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#rockbox log for 2006-10-22

00:00:11Moosamiconn: during you are here, little question
00:01:00Moosdid you never noticed strange noises from HD, plus not during activity from it
00:02:44*jhMikeS wonders how petur could always be getting 39sec of pre when set to 60s
00:03:35Mooswithout prerecording enabled or if enabled?
00:05:02jhMikeSenabled and said he let it prerecord for well over a minute. On x5 the start point is right but I only have 30s available. It really shouldn't matter though.
00:06:02Moosamiconn: few days ago, I noticed those noise from hardisk when hd isn't spining, just seeking...
00:06:03jhMikeSThere should be no overflowing going on no matter what
00:06:17amiconnIt can't seek when not spinning
00:06:44Moosami: but for this, you need good hears and silent env
00:06:46jhMikeSI thinks it's rounding error...bah
00:07:25amiconnA hd cannot seek when it's not spinning. It would destroy itself (both the heads and the platter surface)
00:07:36Moosnever noticed it with my iriver before
00:08:06*Moos feels silly ;)
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00:08:32Moosthen the hard disc is produce more external noises or something?
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00:09:36Genre9mp3Moos: Maybe you mean when seeking (ffwd/rewind) when playback?
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00:10:00amiconnI don't know what you heard, I didn't notice any strange noises from my iriver hds except (1) the known bug in the H300 bootloader with bootloader usb mode (hd performing an emergency park because power is cut while the disk is spinning)
00:10:05MoosI thought the data was buffered then no need of hd
00:10:24Moosspoken about x5 HD
00:10:38amiconnand (2) the spinning noise of my h1x0 hd being a bit louder than normal resulting from a crash to floor incident :/
00:10:42MoosI said never heard those noises with my iriver before
00:10:56MoosI didn't spoken about spining
00:11:03Moosthat the thing
00:11:18Moosbuffer is just filled, then no need of HD right?
00:11:31Moosin playback for exemple
00:11:42amiconnThe X5 hd is a newer toshiba model than those in the irivers, it's generally quieter but more clicky when parking/unparking
00:12:32Moosthat what I thought too
00:12:48Moosbut my hears don't think so
00:13:19*Moos blame his very bad english :(
00:13:52Moosami: do you understand what I'm trying to say?
00:14:13amiconnobviously not :/
00:14:31Genre9mp3Moos: You mean that you hear sounds from the disk even when it's not spinning?
00:14:38Moossorry :( lets rephrase this (trying at least)
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00:15:19Moosand isn't sound of platters working, but like an annoying noise
00:15:31Genre9mp3I never experienced something like this with my H340
00:16:16Moosjust noticed it with my X5 that why I thought that was X5 specific
00:16:29amiconnMoos: If you have 'disk poweroff' enabled, rockbox cuts power to the hd when it's not spinning, so the hd can't actively produce any noise
00:17:17amiconnIf you hear some noise from the X5 when the hd is powered down, the noise must come from some other component of the X5
00:17:29MoosI have "disk poweroff" enabled and listening those noise
00:17:42Moosnot in spining dow period
00:18:08*amiconn tires to understand those darn Makefiles involved in the bitmap build system :(
00:18:22Moosnot HD activity cause in my exemple, playback working and playback buffer filled
00:18:40amiconnI don't get why each dir is touched twice (I've already fixed the 4-fold touching of the plugin bitmaps locally)
00:21:12MoosI'm wondering which chip could produce those noises, in hoping isn't one chip "bad used" or something
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00:24:23*jhMikeS fixed the prerecording time calc :P
00:26:02Mooscongratulations :)
00:26:49jhMikeSin essence doing division before multiplication...bah
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01:12:09amiconnbarrywardell: Your sdl button change triggered red builds, for some reason only in the next build round...
01:12:22barrywardelloh, sorry
01:12:24amiconnH1x0 and H300 have no BUTTON_PLAY, it's called BUTTON_ON
01:12:45barrywardellstrange how they weren't caught the first time
01:12:48barrywardelli'll fix now
01:14:13amiconnI've already seen that happen several times
01:14:33barrywardelli think not all the sims get built every time
01:14:39barrywardellor something like that
01:14:47amiconnThe distributed build system seems to have a timing problem; sometimes it doesn't catch all changes belonging to a commit
01:15:04barrywardellah, i see
01:15:24amiconnMaybe it's because system clocks diffeering a bit (??) (Bagder??)
01:15:32barrywardelljust running a test compile before i commit a fix
01:17:11barrywardellthe build log seems ok though
01:19:42barrywardellhmm. weird. my changes come up twice, in both my own commit and in the second one
01:23:20amiconnYeah, strange, especially since it was a single-file commit
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01:33:16*amiconn found a way to speed up make a bit, especially on cygwin
01:33:39amiconnLess backticking in the Makefiles, using make internal functions instead
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02:02:58Kugelfangcan somebody help with a small problem regarding my ipod?
02:03:04Kugelfangi can't boot rockbox
02:03:17Kugelfangit keeps booting the ipod firmware
02:03:34scorchethen you have most likely screwed up somehwere with the installation fo the bootloader
02:03:49Kugelfangi will reiterate the steps
02:06:13jhMikeSusing cygwin is a hell of a motivator to want to speed up builds :)
02:06:54Kugelfangscorche: it copied 5.6M to the first partition...
02:07:32Kugelfangscorche: nope, keeps booting the apple thing
02:07:54midkayKugelfang: did you copy a build to the drive?
02:08:05PaulJamdoes it show the rockbox bootloader before booting the apple firmware?
02:08:12KugelfangPaulJam: no
02:08:16Kugelfangmidkay: yes
02:08:28RogerBaconhey, i have some information of my gigabeat s60gb (gphoto), anyone is interrested, im not sure if is useful but is a lot of info
02:09:00 Join damaki [0] (
02:09:21SoapRogerBacon - I have a strong suspicion they would love it if you added your info to the wiki.
02:09:37Soapsince many of the developers are sleeping.
02:09:51RogerBaconwhere i add it to the wiki ?
02:10:14Soapthere is a hardware page for all the players.
02:10:29Soapahh, but you probably don't have wiki write access if you don't know where to put it.
02:10:43Kugelfanghm, i /think/ the bootup takes bit longer than normally, so i guess the bootloader is correctly installed
02:10:54Kugelfangit just doesn't find rockbox :-/
02:10:55Soapyou would need to create a wiki account, then have one of the big guys grant said account write access.
02:11:46Kugelfangah, i just see i need a fonts package
02:11:59Kugelfangcould a missing fonts package be the cause of rockbox not booting?
02:12:38Kugelfangshould i see the rockbox boot screen if the fat partition is not touched at all?
02:12:54Kugelfangor wouldi just see the apple symbol and then the apple firmware?
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02:14:01JdGordon<jhMikeS> using cygwin is a hell of a motivator to want to speed up builds :) <- have u got ccache installed?
02:14:11 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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02:15:15amiconnJdGordon: ccache actually _slows down_ the build process on cygwin
02:15:27JdGordonoh, ok
02:15:30JdGordonthat sux :D
02:15:37 Join karmy [0] (
02:15:51amiconnI even have a strong suspicion why.
02:16:03RogerBaconcan i have write permission ?
02:16:03KugelfangPaulJam: how big should the rockboot.bin be?
02:16:37amiconnThe cygwin slowness obviously isn't caused by cygwin itself, but by the windows filesystem layer
02:16:48amiconnAnd using ccache means _more_ file accesses
02:16:49scorcheSoap: you can...
02:16:57 Quit sk ()
02:16:58scorchejust requires anyone with write access
02:16:59PaulJamKugelfang: I don't know.
02:18:32 Part karmy ("ah! lasers?!?!")
02:19:09KugelfangPaulJam: ah, you don't use one yourself?
02:19:45PaulJamKugelfang: i don't have an ipod.
02:20:31 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:20:53Kugelfangdammit, downloaded the wrong bootloader
02:27:25RogerBaconwhats the name of the hardware wiki ?
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02:35:44 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
02:40:23RogerBaconwhere i pastle my info ?
02:43:30RogerBaconok, i pastle it in my personal page,;filename=GigabeatS60.txt (can anyone tell me if this information was useful)
02:43:35 Quit xreel ("leaving")
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03:37:44 Join webguest47 [0] (i=c61ed96f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:37:54webguest47i need help por favor
03:38:15webguest47n e one interested????
03:38:19webguest47kinda simple
03:38:51godzirrajust ask
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03:44:14webguest47i have a 2GB nano ipod and i'm currently running the command window to load rockbox on it but i get towards the end in the steps where it says: ("Merge the Rockbox boot loader you downloaded previously with the Apple firmware.") ...i enter the info but the command window states: ("Generating firmware image compatible with iPod mini, 4g and iPod photo/color...Cannot open loader image file bootloader-nano.bin")
03:44:56 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
03:46:41PaulJamhave you downloaded the file and is it in your working-directory?
03:49:19Soapwhat command did you enter to get that message?
03:49:26webguest47its in C:\rockbox\bootloader-nano.bin
03:49:40webguest47does it just need to be in C:\ ?
03:50:10Soapit needs to be in your working directory or in your path.
03:50:21BHSPitLappythe directory you're cd'd into.
03:50:34webguest47explain further
03:51:00webguest47my ipod drive or the actual comp hard drive
03:51:13BHSPitLappyyou're at a command prompt
03:51:18Soapis your command prompt "C:\rockbox>_?
03:51:25BHSPitLappythere's a directory that you're IN right now
03:51:28webguest47no it is...
03:51:33BHSPitLappythat's the directory where the file needs to be
03:51:37BHSPitLappyotherwise, how does it know what you mean?
03:52:02webguest47the symbol > doesn't work
03:52:10webguest47so i use \
03:52:29webguest47but the bootloader-nano.bin file is definetly there
03:52:42Soapin your command window
03:52:45Soaphit enter
03:52:59Soapwhat does the text at the bottom of the screen say?
03:52:59webguest47does rockbox even work w/ a 2gb nano or does it have to be 4gb
03:53:10webguest47h/o i;ll try
03:53:35Soap2GB 1st generation (plastic white or black face) nanos only. Not the metal bodied nanos (2nd generation)
03:54:10webguest47aight that explains why
03:54:19webguest47i have 2nd gen.
03:54:22webguest47f'n a!
03:54:37webguest47there's no way around this?
03:54:56 Part Jack_
03:55:08SoapI updated the wiki weeks ago to say "It is functional on... <snip>...the iPod Nano 1st gen (not the new ones with metal bodies)"
03:55:31PaulJamthe second gen nanos have afaik a completely different hardware.
03:56:04webguest47aight thnx for the info and srry i didn't see it on the site
03:56:28 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
03:56:32Soapand every other wiki reference to nano was changed to Nano 1st gen.
03:57:51webguest47k so i have no luck
03:58:21webguest47n e alternative for the 2nd gen nano? like a different program that ur aware of i can download?
03:59:49SoapThough, I guess, a quick glance at the manual doesn't distinguish between the 1st and 2nd generation Nanos.
04:00:16webguest47tru i c it know
04:02:35SoapIf I had a nickel for every new forum member whose first post was "Can Rockbox play videos (on my iPod video)" I'd be able to afford the Tumms.
04:03:00Soapi have an ipod, so I'm not biased against them. But you don't seem to see iriver people asking this.
04:03:50 Join RogerBacon [0] (
04:03:55webguest47is there n e thing like rockbox out there?
04:04:28Soapagain? I don't understand the question.
04:05:48webguest47like is there n e way for me to customize my 2nd gen nano using somethin like ipod wizard...
04:06:16Soapohh, "anyway"
04:07:11PaulJamafaik the nano 2. gen firmware is encrypted. so someone would need to find a way to decrypt it first.
04:08:12Soapand outside of IpodWizard, IpodLinux, and Rockbox, I know of no other way to customize your ipod's software/appearance.
04:09:03SoapIpodWizard will most likely be the first one to have options for the second generation nano, as it is little more than a resource editor, whereas ipodlinux and rockbox are complete firmware replacements.
04:10:09webguest47aight thnx i'm lookin into ipodlinuz
04:10:14 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:10:25Soaptheey don't support the second generation nanos either.
04:10:52Soapfor the same exact reasons rockbox doesn't.
04:10:58TerrorByteThe '5.5' gen nanos right?
04:11:39RogerBaconsome info from gigabeat s :
04:11:48SoapI think they are universally called the 2nd generation nanos.
04:12:10TerrorByteI see.
04:12:25TerrorByteWow, I learn something new everytime I come here :)
04:12:32EspeonEefiTerrorByte: 5.5 refers to the new generation of full iPods (iPod Videos).
04:12:42TerrorByteSee what I mean?
04:14:23 Quit |AhIoRoS| ("Abandonando, see you")
04:15:37 Join chis00854r [0] (n=Chris@
04:15:45chis00854rcan someone help me out?
04:15:57chis00854rok i have a ipod 60gb
04:16:11chis00854rand i tried the install of the rockbox
04:16:16chis00854rand had no sucess :|
04:16:33TerrorByteI'm sure someone can.
04:16:41chis00854rSoap? :)
04:16:47chis00854rnow the ipod isnt working
04:16:54TerrorByteI see.
04:17:01TerrorByteWell I'm new to Rockbox, I'm probably not much help.
04:17:14TerrorByteAre you sure it's supported?
04:17:15chis00854rit sucks not having a ipod that works
04:17:22chis00854ryah it said it...
04:17:25RogerBaconhey anyone can tell me wats appen if i take the HDD from my gigabeat and put in into my ipod ?
04:17:45RogerBaconbecause the gigabeat is MTP (view the file system ) ?
04:18:01TerrorByteOkay which one is it on this page?
04:18:04chis00854rSoap can you help me?
04:18:26chis00854ri have the ipod 60gb , ipod video
04:19:02*chis00854r the channel OP here?
04:19:09TerrorByteDoubt it..
04:19:17chis00854rlol bagder
04:19:18Soapchis00854r - what steps did you take. Detail is needed.
04:19:21TerrorByteWell I'm gonna look at the manual for the iPod Video.....
04:19:38chis00854rSoap the ipod isnt working, i tried installing 5 times and i had no sucess
04:19:41Soapand when did you get this 60GB ipod?
04:19:48chis00854rlast year
04:19:53Soapthat isn't much in the way of details chis00854r
04:20:05chis00854rok could you walk me through it?
04:20:13 Quit RogerBacon ()
04:20:15Soapok, last year means it is not one of the oddball 60GB 5.5gens.
04:20:21TerrorByte The manual BTW.
04:20:27Soapwhat install instructions are you using chis00854r?
04:20:49chis00854rthere was 2 acually, and i tried both 3 times each
04:21:02chis00854ri downloaded the manual...
04:21:16chis00854rand saw a detail link on the website
04:21:17 Join chendo_ [0] (
04:21:17Soaplet's go with the wiki
04:21:23chis00854rok got a link
04:21:30Soapcan you boot apple OS currently?
04:21:43chis00854rwhat is that
04:21:46chis00854ri am in windows
04:21:51SoapThe Apple firmware on your ipod?
04:22:01chis00854rwhere do i find that download?
04:22:13chis00854ri was looking for it..
04:22:40 Join RoC_MM [0] (
04:23:00SoapMaybe I wasn't clear. Does you ipod boot into the stock firmware (Apple) like when it was brand new. Like before you started fucking with it?
04:23:31chis00854rwhats a stock firmware?
04:23:33 Quit chendo (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:23:46*Soap heads to the fridge for a beer.
