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#rockbox log for 2006-09-24

00:00:02linoliummmmm.. ogg.. :P
00:00:17 Join bepe86 [0] (
00:01:05pepie34obo what is the difficulty for putting the config on a file
00:01:22pepie34the config file must be read before the VFS is on?
00:01:49obopepie34: I think that was it, but I can't remember exactly... (but it made sense when I heard it)
00:02:35pepie34OK seems to be good now
00:04:03obopepie34: it's worth writing a config file from the "Manage Settings" menu - sometimes the settings are reset when you upgrade
00:04:28oboyou can just reload them afterwards
00:05:00TrunksObo- I can't find the ROM for Pacman, do I have to download it myself?
00:05:17oboTrunks: yes - you need all 6 files
00:05:24linuxstb_The main hurdle was that the config sector is cached in the ATA driver and only written to disk when the disk spins up for another reason (or at shutdown).
00:05:26TrunksWhere do I download them? :/
00:05:35oboTrunks: google :)
00:05:44Trunkshaha ok.
00:05:53obosee? I knew there was a good reason :D
00:05:54TrunksAnd to chargnd to pod, it's the exact same thing, righto?
00:05:56TrunksAnd to upload songs, exact same?
00:06:30linoliumum, what does it mean if the ipod is stuck on the Disk Mode: OK to disconnect. screen?
00:06:38oboTrunks: you just need to copy files straight onto the device
00:06:44TrunksOh ok.
00:06:49TrunksWhat's the um, file names for pacman >.>
00:07:15obolinolium: if the cable isn't attached, hold menu and select to reboot
00:07:15dionoealinolium: when plugged to the USB ?
00:07:27Trunksnvm got it
00:07:35pepie34I know why it goes wrong
00:08:04pepie34I did a dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/ipod/dummy
00:08:07pepie34rm dummy
00:08:20pepie34do erase as munch as i can
00:08:23linoliumobo, thanks.. for some reason it still isn't showing up as a drive in windows...
00:08:31pepie34before doing a partition compression
00:09:13pepie34may be it as destroy your sector
00:09:48obolinolium: does itunes see it?
00:10:38linoliumobo, anything tring to acces it appears to freeze up (explorer, itunes, vpod, the safely remove hardware thing)
00:11:32obolinolium: that's strange - how about booting it into the apple firmware on the ipod and trying again?
00:11:52linoliumobo, sorry, how do I do thaht?
00:12:20 Quit webguest46 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
00:12:32obohold the menu key as it boots
00:13:07linoliumit's times like these I wish it had more than 5 buttons...
00:13:37oboyeah, that would be handy
00:20:13 Quit pepie34 ("Ex-Chat")
00:20:16TrunksSo, wait.
00:20:21KalthareWell, that's it. I'm stumped. Anyone here familiar with the ATA code?
00:20:22TrunksTo put songs on, I just drag my folder into my ipod?
00:20:24TrunksAnywhere I want?
00:20:38oboTrunks: yup, just create whatever folder structure you want
00:20:38linoliumnice variety of questions :P
00:20:42Trunkswoah cool
00:20:50TrunksTho that will take a while :/
00:21:36TrunksHoly jesus 20 minutes.
00:22:07linoliumthat's not terribly long
00:22:11Trunks30 now >.>
00:22:18oboah, microsoft minutes
00:22:21Trunkser wtf
00:22:28TrunksIt says my ipod is full
00:22:35linuxstb_Trunks: Do you have a Nano?
00:22:39TrunksYes >_>
00:22:57TrunksI think my songs were already on the nano
00:23:13oboTrunks: checkout the TagCache page on the wiki
00:23:14linoliumyeah, with weird-ass names ;P
00:23:14linuxstb_Then you may want to boot into the Apple firmware for disk mode - it's a lot faster than the emergency disk mode Rockbox reboots into.
00:23:34TrunksNevermind I got it.
00:23:37TrunksThey were in a hidden folde.r
00:23:42Trunkswith wierd ass names, like lino says >_>
00:23:52Trunkskk @ linux, thanks.
00:24:09linoliumif you want to use mp3's in both rockbox and apple firmware do they have to have weird-ass names?
00:24:59obolinolium: apple has a limit on the length of the path and filename - but look at the TagCache wiki page
00:25:04Trunksbtw, obo
00:25:09TrunksWhy aren't you a voice, hop or op >_>
00:25:46oboTrunks: cos I'm not that important :)
00:25:51linoliumobo, will do after I get the drive to show up.. maybe restarting will fix it
00:25:53TrunksWell you're helpful.
00:25:58 Quit linolium ()
00:26:04Trunksdamn, this nickname is registered.
00:26:16 Join z0de [0] (
00:26:41 Nick Trunks is now known as Trun (
00:26:46z0deany iAudio X5 owners in?
00:26:59 Nick Trun is now known as Trunksi (
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00:31:31 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
00:34:40pondlifepetur: Did your recording work?
00:35:20peturyes, it looks ok but the gain is very low and AGC seems to be screwed up
00:35:23 Join Criamos [0] (
00:35:30peturI'm puzzled
00:36:03pondlifeYou may want to see if my current playback patch helps at all.
00:36:36KalthareWould I be better off asking for help on the forum or the mailing list?
00:36:37pondlife - fixes some problems where stopping audio playback doesn't actually stop it all!
00:36:59TrunksiThanks for all your help obo, <3 Rockbox now.
00:37:10pondlifeI think it's almost ready for commit, but more testing is always good
00:37:18oboTrunksi: no problems - good to have another convert
00:37:51peturI had my mic-amp set to the same as usual and the iriver on +15dB and AGC safety on. Normally it ends up a bit below that due to some peaks, but now it ended with a gain _higher_ than started - this is impossible. Also the result is very low gain where as it normally almost clips.
00:37:53TrunksiI'll just continue idling here, another server to add to irc!
00:38:53pondlifeHmm, I don't know much about Rockbox recording, but that definitely sounds like an AGC bug.
00:39:26peturor the gain/peakmeter code
00:39:34 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
00:39:41pondlifeHas any of that changed recently?
00:39:52peturafaik, yes
00:41:23peturMike Sevakis has been modifying lots of things in recording - I don't even know how it works anymore :/
00:43:01peturpondlife: I know nothing about the playback code so I'll just patch my build and see if it acts up
00:43:10pondlifeI can only see button action changes, plus
00:43:15pondlifeOK, that would be good
00:43:28peturbut that's for tomorrow - bedtime now
00:43:32pondlifeNight night
00:44:20peturand the important recording changes are in firmware/pcm_record.c ;)
00:44:30*petur falls asleep
00:44:37 Quit petur ("Zzzzz")
00:47:43 Part hcs
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00:51:09TrunksiIs there anyway to use rockbox while my ipodnano is charging?
00:51:43KalthareTrunksi: Hold down the Menu button while you connect it.
00:52:29Trunksiokie, thanks
00:52:32z0deany iAudio X5 owners here?
00:52:37z0dewhile my ipodnano is charging?
00:52:37z0de<Trunksi> >.>
00:52:37z0de<Kalthare> Trunksi: Hold down the Menu butt
00:52:49z0desoz for c/p
00:53:10KalthareTrunksi: Keep in mind, tho, it'll charge a lot slower that way.
00:53:21z0deso any iAudio X5 owners here?
00:53:33TrunksiI dont think so zode.
00:53:37TrunksiUm, Kalthare, it's not working :x
00:53:43TrunksiWhen do I press menu?
00:54:04KalthareJust have it held down while you plug in the connector.
00:54:32Trunksioh i see
00:55:44*pondlife must sleep and dream of faster-reacting voiced files
00:55:55TrunksiWhy is it that when I play songs
00:55:58TrunksiLike no sound comes?
00:56:41TrunksiHoly shit, it's LOUD when its at max >_>
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01:32:57ivan`anyone have guesses as to what the battery life would be between ~160k vorbis and ~245k mp3?
01:33:08ivan`on the iAudio X5 which already has crap batteries
01:34:55z0dei dont think bit rate will affect bat life, unless i missunderstood your question
01:36:05ivan`well it would spin up less, but I think the mp3 decoder is more optimized?
