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#rockbox log for 2006-10-29

00:00:00iriverh340petur, have the 80gig toshiba's come out yet, I only see a zif 80gigger on ewiz:
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00:01:13Genre9mp3iriverh340: They are out, but cost a fortune
00:01:34Paul_the_NerdKitt0s: If you want it, feel free to implement it.
00:01:42peturnobody has 'm in stock so they aren't really out
00:01:55Kitt0sPaul_the_Nerd, so its not an option yet i see..
00:02:01Kitt0si might just try :]
00:02:10iriverh340yeah I'm just glad the x5's 60gig drive is a direct-drop-in for the h340
00:02:46iriverh340so it'll just be like always...the h340 with 60 gigs + rockbox = what I'm used to...I'd just have to learn the buttons & what-not
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00:06:54Kitt0sPaul_the_Nerd, where can i find the source for the viewers?
00:08:22markunKitt0s: apps/plugins
00:10:18markunThere is so little info on the 1.8" Seagate drives
00:10:43markunI would like to know if they have the same size as the toshiba drives
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00:15:36RogerBaconmarkun : dont ask any question here, you will never get a response ..
00:15:40jhMikeSamiconn: yes, around again.
00:20:49amiconnjhMikeS: A few hours ago you said you would clean up the button read activation/deactivation. I just want to know whether I'll see a commit soon, so I can adjust my H300 patch
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00:21:12amiconnAnyone around with gnu make 3.80 or earlier?
00:21:54hcsamiconn: I have 3.80 on this machine
00:22:13jhMikeSI was gonna clean it for x5. I don't think it will affect anything for H300.
00:22:23amiconnhcs: So you're observing the silent builds with latest cvs. Would you like to test a patch for me?
00:22:38hcsamiconn: sure
00:23:44Kitt0show come it doesnt show all
00:25:05amiconnYou need to reconfigure after applying the patch
00:25:16andrewmelIf I am wanting to pass two short data types to a procedure, is this the procedure header code?
00:25:17andrewmelvoid prepare_sound(short sound, buffer)
00:28:58hcsamiconn: ok, now running make, seeing all the build stuff listed, was that the point?
00:28:59linuxstb_I think it needs to be (short sound, short buffer).
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00:29:23andrewmelthanks linuxstb
00:30:10amiconnhcs: Yes. It should look almost exactly like before my commit yesterday
00:30:25Kitt0si just installed the new cvs on my x5l
00:30:26amiconn(with a warning at the very top that you should consider upgrading make)
00:30:29Kitt0swith the new boost
00:30:32Kitt0sworks like a charm!!
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00:31:11hcsamiconn: yep, complete w/ warning
00:31:16]RowaN[anyone know if its currently possible to delete a song when using rockbox (ipod nano) in tagcache view?
00:31:32hcswhat kind of performance increase should I expect if I upgrade?
00:31:48markunhcs: do you have a X5?
00:32:07hcsmarkun: no, iPod 4g color
00:32:17amiconnThe build will be a bit faster because 'make' doesn't need to spawn an echo command for every message, but can use an internal function instead
00:32:25Kitt0sits the browsing for me.. i click to get to a root folder, then boom its there.. and there used to be a delay..
00:32:40markunhcs: then I don't think you should expect any improvement
00:33:03amiconnThe speedup depends on your build platfrom. ~20% on cygwin, a few percent on linux
00:33:33hcsmarkun: I didn't mean rockbox speedup, just the build time
00:33:42markunah, sorry
00:33:50*jhMikeS is gonna work on getting right of the adc tick task as well
00:33:58jhMikeSrid even
00:34:03Kitt0su know something wired
00:34:13Kitt0si plug my x5 to the power cable
00:34:18Kitt0sthen it says complete
00:34:23Kitt0sbut when i turn rockbox on
00:34:31Kitt0si have like less then half battery
00:34:33amiconnjhMikeS: For archos it has to stay, and makes sense, but for all others it should go imho
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00:36:34markunKitt0s: yes, that's weird
00:37:40Kitt0sreport? :\
00:39:57markunKitt0s: what?
00:40:04Kitt0sreport the bug ?:D
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00:43:25freqmodHello does anybody know the makefilesystem for codecs?
00:43:36 Quit midgey34 ()
00:44:37freqmodhow do i make the makefile do a new target (e.g. libspeex:), as e.g. "libmad:"
00:45:08hcsfreqmod: my technique for figuring that out was searching for libmad throughout the sources
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00:45:32hcsyou specifically have to add stuff to tools/configure
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00:52:20amiconnThe build colouring script counts the 'make' version warning as an error
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00:52:30hcsamiconn: heh
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00:53:16hcsthe "Header parsed" lines are on stderr for some reason
00:56:10andrewmelHmmm, I just had that "header parsed" for the first time this morning
00:56:46hcsyeah, I hadn't noticed it before, either
00:57:49jhMikeSamiconn: I'll do the cleanup first though then commence to that
00:58:40*amiconn is undecided how to proceed.
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00:59:50esyhey eveyrone I wanted to see if there was any luck on the 5.5g ipod problem
00:59:57amiconnRemoving the warning message would remove the error colouring, but then the user wouldn't know that upgrading make would be useful
01:00:08 Part RogerBacon ("Quitte")
01:00:14hcsput it on stdout instead?
01:00:27hcsI don't know
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01:00:47amiconnAt the point of this check no shell commands are run.
01:01:11lostlogicamiconn: you misread the patch
01:01:29amiconnIt just uses another built-in function, $(warning), which is available since several 'make' versions ago
01:01:30lostlogicamiconn: when a thread sleeps while boosted, the CPU stays boosted
01:02:20lostlogicamiconn: the only time the cpu changes boost states is when 1) the cpu is not boosted and a thread requests boost or 2) _all_ threads have slept (without requesting a boosted sleep) since their last boost request
01:02:51andrewmelesy, if you go to the rockbox forum, and look in the New ports sub-forum you will find a thread there. Those working on it seem to post there often
01:03:35amiconnSounds rather complicated.
01:03:54 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:04:33amiconnI would expect the boost count to run out of sync with what a thread expects it to be
01:04:58 Join ze [0] (i=ze@
01:05:02lostlogicamiconn: the scheduler is one cpu_boost client it only ever boosts once no matter how many times how many threads call trigger_cpu_boost
01:05:21 Join _jhMikeS_ [0] (
01:05:22lostlogicamiconn: note: this is a reimpl of what slasheri already committed, because his impl made me uncomfortable ;)
01:05:39amiconnIt doesn't apply to manual boosts?
01:05:46 Quit lee-qid ("Trillian (")
01:05:56lostlogicamiconn: right, manual boost is still totally separate
01:06:18amiconnHmm, then I wonder something different:
01:06:38 Quit josep (Remote closed the connection)
01:06:55amiconnWhat would cause a thread which uses trigger_cpu_boost to need to sleep with the cpu boosted?
01:07:47amiconnHmm, the only reason I could imagine would be a very short sleep
01:07:53lostlogicamiconn: well the way I have it figured: when the filebuffer is filling, and the pcmbuffer runs low, that trade-off of cpu cycles wants to keep the CPU boosted
01:08:33lostlogicthe other situation which I've coded it to keep the CPU boosted during a sleep is when it goes to indefinite block waiting for another thread to do something; timed blocks unboost.
01:08:35blue_lizardrockboxui is really great
01:09:00 Quit esy ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
01:09:07TerrorByteLol, I fell asleep listening to music..
01:09:13lostlogicamiconn: but actually, now that I think of it, I might be able to just double check and/or adjust the audio_yield_codecs method so there is no need for the sleep_w_boost function.
01:09:17TerrorByteAnd at 3AM, the battery on my H10 nearly died.
01:09:28TerrorByteAnd you all know what happens when it's low on battery.
01:09:33TerrorByteRude awakening.
01:09:58amiconnlostlogic: Does the scheduler keep track of which threads used trigger_cpu_boost?
01:10:07blue_lizardif one of the devs of rockboxui is here
01:10:14lostlogicamiconn: yeah, I made it part of the state
01:10:19blue_lizardKudos to you!
01:10:33lostlogicmight tweak it so that it doesn't use up an extra bit if this is to get committed
01:12:16_jhMikeS_The build table is spotting ;P
01:12:39 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
01:12:44 Nick _jhMikeS_ is now known as jhMikeS (
01:12:50amiconnBtw, one thing I found that at least on some targets, using bitfields for booleans is more efficient that using bitmasks.
01:13:04amiconnNote - that is true for booleans _only_
01:13:22lostlogicforgive my ignorance, but what do you mean by a bitfield?
01:13:36amiconnstruct mystatus {
01:13:43amiconnint somevalue;
01:13:50amiconnbool state1:1;
01:13:55amiconnbool state2:1;
01:14:23jhMikeSwhich targets?
01:14:29amiconnThis way, each bool takes one bit. Of course they need to be grouped together
01:14:41amiconnSH and coldfire iirc
01:14:49jhMikeSis bool technically signed or unsigned?
01:14:58lostlogichmph, neat
01:15:35jhMikeSwell if you look at a one bit bool I've seen them interpreted as -1 on ms compilers
01:15:43amiconnbool should never be treated as being equivalent to one of the integer types
01:16:02amiconnThe implementation is compiler and platform dependent
01:16:20amiconnOn some platforms, bool is a byte, on others it is an int
01:16:26jhMikeSthat was only if the sign bit was set otherwise 0 or 1
01:16:51 Join voyage34 [0] (
01:16:55amiconnFalse is usually zero, True can be either 1 or all bits set
01:17:12voyage34hi all
01:17:32 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:17:36hcs...and on some compilers it doesn't exist at all...
01:17:37jhMikeSI usually treat true as !false :P
01:18:02jhMikeSiiow: if x != false not if x == true
01:19:10voyage34quick question... I have rockbox loaded and am loving it.. thing is My battery is completely drained and Im unable to get it to boot into either apple fw or RB....
01:19:40voyage34how can I get it to go directly into a charge from a discharged state like this?
01:19:43jhMikeSamiconn: I did commit that if it makes any diff since it's all x5 code
01:20:39jhMikeSI think a few server need the new make...
01:23:02voyage34any of you have a suggestion?
01:23:10 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
01:23:16jhMikeSwish I could help but I don't have an iPod
01:23:37voyage34i understand. thanks
01:23:43 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
01:23:46oboplug it in for 20-30 minutes, flick hold on and off, then hit menu+select to reboot...
01:23:46 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:23:51amiconnvoyage34: Just connect it to usb or the charger and it should charge
01:23:57oboshould then boot and you can continue to charge
01:24:02linuxstb_voyage34: Just plug the charger in and wait. You may need to reset it (hold MENU+SELECT), and sometimes forcing it into disk mode (holding SELECT+PLAY immediately after resetting) helps.
01:24:06amiconn...even if it doesn't display that it charges
01:25:11voyage34k. will try again.. I plugged it in usb and and it just show the battery like it's charging but it doesnt move and it didnt seem to charge...
01:25:17 Join Rob2222 [0] (
01:25:35voyage34pluggin it in to an AC adapter it just reboots
01:27:21 Quit obo ("bye")
01:27:41preglowamiconn: would you like to clean up the codec makefiles now that you're at it? :>
01:28:01voyage34thanks for the ideas all .. I will try them out and let you know how it goes.. preesh
01:28:28preglowcurrently, all codecs are linked with all codec libraries at the same time, and we get conflicts when linking speex since speex and tremor have colliding symbols
01:28:38andrewmelIn pascal if I pass a variable to a procedure, I need to put (var size : int) (or something like that) for the procedure to be able to change the value of that variable, if you leave the var out it cannont change the value. Is there a similar thing in C?
01:29:04preglowandrewmel: no, only pointers
01:29:12preglowandrewmel: in c++ you have something that works much like it called references
01:29:33linuxstb_You need to pass a pointer to the variable - i.e. "void myfunc(int* x) { ... }" and you call it by myfunc(&var);
01:29:53 Quit rconan ("Leaving")
01:29:54linuxstb_You then need to do *x to dereference the pointer within myfunc.
01:30:40andrewmelhmmm, I am have a procedure in an #ifdef. It uses two shorts that are declared within the #ifdef and I want to pass them to the procedure from outside the #ifdef, that should work, shouldnt it?
01:30:55 Join solarflare [0] (
01:31:52andrewmelso that would look like this
01:32:01andrewmelvoid prepare_sound(short* sound, short* buffer)
01:32:45andrewmelprepare_sound(&var tick_sound, &var tick_buff);
01:33:17peturprepare_sound(&tick_sound, &tick_buff);
01:33:36petur(for calling it)
01:33:38Nimdaebleh, so now i have to upgrade make? -_-
01:33:51 Part Paul_the_Nerd
01:34:12andrewmelthe declaration is correct?
01:34:39andrewmelthanks guys :)
01:35:29*Nimdae tries to figure out how to upgrade make on his server without breaking other stuff
01:35:44linuxstb_What OS are you running?
01:36:28andrewmellinuxstb_: was that asked of me?
01:36:39linuxstb_andrewmel: No, Nimdae
01:37:14*linuxstb_ can't help with redhat
01:37:36Nimdaethink i'll make a secondary install in /usr/local/make and add it to the path for rbclient
01:38:04linuxstb_Or just somewhere within ~rbclient
01:38:31Nimdaetrue, but i was gonna just keep it separate from those files
01:38:58Nimdaei normally make my local builds in ~/local, heh
01:41:37lostlogichmm, what do you think about moving the codec yields out from the codecs themselves and into the playback.c code? Seems like every codec yields on about the same 'schedule' and once per buffer insert as a rule, so that yield could probably be moved into the callback and make just as much sense
01:42:32linuxstb_Some codecs yield more often. I remember adding yields inside the ALAC decoder when I first ported it - I'm assuming they are still there.
01:43:19 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
01:43:30jhMikeSuhmmm....I think codecs should be able to optimize their yielding if needed even if it's similar atm for each
01:43:36lostlogiclinuxstb_: the codec handles large frames and thereby wouldn't be yielding often enough?
01:44:00linuxstb_I assume so - I can't remember the reason any more...
01:44:10lostlogichah, ok, so much for that idea ;)
01:44:12 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
01:44:14Nimdaethere, now to wait for a commit to make sure that worked
01:44:19jhMikeSlet's get bugs out of playback.c first. how about making it stable when codecs fail?
01:44:29Nimdaeor is there a way for me to just test it?
01:44:36linuxstb_From the cvs log: "Add yield() calls inside the monolithic ALAC decode_frame() function - improves responsiveness of UI during ALAC decoding"
01:45:01lostlogicjhMikeS: what badness happens when codecs fail?
01:45:06jhMikeSDid the same stuff for wavpack_enc. It yield four times per chunk
01:45:45jhMikeSlostlogic: Playback will bust and no longer work reliably after the first failure. Usually after playing a lot of short files or fast skipping.
01:46:48lostlogicjhMikeS: so the problem isn't with a codec failing, it's with playback not handling something else correctly and thereby causing corruption which causes codec failure and further badness
01:47:39 Join spiorf [0] (
01:47:39*preglow hands freqmod the "most broken patch ever" award
01:47:43 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
01:47:43jhMikeSWhy should the codec fail on a short file at all for instance and even if it does thing should be in a left normal state that shouldn't affect anything later negatively.