04:23:59*chis00854r passes Soap a 30 pack
04:24:08chis00854rstart drinking ;)
04:24:43chis00854rapple says
04:24:55chis00854rwith a icon above
04:25:08TerrorByte"Like before you started fucking with it?" Lol, this is great stuff.
04:25:10Soapok, so your stock firmware is borked.
04:25:28chis00854rok lets fix it
04:25:37*TerrorByte thinks this is worthy.
04:26:20Soapchis00854r - for the record, that line about fucking wasn't supposed to be an insult.
04:26:49chis00854rok lets begin shall we :))
04:27:07Soapfucking with shit is a precious gift given to only the higher mammals.
04:27:07TerrorByteHey, you've gotta read this:
04:27:26TerrorByteTotally hilarious.
04:28:04chis00854rhaha ...
04:28:23*chis00854r slaps both Soap and TerrorByte ! lets begin guys
04:28:37*chis00854r passes both you guys a beer
04:28:54*TerrorByte doesn't drink.
04:28:59TerrorByteSeriously, read that.
04:29:01TerrorByteVery small.
04:29:07chis00854rcoffee :) ?
04:29:16*TerrorByte hates coffee.
04:29:33chis00854rTerrorByte go in the fridge
04:29:47chis00854rbut anyways i would like to get this ipod video working!!!
04:29:55chis00854rany thoughts?
04:29:57Soapchis00854r - you have a command prompt oprn?
04:30:19Soapyour ipod plugged in?
04:31:11Soapstep 1 b) "Find your iPod"
04:31:11TerrorBytehunter2 ;)
04:31:18chis00854ripodpatcher -r 1 bootpartition.bin
04:31:19Soapwhat number was your ipod?
04:31:20chis00854rok did that
04:31:29chis00854ron step 2 then
04:32:05chis00854r ?
04:32:06Soapwait - your ipod is #1?
04:32:08chis00854rdo i download that
04:32:19Soapwhoa, no ipodwizard support here.
04:32:29chis00854ri didnt install it
04:32:38chis00854rjust wondering
04:33:12chis00854ripod_fw -o apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin -e 1 bootpartition.bin next step?
04:33:25Soapyour ipod is #1?
04:33:39Soapipodpatcher 1 returned the good results?
04:34:04chis00854rhold on
04:34:06Soaphow big is your bootpartition.bin file?
04:34:19chis00854rhold on
04:34:27chis00854r;) ill take a snapshot
04:34:54 Join linuxstb [0] (i=3f887534@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:36:54chis00854ralright its
04:38:39linuxstbchis00854r: You will probably need to restore your ipod to a working condition with itunes, and then try the install instructions again from the start. If you failed the first time, and then repeated the instructions with a broken ipod, it will never work.
04:39:23SUSaiyanchis00854r: xchat on windows with a treeview?
04:39:26chis00854rso what do i do:|
04:39:33chis00854ri am on xchat
04:39:41chis00854rdo i unstall..
04:40:02chis00854rand have itunes upload all my songs again
04:40:05chis00854rmy songs arnt saved?
04:40:50SUSaiyanif you do it right your songs should still be there
04:40:59chis00854rok lets do it right?
04:41:13chis00854rwhats the command?
04:41:14linuxstbAt the moment, your songs are probably safe. But itunes will delete them when you use the restore function.
04:41:21Soapif you are paranoid you can always back up your ipod_Control folder.
04:41:53chis00854rok what do i do to get it working?
04:42:05chis00854rjust hit me up with the commands or whatever
04:42:12chis00854rhere we go!
04:42:15linuxstbRestore using itunes, then follow the guide.
04:42:23 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:42:37TerrorByte'hit me up with the commands'? LOL :)
04:42:37chis00854rjust so you know the ipod is new to this computer
04:42:41chis00854rand it had no songs
04:42:56chis00854ri was about to upload songs
04:43:02chis00854rbut the songs are on my ipod
04:43:09chis00854ri had to do a fresh copy of windows
04:43:18linuxstbThe important thing is to keep a safe copy of the bootpartition.bin file you read from a _working_ ipod. You should never need to run the "ipodpatcher -r 1 bootpartition.bin" command more than once.
04:43:28Soapchis00854r - I was going to walk you through the step of restoring the bootpartion.bin file you originally extracted to your ipod, to see if that would be enough to make it boot appleOS again, but linuxstb brings up a good point, repeated failed install attempts mean you probably don't have a proper bootpartition.bin anymore.
04:44:14chis00854rcould we see if I do?
04:44:19Soaplinuxstb - assuming he has appleOS 1.2, can I send him my appleOS 1.1 bootpartion.bin file?
04:44:32chis00854rwhat would be the command...
04:44:32Soapwill it work I guess is the main question.
04:44:42chis00854rlets see :)
04:45:09Soapipodpatcher -w 1 bootpartition.bin
04:45:39TerrorByteAlso hilarious.
04:45:54 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:45:55chis00854rok its writing input file to device for the 8th time
04:47:09chis00854rtakes a long time :|
04:47:16chis00854rwhat would be the next command?
04:47:31linuxstbSoap: Yes, you could send him your bootpartition.bin.
04:47:44Soapassuming your bootpartion.bin file is clean that will restore your ipod to virgin condition.
04:48:00Soapcleanly unmount your ipod, unplug, and watch it reboot.
04:48:06Soapdoes it boot into apple OS?
04:48:10 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:48:27chis00854rits not done yet
04:49:47chis00854rshoot new directory
04:49:56chis00854ri put it in my rockbox folder
04:50:12chis00854rwhile it was doing the ipodpatcher
04:50:34chis00854rwill it be ok?
04:50:54 Quit LandusMikain (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:50:56chis00854ripodpatcher is still loading
04:51:09chis00854rand its using bootpartition.bin
04:51:12chis00854rwill now its done
04:51:17Soapand you are accepting my DCC file to the same directory?
04:51:34chis00854ri feel dumb
04:51:52chis00854rstill same size
04:52:04chis00854rand end sectors
04:52:15chis00854rmaybe alright
04:52:28linuxstbchis00854r: Something else to check is when you write bootpartition.bin, make sure the disk activity icon on your ipod's screen has disappeared before you unplug it.
04:52:55chis00854rshould i disconnect it now?
04:53:04 Join myzar [0] (
04:53:34Soapyea, cleanly unmount it in windows.
04:53:35chis00854ri did
04:53:46Soapunplug and let us see what happens.
04:54:01chis00854rsame folder and apple link error
04:54:20chis00854rso do i plug it back in
04:54:22Soapok, plug it back in and do the same command again once my file transfer to you is finished.
04:55:08chis00854ralright by right you should send it again :|
04:55:17chis00854rbecause of saving it into same directory
04:55:22chis00854rit was my mistake :|
04:55:36chis00854rnot sure... maybe conflicts
04:56:12chis00854rnow just closed :|
04:57:50Soapone more time
04:58:03Soapyour client doesn't like non-standard DCC packet sizes.
04:59:27chis00854ri could forward my ports
04:59:35chis00854ror setup
04:59:42Soapno, it's fine.
04:59:57chis00854rwish it went 100+kbps
05:00:06Soapthe second time I sent it to you I kicked up the packet size trying to speed things up, and your client cried like a baby.
05:00:10SoapSo I kicked it back down.
05:00:19Soapyou'll have to live with 55KB/s
05:00:46chis00854ri installed itunes
05:01:10chis00854ris it a bad time to do the next next next section?
05:01:48chis00854rlike i said i did a fresh copy of windows
05:02:06chis00854rand i downloaded itunes and was wondering if i should run itunes now
05:02:08chis00854rprob not
05:02:12chis00854rill hold off
05:02:43chis00854rSoap i thank you for everything
05:03:05 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:03:23chis00854r:) hows that beer soap?
05:03:28chis00854rI perfer budlight
05:04:10Soapgood, I'
05:04:29Soapm poor and drinking natural light until my next batch finishes fermenting.
05:04:47*Soap leaves for a smoke break.
05:04:52*chis00854r same here
05:05:30 Quit RoC_MM ("Leaving")
05:10:11chis00854rthat just narrowed down the time
05:11:33godzirraYay homebrewers.
05:11:48chis00854rhi godzirra
05:11:53godzirrahowdy chis00854r
05:12:08chis00854rwhat in the world is a homebrewer
05:12:19godzirraHe was talking about his next batch finishing fermenting.
05:12:22Soapone who brews their house.
05:12:24godzirraI assumed he was talking about homebrewed beer.
05:12:31Soapwait, that isn't right!
05:12:36godzirraYup, you get some equipment and brew beer usually in 5 gallon batches.
05:12:38chis00854ri was going to say that
05:12:51godzirraSoap: what isnt?
05:12:52chis00854ron the food channel it showed how to make your own beer :P
05:12:57godzirraIts really not hard.
05:13:05godzirraAnd its fun.
05:13:06Soapgodzirra : .
05:13:12Soapaarrgghh, sorry all
05:13:14godzirraI make a wicked irish stout.
05:13:17chis00854rgodzilla pass me a beer
05:13:22Soap06-10-21 23:11:58] <Soap> one who brews their house.
05:13:31godzirrayeah, I didnt even catch that.
05:13:48chis00854rhaha im underage by a year and i get into the bars no problem :)
05:14:03godzirraI actually .... don't drink beer.
05:14:14chis00854ri see...
05:14:18godzirraI do it because its fun and my friends love it.
05:14:20chis00854rjust been reading along?
05:14:24godzirraI drink alcohol.
05:14:31godzirraIn this channel?
05:14:38godzirraNah, I have a bzizllion channels open. I'm always here, but often afk.
05:14:41chis00854ryah those homebrew ice teas are amazing
05:14:44godzirraI pop back in once in a while.
05:15:06chis00854rweek 2 in windows and its locking up :P
05:15:07godzirraand the homebrew chat caught my attention ;)
05:15:15godzirraWeek 2 in windows?
05:15:17godzirraYou just switched to windows?
05:15:22chis00854ryah i dont like the experince
05:15:25yipehomebrew ice teas?
05:15:30chis00854rhaha yah yipe
05:15:30godzirrawhat'd you switch from?
05:15:38yipewhat does that mean?
05:15:38chis00854rlinux to windows
05:15:40godzirraDear gods, why?
05:15:51chis00854rhaha its a terible experince windows
05:15:53yipechis00854r we're not friends anymore
05:15:55godzirraThe only reason I know of to use windows is for my wintendo.
05:16:01chis00854ri already have popup problems
05:16:03godzirramy windows box is for games.
05:16:09godzirraAnd for sshing into my linux box.
05:16:14chis00854rsame here godzirra
05:16:15godzirrachis00854r: use firefox.
05:16:19godzirrano popups. Mostly.
05:16:19chis00854ri may install vmware
05:16:31chis00854ri know about opensource ;) installed it
05:16:37yipeyou know the earth is bipolar?
05:16:44chis00854rnone godzirra
05:16:49godzirrayipe: Yes. Its depressed lately.
05:16:59chis00854ryipe want the recipe?
05:17:17yipeI think I know how to make tea
05:17:24godzirraAnyone can make tea.
05:17:26godzirraJust like anyone can make beer.
05:17:33godzirraIt takes talent to make -good- tea though.
05:17:54yipe1boil water, 2. add tea leaves, 3 (optional) add sugar and or milk to taste, 4 (optional) add ice
05:18:03chis00854rthats the real way
05:18:09godzirraSun tea is apparently really good.
05:18:17godzirraMy mom used to make it back when I lived in vegas.
05:18:22godzirraI can't stand tea personally.
05:18:31chis00854rgodzirra check out
05:18:32godzirraunless its hot orange tea with enough honey to rot my brain.
05:18:35yipeI hate the tea my countrymen drink, I should be british for my taste in tea
05:18:36chis00854rimpress ur mom ;)
05:18:51chis00854rsee what happens
05:19:10godzirrachis00854r: that sounds really good if you took out the tea part.
05:19:29godzirraPeach SoCo? Thats disturbing.
05:19:32godzirraanyways, afkish again.
05:19:37 Join Landus [0] (
05:19:41chis00854ri enjoy it infact why not make some for all of us!
05:20:01*chis00854r passes godzirra a drink :)
05:20:13chis00854rsoap want one? :)
05:20:29chis00854rhes fine just fine with the beer ;)
05:20:32 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:20:33 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
05:21:32chis00854rgodzirra just curious does most of your games work in transgamming?
05:21:56chis00854rcedega ?
05:22:07godzirranever tried it.
05:22:36chis00854rthey have a website with games that it supports
05:22:50chis00854rwhat linux distrubution did you have?
05:23:00chis00854ri love ubuntu
05:23:22chis00854rall my webhosting sh*t is on there
05:23:31chis00854rftp, http :)
05:23:53chis00854rSoap 10 mins to go!
05:28:27Soapdo a " ipodpatcher -w 1 bootpartition.bin" once again when the file transfer is finished.
05:28:32Soapand reboot
05:28:43Soapand make sure you ipod boots stock firmware properly.
05:29:07chis00854rreplace the file?
05:29:08Soapsince you have my bootpartion.bin, you do not need to do the ipodpatcher -r 1 bootpartition.bin step ever again.
05:29:31chis00854ripod boots stock firmware properly. ?
05:29:37chis00854rwhat does that mean?
05:29:54Soap(notice the difference between w (write (to ipod)) and r (read (from ipod))).
05:30:08godzirraSoap: working on 5.5g's, or 5gs?
05:30:18chis00854r60gbs :)
05:30:23godzirraah 5g's.
05:30:26Soapgodzirra - he floxored his 5g
05:30:33godzirrachis00854r: the new ipod videos are called 5.5g's for 5.5 generation
05:30:39godzirrathe older video ipods are 5g's, for 5th generation
05:30:41chis00854roh ok
05:30:47godzirra60 gigs are all 5th gen
05:30:52Soap60 Giga Byte
05:30:52godzirra30's can be 5th or 5.5
05:30:57godzirra80's are all 5.5g
05:31:00godzirrag = generation
05:31:01Soapnot bit
05:31:06godzirraOh him :)
05:31:33Soaplittle b Byte kills me.
05:36:44chis00854rok ok !!!
05:36:45chis00854rits done
05:36:55chis00854rok delete the old file
05:37:07chis00854rcorrect soap? :)
05:37:38godzirraI wish someone could figure out what the deal with the 5.5 is. I thought Kalthare was a few days away.
05:38:16chis00854rok its done
05:38:20chis00854rnow type in that command
05:38:30Soapthe -w command
05:38:38chis00854ron the ipod it says do not disconnect
05:38:42chis00854rok doing that now
05:38:43Soapyou don't need to do the -r command again ever.
05:38:59Soapsince in effect I've done it for you.
05:39:02chis00854rok so what would the command be?
05:39:10chis00854rthanks soap :)
05:39:57chis00854ripodpatcher 1 bootpartition.bin
05:40:36chis00854rnext command?
05:40:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:41:07chis00854rok let me delete it again and start over
05:41:07Soapipodpatcher -w 1 bootpartition.bin
05:41:18chis00854rok deleting the file again
05:41:29chis00854rstarting over
05:41:44SoapI'm starting to suspect your failure to follow the instructions to-the-letter is the cause of your problems.
05:42:25chis00854rits writing input file to device
05:43:44Soapafter that is done you should safely disconnect your ipod and trial boot it to make sure we have restored your ipod to stock condition.
05:44:02chis00854rok ..
05:44:22linuxstbAlso, make a copy of Soap's bootpartition.bin somewhere safe.
05:44:32chis00854rok safely disconnect my ipod using that icon near the icon?
05:44:36chis00854rnear the clock*
05:44:47Soapyea, that will do it.
05:44:59chis00854rusb mass storage device?
