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#rockbox log for 2006-07-08

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00:15:00LinasTheMagicDrais 6v pushing it for powering an x5, if the charger outputs 5v?
00:15:20*Bagder has no clue
00:15:28LinasTheMagicDraneither do i
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00:23:18S0apwhat is your 6v source?
00:24:00|apo|Ooooh lief klein konijntje... *hums
00:24:02|apo|< drunk :O
00:24:25*petur spots a Dutch person
00:24:34|apo|I'm German
00:24:39|apo|And don't speak Dutch at all
00:24:47peturwhy the stupid Dutch song?
00:24:49|apo|But some Dutch tard sent me this song: DJ Neo & Wons Ft. Henkie - Lief Klein Konijntje
00:24:56|apo|Coz it's good when drunk
00:25:16*petur hates the song
00:25:21|apo|Me too
00:25:37*petur also hated that stupid crocodile song
00:26:26peturwhen they play it 20 times a day on the radio ;)
00:26:39|apo|Reading Kafka in this state is nice
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00:27:10|apo|Are you Dutch>
00:27:18|apo|Or why'd you recognize the dong?
00:27:35peturthe upper part of .be
00:27:58chromoXdoroh sorry wrong window
00:29:03discipleHI, the 'documentation' link on doesn;t seem to be working, can anyone provide a proper link@?
00:29:32Bagderit links to the twiki and that part is currently down
00:29:40|apo|Rockbox web site is back. No twiki yet.
00:29:54|apo|Read the topic next time
00:30:26disciple|apo|, not the wiki link the documentation link
00:30:50|apo|The documentation IS in the wiki
00:31:19|apo|Now don't burden my brain anymore, I'm drunk
00:31:24discipleah right cheers
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00:31:48discipleme too (drunk)
00:32:35disciplesince the wiki is down could anyone point me in the right direction for a tool to load the rockbox.ipod file onto a nano?
00:34:23discipleoh as simple as that? Where do I stick it, onto the root?
00:35:22Bagderrockbox.ipod comes from a zip
00:35:28Bagderunzip the whole zip
00:35:32|apo|Oh well, ask Bagder :P
00:35:56|apo|I don't know the installation from heart, and I'm drunk. Not a good condition for doing tech support :P
00:36:23discipleYep got the latest build. I just stick it on the nano on the root and nano will flash itself? (presumably after a reboot)
00:36:41Bagderno, you need to install the bootloader too
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00:37:17discipleAh right, if it's a bit more involved then I might wait for the wiki tom come back up. Any idea if it'll be up by tomorrow?
00:37:31BagderI'm quite sure it won't be
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00:38:18peturI thought the hole was found, are there other problems with twiki?
00:38:19disciplehave a rough idea when?
00:38:33Bagderwithin a week at least
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00:39:35disciplegooglecache :
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00:44:23chromoXdorhas anybody an idea if its possible the the h300 is only powered by usb in usb mode??? without charging or consuming battery when using it as en external harddisk??????
00:45:17BagderI'm quite sure it does not
00:45:28Bagderit is always running from batteries, afaik
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00:46:12peturthere's a patch in the tracker that enables powering over usb (I think)
00:46:36chromoXdori know but it also charges the battery
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00:47:19chromoXdorthats the thing i don´t want
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00:49:47kergothanyone have a link to the iriver firmawre patcher?
00:51:09amiconnchromoXdor: All rockbox targets which support rechargeable batteries are built in a way that they always run from battery, and use an external power source (dedicated charger or USB) only for charging
00:52:38amiconnThe only exception (sort of) is the archos Ondio, which can run solely from usb power without batteries inserted, but the Ondio doesn't use usb power for charging, since it's designed to run from alkalines (although it can also run from rechargeable AAA batteries)
00:53:22chromoXdoramiconn: : thanks
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01:05:18S0apamiconn - is this also the devices' native way of doing it, or just a rockbox convention?
01:05:54amiconnIt's the hway the hardware is designed
01:06:47chromoXdoramiconn: so you can not try to say the charging mechanism that the battery iss full and will not be charged further?
01:06:47chromoXdore.g when the charger is connected and the battery is full it runs also from battery and the chager powers only the battery?
01:07:46amiconnNo. The charging is handled in hardware on all targets with LiIon or LiPolymer cells
01:07:51S0apthat seems like a good way to kill your device's Li battery
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01:08:16S0apso running my ipod in a dock all day is constantly discharging and charging the battery?
01:08:32amiconnThat is, not necessarily
01:08:57S0ap[18:53:34] <amiconn> chromoXdor: All rockbox targets which support rechargeable batteries are built in a way that they always run from battery, and use an external power source (dedicated charger or USB) only for charging
01:08:57amiconnThe charging chip tries to keep the battery full
01:10:20chromoXdor trickle charge?
01:10:37amiconnOnce the charging state is approaching 100%, the current is reduced. If you're using the device meanwhile, current will reach a balance point in which the battery charging state won't change _on average_
01:10:56amiconn...i.e. the charging current is equal to the average current the device needs
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01:11:30S0apstill sounds like quite a killer of LiIon batts.
01:11:50S0apThey have a limited number of charge cycles.
01:12:03amiconnLiIon doesn't like extreme charging states, that's true
01:12:24S0aplike a couple of hundred deep charges, and ~1000 partial charges?
01:12:26amiconnThe biggest threats for LiIon are, however, time and heat
01:13:05amiconnThe ideal conditions for long-term storage are about 60% charge and low temperature (but not below 0 °C)
01:13:25S0apThough, (and anicdotal evidence is worthless (and so is my spelling). My 1995 Toshiba laptop (P-133), which still gets used today, is still on it's original LiIon battery.
01:13:30kergothfpwatcher anyone? :) i presume somebody has it mirrored
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01:15:51|apo|Drunk + reading BOFH = teh awesokme
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01:41:40PaulJamamiconn: didn't someone report that the h300 runs with only the charger connected (battery disconnected)?
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02:23:12webguest55Due to the twiki down; Any external link to an fwpatcer.exe for the iriver?
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02:29:39shrimantswhat do you recommend i install with rockbox along the lines of plugins or fonts etc. im using the 5g ipod video version
02:32:22dwihnoI'm not sure whether the plugins contains the audio decoders
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02:33:05shrimantsi only use mp3, so i dont think thats a problem
02:38:35dwihnomp3 is a codec
02:38:54dwihnobut it might be a part of the dailies
02:39:29S0apthere are two custom builds on the forums for the 60gig 5G ipod
02:39:40S0apI reccomend either of them.
02:40:39S0apthey both have a small number of additional patches applied to the stock build, the most important one (IMHO) being the patch to access all of the 60 giger's 64 megs of RAM, as the 30 giger only has 32.
02:40:40shrimantscan someone find me a crack for Tag and Rename v. 3.2
02:40:54S0apThose 32 megs of RAM help w/HD access.
02:40:56shrimantsOR recomend an automatic ID tagging software?
02:41:13shrimantslike it queries the database
02:41:18S0apTHE database?
02:41:19shrimantsCDDB or something
02:41:34S0apCDDB works off of track lengths on the physical CD.
02:41:34shrimantsor the one that the LCS track converter used
02:41:56webguest55Ok, no fwpatcher w/o wiki?!?
02:41:58S0apLast.FM / Audioscrobbler has their own tagger.
02:42:09shrimantsi will try them
02:42:13S0apwhat's it called. Brainsomethingsomething.
02:42:18shrimantso but is it based on entire CD's?
02:42:29shrimantscuz i have whole albums
02:42:46S0apBut there is no substitute for actually looking at the CD case / Allmusic / Discogs and tagging it by hand, as CDDB is FULL of typo-monkeys.
02:43:16shrimantsi will try something else then
02:43:25 Quit shrimants ("buttsecks rly?")
