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#rockbox log for 2006-10-24

00:00:47amiconnDon't forget that the new dma needs to be set up rather quick
00:01:02 Join vg [0] (i=a46fc5ea@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
00:01:27vgdoes anyone know why browsing through the filebrowser is slow?
00:01:37jhMikeSWithout some effective mutex it won't nescessarily be peaking the correct position
00:02:30vgseems like the buffer needs to be larger maybe
00:02:35jhMikeSI'm trying to keep it all minimal. Doesn't really do any more than the playback does.
00:02:48vgit browses faster when the file names are shorter
00:03:02vgis there anyway i can increase the buffer size?
00:03:17amiconnThat has nothing to do with the buffer size
00:03:29amiconnThe whole directory is buffered at once
00:03:37vgso the solution is what?
00:03:44vgsmaller directories?
00:03:51vgeg, less files in the directory?
00:04:26vgwhen i go to a folder, say my latest music folder. and i am browsing through the files in it, it scrolls very slow
00:04:27amiconnI didn't observe browsing speed to depend on the number of files...
00:04:28jhMikeSvg: more font drawing and string operations I'd guess
00:04:46vgi am using a theme
00:05:02vgso if i put it in the default theme it might go faster?
00:05:22Kitt0sdrivers/lcd-16bit.c: In function 'lcd_puts_customline_scroll_style_offset':
00:05:24Kitt0sdrivers/lcd-16bit.c:881: error: 'struct scrollinfo' has no member named 'fgcolor
00:05:28Kitt0sdrivers/lcd-16bit.c:882: error: 'struct scrollinfo' has no member named 'bgcolor
00:05:35Kitt0swhat does that mean ?:|
00:05:53vgone other thing ive noticed.. if i have one song playing, and and i am looking through to dir to queue another song, if i scroll to quickly than the audio freezes for a moment
00:06:24Paul_the_NerdKitt0s: Do you know C?
00:06:45Kitt0syea but y doesn't it make a new member then?
00:07:00Paul_the_NerdIt? What it?
00:07:11vgoh well, maybe if i use tagcache instead than it will be faster
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00:08:03Kitt0si don't get it :\
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00:09:26Kitt0si seeeeee :]
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00:35:50ArisGardelis"Greetings Robots"
00:36:31ArisGardelishas anyone started porting rockbox on gigabeat s ???
00:47:09 Quit PaulJam (".")
00:47:36Genre9mp3ArisGardelis: AFAIK there is work only for Gigabeat F and X
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01:05:44preglowit is so that aac plays nicely on h1x0 nowadays, yas?
01:06:21Paul_the_NerdI think up to ~192 last I heard.
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01:16:15geniuetraderi have uk cc and login.all i need is us cc and login.ripper stay clear.
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01:17:06preglowPaul_the_Nerd: just downloaded my first aac files ever, not counting test files
01:17:27Paul_the_NerdI had a test file at one point, but I'm not sure what happened to it. I've lost it somewhere
01:19:21preglowoh wait, no, i also have a podcast
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01:21:33greatselleri sell us cc and cc and login.i accept e-gold only.ripper keep off.
01:21:53preglowdo you now
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01:22:18preglowhow's about you don't sell it here
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01:23:46geniuetraderi have uk cc and login.all i need is us cc and login.ripper stay clear.
01:24:15Paul_the_NerdGo away.
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01:32:11preglowshould i ban these monkeCys before i go to bed in case they act the fool again?
01:32:45Paul_the_NerdI say yes. I think it's pretty clear they're not interested in Rockbox at all anyway.
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01:33:06greatselleri sell us cc and cc and login.i accept e-gold only.ripper keep off.
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01:33:14geniuetraderi have uk cc and login.all i need is us cc and login.ripper stay clear.
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01:33:55preglowright, right, this is freenode
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01:47:11chris088589you here?
01:47:13 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:50:11jhMikeSchris088589: said he was going to bed
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02:05:24barrywardelldoes Rockbox always run in supervisor mode on arm (pp5020)?
02:06:17*RogerBacon OFFICIAL : First step to hack the Gigabeat S. I have the file and dir and try to find more information with fdisk ...
02:06:20dan_abarrywardell: I'm pretty sure it does.
02:07:14 Join webguest50 [0] (i=4cab7b56@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:07:41webguest50Does anyone know how to copy text from eterm in VMware?
02:08:48jhMikeSwebguest50: pencil and paper? There's supposed to be some tools or something but I haven't seen em.
02:09:20preglowbarrywardell: yes it does
02:09:33 Quit stripwax (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
02:09:41barrywardelldan_a: so asm volatile("msr cpsr_c, #0x13"); would enable irq and fiq in cpsr?
02:11:14jhMikeSpreglow: can't sleep huh?
02:11:58preglowjhMikeS: didn't try yet, got intercepted at the last moment
02:13:42dan_abarrywardell: Off the top of my head, I'm not sure.
02:13:57*dan_a needs to get an ARM book to keep by him
02:13:57barrywardelli think it should but was just checking
02:14:46barrywardelldan_a: also, in your cop patch, you use if(CURRENT_CORE == CPU)
02:14:57barrywardelldoes that work with rockbox cvs
02:15:03barrywardellor does it require your patch?
02:15:36dan_aIt should work with current CVS - I'm pretty sure it's used in the threading code.
02:16:20dan_aCURRENT_CORE and CPU should be defined in firmware/export/pp5020.h
02:16:52dan_aSorry, that's not true
02:17:26dan_aThey're defined in firmware/export/config.h
02:17:33barrywardellok, thanks
02:18:31 Quit webguest50 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:19:08Genre9mp3barrywardell: sorry for the interupt, but can you remember the keys in the Sansa simulator (just used your patch) I am having difficulties with up/down
02:19:16dan_aCURRENT_CORE is hardcoded to 0 on single core architectures (including PP chips until the dual core patch works properly,) or current_core() on dual core.
02:20:15Genre9mp3barrywardell: nevermind... just found out... it's 3 and 9
02:20:16barrywardellGenre9mp3; 8=top button, 2=bottom, 9=scroll_up, 3=scroll_down, 4=left, 6=right
02:20:17*jhMikeS wonders why sim keys aren't all the same
02:20:30Genre9mp3barrywardell: thanx
02:20:43barrywardelljhMikeS: the Sansa has (kinda) two versions of up/down
02:20:49 Quit MarcoPolo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:21:36 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
02:22:59barrywardellthanks dan_a. i'm trying out something with frequency scaling
02:23:04jhMikeSbarrywardell: there's one where left/right == up/down and vice versa too.
02:23:31dan_abarrywardell: I think setting the CPSR to 0x13 disables IRQ and FIQ. crt0-pp sets it to 0xd3 before jumping to main()
02:23:42 Quit sando (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:25:01barrywardelldan_a: hmm. i have it backwards so? i'm looking at a manual that says that bits 6 and 7 disable fiq and irq when they're set
02:25:21RogerBaconGigabeat S file system : HDD /dev/sda: 60.0 Go, 60011642880 octets 64 head, 32 sector, 57231 cylinders Unit = cylinders of 2048 * 512 = 1048576 octets
02:25:57Paul_the_NerdRogerBacon: Pasting things into a channel doesn't do much good...
02:26:06barrywardelldan_a: and at the start of crt0-pp.S it uses 0xd3 to disable irq???
02:26:15 Join linuxstb [0] (i=d0a8e23c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:27:28dan_abarrywardell: I stand corrected
02:27:46RogerBaconfdisk tell me that is not a valid filesystem ! any idea ?
02:27:49Genre9mp3haha... pong is at a very high difficulty on the Sansa! :)
02:28:13barrywardelldan_a: but then where do irqs get enabled at all?
02:29:08 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
02:30:43*jhMikeS 's H120 has shipped :)))
02:31:59dan_abarrywardell: By the look of it, when set_irq_level is called. That's defined in firmware/export/system.h
02:34:02barrywardellah yes. i see it now
02:34:12*barrywardell is still getting to grips with arm
02:34:42jhMikeSpunny! :)
02:35:02*Paul_the_Nerd rolls his eyes.
02:36:26scorcheanyone happen to remember the approx size limit for romvbox on the FM recorder?
02:36:51Paul_the_Nerd233456 or something
02:36:59Paul_the_NerdThe number seemed really contrived when I saw it
02:36:59scorchethat means i have plenty to spare =)
02:37:08Paul_the_NerdYou've been trimming?
02:37:30Paul_the_NerdHuzzah, an actually correct number.
02:37:32amiconn228*1024 - 16
02:37:49scorchemade a patch that gets rid of tagcache...i knew i am fine on space, but was wondering how much spare space i have
02:38:03 Part RogerBacon ("Quitte")
02:38:20scorchesad thing, is that i ifdefed something important out in tree.c and have yet to figure out what it is exactly...
02:38:40Genre9mp3scorche: brutal
02:39:11scorcherombox.ucl is 221,006 bytes without tagcache
02:39:22scorchefor FM recorder
02:39:51amiconnYou cannot know exactly until you've put back your important thing
02:40:53scorchei know...but approx
02:41:46scorchepressing play on anything in the tree or setting config files/themes/etc isnt working...nor is going forward on any folder to open it
02:41:51scorcheand when i am in the menu and press the button to get out of the menu, it freezes
02:42:24scorchesounds like some issue with updating in tree.c?
02:42:33amiconnThe available space for rombox is 228KB on all archoses except Player which has 232KB available
02:43:19amiconn...unless you've put in a 512KB flash eprom, then you have plenty of space
02:43:40Paul_the_Nerdscorche: I tried compiling an iPod build recently, and left entered folders, and right exited them... Not quite the same problem, but it was weird menu behaviour.
02:44:42scorcheanyone with intimate knowledge of tree.c willing to have a quick look at it for me?
02:47:09*dan_a goes to bed
02:47:50 Join aliask [0] (
02:49:18 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
02:49:26 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
02:49:27 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
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03:03:57cooli need some anyone here?
03:05:01*scorche looks over and sees that 113 people/bots are here
03:05:01 Quit cool (Client Quit)
03:05:26scorchejust barely over a min of waiting
03:12:12 Join charkins [0] (n=casey@pdpc/supporter/active/charkins)
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03:27:57midgey34barrywardell: are you able to build the sim on osx?
03:28:34barrywardellmidgey34: i've had a little trouble recently but managed to get it working
03:28:54barrywardellthere's a problem with debug_menu.c which was causing me trouble
03:28:55midgey34hmm, it fails here
03:29:00midgey34any fix?
03:29:25barrywardellI can send you a patch which just disables the debug menu if you want
03:29:48midgey34that'd work fine
03:29:57barrywardellok, hang on a sec
03:37:53midgey34all right, thanks
03:38:00barrywardellmidgey34: you also need to copy the file apps/bitmaps/mono/osx.dummy.bmp to apps/plugins/bitmaps/mono
03:38:27barrywardelland to apps/plugins/bitmaps/remote_mono and apps/plugins/bitmaps/remote_native
03:38:27midgey34yep, saw that
03:39:13 Quit charkins ("Leaving")
03:40:09barrywardellmidgey34: if you can find the problem in debug_menu.c, please let me know
03:40:18midgey34will do
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03:56:54 Join neddy [0] (n=js152033@
04:00:04 Quit barrywardell ()
04:00:31neddyIs this true?
04:00:41neddy"SanDisk hits up Rockbox for some firmware" ??
04:02:03 Join scorche [0] (
04:03:52neddythat's the last word on the subject, I take it
04:05:44linuxstbWell, the port seems to be progressing, even without any documentation from Sansa. The forum thread linked from that page documents the progress.
04:06:56 Quit LandusMikain ("Leaving")
04:08:41 Join charkins [0] (n=casey@pdpc/supporter/active/charkins)
04:09:14neddy...long thread
04:13:29neddyso what happened? So lowly geek who likes rockbox or oss or something took it upon himself to contact rockbox?
04:13:44neddyOr was this an official from sandisk with a title and a business card and everything?
04:13:58Paul_the_NerdIt was, for all practical purposes, a marketing ploy I think.
04:14:17neddythat's kinda sad
04:15:13Paul_the_NerdWell it did kinda lead to the H10 port.
04:15:29 Join damaki [0] (
04:16:09neddywhat is H10?
04:16:14Paul_the_NerdThe iRiver H10 player
04:21:14neddyI was just trolling their web page - they don't seem to have 3rd party developer program
04:21:20 Join RoC_MM [0] (
04:22:39linuxstbWhose web page?
04:35:09neddyI was looking for developer info on sandisk's web page
04:38:09linuxstbNo, there's nothing like that. All they did was donate three players to Rockbox.
04:38:27neddyI saw
04:39:50 Quit charkins (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:40:06 Quit midgey34 ()
04:45:34 Quit Abst ("Died")
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04:49:50 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
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05:16:03 Part nave7693
05:18:29 Join Sandstar [0] (
05:19:02SandstarI need help.
05:24:03 Quit Sandstar ()
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05:55:51 Part Paul_the_Nerd
06:03:36 Join Acidictadpole [0] (
06:03:52AcidictadpoleHaving a weird issue with my 4g
06:04:05Acidictadpolewhere i can format it to 1gb only (938mb)
06:06:58Acidictadpoleanyone around?
06:08:30 Join Teknomancer [0] (n=Teknoman@
06:08:53aliaskAcidictadpole: Try using the apple factory reset
06:09:34Acidictadpolefrom itunes or a seperate download
06:10:03aliaskWhichever you can get your hands on, but the seperate one isn't distributed any more
06:10:19Acidictadpolerockbox is already on my ipod
06:10:25Acidictadpoleim not sure how to get itunes to recognize it
06:10:34aliaskThat shouldn't make any difference.
06:10:41Acidictadpolewell itunes doesn't see it
06:10:50aliaskiTunes still bugs me about my iPod
06:11:35aliaskMaybe there is something wrong with the harddrive in the iPod?
06:12:32Acidictadpoleit was working before i put rockbox on.. and i haven't dropped it or anything so i wouldn't think so
06:13:18aliaskDoes the OF still work?
06:13:35aliaskOriginal firmware... sorry
06:13:42Acidictadpolei dont know
06:13:46Acidictadpoleitunes doesn't see it
06:13:50Acidictadpoleand neithe does windows anymore
06:14:03aliaskTried resetting it to disk mode?
06:14:11Acidictadpolehow does one do that?
06:14:34aliaskPlug it into USB and hold menu and select down for about 20 seconds
06:15:03Acidictadpolepadt the restart?
06:15:17aliaskit should restart into disk mode
06:15:43Acidictadpolewhat are the signs that it is in "disk mode"
06:15:58aliaskshould show a usb image on screen
06:16:05Acidictadpolei dont see it
06:16:14aliaskcould the battery just be really dead?
06:16:18Acidictadpoleit's full
06:16:29Acidictadpolei recharged it earlier today
06:16:34aliaskwhat signs of life is it showing?
06:16:47Acidictadpolerockbox main menu (recent bookmarks etc) , full battery bar
06:16:54Acidictadpoleclock is right
06:16:58Acidictadpolelight turns on
06:16:59aliaskoh so rockbox boots...
06:17:01Acidictadpolei can scroll around
06:17:12aliaskwhat happens if you insert the usb while rockbox is running?
06:17:18Acidictadpoleyea, and while trying to move songs over i notice i have a 1gb hard drive
06:17:25Acidictadpoleon whats supposed to be a 20gb 4g
06:17:34Acidictadpolewindows doesn't see it as a drive anymore
06:17:38Acidictadpoleand itunes doesnt see it either
06:17:42aliaskdoes rockbox restart?
06:17:53aliaskor do anything at all?
06:17:56Acidictadpoleit can yes
06:18:03aliask"it can"?
06:18:11Acidictadpolei was holding menu and the center button for that 20seconds
06:18:22Acidictadpoleit restarted like 8 times during that 20 secnds
06:18:23aliasknono, when you insert the usb, does rockbox quit
06:18:37aliasksounds like a dead usb cable or usb connector
06:18:40Acidictadpoleit's not usb
06:18:42Acidictadpoleim using firewire
06:18:47Acidictadpoledoes that make a difference? :/
06:18:53aliaskno idea...
06:18:58Acidictadpoledoes it need to be usb? ill try
06:19:03scorchefirewire isnt supported
06:19:21Acidictadpoleit does something now
06:19:48Acidictadpoleok that fixed everything
06:19:55Acidictadpolewhere on the site does it say that btw? just so know ?
06:20:01scorchenot sure
06:20:07scorchei would check the manual or FAQ
06:20:09aliaskI've never heard it, so it can't be that common :S
06:20:09Acidictadpolewell, i iddn't think i missed it
06:20:22 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:20:38scorchealiask: it turns out that the person was using firewire quite often actually
06:20:54aliaskI guess I don't lurk here enough ;)
06:21:47aliaskAnd I avoid the forums like the plague.
06:22:39jhMikeSThought: shouldn't "like the plague" be update to something like "like hepatitis C"?
06:23:20aliaskI'm living in the 1600's am I now?
06:23:22scorcheAcidictadpole: you are right...i dont see it anywhere except in the forums...i will have it be added to the manual
06:23:37scorche...when i see someone active who works on the manual ;)
06:23:40Acidictadpolethat confused the crap out of me and my roommate
06:23:42jhMikeSJust thinking about modernizing some expression. :)
06:23:48Acidictadpolecuz I did the ENTIRE installation with firewire
06:23:57Acidictadpoleand even moved over 1gb of songs
06:24:10Acidictadpolebut the problem arose when I noticed i could ONLY move over 1gb
06:24:12scorchewell, at least it was something easy =)
06:24:34jhMikeSAnd what with "I avoid hepatitis C like the plague"?
06:24:41aliaskAIDS would probably be more appropriate
06:24:50scorchei wouldnt say so
06:24:56Davide-NYCjust woke up
06:25:07Davide-NYCsleeping at all sorts of wrong hours htese daysd
06:25:36 Quit [sellout] (Client Quit)
06:25:57Davide-NYCI believe my playback issues (or at least next track issues) where big-audio-patch related
06:26:28Davide-NYCdo you believe this too or is there doubt?
06:26:32*jhMikeS is bored and wants to spout on insipidly
06:26:43Davide-NYCspout on brother!
