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#rockbox log for 2006-07-21

00:00:53dan_aBut I don't really know what I'm doing, so it all goes horribly wrong!
00:01:28linuxstb_That's how to learn...
00:01:55linuxstb_I think preglow tried to get thumb code working, but he's not around at the moment (holiday I think).
00:02:10dan_a:D So far all I've been doing is copying and pasting with style
00:03:13linuxstb_So it crashes as soon as you try to play a file with one of those codecs?
00:03:51linuxstb_Did you notice how big the .codec files are compared to the regular ARM versions?
00:04:47 Quit petur ("on holiday, back in 10 days or so :)")
00:05:14dan_aVorbis is 4k smaller, mpa is 2k smaller
00:05:15linuxstb_There goes another one...
00:06:09linuxstb_So a tiny reduction in size then.. Although there is probably quite a lot of data in those codecs.
00:07:00linuxstb_Although if you get thumb code working, there is the opportunity to put a little more code in IRAM.
00:08:09linuxstb_Most of the codecs contain at least a little ARM assembler - I wonder how gcc deals with that in thumb mode...
00:09:13dan_aIt wouldn't compile bits.c from libmad, but I couldn't see any assembler in that (I just had a quick glance though)
00:10:44linuxstb_There are macros in (I think) fixed.h which are used - search for FPM_ARM
00:11:47linuxstb_BTW, have you tried SID on your ipod?
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00:12:34RaiderXwhere do i put my doom WAD? and does doom on rockbox support multiple WAD loading?
00:12:35dionoeais Thumb another instruction set for ARM cpus ?
00:13:19darth_mallis there any way to get a nicer looking theme on the iAudio X5, or is the black on blue the only one available just now?
00:14:07dan_alinuxstb: Not yet. At the moment I'm just desparately trying to get MP3 to a point where I can use Rockbox instead of the default firmware
00:14:26 Quit ender` (" Programming is like sex becuse: 6. If you spend more time doing it than watching TV, people think you’re some kind of freak.)
00:15:00dan_adionoea: Yes, have a look through the IRC log from earlier today
00:16:07*dionoea just had a look at the AMR_architecture page on wikipedia
00:16:11dionoealooks nice
00:17:58dionoeado the ipod's cpu have Thumb-2 ? or only Thumb ?
00:18:23linuxstb_dan_a: I've added an ipod 3g column to the table at the bottom of this page:
00:18:38bluebrotherwhat devices don't have Rolo?
00:19:04linuxstb_I've just ticked the WAV, AIFF and FLAC for now - let me know if you find any other codecs which run in realtime (or edit the page yourself).
00:19:18linuxstb_bluebrother: Only the ipods I think.
00:19:57dan_alinuxstb_: I'll update it when things work. Right - must be off now.
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00:21:07linuxstb_dionoea: Just thumb.
00:23:37linuxstb_bluebrother: We can implement rolo for the ipods, but it's just not done yet.
00:26:22grimmanSo far I love Rockbox.
00:30:22bluebrotherlinuxstb_, thanks. Got to go now.
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00:54:03markunlinuxstb_: SID tunes are another reason to abandon the 1 file = 1 song policy
00:54:56linuxstb_True... No-one seems keen on implementing it though.
00:55:52markuntrue :)
00:55:55linuxstb_Any gigabeat news?
00:56:02nudelynsomeone should make something which splits SID files into multiple files. they've always been a pain in the arse to deal with.
00:56:19nudelyn(someone = !me) :-)
00:56:38markunthere were some attempts to get some minimal bootloader to compile, but I haven't looked at the code they wrote to see what's wrong
00:58:08linuxstb_I'ld be happy to have a look if you need help.
00:59:00markunI'll ask them to put the code somewhere
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01:13:13*linuxstb_ yawns
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01:18:43*linuxstb_ tries out rockpaint
01:18:55 Join carini [0] (n=chatzill@pdpc/supporter/active/carini)
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01:19:24orthogonalCan I add a rider to my GPL'd contributions, indicatin gthat no Verrizon employee or stockholder can use my code without paying $10?
01:20:05orthogonalVerizon: mercenary bastards
01:20:23linuxstb_Hello earHertz...
01:20:26goffa_$10 is cheap :)
01:20:46orthogonal"We only charged you $50 for a refurbished, out-of-date replacemnet phone, so we did you a favor. Now pay us $10 more if you want your numbers transferred"
01:21:02Paul_The_NerdThey charge you to transfer numbers?
01:21:09goffa_non refundable upon failure :P
01:21:12linuxstb_Sounds like you should buy Verizon shares...
01:21:42Paul_The_NerdYou mean... like a SIM transfer?
01:21:42orthogonallinuxstb_hwey spend milllions to get new custoers, and do nothing to retain existing ones. I should be shorting Verizon stock
01:22:02orthogonalPaul_The_Nerd: no, that;s inmclued in teh $50. I mean phonebook/contatcs
01:22:44Paul_The_NerdAt cingular, they grabbed my phone from me, dumped phone numbers to the SIM, transferred them to the new SIM card, and then put the new one in the new phone, without giving me any further options such as "No, don't do that!"
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01:24:01*Paul_The_Nerd wonders what you're perpendicular *to*
01:24:36*linuxstb_ doesn't like rockpaint's use of its own menu and colour picker...
01:25:26Paul_The_NerdConsistency _would_ be nice.
01:25:38orthogonalWhat did you want?
01:26:22Paul_The_NerdWell don't we already have a menuing system that's used in several plugins?
01:27:07linuxstb_Some plugins (Sudoku, pacbox, Doom) use the standard Rockbox menus, others (Rockboy, Rockpaint) have their own...
01:28:18Paul_The_NerdThough, doesn't the RockPaint colour picker offer RGB and HSV?
01:28:33orthogonalThere's a vaccine for HSV now
01:28:55Rondomorthogonal: lol
01:29:14linuxstb_Yes, but the colour-picker in the core can always be improved to add HSV support.
01:29:34Rondomand for pauli, too
01:29:50orthogonalColor picker in teh core isn't in teh core of non-color devices, right?
01:30:05Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: Well, that's where I was going. Is the Rockpaint colour picker adaptable to general use?
01:30:20linuxstb_Possibly. It doesn't have remote support though.
01:30:33 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
01:30:40Paul_The_NerdBut is there much use for remote support, beyond the ability to control it maybe?
01:31:05linuxstb_In the core it's useful if you manage to set the foreground/background to something very similar.
01:31:18linuxstb_You can then recover using the remote.
01:32:05Paul_The_NerdAh, that is kinda nice.
01:35:49linuxstb_orthogonal: No, the colour picker isn't in the core for non-colour devices, but then Rockpaint wouldn't need it either.
01:37:21orthogonalOther than Adolph and Herbert, what are given names that acquired negative connotations in the last century?
01:38:22orthogonalgoffa_: You American?
01:39:11orthogonalHerbert Hoover was the president when the depression started, and was blamed for his decision to let the market take care of it
01:39:12 Quit MrStaticVoid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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01:40:04orthogonalLyndon does decline precipitaously in teh 70s, after climbing in teh 60s
01:40:23Paul_The_NerdI always think of Frank Herbert, rather than Herbert Hoover when I hear the name Herbert, regardless of whether it's someone's given name or not
01:40:54orthogonalheh. Dune was teh first "adult" biook I read, when I was eight
01:42:18orthogonalah, Winston, that's interesting
01:42:41Paul_The_NerdI started with Asimov
01:43:04*S0ap jumped right in to the Henry Miller
01:43:19orthogonalyeah, I read a lot of him. Great stories, but they never really touched. me. Now Heinlein, I still re-read several of his novels each year
01:43:40orthogonalProbbaly read Moon is a Harsh Mistress a dozen times
01:43:43orthogonalor more
01:43:46S0apFacism w/a libertarian face. He's good, but a kook.
01:43:52orthogonalS0ap: no kidding?
01:44:06goffa_yeah.. just didn't know which herbert you were reffering to
01:44:17S0apHow else would you describe his (military based) utopias?
01:44:21orthogonalgoffa_: yeah, I should have speciofieed
01:44:48orthogonalS0ap: oh, I thought you meant Miller!
01:44:55orthogonalyou're dissing Heionlein
01:45:07 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
01:45:13S0apnot dissing, as I have all his adult novels, just commenting
01:45:14goffa_but i think you could you could name your kid adolf or herbert and be ok.. other than being outdated names for new people :)
01:45:19orthogonalS0ap: he only had one military governemnt, and he didn't call it a utopia
01:45:35goffa_not that i'm condoning hitler
01:45:49 Quit spiorf ("Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)")
01:45:52orthogonalbesides, the book is really an examination of the US war against teh Japanese in ww2
01:46:49Paul_The_NerdHerbert kids have to be careful, what with there being that new Herbie movie and all.
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02:14:54*orthogonal drops a pin
02:15:33BloodySorcererthat was my foot!
02:15:40*BloodySorcerer plucks out the pin
02:21:14 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
02:21:31orthogonalcrap, I forgot to eat today
02:21:55BloodySorcererhow do you forget to eat?
02:22:10orthogonalI was running around doing stuff
02:28:13Paul_The_NerdI've forgotten to eat many many times.
02:29:32Paul_The_NerdI'll suddenly remember I'm starving, and start searching back to try to remember the last thing I ate, and it's 16+ hours prior
02:35:10XavierGrPaul_The_Nerd: I know what you are talking about! :p
02:35:38idnar"eat"? what is that?
02:35:54XavierGrsometimes I can get the opposite though
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02:42:46BloodySorcererthe opposite?
02:42:48BloodySorcererforget to poop?
02:43:48Paul_The_NerdForget that you already ate?
02:46:28 Part Paul_The_Nerd
02:47:01XavierGrah he left....
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02:50:00 Part pixelma
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03:20:04 Nick ze_ is now known as ze (i=ze@
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03:22:34RaiderXate to ask a noob ?, but where do I put the doom WAD?
03:22:42RaiderXfor ipod rockbox
03:26:45 Quit XavierGr ("One firmware to rule them all!")
03:28:22grimmanHm, how come the fonts are messed up when I install and use a theme?
03:29:20RaiderXu need the font patch
03:29:43RaiderXadn then you gotta go in the menus and look for a font that fits properly with the theme
03:30:17RaiderX <−−- thats the latest font pack
03:30:27 Join Cc2iscooL [0] (
03:30:40grimmanok, I was looking at that one. =)
03:30:49grimmanThough it didn't say "patch" so I was unsure. ;)
03:31:54 Quit actionshrimp ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
03:33:05grimmanNow... all that's left is good battery time. ;)
03:33:40grimmanBtw, I read something on the forums about a custom build for the 60 GB video iPods to make better use of the extra RAM... what's that about?
03:33:54grimmanIe, what good does that do?
03:34:48Cc2iscooLDoes anyone know where I can get the files to flash the Jukebox player? Mr. Jens Arnold seems to have taken them off his site.
03:35:02 Join JdGordon [0] (
03:36:45 Quit Cc2iscooL ("CGI:IRC")
03:39:00RaiderXwuts the jukebox payer?
03:39:10RaiderXand where do i put the doom wad?
03:40:43 Join Cc2iscooL [0] (
03:43:00 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
03:43:03 Join scott666 [0] (
03:45:48 Part Cc2iscooL
03:45:54 Join Cc2iscooL [0] (
03:48:02 Quit scott666 ("Trillian (")
03:48:38Cc2iscooLDoes anyone know where I can get the Jukebox player files to flash it? It seems they've been removed from
03:49:23Paul_The_NerdWhy aren't you downloading the ones in the wiki?
03:50:14Cc2iscooLI am. Scroll to the bottom.
03:50:51Paul_The_NerdThat page is outdated, see
03:52:03Cc2iscooLAah, thanks. Didn't see that page.
03:52:44 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
03:56:24RaiderXwut is the jukebox player? can i get a likn with some info on it?
03:56:45RaiderXor first, is it not for ipods?
03:57:02Paul_The_NerdIt's a different MP3 player
03:57:08Paul_The_NerdRockbox was on a lot of other things before iPod
03:57:20RaiderXi know it was
03:57:25RaiderXthats why i asked
03:58:08 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
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04:06:50Cc2iscooL Here's the one I have :)
04:07:02Cc2iscooLBy the way Paul, thanks. Flash worked perfectly.
04:07:22Paul_The_NerdCc2iscooL: Glad to hear it
04:08:12Cc2iscooLI have a quick question, been having a strange problem for a while now with the backlight, and it's not related to settings, it seems only when I hit a button or when the HD is working I get it to light up. Otherwise it's off (as in when I press the button on, when I release it's off again).
04:09:07Paul_The_NerdDunno what might cause that.
04:09:14orthogonalCc2iscooL: backlight timeout
04:09:34Cc2iscooLIt's on 5s.
04:09:47orthogonalincrease it
04:11:15Cc2iscooLSeems to get worse actually as I go up, on is the same way.
04:11:45Cc2iscooLYep, it lights up even less...sometimes not even when I press the button.
04:12:09Cc2iscooLArchos Jukebox Studio 20
04:12:32orthogonalhardware falt
04:12:41Cc2iscooLThat's what I was thinking.
04:12:44orthogonalarchos qa sucks
04:13:08Cc2iscooLI'm not really worried about it, don't really use it at it's not a huge deal to me.
04:13:16orthogonalbuttomnn or harddrive gets poewer, shorts into backlight
04:13:39Cc2iscooLThe weird thing is if I just hit menu then back into the file system it works like it should.
04:14:26orthogonalshorts in menu button
04:14:29Cc2iscooLProbably just dropped it and it knocked something lose.
04:14:32orthogonalmenu on juskebox is f2?
04:15:10orthogonalnear lcd
04:15:19orthogonaltalk to idc dragon
04:15:20Cc2iscooLIt's the furthest away actually.
04:15:41*orthogonal was thibnking off v2?
04:15:54Cc2iscooLPossibly, this is the old old one.
04:16:16orthogonalidc dragon
04:16:44Cc2iscooLLooks like that basically...just I have the Studio 20.
