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#rockbox log for 2006-09-25

00:01:11JoelyCan i play with it barrywardell?!!? ;)
00:01:37barrywardellif you want
00:01:43Joelyhow much?
00:01:48barrywardelldo you have a jtag connector?
00:03:00barrywardelli'm not looking to make any money off it. i got a replacement from Rockbox funds so am happy to see it go to anyone who can help the cause
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00:05:20Joelyahh webguest50, which side is it on? i can't find it!
00:05:56webguest50Front, on the right edge.
00:06:15Joelyohhhh i see it now
00:06:54barrywardellJoely: where are you located?
00:07:21Joelynear chicago, illinois....couldn't you tell from my ip?
00:07:40Joelyoh man..i dislike my dsl service...
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00:12:34Joelyyeah, barrywardell, it would be cool to code for one of those H10s!
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00:24:39Joelyheh, maybe we could boot from jtag and then use usb as a storage device...
00:26:22markundoes it have a USB host controller?
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00:27:30Joelyoh man, was that the h300 i'm thinking of or something? where you could do p2p linkups?
00:27:39Joelythrough usb...
00:29:32Joelyyeah usb otg i think it was
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00:30:29barrywardellyeah, that's the h300
00:30:33barrywardellthe h10 doesn't have that
00:30:45Damme_Sawtoothhello, how do I charge the rockbox and still be able to listen to music?
00:31:07Damme_Sawtoothaah found it, menu :)
00:35:43Joelywait wait....
00:35:52Joelyisn't the h10 a pp5020?
00:36:02Joelythat has USB OTG
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00:37:52barrywardellit's pp5020, yeah
00:38:16barrywardellbut doesn't have otg in the stock firmware anyway
00:38:25Joelyright, because of DRM
00:39:17barrywardellthe only connector is a proprietry connector on the bottom
00:40:45barrywardellhow is jtag used?
00:40:51 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
00:40:58Joelysorry that didn't answer the jtag question
00:41:53Joelyjtag is for bootloading and debugging of the initial code
00:42:01Joelyespecially with a SoC
00:42:10Joely(anyone else can chime in!!)
00:42:31barrywardellso it can be used to figure how the bootloader interfaces with the hardware?
00:44:18Joelyi _think_ so...only ways i've used it are as a backdoor to the cpu
00:44:55Joelywith my little fpga kit ;)
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00:47:07^_Ghost_^hey whos it goijn.
00:48:01Joelyhello ^_Ghost_^
00:48:16^_Ghost_^whats happenin,.
00:48:27^_Ghost_^anyone having trouble with anapod and the 1.2 firmware?
00:50:43Joelyuhh...i've never used i dunno!
00:54:33^_Ghost_^oh ic, itunes+horrible! anapod is great makes things so much easier
00:55:06scorchethats nice...this is #rockbox not #anapod
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01:00:17amiconnlinuxstb: Your build server doesn't have the recommended m68k-elf-gcc installed...
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01:03:09Joelyyou still there mr barrywardell? hehe
01:03:42barrywardellyeah, i'm here. but slightly distracted by other stuff
01:03:52barrywardellstupid real world :P
01:03:58Joelyhaha sorry
01:05:13Arathisreal life? never heard about it.. is it worth a download?
01:05:29scorcheArathis: first life
01:06:33scorchetwas a joke that you didnt get apparently ;)
01:07:25Arathisseems so ^^
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01:31:35barrywardellgotta go now. sorry i was a little distracted tonight. Joely, I'll probably be back online tomorrow if you wanna talk more H10 stuff...
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01:42:31linuxstbamiconn: I've already upgraded it.
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02:20:14volt_webguesthello rockboxers. i just bought an ipod 5g 80gb and i can't get the bootloader in. when running "ipodpatcher 1" (the ipod is disk 1) it tells me "Error reading from disk: the parameter is incorrect."
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02:32:37volt_webguesti'm sorry , i got disconnected, did anyone respond to my question a few minutes ago?
02:34:57Arathisnot yet
02:36:01volt_webguestoh ,well i suppose that 80gb support is not available yet
02:36:40 Join JoeBorn [0] (
02:39:22Arathisvolt_webguest: perhaps you should look at the forum if it is. I don't own an ipod and so didn't look for such suport
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02:44:44volt_webguestArathis: I just looked at the forum and there are already a few guys on it. Thanks for the suggestion.
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02:45:00ineedhelphey guys i need help!
02:45:04 Quit volt_webguest ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:45:26ineedhelpcan someone help me?
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06:15:03helpjukeboxanyone can to help me out a sec?
06:15:44scorchejust ask your question and it will be answered in time
06:18:54helpjukeboxok i have the recorder 20 (NOT v2) and the headphone jack has that annoying problem where the headphones have to be "just right" in order to get stereo sound. ive done a bit of searching and am ready to open it up and solder if need be, but i need to know what exactly i should be looking for (ive read that it may not be the jack at all, but a board thats loose). whats the process of trying to fix this? th
06:23:21 Quit Trunksi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:23:48 Quit webguest50 ("CGI:IRC")
06:32:30helpjukeboxoptionally, is there a way to use the "digital output" and use this to connect my headphones/car stereo
06:35:11 Quit hcs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:42:03midkayhelpjukebox: you might want to try posting on the forums in the hardware section ('repairing broken players' maybe) in the meantime..
06:46:22 Part tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
06:46:23helpjukeboxok ill try that
06:49:09midkaysure.. also maybe try in here in like 12 hours.. it's nighttime for a lot of people.
06:49:21midkayright now, i mean.
06:50:05helpjukeboxha should be bedtime foro me too, but this is bugging me
06:50:12helpjukeboxill try again tomorrow
06:59:36 Quit helpjukebox ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:08:04 Join webguest62 [0] (i=d2083622@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:08:19webguest62hi, is there a video plug in for rockbox yet?
07:09:27midkayyes, but there's no sound.
07:10:11webguest62how long do you think it will be till its a fully-fleged video player
07:10:53 Join Nirok [0] (i=43173481@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:11:19NirokMorning All
07:11:59midkaywebguest62: a while.. if you want video, get a dvd player or something that's intended to play video. not a music player.
07:12:27webguest62but i wanna do everything on my nano without havig to buy a proper one
07:12:43midkaywhy'd you get the nano if it didn't support video and you wanted that?
07:13:29NirokCan I get advise on how to install the rockbox chess onto my Ipod 60G Video ??
07:13:29webguest62when i bought it, i didnt know about all this stuff
07:13:47webguest62not that i do, i dont wanna go out and buy an ipod video
07:14:31midkayso instead of using the apple firmware for all eternity, you now have access to like 10 different codecs, a variety of games, folder/file browsing, constant new features and fixes.. and you're sad because it doesn't play video?
07:14:31 Quit Nirok (Client Quit)
07:15:08 Join webguest26 [0] (i=43173481@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:15:11webguest62yes i am
07:15:17webguest62and the interface looks shit
07:15:21webguest26was disconnected.. sorry ..
07:15:43webguest26Looking for help installing rockbox chess on my Ipod Plz
07:16:37webguest26anyone ??
07:16:39midkaywebguest26: so you clearly want a cool interface and flashy animations.
07:16:49midkaywebguest26: yeah, um, you need to install Rockbox before you can play chess.
07:17:02midkaythe first one was @ webguest62, sorry.
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07:18:12webguest26so I have to install Rockbox on my ipod first ??
07:18:12 Quit damaki__ (Remote closed the connection)
07:18:25midkaywebguest26: yes.
07:18:54webguest26kk.. let me check into that.. forgive my ignorance.. Just never installed anything to an Ipod except Music
07:19:07midkayno problem, the manual is helpful.
07:19:08 Quit webguest62 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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07:26:47 Join volt [0] (
07:27:20volthey all. i have an ipod 5.5gen 80GB player.
07:27:33volteagerly awaiting the 5.5G port
07:27:47midkayaren't we all. :)
07:27:47 Quit webguest26 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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07:30:00voltquite indeed. i hate itunes
07:30:04 Join perplexity [0] (
07:30:30voltwell actually now that i'm using it, i hate that i'm beginning to like itunes, if that makes sense
07:30:38 Join Joely [0] (
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07:47:32 Join Terinjokes [0] (
07:48:06Terinjokesok, my bootloader mysteriously broke again just know
07:48:44Terinjokesthis is the third time this has happened, second time this week
07:50:15 Quit damaki (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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08:04:08midkaymsn me.
08:04:16 Quit amiconn (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
08:04:16 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
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08:32:05pondlifeyou woke me up
08:32:29Joelyawww poor pondlife... *tuck back in*
08:33:21 Join aegray [0] (n=aegray@
08:34:23Terinjokesanybody not sleeping in here?
08:34:39*pondlife wakes again
08:35:00pondlifeI dreamt there was a CPU boost meter on the status line
08:35:10pondlifeBut it was just a nightmare
08:35:22pondlifeYou had that dream too?
08:35:41Terinjokesno, i had a dream of a "sad ipod"
08:35:57*pondlife chuckles, and is not sure why
08:36:12pondlifeDid it cry? wait, it wasn't dream (up horror music apple loop)
08:36:24 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
08:37:57Terinjokessomethings up with my ipod, every couple of days it suddenly stops working, like it won't boot-up, but every is A-OK from the computer side (ie, itunes recognises it, and see the music, shows as a drive, etc) any ideas on why this happens?
08:38:39 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:39:55Terinjokesi'll ask tomorrow when people are actually here
08:40:03 Quit Terinjokes ()
08:43:30 Part Joely
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09:03:07pondlifeLinusN: Morning! I think I'll commit my playback/voice mods later today.. Any objections?
09:03:19LinusNnot really
09:03:41pondlifeOK. I'm not planning on disappearing this week
09:12:25 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
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09:42:56preglow_amiconn: there's a fully functioning speex codec on the patch tracker
09:42:59 Nick preglow_ is now known as preglow (
09:48:26 Join Mordov|hardlywo [0] (
09:49:48LinusNgah, the encoder API patch removed the sample rate setting in the WAV header :-(
09:50:01LinusNthat sucks
09:50:12peturwanted to fix but it's not easy
09:50:23LinusNhow come?
09:50:38peturfor WAV it can be done with a hack but the mp3 and other enc must be restarted
09:51:03peturthe samplerate is only known at recording start
09:51:18peturbut the encoder already runs during pre-recording
09:51:38peturso this will break pre-rec :(
09:51:45LinusNof course it will
09:52:06LinusNif you change the sample rate while prerecording, you *will* trash the already encoded data
09:52:21LinusNnot much of a choice really
09:52:36pondlifeHmm, maybe I shouldn't update playback.c yet...
09:52:48LinusNas changing the sample rate in the middle of a MP3 stream is not allowed iirc
09:53:02peturso no pre-recording when doing spdif with something else than WAV
09:54:03LinusNwe would not allow sample rate changes, or throw away the prerecorded data when the sample rate changes
09:54:07*petur lacks knowledge about mp3 encoding to see the impact
09:54:25LinusNi.e reinit the encoder
09:54:32peturwith spdif it is only measured when recording starts
09:54:47markunpreglow: will you commit the speex codec then?
09:55:02peturbecause the signal may not be there when you enter rec screen
09:55:06LinusNso, then we simply ignore sample rate changes once the encoder is started
09:56:06LinusNhmmm, we can't prerecord if we don't have s/pdif data, can we?
09:56:10peturcan you measure a sdamplerate when the spdif source is connected but not actually playing something?
09:56:58peturwe may need a detection of spdif
09:57:14peturand start the encoder once we see data
09:57:15LinusNthe trick is to know when the sample rate change happened
09:57:47LinusNif we could see exactly when it happens, we can do a file split
09:58:13LinusNi doubt that we would ever be able to do that, but one can still dream, eh?
09:58:46peturas I said, not easy ;)
10:00:14LinusNhow was it done before the codec api patch?
10:00:25LinusNi mean the spdif sample rate detection
10:00:30peturWAV header is written only at recording start
10:00:46peturspdif samplerate measured at recording start
10:00:48LinusNso, the spdif must be active when starting
10:00:55peturvery much OK for WAV
10:01:19LinusNso prerecording was broken even before the patch
10:01:33peturthe other option is to pre-record in WAV buffer and only start the encoder when recording starts
10:01:48LinusNnot a bad idea
10:01:50peturno, why?
10:02:08LinusNi mean, if you entered the recording screen with no spdif active
10:02:21peturah yes
10:02:22LinusNah, now i see
10:02:43 Join Mmmm [0] (
10:02:44LinusNit would store the wav data in the buffer, not knowing the sample rate, but that woudn't matter
10:02:50peturbut I think you got the data as soon as it was connected
10:03:04LinusNsince it checks the sample rate when starting the recording
10:03:13LinusNok, so i think we have a nice solution
10:03:27peturpre-rec in WAV buffer
10:03:36LinusNprerecording in wav only, and sample rate check when starting the recording
10:03:49peturit's the only solution I can think of
10:03:58LinusNthat means that the encoder will have a lot to do in the beginning
10:04:26LinusNi see one problem:
10:04:28pondlifeDoes recording have to be encoded in real time?
10:04:29peturand we need a WAV buffer for 30s + margi
10:04:39peturmargin even
10:04:40LinusNthe disk spinup when loading the encoder
10:04:57peturmake that 30s + big margin
10:05:01pondlifeOr can it be allowed to run a little behind if there's enough WAV buffer space?
10:05:21LinusNit can be behind
10:05:37peturdon't know the current buffer sizes
10:05:42LinusNas log as the buffer allows it
10:05:45LinusNlong even
10:08:30LinusNprerecording in wav would also conserve some battery
10:08:48peturno boosting
10:09:14 Quit pondlife ("meeting time...")
10:09:16peturI'd love an option to disable auto-shutdown during pre-rec
10:09:21peturmust write it some day
10:09:28preglowmarkun: it needs some changes to fix some warnings
10:09:34LinusNdoes it shutdown during prerec?
10:09:40preglowcommiting it is on my list of things to do first, but i'm short on time
10:09:59peturLinusN: it did some time ago
10:10:10LinusNthat's really bad
10:10:23peturhaven't checked latest cvs
10:11:18peturlet me check...
