once after disconnecting, then i was copying the latest build and then it just starts the apple fw
00:26:59PhR3aKapples fw
00:27:31linuxstb_Apple's fw doesn't have an off option.
00:27:42PhR3aKjust sleep like?
00:28:02PhR3aKso... long pressing play
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00:28:18PhR3aKhow can i boot rockbox then?
00:28:28linuxstb_Hold MENU+SELECT to reset
00:29:00PhR3aKthank you very much :)
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00:32:14freqmodIpod nano">
00:32:17freqmodIpod nano scan:">
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00:33:27freqmodclick on + when viewing one image for full size (but be kind to my dsl connection the full size jpg's are 6-18MB)
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00:41:47PhR3aKcould it be that there are no other fonts in the newest ipod daily build
00:42:15joshHey, is there any current work being done on the Ipod 3g build?
00:42:52linuxstb_PhR3aK: The fonts are a separate download on the daily builds page.
00:43:20linuxstb_josh: No - none of the devs own one.
00:43:57joshI own one, and have programming experiance...nothing that low level though
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00:44:08joshhow hard would it be to finish the port?
00:44:12linuxstb_Sadly, it's the low-level stuff that's the issue.
00:44:30PhR3aK(linuxstb_): i dont see a seperated link for other fonts...
00:44:32linuxstb_AFAIK, the audio driver is the main thing not working.
00:44:35joshI'm always willing to learn
00:45:09PhR3aK(linuxstb_): on the daily builds page
00:45:30mantonoDo I need a computer with Windows to install Rockbox on my iPod? The installation guide is just talking about .exe-files.
00:45:48linuxstb_PhR3aK: It's the last one in the list - it has a Rockbox logo (next to the source download)
00:46:17linuxstb_mantono: Start here:
00:46:53mantonolinuxstb_: oh, thanks!
00:47:16linuxstb_josh: Well, the first thing to do would be to download the source and compile Rockbox. Then install and test it and see if you can fix any of the problems.
00:47:23 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
00:47:30joshalright, well i just finished checking it out of CVS
00:48:48linuxstb_Regarding the audio driver, you should get a copy of the ipodlinux kernel source, and try and compare the audio driver there with the version in Rockbox - and try and understand how it should be working.
00:49:21PhR3aK(linuxstb_): oh thx, didnt saw it... its late :P
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00:49:22joshgrr...gotta fix my path
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00:51:14joshwhere can i grab the arm-elf crosscompiler
00:53:12linuxstb_What OS are you using?
00:53:33joshits not showing up in Synaptic
00:54:00linuxstb_No, you need to compile it yourself. But it's simple - see the CrossCompiler wiki page.
00:54:11linuxstb_(it's basically just a configure; make ; make install)
00:54:40linuxstb_Or you could try the tools/ script which will automate it.
00:55:16joshand off it goes
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02:07:08ritalinwhere can i find info on how to install my ipod back to factory defaults?
02:07:14ritalini saved the firmware
02:08:11joshyou on windows or linux?
02:08:38ritalini found a guide though
02:08:47ritalinill lurk incase i need help :D
02:09:27joshhaving trouble building the bootloader, anyone out there can help?
02:11:44joshno one?
02:12:37ritalinnah it doesnt tell ya
02:12:45ritalinim trying to remove the rockbox firmware
02:12:55ritalinthis just tells you how to get the Apple UI back
02:13:27joshthe only way i know of to get it back is on a windows box,im sure you can do it on linux, i just don't know how
02:13:30liyangritalin: are you on Windows or OS X?
02:13:37liyangor Linux.
02:13:42ritalinlinux sir
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02:15:03liyangEasiest way is to find a friend with one of the above proprietary OSes and run Apple's restore program.
02:16:16ritalini have windows
02:16:19ritalinill do that
02:16:20liyangOtherwise try dumping (with dd? I dunno) the firmware back to the first partition.
02:17:04liyangI had trouble changing back to an HFS+ iPod, so ended up running the restore program which Just Worked (TM).
02:17:31joshAnyone here have experiance building the bootloader?
02:17:33ritalinis it safe to reformat and ipod?
02:17:42joshyea, you can reformat them all you watn
02:17:50joshjust need to use said tool to rebuild it
02:19:47ritalinlol i just fdisk'd it
02:19:58ritalinseems like im trying to break it
02:20:55liyangritalin: I don't think you can break it permanently. You can always access it as a USB storage device from the firmware in ROM.
02:21:35ritalinyeah :D
02:21:38ritalinjust fun to play with
02:21:43liyangI did some pretty weird things to mine, but as I mentioned, Apple's restore program got it back in working order.
02:24:16ritalinyeah dd if=backup_firmware of=/dev/sda1 works
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02:30:43 Part pixelma
02:31:03user01does doom work on g4 black and white?
02:35:11 Nick sandoze is now known as sando (n=lolsteam@
02:35:59user01oh guess not...
02:38:20ritalinsandman ipod # ls
02:38:20ritalincalend~1 contacts ipod_c~1 notes
02:38:26ritalinsee how its all messed up?
02:38:31ritalinwhat could be causing that?
02:38:33user01rockboy doesn't work for 4g?
02:39:14user01i thought gameboy screen looked like the 4g screen :)
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02:52:00 Part ritalin ("The good news about computers is that they do what you tell them to do. The bad news is that they do what you tell them to do)
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04:18:17yeftso just switched to linux.. think its time to throw the old rockbox on the ipod too?
04:22:42yeftmidkay: kinda upset by no response
04:24:23 Quit chendo (Connection timed out)
04:24:56 Join chendo [0] (
04:28:33yeftshit, i remember when midkay was midknight2000
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05:00:42dj-fuyeft: there's no reason not to run robkxo
05:00:51dj-fuI think it zwns all other players, but I'm probably biased
05:00:59dj-furobkxo? I have finger lag
05:01:10yefthaha yeah.
05:01:15 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:01:18 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:01:20yefti remember it not playing files correctly not too long ago
05:01:25yeftor just from what i've heard
05:01:30yeftbut you recommend it?
05:01:53yeftbuggyness on a scale of 1-10?
05:02:12dj-fuI've only experienced a few
05:02:19dj-fuand if you report em they usuall get fixed pretty quickly
05:02:27dj-fuit plays all my mp3, ogg
05:02:42dj-fucrossfeed makes it worth that much more
05:04:07dj-fuhaven't tested it
05:05:28dj-fuchecked supportedformats on the wiki
05:07:06 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:08:16 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
05:09:40yeftinterface is better than ipod though?
05:10:22dongsthats debatable
05:10:30dongsi care about functionality though
05:10:43dongssuch as playing mp3s without using jewish file upload programs.
05:10:49scorcheyeft: yes on flac
05:11:13yeftjewish aye?
05:11:20scorcheyes i am >_>
05:11:24yeftscrorche: thanks
05:11:49yeftscorche: how hard is the switch?
05:11:59scorchenot too hard
05:12:04dongsit jsut works, usually.
05:12:06scorchejust folowing directions =)
05:13:17yeftoh man
05:13:23yeftthis is exciting/scary
05:13:29yeftkinda like the switch to linux
05:13:43dongslol, linux.
05:13:58scorcheyeft: ignore him
05:14:28 Join sandoaway [0] (n=lolsteam@
05:14:45dongshm any interesteing ipod fixes lately?
05:16:03dongshm doesnt look like it
05:16:15dongssaw a commit related to charging does that mean hte charging indicator now works properly?
05:16:21dongsor was jsut in preparation to getting it to work
05:18:25yeftjust gotta wait 45 min or so to back up all my music
05:18:28yeftthen i'll get on it
05:18:30yefttell you what i think
05:18:34yeftpossible to switch back?
05:18:40dongsof course
05:18:46dongsonce oyu install the bootloader
05:18:54scorcheyeft: and it is a dual boot as well
05:18:55dongsif you wanna go back temporarily you can hold menu during boot
05:19:03dongsto go back or you can delete rockbox.ipod
05:19:04yeftoh really?
05:19:08dongsand it'll jump to apple firmare
05:19:28yeftdoes rockbox pick up all the old mp3s chillin on there?
05:19:35dongsit will
05:19:40dongsthey'll be in that lame apple dir
05:19:45dongsiTunes_Control or whatever
05:19:47dongsand with bad names
05:19:48yeftwith funny names?
05:19:59dongsi think you can use id3cache
05:20:04dongsto make them into something readble
05:20:07dongsor you can jsut deltet that dir
05:20:11dongsand copy new stuff over.
05:20:22yeftbut then when i load ipod firmware?
05:20:23dongsya tagcache. whatever it is. my shit isnt tagged because i'm not a pirate, so that feature is useless for me
05:20:39scorcheyes, because you have to be a pirate to have tags
05:20:40dongsrockbox doesnt do anythign to the apple database
05:20:43yeftdongs: you can take things yourself you know.. dont have to be a pirate
05:20:50dongsso if you leave the files there
05:20:54dongsand tagcache them to listen
05:21:04dongsthen nothing will be different when apple firmware loads.
