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#rockbox log for 2006-09-30

00:01:07MagusG8 hours seems decent to me
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00:22:42Cheapy|Is there a !seen script in this room?
00:22:57Cheapy|!seen Stevie[FP]
00:23:02Cheapy|Guess not.
00:23:37zeCheapy|: /msg nickserv info Stevie[FP]
00:23:46Cheapy|that's no fun
00:23:47Cheapy|but thanks
00:23:58zedoesn't look promising either :p
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01:09:28amiconnCheapy|: Ask logbot...
01:09:38amiconn/msg logbot seen <nick>
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01:14:08barrywardelli just finished a first attempt at moving the ipod into the target tree
01:14:29barrywardellanyone with ipods want to test it?
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01:19:06scorchebarrywardell: sure...anything to look for in particular?
01:19:28MagusGholy crap
01:19:32MagusGim in love with rockbox
01:19:33barrywardelljust if it actually works. the backlight button code has been moved
01:19:39barrywardellso check they work
01:20:01barrywardelland the adc (battery)
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01:20:26Genre9mp3MagusG: :)
01:20:30barrywardelland power and usb
01:20:37barrywardellthink that's it
01:20:44scorcheactually, i take that back...apparently, VMware decided to not like me
01:20:48*scorche re-installs
01:20:50MagusGis there any detriment to SQ in transcoding from ogg q9 to a lower bitrate?
01:21:13barrywardellwhat ipod do you have?
01:22:51barrywardellhopefully all those things i mentioned will work the exact same as before!
01:22:52MagusGdamn, now i want an 8gb nano
01:23:08scorcheMagusG: doesnt work with rockbox yet
01:23:25MagusGthen i want my current ipod modded to 8gb
01:24:08midkayMagusG: at your sound quality question, absolutely.
01:24:21MagusGi mean, i know its gonna sound like a lower bitrate..
01:24:27midkaywhen you converted from a CD or whatever to ogg, you lost some quality.. going down from there will lose even more.
01:24:38MagusGbut i mean, is it gonna be worse than say
01:24:43midkayyeah, but you've already lost some.. it's compressing compression.
01:25:07MagusGif i were to take the original and encode it to the lower bitrate ogg
01:25:11midkayi'd say re-rip if you have the option or work off lossless files..
01:25:19MagusGcompared to transcoding from the ogg q9
01:25:28midkayit would be worse than re-ripping, right.
01:25:58midkayripping from cd (100% quality) to e.g. 128k mp3, let's say that brings it to 50% quality..
01:26:01scorcheit doesnt just "take out the same areas" as i have seen some people compare it to
01:26:19midkaybut ripping from cd (100%) -> 320k mp3 (say 90%) and then down to 128k would be like 40% or something.. if that makes sense.
01:26:30MagusGi mean, i have most of my collection archived in FLAC, but burned to DVDs
01:26:45MagusG99% of the stuff on my hdd is ogg q9
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01:27:01midkaythat's the best way to deal with it, bring it all back down from the source material.
01:27:07MagusGi agree
01:27:34SoapNot only is it worse than reripping, but an ogg ->mp3 conversion will sound worse than the lower of the two bitrates. Often much worse. You get native ogg artifacts + native mp3 ones + the funky gunk that only a double lossy can do.
01:27:56MagusGim thinking q9 > q6 or q5
01:28:07MagusGshouldnt be terrible eh?
01:28:23Soapwon't be great.
01:28:52Rob2222may i ask an off topic question?
01:29:03SoapFWIW, bit for bit mp3 playback gives you better battery life than ogg playback at this moment.
01:29:35Rob2222I went off of the US Postal service web site. <= what does that mean? i cant translate it anyhow ...
01:29:37midkayRob2222: yes, we grant you permission.. good thing you asked, after all, asking off topic questions without asking to ask them is a punishable crime here!
01:29:53barrywardellis it not possible to convert ogg to a lower bitrate without recompressing?
01:30:04Rob2222i just down know who to ask atm
01:30:23barrywardellor am i just making that up?
01:30:23Rob2222"I went off of the" <=?
01:30:31Soapbarrywardell - I think only one kind of ogg can be bitstripped.
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01:32:10midkaybarrywardell: huh? of course you can convert as you wish.
01:32:29midkaybut it's just like blurring a blurred picture, after doing that a few times it's unrecognizable :)
01:33:05barrywardelli mean you can convert to a lower bitrate and the result is as if you created the lower bitrate file from the original source audio
01:33:37midkayyou can't compress the compressed version and have the same effect, no.
01:33:43Soapmidkay - barrywardell was asking if you can't strip a high bitrate ogg of the less-essential bits to make it a lower bitrate one. some codecs can do that, I can't remember which.
01:34:01barrywardellah, i'm not crazy
01:34:04midkaywhere was that even suggestied? :o
01:34:14barrywardellbut it only exists in theory
01:36:15midkayah, i see what you mean, the wording of your question.. i assumed you meant like "without losing quality".
01:36:38barrywardelli was referring to MagusG's question
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01:44:28scorchebarrywardell: compiling
01:45:16scorche"error 2"
01:45:35barrywardellnot so great
01:46:10midkayscorche: you can't fix it? and you wanted to be a committer...!
01:46:33barrywardellthat's the nano build, yeah?
01:47:16scorcheare you able to build it?
01:47:32barrywardelli think so
01:47:37barrywardelltrying again now
01:47:45barrywardellwhere is it getting stuck?
01:48:19scorchepoints to plugin.o.....2 undefined references to 'wheel_status' and 'wheel_send_events'
01:48:51midkaysounds like you've got some old source..
01:48:55midkaythat was committed a few days ago.
01:49:02scorchei just updated
01:49:08barrywardellno, i moved that into the target tree
01:49:21scorcheand he...yeah
01:49:27barrywardelli'll need to fix that
01:49:33midkaygenius, scorche.
01:49:46XavierGrbarrywardell: how is battery time on H10 with rockbox?
01:49:47*scorche salutes midkay
01:50:05scorche....why did i try to auto-complete "salutes"?
01:50:16barrywardellXavierGr: I set mine playing and left it alone and it lasted about 8 hours
01:50:20barrywardellgive or take
01:50:30XavierGrand with OF?