02:43:57S0aptoo late for him, but for others, the automated tagger from Audioscrobbler is "MusicBrainz"
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02:46:38kergothanyone have a link to the iriver fwpatcher? (yes, i know i shouldnt repeat, but.. :P)
02:48:06webguest55TG I'm not alone asking ;-)
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02:51:51MalnilionActually MusicBrainz and Audioscrobbler are separate projects, S0ap.
02:52:41MalnilionIt help Audioscrobbler ( to tag your music with MusicBrainz because it reduces the amount of information that needs to be uploaded to the server by the Audioscrobbler plugin and reduces their bandwidth consumption.
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02:54:28MalnilionAnd, it prevents multiple spellings of the same song giving them headaches for counting playtimes.
02:54:46MalnilionEr, number of plays.
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03:02:53kergothwoot, thanks
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03:09:34webguest55webguest71, TNX!
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03:09:58webguest55opps... too late to thank him......
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03:26:20kergothhmm, rockbox works spiffily out of the box. the themes sure are ugly on the h300 though, despite it having a nice color screen, its all black and white, or nearly so
03:26:36webguest94kergoth: get a WPS
03:26:57webguest94While Playing Screen
03:27:23 Quit jd_ ()
03:27:25webguest94look in or
03:27:35webguest94look on the FAQs
03:28:01webguest94highly recommend DGT with or w/o Album Art
03:29:51kergothcool, thanks much
03:29:54webguest94but you must install some Optimized builds for it to work
03:29:55*kergoth cant wait till the wiki is back :P
03:32:47webguest94check that link..
03:32:51Criamosyeah, get the DGT wps
03:32:57CriamosI've got it on my h340, too
03:32:59Criamos<3 it
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03:36:44kergothwoot, not ugly
03:40:13S0apMalnilion - my bad - I thought they were connected.
03:40:29S0apI don't use it, as I think it labels untitled tracks incorrectly.
03:40:40S0apamongst other issues.
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03:44:11kergothwoot, rockbox kicks ass. screw the original software
03:46:27webguest94remember you will need it for video or any rockbox funk ... ;)
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03:54:09kergothhrm, copied over a different build,a dn its hanging at "Shutting down..."
03:55:52kergothis there a way to force a power off?
03:57:01kergothah, reset button.
03:57:04 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
03:57:04*kergoth slaps forehead
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04:10:39KylePVI wonder if i got this workin?...
04:14:08KylePVAnybody there, i don't know if i got this webclient irc channel to work. I don't want to set up GAIM, lazy...
04:14:10midkayif by 'this' you mean the web client, it would seem so :)
04:14:22KylePVor ok
04:14:52KylePVi'm just here to, well just watch
04:15:04KylePVi think i played you in HL2:DM before
04:15:42KylePVor sumn one with that name
04:15:55midkayplayed it a lot, so quite probable. :)
04:16:18midkaysame nick in DM? can't recall really, although your name does seem a bit familiar..
04:16:31KylePVKyleV in HL2:DM
04:16:50KylePVmay have killed you abit
04:16:55midkayhaha. unlikely!
04:17:12KylePVif u say so
04:17:50KylePVur a snipper type, always using the rocket launcher to kill people bellow, if the person was you
04:19:46midkaynot at all, no.
04:20:10KylePVwell then it was sum one else, or i recalled badly
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05:40:30toxicfumewhere on the rockbox's official site can i get patches for the ipod 5g rockbox firmware?
05:41:32midkaythe "patches" button.
05:42:44toxicfumeah, i see, thanks!
05:42:45 Part homer420
05:43:08*kergoth chuckles
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06:19:33 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
06:19:45Jungti1234anyone have fwpatcher?
06:20:03Jungti1234please send to me...
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07:26:46Jungti1234ah, hi
07:26:51Jungti1234you have fwpatcher?
07:27:52S0apdid you look on the forums? You're not the only person asking for these since the wiki went down. There is a good chance a link to it has been posted in the forums. Not a promise, but a good chance.
07:29:47 Quit Blaine (Client Quit)
07:31:26Jungti1234ah... S0ap, thanks
07:31:28Jungti1234my mistake..
07:32:33S0apso it was in there?
07:33:55Jungti1234It's not right.
07:35:23Jungti1234only H100 patcher?
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09:25:10lostlogicoops, that was not a terminal
09:30:26 Join TeaSea [0] (
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09:39:26Jungti1234hello midkay... :'(
09:39:34midkaywhy crying?
09:39:53Jungti1234No one answered...
09:40:05Jungti1234You answered only.
09:40:06midkaydo you need something?
09:40:28midkayfor what model?
09:40:39Jungti1234and iPod
09:41:13midkayand you have checked the forums?
09:41:54Jungti1234It can't use H300.
09:41:57Jungti1234H300 firmware
09:42:57Jungti1234And I found one information.
09:43:24Jungti1234But, I don't know whether it is certain.
09:44:49 Join micmac [0] (
09:45:42Jungti1234 hi
09:47:16Jungti1234Iriver E10 is using chip that is written 'KATC'.
09:47:56Jungti1234and E8564 is not RTC-8564JE
09:48:18Jungti1234it is 'RX-8564LC'
09:50:41 Join akaidiota [0] (n=not@
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09:54:42 Quit Jungti1234 ()
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10:11:20 Join akaidiot [0] (n=not@
10:11:21micmac Is there any way to get my hands on files like "bootloader-color.bin", "ipodpatcher.exe" and "ipod_fw.exe" while the Wiki remains down?
10:12:30*micmac 'd like to rockbox his dad's ipod
10:18:03 Join DMJC-L [0] (
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10:25:18 Join kieran [0] (n=kieran@
10:25:49kieranhoi. anyone know where i can get a copy of fwpatcher since the twiki is down?
10:26:20 Nick kieran is now known as kieran_ (n=kieran@
10:26:51kieran_anyone even awake?
10:27:56micmackieran_, I'm looking for the same info :D
10:28:15micmacBeats me.
10:29:20kieran_gimme a sec, am looking elsewhere also.
10:34:25kieran_okay, I've found _a_ version at
10:34:41kieran_I can't vounch for it though.
10:35:02kieran_gonna give it a try anyhow!
10:35:27kieran_actually, that link should be fwpatcher6.exe
10:35:41 Part kieran_
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10:37:23kergoth18:07 < webguest71> -webguest55,kergoth:
10:37:27 Join spiorf [0] (
10:37:31kergothfrom earlier, it worked fine for me
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10:54:44discipleI know the wikis down but is there anywhere to grab the files mentioned in the wiki? Specifically ipodpatcher.exe, bootloader-nano.bin & ipod_fw.exe?
11:02:26 Join akaidiot [0] (n=not@
11:04:11 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
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11:16:03discipleor if not would anyone happen to have the files ipodpatcher.exe, bootloader-nano.bin & ipod_fw.exe they could send me at all?
11:16:55discipleThe url for these files sits under the wiki tree so since the wiki is unavailable so are these files. :?
11:18:05disciplesheppard, cheers if I give you an email address could you send them?
11:18:24sheppardi dont have them
11:18:44sheppardi have the bootloader for the ipod video, but not nano
11:19:15discipleI'm following a googlecache of the wiki, unfortunately google doesn;t cache the files =(
11:28:17 Quit funky ("leaving")
11:30:03 Quit stillunknown ()
11:31:01micmacSeems the Ipod files are in the zip.
11:31:29disciplemicmac, cheers, I'll take a look at that. :)
11:31:39micmacDated 19/05/06, maybe it works.
11:32:22 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
11:34:25disciplethanks a lot, yes there all there. Files within the zip are dated 8/6/6 :)
11:36:30juxtaphmm, when i go to /artist/album/ it doesn't show any files except for .m3u
11:36:42juxtapit just happened all of a sudden
11:36:53juxtapany had this before?
