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#rockbox log for 2006-07-13

00:00:23linuxstb_I would point you to the FAQ, but the wiki's down...
00:00:37EbErTok, did it, i got confused..
00:00:57EbErTany developements on tagcache in the past 2 weeks?
00:01:52Paul_The_NerdRead the changelog...
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00:03:45EbErTjust thought u might know if there was any big stuff
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00:16:36La_PaRCaHey guys, I am trying to get the bootloader for my ipod but cant. Where can I get it?
00:16:48peturanybody knows why in backlight.c backlight_set_timeout() the index is set to 0 if an illegal value is passed? that effectively turns off backlight, which is not ok on some players like my h340 :/
00:17:06peturLa_PaRCa: see topic
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00:25:48peturthis backlight stuff in some plugins sucks
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00:26:42earHertzpetur: to indicate to users and coders that the code is incorrect
00:27:11midgey34petur: sometimes, if you hit a button at the exact moment the backlight goes off, the action occurs with the screen off
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00:27:38midgey34I've been smitten by that in solitaire too often
00:28:11earHertzmidgey34: smitten means to get a crush on or to fall in love
00:28:22midgey34I knew I used that wrong...
00:28:29peturI'm checking a patch from Massa and it causes backlight to go off. This should *never* be allowed on h3x0 as the only thing you can do is reboot :/
00:28:39midgey34I always says smited as a joke, but I know thats not right either
00:28:53earHertzsmited means hit or struck
00:29:05earHertzso it's not too far wrong
00:29:21earHertzpetur: ifdef
00:30:11peturnot sure if the function isn't called somewhere to force backlight off...
00:30:56peturdon't have much time so I try to look at something simple for a quickie, always turns out to be a can of worms
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00:37:57earHertzI tried to get a quickie once. ended up having to get a divorce
00:40:04La_PaRCaOk, I just installed rockbox and cant see my songs!
00:40:21peturenable tagcache
00:40:43peturor copy them on your ipod in a proper way
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00:42:06La_PaRCapetur, thanks... there it goes
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00:47:15EbErTdangit! tagcache works for every noobie but me..
00:47:25EbErTstupid tag
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00:49:42peturisn't backlight_timeout supposed to be the index in the backlight value array? Mine has value 96 :(
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00:53:52peturmixing a patched version with a cvs plugin is not good
00:54:01*petur slaps forehead
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01:10:01Unimatrix0anyone here familiar with how to install rockbox on a 5g ipod?
01:10:13 Part Paul_The_Nerd
01:10:47peturUnimatrix0: google for the instructions and use the google cache. for the files: see topic
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01:11:26Unimatrix0:o thanks, i missed that, lol
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01:22:10linuxstbOr read the manual for the install instructions -
01:22:33linuxstb(but the links won't work - as petur said, see the topic, and look in the IpodInstallation folder)
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01:25:39S0apI don't know if anyone here is a member of the Digital Archive Project, but they (5-6 years ago) had a problem with people failing to read documentation before asking silly questions in IRC or forums.
01:26:38S0apSo now, you must sign in blood that you have read all the docs before getting forum access, and if you go to their website: you'll see how serious they are about refusing to answer "not-good" questions.
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01:31:12Paul_The_NerdWhat would you do if they didn't read the docs? I mean, your choices are "get rid of them" "ignore them" or "tell them to read the docs", the latter being essentially what we already do.
01:32:34S0apI wasn't suggesting any change, I just love their big bold "READ THE FAQ" when you hit the homepage.
01:34:04S0apThey get ignored quicker than they do here, but that's neither-here-nor-there, different communities have different personalities, I honestly didn't mean to suggest one way is better than the other, just wasting pixels...
01:34:34Paul_The_NerdNah, it's okay. I'm up for new ideas, of course, but I kinda think we should be among the "nicer" projects.
01:35:59S0apMaybe make the job of being nice a qualifying task for official "expert" status...make them spend 3 months on noobie duty.
01:37:28Paul_The_NerdActually, right now part of the qualifications I look into for picking an expert is how willing they are to deal with annoying users, and when they do tell someone off, how they go about it.
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01:58:11webguest13when i start doom my ipod get a eror "doom wad missing" what shoud i do....ipod 2g
01:58:53linuxstbInstall the WADs?
01:59:14*linuxstb apologises :)
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01:59:47BHSPitMonkeyfor what? :P
01:59:47webguest13i try but witch patch shoud i intsall?
01:59:51linuxstbThe wiki is down, but google's cached page is here:
01:59:57linuxstb(instructions for doom)
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02:00:20webguest13The Rockbox Wiki is not yet online. Please be patient, we are working on it.
02:00:26webguest13The Rockbox Wiki is not yet online. Please be patient, we are working on it.
02:00:37XavierGryes we know ;p
02:01:18linuxstbwebguest13: Don't click on any links in that page - just scroll down.
02:01:32linuxstb(and XavierGr has just pointed you to a copy of all the files you need)
02:01:59XavierGrwhen you get the files copy them in /games/doom/
02:02:04Paul_The_NerdWe should host a copy of freedoom, since it's GPLed anyway, so people don't need any commercial wads at all.
02:02:10XavierGror something similar I am not sure
02:02:39S0apThe EvilDead.wad was always my favorite addon, it was...groovy.
02:02:46webguest13i dont have any game map on my ipod... all game are in a map cald rocks
02:03:47La_PaRCaUm... Just installed rockbox on my ipod
02:03:58La_PaRCanow I am browsing the files but it wont play anything
02:04:40La_PaRCaWhen I pick a song it just stays there paused
02:05:11webguest13DAP stands for?
02:06:08 Quit PaulJam (".")
02:06:30XavierGrdigital audio player
02:07:06 Join koRn [0] (
02:07:12linuxstbLa_PaRCa: What kind of files are they?
02:07:35koRnhi is there a tutorial on installing jblackglass
02:07:44La_PaRCalinuxstb, nevemind, I rebooted and it worked. Now I am wondering if there is a way to play all mi songs?
02:08:54koRnbecause i have no idea how to install all of this stuff
02:10:45linuxstbLa_PaRCa: One way is to press MENU, then playlist options, then "create playlist". That will create a playlist called root.m3u containing all your music which you can then select to play all your songs.
02:10:46webguest13where shoud i put the wad file?
02:11:09linuxstbWhere those instructions I pointed you to say.
02:12:27XavierGr[03:01] <XavierGr> when you get the files copy them in /games/doom/
02:13:49Paul_The_NerdkoRn: If you need help installing the jblackglass build, ask on his thread.
02:14:21XavierGrthese side builds are getting annoying :p
02:14:28koRnok i will i was just wondering if hew had a guide to walk me through it
02:15:40Paul_The_NerdI think the most annoying thing is that some people just don't know what's in official Rockbox and what's not.
02:17:12koRndo i have to patch rockbox
02:17:18koRnor is their a build with it
02:17:24Paul_The_NerdAlso the phrase "Well, I'm using one patch, but it SHOULDN'T cause that sort of bug" as an excuse not to try the CVS build.
02:17:32Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Read the forum thread.
02:17:41 Join Lynx [0] (
02:17:41koRnthere are so many
02:17:49koRni cany find which
02:17:52koRnim searching now
02:18:15Paul_The_NerdHave you tried typing "jblackglass" into the search box in the forums?
02:18:50koRnthats what i just did
02:19:12koRnwhich is the build
02:19:25*Paul_The_Nerd points out that those files are not at
02:19:32Paul_The_NerdAs I said, for stuff that's not ours, you need to ask in the thread
02:21:39koRnand how do i accsess my songs in rockbox
02:21:50koRni hold menu and sopmething pops up
02:21:51XavierGrselect them
02:22:06Paul_The_NerdYou find the song, and click on it with the center button.
02:22:15koRnwere is the song
02:22:18Paul_The_NerdWhen you hold menu, you get a menu... which isn't necessary to play songs.
02:22:24Paul_The_NerdWhere have you put them on your iPod?
02:22:30Paul_The_NerdThe songs are wherever they are...
02:22:34koRni dragged them into itunes
02:22:56XavierGrno don't use itunes
02:23:16XavierGrhave you installed rockbox?
02:23:17Paul_The_NerdWell, iTunes renames them and hides them
02:23:27Paul_The_NerdSo, you're going to need to use the TagCache feature, explained in the manual
02:23:52XavierGriTunes is EVIL!!!
02:24:08XavierGrI still can't understand who is the idiot behind this abomination
02:24:25XavierGrwhy rename the files with such random names?
02:24:27XavierGrit isn
02:24:37linuxstbTo reduce the memory footprint of the database.
02:24:53XavierGrstill it sounds stupid to me
02:24:55linuxstbAnd given that Apple doesn't provide a file browser, it's not an issue.
02:25:07XavierGranother stupidity of retail OS
02:25:11linuxstbAnd you don't have any right to want to copy files back to your computer...
02:25:24XavierGrthat's a good one
02:25:35XavierGrstraight for the Golden Quotes! :D
02:25:44Paul_The_NerdI like how the Sansa prevents you from copying files back to your computer.
02:25:53XavierGrit does?
02:26:08Paul_The_NerdIf you transfer them over in MTP mode, and then switch it to UMS mode, it marks all the ones transferred via MTP as "Hidden"
02:26:33linuxstbDoes it keep the filenames though?
02:26:37XavierGrso if you select to see hidden files you can see them?
02:26:56linuxstbThat would still prevent 90% of users from copying them though.
02:27:04Paul_The_NerdYes, if you have "Show hidden files" you aren't prevented in any way from copying them. Though I assume DRMed files won't play.
02:27:06earHertzthe memory footprint part is klegitimate; I have some song filenames > 300 characters
02:27:09XavierGrand linuxstb if it was only for memory reasons why not rename all the files with just a number?
02:27:35XavierGr300 characters?
02:27:49XavierGryou can't have more than 250 characters on a filename
02:27:53XavierGrat least for FAT
02:27:56earHertzXavierGr: good point, thiough having seperate dirs does make sense: the fileystem dir pages can be completely filled
02:28:09earHertzXavierGr: NTFS
02:28:36XavierGrwow you have deep direcroty structure
02:29:21 Part pixelma
02:30:34*linuxstb was bored and found the longest filename in his music directory to be 191 characters...
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02:36:46koRncan someone link me to the experimental builds section
02:37:00Paul_The_NerdWhat experimental builds section?
02:37:13 Join JdGordon [0] (
02:37:16earHertzkoRn: PATCHES?
02:37:47S0aplongest path: \Lenny Bruce - 2004 - Let The Buyer Beware (Disc 1) (When The Good Road Is Closed, The Bad Road Will Never Be Open)\07 - Introduction To The Palladium Annie Ross What Was I Talking About.mp3
02:37:50earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: we get signal
02:37:53koRnno i heard there was a section that had builds that are patched
02:38:07Paul_The_NerdSection of what?
02:38:16Paul_The_NerdThere are occasional forum threads where people post their patched builds.
02:38:20Paul_The_NerdThere is no official section.
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02:38:45Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Signal?
02:38:50XavierGrwhy use a modded build anyway?
02:38:55earHertzmain screen turn on
02:38:55koRni want to get this build but i cant find it anywere
02:39:00XavierGrmost of them are unstable
02:39:06koRnand patching is far beyond me
02:39:13koRni heard this one is great
02:39:26S0apthis one?
02:39:59koRnjblackglass the one pie julius made that has jblackglass build in
02:40:06koRnand i think the doom scroll patch
02:40:16koRnboth of which i want but i cant patch
02:40:17S0apthere is a massive thread on jblackglass on the forums
02:40:19earHertzkoRn: all your base are belong to us
02:40:20Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Aaah. Hehehe.
02:40:25S0apincluding sub-builds
02:40:38koRni cant find it
02:40:41koRni searched
02:40:50Paul_The_NerdIt's the *second* link when you search for jblackglass
02:40:53earHertzkoRn: you can get those builds from julius's web site
02:40:55S0apsearch for blackglass - returns plenty of hits here.
02:41:04Paul_The_NerdHeck, the only reason it's not the first link is because the first one is the original thread before I moved it.
02:41:19koRni cant tell which one on his site is it
02:41:27Paul_The_NerdThen ask in the thread
02:41:29S0apyou'd have to read the thread
02:41:31Paul_The_NerdAs I've told you several times.
02:41:33earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: howabout a subforum for builds?
02:41:48Paul_The_NerdearHertz: We'd rather not encourage them, honestly.
02:42:01S0apwouldn't stop the questions, I bet.
02:42:10Paul_The_NerdThere was a period where we got a *lot* of erroneous bug reports because of them.
02:42:18earHertzgood point
02:42:44koRnear i already looked on that page
02:42:49koRni dont know what to dl
02:42:49earHertzBut if people found teh build url in teh thread, the thread could include instructiosn to report bugs only in that thread'
02:43:03 Part La_PaRCa ("Leaving")
02:43:09koRnand paul: i need to install it now because i wont be able to tomorrow
02:43:26Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Well, it's not our software, so this is the wrong place to ask regardless.
02:43:27S0apkoRn - If you read the thread, and still have questions, ask them in the thread, as it is not official...
02:43:41S0apyou need food, water, shelter.
02:43:51webguest13where can i donwload prBoom version 2.2.6
02:44:06Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: Out of curiosity, why are you asking that here?
02:44:10earHertzwebguest13: google for it?
02:44:17koRnthose are themes not builds
02:44:21XavierGrthis is getting interesting
02:44:43S0apkoRn - jblackglass is a theme w/requires his custom build, instructions are in the forum thread.
02:44:49S0apdetailed instructions
02:44:56S0apwith plenty of answered questions.
02:45:05koRnyouve llinked tat thrice
02:45:06earHertzand don't ask me to hold it for you when you pee, ok?
02:45:21earHertzCLICK THE LINK!
02:45:22koRnand every time i told you i dont know what to dl
02:45:27koRnI DID
02:45:28Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Well figure it out
02:45:37koRnsee paul
02:45:42Paul_The_NerdkoRn: How many of those even have the word "build" in their name?
02:45:45earHertzkoRn: I can;t tell you becauae I DON'T KNOW WHAT IPOD YOU OWN
02:45:53koRnyou tell me if i try theyd help
02:45:56koRnand i have tried
02:46:01koRnand i told you i have a 5g
02:46:08XavierGr30GB or 60?
02:46:14S0apkoRn - you haven'
02:46:15earHertzkorn how big is its disk?
02:46:24Paul_The_NerdkoRn: You have not tried. You refuse to ask in the thread, and you refuse to even READ the filenames.
02:46:37S0apt stopped typing long enough since your first question to lead any of us to believe you have read the forum thread.
02:46:42Paul_The_NerdkoRn: If you read the filenames and applied the most miniscule amount of logic you could figure it out.
02:46:49koRni told you i cant wait for a thread reply
02:46:55koRni need to do it for tomorrow
02:46:56S0apDo so, and if you have a specific problem after reading the thread PM me.
02:46:59earHertzkoRn: 's a busy man
02:47:03Paul_The_NerdkoRn: You CHOOSE not to wait. You don't have to have it installed. You don't HAVE to have that theme.
02:47:21earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: he'll be executed a dawn tomorrow if he doesn't have it inmstalled
02:47:27XavierGrkoRn: just unzip it in your ipods root
02:47:28koRnbecause you keep typing back to me
02:47:32 Join buzzard [0] (
02:47:33earHertzHow can you be so callous, Pa
02:47:35Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Meanwhile, you once more want help for something that's not ours.
02:47:37sharpeevening everyone.
02:47:38earHertzHow can you be so callous, Paul_The_Nerd
02:47:48S0apyou don't need to reply
02:47:48S0ap[2006-07-12 20:47:33] <koRn> ear
02:47:48S0ap[2006-07-12 20:47:40] <koRn> youve llinked tat thrice
02:47:51buzzardgood evning sharp
02:47:58S0apyour could read
02:48:05koRnbecause he is linking me to the same pages
02:48:07Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Because I've dealt with him before, and I've had enough of it.
02:48:11koRnear linked me to it
02:48:12earHertzactually, that build has a COUPLE of my patches, so I don't mind pimping it
02:48:26earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: er, I was being sarcastic
02:48:26S0apread the forum thread, or ploink
02:48:33koRndoes jbuild have the doom patch
02:48:42earHertz−−−−> Paul_The_Nerd: he'll be executed a dawn tomorrow if he doesn't have it inmstalled
02:48:49Paul_The_NerdkoRn: If you'd just read the filename, it's pretty clear only three of the files there were builds, and only two were for video, and only ONE didn't say 64mb. SIMPLE logic.
02:48:56Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Oh, I missed the first bit.
02:48:58buzzardhey guys can anyone tell me the best format to get music from that has great quality
02:48:59XavierGrah so this is the famous guy that wants everything inhis plate?
02:49:10Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: Captain_America, and some other name too.
02:49:16earHertzkoRn: it does. Kill a nazi or a radioaric emonster or whatever for me
02:49:18Paul_The_Nerdbuzzard: Ogg/Vorbis.
02:49:29earHertzbuzzard: flac
02:49:32S0apbuzzard - EAC to rip, lame APS or FLAC to encode. I bet you can't ABX APS to FLAC 99% of the time.
02:49:33linuxstbbuzzard: Your local CD shop
02:49:36webguest13i dont find PrBoom version 2.2.6 can some one help !!!!
02:49:44koRnok and last question and ill be gone
02:49:52sharpelinuxstb: psch, who shops anymore... :D
02:49:54Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: Why are you asking here?
02:49:56koRndo i install this build just like rockbox
02:49:56S0apwebguest13 google "PrBoom version 2.26"
02:49:59S0apit's the first hit.
02:49:59earHertzkoRn: stick around, we enjoy your company
02:50:07koRnand do i need to remove this one first
02:50:08buzzardcan anyone suggest any good converter software
02:50:16koRnim sorry ear i don't return the favor
02:50:17S0apkoRn -Instructions are in the thread
02:50:23koRnalthough you have been pleasent
02:50:27S0aplike 10 times they are repeated in the thread.
02:50:31webguest13i think all here is smarter then me and can help me
02:50:51*linuxstb sleeps
02:50:51Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: But prboom != Rockbox
02:51:07earHertzI measn, jesus, I can't find a job,. I can write arrm asembly and java and everthing in between, but I can't get a job.. so I muight as well do google seraches for demanding kids, right?
02:51:14S0apbuzzard - EAC will batch encode w/most encoders.
02:51:23S0apand batch tag
02:51:26S0apand batch filename
02:51:34buzzardi c thanks alot soap
02:51:38S0apjust make sure you use "Secure Mode"
02:51:46 Join shof515 [0] ( if you need EAC help, they are anal as all get out, but do it right.
02:52:16shof515hello..i wonder if there is a feature for rockbox for the iriver players
02:52:28earHertzshof515: there is
02:52:37koRnear can you tell me if i have to install this like the bootloader or do i have yto do a diffferent method so i dont have to read through the 14 pages
02:52:55S0apyou must read koRn - for ALL your questions will be answered.
02:53:01earHertzkoRn: have youinstalled rockbox before?
02:53:03JdGordonshof515: there is a patch for it,
02:53:04Paul_The_NerdkoRn: You've been told there are installation instructions in the thread. Try reading more than the first post.
02:53:10shof515how do i set that up....just install the rockbox on my iriver?
02:53:17Paul_The_NerdearHertz: He has.
02:53:23buzzardsoap eac is a software to rip from cds
02:53:24koRnim on the fourth page
02:53:28Paul_The_Nerdshof515: The official version doesn't have it yet.
02:53:29koRnand yes i have it on
02:53:34earHertzshof515: you need to compile after adding the patch to the source
02:53:37Paul_The_Nerdshof515: Which iRiver do you have?
02:53:43buzzardi already music from other sited
02:53:49earHertzkoRn: then just unzip julius's zip file onto your ipod
02:53:54buzzardand want to make them better quality
02:54:01koRnthats all?
02:54:01buzzardto here a great sound
02:54:06koRnthank you ear
02:54:09S0apbuzzard - you can't improve the quality be reencoding
02:54:13earHertzbuzzard: you really can't, if they are already mp3s
02:54:26earHertzkoRn: enjoy
02:54:36buzzardohh i see
02:54:43S0apbuzzard - lossy encoded files reencoded (even to a superior) lossy encoded = nastY
02:54:47koRnso right to E;/
02:54:51XavierGrfor the prdoom. Download the zip for windows and then copy the .wad in your player
02:54:55shof515when wil the official one have it?