01:50:56XavierGrjust to know if battery time is better or worse
01:51:05barrywardellworse, I would imagine
01:51:18habanaIs there someone skilled in sansa port ?
01:51:20barrywardelli think the OF is quoted as 16
01:51:21XavierGrwith H100 and H300 rockbox woops iriver's ass on the battery aspect
01:51:26habanai'd like to help but dont understand what need to be done
01:51:37barrywardellbut probably that's a bit optimistic
01:51:46XavierGrbut I think that H10 has the same problem with iPods
01:52:06scorchebarrywardell: are you going to fix it now, or add it to the list of fixes?...i need to be somewhere soon
01:52:10barrywardellyes, and will benefit from a lot of the improvements the ipods get
01:52:20barrywardellscorche: not right now
01:52:28scorchei will test later then
01:52:33barrywardellthanks for testing
01:52:49XavierGrsomeone mentioned about disk idling on portaplayer
01:52:56XavierGrthat was a major issue on iriver
01:53:12XavierGron rockbox disk power off is off by default
01:53:27XavierGrso we were having less battery time on H100
01:53:54XavierGrmaybe there is somthing similar on H10, iPods too
01:54:02XavierGrbut noone knows for sure
01:54:12barrywardellthe H10 disk sounds like it spins itself down after about 5 seconds
01:54:21XavierGryeah that was the case with H100
01:54:24barrywardellit looks like a hardware thing
01:54:28XavierGrbut still the current is there
01:54:45Soapwhat is the advantage of moving the ipods to the target tree? </noob>
01:54:51XavierGrI mean the difference with disk power off is faster spin up time
01:55:14barrywardelli know there is GPIO port which seems to control the hdd power
01:55:18XavierGrand 50mah more power consumptionIIRC
01:55:30barrywardellflicking it off, you can hear the disk spin down
01:57:18barrywardellwould i put that in ide_power_enable()?
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02:01:58barrywardelli'll run tests with and without powering off
02:02:17barrywardellpity it's gonna take 16 hours to find out!
02:02:53XavierGryou can use battery_benchmark for ease of use
02:03:10XavierGrand then you can put your results on the wiki
02:03:20XavierGrthat is very informing on iriver H100 and H300
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02:06:11barrywardellwill do
02:06:52MagusGok, this is gonna sound dumb
02:06:52 Quit habana ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:06:58MagusGwhere do you go for plugins?
02:07:39barrywardellSoap: the goal of the target tree is to get away from a lot of the ifdef hell
02:08:11barrywardellall hardware specific stuff is in its own directory
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02:33:10sneakumsif anyone needs an ipod 80G boot partition image, let me know, i have one uploaded
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04:18:02BHSPitLappysneakums, how do you like yours
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04:43:08MagusGis there a speex plugin/codec for rockbox?
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05:02:08SoapHow large of an attachment can I post to the wiki?
05:03:02SoapI was thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to post an album (public domain) for consistant runtime tests.
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05:06:18scorcheSoap: 10000 KB
05:06:41Soapthat's not going to work.
05:07:08SoapI guess I'll use a FLAC album from, and encoder settings.
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05:31:21bestadvocatehey guys
05:32:12bestadvocatebrb reading faq
05:34:40bestadvocateI'm thinking of buying ether a iAudioX5 or 80 gig iPod, I was wondering, which one does rockbox work better on?
05:35:55bestadvocateusing my mp3 player on an Ubuntu machine is my ultimate goal.
05:36:47aliaskWell, at the moment it would only work on the X5
05:37:11aliaskAnd even when the 5.5g iPods are supported, the X5 will perform better.
05:37:59bestadvocatethanks, Its a bit of a bummer, the iPod hardware is superior, but the Apple firmware is completely unexceptable
05:38:53aliaskYeah, it's mainly the LCD that slows down the iPod, it's got a lot of pixels to update, and because we don't have much hardware info on it, we havn't figured out how to write to it very quickly.
05:39:43bestadvocatecool, thanks for the info. I'll likely be back once I get my X5L
05:39:55aliaskRightio, good luck with it.
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08:37:34DrMoreaune1 awake?
08:38:02aliaskIt's 4:30pm here, I'm certainly not asleep :)
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08:45:41DrMoreauits 2:45 am here
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11:07:14*linuxstb yawns
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11:12:39JdGordonhey all
11:12:54JdGordonanyone awake yet?
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11:32:33naquadacan any one help me with an iaudio x5l ?
11:32:57naquadai like to know if i will install rockbox will it do someting to my bettary ?
11:33:21linuxstbWhat do you mean?
11:33:25scorcheif you mean something harmful, no
11:34:49naquadasomeone told me , that if i will install rockbox on the player the battry life will be harmd/
11:35:31 Join hockyhair [0] (
11:35:49scorcheas i said, rockbox does not do anything harmful to your battery
11:35:57hockyhairany changes with 5g ipod in the last few weeks?
11:36:11scorchehockyhair: check the commit list..
11:36:25scorchefront page
11:36:47scorchethere is a link that says something like "all commits since 2.5"
11:37:43scorche"killing it sooner" is quite the overstatement
11:38:06scorcherockbox battery life is less than the original firmware, but it doesnt harm the battery
11:38:17scorcheand the battery life under rockbox will change for the batter
11:38:44hockyhairscorche: can you explain what car adapter mode does, i dont notice any change when it's set to on
11:38:57naquadaif with the original firmware i get 40 houers what will i get with rockbox ?
11:39:00JdGordonlinuxstb: how "expensive" are new threads? i figured out a sweet way to do random folder advance, but it really needs a new thread to keep a folder list in the background (really only needed on startup and if folders are removed, added...)
11:39:31scorchehockyhair: if it is the feature i am thinking of, it will turn the device off when a current is going through the charger and turn it back on when it is returned
11:39:53scorchegood for the car so you dont have to touch it when running errands and such
11:40:00hockyhairthat always happens regardless of any setting for me
11:40:08naquadascorche:if with the original firmware i get 40 houers what will i get with rockbox ?
11:40:40linuxstbJdGordon: Won't that involve a large buffer to store the folder list?
