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#rockbox log for 2006-07-06

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00:03:35scorcheBagder: did you happen to have tripwire running?
00:03:57Bagderbut I know this "attack" has been going on for a while
00:04:15scorchemight be wise to start running it...
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00:04:31peturso it's not the new twiki version?
00:04:43BagderI think it is
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00:04:49theprodukktwhy dont u use mediawiki?
00:04:54Bagdershut up
00:04:55theprodukktthe same engine wikipedia uses
00:05:03*theprodukkt will be quit now
00:05:04BagderI'm not in a mood
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00:07:30scorcheBagder: what are your speculations so far?
00:07:45Bagderthe guy edited our twiki/.htaccess repeatedly
00:08:00Bagderbut always created the file with www-data/www-data which is what apache runs as
00:08:12Bagderso I have no doubts he used some web based hole
00:08:29Bagderand we didn't see this until like 24 hours ago which is after we upgraded twiki
00:08:49Bagderbut then, we're under some heavy spam attacks
00:09:04linuxstb_Which twiki version did you upgrade to?
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00:09:10Bagderwe've been a bit too busy with things so I'm not sure when the .htaccess thing started
00:09:26scorchefrom the ls, it seems like it is the spammers that did this
00:09:35Bagderoh yes
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00:09:41Bagderthe added redirects in the .htaccess
00:09:43Bagderfor drugs
00:10:16S0ap[14:27:57] <funky> I'll read the whole installation instruciontions from ipodlinux and rockbox wikis before do anything
00:10:24S0ap[15:34:37] <webguest06> Nothing to say, except thanks for rockbox!! It works perfectly in an iPod nano, i installed it in ten minutes.
00:11:32S0ap[11:35:52] <craftkid> i cant download any of the thinggs
00:11:36AManyone else having trouble connecting to the rockbox website?
00:11:46peturAM: it's down
00:11:49BagderAM: everyone
00:11:56S0apone of these things is not like the other.
00:11:59Topic"Rockbox web site is down" by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
00:12:23*petur hopes they'll read the topic
00:13:35apo`petur: Experience has shown that they won't.
00:14:52scorcheBagder: what version of twiki?
00:16:11Zagorscorche: 4.0.4
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00:17:49linuxstb_So presumably this is a new twiki bug?
00:17:59amiconn404 is a bad version for web apps... ;/
00:18:04Bagderunfortunately not
00:18:20Bagderit seems the guy did his stunt even before we upgraded
00:18:42preglowapache version?
00:19:02Bagder2.0.55-4 (debian)
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00:20:26preglowwe need to start shooting people, people
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00:23:07thprdkkt|wc3tftwhy should a "hacker" do something like this on an open source site?
00:25:38preglowbecause a lot of people are idiots
00:25:42apo`Coz he's a script kiddie :P
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00:26:10thprdkkt|wc3tfta script kiddie wouldnt have the knowledge to do this
00:26:12thprdkkt|wc3tftwould he?
00:26:28Bagderscript kiddies don't have knowledge, they run scripts
00:26:47apo`Then call him a cracker
00:26:48apo`Or whatever
00:26:54apo`But a hacker doesn't do that
00:27:13scorchethprdkkt|wc3tft: spammers have been having their way with our site recently....we have not let them do as they seems like they have resorted to this
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00:28:37Bagderthere's a very recent backup though so all twiki data from a day ago is still here
00:28:53preglowwhat, it got deleted?
00:28:56*preglow scrolls up
00:29:23BagderI didn't express it that clearly before but he did wipe out a whole lot of twiki data
00:29:36*scorche will be back later
00:29:37*preglow reiterates the point about shooting people
00:30:10BagderI'm not sure these guys count as people
00:30:22preglowi'm sure they do by some definitions
00:30:26preglowbut that doesn't alter my stance much
00:30:38preglowlet's just hope i'll snap one day
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00:30:40preglowand i'm quite sure i will
00:31:55linuxstb_Anyone know if other wiki systems suffer from these bugs? It doesn't seem good advertising for Twiki - twice in 9 months now...
00:32:01*amiconn wonders why the *wiki versions provided by debian are as outdated as they are...
00:32:31pregloweverything provided by debian is outdated
00:32:32preglowin stable, that is
00:32:46amiconnpreglow: This is unstable...
00:32:51preglowthen god knows
00:33:20amiconntwiki is included in a version from 2004 (!) and mediawiki is at 1.5.8 - the 1.6 series is around for more than 10 months...
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00:33:47Bagderwell, debian is rather strict in what it includes
00:33:49preglowmy impression of debian is that it's dirt slow in general
00:34:12linuxstb_But old doesn't mean bad - assuming known security fixes have been applied.
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00:42:04linuxstb_Is it worth reporting the Rockbox spammers to google?
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00:59:38preglowdefinitely, if possible
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01:07:04peturhmmmm, that form is more for reporting bad websites rather than spammers hijacking a site :/
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01:08:03peturand now for some good news... temperature just dropped below 27 degrees celcius. 2 more and I'm happy ;)
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01:08:18*preglow sweats away
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01:13:05BagderI was supposed to have an early night...
01:13:22peturafter all the painting...
01:13:51peturfound anything yet?
01:14:25BagderI put up a static page on for now as I'm off to bed
01:14:38BagderZagor might be able to do more
01:15:52petursaw it... better than nothing
01:16:06petursay moo
01:16:23Bagdertime to say moo
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01:20:25Genre9mp3WTF happened to the site? Is the twiki situation reversible?
01:21:13 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
01:21:38*Genre9mp3 is full of anger!
01:21:43peturthere's a backup
01:22:06peturbut it's no use to restore it as long as the security hole isn't found
01:22:23Genre9mp3Yes, you are right
01:22:56Genre9mp3This whole thing is becoming tiring... :-/
01:24:13dan_aHello everyone. I'm thinking of trying to get the sound working on Rockbox on my 3g iPod.
01:24:28dan_aWould anyone be able to help me get started debugging it?
01:27:54peturdan_a: try to talk to linuxstb if he's around
01:28:42preglownot too much you can do apart from starting to compare our code with ipodlinux' code
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01:30:49dan_apreglow, petur: Thanks.
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02:22:56fiftyfour123hey, whats the best linux distro for ppc that i can install and boot on a firewire hard drive?
