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#rockbox log for 2006-09-27

00:01:49 Join tucoz [0] (i=543059e9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
00:02:58tucozJust noticed that a lot of the .fmr files found on <a target="_blank" href="">> have that unicode marker in the beginning. Will the fmr parser handle this?
00:03:34tucozSorry for not rtfc
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00:04:36bluebrothertucoz, from what I can see from the code no.
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00:04:47pixelmabluebrother: it does
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00:05:08bluebrotherok, then I missed something ;-)
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00:05:15tucozIt can handle them?
00:05:45pixelmaI changed most of the files because I had some umlauts in my fmr
00:05:58tucozah. ok
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00:06:09pixelmaand then rockbox could display them :)
00:06:19tucozAll good then
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00:06:49tucozI wasn´t sure if it was you or Cassandra who fixed that section.
00:07:32bluebrotherstill, I can't find anything that skips a bom in the fmr files.
00:08:18tucozbom was the name of that byte sequence
00:09:20bluebrotherI'm trying in the sim ...
00:10:12 Part Paul_The_Nerd
00:10:18pixelmaI don't now how but if you try the berlin.fmr - I could use the umlaut for the turkish radio station for example
00:11:06pixelma*know even
00:11:16bluebrothernope, doesn't work.
00:11:30pixelmait's utf-8
00:11:32bluebrotherthe first line gets ignored.
00:11:49bluebrotherpixelma, it works fine as long as the file is utf8 without a BOM.
00:12:12tucozthis means that there is a lot to do with the fmr files
00:12:43tucozand that few people use them, as i have never heard anyone complain about this
00:13:00pixelmaI still think it wworks with the downloaded files
00:13:15pixelmashould try though too
00:13:18tucozBut in the berlin.fmr, Star Fm is probably skipped
00:13:26tucozbut the rest is working
00:13:38tucozas the first frequency read is invalid
00:13:51tucozbecause it includes the bom
00:16:21 Join thegeek_ [0] (
00:16:30bluebrotherthe fmr parser should skip a bom if present.
00:17:04tucozthat is probably the best solution
00:18:21pixelmadid you use a downloaded file?
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00:20:36vertic23has somebody got a X5V here?
00:21:27bluebrotherI added a bom manually to a fmr file
00:22:27vertic23I have some trouble with transfer speeds via USB there something wrong?
00:22:34vertic232-6 mb/s maximum
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00:26:49markunvertic23: what do you get with the original firmware then?
00:27:42vertic23never tried
00:28:12vertic23but I guess not much faster
00:28:17tucozhow can you say you are having trouble then?
00:28:29amiconnThe transfer speed on X5 (and all targets which have a dedicated USB-ATA bridge) cannot depend on the firmware used.
00:28:38vertic23because I think that 6 mb/s is quite slow
00:28:44amiconnIf USB works, the disk is completely out of CPU control
00:29:05vertic23good to hear
00:29:11vertic23what speeds do you get?
00:29:57tucozI never measured. But maybe 6MB/s or so
00:30:31vertic23and those HDDs are capable of which speeds?
00:31:14tucozThat is when transferring music to my iriver h120
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00:31:52tucozThat was just an estimate. I think an album of 60-80MB would take around 5-8 seconds to transfer
00:32:24tucozbut I might be wrong
00:32:51bluebrother<a target="_blank" href="">>
00:32:54*tucoz considers his help to be quite bad at the moment
00:33:02bluebrotherfor the fmr issue.
00:33:10pixelmathanks :)
00:33:44bluebrotherdoes somebody want to look into it?
00:40:02bluebrotherI should really get some sleep now. Bye.
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02:20:12webguest08hi i have a 60 gig ipod rockbox wont work anyone else able to do it succsessfully
02:21:36 Quit webguest08 (Client Quit)
02:22:34scorchei was about to tell him that no one else has been able to do it successfully someone once said...rockbox is a hoax =(
02:24:14jhMikeSbr is a hoax? Why didn't anyone say so?
02:24:53jhMikeSOh "someone once said", but I was sleeping I guess ;)
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02:44:31*jhMikeS thinks standing on two legs is hard
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02:44:53zejhMikeS: especially if they're wiggling
02:45:01zeand trying to kick you off
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03:15:40 Join FruitwOOt [0] (
03:15:48FruitwOOtHi !
03:16:25FruitwOOtis it possible to see the Generation of your ipod from dmesg output ? (Linux) for example I've got Rev: 1.62 ...
03:16:39FruitwOOtis that mean my ipod mini is first generation ?
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03:19:06FruitwOOtmaybe it is the firmware version
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03:27:02Joelyhey, does anyone have a...beat up iriver H10? i kinda need one to work on making a driver for collecting information and testing for a to-be coded filesharing program. of course, i'd be willing to pay for's just i need one that's not as expensive.
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03:49:14 Join secleinteer [0] (
03:49:19Drkepiloguei got a big problem
03:49:25Drkepiloguei was trying to turn on myipod
03:49:36Drkepilogue and it gave me a sad face ipod icon thing
03:49:43Drkepilogueit turned itself off
03:49:49Drkepilogueand i decided to listen to the back
03:49:55Drkepilogueturns out the HD is clicking
03:50:00Drkepiloguedoes this mean the HD id dead?
03:57:30 Nick daurn|afk is now known as daurn (n=quae@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
03:58:01 Join bgmrk [0] (
03:58:04bgmrkyo yo
03:58:13bgmrki gots a question
03:58:31bgmrkhow likley is it that rockbox will come on the latest 30 GB zen?
04:00:23Drkepiloguenot very likly
04:00:27Drkepiloguemost people are happy with the GUI and stuff
04:00:37Drkepilogueand theres no dev thats willing to work on it
04:00:40Drkepilogueand crack it
04:02:51Joelywait wait....
04:02:56Joelyfrom wikipedia...:
04:03:00JoelyMost work on the TMS320 processors is done using Texas Instruments proprietary toolchain. However, lately a department at the Chemnitz University of Technology has announced that they developed preliminary support for the TMS320C6x series in the GNU Compiler Collection.
04:03:30Joelyso you might get it if you stick around and help
04:04:12Drkepiloguebut you must remeber
04:04:21Drkepiloguepeople code RB as free will
04:04:39Drkepilogueso even if it si possible, are the dev willing to work on it?
04:05:51Joelyif i trick my friend into letting me borrow his zen.....hehe
04:07:17 Quit FruitwOOt (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
04:14:04midkaySlasheri: wake up!
04:17:06 Nick daurn is now known as daurnimator (n=quae@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
04:18:15 Part tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
04:18:58pagefaultbestbuy sells like no rockbox compatible players
04:19:04pagefaultit's so upsetting
04:19:23pagefaultI have extended warraty on my iriver if it ever breaks I will be screwed
04:19:34pagefaultI guess I will have to demand an ipod nano or something
04:22:02 Part Joely
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04:42:38 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
04:44:13 Join coolego1 [0] (
04:44:49coolego1well, I got rockbox on my ipod 5G, but now I can't make it boot back to the original apple firmware by turning it off and holding menu while it boots...
04:45:39coolego1oh, nevermind, 15th time's the charm I guess
04:48:15 Join hippie23 [0] (
04:48:38hippie23any1 around?
04:50:04hippie23guess not
04:50:19 Part hippie23 ("Leaving")
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06:31:13 Join webguest53 [0] (i=44e92636@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:31:33webguest53with the new keymappings, does Rockboy work on Ondio now?
06:33:02 Quit webguest53 (Client Quit)
06:42:34newbyx86im gay
06:42:50newbyx86err wow.
06:42:53newbyx86Ok /amsg gets the entire tab list.
06:44:39 Join pabs_ [0] (
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07:32:14 Join rock66m [0] (i=5483ff53@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:34:59 Join chendo_ [0] (
07:36:54rock66mgood morning
07:37:31 Quit chendo (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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07:41:24rock66mim sitting in school
07:41:26rock66m0. hour
07:41:48rock66mand ive got a problem with my rockbox :(
07:44:20 Join chendo [0] (
07:44:51 Join soultwister [0] (
07:44:56rock66mmy rockbox crashes when im running the tagcache initialization
07:44:59rock66mat about 80%
07:45:08rock66mwith an error and a adress number
07:45:12Slasherirock66m: that is probably caused by a bad file
07:45:19soultwisteranyone know how to increase font size
07:45:29Slasheriyou need to find that file and send it to us or debug with simulator
07:45:46 Join nave7693 [0] (
07:45:52rock66mhow can i find it?
07:46:06rock66mtry&error? :/
07:46:07Slasherirock66m: you can remove half of the files to see if the problem is gone
07:46:18 Part nave7693
07:46:20Slasheriand then restore half of that to narrow down the problem set
07:46:26Slasherior do you have an iriver?
07:46:31Slasheriwith remote
07:46:36soultwistermy fonts are super small
07:46:44rock66miriver h320
07:46:54Slasheriok, so you don't have an lcd remote..
07:46:59rock66mno :(
07:46:59Slasherithen there isn't much choice
07:47:05rock66mbut i want one :)
07:47:20rock66mcan i get one somewhere
07:47:32 Quit chendo_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:47:33Slasherior there is.. i can provide you a logf enabled build
07:47:46Slasherithen start tagcache initialization and go to the logf debug menu
07:48:07rock66mi remember, he writes down the analyzed files right?
07:48:10Slasheriwhen it crashes, you can see how far it went, but remember that it's not realtime
07:48:19soultwisteranyone here know how to make the fonts bigger
07:48:20Slasheriyep, it prints the file names
07:48:43rock66mu need a specific bigger font
07:48:51rock66mthen u can select it from the menu
07:49:13soultwisterwhere do i get these font and where do u put them
07:49:31soultwisterfonts sorry
07:49:32Slasherirock66m: compiling a build for you now.. should be ready soon
07:49:42rock66mwell no
07:49:53Slasherihmm :D
07:49:58rock66mim actually sitting in school and have no possibility to take it home
07:49:58scorchesoultwister: on the daily builds link, there is the fonts package for download
07:50:07rock66mill try to build it on my own @ home
07:50:23Slasheriah, ok
07:50:28*rock66m didnt find the fonts THAT fast.. :/
07:50:38 Join fejfighter [0] (
07:51:09rock66mi had another issue about rockbox on players with possible recording
07:55:36soultwisterthanks scorche
07:56:13scorcheof course it did =)
07:56:48soultwisternow i have one more problem my display dosnt use the whole screen
07:57:08scorchewhat device do you have?
07:57:17soultwister5g 60 gig
07:57:37scorchedoes it never use the whole screen or just when playing something?
07:58:21soultwisterso far just the menu i havnt had time to check out games
07:58:44soultwisterti just put it on 20 minuets ago
07:58:55scorchewhat exactly do you mean by "not using the entire screen"
07:59:14soultwisterwait a sec
08:00:11soultwistermy bad its fine
08:00:14 Quit Trunksi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:00:33soultwisterwhere do i put the doom wad
08:00:52scorchelook in the wiki for the page "PluginDoom"
08:01:18 Join JoeBorn [0] (
08:01:42 Part jhMikeS
08:02:22soultwistermy ipod went to sleep then the fonts where small agian dang
08:03:50 Join chendo_ [0] (
08:08:07 Quit soultwister ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
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08:09:41 Join theli_ua [0] (
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08:12:56theli_uaMorning! :)
08:13:33theli_uahm ... i wonder why i wanted to say "Good news everyone!"
08:15:09markunwel.. what's the news?
08:16:05theli_uathat exactly what makes me wonder.. i have no knews :)
08:16:49theli_uamay be i just dreamed of watching futurama on my mini :)
08:20:21crashdin a rush, but has anyone reported any bugs with AAC playback over the alst few days?
