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#rockbox log for 2006-10-21

00:00:53 Join SmilinBob [0] (
00:01:00dmatThat's different... It failed trying to select a game wad
00:01:00jhMikeStell me about memory protection...I almost turned my x5 into a toaster a couple times or so I was worried.
00:01:29 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=freenode@
00:01:29dmat"Undefined Instruction at 3EBA46F4"
00:01:59dmatIs this recoverable or do I need to do a Menu and Select Reboot?
00:02:28nlsAnd these wads are official, unmodified files?
00:02:42dmatI can give you the md5sums if you like ?
00:02:51dmatyes, afaik
00:03:03dmatThey came of the Ultimate Doom Collection CD
00:03:10dmatsic of=off
00:03:26nlscan you try this one
00:03:39dmatThe demo one ... OK
00:04:16dmatI'll also dosfsck the filesystem as it may have scrozzed the FAT
00:04:51dmat25e1459ca71d321525f84628f45ca8cd *DOOM2.WAD
00:05:03dmatI did rename this to lowercase
00:05:26dmatc4fe9fd920207691a9f493668e0a2083 *doomu.wad
00:05:31nlsshouldn't matter since FAT32 is case insensitive
00:06:06 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-SIX-NINETEEN.MIT.EDU)
00:06:39 Join qailer [0] (
00:06:50nlsGoogled your hasshes and they seem fine :)
00:07:03dmatI'll check the on nano hashes
00:07:14dmatfsck is OK
00:07:37 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
00:07:42TerrorBytePaul, you still here?
00:07:44nlsalso try renaming doomu to just doom
00:07:56 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
00:08:00dmatwill try the demo first
00:08:04TerrorByteokay the video sample i downloaded runs at 24.7 FPS.
00:08:15TerrorByteThe one I've encoded runs at 18.4
00:08:23TerrorByteWhat's the exact process for converting that sample video?
00:08:49 Quit Ribs3 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:08:51 Quit qailer (Remote closed the connection)
00:09:20Paul_the_NerdGenerally you give people time to respond. There's also the possibility that nobody knows.
00:09:35nlsTerrorByte, see this page
00:09:35TerrorByteYou seriously don't know?
00:09:54nlsNo I don't, I never used Mpegplayer
00:10:16Paul_the_NerdTerrorByte: It tells on that page, actually
00:10:27TerrorByteYes I have...
00:10:46TerrorByteBut the FPS is significantly lower than Elephant's Dream.
00:10:49TerrorByteOr whatever that is.
00:11:14PaulJamTerrorByte: maybe you use a higher bitrate for your video
00:11:27TerrorByteAnd where is that decided?
00:11:27dmatDamn another "undefined instruction" but "at 3F3063B8"
00:11:35dmatwhen selecting the wad
00:11:40TerrorByteIt's in the batch file right?
00:12:15Paul_the_NerdTerrorByte: It says on that page, regarding the elephants dream files, "The following files are encoded using mpeg2enc at "-q 6" quantization level."
00:12:25TerrorByteYou see.
00:12:28TerrorByteI have no idea what that means.
00:12:52TerrorByteWhat the HELL is quantization?
00:15:10Paul_the_NerdRead the mpeg2enc docs, I would suggest.
00:15:24Paul_the_NerdIt tells what tool was used, and what command line parameter. Do you really need to know what the parameter actually means?
00:16:01nlsdmat, I would say that this qualifies as a bug then, please file a report in the tracker with as much info as possible.
00:16:23Paul_the_Nerddmat: What's the problem?
00:16:39dmatrockdoom crashes on ipod Nano
00:16:47SmilinBobeverytime i turn on my ipod, the theme is gone...
00:17:01SmilinBobis this a known problem?
00:17:19Paul_the_Nerddmat: This is with the official build, and what WADs?
00:17:23nlsSmilinBob, try shutting it down by holding play and start it again
00:17:33SmilinBobi did
00:17:56PaulJamSmilinBob: also, if you boot with hold enabled the settings get reset
00:18:25nlsand your wps is in the ./rockbox/wps dir
00:18:54 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:18:56dmatPaul, ipod Nano 1st gen, 20061020 daily build, bootloader OK, Rockbox starts and play mp3 fine, instruction fault when choosing wad in plugin
00:19:25dmatwads are correctly named and not corrupt md5sum match
00:20:30dmatNew one here....
00:20:45dmatData abort at 3FC9195C
00:21:00Paul_the_Nerddmat: I notice that you didn't answer the actual *question* I asked.
00:21:03dmatwhen choosing sound to off in rockdoom menu
00:21:43dmatPlease read entire line.... 20061020 daily build
00:21:57Paul_the_Nerddmat: My question was "What wads"
00:22:00Paul_the_NerdI read the entire line
00:22:02Paul_the_NerdYou never answered it.
00:22:34Paul_the_NerdYou said the MD5 checksums are fine, but we don't have checksums listed for the ones we provide.
00:22:35dmatsorry missed your 2nd question.
00:22:51*Paul_the_Nerd points to the "please read entire line" statement you made.
00:22:54dmatI have tried Ultimate Doom (doomu.wad)
00:23:03SmilinBobwhat's the diff between ipod 5g and ipod 5g 64mb?
00:23:13Paul_the_NerdSmilinBob: The 64mb one is for 60gb iPod 5Gs
00:23:27SmilinBobthat's what i figured
00:23:41dmatI have now dropped back to just rockdoom.wad and doom1.wad from the wiki link
00:23:52Paul_the_Nerddmat: Though if it's crashing in the menu, have you tried deleting the .rocks folder, then reinstalling Rockbox with cleared settings and seeing if that helps?
00:23:55dmatIt still seems unhappy...
00:24:04dmatWill give it a go
00:24:15amiconnDisable any voicing in case that's enabled
00:24:22 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:25:33nlsheh cute, when trying doom in the sim the wad file search is case sensitive :-/
00:25:50Paul_the_Nerddmat: Yes, voicing could easily wreak havoc with Doom at the moment, if I recall
00:25:51 Part Paul_the_Nerd
00:26:42dmatAha... The second time I did have the english.voice in the langs folder.., but It was not enabled..?
00:26:44amiconnnls: On linux, yes. On windows+cygwin, no
00:26:59dmatright unmounted drive, rebooting
00:27:33amiconnIt doesn't matter much whether english.voice is present, but whether you have any voice options enabled
00:27:50dmatI don't think so
00:28:45dmatstarting doom now
00:28:49amiconnIf you reset setting, menu voicing will be enabled
00:29:58dmatTurned off the voice menus...
00:30:04 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
00:31:13dmatDamn, now it works...
00:31:46nlsIMO doom+voice -> crash is still a bug
00:31:53dmatSomeone with a wiki account add to the doom page to turn off all the voice stuff
00:32:19amiconnnls: Yes it is. Doom should disable voice while it's running
00:32:25dmatWhat's the bug number in flyspray as I couldn't find any open bugs earlier
00:32:37peturdmat: why don't you register and start contributing ;)
00:33:44dmatas long as I'm not contributing duplicate bugs, I will
00:34:08 Quit pagefault (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
00:34:18peturamiconn: re jpeg viewer: if the direct lcd access is a problem when using grayscale, this issue must have been in the code before my change
00:34:56amiconnThe old code either showed the overlay _or_ drew with standard lcd instructions
00:35:15amiconnNow it does both at once
00:36:06peturah I see, because the progress bar is now drawn on top of the image
00:36:14amiconnIt is possible to show both greyscale and ordinary lcd content at once, but you must not use any lcd_ function that directly accesses the lcd
00:36:36amiconnI.e. you can draw to the standard framebuffer as much as you like, just don't call lcd_update(_rect)
00:36:56amiconnInstead, the grayscale library has a special function to do this within the isr
00:37:26amiconnBut for the progress bar to work the grayscale overlay would need to be clipped while the bar should be dispplayed
00:37:58amiconnThat's surely possible, just there is no code in the grayscale lib atm that allows this
00:38:05peturhmmm... better just get rid of that progress bar then
00:38:34peturis there a define for grayscale targets?
00:39:18amiconnDid you look at the code at all before messing with it? ;)
00:39:21amiconn#define USEGSLIB
00:39:30amiconnline 130
00:40:27pixelmaone should get rid of the playback menu in the jpeg-viewer for Archos targets, too
00:41:01 Join Ribs3 [0] (n=freenode@
00:41:01 Join qailer [0] (
00:42:38SoapLordy, 400+ feature requests. I'm going to be all night seeing if my ideas have been proposed before.
00:43:44dmatPetur, do you have wiki write priveledges?
00:43:59peturwe can give you those
00:44:43 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
00:45:18pixelmapetur: will you work on the jpeg viewer then?
00:45:30dmatI'm not really up for an account as it's just a small note on the rockdoom page
00:45:31peturdmat: tell us your wiki name and you'll get added to the group with write privileges
00:45:57peturpixelma: that was not my intention, I just wanted to fix a small annoyance
00:46:09pixelmaah... pity...
00:46:54amiconnHmm. I guess I would never have noticed that annoyance...
00:46:57 Join spiorf [0] (
00:47:24*amiconn doesn't use the slideshow mode at all
00:47:33peturwell if you want to show some pics to somebody....
00:47:45amiconnThen I just open the pic and show it
00:48:03 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
00:48:22 Quit Ribs2 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:48:24dionoeayou seriously show pics on your tiny greyscale LCD ?
00:48:42pixelmapetur: jpeg viewer and playback on Archos can result in this ATM ;)
00:48:43*petur has an h340
00:49:04amiconnWhy not? Apart from that, I can choose from several targets, some of them even colour
00:49:05 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
00:49:13peturpicelma: automatic art generation
00:49:40preglowdionoea: hell, beats not showing pictures
00:49:46dionoeatrue... :)
00:49:53*petur learns to use TAB for nick autocompletion
00:52:21preglownice trick, that
00:54:35dmatpetur, Afraid I can't register for the wiki
00:54:49peturwhy not?
00:55:23dmatvery common name, already registered. Do you guys allow constructions of FirstNameMiddleInitialLastName
00:55:39dionoeaJohnSmith ?
00:56:40peturdmat: I think so, as long as it's a name and not something else
00:57:00dmatJust a sec then
00:58:07dmatoh damn
00:58:16nlsThat is indeed a flaw in the Real Name (tm) policy combined with user accounts...
00:58:29dmatno-one said the e-mail account shouldn't have a spamblock!!!
00:59:11dionoeait's not public
00:59:15dmati.e. I've just used myname.NOSPAM.mydomain, so that activation code is coming nowhere near my POP3 server
00:59:41dmatand I can't re register can I.... agggh
00:59:49peturtwiki does that for you already
01:00:23peturadding the NOSPAM in there
01:00:56dionoeaand i guess that most spammers reverse that change :) So it doesn't really matter
01:01:10dmatcan you register the same name with a different e-mail address or can someone nuke my account?
01:01:16*petur hugs his spamfilter
01:01:42dmatThis is why I use "NOSPAMPLEASEIMBRITISH"
01:02:00dionoeahehe :)
01:02:23dmatstill no computer solution for a sense of humour
01:02:35peturdmat: no idea, I fear we need Bagder/Zagor/LinusN for wiki admin
01:03:16dmatagghh. This is why I don't register.. if you have a common name, the chances of database f**kups is quite high
01:07:01dmatpetur, it appears you can re-register if the account is inactive...
01:07:55dmatAnd I have an account
01:08:18dmatAny chances of those write privs?
01:08:26petursure... name?
01:08:34 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Connection timed out)
01:08:46dmatDamn I'm being shy
01:09:40nlsBut that's the good thing with a common name, if someone googles it lots of incorrect hits will turn up
01:09:56 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
01:10:04dmatMy middle initial resolves to me though
01:10:16dmatbut I do agree
01:10:44dmatThe worst though is if you say happen to be called "Ali Mohammed" as a friend of mine is...
01:11:00dmatlet's just say, he has trouble with airlines recently
01:11:25nlsWe have some examples of people that have been "scared" away by the Ral Name plicy.
01:12:06dmatI nearly was, but I like the idea of doom on my ipod and want others to be able to share the fun of fragging on the bus
01:12:36dmatI'll just edit the rockdoom known bugs section
01:13:00 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
01:17:42 Quit ender` (" I worked for 22 years in the tourism industry in Niagara Falls. I have watched thousands of tourists cross the border in mid-")
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01:22:17 Quit obo ("bye")
01:22:21barrywardelldoes anyone know why I get this error while building a sim:
01:22:29barrywardellhappens for all targets i think
01:22:39barrywardellusing apple's gcc on osx
01:24:11SoapThank you for commiting the Last.FM patch.
01:24:32SoapI just dumped a 200+ track log, easy as pie.
01:25:35dmatpetur, all done. Thanks. Time for bed..
01:26:22 Part dmat
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01:28:05 Join sucka [0] (
01:28:26 Join darkless_ [0] (
01:29:47amiconnHmm. sh-elf-gcc goofs a bit in bidi.c: bidi_l2v()
01:32:31 Quit petur ("Zzzzz")
01:33:23 Quit barrywardell ()
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01:37:53 Quit qailer ("Leaving")
01:38:08 Quit nls (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
01:40:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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01:46:06 Join Moos [0] (i=51400b8c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:48:14 Join sk [0] (
01:49:09 Join barrywardell_ [0] (
01:50:01 Quit EspeonEefi ("Leaving")
01:50:37skhello, im looking for help.
01:52:41MoosHi !
01:52:41preglowthen ask
01:58:34skim installing rockbox onto 3rd gen ipod. i believe it needs to be formatted with fat32, but i get stuck in the process of installing with terminal (im on a G5 PPC) when it says there is no partition to be found. does the windows version firmware need to be on the ipod to install?
01:59:11skthank you for your help
02:01:21 Quit barrywardell (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:01:30ski found one forum post by someone who had the exact problem as me,
02:05:37 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@CERULEANCITY.MIT.EDU)
02:05:58sksorry i got distracted
02:08:05Nimdaeman, i've noticed today that my ipod is having a lot of disk access, sometimes to the point of causing song skipping
02:09:24 Join Id2ndR [0] (
02:09:27Nimdaeinterestingly, the cpu is pegged at full boost
02:09:46amiconnWhy does the build system not pick up my commit?