05:45:32SoapI assume, I don't know what all you have attached.
05:45:48chis00854ryah thats it not done yet..
05:48:03chis00854rhave the apple in back
05:48:06chis00854rnow remove?
05:48:30chis00854rstill apple and black back ground
05:49:08chis00854rur amzing Soap!!! "_
05:49:20Soapok, so your ipod is back to stock.
05:49:25SoapOn with the rockbox install
05:49:28chis00854ryes :))
05:49:33Soaprefer back to the wiki page.
05:49:50Soapyou need to resume the install with instruction Step 1, d.1)
05:50:29chis00854rcould you just tell me the commands :|
05:50:42chis00854rplease i dont want to screw up
05:50:46SoapI couldn't tell you better than the wiki page.
05:50:59chis00854rwell ill connect it now ok?
05:51:11Soapdo step 1, d.1 and tell me how large your apple_os.bin file is.
05:51:25chis00854rok where do i download that?
05:51:37chis00854roh i see it
05:51:45chis00854rrockbox folder
05:52:28chis00854rmaybe not
05:52:36Soapdelete apple_os.bin and do the step again.
05:52:44chis00854rwhat step?
05:52:51chis00854roh i need to open wiki
05:52:53Soapstep 1, sub-step d.1
05:53:15chis00854rjust wait a min till i find the site
05:54:36chis00854r6,305 kb
05:55:02Soapgood enough
05:55:07chis00854rok great
05:55:09Soapstep d.2
05:55:47chis00854rhow do i do it?
05:56:08chis00854rwas below
05:57:12chis00854rall set to do a safe disconnect? :)
05:57:25chis00854rrockbox-ipodvideo-20061021 i have that folder?
05:57:26Soapwhy do you ask that?
05:57:45chis00854r i didn't
05:57:49chis00854rdo the command? ipodpatcher -w N rockboot.bin
05:57:58Soapwhy are you skipping step E?
05:58:17chis00854rok what step am i now ?
05:58:25Soapwhat one did you just complete?
05:58:41SoapD.2, corrent?
05:58:43*Soap nods
05:58:45chis00854r step d.2
05:58:57Soapok, E comes after D, not F.
05:59:02Soapwhat is the step E you need to do?
05:59:06chis00854ripodpatcher -w N rockboot.bin
05:59:17Soapthat is step F
05:59:56Soapthere is a different step E depending on what model you own.
06:00:16chis00854ripod_fw -g nano -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin bootloader-nano.bin ?
06:00:35Soapdo you have a nano?
06:00:44chis00854ripod 60gb
06:00:50Soapis that a nano?
06:00:55chis00854rnot sure
06:01:12Soapthat is a 5g / aka "video"
06:01:32Soapdid you download the proper bootloader .bin file?
06:01:40Soapor did you download the bootloader-nano.bin?
06:01:42chis00854rgoing to now
06:01:47chis00854rnano one :|
06:03:30chis00854rif i could find a link
06:03:47chis00854r ipod_fw.exe for Windows (executable) Patched for 5.5G (Use only for 5.5G)
06:04:01chis00854ri have to start all over again?
06:04:21Soapignore that
06:04:23Soapstep 1 A
06:05:04Soapyou don't have a 5.5g, you have a 5g. A fifth generation (main) ipod. Not a nano, not a mini, the full sized ipod.
06:05:22chis00854rmines a 60gb
06:05:32yipewhat's the difference between 5g and 5.5g?
06:05:37yipeand don't say .5
06:06:06Soapyipe the 5.5g is the "common" name given by the ipod community to the "late 2006" ipod video as it is called by apple.
06:06:27SoapThe one with the "40%" brighter screen and a search function in the apple firmware.
06:06:29yipewell what's the difference?
06:06:39myzarit's the new ipod
06:06:47PaulJammaybe that part of the page could be arranged a little bit differently. you can easily read it as: "bootloader-nano.bin, for iPod Video/5G users"
06:06:50Soap40% brighter screen, search function, and 2048 vs 512 sectors.
06:06:56chis00854rim so confused
06:06:59myzarrockbox doesn't work on it yet
06:07:00yipeexcept for the screen bit, can you update the apple firmware to get the search function?
06:07:01chis00854rwhats the command i use?
06:07:06yipeI bet not.... apple is jerks
06:07:11chis00854ri bought mine in the summer
06:07:13myzaryou need the new ipod
06:07:18myzarfor the new search function
06:07:21yipewhat jerks
06:07:24myzarthe new sectors is what makes it work
06:07:25*yipe has a 5g
06:07:37yipeand I just bought it a month ago
06:07:38myzarwithout them, the drive drains the battery, i hear
06:08:02chis00854ripodpatcher -w 1 bootloader-video.bin
06:08:25chis00854rsoap is that correct?
06:09:11PaulJam"ipodpatcher -w 1 bootloader-video.bin" is not correct
06:09:25chis00854rwhat is then?
06:09:46Soapstep E
06:09:57chis00854ryou said...
06:10:09chis00854r<Soap> ignore that
06:10:09chis00854r<Soap> step 1 A
06:10:57chis00854rok ipod_fw -g video -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin bootloader-video.bin ?
06:11:09myzarnot to be a troll or anything
06:11:20myzarbut if you cannot follow the instructions on the page
06:11:32PaulJamlooks good
06:11:33myzaryou probably shouldn't be using rockbox, for the simple reason that if you mess up
06:11:40myzaryou are on your own
06:11:50Soapipod is neigh unbrickable.
06:11:59myzarit is now
06:12:08chis00854rok what command?
06:12:10chis00854ripod_fw -g video -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin bootloader-video.bin ???
06:12:19myzarchis00854r, from the top to the bottom
06:12:25myzarjust use the instructions for your ipod
06:12:31chis00854ripod_fw -g video -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin bootloader-nano.bin
06:12:36chis00854rno nano
06:12:40myzaryou aren't skipping any steps and you just do it from the top to the bottom
06:12:41chis00854rso its the first command i said
06:12:49myzaryou have a 5g ipod?
06:12:59chis00854r60gb ipod i guess
06:13:29myzarhe is right.
06:13:33myzar5g is generation
06:13:34chis00854rok its loading
06:13:36chis00854rall set
06:13:37myzar_G is byte
06:13:39myzar_g is bit
06:14:01myzarunderstood, chis00854r?
06:14:12myzarit's as simple as copy pasting what is on the screen into the command prompt
06:14:17Soapmyzar - you aren't helping the situation.
06:14:22Soapwe were going fine.
06:14:26chis00854ripodpatcher -w N rockboot.bin
06:14:38myzarif you cannot follow a command prompt with clear instructions
06:14:41Soapchis00854r - what does the line above that command say?
06:14:45myzaryou probably shouldn't be voiding your ipod's warrenty anyways
06:14:54Soap"replace N with the number you discovered earlier"
06:14:56myzarlet alone doing something which relies on the public doing code edits
06:15:09myzarto further progress of the project
06:15:12chis00854rit generating firmware image compatible with ipod video!
06:15:19chis00854rthen ipodpatcher -w N rockboot.bin ?
06:15:31chis00854rthen ipodpatcher -w 1 rockboot.bin ?
06:15:32linuxstbFirst, how big is your rockboot.bin?
06:15:35Soapreplacing N with the number you discovered earlier, which was 1, correct.
06:15:57Soapthat's the right size.
06:16:03myzargo ahead and write it chis00854r
06:16:07myzaryour installation is complete
06:16:11chis00854ralright awesome
06:16:21chis00854rnow what would be the next step? safe remove?
06:16:29chis00854rsafe remove?
06:16:30Soapif you want to test the bootloader.
06:16:36chis00854rshould i?
06:16:38SoapWhich is all you have installed.
06:16:52chis00854rwell skip it
06:16:58SoapI would say no, as we have verified every file size every step of the way.
06:17:08chis00854rwhats the last step?
06:17:18chis00854ri downloaded the software
06:17:40chis00854ri dont know how to install ...
06:17:43Soaplast step is step 4 - enjoy rockbox.
06:17:57Soapstep 3 is download and read the manual. I can't stress this step enough.
06:18:27chis00854rok ill try it..
06:18:32SoapStep 2 is the _next_ step. You need to extract the .zip file (rockbox-ipodvideo-20061021) to the root of your ipod.
06:18:41chis00854rohh ok
06:19:09SoapNot to get ahead of me, but I know your first question is going to be how do you play your music copied over from itunes, and the answer is Tag Cache in the manual.
06:19:40chis00854ri see
06:19:46chis00854ranother days work ;)
06:20:16chis00854rits so ugly
06:20:18Soapbut first things first, you need to extract the zip file to the root of your ipod.
06:20:30Soapahh, you have rockbox installed and booted then?
06:21:36Soapok, download and install the font package from the download page.
06:22:07Soapthe same way you installed the daily build (rockbox-ipodvideo-20061021) (by extracting it to the root of your ipod)
06:22:34 Join [sellout] [0] (
06:23:00PaulJambtw, is there any reason why iCatcher isn't the default theme for swcodec targets? i think it would be less scary for first time users.
06:23:22chis00854rwell looking for the font page
06:23:52Soapdaily build download page
06:24:07Soaplast item.
06:25:16chis00854rhaha ok
06:26:02[sellout]Anyone have any status on ipod nano gen2?
06:26:23Soap[sellout] - nothing
06:26:55[sellout]Soap, I know it does not work, but I am wondering if anyone knows why it does not work, how much the hardware changed, or what help is needed.
06:27:03chis00854ripod wont turn on it
06:27:11chis00854rlike wont work
06:27:25Soapthe firmware is encrypted [sellout], until that egg is cracked there will be next to no progress
06:27:34[sellout]I am about to purchase one tommrow so i would be glad to lend any help..including taking the new one apart and getting specs if they are still needed.
06:27:47[sellout]what the hell.
06:27:49linuxstb[sellout]: 1) The firmware is encrypted, meaning a) We can't disassemble it to reverse-engineer; b) We can't run our own code on the ipod until we can encrypt our own code using the same encryption.
06:28:06chis00854ripod isnt working now at all..
06:28:20 Join SPikeyotwistyo [0] (i=47566355@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:28:21[sellout]What kind of encryption, do we know?
06:28:33 Join RedKrieg [0] (
06:28:40Soapchis00854r - what did you do between saying "ugly" and saying it won't turn on?
06:28:51[sellout]I have a friend who is an encryption genious, that is all he does, he would love a new type of encryption to hammer.
06:29:03SPikeyotwistyoquick qeustion with a video Ipod 5th generation is it possibleto port an snes emulator on to rockbox
06:29:03chis00854ri did nothing
06:29:08chis00854rwill ill reboot maybe
06:29:15linuxstb2) The main system-on-a-chip has changed from PortalPlayer to Samsung - meaning all the low-level drivers (ATA, i2c, i2s etc) won't work. So it's basically a brand new port and almost none of the existing ipod code will help.
06:29:37SPikeyotwistyoim a noob so is that a no?
06:29:53Soapchis00854r - you did nothing? Did the battery die?
06:29:54[sellout]linuxstb, ...ouch
06:30:04chis00854rSoap i turned it off...
06:30:16linuxstb[sellout]: Then set him loose on the Nano. Once the firmware is decrypted, I'm sure progress will be made - but that's a hard nut to crack.
06:30:16[sellout]So basically it means starting from scratch...after a way to get to the code is figured out.
06:30:23Soapand when you plug it into your computer to load the font package?
06:30:34chis00854rand now i tried connecting it to usb and now it wont turn on when connected to usb
06:30:51Soapchis00854r - I suspect your battery is deeply discharged.
06:30:52[sellout]linuxstb, do you know anything about the encryption? IS it propriatary or a known scheme?
06:30:55SPikeyotwistyoim sure the 5g can handle snes from what i know about processor speed
06:31:04SPikeyotwistyoi know C++
06:31:09chis00854rwas full..
06:31:11SPikeyotwistyoan basic programing
06:31:29SPikeyotwistyoim more than the average person
06:31:33SPikeyotwistyonot full geek tho
06:31:39chis00854rgoing to restart
06:31:57Soapchis00854r - toggle the hold swith on, then off again, them press and hold menu and the center button (select) at the same time.
06:31:58SPikeyotwistyojust a pissed off guy who spent his money on a dam apple an hated the OS so switched to RB
06:31:59[sellout]SPikeyotwistyo, unless you at least run linux, your not even partially geek. ;-)
06:32:14SPikeyotwistyoya i know
06:32:20SPikeyotwistyoim a wanna bie geek
06:32:34linuxstb[sellout]: No, I have no idea. If your friend is serious, he should probably talk to leachbj - the original ipodlinux developer. I think he's working on the 2nd gen Nano. He's sometimes in this channel, or #ipodlinux.
06:32:47[sellout]SPikeyotwistyo, the noob linux...then downlaod a real life, like gentoo, or build our own from vanilla source.
06:32:51[sellout]Then you can be a geek.
06:33:06[sellout]Now you owe me 250$ for my advice
06:33:07SPikeyotwistyothanks for the site ill check it out
06:33:08chis00854rso down hold down then let go then down again let go then center hold?
06:33:11[sellout]see...geeks are allowed to do that.
06:33:16SPikeyotwistyogeeks really do make moremoney
06:33:48SPikeyotwistyomy girlfriend made me quit W0W because i wouldnt talk to her while i was in it
06:33:48Soapchis00854r - hold is a slide switch, slide it to the right, then back to the left.
06:34:04SPikeyotwistyothat thing always makes me think its gonna break
06:34:04Soapthen press AND HOLD menu and the center button at the same time.
06:34:14[sellout]lini, oh leach is working on it? ok cool i know him, I went though a dozen ipod 4gs when he was working on them and testing his and courtcs code.
06:34:23[sellout]I will take it up with him then, thanks.
06:34:40linuxstbSPikeyotwistyo: All the ipods have dual 75MHz arm7tdmi processors.
06:35:13SPikeyotwistyothe guy at the store toldme the base mhz were in the 160s on 5gs
06:35:15linuxstb(except the Shuffle and 2nd Gen Nano)
06:35:18SPikeyotwistyosoi assumed
06:35:22SPikeyotwistyothe real speed was
06:35:32SPikeyotwistyoaround 100-110
06:35:48 Join Bossier [0] (
06:35:53 Join Mattx [0] (
06:35:59SPikeyotwistyohow much speed we need for snes
06:36:08MattxCan anyone help me with my new gigabeat f40?
06:36:21Soapchis00854r I doubt it was fully charged. leave it plugged into a powered USB port for 1/2 an hour at least before trying again.
06:36:30BossierTo whom it may concern: I would like to be added to TwikiUsersGroup (I'm TravisTooke) so that I may add to the CVS page.
06:36:50linuxstbThe 5g also has a completely undocumented (and hence unused in Rockbox) Broadcom video processor. I think that runs at > 100MHz, but as I said, there is no documentation available about how to use it.
06:36:58[sellout]Anyone know when someones going to write a drag and drop firmware for shuffles?
06:37:08MattxCan anyone help me with my new gigabeat f40?
06:37:26chis00854rneed a cig
06:37:41MattxI get the satanic System Error: 00000020
06:37:41PaulJamrockbox doesn't support the gigabeat yet
06:38:05MattxSomebody told me i should try asking about it here >>
06:38:52SPikeyotwistyothe 5gs have alot of potential
06:38:58SPikeyotwistyoim excited
06:39:00linuxstbSPikeyotwistyo: What CPU(s) does the SNES have, and what speed do they run at? Other emulators that work at reasonable speeds in Rockbox are all Z80s running at a few MHz.