08:20:46scorchecrashd: i have not seen any
08:21:16crashdill have to file a few when i get back from work then
08:21:55scorchei am speaking of forums and irc though...not flyspray...simple search can take care of that =)
08:22:13markunI've seen a report in the forum
08:23:09crashdi've got a coupla aac files that are from the same podcast, the early few load and play ok, then they start to take ages to load
08:23:14crashdand the latest 2 just crash rockbox
08:23:18crashdand im not quite sure why
08:23:36scorchemarkun: which?...i cant remember one
08:23:40markun<a target="_blank" href="">>
08:25:02scorcheah...i wrote that one off as something with fairplay, but now that i look over it again, it could be
08:29:04 Join chendo [0] (
08:30:11 Join netmasta10bt [0] (
08:35:15 Join Mordov|hardlywo [0] (
08:49:47 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
08:50:27 Quit netmasta10bt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:59:32rock66mwouldnt it be cool if i would be able to put in my headset for my mobile phone into my rockbox and rb would automatically mute the music and i could listen to my phone over the same headspeakers/earphones?!
08:59:56 Quit rock66m ("CGI:IRC")
09:00:08vertic23it would be... =)
09:18:10theli_uaanyone knows how can i do somthing like " mkdir $(some command)" in windows cmd?
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09:20:15 Nick daurnimator is now known as daurn|afk (n=quae@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
09:27:08 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:39:28 Join bbroke [0] (
09:41:00 Join aliask [0] (
09:45:16 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
09:57:25ivan`theli_ua, use cygwin
09:57:42theli_uaivan`, that's not for me... i don't use windows :)
09:58:16theli_uait would be easier to use pwershell or cygwin ... anyway the problem is solved already there :)
09:58:23ivan`ah k
10:03:06 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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10:42:32 Join bluebrother [0] (
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11:07:27pondlifelostlogic: around?
11:11:57 Join damaki [0] (
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11:25:31*pondlife surveys the tumbleweed
11:25:35 Quit Rudy4Pez (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:26:35 Quit Life^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:26:41*petur rolls along
11:26:57pondlifeMorning petur
11:27:19pondlifeDid you try any more recording in the last 24 hours?
11:27:23peturnice fixing you've been dooing
11:27:30peturdoing even
11:27:37pondlifeIf it is fixing, and not breaking
11:27:47 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
11:27:47peturno, no recording yet
11:28:08pondlifeJust wondered. I thought that you or jhMikeS would sound the alarm if I broke it.
11:28:26pondlifeSo I'll continue onwards until I hear bells
11:29:20peturHave another show to record on monday, I'm sure I'll test before then :p
11:29:32pondlifePlease do. And not at the show.
11:30:18peturmaybe I get some time free tomorrow... life is way too busy here atm
11:31:18*petur rolls away again ;)
11:32:46 Join gtkspert [0] (
11:37:18 Quit theli_ua (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
11:38:31 Join Mmmm [0] (
11:39:23MmmmIs storing a 260 char string in the config block a bit too big?
11:39:32Mmmm(for the recording path)
11:39:33peturI fear yes
11:39:46Mmmmyeah.... I thought as much
11:39:54peturwait until settings are stored in cfg files
11:40:03Mmmmahh well....into the REP it goes....
11:40:31 Join theli_ua [0] (
11:40:38peturdoes it even work? don't know how much space is left in the config block
11:40:40linuxstb_The config block is 512 bytes...
11:40:42linuxstb_(in total)
11:41:29Mmmmooh, so 260 is BIG... 1 byte per char right?
11:41:59peturhmmm isn't it unicode?
11:42:01linuxstb_Depends how it's encoded. With utf8 I think it can be up to 3 or 4 bytes.
11:42:26Mmmmhmmm, I'm surprised it works then..
11:42:47linuxstb_But MAX_PATH still assumes 1 byte=1 char afaik.
11:43:03Mmmmso it must be pushing it then...
11:43:38*Mmmm likes to live life on the edge :D
11:44:00linuxstb_Don't even think about committing such a thing to CVS though...
11:44:13MmmmDon't worry, I won't
11:44:23*linuxstb_ unloads his gun
11:46:16 Join gtkspert_ [0] (
11:47:38 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
11:48:40Mmmmwhat's scary is that you could probably hit me with that're only a few miles away! :D
11:49:02*Mmmm had better be careful...
11:57:06 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:00:15 Join bbroke [0] (n=bbroke@promi22.zmms.TU-Berlin.DE)
12:01:03 Nick gtkspert_ is now known as gtkspert (
12:11:07 Quit petur ("lunch!")
12:23:17 Join lee-qid [0] (
12:24:17 Join netmasta10bt [0] (
12:27:44 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
12:28:18tucozAny objections to getting rid of the favourites plugin?
12:28:50tucozI consider that plugin redundant and useless as we have such a good playlist system in core rockbox
12:30:00bluebrothertucoz, I suggested the same some days ago ;-)
12:30:31tucozhehe, I think nls also suggested it a couple of days ago as well
12:30:44tucozor maybe that was you
12:30:51bluebrotherseems like someone just needs to do it ;-)
12:31:27tucozI can do it, but wanted to get the blessing to do so first
12:36:24markuntucoz: yes, I would wait for one of the oldtimers :)
12:37:05tucozmaybe it's someones favorite plugin
12:37:45 Quit Nibbier (Remote closed the connection)
12:37:53linuxstb_Does the "playlist catalog" feature replace it?
12:38:00markunI also would like to delete some fonts
12:38:01*linuxstb_ hasn't used either
12:38:27 Join Nibbier [0] (
12:38:31tucozthe favorites plugin just lets you select the currently playing file and adds it to a favorite playlist
12:39:15bluebrotherthe playlist catalog does basically the same but also allows you to select folders and allows to pick a playlist to save to.
12:41:07linuxstb_If a user who loves the favourites plugin complained about it being deleted, what would you say to him/her?
12:41:20tucozuse the playlist catalog
12:41:40linuxstb_Is that as easy as the favourites plugin?
12:41:47tucozprobably not
12:41:49*linuxstb_ is playing devil's advocate
12:42:00 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
12:42:06*tucoz feels more and more pushed into the corner
12:42:17bluebrotherPC: go to the context menu, select "Playlist Catalog"
12:42:33bluebrotherFavorites: go to the main menu, plugins, select "favorites"
12:42:35 Join rocknoob [0] (i=3ce4afef@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:42:49 Join spiorf [0] (
12:42:57rocknoobhey could sum1 help me?
12:43:13 Join chendo [0] (
12:43:14bluebrotherPC can do more than the favorites plugin and doesn't require to load something ;-)
12:43:14rocknoobdoes anyone know where i can download rockboy?
12:43:26bluebrotherrocknoob, it's in the rockbox distribution.
12:43:32tucozmarkun, do you know how fonts are other character systems. Is times for instance available in arabic?
12:43:52bluebrothertucoz, rasher has an overview on his page.
12:44:04tucozyes, but this was just a general question
12:44:15rocknooberm.. wheres rockbox distribution?
12:44:20bluebrotherok, then I missed the point ;-)
12:44:28markuntucoz: I think the times from MS has arabic
12:44:29bluebrotherrocknoob, the you downloaded.
12:44:36tucoznot rockbox specific. do they adopt the western fonts to arabic, chinese etc
12:44:43markunbut I have no idea what it would look like
12:45:03tucozme neither. i just know you have an interest in fonts :)
12:45:25markunmaking greek glyphs in the Chicago style was already quite difficult
12:45:32linuxstb_tucoz: I've just tried the playlist catalog, and deleting the favorites plugin gets my vote....
12:45:38bluebrotherthe "common" fonts should all be available as unicode and include that glyphs.
12:45:49markunI have also added arabic, but didn't commit it yet because the font becomes very big
12:46:00tucozlinuxstb_, Ok. cool.
12:46:33linuxstb_i.e. You initially select "playlist catalog", "add to new playlist" and then create a new playlist called "Favorites". After that, you select "playlist catalog", "add to playlist" and then select "favorites" from the list of playlists.
12:46:53tucozyes, the plugin must be quite old
12:47:03markuntucoz: <a target="_blank" href="">>
12:47:40markunThere are some right-to-left bugs..
12:48:00tucozwow, that is in rockbox
12:48:14tucozdid you add those glyphs?
12:48:36markunIf only we had some arabic users :)
12:48:58markunWell, we have saab, but I didn't see him for a while
12:49:11tucozno-one on rashers list?
12:49:18markunAnd he needs Chinese support too, which I won't add :)
12:49:26tucozbut there might be some in the western countries
12:49:54markunThere is someone who lives in the arab emirates, but he doesn't speak arabic :)
12:49:55 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
12:50:33markunah, 2 now even, and 1 in saudi arabia
12:50:42rocknoobwhere do i get rockboy, sum1 pla help me
12:51:01markunrocknoob: it should be included with rockbox
12:51:04tucozso your work is not futile
12:51:23tucozgot to go. see you
12:51:26 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
12:51:33markunbut I see the plugins are still not in the daily builds..
12:51:40*linuxstb_ wonders why the playlist catalog creates playlists in /Playlists and not /.rockbox/playlists...
12:51:59markunlinuxstb_: do you know something about that?
12:52:14pondliferocknoob: download a build from <a target="_blank" href="">>
12:52:28pondlifeDown under "Bleeding edge builds"
12:52:52rocknoobok thanks
12:53:25pondlifelinuxstb_: That should be changed
12:53:47rocknoobi got i two last questions : does rockboy only play gameboy and gameboy colour games? and also where do i put those roms?
12:53:52pondlifeAlong with Doom requiring a /GAMES directory , if that hasn't already been done.
12:54:58pondlifeDo you think committing <a target="_blank" href="">> would be a good idea? Being devil's advocate...?
12:56:02linuxstb_markun: Yes, daily builds for Coldfire targets are broken until the gcc version on is upgraded. CVS builds are fine.
12:56:32rocknoobwhere do i put the gameboy roms on my ipod? sumone please help
12:56:38linuxstb_Anywhere you want to.
12:57:14linuxstb_But to keep things tidy, you could create a folder called "games", and then inside there create a folder called "Rockboy", and put them there. But it's up to you.
12:57:43rocknoobok then thanks
12:59:03linuxstb_pondlife: I've just had a thought about that. How about having a ".rockbox/system/" and ".rockbox/user/" folders? Everything distributed in the official builds would go in .rockbox/system/ (which would be read-only), and all config-files and user added files such as ROMs would go under .rockbox/user/
12:59:18pondlifeGood idea.
12:59:32pondlifeSo playlists would be user data...
12:59:53pondlifeEasy to back up your config and not risk overwriting it when you upgrade.
13:01:31 Quit rocknoob ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:02:04linuxstb_The complication is that the "Browse XXX" options would need to show the contents of both the user and system folders... So a user would be able to put his/her own themes in .rockbox/user/
13:02:09 Quit bbroke ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
13:03:07pondlifeOf course. But that's not a big job, especially if the Browse Themes/WPS/Configs all use the same code (bit of an assumption I know)..
13:03:31linuxstb_It is a big job - the "browse" option just opens the standard file browser on a particular directory.
13:04:20linuxstb_Well, not that big, but it means changing the "browse" option so the it doesn't use the file browser.
13:04:30preglowdoes rockbox even display the .rockbox directory with default settings?
13:04:41pondlifeNor should it
13:04:54preglowwell, then it makes sense not to save user stuff in it
13:05:09pondlifeThat's why the browse options are in the menus
13:05:25linuxstb_We could just rename it to "Rockbox" - would solve the problems GUI unix users have...