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03:48:17scorcheBagder: any updates since i left?
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03:54:35S0apchannel's been dead since you left.
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04:38:24JdGordon:-( re
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05:27:46mongey|zZzanyone have the firmware patcher for a h300 ? bootloader 5 ?
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05:53:36DMJC-Lanyone ever tried to upgrade their iriver to 80GB?
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06:14:09gursikhThat sucks.
06:14:31 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
06:14:59gursikhgrr anyone have what I would require to install RB on Ipod 5g video ?
06:15:39DMJC-Lanyone ever tried to upgrade their iriver to 80GB?
06:15:50DMJC-Li'm trying to source a toshiba 1.8" 80GB hdd
06:16:07gursikha number of people have put in into an h140
06:16:09goppLeopard Mobile
06:16:17goppdoes nay here know how they got osx on a ipod
06:16:29goppI have a video which some hands using a ipod, with Leopard Mobile
06:16:31goppor so it says
06:16:48DMJC-Lit's bullshit
06:16:49goppyes ipod but with osx firmware
06:16:54goppbut he hand
06:16:56goppand it motion
06:17:02DMJC-Leasily faked
06:17:05DMJC-Lremember ipod video dude
06:17:07midkayhow about playing a video on the ipod?
06:17:11DMJC-Ljust run a video clip heh
06:17:17gursikhi vet it's Ipodlinux
06:17:17goppoh it a video most likely
06:17:22goppgood point
06:17:37gopphe has one of those pda sticks touching it
06:17:41midkayin fact it's very poorly done..
06:17:51midkayit's a "stylus" and it hardly lines up with what the video does.
06:17:55DMJC-Lthat's like... wow he knows how the video plays..
06:18:00DMJC-Land touches at the right time
06:18:03midkayand it doesn't need to be ipodlinux, that's an iPod VIDEO which plays video out-of-the-box.
06:18:14midkayDMJC-L, look at when he's scrolling - he goes off several times.
06:18:18gursikhlol oh yeah
06:18:22DMJC-Lsimply put, an ipod doesn't have the gfx capability to run osx properly
06:18:24midkaythe video stops scrolling, he goes past, then back up, etc..
06:18:33DMJC-Losx uses 3d accel for the entire desktop
06:18:41midkayDMJC-L, gfx capability is out of the question.. cpu power's not nearly sufficient.
06:18:42gursikhso, anyone have the Fm patcher or w/e else I need to install onto ipod 5g?
06:18:43DMJC-Lnot to mention the kernel is a piece of crap
06:18:51goppohk so true I had doubts, but I wanted some inglient analyiz
06:19:04goppI was going to say, this may be great for rockbox
06:19:07DMJC-Ldid they even get X running on ipod linux?
06:19:50goppwell they have thier interface, but it basically a cli program
06:20:06goppunless they did get it on video or photo or nano
06:20:12goppI tryed it on my mini
06:21:00DMJC-Lman sourcing this thing is a bitch
06:22:08gursikhthat's nothing. Tyr getting the MK4007GAL
06:23:06bobo22how many many FPS for video on iPod Nano (linux)?
06:24:02DMJC-Ldamn voip phone
06:25:07midkaylike.. 15 i think.
06:25:15gursikhAny ETA on the site being brought back up, and what sort of restoration will be reuquired?
06:25:34midkayyes, 15, bobo22.
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06:32:51bobo22does it drain the battery like crazy?
06:40:58 Part scott666_
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07:23:39spiorfhi, can anyone give me a link to the doom patch to turn with the scroll wheel of the ipod?
07:27:52 Quit darkless (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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07:30:47 Part scott666_
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08:25:07linuxstbAny Nano users around who have upgraded their Apple firmware to the latest version?
08:39:44 Join spiorf [0] (
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09:16:35***Server message 505: 'logbot :Private messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register! ( )'
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10:25:28Topic"Rockbox web site is down. No ETA yet. We're on the case." by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
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10:26:50EthniKsounDer... is there any alternative place where i can get ipodpatcher, bootloader.bin and ipod_fw?
10:27:09 Quit chendo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:29:31 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
10:30:04linuxstb_No official sites, no. You could try the ipodwizard forums - they have an unofficial installer, and the files are probably included in that download.
10:30:08Jungti1234Rockbox site down?
10:31:05linuxstb_Also, if you need to access the wiki, try google's cache.
10:31:33 Quit linuxstb_ ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.2/20050317]")
10:33:30chendo_site down again :/
10:33:38*linuxstb wonders where everyone is this morning...
10:36:43EthniKsounDi'd prefer to do it manually... not because i don't trust ipodwizard.. :)
10:36:56EthniKsounDmaybe could some of you kindly email me those files?
10:39:22EthniKsounDi know i maybe choosed the worst day for trying install rockbox ;)
10:42:42 Join aliask [0] (
10:45:26 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
10:46:25 Part EthniKsounD
10:48:59*linuxstb didn't tell EthniKsounD to use the installer...
10:51:32 Join Mmmm [0] (
10:53:12preglowunusually quiet indeed
10:56:40 Quit Jungti1234 ()
10:57:23Mmmmshhhh...i'm trying to read ;)
10:57:52 Join pondlife [0] (
11:00:58louapo`, what happend to that guy yesterday
11:01:10loudid he managed to get rockbox running on his ipod?
11:04:06*linuxstb leaves for a few days (back Sunday). Good luck to Bagder with the website - I promise to shoot any spammers I see on my travels.
11:04:12 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
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11:10:05*preglow hates threads
11:29:08 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
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11:43:54 Join darkless [0] (
11:47:38mirfleI would like to make a version of nedore-9 support hebrew letters (so I could use the icatcher theme), how do I do that?
11:47:59 Quit jazzbone ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
11:49:11 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:51:41 Nick slimx is now known as slimx_troll (n=slimx@
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11:55:31 Quit mirfle ("Download Gaim:")
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11:58:18 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (i=ze@
12:12:34 Quit chromoXdor ("Download Gaim:")
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12:25:05XavierGrHello All!
12:25:11XavierGrdifficult day it seems
12:25:50XavierGrsorry to hear that once again a weirf kido tried to delete the entire wiki
12:26:56 Join dan_a [0] (
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12:34:31 Join Paprica [0] (i=Paprica@rockbox/developer/paprica)
12:35:54Bg3rtried ?