06:39:05SPikeyotwistyoim gonna work on porting snes
06:39:24SPikeyotwistyoill check cant be more then 15-20 or so
06:39:35SPikeyotwistyocause the playstation one is 32 mb
06:39:52SPikeyotwistyoif i remeber correctly
06:39:52Soapisn't the rule-of-thumb you need an order of magnitude more processor to emulate?
06:40:06BossierOh well...if not me then somebody that actually is a member should add the -D description to that page and that using the Cygwin bash shell greatly decreases the chances of a premature cutoff: 'dying gasps'
06:40:13MattxIsn't it 16?
06:40:28SPikeyotwistyois it
06:40:30BossierI tried....bye all
06:40:31SPikeyotwistyoit might be
06:40:36Mattxi'm pretty sure it is.
06:40:37SPikeyotwistyoill check dam
06:40:39MattxNES was 8
06:40:46SPikeyotwistyomy mems more fed up then usual
06:40:47Mattxdouble that
06:40:49Mattxand its super.
06:40:51Soapand we don't have a NES emmulator.
06:40:53 Quit Bossier ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
06:41:37Mattxso.. nobody can help me with my gigabeat?
06:41:57SoapExcuse me for saying "we" I haven't written a line of code, I can't say "we"
06:42:20SPikeyotwistyohell peoplewith videos should write it
06:42:33SPikeyotwistyothe thing is no body has videos yet
06:42:39SPikeyotwistyothey been out for a year
06:42:45SPikeyotwistyoan peoplekeep focusing on nanos
06:43:13SPikeyotwistyo * CPU: Nintendo 2AO3 8 bit processor running at 1.79MHz
06:43:48SPikeyotwistyoCPU: WDC 65C816 16 bit processor running at 3.58 MHz, with 16 KB of RAM
06:44:07SPikeyotwistyothat last one is the snes
06:44:13SPikeyotwistyothe 1st one is the NES
06:44:24SPikeyotwistyoquite atainable for a video
06:44:25Soapthat might be doable.
06:44:43linuxstbDo they have separate graphics processors?
06:44:45Soapless obtainable for the video than for the photo.
06:44:47 Quit Mattx ()
06:44:53Soapthe video has that much more screen to drive.
06:45:14SPikeyotwistyobut we also have the extra processor
06:45:22Soapextra compared to what?
06:45:24SPikeyotwistyoill check videos stats
06:45:29SPikeyotwistyoto photo
06:45:38Soapnot an usable extra one.
06:45:39SPikeyotwistyoan video
06:45:50SPikeyotwistyobut if they figure itt out
06:46:01SPikeyotwistyowhich someone somewhere is trying
06:46:22SPikeyotwistyowe may even be abole to port a playstation game but how wellg et controls worked out i dont know
06:46:23Soapthey are both dual-core ARMs, the ipod 5g's seperate video processing chip hasn't been touched by rockbox, and might never get touched.
06:46:41SPikeyotwistyoim telling you someone will use it
06:46:48SPikeyotwistyoits laws of technology
06:46:52SPikeyotwistyoif its possible
06:46:52SoapSPikeyotwistyo - you barely have enough buttons for a NES controller, a PS controller has even more doesn't it?
06:47:10SPikeyotwistyobut no more than snes
06:47:21SPikeyotwistyowhich i dont know how they would do that one either
06:47:29Soaplook at an ipod, tell me how you will assign all the SNES buttons?
06:47:40SPikeyotwistyodouble clicks
06:47:48SPikeyotwistyofor the less used ones
06:48:12SPikeyotwistyostart/select can be put on one button
06:48:18PaulJami thought snes has the same buttons like a gameboy
06:48:24chis00854rrockbock ruined my ipod :}
06:48:24SoapYou have only five pressable buttons. Up, down, left, right, A and ?????
06:48:43SPikeyotwistyoa b xy
06:48:48SPikeyotwistyoplus L R
06:48:53SPikeyotwistyo6 buttons
06:48:58funkystart + select
06:48:58SPikeyotwistyoplus directional
06:49:09SoapIpod has 5 buttons plus hold.
06:49:25SoapSNES has 10
06:49:41Soapand start / select
06:49:47PaulJamyou could maybe use the 45° positions on the wheel
06:50:04SPikeyotwistyoan start/select can be one button
06:50:14SPikeyotwistyoit has to be functional not perfect
06:50:18Soapok discount hold and that gives you 9 buttons on an ipod.
06:50:19*chis00854r very upset with rockbox
06:50:24SPikeyotwistyoi just want it to play old rpgs
06:50:33Soapchis00854r has a dead battery and needs to chill while it charges.
06:50:41SPikeyotwistyowhcich are directional buttons a and b
06:50:51chis00854rits not a deadbattery because it would say do not disconnect
06:51:02Soapchis00854r - not a totally dead battery.
06:51:04myzarsee, chis00854r
06:51:08SPikeyotwistyocause wouldnt itr be awseome to play old FF 6 on your ipod
06:51:13myzarand everyone else, especially Soap
06:51:16SPikeyotwistyothat was my dream
06:51:19myzarif you cannot follow instructions clearly
06:51:24SoapI'd rather play Ultima III - Exodus.
06:51:26myzaryou shouldn't void your warrenty and risk an ipod
06:51:30chis00854rit would have warned me
06:51:32Soapneed to port the Apple ][e emulator.
06:51:41Soapchis00854r - not in rockbox it wouldn't have.
06:51:46myzarif the size was correct and you really did everything right, there is NO way rockbox could do a thing to the ipod
06:51:57chis00854rbut windows didnt find the ipod
06:51:58Soapchis00854r - no one has yet bricked their ipod with rockbox, you would be a pioneer.
06:52:07myzarchis00854r, you can always plug it in or force disk mode
06:52:09myzarand restore it
06:52:17myzarerasing anything you did to it when installing rockbox
06:52:31Soapchis00854r - windows didn't find it because it hasnt' booted into disk mode because the frickin' battery is dead.
06:52:42myzarcharge your battery and boot into disk mode
06:52:51funkydoes anyone in here have tried to install ipodlinux on an ipod where apple + rockbox is already installed?
06:52:53Soapjust wait with it plugged in,.
06:52:59myzarplug it into the wall, boot into disk mode, then swith quickly to the pc
06:53:16chis00854ri see it could be like a small percentage like 18 % dead and it will take a hour to load...
06:53:24chis00854rwhy is it such a long wait..
06:53:34chis00854rwe need developers
06:53:40Soapyou need paitence
06:53:45myzarbecause this community
06:53:48chis00854rok ok
06:53:50myzaras well as any open source community
06:53:58myzarworks off the fact that users submit bug reports
06:54:01myzarand try to fix it themselves
06:54:08myzarthis is why firefox is better than microsoft
06:54:19myzarbecause the millions of people that use firefox can patch it when a bug is found
06:54:34myzarwhereas microsoft only has at most a few hundred programmers that only work 8 hours a day
06:54:35SPikeyotwistyoall hail mozilla!
06:54:37myzarmonday through friday
06:55:02SPikeyotwistyoare yo being sarcastic>
06:55:07linuxstbfunky: ipodlinux requires your ipod to be repartitioned, so it's easier to just restore using itunes, install IPL using the IPL GUI installer, and then just unzip the latest to your ipod (the IPL bootloader will detect and boot it).
06:55:08myzarit's quite true
06:55:25myzaropen source can be fixed by anyone
06:55:38myzarand closed source can only be fixed when the company deems it so, on their time
06:55:49funkylinuxstb: so the order is, apple firm, ipl, rockbox
06:55:55funkyusing loader2
06:56:18funkyok, thx
06:56:29chis00854rsoap what time is it for you?
06:56:34linuxstbfunky: Exactly. It's possible to do it in another order, but you need to manually install IPL, and repartition without losing the existing Rockbox install.
06:57:16funkywell, I could try to it, but I think I'll finish earlier if I just start from scratch again
06:57:24Soapchis00854r -1 am
06:57:34chis00854rsame here
06:57:42chis00854rwhat state you from?
06:57:56Soapunplug, toggle hold, press and hold menu+select
06:58:01Soapchis00854r - Ohio
06:58:05chis00854rnot sayCT
06:58:13SPikeyotwistyoby the way i was so right playstation is 32 bits
06:58:27SPikeyotwistyomy memory is still here
06:58:43chis00854ramazing ;)
06:59:07chis00854ryour the best soap
06:59:34linuxstbchis00854r: Out of curiousity, why are you installing Rockbox?
06:59:52linuxstbI mean what features are you interested in?
06:59:56chis00854ri saw a theme i liked
07:00:01chis00854rnow its working
07:00:09chis00854rcopy the fonts
07:00:32 Quit webguest47 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:00:33 Quit SPikeyotwistyo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:00:33 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:00:59chis00854rdoes rockbox slow down your computer?
07:01:20Soapchis00854r - seeing as it is not installed on your computer it would be hard pressed to.
07:02:02myzarrockbox is installed on the iPod
07:02:10myzarhow can it slow down a computer?
07:02:31chis00854rwell everytime i connect the ipod into the usb it slows everything down
07:03:09chis00854rits fine.. ctrl alt delete works when closing explorer.exe
07:03:10Soappart of that is windows
07:03:12chis00854rthen running it again
07:03:17Soappart of that might be your virus scanner
07:03:30chis00854ri see
07:04:39chis00854ris there a way to get themes?
07:04:44chis00854rafterwards ..
07:04:54chis00854rright now the comuter is frozen
07:05:04Soapafter you install the font package.
07:05:19chis00854rok cool
07:05:22Soapnone of the themes with album art will work on your ipod right now
07:05:36Soapnone of the ones with scrolling margins will work on your ipod right now
07:05:44Soapthe jclix ones won't either.
07:06:21funkyscrolling margins ?
07:06:29Soapin general, read the fine print below the pretty picture you like. The theme's author should have mentioned if special patches are required to use the theme.
07:06:40chis00854rgot the fonts
07:06:50Soapfunky - a patch to set margins/limits on a scrolling text line.
07:07:11funkyaha, didnt know
07:07:37chis00854rso i could download the themes and copy it to the root of the ipod?
07:07:49chis00854rwell extract it first
07:08:35Soapyes, extract it to the root of your ipod (assuming the theme was packaged correctly, but that is a topic for another day)
07:08:43Soapwhat theme are you looking at?
07:08:45chis00854rok neat
07:08:54chis00854rhow would i get my songs onto the ipod?
07:09:11Soapyou just treat your ipod like a hard drive and move them over.
07:09:33chis00854roh a simple copy and paste?
07:09:35SoapRockbox's default method is to let you browse directories kind of like windows explorer.
07:09:39funkychis00854r: btw you can also read a bit some of the docs in the wiki
07:10:07chis00854rhow would i get my existing songs i had before into rockbox?
07:10:08Soapuse Tag Cache if you want to access the music placed on your ipod by itunes.
07:10:16Soapand you need to read the manual on that.
07:10:26funkySoap: tag cache works fine ?
07:10:32funkyI havent tried it yet
07:10:40funkyI got rockbox since a couple of days
07:10:43SoapI've been hand holding for 2.5 hours now. Not going to do it for another hour for tag cache.
07:10:44chis00854rgot a link?
07:10:54Soapfunky - tag cache isn't perfect...
07:11:09Soapchis00854r - links to the manuals are all over the website.
07:11:09chis00854rwhat is perfect?
07:11:15chis00854rok great
07:11:55chis00854rWPS Tags
07:12:24chis00854rcan you copy avi files to the ipod and play them?
07:12:58chis00854rthats a bummer
07:12:59Nimdaetag cache is actually rather easy to use
07:13:10chis00854rok i have to go through every song and do the command?
07:14:19Nimdaeyou enable it, initialize the db, and you should be good to go
07:14:20PaulJamchis00854r: have you read the manual yet? it really answers many questions.
07:14:32Nimdaeyeah, manual is really recommended ;)
07:14:36chis00854rok im reading
07:14:40Nimdaeso is the wiki
07:14:47Nimdaewhich has the manual on it
07:15:32Soapso is the search function of the forums.
07:15:42funkydoes tag cache come within rockbox?
07:15:48funkyor its a patch?
07:16:00PaulJamno. it's included
07:16:00funkyI havent seen anything about it in the menus
07:16:39 Part Paul_the_Nerd
07:17:57chis00854ronce i get tag cache to work ill be happy
07:17:57funkyI got it
07:19:02 Join dpassen1 [0] (
07:19:46chis00854rthanks for the help soap i guess i am on my own from here :|
07:19:52chis00854rstill confused..
07:19:56Soapread read read
07:20:14chis00854rnot to easy ...
07:20:30chis00854rStatus Bar Enabled
07:20:30DBUGEnqueued KICK chis00854r
07:20:30chis00854rStatus Bar Disabled
07:20:39chis00854rok where do i put that
07:20:42chis00854rcommand prompt?
07:20:47Soapare you trying to write a WPS?
07:20:53chis00854rno no
07:21:11chis00854rneed a tag cache link..
07:21:29Soapyou need to read the manual from start to finish, then you won't need a tag cache link.
07:21:36funkyonce I've initialized the tag cache, where are the files?
07:21:47Soaphunting and pecking for jewels of information will leave you with vast holes in your understanding.
07:22:27chis00854ryou run tag cache on the ipod?
07:22:45PaulJamfunky: reboot and set fileview to tagcache(or id3 database).
07:23:45funkyah, I need to reboot, thx
07:24:11chis00854rthink i found it on my own
07:24:20chis00854rload to ram
07:25:18chis00854rits simple
07:25:31 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
07:26:07funkyyeah, it works fine
07:27:34chis00854rthanks soap
07:27:46chis00854ryou helped me out so much i dont know how to thank you
07:27:54CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:27:54*chis00854r passes soap a beer
07:28:25Soapyou can thank me by reading the entire manual and searching the forums before posting your first question in said forums.
07:29:23chis00854r:) soap i wish i was a dev. i would make rockbox open divx movies if i knew how to program
07:30:17chis00854rso this rockbox is the best i would think rockbox would make there own mp3 player :)
07:30:42chis00854ror have its own products for ipods to buy
07:30:46chis00854rwifi on ipod :))
07:31:15funkytime to sleep
07:31:17 Quit funky ("leaving")
07:31:24chis00854ror some sort of attachments
07:31:27chis00854rneed a cig
07:40:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:49:08 Quit |AhIoRoS| ("Abandonando, see you")
08:01:11 Quit chis00854r ("Leaving")
08:11:23 Join Quazgaa [0] (
08:12:41 Part jhMikeS
08:16:30 Join Alcuin [0] (
08:16:41 Quit tsbA (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:38:08 Join rockmyboxbaby [0] (n=Chris@
08:38:18rockmyboxbabyhey guys
08:38:45rockmyboxbabycould you tell me if you could open .doc or .txt with the rockbox?
08:40:50PaulJamonly .txt files
08:41:47rockmyboxbabythanks pailjam :)
08:41:59rockmyboxbabyis rockbox a image viewer as well?
08:42:17rockmyboxbabydo i have to resize each picture?
08:42:41rockmyboxbabyrockbox is like linux
08:42:59rockmyboxbabyi hope in the future we get more packages :)
08:47:09 Quit Rudy4Pez (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:54:03 Join _Lucretia [0] (
08:54:39 Join flik [0] (
08:55:21 Nick flik is now known as _flik_ (
08:55:53 Quit random81 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:58:13_flik_is there way to reset the ipod after a rockbox "data abort" crash or do i have to wait until the battery is drained?
08:58:47aliask_flik_: iPod?
08:59:04aliaskHold menu and select for about 20 seconds.
08:59:19aliaskWell, maybe not that long, but it resets after a while.