01:37:46 Quit |AhIoRoS| ("restarting X")
01:38:07z0debut on is on, i doubt software will have much inpact on a small device. the spinning might but im not sure (this is all opinon)
01:38:46zez0de: its pretty well known that codec and bitrate effect battery life, afaik
01:39:11zez0de: they affect drive usage of course, and also cpu usage (which also uses power)
01:39:23z0deok, im new to portable audio so still learning
01:39:40zehigher bitrate does tend to lower the battery life
01:39:44 Quit bl4cktone (Remote closed the connection)
01:39:50zeogg seems to usually tend to lower it vs mp3
01:40:42z0deivan what do you think of the X5? and why didn't you get the X5L
01:41:22ivan`because I needed the 60GB and I just made a battery pack for it the day I got it
01:41:30ivan`it's a great portable
01:41:46ivan`I dropped it 7 feet while running and no damage except a tiny corner scratch
01:42:16z0decool, any complaints?
01:42:39ivan`the battery life obviously sucks with rockbox
01:42:57ivan`but otherwise it's perfect with rockbox
01:43:02ivan`and you have to make your own sync solution
01:43:33ivan`if it had a few terabytes of flash storage and ran on UHV capacitors I'd be happier
01:44:02ivan`the joystick is in the wrong place
01:44:08ivan`the thing was made by korean lefties or something
01:44:18z0deim a leftie :)
01:44:23ivan`you're in luck then
01:44:59 Join linolium [0] (
01:45:04linoliumhello fellow rockboxians!
01:45:17linoliumerr, sorry
01:45:19z0deim thinking about getting one. hows the sound quality, user interface, song seeking?
01:45:29z0dehi lino
01:45:36linoliumanyway, can I charge my monochrome ipod over firewire in rockbox?
01:47:17z0deivan, still there?
01:48:00z0dehows the sound quality, user interface, song seeking?
01:48:15ivan`the sound quality is studio quality and rockbox's crossfeed for headphones is good
01:48:22ivan`the cowon UI or the rockbox UI?
01:48:31ivan`song seeking accelerates better in rockbox
01:48:34Soaplinolium - rockbox doesn't do charging, the apple hardware/firmware does, FW charging should work.
01:48:42ivan`and it works properly and bookmarks
01:48:43z0derockbox as thats what i'll use
01:48:54ivan`I haven't used the new rockbox UI
01:49:01ivan`but if it's any better than this 2-month-old one
01:49:06ivan`it's acceptable
01:49:08 Join Arathis [0] (
01:49:10z0deunless you know of a reason to use cowon..
01:49:20ivan`1.5-2x as much battery life?
01:49:41ivan`and a warranty
01:50:01z0depff just put back the cowen if theres a problem
01:50:14ivan`can't change bootloader without a working hdd and battery
01:50:53z0deand how hard was it to make the battery pack or could i buy one
01:51:18ivan`you can make one in three minutes if you are near a radioshack
01:51:37z0dein the uk, so nearest is a few thousand miles away.
01:51:46ivan`you need an adaptaplug
01:51:53ivan`search the iaudiophile forums
01:51:59ivan`i posted a photo of my completed battery pack
01:52:10z0degot a link?
01:52:17ivan`haven't been there in forever
01:53:05z0dek. thanks for anwsering my q's
01:53:35 Join telliott_ [0] (
01:53:42 Part telliott_
01:53:49linoliumSoap: is rockbox planning on ever doing charging?
01:56:52linoliumerm, I have it connected to my computer via firewire and I boot up to the apple firmware and it says "no battery" and shuts off...
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02:18:36TrunksiSo charging doesn't work on the rockbox?
02:21:59Captain_Alinuxstb:you here ?
02:22:19 Join TCK [0] (
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02:28:13linuxstbCaptain_A: Yes.
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03:54:54Reveriehow do you go sleepmode
03:55:45pagefault_I wonder if the battery in my h10 is screwed
03:55:53pagefault_or I just have too much stuff enabled
03:56:04pagefault_it's dropping 1% like every minute
03:56:37Arathisthe battery isn't adjusted very well yet on the h10
03:56:47pagefault_I noticed that too
03:56:55pagefault_but it shouldn't be dropping so fast
03:57:15Arathisby time we will have at least the same batterlifetime as in the iriver firmware
03:57:50 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
03:58:37pagefault_yeah I am not complaining
03:58:45pagefault_just curious if my battery is screwed
04:00:19pagefault_ah fixed
04:00:22pagefault_I am a moron
04:00:29pagefault_I had like every option on the EQ turned on
04:01:08pagefault_cfg reset fixed problem
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04:04:01ivan`i think the default theme kicks ass
04:05:09 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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05:00:33 Join Terinjokes [0] (
05:01:03Terinjokeshey, i'm trying to restore bootpartition.bin using diskdump, but i'm getting a input/output error
05:01:34Terinjokesany ideas?
05:02:46Terinjokesthis is the second time the bootloader has stopped working and diskdump wouldn't work
05:03:49 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
05:05:10 Join baerman714 [0] (
05:06:10 Join Nibbier [0] (
05:06:45 Join Menisk [0] (
05:07:36 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:07:55Soapthe bootloader stopping working out of the blue is odd.
05:08:05baerman714isn't anyone gonna say hello back
05:08:49MeniskNo. Who'd say hi to you
05:09:33Soapthat's nice, Menisk
05:09:36 Join DarthShrine [0] (n=Angus@pdpc/supporter/student/DarthShrine)
05:09:56MeniskThe dud stole an ipod
05:10:00Meniskand laughed at it
05:10:08baerman714found, not stole
05:10:31Meniskno you stole
05:10:44midkaywhat's this about.
05:11:11MeniskDarthshrine, where are the logs?
05:11:22Soapoh, I though I had /ignored that worthless fuck.
05:11:31Meniskshow midkay the logs
05:11:31Terinjokesyes, and it's happened twice...
05:11:46midkayah, i see it..
05:11:51 Quit vertic23 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:12:01baerman714Give me a break i found an ipod and they say I stole it
05:12:16Terinjokesand i *found* a mac book pro
05:12:23Soapyou watched a guy plug it in at the apple store, you watched him leave the room, and you pocketed it.
05:12:34midkaywhat sort of idiot..
05:12:39MeniskAnd i found this kidney when i cut the guy open
05:12:40DarthShrineMenisk: On the Rockbox site..
05:12:45*Terinjokes wishes he had a macbook pro
05:13:26baerman714i didn't steal it i found it when someone put ti donw in the apple store
05:13:39DarthShrine <−−- There, Menisk
05:14:09Meniskanyone who doesnt know what we're talking about read the link DarthShrine posted
05:14:10SoapI guess it's hard to /ignore someone on dialup. unless that's PPPoE
05:14:17Meniskjust search for baerman714
05:14:21 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:14:43midkaybaerman714: whatever you want to call it, you took it when you knew it was somebody else's.. you're not going to get any hellos here.
05:14:50baerman714whats wrong with dial up
05:15:01baerman714its cheaper
05:15:15Meniskits hellishl slow
05:15:25Terinjokesits so new zealand-ish (please, i mean no offense to my fellow kiwis, its in inside joke)
05:15:46baerman714i don't get it
05:16:06Terinjokesget what?
05:16:11Meniskbecause your a n00b and a theif
05:16:18SoapDid you get kicked off you cable internet after bragging about how you can "hack" it and steal cable internet?
05:16:34Soapno more feeding the troll from me.
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05:18:08baerman714why are you guys so mean
05:18:13 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:23midkaySoap: haha, that seemed pretty damn random until i decided to re-google..
05:18:41midkaybaerman714: that's what the guy whose iPod is now missing is and has been wondering.
05:19:08Meniskhow about you go to the apple store and return it
05:19:35Meniskthey probably have the contact number for who evers ipod it is when they came and asked where t is
05:19:42midkaywhat's the saddest part is that there's not really any way to get it back to the guy, i mean so many people have iPods..
05:19:47midkaythat's possible, yeah.
05:19:56baerman714but i like it
05:20:02midkaythough if it's stolen it's probably not gonna be returned..
05:20:36Meniskwel in baermans hands hell no
05:20:43midkay"hey, i stole this iPod a few days ago when a guy left it here.. well.. it was fun to mess with but I thought I should return it.. so, here.. thanks."
05:21:16Meniskwait sec while i call the police...
05:21:36baerman714ha you dont even know where i live
05:22:07Meniski know I hate you
05:22:34baerman714I found an ipod, big deal
05:24:09SoapI know close enough to where you are in Penn.
05:24:14baerman714whos the channel op?
05:24:19 Quit volt ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
05:24:23SoapClose enough to know which store you were most likely at.