10:12:06theli_uaheh ... i still can't use profiling ;( .... with profile enabled aac codec won't fit into IRAM :(
10:12:37 Join TCK [0] (
10:14:02LinusNpetur: a brief look at the code says that it shouldn't power off
10:14:25peturjust tested, and indeed it doesn't.
10:14:37peturso this must have been fixed in the mean time
10:14:42peturnice to know
10:15:38peturI'm sure it did in the past as it almost made me miss a recording
10:17:44 Join einhirn [0] (
10:18:46 Quit Mmmm (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:19:19peturLinusN: are you around tonight?
10:19:29LinusNnot sure, can never tell
10:20:11peturI'm trying to an interrupthandler working for the isp1362 but I get a PDIR1FULL as soon as I enable interrupts on the isp
10:20:24peturs/to an/to get an
10:20:45LinusNsounds like you get constant interrupts
10:21:00peturyou think that's it?
10:21:28peturI think I'm clearing them on the isp, must maybe check again
10:22:05LinusNwhich gpio pin is it?
10:22:18peturif I configure INT2 (DC int) it crashes immediatly, even before enabling them on the isp
10:22:40peturand GPIO7 for INT2
10:23:15peturwith GPIO5 it doens't crash until I enable the ints in the HC
10:23:52JdGordonhey guys
10:24:04peturoh noes
10:24:04LinusNcan i see the code that inits the irq controller?
10:24:05JdGordondoes continue in a for loop do the i++ or does it get skipped?
10:24:16LinusNit does the i++
10:24:42peturLinusN: am at work now and the pastebin code I posted last week was for one day only
10:24:51peturso maybe tonight
10:24:52 Join Rondom [0] (
10:25:50peturwhich reminds me... got to work a bit ;)
10:26:07JdGordonrolo works on ipod doesnt it?
10:26:14JdGordon.. specifically the nano
10:26:27JdGordonAH, bugger
10:26:33scorcheit can only load the firmware that is currently running iirc
10:26:58JdGordondamn, ok, so much for fail safe not copying over rockbox,ipod then :p
10:27:05 Quit webguest30 ("CGI:IRC")
10:27:32peturbah... my h340 hangs again after bootloader usb disconnect from this dell monitor.
10:28:21 Quit petur ("worrrk")
10:30:57 Join tucoz [0] (
10:31:45tucozLinusN, what do you think of changing the web-page menu to something like this?
10:32:33tucozWhere the bug reports link should point to a wikipage describing "How to report bugs"
10:33:06LinusNi like it, but not the black color :-)
10:33:21tucozRockbox orange perhaps ;)
10:33:21scorchetucoz: possibly tracker rather than flyspray also?
10:33:28LinusNi agree
10:33:50tucozMaybe that is better. I don't know
10:34:13JdGordonhelp! im getting a dadat abort on the nano, the funciton its crashing in a function which is just a loop which goes through the entire settings list, ive tried dumping debug info onto the lcd, but either the data abort error clears the screen, or crashes before it gets a chance to display anything.. is there any other way to try debugging?
10:34:38JdGordon... it doesnt crash in the sim which is the biggest problem
10:34:42LinusNJdGordon: are any of the setting entries on an odd address?
10:34:42 Quit solarflare (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:34:57JdGordonLinusN: i have no idea
10:35:05scorchewell, for people that are new, they at least have some chance at knowing what it is with "tracker"....same thing with knowing "browser", but not "lynx"
10:35:05LinusNi suggest you find out
10:35:14 Join solarflare [0] (
10:36:00JdGordonLinusN: how? the entire settings array isnt in the .map is it?
10:36:19LinusNJdGordon: make it logf the address of each entry
10:36:39JdGordonwill the logf dump when it crashes?
10:36:46 Join Mordov|work_ [0] (
10:36:47LinusNwhy must it crash?
10:37:00JdGordonbecause it crashes as soon as it startes...
10:37:06JdGordonsettings_reset is crashing
10:37:31LinusNi see
10:37:52LinusNwell, then check the code to see if there is a possible alignment problem
10:38:35JdGordonwould an alignment problem only affect the nano? (i dont know aboiut other ipods, but it works on hxxx and x5)
10:38:44LinusNit's an arm issue
10:39:06tucozLinusN, some dark blue shade perhaps instead of black?
10:39:12tucozor gray maybe
10:39:22LinusNor white with some fluff around it
10:39:39amiconnWrong alignment would also crash on archos
10:39:42LinusNlike "-= Documentation =-"
10:39:50LinusNamiconn: right
10:40:10amiconnBoth SH1 and ARM enforce alignment, only coldfire allows lazy coding
10:40:50JdGordonok, so what am i looking for?
10:41:07LinusNmisaligned addresses
10:41:29LinusNi.e a word on a byte boundary etc
10:41:42JdGordonno, i mean, i've never had to do anything like this, where do i start?
10:42:20LinusNlemme see the code
10:43:33amiconnJdGordon: Btw, what is the current saving?
10:43:39 Quit Mordov|hardlywo (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
10:44:02amiconnI am still puzzled about you saying that just re-adding proper settings strings increased size by about 7KB
10:44:18JdGordonamiconn: dunno... lemme check
10:44:20amiconnI check ed the size of read-only data in cvs settings.o
10:44:39tucozLinusN, something like this then?
10:44:46JdGordonLinusN: big paste @
10:44:46amiconnThe _whole_ rodata is only about 5KB; 2KB tables and 3KB strings
10:44:53tucozI think the fluff was not neccessary
10:45:52scorchetucoz: possibly a break before each heading?
10:46:08JdGordonLinusN: the crashh is in the switch statement, becuase commenting that out made it run fine
10:46:15tucozscorche, hmm, maybe. How do I do that?
10:46:28bluebrothertucoz, add a <br />
10:46:50tucozah. I tried to get padding-top and padding-bottom to work, but didn't
10:46:50bluebrotheror add a style='botton-margin:10px;'
10:47:05*amiconn would use css for that, given that most of the rockbox webpage layout uses css
10:47:08tucoz*it didn't work
10:47:28bluebrotheralso, how about making the headings italic? Would be nicer imo.
10:47:39tucozI use css for the menu items, but the padding doesn't work
10:47:42tucozI can try
10:47:51JdGordonLinusN: 1 line i forgot to paste.. #define get_pointer_to_gs(v) &((uint8_t *)&global_settings)[v]
10:48:09 Join damaki [0] (
10:48:23bluebrothergtg now. I can have a look on this later if you want.
10:48:56JdGordonamiconn: curently 2216b saving on fmrecorder
10:49:15tucozbluebrother, sure. got the italic to work btw.
10:49:28tucozbluebrother, do i add style to the css?
10:50:21JdGordonLinusN: sorry, you probaly need also (the settings_list struct decleration)
10:50:21 Join lee-qid [0] (
10:51:06 Join Mmmm [0] (
10:53:12tucozamiconn, how would i add a spacing on top of the menu item? margin-top doesn't seem to work
10:54:23 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
10:54:33 Join Rondom [0] (
10:55:03tucozOk. the updated suggestion is here.
10:55:29scorchetucoz: you dont have to give us the same link each time =)
10:55:32linuxstbtucoz: I think that's the best so far...
10:55:42tucozsorry scorche
10:55:49tucozdidn't think
10:56:07tucozI'll just leave it there in case someone wants to continue :)
10:56:19scorchei think it is too, but i think it could still benefit from a break
10:56:59scorcheactually, hold on...let me see how far down it goes in 800x600
10:57:18Mmmmamiconn: the trigger settings screen should work now. About that trigger indicator though...where should it go? below all the gain text or below the peakmeter and above the text or should it be where the peakmeter is now?
10:57:34 Join tucoz_ [0] (
10:57:43 Quit tucoz (Nick collision from services.)
10:58:03 Part tucoz_ ("Leaving")
10:58:09JdGordonLinusN: i figured out which setting is causeing the crash. its id3_v1_first, i dont see why tho
10:58:30 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
10:58:30LinusNis it perhaps the first bool entry?
10:58:54JdGordonno, its about 80 entries in...
10:59:31LinusNso there are many bool entries before that one?
10:59:43JdGordonOH... its a bool in settings.h but an int in settings_list.c... so that is proably why then
10:59:59JdGordonyes, plenty
11:00:28LinusNok, the type mismatch might be the problem then
11:01:18JdGordonis there a way to enable stricter type checking in the sim so it crashes there as well if this is the problem?
11:01:45JdGordon:) it works again
11:02:36 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:03:30preglowwe spam him!
11:08:05JdGordonhow the heck do u accept in the vkeyboard on the ipod?
11:10:24theli_uahold select
11:10:39JdGordonah, thanks
11:10:44JdGordoni wasnt hold for long enoyugh :p
11:10:53JdGordonbluebrother: vkeyboard isnt in the manual?
11:13:36amiconnMmmm: Not sure... probably where it was before the rework?
11:14:35Mmmmheh heh..yeah....but where was that? It's weird that it is putting it on top of the volume..The re-work shouldn't have moved it I dont think...
11:15:02markunamiconn: thanks for all your (and your sister's) Gigabeat fixes btw!
11:15:07Mmmmbut there it is...h*4 for the y ordinate, smack on top of the volume!
11:17:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:18:01amiconnMmmm: I dunno; I almost never record anyway, and the the triger, umm.....
11:18:02JdGordontucoz: ah ok, my bad... odd place to put it isnt it?
11:18:12JdGordoni was looking in advanced
11:18:17amiconnThe source should tell...
11:18:38daurntheli_ua: did you port a nes emu?
11:18:54theli_uadaurn, no i didn't work on any :)
11:19:04amiconnmarkun: Np.... seems like very few devs actually care about fixing the plugins for the various LCDs...
11:19:04tucozJdGordon, i would say it fits better in the file browser chapter, than in the advanced chapter
11:19:22amiconnAnd then my sister is interested in graphics, and also a bit of coding...
11:19:35theli_uadaurn, i even wasn't going to :/
11:20:12theli_uaamiconn, i care for various lcds :) ...
11:20:13Mmmmamiconn: hmm we need to find someone who uses the trigger... There was a message on the forum about the trigger a few days ago so that person must use it...I'll try posting and asking them.
11:20:57amiconntheli_ua: I know... I said very few, not none :)
11:21:14Mmmmamiconn: the source just says h*4 which is no help...looks like it has always been on top of the volume..which of course makes no sense
11:21:17amiconnThere's a lot more plugins to fix
11:21:51amiconnMmmm: Indeed not... perhaps the bug has been there even longer, and went unnoticed?
11:22:01Mmmmcould be...
11:22:06amiconnProbably since vbolume adjustment was added to the wrs?
11:22:27Mmmmthat would make sense...but that was ages ago!
11:23:14amiconnMr. Recording Trigger wasn't around for a long time...
11:23:24amiconn(aka kurzhaarrocker)
11:24:16Mmmmahh..well, I'll ask this chap on the forum and then if he doesn't know I'll put it underneath the gain settings
11:25:28Mmmmwill that fit on the recorder?
11:25:53amiconnIt should... the new status line reduced wrs clutter quite a bit
11:25:58JdGordonis 256kbit mp3 too high quality for the nano atm?
11:26:09amiconnBtw, I would like the quality indicator to use a capital Q
11:26:15amiconn(in the status bar)
11:26:33Mmmmreally? Ok...I thought it looked a bit too much like a 0
11:29:24amiconnThe lowercase q "hangs" out of the status bar
11:29:43Mmmmso does the upper case
11:29:52Mmmmthat's why it looks like a 0
11:29:56scorcheJdGordon: i dont believe so...
11:30:13*theli_ua is prepairing for his first commit...
11:41:33scorchetheli_ua: i wish you a high score =)
11:42:17theli_uascorche, on initiall commit of zxbox by linuxstb i scored 0 warn and 0 err .. :P
11:42:51scorchetheli_ua: might have a delayed reaction =P
11:44:14theli_ualet's see.....
11:54:25 Quit Mordov|work_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:56:50 Join ThreeM [0] (i=3e60f4e3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:56:57ThreeMhi there
11:58:02ThreeMcan anyone give me an answer about Batterylifetime? I have Used Rockbox month ago on my iPod 4gen, but i decide to drop it cause 4hours of playtime doesn´t make me happy.
11:58:18ThreeMso i want to know, is this better now?
11:58:25LinusNthe answer is that the battery life sucks and we don't yet know why
11:58:48ThreeMsry 4 my bad english, but i thik its understandable
11:58:57 Join Criamos [0] (
11:59:31ThreeMdamn :)
12:03:18ThreeMok thanks for the info, i will wait another 6 month than i have to come back and ask the same question :)
12:04:18ThreeMso good luck, and have a nice time
12:04:39ivan`you can always make a huge DC battery pack
12:05:00ivan`i think that's how a lot of us run rockbox
12:05:12ThreeMthis soulution doesent satisfeyd me i think...
12:06:47ThreeMi will happy with 6-8hours of playtime but actual i can only have about 4hours of playback with rockbox...but i wont tell you any news about it :)
12:10:05ThreeMi mean unter rockbox the ipod does more often access the hdd insted of the original firmware...but it can be placebo effect
12:11:55Mmmmamiconn: about the Q/q issue....I found a screenshot with the uppercase version:;topic=5882.0;attach=1070;image
12:12:06Mmmmsee what I mean? Do you still prefer the Q?
12:12:52LinusNperhaps it should be an icon instead?
12:16:00MmmmDavid-NYC: fancy making some more icons? :)
12:19:19 Quit ThreeM ("CGI:IRC")
12:33:02 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:35:53 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
12:39:24pixelmatucoz: around?
12:41:45pixelmaI experimented with the new_rockbox.html too :)
12:44:22linuxstbpixelma: Do you have a link?
12:44:55 Join MHen [0] (
12:47:23bluebrotherpixelma, tucoz: my experiments here: :)
12:47:54*Bagder likes
12:49:05aliaskAlso, the support section is above the tracker stuff, so when people are reading they'll get to that first.