01:48:22lostlogicjhMikeS: right, but the problem is not with the handling of a codec failure (most likely) it's with what _caused_ the codec to fail.
01:48:41lostlogicand that _cause_ is most likely _also_ what causes playback to remain flakey after the codec fails
01:48:55 Join AdamKili [0] (
01:49:17AdamKilidoes rockbox support videos? which codecs?
01:49:29jhMikeSeither way it leaves a mess behind that only a reboot fixes
01:51:20 Part solarflare ("Leaving")
01:51:48lostlogicjhMikeS: is there a flyspray for this situation, with a logf?
01:51:54lostlogicif so, link me, if not, post one.
01:52:37jhMikeSlostlogic: I haven't put one up myself.
01:53:02 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:53:04 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
01:53:07andrewmelAdamKili, go to the, click on the wiki link on the left, then click on plugin index, then find pluginmpegplayer and click on that, you will find all you need
01:53:53jhMikeSI noticed it because of all the short files made during recording work. Some stuff may be more complex than short file alone and I'll try to see how to break it consistently.
01:55:22jhMikeSCould also get some stuff happening where the wrong metadata is shown.
01:59:06 Quit [H5N1] (Remote closed the connection)
02:00:35 Join [H5N1] [0] (
02:00:40 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
02:04:50jhMikeSpowermgmt.c is a wreck
02:10:18amiconnpreglow: Those colliding symbols will need to be resolved I'm afraid
02:10:52amiconnI don't know how we should handle it otherwise, as there is no 1:1 relation between codec and codec library
02:11:04 Part AdamKili ("Ex-Chat")
02:11:37amiconnSome codecs need no library at all, and sometimes a library is used for more than one codec
02:11:43amiconn(e.g. flac and shorten)
02:12:11preglowthey are already resolved, but it's gonna bite us again
02:12:14amiconnOh, and iiuc some codecs use more than one library (libm4a + some other)
02:12:19linuxstbAnd AAC/ALAC need two libraries (libm4a plus the decoder)
02:12:20preglowlinking against all codec libs for all codecs is pretty nasty, if you ask me
02:12:31amiconnlinuxstb: :)
02:12:39*linuxstb is too slow again...
02:12:58preglowwe'd pretty much need to hard code rules for this, sure
02:13:04preglowbut it's better than what we currently do
02:13:45linuxstbIt only seems to be the sim builds that link using $(CODECLIBS) - the target builds just use $(BUILDDIR)/libXXX.a
02:14:11linuxstbIs it about time we declared the X11 and win32 sims dead?
02:15:03preglowthey are
02:15:04linuxstbAlso, the normal plugins link against the codec libs...
02:16:12preglowhow nice!
02:16:39linuxstbI guess it's left from the test plugins, and is still used by the wavpack encoder plugin.
02:16:48amiconnlinuxstb: I think that's something we want. E.g. mpegplayer will probably need libmad...
02:16:57*linuxstb was about to say that as well...
02:17:27*amiconn wonders whether he should remove the $(warning) for now...
02:18:47jhMikeScan't promise some thing with the charging/battery readon won't have some side effect :P
02:19:43linuxstbI got libmad working with mpegplayer, but am getting a strange freeze when playing mp3 files. mp2 files seem fine. I went back and ressurrected the old mpa2wav plugin, and that is giving the same behaviour...
02:21:26jhMikeSow my foot hurts! :(
02:22:35*petur has the isp1362 philips demo code rockbox compatible (compiled and linked) - starting integration :)
02:22:51linuxstbAll 42 mallocs dealt with?
02:23:18petursome were for some build-in shell app, I removed that completely
02:23:25linuxstbAre you compiling it as a plugin?
02:23:50peturwill be h3x0 only anyway
02:24:27jhMikeSpetur: is that usbotg?
02:25:04 Nick JoeyBorn is now known as JoeBorn (
02:25:06jhMikeSpetur: heh...that ALi chip will have its pants pulled down before long I'm sure
02:25:37peturI'm affraid my work will be totally uncompatible with x5
02:26:15jhMikeSwhy? At least setup a basic integration into rb that can have targeted portions. 0:)
02:26:16peturonly the class drivers may be reused I think
02:28:38jhMikeSthe isp1362 code won't share but the basic manner of ui and such should be and a basic usbotg abstract interface.
02:29:22 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
02:30:26peturyes... the class drivers may (hopefully) be re-used, all lower code is isp1362 specific. But I'll have to go through the class drivers as they may contain some hardware specific stuff - must check that later
02:31:19preglowdemo code?
02:31:30preglowalso, what chip is this again?
02:31:57peturit's free demo code that comes with a demo board
02:32:08 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
02:32:28 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
02:35:47jhMikeSIt is going to be modal (enter through a menu item) or is a camera or whatever device going to show up as just another "disk"?
02:36:18peturwould be nice if it came available as another volume
02:36:29preglowwhat is the function of that chip?
02:36:31 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
02:36:49amiconnI think ums devices could be integrated into the browser with multivolume support
02:37:46preglowthis will rockb pretty heavily
02:38:04preglowlet's celebrate that with another coffee
02:38:04amiconnpetur: Iirc the isp1362 can detect plug-in while sleeping?
02:38:19*jhMikeS is out of espresso :(
02:38:21peturno idea
02:38:32peturit should
02:38:35preglowjust got an extra free hour here
02:38:52*petur already reset his watch :)
02:38:59*amiconn remembers having read something about a 'lazy clock' for plug-in detection in the isp datasheet
02:39:53peturI think I saw something in the code about that feature *checks*
02:42:16 Join _jhMikeS_ [0] (
02:42:26 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-THREE-TWENTY-ONE.MIT.EDU)
02:42:46amiconnIf we can use that detection so the chip doesn't suck power as long as nothing is plugged and it powers up when needed this would really rock
02:43:04amiconnJust plug in an ums device, and it will appear in the browser...
02:43:20amiconn...pull it again, and the chip will go to sleep...
02:43:46petura debugger would be nice too....
02:45:45peturit's not clear to me if you must set or clear that NOLAZY flag for this feature... the demo code sets it but there's no comment :(
02:47:50_jhMikeS_debug menu does its own home-brew battery scaling too...:-\
02:48:11 Quit lodesi ("leaving")
02:48:13 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
02:48:18 Nick _jhMikeS_ is now known as jhMikeS (
02:48:24andrewmelwondering if somebody can have a look at this error
02:49:28peturtickbuffer is already an address because it's an array
02:49:44peturso pass &tickbuffer[0] or just tickbufer
02:49:51jhMikeSamiconn: you think any target other than archos can dispense with adc_read and the tick task?
02:51:10andrewmelthanks petur
02:51:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:51:47andrewmelI still need the (short* soundbuffer) in the procedure header?
02:52:12 Join Moos [0] (i=51400b8c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:52:29andrewmelthat is if I am passing &tickbuffer[0]
02:52:53jhMikeSamiconn: just wanna be sure that's what you meant
02:53:08peturI'd treat the short* as a pointer, not array (in the function)
02:53:26amiconnI'm not sure, but maybe we should unify function names afterwards
02:53:26 Join JdGordon [0] (
02:54:12amiconnI mean, adc_read() for archos does pretty much what adc_scan() does for the others, apart from a 10ms delay
02:54:32amiconn(maximum of 10ms delay that is)
02:55:18amiconnGah, button.c is a mess with all thios non-target-tree stuff still in
02:55:25jhMikeSThere seems to be value in the caching for various screens though where they don't need info on the uS level.
02:55:27peturandrewmel: you're copying tick_sound into soundbuffer - why not just memcpy?
02:55:35*amiconn will probably need to port iriver buttons to target tree
02:56:07jhMikeSSuppose I should make it work more like the RTC readin where it limits the frequency of updates but has no tick task associated.
02:57:50amiconnWhich screens (except debug) read the adc more than once per second?
02:57:53jhMikeSThere needs to be a big exodus to the target tree for many things.
02:58:03 Quit EspeonEefi (Remote closed the connection)
02:58:09amiconnI guess none, and in fact I think they shouldn't
02:58:23andrewmelit is making two copies of each bit, side by side, to make it stereo, I think. This code was in the original, but I need two sounds to I am making it a generic procedure and passing both sounds to it
02:58:52jhMikeSI'm looking but I'm thinking in terms of the RTC function where is just returns the same value if it's been < 1 sec.
02:59:05 Quit [H5N1] (Remote closed the connection)
02:59:20 Quit TeaSea (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:59:35jhMikeSWould at least get rid of the tick task which accomplished little more
02:59:52andrewmelat present I have it implemented on two procedures that are identical but for the variables they use
02:00:03amiconnAgain: which screens do read the adc directly and read it that often?
02:00:19amiconnImho no screen should directly read adc
02:00:34 Join [H5N1] [0] (
02:01:06 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-THREE-TWENTY-ONE.MIT.EDU)
02:01:35 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC")
02:02:22amiconnThe button and remote button channel (and remote type detection in case of the h1x0/h300) are read by the button driver
02:02:35amiconnThe battery channel should only be read by the power thread
02:02:37jhMikeSdebug screen and the charging info in screens.c
02:02:50jhMikeSor is that limited there?
02:02:53amiconndebug screen doesn't count (and doesn't read too often either)
02:03:07amiconnand the charging info display needs fixing
02:03:14amiconnWe talked about that earlier
02:03:22amiconnIt should use battery_voltage()
02:04:01andrewmelpetur: thanks, will do it like that :)
02:05:07jhMikeSI know. I changed it but haven't's my first real look at all this. I'll absorb it and have clearer ideas.
02:07:50amiconnIirc you can't test that... the charging screen is only used on targets where rockbox can run from flash
02:08:41amiconn(and have charging)
02:09:26jhMikeSthis is the condition: #if defined(CONFIG_CHARGING) && !defined(HAVE_POWEROFF_WHILE_CHARGING)
02:09:55jhMikeScan comment out that part and have a look anyway
02:09:56peturdo we have text vertical scrolling code in rockbox? like console output?
02:11:32peturdoesn't the browser do some shift trick?
02:11:36jhMikeSDoesn't logf on the remote do that?
02:11:54amiconnNo vertical scrolling in the core
02:12:04peturah well...
02:12:05jhMikeSpetur: how would backdrops work with that?
02:12:25peturrender text is separate buffer
02:13:19 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:19:57amiconnConTEXT is able to detect changes done by other programs in files opened for editing
02:20:11amiconnDue to the dst change, it now thinks all files have changed...
02:20:45peturms devstudio did no such thing here
02:24:18 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:24:50 Quit lini (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:26:39amiconnNotepad++ has the same bug...
02:27:11preglow /join #gtk+
02:27:36scorchehmph...europe is looking better and better
02:27:47amiconnIs that the opposite of argbe ? ;)
02:28:41preglowit might
02:29:28scorche(not as any offense to europians...the US is just getting worse) =)
02:29:55preglowhow could you mean offense to europeans by saying europe looks better and better?
02:30:18scorcheby people inferring that it was worse before
02:31:02scorcheand for some odd reason, i forgot about the word "europeans" =(
02:31:28scorchebush signed an enabling act and i am not in a good mood
02:32:37pagefaultI like europe
02:32:40pagefaultit was always good
02:32:47pagefaultgood infrastructure everywhere
02:33:53pagefaultfor example you can go nearly anywhere in most of europe without a car
02:34:26preglowwell, it's theoretically possible, but not always practical...
02:34:43pagefaultit's certainly 10x better than what north america has
02:34:50preglowas long as you stay close to cities you should be fine anyway
02:34:51 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
02:35:45*lostlogic is a car free American and happy :-P
02:36:13*hcs is as well, yay public transit
02:36:20pagefaultwhat was he referring to getting better and better
02:36:22preglowlostlogic: we mean motor free!!
02:36:28Soapnorth america has what, 1/50th the population density of europe.
02:36:40lostlogicpreglow: lol the motorcycle is just a toy, the bicycle is my primary transportation!
02:36:45scorcheit is quite easy in places like NY...but harder most other places..
02:37:06preglowbicycles are nice
02:37:28pagefaultat least in canada even in some small 1 horse town you can usually get broadband
02:37:36pagefaultbut getting to it is another story
02:37:37lostlogicscorche: yeah, the problem is that peopel in the US have this strange compulsion to want to live in wide open spaces instead of living in _convenient_ _practical_ places.
02:38:01Soaplordy blanket statement.
02:38:16Paul_the_Nerdlostlogic: Or sometimes living further from where you work can make up for the time and gas costs in significantly reduced rent, depending on where you live.
02:38:47*jhMikeS doesn't like cities
02:38:55preglowme neither
02:38:58preglowluckily i live in one
02:39:16lostlogicPaul_the_Nerd: ah, but getting rid of the car entirely would probably make up for the cost of living closer :-D
02:39:16jhMikeShaving my neighbor be able to see me is bad enough
02:39:23pagefaultmy freind lives in the middle of no where, away from the city and has 10mbit internet
02:39:28pagefaultand is happy
02:39:32Soaplostlogic - rarely.
02:39:43lostlogicI lov emy city life −− had the pleasure of watching a fight at a bus stop from my bedroom window just now :-P
02:39:58preglowi love in a quiet part of oslo, though
02:39:59Soaplostlogic - not to get into this conversation, but to deny the economic benifit to many people the automobile provides is to wear blinders.
02:40:04preglowsuits me nicely, i used to live right next to a tram stop
02:40:06pagefaultyou just gotta drive 20 minutes to get anything
02:40:26*Paul_the_Nerd lives in Texas where an hour drive is still "right next door"
02:40:31jhMikeSmany major cities in the US don't allow gun ownership :-(
02:40:31preglowpagefault: hey, that is how i used to live before moving away to stufy :>
02:40:32lostlogicSoap: really? $300/mo car payment? that's a big change in living... add gas and insurance and you're moving quite a good distance toward where work is
02:40:36Soapthere are many reasons to shun the automobile culture.
02:40:48Soapbut economics is not one.
02:40:51Paul_the_NerdFortunately Austin has a semblance of public transportation, and is very bicycle friendly.
02:40:59lostlogicSoap: I got no problems with cars _per se_ I have a problem with building towns where a car is a _necessity_ for living there.
02:41:30SoapI can agree with that - zoning rules are a problem, but the fact is many people save significant amounts of money by commuting.
02:41:43pagefaultright now I live in the suburbs
02:41:43Soapeven with the oppritunity cost of time wasted factored in.
02:41:49Paul_the_Nerdlostlogic: Have you heard of this: ?
02:41:51pagefaultbut it's slowly being swallowed up by the ciyt
02:42:03lostlogicSoap: I ahven't done the research, so I'll believe you on that, even though my gut disagrees.
02:42:21Soapthe economic decisions of tens of millions disagree.
02:42:24pagefaultI live driving distance from 4 home depots and 3 costcos
02:42:30pagefaultall 5 minutes away
02:42:35pagefaultso it's getting creepy
02:42:47Soapyou are too willing to blame that on an "american compulsion to live in wide open spaces"
02:42:58Soapwhen many are making sound economic judgements.
02:43:07Paul_the_NerdSoap: Millions think that "No money down" is a good economic decision.