05:25:34baerman714baerman no one here wants you so why dont you F**K OFF
05:26:06Meniskyour random enough to pay your self out?
05:26:28baerman714Im trying to impersonate 1 of you guys
05:26:59Meniskgreat impersonation
05:27:10Menisknow take the advice and get lost
05:27:19baerman714fine asshole
05:27:21 Quit baerman714 ("Leaving")
05:28:08SoapFirst time he was here his address was from Pennsylvania, this time it was from Australia.
05:28:29SoapFist time it was on a cable internet service, this time it was on a PPP connection.
05:29:13Meniskthats wierd
05:30:17Meniskhe too much of an idiot too spoof
05:30:56aliaskor use proxy
05:31:12 Quit sharpe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:35:23 Quit Menisk ("Leaving")
05:36:08 Join Strath [0] (
05:36:30 Join Reverie [0] (
05:37:35Terinjokesfreenode rejects proxies, no?
05:38:21Soapnah, but this channel blocks some (all?) tor outlets.
05:38:39Terinjokeslol, he told himself to F**K OFF...what an idiot...
05:38:55 Join nave7693 [0] (
05:38:58Terinjokesah...i like TOR, slow as hell....but useful
05:39:00SoapMenisk = baerman714
05:39:41Terinjokescopying over my music, again
05:40:39DarthShrineSoap: He's not.
05:40:46 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
05:41:45Terinjokestagcache is in the .rockbox right?
05:41:54SoapDarthShrine - they had the same IP address
05:42:16DarthShrineSoap: Serious? Haha. I know Menisk in person though.
05:42:45Terinjokesmakes since, the whole F**K OFF thing, typed in the wrong window i guess...
05:46:16Terinjokesthe songs finally copied over...
05:48:05Terinjokesand tagcache is updating...
05:48:28DarthShrineCopying songs over USB 1.1 is terrible.
05:48:49Terinjokesyeah, and disk-mode....ah!
05:49:11*Soap plays a mournful violin.
05:49:20Terinjokesa small collection, but still painful
05:49:46DarthShrineI copied about 1.5GB. Unfun.
05:51:10Soapmy ipod has a punch-card reader.
05:51:17 Quit Terinjokes ()
05:52:24synichrmm, you could probably fit all 3 chords of a John Denver song on a punch card
05:54:52 Quit Trunksi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:55:04 Join Trunksi [0] (
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06:34:42 Part DarthShrine
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06:51:38 Quit ivan` (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
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06:53:34 Join ivan` [0] (i=ivan@wikipedia/ivan)
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07:12:11ivan`which codec decodes mp3?
07:15:07ivan`well mpa or mpc or a52 apparently
07:17:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:17:41ivan`ah thanks
07:18:21Bagderwhich is libmad
07:28:20 Join webguest63 [0] (i=43b44112@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:29:14 Quit webguest63 (Client Quit)
07:33:32 Quit webguest55 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:43:35 Join JoeBorn [0] (
07:50:13 Quit secleinteer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:50:49 Join MHen [0] (
07:54:11 Part MHen
07:57:33 Join webguest97 [0] (i=c3ec4b1b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:58:39 Quit Captain_A (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:10:47 Join pagefault [0] (
08:11:29 Quit rotator ("zzzzzzzzzz")
08:11:42 Quit pagefault (Remote closed the connection)
08:30:46 Quit dpassen (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:35:39 Join sai [0] (i=8a827bed@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:36:08saihi ppl!
08:36:10 Join meshuga_ [0] (
08:36:56saihey does anyone know how to switch from rockbox to apple firmware?
08:37:02 Quit meshuga ("Reconnecting")
08:37:25scorchesai: read the FAQ
08:37:32saicause i need help :'(
08:37:50saiok im a noob... please guide me to the faq
08:38:02scorchedocumentation link on the side
08:38:56scorcheon the side of
08:39:10sairoger :D
08:41:27saierm it doesnt tell me how to change to apple firm from rockbox
08:41:59saicould sum1 tell me how? i think i might have forgotten to install something
08:42:28scorcheit should boot into rockbox by default
08:43:18saiya i know but i wanna go bak to apple firmware how do i do tht?
08:43:41scorcherestart your device
08:44:08saiby holding menu+middle button?
08:44:49saiya did tht, then wat?
08:45:08scorchethen your device shouldt restart
08:45:19sailolz ya
08:45:20 Quit webguest97 ("CGI:IRC")
08:45:36saiand it restarts back into rockbox
08:45:58scorcheas it should
08:46:26scorcheunless you hold menu to boot into apple
08:46:29sainooooooo but i wanna go to apple firmware. how do i do tht?
08:47:03scorchesai: i just told you how...and told you where the instructions are to do that
08:47:20saii held menu button it still same. goes to this screen with shuffle on and off, show all files or not and repeat on and off
08:47:36saisrry im laggin thts y i talk slow
08:48:01scorchebecause you have to hold menu while booting the device...did you read the FAQ at all?
08:48:11scorcheand talk in english please
08:49:00saii am srry tht when u answer something i ask the same question
08:49:23scorcheis it really so hard to put the "o" and "a" in there?
08:49:23saithis is beause i am lagging due to the fact that i am sharing my computer with sum1
08:49:31 Join damaki [0] (
08:49:55saiOK I am sorry that i answer slowly!
08:50:13saioops forgot a capital I?!?!
08:50:17scorcheyou seem to be fine...
08:50:31scorchei never said you have to capitalize...just speak english
08:50:32sailol lemme try this
08:50:53saiokok, anyways thanks for the help :D
08:52:02 Join Quazgaa [0] (
08:53:06saiok im still having trouble, i booted my ipod (menu+middle button) and then just held the middle button but it did not go to apple firmware,stayed on rockbox
08:53:20 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@resnet-236-163.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
08:53:28scorchekeep trying and be sure to hold your finger still
09:00:39saihey does anyone know of a good site to download ipod 5g games?
09:00:53scorcheall are included
09:01:14scorcheunless you want pacman roms, or gameboy roms
09:01:19saiis that all u can get?
09:01:32scorcheor extra doom wads i guess
09:01:46saiyea my doom doesnt work
09:01:56saihow could i get doom?
09:02:07scorcheread its page in the wiki
09:02:27Quazgaayou can play gameboy roms in rockbox?
09:02:37scorcheQuazgaa: yes
09:02:45scorchesai: rockbox's wiki of course...
09:03:05Quazgaasai: dude, dont do that
09:03:22saido wat?
09:03:24Quazgaathats like sitting down at a poker table and crossing your legs
09:03:25Quazgaa"lolz" makes me want to reach through the screen and punch you
09:03:46saigeez everyones commenting on how i type
09:04:07scorchebecause this isnt a social channel...this is a support channel
09:04:23saiok then :'(
09:06:46saigetting gameboy roms to play on rockbox hard?
09:07:37scorcheit typically requires expensive equipment to transfer your games
09:07:50scorchethere are also some homebrew games that you can get legally
09:08:26saiok if its expensive then dont worry
09:17:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:20:54 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
09:23:48 Join spiorf [0] (
09:28:47 Join rretzbach [0] (
09:31:34 Join rr3tzbach [0] (
09:37:30 Join perplexity [0] (
09:41:46 Quit sai ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:44:30Quazgaaso is rockboy or whatever in the works for x5
09:47:40 Quit rretzbach (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:49:47 Join powr-toc [0] (
10:07:24 Join bluebrother [0] (
10:07:27 Quit Reverie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:09:28 Join Terinjokes [0] (
10:10:08 Part Terinjokes
10:10:43 Join matsl [0] (
10:12:27 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
10:14:21 Join SereR0kR [0] (
10:24:11 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
10:26:35 Join Lear [0] (
10:27:30 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
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10:35:28 Join aliask [0] (
10:38:27 Join lightyear [0] (
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10:44:28 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
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10:51:33 Join pondlife [0] (
10:53:04 Join dj-fu [0] (
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10:53:49 Join spiorf [0] (
10:55:03 Part nave7693
10:55:42 Join lee-qid [0] (
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10:58:54 Join nls [0] (
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11:39:31 Quit PaulJam (".")
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11:52:47 Quit theli_ua ("quit")
12:04:57 Join hannesd [0] (
12:07:10 Part lee-qid
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12:10:45 Join lee-qid [0] (
12:14:38 Join obo [0] (
12:18:38nlsDoes anyone like the idea of having an option in the context menu of files and folders in the file browser that searches the playlist for said files and removes them?