02:10:09Nimdaewow, it was the eq
02:10:15Nimdaedisabled it and now it's all working fine
02:10:22amiconn(for building)
02:11:11*amiconn still isn't used to the extra delays when one build finished :/
02:14:06Soapsk, yes your ipod needs to be FAT32
02:14:26ski re-formatted as fat32
02:14:44Soapand yea you need the apple firmware on there.
02:14:50Soap(I believe)
02:15:10Nimdaeyou don't really need the apple firmware unless you plan to boot it, as far as i know
02:15:13Soapsince you are using parts of the apple firmware (USB, etc.)
02:15:30Nimdaei could be wrong ;)
02:15:34Nimdaei'm stupid :P
02:15:46SoapRockbox uses Apple's disk mode, maybe that is hardware not on disk...
02:16:23 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
02:16:36Nimdaewell, i think what rockbox requires is in the patched bootloader (i think)
02:17:15skim figuring that is why it says there's no partition. ...this is what terminal says when i try to extract the apple firmware [ERR] Specified partition (0) does not exist:
02:17:16skPart Type Start Sector End Sector Size (MB)
02:17:50Paul_the_Nerdsk: Is the iPod Fat32 formatted and currently able to boot into the Apple firmware?
02:17:50 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:18:26skits fat32, but not with ipod firmware, im non a mac without pc available
02:18:42Paul_the_NerdWell if it doesn't have the Apple firmware on it, it's somewhat impossible to extract it.
02:18:48 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
02:19:20Mikachusk: did you format the _whole_ disk as fat32, not just partition 2?
02:19:37Mikachuin that case you have to restore it first
02:19:45Paul_the_Nerdsk: You need to have followed the instructions here:
02:19:49skyeah, its that. but i wanted some advice
02:20:04 Quit Id2ndR ("Parti")
02:21:33skrockbox really need to make it install with HFS format
02:22:13Paul_the_NerdInstalling with HFS+ would be pointless, since it won't run on HFS+
02:22:15SoapThat has been endlessly argued in the forums.
02:22:25 Join linuxstb [0] (i=3f88715a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:22:36Paul_the_NerdAnd nobody's yet come up with an argument for HFS+ beyond "I don't want to convert"
02:22:45sklol ok, im new to rockbox
02:22:53SoapFAT32 is universal, and nobody who claims they want HFS has steped up to the plate and made it happen.
02:23:27Soapnot to mention the fact HFS only helps ipods, and HFS ipods are a dying breed.
02:24:54linuxstbPaul_the_Nerd: Yes they have: 1) Apple fully don't support FAT32 ipods on Macs (they work, but if you try to upgrade, it converts it back to HFS); 2) IPL is hard/impossible to install on a FAT32 ipod on a Mac; 3) FAT32 appears to be slower - at least in my experience, it can take minutes for my Mac to mount it, I don't know about transfer speeds.
02:25:56Paul_the_Nerdlinuxstb: 1 only applies to using it with iTunes (not in my opinion an argument for Rockbox), 2 is iPL, again not really an argument relating to Rockbox, and 3 is valid, even if it's really Apple refusing to support it well as a filesystem.
02:26:01SoapOn point #2 - Apple ships only FAT32 ipods now, but if you update one on a Mac it gets converted to HFS+?
02:26:09skare the intel macs and firmware for x86 OSX/ipods compatible with rockbox?
02:27:42Soapand does this happen w/o having to recopy music? I was under the impression one of the cheif complaints about HFS+ in regards to Rockbox was the need to recopy all music after converting to fat32.
02:27:42skso apple dont fully support fat32 on ipods on intel macs as well?
02:28:03Moosamiconn: hi, there for a flipit question?
02:28:13*amiconn is here
02:28:22Paul_the_Nerdsk: Apple don't really support Fat32 iPods on Macs at all.
02:28:27linuxstbsk: It makes no difference what CPU a Mac is using - they all run Mac OS X.
02:29:04Moosamiconn: can i< the color of text be changed (flipit) ex: here white color text then no possibility at all to read the text
02:29:15ski wasnt sure if they kept the same format when they switched
02:29:40Paul_the_Nerdsk: That's why our installation instructions say "FromMacOSX" and not MacOSXonX86 or anything like that.
02:30:07amiconn? :confoozled: ?
02:30:47linuxstbBut my view is that if someone writes an HFS+ driver for Rockbox, we should accept it (subject to solving the problem of not bloating Rockbox for users not using HFS etc etc). Similarly, an ext2 filesystem could be nice - if someone else did the work...
02:31:31Soapwhat? No journaling?
02:31:32Paul_the_Nerdlinuxstb: I certainly wouldn't object to it as long as it was either conditional in the build or only one filesystem driver was loaded at a time so it didn't eat up my audio buffer, yeah.
02:31:50Moosif the background color of the game is always white, why don't have the text in one predeterminate color (ex black) for have the possibility to read independently of the text color used on the core ??
02:31:56skso, somewhere along the process of installing rockbox, its unavoidable to use a pc? i dont mind, just to clarify
02:32:19Paul_the_Nerdsk: Have you read the page I pasted a link to?
02:32:51amiconnAh, strange. Flipit uses the global background colour instead of the default one.
02:33:06*amiconn wouldn't have noticed as he always uses the default colours
02:33:08Mooshere was white, I can recheck
02:33:21amiconnI mean the global foreground colour of course
02:33:42Moosyes that was the fact I use white text color that show me this annoying thing
02:34:25ski read the top line and thought it was the installation that ive already read but not for 3rd gen ipod as i have
02:34:35sktaking a look now
02:35:00amiconnWhite eagle on white background ;)
02:35:17Moosyeah :)
02:35:39linuxstbsk: If you can use Windows iTunes to restore your ipod, it will be a lot easier. But it's possible from a Mac.
02:35:55Moosjust checked with black text color and it looks preatty good with the white backgroud
02:36:16amiconnThe fix is a one-liner
02:36:30skcool thanks. im reading it now, but generally is it a lot more complicated?
02:36:56Soapsix extra steps
02:37:45 Join RogerBacon [0] (
02:37:57*Moos said red :)
02:38:22RogerBaconcan anyone help me ?
02:38:52Moosjust ask
02:39:11RogerBaconi want to add my toshiba gigabeat s ID to the source code and afther that compile it
02:39:14 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
02:39:28RogerBaconlsusb give me that : Bus 005 Device 004: ID 0930:0010 Toshiba Corp.
02:39:36skthe 3rd gen ipod is not in the partition table, is it un-supported?
02:40:40 Quit funky ("leaving")
02:40:54MoosRogerBacon: markun is the core devloper of the Gigabeat port but apparently sleeping
02:41:06Paul_the_Nerdsk: If the file isn't there yet, it means someone hasn't donated one for us yet.
02:41:13RogerBaconhe tell me how to do that but now is offline :(
02:41:25linuxstbsk: No, it's just that no ipod 3g owner has donated their partition table to that wiki page...
02:41:58Nimdaeon the ipod video, will enabling the hardware eq affect the software eq at all? like maybe the software eq utilizes the hardware eq rather than making the adjustments in software alone?
02:42:07MoosRogerBacon: mail him maybe ;) (if you are patient)
02:42:08RogerBaconexemple of a ID in libgphoto : {"Toshiba:Gigabeat", 0x0930, 0x000c, 0}, what the ID you like with my lsusb output ?
02:42:13sklinuxstb: ok thanks, is that the only way to solve my mini dilema?
02:43:01Paul_the_NerdNimdae: They're completely independent...
02:43:21Nimdaei like the controls of the soft eq better, but it kills the ipod :(
02:43:31Paul_the_Nerdsk: Or get access to a windows PC for like, 30 seconds.
02:43:55linuxstbsk: Yes - or use Windows itunes... I don't think Apple's partitioning tools are capable of creating the strange partition layout used on ipods.
02:44:24skPaul_the_Nerd: yes, lol, be simpler
02:45:34skis there any way of requesting someone to send a partition table?
02:46:50linuxstbMaybe dan_a (the only dev with a 3g) can upload his - but he's not around at the moment.
02:46:54Moosamiconn: the build server didn't trigered your commits, and it react sloxly :(
02:48:07Mooshehe :) just wondering
02:48:08amiconnThe build server will pick it up in a few minutes
02:48:34amiconnYeah, I also often wonder about the order chosen b
02:48:41 Join aliask [0] (
02:48:41amiconny the build system to do things
02:48:51MoosI thought now it became quite performer but apparently still not *perfect* :)
02:49:37amiconnThe build itself is fast, but the housekeeping now takes considerable time, and the order of things becomes strange if there are subsequent commits in the queue
02:49:41Moosalso noticed the log commit msg appear before the build system begin a later commit showing up on the frontpage before it's even built
02:50:01Moosyeah lots of builds for rockbox now :)
02:50:19Moosyeah that was I noticed too
02:50:40sklinuxstb: when is dan_a likely to be in here?
02:51:22Moosgood night men
02:51:25 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC")
02:52:08 Quit bawb2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:52:37linuxstbsk: He's in the UK (I think), so he's sleeping at the moment. He's normally around most days though - so try again in about 8 hours...
02:53:10 Part RogerBacon ("Quitte")
02:53:22sklinuxstb: cool thanks, im in the uk too
02:53:41skjust more awake at night
02:54:37amiconnDo 3gs come in several capacities?
02:55:53 Join bawb2 [0] (n=bawb2@
02:55:55sk15 and 20 i know of. i thought 40 as well
02:56:22Paul_the_NerdI don't know.
02:56:32sknot sure, seems about the time when hard drives were on the edge of being boosted significantly
02:58:24aliaskamiconn: And 10gb (I don't know about other capacities, but I have a broken 10gb one)
03:00:38Paul_the_NerdSo, 10, 15, 20, 30, AND 40?
03:00:44Paul_the_NerdThat chart is vague..
03:01:08Paul_the_NerdThere's a green that isn't labelled, and I assume it's more 3Gs...
03:01:10sktheres a green colour not labeleld as any gen
03:01:11Genre9mp3yes... I try to figure out, too
03:01:33Paul_the_NerdI *think* it's 3G
03:01:38Paul_the_NerdBecause the 5.5G gets two shades as well
03:01:51skyes, it has to be
03:02:41Genre9mp3iPod Photo is 4g colour? or these 2 are different things?
03:02:53Paul_the_Nerd4g Colour == Photo, yes
03:03:14ski see. the colour changes shade when the same model gets a hard drive update/change
03:04:26skso 3rd is 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40
03:05:02Genre9mp3just confirmed it by a table in Wikipedia
03:05:27skyeah i know. i was being thorough
03:08:23 Quit sawo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:26:20 Join anrdewmel [0] (
03:32:14 Join sawo [0] (
03:35:37 Quit PaulJam (".")
03:40:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:44:15 Quit SmilinBob ("Leaving")
03:54:40anrdewmelHi, wondering if anybody out there can help me with some rockbox specific coding?
04:02:00 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
04:04:46aliaskanrdewmel: Sure
04:05:51Genre9mp3anrdewmel: Isn't that andrewmel?
04:08:20 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
04:08:40anrdewmelthanks, I am trying to recode some of the metronome.c however on the iPod there are no buttons left. So to add another option (I want to add 2 if I can) I need to set up a menu system.
04:09:03anrdewmelat present the volume is done with the << and >> buttons, and the scroll wheel does the beats per minute.
04:09:25anrdewmelI want to add beats per bar so in 4/4 time every fourth note is a different sound.
04:10:16aliaskSo I guess you're after how to set up a menu?
04:10:23 Join rigel [0] (
04:10:37rigelthis patch #1656 on today's build, how do i use that
04:11:38aliaskrigel: That patch has been merged with CVS, you don't need to apply it.
04:12:02Mikachumaybe if you read the linked-to spec and the comments, it will be explained
04:12:08Mikachuor you can wait until the manual is updated
04:12:34anrdewmelI am thinking that having << and >> scroll through three lines on the screen, volume, bpm, and bbb
04:12:57anrdewmeland have the scrollwheel change the settings of the highlit option
04:13:05anrdewmeland use similar buttons for other players.
04:13:08Mikachuso you want your menu to be the exact opposite of every other menu?
04:13:09rigeli dont see a link like that Mikachu
04:13:47anrdewmelI dont mind which way it is, and am happy to chang it
04:13:51Mikachu"Patch to implement spec at"
04:13:53aliaskYeah, I suggest you just set up a regular menu for consistency, rockbox is already a all oer the place.
04:14:18rigel thats the page i was at
04:14:33jhMikeSamiconn: don't know if you're around but I guess the display driver becomes an 8-bit intf. when DIT=0 and uses DB17-10 instead of DB17-9 so it's documented in a way.
04:14:34anrdewmelwhat i am really looking for is how to put a line like this one
04:14:35anrdewmelrb->snprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "BPM: %d ",bpm);
04:14:37Mikachurigel: ah, maybe you want
04:14:43anrdewmelbut have it with the line highlit?
04:15:12Mikachuthat's not the line that renders the text to the screen
04:15:58anrdewmelwhen I added this line
04:16:00anrdewmelrb->snprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "Beats Per Bar: %d",bpb);
04:16:06anrdewmelit added that text to the screen....
04:16:27anrdewmelahhh, I see, that puts it in the buffer, then
04:16:34anrdewmel rb->lcd_puts(20, 7, buffer);
04:16:34aliaskYep, you got it
04:16:37anrdewmelputs it to the screen
04:16:58anrdewmelso I guess I need to change that second line to make it reversed?
04:17:22jhMikeSBut IM pins are to be Gnd/Gnd/Vcc/Vcc for 8-bit and not Vcc/Gnd/Vcc/Vcc...go figure
04:18:08aliaskanrdewmel: I suggest you just use the built in menu code, it takes care of the navigation and highlighting etc
04:19:42anrdewmelcan you point me to some example code I can pinch?
04:20:09aliaskI think the solitaire plugin uses the menu code, but from memory it's a bit complicated. I'll look for a better example.
04:21:50 Part sk
04:22:32 Quit barrywardell_ ()
04:24:12aliaskanrdewmel: jpeg.c has a reasonably easy to understand menu system.
04:25:16anrdewmelwill I be able to put the current settings on the menu line? I would like it to look like this......
04:25:20anrdewmelvol -20
04:25:26anrdewmelbpm 120
04:25:29anrdewmelbbb 4
04:25:43anrdewmeland have one lit, and when you push buttons that one changes up or down?
04:25:55anrdewmelanyway, having a look at it now :)
04:26:30aliaskI don't think so, but there was a patch to do just that which I quite liked. Wonder why it never got looked at.