11:40:42hockyhairi mean, i always have to hold menu when pluging in the charger other wise it will shutdown and rb will not load
11:40:44scorchenaquada: you dont get 40 hours...and i am not sure that the current state of life is like
11:40:59JdGordonlinuxstb: no, i'm going to use a file on disk as the buffer
11:41:08scorchenaquada: there should be a page in the wiki about for "runtime" and look at the results for x5l
11:41:21JdGordonlinuxstb: thats the only way it can work reasonably quickly using little ram
11:41:26naquadadid anyone here install rockbox on iaudio x5l ?
11:41:40linuxstbJdGordon: Isn't that just duplicating the functionality of dircache?
11:42:03JdGordonslightly... well.. yes
11:42:13JdGordoni cant see how to use dircache for this tho
11:43:51naquadathx all
11:43:54 Quit naquada ()
11:44:59amiconnhmm, he left...
11:45:30amiconnscorche: The X5L has very long battery life, that's what the L stands for
11:45:42scorcheyes, but not as long as the OF
11:45:50amiconnCowon states 35 hours iirc
11:46:01 Quit barrywardell ()
11:46:32amiconnRockbox isn't that bad compared to the OF on X5
11:46:34scorchedidnt realize it was *that* long, but how does that affect the discussion and his questions?
11:47:20scorcheheh...i never said it was that bad, just not as good as OF yet....he was asking if rockbox did anything harmful
11:47:43amiconnBasically, rockbox battery life is clearly better than OF on Archos Ondios, slightly better on HD based archoses and irivers, and roughly equal or slightly worse on X5
11:48:01amiconnThe only targets where rockbox battery life is far worse than OF are the ipods
11:48:47 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
11:48:47hockyhairsomeone is working on that now correct?
11:48:48scorcheas i said..i didnt say or refer to "far worse", but i didnt think we were up to equal yet
11:48:51amiconnIt should be possible to bring rockbox on X5 on par with the iriver targets
11:49:04 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
11:49:07 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
11:49:32amiconnThe main pb is the inefficient pcf50605 driver
11:51:53 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:51:55 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
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11:59:29*linuxstb_ is having a bad ADSL day...
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12:01:21JdGordondoes anyone know how the next/up/down variables work in the dircache_entry struct?
12:01:44linuxstbamiconn: If you have a few minutes, I would be curious to know your thoughts about the bmp resizing patch:
12:01:47JdGordoncan i assume next is a file/folder in the current folder, up is the parent dir, down is enter the folder if this is a folder?
12:02:19linuxstbI've started to look at the album art patch, to see what needs to be done before it can be considered for committing, and the album art patch now relies on that bmp resizing patch. But I'm pretty sure we wouldn't want to commit it (the bmp resizing patch).
12:02:47linuxstbJdGordon: I think you would need to ask Slasheri...
12:03:09JdGordonSlasheri: you around?
12:03:52SlasheriJdGordon: next = goes to the next entry in the current dir. down = goes to the sub directory if current entry is a directory. up = goes to the parent directory or NULL if already in the root
12:04:17JdGordonok, thanks
12:05:05JdGordonSlasheri: also, is there seems to be 2 values attribute can be if it is a dir, depending on if it is a sim or target build... is there a better way to check?
12:05:17JdGordonATTR_DIRECTORY for sim or FAT_ATTR_DIRECTORY otherwsie?
12:05:45Slasherihmm, i think they should be identical
12:06:16Slasheri|tns.c:130: internal compiler error: in reload_cse_simplify_operands, at postreload.c:391
12:06:19Slasheri|Please submit a full bug report,
12:06:22Slasheri|with preprocessed source if appropriate.
12:06:24Slasheri|See <URL:> for instructions.
12:06:30Slasherihehe, weird. I got a compiler error with the latest rockbox sources :D
12:08:43JdGordonamiconn: you dont use dircache do you?
12:08:56amiconnNo I don't
12:09:37JdGordonwould it be better to add random folder advance using dircache stuff so unless its inited you cant use random, or use my own caching so it can work even if dircache is off
12:09:58Slasheriit seems that compiler error happens only with gcc version 3.4.4. Version 3.4.5 seems to be fixed
12:11:29JdGordonanyone have an option on above question?
12:12:37 Part nave7693
12:13:42 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:13:48 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
12:13:50 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:14:12amiconnJdGordon: My opinion is simple - I don't need random folder skip at all
12:15:02JdGordonok, but hypothetically... would it be better to just disable it for everyone who doesnt use dircache? or make it available for everone who would want it?
12:16:11amiconnDepends on what the cost of separate buffering is. I guess it's better to just use the dircache buffer
12:16:13 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
12:17:00amiconnThe main reasons why I don't use dircache are (1) it uses up RAM for little benefit that's better used for buffering and (2) I still don't really trust it...
12:17:51Genre9mp3amiconn: trust it?
12:17:54scorchethe eye in dircache is a bit shifty...
12:18:36amiconnlinuxstb: I think we do want a scaling bmp loader, but (1) for mono (and perhaps also grayscale) targets it shouldn't be part of the core and (2) I don't like the implementation
12:19:05JdGordonamiconn: the other method uses a file to cache the folder list, and possibly a thread so the list can be updated in the background (would really only need to be rebuilt on boot up and if any folders are added or removed), ram useage would be pretty tiny
12:19:48JdGordonunless it had to use a chace, and coulndt piggy-back onto another thread
12:22:55 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:23:01linuxstb_amiconn: What other uses (apart from album art) would there be for a scaling bmp loader?
12:23:05 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:23:42JdGordonscaling backgounrd images?
12:23:51amiconnI can't see any (at least for the core), and that's why I don't want it in the core for mono/greyscale targets
12:24:10amiconnJdGordon: That doesn't make sense...
12:24:19JdGordonwhy not?
12:24:53amiconnUnlike a wps with album art, where the album art image size can vary depending on the selected theme, the background is always the same size
12:25:08amiconnScaling on target is therefore just a waste of resources
12:25:39JdGordonyes, of course, but it would allow for backgrounds to not have to be manually scaled, so the same wps zips could work for multple targets
12:25:45Genre9mp3Wouldn't bmp scaling have a point on a bmp viewer or something?