12:49:26aliaskI like it :D
12:49:52MHenHi! Could I make a developer having a second look at my (essentially 4 line) patch that speeds up skipping on players with a decoder chip?
12:49:53tucozI think there is too much space in bluebrother's attempt
12:50:03tucozat least in my browser
12:50:19bluebrotherbut I agree it's a bit too wide spaced.
12:50:23aliaskPerhaps remove the break between the heading and subsection?
12:50:39tucozyes, that would look better
12:50:42aliaskAnd left align the heading?
12:50:57bluebrotherI like pixelma's attempt but the yellow background is a bit ... disturbing IMO.
12:51:18pixelmaok... I'll give it the bright blue in a few sec
12:51:51bluebrotherI was just about suggesting that :)
12:52:00Bagderyeps, and "Tracker" is better than flyspray (I noticed the change just now)
12:52:13 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
12:52:41tucozmuch better
12:52:57tucozone has to be careful with the rockbox orange colour
12:53:07bluebrothernice, but another idea: how about using a white font and making the bright blue only a thin line around the text?
12:54:59linuxstbAnyone know if it's easy to update the forums to use a new menu? Can anyone apart from Paul_The_Nerd do it?
12:55:44BagderI think Jeff and Paul_the_nerd are the ones that can do it
12:55:51tucozCould rockbox take over the forum hosting?
12:56:39BagderJeff registered and only asked to get to do the forum hosting when he gave us the domain
12:56:58linuxstbWould we want to? It only rarely has problems, and I would guess it takes a lot of bandwidth.
12:57:02tucozok. well, it works fine as it is i guess.
12:57:20Bagderas long as there's no major problems I think we're good this way
12:57:39Bagderwe'll always have to rely on single persons for particular services
12:57:42tucozwas just curious to why they was on an hosted elswhere
12:57:59tucoz-bad grammar
12:58:13tucozand spelling
12:58:28Bagderwe host on two servers too these days, as the download server is located elsewhere
12:58:47tucozI see
13:04:20 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
13:05:00 Quit MHen ("Trillian (")
13:08:35LinusNi can update the forums
13:10:15 Quit PaulJam (".")
13:10:59 Quit tucoz (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
13:11:45Mmmmlinuxstb: has your build server gone mad or is it me?
13:13:30bluebrother"read only filesystem" doesn't sound good ...
13:14:08bluebrotherBagder, the cvs page says "These are complete installation archives." Shouldn't there be an additional line saying something like "excluding the fonts, get them from the daily builds page"?
13:14:19amiconnBetter than 'write only filesystem' ;)
13:15:26*MarcoPolo hates the proxies
13:16:49 Join dj-fu [0] (
13:17:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:24:45 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:26:58*linuxstb apologises for a read-only /tmp and leaves to reboot
13:27:02 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
13:28:34 Join bbroke [0] (
13:49:14 Join senab [0] (
13:49:56JdGordonwhat are peoples feelings towards having a submenu under the main menu named "user menu" (or something) where the user can put their favorite menu items there?
13:49:58*MarcoPolo is setting up kde 4 environment on its new computer
13:51:16aliaskJdGordon: I like the idea - it might satisfy people against the whole rework for a while :)
13:51:45senabjust saw that libfaad has been optimized a bit, can it decode in realtime now?
13:52:06Mmmmsenab: it can on the h140
13:52:23*bluebrother agrees with aliask
13:52:48senabmmmm: only on coldfire then?
13:52:54*JdGordon didnt mention this is actually "impossible" with the current menus code, but will be very easy to add into my menu patch
13:53:04aliaskI assumed that.
13:53:05JdGordon... so checking if i should get it done?
13:53:35JdGordonalso, any objections to ? sounds like a bit of fun to code :p
13:53:39Mmmmsenab: I don't know, the commit relating to it also mentions the ipods i think. But I haven't tested as I don't have one
13:54:05senabahhh ok, i'm not on my home pc so i can't compile here
13:54:47bluebrothersenab, there was some discussion on irc yesterday. IIRC it improves the ipods also to the point of making the files playable
13:55:03senabi'll have a look at irc logs then
13:55:20 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
13:55:39 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
13:56:13senablooks like it's playing in realtime
13:56:16 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
13:57:03 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
13:57:56linuxstbsenab: Yes, the libfaad optimisations help the ipod/H10 a lot as well. I would be interested to know what bitrates can now play in realtime - I only have a single 128kbps AAC file.
13:58:00amiconnJdGordon: We already have resume *and* bookmarks. Do we really need yet another mechanism?
13:58:12amiconn(note that I do not fully understand the proposal)
13:58:21JdGordonno, but its a bit of fun...
13:58:36JdGordoni tihnk he sort of wanted a way to play the playlist backwards
13:58:41senablinuxstb: i'll test some files now
13:58:49 Join dj-fu [0] (
13:59:06JdGordonbuggerit.. ill so the user menu instead
14:00:50 Quit dj-fu (Client Quit)
14:01:04 Quit petur ("[X]")
14:03:12LinusNi don't understand the suggestion in fs1832
14:03:53LinusNJdGordon: you mean add user menu to your patch?
14:04:59LinusNi think that patch is big enough already
14:05:00JdGordoncan someone commit something so cvs builds again?
14:05:27MmmmLinusN: fs1832 What he is saying is, if you lose your place, then start the playlist at the end and work backwards so that you still hear all of the tracks. Rubbish IMO! :)
14:05:32senablinuxstb: what your 128kbps raw aac / mp4?
14:05:40 Join obo [0] (
14:05:44linuxstbmp4 - Rockbox doesn't support raw AAC.
14:05:59LinusNMmmm: like bluebrother would say: "useless"
14:06:14Mmmmyeah :D
14:06:15senabahh ok, haven't tried aac in rb before
14:06:43 Quit Febs_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
14:06:46bluebrothershould I add a comment "useless IMO"? ;-)
14:06:59linuxstbsenab: It also only works reliably with itunes-encoded files. But I think the mp4 parsing patch helps solve that problem - it's not in CVS, but may be in your builds.
14:07:10Mmmmbluebrother: do it! :D
14:07:17bluebrothersounds like my way of classifying requests gets kind of known to some people ...
14:07:19oboHi - could someone tell me if a couple of patches that add new features are ever likely to make it in, or if they are features that aren't wanted
14:07:29*bluebrother asks himself if this is good or bad.
14:07:33LinusNobo: sure
14:07:36linuxstbpiezo and headphone switch?
14:07:41obothe patches are to add audioscrobbler logging, and the headphone unplug
14:07:50LinusNi like headphone unplug
14:07:51daurnbluebrother: why does it matter if you think its useless?
14:08:08daurnits 1 minute of coding for a feature a few people would use
14:08:58oboLinusN: that one is FS 4899 - is that a sensible way of doing things?
14:09:04senabthe ipod autopause works beautifully
14:09:12senabnever had any problems with it
14:09:20linuxstbDoes it pause playback or stop it?
14:09:38oboit pauses - with an option to resume as well
14:09:55linuxstbDoes the idle timeout work when music is paused?
14:09:59obowill also rewind - someone wanted that for audiobooks
14:10:26 Join jonno [0] (
14:10:38bluebrotherdaurn, adding lots of features that would get used by <0.1% of the users is bloat imo.
14:10:40linuxstbIs the rewind specific to your headphone patch? I can imagine that being useful for people who stop and then resume audiobooks using the normal method.
14:10:46jonnogrr.... damn comp froze
14:10:48 Quit JdGordon (Nick collision from services.)
14:10:52 Nick jonno is now known as JdGordon (
14:10:54obolinuxstb: it's specific to the patch
14:11:21daurnbluebrother: i disagree
14:11:27LinusNobo: it's spelled "initialised" (or "initialized") :-)
14:11:40*amiconn wonders who actually pauses by unplugging the headphone
14:11:43daurnbluebrother: just hide them in a menu
14:11:49amiconnI don't unplug if I just want to pause
14:12:13oboamiconn: I find it useful if my ipod is burried in a pocket with hold on...
14:12:29JdGordonamiconn: isnt it used by when the headphones accidently get unplguged moer than using that to pause..?
14:12:39daurnamiconn: if the headphones fall out - you don't want the song to keep going while you plug it in again - you want it to be exactly where it left off
14:12:41LinusNamiconn: sometimes it's nice to have it pause if you accidentally unplug the phones
14:12:50daurnhaha - 3 responses
14:12:53amiconnaccidentally unplugged? How the heck should that happen??
14:12:57oboLinusN: ah, oops :)
14:12:58LinusNamiconn: does it matter
14:13:12amiconnI just think it's a weird feature
14:13:16oboamiconn: it's more likely with the default ipod phones - no right angle plug
14:13:20daurnamiconn: easily - happens all the time when i'm walking, and earphone cord snags on a tree branch
14:13:50daurnor i'm trying to get my phone out of my pocket, and i accidently pull the earphones out
14:14:04LinusNi think it's a nice feature with little impact
14:14:14linuxstbThe impact seems to be a new thread.
14:14:28obothe thread is only active if you turn the feature on
14:14:37amiconnA whole new thread?
14:14:38bluebrotherMmmm, commented :)
14:14:47amiconnI don't think that's necessary
14:14:54LinusNand new threads aren't that much of an impact with the new scheduler, is it?
14:14:54MmmmI love it! :D
14:15:12amiconnLinusN: No, but I still think it's unnecessary
14:15:23amiconnWhy can't it be handled as a button event?
14:15:29obothe earlier versions of the patch had the code burried in playback.c - that caused problems when it was rebuffering
14:15:30LinusNamiconn: we have a lot of "unnecessary" features
14:15:44LinusNah, you mean the thread
14:15:46amiconnI mean the thread. The feature itself is a different matter
14:15:50bluebrotherbtw, has someone (except me) discovered slow downs in the scrolling with the new scheduler?
14:16:15 Join CriamosAndy [0] (
14:16:18LinusNbluebrother: that's to be expected
14:16:20linuxstbbluebrother: Yes. What target do you use?
14:16:23daurni want to get a rockbox compatible device :S
14:16:30daurnwhat do you guys suggest?
14:16:41bluebrotherh120. The funny thing is, when backlight fading kicks in the scrolling gets faster
14:17:01linuxstbbacklight fading boosts the CPU IIRC.
14:17:03oboamiconn: I couldn't get unplugging to cause an event
14:17:04 Join webguest30 [0] (i=51b20e2f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:17:06daurneither flash, or 60gb +
14:17:52daurn(and fairly cheap in comparsion to others) - if possible
14:17:54aliaskbluebrother: The scheduler only boosts when it's really necessary (ie. for music playback) if I understand correctly. The UI (which scrolling is a part of) has a low-ish priority by the looks of it.
14:18:24aliaskSo when backlight fades the CPU has to be boosted, and thus the scrolling benefits as well.
14:18:25bluebrotherwhat do the numbers actually mean? High number == low priority? Or vice versa?
14:18:25linuxstbdaurn: The only supported flash devices are the Ondio and the old Nano. The only supported devices which come with a 60GB drive are ipods, but you can upgrade most devices to 60GB or more.
14:18:54daurnwhats the sansa?
14:18:59daurne200 - w/e
14:19:07bluebrotherthe sansa isn't supportet atm.
14:19:08linuxstbSorry, the X5 has a 60GB version I think...
14:19:09aliaskMax 8gb flash player - not supported yet.
14:19:34daurnshould i wait for ipod 5.5G?
14:19:40daurn(and grab an 80gb)
14:20:15webguest30a wierd question: how would i decide what to put in different files if i was to split /apps/plugins/jpeg.c into a subdir and files
14:20:30linuxstbThe 5.5G isn't supported yet, but it looks like it will be relatively easy to port - the only difference found so far is that the disk is formatted with a 2048-byte logical sector size.
14:20:55linuxstbThe existing 5G LCD driver works fine on the 5.5G.
14:21:21Mmmmbluebrother: you didn't use the word "useless" once! In fact, you used the word "useful" instead!
14:21:42bluebrotherhehe :)
14:22:14senablinuxstb: where can you see the cpu boost ratio in rb?
14:22:30linuxstbIn the audio thread debug screen.
14:22:48daurnlinuxstb: how long until the port is done?
14:22:53senaboh ye, i was looking in cpu frequency
14:23:30senabitunes - 128kbits vbr 75% boost
14:23:43daurnlinuxstb: have you read last reply to this thread?: this thread
14:23:59aliasklinuxstb: How did you test the LCD driver on the 5.5g?
14:24:19senab]itunes - 160kbits vbr 80% boost
14:24:29linuxstbdaurn: Yes. That answers your question about when the port will be done.
14:24:44theli_uasenab, what's wrong with that rockboy patches?
14:25:03daurnlinuxstb: it does?
14:25:08senabitunes - 192kbits vbr 85% boost
14:25:33linuxstbdaurn: Yes. Kalthare and DrMoreau are the only two people working on it, and they've posted their progress in that thread.
14:26:40 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
14:28:22Slasheribluebrother: hmm, how did you experience the scrolling slowdown with h120. What type of file did you had playing when the slowdown occurred?
14:28:50bluebrotherSlasheri, I believe it was an ogg file. Can check ...
14:29:48senabmy nero mp4's aren't working, and by the look of it it's because they have an IOD
14:29:53Slasheriplaese check the bitrate also
14:30:01 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
14:30:03senabwhereas iTunes don't contain one (which is wrong)
14:30:31 Join spiorf [0] (
14:30:45Slasheriand tell me how it's possible to reproduce the issue, because if backlight fading affects the directory scrolling speed, that sounds weird
14:31:39bluebrotherSlasheri, I can see it with ogg, ~150kbit but also with mp3, ~172 kbit (vbr)
14:32:06Slasherihmm, how does it exactly happen?
14:32:09 Quit Criamos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:32:14bluebrotherit seems not only to happen with the backlight. I change to the id3 screen and look at the path (as it's usually longer than the display width)
14:32:29bluebrotherthe scrolling sometimes is a bit "stuttering"
14:32:37Slasheriah.. so you mean line scrolling
14:32:57Slasherihow fast do you have configured it to scroll the text?