11:37:46sheppardyour player got hacked
11:39:59juxtaphow the hell did it switch to show files 'playlists'... certainly wasn't me
11:40:02juxtapwas it you sheppard?
11:40:08sheppardyeah sorry
11:40:17sheppardits ust your collection of backstreet boys really disgusted me
11:40:25sheppardso i had to lay down some vengance upon you
11:40:48 Quit micmac ("Verlassend")
11:41:26juxtapoooh vengeance?
11:43:02 Quit DMJC-L (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:45:05 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
11:48:52 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:49:42discipleanyone able to email me english.voice?
11:53:50 Join Sinbios [0] (
11:56:03 Join bam_ [0] (
12:09:55 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
12:17:47 Quit slimeball (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:17:54 Join Burne [0] ( Linux news now ! :)
12:20:02 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Linux news now ! :)
12:21:51 Quit Burne (Client Quit)
12:25:05 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:25:18 Join damaki [0] (
12:30:26 Join lodesi [0] (
12:34:45 Join lee-qid [0] (
12:35:05 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
12:35:06 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:36:40discipleis it possible to redefine buttons on the UI within rockbox
12:37:22 Join Carstor_ [0] (
12:37:33Carstor_hi everyone ...
12:38:14 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
12:39:12Carstor_I hope it's not a dumb question, but where can i found the bootloader for my iriver h340 at the moment? it used to be in the twiki-part of the rockbox-site ...
12:39:25 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
12:39:30sheppardhold on
12:39:36sheppardi think i might be able to compile it for you
12:40:07*petur advises against using selfcompiled bootloaders
12:40:10 Quit chendo (Success)
12:40:50Carstor_that's what i just thought ... no offence to you sheppard ...
12:41:25Carstor_uhmmm ... do you trust anyone you met for the first time on the street? ;)
12:41:31PaulJamyou can find a link to the fwpatcher here:
12:41:32sheppardwhy not?
12:42:28peturwell I guess you're right, the fwpatcher does md5 checks
12:42:29sheppardmy cross compilier is broken anyway
12:42:59 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:43:13Carstor_hmmm, ok. so I've to be patient ...
12:43:25 Join chendo [0] (
12:43:58PaulJamdisciple: only some plugins allow to redefine the buttons, for everything else you need to change the sourcecode and compile youself.
12:44:23Carstor_i thought there might be "secret" links to some nightly builds in the cvs or something.
12:45:06peturCarstor_: I'm trying to dig one up for you in my archive
12:45:40disciplePaulJam, specifically I'm wanting to make the pitch shifting more immediately accessible without having to navigate menus. Picthing shifting is very useful when using ipod during exercise but it's hard to navigate menu when running fast!!
12:45:52amiconnThe iriver bootloaders aren't provided from automatic builds for a reason
12:46:16Carstor_amiconn: and that reason is?
12:46:23 Join gtkspert [0] (
12:47:01 Join lightyear [0] (
12:47:22amiconnA non-working bootloader might brick the iriver. In order to revive such an iriver, special hardware and experience in smd soldering are necessary
12:47:59Carstor_ah, ok ... and as the nightly builds might be unstable ... i see
12:48:54amiconnFor ipod this is different. Since patching the ipod doesn't touch the flash rom, it's always possible to restore an ipod to a working condition
12:49:19disciplePaulJam, as an alternative is it possible to change the order of menu items, so maybe I could push pitch shifting up to the top?
12:50:05PaulJamdisciple: sorry, i can't help you there. I'm not a Programmer. But i'm sure it is possible to change the order of the menu entrys.
12:50:16 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
12:50:45disciplePaulJam, you're saying I can only change menu order through al altering sourcecode? there is not a .cfg file to do it?
12:51:01peturCarstor_: petur/"> contains fwpatcher and a bootloader.bin It's the newest I've found so it should be v5
12:53:39 Join Nico_P [0] (
12:53:59amiconnpetur: Afaik, fwpatcher.exe already contains the bootloaders
12:54:20Carstor_petur: thanks. I'll try to grab the md5-sum out of the google-cache somewhere
12:54:37peturfwpatcher already checks that for you
12:55:30peturamiconn: indeed :)
12:55:56peturLast time I flashed my h340 was in januari
12:56:05Carstor_um, well, let me feel secure. ;)
12:56:08peturI only remember things for a few days
13:04:20amiconnpetur: Your fwpatcher.exe is the latest, containing the h1x0 bootloader v6 and h300 bootloader v5
13:04:46peturthanks for checking
13:04:50*amiconn test-patched 2 firmwares and compared md5sums with the .h files
13:06:25Carstor_i just patched the 1.30EU firmware and compared md5 sum as well ... looks good.
13:08:00 Join pixelma [0] (
13:08:19peturCarstor_: if you want video playback in iriver fw, use 1.29EU
13:08:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:08:41Carstor_hmm, i don't need that.
13:08:42peturbut not the one they offer you as that's 1.30 as well
13:10:42Carstor_so just to be sure: i need the patched h300.hex file, the .rockbox directory and the rockbox.iriver file in the root directory of my h340, now I've to flash the firmware on the device?
13:12:08peturand a charged battery :)
13:12:09Carstor_wish me luck :)
13:12:28Carstor_uhm, it's at 3/4 :)
13:12:38peturshould do it ;)
13:13:07peturquoting monty python: get on with it
13:14:58Carstor_uhm. it's dark.
13:15:06 Join webguest82 [0] (
13:15:11Carstor_ah, booting.
13:15:43Carstor_nice :)
13:18:14 Join damaki [0] (
13:22:25 Join pixelma_ [0] (
13:23:09 Quit pixelma (Nick collision from services.)
13:23:20 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (
13:29:38 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
13:36:35 Quit disciple ("Leaving")
13:42:15 Quit pixelma ("CGI:IRC")
13:42:17 Join pixelma [0] (
13:42:27 Join akaidiot [0] (n=not@
13:44:58 Join webguest59 [0] (
13:45:19webguest59does anyone know where i can get the bootloader for rockbox without using the wiki?
13:47:22 Join webguest47 [0] (
13:48:17Genre9mp3webguest59: which target?
13:48:57Genre9mp3webguest59: Also, did you searched in the forums?
13:49:26 Quit webguest47 (Client Quit)
13:49:52 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
13:52:23 Join ender1 [0] (i=null@
13:53:09 Join TCK [0] (
13:53:18 Quit ender` (Nick collision from services.)
13:53:21 Nick ender1 is now known as ender` (i=null@
13:53:32 Quit webguest59 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:56:15 Join RedBreva [0] (
13:58:47 Join webguest20 [0] (
13:59:57 Quit webguest20 (Client Quit)
14:00:37 Quit pixelma ("CGI:IRC")
14:00:46 Join pixelma_ [0] (
14:00:59 Join webguest04 [0] (
14:01:32 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (
14:06:01 Quit webguest04 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
14:09:34 Quit pixelma ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
14:18:14 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:21:18 Quit Nico_P ()
14:21:21 Quit Carstor_ ("gone")
14:21:21 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
14:32:55 Quit Bjoern-Erik ("leaving")
14:33:19 Join gromit` [0] (
14:39:42 Join HaS_LiM [0] (
14:40:51HaS_LiMsomone have cowon product there?
14:42:18 Join damaki [0] (
14:42:30 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
14:45:11 Join Bjoern-Erik [0] (
14:45:11 Quit earHertz (Remote closed the connection)
14:46:23 Quit Poka64 ("nite")
14:46:37 Join earHertz [0] (
14:48:28 Nick jd_ is now known as jd_miam (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
14:50:47 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
14:52:29 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
14:59:55 Quit Kohlrabi ("Quit")
15:02:39 Join leftright [0] (
15:07:09HaS_LiMsomeone have
15:07:15HaS_LiMan iaudio A2?