04:16:51Cc2iscooLSame design though.
04:18:09Cc2iscooLWould get an IPod and load RockBox on it but they're still quite expensive.
04:19:21 Join scott666 [0] (
04:19:32grimmanAsk Pablo in that back alley you shouldn't visit.
04:19:35grimmanHe has cheap ones.
04:19:45orthogonalput rockbox on "friend's" ipod. tell friend ipod is broken. offer to take it off his hands for $50
04:20:25Cc2iscooLYes but then they get suspicious.
04:20:51orthogonalget stupider friends
04:21:22Cc2iscooLProbably a better thing to say would be "Hey, I know a bit about those things, maybe I can fix it." and tell them later it was broken beyond repair and you threw it away.
04:21:44scott666or get an accomplice to do the buying
04:21:53Paul_The_NerdI like "get stupider friends"
04:22:02Cc2iscooLYes but with my way you don't have to buy it at all.
04:22:10*orthogonal hugs Paul_The_Nerd, my new friend
04:22:19JdGordongrrr.. problem with having so much music, i have a song stuck in my head and cant figure out the name of the song, or even the band :'(
04:22:33scott666google a bit of the lyrics? that usually works for me
04:26:08JdGordonyay :) figured it out
04:26:12JdGordonbloody chimaira :p
04:26:37 Quit linuxstb__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:26:44 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
04:27:22 Part scott666
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05:19:20 Join saratoga [0] (
05:20:26saratogastupid question: how do i get the helloworld plugin to compile in a simulator build?
05:22:33 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (
05:23:32JdGordonsaratoga: u need to add it to SOURCES in apps/plugins/
05:26:07 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
05:32:31 Quit lukaswayne9 ("Ex-Chat")
05:34:21JdGordondoes anyone know how to run the tools/configure script without user input?
05:35:07midkaythat was asked+answered a couple weeks ago..
05:36:11JdGordonok... ?
05:36:19JdGordonyour not gonna make me search are u? :'(
05:36:25*JdGordon bbs
05:37:26sharpehello everyone...
05:37:40 Join JoeBorn [0] (
05:37:41grimmanHello. =)
05:37:51sharpeyou can redirect the input into the script, JdGordon.
05:38:48sharpei belive such as... "./tools/configure | 15\nN\nB\n" or whatever.
05:40:56midkayyou "belive", sharpe?
05:41:37sharpeyeah, i belive.
05:41:45sharpenot believe, belive.
05:42:32sharpeyep. i love you too midkay.
05:51:04Paul_The_Nerd4-port powered USB hub: 19.99, Apple USB wall charger: 29.00. I mean, I guess it's faster, but c'mon...
05:53:24 Join BigMac [0] (
05:53:26sharpePaul_The_Nerd: what color is the usb hub?
05:53:37Paul_The_NerdMostly silver
05:54:11sharpethat's the reason. the nextra 10$ comes from the white color, and the usb and apple logo. and the lack of usb ports.
05:54:33Paul_The_NerdAh yes. White plastic, it is expensive.
05:56:00 Quit BigMac (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:56:10sharpesee. it's all about color and lack of things that makes stuff cost more.
05:57:13 Join BigMac [0] (
06:00:47Paul_The_NerdDude, the forums put a little phone icon next to posts I type from my mobile
06:08:49 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
06:10:54 Quit linuxstb__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:15:43sharpethat's neat.
06:17:57 Join gursikh [0] (
06:19:09gursikhhello, can someone registered on the wiki fix something Real quick (My opinion) (not owrth registering if I amonly going to fix one thing) scroll to bottom table, rightmost entry in top row is ugly image of "updated" please just make into text.
06:19:57sharpeooh. ugly.
06:20:09sharpedid zagor every implement the approval thing yet i wonder...
06:20:58Paul_The_NerdReally, you should go ahead and register for the wiki.
06:21:07sharpeaww, i was gonna.
06:21:17Paul_The_NerdSomeone beat me to editing the page.
06:21:56sharpeme ;)
06:22:26gursikhI guess I should, large warning about not registering if I'm not going to contribute
06:23:31gursikhi've been around quite a bit lurking.
06:24:08sharpegursikh: that's stalking in certain places.
06:24:23gursikhmeh, so track me down and stop me........
06:24:38JdGordonthanx sharpe, ye i tinhk ill have to do something luike that
06:25:21GaloisHouston, TX?
06:26:33gursikhthat doesn't help you much, houston is BIG, and my IP won't pin me down much more than that
06:27:00Galoisyou'd need the PATRIOT act to make further progress
06:27:26sharpeJdGordon: welcome.
06:27:32gursikhor I know a guy, who knows a guy...
06:27:43sharpewho has this cousin, twice removed...
06:28:23gursikhwho will track you down and.... etc. etc. etc.
06:29:45RaiderXi knwo a guy who IS trakicg oyu donw right now gursikh
06:30:25gursikhCool, I'll welcome him warmly with various arms.
06:30:40RaiderXwho said it was ahim..
06:30:52RaiderXand its not a her either...
06:31:03sharpethat's kind of vague, don't you think?
06:31:16Galoisyour dog?
06:31:23gursikhI'll welcome them/it/him/her/the borg openly.
06:31:58gursikhdoes wiki registration access flyspray as well, or is it seperate?
06:37:10 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
06:38:01 Join lostnihilist [0] (
06:39:38 Join Rondom__ [0] (
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06:43:24gursikhis it ok, that on a page with all links to other pages in the wiki, one link is directly to external site (without warning), even though there is a section below that for "external pages" ?
06:44:54 Join JoeBorn [0] (
06:47:50gursikhPlease see: under howto, link: "Linux driver for Archos Player/Studio." is external page (albiet apparenlty bjornes site) while all others (sans external pages section) are internal wiki links
06:49:42gursikhalso, on same page under heading [For Developers] link: "How to build and debug Rockbox in the Eclipse IDE." is also external (and reads outdated)
06:51:26gursikh{eclipse is now version 3.2, and includes many more tools and functionality for working with non Java projects}
06:52:07 Join Pons [0] (n=pons@unaffiliated/pons)
06:53:19 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
06:54:01gursikhI guess I should register, though I'm very nervous about editing or changing something incorrectly (3 of the links on that page to external pages 404 )
06:55:37sharpegursikh: you can always roll back the changes. :)
06:55:37 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:55:58gursikhI know, I know, but still.
06:56:39gursikhPaul, Sharpe, if you see these comments, please change as advised if they have not been changed by me at that point.Thank you for your contributions to Rockbox.
06:56:44gursikhi'm off to bed
06:57:30 Quit gursikh ("CGI:IRC")
06:59:14 Quit Rondom_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:00:46 Join JoeBorn [0] (
07:01:46 Part BigMac
07:09:04RaiderXlook at this hottie:
07:10:26sharpeahah, -6000000/29869676 doesn't seem like a good count of how much ram is used.
07:15:50Ponsis it normal for the ipod to reboot everytime i connect it to USB?
07:16:18Ponsand there isn't any workarounds for this?
07:16:28sharpedo you want to use rockbox while it charges?
07:16:29Ponsexcept for Menu button pressed
07:16:44Ponsi'd like to be like apple firmware
07:16:57sharperockbox doesn't have a usb mode for ipods.
07:17:12Ponsdo you know if it is in development
07:17:20sharpenot to my knowledge.
07:18:02Paul_The_NerdPons: It's not in development *yet* because there's not enough knowledge about the hardware to do it at this time.
07:18:43Ponsi can live with it tho
07:22:43 Join damaki_ [0] (
07:22:50Ponswhat formats does rockbox play?
07:22:58RaiderXa lot
07:23:11RaiderXtheres a page that shwo ti
07:23:18RaiderXon the site
07:23:36sharpemp3, ogg, musepack, flac, ac, alac, ac3, wavpack.
07:24:18amiconnshorten, aiff
07:24:40sharpemidi, sid...
07:32:19 Quit Benacool ()
07:33:40 Nick Rondom__ is now known as Rondom (
07:36:50 Part Paul_The_Nerd
07:39:21Ponswhere can I get
07:40:54 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:42:18Bg3rPons it's already in the rockbox
07:42:32Ponshow can i be sure it is there?
07:42:37Bg3rbut u need to save all your gameboy games
07:42:44Bg3ras .gb and .gbc
07:43:27RaiderXwhere is rockboy?
07:45:31Bg3rPons it's a rockbox plugin, but you don't see it in the plugins screen because it's a "viewer", that is, u run it with selecting a .gb or .gbc file from the filetree
07:47:12 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
07:48:01 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
07:48:01 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
07:48:33 Quit Bg3r ("BitchX-1.1-final by panasync")
07:49:57RaiderXok bg3r, thanks, thats good info
07:53:04 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
07:53:21Ponssince ipods have only 5 keys
07:53:26Ponsit is impossible to play :(
07:55:20 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
07:56:50 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:56:54RaiderXi figured it wodul be
07:57:02RaiderXbut iif you can play doom, maybe
07:57:23RaiderXand theres some gb games that need few buttons, liek runnign pacman on the NES on the ipod
07:59:45 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
08:00:55*amiconn summons Bagder, LinusN or Zagor
08:01:22sharpeah, but not sharpe. oh well, maybe someday.
08:05:44*scorche is empathetic
08:06:02sharpefor once.
08:06:57scorcheonly because i feel the same way >_>
08:08:40*scorche saw his dutch friends recently =D
08:09:03 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:09:54*sharpe doesn't have dutch friends
08:10:29*sharpe does have friends though.
08:11:31scorchethe chicks there are hot...but it seems like everyone has pointy noses =|
08:11:53scorchewell at least the ones that i know from there..
08:13:06*sharpe is tired for once. three hours before usual.
08:16:11Ponsdoom runs
08:16:12 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:16:15Ponspacman runs
08:16:25scorchesharpe walks
08:16:26Ponsrockbox is just cool ;)
08:16:37 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
08:17:00PonsBagder, Bagder Bagder Bagder .. Mushroom Mushroom
08:17:13Ponsit's easy to say Bagder in here
08:17:18Ponsjust B and TAB
08:18:29*amiconn wonders whether Pons saw the tiny difference between this nick and a Badger
08:18:54Ponsi just noticed it
08:21:38RaiderXBagder Bagder Bagder BloodySorcerer
08:21:44RaiderXoops lol
08:21:50*Paul_The_Nerd sighs.
08:24:07 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:24:31amiconnhi LinusN :)
08:24:35sharpetwenty four minutes
08:24:46amiconnHanging build since y'day evening... :(
08:25:30LinusNhow nice
08:27:40 Join Sinbios [0] (
08:33:13*amiconn wonders whether he's the only one who thinks there's sometimes a distinct lack of reachable server admins
08:33:46*sharpe is always reachable.
08:33:58amiconnI mean, if the builds would never hang, or there would be some supervising process that auto-fixes hanging builds...
08:34:39LinusNi don't know why the builds have started hanging
08:36:27amiconnBuilds hung occasionally since the introduction of the distributed build system
08:37:32LinusNyes, but i thought we fixed those issues
08:37:34amiconnIirc it was tracked down to be an ssh problem
08:38:43amiconnssh will sometimes hang without notice and without running into a timeout
08:39:31amiconnI think it would be possible to have some kind of supervisor on the master server started together with the build
08:39:56amiconnIf the build didn't end after, say, 15 or 20 minutes, then it would cancel the build and restart
08:40:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:40:25amiconnBasically the same thing you had to do manually now
08:40:43Paul_The_NerdEspecially since no build should reasonably take 15 minutes these days.
08:41:09sharpePaul_The_Nerd: what about unreasonable builds?
08:41:31Paul_The_NerdUnreasonable builds deserve beatings until they get into line.
08:42:04LinusNamiconn: sounds like a good idea
08:42:40sharpei see your point.
08:43:44amiconnThis would be the quick'n'dirty variant, but also quite simple. A more complex variant would monitor the individual build processes, and if one build server doesn't yield a scheduled build after a set time, would drop that build server for this round and reschedule the remaining builds to others
08:44:22 Quit MrStaticVoid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:46:38 Join Gnelik [0] (n=Gnelik@
08:47:20 Join mirak [0] (
08:47:32amiconnCan you see which build server connection(s) cause a hang?
08:47:49LinusNno, i dug around in the logs but i couldn't find it
08:58:08 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
09:00:32GnelikWhat help do you need with working around Sandisk
09:06:22LinusNwe need you to conjure up a spell to make a day last 48 hours instead of 24 :-)
09:06:42LinusNGnelik: seriously, are you a programmer?
09:07:15GnelikBut .NET
09:07:36GnelikProgramed C++, not very hart to learn ñ
09:07:40 Join Bg3r [0] (n=bager@
09:08:36LinusNthe first experiment we need to do is to alter a sandisk firmware ever so slightly, create a new mi4 file and flash it on the player, just to see if our tools work
09:10:54GnelikDo you now allready what it consists of?\
09:11:19LinusNconsists of?
09:11:27LinusNyou mean the hardware?
09:12:45 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
09:12:57GnelikMy english is not very good I am Ukrainian
09:13:17LinusNwe can decode and encode the sansa mi4 format, but we haven't yet tried to flash our own firmware on the sansa
09:13:46GnelikNow i understand.
09:14:02 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
09:14:52finikguys, can somebody send me a zip or explain me how the hell do I download the ipodlinux sources for my reference
09:15:09finikwithout installing SVN :)
09:15:26LinusNJungti1234: yes, that is a list of korean twiki users
09:15:38finikI'm interested mostly in drivers part, serial to be exact
09:15:47Jungti1234Don't exist.
09:16:35Jungti1234you see it?
09:16:53LinusNmany of them have been deleted, yes
09:16:56LinusNby me
09:17:11LinusNbecause they haven't changed anything in the wiki
09:17:28Jungti1234But, they are active.