12:19:32dj-fuseems a bit superfluous imo
12:19:40dj-fuhow often would it be used, really?
12:20:42zeonce for every file? :p
12:20:49zeat most
12:20:57nlsI actually find it quite useful because i often add my whole music dir to a shuffled playlist and then I don't want to listen to a specific artist.
12:21:14Quazgaanls: stop listening to crappy music
12:21:39zenls: oh you mean like "remove this album" "remove this artist" sort of deal?
12:21:56zemy karma's got that... and i do use it from time to time
12:22:11nlsze yeah like that but for folders
12:22:34zewell my karma's all id3-based, so yeah as applicable for the browsing scheme
12:22:43dj-fumight be more applicable to thte tag browser
12:23:03zedj-fu: it'd be just as applicable to either, i'd say
12:23:07nlsI made a quick and dirty patch that works but wonder if it's interesting for anyone else.
12:23:12zeunless you have your directory structure really lame
12:23:24Soapthe danger of a "remove this artist" command is that you might break a VA album.
12:23:41zewe are also just talking about removing it from the playlist
12:23:44zenot the actual files
12:23:49zenls: right?
12:24:36nlsmaybe I'll try and clean it up ant put it in the tracker
12:24:38dj-fuperhaps have it create a new playlist with said files removed?
12:25:18dj-fuor have a no-play playlist
12:25:21dj-fuor something.
12:26:12nlsdj-fu, it removes them from the current playlist so if you want to keep it like it was, just save it first :-)
12:26:33dj-fuso it doesn't actually cull a .pls or .m3u or whatever.
12:26:38dj-fujust uses the in-memory one?
12:26:55dj-fuoh ok, that's cool;
12:27:03dj-fuso it removes a particular mp3 file, or a particular filetype
12:27:22dj-futhis is where I think using the tag browser would be better
12:27:28nlsa file or files in a folder (from the playlist, not the actual files)
12:27:29dj-futhen you can chop a whole artist out
12:27:43dj-fui get ya now.
12:27:49dj-fuyep, sounds cool
12:30:26 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
12:40:05 Join damaki_ [0] (
12:52:19 Quit t0mas (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:55:48 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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13:02:45 Join bbroke [0] (
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13:09:56 Quit gromit` ("Coyote finally caught me")
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13:18:36 Join barrywardell [0] (
13:30:38 Quit pondlife (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:43:49 Join sando [0] (n=lolsteam@
13:48:59 Join nuidelyn [0] (
13:49:27 Quit JoeyBorn (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:49:35 Join jborn_ [0] (
13:55:19 Quit meshuga_ (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
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13:57:31 Quit nudelyn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:57:31 Quit ]RowaN[ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:06:24 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
14:06:30 Join meshuga [0] (
14:10:24 Join perplexity [0] (
14:12:56 Join bepe86 [0] (
14:13:38Learlinuxstb: A 160 kbps AAC track now decodes at ~70% boost on coldfire.
14:17:18LearAnd that's with -O rather than -O2 I just realized... :)
14:17:54Lear(According to FAADOPTS at least...)
14:18:01nlsnice, not that I use aac but anyways ;-)
14:18:41 Join Criamos [0] (
14:27:44 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
14:28:14 Join spiorf [0] (
14:30:29 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
14:30:36linuxstbLear: Nice work. What did you do?
14:31:40LearIRAM shuffling, so I don't know how much that affects the arm build...
14:31:54LearBut I managed to undo a bunch of the changes I did... :(
14:32:11LearSome of it is easy to fix at least.
14:33:15 Quit barrywardell ()
14:33:17linuxstbIf you want to post a patch, I'll be happy to see what the effect is on ARM.
14:33:32 Join spiorf [0] (
14:34:04 Join pondlife [0] (
14:36:18LearI can do that.
14:36:44 Join barrywardell [0] (
14:38:31 Quit z0de ("Pretend this says something cool")
14:44:29pondlifeCan anyone explain why the pitch screen +/-2% options are only kept while the button is held down?
14:44:39pondlifeI assume this is deliberate.
14:45:03 Quit barrywardell ()
14:46:16aliaskpondlife: It's to beatmatch two tracks
14:47:37pondlifeHow does this help? Sorry - I'm probably being dumb
14:49:37pondlifeIt only allows you to go temporarily up or down by 2%. I'd think that (a) you'd want to progress and (b) 2% might be too large a jump
14:50:10bluebrotherpondlife, this is when the beat is a bit away. Then you can make playback a bit faster until it matches.
14:51:00pondlifeAh, so to get a working range for finer adjustment, right?
14:51:10aliaskYeah, say the tempo is perfect for both tracks, you just need the beats to happen at the same time.
14:51:46pondlifeThanks - I learn something (or 2 things) new about Rockbox every day
14:52:35pondlifePitch is useful for getting the CPU to boost a bit!!
14:55:33aliaskAnd it's fun to play with!
15:07:55 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@nat01-silvers-ext.Rutgers.EDU)
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15:20:35 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:32:02 Quit aliask (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:36:11Learlinuxstb: see patch 6058.
15:39:00LearGah, the MUL_C asm causes problems for m68k-gcc 3.4.4 (3.4.5 is ok).
15:40:18 Join Captain_A [0] (
15:54:10 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:56:05 Join KN|stiff [0] (
16:07:34nlsanyone knows if current cvs is ok for recording?
16:07:57markunpetur should know
16:08:05 Join BigBambi [0] (
16:08:44nlsbut he's not here .(
16:11:37 Part bepe86
16:12:42 Join bilbravo [0] (
16:14:06 Join bepe86 [0] (
16:14:19 Part bepe86
16:15:24linuxstbLear: Good news - your libfaad optimisations help on the ipod as well. My 128kbps test file needed 100% boost, and the PCM buffer was never more than about half full. With your patch, it's playing at around 65boost with the PCM buffer staying full.
16:17:13 Join perplexity [0] (
16:18:00nlsseems there's leftover button defines in gwps.h....
16:29:49 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
16:30:47Captain_Alinuxstb:what version of linux do you use?
16:35:20 Quit XavierGr ()
16:35:54 Join senab [0] (
16:37:19senabyou here?
16:39:01senablini, how about you?
16:39:47obohi senab
16:40:01senabafternoon obo
16:40:19senabjust a quick question regarding the piezo patch
16:40:48Captain_Ahi senab
16:40:58senabi've been using it (freqmods mod) along with the lcd brightness patch and they're conflicting somehow
16:41:18senabthe piezo will only work if the lcd brightness is set to 15 (100%)
16:41:42senablooking at the patch, i can't see how they're conflicting
16:42:03obonot using the same variable names? no conflicts in the menu files themselves?
16:42:30senabnope, the piezo works fine if i use your old driver, so it's got something to do with the timer
16:42:45 Join bluey- [0] (
16:42:46oboah... yes - they both use the timer
16:44:02senabso i'm guessing there's no way round it
16:46:21 Quit Quazgaa ("leaving")
16:47:10obonot that I know of.. but I don't know alot about the usec timer
16:47:36senabaaah, no worries, i'll just use your old driver for now
16:47:51 Quit bluey- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:48:07senabhey captain_a
16:51:53 Join bluey- [0] (
16:53:00 Quit senab (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
16:57:29 Join Arathis [0] (
17:03:37 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:15:00 Join Brock [0] (
17:16:17 Join stripwax [0] (
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17:18:27 Join SereR0kR [0] (
17:18:59 Quit ShadowdogMU (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:19:10 Quit SereR0kR (Client Quit)
17:32:11 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:34:10 Join SereR0kR [0] (
17:49:32 Join bluey [0] (
17:53:08 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
18:00:31 Join stripwax [0] (
18:01:22 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
18:03:57 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
18:04:07 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
18:04:09 Join MHen [0] (
18:04:36 Quit bluey- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:05:14 Join Arathis [0] (
18:16:37 Quit mirak (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
18:27:30Learlinuxstb: might as well apply it then...
18:29:00 Join mirak [0] (
18:30:23Learlinuxstb: do you have any opinions about making it LC AAC only? (the other variants aren't in common use, afaik.)
18:31:54Soapdoesn't nero only encode HE AAC?
18:34:50Learif you use a low enough bitrate yes.
18:35:18LearBut in this case, LC AAC doesn't exclude the HE support.
18:36:37Lear"LC only" in this case means disabling of Main AAC, LTP, SRS, LD, DRM and similar "rarely" used features. ;)
18:40:20 Join tucoz [0] (
18:41:08tucozlinuxstb, I changed your suggestion a tiny bit. What do you think?