04:27:09 Quit sawo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:29:37Mikachualiask: nobody ever actually looks at patches unless you nag them every day :)
04:30:09aliaskThat one was pretty well kept up, and was working on many platforms. I think amiconn didn't like it or something... don't really remember
04:31:12anrdewmelthe problem I have with using a menu setup like that one, is it will take more button pushes do get what you want done. it would be nice to have the three (eventually 4) options on the screen with their current settins, two buttons to navigate that list, and two others to adjust the currently selected option.
04:33:25aliaskanrdewmel: If you really want to implement that, I'll give you a few clues for highlighting etc.
04:33:39anrdewmelthat would be great thanks. :)
04:34:07aliaskIf you set the drawmode to inverse, it will flip the existing colours. So set it to inverse, and draw a rectangle over the text
04:34:40 Join nave7693 [0] (
04:35:02aliaskYou'll need to calculate where the text is going to be, and take into account that different fonts can be used.
04:35:04anrdewmelthanks for that. time to play a little and see what I can get going :)
04:35:22aliaskOkidoke. Good luck :)
04:36:17 Join lini [0] (i=pugsley@
04:36:54 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
04:43:50 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:46:07 Part pixelma
04:49:15 Join sawo [0] (
05:02:51 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:03:34 Join thegeek_ [0] (
05:11:00 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
05:18:40 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
05:21:26 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:21:26 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:21:26 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:29:11 Join nick89 [0] (
05:30:02 Part nave7693
05:35:58 Part Paul_the_Nerd
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05:50:03 Join MarcoPolo [0] (n=MarcoPol@
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05:52:21 Join actionshrimp [0] (
05:58:48 Join webguest25 [0] (i=47fee4f0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:01:15webguest25I ran into a little problem where I oppress the browser firmwares button and the hard drive keeps spinning and seeking but it doesn't seem ever to stop. Is there anything to be done besides just letting the battery rundown
06:03:17 Quit webguest25 (Client Quit)
06:04:54 Join Ribs3 [0] (n=freenode@
06:07:18 Quit bawb2 (Remote closed the connection)
06:09:55 Quit sucka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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06:33:03 Join Landus [0] (
06:38:27 Join deesh [0] (i=468f3f3b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:38:55deeshWhat directory should I be putting my .fnt files in when using a Rockbox theme?
06:40:16 Quit funky ("leaving")
06:47:12 Quit nick89 ("Gotta Go")
06:50:26 Join powr-toc [0] (
06:55:54 Quit myzar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:01:58anrdewmeldeesh, put it in the \.rockbox\font directory
07:06:07 Quit deesh ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:08:33 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
07:11:33 Quit darkless_ ("Leaving")
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08:10:27 Join tvelocity [0] (
08:21:15 Quit EspeonEefi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:26:16amiconnaliask: So far nobody has come up with a way to make options and values on the same screen look good at different resolutions and font sizes
08:26:48amiconnPlus, the current scrolling lines system doesn't support it
08:26:59aliaskThat patch came pretty close I would have thought.
08:27:16aliaskAh except maybe for scrolling.
08:27:20amiconnThe trigger settings screen on archos uses such a layout, and it looks like major crap
08:27:49amiconnA two-line design would be a huge waste of screen space
08:32:06anrdewmelis it possible to just compile one plugin, and put that compiled .rock file onto my iPod?
08:32:55scorcheyou can still compile and copy the .rock file though....generally
08:33:04anrdewmelguess I am going to have to work out how to use a simulator, otherwise small code changes take ages to test
08:33:11anrdewmelthat will be lots quicker :)
08:33:31Mikachuif you just run make, it will only recompile your plugin
08:33:41Mikachuusing the simulator is probably a good idea anyway
08:34:10anrdewmelwhen I type in make it seems to be compiling the whole thing.
08:34:23Mikachuyes, you have to do that the first time
08:34:57amiconnHrmph, and the trigger screen even has a bug with larger fonts!
08:35:06 Join klame [0] (i=468f3f3b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:36:07 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@CERULEANCITY.MIT.EDU)
08:36:13klameWhenever I have a song playing and I scroll through my songs/artists/whatever.. my song will stop playing until I stop scrolling.. I'm not using any EQ options, and about a "20" on the scroll speed setting.. Remedies?
08:37:23 Join rretzbach [0] (
08:47:51amiconnklame: What target are you on, and what build are you using?
08:51:46klameNo idea what you mean by "Target", and I'm on the latest daily build for 5G iPod
08:52:11amiconnYour target is iPod 5G then.
08:52:37klameAh. New terminology. :)
08:53:15amiconnRockbox runs on a quite large number of different devices nowadays, that's why I was asking
08:53:48klameRight. It seems like I'm scrolling faster than my HD can process it, so it takes away from the playback
08:54:01amiconniPod 5G is problematic because of the large display, however, I thought the problem you are having would have been fixed a few weeks ago
08:54:17amiconnInstead of the music stopping, scrolling the list should become slow
08:55:42klameI have my scroll speed turned up pretty high, and that's when it started happening. Now even if I turn down the speed, it still scrolls the same.
08:56:08amiconnI have no real idea what's happening as I don't have a 5G.
08:56:31amiconnThe scroll speed setting doesn't have to do with how fast you can scroll lists
08:57:20klameScroll speed = speed that you would scroll? :o
08:57:33klamelike, scrolls per revolution?
08:57:51amiconnNo, Scroll speed == speed how fast text scrolls _horizontally_ in a line that doesn't fit the screen
08:58:16Mikachudid that patch that makes rendering faster when just the selector moves ever get merged?
08:58:43amiconnHmm, but how do you set a scroll speed of 20?
08:58:53amiconnThe range is 0 to 15 on all targets...
08:59:52klameYou're right, I was thinking of the Scroll Step Size
09:00:23klameScroll speed is 11. :P
09:00:39klameBut, it might be the fact that my battery is at about 10%.
09:00:55Mikachuscroll step size is also for horizontal scrolling
09:07:57 Join Quazgaa [0] (i=quaz@
09:12:30 Quit sawo (Remote closed the connection)
09:14:38powr-tocis audioscrobler support in rockbox yet?
09:15:15Mikachui hear it is
09:15:47 Join myzar [0] (
09:15:59 Join dj-fu [0] (
09:16:34 Quit chendo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:17:15dj-fuI've got an amd 64 3000+ nix server on a 100mbit pipe here in .nz
09:17:23dj-fuif that could help with the build
09:18:42*myzar eyes dj-fu
09:18:53*dj-fu eyes myzar
09:19:00myzaryou should come on the anarchy dev vent dj-fu
09:19:15dj-fuwhat happened to anarcy dev
09:19:17dj-futhe irc kinda died
09:19:20myzarit's still up
09:19:27myzarthe vent, that is
09:19:30myzarwe moved to lcirc
09:20:10powr-tocMikachu: cool...
09:20:41dj-fuwhat chan on lcirc?
09:22:39 Quit tvelocity (
09:22:39 Quit courtc (
09:22:39 Quit _Veseliq_ (
09:22:39 Quit psiborg (
09:22:39 Quit alberink (
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09:24:03 Join myzar` [0] (
09:24:16 Quit myzar (Nick collision from services.)
09:24:19 Nick myzar` is now known as myzar (
09:24:25myzarthat a yes? :p
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09:26:26*amiconn hates those netsplits on freenode
09:26:37*myzar throws a playstation at amiconn
09:29:34dj-fuwhat chan on lcirc
09:29:51dj-fuisn't lcirc where the g0ts hang out
09:30:41 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
09:30:59 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
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11:28:23 Quit Rick ("I don't need to be here.")
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11:35:36 Join JdGordon [0] (
11:35:58JdGordonevening all
11:38:16JdGordonamiconn: have you seen ?
11:40:13amiconnI don't see such behaviour on my player, and I can't imagine at all what may cause it
11:40:23 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
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11:40:33amiconnThe problem was already reported on irc
11:41:06JdGordonoh ok
11:41:22amiconnRegarding the vkeyboard stop problem, there's probably some action_signalscreenchange() missin
11:41:32JdGordonye, there is.. im about to fix that
11:42:21*amiconn stopped reading the forums regularly a while ago
11:43:44 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:44:18amiconnShutting down the player takes 4..5 seconds here if the disk is either already spinning, or doesn't need to be spun up (no settings change)
11:44:57amiconnThis is mostly the hardware delay for discharging some power capacitors. Display is off long before the green led goes off after said delay
11:47:24*godzirra pokes myzar
11:47:46 Join lodesi [0] (n=lds@
11:48:30anrdewmeli am using vmware, if there are errors compiling a plugin, are the messages stored in a log somewhere?
11:49:21 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:49:53markunanrdewmel: you can store them like this: "make 2> errors.txt"
11:49:57 Join leftright [0] (
11:51:00leftrightamiconn: studio10. is the menu shutdown the only way to switch the player off ?,
11:51:16amiconnIt's the only way for _safe_ shutdown
11:51:34leftrightah, so there is another way
11:51:41amiconnPlayer has hardware poweroff, but we can't intercxept that because the timeout is too small (< 1 second)
11:51:57amiconnSo using hardware poweroff might cause unsaved settings
11:52:17amiconnSame is true for recorder v1
11:52:36leftrightok, so the menu shut down is the prefered way
11:52:52amiconn...but the safe shutdown is a bit easier to use on recv1 - no menu item but a double-Off click in the browser
11:53:14amiconnThat's unfortunately not possible on the player due to the lack of buttons
11:53:24 Quit mordov (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:54:11amiconnSafe shutdown on player isn't too hard though, just Menu->Minus->Play, either from browser or wps
11:54:22leftrightuhuh, i recently aquired a player and rv1, i like the recoder, navigating it is very similar to the H1xx
11:54:49leftrightI'm the guy who has the 25 second shutdown on the player, strange that
11:55:34 Quit powr-toc ("Leaving")
11:56:00 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:56:51amiconnHmm, do you use any special settings? What happens within those 25 seconds?
11:57:15amiconnDisk spinning up? down? Strange noises? Anything else?
11:58:04leftrightjust a sec, hold is on and i dont know how to switch it off
11:58:17 Join barrywardell [0] (
11:58:20 Join JdGordon [0] (
11:58:22leftrightah there it gies
11:59:30 Join qailer [0] (
12:00:25 Join Abst [0] (n=Abst@unaffiliated/abst)
12:01:46 Join obo [0] (
12:03:35 Join mordov [0] (
12:04:34 Quit random81 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:07:16*amiconn found another old bug :/
12:08:02 Quit idnar_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:09:57 Join idnar [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
12:10:19scorcheamiconn: about how much are we off on rombox by again?
12:10:55*JdGordon wants to destroy kate
12:10:55amiconn~1750 bytes for recv1 iirc
12:11:15amiconnWay more for fm and v2 :(
12:11:38 Quit D_C ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
12:11:42scorchehow much about?
12:12:04leftrightuggh, my player is exhibiting strange behaviour, its a second hand unit thats been abused, got it off ebay, batteries are full but it says they're flat, strange
12:12:04amiconnAlmost 10KB
12:13:01amiconnleftright: Most likely causes: (1) Broken battery contacts (quite common problem but not too hard to fix if you have a little bit of soldering experience)
12:13:12amiconn(2) Batteries might be worn out
12:13:41leftright1). its most likely one, I'll look into it. thanks for the info
12:14:00 Quit sucka ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
12:14:13leftrightthanks, I replaced the HDD, the wiki guide was good
12:14:20JdGordongrr.... can someone with a not retarted text editor please fix the (c) message in apps/recorder/keyboard.c bloody kate buggered it and editing it in kdevelop is no good either
12:14:21amiconnDescribes the procedure for recv1 but player is almost identical
12:14:28JdGordonobviously my comp doesnt like utf-8
12:16:55 Join random81 [0] (
12:20:00 Part leftright
12:20:20amiconnargh, he left...
12:23:12amiconnJdGordon: Now you replaced one strange character combination by another
12:23:21amiconnThe source files used to be plain iso8859-1
12:23:40JdGordonye, i checked the diff before commiting and it looked good... i dont know how that happened...
12:23:50JdGordon *
12:23:50JdGordon- * Copyright (C) 2002 by Bj�n Stenberg
12:23:51JdGordon+ * Copyright (C) 2002 by Bjön Stenberg
12:23:51DBUGEnqueued KICK JdGordon
12:23:51JdGordon *
12:23:54 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
12:23:57amiconnLinux editors are weird
12:24:09amiconnWhy do they touch lines you don't edit?
12:24:15JdGordoni didnt...
12:24:24amiconnYeah, that's what I mean
12:24:24JdGordonits either kate, of cvs or something
12:24:41amiconnYour editor obviously changed a line _you_ didn't touch
12:24:44JdGordonwe have this argument every time it stuffs up :D
12:25:34CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:25:34*JdGordon would like to change the funny o to a regular one :p
12:25:35 Join Galois [0] (
12:25:44 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
12:27:23Stormyhi there
12:27:50Stormystill no solution with the 80gb 5.5G ipod?
12:27:57JdGordonhmm... kate had no problem with me copying that into a file and saving it..
12:28:00barrywardellJdGordon: i edited it back to normal using a hex editor. should i commit the change?
12:28:38JdGordonStormy: there is a theory the guy who was working on it was kidnapped by apple lawyers...
12:29:37 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
12:30:31Stormythats very bad
12:30:45Stormybecause its totally unusable with the original firmware
12:31:04*amiconn hates yellow
12:31:45 Join leachbj [0] (n=leachbj@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/leachbj)
12:31:57 Quit Paul_the_Nerd ("Leaving.")
12:32:05JdGordonthats odd...
12:32:16 Quit dj-fu ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
12:32:26amiconnJdGordon: Not caused by you...
12:33:07JdGordonah, i missed a commit.. i thought that was from barrywardell's commit to fix the (c) and im thinking wtf?? :D
12:34:00barrywardellnope, just did my commit now!
12:34:54 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
12:37:07 Part JazzBone
12:38:46 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
12:39:40 Part Paul_the_Nerd
12:42:30JdGordonhas anyone playyed with the random fodler advance condif gpluigin and have requestes for it?