02:54:58XavierGrnormally it should play
02:55:00buzzarddarn that sucks
02:55:08*S0ap loves all the people with "E:" ipods. His is on S:
02:55:09earHertzshof515: it won't, god willling
02:55:12koRninto the root
02:55:24shof515that sucks :(
02:55:30earHertzkoRn: I dunno
02:55:31Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: You don't use prboom for Rockdoom...
02:55:38shof515any easy way to get it working with the plugin
02:55:47earHertzoh, ot's a plugin?
02:55:47Paul_The_NerdS0ap: Mine floats in the E-J range.
02:55:50koRnyou just told me to unzip it onto my ipod
02:55:55earHertzmaybe it will be added to officla build then
02:55:55XavierGrPaul: I thought prboom was another wad for doom
02:56:03koRnim asking if it needs to be put on the root or in a folder
02:56:05Paul_The_NerdearHertz: The official Rockbox will probably end up with support.
02:56:07XavierGrit seems I got it wrong
02:56:16shof515when does that come out?
02:56:16earHertzkoRn: the .zip, yes
02:56:21Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: PRBoom is a source port of doom.
02:56:29Paul_The_Nerdshof515: When it's done.
02:56:37koRnk im unzipping it to E:/
02:56:53earHertzwe're all hoping e:\ is your ipod
02:57:02koRndo i overwrite the files
02:57:08 Quit shof515 ()
02:57:11 Join lamed [0] (
02:57:19Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Well, what will happen is that Rockbox will support the runtimeDB again eventually, which will probably then extend to being able to generate logs, I'd imagine.
02:57:21 Quit lamed (Client Quit)
02:57:34koRnso does pi do graphic art as a career
02:57:38earHertzI thought tagcache obsoleted runtimedn
02:57:52earHertzkoRn: apaprently he's a programmer
02:57:57S0aphow hard would a computer side perl script be to make logs out of the runtimeDB?
02:58:02koRnhes really good
02:58:16JdGordonS0ap: prob not hard...
02:58:27JdGordonbut runtimedb isnt used anymore
02:58:30earHertzI gues she is. I don't use any good looking themes
02:58:36S0apis there info in the wiki on the structure of the runtimeDB?
02:58:39Paul_The_NerdearHertz: TagCache obsoleted TagDB, runtimeDB is disabled until it's brought into line.
02:58:58earHertzruntimedb recorfds what, songs played?
02:59:33S0apno reason I couldn't start on the perl now, I'm assuming runtimeDB's output structure won't change much, even if its internals do?
02:59:42koRnit keeps booting in apple fimrware
02:59:58koRnwhat happened
02:59:59earHertzkoRn: see if there's a rockbox ipod in E:/
02:59:59S0apkoRn - you apparently copied over the files, did you ever install a bootloader?
03:00:14koRnit worked fine earlier
03:00:19S0apthen earHertz's theory is my theory
03:00:22Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Pretty much.
03:00:25koRnall i did was change a theme in ipodwizard
03:00:40S0apdon't know anything about ipodwizard
03:00:52Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Did rockbox work after changing the theme?
03:00:53earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: it''ll be integrtated with tagcaxhe???
03:01:16koRni booted in apple firmware
03:01:20koRni was watching a movie
03:01:33koRnand yes rockbox is still on
03:01:42earHertzwell, reboot
03:01:46Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Please, type out words. Also, you may need to reinstall the bootloader. Do you see the bootloader when you reboot the iPod
03:02:05koRni hold down menu and select
03:02:09*Genre9mp3 thinks that if you add Mekrob, craftkid, Captain_America, Vaco_Animus & koRn lines you'll get the 50% of total lines in the channel
03:02:12koRnthen it shuts down
03:02:12 Join wehn_ [0] (
03:02:17buzzardwhat if i take the map3 and convert them into wave and then conver them to ogg vorbis will i get better quality
03:02:19Paul_The_NerdearHertz: It should be integrated yes, so that you can say, "Search for songs added in the last 10 days" or "Search for 100 least played songs"
03:02:31koRnthen the apple logo comes up
03:02:37Paul_The_Nerdbuzzard: You CANNOT improve the quality upward by conversion.
03:02:46Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Then you removed the bootloader when you used iPodWizard
03:02:47koRnthen it just goes straight to apple firmware
03:02:49koRnno text
03:02:58earHertzI don't care about that. I just don't want song bnames duiplicated
03:02:58koRnso what do i do
03:03:00buzzardso the onlyy way to get better quality to to rip from a cd
03:03:00wehn_buzzard: like photocoping photocopies, it only gets worse
03:03:11koRnreinstall the bootloader
03:03:11Paul_The_NerdkoRn: If it's removed, I bet you need to install it...
03:03:19earHertzHionestly, I never neven bothered to figure out how to use tagcache's searching.
03:03:42Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Some people like it. I don't even use TagCache except to verify it's working when someone reports issues.
03:03:48earHertzI pretty much just play one album for several weeks. Like an autistic or something.
03:04:18Paul_The_NerdI have one 1800 entry playlist I reshuffle each time I turn the player on
03:04:29earHertzno themes, no bells, no whistles. never tried to play doom
03:04:34koRnok if the twiki is down were is the guide on installing it
03:04:45Paul_The_NerdTry the manual
03:04:46earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: you only have 1800 somgs?
03:04:57Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Yup.
03:05:05earHertzon a 60?
03:05:15earHertzoh, wait you have an oriver or something
03:05:17sharpei have a little under 1200 songs...
03:05:31earHertzall legal, btw
03:05:31Paul_The_NerdearHertz: I have a 20 gig player
03:05:42earHertzexcepg some of teh soviet stuff
03:05:48*Paul_The_Nerd has not lived long enough to afford 8600 songs.
03:05:51earHertzan archos???
03:06:07earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: emusic. cost about 25 censt a track
03:06:19 Quit buzzard ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:06:25Paul_The_NerdI actually have a 20-gig Archos Jukebox, a 20gig iRiver h120, a 4gig nano (for Rockboxes)
03:06:35Paul_The_NerdOnly one I actually bought for myself was the iRiver.
03:06:50*JdGordon has 3000 songs on a 20g
03:06:53koRnis their a maual with working links?
03:07:04Paul_The_NerdearHertz: I'm slightly obsessive compulsive. I can't buy lossy songs, even if I cannot hear the difference.
03:07:08S0ap80% of my 600+ albums are legal, the rest I feel no guilt over as they are either downloads where I own the vinyl, or out-of-print.
03:07:16Paul_The_NerdkoRn: The files are temporarily at the link in the channel topic
03:07:39earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: I can did OCD. ever read that tracy kidder book?
03:07:42koRnbut idk what file it links me to dl
03:07:59Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Tracy kidder book?
03:08:06earHertzMy most expensive purchase was $180
03:08:10Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Please, type out full words. Also, try the iPodInstallation one.
03:08:42earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: Tracy Kidder, Home Town, Random House, 1999, ISBN 0671785214
03:08:46 Quit S0ap ("Someone dropped the soap!")
03:08:53earHertzpartly about a lawyer with teally bad OCD
03:09:08earHertzcures himself my going to tityy bars
03:09:19Paul_The_NerdI don't think that'll resolve mine.
03:09:35earHertzhe wears plastc bags over his hands to tip teh girls five sdolar bills
03:10:08*earHertz shrugs
03:10:10koRnso out of this I install bootloadervideo.bin , ipodpatcher, and ipodpatcher.exe
03:10:19earHertzyou've read soul of teh new nmachine by kidder?
03:10:47 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
03:10:52earHertzkoRn: you use ipopatcher.exe on your opc to install the binms to the ipod
03:10:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:11:00Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Haven't read that either.
03:11:07earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: you MUST read it
03:11:15XavierGroh my god all this time Korn hasn't installed Rockbox?
03:11:16Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Ipodpatcher.exe, ipod_fw.exe and bootloadervideo.bin.
03:11:22koRni did
03:11:24earHertzit's about DEC engineers buiilduing a mini computer. It's something any proghrammer must read
03:11:27Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: He has before, but apparently he can't remember which files he used last time.
03:11:28koRnbut it disssapeared
03:11:36webguest13can i see vidos on rockbox?
03:11:40Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: No.
03:11:45koRni told you paul the links changed
03:11:53Paul_The_NerdkoRn: The filenames though, did not.
03:11:58XavierGrKoRN: You must be shot in public! :P
03:12:13koRngod i cant wait to get his all fixed
03:12:35XavierGrIf I had an iPod I would try to help you too
03:12:42Paul_The_NerdearHertz: I'll look it up
03:12:58earHertzgreat book
03:13:04 Quit webguest13 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:13:19earHertzkoRn: carefully read teh instructiosn, do exacrtly jhat they say
03:13:20XavierGrgood night all
03:13:27koRni can do it
03:13:33 Join S0ap [0] (
03:13:33XavierGrand KoRn, good luck on your quest
03:13:40koRnits just the links are broken now i have to look for th3e files
03:13:45koRnthank you
03:13:48XavierGrmay the FAQ be with you!
03:13:48Paul_The_NerdkoRn: I told you the three filenames you needed.
03:13:58koRnand i have them
03:14:01koRnnow im off
03:14:56 Join webguest13 [0] (
03:15:13 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
03:15:59earHertzWhen you place a T-bone steak on the BBQ it starts to cook from the outside. But what about my dog?
03:16:36Paul_The_NerdI've dog cooked blackened, with the insides still pink on sale at markets.
03:16:39S0apI'm guessing when you place a T-bone steak on your dog it starts to get hairy from the outside
03:17:12Paul_The_NerdEw, hairy stake.
03:17:20sharpeyeah, kind of...
03:17:39earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: you cantonese?
03:18:14sharpePaul_The_Nerd: ye lived in, indonesia wasn't it?
03:18:17koRnok im on the cmd. i saved the files in c:\rockbox. what do i type to "locate that directory".
03:18:45earHertzkoRn: you already know the directory
03:18:46Paul_The_NerdYeah, that was Indonesia.
03:18:50S0apcd \rockbox
03:19:05earHertzI had a fling with an indonesia-american chick
03:19:08earHertzvery hot
03:19:09koRnthankyou soap
03:19:20Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Out of curiosity, this being the part you HAVE done before, why still all the questions?
03:19:42earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: honestly, I barely remmeber what I did to install the bootloader, and I'm a programmer
03:19:44S0apeverything else is cut-and-paste from the instructions, with the exception of changing the "N" to the # you will be shortly discovering.
03:20:09earHertzI just file dit as "magic incantations"
03:20:19Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Yeah, but he now has a list of instructions and all the files.
03:20:39Paul_The_NerdearHertz: So he has a document with the magic incantations still in it. And is asking how to cd.
03:20:47earHertzhe';s gun-shy,. I was too., thinking I might turn my ipod into an expensive papaer weight
03:21:20*earHertz is being very understanmding tonight
03:22:01sharpebut, remember what i always say, it is near impossible to brick your ipod by means of software, short of damaging it with a brick. (electrical problems need not apply)
03:23:34sharpei don't really always say it. but. i say it enough.
03:24:19earHertzsharpe: newmp3technology, after I paid them $100 to fix my ipod, blamed there not actually fixing it on the rockbox-in-flash
03:24:30Paul_The_NerdBut Rockbox doesn't enter flash on iPod
03:24:30Paul_The_NerdAt all
03:24:37earHertzafter that, I stopped coding for rockbox for three yeras, because I had no mp3 player
03:24:41earHertzI';m gunshy
03:27:04 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Just do it like Nike... BEEATCH!")
03:27:10koRndo you have a sec
03:27:22koRnim on step 6. for windows in the 5g manual
03:27:22earHertztoo many seconds
03:27:29koRnand i got an error
03:28:03koRni dont know if it is an i i need to type or a 1
03:28:04earHertzI can';t find teh manual, teh wiki's down
03:29:01Paul_The_NerdIt's an i, lowercase, if you're talking about the ipod_fw step
03:29:26koRnthis would be a lot easier
03:29:37koRni didnt know you could copy from this pdf
03:29:46koRni was typing it all out
03:29:54S0ap[2006-07-12 21:21:41] <S0ap> everything else is cut-and-paste from the instructions
03:30:46koRni wasnt reading
03:30:52koRni was doing the manual
03:31:36earHertzkoRn: you're related to teh president?
03:31:59webguest13can iplay doom in rockbox?
03:32:18earHertzwebguest13: yes
03:32:48 Join Sinbios [0] (
03:33:07koRngod this ticks me off
03:33:32webguest13when i start doom i get a eror "wad file missing" .. i have dowlnload this wad file. where shoud i put this fileS?
03:33:43koRni know it is off topic but does anyone know how to fix it when you click on a folder it opens up search with that folder as the peramameter?
03:34:06koRnin ipod drive:\games\doom
03:34:23webguest13i dont have a game map
03:34:47Paul_The_NerdGame map?
03:34:50koRnanyone know what is wrong with my comp?
03:35:04Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: What do you mean by "game map", because nobody has said anything like that.
03:35:17Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Google.
03:35:25webguest13<koRn> in ipod drive:\games\doom
03:35:28earHertzkoRn: got nme
03:36:00koRnjesus paul if you dont have an answer please dont say google. if i wanted to search goole i would have
03:36:05Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: Yes, and what about that has anything to do with "maps"
03:36:06koRnio was asking if someone knew how
03:36:26Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Yes, you asked, off topic, nobody answered, and you then repeated the request.
03:37:02koRnreally i repeated it
03:37:13Paul_The_NerdYou repeated the request.
03:37:14koRni stated what was wrong
03:37:25koRnthen asked if anyone knew what was wrong
03:37:31Paul_The_NerdYou asked the question, then you asked a second question equivalent to the first.
03:37:36Paul_The_NerdBoth ended with questionmarks: Two questions.
03:37:37webguest13Paul_The_Nerd: where shoud i put the wad file...
03:37:46Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: \games\doom
03:37:46koRni aked how to fix it
03:37:52koRnthen asked what was wrong
03:37:58koRnto diffferent questions
03:38:06Paul_The_NerdkoRn: They relate to the same off-topic concern.
03:38:16Paul_The_NerdUnless you're talking about some other problem with your computer you've yet to describe.
03:38:31Paul_The_NerdAs I've told you before, this is #rockbox anyway.
03:38:36koRnpaul could you do me a favor
03:38:56Paul_The_NerdProbably not, since I imagine it'll be something silly like "leave me alone"
03:39:03koRnplease just dont talk to me. all you do is tell me to search google and get me mad
03:39:17koRnid ignore you but opera chat doesnt have it built it
03:39:33Paul_The_NerdWell, I'm sorry, but "I don't want to search google" is not an excuse to try to use this channel as your own personal tech support resource.
03:39:42earHertzkoRn: Paul_The_Nerd's been very patient and helpful to you, and he works very hard to faciliatate rockbox
03:39:44koRnwell then dont reply
03:39:51earHertzplease showe him some courtesy
03:39:52S0apkoRn - it's not a matter of "if I wanted to search Google I would have" is a matter that you are EXPECTED to do your own due diligence and search google first
03:39:58koRnhe has not helped at all
03:40:14koRni was asking if someone had a similar problem
03:40:22koRnand if no one have i would have
03:40:23Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Earlier you even admitted I helped you install your bootloader, didn't you?
03:40:27earHertzkoRn: well, nobody does
03:40:35koRnno linux did
03:41:04earHertzkoRn: just be nioce. Paul_The_Nerd's suggestion to google was perfectly legit
03:41:11koRnok well i would go search google now it just annoys me how he always tells me to search google when someone may havehad a similar issue
03:41:14kergotha failure to do at least minimal research before coming on irc and wasting everyone's time is a sign of disrespect. you're assuming that your time is worth more than everyone elses. it isn't. get of fyour ass.
03:41:16S0apsaying Paul_The_Nerd hasn't helped is like bitching Linus T. won't hold your hand installing Debian.
03:41:36Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Whether or not someone else has had a similar issue, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ASK. It's that simple.
03:41:47koRnwell lets see
03:41:49Paul_The_NerdIt is ESPECIALLY not the place to ask if you have not taken the time to search for yourself first.
03:41:53koRnyour talking about t bone steak
03:41:59S0apfor something you keep saying you "need" you don't try very hard.
03:42:03koRnbut that is on the topic of rockbox
03:42:09koRnand computers arent
03:42:25kergothoff topic chat is fine, off topic chat _that has other, more appropriate support channels_ is not.
03:42:26Paul_The_NerdkoRn: The talking about the t-bone steak was not a request for off-topic support though. Especially it wasn't one that was reiterated.
03:42:34webguest13i dont have a map call game on my ipod!!!!
03:42:46Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: Do you mean "folder" or "directory"?
03:42:51S0apthis isn't #answer-the-same-question-every-half-hour. That channel us on undernet.
03:42:57Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: Make it.
03:43:14earHertzS0ap: that's a real channel?
03:43:20webguest13all my games are in a map call rocks
03:43:43Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: So?
03:44:14Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Simply put, you have already more than once requested off-topic support in here. There's a difference between idle chatter, and coming here and asking non-rockbox questions repeatedly.
03:45:28S0apearHertz - give me a min and it will be
03:46:27 Join qwm [0] (
03:46:35webguest13i didnt work ipod miss "bas wad"
03:46:59Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: Do you have rockdoom.wad and one of the official doom wads there?
03:47:27Paul_The_NerdIs that "Yes" or "Why?"
03:47:43Paul_The_NerdIt would be really helpful if you used full words.
03:47:50Paul_The_NerdOkay, so which official wad do you have?
03:48:08webguest13i have rockdomm wad
03:48:13Paul_The_NerdNo, besides rockdoom.
03:48:23Paul_The_NerdI said you need rockdoom AND an official one.
03:48:48 Part koRn
03:48:53webguest13witch is the offcial one?
03:49:02Paul_The_NerdThe one that comes with doom when you buy it.
03:49:17sharpesuch a great way to put it
03:49:22earHertzPaul_The_Nerd: wil the prboom wad work/
03:49:37Paul_The_NerdearHertz: The prboom.wad is a resource wad for that source port, not a game wad
03:49:40webguest13buy it?
03:49:57Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: When you buy Doom. You can also download the shareware Doom and use doom1.wad from it.
03:50:20Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: Or you can get Freedoom (google for that word, should be first link) and use that wad, renamed to doom2.wad
03:50:25earHertzIrt's fumnny, I have prboom on my zaursu, which is an arm chip like he ipod and has tehe same 320x240 screen (but the zaurus has less dpi)
03:50:50sharpePaul_The_Nerd: or the second link goes to the download page. heheh...
03:51:23Paul_The_Nerdsharpe: I really think we should host freedoom.wad at the PluginDoom page, and change the plugin to default to it.
03:51:39sharpesounds like a reasonable idea.
03:51:49Paul_The_NerdFreedoom is all GPLey and stuff.
03:51:59Paul_The_NerdI think
03:52:14sharpeGPLey vaguely reminds me of the word 'jelly,' not quite sure why.
03:52:29S0apmmm, peanut butter and GPLey
03:52:43S0apoh, I guess I'm late to the punch
03:52:53webguest13on freedoom shoud i download demo ?
03:53:35sharpenope, full...
03:54:06 Join actionshrimp [0] (
03:54:07sharpePaul_The_Nerd: according to the sourceforge page, it's under a BSD license
03:54:08 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
03:55:09Paul_The_NerdWell, either way, we can redistribute the WAD
03:55:51webguest13i put all the files in the doom folder?
03:56:16Paul_The_NerdSo /doom/games/rockdoom.wad and /doom/games/doom2.wad
03:56:28sharpebut it's... /games/doom...
03:57:20Paul_The_Nerd/games/doom/rockdoom.wad and /games/doom/doom2.wad
03:57:26Paul_The_NerdApparently my brain isn't working quite in order.
03:57:46Paul_The_NerdThe wad that comes with freedoom needs to be named doom2.wad
03:59:02webguest13so i dont need doom1.wad?
03:59:16Paul_The_NerdNot if you have Freedoom
03:59:17sharpeonly if you want to play doom 1.
03:59:49webguest13how do i start this game?
03:59:58Paul_The_Nerddoom1 is actually "Doom Shareware" with doom.wad being "Doom 1" and doomu.wad being "Ultimate Doom" which was Doom 1 with 4 episodes instead of three
04:00:05Paul_The_Nerdwebguest13: Browse Plugins, and choose Doom
04:01:05sharpeah, right.
04:01:32 Quit joe2 ("Leaving")
04:01:48 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
04:01:48 Quit webguest13 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:01:52 Join webguest13 [0] (
04:01:57 Quit webguest13 (Client Quit)
04:04:01 Quit XavierGr ("One firmware to rule them all!")