09:17:36LinusNno they are not
09:17:46LinusNthat haven't changed a single page in the wiki
09:18:07 Join kim135797531 [0] (
09:18:14LinusNyou don't register in the wiki unless you intend to change something
09:18:24LinusNit's not a forum or community
09:19:18 Quit mirak (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:19:43 Quit kim135797531 (Client Quit)
09:20:17LinusNthere is no reason to register in the wiki unless you want to change anything in it
09:20:18 Join kim135797531 [0] (
09:20:42Jungti1234ok :)
09:21:01Jungti1234Asked because is just strange.
09:22:50 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
09:26:19GnelikLinusN: Can this operation kill player?
09:26:58 Quit sharpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:27:00LinusNbut there seems to be a recovery procedure
09:27:12 Join sharpe [0] (
09:29:09GnelikCan you take parts of old source(from other players), or it must be rewrited fully?
09:30:55markunGnelik: a lot of the code is shared and doesn't need to be rewriten
09:31:36markunYou can download the source code and take a look
09:32:00 Join mikearthur [0] (
09:32:37LinusNGnelik: for the first test, you should use the original firmware, and just change a tiny bit
09:33:21Jungti1234hi markun
09:33:29 Quit darkless (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:40:48Gnelikwho writes Players emulators?
09:42:49LinusNwe all do
09:43:57 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:47:24 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
09:47:55linuxstb_finik: Last time I looked, the ipodlinux kernel source was still in CVS at sourceforge (ipodlinux project), not in SVN.
09:50:00Gnelikdoes MI4 configurator tells you something?
09:51:06LinusNGnelik: what is that?
09:51:39*LinusN hasn't worked at all with the sansa
09:52:02*LinusN listens to the radio with his x5
09:52:56 Join scott666_ [0] (
09:53:01LinusNGnelik: :-) that is a completely different thing
09:53:28 Part scott666_
09:53:42LinusNin our world, mi4 is the file format for portalplayer devices
09:55:10 Quit finik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:55:28 Quit Gnelik ("Gfrf!4edss")
09:59:13 Part Paul_The_Nerd
10:00:19linuxstb_dionoea: Around?
10:04:50 Join damaki [0] (
10:08:47 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
10:09:34 Join obo [0] (
10:10:37 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:10:44 Join bluey- [0] (
10:11:08 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
10:11:24 Quit Seed ("cu, Andre")
10:13:01 Join damaki [0] (
10:13:55 Join dan_a [0] (
10:15:01 Join Seed [0] (
10:16:17 Join slimx [0] (n=slimx@
10:16:46 Join safetydan [0] (
10:22:54 Join darkless [0] (
10:23:18 Join Poka64 [0] (
10:23:36 Quit Sinbios (Connection timed out)
10:32:46 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
10:33:02 Join chendo [0] (
10:34:15 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
10:34:21 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
10:37:49 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
10:39:55 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
10:40:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:41:29 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
10:43:04 Quit kim135797531 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:43:43 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.4 -")
11:00:41 Join lightyear [0] (
11:03:01 Quit RaiderX ("omg hax")
11:10:58 Join bluebrother [0] (
11:13:36 Join damaki_ [0] (
11:15:34 Join Poka64 [0] (
11:17:47 Quit Cc2iscooL ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
11:19:06 Join dj-fu [0] (
11:20:47 Quit bluebrother ("CGI:IRC")
11:24:37 Quit chendo ("Leaving")
11:27:12 Quit Daishi (Remote closed the connection)
11:29:24 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:33:06Jungti1234E10 Firmware get!!
11:33:52 Join chendo [0] (
11:37:54Jungti1234when does unicode support in quick screen and recording screen?
11:37:55Jungti1234Is it developing?
11:38:16markunI don't think anyone is working on it
11:39:14linuxstb"unicode support" means using the user font instead of the system font?
11:39:47LinusNi believe there is some work going on for the recording screen
11:39:59 Join pondlife [0] (
11:41:16markunLinusN: will you also apply the other patches used to increase run time on the X5?
11:42:00LinusNmarkun: the lcd_off patch?
11:42:31markunyes (USBOTG off is already in cvs?)
11:42:48LinusNthe otg patch was committed even before the unfreeze
11:43:43linuxstbWow, album art costs 51 minutes of playback....
11:44:29Jungti123451 miniutes?
11:44:54linuxstbSee the first post in the thread markun linked to.
11:45:41 Quit chendo ("Leaving")
11:45:46safetydanIs there any chances we'll see support for floating point math in Rockbox? Just in the plugins at least.
11:45:54 Join chendo [0] (
11:46:00*safetydan is thinking of porting some palm pilot astronomy programs
11:47:02LinusNsafetydan: if you port a math library to all current platforms, sure
11:47:03 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
11:48:00safetydanhrmm... so there's nothing inherently stopping the use of floating point in plugins?
11:48:18linuxstbsafetydan: I know preglow is always talking about writing a fixed-point lib for Rockbox...
11:49:19midkaycan't you already use floats?
11:50:08linuxstbYes, but there are no libm functions available - pow, exp, log, sin, cos etc etc.
11:50:39safetydanwell there's the Palm Pilot math lib... that was GPL last I looked
11:51:18 Join Criamos [0] (
11:51:44LinusNsafetydan: no, there's nothing stopping floating point math in the plugins, except for the math lib and that we look down on lazy coders that claim they need floating point
11:52:15safetydanAfter my efforts in cordic land I'm not sure I want to go back to fixed point
11:52:43LinusNdoesn't newlib have math libs for our platforms?
11:53:25safetydanwell it has math functions
11:54:56 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
11:56:16 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:58:52 Quit lightyear (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:58:55 Join Jungti1234__ [0] (n=jungti12@
12:01:42 Join lightyear [0] (
12:02:23 Join qwm [0] (
12:03:53 Join shadou [0] (
12:13:43 Quit Jungti1234 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:14:57 Nick Jungti1234__ is now known as Jungti1234 (n=jungti12@
12:17:24 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
12:18:46Jungti1234you want U10 firmware too?
12:19:32 Join damaki__ [0] (
12:21:09 Quit Poka64 ("XChat 2.6.4 -")
12:21:12 Quit lightyear (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:21:20 Quit dj-fu (Connection timed out)
12:24:23 Join Lynx [0] (
12:25:09 Join Gnelik [0] (n=Gnelik@
12:25:33 Join `axion [0] (
12:27:50 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
12:28:28 Join lightyear [0] (
12:28:53 Join Poka64 [0] (
12:33:10 Quit Poka64 (Client Quit)
12:34:10 Quit shadou ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
12:34:58 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:37:19 Quit Lynx (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
12:37:27 Join chendo_ [0] (
12:38:00 Join Lynx [0] (
12:38:08 Quit chendo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:38:41 Quit Lynx (Client Quit)
12:39:23 Nick chendo_ is now known as chendo (
12:40:09 Quit Lynx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:40:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:46:04 Quit lightyear (Connection timed out)
12:49:09 Join lightyear [0] (
12:50:18 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
12:52:02obodoes anyone know what ata_disk_is_active() returns on flash-based devices?
12:52:14 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
12:54:55linuxstbUse the source Luke...
12:55:20 Quit FOAD ("Lost terminal")
12:55:54 Join Poka64 [0] (
12:57:10 Join FOAD [0] (
12:57:12LinusNobo: it returns 0
12:57:39obothanks, just found it
12:57:49LinusNobo: which platform?
12:58:08linuxstbWhy doesn't it always return true?
12:58:40LinusNobo: "all"?
12:59:11LinusNata_flash.c is used by the iriver flash devices
12:59:26LinusNif you mean ondio, you should look in ata_mmc.c
12:59:30oboLinusN: audioscrobbler patch I've written - I cache data before writing - I don't want to cause uneeded writes to devices with flash memory
12:59:59obobut I check if the disk is active so I can try and catch a spinning drive so I don't cause extra spin-ups
13:00:36LinusNon the ondio, ata_disk_is_active returns 1 during a disk access
13:01:32obohmm, I think i'll have to check for ondios then
13:01:54obonanos use ata.c don't they? (which always returns false)
13:02:05amiconnYes, and that's a bug
13:03:46 Join TeaSea [0] (
13:04:03*linuxstb waits for amiconn to elaborate
13:05:08 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:08:20 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:09:37qwmJungti1234: i want U10 firmware!
13:12:22pondlifeHi all.
13:13:26pondlifeIs the memory layout (i.e. where blocks are stolen from the audiobuf) documented anywhere. Looks like my crash is caused by the filename talk clip buffer and the dircache buffers attempting to use the same memory.
13:14:17pondlifeI see that the talk file uses memory at the start of audiobuf, and the .talk clips (thumbnails) use the next bit.
13:14:32pondlifeBut where do the dir/tagcaches fit in?
13:14:47*linuxstb looks for Slasheri
13:15:00safetydanWoo! libm for plugins works... I think
13:15:08pondlifeCertainly, if you don't have a voice file loaded (for whatever reason), the thumbnail clip loads into the dircache memory... :(
13:15:25pondlifeFollowed by a crash next time the tree is navigated
13:16:01pondlifeWeirdly, it seems ok if the voice file has been loaded, maybe that's just luck where things have shifted up?
13:16:09Slasheripondlife: dircache should also allocate memory from the audiobuffer
13:16:25Slasheripondlife: and after allocation, audiobuffer pointer will be increased
13:16:34pondlifeOK, but not p_thumbnail?
13:16:36 Join BockBilbo [0] (
13:16:43Slasherii am not sure about that
13:16:59pondlifeNope, p_thumbnail is only set up once
13:17:24Slasheripondlife: will it be set before dircache allocates memory?
13:17:29Slasherithen that could cause problems
13:17:39pondlifeYes, I suspect so... just looking now
13:17:40linuxstbLooking in talk.c, it does't seem that audiobuf is incremented...
13:18:02pondlifeAh, should it shift audiobuf up when it "allocates"?
13:18:07 Join Lynx_ [0] (
13:18:34linuxstbOn hwcodec, no - I think the clips are only stored temporarily, and then discarded. But I thought they were stored permanently on swcodec?
13:18:39 Join A_M [0] (
13:18:48Slasheripondlife: yes, the pointer will be updated (so the allocated memory is no longer included in the audiobuffer)
13:18:55pondlifeI'm referring to the thumbnail clips, not the voice file
13:19:13amiconnlinuxstb: For nano, ata_disk_is_active() should either return the real status, like it does on Ondio. If that's not possible, it should rather return always true instead of always false
13:19:25amiconnAlso, the ata_sleep() issue isn't solved
13:19:27pondlifeThis bug only occurs if voice file is not in use.
13:19:36amiconnMaybe this will improve battery runtime on nano
13:20:09linuxstbamiconn: I was wondering why it always returned false... I think there are also issues of settings not being saved on the Nano - probably related to that?
13:22:53 Join dpro [0] (
13:23:01 Join KN|stiff [0] (
13:23:24GnelikWhat is the size of Sandisk e20 screen in pixels???
13:23:31Gneliksorry e200
13:25:17LinusN128x160 i believe
13:25:33Genre9mp3I thought it was 220x176
13:25:46Genre9mp3I mean 176x220
13:27:21Genre9mp3haha >>,1895,1960965,00.asp
13:27:29Genre9mp3"Screen Size: 220 x 176 inches"
13:27:42Genre9mp3it must be a huge screen! :)
13:27:43GnelikI want it
13:28:03Genre9mp3220 x 176 _inches_ LOL
13:28:22pondlifeYes, but at 1DPI
13:28:33pondlifeBig pixels
13:28:38obothat's okay, you just need to stand a long way back
13:28:51LinusNand have big pockets
13:29:31dan_aThere's going to be a huge market for trolleys to carry those around with!
13:29:38*linuxstb imagines the size of the headphones to go with that...
13:30:19 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
13:39:05 Join theli_ua [0] (
13:44:57linuxstbtheli_ua: Are you planning to do anything more to your ZX Spectrum emulator in the near future?
13:45:43theli_ualinuxstb, no just have not much time now :(
13:47:27 Join TCK [0] (
13:48:26 Join dalong [0] (
13:48:54theli_ualinuxstb, i remember you wanted to make it run at 100% ;)
13:49:35linuxstbWell, I want someone to do that...
13:50:15 Quit safetydan ("Ex-Chat")
13:50:24linuxstbI think there are other Rockbox things I want to do before that though.
13:51:04theli_uayeah, of course
13:52:02linuxstbAnd I'm not sure if it's a good idea to put it in CVS in its current state if no-one is going to be actively working on it.
13:55:29dalonghi all
13:55:33dalongyesterday i shut down PC when ipod was plug in USB.
13:55:34dalongyesterday i shut down PC when ipod was plug in USB.
13:55:38dalongtoday i turn on PC and ipod was not defined as disk
13:55:42dalongthen i attepmted to turn on ipod but it does not turn on.
13:55:46dalongwhat's the possible problem?
13:56:33linuxstbThe battery could be dead.
13:56:56dalonghow i can check this?
13:57:14linuxstbJust charge it for a while and see if it comes back to life.
13:57:30linuxstbAlso try resetting your ipod - hold MENU+SELECT together for a few seconds.
13:57:49dalongit does not respond
13:57:59dalongon menu+select
13:58:12 Join damaki [0] (
13:58:18linuxstbThen try charging. (and make sure the hold switch is off...)
13:58:28dalongand i don't see charging now (ipod in usb)
13:58:37 Quit obo (
13:58:37 Quit qwm (
13:58:37 Quit kenneth (
13:58:37 Quit Quarryman (
13:58:37 Quit _FireFly_ (
13:58:37 Quit Hadaka (
13:58:40dalonghold is off
13:58:47pondlifeOK, I've got a fix for my .talk file crash, but it might be restrictive...
13:58:49NJoin_FireFly_ [0] (
13:58:56pondlife1) The buffer is now allocated permanently from the start of the audio buffer, but only when first required (so .talk and voice file buffers are independent).
13:59:06pondlife2) It's now got a fixed max size of 32K (My own .talk clip selection goes up to 16K, so I thought this would be enough).
13:59:07dalongmay be problem with my usb
13:59:17linuxstbAre you using a hub?
13:59:32dalongusb hub?