06:27:00aliaskHuuuu my exams start in 3 days - time to start studying.
06:27:01jhMikeSDavide-NYC: I think there's doubt...simply because the nothing I did controls that
06:27:23Davide-NYCwel here is what I did which may (or may not) shed light
06:27:36jhMikeSCan you reproduce the problem at will? Can you do it on an unpatched build?
06:27:55*jhMikeS notices you were gonna say how...:)
06:28:11Davide-NYCI patched and installed. I downloaded a daily to a folder. I rebooted and reset
06:28:30 Join amb [0] (
06:28:47Davide-NYCthe "next track" was never readbale to my WPS (icatcher) and occaisionally the songs repeated
06:28:54 Nick amb is now known as Coldtoast (
06:29:12Coldtoasthi all
06:29:18jhMikeShmmm...I should try a different WPS to test. I just use default with my own font and bg
06:29:28Davide-NYCI renamed the daily folder to .rockbox and rebooted and reset
06:29:36Coldtoastone of my friends with a H300 tells me he has a prob with Rockbox where button presses don't respond sometimes
06:29:37Davide-NYCproblem gone
06:29:53Coldtoastwell, it doews.. but takes a few seconds
06:30:15Coldtoastwould that be due to the same thing causing fading probs on my ipod?
06:30:18jhMikeSDavide-NYC: just that change?
06:30:19Davide-NYCColdtoast: tell your friend to enable dircache and then reboot
06:30:29jhMikeSdircache? You mean you have it on?
06:30:35Davide-NYCI do not
06:30:43Davide-NYCI was answering coldtoast, sorry
06:30:55jhMikeSok neither do I but I don't have a WPS that looks into the future
06:31:21Coldtoastok. just told him
06:31:22Davide-NYCicatcher exists for all platforms (I think)
06:31:35jhMikeSI know, I mean I dont use one :)
06:31:56jhMikeSI always know the next song is coming
06:32:11Davide-NYCI wanted to reduce CPU load and not go custom AND have next track displayed
06:32:13*jhMikeS will check it right now
06:32:32Coldtoastheh. he had that disabled cos he thought, what with him having 9000 tracks, it might chew up memory
06:32:33jhMikeSbut you're saying iCatcher will do this?
06:33:11Davide-NYCyes. Icatcher has no peakmeters, exists in all regular builds and shows next track
06:33:36jhMikeSI only have about 7700 tracks :(
06:33:37Davide-NYCIt has more iCandy then I would like but hey, you can;t always get what you want
06:33:49jhMikeSMake your own
06:34:17Davide-NYCI would have to make one for all platforms and get it included in CVS to fit my requirements
06:34:26Davide-NYCI guess I could do that
06:34:37jhMikeSTestable on the sims no?
06:34:46jhMikeSWhen you're not sleeping?
06:36:08jhMikeSI don't seems to see anything at all on iCatcher .... hrm
06:36:21Davide-NYCblank screen?
06:36:28jhMikeSJust a bg
06:36:52 Quit BHSPitLappy (Connection reset by peer)
06:37:03Davide-NYCwell, that's not right. (and this comment is not helpful)
06:37:47jhMikeSboxes works though
06:38:16Davide-NYCWTF. :-(
06:38:38 Quit chris088589 ("Leaving")
06:38:39jhMikeSHiPod dark is working
06:39:58jhMikeSDance puff duo is working
06:40:16Davide-NYCHey, I have to go but will return tomorrow. I'm in a bit of crunch mode with work (thus the random sleeping) but promise to get some real methodical testing done on the BAP soon.
06:40:28Acidictadpolenn Davide-NYC
06:41:04jhMikeSDavide-NYC: see you later...get some sleep and test! :)
06:41:15Davide-NYCYes sir!
06:41:24 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
06:46:42 Join akaias [0] (n=akaias@
06:50:51 Join Abhishek_rulez [0] (n=chatzill@
06:51:28 Quit Coldtoast ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
06:51:54 Join Coldtoast [0] (
06:52:59 Quit Abhishek_rulez (Client Quit)
07:10:40 Join newbyx86_ [0] (
07:13:45 Quit newbyx86 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:19:30rigelis fm radio support planned for the h10?
07:21:55scorcheif it has the hardware, im sure it is\
07:22:54jhMikeSrigel: just wait long enough and complain often enought and that should work :)
07:26:37 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
07:26:38rigeljhMikeS: hee.
07:27:11rigelwhile im making demands, better battery life would be nice too. :P
07:27:36scorcheoh...that one isnt planned though
07:27:43scorchein fact, we have planned to make it worse
07:31:50 Quit funky ("leaving")
07:33:28 Join dpro [0] (
07:33:39Nimdaei'd like to make a demand myself
07:33:53Nimdaei demand a shrubery
07:34:38Nimdaei can't find my earphones
07:35:58Kitt0smy ipod does an empty battery + lightning icon
07:36:06Kitt0swhen connecting to usb
07:36:13Kitt0smeans its charging?:\
07:37:00lexyarrr mateyy
07:37:11*Nimdae puts his ipod back together
07:37:18Kitt0sbut y can't i get it into USB mode?
07:37:25BHSPitLappythat a new part of rockbox, or are you referring to a non-rockbox mode
07:37:26Nimdaecharge it up a bit
07:37:44jhMikeSI demand to know where the better i2c driver for coldfire is hidden...amiconn?
07:37:46Nimdaewhen it has more of a charge, unplug it and let it reboot
07:37:49Kitt0sits wired because it should be full charged
07:37:59Nimdaeonce it's rebooted, plug it back in
07:38:21Kitt0sBHSPitLappy: it shows the bootloader.. then i see the rockbox then it gives the white USB rockbox icon.. then it goes to that screen
07:38:28Nimdaeyeah, that's happened to me before, i just left it and did something else, then later did those steps
07:38:34lexwtf rockbox has a disk mode for ipods?
07:39:02Nimdaeit doesn't have a proper usb implementation from what i understand, so it kicks it to ipod disk mode
07:39:08BHSPitLappyrockbox reacts to usb by switching into emergency diskmode.
07:39:23lexso if you just want to charge it, hold menu when you plug the cable
07:39:33scorcheNimdae: not is more that we havent figured out the USB hardware yet
07:39:40Kitt0sno i want disk mode !:\
07:39:53Nimdaescorche: right, that's what i mean, heh
07:39:55lexbtw, i sold my 1 year old photo for 135 euros
07:40:48scorche"I turned round and the dog was on fire."
07:40:50Nimdaebtw, i think somewhere in the wiki it mentions that rockbox on the ipods can't tell the difference between a real usb connection and just a plain power rockboxed ipod doesn't reboot to disk mode when i plug in just power
07:40:51scorchei would cry...
07:42:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:42:35Nimdaeit's actually kinda cool, when i have it in my car, i hit pause to stop playing, stick ipod in a hole, and leave...
07:42:40lexNimdae: that's why i stopped using rockbox, no sleep mode, no disk mode :(
07:42:54Nimdaethen when i get back in and start the car, the power kicks it on so it's booted by the time i'm looking for some tunes
07:43:02 Join webguest22 [0] (i=caad83b9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:43:07scorchelex: that really doesnt make any sense...
07:43:16lexso it's better to play music on apple os, at school i have to stop the music so many times and so much rebooting isn't good for the battery
07:43:24Nimdaerockbox doesn't have a true sleep mode, yeah, that kinda sucks
07:43:49lexyep yep
07:43:52Nimdaei've also noticed the implementation of repeating a single track is kinda poor
07:44:02lexmaybe it works better on nanos, because flash doesn't need so much power as a hard drive
07:44:03Nimdaeit'll play the track in the buffer, then it'll requeue it
07:44:05scorcherebooting doesnt do bad things to the battery
07:44:09Nimdaemeaning it spins up the disk a lot
07:44:21Nimdaerebooting just takes longer
07:44:23lexscorche: not on flash devices, but what about hd-devices
07:44:38Nimdaeactually, rebooting does kill the battery on ipods
07:44:40lexevery time i reboot to rockbox, the battery drains so much
07:44:50lexi don't know about nanos
07:44:56scorchestill not really...the only *possible* bad thing is the hd spinning up can cause usual wear...but that would happen anyway
07:44:56Nimdaethere's a computer at work that when i plug my ipod into it, it goes into a funky reboot loop, killed it in like a couple hours
07:45:49Nimdaei plugged it in to charge it from like 70% batt, went to check it so i could listen to it and it was almost completely dead, so i plugged it into another computer, heh
07:46:21lexmy dvb-t -card does that, when i unplug it, sometimes this goes to a reboot loop too :o
07:46:28lexand it's just an usb-card
07:46:41lexbut windows is windows
07:46:51lexmy usb's doesn't even work on mac osx :(
07:46:51scorcheNimdae: that is just because it was constantly accessing and working...
07:47:00 Quit webguest22 (Client Quit)
07:47:02 Join webguest22 [0] (i=caad83b9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:47:04Nimdaehence rebooting is hard on it
07:47:27lexmaybe i should just go to school
07:47:33lexand pack my things up first
07:47:34scorchenot is just the same as if the buffer was constantly updating
07:47:42scorchebut usually, it only does the start up once
07:47:49scorcheliek the buffer does that every so often
07:47:57Nimdaemy situation was a bit extreme
07:48:04Nimdaei don't see occasional boots being a problem
07:48:16 Join JazzBone [0] (
07:48:20Nimdaehaving true sleep would just make startup a bit faster
07:48:21scorchewhich is why i said it doesnt "do bad things"
07:48:35scorcheheh..startup is still pretty fast
07:48:48Nimdaeyeah, but i like the almost instant on with the ipod software
07:48:57lexNimdae: what ipod are you? ;D
07:49:02scorcheoh no!...not another few seconds!
07:49:34Nimdaewhen i want tunes NOW, i want them 10 minutes ago
07:49:44Nimdaei don't have time for a long boot
07:49:54scorchenot 9 and 57 seconds ago? =P
07:50:35webguest22i just installed the lastest build on my h340 and after some use it seems to have frozen
07:50:55Nimdaetakes approximately 10 seconds to boot from menu button press to tagcache view
07:51:20Nimdaethat should be reduced by at least 8 seconds ;)
07:51:29 Quit webguest22 (Client Quit)
07:52:17Nimdaereally, what i want more than anything is the hardware to be figured out so it runs better and has longer battery life
07:52:31 Join Paul_the_Ner1 [0] (
07:53:20scorcheit will...i just find the idea of stopping using rockbox because of a couple seconds
07:53:40Nimdaeheh, i was just jerking you around on that ;)
07:53:54Nimdaei like rockbox, i play my big ogg collection on it
07:54:14scorcheactually, it was lex who said that ;)
07:54:17 Join Rocket220 [0] (
07:54:31Nimdaei think he was pullin your leg too :P
07:54:44Nimdaehe really only said that it would be nice to have true sleep
07:55:36Rocket220i just installed rockbox for the first time on my h340 and it seems to have frozen after about 30 mins of use
07:55:37*scorche shrugs
07:55:48Nimdaedoes it do that ever time?
07:56:03Rocket220first time
07:56:47Rocket220installed fine then just froze after going through my media
07:57:09Nimdaereboot it and see if it does it again
07:57:21Nimdaeif it's a problem that keeps happening, try to find a way to reproduce it
07:57:46Rocket220how do i reboot it?
07:57:53Nimdaei dunno on the h340
07:58:03Nimdaemight try reading the documentation
07:58:16Coldtoastif it's frozen, hit the reset button
07:58:27scorchei believe there is a hole in the back through which a paperclip can be used
07:59:13Coldtoastdon't use a pin or anythign else sharply pointed tho
07:59:42Rocket220seems to have worked
07:59:45Rocket220loaded fine
07:59:55 Join damaki [0] (
08:00:13Rocket220seems fine now
08:00:20Rocket220thanks for the help
08:00:44Rocket220not sure what caused it to freeze will try and do it again incase its a bug
08:01:19Nimdaei've had rockbox go crazy on me before on the ipod, but it only happened once
08:01:32Nimdaeof course, i've installed a few cvs updates since then too :P
08:01:56Rocket220its pretty nice software
08:02:26Coldtoastcrossfading and parametric EQ are worht it alone for my
08:02:35Nimdaeit'd be kinda funny if some company commissions rockbox to be ported to their platform and then used on that product
08:02:36Coldtoasterr.. my=me
08:02:59ColdtoastI'm willing to put up with shorter battery life on my ipod
08:03:01*Nimdae waits 10 seconds for his ipod to boot :P
08:03:07Nimdaeyou know
08:03:15Nimdaei've had the shorter battery life from the beginning
08:03:28Nimdaei bought this ipod used from a friend and the next day had rockbox on it :P
08:03:38Coldtoastbuy a new battery
08:03:41Coldtoasthey're cheap
08:03:46Nimdaeit doesn't need it
08:03:50Nimdaei get about 8 hours on rockbox
08:03:51Coldtoastlike, $20 shipped
08:04:05Coldtoastyou can buy larger capacity betteries tho
08:04:05Nimdaewhich from what i've read is pretty good
08:04:12Nimdaeeh, no need
08:04:14Nimdaei might later
08:04:14Rocket220thats what i need to do, replace it battery in this thing down to about 1hr of battery life
08:04:15Coldtoast8hrs is TERRIBLE. heh
08:04:24ColdtoastI get ~27hrs on my h140. heh
08:04:39Nimdaethe ipod hardware isn't completely figured out
08:04:47ColdtoastI have an ipod battery in it tho. 2200mAH one
08:04:52Nimdaeit's notoriously bad compared to the life that the apple firmware gets
08:05:14Nimdaeyeah, in the 30gb video ipod, it's only 400 mAH
08:05:46Nimdaei can get a 580 for it
08:06:14Nimdae60/80 gb std battery is 600 mAh
08:06:22hcscan huge replacement batteries be expected not to explode?
08:06:48Nimdaemodifying the hardware always carries inherent risk
08:07:17Coldtoastaaah yay. they've updated the bmp_resize and album_art patches
08:07:26Nimdaei'm kinda hoping to find a larger capacity drive for my ipod
08:07:58Coldtoasttime to compile
08:08:11ColdtoastI just have a nano
08:08:14Nimdaei'm kinda keeping an eye on the coprocessor patch
08:08:31ColdtoastI quite like the nano
08:08:42Nimdaei want a nano for excercising
08:08:56Nimdaei'm happy with my video ipod though
08:09:26Coldtoastkind of a bummer the 2G was released 2 weeks after I bought mine. And the 8GB 2G is only $20 more than I paid for my 1G 4GB
08:09:42Coldtoastbut you get that
08:09:52ColdtoastI like the look of the 1G much more anyway
08:09:56scorchebut you would also be waiting a long time for rockbox
08:10:05Coldtoasttho... the black 2g looks VERY nic eindeed
08:10:20ColdtoastI'd wait to have the extra 4GB
08:10:37scorchei would just get a sansa if i wanted 8 gig
08:10:49Nimdaei might go for the 8gb 2g when rockbox is working on it
08:10:52Coldtoastwhy? I personally think they look horrible
08:10:55Nimdaenotice i say when ;)
08:11:03Coldtoastthe Sansa players are ugly
08:11:10ColdtoastI'm talking about the Sansa
08:11:15scorchei dont think they are that bad
08:11:19ColdtoastI do
08:11:27Coldtoastthey look cheap to me
08:11:35scorchebut also, it will get rockbox way before the nanos do =)
08:11:49Coldtoastobviously personal opinion
08:12:05scorchethe looks part, yes
08:12:28Coldtoastthe other reason I'm not so bummed I bought the 1G is the new 2g was put through the same drop test as the 1g was
08:12:32Coldtoastdid you see that?
08:12:39scorchei did
08:12:44scorchei love my nano
08:12:46Nimdaeyeah, it didn't do so well apparently
08:12:50scorcheand the fact that it was free =)
08:12:59Coldtoastthe 1g took, like, 6 drops and the one that broke the screen was from 9ft
08:13:09Coldtoastthe 2g, first drop and from 1.5ft
08:13:20Nimdaewell, it's all in how it's ipmacted too
08:13:23Nimdaeso it's not really fair
08:13:34Coldtoastthey can't all be liek that tho. prolly just that particular one
08:13:50Nimdaethe 1g probably could have survived the 9ft drop if it landed more gracefully, or failed a 1ft drop if it landed wrong
08:14:19Nimdaei would only put stock in thoses tests if they go through more than one device of that model
08:14:25Coldtoasthmm? the 1.5 ft drop, he took it jogging and it fell, was stopped by the earphone cable, detached then completed the fall from 1.5ft onto the road
08:14:29Nimdaei trust averages more
08:14:33Coldtoastthe 1g was 9ft onto road
08:14:50Nimdaebut the impact itself makes the difference
08:15:02scorchei would trust it more if a machine was used to drop the device to ensure they are dropped the exact same
08:15:11 Join MarcoPolo [0] (n=MarcoPol@
08:15:16Nimdaelike i said, if the 1g took a less graceful impact at a shorter drop, it might have broken too
08:15:20Coldtoastwell, that's not exactly what I'd class as real-life testing tho
08:15:22hcsI recall zip disk tests boasting of throwing them out the window of a car on a highway
08:15:38hcsyet the drive itself would destroy them
08:15:52scorchehcs: well, they dont have a fragile screen =)
08:15:52Coldtoastsome guy testing it by taking it while he jogged and then having it drop as it would in a real life situation, there's value in that too
08:15:54Nimdaei need more pictures of the sansa
08:16:12NimdaeColdtoast: sure, but i trust averages more
08:16:29Nimdaeif he had taken 5 2gs and did that kind of test with each of them, i would trust those test results
08:16:34Coldtoastthe other test he did, the 2g fared better tho
08:16:51Coldtoastwhere he dumped the new nano into a back with his keys and carried it around for a day
08:17:01scorcheNimdae: of is violating the scientific method and all the way he did it =)
08:17:10scorcheyou have to have multiple tests and a control
08:17:16Coldtoastat the end, the body had a few scratches on it but the screen was unmarked. the 1g didn't do so well that
08:17:20Coldtoasterr.. there
08:18:08Coldtoastthe longer battery life on teh 2g is another thing I'd have liked
08:18:09 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:19:00Coldtoastso the tossup would be; better looking+rockbox vs longer battery+more space
08:19:07Nimdaeeh, i think the sansa looks alright
08:19:22ColdtoastI'd pick the second becuase it'll eventually be longer battery+more space+rockbox
08:19:49Coldtoastplus the sound quality of the new 2g is supposedly slightly better and the screen is noticably sharper and brighter
08:20:14Nimdaeyeah, the screens on the 5.5g video ipods are supposedly sharper and brighter too
08:20:18Coldtoastbut oh well. the fact is I don't have the 2g. heh
08:20:24Nimdaeall i have to say to that is meh
08:20:41Nimdaei honestly didn't get an ipod for video anyway
08:21:00Coldtoastit's an ipod with video. screen quality is KINDA important when it supports video
08:21:08Nimdaei don't care for sharper and brighter, to be honest, because i thought it looked good already
08:21:23Nimdaei watched video on my ipod and imo it looks good
08:21:29Coldtoastbtw, it's not a video ipod. it's an ipod with video
08:21:42Nimdaei understand
08:21:46ColdtoastApple want to make a distinction between the 2
08:21:58Coldtoastit's pretty silly tho
08:22:21Nimdaewell, it's like the usb group wanted there to be a distinction between usb 2.0 and hi-speed usb
08:22:26hcsthey also don't want you to say "an iPod"
08:22:32hcsjust iPod
08:22:41Coldtoastpersonally, I don't think the screen is big enough for me. And it's not widescreen anyway
08:22:42hcslike it was some person's name
08:23:06Nimdaewell apple can blow me, i'll always refer to it as "an ipod"
08:23:10Nimdaeand my ipod just skipped, wtf
08:23:17Coldtoastif I buy a portable device for video, it has to be widescreen
08:23:54Nimdaelike what the 6g is rumored to be?