14:33:18bluebrotheryeah, I guess I was a bit imprecise with my wording
14:33:20Slasherithat is probably caused because scrolling thread have the lower system priority
14:33:36Slasheriyou could try changing the priority higher and see if that helps
14:33:50bluebrotherwhen backlight fading starts the scrolling gets smooth for that time.
14:34:09Slasheriyep, then it's just the priority issue and is very easily fixed
14:34:23bluebrotherspeed: 11, step size: 2
14:34:26Slasheribecause system threads have lower priority than the user interface
14:34:32senabwhere is the mp4 metaparser in the rockbox source?
14:34:37bluebrotherwithout music playing it works as before.
14:34:45Slasherisenab: apps/metadata.c
14:34:50bluebrotherhow can I change the priority? Is it hardcoded in the source?
14:35:02Slasheribluebrother: yep, you need to recompile
14:35:22senabi'll have a look later
14:35:31Slasherichange the priority from PRIORITY_SYSTEM to PRIORITY_USER_INTERFACE in the lcd-h100.c (IIRC)
14:36:49 Quit senab (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
14:38:39linuxstbsenab: There is also code in apps/codecs/libm4a/ which may need changing as well.
14:39:24linuxstbsenab: The code in get_metadata() is used for the initial parsing before the track is loaded into memory, and the code in libm4a is used by the AAC codec when playing the file.
14:40:07linuxstbsenab: Also, are you using Lear's mp4 metadata patch from the patch tracker?
14:40:56linuxstbsenab: If you are planning to make any changes to the mp4 parts of get_metadata(), I think it would be better to work from Lear's patch, rather than CVS.
14:42:12bluebrotherSlasheri, changed. Still stuttering.
14:42:57bluebrothernon that I mind too much (don't use a wps with scrolling lines) but when your wps scrolls it looks a bit ... strange.
14:44:57bluebrotherI fear some of those eye-candy obsessed user will report this as bug.
14:48:08Slasheribluebrother: did you change the both places?
14:48:13Slasherithe first one was for simulator only
14:48:19Slasherii have now committed a fix in cvs
14:48:32Slasheriyep, there are two create threads in the file
14:48:36bluebrotheroh. I think I missed the other then.
14:48:46Slasheriso you missed the real one ;)
14:49:13bluebrotherd'oh! Should have noted the #ifdef SIMULATOR myself. Indeed, misse the real one.
14:50:14amiconnSlasheri: You did not catch all lcd drivers...
14:50:30Slasheriamiconn: not all, but those are for archos only without scheduling..
14:51:24amiconnlcd-recorder.c is also used for iFP
14:51:35amiconn..and then there is lcd-remote-2bit-vi.c
14:51:36Slasheriah, ok.. i will fix them all :)
14:51:55bluebrotheraah, way better now :)
14:53:20Slasherigreat :)
14:56:01LinusNobo: what do you mean with "couldn't get unplugging to cause an event"?
14:56:49oboLinusN: - this was just a guess from me
14:57:43LinusNobo: why would you want an interrupt?
14:58:17LinusNwhat amiconn and i mean is that you could do the polling in the button interrupt
14:58:31LinusNthe same polling that you do in the thread
14:58:39oboLinusN: ah, okay
14:59:01LinusNand send SYS_PHONE_UNPLUGGED or SYS_PHONE_PLUGGED events to the button queue
14:59:31LinusNand then the default event handler could take care of them
14:59:40oboLinusN: okay, makes sense. I'll rework it tonight
15:00:03oboLinusN: thanks for looking at it anyway :)
15:00:13LinusNyou're welcome
15:04:22amiconnLinusN: Build server is in need of a m68k-elf-gcc upgrade..
15:05:14amiconnCheck the 12:45 build for H300
15:05:47amiconnm68k-elf-gcc 3.4.1, and it throws an error, 'insn doesn't satisfy its constraints'
15:06:02amiconn3.4.4 still has the bug, in 3.4.6 it's fixed
15:06:49LinusNok, so i need to upgrade to a plain 3.4.6?
15:10:07linuxstbIt's fixed in 3.4.5 as well - I noticed at least one build server still running that version.
15:14:42daurnaren't odd gcc releases
15:17:30*theli_ua wonders if it worth trying to port CPC emu which notes states that you need "a fast system" .... :/
15:17:49daurntheli_ua: NES
15:17:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:18:07theli_uadaurn, i;m not really interested in NES/GG/MS :)
15:18:16daurn(or - neogeo, but that needs horsepower)
15:18:28daurnfor neogeo, try porting "gngeo"
15:18:48theli_uaand not ... SNES/PSX/MSX/PS2/XBOX/XBOX360/GC/Neo-Geo/NeoGeo-Pocket :D
15:18:59daurntheli_ua: uh... why not...
15:19:12theli_uai'm sure our targets won't cope with gngeo
15:19:19daurnoh, you could try making a dreamcast emulator ;)
15:20:02theli_uadaurn, my only rockbox-capable device is iPod mini .... 4 colors 138x110 screen .. 5 buttons ...
15:20:03daurnhe won't get donations
15:20:22daurntheli_ua: nes..... - why don't you want nes?
15:20:25theli_uaScummVM can only be usable on Video iPod i think
15:20:43theli_uadaurn, i miss one more button on mini for nes :D
15:20:56markunand gigabeat of course :)
15:21:13theli_uamarkun, oh yes ... when port will be usable ;)
15:21:14aliaskmarkun: How's the gigabeat coming?
15:21:21linuxstbtheli_ua: When was statement "a fast system" written?
15:21:41daurntheli_ua: scroll right/left for right left? (keep hands at top of wheel)
15:21:50theli_ualinuxstb, arnold's author uses 2.4Ghz development system .... he states about fast system
15:21:51*LinusN wants Pinball Dreams on his ipod 5g
15:21:57 Join Damme [0] (
15:22:02daurni want PSX on my watch
15:22:35aliaskDid you know that the Nintendo DS only has a 67mhz ARM?
15:22:51linuxstbPlus what other chips?
15:23:11aliaskNot sure, but they got Scumm running realtime on most games on that chip alone.
15:23:37theli_ualinuxstb, other cpc emulators i found once again use Marat's Fayzullin z80 emulation...
15:24:19 Quit webguest30 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:24:38amiconnLinusN: Amiga emu?
15:24:48LinusNnah, the real thing
15:24:59linuxstbtheli_ua: Should be easy to replace by a GPL'd Z80 core though. What license is the rest of the code?
15:25:10theli_ualinuxstb, GPL
15:28:12 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
15:28:36 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:28:56markunaliask: When I've figured out how works (and some small changes to crt0.S) I can try to boot rockbox for the first time
15:29:00 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:29:16 Quit Damme_Sawtooth (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:29:25markunI don't expect it to work, but we'll see
15:29:25aliaskI'm really looking forward to the Gigabeat port for some reason
15:30:11 Join damaki [0] (
15:30:15 Quit TCK (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
15:31:03linuxstbmarkun: What CPU frequency are you running the gigabeat at during your tests?
15:31:12markun296 MHz :)
15:31:18linuxstbAnd that seems reliable?
15:31:37markunyes, it's the default frequency
15:31:49linuxstbNice. Any idea what the Toshiba firmware does?
15:32:52markunI think they leave it at that speed and have a instruction to disconnect the clock in the idle loop, until there is a interrupt
15:34:38markunlinuxstb: I would really like to commit the wolfson generalisation soon. Could you test it for me on your ipod(s?)
15:36:37LinusNspeaking of wolfson, do we have any indications at all that the 5-band hw eq is present on any ipod?
15:37:28markunLinusN: only on the ipod 5g I think
15:37:48LinusNi certainly don't have a 5-band hw eq on my 5g
15:38:38linuxstbSo the hardware EQ doesn't work at all for you?
15:38:42LinusNonly the shelving filters work
15:39:14LinusNso it's equal to a simple bass/treble setting
15:39:55linuxstbThat seems to be what everyone says... We don't have the exact datasheet for the WM8975 though - we're just guessing from whatever publically available datasheets are on Wolfson's website.
15:40:35linuxstbSorry, it's the WM8758 in the 5g...
15:41:18 Quit perplexity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:43:08LinusNit's funny that we have support for a 5-band hw eq that we don't even know if it exists
15:43:30linuxstbAdding support for it was the only way to know it doesn't exist...
15:44:00LinusNso what do we do now?
15:44:46markunremove it again and fix the bass and treble settings?
15:45:54LinusNgets my vote
15:46:24linuxstbIt could be worth reviewing more Wolfson datasheets to see if there are other codecs with HW EQs, but with different documentation. But if that fails, I agree we should just use it to implement normal bass/treble.
15:46:57amiconnDidn't someone contact wolfson?
15:46:59linuxstbBut it's possible Apple simple have a custom version without those filters.
15:47:22linuxstbI think so, but forget the outcome...
15:47:36linuxstbSomeone should search their local copy of the logs...
15:51:08markunLinusN: we are still trying to identify the LCD driver IC in the Gigabeat. From our logs:
15:51:13markun"2006.09.21:15:13:57 <[toffe]> there are 3 references :64a-r12 md220 and fh2185t or 65t"
15:51:30markundoes any of those numbers ring a bell?
15:52:49LinusNnot really
15:53:36markunThey people who made the LCD module ( are not really cooperating
15:53:47LinusNthey seldom are
15:53:59markunFirst they didn't want to give me the info because it was a custom LCD module for Toshiba
15:54:38markunWhen I asked about a very similar module they didn't want to tell me because I'm not a company
15:55:05 Join rretzbach [0] (
15:55:19 Join lowlight [0] (i=c730180a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:56:35markunI've now sent an email to the 'linux support desk' from toshiba. These guys also made toshiba give me their GPL stuff. They forwarded my request but told me not to be too optimistic.
15:57:04LinusNthat sucks
15:57:29lowlightLinusN, linuxstb: regarding the eq... @ 00.36.53
15:57:48nuidelynSend death threats until they reveal the details, or kidnap a high-profile employee. It's the only language hardware companies understand!
15:58:39nuidelynTeLL uS ABout THE eQ oR WE mAIl anOTHER fingER
15:59:06nuidelynit'd certainly get rockbox in the news :) hehe
15:59:34LinusN"Rockbox gives Wolfson the finger"
16:01:50 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
16:02:22 Part LinusN
16:04:15daurnlooks like "mall"
16:04:25daurnwas wondering wtf you were talking about
16:04:45daurn- the i saw it was "mail" :P
16:10:45 Join perplexity [0] (
16:12:06theli_uadaurn, do you know fast, plain C, GPL z80 emulator?
16:13:36theli_uadaurn, ?
16:17:41 Quit einhirn (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
16:18:14linuxstbtheli_ua: We have three in Rockbox already...
16:18:37theli_ualinuxstb, o yeah.. pacbox, rockboy , zxbox
16:18:51theli_uai wonder which is better :/
16:19:04linuxstbIt would be nice to find out, and then move it to the plugin lib.
16:19:12 Join einhirn [0] (
16:19:12 Quit einhirn (Client Quit)
16:19:52 Quit perplexity ("*rebooting*")
16:20:03daurnbtw, theli_ua
16:20:16*daurn points out how many buttons a zx80 has
16:21:14theli_uadaurn, many games support cotroling with kempston joystick ... which has only one button and directions
16:22:48amiconnThe gameboy cpu isn't plain z80
16:23:01 Quit obo ("KVIrc 3.2.2 Anomalies")
16:24:06 Join webguest16 [0] (i=51b20e2f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:24:11theli_uaamiconn, yes , it has a slightly different instruction set than a standard Z80, and integrated sound generation
16:25:01amiconnAnd there's excessive bank switching support...
16:25:16 Join naltrus [0] (i=5024e118@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:25:18 Quit bbroke ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
16:26:40markunanyone here with a iaudio x5 who wants to test aac playback?
16:28:00naltrusHi. there is intention to open a port for Philips hdd6320?
16:28:20theli_uaO_o .. just looked at rockboy's 'generic scaling' it's the same i use in zxbox .... hm ... wonder why then rockboy is not enabled for all targets .....
16:28:31markunnaltrus: not many hdd6320 users here probably
16:28:57markunnaltrus: is there a support forum where you can ask if someone wants to work on a port?
16:28:57linuxstbnaltrus: No-one with a hdd6320 has expressed any intent... Is that another PortalPlayer/mi4 device?
16:29:31markunlinuxstb: the key for mi4decrypt is not yet known..
16:29:35 Join eunus [0] (
16:29:51linuxstbSeems it uses the PP5022...
16:29:55Bagderit might be possible to do as linuxstb did
16:29:56 Part eunus
16:30:05Bagderto get the BL code from flash
16:30:41Bagderjust reading from the flash and dumping to a file
16:30:46Bagderassuming that ata works
16:30:47naltrushow i can get the BL from flash?
16:31:00naltrusthe device is only mtp access?
16:31:02markunAh yes, we can run unencrypted firmwares..
16:31:26Bagderyeah, most likely at least
16:32:27markunnaltrus: you can buy a case to connect your 1.8" hdd to USB
16:32:35linuxstbSome of the people on this thread look like they are interested in hacking the hdd6320:
16:34:00linuxstbnaltrus: There is no way to access the drive via UMS?
16:34:02markunnaltrus: you can start by creating a wiki page and put some photos of the PCB there to identify the other components
16:35:24markunlinuxstb: ah, and rockbox uses the UMS mode of the original firmware on the portalplayer targets, right?
16:36:41naltrusI need to open the device and extract the HD connect with case to access the drive via UMS?
16:37:26*Bagder doesn't see how scrolling can be as important as UI
16:37:57 Join webguest77 [0] (i=c0647cda@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:38:48markunnaltrus: If the firmware only supports MTP..
16:45:40 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
16:45:53 Join kclaf [0] (
16:49:13theli_ualinuxstb, it seems that zxbox optimizations did increase speed on coldfire targets :D... that strange ... because when jbgordon tested on h300 speed was the same ...
16:50:00theli_uaanyone with h300 here?