13:05:35linuxstb_(mainly thinking Mac OS X)
13:05:52preglowthe .rockbox dir is fine for system stuff
13:05:58preglowbut not for games, playlists, etc
13:06:04preglowthose should be saved in other places, if you ask me
13:06:29preglowmainly because .rockbox will be hidden in all default setups, both for rockbox and oses
13:06:32preglowapart from windows, that is
13:06:48pondlifeI don't much seeing /GAMES /RECORDINGS /PLAYLISTS etc. in my root...
13:06:55pondlifedon't much like...
13:06:55nuidelyndoes rb just use . to hide things, or does it check the H attribute too?
13:07:08amiconnpreglow: .rockbox isn't hidden on windows
13:07:23preglowamiconn: that's why i said "apart from windows, that is"
13:07:48*amiconn didn't read the 2nd lin
13:09:23 Quit Mordov|hardlywo (Remote closed the connection)
13:09:38 Quit Mmmm ("Lunch")
13:10:05aliasknuidelyn: It checks the H attribute too.
13:10:37 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:11:11 Quit Galois (Remote closed the connection)
13:11:29 Join freqmod [0] (
13:11:31 Join Galois [0] (
13:14:11 Join matsl [0] (
13:14:48 Join lee-qid [0] (
13:16:31theli_ualinuxstb_, have a minute?
13:18:30theli_uahm .. strange .. i've implemented direct rendering into iPod's video framebuffer .... in sim it works some times slower ..... :(
13:18:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:18:53linuxstb_I wouldn't worry about the sim... What's it like on the target?
13:19:48theli_uai wanted you to test
13:20:06linuxstb_Test what, and on what target?
13:20:34theli_uazxbox on video
13:20:56linuxstb_OK, let me see what CVS zxbox is giving me...
13:22:26 Join bbroke [0] (n=bbroke@promi22.zmms.TU-Berlin.DE)
13:23:46theli_ualinuxstb_, <a target="_blank" href="">>
13:23:56 Join webguest25 [0] (i=d55c4981@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:24:07webguest25hi all
13:24:48 Join Criamos [0] (
13:25:37webguest25I've seen that in rockbox source is included 'dumb library' for mod/s3m/xm files
13:25:56webguest25but why is not compiled with it?
13:27:39 Join webguest20 [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:28:43webguest20markun: on Rusher's page there is a map for nimbus-19. Will this font be included into the official RB font pack?
13:28:59linuxstb_webguest25: I'm guessing because there's no working plugin/codec which uses it.
13:29:24 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
13:30:29markunwebguest20: yes
13:30:32webguest25linuxstb: therefore is just a cut&paste of dumb source without any work?
13:31:02linuxstbwebguest25: I can't remember - maybe some work has been done.
13:31:39 Quit spiorf (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:32:09webguest25i've found another codec based on an old player
13:32:25webguest25that works fine but is only for .mod files and <486KB
13:33:07webguest25better than nothing however!
13:34:28 Quit JoeBorn ("Leaving")
13:34:57webguest25linuxstb:thanks for the feedback
13:35:01webguest20markun: fine! When? Because after experimenting with different fonts and themes I've created a very simple theme that only shows artist, sing title, and progress bar. And that theme would look nice with nimbus-19
13:35:01webguest25bye to all
13:35:36linuxstbtheli_ua: Do you have a test .rock for me? With 0 frameskip and no sound, I'm getting about 52% in Chuckie Egg.
13:35:53theli_ua<a target="_blank" href="">>
13:36:00theli_uai've already posted :)
13:36:20linuxstbSo you have... :)
13:36:34markunwebguest20: when Alexander Levin is happy about the font I will commit it
13:36:45markun<a target="_blank" href="">>
13:37:12 Part webguest25
13:37:16theli_ualinuxstb, 52% with my rock?
13:37:21linuxstbWith CVS
13:38:02theli_ualinuxstb, so i wonder what are the results with mine :)
13:38:34theli_ualinuxstb, cause in sim that causes too significant decrease in speed
13:38:42webguest20markun: who is Alexander Levin? And when will he be happy? And what should happen for him to be happy?
13:39:02markuncheck the link
13:39:25webguest20markun: sorry, didn't notice the next post
13:39:45linuxstbtheli_ua: 74% with your new rock and frameskip=0. 100% with frameskip=1.
13:40:02linuxstbBut the screen is corrupted when you exit the menu...
13:40:12theli_ualinuxstb, hm ... so on target it's faster ....
13:40:24theli_ualinuxstb, corrupted in what way?
13:40:37 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
13:40:47webguest20markun: well, he's not unhappy. He's uncertain (see his last question). What do you think about the font? If you're happy I think he'll also be happy :-)
13:40:59webguest20markun: and then I'll also be happy
13:41:02linuxstbParts of the screen itself are not updated (between the first and third lines of text at the top of the Chuckie Egg screen), plus the border isn't cleared to black.
13:41:45theli_ualinuxstb, .. ah i see .... maybe a solution will be to make a copy of framebuffer and restore it after menu exit ...
13:41:59theli_uanot very nice though :/
13:42:10linuxstbOr keep the old "full-update" function?
13:42:22linuxstb(I've no idea how you've changed it...)
13:43:19theli_ualinuxstb, i removed it
13:43:27webguest20markun: so will you add your opinion to the patch?
13:43:52theli_ualinuxstb, now screen gets rendered here <a target="_blank" href="">>
13:44:40linuxstbCould you call that function on every line?
13:46:03theli_uayes, i think so
13:46:21markunwebguest20: there is a ttf Chicago font. I should probably check how they do it first
13:46:31theli_uabtw, linuxstb, on that paste i posted is there anything that can be made better (in terms of speed) ?
13:47:38webguest20markun: ok, then I'll patiently wait
13:49:03linuxstbtheli_ua: The loops could be written in assembler - to make use of burst-mode memory reads/write. That would probably give a noticable speedup.
13:49:40theli_ualinuxstb, gcc chould unroll that loops
13:50:48 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
13:51:02linuxstbYou could look at the assembly (try arm-elf-objdump -D apps/plugins/zxbox/filename.o) to see what it's doing.
13:51:23theli_ualinuxstb, i wonder i that that macros with uint64 that make such big difference on sim ...
13:51:27amiconntheli_ua: I still wonder why you are using 64 bit integers
13:51:31linuxstbBut I don't think gcc will optimise those kinds of functions as well as a human could do.
13:51:36amiconnI would expect using 32 bit ints to be faster
13:52:01 Join spiorf [0] (
13:52:38theli_uaamiconn, just because original rendering uses writing 4 bytes at one time
13:52:54theli_ua4 pixels
13:54:46*amiconn doesn't see the connection
13:55:36amiconnYou need to process the input data anyway, correct?
13:55:51theli_uait was easier for me not changing original spectemu here much
13:56:28amiconnI am just talking about the function you pasted, nothing else
13:57:30theli_uawhat variables exactly are you talking about?
13:57:36theli_uaall uint64s?
13:58:56amiconnI wouldn't use 64 bit ints on a 32bit platform unless it's absolutely necessary
13:59:35amiconn...and I don't see the necessity here
13:59:46theli_uaamiconn, originall function used int32 for representing 4pixel block .. for first test i just wanted not change it much
13:59:59 Join matsl [0] (
14:00:18amiconnYes, the _source_ pixel block contains 4 pixels in 32 bits
14:00:46amiconn...but that doesn't stop you from using 32bit ints to represent the converted pixels as well
14:00:57amiconnYou just need to convert in 2 steps
14:01:14theli_uaah .. i understand what you are talking about :)
14:03:18 Quit fejfighter ()
14:03:28 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
14:04:45 Quit secleinteer ("Don't worry, I'll be back")
14:05:30 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
14:05:35 Join Seedy [0] (
14:08:09 Join SereR0kR [0] (
14:08:28 Quit SereR0kR (Remote closed the connection)
14:08:53 Join ttl_work [0] (n=ttl-@
14:09:02ttl_workhi everybody
14:09:51ttl_workyesterday installed rockbox on my Iriver H320 and i must say it rocks !
14:10:45 Join secleinteer [0] (
14:19:10ttl_workis it possible to play video on my H320 ?
14:20:26linuxstbYes. Either 1) Use the iriver firmware; or 2) Play with Rockbox's still in development mpegplayer plugin - <a target="_blank" href="">>
14:22:23lexwhy is the mpegplayer plugin updated so seldom now :(
14:22:41linuxstbBecause you're not working hard enough...
14:22:56lexand a good add would be that rockbox would show the tags on the playlist, so if i make a playlist of my ipod_control/music, then i would see the names of the songs
14:23:02lexthey are KCXM and so on now :p
14:23:11Paul_The_NerdThen save your files with proper filenames.
14:23:29lexi could use the same as the apple os uses, if it would show them
14:23:33Paul_The_NerdIt's not Rockbox's fault that you choose to use a system that mangles your data.
14:23:59kclafhello ppl
14:24:04 Quit webguest20 ("CGI:IRC")
14:24:05Paul_The_NerdAn m3u playlist is simply a list of filenames, so that's what Rockbox displays at the moment.
14:24:41peturwhile we're bashing apple, here's something to think about for all you ipod freaks: <a target="_blank" href="">>
14:24:56linuxstbCan't you just use tagcache to get a list of all tracks on your player?
14:25:33hcslex: something you might find useful, just yesterday I wrote an iTunesDB to Tag Cache convertor
14:25:47kclafconvertor ?
14:26:07hcsI can never spell that right
14:26:10kclafwell i mean, what does it do ?
14:26:16kclafrename files or.. ?
14:26:19preglowpetur: very surprising, that, very...
14:26:52hcs<a target="_blank" href="">>
14:27:19hcskclaf: it generates a Tag Cache database with the same data as is in the iTunesDB
14:28:01kclafdoesnt rockbox do that already ?
14:28:12kclafwhen it scans hard drive for mp3 files
14:28:23kclafit generates the tag cache database
14:28:32hcsa) I don't like the scanning b) my files aren't tagged well
14:29:39 Join damaki_ [0] (
14:33:14 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
14:34:10 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:35:45Kohlrabilex: just run a masstagger over your files
14:36:01Kohlrabiwhcih renames files arcording to tags
14:36:11lexKohlrabi: but my apple os won't like it
14:36:20Kohlrabiwhy not? :(
14:36:24linuxstbThen complain to Apple about it...
14:36:31Ed__i have a script that does it the other way around
14:36:34hcsyou could then use foo_pod to regenerate the iTunesDB
14:36:34Ed__i organize the files by name
14:36:40Ed__just mv/cp them aroun
14:36:54 Join webguest38 [0] (i=5389f0d6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:36:57KohlrabiYou have a script that reads filenames and writes tags by filenames?
14:37:10Ed__and then i just run tagmusic 'Some.*Regexp that [match]{es, them}'
14:37:24KohlrabiI just run foobar and have all-in-one :p
14:37:30 Quit webguest38 (Client Quit)
14:37:40Kohlrabi+ mediaplay for wavpack-in-matroska
14:37:52 Join mirak13 [0] (i=56cbbe0b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:37:53Ed__some small scripts around rsync that sync it to my MP3 player, laptop, jukebox :)
14:38:06Kohlrabithats good :)
14:38:10linuxstbWhat advantage does wavpack-in-matroska give you compared to standard wavpack?
14:38:13KohlrabiI tried the iRiver sync once
14:38:16KohlrabiWas broken iirc :)
14:38:25Ed__i just rsync to my h340 - works like a charm :)
14:38:31Kohlrabilinuxstb: I can put file sinto the matroska
14:38:37Kohlrabifiles into*
14:38:46mirak13I don't know any application that would think a library with a dap on UMS.
14:38:46Kohlrabicd-ocovers, text, log, cues, iso
14:38:50KohlrabiWhatever I like
14:38:59KohlrabiAnd still have a single file with chapters
14:39:12linuxstbWhat's wrong with just using your normal filesystem and putting all the files in a directory?