08:23:55Coldtoastthe only non-widescreen thing I own is a DS Lite
08:24:24 Join pondlife [0] (
08:24:35LinusNehum, USB 2.0 is not the same thing as hi-speed USB
08:24:52NimdaeLinusN: i know
08:25:00Coldtoastyou have 2 flavours of USB2.0; 12Mb and 480Mb
08:25:17Coldtoastyou have Hi Speed USB2 and Full Speed USB2
08:25:19LinusNthe usb 2.0 standard happens to include hi-speed
08:25:36Nimdaewhy do you focus on my comment rather than the analogy? sheesh
08:26:54Coldtoastcos your analogy contained ambiguous information?
08:27:00*Nimdae circumvents wma drm using microsoft's own tools
08:27:26Nimdaeforget the analogy then
08:29:21Coldtoasthmm. which company was it who recent;y developed a phone with 10Mp camera?
08:30:13Nimdaei dunno but that's absurd
08:31:52BHSPitLappylol wow
08:32:02Coldtoastaaah. Samsung
08:32:10BHSPitLappyI thought the 1.3MP camera phone I've had my eye on was impressive
08:32:28BHSPitLappyNimdae, properly put.
08:32:58Coldtoast there it is
08:33:01BHSPitLappyanyone who takes their career seriously enough to require a 10MP camera, sure as hell won't be investing in a camera phone
08:33:15BHSPitLappywhat a gimmick
08:33:23Nimdaewell, you also have to consider space
08:33:24Coldtoasthmm? a 10Mp camera's not that expensive
08:33:39Coldtoastunless you're talking DSLR
08:33:47Coldtoasteven then, the new Canon 400d is pretty affordable
08:33:58Nimdaei would hope the camera has a sd slot (or similar) and supports the multi-gigabyte cards
08:34:05Coldtoastsure, it's not full-frame but still great
08:34:51*BHSPitLappy wants to find a decent digital camera, under 200 bucks
08:34:54Coldtoasteven if that phone could act as a USB Host, that's be cool. If it had no mem slot
08:35:18Coldtoastheh. you can have my V3 :)
08:35:32ColdtoastI couldn't give a crap about having a camera in my phone
08:35:44Nimdaeme neither
08:35:53Nimdaein fact, every day i take my phone to work i violate company policy ;)
08:36:00Nimdaesimply because it's a camera phone
08:36:05Nimdaebut shh
08:36:06ColdtoastI'm 33. I just want a phone with good battery life than can make calls and send SMS
08:36:16 Quit Rocket220 ()
08:36:17LinusNColdtoast: amen to that
08:36:33LinusNi have a nokia 8310 :-)
08:36:53Nimdaeactually i saw a good phone on my provider that i wanted that didn't have a camera in it, had the high speed 3g support and bluetooth
08:37:01Nimdaeit was a samsung
08:37:24Coldtoastnot interested in 3g personally
08:37:51Nimdaewell, i want to build a car computer with internet connectivity and i thought of using the phone for that connectivity
08:37:58Coldtoastwhy the hell would I want to stream TV? And one of the nice things is NOT having to see people's ugly mugs when you call em
08:37:58Nimdae(read: i'm a geek)
08:38:12Nimdaei don't care for the video and audio streaming
08:38:16Nimdaei just want the high speed :P
08:38:39Coldtoastyou don't need to bothe rwith a phone at all if you want on-the-go wifi
08:39:20Coldtoastone of my friend's girlfriend has a wifi adapter from her phone provider that she just plugs into her laptop and she has wifi anywhere
08:39:56scorcheevdo is nice too
08:39:58Coldtoastit'd be using 3G I'd imagine. But she has no need for a phone, just the adapter
08:40:10Coldtoastdunno. never looked into all that
08:40:26scorchea bit pricier, but fast
08:40:37Nimdaewell, the problem with using the internet plans is you pay a buttload for it
08:40:42Nimdaelike $60+ a month
08:40:45Coldtoastonce they intall the ADSL2+ gear into the DSLAMs here, I'll have to ditch my wifi :/
08:40:52Coldtoastif I want solid 24Mbit
08:41:04Nimdaewhereas if you use a phone access plan (where you use the internet on your phone), you can use the phone as a makeshift modem
08:41:09Coldtoastcos I probably average around 18Mb on my 802.11G
08:41:23Bagderget a draft-802.11n box ;-)
08:41:40Coldtoastthat's goign to be expensive tho
08:41:45Bagdernot really
08:41:52Bagderthey're already here
08:41:59Coldtoasteven the cards alone here are something like $180AUD
08:42:21Bagderbut then, you should check your actual speed first
08:42:31BagderI have "24mbit"
08:42:36ColdtoastI'll get close to the full 24mbit
08:42:45Coldtoastcos I'm about 150m from the exchange
08:43:01scorcheugh...stupid US telcos...
08:43:04 Quit JazzBone ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
08:43:14scorchewe should have had these speeds years ago...
08:43:24Coldtoastwhat speed do you get on average Bagder?
08:43:34scorcheand then i look at the speed/price in, say, japan
08:43:48Coldtoastdoesn't that suck? paying for 24Mb and getting ~15
08:44:05Bagderwell, 24 is about the same price as 8
08:44:08Bagderso not really
08:44:15Bagderand I knew it when I got it
08:44:21BagderI'm some 1600 meters away
08:44:44Coldtoastcheck this out tho... I have 1500/256 now and 24Mbit is the bloody same price
08:44:51Coldtoastsame cap tho (40GB)
08:45:04Bagderno cap here
08:45:21Coldtoastdo they throttle you after a certain point tho?
08:45:38Coldtoastthat's all they do here. I think they drop it to 64kbit. heh
08:45:50Bagderbut then I'd never be even close to any extreme amounts
08:45:53Nimdaei have 3000/256 and no cap
08:46:06Nimdaeat least no cap to my knowledge
08:46:07Nimdaebut it's cable, not dsl
08:46:12Bagder 08:46:04 up 27 days, 9:48, 7 users, load average: 0.47, 0.38, 0.25
08:46:16Bagder RX bytes:300892467 (286.9 MiB) TX bytes:1341886817 (1.2 GiB)
08:46:31Coldtoastyeah. this month has been a BIG download month for me (what with RC1 and RC2 of Vista) and I've still not even cracked 20GB
08:46:39Nimdaei got you beat on uptime :P
08:46:42Coldtoastaaaaah. cable
08:46:51Nimdaewait, your tx is higher than rx?
08:47:09Bagderyeah, I wonder why
08:47:22 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
08:47:23Nimdaethat's unusual, heh
08:47:26Coldtoastare you part of the compile farm for rb Bagder?
08:47:34Bagdernot this host, no
08:47:41LinusNbittorrent seeding?
08:47:47Coldtoastcos that would have explained it a bit. heh
08:48:01 Join damaki_ [0] (
08:48:04Bagderjust normal uploads of stuff
08:48:05 Quit damaki (Remote closed the connection)
08:48:10Bagdercoffee time!
08:48:48*LinusN checks the origin of the latest spam flood
08:49:13Coldtoastman. looking at this 10Mp cameraphone....
08:49:19Nimdae 1:48am up 48 days 16:35, 7 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
08:49:20Nimdae RX bytes:978526008 (933.1 Mb) TX bytes:4091870733 (3902.3 Mb)
08:49:27ColdtoastI can CLEARLY remember the day I thoguht "Wow! The world is changing!"
08:49:27Nimdaehah, my tx is higher too
08:49:31LinusNColdtoast: or is it a phonecamera?
08:49:45 Quit gromit` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:49:55Coldtoastit was, like, 3am and I was walkign through town. About 80 years ago
08:50:12Coldtoastand somebody stops me on teh street and says "Do you have a mobile phone I can borrow for a sec?"
08:50:24Coldtoastit used to be "Hey buddy. Got a smoke?"
08:51:04LinusNyeah, and they return the phone just as often as the smoke :-)
08:51:22ColdtoastI hardly know anybody who wears a watch any more either
08:51:30LinusNi do
08:51:38Nimdaei do
08:51:39aliaskI can't be bothered pulling my phone out just to check the time.
08:51:40LinusNbut then i'm old ;-)
08:51:42Nimdaei feel odd without a watch
08:51:57Coldtoastolder than me LinusN?
08:52:09Coldtoastwell, I work in nightclubs so....
08:52:35Nimdaei bet linus witnessed the big bang >.>
08:52:35Coldtoastguess what the most popular phone I see at work is....
08:53:00aliaskstupid thing is everywhere.
08:53:02Coldtoastaliahk: you win
08:53:11LinusNwhat is a v3?
08:53:17ColdtoastI'd say maybe 20% have them here?
08:53:18aliaskMotorola V3
08:53:21 Join gromit` [0] (
08:53:48Coldtoastit's not even a great phone
08:53:52ColdtoastI have one too
08:54:03aliaskFrom my experience it's a terrible phone.
08:54:06Coldtoastand I dislike iTap. T9 is better for me
08:54:21aliaskForm over function nowdays.
08:54:25Coldtoastthe gui is slow, typing messages is slow (I can be 2 words ahead of the phone)
08:54:40Coldtoastand battery life is just ok
08:54:47 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:54:55Nimdaemahna mahna
08:54:58Coldtoastplus it's too wide, even tho it's nice and thin
08:55:09LinusNi don't like phones that fold
08:55:19Nimdaei do
08:55:23Nimdaebut i don't like the razr
08:55:39Coldtoastalso, that etched keypad isn't as nice to use as it looks. in fact, it's a pain when you have nails
08:55:44 Join damaki [0] (
08:55:52peturgreat... the first thing I read this morning is 'mahna mahna' - there goes that song again
08:55:56Coldtoastthere's completely no feedback fromthe keys
08:55:58aliaskLike I said, most things now days are form over function.
08:56:04 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:56:05Nimdaepetur: you love me and you know it
08:56:09LinusNpetur: seek help :-)
08:56:12 Join spiorf [0] (
08:56:21scorchedo dooo do do do
08:56:27scorchedo do do do
08:56:39aliaskscorche: Oh I know that song.
08:56:57aliaskOh no! Youtube links in #rockbox - what next?
08:57:29Nimdaealiask: do a whois on ;)
08:57:34Nimdae(that's my domain btw)
08:57:46*petur should never have done that
08:58:56aliaskGood to see you keep your records nice and accurate.
08:59:18Nimdaeactually, i didn't set that info, registrar did
08:59:57Nimdaei found out it was there when petur pointed it out
09:00:12Nimdaei dunno if my other domains are like that
09:00:47Nimdaeactually, right now i can only remember 2 of my domains...
09:00:49Nimdaei have like 4
09:01:46Nimdaeinteresting, at least has my name is the only one that doesn't
09:02:50aliaskMight have something to do with the name ;)
09:03:29Nimdaewell the registrant is correct
09:03:36Nimdaeit should be mahna mahna
09:03:58petur <−− gives Mahna Mahna as registrant
09:03:59Nimdaethat is my company name with the company i buy domains from (which is hte company i work for)
09:04:12Nimdaehowever, "master user" is incorrect
09:04:42Nimdaenotice has my name instead of "master user"
09:05:18peturI see no difference (not that it mathers to me)
09:05:43*petur returns to minding his own business/code
09:06:34*aliask continues procrastinating over exams and browses youtube
09:07:42*Nimdae looks for sex
09:08:08aliaskBecause #rockbox is where it's at.
09:12:25Coldtoastheh. I just read "" as ""
09:12:48scorcheheh...i thought that was the purpose
09:16:10 Join manos [0] (n=Romanos_@
09:16:23 Part manos
09:23:28 Join stripwax [0] (
09:23:37 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:24:08NimdaeColdtoast: think of the email addresses >.>
09:24:17 Join damaki [0] (
09:24:39Nimdaei totally blew that
09:24:46Coldtoastwell.. isn't any better
09:24:51Coldtoastin fact, it's WORSE
09:24:55 Join Id2ndR [0] (
09:28:10peturtsk tsk tsk
09:28:22Nimdaewell, there's at least one asshole here
09:28:32 Quit Id2ndR (Client Quit)
09:29:09 Join matsl [0] (
09:30:52 Nick myzar is now known as myzar|away (
09:31:00 Nick myzar|away is now known as myzar (
09:34:45 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
09:38:19 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
09:42:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:44:25 Quit BigBambi ("Leaving")
09:46:36 Join MarkusGritsch [0] (i=58740672@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:48:54 Join Siku [0] (
09:51:17MarkusGritschI have made an edited version of BlackGlass for the iPod Nano. A screenshot can be seen here:
09:53:37BHSPitLappyregardless of how much I hate the operating system, I'm still allowed to like vista's visual schemes, right?
09:53:45BHSPitLappythat's not GNU Adultery, is it?
09:54:23*scorche love the "visual scheme" of a terminal
09:54:45Bagdernooo, maaaaany terminals
09:57:11 Quit MarkusGritsch ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
09:58:32BHSPitLappyiiiiit's streeeetchy voooooweeeeel daaaaaay!
09:59:02scorchenot in this channel ;)
09:59:22 Join MarkusGritsch [0] (i=58740672@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:00:29MarkusGritschCan someone with Wiki write permissions add it to please? The ZIP is temporarily available at
10:00:56myzaronly if you give Bagder a big sloppy kiss
10:01:00myzarand perhaps a hefty donation
10:01:31peturMarkusGritsch: get wiki access yourself: register and give us youre wiki name
10:01:46MarkusGritsch*kiss* :)
10:04:54 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:06:56 Quit MarkusGritsch ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:08:21 Join MarkusGritsch [0] (i=58740672@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:08:32MarkusGritschMy Wiki name is MarkusGritsch
10:09:29peturnow go and contribute ;)
10:13:03 Join scorche` [0] (
10:13:03 Quit scorche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:13:29 Join scorche [0] (
10:13:30 Quit scorche` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:15:05 Quit scorche (Client Quit)
10:15:07MarkusGritschcontributed :)
10:16:21hcsbah, couldn't sleep, had to work on rockbox...
10:17:48*BHSPitLappy can't pay attention to rockbox any longer... must sleep
10:20:33 Quit MarkusGritsch ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:21:30 Join dan_a [0] (
10:25:33 Join scorche [0] (
10:49:16 Join obo [0] (i=hidden-u@
10:55:58 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
11:03:03 Join ssstormy [0] (
11:03:58 Join Sinbios [0] (
11:04:11ssstormyhello, my ipod is going through cycles of lag and normal playback due to disk spinup. seems like it's only buffering 10 seconds of music!
11:04:18 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
11:04:59LinusNhave you tried to reset the settings?
11:06:39ssstormydidnt' hlep
11:07:20scorcheare you using an official build?
11:07:46ssstormylatest build from the site
11:09:03Nimdaessstormy: are you using the eq?
11:09:23scorcheNimdae: that would have been reset with the settings
11:10:16pondlifessstormy: If you look in Info > Debug > View Audio Thread, what does track count say?
11:10:32Nimdaewell, i noticed with eq enabled, it runs horribly
11:10:35Nimdaeso i thought i'd ask
11:10:57Nimdaenot the hardware eq, but the normal eq
11:11:05pondlifeEQ would use CPU and cause breakup, but not disk spinup.
11:11:48 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
11:12:06Nimdaeit causes disk usage because it doesn't have enough power to fill the buffer
11:12:19Nimdaei watched the audio thread info ;)
11:12:24pondlifeUrgh, that would be bad...
11:12:34pondlifeLucky I don't have an iPod ;)
11:12:46Nimdaethe hardware eq works fine
11:12:50Bagderenough power to fill the buffer?
11:13:15Nimdaeyeah, it stays at 75 mhz and struggles to fill the codec and pcm buffers
11:13:18Bagderah, you mean the compressed audio buffer
11:13:49ssstormy75mhz is the peak of it's regular performance
11:13:55ssstormywhy does it have to compress it?
11:13:57Bagderso yeah, if you run out of cpu it'll of course lag behind in all sorts of ways
11:14:04Bagderssstormy: ?
11:14:10Bagderssstormy: music is compressed you know
11:14:13Nimdaessstormy: it has to decompress it
11:14:17ssstormythe RAM is 32MB, that can still fit a few mp3's
11:14:26ssstormyand then decompress on access
11:14:30ssstormyinstead of on load to ram
11:14:46Bagdernow how would it load if not to ram?
11:15:21Bagderit seems you draw conclusions that aren't really correct
11:16:01pondlifeThe codec buffer (the big one) is compressed data. The decompression only happens when needed for playback.