16:51:04 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
16:51:38linuxstbnaltrus: We're just guessing about UMS mode - what happens when you plug it into your computer? Can you access the disk via a drive letter?
16:56:23Davide-NYCAnyone want to do a super quick bugfix?
16:56:54naltruslinuxstb: I can't access via drive letter. I need to install a plug-in to access from explorer or use wmp10 to access via MTP. In explorer when plug Philips in my computer i can see Philips HDD63XX GoGear mounted like Windows Portable Device(WPD)
16:57:16 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
16:58:20 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:59:42 Quit theli_ua ("Leaving")
16:59:57 Quit webguest16 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:03:20naltruslinuxstb: when acces from explorer only can access to 2 dirs : "Data" and "Media".
17:03:49linuxstb"Data" probably gives you access to the hard drive itself. Is there a "System" directory in there?
17:04:01linuxstb... with a PP5022.MI4 or similar file?
17:04:16naltruslinuxstb: in the dir "Data" there a dir "_System" that is empty
17:06:54naltruslinuxstb: when i put a firmware ".ebn" or a font ".bin" in this dir "Data\_System". when the device restart install de firmware and in the next boot the dir is empty again?
17:07:18 Join pondlife [0] (
17:09:19linuxstbOK... Then it needs someone to be brave and attempt to install a test Rockbox build.
17:10:27 Join damaki [0] (
17:11:45naltruslinuxstb: what will can append to device with the test RockBox builds?
17:12:50 Quit webguest77 ("CGI:IRC")
17:12:52 Join Trunksi [0] (
17:12:53 Quit lowlight ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:16:58 Quit YouCeyE (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:17:32linuxstbnaltrus: I don't understand your question. The tests will just be to try and access different parts of the hardware - e.g. writing a file to disk, accessing the LCD, trying to read the button status.
17:17:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:20:24 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
17:28:26 Join mareviq [0] (
17:31:45 Join XavierGr [0] (
17:32:36 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
17:34:14 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
17:34:15 Join Seed [0] (i=ben@
17:36:18naltruslinuxstb: where i can find the test Rockbox build to install in my device?
17:38:11 Quit nave7693 ("Leaving.")
17:38:19linuxstbIn CVS - you'll need to download the source and compile it yourself.
17:39:26linuxstbBut there is no official "test build", but the "bootloader" build for the Tatung Elio TPJ-1022 is still in the testing stages. So that (or a slightly modified version of that) might run on your device.
17:47:27 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
17:49:15 Join SereR0kR [0] (
17:53:44 Join rl_ [0] (
17:55:40 Join Nibbier [0] (
17:56:42 Quit naltrus ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:09:24 Join barrywardell [0] (i=892b7bf0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:10:07 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
18:11:49 Join mray [0] (
18:12:26bluebrotheris there a way to show all tasks on FS that I'm watching?
18:12:52mrayhi dudes, i just installed the new rockbox on my iRiver H320 but i suddenly can't use my buttons anymore - it seems to be "frozen" and i can't restart. is that a known issue?
18:13:39mrayfeels a little bit weird to isntall a new OS and the first thing you do is: not be able to restart :P
18:13:54linuxstbSounds like it's crashed (which isn't common). Have you tried the reset button?
18:14:20linuxstbAnd then what happens?
18:14:22mrayat least i pressed the "stop" button for quite a while
18:15:04mrayi maanged to navigate to the directory of an album and suddenly no button shows any response on the tiny-font black-white view
18:16:13mrayi see the list of containing songs, and on the top there is my battery, a volume icon a play icon, an arrow icon , the time and a CD icon
18:16:41mraywait a moment.....
18:16:53pondlifeThe CD means it's accessing disc...
18:17:10mrayyou mean "reset" button like those tiny buttons where you have to use a pencil to use them??
18:17:30pondlifeYes, the small hole on the left side.under the mic
18:17:35*linuxstb is expecting a nice score when the latest CVS commit finishes...
18:17:50mraythanks i can try that without risk hm?
18:18:19pondlifeIt will power your player down, using hardware
18:18:27pondlifeThen you can hold play to power it up again.
18:18:39pondlifeMight be worth a CHKDSK (or whatever)
18:18:43 Join Rudy4Pez [0] (
18:20:12*linuxstb complains to Bagder that his build system didn't pick up the missing adx.c in the last commit :)
18:22:13pondlifeHmm, was that a test?
18:22:27linuxstbWas what a test?
18:22:47pondlifeMissing adx.c to see if the build system would pick it up? ;)
18:22:50 Quit SereR0kR ()
18:23:46linuxstbI don't know - RaeNye isn't around for us to ask... Guess I should email him - he probably won't notice otherwise...
18:24:16pondlifeOops, sorry - I thought it was your commit.
18:24:42 Join Reverie [0] (
18:24:47linuxstbNope. I noticed adx.c was missing and was expecting the build system to give a nice high score... But it just gave green.
18:25:33 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
18:30:11 Join Damme_Sawtooth [0] (
18:34:18 Join freqmod [0] (
18:36:55 Join webguest92 [0] (i=d4406110@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:37:53webguest92hi, the latest Bleeding edge appears to have some files in Rock directory missing
18:38:52linuxstbTry the next one...
18:39:05linuxstb(it's building now)
18:39:19webguest92ah, thank you
18:39:25 Part webguest92
18:39:56amiconnBagder: The build system colouring doesn't pick up severe errors...
18:40:15 Join senab [0] (
18:40:26 Quit aegray ("Lost terminal")
18:40:48 Quit senab (Client Quit)
18:41:26 Quit Trunksi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:41:36 Join Trunksi [0] (
18:41:37vertic420is there a "calender"-function plugin or something close to that?
18:43:38 Quit Reverie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:45:47 Join nls [0] (
18:47:47 Quit Damme (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:48:28 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
18:51:05 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
18:55:01 Join webguest02 [0] (i=d4406110@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:55:26webguest02stalled build
18:55:43webguest02bagder ^
18:56:54 Quit webguest02 (Client Quit)
18:59:20 Quit rl_ ("word")
19:00:36 Quit lini (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:02:05 Join lini [0] (i=pugsley@
19:04:44 Join BigBambi [0] (
19:05:01 Join shriphani [0] (n=shriphan@
19:05:28shriphaniguys has the ipod battery life improved ?
19:07:00nlsnot really
19:07:18shriphanii get just 8 s
19:07:22shriphani8 hrs ^
19:07:35nlson what kind of ipod
19:08:02shriphani5g 60 gb
19:08:12nls64 meg patch
19:08:29shriphaniwhat patch ?
19:08:56nlsto use all the ram
19:08:59shriphaniis that for the ipod ?
19:09:10shriphanicould you gimme the link please ?
19:09:31nlsit's in the tracker somwhere
19:09:59shriphanihmm do i go and search at the website ?
19:10:07 Join helpjukebox20 [0] (i=18fad615@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:10:57nlsclick patches
19:11:21helpjukebox20hi all: got a recorder 20 (not v2) with the annoying problem where the headphone jack has to be "just right" in order to get stereo sound...any idea on how to fix this? i have it disassembled now but not really sure what to look for
19:11:53helpjukebox20obviously im looking at the headphone jack but what about other boards/weld points
19:13:22shriphanii dont see it there
19:13:58 Join lightyear [0] (
19:14:42shriphanitheres only the ipod nano battery think there
19:16:25 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:16:39 Join senab [0] (
19:17:05senabi think i've found a way of making ALL MP4's playable
19:17:21senabbefore only iTunes encodes could be played back reliably
19:17:25shriphaniso i download that and put it in ?
19:17:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:18:08senabso far every Nero & FAAC MP4 now plays back
19:18:42senabafter you put in thru MP4Box with the command line "mp4box -no-iod -no-sys"
19:19:04shriphanilinuxstb, i see like a good 8 patches if i scroll down
19:19:15shriphaniwhat do i download and where do i put it ?
19:19:49nlsshriphani, use the latest one, apply it to a checkout of the source and compile.
19:20:22nlsor get an unofficial build that already has it (idk wich ones though)
19:20:43shriphanicompile using gcc ?
19:20:52bluebrotherarm-elf-gcc :)
19:21:04helpjukebox20anybody care to offer some advice/help?
19:21:07shriphanii suck bad at all this
19:21:13nlsperhaps senab's build then?
19:21:27shriphaniso i scroll down and get it ?
19:21:38senabwhat patch do you want?
19:21:45nlsscroll down what?
19:21:54nls64 meg
19:21:57shriphanithe 64 meg
19:22:01bluebrothershriphani, see the forums on "inofficial builds"
19:22:05shriphaniok i downloaded it">
19:23:01senabit contains a lot of other patches aswell, so have a look on the site
19:23:36shriphaniok thanks
19:25:17senabhelpjukebox20: what advice do you need?
19:25:40helpjukebox20got a recorder 20 (not v2) with the annoying problem where the headphone jack has to be "just right" in order to get stereo sound...any idea on how to fix this? i have it disassembled now but not really sure what to look for
19:26:31shriphanibtw how much will my uptime shoot up by ?
19:26:36 Join Arathis [0] (
19:27:22nlsshriphani, depends a lot on how much you interrupt playback
19:28:32shriphaniso senab i should delete the rockbox folder and unzip your's in ?
19:29:00nlsthe 64 meg patch uses the whole ram as a buffer so the disk doesn't need to spin as often but if you continually skip, load new playlists, and so on it will not have a big effect.
19:29:28senabthe 64mb patch will help, but not THAT much
19:29:28 Join rconan [0] (n=richard@
19:29:36 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
19:29:44senab@helpjukebox20: sorry, i've got no idea
19:29:59senabwhen that happened with my karma, i just replaced the headphone socket
19:30:19 Quit senab (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
19:30:22shriphani so senab i should delete the rockbox folder and unzip your's in ?
19:30:35 Join obo [0] (
19:36:54shriphaniuh oh
19:37:07shriphaniit says rockbox error -1 now
19:38:16nlsdid you extract the rockbox.ipod file to your ipod
19:38:29 Join netmasta10bt [0] (
19:39:12shriphaniok its working now
19:39:42 Quit helpjukebox20 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:39:53shriphanii need fonts now
19:41:58 Nick daurn is now known as daurn|afk (n=quae@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
19:42:07 Join JoeBorn [0] (
19:42:28shriphaniok thats done it
19:42:35shriphaninow for a good theme
19:44:08 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:44:41nlsSlasheri, here?
19:46:13 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
19:48:39Slasherinls: yep :)
19:48:54nlsthis was fixed?
19:49:52Slasherinls: yes, at least one bug in the metadata parser causing that was fixed
19:50:04Slasherii am not aware if there are other similar bugs as well
19:50:11nlsshould it be closed?
19:50:17Slasheriprobably :)
19:50:28nlsok :)
19:50:44Slasheriwould you like to close it?
19:51:06nlssure I love closing tasks ;-)
19:51:10Slasherinice ;D
19:52:27 Quit Nibbier (Remote closed the connection)
19:55:49 Join Nibbier [0] (
20:00:38 Quit XavierGr ()
20:00:54amiconnBagder: ping...
20:01:49Bagderhere, for a short while
20:02:29nlsbuild hang
20:04:35 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
20:05:57*freqmod posts speex patch (soon) that compiles without warnings with GCC 4.0.3 on ipod
20:07:20 Nick _jhMikeS_ is now known as jhMikeS (
20:07:37freqmodposted in tracker
20:08:30*jhMikeS is wondering why monitoring (DAC) would drop out on the tlv320 at 88.2 kHz but recording still works.
20:09:57*linuxstb notices a wavpack (lossless only) patch submitted to ffmpeg
20:10:51*amiconn notices jhMikeS around
20:10:58jhMikeSI wonder if I shouldn't at some point make sure files are created in CD frame sized chunks
20:11:12*jhMikeS has been very busy
20:11:43preglowfreqmod: why did uwb mode get slower?
20:12:04 Quit mirak (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:12:48jhMikeSamiconn: did I miss something important over the last couple days?
20:13:57linuxstbIt seems a recent commit broke S/PDIF recording at 48KHz...
20:14:34amiconnjhMikeS: (1) Recording encoder patch broke s/pdif recording for anything but 44100Hz
20:14:52jhMikeSamiconn: which patch?
20:14:57amiconn(2) There might be a problem with the 'disk full' detection during recording
20:15:14petursee log of this morning (around 10:00) - I discussed a solution with Linus
20:15:15freqmoddon't know
20:15:36freqmodupdated to latest svn
20:15:42peturjhMikeS: the encoder framework broke it
20:15:55*petur runs off again - back in 15min
20:15:57jhMikeShuh...not like the encoders understand anything other than 44100 right now
20:16:30linuxstbThe WAV codec should...
20:16:31amiconn(3) Now there is a 'recording screen' item in the radio context menu on hwcodec targets as well, which (a) shouldn't be there and (b) if called, freezes th eunit
20:16:47jhMikeSlinuxstb: it doesn't atm
20:17:12jhMikeSAre these new problems because I haven't committed anything at all
20:19:08peturin pcm_record the WAV header used to be written with the correct sample-rate, the new code always assumes 44100
20:19:32peturWAV would be a quick hack but mp3 and wv are not that easy
20:19:58peturpossible solution is to do pre-recording only in the WAV buffer and only start the encoder at recording start
20:20:31*amiconn isn't sure whether problems (2) and (3) are caused by some encoding framework related change, or by Mmmm's recording screen actions
20:20:50*petur points to todays irc log, 10:00
20:21:00jhMikeSpetur: 10:00 log time?
20:21:07*petur really needs to run off now ;)
20:21:08jhMikeSthe 24th?
20:21:52jhMikeSpetur: *today* is rather relative around here :)
20:22:17amiconn'today' as seen by the website
20:22:36jhMikeSThe sample rate problem will be solved for all format shortly...I've got some kinks to work out
20:22:47 Join mirak [0] (
20:22:51amiconnpetur: The problem with prerecording to the pcm buffer only is that the encoder needs to catch up when starting the actual recording
20:23:20miraklinuxstb: I am not sure I will pursue ffmpeg implementation.