04:06:22 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
04:06:57 Join Paul_The_Ner1 [0] (
04:07:11 Quit thoughts (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:07:13 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Nick collision from services.)
04:07:17 Nick Paul_The_Ner1 is now known as Paul_The_Nerd (
04:07:45sharpeFor Canadian Prize Winners: In addition to complying in full with these Official Rules including the redemption instructions, a participant must correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question, without assistance of any kind, whether mechanical, electronic or otherwise, before the participant can be declared the winner of any Prize.
04:08:07Paul_The_NerdWhat is this competition?
04:08:31sharpepeeling off a sticker off of mcdonald's food products.
04:08:36midkaytold you.
04:08:48midkaypirates of the caribbean game!
04:09:18Paul_The_NerdThey really hate Canadians?
04:09:28midkayisn't their grading system all weird anyways.
04:09:39sharpemaybe they just believe Canada doesn't teach mathematical skills in schools?
04:09:46midkaythey're very.. yeah.
04:10:03midkayyou could get an F in the US for the same thing you'd get maybe a C for in canada.
04:10:32sharpemakes some sense, but not in a competition like that...
04:10:44 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
04:10:50midkay.. huh?
04:11:24sharpewhy would that be a restriction to mcdonand's prizes?
04:11:41midkaybecause they could have passed in canada yet failed in the US so they want to make sure that they.. you know.
04:12:17sharpecan type in a code correctly? :)
04:13:04midkaycan answer a mathematical question.
04:13:23 Join koRn [0] (
04:13:30sharpewell yeah, but what is it's relativity to winning a prize?
04:13:37koRnok i put rockbox back on
04:13:48koRnand i extracted the jbuild
04:13:56midkaysharpe, you mean "its" relativity, and who cares.
04:14:01koRnnow how come when i play a song the wps isnt there
04:14:22sharpeahahah. how'd i mistype that...
04:14:28midkayis that some custom build, or a typo?
04:14:41koRnpiejuliuses build
04:14:51midkaywe don't support patched, unofficial custom builds, sorry..
04:15:14midkaythat's a custom build, yes.
04:15:27midkaywe didn't make it, we don't support it. patches can cause any number of problems.
04:15:38midkayespecially builds with several patches applied at once.
04:15:47midkayand that are probably quite out-of-date by now.
04:15:52koRnhow do i remove all of rockbox from my ipod
04:16:12midkaydelete .rockbox and rockbox.ipod and then uninstall the bootloader.
04:16:37koRnwell i hope ipod linux has a more helpful community
04:17:09sharpehave fun
04:17:34 Join scott666_ [0] (
04:17:39 Part scott666_
04:17:43EbErTare doom and packman in the wiki portion of the site?
04:18:40midkay... files for them, or instructions, or what?
04:19:09midkaythere's a doom WAD in the wiki, but pacman requires 3rd party game files that you must "create" yourself or obtain yourself..
04:19:30EbErThow about just the doom game files
04:19:50midkay.. there's a doom WAD in the wiki.
04:19:57 Join webguest13 [0] (
04:20:11EbErTi was asking because wiki's down
04:20:25midkaycheck the /topic..
04:20:27S0apThe Surgen General warns obsessive doom playing has been linked to scrollwheel death.
04:20:28webguest13how do i quit from the game when i playd doom
04:20:28EbErTand if that's the only place to attain wad files for it
04:20:35EbErTah, k
04:20:50sharpewebguest13: switch hold on and off until you get a menu.
04:21:12 Part koRn
04:21:25*S0ap misses him already
04:21:56EbErTwhere can i get freedoom?
04:22:01webguest13i didnt get any meny
04:22:04 Join Bg3r [0] (n=Bager@
04:22:33sharpewebguest13: did you only try it once?
04:22:36S0apnot to be an ass, EbErT, but you can type freedoom in google faster than I can look up the link and paste it here.
04:22:49sharpeluckily for you i already had google up.
04:22:56midkayS0ap, you also need rockdoom.wad - only available in the wiki.
04:23:11EbErTi thought it had to be specially done since its running on rockbox
04:23:21EbErTsorry i'm not so knowledgable
04:23:29midkayright, it kind of does - it requires an additional rockbox-only wad file.
04:23:32EbErTsmart asses :/
04:23:34sharpefor a limited time only, *FREE! rockdoom.wad, available only online at
04:23:46midkayEbErT, it's not a problem.. that's what we're here for.
04:23:50webguest13now :D
04:23:52S0apmidkay - you are right, but he asked for freedoom, and my brain didn't think long enough about what he _needed_, just what he _wnated_ ;)
04:24:09 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:24:14midkayEbErT, whoops - i didn
04:24:16midkay't see that. :)
04:24:47EbErTsee what heh
04:24:56sharpemidkay: you have a linebreak in there... just thought you should know.
04:25:09EbErTso helpful sharpe.
04:25:16midkaysharpe, well, it's not even "in there". it's two seperate lines.
04:26:14S0apmidkay suffers from my problem, the '/" key is too close to Enter.
04:26:27sharpemidkay: indeed, but you still have part of a word on one line, and the ending on another. :)
04:27:02EbErT1 more question:
04:27:03midkayyes, but it should be clear that it's not a line break "in there", it's two messages, one of which was cut off unfortunately by a line break.
04:27:17EbErTdo i need complete iwad, or the "demo" wad
04:27:41S0apEbErT - complete
04:27:41sharpeEbErT: complete. unless you want the wad that is comparable to the demo version.
04:28:51 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:29:43 Quit EbErT ()
04:36:25 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
04:38:16 Join koRn [0] (
04:40:27 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
05:01:28 Quit actionshrimp ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
05:01:29 Join Rob2222 [0] (
05:02:12 Part Paul_The_Nerd
05:08:35 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
05:10:02koRnanyone seen this yet?
05:10:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:11:49midkaywhat's special about it?
05:12:00midkayhe installs some 3rd party OS' with publicly available tools and voila..
05:12:43 Join Febs [0] (
05:13:13koRnhe has all 4 oses booting
05:13:39Paul_The_NerdThree OSes
05:13:45midkayit's three OS' and a disk mode.
05:13:49Paul_The_NerdAlso, his instructions are MUCH too complicated.
05:13:55midkaywhich iPL's loader and Rockbox's loader both allow you to do.
05:14:00midkayin fact the setup is not uncommon at all.
05:14:01Paul_The_NerdIf you just run the iPodLinux installer, then extract onto your root, you're done.
05:14:25Paul_The_NerdAll four boot options, many less than 17 steps and 3 or 4 downloads.
05:15:34Paul_The_NerdHeck, our bootloader allows you to boot into Apple, Retail, or Rockbox as well, and of course Disk Mode is always available. :)
05:15:55Paul_The_NerdErrr Apple, Linux, and Rockbox
05:16:06midkaythanks for REITERATING!!!!
05:16:09sharpeapple, retail, or rockbox... heheh...
05:16:45sharpewe just need an alternate firmware named "Retail" and your statement will still almost be correct.
05:17:06Paul_The_NerdActually, I briefly had a version of our bootloader that would load the retail OS from a .bin file in the fat32 partition, instead of the special partition.
05:17:24Paul_The_NerdBut it was unable to play music or enter USB mode, so it was kinda useless.
05:17:42sharpenovelty item, still have it? :)
05:17:52Paul_The_NerdI'm sure I have the patch for it archived somewhere
05:18:12qwmsharpe, richard sharpe..
05:18:59qwmi like you.
05:19:09qwmin a non-gay irc-friendly way.
05:19:19sharpebut i'm not richard sharpe...
05:19:22qwmyou've got something a lot of ppl lack these days, and that's wittiness!
05:19:30qwmwell, that's true.
05:19:33 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:19:42qwmmatt sharpe?
05:19:50sharpeah, very close. :-D
05:20:02qwmwhat is it then? :P
05:20:27qwmwhere did you get "sharpe" from then?!
05:20:32sharpea sharpie.
05:20:44sharpethat was on my desk at the time.
05:21:12koRnis doom built into ipl as well?
05:21:17sharpedropped the 'i' to not infringe on any trademarks.
05:21:45qwmand you didn't know of richard sharpe at all until i told you a few weeks or months ago?
05:21:59sharpedid you ever tell me of richard sharpe?
05:22:00qwmand you may even have forgotten that i did by now?!
05:22:18qwmi did. but people don't care much about what i say.. i'm used to it.
05:22:23qwmexcept when i'm being rude!
05:23:21sharpevery sorry then.
05:24:27 Join scorche`` [0] (
05:24:44koRnis doom built into ipod linux?
05:25:09 Nick scorche`` is now known as scorche (
05:25:17qwmsharpe: - portrayed by Sean Bean in the series of TV films!
05:25:26sharpekoRn: it's classified information. you've to find that out yourself.
05:25:45sharpeqwm: ah, now i believe i remember
05:26:07qwmcool. :)
05:26:31koRnok tjanks ....
05:27:27sharpewe're also obliged by international law to inform you, that the ipodlinux channel may have support on your topic of interest.
05:27:45koRnyah but i dont know the server
05:28:23sharpeah, this server may be a good starting place.
05:28:52scorcheor you couls check the ipl site for more information
05:29:12koRnor you could have said yes or no
05:29:13scorchecould even
05:29:19scorchebut, i dont know ;)
05:29:32koRnwell then why are we talking
05:29:40koRnyou dont have an answer
05:29:55midkaycause this is #rockbox, not #ipodlinux.
05:29:57Paul_The_NerdWhy are you even asking? he captain_america?
05:30:28koRnbecause if youd tell me id know whether i should switch
05:30:32midkaymakes me wonder..
05:30:35Paul_The_NerdHe is.
05:30:40koRnyes did i guess...
05:30:45koRnalong with mekrob
05:30:48koRnand vaco animus
05:31:05sharpesplit personalities?
05:31:18Paul_The_NerdNone of which can use google.
05:31:25scorcheor common sense
05:31:44 Quit Sinbios (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:31:49Paul_The_NerdkoRn: Look what the first result for a google search for "doom on ipod" is:
05:31:53midkayscorche hates me.
05:32:07sharpemidkay: it's a warming feeling, isn't it?
05:32:10koRnfuck you guys all of you you are all selfish nerds who need lifes. i hope you all get ass raped by your mothers
05:32:15 Part koRn
05:32:21scorcheoh god..
05:32:26Paul_The_NerdWow. That was special.
05:32:27sharpegoodbye friend! have fun! bon voyage!
05:33:08Paul_The_NerdI didn't know he was mekrob as well.
05:33:24sharpei thought mekrob was way cooler than his other personalities.
05:33:37Paul_The_NerdI got irritated with mekrob a long time ago, I think.
05:34:01sharpethe name at least sounded better than the others.
05:35:00*Febs wonders how a mother could ass rape anyone.
05:35:08Paul_The_NerdStrap-ons, clearly.
05:35:17sharpeFebs: that's off-topic!
05:36:11midkayif anyone wants his AIM address to spam let me know!!
05:36:20sharpeah, it's days like these that make me glad i am semi-involved with rockbox.
05:37:25sharpebarely-involved shouldn't have a dash between them.
05:38:17midkay"im trying to understand ipods"
05:39:08sharpe"i'm trying to understand the universe"
05:42:34sharpei wonder if he ever did go to #ipodlinux ...
05:43:03scorchewho cares >_>
05:43:36 Join Palvaril [0] (
05:44:03 Part Palvaril
05:44:10earHertzanyone here care about ipodvideo assembly hotdog stuff?
05:44:19Paul_The_NerdWhat is hotdog?
05:44:29earHertzasm for teh ipod lcd
05:44:46sharpehow in the world does it get named that...?
05:45:19 Quit gtkspert (Remote closed the connection)
05:45:34earHertzask in ipodlinux
05:45:55earHertzI think becasue in american, a hotdog ios a showoff, and they wanted to sjowe off fast video
05:47:11 Quit MrStaticVoid ("Lost terminal")
05:51:02sharpewhy not just name it like, Pomp ?
05:53:21sharpebad word.
05:53:52 Quit jd_ ()
05:53:53midkayimmatureness is amok when sharpe is present.. gah.
05:54:05sharpelook who's talking...
05:54:20midkaywhat's this all about.
05:54:31sharpeoh, nothing...
05:56:16midkaywittiness abound.
05:57:27earHertzdoes excel have a mapping function, that maps arbitrary value to arbitarty value?
05:57:37 Join Techy_Bloke [0] (
06:02:19 Join gtkspert [0] (
06:03:05 Quit Techy_Bloke ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
06:08:37 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
06:19:42 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzzz")
06:55:06Paul_The_NerdearHertz: I don't know what to conclude from that.
06:58:31Paul_The_NerdearHertz: Okay, I thought it said C was fastest, but I didn't know if there was perhaps tighter clustering in one of the others or something.
06:59:02earHertzyeah, the graph doesn't show the relative clustering well
06:59:17earHertzC's fastest for large copies, asm for small
06:59:20earHertzvery odd
07:02:29Paul_The_NerdOdd indeed.
07:02:40Paul_The_NerdHave you got an idea why yet, or is it still in the "odd but unclassified" territory?
07:08:49jhMikeSHello All. :) What is the frame frequecy and/or oscillation frequency of the HD66773R on the X5?
07:10:45earHertzno real idea
07:10:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:11:37jhMikeSearHertz: Does that mean I have to take mine apart? :o
07:11:52earHertzwe do loop around waitin g for the lcd, and we do it in a funny way: we do the clenup at the top of the fuction, cleaning up what we did the last time we were in the function
07:12:14earHertzbasicaly, we have to wait 14ms between calls, and the loop at teh top enforces this
07:12:44earHertzjhMikeS: I was answering Paul_The_Nerd
07:12:59jhMikeSearHertz: Sorry!
07:13:52 Quit goffa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:14:14jhMikeSThat works out to about 71hz. Seems rather fast.
07:15:55jhMikeSBTW: What function? You mean the system updating the screens? I know it's not done in the driver. Plugins seem to call lcd_update at will.
07:16:04 Join jonno [0] (
07:17:21Paul_The_NerdWhat does the test_fps plugin give on the 5G anyway?
07:17:37jhMikeSearHertz: I'm still learning the code so please forgive I don't know where everything is at.
07:19:08 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:20:18 Join scorche``` [0] (
07:20:54 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
07:21:44 Quit jonno ("Konversation terminated!")
07:24:06 Quit eGen_ ("Just restart or tweekin'")
07:27:14 Join eGen_ [0] (
07:28:34 Join Llorean [0] (
07:29:28 Join jonno [0] (
07:30:27 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
07:31:43 Quit Llorean (Client Quit)
07:38:33 Quit scorche (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
07:41:19 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:42:16 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
07:42:49 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
07:51:23 Quit jonno (Remote closed the connection)
07:54:47 Join Sinbios [0] (
08:03:56 Part Paul_The_Nerd
08:08:11 Join Mordov|wo [0] (
08:09:21Mordov|woHey, can someone explain to me how the Tag database works? I can't get more than a few songs. and I have a few tousand :)
08:09:45 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
08:11:37 Quit scorche``` (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:13:48 Quit Mordov|wo ("The amount of experience you have is paralell with the amount of equipment you have ruined.")
08:14:02 Join Mordov|wo [0] (
08:14:33 Quit Mordov|wo (Client Quit)
08:14:35 Join Mordov|wo [0] (
08:16:24Mordov|woHey, can someone to get the Tag database to work, I can't get more than a few songs into it
08:16:36 Join scorche [0] (
08:18:04midkaytag database, or tagcache?
08:22:23 Quit YouCeyE (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:22:47 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
08:25:14Mordov|woboth maby :) I hva noe clue, just want to be able no navigate using tags
08:26:21 Part amiconn
08:30:14 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
08:38:59 Quit Mordov|wo ("The amount of experience you have is paralell with the amount of equipment you have ruined.")
08:39:10 Join Mordov|wo [0] (
08:39:24 Join midkay_ [0] (
08:44:13 Join petur [0] (
08:45:48 Quit mirak (Connection timed out)
08:52:45 Quit uski (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:54:30petursomebody seems to have made a device with two host ports:
08:56:12scorchepetur: those devices have been out for quite a while
08:56:16 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:56:44amiconnDevices with 2 host ports aren't special
08:56:55amiconnHowever, this one seems to be special the article says it allows to transfer songs between ipods, so it seems to handle the itunes db
08:58:15 Quit dongs (Remote closed the connection)
08:59:41 Quit Kohlrabi ("Quit")
08:59:59qwmchange cniCkl
09:00:02qwmfor heavens sakE#
09:00:03 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (
09:01:01Mordov|woI have now been able to make a tagDB file. but I get the cashe not rady MSG, is it just to wait? in that case for how long ? :)
09:03:05Mordov|wotrying to force the tagcache just makes the iRiver hang :(
09:03:20 Join dongs [0] (
09:03:37 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
09:04:09Mordov|wothanks :)
09:05:26 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
09:05:36 Join JoeXBorn [0] (
09:09:16 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
09:09:38 Join Poka64 [0] (
09:10:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:11:32Jungti1234hi Bg3r :)
09:11:45 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
09:12:19Bg3rJungti1234 hi;)
09:12:36Jungti1234long time no see, hehe..
09:13:07Bg3ryep... very busy recently
09:15:25Bg3ramiconn ?
09:15:46 Join jborn_ [0] (
09:15:52amiconnTagcache track removal support seems to need less code than I first thought
09:16:42amiconnI wondered about the bloat on archos (more than +3KB). Looks like this is the added size of track removal and tagcache-in-ram support
09:17:08amiconnDidn't test the new code yet, but I don't think tagcache in ram is a good idea on archos
09:19:00 Join uski [0] (
09:19:10Slasheriamiconn: hmm, the interesting thing in the tagcache in ram code on archos is that it caches all tags in ram except the filename tags so ram usage shouldn't be so high
09:19:36amiconn[09:17:14] <amiconn> Didn't test the new code yet <==
09:20:11amiconnDepends on how much ram tagcache actually needs
09:20:31 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:21:32Slasheriamiconn: i think it should be less than with dircache
09:23:31 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:23:40 Quit JoeyBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:24:12 Join San [0] (n=San@
09:24:23 Join JdGordon [0] (
09:26:10 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
09:31:51 Join mikearthur [0] (
09:36:37 Nick jd_ is now known as jd_away (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
09:40:56 Quit San||Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:04:58 Join darkless [0] (
10:05:45 Quit Jungti1234 ()
10:07:17 Join safetydan [0] (
10:34:55 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
10:35:52LinusNi'm about to bring the wiki back up
10:36:22LinusNhowever, i have an idea
10:36:45LinusNwhat if i removed all users from the wiki that haven't contributed anything?
10:37:19LinusNthere are so many registered users that haven't edited a single page after registering
10:37:27peturseems a good idea
10:37:29LinusNi wonder why they registered at all
10:38:16LinusNalso, i think we should start enforcing the RealName rule
10:38:25peturwas there a hole in twiki and is it fixed?
10:38:39LinusNthere was a hole in our apache config
10:39:11LinusNallowing php script execution in the attachment dir
10:39:31LinusNit had been there for a loooong time
10:43:18t0masmaybe you should check on the apache config and rights anyway?
10:43:32t0maslast time there was a twiki hole somebody ereased the whole wiki...
10:43:36t0masand now this..
10:43:57JdGordonLinusN: whats the point of removing them? so big deal if they never edit anything?
10:44:45LinusNbecause it helps us manage the users and to cope with spammers
10:46:15 Join lee-qid [0] (
10:49:30 Join sslashes [0] (
10:50:39sslashesis there any way to give the playback thread proceedence over the ui thread so music does not stutter or pause durring intensive directory scrolling?
10:50:55sslashes(i am working on an ipod g5)
10:51:28sslashesi woudl much rather the ui slowed and/or stopped instead of the music
10:51:51sslashesfurthermore, any news ok the wiki?
10:52:04sslashes(preferable good news)
10:52:23petur[10:35] <LinusN> i'm about to bring the wiki back up
10:53:10sslashespetur: ooh, sounds great =P
10:53:19 Quit akaias (Connection timed out)
10:53:30*sslashes checks the todays logs for more info
10:53:32petursslashes: afaik, there is no priority system in the thread scheduler
10:55:06Slasheriand the threading is not pre-emptive
10:55:11LinusNthe scheduler is purely cooperative
10:55:29sslashesmaybe after some optomizations on the ipod line after the 3.0 release...
10:55:38*sslashes thinks about downloading the source and playing with it
10:57:31sharpehooray for round-robin scheduling...