08:59:31_flik_ok, i tried for four seconds, which normally works
08:59:50aliaskJust hold it till it works. :)
09:00:18_flik_did that for 30 seconds now, still hangs
09:00:36_flik_i guess it crashed badly
09:01:28aliaskHrm, that's odd. That button combo is hardware, so it shouldn't matter that it's frozen.
09:01:37_flik_oh wait, i did play and select - menu and select actually works
09:01:56aliaskNo worries.
09:08:40Alcuinwhat is rockbox exactly?
09:09:05Alcuinsorry, thanks for the info
09:10:28Alcuini see gigabeat f and x is in development, what about S?
09:10:59Bagderafaik, the f and x ones are similar and the S is somewhat different
09:11:02 Quit _Lucretia_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:11:28Bagderbut I'm far from a gigabeat expert
09:11:30myzarhay bagder
09:11:45myzarhow goes progress?
09:12:43Bagderlife is good
09:13:48myzarand how goes rockbox
09:13:53myzarand the greater persuit of happiness?
09:14:10Bagderrockbox moves forward in a steady pace
09:14:17 Join tvelocity [0] (
09:14:18scorchebut is it really a greater pursuit?
09:14:23myzarlife can be good, but if rockbox is not good
09:14:30myzarlife is not truly complete
09:14:36myzarmaking it not "good"
09:14:53myzarwell, it is if Bagder and the team are working towards getting the 5.5gs working
09:14:59myzarbut i can only work towards my dreams
09:15:21myzarBagder, make me the happiest girl alive!
09:15:25myzarTELL ME IT'S TRUE!
09:15:44BagderI don't work on the 5.5
09:15:55BagderI don't even own any ipod
09:16:03Alcuinthis is to make the mp3 players compatible with linux, or is it just an alternative firmware?
09:16:11BagderI do have three sansas now though ;-)
09:16:14myzarBagder, but is it true work is being done? :P
09:16:20*Bagder picked up the other two at Linus' place yday
09:16:21myzari have NEVER seen any other programmer
09:16:25myzarother than kal and godzirra
09:16:29myzareven mention it
09:16:41myzaris there a team of secret undercover rockbox developers in here that i am oblivious to?
09:17:04*myzar eyes the channel
09:17:23*scorche walks out while holding a black sheet over a person
09:17:26myzarif i sleep with every one of them, the chance that a working rockbox for 5.5g ipods will come out will increase a hundred fold
09:17:36*scorche escorts them to the secret channel
09:18:14Bagdermyzar: well for starters, 5.5 problems need to be fixed by 5.5 owners
09:18:27Bagderand not that many devs have 5.5 ipods
09:18:48myzaryes, a valid point
09:18:54myzarbut with that logic, Bagder
09:19:02myzarby the time any of the devs get 5.5gs
09:19:09myzarthe 6.5gs will be out
09:19:14myzarjudging by the time people normally upgrade
09:19:20scorcheyour logic is flawed
09:19:32myzarmy logic is that if they just got 5g ipods to get video working
09:19:42scorchenow lets gat back tot he sleeping with people to get the 5.5gs working?
09:19:45myzarthey won't upgrade to 5.5 shortly afterwards when 6g is almost out
09:20:07myzarwe need a donation fund, Bagder
09:20:13Bagderwell, we had 5g support loooong after it was released
09:20:19Bagdermyzar: we already have
09:20:22myzaror just a way to get the devs to borrow some 5.5s from their friends
09:20:24*scorche points to the donate button
09:20:36myzar"You got a new IPOD? Really?"
09:20:43Bagderdonate more and we'll buy devs more devices
09:20:45myzar"How about i give you my SUPER DOOPER COOL ONE in exchange!"
09:20:48Alcuinwhy are the devs so focused on ipod? popularity?
09:20:57scorcheAlcuin: we arent
09:20:57BagderAlcuin: what says we are?
09:21:02myzarthey aren't
09:21:04amiconnmyzar: The logic is still a bit off. There's still the possibility that a new developer with a 5.5g joins the project
09:21:12myzarin what period of time, amiconn
09:21:18AlcuinBadger: Well, only my observations thus far of the conversation.
09:21:19myzardevelopers don't grow on trees
09:21:20scorcheexample: barrywardell ;)
09:21:22myzargood ones are a rarity
09:21:33myzarand even then, they need to know ipods and rockbox
09:21:35BagderAlcuin: don't judge the whole team based on myzar's ramblings ;-)
09:21:41myzaroh, i'm not rambling
09:21:47myzari'm cranky and depressed
09:21:55AlcuinAny particular device the focus?
09:22:04myzarthere isn't really a focus
09:22:04Bagdermyzar: so join in and make things happen instead
09:22:09myzari cannot
09:22:09scorchethere is no "focus"
09:22:15myzari do low level programming
09:22:15BagderAlcuin: whatever each and everyone likes
09:22:24AlcuinWhat's the goal?
09:22:24myzari doubt i can help with anything in rockbox
09:22:29BagderAlcuin: having fun
09:22:30amiconnThere are already a lot of devs who contributed to the project. The credits list 235
09:22:34myzari can only don some pom poms
09:22:36myzarand cheer you on
09:22:57AlcuinIs it to integrate them with Linux, or just offer alternative firmwares?
09:23:04Bagderrockbox is not linux
09:23:10Bagdernot even close
09:23:11 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:23:18Alcuinjust an alternative firmware?
09:23:23 Quit Quazgaa (Remote closed the connection)
09:23:24Bagder"just" that yes
09:23:37Bagderits about having the best possible firmware on your DAP
09:23:40Alcuinsorry, i didn't intend that to be a slight
09:24:21daurnits about turning a nice piece of hardware, with crap, proprietry software, into something great
09:24:38Alcuinwell i liked my old nomad jukebox zen, but since my upgrade to Gigabeat S, the lack of deleating, playlist creation, and other seemingly obvious features has me blue
09:24:43amiconnBagder: Hmm, I thought Zagor was 'mister fat.c', but the header lists Linus as the author. Do I remember something wrong?
09:25:11Bagderamiconn: Zagor based his work on something basic Linus once started, afair
09:25:48Bagderbut iirc, the code Linus had was just fat16 or something like that
09:26:18amiconnHmm, the rockbox fat driver was fat32 only when [IDC]Dragon and me did the ondio port
09:26:31amiconnWe had to add fat16...
09:26:42BagderI know, Zagor ripped all of that out
09:26:58Bagdersince we only needed fat32 in that first version
09:27:11AlcuinDoes Creative still produce players with delete, playlist creation, and all the other features?
09:27:52amiconnAt least one of the 5.5g problems can be tackled by any dev feeling like fiddling with the fat driver code
09:28:02amiconn(the sector size problem)
09:28:37BagderAlcuin: don't expect to find my creative fans/owners here since rockbox doesn'r run on any creative player
09:34:39 Join Ribs [0] (n=freenode@
09:40:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:44:14 Join random81 [0] (
09:54:46 Join GreyFoux [0] (
09:54:54 Quit mordov (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:56:54 Quit Alcuin ()
09:57:15 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
10:06:12*petur runs off again
10:06:50midkaywho added this whore.
10:06:54midkayand when did he ask on irc.
10:08:07Bagderwiped out
10:28:27aliaskAnyone feel like looking at #6097?
10:32:41*markun notices a lot of gigabeat talk in here..
10:33:47markunBagder: you were right, the S is probably a completely new port
10:35:41JdGordondoes anyone here have the archos player?
10:38:06*scorche rats on amiconn
10:44:14 Join damaki [0] (
10:44:18 Quit SmilinBob ("Leaving")
10:50:42 Join SmilinBob [0] (
10:53:03 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
10:53:42 Join tvelocity [0] (
11:07:45 Join qailer [0] (
11:12:53 Join lightyear [0] (
11:15:17 Join Rudy4Pez [0] (
11:16:14 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
11:17:10 Join lodesi [0] (n=lds@
11:18:28peturbah... seeking seems seriously broken...
11:19:29peturstart playing a song, seek back a bit and end up in the middle of a song that's 4 tracks further. it plays some seconds of that song and then resumes on the spot where it should have been
11:23:26peturhmmm... only when seeking back into the first few seconds of the song it seems
11:27:29peturit gets worse
11:28:05peturtry it a few times and it keeps playing the wrong song, but WPS display keeps showing the track that should be playing
11:29:11*petur was trying to use rockbox to do guitar practice... can't practice the start of the song :(
11:30:42 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
11:31:07Mikachupetur: this is with recent cvs?
11:31:31peturbuild an hour ago
11:32:57*scorche haha.
11:32:59midkayscorche made me.
11:33:15*petur notices midkay has serious echo on his link
11:33:15scorcheonly because you attempted to make up for something
11:33:17scorcheand failed
11:33:32midkayshut up scorche.
11:34:34scorcheyou would!
11:35:00scorchespinning dunk attack!
11:40:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:46:23 Join mordov [0] (
11:48:22 Join barrywardell [0] (
11:50:33 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
11:56:56 Join spiorf [0] (
11:58:33 Quit spiorf (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:58:51 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
11:59:13 Join spiorf [0] (
12:01:36 Quit petur ("later")
12:08:38 Quit Nibbier (Remote closed the connection)
12:10:27 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
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12:40:52 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
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13:17:00 Join Ribs [0] (n=freenode@
13:20:40 Part _flik_
13:24:26*amiconn now has an sdl sim on cygwin that logs to the console again :)
13:26:12 Join Seed [0] (
13:26:41 Join pixelma [0] (i=54bd7ccc@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:32:32 Quit Seedy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:37:00markunamiconn: nice work
13:38:34amiconnWas easier than I thought, after reading a bit about how sdl does its startup magic
13:39:05 Join Lear [0] (
13:39:07amiconnNow I only need to find a nice way to place -mconsole (I currently have it hacked into apps/Makefile)
13:40:16 Quit qailer (Remote closed the connection)
13:40:31LearI have it in the top-level makefile (assuming you're talking about what I think you're talking about).
13:40:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:40:58amiconnOn top-level it didn't work for me. Building the plugins errored out
13:41:27*amiconn tries again
13:42:28LearWorks for me (in LDOPTS) on Cygwin... But you're talking about getting stdout/stderr on the console in the SDL sim, right? :)
13:43:14amiconnThere are just 2 things required. (1) Building rockboxui as a console application, (2) not using SDL_main()
13:43:29Mikachucan't you just tail -f stderr.txt ?
13:43:41amiconnToo cumbersome
13:43:56LearI still use SDL_main, but I did pass some configure option when I buildt SDL.
13:43:59amiconnSDL_main isn't really needed on windows and linux, only on osx
13:45:01amiconnSo I just #undef main in uisdl.c for win32 environments
13:45:59LearI think I set −−enable-stdio-redirect to no...
13:46:25amiconnI've read about that as well, but it requires rebuilding sdl
13:47:26LearBtw, those Makefile tweaks did speed things up a little. But only about 20% on an "empty rebuild" on Cygwin...
13:47:41amiconnStill better than nothing imo
13:48:43LearThe interesting thing is that Cygwin is so far from pegging the CPU (even blocking other tasks, it seems). I rarely see more than about 30% CPU usage.
13:49:04amiconnThe slowness is caused by the windows filesystem layer
13:50:58amiconnI did an experiment. When compiling on linux but the source & build tree is stored on a windows system, compilation is as slow as on cygwin
13:51:18amiconn(access was from a linux VM with the vmware hgfs module)
13:56:55amiconnLear: Works with -mconsole in LDOPTS :)
14:01:47amiconnHmm, can anyone tell me the ip for ?
14:02:00amiconnThere seems to be a DNS resolution problem...
14:04:38oboDoesn't seem to exist in whois, so no nameserver...
14:04:58amiconnA link to it worked 4 days ago...
14:05:58LearI had a lookup through a web service. The name server didn't respond...
14:06:44amiconnSeems iriver jp has some problems...
14:12:48 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
14:12:48Mikachutheir nameserver seems down
14:13:59 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
14:14:23Mikachuthe first three are 211.43.222, but no idea what the last is, or if it's up
14:14:40Mikachui am at least guessing their nameserver is in the same range as the site
14:16:48 Quit SmilinBob (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:26:59 Join SmilinBob [0] (
14:37:14 Quit [sellout] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:43:51 Join webguest72 [0] (i=54bd7ccc@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:48:24 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
14:49:22 Quit webguest72 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
14:50:32daurnonly 256 to try ;)
14:53:29 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
15:00:24Genre9mp3Anyone with a Nano around?
15:02:14 Join Criamos [0] (
15:03:23Genre9mp3It seems that the %bp and %bc wps tags do not work on Nano according to this thread:
15:03:36Genre9mp3Can anyone with a Nano confirm this?
15:04:07 Quit lodesi ("leaving")
15:04:14 Part Paul_the_Nerd
15:05:44Genre9mp3(just plug in the charger with iCatcher... it should trigger a battery animation)
15:06:33Genre9mp3If not, then maybe it is a problem with Nano (the exact same code works on other targets... at least on H300)
15:06:49Genre9mp3problem with these wps tags on Nano I mean
15:12:30 Join Arathis [0] (
15:15:07 Join shrewd [0] (
15:18:47 Quit darkless_ ("Leaving")
15:28:39Learpreglow: didn't you mention that in the mp3 codec, samples_to_skip can be larger than one frame?
15:31:29 Join RogerBacon [0] (
15:33:41 Quit pixelma ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
15:33:54Learpreglow: on second thought, forget that. I figured it out... :)
15:41:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:44:11preglowLear: i think i did a fix for that once, so yeah, it can
15:46:09LearOuch.. Don't like this code in playback.c:
15:46:21Lear(Wait, gotta check some more first. :)
15:47:46 Quit RogerBacon ("Quitte")
15:52:20LearHm.. missed a function call on first check, but still, audio_rebuffer_and_seek does some stuff I don't quite understand...
15:53:17LearLike, why call audio_read_file with the argument newpos? It takes an argument specifying minimum number of bytes to read, not a file offset.
15:53:24LearAnd then do this: CUR_TI->available -= newpos;
15:53:29LearMakes no sense to me...
15:55:41 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
15:57:05 Join JoeBorn [0] (
16:00:38preglowi'm not too big on playback.c, i'm afraid
16:03:13Learwas hoping for lostlogic or Steve, whatever his handle is...
16:03:24 Quit SmilinBob ("Leaving")
16:03:32Learoh well, I'm off for a while anyway...
16:09:25 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
16:11:10barrywardellIs there anyone here familiar with using JTAG?
16:11:45*barrywardell has hooked his h10's jtag connector up to the parallel port
16:12:35JdGordonits serial tho....
16:13:08 Join stripwax [0] (
16:13:17JdGordonhaw haw haw...
16:13:27JdGordondamn joke is lost on you all :p
16:13:37 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
16:14:02preglowprotocol is serial, yes, but it's not exactly one-wire
16:14:13stripwaxjust tried doing a "make install" on cygwin and got "xargs: zip: No such file or directory. unzip: cannot find or open ../, ../ or ../ make: *** [install] Error 9". Any ideas?
16:14:50Mikachustripwax: you don't have the "zip" program
16:14:52stripwaxbtw "make" seems to work fine (in the sense that rockboxui.exe gets built)
16:15:07stripwaxMikachu - gah. you're not wrong,
16:15:17Mikachuone could argue zipping and unzipping is not the most clever way to copy files to a subdir
16:15:33stripwaxyeah.. wasn't expecting zip to be required for a local sdl build..