12:26:03amiconnGenre9mp3: Yes, but for that it doesn't need to be in the core
12:27:13amiconnlinuxstb_: Some of my objections against the implementation: (1) It uses an (arbitrary) factor of 1000 for calculating the scaling. Real fixed point arithmetics (e.g. using 16.16 format) would certainly be faster
12:27:58amiconn(2) It calls functions with long parameter lists from within tight loops - certaily very slow
12:28:21amiconn(3) It doesn't anti-alias
12:42:56 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:42:57 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:44:58 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
12:45:08 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:48:48 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:54:47JdGordoncan anyone give me the ok to commit ?
12:56:06 Quit jborn_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:56:10 Join jborn__ [0] (
13:03:21 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
13:03:47 Quit mordov (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
13:04:21 Join lightyear [0] (
13:07:56JdGordonaargg!!!! bloody kate crashed!
13:09:32JdGordon:'( lost about 20min of work
13:10:32*ender` got used to pressing the hotkey for save after every line, due to some spectacular failures
13:11:11*scorche 's editor saves work much like word does so there is never anything lost
13:14:25*amiconn 's editor didn't crash a single time yet
13:14:44amiconnI leave it running all the time, often have 20+ files opened
13:15:24ender`my editor hasn't crashed either - but back in the day, i didn't have an UPS
13:15:46amiconnHehe, a laptop has an 'ups' built in :)
13:17:54ender`10 years ago, even the computer wasn't mine, and laptops back then...
13:18:14JdGordonare there any threads that are mostly idle that i can piggy back onto safely?
13:18:34*JdGordon decided not to use dircache
13:19:20ender`oh, what's the status of apev2 tags support for MP3s?
13:19:22Genre9mp3amiconn: I was wondering what are the trust issues you said about dircache...
13:19:59 Join pdvhbr [0] (i=d5d935dc@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:20:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:23:56 Quit pdvhbr (Client Quit)
13:24:42 Join mordov [0] (
13:25:53amiconnGenre9mp3: Dircache introduces a layer of complexity into the rather crucial file operations. There were several weird dircache-related issue.
13:26:08amiconnI doubt that there are no bugs left...
13:28:56Genre9mp3I see... I use dircache and haven't experienced any bugs related to that... but OTOH you cannot be sure about that
13:29:52Genre9mp3But it seems really useful for my H300
13:29:59 Part pixie
13:30:30Genre9mp3It really speeds up things and gets rid of annoying lags in the File Browser
13:30:59amiconnThe weird thing is that the disk delays don't annoy me much... except on X5
13:31:19 Join StefanGuenzel [0] (
13:32:18amiconnFor some reason it seems that the spinup delay of the X5 HD is longer than on all other targets I have - but it should be similar to my irivers' (or even lower, since it's a single-platter disk)
13:32:58Genre9mp3X5 use toshiba disks too, right?
13:33:59Genre9mp3Maybe it's something with the ATA driver then?
13:34:25amiconnNo. It's the physical spinup delay...
13:35:28amiconnPerhaps it's only my imagination, because the spinning noise is almost inaudible, unlike my iriver HDs
13:36:26Genre9mp3amiconn: So...may I ask if you use dircache on your X5? :P
13:36:55amiconnNo I don't
13:39:20 Join Quazgaa [0] (
13:44:41JdGordonhmm... i opened an fd correclty, but write is returning -1? why wold that be? (i opened it with O_CREAT)
13:45:50linuxstb_I think you also need to use O_RDWR or O_WRONLY
13:46:10JdGordoni thought WRONLY was explicitly used with creat?
13:46:29 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:46:34JdGordondoH! yeah that was it
13:47:11linuxstb_You may also want O_TRUNC
13:48:25hcslinuxstb_: I put up the thing I was working on yesterday as a patch:
13:49:40StefanGuenzelGood day everybody
13:50:27JdGordon:D random folder advance works, and i dont tihnk it adds to much to bloat..
13:50:34 Join petur [0] (
13:50:41linuxstb_hcs: The changing to scrolling behaviour is probably due to the recent kernel scheduler changes - when did you last update your version of Rockbox?
13:51:31StefanGuenzelI want to to help rockbox project by working on Manuals
13:51:40hcslinuxstb_: let me see, I thought it was yesterday, I'll update from CVS and see if I still see the same difference between pre- and post- patching
13:51:46bluebrotherStefanGuenzel, nice to hear
13:52:29StefanGuenzelbut I dont know how?! Can anybody give my a help?
13:52:52linuxstb_hcs: I'll start a test running now on my Color, and I'll let you know what happens.
13:53:06bluebrotherhow much do you already know? Have you been able building the manual yourself already?
13:53:15Ed_ender`: hello?
13:53:34Ed_ender`: heh - you're ender from #amule? lol :)
13:53:40Ed_long time no speek :)
13:54:22bluebrotherand read if you haven't done already.
13:54:33hcslinuxstb_: thanks, I'm really fumbling around in the dark with this
13:55:56linuxstb_hcs: That's what ipod development is like most of the time...
13:56:53StefanGuenzelI m wondering why I didnt found the manualhowto link... sorry I m gonna red it
13:57:08bluebrothernp :)
13:58:34 Join rr3tzbach [0] (
14:00:20 Nick Ribs3 is now known as Ribs (n=freenode@
14:00:39 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
14:02:28hcslinuxstb_: yes, you are correct, the scrolling speed issues I mentioned in the patch report are present without my patch
14:02:43hcsit is also nice that scrolling doesn't cause skipping anymore
14:03:17hcsI'll see if the whole phenomenon isn't just caused by changes to the scheduler...
14:03:32 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
14:05:35bluebrotherStefanGuenzel, we also have a LatexGuidelines and ManualTodo wiki page
14:06:53StefanGuenzelThe best way of starting with the documentation effort would be to download the manual module from the cvs repository. From your Rockbox cvs root:
14:06:53StefanGuenzelcvs co manual
14:08:24StefanGuenzelwhen I trying to download the hole manual\ I just get a html file
14:08:25 Part pixelma
14:08:45bluebrotherthe whole manual/ ?
14:09:09bluebrotheryou need to do a checkout from cvs −− you can't download it from the web directly
14:09:25bluebrother(except by downloading the source tarball)
14:10:37bluebrotherwhat OS are you working with?
14:13:45 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
14:16:09JdGordonwhat does B stand for in the OS Stack debug screen?