12:37:15Bg3rfscking bastards...
12:38:13XavierGrow they finally managed to delete it?
12:38:34XavierGras if they don't have another problem in life
12:38:39XavierGrthose life wasters
12:40:42 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
12:43:21 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:43:22 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
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12:45:42tongashi all
12:45:54tongaswhat's the pb on the site ?
12:46:19Bg3rtongas someone fscking spammer has hacked it
12:46:42tongasbut why / what for ?
12:47:03tongasa rbx jealous guy or something ?
12:47:15Bg3r12:47AM <Bagder> sorry stopping web server now
12:47:32Bg3r12:49AM <Bagder> ls -la twiki/
12:47:33Bg3r12:49AM <Bagder> total 16
12:47:33Bg3r12:49AM <Bagder> drwxr−−r−− 3 www-data www-data 4096 Jul 5 23:48 .
12:47:33DBUGEnqueued KICK Bg3r
12:47:33Bg3r12:49AM <Bagder> drwxrwsr-x 53 bjst rockbox 8192 Jul 5 14:29 ..
12:47:33Bg3r12:49AM <Bagder> -rw-r−−r−− 1 www-data www-data 0 Jul 5 23:39
12:47:33***Alert Mode level 1
12:47:33Bg3r .If_you_will_not_allow_me_to_make_that_that_I_want_-_I_to_you_shall_erase_all_site
12:47:34***Alert Mode level 2
12:47:34Bg3r12:49AM <Bagder> -rw-r−−r−− 1 www-data www-data 0 Jul 5 23:41 .You_are_guilty!
12:48:50Bg3r01:05AM <scorche> Bagder: what are your speculations so far?
12:48:51Bg3r01:05AM <Bagder> the guy edited our twiki/.htaccess repeatedly
12:48:51Bg3r01:05AM <Bagder> but always created the file with www-data/www-data which is what apache runs as
12:48:51***Alert Mode level 3
12:48:51Bg3r01:05AM <Bagder> so I have no doubts he used some web based hole
12:48:51***Alert Mode level 4
12:48:51Bg3r01:06AM <Bagder> and we didn't see this until like 24 hours ago which is after we upgraded twiki
12:48:51***Alert Mode level 5
12:48:51Bg3r01:06AM <Bagder> but then, we're under some heavy spam attacks
12:48:54Bg3r01:06AM <Bagder> we've been a bit too busy with things so I'm not sure when the .htaccess thing started
12:49:54 Quit mantono (Client Quit)
12:50:31tongasi don't really understand everything, but i guess he was bad intentionned...
12:51:10amiconnBagder: Just a question, what's the reason you'rer using .htaccess files
12:52:02amiconnWhen I have to configure an apache server, I don't really trust those files.
12:52:02tongaswhat does mean "no ETA yet" ?
12:52:35Bg3rtongas ETA estimated Time of Arrival
12:53:34tongasforums are not available, contrary to what is said on the page
12:53:41Bg3rthey are
12:53:44pondlifetongas: they are
12:53:49Bg3ri'm just browsing them
12:53:51tongasoups, yes
12:54:15tongasthey weren't, 30' ago
12:57:54 Join juxtap [0] (
12:57:55apo`*WB(juxtap)WB* - <juxtap> craftkid, rockbox doesn't actually work, this whole thing's a hoax
12:58:52***Alert Mode OFF
13:01:43loulol apo` :)
13:01:47louknew it
13:01:55loudid he end up with a broken ipod?
13:02:56 Part juxtap
13:03:00 Join juxtap [0] (
13:03:00apo`*WB(juxtap)WB* - <juxtap> craftkid, rockbox doesn't actually work, this whole thing's a hoax
13:03:31 Quit tongas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:07:00 Join TCK [0] (
13:07:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:15:55apo`juxtap: :P
13:16:02apo`That's why I wanted you to rejoin yesterday
13:16:25apo`lou: No, I don't think so.
13:16:33loui see
13:16:36apo`Rockbox prolly started, but he still was claiming that it didn't work.
13:16:46 Join [TCK] [0] (
13:16:48apo`Anyway, I hope that he'll send it to apple
13:16:53apo`Or let his brother fix it
13:17:11apo`... Whatever. As long as he stays the f*ck away from me it's fine :P
13:17:13darklesswith a sledgehammer
13:17:34darkless@ "let his brother fix it"
13:18:19louthe lack of knowledge was actually entertaining
13:18:26apo`Okay... since Nero fails at encoding my movies for DVD, I'm gonna have to try myself...
13:18:29apo`lou: No
13:18:31apo`Not really
13:18:35apo`Not for 90 minutes
13:18:36louwas for me
13:18:41louno doubt haha
13:19:01apo`At some point I seriously wanted to bang somebody's head against the wall
13:19:12apo`Even mine, just to make the pain end :P
13:19:20 Join ryran [0] (
13:19:23 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
13:19:28loui laughed in real life when you were like 'now i wait for "how do i paste"'
13:19:39louand in the very next line he said 'how do i paste?'
13:19:43apo`And I slapped my forehead when he asked
13:20:31louhe is better without rockbox anyway
13:20:42louoriginal fw will work fine for him
13:20:58XavierGrhe really asked how to paste?
13:21:07 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
13:21:20XavierGrI am wondering how he manages to use a PC or connect to IRC
13:21:40Genre9mp3XavierGr: That craftkid is Mekrob... I think you get the point now...
13:21:44 Join floody [0] (
13:22:04PaulJamGenre9mp3: i thougt it was his brother
13:22:27XavierGrwho is Mekrob?
13:22:42louusing a pc is 'switch it on, use xp home preinstalled'
13:22:54louusing IRC might be a little trickier
13:23:00Genre9mp3XavierGr: You' ll find him at the logs ;)
13:23:08XavierGrlou: yes and paste is even easier. Ctrl-v
13:23:17Genre9mp3PaulJam: Don't really know for sure, but anyway..
13:23:24loudude! he had to copy some stuff from a dos box first!
13:23:26apo`Yesterday, from 5:30pm till 7pm, GMT+1
13:23:28loudont underestimate that
13:23:29XavierGryou meant that guy that cane here and was spamming?
13:23:55Genre9mp3XavieGr: Not spam, actually....just full of questions
13:24:03XavierGrah then I missed him
13:24:08XavierGrthe and result?