14:00:41dalongyes, universal host controller VIA USB
14:00:58NJoinobo [0] (
14:01:07linuxstbHas your ipod charged OK in the past from the same USB socket?
14:01:37 Quit darkless (
14:02:13linuxstbdan_a: I've just tried applying your adjustable CPU frequency patch and I get a "malformed patch at line 103" error.
14:02:16dalongyesterday before shut down, i copy some files from ipod
14:02:29linuxstbdalong: Have you tried just leaving it plugged in for a while?
14:03:01 Quit theli_ua (
14:03:01 Quit TeaSea (
14:03:01 Quit Seed (
14:03:01 Quit lostnihilist (
14:03:01 Quit Rob2222 (
14:03:01 Quit Pons (
14:03:01 Quit orthogonal (
14:03:01 Quit merbanan (
14:03:01 Quit gromit` (
14:03:01 Quit scorche (
14:03:01 Quit kidd3ckz (
14:03:10linuxstbdan_a: Also, any ill effects so far running it at 90MHz?
14:03:37dalongit plugged in about 1 hour now
14:04:20 Join jakub- [0] (
14:04:34dan_alinuxstb: None that I've noticed (no unexplained crashes and the like)
14:04:40jakub-hello, im looking for xobox for windows
14:04:43dalongis it safe to shut down or turn on PC when ipod in USB?
14:04:52jakub-anyon know real name of this game?
14:05:04linuxstbdan_a: Have you noticed your ipod getting warmer than usual?
14:05:12 Quit damaki (
14:05:13NJoinscorche [0] (
14:05:14NJoinSeed [0] (
14:05:14NJoinTeaSea [0] (
14:05:15NJoinmerbanan [0] (
14:05:16NJoinkidd3ckz [0] (
14:05:21NJoinlostnihilist [0] (
14:05:29 Join gromit` [0] (n=gromit@
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14:05:45NJointheli_ua [0] (
14:05:50NJoinorthogonal [0] (
14:06:16NJoindamaki [0] (
14:06:34NJoinRob2222 [0] (
14:08:50 Quit markun (
14:08:58NJoinmarkun [0] (
14:09:03 Quit Ave (
14:09:16NJoinAve [0] (
14:11:50pondlifeHow big is the audio buffer on the Archos player?
14:11:56dalongjakub-:try to find xonix or qix games
14:12:17pondlife(or Ondio, or whatever has the least memory)
14:12:34 Quit Poka64 (Remote closed the connection)
14:13:39NJoinQuarryman [0] (
14:13:40NJoinqwm [0] (
14:16:14 Join Poka64 [0] (
14:16:14linuxstbpondlife: About 1.7MB I think - there is 2MB of RAM in total on the Archos devices.
14:17:03pondlifelinuxstb: So 32K would be ok to use for .talk clips (if they are used)
14:17:06jakub-dalong: thx
14:17:46linuxstbpondlife: I don't think you should change the behaviour on the Archos devices - afaik, talk clips and voice are working perfectly there - I don't think dircache is enabled in those builds.
14:18:14pondlifeBut this is a bug in the .talk clip handling, not in dircache.
14:18:36pondlifeIt makes the assumption that audiobuf will not change
14:18:39 Join Naked [0] (
14:18:47 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
14:19:02theli_ualinuxstb, what do think should be done for including in, considering state of patch on tracker? (i though of input rework...)
14:21:27linuxstbtheli_ua: I haven't looked at it since you originally posted the patch, so can't remember... But from your comments, it seems that there is still a lot of work to do before it's usable - input rework and optimisations to get it at least closer to realtime.
14:21:46 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:22:30LinusNpondlife: the archos platforms flush the audio buffer when playing voice, so the .talk problem is not an issue on those platforms
14:22:49 Part dalong
14:23:13 Join Sinbios [0] (
14:23:37 Join XavierGr [0] (
14:23:50pondlifeLinusN: No, the problem is not a clash between audio and .talk clip. It is that p_thumbnail is set up in talk.c to be at the start of audiobuf, but then something (presumably dircache) allocates memory and so talk.c overwrites that allocated memory
14:24:19 Quit jakub- ("leaving")
14:24:21pondlifeSo it either needs to be informed if audiobuf moves (urrgh)...
14:24:29pondlifeor not make that assumption
14:24:31LinusNor init the talk last
14:25:05LinusNon the swcodec platforms, having a separate talk buffer is probably a good idea anyway
14:25:07pondlifetalk_init is needed early on for some reason. But note that .talk != talk,
14:25:35pondlifeThey are currently allocated together. If no voice file is in use, then the problem occurs
14:26:00LinusNaha, so otherwise the talk files are loaded into the voice buffer?
14:26:09pondlifeMy guess is that most users of .talk clips will use voice files (e.g. blind people), so this hasn't been spotted
14:26:29pondlifeNo, the .talk files are always temporary - in the audio buffer
14:27:22dan_alinuxstb: I haven't noticed it getting warmer than usual, but then I'm not stressing it yet because I can't listen to much music on it
14:28:09pondlifeIt depends on the timing of the various allocations, but the basic problem seems to be p_thumbnail assumes that audiobuf doesn't move.
14:28:09pondlifeBy allocating a little buffer (and moving audiobuf up) when we first need it, this problem is avoided.
14:28:09pondlifei.e. no assumption is made
14:28:33pondlifep_thumbnail remains at null until it actually allocates, at which point audiobuf has been increased, so no contention for memory
14:28:49pondlife(unless this assumption is elsewhere in rockbox of course)
14:29:20pondlifeOnly downside is that .talk clips now have a max size.
14:30:00pondlifeI could allocate the buffer dynamically maybe, but it would not be KISS compliant
14:32:07 Quit Gnelik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:36:01 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
14:36:27 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:37:25 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:37:37markunI wanted to compare different iriver firmwares to see if I can spot any patterns and found this nice site:
14:37:55 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
14:38:17markunboth E10 and U10 hex files contain the string "mmmmmm" many times
14:40:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:42:57 Join thoughts [0] (n=thoughts@
14:43:13 Quit lightyear (Connection timed out)
14:47:35 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
14:48:02 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
14:48:58 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
14:49:09 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
14:50:52 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
14:53:30BockBilbohey again
14:54:14 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
14:55:17BockBilbois it true that the albumart plugin needs to have an image on the directory instead of getting the image from the mp3 tag itself?
14:57:00linuxstbBut there are applications which will go through all your music and extract the images for you.
14:57:00BockBilboare them?
14:57:00linuxstb(just don't ask me what they are called...)
14:57:00BockBilboi'll google them
14:57:00DBUGEnqueued KICK BockBilbo
14:57:00BockBilbothough, I wonder if it would be possible to get the image from the tag in rockbox
14:57:04linuxstbYou may also need another application to resize them to the size your WPS expects them to be (75x75 or 100x100 are common) and convert to .bmp format.
14:57:47BockBilbommm interesting
14:57:57 Join damaki_ [0] (
14:57:58linuxstbIt's possible, but it's not the preferred approach. Images in tags are normally large JPEG files, so Rockbox would need to decode and resize them. It's much more efficient to do this once on the PC, rather than every time you play the track in Rockbox.
14:59:32BockBilboand what if rockbox just gets the image of the first file of an album and keeps it in memory if the next played song is from the same album?
14:59:45linuxstbI think the album art patch does that.
15:00:12linuxstbi.e. it uses one image for the whole folder, and doesn't keep reading the same image again.
15:00:19BockBilbowhat programming language do you guys use? C?
15:01:13BockBilboi wish i could program in c... it's something i need to learn :( Im a java and web programmer
15:04:33BockBilbolinuxstb, i guess that having to decode and resize an image from a mp3 tag would use too much resources from the player, right?
15:07:07goffa_damn.. x5 patches were committed after i left for work
15:07:13goffa_guess i'll have to wait until 11 :)
15:08:26LinusNpoor you
15:08:27linuxstbBockBilbo: "too much" is subjective. It certainly uses more than reading an uncompressed, pre-scaled .bmp file from the disk.
15:08:50 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:08:58goffa_i'll _probably_ live
15:09:24linuxstbBut for example, Apple's firmware doesn't read the album art from the tags - itunes stores copies of it on the ipod in an album art database.
15:09:44BockBilbothat's true
15:10:04BockBilboare you guys planning on doing such thing?
15:10:44linuxstbNo - a database seems overkill. Just storing the files on disk is much easier - and means you don't need any specialised software to do it.
15:10:51 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:16:11BockBilbothat's true :)
15:16:31CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:16:31*BockBilbo goes to have lunch, he'll be back in 15 minutes
15:17:21goffa_lol.. 7 am here
15:18:41 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
15:19:26goffa_i'm pretty much in zombie mode right now.. stayed up until like 12:30...
15:19:40goffa_they should put a cot in the office :)
15:21:24oboif any devs have any time spare I'd appreciate any feedback on some patches...
15:22:20goffa_what'd you do obo? (not a dev.. just nosey)
15:23:24oboFS 4899, 5111 and 5166 (aka headphone unplug, piezo driver and audioscrobbler)
15:24:17goffa_looks like nothing for me :)
15:24:33goffa_i don't own an ipod
15:24:44Jungti1234inits the M5636 USBOTG chip on the X5 to reduce the battery consumption.
15:24:48Jungti1234what is 'inits'?
15:24:58goffa_puts it to sleep
15:25:00PaulJaminitialize i guess
15:25:03Jungti1234ah :)
15:25:47 Quit `axion ("leaving")
15:32:31 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:33:01 Part steveb ("##uk - The brits still rule the world")
15:35:34 Join jhMikeS [0] (
15:36:24jhMikeSHow do you make the x5_fw.bin after building the bootloader? I tried renaming bootloader.bin but that won't flash. I can't seem to find much about this
15:39:16jhMikeSHello? Anyone?
15:40:20 Join lightyear [0] (
15:40:38LinusNjhMikeS: you use the mkboot tool
15:41:13Genre9mp3Great news.... Samsung doubles the capacity of NAND flash and shrinks the size of the chips by 25%!
15:41:37jhMikeSI tried that but i don't think I'm doing it right or something. Hold on...
15:42:24linuxstbLinusN: Looking at mkboot.c in CVS, it doesn't seem to have any X5 specific code (only h1x0/h3x0)...
15:43:19LinusNah, silly me
15:43:49LinusNx5 doesn't dual boot yet in cvs
15:44:20jhMikeSlinuxstb: I looked there too. Are the tools to make it not even included?
15:44:24LinusNjust scramble the bootloader.bin file
15:45:26LinusNscramble -iaudiox5 bootloader.bin x5_fw.bin
15:46:45jhMikeSscramble does what exactly? I suppose I could look myself but that would take time. :)
15:47:15LinusNit adds the iaudio header to the executable
15:47:29LinusNso the iaudio boot recognizes it
15:47:40jhMikeSLinusN: Ahh...had a feeling
15:47:54Jungti1234SID codec support now?
15:48:20jhMikeSSID? Isn't there a SID player for rockbox? Maybe I'm just nuts.
15:48:33kerbthere is a patch IIRC
15:48:40LinusNit's in cvs now
15:49:00jhMikeSDoes it sound like the real thing at all?
15:49:09LinusNoh yes
15:49:21LinusNit's pretty good for being that small
15:49:30kerbonly nitpickers find differences
15:49:43LinusNit can only handle simple tunes, no sampling and stuff
15:49:49jhMikeSIt plays .SID files I take it?
15:50:20jhMikeSIt's something you have to add to SOURCES, eh?
15:51:54LinusNit's already included in rockbox
15:52:18LinusNno need to do anything
15:52:40Jungti1234what is 'fix the remote support for the colour picker'? remote support colour picker??
15:53:39*BockBilbo is back
15:54:00LinusNJungti1234: you can set the colors with the remote control
15:54:47jhMikeSLinusN: I think that worked. Thanks.
15:55:02Jungti1234remote control haven't color.
15:55:05Jungti1234only one color..
15:55:23XavierGrLinus: any plans on a new H300 bootloader?
15:55:37LinusNJungti1234: true, but now you can change the color settings using the remote control
15:55:41LinusNXavierGr: yes
15:55:45XavierGrnice :D
15:55:59 Quit chendo (Remote closed the connection)
15:56:04LinusNworking on charging and rtc alarm
15:56:08XavierGrare you aware of the USB bootloader mode error on some H300s?
15:56:14LinusNoh, yes i am
15:56:21Jungti1234I don't understand.. I will check now
15:56:29XavierGrnice news then ;p
15:56:30Genre9mp3LinusN: rtc alarm?
15:56:51Genre9mp3LinusN: To be able to wake on schedule?
15:57:14Genre9mp3great news indeed! :)
15:58:32*linuxstb recalls that the ipods have a very similar rtc (and Linus now owns an ipod...)
16:02:12*LinusN looks away and whistles
16:02:29 Join bluebrother [0] (
16:02:38*linuxstb breaks into LinusN's house and steals all his DAPs apart from the ipod
16:03:52BockBilboanyone knows if julius' themes (like jBlackGlass or Green5g) work on other build than his experimental build?
16:04:22Jungti1234linuxstb: hehehe..
16:04:22*Genre9mp3 curses linuxstb for that!
16:05:09 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
16:05:12*linuxstb heads for ebay with his new belongings
16:05:58*LinusN has 14 players :-)
16:06:14linuxstb"has" ?
16:06:15louyou win a prize
16:06:21LinusNlinuxstb: :-)
16:06:25linuxstbs/has/had/ :)
16:06:42*Genre9mp3 buys the H300 from ebay ang give it back to LinusN :P
16:06:47amiconnLinusN: Does that include broken one(s)?
16:07:10LinusNamiconn: yes, it includes a broken Archos Player (you know which) :-)
16:07:21amiconnI didn't break it
16:07:24LinusNi know
16:08:32Lynx_LinusN: so, you stand in front of your player cabinet every morning and don't know which one to take?
16:08:57XavierGrthat's a good question.
16:09:07XavierGrLinus: Which one is your favorite DAP?
16:09:13LinusNhaha, i only use one for my daily use
16:09:22LinusNguess which?
16:09:27XavierGrH100 or H300?