15:07:32RedBrevaAny devs with 5 mins to spare... Have a look at (minesweeper3.patch) any reason for not commiting this??
15:07:57leftrightHaS_LiM: I dont think any developer has one of those
15:08:17HaS_LiMoh oki
15:08:20 Nick jd_miam is now known as jd_ (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
15:08:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:08:45dionoeaRedBreva: maybe because of the feature freeze before 3.0
15:09:05dionoeaalthough i doubt it
15:10:05RedBrevaexactly, it's simple improving the platform specific start instructions for an existing plugin :-(
15:10:19RedBrevaBTW, have added a load of new 220x176x16 themes to if anyone is interested
15:10:36leftrightfir pods or all targets
15:11:38RedBrevaThey were taken from Mistic River forums, so would have been written for H3xx, but most should be OK with iPod...
15:12:01leftrightnice job there
15:12:09RedBrevaThanks ;-)
15:13:56 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
15:14:32 Part leftright
15:42:06 Quit ScoTTie ()
15:44:20 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
15:45:18 Join RoC_MM [0] (
15:46:02 Join mikearthur [0] (
15:46:29 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
15:47:28 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
15:48:20 Quit chendo (Remote closed the connection)
15:53:07 Join Ribs [0] (
15:56:07 Join chendo [0] (
15:59:58 Quit Mikachu (Remote closed the connection)
15:59:59 Quit merbanan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:00:00 Join merbanan_ [0] (
16:00:07 Join Mikachu [0] (
16:00:50 Join XavierGr [0] (
16:06:22 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
16:06:29 Nick merbanan_ is now known as merbanan (
16:06:56 Quit Daishi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:08:53 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
16:09:47 Join Daishi [0] (
16:14:25 Quit chendo (Remote closed the connection)
16:20:49 Join chendo [0] (
16:27:44 Quit Jungti1234 ()
16:34:51 Join markun_ [0] (
16:36:45 Quit Criamos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:42:49 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
16:43:01 Join akaidiot [0] (n=not@
16:43:26]RowaN[just borrowed my friend's 2gb ipodnano.. was the install/bootloader guide in the twiki or can i find it elsewhere?
16:45:36 Quit flynux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:46:12Ribs]RowaN[: I believe it was only in the twiki
16:46:20Ribs]RowaN[: Google cache may have a copy of it...
16:46:25]RowaN[yes doing that now thanks =]
16:48:05]RowaN[im not being funny but how do you control an ipod nano? theres a menu on the screen but nothing i touch seems to move the menu bar
16:48:11 Quit MrStaticVoid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:48:15]RowaN[ah hold switch =]
16:49:16 Quit markun (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:50:47]RowaN[next question.. how do i turn it off heh
16:51:06S0apjust like normal, press and hold play.
16:51:13S0apThere is a manual avaliable...
16:53:24 Join DeathWolf [0] (
16:53:42DeathWolfhum, anyone that uses an external usb charger with their ipod/pda/player?:)
16:55:25 Join lightyear [0] (
16:57:42]RowaN[soap: i dont have rockbox installed on it and ive never held an ipod before so i know of no normal hehe
17:01:13 Join [TCK] [0] (
17:06:58 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:08:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:12:51 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:15:27 Join flynux [0] (n=flynux@2a01:38:0:0:0:0:0:1)
17:16:11]RowaN[hmm installed rockbox fine but now ipod had just gone dead.. battery was ok.. is there some way to force it to reboot or something?
17:17:37 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:19:02 Quit XavierGr ("One firmware to rule them all!")
17:19:39|apo|]RowaN[: Menu + Select for 5 seconds
17:21:36]RowaN[phew, cool
17:22:37 Join lodesi [0] (
17:23:01]RowaN[do i have to do this "safely remove hardware" crap every time i unplug it?
17:23:42]RowaN[does it usbcharge via rockbox or do i need to boot into original firmware?
17:23:53]RowaN[just told me battery low (i think) when i unplugged it
17:26:39 Join akaidiot [0] (n=not@
17:31:53 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
17:32:03 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
17:33:44|apo|[17:23:01] <]RowaN[> do i have to do this "safely remove hardware" crap every time i unplug it? < Not in XP
17:33:52|apo|Not sure about other Windowses
17:34:00|apo|[17:23:42] <]RowaN[> does it usbcharge via rockbox or do i need to boot into original firmware? < Yup
17:34:10|apo|(It does charge)
17:34:32|apo|To stay in rockbox while plugging it into USB, you have to hold menu.
17:34:54sheppardwhat if its already plugged in
17:35:11|apo|Unplug it?
17:35:44 Quit jd_ ()
17:36:24|apo|< Reading BOFH
17:37:56sheppardwhich button saves my settings?
17:38:04sheppardlike, in the save settings dialog
17:38:16|apo|Prolyl select?
17:38:18sheppardor does it save it silently
17:38:31|apo|I'm not sure which dialog you're talking about
17:38:57sheppardyou have a ipod video?
17:39:40sheppardlike in the 'write cfg file' option
17:40:13sheppardgotta HOLD select
17:41:37 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
17:45:18 Quit webguest82 ("CGI:IRC")
17:46:29 Quit PaulJam (".")
17:49:06|apo|[17:38:57] <sheppard> you have a ipod video? < Nah :/
17:49:17 Join hardeep [0] (
17:49:23|apo|I'm thinking about buying one, 20gb aren't enough for me at all :P
17:50:22sheppardi upgraded from my 20gb 4g to this 30gb video
17:50:26sheppardits pretty slick
17:50:41sheppardcept i rarely if ever use the video feature
17:50:47 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
17:50:49 Join theprodukkt [0] (
17:53:06theprodukkti read its important to do a full charge on a new h3x0 before using it for the first time
17:53:12theprodukkthow long will this take?
17:53:28chendofull charge and discharge x 3
17:54:38theprodukktwhy discharge?
17:57:00theprodukktdo i have to discharge it?
18:01:54|apo|sheppard: I wouldn't use the video feature either :P
18:01:57|apo|And I'd get a 60gb
18:02:01midkayi doubt he'd have said "discharge" along with "charge" if he meant "do NOT do this", so yeah, probably you should discharge it.. but why not just follow the manual?
18:02:13 Join damaki [0] (
18:02:16|apo|"It's simplicity itself!" I cry "We've got these Gigabit Ethernet switches all around the place that we just aren't using! Instead of letting them go to waste we could be sending data continuously around them until it's needed which would actually cut down on the amount of physical disk storage we would need! And just think of the time we would save with read and write latency when the data's alre
18:02:22midkayif it says charge, do it, if it says charge and discharge x3, do it..
18:02:24|apo|ady on the net!"
18:02:28|apo|Hehe ^^
18:05:00sheppardsigh, why is my ipod so much louder than my laptop
18:05:16dionoeatry turning the volume down
18:05:17sheppardthats just not right
18:05:29*dionoea hides
18:05:59sheppardi supposed its a safety feature so i dont make my ears bleed
18:08:56 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
18:09:38 Quit hardeep (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:10:04 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
18:10:17 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
18:10:21 Join obo [0] (
18:11:14 Join webguest08 [0] (
18:11:35 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
18:12:01chendoor something
18:12:03chendodo a full discharge every month as well
18:12:05chendootherwise top the charge up
18:12:09chendosince li-ions don't suffer from memory
18:12:11chendoand they benefit from the constant top-ups anyway
18:12:43chendoevery month and the first 3 full charge and discharge
18:12:43 Quit webguest08 (Client Quit)
18:13:18 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
18:14:46 Join TeaSea [0] (
18:17:52 Quit theprodukkt (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:19:27 Quit MrStaticVoid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:19:33 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:21:03 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
18:21:08nudelynTo attract current iPod users Microsoft is going to let you download for free any songs you've already bought from the iTunes Music Store. They'll actually scan iTunes for purchased tracks and then automatically add those to your account. Microsoft will still have to pay the rights-holders for the songs, but they believe it'll be worth it to acquire converts to their new player.