16:15:50Mikachumake install just runs make fullzip and unzips it again to archos/
16:16:15Mikachuyou can probably modify the buildzip script to copy files instead
16:16:39Mikachui wonder if it at least uses 0 compression
16:17:36stripwaxnemmind, i just install the zip package, works fine now
16:20:25barrywardellJdGordon: have you used jtag before? I'm totally new to it.
16:27:14 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
16:28:44Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: I responded to your post on the forums, I checked on my nano
16:28:59 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
16:29:06 Join Seed [0] (
16:32:18Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: Thanks
16:32:38Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: So it seems that %bp and %bc do not work after all...
16:32:56Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: It's not that they don't work. It's that the feature itself just isn't enabled.
16:33:05Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: It's a very simple tweak to enable it in a build
16:33:15Genre9mp3Yes... that's what I meant
16:33:27Genre9mp3But as you wondered, maybe this is for some reason?
16:34:24Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: You checked the code?
16:34:31 Join RogerBacon [0] (
16:34:54 Join jaczehack [0] (i=d572f7a8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:35:03Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: Yep, I *think* the commented out line that says "//#define CONFIG_CHARGING CHARGING_SIMPLE" needs to instead not be commented out and say "#define CONFIG_CHARGING CHARGING_MONITOR"
16:35:34Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: I've had it enabled in the past on my Nano, but the line was different back then, I think the name and value of the define was changed just for readability though.
16:36:04Genre9mp3Is this "disabled" only for Nano or other targets as well?
16:36:40Paul_the_NerdI can't look through all of them. :-P
16:36:58Paul_the_NerdIt's *enabled* on iPod Video, H100 series, etc.
16:37:17Genre9mp3Can you point me to the file in the source so I can check?
16:37:48Paul_the_NerdIt's /firmware/export/config-ipodnano.h
16:37:52Genre9mp3Ah... just re-readed your post... nevermind! :)
16:38:02Paul_the_NerdTry changing the line to #define CONFIG_CHARGING CHARGING_MONITOR and see if that fixes things, at least for now.
16:38:21Genre9mp3Well... I can't test it cause I don't have a Nano ;)
16:38:27Paul_the_NerdOh, right.
16:38:43Paul_the_NerdThen I'll just have to go and test it
16:38:46Genre9mp3I just want to check if this is only for Nano
16:39:08*Paul_the_Nerd fires up the ol' VMWare.
16:39:45 Join MadDog011 [0] (
16:40:00 Quit MadDog011 (Remote closed the connection)
16:42:26PaulJami have a question about the genlang script: when using the -u option, is it possible to make it also mark the lines where the english.lang contains target specific strings, but the translated.lang doesn't?
16:44:32*Paul_the_Nerd mutters something about programs associating themselves with .h files while he's not looking.
16:47:39Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: I found out that the CHARGING_SIMPLE is commented out on all iPod targets except iPod Video
16:48:11Genre9mp3iPod video uses the CHARGING_MONITOR like H300 for example
16:49:34barrywardellother ipods can't detect the charger iirc
16:49:50barrywardellthat's probably the reason
16:50:19Paul_the_Nerdbarrywardell: They can
16:50:24Paul_the_Nerdbarrywardell: At least the Nano can.
16:50:24Genre9mp3...and as I can see charge monitoring doesn't work properly for H100s, too
16:50:32barrywardellsee firmware/target/arm/ipod/power-ipod.c
16:50:46Paul_the_NerdThey can't necessarily detect the charge level, but they can detect that they are charging.
16:50:48barrywardellthey only detect usb power
16:51:20Paul_the_Nerdbarrywardell: USB/Firewire are the only ways to charge an iPod.
16:51:47barrywardellthere's the charger you plug the usb cable into too
16:51:59Paul_the_NerdThat's still USB power though
16:52:16Paul_the_NerdOr in some cases, with the older ones, firewire power.
16:52:34barrywardellwell the code is only there to detect usb power, not charger power, so maybe that's the problem
16:52:49Paul_the_NerdWe can't differentiate it from the USB cable at this time, because we detect USB insertion by the delivery of USB power, so the wall charger reboots the iPod.
16:53:25Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: Anyway, if you add that line in, you get a charging animation at least (my battery logo in icatcher shows an animation of filling up, cycling)
16:53:25 Quit myzar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:54:27Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: Nice. This means taht the Nano can at least detect when the charger is plugged in
16:55:38Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: You used CHARGING_SIMPLE or CHARGING_MONITOR ?
16:57:52Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: Monitor
16:58:20Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: The H120 shows the animation too though. Did you look at the H120 file, or the H100 file?
16:59:27Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: Yes.. they use CHARGING_MONITOR as well but there is a FIXME comment that says: remove that once monitoring is fixed properly
17:00:20Genre9mp3but it's CHARGING_SIMPLE that is commented out and not CHARGING_MONITOR, so I'm a bit confused
17:00:36Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: The fixme may be old.
17:00:53Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: Or they could mean that right now it doesn't actually monitor the charging state, just whether charging is happening.
17:00:59amiconnIt's not
17:01:14*Paul_the_Nerd has no clue about it.
17:01:31amiconnThe whole power monitoring is an utter mess
17:01:35Genre9mp3Also there are some other targets that they use CHARGING_SIMPLE (H10, iAudio X5, gigabeat)
17:02:02Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: The thing about the Nano, is that it didn't even use CHARGING_SIMPLE, it wasn't defined.
17:02:54amiconnPaul_the_Nerd: This is because no one analysed how charging monitoring or at least power plug-in monitoring works on the ipods, except video
17:03:27amiconnIt will still charge fine as charging is hardware controlled, but rockbox can't tell
17:04:02Paul_the_Nerdamiconn: So what kind of behaviour does that enable?
17:04:13Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: Since you tested it, at least we know it can detect whether it's charging or not... but can't monitor it (?)
17:04:58Genre9mp3...meaning that Rockbox won't be able to tell if the charging is stopped when full
17:05:36Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: Well... my battery was nearly full, and now the charging animation has stopped, and it simply shows a full battery (4 Bars in iCatcher) instead...
17:06:39Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: From what you say I understand that it works then on Nano
17:06:47Paul_the_NerdI don't know.
17:07:04Paul_the_NerdI don't know if there's supposed to be more to charging monitoring, or anything.
17:07:44Genre9mp3Yes... we can't be sure about that... but at least it detects when the charger is plugged in, that's for sure
17:07:58 Quit markun (
17:08:03NJoinmarkun [0] (
17:08:42 Quit preglow (
17:08:50NJoinpreglow [0] (n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow)
17:10:45 Join actionshrimp [0] (
17:11:46Paul_the_NerdGenre9mp3: I don't know if it'll detect firewire based charging or not, as I cannot test that.
17:19:35 Join Strath [0] (
17:29:48 Join GFoux [0] (
17:31:08 Quit tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
17:32:42 Quit jaczehack ("CGI:IRC")
17:36:23 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:41:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:41:12 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
17:43:15 Join qailer [0] (
17:44:00 Join webguest29 [0] (i=478bb742@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:46:05 Quit webguest29 (Client Quit)
17:47:48 Quit GreyFoux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:56:21 Quit GFoux (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:58:36 Quit qailer (Remote closed the connection)
17:59:03 Join GreyFoux [0] (
18:03:27 Quit RogerBacon ("Quitte")
18:11:54lexwhat's happened to senab's builds
18:12:29Paul_the_NerdRead his thread.
18:12:31Paul_the_NerdHe stopped doing them.
18:13:04Soapsenab went to school. senab got busy. then senab got frustrated with everyone asking him questions /after/ he said he didn't have time.
18:22:37lexbut julius is continuing? :)
18:23:05lexwow those julius's themes ROCK ;)
18:23:20lexbut, do you know, how long it will take to get rockbox to my 5.5G ipod? :o
18:24:41Paul_the_NerdDo you know when they'll cure cancer?
18:24:55Paul_the_NerdBoth require discoveries, so both are unpredictable.
18:25:01lexbut i guess that it's not so hard to do it, if someone just wants to do it
18:25:33Paul_the_NerdIf it's not so hard to do, feel free.
18:26:14lexi thought you would say that
18:26:25Paul_the_NerdYou're the one who says he doesn't think it's hard.
18:26:52lexis it then? because i don't know
18:27:07Paul_the_NerdThen why did you say you felt otherwise?
18:27:15Kasperledidn't someone post on the forum he had it running quite well on the 5.5G?
18:27:15Paul_the_NerdOn the 80gig there seem to be some hardware differences with the ATA.
18:27:32Paul_the_NerdOn the 30gig there seem to be some issues relating to the playback control file writing that seem uncertain.
18:27:45Kasperlei see
18:28:26Paul_the_NerdKasperle: On a 5.5G 30gig iPod, it is possible to get it running if you do a lot of manual effort to essentially change the disk into a condition similar to that of the 5G iPod 30gig, but then it becomes difficult to transfer files to it, as well as likely preventing the retail firmware from working.
18:28:43Paul_the_NerdIt's not "Getting Rockbox to work on it" so much as "Getting the iPod into a state that Rockbox already works with"
18:30:10 Join webguest39 [0] (i=473a5360@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:30:27Kasperlei see
18:30:39webguest39hey i just have a quick question, and this is ridiculous but where can i get the source for rockbox without using CVS
18:30:54Paul_the_Nerdwebguest39: From the download page?
18:31:06webguest39i can only find the daily builds....
18:31:31lexthe forums look funny because there's only whining about "rockbox doesn't work :(((((8" :p
18:31:37Paul_the_Nerdwebguest39: Read the page. All three pages have "Source" written somewhere on them, with associated links.
18:32:45webguest39i see the source archive section but that's not what i want
18:32:59Paul_the_NerdWell that's what you asked for.
18:33:05Paul_the_Nerd"the source for rockbox without using CVS"
18:33:26Paul_the_NerdWhat *exactly* do you want then?
18:34:21webguest39i get a 48 megabyte single file rockbox-daily-20061022.tar.bz2-1.tar.out
18:34:39Paul_the_NerdIt's an archive.
18:34:55lexso, that should do it?
18:35:06 Join webguest40 [0] (i=473a5360@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:35:06 Quit webguest39 (Client Quit)
18:35:15webguest40ah sorry this is webguest 39
18:35:26Paul_the_Nerdlex: It doesn't work on the 80gig models, and it disables a function in Rockbox that caused crashes.
18:35:28lexbut is there a compiled build for that
18:35:30Paul_the_Nerdwebguest40: It's an archive. Extract it.
18:35:36lexPaul_the_Nerd: yeah, but I'm getting the 30gig one
18:35:38webguest40a .out file?
18:36:07Paul_the_Nerdwebguest40: The extension on the file on the server isn't .out
18:36:23webguest40no but when i extracted it i got a .out file
18:36:24Paul_the_NerdIt.s .tar.bz2
18:36:45webguest40but i just used winrar to extract the .out file and now i got what i was looking for
18:36:51webguest40the .out file i got just confused me
18:37:03lexPaul_the_Nerd: but do you know about that ipodwizard application, does the 5.5G work with thaT?
18:37:12lexso I could unlock the volume limit
18:37:16Paul_the_Nerdlex: This channel has nothing to do with the iPodWizard applicaton.
18:37:24Paul_the_NerdI don't even use the retail firmware.
18:37:56lexPaul_the_Nerd: I just asked you
18:38:15lexPaul_the_Nerd: it's the same, if we speak about life or something here, and you'll be kickbanned :)
18:39:06Paul_the_NerdI was simply pointing out that it's unrelated to this channel, *and* that I don't know about it.
18:40:00 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
18:40:04 Quit webguest40 (Client Quit)
18:40:30lex"any ideas on how I could get a n64 emulator to work on my 5g ipod? I asked over at rockbox (what I have on my ipod, and they answered with this"
18:40:35lexn64 emulator for ipod? no way
18:41:35 Join Parachutes [0] (n=jmlane@unaffiliated/Jon-)
18:42:18Paul_the_NerdWhat does he say I told him?
18:42:25Paul_the_NerdAs it's likely the person I talked with.
18:42:41Genre9mp3lex: hehe... where did you find that quote? I'm curious
18:42:50 Join rconan [0] (
18:42:51lexGenre9mp3: from the ipodwizard forums
18:44:01 Quit Slasheri (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:44:12Paul_the_NerdWow, he leaves off the whole part where I explain to him the fact that the N64 was faster than an iPod, and that you'd be measuring speed in tens of minutes per frame rather than frames per second, and that's at best.
18:44:32Genre9mp3hehe.. then he asks: "So I would download... the compiler source?"
18:45:05Paul_the_NerdHis original question here was "What file from an N64 emulator would I need to but in the rocks folder to get it working?"
18:45:27Genre9mp3Paul_the_Nerd: Yeah... I think I remember the thread
18:45:50Paul_the_NerdHe pestered me in PMs for about a day after as well, until I thought I'd finally convinced him it was pointless.
18:49:59 Join Slasheri [0] (i=miipekk@rockbox/developer/Slasheri)
18:50:40 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:02:15 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:12:20 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
19:12:37 Quit Landus ("Leaving")
19:16:28 Quit rconan (Client Quit)
19:18:01SoapI think I killed the thread at ipodwizard.
19:18:19SoapIf it continues after my post...
19:19:07Paul_the_NerdSoap: That looks startlingly similar to what I told the guy in PM. ;)
19:19:23Paul_the_NerdI don't think I used the phrase "Hoss of a floating point unit" though
19:19:41Soapthat's the secret.
19:19:48Soapyou have to speak their language.
19:19:50*Soap nods
19:20:05Soapi before e
19:20:30Learexcept after c
19:21:21Mikachukneel before me
19:21:27Mikachuexcept after tea
19:21:47 Join TCK [0] (
19:24:25Genre9mp3Soap: You registered in iPodwizard forums just to kill people's "hopes"? Oh boy... yoa are an evil person! :P
19:25:26SoapNo, just to shut up a stupid discussion which should have died a natural death, but instead needed my boot of reality.
19:26:06SoapIt is Sunday after all, I had to spread The Good News.
19:26:13 Quit GreyFoux (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:26:15Genre9mp3I don't think though, that you killed that thread... I'm sure that nineteenninety will come up and post: "OK, but can someone tell me what to do with the source?" :P
19:26:25Kitt0sSoap, pm
19:27:42Genre9mp3Or maybe he will sign up in another forum and will ask "hey, I asked at rockbox and iPodwizard forums and they told me this and that... blah blah blah" :)
19:28:01 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:28:26SoapGenre9mp3 - that would be a hoot.
19:29:43Genre9mp3Soap: It's already a hoot anyway ;)
19:30:28 Join lodesi [0] (n=lds@
19:31:05SoapWhat would be a hoot is to post one floating point operation from the emmulator code, let him spend a day or two figuring out how to make it fixed point, then tell him there are 8,561 other where that came from.
19:34:00Genre9mp3I doubt that he'll ever reach to that point... He seems to expect an answer like this: "Take that file from N64 emulator source you downloaded, rename it to .rock and place it to the rock folder" LOL
19:35:30Genre9mp3Actually, he already asked such kind of question...
19:36:11 Join jhMikeS [0] (
19:37:08Kitt0scan someone help me with this compling error?
19:37:09Kitt0sAR /home/Nethanel/cvs-2006-08-12/rockbox-devel/build/libTremor.a
19:37:11Kitt0smake[2]: *** No rule to make target `/home/Nethanel/cvs-2006-08-12/rockbox-devel
19:37:13Kitt0s/apps/plugins/', needed by `/home/Nethanel/cvs-2006-08-12/rockbox-deve
19:37:15Kitt0sl/build/apps/codecs/'. Stop.
19:37:17Kitt0smake[1]: *** [build-codecs] Error 2
19:37:19Kitt0smake: *** [all] Error 2
19:39:23jhMikeSKitt0s: try 'make clean' and configure again perhaps?