11:00:22peturadding priorities wouldn't be that hard
11:00:46sslashessharpe: heh
11:00:51peturit could even reduce boost ratio
11:01:38peturat the risk of a slower gui :/
11:02:13sharpecould even possibly implement an option to turn on/off thread priority
11:02:14 Quit wehn_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:02:55sslashesperhaps an option as to what to give priority to
11:04:18petura system just like the boost calls, to ask for certain threads to get scheduled often
11:04:43sharpelets implement them all!
11:05:48peturbut really, the cause of the current problem should be fixed iso doing work-arounds
11:06:17 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
11:06:46*sslashes wonders how difficult it would be to implement an Apple Accessory Protocol system
11:06:51*sslashes give in and downloads the source
11:07:04*petur points to IPL
11:07:15sharpeprobably as hard as it would be understanding the protocol.
11:07:48 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
11:08:22 Join aliask [0] (
11:08:31linuxstb_The hard part is writing the hardware driver to access the serial port. The IPL devs have attempted it, but couldn't get it talking to anything.
11:09:28linuxstb_And as I'm sure you know, there is no hardware documentation - the only source of info is disassembling the Apple firmware.
11:09:38sharpewell, have they tried talking to it, like a rational human being? i mean, you wouldn't want to be ordered around without even a 'hi,' would you?
11:11:00*sslashes thinks about slapping sharpe with a large troute, then relizes he has not been here long enough to do that =P
11:11:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:11:25sharpewho hasn't been here long enough?
11:11:42linuxstb_The trout.
11:12:17*petur expected that answer
11:12:40*sharpe is attempting to find out if there is a specific name for a baby trout.
11:12:55peturyes there is
11:12:58sharpeother than, fish.
11:13:07peturmost are called 'sharpe'
11:13:34sharpegod. now even petur hates me. first scorche, then midkay, now petur. where will it end?!
11:14:33sslashessharpe: << that is apparently what you are
11:14:59sharpeeggie things.
11:15:29petureggie things are round, not sharp
11:15:44sslasheswill it ever end...
11:16:00sharpeeverything in that picture looks round to me...
11:16:15 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
11:17:15sharpei can't do memory management implementations for an operating system (x86 architecture).
11:21:32sharpeoh well. goodnight everyone.
11:26:37safetydanboy there's a lot of patches in the tracker these days
11:27:11peturyou haven't looked at the feature request then ;)
11:28:28safetydanoo... someone cleaned up my copy and paste code for me
11:39:00 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:54:44 Nick jd_away is now known as jd_ (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
11:55:20 Quit PaulJam (".")
11:57:07 Join spiorf [0] (
11:58:58 Join Loeckchen [0] (
12:06:07Loeckchenis it common for 4g ipods when having rockbox installend and being switched off, that battery is dead the day after?
12:06:24Loeckchenyesterday i switched off the ipod and today morning battery was dead
12:06:39Loeckchenit's currently charging
12:08:22 Join lightyear [0] (
12:09:39Loeckchenor could it be that i had the ipod in my pocket and while coming home accidentally pressed a key and switched it on?
12:10:35JdGordoncan i bug some1 to commit the reminaing patches from so that task can be closed?
12:10:46LinusNwow! there are 603 users in twiki that haven't edited a single topic
12:11:01JdGordonout of how many?
12:11:31Loeckchentwiki is online again?
12:12:38LinusNLoeckchen: soon
12:12:52JdGordonand should bugs like be closed in the hope we get closer to 0 open bugs? :D
12:13:08LinusNJdGordon: out of 1083
12:13:59LinusNspeaking of bug reports, i don't like the tone of some of bluebrothers comments
12:14:11Loeckchenmh i also have problems with today's ipod4g build
12:14:29Loeckchenafter the loading screen sometimes the rockbox logo appears and then the thing hangs
12:14:32JdGordonnicely let him know? or ban his ass :D
12:14:42Loeckchensometimes it hangs even before displaying the rockbox logo
12:14:57Loeckcheni have now gone back to yesterday's build which works fine
12:22:48 Quit MarcoPolo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:26:13 Join PaulJam [0] (
12:27:06 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:28:20 Join Andaru [0] (
12:28:38Bg3rpetur ?
12:28:56 Quit Andaru (Client Quit)
12:29:39 Join bam_ [0] (
12:29:46 Join TCK [0] (
12:30:33midkaysuch a joker.
12:30:42*JdGordon is?
12:32:17*JdGordon is a bit confused... which of my msgs are u refering to?
12:32:21midkaythat's a compliment.
12:32:24JdGordon...or just in general?
12:32:36midkay"nicely let him know? or ban his ass :D"
12:32:44JdGordonah ok... :D
12:32:49midkayjust wanted you to know that had me in a small fit of laughter
12:32:55 Join Criamos [0] (
12:33:18JdGordoncan i use the excuse english isnt my first language and we'll all forget the whole thing.... ?
12:33:24*JdGordon does the shifty eyes thing...
12:33:53Bg3rmidkay maybe the problem is that your comments look too serious:P
12:33:53*midkay votes for ban
12:34:12midkayis that an insult Bg3r.
12:34:17midkayi thought we were friends. best friends.
12:34:27Bg3r:D i suppose we were :D
12:34:31midkaywere. haha.
12:34:39Bg3rb.tch :D
12:34:47JdGordonu missed the *sharpe is now know as Bg3r* msg a bit ago
12:34:50midkayBg3r is also amusing.
12:35:01midkayBg3r sucks.
12:35:10Bg3rso much sentences, so much dots
12:35:11midkaythat's not sharpe.
12:35:18Bg3rs/so much/so many
12:35:21midkayi still love you Bg3r. never mind.
12:35:32midkaythis loser JdGordon wants to separate us or something.
12:35:52Bg3ri forgive you, midkay
12:36:00midkayi <3 u 2.
12:40:30JdGordongoing back to the prioritising the audio thread, would it be better to make the list code yield more often than it does?
12:41:37aliaskpetur: where should i be looking in the source to find where the record function does the writing to the disk?
12:42:31aliaskOr anyone that knows for that matter...
12:42:52Bg3rapps/recorder/recording.c ?
12:43:06aliaskThat just looks like it's filled with dummy functions...
12:43:24aliaskUnless there's something going on I don't know about...
12:44:44Bg3rline 517 in cvs's record.c
12:45:09 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:45:09 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
12:45:14Bg3rthe dummy functions are for the simulator
12:48:03Bg3rfirmware/pcm_record.c ?
12:48:06aliaskWhere does audio_record lead, if not in the current file? I grepped the /recorder/ directory, and the only function by that name is the simulator dummy one. (Sorry to be a pain, but I'm so curious as to how this is working...)
12:48:35Bg3ror firmware/mpeg.c for the units with hardware [en|de]coding
12:48:51aliaskAh, thankyou very much Bg3r
12:49:03Bg3rhehe for nothing
12:49:10Bg3r10x goes to find & grep
12:49:29aliaskWell I could hardly be hunting a bug without looking at the relevent code...
12:49:39JdGordonwould it be possible to add a timeout to a boost call? so a function to call cpu_boost(true,HZ); (for example) to boost the cpu for 1 sec so it doesnt have to manually call cpu_boost(false); ?
12:50:21Bg3rwhy would you want it ?
12:51:04JdGordonfor stuff like button loops so u could call tell it to boost and not have to worry about disableing it, make things easier...
12:51:59LinusNi'd say that it would make debugging harder
12:52:04Bg3rbut how would you know how much time will be enough for the cpu to do the specific thing
12:53:26JdGordonhmm... ye, i guess i didnt tihnk that 1 through enough
12:53:34*JdGordon goes back to drawing board
12:54:19Slasherianother thing which could be added as an option, would be to spin-up hd when user starts browsing so the disk would be ready when selecting the actual song
12:58:28LinusNwouldn't that kind of defeat the purpose of the dir cache?
12:59:20JdGordonyes and no.. dir cache would still show the directories faster
12:59:41dongslol, hd
12:59:48JdGordonit would possibly be a good alternative tho for ppl who dont care about the batt and do care about wased ram
13:01:50Slasherimight be, partially. but it might still be a good alternative for some situations
13:03:06*petur returns
13:04:10JdGordoni tinhk the playback stalling in the list is a bigger annoyance
13:05:12JdGordonresult = -5 after dumping a new rockbox.iriver onto the h300??
13:06:32 Join CreativePony [0] (n=jenna@unaffiliated/aurora)
13:07:18CreativePonyis there any option for a unixy girl to get an iRiver firmware patched? I don't like rebooting to windows, because it takes a bunch of other peoples terminals offline :/
13:07:34JdGordonwhich iriver?
13:08:18JdGordontried the patcher under wine? i dunno if there is a nix version
13:08:24JdGordonid guess there would be
13:08:26peturaliask: did you find what you were looking for?
13:08:38peturBg3r: you called?
13:08:38aliaskYeah, thanks for getting back to me though :)
13:08:44CreativePonyNo not yet, i'm scared the pater would report success but have messed something up somewhere, and give me a dead player
13:09:06Bg3rpetur yeah, about your comment on F#5653
13:09:14Bg3rbut i posted another comment
13:09:36 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
13:09:47Bg3rCreativePony use mkboot utility in the tools/ dir
13:10:16Bg3ryep, the same
13:10:28Bg3rfirst do a make in the tools dir
13:10:30 Join philippe [0] (
13:11:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:11:04CreativePonyHows that work?
13:11:17peturBg3r: I know what you mean there, it's just that keeping the drive spinning will eat battery big time, so maybe it needs both: if slideshow time > n seconds shut down disk immediately, else keep it running
13:11:49safetydanIs it possible in rockbox for write() to write less than the given number of bytes?
13:11:56Bg3rpetur yep
13:12:22CreativePonyand just where is the tools directory?
13:12:22Bg3rsafetydan write error (disk full/bad sectors?)
13:12:48Bg3rCreativePony do you have a copy of the cvs repository
13:12:59*JdGordon gives up
13:13:09CreativePonyno.. i just downloaded one of the latest daily builds
13:13:41CreativePonyi don't intend to compile anything.. this computer doesn't have compiling tools installed anyway.. everything comes in neat little .deb packages..
13:15:01 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:15:08CreativePonyI have the mkboot system tool.. i just have no idea how to use it or what it does or how its relevent to installing a bootloader in to an iriver's flash?
13:15:16CreativePonyand no idea where this tools directory is
13:15:35safetydanBg3r, write error would return -1 and set errno
13:16:29JdGordonCreativePony: u need the h100 iriver firwware and the h100 bootloader files to run it
13:16:51CreativePonyI have a h140 not h100, the two use different firmwares
13:17:18JdGordonok, then substitute 140 for 100 in my msg
13:18:22CreativePonythe docs i'm reading say I need to run an fwpatcher.exe windows program against the official firmware first..
13:18:36CreativePonythe pdf manual from the rockbox site
13:18:47Bg3rCreativePony i can supply u a patched h300 1.29k firmware (with bootloader v5)
13:18:56Bg3rbut my connection is terribly slow
13:19:06JdGordonCreativePony is after h140 tho
13:19:36JdGordonCreativePony: install wine and fwpatcher should run fine
13:19:46CreativePony.. okay
13:19:54Bg3ri don't have for H1xx
13:19:57CreativePonywine is already set up
13:20:13JdGordonthen u shuold be able to use it fwpatcher with no probs...
13:20:55JdGordonmidkay: your the useless stuff committer.... ....
13:21:04*CreativePony has trouble trusting people who abrieviate so much.. it usually means they're too busy and distracted to consider things properly, or stupid o^
13:21:08 Join `axion [0] (
13:21:29 Quit `axion (Client Quit)
13:22:36JdGordon... or just lazy
13:23:11CreativePonyya, that too o^
13:24:23*CreativePony hmms
13:24:31CreativePonyfwpatcher seemed to run okay in wine
13:24:50CreativePonydo people lose iRivers much these days? its pretty safe right?
13:25:07|apo|<@apo> School was great. First two lessons sport, then one lesson theology, then Latin - we wen't outside for that. During the lesson we asked if we're allowed to go buy some beer.
13:25:07|apo|<@apo> "No, are you crazy? But if you wanna take a leak, that's okay" - "Okay, we gotta take a leak *run off*"
13:25:07|apo|<@apo> Ten minutes later we came back with one box Gaas-seidla and a bottle Kapuziner Weizen (Latin teacher's favourite)
13:25:07DBUGEnqueued KICK |apo|
13:25:07|apo|<@apo> Then we went into the stadium and drank beer and started singing songs & playing them on a guitar ^^
13:25:09 Quit scorche (Connection timed out)
13:25:48|apo|< Got three bottles. :)
13:26:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:26:37*CreativePony connects her iRiver to the life support.. aka usb.. and sudenly all the music in the room vanishes dramatically, as her beloved mp3 player prepares for a new, and hopefully better life
13:26:47 Join mikearthur_ [0] (
13:26:51CreativePonysoo.. nobody's going to tell me how safe it is then?
13:27:05JdGordonyouve got a 99% chance
13:27:09JdGordonof success
13:27:15CreativePonyokay :)
13:27:17JdGordonfully briking your player
13:28:13CreativePonyseriously now..
13:28:15safetydanI don't think anyone's actually bricked a player have they?
13:28:27Bg3rCreativePony btw don't flash the player if the battery is going flat
13:28:43CreativePonythe battery is on 3 out of 4, and its hooked in to the charger
13:29:07 Join MrWHO [0] (
13:29:24MrWHOHello everyone!
13:29:25*CreativePony hovers her finger over the firmware upgrade screen
13:29:32CreativePonyi click yes now?
13:29:41PaulJamCreativePony: to be sure the fwpatcher wirked, you could compare the md5 in the wiki with the actual md5 of the .hex file.
13:29:53CreativePonyexcept the wiki is down..
13:29:57JdGordondoesnt fwpatcher check the md5 internally?
13:30:04PaulJamgoogle cache
13:30:25*MrWHO wonders if there is an available document describing the original apple fw format do some disassembling...
13:31:14CreativePonythe cache isn't working for me
13:31:24MrWHOI think, at least the resources part, has a fat16 layout in it..
13:31:30MrWHO...does it?
13:33:06 Nick MrWHO is now known as fabbari (
13:33:34CreativePonyooh thanks
13:34:31fabbariDo I take that silence as a "no" ? :)
13:35:35 Quit Loeckchen ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:36:27CreativePonychecksums check out
13:37:12*CreativePony upgrades firmware
13:38:19CreativePonyyay! no brick! :)
13:42:16CreativePonyooh cool, plays vorbis! all my music's in vorbis!
13:42:38CreativePonywhats the thing you do if you just want it to boot in to official firmware without uninstalling rockbox?
13:43:03PaulJamhold record and play to boot
13:43:37*CreativePony plays with the pitch function! fun!
13:44:13safetydanfabbari, try poking around the wiki, or even look at the iPod Linux wiki, they might have it documented
13:44:40CreativePonywoah, fading backlight
13:44:44CreativePonythis is so neat
13:44:51CreativePonythank you everyone who made this exist!
13:47:24safetydanCurse this frail, human body's need for sleep.
13:47:26 Quit safetydan ("Ex-Chat")
13:47:31fabbarisafety: tried ..not much info...
13:47:48fabbarisafety: ...anyhow... I just managed to mount the firmware as a filesystem
13:48:19fabbarisafety: the apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin, skipped the first 2x256 blocks is a fat file system
13:49:37JdGordonline 385 in main.c is redundant, and might speed up load by 0.000000001ms if its removed.. (settings_reset(); is called by a keypress on boot... not needed because user settings arent loaded yet and setting_reset(); is called already anyway)
13:52:30 Join lamed [0] (
13:53:13 Quit lamed (Client Quit)
13:54:55 Part LinusN
13:55:56 Join Ribs [0] (
13:56:56 Join SliMM [0] (
13:58:43DBUGEnqueued KICK SliMM
13:59:04CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:59:04*petur switches off the echo device
13:59:25 Quit SliMM (Client Quit)
13:59:33 Join SliMM [0] (
14:00:06 Quit SliMM (Client Quit)
14:03:59 Quit Ribs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:05:36 Join Ribs [0] (
14:06:08 Quit aliask ("sleep")
14:08:50 Join cybersense [0] (n=cybersen@
14:14:23 Join SliMM [0] (
14:15:08 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
14:17:38 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:19:56 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
14:21:38linuxstb_fabbari: The apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin file is the firmware that runs on the Broadcom chip. Have fun disassembling that (AFAIK, the instruction set of that processor is unknown, but possibly MIPS in origin).
14:22:06 Quit lee-qid (Connection timed out)
14:22:08linuxstb_The apple_os.bin is the "normal" ipod firmware which is just arm7tdmi code.
14:24:57JdGordonSliMM: do u want anything other than attention?
14:25:44 Join lee-qid [0] (
14:26:15JdGordonthen spit it out or ssshh.... big ppl are trying to talk
14:26:16fabbarilinuxstb: yep... notice that...
14:26:42*petur looks down to JdGordon is interesting to look at it though...
14:26:49SliMMwait just 2 sec
14:27:02SliMMi have to think how to ask :)
14:27:23 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
14:28:35SliMMhow can i make mp3s aviable for the original ipod firmware without dropping them into itunes?
14:29:06SliMMand without copying them in the ipod_control folder
14:29:21linuxstb_You can't.
14:29:57SliMMthat's sad..
14:30:23linuxstb_Not really.
14:30:31PaulJamthere are programs to create an itunes db for files that were transferred with a normal filemanager
14:30:48linuxstb_Yes, but with harsh restrictions on filename length making it pointless.
14:30:56SliMMthat's what i've been looking for
14:30:59PaulJamthre is a plugin for foobar2000
14:31:09linuxstb_And they probably break every time Apple update the database format.
14:31:47linuxstb_From what I've read, foo_pod very rarely worked (at least on the newer ipods), and is now abandoned.
14:31:51SliMMwell.. it doesn't really matter
14:32:44SliMMi don't know how to compile foo_pod anyway :D
14:32:45ravonAnyone who is a busybox ash guru?
14:33:02SliMManother question
14:33:17SliMMhow can i create plug-ins for rockbox?
14:33:50 Join Membrillo [0] (
14:33:57linuxstb_Write your .c file, put it in the apps/plugins directory, and add the name of your .c file to apps/plugins/SOURCES
14:34:27linuxstb_To help, there is an helloworld.c example, plus all the existing plugins.
14:34:52MembrilloGod bless rockbox and its battery amplification powers... 35hr 21min on my h300!
14:35:03SliMMi don't really know how to configure cvs :D
14:35:38linuxstb_Can you program in C?
14:37:06SliMMi'm quite a novice
14:37:29SliMMi have only programmed console applications in c
14:38:24SliMMi saw the link on the rockbox page
14:38:31SliMMabout how to use cvs
14:38:45SliMMi've seen*
14:39:28SliMMi have to wait until the twicki is back
14:41:05 Join frando [0] (
14:41:08SliMMgood ide :D
14:41:15SliMMidea *
14:43:00frandohello, I just installed cvs-060712 on my ipod 4g. followed instructions correctly. Then I unplugged the ipod from the usb port and started the device. Rockbox started booting, and now it's showing the rockbox logo for about 5 min, and nothing is happening when i push a button. My computer is not recognizing it if I'm plugging it into the usb port. Any ideas?
14:43:18frandosorry, I meant 060713, not 12
14:44:51SliMMdo the cvs work with ms vc++ 2005?
14:45:48PaulJamfrando: if it is a g4 greyscale ipod, maybe this bug is still there:
14:46:12frandoit is a 4g greycale ipod
14:46:13frandomight be
14:46:39frandobut what to do now? my ipod is just showing the splash screen
14:46:44frandohow can I turn it off?
14:47:01frandocause the computer is not recognizing
14:47:08frandoor what else should i do?
14:47:31PaulJamthere is a buttoncombo to reset it, but i don't know it.
14:47:55frandothe wiki's down ..
14:48:08fabbariSelect Menu
14:48:24fabbariKeep pressed Select (Central button) and Menu will reboot...
14:49:33frandook, thanks a lot, at least it's rebooting now
14:49:43frando... and again hanging at the splash screen
14:50:04fabbari...try booting back to the original firmware
14:50:30frandowhat was the combo again?
14:50:38fabbariSelect and Menu
14:50:46fabbariWhen it reboots keep Menu presses
14:50:50fabbari* pressed
14:50:53frandook, i'll try
14:51:24frandook, at least I'm back in the apple firmware now
14:51:27frandothanks guys
14:51:35frandoany ideas how to get rockbox running on my ipod?