14:39:26KohlrabiAnd I can just extratct the cue and the stream and burn a 1:1 copy of the CD
14:39:33KohlrabiI don't like that
14:39:51 Join mirak14 [0] (i=56cbbe0b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:39:53Kohlrabione medium = 1 file
14:39:55*linuxstb will never understand why people make life complicated for themselves...
14:39:55 Quit mirak13 (Client Quit)
14:39:57KohlrabiI like that
14:40:13Kohlrabiit's not more complicated than having multiple files lying around
14:40:16linuxstbone medium = 1 folder
14:40:25KohlrabiI have that for my vorbis files
14:40:54 Join FOAD [0] (
14:40:58Kohlrabimatroska is a convenient way to have a 1:1 backup of your CDs
14:41:06Kohlrabiimho :)
14:41:08linuxstbIt's just that you need special tools to put things in and take them out - if you just put them in a folder, you wouldn't need anything special.
14:41:21mirak14linuxstb, I just drag and drop, however there are some situations where it's not practical, for exemple, my music is stored as Artist>Albums>Songs . So if I want just one album and keep the Artist>Albums>Songs also on the dap, then I must create manually the artist folder, before putting the album
14:41:42mirak14and for a song you must create two folders
14:41:44KohlrabiI COULD write a noncompliant cuesheet and use multiple files
14:42:00Kohlrabidon't like that
14:42:03Paul_The_NerdOr since the files are lossless, you could say "as long as my burner is any good I don't need a cuesheet"
14:42:19KohlrabiThat's not the point :)
14:42:34KohlrabiWithoout cuehsheet I lose info about gaps
14:42:54KohlrabiSo it's the same music, but not the same CD
14:43:00KohlrabiJust call me a fanatic ;)
14:43:32Paul_The_NerdDo you actually have CDs that use nonstandard gaps other than 'gapless'?
14:44:03KohlrabiIf I take the multiple files
14:44:06KohlrabiI have no gaps
14:44:20KohlrabiIf I burn them it's gapless (or 2 sec. gaps with nero)
14:44:25Kohlrabiwhatever I like
14:44:36Kohlrabiwith cuesheet it's defined how long they are
14:44:54Kohlrabiit's just for backup purposes
14:44:58linuxstbSo there's a difference between gaps and silence at the start/end of the WAV files?
14:45:30preglowa cd gap doesn't have to be silence
14:46:17hcs"put away your girly magazines"
14:46:38KohlrabiI actually have multifile backups of CDs
14:46:45Kohlrabiwhcih are annoying
14:47:03KohlrabiI have to convert every track according to cuesheet name
14:47:05Kohlrabito wav
14:47:10Kohlrabito burn it with EAC
14:47:26Kohlrabiit's much more convenient to have a range and cue
14:47:37Kohlrabino hampering with names
14:47:39linuxstbpreglow: So what is a "gap" if it's not silence?
14:48:05preglowlinuxstb: in the cd world, it's just a gap between tracks that doesn't really belong to any of the tracks
14:48:12preglowcalled pregap, i believe
14:49:16linuxstbSo it's "played" when transitioning between tracks, but not if you skip to the start of a track?
14:49:38preglowand the track time of the track before it does not include the gap
14:49:47Kohlrabinormally it's used to hide tracks
14:49:53Kohlrabihidden tracks :)
14:49:55preglowi can see my cd player actually counting backwards from the gap time to 00:00 when the gap is reached
14:49:58linuxstbSo are they common? (apart from hidden tracks)
14:50:01preglowat 00:00 the next track starts
14:50:04preglowoh, very common
14:50:21preglowfor hiding tracks, they're usually set as a pregap to the first track
14:50:21Kohlrabiwhenever -xx:xx appears on your player
14:50:29preglowwhich many players don't support
14:50:39linuxstbSo why don't audio formats have a "pre-gap" tag for players to use?
14:50:47Paul_The_NerdAnd couldn't a ripper rather easily include the pregap either at the end, or the beginning of, a song file if you wanted a truly lossless copy that was still multiple files?
14:51:10preglowthe end of a track would be best
14:51:16mirak14aren't the pregap extracted ?
14:51:19hcsPaul_The_Nerd: yeah, and I know at least EAC does, several ways
14:51:43Paul_The_Nerdhcs: My point just relates to Kohlrabi's whole using the desire to preserve the gaps as a reason he uses that awkward setup.
14:51:56ttl_workwhere can i download the plugins, i want to install the jpeg plugin
14:52:03linuxstbAre there postgaps as well, or just pregaps?
14:52:30linuxstbttl_work: It's already installed - just click on a .jpg file in the file browser.
14:52:45markunKohlrabi: will you add matroska support to rockbox? Or do you just use Ogg Vorbis on you player?
14:53:02KohlrabiI use vorbis for portable :(
14:53:05theli_uaamiconn, you meant something like this? <a target="_blank" href="">>
14:53:17theli_ualinuxstb, can you test one more build for me? :)
14:53:26KohlrabiBesides, I don't really have a clue how to write the code
14:53:44Kohlrabimarkun: are you, too, interested in matroska-support?
14:53:47linuxstbtheli_ua: Sure. Same URL?
14:53:57markunKohlrabi: not really, just wondering
14:53:58mirak14I tried to do an album in a matroska container once, the extension was .oga or something like, but it crashed all the players. I wanted to preserv the track structure of an disck
14:54:01Kohlrabiah, OK :)
14:54:08markunI only use it for video
14:54:25ttl_worklinuxstb: i thought it was not because there are only 2 files in the /.rockbox/rocks directory
14:54:32theli_ualinuxstb, yes just updated ... this one uses int32
14:54:59linuxstbttl_work: Try downloading the latest "cvs build" for your player. There are problems with today's and yesterday's "daily builds".
14:55:17markunlinuxstb: maybe that should be the topic
14:55:28Kohlrabimaybe I will use wavpack lossy for portable, if it saves battery and performs well on ABX
14:55:31mirak14linuxstb, I couldn't find a way to make libmpeg2 use iram buffers for macroblock decoding
14:55:34ttl_worklinuxstb: oh ok :)
14:55:37linuxstbmarkun: I don't have that power...
14:56:31 Quit FOAD_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:57:33theli_ualinuxstb, that one should alsa redraw screen upon menu exit
14:58:35 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
14:58:47linuxstbtheli_ua: It's about the same - 74%. But yes, the screen redraw is fine after using the menu.
14:59:35theli_ualinuxstb, strange ... sim is much faster when using int32 :(\
14:59:39preglowsomeone implement an audio/video shared iram scheme!
15:03:18linuxstbI'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I've been thinking a little about the idea of adding IRAM swapping in the kernel. i.e. multiple threads can claim the plugin IRAM, and the kernel will swap when necessary when taskswitching. But that would mean ensuring the switching doesn't happen too often...
15:04:22peturvirtual iram?
15:04:50peturas long as we don't start using a pagefile and swap to disk ;)
15:06:35preglowlinuxstb: a malloc() like iram allocating function for arrays that can be reused between calls to different components would be easy to implement and work good if used with care
15:06:51preglowstuff like the output buffer and internal buffers
15:06:57amiconntheli_ua: Yes, something like that. I _believe_ there's another possible optimisation, but I'm not sure. I'd have to check the arm assembly for both your version and my modification in order to see which one is better
15:12:39 Join ttl_wrk [0] (n=ttl-@
15:12:53mirak14it's really very ressource consumming to have a memory management similar to malloc ?
15:13:44preglowit's unecessary
15:14:14 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:15:21theli_uaamiconn, what is your modification?
15:15:32 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
15:15:49amiconntheli_ua: Do the shift before the masking. Then you can use the same mask for all
15:16:04amiconnIt probably doesn't matter on arm, but maybe it does on coldfire
15:16:14mirak14preglow it wasn't my question
15:16:22theli_uaamiconn,i can't test this :)
15:16:27amiconnI.e. instead of (qbyte)(x) & (qbyte)0xff000000) >> 24
15:16:57amiconnuse ((qbyte)(x) >> 24) & 0xff
15:18:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:20:17theli_uathis should speed this up?
15:20:44 Quit ttl_work (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
15:21:26amiconnIt _might_
15:22:38 Part Paul_The_Nerd
15:23:29preglowsmaller constants are always good anyway
15:23:36preglowand common constants are always good for sure
15:24:56 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
15:26:50 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
15:27:57amiconnpreglow: Yes, but it might be that it has no effect on arm (though it shouldn't make it worse either)
15:30:34theli_uaso now i need put scaling into this and test it on h300 :/
15:30:49 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:32:00preglowamiconn: probably no effect on arm, no, but it will certainly not be any slower
15:32:05preglowand we've got more platforms than arm
15:32:33 Join Kasper [0] (
15:32:50Kaspercrowded here :)
15:33:15 Join webguest38 [0] (i=c0647cda@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:34:58 Join lodesi [0] (n=lds@
15:34:59Kaspercan i ask a minor question regarding rockbox?
15:35:25midkayof course.
15:35:55Kasperwell, i am quite new to it (just installed rockbox) and there should be some plugins in rockbox
15:36:05Kasperby default in the folder 'rocks'
15:36:10Kasperbut that folder is empty?
15:36:16linuxstbTry downloading the latest "cvs build" for your player. There are problems with today's and yesterday's "daily builds".
15:36:53KasperI'll try, be right back with you
15:36:53 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
15:37:21 Join spiorf [0] (
15:38:35 Join RaeNye [0] (i=c7cb43c9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:39:19RaeNyeI think there might be a bug with new playback/voice code regarding crossfade.
15:39:42 Quit ttl_wrk ("Bye")
15:39:57RaeNyeWhenever I enable crossfade the DAP freezes (sim crashes as well, but only after skipping a song)...
15:40:16RaeNye[x5, current cvs, also a few days ago cvs]
15:42:20 Quit Pyromancer ("Ex-Chat")
15:42:41RaeNyepondlife: any idea why that might happen?
15:43:29 Quit petur ("worrrk")
15:45:54 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:47:03 Join Pyromancer [0] (
15:48:15theli_ualinuxstb, btw 74% without frameskip is way good ... because without frameskip it tries to render 50fps ( using frameskip 1 and getting 25 fps is enough i think) ... maybe sometime i won't need cpu boosted all the time ;)
15:50:03Kasperok, cvs was too hard for me. Downloaded daily build of 24 sept and that one has plugins :)
15:52:02tucozKasper, just download it from here <a target="_blank" href="">> It's equally simple as the dailies.
15:52:23tucozOn the bottom of the page is a similar table to that of the daily builds page
15:53:53Kasperbleeding edge builds you mean?
15:54:52tucozThe cvs builds were formerly know as bleeding edge.
15:54:56Kasperaah ok, i saw those but the line "They are updated on every source change" scared me
15:55:18Kasperi thought it might contain bugs
15:55:28tucozYou were right
15:55:31tucozthey can
15:56:03tucozbut don't be scared because of that. If the first line is green for your target, then it's usually ok
15:56:13Kaspernice :)
15:56:14Kasperit was ok
15:56:25 Quit Kohlrabi ("Quit")
15:56:34Kasperi noticed the difference in size for the daily builds though
15:56:45linuxstbtheli_ua: Ah, in which case it will never manage more than about 74% anyway - 36.5fps is the maximum the Rockbox lcd driver can handle... See <a target="_blank" href="">>
15:56:50tucozKasper, much difference?
15:57:12Kasper<a target="_blank" href="">>
15:57:21Kasperincluding the plugins it is twice as big
15:57:21theli_ualinuxstb, oh ... so that 74% was limited by lcd speed?