02:43:12lostlogicSoap: that's what it seems like when I ask people who I work with why they live 30 miles instead of 4 miles from the city
02:43:18lostlogicPaul_the_Nerd: laugh!
02:43:20SoapPaul_the_Nerd - and when chosen well it is.
02:43:25andrewmelI am a cycle rider. I ride 12.5 km to work each day, and 12.5 km home. except for thursdays, when I drive as I have a clarinet lesson I cant change and cant get to in time
02:43:35lostlogicPaul_the_Nerd: I've not heard of that... I don't live in Austin :-P −− we have a program called "Working Bikes" here in Chicago that is similar
02:43:46pagefaultmy work is 2.5 km from me
02:43:48Paul_the_Nerdlostlogic: I just heard about it about a week ago.
02:43:49pagefaultso I just walk there
02:43:52pagefaultbut thats a rare case
02:44:06*scorche looks back on the horror of the tangent that he facilitated
02:44:09*Paul_the_Nerd would love to work somewhere within walking distance.
02:44:12SoapMy house cost 250 in the middle of the city. In the suburbs this 1200 sq footer would cost 1/2 that at most.
02:44:42pagefaultI just go home for lunch
02:44:48pagefaultand walk back
02:45:00Paul_the_NerdAh well, I was just gonna lurk. Some sort of animated Hellboy movie is on, and I desperately want it to not suck.
02:45:00SoapI could probably increase the footage 50% for 1/2 the cost outside the city. A mortgage pament difference of 800 dollars a month covers a lot of honda civic gas.
02:45:04*Paul_the_Nerd fades into the shadows.
02:45:27preglowwhat's the us gas price like these days?
02:45:31lostlogicSoap: I still say it's a problem of people here thinking they 'need' more space than they really do
02:45:42Paul_the_Nerdpreglow: $2.08/gallon where I live
02:45:44lostlogicpreglow: I paid 2.70/gal in Chicago today
02:45:48lostlogicPaul_the_Nerd: hate.
02:45:52pagefaultit's about 74 cents CAD here per liter
02:45:53Soapthe only problem is people making such judgement for others.
02:45:56preglowhow the bloody hell is that possible
02:46:02SoapI paid 2.70 today for diesel.
02:46:08SoapI have no idea what gasoline is.
02:46:14pagefaultwe use the metric system :>
02:46:38JdGordoncrap.. u guys have cheap petrol
02:46:49preglowit's over 1.5$ just for liter here
02:46:51lostlogic.74 (Canadian dollars per liter) = 2.49151003 U.S. dollars per US gallon
02:46:54pagefaulthalf of the US's gas comes from us
02:47:01JdGordonor google calc fucked up... 2.70/3L is damn cheap
02:47:09preglowand we bloody pump the shit out of our ocean
02:47:11pagefaultit should be dirt cheap for domestic people
02:47:16Soaphalf our oil might come from canada, but not half the gasoline.
02:47:16pagefaultbut it doesn't work that way
02:47:21Soapyou all don't have sweet crude.
02:47:29lostlogicpreglow: damn, $5/gallon!
02:47:33preglowi don't really think it should be dirt cheap
02:47:37preglowi think our price is pretty ok, really
02:47:40preglowconsidering what you get
02:47:45pagefaultit's mostly all taxes
02:47:53pagefaultnot the oil itself
02:47:56pagefault40% of it is tax
02:48:00*Paul_the_Nerd gets it dirt cheap, because he lives in OilLand.
02:48:00preglowby the liter, coke is tons more expensive than gas
02:48:13 Join Psiuyo [0] (
02:48:14preglowand gas is one of the nicest forms of energy there is
02:48:19pagefaultbut I have free health care and other nice things
02:48:19Paul_the_NerdCoke is 50cent/litre.
02:48:25pagefaultso I can't really complain
02:48:33Paul_the_NerdActually, $1
02:48:39Soapa litre?
02:48:50preglowcoke is sugary water
02:48:53JdGordondepends.. when its on sale 2L coke is $2.. which is slightly cheaper than petrol
02:48:56lostlogicyou often see 2 litre bottles for $1.50 or less
02:49:05pagefault2L coke is like $1.30 on sale here
02:49:17JdGordonbut 600ml coke can be up @ $3.. so painfully expensive :
02:49:18SoapI buy Kroger brand for 25-33 cents a litre.
02:49:20JdGordon.. but you cant drink petrol now can you??
02:49:27*Paul_the_Nerd buys six-packs of 500mL Dr Pepper for $2.99 usually
02:49:27preglowi just don't buy it...
02:49:29pagefaultsince the USD depreciated so much
02:49:33pagefaultthings have gotten so cheap here
02:49:35*lostlogic 's job gives him all the free soda he can drink, so it's clearly cheaper than gasoline :-P
02:49:37JdGordonand i dont image coke would be very efficient in a car
02:49:37*Paul_the_Nerd is an addict.
02:49:43preglowonly beverages i ever buy are milk, juice and beer
02:49:43pagefaultwhile we still get paid the same salary
02:49:54Paul_the_NerdDr Pepper is like, the primary reason I would have difficulty living outside the US.
02:49:59preglowwater > *
02:50:06lostlogicPaul_the_Nerd: wow.
02:50:10preglowPaul_the_Nerd: you can get dr. pepper here too
02:50:12JdGordonDr Pepoper is absolutly horrible :D
02:50:29pagefaultpreglow, where are you at
02:50:33Paul_the_Nerdpreglow: I know that it's available elsewhere, I've lived overseas before, but I've found it widely less available (particularly in restaurants)
02:50:41preglowPaul_the_Nerd: widely less available, sure
02:50:44pagefaultah, I have many friends there
02:50:47pagefaultI need to go someday
02:51:00Paul_the_NerdOf course, I was in Indonesia... we had one grocery store that would get a flat of it about once every two months.
02:51:08Paul_the_NerdAnd there was one other expatriate family that drank it.
02:51:43pagefaultI went to some indian grocery store
02:51:47pagefaultthe coke was from spain
02:51:49pagefaultand in spanish
02:51:54pagefaultI have no idea how that happened to be
02:52:00pagefaultthis was in canada
02:52:06Paul_the_NerdYou silly canadians.
02:52:18pagefaultI think he tried to import some thinking it was cheaper
02:52:42preglowall this talk makes me wish i had beer
02:53:13pagefaultI have some now
02:53:18pagefaultbut it's from belgium
02:53:18*Paul_the_Nerd has not yet found a beer he's liked.
02:53:55*scorche is a fan of hefeweizen
02:54:02preglowhefeweizen rocks
02:54:06preglowbelgian beer rocks
02:54:07pagefaultnever heard of that one
02:54:13lostlogicit's a type
02:54:15preglowpagefault: it's a style, wheat beer
02:54:20pagefaultlike hoegarden
02:54:22pagefaultor how it is
02:54:25preglownope, that's wit
02:54:29preglowbut it resembles
02:54:33 Join ebel [0] (
02:54:36scorchei havent ever see it bottled before
02:54:42scorchenot sure if that is a bad thing or not
02:54:46preglowhoegaarden is nice...
02:55:05pagefaultI have some blue chimay right now
02:55:07pagefaultit's very good
02:55:10preglowblue chaimary rocks
02:55:20preglowgod knows what happened to my fingers there
02:55:25pagefaultit is very good
02:55:30pagefaultthe red comes in close second
02:55:40preglowi had the red one in england during the summer
02:55:43*petur returns *triggered*
02:55:50preglowit was very nice
02:55:53preglowcan only get the blue and white one in norway
02:55:56lostlogicpetur: by beer?
02:56:03pagefaultI got a gift pack the other day that came with blue, red and white and a chimay glass
02:56:11preglowooh, i want a chimay glass
02:56:13preglowthey're nice
02:56:35pagefaultit came with a booklet of how to pour it
02:56:43pagefault"it is a beer to not be drank but enjoyed"
02:56:46pagefaultso it says
02:56:52preglowi tend to do both
02:57:08pagefaultmonks make the best booze
02:57:25preglowsome of the best, even
02:57:31Paul_the_Nerdlostlogic: Is your scheduling patch in the tracker one that provides an immediate benefit, the description makes it sound like it's a feature more beneficial to programmers than the program, so I couldn't really tell..
02:57:36preglowi'm big on hoppy beers anyway
02:57:43preglowcan't get much better than india pale ale
02:57:48pagefaultyeah that stuff is nice
02:57:53pagefaultreal IPA
02:57:59preglowus style india pale ales is very nice
02:58:05lostlogicPaul_the_Nerd: your interpretation is correct −− it should not make _any_ difference to users, only to those writing future, or working with current code that needs to boost the cpu
02:58:15pagefaultthe us style is more of a lager
02:58:28Paul_the_Nerdlostlogic: Okay, thanks.
02:58:43preglowi've never really tasted a real us one, but several said to be in the style, and they're anything but lagerish
02:58:46pagefaultduvel is another good one
02:58:54*myzar licks Paul_the_Nerd
02:58:57preglowwe've got to stop this talk, mouth watering
02:59:06 Quit [H5N1] (Remote closed the connection)
02:59:07lostlogicugh, I'm approaching the "walk to the beer store" point
02:59:15scorcheespecially since i have no good beer in the house
02:59:22preglowi have no beer in the house
02:59:27lostlogicpreglow: same.
02:59:32pagefaultit's fall so all the belgian beer starts showing up in the liquor stores here
02:59:35pagefaultso I start buying it
02:59:38preglowand getting a beer at this time in norway is impossible
02:59:48lostlogicit's 3? 2? am there?
03:00:11pagefaultin ontario we have to buy from government stores
03:00:13pagefaultit sucks
03:00:23preglowsame here
03:00:29preglowthat is, the stuff over 4.7%
03:00:35 Join [H5N1] [0] (
03:00:39pagefaultfor anything here
03:00:40preglowthe stuff at and below that can be bought in ordinary stores
03:00:41pagefaultbut they always keep a very good selection
03:00:41*petur has 2 tripel karmeliet and 2 leffe around :)
03:00:45pagefaultif they don't have it they can order it in for you
03:00:50pagefaultoh leffe is good too
03:00:55lostlogicnooooooooooooooooooooooo the beer store just closed.
03:00:55preglowooooh, never har karmeliet
03:00:59pagefaultI like the blonde better
03:01:01pagefaultthan the brown
03:01:07peturyou should
03:01:08preglowi think i prefer the brown
03:01:15preglowhard to choose
03:01:20pagefaultit's a macrobrew
03:01:24pagefaultbut it's still good
03:01:27peturbrown is sweeter most of the time
03:01:31preglowsure, but veryt tasty
03:01:39pagefaultit's the in bottle fermentation that makes it good
03:01:54peturmy wife likes brown kasteelbier (12)
03:02:08preglowgod damn, this does it
03:02:10peturit tastes very sweet
03:02:12preglowtomorrow is beer day
03:02:34pagefaultif I want blue chimary again
03:02:38pagefaultI gotta buy the gift set again
03:02:50pagefaultI can see I am going to end up with ton of glasses
03:02:56pagefaultthey only have the red one standalone in a 750ml bottle
03:02:58peturnext devcon should be in Belgium :)
03:03:01preglowi think i'm gonna get me an orval
03:03:04preglowhaven't had that for ages
03:03:23preglowpetur: either that or we just do the devcon in that nice swedish pub i've seen pictures of...
03:03:27pagefaultit was very reasonable too for 3 bottles of beer and a glass
03:03:29pagefaultabout $10 USD
03:03:31pagefaultfor imports
03:03:35preglowpagefault: blargh
03:03:54preglowpagefault: a single bottle costs around 40 nok here, let's say six bucks
03:04:00pagefaultwhat size
03:04:13pagefaultoh crap
03:04:13preglowfor chimay, that is
03:04:19pagefaultI get the huge bottle of red chimay for $6 CAD
03:04:26preglowbut quality beer is so expensive it's not even half funny
03:04:33peturis not huge
03:04:40pagefaultwell it's big for bottles of beer
03:04:46pagefaultat least for here
03:04:51peturwe have 1.5 and 3L bottles here too - but not all brands
03:04:59pagefaultwell we have those too
03:05:06pagefaultbut those are more malt liqour
03:05:21 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:05:23preglowi haven't heard too many kind words about malt liquor
03:05:32pagefaultyou don't want to try it
03:05:39pagefaultit's only good if you have no money and you want to get messed up
03:05:44preglowwell, it happens...
03:05:53pagefaultI prefer to have money and enjoy the beer
03:05:53 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
03:06:39 Join akaias [0] (n=akaias@
03:06:44pagefaultabsinthe is making a comeback again, we have like 5 brands now we can get
03:06:55preglowis it proper, though?
03:07:06pagefaultfrom the liquor store that actually contain thujone
03:07:06preglowyeah, but not much, i'll wager
03:07:07scorcheyeah, but none i have seen is proper
03:07:19scorchei would like to try the real kind sometime
03:07:24pagefaultit's all from europe so it's probably the EU limit of thujone
03:07:28scorchewhat with the sugar cube and all
03:07:29preglowi don't care anyway, whisky's nicer than absinthe :>
03:07:40 Quit hotwire___ ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
03:07:48Soapnicer? yes. more fun? no.
03:07:55pagefaultI have the whole absinthe set
03:08:09pagefaultwhen I went to england I bought back a few bottles of the real stuff
03:08:13pagefaultit's pretty good
03:08:18pagefaultdoesn't make you hallucinate though
03:08:27ebelHi I want to install rockbox on my ipod mini, but I don't know how to convert my ipod to FAT32. I'm using Linux.
03:08:30scorchethere was some absinthe at last defcon, but it wasnt the real kind
03:08:39SoapCat On A Hot Tin Roof = wiskey. Ubu Roi = absinthe.
03:08:43pagefaultthis was the realest you could get at current times
03:09:03 Quit akaias (Client Quit)
03:09:06pagefaultsome scientist got an old bottle and tried to figure out what was in it
03:09:08pagefaultand recreated it
03:09:13scorchewell, one guy i guess is bringing back the real stuff fter experimenting and re-evaluating the old
03:09:15scorchedamn you
03:09:45pagefaulton the absinthe site where they rate all thats stuff it got a 9/1-
03:09:51*scorche hopes it isnt going to be anotother slow night..
03:09:52pagefaultcompared to the real vintage stuff
03:10:32pagefaultit's more fun drinking it because of the history and crap behind it
03:10:37pagefaultand just the entire presentation of doing it
03:11:17pagefaultI really do prefer a good beer though
03:11:22pagefaulta good beer over anything
03:11:23Soapand it's green.