05:21:11yeftwhat is tagcache?
05:21:21dongsit scans all files and makes a DB of id3 tags.
05:21:28dongsso that you navigate by album/whatever/blah
05:21:31scorchelike the apple browser
05:21:32dongs(i think)
05:21:52dongsi hate the apple browser
05:21:55yeftbut what if i delete them all.. but them back on
05:22:02yeftand then load up apple firmware?
05:22:03dongsi never undertand the point of browsing by ARTIST or ALBUM (wtf is album??) tc.
05:22:15dongsyeft: 'delete them' from the apple dir?
05:22:29dongsthen it'll be blank on the apple firmware.
05:22:37dongswith rockbox you can just put mp3s in the root dir
05:22:39dongsunder folders/etc.
05:22:46dongsso obviously apple firmware wont pick that up.
05:23:06yefti've gotten so used to the itunes/ipod way of doing things
05:23:15scorcheyeft: sorry, but i am doing a couple things at once...
05:23:19dongsthats so terrible
05:23:20yefti guess it makes more sense
05:23:23yeftthis way
05:23:38yeftbut that way is how i've been doin it since i junked my FM20
05:23:41scorchedongs: he didnt ask for your opinion on every little thing
05:23:46yeftand my AJB6k
05:24:16dongsscorche: yea itunes way makes SO much sense. i mean lets see, i want to copy a couple songs to listen to while i drive to work today
05:24:20scorcheyeft: dongs has a history in here if you cant tell ;)
05:24:38dongsi can either a) start itunes wait 5 minutes for it ot load, do some clicking on a ugly interface and wait while it takes its time to "sync" or wahtever
05:24:42scorchedongs: i have heard your opinions way too many times...i know
05:24:47dongsor I can b) copy some mp3s in to \ on rockbox and go
05:25:12yeftwhat i meant wasss
05:25:33yeftdongs: plus i can use it with multiple computers.. not just my one home base man.. and my mp3's are intact and backed up...
05:25:58dongsyeft: you can use same ipod with different isntalls of itunes?
05:26:01yeftit really makes more sense rockbox's way.. but apple tricked me
05:26:04dongsi thought it didnt let oyu do that
05:26:08yeftdongs: i'm sayin i cant ..
05:26:32yeftdongs: i was listing benefits of rockbox ; )
05:27:09yeftit just might be sloppier
05:27:47yeftipod linux worth mentioning?
05:28:00dongsno. waste of time.
05:28:13dongsbtw there IS one feature im really missing from rockbox
05:28:18dongsor maybe dont know how to use it.
05:28:25dongsi need 'delete file currently playing' feature.
05:28:37dongsi found teh best way to make playlists of shit is just dleete shit i dont want ot listen to
05:28:43dongsand i know i can delete from file browser
05:28:45yeftare the screenshots at accurate?
05:28:52dongsmore or less.
05:28:53dongswhat are you lookign at?
05:28:58yeftthe color guys
05:29:04dongsthe UI largely depends on the wps screen used
05:29:11scorcheyeft: search in the wiki for the ipod5gwps page
05:29:20scorchesomething liek that
05:29:34scorchei would link you, but i am doing too many things at once >_<
05:30:15yeftscorche: exactly what i was lookin for
05:30:32yeftman that is so much sexier than ipod
05:30:40dongsbest one ever
05:31:59yeftlooks like a black screen to me
05:32:20yefti think the guy from t-mobile support lied to me
05:33:00 Quit sando (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:33:07yeftsaid they'd send me an email to unlock my phone
05:33:10yeftaint happened yet
05:34:49dongsthats awesome.
05:35:23yefti think turntables looks good
05:36:03yeftand the one i'm gonna use is ipodgreen5g
05:37:13yefthow about album art with rockbox?
05:37:17yeftthats a big thing with em
05:37:27scorcheyeft: there is a patch for it
05:37:36yeftscorche: goorrrgeeouuss
05:39:55 Join Caliban [0] (
05:42:15dongslol ambum art
05:45:29yeftwhats so funny
05:45:44scorcheyeft: like i said..ignore him =P
05:45:59yeftah, i'll have to learn that one
05:46:20 Quit dj-fu (Connection timed out)
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05:53:47yeftwell here goes nothing
05:55:31dongsheh heh
05:56:01 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzzzz")
05:59:56 Quit chendo (Connection timed out)
06:01:52 Join XavierGr [0] (
06:02:03 Join cismo_ [0] (
06:04:50 Quit cismo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:04:59 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
06:09:25yeftrockbox error -1
06:10:08yefthaha i didnt put rockbox on yet
06:10:25yeftcommon mistake
06:14:43yeftwhere do i getmyself a .rockbox folder
06:16:24scorchefrom the site
06:16:35scorchego to cvs builds tab
06:17:22yefthaha nevermind
06:17:29yeftstarts with a . so linux hid it
06:17:31yeftor ubuntu
06:17:43yeftor whichever has the vendetta against .'s
06:20:05 Join chendo [0] (
06:21:40 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:21:57 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
06:23:40yeftscorche: is it safe to just delete Ipod_Control?
06:24:31yeftscorche: or any of those folders for that matter (calander .. photos etc.. _
06:39:50 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
06:40:36 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:56:21 Quit bleaked ("leaving")
07:08:04yeftand why dont i have fonts :(
07:09:22 Join Drumr [0] (
07:11:03 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
07:20:57 Join Rondom [0] (
07:21:25 Join B4gder [0] (
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07:37:57 Part Paul_The_Nerd
07:38:01 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
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07:50:21B4gderbloody spammers
07:50:59yefttell me about it
07:52:05yeftcan give a good laugh every now and then
07:52:31B4gdernot the wiki spammers we have, they never make me laugh...
07:53:44yefti got this in a spam mail once:
07:53:52yeftman did i laugh
07:55:42 Join muesli|delhi [0] (n=muesli_t@
07:55:48yefthaha yep
07:56:00yeftthats what i said
07:56:26B4gderdeny from, deny from, ...
07:56:30midkayyeft, haha.
07:56:38yeftlook who decided to show up
07:56:53midkayyeft, when did you ask a question?
07:57:06yefti days ago
07:57:10midkaywhat was it?!
07:57:17yefthaha just kidding
07:57:20yeftnot in a while really
07:57:25scorche"do you like men?"
07:57:26yefti'm movin back to the light side
07:58:21yeftis that cache thinger good?
07:58:27yefti'm reloadin all my files
07:58:44midkayyeft, you said 'upset by no response'.. you mean a response to your entering the room? 'hi'. :)
07:59:06midkayscorche, well, you thought of that pretty quick.. do *you*?
07:59:17*scorche slyly winks at midkay
07:59:21yeftoh my gay
07:59:42midkayscorche, ooh, hoo.. *winks back*
07:59:49midkayi'll see *you* after class, mister.
07:59:55midkayfor some... extra credit.
08:00:11yeftyeft changes topic to : Rockgay
08:00:48midkaythose slang words for homosexuality offend me, yeft. there's nothing wrong with it.
08:01:09yeftnot sayin there is.. i didnt know gay was offensive
08:01:39midkaywell, uh, check your, uh, offensive, uh, dictionary, because, uh, it's, uh.. you know.. pretty, uh.. well, you know where i'm going with this.
08:02:18 Quit YouCeyE (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:02:30 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
08:02:48 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
08:04:44 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:05:49yeftmidkay: MSU? or is that not you
08:07:41yeftnevermind then
08:07:44scorchemidkay state university
08:07:57midkayyeft, no.. what?!
08:08:36yeftMichigan State University
08:09:12midkaywhat the hell does that have anything to do with anything?
08:09:23midkayhow can that 'not be me', or for that matter, 'be me'?!
08:09:39yeftif you went to msu
08:09:42yeftthat would be you
08:10:12midkay.. how/why would that make any difference to anything at all?
08:10:20yefti was just curious
08:10:57 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
08:11:01midkayerm. well. no... i haven't even reached the point where i have a choice to go to a university yet... :)
08:11:12 Quit ido_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:11:39 Quit bagawk ("leaving")
08:11:42yeftwell anyway
08:12:00yeftwhat does rockbox do when its doin that file cache thing? just lock up?
08:12:21midkayno.. not at all.. just accesses the disk.
08:12:35yeftwell last time i tried it just locked up
08:12:48yefttagcache work with nested folders?
08:13:19midkayyes, your entire rockbox partition..
08:13:21scorchescans the whole drive
08:13:22midkayand it shouldn't..
08:13:27midkayor maybe the whole drive.
08:13:40midkay+at least.. as in "at least your entire rockbox partition".
08:14:15 Quit Rondom (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:15:32yeftcant wait til i know how to code shit..