14:17:18 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
14:17:36 Quit rretzbach (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:18:33*bluebrother is out for a couple of minutes
14:18:49 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
14:21:54 Quit TeaSea (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
14:21:57 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
14:23:59StefanGuenzelI m working with WinXP
14:24:08 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:24:36linuxstb_hcs: Bad news - my ipod's crashed with the usual data abort...
14:25:18hcslinuxstb_: ah, pity, I'm running the build straight from CVS and haven't run into anything yet
14:27:57hcsI hate how it never crashes _when I want it to_
14:29:19 Join leachbj [0] (n=leachbj@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/leachbj)
14:29:54 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
14:31:05 Join rushfan [0] (
14:31:20rushfanHello. I bought an 80GB ipod. Does rockbox still work w/ them despite the minor changes in hardware?
14:33:00 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
14:33:19linuxstb_rushfan: Not at the moment.
14:33:47linuxstb_But at least one person is working on it, and the changes do indeed seem minor.
14:34:14rushfanlinuxstb_: Ok. Good thing I waited. heh
14:34:18rushfanNow I need to get gtkpod working.
14:34:33hcslinuxstb_: got the cvs build to crash, almost immediately after I touched the scroll wheel once to get the screen on
14:35:07 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
14:35:34rushfanhcs: cool
14:36:06Davide-NYCVMWare finally working without decimating my machine's performance in WinXP! \o/ halleluyah
14:36:16rushfanhcs: Well I mean at least something is being done
14:36:21leachbjlinuxtsb_ the bootloader is still not working on the new 5g though right?
14:36:49rushfanI love how iTunes fscks my tags and album art when I transfer, and its made by apple.
14:37:05linuxstb_leachbj: I think someone got it working. So we know at least the existing LCD driver works fine on the new 5g.
14:37:09Davide-NYCquick question: how do I cut 'n' paste clipboard text in and out of the VMWare OS?
14:37:41bluebrotherStefanGuenzel, I'm back. How can I help you?
14:38:00linuxstb_leachbj: Nice to see you around btw.
14:38:30 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
14:39:45leachbjlinuxstb_: thats encouraging. yeah i've been pretty busy with non-computer stuff for the last 7mths.
14:40:22linuxstb_Has the new Nano got your attention?
14:40:39leachbjyeah thats what i've been looking at
14:41:10linuxstb_Any progress? I've got one but am stuck with the encryption...
14:41:49leachbjnone really a bit of info about the encryption header but nothing helpful
14:44:13 Part rushfan
14:52:09 Join freqmod [0] (
14:52:24linuxstb_hcs: There seems to be a nasty typo in pp5020.h - CPU_INT_STAT is defined as 0x64004000, but it should (I think) be 0x60004000.....
14:52:40hcslinuxstb_: yeah, i noticed that
14:52:58hcsfigured it was just something I didn't understand
14:53:34 Join nls [0] (
14:54:30JdGordonthe tree context stuff is not mult-thread safe at all is it?
14:55:38linuxstb_hcs: I changed it, but got a freeze about a minute into my first test. I'm testing again now...
14:56:14hcsis this with my patch?
14:56:19linuxstb_I've always had data aborts in the past, so a freeze is nice change. This is without your patch, but with pp5020.h changed.
14:56:58hcsI've generally had freezes, and only occasionally data aborts
14:58:02hcsI'll make that fix in my build as well
14:59:19leachbjlinuxstb_ 0x60004000 is interrupt status for CPU
15:02:07linuxstb_leachbj: That's what I thought... But Rockbox has defined it as 0x64004000 and has been using it for months...
15:03:53hcslinuxstb_: are you sure it makes sense to do an OR with the interrupt enable register?
15:04:18 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
15:04:32linuxstb_hcs: Have you tried deleting that line completely?
15:04:44linuxstb_I'm not sure of anything any more...
15:05:34hcslinuxstb_: I tried it, but I was getting contradictory behavior
15:06:19linuxstb_Was that with pp5020.h fixed?
15:06:38hcslinuxstb_: no
15:06:52hcsit would just crash on boot sometimes, work fine otehrs
15:08:34hcsI'm rebuilding with the typo fix and nothing special in set_cpu_frequency
15:09:39 Quit Quazgaa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:13:15 Join lodesi [0] (n=lds@
15:18:21linuxstb_hcs: I've just got a data abort - with just pp5020.h fixed.
15:18:39hcshmm, you have a photo?
15:19:37hcsI'm running with pp5020.h fixed and the OR removed from system.c, it'll be a while before I have anything to say about it.
15:20:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:20:25*hcs uses Pink Floyd for testing
15:21:37 Join darkless [0] (
15:23:49 Part amiconn
15:23:59linuxstb_The data abort always seems to be 0x18 bytes from the end of set_cpu_frequency. The asm for that function is here:
15:24:08 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
15:24:32hcslinuxstb_: yes, the rare times I've seen a data abort I've seen the same thing, when using objdump on rockbox.elf
15:25:00hcsit's just odd that you regularly get data aborts but I only get freezes
15:25:38 Quit Rahab ("Rahab has no reason")
15:35:42 Quit StefanGuenzel (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:39:53hcslinuxstb_: ok, got a freeze with pp5020.h fixed and nothing in set_cpu_frequency(), trying next with pp5020.h fixed and my patch
15:48:17hcsI shall test that as I go off to lunch...
15:57:58 Quit freqmod ("Konversation terminated!")
16:00:57 Join freqmod [0] (
16:01:03 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
16:04:01 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
16:04:22 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
16:09:38 Join Criamos [0] (
16:10:17 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:14:02aliasklinuxstb: Not sure if this is relevant, but when disabling HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_FREQ, rockbox is occaisionally able to load, and when it does I get static over the headphones when it tries to voice anything, and sometimes when I hold menu and select.
16:23:32 Join freqmod [0] (
16:26:43 Join niskel [0] (
16:29:49 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
16:31:51 Quit TeaSea (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:34:07 Join damaki [0] (
16:44:37 Quit aliask ("sleep")
16:55:10 Join lamed [0] (i=d49656d3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:55:24 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
16:56:14linuxstblamed: Hi.
16:57:36lamedlinuxstb: I'm starting to be afraid that that ipod gut i've orderd from is a hoax, but time will tell, haven't paid yet.