20:23:24 Quit netmasta10bt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:23:26mirak<mirak> The problem with libmpeg2 is that the macro blocks buffers are directly part of the destination image. So if we want to use small buffer some code need to be changed.
20:23:45jhMikeSI'm just mad that something seems wrong with monitoring 88.2kHz on the tlv320...unless I have a bum chip
20:23:58linuxstbmirak: Why are you not sure about ffmpeg?
20:24:16 Join matsl [0] (
20:24:20miraklinuxstb: pfff, a bit to hard to do I guess
20:25:02miraklinuxstb: because I also need to integrate it to mpegplayer
20:25:03 Join Reverie [0] (
20:26:20 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
20:26:30jhMikeSDoes changing the IIS config clock rate actually reclock the uda1380 to a new rate (ADC/DAC)? The tlv320 obeys it's own MCLK input always regardless of the BCLK frequency.
20:27:10miraklinuxstb: there are still many dependencies etcetera. It uses library for each specific aspects of mpeg and more generally signal treatment. Well even if I do some each day, it will take some long time ...
20:27:24 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
20:28:13linuxstbYes, that was my observation. Which is why I was surprised when you said the other day that you had done it...
20:28:51linuxstbBut it seems you're making very good progress with libmpeg2 on Coldfire anyway.
20:29:11miraklinuxstb: well I lied ;). Well, it appeared less complex than the last time I tried, in december I guess, but I have less spare time now.
20:29:40 Join SereR0kR [0] (
20:30:30mirakI tried to incorporate directly to rockbox, but I think I should try to extract it and compile it just in C. I should do that first
20:30:58*jhMikeS only sees enter/leave messages for today around 10:00
20:31:10jhMikeSquit/join whatever
20:31:15miraklinuxstb: I gained some more fps by skipping line with zeros coefs, using the same routine they use in the C code.
20:32:10linuxstbjhMikeS: From 09.49.48 onwards in this file:
20:33:09mirakI am not sure also what is the max translation possible for macroblocks vectors.
20:33:21jhMikeSlinxstb: that...I'm wasn't looking at the *current* log *doh*!...I'm think "24th" :P
20:33:34linuxstbThat's what "today" means :)
20:34:23*jhMikeS is laughing at his denseness :)
20:35:00linuxstbmirak: You could try finding a copy of iso 13181-2 - googling for "13818-2" will help...
20:35:23linuxstbSorry, I mean ISO 13818-2
20:36:11freqmodpreglow:it seems like vq_arm4 is not included
20:38:08miraklinuxstb: thanks
20:38:48miraklinuxstb: do you know a bit mpeg 2 ?
20:38:52jhMikeSis this prerecording talk re: radio in particular? Prerecording should work in all formats.'
20:39:34freqmodnow vq_arm requires that shortcuts is defined, but when you remove that requirement uwb works. (when shortcuts is defined the sound is awful)
20:41:17jhMikeSor just how to get spdif right? calling audio_init_recording options alone starts prerecording and the sample rate should be measure at that point. If you need a new sample rate all of a sudden just reinitialize recording if it changed
20:42:42 Quit Trunksi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:42:44 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
20:42:47 Join hardeep [0] (
20:43:21mirakThe final stage of decoding is to add the prediction samples to the prediction error corrections from the inverse DCT unit and write the reconstructed samples into the frame store memory.
20:43:59mirakactually we need a buffer for this, before storing the frame
20:44:19linuxstbmirak: I'm familiar with the MPEG-2 system-layers (mainly transport streams, as used in DVB broadcasting), but nothing lower than that.
20:44:41linuxstbSo I can't help you with your work.
20:45:46mirak220*176=38720 maybe that would fit in iram for a plane buffer ...
20:45:54jhMikeSIt would be fairly easy to add a message to have the encoder re init itself with new inputs and start over.
20:46:14jhMikeSTo prevent a reload from disk of course...
20:46:48mirakseems there is a way to reduce a lot the 16k array for quantizer matrix, they told me on mplayer channel. it would cost a multiply in plus tough.
20:47:30 Join KN|stiff [0] (
20:48:27barrywardellis anyone working on moving the ipod into the target tree?
20:48:42barrywardellI couldn't find any bug reports on it.
20:49:44nlsthere's a patch for the 4g
20:50:35barrywardellah yes, found it now
20:50:46linuxstbbarrywardell: Apart from that patch, I don't think anyone has done any work on it.
20:51:07barrywardelli might give it a try. it's basically what I had to do when making the H10 port anyway
20:52:23 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
20:52:45 Join Davide-NYC [0] ( I on my own again? :) A lot of stuff will be easier as there's a way to give the encoder instructions when it picks up a chunk.
20:53:58peturjhMikeS: the problem is that the user may/will connect spdif while being in the recording screen, so the only valid point to measure samplerate is at recording start.
20:54:40peturwhich would remove pre-recording if you re-init at that point
20:55:18peturthis all is just a problem with spdif of course
20:56:29jhMikeSpetur: I don't think it's the *only* valid way...prerecorded data will be valid if spdif is already connected.
20:56:36 Quit barrywardell ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:57:14peturyes... there will only be data if spdif is connected (iiuc)
20:57:26jhMikeSIf spdif switches all of a sudden that can be dealt with and a file split inserted.
20:57:43peturthat's something else
20:58:03peturwe're talking basic (pre-)recording here
20:58:31jhMikeSyes...I just want to get the basic thing working really well...the rest is relatively simple
20:58:44peturif you re-init the codec, all encoded data is dropped, right?
20:59:13jhMikeSpetur: yes...but if you're not connected then no real data is lost anyway :\
20:59:44 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
20:59:47peturthe problem starts when, during pre-recording, the user attaches and connects spdif
20:59:50jhMikeSI wish I had an H120 to see what it measures with no connection
21:00:06peturI don't think there's a way to see if something is connected?
21:00:08 Quit Damme_Sawtooth ("in /dev/null no one can hear you scream")
21:00:16peturotherwise you could init on that event
21:00:21jhMikeSpetur: what sr measurement do you get?
21:00:27*petur doesn't have an h1x0 either
21:00:28jhMikeSwith no connection that is?
21:00:58peturI'm just bringing problems of fellow tapers up here ;)
21:01:06jhMikeSWill the DMA buffer even receive samples at all if the V bit is not set?
21:01:24peturpreglow, amiconn?
21:02:21jhMikeSIf DMA isn't receiving data, then the encoder will be idle anyway periodically check if at least one chunk encoder chunk's worth is ready.
21:02:55jhMikeS*one encoder chunk's worth :)
21:02:56peturyes, but the problem remains when to measure samplerate and init the codec
21:03:27jhMikeSpetur: can do that anytime with a little mod
21:03:53jhMikeScan recheck when recording starts
21:04:22peturrechecking is an option, yes
21:04:24*jhMikeS is wondering why f wouldn't be zero with no connection
21:06:10jhMikeSIf we could detect a valid connection then a little screen saying to connect a device would better which can be cancelled or goes away when you plug it.
21:06:36peturjust an indication that no signal is detected would be ok
21:07:26jhMikeSpetur: where to put that? What does the OF do?
21:07:35jhMikeSCan it tell?
21:07:35peturno idea
21:07:49peturbut something on the status bar maybe?
21:08:38jhMikeSpetur: man....that so cramped already!
21:08:41*petur repeats: no h1x0
21:09:06*jhMikeS knows...:)
21:09:18peturmaybe where the peakmeters are ;)
21:09:29jhMikeSWell...instead of showing sample "NC" or something
21:09:37peturalso ok
21:09:48peturfirst you must be able to detect of course
21:10:33jhMikeSWhere's amiconn go? He could check what the mcf5249 measures with no connection. *hello?*
21:10:35Paul_The_NerdI'm sure it's possible to detect if there's a valid optical connection
21:10:52 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
21:10:52peturwell, first implement the measuring at record start and re-init encoder on different samplerate
21:11:08bluebrotherjhMikeS, mcf5249 is h100, isn't it?
21:11:20nlsit is
21:11:29jhMikeSall other mcf5250?
21:11:35bluebrotherI can look the rate up in the debug menu if that helps.
21:11:43jhMikeSpretty much the same anyway
21:11:44amiconnNo, only the X5 uses MCF5250
21:11:53*bluebrother has an h120 but no spdif devices
21:12:11jhMikeSI'd like to know what it measures with nc
21:12:53bluebrotherok, it jumps between two values: 65951 and 88127
21:12:59linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: I don't know if you've seen any of the proposed new menu layouts for, but would it be straightforward to change the menu html in the forums?
21:13:30jhMikeSbluebrother: hmmm....
21:13:30bluebrotherin the "measured freq" line
21:13:46bluebrotheralso, it shows Channel: 0 (Unspecified)
21:14:03bluebrotherif that helps.
21:14:27jhMikeSbluebrother: that might
21:14:28bluebrotherbut after looking at the screen for some time I haven't seen any other than the mentioned two values.
21:14:32Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I didn't even know there was discussion regarding a new menu for, but changing the forum to match a new site layout should be fairly straightforward now unless they do something crazy.
21:14:53jhMikeSI have to see where it gets the Channel: thing from.
21:15:16 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
21:15:21linuxstbSee here for example: (there are a few other variations floating around)
21:16:03linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: It's been discussed a little in IRC over the last couple of days.
21:16:07Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Oh, that should be cake. At the moment the Forums use *mostly* copy and pasted code from, including the table setup that the main site uses, so assuming that's all inside a table cell again, I should be able to just copy and paste what's there.
21:16:15Paul_The_NerdAh, yes, and I've not been around. Had a big weekend.
21:16:24Paul_The_NerdAnd end of the week. And stuff.
21:16:34bluebrotherjhMikeS, screendump of the spdif analyzer screen here:
21:16:37crashdshould set it up for css tbh ;)
21:16:46linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: I just wanted to check you had full access to all the html templates etc.
21:17:10Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Indeed I do. Updating the forums with changes at that scale should be pretty much trivial unless I do something stupid.
21:17:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:21:01jhMikeSI'd like to see that on a functioning connection
21:22:03 Join Moos [0] (i=51400b8c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:22:37 Quit SereR0kR ()
21:24:06Davide-NYCpetur: Now that I understand how the recording directory menu works I have an objection to present. Do you think the "Current Directory" is useful? I find it really bad in that I will end up with files scattered all over.
21:24:42 Join Riblet [0] (n=ribs@
21:24:44Davide-NYCIt would be better to just be able to change the recording directory and display the currently set directory on a line
21:24:50peturI don't know the history of that option - to be fair, I misunderstood it completely too ;)
21:25:03Paul_The_NerdChanging what directory you're currently in is probably a lot faster than typing in a folder.
21:25:22peturthe problem is storing the path in the settings: soze limits
21:25:23jhMikeSDavide-NYC: I wish you could just browse for the directory. I'd like it the same as OF always.
21:25:26Davide-NYCFrom what I understand though, it changes all the time
21:25:49jhMikeSDavide-NYC: Or type it in once and always use that folder
21:25:53linuxstbpetur: That shouldn't be a problem if/when jdgordon's settings rework is committed.
21:26:11petursaving to cfg?
21:26:12Paul_The_NerdIt'd be nice if, when you clicked on "Current Directory" it saved that, and didn't dynamically update it to any new current directories.
21:26:15Davide-NYCI mean if your current directory was set because you just finished listening to an album, your board meeting audio is going to end up with your led zepellin
21:26:20linuxstbpetur: Yes.
21:26:20*petur hasn't been following
21:26:38peturDavide-NYC: good choice ;)
21:26:55Davide-NYCyeah but bad situation!
21:27:59Davide-NYCcheck this out for a better implementation:
21:28:20Davide-NYCreally really simple and not (what is in my opinion) totally crazy
21:31:59Davide-NYCpetur: Can you fix this to at least be in line with the way you thought it was supposed to work? I.E. Current Directory sticks and does not follow your file browsing?
21:33:03peturwell I don't know the history of that option and for storing the path I think it's better to wait until the new settings system is committed
21:34:17petuririver 340 original firmware doesn't even give you any choice
21:34:40linuxstbBTW, how does the quality of iriver's mp3 encoder compare with Rockbox's?
21:35:27peturno idea, I barely used mp3 recording in OF and have not yet in rockbox
21:35:37Paul_The_NerdI think theirs has been reported to be better than the MP3 encoder plugin in the past, but that was prior to some changes being made to it, though I don't know how much they improved it
21:35:53Paul_The_NerdOr rather "we" improved it, they was a generic referring to whoever updated ours.
21:36:07linuxstbYes, good things are always "we" :)
21:36:50peturnot "me" ?
21:37:07Davide-NYCbad thing are always "someone"
21:37:18jhMikeSdid the radio keys on the x5 get fixed? they were all dead after the keymap update
21:37:20peturno "someone else"
21:37:36scorcheif you look at the irc stats, forehead and himself get quite a bit of a beating
21:37:44goffa_there's always "they"
21:38:04*petur slaps scorche with something else ;)
21:38:13*jhMikeS 's favorite: "somone botched-up xxx"
21:39:19Davide-NYCso in the mean time if I want to modify the default recording directory, what files to I search through?
21:39:22jhMikeSWhat's a good price for a used H140? I think I need it for serious SPDIF development
21:39:27 Join fireboxFU [0] (
21:39:37Davide-NYCjhMikeS: they go for around 100
21:39:40fireboxFUi am up to setup rockbox on my ipod
21:39:51Paul_The_NerdDavide-NYC: They tend to go for closer to $150-$200 don't they?
21:39:53peturDavide-NYC: apps/recorder/recording.c I think
21:39:58goffa_jhMikeS: under $200
21:40:03goffa_like around $190
21:40:04fireboxFUbut i cannot find out which firmware and which generation i have... can u help me?
21:40:07linuxstbfireboxFU: Is it a new aluminium Nano, or the old plastic one?