03:11:32scorchegood beer is hard to come by though
03:11:35scorcheat least here
03:11:38pagefaultit goes milky white when you add the water/sugar cube
03:11:51preglownot hard to come by here sure
03:11:57peturfirst usbotg test resulted in a crash :)
03:11:58preglowit's just so bloody expensive
03:12:02preglowand the selection is poor
03:12:16pagefaultdomestic is $1/bottle here
03:12:19pagefaultand it's pretty ok stuff
03:12:23*petur heads off to bed
03:12:26pagefaultmostly all lager though
03:12:28scorchei have never been a fan of domestic
03:12:30 Quit petur ("Zzzzzz")
03:12:32preglowpagefault: same here
03:12:47preglowpagefault: domestic is probably around a bit lower than 2$ for 0.33
03:12:51pagefaultif I had money I would open a brewery and make it belgian style
03:12:57preglowpagefault: and it's almost exclusively bland pilsner like lager
03:13:15pagefaultpretty much
03:13:28preglowpeople will buy whatever's cheap
03:13:35pagefaultit's the proper term I call it
03:13:36preglowpeople love binge drinking over here
03:13:46pagefaultmy friend loves it
03:13:49pagefaultI give him chimay
03:13:56pagefault"it's to fucking bitter and tastes awful"
03:13:58pagefaultI want to slap him
03:14:04preglowheh <-
03:14:14myzaryes, yes
03:14:18preglowi've pretty much managed to infect all my friends with beer enthusiasm
03:14:22preglowso it's not much of a problem
03:14:29pagefaulti'm trying to do that to people
03:14:32myzari say we all go and read up on ATA changes in the new 5.5g iPods!
03:14:38pagefaultyou wouldn't eat a grade B steak
03:14:38*myzar hi5s scorche
03:14:42preglowanywho, there's popped up a couple of very decent micros here now
03:14:43pagefaultwhy would you drink a grade B beer
03:14:46preglowso things are stoarting to look better
03:15:03*scorche glances quizzically at myzar
03:15:10myzarbecause grade b beer is cheap
03:15:15myzargrade b steak is sold for the same price
03:15:29pagefaultwell here the difference isn't that much
03:15:35pagefaultif it means I pay 50 cents more for a way better beer
03:15:38pagefaultthen I will pay for it
03:15:50 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
03:16:01 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:16:03myzarbut it adds up the more you drink
03:16:12pagefaultyeah but it's enjoyment
03:16:17 Part Paul_the_Nerd
03:16:34 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
03:16:38pagefaulti'd never take the good stuff to a party
03:16:43pagefaultthats for my personal stash
03:16:46preglowhella yes
03:16:54preglowbut anywho
03:17:02preglowi need to try sleep before i cough myself to death
03:17:04preglowlater, all
03:20:10 Join Charlie [0] (
03:20:24 Quit ebel ("Leaving")
03:20:53 Quit Charlie (Client Quit)
03:21:47 Join CH_ [0] (
03:39:35 Join actionshrimp [0] (
03:43:20 Quit CH_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
03:48:13 Join nave7693 [0] (
03:48:27 Part nave7693
03:51:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:51:53 Join [sellout] [0] (
03:51:55andrewmelI have had a go at getting a patch using the instructions here using the diff command in vmware. I guess I should be doing it differently as I am just getting a file called patch with no extension, and it just contains the old file and new file pasted together.
03:52:38JdGordonare u using cvs diff -u > outfile.patch?
03:52:40scorcheyou mean creating a patch?
03:52:47andrewmelI am using the command upe.
03:53:03scorcheuse what JdGordon said
03:53:11andrewmelI was using diff -u oldfile newfile > patch
03:54:52andrewmelI get the following
03:55:01 Join CH_ [0] (
03:55:18andrewmelcvs diff: I know nothing about metronome.patch.
03:56:02andrewmelright, have seen my problem, no pipe
03:57:37 Quit sucka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:58:13 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:58:34TerrorByteAw... No updates today.
03:58:42TerrorByteSo, anything new?
03:58:59TerrorByteDo you guys still need battery_bench data for H10s?
03:59:06 Quit [H5N1] (Remote closed the connection)
04:00:05 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:00:16myzarno, but
04:00:29myzari want YOU to investigate ATA differences between the 30 and 80 gig iPod 5.5gs
04:00:35 Join [H5N1] [0] (
04:03:24TerrorByteWow, 80 GB.
04:03:28TerrorByteThat's monstrously huge.
04:03:45 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC")
04:04:00 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:04:09TerrorByteGot disconnected.
04:04:13 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:04:13TerrorByte80 GB.
04:04:16TerrorByteThat's huge....
04:04:29 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
04:06:01 Quit blue_lizard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:06:21 Join blue_lizard [0] (
04:09:51CH_Hello people, sorry to interrupt
04:10:07andrewmelthanks guys, working now, and patch added :) my first
04:11:42TerrorBytePatch for what?
04:12:24 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:12:43 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:12:53andrewmelHi CH_:
04:12:56TerrorByteWhat's the patch for?
04:13:21andrewmelTB go to the patches page, and sort it by date, it is the most recent one.
04:13:25scorchenothing you have been bugging us about..
04:13:28CH_Hi. I have this problem with rockbox on my ipod color.
04:13:41TerrorByteThanks for that scorche.
04:13:52TerrorByteBTW, add Rockboy for the H10 to the lists of things I bug you guys about.
04:13:53scorcheyou're welcome! =)
04:14:23TerrorByteRockboy Advance would be even better.
04:14:31scorchethat is impossible
04:15:04TerrorByteAlso, how do I apply a .patch?
04:15:07TerrorByteI can't figure it out.
04:15:09scorchewell, for one, it has a faster processor than most of our devices
04:15:17TerrorByteWhat has a faster processor?
04:15:19TerrorByteThe GBA?
04:15:21scorchego to the SimpleGuideToCompiling page
04:15:24andrewmelscorche, can you think of any plugins or patches that get a sound file (like an mp3 or ogg file) and play it back with the plugin?
04:15:25Soapthere is a simple guide to compiling in the wiki, and a whole forum dedicated to it.
04:15:34andrewmelI am wanting to write an ABX plugin
04:15:46SoapTerrorByte - you need ~ 10x the processing power to emmulate.
04:16:17scorchenot even mentiuoning all the hardware acceleration that the GBA has that ipods dont
04:16:17TerrorByteI see.
04:16:32Soapandrewmel - an ABX pluggin should be decoding both the files to .wav (or such) anyways first and normalizing the files so volume doesn't play a role.
04:16:52*scorche is having a slow day again..
04:17:12TerrorByteWell I'm off.
04:17:16andrewmelSoap, I understand why the volume should be the same, but why convert to .wav
04:17:19TerrorByteSleepy getting, I am.
04:17:24*scorche gets out the fireworks
04:17:35TerrorByteWait, I'm not leaving.
04:17:44TerrorByteAnd it's just cause of that ^^
04:17:48*scorche puts them away again and frowns
04:18:02*andrewmel roflmao
04:18:17Soapandrewmel - to remove all sources of possible interferance. You want the files to playback in as identical a way as possible, why wav I actually can't say when challeneged, every ABX program I've used does it.
04:18:33TerrorByteYeah I think I will leave.
04:18:41TerrorByteI haven't bothered you guys nearly enough today..
04:18:44TerrorByteThere's always tomorrow though.
04:18:46andrewmelhmmm, I didnt know that. So foobar encodes as .wav?
04:18:53*TerrorByte bids adieu
04:18:58 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC")
04:19:18myzarget out your top secret 5.5g WIP code instead
04:19:20myzarthat'll scare em off
04:19:24myzarbetter yet, upload it
04:19:26myzarthat'll show em
04:19:39Soapandrewmel - foobar decodes both the files first.
04:19:53andrewmelthat would take some time on a dap wouldnt it?
04:20:06andrewmelIt might be best if that is predone on a pc first
04:20:25Soapwhy would it take longer than playing?
04:20:38Soapit would take less than playing if you think about it.
04:21:13andrewmelStill that would be 4 minutes (or so) to do two versions of a 3 minute song....
04:22:59 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
04:23:10SoapI'm going to try and figure out why foobar decodes the files first.
04:24:51 Join amigan [0] (i=dcp1990@unaffiliated/amigan)
04:25:07 Join SereRokR [0] (
04:26:47 Quit CH_ ("Leaving")
04:31:20 Quit BHSPitLappy (Connection timed out)
04:32:27 Quit SereR0kR (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
04:37:11 Join dj-fu [0] (
04:37:48 Quit dj-fu (Client Quit)
04:40:52 Join RoC_MM [0] (
04:43:55 Join Evaso2 [0] (
04:44:55Evaso2What about open a boinc clustering project for attack ipod 2g firmware encryption?
04:45:37JdGordonwhat about it?
04:47:02 Join ruisu_ [0] (
04:53:41 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
04:55:02Evaso2JdGordon: a sort of distribute cluster elaboration (like a supercomputer composed by idle time of pc)
04:55:28JdGordonyeah, i know what boinc is... what about it?
04:55:33JdGordonwhats the point?
04:55:51JdGordonoh ipod 2g.. not ipod nano 2g
04:56:14Evaso2ipod nano 2nd generation
04:57:17JdGordonwell then like i was abot to say... there is more to the port than figuring out the encyrption
04:57:36SoapI don't believe anyone is at the point where brute forcing the key is what is needed.
04:58:13Evaso2JdGordon yes but crack the encryption could let disassemble the firmware
04:58:33JdGordonwhich is not needed unitll we know what hardware is used.. and other stuff
04:59:05 Quit [H5N1] (Remote closed the connection)
04:59:32Evaso2well so decrypting is not a priority now.. good to know :)
05:00:10 Quit RoC_MM (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:00:34 Join [H5N1] [0] (
05:08:11 Quit Evaso2 ("Client exiting")
05:10:22 Quit ruisu_ (Remote closed the connection)
05:24:43 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
05:25:25Davide-NYCjhMikeS: I just got back from doing some tests.
05:26:05Davide-NYCOptical input :: 16bit :: Stereo :: Verious Samplerates 36kHz and up/
05:26:32Davide-NYCeverything seems to work, but I think we need some error handling.
05:29:02jhMikeSDavide-NYC: If everything works then how did you come accross the need to handle errors?
05:30:08Davide-NYCMaybe I misspoke.
05:30:33jhMikeSunmisspeak then! ;)
05:30:55Davide-NYCHold on, let me listen back again.
05:31:08Davide-NYCI'm not sure what happens when SR change on the fly
05:31:21Davide-NYCBut I have 96kHz confirmed working!
05:31:34Davide-NYCyou are amazing
05:31:36jhMikeSOnce you're recording it'll keep on truckin' thinking it's the old rate
05:31:47jhMikeSgracias :)
05:32:07Davide-NYCIt should check every second or so that the SR is the same.
05:32:24Davide-NYCOr maybe that's unnecessary
05:32:46jhMikeSAnd do what? It'll have to file split. The only rate recomfirmation is when actually beginning a new recording, not file splits.
05:33:13Davide-NYCyeah it just does a massive 'pitch shift'
05:33:23Davide-NYCit shoudl split the files.
05:33:42Davide-NYCbut it doesn't have to all that precise, it would just be emergency handling.
05:33:42jhMikeSExactly what I'd expect really, and your recording time should increment differently too.
05:34:33jhMikeSI think it could be more accurate than a second. Like .1s and not burden things much.
05:34:43Davide-NYCyou know what.
05:34:54Davide-NYCcouldn;t the file be corrected afterward in post?
05:35:06Davide-NYCsplit the file and change the SR header
05:35:12Davide-NYCso then forget it.
05:35:19Davide-NYCgarbage in = garbage outr
05:35:44jhMikeSIf you stop recording and restart it will pick up the new rate too.
05:35:46Davide-NYCI have one small request
05:36:08Davide-NYCthe settings should change on setting menu exit not on return to WRS
05:37:07jhMikeSI don't understand that. The settings are changed on settings menu exit. The settings are applied on return to WRS.
05:37:30Davide-NYCOK sorry. They should apply on setting menu exit then.
05:37:51Davide-NYCand the recording menu statusbar should display this change right away as well.
05:37:56jhMikeSIt's easier that way really. I think HWCODEC does it that way but I actually removed that for SWCODEC because it was a bad thing to do. It may not be any longer.
05:38:23jhMikeSLast I checked it did as soon as the setting changed because it picks it up from global_settings.
05:39:52Davide-NYCYeah, I've have close to 10 beers today so I apologize in advance
05:40:06Davide-NYCIt seems to work the way I want it to.
05:40:17jhMikeSthat alright
05:40:26Davide-NYCWe should poll for SR changes and filesplit if necessary.
05:40:41jhMikeSRefining should be easy once the base in in place
05:40:51Davide-NYCI can't believe this thing is gonna take 88.2kHz and 86kHz.
05:40:59Davide-NYCSo awesome.
05:41:16Davide-NYCI'm gonna buy me one if those external pre-amps.
05:41:26 Quit Rondom (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:41:46 Join Rondom [0] (
05:41:50jhMikeSI think sample depth should be worked on as I see (and hear) more value in higher bit depths than sample rates really.
05:42:25 Nick plus_M is now known as plus_M|asleep (
05:42:45Davide-NYCyeah. I am a fan of 24bit 88.2kHz as a recording format. It just sounds 'correct' to me.
05:43:48jhMikeSwhere'd you get those spdif cables with the mini toslink adapters?
05:48:14jhMikeSahh...sounds like exactly the kind of thing I need. know who makes them?
05:50:36Davide-NYChold on I find a link
05:50:42 Join nick89 [0] (
05:51:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:54:23jhMikeSI thought your said the ones you have actually have the snap on mini adapters at the ends do that all combos are possible.
05:55:23Davide-NYCthat was Pail
05:55:43Davide-NYCI would buy those if I could find them
05:56:28 Quit plus_M|asleep ("Leaving")
05:57:07Davide-NYCjust search for toslink adapter
05:57:13Davide-NYCall sorts of results
05:57:43jhMikeSadapters are easy but a cable that just comes with them seems rate
05:57:46jhMikeSrare even
05:58:20jhMikeSI just saw something kinda plated connectors on a toslink optical cable for maximum signal tranfer! :D
05:58:51jhMikeSIt was at the Fry's electronics place
05:59:04Davide-NYCDid you see my menu idea in the frum>?
05:59:19 Quit [H5N1] (Remote closed the connection)
05:59:46jhMikeSNot since the last. Is it a new one?
05:59:59knewtif i have two copies of the same music, one as flac, one as mp3, is there any way to make sure the tag-cache picks up the flac copy? it's picking up the mp3 one and ignoring the flac copy
06:00:43 Join [H5N1] [0] (
06:01:02Davide-NYCI also may have upset a guy with my rant.
06:01:11Davide-NYC*or comment, as it where.
06:01:29jhMikeSshit I'm gonna just do a but it now on two of those
06:01:52jhMikeS$3.33 a piece. I can't really lose on that.
06:02:05jhMikeSHold on...gotta hit ebay real quick :)
06:04:06jhMikeShope my connection doesn't bomb out now
06:05:47 Quit nick89 ("Gotta Go")
06:05:49 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:07:57jhMikeSI like a more functionally grouped menu myself.
06:08:04jhMikeSLike that
06:09:48jhMikeSWhy shouldn't AGC clip time be under automatic gain control? Like AGC->AGC Enabled/AGC Clip time.
06:09:58jhMikeSOr whatever is there
06:10:16Davide-NYChmm, that works for me
06:10:39Davide-NYCI just think the relatively rarely changed settings sould be un a sub-menu forever untouched
06:11:00Davide-NYCwhat about source dependant settings?