18:41:28 Join Trunksi [0] (
18:42:26bluebrotherhi tucoz
18:42:45bluebrotherhow about removing those "bugs", "feature requests" and "patches" completely?
18:42:59bluebrotherFS has quick links to those. I think a simple FS link would be sufficient.
18:43:32tucozhehe, yes. But then we would get questions like, where do we post bugs/patches
18:43:36tucozdon't you think?
18:43:51bluebrotherand we could answer: use FS :)
18:44:39tucozMaybe you are right.
18:45:07bluebrotherand users who really want to submit reports would (a) simply try and look what FS is or (b) look in the wiki on how to do
18:45:23tucozI think that the heading "flyspray" could confuse people enough not to use it as a supportchannel
18:45:46bluebrother"bugs" is a dangerous buzzword IMO
18:46:05bluebrotherusers tend to scream "bug!" simply when something isn't working the way they want to.
18:46:11tucozyes. so i've noticed by the hard working tracker maintainers
18:46:25tucoz(by the amount of mails i get from flyspray)
18:47:15bluebrothersee this mail of mine:
18:47:44bluebrother(the last part)
18:49:02bluebrotherwe should really discuss a tracker policy on rb-dev. I'll have more time for that in about 2 weeks.
18:49:06tucozYes, I agree. But the situation is better now right? 1000 open tasks?
18:49:24bluebrotherI'd like to have only ~500 open tasks.
18:49:45bluebrotherhaving 1000 open tasks −− who keeps track of them all?
18:50:03tucozI think we should be able to close tasks that we are not able to reproduce, and that have been silent for a certain amount of time.
18:50:10bluebrotherand, more important: IMO this "help" keeping devs away from using FS on a regularly basis.
18:50:45bluebrotherindeed. Tasks opened 2002 and having no more comments aren't useful anymore imo.
18:51:05bluebrotherand as I said some times already: if there is really an issue someone will open a new task :)
18:51:51tucozthe fact that the amount of junk tasks overshadows the real tasks is a problem
18:51:55bluebrotherI really hope to address this in ~2 weeks.
18:52:09bluebrotherneed to pass my last exam first.
18:52:30tucozBut maybe a simple restructuring of the menu could help users on their way to support
18:52:47tucozoh. then you are finished with school?
18:53:06bluebrothersurely. I like the proposion, but I'd rather not have "bug" on the front page
18:53:16tucozhehe, i know what you mean
18:53:29bluebrotherno, after that I need to write my diploma thesis. Then I'm finally finished
18:53:41 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:53:55bluebrother(man, I'm getting old *g*)
18:53:55tucozWhat grade is that thesis for?
18:54:23bluebrotherdiploma of electrical engineering
18:54:32*bluebrother hopes this is the correct english term
18:54:45 Quit JoeBorn (Remote closed the connection)
18:54:58tucozProbably :) Good luck with the studying then
18:55:07bluebrotherleo translates it as "graduate engineer"
18:55:48tucozgot to go cook some food. see you later
19:05:39 Join t0mas [0] (n=Tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas)
19:05:59t0masfunny question... how do I exit the I/O debug screen on an ipod nano?
19:07:36 Quit SereR0kR ()
19:08:39oboprev button
19:14:05 Quit Nibbier ("bei uns hat noch niemals nicht koana koan durscht ned ghabt")
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19:23:33 Join DrMoreau [0] (i=DrMoreau@
19:24:39 Join fredxor [0] (
19:25:01DrMoreaui patched ipodpatcher to use the 2048b/sectors for the 5.5g ipods.. it can pull and rewrite the fw image now.
19:25:45midkayDrMoreau: wow, cool.. does Rockbox run, have you tried that?
19:25:51DrMoreauno not yet
19:25:54 Quit |AhIoRoS| (Remote closed the connection)
19:25:56DrMoreaui need help with that
19:26:22fredxori have a question about rockbox with an ipod
19:26:48fredxorif i use rockbox, do i have to use itunes to transfer my music, or can i just do it through windows explorer?
19:26:49DrMoreauis anyone currenty working on the 5.5g bin?
19:26:50SoapDrMoreau - that's like saying you can fly the space shuttle but not drive a car ;)
19:27:01 Quit bbroke ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
19:27:14midkayhaha. i'm sure it's happened before!
19:27:29midkayfredxor: windows explorer works fine.. that's rockbox's default system.
19:27:34midkaydrag+drop file structure.
19:27:38fredxorthanks midkay
19:27:43fredxorjust what i'm looking for
19:27:47DrMoreauor fly the space shuttle but cant stand at the news conference afterwards
19:28:14fredxorsoap - i can fly better than i can drive
19:28:42fredxorthere's less to hit, but i still have had 2 almost collisions
19:28:49fredxorluckily, i had an instructor with me
19:31:18DrMoreaui tink ipod_fw may need a patch to deal with the difference in padding size, not sure tho
19:33:09 Join Nibbier [0] (
19:33:19 Quit mirak ("Ex-Chat")
19:33:57DrMoreaustill getting just the dark apple...
19:35:31 Quit fredxor ()
19:35:33DrMoreauanyone know what the padding bytes are for in IPP?
19:36:18 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
19:36:39 Join midgey34 [0] (
19:36:41 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:37:19 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
19:37:26 Join spiorf [0] (
19:39:39linuxstb_DrMoreau: Yes, I think ipod_fw.c needs an update as well....
19:41:55linuxstb_tucoz, bluebrother: Regarding having a link to "bug reports" on the front page - I would quite like to keep it, but instead of linking directly to flyspray, it could link to an "how to report bugs" wiki page. I'm thinking of something like mplayer's page:
19:45:03linuxstb_DrMoreau: Does your patch to ipodpatcher require the user to know the sector size, or does it detect it?
19:45:28nlstucoz, I definately like the manual link on the front page.
19:50:13 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:52:15DrMoreaui hardcoded it to 2048
19:52:34DrMoreauit was previously coded to 512
19:55:05bluebrotherlinuxstb_, just read that mplayer page. I really like that attempt.
19:55:09tucoznls, it was linuxstb's idea. I just changed the font somewhat
19:55:20 Join Mmmm [0] (
19:55:53bluebrotherespecially the introduction to the topic on the mplayer page is nice.
19:55:57tucozAh, very good idea to link to a howto instead of a direct link to the bugreport
19:56:05nlstucoz, ok but I think it's a very good idea since people seem to have trouble finding the manual with the current layout
19:56:14tucozyes, i agree
19:57:05bluebrotherI really don't understand why people don't find the manual. It's linked directly below the daily builds ...
19:57:23tucozI don't think people expect to find a daily built manual
19:57:45linuxstb_I've done a little googling, and it looks like the DriveGetFreeDiskSpace function (!!) gives you the logical sector size for a drive. This looks like it needs a drive letter though, not the disk device number...
19:57:50nlsyou only see what you expect to see..
19:57:55linuxstb_^That was to DrMoreau...
19:58:05bluebrotherhehe. Indeed.
19:58:42bluebrotherusers tend not wanting to see a manual as this would imply reading it (and this means some kind of work ;-)
19:58:48tucozDoes flyspray require registration when you open a task?
19:59:05tucozbluebrother, hehe
19:59:11tucozyou are right
19:59:28bluebrotherFS requires registration including a valid mail address.
19:59:31linuxstb_bluebrother: IMO, the current problems with flyspray are caused by 1) No clear links to the support channels on the Rockbox home page; 2) No description about what what the bug tracker is for.
19:59:49 Join PaulJam [0] (
20:00:41bluebrotherindeed. IMO there is also 3) users who are kind of lazy, but this is something we can't do anything about.
20:02:39 Quit Pyromancer ("Ex-Chat")
20:03:19linuxstb_bluebrother: Are you sure FS requires registration before opening a task? It never used to.
20:04:12bluebrotheryes. The anonymous submissions got stopped some time ago
20:04:30DrMoreaulinuxstb - can you send me the info on that?
20:05:05bluebrotherfunny, the registration form denotes the mail address not as required field but states you need to get a confirmation code.
20:05:15 Join DanManners [0] (
20:05:53linuxstb_DrMoreau: Just google for DriveGetFreeDiskSpace - but as I said, you'll also need to find the drive letter for the ipod...
