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#rockbox log for 2006-08-10

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00:20:38larsmhi, i use cygwin unter windows 2000 to compile rockbox. since there is the mpeg2 video player i get 2 errors! what can i do?
00:21:19sharpeyou mean, since the video player was added, you've gotten errors while trying to compile?
00:22:14sharpehave you tried "make clean" since before it was added?
00:22:29sharpei mean, since it's been added.
00:22:32Bagderlarsm: you using cvs or tarball?
00:23:33larsmwhats tarball? i downloaded ir frum the "CVS builds" link
00:23:52Bagderand what's the error you get?
00:23:56sharpethat would be the tarball...
00:24:34larsmsorry for my bad english...
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00:24:46Bagderhappens that we miss to add all files to the tarballs when we add things to the build
00:24:49larsmi have to recompile to get the error again, one moment
00:25:05rudefyetoh no, I came back
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00:27:50larsmwhat means "make clean"? i always delete everything, unpack tne archive, aplay all patches and compile it
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00:29:28sharpeyou're running the command, "make" to compile it, aren't you?
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00:29:55Bagdermake clean cleans all files that make made
00:30:21larsmmake[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
00:30:30larsmmake: *** [all] Fehler 2
00:30:42barrywardellthe errors might be a lack of keymaps
00:30:42larsmMAKE in mpegplayer
00:30:50larsmmake: *** mpegplayer: No such file or directory. Stop.
00:30:55larsmmake[2]: *** [mpegplayer] Error 2
00:31:42larsmi cant see the first error, the win console is not long enough
00:31:48Bagderno, its a lack of files in the tarball
00:32:24larsmshould i try the daily build?
00:34:02Bagderyou should wait 5mins 29secs and then get the new source package
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00:34:32larsmok :)
00:34:49BagderI mean on the cvs page
00:35:04Bagderits there already
00:35:30Bagderlet's hope it works too
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00:38:19Senphetis this the right place to ask a couple of quick rockbox questions?
00:38:34Senphetthanks =)
00:38:53SenphetI've just installed the halfway build of rockbox
00:39:09SenphetI installed the ultimate 24bit wps collection
00:39:35Senphetbut some of the wps's aren't displaying properly. Namely, the progress bar doesn't line up in the right place
00:40:26SenphetI was wondering whether there's any possible solutions I could try
00:42:27sharpehalfway build of rockbox?
00:42:45Rudy4PezCVS build?
00:42:54Senphetsorry, H3xx "halfway" build
00:42:54Senphetcompiled by drippydonut
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00:43:10Senphetoh, is this for official build discussion only?
00:43:13Senphetif so, sorry
00:43:18pixelmaSenphet: sounds as if you don't have the right fonts - you'd have to download the font package as well
00:44:13Bagderor posssibly that wps requires a patch your build doesn't have
00:44:34SenphetI actually had problems with fonts not lining up, so I installed the fontpatch from the rockbox site
00:45:08Bagderlarsm: the package was wrong
00:45:18Bagderanother one coming
00:45:28Bagderand I'm going to bed
00:45:32Senphetgood night
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00:47:57pixelmaSenphet: I guess that wps requires a position patch for the progress bar then
00:48:53SenphetI was considering installing the Kosh build as that has so many patches, but as this was my first rockbox install I was worried about stability
00:49:01Senphetcould that solve my problem?
00:49:56pixelmadon't know about the experimental builds..
00:50:31pixelmayou should ask or search in the misticriver forums
00:50:49Senphetodd, I'm just checking the patches included in the halfway build I installed
00:50:55Senphetapparently it includes "y-coord progress bar patch"
00:51:16sharpesounds related to something...
00:51:30Senphetexactly my thoughts!
00:51:55Senphetmaybe the wps included in the collection I downloaded is out of date
00:57:27larsmhmm, i still cant compile
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01:09:20larsmdo i need a mpeglib or so?
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01:10:05gluehas anyone tested this with 1st gen ipod?
01:10:54dan_aglue: I think 3rd gen is the oldest it's working on at the moment.
01:11:25gluedamn mihgt have to buy new ipod then
01:11:26S0ap[2006-08-09 10:05:14] * dan_a thinks we'll find out when we are flooded with "poor audio/video sync" bugs
01:11:38S0apwhy not encourage NTSC Film encoding @ 24 FPS?
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01:12:34dan_aS0ap: I assumed glue was talking about Rockbox, not the MPEG plugin!
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01:12:41larsmplease help me. i go on holiday tomorrow and want the new rockbox!
01:12:56linuxstb_larsm: I've just downloaded the latest bleeding edge source, and it compiled fine.
01:13:14linuxstb_What target are you building for, and what is the error?
01:13:17larsmis there something missing in my cygwin?
01:13:42larsm2 weeks ago everything works fine
01:13:57S0apdan_a - bad coincidence, I was replying to a thought from earlier in the day, I was scrolled too far up.
01:14:07linuxstb_I can't recall anyhthing changing... What's the error message?
01:14:29larsmnow it works!
01:14:44S0apdoes the video player currently support interlaced mpeg2, or only progressive?
01:14:52larsmi only tried it the fourth time
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01:15:46linuxstb_S0ap: Yes, interlaced video works.
01:15:49larsmhow should i compress the mpeg video? cbr, vbr, resolution, bitrate, ....?
01:16:08preglowtarget resolution, the lower bitrate the better
01:16:15preglowi believe 1.4mbs at least works well
01:16:18S0apIf only progressive, then might as well encourage 24 over 29.97. Will minimize sync issues, decrease framerate demands, and since ....ahhh nevermind interlaced does work.
01:16:47Galoisnot all content is suitable for 24fps encoding
01:16:49preglowas for cbr/vbr, i don't think cbr video is something you see too often outside of digital satellite broadcasting
01:16:58linuxstb_Not even there afaik.
01:17:10S0ap1.4Mb/s is > VCD rate...quite high for a small screen.
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01:17:36S0apVCD is CBR, SVCD can be either.
01:17:39*preglow hates digital satellite
01:17:43linuxstb_I used around 450kbps with good results at 320x176.
01:17:56larsmi dont know very much about mpeg 1/2. i hate this old format. normally i use xvid
01:18:11preglowyou _hate_ it, do you
01:18:26preglowit's nice for embedded use
01:18:34preglowi sincerely doubt we'll be decoding mpeg4 any time soon
01:18:57tommeyerBack in my day, mpeg1 was good enough for everyone. We didn't even need sync sound to be happy.
01:19:06S0apyou do have diminishing returns, as at smaller resolutions blocks are less homogonus (SP!) and therefore the pixel to bit ratio needs to be decreased as compared to larger sizes.
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01:20:19preglowmotion estimation does a poorer job at the resoltions we're using
01:20:25preglowat least the non-ipod5g ones
01:20:36larsmmy h300 have a resolution of 220x176. tmpenc sais it must be devidable by 8. 220/8=27,5
01:20:46S0ap16 is better than 8
01:20:47linuxstb_larsm: There's the start of a wiki page about mpegplayer here:
01:20:57linuxstb_Use 224x176
01:21:13linuxstb_(for 4:3 videos)
01:21:15S0apMPEG1 is more bit efficient at lower bitrates and resolutions...
01:21:19larsmdo the player resize it?
01:21:26S0apbut not by much.
01:21:26linuxstb_No, it will crop it.
01:22:12larsmencode with vlc, good idea!
01:22:16preglowmust be dividable by eight, actually
01:24:35S0apIs there any (sizeable) speed increase in rockbox decoding if B frames are not used? Or have different GOP structures not been tested? I'm not great with the math of decoding, but my gut tells me bidirectional frames would be more work, and not all that useful at low res...
01:24:57preglowi doubt it'll matter much
01:25:04preglowbut i'm not familiar at all with the library we use
01:25:08linuxstb_No, there have been no such tests.
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01:26:05larsmmpeg support bframes???
01:26:15 Quit t0mas ("good night :)")
01:26:26preglowalmost everything does
01:26:47preglowmpeg probably originated it, even
01:27:38tommeyerI have the mpeg spec from 1993, and it's amazing how much of it is done the same way we do things in the "modern" codecs
01:27:59 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
01:28:13larsmbut its still soooo inefficient
01:28:28larsmthis vcds look so cruel
01:28:29tommeyerQuite a well-though-out spec. And layer III was a pipe dream, really. Noone could come close to real time with it then at all.
01:28:53pregloweven the newest h264 is really the same shit as mpeg1 video
01:28:58preglownothing new at all
01:29:13preglowjust branching further along in logical directions
01:29:19larsmbut much better picture at lower bitrates
01:29:28preglowcompression is tons better
01:29:37preglowbut it's more or less the same thing
01:29:58S0apw/o going to wavelets you don't have a whole lot of other options that could be done in realtime on forseable hardware.
01:30:00preglowsome new wavelet based codecs are cropping up now
01:30:07preglowwill be fun to see how they work out
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01:30:35Senphet is it usual when changing themes, for the fonts to not change? Sometimes when I change theme the font stays a very hard to read colour.
01:30:49preglowdepends on the theme, afaik
01:30:59Senphetahh, thanks
01:31:14S0apand wavelet encoding is (more often) less efficient, but it fails in a more graceful-to-human-perception way than blocks.
01:31:39preglowdepends how you do it
01:31:48preglownot much work has been done on 3d wavelet transforms yet
01:31:51preglowi think that might work out ok
01:32:02preglowbut it's very expensive, of course
01:32:09tommeyerWhat would you use 3d wavelets for? Voxels?
01:32:12S0apesp. to get sharp lines.
01:32:21preglowto represent time
01:32:30preglowtraditionally, you use motion estimation
01:32:44preglowwith wavelets you can just represent the last dimension as time and encode that in the same transform as the picture
01:32:56tommeyerOK. Makes sense.
01:33:44preglowis there a codec that's based on wavelet compression of key frames?
01:33:46S0apI have a strong suspicion wavelet encoding might never make it. Encoder technology is getting pretty advanced, and bandwidth/storage are growing faster than quality demands.
01:33:57S0apsorry for the OT.
01:34:02preglowhaha, don't worry
01:34:14preglowthis is surprisingly on topic compared to what i sometimes do
01:34:31Galoisnonsense, flash memory portable players are still very much storage constrained
01:34:41 Quit ShadowdogMU ("You know you'll miss me :P")
01:34:46linuxstbAnd broadcasters are always looking for ways to squeeze more channels into the same bandwidth.
01:34:55preglowwe'll see, at least it's for sure you can't take the h264 paradigm too much further
01:35:17S0apyou're right that motion estimation is a weakness of MPEG, but that (IIRC) can be mitigated with more expenditure at the encoder level,
01:36:16preglowweakness and weakness
01:36:20tommeyerThat's one reason why old VCDs look so bad. They're done in a single pass, with bad motion estimation
01:36:20preglowit works fairly well
01:36:27preglowit's not easy to think of something that'll work as nice as that
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01:37:25larsmis there sound support?
01:37:29preglowsome things just work well, despite not seeming to be optimal
01:37:29larsmin the video
01:37:32preglowlike the mdct for audio
01:37:43preglowlarsm: no
01:38:03larsmhow long will it take to integrate it?
01:38:42linuxstbThat was your answer.
01:38:51Paul_The_NerdWhy does everyone assume there's timing for this stuff.
01:39:07 Quit matsl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:39:19preglowbecause most things do pretend to have it
01:39:31tommeyerwhere's the powerpoint presentation and the business plan? We need to get those deliverables out! ;-)
01:40:02preglowwe've got several approached to integrating audio into the video plugin
01:40:12preglownone of which are very quickly implemented
01:40:17larsmim not a programmer. i have no idea how much work it is
01:40:17preglowand all of which requires planning
01:40:27*Febs_ fires up PowerPoint.
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01:41:17*Febs makes his first slide: Rockbox timeline. Now −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−> When it's ready.
01:41:17Paul_The_NerdJust estimate everything for 2107, then people can be pleasantly surprised when it's 100 years early
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01:42:02linuxstblarsm: Given that on the H300, full-screen video playback is using 100% of the available CPU time, and achieving around 8fps, there's a little work to go.
01:42:25preglowPaul_The_Nerd: word and amen
01:42:42preglowlinuxstb: damn
01:42:43linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: So you're predicting it will be done by next year?
01:43:11preglowlinuxstb: sounds like it actually performs worse than on arm, then
01:43:23 Quit ShadowdogMU ("You know you'll miss me :P")
01:43:31linuxstbYep. I get more than that on my ipod Color.
01:43:36larsmis there any way to resume .mpc files on player startup?
01:43:52larsmthey always plays from the beginning
01:43:57linuxstb(and we still have a spare CPU sleeping soundly)
01:44:09larsmi have musepack seek patch
01:44:26Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I think that video will have audio on iPods, Album Art will work, and we'll have released on H100, H300, and X5 by the end of '07.
01:44:49larsmi use it for ausiobooks which habe looong files
01:45:15Paul_The_NerdThose are my predictions.
01:45:25preglowlinuxstb: using the second code for audio is a very good idea, actually
01:45:26*linuxstb writes them down
01:45:44preglowcore too
01:46:01preglowdon't think we'll have too many cache collisions between video and audio code
01:46:16FebsMy prediction is that if they're not all done, someone will posting a message on the forum at 12:01 AM on 1/1/2008 asking where they are.
01:46:23linuxstbMy plan was to use the second core for video - the code is 100% self-contained. The output is direct to the LCD, so we just need to worry about the input data not being in the cache when the video codec is processing it.
01:46:28Paul_The_NerdWouldn't that essentially mean that audio is "free" in the sense that it shouldn't slow video down any beyond what it's already at if we keep it on core 2?
01:46:34linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Exactly.
01:46:39Paul_The_NerdFebs: Especially now that I've said that.
01:46:50linuxstbSo the video performance without sound on the ipods should be identical to the performance with sound.
01:47:07preglowlinuxstb: sounds like we'll need a more flexible core management scheme than i have planned for thus for, though
01:47:08Paul_The_NerdWhich is just peachy for me, since it's already fast enough to not irritate me on the Nano. ;)
01:47:23linuxstbYep, around 25fps already...
01:47:24tommeyerIt'll be fun keeping it in sync and dropping frames appropriately.
01:47:24preglowvideo on the nano is just peachy
01:48:21 Join ShadowdogMU [0] (
01:49:11tommeyerIs "peachy" better than "apply"?
01:49:36lostlogichmph, that was random.
01:49:41*linuxstb spots a stranger
01:50:03lostlogicwish that meant I actually have time to be here, but it doesn't :(
01:50:16*lostlogic stuck at the paying job
01:51:25SenphetI don't suppose anyone here uses the HiPod or Arctic Desert themes?
01:51:52Paul_The_NerdI don't even use a "theme"
01:51:54Senphetmy progress bar on those and possibly others isn't aligning on the y-axis
01:52:22preglowkick the paying job until it gives up!
01:53:41linuxstbJust tested a 224x176 on my Photo, and it's going at about 13.5-14fps
01:53:58linuxstbSo almost twice as fast as Coldfire...
01:54:07lostlogicpreglow: I left my steel toed boots at home :-P
01:54:26preglowat least you have a pair
01:54:37preglowlostlogic: well, that's depressing
01:54:41preglowlinuxstb too
01:54:47preglowlinuxstb: i assume it boosts all the time?
01:55:10linuxstbYes. There's very little IRAM usage at the moment, which would explain the difference.
01:55:17preglowwell, probably
01:55:29linuxstbBut it may be hard to make use of it...
01:55:36preglowusing iram for this bastard'll be very hard if we are to use audio as well
01:55:55preglowstealing iram from the core is a good idea if you ask me, but it might be used for stuff like lcd display and mem* ...
01:56:07preglowwhich makes it a bad idea
01:56:11Mikachudon't you still only use 64kB iram on ipods?
01:56:24preglowbut iram on ipod isn't very much of a big deal
01:56:31preglow96kb, btw
01:56:32preglownot 64
01:56:43linuxstbAnd 128kb on the Nano, 5g and 2nd Gen mini.
01:56:48Mikachui know it has 96 but i thought you only used 64 because the other targets only have 64
01:56:56Mikachuwhere know is thought also
01:57:23linuxstbNo, Coldfire has 96KB (on the irivers). The X5's Coldfire has 128KB...
01:57:43preglow48kbps for codecs and plugins
01:57:45preglowrest is used by the core
01:57:52preglowfor stuff we might need during video playback
01:58:00preglowso it does qualify as something of a conondrum
01:59:20linuxstbWhat does the H300 original firmware achieve for video playback/
01:59:50linuxstbGoogle told me 10fps...
02:00:55preglowwe can do tons better, that's for sure
02:01:07preglowbut agin
02:01:13preglowthat's not mpeg1/2
02:01:19linuxstbNo, xvid.
02:01:34preglowwhich does stuff that's far more memory hungry
02:01:43preglowwhich again will be a case suffering on coldfire
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02:04:26midgey34linuxstb: iriver achieves 10fps at about 500Kbps iirc
02:06:06preglow500kbps total? or just video?
02:07:22midgey34theoretically I think it was 500Kbps video and 128Kbps audio, but it in actuality it was more like 500Kbps total
02:07:39linuxstbNot sure if it's up to date:
02:08:05 Join JdGordon [0] (
02:08:17linuxstb"Video files longer than 1 hour cannot be played." ?
02:08:48midgey34I don't know where they get that, longer videos played fine for me
02:08:53linuxstb"The player has been improved to play video files less than 2.2MB."
02:09:29Mikachuwhy would that be harder?
02:09:56linuxstbI've no idea... Just sounds like a bug.
02:10:02Mikachuis xvid gpl?
02:10:41linuxstbThere's the "xvidcore" library that mirak ported to Rockbox, so I'm guessing at least that must be gpl (or compatible).
02:10:58linuxstbBut I don't know the exact license.
02:11:03Mikachutheir faq says it is gpl
02:11:11midgey34wikipedia says gpl as well
02:11:32Mikachuso ask them to send the source to their firmware :)
02:11:33linuxstbI would say it's GPL then...
02:19:49Senphetdoes anyone have any idea why when changing themes, my font will change, but not font colour?
02:19:57 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:20:08 Quit uski (Remote closed the connection)
02:21:00FebsFont and font color are not related. At least not directly.
02:21:18FebsCheck to make sure the theme sets a foreground color.
02:21:30Senphetahh, so not all themes will set everything from scratch?
02:22:40linuxstbThey should do if they're written correctly. But some obviously don't, as you've found.
02:23:00 Quit tommeyer (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:23:05Senphetthank you
02:23:11FebsOf course, it's easy to change it yourself.
02:23:39Senphetsome don't seem to change the file browsing backdrop either, just the wps screen
02:23:56SenphetI just installed rockbox tonight, and it's very nice
02:26:17Paul_The_NerdI don't believe there's a way for a theme to clear the backdrop yet, is there?
02:27:02Senphetahh, that would be it then
02:27:31Paul_The_NerdIdeally there should be, but you have a problem.
02:28:10Senphetthe main problem I'm having is that sometimes when changing themes either the filebrowsing menu backdrop or font colour doesn't change
02:28:11Paul_The_NerdIf it's as simple as "No backdrop is set, clear it" then what about themes that don't care about backdrop? For example, themes that only are supposed to change the WPS? Or do we say "Always set your theme first, then change individual elements such as backdrop or alternate font yourself"?
02:28:33JdGordonPaul_The_Nerd: it could be simply allowing background = - to clear it
02:28:50Paul_The_NerdWell, theme designers should *never* not change the font, since all WPSes depend on a specific font height to work.
02:29:28Senphetand font colour =/
02:29:45Paul_The_NerdToo many people assume defaults, such as black font.
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04:02:30bmac2I admit it I am being a dunce: but I need to apply two patches to my rockbox to run a theme. They are album art and scrolling margins. I have looked repeatedly and I can't figure out what to download to do the patch.
04:02:34bmac2OR how to patch it
04:02:37bmac2what am I missing?
04:02:44bmac2is it in some docs I am not looking at?
04:03:28Presencebmac, you're looking at quite a bit of work to do patches, dude.
04:03:41bmac2thank you for the link Mikachu
04:03:44bmac2I figure that
04:03:46bmac2but oh well
04:04:00bmac2it will keep me off the street tongith
04:04:04bmac2to patch it :-)
04:04:16bmac2there isn't any other way to get those features is there?
04:04:16Presenceor put you on the streeet as a raving madman.
04:04:25Presencelook for a pre-compiled install.
04:04:35Presencewhich , if you're an ipod, there probably is in the forums somewhere.