06:11:11Davide-NYCthat would be glorious
06:11:28Davide-NYCand two other nagging little things:
06:11:39Davide-NYC1. the sxource should displayed somehow on the WRS
06:11:58Davide-NYC2. User selectable recording directory.
06:12:26Davide-NYC(that stays the same until a user wants to change it)
06:12:52*Davide-NYC must learn to type while drunk one of these days
06:14:43Davide-NYCjhMikeS: I have to go to sleep now. Send me an email if you want me to do anything with regard to this.
06:14:55Davide-NYCI'm willing to do some work tomorrow night.
06:15:00knewthmm, guess the answer to my question is a no then. oh well. annoying, but guess can live with it
06:15:45jhMikeSsee ya
06:15:47Davide-NYCare you referring to me?
06:16:03 Quit Davide-NYC ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
06:16:04jhMikeSgot a few of those
06:18:04 Quit [sellout] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:34:07 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
06:35:12 Quit [H5N1] (Remote closed the connection)
06:42:53 Quit funky ("leaving")
06:46:27 Join Teknomancer [0] (n=Teknoman@
06:46:46 Nick Teknomancer is now known as Ramshankar (n=Teknoman@
06:47:44 Nick myzar is now known as myzar|away (
06:49:41 Join aliask [0] (
06:50:53 Quit hcs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:54:53 Join webguest50 [0] (i=d8b1a330@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:55:13webguest50anybody here?
06:55:36webguest50i need help concerning da 5g ipod with rockbox
06:56:02scorchewell, i see 113 users in the channel...
06:56:46webguest50really ur can anybody help?
06:57:09scorcheno one can help you with a question you have not asked
06:57:50webguest50well does the current rockbox play any kinda of video and if so how
06:58:08scorcheyes it is a work in progress
06:58:16scorchesee the wiki page PluginMpegplayer
06:58:47webguest50ok thanx
07:00:22 Join EnterUserName [0] (n=dave@pdpc/supporter/student/GeekZoid)
07:00:23EnterUserNamehi all
07:00:43EnterUserNamewhats better of rockbox compared to the software that apple ipod software has for first generation nano?
07:01:03EnterUserNameim just curious
07:01:05 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@nat01-silvers-ext.Rutgers.EDU)
07:01:05scorchesee the wiki page WhyRockbox =)
07:01:22webguest50for that plugin wuld u be able to give me a link?
07:01:39scorchea link to what?
07:01:51EnterUserNameyou got bubbles!!
07:01:56 Nick JoeBorn is now known as JB_Off (
07:02:09EnterUserNamehow do you know ify our nano is first generation
07:02:11EnterUserNameim prettysure mine is :)
07:02:31scorchewhite or black plastic front, shiny metal back
07:02:32webguest50to download the plugin
07:02:33JdGordondrop it from 9ft, if it breaks it is...
07:03:04EnterUserNameyup thats what i got
07:03:04EnterUserNamewhats the second generation
07:03:04scorchewebguest50: all plugins come with rockbox
07:03:25scorchemulti colored and all metal
07:03:30scorche...and drops from 1 foot
07:03:31 Quit lex (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:03:49EnterUserNamewell the new nano is less sturdy then the old one/
07:03:56scorchefrom one test, yes
07:04:00 Nick myzar|away is now known as myzar (
07:04:13EnterUserNameI can't find the why rockbox
07:04:15EnterUserNameim on the wiki
07:04:24EnterUserNamebut playing bubbles would be fun :)
07:04:37andrewmelenterusername, it is a link on the front page of
07:04:55scorcheto get to a specific wiki page, type it into the box at the top
07:05:01scorchefrom the wiki of course
07:05:09EnterUserNamei got it
07:05:23EnterUserNameThe thing i do like about ipods software is that it looks nice...
07:05:41scorcheyou can make rockbox look however you want it to
07:05:48EnterUserNameoh does it support podcasts/
07:05:54scorchego to the WPSGallery
07:06:11webguest50ok what i mean is that i just tonight installed the mostcurrent rockbox 4 5g video ipod how can i play video on it, is it capable at this point?
07:06:13 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
07:06:15scorchepodcasts are just audio files...what do you mean?
07:06:27EnterUserNameoh hrm..
07:06:31EnterUserNamedoes it work with amarok?
07:06:39scorchewebguest50: read the wiki page that i gave to you
07:06:51scorcheyou dont need it
07:07:07scorcheit uses a file structure so you can just drag and drop
07:07:25*EnterUserName ponders, to do it or not to :)
07:07:37EnterUserNamei had ipodlinux
07:07:39EnterUserNamei wasn't too impressed
07:07:46aliaskThat's because it sucks :)
07:07:57scorchewe have a different philosophy than them
07:08:00EnterUserNamewell i'll give it a shot and try it out :)
07:08:04EnterUserNamewhats your philosphy.. heh
07:08:19 Join lex [0] (
07:08:24EnterUserNameim trying to find your gallery
07:08:24aliaskReplacement firmware, it should be able to do most (if not all) of the things of the original firmware, and more
07:08:25scorchewe are more centered on getting the best audio quality/features you can
07:08:32EnterUserNameflac is nice
07:08:39EnterUserNameive been convertign them to mp3s
07:08:47 Join webguest98 [0] (i=d8b1a330@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:09:50webguest98ok sorry got disconnected so this is me da "i need help with the video issue wit 5g ipod guy"
07:09:58EnterUserNamewheres the gallery! i cant fin dit.
07:10:07aliaskEnterUserName: Gallery for what?
07:10:13EnterUserNamenevermind foudn it
07:10:38webguest98while playin screen?
07:10:55scorchethat is what it stands for, yes
07:11:07EnterUserNamewow nice
07:11:30EnterUserNameya a naked girl on my ipod while listening to music ha haha
07:11:46scorchewell, you can change anything you want
07:11:48aliaskEye and ear candy.
07:11:56scorcheeven make your own if you wish
07:11:59EnterUserNameim being sarcastic but hey u got one on there :)
07:12:24EnterUserNameim gunna try it out
07:12:30EnterUserNamei'll let u know if i buy :)
07:12:38EnterUserNamei do like using it with amarok though :(
07:12:41 Quit webguest50 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
07:12:42webguest98...yea but i want some video playback like mpeg or mp4
07:12:54aliaskwebguest98: Then wait.
07:12:56scorcheyou can use amarok if you wish...just saying you dont have to anymore
07:13:19scorchewebguest98: i told is a work in progress....and it does play mpeg ;)
07:13:20EnterUserNamewell it keeps track of how many times il istento songs and stuff
07:13:32EnterUserNamelets see how to instal it
07:13:35scorcheit can through runtimeDB
07:13:38scorchesee the manual
07:13:45 Join FOAD [0] (
07:13:55EnterUserNamecan u watch videos with nano?
07:14:02EnterUserNameor just music
07:14:13scorcheyes, but our video player is still a work in progress
07:14:19EnterUserNameoh ok
07:14:24 Join hc1 [0] (n=agashlin@nat01-silvers-ext.Rutgers.EDU)
07:14:26EnterUserNamewhat codecs same problem with linuxonipod?
07:14:36scorchewhat problem?
07:14:40EnterUserNamehuge AVI files
07:14:44 Quit hcs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:14:46EnterUserNameso i can only watch 15 minute clips
07:14:48EnterUserNameon 4 gigs
07:14:52 Join Eve [0] (n=after@unaffiliated/nautica)
07:14:52 Nick hc1 is now known as hcs (n=agashlin@nat01-silvers-ext.Rutgers.EDU)
07:14:58scorchenot quite
07:15:04EnterUserNamehow much is a 2 hour clip?
07:15:17scorchetrust isnt worth watching videos on it yet
07:15:36EnterUserNameoh ok
07:15:43EnterUserNameSo do i download the old link?
07:16:06scorchethe manual tells you everything that you need to do
07:16:15EnterUserNameok on it.
07:16:20 Part Eve
07:16:38webguest98scorche ur mainly runnin dis b***h arnt u
07:16:53scorchewebguest98: uhhh...what?
07:16:53webguest98r u a developer?
07:17:10scorchespeak english please
07:17:19scorche"are" "you" "this" etc
07:17:55scorchei am not a developer, but i am involved with the project
07:17:56webguest98ARE YOU running THIS bitch... :)
07:18:01JdGordondoes anyone know if parts of the target drivers can be moved to target-tree without breaking the build? i.e only move the button driver?
07:19:27EnterUserNameoh wow same instructions on linux for ipod :)
07:19:39scorcheJdGordon: might have to wait a few hours before asking...
07:19:50JdGordonyeah, thats what i was thinking :p
07:19:53 Join jdhoreotg [0] (
07:20:05JdGordon7.20am in sweden.. sunday morning..
07:20:08jdhoreotgwow...a lot of people here
07:20:14JdGordonso quite a few hiurs i would think
07:20:21scorcheand they usually show up later on weekends...
07:20:24EnterUserNameits 1:20am
07:20:25webguest98juz wondering y is there a broadcom chip inside my ipod??? :^x
07:20:39scorcheuh...because apple wanted to put one in there?
07:20:51 Join webguest92 [0] (i=d8b1a330@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:21:30jdhoreotgi have a quick RockBox question: is there currently (official or unofficial) or will there ever be a Windows installer for iPod RockBox?
07:21:39EnterUserNameisn't there one/
07:21:51webguest92so who would be the rockbox genius in the house?
07:21:57jdhoreotgi didn't think so
07:22:02scorchejdhoreotg: there is an unofficial one
07:22:13jdhoreotgcan ya link me?
07:22:16scorchebut i cant verify how well it works etc
07:22:20Paul_the_NerdWell, it depends on what player you have.
07:22:23jdhoreotgi got that...
07:22:26scorchesearch for "rockbox installer" on the forunms
07:22:58scorchewebguest92: we all are on different topics...
07:23:45jdhoreotghmm...WTF...the forums are lagging like crazy for me...
07:24:43webguest92well i juz wanna learn how to modify rockbox to the max... only lil trick ive learned on my own is to open the wps bitmap file and instaed of the rockbox logo it has my initials... simple though
07:25:21scorcheyou can modify it anyway you is open source
07:25:28 Quit webguest98 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
07:25:33jdhoreotgfor learning stuff like that, i'd start messing around with the firmware/os and just have fun and if you mess it up, you mess it up
07:25:59 Quit Ramshankar ("Vision[1.2.0-Z-12102006]: i've been blurred!")
07:26:42webguest92by "messin up" can it b permanant? cause i mean its just software u can always reload the os right?
07:26:54jdhoreotgoh...sweet...i'd start messing with my iPod, but i only have one and i live on the freaking thing so i'd prolly cry if i bricked it
07:27:15jdhoreotgcould be permanent...but 99.9% of the time, it wouldn't be
07:27:15EnterUserNamehows the daily build everyone :)
07:27:20EnterUserNamesince there is no darn stable build :)
07:27:52Paul_the_Nerdjdhoreotg: On the iPod you can't really permanently mess it up.
07:27:57webguest92any body know any forums like this for the psp?
07:28:09webguest92or "chat" i mean
07:28:13EnterUserNameHey all
07:28:17scorchewebguest92: #psp?
07:28:19EnterUserNameya ive screwed my ipod plenty of times using ipodforlinux
07:28:22jdhoreotggoogle: "psp irc"
07:28:37EnterUserNameok.. whcih build should i use is todays build ok?
07:28:42jdhoreotghehe...thank god for accidental insurance
07:28:55 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
07:29:02 Quit FOAD_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:29:20scorcheactually, they are usually void when you put 3rd party firmwares on them...if they detect it of course
07:29:28EnterUserNameoh lol
07:29:34EnterUserNamewell futureshop wont know
07:29:44jdhoreotgyes, this is why i get mine replaced at Apple stores...
07:30:13EnterUserNamei got mine at futureshop
07:30:15jdhoreotgcuz they don't know...
07:30:19EnterUserNamei'm pretty sure my 2 year warranties
07:30:21jdhoreotgi got mine from Apple
07:30:23EnterUserNamethey wouldn't know either :)
07:30:54EnterUserNamehrm either way ive killed my ipod a few times
07:31:00EnterUserNameand i was able to get it working again
07:31:04webguest92psp irc is for the psp...dont feel like doin that any regular chats?
07:31:15scorchewebguest92: how would we know?
07:31:31scorcheand you asked for the psp..
07:32:00 Quit hcs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:32:53 Quit webguest92 ("CGI:IRC")
07:32:59 Join webguest82 [0] (i=d8b1a330@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:33:13jdhoreotgjust Download's that freaking easy...most IRC's don't have java chat
07:33:58scorche...or any other irc client provided you arent limited by firewalls, etc
07:34:04EnterUserNamewoo hoo
07:34:07EnterUserNamelets see if i broke my ipod
07:35:18EnterUserNamewell that kinda sucks
07:35:33EnterUserNamei cant use mya lready playlist.. starts reading the manual on increasing the fotn size
07:36:03EnterUserNamei got this crappy text stuff :p
07:36:08jdhoreotgit's weird...i see all these things making me want to put RockBox on my iPod, but i'm just too afraid...
07:36:36EnterUserNameI just did
07:36:40scorchejdhoreotg: there is nothing to be afraid of
07:36:41EnterUserNamei cant seem to figure out how to play musc lol
07:36:51Paul_the_Nerdjdhoreotg: Why are you afraid?
07:37:07scorcheEnterUserName: read the manual...
07:37:11webguest82afraid of what?
07:37:19EnterUserNameshouldn't be afraid jdhoreotg you really acnt break it
07:37:24jdhoreotgthat's part of what i'm afraid will probably take me a LONG time to backup all my music
07:37:34EnterUserNamei just have 4 gigs
07:37:42jdhoreotgi have about 17gb
07:37:45EnterUserNameand everythings on my hd.. so i guess i can see why u worry
07:38:10webguest82apple sux they need to maximize and make da shit simple they wuld make alot more money if it was easier to put shit on the ipod
07:38:13scorchejdhoreotg: provided you follow the instructions, you dont need to back up your music
07:38:18jdhoreotgalso, about 70% of my music is encoded at AAC 160kbps which it seems like rockbox doesn't fully support...
07:38:21scorchealthough it is always a good idea to have a backup
07:38:49jdhoreotgwell...i do have a backup, but it's in about 17 different folders on one of my HD's
07:40:02jdhoreotgi'm very seriously considering it there anything i can do about my 160kbps AAC library or am i screwed on that one unless i reencode all of it?
07:40:24EnterUserNamethere is no file browser..
07:40:41scorcheEnterUserName: ?
07:40:47Paul_the_NerdThe first thing you see upon booting Rockbox is the file browser...
07:40:57EnterUserNamewell i see root
07:41:06scorchejdhoreotg: how did you encode it?
07:41:13scorcheEnterUserName: that is the file browser
07:41:20EnterUserNamethats what i thought
07:41:20jdhoreotgwith iTunes' encoder
07:42:11scorcheyou *should* be fine then
07:42:45webguest82anybody know any psp hacks?
07:42:54EnterUserNameis there anyone to use my apple firmware playlsit with this?
07:43:03scorchewebguest82: this isnt a psp channel...
07:43:19scorcheEnterUserName: what do you mean?