14:51:44frandomost of my music collection is ogg ;)
14:52:10fabbariIt should have worked if you did the installation properly...
14:52:26PaulJamtry a build from 060509. it is a little bit old, but it propably works
14:52:40frandohmm, i did the installation properly
14:52:41SliMMjust search google for that
14:52:47frandotheir did no errors occur
14:52:51fabbariOk.. than it's bad luck! ,)
14:52:56SliMMand take a look at a cached version of th wiki
14:53:07frandoyeah, i'll try google cache
14:53:57SliMMpls someone help me with cvs
14:57:29PaulJamhow should someone know if he can help you if he doesn't know your problem? so just ask and wait until someone answers.
14:57:41 Part cybersense
14:58:49SliMMwell this is my problem: i don't know how to use cvs
14:59:01frandoare you using linux or windows?
14:59:09SliMMwindows :(
14:59:28frandoby the way, has anyone an idea what i could try with my ipod 4g greyscale apart from trying to use an older version?
14:59:41frandoSliMM: download tortoisecvs
15:00:13frandoit's propably the simplest way to use cvs on windows
15:00:20peturit is
15:00:35*petur hugs the tortoise ;)
15:00:38SliMMso will ms vc++ 2005 work?
15:00:41PaulJamfrando: fix the bug :P or maybe you can find a solution for your problem in the forums.
15:00:47frandowhat has that to do with cvs?
15:01:00SliMMdon't i need a compiler?
15:01:38frandofor tortoisecvs? no, you can just download the binaries..
15:01:48peturSliMM: any editor will do, but mc vc++ adds cr-lf lineendings and must be configured properly to insert spaces iso tabs
15:01:54PaulJamthe recommended way to compile under windows is to use the vmware image (or cygwin)
15:02:35linuxstb_frando: Someone reported the same problem with today's build a couple of hours ago (in this channel). He/she said that yesterday's build (2006-07-12) works fine.
15:02:38SliMMuhm... right?
15:02:58frandolinuxstb_: thanks, i'll try immediately
15:04:58linuxstb_Bagder: (or anyone that knows) Are the daily builds built via the distributed build system, or are they all done locally?
15:07:16SliMMbrb, i have to restart my computer :)
15:07:49CreativePonyPony's curious, is there already, or the possibility of a h140 being a usb host to a usb mass storage device, to copy stuff off it?
15:07:55 Quit fabbari ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:08:27 Quit SliMM ("Buh-bye")
15:08:28peturh1x0 can't
15:08:29linuxstb_No possibility - the hardware doesn't support it.
15:09:10peturthe h3x0 series have a usbotg port (iaudio x5 has one too)
15:11:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:12:45 Quit Membrillo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:14:15 Quit philippe ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
15:22:10*linuxstb_ notices some worrying WMA news from marsdaddy in the forums
15:22:44 Join SliMM [0] (
15:23:01 Part axxu
15:24:17 Quit Mordov|wo (Remote closed the connection)
15:24:21 Quit mikearthur_ ("Konversation terminated!")
15:25:47 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
15:37:39 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
15:39:51SliMMhow do i compile my rockbox build?
15:41:09SliMMi saw smth at tha languages
15:41:28SliMM'romaneste' isn't a noun
15:41:48 Quit sharpe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:42:24SliMM'romana' is thae nown that should be used for the language file
15:42:52SliMMmy keyboard is broken, sorry for the wrong typing
15:44:15Jungti1234backup data
15:45:02peturold backup data
15:45:08Jungti1234ah.. :)
15:45:16Jungti1234but.. 2009-01?
15:45:45peturfrom the previous wiki hack
15:45:52 Join mordov [0] (
15:46:04linuxstb_%20 = a space character. 09-01 is probably September 1st.
15:46:15Jungti1234oh... right :)
15:49:14 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
15:49:55SliMMgtg, 10x for all the help
15:50:01SliMMgood bye
15:50:36 Quit SliMM ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
15:56:25 Join darkless [0] (
16:02:48 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
16:07:37 Quit bondolo (Excess Flood)
16:08:28 Join mantono [0] (
16:08:36 Join bondolo [0] (
16:10:54 Join shamgar [0] (n=micahc@
16:14:16 Quit Jungti1234 ()
16:18:56 Join Rondom [0] (
16:28:21 Quit webguest13 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:32:07 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
16:36:48 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
16:43:05 Quit jd_ ()
16:45:57 Join JoeBorn [0] (
16:46:30 Join breaker [0] (
16:48:36 Join rconan [0] (n=richard@
16:49:01 Join KylePV [0] (
16:51:26 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
16:55:16 Join whitehead [0] (
16:55:25shamgareta on wiki?
16:56:56petur[10:35] <LinusN> i'm about to bring the wiki back up
16:57:06peturseems to take a bit more time
16:57:38 Join mantono^ [0] (
16:58:31 Quit KylePV ("CGI:IRC")
16:59:21 Join TeaSea [0] (
17:04:21 Quit JoeXBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:06:34 Join actionshrimp [0] (
17:07:06 Join scorche [0] (
17:09:05shamgarjust wondering
17:09:20 Quit whitehead ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:09:36shamgarso has anyone taken up iriver h10?
17:10:59 Quit mantono (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:11:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:11:38 Quit rconan (Client Quit)
17:12:58 Join Febs [0] (
17:13:19FebsI should know this but I can't remember: do we support ALAC?
17:14:34 Join KylePV [0] (
17:15:54 Quit tvelocity ("Ex-Chat")
17:16:29 Join lee-qid [0] (
17:21:20breakerIs anyone working on recording for the iPod? Has anyone looked into the ipodlinux code which supports recording?
17:22:22KylePVyeah, maybe someone could better it and get recording to work for 5G's
17:22:31Slasherihmm, just wondering if i should start designing the runtime db integrated with tagcache or wait for the feature freeze to end
17:23:13KylePVstart designing, so that after the feture freeze we can maybe get it one time
17:24:01Slasherihmm, true. maybe i will. in the beginning just hiding the feature or marking it as experimental
17:24:17KylePVcool, once it there
17:25:34Slasheriand for units without rtc, it could be possible to use some increasing counter value to give some estimate how long it has been when some song has been played last time
17:26:27Slasherithat way it would be possible to create smart playlists based on last playback time, playback count or the automatic score
17:28:49Slasherithe only hard thing at the moment seems to be how to identify each song.. whether to use the tags or filename but both can change
17:29:07KylePVmakin my mout water, start coding :), lol
17:29:16 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
17:29:27Slasheriprobably i will just use the filename, and automatic changelogs so user can manually update the changelog if moving/renaming files
17:29:31Slasherihehe :D
17:29:51KylePVthat can lead to problems due to user laziness
17:31:17 Quit frando ("Cu all!")
17:31:44Slasheribut all kind of checksums will lead to other problems.. you never can be sure they are unique and taking a checksum from the whole content of a file (only way to be even a little sure of uniqueness) will cause significant delay when adding files to tagcache
17:39:20 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
17:40:52PaulJamWouldn't it be possible to make a checksum of only a part of the files for example only the first few kB of actual compressed audio data?
17:47:13linuxstb_breaker: I'm planning on implementing ipod recording after 3.0 is released.
17:48:31linuxstb_Slasheri: Regarding the tagcache virtual filesystem, have you thought about how to handle a "/" in the tag?
17:49:18Slasherilinuxstb_: ah, hmm no :)
17:49:30 Join Pyromancer [0] (
17:49:51SlasheriPaulJam: yep, but then there is the risk of having same checksum for several files
17:50:12Slasherifor example raw wav data with silence at the beginning, or different mixes etc.
17:50:29 Quit PyromancerX (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:51:32*linuxstb_ has FLAC files with a nice MD5 checksum of the uncompressed PCM data already stored in the header...
17:51:41 Join PyromancerX [0] (
17:51:43 Quit Pyromancer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:54:12Slasherilinuxstb_: that is nice, but unfortunately not all formats have that
17:54:31PaulJammaybe i is possible to detect silence at the beginning without actually decoding the file and skipping the silent part. for the different mixes i have no idea. can it really be that they have the exact same bits in the strat of the song?
17:54:45Slasheriand having the checksum for only data itself is good because that way tags can be modified without changing the checksum itself
17:55:22 Join Pyromancer [0] (
17:55:23SlasheriPaulJam: or take samples from different locations from file and generate the checksum using that data
17:55:41 Quit PyromancerX (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:56:04linuxstb_Or just a block of data from the middle...
17:56:17 Join XavierGr [0] (
17:56:19Slasherilinuxstb_: yep, that might be quite good idea to try
17:56:55linuxstb_But you still need to completely parse any headers at both the start and end of the file to find the start and end points of the audio data in the file.
17:57:04Slasheriblock from the middle of file with a fixed align
17:57:28Slasherilinuxstb_: hmm, it might be better to just use the filesize instead.. and the fixed align
17:57:44linuxstb_But then when the headers change, the checksum will change...
17:57:53Slasherino it wont
17:58:00Slasheriunless the headers are in middle of the file :)
17:58:17linuxstb_What do you mean by filesize then? If the headers change, the filesize changes...
17:58:28 Quit CreativePony (Remote closed the connection)
17:58:31Slasheriyep, but with fixed align that wont be a problem
17:58:37Slasheriunless the change is significant
17:58:40linuxstb_OK, so what do you mean by fixed align?
17:58:54 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
17:59:13breakerID3V2 tags in mp3 files are at the beginning. So it is possible to change the header and the "middle" of the file also changes.
17:59:30Slasherilinuxstb_: ah, in fact you are correct..
17:59:40Slasherias the data itself might move in file also?
18:00:24linuxstb_Which is why you would need to at least read all the headers at the start of the file, and probably any at the end as well.
18:00:35 Quit Pyromancer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:00:38 Join Pyromancer [0] (
18:01:26Slasheritrue.. i wonder if metadata parser already supports reporting the data start position for all supported file types
18:02:09 Join PyromancerX [0] (
18:02:33 Join buraianto [0] (n=chatzill@
18:02:33 Quit petur ("eow")
18:02:56 Quit Pyromancer (Connection reset by peer)
18:03:26 Join goffa [0] (n=goffa@
18:06:28 Quit PyromancerX (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:07:06 Join Pyromancer [0] (
18:09:55 Join lodesi [0] (
18:11:35 Quit KylePV ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:13:36 Join PyromancerX [0] (
18:14:27 Quit Pyromancer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:18:13 Join cismo [0] (
18:19:41 Join jd_ [0] (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
18:20:03 Join Pyromancer [0] (
18:20:32 Quit PyromancerX (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:23:02 Join scorche` [0] (
18:25:38 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
18:25:55 Nick jd_ is now known as jd_zZz (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos)
18:25:59 Quit jd_zZz ()
18:26:55Jungti1234How can I use A-B repeat?
18:27:46PaulJamchange the repeat mode in the quichscreen to a-b repeat
18:27:57Jungti1234only quickscreen?
18:28:16PaulJamor in the playback menu
18:28:26Jungti1234It has problem.
18:28:43Jungti1234It doesn't support unicode.
18:29:21Jungti1234anyway, thanks
18:29:25PaulJamyou can also set it in menu => general settings => playback => repeat
18:29:50Jungti1234and What is button that can use it?
18:30:09Jungti1234my player is iriver h300
18:31:30PaulJamplay + >>| sets the end mark and play + |<< sets the start mark (i think)
18:31:39Paul_The_NerdYes, I was just typing that.
18:31:48Paul_The_NerdAccording to the manual at least, that's how you use it.
18:32:17Jungti1234VERY DIFFICULT.
18:32:30Jungti1234Uncomfortable UI...
18:34:58PaulJamif you have an idea how to improve it without loosing consistency or limiting functionality then please share it.
18:36:04Paul_The_NerdMany people like the ability to independently set both the A and B point, rather than the old way of one button setting both.
18:36:10 Quit qwm ("Lost terminal")
18:37:09Jungti1234Why doesn't work recording button?
18:37:18Jungti1234Use it.
18:37:24 Join webguest27 [0] (
18:37:34Jungti1234Menu button is recording button
18:37:41 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
18:37:53Paul_The_NerdWell, the Recording button is likely to be used for recording eventually.
18:37:54Jungti1234And recording mode if press it for a long time
18:38:09Paul_The_NerdAs well, how does that address the need to be able to set the A and B points separately?
18:38:10Jungti1234don't know?
18:38:49Jungti1234Thing which iriver's UI is convenient exists.
18:39:01Jungti1234We can use a little it.
18:39:08 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:39:22Paul_The_NerdYou can't just take away features though.
18:39:49Jungti1234It's just my way of thinking.
18:39:58Paul_The_NerdTake away a feature to make it easier to use?
18:40:17Jungti1234what's mean? sorry, I don't understand wall english
18:40:18 Join PyromancerX [0] (
18:40:40Paul_The_NerdYou're suggesting that we give people less options, so that it is easier.
18:41:00PaulJami wouldn't like to see one of the "main" buttons to be used for a feature that propably only a few people would use
18:41:03Jungti1234less options?
18:41:17 Join PyromancerX2 [0] (
18:41:27Paul_The_NerdYes, less options.
18:41:46Jungti1234what's option?
18:42:02Paul_The_NerdRight now you can set both the A point and the B point separately. So if you miss the B point, you can re-set it, without having to re-set the A point. With a single-button method, it alternates between the points, so if you set A you HAVE to set B next.
18:42:10 Quit PyromancerX (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:42:32Paul_The_NerdWhat is so funny?
18:42:38 Quit Pyromancer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:42:42Jungti1234Did you use iriver firmware?
18:43:02Jungti1234Do you understand its A-B way?
18:43:11Paul_The_NerdYou press the button to set A, then press it to set B, and it loops between them.
18:43:34Paul_The_NerdThen what?
18:43:38Jungti1234Can't Rockbox do it?
18:44:13Paul_The_NerdBut it's a worse way!
18:44:32Paul_The_NerdI'm sorry if your translation issues prevent you from understanding, but it limits the options of users for this feature.
18:44:53shamgarif you don't like it can't you just modify the rockbox code yourself?
18:45:21PaulJamthe majority of users propably can't code
18:45:33shamgaroh yeah
18:45:37Jungti1234shamgar: sorry..
18:45:38shamgarthose "other" people
18:45:47Jungti1234I don't know C
18:45:54Paul_The_NerdI've heard many people say they like the way our A-B repeat works better than the original.
18:46:05Paul_The_NerdIt would be unfair to users to take away functionality we've already included in CVS anyway.
18:46:06Jungti1234So, I'm thankful always to them.
18:46:37shamgarI think its a matter of getting used to it, jung, just try and get used it it you will start to like it
18:47:15Jungti1234I'm uncomfortable method of USB charge, too.
18:47:19PaulJamPaul_The_Nerd: they have done it already in the past (taking away funktionality)
18:47:32Jungti1234That press two buttons at the same time.
18:47:49Paul_The_NerdPaulJam: What functionality was removed permanently?
18:48:13 Quit Paprica (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:48:52Paul_The_NerdI know changes have been made with user complaint, such as the volume being converted to dB, but in actuality that added functionality (or at least, functionally useful feedback from the device).
18:48:53PaulJamthe automatic lowering of bass and treble on high volumes to prevent clipping (i really lked it), but it was only for a few days in cvs
18:49:28shamgaris anyone interested in working on the iriver h10, I am thinking about getting one, but I don't have much experience hacking hardware
18:49:28Jungti1234I'm not discontent about it(dB).
18:49:52Paul_The_NerdPaulJam: Yes, but now you can reproduce the exact same behaviour by lowering it yourself, plus you have access to the full range if you don't mind the possible clipping. While you can argue it was removed functionality, there's an equally valid argument that it added to Rockbox.
18:49:54Jungti1234Use method is more important than it.
18:51:12Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: Many people like the two-button method for A-B
18:51:23Jungti1234If press easily recording button, it can be uncomfortable.
18:51:58Jungti1234Need to press recording button long to record.
18:52:34Jungti1234recording button doesn't work now.
18:52:51Paul_The_NerdYes, the recording button doesn't do anything yet.
18:52:52PaulJamPaul_The_Nerd: it was optional. but i don't miss it anymore, i now use config files to change between headphone and line settings, and on headphones i usually don't go over the volume my bassbost is set to.
18:53:10Jungti1234Iriver's player should like to exchange menu button to recording button.
18:53:14Jungti1234only iriver.
18:53:29Paul_The_NerdPaulJam: I didn't remember it being optional. I must've missed that then.
18:53:50Jungti1234And A-B's function makes like iriver's firmware.
18:54:06Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: I keep explaining, making A-B work like the iRiver firmware gives the user less control over it.
18:54:17Jungti1234and show quickscreen if press A-B long.
18:54:43Jungti1234Take example.
18:54:53 Join scorche [0] (
18:54:54Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: Set A, then Set B, how do you change B without changing A?
18:55:46Jungti1234>>l + A-B
18:55:59Paul_The_NerdIn iRiver?
18:56:12Jungti1234I want..
18:56:27Paul_The_NerdOnly the Play button can combine with other buttons
18:56:41Paul_The_NerdAND you kept saying to do it like iRiver.
18:56:49Jungti1234I haven't had complaint to iriver's A-B method.
18:56:59 Join obo [0] (
18:57:06Paul_The_NerdWith iRiver's A-B, how do you do what I said?
18:57:31Paul_The_NerdBut with ours you can.
18:57:38Paul_The_NerdIf you change it to the A-B button, you take that away.
18:57:45Jungti1234ok, I agree.. but
18:57:57Jungti1234It can change again.
18:58:02Jungti1234Play + A-B
18:58:13Jungti1234For example..
18:58:18Paul_The_NerdFor A or B?
18:58:21Paul_The_NerdWhat about for the other one?
18:58:34Jungti1234for B
18:58:40Paul_The_NerdSo what for A?
18:59:00Paul_The_NerdI mean, you're describing a much less understandable method now.
18:59:02goffawho's on first?
18:59:04Jungti1234You thought so many things....
18:59:57Jungti1234yep... Rockbox has very convenient UI.
19:00:00Paul_The_NerdSo, you want to move Menu off of A-B, just press A-B for the A point, and Play+A-B for the B point?
19:00:14Jungti1234Very convenient.
19:00:27Jungti1234not complaint.
19:00:51Paul_The_NerdWhat about people who never use the A-B repeat feature? Now that button is being reserved for a small portion of users?
19:00:59Jungti1234Can't I have complaint about Rockbox at all?
19:01:12Jungti1234I spoke that it's uncomfortable.
19:01:20Jungti1234And I spoke my way of thinking only.
19:01:23Paul_The_NerdYes, and you said you think it should change.
19:01:33Jungti1234It's my way of thinking ONLY.
19:01:43Paul_The_NerdShouldn't an idea be explored?
19:01:56Paul_The_NerdHow can I know whether your idea is better without questioning it and comparing it to the current method?
19:01:58Jungti1234Is doing now.
19:02:58Jungti1234ok, I will think it.
19:02:59 Quit PyromancerX2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:03:05 Join Pyromancer [0] (
19:04:08 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
19:04:15Jungti1234I will think convenient UI much more for Rockbox...
19:04:29 Join webguest72 [0] (
19:04:40 Quit webguest72 (Client Quit)
19:04:43Jungti1234Thanks Paul.
19:05:06 Join webguest84 [0] (
19:05:08 Quit Jungti1234 ()
19:05:22webguest84hi all
19:05:26*Paul_The_Nerd hopes that he has not done something he will regret.
19:05:43webguest84need some help
19:05:53Paul_The_NerdAsk away
19:06:20webguest84now that ive heard about rockbox i dont know what mp3 player to buy. iPod 60GB or the iAudio X5L 60GB?
19:06:41webguest84here's my thread:
19:07:08Paul_The_NerdWhy do you refer to the iPod as the partner of Rockbox?
19:07:20Paul_The_NerdIt runs on the X5L
19:07:29Paul_The_NerdAnd several iRiver players, and several Archoses.
19:07:53Paul_The_NerdYou say that the iPod is slightly ahead in your mind. Why is that?
19:08:10Paul_The_NerdSimply put, if it's ahead, why *not* buy it?
19:09:28 Join _apo_ [0] (
19:09:45linuxstb_webguest84: You don't say what you are looking for in an mp3 player... They both run Rockbox, so the software features are identical. The only difference is the hardware capabilities.
19:10:01webguest84ok i see
19:10:21Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: Not only that, but his required "features" are available under Rockbox on either hardware from the looks of it.
19:10:34webguest84the ipod has a better LCD screen
19:10:35linuxstb_For example, does video playback matter to you? What about FM radio?