11:16:18pondlifecodec buffer -> codec -> pcm buffer
11:16:24ssstormyno what I meant was decompress when it plays the music instead of decompress when it moves it to RAM
11:16:29pondlifeIt does
11:16:34ssstormyoh ok
11:16:34Bagderssstormy: yes, that's what it does
11:16:40ssstormyhmm what happens with mine
11:16:51ssstormythe PCM jumps, then falls, jumps, then falls
11:16:57ssstormyeach time falling further than it jumps
11:17:00ssstormyuntil it hits empty
11:17:01pondlifeThat's to be expected.
11:17:04ssstormydisk spinup time
11:17:11pondlifeThe codec buffer is the disk one.
11:17:18pondlifeWhat is that doing?
11:17:29ssstormyslowly diminishing
11:17:48pondlifeIt only needs to spinup to fill that when it gets nearly empty
11:17:56ssstormyso the problem is that it can't fill PCM fast enough
11:18:05ssstormyand for some reason spins up the disk when it refills the PCM
11:18:07pondlifeTrue, but that won't cause disk spinup.
11:18:15pondlifeHmm, what WPS are you using?
11:18:21ssstormyI have no idea
11:18:29ssstormyjust installed today
11:19:56pondlifeYou should be having music stop/starts, but no disk spinup in that state.
11:20:09pondlifeWhat music format?
11:20:39 Join damaki_ [0] (
11:20:54pondlifeAlso - what do you see if you go into Info > Debug > View tagcache info ?
11:21:44pondlifeThe disk access may be due to something else, although with default settings I'm not sure what!
11:22:41dan_aI see skips at the same time as disk accesses too.
11:22:49dan_assstormy: Which model of iPod?
11:23:23pondlifeThe skips might well happen, the question is why the disk access..?
11:24:29ssstormymp3, cbr 128kbps
11:24:37Bagderah, 3g
11:25:02pondlifeHmm, cbr mp3 should be about as good as it gets.
11:25:29Bagderyeah, but 3g is probably the worst Rockbox performance
11:25:51pondlifeStill shouldn't be accessing the disk...
11:25:53 Quit damaki (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:25:56dan_aSo the disk accesses perhaps wouldn't be expected? I'll add that to my list of things to investigate
11:26:20pondlifeWell, there are lots of things that could be doing it... Buffer fill, Tagcache....
11:26:32Bagder... switching codec
11:26:57pondlifeBut if all the same format, then it shouldn't be doing that.
11:27:02dan_aIt wouldn't switch codec several times during one song, would it?
11:28:01Bagderhehe, no
11:28:08pondlifeI can't think why it would need to do that. Voice is MP3 too of course.
11:28:13Bagderunless you voice it
11:28:28Slasheridan_a: you can check from debug menu -> view cpu stack to check what threads are active (accesses disk)
11:28:30ssstormydidn't have voice
11:28:47ssstormywell I gotta go to sleep guys
11:28:56ssstormydon't sweat this problem too much
11:29:22ssstormysimilar issues with ipodlinux on 3g, and it was only recently that rockbox actualyl supported 3g at all
11:29:31ssstormythanks for your input
11:29:34 Quit ssstormy ("Leaving")
11:30:20*pondlife loves it when a problem is reported, but no diagnosis can be completed.
11:30:25dan_aI'll check what's happening when I get home. If it's a bug, solving it should give a free performance gain.
11:30:25 Quit Nimdae (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:30:49dan_aAt least it can be reproduced.
11:31:06pondlifeI still need to update my H340 with yesterday's buffering updates.
11:35:15pondlifeLinusN: H300 bootloader question - do you know why it's not possible to turn on with the H300 non-LCD remote without it thinking that hold is on?
11:35:58pondlifeOK, I won't look into it then ;)
11:36:08 Join Nimdae [0] (
11:37:02LinusNthe hold switch in the non-lcd remote works differently
11:37:25LinusNit is not connected to the hold-switch pin in the connector, but instead grounds the analog signal
11:37:44LinusNand the current bootloader does not handle this
11:37:58*LinusN goes to lunch
11:42:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:45:09 Join bbroke [0] (
11:51:33 Join Nibbier [0] (
11:58:18 Quit dan_a ()
12:02:11 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:02:16 Quit petur ("lunch")
12:02:55 Join Larsie [0] (i=541a08cb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:03:40Larsiehehe the irc statistics are funny
12:04:30 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
12:04:38Larsiewhen will the Sansa e200 series be added to the daily build section?
12:04:51scorchewhen it is ready to be
12:04:52preglowwhen it's working
12:05:00preglowwhich might be quite a little while to
12:05:05preglowalso, it might not
12:05:13preglowdepends how diligent the porters are
12:05:13Larsiethat wasn't the case with the H300's
12:05:48Larsieit was on long before the lcd was even working
12:06:59LarsieI want to test the sansa build but I'm not at home :P
12:07:30scorchethe only thing to test is in the sim
12:07:37LarsieI hate working with windows, which I have to do right now :P
12:08:24 Quit Larsie ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:10:12 Quit idnar (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
12:11:30Bagderthe bootloader can be tested in fact
12:11:36Bagdernot that it loads rockbox ;-)
12:11:51lexoh my god
12:11:59lexthis video is so much smaller than that photo i had
12:12:29scorcheBagder: if you consider watching a light flash that many other people have watched as well, testing ;)
12:12:51 Join idnar [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
12:13:02Bagderyou get to see YOUR scroll wheel flash! ;-)
12:13:05barrywardellBagder: what do you think about committing the changes to get the Sansa sim working?
12:13:14Bagderbarrywardell: sounds like a good idea to me
12:13:15barrywardelllots of the plugins need adjusting
12:14:04barrywardellI just need a ui bitmap of the sansa. The one in the provided file was just one I found on the sandisk site
12:14:19barrywardellprobably not a good idea adding it to rockbox?
12:15:27Bagderright, we should ask for a scan by someone so that we have the proper rights to use the pic
12:17:30barrywardelli don't have a sansa...yet
12:18:11amiconnBagder: What's the LCD resolution of the sansa?
12:18:17Bagder220x176 iirc
12:18:30Bagdersame as h300 but rotated 90 degrees
12:18:35amiconnHmm, then some plugin gfx are already adjusted
12:18:44amiconnThey just need button assignment
12:19:06JdGordonand on that note... any ideas how to move the actions to plugins in a sane way?
12:21:17barrywardellamiconn: there are button assignments done for a lot of the plugins, but they need some testing
12:23:33*Bagder notices that febs has passed him on the "top 10 posters" list!
12:23:49JdGordontime to spam there then!
12:24:49 Quit bbroke ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
12:25:12scorcheBagder: you still have your notification on the word "spam"?
12:25:45Bagderthat notification is done purely by my brain
12:26:03scorcheif you say so
12:26:11scorchespamy spam spam
12:30:59lexi have at least 2 dead pixels :)
12:31:05 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:31:13scorchei wouldnt be laughing at that
12:31:20scorchequite sad really..
12:31:25lexhmm 4
12:31:33 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
12:31:35lexluckily they're not at the center
12:32:42 Join Arathis [0] (
12:39:10 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
12:41:47 Join Rob2222 [0] (
12:42:06lexdo you know does those dead pixel fixers really work? :o
12:42:30scorchewhat dead pixel fixers?
12:42:37lex like that
12:43:04lexi have nothing to lose, so i'll try
12:43:54scorchewell, is it a dead pixel, a hot pixel, or a stuck pixel?
12:44:17lexhmm :p
12:44:35 Join funky [0] (
12:44:47lexi guess that the other is a stuck, it blinks as red and green i guess
12:44:52lexif it means that
12:45:22JdGordonis that article one of those that say to give the pixel a nice sponge bath and massage?
12:45:55lexstuck and hot is the same? :o
12:46:17scorchecolor is stuck
12:46:19scorchewhite is hot
12:46:54lexi need to take another look for it after itunes has completed syncing
12:50:19 Join breez [0] (
12:50:54markunJdGordon: a guy here at work fixed a dead pixel of one of the LCDs by massaging the display. Couldn't believe it at first.
12:51:11JdGordonthey always come back...
12:51:19scorcheit is only temp
12:51:22breezany fellow rockbox wiki users alive?
12:51:27scorchetapping can profuce the same effect
12:51:45*JdGordon has actually never had any experience with dead pixels so is talking out of his ass
12:51:54breezrequesting wiki editing rights
12:52:12JdGordonwell.. we need your wiki name
12:52:14ColdtoastI know how to permanently fix a dodgy pixel
12:52:15breezgoing to add a battery benchmark from my unit
12:52:22breezJdGordon: sure, it is LauriMela
12:52:24JdGordonand a 3000 word thesis on what you wish to contribute
12:52:24Coldtoastthis works if it's hot, stuck or dead
12:52:36Coldtoastput a pic up on the screen that you like
12:52:41scorcheColdtoast: return the unit and get a new one?
12:52:54JdGordonbreez: :) usually denotes a repsonce to a joke....
12:52:57Coldtoastyou put a pic up on the screen you like
12:53:34JdGordonbreez: done, have fun
12:53:41breezJdGordon: thanks
12:53:42markunJdGordon: I just asked him. It was about 2 months ago and it still didn't come back. So even if it's only for a while it's still nice.
12:53:42Coldtoastthen get one of those paint markers the colour of the pixels surrounding the buggered one and colour in where the dud pixel is
12:53:55JdGordonmarkun: tell him he just jinxed it :D
13:03:51 Join bluechip [0] (
13:05:10bluechip Hi. Is anybody able to explain (roughly) how a plugin makes calls to, for example, plot() within the simulator - maybe just point me at the appropriate source files?
13:05:53Bagderbluechip: the plugin is loaded and gets a pointer to the plugin struct, and calls functions in Rockbox using function pointers in that struct
13:06:33bluechip How is it ensured that the plugin is in executable memory
13:06:48Bagderall ram is executable
13:07:03 Quit NickDe ("Leaving")
13:07:09Bagderin the sim, it is loaded as a shared lib
13:08:45bluechip are you able to point me at the source which does this please?
13:09:17bluechip thanks :)
13:10:39Bagderah, that function is actually in uisimulator/common/io.c
13:11:16luckzobo: is evil in that it deletes your log when it is unable to submit stuff
13:11:41oboluckz: then hack the script :)
13:12:05luckzI'm just back to not scrobbling without a backup of my log
13:12:19*scorche spies Slasheri active in the forums
13:13:03oboluckz: strictly speaking it should be deleting the entire file, and not leaving the headers...
13:15:11 Join Abst [0] (n=Abst@unaffiliated/abst)
13:15:44 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:22:15 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
13:33:05 Join fanooo [0] (
13:34:40fanooois there a way to get builds for iriver H120/140 from several months ago?
13:35:31peturcvs checkout and build yourself
13:36:03peturyou can pass a date when checking out
13:36:52peturBagder: maybe an idea for the old daily builds: after 1 month old, keep one of each week or even month?
13:37:15petur only stores one month
13:37:17Bagderyes, that's a good idea
13:37:50 Join linuxstb [0] (i=d0a8e23c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:37:52 Join JazzBone [0] (
13:37:56fanoooI assume the current versions (from back one month) are not supposed to be broken entirely on H120?
13:38:34JazzBoneoops :)
13:38:43JazzBonewrong window...
13:38:47amiconnIt is possible to build arbitrarily old versions from cvs...
13:39:13fanoooI'm on it
13:39:46fanooojust stroke me odd that none of the current ones work :)
13:40:03Bagderthen the old ones probably won't work either
13:40:34fanoooone from may did
13:40:34Slasherifanooo: what is the problem?
13:41:37fanooomp3/ogg does not play, could not check other formats. the only output I get is crackling every now and then. and the counter is moving too fast, like 8 seconds in 1 second
13:41:57fanoooI did a fsck, that corrected some errors, but didnt resolve it.
13:42:01pondlifefanooo: Did you try clearing your settings?
13:42:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:42:14fanooonot yet, will do
13:43:24Slasherifanooo: remove .rockbox directory and rockbox.iriver and do a fresh install
13:43:33pondlifeAnd clear settings too
13:43:36Slashericould be a filesystem problem or codecs not updated
13:44:03fanooook, clearing the settings did not resolve it
13:44:28 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
13:49:18 Quit Bagder (Remote closed the connection)
13:50:56fanoooignore me :) I seem to have forgotten to copy .rockbox every time I tried
13:51:06 Part pondlife ("lunch")
13:54:32fanooothanks for the push in the right direction. have a nice day. bye.
13:55:39 Quit fanooo ("leaving")
13:57:03 Join Criamos [0] (
13:59:43 Join Bagder [0] (
14:02:55 Join Moos [0] (i=5950bebb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:11:34Mooslostlogic: around ?
14:14:42 Join NickDe [0] (n=nicholas@
14:17:25 Join SmilinBob [0] (
14:22:01 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
14:30:08 Join ender [0] (i=null@
14:30:24 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
14:30:33 Quit NickDe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:35:00 Quit ender` (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
14:35:20 Quit barrywardell ()
14:35:24lostlogicMoos: yah, what's up?
14:36:42 Join webguest19 [0] (i=d57da9c1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:37:41Mooslostlogic: hi, that was about the playback, don't know if you know current bugs I didn't read all logs
14:39:25MoosI noticed that you commited one fix for delaying bug when skipping, here I haven't that bug with version before that commit, but now I have
14:39:38Moosmaybe is crossfade relative
14:40:00Mooscause know you broken the always crossfade when skipping thing :)
14:40:21 Quit webguest19 (Client Quit)
14:41:12Moosdon't know if you're aware of this
14:42:16Mooslostlogic: ping ?
14:43:40 Quit ender (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
14:44:06 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
14:48:03lostlogicMoos: not aware of it
14:48:35lostlogicMoos: can you describe the new problem in more detail and/or open a detailed flyspray task about it?
14:49:07 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
14:50:49Moosbefore your last change, crossfader always crossfaded even if the buffer needed to refill
14:51:57Moosbut now, when it need to rebefer, there is one annoying delay for skip to next track, and it will not be crossfaded
14:52:34lostlogicthis changed with my most recent change?
14:53:00lostlogicThat change _only_ impacted rebuffer and seek behavior, nothing else.
14:54:08Moosyeah last changes the last commit or the previous one, no more, and I can unfortunatly say you crossfade is now broken when rebeferring
14:54:30Mooslong delay for skip+no fading
14:54:54lostlogicand this happens regardless of whether you've just triggered a rebuffer and seek, or only when the in-progress rebuffer is a rebuffer and seek?
14:56:57Mooslet me check for more precision
14:57:16lostlogicnone of the changes between 1.368 and 1.371 of playback.c change pcm buffering or codec behavior at all, only file buffer. can you watch the audio thread screen and see if as it tries to crossfade the compressed codec buffer drops to zero or somethin like that?
14:58:10 Join CriamosAndy [0] (
14:58:57Moosthat behaviour came with bleeding edgebuil of yesterday, before the crossfade always faded even is rebuffer was needed
14:59:40*amiconn wouldn't have noticed at all
15:00:24Moosfor me that was just the cpu boost bug relating to pondlife's changes (if skip back to the previous track, the cpu stay always boosted, and no tag info in the wps for the next track)
15:00:54Moosamiconn: I suspect you never use this crossfade thing, right? :)
15:01:07amiconnCorrect. No fade in/out either
15:01:15psiborgmy ipod keeps booting with comitting tag cache
15:01:18Moosthat was sure :)
15:01:30psiborgwhich takes at least 30minutes, until it's done i can't do shit
15:01:57amiconnSounds like something is going wrong then
15:02:20scorchepossibly with your excretive system
15:02:26psiborgyep, very
15:02:53amiconnCommitting tagcache usually takes less than a minute (slighly longer on archos, but nothing near 30 minutes)
15:03:17psiborgi'm pretty sure it's because of the millions of sid files i have on there ;)
15:04:15 Part bluechip
15:05:16psiborgcan i turn the tag cache off from the filesystem?
15:05:26Moostake me something like a little minute for 10000 tracks and something here for the commit step
15:05:41Genre9mp3hmm... I don't know how difficult would be this, but ignoring some filetypes capability in tagcache would be useful for some situations
15:05:48 Quit Criamos (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:05:55Moosyou can delete those tagcahe file in .rockbox dir
15:06:49psiborgi don't even know what the use is for tagcache :)
15:06:56psiborg i just wanted to play with it..
15:07:00MoosGenre9mp3: agreed with you
15:07:07psiborgi turned it off last time because of this problem ;p
15:07:36Moosdepending first if you music is fully taged
15:07:42lexdo you know how could i make my own av-cable for my ipod?
15:09:33Mooslostlogic: my X5 just freeze when I wanted to skip, needed to refil the buffer :(
15:10:06lexbut you know, the video comes out with the rcas
15:11:15Mooslostlogic: there is definitively something wrong with rebefuring with crossfade
15:15:39lostlogiclostlogic: you did a skip forward to an unbuffered track and it froze?
15:15:42lostlogicer moos
15:17:01Moosyeah skip too next track, and stay frozen needed to rebbot
15:17:29lostlogicMoos: I gotta run to get to work, can you try to post detailed steps to reproduce both of these problems on flyspray so that pondlife and/or I can look at them today?
15:19:49lostlogicMoos: also, it would be _most_ helpful if you can isolate the CVS change that actually caused the problem (but I know that's a lot of work).
15:19:53lostlogicand I'm off to work.
15:20:06 Part LinusN
15:20:42 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
15:21:39 Quit Teknomancer ("Vision[1.2.0-Z-12102006]: i've been blurred!")