08:15:56yeftmaybe work on that album art thing to use jpgs too
08:15:57 Join shadou [0] (
08:18:35midkaywell, jpg decoding isn't in the rockbox core, and so you'd have to add it (quite unlikely to be accepted, i think) or load it via the plugin (unlikely also)..
08:18:37 Quit earHertz ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
08:18:45 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
08:19:46yeftmidkay: you use rockbox on your 5g right?
08:20:28 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
08:20:41daurn|afkjust port it
08:20:43 Nick daurn|afk is now known as daurnimator (n=quae@unaffiliated/daurn)
08:20:55B4gderwe already have jpeg code
08:21:02yeftmidkay: what theme you use?
08:21:28BHSPitLappydaurnimator: port TerminatorX! :D
08:21:29midkayyeft, a modified version of my posted brushed metal theme.. i still need to get around to posting it. :)
08:21:33midkaymaybe tonight.
08:21:36BHSPitLappythat would pretty much be awesome on an iPod
08:22:01BHSPitLappybut impossible due to damn technical limitations
08:22:27yeftmidkay: its a nice one
08:22:35yefti'm in love with the green5g though
08:22:36midkayyeft, thx, rather simple..
08:22:40yefti think its unreal
08:22:49midkayas in veryvery cool?
08:29:48shadouif ya girl steps up, i'm smackin the hoe
08:30:02yeftgood philosophy to live by
08:33:40 Quit dj-fu (Connection timed out)
08:34:04 Nick shadou is now known as dj-fu (
08:37:18 Join sharpe [0] (
08:37:43sharpei'm back...
08:38:04BHSPitLappyI'm front!
08:38:41sharpesuch great fun. two shows, one car breakdown...
08:39:03sharpehalf an hour of a failed attempt to get the vehicle running...
08:39:48yeftsharpe: in some sort of band?
08:40:32sharpeyeft: nope, just went to see different ones. the breakdown was going home earlier this day/afternoon/evening/night/morning.
08:41:25yeftah nice
08:41:31yeftseeing any good bands?
08:41:57sharpeah, went to see some local bands really...
08:42:13yeftoh ok
08:42:34sharpemercy mercedes, he is legend, youth electronics, fall of troy, and some other i can't remember...
08:43:19yeftnever heard of em..
08:43:21sharpebut they're all local.
08:43:25sharpetis probably why...
08:43:26yeftprobably why
08:44:27yefti love linux
08:44:38yeftlinux has trouble copying a file,, it can tell you and you skip it
08:44:43sharpedidn't plan on being away from home for three days until a little bit before we left for the first show on friday...
08:44:54yeftwindows has trouble copying a file it goes down a pile of shit leaving you guessing where it left off
08:45:16sharpeyeft: that's why we use the msdos. :D
08:45:30sharpenot just dos, but msdos.
08:45:46yeftill take your word for it
08:47:24 Join SereR0kR [0] (
08:47:48BHSPitLappyXP got broken on my mom's (/brother's/family's) computer
08:47:52BHSPitLappyso I installed ubuntu
08:47:57BHSPitLappyrefused to fix XP
08:48:02sharpei never have any problems with windows... :\
08:48:05BHSPitLappythey've been getting used to it ever since
08:48:33BHSPitLappysharpe: then you haven't lived!
08:48:34sharpeargh. damn childproof caps.
08:48:39B4gdersharpe: then you're either not using it or you should buy a few lottery tickets as well
08:48:50midkayB4gder, haha.
08:49:08BHSPitLappynight all
08:49:10*midkay uses it and doesn't... usually.. have any.. major.. problems...
08:49:28 Quit BHSPitLappy ("Windows XP Error")
08:49:39sharpehar... har...?
08:50:16midkayany small things i ever have a problem with once in a while certainly outweigh the countless hours i'd have to spend setting up libraries/dependencies/compiling only to not have access to the programs i need.
08:50:19yeftif your just gonna be a normal user (internet/word processing) that kind of stuf.f. ubuntu is perfect
08:50:54sharpeooh. multi-colored tylenol...
08:51:13yeftmidkay: its more fun to compile set up libraries than restart every 5 minutes
08:51:27yeftat least your doing something
08:51:31midkayyeft, i never have to restart against my wille except when updating windows once a month..
08:51:45sharpei suppose B4gder is right... i must not be using windows right... :)
08:51:54 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
08:52:04yeftplus i boot up in 20 seconds flat
08:52:05midkayand restarting only takes <1 minute, versus potential hours of compiling/configuring.. then incompatibilities..
08:52:27midkaygetting libraries that depend on libraries that depend on libraries.. you know the drill (i hope).
08:52:41sharpeheheh, i can make my boot time extremely long if i leave my usb stick plugged in.
08:52:54midkayha... ha?
08:52:57yeftubuntu's package manager loves gettin dependencies and the such
08:52:59B4gdersharpe: you did say "never" not just "rarely" and that just doesn't exist in software
08:53:00sharpei just remembered...
08:53:22midkayif only those dependencies added up to run apps i need..
08:53:31midkaynot to mention games.
08:53:33sharpeeh, i meant major problems... :)
08:53:38yeftsharpe: if i have my ubuntu hard drive powered on my windows boot time goes up 5x and windows is slow as all hell.. i'm still tryin to figure that out
08:53:48yefti'm in love with linux
08:53:52yeftyou'll never change me
08:54:05midkayand you won't me... :)
08:54:07yeftunless vista is knock your socks of perfect (doubting it..)
08:54:07sharpei hate sunburns. especially the after-effects...
08:54:27yeftyeah that whole tanning thing sucks ass
08:54:50sharpehah. reminds me of a tanless product, commercial i had seen once...
08:54:57sharpesunless tanning product
08:55:11yeftyou mean orange paint
08:55:15sharpeone of the hosts was like, orange...
08:55:29 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:57:49sharpei'm going to try to get some sleep...
08:57:59dj-fuubuntu is gay
08:58:03dj-fujust thought I'd mention that
08:58:06sharpeperfect timing too.
08:58:15B4gderyeah, and gay means happy, right?
08:58:21dj-fugay means homosexual
08:58:23dj-fui.e; horribly bad
08:58:28B4gdernow now
08:58:32B4gdertake that somewhere else
08:58:36sharpedepends on your stance of homosexuality.
08:58:58dj-fuin my stance, my previous statement boils down to ubuntu is horribly bad
08:59:19yeftdj-fu why is that
08:59:20sharpeapathetically, it would mean something along the lines of "alright; whatever; cool...; etc."
08:59:21 Join einhirn [0] (
08:59:35dj-fuyeft: it's just like any binary based distro
08:59:39dj-fumight aswell run doze
08:59:56yeftdj-fu: what cant i do on ubuntu that i can do on something eslse
09:00:10dj-fuexperience the true power?
09:00:21dj-funot be gay? ;x
09:00:22yeftanything specific.. or just experience the power
09:00:24sharpeso you compile your own operating system without using another if they're sucky because their binaries are distributed? wouldn't that be hard?
09:00:44dj-funo that wouldn't be hard
09:00:49dj-futhat was confusing
09:00:51dj-fuplease rewords
09:00:53B4gderif you compile it yourself, it somehow magically becomes much better
09:01:03yefti think b4dger got it right
09:01:03B4gderand you get to wait a lot more
09:01:20dj-fuand you can compile debug symbols, and you can optimize for your processor
09:01:27dj-fu(need I say more in a channel full of developers?)
09:01:35yeftmy ubuntu is optimized for my processor
09:01:37sharpeprocessor? what's that?
09:01:38*B4gder picks debian any day
09:01:41yefti think
09:01:50dj-fuyeft: oh? lol
09:01:51yeftisnt ubuntu technically debian?
09:01:59dj-funo, it's southafrican debian.
09:02:03B4gderdebian based at least
09:02:07sharpea rare breed.
09:02:29B4gderand Mark (ubuntu founder) clearly knows about us btw
09:02:43B4gder"Rockbox rocks" as he said
09:02:44sharpewhat about sharpe?
09:02:49sharpedoes he know sharpe?
09:02:49yeftwell it does
09:02:51dj-fuwho's sharpe?
09:03:07sharpeeh. dude i know.
09:03:16dj-fuah, callackalackin.
09:03:18yeftmy favorite thing about rockbox of all time was video on my monochrome FM20
09:03:27yeftthat still amazes me
09:03:56dj-fuyou killed it
09:04:01dj-fuI was trying to bash ubuntu
09:04:05 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
09:04:07dj-fuand you made me loose my train of bashing
09:04:15yeftdj-fu i'm sorry
09:04:23yeftwe can start back up if you'd like
09:04:30dj-funo that's alright
09:04:41yeftlets see.. today i barely had to type any bash commands
09:04:54dj-fuwhy would you not want to type bash commands
09:04:57dj-futhat's like, the coolest thing
09:05:05 Quit Bg3r ("BitchX-1.1-final -- just do it.")