20:06:25bluebrotherlinuxstb_, did you have a sf account before? Those got imported (according to wiki page, and this was the thing that happened to my account too)
20:06:46DanMannersYo People, DanManners here
20:06:50 Quit perplexity (Excess Flood)
20:06:54DanMannerscould someone show me how to add someone to the wiki list
20:07:13 Join perplexity [0] (
20:07:39DrMoreaugoogle says "Your search - DriveGetFreeDiskSpace - did not match any documents. "
20:07:42tucozDanManners, you add them to this page:
20:07:45bluebrotherDanManners, wiki list? You mean editing the wiki?
20:08:01bluebrotherah, got it :)
20:08:29linuxstb_DrMoreau: Sorry, it's "GetDiskFreeSpace"
20:08:51tucozDanManners, you want to get added to the list?
20:09:02tucozyou are
20:09:36DrMoreauoic thx
20:10:07 Join Pyromancer [0] (
20:10:09 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
20:10:16 Join JoeBorn [0] (
20:11:29DanMannersI want to add my friend
20:11:31DanMannersbecause he made a wps
20:11:34DanMannersfor the iPod 5g
20:11:41DanMannersand i don't know how to add him
20:11:52DanMannerscan you just tell me how?
20:11:55tucozDanManners, just add his wikiname to the page i linked
20:12:32 Join Reverie [0] (
20:13:21 Join webguest96 [0] (i=506cfacd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:15:02DanMannersI did
20:15:04DanMannersthat's it?
20:15:15tucozyes, after you save it should be fine
20:15:54tucozYou have to be a member of that group to be able to edit the wiki, and by adding a wiki-name to that list, you will be added to the group. :)
20:16:48 Quit PaulJam (".")
20:20:27bluebrotherI just noticed that the OldPluginsIndex page is empty again ...
20:20:36*bluebrother votes for removing the favorites plugin
20:20:47nlsburn it!
20:20:52nlsand snake
20:23:04 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:24:23 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
20:28:43 Join damaki__ [0] (
20:31:11 Quit Trunksi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:32:00 Join tucoz_ [0] (
20:36:17 Quit tucoz (Nick collision from services.)
20:37:10 Part tucoz_ ("Leaving")
20:40:20 Quit webguest96 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:40:28 Quit powr-toc ("Leaving")
20:41:45 Join linolium [0] (
20:43:17 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
20:43:51linoliumheey, I am in the filelist of rockbox but all my files start with things like "Third Eye Blind - Some Album - " and then the track number and name. Is there any way to cut off all the front stuff so I don't have to scroll to each one to see what the name is?
20:44:25 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:44:32 Part DanManners
20:45:14 Join spiorf [0] (
20:45:27linuxstblinolium: You can either bulk-rename your files (I'm sure others can suggest applications to do that) or use Rockbox's tagcache feature to view files by their tags rather than the filenames.
20:46:46linoliumlinuxstb: how easy is it to hack the source code and recompile?
20:47:28linuxstbThis easy: −−-> <−−-
20:47:57linolium... I don't speak arrow
20:48:28LearIf you're not reasonably familiar with (C) programming, it is a little harder than that... :)
20:48:36linuxstbHow easy depends on your skill - which I don't know... But if you're familiar with C programming and compiling in general, then I would say it's easy.
20:49:10linoliumok.. I am thinking something like "if all files in a directory start with x characters, don't show them in menu"
20:49:35linuxstbYou should search the patch tracker - I have a feeling someone may already have written such a patch.
20:49:47linoliumthat would be nice..
20:50:02linuxstbAlthough it will be old, so may need adjusting for the current source.
20:50:26linoliumum, this may be a stupid question, but is the code the same for all platforms, or is it forked for each one ..?
20:50:37linuxstbIt's one source tree.
20:50:57linoliumdoes it compile for each one based on bits of specific code?
20:51:10nlslinolium, you could probably hack the function that hides files starting with a period...
20:51:49linuxstbYes. Which files are compiled for a particular build is controlled by the SOURCES files in each directory, plus #ifdefs within the files control the actual code.
20:52:31linoliumdoes that end up being mostly the low-level stuff?
20:54:25linuxstbMostly, yes.
20:54:55linuxstbBut the high-level code needs to adapt to the hardware - mono/colour LCD, LCD size, the number of available buttons etc.
20:55:40linoliumsounds like a massive undertaking
20:56:23linuxstbRockbox is almost 5 years old now and we have over 200 people in the CREDITS file who have contributed in some way...
20:57:19linoliumI just wish it supported battery charging and firewire on my monochrome ipod
20:58:16linuxstbThe ipod port is new, as you probably know, and there are not many people working on any low-level stuff.
20:58:21 Join webguest81 [0] (i=917408d9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:58:33linuxstbSo you would be more than welcome...
20:58:51linoliumI wish I had the skills..
20:59:09 Quit webguest81 (Client Quit)
21:01:24linuxstbLear: Looks like it was my build server which failed on the H100 build. I'm running 3.4.4 - did you say it compiled fine on 3.4.6?
21:01:54LearYes. 3.4.5 is fine too.
21:02:12linuxstbYes, just noticed that. I guess we need to make 3.4.5 the minimum version then...
21:04:40linuxstbI'm upgrading now.
21:05:03linuxstbHave you tried any higher bitrate AAC files?
21:05:41LearOnly 192 kbps. I only have like 3 files that actually play...
21:05:52LearThat one played too, with a little higher boost ratio.
21:07:46linuxstbAre you running CVS or your metadata parsing patch?
21:07:56linuxstbI'm assuming you never committed that?
21:08:33LearNo, it isn't committed, but I do use it locally.
21:08:51LearOuch, lots of warnings...
21:09:10LearA little more interested in finishing it up now though...
21:09:37LearI thought I had fixed that warning...
21:10:28linuxstbWait a few minutes until you commit again though - give me chance to upgrade my gcc.
21:10:35linuxstb(it's compiling now)
21:11:00LearAh, forgot to reapply that fix...
21:11:25linuxstbIn fact, it's done..
21:11:42ReverieAnyone know if there's an easy way to install Ipod linux how that I have rockbox installed?
21:12:39linuxstbThe only easy way is to use the IPL installer - which I expect requires you to uninstall the Rockbox bootloader first.
21:13:23linuxstbBut after you install IPL using their installer, you simply need to unzip to your ipod, and the IPL bootloader will detect it and give you a menu option for it in the boot menu.
21:14:10MHenHi! Could I make a developer having a look at my (essentially 4 line) patch that speeds up skipping on players decoder chip?
21:14:28 Join daemon^ [0] (
21:15:03 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
21:15:14 Join amiconn [0] (
21:15:27 Join BigMac [0] (
21:15:32 Join spiorf [0] (
21:16:44linuxstbMHen: Is that specific to the Player, or all Archos (i.e. hwcodec) devices?
21:17:06 Quit hannesd ("Client suicide")
21:17:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:18:18MHenThat sould be all devices that use mpeg.c, i.e. all with CONFIG_CODEC != SWCODEC, i.e. all Archos.
21:19:42amiconnThe approach looks a bit odd
21:19:49MHenI don't know how much impact this change would have on other devices than the Ondio (which I own). But here, I can reduct responsiveness (when skipping at the very beginning of the song) from a few seconds, say 5 to 0.5.
21:19:56 Join hannesd [0] (
21:20:01 Quit daemon^ (Remote closed the connection)
21:20:21amiconnYeah, Ondio 'disk' reading is quite slow (but it's as fast as it can go)
21:20:46MHenOr let's say from 3 to 0,5.
21:20:51amiconnMHen: I would think that it would be better to handle the case within the mpeg thread itself
21:22:19MHenYou mean, the thread should scan the whole queue, look if there is any skip command in it and then discarding all unnecessary reads?
21:22:56MHenScanning the whole queue every time would be quite time consuming. I'd say that deleting these reads when inserting the skip is fine.
21:23:17Ed__is it me or did Hotmail get worse the last couple of days?
21:23:30Ed__Hotmail doesn't even send In-Reply-To headers with mails anymore
21:23:44amiconnMHen: Scanning the whole queue would be weird, no.
21:24:00 Quit rr3tzbach (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:24:40MHenAnd inserting the skip at the beginning ("overtaking the reads") would mess up things.
21:24:53amiconn'skip' could set a flag somewhere that the disk loader part could check,
21:25:29amiconnand if the loader finds this flag set, it could stop the load operation and quench all MPEG_NEED_DATA events
21:25:51amiconnSame thing could be done for 'stop', btw
21:28:54MHenDo you think I should it rewrite that way and update the patch that way or should I ask for a second opinion on that matter?