16:57:48lamedis there a nicer way of doing strcat((char *)next," ");
16:58:17lamedi'm connecting two words, say strcat(str1,str2), but I need to add a gap in between
17:02:08 Join Cheapy| [0] (
17:15:44lamedlinuxstb: no idea?
17:20:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:22:08 Quit niskel ("Konversation terminated!")
17:25:10 Join niskel [0] (
17:30:48linuxstblamed: You could use sprintf(str3,"%s %s",str1,str2)
17:42:26 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
17:44:01 Quit mordov ("")
17:44:59 Join alphakiller [0] (n=bits@
17:53:47 Join spiorf [0] (
17:55:21 Part Paul_The_Nerd
17:58:46 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:00:17 Join lamed [0] (i=d49656d3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:04:06lamedlinuxstb: tt, but what file should i include to avoid implicit declaration
18:07:42 Quit niskel (Remote closed the connection)
18:11:02bluebrotherlamed, there exists firmware/include/sprintf.h, so I'd suggest including sprintf.h ;-)
18:12:18 Join obo [0] (
18:14:03lamedactually, it doesn't work (!).
18:14:53bluebrotherhuh? I can find quite a couple of files including sprintf.h ...
18:15:15lamedi'm trying to figure out where the real sprintf function is located so i could trace the correct file to include.
18:15:53lamedthe sprintf.c file doesn't contain a sprintf function
18:16:07lamed(under /common)
18:17:34bluebrotherinteresting. When I tried using sprintf it worked fine.
18:17:49alphakillermy guess it's a macro
18:17:55 Join baadb33f [0] (i=mewho@
18:18:16baadb33fhello all
18:18:31 Nick baadb33f is now known as DrMoreau (i=mewho@
18:19:17lamedbtw it works for me too, just complaining when i make it.
18:19:51alphakillerprobably something like: memcpy(target, source, strlen(source));
18:21:21bluebrotheris someone around with knowledge of the h10 port?
18:22:06lamedi was grepping the whole source and i couldn't find it.
18:24:38DrMoreaulinuxstb: ping
18:26:11 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
18:28:21DrMoreauanyone have experience with ata.c?
18:35:34 Quit freqmod (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:35:41 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
18:37:36 Join SereR0kR [0] (
18:42:03 Join Mordov|hardlywo [0] (
18:48:28 Quit flux__ (Remote closed the connection)
18:51:36 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:51:52linuxstb_lamed: In Rockbox, you should use snprintf
18:52:00 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
18:56:13Davide-NYChello all, I recently switched from using cygwin to using the rockbox vmware image for compiling
18:56:36Davide-NYCI still get an error when attempting to compile a build with profiling enabled
18:56:41Davide-NYCcan anyone help me?
18:58:42linuxstb_It's what we said the other day - with profiling enabled, the AAC codec is too big.
18:59:16Davide-NYCAh. I didn;t understand that there was nothing I could do about that
18:59:53linuxstb_Are you wanting to profile the AAC codec, or something else?
19:00:09Davide-NYCeither the AAC or WMA decoders
19:00:38linuxstb_IMO, the WMA decoder is still in too rough a state to start profiling - it needs to be made to work first.
19:00:57 Quit Kohlrabi ("Quit")
19:01:39Davide-NYCI have ranted in the forum that M4A and WMA playback are very important for rockbox and am trying to find a way to help in optimizing the decoders
19:02:07Davide-NYCbeing a noob I am finding it difficult to contribute on this vector
19:04:50 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:08:03*bluebrother doesn't consider wma to be important for Rockbox at all
19:09:45Davide-NYCit's just an unnecessary barrier to entry for (i presume) a lot of people.
19:09:45hcslinuxstb_: back from lunch, had two unusual crashes, it rebooted but hung on the apple screen
19:10:25Davide-NYCAAC is definitely a barrier to entry for a ton of ipod users.
19:10:36Davide-NYC(AAC playback)
19:11:55SoapDavide-NYC - while I agree 100% with the points you made in the forum thread about the # of people who rip to AAC or WMA because they are the default on the two most popular media players/rippers...
19:12:20 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
19:12:30SoapI do think that amongst the "target market" of Rockbox users they are actually a minority.
19:12:36linuxstb_hcs: My ipod is still crashing as normal as well...
19:12:54hcslinuxstb_: well, this is an abnormal form of crash for me...
19:13:14Davide-NYCSoap: I bet that target market would shift incredible once aac and wma playback worked
19:13:21Soapahh, but
19:13:59Soapthe very fact that the people in question only use the default ripping behavior is, IMHO, indicitive of the fact they would not be attracted to a non-default firmware.
19:14:11SoapExcept for doom and rockboy.
19:14:11Davide-NYCgood point
19:15:06SoapAnd the very same people who come to rockbox for doom and rockboy are the ones who, once again IMHO, will be the most problematic about DRM'd AAC and WMA files and "why won't my iTunes downloads play on Rockbox?"
19:15:50Davide-NYChmmm, you're probably right. I might be out of touch from the median RB user. I'm primarily focused on recording and then playback. I use no games at all. In fact I patch them out of my builds.
19:16:27Davide-NYCI just find near universal playback of whatever audio files type very very attractive.
19:16:57SoapI find it attractive also, but I'd like to believe it is the icing on the cake, and the cake isn't fully baked yet.
19:17:49*Davide-NYC decides to go see what is missig from a 3.0 release
19:19:08DrMoreaulinuxstb: the bootloader now runs on the 5.5, but it detects the hdf size 1/4 of what it really is.. with ata.c patched for 2048 bytes/sector it hangs after the hd detection
19:20:04DrMoreaucan you explain how the sector count is derived?
19:20:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:21:43 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
19:22:14linuxstb_The sector count is in the partition table. I'm not sure if it's ata.c you should be changing, or fat.c/disk.c
19:22:57DrMoreauboth ata.c and fat.h have SECTOR_SIZE hcd at 512
19:24:59linuxstb_AFAIK, the physical sector size is still 512 bytes - so the ATA sector read/write commands will still transfer 512 bytes.
19:25:29DrMoreauoic.. hmmmmm thats weird so why do they make it 2048 externally?