09:05:26sharpealright, it's time for that much needed sleep. goodnight everybody.
09:05:27yeftwell its just nicer if you dont have to
09:05:30dj-fuI'm going to play guildwars. toodles.
09:07:11markunB4gder: why would anyone create multiple wiki accounts.. (DeFt and OheRi)
09:07:42 Join stripwax [0] (
09:08:11B4gderthey like to make "Ohe*" names for some reason
09:08:16B4gderI bet the script they use do it
09:08:28 Part stripwax
09:08:30yeftcant you block Ohe*
09:09:05sharpebut what if there is a legitimate Ohe*?
09:09:09B4gderdeny from
09:09:15B4gderblock block block
09:09:20B4gderif there's a legit one, then too bad
09:10:11markuna girl wanted to create nancy.callahan@yahoo but it was refused because it contains the word 'allah'
09:10:22yeftgood stuff
09:10:48yeftwonder how often she gets that
09:10:50B4gdershe must be a terrorist
09:11:01markunyes, very likely :)
09:11:29scorcheB4gder: ubuntu guy also said "rockbox is linux for your ipod" =P
09:11:43B4gderyeah, well... :-)
09:12:14sharpeit's the non-linux linux equivalent for your ipod...
09:13:01scorchenot really
09:13:06scorchebut i know what you meant =)
09:13:11sharpecompared to windows.
09:13:27sharpei haven't told you i hate you today, haven't i?
09:13:30yeftlinux : windows :: rockbox : apple firmware
09:13:38scorchethere ya go
09:13:46scorchesharpe: <3
09:14:35sharpepsch. flash flood warning? who cares...
09:15:29sharpeit's a watch, but still, same attitude...
09:15:53sharpealright, finally, third or fourth time, g'night everyone.
09:17:21B4gderseems a fair amount of our wikispammers come from belarus
09:17:43B4gder"Republican Unitary Enterprise BELTELECOM"
09:18:40*B4gder blocks out that whole operator
09:18:43 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:19:30B4gdera few more recent users look suspicious
09:19:52B4gderbut I'll let them remain until they make a move and whipe them out then
09:32:57 Join mikearthur [0] (
09:34:51XavierGrthere is a lot of spam activity lately
09:34:57XavierGrI wonder why
09:35:06B4gderand now again...
09:35:54B4gderfrom korea now
09:36:00B4gderOhe* again
09:36:57B4gderXavierGr: I would guess they use the same script/app
09:37:07XavierGrmore probably
09:37:10B4gderthat somehow brings them either money or cred somewhere
09:37:30B4gderthe recent ones have all submitted similar attachments
09:39:41B4gderin fact
09:39:45B4gdergoogle for "ohere"
09:40:00B4gderand you find "Polyphonic ringtones. Nokia ringtones." in our wiki... :-(
09:40:44B4gderand posted URLs all over pointing out that URL in our wiki
09:40:55Zagorwe need to add the "nofollow" stuff again
09:41:10XavierGrgenre9mp3 also reported many attachments in the wiki which are not deleted yet
09:41:14B4gderbut in this case they feed the engines by posting links to our site all over
09:41:16Zagoryes, our site has a high pagerank. that makes it attractive for spammers.
09:41:28Zagorhmm, right
09:41:29B4gderXavierGr: not to me
09:42:30XavierGrhmm I remember he googled whole with "index of:" and found many attachments which are not viewable in the wiki itself
09:42:51B4gderwell, google remember lots of that stuff that we have deleted
09:43:12B4gderI did a lot of cleaning yday and today
09:43:35XavierGrah okay then
09:45:06B4gdercheck the wiki stats for a sad look
09:46:29 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
09:46:34 Quit JoeyBorn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:47:15XavierGrhmm where was the link for wiki stats...
09:48:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:57:36yefthow many directories can rockbox handle
09:57:46yefti've got about 800 and i'm gettin Dir buffer is full
09:58:06scorcheyeft: youcan increase the number in an option
09:58:46yeftscorche: got it thanks
10:02:13yeftand whats the nature of the tag cache?
10:02:19yeftdo i have to do it everytime i add a file?
10:03:33markunyeft: if you have dircache and tag cache in ram enable it should auto update
10:04:11yeftwhat if tagcache isnt in ram?
10:04:29yefti feel like if the tag cache were in the ram it would take up a lot of space
10:04:30scorchethen set it to be
10:04:40 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
10:04:46markunthen it's on your hd and will not be updated
10:04:55yeftive got about 6k of files
10:04:56markunAt least I think
10:05:07 Quit linuxstb__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:05:09markunI have about 5k
10:05:15yeftand you load it to ram?
10:05:43markunI don't use tagcache. But right now I have it in ram to try it out.
10:05:52markunDon't know how big it is
10:07:35*scorche searches in vain for a snack of the dessert variety
10:08:28yefthopefully that works
10:08:31yeftthanks guys
10:19:04 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
10:22:52 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
10:28:32 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
10:29:02 Join juxtap [0] (
10:30:31 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
10:40:31 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
10:41:39 Join gtkspert_ [0] (
10:42:26amiconnThe wiki stats look really odd now.
10:42:40amiconnIs there no way to remove spammers completely?
10:42:49B4gderthe spammers are removed completely
10:42:56B4gderbut the stats are made from some kind of logs
10:43:39 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
10:47:19 Quit midkay (Client Quit)
10:48:17amiconnStill looking rather ugly. The real contributors are hidden by the (removed) spammers...
10:50:28 Join Bg3r [0] (n=Bager@
10:57:03 Nick pabs_ is now known as pabs (
10:58:15Lynx_is the cvs log working normally?
10:58:41 Join PaulJam [0] (
10:59:35 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:00:18B4gder"the cvs log" ?
11:02:57Lynx_the log of recent cvs activity as seen on the homepage
11:03:25 Join chendo_ [0] (
11:03:43B4gderlooks ok to me
11:04:13Lynx_ok, i just wondered because i remember ist was completely gone a day or so ago, an now it does not show commits for the last 3 days which is unusual i guess.
11:04:45B4gderthere hasn't been any commits since june 23
11:05:05Lynx_ok. a sunny weekend effect maybe ;)
11:05:33B4gdervacation times coming up and feature freeze starting to really hurt us
11:06:00Papricayou right..
11:06:01B4gderor rather almost nobody actually tries to fix the outstanding problems
11:06:12Papricait's the feature freeze
11:06:25Lynx_i hope there are not too many devs who get bored with rockbox over the freeze and turn to other things
11:06:59 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:07:09Paul_The_NerdWell, it's not like they can't keep working on their own stuff. Plenty of them do instead of fixing bugs.
11:07:37amiconnB4gder: The cvs time display on the webpages is still wrong
11:08:16amiconnIt's supposed to show UTC, but still shows local time (CEST)
11:08:39amiconn...and the time in viewcvs is further off (by another hour)
11:10:07B4gderit seems cvs has started to show the times in the local time zone
11:10:31B4gderand my script just displays what CVS gives
11:11:39B4gderand I believe CVS fails to do so correctly
11:11:49B4gderdate: 2006-03-27 23:20:35 +0200; author: dan
11:11:55B4gderdate: 2006-02-21 11:21:48 +0100; author: dan
11:12:13B4gderI doubt he moved or changed DST in that time
11:12:14amiconnAfaik you can tell cvs what time to display
11:12:43scorchemy cat is acting like she caught something >_>
11:12:46*scorche goes to check
11:12:49B4gder"-z Show times in the selected records using the specified time zone instead of UTC."
11:12:54 Quit chendo (Connection timed out)
11:13:09 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
11:13:13amiconnDST started 2006-03-25 ...
11:13:23B4gderthen it was right is a tiny mouse
11:13:26tucozB4gder: have you installed this plugin?
11:13:36scorchegratefully, she hasnt disemboweled it yet
11:17:43preglowscorche: put her on your finest carpet, then let her go at it
11:17:49scorchecrap...i borrowed it from her to play with....and i lost it >_<
11:18:53B4gder"TZ=UTC cvs log blablabla" works fine
11:20:42B4gderthere, front page times fixed
11:21:35Zagoramiconn: i'm looking at installing the BlackListPlugin
11:21:39tucozB4gder: do you allow the search robots to index the history/revision pages in the wiki?
11:22:11 Quit juxtap (Nick collision from services.)