15:57:21markunKasper: yes, all the plugins are missing
15:57:28linuxstbtheli_ua: Yes :)
15:57:39linuxstbtheli_ua: Which is why we saw no improvement.
15:57:44Kasper(by the way: how to exit the oscillator plugin?) :)
15:57:53markunKasper: but they are included in the cvs builds
15:58:05Kasperdidn't know
15:58:19Kasperi'll install the cvs version right now then :)
15:58:23tucozKasper, power
15:58:39tucoz<a target="_blank" href="">>
15:58:45Kasperthank you tucoz :)
15:58:49tucozhtml manual for the x5 ^^
15:59:01tucozyou can find a pdf as well: <a target="_blank" href="">>
15:59:19Kasperi have the pdf
15:59:42Kasperbut can't remember i read that you use the power button to exit the plugin
15:59:43tucozok. the content is the same for both
16:00:08mirak14what is the indicator to know that the frames are totally displayed ?
16:01:06Kasperany advice which plugin i absolutely should see? :D
16:01:32tucozKasper, mandelbrot?
16:01:40theli_uazxbox! :D
16:01:48linuxstbSudoku, Pacbox and mpegplayer...
16:02:10KasperI'll try :)
16:02:15theli_uasudoku rocks
16:02:29aliaskSolitaire and sudoku have saved me many a time.
16:02:38tucozKasper, there are screenshots for all (almost) plugins here: <a target="_blank" href="">>
16:02:39Kasperthat will be a nice plugin when i'm travelling by train :D
16:02:56Kasperor when i'm at school ;)
16:03:07Kasperbubbles ofcourse :)
16:03:15Kaspermy favorite linux game (besides x-moto)
16:03:27*RaeNye snaps his finger
16:03:29 Quit RaeNye ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
16:05:44 Quit Ed__ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:06:46 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:07:00Kasperwhen i try to load doom it says I05: at 31F0723E
16:07:08Kasperis that a memory error?
16:08:25tucozYes, but you need to install some wads before you run doom
16:08:43Kasperi did i think :)
16:08:47tucoz<a target="_blank" href="">>
16:08:57Kasperin rootfolder i created: games/doom
16:09:06theli_ualinuxstb, if there is such boost on Video should i consider implementing dynamic cpu boosting?
16:09:08Kasperthen rockdoom.wad or something
16:09:39tucozdid you install a game also?
16:09:46tucozlike freedoom
16:10:08tucozor some doom wad you onw
16:10:16theli_uatucoz, should it say "missing game wad" or something if he didn't?
16:10:20Kasperi don't think so :)
16:10:26Kasperi'll try freedoom
16:10:36Kasperwow, i like the plasma plugin!
16:11:06tucoztheli_ua, it _should_ but i don't know if it does :)
16:11:22Kasperit doesn't :)
16:11:32linuxstbtheli_ua: It could be worth testing without IRAM - so we don't have to stop music playback on ipods.
16:11:41linuxstbUnless you're using the audio buffer RAM?
16:11:52theli_ualinuxstb, how then i would output sounds?
16:12:20theli_ualinuxstb, i'm using but i can easily change that
16:12:21linuxstbYou wouldn't... Unless someone adds a way to mix it with the main audio...
16:12:30 Quit mirak14 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:12:52linuxstbPersonally, I would prefer to listen to music than have the noises from the spectrum games...
16:12:53Kasperhmmm....i get the same error when trying to open pacbox :/
16:13:05theli_ualinuxstb, i doubt zxbox would run nice simultaneously with playback
16:13:19 Quit webmind (Connection timed out)
16:13:30linuxstbIt would do when we can use the second CPU....
16:13:45bluebrotherwhat's the state of the menu on the rockbox webpage?
16:13:45linuxstbOr it may even work now with an easy codec like FLAC...
16:13:48theli_ualinuxstb, btw what's the status of this?
16:13:58theli_uaof second cpu support
16:14:12linuxstbI never managed to get dan_a's patch working on the PP5020.
16:14:17 Quit bbroke ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
16:14:20tucozbluebrother, I think people are positive towards a change. lack of time is probably the state, don't you think?
16:14:39bluebrotherpossibly ;-)
16:14:46theli_ualinuxstb, but he is working on it? or anyone else?
16:14:58tucozgiven that bagder just had an increase in family members
16:15:01bluebrotherI was just reminded of this as I have the intention to have a support issue on the tracker again :(
16:15:02 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:15:11linuxstbtheli_ua: dan_a doesn't own a PP5020 device (he has a 3G ipod with PP5002), and I've given up for now...
16:15:38bluebrotherin a week I'll try to come around writing some more detailed introduction on how to report "bugs"
16:15:39 Join webmind [0] (
16:15:57theli_ualinuxstb, and do ipl people make use of it?
16:15:58linuxstbtucoz, bluebrother: I think we should agree on one of the proposals, and then try and convince Bagder to make the change... (and Paul_The_Nerd to change the forums).
16:16:16tucozlinuxstb, I think pixelma's looks best
16:16:24bluebrotheragreed. On which do we agree? ;-)
16:16:27Kaspernvm the error, i really should start reading things before trying them :)
16:16:27linuxstbtucoz: I would be happy with that as well.
16:16:38bluebrotherI'm ok with that too.
16:16:43*Paul_The_Nerd agrees
16:17:20linuxstbtheli_ua: Yes, some IPL applications use it.
16:18:14tucozhere is the link, in case it was forgotten <a target="_blank" href="">>
16:18:15linuxstbtheli_ua: The problem is that the "cop_main()" function (which should be the entry point for the COP) is never being called, and I can't work out why.
16:19:26Kasperlike the VU meter as well :)
16:19:33amiconnlinuxstb: Do you have an updated bootloader installed?
16:20:05 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:26:40linuxstbamiconn: Yes. I did some tests in the bootloader, and the COP was running there, but it didn't seem to be running (or at least running the code I expected it to be running) in Rockbox itself.
16:27:55linuxstbbluebrother: Regarding the 3g "playback pauses" bug report - the 3g is a lot slower than later ipods, and I don't think there's any circumstances where you can get realtime mp3 playback yet. Hence dan_a's work on the COP.
16:29:15 Join mirak14 [0] (i=5389f0d6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:29:16bluebrotherok. Maybe the FAQ should get extended?
16:29:37linuxstbYes, there's not much info on the 3g port. But then again, we only have one developer and a handful of users...
16:32:06theli_uawhat is the reason we have "daily builds" .. i can't see any ... why just leave only cvs builds?
16:32:39Paul_The_NerdDaily Builds are stored as an archive
16:32:58Paul_The_NerdThey're convenient of a bug shows up in the most recent CVS build, or if a new feature causes major bugs for a week, or something similar
16:33:08theli_uaah ... i see
16:33:23theli_uamaybe just remove links to them from the main site?
16:33:25 Join tHEkIND[IriverH1 [0] (n=tHEkIND[
16:33:55Paul_The_NerdI personally think that there could just be a "Download" page, with links to the CVS builds, the Daily Fonts/Manual, and an Archives link on that page to the dailies.
16:34:16 Quit mirak14 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:34:18Paul_The_NerdThen the BuildTable could be linked off of that page too.
16:34:28 Nick tHEkIND[IriverH1 is now known as tHEkIND (n=tHEkIND[
16:34:29 Quit solarflare (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:34:33 Quit tHEkIND (Client Quit)
16:34:44 Join solarflare [0] (
16:34:46 Join tHEkIND [0] (
16:35:01Kasperalright, gotta go
16:35:05 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:35:20tHEkINDI found some bugs on rockbox
16:35:21Kasperthanks for the help btw :)
16:35:30theli_uaor we just can rename "CVS builds" to "Latests buids" so that "cvs" won't scare people and we won't have such reports as <a target="_blank" href="">>
16:35:48 Part Kasper ("So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!")
16:36:34Paul_The_Nerdtheli_ua: That sort of thing needs to be known about though. Bugs in aspects that people don't use would still be bugs.
16:36:38theli_uatHEkIND, have you checked bug tracker whether they are already known and if no why didn't you report them there?
16:36:52tHEkINDI already get one on the tracker
16:36:58tHEkINDThis is WPS problems
16:37:08bluebrothertHEkIND, you're sure it is actually a bug?
16:37:16theli_uaPaul_The_Nerd, well ... i can't see any reason why people should prefer daily :)
16:37:25tHEkINDHe, yes :D, they aren't critical
16:37:55tHEkINDI know you have a lot to do, i'm just asking
16:38:05tHEkINDif someone could fix quickly that:
16:38:05tHEkIND<a target="_blank" href="">>
16:38:07bluebrotherwe get quite some "bugs" on the tracker that aren't bugs at all these days which decreases the usability of flyspray
16:38:10 Join rretzbach [0] (
16:39:15tHEkINDI'll check 2 other bugs on a official release to be sure and i'll post them, it's not a lot: %fn don't show the first letter
16:39:31bluebrotherwhat does %fn do?
16:39:47tHEkINDI use it on a wps when changing song
16:39:56tHEkINDAnd when ID3 tags are not preloaded
16:40:01bluebrotherreally? haven't noticed something like this ...
16:40:19tHEkINDWill try on an official release, but i got this problem
16:40:54Paul_The_NerdtHEkIND: The preloaded images / text thing has been around and known about for a while. It's not likely to be fixed terribly soon, as it's not necessarily a priority compared to a lot of things
16:41:30 Join philipptr [0] (i=548af933@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:41:46tHEkINDyeah that's why i was just asking, i want to create a wps with a lot of effect and this bug restricts me to do it, but i know you have a lot to do
16:42:00 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
16:42:26tHEkINDokay, the filename: It's only when you're fast changing the file
16:42:35philipptrdoes someonw know a better channel to ask questions about my broken ipod or should i just continue my thread in the forum (I thought it would be easier over irc)
16:42:58Paul_The_NerdtHEkIND: You said you haven't tested that with an official build.
16:43:01tHEkINDThe 1/2s when the ID3 tags aren't preloaded, if you show %fn
16:43:06tHEkINDYeah i'll do it now
16:43:26tHEkINDbut the other one with preloaded pictures tested on official :D
16:43:37Paul_The_NerdtHEkIND: Yes, as I said, that one is well known.
16:43:49philipptrwell, I will just ask and if nobody answers leave again :D
16:43:54tHEkINDThe preloaded pictures?
16:44:26tHEkINDA while = months?
16:44:35 Nick [dnb] is now known as KlrSpz (n=klrSpz@
16:44:52linuxstbphilipptr: I don't read the forums very much - what's the problem?
16:45:16philipptrI get the !folder icon when turning my ipod on, and couldnt read with it from windows (until today it somehow changed and i could save my mp3s)
16:46:01Paul_The_NerdtHEkIND: Feel free to work on it yourself if you have the time, but it's really not a major concern to many people.
16:46:06linuxstbOK, I found your forum post. Yes, it looks like you've physically broken it...
16:46:07philipptrwhen i try to save the firmware that is on the ipod i get a read error, when writting it seams to work but doesnt change anything
16:46:31Paul_The_Nerdphilipptr: I suggested to you in that thread, I believe, to back up your music and try restoring, but that the iPod is most likely physically broken.
16:46:54tHEkINDPaul: I never worked on this language so i'm useless to do that. I contribute creating WPS ^^
16:47:01philipptrI just thought i could remove the rockbox usb mode before sending it to apple ;)
16:47:17Paul_The_NerdRockbox doesn't have a USB mode.
16:47:22Paul_The_NerdAnd, restoring would do that.
16:48:17philipptrwell restoring didnt change it, and Im pretty sure that since I installed rockbox i had 2 usb modes (the normal one and one that has smaller icons different loading grafics and different font)
16:48:42Paul_The_Nerdphilipptr: Are you suggesting that I'm lying to you?