12:43:14 Join leftright [0] (
12:44:29leftrightJdGordon: I ditched that Random feature because I was getting frequent white noise whilst using it,
12:45:11JdGordonreally? thats odd... iv also had some odd playback with it.. but i dont know if its because of that or recent playback code changes
12:45:30*JdGordon has no idea why this would cause playback wierdness
12:45:52*JdGordon slaps self for the horrible typos 4 messages above
12:46:17leftrightI'll wait for the other fellas to sort something out with regards to white noise before attempting that feature again
12:46:46barrywardelldoes anybody have a nice image of the Sansa for a sim?
12:47:08leftrightI really disliked my ears being blasted by random white noise
12:47:20JdGordonwhite noise.. black silence!!
12:47:32amiconnblack magic...
12:47:34JdGordon </swedish death metal lyrics>
12:47:59leftrightmarket it, maybe you'll make a fortune
12:48:33amiconnleftright: Could you try a safe shutdown with the latest build?
12:49:02Genre9mp3JdGordon: haha... Dark Tranquillity, right?
12:49:04leftrightwill try as soon as my batteries are charged, I'll come back to you
12:49:10JdGordonGenre9mp3: yup
12:49:25amiconnBtw, the player can't be shut down (hardware-wise) while it's charging
12:50:27amiconnBut if you disconnect the charger and the new build tells you it can't shutdown because the batteries are charging, your player either has a hardware fault, or is another hardware variant we don't know yet
12:50:36amiconnWhat's your ROM version?
12:50:59amiconn(Info->Debug->View HW info)
12:51:29leftrightjust a sec amiconn, you're way ahead of me, need to plug charger into player
12:52:55 Quit psiborg ("Ex-Chat")
12:53:48leftrightamiconn: should the unit turn on with charger but without batteries installed ?
12:54:52amiconnNo, the archos won't run from the charger only
12:54:59amiconnIt will turn on but fail to operate
12:55:21amiconnIt's a charger, not a standalone power supply
13:00:41 Join PaulJam [0] (
13:01:56leftrightamiconn: HW info ROM: 5.06
13:02:28amiconnHmm, same ROM version as mine, then
13:03:08amiconnI think the Studios always came with ROM 5.x. Known 5.x versions are 5.06 and 5.08
13:03:33amiconnEarlier ROM versions are only known from Jukebox 5000 and 6000
13:03:49leftrightah ok now it tells me "battery Charging" when I try and invoke shutdown from menu
13:04:26leftrightwhen I boot it it says Jukebox ver5.08
13:04:29amiconnEven when the charger isn't plugged?
13:05:04amiconnYeah, this 5.08 is the archos firmware version, not necessarily identical to the rom version. Confusing, eh?
13:05:39leftrightno, thats with charger plugged, and it shuts down immedaitely with charger unpligged, great
13:06:05 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
13:06:13amiconnokay, nice
13:06:28scorcheBagder: you have your status as hidden on the forums? =P
13:07:05leftrightguess that bug can be closed
13:07:12Bagderyou mean online status? yes
13:07:47BagderI can't see how it would be accurate so I rather not have it guess
13:07:58amiconnleftright: I didn't change anything in the shutdown procedure itself, just added proper reporting that it cannot shut down while charging
13:08:20amiconnWe already had that for recorder and H300, but for player it was missing for some reason...
13:08:46leftrightwell today it works fine, maybe this is a tempremental player, wants attention
13:09:09 Quit myzar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:09:11*scorche shrugs at Bagder
13:09:35*Bagder puts a funny sticker on scorche's back when he doesn't notice
13:09:53*scorche walks around the room aimlessly
13:10:14leftrightbut I can get it to shutdown whilst charging by holding down stop
13:10:44amiconnleftright: Oh? Mine doesn't shut down at all while charging. It just hangs in that case
13:11:16amiconn(or rather, it hung with Shutdown from the menu, holding Stop while charging does nothing
13:11:49leftrightyep, mine shutsdown if I hold down stop with charger plugged in,
13:12:41amiconnDoes it power on when it's off and you plug the charger?
13:12:46leftrightunsing latest bleeding edge and default settings
13:13:43leftrightno it doesn't power on when off and plug charger in
13:14:11Arathisjust an offtopic question: does anybody know about a project similar to RB , but for mobilephones? I mean an alternative FW, not RB for mobilesphones
13:14:39leftrightamiconn, I then press on and display shows battery charging
13:14:48 Join chendo [0] (
13:14:48amiconnleftright: Hmm, so there seem to be 2 different hardware versions with identical rom versions. It's a mystery...
13:15:01amiconnOr maybe that's because mine is flashed?
13:15:10amiconnIs your unit flashable?
13:15:16leftrightI then press and hold on again and the unit boots
13:15:28leftrightI dont know will find out and do it
13:15:43leftrightdo you want me to flash it ?
13:16:19amiconnInfo->Debug->View HW info, then cycle thorugh until you see "Flash:....."
13:16:41amiconnIf it shows Flash:BF,D6 it's flashable, if you see question marks, it's not
13:17:14amiconnPlease tell me the boot ROM version as well
13:17:23leftrightyep Bf, D6
13:17:24amiconn(comes one step afer Flash)
13:17:41leftrightI'll flash it,
13:17:52*leftright goes to wiki
13:18:14amiconnCheck the BootBox topic for the latest valid archos flash images
13:19:02amiconnFlashingRockbox is a bit outdated. The procedure is correct, the flash images and some explanations aren't correct anymore
13:21:43amiconnDid you check the Boot ROM version?
13:30:00 Join psiborg [0] (
13:32:05 Join Stormy` [0] (
13:32:05 Quit Stormy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:32:11 Nick Stormy` is now known as Stormy (
13:34:05*petur wonders if we set the UDA ADC to power-down when not recording
13:36:18preglowwe should
13:36:27preglowbut i don't think so
13:37:05leftrightamiconn: i have flashed, and i can still get it to switch off with charger plugged in by holding down stop
13:37:34amiconnThat's really interesting and mysterious...
13:37:59leftrightcan i delete the .ajz file now that i have flashed ?
13:39:40amiconnYes you can, just that it's not an .ajz
13:39:50amiconnThe player bootfile is called archos.mod
13:40:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:40:32leftrightunit is off, charger plugged in, display shows battery charging with battery voltage, if I press on unit wont switch on is this normal ?
13:40:47amiconnEnjoy fast boot... and rombox :)
13:40:57 Quit barrywardell ()
13:41:02amiconnIt switches on with Play... that's a glitch in button actions...
13:41:03leftrightyes its very fsat indeed :)
13:41:25leftrightah there it switches on thanks
13:42:17leftrightthanks for your help
13:43:25 Join dj-fu [0] (
13:44:13leftrightthe recorder is my favourite though, really like it, looking for a black one now :)
13:44:40*Bagder has a black recorder
13:44:45*amiconn 's recorder has white backlight and an 80GB hdd
13:44:56Bagderwith white leds too
13:45:23Bagdereven flash-chip replaced
13:45:34amiconnMine was flashable out of the box
13:45:35leftrightblack is cool, night do the led mod and 8 meg ram mod, but that looks complicated
13:45:44amiconn(unlike my player)
13:46:47leftrightannnddd going to upgrade HD to 120gigs so that all my music fits on one player
13:47:02amiconnSo, some players can be shut down with the charger plugged, while others can't
13:47:17leftrightwell, i can do it with the one I have
13:47:32*leftright tries again
13:47:58leftrightyep, with charger plugged in, long press on stop shuts it down
13:48:06 Quit Arathis (Remote closed the connection)
13:48:08amiconnNow th equestion is whether we should keep the current behaviour for all of them (preventing shutdown with the charger plugged), or whether we should allow shutdown, and let rockbox hang on those where it's impossible
13:48:42amiconnOf course it would be best to find a way to detect this feature...
13:49:13leftrightmine is a studio 10, originally
13:49:29amiconnMine as well (but upgraded to 20GB)
13:50:43amiconnleftright: The reason for your long shutdown delay before my latest fix was that the app layer allowed the shutdown event to be sent, but the firmware layer refused to process it (because the charger was connected). After the safety timeout (20 seconds) the shutdown was forced (and succeeded on your box)
13:50:53amiconnOn my box, rockbox hung after 20 seconds...
13:51:17leftrightaha, says me
13:52:01amiconnThe 20GB disk was just the leftover from upgrading my recorder from 20 to 80GB
13:52:50leftrightmine was from a broken Vaio notebook, amazing the personal info that was left on the drive
13:53:21leftrightcould have cleaned his bank account out
13:56:35 Join Criamos [0] (
14:03:45PaulJamJdGordon: you asked earlier about requests for the random folder plugin. here are mine:
14:03:56JdGordonyay, shoot
14:04:45peturanybody against adding spindown control to the jpeg viewer? (
14:04:49PaulJam1. it would be nice if the plugin has vertical screen scroll like in the browser. so if you hold left/right the whole screen scrolls lef/right.
14:05:50preglowpetur: sounds neat
14:06:39 Quit Abst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:07:38JdGordonPaulJam: should be easy to do...
14:07:42PaulJam2. another thing i'd like to see is some possibility to have a blacklist and a whilelist of folders that get included while scanning. so at firs it would only scan the scan the folders and subfolders in the whitelist (if it is present) and then apply the blacklist on the results and remove the folders and subfolders from the blacklist.
14:07:49amiconnpetur: I don't think it's really necessary, but if you think so...
14:07:51 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
14:08:06preglowpetur: amiconn doesn't think anything is necessary, don't listen to him ;)
14:08:08peturamiconn: :p
14:08:55amiconnI would just do it the right way for when it should spin down immediately - use ata_sleep()
14:09:09amiconnIirc that's even already in the plugin api, for video.rock
14:09:20peturnice tip
14:09:25JdGordonPaulJam: wouldnt it be simpler and work the same with just having a blacklist?
14:09:38amiconnThis is what playback uses as well after buffering etc
14:10:01peturamiconn: but for short times I still think it's better to keep the disk spinning
14:10:18linihi, i am having a problem with my ipod and recent CVS builds - it refuses to start when i press select
14:10:26amiconnata_sleep() spins down with a minimal delay (half a second) irrespectively of the spindown setting
14:10:30linisometimes i see a low battery warning
14:10:50linihowever if i reboot it with menu+select it boots normally and battery is at 80% or more
14:11:26amiconnpetur: Perhaps, really can't tell. I don't use slideshow mode and only very occasionally use the multi-file capability
14:11:37peturamiconn: I mean if they set slideshow time to 4 seconds, you'll get constant power-up/down cycles
14:11:42 Join Abst [0] (n=Abst@unaffiliated/abst)
14:11:58*petur has started using it recently, hence the changes
14:12:28peturI admit the screen is too small to be really usefull
14:12:33amiconnyes, but the break even time (where it pays off to spin down vs. letting it spin) is probably shorter than you might think
14:13:08peturstarting costs more energy than keeping it spinning
14:13:10amiconnI did some experiments with video.rock back then, which needs to rebuffer every ~20 seconds on stock archos recorder
14:13:19PaulJamJdGordon: blacklist only would be ok too. my idea with the whitelist was that once i created it i wouldn't have to care if i rename one of the folders that aren't inside the whitelist. with only a blacklist i'd have to edit it in this case.
14:13:43amiconnSpinning down & up again every 20 seconds led to longer battery runtime than letting it spin all the time
14:13:46 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
14:14:22peturamiconn: sure. but in the 1-5 seconds range that won't hold true
14:14:52amiconnPerhaps not. Would be worth an experiment in fact...
14:15:22JdGordonPaulJam: meh.. i undertsnad.. but whitelist is a bigger PITA then a blacklist to code :D
14:15:32JdGordonactually.. maybe not..
14:16:24*amiconn wants a bluelist ;P
14:16:56*JdGordon thought green always looked better actually...
14:17:57 Join _jhMikeS_ [0] (
14:18:01 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
14:18:10amiconnpetur: I think the jpeg viewer could just set spin down delay to slideshow_timeout + 2 if slideshow_timeout < 20, and not touch it at all otherwise
14:18:36markunamiconn: the star game looks really pretty now!
14:18:47amiconnFor slideshow_timeout >= 20 it could use ata_sleep() for spinning down immediately in slideshow mode
14:19:13amiconnIn manual mode I wouldn't touch the spindown thing at all
14:19:37amiconnJust take into account that loading the image might take a while, even longer than the slideshow timeout itself
14:20:02peturamiconn: I was thinking more in the 10+ seconds range
14:20:22peturor maybe less... to be tested
14:20:45amiconn20 would be 10+, wouldn't it?
14:21:22peturyes, so 10+ seconds cause powerdown, you proposed 20+
14:21:39peturI'll see what it gives
14:23:03amiconnChoose the average...
14:23:05JdGordonPaulJam: no, im pretty sure i can do both lists easily
14:23:24 Join [1]leftright [0] (
14:23:39amiconnmarkun: It could be made even better for gigabeat by providing another set of tiles. 15x15 would be perfect for its LCD
14:24:14PaulJampetur: i just saw that if you are not in slideshow mode the loading screen in the jpegviewer is still shown. wouldn't it be good to only show the progessbar in manual mode too?
14:24:34PaulJamJdGordon: nice :)
14:25:11Kitt0sis it possible to render images on the bootloader?
14:25:15amiconnThe nice thing is that you now don't even need to touch star.c at all for adding a new set of tiles. Just create the bitmap and add it to apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/SOURCE. That's it
14:25:35peturPaulJam: don't know. It only bothers me in slideshow mode
14:26:33 Quit qailer (Remote closed the connection)
14:26:39amiconnpetur: The grayscale jpeg viewer now displays no loading indication at all in slideshow mode
14:26:49amiconnThat's certainly not good...
14:27:03peturquickfix, I know
14:27:19 Quit psiborg ("Ex-Chat")
14:27:38peturmust check how to use GS to do it
14:28:49amiconnThe grayscale lib needs to be extended in order to allow the progress bar and not permanently leave that space free
14:29:42[1]leftrightcould someone please close bug 6201
14:30:04amiconnThe jpeg viewer uses the grayscale library in unbuffered mode, which only provides minimal functionality
14:30:22amiconn(just greyscale bitmap display and scrolling)
14:30:35 Quit thegeek_ ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
14:31:15*petur considers leaving this to the creator of gslib ;)
14:31:34Kitt0sis there a reverse cmd for bmp2rb/
14:32:02 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:33:33amiconnKitt0s: No, why?
14:33:55Kitt0scuz i have a bmp img in that layout and i wanna save it as bmp
14:34:15BagderKitt0s: make a screenshot
14:34:15amiconnYou can of course display the bitmap and make a screenshot
14:34:16 Join Lear [0] (
14:34:18 Part pixelma
14:34:23Kitt0sof what?