21:40:07jhMikeSDavide-NYC: Check ebay and two were doing about 149 or something
21:40:09 Quit Ribs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:40:10Davide-NYCjhMikeS: dont get the H140, get the H120,
21:40:27fireboxFUaluminium down and upside plastic
21:40:27MoosjhMikesS: x5 remote keymap had changed since RaeNye last commit
21:40:48goffa_Davide-NYC: i heard you couldn't put a massive hd in the 120
21:41:00fireboxFUlinuxstb is the 2nd generation?
21:41:04Davide-NYCyeah, but 30GB if you do mostly recording is plenty
21:41:16jhMikeSThe keymap for radio didn't work at all a few days ago
21:41:18jhMikeSon x5
21:41:32jhMikeSwill check it again soon
21:41:37 Join webguest88 [0] (i=c3ec4b1b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:41:43goffa_true.. i guess i like the extra storage :)
21:41:51linuxstbfireboxFU: Does it look like this?
21:42:01MoosjhMikesS: mmm commited things IIRC
21:42:14jhMikeSSo...H140 has crappy case but H120 better case/less storage?
21:42:38 Join Mmmm [0] (
21:42:44 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
21:42:52fireboxFUlinuxstb, no never seen those :) it is white and below metallic and upside white crystal
21:43:20jhMikeSDavide-NYC: that's why I should pick H120 over 140? ^^
21:43:25MoosjhMikesS: did you notice than the audio mute isn't working yet for TLV, I thought you fixed this but not yet apparently
21:43:28linuxstbThen it sounds like the old (1st generation) Nano - so Rockbox should be fine.
21:44:13Davide-NYCjhMikeS: H120 is less money, smaller chassis (feels better in the hand) and otherwise identical to the H140
21:44:16fireboxFUand how i find out which firmware i have?
21:44:23fireboxFUit is used i got it today
21:44:30Moosoops, red build for X5 :(
21:45:00jhMikeSMoos: I might have noticed it in passing but the vol should just be set to zero for mute and that's all.
21:45:14 Quit mareviq ("nie wszystko dioda co sie swieci...")
21:45:58*amiconn is back
21:46:06jhMikeSMoos: There's no real mute function on tlv. Is there a mute function now in RB?
21:46:11amiconnjhMikeS: What do you want to know about s/pdif reception?
21:46:22MoosjhMikesS: how? there is always audio vol even at 0
21:46:23jhMikeSamiconn: how to detect it's presence
21:46:33amiconnIirc the dma receives data, but if it's not valid, the data is dropped
21:46:48jhMikeSMoos: Seting volume to -73 should mute it.
21:46:54amiconnCurrently we use the V (validity) flag to detect a proper signal,
21:47:05amiconnbut not all sources set the V bit correctly
21:47:23fireboxFUi have a 1st gen ipod nano, but how do i know if i have firmware 1.2 or any other?
21:47:23MoosjhMikesS: let's test it...
21:47:30amiconn(e.g. the archos). I had it working without the V bit, with a really tiny change
21:47:31jhMikeSamiconn: so we need a better way than that...would DMA even pick up samples with NC?
21:47:42Paul_The_NerdjhMikeS: Shouldn't -73 be -73, rather than "nothing"?
21:47:57 Join TonyJolley [0] (i=3fa98405@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:48:07jhMikeSMoos: Why would the volume go silent when setting it to the min if it didn't work?
21:48:24jhMikeSPaul_The_Nerd: Anything less than the min is still muted
21:48:25 Join tucoz [0] (i=543059e9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:48:27Paul_The_NerdfireboxFU: Does your iPod Nano have the Nike features?
21:48:50TonyJolleyHello all. I need permission to add a modified wps to the wps gallery wiki page
21:48:57tucozlinuxstb: check the link now
21:49:05*jhMikeS really hopes he can get 88.2 monitor working on tlv320
21:49:07Davide-NYCpetur: I did not find the lines of code defining the default recording directory. Anyone happen to know where they are? I want to change the default recording directory.
21:49:07tucozmaybe that is overkill
21:49:09fireboxFUplease help me: i have a 1st gen ipod nano, but how do i know if i have firmware 1.2 or any other?
21:49:22MoosjhMikesS: sound never muted even at -73
21:49:33jhMikeSamiconn: how is the actual internal sample rate of the uda1380 set?
21:49:48amiconnUmm, I dunno
21:49:58Paul_The_NerdfireboxFU: I already asked you a question about it. It would look better if you read responses to you, rather than simply repeating your question.
21:49:59jhMikeSMoos: I turn the volume to zero when listening to anything and it's silent.
21:50:25amiconnI can confirm that mute doesn't work on X5
21:50:26 Quit tucoz (Client Quit)
21:50:41pixelmaMmmm: thanks for fixing the OndioFM radio screen :) but I think I still found a missing keymap: if you get the "Disk is full" splash you aren't able to "continue with pressing 'off' "... (nor pressing something else)
21:50:52 Join tucoz_ [0] (i=543059e9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:50:55Moosdepending on your headphone I assume, here I can listenning to music yet
21:50:56scorchetucoz_: not sure what others think of it, but i would rather have "home" gone considering you can just click on the banner right above it
21:51:01Moosyes amiconn
21:51:03amiconnjhMikeS: Why are you asking about the uda, btw? I thought you were interested in s/pdif behaviour?
21:51:24jhMikeSamiconn: Setting the IIS rate doesn't change the frequency that the tlv320 works at internally and I wonder if the same goes for uda.
21:51:30jhMikeSamiconn: all of the above :)
21:51:49Moosamiconn: have you got X5 now?
21:51:55Mmmmpixelma: you mean you get a freeze and can't do anything?
21:52:00*amiconn wonders whether he will ever be able to get back to his own coding :/
21:52:11amiconnMoos: Yes, quite a while ago
21:52:17jhMikeSIf I had a device myself (I'm thinking about buying one) I'd have my q's answered quickly as they are on x5
21:52:19Mooswee !!! :)
21:52:31fireboxFUplease help me: i have a 1st gen ipod nano, but how do i know if i have firmware 1.2 or any other? :(((
21:52:39jhMikeSThe H120 uses uda and has SPDIF so that would square it all off
21:52:43linuxstbtucoz_: I think I prefered the previous one..
21:52:58pixelmaMmmm: yes the splash appears and you can't get out - tried with a build of 21st September and there it works
21:53:00Paul_The_NerdfireboxFU: Why should we bother to help you if you ignore responses to you anyway?
21:53:02*Moos preferes his X5 than his h140 for his daily using
21:53:10tucoz_scorche: yes I can remove that one
21:53:15tucoz_linuxstb: me too
21:53:39Mmmmpixelma: ok...thanks for reporting, I'll take a look and see what I can do...
21:53:47TonyJolleyCan anyone here give me "change" permission to the iAudio X5/iRiver H10 20 GB wps gallery?
21:53:53jhMikeSamiconn: I won't bug you then...go code...I'll dig into the uda datasheet and hope the samplrate setting works. :)
21:53:56scorchetucoz_: i still think a simple brake before each category would be simplest and best looking
21:54:03linuxstbTonyJolley: Yes, I'll do it....
21:54:13fireboxFUPaul_The_Nerd ? you responded?
21:54:19fireboxFUlets see
21:54:22scorchefireboxFU: a couple of times...
21:54:34amiconnjhMikeS: I'm just looking at pcm_record.c and trying to remember the little bit I was into it back then...
21:54:47linuxstbTonyJolley: You should be OK now.
21:54:49fireboxFUwhats a nike feature?
21:55:32Moosis the x5 build is really broken? or bug script?
21:55:33Paul_The_NerdfireboxFU: It's the feature that allows you to use it with the Nike accessory. I believe there's an option relating to it in the menus
21:55:34jhMikeSEven though audio_set_sample_rate sent data at 11/22/44 the tlv was always running at 44100 but now I fixed that :)
21:55:41amiconnLooks like the UDA is clock master...
21:55:56jhMikeSyes...they both are currently for recording
21:56:09jhMikeStlv must remain that way
21:56:57Paul_The_NerdfireboxFU: Go into Settings->Main Menu and see if there is an option under that for Nike+iPod. It should be right after Extras and Clock
21:57:19fireboxFUok wait
21:57:42Paul_The_NerdI've always wondered why people say "wait" when you're typing to them. As if somehow the words will vanish if you're going too fast. :)
21:58:15Mmmmpixelma: ok, I see the problem...Give it a go in 10 minutes or so :)
21:58:32pixelmanice :)
21:59:41jhMikeSI haven't actally committed a change to pcm_playback.c yet though...maybe I should 'cause it works and doom sounds better too
21:59:42tucoz_scorche, linuxstb: check now. I increased the top margin
21:59:45fireboxFUPaul_The_Nerd there is no option in main menu called "Nike+iPod"
21:59:54amiconn doesn't show where SYSCLK is connected
22:00:07fireboxFUPaul_The_Nerd there comes stopclock
22:00:15scorchetucoz_: a bit more imo
22:00:23 Nick Riblet is now known as Ribs (n=ribs@
22:01:13Paul_The_NerdfireboxFU: That's what's immediately after Clock? Then your version is older than 1.2
22:01:36fireboxFUokay, thats good for rockbox not? then i can skip one step in the installation of bootloader
22:01:57amiconnjhMikeS: SYSCLK is used to clock the UDA in the iriver (but I'm not sure from which source). The ratio is fixed, SYSCLK == 256 * fs
22:02:14scorchetucoz_: good...only thing left to say is that "more..." looks odd
22:02:25Paul_The_NerdfireboxFU: It really doesn't matter for Rockbox. Yes, you skip that one part of that step, but all it affects is whether the retail firmware will work properly. Rockbox really doesn't care.
22:02:29tucoz_scorche: I also tried to right align. That looked ...strange
22:02:42scorchei can imagine
22:02:56scorchetry "...more" just for the heck of it
22:03:07fireboxFUokay, i spit on the retail firmware :) lol
22:03:12amiconn256* 44100Hz == 11289600Hz - the base clock of the system...
22:03:29fireboxFUPaul_The_Nerd, tyvm and sorry if i spammed a little bit
22:03:39tucoz_scorche: done
22:04:22scorchetucoz_: maybe change it to "index"?
22:04:29linuxstb"...more" is just weird...
22:04:57tucoz_yes. index is probably better
22:04:58pixelmathat was my attempt:
22:04:59amiconnjhMikeS: Hmm, from teh datasheet it looks like the ratio can be switched: 256/384/512/68 * fs
22:05:01tucoz_maybe doc.index?
22:05:12amiconnBut 384 and 768 won't give useful sample frequencies
22:05:26scorchetucoz_: i was thinking something like that, but that is too cryptic
22:05:43amiconnAnd forget about recording at 88.2kHz on iriver (analog) - the UDA ADC is specced for 8...55kHz
22:05:46jhMikeSamiconn: so you'll have 44100 and 22050
22:06:04 Join netmasta10bt [0] (
22:06:09jhMikeSI'll set the cap flags for each player accordingly
22:06:34tucoz_scorche: index _looks_ better. but is it?
22:06:40amiconnIf I knew where the SYSCLK signal comes from...
22:07:05jhMikeSamiconn: if it's anything like the x5 it's right from the xtal oscillator
22:07:14amiconnS/PDIF is good for all sample rates, 8 to 96kHz
22:07:17jhMikeSIt's call MCLK on tlv
22:07:25amiconnI even tested that
22:07:28scorchetucoz_: up to others...that is what i came up with...much better than more
22:07:30jhMikeSamiconn: spdif will pick from master list
22:07:34amiconnHmm, MCLK can be selected...
22:07:56jhMikeSMCLK...MCLK/2...that's how I get 22050
22:08:11tucoz_I think it is. If is after all a subcategory under documentation
22:08:17Davide-NYCquestion: what is a good #ifdef to specifiy just iriver H1x0 targets?
22:08:21jhMikeSAready have x5 working for that...even 88.2 but no monitoring (goes dead)
22:08:26scorcheand it is an and manual links
22:08:56tucoz_the brave souls will click that link and be enlightend
22:08:58*jhMikeS wonder's what gives on the tlv with 88.2 *pounding fist*
22:09:21scorcheor skip it and go stright to forums where we tell them to go there
22:09:35tucoz_yeah, aka the shortcut
22:09:53amiconnjhMikeS: Hmm, MCLK1 and MCLK2 can be set to FXTAL, FXTAL/2, FXTAL/3 and FXTAL/4
22:10:17*amiconn summons LinusN
22:10:22tucoz_I like pixelma's suggestion as well
22:10:31scorchewhat was his?
22:11:05 Quit TonyJolley ("CGI:IRC")
22:11:07scorcheheh...we dont get many of those 'round here ;)
22:11:15pixelmaheh :)
22:11:54tucoz_but maybe it should be white in stead of black text?
22:11:56Paul_The_Nerdtucoz_: I'd change more to simply "Documentation Index" since that's what it is.
22:12:10Paul_The_NerdBut that'd be two lines. =/
22:12:12tucoz_But that is such a long word
22:12:26scorchePaul_The_Nerd: and it is already under the documentation category
22:12:31Davide-NYCthat's nicew and clear
22:12:35Davide-NYCI like
22:12:40Paul_The_Nerdscorche: Does it even need to be there?
22:12:56Paul_The_NerdIf you click the Wiki link you see "Documentation Index" on the page it brings you to.
22:13:18tucoz_I often click that link from the menu
22:13:41Davide-NYCCan I edit a feature request on the tracker?
22:13:44scorchePaul_The_Nerd: i guess it doesnt have to be, but it is a link that is used a lot..people will be confused and that is another click and hunting to introduce
22:13:49Paul_The_Nerd"online docs"?
22:13:50Davide-NYCI can;t figure out how to do this.
22:14:03scorcheworse imo
22:14:16*jhMikeS is taking some notes
22:14:21tucoz_It's hard to fit Documentation under Documentation
22:14:31Paul_The_NerdJust "index"?
22:14:33linuxstbDavide-NYC: What do you want to change? It probably needs more rights than you've got...
22:14:42scorchepixelma: mind getting rid of "home" on your version?
22:14:47scorchePaul_The_Nerd: that is what i suggested
22:15:02Davide-NYCrather than adding more feature requests I want to change
22:15:23Paul_The_Nerdscorche: I think index works for me.