11:22:15tucozthere are some nice tips there
11:22:15 Join juxtap [0] (
11:23:15tucozbut the twiki site in general seem to have taken the wikispam issue seriously
11:23:39 Part juxtap
11:26:40 Nick tucoz is now known as tucoz_away (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
11:26:52 Join ZenMasterJG [0] (n=Jordan@
11:35:07 Join TeaSea [0] (
11:36:18 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
11:36:35 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
11:36:38 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
11:40:31 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
11:40:47 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
11:44:37 Join theli_ua [0] (
11:48:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:48:11 Quit ZenMasterJG (" blaaargh")
11:54:36 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:54:46 Join midkay_ [0] (
11:54:50 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:59:42 Join Ribs [0] (
11:59:54 Join darkless [0] (
12:02:45 Quit daurnimator (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:04:32 Quit dongs (Remote closed the connection)
12:08:32 Join dongs [0] (
12:11:13 Join anathema [0] (
12:13:37 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:21:59 Join Poka64 [0] (
12:25:28 Nick tucoz_away is now known as tucoz (
12:32:10 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:32:10 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:38:33 Join Criamos [0] (
12:50:03 Join freqmod [0] (
12:56:20 Join mantono [0] (
12:57:01preglowi love it when people suggest features we already have
12:59:55Nibbleryou pretend to code it especially for them within 2 minutes?
13:03:46preglowno, i'm just left with the choice of whether to rudely ask people to please find out what features we already have before posting, or just closing it
13:12:11 Quit gtkspert_ (Remote closed the connection)
13:12:13B4gderit also makes you wonder why the ask for it
13:12:26B4gdersince they clearly didn't try rockbox to see if it has it
13:13:01 Quit Bjoern-Erik ("leaving")
13:13:12B4gder"oh here's a nice feature I read about on [url] let's ask if rockbox can add it"
13:14:12 Join matsl [0] (
13:16:55 Quit jmspeex (Client Quit)
13:29:35 Quit freqmod (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:30:15markunpreglow: which feature was it?
13:35:58 Part tucoz
13:40:17Genre9mp3Damn this OheRe is back!
13:41:07Genre9mp3And who's this KillerWolfe?
13:41:42 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
13:44:12 Join TCK [0] (
13:45:55XavierGrIt is funny to see that OheRe has a mail at LOL
13:48:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:48:35 Quit dj-fu (Connection timed out)
13:52:55 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.4 -")
13:53:01 Join Poka64 [0] (
13:57:26 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
13:58:21]RowaN[guys what is the ipodnano port of rockbox like? my n00b friend is lending me his to fill up with songs, and i was considering installing rockbox for him too
13:58:48]RowaN[i mean i know rockbox is nice but whats the state of that port like
13:59:22preglowit works
13:59:27preglowbut with some quirks here and there
14:00:05 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
14:01:10]RowaN[sounds about the same as the h120 port then? =p
14:02:00preglowh120 port is more polished
14:02:04preglowless glitches
14:02:27XavierGrh10 port is near perfect
14:02:31XavierGrh100 too
14:02:43Genre9mp3XavierGr: H10?
14:02:48XavierGr(not h10)
14:02:52]RowaN[whats the rockbox installation procedure for the ipodnano? does it leave you able to use the original firmware still, like the h120?
14:02:56 Quit Criamos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:04:32]RowaN[i assume with rockbox installed u can use the ipod by dragging/dropping in explorer.. how does the original firmware like files transferred in that way?
14:06:15linuxstbIt ignores them.
14:06:17preglownot at all
14:06:44preglowif you want to use both oses, you need to use the itunes method to transfer files
14:06:47preglowthen use tagcache in rockbox
14:07:06]RowaN[itunes method?
14:07:11preglowlinuxstb: btw, does retailos keep the tag database in memory at all times?
14:07:22]RowaN[itunes is some kind of.. program right hehe
14:08:20PaulJamaren't there 3rd party programms to rebiuld the itunes database after having transferred files via dra and drop?
14:09:43t0masthere's for example a winamp plugin
14:09:57preglowthere are filename/dirname length limitations with that
14:10:28t0maswasn't that enough for simeple artist/album/00-title.mp3 files?
14:10:55t0masdepends on the names... true...
14:10:57preglowi've got tracks that would neatly crush that as well, if the limit is too low
14:10:59linuxstbpreglow: I think so. It's been a while since I used it, but I don't remember the disk spinning when browsing the database.
14:11:40 Join ryran [0] (
14:11:53preglow06-The Dark Liege of Chaos Is Unleashed at the Ensorcelled Shrine of A'Zura-Kai (The Splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean.ogg
14:11:56preglowthat, for example
14:12:01ryrangood freakin' morning everyone
14:12:02preglowi think the itunesdb will barf on
14:12:13ryran['cept I know it's night for a lot of you]
14:12:36linuxstbI think the limit used to be 56 characters, but I read that it's been reduced even more in newer versions of the Apple firmware.
14:13:27B4gderanyone with a gmail invite for me?
14:13:36preglowi've got a million
14:13:44preglowemail addy for invite?
14:13:50ryranoh apple...why oh why do big companies with lots of potential make stupid decisions...
14:14:02B4gderpreglow: daniel [at] thanks
14:14:28preglowB4gder: away
14:14:34B4gdergot it, thanks
14:15:14]RowaN[does the nano build let you put the rockbox executable inside the rockbox directory?
14:16:41ryranman I wish I understood more about cvs and compiling...
14:17:41preglowryran: you can accomplish that through this process called "learning", i've heard
14:18:04ryranmmmm. yes.
14:18:32]RowaN[learning sounds hard
14:18:50Zagorhow was last looking at the the ipod dock interface?
14:18:52 Quit San||Away ()
14:19:05 Join San||Away [0] (n=undergro@
14:19:15linuxstbI don't think anyone was.
14:19:40Zagoraha. my mind plays tricks with me again...
14:20:11B4gderZagor: Christi said she wanted to do that but I don't think she ever started
14:20:42linuxstbApparently the IPL people have tried getting the serial port communication with accessories working on the 4gs and later - the status seems to be that they've implemented the driver, but can't get it to talk to anything.
14:21:23amiconnSounds familiar... but the chance for a solution are very low w/o hw docs
14:21:25ryrancan someone give me a little help? I'm trying to understand when I should use values other than "0" for the -p switch (when patching cvs)?
14:22:46linuxstbryran: Open up the patch in a text editor and look at the filenames at the top. The p option tells the patch command how many directories to strip from the start of those filenames when looking for the file to patch on your computer.
14:23:40ryranwhy would I ever need to do anything other than 0 though?
14:23:55ZagorDo we know any accessory that uses many of the functions in the dock? I know some car integration kits even send logos to the ipod, but a car is not the best place to reverse-engineer this... :-)
14:24:11B4gderryran: if you do 'cd firmware/drivers' and the patch includes 'firmware/drivers' in the path name in the top
14:24:32B4gderfor example
14:24:47 Join webguest42 [0] (
14:25:13 Quit webguest42 (Client Quit)
14:27:31Zagorotoh a simple accessory is easier to start with
14:28:41 Join kclaf [0] (
14:32:45linuxstbZagor: I assume you've seen this?
14:32:57 Join gtkspert [0] (
14:33:26 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:35:23 Join freqmod [0] (
14:36:58 Join dj-fu [0] (
14:37:06amiconnIiuc the protocol is known to some extent; what does not work is the serial driver itself
14:37:22amiconnThe serial i/f is part of the PP ...
14:38:05dj-fuwhat's a rockbox error -4
14:38:07dj-fuon the bootloader?
14:40:17linuxstbIt means the file is corrupt - the file read is failing.
14:41:12dj-fuhrm. that's not good
14:41:49linuxstbTry running a filesystem check and then copy Rockbox again.
14:42:12dj-fuI had it running not too long ago but the partition kept not wanting to show up in windows
14:42:12 Quit ]RowaN[ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:42:14dj-fupos windows.
14:42:50Zagoramiconn: aha, ok
14:43:27*linuxstb gives Zagor a copy of IDA Pro and a constant supply of coffee...
14:43:51*B4gder offers some more coffee
14:44:59dj-fuis 5minutes for a .rockbox & rockbox.ipod copy to a nano pretty standard?
14:45:03dj-fuI don't remeber ir being this slow
14:45:23linuxstbThe emergency disk mode is slow - boot to Apple's firmware for a faster disk mode.
14:45:35Zagoripl seems to be able to use the remote control serial port though. of course it could be connected differently
14:45:47linuxstbMaybe on the 3g and earlier.
14:46:09 Join bluebrother [0] (
14:46:11Zagoroh, later ones don't have the remote port?
14:46:15linuxstbThe 1g-3g use the PP5002, which is completely different to the PP502x family used in the later ipods.
14:46:17ryrancvs/patching question again: if I'm having trouble getting multiple patches to agree with the source, is there some easy way (like some tool or something) that I can see where the conflicts are and like.. choose what to use?
14:46:18*Zagor is an ipod newbie
14:46:30dj-fudiff? ;]
14:46:46B4gderryran: the "hunks" that don't apply get saved in a .rej file
14:46:53B4gderread that and apply those changes manually
14:47:03B4gdercan be everything from very easy to very hard
14:47:24ryranI guess this has turned out to be too big of a project to figure out at work.