07:43:19webguest82yea but same concept homie
07:43:24daurn|laptopscorche: it is now
07:43:32scorchedaurn|laptop: shoo
07:43:36Paul_the_Nerdwebguest82: A) It's not the same concept. B) Even if it were, this channel is about Rockbox, not about any given concept.
07:43:36webguest82yea :)
07:43:37daurn|laptopwebguest82: yes
07:43:39EnterUserNameI wannt to use the playlist i made with my ipod
07:44:07JdGordonwoot, h300 button code is in target tree and still works :D
07:44:10scorcheEnterUserName: is it in m3u format?
07:44:21EnterUserNamedunno i made it in amarok
07:44:33EnterUserNameso im guessing its ituens format
07:44:41scorchewell, at least, the filename should end in .m3u
07:45:00jdhoreotg3 final questions and i'll stop being annoying: 1. i assume all my MP3's encoded at random (but normal) bitrates will work OK... 2. from what you've heard of/seen about the Windows GUI installer, will it require me to reformat my iPod? 3. how do i drop back into Apple firmware if i'm in Rockbox?
07:45:05Paul_the_Nerdscorche: It's probably just a playlist within the iTunesDB. There was a plugin to convert those at a point.
07:45:25Paul_the_Nerdjdhoreotg: 1) Yes, 2) No, 3) Hold menu while booting
07:45:53jdhoreotgok, with #2 have you used it or are you just assuming?
07:46:03scorchePaul_the_Nerd: eh...i wouldnt know....m3u would tell you a lot..
07:46:16webguest82ok just stole one and the stupid people have the latest firm on it any help on how to take it bak to 1.5
07:46:19webguest82ok just stole one and the stupid people have the latest firm on it any help on how to take it bak to 1.5
07:46:22Paul_the_Nerdscorche: I don't believe they're actually files.
07:46:30daurn|laptopwebguest82: whats it on now?
07:46:36scorchejdhoreotg: if it does (which there is no reason to), it should tell you
07:46:43scorchePaul_the_Nerd: ah
07:46:47Paul_the_Nerdwebguest82: A) Please do not discuss illegal activities in this channel. B) This is NOT A PSP CHANNEL
07:46:49jdhoreotgthank you
07:46:57Paul_the_Nerddaurn|laptop: Do not encourage him.
07:46:57daurn|laptopPaul_the_Nerd: its ont illegel
07:47:04Paul_the_Nerddaurn|laptop: He just said he stole one.
07:47:09webguest82at 2.71
07:47:26daurn|laptopPaul_the_Nerd: i'm no talking about that though
07:47:36aliaskWhy are you even talking here
07:47:37jdhoreotg(webguest82): if you continue discussing illegal activities, i will have one of the Freenode admins server ban you
07:47:38daurn|laptopwebguest82: grab downgrader and run it
07:48:01*scorche sighs
07:48:13Paul_the_Nerddaurn|laptop: Also, take your discussion with him to PMs please
07:48:27webguest82ok i found it... :)
07:50:34scorcheor, since he is on CGI:IRC, tell him to go into a different channel that you are on
07:51:06EnterUserNameQuestion: How do i find the tag cache option in the menu
07:51:10EnterUserNamecant seem to find it from the manual
07:51:20webguest82wats the beef about? were all in this together right? ;^x
07:51:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:52:08scorchewebguest82: i dont know what you refer to as "this", but "we" probably are not
07:52:21EnterUserNamefound it
07:52:36scorchejdhoreotg: namecalling doesnt help
07:53:09webguest82noob? wow u cool...
07:53:11YouCeyEhi.. rockbox on h10 wont show music folders
07:53:14jdhoreotgi know...people like him just piss me off to no end...i apologize to everyone except webguest82
07:53:19YouCeyEon the first screen
07:54:32Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: And you're sure those folders aren't marked as hidden by your filesystem?
07:54:50webguest82one of the main concepts in here is that were all trying to modify electronics... aint lookin 4 trouble so chill
07:54:56YouCeyEPaul_the_Nerd, may be..
07:55:01Paul_the_Nerdwebguest82: No, the ONLY concept in here is discussion of Rockbox.
07:55:05YouCeyEPaul_the_Nerd, how can i unhide it in linux?
07:55:32Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: I'm honestly not really sure.
07:55:38jdhoreotgif your looking for electronice stuff, please use google...
07:55:48YouCeyEin windows i think they show up as hidden
07:55:51webguest82daurn|laptop appreciate the help it worked
07:56:14Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: Then either change Rockbox to view All instead of Music or Supported, or unhide the folders, and you should be fine
07:56:34 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:56:38 Join Bagder_ [0] (
07:56:53YouCeyEPaul_the_Nerd, i just did view all for now
07:57:08scorcheYouCeyE: chattr?
07:57:36YouCeyEsorry scorche, what is chattr?
07:57:37 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@nat01-silvers-ext.Rutgers.EDU)
07:57:46scorcheYouCeyE: a linux command
07:57:58YouCeyEi am getting some pauses when i am playing a single file.. change file attributes
07:58:13YouCeyEit plays for 5 secs pauses and resumes in 2 secs
07:58:20YouCeyEthanks scorche
07:58:29scorchedo you have the eq or crossfade on?
07:58:47YouCeyEhow shld i check it?
07:58:59scorchefrom the menu options
07:59:21scorchewhat files are these?
07:59:45scorchein terms of format, bitrate, etc
07:59:52jdhoreotgok, i'll be back
07:59:56scorchealso, what wps are you using?
08:00:07webguest82daurn|laptop u still in here?
08:00:19YouCeyEscorche, vbr mp3 files
08:00:26scorchewebguest82: if the question is anything about the psp, dont ask it
08:00:41YouCeyE249k bit avg
08:00:55 Part jdhoreotg
08:00:56YouCeyEwps is default
08:00:59webguest82no its about yo mama nigga
08:00:59scorcheYouCeyE: are you using an official build?
08:01:07YouCeyEi just loaded rockbox on h10
08:01:23EnterUserNamewhen i go to root it automatically loads the songs
08:01:23 Quit webguest82 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:01:24YouCeyEjust got the latest cvs build
08:01:24scorchewebguest82: that kind of language is not accepted here
08:01:25EnterUserNamei cant get to a browser
08:01:37 Quit SereRokR ()
08:02:00scorcheEnterUserName: what do you mean? Paul_the_Nerd said, the browser is the first screen you see
08:02:11EnterUserNameThese are the options i see
08:02:29 Join webguest83 [0] (i=d8b1a330@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:02:33scorchethose are folders from the apple OS
08:02:36webguest83hello guys
08:03:18EnterUserNameI wanna see my files
08:03:19scorcheEnterUserName: your music is still arranged the itunes way...check the manual for instructions on using tagcache, and use that
08:03:19YouCeyEscorche, more pauses :(
08:03:29EnterUserNameyes i just turned on tag cache
08:03:39EnterUserNamebut it still says root
08:04:03scorchethen you are not viewing the tagcache tree
08:04:18scorchechange your view mode to tagcache
08:04:22 Quit webguest83 (Client Quit)
08:04:45scorcheYouCeyE: does this happen on every file, or just this one
08:04:54YouCeyEscorche, looks like its pausing when loading file..
08:04:58YouCeyEhappening for every file
08:05:10YouCeyEit is pausing in between
08:05:15YouCeyEfile is less than 10 mb
08:05:15scorcheand you are sure that you dont have the eq or crossfade on
08:05:23YouCeyEjust checked
08:05:28EnterUserNamedarn it crashed again
08:05:36 Join qailer [0] (
08:05:43YouCeyEi think it is not loading the whole file at once
08:05:45 Join NRH [0] (i=d8b1a330@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ between files or while playing the file itself
08:06:07YouCeyEplaying file itself
08:06:24scorcheyou can check in the audio thread option in the debug menu
08:06:45EnterUserNameScorche: i get into the general settings adn its crashing
08:06:51EnterUserNameis it possible oct 27 build sux.
08:06:57scorcheYouCeyE: yes
08:07:08scorcheEnterUserName: what do you mean "crashing"?
08:07:12EnterUserNameits frozen
08:07:18EnterUserNamei cant do anythign with it
08:07:25EnterUserNameandi have to do a hard reset
08:08:03scorcheso pusing buttons and/or scrolling does not work?
08:08:30EnterUserNamei have to hard reset it
08:08:41scorcheodd...try an earlier build
08:09:07NRHtake apart and disconnect battery if the menu+select does not work
08:09:20EnterUserNameno i dont think i'll do that
08:09:26EnterUserNamemenu select works
08:09:28scorcheNRH: that is practically never necessary
08:09:32*EnterUserName nods to scorche
08:09:34YouCeyEscorche, how do i get to debug menu?
08:10:07scorcheYouCeyE: menu > info > debug menu > audio thread
08:10:56YouCeyEsorry for asking.. how do i get to main menu on h10?
08:11:03YouCeyEwhat button while playing a song
08:11:06scorchei dont know...check the manual
08:12:01EnterUserNamehow do i get to the file browser
08:12:03EnterUserNamefrom the main menu :S
08:12:23scorcheEnterUserName: hit the menu button again
08:12:33 Join jdhoreotg [0] (
08:12:40EnterUserNamethere we go..
08:12:46jdhoreotghow do i reboot the iPod when i'm in RockBox?
08:13:03NRHsame as usual i guess
08:13:13scorchejdhoreotg: hold play to shut it down...reboot is the same way in apple os
08:13:25EnterUserNamehrm my podcasts arent showing op
08:13:27NRHthere ya go
08:13:44NRHpod casts...not capable
08:13:56scorcheNRH: they are just audio files...
08:13:59EnterUserNamedarn ;(
08:14:32EnterUserNamehow do i get to them :S
08:14:32YouCeyEscorche, doesnt work
08:14:35scorcheEnterUserName: i dont know/where itunes stores them...i would suggest just loading them on there by dragging and dropping
08:14:41YouCeyEits says long next for entering main menu
08:14:45jdhoreotghaha!!!!! EVERYTHING WORKS!!! EVERYTHING WORKS!!!
08:14:51YouCeyEbut it goes to context menu first
08:14:53jdhoreotgI LOVE YOU AL
08:15:08*jdhoreotg hugs everyone in channel
08:16:10scorcheYouCeyE: are you sure you are reading the manual right? (i cant check as i am haivng connection issues
08:16:31jdhoreotgsotty, i'm just uber happy/excited
08:17:12NRHso about that psp :)
08:17:14EnterUserNamehow do i do both tag cache and playlist?
08:17:37YouCeyEscorche, yes
08:17:56Rickwait wait wait
08:18:03Rickwhy are people talking about PSP in a rockbox channel?
08:18:07scorcheYouCeyE: try pushing buttons then...what button did the original firmware use for getting into the menu?
08:18:09jdhoreotgthank you all very, very much for helping me
08:18:11scorcheRick: we arent
08:18:17myzarbecause we have a secret alpha PSP release
08:18:19myzarbut shhhhhhhhhh.
08:18:22Rickwe do?
08:18:26NRHany body know wat to name a downgrader and what file to put it on in the psp
08:18:32myzaryou need sector 9 access to hear that information
08:18:39jdhoreotgare you by chance Myzar from the OSx86 poject?
08:18:44YouCeyEscorche, prev button
08:18:52NRHi have that access lol
08:18:57myzaryou need sector 9 access to hear that information as well
08:19:05myzaranyone that says they have it is lying
08:19:06scorcheNRH: this is the last time i am telling you...STOP TALKING ABOUT PSP RELATED ITEMS
08:19:14*Rick hands myzar an upside down sector 6 pass
08:19:28scorcheYouCeyE: then try that
08:19:31*myzar stamps FAKE on Rick's forhead
08:19:35Rickcrud, i've been discovered
08:19:37EnterUserNamescorche: how do i show both views for playlist and id3 tags
08:19:40scorchelong press that is
08:19:41myzari *might* be, jdhoreotg
08:19:45NRHy cuz it dont exist and scorche u find me a psp hack chatroom and ill shut up
08:19:47myzarbut i cannot confirm/deny
08:19:52jdhoreotgc'mon, don't do that to me
08:19:55myzarwithout my team of legal defence lawyers
08:20:00Paul_the_NerdNRH: Seriously, YOU find you one.
08:20:05YouCeyEscorche, it takes to file show mode
08:20:36scorchePaul_the_Nerd: happen to know the menu button for H10 for YouCeyE ?...i cant access the manual atm
08:20:44NRHthank u paul great effort
08:21:01jdhoreotgHow big is a stock Rockbox install (on iPod disk)?
08:21:02Paul_the_NerdNRH: Seriously, this is #Rockbox, not #FirmwareHacks or anything else.
08:21:11Paul_the_Nerdscorche: The circle button, I think?
08:21:15Paul_the_Nerdscorche: Just tap it.
08:21:15NRHok ill chill
08:21:17Rickjdhoreotg: i'd wager ~2mb
08:21:29scorchePaul_the_Nerd: i would guess that, but tell it to YouCeyE =)
08:21:30Rickjdhoreotg: (then again, I havn't used rockbox in months and that was on my h120)
08:21:30jdhoreotgcool...just wondering
08:21:41Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: Try tapping the Circle button, while in the filetree view.
08:21:46Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: *tap* not hold.
08:21:57NRHwell is any body in here a developer for rockbox or plannin to try to join
08:22:01EnterUserNamehrm.. i think i still like the itunes interface
08:22:08EnterUserNamethis has cool features.
08:22:11scorcheNRH: what do you need a dev for?
08:22:31YouCeyEPaul_the_Nerd, circle button?
08:22:42Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: That's what I've heard it referred to?
08:22:45NRHdont know maybe they can teach me cool stuff
08:22:46Rickyes, what do you need a dev for? I'd say a lot of the regulars here have contributed code at one point or another to rockbox
08:22:48scorcheYouCeyE: i believe it is the leftmost button
08:22:52Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: It may just be a power button that people are strangely calling "circle"
08:23:07Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: I have no H10. :) I'm just trying to remember from offhand conversations a possible answer. ;)
08:23:11jdhoreotgEFnet #dcemu, NRH
08:23:33jdhoreotgi win
08:23:37jdhoreotgyou lose
08:23:41YouCeyEPaul_the_Nerd, thanks
08:23:44YouCeyEpower button works
08:23:45Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: It worked?
08:23:48jdhoreotgnow service my penis please
08:24:06scorchejdhoreotg: you know what i am going to say ;)
08:24:11YouCeyEok now scorche
08:24:14*Rick irons jdhoreotg's pants while he is still in them
08:24:15jdhoreotgi do indeed
08:24:18scorcheNRH: i told you before abotut he language
08:24:23YouCeyEshould i try that threads?
08:24:28YouCeyEis it ok for non developer?
08:24:31EnterUserNameHey all
08:24:33scorcheYouCeyE: it is
08:24:36EnterUserNamehow do i tell it to load the apple firmware
08:24:37YouCeyEshould i stop playing file
08:24:41EnterUserNamedoes it have dual boot
08:24:45YouCeyEbefore i check that option?
08:24:47jdhoreotgbut NRH, seriously, there's you're PSP IRC channel
08:24:49EnterUserNamescorche: that no to me?
08:24:59scorcheEnterUserName: it does...hold menu while booting
08:25:01Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: Hold Menu while booting.