16:48:45linuxstbThey're both Apple disk modes - the "emergency disk mode" and the "regular one"
16:48:54philipptrits only what i see
16:48:58Paul_The_NerdAs linuxstb said, they're both Apple modes.
16:49:02philipptrah very good thanks
16:49:12philipptri thought it was from rockbox
16:49:18philipptrit looked so rockbox-ish
16:49:25Paul_The_NerdWe actually say in many places in our documentation that Rockbox has no USB mode on iPod
16:50:06linuxstbIf you follow Apple's instructions for forcing your ipod into disk mode (hold SELECT+PLAY whilst booting), you get to the emergency disk mode. That's what Rockbox reboots you into as well.
16:50:11philipptrso well i think the only thing i can do is sending it in right? (ipod is empty now, but i still get the folder icon)
16:50:12Paul_The_NerdI never really thought it looked very Rockboxish, since it's just a black and white clone of the normal disk mode screen.
16:50:42tHEkINDwhere are sources of rockbox ???
16:50:53bluebrothertHEkIND, see the website.
16:50:59philipptripod by default had a very simple theme with small font and black and white, thats why I associated it with rockbox ;)
16:51:02Paul_The_NerdtHEkIND: On the same downloads pages as the software itself.
16:51:41tHEkINDokay found it
16:54:15tHEkINDis it c or c++ ?
16:54:33bluebrothersee the docs folder
16:56:18 Join TCK [0] (
17:00:33 Quit theli_ua ("Leaving")
17:00:50 Quit webguest38 ("CGI:IRC")
17:01:34philipptrdoes someone know what actually causes the firmware to show the folder icon? or are there many things that lead to it?
17:02:11tHEkINDYou can disable the folder's icon
17:03:11philipptrthe one with the exclamation mark? if so: what happens instead?
17:10:39 Join Trunksi [0] (
17:18:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:21:56markunjungti is becoming good friends with iriver. They keep giving him players to review: <a target="_blank" href="">>
17:23:54linuxstbmarkun: They obviously don't read what he says about them in #rockbox then...
17:29:29markunlinuxstb: I think he calmed down after he received the E10 for free :)
17:30:06markunbut he's probably still a pain in the ass for the support helpdesk. Last time they told him to just install rockbox instead of complaining about missing features ;)
17:31:50linuxstbDid he ask them if that would void his warranty?
17:31:58KohlrabiWellm, if it hadn't been for rockbox I wouldn't have bought their hardware :)
17:32:09pondlifeMe too
17:32:27linuxstbI think that goes for most people here.
17:32:35Kohlrabistill, I'd prefer the H120 over any iPod
17:32:44KohlrabiNow taht iPod support is in :)
17:32:59Kohlrabiwhich boosted rockbox alot obviously (userbase-wise)
17:34:31Kohlrabido the new iRivers play vorbis?
17:45:32 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
17:45:49 Part Paul_The_Nerd
17:49:51 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
17:50:50markunKohlrabi: yes <a target="_blank" href="">>
17:52:14Kohlrabiah k
17:54:13 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
17:55:38 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:57:09 Join bbroke [0] (
18:00:27 Join webguest36 [0] (i=c3ec4b1b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:04:38 Quit lodesi (Remote closed the connection)
18:04:54 Join lodesi [0] (n=lds@
18:11:15 Join soultwister [0] (
18:11:38soultwisterwhere do u put your mp3
18:13:33soultwisteranyone here
18:13:38 Part philipptr
18:15:01 Join damaki [0] (
18:15:21soultwisterwow its dead in here
18:15:34daurn|afkyes it is
18:15:54soultwisterwhere do u put your mp3 files
18:16:39soultwisteron rockbox
18:16:52 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
18:17:14markunsoultwister: you can put your music anywhere
18:17:26soultwisterah ok thanks
18:17:55Sikuthere's very nice manual available
18:18:02Sikuyou should take a look at it
18:18:24soultwisterya i went through it could not find what i was looking for
18:18:50soultwisterim duel booting
18:19:10soultwisterits sees my music on other firmware
18:19:48soultwisterwhat sucks is that i havent found a way to play by gener
18:20:17soultwisterya thats it
18:20:38linuxstbTry "tagcache" - it's documented in the Rockbox manual.
18:21:17Sikuthere's also a wiki article available
18:22:56 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
18:23:46 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
18:28:26 Quit tucoz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:28:51 Join Ed_ [0] (
18:33:46 Join mirak [0] (
18:35:17 Join tHEkIND_ [0] (
18:36:18Kohlrabi.oO(I only want male artists in my playlist) :D
18:37:51 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:37:51 Quit tHEkIND (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:38:18 Join lostnihilist [0] (
18:44:10lostlogicI do not like the new scheduler. the music skips less perhaps, but everything else seems less responsive.
18:44:42tHEkIND_ which one?
18:45:32lostlogicthe new thread scheduler that was committed a week or two or three ago
18:45:48 Quit lex (Nick collision from services.)
18:45:52 Join lex [0] (
18:46:05 Quit lex (Nick collision from services.)
18:47:31 Quit soultwister ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
18:48:39 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:48:54 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
18:49:15preglowlostlogic: i agree somewhat
18:49:34preglowthe scheduler itself is nice, but i'm not convinced the priority handling is good
18:50:50 Join lex_ [0] (
18:51:28lostlogicpreglow: ahhh, yeah, I didn't look at the code _at all_ only speaking about how the user experience feels.
18:52:00Slasherihehe, i wouldn't wonder at all that lostlogic doesn't anything made by me ;)
18:53:02lostlogicSlasheri: :-P we do seem to have diametrically opposed views on the creation of software
18:53:06preglowlostlogic: the scheduler itself minimises unnecessary task switches, but the priority handling really makes using an ipod a nightmare
18:53:12Slasheribut iriver works fine, so unless i got an ipod i can't do much for that
18:53:14 Join soultwister [0] (
18:53:20Slasherilostlogic: i see
18:53:48preglowSlasheri: well, there's not much you can do but optimise, and that we can all do
18:54:06preglowthe problem is in the use of priorities in the first place, audio is prioritised over ui, and that's that
18:54:12preglowand it has to happen a lot on ipod
18:54:30preglowand the use of the wheel makes it really noticable
18:55:01soultwisterim so new at this i need some advice i did the tag cache thing now where do you go to view it by genre
18:55:35lostlogicI wanted to eat my fingers when I was trying to navigate to a new song pretty far down a list... but hte music never skipped
18:56:10soultwisterim having trouble navigating to view my mp3 files to choice by genere or artist
18:56:23 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:56:30markunsoultwister: <a target="_blank" href="">>
18:56:47 Join obo [0] (
18:57:36 Quit solarflare ("Leaving")
18:57:40soultwisterya i initialized now where do i go to see them
18:57:47mirakhow can I say make to build all files .c ?
18:58:48tHEkIND_-> I'm trying to fiw a little bug for me :D (cause nobody want to do it), and i'm wondering how i can compile .c, .h files to use it on the simulator???
18:59:29 Join damaki [0] (
18:59:41mirakthere is a problem on scale organic and enhanced, it doesn't replace windows at the right place
19:00:47miraksorry, wrong channel
19:01:33bluebrothertHEkIND_, just use the configure script and run make
19:01:43soultwisteri did it
19:01:48bluebrotheralso, see the SimpleGuideToCompiling wiki page
19:02:01bluebrothersoultwister, change the file view to "ID3"
19:02:26tHEkIND_I'll see the wiki
19:03:33soultwisteryou guys i aprciate the manual but some of you had to struggle to figure out things cause this is all new to some of us who started and with your knowledge its easier learn from someone whos been there
19:06:01soultwisterya bluebrother i did that and it worked thanks
19:06:29 Quit bbroke ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
19:09:21bluebrothersoultwister, it's tedious explaining things again and again. Please have a look in the manual and wiki first.
19:09:37markunsoultwister: perhaps you can help to improve the manual
19:09:54bluebrotherif you don't understand it afterwards come back and ask for clarification −− this also helps us to find sections in the manual that need improvement.
19:10:16 Join BigBambi [0] (
19:10:22bluebrotherit's a bit tricky writing a manual for something you know already pretty good ;-)
19:12:36tHEkIND_How long rockbox exists?
19:14:02 Join tHEkIND [0] (
19:14:02 Part tHEkIND
19:14:10 Join tHEkIND [0] (
19:14:15 Quit tHEkIND_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:14:24tHEkINDI've seen 2 pages on a magazine of "How to installe rockbox on your ipod" (french)
19:15:08bluebrotherRockbox has been in development since 2001 (says the manual)
19:15:20 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
19:15:25tHEkINDAnd the site's design never changed ? :P
19:15:31bluebrotherdon't know.
19:15:41tHEkIND2001 you made great job on only 5 years ^^
19:18:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:19:01 Join MHen [0] (
19:19:26 Quit tHEkIND (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:30:19 Join Mordov|hardlywo [0] (
19:30:23 Quit Mordov|hardlywo (Remote closed the connection)
19:30:37MHenWhat happens with submitted patches? Do they have to stay a minimum time open for comments? Or do I have (after there was a positive feedback for my patch) to ask somewhere for it to be committed (e.g. here)?
19:32:41bluebrotherMHen, they stay around until some dev looks at it.
19:34:09 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:34:12soultwisterhow do you use patches
19:34:24bluebrothersoultwister, what do you mean by "use"?
19:34:38linuxstb_patches are changes to the Rockbox source code - so you apply a patch to a copy of the source code and then compile.
19:34:45bluebrotherpatches are differences to source files. You apply them to the source and recompile
19:34:48soultwisterwell they are for you rockbox right
19:35:10soultwisterah so i have to have linux to use them
19:35:33bluebrotherno. You can compile rockbox using cygwin if you want to.
19:36:08MHenbluebrother: And it depends on the mood of the devs if and when they look at one?
19:36:33 Join TCK [0] (
19:36:52bluebrotherMHen, it depends on a couple of things. Like if the patch is considered useful and suits into rockbox.
19:36:56soultwisterwhere can i get more plugins
19:39:02miraklinuxstb: $(SRC:%.c=$(OBJDIR)/%.o) you do that do compile a full directory, what does it do exactly ?
19:39:24tucozsoultwister, there might be some that you can compile in the tracker
19:39:32crashdhmm, im having some real troubles with various aac files on a cvs build from this morning
19:39:49MHenbb: I had a "I think we could commit it right away." comment on my patch two days ago and wondered what was happening to it. Then I saw patches that are more than three years old, with the author adapting it a year or so to the current CVS status and then simply giving up.
19:43:07 Quit Trunksi (Nick collision from services.)
19:43:13 Join Reverie [0] (
19:43:15 Nick Reverie is now known as Trunksi (
19:44:20bluebrotherthat sometimes happens. At least it is useful keeping contact to the devs on irc
19:45:56 Join jhMikeS [0] (
19:47:20MHenIs there a day or time when it's most likely some devs (that have a spare minute or two) are around?
19:48:51 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:53:06 Join gtkspert [0] (
19:53:07bluebrotherno, but most devs are located in europe afaik
19:54:15 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
19:59:41soultwistercan u play videos
20:00:18 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
20:00:54MHenbb: thanks
20:01:02soultwister5g 60 gig
20:03:24 Join bluey- [0] (
20:05:13freqmodRockbox only supports mpeg1&2 experimentally, if you want to play mp4 videoes you have to boot the apple firmware
20:05:18 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:06:47soultwisterhow about fm radio do you getr that
20:10:12lostlogicHmm, I think we might need to rethink our "throw away wheel events if the application isn't listening for them right now" policy on the ipod
20:10:23 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:10:31lostlogicthat might help the UI feel with the current scheduler and priorities
20:11:24Slasherihmm, i "knew" something must be wrong with the wheel driver / ui
20:11:28obodidn't earhertz have a scrolling patch that helped?