15:24:22 Join DrMoos [0] (i=5950bebb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:24:31 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:25:05 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (
15:26:22 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (i=5950bebb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:31:32 Join NickDe [0] (n=nicholas@
15:32:27Mooslostlogic: time for me to go, I'll fill one bug report in Flyspray with all infos when I'll got the time, c you
15:32:30 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC")
15:32:38 Quit funky ("leaving")
15:35:38 Join Leeds [0] (n=richardc@
15:37:17 Quit psiborg ("leaving")
15:37:42 Quit ender` (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
15:38:04 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
15:39:50 Join qailer [0] (
15:42:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:42:15 Quit NickDe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:43:19*preglow thinks he'll have another look at ipod nano ata sleep tonight
15:43:41 Join pondlife [0] (
15:43:44*preglow first attempts to summon freqmod
15:44:46peturpreglow: about that volume change ticking on my h340: now I know why I didn't remember hearing it before: I recently increased bass, which seems to affect it a lot
15:44:53preglowpetur: oh yes
15:45:24preglowpetur: more bass more means the waveform will be slower-moving overall, which gives discontinuities in the waveform you'll hear easier
15:45:43preglowpetur: but yeah, i've been planning to look at software based fading
15:46:00*amiconn wonders why the uda doesn't soften the volume change
15:46:05preglowamiconn: almost nothing does
15:46:09amiconnThe MAS does ths
15:46:11peturat least I'm happy my memory isn't as bad as I feared ;)
15:46:11preglowamiconn: only rockbox hardware that does is mas
15:46:19preglowamiconn: yes, yes, but almost nothing does
15:46:43preglowthe mas also only decodes mp3 and smells bad, so doesn't count
15:46:47amiconnI wonder how it would be possible to avoid the clicking without hardware support
15:47:04amiconnThe mas can decode more than just mp3
15:47:13preglowi wasn't being serious
15:47:29preglowamiconn: if the amplitude stepping is spec accurate, you can compensate with software fading
15:47:49preglowamiconn: however, i think it's just better to do all fading entirely in software
15:47:56amiconnYOu can't as you don't know the delays
15:48:07preglowamiconn: very true, so no, you can't
15:48:20*amiconn needs to check whether the wolfson and/or tlv are also producing clicks
15:48:40*amiconn has the suspicion that this is an uda-only problem
15:48:42preglowi'm willing to bet they are
15:48:46preglowthe one in my nano most certainly are
15:49:42preglowquite simple to test, just make a wav file with a straight dc offset, then adjust the volume
15:50:02preglowor of course just some low sine tone
15:50:07preglow50 hz or something
15:50:32 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:55:20 Join tiax [0] (i=tiax@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x57BFF984)
16:07:52lostlogicanyone else having trouble with track skipping off buffer, or crossfade that started recently?
16:08:23*amiconn didn't even use any of his swcodec targets for listening to music recently
16:08:39lostlogicamiconn: yeah... and I never use crossfade
16:08:50amiconnMe neither
16:08:53preglowtried crossfade some time during the summer
16:08:57amiconnBagder: around?
16:08:57preglowit's actually quite cool
16:09:38*amiconn has found a way to reduce subshell spawning (and hence build time) even more
16:09:41lostlogicpreglow: if I listened to same-genre mixes, it would be, sure −− but I usually listen to a complete jumble of different genres and I don't htink that fade from rock to classical sounds good at all
16:10:11amiconnI am mostly listening to albums, and want to hear them as intended
16:10:26*petur hugs amiconn if this will reduce cygwin build time
16:10:27preglowand i listen to albums
16:10:31preglowso fading is unnecessary
16:10:39amiconnBut even when listening to singles I don't like any extra fading
16:10:56amiconnpetur: It will reduce build time on all platforms
16:11:46amiconnThe idea is to replace all those @echo "Doing blah" with $(info Blah) which is an internal function of 'make'
16:12:04lostlogicamiconn: tis a good idea
16:12:18lostlogicamiconn: I heartily approve of you giving the build system a thorough going over.
16:12:41amiconnIn order to keep the same output with both 'make' and 'make V=1', the $(info ....) needs to be placed on the same line as a command though
16:13:02amiconnIt also works when plitting the line with \ , but the the output with V=1 changes slightly
16:13:48*amiconn would like to know which option is better
16:14:11 Join Rincewind [0] (
16:14:14amiconnDo we want to keep output identical with V=1, or do we want to keep the Makefile more readable?
16:14:38lostlogicmakefiles are hard enough to read as is ;)
16:14:42preglowwhy, yes
16:14:46amiconnNow the output is e.g.
16:15:08amiconnLD solitaire.elf
16:15:09Leedsyay for bluetooth audio
16:15:12amiconnm68k-elf-gcc -W -Wall -O - ........
16:15:27amiconnWhen using $(info) and splitting lines, it will look like:
16:15:32amiconnLD solitaire.elf
16:15:40amiconnm68k-elf-gcc -W -Wall -O - ........
16:16:17amiconni.e. an extra \ on a separate line (and the command will be indented by one TAB
16:16:35amiconnWithout V=1 it doesn't matter
16:16:54lostlogichmph −− that \ is annoying.
16:17:11preglowi almost never use V=1 anyway
16:17:14preglowi can live with it
16:17:45Kitt0scan some1 help me?
16:17:52amiconnWithout the \, said example would look like this in the Makefile:
16:17:52Kitt0si think my ipod is fucked :\
16:17:53Kitt0sit shows the bootloader.. then i see the rockbox then it gives the white USB rockbox icon.. then it goes to that screen
16:17:54amiconn$(SILENT)$(info LD $(notdir $@))$(CC) $(GCCOPTS) -O -nostdlib -o $@ $< -L$(BUILDDIR) $(CODECLIBS) -lplugin $(LINKBITMAPS) -lgcc -T$(LINKFILE) -Wl,−−gc-sections -Wl,-Map,$(OBJDIR)/$*.map
16:18:28amiconnNotice the placement of the $(info) part
16:18:58lostlogicwhy is the \ on its own line and not on the same line as the LD solitaire.elf?
16:19:14amiconn$(info) appends a newline
16:19:54lostlogicno way to disable the $(info) construct entirely when V=1?
16:19:57preglowalways with the dishes!
16:20:14amiconnMaybe we can do that...
16:20:16Leedsdishes... need food
16:20:29*amiconn needs to dig further in the 'make' manual
16:20:35lostlogicmy Shure E3 are dying. what should I replace them with?
16:20:49lostlogicamiconn: dangerous business that;)
16:23:16 Quit Coldtoast ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
16:23:31 Quit Rincewind (Remote closed the connection)
16:25:44markunlostlogic: Shure E5? I've never tried Shure earphones
16:26:31 Quit EspeonEefi ("Leaving")
16:26:37Leedsthey're very nice, but I think there may be cheaper/as-good other makes around nowadays
16:27:02lostlogicLeeds: any suggestions?
16:27:16Leedslostlogic: yeah - do some research :-)
16:28:29LeedsI've got a set of Shures - E2, I think - around US$100? - and I think I'd look elsewhere when it comes time to replace them
16:28:52 Join bethorr [0] (
16:28:55markunLeeds: do you ever use then while riding a bike?
16:29:35Acidictadpolehey hey hey
16:29:44Leedsno, I don't have a bike... to be honest, I tend to use them mainly on planes, since they're *too good* to use elsewhere - they block out too much of the ambient sound
16:30:51LeedsI ended up buying some really crappy cheap ones to use in places like the office and on the street, where I wanted *background* music, not to relegate all other sound to a dim background hum
16:31:04preglowamiconn: think i'll have a look at 24 bit flac tonight as well
16:31:09bethorrhello... anyone know if the iPod Games thing has been hacked yet?
16:31:32 Join PaulJam [0] (
16:32:30amiconnpreglow: For coldfire, using the special properties of the emac?
16:33:05markunbethorr: probably not, but in which way do you want to hack them?
16:33:49 Join webguest38 [0] (i=ddba59a3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:33:49bethorrmarkun: I want to put my own games into an ipod without touching the firmware
16:35:16markunbethorr: well, then I don't think this is the right place for you
16:35:31webguest38Lostlogic: for earphones
16:35:54bethorrmarkun: any suggestions as to what might be the right place? =)
16:35:57webguest38they have a big range to suit your pocket
16:36:09Leedswebguest38: yeah, I think that's the sort of thing I was thinking of...
16:37:20markunbethorr: maybe here
16:37:57bethorrah.. Will look. Thanks
16:38:01 Part webguest38
16:38:48 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
16:39:34preglowamiconn: yes
16:39:50preglowamiconn: the way to do it on arm has to be through smull and smlal, i'm afraid
16:40:27 Join Gibbed [0] (
16:40:29 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
16:40:39 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
16:41:58pondlifelostlogic: FWIW, I use crossfade - seems ok at the moment
16:42:48pondlifeI assume you are having trouble (from the "anyone else") ...?
16:43:21lostlogicpondlife: no, I don't use it
16:43:29lostlogicpondlife: Moos is having some kinds of trouble
16:43:37 Join Rincewind [0] (
16:43:39pondlifeAh, ok
16:43:52 Join |obo| [0] (i=hidden-u@
16:43:54lostlogicsays that it doesn't crossfade during buffering and it used to
16:44:01Leedsout of interest - and since I'm discussing it on another channel - what's the rockbox policy on codec patents?
16:44:05lostlogicalso says he's gotten the thing to freeze by skipping as of today
16:44:16 Join ender [0] (i=null@
16:44:31pondlifeI've not updated my H340 yet... will try shortly though
16:44:33Kitt0s <−− y isn't this commited ?:(
16:44:36lostlogicHmm, I think UE and Shure are comparable in quality and price *finds reviews*
16:45:03lostlogicmarkun: I ride my bike to and from work every day wearing my Shure E3 with sensaphonics custom fitted in-ear sleeves.
16:45:29pondlifeKitt0s: I think barrywardell is tidying it up still
16:45:44pondlifeHopefully he'll commit it soon-ish
16:46:07Kitt0si can't even open the ipod
16:46:07Slasherii have shure E4, but it has its disadvantages. It's quite bulky and you can't wear it while walking or the cable will cause weird sound to your ear
16:46:12Kitt0sit stucks @ start
16:46:27markunlostlogic: the wind makes a terrible noise with my Koss The Plug (which I want to replace anyway) and my friend told me he had the same problem with in-ears from Sennheiser (which looked like the Sony EX in-ears)
16:46:48markunlostlogic: no such problem with the Shures?
16:47:30 Join NickDe [0] (n=nicholas@
16:48:33lostlogicmarkun: it's much less of a problem with the shures, but was definitely still noticeable until I got the custom sleeves... my previous ear phones were the sony ex51. best solution is to wear an earband over them, but that's intollerble in warm weather.
16:49:38markunwhat kind of custom sleeves?
16:50:50lostlogic offers custom molded earpieces for shure earphones (or their own custom earphones)
16:50:54Leedsyou can get them to make custom blobs to cover the driver, such that the headphones fit perfectly, but comfortably, in your ear
16:50:58 Join barrywardell [0] (i=892b7a86@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:51:13Leedslostlogic: I thought shure also did it themselves, for the E5, at least
16:51:15lostlogic(I just happen to be lucky enough to work < 2 miles from where sensaphonics is located so there was no mailing back and forth involved :-P)
16:51:32lostlogicLeeds: no, they contract through sensaphonics −− both are within 10 miles of Chicago.
16:51:39Leedsah, cool
16:51:49 Quit ender` (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
16:52:14 Quit obo (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
16:52:53lostlogicSlasheri: yeah, that's a problem with teh E3 as well, I wish I could find some earphones with a magical better cable that woudln't deteriorate from pretty active uses (like biking to work every day and wearing them inside a motorcycle helmet)
16:52:59 Quit dionoea (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:53:18amiconnlostlogic: It looks like it is possible to suppress the info output itself when running make V=1, but the \ will stay when splitting the line
16:54:33 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
16:55:05lostlogicstill on its own line or just prepended to the command output?
16:56:09amiconnOn its own line
16:56:09 Quit barrywardell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:56:26*lostlogic kicks it in its teeth
17:00:00 Quit Siku ()
17:00:14 Quit [H5N1] (Remote closed the connection)
17:00:34pondlifelostlogic: I see Moos problem too. :(
17:00:45 Join spiorf [0] (
17:01:11lostlogicso, the problem is that during rebuffer, crossfade has stopped working?
17:01:58pondlifeIt seems to be rebuffering later in some way, so an attempt to crossfade into an unbuffered track doesn't crossfade.
17:02:15 Nick |obo| is now known as obo (i=hidden-u@
17:02:34pondlifeCrossfading back a track never works now.
17:02:35 Quit bethorr ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
17:03:24pondlifeI can navigate to an entirely unrelated track and that will crossfade ok though!
17:03:31lostlogicpondlife: gah, how could anything I have changed in the last couple of days have effected crossfading at all?!
17:04:15pondlifeI think there is a long-standing flakyness in crossfade that you have exposed further
17:04:46pondlifeIt has quite often been only 80% reliable at working when skipping to an unbuffered track.
17:05:19pondlifeAh, it just worked.
17:05:40 Quit ScoTTie ()
17:05:51Leedshah, poor man's sonos... bluetooth dongle on the DAP, bluetooth dongle 2 on the speakers in the other room
17:07:17pondlifeCrossfade always works if I navigate to the track (even the next/previous one). But track skip is a bit hit-and-miss.
17:07:40*petur points Leeds to SlimDevices
17:08:09lostlogicpondlife: weird, any chance of narrowing down which commit made it worse? I'm not sure when I'll be able to do that kind of detailed testing :(
17:08:10Leedspetur: see that 'poor man'?
17:08:24peturSD is cheaper than Sonos ;)
17:08:55Leedsand a couple of bluetooth dongles are much cheaper still :-)
17:09:22pondlifelostlogic: Some time, but not right now I'm afraid
17:09:56pondlifeIt may not actually be any worse. It's always been a bit random
17:10:23lostlogicpondlife: moos usually doesn't like (unfortunately, in this case;))
17:10:36 Join [H5N1] [0] (
17:11:00pondlifeI'll need to play with it some more. The sim works fine though :)
17:11:26 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
17:14:29lostlogicwow, took me a while to see that typo
17:14:45 Join webguest36 [0] (i=892b7a86@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:14:46 Quit webguest36 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:14:57 Join barrywardell [0] (i=892b7a86@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:15:34lostlogicI wonder if there is now more (or less) delay in the return from the rebuffer and that's impacting the crossfade
17:17:05 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:20:10 Quit Rincewind ("Bye")
17:27:55barrywardellKitt0s: have you tried the cpufreq4 patch? it's very different from the previous ones
17:27:55 Quit Rick (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:28:46 Join Rick [0] (
17:28:50lostlogichmm... anyone used Westone UM2 earphones?
17:29:59 Quit JazzBone ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
17:30:00lexsennheiser cx-300 <3
17:31:38barrywardellanyone with any ipod wanna test the patch (cpufreq4.patch):
17:32:19 Join Rincewind [0] (
17:33:14Paul_the_Ner1barrywardell: Can I assume that you mean 'any of the regularly freezing iPods'?
17:33:21 Nick Paul_the_Ner1 is now known as Paul_The_Nerd (
17:35:38barrywardellPaul_The_Nerd: yes, any ipod that is affected by the freezes
17:36:08Paul_The_NerdAlright then. I only have a Nano.
17:37:31*lostlogic orders a pair of westone um2s −− they are cheaper than shure E500 and look like they have a more durable cord and sit more flush to the head.
17:37:33barrywardellit looks like the 4g is worst affected
17:40:17 Quit petur ("later")
17:42:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:43:40 Join psiborg [0] (
17:44:41amiconnbarrywardell: Afaik the only targets affected by the freezes are those using PP5020
17:45:08amiconnNano and video use PP5021, and Mini G2 uses PP5022.
17:45:31barrywardellamiconn: yes, I think so. so that means color/4g, mini 1g and h10 are affected?
17:45:31amiconnThe PP5020 ipods are (afaik) G4 greyscale, color/photo, and Mini G1
17:46:40amiconnlinuxstb could test...
17:48:45psiborgThanks for the help earlier btw, removing the tagcache files helped.
17:49:12psiborgI think I'll update my software later in a bit, see if it's fixed now :)
17:52:08tucozis it possible to run two sed commands in one go? That is, both '1d' and '$d' to strip of a line in both the beginning and end of a file.
17:52:59lostlogictucoz: just separate them with a ;
17:53:04psiborgYes out of interest, but does this have anything to do with rockbox?
17:53:14tucozpsiborg, yes. the manual.
17:53:20psiborghrm interesting :)
18:00:07 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
18:00:43 Join rretzbach [0] (
18:03:13barrywardellamiconn: have you seen fs#6232?
18:06:01 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
18:06:40 Quit matsl (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:09:16 Quit Rincewind (Remote closed the connection)
18:09:20 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
18:09:27 Join Seed [0] (
18:12:02 Join Ribs [0] (n=freenode@
18:15:28 Join dionoea [0] (
18:17:40 Join SereR0kR [0] (
18:17:44tiaxhow 'dangerous' are daily builds? I installed todays build on my 4g/gray and it freezes more often than it works
18:17:51 Quit SereR0kR (Client Quit)
18:18:36Paul_The_NerdThe 4G Grayscale Rockbox port just have bugs that are being worked on, that's all there is to it.
18:18:47Paul_The_NerdUsing a word like 'dangerous' implies damage could actually happen.
18:20:07tiaxsorry, I'm not a native speaker. So, what s the best way to go? Wait for improvements, try another days shot?
18:20:54tiaxat the moment I can't even boot or listen to music without a freeze
18:21:18amiconnbarrywardell: Hmm, that sounds strange. Almost looks like a scheduler bug to me
18:21:38Paul_The_Nerdtiax: There's a custom build in the custom builds forums that disables CPU frequency scaling, it's worth trying until the bugs relating to it are ironed out
18:23:56 Join funky [0] (
18:25:04psiborgwoohoo, updated
18:25:27 Join lightyear [0] (
18:28:42 Join lee-qid [0] (
18:29:40 Quit obo ("bye")
18:32:22 Join bluebrother [0] (
18:35:45 Join webguest06 [0] (i=54b9a6c7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:36:59barrywardellamiconn: he says it's only happening since your last two commits. although maybe your changes just revealed a previously unseen bug in the scheduler
18:37:04 Quit webguest06 (Client Quit)
18:39:46 Join bundik [0] (
18:40:15 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
18:57:19 Quit newbyx86_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:58:29 Join newbyx86_ [0] (
19:03:16Kitt0s[barrywardell]: using 3 atm..
19:04:19barrywardellwhat model iPod do you hae?
19:04:24godzirramarkun: Is there an easy way to keep track of the gigabeat progress?
19:04:43godzirraI'm considering picking up an F series.
19:04:59Kitt0sipod photo
19:05:10barrywardelland no crashes yet?