16:09:29Lynx_the archos?
16:09:37XavierGrno the archos is for amiconn
16:09:56LinusNmy trusty old H140
16:09:59XavierGrnice :D
16:10:37 Quit bondolo (Excess Flood)
16:11:04 Join darkless [0] (
16:11:41 Join bondolo [0] (
16:15:22*amiconn cycles through most of his devices for daily use, but prefers the archoses
16:15:44linuxstbIs that because you use voice a lot?
16:16:00LinusNno, he likes the exercise :-)
16:16:45*linuxstb still prefers his h140 to the ipods for music, but likes games on the 5g's screen...
16:16:49Genre9mp3amiconn: Which one of the archoses you prefer most?
16:17:04 Quit lightyear (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:17:08 Part LinusN
16:17:13 Quit thoughts ("Byebye!")
16:17:54 Quit A_M ("CGI:IRC")
16:19:36BockBilbolinuxstb, the programs you told me before that can extract images from mp3 tags are for win or linux?
16:23:03linuxstbI've just read people talking about windows applications. But I'm sure it's possible in Linux (or running those windows apps in Wine).
16:23:33linuxstbI think there's a long thread in the H300 Rockbox forum on talking about album art. You may get some pointers there (if no-one here can help...)
16:23:50BockBilbothanks linuxstb
16:24:29amiconnGenre9mp3: No special one, it depends on the situation. Recorder, player or Ondio FM
16:27:06 Join ShyK [0] (i=Shy@
16:34:35 Join Rondom [0] (
16:39:38theli_uahmmm.. text_viewer completely freezes on some files :(
16:40:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:41:55 Join yip [0] (
16:43:47XavierGrdo we need different bidirectional setting for the remote?
16:44:06XavierGrI just discovered that bidir setting will not work on the remote
16:44:42XavierGrI suppose that I introduced when I split the scroll settings.
16:46:30 Join nls [0] (
16:47:03nlsbluebrother, around?
16:47:10bluebrothernls: yes.
16:47:52nlsI was looking at the recording section in the main menu chapter and was thinking of breaking it out to its own file
16:47:53BockBilboIm leaving, bye!
16:47:56 Quit BockBilbo ("Ex-Chat")
16:48:18bluebrotherwhy not ... I think some chapters could be split up even more.
16:48:43bluebrotherE.g. I thought it may be good to split the installation from the "Getting started" section.
16:49:07nlsok I will do it (the recording stuff) when I check in some other changes...
16:51:00bluebrotherI think we should consider breaking up the manual more based on functions, not on menus.
16:51:20nlsan example ?
16:51:37bluebrotherand introduce some section that shortly introduces the menu, referring to the functional descriptions.
16:52:09bluebrotherlike the recording ... currently it's in the "main menu", but recording isn't part of the menu −− it's just reachable through the main menu.
16:52:47nlsBut if it's in its own file it will be easy to move :)
16:52:51 Join stripwax_ [0] (
16:53:44bluebrotheror take the bookmarking. It's in "configuring rockbox". Seems a bit strange to me
16:54:47bluebrotheryes, some source files are still kinda crowded.
16:55:51bluebrotherfor bookmarking, I guess we also need a better description. Currently we mostly describe the settings itself but barely how to use it.
16:57:18nlsheh yeah there are so many things that can be improved
16:57:42 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:58:09bluebrotherI hope we can get some boost on this when summer is over ... seems a lot being on holidays now.
16:58:27 Join adiamas [0] (
16:59:13nlsyeah and new features are added all the time but not documented anywhere... like playlist catalogue, I have no idea what that does...
16:59:14 Join freqmod [0] (
16:59:38bluebrotherAlso, I'll be pretty busy with RL the next weeks ... now as generating html works.
17:00:16bluebrotherit maintains some kind of most used playlists, but that's mostly all I know.
17:00:40bluebrotherthe feature freeze was nice by means of no new features waiting to be added to the manual ;-)
17:01:01 Quit theli_ua ("Leaving")
17:01:05 Join lightyear [0] (
17:01:41 Nick hcl is now known as HCl (
17:01:51nlsok gtg back tomorrow maybe...
17:01:54 Quit nls (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
17:02:18bluebrothergtg too.
17:02:22 Part bluebrother
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17:49:11CtcpVersion from freenode-connect!freenode@freenode/bot/connect
17:49:41Hansmaulwurfwell, the page works for me
17:49:45GnelikYep it is online
17:50:26 Join Mmmm [0] (
17:51:32linuxstbCVS is up as well :)
17:52:04 Join CYPER^ [0] (
17:52:14 Quit lightyear (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:54:30Mmmmthank god...I can come out of the sun again...its HOT out there! :D
17:55:04jhMikeSJust put in a CVS build for x5. A recording screen is coming up by itself and I can't do anything except shut it off.
17:59:33 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:00:07jhMikeSWhy is "Show recording screen on startup" enabled by default?
18:00:33sharpejhMikeS: for... people... who want to record... without going through the menus...?
18:01:14pondlifeAnyone fancy looking at patch #5690? . Fixes a crash where .talk clips are loaded over the top of the dircache data.
18:01:54 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:02:38CYPER^Hello everybody :)
18:02:44CYPER^I have one more question
18:02:47jhMikeSsharpe: I don't want to record by default! It shouldn't just start recording on its own the minute you start it esp. for first timers. It looks like malfunctioning.
18:02:49CYPER^I bought that remote:
18:03:04sharpejhMikeS: tis probably is malfunctioning then.
18:03:08CYPER^the problem is it's not working with Rockbox, while it is working with the original firmware
18:03:11CYPER^any ideas why
18:03:17CYPER^I didn't expect it ot be that way
18:03:18 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
18:03:21 Join damaki__ [0] (
18:04:06sharpeCYPER^: rockbox doesn't support any ipod periprials.
18:04:23MmmmjhMikeS: try resetting settings and then restarting. Is it default now? if not it is just the changeover from no recording to recording mucking around with the settings a bit
18:04:26CYPER^:( :( :(
18:04:28jhMikeSsharpe: Hope they change that default.
18:04:35jhMikeSMmmm: Will do.
18:04:43GnelikIs there any VS 2005 plugin to work with C
18:04:50CYPER^sharpe, any future plans for supporting them?
18:04:52 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:05:02nudelynVS 2005 works with C out of the box
18:05:11sharpeCYPER^: not until we understand the protocol used by them, not really.
18:05:17Jungti1234Have a nice weekend, guys!
18:05:23 Quit Jungti1234 ()
18:05:28 Join lee-qid [0] (
18:05:28sharpei'm sure eventually, but not too soon it would seem.
18:05:32CYPER^sharpe thanks :)
18:05:54CYPER^also 2 more questions :)
18:06:07CYPER^1 - why when listeging to mp3 files they tend to skip
18:06:23CYPER^like the proc can't handle everything
18:06:40sharpeare you using the EQ, and/or have peakmeters in your wps?
18:06:53sharpeor, playing games while listening to music.
18:07:01CYPER^hm, not EQ, but the peakmeters could be the problems
18:07:11CYPER^but here is a real situation
18:07:12sharpeyes, you're probably better off removing them.
18:07:26CYPER^iPod Video, Skin Rockamp_Classic (like wnimap)
18:07:28jhMikeSYeah it cleared up. Wierd.
18:07:34CYPER^and it skips
18:07:47CYPER^no EQ or peakmeters
18:08:22 Join damaki [0] (
18:08:34 Quit slimx ("Leaving")
18:08:54 Join A_M [0] (
18:08:57CYPER^I'll try again today, after it charges
18:09:14CYPER^2nd question: why scrolling is so slow, not like with the original firmware
18:09:24MmmmjhMikeS: that's because a non existent setting came into existence without anything telling it what to do and it just decided to be on! :D
18:09:32CYPER^If I have 3000 titles on one screen I can expect 10 minutes scrolling
18:09:49sharpeCYPER^: there is a scroll acceleration patch on the tracker...
18:10:14jhMikeSMmmm: Mmmm Hmmm. Just like the universe!
18:10:23CYPER^sharpe, may I have a link please :)
18:10:41 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
18:12:50CYPER^thank you very much :)
18:13:33CYPER^ouh one more q :D
18:13:53jhMikeSI hope the CVS tree doesn't get way ahead of now that the feature freeze has thawed. I'm rewriting the whole x5 display and it's takin' some time but I got some good framerate increases.
18:13:58CYPER^how can I completely reinstall rockbox, cause I've made some changes, some of them good, some not
18:14:00jhMikeSAlready had file conflicts.
18:14:41sharpeCYPER^: you mean, bootloader and everything, or just the firmware?
18:15:15 Join apo` [0] (
18:15:46 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
18:15:59CYPER^sharpe, just the firmware and settings :)
18:16:10CYPER^delete themes I put later
18:16:23CYPER^refresh it :D
18:16:33CYPER^like you reinstall Windows :)
18:16:42 Quit apo` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:16:47CYPER^I guess I can just delete the .rockbox folder
18:16:51CYPER^and put it again?
18:16:52sharpewell if you want to reset the settings, just turn hold on before rockbox boots; and if you want to remove everything and not have things left over from the last rockbox build, just delete rockbox.ipod and /.rockbox/
18:17:12CYPER^yeah - I was right :)
18:17:15CYPER^thank you again :)
18:17:15sharpethen you could extract a new build
18:17:20 Join apo` [0] (
18:17:22sharpeyou're welcome.
18:17:28CYPER^why is there a new build every day
18:17:30 Quit apo` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:17:33CYPER^what's the point
18:17:33 Join apo` [0] (
18:17:38 Quit apo` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:18:01sharpebecause they're being constantly improved and such.
18:18:25sharpehence the multiple cvs commits every day.
18:19:59A_MI'm coding something where I need to no tag info for a specific file that I know is in the tagcache. Would it be possible to, given this file, retrieve the tag info from the tagcache? And would it be faster or slower than reading it from the actual file?
18:20:23A_M*no = know :S
18:21:24 Join BloodySorcerer [0] (
18:21:46sharpeA_M: is it a plugin?
18:22:26BloodySorcererwhee, my ISP is in its death throes from the looks of things!
18:22:34 Join apo` [0] (
18:22:35 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:22:35jhMikeSWhere's that sid player I've heard about? It's supposed to be included now.
18:22:40BloodySorcerer33% loss on pings to anywhere
18:22:49BloodySorcerernothing stably using the inet except IRC
18:23:27A_Msharpe: "ooh." as in you would've known if it were a plugin we were talking about? if so I'm still interested ;)
18:24:02sharpei was just thinking, i don't recall there being any function in the plugin api for dealing with the tagcache.
18:24:15A_Mah, ok
18:25:50sharpei'm just giving you my best guess, but you may be able to find it using tagcache_search()...
18:25:55 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
18:26:27linuxstbamiconn: Would you be able to test my latest change to scramble.c on your mini? It should allow you to create a working firmware partition containing the Rockbox bootloader without the need for ipod_fw and the dummy image.
18:26:58sharpewhich, i don't see why you couldn't use that function.
18:27:10A_Myeah, I was thinking something along those lines... there's a "filename" tag that is searchable - anyone know if it includes full path or if it's just the file name?
18:27:17linuxstbIt _should_ also allow you to just write rockbox.bin to the firmware partition directly (without the bootloader). But I tried it on my ipod Color, and Rockbox crashes after displaying the logo...
18:27:19 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:27:30lostlogichmm... that won't be something that nano or 5g users would want, my guess... USB is slower in emergency disk mode thanin the real firmware on 5g and nano.
18:27:42lostlogic(I noticed that it's not expected to work on 5g/nano any way)
18:28:11 Join Sinbios [0] (
18:29:13linuxstbIt _should_ work on the Nano. There's just one field in the header I'm not sure of, and took the value in my original firmware partition for my Photo.
18:29:37linuxstbBut as a 5g user, I never use the Apple firmware.
18:29:47 Join dionoea_work [0] (
18:30:02dionoea_worklinuxstb: ?
18:30:06sharpeA_M: seems to be the full path.
18:30:43A_Moh goody :)
18:30:43linuxstbdionoea_work: I just wanted to moan about rockpaint's use of a custom menu and custom colour-picker instead of using the standard Rockbox ones :)
18:31:45dionoea_worklinuxstb: the color picker can use the core one if i add HSV to it ... but it didn't look like this was a feature needed by the core color picker
18:31:50lostlogiclinuxstb: I use the apple firmware only when I'm doing a large music transfer, because 5-8 megs per second is a lot better than 1.
18:32:09dionoea_workand for the menus ... well i just fixed the old rockpaint menu code before noticing that there were corefunctions
18:32:48dionoea_workbtw, do core menus take the whole screen ? or can i have menus in "windows" like current rockpaint ?
18:33:38 Quit sharpe ("Leaving")
18:33:39linuxstbAt the moment, the core menus take the whole screen. But I'm sure that will change in the future - probably when viewports are introduced in the lcd drivers.
18:34:18linuxstbe.g. it would be nice if the context menus (at least) were "pop-up" menus that didn't occupy the full screen (on the larger LCDs of course).
18:34:21dionoea_worki'll wait for the viewports thing then :)
18:34:23 Quit Quarryman (
18:34:23 Quit Hadaka (
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18:35:42*dionoea_work hates CGI:IRC
18:35:45NJoinlinuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
18:35:57 Join shamgar [0] (n=micahc@
18:37:36DEBUGEOF from server (Success) (snapshot: netstuff.c line 545)
18:37:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:37:36***Started Dancer V4.16
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18:37:36DEBUGconnect(2) failed on socket 3 (Connection refused) (snapshot: netstuff.c line 150)
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18:37:36DEBUGconnect(2) failed on socket 3 (Connection refused) (snapshot: netstuff.c line 150)
18:37:36***Unable to connect to on port 6667 (tried 8 times)
18:37:36***No seen item changed, no save performed.