19:10:42linuxstb_(and recording)
19:10:47webguest84yes they matter, but for those i can switch to normal firmware?
19:11:02 Quit scorche` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:11:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:11:36Paul_The_NerdWell, the iPod's video playback is much better, of course.
19:11:39linuxstb_The ipod's the clear winner in terms of video playback, but has no FM radio unless you by an accessory.
19:11:55linuxstb_And then the FM radio probably wouldn't work with Rockbox.
19:11:57Paul_The_NerdAnd the accessory is much less likely to be supported any time soon, I'd imagine.
19:12:20webguest84also the iaudio comes with a remote
19:12:36PaulJamno, but you can buy one
19:12:40 Join PyromancerX [0] (
19:12:43linuxstb_Is a remote important? I've got a remote with my h120, but never use it.
19:12:46webguest84for the ipod?
19:13:04Paul_The_NerdI have bad luck with H120 remotes.
19:13:13linuxstb_Yes, you can buy almost anything as an accessory for the ipods...
19:13:13webguest84was thinking of iriver, but dont have hd bigger than 20gb
19:13:25webguest84thats another thing, ipod has more accessories
19:13:37webguest84customed installed hd paul?
19:13:38Paul_The_NerdAccessories that are unlikely to work with Rockbox for quite a while.
19:13:41 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
19:13:44linuxstb_...because it's missing a lot of features as standard
19:13:52Paul_The_Nerdwebguest84: No, the h140 and h340 were 40 gig natively. Customizable to 60.
19:14:04 Quit Pyromancer (Connection reset by peer)
19:14:07webguest84i see but those are dis-continuied?
19:14:17linuxstb_And also the ipod has ipod-specific accessories because it uses a proprietory connector. Other DAPs just use standard connectors, so generic accessories work.
19:14:30PaulJamthere are still places that sell the h340
19:14:53webguest84what would you go for if you were in my posistion
19:14:58Paul_The_Nerdwebguest84: Your best best is to look at the built-in hardware, and decide which one you like better for what you get in the box.
19:15:16webguest84yer thats whats got me stuck to choose lol
19:15:20Paul_The_NerdIgnore firmware options, like what formats it can play, if you're gonna use Rockbox. Just look at the hardware's capabilities.
19:15:36Paul_The_NerdWell we can't make the decision for you? I can't say "A radio is more important than a nice screen, buy the X5L"
19:15:40Paul_The_NerdBecause that's what I'd say.
19:15:52webguest84thats why i said if you were in my posistion
19:18:30 Join tvelocity [0] (
19:18:32webguest84right now its remote + better format compability + better directory +radio for the X5 Vs ipods better screen, nicer video, nicer interface
19:18:54*Paul_The_Nerd thought you were gonna rockbox it.
19:19:13webguest84i am
19:19:15linuxstb_If you're running Rockbox, the difference is "remote + radio" vs "better screen, nicer video"
19:19:20webguest84but looking at default standards
19:19:44 Quit MarcoPolo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:19:58Paul_The_NerdI do believe the X5 records as well, right? Do we know the 5Gs are capable yet?
19:20:10linuxstb_Yes, the 5Gs can record.
19:20:20webguest84o and apparently from what ive read that rockbox is drain on the X5 battery?
19:20:36Paul_The_NerdIt's a drain on both
19:20:44webguest84i see
19:20:50linuxstb_I think that's been fixed to some extent on the X5 - there's a patch in the patch tracker which claims to improve battery live.
19:20:50Paul_The_NerdBut the X5's life has gotten a lot better with a recent patch, I believe
19:21:05webguest84hmm lol
19:21:07Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: Actually, I believe it was just committed.
19:21:29linuxstb_The video ipod will run for about 10 hours under Rockbox, and about 15-20 hours I believe under the Apple firmware. I don't know about the X5.
19:21:36Paul_The_NerdWell "just" is within the last 18 hours somewhere.
19:21:38webguest84now i believe the only reason to go for the ipod is the LCD screen size and quality
19:21:59Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: I believe the X5 is reported up to about 15-20 now with the patch, though I haven't seen conclusive benches.
19:22:02webguest84and i think the X5 supports xvid and divx
19:22:04linuxstb_Yes, it's a nice screen, but if you spend 99% of your time with it in your pocket, is it a big issue?
19:22:13 Join klrspz [0] (n=klrSpz@
19:22:14webguest84aa true true
19:22:46webguest84what mp3 player have you got?
19:22:50PaulJamwhat i don't like about the x5 is, that the headphone socket is at the side.
19:22:59Paul_The_NerdOn the side?
19:23:09Paul_The_NerdMan, that right there could prevent me from buying it entirely, I Think.
19:23:26webguest84yer ive heard about that
19:23:37webguest84but aslong as you've got an l-shaped headphone jack
19:23:42linuxstb_webguest84: An old Archos Recorder v1, ipod Color, ipod Video and iriver H140. I find myself using the H140 the most.
19:23:46webguest84wonder if the L-shape headphone comes with it
19:24:14PaulJamand i don't like the subpack, but that't the same situation with the ipod
19:24:22webguest84linuxstb is a big HD a necesitity for you?
19:24:37linuxstb_Yes - all my music is FLAC, spread over three DAPs :)
19:24:53webguest84how big is the HD on the H140?
19:25:11webguest84doesn't beat a 60GB though :P
19:25:45linuxstb_I could replace it. If I could figure out how to break open my ipod Color, I would try swapping the drives (that has a 60GB).
19:26:14webguest84yer, but im not fan of fiddiling with electronics
19:26:29webguest84paul what mp3 player do you have?
19:26:53Paul_The_NerdArchos Recorder v1, and H120 for HD based ones
19:27:23 Quit |apo| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:27:34webguest84and if had the choice of swapping it for another one would you?
19:27:37 Join HCl_ [0] (
19:27:37 Quit HCl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:27:54Paul_The_NerdMy H120? never
19:28:07Paul_The_NerdWell, for an H140 maybe
19:28:14webguest84does it play ogg?
19:28:30Paul_The_NerdIn native firmware and Rockbox, yes.
19:28:43webguest84trying to find a 40GB model
19:29:02amiconnlinuxstb: I'm sure there are instructions how to open an ipod color
19:29:13amiconnI opened my mini g2 following such instructions
19:29:28amiconn(found on a website which offers replacement batteries)
19:29:42linuxstb_I've found them, but couldn't follow them... It involved using a plastic tool (which I don't have, so tried improvising) and pressing in secret locations...
19:29:59PaulJami think newertech has some guides
19:30:07webguest27hey do u think rockbox will work on 3g iPod?
19:30:36linuxstb_Yes, if someone with the skills takes up the challenge to finish the port.
19:30:44Paul_The_Nerd"Will" as in "eventually" or "Will" as in "Now?"
19:30:56webguest27what does it require?
19:31:14linuxstb_Low-level hacking to get the audio driver working. Most other things should be OK.
19:31:26linuxstb_Yes, C and a tiny bit of ARM assembler.
19:31:45webguest27i know a little bit of C.
19:31:57webguest27but donno ARM
19:32:15webguest27what can i do to help?
19:32:31webguest84paul do you where i can buy iriver 40gb versions?
19:33:01linuxstb_Firstly, get the Rockbox source, set up a development environment, compile the current CVS code for the 3G, and see how well it's working.
19:33:13Paul_The_Nerdwebguest84: The H140 shows up on ebay alot. Including unopened ones.
19:33:32webguest84ok thanks taking a look now
19:33:56 Join Pyromancer [0] (
19:33:58linuxstb_Then get stuck into the audio code (comparing it with the equivalent source in the ipodlinux kernel) and see if you can debug it. I'm happy to help, but don't own a 3g.
19:34:21webguest27i have one. 3g
19:34:27linuxstb_I assumed that :)
19:34:33 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
19:34:52webguest27ok then ill start with it.
19:35:32linuxstb_Unfortunately our wiki's down, so finding instructions will be a bit tricky...
19:36:03linuxstb_Are you using linux, windows or mac (or something else)?
19:36:25webguest27i have windows and linux installed
19:36:36webguest27but now using windows
19:36:54linuxstb_Linux will be easier - the recommended development environment for Windows users is Linux running in vmware...
19:37:03webguest27win Xp and Redhat EE
19:37:07linuxstb_Although you can use Cygwin if you want (but it's slow)
19:37:15 Quit PyromancerX (Connection reset by peer)
19:37:27webguest27ya. have linux running in VMware also
19:37:45webguest27fedora core 5
19:38:22linuxstb_First thing will be to setup the cross-compiler, see google's cached page here:
19:39:24linuxstb_But I've got to go now, I'll probably be back later this evening.
19:39:55 Quit linuxstb_ ("Client Exiting")
19:41:01Paul_The_Nerdwebguest27: Checkout Rockbox from our CVS server. There's a... (or something like that) in the /tools folder of it that can do most of the work of setting up the crosscompilers for you, other than adding them to the patch.
19:43:20webguest27kk thanks
19:44:39webguest27i have gcc running in linux
19:44:52webguest27i think 3.44
19:44:53 Quit BHSPitMonkey ("Leaving")
19:45:12Paul_The_NerdYou'll need specific crosscompilers though. For iPods arm-elf-gcc 4.0.x, I believe.
19:45:31webguest27oh k
19:46:41 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:46:48webguest27ok thanks for the help
19:47:07 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:47:08webguest27will be back evening
19:47:20 Part Paul_The_Nerd
19:47:59 Join Ribs [0] (
19:49:33 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
19:51:41 Join KylePV [0] (
19:52:13 Join hardeep [0] (
19:53:18 Join scorche [0] (
19:54:25 Quit webguest27 ("CGI:IRC")
20:03:18 Nick jborn_ is now known as JoeBorn (
20:04:19 Join mikearthur [0] (
20:06:36 Quit lee-qid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:10:24 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:11:45breakerFor timing purposes, how do the current_ticks work? I mean, are they adjusted with the frequency? I suppose not, and that means (tick_count / HZ) is not always 1. So the sleep timer for example is not exact if we have a target that can change it's CPU frequency.
20:16:27*goffa hopes the wiki comes back up soon
20:16:49goffai want to build the cross-compiler again... then i can try that new patch on my x5
20:17:39amiconnbreaker: The ticks *are* adjusted to the cpu frequency
20:17:53obogoffa: run tools/
20:17:53 Join webguest92 [0] (
20:19:09goffaok... i'll try that
20:19:21 Join sharpe [0] (
20:19:38sharpegood day.
20:19:47breakerSo when I have an iPod and the CPU runs with 30 MHz, the ticks are counting the same amount in one second as they do when the iPod runs at 75 MHz?
20:19:57amiconnbreaker: To be precise, archos and ipod don't need any adjustment. Archoses have a fixed cpu clock, and ipod timers run from a separate, fixed microsecond clock
20:20:21amiconnbreaker: That's what HZ is. There are HZ ticks per second. Always
20:21:03amiconnOn coldfire targets, there's a slight instability whenever the cpu clock changes. One tick period can become short or long by a few milliseconds
20:21:12amiconnAfter the change, the timer runs stable
20:23:38breakerI saw in powermgmt.c: TIME_AFTER(current_tick, sleeptimer_endtick). And the sleeptimer_endtick is calculated once. So the timeout depends here if the CPU frequency, right?
20:24:04breakerIs it because it doesn't use timer.c|h? (Whatever is coded in it, I didn't look into it.)
20:24:53goffah140 and x5 are m68k right?
20:25:22 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
20:25:49goffai must have missed when they released this script... that's just too easy from the looks of things
20:26:37amiconnbreaker: No it doesn't
20:29:54amiconnThere are always HZ ticks per second, irrespecive of the changing cpu clock
20:36:19 Quit Poka64 ("brb")
20:38:01 Join Poka64 [0] (
20:39:49breakerOK. Let me explain. :) At start, I have HZ = 70000000. sleeptimer_endtick = current_tick + timeout * HZ; calculates to 70000000 (assuming current_tick == 0 and the timeout we want is 1 s). Then the CPU frequency changes to 30 MHz. That means in one second after that, current_tick is 30000000, in over 2 seconds it is >=70000000 and so the sleeptimer would react after > 2 s, even if I wanted 1 second.
20:40:15breakerAm I wrong here?
20:41:45amiconnYes you are
20:42:03breakerWhere exactly?
20:42:13amiconnHZ is a constant. It's equal to 100
20:43:06amiconncurrent_tick is the tick counter. It inrceases by one every 10ms, or by HZ every second
20:43:09breakerIn the sequence I wrote, I only use "HZ" at the beginning to calculate the sleeptimer_endtick. After that, I don't use it.
20:43:21amiconnThe cpu clock has nothing, I repeat _nothing_ to do with it
20:43:52breakerAh, 1 current_tick == 10 ms! Now I understand.
20:44:04amiconnNo, 1 tick == 10 ms
20:44:10breaker:) OK.
20:44:15amiconncurrent_tick is the global variable that ticks
20:44:35 Quit buraianto ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
20:44:50webguest84paul you still here?
20:45:06amiconnIf at an arbitrary point, current_tick == 1234567, one second later current_tick == 1234667
20:45:55 Join Rondom [0] (
20:46:08 Quit bam_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:46:46 Quit webguest84 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:49:01breakeramiconn: Thanks. So no problem here in powermgmt.c.
20:54:35 Quit Pyromancer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:54:50 Join Pyromancer [0] (
20:56:05 Quit XavierGr ()
20:56:11 Quit Rondom (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:56:34 Join Rondom [0] (
21:10:02 Join iwkse [0] (
21:10:27iwksehi folks...anybody has a myspace account??
21:10:59goffawhat was the command to make zip
21:11:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:11:31goffalol.. must be make zip
21:11:46obolol, yup, or make fullzip if you want the fonts
21:13:14goffawell i'll have to try the builds when i get home
21:13:32goffahaven't updated in about a month on either player
21:18:26jhMikeSSpeaking of "HZ". Will the value ever change for different ports?
21:18:42 Quit sando ("blargh")
21:19:34 Join Harry [0] (
21:19:47Harrycan anyone help me
21:19:57Harryhow do i use tag cache to maek it see my music from itunes
21:22:08 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:23:12jhMikeSIs is proper to assume the value of HZ will always be 100?
21:23:18Harryhow do i use tagcache to maek it read my itunes music
21:23:22 Quit Poka64 ("brb")
21:24:35linuxstb_jhMikeS: No, you shouldn't assume that.
21:25:04LandusAnyone alive?
21:25:21Harryty linux
21:25:31LandusI just got my h320 and waiting for it to finish charging, then I'm throwing Rockbox on it.
21:25:49LandusWhat can I download in the meantime?
21:25:57jhMikeSlinuxstb_: I see much code that does such as using HZ/25 and stuff. Shouldn't there be a macro like #define mSEC(m) (HZ*(m)/1000) or something?
21:26:13LandusAs in stuff I'm going to need to download to put in the h320?
21:26:45linuxstb_Download the manual (from the daily build page) and read the install instructions.
21:27:12LandusDid. It mentions pages in the Twiki, which is still down.
21:27:31LandusBootload, then the firmware.
21:27:34linuxstb_See the topic, and/or use google's cache.
21:27:35LandusBootloader, rather.
21:28:00Harryyo one question
21:28:10Harrycan i use themes for h320 on my ipod 5 g?
21:28:25 Join AM [0] (
21:28:59jhMikeSlinux_stb_: What about the code I see here and there that does assume HZ=100?
21:29:33 Join lee-qid [0] (
21:29:41LandusThe twiki in the topic doesn't seem to have the folder I'm looking for, and I can't seem to get google to give me a cached page.
21:29:49FebsHarry: you can, but they won't fit the 5g screen.
21:29:55linuxstb_jhMikeS: For example?
21:30:04Harrythat sucks
21:30:11Harryany way to resizes th ewhole apckage
21:30:12Harryto maek it fit
21:30:38midgey34Landus: which folder
21:30:39FebsLandus: what folder are you missing? You should be able to find what you need in IriverBoot and on the daily build page.
21:30:52 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:30:53jhMikeSlixesstb_: The X5 driver code that I was working on does: Uses things like HZ/25. I slimpes it some other places too be don't recall at the moment.
21:31:14linuxstb_HZ/25 is just 1/25th of a second. It doesn't assume HZ==100.
21:31:23FebsHarry: No. Although a number of H320 themes have already been adapter for the 5g.
21:31:30 Quit webguest92 ("CGI:IRC")
21:32:04LandusOkay. Thanks. I think I'm set now.
21:32:53jhMikeSlinexstb_: You're right. I'm not thinkin' straight! *embarrassed*
21:33:15 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC")
21:35:19 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
21:36:38 Join ryran [0] (
21:37:05Harrycan anyone expalin the controls of rockbox
21:37:08jhMikeSlinuxstb_: Sorry to bug you with my idiocy! know?
21:37:36 Join Poka64 [0] (
21:37:38Harrycan anyone expalin the controls of rockbox
21:38:10 Join lodesi [0] (
21:38:30 Join cornchild [0] (n=cornchil@
21:38:30PaulJamHarry: the manual can
21:38:43 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
21:38:58cornchildgood after noon
21:39:06Harrywat page
21:40:19cornchild... i have maybe a stupid question and a simple petition... can i play videos on my ipod nano using rock box? and can anybody send me the rockboy plugin?
21:40:45obono and no :)
21:41:00Harryhow do i see al music
21:41:04Harryim using tagca=ache
21:41:10oborockboy is included in the daily builds (but not sure if it's working on the nano)
21:41:14Harryhwo to i get back to the main menu
21:41:24ryranoh lord...
21:41:40jhMikeSwon't you buy me...
21:41:42PaulJamHarry: did you already read the manual?
21:42:08ryranwho's chuckling?
21:42:12ryran(answer: it is me)
21:42:20 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
21:42:23Harrypaul someparts
21:42:37Harryplease paul tell me so u can save me tiem
21:42:53Harryfigured it out
21:43:07 Join GeirSv [0] (
21:44:08 Quit KylePV ("CGI:IRC")
21:45:10Harryi have a m3u playlist
21:45:18Harrydo i put it in th emusic folder along with my music
21:45:22Harryor do i put the m3u in root
21:45:32PaulJamyour choice
21:45:50Harrywill it still pick up th eosng
21:45:56Harrythe songs*
21:46:59GeirSvHi guys. I'm trying to install Rockbox for the first time (iRiver H120) and I can't seem to find fwpatcher.exe anywhere (Wiki pages down). How do I go about finding the bootloader?
21:47:27peturlook at the topic
21:47:52 Part iwkse
21:48:24 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
21:48:55ryranI just want to know if this is possible: to modify the source to add a new entry on the menu (say, at the end, below 'info') that just loads a specific plugin.
21:49:00GeirSvAhh I see..
21:49:59Paul_The_Nerdryran: Possible, but right now Plugins are really launched by way of the filetree, rather than by a menu of plugins, so I don't know if there's a way to put a menu option that simply launches a single file.
21:50:53ryranmmm. thanks paul. I'm thinking about the favorites plugin, which I just discovered. perhaps I should have a look at the playlist catalog patch I've heard about.
21:51:21 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
21:51:28Paul_The_NerdI'd look at it, yes. It's quite nice. ;)
21:51:52Harryi love rockbox
21:51:55Harrymy bor hated ipod
21:52:05Harrysince its audio sucks
21:52:07 Quit GeirSv ("CGI:IRC")
21:52:12ryranmmmm. okay. the fav plugin is exactly what I want.... ah well
21:52:18Harryso when i nstalled rockbox he said its a huge improvement
21:52:22Harryand it sounds way better
21:52:33Harryand its more sexi
21:52:47Harryone quick question can u view photos on this
21:52:49cornchildsexy indeed
21:53:29dionoeaHarry: you can view jpeg photos
21:53:42 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
21:55:05Harrydo i jsut put pohots
21:55:08Harrywhere ever i want
21:55:23PaulJamryran: you could copy the favourites.rock into a folder that you can access faster (e.g. the root)
21:55:35ryranoh. wow.
21:56:29ryranthanks for that PaulJam ... I guess it hadn't really clicked that I could execute them from the file tree like that
21:56:29dionoeaHarry: yep
21:56:53dionoeaHarry: i think that the jpeg viewer even has a slideshow option
21:57:02Paul_The_Nerdryran: One thing to note: Eventually it'll be outdated if you keep updating, because plugins stop working when the plugin API changes. Of course, you can just copy a newer one to the root.