14:34:25Kitt0si have this
14:34:25Kitt0sconst unsigned short bmp[] = {
14:34:26Kitt0s0xaeff, 0x7d16, 0x3229,
14:34:27DBUGEnqueued KICK Kitt0s
14:34:40Kitt0sand i wanna see it as an image
14:35:46 Join psiborg [0] (
14:37:26Kitt0swhat do you think, Bagder?
14:39:00amiconnpetur: I am thinking about a gray_set_clip(x, y, w, h) function which would restrict the displayed area. Passing -1 as width & height would restore the full area
14:39:19amiconn(or maybe it's better to provide a separate funtion for this?)
14:39:50 Part compubomb
14:40:06amiconnAreas not covered by the grayscale overlay can show standard gfx today, you just need to stay away from lcd_update(_rect)() and use gray_deferred_update() instead
14:41:19 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
14:41:37 Quit leftright (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:41:37 Nick [1]leftright is now known as leftright (
14:43:26amiconnUnfortunately I have other pending changes for the grayscale lib which aren't finished yet, and will take some time to finish...
14:43:38 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
14:43:38amiconn(scrolling enhancements in unbuffered mode)
14:43:51 Join BigBambi [0] (
14:43:53PaulJamwasn't the commit at 21 Oct 10:00 supposed to fix the stopping of playback when exiting the virtual keyboard by pressing stop? (h300)
14:44:19JdGordonit didnt?
14:45:15PaulJamon my patched build and in a cvs uisim it still stopps playback
14:45:38JdGordonoh damn... that should have done it
14:46:11JdGordondidnt stop playback here...
14:46:19JdGordonhow do u get to the vk from the wps anyway?
14:46:51JdGordonah... from the file browser..
14:47:47JdGordonok, missed a return..
14:50:42JdGordonok, this is wierd.... kate has the file open as utf8.. and cvs diff shows the ö correctly... but i bet when i commit it the ö will go funny...
14:50:50JdGordonso the problem is with cvs?
14:53:30 Quit bbroke ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
14:53:33amiconnNo, the files are not utf-8
14:53:53JdGordoncvs converts then to iso?
14:53:53amiconnIf kate decides to auto-convert to utf-8, I'd say it's a kate bug
14:54:08amiconncvs doesn't convert anything
14:55:01JdGordonso something is odd...
14:55:23JdGordonif i manuyally set it to iso the o goes funny
14:57:21JdGordoncan someone add action_signalscreenchange(); to before return -1; at line 599 in apps/recorder/keyboard.c so i dont screw up the (c) again?
14:57:39Kitt0sso there is no way to reverse bmp2rb?
14:57:41 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:58:29Bagderyes there is
14:58:34Bagderwe already told you
14:59:02Kitt0smake a screenshot? i don't understand
14:59:04TerrorBytewhats going on?
14:59:13BagderKitt0s: display the image, make a screenshot
14:59:25TerrorBytewhat I dont understand, is how to encode a video using mpeg2enc...
14:59:26Bagderthen you have a bmp of it
14:59:53Kitt0sahh i understand :] i just want to view it really.. how do i do that?
15:01:05CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:01:05*leftright is sipping an cold beer after a hard days couching errr work
15:01:06PaulJamTerrorByte: at the bottom of this page is a description how to convert videos:
15:02:10 Join JoeBorn [0] (
15:03:11TerrorByteokay i'll look at that...
15:03:15TerrorByteand see if i can get it done
15:03:17TerrorBytestill confusing though
15:03:56TerrorByteBagder: also
15:04:09TerrorBytealso, when i convert, the video quality turns into crap
15:04:14TerrorByteunlike elephant's dream.
15:04:17 Part leftright
15:04:18TerrorBytewhich looks amazing btw
15:04:59anrdewmelTB, do you mean it looks crap on your pc, or your DAP?
15:05:46JdGordonok, the problem really is kate... editing in vim doesnt cause it
15:05:58JdGordonof course.. vim is painful to code in... but what can you do? :'(
15:06:02TerrorByteBagder: on my h10
15:06:16TerrorByteon my h10
15:06:17TerrorBytesorry badger
15:06:27TerrorBytewhen i tab to another window, ur name comes up
15:06:50TerrorBytethats why i wann know the exact process used to convert elephant's dream
15:07:07TerrorBytei have no idea how to use mpeg2enc with quantization -6...........
15:08:05Kitt0sBagder, how can i display the image?
15:09:11TerrorBytemy video looks okayish on the h10 and runs at fps of 18.7
15:09:22TerrorBytehow do i increase the fps?
15:09:26TerrorByteim using vlc player to convert.........
15:12:01anrdewmelTerrorByte, see this line
15:12:02anrdewmelImportant: mpeg2 allows only some very specific framerates. If encoding fails, it's likely that your source framerate doesn't comply. To change the frame rate, add fps=25 or fps=29.97 in transcode{...}. (This applies to the following .bat file too)
15:12:08anrdewmelon this page
15:12:19TerrorByteI tried adding fps=25.
15:12:32TerrorByteThe fps on my h10 was at 18.7
15:12:45anrdewmelHow do you know?
15:12:52TerrorBytei transferred it?
15:12:56TerrorByteand went to display fps?
15:13:31anrdewmelon the H10? It has that function?
15:13:31PaulJamJdGordon: it works now (no stopping), thanks
15:13:39TerrorByteYes, it does!
15:13:48TerrorByteWith rockbox....
15:14:05TerrorBytenot iriver firmware....
15:14:08oboTerrorByte: that's the fps that the plugin is displaying the movie at, not the fps it's encoded at
15:14:30TerrorByteokay whats the fps elephant's dream is encoded at?
15:14:38obono idea :)
15:14:46TerrorBytewould it be higher tha 25/
15:15:19TerrorByteWhat would it be then?
15:15:26amiconnelephant's dream is encoded at 25fps as well
15:15:28TerrorByteHow does it manage to run at 25 fps on the h10?
15:15:33TerrorByteand my video does not?
15:15:39amiconnHowever, most targets cannot display it realtime
15:16:04TerrorBytebut im following the same thing...
15:16:21TerrorByteelephants dream runs at 25.... and my vids run at 18-19ish
15:16:24amiconnDepends on how large the video is. Of course the widescreen version will play faster than the fulklscreen version, because it covers less screen area
15:16:49Kitt0sdoes the simulator also simulates the bootloader?
15:16:55TerrorBytethe fullscreen of elephants dream runs at 25.
15:17:00TerrorBytemy fullscreen vids dont
15:17:11dionoeatry changing the bitrate maybe
15:17:12Kitt0samiconn, no for teh simulator?
15:17:20TerrorByteto a lower or higher number?
15:17:29TerrorBytewhat exactly does bitrate represent?
15:17:29dionoealower i guess ...
15:17:33amiconnPlayback speed also depends on the video itself, i.e. how hard it is to decode
15:17:39dionoeahigher bitrate means higher quality
15:17:46TerrorByteokay i'll lower bitrate
15:17:51dionoeaand you could also tweak the encoder settings
15:17:52TerrorBytegive you the results in a min
15:18:00TerrorBytetweak encoder settings?
15:18:01amiconnIt will stay like that until enough optimisation is applied
15:18:31dionoeause or not use some features of mpeg2 which might make it faster/slower to decode
15:18:43TerrorByteand how do i do that?
15:18:55dionoeai honestly don't have a clue :)
15:19:35dionoeaare you runing linux or windows ?
15:19:40TerrorBytewindows on this comp
15:19:51dionoeaencoding with mencoder or VLC ?
15:20:04TerrorByteusing the batch file
15:20:44dionoeawell you could try opening the preferences in the interface, go in input/Codecs->other->ffmpeg and see what settings are intersting (click the "advanced options" checkbox first)
15:20:52Kitt0sdoes the simulator also simulates the bootloader?
15:21:06amiconnnope. I already answered that
15:21:24TerrorBytewait, where is the dionaoe?
15:21:33dionoeathe what ?
15:21:46TerrorByteokay im there
15:22:02TerrorByteya i have no idea what any of that means
15:22:22dionoeanot really :)
15:23:24mirakdionoea: you can try to not use B or P frames, I don't remember wich ones, to the expense of less compression
15:23:56MikachuTerrorByte: isn't ED widescreen?
15:24:14dionoeaTerrorByte: try changing the ffmpeg-hq ffmpeg-keint and ffmpeg-bframes options
15:25:14dionoeai'd guess: use rd for ffmpeg-hq
15:25:34dionoeause a high number for keyint (like 25 or 50)
15:25:50dionoeaand don't use B frames (so put like 0)
15:26:11dionoeabut then these are just wild guesses
15:26:50TerrorByteed is fullscreen and widescreen
15:27:19dionoeai don't know if interlacing the video would make it decode faster ... anyon here have a clue ?
15:27:32TerrorBytewait, where is ffmpeg-hq?
15:28:14dionoeaand enable trellis quantization
15:30:13dionoeahq should be named something like "quality level"
15:30:19Soapyou want the interlacing option to match the input file, don't you? VLC isn't the best program for doing a reverse-telecine.
15:30:32TerrorByteand keyint?
15:30:52 Join tucoz [0] (i=528676e7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:30:54dionoeaRatio of keyframes
15:31:19tucozdo we really want a warpable volume select in the options?
15:31:38oboThanks for the entry tucoz
15:32:26TerrorByteokay, where is trellis quantization?
15:32:36TerrorBytei see it
15:32:43TerrorByteso i changed
15:32:46TerrorBytekey frames
15:32:48TerrorBytehq quality
15:32:54TerrorByteand trellis quantizer
15:32:54TerrorByteanything else?
15:33:03tucozobo. no problem. Should I change anything?
15:33:22SoapTerrorByte - after changing so many variables, you won't learn anything.
15:33:37TerrorBytei wont learn anything after changing even one thing
15:33:41SoapIf you want to figure out how to increase framerate, you need to change one variable at a time.
15:33:49tucozI didn't add links to the tools though. I think rockbox should at least host some tool before we describe them in the manual.
15:33:55oboIt should be after the headphone unplug - I don't know if it's a good idea to link it to the wiki page?
15:33:56TerrorByteim hoping someone just tells me how ED was encoded
15:34:21dionoeawith mencoder i think
15:34:23Soapdifferent material is going to run at different framerates when the CPU is pegged.
15:34:29TerrorBytewas it really?
15:34:35TerrorBytegod, i have no idea how mencoder is used
15:34:40obotucoz: fair enough. Also, I noticed that make clean in a manual folder doesn't remove the html manual folder
15:34:50Soapare you on *nix or windows, TerrorByte?
15:35:24SoapI'm sure there are better programs, but you could use VirtualDub to see what the key frame ratio is on ED.
15:35:52TerrorBytei'll do that....
15:35:52SoapIt doesn't have a fancy tool for that, but you can manually count each type of frame.
15:36:19TerrorBytecan vdub run .m2v?
15:36:24tucozobo. ok. that should be fixed.
15:36:41SoapTerrorByte - yes
15:36:49TerrorByteit says
15:37:03Soapahh, VirtualDubMod for mpg shit, my bad.
15:37:03tucozobo. what is the link to the wiki?
15:37:04TerrorByteVirtualDub cannot decode MPEG-2 streams.
15:37:15tucozto at least have some documentation.
15:37:19TerrorByteIs vdubMod a filter?
15:38:00Soapvdubmod is a collection of unofficial patches and hacks.
15:38:07Soapdoes everything vdub does and more.
15:38:37SoapI forgot mpeg-2 only came with mod, sorry for leading you down the wrong path.
15:39:26TerrorByteno i got it done
15:39:29TerrorByteopened it in mod
15:40:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:40:32anrdewmelnight all. some progress made, but most of it was an increase in my understanding of how little I understand :(
15:41:44 Part anrdewmel
15:46:01tucozobo: updated
15:49:09tucozhmm, wonder why a space is added after the scrobbler.log filename
15:51:11TerrorBytewhen it says something like 300 kbps
15:51:17TerrorByteis that the same as a bitrate of 300?
15:52:02PaulJamTerrorByte: yes
15:52:44TerrorBytei see
15:54:13tucozobo, do you think i should close the bug report regarding lack of description?
15:55:08 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
15:55:22tucozI guess i can :)
15:55:26obotucoz: I guess so, with a note to improve the manual or wiki as needed?
15:58:30 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:02:01 Join SmilinBob [0] (
16:03:07SoapI don't follow the cause of the "bug" leading to the Last.FM log not recording the first track played in a playlist. Could one of you two explain it?
16:03:09SmilinBobthe more i use rock box, the more i love it
16:03:45 Part tucoz
16:04:00 Join funky [0] (
16:04:03 Quit funky (Client Quit)
16:04:05 Join funky [0] (
16:04:43oboSoap: the track_changed event wasn't called for the first track played - it seems to be fixed for me, but someone reported that they still get the problem
16:06:01SoapWhen did this get fixed? I don't recall seeing that in the recent changes.
16:06:02 Quit FOAD ("I'll be back")
16:06:28oboSoap: I think it was a useful by product of some of pondlifes changes to playback.c :)
16:07:20SmilinBobso are there already plans on having visualizations for rockbox, or would most devicen not be able to handle it?
16:07:23SoapI need to check that out, for now I start every playlist with a "dummy" song.
16:07:48Kitt0sdoes any1 use this patch?
16:08:32 Join Arathis [0] (
16:09:20 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
16:09:52 Join FOAD [0] (
16:11:06SoapKitt0s - I don't believe anyone can use it on recent CVS.
16:11:18Kitt0swhy Soap?
16:11:33Kitt0sim trying it on a 20060930 build
16:11:38Kitt0sfixing with the .rej :\
16:13:39SoapScrolling Acceleration on recent CVS is the holy grail in many people's eyes. It is probably the one patch from all (most) the unsupported builds which was lost and cried for the most.
16:14:05 Quit SUSaiyan (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:14:09oboBagder: wiki spam - user AlanDavis - html attachments
16:14:24 Join SUSaiyan [0] (
16:15:32Soapobo - where did you see that? I'm always looking for that, and I don't see it. What am I missing?
16:15:48oboSoap: diff between the 2 revisions
16:15:57Kitt0sdam :\
16:16:40Soapis that an attempt to hide the attachments from my eyes while still leaving it for the search engine spiders?