20:13:19mirakdoes anyone know how to compile all object files from a source folder without writting each file ?
20:13:30mirakin the make
20:14:31preglowSlasheri: it's not wrong, it's just different
20:14:35 Quit Trunksi (Nick collision from services.)
20:14:39 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:14:42 Join Reverie [0] (
20:14:44 Nick Reverie is now known as Trunksi (
20:14:48preglowbefore, the ui used to queue up a zillion wheel events if something was being done while you tried to use the wheel
20:15:01 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:15:10preglowthat's why i killed other queued wheel events if a new one arrived
20:15:49 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:16:28 Join hc1 [0] (n=agashlin@nat01-silvers-ext.Rutgers.EDU)
20:17:00 Quit hcs (Nick collision from services.)
20:17:07 Nick hc1 is now known as hcs (n=agashlin@nat01-silvers-ext.Rutgers.EDU)
20:18:14lostlogicyeah, it's much better this way than the way it was
20:18:24lostlogicbut... seems like it could be even better.
20:19:25 Join chris_ [0] (
20:20:03 Nick chris_ is now known as senab (
20:20:15 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:21:57lostlogicit might feel intuitive to the user if we allow queueing of wheel events even when the UI is not listening if the user releases and resumes touching the wheel.
20:22:12 Join Daishiman [0] (i=c81ba045@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:22:14Slasherihmm.. maybe the driver could queue events and when user stops moving the wheel, queue would be cleared
20:23:02lostlogicI can't remember if we have a 'wheel released' event
20:24:24MHenIs there are reason why the fading in/out is done in gui/gwps-common and not inside the mpeg thread?
20:27:43lostlogicwhich fade?
20:27:45linuxstb_The fade-on-stop.
20:27:51lostlogicooh, the volume one
20:27:58 Join deoa [0] (
20:28:01lostlogicbeats me.
20:28:02linuxstb_I noticed that the other day and thought it was an odd place for it...
20:28:14 Nick deoa is now known as bipak (
20:28:32 Quit soultwister ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
20:28:52bipaki get an error while compiling cvs for the ihp120 :(
20:29:09linuxstb_in tns.c ?
20:29:28linuxstb_Upgrade your gcc to at least 3.4.5 (preferably 3.4.6)
20:29:52bipakah ok :)
20:30:00bipak3.4.4 is on my system
20:30:31mirakSLIBAVUTIL= $(wildcard libavutil/*.c) I do that to get the .c file list in libavutil, seems it doesn't work in the make
20:31:02senabi'm a bit of a noob on linux, i'm just installing the cross compiler, at the bottom it says i've got to include something in my PATH
20:31:06senabhow do i do this?
20:31:39mirakexport PATH=$PATH:/local/mk68/bin
20:31:46 Quit Daishiman ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:31:50mirakand you put that in .bashrc
20:31:56mirakor .bash_profile
20:32:23mirakthe adress should be something like /usr/local/m68k-elf/bin
20:32:30mirakdepends the compiler
20:33:19mirakin .bashrc export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/m68k-elf/bin
20:34:05senabanywhere in the file?
20:34:41mirakput it at the end
20:35:16 Quit bluey- (Remote closed the connection)
20:36:21senabworks perfectly, thanks
20:36:52senabseems to be compiling much quicker on linux than cygwin
20:37:08scorchecygwin is slooooow =)
20:38:10senabi can tell now
20:38:30senabi suppose it's because its having to emulate the posix commands
20:38:32scorchewhich is why i gave up on it and use vmware for my windows box
20:38:43 Quit Pyromancer ("Ex-Chat")
20:38:44senabi'm dual booting
20:39:10senabi'm starting a computer science degree at uni so it makes sense to get used to linux
20:39:10 Join daishiman [0] (i=c81ba045@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:39:28scorchei usually dont want to boot into linux on my main box though (though it is a dual boot system)....if i am in linux, i go to one of my other comps =)
20:39:37obosenab: install ccache, it gets even faster then for rebuilds
20:40:16senabthanks obo
20:40:53senabis it reliable in detecting changes?
20:40:53 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
20:41:09obomost, if not all the build servers use it...
20:41:37senabahhh, i was wondering how my compile builds in 30seconds
20:41:49senab*how they compile....
20:43:43 Join lightyear [0] (
20:48:31 Join SereR0kR [0] (
20:48:40 Quit SereR0kR (Remote closed the connection)
20:48:52 Join webguest96 [0] (i=c66e4bb3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:49:15 Quit webguest96 (Client Quit)
20:49:50daishimanHi all
20:50:27daishimanI need a player recommendation. Does anyone have experience with iPods and iAudio X5Ls?
20:52:10senabyep, i've got an ipod
20:52:51senabwhat do you want to know?
20:52:56daishimanI want to know how the Rockbox firmware stacks up against the default iPod firmware
20:53:12scorchethe area in which it lacks, is battery life
20:53:12senabthe bad thing with rockbox is the battery life
20:53:14daishimanon features and usability
20:53:26daishimanhow bad is bad?
20:53:28linuxstb_They are about as different as two firmwares can be...
20:54:02senabbut the audiences of the firmwares are different
20:54:11daishimanare we talking under 5 hours?
20:54:22daishimani know that they're extremely different
20:54:28senabno, for my 5g 30gb i get about 8hours
20:54:53daishimanthat'd qualify as good enough for me
20:55:12daishimanhow does it go on the aesthetics side?
20:55:13senabwhich will only improve as times goes on and optimizations are made
20:55:20daishimanconsidering good theming, of course
20:55:26amiconnscorche, senab: The cygwin slowness ist most likely caused by the windows filesystem layer. Microsoft SFU suffers from the same problem (although it's _a bit_ faster than cygwin)
20:55:28miraktest :
20:55:28mirak@echo $(wildcard ./libavcodec/*)
20:55:40mirakthis line doesn't list the .c files, I do'nt know what to do
20:55:47mirakin a make file
20:55:57senabdaishman: as in the physical looks? or the software?
20:56:06amiconnThe presence of an on-access virus scanner doesn't make it better...
20:56:19 Quit tucoz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:56:26daishimansenab: i mean how the GUI handles, how the menus look
20:56:27senabamiconn: i don't use an antivirus
20:56:43senabin the original firmware or rockbox?
20:57:02 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
20:57:09daishimanlet me explain my original dilemma
20:57:35senaball rockbox displays are the same GUI, except some have bigger screens and display more colours
20:57:45daishimani was previously looking at an iAudio X5L for the features and capabilities, especially the ability to record, the FM, and the support for Ogg and FLAC
20:57:58daishimanradio and recording i can live without
20:58:24daishimanhowever after the last iPod update, the 30 gig model was looking juicy, especially considering video playback and screen size
20:58:33daishimanhowever i'll be damned if i have to use iTunes
20:58:39daishimani'm a linux user
20:58:55senabthat doesn't support videoes does it?
20:58:58daishimanand even so, iTunes looks bloated and ugly
20:59:04daishimanthe point was
20:59:06hcser, no videos, right
20:59:14daishimani was then looking at the rockbox features
20:59:25daishimanincluding gapless and format support
20:59:53senabthe latest original ipod firmware supports gapless playback aswell
21:00:43linuxstb_Probably not with gtkpod though - IIUC, it using data in the itunesdb for gapless.
21:00:56amiconnBagder: around?
21:01:42senabthe video capabilites on the original firmware are pretty decent now
21:02:08senabit now supports 640x480 MPEG-4 SP, which looks good when connected to the tv
21:04:19lex_senab: it supports a video with 2Mbps bitrate and more :p
21:04:25 Quit daishiman ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:04:26lex_so it's at least a dvd-quality
21:04:42senabsort of...
21:04:50linuxstb_Not quite - DVD is 720x576...
21:05:00lex_but it can play it too i guess
21:05:22senabthe RCA tv out adaptor on the ipod only has 240 lines, so it's still a bit crap
21:05:35 Join daishiman [0] (i=c81ba045@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:05:43Paul_The_NerdI wouldn't use an iPod to watch videos on a TV anyway.
21:05:46daishimansorry, got dced
21:06:09 Part Paul_The_Nerd
21:06:34daishimanso, what would you gain and lose from going to rockbox?
21:07:20senabon the ipod you'd lose proper video support. battery life
21:07:46senabbut these will improve
21:08:04daishimani know, I've seen the changelogs. my god do things speed up.
21:08:21senabyou'd also lose the tv-out feature and accessory connections
21:08:53daishimani wouldn't be using them anyway
21:09:07senabbut for audio playback, then rockbox is king
21:09:16daishimanwhat would I lose on interface aesthetics?
21:09:21 Join LennyK [0] (i=18cdff08@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:09:43daishimanthe other thing I wanted to know was what was up with the dynamic playlist feature
21:09:45senaberrr, the menu system is the most aesthetic looking
21:10:03senab*is not....
21:10:12daishimaneven themed?
21:10:31senabyou can set the background and the font for the menu system
21:10:51senabbut the WPS (playing screen) you can theme it much more
21:11:21senabhave a look at <a target="_blank" href="">>
21:11:25senabfor some examples
21:11:42 Join chris_ [0] (
21:11:59 Part chris_
21:12:04LennyKHey everyone... I can't seem to get A-B repeat to work and I've done it before. H140, trying play + right/left. Any ideas?
21:13:30 Join SereR0kR [0] (
21:13:36 Quit SereR0kR (Remote closed the connection)
21:13:41 Join SereR0kR [0] (
21:13:56daishimanlooks pretty nice
21:14:09daishimanwish there were some menu screenshots though
21:14:15bluebrotherLennyK, you need to set repeat mode to a-b first. Have you done that?
21:14:25daishimanfor the record, i don't really care much for aesthetics. i¿m just curious
21:14:55LennyKbluebrother, I sure have!
21:14:56senabdaishiman: have a look at <a target="_blank" href="">>
21:15:12 Join Variable [0] (
21:15:14senabthats the menu system, you can change the font, and the background
21:15:33 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
21:15:56 Part SereR0kR
21:15:57bluebrotherLennyK, works for me. Current cvs build.
21:17:16daishimanlooks decent
21:17:43daishimanno issues there.
21:17:55bluebrotherdaishiman, there is a wiki page with some screenshots
21:18:06bipaklinuxstb_: next problem... gcc 3.4.6 does not compile :(
21:18:16bipakconfigure: error: No support for this host/target combination.
21:18:16bipakmake: *** [configure-target-libstdc++-v3] Error 1
21:18:22daishimanI'm wondering whether i should buy the 30 gig iPod or the iAudio X5L. they're at the same price
21:18:29bluebrother<a target="_blank" href="">>
21:18:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:20:08 Join SereR0kR [0] (
21:23:43linuxstb_bipak: What options did you pass to configure?
21:24:51linuxstb_It should be something like ../gcc-3.4.6/configure −−target=m68k-elf −−enable-languages=c −−prefix=/usr/local/m68k-elf
21:25:00bipak−−target=m68k-elf and −−prefix=/usr/local, but i found that −−enable-languages=c should do the thing
21:25:02 Join Mmmm [0] (
21:25:05linuxstb_(use the same prefix as your existing install)
21:25:12bipakah ok :)
21:25:48linuxstb_So does that mean you can't compile g++ for m68k?
21:26:42bipakit worked now with "−−enable-languages=c" :)
21:27:00bipakg++ was build now
21:28:27LennyKbluebrother - I think I got it. When you put in a point, do you press play then quickly press left/right, or do you hold play when you're getting to the spot and then 5 secs later press left/right?