04:04:47bmac2I am on an ipod video
04:05:05bmac2I am trying to run a theme that puts the album art on the screen
04:05:07Presencethen what you want is already made, I saw it in the forums just this week
04:05:08bmac2so I want that patch
04:05:33Mikachubut there is nothing like that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you run a build you compiled yourself
04:06:49S0apMikachu - sex? beer? walking the dog?
04:07:24PresenceIt took me about 30 minutes to put together a Cygwin environment, and I know what I'm doing.
04:07:43Presenceit took another 30 minutes to build a ipod 60Gig with a slew of patches.
04:07:49S0apit took me 3 hours, but then again my computer is slower than my ipod.
04:07:50Mikachumost of the time installing cygwin is spent clicking those cute checkboxes and waiting for it to download
04:08:03Presencebut since other monkeys are doing it mostly regularly, screw it, I'm all about not duplicating work.
04:08:03Presence :)
04:08:47PresenceJulius "experimental" hack 4 lyfe, yo.
04:09:38S0apunless bmac2 wants to use jblackglass (or the other julius theme) that won't work for him
04:09:54bmac2that is what I was looking at
04:10:04bmac2the two themes I am playing with aren't in his builds
04:10:33PresenceSenab hosts both his "plain" experimental and Julius' "j-brand" patched installs.
04:10:54bmac2I think I found one in the forum I am going ot try
04:10:58bmac2looks like it will work
04:11:02bmac2what the heck
04:11:06bmac2what can it do?
04:11:10bmac2make mine not boot
04:11:11Presence <−− has both versions.
04:11:13bmac2been there
04:11:14bmac2done that
04:11:17Mikachurape your family and burn down your house
04:11:27S0apbe well aware, that there is no official support for senab or julius's builds.
04:11:46bmac2there is no official support for half the crap I run
04:11:47S0apso don't ask for help here with those builds or in the forums, unless you ask in the build's specific thread.
04:12:15S0apthe number of people who ask for help with a patched build is larger than the number of people who have read the manual.
04:12:33bmac2there is a manual????
04:12:37bmac2since when?
04:12:39bmac2and besides
04:12:42bmac2I am from Alabama
04:12:44bmac2I can't read
04:12:56Mikachuthere should be a trivia on first boot of rockbox that requires you to read the manual
04:12:56bmac2they don't teach that stuff until the 4th grade
04:13:08bmac2I didn't make it that far
04:13:19S0apyou might want to change your nick, also, lest you be mistaken for BigMac. :)
04:13:32bmac2will not change the nick
04:13:39bmac2I have used this nick online since the late 80s
04:13:47bmac2since I ran a bbs
04:13:54bmac2it is a bastardization of my real name
04:13:58 Join Aaron3 [0] (
04:14:04MikachuS0ap: i thought midげy34 わs みdkay earlier
04:14:10MikachuS0ap: i thought midgey34 was midkay earlier
04:14:13Mikachucrazy scripts
04:14:30Mikachusometimes i'm too clever for my own good
04:15:25 Quit dan_a ()
04:15:28Galoishey, I could read that just fine
04:15:56Mikachui put ctrl-o in their nicks to not hilight them, but i have a script that makes text between two ctrl-o hiragana
04:17:18Aaron3hey all
04:17:38midkayMikachu: hi.
04:17:54 Nick S0ap is now known as soap (n=bob@unaffiliated/s0ap)
04:18:09Aaron3Have any of you used the boxes theme recently?
04:18:10 Nick soap is now known as S0ap (
04:19:37Aaron3I'm just curious because the images on the computer use this purple background, but on my ipod video they just show up as grey
04:19:58 Join EbErT [0] (
04:20:31midkaypink = transparent to rockbox.
04:20:54Aaron3i see
04:21:13midkaywell, no! you don't see! it's TRANSPARENT!! HEehehehe.
04:21:15Aaron3I rather enjoy the boxes theme. I just wish I could use a larger font than the standard rockbox font
04:22:15 Nick qwx_ is now known as qwm (
04:26:52 Quit EbErT ()
04:36:00 Join BigMac [0] (
04:36:34BigMachey wps' on the 5g are 32 bit correct?
04:41:57BigMacive searched the manual and still can't find it:-X
04:42:52Aaron3i thought 24 bit but I've got no idea
04:43:01Aaron3The images I've looked at in my WPS folder all are 24 bit images
04:43:04 Join `axion [0] (
04:43:37BigMacill take your word for it
04:45:43bmac2hey Presence that build page you sent me to worked
04:45:46bmac2like a charm
04:45:56bmac2now I just got to add the album art to the mp3 tags
04:51:07 Join pen14 [0] (
04:53:55 Join Hulex [0] (
04:58:41 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:06:22 Quit Aaron3 ()
05:08:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:08:54 Join Luffy [0] (i=user@
05:13:55Luffyanyone here awake and willing to help me (after spending 4 hours) to get Rockbox to work on my iPod 4g 20GB grayscale?
05:14:44BigMacanyone here have jblackglass on their 5g?
05:15:09BigMacor wants to look at my vista theme
05:15:36 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:19:57 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:20:08LuffyI FIGURED IT OUT
05:20:36LuffyI just didn't know how to reboot the iPod by pressing and holding the select and menu buttons at the same time
05:20:51LuffyI'm happy :)
05:21:23 Join webguest99 [0] (
05:21:50webguest99hi all
05:22:27webguest99luffy can u help me with rockbox
05:23:01Luffysure, I just got it to work myself... lol!
05:23:08Luffywhat do u need help with?
05:23:29webguest99where do i store the mp3s?
05:23:47webguest99and how do i listen to them ? !!
05:23:53Luffywith rockbox, u use windows explorer to create a music folder on your iPod and copy and paste the music into that folder
05:23:59LuffyI arrange it by artist
05:24:03Luffyand/or genre
05:24:09Luffyso like, I have Metallica
05:24:19Luffyand then inside Metallica half a dozen more folders for each of their albums
05:24:52webguest99iok so its not from root or .rockbox
05:25:12Luffyjust create a folder in the root directory
05:25:19Luffylabel it music
05:25:24Luffyand u should be able to see it from rockbox
05:25:55Luffyand put music inside with a codec rockbox supports, and u should be able to play it
05:26:10Luffyso now u can delete iTunes from your system :P
05:26:21webguest99ok cheers
05:26:26Luffysure, have fun
05:26:42webguest99i will bye
05:26:49 Part webguest99
05:30:39pen14Anybody else having trouble with their "rocks" on the newer versions... I keep getting an "Incompatible Version" error.
05:31:34pen14I can get them to work by keeping the old rock files... I'm just curious if anybody else is having same problem.
05:31:53pen14I'm using 5g
05:32:22 Join scorche [0] (
05:37:20 Join finik [0] (
05:40:36aliaskpen14: You havn't updated the rockobx._____ file - you get that error when you update the plugins by themselves.
05:40:50finiklooking for somebody who can help me with start(continue) work in serial on 5G
05:41:07pen14I just extract the whole package to my ipod
05:41:29 Quit rudefyet ()
05:41:43aliaskMake sure you've overwritten the old rockbox.ipod file as well, perhaps just extract that one file to make sure it gets overwritten.
05:42:04pen14I'll give it shot now
05:42:26aliask(also, you'll need to restart the ipod)
05:42:45pen14ok, thanks
05:44:12 Join Sinbios [0] (
05:44:36pen14I think I see the problem now...
05:45:13pen14I had an old rockbox.ipod file hidding in the .rockbox folder
05:48:30aliaskYes, that is probably it.
05:48:48pen14Wow... Thanks aliask... It worked
05:49:03pen14that means I have been using the same firmware for the past month or two... can't believe I overlooked that
05:49:13aliaskHeh :)
05:49:33BigMacLuffy: a metallica fan ey?
05:51:18 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
05:51:41Luffyhaha yes
05:51:52Luffya music fan in general
05:51:55Luffyaudiophile, u might call me
05:52:03Luffya cheap, 18 year-old audiophile though :(
05:52:35LuffyI want to buy an amp and upgrade my Sennheiser HD 595 headphones to HD 650s
05:52:42BigMaci have every metallica song ever
05:52:55BigMaci wish i was an audiophile
05:53:02LuffyI have every album up to Saint Anger
05:53:04BigMacbut it all sounds pretty much the same
05:53:15Luffywhat are the "best" headphones u have tried?
05:53:28BigMaci usually just use the standard
05:53:39Luffyu have to try some high end Sennheisers
05:53:41BigMaci dont spend my money on headphones
05:53:43Luffyreally a treat
05:53:47BigMachow much are they
05:54:04Luffymy 595s cost me $135 shipped used on head-fi for sale/trade forums
05:54:29LuffyI also bought an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum for $80 shipped a while back
05:54:54Luffymy onboard sound made background noises
05:54:57Luffydrove me up a wall
05:55:19Luffypcs are generally bad sources for music
05:55:23BigMacwayyyy too much for me
05:55:32BigMacill have 600 bucks tomorrow
05:55:39BigMacand 800 the next day
05:55:40LuffyKoss-ksc75 earclips are really good
05:55:55BigMacbut its going to paying my mom back and a 360 and some games
05:56:03LuffyI see
05:56:08BigMacbut i will have no money for the next couple months for that
05:56:17Luffywell I'm in debt for college
05:56:19Luffyso :)
05:56:51BigMacim not in college yet
05:57:18Luffyenjoy high school... I'm already kind of reluctant to go off into the real world
05:59:18aliaskNot caring how things sounds really does end up cheaper - you can buy a smaller capacity player, crappy headphones, not spend money on 3rd party soundcards - it's great!
05:59:40*JdGordon does that
05:59:54JdGordonmy east are shot anyway, i cant tell the diff between cd and crappy mp3
06:00:12Luffyoh man
06:00:19JdGordonmy east are my ears of course
06:00:22LuffyI guess it comes with being a musician
06:00:43LuffyI've played piano for 12 years and sang in the madrigals and state honors choirs
06:00:52LuffyI know what pianos sound good, and which are complete crap
06:00:58Luffyand I know if someone knows how to sing or not
06:01:10LuffyI also know what I'm hearing when I listen to music
06:01:16Luffyand what it should sound like - the real thing
06:02:08Luffyand thus I have become an audiophile
06:02:11aliaskGetting "the real thing" from an MP3 player is impossible (at least at the moment)
06:02:36 Join midkay_ [0] (
06:02:50Luffyu really can't call an iPod, an iRiver, or any player an "MP3 player". In reality, they are audio players, because my iPod supports lossless formats like wavpack, FLAC, etc
06:03:03 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
06:03:05aliaskForce of habit...
06:03:08 Quit midkay (Nick collision from services.)
06:03:10 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (
06:03:10LuffyMP3 is just the mainstream idea of portable audio
06:03:19aliaskI know, I know.
06:03:24JdGordonthey are DAP's
06:03:24 Join Snyper [0] (n=Batousai@
06:03:46Snyperso anyone around here?
06:03:46aliaskJust like you sound like a wanker if you're talking to your friends about your "audio player" and refuse to call it an MP3 player.
06:03:58Snyperguess so
06:04:30SnyperI'm looking for sorta a n00bs guide to getting the debug build on the ipod video
06:04:38aliaskDebug build?
06:04:44SnyperI just tried setting debug mode in the makefile and got a link error
06:04:45JdGordonwhy do u want the debug build?
06:04:45Luffyunless your friends are also educated musicians and audiophiles :)
06:04:58SnyperI am assuming it allows for some debugging output support
06:05:08JdGordonyoud be better of using the sim
06:05:13Snypernot sure where it prints to but...
06:05:25Snyperhavent even looked at the sim yet...
06:05:30JdGordonwhat are u debugging?
06:05:48SnyperAdding support for the eq on the codec
06:05:51Snypersince the software eq causes skipping
06:06:00LuffyI am very impressed with this iPod and the audio quality coming out of it through this rockbox firmware
06:06:29aliaskLuffy: It should be the same as the iPod firmware (or thereabouts)
06:06:32Snyper(well until the second processor gets enabled)
06:06:39LuffyI never used the apple firmware
06:06:40JdGordonSnyper: sounds like fun :p, to do a debug build do ../tools/configure, choose the target, then to d and d <enter> (iirc)
06:06:53JdGordonyou can view the logf() dumps in the debug menu at the bottom
06:07:15Luffythis is my first hour listening to the iPod - I just uploaded a bunch of Final Fantasy music in different quality .mp3 formats
06:07:29Snyperyeah tried that...
06:07:29SnyperLD rockbox.elf
06:07:29Snyper/cygdrive/c/projects/rockbox/rockbox-devel/ipodvideo-debug/apps/main.o: In funct
06:07:29DBUGEnqueued KICK Snyper
06:07:29Snyperion `init':
06:07:29Snyper/cygdrive/c/projects/rockbox/rockbox-devel/apps/main.c:462: undefined reference
06:07:30***Alert Mode level 1
06:07:30Snyperto `debug_init'
06:07:32Snyperthere was more too..
06:07:49Luffyto be accurate, 7.90GB of Final Fantasy music :)
06:08:52JdGordonSnyper: woops, u want to enable logf, not DEBUGF
06:09:03aliaskI have a problem with my H300 - the headphone jack has become loose, and I have to hold it in a particular position to get stereo sound :(
06:09:12Snyperdoes it also work like printf?
06:09:18JdGordoni belive so
06:09:18Snyperoh wait duh
06:10:47aliaskOh THAT'S how you use logf... I gave up and ended up using gui_syncsplash all the time....
06:10:47 Quit Snyper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:11:11JdGordonim pretty sure its the same as printf
06:11:21JdGordonyou just need ot make sure logf is enabled
06:11:25 Join Snyper [0] (n=Batousai@
06:11:34Snyperstupid wireless connection at the hotel...
06:11:38JdGordonand its much better if u use the lcd remote, coz it dumps the logf calls onot the remote cld
06:12:07SnyperI think I probably missed something...
06:12:26JdGordon[14:10] <−− Snyper has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
06:12:26JdGordon[14:11] <JdGordon> im pretty sure its the same as printf
06:12:27JdGordon[14:11] <JdGordon> you just need ot make sure logf is enabled
06:12:27DBUGEnqueued KICK JdGordon
06:12:27JdGordon[14:11] −−> Snyper has joined this channel (n=Batousai@
06:12:41Snyperso whats the lcd remote?
06:12:49JdGordonipod doesnt have
06:12:57aliaskHrm, does anyone know what the flashing of support does? (What miipekk committed a little while ago)
06:13:19JdGordonapparently it runs rockbox from the rom instead of loading it from the hdd
06:13:23JdGordonfaster boot...
06:13:34aliaskOh well, I'll give it a shot.
06:14:18Snyperanyone know the status of working with the h10? My brother has one and is now insanely jealous since I got a rockbox supported device...
06:14:29Snyperhe said he thought he had heard someone was working on it...
06:14:32 Part Luffy
06:14:41JdGordonthere has been a fair bit of work on it recently
06:14:42 Quit Senphet ()
06:14:43aliaskH300, but he touched config-h300.h as well
06:14:56JdGordonnot ready for h300 yet
06:15:06JdGordoni tinhk he said he needs someone to test it..
06:15:13JdGordonbut it could brick your player.. so i wouldnt
06:15:16aliaskI'd rather not be that person.
06:16:32aliaskBut how much of rockbox.iriver gets put in to EEPROM? I don't think I like the idea of updating it every time I update rockbox.
06:16:53JdGordonall of it
06:17:05JdGordonits got 400kb of rom or something
06:17:30Snyperawesome logf build complete...
06:17:31***Alert Mode OFF
06:19:32aliask4mb according to IriverH3XXHardwareComponents
06:19:57JdGordoni knew it started with a 4 :p
06:20:06aliaskDoes the dual boot functionality get retained?
06:20:09JdGordonactually i was going to wtire 4mb but thought that sounded too big
06:20:15JdGordoni dont tihnk so
06:20:26aliaskAh, I still need that occaisionally for USBOTG
06:21:12aliaskEh, better make the most of this day off, gonna go do methods catchup.
06:21:39JdGordonnooo... not methods
06:22:58 Join Aaron3 [0] (
06:23:02BigMacanyone have jblackglass on their 5g
06:23:09Aaron3I've used it
06:23:12BigMacand would like to try my vista theme
06:23:15Snyperhmm do I need debug, ad logf to use logf? Or do I have a really really dumb logic error somewhere?
06:23:36JdGordonu only need logf
06:23:52JdGordonthe output can be seen in menu > debug > logf
06:24:29Snypernot menu > info > debug (keep out!) > logf?
06:24:38JdGordonye, thats what i meant
06:24:52Snypernah, there were 2 ways
06:25:02Snyperbut yeah, no new info there...
06:25:10SnyperI must have a real dumb logic error lol
06:25:47BigMaccan anyone help me for a sec?
06:26:30BigMaci need help with my wps
06:26:55BigMaci got it looking the way i want but the progress bar is staying stationary
06:28:04Snypersorry, no help here, just started w/ rockbox devel, and I'm more looking to support hardware...
06:28:10 Quit Aaron3 ()
06:29:36BigMacthis blows
06:29:47BigMacit looks amazing otherwise
06:29:53SnyperI am sure there are people who hang out here that can
06:29:54JdGordondo a screeny
06:31:19BigMacill pm you it
06:31:35BigMacnot ready to release it yet
06:33:10JdGordonwell the only way anyone will be able to help you is if you release the wps code.. and u must be paranoid that someone will copy you if you wont just show off a sreen shot of it
06:33:44BigMacno im not
06:33:58BigMacyour just the only one who is helping
06:34:03BigMacso ill send it to you
06:34:13BigMacno need to show it for no reason
06:34:14midkayyou're forgetting the obvious, JdGordon - this is BigMac. quite obviously it will blow everybody else's out of the water because it has these incredible new design elements, never before thought of.
06:34:43BigMacits just like i said why show what im nervous about to everyone
06:34:49BigMacill show it when its done
06:35:04midkaywhat's there to be nervous about if it "looks amazing"?
06:35:06Snyperso you're one of thse artists who is embarassed about their work?
06:35:25JdGordonhaha midkay
06:35:28BigMacit doesnt
06:35:37BigMacim not an artist
06:35:37midkay<BigMac> it looks amazing otherwise
06:35:43BigMacthats the problem
06:35:46SnyperI knew someone like that while I was in college, amazing artist, never turned anything over to his programmers, he thought it all sucked
06:35:46BigMacthe image does
06:35:50BigMacthe whole wps no
06:35:57BigMacim not amazing
06:36:00BigMacnot even good
06:36:03midkaywe can't tell if the progress bar is "stationary" if it's a screenshot. it's not moving. get it?
06:36:19BigMaci get you
06:36:31BigMaci think i may have the problem but if not ill post it
06:36:49midkayyou said 'it looks amazing otherwise' in reference to 'my wps'.
06:37:49BigMacit does look amzing to me. but maybe not to you. and when im done i want it to look even more "amazing" because right now it is a simple mod
06:38:10midkaya mod?
06:38:58Snyperso is there something special that needs to be done to get a newline with logf? \n printed a square....
06:39:21midkaywhat do you mean?
06:39:26midkayit's not even yours then?
06:40:03BigMacyes it is
06:40:22midkayso how is it "a mod" then?
06:40:24midkaya mod of what?
06:40:26BigMacim using the jblackglass psd template and changing some of the stuff
06:40:38BigMacim modding jblackglass
06:40:39JdGordonSnyper: i tinhk logf is limited to lines of like 111chars or sometyhing
06:40:49JdGordonand each call to logf starts a enw line
06:40:54midkayso it's not your WPS.
06:40:59midkayit's a mod of somebody else's.
06:41:05BigMacsigh yes it is
06:41:09midkayand what looks amazing is probably what was already there; the WMP screen.
06:41:12midkaynice job BigMac!
06:41:23BigMacsee this is the reason dude
06:41:26Snyperok, thats swhat I was afraid of....anyways, I think I got it....stupid....missing an unsigned in front of an int I set to 0xFFFFFFFF
06:41:37BigMaci like it
06:41:39midkayyou modded something so that the only thing left that looks good is the only thing you didn't touch.
06:42:00BigMacthanks midkay
06:42:29midkayjust clarifying for everyone else.
06:42:35midkaytrying to help the public.
06:42:46BigMacno your trying to be a jerk
06:43:07midkayyou just thanked me though.
06:43:09BigMacim making attempt at something and your like oh it sucks because you just changed it
06:43:11midkayincrease the peace. :(
06:43:22BigMacthe pc doeasnt do sarcasm well
06:43:35midkayhuh? your computer isn't sarcastic?
06:43:46BigMacno obviously not
06:45:28 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:49:41 Join safetydan [0] (
06:50:15safetydanSnyper: are you poking around the equalizer code in eq.c?
06:51:54Snyperno, I'm mainly in eq_menu.c, wm8758.c, and wm8758.h
06:52:16safetydanJust curious to knokw what you're doing since I wrote the EQ UI code.