13:24:31apo`He got rockbox to work
13:24:32 Join DarkJesus [0] (
13:24:38apo`But was still claiming that it didn't
13:24:49XavierGrgo figure
13:24:58apo`That guy needs to be shot
13:25:04Genre9mp3And apo` was about to kill him! :)
13:25:07loufuck knows what he did with his ipod tbh
13:25:22apo`Actually, I was being pretty friendly.
13:25:33apo`lemme grep my line...
13:25:38Genre9mp3Not after 90 mins... ;)
13:26:18lou(|apo|) craftkid: You know what? You either go learn something about command prompts and stuff now and come back later, then I'll help you. Or you ask your dear bro when he comes back. This is too frustrating for me, sorry.
13:26:28apo`Nah. Not that.
13:26:33 Join jazzbone [0] (
13:26:51apo`channel_#rockbox.alle networks_2006.07.04.log:24 [18:58:49] <♥11!ncapo`♥> You know what? I'll be mean from now on. FUCK YOU. I've
13:26:51apo`been sitting here for 90 effing minutes and helping you. For free, and without one little thank you. Now go screw yourself.
13:26:53apo`That :P
13:27:34apo`After being told to thank us for helping him he said that I'd been mean and wouldn't thank me.
13:27:39apo`Then I got pissed off :P
13:27:59loubest guy
13:28:12louplaystation generation
13:28:25apo`I doubt he knows how to handle a playstation :P
13:28:32lougood point
13:28:37 Join Criamos [0] (
13:29:11apo`And I don't think that I'm much older than he is.
13:29:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:29:15*apo` is 17
13:29:24apo`He's probably 13-16
13:31:08loui was 17 17 years ago
13:31:21 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:31:47apo`Old fart =P
13:42:39*apo` pokes lou
13:48:20loui am not *that* old
13:51:43apo`Oh, he still lives
13:54:49 Join TeaSea [0] (
13:55:04 Nick Thoughts_ is now known as thoghts (n=thoughts@
13:55:38 Join DMJC-L [0] (
14:09:38 Join einhirn [0] (
14:17:43 Quit aliask ("gone")
14:18:30 Join Mmmm [0] (
14:20:16 Join Duppy [0] (
14:20:33Duppyhi all!
14:21:28DuppyI'm looking for help on building firmware image for ondiofm
14:21:46Duppyany one wants to talk of it in PM?
14:22:09*XavierGr goes to the beach!!!!!
14:22:12 Quit XavierGr ("One firmware to rule them all!")
14:24:02 Nick Duppy is now known as toots (
14:25:53Bg3rtoots ask here...
14:26:00tootsok thks
14:26:24tootsI have done the steps mentioned there:
14:26:58tootsI used my ROM dump as a template, the bootloader built from flash/bootloader,
14:27:18apo`God... firefox sucks ~_~
14:27:25tootsthe original firmware decrambled and ucl packaed, and the rockbox.ucl built from normal build
14:27:58tootsmake_firmawre firmware_ondiofm.bin template bootlader.ajz original.ucl rockbox.ucl
14:28:23tootsbut the firware flashing plugin keeps telling me the file is not at a good format for my harward (ondio fm)
14:29:44Bg3ramiconn ?
14:29:46tootsam I wrong some where?
14:30:12Bg3ri can't help you, but i guess amiconn can...
14:31:33tootsBg3r: BTW, is there an alternative place to download bootbox files that were in the twiki root?
14:32:31Bg3rtoots i don't know, i don't own an archos jukebox and i'm not into these things ...
14:33:16tootsok thks anyway
14:33:21 Quit ryran ("hasta la pasta!")
14:40:59 Quit wehn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:42:49 Quit DarkJesus ("See yez")
14:52:17 Join Dudo85 [0] (
15:01:04 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
15:07:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:08:50 Quit [TCK] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:10:55 Part LinusN
15:11:02 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
15:26:40 Quit PaulJam (".")
15:26:49 Quit Dudo85 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:35:03 Quit floody ("Távozom")
15:36:35 Quit juxtap (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:38:20 Join RedBreva [0] (
15:39:02 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
15:39:51 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:41:06 Quit jazzbone ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
15:47:03 Join Rob2222 [0] (
15:47:48 Join DarkJesus [0] (
15:54:08 Quit DarkJesus ("See yez")
15:57:57 Join Panda- [0] (
15:58:16Panda-anyone has a pdf or link on how to install rockbox on H300 players?
15:59:08Zagorthe manual covers installation, doesn't it?
15:59:17Zagor(I honestly don't know)
15:59:22Zagorthe manuals are still online
15:59:49 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:00:09Panda-didn't visit the website :D
16:00:09Panda-my bad, thanks
16:02:21Panda-where can I get the bootloader?
16:02:22 Quit Xerion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:06:31Zagorit's not available at the moment, while we reconstruct the server. perhaps someone here can send it to you?
16:09:18 Join Xerion [0] (
16:10:23 Join damaki [0] (
16:11:14 Join PaulJam [0] (
16:19:55 Join steveb [0] (
16:23:34 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:24:22 Join lodesi [0] (
16:26:33 Quit muesli|delhi ("ich will Khe!!!")
16:37:49 Join damaki_ [0] (
16:41:16Criamoslet me see
16:41:47Criamosi think it must be fwpatcher.exe
16:41:58Criamosyeah, found it
16:42:28Panda-yeah, that's what I need
16:42:39Criamosjust open the firmware with it and it'll patch it
16:42:53Panda-I know, could you dcc it to me plz?
16:42:53Criamosthen upgrade your firmware on your player et voil
16:43:10Criamosi already started to DCC you
16:43:18Criamosawaiting reply
16:44:04Panda-let me reconnect
16:44:06 Quit Panda- ()
16:44:11 Join Panda- [0] (
16:44:44Criamosawaiting reply
16:44:50Criamoshmmm, one moment
16:45:45Criamosi uploaded it on RS
16:46:09Criamosnp :) ingame again (WoW)
16:50:31 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:53:19 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:56:38preglowsweet god, the heat
17:03:30 Join juxtap [0] (n=juxtap@
17:03:33apo`*WB(juxtap)WB* - <juxtap> craftkid, rockbox doesn't actually work, this whole thing's a hoax
17:03:46preglowoh god, they've figured us out
17:03:47*preglow flees
17:03:53crashdto the mansion in cuba!