16:17:08 Join Jaem [0] (i=40e7d0e2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:17:16JaemHi everyone
16:17:18oboAFAIK it's hidden from everything, but available for direct links from another site/email....
16:17:36ArathisSlasheri: btw: I tried to delete the file on my player using rockbox. it asked "yes/no", than I confirmed and it said "..deleted.." for a short time, but than I got a really colorfull display and the player froze. the file wasn't deleted either and I had to reset.
16:17:48JaemI have some questions could anyone help me out?
16:18:22Soapnot if you don't ask them Jaem ;)
16:18:42JaemI have a 4G iPod and I just installed Rockbox
16:19:05JaemDoes it decrease battery life more than Apple OS
16:19:13 Quit Quazgaa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:19:26SoapJaem - yes.
16:19:30Soap50% or so.
16:19:39JaemReally ? by alot?
16:19:46Kitt0sso what do you think, Soap, when will the scrolling acceleration will be commited to rockbox?
16:20:16JaemAnyways I just installed it and I cant find my music anywhere?
16:20:17dionoeaafter the next release ? muhahahaha
16:20:23 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:20:33SoapKitt0s - I don't know. It hasn't been updated by anyone since the key changes in August which killed it.
16:20:49SoapJaem - read up in the manual on Tag Cache
16:21:07Kitt0stoo bad, it could attract alot of ipod users
16:21:09Soapwhich is how you need to access your music if you want to use itunes to add the music.
16:21:20SoapKitt0s - fix it and become a hero to many.
16:21:28Kitt0slol yea
16:21:45JaemYeah I did and I followed it but I still cant see any music
16:22:40PaulJamJaem: have you changed the fileview to id3 database
16:23:25Soaphave you rebooted since commiting tag cache?
16:23:37Jaemyes i rebooted twive
16:23:42Jaemtwice sorry
16:25:06 Join lee-qid [0] (
16:26:31JaemI stil cant find any list of albums or songs
16:28:18 Join damaki [0] (
16:28:41 Quit EspeonEefi ("Leaving")
16:29:41PaulJamso what happens if you for example enter the artists folder in tagcache view? does it display an error?
16:38:15Genre9mp3hey... the Recent CVS activity table is smaller than ever!
16:38:15 Quit Jaem ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:38:51Genre9mp3one file commits all the way
16:41:43 Quit tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
16:42:46*petur tries a 3 file commit :)
16:43:09 Quit secleinteer (Remote closed the connection)
16:46:05 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
16:46:51 Join secleinteer [0] (
16:47:58 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
16:50:29 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
16:52:34 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
16:54:08Kitt0ssettings.c:1795:1: error: unterminated #ifdef
16:54:12Kitt0swhat does that mean?
16:54:42PaulJampropably a missing #endif
16:55:59Kitt0sand this
16:56:00Kitt0ssettings.c: In function 'settings_save_config':
16:56:02Kitt0ssettings.c:2037: error: 'name' undeclared (first use in this function)
16:56:04Kitt0ssettings.c:2037: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only onc
16:56:06Kitt0ssettings.c:2037: error: for each function it appears in.)
16:56:08Kitt0ssettings.c:2038: error: 'value' undeclared (first use in this function)
16:57:01markunKitt0s: what do you not understand about those errors?
16:57:10markunThey look pretty clear to me
16:57:55Kitt0sits undeclared :\
17:11:36 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:12:11 Join leftright [0] (
17:13:24leftrightJoeBorn: archos player: "Scroll speed settings" are transposed, +menu decreases values and vice vers
17:13:40leftrighterr thats JdGordon
17:15:18leftrightoops he's gone
17:18:34 Join XavierGr [0] (
17:19:24oboPaul_the_Nerd: do you think it would be worth adding a flat battery resurrection guide to the ipod faq?
17:20:04 Join sk [0] (
17:20:25 Join webguest84 [0] (i=d554be96@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:20:41Paul_the_Nerdobo: The instructions I give are actually Apple's official instructions for what to do when your iPod won't turn on.
17:20:55Paul_the_NerdOr very close to them.
17:21:04oboah, okay, didn't realise that.
17:21:38Paul_the_NerdI'm not sure what flipping the hold switch on and off does, but its something Apple tells you to do before trying to trigger the reset.
17:22:36SoapMy suspicion was it was a subtle way to make sure the user had the hold switch fully in the off position.
17:23:28 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
17:23:29Soapfor if it wasn't fully in the off position and apple said "Make sure your hold switch is off" fools would say "Duh, it's off"\
17:23:40Paul_the_NerdSoap: No, there's been once where I couldn't get Menu+Select to work without doing it. Just once though
17:24:07webguest84hi guys, are there known resource (memory probably) issues when compiling the rockbox code under cygwin ? my builds run into a resource limitation at the end.
17:24:39 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
17:24:48Paul_the_NerdI'm wondering if it makes sure that whatever layer handles the reset is ready, or something. As someone said they managed to get the bootloader in a position where menu+select wouldn't work, but I never got to ask them if they tried Hold toggling
17:25:19Paul_the_Nerdwebguest84: Aren't resource limitations kinda dependent on the resources of your computer, anyway?
17:25:38Soapdang, and I so liked my theory.
17:26:13Paul_the_NerdSoap: It could be yours still. It's possible that *I* was like "duh, it's off" ;)
17:28:27SmilinBobi had some how gotten to a screen that allowed me to change shuffle and repeat on the same screen,
17:28:32SmilinBobhow did i do that?
17:28:39Paul_the_NerdSmilinBob: That's the quickscreen.
17:28:41webguest84I understand that Paul_the_Nerd. it just seems to me that cygwin has some issues with a compile project with the size of Rockbox.. am running it on a T2300 (1.66G) m640 laptop with 1G of memory.. which i assume would be enough (if processes and memory are properly de-allocated etc)
17:28:47Paul_the_NerdSmilinBob: Hold Menu at the filetree
17:28:59SmilinBobohh ok...
17:29:07SmilinBobi couldn't figure it out again...
17:29:11Paul_the_Nerdwebguest84: I've run it on a less resourceful laptop before without problem, so it sounds like something on your end.
17:32:32webguest84Paul_the_Nerd: thats good to hear... so i should be able to run it then...
17:33:00 Join ABondar_de [0] (i=57c110bf@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:34:04 Join davinci [0] (n=Miranda@
17:34:09 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
17:35:07 Quit ABondar_de (Client Quit)
17:35:23Paul_the_Nerdwebguest84: Should be, yes. I use the VMWare image now, so things may have changed in the last few months, but it seems unlikely that it'd be that bad of a change.
17:35:52davinciwhats that?: "make[2]: *** No rule to make target `/cygdrive/d/rockbox/builds/061021/docs/CREDITS', needed by `/cygdrive/d/rockbox/builds/061021/build/credits.raw'. Stop."
17:36:16 Quit nls (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:36:33davincican somebody help me with it?
17:37:24webguest84Paul_the_Nerd: i reckon the problem lies with cygwin, and is not related to Rockbox...
17:38:17Paul_the_Nerdwebguest84: Seems somewhat likely. The system I was building it on only had 256mb of ram, though it was a bit faster, and I had no problems at all.
17:40:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:40:54webguest84Paul_the_Nerd: mmh so i might even get me a linux within vmware to do the job .... either that or go thru the hassel of installing a dualboot configuration (i tried Ubuntu on it before all worked fine..except the wireless adapter.... :( )
17:41:51Paul_the_NerdI'd try out the VMWare first.
17:42:01Paul_the_NerdThe only drawback of it is the disk space, other than that it works really really well
17:43:29webguest84yes i'll give that a go..
17:43:32davincipaul, do you have any idea what that message meens?
17:45:33Paul_the_Nerddavinci: Nope.
17:45:52 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:48:13 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
17:48:53lexipod video ordered
17:49:32Kasperlethe /cygdrive/d "path" doesn't really exist, i.e. /cygdrive won't be shown when you ls / ... maybe that's confusing make
17:52:25davincithe patch does exists because there are no problems with patching and compiling the code before
17:52:35 Join ender [0] (i=null@
17:53:57davinci$ cvs co rockbox-devel
17:53:57davincicvs checkout: warning: failed to open /home/Alexander/.cvspass for reading: No such file or directory
17:54:21Kasperlethat's not an error
17:54:45davincibut cvs doesn't find the directory?
17:54:45webguest84one of the patches perhaps?
17:54:48PaulJamit sometimes helps to run make clean (or make veryclean) before running make
17:54:49Kasperleyou can safely ignore that. that's just a file where cvs can store passwords so that you don't need to enter them later when using cvs login
17:55:12 Quit leftright (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
17:55:27 Quit ender` (Nick collision from services.)
17:55:30 Nick ender is now known as ender` (i=null@
17:55:32davincii'll try to compile withput patches
17:57:06 Quit lightyear (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:57:20 Join lightyear [0] (
17:57:29 Join Criamos [0] (
18:01:46 Quit FOAD ("I'll be back")
18:03:13 Join webguest68 [0] (i=57c11032@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:04:31 Quit webguest68 (Client Quit)
18:05:21 Join webguest15 [0] (i=57c11032@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:05:22 Join FOAD [0] (
18:05:28 Quit webguest15 (Client Quit)
18:05:40 Join webguest15 [0] (i=57c11032@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:07:03 Join TomHu [0] (i=548bcb25@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:07:04 Quit webguest15 (Client Quit)
18:07:34TomHuhello all
18:07:36 Join davinci_ [0] (i=mail@
18:07:46markunhi TomHu
18:08:02TomHuI hope you guys can help me
18:08:06TomHubold statement :s
18:08:43TomHuI'm looking for a new harddisc music player and I really want to use rockbox with that, yet I don't want an iPod for religous reasons
18:09:27markunyour are left with a iriver or iaudio I think
18:09:31TomHuhowever, the the rockbox site doesnt go into alot of detail how well the supported players work etc.etc.
18:09:58Paul_the_NerdIf you want something that is probably the most supported with the most functionality, either the iRiver H100 or H300 series, though they're a bit harder to find.
18:10:16davinci_Kasperle, any ideas? ^^
18:10:21TomHusounds good
18:10:25Paul_the_NerdFor something a little bit newer the iAudio X5 is really quite well supported, but still gets only about 80% of the retail battery life if I understand correctly.
18:10:37markunTomHu: If you are prepared to wait a bit the Gigabeat F and X will also be an option
18:10:52TomHumarkun what's that?
18:11:10markuna player by Toshiba, we are working on the port
18:11:37markunone of us booted the rockbox kernel for the first time last night, but it didn't get very far.
18:14:29TomHuwow the iaudio x5 seems rather nice, even w/o rockbox
18:17:00davinci_make[2]: *** No rule to make target `/cygdrive/d/rockbox/builds/061021/docs/CREDITS', needed by `/cygdrive/d/rockbox/builds/061021/build/credits.raw'. Stop. :'(
18:17:20TomHuwhile the iRiver Hxxx is really hard to find, what's the matter there? did they reach their EOL?
18:19:30davinci_make[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
18:19:30davinci_make: *** [all] Error 2
18:20:13 Quit davinci (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:21:22 Nick davinci_ is now known as davinci (i=mail@
18:23:27Leardavinci: You do have a docs folder, right?
18:23:47davincinope.... :D
18:23:56LearWell, go get it then. :)
18:24:13TomHugrmpf pkgsrc update is eating my bandwidth :s
18:24:17davinciok, thank you =)
18:38:00davinci$ dir
18:38:10 Quit TomHu ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:38:14davinciTHANK YOU, Lear :)
18:38:42davincihave a nice day, bye
18:38:58 Part davinci
18:45:25 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
18:53:05godzirraAnyone have/seen any news on the 5.5g or Kalthare?
18:55:08 Join ope [0] (i=468f3f3b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:55:31Paul_the_Nerdgodzirra: Do you really think it's not going to be announced once it's working?
18:55:47opeCould anyone tell me why my audio would be stopping when I scroll through artists/whatever? I'm using no EQ's, a 5g iPod, and the latest daily build.
18:57:03PaulJamshouldn't the sheduler prevent this?
19:00:02 Join damaki_ [0] (
19:04:54godzirraPaul_the_Nerd: Yeah yeah. I know. :p I'm just curious what happened to Kalthare. He asked me if I was here when I was afk about 3-4 days ago then I hadnt seen him since.
19:05:51Paul_the_Nerdgodzirra: The simple solution would be to just send Kalthare a PM in the forum.
19:06:18Soapope is the second one to complaing that in the last 24-36 hours that scrolling is once again causing skipping on 5th Gens.
19:07:58Paul_the_NerdSoap: It could just be that some recent change uses more processor time for other stuff now.
19:08:37 Join nls [0] (
19:10:14 Join solarflare [0] (
19:10:18 Part solarflare ("Leaving")
19:15:29 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:21:50opeI doubt there are any quickfixes eh? I guess I should just wait for a new build?
19:22:23 Quit lee-qid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:22:27Paul_the_Nerdope: Rockbox is *far* from being well optimized on the 5G.
19:23:18opeI guess that's expected. It's fairly new compared to the other targets rockbox is featured on, right?
19:24:13Paul_the_NerdYes, all the iPods have had Rockbox for less than a year.
19:25:44 Join lee-qid [0] (
19:26:00Kitt0sdoes any1 have old rockbox sources?
19:26:02Kitt0sold old
19:26:24Paul_the_NerdThat's not really that old
19:26:31Paul_the_NerdAnd you can check out sources from any date using CVS
19:26:31Kasperleyou could easily fetch them from cvs ;)
19:27:08 Join RogerBacon [0] (
19:28:45Kitt0sneat :D
19:29:05Kitt0s1mill $ quesion is...
19:30:02PaulJamuse the -D option
19:32:03 Quit TeaSea (Remote closed the connection)
19:33:21Kitt0scvs login
19:33:38Kitt0scvs -z3 -D<date> co rockbox-devel
19:34:45PaulJami think the -D behind the co
19:35:05Kitt0sok but what do i put?
19:35:43PaulJamsomething like: cvs -z3 co -D "2006-07-31 06:15" rockbox-devel
19:35:43 Quit ope ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:37:34godzirraPaul_the_Nerd: oh. I didn't really think of that.