06:52:26safetydanYou planning on hooking up the hardware equalizer?
06:52:37 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
06:53:20Snyperyeah, right now, for temporary work (since I dont understand all the ui stuff yet) I changed the eq_enabled to have 3 options, Disabled, Software, and hardware
06:53:29Snyperthe hardware is *much* more limited than the software
06:53:35Snyperso right now I just round off
06:53:45safetydanThree cutoffs per band IIRC
06:53:55SnyperEventually I would assume there'd be a different menu depending on if you were running software or hardware
06:54:09Snyperno, its got 5 bands, but each only has 4 center freqs usable
06:54:19Snyperand the gain range is from -12db-12 db
06:55:00SnyperI'm actually on vacation right now (programming for fun instead of pay) but only getting to do so late at night....killing my basic logic abilities lol
06:55:06safetydanYeah I knew it had five bands (two shelf filters, and two peak filters). I have the datasheet somewhere around here
06:55:09SnyperI used to be good at this late night stuff!
06:55:24Snyperwell, 2 shelf, and 3 peaks..
06:55:30safetydanthree peak
06:55:32safetydanyeah typo
06:55:49Snyperit seems relativly straight foreward
06:56:24SnyperIf you are more familier with the ui, once I think I have the driver updated, I can send you the relevant functions or files and let you make it pretty ;)
06:56:26safetydanI look forward to seeing your patch then :)
06:56:59SnyperI just gotta test this thing out.....and honestly I shoulda just re-wrote what I attempted last night, its ugly
06:57:22safetydanWhich part is ugly?
06:57:24Snyperbut then, its getting late again, and I'm getting tired again...not sure it would help
06:57:28Snypermy ui stuff
06:57:42safetydanthat stuff gets ugly quickly
06:58:00safetydanHave you written the hardware interface?
06:58:29Snyperthat was the easy part
06:59:44safetydanThat bit by itself might be worth submitting as a patch.
06:59:57SnyperI gotta test it though...
07:00:11Snyperbut yeah, thats what I had hoped.
07:00:45SnyperI just gotta make sure my bot order is correct
07:01:10Snyperbut that should shine through pretty quick assuming I can get the UI to enable it :) Which, I think this latest build might just do...
07:01:11 Join fejfighter [0] (
07:01:52safetydanI think the preferred approach in the end would be to allow users to edit both the software and the hardware equalizer.
07:02:11safetydanAnd have them both enabled at the same time if they're crazy enough to do that.
07:02:27Snypereh, I wasn't being picky, but for testing purposes, I wanted to be sure if the hardware was enabled, the software would be disable.d..
07:02:29 Quit pen14 ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
07:02:38Snyperthat'd be cool, a way to get a 10 band equalizer
07:03:22Snyperwell not exactly
07:03:27Snyperor well...
07:03:43Snyperno, no nm, not quite....
07:04:05Snyperfor a true 10 band both would have to get unfiltered samples, and that just wont happen...
07:04:59 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
07:06:19 Join Harry [0] (
07:06:33 Quit bmac2 (
07:06:33 Quit darkyoshi372 (
07:06:33 Quit JdGordon (
07:06:33 Quit excitatory (
07:06:33 Quit ze (
07:06:33 Quit midgey34 (
07:06:33 Quit Daishi (
07:06:33 Quit akaias (
07:06:33 Quit mirak (
07:06:33 Quit Bagder (
07:06:33 Quit bilbravo (
07:06:33 Quit linuxstb (
07:06:33 Quit cmug (
07:06:33 Quit joshua_ (
07:06:33 Quit alberink (
07:06:55Harryyo how they all quit
07:07:35Harrylmao who did it
07:08:03Harrydan do u know how to code
07:08:31Snyperhmmmm 1 more stupid bug, center freqency is fine, but the gain is out of range...
07:08:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:08:34safetydanwell enough
07:08:38jhMikeSgot the lcd_yuv_blit thing done. :)
07:08:39 Join BHSPitLappy_ [0] (
07:08:40NJoinJdGordon [0] (
07:08:54safetydanSnyper, the step size of the gain is 1dB for the hardware EQ isn't it?
07:09:00NJoinexcitatory [0] (
07:09:19 Nick Harry is now known as Harry\ (
07:09:25 Quit BHSPitLappy (Connection timed out)
07:09:28 Nick Harry\ is now known as Harry| (
07:10:52Snyperwhen I rebuild, and only change eq_menu.c what all do I have to upload to the ipod? I have been doing the make zip, and extracting, but I am sure this is overkill
07:11:11JdGordononly need to replace rockbox.ipod
07:11:12safetydanIf that's all you're changing, you can just copy the rockbox.ipod over
07:11:17Snyperthought so...
07:11:20NJoinze [0] (i=ze@
07:11:23Snyperthat will save some time
07:11:52Harry|but that ones shitty
07:12:06Harry|its a peak meter
07:12:54safetydanHarry|: try the Oscilloscope plugin while you have music playing
07:13:08jhMikeSFor anyone interested:
07:13:19Harry|wat does it do
07:13:42 Quit TCK (Remote closed the connection)
07:13:58Harry|wat does it do
07:14:01safetydanHarry|, it's easier to try than explain
07:14:11Harry|i cant complie
07:15:11safetydanHarry|, it already comes with Rockbox
07:15:31Harry|wat do i do with it
07:16:02safetydanWhen you are playing music, go to the plugins menu and select the oscilloscope plugin
07:16:15safetydanYou'll get a simple visualisation of the music.
07:16:29NJoincmug [0] (
07:16:41Harry|but i want one in the wps
07:16:56Snyperso global_settings.eq_bandx_gain Is this not in db?
07:17:20safetydanSnyper, it's 10 times the dB
07:17:42 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
07:17:45safetydanHarry|, any permanent visualisation is going to eat battery like mad
07:18:04Snyperhmmmm my value for band 4 is -85....lemme check what the ui says..
07:18:16safetydanThat should be -8.5 dB
07:18:28Snyperwhat do ya know, it says -8.5 :)
07:18:30Snyperdang it
07:18:32NJoinakaias [0] (
07:18:43Snyperthat was a lot of effort over nothing ;)
07:18:48 Join Harry [0] (
07:18:50safetydanthe step size for the gain is 0.5 dB in the software eq
07:18:58 Part BigMac
07:19:04NJoinbilbravo [0] (
07:19:07 Quit Harry| (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:19:16NJoinlinuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
07:19:30NJoinbmac2 [0] (
07:19:33NJoindarkyoshi372 [0] (
07:19:46Snyperahhh, gotcha
07:19:49NJoinjoshua_ [0] (
07:20:02 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:20:37Snyperthis could be it :)
07:21:27NJoinmirak [0] (
07:22:19NJoinDaishi [0] (
07:23:15NJoinBagder [0] (
07:23:34Snyperdang it still mapped wrong....I should really go to bed...
07:24:18NJoinalberink [0] (
07:25:08 Join jn [0] (
07:25:15 Quit BHSPitLappy_ (Connection timed out)
07:25:40 Quit eGen_ ("mdlo kon ! ... runk kon !")
07:26:04jnhas anyone brought up the idea of auto splitting up single mp3's according to cue track points in mp3/cue situations
07:27:00 Join bense [0] (
07:27:06benseyou guys RULE!
07:27:31jnhi bense
07:27:38bensesup jn
07:27:44CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 4 minutes and 58 seconds at the last flood
07:27:44*Snyper says quick prayer to the computer gods, hoping that making this 12-gain instead of gain-12 finally maps this properly....
07:27:53jnjust asked about the cue/mp3 thing you want
07:28:07jni could use it too
07:28:10bensethere's a few questions i wanna ask these guys
07:28:42JdGordoncue is gonna be a massive bitch to support.. unfortunatly
07:28:48safetydanjn, what create a plugin to split large mp3 files based on the cue file? Why not just split them on your computer before copying them to your dap?
07:29:55 Quit markun (
07:30:11 Join G_O_D [0] (
07:30:13 Join eGen_ [0] (
07:30:17bensei agree
07:30:31bensebecause that's something that takes 5 secs on a computer
07:30:43benseand it hardly ever occurs
07:30:51G_O_Di want my nick
07:31:10 Join markun [0] (
07:31:30 Nick G_O_D is now known as BigMac (
07:31:30bensei have two questions
07:32:03bense1. on the ipod videos, is xvid/divx decoding something that you guys want to eventually work on?
07:33:11BigMacbense, your putting the charriot in frront of the horse
07:33:18BigMacwe dont even have audio yet
07:33:23BigMacso only time will tell
07:33:23 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
07:33:28SnyperI'd like to....though, I admit I have limited codec experience, but I understand divx isnt too far off from mpeg4...which the ipod video nativly supports
07:33:31 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
07:33:43Snyperipod vid has audio
07:33:44bense2. i have a pioneer controller for my car's headunit that uses the headunit to control the ipod. I believe that there must be some external ipod controller api or something that would eventually allow one to write a module for this
07:33:48bensewould that be possible?
07:34:05BigMacnot it video Snyper
07:34:16Snyperright, not video, but it has audio
07:34:32BigMacwell that is what i was talking aboot
07:34:33 Quit jn ("Lost terminal")
07:34:33SnyperI've been trying to get the hardware eq working on it for the past 2 days now
07:36:56 Join jn [0] (
07:37:20Snypermy personal agenda goes something like this...hardware eq. I understand the ipod vid has 2 arm procs, so I want to get both running...(a major undertaking, especially in something I am not familier with), with that, I should be able to get the other one to go to sleep when not needed to improve battery life somewhat, next it will be onto supporting the video codec chip...
07:37:44Snyperthough I just joined the community, so I have no idea what others are already working on :)
07:37:57 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:38:26bensethat's cool
07:38:32bensei'm so interested in this project
07:38:37Snyperyeah, me too
07:38:41bensebut have way too many other things to work on
07:38:43SnyperI got a new toy
07:39:10Snyperheh, me too, but this made it to the top of my priority list :)
07:39:53 Join infamis [0] (
07:40:00Snyperplus its not often a non embedded systems programmer gets to play with an embedded system :)
07:40:07safetydanSnyper, the other core is getting enabled, dan_a has been working on that a lot in the past few days
07:40:48safetydanbense, the ipod control protocol is undocumented I believe so no one's working on it
07:40:51SnyperI started on the eq because I found that was causing a skip....only later did I find it was limimted, but figured I should finish it anyways
07:42:15bensenot sure if this is a taboo subject in here
07:42:20bensebut what is the ipod linux like
07:42:31bensei mean is it just like
07:42:34bensea bash prompt
07:42:41Snyperhmmmm well, all the values are coming out fine from the UI now....I guess tomorrow night I will be peppering the driver with some logf statements to make sure my shifting and anding are being done properly...
07:42:50SnyperI never tried it.
07:43:05Snyperrockbox hit slashdot a while back, and I thought that is so freaking cool
07:43:11benseoh well
07:43:15Snypernever even saw ipodlinux till I got rockbox...
07:43:27bensei looked up how to get more games
07:43:31jni dont believe ipodlinux supports ipod video as of yet
07:43:43benseand saw a web forum about rockbox
07:43:52benseme being the unix nerd that i am
07:43:54benseinstalled it
07:43:55safetydanSnyper, the eq skips because the codecs need more optimisation (and possibly the eq as well but I think preglow said there's not much more room to optimise there)
07:43:56benseand shit my pants
07:43:56 Quit infamis (Client Quit)
07:44:01benselike BIG TURDS
07:44:09Snyperwell there is a little in the eq I ound and fixed
07:44:14Snyperthat reminds me
07:44:25Snyperlet me get the right variable name...
07:45:06 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
07:45:17benseipod 5g has two arm processors?
07:45:47scorchedual core
07:46:04safetydanbense, yes
07:46:16Snypereq_data.enabled is an array of bools that seems to set if a particular eq band is enabled. Is there a way to turn off a single band in the UI?
07:46:41safetydanSnyper, set it to 0 dB gain
07:47:23safetydanThe band is set to disabled when the gain is 0 dB
07:47:25Snyperso that turns off a particular band then..
07:47:43Snyperwell that throws that ne out the window, but still, in dsp.c
07:48:02Snyperfunction apply_gain had a simple optimization to be done...
07:48:25Snyperinside the loop it was checking for the first and last band
07:49:02SnyperI moved the first and last bands outside the loop, and set them to shelf
07:49:12Snyperthen only looped over the peaks...
07:49:32Snypernot much, but it got rid of an if statement inside the loop
07:49:39Snyperand I assume that is run every sample...
07:49:54safetydanapply_gain is used for the replaygain
07:50:02safetydando you mean eq_process?
07:50:35Snyperuhhh, wait, my cursor had moved from when I found the function to when I wrote the name of it apparently
07:50:38Snyperlet me find it again :)
07:50:53Snyperwas right above it lol
07:50:56Snyperde dee de
07:51:16safetydaneq_process is called once be block of samples
07:51:38safetydanper even
07:51:46SnyperI had removed the disabled check also (since none of my bands were 0) seemed to really reduce the skipping..
07:51:56Snyperand since I didnt really understand it
07:52:07Snyperand I had hoped that might have been enough
07:52:10Snyperbut alas
07:52:43Snyperso the check for if a band is disabled should stay, but the loop should still be made to a more narrow scope..
07:53:28Snypersaved that back in...
07:53:36 Quit Harry (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:53:56Snyperit also got rid of the shelf less variable on the stack...
07:54:02safetydanThe loop originally did that, but I don't think it made that much of a difference
07:54:09Snyperlike this?
07:54:21Snyper eq_filter(x, &eq_data.filters[0], num, channels, EQ_SHELF_SHIFT);
07:54:21Snyper for (i = 1; i < 4; i++) {
07:54:21Snyper if (eq_data.enabled[i]) {
07:54:21DBUGEnqueued KICK Snyper
07:54:21Snyper eq_filter(x, &eq_data.filters[i], num, channels, EQ_PEAK_SHIFT);
07:54:21Snyper }
07:54:22***Alert Mode level 1
07:54:22Snyper }
07:54:24Snyper eq_filter(x, &eq_data.filters[4], num, channels, EQ_SHELF_SHIFT);
07:54:44safetydanpretty much
07:55:10JdGordonho hum.. im booored
07:55:13safetydanSee the diff here
07:55:39Snyperwhen I had it without the if (eq_data.enabled[i]){ line in there it ... seemed ... to skip less, though I had no scientific method for determining that...
07:56:42safetydanWell the easiest way to check something like that is to look at the boost ratio while playing a song.
07:56:55safetydanTry it with and without your change (and an eq applied of course) and see if the boost ratio goes down.
07:57:16SnyperI'll check it out later...I gotta get some sleep :)
07:57:38Bg3rJdGordon: don't give up! :P
07:57:51SnyperTomorrow I'll see if I can't get the HW up and running, then check out the speed...actually, I'll probably just profile it if that works well enough
07:57:55jhMikeShow often is that called...sample wise?
07:58:07JdGordonBg3r: give up?? all finished! well mostly all fiished :p
07:58:43Snypernight all
07:58:49 Quit Snyper ()
07:58:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:58:50*Bg3r is looking at the source of ultr@vnc :(
08:01:42safetydanjhMikeS, every "some block size" samples. You'll have to look at playback.c to find out
08:01:55 Join mikearthur [0] (
08:02:58JdGordonany want to suggest how to handle the ipod wheel in plugins? would using it as the standard left/right key work?
08:04:23***Alert Mode OFF
08:04:42jhMikeSI would suggest so maybe I should read a bit of code before I do :)
08:07:10 Quit secleinteer (Connection timed out)
08:07:45 Join midgey34 [0] (
08:08:45 Join EbErT [0] (
08:09:11 Part safetydan
08:09:37jhMikeSWhat does that wheely thing do anyway. I've never had an iPod in hand.
08:09:56aliaskUp/down in menus
08:10:00EbErTit scrolls through songs
08:10:11jhMikeSHow do you work it?
08:10:12EbErTwhen you stop rotating your finger, it stops scrolling
08:10:22EbErTrotate it faster, it scrolls faster
08:10:29jhMikeSYou mean move it in a circle motion?
08:10:36EbErTlike spinning your finger in a circle on a touchpad
08:10:40aliaskIt's a touch sensor, so there's no physical feedback. You slide your finger over it, and it changes things.
08:10:40EbErTya :)
08:11:22jhMikeSAren't the play/pause etc. on it too?
08:11:22EbErTthat is about the only feature regular ipod software has that the others don't have
08:11:33EbErTya, like usual
08:11:50EbErTplay/pause ff/next song ect
08:11:54jhMikeSSo it doubles as buttons?
08:12:04EbErTya, buttons on 4 points
08:12:17EbErTnorth east south west, u know :)
08:12:34aliaskYes, there are four buttons, press the touch sensor in (physical feeback) at the top for menu, bottom for play, left for rewind, right for fastforward.
08:12:47aliaskOh, and a select button as well, in the middle of the ring.
08:13:43jhMikeSRB distinguishes the actions circle versus touch on the "button"?
08:18:05 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
08:18:49jhMikeSI suppose you'd use button action as standard left/right IMO. Sounds reasonable. What about up/down?
08:24:08 Join theli_ua [0] (
08:41:03 Join mikearthur [0] (
08:44:14 Part Hulex
08:46:11 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:47:12 Quit excitatory (Remote closed the connection)
08:54:40 Join excitatory [0] (
08:55:08 Join petur [0] (
08:58:32 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
09:06:46 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
09:08:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:09:40 Join simplicity [0] (
09:09:40 Join jaczehack [0] (
09:10:20simplicityim from korea
09:11:11simplicityi don't spking English
09:11:28jaczehacka little, perhaps
09:11:32webmindyou seem to do fine so far
09:11:54jaczehackdo you speak C?
09:12:14LinusNjaczehack: salaam
09:12:31JdGordondurka durka
09:12:42jaczehackbork bork bork
09:13:08simplicityinternet naver reference
09:13:31markunLinusN: we figured out the ATA_STATUS register (probably) but now ATA_ALT_STATUS is the problem :)
09:13:31EbErTah speed
09:13:42EbErTmas rapidos!
09:13:59*Bagder runs around in circles, very fast
09:14:12EbErTmoi bien
09:14:35EbErTno comprende?
09:14:37*petur can't stand it anymore
09:14:58*Bagder is no longer running
09:15:14markunsimplicity: jungti is also from korea. He can help you in your own language (but he is not here right now)
09:15:20*EbErT thinks that is better for badger's heartrate
09:15:20simplicityrudeness a question
09:15:28simplicityrock boy
09:15:52LinusNmarkun: how did you set up the addresses for CS3 and CS4?
09:15:54 Join SereR0kR [0] (
09:15:55simplicityframe a
09:16:58EbErTframerate 3-6?
09:17:22 Quit fejfighter ()
09:17:24simplicityGoogle bata
09:17:33 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:17:47 Quit simplicity ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:17:52 Join scorche` [0] (
09:17:56 Quit scorche` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:18:06 Join scorche` [0] (
09:18:18jaczehackgoogle bata
09:18:20scorche`bah...he quit
09:18:40 Join simplicity [0] (
09:19:44scorche`simplicity: 이것은 아무것도 보다는 더 낫 (위치에서 번역해 나는 당신을 연결했다)… 시험 없고 이것을 이제부터… 영어 더 낫다 사용한다
09:19:58scorche`now in english from now on =)
09:21:12simplicity지금 번역기 받는중 잠시만
09:21:21Bagderenglish please
09:21:32*amiconn sees only gibberish
09:21:39Bagdertake talks with lots of squares in another channel
09:21:43scorche`google translates it to While the compiler receiving now, only short time
09:21:47simplicityenglish ok
09:21:59scorche`yes...english...translate from the page
09:22:03simplicityan automatic translation machine dawn
09:22:12jaczehackbe there or be square
09:22:58*scorche` wonders if the translation is good enough to be coherent
09:23:07scorche`better than nothing though
09:23:16 Quit simplicity (Client Quit)
09:23:30scorche`apparently he prefers nothing...
09:23:43 Join simplicity [0] (
09:23:48simplicityim sorry
09:25:48 Quit simplicity (Client Quit)
09:26:30 Join simplicity [0] (
09:26:45 Quit simplicity (Client Quit)
09:27:04jaczehackbad connection to korea?
09:28:40JdGordondid he say north or south?? he is probably leaching wireless from the south over the NFZ :D
09:30:04*JdGordon is bored
09:30:21 Quit EbErT ()
09:30:25 Quit finik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:32:28 Part scorche` ("Leaving")
09:38:27*linuxstb yawns
09:38:44markunlinuxstb: bored too or just tired?