17:04:44juxtapheh, enough apo` :p
17:05:14Genre9mp3nice script there apo` :P
17:06:09crwlnasty script...
17:07:13 Join low_light [0] (
17:07:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:11:13 Part low_light
17:13:24 Join bluey- [0] (
17:14:06 Join low_light [0] (
17:17:27 Part low_light
17:18:14tootscan anyone send me the by mail?
17:21:25 Part thoghts
17:24:54 Join XavierGr [0] (
17:28:59 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
17:31:50 Join darkless [0] (
17:33:45 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:34:46 Join akaidiota [0] (
17:48:04 Join aCiD2 [0] (
17:48:09aCiD2Hey all
17:48:29aCiD2How do I boot back into normal firmware, instead of rockbox? I'm sure I read this on the wiki, but it's down :(
17:48:49PaulJamwhich device?
17:48:57aCiD2Oh, sorry - iPod Video (5G)
17:49:26 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:49:33PaulJamsorry, then i can't help you.
17:49:49aCiD2No problem, hopefully someone here can :)
17:50:00obohold menu, until you see a message about starting origional firmware
17:50:15obomake sure you keep your finger still, wiggling tends to make it not work :)
17:50:23aCiD2I tried restarting and continually holding menu, but it didn't seem to work
17:50:26aCiD2ahh, ok, I'll try again
17:51:26aCiD2nope, it just goes straight into rockbox :/
17:51:58aCiD2You really do have to keep still :P
17:52:03aCiD2Thanks obo!
17:52:07Panda-I get this .rockbox not found. installation incomplete
17:52:21Panda-what's wrong? ( I have .rockbox and rockbox.iriver in my root )
17:53:43PaulJamthe .rockbox folder is not found on the root of your player.
17:54:19PaulJamsorry. havent read the second post.
17:54:59PaulJamyou could try to copy it again.
17:55:09Panda-tried that twice :[
17:55:16Panda-and redownloaded too
17:58:27Panda-can you charge the H300 with rockbox via USB
18:00:05PaulJami think you need to hold down the record button while inserting the usb cable.
18:00:28 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
18:04:06Panda-for switching to original firmware
18:04:11Panda-hold down record
18:04:16Panda-and hit "on"
18:04:19Panda-for how long?
18:05:10PaulJamhold "record" and "on/play" until you see the bootscreen of the iriver firmware
18:06:29Panda-doesnt seem to work...
18:06:34Panda-original firmware corrupted :|?
18:07:07Panda-when deleting the rockbox.iriver file.... the H300 doesnt boot anymroe
18:07:28PaulJamwhat happens? does the bootloader say something like "loading original firmware..." ?
18:07:51 Join dpm [0] (
18:09:14Panda-bootloader gives result -1 and shuts down the device
18:10:05PaulJambut you're holding down both "record" and "play"?
18:11:07 Nick slimx_troll is now known as slimx (n=slimx@
18:11:15PaulJamwhat happens if you only hold play?
18:11:50Panda-I tried holding record while pluggin usb cable
18:12:02Panda-but it's weird
18:12:18Panda-I patched my 1.29K firmware with fwpatcher.exe V6,V5
18:12:29Panda-then unplugged
18:12:36Panda-firmware upgrade in menu
18:12:50Panda-then replug and extrat .rockbox and rockbox.iriver
18:12:57Panda-did I miss something?
18:13:12PaulJamyes, that is the correct procedure.
18:13:53Panda-could it be that battery was too low?
18:14:27PaulJamyou should always have the charger connected while doing a firmwareupgrade.
18:15:17Panda-I don't have the AC adapter...
18:15:35Panda-Im gonna have it in a few days though
18:16:05PaulJamhow low is the battery? the voltage is shown in the rockbox bootloader.
18:17:43Panda-actually, I don't know
18:17:44PaulJamhmm, that is quite low (~30%),
18:17:56Panda-I wasnt sure
18:18:22Panda-on the back of the device it indicates 3.7V
18:18:42Panda-is charging over USB bad?
18:19:04Panda-I read that somewhere @ misticriver's forum
18:19:22Panda-and how long does it take to fully charge the device?
18:19:58PaulJami don't think charging over usb is bad
18:20:34PaulJamcharging over usb is slow, so it may take a while.
18:22:37PaulJambut please don't make the mistake and use a wrong (polarity/voltage) charger. many irivers were killed this way.
18:25:32Panda-I just got my H320 yesterday, don't wanna fry it yet :p
18:26:49 Quit obo ("KVIrc 3.2.2 Anomalies")
18:43:00 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
18:45:49 Join Febs [0] (
18:53:01 Join bense [0] (
18:55:15benseanyone kind enough to send a n00b like me the rockdoom.wad
18:58:26Panda-accept dcc request bense
18:59:36apo`[17:05:15] <Genre9mp3> nice script there apo` :P < Thanks :P
18:59:55apo`Bah, he's not here.
19:00:44bensei don't know how to accept with irssi :|
19:00:59bensei'm a X noob usually
19:01:45 Join mikearthur [0] (
19:03:21 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:07:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:07:51XavierGrapo`: what script?
19:08:14 Join |apo| [0] (
19:13:22 Join mirak [0] (
19:16:03 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
19:24:58 Quit Panda- ()
19:26:11 Quit apo` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:26:47 Quit bense ("leaving")
19:29:19 Join jazzbone [0] (
19:30:27 Join damaki [0] (
19:31:31 Nick |apo| is now known as apo` (
19:31:56 Join DarkJesus [0] (
19:34:49 Quit XavierGr ("One firmware to rule them all!")
19:38:12 Quit dpm ("Ex-Chat")
19:38:51 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:40:24 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:42:29 Quit jazzbone ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
19:46:37 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:47:58 Join ep0ch_ [0] (n=ep0ch@
19:53:11 Quit bluey- (Remote closed the connection)
19:55:37 Join theprodukkt [0] (
19:57:07theprodukktcould somebody do some screenshots of the id-tag-based rockbox track-database (or however to call it) and if u have the h3x0 from the orginal firmware database?