08:25:08jdhoreotgi used Podzilla2 BL...i love it
08:25:09NRHwere all grown people here all in favor of naughty words say fuk scorche
08:25:17NRHfuk scorche
08:25:27Mode"#rockbox +o scorche " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:25:30YouCeyEscorche, what info u want?
08:25:32scorcheNRH: stop now
08:25:36*Rick hands scorche a large cookie
08:25:42RickDO IT!
08:25:44*Rick bribes
08:25:46*BHSPitLappy lives in NRH
08:25:54*jdhoreotg hands scorche the Ban Hammer!
08:26:00EnterUserNamento bad at all
08:26:02NRHscorche ill eat u 4 breakfeast u fake ass geek
08:26:07*BHSPitLappy saws scorche a piece of clue-by-four!
08:26:09*EnterUserName hopes you guys implement ways to communicate it with the itunes database soon
08:26:09RickBye NRH
08:26:17EnterUserNameand implement podcasts.
08:26:24Kick(#rockbox NRH :scorche) by scorche!
08:26:24jdhoreotgyeah, bye bye, NRH
08:26:24myzarthat would be over the top
08:26:30lexEnterUserName: i hope it too
08:26:30Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: We really don't care about the iPod database.
08:26:32YouCeyEscorche, cpu freq 75mhz
08:26:33scorcheis anyone else on the web client?....i need to knwo
08:26:38BHSPitLappyEnterUserName, why would any core dev implement that feature
08:26:39myzarrockbox has no limit on characters
08:26:41lexbut i hope the most that rockbox would work on 5.5G :)
08:26:47myzaritunes DB does
08:26:53myzaras well as a directory structure
08:26:53Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: We're a REPLACEMENT firmware, not a "Coexist and use features of the other" firmware.
08:26:56lexBHSPitLappy: because it would so much easier to play music on rockbox
08:26:58Rickscorche: AFAIK web clients encoded IPs into the ident, so banning that with the host should work
08:27:01myzarit'd have to check the DB, then check directory
08:27:01 Join nrh2the|apologix [0] (i=d8b1a330@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:27:02jdhoreotgi'm on mIRC
08:27:03lexif someone uses apple os too
08:27:06myzarthat might be a bit annoying
08:27:07RickCGI:IRC anyway
08:27:14myzarbut something that can maybe link rockbox files
08:27:17EnterUserNameoh.. Well what happens if i want to use podcasts/
08:27:19myzar(other than unsupported formats)
08:27:20scorcheRick: we will see...
08:27:25myzarto the official firmware
08:27:25myzarmight be nice
08:27:25Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: They're just audio files...
08:27:31Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: I don't understand the question.
08:27:39EnterUserNameWell I use amarok to sync my nano
08:27:39BHSPitLappyEnterUserName, lex, that's like thinking a linux core dev would want to implement a linux Registry
08:27:52jdhoreotg(EnterUserName): nice
08:27:53*Rick points at nrh2the|apologix
08:27:53YouCeyEPaul_the_Nerd, i was getting pauses while playing a single file
08:28:07BHSPitLappylex, it's an understandable plugin, but not an integral part of rockbox
08:28:07YouCeyEplays for 5 secs.. 3 sec pause.. resume
08:28:08jdhoreotgeveryone: any real importance in reading the user manual?
08:28:09Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: Like, gaps in the playback during the file?
08:28:16EnterUserNameSo now its totally changed.. which makes it harder how do i add podcasts to it?
08:28:19Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: Try a WPS without peakmeters... iCatcher theme, for example
08:28:28Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: Just copy the files over.
08:28:29lexBHSPitLappy: it's like linux and windows, linux has to support windows because windows doesn't support linux
08:28:41jdhoreotgheh...great analogy
08:28:45lexBHSPitLappy: so rockbox has to support apple os, because apple os doesn't support rockbox ;)
08:28:46YouCeyEhow do i get out from this debug menu
08:28:53EnterUserNameid basically have to start from scratch :S
08:28:59scorcheYouCeyE: press menu again
08:29:04nrh2the|apologixi juz located a windows mobile platform for ipod
08:29:15Paul_the_Nerdlex: Why should Rockbox bother to support it? We have our own, arguably better alternative
08:29:27lexBHSPitLappy: and it's not easy to get 20GB of music two times to my 30GB ipod
08:29:28EnterUserNameYes you do. But lets say we want to know where our podcasts are :)
08:29:38YouCeyEscorche, wont work
08:29:38BHSPitLappylex, I'm not sure how many people would use rockbox and apple os equally
08:29:40scorcheor back...
08:29:42YouCeyEi cant get out of it
08:29:59Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: Or you can use TagCache to automatically find and index the podcasts already on your iPod. Seriously, I can't help any more without an actual question or statement of what you want to do other than "use podcasts" because that means the same thing as "listen to audio" to me
08:30:07jdhoreotg(nrh2the|apologix): pPod...i think we know
08:30:17jdhoreotgthere's also one for PalmOS
08:30:32jdhoreotgi can't remember the name though
08:30:49EnterUserNameOk Paul_The_Nerd i cant find my podcasts using the TagCache :(
08:30:57EnterUserNamethats the problem.. if it could find it i'd be happy :)
08:31:11 Part jdhoreotg
08:31:27Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: Actually, they may not be indexed, depending on what the files' extensions are.
08:31:34Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: What are their extensions on the iPod?
08:31:42EnterUserNameI'm not to sure: S
08:31:45scorcheEnterUserName: as i said, you can use drag and drop and use the regular frole browser
08:31:56EnterUserNameno no i know
08:31:59EnterUserNamebut its hard to find no?
08:33:08Paul_the_NerdEnterUserName: Just use the AppleOS. Forget it. It sounds like it's more suited to what you need
08:33:19EnterUserNameok. Well let me test it out i have nan idea
08:33:40EnterUserNamewell i'm gunna give it a fair shot.. i do like rockbox
08:33:54EnterUserNamefor the features i'll try erasing the whole music drive and reimporting my stuff :)
08:34:00YouCeyEPaul_the_Nerd, thanks.. it seems to fix
08:34:05YouCeyEselecting icatcher
08:34:31YouCeyEscorche, thanks for your help
08:34:42scorcheEnterUserName: if you are going to do that, just copy the folders over with music instead of using the ipod database
08:35:03EnterUserNameScorche: thats my plan
08:35:28scorchethen you can make a folder named "Podcasts" and put them in there
08:36:20scorcheYouCeyE: aye...i got a bit "distracted" after you told me that you were using the default wps =)
08:37:03 Nick myzar is now known as myzar|away (
08:39:48YouCeyEi am amazed with what you can do with rockbox in a small mp3 player
08:39:57YouCeyEkudos to the developers
08:41:33YouCeyETag cache option is disastrous for harddisk life?
08:41:49scorchenot really
08:41:51 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
08:41:52YouCeyEits been blinking for 3 minutes and still on
08:42:21Paul_the_NerdIt has to scan the disk.
08:42:27JdGordonYouCeyE: thats expected the first time you run it
08:42:34aliaskThat's just the first run of it, after it's indexed all the files it's much less harddrive intensive.
08:42:35Paul_the_NerdReading a hard disk isn't exactly 'damaging' seeing as the whole intent of HDs is data storage.
08:42:40YouCeyEcan i do that on my pc and load a file to rockbox?
08:42:46scorcheunfortunately, no
08:42:54Paul_the_Nerdscorche: Incorrect
08:43:01YouCeyEwont it be a good option to use pc
08:43:05scorchePaul_the_Nerd: oooo..they finally made one?
08:43:12Paul_the_Nerdscorche: There old TagDB perl script generates it now, I believe.
08:43:24Paul_the_NerdI'm about 75% sure it got upgraded/replaced
08:43:27scorcheah..i didnt realize they had updated it
08:43:29Bagderit did
08:43:38YouCeyEcan i use easyh10 for making the list?
08:44:13Mode"#rockbox -o scorche " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:44:14Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: No, the only current utility is available in the source archive, it's a perl script so requires a perl installation.
08:44:30JdGordonmorning Bagder, is it bad to move individual drivers into the target-tree seperalty, instead of everything in 1 hit?
08:44:42YouCeyEcool.. Paul_the_Nerd ..
08:44:46 Nick myzar|away is now known as myzar (
08:44:56BagderJdGordon: no, its already being done driver by driver basically
08:45:05Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: Support could very easily be added to EasyH10 but that would be a job for whoever maintains that project
08:45:16YouCeyEPaul_the_Nerd, syntax is perl <music dir> ?
08:45:37JdGordonBagder: and it wont break unless TARGET_TREE is defined only once all the drivers have been moved, yeah?
08:45:59JdGordon.. because i've just moved button.c for hxxx into there but not sure if its done well...
08:46:01Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: I honestly don't know the syntax for, since I've never used it. :)
08:46:32YouCeyEdamn.. i wonder why firefox crashes on debian
08:46:40hcsYouCeyE: yes, but what platform do you have? you may need to include the tag to force it to output in big endian
08:46:44hcs*little endian
08:48:10 Quit didj (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:48:22hcsYouCeyE: and with an H10 you will need that.
08:49:04YouCeyEhcs, what about h120?
08:49:05 Quit scorche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:49:10YouCeyEi have both
08:49:32hcsh120 is big endian,so you don't use the flag for that
08:49:40 Join scorche [0] (
08:49:55Bagdersubzero degrees today, DST is gone
08:50:02Bagderdarn this is depressing
08:50:19JdGordonmy condolenses :D
08:50:19Bagderwe're now pitch black 4pm
08:50:34JdGordonsee... that is why DST should be during winter, not summer
08:50:52Bagderin fact, the DST zone would be better for us all around the year
08:50:56scorcheit is fall and spring
08:51:08*scorche shrugs
08:51:12 Quit nrh2the|apologix ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
08:51:15YouCeyEany plans to make ums mode (without the trick) for h10?
08:51:30YouCeyEor does it need to come from iriver?
08:51:53 Join matsl [0] (
08:52:13YouCeyEi shld say this is one of the best channels with so many nice people answering questions
08:52:18Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: Once Rockbox has its own USB mode, it will be UMS, but that still requires further knowledge of the hardware
08:52:35YouCeyEi had seen rash answers from people in other channels
08:52:40hcsYouCeyE: you'll want: perl −−path /path/to/mounted/drive −−strip /path/to/mounted/drive −−littleendian
08:52:48scorcheYouCeyE: heh...we try =)
08:52:53YouCeyEthanks hcs
08:53:29YouCeyEwhat is the latest bootloader for rockbox?
08:53:30Nimdaewhoever referred me to juice for podcast receiver, thank you so much, much better than itunes :D
08:53:47YouCeyEi think my h120 has version 6
08:54:18Paul_the_NerdYouCeyE: That's the latest official for H120, I believe
08:55:00YouCeyEyou guys work on rockbox as a hobby?
08:55:06YouCeyEany fulltimers?
08:55:14scorcheit is a hobby for all
08:55:58scorcheunless Bagder gets millions from the donate button and isnt telling us
08:55:59YouCeyEactually i am interested in doing some development but dont know where to start
08:56:01*scorche glares
08:56:13scorcheYouCeyE: well, learning C would be a good start
08:56:16YouCeyE:) you guys deserve big donations :)
08:56:30YouCeyEscorche, i do C programming
08:57:05Nimdaei'd donate if i could afford it
08:57:08 Quit EspeonEefi ("Leaving")
08:57:09Nimdaei like paying for stuff i like
08:57:24Nimdaeit's an expression of gratitude
08:57:31Nimdaeit's why i still pay for music ;)
08:57:42YouCeyEscorche, is there a developers document for rockbox
08:58:05JdGordonYouCeyE: not really.. the wiki is some help
08:58:06scorchewell, i guess the next step would be to get aquainted with the source, write a plugin, or figure out something simple to change that you would like seen done
08:58:35Nimdaeget an ipod and hack it >.>
08:59:01Nimdaeooo i found a podcast for learning italian
09:00:02lexi found a htf podcast :po
09:00:58lexhappy tree friends
09:01:13Nimdaeexcept rockbox cant play it :(
09:01:17JdGordonBagder: are the 2 h1xx targets going to be put into the same folder in the target tree and any real differences will be handled by SOURCES, or will they be in 2 sepearte folders?
09:01:53Paul_the_NerdJdGordon: Isn't the only difference the define for memory size?
09:02:11Bagderthere's a few other minor diffs
09:02:26Bagderbut I think it would still make sense to have them in the same dir
09:02:30EnterUserNamenimdae your using juice?
09:02:33*EnterUserName uses amarok
09:02:35EnterUserNamewhats juice
09:02:35Bagderand just ifdef the small differences
09:02:36JdGordonok, cool
09:03:10NimdaeEnterUserName: windows client
09:03:17EnterUserNamenevermind i use amarok
09:03:24EnterUserNamefor linux :)
09:03:30Nimdaei know ;)
09:03:34EnterUserNameim tryign to figure out if it works better with rockbox
09:03:38EnterUserNameor the apple firmware
09:03:42EnterUserNamehaven't made up my mind yet :)
09:03:52Stalwarthow to make rockbox automagically switch to the next folder?
09:03:57Nimdaei have rythmbox
09:04:00Stalwartswitching folders is annoying
09:04:03NimdaeStalwart: playlist
09:04:13StalwartNimdae: only?
09:04:22BagderStalwart: you read the manual?
09:04:28EnterUserNameis there a way to have a playlist view as well as a tag view?
09:04:36scorcheStalwart: there is also an option for about it in the manual
09:04:36Nimdaerockbox can make playlists, make one for the root music directory and it plays all
09:05:18EnterUserNameId like to group by artist and so forth as well as haev a playlist option.. is there anyway with rockbox/
09:05:24scorcheEnterUserName: i am assuming you mean the file browser?
09:05:41scorcheit is either one or the other
09:05:45scorchenot like it is hard to switch
09:05:49EnterUserNamethats a bit frustrating
09:05:56Nimdaethere's lots of ways to see various things
09:05:56EnterUserNamewoudl that be a suitable feature request :)
09:06:10scorcheEnterUserName: i believe there is already one for that
09:06:14EnterUserNameoh ok
09:06:24Bagdertypically, everything you can think of has already been requested ;-)
09:06:32EnterUserNamewell add that up to the queue
09:06:42Nimdaepatience ;)
09:06:45EnterUserNameheh that would be a killer feature :)
09:06:46scorcheBagder: i want my ipod to defy gravity with rockbox on it
09:06:53scorcheand i can use it to fly!
09:06:56Bagderscorche: #4313
09:07:01Paul_the_Nerdscorche: Everything NOT STUPID. :-P
09:07:01NimdaeBagder: i want my rockbox to teleport me to work and back home
09:07:15EnterUserNameI want IPOD to connect to SONYS database and download all there music/
09:07:17Paul_the_Nerdscorche: Not to say there aren't any stupid ones, but you get the idea.
09:07:30scorchePaul_the_Nerd: you wouldnt want to use your ipod to fly?
09:07:53Nimdaei want my ipod to pirate music for me so i don't have to work so hard at it
09:07:54Paul_the_Nerdscorche: Nope. Bet my life on something APPLE manufactured?