09:39:06linuxstbA bit of both - start of the working day...
09:40:27 Join Simplicity [0] (
09:40:39SimplicityTranslation machine down completion
09:40:40SimplicityTranslation machine down completion
09:40:56SimplicityI ask a question but may do
09:41:25SimplicityTranslation does not become perfectly
09:41:47SimplicitySomeone answers
09:41:58SimplicityShall I ask a question?
09:42:03scorchego ahead
09:42:21Simplicitygo ahead
09:42:30scorcheask your question
09:43:06SimplicityEo I rockboy game do
09:43:28SimplicityIs not ameliorated out to number 3~6 of frame?
09:44:09SimplicityIs funny even if talk in English
09:44:14*scorche passes the buck onto someone else
09:44:14SimplicityIs not ameliorated out to number 3~6 of frame?
09:44:59*petur ran off long ago ;)
09:45:04jhMikeSAnybody :) why does there have to be a while(1) yield() in the code just before shutdown instead of just halt?
09:45:43_Veseliq_lol sry
09:45:48_Veseliq_not for here, just amsg
09:46:33SimplicityThere, ..Must you express the question again?
09:46:42LinusNjhMikeS: which file?
09:47:06LinusNSimplicity: i don't understand the question
09:47:08scorcheSimplicity: sorry, but i do not understand what you are asking
09:47:21jhMikeSJust after setting KEEPACT low
09:48:06jhMikeSI have giving up any control there even if it's only about 1ms :)
09:48:07LinusNjhMikeS: no reason really
09:48:08SimplicityThen, I will ask a question slowly
09:48:55jhMikeSI wanted to change it to asm("halt") but since it wasn't felt that is was directly related to my patch that change was removed.
09:49:06LinusNjhMikeS: in fact, yielding there is badness, when i think of it
09:49:19*jhMikeS thinks so too
09:49:21Simplicityrock boy ply
09:49:54Simplicityrock boy play
09:49:54LinusNyielding there will enable the interrupts again
09:50:17SimplicityNumber of frame
09:50:24Bg3r_Veseliq_: chak sega li stigna do teb :D
09:50:32SimplicityTo 3~6 control?
09:50:39*Zagor thinks the koreans need a channel of their own
09:50:55jhMikeSthat should probably change, huh? why was it ever there?
09:51:05JdGordonSimplicity: are you asking why you are getting only 3-6 frames per second in rockboy?
09:51:07BagderZagor: that would consist of people asking questions in korean and nobody answering ;-)
09:51:35SimplicityPlay a game but tries to control frame number at Neomuneuryeo but is Doejilanseupni out to 3~6
09:51:38LinusNjhMikeS: why was what ever there?
09:51:39midgey34JdGordon: I think he's asking why you can only skip between 3 and 6 frames
09:51:41jhMikeSI don't believe its the only one doing that. it's in power.c too
09:51:56jhMikeSLinusN: yes, why?
09:52:00Simplicityplay game slow...
09:52:07LinusNjhMikeS: i don't remember
09:52:20SimplicityI want Ppareunsokdo's game pla
09:52:36LinusNjhMikeS: i guess it's a brainfart of mine
09:53:09midgey34Simplicity: a frame skip of higher than 6 makes the games jerky and not much faster
09:53:47SimplicityThen, fast game but difficult?
09:53:50SimplicityThen, fast game but difficult?
09:54:11midgey34no, still slow
09:54:13midgey34and jumpy
09:54:22midgey34it looks bad
09:54:35aliaskJust the words I was going to suggest :)
09:55:20SimplicityIs hard to understand.I will ask slowly
09:55:50SimplicityIs it Goenchaneu?
09:55:57*Bagder starts to realize why they say patience is a virtue
09:56:02 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
09:56:24JdGordonSimplicity: stay here and wait for jungti to come, he will be able to help you in korean
09:56:39scorchehis english isnt much better =/
09:57:00Bg3rscorche: believe me, it IS much better
09:57:12SimplicityThen, can you know time that go jungti roughly?
09:57:41SimplicityI am using English Internet translation machine
09:57:53Bg3rSimplicity: i don't think anybody here knows
09:58:32*petur picks up some words that return zero hits in google
09:58:39 Join _jhMikeS_ [0] (
09:58:42SimplicityThen, shall I play???
09:58:52_jhMikeS_damn connection quit
09:59:19linuxstb_jhMikeS_: Any progress with an lcd_yuv_blit() for the X5?
09:59:32_jhMikeS_linuxstb: the patch is up there
09:59:37linuxstbIt is?
09:59:53linuxstbAh yes...
10:00:15_jhMikeS_It's kinda whacky code
10:00:27_jhMikeS_but it work pretty well
10:00:42linuxstbHmm... Rockbox prefers simple code....
10:00:46_jhMikeS_Anyone comment about the playback thing up there? ^
10:01:07SimplicityThen, I will do the one question more
10:01:08 Join pb125 [0] (
10:01:08_jhMikeS_linuxstb: they added my duff device and unrolled loops :)
10:01:23SimplicityThen, I will do the one question more
10:01:49amiconnlinuxstb: Did you try the new sudoku gfx on the video?
10:01:55linuxstb_jhMikeS_: It doesn't look too bad. Although I'm not sure why you want to support odd widths.
10:02:00_jhMikeS_It's whacky simple
10:02:04linuxstb(the other implementations don't)
10:02:05pb125Hey, could anyone possibly do me a quick favor?? I'd be oh so grateful
10:02:12 Part jaczehack
10:02:17_jhMikeS_There's no spec that says you don't have to either.
10:02:48linuxstbamiconn: No, not yet. But I looked at Sudoku yesterday on the 5g and thought that it needed better graphics - then your commit came shortly afterwards...
10:03:14 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
10:03:26linuxstb_jhMikeS_: The other implementations _are_ the spec :)
10:03:35amiconnI mainly wanted sudoku on the mini, so I asked my sis whether she could make the gfx, then noticed that the video had no special gfx...
10:03:40SimplicityDo you know ID that is the Korea in rockbox chatting?
10:03:50_jhMikeS_:D There's no spec for that either...till now I guess
10:03:57 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
10:04:19pb125hey could anyone possibly upload this build for me???
10:04:25linuxstbamiconn: The graphics are all garbled on my 5g... I'll try a make clean and rebuild.
10:04:27pb125i cant connect to that server
10:04:39Simplicityh340 wps....
10:04:42amiconnlinuxstb: That's because of the bitmap libraries
10:05:01linuxstbNo doubt...
10:05:09amiconnIt's sufficient to delete apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/sudoku* and libpluginbitmapsnative.a
10:05:11LinusNpb125: which model?
10:05:16pb12530gb normal
10:05:22pb125i'd really appreciate it
10:05:26amiconn(from the build dir of course)
10:05:51_jhMikeS_It's odd widths AND starts BTW. It does it all...chops, slices, dices all in this handly little travel size.
10:06:08pb125linus you could even send it through irc if you want
10:06:22pb125it doesn't matter to me
10:06:52SimplicityIt is that maybe makes rockbox and may be Gyesineunbun and asks a question ..
10:07:00SimplicityThere are expecting really one functions ... Alarm function when complete ....
10:07:04SimplicityI apologize if was the uncomfortable question ..
10:08:15pb125thanks so much, that was a big help
10:08:31LinusNtell me when you dl:ed it, so i can remove it
10:08:38pb125dled ;)
10:08:49pb125all done
10:08:56pb125thanks again, take care
10:08:58 Quit pb125 ("ahhhhhhhhhh")
10:09:32SimplicityDo not become that.question reply .? Answer a little that do not know if do not know
10:10:20JdGordonSimplicity: we cannot undertsand what you are asking...
10:10:24amiconnlinuxstb: The portrait orientation I added (gigabeat for now) will be useful for other portrait targets as well
10:10:34linuxstbamiconn: The numbers are very nice on the 5g. There's a slight problem though - there is a black border around the physical LCD, so the line at the top of the screen disappears into the black border around the LCD. The gap at the bottom looks like only one pixel...
10:10:52 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
10:11:06amiconnIirc someone mentioned that (some?) H10 is also portrait
10:11:21Bagdersansa is
10:11:30 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
10:11:51SimplicityThen, I will ask word one by one
10:12:00amiconnNice, so you can reuse the H300/iPod Photo gfx, with portrait layout
10:12:04SimplicityCan you understand?
10:12:13Bg3rSimplicity: ask
10:12:28Bg3rat least, try to ask
10:12:41amiconnlinuxstb: The board height is 239, so no border at the top, and 1px at the bottom
10:12:45markunSimplicity: or wait for jungti, he can help
10:12:47SimplicityRockbox alarm function
10:13:03Bg3rSimplicity: for iriver h300 ?
10:13:14amiconnDid they really physically cover the top pixel row??
10:13:19SimplicityTime zone that go jungti ...
10:13:29Simplicityyes h300
10:13:34markunSimplicity: seul timezone
10:13:42Bg3rSimplicity: jungti is from South Korea
10:13:57 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
10:14:23SimplicityA Oneunsigan
10:14:34SimplicitySupplement by substitution
10:14:42markunSimplicity: this is his website:
10:14:45SimplicityI want to know
10:14:50markunmaybe you can ask the question there
10:16:02SimplicityAre not other persons ?
10:16:24 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
10:17:03SimplicityThen, I will go out
10:17:13SimplicityI thank good reply
10:17:35 Quit Simplicity ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:17:52JdGordonwell that was fun :D
10:18:06peturbut no simplicity
10:18:36Bagder"thank you for using"
10:18:46_jhMikeS_linuxstb: you think that I should simplify it? I'd change it to just align the src_x and width to even/even. If you don't align the start, you'll get a chroma phase shift.
10:19:54amiconn_jhMikeS_: I already pointed out the possible chroma shift (1 pixel). It won't hit in practice
10:21:15_jhMikeS_amiconn: I don't think I was here but if it's not a concern I'll just way simplify things.
10:21:24amiconnReason: The lcd width (of all color targets) is a multiple of 4. The video width is also a multiple of 4.
10:22:12amiconnSo the difference divided by 2 is always even, and there will be no chroma shift.
10:22:22_jhMikeS_Why should that only be used to blit full screen if you supply all those params?
10:22:33amiconnIt won't
10:23:01_jhMikeS_The caller must see to it that it's right then?
10:23:09linuxstbYes - that's the convention.
10:23:20amiconnThe caller has to make sure not to exceed the screen dimensions
10:23:27amiconnOf course the area can be smaller
10:23:54amiconnIf it is, and src_x is odd, there will be a phase shift
10:24:02_jhMikeS_:D That's not MY (paranoid) convention. Is this true of lcd_update_rect?
10:24:27amiconnBut the lcd*_blit() functions are performance functions
10:24:30_jhMikeS_ok...I have that doing everything and clipping.
10:25:05_jhMikeS_will be an easy change...
10:25:16amiconnThey shoudln't do anything more than absolutely necessary. The only "luxury" I did in the H300 implementation is making width and height even
10:25:19 Quit SereR0kR ()
10:25:38amiconnThe height adjustment is unnecessary and will go away
10:25:50_jhMikeS_amiconn: Noticed that in there.
10:25:53linuxstb_jhMikeS_: What fps do you get now on a full-screen video? (and what was it before?)
10:26:11_jhMikeS_It was about 8-9 now I get about 13 with that function.
10:26:23_jhMikeS_maybe it was 9-10
10:26:33 Part jn
10:26:45amiconn_jhMikeS_: lcd_blit() on the b&w / greyscale targets also doesn't check bounds
10:26:47_jhMikeS_It's hitting the wall with memory access and bus writes anyway
10:27:35*amiconn will improve lcd_update(_rect) on X5 as soon as he receives his X5
10:27:45_jhMikeS_One of those "call at your own risk" functions :)
10:27:45linuxstbIs the maximum clock speed currently 124Mhz on the X5 as well?
10:28:19_jhMikeS_amiconn: your gonna mangle everything I did? :D
10:28:27_jhMikeS_linuxstb: That the most I see
10:29:05JdGordonamiconn: the quickscreen is one of the screens that use sysfont yeah?
10:29:29amiconnJdGordon: Well, the quickscreen is special.
10:29:30linuxstbI was just wondering if it could be safely clocked higher. IIRC, the irivers had problems at higher speeds, but maybe the X5 could cope.
10:29:42JdGordonamiconn: why?
10:29:43amiconnIt uses the ui font, but if that's too large, switches to sysfont
10:30:06_jhMikeS_amiconn: That sucker just doesn't have any more in 'er.
10:30:22LinusNlinuxstb: yes, the chip is rated 120MHz
10:30:54linuxstbLinusN: The X5's chip is rated 120MHz?
10:31:31linuxstbSo we already overclock slightly?
10:32:34_jhMikeS_BTW: If the implementation were the spec and that spec should be follow, then nothing could be changed.
10:32:45LinusNlinuxstb: yes
10:34:22linuxstbamiconn: Is lcd_blit() implemented in the sim?
10:35:03amiconnlinuxstb: Nope, and it wouldn't make sense
10:35:58amiconn_jhMikeS_: What did you mean?
10:36:19linuxstbamiconn: But lcd_yuv_blit() would make sense?
10:36:30 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
10:36:45peturlate as usual ;)
10:36:50amiconnWhy? Do we have a video performance problem in the sim?
10:37:10linuxstbJust to make the code that uses it consistent.
10:37:35linuxstbNow the X5 has lcd_yuv_blit, the yuv_bitmap_part()/lcd_update codepath is just used in the sim.
10:38:00amiconnHmm, maybe. Yet another copy of the yuv->rgb code...
10:38:46amiconn...but then you could remove it from mpegplayer
10:39:12amiconnShould be a quite simple addition to the sim
10:39:34markunJungti1234: there was someone here looking for you
10:40:00JdGordondoes anyone like the idea of "mooving" the option select screens to the list widget so you can see more options in 1 screen? (would take a bit of hacking but i rekcon it would be much better)
10:40:16_jhMikeS_amiconn: mean about what?
10:40:26amiconn[10:30:06] <_jhMikeS_> amiconn: That sucker just doesn't have any more in 'er.
10:40:27Jungti1234markun: He is similar with my begin image.
10:40:51markunJungti1234: did you try to play a video on your H300 yet?
10:41:04Jungti1234no, haven't time
10:41:19 Part midgey34
10:41:41_jhMikeS_I don't know what code rearrangement is gonna speed up lcd_update(_rect). It's writing basically as fast as possible.
10:42:05amiconnYes, writing, but it's not reading as fast as possible :)
10:42:10Lynx_are there any estimates yet how fast video playback witht sound could be?
10:42:17_jhMikeS_Aligning there sped it up several %
10:42:32*amiconn whispers "line burst"
10:42:34linuxstbLynx_: On which target device?
10:42:45_jhMikeS_amiconn: What's do you see that's slowing it down?
10:42:47Lynx_linuxstb: H300
10:43:07amiconn_jhMikeS_: We can use line burst reading (doing so requires asm)
10:43:11amiconnWe do on H300...
10:43:31_jhMikeS_In lcd-H300.c?
10:43:38amiconnNo, in lcd.S
10:44:03amiconnlcd_write_data() is an asm function (not only on H300)
10:44:13linuxstbLynx_: It's very hard to say for the H300. On the ipods it's easier because it they have two CPU cores - the plan is to use the second core for video, so the addition of audio won't change video performance from what it is now.
10:44:37markunLynx_: let's hope we can get it as fast as the original firmware
10:44:40linuxstb^two identical CPU cores (ARM)
10:44:51_jhMikeS_So it's going through the entire entire bus sequence for each read from RAM, eh?
10:45:00Jungti1234oh.. 09.56.39 # <scorche> his english isnt much better =/
10:45:10_jhMikeS_Need that for all the stuff then.
10:45:21Jungti1234My English is better than him. :)
10:45:22BagderJungti1234: you shouldn't believe things you read on the internet ;-)
10:45:47 Quit scorche (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
10:45:50Bagderyou english is miles better
10:45:57linuxstb"you english" ?
10:46:04Bagderbut not mine
10:46:05*amiconn recommends _jhMikeS_ reading MCF5249UM.pdf (or SCF5250UM.pdf)
10:46:07 Join midgen3313 [0] (
10:46:23Jungti1234what's mean.. hehe..
10:46:30Jungti1234ah. :) yes
10:46:48Lynx_markun: is mpeg2 less processor intensive to decode than xivd?
10:48:11amiconnshould be
10:48:22amiconnlinuxstb: libmpeg2 decodes mpeg1 as well?
10:48:39markunamiconn: yes
10:48:42Mikachui think i tried a m1v and it worked too
10:48:43amiconnDid anyone perform speed tests with mpeg1 material?
10:48:52safetydanJdGordon, I've thought about doing something like that. Might be nice to see if it would actually still be usable.
10:48:53Mikachubut about the same fps
10:49:03_jhMikeS_amiconn: The use manual? That things huge I'm just getting familiar with it. What section?
10:49:07dongsnlol mpeg2 decoder
10:49:10dongsfor what, rockbox?
10:49:15Jungti1234haha.... very funny
10:49:24dongssomeone is bored to the max
10:49:28Mikachuhooray, it's dongs; our most valued member of the channel
10:49:32 Join uski [0] (
10:50:11safetydanMikachu, no that'd be BigMac... or is it a tie?
10:50:19amiconn_jhMikeS_: In the 5249 manual it's section 8.5 (Data Transfer Operation)
10:50:30Lynx_so, if mpeg2 is faster to decode than xvid, and flac ist faster than mp3, it should be possible to playback video faster than the origninal firmware ;)
10:50:35Mikachui haven't noticed BigMac much
10:50:48amiconnThe only instruction that can use line bursts is movem.l - and the data must be aligned
10:51:34safetydanMikachu, hrmm... maybe he just affects those of us outside of EU-timezones
10:51:49amiconnThat's what all the extra stuff in lcd.S is about - aligning
10:52:06*midgen3313 slaps midgen3313 around a bit with a large trout
10:52:19_jhMikeS_ok...that should prove interesting.
10:52:30 Quit midgen3313 ()
10:52:32 Join ScoTTie [0] (
10:52:36amiconn_jhMikeS_: If you want to see maxed-out usage of burst mode, check memcpy-coldfire.S :-)
10:53:05dongsso anything new happened with rockbox lately?
10:53:33linuxstbamiconn: I originally ported libmpeg2 in order to test its MPEG-1 decoding, but as Mikachu said, it seems to perform similarly for both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. Although I haven't done very many tests with m1v files.
10:54:02 Join midgen3313 [0] (
10:54:02 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:54:03Mikachuwould ffmpeg's mpg decoder be harder to port?
10:54:09 Join fejfighter [0] (
10:54:14Mikachui'm guessing their code is more x86 oriented
10:54:23 Join ScoTTie [0] (
10:54:28dongslinuxstb: recommend me some code i can rip to parse mpeg section tables from transport streams?
10:54:30*amiconn would like a better understanding of stuff like idct :(
10:55:07Mikachuit's like inverse fourier transform but without the sines :P
10:56:25linuxstbMikachu: All the codecs in ffmpeg rely on a lot of other parts of ffmpeg. So they are a nightmare to rip out and use individually. Maybe a better approach would be to try porting ffmpeg as a whole and letting the linker take care of extracting what's needed - but that could be equally as much work.
10:56:40 Quit ScoTTie_ (Connection timed out)
10:56:55dongsany code written by fabrice is almost impossible to understand
10:57:00dongsgood luck fuckign wiht ffmpeg
10:58:05_jhMikeS_amiconn: Start with An*cos(n*w*t)+Bn*sin(n*w*t) or something.
10:58:13dongs < lol
10:59:19dongslinuxstb: so? do you have any ideas lolrz
10:59:22*_jhMikeS_ gotta step out for a bit *lurk mode*
11:02:03dongslol wat am i being ignored
11:02:04dongslinuxstb: test
11:02:30safetydandongs, maybe he's busy
11:02:40dongssafetydan: ask him if he has me on ignore
11:04:14JdGordonsafetydan: i thought about it over dinner and i rekon it would be.. ill see how far i can get tonight
11:05:40linuxstbdongs: Surprisingly I leave this window occasionally...
11:06:52linuxstbI do know of a tool for processing DVB transport streams that may help - I'm trying to remember the name...
11:07:13*amiconn found an m68k assembler idct
11:07:24amiconnfixed point...
11:08:02JdGordonthats good isnt it?
11:08:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:08:54amiconnThe idct is in sjrevdct.s
11:10:20amiconnIt needs minor adjustments code-wise (m68k->coldfire), and I don't know about the parameter & result format yet
11:10:32 Join mkey [0] (
11:10:40 Quit fejfighter ()
11:13:19 Join fejfighter [0] (
11:13:40 Nick mantono^ is now known as mantono (
11:15:06dongslinuxstb: dvbsnoop? kinda useless. its sections/tables parser has bugs.