14:48:13 Quit San||Away ()
14:49:31ryranquestion #3 re dry-run switch for patch: is the following proper syntax? [ patch −−dry-run -p0 < patchfile ]
14:51:39dongsso i left my ipod cable at work, and i want to copy 2 mp3s to listen to tomorrow on teh way to work
14:51:43dongswaht should I do?
14:52:00 Join Sanitarium [0] (n=San@
14:53:23amiconnZagor: Some of the later units do have a remote control port (my mini g2 has, and I even have a simple remote for it). But as linuxstb said, we are unable to control the serial port on PP5020+
14:53:37ryranB4gder: it seems like the dry-run switch doesn't actually save the .rej files.. is that correct?
14:53:42dongsanyone have any idea for me?
14:54:26B4gderryran: yes, dry run means it doesn't actually do the patch so it makes no rej files either
14:54:39ryrangotcha.. okay
14:56:57ryranugh. I wish I understood this. the rej file is so small and simple.. yet.. I have no idea what to do with it. guess I need to look for some tutorials.
14:57:59ryrandongs: what are you asking??? how to transfer files to your ipod without a cable? are you serious?
14:58:30ZweiundvierzigI once tried to do it with telepathy
14:58:33ZweiundvierzigIt was slow, but it worked.
14:58:42B4gderdongs: for next time you should write a binary mode for the text editor and then you could enter the whole song by reading the bytes in from a hexdump! :-!
14:59:15B4gderrockbox needs hexl-mode
14:59:52Mikachuif you had prepared a program for transferring on line-in maybe, but not unprepared
15:00:02Mikachui wouldn't say it's possible in any way
15:00:15Mikachuunless you mean making a cable on the spot
15:00:51PaulJamyou could take out the hd and use it with an adapter.
15:01:11B4gderget a bunch of paperclips and scotch tape and make a cable!
15:01:31dongsryran: correct
15:02:47ryranB4gder or anyone else: what's the switch & syntax for undo-ing a patch?
15:02:53B4gderadd -R
15:03:18ryransoooo "patch -R -p0 < patchfile"?
15:03:22dongswell screw this. i'll copy those 2 songs to my phone and listen on that until i get to work.
15:03:39dongsdoesnt look like im going too far without a cable
15:05:47ryranif one of my failed hunks is the english.lang file.. I can ignore it right?
15:07:02 Quit dj-fu (Connection timed out)
15:07:47 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
15:08:04 Join webguest29 [0] (
15:08:25Zweiundvierzig[15:01:11] <B4gder> get a bunch of paperclips and scotch tape and make a cable! < Mac Gyver would be proud of you.
15:09:14B4gderhah - you never seen MacGyver reverse engineer an mp3 player firmware. He's just a poor wannabe ;-)
15:10:10B4gderor maybe I missed that episode! ;-P
15:12:53ryrancould some ever-so-wonderful soul possibly explain to me what I could do with a .rej file, using as an example? (it's tiny)
15:14:42liyangLook at it.
15:14:57Mikachuyou want to remove lines marked - and add lines marked +
15:15:14ryranno lines are marked -
15:15:18Mikachugood for you
15:15:22Mikachuthen you only have to add lines
15:16:28ryranso.. I don't understand why it couldn't do it... itself
15:17:19Mikachubecause some of the unmarked lines are not the same anymore
15:17:25 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
15:17:31 Join Seedy [0] (
15:17:40 Quit webguest29 ("CGI:IRC")
15:18:12B4gderor you can improve patch and send them a patch with your improvements! ;-)
15:18:45ryranI'm pretty sure the patches are fine.. it's just that I'm trying to apply like... 3 or 4
15:19:02 Quit gtkspert (Remote closed the connection)
15:19:12B4gderyes, we've noticed
15:19:35 Join gtkspert [0] (
15:19:48ryranso does *** 81,83 **** indicate a line number?
15:20:23*linuxstb unpacks his new Nokia 770 and wonders if a Rockbox port would be any use...
15:20:46 Join ceaser [0] (n=ceaser@ that's the line number that the patch specified? and the problem is that what the patch thought would be there.. isn't?
15:21:00B4gderlinuxstb: it'd make a nice picture with the sim running on it! ;-)
15:21:21 Join Criamos [0] (
15:31:17 Join JBGood25 [0] (
15:35:42 Quit darkless (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:40:36 Quit freqmod ("Konversation terminated!")
15:42:08 Join freqmod [0] (
15:43:16 Quit NeoMike ("[BX] Free sex with a BitchX upgrade! Call for details!")
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15:51:13 Join jbauman [0] (
15:51:42 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
15:56:08 Join akaidiota [0] (
15:58:12 Join linuxstb770 [0] (
16:02:32linuxstb770handwriting recognition is a Pain
16:02:38 Quit theli_ua ("by all")
16:02:58linuxstb770keyboard easier
16:03:39linuxstbI give up... That thing is slower than Rockbox's AAC decoder.
16:03:58 Join DGently [0] (
16:04:35merbananlinuxstb: what did you try ?
16:05:00merbananlinuxstb: btw the ffmpeg aac decoder is taking shape
16:05:23linuxstbI've just got a Nokia 770 internet tablet... - completely unrelated to AAC :)
16:05:26 Join wooo [0] (
16:05:42linuxstbGood to hear there's progress on the ffmpeg aac front though.
16:06:07preglowmerbanan: any progress reports?
16:07:16merbananpreglow: look in the archives
16:08:07linuxstbAh, I didn't know the soc had its own list...
16:08:14 Quit linuxstb770 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:09:34 Quit JBGood25 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:09:36 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:09:37 Join sadeness_ [0] (n=LamersIn@
16:11:35ryransweeeeeeeeeeeeetbigbootay. thanks for the tips B4gder and everyone else. I was able to get all five patches reconciled.
16:13:57B4gderand OheRe is back...
16:14:14B4gder59.13.169.9 korea again
16:14:42 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:16:58 Quit ryran ("hasta la pasta!")
16:17:05B4gderblock block block
16:18:14 Quit chendo_ (Remote closed the connection)
16:19:25 Join Malnilion [0] (
16:19:49 Quit DGently ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:23:12 Join gtkspert [0] (
16:23:29 Quit anathema (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:24:04 Join chendo [0] (
16:25:57 Quit ceaser ()
16:28:42 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:29:36 Quit _FireFly_ (Client Quit)
16:37:34 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Khe!!!")
16:38:39 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:39:44 Join akaidiota [0] (
16:41:48 Join darkless [0] (n=darkless@
16:50:03 Join cismo [0] (
16:53:31 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:54:40 Join LorenzoQ [0] (
16:55:17LorenzoQhello rockboxers
16:58:34 Join [1]toxicfume [0] (
17:01:32 Join Polo_O [0] (
17:01:41 Join drippydonut [0] (
17:05:08 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:08:36 Quit toxicfume (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:08:36 Nick [1]toxicfume is now known as toxicfume (
17:11:27 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
17:12:21 Join hardeep [0] (
17:21:06 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
17:22:53 Join stripwax [0] (
17:23:05 Part stripwax
17:23:51 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
17:25:03 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
17:27:46 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
17:34:48 Quit drippydonut (Client Quit)
17:40:38 Part Polo_O
17:47:38 Join petur [0] (
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17:48:49 Part LorenzoQ
17:49:50 Join dpro [0] (n=x@
17:54:35 Join RoC_MM [0] (
18:00:36 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
18:05:04 Quit linuxstb_ (Remote closed the connection)
18:06:38sadeness_Red Card!
18:11:12 Join tu [0] (
18:11:25 Quit tu (Client Quit)
18:11:30 Join tucoz [0] (
18:18:16 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:19:00 Quit petur ("[x]")
18:31:52 Quit einhirn ()
18:33:43yefti'm am yet to have a forced tagcache wokr
18:38:18 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=user@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
18:43:45 Join Darkangel_Cec [0] (
18:46:26 Quit linuxstb_ (Remote closed the connection)
18:48:00 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
18:50:50 Join Bjoern-Erik [0] (
18:52:56 Quit hardeep ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
18:53:16 Quit tucoz ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:53:33 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
18:57:33 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
18:59:48muesli__is there a possibilty to copy music files from an ipod to another computer or is it impossible at all? music should play of course
19:00:19 Join obo [0] (
19:00:40loumark files, copy them
19:00:44XavierGrmuesli: i think you can't do that but I am not sure
19:00:46lou(in case you use rockbox)
19:01:20PaulJamdo you mean drm protected files?
19:01:41muesli__im not using rbx so far
19:02:07XavierGrdrm you can't
19:02:07muesli__its my gfs ipod
19:02:26XavierGrnon-drm: I think you can only with itunes
19:02:38muesli__she ripped some cds
19:02:41XavierGr(using default firmware)
19:02:58XavierGrwith rockbox you can do whatever you like
19:03:25muesli__XavierGr yeah..thats for sure//
19:03:55muesli__im considering to install it..but she is of course not an expert..