19:05:27Kitt0sit stucks when trying to play something
19:05:34Kitt0scould be one of the wps patches tho
19:05:35godzirra*sigh* I juts want an h120 with a color screen ;p
19:05:58barrywardellKitt0s: can you try the version 4 patch?
19:06:54PaulJamgodzirra: have you looked at the iaudio x5 series
19:07:08godzirraPaulJam: Yeah, I've taken a brief look. I just can't afford one yet :/
19:08:39 Quit damaki_ (Remote closed the connection)
19:09:18 Join damaki_ [0] (
19:10:09godzirrawhats the difference between an x5 and x5l?
19:11:15godzirraI wish circuit city didn't return this damned ipod to a gift card. I changed banks so they -made- me return it to a gift card.
19:11:29 Quit SmilinBob (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:12:44PaulJamx5l has a bigger battery
19:12:55godzirrabigger duration wise, but not size wise?
19:13:34markungodzirra: you can read the #gigabeat logs
19:13:39PaulJamboth, i think. propably the reason why there is no x5l with 60 GB
19:13:46markungodzirra: they are pretty small
19:14:57 Join Rincewind [0] (
19:15:22godzirraheh ok
19:16:12Kitt0sit still stucks :\
19:16:28Kitt0sim pretty sure its the wps tho
19:16:59barrywardellKitt0s: which WPS?
19:17:10barrywardelldoes it have peak meters?
19:17:47 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
19:18:19godzirraSo whats the big difference between the battery life? Is it large?
19:18:32Kitt0swtf i dunno
19:18:43Kitt0si changed to regular wps it still stucks
19:20:01Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: The X5L gets, I believe, almost twice as much.
19:20:32godzirraHrm. I wish i could find reviews.
19:20:42godzirrathe only review i foudn said x5 and x5l both get 14 hours.
19:21:23godzirraOk, cnet says the x5l is rated at 35 and lasted 27.
19:22:40godzirraI can get an x5l for 280 dollars or an x5 for 130
19:23:15 Join Lear [0] (
19:24:41barrywardellKitt0s: try iCatcher
19:25:20tucozignore this. just testing
19:25:37Kitt0sim pretty sure its albumart\bmpresize\scrollmarging\customline or one of the multifonts
19:26:11barrywardellah, you have other patches included too. it could easily be one of those
19:26:38 Join obo [0] (
19:26:44Kitt0swell its album art
19:27:20Kitt0sits not
19:27:21Kitt0si can play
19:27:43 Join Kasperle [0] (
19:29:17Kitt0si can't play songs with albumart
19:30:10 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:31:11 Quit tucoz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:31:52 Quit Rincewind ("Bye")
19:31:59Kitt0sbarrywardell, sometimes it stops for a sec :\
19:32:07 Quit mordov (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:33:22 Quit NickDe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:36:04barrywardellKitt0s: I don't know about the album art patch. it could easily be causing problems
19:36:18Kitt0sin the sound?
19:36:39 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
19:37:24barrywardellyes, possibly
19:37:55 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
19:42:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:47:40 Join NickDe [0] (n=nicholas@
19:48:16Kasperlei made a small patch for which makes it a little easier to have it use gmake instead of "make" on *BSD systems. I don't have a sourceforge account handy to file it into the bugtracking system, but if you want to check it out, grab it here:
19:48:57 Quit Ribs (Nick collision from services.)
19:49:00 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=freenode@
19:49:07 Quit Ribs2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:50:41 Quit amiconn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:52:00 Join amiconn [0] (
19:52:01oboKasperle: you don't need a sourceforge account - that's an historic notice from when the patch tracker was migrated
19:55:16 Join GreyFoux [0] (
20:08:38 Quit NickDe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:08:39 Quit Nimdae (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:08:43 Join Nimdae [0] (
20:09:11 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
20:10:15 Join NickDe [0] (n=nicholas@
20:13:42 Join falkyre [0] (i=Administ@
20:14:49 Quit NickDe ("Leaving")
20:15:30 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
20:16:40PaulJamquestion concerning the last tagchache commits: is there something obviously wron with the following lines in the tagnavi_custom.config :
20:16:49PaulJam%format "fmt_leastplayed" "%d %s (by %s)" playcount title artist %limit = "100"
20:17:07PaulJam"Am wenigsten gespielte Titel" -> title = "fmt_leastplayed"
20:18:33PaulJamwhen i select the entry i get a splash telling me that dirbuffer is full and the listing is empty (i already increaset the max files in dir to 10.000 and restartd)
20:20:11 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:21:32 Part neddy
20:21:45 Join NickDe [0] (n=nicholas@
20:21:46 Join PortaBob [0] (i=User@
20:22:04PortaBobi have a question bout the ipod video
20:22:43PortaBobit works fine on my pc at home but now i'm at a friend's place and everytime i plug it in it crashes Explorer...
20:23:04PortaBobanyone have any suggestions?
20:24:42 Quit amiconn_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:25:06Nimdaeyou plug in the ipod and explorer crashes?
20:25:32Nimdaethat sounds like a problem with the computer and not the ipod
20:25:44PortaBoboh yeah
20:25:56Nimdaeperhaps there is some msie plugin that isn't working properly
20:26:01Nimdae(yes, that would affect it)
20:26:03PortaBobi just remembered i have problems with this lappy
20:26:13PortaBobnot internet explorer...
20:26:25Nimdaelook at my paranthetical note
20:26:33Nimdaemsie is tightly integrated into windows
20:26:47PortaBobi don't even use msie though
20:26:55 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
20:26:58Nimdaebad msie plugins can affect explorer, heh
20:27:21Nimdaeyou use msie, microsoft just doesn't tell you ;)
20:27:25 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
20:28:02PortaBobwell i was recently getting that "generic host process..." error and it just went away
20:28:12PortaBobmaybe that has something to do with it
20:29:02 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
20:29:04Nimdaedo you have anti-spyware software?
20:29:30Nimdaetry spybot s&d, it's free
20:29:40Nimdaerun it and if it removes stuff, try again
20:29:58PortaBobactually do have adaware se on here
20:30:54Paul_The_NerdAdaware misses a *lot* of stuff Spybot picks up
20:30:57Paul_The_NerdThey look for different things
20:31:34Nimdaewell, i've heard it the other way around too
20:31:55Nimdaei use avast antivirus and it tends to be good at keeping malware out
20:32:46Paul_The_NerdNimdae: I said they look for different things. I couldn't in good conscience recommend to someone that they use one without the other.
20:33:28Nimdaeanyone know of better podcast management software than itunes?
20:33:49Nimdaecuz itunes is making me want to get out my gun and shoot my computer
20:35:05 Join BigMac [0] (
20:35:05PortaBobcould it have anything to do with the fact that i don't have usb 2.0?
20:37:05netmasta10btnimdae: check out juice
20:37:09markunPortaBob: sounds unlikely
20:37:37PortaBobi didn't think so
20:38:20 Join lowlight [0] (i=c730190a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:38:37Paul_The_NerdNimdae: Aren't most podcasts just mp3/aac files attached to an RSS or ATOM feed?
20:39:17NimdaePortaBob: my desktop doesn't have 2.0 (full speed or hi speed)
20:39:37NimdaePaul_The_Nerd: yeah, but itunes is slow and burdensome
20:40:05Paul_The_NerdNimdae: If they're RSS / ATOM feeds, you could use any halfway decent feed reader...
20:40:28Paul_The_NerdAt least for downloading them, syncing would be a different thing, but I assume we're talking about in relationship to Rockbox anyway.
20:40:55Nimdaewell, some of it is video, so have to use apple firmware for those, heh
20:41:15Paul_The_NerdWell then asking for things to use with the retail firmware in here is kinda pointless.
20:41:48Nimdaenot really, not all of it is video
20:41:50lowlightQuestion for a dev...what does QUEUE_LENGTH mean (it's currently 16)?
20:42:06preglowhow long a queue can be?
20:42:31Nimdaenetmasta10bt: thanks, that looks pretty good actually
20:43:03preglowif a queue isn't read before it reaches sixteen elements, it'll overflow, i guess
20:43:18netmasta10btNimdae: yeah, its not bad, it has a podcast dirtory, but its not searchable :-/ −− i use it to download directly to my sansa
20:43:24 Join webguest05 [0] (i=803d7118@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:43:32lowlightpreglow: is it a problem that the playback code uses more than 16 queue id's
20:43:36Nimdaecan it import itunes data?
20:44:01preglowlowlight: ids? i don't know why that should matter, what matters is that sixteen events aren't in the queue at the same time
20:44:04netmasta10btnimdae: it can import and export opml −− if itunes can export your feeds in opml it can import it
20:44:45 Quit webguest05 (Client Quit)
20:45:12 Join spiorf [0] (
20:45:21 Join webguest22 [0] (i=803d7118@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:45:48 Quit barrywardell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:45:50lowlightpreglow: I don't understand the queue...but I'm seeing a problem where I'm getting a false Q_CODEC_REQUEST_FAILED from the queue and Q_CODEC_REQUEST_FAILED=17.
20:45:50BigMacAliright I have searched the forums and found nothing on this exactly
20:46:10BigMacI am getting about 2 hour battery life on a 30 gb video
20:46:16BigMacwhich is horrible
20:46:21Paul_The_NerdBigMac: Are you using an official build?
20:46:50 Quit webguest22 (Client Quit)
20:47:02Paul_The_NerdAnd what battery life do you get with similar settings in the retail firmware (so compare the two with cleared EQ, similar volume, similar backlight use, same playlist)
20:47:26BigMacI think the fact that most of my music is flac, and they have larger filesizes that may be taking more hdd power thus more battery
20:47:28preglowlowlight: well, i'm not expert on queues either. just check out firmware/kernel.c and see how they work
20:47:29lowlightpreglow: and if I make Q_CODEC_REQUEST_FAILED=15 it seems to work ok.
20:47:37BigMacI'd say around 10-11 hours
20:47:40Paul_The_NerdBigMac: Yes, FLAC spins up the disk much more often.
20:48:03Paul_The_NerdBigMac: I guarantee you don't get 10-11 hours with the same playlist since the original firmware doesn't support FLAC. Thank you for not reading my question fully.
20:48:55 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-SIX-NINETEEN.MIT.EDU)
20:49:04BigMacso would batch convert all my flac to ogg (q7-q8) because the ogg decoder is faster
20:49:17Paul_The_NerdThe Ogg decoder is much slower than FLAC.
20:49:59BigMacI heard it was very fast on the ipod
20:49:59Nimdaebut it causes fewer disk spinups
20:49:59Paul_The_NerdThe files just fit in RAM so while more CPU is spent decoding, the disk spins up less often.
20:49:59BigMacseveral times
20:49:59preglowamiconn: you did check and find out that a 16x16 mul should work for 16 bit flacs, yes?
20:49:59Paul_The_NerdBigMac: "Very Fast" doesn't mean "Faster than FLAC"
20:49:59Paul_The_NerdBigMac: Right now, I believe MP3 has pulled ahead of Vorbis on iPod even.
20:50:31BigMacSo what would be my best bet then on trying to get more juice out of my battery
20:50:37amiconnFLAC is our most efficient decoder afaik (not counting uncompressed formats)
20:50:40Nimdaeconvert to ogg or mp3
20:51:02BigMacThey just said ogg is slower...
20:51:07Davide-NYCQuestion: will mp3.encoder take any input type or just wav?
20:51:16amiconnpreglow: Hmm, don't remember right now...
20:51:17Nimdaeor some other lossy compression that makes smaller files
20:51:20Paul_The_NerdBigMac: Slower but doesn't spin the disk as much. I *never* said it used more battery.
20:51:29preglowamiconn: i'm almost certain we concluded the sh can be used, hence what i say is true
20:51:35Paul_The_NerdOgg uses more battery than MP3 yes, but less than FLAC
20:51:36NimdaeBigMac: maybe it is slower, but disk spinup is going to cause higher battrey consumption than a slower decoder
20:51:52preglowamiconn: i'm going to change to 16x16 mac instructions in the same go now
20:51:52BigMacoh alright
20:51:56NimdaeBigMac: i get 7 to 8 hours on my 30 gb ipod video using ogg
20:52:07BigMacso ogg q7 should be decent then right
20:52:13amiconnpreglow: why? There's no speed advantage...
20:52:13BigMacthat sounds alot better
20:52:23Paul_The_NerdBigMac: Tips for saving battery life: Do not use the EQ. Do not use Replaygain. Do not use Crossfeed or Crossfade. Use playlists. Set the backlight timer as low as possible. Do not use DirCache or TagCache. Do not browse your music, just start the playlist and go.
20:52:53Nimdaewhat if you load tagcache to ram?
20:52:56Paul_The_NerdBigMac: Do not use themes with lots of images, or backdrop images. Set the limits for files in folder to as small as possible (putting files in multiple folders if necessary), set the anti-skip buffer as low as possible
20:53:09Paul_The_NerdNimdae: TagCache in RAM means that it takes up space used for the audio buffer == worse battery life
20:53:20BigMacOk None of those options are on accept tag cache
20:53:26BigMacI use playlists
20:53:34Nimdaebut it doesn't use that much space
20:53:37 Join BigBambi [0] (
20:53:41BigMacI don't want Dir Cahce on anyway
20:54:00Davide-NYCI think mp3.encoder should be renamed wav2mp3 since it only takes WAV input. Where do I suggest this?
20:54:00Paul_The_NerdNimdae: He asked how to improve his battery life. It does use some, and it does make a difference.
20:54:04preglowamiconn: why not? no speed advantage? there's a slight one, i think, the emac stall probably won't happen
20:54:13amiconnIt will
20:54:16Paul_The_NerdDavide-NYC: Really, that'd qualify as a feature request, I think
20:54:21Nimdaei still get 6 or 7 songs queued in codec buffer
20:54:21Paul_The_NerdOnly vaguely so, but still
20:54:27preglowamiconn: how do you know? the a 16x16 result is ready after one cycle
20:54:33amiconnThe datasheet lists the exact same cycle counts for mac.w and mac.l
20:54:40Paul_The_NerdNimdae: It's probably only like a 2% difference on total battery time.
20:54:47preglowamiconn: which is what, 1 cycle? i think that's not really true
20:54:51amiconnOne cycle, but the thing is pipelined
20:54:52BigMacI will turn those off
20:55:00preglowamiconn: you get one cycle throughput, but a three cycle latency
20:55:00Nimdaeyeah, but it makes for a bit faster response when browsing your music ;)
20:55:06preglowamiconn: afaik
20:55:20BigMacDoes anyone know a good batch ogg encoder of hand, or should I go ask google
20:55:22preglowamiconn: the latency for a 16x16, however, should be 1 cycle also
20:55:22Paul_The_NerdNimdae: Maybe less. But it's an optional option, that you can avoid. Actually, if you don't browse often (or at all beyond when first starting playback) tagcache on disk is better than in RAM
20:55:41amiconnAnd due to a hardware bug, the emac stalls even if you fetch a different accumulator after issuing a mac instruction
20:55:49markunPaul_The_Nerd: what's the feature you add by giving something a better name?
20:55:51BigMacand ogg q7 file sizes should be a lot smaller then flac correct
20:56:05NimdaeBigMac: a lot, yes
20:56:09amiconnpreglow: why do you think so?
20:56:16Paul_The_Nerdmarkun: You add "decreased user confusion"
20:56:41BigMacWhy wouldn't that be taking away then Paul_The_Nerd
20:56:45amiconnIt looks like the emac multiplier is 32x32->40, so using 16bit won't change anything
20:56:46Paul_The_Nerdmarkun: It's not a bug, as things are working as intended, and it's not a patch, so that really only leaves "feature request" I think, even if it's not an ideal category.
20:56:50Davide-NYCPaul_The_Nerd: I would also like to request more flyspray 'operating system' target subsets like swcodec and coldfire etc. Possible?
20:56:58Davide-NYCwhere would I do that?
20:57:04Paul_The_NerdDavide-NYC: That's definitely a feature request. :-P
20:57:17Davide-NYCgetting to it, thanks
20:57:31markunDavide-NYC: I think it's better to just bug devs from time to time :)
20:57:50Paul_The_Nerdmarkun: Bugging devs works, but if you have a feature request already filed, they can't just say "File a feature request" and ignore you. :-P
20:58:05markuntrue :)
20:58:13markunhi there lex
20:58:15lexdo you know what causes the rebooting after videos on my 5.5G?
20:58:20lexgood evening markun :)
20:58:35Paul_The_Nerdlex: Using mpegplayer?
20:58:42lexPaul_The_Nerd: using the apple os :D
20:58:45Davide-NYCquick question for my flyspray feature request: will mp3.encoder accept other non-compressed files such as AIFF?
20:58:47markunIsn't there a ipod related channel we can point people to?
20:58:58Davide-NYCI don't have any to test with
20:59:01lex(21:58:56) [Users #ipod]
20:59:01lex(21:58:56) [ cilly] [ hagabaka] [ lex] [ puff] ;)
20:59:04lexyou mean this?
20:59:08preglowamiconn: because a 32x32 mul is an operation done in parts while a 16x16 mul is not
20:59:13preglowamiconn: i'm pretty sure i read this some place
20:59:14lexi guess it's only the encoding
20:59:17jhMikeSDavide-NYC: All I had to do was not use white text and I could see all the data on the Xcatcher themes then too.
20:59:21preglowamiconn: anyway, performance gain or not, it doesn't hurt
20:59:41lexmarkun: so i bought a 5.5G to replace that photo i had :p
20:59:45amiconnpreglow: Where was that? Maybe it's done like this on non-emac coldfires
20:59:52lexyeah, it won't reboot after google videos' videos
20:59:57preglowamiconn: maybe, it's a bit hard to find detailed and exact information
21:00:05Davide-NYCjhMikeS: that's a funny reason for it not to work, can a diff between font and background color be specified in a WPS?
21:00:10preglowamiconn: but like i said, it's quickly done, and there's a modest chance of it getting a tiny bit faster
21:00:19Davide-NYCjhMikeS: or is that not necessary?
21:00:33jhMikeSDavide-NYC: It just uses your setting
21:00:57Learpreglow: I read something like that too, but that was for the mac, not the emac in newer coldfires.