21:32:54markunamiconn: can you take a look at this?
21:33:11markunI want to make the fontbuffer size configurable
21:34:22 Quit DrMoreau ()
21:36:31 Join mareviq [0] (
21:37:24 Join solarflare [0] (
21:38:29 Join daemon^ [0] (
21:39:51 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
21:41:10 Join SereR0kR [0] (
21:42:40 Quit spiorf (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:43:09 Quit SereR0kR (Remote closed the connection)
21:43:19 Join spiorf [0] (
21:50:08 Join Joely [0] (
21:51:53 Join _eckobar_ [0] (
21:52:05_eckobar_hi guys
21:52:25Joelyhello! i'm just wondering for a flash based media player that rockbox supports....which is the best supported?
21:52:42Joelywould that be the ipod nano? or is there something cooler?
21:53:18MHenfirst, you have to define "best". ;-)
21:53:29bluebrotherafaik the only flash based devices that are supported are the nano and the ondio.
21:53:48bluebrotherexcept then new nano
21:55:04_eckobar_following problem: flashed my ipod video with current version of rockbox ... everything is working fine ... great work men ... BUT ... i have bought me a power socet adapter for direct loading my battery without pc .... when i connec to power socket, pod recognize usb connection restarts .... recognize usb connection ... restart and so on .... BUG ???
21:56:11ReverieI have a question.
21:56:21ReverieWhy is it when I use rockbox, It shows Ipod_Control, rockbox.ipod, etc files?
21:56:26ReverieHow do I hide them.
21:56:39dionoealong click on menu
21:56:49dionoeathen change it to only display supported files or media files
21:58:04ReverieIs there anyway to play Roms? <_<
21:58:07ReverieOn a nano?
21:59:25 Quit hannesd ("Client suicide")
21:59:31dionoeaRoms like gameboy roms ?
22:00:22ReverieAnd if I wanted to install like ... ipod linux would I have to uninstall rockbox?
22:03:46amiconnThe gcc team is actually fixing bugs...
22:04:13LearAnd it affects us?
22:04:43*amiconn received some mails concerning the bug when building m68k-elf-gcc on amd64
22:05:12amiconnLatest cvs should build on amd64 without kludge
22:05:20peturbah.. the new recording code is fixed 44100 even for spdif.... what a stupid bug to make...
22:06:11markunamiconn: what do you think of a variable font buffer?
22:06:31amiconnWhat problem would it solve?
22:06:40*amiconn didn't notice any font related problems
22:07:00markuncontinuous disk spinning for korean users for example
22:07:44amiconnHow does the code calculate the necessary size of the font buffer?
22:08:31markunI don't know what you mean. What is there to calculate?
22:08:46amiconnHow big the buffer should be...
22:09:53markunIt should be big enough to fit at least 1 glyph. You can make it as big or small as you want.
22:10:05amiconnUser settable option?
22:10:19markunYes, just like the other things in the 'limits' menu I think
22:10:25markunBut that's not in my patch yet
22:10:32*amiconn doesn't lik ethe idea
22:10:44*markun thought you wouldn't :)
22:11:08markunCan you tell me why?
22:11:40markunBecause it adds another option?
22:11:48amiconnWell, the directory and playlist buffer limits are relatively straightforward, and even these already caused confusion
22:12:05amiconnHow should an average user know how large the font buffer should be?
22:12:26 Join Febs [0] (
22:13:07amiconnIhmo that's way too technical to be useful
22:13:36markunDo you think the koreans should compile their own rockbox version with a different MAX_FONT_SIZE?
22:14:12amiconnIf you find a way to estimate the necessary font buffer size, it might be helpful
22:14:44amiconnPeople not understanding what these limit values are often set weird values, then wonder why things don't work as expected
22:15:24nlscouldn't the font format be extended to contain the neccesary buffersize?
22:15:38amiconnWe had several reports in the past where both the dir limit and the playlist size were set to max., and then people complained why rockbox rebuffers every few seconds, or why voice doesn't work
22:15:45amiconn(archos, obviously)
22:15:52 Quit BigMac (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:16:01 Join Febs_ [0] (
22:16:02markunI would say it depends on the number of most commonly used glyphs and the size of the glyphs in the font you use
22:16:44amiconnMaybe base it on the font size & codepage
22:17:02amiconnBut what happens if you change the buffer size during playback?
22:17:07markunI could add some font statistics to the debug menu for example
22:17:18markunYou can't
22:17:41markunYou need to reboot for all the limits options to work, right?
22:17:57amiconnYes, currently
22:18:07 Join secleinteer [0] (n=scl@
22:19:14markunI see no problem with that. It's much nicer than a fixed and arbitrary MAX_FONT_SIZE
22:21:10Reverieanyone here know how I can play songs on my regular apple ipod nano, and rockbox at the same time?
22:21:14ReverieLike, the 'original' firmware.
22:21:29 Quit daemon^ (Remote closed the connection)
22:21:51ReverieSomeone :(
22:22:00markunReverie: I don't understand what you want
22:22:07ReverieLike, I want to run songs on rockbox
22:22:13Reverieand the 'original' ipod.
22:22:31 Quit Febs (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:22:35markunadd them with iTunes and use TagCache
22:22:56Reveriek sec
22:22:58Joelyhmm what i want to do is use an ipod nano as a _firewire_ boot drive for my laptop..would this be possible with rockbox?
22:23:07markunOr what do you mean by 'at the same time'?
22:23:48markunJoely: what does it have to do with rockbox?
22:24:21Joelywell i'm wondering if the lack of firewire support for the nano is because of firmware or drivers
22:24:50Joelyand if it's firmware....would rockbox fix this?
22:25:49markunrockbox doesn't even have a USB driver for the nano, so if you can't use firewire rockbox will not fix that
22:26:09LearAnd I wonder if the nanos even have a firewire port...
22:26:22Joelywell through the dock connector...
22:26:54 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
22:26:55 Join MadDog011 [0] (
22:27:36markunJoely: according to this site the nano doesn't support firewire:
22:28:47 Quit scottder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:29:09LearApparantly you can charge it via a firewire cable (at least the new nanos).
22:29:50Joelymarkun, right, but i want to make a forth driver for my ppc based laptop to interface to an ipod nano through the dock<->firewire cable...and i just need to know about the firmware side of the ipod nano
22:30:03Joelyi need a driver on the other side
22:30:10Joelyso i guess it's a no?
22:31:15markunI guess so, but let me check a bit more
22:32:02Joelyi mean, if this sounds cool to someone for rockbox, i could try to help make a driver like that...
22:32:17Joelyjust wanted to make sure the work wasn't already done before
22:32:22markunWhat is the reason you can't use USB btw?
22:32:41 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
22:32:51Joelybecause those are filled with my mouse and other peripherials ;)
22:33:10markunJoely: look here:
22:33:27markunThe nano doesn't have the TSB41AB1 like the other iPods
22:34:16 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
22:34:23Joelyohhh it doesn't have the physical layout needed for it...ok
22:34:36 Join spiorf [0] (
22:35:50peturwtf... backlight stays on when you switch on HOLD in the recording screen
22:36:59peturno wonder my battery dropped 25% during a 1:30 hour recording yesterday evening
22:39:55 Join barrywardell [0] (
22:41:47 Join JoeBorn [0] (
22:42:10 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
22:42:19 Part MHen
22:42:29peturcan somebody explain what the setting of Backlight (On Hold Key) means? And what use this has?
22:43:34nlsif you set it to off backlight goes off when you switch hold on, on does the opposite, normal is supposed to just do the timeout
22:43:36midkayi think it means what happens to the backlight when hold is switched on..
22:44:05nlsbut normal does light up the backligtht when you toggle hold (and it then times out)
22:44:11peturwhy would enybody want backlight on when hold is on? to use it as a flashlight?
22:44:24peturanybody even
22:44:45 Quit linolium ()
22:44:52nlsidk, just another option for the heck of it, we have some pretty strange options...
22:44:58markunpetur: I also can't imagine
22:45:21peturI'd rather want an option to switch on backlight on keypress even with hold on
22:45:31peturfor monitoring purposes
22:45:45nlsdont think it's possible on most devices (?)
22:46:17nlslike hold electrically disconnecting buttons.
22:46:19peturdon't know... are there any devices with a hardware key lock?