19:39:49Kitt0si'v tried reconfigure and recompling it sevral times
19:39:52Kitt0si still get that error
19:40:35Paul_the_NerdHave you been able to compile at all in the past?
19:40:39jhMikeShmmm...that usually happens when files are missing
19:41:03Kitt0snever tried paul
19:41:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:41:14Paul_the_NerdAre you compiling unpatched or patched?
19:41:16Kitt0sits a cvs from 2006-08-12
19:41:49Kitt0sim trying to create a build with both no frequency scailing and both scroll ipod acceleration
19:41:50jhMikeSpetur: I have a revised bit of code for the prerecord I can pastebin if you care to. (easier)
19:42:13Kitt0sso what file is mising?
19:42:25 Join sucka [0] (
19:43:26PaulJamKitt0s: is the build from before the falling blocks game was renamed to rockblox? if yes it is possible that the tetrox.c is missing.
19:43:31Paul_the_NerdOut of curiosity what do you need with the old build?
19:43:54Kitt0sPaul_the_Nerd, as i said: [19:41:34] [Kitt0s]: im trying to create a build with both no frequency scailing and both scroll ipod acceleration
19:46:41jhMikeSfrequency scailing == pitch adjustment?
19:47:04PaulJamKitt0s: try if it works when you remove the line that mentions tetrox.c from apps/plugins/SOURCES
19:48:09Kitt0si have tried that PaulJam
19:48:13Kitt0sand then i got another error
19:48:25Kitt0s27430 [Kitt0s]: what patch? ipod acceleration patch? :D
19:48:25Kitt0s27468 [Kitt0s]: OBJCOPY mpegplayer.rock
19:48:25Kitt0s27469 [Kitt0s]: rm /home/Nethanel/cvs-2006-08-12/rockbox-devel/build/apps/plugins/pong.elf
19:48:35Kitt0sthen another along lis of .elf i think
19:49:00PaulJamthat isn't an error.
19:49:42 Quit EspeonEefi ("Leaving")
19:53:35Kasperledo you guys know btw? pre-compiled arm toolchains for windows and linux
19:54:07 Quit leachbj ("Client exiting")
19:54:08Kasperlejust stumbled across that page when i looked for a toolchain package for CentOS.
19:54:30 Join rconan [0] (
19:55:29Kitt0sok its compling :D
19:56:04Kitt0swhen i get alot of rm ....
19:56:08Kitt0smeans its done?
19:58:07 Join mirak [0] (
19:58:19Kitt0smy first complied build
19:58:44 Join Mikaelh [0] (
19:59:05 Quit Mikachu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:59:48 Nick Mikaelh is now known as Mikachu (
20:00:07 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:06:26 Join Landus [0] (
20:07:16 Join bluebrother [0] (
20:08:11luckzobo: around?
20:08:17 Join chendo [0] (
20:08:40Kitt0show come i can't connect the ipod through USB and still be able to use it?
20:08:59Soapbecause rockbox does not have its own USB mode.
20:09:20Kitt0stoo bad :\
20:09:28Soapyou can press MENU while inserting the USB cable into an ipod running rockbox, and you will get USB power/charging while running rockbox.
20:09:55Soapthough the ipod consumes more power than it draws from the USB port when you do that, so it is still a net loss, though less of one.
20:10:17Paul_the_NerdSoap: That depends on what sort of iPod you have.
20:10:47 Quit XavierGr ()
20:11:00Kitt0sho ho no no
20:11:05Kitt0si found it
20:11:23SoapI did not realize they differed in that regard, sorry for putting foot in mouth.
20:11:49luckzcan anybody help me with something regarding
20:11:59 Quit rconan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:12:25Paul_the_NerdSoap: Well, the iPod Nano uses little enough power that I can get away with charging it in Rockbox while listening to music.
20:12:26 Quit Ribs (Nick collision from services.)
20:12:27 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=freenode@
20:16:34 Join RogerBacon [0] (
20:18:22 Join Ribs3 [0] (n=freenode@
20:19:47Kitt0sSoap u want that build?
20:20:07Kitt0sho and another thing
20:20:23Kitt0sy does rockbox close itself when connecting to pc?
20:20:30 Quit chendo_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:20:36Kitt0sit shows the usb icon
20:20:39Kitt0sthen u see apple icon
20:20:50Kitt0sthe the apple's do not disconnect
20:20:58luckzno need to use more power than necessary?
20:21:16luckzI connect my X5 to my pc to submit stuff to or throw songs onto it or so, and to charge it occasionally
20:21:52 Quit goffa (Remote closed the connection)
20:22:18Paul_the_NerdKitt0s: Rockbox can't connect to the PC on iPods, no USB driver yet, so it reboots into apple disk mode.
20:22:39Kitt0sho i see its an ipod problem
20:22:40luckzPaul: why no usb driver?
20:22:41Kitt0sok then
20:23:00Kitt0sPaul_the_Nerd, y not be a HeRo and make one ?D:
20:23:09Paul_the_Nerdluckz: Because the USB hardware in it is undocumented.
20:23:40Kitt0scuz apple sux
20:23:58Paul_the_NerdPortalPlayer actually
20:25:00luckzdoes no human being understand perl?
20:25:18Kasperlethat's odd. checkout doesn't fetch the bootloader source along with everything else. i need to fetch it manually by checking out rockbox/bootloader
20:25:41 Quit Ribs2 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:26:00 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
20:26:01Kasperles/. c/. cvs c/
20:26:27Paul_the_NerdKasperle: That's because it's rare that you should be compiling a bootloader
20:26:28PaulJamdepends propably on what you check out. afaik rockbox-devel includes the bootloader sources
20:26:37Paul_the_Nerdrockbox-devel includes it, rockbox doesn't.
20:27:31KasperlePaul_the_Nerd: i see.
20:28:06Paul_the_NerdKasperle: On some platforms a nonworking bootloader can permanently cripple your player.
20:28:23Kasperlewell, i'm stuck with a iPod 5.5G, and if i'm following that forum thread correctly, i need to rebuild the bootloader, too?
20:28:25Paul_the_NerdOn all the rest it's still something you only install once, and are best off just downloading the official 'working' one
20:28:56Paul_the_NerdOn iPods non-working bootloaders are just an inconvenience, as it doesn't permanently harm the device.
20:29:05Paul_the_Nerdbut I really can't speak for what needs to be done for that thread.
20:29:21Kasperlei shall soon find out ;)
20:30:06 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
20:33:43Kasperlei see the ipodinstallation says something about extracting apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin, but i don't see it being used in patching the firmware to boot rockbox. why is that?
20:36:33 Quit secleinteer (Remote closed the connection)
20:37:05Paul_the_NerdIt automatically gets used if present during the ipod_fw -g 5g (or was it -g video) step
20:37:15Kitt0swhat can cause the wps TEXT not being in the right place?
20:37:29luckzwhy do you allcaps TEXT?
20:37:33Paul_the_NerdKitt0s: Patches missing that the WPS requires, bad fonts, etc.
20:37:34luckzhidden meaning?
20:37:39Kasperlei see. so it needs to be in the cwd
20:38:22Kitt0sso u wont think its the scrollbar or something else
20:38:35 Quit TeaSea (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:39:21Kitt0swhat missing patch could it be?
20:39:54Paul_the_NerdKitt0s: There's many. Just read the description of the WPS and see.
20:40:12luckzalbum art? unicode fonts?
20:40:17luckzwell, unifont
20:40:21luckzor multifont?
20:40:29luckzI confuse those things all day anyway :p
20:41:33Kitt0si think i found the right one
20:41:43Kitt0sright ?:]
20:43:03 Join rconan [0] (
20:44:34RogerBaconhey guy, i need your help, i have plugged my gigabeat S HDD to my5g ipod but in the rescue menu where is the disk mode ? i need it to view the file system of my gigabeat
20:45:55RogerBaconhehe, common guy
20:46:21 Join Rondom [0] (
20:47:43Kitt0swhat is the chance on me getting a patch from 2006-09-29 to work on a 2006-08-12 CVS?:}
20:48:02Soapdepends on the patch.
20:48:04Soapwhat patch?
20:48:36Kasperleany ideas as to what's happening when ipod_fw doesn't terminate and writes firmware images a couple of hundred of megabytes in the process?
20:50:31 Quit rconan (Client Quit)
20:50:34 Nick Ribs3 is now known as Ribs (n=freenode@
20:50:51Kitt0swhat do u think Soap?
20:51:55 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
20:52:26 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
20:53:25oboluckz: problems with rockscrobbler?
20:53:40luckzobo: well, I want it to submit songs which I played more than 50% of
20:53:56luckzI often skip at 95% to avoid hearing minutes of people cheering in live stuff and whatnot
20:54:25obookay, should still be logged with a "L" status
20:58:55 Quit RogerBacon ("Quitte")
21:00:57luckzobo: are you sure that doesn't get a S status?
21:01:08 Join Gettfo [0] (i=4af622d1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:01:17 Join Rob2222 [0] (
21:01:26GettfoI need some help
21:01:35oboIf you skip after 50% it will log a L
21:01:55GettfoPlease help me ^
21:01:55 Join merbanan [0] (
21:02:18luckz <- I played 70% of some depeche mode song aroudn 5 hours ago or so
21:02:45Paul_the_NerdGettfo: My first suggestion is that you actually read the manual.
21:04:45Paul_the_NerdHave you been to yet, and perhaps looked for a link labelled "manual" as that might be a clue to where the manual is.
21:05:09oboluckz: still got the .scrobbler.log entry?
21:05:47 Join JoeBorn [0] (
21:05:54 Quit Gettfo (Client Quit)
21:06:12Paul_the_NerdGettfo: PMing someone without invitation is considered rude. What part of my statement did you not understand? Go to the official site, and click the "Manual" link, it's not very hard.
21:06:28Mikachusince he was on the web irc, you'd think he found :)
21:08:11Paul_the_NerdHe PMed me with just a question mark.
21:08:30Paul_the_NerdI assume that's ipodwizardforumese for "I demand further clarification, you fool!"
21:16:24 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:18:25 Join MarcoPolo [0] (n=MarcoPol@
21:19:57 Quit random81 ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
21:21:21 Quit funky ("leaving")
21:22:31 Join blue_lizard [0] (
21:22:42blue_lizardhi @all
21:22:58blue_lizardis there a posibility to set the font color within the wps?
21:23:25Mikachuyou do that in the theme .cfg file
21:23:33peturwell... it will be the same in wps and browser
21:23:41blue_lizardgreat in the theme
21:23:54blue_lizardi will take a look at it
21:24:12 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:24:14 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
21:24:46peturlike this: foreground color: <hex value here>
21:25:00blue_lizardpetur: 2 x thx
21:25:26blue_lizardi also ha a feature requast but i dont know it is usable at all
21:25:46blue_lizardi use my mp3 player a lot with audiobooks
21:25:53 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
21:26:03blue_lizardand therefore it would be more usefull if ff would be adaptive
21:26:13blue_lizardor fb
21:26:20blue_lizardnot in seconds
21:26:39blue_lizardit would be nice to have it in fileplaytime/50
21:26:43blue_lizardas an axample
21:27:00blue_lizardwould that be usefull for other too?
21:29:16Soapbeing able to do simple math in WPSs would be nice in general.
21:30:37Learblue_lizard: and increasing acceleration isn't enough?
21:31:39 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
21:31:47blue_lizardLear: shure it is enough but not helpfull
21:32:16blue_lizardif you hear music it is to quick becaus you have set it up for audio books that are 30 minutes or longer
21:32:56Paul_the_Nerdblue_lizard: Have you *tried* Rockbox's fast forward?
21:33:07blue_lizardif it would be a fraction of the filelength it would fitt all filelength
21:33:10Kasperlethe firmware build builds a bootloader.img and bootloader.bin of roughly 1 GB each. and if i then run ipod_fw according to the bootloader building howto, ipod_fw will create a rockboot.bin of roughly the same size. that doesn't seem quite right? (I built it for an iPod 5G from current CVS)
21:33:10Paul_the_Nerdblue_lizard: It accelerates as you hold it down, and then slows again as you near the end of the file.
21:33:26blue_lizardPaul_the_Nerd: i know and i use it
21:34:00Paul_the_NerdKasperle: That's entirely wrong.
21:34:43blue_lizardbut i think forwarding in filelength fractions would be more usable
21:35:24 Join actionshrimp [0] (i=nn@
21:35:31KasperlePaul_the_Nerd: any ideas? ;) i'm quite sure i followed the instructions to the point. I tried it on a clean copy of the CVS without the 5.5G patches, too
21:35:56Paul_the_NerdKasperle: So, any time you try compiling a bootloader, after running make you get a giant .bin file?
21:36:03Paul_the_NerdEven with clean CVS sources?
21:36:23 Join secleinteer [0] (
21:36:39KasperlePaul_the_Nerd: yes.
21:36:51Paul_the_NerdKasperle: I really have no clue...
21:38:44 Join maxisss [0] (
21:38:52Kasperleapparently arm-elf-objcopy creates the huge bootloader/bootloader.bin from bootloader/bootloader.elf
21:39:00maxissscan someone help with with my ipod mini 2g
21:39:22maxisssmy ipod isn't detecting in windows or itunes
21:39:40 Join psiborg_ [0] (
21:39:42maxissswhen i connect it, it just says 'charing'
21:40:20maxisssand in itunes
21:40:24maxisssit says that my ipod is corrupted
21:41:02Soapmaxisss - did you ever have rockbox running on your ipod successfully?
21:41:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:41:16maxisssit was working fine
21:41:30Soapand did you do something to cause this change, or did it just happen the last time you plugged it in?
21:41:47maxisssi just plugged it in right now
21:41:50maxisssand then it says that
21:41:57maxisssim pretty sure i didn't do anything
21:42:02maxisssunless there's something in the options for rockbox
21:42:05Soapdid you update itunes?
21:42:26maxisssthere are no updates for ipod minis... :(
21:42:58 Quit sucka (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:43:55 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
21:44:02maxisssand it has the charging icon on the ipod
21:44:38maxisssim going to try restarting my computer
21:44:41 Quit maxisss ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
21:45:41KasperlePaul_the_Nerd: bootloader/bootloader.bin is a 1.1G sparse file though (using only 88kB on disk), whereas bootloader.img and rockboot.bin are 1.1G on disk
21:47:12Paul_the_NerdKasperle: I'm not sure why it's ending up so big, because it really shouldn't be remotely close to that size
21:47:57 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
21:48:03Kasperlei'll try building the 2.5 release
21:48:51PaulJam2.5 was before the ipod port
21:50:07Kasperleheh. ok ;)
21:52:49 Quit Seed (Remote closed the connection)
21:53:07 Join Seed [0] (
21:53:21bluebrotherblue_lizard, how about using bookmarks?
21:54:00 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
21:57:06blue_lizardblue_lizard: bookmarks are great if you have set some
21:57:07 Quit sando (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:57:26blue_lizardbut you dont if you have fallen asleep while hearing the book
21:57:51 Join sando [0] (n=lolsteam@
21:59:03 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
21:59:13luckzobo: I don't have the entry anymore; where does write the ignored.log and submitted.log exactly? same folder as original .scrobbler.log or elsewhere?
21:59:18 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
21:59:24blue_lizard<blue_lizard> blue_lizard: bookmarks are great if you have set some
21:59:38blue_lizardbluebrother: bookmarks are great if you have set some
21:59:45blue_lizardbut you dont if you have fallen asleep while hearing the book
22:00:14oboluckz: it doesn't, unless you use the -v option
22:00:22luckzobo: I did.