21:28:41 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
21:29:14 Join Moos [0] (i=51400b8c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:30:43bipakrockbox built as well linuxstb_ :] thanks for helping
21:31:03 Quit BigBambi ("Leaving")
21:31:36 Quit senab (Remote closed the connection)
21:31:38 Quit XavierGr ()
21:33:28bipakyeah, its possible to record direct in mp3 now. i love rockbox :)
21:34:49 Nick Variable is now known as Rudy4Pez (
21:35:26bipakwhat does "precrecord time" mean?
21:35:42 Quit Trunksi (Nick collision from services.)
21:35:48 Join Reverie [0] (
21:35:50 Nick Reverie is now known as Trunksi (
21:36:41LennyKwell anyway in terms of a-b repeat is seems that you cannot hardly any amount of time between when you press play and when you press left/right of the sync point doesn't register
21:37:22LennyK*cannot have hardly*
21:37:31bluebrotherLennyK, I usually hold play, then left / right
21:37:47bluebrotherbut not as holding for several seconds
21:37:59LennyKI can't get the start point to sync unless it's almost simultaneous
21:38:35bluebrothersorry, no ideas anymore.
21:38:51LennyKthanks for helping. is there a way to clear the in/out points?
21:38:57bluebrotheras I said, it works for me. But usually I don't use a-b.
21:39:20bluebrothernone I know of (except switching to a different repeat mode)
21:40:17LennyKyeah I ususally stop and restart the file. i found something in the mail archive that said the original patch had play+stop to clear the points but I couldn't get it to work
21:41:01LennyKok well that's enough to get me going. thanks
21:41:23 Join bbroke [0] (
21:47:19 Quit Trunksi (Nick collision from services.)
21:47:22 Join Reverie [0] (
21:47:24 Nick Reverie is now known as Trunksi (
21:52:26 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
21:55:01 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
21:55:41 Join TCK [0] (
22:01:04bipaklol rockbox has a pitch function now... you guys are crazy. some weeks ago i dreamed of a feature like that for DJing :)
22:01:25preglowwe've had that feature for years
22:01:52bipakbut not on ihp, right?
22:02:18preglowwe've had it on ihp for a very good while
22:02:26preglowa year or so
22:02:28bipakoh.. lol
22:02:52bluebrotherI can remember discovering that feature on h120 about a year ago ... so it's quite a while
22:03:07bipakok then im blind
22:03:14preglowit's probably longer than a year
22:03:21preglowi can't remember when i implemented it anymore
22:03:30bipakhehe :)
22:04:10bluebrotherbut the documentation became better the last year, so it isn't as hard to find as those times ;-)
22:04:28bipakbut the record to mp3 feature was not implemented a long time ago, or didn't i see the feature too?
22:04:38bluebrotherthat's pretty new.
22:04:43bipakok :>
22:04:47 Join zoglesby [0] (
22:05:09bluebrothercouple of weeks, but there was a patch flying around on FS for quite some time.
22:05:37bipakis there a documentation for rockbox->ihp, or only a doc for the whole rockbox firmware?
22:05:59bluebrotherthe manual is build for each target separately but from the same sources.
22:06:07bipakoh :D
22:06:11bluebrotherso there is a manual specific to the h100 series
22:06:52 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
22:06:55bluebrother<a target="_blank" href="">> in case you haven't found it already
22:07:04lostlogicin shocking news, I still think that having the track change GUI update on the wrong thread makes it look worse, not better.
22:07:15lostlogicbut this may be another case of the ipod looking different than the HXXX
22:07:17bipakrockbox makes the ihp alot more precious :)
22:07:42bipakthanks bluebrother
22:08:41 Join webguest25 [0] (i=44e92636@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:08:45bluebrothertoo bad the h100 and h300 series get more and more difficult to get hands on.
22:09:26bipaklast week i recorded a dj-set of me with the original firmware. and after i checked what it has recorded i saw that it recorded only 100mb :\... commercial shit
22:09:32webguest25With the new Rockboy keymappings, does that mean that it finally works on Ondio?
22:10:30 Quit webguest25 (Client Quit)
22:10:45bluebrotherOF is strange ... whenever I boot into the iriver fw it shows ~40MB free space while I have ~1.5GB
22:11:00bipaklol :)
22:11:38bluebrotheronce Rockbox wouldn't boot after that anymore because I made a short recording ... seems like it trashed my filesystem :(
22:11:50 Join damaki_ [0] (
22:12:10 Quit freqmod (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:12:16bipakoh :(
22:12:27oboCan someone close <a target="_blank" href="">FS #4865a> please?
22:12:38bluebrothercoding Rockbox is way more fun than using the OF :D
22:12:49bipakive installed a new battery to my ihp yesterday. now it has 2,2Ah :D
22:13:15bluebrotherobo, done.
22:13:23obothanks bluebrother
22:13:36bluebrotherbipak, I did this some time ago, but now the performance is equal to the original one :(
22:13:50bluebrothercheap ebay crap :(
22:14:14bipakhmm yes my one is also from ebay..
22:14:20bipakthe one for ipods
22:14:33bipakwe'll see how long it works
22:14:37bipakhopefully it wont explode
22:15:04 Quit daishiman ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:15:08bluebrotherthat exploding batteries got quite a few people nervous.
22:16:19Rudy4PezIs #4899 in CVS yet?
22:16:23bipakoh yes... alan cox thinkpad exploded last week or so...
22:16:47oboRudy4Pez: yes
22:17:05Rudy4PezIs it only for Nano?
22:17:18obonope - for all ipods
22:17:24Rudy4PezSweet. Thanks.
22:18:09bipakis there a page for more rockbox themes?
22:19:00bluebrother<a target="_blank" href="">http://www.rockbox-themes.orga> and the wiki wps pages
22:19:41bluebrotheron the ltp mailing list some guy got quite nervous by the news of alan cox thinkpad :o
22:21:03bipakltp? linux thinkpad? *g*
22:21:11bipakah :)
22:21:25bluebrotherI've linux running on a thinkpad ;-) Works like a charm
22:21:44 Join beto [0] (i=d1ea8843@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:22:02 Quit beto (Client Quit)
22:23:13bipakyou should take a backup ;)
22:23:50bluebrotherby bying a backup thinkpad?
22:23:59bipaklol :)
22:24:24bluebrotheras Thinkpads aren't Thinkpads anymore this is indeed an option. If only they were cheaper.
22:24:33LennyKhey bluebrother I figured out how to clear a-b points. hit play+navi (quickly). also check out this <a target="_blank" href="">>
22:26:40 Quit Mmmm ()
22:26:56bipakuuuh i want a color display.. that themes are alot more interessting *g*
22:27:38 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:28:12bluebrotherLennyK, thanks for noting. Clearing the a-b points isn't documented at all ...
22:29:45bipakok, im going to bed now.. cu later
22:33:10 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
22:36:25 Quit LennyK ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:37:34 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:43:55 Join BigBambi [0] (
22:52:59 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:58:37 Quit rretzbach (Connection reset by peer)
23:00:57 Join tucoz_ [0] (
23:01:04 Quit tucoz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:07:29 Nick tucoz_ is now known as tucoz (
23:15:35 Quit |AhIoRoS| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:15:56 Quit bluebrother ("back another day")
23:18:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:19:15 Quit Kohlrabi ("Quit")
23:21:02 Join petur [0] (
23:25:23*ender` yawns
23:28:20amiganHrm. The recent commit that fixes the x5 remote hold switch and play button issue...does this affect the bootloader as well?
23:28:42amiganBecause (as expected) it still boots even when the hold switch on the remote is down. But I'm using the dual boot with the OF.
23:29:02 Join matsl [0] (
23:29:48 Join soultwister [0] (
23:30:11soultwisteris it possible for fm raDIO
23:31:23midkayis what possible for FM radio?
23:34:21 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
23:34:27midkayis rockbox possible "for FM radio"? it doesn't make any sense.
23:34:38soultwisterfm radio for rockbox
23:34:41tucozsoultwister, you might wanna tell us what your target is?
23:34:42markunsoultwister: listen to radio?
23:34:45midkayit has an FM Radio feature if your player supports radio..
23:35:03soultwisterbummer mine dosent
23:35:11 Join JdGordon [0] (
23:35:27midkaysoultwister: well, we can't just magically make your player tune into some radio stations :)
23:35:40Soapspeak for yourself
23:36:08midkaywhat, me?
23:36:10soultwisteri know it would be cool if u could
23:36:41Soapyes you midkay.
23:36:46soultwisterand how they took out rockboy out
23:36:51midkaySoap: what's that supposed to mean?
23:37:00SoapIt means I'm magic.
23:37:07soultwisterwhy did they take out rockboy
23:37:12tucozsoultwister, if the tuner hardware is missing, then it's impossible without some sorts of external tuner
23:37:15midkaynobody took out rockboy, why do you ask?
23:37:32soultwisterwell its not on my build
23:37:40SoapBut seriously, soultwister, a FM receiver is a hardware device which can't be emmulated in software. You need a physical receiver, antenna, tuner, etc.
23:37:47tucozsoultwister, did you download a daily build?
23:37:48markunsoultwister: the daily builds are a bit broken
23:37:57markunuse the cvs build
23:38:22tucozthen do what markun says
23:38:22soultwisterdaily build
23:38:38soultwisterdont you have to compile cvs
23:39:07tucozno, go to the cvs page, and browse down to where it says "bleeding edge builds"
23:39:13 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
23:40:12soultwisterthen what do i do with it
23:40:49tucozthe same as you do with the daily
23:41:31 Quit Landus (Nick collision from services.)
23:41:35tucozit's the same contents. The daily gets built once a day, and the cvs builds at every commit to cvs
23:41:52tucozthat is why we call it bleeding edge :)
23:41:53 Join Landus [0] (
23:43:09soultwisterdifferent name then all the other files rockboy.c
23:44:36tucozi don't understand, but something is wrong when the daily zip files are made. the plugins are not included for some reason
23:44:53tucozthey are however included in the cvs builds
23:47:09Soapso, if you really wanted you could download a CVS which coincides with the build picked to be the daily, and...well, I guess you gain nothing.
23:48:08 Join fiftyfour123 [0] (
23:49:12 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
23:49:17soultwisterthoes buids dont support my ipod
23:49:52 Quit fiftyfour123 (Client Quit)
23:50:38hcshmm, with a black background I can't read the splash screens, the text of which seems to be always black
23:51:43tucozsoultwister, what ipod do you have?
23:52:16tucozall the supported ipods are to be found there
23:52:45markunsoultwister: so, which one do you have?
23:53:07soultwister5g ipod 60 gig
23:53:19markun<a target="_blank" href="">>
23:53:39soultwisterits on daily builds but not cvs builds
23:53:43tucozit is
23:53:57tucozit's right in front of me on the cvs page
23:54:03tucozcalled ipodvideo
23:54:11 Join webguest40 [0] (i=183ea599@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:55:43soultwisterdude rockboy isnt in that zip u gave me
23:56:02tucozit is
23:56:16tucozbut you wont find it if you select "browse plugins"
23:56:41soultwisterok i looked in rocks directory no rockboy
23:57:03peturisn't it a viewer?
23:57:06soultwisterwhere do i find it then
23:57:27soultwisterno its a emulator for gameboy
23:57:41peturit's in .rockbox/viewers
23:57:56mirakahah I felt like I was trolling on ffmpeg channel when I asked them why libavcodec is not even sorted at least in audio and video codecs
23:58:11soultwisteryour right
23:58:22markunsoultwister: just click on a .gb rom file
23:58:27 Join a [0] (i=183ea599@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:58:33 Quit a (Client Quit)
23:58:33 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
23:58:50soultwisterok ill try
23:58:54markunmirak: what did they reply?

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