21:57:15ryranroight roight
21:57:29ryranyeah I compile my own builds .. so I'll notice if there are changes to it
21:57:32ryranthanks man :)
21:57:38Paul_The_NerdIt's a problem that is also encountered by people who *just* copy rockbox.ipod over. ;)
21:57:43Harryone last question how do i go back to the root in rockbox
21:57:55Paul_The_NerdBack to the root from where?
21:57:57 Quit AM ("CGI:IRC")
21:58:04Harrywhile palying a song
21:58:12Paul_The_NerdTap Select
21:58:12dionoeatry all the keys :)
21:58:39cornchildi want to play game boy on my nano
21:59:18sharpeahey, i finally got a working printf working.
21:59:25sharpewow, how redundant is that.
21:59:26Harrywhats doe si tmean direct buffer is full
22:00:00Paul_The_NerdHarry: You have more than 400 files in that folder, and haven't increased the limit in the menu?
22:00:04LandusDoes anyone have a link to supported firmware versions for the h300 series?
22:00:31 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
22:00:33Paul_The_NerdLandus: I'm not even sure what you mean by "supported firmware versions"? Do you mean, like the iRiver official versions that can be patched with the bootloader?
22:00:33Harrypual where in th emenu do i increase ut
22:00:57Paul_The_NerdHarry: I'm not really sure off the top of my head. I'm sure it's in the manual.
22:01:00PaulJamgeneral settings => system => limits (or similar)
22:01:08LandusWhile on the topic, the Twiki -really- needs to be put back up.
22:01:19Paul_The_NerdLandus: 1.29k works, and from what I hear there's really no reason to use any of the other versions anyway.
22:01:20dionoeaany RTSP pro here can tell me what's wrong with: "rtsp://"
22:01:24Harryi like ht eipodlinux loader
22:01:27Harrymuch easier
22:01:31LandusYeah. I hear 1.29k works.
22:01:37ryranHarry: you'll want the first option there in the limits category
22:01:54LandusIt's just uh... finding where to download it or any other version that can be patched.
22:02:12Paul_The_NerdLandus: Well, doesn't the official iriver site have their firmware updates?
22:02:18LandusI checked.
22:02:31LandusI found links that take to pages explaining what to do.
22:02:42LandusBut no link to the firmware itself.
22:02:56dionoeaanyone know a good program that automatically sets id3 tags for a bunch of mp3 ?
22:02:59jhMikeSThere was something mentioned earlier about a better windows enviroment than cygwin but can't seem to find it. What was it?
22:03:05Landusdionoea: Yeah.
22:03:11obojhMikeS: vmware
22:03:13 Quit _Veseliq_ ("")
22:03:20Paul_The_NerdLandus: <−−- Looks like there's one of the 1.29s
22:03:22dionoeaLandus: thanks
22:03:24 Join PyromancerX [0] (
22:03:26 Join spiorf [0] (
22:03:28 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
22:03:44Harrypaul i cant find it
22:03:48jhMikeScygwin is SOOOO slow...damn
22:03:50Harrywhere do i change the number
22:04:03Paul_The_NerdHarry: Someone already said how in here, plus it's in the manual.
22:04:06LandusI tried the iriveramerica site.
22:04:18Paul_The_NerdLandus: Why would you check Iriver America for the _Korean_ firmware?
22:04:21obojhMikeS: there is a ready made dev vmimage for rockbox - look for the wiki page via google cache
22:04:24dionoeaLandus: does that get the infos automaticaly online ? (using some kind of hash from the audio)
22:04:30LandusI didn't know I was looking for Korean firmware.
22:04:35dionoeaerr ... nevermind
22:04:44 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
22:04:56 Join BigMac [0] (n=dummeska@
22:04:58Landusdionoea: No. You can either type it in, or grab it from the filenames of the mp3s.
22:05:07jhMikeSDo you know the title of the page? Would make it easier to find.
22:05:19dionoeaImport tag information from online databases like freedb or Amazon (also by text-search) ?
22:05:24obosorry, no
22:05:28dionoeadoesn't that mean that it'll find the info itself ?
22:05:29Paul_The_NerdLandus: That's what the k in 1.29k means
22:05:38jhMikeSobo: np...
22:05:56Landusdionoea: Freedb doesn't store information for seperate MP3's. It stores information for CD's.
22:06:03LandusNeither does Gracenote.
22:06:10jhMikeSWish it stood for "karats".
22:06:42*dionoea remembers hearing about a service which used audio hashes to recognise the files
22:06:54dionoeabut i can't remember what it was named
22:07:03 Quit ryran ("hasta la pasta!")
22:07:11BigMachi does anyone know how to change the drive letter
22:07:19BigMaclike from e: to say z:
22:07:26 Join dpm [0] (
22:07:54 Join Febs [0] (
22:08:07dionoeaBigMac: something like left click on the drive
22:08:18BigMacso then it would be Z:Rock
22:08:19dionoeaand properties or something like that
22:08:19jhMikeSbigmac: Windows decides that, you have to edit the registry
22:08:25BigMacoh nvm
22:08:35BigMacim not capable of registry editing
22:08:37dionoeaBigMac: you found it ?
22:09:19LandusI imagine I'm supposed to ignore the "Device purchased in the US is not compatible with this firmware" warning?
22:09:21BigMacwhat if i made a .reg file
22:09:28BigMachow would i do it then?
22:09:32 Quit Pyromancer (Connection reset by peer)
22:09:37 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
22:09:38jhMikeSBigMac: Is caches the drive letter for a device in a list of mounted devices in the registry. I've changed it by editing the registry before.
22:09:44Paul_The_NerdLandus: You'll lose your DRM support (can't buy music from Napster / Walmart / Etc online stores)
22:09:48Paul_The_NerdHarry: What?
22:09:51LandusI never do.
22:10:02LandusDRM = lame.
22:10:17jhMikeSBigMac: I wouldn't do that. Just use regedit. Lemme look...brb
22:10:20LandusIt makes storing music on computers a royal pain in the ass.
22:10:23Paul_The_NerdI have not received a PM. You can't send them unless you register with the server, I believe.
22:10:26BigMacmike: is it possible to make a .reg that would do the same thing as changing the drive letter
22:10:39BigMacive not had much succsess with regedit
22:10:45dionoeaBigMac: i found it
22:10:47BigMaci always screw up my comp
22:10:48Harryhow do i patch stuff
22:10:49dionoeabut my windows is in french
22:10:54 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
22:10:57Harrydo i need to code or somethign
22:11:04Paul_The_NerdLandus: You may want to check at misticriver and ask about US->K firmware updates. I think it's safe, but I don't know for 100% sure
22:11:05dionoeayou know where to find the defrag util ?
22:11:05BigMacthere is an excellent tutorial on the forum
22:11:09dionoeaBigMac: ^
22:11:15Harrycan u link me
22:11:15Paul_The_NerdHarry: Yes, to apply patches you need to be able to at least compile rockbox.
22:11:26BigMacok illl look
22:11:27Harryscrew that
22:11:29LandusI'll try the one you linked to first.
22:11:32BigMacand dion:no
22:11:37Harrypaul can u complie somehtign for me
22:11:45Harryor big?
22:12:18 Join powr-toc [0] (
22:12:19Paul_The_NerdHarry: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. I'll gladly answer questions you have when you try to figure out how to compile following the directions.
22:12:22dionoeaBigMac: the last item of the "Storage" node should be named something like "drives handling" (this is french to english)
22:12:29dionoeathis will list all the drives
22:12:33jhMikeSBigMac: It's under HKLM\SYSTEM\Mounted Devices
22:12:39dionoeaif you right click on one it allows changing the driver letter
22:12:45Paul_The_NerdBut if I were to compile a build for you, in a few days rockbox would update, and you'd have to choose between whatever patches were applied and the new official stuff.
22:12:48dionoeaand it's far less risky then editing the registery
22:13:22 Join Pyromancer [0] (
22:13:26BigMacso is their anyway i can make it into a .reg files
22:13:41jhMikeSBigMac: You'll see some values like "\\DosDvices\\x:" where "x" is a drive letter
22:14:11jhMikeSBigMac: I wouldn't because a reg file can't figure out which is the correct entry.
22:14:19midgey34BigMac: (on XP)go to control panel, administrative tools, computer management
22:14:19midgey34BigMac: click on the left side where it says disk management (under storage)
22:14:19midgey34BIGMAC: right click on the drive and select 'Change Drive Letters and Paths'
22:14:24dionoeanot that it answers the question but: why would you want a reg file if you can use your mouse to change it ?
22:14:35dionoeaBigMac: hehe, midgey34 has the "english" version :)
22:14:50midgey34I do indeed
22:14:57midgey34and sorry about the caps
22:14:57BigMacmidgey:thank you very much
22:15:01midgey34no problem
22:15:02dionoeamy translation was a but off
22:15:40BigMacdoes anyone know how to install blackglass. i cant make heads or tails of the forum thread
22:15:56BigMacdionea:merci beaucoup:-)
22:16:20BigMacje parle francais comme ci comme ca
22:16:24 Quit Pyromancer (Connection reset by peer)
22:16:27BigMacdunno how accurate that is
22:16:27dionoeaBigMac: :)
22:16:29LandusMy firmware is updating.
22:16:34BigMacive only take first year french
22:16:46dionoeaBigMac: it's 100M accurate :)
22:16:51Harryone last question
22:16:55Harrydo maek my own custom bg
22:17:01Harrydo i jsut put in backdrops
22:17:06Harryor do i ahve to rename adn everything
22:17:19BigMaci just saw this somewere on the forums
22:17:20Harryor do i have to code a wps fo rit
22:17:24dionoeajust save the bmp somewhere on the disk
22:17:41dionoeaand use the "set as backdrop" or something like that option
22:17:52 Quit PyromancerX (Connection reset by peer)
22:17:55Harrywats the size limits
22:18:07Paul_The_NerdThe size of your screen.
22:18:10dionoeawell it should be the same resolution as your LCd
22:18:12Paul_The_NerdAt 24-bit color
22:18:13jhMikeSBigMac: I guess that's easier. I just change things in REGEDIT all the time and never bothered to look. :)
22:18:38Harryhwo do i turn off my ipod
22:18:41sharpewell... i have page allocation/deallocation working...
22:18:41Harryor put it into sleep
22:18:43midgey34BigMac: to install a theme, you should be able to unzip the file to the .rockbox folder
22:18:44sharpehold play
22:19:00*dionoea remembers messing up with regedit and only being able to run "notepad.exe". all the other exes were forbiden
22:20:08midgey34basically, make sure the wps (and folder of bitmaps) is in the wps folder, cfg in the themes folder, and the backdrop is in the backdrops folder
22:20:40BigMacok so how do i do it for jblackglass
22:20:46BigMaci heard it is different
22:20:56BigMaccould someone post a tutorial on the forum
22:20:59 Join Pyromancer [0] (
22:21:00midgey34oh that one probably needs patches
22:21:01BigMacitll get stickied
22:21:13Paul_The_NerdActually, it won't get stickied.
22:21:19BigMacbecause im sure im not the only person who has evere had this question
22:21:28Paul_The_NerdBut as it is, jblackglass has jbuild. You should just extract it over your normal rockbox build.
22:21:31BigMaci can't patch
22:21:47BigMaci just extract jbuild to my root?
22:22:34BigMacor into .rockbox?
22:22:36jhMikeSdionnea: Why, why edit? I'm just trying to help someone out. But you taught me something too. Thanks.
22:22:44BigMacwell thats what i want to know
22:22:53Paul_The_NerdBigMac: Well, extract it somewhere else, and see what's in it.
22:23:09Paul_The_NerdIt'll probably have a .rockbox folder which you should copy over yours.
22:23:14Paul_The_NerdAnd a rockbox.ipod file, again, copy over
22:23:20BigMacwell ill ask pijulius when he comes on
22:23:26BigMacmaybe hell write a tutorial
22:23:48Paul_The_NerdI just told you how to do it.
22:24:04BigMacyou said probably
22:24:15BigMaci dont want to do it and mess it up
22:24:27Paul_The_NerdBigMac: Also, it says in the FIRST POST in his thread how to install it, now that I actually go look
22:24:31BigMaci just want to know what to do exactly so it will work
22:24:40 Join PyromancerX [0] (
22:24:40Paul_The_NerdIt's irritating that he calls it a "patch" when it's really a "build"
22:24:48BigMacyah but that is the theme not jbuild i though
22:24:59BigMacthats what threw me
22:25:09jhMikeSWhat's the X5 LCD referesh rate or the LCD chip clock rate? (I asked before but it was LATE)
22:25:48jhMikeSI mean for the HW, not for rockbox
22:26:32midgey34BigMac: go to
22:27:01jhMikeSBeuhler, Beuhler. Anyone, anyone?
22:27:02BigMacso is it as impresive as it looks in the screenies on an ipod (blackglass)
22:27:13linuxstb_jhMikeS: LinusN or Bagder might know. (I know nothing about the X5)
22:27:15Paul_The_NerdEh, it's just a theme.
22:27:18midgey34download your build (video 32MiB, video 64MiB, photo) and extract the zip to the root of your player
22:27:45midgey34overwrite rockbox.ipod and .rockbox or delete them first
22:28:02LinusNjhMikeS: read the data sheet
22:28:19midgey34but the jbuild is not official is not supported
22:28:25amiconnThe datasheet probably won't tell you
22:28:45BigMacmidge:have you tried it?
22:28:47 Quit Harry (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:28:48jhMikeSLinusN: I did. To get the refesh rate you need the clock rate.
22:29:02 Quit Pyromancer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:29:08midgey34BigMac: I have an iriver and I patch/compile myself so no
22:29:16BigMacand one final question- i have to have rockbox already installed correct. like the daily build?
22:29:24jhMikeSLinusN: Equation has one unknown.
22:29:31midgey34if you do use it, you'll also have to download the themes from the same page
22:29:32BigMacmidge-do you find patching easy?
22:29:49midgey34for the most part
22:30:00 Join Harry [0] (
22:30:00BigMacwait so i overwrite, then go and download the themes, and were do i put them
22:30:05Harryis ther any now palying mod
22:30:26BigMacwould you be able to do me a favor and patch my rockbox so i can put on a patch?
22:30:31BigMaci can't seem to patch
22:30:41Harryis ther any now palying mod
22:30:45Harrythat shows nowpalying
22:30:48Harrythe menu
22:31:00LinusNjhMikeS: then i don't know more than you do
22:31:15Paul_The_NerdHarry: Try to take your time, and actually explain what you're asking?
22:31:20midgey34BigMac: the themes file you extract into .rockbox after overwriting
22:31:39amiconnjhMikeS: Write a test plugin. That's how we found the refresh rates of several other lcds
22:31:47midgey34and I my branch is way behind cvs so the jbuild is the better way to go
22:31:54jhMikeSLinusN: Frame Frequency = fosc/(clock cycles per raster row x division ration x (Line + 8))
22:31:59 Quit shamgar ("Leaving")
22:32:10BigMacmidgey, do you have any instant messenger?
22:32:35amiconnjhMikeS: Btw, what do you need the frame frequency for?
22:32:55Harryis there any patch
22:33:00amiconnBe prepared that fosc isn't very stable. The lcd controller uses an RC oscillator
22:33:02Harrythat while im palying music
22:33:06Harryadn i go to the root
22:33:09midgey34BigMac: aim sn midgey34
22:33:13 Join lds_ [0] (
22:33:15Harrythat i can selct nowpalying to get back to th epaly screen
22:33:34Paul_The_NerdHarry: If you're looking for a patch, search the patch tracker. Out of curiosity, why isn't just tapping the play button to get back good enough for you?
22:33:40Paul_The_NerdAnd I mean _play_ not Select
22:33:43jhMikeSamiconn: For the waits in the driver. I wan't them no long than they have to be. I certain place you have to wait 2 frames or more, but I don't know what that is.
22:33:51LandusIt's working.
22:34:29 Quit dpm ("Ex-Chat")
22:34:29amiconnjhMikeS: I think the 2-frame wait is only necessary during init
22:34:43amiconn...i.e. not critical
22:35:59 Join RaeNye [0] (
22:36:00jhMikeSamiconn: During display on/off sequence always. I made a patch to turn off the LCD and turn it back on with the backlight and I want to optimize the waiting.
22:36:10 Quit lodesi (Connection timed out)
22:37:32amiconnjhMikeS: I don't see why this is critical either. A few tenths of a second more or less...
22:37:50amiconnBut if you want to know the frame frequency exactly, use a test plugin
22:37:56 Quit breaker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:38:06jhMikeSamiconn: about 200ms. Quite noticeable when you hit a button.
22:38:21Harryanotehr question
22:38:27Harrysi there anyway to change the text colour
22:38:43dionoeayes, in the settings
22:38:53Harrywhere under settins
22:38:58BigMachey can you apply any text you have on your comp?
22:38:59dionoeai guess :)
22:39:03Paul_The_NerdHarry: I strongly suggest simply searching the manual before asking.
22:39:06dionoeaBigMac: no
22:39:12jhMikeSamiconn: Where do I get the test plugins that already exits. It might help me out.
22:39:18dionoeaBigMac: if by text you mean font
22:39:21BigMacaw thatd be coool
22:39:33Paul_The_NerdBigMac: They have to be in the .fnt format.
22:39:34dionoeabut you might be able to convert them to the rockbox format
22:39:42BigMaci would love to have aajax surreal font on my pod
22:39:48Harrypaul i stronyl suggestest that you help me :)
22:39:50dionoeai don't know if tools to do that exist
22:39:52Paul_The_NerdIf you convert them to bdf, we have bdfconv that converts them to rockbox compatible.
22:39:54sharpei guess i'll try thread scheduling next.
22:41:01BigMachow do i do that
22:41:02jhMikeSamiconn: ??
22:41:06BigMacconverter program?
22:41:24Paul_The_NerdBigMac: Well, Fontforge, and I assume others, can apparently convert ttfs to bdfs.
22:41:50BigMacthen how do i go from bdfs to rockbox
22:42:03Harryi liek ipl bootloader better but i ahte ipodlinux
22:42:07BHSPitMonkeywith a tool that comes in the rockbox cvs, BigMac
22:42:25Paul_The_NerdBigMac: As I said, there's a bdf conversion tool included with the Rockbox sources.
22:42:25BigMacand what is the max size of ipod font?
22:42:39BHSPitMonkeyHarry, then use iPodloader and rockbox. we don't care.
22:42:52 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
22:42:59BigMaceww i hate ipod linux
22:43:12dionoeadid he tell you to use ipod linux ?
22:43:14BigMacbut i cant figure out how to remove it without doing a restore
22:43:19RaeNyejhMikeS: maybe try to perform just a portion of the init sequence, e.g., don't set the gamma registers everytime
22:43:58dionoeaBigMac: use partition magic (or gparted) to resize the fat partition
22:44:08jhMikeSRaeNye: Datasheet seems to say nothing is retained but two registers.
22:44:19LandusHow do I use .patch files?
22:44:22linuxstb_BigMac, Harry: You wouldn't be using Rockbox if it wasn't for the work done by the IPL devs...
22:44:42BigMaci just dont like ipl
22:44:48BigMacthe interface
22:44:49dionoeaLandus: patch -p0 < /the/patch/file
22:44:50RaeNyejhMikeS: hmm.. but GRAM is saved, isn't it? that's weird.
22:44:54BigMaci like rockbox
22:45:07midkaythey can not like their software but appreciate their work on the hardware stuff..
22:45:10BigMacand isnt partition magic a pay program
22:45:16LandusWhat does that mean?
22:45:17BHSPitMonkeyBigMac, iPL technically doesn't have an interface
22:45:18midkayprobably just people who care about music playback instead of games and fancy menus.
22:45:28dionoeaLandus: are you using cygwin ? or some linux ?
22:45:31BigMacthey did all that work with limited info
22:45:36BigMaci appreciate it
22:45:44dionoeawell you'll need to install cygwin to compile the sources
22:45:45LandusI think I might have Cygwin installed though.
22:45:55dionoeathe howto was on the wiki i think
22:46:07BigMacyah i want the audio aspect
22:46:13BigMaci love that about rockbox
22:46:32LandusWhen I install Cygwin, then what?
22:46:40dionoeathen you read the howto :)
22:46:45LandusJust type in the command you gave?
22:46:58BigMacanyone else have iblaster speakers
22:46:58jhMikeSRaeNye: In standby, chip is OFF and must be reinitialized.