21:02:05jhMikeSamiconn: which part of i2c was customized for iRivers (file)? If making that better can help so much I think it's high prio for the x5.
21:03:15preglowLear: might be, might be, hard to be sure with the conflicting information and all
21:04:24preglowthe 5249 docs say that an msac.l takes 3 cycles, but everything else 1
21:04:26preglowi like that
21:06:59Kasperlehas anyone played with the patches for the 5.5G iPod? when i patch and compile my own bootloader and install that to the iPod, the iPod will hang on the Apple Logo upon reset (it won't even get to the point where the backlight is turned on)
21:07:27 Quit Davide-NYC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:08:47Paul_The_NerdKasperle: Probably best to ask about that in the 5.5G thread, where you're more likely to find 5.5G users.
21:10:10 Join manos [0] (n=Romanos_@
21:10:17 Part manos
21:10:18 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
21:11:15Davide-NYCmachine locked up. Optical drives are (I believe) slightly miscofigured somehow. Pop in a Disk and sometime the system just locks up. :-(
21:11:30 Join linuxstb [0] (i=3f887518@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:12:33 Join k0rnz [0] (
21:12:49k0rnzdo I have to restore my Nano in order for rockbox to install correctly?
21:13:44Paul_The_Nerdk0rnz: Assuming you're starting from a normal iPod Nano situation no. That's why the instructions don't tell you to.
21:15:49k0rnzmy iTunes cant see my Ipod Nano but MyComputer shows it as a removeable drive H what can I do to fix this?
21:16:16Paul_The_NerdContact Apple support?
21:17:03Paul_The_NerdI mean, you already told me you haven't installed Rockbox yet...
21:17:46k0rnzi think the failed install is due to to the fact that Itunes cant see my Ipod
21:17:52k0rnzgonna reinstall and see if it fixes it
21:19:20NimdaePaul_The_Nerd: not necesarily, he could have installed it and it doesn't work right ;)
21:19:27Davide-NYCsimple feature request:
21:19:44Paul_The_NerdNimdae: Well, questions relating to what you do before you install *should* come before you try to install. :-P
21:20:13Davide-NYCPaul_The_Nerd: what flyspray category do I put a flyspray feature request in?
21:20:17Nimdaethat's an assumption
21:20:19k0rnzi just got banned from #ipodlinux for bitching to developers why ipodlinux does not have custom EQ settings yet
21:20:39Nimdaek0rnz: well don't bitch to developers
21:20:56Kasperleespecially not in that tone you used
21:21:05k0rnzits been several months and they still havent got custom EQ settings
21:21:11jhMikeSsound like hypersensitive people.
21:21:12 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
21:21:14Paul_The_Nerdk0rnz: Are you paying them a salary?
21:21:17Kasperlei see you're volunteering? ;)
21:21:20 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
21:21:29k0rnzi donated virtual cash
21:21:44Paul_The_NerdBy definition a donation does not include obligations, because it's a donation.
21:22:02Nimdaewell, personally, if i was developing something in my spare time and someone started bitching at me because it didn't have something they wanted, i'd not be happy either
21:22:24k0rnzok thanks for the help cyas
21:22:26 Part k0rnz
21:22:32*jhMikeS doesn't get mad about that
21:22:59Davide-NYCPaul_The_Nerd: sorry to bug you about this, but I want to file this feature request and can;t figure out where to out it. Is a request to add target categories part of the 'build environment'? I guess so right?
21:23:02*jhMikeS prefers mocking them instead
21:23:47 Quit alberink (Remote closed the connection)
21:24:10Paul_The_NerdDavide-NYC: It should be 'website' but there's not an option for that.
21:24:32Davide-NYCwhat do you want me to do?
21:24:38 Join matsl [0] (
21:24:38Paul_The_NerdWhere do you put a feature request to add the ability to put that sort of feature request? ;)
21:24:49*Davide-NYC ducks
21:25:05Paul_The_NerdDavide-NYC: Go with whatever you want honestly. You could always put something completely non-related just because there's no valid one... There's not even an "Other" option
21:25:07Davide-NYCwhere the sun don't...etc.
21:25:19Davide-NYCWill do
21:27:57 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
21:28:13jhMikeSDavide-NYC: Target categories?
21:28:34Davide-NYCin a perfect world they would be radio buttons
21:28:48jhMikeSnot sure what you mean...guess I'll see
21:28:53Davide-NYCif it's a spdif prob you only check the H1x0 button
21:29:12Davide-NYCif it's a coldfire you check off x5, irivers
21:29:30Davide-NYCif it's SWcodec you check of all non-archos, etc
21:30:33 Join _flik_ [0] (
21:30:45jhMikeSOne thing I'd like is an option to limit the "commits since..." page to a range of dates.
21:30:52 Nick myzar is now known as myzar|away (
21:30:57 Join Siku [0] (
21:32:07 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
21:33:34preglowamiconn: didn't you talk about some optimisation to my flac asm routines once?
21:34:43Davide-NYCjhMikeS: that would be good.
21:34:57Davide-NYCFLyspray feature request:
21:35:06_flik_question for the devs: are static/global variables in the plugins reintialized every time they are loaded?
21:35:16preglowamiconn: and what would be the fastes, a add rx, (a0) with (a0) in iram, or using the fact that i've already got the value at (a0) in a register, then doing add rx, ry and move.l ry, (a0)
21:36:44 Join alberink [0] (
21:36:47jhMikeSpreglow: what are you working on? curious
21:38:29linuxstbBigMac: I exclusively use FLAC on my 5g, and get a lot more than 2 hours runtime. The IpodRuntime page also has test results with 7 hours for a 30GB 5g, and over 10 hours for a 60GB (with the 64MB patch).
21:39:34preglowjhMikeS: 24 bit flac asm
21:40:01preglowjhMikeS: got a 24 bit flac file that actually strugges (!!!) at full boost on my h120, so wanna see how much faster i can make it
21:40:12_flik_ using the simulator i get a reproducible crash in the jpeg plugin because a static variable is not reset when the plugin is loaded the second time
21:41:18preglowdoesn't just stuggle
21:41:20preglowit actually skips
21:41:53preglowwtf, i just got a pdir1full when entering the audio thread debug screen
21:42:01jhMikeSpreglow: same thing happens with 88kHz wavpacks on x5. can record them but they won't play
21:42:16obolinuxstb: 64mb patch: is it still planned to change the locations of the buffers/plugins etc to make that happen?
21:42:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:42:39preglowjhMikeS: you can record 88khz wavpack realtime on target?
21:42:44 Join k0rnz [0] (
21:42:45jhMikeSpreglow: yup
21:42:47preglowjhMikeS: that's pretty nice
21:43:01preglowjhMikeS: recording and playback should be almost symmetric, weird you can do one but not the other
21:43:04jhMikeSpreglow: thank got for the new scheduler in that regard
21:43:09preglowjhMikeS: probably the resampler's fault
21:43:10jhMikeSgot = god
21:43:18k0rnzanyone got any tips on why iTunes is not seeing my IPod Nano even after reinstall of Itunes and restore of Ipod Nano. I'm running Windows XP Home SP2 with latest updates
21:43:33k0rnzMyComputer sees my Nano as a removeable drive
21:43:41jhMikeSjoint stereo lossless works like a charm
21:45:19Davide-NYCDear DEVS please read:
21:45:22linuxstbobo: It would be nice to rearrange the buffers, but it doesn't look like anyone will do it, so IMO we should probably provide 64MB 5g builds.
21:45:24jhMikeSpreglow: well...we'll stop resampling hw rates soon
21:46:20preglowjhMikeS: good
21:46:21obolinuxstb: I guess they can be removed again with a note if that change does ever take place...
21:46:47jhMikeSAFTER my little recording tweak :-P
21:47:15preglowso you're gonna support wlck?
21:49:00jhMikeSpreglow: was that for me? Whatever setup is needed to get the codec chip running at any available speed. Have to use MCLK1/WCLK/dividers depending upon the uda or tlv
21:50:08 Quit Abst ("Died")
21:50:11preglowwas for you, yes
21:50:15preglowcan't remember what it's called
21:50:24preglowif was fiddling around with supporting it back when i did spdif recording
21:50:29preglowbut ran out of time/motivation for doing it
21:51:02jhMikeSThere was trouble using the WSPLL on for recording in slave mode...switch it back to MM and things seem to work.
21:51:12 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
21:52:21jhMikeS11,22,44,88 are available for playback and record on x5 and playback on iRiver. 11,22,44 for recording on iRiver.
21:53:57preglowand playback on iriver?
21:54:07k0rnzanyone know where I might be able to find a copy of the old apple ipod restore utility, Itunes cant see my ipod so I cant update/restore it
21:54:19 Part falkyre
21:55:19jhMikeSplayback rates on iRiver is same as x5
21:56:06jhMikeSbut the ADC can only go to 55kHz so no iRiver recording that high.
21:56:23Davide-NYCI hate that fact
21:56:23preglowreally? but it can go higher for playback, right?
21:56:29preglowi seem to remember around 80khz or something
21:56:41preglowon iriver we've got the complication of spdif too
21:56:49preglowif spdif out is enabled, we should always run at 44.1khz
21:57:14jhMikeSpreglow: I set it up to run at the closest rate to the input
21:57:34jhMikeSthe monitoring that is
21:57:45preglowthinking more about playback
21:58:10jhMikeSahh I see...
21:58:16preglowthe only spdif rate we're capable of using for playback is 44.1khz
21:58:41preglowbecause there only is 32khz, 44.1khz and 48khz
21:59:41*_flik_ figures he has to find the answer himself
22:00:04jhMikeSWhy worry about recording other SPDIF rates them? What actually uses them?
22:00:11 Quit k0rnz ()
22:00:15preglow_flik_: got a patch?
22:00:52_flik_nope, i am not sure if it can be regarded as a bug in the jpeg plugin
22:00:58jhMikeSof couse that's a slightly higher level decision and limiting rate options is rather simple
22:01:05_flik_i just had a look at the plugin loader mechanism
22:01:15preglowjhMikeS: because we can, really. problem is we can send at pretty much whatever rate we want (i figure), but we've got no way to tell a receiver what we're sending, so we have to rely on it being able to find out
22:01:21preglowjhMikeS: and i'm willing to bet not much can
22:02:02_flik_the problem is, that using the ui simulator plugins are loade using dlopen which seems to keep it resident in memory
22:02:12jhMikeSmakes sense. When SPDIF out is on, just pick playback to be the closest one of those
22:02:13preglow_flik_: ahh, riiight, so it's a sim only bug
22:02:34preglowjhMikeS: closest one of the three spdif rates? we can only do 44.1khz of them
22:03:01_flik_preglow: yes, i guess it is something that can only be triggered in the sim
22:03:29 Quit TeaSea (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:03:51_flik_preglow: because the plugins are kept resident in memory in the sim, all there static variables are not reinitialized
22:03:54jhMikeSI know what you're saying
22:04:23preglow_flik_: then we obviously need to unload the plugin at some point
22:05:41preglow_flik_: well, we do dlclose(), i see
22:05:45 Quit Leeds (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:05:55_flik_preglow: hmm... just saw that too
22:06:04 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
22:06:24*preglow switches to vim window
22:06:26jhMikeSThat's still really np
22:06:29Kitt0swhat is the screen size of ipod video?!?
22:06:34preglowKitt0s: 320x240
22:06:41Kitt0sthank you
22:06:44 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
22:07:25_flik_preglow: but the static variables in the plugin are definitely not reset, i just saw that in a debug session
22:08:11_flik_preglow: maybe the os still keeps the plugin in memory, even if they are dlclosed?
22:08:13jhMikeSIf they're supposed to be initialized data they'd better be.
22:08:25_flik_preglow: i am running os x btw
22:08:43preglow_flik_: i have no idea how that system behaves in this regard
22:08:54preglow_flik_: perhaps it does, but that would be really weird
22:09:04preglow_flik_: then again, this might be bona-fide os x bug
22:09:04 Quit rretzbach (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:09:27preglow_flik_: if i were you, i'd write a small test program that loads a small plugin with a static variable and test outside of rockbox
22:10:06 Join petur [0] (
22:10:21_flik_preglow: i will try that
22:11:20preglow_flik_: i don't think loading a lib, unloading, then loading it again is very common behaviour, heh, but it most certainly should not behave like this
22:11:34preglow_flik_: also, could you describe what you do to provoke the bug? i'll try it on linux
22:11:35 Nick ender is now known as ender` (i=null@
22:12:08 Quit _FireFly_ ("Client exiting")
22:12:11_flik_preglow: k, steps to reproduce
22:12:51_flik_preglow: 1. context menu on a arbitrary file
22:13:04_flik_preglow: 2. "open with..."
22:13:13_flik_preglow: 3. "jpeg"
22:13:27_flik_preglow: repeat from step 1
22:13:55_flik_preglow: crash after second iteration in the qsort call that sorts the file list
22:14:01 Join z0de [0] (
22:14:34*z0de is now the owner of an iaudio x5l
22:14:49_flik_preglow: oh yes and you need at least one jpeg in the directory
22:15:32_flik_preglow: in my case the "entries" variable was not zero on the second iteration but the number of jpeg files found in the first iteration
22:16:06z0dedoes rockbox support the inline remote for the x5l? i didn't see anything in the manual.
22:17:16Kasperlehow does rockbox patch the bootloader into the existing firmware? does it just append the bootloader to the first file on the firmware filesystem, and set the entryOffset accordingly?
22:17:23 Join V-t [0] (n=opera@
22:17:40z0dehi btw
22:18:58peturz0de: I think yes, but some x5 dev better answer this (jhMikeS? Bagder?)
22:19:12jhMikeSpreglow: you were saying to run feed-though at 44.1 always? I was talking about HP monitoring. Right now I think feed though just passes EBU1 recv right on though.
22:19:27preglow_flik_: and it crashes even if the file you're trying to open is jpeg?
22:19:28_flik_preglow: the crash could not be reproduced when setting entries to zero before calling get_pic_list() in plugin_start(...) of jpeg.c
22:19:43jhMikeSpetur: I'd better read back on that :) 1 min
22:19:57*_flik_ tries that
22:20:01preglowjhMikeS: not feed-through, playback
22:20:08preglowjhMikeS: i'm not really speaking about the recording part at all
22:20:30*_flik_ has to compile it without the fix first though
22:20:31*petur shuts up for a while - belgian beer overload :)
22:20:56jhMikeSpreglow: ok, that's np to adjust but it's not even a factor atm. will be mindful of that when changing things though.
22:21:25jhMikeSz0de: inline remote?
22:22:01jhMikeSthe remote works on x5 of course
22:23:04z0debut with rockbox?
22:23:30z0deit has all the buttons on the player and has an exstended connector
22:23:31peturZ0de: this is #rockbox btw ;)
22:23:40 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:23:43z0dei know :P
22:24:03TerrorByteOkay, I'm going to ask this every day here.
22:24:04jhMikeSz0de: the remote works. I have all the accessories.
22:24:09TerrorByteIs there sound yet on the vides on the H10?
22:24:32TerrorByteCold day today......
22:24:33jhMikeSTerrorByte:'s overdubbed with your voice :D
22:24:34z0decool jhMikeS
22:24:55 Join Abst [0] (n=Abst@unaffiliated/abst)
22:24:56linuxstbTerrorByte: You'll annoy people quickly... Just check the recent changes at
22:25:07 Quit TerrorByte (Client Quit)
22:25:08z0dehow close are we to a v1.0 release for the x5l? or is the daly release stable enough.
22:25:10 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:25:32TerrorByteAnyone see my messages?
22:25:37TerrorByteGuess not.
22:25:38TerrorByteWell anyways.
22:25:48TerrorByteI'm gonna ask the same question here everyday.
22:25:53z0dei see but dont know the anwers.
22:25:53Paul_The_Nerdz0de: Rockbox is a single piece of software, there aren't separate version numbers for different hardware
22:26:01TerrorByteIs there sound yet in the videos on the H10?
22:26:05Paul_The_NerdTerrorByte: Don't ask the same question daily
22:26:06_flik_preglow: nope it doesn't crash when directly displaying the jpeg
22:26:10Paul_The_NerdTerrorByte: There's a changelog, just bloody READ
22:26:11z0debut theres stable relases and daly.
22:26:13jhMikeSz0de: x5(x) is pretty stable
22:26:17TerrorByteYeah I do read the log.
22:26:19*_flik_ starts his vim to find out why
22:26:20TerrorByteLike 5 times a day.
22:26:27Paul_The_NerdTerrorByte: Then why the heck do you need to ask?
22:26:31TerrorByteI'm a very impatient man.
22:26:35Paul_The_NerdThen DO IT
22:26:36TerrorByteMaybe there's like a breakthrough.
22:26:44Paul_The_NerdWork on it, rather than pestering innocent people about it.
22:27:06*jhMikeS will not be an innocent victim
22:27:06z0deany cases of it could crashing and damaging the hardware/not booting ever?
22:27:08Paul_The_NerdMany of us don't care in the slightest about video support.
22:27:38*TerrorByte targets jhMikeS to be next 'innocent victim'.
22:27:45Paul_The_NerdAnd since there's an official place for you to find out if it's working or not, on your own, spamming the channel does no good.
22:27:56 Quit Abst (Client Quit)
22:28:06Paul_The_Nerd4 messages in a row in under a minute that were completely irrelevant, for example.
22:28:16TerrorByteProbably were yeah.
22:28:21*jhMikeS looks at his collection and picks the Berretta just to be nice
22:28:27preglow_flik_: ok, in a dir with music files and jpegs i try to open an mp3 with jpeg, it says unsupported file, then displays the next valid jpeg again. i exit, try the same thing again, and again the jpeg plugin does as before
22:28:29*TerrorByte backs off.
22:28:34linuxstbTerrorByte: If you're impatient, just buy another H10, and you can have video with sound.
22:28:34Paul_The_Nerdz0de: Rockbox has not permanently damaged an X5 ever, or at least nobody has reported it being so.
22:28:44TerrorByteLOL linux.
22:28:44Kitt0sis there a fast way to test the plugins? without having to do make and make install every time??
22:28:46TerrorByteGreat answer.