11:15:21dongsim looking at libdvbpsi and hoping they took a different approach to it
11:15:27dongsso i could maybe rip from there.
11:17:41linuxstb dongs: Yes, I think dvbsnoop was what I was thinking about. But I've never used it - I always use the kernel DVB driver API (section filters) for accessing the tables.
11:17:52 Join scorpion [0] (n=scorpion@
11:18:26scorpionhello people....
11:18:56scorpioni installed windows xp on my mac mini with my 30gb ipod connected
11:19:12dongsand it installed xp on the ipod?
11:19:28scorpioncorrect :)
11:19:31dongsseen that happen
11:19:38dongsfunny level: hilarious
11:19:44dongsit also likes to install on extenral 1394 drives
11:19:50dongsyou should have paid attention while you were partitioning
11:19:59scorpionpoor me... all my music and data is boooooood
11:20:00dongswhen it showed the destination drive to isntall to
11:20:14dongsdoes mac mini also ahve 30gb hdd?
11:20:20dongsor did you not partition / notice it
11:20:36scorpionno... finally i installed xp....
11:20:45scorpionon my HDD ofcourse...
11:21:09scorpionbut my ipod is screwed.... can i install rockbox now????
11:21:14dongswell sure
11:21:16dongsyou can install rockbox anytime
11:21:25dongsmight as well, since all your music is gone anyway
11:21:26linuxstbYou have to unscrew it first - run Apple's restore utility.
11:21:27scorpionany suggessions????
11:21:36dongsyeawhat lunixstb said.
11:21:38dongsrestore first
11:21:44dongsthen just follow normal rockbox install
11:22:18scorpionapple's restore utility???? thanx, i'm new to mac
11:22:30JdGordonits a 56mb bloody download!
11:22:42dongsits part of hte firmware updates
11:23:25 Quit midgen3313 ()
11:23:26 Join MadDog011 [0] (n=MadDog01@212-200-212-95.adsl.sezampro.yu)
11:23:47dongsinstalling xp on ipod is so funny.
11:24:21scorpionfine dongs.... please don't do this to me ;)
11:24:34scorpionit's so embarassing....
11:24:49dongsnah, i almost did that a few times but i noticed in the blue text installer
11:24:56dongsthat it was going to put itself on something like 1394 hdd
11:25:09scorpionyou guys make me feel so foolish
11:25:24dongsits ok all your music was pirated anyway
11:25:26dongsso oyu can jsut redl
11:25:59*JdGordon has installed xp on the wrong parition heaps of times... it sux doing that!
11:26:17dongsi dont let xp installer partition
11:26:21dongsbecause it creates extended partitions
11:26:23dongsand names them weird
11:26:30scorpionno.... it's all ripped from my audio cd's
11:26:32dongsi hit it with pqmagic first, or from diskpart
11:26:44dongsand make primary partitions
11:26:48MadDog011u can install XP on ipod?
11:26:48dongsthen its easier to see what hte fuck is doing on
11:26:58dongsMadDog011: yea
11:27:05dongsit might even boot from it
11:27:07dongson a mac
11:27:09 Join scorche [0] (
11:27:11dongsprobably wont boot properly on pc
11:27:15dongsbecause of usb driver
11:27:19dongsanyway fuck this going home
11:27:52scorpiondongs... do i format my ipod in windows or mac???
11:27:56 Quit mkey (Connection timed out)
11:28:14MadDog011how do you work the keys on the ipod ?
11:28:19MadDog011when u install windows?
11:28:21JdGordonwoohoo!!! i only have to reimplement 3 different functions... </sarcasm> :'(
11:28:22safetydanscorpion, Rockbox only works if you format your iPod for WIndows
11:28:59safetydanThough maybe one of the actualy iPod on Rockbox owners can confirm that
11:29:29scorpionfine... i'l do that from windows
11:29:57JdGordonrockbox oesnt have HFS+ so it has to be fat32'd
11:30:22scorpionok gordon
11:30:44 Join mkey [0] (
11:31:36scorpionanywayz.... thank you all... especially dong and safety... have a great day.... bye
11:33:39 Part scorpion
11:41:48_jhMikeS_amiconn: how much does the bust mode improve a full screen update?
11:42:52amiconnI don't remember the total speedup. Reading a full line is 2.5 times as fast as reading 4 longwords
11:49:36JdGordondoes anyone know what the scroll_all value in gui_synclist_init is for?
11:51:21linuxstbWould it be worthwhile doing line reads in lcd_yuv_blit and caching the data in IRAM? e.g. do a memcpy to IRAM, then run lcd_yuv_blit on the copy (or partial copy, depending on available IRAM)
11:52:31amiconnI don't think this will result in noticeable speedup
11:53:07amiconnThe number of calculations in lcd_yuv_blit() exceeds the memory reads by far
11:53:37linuxstbThere seems to be a lot of single-byte memory accesses in lcd_yuv_blit though.
11:54:33_jhMikeS_linuxstb: I pondered that myself.
11:54:41 Join TCK [0] (
11:54:47amiconnBut then it seems the output part doesn't take that much cpu on coldfire targets, compared to the decoding
11:55:15amiconnUnfortunately the idct I found uses some m68k features which don't exist on coldfire, like add.w
11:55:44amiconnBut it also looks like it would benefit from emac
11:55:59 Quit Nibbler ("Leaving")
11:56:44_jhMikeS_Will have the trimmed lcd_yuv_blit up there shortly
11:56:45amiconnIs there any recommended reading on idct? (theory, algorithms)?
11:56:49linuxstb_jhMikeS_: I think you could test quite easily - just create three static buffers in IRAM (I think you would have enough space) - width*height, width*height/2 and width*height/2 bytes and call rb->memcpy to copy the three buffers there, and call lcd__yuv_blit with those buffers.
11:57:34amiconn30KB for X5
11:57:35_jhMikeS_I tried lookup tables too but those didn't help too much.
11:58:06amiconnI hope you placed the lookup tables in IRAM
11:58:43 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:59:43 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
11:59:51 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
11:59:51 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
11:59:59JdGordonhaha, select widget using the list widget almost works :D
12:00:31_jhMikeS_asm routines for the x5 are going to be messier with the pixel repacking.
12:01:20_jhMikeS_With H300 all you're doing is swapping bytes
12:06:02_apo_many of them
12:06:32amiconnThe repacking for X5 isn't that hard; 18 instructions for 2 pixels
12:06:44_jhMikeS_oops right
12:07:46 Part LinusN
12:10:28 Join Febs [0] (
12:11:57Mikachulinuxstb: ah, i see
12:16:34 Quit mkey (""Welcome to IRC; Where men are men, women are men and little girls are FBI agents!"")
12:17:37BagderMSI makes the Sansa HW
12:17:46BagderMSI also makes their own PP-based players
12:18:10Bagderone of them is a NAND flash one
12:19:32Bagderbut now, lunch
12:35:08 Join PaulJam [0] (
12:35:42 Join vertz [0] (n=vertz@
12:35:57vertzhow the fsck do i run a .patch file in windows?
12:36:29PaulJamuse cygwin or the vmware image.
12:37:20PaulJamif someone with flyspray access reads this: i think can be closed now.
12:38:06vertzPaulJam: thanks
12:40:30Bagderand you don't "run" patches
12:40:37Bagderyou apply them
12:40:56 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
12:44:38 Quit vertz ("Lost terminal")
12:45:18 Quit S0ap ("Someone dropped the soap!")
12:47:43pixelmalinuxstb: would you prefer a slightly smaller sudoku board for the 5g iPod using 24x24 pixels for the numbers?
12:48:45Lynx_what does %t0.1 do in a wps? can't find %t in the manual.
12:49:37PaulJamit shows a subline for 0.1 seconds (the different sublines are separated by ";"
12:51:26Lynx_PaulJam: ah, thanks. is there another list of wps commands apart fromt he one in the manual?
12:51:45_jhMikeS_flyspray's bein' a dog
12:52:44Lynx_PaulJam: ah, thanks. looks more complete.
12:53:28 Join barrywardell [0] (
12:53:55_jhMikeS_got the updated patch up there
12:54:57linuxstbpixelma: Yes, I think a slightly smaller board would look better.
12:55:25pixelmaI already prepared that :)
12:56:36Mikachu"since this is a live show, we have prepared a cake in advance"
12:56:54*Bagder looks around
12:57:56 Quit eGen_ ("mdlo kon ! ... runk kon !")
13:02:32_jhMikeS_what's wrong with doom on the x5? It just hangs during init and I've been wanting to see.
13:02:33*petur is only triggered on the word 'beer'
13:02:36MadDog011barrywardell: did you check the mail ;)
13:03:05barrywardellMadDog011: which mail?
13:03:21 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:03:39MadDog011barrywardell: the one outside of ur apartment, for a package :)
13:05:19 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:05:30barrywardelljust checked it now. nothing :(
13:05:34MadDog011damn :(((
13:05:42barrywardellmaybe tomorrow
13:05:45MadDog011oh well, tomorrow is a new day
13:06:53 Join eGen_ [0] (
13:08:06 Join jhMikeS [0] (
13:08:06barrywardellMadDog011: have you looked at the code much
13:08:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:09:12 Quit _jhMikeS_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:09:15jhMikeSmy DSL is f*****d up!
13:15:06safetydanhrm... too many working copies of cvs lying around
13:15:44FebsLynx_, if you're still around, %t is described in section 7.2 of the manual. There shouldn't be anything on the CustomWPS page that isn't also in the manual.
13:17:02Lynx_Febs: ah, it is in 7.2. I was looking at (appendix?) B, with the list, and it's not in there.
13:19:09 Join merbanan [0] (
13:21:33 Join Arathis [0] (
13:22:15amiconnLooks like I'm obliged to sort the plugin api :(
13:22:37*amiconn is going to remove lcd_blit() for colour targets, and add lcd_yuv_blit() for colour sims
13:25:24Mikachuisn't it possible you'll support codecs that decode to rgb?
13:27:39amiconnlcd_blit() takes raw lcd data (on targets where it's implemented)
13:28:28Mikachuwould it be possible to make lcd_yuv_blit use 18-bit color?
13:28:36amiconnI doubt any codec will decode to rgb565 (h300) or even byte-swapped rgb565 (ipod), or rgb666 strangely split into 2 16bit words
13:29:08Mikachuyeah that sounds unlikely
13:29:27 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
13:29:48amiconnOnly X5 can do 18bit (in fact pseudo 18bit). The controller is fed with 18bit data which it then dithers internally to 16bit the GRAM is only 16bits wide
13:30:05markunamiconn: I think we could do 18bit on the gigabeat
13:30:18Mikachuthe datasheet you gave me for the nano lcd says it uses 18bit internally, and adds two bits when you use the 16bit interface
13:30:42amiconnYes, but the interface is selected via configuration pins on the controller
13:31:02Mikachuah, not software controlled
13:31:02amiconnThese pins are fixed to 16bit mode on H300, and on ipod we simply don't know
13:31:20Mikachui forget the sheet is aimed at someone actually building a device
13:31:40amiconnMaybe they're connected to some gpio pin on ipod, but someone has to find out if, and where
13:32:45 Join Tugedeo [0] (
13:33:18TugedeoTry word
13:33:19TugedeoTry word
13:33:38jhMikeSI did lcd_yuv_blit for the x5 in 18bit
13:33:38 Part Tugedeo
13:34:10amiconnI know.
13:34:20amiconnI see that you chose a slightly different implementation
13:34:32jhMikeSamiconn: You saw it. :)
13:34:35 Join Simplicity [0] (
13:34:58jhMikeSYou mean different from before or different from the others?
13:35:06amiconnDifferent from the others
13:35:19jhMikeSI tried the other one. It didn't do as well
13:35:42*petur wonders why users post duplicate bugreports and add a link to the duplicate in the original report.
13:35:59amiconnjhMikeS: What do you mean with 'not as well'
13:36:20jhMikeSslower by a bit. I don't remember exactly
13:36:39jhMikeSMaybe 1-2 fps
13:37:43 Quit safetydan ("Ex-Chat")
13:37:50amiconnThat much?
13:37:59jhMikeSWhere'd the coefficients come from? The JPEG viewer or did you change it to 601?
13:38:07jhMikeSabout that
13:40:48amiconnThe jpeg viewer one is my implementation
13:41:10amiconnThe various lcd_yuv_blit() implementation simply copy the calculations from there
13:41:15 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:41:53jhMikeSHmmm...but JPEG has full ranges for the YUV components whereas MPEG only uses 16-235 (Y) and 16-240 (CrCb)
13:43:04amiconnSo technically we need different conversions for jepg and mpeg?
13:43:31amiconnBtw, I would suggest a different scaling. You use 10bits, but 16 bits are better
13:43:46amiconnMore precision, and it saves one register for the right shifts
13:44:15amiconnAnd using symbolic constants would improve readability...
13:44:26 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:44:27jhMikeSscale the equations by 64 then?
13:45:15SimplicityIt is that
13:45:30SimplicityThere is the question
13:45:55jhMikeSamiconn: I didn't personally find them more readable in this instance IMHO.
13:45:57 Join chendo [0] (
13:45:59 Quit chendo (Client Quit)
13:46:23SimplicityThere is the question
13:46:25SimplicityThere is the question
13:46:36Bg3rSimplicity: just ask, don't repeat
13:46:38*petur looks around
13:46:39jhMikeSTo be or not to be is the question.
13:47:08Simplicitywys T,T
13:47:15Bg3r2 beer or not 2 beer ...
13:47:20Simplicityyes T.T kk
13:47:28jhMikeSamiconn: what do you mean I use 10 bits? You mean the extra 10 I discard?
13:47:37 Join chendo [0] (
13:47:58amiconnYes, I mean the 10 fractional bits
13:48:16SimplicityI will talk together
13:49:08jhMikeSahh ok. Scale it up a factor of 64 (6 bits) and >> 16 would work better?
13:49:10SimplicityThere is rockbox Mandeusineunbun there maybe
13:49:35BagderSimplicity: meet Jungti1234, Jungti1234 meet Simplicity ;-)
13:50:10SimplicityJungti1234 is someone?
13:50:17 Quit Nibbler ("Leaving")
13:50:19*petur learns more words that give zero google hits
13:50:35Bg3rpetur: huh ?
13:50:56SimplicityJungti1234 is someone?
13:50:56Bg3rah yes
13:51:06Jungti1234Simplicity: what's mean?
13:51:10 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:51:12BagderSimplicity: you need to disable your echo
13:51:14 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:51:56aliaskpetur: I'm pretty sure they're the romanisation of korean words
13:52:11SimplicityKnow how speak Korean
13:52:11Simplicitycan you spking
13:52:16SimplicityKnow how speak Korean
13:52:31Jungti1234I will not use korean here.
13:52:47Simplicitya ha...
13:53:03peturmaybe use PM?
13:53:05SimplicityI may ask a question?
13:53:09markunSimplicity: you can talk to Jungti1234 in private
13:53:15markunin korean
13:53:39Jungti1234I spoke to him already.
13:53:40SimplicityIs uncomfortable Dareunbundeul?
13:53:57peturfunny words
13:54:00markunJungti1234: what's his problem?
13:54:05Jungti1234hahaha I don't know
13:54:12Jungti1234can't understand
13:54:13markunnot even in korean?
13:54:37jhMikeSI'm trying that now results shortly
13:54:54SimplicityAs is using translation machine
13:55:03SimplicityI will be mistaken much
13:55:48Jungti1234Simplicity: irc â ø ̵ ̴ϴ. װ Ŭغ. (sorry everyone)
13:55:56markunSimplicity: why don't you talk to Jungti1234 in private? Then you don't need a translation machine..
13:56:22amiconnjhMikeS: From the wikipedia article, it looks like the conversion matrix for jpeg and 'pure' ITU-R BT.601 is the same
13:56:23Jungti1234He doesn't know use method.
13:56:41SimplicityHow I make Gaeinjeokinmal
13:56:44amiconnJust jpeg allows the full 0..255 range, while mpeg does not
13:56:58 Quit fejfighter ()
13:57:24SimplicityJust jpeg allows the full 0..255 range, while mpeg does not
13:57:47Jungti1234Simplicity: use spacing words. and translation
13:57:55amiconnjhMikeS: So if we rely on the headroom & footroom, we don't need to clip range -> faster
13:58:29SimplicityAh, then
13:58:38SimplicityBy word
13:58:46SimplicityIf speak
13:59:03SimplicityAre you ?
13:59:56Jungti1234use private message
14:00:23*amiconn is thinking about even faster unbuffered drawing & buffered updates in the grayscale lib :)
14:00:28SimplicityHow do you do use private message?
14:00:31BagderSimplicity: type "/msg Jungti1234 hello"
14:00:57peturif he registered his nick of course...
14:01:00Simplicity"/msg jungtil1234 안녕하세요
14:01:09Bagderwithout quotes
14:01:20linuxstbamiconn, jhMikeS: If they are any help (and you haven't already looked), libmpeg2's original rgb conversion functions are here:
14:01:23jhMikeSHave to set the constants exactly though and out of range will wrap and look real bad
14:01:34Jungti1234Must not he register?
14:02:03BagderJungti1234: yes, unless you have that disabled
14:02:08linuxstbJungti1234, Simplicity: You could just both type "/join #rockbox-kr" to create a new channel for yourselves.
14:02:09SimplicityMessenger, whispering is same how use
14:02:14jhMikeSI'm looking at the JFIF standard now
14:02:19Jungti1234ah ok
14:02:23Jungti1234ok linuxstb
14:02:25*jhMikeS is doing a sanity check
14:02:37 Quit barrywardell ()
14:02:50jhMikeSFor JFIF:
14:02:52jhMikeSY = 0.299 R + 0.587 G + 0.114 B
14:02:56Jungti1234Come by #rockbox-kr
14:02:58peturlinuxstb: unless he's using the web client?
14:03:03jhMikeSCb = - 0.1687 R - 0.3313 G + 0.5 B + 128
14:03:06linuxstbpetur: True...
14:03:08jhMikeSCr = 0.5 R - 0.4187 G - 0.0813 B + 128
14:03:17jhMikeSI think that's what I got there...silly me.
14:03:24Simplicityrock box come by?
14:03:45jhMikeSI was _very_ tired. *pulling foot out of mouth*
14:04:30SimplicityIt is that ..I am sorry
14:04:42SimplicityOne moment one write may
14:04:54SimplicityI may speak one moment Korean
14:05:00jhMikeSI think you have to provide the lookup tables for the conversion yourself, no?
14:05:17BagderSimplicity: you can speak korean otherplaces, not here
14:05:35Jungti1234Bagder: one time please.
14:05:47BagderI don't see it ending with "one time"
14:05:55Jungti1234once please
14:06:32Jungti1234Simplicity: speak in Korean 'once'.
14:06:33Bagderstill, don't you guys have korean forums and things?
14:07:23jhMikeSI tried the extra six bits and it really made no difference in speed and it looks the same to me.
14:08:41Jungti1234Bagder: what's mean?
14:08:54SimplicityIt is Jalmoreugeteo what once is T.T
14:08:59SimplicityIt is Jalmoreugeteo what once is T.T
14:09:07Bagderthat perhaps a korean user who can't speak english should rather seek help in a korean forum or similar
14:09:30Bagdernow stop this
14:09:58Bagderwe suffer
14:10:02jhMikeS*LOL* you forgot to prevent shutdown while the video is playing!
14:10:06SimplicityReally sorry
14:10:10Jungti1234Simplicity: what do you want to ask? come by ihuf.
14:10:21Jungti1234Bagder: hehe. sorry
14:10:31markunSimplicity: yes, go to ihuf and leave here..
14:10:32BagderJungti1234: its not your fault
14:10:49Simplicityihuf? internet?
14:11:08Simplicitya ha
14:11:16SimplicityJungti1234: its not your fault
14:11:37SimplicityReally sorry
14:11:37SimplicityAnd sorry
14:12:01Jungti1234understand all, stop.
14:12:14SimplicityThen, well to this extent ...
14:12:30Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
14:12:53SimplicityGood bye
14:13:07SimplicityBecome Joteunharu ^^
14:13:29 Join webguest00 [0] (
14:13:37Kick(#Rockbox Simplicity :Bagder) by Bagder!n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder
14:13:59 Quit webguest00 (Client Quit)
14:14:00Bagderto save us
14:14:00amiconnjhMikeS: It doesn't matter whether we use 10 or 16 fractional bits?
14:14:15jhMikeSI'm verifying that now for sure
14:14:48Jungti1234but, don't speak well english person is exists...