19:57:32 Join scott666_ [0] (
19:57:40theprodukktit would nice if you could make them fast and send them to me (mail) or host it in the internet
19:57:51theprodukktyou would help me a lot
19:58:18 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
19:59:19theprodukktdoes rockbox use the wheelfunction from the ipod?
19:59:31*theprodukkt will be back in a minute, short disconnect
19:59:38 Part theprodukkt
20:02:30 Part scott666_
20:04:09 Join algorythmus [0] (
20:04:25 Nick algorythmus is now known as thprdkkt (
20:04:44thprdkktalready somebody answered to my request?
20:05:36thprdkktis nobody here?
20:07:56PaulJamyou could download the manual for the iriver, on page 54 are some screens of the iriver db. the firmware has no screenshot option, so it could be problematic to make the scrreens yourself.
20:08:11 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
20:08:18 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
20:08:24thprdkktwhere can i get it?
20:08:42PaulJamsomewhere on the iriver website
20:09:12thprdkktmaybe you could do a picture with a camera?
20:09:21thprdkktsome screenshots
20:09:27thprdkktof each selection
20:09:33thprdkktthe manual is a big file :(
20:09:42thprdkktand if i remember right there werent many pics
20:09:52thprdkktjust one which doesnt help me out
20:09:59PaulJami have only a crappy camera from my mobile phone
20:10:10thprdkktit would be enough i think
20:10:20thprdkkti just would like to know how exactly it works
20:10:28thprdkktand how its designet
20:16:35thprdkktso heres nobody with a camera and a h3x0?
20:16:59thprdkktis the handling of the rockbox (trackselection) as easy as on the iPod?
20:18:13PaulJami think you will not find many people here that use te original firmware, an if they use it, it is likely that they don't use the crappy db of the iriver firmware.
20:20:30thprdkktwhy crappy?
20:21:51 Quit pondlife ("byebye")
20:22:17PaulJamthe db needs to be created manually on the pc, the db-tool provided by iriver often crashes and the boot time greatly increases with db enabled
20:23:05PaulJamsome people reportrd a boot time of over 60 secons with db
20:23:42 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
20:24:00thprdkktis the rb(rockbox <- is rb ok?)-database as easy to handle then the one from the apple firmware?
20:26:26PaulJami don't know, i don't have an ipod and i prefer filetree based navigation.
20:26:45Hansmaulwurfme too
20:27:02thprdkktit might be hard if u have thousands of songs
20:28:31 Nick thprdkkt is now known as theprodukkt (
20:28:51PaulJamthe problem with tagdbs is that cds with multiple artists mess up the artists-view.
20:29:13Mikachuhow so?
20:29:50 Quit klrspz ()
20:30:10Hansmaulwurf(thprdkkt) it might be hard if u have thousands of songs <−− sort it with directories
20:30:19PaulJamyou end up many artists that only have one song on the player.
20:30:58Mikachuthat would sort of be the point
20:31:49theprodukktidea! feature request! invisibility in the rb db for artists with less then x songs, what do u think 'bout that?
20:33:54PaulJami think it is a question of personal preference, some people like huge artists lists, and some people don't.
20:34:39theprodukkti thought of x as a variable which can be changed from the settings menu of the rb
20:35:47 Join cismo_ [0] (
20:38:54 Join defaulticus [0] (
20:39:11theprodukktin which points the RB runs not that good on the iPod then on the iRiver?
20:39:17 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:42:28PaulJamthe codecs are not much optimized yet, so the playback might skip if you use cpu intensive features (crossfeed, equalizer, peakmeter, etc.). And the batterylife is worse than in the apple firmware.
20:43:30theprodukktthe problem with the batterlife is on every platform, isnt it?
20:43:57HansmaulwurfH100 series is a little better than the iriver fw
20:44:08Hansmaulwurfand i think the H300 series is almost the same
20:44:19PaulJamat the moment only X5 and ipod, on the other targets battery is better than retail os.
20:44:20HansmaulwurfDont know about the archos players
20:46:17theprodukkt@ PaulJam : might you explain me short how the rb-db works?
20:46:53theprodukktmeans: which keys to press and what does he show then
20:47:16Hansmaulwurfthere are two kind of "databases"
20:47:34*theprodukkt didnt know of that
20:47:37Hansmaulwurfthe normal filetree-database
20:47:48theprodukktthis isnt realy a db, is it?
20:47:54theprodukktno im thinking of the id tag based
20:48:23 Quit defaulticus ("Leaving")
20:48:32PaulJamtheprodukkt: rockbox manual for ipod video:
20:48:36Hansmaulwurfit uses the ID tags ;)
20:48:55theprodukktthe filetree database?
20:49:42theprodukktis exactly like the one from iriver?
20:49:56theprodukkt@ PaulJam : thanks
20:50:35Hansmaulwurfpage 21
20:50:57theprodukktfirst i have to dload it... might take some time with isdn :(
20:51:09 Join San [0] (
20:51:09 Quit XavierGr ()
20:51:26Hansmaulwurfits only 1MB
20:51:58 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
20:52:12theprodukktdidnt notice
20:53:32theprodukkti wonder how many people are in this channel...
20:53:39theprodukktall developers?
20:54:27Bg3rtheprodukkt does this nick have any connection with ? :P
20:55:12theprodukkttheres such a site?
20:55:34theprodukktill check it ;)
20:55:57Bg3rthey have very interesting demos in only 64-96kbytes
20:56:03theprodukkti stole the nick from that crew
20:56:07PaulJamheh, now i know why this nick sounded somehow familiar to me.
20:56:08theprodukkti love it
20:56:27*theprodukkt looks like a fool now
20:56:37theprodukktthanks bg3r
20:56:53*theprodukkt slapps Bg3r with theprodukkt (will make u happy)
20:57:10theprodukkthave u already tried to play kkrieger?
20:57:34theprodukkti still cant believe its just that small
20:58:45 Quit cismo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:59:18apo`Does anybody here know stuff about CCE?
21:03:29 Join cismo [0] (
21:07:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:08:57theprodukktwhat is cce?
21:09:14 Quit [San] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:09:22apo`cinema craft encoder
21:10:08*theprodukkt thinks he could know something: it sounds like it would be an encoder ;)
21:10:49apo` <−− When I encode the file with those settings the length goes from 84s to 26s ~_~
21:11:29theprodukktlooks difficult :/
21:11:40apo`I did it like in the guide on doom9
21:11:46apo`But... >_>
21:12:16theprodukktdid u specify the filesize?