22:47:05BigMacthey are nice for their price
22:47:11dionoeadownload the rockbox sources, install the cross compile tools, patch the sources, compile and put it on your ipod
22:47:17dionoeaLandus: ^
22:47:19Harryis ther anywy to remvoe ipod linux form the ipl loader
22:47:22BigMacalthough i dislike romving my ipod from its case to dock it
22:47:27LandusI don't have an iPod.
22:47:28Harrydo i onyl see rockbox and apple os
22:47:37dionoeaLandus: well replace ipod with your player's name :)
22:47:44RaeNyeOoo, lots of devs alive. Maybe one of you would like to commit RoLo X5 bugfix patch (#5346) ? it's only one line!
22:48:33linuxstb_Harry: Yes, create a config file for ipodloader2 - their wiki has instructions and examples.
22:48:37RaeNyejhmikes: maybe try to cut down on sleep()s... risky but possible
22:48:45LandusHow do I install these cross compile tools?
22:48:49LandusThen how do I patch the sources?
22:48:53Harrylinux can u make me one?
22:48:56LandusAnd compile them?
22:49:04jhMikeSRaeNye: Know where there's a HW frame test plugin I can look at?
22:49:05dionoeaLandus: well you read the wiki pages dedicated to that topic
22:49:11dionoeabut since the wiki is down ... i don't know
22:49:11LandusThe wiki is down.
22:49:27RaeNyejhmikes: what's that?
22:49:28LandusMan, this blows.
22:49:39LandusWhat's the point of using Rockbox when the wiki is down?
22:49:45Paul_The_NerdHarry: You really need to stop asking for people to do everything for you. If everybody did that, nothing would ever actually get done.
22:49:54RaeNyelandus: listening to music
22:50:14LandusIt's a miracle that I managed to get Rockbox working without the wiki.
22:50:15jhMikeSRaeNye: A more progressive chip shutdown with inactivity would be better. The display can be turned off independently.
22:50:29Paul_The_NerdLandus: There should be a google cache of the SimpleGuideToCompiling page.
22:50:36LandusThat's what everyone says.
22:50:40linuxstb_jhMikeS: Any idea what power savings you can achieve with turning the LCD off?
22:50:41jhMikeSRaeNye: To what are you referring?
22:50:45LandusBut when I google the webpage, I'm told google finds nothing.
22:50:59RaeNyejhmikes: I know, i suggested it. but it requires more programming :)
22:51:08Paul_The_NerdFirst result when googling "SimpleGuideToCompiling"
22:51:15RaeNyejhmikes: to the example frame plugin thingy
22:51:22jhMikeSlinexstb_: I have no idea. It would have to be tested. That's why I posted a prototype of the patch for people to test if they like.
22:53:21 Quit JoeBorn ("")
22:53:23jhMikeSRaeNye: linexstb said to write a plugin to get the exact frame rate. I'm not sure how to proceed with that so I'd like to get the source to one for help. test_fps only tells you how many time it can call lcd_update in a given time but nothing about the true HW refresh rate.
22:53:56LandusPaul_The_Nerd: How did you get that?
22:54:11Paul_The_NerdLandus: Searched google, then clicked the word "cached" for the first result.
22:54:28*linuxstb_ proposes closing this bug:
22:54:31LandusGoogle hates me, then.
22:54:37RaeNyejhmikes: No idea. Never wrote a plugin, sorry. What do you need the frame-rate for?
22:54:45 Join JoeBorn [0] (
22:54:57linuxstb_It seems to have been reported on an Archos player in 2004, the reporter never responded to a question, and then it was hijacked by a swcodec user...
22:55:00 Join Moos [0] (
22:55:08Paul_The_NerdLandus: Any time I tell someone to Google it, I do so first just to make sure it works. ;) I know it'd be easier to just give them the link since I've already found it, but I like to at least try to encourage independent action. :)
22:55:17jhMikeSRaeNye: To optimize the waits during Display on/off. It says to "Wait Two Frames or More". Well, I don't know what two frames is!
22:55:21MoosHello all !
22:55:25LandusI'm all for that, but when I did search, I turned up no results.
22:55:31RaeNyelinuxstb_: maybe *you* want to commit the RoLo X5 fix?
22:55:38RaeNyeHi moos.
22:55:40Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: I say close it. :-P
22:55:47Mooshi RaeNye !
22:56:07Mooswhat's new here
22:56:10RaeNyejhmikes: maybe experiment?
22:57:09Harryis ther anyway to when i plug in the usb cable
22:57:11RaeNyemore or less nothing :)
22:57:16Harrythat it wont go into disk mode
22:57:22LandusThe pages for the CygwinDevelopment aren't cached. Does anyone know what cross compilers I need?
22:57:23dionoeahold select
22:57:26dionoeaHarry: ^
22:57:26Paul_The_NerdHarry: Hold Menu while plugging in.
22:57:33jhMikeSRaeNye: How'd I know it would come to that! :) linuxstb_ said plugin have acutally been written to test HW FPS.
22:57:35Harryselct or menu
22:57:37RaeNyelandaus: arm-elf-gcc?
22:57:38dionoeaok, hold menu :)
22:57:42dionoeathe upper button
22:57:47Paul_The_NerdLandus: The pages should be cached, you just can't click to it from the cached page. You'll have to search separately
22:58:04LandusI did.
22:58:05LandusNo results.
22:58:07Paul_The_NerdLandus: In fact there's even a Rockbox Cygwin mirror to download the appropriate crosscompilers from
22:58:09MoosRaeNye: are your x5 patches u to date?
22:58:12LandusThere is?
22:58:54RaeNyemoos: Yes, I last compiled ~2 days ago and everything cleanly applied.
22:59:26RaeNyehad to recompile, hence bring them UTD, thanks to the USB-OTG patch :)
22:59:26MoosRaeNye: cause I tried yesterday and something have changed
22:59:35Mooshehe :)
22:59:40RaeNyewhich one?
22:59:55Moosthat's cool that LinusN take a look at x5 patches
23:00:26RaeNyewhere it fails?
23:00:53MoosI don't remenber, can you test?
23:01:10jhMikeSRaeNye: But it doesn't look promising to find a way to sync frame updates with the chip. Well...maybe. I'll do what I gotta do.
23:01:22MoosRaeNye: you have to sync your great patches I think
23:01:28 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
23:01:46RaeNyeNo, i'm on my windows machine now. The only relevant file changed in the last days was config-iaudiox5.h
23:02:09 Quit TeaSea (No route to host)
23:02:13RaeNyemoos: I just did! it's unreasonable to resync them every *day*, isn't it?
23:02:29Moosyesterday changes or before I think caused conflicts
23:02:49MoosRaeNye: sorry, that wasn't a complaint :)
23:02:57 Join TeaSea [0] (
23:03:34 Part BigMac
23:03:36RaeNyedidn't think so
23:03:37 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
23:03:59 Join Romanos [0] (
23:04:31Moossince your code isn't in CVS yet, that's difficult for us users to be up to date with CVS and with your necessary patches
23:04:48Mooslet's hope LinusN will commit your works soon ;)
23:04:53linuxstb_jhMikeS: I didn't say that there were LCD test plugins - amiconn did.
23:04:54Romanoshi.. i have a major problem with my nano. It just reboots again and again and it wont start up properly. Any ideas of what the heck is happening?
23:05:10RaeNyeI was just about to say everything would be easier if they got comitted :) great minds think alike.
23:05:18Mooshehe :)
23:05:35jhMikeSlinuxstb_: Sorry. My bad...
23:05:48Romanosany ideas anyone?
23:05:57RaeNyeback to my original question −− where's a dev that wants to commit the one line RoLo bug fix?
23:06:03MoosRaeNye: and sure if your code will be in CVS you will do other works (like remote...° ;)
23:06:15Paul_The_NerdRomanos: Does it briefly flash the USB logo?
23:06:34RaeNyespeaking of which, have you looked at the remote code I put up on the tracker?
23:06:40Paul_The_NerdOkay, did this behaviour just start, or what?
23:06:49 Quit PyromancerX (Connection timed out)
23:06:58Romanosi haven't use my nano for about 1 week
23:07:06linuxstb_Romanos: I have to ask the obvious question - do you have the USB cable or charger plugged in?
23:07:07Romanosand suddenly it went crazy
23:07:26Romanosdon't have any charger
23:07:41Romanosmight the battery be completely drained?
23:07:58MoosRaeNye: not yet, what is it for?
23:08:05Moosremote already working?
23:08:08linuxstb_Possibly. Try forcing it into disk mode (hold SELECT+PLAY as it's rebooting)
23:08:15RaeNyea nice well-behaved self-contained RoLo bugfix patch! no previous programming experience needed!
23:08:46RaeNyemoos: it's code for doing remote LCD low-level stuff, but it's not wrapped with all the usual LCD code
23:08:54 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
23:08:59 Join TeaSea [0] (
23:09:05Moosplaned to do more?
23:09:08Romanosholy shit linux, it works
23:09:20RaeNyeit can be converted to a plugin that tests the code, i.e., display a sample image on it.
23:09:28Romanoswhat was the problem then?
23:09:32jhMikeSI have some questions about the poweroff sequence...more general stuff.
23:09:44MoosRaeNye: do you have a remote yourself?
23:09:51RaeNyefrom there some high-level work is needed.
23:10:25RaeNyemoos: No; that's the reason I'm only willing to do the low-level stuff ;-)
23:10:37Moosok :-) make sense then
23:10:39RomanosTHANX LINUX :)
23:11:04RaeNyejhmikes: the specs are somewhat unclear on this, aren't they?
23:11:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:11:48MoosRaeNye: maybe you can have a sponsoring from Rockbox money, if you plan to do the job, I'm sure LinusN,Bagder or Zagor will be agreed
23:11:49jhMikeSRaeNye: You mean on reading the frames? A bit, yes.
23:11:55 Quit Romanos ()
23:11:58RaeNyemoos: also, it's not like such a patch would get commited anytime soon :(
23:12:14Mooslet's hope in the busy LinusN ;)
23:12:35LinusNi just committed the rolo patch
23:12:43Mooswee !!
23:12:43RaeNyemoos: I never thought about something like that...
23:12:47RaeNyeThanks :)))))))
23:13:04 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
23:13:06Mooswhat's about the TLV shutdown patch (1 line)
23:13:09jhMikeSWhy when I do a long press on the Power button but not long enough to cause the shutting down screen to pop up, does the X5 suddenly power off with no warning?
23:13:10MoosLinus :)
23:13:25 Part Paul_The_Nerd
23:13:30RaeNyethe line that got you was the "no previous programming exprience needed", right? ;-)
23:13:37jhMikeSAfter about 10 seconds, that is. Everything seems like it's still on.,
23:14:03Mooshehe :)
23:14:47MoosjhMikeS: never experimented this behaviour
23:15:47jhMikeSMoos: Try it. Hold it just under the time for rockbox to do the poweroff. It's always done that so nothing I did made it happen.
23:15:49RaeNyejhmikes: might be related to a watchdog timer (protect the hardware from wasting power when entering an endless loop
23:16:51RaeNyethe PCF50606 (power unit) might have this kind of protection activated once it detects a long POWER press
23:16:54jhMikeSRaeNye: Not sure what endless loop it would be entering. When that happens, power_off() is never called.
23:17:55jhMikeSRaeNye: The power off button should probably have a slightly shorter timeout so rockbox get it first...always.
23:19:04jhMikeSRaeNye: But then there's that really LONG power press that you have to do if it hangs.
23:19:09RaeNyethe points of a watchdog timer is that you have to acknowledge the timer periodically or else it declared your device "stuck". The reason for you to get into a situation where you fail to acknowledge the timer could be entering an endless loop, but also a plain no-acknowledge policy
23:20:44RaeNyeBut mostly I don't really know the answer
23:21:14jhMikeSRaeNye: I still have to get into learning the CPU in detail but you're being helpful.
23:21:25MoosLinusN: we love you !!!!
23:21:48RaeNyelinusn: please close the bugreport as well -
23:21:50 Join excitatory [0] (
23:22:15RaeNyejhmikes: NP, anytime.
23:22:17jhMikeSAnd then there's that backlight flicker on poweroff!
23:22:30jhMikeSAnd the audio "pop"
23:22:38RaeNyeit seems related to the white screen phenomenon
23:23:00jhMikeSRaeNye: The BL on with chip off will give you a white screen.
23:23:56RaeNyethe audio pop is fixed in my patch
23:24:23Moosthanks for it
23:24:30RaeNyeand is unrelated (TLV320 isn't properly shutdown)
23:24:34jhMikeSI saw a "pop" patch but I don't think it was for X5...lemme see...
23:24:36RaeNyemoos: NP, anytime :)
23:24:48goffawhat's rolo?
23:25:08LinusNRockbox Loader
23:25:36 Quit JoeBorn ("")
23:25:50jhMikeSRaeNye: Point me to it if you could! :)
23:25:51MoosLinusN: are the radio and recording X5 are CVS materiel ?
23:25:52goffaah.. so you can dual boot nowL
23:26:03LandusI'm getting an error when I type in make in Cygwin.
23:26:06RaeNyejhmikes: linus has just comitted it too
23:26:36LinusNMoos: very close to cvs material, however, those might have to wait until after 3.0, as they aren't really bug fixes
23:27:12RaeNyeI know - that's the reason I only came here for the Rolo patch.
23:27:25 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
23:27:28 Join TeaSea [0] (
23:27:32MoosLinusN: ok yhx
23:27:34jhMikeSRaeNye: Cool. I'd still like to see what you changed. Could help me out in learning the code to help with the whitescreen.
23:27:40LinusNRaeNye: is your version of i2c-coldfire.c "complete", as in doing both read and write?
23:27:44jhMikeSI dunno
23:27:49 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
23:28:24 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
23:28:25RaeNyelinusn: yes. I tried to make it work for both I2C channels, but I couldn't get it. the first I2C channel works as before, though.
23:28:42LinusNok i see
23:29:04RaeNyejhmikes: I only added a line in tlv320_shutdown() that unpowered it.
23:30:05jhMikeSRaeNye: I see. Thanks.
23:30:22LandusUh, I could really use some help.
23:30:28RaeNyelinusN: it really haunts me why it doesn't work since the OF and the preloader are using the I2C controller for both channels
23:30:48LandusI'm trying to do this patch stuff, and the guide that's explaining what to do isn't working.
23:31:40LandusI'm told to add stuff on that line, but there isn't a line like that in the file that's mentioned.
23:31:48RaeNyeBL is controlled by two elements, both in the PCF50606
23:31:56jhMikeSLandus: There's two different pages that explain patching. One was very helpful.
23:32:36LandusThat's what I'm looking at.
23:32:46LinusNRaeNye: perhaps you forgot to set the port pins back to normal?
23:33:14jhMikeSRaeNye: Is the PCF50606 being powered off gracefully?
23:33:18LandusI've done everything so far, but finishing step four like explained isn't working.
23:33:51 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
23:34:10RaeNyethe brightness is moderated by the PWM rate (register 0x35)
23:34:33RaeNyethe PWM itself is activated by register 0x3a
23:35:09LandusI really need some help.
23:35:22LandusI'm doing what the guide says, but the last step isn't working.
23:35:23RaeNyesorry - not 0x3a but 0x38
23:36:13jhMikeSThere's a datasheet available?
23:36:23 Quit powr-toc (Remote closed the connection)
23:36:42 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
23:36:53 Join PyromancerX [0] (
23:37:27LandusIs anyone alive?
23:37:31linuxstbLandus: Try changing that line in /etc/profile instead.
23:37:46 Join JoeBorn [0] (
23:38:26linuxstbLandus: You'll then need to close your cygwin window and open a new one for the change to take effect.
23:38:30jhMikeSRaeNye: D305A? I got one.
23:38:36LandusThat isn't working.
23:38:41LandusThe line still doesn't exist.
23:38:54linuxstbThere's no line starting with "PATH=" ?
23:38:56LinusNLandus: did you install the cygwin packages from
23:39:00LandusThere is.
23:39:20LandusI started with the original ones, then ran the setup again and downloaded the ones from the rockbox mirror.
23:39:32LinusNthe PATH should be automatically updated by the install scripts
23:39:53RaeNyejkmikes: what do you mean with the d305a?
23:40:12LandusThen why am I getting an error about the compiler I need to use not being in my path.
23:40:20linuxstbLandus: If you type "echo $PATH", what gets displayed?
23:40:27LandusWhen I create the makefile for my DAP?
23:40:38RaeNyelinusn: to which pin port are you referring?
23:40:57LinusNRaeNye: the i2c sda and scl
23:40:58midgey34Landus: what if you just don't do step 4, see if you can compile. I don't have that line in my bash_profile
23:40:59jhMikeSRaeNye: I'm very green here, so forgive me. I looked, it just an analogue chip. Is there another chip involved in the backlight control besides the CPU?
23:41:09LandusIt doesn't work.
23:41:18LinusNLandus: "doesn't work"?
23:41:31LandusI can't copy out messages in cygwin.
23:41:35jhMikeSRaeNye: Got ya.
23:41:36LandusI can't select anything.
23:41:49Landusbash: make: command not found
23:41:52linuxstbClick on the icon in the top-left, then (I think) edit->mark
23:41:57RaeNyejhmikes: yes, the PMU, called PCF50606. very important to understand, IMHO
23:42:02LinusNLandus: then you haven't installed the packages you need
23:42:12LandusI'll do it again then.
23:43:02 Join TeaSea [0] (
23:43:02RaeNyelinusN: But I'm not using these GPIO pins since I want to use the CPU's internal I2C controller.
23:43:50LinusNthe pins are the same
23:44:35LinusNthey are configured as general purpose i/o, and you must reconfigure them to being controlled by the i2c controller
23:45:02 Join lodesi [0] (
23:45:46LinusNi.e set the gpio_function bits to 0
23:47:09RaeNyevia GPIO_ENABLE and GPIO_FUNCTION?
23:47:16jhMikeSEach bit in the GPIO_* registers controls a different GPIO pin right?
23:47:37jhMikeSAnd each corresponding bit controlls the same pin?
23:47:48 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
23:47:55RaeNyeThat's very interesting. I might as well try this over the weekend.
23:48:29 Quit lds_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:48:40RaeNyeYou know I'd like very much to replace the awful generic-i2c thing used now :)
23:48:45 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
23:48:51jhMikeSGPIO appears to be serial ports, correct?
23:49:02 Join scorche [0] (
23:49:12jhMikeSI got LOTS of reading to do...:)
23:49:17RaeNyejhmikes: no. these are pins connecting the CPU with other chips
23:50:01RaeNye:) that's OK. I knew nothing of embedded programming when I got my X5 (April) and by now I've made some progress
23:50:05LinusNRaeNye: i wouldn't call them awful, but awfully slow :-)
23:50:08jhMikeSWell, I figured that much but I just don't understand how the data is actually sent. Are the bitbanged?
23:50:12*Paul_The_Nerd hopes nobody *ever* puts in a feature request for Nike+iPod.
23:50:39linuxstbWhat is it?
23:50:52Paul_The_NerdIt's a sensor you put in various shoes that nike makes.
23:51:03Paul_The_NerdAnd it keeps track of how far you've run, so you can use the iPod for workout management.
23:51:17RaeNyelinusN: it looks like a C++ code compiled to assembly. That's awful to me :)
23:51:20Paul_The_NerdIt also has a little thing to plug into the iPod to communicate with the sensor wirelessly.
23:51:28LinusNRaeNye: lol
23:51:38jhMikeSApple has the wackiest s**t.
23:52:04LinusNRaeNye: be aware though, that i2c-coldfire.c needs to busy way and not yield
23:52:13LinusNbusy wait
23:52:44LinusNbecause the pcf50606 adc read is called from an interrupt
23:53:09RaeNyeyes, I know. It's not enough time to do much work anyway
23:54:34RaeNyeBTW, when 3.0 is released, will there be any kind of code factoring? I want to see more of the code using the target tree...
23:55:03LinusNlots and lots of refactoring
23:55:14LinusNtarget tree, wps etc
23:55:55LinusNis martin scarratt on irc anytime?
23:56:54linuxstbAny idea what nick he uses?
23:57:04RaeNyelinusn: another thing on the topic of I2C. the OF seems to change the divider (MFDR) when setting CPU frequency. Shouldn't we do this as well?
23:57:06 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
23:57:15 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
23:57:37peturMartin isn't much on irc
23:57:40*RaeNye votes for refactoring
23:58:05*RaeNye knows that RB is not a democracy, but still
23:58:14linuxstbRaeNye: I don't think a vote is needed...
23:58:29linuxstb(I think everyone likes target tree)
23:58:53jhMikeSRaeNye: Ne'er mind. I read it and yes the pins appear to be.

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