22:28:49Kitt0sfor simulator i mean
22:28:57TerrorByteI only wonder why the rest of the world won't do that. :)
22:29:16_flik_preglow: ok seems to work on linux then, thanks for testing
22:29:47linuxstbKitt0s: You can just copy the .rock - i.e. "make && cp apps/plugins/jpeg.rock archos/.rockbox/viewers/"
22:29:59TerrorByteWell I'm off.
22:30:00z0dethanks paul
22:30:04TerrorByteThings to do, places to be.
22:30:07 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
22:30:13Kitt0sso i do need to do make again
22:30:14z0dei just dont want to break my shiny new player.
22:30:24Kitt0sk then
22:30:27*TerrorByte leaves, casting wary looks at jhMikeS.
22:30:31 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC")
22:30:47jhMikeSz0de: no ... you're safe. just flash the bootloader.
22:30:57linuxstbKitt0s: You could try "make V=1" and then repeat the lines to create jpeg.rock. But the build system itself doesn't support just rebuilding a single plugin.
22:31:17Kitt0sok then
22:31:20 Join [dot]_j [0] (n=kytolaj@
22:31:46[dot]_janyone have a few minutes for a linux/rockbox question?
22:32:08Bagderask and you'll find out
22:32:13[dot]_ji have installed rockbox on and old 3gen ipod
22:32:26 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:32:32[dot]_ji am able to boot to both the apple & rockbox firmware
22:32:32*jhMikeS has made a heater out of the x5 a couple times by accidentally scribbling all over RAM...thankfully there's an overtemp protection.
22:32:32Kitt0swhat is the lcd depth of the x5l?
22:32:38TerrorByteHeh, I'm back.
22:32:43TerrorByteBut I have a serious question.
22:32:52TerrorByteNot related to Rockbox, but good place to ask nonetheless.
22:32:54BagderKitt0s: 16bit colors
22:32:55jhMikeSKitt0s: 16-bit native...can do 18-bit dithered to 565
22:32:58TerrorByteIt's for a seminar.
22:33:01TerrorByteOkay, here goes.
22:33:04[dot]_jbut, using ubuntu, it will only detect the device if i'm booted into the apple side
22:33:12TerrorByteIs anyone here black?
22:33:19TerrorByteIt's a serious question guys.
22:33:27Paul_The_NerdTerrorByte: This is #Rockbox... it's for Rockbox purposes.
22:33:35Bagder[dot]_j: rockbox on ipod doesn't yet have its own usb mode
22:33:38TerrorByteAw come on Paul, I know.
22:33:38[dot]_jdmesg output says that the usb device is not accepting the address (if in rockbox)
22:33:39jhMikeSTerrorByte: As the night...but only in my heart
22:33:45linuxstb[dot]_j: Rockbox doesn't have USB/Firewire detection on the 3g yet - you need to manually boot into the Apple firmware or the emergency disk mode - see
22:33:54TerrorByteLOL jh.
22:33:58[dot]_jah, that explains it
22:34:07[dot]_jworks fine on my video ipod...
22:34:09TerrorByteSo, no one's black?
22:34:27BagderI've got a black recorder, does that count?
22:34:27jhMikeSTerrorByte: When the lights are off are not we all?
22:34:42TerrorByteLOL & LOL.
22:34:43[dot]_jthanks badger & linuxstb
22:34:54TerrorByteI mean in the light, the natural color of your face.
22:34:58TerrorByteThat clear enough?
22:35:16_flik_preglow: although it doesn't crash when directly loading the jpeg i still see the entries variable increasing although it shouldn't
22:35:39*Paul_The_Nerd wonders if there's a sign on the door that says "Ask us questions unrelated to Rockbox, or questions you can answer yourself, just *anything* but relevant questions"
22:35:46jhMikeSTerrorByte: What about the rest of me?
22:35:47preglow_flik_: well, i can't make it crash, at least
22:35:57[dot]_jso... does anyone know if 3g usb detection is in the works?
22:36:07[dot]_jor are they getting too old to worry about it at this point?
22:36:09TerrorByteThe rest of you doesn't count Mike.
22:36:11TerrorByteSo no one's black huh...
22:36:36jhMikeSTerrorByte: depends on who you ask ;-)
22:36:39Paul_The_Nerd[dot]_j: Things get done if people choose to do them... there's really no such thing as "In the works" unless someone's already specifically working on exactly that feature
22:36:46Kitt0s4 16-bit packed 5-6-5 RGB (iriver H300)
22:36:46Kitt0s5 16-bit packed and byte-swapped 5-6-5 RGB (iPod)
22:36:46preglowTerrorByte: could you please keep it on topic? there's enough traffic here right now as it is
22:36:47_flik_peglow: could you check with gdb if the entries variable keeps increasing on every plugin iteration?
22:36:54Kitt0swich one for the X5? i assume 4?
22:37:09linuxstb[dot]_j: I think there's only one dev (dan_a) with a 3g.
22:37:13BagderKitt0s: yes, if you mean how we store the data in memory
22:37:14_flik_preglow: by setting a breakpoint at jpeg.c line 2017
22:37:15jhMikeSAll the color target are 565 rgb
22:37:18TerrorByteYeah, I've noticed preglow... And I got my answer..
22:37:28Kitt0sits bmp2rb, Bagder.
22:37:32TerrorByteEither there's no one black here, or they aren't very talkative.
22:37:41 Part TerrorByte
22:37:41BagderKitt0s: then it is in memory, so 4 it is
22:37:45_flik_preglow: because maybe with the right order it doesn't crash although the bug is still there
22:37:46[dot]_jso... any idea how differnt say the video & 3gen ipods are when it comes to such things?
22:38:03jhMikeSKitt0s: yes for iRiver/x5
22:38:15z0deget the x5l
22:38:29Bagder[dot]_j: we're on a shortage of 3gen ipod developers. We tend to put all the 3g work on dan_a ;-)
22:38:40*jhMikeS is losing track that Bagder is already the answering q's :P
22:38:47linuxstb[dot]_j: Very different. The 3rd Gen has a PP5002 processor, the 5g/video has a PP5021
22:39:19Kitt0syep thanks :]
22:39:26[dot]_jlooks like the girl get's the video...
22:39:26preglow_flik_: seems to work like it should
22:40:09 Join Famicom [0] (
22:40:14_flik_preglow: ok, thanks for testing
22:40:48*jhMikeS sings "Ebony and Ivory"
22:40:54 Quit PortaBob (Connection timed out)
22:41:14Famicomcan anybody tell me what I need to watch movies on my iPOD video ?
22:41:20 Part V-t
22:41:34FamicomI removed iTUNES, and installed rockbox
22:41:39linuxstbFamicom: Do you want to listen to your movies as well?
22:42:04linuxstbThen put itunes back... (or find a third-party replacement that supports videos)
22:42:18Famicomso rockbox doesn't?
22:42:49[dot]_jFam - how often you watch videos on the thing?
22:43:01[dot]_jI ask cause I have a video ipod and never use it for video, so rockbox works fine for me
22:43:24linuxstbThere's a video player in progress, but it's designed for all the other players Rockbox supports - it doesn't use the 5g's video processor, and probably never will. It's working, but without sound.
22:44:36FamicomI've never done it yet, but yes, I'd like to get some of my dvds into my ipod
22:44:58jhMikeSlinuxstb: why would it never if someone wants to do it?
22:44:58[dot]_jyou could still put itunes back and dual boot
22:45:15Famicomand what about a third party OS ?
22:45:16linuxstbjhMikeS: A video player using the Broadcom chip would be a different plugin IMO.
22:45:21[dot]_juse apple side for video & rockbox for everything else
22:45:52linuxstbThe Apple firmware appears to just pass the compressed video/audio data to the broadcom chip, which does the decoding and display, and passes PCM data back to the portalplayer chip to be sent to the DAC.
22:46:04jhMikeSlinuxstb: could "look" like the same plugin though.
22:46:45 Quit pixelma (" brb")
22:46:57 Quit qailer ("Leaving")
22:47:10Paul_The_NerdjhMikeS: Well since they both ought to be viewers (for the moment) yeah it'd react the same, I imagine
22:47:17linuxstbMaybe, but it would also play different formats (h264 with AAC audio) than mpegplayer (mpeg-1/2 video with layer 2/3 audio)
22:47:28Famicom[dot]_j how can I do such a thing, put itunes back and dual boot?
22:47:48[dot]_jyou've got rockbox installed, right?
22:48:24[dot]_jwell.. i guess i'm not sure exactly how itunes reacts to rockbox
22:48:26jhMikeSIt could have target-specific files in it if organized well.
22:49:00[dot]_jbut you could try booting to the apple side of the ipod and see if you can transfer video that way
22:49:13 Join My_Sic [0] (i=51410ec9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:49:17My_Sichie all
22:49:36My_Sici have a problem with my rockbox
22:49:37Famicomhow can I boot to the apple side?
22:49:57My_Sicalways i make the datatag i have this erro : "data abort at 000004CC"
22:49:59[dot]_jhold down menu & play until it boots
22:50:01My_Sicwhat do the mean ?
22:50:18 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
22:50:21[dot]_jthe manual tells you how to boot to the apple side vs rockbox
22:50:41Famicomok, thanks ;)
22:50:44linuxstbFamicom: Shut down Rockbox by holding PLAY, then press MENU to wake it up, and keep your finger held down on MENU, being careful not to move it until you see "Loading original firmware' appear.
22:51:40[dot]_jthanks again for the help - off to dinner
22:51:45 Quit [dot]_j ("Leaving.")
22:51:51Famicomuhmm, thankss
22:53:15Famicomlinuxstb, so now I can reinstall iTUNES on my pc and it will comunicate with my iPOD?
22:53:43Famicombeing unnecessary to uninstall rockbox, I mean
22:54:02linuxstbYes, you don't even need to be in the Apple firmware to use iTunes.
22:54:24 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:54:33linuxstbIt works fine in the emergency disk mode Rockbox reboots into when you insert a USB cable.
22:54:38 Join Arathis [0] (
22:54:46 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
22:57:22 Join PaulJam [0] (
22:57:39 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
22:58:15Famicomok, thanks again :)
22:58:27psiborgemergency disk mode?
22:59:51 Quit psiborg ("Ex-Chat")
22:59:54 Part lowlight
23:04:40z0dehmm the install bootloader of the x5l section of the manual is "to do"
23:04:56z0deanyone avaliable to walk me thorugh it?
23:05:02peturz0de: try the wiki
23:06:03z0dethx again
23:06:35*petur wonders if anybody ever heard of a 'device_instance' type in a DOS program
23:10:39My_Sicplease what mean this erro : "data abort at 000004CC"
23:12:25_flik_that rockbox crashed when the program counter was at address 0x000004CC, if that helps you
23:12:53preglowand that it did so thanks to unaligned memory
23:13:11Bagderand the .map file can explain what's in that memory
23:13:53My_Sicok thanks
23:14:34 Quit Siku ()
23:16:00My_Sicwhere is the .map file?
23:16:28 Quit bundik ("Quit")
23:17:00hcsany idea why we seem to get channels switching on 4g ipods when it isn't crashing? I don't know anything about the actual playback hardware...
23:17:17 Join Rincewind [0] (
23:18:46 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
23:18:59linuxstbhcs: "seem to" ?
23:19:39hcswell, yes, we do get channels switching
23:19:48*z0de now has rockbox
23:19:51_flik_preflow: i created a the test now for the static variable reinitialization problem
23:20:15 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:20:25*preglow is thorougly confused
23:20:32preglow_flik_: and what happened?
23:20:37 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
23:20:51linuxstbhcs: Any idea if it's certain codecs, or all codecs?
23:21:04_flik_preflow: it behaves the way i noticed in the uisimulator: when dlopen()ing and dlclosing() the static variables are not reinitialized
23:21:07hcslinuxstb: I'm doing testing along that line now
23:21:25 Quit My_Sic ("CGI:IRC")
23:21:31_flik_sorry preglow not preflow
23:21:45z0dedoes rockbox have a back button, im stuck in the picture viewer on the x5
23:21:52hcslinuxstb: but I've noticed it in mp3 and aac, most of my recent testing was with mono files, though, so it didn't become apparent
23:22:07linuxstbhcs: I've never noticed it, but I'm not sure I would anyway...
23:22:40z0deits the power button
23:22:51preglow_flik_: i'd report this to someone who should know, then, this is obviously a bug some place
23:23:06hcslinuxstb: it's accompanied by an irritating click even if there's no obvious difference between the channels, as the waves don't quite match up
23:23:59 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
23:24:10_flik_preglow: i will try the test on linux first though
23:24:43preglow_flik_: just put the source somewhere and i can test right now
23:25:05yipehello rockboxers, I've got a pretty simple question and I just can't seem to locate the answer on the website
23:25:15preglowyipe: then ask away
23:25:22linuxstbhcs: In which case, I've never noticed it. What format do you normally listen to?
23:25:40yipehow do you get BACK to the wps once you've left it to go look around at whatever, WITHOUT messing with the track that's playing
23:26:00preglowyipe: press play
23:26:01linuxstbyipe: PLAY on most (all?) devices.
23:26:03yipesometimes I might wanna turn the volume up, or rewind, and I can't do nothin' without starting the whole track over again,
23:26:08_flik_preglow: ok its at and
23:26:13yipeare you serious? I'm an idiot
23:26:28hcslinuxstb: this seems to be specifically an issue with barrywardell's cpufreq4.patch
23:26:28yipeyeah, that's it, thank you
23:26:54hcslinuxstb: as I very rarely noticed it before I started to test this, I usually listen to mp3s
23:27:09linuxstbhcs: OK. I haven't tried that yet - I'm on vacation, and don't have my photo with me.
23:27:44 Quit GreyFoux ("Le vrai danger, c'est quand les hommes penseront comme les ordinateurs")
23:27:56linuxstbMy first guess would be that it's interfering with the FIQ in some way, causing a sample to be dropped.
23:28:07yipeam I right in guessing that the battery level indicator and the estimates of running time left aren't too accurate?
23:28:27Paul_The_NerdIn many cases the estimated time remaining is especially horrible.
23:28:31hcslinuxstb: so it goes to the dsp fully interleaved?
23:28:34linuxstbhcs: Does it happen when the CPU is being boosted/unboosted?
23:28:37linuxstbhcs: yes.
23:29:03 Quit Rincewind ("Bye")
23:29:24hcslinuxstb: it does seem to be associated with the boosting/unboosting
23:29:32preglow_flik_: counts from 0 to 4, then starts over again
23:29:44preglow_flik_: which looks to me to be correct behaviour
23:29:54 Join Abst [0] (n=Abst@unaffiliated/abst)
23:30:00_flik_preglow: ok, on os x it counts to 24
23:30:11linuxstbhcs: If barrywardell's patch disables interrupts, maybe it is disabling them for too long. The FIQ needs to keep a 32-byte (I think) FIFO from emptying.
23:30:12preglow_flik_: clearly buggy behaviour, now go nag apple about it ;)
23:30:31hcslinuxstb: running the adx decoder it doesn't seem to be an issue, and that almost never requires boosting
23:30:39hcslinuxstb: very possible, he does disable interrupts
23:31:16_flik_preglow: i will, thanks again for testing
23:31:20preglow_flik_: np
23:31:48Kitt0sLinusN, you around?
23:32:45Genre9mp3Kitt0s: He is not even online
23:33:01Kitt0slol :P
23:35:03preglow_flik_: btw, you should probably check if this is an issue on other bsds too
23:35:30_flik_preglow: yup, i will google for the issue
23:37:33 Quit Abst (Client Quit)
23:37:37preglowwooo, my h120 just hung when trying to enter a dir
23:37:42preglowrockbox seems somewhat more flakey than usual of late...
23:38:14peturtoo many core changes
23:39:32hcslinuxstb: even without disabling interrupts the switching sill happens
23:41:06Kasperlewhat do you need tested? I'm on FreeBSD
23:42:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:44:08 Quit NickDe (Remote closed the connection)
23:45:19preglowhmm, can iriver flash plugin flash iriver official images?
23:45:21_flik_Kasperle: whether reloading a shared library causes its static members to be reset
23:45:39linuxstbpreglow: I believe so. At least the wiki claims so.
23:45:56preglowi'm getting a bit tired of keeping rockbox in flash while developing
23:47:21linuxstbYes, a boot-order setting would be nice.
23:47:47 Quit petur ("sssssssssss---------PLOP!")
23:48:23preglowargh, why does the wiki download links have to be so unfriendly to wget
23:49:04z0decan you charge rockbox on an x5 while the usb is plugged in?
23:49:26 Join nave7693 [0] (
23:50:29Kasperle_flik_: on freebsd it counts to 4 several times
23:50:43z0deor does rockbox have a alarmclock fature?
23:50:52_flik_Kasperle: ok, thanks, this is the correct behaivour
23:51:18 Part nave7693
23:51:33preglowlinuxstb: plugin says unknown file type, though
23:51:34Kasperle_flik_: (tested it like this: gcc -shared -o test.dylib ; gcc -o load load.c ; ./load, I had to point load.c to "./test.dylib" though)
23:51:54preglowKasperle: then it's a os x bug
23:52:02linuxstbpreglow: .hex or .bin (i.e. decrypted) ?
23:52:03_flik_Kasperle: yup
23:52:05preglowlinuxstb: crypted
23:52:13preglowright, that might be it...
23:52:15linuxstbIIRC, it needs the ,.bin
23:53:16linuxstbz0de: There is no alarm-clock at the moment on the X5. I've no idea about USB charging.
23:53:35 Quit Famicom ()
23:54:01preglowlinuxstb: right, also it can't be patched
23:54:22z0de:( the cowen software has an alarm, any idea if it would be put on
23:54:33z0deit would be very usefull to me.
23:54:45linuxstbz0de: It's been talked about, so I'm sure it will come.
23:56:02*_flik_ heads to apple bugreporter
23:56:17z0dewhat about the usb as i have the doc which has both usb and charger pluged in to it. can rockbox prioertise the charger?
23:56:28z0deand only usb when comp tells it too.
23:57:15_flik_oops, i get a java.lang.NullPointerException when trying to log into the apple bug reporter ;-)
23:57:18preglowwtf, it refuses to let me update the bootloader
23:57:58linuxstbz0de: I've no idea. LinusN or jhMikeS may know if you catch them around - I think they're the two main low-level X5 developers.

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