19:25:51 Join damaki [0] (
19:26:12hcslinuxstb_: I'm putting the CPU_INT_CLR=CPU_HI_INT_CLR=-1 I had in yesterday back in.
19:26:20 Join hockyhai1 [0] (
19:27:49 Quit lucaferr ("a CBIRC user")
19:29:50 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:30:01 Quit darkless (Remote closed the connection)
19:30:26linuxstb_DrMoreau: Do you know what the bytespersector value is in the MBR?
19:30:26 Join darkless [0] (
19:30:33Davide-NYCIn releasetodo where it says "Remote support for iRiver" does that mean for each and every plugin? Where does core functionality stop and plugin remote support begin?
19:30:43Davide-NYCCurrently it's at 50%
19:31:00DrMoreauno.. how can i tell?
19:34:51hcs...lousy broken MP3s making me think something's wrong with rockbox...
19:36:16DrMoreaulinuxstb_: So is the partition size derermined in fat.c?
19:38:12 Quit hockyhair (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:40:09 Quit darkless (Remote closed the connection)
19:40:55 Join darkless [0] (
19:41:16hcslinuxstb_: I'm getting a really weird effect here, with volume popping oddly between channels
19:41:54linuxstb_The partition table is read in disk.c - from the first sector on the disk. That sector read appears to work fine (without any modifications to Rockbox), which to me would mean that ata.c is fine. It contains the start sector and size in sectors. But what I'm not sure of is how Rockbox should determine that sector size.
19:42:31leachbjhcs: are you testing with a new 5g?
19:42:59hcsleachbj: no, 4g color, testing a "stability patch"
19:43:02hcswhich doesn't work
19:44:37DrMoreaulinuxstb: oic.. checking disk.c...
19:46:10 Join darkskiez [0] (
19:46:29 Quit darkskiez (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
19:46:55 Join darkskiez [0] (
19:47:15dionoeais ARMv5TE something that portal player chips are compatible with ?
19:50:31 Join FOAD_ [0] (
19:50:52 Join Famicom [0] (
19:51:36linuxstb_dionoea: The PP chips are arm7tdmi - which I think is ARMv4
19:51:39 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
19:52:02 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
19:52:07dionoeaoh ... ok :( the ffmpeg devel ml has been receiving loads of ARM5 related patches lately
19:52:15dionoeai was hoping that it could help
19:52:21DrMoreaulinuxstb: okay a quick patch to dick.c gets the correct size detected :)) still wont mount though..
19:52:30DrMoreauthats disk.c
19:52:32 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
19:52:33hcsomg Freudian slip
19:53:25DrMoreauthat'll live forever in the logs...
19:55:10Famicomplease, I need some help
19:55:31hcslinuxstb_: I'm looking at system_init(), the addresses written to to clear interrupts look wrong
19:55:38Famicomto get rid of itunes
19:55:41SoapFamicom - you need to ask your question.
19:56:03hcsFamicom: you seek to dethrone the emperor?!
19:56:19FamicomI've read I can use iPOD as a normal flash memory, or mp3 drive
19:56:42FamicomI want to copy-paste my songs directly to the drive, and make it work
19:57:13Famicomjust as it's been always done
19:57:13Famicomso far
19:57:27Famicomuntil ipod came xD
19:57:40linuxstb_You want Rockbox then.
19:57:41Famicomso where to start?
19:58:48 Quit FOAD (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
19:59:00Famicom;) thanks
19:59:42DrMoreaulinuxstb: can you send me the normal bootloader display test for a pod please...
20:04:28 Join StefanGuenzel [0] (
20:04:47 Quit StefanGuenzel (Client Quit)
20:06:39 Join San [0] (
20:06:52Sanis there is problem with MP3 recording?
20:07:00Sanas in, it varys in speed
20:07:09Sanwhen you play the recorded file
20:07:39 Join lamed [0] (i=d49656d3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:13:54lameddoes anybody knows why the space size on the splash function isn't font dependent? it's always 3 pixels long. maybe it's because of small lcd screen sizes for players such as the recorder?
20:14:54 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=freenode@
20:15:20linuxstb_DrMoreau: What's the "bootloader display test" ?
20:19:20 Nick pill is now known as pill__ (
20:20:50 Quit DrMoreau (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:20:53 Quit Bjoern-Erik ("leaving")
20:22:26 Quit Ribs (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:24:46 Quit coolego1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:26:31 Quit Famicom ()
20:30:53 Nick Ribs2 is now known as Ribs (n=freenode@
20:34:55 Quit idnar (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:36:39 Join idnar [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
20:36:54 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
20:42:11 Quit TeaSea (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:42:45 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC")
20:42:59 Quit SereR0kR ()
20:47:43 Join [TCK] [0] (
20:52:25 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
21:00:23 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
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21:05:07 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:08:21 Quit San ()
21:08:33 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:10:07 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:14:01 Join lee-qid [0] (
21:14:07 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:16:21 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:17:36hcslinuxstb_: I added CPU_INT_CLR=-1 and CPU_HI_INT_CLR=-1 to system_init(), doesn't seem to have helped at all
21:20:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:22:15 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=freenode@
21:22:39 Join merbanan [0] (
21:23:23 Join rah [0] (
21:24:54 Join linuxstb [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:29:04 Join Rudy4Pez [0] (
21:29:35 Join DrMoreau [0] (i=mewho@
21:29:38 Quit Ribs (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:29:46DrMoreaustupid netgear router
21:34:54 Join lucaferr [0] (
21:37:46 Join webguest1331 [0] (i=51e3ace4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:41:28barrywardellbluebrother: you had a question about the H10 port earlier
21:45:24DrMoreaugrr i can make disk.c report the appripriate disk size by " pinfo[i].size = BYTES2INT32(ptr, 12) * 4 " but it's a hack
21:47:23DrMoreaudisk.c and fat.c are beyond me.. can anyone assist?
21:47:30 Join Sinbios [0] (
21:47:30 Quit Sinbios (Remote closed the connection)
21:48:36linuxstbbarrywardell: Can the H10 record?
21:48:59barrywardellit has an internal mic
21:49:08 Join Sinbios [0] (
21:49:16barrywardelland there is a line in on the dock
21:49:33barrywardell(or you could probably hack a connector together)
21:49:51barrywardellit can also record from the radio
21:50:00linuxstbAre you interested in working on it? I've synced my ipod recording code to CVS, but there's still a lot of work needed.