14:15:00amiconnI'm used to use power-by-2 shifts because it makes it easier for certain CPUs. Then, all the CPUs in the colour targets have shift-by-n instructionsm, so maybe it really doesn't matter
14:15:05Jungti1234me too, don't speak well english..
14:16:22jhMikeSPicky CPU are picky that about? Super happy CPU good time?
14:17:01Bagderoh no jhMikeS got infected!
14:17:18jhMikeSShift the CPU east makes good luck
14:17:29amiconnjhMikeS: [14:05:00] <jhMikeS> I think you have to provide the lookup tables for the conversion yourself, no? <== what do you mean?
14:18:06jhMikeSamiconn: I don't know...had a glace and there's table pointer there but I didn't track em down.
14:18:38amiconnTable pointer? Where? What?
14:18:53jhMikeSin rgb.c
14:19:02amiconnah, that one
14:20:06 Quit mantono (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:20:12jhMikeSGot about 13 fps on the test with 16 bits
14:21:11amiconnSeems like there's more than once colour space conversion formula used in mpeg...
14:22:47jhMikeSprobably but you gotta pick just one :)
14:23:38 Join lodesi [0] (
14:24:46jhMikeSnow the backlight is shutting down during boot. who did that?
14:25:30*amiconn has a suspicion
14:25:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:26:34jhMikeSwasn't me!
14:27:24jhMikeSI mean...why start that thread there?
14:28:46amiconnDon't ask me...
14:28:57amiconnIt wasn't me either
14:29:55jhMikeSI got a patch committed that added some bl settings but it never made that happen.
14:33:36 Join Alex_B [0] (n=Alex_B@
14:34:02 Join schu [0] (
14:34:02 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:34:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:36:02 Quit PaulJam (".")
14:36:15 Join barrywardell [0] (
14:36:56schuhi, just asking some advice:
14:37:07 Join Poka64 [0] (
14:37:50schumy brother is trying to choose between iPod video and iAudio X5 and wants to know which one has a better implementation of Rockbox
14:37:57schuany ideas?
14:38:12jhMikeSX5 of course...that's my unbiased opinion :)
14:38:32linuxstbThe X5 contains hardware with better documentation.
14:38:37Bagderschu: both run Rockbox just fine
14:38:53linuxstbBut yes, there are lots of happy Rockbox users with ipod videos (including me).
14:39:05Bagderthe video has nicer screen, the X5 has native radio and recording
14:39:17Mikachusoon all ipods will be ipod videos
14:39:48schuBadger: "just fine" is good, but is there any difference, things one can do and one can't or whatever?
14:40:04 Join mantono [0] (
14:40:57 Quit Nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
14:42:08preglowhow's the battery time on the x5 right now?
14:42:25Bagderpretty good, but not like the OF
14:43:05preglowhow far off is it?
14:43:31markunschu: here are some technical details:
14:43:50jhMikeSamiconn: Got 13.3 fps with 10 bits and 13.0 with 16 bits
14:44:08amiconnStrange though
14:44:11Bagderpreglow: I don't know really but I think its around 70% of the original, like some 22 hours where they get 30 (X5L)
14:44:15*amiconn would like to see the asm.
14:44:27amiconnI guess gcc fails to optimise sth
14:44:35 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:44:36jhMikeSI'm just gonna try 8 for the heck of it so it fits in a work
14:44:38crwli think people have said that with Oggs, rockbox actually lasts longer
14:46:14 Quit mantono ("Don't worry, be happy!")
14:46:18crwl someone got 32 hours there with the X5L
14:46:39crwloh, actually with EQ
14:46:51 Join mantono [0] (
14:48:45schumarkun: thanks, but I saw that already, The technical specs he knows, he just wants to know how well rockbox works on them
14:49:24 Join FireFly_ [0] (
14:49:45 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:51:45 Quit Alex_B (Remote closed the connection)
14:52:50linuxstbschu: There are some annoyances on the 5g at the moment - battery life is reduced (but still around 7-10 hours) and the CPU can't cope with too many features (such as the software EQ, crossfeed, visual peakmeters in the while-playing-screen) being enabled at the same time as music playback. Rockbox also doesn't support any of the proprietory ipod accessories.
14:53:44schulinuxstb: aha, just found that page (
14:54:05schuso I'd guess
14:54:19linuxstbRockbox also doesn't use the Broadcom video dsp in the 5g at all - so you'll need to use the Apple firmware (and itunes or equivalent) if video playback is important.
14:54:21schuiAudio is the one I'd have to reccomend
14:55:16Mikachuhow do the prices compare?
14:55:17linuxstbBased on the performance today, I would say yes. But the 5g port will only get better compared to the X5.
14:55:25schuah, thanks again linuxstb!
14:55:49linuxstbFor example, Rockbox is currently only using 50% of the CPU power in the ipods.
14:56:04jhMikeS13.4 fps with 8 bits
14:56:43amiconnlinuxstb: Yeah, and using the other 50% will again cut down battery runtime...
14:57:03schuso iAudio plays videos OK with rockbox?
14:57:37linuxstbNo, Rockbox's video support is about 2 days old and still being developed. Currently around 13fps without any audio.
14:58:00linuxstbSorry, 4 days old... This week's gone quickly.
14:58:07schuah OK misunderstood your first post
14:59:04Mikachui still wonder how apple managed to make animations lag during mp3 playback when they have two cpus
14:59:10linuxstbRockbox's video playback seems to be working much faster on the ipods than the iaudio/iriver targets, but filling the 5g's 320x240 LCD with video at 30fps doesn't seem feasible.
15:00:03linuxstbBut 160x128 video (the same resultion as the X5's screen) is already working at around 25fps on the 5g.
15:00:22 Join actionshrimp [0] (
15:00:33Mikachuis it possible to blit interlaced video on the ipods?
15:00:50linuxstbMikachu: Yes, we should be able to.
15:01:00Mikachui mean actually only blitting every second line
15:01:25linuxstbIt would be 120 individual updates...
15:01:30Mikachuthen it would only be 320x120 at 30fps, but still fill the screen
15:01:40Mikachudon't you just have to update the gram pointer after each line?
15:06:20 Quit uski (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:06:38 Join uski [0] (
15:07:57 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:08:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:09:37 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]")
15:12:55 Join vertz [0] (
15:13:14daurn|laptopare ipod hdd connectors CF?
15:13:33daurn|laptopand, if so, can you hook ANY CF card/thing up to them?
15:16:02linuxstbdaurn|laptop: I believe you can on the Minis.
15:16:06uskiit seems that they use modified drives
15:16:33linuxstb(but the Minis use microdrives, not hard drives)
15:16:34uskithey want to prevent the drives from being used for other purposes; but it's unclear wether you can use another harddrive in the ipods or not.
15:29:22schuI can't see an iAudio FAQ, so I have to ask, can iAudio switch to the original firmware like the other two iX-es?
15:32:01 Join SereR0kR [0] (
15:32:23peturschu: afaik, yes
15:32:40Bagderbut not yet with the "official" bootloader
15:33:34schuoK thanks
15:36:19JdGordoni got the select widget working with the list widget
15:39:30 Join mkey [0] (
15:42:49 Quit barrywardell ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:43:09 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
15:54:18 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:55:09 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
15:55:27daurn|laptopso, these 1.8" hdds, (in most dap devices)
15:55:29daurn|laptopdo most brands allow you to use CF?
15:55:37daurn|laptop(eg, a 64mb cf card i have)
15:55:49JdGordonhardly any do.. different connectors isnt it?
15:55:50daurn|laptop - or a 12gb microdrive
15:55:51Bagderafaik, they're not CF-compatible at all
15:56:25JdGordonBagder: how do u feel about adding a "title" to the list widget?
15:56:41daurn|laptopisn't that CF?
15:57:01BagderJdGordon: I have no opinion at all on that right now, sorry
15:57:36JdGordonso you wouldnt outright reject a aptch with it?
15:58:49daurn|laptoparen't they the same?
15:59:49JdGordonjust coz they fit, doesnt mean anything
16:00:03 Join monkey13 [0] (n=monkee13@
16:00:10JdGordonand the cf doesnt have holes for the pegs
16:01:11amiconnJdGordon: If you add a title, it should be optional, or only added for higher lcd resolutions
16:01:36JdGordonamiconn: thats what i was thinking, and probably always off on the remotes
16:02:10amiconnFor the player it makes no sense at all, and for bitmapped archos, hmm...
16:02:42JdGordonactually the easier way is to make the staus bar 1 line bigger and put a title there... but thats not as nice
16:07:10 Join Febs [0] (
16:12:15 Join _FireFly [0] (
16:26:03 Join barrywardell [0] (
16:26:22schuOK thanks everyone, he's not really made up his mind but he'll probably follow my advice and get an X5
16:26:26 Quit schu ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
16:26:41JdGordonwell i almost have th title working.. it saves the space for it but doesnt draw it for some reason :'(
16:28:07 Quit FireFly_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:31:33 Quit barrywardell ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:32:26 Join webguest78 [0] (
16:33:19 Part webguest78
16:35:52 Join Snyper [0] (n=Batousai@
16:36:40JdGordonok, obviously the code hates me!
16:38:36Snyperhehe, I know that feeling
16:39:10SnyperJd: Do you live in the US? If so were you up all night coding, or did you go to bed later than e and get up earlier?
16:39:26JdGordonno, im in australia
16:39:41SnyperI was quite surprised to see you in here
16:39:53JdGordon12:40am here
16:39:57JdGordonim going soon
16:40:08 Quit _apo_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:40:19Bagderdo you aussies use 12 hour clocks usually?
16:40:32JdGordon12 hour is soo much eaiser than 24
16:40:59Bagder12 hour clocks are totally messed up if you ask me
16:41:02BagderI can never learn
16:41:20JdGordon?? 12am is midnight, 12pm is lunch time.. everything is simple
16:41:25Bagderand afaik, neither can the ones who use 12 hour clocks
16:41:39JdGordonyup, i cant stand 24
16:41:57Bagderbut with 24, there's no confusion about when 12:00 is, is there?
16:42:03Slasherieh.. i always tought 12am is midday
16:42:13Snyperwow, you you guys are -10 from US Eastern time....
16:42:14peturwhy use 12 hours when there are 24 in a day?
16:42:16BagderSlasheri: you prove my point fine, thanks ;-)
16:43:04JdGordonpetur: why use 24 when everything else is base 10? there should be 10 hours in a day
16:43:22peturnah, 100
16:43:39 Join apo` [0] (
16:43:56peturdon't take 14 hours away from me when I'm already short on it
16:43:59Jungti1234I use 12 hours.
16:44:20Bagderanyway, I was just curious if 12-hours was common in Australia
16:44:27Bagderand I take it it is ;-)
16:44:39JdGordoni thought 12 hour was common everywhere except the military?
16:44:54BagderJdGordon: you think so yes
16:44:58petureurope = 24h
16:45:07Jungti1234korea = 12h
16:45:17Jungti1234perhaps, asia..
16:45:26SnyperI thought most of europe still use 24 hour
16:45:29BagderJdGordon: and we usually giggle when they call it "millitary time" ;-)
16:45:34Snyperwhen I was over there it was pretty common
16:45:43JdGordonBagder: haha
16:45:50*JdGordon got titles working in the list
16:46:24Snyperwhat is it that you're working on jdGordan?
16:46:52JdGordonmy aim is to change the way settings are shown, so they show in the list instead of only on one line
16:47:03SnyperI see
16:47:17Snyperso a global rockbox change
16:47:32JdGordonnot yet
16:47:36JdGordonand not likely..
16:47:36amiconnJdGordon: How should that work?
16:47:47SpidaJdGordon: swatch divided a day in thousand "beats"
16:47:56Snyperwell, more global then my ipod vid specific stuff...
16:48:03Jungti1234JdGordon: where do you live?
16:48:04JdGordonamiconn: how does which work?
16:48:05SpidaJdGordon: and produced clocks for that
16:48:12JdGordonJungti1234: melbourne, australia
16:48:19amiconn[16:46:33] <JdGordon> my aim is to change the way settings are shown, so they show in the list instead of only on one line <== this
16:48:25JdGordonSpida: ye, they are silly buggers.. the whole internet time thing doesnt make snece
16:48:37 Quit apo` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:48:48*Zagor proudly wears his 24h analog wrist watch
16:49:00*amiconn prefers digital watches anyway
16:49:08*Snyper just uses his cell phone for a watch
16:49:09preglowanalogue watches > *
16:49:10*linuxstb doesn't own a watch
16:49:17amiconn..set to 24hour display of course
16:49:18preglowonly watch i have is my phone
16:49:23Jungti1234how do use 24 hour....
16:49:30preglowbut if i were to have a watch, it'd be analogue
16:49:36Jungti123412 hours are convenient.
16:49:58JdGordonamiconn: atm you have to use up/down to change the setting which wastes 90% of the screen, i want to change it so it shows the setting name, then a list of all the choices.. works fine for everything except the set_int() screen
16:50:04SnyperI would have a totally that ran palm os or windows mobile :)
16:50:30amiconnJdGordon: Ah, you mean still on a separate screen, just showing a list of choices?
16:50:30 Join apo` [0] (
16:50:37*JdGordon has a nice analoge watch, first watch for about 15 years and i cant read the damn thing :p
16:50:44JdGordonamiconn: ye
16:50:47Snyperso, if I modify a file in the drivers directory, what files do I need to update for rockbox (dont want to continue with the make zip etc...)
16:50:52amiconnThat sounds good, but I wouldn't do it for numeric values
16:51:16amiconnThere are just too many values
16:51:19linuxstbHow does voice work with lists? Does it just voice the currently selected item?
16:51:31markunSlasheri: 11pm -> 12am -> 1am.. very strange system
16:51:58JdGordonamiconn: i dont think it will be a problem, useing the list text callback wont hurt performance much
16:52:00JdGordonlinuxstb: yes
16:52:12Slasherimarkun: hmm, that is very confusing.. i have never before heard about that
16:52:21 Part monkey13 ("Konversation terminated!")
16:52:22linuxstbJdGordon: So as far as the voice UI is concerned, nothing changes?
16:52:31markunSlasheri: at least I think it was like that..
16:52:31Snyperhow is diving the day in half "very confusing"?
16:52:53markunSnyper: the confusing thing is that 1am comes after 12am
16:53:02*linuxstb thought that it was 12 noon and 12 midnight, not 12am and 12pm
16:53:12 Join lamed [0] (
16:53:12BagderSnyper: 11pm -> 12am -> 1am just is hard to get
16:53:22linuxstb11pm -> 12 noon -> 1am
16:53:25Snyperwhy is that? It had to somewhere if you divide it in hal
16:53:26JdGordonok, now you have all confused me...
16:53:30*linuxstb is probably speaking rubbish...
16:53:32Zagorand what's 20 minutes past noon. am or pm?
16:53:36Snyperso the day starts at 12:00am
16:53:40Snyperthats all there is to it
16:53:45JdGordonlinuxstb: ye we do noon and midnight coz its less confusing
16:53:49markunSnyper: why not 11pm 12pm 1am?
16:53:51Snyper20 past noon is pm
16:53:56amiconnIn addition to the 12am/12pm confusion it's just inconvenient to always append am or pm
16:54:00BagderSnyper: hahaha, wrong
16:54:06Bagderits 12:20am
16:54:06Snyperbecause the day starts at 12:00am not 12:00pm
16:54:18Snyperno, 20 minutes past noon is 12:20pm
16:54:23Snypernoon is 12:00pm
16:54:26linuxstbNoon is neither am or pm.
16:54:27Snypermidnight is 12:00am
16:54:29*Bagder shuts up
16:54:30JdGordonno, i tinhk i was confused.. 12am is lucnh time isnt it?
16:54:36BagderI can't learn this
16:54:47Snyperno, 12:00am is bedtime
16:54:50Zagorthis just shows why 12 hours is a really silly system
16:54:56Snyperthe day starts at the am
16:55:03Snyperand does to at 12
16:55:12Zagorso it's 10am, 11am and then 12pm?
16:55:14Bagderbut it starts at 12 which is the highest value and should be the last
16:55:17markunSnyper: and after 12 comes 13
16:55:22Zagorhow very logical... not
16:56:01Snyperwould it be better to go from 11 to 1, then to 13 for noon?
16:56:12Snypersure 0 indexing is preferred
16:56:13JdGordon explains the am and pm
16:56:18daurn|laptopthere is no 12:00
16:56:24daurn|laptopits called 0:00\
16:56:25Snyperbut the rest of the world thinks computer programmers are nuts for 0 indexing
16:56:38linuxstbTo quote JdGordon's link: a.m. = ante meridiem = before noon and p.m. = post meridiem = after noon
16:56:55Snyperbah I'm going back to coding...
16:56:59*petur stops rolling on the floor and moves along
16:57:11lamedsomeone here has a recorder?
16:57:16*Bagder stops working and starts rolling on the floor
16:57:28JdGordonbut that doesnt make sense... becuase 11am means 11 before noon... which could mean 11 hours before noon so it should be 1am...
16:57:43*JdGordon starts to like the idea of 24hour clocks
16:57:55*petur starts rolling again
16:58:07Snyperyou people are waaaaaaaay over-anaylizing it
16:58:10markunlinuxstb: so 12noon isn't 12pm..?
16:58:15ZagorJdGordon: get yourself one of these:
16:58:30Snyperits simple enough that stupid Americans can understand it, honest, it can't be that complex...
16:58:50JdGordonZagor: these are cooler...
16:58:56linuxstbmarkun: Not if you take "post meridiem" literally.
16:58:57markunSnyper: you are also used to inches and miles
16:59:01lamed***could someone with a recorder player tell me if the pointer in the star plugin is making some sort of a glitch? because it does on the simulator but I don't think there's a real bug.
16:59:05 Join Criamos [0] (
16:59:17Snyperyeah, but the majority of americans don't even get those
16:59:21ZagorJdGordon: but not nearly as practical to wear
16:59:32JdGordonim sure there is a wearable version somewhere
16:59:35peturSnyper: how can we be sure they actually understand it? look at how much they understand of international politics :p
16:59:36Snyperask most americans how many feet in a mile and they will just stare at you blankly (5280 btw...)
16:59:49SnyperBut the clock is one thing they have to understand
16:59:57Snyperhow else would they know when to be at work>
17:00:05 Join Kitar|st [0] (i=Kitarist@
17:00:22peturif they are tired it's time to go to work
17:00:30ZagorI bet a good portion of americans mistake 12am/pm too
17:00:36Snyperlol well, I know lots of people tht wouldnt work for
17:00:38peturafter sleep they go home
17:00:57*JdGordon does.. and im sure as hell smarter than the avergae american :D
17:01:08ZagorJdGordon: btw, I wasn't joking. that's my watch.
17:01:12JdGordoneven if i cant spell
17:01:19JdGordonZagor: in that case.. ncie watch
17:01:33*petur is glad nobody came up with logarithmic time
17:01:35*lamed asks everyone to stop talking about clocks for two seconds and check on a recorder player if they have a glitch when moving the star plugin pointer around the main menu!
17:01:48JdGordonanywho.. does anyone want to have a look at how the settings work now?
17:01:52*petur runs off
17:02:03*Zagor whistles to the roof
17:02:14amiconnlamed: Yes it does cause a glicth
17:02:28*linuxstb spots some Rockbox talk breaking through
17:02:40amiconnImho star should use the core menus, and some other plugins too
17:02:42lamedamiconn: a line added in front of the triangle?
17:02:53preglowand here i was, planning to rant about beer
17:02:56amiconnlamed: No, to the right of the triangle
17:03:11Zagorpreglow: oooh, good subject! ;-)
17:03:21Snyperarg dang it all this stupid talk of clocks....I put the wrong build on my ipod lol
17:03:21Kitar|stwhat is it chan about
17:03:22lamedit's weird. if I step by step it, it won't happend.
17:03:30amiconnIt happens if you move to an item, then move away from it
17:03:34preglowit's hard with this much on-topic happening!
17:03:44pixelmanow that petur ran off
17:03:53Snyperits about 12hr clocks vs 24 hr clocks :)
17:04:02SnyperI kill me!
17:04:07JdGordonwell.. we can blame Bagder for this bout of OT-ness.. but seen as he is op its not gonna change anything :p
17:04:12amiconnAt the bottom item (Exit) there is an additional glitch
17:04:30linuxstbpreglow: You timed your trip to England badly - you missed last week's Great British Beer Festival...
17:04:46lamedfor me the glitch happends on the exit item only if you point on it
17:04:48Topic"We call it Rockbox time and it is slightly more than 24 hours per day" by Bagder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
17:04:54JdGordonbrittish beer? or imported hosed in brittain?
17:05:03lamedbagder: lol
17:05:22linuxstbJdGordon: Great beer from Britain...