22:00:36bluebrotherok, that's a point. But you could set one before it gets dangerous falling to sleep ;-)
22:00:59blue_lizardi go with the rockbox to bed
22:01:11blue_lizardsometimes it take one hour sometime 5 minutes
22:01:46oboluckz: then it will be in your current working directory
22:01:47blue_lizardthe shutdowntime is really great
22:01:56blue_lizardthe shutdowntimer is really great
22:02:48*Genre9mp3 would fall asleep in less than a minute if he ever listened to an audiobook
22:03:16blue_lizardGenre9mp3: great a new use for rockbox
22:03:22blue_lizarda cure against insomnia
22:04:03Genre9mp3blue_lizard: I guess so... now I have to find an audiobook file ;)
22:04:39blue_lizardhere in gemany they are sold at bookstores
22:06:33Mikachuthere is also the internet
22:06:52blue_lizardsome libraries have some too
22:07:16Genre9mp3Mikachu: Internet? What is that? :P
22:07:25 Quit Slasheri (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:08:01blue_lizardGenre9mp3: thets the place where kiddies get porn even if they dont want to
22:09:09Genre9mp3blue_lizard: I hope there isn't any audioporn out there...
22:09:20blue_lizardGenre9mp3: sorry but there is
22:09:51blue_lizardnot porn as known on the net more like erotic books
22:10:11 Quit barrywardell ()
22:10:38Genre9mp3erotic audiobooks?
22:11:17Genre9mp3If so, this will definitely not cure my insomnia! :P
22:11:50blue_lizardGenre9mp3: you could also use tales for children
22:11:52 Quit psiborg_ ("Ex-Chat")
22:16:21 Join GreyFoux [0] (
22:17:18Genre9mp3blue_lizard: This page seems interesting (I guess you already know) :
22:17:19Kasperlecould someone try building an iPod 5G bootloader and upload the generated bootloader/bootloader.elf someplace?
22:18:44 Join qailer [0] (
22:19:40 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Connection timed out)
22:19:59 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
22:22:22blue_lizardGenre9mp3: no, that site is new to me
22:23:33 Join Slasheri [0] (n=miipekk@rockbox/developer/Slasheri)
22:26:03Learlostlogic: around?
22:26:50 Quit GreyFoux (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:27:43 Join GreyFoux [0] (
22:28:34bluebrotherhmm. Is there a reason why make manual doesn't work when configured as sim / default build?
22:31:24 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
22:32:14Learlostlogic: anyway, RINGBUF_ADD_CROSS doesn't work in audio_read_file when both p1 and p2 are zero (like after the buffer wrap on initial buffer fill). It doesn't detect the overlap.
22:32:15 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
22:33:22LearChanging the macro to what should work in that place ("p1 < p2" -> "p1 <= p2") makes it break in other places.
22:33:28 Join [sellout] [0] (
22:37:09LearErh, not really other places, but rather, in other situations, like the very first call to audio_read_file. :)
22:38:30 Quit rockmyboxbaby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:39:53 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:41:00 Quit qailer ("Leaving")
22:42:20 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
22:46:48 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:49:19 Join nudelyn [0] (
22:50:45lostlogicLear: hmm... shitty.
22:52:07lostlogicLear: Wait... how do they ever get back to zero,zero... that should be an in possible state
22:52:42 Join Rondom [0] (
22:53:18lostlogicLear: the copy_n calculation should only ever allow it to buf_widx = buf_ridx-1 but never buf_widx = buf_ridx
22:53:37lostlogicLear: plus on initial fill, buf_ridx should be advancing as the music plays so that they never are at zero,zero
22:57:38*petur wants to point out that he encountered some seeking weirdness: starting a song in a dir and let it play for a short while, then seek back into the first 10-ish seconds started playing a short part of a song that was further on the list...
22:59:33Learpetur: sounds like it could be that problem.
23:00:11peturAt one point it even managed to just continue that 'wrong' song
23:01:11Learlostlogic: well, it happens in the simulator at least. And the behaviour there is similar to target at least. Will have to test on target to tell how similar (don't remember)...
23:02:16peturjhMikeS: around?
23:02:27 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
23:02:32Learlostlogic: btw, the check that fails, and causes problems, is the one with buf_widx and CUR_TI->buf_idx.
23:03:10LearI.e., it doesn't detect that it has started overwriting the already played stuff.
23:04:55LearSo when I seek back to the start of the file, it doesn't detect that part of the file isn't buffered any more. This will in turn trigger a buffer refill (since widx and ridx are wrong)...
23:06:19 Quit RedKrieg (Remote closed the connection)
23:06:21 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
23:08:01 Join matsl_ [0] (
23:09:04 Quit Slasheri (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:09:35Kitt0show come i can't find the multi userfonts patch?
23:10:50Kitt0si need multifont-userfonts
23:10:59lostlogicLear: ahhhh, gotcha −− yeah, my mistake.
23:11:20Paul_the_NerdKitt0s: Well, ask whoever told you that you need it, where to get it from.
23:11:29Kitt0si have it
23:11:39Kitt0si want the tracker so i can find an older version
23:11:54Paul_the_NerdMaybe they never posted it to the tracker
23:14:22bluebrothertucoz, do you have any deeper knowledge of the build system?
23:14:37tucozin what way?
23:15:44tucozI guess i don't have that though.
23:16:08 Quit GreyFoux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:19:31jhMikeSpetur: sort of around
23:19:52Learlostlogic: another thing, calls to audio_read_file needs checking. You changed the argument from a bool to an int, but didn't change any of the calls.
23:21:26bluebrothertucoz, I was thinking it would be nice if one could issue a "make manual" when configured as sim or default build
23:21:45bluebrotherbut the build system is a bit complicated.
23:22:00tucozyes. that is above my abilities. sorry
23:22:05bluebrotherat least I need to understand it better
23:22:26bluebrotheradding something that converts html to txt wasn't too complicated.
23:22:47tucozwhile your'e at it. is it hard to include the html directory to the make clean option?
23:23:09 Join thoughts [0] (
23:23:18 Quit thoughts (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
23:23:49*petur swears at the nick detection script not working
23:24:38pixelmabluebrother: "make manual" already works (tried in a sim under cygwin)
23:24:49lostlogicLear: they're all fine ;)
23:24:58lostlogicLear: the new functionality is backward compatible
23:25:24jhMikeSpetur: here!
23:25:55peturjhMikeS: just compared CVS and patched recording in WAV/stereo/44kHz: CVS version does start/stop times correct (30 seconds prerec, no missing samples at the end), the patched version gives me 36 seconds prerec and also no missing stuff at the end (which must thus be related to the mp3 encoder)
23:26:27peturso your patch certainly breacs pre-rec, tho not in a bad way
23:26:31jhMikeSpetur: I never could get any missing samples myself.
23:26:53peturyou mean at the end?
23:27:04bluebrotherpixelma, strange. When configuring it as sim it doesn't work for me (on linux)
23:27:40jhMikeSpetur: yep...kept talking into the mic and hitting stop and it always got everything. I can't duplicate that one.
23:27:45luckzpetur: heya :p
23:28:32tucozbluebrother, it starts building, but stops at the platform file
23:28:43peturjhMikeS: ok, let me re-test that to make sure then
23:28:44bluebrothertucoz, same for me.
23:28:46jhMikeSpetur: but I did have a little mistake adding up the total time of the encoder chunks but got that.
23:29:25pixelmathe pdf ends up in a "manual" folder inside the build directory (configured as sim - just tested a normal build, too)
23:29:27bluebrothertucoz, does is copy rockbox-build.pdf to the folder you ran make in?
23:29:46 Join Slasheri [0] (i=miipekk@rockbox/developer/Slasheri)
23:29:54jhMikeSpetur: can pastebin the modified some other changes that would make a patch impossible atm.
23:30:24tucozbluebrother, no. it does not build a .pdf. But I guess the rest of the dir is there. Like a normal manual build
23:30:40tucozIt does not get to the stage where a pdf is produced
23:30:42peturjhMikeS: no hurry, want to do some isp1362 stuff tonight
23:31:15bluebrotherI was imprecise. I meant when building the manual the usual way
23:31:59tucozno. rockbox-build.pdf is in the manual-dir
23:32:17tucozhmm. let me check again.
23:32:33 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
23:33:08tucozno, the file is not copied
23:33:17jhMikeSpetur: to get the full duplex stuff working I'm just separating dma transfer from the mid-level recording code. There'll be a pcm-coldfire.c or something at some point that handles DMA transfer in general.
23:33:44 Part Mikachu
23:34:34bluebrotherit doesn't get copied for me but if I understand the Makefile correctly it should end up as rockbox-<player>-<version>.pdf in the build dir.
23:34:38*preglow has forogtten how resume works in rockbox
23:34:49 Join Id2ndR [0] (
23:35:19tucozbluebrother, i think i know why it stops at the platform file. That is called h120 in the sim, but h1xx for the manual. That is why it isn't found
23:35:26lostlogicLear: a more graceful solution isn't coming to mind, and that is the technical definition of the overlap situations.
23:36:13tucozpixelma, you probably built a manual where the ARCHOS= is the same for both sim/default as for the manual.
23:36:31bluebrotherah, yes. The h300 manual works
23:36:39tucozi think that is fixable
23:36:55tucozI changed the configure script ages to ago for something like that
23:37:09bluebrotherthen someone should fix that ;-)
23:37:09pixelmatried h10 (sim) and ondiofm (build)
23:37:21tucozI think it was when the ondios were split in two manuals.
23:37:24*Soap interjects into the manual discussion that the Nano manual needs to talk about the differences between the 1st and 2nd generation Nanos.
23:37:30bluebrotherlet's see if I succeed.
23:37:45tucozpixelma, try the h120 sim, and build a manual. That will fail.
23:37:47Learlostlogic: not quite fully backwards compatible. In one case, the current seek target is the argument. Having a "min buffer size" of, say, 20 MB isn't that great, I'd think.
23:38:11Learlostlogic: I'll have a quick check on the patch, but it's getting kind of late here...
23:38:46lostlogicLear: it's small −− ah, I must not have caught the existing call with an int. I'll check it out.
23:39:22peturjhMikeS: strange, now I have no missing samples at the end now when recording mp3... either it was too late when I tried it or it's something glitchy.
23:39:26Learlostlogic: patch looking good; didn't think of filerem myself. (Not that familiar with the code, so...)
23:39:57Learlostlogic: the call is in the audio_rebuffer_and_seek call.
23:40:08lostlogicLear: hmm.. the call with the seek target is what I changed it to an int for −− you must read at least as far into a file as the seek target, or badness happens
23:40:09 Part Paul_the_Nerd
23:40:19tucozSoap, do you think it's enough to call the nano, nano 1st gen
23:40:29tucozSoap, on the front page
23:40:33lostlogicah, should be newpos - CUR_TI->startpos perhaps?
23:40:53LearYes, that sounds about right...
23:41:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:41:23Soaptucoz - that should be enough, though there have been two newbies in the last two days who didn't grasp the whole 1st/2nd generation Nano thing.
23:41:30preglowanyone care to tell me how resume works at the codec api layer?
23:41:32bluebrotherok, fmrecorder, recorderv2 and ipodmini2g builds should also fail
23:41:36lostlogicLear: actually the existing code is right
23:42:00lostlogicsee the line about 14 lines up "newpos = conf_preseek" when newpos starts out larger than conf_preseek
23:42:09tucozbluebrother, probably. This is harder to fix than I first thought.
23:42:17Soaptucoz - on the Wiki page I said "plastic front, not the all aluminum bodied 2nd generation"
23:42:18lostlogicpreglow: I thought you wrote it, I don't remember :-\
23:42:39tucozSoap, do you know LaTeX?
23:42:53Soapbut anything is better than now. For if someone goes straight to downloads, and installs from the manual, there is nothing telling them this is not for a second generation nano also.
23:43:14Soaptucoz - no I don't. I could read up on it this week.
23:43:19jhMikeSpetur: maybe you just hit stop too soon? ;)
23:43:23tucozSoap, or that is not needed actually. If you tell me what to write, and where to put it, it is a quick fix.
23:43:25preglowlostlogic: i haven't written anything playback.c
23:43:37tucozSoap, plain text will do :)
23:43:39Learlostlogic: true, but that is ugly... Changing newpos to something completely different. :)
23:43:43lostlogicpreglow: oh, at the codec api layer
23:43:46 Quit Seed (Remote closed the connection)
23:43:49preglowlostlogic: aye
23:43:53jhMikeSpetur: If anything, you should end up with slightly more data since the stop could be delayed.
23:44:01lostlogicLear: yeah, another variable is in order, fine fine.
23:44:11 Join Seed [0] (
23:44:47lostlogicpreglow: there are two ways for it to work, see audio_load_track near "if (offset > 0)"
23:44:50tucozLaTeX is quite similiar to the wiki syntax.
23:45:23lostlogicpreglow: for codecs that we don't support full streaming on, it just sets the offset var on the api
23:45:39tucoz(in concept at least)
23:45:48lostlogicpreglow: for codecs that support full streaming, it just seeks the file and sets the codec api variables appropriately
23:47:55Learlostlogic: for my test case, the patch it seems to work fine.
23:48:04Learworks fine, I meant to say. :)
23:48:17preglowlostlogic: 'full streaming' in this context meaning...?
23:49:30bluebrothertucoz, I think I found a solution :)
23:49:44Learpreglow: I'd say, "don't need to read any file header data".
23:49:50tucozgood. may i ask what the strategy was?
23:49:57lostlogicpreglow: mp3 can start from anywhere in the file, it's the only codec that we've taught to do that so far
23:50:18preglowlostlogic: looks like wavpack does that too
23:50:25Learlostlogic: because it's "naked" frames and no container.
23:50:29lostlogicoops, yeah.
23:50:36bluebrotherreplace the ARCHOS variable in the manual makefile with something else. Set this to the value of ARCHOS until one of the affected builds is chosen.
23:50:38lostlogicLear: yep
23:50:46preglowLear: some variants of aac are like that too
23:51:00tucozbluebrother, i see.
23:51:11preglowperhaps all, i don't know which format ended up the most popular
23:51:14Learpreglow: none that we support though. But don't they contain a small header (or what is that ADTS I've read about).
23:51:23bluebrotherBut I need to test it a bit to make sure I didn't broke anything
23:51:54preglowLear: dunno what they're called, but you've got one aac format with a small header describing all frames, then a format that's more like mp3
23:52:00preglowagain, don't know if both are in regular use
23:52:01tucozCan you include the html dir to make clean as well?
23:52:50bluebrotherdamn. Sim doesn't build anymore.
23:52:59bluebrothertucoz, I'll do that.
23:53:44tucozgood. i see where that should be added, but i figured, since you are working on the makefiles.
23:53:52LearHm.. AC3 decoder could probably be made "fully streaming".
23:54:43 Quit Parachutes ("oh shi-")
23:57:11preglowlostlogic: is there any point in setting the offset value for those codecs? doesn't look like they use the value at all, and there's really no reason they should
23:57:44tucozbluebrother, so the clean entry in the Makefile in the manual directory is in fact never called.
23:58:14lostlogicpreglow: sadly, I have no idea what that value is used for... does it get transferred to seek_time automatically somehow to make the codec startup and then immediately seek to the desired position?
23:58:21bluebrotherit could get called if someone cd's into that dir.
23:58:24lostlogicpreglow: those codecs definitely do support resume, so ...
23:58:31tucozbluebrother, aha
23:58:33Learpreglow: you mean at end of audio_load_track?
23:58:41bluebrotherbut the change is needed in the configure script
23:58:46Learoffset is used for resume in several formats.

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