22:15:30Davide-NYCTo be titled: User selectable (static) recoding directory.
22:15:31tucoz_and anyone else
22:15:47 Join Terinjokes [0] (
22:16:00Paul_The_Nerdscorche: I assume by removing home you just mean the word, and not the link that includes the picture?
22:16:04scorcheindex seems to be the way to go indeed
22:16:07scorchePaul_The_Nerd: yes
22:16:22Terinjokeshey, i'm on the ipod nano and my bootloader keeps breaking, this is the second time this week
22:16:27scorcheand most websites have the banner linking to home, so it isnt unintuitive
22:16:36linuxstbWe need to be careful it's still accessible for screenreaders - i.e. have the proper alt/title text for the image.
22:16:41amiconnjhMikeS: Which MCLK does the X5 use?
22:16:53jhMikeSamiconn: MCLK? I don't see an MCLK on the uda diagram and there's only one for the tlv - XTI/MCLK
22:17:05Paul_The_NerdTerinjokes: "breaking" doesn't give us much description on what's happening.
22:17:15amiconnThe 5249 has 2 MCLK outputs, MCLK1 and MCLK2
22:17:22tucoz_linuxstb: looks like the alt for the image is Rockbox Logo
22:17:40Paul_The_NerdThat can be changed to " homepage" or something.
22:17:45amiconnThey are drawn as NC on the cpu schematics part, but it just means the schematics aren't complete...
22:17:57Terinjokesit boots and works, then later in the day, when i got to listen to music, i get a sad ipod
22:18:10 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
22:18:14*amiconn summons LinusN again
22:18:32*petur tells amiconn that LinusN isn't here
22:18:36scorchewell, i am off to play racquetball...if there is anything else, just reference my name and i will check back =)
22:18:56pixelmascorche: try again
22:19:01Paul_The_NerdTerinjokes: And this is without doing anything with it? Do you hook it up to a computer during that time or anything?
22:19:09jhMikeSamiconn: good question then...I imagine the oscillator is hook up to the MCLK(1 or 2) and MCLK together...playback wouldn't work without dropping duping samples then using the mcf as the master since the clocks aren't synchronous on the tlb
22:19:34scorchepixelma: images broken?
22:19:46tucoz_pixelma:I think i like your version better. I give up :)
22:19:47amiconnMCLKn are outputs of the coldfire...
22:19:49 Join webguest04 [0] (i=47ff9014@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:19:52linuxstbTerinjokes: Sounds like a possible hardware fault. Have you tried restoring and just using the Apple firmware for a few days to see if you get a similar issue? You should test the Apple firmware by doing a reset (i.e. MENU+SELECT) quite often.
22:20:07Paul_The_Nerdpixelma: Is there any reason the words are mostly lowercase other than the fact that the original has them so? I at least think it might look better capitalized.
22:20:21pixelmascorche: not for me...
22:20:30Paul_The_Nerdpixelma: 'tis broken for me as well
22:20:36Terinjokesi reinstalled apple everything friday, and yesterday it broke again
22:21:05scorchePaul_The_Nerd: you could see it as a sentence too with the first word (category) capitalized and others not...valid way of organizing
22:21:08jhMikeSamiconn: said "outputs" not "inputs" I'm curious...maybe other rates are workable then instead of using the divider in the tlv
22:21:10Terinjokesbut, i guess i can go a few days without rockbox (plus i get cover art....)
22:21:18pixelmaPaul_The_Nerd: no - I just took linuxstb's proposal...
22:21:21Paul_The_Nerdscorche: That's a long sentence full of nouns.
22:21:53tucoz_pixelma: your directory new_rockbox-Dateien/ is missing
22:21:54*jhMikeS goes to mcf datasheet
22:21:57tucoz_or i can not access it
22:22:01scorchepixelma: i like yours a bit better as well
22:22:06scorchebut i really need to get going...
22:22:11amiconnjhMikeS: MCLKn can be set to output FXTAL, FXTAL/2, FXTAL/3 and FXTAL/4 as I said earlier
22:22:11tucoz_have fun
22:22:21amiconnThe oscillator is part of the MCF
22:22:30Paul_The_NerdThe only reason I comment on capitalization is "Index", "CVS builds" and "IRC", ignoring Index since it was just added, those latter two seem out of place.
22:22:57jhMikeSamiconn: then what's the 11.2896 Mhz oscillator for then on the x5?
22:23:03amiconn...and if the UDA/TLV is clocked from MCLK, it should be possible to record at 44100, 22050 and 11025 Hz
22:23:16amiconnjhMikeS: Ehum, for the coldfire?
22:23:41jhMikeSamiconn: for the audio only or the whole thing?
22:23:42amiconnOkay, that wasn't precise enough...
22:23:44 Part tucoz_
22:23:47amiconnFor the whole thing
22:24:16amiconnThe CPU clock is derived from the 11289600Hz base clock via the PLL
22:24:25jhMikeSamiconn: makes sense
22:24:41*amiconn fiddled quite a bit with the PLL
22:25:17*petur walks off for a while
22:25:19jhMikeSIf I want to know which MCLK it uses I'll just fiddle with the one or the other till I get an effect
22:25:28amiconnTheoretically, we should be able to record at 14700Hz as well - doesn't sound like it would be useful though
22:26:14pixelmaPaul_The_Nerd: fixed
22:26:15jhMikeSamiconn: just thinking that myself :)
22:26:49pixelmaPaul_The_Nerd: of course I could capitalise it, too
22:26:52jhMikeScan do 5512.5 as well ;P
22:27:33Paul_The_Nerdpixelma: It doesn't make a huge difference to me. I'm quite aware aesthetic tastes differ anyway.
22:27:34 Part Terinjokes
22:28:18amiconnjhMikeS: Yeah, and 7350 ;P
22:31:02 Quit webguest04 ("CGI:IRC")
22:31:04 Join webguest04 [0] (i=47ff9014@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:31:05 Quit webguest04 (Remote closed the connection)
22:32:15pixelmaPaul_The_Nerd: tried it...
22:33:21 Quit Reverie (Remote closed the connection)
22:33:46 Join Trunksi [0] (
22:36:46 Quit rretzbach (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:37:10Paul_The_Nerdpixelma: I honestly don't know which I prefer now. Heh.
22:37:22Paul_The_NerdEither way, though, yours looks rather nice.
22:37:31 Join Reverie [0] (
22:38:47pixelmahehe.. thanks
22:40:02pixelmaPaul_The_Nerd: I wanted to send you a PM in the forums but it might be quicker here...
22:41:09 Quit barrywardell ()
22:41:34MmmmDavide-NYC: Are you about?
22:41:58Davide-NYCI am
22:42:12Davide-NYCHow can I help the effort
22:42:21Mmmmhow are your icon making skills feeling at the moment?
22:42:34Davide-NYCum crap as usual
22:42:41Davide-NYCbut I'm game
22:42:43Davide-NYCwhat do you need
22:42:43Mmmmnah..they're great
22:42:52 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
22:43:25Mmmmwell, amicon doesn't like the lowercase q, I don't like the uppercase Q so I thougt aybe we could try out some icons instead
22:43:43Davide-NYCfor the archos targets/
22:43:51Mmmmin fact Linus thought
22:44:13Davide-NYCNo prob, IIRC I already had something cookin
22:44:23Mmmmthat's what I like to hear :D
22:45:24Davide-NYCwhere do you want my wretched attempts to be uploaded to?
22:45:50 Join bagawk_ [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
22:53:21 Quit Mmmm ()
22:54:00 Quit Trunksi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:54:05 Join Trunksi [0] (
22:55:17bluebrothersomeone with a player around who can give a clue on FS #6060?
22:55:18 Join MHen [0] (
22:56:05bluebrotherto me it seems the pitch keys have been forgotten in the player keymap but I can't check ...
22:56:25BagderRecorder, not player...
22:56:32 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:56:49fireboxFUagain em: a noob questioN: how can i turn off my ipod nano with rockbox?
22:56:53bluebrotherah, right.
22:57:16Paul_The_NerdfireboxFU: Hold Play/Pause
22:57:21Bagderbluebrother: but I haven't run rockbox on my recorder for months so I'm not the one to tell
22:57:48fireboxFUPaul_The_Nerd, thanks so much
22:57:52fireboxFUruns very nice
22:58:21Paul_The_NerdWe're all fond of it.
22:58:30bluebrotherhmm, seems like I was looking in the wrong keymap file.
22:58:35fireboxFUrockblox is the best :) haha and snake !!!
22:58:46bluebrotherbut then I don't understand why it doesn't work.
22:59:34linuxstbBagder: Do you know if it's intentional that I can't move/delete attachments in the wiki? I tried to delete the ipod bootloaders and the other files from IpodInstallation, but get "access denied".
22:59:49BagderI don't know
23:00:03BagderZagor and Linus have done most of the wiki fiddling
23:00:45linuxstbOK. I'll try to catch one of them.
23:02:09MHenHi! Was it a deliberate decision to store the bookmark file for a directory outside that directory? I would like the bookmark file for /dir1/1.mp3 and /dir1/2.mp3 to reside in the directory /dir1/ (maybe called /dir1/.bmark). That makes copying things around much easier than having the file calles /dir1.bmark
23:02:32 Quit rconan (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:02:39 Nick bagawk_ is now known as bagawk (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
23:03:26 Join Nik1 [0] (
23:04:05Nik1hi to everybody out there
23:04:44bluebrotherMHen, create a playlist in the same directory and play that. Then bookmarks get stored along with the playlist (as <playlistname>.bmark)
23:04:46 Quit Reverie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:03Nik1I've got a problem with the installation on a ipod nano
23:05:08Nik1which is:
23:05:28Nik1i'm running ubuntu linux and wan't to compile the firmware
23:06:39Nik1but i get errors about almost every function in the ipod_fw.c file
23:06:54bluebrotherNik1, can you paste them into a bin?
23:06:54Nik1I tried gcc 3.4 an gcc 4.0
23:06:55Nik1same result
23:07:01linuxstbHave you installed the "build-essentials" package? (I think that's the name)
23:07:18Nik1I usually compile my kernel and so
23:07:48linuxstbAs bluebrother said, can you paste the errors to somewhere like ?
23:08:23 Quit nls (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
23:09:20Nik1I'm pasting atm ;)
23:09:28MHenbluebrother: Yes, I could do that. But creating a playlist with just all songs in the same order is a bit of a weird workaround. I would like to change the default behaviour. But before I submit a bug, I wanted to know if someone needs this feature as it is at the moment. Maybe to do is the way it is was a deliberate decision.
23:10:10 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:10:14bluebrotherMHen, if you want to add this do it as a feature request ;-)
23:10:15Nik1sorry it's german, as my os is
23:11:00bluebrotherNik1, what's the compiler call?
23:11:11bluebrotherMHen, afaik you can't change that behaviour.
23:11:39Nik1the command I issue?
23:11:43linuxstbMHen: Firstly, ".bmark" won't be visible unless users have enabled "show all files". The problem is then to choose a filename to use.
23:11:47MHenbluebrother: I meant "submit a patch", not "bug", sorry
23:11:55bluebrothernp :)
23:12:20bluebrotherbut when moving / copying folders you can catch those bookmark files using wildcards easily.
23:12:30Nik1gcc -o ipod_fw ipod_fw.c
23:12:36Nik1did you mean that?
23:12:48Nik1(I suppose not ...)
23:13:14bluebrotheryes, I meant that.
23:13:31bluebrothergcc is complaining in the first line about ipod_fw not found. This shouldn't happen.
23:13:39linuxstbNik1: Yes, I think he meant that. Are you sure you included the "-o" ? The first error message is "gcc: ipod_fw: No such file or directory" which would happen if you typed "gcc ipod_fw ipod_fw.c"
23:14:04linuxstbBut the rest of the error messages mean that you don't have all the standard .h files.
23:14:13bluebrotheryou can even try simply "gcc ipod_fw.c" (the output will then get called "a.out")
23:15:13MHenlinuxstb: Yes, I know. If I could choose, I'd prefer not showing bookmark files in the file browser, only having them accessible through the bookmarks menu. But I see that mixing playlist.bmark and directory/.bmark would make things inconsistent.
23:15:49Nik1mmmh, I try this
23:16:13bluebrotherbut as linuxstb said, you are also missing some header files.
23:16:22Nik1I now get basicly the same error
23:16:44linuxstbDo you have the file /usr/include/stdio.h ?
23:16:52Nik1i'll check
23:17:47bluebrotheron my system that's part of glibc-headers (but I'm not on ubuntu, so I guess it's called different on your system)
23:17:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:18:18linuxstbIt's libc6-dev in Debian - so maybe the same in Ubuntu.
23:18:45Nik1mmmh, wait a second
23:18:57MHenbluebrother: copying /dir1/* and /dir1.bmark with regexp would of course be possible, but nothing can compare to drag&drop of a whole directory
23:19:12 Quit bilbravo (Remote closed the connection)
23:19:51Nik1last week I didn't take so much care issuing a couple of commands (as root) and I fear I messed the /usr directory up "a bit"
23:20:13Nik1break your linux (tm)
23:20:14bluebrotherNik1, you can compile with "LANG=C gcc -o ipod_fw ipod_fw.c", this will make messages appear in english
23:20:30Nik1ok thanks
23:21:08Nik1ok thanks for help guys
23:21:47Nik1i copied the files of the "include" at the rigth directory and now it works again
23:22:36Nik1have a nice evening/day/night wherever u are
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23:29:48 Quit mirak (Connection timed out)
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23:35:20 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
23:36:32 Quit Ribs (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:37:27 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:38:20 Quit chendo__ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:38:30mirak_amiconn: hey, are you there ?
23:41:00 Quit midgey34 ()
23:45:19 Nick mirak_ is now known as mirak (
23:46:34 Join aegray [0] (n=aegray@
23:47:29 Quit Brock ("You know you'll miss me :P")
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23:56:34amiconnmirak: yes
23:58:37mirakI read in coldfire manual that there was a 2 cycle stall for move when you do stores. Do you know this ?

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