18:38:07***Started Dancer V4.16
18:38:07DEBUGconnect(2) failed on socket 3 (Connection refused) (snapshot: netstuff.c line 150)
18:38:07DEBUGconnect(2) failed on socket 3 (Connection refused) (snapshot: netstuff.c line 150)
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18:38:07***Unable to connect to on port 6667 (tried 8 times)
18:38:07***No seen item changed, no save performed.
18:38:35***Started Dancer V4.16
18:38:35DEBUGconnect(2) failed on socket 3 (Connection refused) (snapshot: netstuff.c line 150)
18:38:35DEBUGconnect(2) failed on socket 3 (Connection refused) (snapshot: netstuff.c line 150)
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18:38:35DEBUGconnect(2) failed on socket 3 (Connection refused) (snapshot: netstuff.c line 150)
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18:43:21 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
18:43:29dionoea_worklinuxstb: so, should i add the hsv stuff to the core color picker and use that one in rockpaint ?
18:44:03 Join ze_ [0] (i=ze@
18:44:24 Join josh_ [0] (
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18:45:10*freqmod notes linuxstb that the speex patch is updated to apply against current cvs
18:45:15 Join BloodySorcerer [0] (
18:46:00linuxstbdionoea: Personally I think you should (as well as use the core menus) - to maintain consistency in the UI. Even if they are not as pretty currently as the Rockpaint ones. I don't know what others think though...
18:46:35linuxstbfreqmod: Does it work with gcc 4 on ipods yet?
18:46:36 Quit apo` ("KVIrc 3.2.3 Anomalies")
18:47:21 Join Lynx [0] (
18:47:31freqmodyes but stereo is a little flaky, haven't got a way around the faulty sqrt function, and still does not work above 16kHz, which i think is a slow sample rate
18:47:34 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
18:48:00 Join crashd [0] (
18:48:45freqmodtested it on a 4g iPod of a friend of mine, it works there to.
18:53:00 Join luckz [0] (
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18:54:42 Join FOAD [0] (
18:55:54cariniAre there any devs around that would be willing to check out a small patch to add support for generating remote keypresses in the sim?
18:57:08 Quit dpro ("Leaving")
18:58:09 Join Gnelik [0] (n=gnelik@
18:58:52 Join Lynx- [0] (
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19:16:54 Join godzirra [0] (n=na@
19:16:55godzirrahowdy folks.
19:17:21godzirraI have a few questions... I'm using an H120... I just upgraded my rockbox again today, but for some reason my wps file cuts off parts of the name of an id3 tag...
19:17:51 Quit thoughts (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:18:13chendomissing patch
19:18:20chendoi had that problem, changed builds
19:18:25godzirrawhat do you mean?
19:18:28godzirraand how do I fix it? :)
19:18:37godzirraI just upgraded to the most recent build in an effort to fix it
19:18:41godzirrabecause my build was a few months old.
19:18:53chendomaybe they removed it for the H120
19:19:04chendo3:20am and i gotta go to sleep, later
19:19:11godzirracan you give me a direction to look then?
19:19:14godzirrathats all pretty cryptic.
19:19:39chendoi'm not sure if there's any custom builds for the H120 so i can't help you there
19:19:46chendobut check the forums
19:19:49chendomight find something there
19:19:51godzirrafor what?
19:20:06chendoyour problem
19:21:06godzirra"missing text" or "missing part of title" doesnt seem to work well...
19:21:42 Quit pabs (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:23:50BloodySorcereryay FM radio and recording on X5...
19:24:48 Join pabs [0] (
19:25:34 Join damaki_ [0] (
19:26:08godzirraanyone know?
19:27:49 Part pixelma
19:28:04 Part xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
19:28:45 Quit dionoea_work ("tada!")
19:28:51 Quit TeaSea (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:31:01 Join damaki__ [0] (
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19:38:26 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:44:10 Join obo [0] (
19:44:53 Join dropandho [0] (
19:45:55dropandhohey all!
19:45:59dropandhosilly question here
19:46:12dropandhoi know that there have been a handful of changes made to the tagcahe
19:46:15 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:46:42dropandhois it me- or are none of these new features documented on the wiki or elsewhere?
19:48:18 Join mikearthur [0] (
19:48:18PaulJamthey are still under developement, i think it will be documented once it isn't changing often anymore
19:48:54 Quit lukaswayne9 ("Ex-Chat")
19:49:03 Join UrbanNightmare [0] (
19:49:19 Quit Gnelik (Remote closed the connection)
19:49:20 Part UrbanNightmare
19:50:49dropandhoPaul- thanks...that makes sense
19:51:06dropandhoI'm pretty excited about these changes...looks like some good progress!
19:52:35 Join Harry [0] (
19:52:42Harrywats new
19:55:05 Quit Harry (Client Quit)
19:55:21 Join bernych [0] (
19:56:48bernychHi, folks, I see that now the rockbox CVS for the iaudio x5 allow radio recording...
19:56:48 Join dumbkid [0] ( do we do?
19:57:19dumbkid hey all
19:57:42dumbkid can i somehow get the current cvs repository in 1 archive file?
19:58:51obodumbkid: look on the CVS builds page
19:58:56PaulJamyou can download the source on the daily- or the cvs builds page
19:59:01dumbkid not the binary
19:59:12 Quit dumbkid (Client Quit)
19:59:31 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
20:00:17PaulJambernych: on h300 it works if you turn on the radio and then go to the recording screen and select line in as source. maybe it's the same on x5.
20:01:27bernychPaulJam: I tryied it but as soon as I enter in the recording screen the radio stops
20:03:08 Join dumbkid_ [0] (
20:03:30 Part dumbkid_
20:08:07 Join perpleXa [0] (n=perplexa@unaffiliated/perplexa)
20:11:49 Quit dropandho ()
20:11:51bernychNow it works, I don't know why, but my recording.c was still at the previous version even after the cvs update! Fixed
20:12:28 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
20:13:29 Join ShyK [0] (i=Shy@
20:14:10 Part bernych
20:22:08goffa_just updated rockbox on my x5
20:22:22goffa_when i turn it on, it immediately jumps into the recording screen
20:22:54goffa_there a new setting to get it to boot into playback? or is that a bug?
20:22:57XavierGrthere is an option for it
20:23:18XavierGrI assume that your settings were confused
20:23:23XavierGrand this was set to on
20:23:34XavierGrgo to recording screen and change the option
20:23:46goffa_that was it
20:24:05goffa_that kicks ass that they got that working
20:24:41 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
20:25:26Paul_The_Nerdgoffa_: You *may* want to reload your settings from a file, or reset them. If your settings were suddenly different after installing a new build of Rockbox, it often means a change to the settings block with someone forgetting to increase the version number.
20:25:41 Join Moos [0] (
20:26:14 Quit Moos (Client Quit)
20:26:15 Join DrMoos [0] (
20:26:40 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
20:27:05 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
20:27:09MoosHello !
20:28:25 Part Paul_The_Nerd
20:28:51linuxstb_Yes, enabling recording for a new target will mean all the settings protected by #ifdef HAVE_RECORDING will suddenly come into use....
20:29:10goffa_Well i changed that setting.. works fine now
20:29:14goffa_or appears to
20:29:16 Quit FOAD ("Lost terminal")
20:29:26goffa_i think just the fact that radio and recording were enabled triggered something
20:29:38goffa_afterall its new on the x5 :)
20:30:27 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
20:31:15Mooshooray for this
20:31:38goffa_was a good day today :)
20:31:44 Join FOAD [0] (
20:32:07goffa_when my h140 comes in... i can listen to one player while drumming... and hear how terrible i sound with the x5 :)
20:34:00Mooshehe :)
20:35:32 Join spiorf [0] (
20:37:26goffa_next thing i'm hoping for is or
20:37:41goffa_wonder how far rubberglove has gotten with that
20:38:03goffa_i was thinking about that too
20:38:28goffa_if the default behavior was changed.. people who like it the way it is could just select track 1 and turn shuffle off
20:38:51goffa_and have the same effect without the destruction of the playlist
20:39:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:39:59goffa_well.. that and battery optimization .. but i know they are actively working on the battery
20:40:04 Join nudelyn2 [0] (
20:40:07goffa_or will be
20:46:39 Join gursikh [0] (
20:48:35XavierGranyone with cvs access online?
20:48:48XavierGrI've got a small bugfix
20:49:37linuxstb_How small?
20:49:43Mooswhat is it for too?
20:49:56XavierGr10 lines
20:50:02 Join S0ap [0] (n=bob@unaffiliated/s0ap)
20:50:04XavierGrbidirectional setting for the remote
20:50:09XavierGrit was left out last time
20:50:16godzirra I have a few questions... I'm using an H120... I just upgraded my rockbox again today, but for some reason my wps file cuts off parts of the name of an id3 tag. Anyone have any suggestions how to fix that?
20:50:27XavierGrcurrently it can't be set, it is always the default
20:50:27 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
20:51:10linuxstb_godzirra: Which WPS? What version of Rockbox were you running previously?
20:52:02godzirraI'm using a custom.wps (I can paste it if need be) and I was running a version a few months old
20:52:07godzirraI upgraded because the old version did the saame thing
20:52:38S0apis there anyway, godzirra, that you toggled the setting to prefer ID3v1 over ID3v2 tags?
20:52:53S0apor does this problem only appear in this WPS?
20:53:18 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
20:53:24 Quit JoeyBorn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:53:38godzirraHmmm... that is possible s0ap... How do I check?
20:53:43godzirraI havent tried another wps.
20:53:44goffa_i've noticed something in the engineer2 wps.. not important to me.. but on my x5 and h140 the bitrate is shifted to the right
20:54:07goffa_about half way out of the box where its supposed to display
20:54:41linuxstb_XavierGr: Do you have a patch?
20:54:41 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:54:56S0apgodzirra - try another WPS, and if the problem persists, we'll go from there.
20:54:57 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:55:08XavierGrlinuxstb: yes
20:55:43godzirrait does not happen in another wps it doesnt look like
20:55:48godzirragoffa_: I have the same problem on my h120
20:55:55 Quit nudelyn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:56:14linuxstb_XavierGr: OK - to linuxstb
20:56:16gursikhIf A link on the wiki is 404, can I just remove the link?
20:56:24godzirra is my custom.wps
20:56:26S0apMenu ->General Settings ->Playback->ID3 Tag Priority is where the setting is, godzirra
20:56:38 Join Mmmm [0] (
20:57:14godzirraS0ap: yeah, its v2 then v1
20:57:19godzirraand engineer.wps seems to work
20:57:48godzirraBut I'm unclear why my wps isnt working
20:58:31MmmmjhMikeS: you there?
20:58:36S0appoop, as I liked my theory.
20:59:04dan_alinuxstb: I've tested a few more codecs on the iPod 3G, but I can't edit the Wiki page.
20:59:35linuxstbdan_a: I have to ask you one question: "Are you a spammer planning to insert hidden links all over the wiki?"
20:59:48XavierGrlinuxstb: sent on your sourceforge mail.
21:00:05godzirraSo any suggestions on how I can fix my wps?
21:00:19linuxstbXavierGr: Thanks - it went straight into my junk mail :)
21:00:20dan_alinuxstb: Do I need to be?
21:00:34MmmmAnyone here got an IAudioX5 who knows how to patch?
21:00:41gursikhCan someone please give me write access to the wiki, I have just registered
21:01:20linuxstbdan_a: All new wiki accounts need to be "approved" by someone in IRC before the account can get write access - it's to help prevent spammers registering. It was a joke...
21:02:04linuxstbdan_a: But I've forgotten how to do it... Anyone?
21:02:16gursikhI see....., OK then. Back to my other question: If a link is 404, should I just remove the link, or make a note?
21:02:29amiconnSome page needs to be edited....
21:02:29XavierGrlinuxstb: did you get it then?
21:02:36amiconnShould be in the logs somewhere
21:03:00linuxstbamiconn: Yes, I'm searching the logs now...
21:03:26*amiconn should update his irc logfile collection
21:03:30 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:03:59gursikhPlease let me know when I have write access :-)
21:04:10dan_alinuxstb: The dry humour in my reply didn't carry over IRC then!
21:04:52linuxstbdan_a: Sorry :) Try now?
21:05:26jhMikeSMmmm: I'm here now.
21:05:42Mmmmyou've got an IAudioX5 right?
21:05:49jhMikeSMmmm: Si
21:06:06Mmmmand you know how to patch rockbox?
21:06:08linuxstbXavierGr: Yes, I got it.
21:06:21jhMikeSMmmm: Yes
21:06:23gursikhalso another issue: when Logging in, example- hit edit on some page, login prompt syas login..blah blah blah, hit cancel to register if you dont have a login: hit cancel and you get : blank page with this: ScriptUrlPath}/view/TWiki/TWikiRegistration
21:06:30 Join bluebrother [0] (
21:06:37dan_alinuxstb: That's working
21:06:50MmmmjhMikeS: would you mind ding me a favour? A quick bit of testing?
21:06:59dan_aFor codecs which are OK at low bitrates, is that a Yes or a No?
21:07:06jhMikeSMmmm: Sure. Why not?
21:07:44linuxstbdan_a: You could try and add a note, but I'm not sure of the best way in a Twiki. AAC on normal ipods should also have a note to say it works at low bitrates (128kbps) only.
21:07:55Mmmmjhm:excellent, there is a patch here (very simple but I dont want to commit without testing):
21:08:02linuxstbXavierGr: Shouldn't the config block version be incremented as well?
21:08:20jhMikeSMmmm: I hope it doesn't conflict with my changes. :D I'll use an unmodified source if you like.
21:08:45MmmmjhMikeS: it only changes recording.c ... should be ok it think
21:09:00Mmmms/ it/I
21:09:35Mmmmjust check that the buttons do what I said they should do earlier on in the thread
21:09:59jhMikeSMmmm:'s up in the tracker now, eh?
21:10:13Mmmmno, just on the forum
21:10:17XavierGrlinuxstb: yes, indeed ;p
21:10:25XavierGrI completely forgot that!
21:10:46jhMikeSMmmm: No wonder I was missing it, the type is tiny.
21:11:06Mmmm:D you've got it now though?
21:11:58 Join sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
21:12:42gursikhWho should I contact about my above "bug" report ?