21:12:35apo`That's calculated from the length and the bitrate
21:12:53theprodukktso i cant help u :(
21:13:36*theprodukkt still didnt find any screenshots of the tagcache-db :(
21:14:27hardeepwhat kind of screenshots are you looking for?
21:15:19theprodukktscreenshots of the tagcache-tree (best on a h3x0)
21:15:26theprodukktwould like to know how it looks
21:15:39 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
21:15:45hardeepwhy not just use it on your device and see?
21:16:01*theprodukkt dont have a device
21:16:10 Join lee-qid [0] (
21:16:12*theprodukkt will buy one today
21:16:24*theprodukkt dont know if he wants the ipod or the h340
21:16:29 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:16:29theprodukktthats why
21:16:46*theprodukkt wants to see scrennshots from the tagcache-tree
21:17:10*theprodukkt thinks the tagcache from the iriver is bad...
21:17:16hardeepi don't think the screenshots will be all that different for the two devices when looking at the tagcache tree
21:17:29PaulJami don't think there is really much you can do wrong, both devices are very good (and both are supported by rockbox)..
21:17:59theprodukktbut im scared of the navigating / track choosing system of the iriver h340
21:18:02 Quit DMJC-L (Connection timed out)
21:18:16hardeepit's identical between ipod and iriver, assuming you're using rockbosx
21:18:23theprodukkt^^ yes
21:18:33PaulJambut you will use rockbox once you have tried it.
21:18:34theprodukktbut is the rockbox tagcache as good as the one from apple?
21:19:10hardeepit doesn't have smart playlist support
21:19:11theprodukktdoes it work the same way? (interpret -> album -> track
21:19:14 Join DMJC-L [0] (
21:19:22theprodukktsmart playlist?
21:19:32hardeepyeah, in that regard it's the same
21:19:41hardeepitunes smart playlists
21:19:53theprodukktdont know so i wont miss :)
21:20:35Mikachuisn't the searchbox thing like smart playlists but better?
21:21:57theprodukktwhat happens to the warranty if i take rb to my new h340?
21:23:07peturactually, it seems to depend on the place you return it to
21:23:41peturI'd remove rb before returning anywhere
21:23:51theprodukkti just wantet to ask
21:24:11theprodukktis it possible to delete it completely
21:24:39 Quit ep0ch_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:24:42peturyes, delete the rockbox files and reflash it with unpatchedl firmware
21:24:48peturunpatched even
21:25:20theprodukktis there a risc at rockbox
21:25:31theprodukktmight the player get damaged?
21:26:11peturmany people have been using it quite some time now without major issues
21:27:05PaulJamthe danger is always there, but afaik no one has managed to brick his h3xx because of rockbox yet
21:27:20 Join Sanitarium [0] (n=San@
21:27:20peturflashing is the only point where things can go wrong, but that's also true when upgrading with iriver firmware so that's not a rockbox risc
21:28:03peturactually the risc is *very* small
21:28:23theprodukktis somebody here using the rb tagcache?
21:28:28Hansmaulwurfproblem is, when your player dies, and rockbox is not the reason, but you cant flash back to normal fw, it could be that iriver or apple wont repair it
21:28:45Hansmaulwurfthat is the only risk
21:28:51theprodukktis there no way to flash it back?
21:29:26*petur just noticed he's using processor architecture names in stead of proper english
21:29:31Hansmaulwurfwhen your player is really dead (HD crashed, or you throw it down from the 8th floor)...
21:29:33PaulJamif for example the hd dies you can't flash a "clean" firmware anymore
21:31:06theprodukktbut isnt the firmware on a rom ram ... ?
21:31:29Hansmaulwurfbut the rockbox dir is on the HD
21:31:36PaulJamyes, but to get the firmware on the player you need to put it on the hd
21:31:37Slasheriof course it could be possible to add an option to the rb bootloader so it can clean itself from the flash, but that would require much unnecessary coding effort
21:31:49Hansmaulwurfits a really hard evidence you used rockbox ;)
21:32:34Hansmaulwurfbut the risk is really small
21:32:35theprodukktHansmaulwurf: the rockbox dir is allowed, just the firmware...
21:33:09theprodukktbut id be pissed off if my hd would get broken after 1 year and i couldnt let repair it
21:33:26Hansmaulwurfbut why should you have a rockbox dir on your HD when you are not using rockbox?
21:33:37peturit would be the opportunity to make it a h360 or h380 ;)
21:33:59PaulJambut how likely is it that the hd dies and it wasn't your own fault.
21:34:07theprodukktdont know
21:34:10theprodukktmight happen ;)
21:34:21theprodukktpetur: how?
21:34:41peturby installing a new (bigger) disk
21:34:45PaulJamreplace the hd yourself with a bigger one
21:35:01petur*that* will void your warranty ;)
21:35:21theprodukkti dont care
21:35:27theprodukktthe h320 costs 230
21:35:31theprodukktthe 340 350
21:35:46theprodukktit would be cheaper to make a 340 on my own, wouldn it?
21:35:50Hansmaulwurfwhat shop?
21:35:55PaulJami'm still waiting for my hd to die, that i have a reason to buy a 30GiB one.
21:36:05Hansmaulwurfme too PaulJam
21:36:32*theprodukkt has an idea
21:36:50theprodukkteverybody should write in 1 line which player he has!
21:36:53*theprodukkt has no player
21:37:03peturPaulJam: HD's are expressed in GB, not GiB
21:37:46theprodukktdo u think of a 30gb hd or a new player?
21:37:51PaulJampetur: yes, i realized that after hitting enter, but i havent yet found out how to edit posts on irc
21:38:22theprodukkttop right corner: edit ;)
21:39:35 Quit Kohlrabi ("Quit")
21:40:16theprodukktpetur: is it that easy to insert a bigger hd?
21:40:55theprodukktIn case somebody got the same problem what you need is a 1.8 to 3.5 adapter so you can hook another drive to reflash the player with a non-rockboxed hex.
21:40:55theprodukktI'll upgrade to a 60gb hard drive.
21:41:01theprodukkt^^ is that right?