22:46:41nlsnot sure but I think at least some are
22:48:47 Quit Seed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:51:56nlsspeaking of options I was thinking of combining the recording screen on startup with the resume on startup with something like startup action with the choice of recording, resume, and possibly others. Any thoughts?
22:52:27nls...too something...
22:52:36nlsinto even
22:53:01peturto be combined with a system to perform stuff at boot because of alarm
22:53:49peturthe framework I mean, not user option(s)
22:54:12nlsSo there is alarm support coming?
22:54:19peturor maybe do the recording as a user option too
22:54:52peturI think LinusN is looking at it
22:55:24nlsbut maybe you want different things happening when you star manually and when alarm wakes it up.
22:56:11peturyou could make it start recording at manual boot and/or alarm ;)
22:56:20amiconnThe biggest problem is probably what to do when the alarm time approaches and the unit is already on
22:57:13peturhahaha that WAV header format sucks
22:57:34 Quit MadDog011 (Remote closed the connection)
22:57:46peturlooking to fix a bug in recording
22:58:08petursamplerate is hardcoded 44100
22:58:23peturheader mod code was removed
22:58:31Joelyhey, hehe i have some questions still >< one about the firewire about rockbox in general! i don't know too much about the firewire standard...but is it _possible_ to emulate firewire through the dock connector in software or by just carrying a few data traces together (within a little dock connector accessory!) and also...are there any companies selling rockbox modified ipods/archos etc?
22:59:11 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:59:46amiconnIt would only be possible if there's a firewire phy present on the board
22:59:53amiconn...which I doubt
23:00:20 Quit _eckobar_ (Remote closed the connection)
23:00:28Joelyi'm saying could you put in an accessory on the dockport with firewire phy?
23:00:33Joelyi want to make something
23:00:34Joelyand i'm bored
23:00:59peturwhy don't you try to make a TV-out that connects to the headphone socket :p
23:01:04amiconnAnyway, in order to support usb and/or firewire within rockbox, we need (a) thorough knowledge about the PP <-> usb/firewire interfaces (no docs), and (b) someone to write an usb/firewire stack
23:01:07amiconn(device side)
23:01:14peturor join that thread in the forum...
23:01:48Joelyi can try to write a usb/firewire stack!!! haha i have nothing to do i probably would too
23:02:14 Join mirak [0] (
23:02:44Joelyand what do you mean no PP <-> usb/firewire interfaces? doesn't linux have drivers for PP(P?) over usb/firewire?
23:03:00amiconnPP = portalplayer
23:03:07Joelyi'm new to this!
23:03:35amiconnPortalplayer == system-on-a-chip with dual ARM7TDMI core and lots of integrated interfaces
23:03:43amiconnThere are no public docs/data sheets
23:04:15amiconn(Portalplayer is also the company making the portalplayer SoCs)
23:05:03 Quit mirak (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
23:07:01Joelyare there any programs that PP has released like a public sdk that someone might be able to cleany reverse engineer?
23:07:02bluebrothermarkun, amiconn, how about "protecting" the limits menu entry with a warning that splashes up upon entering that setting folder?
23:07:23bluebrotherlike "change this settings only if you know what you are doing, otherwise keep out"
23:07:50 Join mirak [0] (
23:10:38 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:17:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:19:23 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
23:20:08 Quit nls (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
23:20:54Joelyhmm so has anyone found any JTAG off of the PP SoC?
23:21:20Joelyor anything exciting hardware wise? haha i'm wondering i should go out and buy one to play with :-D
23:22:06peturBagder has a sansa with JTAG I think
23:22:33 Join JdGordon [0] (
23:25:23markunJoely: you can buy a Toshiba Gigabeat (F or X) :) It has a JTAG connector
23:27:56Joelyhmm so which is it i buy?? gigabeat or sansa!?!?
23:28:14amiconnThe gigabeat isn't PP
23:28:21Joelyhaha yeah i know that
23:28:39Joelyi'm not THAT much of a newbie :)
23:29:08Joelybut isn't the sansa?
23:29:12markunJoely: sansa has flash, the gigabeat a hdd
23:29:13Joelyit's pp5022?
23:29:31markunpp5024 I think
23:30:25ReverieHey guys
23:30:30ReverieI got a few questions, could someone help me?
23:30:38markunjust ask
23:30:51 Join webguest50 [0] (i=c3ec4b1b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:31:34ReverieFirst, I'd like to listen to my songs using the original 'firmware' (Like not rockbox, the original ipod stuff) how do I do this? I currently just have a folder named songs in my ipod nano that can be read and listen to music through rockbox only.
23:31:50ReverieSecond, how do I have an option or something that lets me use the original first, and then boot up Rockbox if I do something special?
23:32:33markunfor the second question: install the bootloader from ipodlinux
23:32:56ReverieI don't have to install ipodlinux?
23:32:58Reveriejust the bootloader?
23:33:05*barrywardell still has a spare H10 with a broken hdd...
23:33:33 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:33:58Reveriekay :o
23:34:06Reveriebut um, that first thing isn't what I wanted exactly
23:34:15ReverieI want something that just loads up the original apple RIGHT away
23:34:20ReverieAnd I have to do something special to get rockbox
23:34:27ReverieLike, I mean the exact opposite of what it is right now
23:34:37Joelybarrywardell: i guess i'm not gonna be the first one to get my hands on your lovely little piece of hardware :-/ is the first day!
23:34:51Reveriebtw, when I used that loader thing, i got an error :/
23:35:20linuxstb_Reverie: You can set a default firmware and a timeout in Loader2. That wiki page should describe the config file options.
23:36:40ReverieWait, so question
23:36:43ReverieI just download that installer
23:36:45barrywardellwell i don't know how much use it would be to anyone without a hdd anyway
23:36:48ReverieRun it, and it's done?
23:36:48Reverienothing more?
23:37:30markunReverie: just try it
23:37:34linuxstb_I don't know about the IPL installer, but you can just downloader the bootloader itself and install it the same way you installed the Rockbox bootloader (just replace bootloader-xxxx.bin with loader.bin).
23:37:38ReverieI did, Nothing happens >_>
23:37:39markunif it doesn't work you can also ask in #ipodlinux
23:38:45Joelybarrywardell, what's the interface of the hdd?
23:39:13barrywardellit's zif. i think it's specific to hitachi drives
23:39:37barrywardellbut it looks like it's standard ide with a special connector
23:39:53barrywardellso you could build an adaptor if you really wanted
23:40:18Joelyohhhhh!! hehe that would be fun...but are there any more ports on it?
23:40:33Joelymaybe we could get some nonstandard external hookup for it
23:40:34peturamiconn: in the past, the spdif samplerate was measured just before recording start, but with the encoding framework, this should be done in audio_set_recording_options(). Any problems with that?
23:41:18amiconnIt can't be done before recording start
23:41:32ReverieWhere can I get the loader.bin file?
23:41:32amiconnI mean earlier than just before the start
23:41:46amiconnThe input signal might not even be present yet
23:41:47peturI meant before recording to disk
23:42:05peturah yes... enter rec screen, then connect
23:42:54linuxstb_Reverie: On the Loader_2 wiki page - under "Getting It"
23:42:57peturboy, this is not going to be easy to fix in the encoder framework :(
23:42:59Reveriek ty
23:44:21*petur wipes the remains of a dead mosquito from his LCD
23:44:25 Quit t0mas ("good night")
23:45:42 Join nave7693 [0] (
23:46:33peturone solution would be to do pre-recording purely in the WAV buffer and re-init the codec at recording start
23:47:31peturor even only run the codec during actual recording
23:49:55ReverieAh, thanks I got it.
23:50:03ReverieBut it doesn't ahve rockbox listed on the options to choose <_<
23:50:23 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
23:50:27Joelyhey happen to have an JTAG or a RS232 connection on the H10?
23:51:07*petur sees that pre-recording is purely in WAV buffer... phew
23:51:40 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
23:52:11barrywardellJoely: sorry was a little distracted elsewhere there. I don't know of any jtag or RS232. There are board scans
23:53:04ReverieBarry, do you know how to have rockbox as a option to choose?
23:53:15ReverieI just installed Loader 2
23:53:23ReverieI don't really understand the instructions <<;
23:53:27 Quit mareviq ("nie wszystko dioda co sie swieci...")
23:53:37Reverie <- Near the middle it says something about Rockbox.
23:54:26*petur discovers he saw wrong :(
23:56:19barrywardelli don't know anything about Loader 2

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