21:12:46jhMikeSMmmm: Yes...I'm using two computers at once here!
21:13:24linuxstbXavierGr: In fact, your patch doesn't add remote_bidir_limit to the settings struct (around line 366 of settings.c) - so the setting won't be saved (unless I'm missing something...)
21:13:37XavierGrlet me check it
21:13:43XavierGrI did it very quickly
21:14:07linuxstbTake your time and test and email it to me later.
21:14:41godzirraSooo... anyone have any idea how to fix my WPS or why it isnt working?
21:15:02gursikhlinuxstb_: Write access?
21:15:23gursikhprety please?
21:15:56XavierGrlinuxstb: thanks for cheking it first
21:16:01XavierGrI am a complete idiot! :p
21:18:35jhMikeSMmmm: Building now...
21:18:51amiconnHmm. The table in isn't clear about whether a codec isn't realtime on a specific target, or whether it's just not tested yet
21:20:16pixelmagodzirra: are you sure you're using the same font? since your wps uses spaces and not align tags for the 'layout' - or where is it cut?
21:21:50MmmmjhMikeS: The suspense is killing me! ;)
21:22:40dan_aamiconn: there needs to be a nice "question mark" icon
21:23:10amiconnEither that, or the tested negative cases could be marked with %N%
21:23:41dan_aDoes %N% work? If it does I'll mark the ones I know are negative
21:23:48freqmodWhen we are discussing the SoundCodecs pageC could someone with write access add info about speex (patch) to the first table. e.g. "Patch for rockbox exists in the bugtracker but it is slow because speex is still not fully converted to fixed point."
21:24:24jhMikeSMmmm: Joystick: Check play: check, rec: check
21:24:51Mmmmand lon presses on play and rec?
21:25:09jhMikeSMmmm: But...when I press power from the recording screen it aborted the record screen and went to the menu. It that right? What is "on hold"?
21:25:25jhMikeSyes, long presses
21:25:48Mmmmwhich menu? did it just go back a step?
21:26:03Mmmmnot the same as long rec right?
21:26:34jhMikeSnothing happens with a long record press while recording. Yes back to the recording menu
21:27:08jhMikeSwhy not use the record button to record? or is that because the record button does menus throughout?
21:27:30jhMikeSMmmm: long record, wait a minute.
21:27:48Mmmmshort record should always start a new file
21:28:03jhMikeSlong record brings up the menu with frequency, etc...
21:28:27 Join midgey31 [0] (
21:28:32Mmmmpress short record a few times, you should see the filename increment
21:28:40jhMikeSlong record does nothing during recording
21:29:11jhMikeSreecording doesn't start, it just shows a new file
21:29:36Mmmmok..while recording, going into settings is a no-no so that's good
21:29:43Mmmmit doesnt start at all?
21:30:09jhMikeSMmmm: should it? short record just brings up a new file name.
21:30:29 Join damaki [0] (
21:30:49Mmmmif you press it once it should start recording, press again it should continue recording but in a different file
21:30:53 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
21:30:56jhMikeSshort record while recording starts a new file and keeps recording
21:31:41 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
21:31:42jhMikeSif I'm not recording, rec brings up the frequency menu, or did I cover that?
21:31:53Mmmmthat should be long rec
21:32:01jhMikeSIt just happened
21:32:30Mmmmshort rec?
21:32:50jhMikeSaudio meters going, no recording press record short and...
21:33:04Mmmmyes.... :D
21:33:06jhMikeSok...but it was *very* short.
21:33:34Mmmmreally? hmmm some people have been having probs with short presses...
21:34:01 Join damaki_ [0] (
21:34:03jhMikeSok...when stopped: play brings up the main record menu and record brings up the record menu.
21:34:27Mmmmthese are long presses right?
21:34:27jhMikeSBTW: does it delete the files if you never started actually recording anything and you switch file names?
21:35:07Mmmmno, it starts a new file...I assume you have paused the recording to do that
21:35:07 Join spiorf [0] (
21:35:14jhMikeSIf I'm recording and I hit long play, it will jump back to the main record menu
21:35:16amiconnIf you don't record, there is no file created at all
21:35:23 Join UrbanNightmare [0] (
21:35:42jhMikeSMmmm...if i didn't pause, it keep right on recording into a new one.
21:36:08jhMikeSIf no samples were recorded, it probably should be deleted IMHO.
21:36:13Mmmmgood, that's as it should be...Long play acts as stop so this should always exit the recording screen
21:36:16UrbanNightmareHello everyone. Just a quick question about compiling from source. Do I need to put a new firmware on my iPod or just the rockbox.ipod file?
21:36:31 Quit midgey34 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:37:07linuxstb_UrbanNightmare: rockbox.ipod _is_ the firmware. You don't have to update the bootloader.
21:37:39UrbanNightmareThanks. Sorry got the two confused. I'm new to rockbox but not to cross compiling in Linux.
21:37:48jhMikeSMmmm: why does play have to be the "Off" when the power button does it too?
21:38:35MmmmI was told that long play was normally the off button so for consistency I put it in
21:39:01Mmmmamiconn: IAudiox5 has no off button!
21:39:02amiconnLong play is the off button _on ipod_
21:39:15amiconnAh, you're talking about x5... sorry
21:39:34Mmmmdoesn't Ipod have an off button either? what is the world coming to? :D
21:39:41jhMikeSamiconn: lets not get too technical...mmmmkay? :)
21:39:48amiconnIirc, off is doubled on Play because the power button is deemed a bit cumbersome to operate
21:39:57jhMikeSthe power switch is on/off
21:40:10amiconnMmmm: nope
21:40:21amiconnIpod has no dedicated off button at all
21:40:52Mmmmmaybe these days the philosophy is: if you've started listening why would you want to stop
21:41:17jhMikeSMmmm: I trust it checks out?
21:41:21dan_aWhile we're on the subject, is the iPod supposed to reset when the power-off timer is reached, or should it go into standby like it does on the original firmware?
21:41:34MmmmjhMikeS: ???
21:41:47jhMikeSWhat I'd really like is to be able to remap keys for each function to my liking.
21:42:02Mmmmheh heh..not a chance!
21:42:22jhMikeSMmmm: The ???. I mean the button are ok?
21:42:29MmmmjhMikeS: so the conclusion is that the patch does what it should right?
21:42:31jhMikeSMmmm: Watch me!
21:42:48Mmmmim watching...
21:43:12jhMikeSMmmm: Well, yes. Now I have to see if there's actually something recorded! ;D
21:43:32jhMikeSMmmm: or does that already check out?
21:43:40Mmmmahh..that shouldnt be a prob...what I've done is just the buttons
21:43:46linuxstb_dan_a: It should go into standby. But I'm not sure if the method is the same on the 3g - does it have a pcf50605?
21:43:53jhMikeSMmmm: Watch me do the button thing...fully programmable keys!
21:44:07dan_alinuxstb: It does
21:44:17Mmmmahh! i see....that'll never get committed though is what I meant! ;)
21:44:19jhMikeSMmmm: 20 different press length setting on each
21:45:12amiconndan_a: Rockbox doesn't have a standby mode. It powers off after the poweroff timeout (hence the name ;) )
21:45:33jhMikeSMmmm: Why wouldn't it? It wouldn't change anything for the novice and those that have gripes with keys can have it their way.
21:45:42amiconnAh, you mean on g3 it doesn't work right yet
21:45:51*amiconn is a bit slow today :(
21:46:10goffa_yay.. iriver got my h140
21:46:27goffa_should have it fixed by wed.. and i should have it in time for vacation
21:46:29MmmmjhMikeS: It's just one of those things people have decided is a bad idea...
21:46:45linuxstb_dan_a: Looking at the code, it should be working on the 3g... What happens if you hold the play button for a few seconds?
21:46:52MmmmjhMikeS: ok..thanks loads, I'll commit that button patch then... cheers
21:47:34*Mmmm gets back to washing the dishes
21:47:37jhMikeSMmmm: Well, I'm a bit new here so I'm not up on everything that's been decided. I don't remember seeing it in "features we'll never add to rockbox".
21:47:37dan_alinuxstb: It shuts down. When I wake it up it does a full reboot
21:47:47linuxstb_That's normal.
21:48:24dan_aThat's fine then - at the moment I'm not always sure what's expected behaviour and what's a bug!
21:48:57jhMikeSMmmm: I'd like to see my LCD driver upgrade committed...I've been working my butt off on it! :D
21:49:12MmmmjhMikeS: have a quick look here (all i can find at the mo) jhMikeS: ok..thanks loads, I'll commit that then... cheers
21:49:13dan_aBy the way, I managed to get some plugins working as thumb code :)
21:49:15 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:49:54jhMikeSMmmm: Where's the link?
21:50:02MmmmjhMikeS: I'm afraid you'd have to find a dev who knows a bit more about the IAudio than me for that one....just keep going on about it
21:50:13linuxstb_dan_a: Nice. Which ones?
21:50:42MmmmjhMikeS: Damn, stupid clipboard :D
21:50:53jhMikeSMmmm: I've totally taken it over and boosted the frame rates substantially, is that worthy. And then there's the LCD shutoff thing
21:51:09dan_aClock and Brickmania definitely were.
21:51:23jhMikeSMmmm: Thanks. 8D
21:51:51dan_aIt was only saving about 4k per .rock though.
21:52:05MmmmjhMikeS: Sounds very good, It's just not me you need to talk to :)
21:52:30 Quit UrbanNightmare ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:52:33linuxstb_dan_a: Still no luck with the codecs though?
21:52:49jhMikeSMmmm: Help me out. Who's the one/ones to talk to? RaeNye?
21:52:56 Quit novimon ("leaving")
21:53:20dan_alinuxstb: No. I need to learn enough about Makefiles so I can try one codec at a time
21:53:39linuxstb_jhMikeS: I think Bagder and LinusN are the only two devs with CVS access and X5s, but I'm losing track of who has CVS access now...
21:54:32jhMikeSlinuxstb_: Thanks
21:58:56 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
21:59:07amiconnHmm. The lcd should be shut down properly on all platforms. That's missing for ages....
21:59:44jhMikeSamiconn: X5 backlight blinks on poweroff when you do it
21:59:52dan_alinuxstb: Actually, now I come to think about it, last time I tried the codecs I wasn't using -mcallee-super-interworking
21:59:59dan_aand I think it needs that
22:01:56 Join pondlife [0] (
22:02:29amiconnjhMikeS: Yeha, it's quite likely the lcd becomes transparent when it's powered down. In this case it's necessary to switch off the backlight before shutting down the lcd
22:03:08jhMikeSamiconn: I did that of course! :)
22:04:36amiconnBut without lcd shutdown, nasty effects might happen. Ghost images on coluor ipods, permanent black lcd line on greyscale ipods at next boot which will only slowly fade away. And a black line together with some pixel garbage at shutdown on the player
22:05:23amiconnThe ghost images and black lines on ipod may have a negative effect on lcd lifetime
22:05:28jhMikeSWell, the X5 doesn't do that stuff...maybe it won't have I'll effects on other players.
22:06:00amiconnMaybe the H300 and X5 lcd have similar effects, just not visible because the lcd looks almost black when powered off
22:06:52 Quit damaki_ (Remote closed the connection)
22:07:51jhMikeSI don't know how shut down the VCC on the backlight and the LCD. Think I can randomly turn things off till I find it?
22:08:14amiconnYou don't need to shut down Vcc
22:08:23amiconnThe lcd has a powerdown command sequence
22:08:32amiconns/lcd/lcd controller/
22:08:41jhMikeSamiconn: I put it though that of course
22:10:37jhMikeSEven just shutting down the display and leaving the internal operations going give the flash and powerdown. poweroff
22:16:24 Quit gursikh (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:18:11 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
22:19:01 Join low_light [0] (
22:19:13 Quit Pyromancer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:19:31amiconnHmm.... I'm not exactly a friend of colour displays on mobile devices.... but... if someone manages to port a visualisation like "goom"...
22:20:59*amiconn guesses that type of visualisation is too demanding
22:21:52 Join BockBilbo [0] (
22:21:56BockBilbohey again!
22:23:02Genre9mp3amiconn: Milkdrop which I suppose is similar to Goom, requires 8MB minimum hardware-based 3D graphics acceleration...
22:23:21amiconnI don't think goom needs hardware 3D
22:23:22Genre9mp3...amd 32MB recommended
22:23:42amiconnIt runs with the opensource ati driver, hence without 3D acceleration
22:23:55crwlopensource ati driver has hardware acceleration for some chips
22:24:25S0apa: It is driving a much larger screen. b: it wasn't programed with memory savings in mind c: I'd still bet my left nut the ipod couldn't drive anything close.
22:25:47amiconncrwl: Hmm, is that documented somewhere
22:25:56amiconnBtw, Xpress 200 (RS480) here
22:26:05amiconn(ATI chipset gfx)
22:27:14crwlamiconn, i don't know...
22:27:35crwli have a radeon 9600 pro (RV350 i think) and was able to run PrBoom and glxgears just fine :)
22:28:09BockBilboIm still searching for a program to retrieve all the album art images from my mp3 files tags that saves them on the folder each file is located at... anyone knows about one?
22:28:17crwldidn't try much else, because newer versions of the proprietary driver work fine for me...
22:29:03BockBilboAlbum cover art downloader doesn't seen to be what i need, and neither easytag.. because for both of them i would need to save each image manually
22:29:24BockBilboi need a program to get all the images from a large collection searching the directories recursively
22:29:41amiconnI won't go through the hassle of installing proprietary drivers
22:29:56amiconn(and I don't even know whether tehy're available for amd64)
22:30:24oboBockBilbo: maybe ??