19:04:26muesli__once we break up she will be lost with it ;)
19:04:37PaulJamI think the music files are in a hidden folder (ipod-control?), but they have strange filenames.
19:05:55muesli__have to look at it since its the 1st time i can have a closer look to an ipod
19:08:10 Join anathema [0] (
19:17:49 Quit muesli__ ("ich will KEe!!!")
19:22:09 Join Febs [0] (
19:24:05_FireFly_PaulJam: they aren*t in hidden folders but they have strange filenames like a number+ext
19:24:17_FireFly_at least the non drm files for drm files i don*t know
19:25:18 Quit Zweiundvierzig (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:26:14RoC_MMthey get randomly throw and distributed between directories with names like "f01" and "f02"
19:26:16 Quit wooo (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:26:20RoC_MMnot by album or song, just by randomness
19:26:32 Join mirak [0] (
19:27:35XavierGrRoC_MM: without rockbox or itunes, is it possible to copy music to the PC?
19:27:48RoC_MMfor sure
19:27:51RoC_MMit's just sitting there
19:28:07RoC_MMjust look until you find the right song
19:28:09RoC_MMor something
19:28:18RoC_MM /iPod_Control/Music/f03/sxae.mp3
19:28:28RoC_MMor use yamipod or copypod or anapod or anything like that
19:28:37XavierGrso windows (or linux) can read the filesytem that Apple uses?
19:28:43RoC_MMit's fat32
19:28:56RoC_MMthey merely have renamed everything and randomly throw it in directories with random filenames
19:29:01XavierGrI thought it was a different filesystem
19:29:04RoC_MMno sir.
19:29:19XavierGrbut yeah even then
19:29:28XavierGrwhat sort of stupidity is this
19:29:40XavierGrI would never bought an iPod for this reason
19:29:51XavierGrwith rockbox this is another story though
19:30:18XavierGrbut I am a happy man with my H300 and H100
19:30:38XavierGrbest DAPs currently and that's why Rockbox is ported
19:30:43XavierGrto them
19:31:00XavierGrI mean they are best because of Rockbox
19:31:05Hansmaulwurf3.0 for H100 would be great :P
19:31:10XavierGr(my syntax is flawed)
19:31:26yeftmy ipod wont dismount :(
19:31:45XavierGrHansmaulwurf: but there is no difference from current CVS
19:31:48yeftdevice busy...
19:31:53Hansmaulwurfi know i know
19:31:57XavierGrunless you are talking in a greater timescale
19:32:05 Join dpm [0] (
19:32:17PaulJamXavierGr: there are differences - less bugs
19:32:18XavierGr3.1 would be awesome too
19:32:37Hansmaulwurfbtw, no updates for 3 days now
19:32:47Hansmaulwurfeveryone is watching World Cup?
19:33:11XavierGrPaulJam: yes but for me those bugs are not bugging me :)
19:36:05 Join Zweiundvierzig [0] (
19:36:33goffaheh... with cvs i really don't care if 3.0 gets released..
19:37:27goffai might be thinking wrong, but i do thing the feature freeze is either a) misunderstood or b) designed with the wrong intent
19:38:14goffaexample... on the x5... increasing functionality (like adding recording, usbotg, or fm radio) should not be frozen
19:39:49goffabut .. i really don't have say... i don't program.. so i'm just a sideline observer
19:40:58goffahowever things like guitar tuner, etc that i would call bonus extras... i can see them being frozen until next release
19:41:36PaulJami think noone prevents others from develping new features for other targets, they can always send a patch on the tracker
19:43:02goffayeah... but if say recording is stable.. i see no reason to exclude it from 3.0 (i know that's a ways off) just using that as an example
19:43:26goffabut you are right... if i had knowhow i could program the stuff myself
19:43:40 Quit dpm ("Ex-Chat")
19:44:44 Join bluebrother [0] (
19:46:37 Quit anathema (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:48:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:48:25 Join whatboutbob [0] (
19:50:40whatboutbobany italians in here I can yell at to make me feel better? :)
19:51:45sadeness_why yelling? italians have won! :-D
19:54:06 Quit chendo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:54:44 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
19:55:56 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
19:57:28*petur spots whatboutbob too late
19:57:45peturanother victim of the webclient
20:05:09 Join pixelma [0] (n=pixelma@
20:10:32 Quit _FireFly_ ("Client exiting")
20:17:55 Quit mirak (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:21:40 Join Abidibs [0] (
20:21:50Abidibsexcuse me?
20:22:17Abidibsfor the rockbox does it work on the 4th generation without any problems?
20:22:29Abidibsipods btw
20:23:10preglowit should work fine
20:23:19preglowgrayscale or colour?
20:23:27RoC_MM4g grey works fine
20:23:55Abidibshow about for a 20g?
20:24:12RoC_MMwhat generation?
20:24:28RoC_MMHD size is irrrelevant
20:24:30sharpegood morning.
20:24:43RoC_MMyou could put an 80 in there if it fit
20:24:52freqmodSharpe: good evning (20.00)
20:25:17*petur still waits for the 80GB disks to be actually available
20:26:02sharpeeh, it's two in the afternoon for me.
20:26:22preglow20:24 !
20:26:31freqmodEast coast america?
20:26:35Abidibsits only 20gb, grayscale, 4th gen,but i read that it has a sligh chance of messing up the ipod,is this true?
20:26:56preglowAbidibs: there's always a change, but has not happened yet
20:27:04preglowAbidibs: also, your ipod can't be permanently damaged
20:27:06RoC_MMpatching the "bootloader/firmware" is reversable, and always undoable with ipod restore utility
20:27:58Abidibsso i get ipod restore utility and i'm safe?
20:28:29RoC_MMdon't worry, if you follow the instructions it's really not possible to mess it up
20:28:53Abidibsand its uninstallable?
20:28:59sharperemember what i always say, it's not really possible to brick your ipod, short of having a brick...
20:29:03RoC_MMyou will not have problems installing it.
20:29:16 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:29:52Abidibskk tgy
20:30:12Abidibsbye bye
20:30:14 Quit Abidibs ()
20:31:48amiconnpetur: I have an 80GB disk in my Recorder :-P
20:31:52 Join Strath [0] (
20:32:51petursure, 2.5"
20:36:20 Quit hannesd ("Client suicide")
20:42:22 Join hannesd [0] (
20:43:44 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
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21:20:25 Quit jbauman (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:28:22 Part sadeness (" , whois!")
21:28:34 Join drippydonut [0] (
21:30:32 Quit sadeness_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:33:54 Quit kclaf (Client Quit)
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21:54:36 Join webguest99 [0] (
22:04:40 Join sharpe [0] (
22:10:56 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
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22:11:26 Join Nico_P [0] (
22:12:24 Join Rondom [0] (
22:15:38 Join Rincewind_12 [0] (
22:17:26peturshhht... don't wake the bots
22:18:37*petur wonders if anybody from Glasgow is in this channel
22:18:45Rincewind_12I have a programming question: What are the returns of functions (for instance menu_run() or playlist_viewer() etc.) used for in gwps and tree? Some functions return true, some return false, and I don't get where this is used (with the exception of SYS_CONNECTED, I could figure that out)
22:19:19Rincewind_12make that SYS_USB_CONNECTED
22:22:33Rincewind_12anyone got an answer for me?
22:22:51Mikachui believe they indicate whether or not to close the menu
22:22:54Mikachubut i'm not sure
22:23:05goffaso... have they made the wma patch available?
22:23:27linuxstb"they" ?
22:23:38goffaor is marsdaddy or whoever keeping it a secret?
22:23:59linuxstbI haven't seen a patch, no.
22:24:23Rincewind_12I'm wondering because I implemented my own function to be used on button press in gwps.c and tree.c and I don't know when it should return true or false (and more important: what happens with this information)
22:27:59midkay_any wiki admins around?
22:29:15Rincewind_12hm, is my question too hard, too general, or are you just lazy to answer?
22:29:42Mikachui don't know offhand
22:29:57midkay_Rincewind_12, did you check the code and try to figure it out?
22:29:58petursorry, I don't have time to check the code for you, I don't know it offhand too. rtfs please
22:30:01preglowlinuxstb: do all mp4 files use seek tables?
22:30:07linuxstbRincewind_12: I'm guessing no-one who knows the answer is around...
22:30:18midkay_see where it returns true or false and look around for comments that say "return false if this happens" or "return true if the user does this", and try to infer from the code what's going on..
22:31:38linuxstbpreglow: All the files I've seen do. But I don't know for sure if it's required by the spec.
22:32:03linuxstbIt's more than a seek table - every frame is indexed with it's offset in bytes and length in samples.
22:32:08 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
22:32:16linuxstb(but in a compressed way).