18:22:47 Join hardeep [0] (
18:23:18 Quit lodesi ("Parti")
18:27:04 Join Ribs [0] (
18:28:30 Join spiorf [0] (
18:29:31 Join leftright [0] (
18:33:15 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
18:35:09leftrightHi hardeep, that method of saving a playlist within playlists gives an error, "error accessing playlist file"
18:36:10hardeepleftright: from the playlist viewer you mean?
18:36:50leftrightview> edit, ie remove files>Save Current Playlist>error message
18:37:08 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:37:24hardeephmmm, are you trying to overwrite the existing playlist ?
18:37:42hardeepyeah, i see the problem... something i'll need to fix
18:38:34 Join RedBreva [0] (
18:38:55leftrightalso, if there is only one song remaining in the playlist, if its removed then i'm unable to save it, it returns to directory
18:39:19 Join damaki [0] (
18:45:39 Join darkless [0] (
18:49:00hardeepleftright: i probably check the playlist size, i guess i can remove that too
18:50:20leftrightyou're da boss :)
18:52:39leftrightyep, if i remove all the songs from a playlist it returns to its root
18:52:53leftrightunable to save it empty
18:53:00 Join theprodukkt [0] (
18:55:52 Quit toxicfume (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:05:42 Quit earHertz ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
19:05:46 Join toxicfume [0] (
19:05:47 Join chendo_ [0] (
19:07:04 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
19:07:49 Join PaulJam [0] (
19:08:02 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
19:08:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:13:22 Join _apo_ [0] (
19:13:49theprodukktare the daily builds stable?
19:15:53theprodukktwhere can i get the last stable version for the h320?
19:17:07S0aphow do you define stable?
19:17:18theprodukktmost bugless
19:17:28S0apI run a daily.
19:17:52S0apthe dailys are just that - an autobuild of all tweaks in the last 24 hours.
19:18:11theprodukktman not there also be bugs
19:18:15theprodukktin a recent change
19:18:56S0apIf you are scared by that, I'd read the last weeks worth of changelogs, and assuming there was no critical bug patched in the past week, install a week-old daily so you can rest (relatively) assured you aren't going to get the bleeding edge bug.
19:19:46 Quit chendo (Success)
19:19:51theprodukktjust in case:
19:20:14theprodukktto start the orginal firmware is always possible, isnt it?
19:20:35theprodukkt(it does not depend on the rockbox source, but on the bootloader, doesnt it?
19:20:40S0apon ipod, yes.
19:20:49S0apon iriver, I'm not so sure.
19:21:14theprodukkti think those things are the same -.-
19:21:44S0apthe difference is that the apple firmware resides in flash, so rockbox doesn't touch it...
19:24:31theprodukktcannot load the bootloader
19:24:55theprodukktin the manual is just the adress to the wiki
19:24:59theprodukktwhich is currently down
19:28:56 Quit |apo| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:28:58S0aplook in the forums yet for a link to the bootloader?
19:34:02theprodukktthe 1.29eu doesnt support video?!
19:35:31 Quit darkless (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:35:49 Join darkless [0] (
19:35:54PaulJamthe 1.30eu is the one, that doesn't support video, but the 1.29eu is not officially available from iriver anymore, the downloadlink points to the 1.30eu
19:36:25PaulJammost people (including me) use the 1.29kr version.
19:36:34theprodukktin which language?
19:37:11PaulJamkorean i think, but you can change the language
19:37:21theprodukktto german?
19:37:29 Join floody [0] (
19:38:03 Join edan [0] (
19:38:04PaulJamif you set it to german, the menus etc. are in english (like in the eu version)
19:38:23 Nick edan is now known as Coldtoast (
19:39:55Hansmaulwurfthe "german" in irivier fw means only that the special german signs like ae or oe are displayd correctly
19:40:02Hansmaulwurfif i remember right
19:40:25theprodukktgood 2 know!
19:40:28 Join x1jmp [0] (
19:40:35midkaytheprodukkt, dailies are the only way to even run Rockbox on an iriver apart from the CVS builds..
19:40:44 Quit leftright (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC with a difference")
19:41:06theprodukktmidkay: thx
19:41:24theprodukktso the korean version has no disadvantages?
19:41:52Hansmaulwurfmaybe the radio?
19:42:13Hansmaulwurfkorea has another frequenzies for radio
19:42:29 Join leftright [0] (
19:43:00PaulJamwith the korean firmware you need to change the radio range seperately
19:44:09PaulJamthe korean firmware has no volume cap (if you see that as disadvantage)
19:44:57theprodukktdo someone know why iRiver deleted the video function?
19:46:23 Quit RedBreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
19:47:03theprodukktwhere can i download the 1.29k?
19:47:50theprodukktim missing the wiki :/
19:48:26x1jmpthere's linewrap code in splash.c but the splash function in plugins doesn't wrap the lines
19:48:27PaulJamyou can download it at the iriver website or here:
19:49:18PaulJamthere you also find a patched version with the v5 bootloader.
19:49:48x1jmpdid I misunderstand something with that function...?
19:49:55theprodukktbut i also can patch it on my own, or do i have to expect any problems
19:51:04PaulJamsure, you can also patch yourself
19:53:14theprodukkt <- there i see a eu version of the 1.29
19:54:01theprodukktis this the 1.30 or the 1.29?
19:54:17theprodukktin case its the 1.29 i could also take the eu version?
19:55:30theprodukktwhat does v5 mean?
19:55:53theprodukktdo i need the Bootloader - Patchfile V5 H320/340
19:56:53theprodukktplease anser me :)
19:57:03 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:58:44leftrightv5 means that it is version 5 of the bootloader, the higher the number the more recent it is
19:59:25theprodukktso i need 3 files, iriver firmware, fwpatcher and the bootloader bin?
20:00:13PaulJamif you want to patch it yourself, you need the fwpatcher.exe and the firmware 1.29eu or 1.29kr
20:01:06PaulJamthe bootloader.bin is only needed if you want to patch on linux or on a mac
20:08:02 Join stephen [0] (
20:08:14 Quit stephen (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:08:49 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
20:13:00 Join thprdkkt [0] (
20:14:42 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
20:16:22thprdkkt theres a Bootloader - Patchfile V5 H320/340 file, called bootloader-h300.bin (51kb)
20:16:25thprdkkthow do i use it?
20:16:32 Quit leftright (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
20:17:00 Join leftright [0] (
20:17:49 Join Nico_P [0] (
20:17:51PaulJamyou don't need the .bin file
20:18:24thprdkktwhat is it for then?
20:18:35PaulJamjust run the fwpatcher.exe and then select the h300.hex
20:18:59thprdkktand whats about the bootloader patchfile?
20:19:26PaulJamlike i wrote earlier: the bun file is for patching on operating systems that dont support windows executables
20:19:52PaulJambin, not bun.
20:21:13*thprdkkt doesnt understand, but has windows :) and will follow pauljams advice: PaulJam: just run the fwpatcher.exe and then select the h300.hex
20:24:17 Quit Nico_P ()
20:26:24 Quit Coldtoast ("Leaving")
20:26:53 Quit theprodukkt (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:32:01 Nick thprdkkt is now known as theprodukkt (
20:33:02theprodukkton the page posted above there is a 1.29eu version of the iriver firmware (orginal)
20:33:07theprodukktthis isnt the 1.30 is it?
20:33:17theprodukktbecause size and md5 sum differs
20:33:59 Quit Kohlrabi ("Quit")
20:34:04PaulJami don't know
20:34:05 Quit funky ("leaving")
20:34:55theprodukktbut the file mustn be called h300.hex
20:35:06 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
20:35:13theprodukkti mean
20:35:20theprodukktcan i rename it?