21:50:29barrywardellyeah, I'd like to try it out at least
21:50:39barrywardelli'd imagine ipods and h10 will be similar
21:50:54 Join baadb33f [0] (i=mewho@
21:51:08linuxstbOK, I'll post what I've done so far to flyspray. I don't think I'll have any time to work on it any more in the near future.
21:51:25*Soap cries
21:51:42 Quit DrMoreau (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:51:55linuxstbYou can probably copy the wm8731 recording code from IPL - they've implemented both mic and line-in recording IIRC.
21:52:01baadb33flinuxstb: do you know anyone who can help me a bit with fat.c and disk.c?
21:52:04barrywardellgreat. what do you mean by it needs a lot of work?
21:52:27 Nick baadb33f is now known as DrMoreau (i=mewho@
21:54:04linuxstb1) Playback is broken after you record; 2) Various features are not yet implemented - changing the gain for example; 3) I haven't tested the MP3 encoder, but the wavpack encoder doesn't work (endian issues I think, maybe unaligned memory accesses as well). WAV is the only codec that's working.
21:55:18 Quit aegray ("Lost terminal")
21:55:59 Quit darkskiez ()
21:56:05barrywardellah, ok. i'll try it out and see if i can fix some of those issues...
21:56:43linuxstbAnd 4) Only 16-bit/44.1KHz is implemented, but the hardware (in the H10 as well I think) should support up to 24-bit/96KHz.
21:59:52 Join aegray [0] (n=aegray@
22:04:35 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
22:08:30Davide-NYCUpdated this wiki page: but I have no way of checking the H3x0 main unit and the non-LCD remote.
22:08:57Davide-NYCIf someone owns either please check 'em. Thanks.
22:09:11 Quit darkless ("Leaving")
22:15:12 Quit webguest1331 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:18:16 Quit MagusG (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:18:42 Quit Landus ("Leaving")
22:18:56linuxstbbarrywardell: Can you use the H10's line-in with the iriver firmware?
22:21:29barrywardelli think so
22:21:37barrywardellhaven't actually tried it though
22:22:49 Quit EspeonEefi ("Leaving")
22:24:51 Join Seed [0] (
22:25:42 Join TCK [0] (
22:28:03Davide-NYCare we using button combos anymore?
22:28:19Davide-NYCI know play/pause + up/down is page up/down
22:28:27Davide-NYCwhat else?
22:30:16 Quit Seedy (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:31:20 Quit lucaferr ("a CBIRC user")
22:32:27linuxstbDavide-NYC: Have you looked in apps/keymaps/keymap-h1x0_h3x0.c?
22:33:12 Join stevenm [0] (
22:33:17 Nick Ribs2 is now known as Ribs (n=freenode@
22:33:23stevenmHello. For the iriver target (or in general) which GCC are we using?
22:33:36Bagderstevenm: 3.4.6
22:33:51Bagderfor sh and arm we use 4.0.3
22:33:55stevenmBagder, do you know if someone has uploaded a built version for linux x86?
22:34:19Bagderbuild one with tools/
22:34:22stevenmBagder, I have 3.4.3 and get this error- tns.c:130: internal compiler error: in reload_cse_simplify_operands, at postreload.c:391 building tns.c
22:34:58stevenmBagder, I have built rockbox with this toolchain before but that was a few months back. Would a compiler upgrade (3.4.6) fix this, or is there another problem with my setup?
22:35:28Bagderthat problem is gcc version related
22:35:46Bagderso an upgrade should fix it, yes
22:35:47 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
22:36:24Davide-NYClinuxstb: oh boy, I think the main unit key mapping is incorrect as well then
22:36:31Davide-NYCIn the wiki
22:36:34stevenmBagder, ok, thanks. running scrpt now
22:37:10stevenmgot an iriver again from my friend (sans power supply). will have it for a little while, maybe write that midi patch volume prescaler
22:37:31 Join belze [0] (i=belze@2001:618:400:0:0:0:53d9:5f54)
22:42:48 Quit [TCK] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:47:59hcsI'm going through the firmware on my 60GB ipod photo, I'm seeing a different set of registers used for clearing irqs than is seen in ipl or rockbox, specifically the same registers that are actually regularly used for irq handling
22:49:40 Join akaias [0] (n=akaias@
22:49:55linuxstbhcs: What registers are you seeing being used?
22:51:34hcswhereas both in rockbox its -0x300 from that, for all I know it could be the same registers, but...
22:51:36 Quit DrMoreau (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:51:42linuxstbHave you seen this page?
22:52:02 Join Bjoern-Erik [0] (
22:52:09hcsit concurs with what he have in rockbox (with that typo fixed today)
22:52:54linuxstbThat wiki page (and the IPL source) is what pp5020.h would have been based on.
22:52:56hcsbut it makes no mention of the 0x60001000 range for interrupts, only as cpu/cop mailboxes
22:53:44hcsand it seems to be a fairly reasonable guide from what little of the firmware I've read through so far, though there are some registers which aren't listed on there
22:55:28hcsfreezes just fine with that changed, anyway
22:57:38hcsI'm seeing (*0x70000024)|=0xC0, for which I see no equivalent elsewhere
22:57:43 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:59:00 Quit Seed (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:00:03 Join Seed [0] (
23:00:33 Join lodesi [0] (n=lds@
23:00:53 Quit barrywardell ()
23:03:40 Join StefanGuenzel [0] (
23:07:30 Join MHen [0] (i=54a36a61@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:09:55*MHen hopes a developer will commit his patch 6052 anywhen soone
23:10:17*hcs read that as 6502
23:10:25*hcs has NES on the brain
23:10:40hcsnot that we don't have a SID player in, too
23:12:12 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=freenode@
23:19:16 Join Angryman_H10 [0] (i=5438b696@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:20:03 Quit Angryman_H10 (Client Quit)
23:20:29 Join webguest86 [0] (i=568ebc91@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
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23:32:50 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-ONE-FORTY-FOUR.MIT.EDU)
23:35:11 Quit MHen ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:38:23 Part StefanGuenzel
23:51:02 Quit lodesi ("Parti")
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