22:32:18preglowlinuxstb: damn, sounds like it might eat up quite a bit of space
22:32:51preglowlinuxstb: and to think you were the one to tell me it's "its", not "it's" :>
22:32:53Rincewind_12of course I read the code, but couldn't figure it out, sometimes true means usb was connected, sometimes it seems to be generally set to false. So my real question is: what happens when in the main loop in gwps.c "result=true;" and what happens if it is not set
22:33:14Mikachuhe used "it's" correctly afaics
22:33:15linuxstbThe length is just run-length encoded. i.e. N1 frames of length X1, N2 frames of length X2 etc (and it's was an abbreviation of it is...)
22:33:34linuxstbits has no apostrophe when used like "his" or "hers"
22:33:37Mikachui may have missed the joke though
22:33:41 Join damaki [0] (
22:33:49Rincewind_12I meant "return=true", not result
22:34:01preglowMikachu: there are two uses of it
22:34:03linuxstb(and I was wrong with my first it's...)
22:34:11*linuxstb bows head
22:34:12preglowsounds like it beats ogg straight out, then
22:34:17preglowi just browsed the spec
22:34:33Mikachuis ogg silly?
22:34:47preglowyou pretty much need to walk the entire stream
22:34:48*linuxstb avoids the question
22:34:56Mikachui ogmmerge'd some .avis to .ogm earlier today to not lose the subtitle files, they got smaller always
22:35:10linuxstbFLAC's similarly bad - but at least it's possible to write a good seektable.
22:35:34preglowi'm a bit surprised there are no seek table support at all
22:35:41preglowafaik, it's not even an optional part
22:36:09Mikachudidn't they think about that when designing it or were they focusing on vorbis? :)
22:36:37Mikachuand why does flac have its own muxing format?
22:36:54Mikachui somehow got the idea it's also from xiph, but maybe not
22:37:22preglowit doesn't do any muxing
22:37:32preglowit just has better support for containerless operation than other formats
22:37:45linuxstbmuxing implies multiple streams in same file. FLAC is always just a single stream.
22:37:47preglowto mux it you need to stuff it in a container, flac in ogg is seen prancing about occasionally
22:37:56Mikachuhm okay, so it's sort of like mp3
22:38:09linuxstbYes, but with a standardised header.
22:38:33linuxstbi.e. metadata followed by audio data.
22:39:10linuxstbMikachu: AFAIK, FLAC was developed independently of Xiph, and then they adopted it.
22:39:40Mikachuthere are so many codecs, it's hard to keep up
22:40:13linuxstbAnd more coming - speex, sid, mod, wma...
22:40:35*preglow wants proper aac
22:40:41preglowlet's hope this maxim fellow does a good job
22:40:52Mikachunot just in rockbox
22:41:03 Join yeft [0] (
22:41:05Mikachubut it's almost worse with video codecs
22:41:34preglowi've got a nice grasp of audio codecs
22:41:42preglownot too good at video codecs
22:41:53preglowmostly because i don't care
22:42:22preglowMikachu: does audacious crash when loading skins with you?
22:42:44preglowthe default one looks like a bag of shit, and i'd really love to change it
22:42:46Mikachucheck if the backtrace goes to a plugin and disable it
22:42:47preglowbut it crashes when i do
22:42:50 Join akaidiot [0] (
22:42:53Mikachuif it does
22:43:02preglowit's more probably a 64 bit deal
22:43:11Mikachuah, those are fun
22:43:47 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
22:44:04Mikachuhad some in openbox
22:44:52Mikachuamusingly because a fixed width type was used instead of "long", apparently xlib expects native types even though the protocol needs fixed width
22:46:05Mikachuit suddenly became warmer in here, and it's 22:46
22:46:34 Join dpm [0] (
22:47:11Mikachuwhy is the perfect spring weather only 1 week per year?
22:48:44 Quit webguest99 ("CGI:IRC")
22:49:54*midkay_ is sweating and not liking it
22:49:58 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (
22:52:32*linuxstb is very happy with London's 17C
22:53:06midkayaaaaaaa. :(
22:53:18*midkay would *love* that
22:54:19Mikachumidkay: this is after the perfect season, it's too warm now
22:54:37 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
22:54:47midkayMikachu, ah..
22:54:56Mikachuit's 18 outside, but it's the middle of the night
22:55:15Mikachuin the day it is usually around 26
22:55:54midkay81f -> 27c here at the moment..
22:56:23Mikachubut it's been cloudy the last couple of days
22:56:26midkayexpect that to rise a few degrees over the next couple hours
22:56:43Mikachuso it's only been 22 or so
22:56:48Mikachubut last week the sun was shining
22:57:01midkayi'd much rather it be winter.
22:57:18Mikachui still prefer summer over winter, at least in sweden
22:57:27*midkay hates heat.
22:57:33linuxstbRain is guaranteed in London for the next few weeks - Wimbledon has started.
22:57:45Mikachudoesn't it always rain in england?
22:59:00Mikachuthat is what i learned from donald duck pockets
22:59:16midkayit was 81f a few minutes ago, now google says 84..
22:59:45midkaya high of 90.. please, no.. :)
22:59:58 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:02:59bagawkmidkay: heh already 100deg F here
23:04:09 Quit Nico_P ()
23:10:27 Quit stampfini ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
23:11:39 Join alberink [0] (
23:25:31 Quit dpm ("Ex-Chat")
23:26:52 Join grahf [0] (
23:28:29 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
23:31:47 Part grahf
23:34:11 Join dpm [0] (
23:40:11 Join menollo [0] (
23:44:39preglowbluebrother: word
23:44:57preglowsomeone do disable anonymous reports, please
23:45:03 Join webguest93 [0] (
23:46:09Mikachuthere is a direct link to "feature requests" on the main page
23:46:47 Join webguest12 [0] (
23:46:51webguest93why are there daily builds for ipods and why can't we download rockbox2.5?
23:47:11bluebrotherwebguest93, you can download rb 2.5 on the download page.
23:47:16 Quit webguest12 (Client Quit)
23:47:22webguest93for ipods?
23:47:26bluebrotherbut 2.5 is only for archos targets.
23:47:26webguest93(ipo 5g)
23:47:39Bagderthere never was any 2.5 for ipods
23:47:52bluebrother3.0 is the upcoming release for iriver and archos.
23:48:03webguest93so why do we have to download a new rockbox every day?
23:48:05bluebrotherIt won't even be a release for ipod.
23:48:10Mikachuyou don't HAVE TO
23:48:14Bagderwebguest93: you don't need to
23:48:24bluebrotheryou don't have to update every day. But you can do so.
23:48:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:48:35Bagderits a service from us
23:48:53 Quit hannesd ("Client suicide")
23:49:09 Join webguest06 [0] (
23:49:15linuxstbpreglow, bluebrother: I agree, I can't think of a good reason to allow anonymous tracker tasks.
23:49:23Bagderthat was the 7th(!) request for audible support
23:49:39 Quit webguest06 (Client Quit)
23:49:40webguest93yea...because sometimes there is no canges for it anyway
23:49:45bluebrotheroh, the 7th? I just searched shortly for it, but I haven't counted
23:50:00*Bagder just counted ;-)
23:50:04webguest93will there ever be any 2.5 or 3.0 for ipod?
23:50:07bluebrotherwebguest93, the last days have been pretty quiet.
23:50:11bluebrotherno, never.
23:50:20Mikachuwebguest93: 3.1 will be for ipods
23:50:25bluebrotherfor ipod, the first release that is planned is 3.1
23:50:46 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:51:10 Join that_asian_guy [0] (
23:51:11*bluebrother should train touchtyping again
23:51:20webguest93any dates for that yet?
23:51:57 Quit that_asian_guy (Client Quit)
23:52:02Bagderwe can't keep dates anyway
23:52:11bluebrothersee the wiki. 3.1 is scheduled for the end of the year.
23:52:19bluebrotherbut I guess this will change :)
23:52:21Bagderif we're lucky
23:52:24Mikachumaybe 3.0 will be released by then
23:52:48bluebrothermaybe. The freeze is getting pretty long :(
23:54:48preglowthere's no way we'll make that
23:54:51preglowno way in hell
23:55:07preglowfor 3.1, that is
23:55:25webguest93is 3.1 going to be sweet?
23:55:28preglowpreliminary date should be stricken from the wiki as soon as possible, and replaced with "we don't do dates anymore"
23:55:43Bagderwebguest93: if many devs do sweet things
23:56:09Mikachuthere are indications of some sweetness in the tracker
23:56:15 Join that_asian_guy [0] (
23:56:23 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
23:56:25Mikachuoh no, it's that_asian_guy
23:56:31 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
23:56:55bluebrotherhow good I'm a european guy :D
23:57:20that_asian_guywhy oh no?
23:57:27Mikachujust kidding
23:57:48Mikachui'm a bit random at this time of night
23:58:02that_asian_guyits like 3 over here
23:58:15Mikachuit will be 0 here in a minute
23:58:21that_asian_guyyou in like england or what?

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