20:35:31leftrightno dont rename it
20:35:38theprodukktwill flashing on the iriver work with a renamed file?
20:35:47PaulJamin order to flash it, it has to be named H300.hex
20:36:14theprodukktill try my own patched 1.29 (from the 1.29 from the webpage)
20:36:15leftrightjust follow the guide, dont try to reinvent the wheel
20:36:40theprodukktdoes filetransfer work with rockbox?
20:36:57theprodukkthow can i change back to the orginal iriver firmware?
20:37:10theprodukktis there a possibilitie to switch between the 2 systems?
20:37:18leftrightthere is a specific key sequence
20:37:24theprodukktwhere can i find it?
20:37:27leftrightcheck the manual
20:37:35PaulJamhold record and play tole starting
20:37:51theprodukkt(didnt find it in the manual)
20:37:52PaulJamtole => while
20:38:56theprodukktis tole english?
20:39:04leftrightno, gibberish
20:39:10theprodukktgibbe.. what?
20:39:14theprodukktwhats that?
20:39:19PaulJamno, but i can't type
20:39:26leftrightrubbish :)
20:41:33 Join [1]leftright [0] (
20:44:19 Quit Bagder ("Off to search for that connect-resetting peer guy!")
20:44:23 Join Bagder [0] (
20:46:10 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
20:53:33 Join akaidiot [0] (n=not@
20:53:54 Quit x1jmp (Remote closed the connection)
20:54:48 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:55:10 Quit [1]leftright (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new IRC era")
20:55:31 Join [1]leftright [0] (
20:56:19 Join jon_ [0] (
20:56:57 Quit [1]leftright (Client Quit)
20:57:49jon_i'm having trouble patching scrolling margins on the latest CVS
20:57:54jon_I've found the problem...
20:57:57]RowaN[assuming twiki still down, whats the best way to update tagcache?
20:58:21]RowaN[assuming tagcache is the thing u need to update so that ipod original firmware can see the music files u have dragged over
20:58:48]RowaN[ah google cache =]
20:58:50PaulJamtagcache is only used by rockbox
20:59:03Bagder]RowaN[: the original can't find music you drag over (on ipod)
20:59:03jon_revision 1.158 of screens.c gets rid of the whole chunk of code that the patch refers to
20:59:05*theprodukkt doesnt understand the question too ...
20:59:17sheppardi just moved my ipod_control/Music directory to /Music
20:59:18jon_and I guess that the new stuff in list.c is to do with it
20:59:24 Quit leftright (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:59:24]RowaN[whats it called, not tag cache
20:59:28jon_anyone want to?
20:59:39jon_*anyone want to help?
20:59:52]RowaN[i thought there was something u can run that collects all your musicfiles into ipod database format
21:00:09Bagder]RowaN[: I believe there is, but not provided by Rockbox
21:00:15theprodukktive another question according tagcache: how do i know that the acutalisation of tagcache is finished?
21:00:18]RowaN[something in foobar
21:00:30theprodukkt], maybe a plugin
21:00:55PaulJam]RowaN[: i think there are third party programms to create the itunes db for files that were transferred via drag and drop
21:01:00midkaytheprodukkt, when the disk is done spinning.
21:01:47theprodukktwhen i shutdown rockbox and restart it
21:01:48 Quit jon_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:01:50theprodukktwill it continue?
21:02:14PaulJami think it will
21:02:33]RowaN[ah foo_pod
21:03:23 Join jon__ [0] (
21:03:52jon__stupid web IRC client is screweing up
21:04:24Bagderthen use a real client
21:04:38jon__at work
21:04:47 Quit drippydonut ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
21:04:54theprodukktirc @ work xD
21:05:04BagderI've IRCed at work for years
21:06:07theprodukktwhats the using of the ¤ key at the iriver?
21:07:55PaulJamit has no function (except in the record screen and in some plugins)
21:08:28theprodukkthow can i switch between the filetree and the tagcache tree?
21:08:34idnarI regularly converse with coworkers over IRC
21:08:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:08:57PaulJamlong press on a-b and then pres the down button
21:10:27 Quit jon__ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:13:44theprodukktITS SO FUCKIN (SRY) COOL
21:13:53*theprodukkt loves u all
21:14:00theprodukktTHX 4 ROCKBOX
21:15:12 Quit [TCK] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:15:20]RowaN[argh foo_pod crashes
21:16:18theprodukktwhats the difference beetween rwps and wps
21:17:27Bagderrwps is for the remote
21:17:47theprodukktin my package wasnt a remote!
21:18:20Bagdertoo bad for you
21:18:29theprodukktshould there be one?
21:18:38Bagderdon't ask me
21:18:39]RowaN[how do i get from apple firmware to rockbox? doesnts seem to say how in the manual
21:18:54PaulJamdid you buy a SE version?
21:19:10 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:19:28PaulJam(the SE version comes without the remote and the batterypack)
21:19:58theprodukktlooks like ive bought the SE :'(
21:20:02*theprodukkt cries
21:20:05theprodukkthow much is the remoteß
21:20:07 Join Stephen [0] (
21:20:53Stephengot a question, i used to have a link to a site that had a page about the charging/power circuit for the archos jukebox, anyone know what im talking about?
21:21:01PaulJamthe one without display ~25€ (standard) and the one with display ~50€
21:21:38Stepheni took apart my jukebox, now the battery is dead, anyone have this happen before?
21:21:46Stephenbattery wont charge
21:22:07BagderStephen: with an external charger or with the archos itself?
21:22:41Stephenok a little history first, i took it apart, and put it back together one day
21:22:48Stephenit turned on
21:22:57Stephenand i plugged it into the usb port to let it charge
21:23:07Stephencame back later, and it was dead
21:23:27Stephenim hoping i can fix it *somehow*
21:23:33theprodukkthave a problem with my
21:23:37Bagderyes, so hence my question
21:23:38theprodukktunicatcher theme
21:23:53Stephenim not sure where my external charger is...
21:24:03Stephenbut shouldnt it charge via usb too?
21:24:16Bagderthis is an FM/V2 then I take it?
21:24:20Stephenyes, sorry
21:24:22Stephenshouldve specified
21:24:28Bagderok, then my remark is moot
21:24:30Stephenarchos jukebox fm recorder v2
21:24:38Stephensorry bout that, lol
21:25:09Bagderusually when things like this happens its due to bad battery connectors or similar
21:25:09theprodukktthe upper text (loudness) is not completely visible and in the lower right corner thers a pink rectangle :( (unicatcher and iCatcher look the same! :(
21:25:47Stepheni was looking at a site (cant remember it now) a few minutes ago, where the guy disassembled an archos similar to mine, so i had really good pics
21:26:09Stephenim pretty sure the battery connectors are in place correctly, ill double check it, any more suggestions?
21:26:24]RowaN[guys how do i turn the ipodnano OFF.. when i hold play it just sleeps, then wakes up back to original apple firmware instead of rockbox
21:27:09obo]RowaN[: you need to reset it, hold select + menu
21:27:29theprodukkttheres a possibility to turn the ipod off?
21:27:46BagderStephen: not really, but I'm not the most hw-skilled person around
21:28:10Stephenok, well thanks for the help so far :)
21:28:30obothe apple firmware doesn't do a real power-off until 24+ hours have passed - it just hibernates
21:28:33]RowaN[tnx obo
21:28:43theprodukktthought so too ..
21:29:38]RowaN[does rockbox support any sd card based player?