19:37:42godzirraHeh.. Sorry, I'm not normally a forum guy. That makes sense though, thanks :)
19:39:43Paul_the_NerdA lot less random than just trying to catch a person online
19:40:01 Join GreyFoux [0] (
19:40:01 Quit GreyFoux (Client Quit)
19:40:20 Quit mirak ("Ex-Chat")
19:40:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:40:36 Join GreyFoux [0] (
19:41:09webguest84Paul_the_Nerd: the vmware image works like a charm... faster than the whole cygwin thing and no problems what soever... thanks again for the tip :)
19:41:36Kitt0sseems to work
19:41:51Kitt0show can i tell wich date it is?
19:45:18 Join SereR0kR [0] (
19:48:30 Join RoC_MM [0] (
19:53:20 Join webguest58 [0] (i=45919700@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:55:46webguest58I have today's daily build of rockbox on my 4g ipod. The music skips about every 5 to 10 seconds. I did an uninstall, and reinstalled rockbox with no changes.
19:56:46PaulJamtry if it helps when you use a wps without peakmeters and disable things like crossfeed and equalizer.
19:56:47 Quit webguest58 (Client Quit)
19:57:50 Join pdvhbr [0] (i=5263ea45@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:58:00 Quit pdvhbr (Client Quit)
19:59:28 Join pdvhbr [0] (i=5263ea45@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:59:39 Quit GreyFoux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:02:21 Join Rondom [0] (
20:03:09Nimdaecrossfeed runs fine on my ipod, but i've found the eq pretty much kills it
20:04:03pdvhbrhey guys I'm having a little problem with rockbox...when I play rockdoom sometimes the ipod shuts down without any reason (I'm using a 5g 30gb btw) anyone knows whats the problem?
20:04:47*Soap asks the stupid question...
20:04:56SoapAnd the battery is not dead?
20:05:07pdvhbrnope it even happens with full charge
20:06:34pdvhbranyone ? :)
20:06:35PaulJammaybe you are accidently resetting it by holding menu+select at the same time
20:07:22pdvhbryeah I thought of that but it just turns off holding those will make the ipod restart but when this happens I have to press a key to turn it on again
20:07:31Nimdaeor shutting down by holding play?
20:08:46pdvhbrnope it's not anything like that :(
20:13:14Mikachupdvhbr: it happens to me sometimes during pacman on my nano
20:13:21Mikachuit's possible it's overheating
20:13:25Mikachutry playing in the fridge :P
20:13:39 Quit funky (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:13:57 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
20:13:58pdvhbryeah mayb thats the problem
20:14:05 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:14:06pdvhbrI'm using a silicone pack
20:14:58Kitt0spatch: **** malformed patch at line 838
20:15:02Kitt0swhat does that mean?
20:15:20 Join LandusMikain [0] (
20:15:24 Quit Landus (Nick collision from services.)
20:15:54nlsKitt0s, that the patch is malformed?
20:16:02Kitt0snot all
20:16:04Kitt0sjust one part
20:16:14nlspossibly corrupted.
20:16:50Kitt0sno its something i changed
20:16:58Kitt0sjust added a line that wasn't in the patch but was on the file
20:18:29nlswhere did you add a line?
20:18:30PaulJamyou propably need to adjust the line that beginns with @@ too
20:18:50Kitt0sbut if its not the last one?
20:19:01Kitt0sif the lines changed
20:19:52 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
20:21:03Kitt0snvm i'l just use diff
20:21:07 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
20:21:26Davide-NYCHello all.
20:21:41Davide-NYCQuestion: What is this Wolfson codec?
20:22:15PaulJami think the audio chip used in portalplayer devices
20:22:41nlsIt's a (brand) DAC used in lots of players
20:22:53Mikachuit's not a codec like xvid or h264
20:23:27Davide-NYCah, but they use the word codec in a lot of their lit. I thought it was hardware but remained confused
20:23:36Davide-NYCthanks for the clarification
20:23:53Soapif you are talking about the recent commits, I believe they are gigibeat releated.
20:24:00Soaprelated even
20:24:02nlsThe one mentioned in the commit is in the gigabeat players
20:24:20Davide-NYCwhy is it not a driver then?
20:24:26Davide-NYC*not called a driver
20:24:50nlsit's to confuse people obviously
20:25:07Davide-NYCexcellent! /me rubs hands together
20:26:50 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
20:28:12 Quit Abst (Remote closed the connection)
20:29:19 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
20:30:09Nimdaewell, according to wolfson there's a difference between dac and codec, the wolfson chip in question in the commit is a dac, the chip in the ipod is apparently a codec
20:30:25Nimdaemost likely because they do different things, heh
20:31:01Paul_the_NerdCan the one in the iPods encode and decode some form of compressed audio?
20:31:22Nimdaei don't think so, but it can apply filters
20:31:39Nimdaewhereas i don't see anything abuot filters on the dacs
20:33:05nlsDoesn't CODEC really mean COder/DECoder implying some sort of coding scheme (eg. compression)?
20:33:23markunI thouht it was called codec if it was DAC + ADC
20:33:34Paul_the_NerdCODEC can either mean "Coder/Decoder" which ADC and DAC qualifies as, or it can mean Compressor/Decompressor.
20:34:42 Join funky [0] (
20:34:57Nimdaelooks like in wolfson's terms, it's dac+adc
20:39:34markunI always thought the WM8751 had a ADC as well, but I now see I was wrong.
20:40:43 Quit pdvhbr ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:40:52Soapso what does the codec do in a software target?
20:41:04 Quit SUSaiyan (Remote closed the connection)
20:41:28nlsDigital to analogue conversion
20:41:45nlsand on some analogue to digital
20:43:41nlsmarkun how does the gigabeat f anx differ from the s version?
20:43:54nls...F and X...
20:44:37Soapand the DAC needs drivers? it isn't simply a "passthrough" device?
20:46:00nlsSoap, I don't know a lot about theses things, but it seems so. Its probably neccesary to set it up in the correct etc..
20:46:46petura driver is a software interface through which you access a hardware component
20:47:21markunnls: there are a few differences. The F and X run linux, the S runs some windows version
20:47:36peturyou technically don't need a driver but writing to some register from within an app is considered bad practice
20:47:52markunThe S does USB in software, the F and X have a USB2ATA bridge
20:48:22markunThe CPU in the S has a DSP which can do floating point calculations, the F and X don't have a DSP
20:49:16nlsmarkun, so a new port would be needed to support the s but maybe not entirely from scratch, it seems to be impossible to get an F or X model here but I found a couple of S available...
20:50:34markunIt's likely that the Zune will be similar to the S
20:51:10Nimdaedon't think i'm entirely sold on the zune
20:51:12markunI think the port will be from scratch. The only thing they have in common are that they are ARM based and are called Gigabeat
20:51:36 Join Jack_ [0] (
20:52:43nlsWell I'm sure we'll have several requests for a zune-port every day from now to infinity (when something new is released) so maybe someone will breake down and do it.
20:53:01nlsOr maybe MS will donate some players and socs :-P
20:53:51BHSPitLappythis is going to be the most closed-est protected-est player ever
20:54:09Nimdaeif that happens, i'll donate $100 to the rockbox thing ;) i'd do it anyway, but i'm poor :P
20:55:08Soapthat brings up a good question.
20:55:18 Join SUSaiyan [0] (
20:55:23SoapHow much money does the Rockbox project burn through a month?
20:55:37peturnot much I think
20:55:50peturservers and bandwidth are sponsored
20:55:51SoapAt what point do donations actually do more than maintain?
20:55:58Soapthat's good to know.
20:56:07Nimdaekermit costs me $120 a month so at lesat i'm contributing something ;)
20:56:36peturNimdae: that's already a lot....
20:56:40SoapI mean, I don't personally care if my donations all go to coffee and donuts, but I'd hate to think my donation doesn't even help pay the electric bills.
20:56:42nlsdonations are used for DevCon beer and other random stuff :-)
20:56:58Paul_the_NerdSoap: From what I understand, a lot of the money sits around until a developer ruins a player or some new hardware debugger needs to be acquired, or other various not-often but expensive events.
20:57:09peturbuying players and some other tech gear too
20:57:11Paul_the_NerdSoap: Also DevCon, yes. :)
20:57:50BHSPitLappyI still have a screenshot saved from the devcon 2006 webcam
20:58:10BHSPitLappyeverybody raising their various alcoholic drinks and smiling for the camera
20:58:53SoapNimdae - what is this kermit? Not the BBS file-transfer protocol I assume...
20:59:06dpromhmmmm alcoholic drinks .... </homer>
20:59:27*petur plans to sponsor the next DevCon with some Belgian beer if he makes it this time :)
20:59:29 Join Rob2222 [0] (
21:00:15 Join JoeBorn [0] (
21:00:16*Davide-NYC toots his own horn by mentioning last years $300 donation
21:00:29Davide-NYC?me or was it $200?
21:01:24 Part Paul_the_Nerd
21:01:45scorcheSoap: his server that has been added to the build farm
21:05:01Soapscorche - how long after completing your KeyBank requirements did you get your Nano?
21:05:14scorche2 months
21:05:42NimdaeSoap: what scorche said :P
21:06:09scorcheapparently, at the end of each month, they gather the list of everyone who met the requirements in that month and compile the list of to be sent out
21:06:29Kasperlei had to wait EIGHT months for my ipod ;)
21:06:51Nimdaeyeah, i'll pass, i don't like spam ;)
21:06:56scorcheno spam
21:07:09scorchejust a bank account i get to keep one cent in till 6 months =)
21:07:27Nimdaekeybank eh
21:07:33scorcheit was a promotiont hat keybank was doing
21:07:42 Join barrywardell [0] (
21:07:49Soapwe'll see if I get one. I applied before the deadline, but they didn't give me the papers to sign until after the deadline. I got the direct deposit in before the deadline, so we'll see.
21:08:12Nimdaeah, they aren't offering it anymore
21:08:16scorcheSoap: not sure if they stil are doing it...but i heard something about them starting to give away 2gig 2nd gens at the end...not sure though
21:08:29SoapIf it is a 2nd generation, which it appears it will be, I'm going to sell it.
21:08:58scorcheim sure someone in here would like one to possibly help with porting
21:09:02Soapthey are still going for more than US list price on ebay.
21:09:05scorchebut yeah...i lub my nano =)
21:09:13Nimdaei think i would keep it, use it for excercising
21:09:28scorcheNimdae: the issue is that we havent got rockbox on it
21:09:35Nimdaei understand
21:09:37scorchenot sure about him, but i wouldnt use it without rockbox =)
21:09:41SoapOh, I'm going to sell it to fund a better flash player for the wife's general usage and my running.
21:09:54 Quit damaki_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:10:07Soapmost likely.
21:10:16scorcheyeah...they arent bad
21:11:00Nimdaei have a rio to fill that need for the time being, but i wouldn't mind something a bit more modern and with more storage spae
21:12:13scorchewith rockbox =)
21:14:57*scorche gets back to working on his patch
21:16:41Kitt0swhat patch? ipod acceleration patch? :D
21:39:25 Join Ribs [0] (n=freenode@
21:39:51 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
21:40:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:44:57 Join actionshrimp [0] (
21:55:17 Join qailer [0] (
22:02:50 Part RogerBacon ("Quitte")
22:05:35 Join chill [0] (
22:06:07 Quit XavierGr ()
22:06:54chillis it normal when i try to turn my ipod nano off (hold play button 5secs) it reboots?
22:08:30 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
22:10:40 Join yipe [0] (
22:11:09yipeas-salaamu 'aleikum and shabbot shalom everybody
22:13:05 Quit barrywardell ()
22:14:23 Join barrywardell [0] (
22:19:54 Quit Ribs (Nick collision from services.)
22:19:54 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=freenode@
22:22:44 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
22:24:59 Quit SUSaiyan ("Ex-Chat")
22:26:19peturhmmm... on my h340 music fadeout has a bit of distortion when the harddisk is working (most probably because of the rebuffering)
22:27:26 Quit webguest84 ("CGI:IRC")
22:28:14 Join SUSaiyan [0] (
22:33:38yipeI've noticed that when I try to start a track over, or if I rewind or fast forward long distances within a track, the ends of the track no longer match up with the actual ends of the file
22:33:54yipelike I'll start a long podcast over, and it will begin playing from somewhere in the middle
22:38:50peturyipe: write up a detailed procedure how to reproduce it and submit a bug report in the tracker. Check first if there isn't a similar bugreport first...
22:39:19yipethat would require figuring out exactly what causes it.... which I don't know at the moment :P
22:41:55 Quit Ribs2 ("eh eh ehhhh!")
22:42:50yipeokay, I just took a podcast (in the footsteps of bin laden) that had been playing normally for about 25 minutes, and rewound it all the way to the beginning, (I didn't restart it, I rewound) and when I released the rewind button it began playing a podcast about the mandaeans from the middle
22:46:46 Join mirak [0] (
22:47:29 Join xreel [0] (
22:47:58amiconnpetur: Hmm, just crossed my mind: Does the slideshow timeout take the loading time into account?
22:48:17amiconnGuess it doesnt, especially as that time isn't predictable...
22:49:10 Join jhMikeS [0] (
22:49:43peturamiconn: I figured as much so I left that alone
22:50:05yipethere's a similar bug already reported, but it's much more specific, and I can reproduce the same problematic effects with different methods
22:50:06 Quit _jhMikeS_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:51:27 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
22:52:00amiconnpetur: Maybe Lear has some tips how to do that properly...
22:52:14Kitt0sOBJCOPY mpegplayer.rock
22:52:14Kitt0srm /home/Nethanel/cvs-2006-08-12/rockbox-devel/build/apps/plugins/pong.elf
22:52:19Kitt0swhat does that mean?
22:53:11scorcheit just means that it is deleting that file
22:53:13amiconn..referring to Great picture viewer :)
22:53:15 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@CERULEANCITY.MIT.EDU)
22:54:01 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:54:11 Join jhMikeS [0] (
22:56:19 Join lee-qid [0] (
22:57:03peturjhMikeS: does your patch (2.3) gives way more distortion when playback fades out. CVS version only does so during disk activity. Did you change anything in that area too?
22:59:11peturjhMikeS: did you increase prerecording time?
22:59:34jhMikeSno and no
23:00:00jhMikeSprerecording time can be whatever memory allows or 30s whichever is less
23:00:24peturmy first test started recording at 40s
23:00:55peturdoing a second test now
23:01:52petur39 seconds now
23:02:14peturand had it 60 seconds in the recording screen
23:02:34amiconnjhMikeS: "whichever is less"? I would expect that we could allow for way more than 30 seconds of prerecording on swcodec targets.