22:30:42BockBilboobo, lets see
22:30:43crwlthere are drivers available for amd64
22:30:58BockBilboive read about it on mysticriver
22:31:07BockBilbothough im not sure if it is what i need
22:31:16crwlat least with ubuntu, the installation is very easy, the driver is available with apt-get
22:31:26Genre9mp3About the visualizations, a simple spectrum analyser plugin would be nice to have
22:31:35BockBilbothat program is for getting images from amazon
22:31:50BockBilboi already have every image on the tags
22:31:59amiconnI don't care much about 3D anyway, what would be more important would be a working DPMS at the DVI output :/
22:32:00BockBilboso i need to get the images from the mp3 files
22:32:03oboBockBilbo: ewww
22:32:14 Join damaki [0] (
22:32:41 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
22:32:43obosorry, I missed the bit when you said you had them in tags...
22:33:10BockBilboobo, it is possible to add the album covers on the mp3 id tags
22:33:31pondlifeAnyone with an Archos fancy testing some patches for me?
22:33:32BockBilboall my mp3 files have its album cover on its id tag
22:33:37obono idea - I used it when I was running windows, but have since switched to linux... so can't check
22:34:02BockBilboobo, was that for me?
22:34:10BockBilboi use ubuntu too
22:34:12Paul_The_Nerdpondlife: What kind of Archos, and what kind of patches?
22:34:29pondlifeAny HWCODEC - that's most if not all of them isn't it?
22:34:32Paul_The_NerdOh, shoot. Nevermind.
22:34:35Paul_The_NerdAnd yeah, that's all of 'em.
22:34:37pondlifeTwo patches to fix 2 crashes
22:34:37Genre9mp3I was wondering, is there a specific reason why .rvf are only for the Archoses?
22:34:45pondlifewith voice clips
22:34:51BockBilboi think im going to write a little bash script to get the images from the mp3 id tags
22:34:53Paul_The_NerdJust realized, the AJBR is in a box in a truck 3 hours from here at the moment. =/
22:35:25pondlifePaul_The_Nerd: No problem, but in 3 hours maybe you can look at and
22:35:26sharpePaul_The_Nerd: is it a dilemma it's three hours away?
22:36:01pondlifeI'd be interested to know if others are seeing the actual crashes too - they've been plaguing me for a while now.
22:36:33pondlifeMight be my unusual config - .talk dir clips but not file clips
22:36:33Paul_The_Nerdpondlife: It won't be here in three hours. The truck is just three hours' drive away. It'll be here some time late this evening. But I'll check them when I get the chance (you may need to remind me tomorrow though, if I haven't yet)
22:37:01pondlifeNo worries, I was just joking about the 3 hours. I'll give you 4... ;-)
22:37:14low_lightBockBilbo: install "eyed3" and use the −−write-images option
22:37:21BockBilbothanks low_light
22:37:38pondlifeI have a Recorder V1 which I leant to a friend, maybe able to get it back next week sometime.
22:39:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:40:00pondlifeOn another topic - has it been suggested that 10000 tracks is too low a limit for tagcache?
22:41:08 Quit godzirra ("Lost terminal")
22:42:10BockBilbolow_light, that works, thanks... though i think that im going to write a little Java program
22:43:03Paul_The_Nerdpondlife: Several times, actually.
22:43:30Paul_The_Nerdpondlife: When the user initializes tagcache for the first time, maybe we should let them choose how big it gets to be.
22:45:55pondlifeI increased my build to 15000, I wonder how big a memory hit I've taken....
22:46:13pondlifeIt should probably be a setting, like the max files per playlist
22:46:49pondlifeAnyway, as is my way, I've gotta go.
22:46:58 Quit pondlife ("Hit and run")
22:49:05S0apI figure I can only get apox 9000 LAME -APS songs on my 60 gig ipod.
22:49:42S0ap(and I didn't use any long-ass ASMZ or GY!BE tracks to calc that)
22:50:00 Join lightyear [0] (
22:50:48BockBilboby the way, i jost bougth a volskwagen golf on which im thinking of installing the ipod support for the radio-cd. The question here is... this will just work for the apple firmware, right?
22:50:51crwlbut you can get a lot over 10000 vorbis q4 tracks...
22:50:58crwlor .SIDs, for that matter :D
22:51:28 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
22:51:54Paul_The_NerdYeah, .sids+tagcache == OUCH
22:52:08crwl(is there a dircache exclude feature already? HVSC and dircache don't mix)
22:52:14S0apvorbis q6 is much closer to APS than q4
22:52:16crwltagcache probably doesn't know anything about sids yet, or..?
22:52:19S0apbut point taken
22:52:44crwlyes, but many people would consider APS quality a waste in a portable player, including me
22:52:46Paul_The_Nerdcrwl: The SID patch was indexed by TagCache, unless they disabled that when committing it, I imagine it's the same.
22:53:01Paul_The_NerdWhy would APS be a waste on a portable?
22:53:07crwli would perhaps have different opinion if i had 60 gigs of available space, though
22:53:13Paul_The_NerdEspecially ones like the H100 with digital output?
22:53:28crwlPaul_The_Nerd, because I can only luckily ABX even q4 vorbis
22:53:47Paul_The_NerdWell, it's a waste if you can't ABX it at all, yeah.
22:53:58Paul_The_NerdBut you said you consider it a waste for portable players, rather than just for playback in general...
22:54:15amiconnlame −−preset standard isn't a waste imho
22:54:29crwlwell, even so for portable players, because the playing environment is noisier and yadayada... erm... *I* haven't used the digital out at all with my H120 :)
22:54:56amiconnI don't need abx to hear the difference between lame −−preset standard and 128/160kbps on most music
22:55:09crwlmost people do need, though
22:55:24crwland vorbis at ~128 kbps is a completely different beast compared to MP3 on similar bitrates
22:55:29S0apcrwl - if enviromental noise is a problem, get some canalphones.
22:55:44crwlS0ap, they're bloody expensive
22:55:52 Part low_light ("User is away.")
22:56:04S0apbetter for your ears than turning up the volume to drown out noise.
22:56:07Paul_The_Nerdcrwl: Get the EP630s, they block out quite a lot of noise right there. :-P
22:56:24S0apEven the cheap Koss Sparkplugs.
22:56:35crwli have spark plugs and use them rarely
22:56:59crwlI mostly use PX100's outside, spark plugs if the environment is really noisy
22:57:01*amiconn wonders why so many people seem to need either high volume or in-canal phones to enjoy their music
22:57:12crwlthe sound quality between those two is huge, though
22:57:16S0apcause I work on the side of the highway?
22:57:25crwlwith those spark plugs, I wouldn't mind using q2 vorbis
22:58:19crwloh, I probably wouldn't mind with them PX100's either if I had a low-capacity flash player
22:58:24Paul_The_NerdAt home I use PX100s and listen at about -50 to -60 apparently
22:58:28crwlit's just surprisingly good
22:58:42 Quit Rondom (Remote closed the connection)
22:58:53amiconnS0ap: That's a special case then. What I mean is that if I use public transport (which I seldom do) I often can hear other people's music even though I'm wearing earphones myself (!)
22:59:03 Join Rondom [0] (
22:59:12crwlamiconn, that's really horrible
22:59:20crwldon't their ears hurt
22:59:44 Join randi [0] (
23:01:10S0apyea amiconn - drowning out background noise with more volume is a bad call.
23:01:55 Join Caliban [0] (
23:03:23 Join Daishi [0] (
23:04:34grimmanDepends on how crappy the other person's headphones are.
23:04:45grimmanThey may just leak alot.
23:05:14crwli should probably do new ABX tests someday - it's been several years...
23:06:04crwlthe headphones I now have are pretty decent - the Sennheiser HD595's, but I have no idea about the output quality of my sound card, it's some cheap 5.1 Terratec
23:06:15crwlat least it's not horribly hissy like some cheaper Soundblasters
23:06:37Paul_The_NerdWell, a lot of people turn up their music really loud because they've already half-deafened themselves.
23:07:44Genre9mp3Paul_The_Nerd: good point
23:08:31Genre9mp3Is there a way to actually measure the dB that our ears daily are exposed to?
23:08:54cariniIs there anyone with CVS commit access around?
23:09:11jhMikeSGenre9mp3: What? I didn't hear that
23:09:32Genre9mp3I mean, by somehow analysing the waveform of a file...
23:09:51Genre9mp3and of course calibrate that info to specific earphones/headphones
23:12:12Genre9mp3...and suddenly...silence! OMG I'm deaf! :)
23:15:51*jhMikeS wonders if Paul_The_Nerd is melting
23:16:06Paul_The_NerdI'm inside today
23:16:15Paul_The_NerdWith air conditioning. It can be nearly 100 all it wants. I'm here.
23:16:27linuxstb_You'll have to leave sometime...
23:16:33jhMikeSNow the wires are melting
23:17:18Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: I have a couch to move today...
23:19:46*amiconn fetches calculator
23:20:08 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
23:21:16*linuxstb wonders why rockbox.bin would crash when loaded directly from the ipod's firmware partition...
23:21:30 Join lodesi [0] (
23:21:33Paul_The_NerdIs that an actual Rockbox or the bootloader?
23:21:52linuxstbAn actual Rockbox - no bootloader.
23:22:33linuxstbSee my last commit to tools/scramble.c - it creates a firmware image directly from either bootloader.bin or rockbox.bin.
23:22:47Paul_The_NerdI saw it, but I must've misread it
23:22:56linuxstbThe bootloader works fine, but rockbox.bin crashes immediately after displaying the logo...
23:23:02linuxstb(with a corrupted display)
23:23:37Paul_The_NerdIs the Apple bootloader not loading all of it, maybe?
23:25:23Paul_The_NerdDoes it load the Apple image all in a lump, or does it move parts of it to specific places in memory?
23:25:43linuxstbIt loads it all in one lump.
23:26:17Paul_The_NerdI was just remembering back to when you had it trying to load the Apple image from the Fat32 partition. It seemed to be working, but attempting certain functions just locked it up.
23:28:10linuxstbThinking about it, it must load it all - there is a checksum in the header, so if it wasn't all loaded, the checksum would fail.
23:29:05Paul_The_NerdIs there any initialization our bootloader normally does that isn't getting done?
23:29:45 Join freqmod_n [0] (
23:32:05 Join Criamos [0] (
23:32:20linuxstbNot that I can think of - Rockbox should do everything again... Oh well, debugging time.
23:33:12 Join scorche [0] (
23:33:27 Quit Rondom (Remote closed the connection)
23:34:04 Join Rondom [0] (
23:36:06*linuxstb hates it when insterting debugging code fixes the problem...
23:36:13 Quit Sinbios (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:36:49Paul_The_NerdDid it?
23:37:28*scorche wonders why he hasnt seen Bagder around lately
23:37:29 Quit lodesi (Remote closed the connection)
23:37:34Paul_The_NerdHe's away
23:38:06 Join lodesi [0] (
23:38:06scorchehuh as in the hmph huh
23:38:15Paul_The_NerdYeah, I figured that.
23:38:22scorchehuh = hmph
23:38:26scorchehuh? = huh?
23:38:47Paul_The_NerdThat's exactly why punctuation is a good thing.
23:39:37scorcheMaybe I should start typing correctly.
23:39:57 Join webguest33 [0] (
23:40:08 Quit webguest33 (Client Quit)
23:40:10 Join webguest33 [0] (
23:42:01 Quit webguest33 (Client Quit)
23:44:04midkaywho needs capitals. but commas and periods are fun.
23:44:25 Quit freqmod (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:44:33scorcheIf you say so.
23:44:42 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
23:44:49 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
23:47:10midkaythat looks awful. stop it.
23:48:02scorcheWhy does it look awful?
23:49:11randiPaul_The_Nerd :)
23:49:32*randi stalks.
23:49:57midkaycapitalization mostly, and it doesn't fit with your usual "its quiet in here" kind of punctuation/capitalization theme.
23:50:39Paul_The_NerdSo does it look bad when I use proper capitalization, or is this more of a 'depends on who does it' sort of thing?
23:50:55scorcheI have a theme? Also, i do not get your "it's quiet in here" remark. Please rephrase.
23:51:33randi<- cl chick, btw.
23:51:36Paul_The_NerdI figured.
23:51:50randicaps on irc are for people that take way too much time to type. :)
23:51:50Paul_The_NerdWhich means I've now found your blog.
23:51:57midkayforgot a capital "I" and not even the most grammatically-correct person on earth would say "I do not get your [...]".
23:51:59randiindeed. it's not that hard. you could have googled my name.
23:52:11 Join Galois [0] (
23:52:13midkayPaul_The_Nerd: certainly depends-who-does it. :)
23:52:31midkayyou've always done it, and nobody else really does, so it's kind of what i associate with you..
23:52:35Paul_The_NerdI was silly and didn't include BSD in the google.
23:52:45midkayscorche's the guy who never uses commas or periods or apostrophes.
23:52:50randitsk tsk.
23:52:52scorcheI am?
23:53:00Paul_The_NerdYeah, I have a very hard time typing without using capital letters, in all honesty. It got trained into me at a very early age, and it takes me longer to not use them.
23:53:18randididn't mean to join and idle, but some people just called for a phone interview.
23:53:32midkayah.. i use capitals in forum posts or.. you know.. stuff that other people will really see.. irc or instant messaging is always usually lowercase.
23:53:35scorcheAnd i use commas _sometimes_; more often than not, I merely use ellipses.
23:53:39randibtw, bring me your laptop. i can probably get freebsd working on it.
23:53:46randiif i can get freebsd working on a macbook pro, i can do anything.
23:53:56midkayscorche: that capital "I" is giving you trouble, isn't it. :)
23:54:14Paul_The_NerdThe laptop has far more serious issues at the moment. I shall bring you the replacement, that I'm going to beat out of Best Buy after my final next week.
23:55:43 Join Sinbios [0] (
23:56:41randicool. i look forward to the challege. anything will be a welcome change after dealing with apple's completely screwed idea of how USB should work.
23:56:42 Quit apo` ("KVIrc 3.2.3 Anomalies")
23:56:51randiyay, score. in-person interview tomorrow.
23:57:04randier, weds
23:57:32randii think that's a new record
23:57:47randifinding a job within 30 minutes of deciding that i should probably get one :)
23:57:51Paul_The_NerdIn terms of "time since the resume was sent"?
23:57:58randier, -4.
23:58:06*scorche gasps.

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