17:05:29*JdGordon doesnt belive you
17:05:57*petur can't resist all the triggering
17:06:17*JdGordon goes to bed before he is dragged into another beer argument here
17:06:18 Quit theli_ua (Remote closed the connection)
17:06:22JdGordongnite folks
17:06:36linuxstbReal Ale, Cider and Perry... Plus a small corner devoted to an odd spicy beer from Poland...
17:06:38 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
17:07:01markunKitar|st: what brings you here?
17:07:56 Join rconan [0] (n=richard@
17:08:27Snyperso again, assuming all I change is something in the drivers, what files do I need to copy to the ipod? Any ideas? :) I hate doing make zip thenextracting...
17:08:43lamedamiconn: don't you think the dark gray is a little too close to black?
17:08:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:08:54lamediriver h1x0
17:09:25amiconnIt probably is. The H1x0 lcd has a strange transfer function
17:09:32Snyper"It's Lightish Red!" "Newsflash, they already have a name for the color 'lighist red', its pink!"
17:09:52linuxstbSnyper: Probably just the rockbox.ipod file.
17:10:01amiconnLikewise, the light grey on greyscale iPods is almost white
17:10:27lamedwell I don't own one so I wouldn't know
17:10:32Snyperok, i just started looking for what files the zip actually contains...I'll double check and see if I see anything else...
17:10:37amiconnWe can fix both effects iirc...
17:10:55lamedit's just a default setting probably right?
17:10:57linuxstbSnyper: Are you working on the 5g's hardware EQ?
17:11:18 Join PaulJam [0] (
17:11:27Snypertrying to see what I am setting the regs to right now....I thought that part was the working part lol
17:11:31linuxstbNice. Good to see some low-level ipod hacking going on... How is it sounding?
17:11:41amiconnThe LCD controllers allow adjustment of the 2 greylevels (both of them in a different way)
17:11:41Snyperbut last night I got the ui hooked up right and no go
17:11:56*amiconn thinks that should be done, and should be a quick fix
17:12:08Snyperyeah, I'm major into this. I got an ipod, I want battery life, both cores and the video codec supported soon :)
17:12:33lamedthen maybe I should take a look at it later and fiddle with it, unless you'll already do it :)
17:12:34linuxstbbattery life and both cores are probably mutually exclusive.
17:12:48Snyperwell, to some extent
17:13:15Snyperright now I assume the 2nd core is off ececuting garbage all the time, with both supported, it should be able to be shut down when not in use
17:13:21linuxstbAs in, we wouldn't want to rely on the second core for normal Rockbox use.
17:13:28linuxstbNo, the second core is (we hope) soundly asleep.
17:13:33Snyperoh really
17:13:40 Quit SereR0kR ()
17:14:32preglowanyone else get strange artifacts when encoding with vlc?
17:14:44Snyperso you think the video codec is whats eating the power? Or just some functions of some of the other chips? Or is that "bug" the fact that the battery life is much less than with apples firmware, fixed?
17:14:45linuxstbI haven't tried it. Does vlc use ffmpeg?
17:15:02preglowi think it does
17:15:10 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:15:38preglowseek support, plz
17:15:44linuxstbSnyper: Probably not the video codec - battery life is an issue on all ipods.
17:15:48*linuxstb slaps preglow
17:15:59 Join webguest77 [0] (
17:16:18Snyperand double hmmmmm.....something is definaty going wrong here...
17:16:25Snyperstupid audio codec...
17:16:54 Quit webguest77 (Client Quit)
17:16:54linuxstbI think it's a combination of us not sleeping parts of the hardware we should be sleeping, and also our code being less efficient than the Apple/PortalPlayer code - meaning we run the CPU at a higher speed on average.
17:17:44Mikachuit seems possible to turn the lcd off and on
17:18:24preglowprogressive encode
17:18:25linuxstbMikachu: A battery test with the LCD permanently off compared to permanently on would be useful.
17:18:41Snyperwell, since someone else is working on the dual core support (so I heard last night) perhaps I will go for the video codec, then just go through and see if I can find some performance issues.....I'm not the best optimizer in the world, but I woudln't say I'm te worst either...
17:20:40 Join lightyear [0] (
17:20:49linuxstbSnyper: Have you got the EQ working at all?
17:21:40 Quit uski (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:21:49preglowlinuxstb: btw, does it skip audio if present?
17:22:05linuxstbNo, it just parses elementary streams. So you need to demux first.
17:22:15Snyper.heh, not yet, but I have barely been working on it
17:22:30SnyperI got the ipod just before going on vacation
17:22:45Snyperfigured working on rockbox, in downtime would be fun
17:22:55Snyperin a massochistic sort of way :)
17:23:11SnyperI am stil on vacation, we just had nothing planned for this morning...
17:24:11preglowoptimise eq?
17:24:11SnyperIt took me some time to understand all the ui stuff...
17:24:34SnyperI looked at that and only saw one almost trivial thing that could be sped up there
17:24:43Snypertrying to enable the hardware eq
17:25:49Snypertrouble is I dont even know if it will work. They say they that the WM8758 is reg compatible with the WM8983, but who knows
17:27:02Snyperugh, and when I find an idiodic mistake like using bitwise and to add flags to a
17:29:50rconanhow come rockbox doesnt compile for the ipod3g at the moment?
17:30:02rconantheres an error in gray_core.c
17:30:25 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:30:30linuxstbSnyper: So far the WM8758 has proved identical to the WM8983. But yes, no-one has tried the EQ.
17:30:41amiconnrconan: According to it does compile fine for G
17:30:54rconanmight be my compiler then?
17:31:09amiconnprobably. Version?
17:31:19linuxstbrconan: Are you using CVS or a .tar.gz download?
17:31:21Snyperyeah, and I looked at the driver, and not much is supported on the WM8758, so "so far" isn't very far in terms of whats in the driver
17:31:35amiconnrconan: The recommended compiler for arm is 4.0.x
17:31:43linuxstbSnyper: I've also implemented Recording (not in CVS), and that's identical.
17:31:54rconanim aware of that but i already had a 3.4.3 toolchain
17:32:04rconanill try compiling a 4.0.3 one later today
17:32:47 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:35:58 Quit rconan (Remote closed the connection)
17:39:14Snyperok, that gives me a little more confidence...
17:39:14Mikachuit's probably a good idea to disable pwm fading when i put lcd off in __backlight_off
17:39:28 Join rconan [0] (n=richard@
17:39:28SnyperI thought about writing to them and asking for the data sheet, not sure it would help though
17:39:29Mikachuif this works i will be surprised, i just copied the h300 code :)
17:39:46amiconnHmm, would have been interesting to know what kind of error arm-elf-gcc 3.4.x produces...
17:40:06 Quit PaulJam (".")
17:40:08rconanamiconn: i can tell you if you want
17:40:19amiconnAh, you're back
17:40:25*amiconn didn't ntice
17:40:58Jungti1234wow.. terrorist
17:41:12amiconnmcnn cnt tp s wll
17:42:00Mikachuokay so that didn't work
17:42:05Mikachuvery interesting effect though :)
17:42:32Mikachumirrored, and uh, deinterlaced with one field on top of the other
17:45:54 Join Saniferd [0] (n=San@
17:46:12preglowdid another vlc encode now, which has completely wrong colours
17:46:13rconanthat was done with the arm-uclinux-elf-gcc 3.4.3 toolchain recommended by ipodlinux
17:46:18preglowkeyframes seem to be corrupt
17:46:46amiconnOh, hmm. Not much I can do about this one; gcc 3.4.x simply doesn't manage to find enough free registers
17:47:05rconanim compiling another toolchain now
17:47:12Mikachumplayer has that problem sometimes on x86 too, but doesn't arm have lots of registers?
17:47:24preglowabout 14 free ones
17:47:28Mikachuthat is more than 5
17:47:54amiconnThe asm routine there needs 14 registers, which is possible. Arm has 16 general registers, one of which is the ps and the other is the sp. All others can be free for general use
17:48:32*amiconn wonders what gcc 3.4 is doing there
17:48:55rconanis there a way i can make it be more verbose
17:50:12 Quit petur ("Read error: 104 (Connection reset by beer)")
17:52:47Snyperok, let me be sure of someting here, in the datasheet for the WM8983, when they say bit 0, they mean the bit that represents the value of 0 or one in decimal, and therefore bit 7 is the bit that represents the value 128 in decimal?
17:57:09 Join uski [0] (
17:58:26markunSnyper: yes
17:58:43 Join [San] [0] (n=San@
17:59:11Snyperand come to think of it while looking, how wide are the registers? I had looked quick and thought they were 8 bit, but now I notice they mention a 0 bit and an 8 bit, so they commonly set 9 bits, so are these things 16 bits wide?
18:01:57 Join Mercz [0] (
18:04:33 Quit Saniferd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:04:37vertzhow come my scrolling is weird? it like bumps a page down if i scroll fast
18:05:46linuxstbSnyper: The registers are 9-bits wide.
18:05:57markunvertz: don't know what you are talking about
18:06:17linuxstbSnyper: So bit 0 is "1", and bit 8 is 256 (0x100)
18:06:56Snyperinteresting...just looked at the wm8758_write function, noticed it takes an int, not a char :) also noticed my shifting was assuming an int lol. I need to not code when I am goes much more smoothly for me during the day
18:07:13linuxstbSnyper: Writing to a register involves a 16-bit write over i2c - the top 7 bits are the register address, and the bottom 9 are the value.
18:07:16vertzmarkun: lets say i have lots of albums, and i want to scroll just like 5 albums down, it jumps like 20 albums down
18:07:47linuxstbSnyper: In fact, I think it's two 8-bit writes... But you've got the code in front of you.
18:07:51markunvertz: doesn't happen here. But I didn't update my iriver for a few days
18:08:26vertzif i want it to go 1 and 1 down i have to scroll raelly carefully
18:08:35SnyperBack in college I could code till the sun came up....though admittedly, I'd sleep in much later too...
18:17:53 Quit akaias (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:22:52 Join akaias [0] (
18:23:18 Quit Ribs (".")
18:25:27Snyperhmmm, well, all my writes are now correct and happening, but stil no eq happening....maybe I should make the effect more noticable and try again...
18:27:12 Join TeaSea [0] (
18:30:28 Join EbErT [0] (
18:33:48rconanhey peeps
18:34:04rconanim getting an error compiling a toolchain with
18:34:12 Join mikearthur [0] (
18:35:09Snyperhardware EQ is functional
18:35:26Snypergotta clean it up a bit...
18:35:33Snyperremove some of my silliness
18:36:37rconananyone have any ideas as to why the toolchain would give that error compiling?
18:37:13 Quit akaias (Operation timed out)
18:42:33 Join akaias [0] (
18:49:56SnyperI'm about to head out, so the patch won't be made till tonight....I'm quikily building the "release" version now so I have it for when we go out...
18:51:40rconando we have any people here who know about toolchain building?
18:59:43 Quit akaias (Success)
19:00:20 Quit BigMac (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:08:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:14:13 Quit Snyper (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:17:32amiconnHrrmm, why does my greyscale drawing speedup make doom crash with data abort in z_zone??
19:18:06Mikachumaybe plugin.c and plugin.h order is out of sync?
19:18:16Mikachu(i have managed that many many times :)
19:18:29amiconnNo, I've installed a complete .zip
19:18:37amiconn(and nothing changed in plugin.[ch]
19:21:21*lamed commiting star game fixes
19:21:26 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:22:08 Join thegeek [0] (
19:23:37 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
19:26:34*amiconn found a bug in doom regarding greyscale, which uncovered another bug in my optimised drawing routine
19:26:42 Quit rconan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:32:25amiconnlamed: Hah, the old combos couldn't have worked on H1x0! :)
19:33:02 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
19:33:30 Join Crackerizer [0] (
19:33:41amiconnThe help text for 'next level' should read [ON+RIGHT] ...
19:34:34amiconnOr rather, ON shopuld be replaced with PLAY well
19:35:53CrackerizerI'm an ipod 3g owner...
19:36:30 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
19:36:58CrackerizerI'd like to contribute something to rockbox
19:38:51CrackerizerI know rockbox can be installed into ipod 3g, but not working very well.
19:39:06lamedhehe... ON+NEXT.. stupid me
19:39:18 Quit Jungti1234 ()
19:41:14lamedamiconn: do we say ON or PLAY on h1x0, it's actually pretty stupid to call it on, as we might have say 'navi', and 'a-b', but I see that's exactly what the manual is using.
19:41:32amiconnYeah, it's a bit confusing
19:42:00amiconnFor the user, we should call the button Play or On/Play, even though it's called ON in the code
19:42:14amiconnWe do have this confusion on other targets too
19:42:46lamedIMHO there should be a notice at the start of the manual explaining RB button names. and other then that we should only use owr own names.
19:43:19amiconnAfaik there is an explanation of the buttons at the start
19:44:03Febslamed: there is a picture in the manual showing the label used in the manual for each button.
19:44:14*lamed is heading to check the new dark grey shade
19:45:04amiconnArgh, jumptables are tricky on arm :/
19:45:30lamedFebs: I'd love if you show me where in the online manual
19:46:57amiconn(but it still calls the joystick press SELECT instead of NAVI what we do use for H1x0 as well now)
19:48:02 Join secleinteer [0] (n=secleint@
19:49:39 Join barrywardell [0] (
19:49:40lamedmmmm... I still think that's the right place to tell the user his new button names
19:51:45*lamed wonders what other plugins has button information tables
19:52:37lamedwhat's the default mount point on my h1x0?
19:53:28lamedamiconn: could you help me with mounting the player on linux?>
19:53:57amiconnNot easily I think...
19:54:26lamedI figured it won't be too hard but only that i'm a linux newbe
19:54:43amiconnI mostly use windows, and if I need to access one of my boxes in linux, I just plug it in and it works...
19:54:52 Join akaias [0] (
19:55:10dionoealamed: just mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/something
19:55:19dionoeaor sda2
19:55:22lamedmmm that what i was aperently looking
19:55:33dionoeaor fdisk -l /dev/sda to know what partitions you have
19:55:40 Join TeaSea [0] (
19:56:36lamedbtw amiconn i'm trying to mount it on the virutal machine so I wouldn't have to deal with the slow smb access (at least for me)
19:59:17dionoeapreglow: yes, VLC uses ffmpeg
19:59:21 Join bondolo [0] (
20:00:39 Join mikearthur [0] (
20:01:05 Part Crackerizer
20:01:41lameddionoea: how do I tell mount the filesystem?
20:02:43dionoea19:55:10 < dionoea> lamed: just "mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/something"
20:02:57dionoeaor you want to tell it the fs type ?
20:03:01dionoea-t <fs>
20:03:11lamed-t fat32?
20:03:11dionoeavfat, ntfs, ext3, reiserfs ...
20:03:19lamed-t msdos?
20:03:25dionoeabut it usually finds it automaticaly
20:04:13lamedif I "debian:/home/user/rockbox-devel/h120# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/h120", it tells me "mount: mount point /mnt/h120 does not exist". if I
20:04:25lamedmount: mount point /mnt/h120 does not exist
20:04:26dionoeamkdir /mnt/h120 then :)
20:04:51 Join midgen3313 [0] (
20:05:02 Join hotwire_ [0] (
20:05:38lamedthank you, you are with no shadow of a doubt a genius.
20:05:59dionoeayou're welcome :)
20:07:47dionoeaany long time developer here ? I wanted to know if i was allowed to commit some of the new games flyspray patches.
20:08:16ShadowdogMUman what is it with people saying shadow a lot today?
20:08:18ShadowdogMUit highlights me
20:09:09 Join San [0] (n=San@
20:10:04lamedamiconn: are you using the virtual machine/what are you using to compile the code?
20:10:20amiconnMost of the time I'm using cygwin
20:10:46lamedwell then I hope you're using a serious computer..
20:10:52amiconnSometimes I compile on my amd64 (linux)
20:11:12amiconnCompiling on cygwin takes ages compared to linux, but I still prefer it
20:11:24amiconnIt's simply more convenient
20:12:21lamedI must say vmware is great, both because it compiles much faster then cygwin, and more because little by little I pick up on more commands so I could switch to genuine linux.
20:13:24 Quit bense (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:14:01amiconnI pondered switching to linux several times, but everytime the result was that I can't
20:14:17amiconnI'm using linux for some tasks, but that's it
20:14:49*lamed wonders why he doesn't see any changes in the dark grey playing pacbox
20:15:53lamedhey! you are allowed to sleep for a fraction of an hertz. that's nice.
20:16:21Bagderwhat does 'uname -s' say on cygwin?
20:16:37Bagderanyone on macos around for the same command?
20:16:43lamedprobably linux, or it's not avaliabe
20:17:07BagderI very much doubt that
20:17:19amiconn$ uname -s
20:17:41barrywardellthat's for mac os
20:17:43amiconnThe number probably depends on the windows version; 5.1 is XP
20:17:52Bagderyes I think so too
20:18:18Bagderamiconn: you do need that patch on the CrossCompiler page to build gcc 3.4.x on cygwin, right?
20:18:24amiconnThe other NT derivates should be straightforward, dunno what is dispayed on 9x
20:18:53BagderI'll fix to adapt
20:19:20 Join bense [0] (
20:20:19Bagdersince macos needs it too
20:22:01amiconnWow, the new greyscale drawing roughly doubles drawing speed! :)
20:22:02barrywardelli never actually tried it on macos. I was able to build gcc4 for arm from darwinports
20:22:16amiconn(for higher depths, but that's what counts, eh?)
20:22:38*amiconn needs to port to coldfire and sh
20:22:51lameddionea: did you got an answer for your question? (about games)
20:23:16 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
20:24:51dionoealamed: no
20:26:08markunBagder: ata_init returns 0!
20:26:32lamedit was an interesting one because I have thought about doing so myself :)
20:26:36markun(on the gigabeat)
20:26:39lamedtake a look at
20:26:50Bagdermarkun: congrats!
20:27:28markunBagder: the only thing is that we skip check_registers
20:27:48markunBut at least we have the command, control and status registers right
20:28:08dionoealamed: well i'll wait for an answer and ask the question later if needed :)
20:28:22 Quit [San] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:29:21 Quit ender` (" The last time somone listened to a Bush, a bunch of people wandered in the desert for 40 years.")
20:30:37 Part midgen3313
20:33:08 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
20:34:13lameddionoea: the wiki link was suggested to you
20:34:22lamed(saying: I don't know your name)
20:34:56dionoeaAntoine Cellerier (/whois dionoea)
20:35:39 Quit merbanan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:39:06lamedwhois is disabled on the server
20:39:20dionoeaseriously ? i've never seen that on freenode
20:39:41dionoeaoh! you're using CGI:IRC :)
20:42:08lamed!? the whois should appear on /status, so that shouldn't matter
20:42:23uskimaybe that CGI:IRC doesn't transmit the whois command
20:42:58lamedoh! forget that, I was blabbing. *** dionoea []: Antoine Cellerier
20:44:47 Quit bondolo ("Cya!")
20:47:47amiconnI should probably start moving asm stuff to .S files for the grayscale lib. The .c files start to become messy
20:49:35amiconnProblem: How would I then access global vars? Especially the main struct is problematic...
20:50:51bensewelp guys
20:50:52bensei'm out for now
20:51:04bensekeep kicking ass with this project
20:51:08 Part bense ("Leaving")
20:51:48 Quit akaias (Success)
20:52:46 Quit markun (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:52:48 Join akaias [0] (
20:53:12lamedI just rememberd there are for fact some unused language strings lieing around english.lang, and there should be a script to make sure what strings are redundant (if only I could perl)
20:54:01 Join markun [0] (
20:54:26Mikachui noticed the strings for bookmark deleting is incorrect for at least ipods, possibly others
20:54:27dionoeahey markun ! just noticed that you're at twente university. Do you know thedj ?
20:54:36Mikachuit says "on+play" but it should be "long right"
20:55:06markundionoea: no
20:55:20dionoeaDerk Jan Hartman
20:55:38lamedmikacu: I ment language strings that are not really used anywhere in the source.
20:55:39dionoeahe's one of the VLC devs
20:55:52Mikachulamed: i just remembered when you said lang files
20:56:24lamedthere was some guy talking about what you said in an FS
20:56:32Mikachuah, then i can forget it :)
20:58:14Mikachuah, it doesn't cover that error though
20:59:23 Quit Criamos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:59:50lamedoh! that was the fix? h100,h120,h300: "NAVI = Yes" I thought that was the problem....
21:00:05Mikachuthat bug is unrelated to ipods
21:00:47Mikachubut i'm not sure long right is such a good binding for deleting
21:01:51 Join Criamos [0] (
21:08:42lamedamiconn: around?