21:29:56Bagderthe ondio takes mmc cards
21:30:03Bagderwhich is almost sd ;-)
21:30:26Bagderbut other than that, no
21:33:45]RowaN[the 2gb sd card i use in my nintendo ds.. i want to get a nice slim player i can use with it to, for my commute.. my ihp-120 is too bricklike
21:33:59]RowaN[grrr how do i get from WPS to filetree? no stop button on stupid ipods
21:34:20obopress select
21:34:28]RowaN[ah yes
21:34:30oboplay will take you back to the wps
21:34:34]RowaN[i cant get doom working in this ipodnano
21:34:40]RowaN[i click the wad and nothing happens
21:34:52oboyou have to launch it as a plugin, via the menu
21:35:29]RowaN[any recommendations for wps on ipodnano?
21:35:32]RowaN[whats a theme?
21:35:48obotheme = wps + font settings + background
21:35:59obo+ colours
21:36:00StephenBagder, do you know the specs for the wall charger for the archos?
21:36:10Stephenvoltage and amps?
21:37:02Bagder6V 700mA center +
21:37:14]RowaN[lol cant seem to exit from doom now
21:37:31obohold on and off again to bring up the menu
21:37:52BagderStephen: that's for the v2 and FM models
21:38:06StephenBagder, perfect, thanks :D
21:44:48 Join micmac [0] (
21:44:52micmacHi all
21:51:25 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
22:05:32 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
22:08:04 Quit S0ap ("Someone dropped the soap!")
22:08:43 Join tvelocity [0] (
22:08:51 Join axxu [0] (
22:11:12axxuim getting my ipod nano 4gb next monday, looking forward to put rockbox in it
22:12:49_apo_TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR ^^
22:17:38 Join S0ap [0] (
22:20:24 Quit jd_ (Nick collision from services.)
22:20:27 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
22:20:57 Join thprdkkt [0] (
22:21:18 Quit jd_ (Nick collision from services.)
22:21:21 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
22:21:35_apo_Fools ^^
22:21:35thprdkktwelcome back to me :
22:22:02 Quit jd_ (Nick collision from services.)
22:22:05 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
22:22:10 Quit jd_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:22:13 Quit ]RowaN[ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:22:32thprdkktis there already a menu documentation out yet which shows simply all (sub)menus with a short description in form of a tree?
22:23:10midkaymaybe in the manual..
22:23:43thprdkktdont see it
22:23:50S0apif not it would be a great addition.
22:23:55*thprdkkt things about doing one :)
22:24:11micmacIs there a trick to charge the battery of an ipod color with rockbox on it? I have problems with an USB power adapter. rockbox keeps restarting forever. And when I plug it in while rockbox is running (I keep pressing the menu button while I plug the cable into the ipod) it seems the battery doesn't get charged at all.
22:24:40*thprdkkt has actually some problems in remembering/finding all those beatifull options :/
22:24:54 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
22:25:13thprdkktis it hard to change the battery of the h3x0? it has only 1200mAH!!! my AA batteries have 2600-.-
22:25:17midkaythprdkkt, well, there's a structure (the TOC) which has the menus and submenus but not each option available in them..
22:25:30thprdkktwhere can i find it?
22:25:37midkayat the top?
22:25:55midkaythat's where tables of contents can be found in most books, by the way. :)
22:26:09 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:26:28midkayany settings that are particularly hard to understand without the manual?
22:27:16 Quit theprodukkt (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:27:29*thprdkkt thinks there were some
22:27:34thprdkktbut cannot remember :/
22:27:40 Nick thprdkkt is now known as theprodukkt (
22:27:56micmacmidkay, I was wondering if the disk buffer has anything to do with how long the battery lasts... Default is 5s, goes up to 10m. Any suggestion on that?
22:28:39micmacI mean, with a larger disk buffer, will the harddisk suspend longer, thus saving power?
22:29:08midkaymicmac, how long before you're literally out of buffer before the disk spins up to refill it.. so higher values will decrease battery life for more spinup.. but it's not exactly correctly working yet i think, it will spin up earlier with a higher setting but maybe not very accurate (10m might really be 1 or 2m for a FLAC file or so).
22:29:17theprodukkt^^ sounds logic
22:29:26midkayno, that's not disk buffer, that's anti-skip buffer.
22:30:07midkayaudio buffer is around as large as it can be by default, it can be increased slightly by reducing max files in dir/max playlist entries, but that's about it.
22:30:07micmacanti-skip buffer is what I meant, sorry.
22:31:15S0apnot to interject, but you can't reasonably lower the "max files" setting lower than the number of files/directories you have, can you?
22:32:04midkaynot any lower than the ones you have or you won't be able to see them all.
22:32:22midkaysome people organize like genre -> artist -> album -> songs so maybe in that case around even 100 is fine versus the 400 default..
22:32:41midkayand if you only have a thousand songs, you can safely reduce playlist entries to 1000 vs the default 10,000.
22:33:07midkayit just depends on what you have.. the setting should be only slightly higher than you need, if at all.
22:34:59theprodukktmaybe there should be a buffer guide
22:35:16theprodukktat least it helps to save battery lifetime
22:35:50theprodukktyes, a short information about all the buffer options and how to use them, recommended values ...
22:36:06midkaythere aren't recommended values. you just set it up so it works for you.
22:36:20midkayif you feel like setting up max entries/dirs/files to suit your needs for the tiny bit of extra buffer (or less), feel free.
22:36:27theprodukktbut a noob dont know whats working for him
22:36:34midkayso then just don't touch it.
22:36:52midkaythere is information in the manual, anyways, if you cared to read it.
22:36:59theprodukktjust read it
22:37:02theprodukktmost of it
22:37:13midkayso does it not make sense?
22:37:13theprodukktbut they're spread around ...
22:37:21 Join RoC_MM [0] (
22:37:29theprodukkthad to use the search function on buffer :)
22:37:58midkaythe "limits" options and the anti-skip buffer are the only settings that should affect this that i can remember.
22:38:13theprodukktdir cache?
22:38:24theprodukktmaybe a guide for saving power -.-
22:38:50theprodukktdo u use diskpoweroff?
22:38:51midkaydircache if you use it, right.. and tagcache to RAM.
22:39:08theprodukktdo u use dir cache?
22:39:23midkayand a guide is pretty useless, really.. it's the standard old "don't use the backlight if you don't need it, don't cache your dirs if you don't need it, don't increase limits if you don't need to"..
22:39:57theprodukkttagcache to ram?
22:40:03theprodukktdo u use the tagcahce?
22:40:10midkayyes, yes... why?
22:40:25theprodukkti think uve more experience, so ill steal your config ;)
22:41:10midkayit's certainly not the most battery-efficient.. in fact it's about the least unless you do a lot of browsing.
22:41:45 Join TCK [0] (
22:45:28theprodukkthow does the shuffle work
22:45:38theprodukkt(i read the manual but still didnt understand)
22:45:50theprodukkthow can i enable it?
22:46:05micmacPlayback setting
22:46:27micmacOn Ipod you can hold menu down for faster access.
22:46:29theprodukkti turned it on
22:46:41theprodukkt(on iriver its the a-b key)
22:47:47theprodukktoh it works all the time
22:47:55 Quit amiconn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:48:02theprodukktdidnt realize sry xD
22:48:31 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
22:50:37 Join djedje [0] (
22:51:05djedjehi all
22:51:43djedjei have a little question ? why the twiki parts are off ?
22:51:50shepparddjedje: website got hacked
22:52:08 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:52:42theprodukktdoes someone how far the admin is in fixing the exploits?
22:53:32Bagdernot very
22:53:41Bagderwe're all on vacation of various degrees
22:54:48djedjethanks... i'm patient. good work for this project ! congratulations guys !
22:55:28djedjeDoes anyone has the bootloader for iAudio X5 ?
22:55:37*amiconn thinks vacation is the best time for rockbox coding
22:56:39theprodukktin my tagcache menu
22:56:42djedjehow to checkout from the cvs ? anonymous access ? url ? any information ?
22:56:48theprodukktthere are 2 menus called example 1 and 2
22:56:50theprodukktwhats that?