21:41:37peturthere are guides on the net (misticriver) that show step by step how to upgrade to a bigger battery and disk
21:41:55 Quit DarkJesus (Remote closed the connection)
21:42:04 Join DarkJesus_ [0] (
21:42:55 Nick DarkJesus_ is now known as DarkJesus (
21:43:23theprodukktill have a look
21:43:57 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:44:12 Quit Daishi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:44:56theprodukkti heared (read) about a bug in the iriver firmware while charging the h3x0, do you know it?
21:46:17PaulJamwhat bug?
21:46:41 Join Daishi [0] (
21:47:05theprodukktdont exactly remember
21:47:35 Quit DarkJesus ("See yez")
21:47:41theprodukktis it possible to charge while transfering data by usb?
21:48:13 Join Rondom [0] (
21:48:43PaulJamyes, but you can't listen to music while charging over usb (at least with the iriver firmware) and it is slow.
21:49:10theprodukktis it possible with rockbox?
21:49:48PaulJamwhile tranferring data it draws more power than usb can provide.
21:50:06 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
21:52:33 Join lightyear [0] (
21:53:17 Join DarkJesus [0] (
21:54:46peturtheprodukkt: there's a patch that should get committed soon that will give rockbox the ability to draw more power from usb
21:54:57Mikachuon ipod?
21:55:14petursorry, h3x0
21:56:32*petur sees thunderstorm coming :)
21:57:06*theprodukkt sees a clear sky
21:57:51 Quit DarkJesus (Client Quit)
21:59:30 Join DarkJesus [0] (
22:01:25 Quit bam_ (Remote closed the connection)
22:01:32 Quit DarkJesus (Client Quit)
22:02:49 Join Sinbios [0] (
22:03:14 Join thprdkkt [0] (
22:03:21 Join DarkJesus [0] (
22:03:59*thprdkkt had a disconnect
22:04:05*thprdkkt is back again
22:04:57thprdkktmy old nick is still here...
22:08:39thprdkktwhen will the homepage be back?
22:09:22 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:12:27 Quit funky ()
22:14:30 Join FelixKarl [0] (
22:15:15thprdkktso quiet?
22:16:39 Quit FelixKarl (Client Quit)
22:17:40thprdkktdoes irc much traffic?
22:20:03 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
22:23:24 Quit jd_ (Connection timed out)
22:23:29 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
22:24:20 Quit jd_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:26:30 Quit theprodukkt (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:26:42thprdkktah, my nick is free
22:26:46 Nick thprdkkt is now known as theprodukkt (
22:27:27apo`I know what was wrong with my encoded file
22:27:31 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
22:27:36apo`Something with VBR - with CBR it works just fine
22:27:37*theprodukkt wants 2 know!
22:27:46apo`Now I just have to find out _what_
22:27:59theprodukktmaybe a bug in the player?
22:28:13apo`When opening the file with VBR in zoomplayer it says that the fps are changing
22:28:16apo`Which is strange
22:28:23apo`So now I'm gonna try another plyaer
22:30:03peturapo`: some players constantly show the current bitrate, others show that of the first frame, others show an average
22:30:33peturimho this is useless as VBR means *variable* bitrate
22:31:00Mikachuaverage is useful to know
22:31:14Mikachubut it should also say it's vbr
22:31:23apo`VirtualDubMod shows 1:26m - which is correct
22:31:28apo`VLC shows no time at all
22:31:35apo`zoomplayer says 24 seconds
22:35:18apo`I think I'm just gonna burn a DVD and try if it works :P
22:56:20 Join Ribs [0] (
22:57:37 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
22:57:53 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
22:59:06*theprodukkt is away: auto-away after 30m idle
22:59:06 Nick theprodukkt is now known as theprodukkt|away (
23:00:37 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
23:00:41 Join Rondom_ [0] (
23:01:40 Nick Rondom_ is now known as Rondom (
23:02:29 Join jazzbone [0] (
23:06:42 Join low_light [0] (
23:07:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:18:46 Part low_light
23:21:10peturseems lordi was in Belgium and they catched the only thunderstorm in weeks - concert canceled as it was in outdoor
23:21:44*theprodukkt|away is back after 22m: auto-away after 30m idle
23:21:44theprodukkt|awaylordi needs the thunderstorm i think..
23:22:22 Nick theprodukkt|away is now known as theprodukkt (
23:33:15*petur thinks theprodukkt should disable those scripts in his irc client
23:34:10*theprodukkt disabled the awayscript
23:34:27theprodukktisnt it better if someone who wants to talk to me knows im away?
23:34:34 Quit chendo_ (Connection timed out)
23:35:19 Join chendo_ [0] (
23:37:02midkaywho'd want to talk to you anyways though!
23:37:09midkayooooooo. *hushed silence*
23:37:11apo`He'd notice anyway
23:49:30theprodukktwenn ich jetz bei amazon bestelle ist der samstag da oder?
23:49:39theprodukktder mp3 player
23:50:06peturenglish bitte
23:50:18theprodukktyes sry
23:50:30theprodukktbut its not such a international question ;)
23:50:48theprodukktjust asked if i order my pm3player at amazon now
23:50:49apo`if you're lucky :P
23:51:06theprodukktwould it be here saturday
23:51:21peturwhich one are you going for?
23:51:47 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
23:51:53theprodukktone more question, can i order it on my name (im 16)?
23:51:57peturgood. make sure you get the international version, not US
23:52:03jazzboneyou can opt for quicker delivery, can't you?
23:52:30theprodukktbut im not gonna pay 12 for overnight
23:52:39theprodukktxpress should be fast enough
23:53:20 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
23:53:58peturtheprodukkt: if you care about usbotg, make sure it's an international version
23:54:31peturthere are two versions
23:54:31theprodukkti care about it
23:54:40theprodukktdoes it mean i need the us version?
23:54:44jazzbonetheprodukkt: where's the difference between xpress and overnight?
23:55:36peturtheprodukkt: the US version has no powered usbotg port so that won't work. the international version has full usbotg.
23:55:54theprodukkti would buy the european/german
23:55:58theprodukktis this the international
23:56:19 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
23:56:21peturshould be, better be sure...
23:56:35 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
23:56:45 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
23:57:46theprodukktone more specific question (german sry)
23:58:04theprodukktwenn ich per bankeinzug zahle dann versenden die das doch trotzdem sofort oder?
23:58:40 Join lee-qid [0] (

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