21:08:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:09:00 Quit secleinteer (Connection timed out)
21:09:17 Quit akaias (Operation timed out)
21:09:47 Quit Genre9mp3 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:11:54 Quit darkless ("Leaving")
21:13:32 Quit barrywardell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:16:19 Join bondolo [0] (
21:17:30lamedum, although I don't stand a chance, I'm trying to figure out the lcd_write_command_ex, that supposed to change the dark_grey color... thing is I don't see the difference between now and before. could you enlighten me?
21:20:32Kitar|st <−− my blog (interesting findings on net) please visit it
21:20:36linuxstbdionoea: What games do you want to commit? Do you have links?
21:22:20amiconnlamed: page 32 (Gray-scale Pattern Set)
21:22:31 Quit TeaSea ("Leaving")
21:22:51 Join XavierGr [0] (
21:24:02dionoealinuxstb: the helicopter, pegbox and blackjack games. I still have to try them out and read the code ... but they look promising
21:24:09 Join TeaSea [0] (
21:24:49amiconndionoea: Depends on how cross-platform they are, and how well they're written
21:25:22dionoeai would've guessed that :)
21:26:15amiconnPlugins should run on all targets unless severe technical reasons prevent it
21:26:41Mikachupegbox looks nice, but i'm not good at that type of game
21:27:47linuxstbdionoea: I was about to say the same as amiconn. Plus no more custom menus...
21:28:17amiconn(e.g. CPU performance prevents doom on archos, button count prevents rockboy on Ondio)
21:28:23dionoealinuxstb: ok :), i started porting some of the other games' menus to rockbox api menues btw
21:28:46 Quit TeaSea (Client Quit)
21:28:47 Join bluebrother [0] (
21:28:52amiconnWe _need_ to solve the problem with voice and plugins using the core menus...
21:29:14amiconnIn fact, the problem with voice and _any_ plugin using iram
21:29:17dionoeai also think that all plugins should have the "sound/playback" menu like sudoku has
21:29:28dionoeaor maybe provide a method to suspend plugins
21:29:34amiconnNot all...
21:29:46amiconnAt least not all on all platforms
21:30:20dionoeaok, not all :) but those which you don't want to quit every time you need to change the volume
21:30:37amiconnIf voice is enabled, and a plugin uses iram, even if this plugin doesn't use core menus, or only unvoiced core menus, rockbox will crash after leaving the plugin (!)
21:30:41XavierGrwow I was away for like 4 days and now there is video playback on Rockbox!!!!
21:31:03linuxstbSort of...
21:31:33amiconnTook me a while, but now I know why that happens: The plugin replaces the iram part of the voice codec, but the voice engine doesn't notice. So the next time voice should play -> BOOM
21:31:46dionoealinuxstb: don't underestimate your work :)
21:31:59dionoea(hum, that doesn't sound english)
21:32:12amiconnXavierGr: There's a bug in the jpeg viewer's menu, actually 2
21:32:28XavierGrI didn't implemented the meny but shoot
21:33:06dionoeabtw, if mpegplayer becomes the official video player on rockbox, it might be better to call it videoplayer so people don't get confused if you ever add non mpeg formats
21:33:42amiconnThe jpeg viewer offers the playback menu. There are 2 problems associated with it: (1) On the newer targets, the jpeg viewer has to stop playback if the jpeg is big. If it does that, it should no longer be possible to call the playback menu
21:33:50scorcheXavierGr: i know how you feel =)
21:34:15 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
21:34:28amiconnOn swcodec the playback engine tolerates calling playback functions (simply does nothing because playback is stoped), but it's ugly
21:34:29Mikachuamiconn: why not be able to restart playback when you've loaded a smaller image?
21:34:32 Join TeaSea [0] (
21:35:14amiconn(2) On archos, the playback menu shouldn't be there. jpeg stops playback, but you can restart it with Playback->Next track
21:35:25 Quit Arathis ()
21:35:33amiconnIt doesn't crash, it even plays music, but if you return to the image, it displays garbage
21:35:45amiconn(the music data fed to the LCD by the grayscale ISR)
21:36:08XavierGramiconn: I think JdGordon itroduced that new menu, but I will see if I can make those less ugly or fix them.
21:36:41XavierGrExept the menu did you noticed any bugs with the way that jpegs change or stop playback (in case the jpeg is big)?
21:36:45amiconnMikachu: If the jpeg viewer keeps track of the size the loaded image needs, this would even be possible
21:37:07linuxstbamiconn: Have you thought about splitting the jpeg viewer into separate files?
21:37:19XavierGryeah that woudl be nice
21:37:31amiconnYes, there's another bug: If the jpeg doesn't need to stop playback for the lower zoom levels but a higher level would need to stop playback, it's impossible to zoom in that far
21:37:48Mikachui have some vague memory it asks when you try to zoom, but it might be wrong then
21:38:12amiconnFor me it didn't ask... tried it like 1 hour ago
21:38:16dionoeaand add bmp support in the jpeg viewer :)
21:38:27Mikachui was going to say that too
21:38:31dionoeaany news about the zlib libpng port btw ?
21:38:31amiconndionoea: That'd be hard
21:38:45Mikachuand i'll go out on a limb and say 'saving of current viewport as .bmp'
21:38:49Mikachufor using as backdrop
21:39:08dionoeaMikachu: that'd be nice :)
21:39:09XavierGramiconn: hmm I thought that I had fixed that but maybe the patch is still on the tracker uncommited, (probably outdated by now)
21:39:48amiconnhmm, possible
21:39:56*amiconn should check flyspray more often :(
21:40:44amiconnBtw, when I am done with my new greyscale draw routine, it will probably be so fast that we can always redraw the full screen, and drop the scrolling
21:41:03 Join nudelyn2 [0] (
21:41:14amiconnThat will simplify things, and also make it quite simple to reuse lcd_yuv_blit() on the colour targets
21:41:19 Part EbErT
21:44:16linuxstbamiconn: Did you read jhMike's last flyspray comment about using IRAM in his lcd_yuv_blit() function?
21:44:52 Join dpm [0] (
21:45:09 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
21:45:23amiconnlinuxstb: Now I did :)
21:45:42amiconnHmm, it should be sufficient to put them on the stack
21:45:50linuxstbGood idea.
21:46:20amiconnlcd_yuv_blit() should only ever be used by the gui thread, and the gui thread is the main thread, whose stack is in iram
21:47:18amiconnI had an idea like this in the jpeg viewer. The idct uses workspace arrays, which are allocated on the stack. I tried to make 'em static in iram - no change
21:47:42 Join midgey34 [0] (
21:47:44linuxstbAlthough on the ipods, I was planning on creating a new thread (on the COP) for video decoding and blitting. But that should probably have its stack in IRAM as well.
21:48:44amiconnI refrained from using iram in the grayscale lib so far, because it would require plugins using the grayscale lib to stop playback
21:48:48 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:48:52linuxstbI'll test that idea on the ipods. But maybe it won't make much difference with the cache.
21:48:55 Join lodesi_ [0] (
21:48:57amiconnThings like Fire or Plasma shouldn't need to...
21:49:38 Join Xerion [0] (
21:50:24*linuxstb remembers the ipods don't have optimised memcpy yet...
21:50:29dwihnoArchos chargers are 9v center positive, right?
21:50:42Mikachushouldn't there be an arm optimized memcpy somewhere on the internet?
21:50:50amiconndwihno: Player, Recorder v1: yes. Recorder v2/fm: no
21:51:02scorchedwihno: yes
21:51:02linuxstbMikachu: earHertz was working on it, but he seems to have disappeared...
21:51:18amiconnv2/fm chargers are 6V
21:51:26 Join qwx [0] (
21:51:28Mikachudidn't he work on something else too?
21:51:29*scorche coughs suggestively
21:51:46*Mikachu gives scorche a glass of water
21:51:49Mikachubut not really
21:52:03amiconnOh, virtual water!
21:52:05scorcheMikachu: with a hint of lemon?
21:52:25Mikachuor a hint of iron, so the water is irony
21:52:42Mikachubad pun of the day?
21:52:48 Quit lodesi (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:53:02*scorche declines Mikachu's offering and drinks his own sarcastic water
21:53:57 Quit lodesi_ ("leaving")
21:56:49 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:57:22 Quit nudelyn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59:22 Join Bger [0] (n=bager@rockbox/developer/Bger)
22:00:06 Join BigMac [0] (
22:02:12 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:02:43 Join bluebrother [0] (
22:03:48 Join secleinteer [0] (
22:04:47 Quit Poka64 ("nite all")
22:05:20Mikachumaybe you can take out the x86 parts of cpu_accel.c :)
22:07:34 Join lee-qid [0] (
22:08:25 Quit BigMac ()
22:12:00 Join qwm [0] (
22:14:07 Quit Xerion (" ")
22:14:51amiconnlamed: rb->sleep(0.2); ???
22:14:57amiconnThat's _impossible_
22:15:15amiconnIt results in rb->sleep(0)
22:15:30 Join BigMac [0] (
22:15:31amiconn..which sleeps until the end of the current tick
22:16:05amiconn..and btw, floating point is essentially banned from rockbox
22:16:27amiconn(in this case it probably won't be included as float)
22:17:16 Join Xerion [0] (
22:19:00 Join JoeBorn [0] (
22:19:57lamedamiconn: where were you when I've went 'wow! you can sleep() for less then a hertz!
22:20:29lamedamiconn: sleep () sleeps any more then sleep(1)?
22:21:01amiconnwell, sleeP() is not (and can not) be exact.
22:21:15amiconnOne tick is 1/HZ seconds, i.e. 1/100 second
22:21:45amiconnYou don't know at which point in time _within_ a tick you call sleep()
22:22:13 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:22:17lamedbut, sleep() means sleeping a cycle. ah! that's right, now i get it.
22:22:37amiconnsleep(0) will sleep until the end of the current tick (which can be anywhere between 0ms and 10ms), sleep(1) will sleep one tick longer and so forth
22:22:59amiconnSleep without parameter won't compile
22:23:01lamedso sleep() could be shorter then sleep(1), but not neccecerily
22:23:21amiconnsleep() is _impossible_
22:23:39amiconnsleep(0) is always shorther than sleep(1), by exactly one tick (10 ms)
22:23:48lamedsleep(0), i ment.
22:24:10amiconn..but _all_ sleep calls have an additional, unpredictable delay between 0 and 10ms
22:25:07amiconnCompare this to an alarm clock with can only be set with 1 minute precision:
22:25:55amiconnIf you set it to the next minute, the alarm will go off between 0..59 seconds from now
22:26:13lamedamiconn: I understand, thank you.
22:26:59Mikachulinuxstb: i think i got a 1fps speed increase by putting the motion_comp stuff in iram but i only have a 10 second test file on currently
22:26:59lamedI'd like the same kind of explanations over that pdf document that you have mentioned,,, it might have been in traditional chinese for me
22:27:04 Quit Xerion (" ")
22:31:56Mikachulinuxstb: i could also remove an inline without losing any fps, but i lost 10kB code
22:32:10Mikachuor 15
22:37:40midgey34dionoea: new version of blackjack is up since you seem interested
22:38:11linuxstbMikachu: Interesting. But I think it's worth using longer test files.
22:38:53Mikachui tried a longer one, and it seems to have a positive effect
22:39:13Mikachunothing earthshattering
22:40:12linuxstbBefore we start playing with IRAM too much, it's probably worth inventing some new macros so we can use IRAM differently on the different targets. Not sure how though...
22:40:36Mikachuyeah i was just looking through the code, and i thought it wouldn't hurt to mention it seemed to help
22:43:26 Nick nudelyn2 is now known as nudelyn (
22:45:37 Join Kiry [0] (
22:45:42KiryHello :)
22:48:04 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:51:05 Quit _FireFly ("Leaving")
22:52:20 Quit dpm ("Ex-Chat")
22:53:42 Join lamed [0] (
23:01:56 Quit cismo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:10lamedsomeone please let me know if the broken FM build has something to do with me.
23:05:44 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
23:05:45 Join fatherfork [0] (
23:06:21Bagder"make[1]: *** [/home/rbclient/build-fmrecorder/firmware/common/file.o] Segmentation fault "
23:06:32*linuxstb looks at amiconn
23:06:36Mikachumake segfaulted?
23:06:36linuxstb(it's his server)
23:06:52Bagdereither make or gcc did
23:06:58fatherforkI have a small interface question about color screen wps's. Anyone here knowledgeable?
23:07:16Bagderlamed: no it doesn't look like its your fault
23:07:27lamed(this time)
23:08:39midgey34someone may want to capitalize Philippe's name next commit though
23:08:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:09:10linuxstbfatherfork: Ask your question, and you'll find out. Hopefully someone can help.
23:09:53amiconnBagder: I just built an fmrecorder build successfully, on that very machine
23:10:11markunBagder: I just wrote a file to my gigabeat's hdd!
23:10:18amiconnBut I noticed that rombox is now broken for fm/v2 :-(
23:10:30fatherforkGood call. Some I'm wondering, if there is album art, and I have it display a bmp, will the bmp be under or above the album art?
23:10:32Bgermarkun: congrats!
23:10:35markunnow we can turn it into a real bootloader
23:10:38fatherforkso I'm*
23:10:49amiconn"Output is 1064 bytes larger than max (233456)" <== BOO!! :-((
23:10:52markunBger: thanks
23:10:59Bgerand ... nite :)
23:11:05 Quit Bger ("Leaving")
23:11:14fatherforker, if I have it only display said bmp when there is album art, will it be abover or below?
23:11:24Bagder <= patch for m68k builds on Cygwin and MacOS - me can't test
23:11:39*amiconn ponders disabling TC_RAMCACHE for archos
23:11:46amiconnI already have that locally
23:11:53KiryY'a des gens qui parlent franais, ici ?
23:12:03BagderKiry: this is an english channel
23:12:09KiryOk :)
23:12:19KiryIs there a french one ?
23:12:33Bagderamiconn: the patch checks what system you're on and applies a gcc patch if you're on cygwin or macos
23:12:43amiconn[23:11:41] * amiconn ponders disabling TC_RAMCACHE for archos
23:12:43amiconn[23:11:49] <amiconn> I already have that locally
23:12:55Bagderthat patch?
23:13:08Bagderwhat do you have locally?
23:13:12amiconn[23:10:51] <amiconn> "Output is 1064 bytes larger than max (233456)" <== BOO!! :-((
23:13:16linuxstbfatherfork: Rockbox doesn't show album art - only via an unofficial patch. So people here probably don't know how it works. I would suggest just trying it and see.
23:13:30Bagderamiconn: I'm not talking about that ;-)
23:13:36amiconnI am...
23:13:51fatherforkI will do that, just wondering what to expect
23:13:55 Join Xerion [0] (
23:13:57KiryI installed Rockbox today for testing, and now I don't want to delete it, it is very better than the Apple's firmeware :)
23:14:33dionoeaOMG ! someone else from twente univerity. You people are everywhere
23:14:58amiconnBagder: Not sure whether I'll test soon. Building gcc on cygwin takes, ahem, a while...
23:15:29peturcount in hours :(
23:15:31Bagderamiconn: yeah, but it would be enough if you could see if it seems to unpack and apply the patch properly then break the build
23:15:40*amiconn never tried so far
23:18:04Bagderit's rather convenient actually
23:19:15lamedare everyone cool with giving credits even for the smallest help?
23:19:43LinusNoh yes
23:19:58dionoeai'm cool about capitalising people's names in the CREDITS file :)
23:20:18lameddammit. It just won't stop today
23:22:04dionoealooks like the FM build fixed itslef automatically
23:22:53peturprobably ran on another server
23:23:07dionoeaoh, servers don't always get the same tasks ?
23:23:26*amiconn created a monster
23:23:28peturthat's what makes the yellow builds jump around
23:23:35amiconnA 300 lines asm block...
23:24:26amiconnFor arm this is only 200 lines
23:24:45*petur runs off for a while
23:24:52lamedI clearly remember I was told times and times to keep code styling and newline changes seperate from a patch, because, "people with CVS access can commit those silently" or something very similar. what about that?
23:26:09Bagderthat's not true and never was
23:26:50Bagderthey should be kept separate since the whitespace changes tend to drown the actual changes
23:27:01amiconnHow the flaming hell can gcc segfault at random??
23:27:09Mikachuamiconn: hot memory/cpu?
23:27:22Mikachugcc is usually the first thing to segfault with broken ram
23:27:29dionoeacan someone have a look at apps/plugins/doom/d_main.c line 128 and tell me why this weird construct is better than using ifs ?
23:27:39amiconnMikachu: Then it should have happened like 2 weeks ago, when I had >30 C in my room
23:28:04amiconnThe machine is always running at full load (dnetc)
23:28:04 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:28:18Paul_The_NerdRockbox on iPod still goes into Disk Mode when plugged into an AC adapter right?
23:28:28linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Yes - we can't detect the difference.
23:28:52amiconnIirc someone said an adc value is different
23:28:57Mikachudionoea: heh, that's creative
23:28:59amiconn(PCF50605 ADC)
23:29:22Mikachudionoea: there is also a FIXME comment there
23:29:25dionoeaMikachu: indeed :) (and it adds a compiler warning on some of the cvs build servers)
23:29:59 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
23:31:10*amiconn can't see what's wrong with this
23:31:43dionoea"d_main.c:128: warning: value computed is not used" ... i guess that these warnings could be disabled
23:31:48Mikachuamiconn: it could have broken since then?
23:31:57Mikachudionoea: maybe you can just put (void) in front
23:32:09dionoeaerr ... (void) a bool ?
23:32:31Mikachuthat's used in other places in rockbox to suppress warnings about unused function parameters
23:32:40Mikachulike foo(int bar) {(void)bar;}
23:32:44amiconndionoea: In front of the whole expression, i.e. line 121
23:32:55dionoeaand it'll suppress the warning ?
23:33:04dionoea(i can't test here as i don't have the right gcc version)
23:33:09dionoeai'll give it a try then :)
23:33:12amiconnhmm, but maybe it suppresses evaluating the whole expression...
23:33:20dionoeathat's what i fear
23:33:40dionoeai could add some if( ! ) stuff
23:34:19dionoeabut then the "in the true spirit of the Boom source, let the short ciruit operator madness begin!" comment wouldn't be valid anymore
23:36:05 Quit mkey (""Welcome to IRC; Where men are men, women are men and little girls are FBI agents!"")
23:36:56linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Reading the latest forum post about battery charging on the 5g - his AC adapter is probably connecting to the firewire pins in the dock, which is why Rockbox doesn't attempt to enter disk mode. I'm not sure what his actual problem is though, he seems to be saying that he plugs his charger in, and his ipod starts charging....
23:37:45Paul_The_NerdI forgot entirely about firewire.
23:37:51Mikachudionoea: what happens if you add an if() around the whole expression and an empty statement after?
23:38:18dionoeait might fix the warning ... i don't know for sure
23:38:24Mikachubut anyway i doubt gcc would optimize away function calls that aren't marked pure
23:38:36dionoeasomeone with the right gcc version should give it a try
23:40:13 Quit Pyromancer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:40:23 Join cismo [0] (
23:41:09dionoearemoving a "const" in a variable declaration shouldn't change anything to the code's performance right ? or does gcc use that to improve its optimisations ?
23:41:35 Quit Mercz (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:42:24Mikachuit may
23:42:57Mikachuat least it would be put in another memory segment
23:43:28dionoeamad_fixed_t (*sbsample)[36][32]; instead of mad_fixed_t const (*sbsample)[36][32];
23:43:37uski...thus it may be accessed through different instructions, and these may be faster or slower; am i correct ?
23:43:44dionoea(which then gets set by sbsample = &frame->sbsample[ch]; )
23:44:04Mikachui will let someone else answer that :) i don't know
23:44:06dionoeawould it really matter here ?
23:44:17 Join Pyromancer [0] (
23:45:16uskidionoea: why ? did you see a huge performance difference ?
23:45:32dionoeano ... i'm trying to fix compilation warnings on the cvs builds
23:45:42amiconndionoea: sbsample = &frame->sbsample[ch]; does _not_ set the data which is declared const
23:46:03dionoeaframe->sbsample is not const
23:46:05amiconnNm, ignore that
23:46:11dionoeai guess that this is what upsets gcc
23:46:31dionoeai'll commit and see if anybody screams :)
23:46:43amiconnDoe it work?
23:46:59dionoeawell both compile fine here :)
23:47:10amiconnYeah, but does it play correctly?
23:47:48dionoeai don't have a clue :) in fact i doubt that it changes something to the binary
23:47:53dionoeai'll do a binary diff to check
23:53:08 Quit actionshrimp ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
23:55:47 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
23:56:36 Join sharpe [0] (
23:56:55 Join qwx [0] (

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