22:57:18obodjedje: info is on the wiki - google cache should have it
22:57:27midkaytwo examples of tagcache configuration possibilities..
22:57:47theprodukktill look on google, and continue asking: how can i do those configs?
22:57:47floodycvs -z3 co rockbox
22:59:12djedjeok for the cache info in google, i tried this solution but the x5_fw.bin file is not available
23:00:08Bagderok, hold on
23:01:11theprodukktwhat are the limitations for the videos for irivers h300?
23:01:28Bagdertheprodukkt: rockbox plays no videos at all on the h300
23:01:45theprodukktbut the orginal firmware
23:02:02BagderI'd suggest you read the manual
23:02:38theprodukktthe orginal iriver man?
23:02:48Bagdersince that's what you ask about, yes
23:03:36theprodukktcant find it
23:03:46theprodukkthere doesnt stand anything 'bout vid
23:04:24theprodukktwasnt the vid function a firmware patch?
23:04:34 Join darkless [0] (
23:04:47theprodukktbut google might be a good idea
23:04:50midkayyes, so you should check the update's release notes..
23:04:55theprodukkt(its that eady 2 ask here, sry ;))
23:05:00S0apa iriver enthusiast site might be a better place to talk about iriver original firmware than #rockbox
23:05:21Bagder... like or similar
23:05:36djedjebadger: thank a lot !! ok it's downloaded
23:05:44 Join akaidiot [0] (n=not@
23:05:51 Join Panda- [0] (
23:07:11theprodukkta forum has a long "lag", thats why i like irc (since i know this chan xD)
23:07:27midkayBagder, cool that you have the twiki files on your site at least - maybe that should be put in the topic for people looking for files, i've seen plenty of "where can i get this bootloader", etc.
23:07:55*theprodukkt is one of them :/
23:08:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:09:26obothe files are also in CVS?
23:10:00midkayi believe not, could be wrong..
23:10:11Panda-I have .rockbox and rockbox.iriver on my H300. The original firmware is patched (1.29K). but when I turn on the unit it says that there's no .rockbox directory ... what's the problem?
23:10:57obofirst time I looked I thought I saw .v extensions as well, but not now - I blame the beer :D
23:12:26BagderI deleted the ,v ones
23:12:50obospoilsport :p
23:13:44 Quit Daishi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:14:25Bagderanyway, those are all attachments from the wiki
23:14:32 Join Daishi [0] (
23:14:46peturbleh, my ISP's mailserver seems to have made it to a spamlist :/
23:14:52theprodukktif i go tagcache->Artists->Untagged->All Tracks there are plenty of files, if i look at their id3 tags theyre empty
23:15:07theprodukktbut the same files on my pc have tags -.-
23:15:54 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
23:19:13theprodukktdont have an idea?
23:19:51oboWhat kind of tags? Rockbox doesn't (yet) support APE tags
23:20:31*ender` 's been using a patch that adds apev2 support for a long time now
23:21:24theprodukktmy iriver hang up :/
23:21:50PaulJamtheprodukkt: btw. fir video support in the original firmware check . it's a nice tool to convert videos to the proper format.
23:22:14theprodukktalready checked but thx :)
23:22:24 Join leftright [0] (
23:25:16 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
23:26:03S0aptheprodukkt - what mp3 player do you use on your computer?
23:26:41theprodukktthe godfather shows tags too
23:26:44theprodukktexplorer too
23:27:20S0apdid you interupt tagcache before it scanned all your files?
23:27:58theprodukktdont know
23:28:08theprodukktis it possible 2 interupt it?
23:29:20midkayif you shut it down like you said you did and it wasn't finished..
23:30:15theprodukkt2.3.2. Using Tag Cache
23:30:22theprodukktBefore you use the Tag Cache for the first time, you need to tell Rockbox to create the
23:30:22theprodukktdatabase from your music files. This typically takes around 5 – 10 minutes and you
23:30:22theprodukktcan continue listening to music normally whilst this is happenning. You can even shut
23:30:25theprodukktdown your player and resume the database building process next time you turn it on.
23:30:26theprodukktbut yes, i did !
23:30:41theprodukktwhen i force a refresh will he scan only new files or all?
23:31:34 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:32:00midkayjust delete the database files and start over, and don't interrupt it.
23:33:45 Quit leftright (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new IRC era")
23:34:00*theprodukkt will do
23:36:23theprodukktill post some feature requests
23:36:34 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
23:37:06Bagderyeah, only 545 open ones as of now
23:37:10Bagderwe need some more ;-)
23:38:03Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
23:38:26Topic"Rockbox web site is back. No twiki yet. Previous wiki attachments hosted here =>" by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
23:39:00 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
23:39:35 Join damaki [0] (
23:40:44theprodukktmine are realy good ones;)
23:41:05theprodukkt"Example 2" genre ? genre ~ "metal" : artist ? year >= "2000" : album ? year >= "2000" : title <= who could explain that line?
23:41:25*petur wonders why the directory view of a webserver always assumes you can't see more than 40 chars wide
23:42:01Bagderthere might exist some apache config to change that
23:42:08S0apI have an 80 col. card in my apple IIe, I figured most of you did.
23:42:38_apo_Genre (contains metal)/Artist (with albums newer than 2000)/Albums newer than 2000/tracks
23:42:42_apo_@ theprodukkt
23:43:57theprodukktunderstood: 1st part contains the tag to show, 2nd part the filter!
23:44:09_apo_part after the ?, yes
23:44:53theprodukktis there a possibility to merge multiple filters (additive / substractive?)
23:44:55_apo_Tag to show ? tag ~/>/</>=/<=/= value : next tag...
23:45:17_apo_Try & after a filter
23:45:22_apo_It's not documented yet
23:45:29theprodukktbut it works?
23:45:31_apo_Because it's pretty new and the standards aren't set
23:45:56theprodukktdoes a ! exist too?
23:45:58_apo_Or perhaps && works
23:46:12_apo_As I said, it's not documented
23:46:16_apo_As I said, it's not documented
23:46:36Bagderbut the source is there to read!
23:46:53theprodukkt^^ just wanted to ask
23:47:03_apo_But if you don't speak C++ or whatever it's written in you're outta like - like me :P
23:47:06 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
23:47:22 Nick _apo_ is now known as apo` (
23:47:23Bagderit is mostly written in plain C
23:47:31Bagderwith minor parts in asm
23:47:42theprodukktin which file is the db creating engine / showing engine written?
23:47:43apo`I see
23:47:47 Quit darkless (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:47:57 Join hardeep_ [0] (
23:49:00 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
23:49:12 Quit hardeep_ (Client Quit)
23:49:23djedjei repeat my simple word for your work : great . i'm trying rockbox on an iaudio X5 and all this features in developpement stage ! wow !
23:49:59Bagderdjedje: you may want to try the dual-boot bootloader
23:50:23Bagderthat's only available as a patch so far for the X5
23:50:39Bagderbut the guys on use to provide binaries of it
23:51:27 Quit Stephen ()
23:51:31Bagderbut of course building your own is the Right Way (tm) :-)
23:52:58djedjeok i will try this dual-boot bootloader i have checkouted the project and i will try to compile.
23:53:37Bagderthe lack of wiki makes it slightly harder to figure out things though ;-)
23:54:45djedjeit's true, the wiki is down due to a hack ?
23:55:01Bagderyes, basically
23:56:39apo`Not "wow". I'd rather say "Oh man, I hate people" :P
23:57:06theprodukktmay i restart now?
23:57:14theprodukktbecause of my tagcache
23:57:33PaulJamif the hd stopped spinning, then yes
23:57:52theprodukkthow can i know
23:58:18dionoealook at the small spining disk icon :)
23:58:34apo`dionoea: Bah, boring :P
23:58:51theprodukktdionoea: that was an ideo for my feature request :)

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