23:02:43*petur wonders if 40s is the length of the pcm buffer
23:03:11jhMikeSprerecording isn't affected by the pcm buffer but the encoder buffer
23:03:37jhMikeSwhat samplerate and type?
23:03:43peturstill... strange it starts conting at 39/40 seconds
23:03:51peturWAV 44kHz stereo
23:03:55 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:04:03TerrorByteAnother question....
23:04:22jhMikeSHmmm...what's the buffer size in the debug menu?
23:04:57TerrorByteIs there FM radio and voice recording in Rockbox for some players or is there just none at all?
23:05:01jhMikeSIt's possible the extra safety margin affected it with long pr
23:05:17jhMikeSTerrorByte: iAudio/iRiver have both
23:05:24TerrorByteI see.
23:05:30TerrorByteWait a second.
23:05:32TerrorByteiRiver does?
23:05:36TerrorByteMy H10 does?
23:05:38Paul_the_NerdThe H100 and H300 series
23:05:42Paul_the_NerdThe H10 doesn't have it enabled yet.
23:05:44TerrorByteSo not the H10.
23:05:45TerrorByteNot yet ;)
23:06:44TerrorByteSo what's being worked on right now?
23:07:03TerrorByteWhat's the focus?
23:07:06Paul_the_NerdWhatever various people are interested in.
23:07:09amiconnPaul_the_Nerd: Plus X5, archos recorders and Ondio FM
23:07:17TerrorByteAnd what are people interested in?
23:07:22TerrorByteVideo with sound :P?
23:07:28peturjhMikeS: buffer size in debug menu? Help my memory please
23:08:02jhMikeSpetur: you let it prerecord for at least 1min right? :p
23:08:09jhMikeSwait a sec...
23:08:27TerrorByteHow many people work on developing Rockbox?
23:09:05 Join spiorf [0] (
23:09:11TerrorByteYou're serious?
23:09:17jhMikeSmain menu->info->rockbox info
23:09:26amiconnA lot... check the length of the credits list
23:09:52jhMikeS2! feel like that at times :)
23:10:10TerrorByteIs support dwindling?
23:10:15 Join Paul_the_Ner1 [0] (
23:10:56Paul_the_Ner1TerrorByte: Video with sound is just not a huge priority for most of us.
23:11:09 Quit Paul_the_Nerd (Nick collision from services.)
23:11:15 Nick Paul_the_Ner1 is now known as Paul_the_Nerd (
23:11:18TerrorByteYeah I've realized that.
23:11:32 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
23:11:33*jhMikeS likes watching music videos too
23:11:43*TerrorByte agrees :)
23:11:56amiconnWatching and watching ;)
23:12:13TerrorByteIf there was some way I could help, I would.
23:12:16jhMikeSIt could be done with reduced framerates. The OF only does 12fps MPEG4
23:12:22TerrorByteBut I'm afraid I'm not very skilled at this.
23:13:11amiconnTerrorByte: Well, the rockbox people were crazy enough to bring greyscale video with sound to the archos recorders and Ondios. I'm sure it will happen at some point, just don't expect it within a fixed time frame
23:13:31TerrorByteGreyscale video?
23:13:34TerrorByteLOL nice.
23:13:39 Join Rudy4Pez [0] (
23:13:53amiconnThe old archoses have just a small, b&w only LCD, yet we can show greyscale video on it
23:14:21jhMikeSWhy should mono bitmaps be drawn and stored in row order with 8 bits being the first 8 pixels of the first row so it matches the framebuffer order on targets like that (x5 and such)?
23:14:29jhMikeSwhy shouldn't rather
23:14:35peturjhMikeS: another strange observation: I said 'stop' just before stopping the recording and that wasn't recorded. And the 'start' is about 39 seconds after recording start
23:15:14jhMikeSpetur: no matter the length of time you let it prerecord?
23:15:26 Quit markun (
23:15:35peturit was way over a minute in prerec
23:15:43NJoinmarkun [0] (
23:15:46amiconnjhMikeS: Very simple reason... the mono bitmap format we're using now is the same format as the internal format of the archos LCD (and also a number of other monochrome LCDs, like the Iriver remote, iFP7xx etc)
23:15:54*petur thinks the PCM buffering isn't taken into account
23:16:07amiconnIt also closely matches the internal format of the H1x0 greyscale LCD and the X5 remote LCD
23:16:32amiconnIf we keep the mono format consistent throughout ports, we don't need different font formats
23:16:55amiconn...and even more important, we don't need 2 different font formats for targets with 2 LCDs
23:17:05peturjhMikeS: at recording stop, you probably stop the encoder, which lags the actual recording. It should stop PCM and consume whatever is in PCM buffer. So counting should be done in actual PCM recorded time
23:17:30*petur si guessing this, hasn't looked at the code
23:17:31amiconn(like the H300 or X5)
23:17:39jhMikeSit's supposed to wait and encode the remaining samples
23:18:07amiconnUnicode fonts can be huge even as monochrome
23:18:52Genre9mp3amiconn: Do you think that having a seperate font for the remotes (optionally) would be a good idea?
23:18:53jhMikeSamiconn: priority would be the main lcd and fonts could be converted when loaded...
23:19:24jhMikeShow hard it is really?
23:19:44amiconnIt costs CPU time and extra RAM, and it's unnecessary
23:19:58jhMikeSI'd like faster mono bits cause x5 bites it on speed writing fonts
23:20:17 Quit TerrorByte (Remote closed the connection)
23:20:25amiconnThat won't change by just flipping the mono format
23:20:27jhMikeSpetur: I wonder if I'll get 39 sec on x5 too...
23:20:58jhMikeSThat should be impossible :P
23:21:15amiconnI know that font writing isn't the fastest on colour targets, however, the main problem isn't the bit arrangement
23:22:40amiconnNo matter how you arrange the bits, you still need to evaluate bit by bit and do the appropriate graphics operation
23:22:57 Quit obo ("bye")
23:23:17jhMikeSamiconn: evaluation is simpler if the arrangement is similar to the buffer
23:23:26amiconnThat's because of the various draw modes. I have some ideas how mono bitmap drawing could be sped up for DRMODE_SOLID, but those ideas don't need changing the mono bitmap format
23:23:54*jhMikeS is gonna check out that pre things...
23:24:35 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:24:47 Quit YouCeyE (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:25:13TerrorByteSo, Paul.
23:25:21TerrorByteYou're a part of the team I assume...
23:25:35TerrorByteIs everyone here a part of the Rockbox team?
23:25:42midkayare you?
23:25:51 Quit TerrorByte (Client Quit)
23:25:59 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:26:01jhMikeSinverting pixels kind of is a problem but you can just write the pattern instead of calling fns for solid
23:26:06TerrorByteSorry, got disconnected...
23:26:34barrywardellwhat do people think about this:
23:26:35midkayassuming your answer is no, it's pretty easy to assume there's more than one user (which'd leave 124 devs)..
23:26:43barrywardellrearranging the keymaps in the sim
23:26:51Paul_the_NerdTerrorByte: Not everyone here is a part of the team, but a lot of us are. I mean, I personally have maybe, oh, 8 lines of code in all of Rockbox, but I help out in other ways.
23:26:57amiconnjhMikeS: How should that work? The source data has 1 bit / pixel, the destination has 16bit / pixel
23:27:01TerrorByteI see.
23:27:03jhMikeSpetur: other than those other problems are you able to record all sources ok?
23:27:14TerrorByteWell if I can do anything to help, which is not much, I'm free to do so.
23:27:20peturjhMikeS: correction, seems to be in MP3 - did defaults change? because I did reset settings before loading mine and I'm quite sure it's not in my config *checks*
23:27:22jhMikeSamiconn: You write the color pattern
23:27:29Paul_the_NerdI ended up helping out just be seeing things I could do, and doing them.
23:27:31 Join RogerBacon [0] (
23:27:55*Paul_the_Nerd just found Bagder's name in a license document for Gametap.
23:27:58TerrorByteI see.
23:28:14amiconnjhMikeS: What colour pattern?
23:28:16jhMikeSWhen bit = 0...fg_pattern, 1 = bg_patten...
23:28:37Paul_the_NerdBagder: It's a $10 subscription service that provides 710 (at the moment) downloadable unlimited play games ranging from the C64 era, across arcades and consoles, up to modern PC games.
23:28:44Paul_the_NerdBagder: They make use of libcurl, apparently
23:29:05amiconnjhMikeS: You mean just handling a horizontal block of 2 pixels together?
23:29:36amiconnThat's in fact one of my ideas - but you won't need a changed mono bitmap format for that
23:29:36jhMikeSpetur: you were using MP3 and that was the only problem?
23:30:06peturit's the first problem I noticed, haven't checked any other things yet
23:30:21amiconnI am even thinking about handling 8 pixels at once - that would nicely map to a memory line which can be written using burst mode
23:30:38jhMikeSamiconn: I suppose but having function calls to write a dot must take a tole
23:30:58jhMikeSamiconn: It needs to use that when possible for sure.
23:31:29*jhMikeS is rebuilding after cvs up
23:31:31amiconnOn coldfire, there's unfortunately quite a bit of overhead involved in a function call
23:31:48amiconnBoth SH and arm use regparms for up to 4 parameters
23:32:02*petur excuses with jhMikeS for breaking his patch by changing plugin.h :)
23:32:14 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
23:33:00amiconnRotating a block of 8x8 mono pixels by 90 degrees can be done rather fast
23:33:02jhMikeSpetur: you chagned something there? Shouldn't really matter except for the version
23:33:07amiconn...on the fly
23:33:19 Quit SereR0kR ()
23:34:31amiconnjhMikeS: In fact a flipped mono bitmap format would make some optimisations more difficult
23:34:35 Join FOAD_ [0] (
23:35:03jhMikeSamiconn: haven't thought too far into it yet but what sort of opts?
23:36:02amiconnExample: A row of 8 pixels would nicely map to a line in the framebuffer. If you organise the mono bitmaps in rows, this row of 8 pixels would be a byte
23:36:17amiconnBut what happens if that byte is misaligned?
23:36:36peturjhMikeS: I see why your patch is so big, your editor removed lots of trailing spaces in the files you touched...
23:36:51amiconnWith live rotation, you're free to choose the starting point.
23:37:11amiconnI guess speed would be similar, but we would keep the single mono format
23:37:47jhMikeSpetur: yes...I let it go ahead and reformat according to guidelines about spaces/tabs/etc.
23:38:15peturjhMikeS: also, I don't like the fact that default recording format is MP3 :(
23:38:36jhMikeSheh...Should be WAV? That's easy.
23:38:38peturand code policing is better done in separate commits imho
23:38:58amiconnI also didn't think _very_ far yet, most because (1) I have more than enough other things I want to do and (2) I prefer thinking about such problems "in the background" until I collected enough ideas to come up with a good solution
23:39:32TerrorByteWhat's the difference between the daily build and CSV build?
23:39:43amiconnFor instance, I would also like to see the DRMODE_FG case optimised. It's used quite often
23:39:53jhMikeSamiconn: good was bugging me today cause I got sick of the super slow scrolling :(
23:39:57amiconnThen there's also the background image to be taken into account
23:40:20amiconn-> bye bye simple colour pattern...
23:40:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:40:46 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:40:55Paul_the_NerdTerrorByte: The Daily build is just the CVS build from a certain time each day
23:41:42TerrorByteAh, fair enough.
23:41:44TerrorByteThank you Paul.
23:41:45 Join webguest44 [0] (i=51400b8c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:42:00peturgtg, will continue tomorrow...
23:42:09 Quit petur ("later")
23:42:15 Join Parachutes [0] (n=jmlane@unaffiliated/Jon-)
23:44:12amiconnjhMikeS: Btw, where's the scrolling super-slow? I know that it's not as fast as on greyscale and mono targets, but on X5 it's still quite fast imo
23:44:43amiconnThe only target where it's really slow is the iPod video, because of the huge framebuffer and the rather slow lcd update
23:44:43 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:44:48jhMikeSamiconn: funny, you used to say how slow it was :) I think it just is too clunky at least w/o boost
23:45:07amiconnIt is slow, but I wouldn't call it super-slow
23:45:49*webguest44 considered it still a bit slow too
23:45:51amiconnI just tried it; scroll speed == 15 tries to do 33 steps per second
23:45:55Soapcleaning out my old hardware bins. Does the rockbox project need a parallel port to scsi2 adapter? ;)
23:46:13 Nick webguest44 is now known as Moos (i=51400b8c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:46:16amiconnI get 20 real steps per second unboosted on X5 (with 1 scrolling line)
23:47:25jhMikeSWhat are you testing with? Some other thing I don't know about yet?
23:47:28amiconnThat said, the real scroll speed is always lower than the theoretical even on tiny mono lcds, because the scroll speed sets a delay, not an interval
23:47:46amiconnjhMikeS: Just the scroll speed settings item...
23:47:51jhMikeSWe need better timer res
23:47:58amiconnNo, why?
23:48:12amiconnMore timer interrupts will drain even more cpu power
23:48:24jhMikeSFor timing things 1/100 of a second is pretty coarse.
23:48:44 Quit Stormy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:48:49jhMikeSCould be something you turn on when needed
23:48:52amiconnIt's more than enough for everything in the core (except backlight fading on H1x0 and ipod)
23:48:56jhMikeSI know: KISS
23:49:02 Join Stormy [0] (
23:50:14amiconnjhMikeS: One example for how much a timer interrupt can draw: Linux kernel 2.4 used a 100Hz timer by default, kernel 2.6 uses 1000Hz.
23:50:19 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:50:58amiconnThis increase in timer frequency is enough to slow down vmware workstation 4.x to half the speed - on a multi-GHz PC
23:51:14amiconn(when running kernel 2.6 in a VM)
23:51:45amiconnOf course that largely depends on what is done in the isr
23:52:08jhMikeSthat's a lot...something like that should do very little though
23:52:32amiconnThe X5 already suffers from that. mp3 playback virtually never boosts on iriver, but it does very visibly on X5
23:52:47amiconnThis is because of the inefficient pcf i2c driver
23:53:14amiconnpsiborg: interrupt service routine
23:53:42jhMikeSsounds like that's a place to do a little optimizing if it really is a drag on the system
23:54:29amiconnThat's one of my planned todos...
23:54:35psiborgwhy are you discussing timer interrupts?
23:54:40*amiconn already did that for the H300
23:57:45Mooshehehe :)

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