09:09:01Nimdaeoh oh oh, i want a killer laser option too, use the wheel to adjust intensity, and the select button to fire
09:09:17Nimdaewtf, i close itunes and it opened back up
09:09:22Nimdaeand again
09:10:19 Nick scorche is now known as itunes (
09:10:29Bagder <= japanese article on Rockbox
09:10:30itunesI can't let you do that Dave...
09:10:37BagderI think
09:10:42 Nick itunes is now known as scorche (
09:10:59Nimdaeitunes won't stay closed
09:11:07*Nimdae uninstalls
09:11:58*scorche tried too hard for that joke
09:14:25EnterUserNamewhos dave :)
09:15:24scorcheEnterUserName: it was a joke stemming from 2001: A Space Oddesey
09:15:44andrewmelopen the ipod bay doors hal
09:16:03EnterUserNameoh ok
09:16:08EnterUserNamei think i heard that before
09:16:17*EnterUserName sighs..
09:16:23EnterUserNamei'm glad i only have 4 gigs to worry about :)
09:17:16 Join ender` [0] (i=null@
09:18:52 Quit netmasta10bt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:19:08 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:21:55 Join matsl_ [0] (
09:22:17 Quit matsl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:23:21EnterUserNamehow is the battery life now on the ipod
09:23:28EnterUserNameusing rockbox better?
09:23:33scorchenot yet
09:23:37EnterUserNamein the faq it mentions it goes fairly quickly?
09:23:38EnterUserNameoh ok
09:23:44EnterUserNameso am i looking at 4-5 hours?
09:23:47EnterUserNameinstead of 10
09:23:50scorchefor which device?
09:23:52 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
09:24:24*EnterUserName ponders. The ipod nano...
09:24:37scorche6 maybe more...not sure...never did a benchmark with mine
09:24:55EnterUserNameoh .. i hope its long enuff for my daily stuff :p
09:24:59daurn|laptopEnterUserName: its not a pico
09:25:11 Part andrewmel
09:25:25scorcheor even a micro
09:25:44daurn|laptopat least its not exo
09:26:21EnterUserNamescorche: do you use rockbox on your nano usually
09:26:25EnterUserNameor apple
09:26:27daurn|laptopwish it was yocto ;)
09:26:28EnterUserName<im just curious)
09:26:39scorcheEnterUserName: i deleted the apple firmware
09:26:44daurn|laptopbut, that probably stores an eigth of a bit ;)
09:27:01EnterUserNamescorche: where can i find the rockbox philosophy :)
09:27:14daurn|laptopEnterUserName: guess
09:27:19EnterUserNamescorche: where you using flacs or other type of files or where the wiki he: )
09:27:28EnterUserNamescorche: where you using flacs or just mp3s
09:27:31EnterUserNamewith your nano
09:27:32scorchei was just saying as compared to IPL
09:27:43scorchei generally use mp3, flag, and ogg
09:27:47EnterUserNameoh ok
09:28:00EnterUserNameno im just wondering cuz i know some of them take more cpu cycles
09:28:15EnterUserNameso battery length may vary depending on format no?
09:28:22 Join GFoux [0] (
09:30:07*scorche remembered he was about to watch a movie a couple hours ago
09:32:38 Join jdhoreotg [0] (
09:33:13jdhoreotgi been Rockbox based off a Linux-based kernel?
09:33:17scorcheit isnt
09:33:36scorchewhat is wrong with that?
09:33:48jdhoreotgi wanted to get wifi on my iPod
09:33:49EnterUserNamei thought it was based off clinux?
09:34:00 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:34:08scorcheEnterUserName: that would be the ipodlinux project
09:34:08jdhoreotgi know iPod Linux is based off of uClinux
09:34:34Bagderrockbox is built around its own kernel
09:34:50jdhoreotgcool...i guess...
09:35:12Bagderit is
09:35:25BagderRockbox is a lot smaller and leaner than linux ever gets
09:35:26scorchesmaller and faster as well =)
09:36:00jdhoreotgyou'd be surprised
09:36:30jdhoreotgminix: fits on a 1.44MB in under a second
09:36:46jdhoreotgi had it running on an old 33mhz box i had somewhere
09:36:48 Quit EnterUserName ("Lost terminal")
09:36:56Bagderand rockbox is even smaller and faster than so
09:37:04jdhoreotgno and no
09:37:28Bagderyou're not doing the correct comparison then
09:37:52jdhoreotgit's 4MB without additional fonts (or AT LEAST 2MB) and it takes over a second to bot on my iPod color with i think a 60mhz processor
09:38:07scorchewe were talking about the kernel
09:38:10Bagderagain, that's not the proper comparison with your minix example
09:38:23Bagderrockbox has heaps of plugins
09:38:54Bagderand rockbox has to spinup the disk, which your PC didn't
09:38:55jdhoreotgminix sorta does's not just a kernel, it's bash and a few external applications as well
09:39:04*JdGordon just realised how much work is needed to move a target to the target tree fully :'(
09:39:25 Quit GreyFoux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:39:34Bagderanyway, I won't bother
09:39:50jdhoreotgme neither
09:39:55jdhoreotgi don't want to argue
09:40:00jdhoreotgi love you guys
09:42:01Nimdaeminix is a general purpose OS, should it be loaded with functionality similar to rockbox, it would probably be slower
09:42:19 Join damaki [0] (
09:42:35Nimdaewhereas rockbox is a very specific OS ready to do certain tasks and each build is built for the hardware it runs on
09:42:48jdhoreotgthis is true...
09:42:55Nimdaeboth are very different monsters though
09:44:37Nimdaeit's just like your gpu is more powerful than your cpu, but your gpu is designed with specific functionality but the cpu is for general functionality, but as you can see, they can't be compared
09:45:00Nimdaei said but way too much
09:45:09Nimdaei must be sleepy
09:45:57Nimdaeanyway, yeah
09:46:36Nimdaeit would figure, lots of commits, i update the rbclient environment, and no commits since
09:47:41 Join lini [0] (i=pugsley@
09:48:04daurn|laptopbut now they say that gpus could be more suited to specific, general tasks better than a cpu
09:48:21jdhoreotgi know
09:48:30daurn|laptop(like, general dna profiling operations)
09:48:45Nimdaedepends on the type of calculations being performed
09:49:01dan_a_afkDoes anyone know if it would be normal to have to fake a partition table on flash disks? I don't seem to be getting any errors from disk_partinfo(), but I'm not seeing any partitions on the Sansa :(
09:49:14jdhoreotgi have an app installed called Magic Bullet that lets me off load some video rendering to the GPU for it to go faster than just using the CPU...i love's so useful
09:49:16 Quit matsl_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:49:20JdGordonBagder: shuoldnt all the remote code in the x5(example) target tree be ifdefed in case people want to build a custom build without it?
09:49:43Nimdaemagic bullet, eh
09:49:44Bagderperhaps, but let's leave that to when someone actually wants it
09:50:11jdhoreotgi <3 Magic Bullet
09:50:13Nimdaei know some gpus support video rendering in hardware
09:50:18JdGordonshould i make sure that check is in the hxxx trees? or not bother
09:50:24 Nick dan_a_afk is now known as dan_a (n=dan-mirc@
09:50:31Nimdaebut vendors turn it off or something
09:50:52jdhoreotgi dunno
09:51:15Nimdaeapparently magic bullet is also a blender
09:51:23Nimdaeand a record label
09:51:47jdhoreotgi didn't know about the record label but i have one of the blenders
09:51:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:51:58jdhoreotgthat blender kicks ass too
09:52:56Nimdaethe only software i find relating to video is video editing
09:53:10jdhoreotgok, i've had a very productive day and now i think i'm going to bed...god night, all
09:53:20 Join bluebrother [0] (
09:53:56 Part jdhoreotg
09:58:06 Join spiorf [0] (
10:00:18 Join dave [0] (
10:00:19davehey all
10:00:24 Nick dave is now known as EnterUserName (
10:00:27EnterUserNameis there a program to make your m3us
10:00:29EnterUserNamealot easier?
10:00:48bluebrotheranother program?
10:00:58EnterUserNameshrug ya if i have many files
10:01:10EnterUserNamei dont want to have to type so much
10:01:12bluebrotherPC media players usually generate m3u. E.g. winamp
10:01:28EnterUserNamehrm.. im using amarok but its doing the wrong directory .. i ended using vi
10:01:32EnterUserNameand use 1,$s/..blah/
10:01:42bluebrotheryou just need to make sure the paths are absolute
10:02:05bluebrothersure, as your files will be in /media/foo/bar and on the player they are in /bar
10:02:44 Part Paul_the_Nerd
10:02:50bluebrotherso in that case I'd suggest writing a small script that corrects the path prefixes.
10:03:22EnterUserNameya vi i can do that too
10:03:27EnterUserNamethats what i did..
10:03:31EnterUserNameor use a script with sed.
10:03:53bluebrotheryou can just do it batch like with sed.
10:04:56 Join dpro [0] (
10:16:13SoapI thought rockbox would decimate your m3u paths.
10:16:34Soapit would look in /media/foo/bar first, then /foo/bar, then in /ba
10:16:38scorchejust the drive letter i believe
10:16:42scorchebut i am not sure
10:17:10*scorche points at Bagder
10:17:22 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:17:26Bagderit does prefix stripping
10:17:27 Quit EnterUserName ("Lost terminal")
10:17:43*aliask is not happy
10:17:54aliaskGot my H300 back from lending it to a friend, and it's broken.
10:18:52 Join mizerydearia [0] (
10:19:24bluebrotherBagder, the "consider upgrading make" is counted as error on the build table. Shouldn't this get treated as warning?
10:19:57Nimdaeheh, i upgraded make
10:20:10Nimdaei hope
10:20:27mizerydeariahumm, not necessarily rockbox-related, but I am looking for a nice pmp (audio&video) that has a linux-based environment and 60-250+gb storage capacity. I've been researching for products available for purchase in the US. Anyone have any tips/pointers? ^^
10:21:13mizerydeariaperhapas a rockbox-supported pmp is a good start?
10:21:25Nimdaegonna strap a hd to that thing?
10:21:28mizerydeariahumm, I would build my own if I could ^^ 250+gb hard drives are cheap
10:22:23mizerydeariaThe 160gb Archos 504 seems really nice ^^
10:22:30mizerydeariabut I can't find availability in the US
10:22:56amiconnBagder: Why does the build colouring script count the warning output as an error? Can that be fixed, or should I remove the warning?
10:22:57 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
10:24:07JdGordonmorning amiconn, you were talking this morning about moving button.c to target tree? FS #6257
10:24:19amiconnAtm 4 of 13 build servers have an old make which triggers the warning
10:25:17Nimdae3.80 is the latest provided by redhat atm, and 3.81 appears to be the latest release, not THAT old ;)
10:26:48Bagderamiconn: well, it looks like an error to the script
10:27:20amiconnWhat decides whether the output is an error?
10:27:50amiconnARe these scripts open, and available somewhere?
10:27:57Bagder /^([^:]*):(\d+):/
10:28:19scorchegotta love perl...
10:28:24*scorche coughs
10:28:40Bagderwell, that's more regex than perl
10:29:03BagderI committed the showlog.cgi script now to the www cvs module
10:29:12mizerydeariaAnyone have any recommendations for a great pmp available in the states? ^^
10:29:19Bagder(using zagor's user ;-)
10:29:21mizerydeariaor what is the best solution available?
10:29:44scorchei believe there is a saying...if you were to put an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite amount of keyboards, st some point, one will create C code....every other one would write perl
10:30:35Bagderwarnings match this: /^([^:]*):(\d*):.*warning:/
10:30:35 Quit Nimdae (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:31:07amiconnJdGordon: Thanks, this almost looks like it should.
10:31:09Bagderas that's how gcc displays them
10:31:24amiconnBagder: Does it matter whether the output appears on stout or stderr?
10:31:43JdGordonamiconn: cool, im working on mooving the whole h300 tree now, should i commit the buttons or wait till the rets is done?
10:31:53Bagderamiconn: I'm quite sure there's no difference
10:32:42amiconnJdGordon: Basically, you shouldn't need to explicitly point to button-target.h. The target tree paths should be part of the include dirs even if TARGET_TREE isn't defined
10:32:54amiconnIf not, this is an error in the build system, imho
10:33:18JdGordonok, yeah, i had to add it to configure to get it working with the h300
10:33:26amiconnBagder: I can make the warning appear on stderr without the prefix with a somewhat esoteric hack
10:33:32amiconnWould that help?
10:33:45Bagderyes, it would prevent it from being seen as an error
10:34:09amiconnThe hack is to use $(shell echo >&2 "blahblah")
10:34:20amiconn...instead of $(warning)
10:34:26Bagderits the "Makefile:11" thing that makes it trigger the error matcher
10:34:37 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
10:36:41BagderI'll go away now, back later tonight
10:44:17 Join Blackfish [0] (
10:44:21 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
10:46:04 Join Nimdae [0] (
10:47:11amiconnJdGordon: I basically want the buttons in target tree in order to add the same cpu saving as on X5 when no button is pressed. So I would appreciate to have h300 buttons in target tree now.
10:48:19JdGordonok, if you can wait 10min I should be able to commit the whole h300 tree..
10:48:54amiconnOf course it would be nice to add the target include tree dirs for all targets. Then you don't need to hack around the build system...
10:49:17amiconnOf course, if you convert the whole h300 tree, then you just need to #define TARGET_TREE
10:49:39*amiconn can't find where these dirs are added
10:49:46JdGordonyup, cept its sort of still needed for the h1xx
10:49:52JdGordoni tinhk its in the configure script
10:50:19markunamiconn: Linus has been working on moving the irivers to target tree, but I don't know what the status is
10:50:20amiconnTARGET_INC is set up by the configure script, but somewhere this must be added to INCLUDE
10:50:48JdGordont_cpu, t_manufacturer, t_model is missing for the targets which arnt in the tree
10:51:11JdGordonadding them to h300 and re-configureing made it work
10:51:38amiconnHmm. I guess defining these will also add #define TARGET_TREE ?
10:51:52JdGordonno, that gets addied in config-target.h
10:52:20amiconnAh, so we just need to add those t_ variables in configure
10:52:30JdGordonI tihnk so
10:53:04JdGordonhmm.. this is gonna take more work, so ill do the buttons for ya now
10:53:09amiconnWhen you moved the iriver button code, I'll probably do the same for the archos button code
10:53:21 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
10:53:38JdGordoni didnt touch archos because i wasnt sure how you wanted the folders arranged/named
10:55:37 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
10:55:39 Join Rondom [0] (
10:56:42amiconnJdGordon: Yes, that's in fact the main problem with archos and target tree
10:57:17amiconnE.g. Ondio FM and Ondio SP are so similar that I think both should get the same target tree dir.
10:57:32amiconnHowever, this will leave some ifdefing in the target tree code
10:57:39 Quit chendo (Remote closed the connection)
10:57:46*amiconn would like to hear Linus' opinion on that
10:58:04 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:58:20 Join obo [0] (
10:58:39amiconnJdGordon: For h1x0, we also have 2 targets with minor differences which should get a single target dir
10:58:59amiconn(h100 and h120, with only 2 minor hw differences)
10:59:04JdGordonyeah, i asked Bagder about that a while ago and he said the same thing
10:59:22markunamiconn: the ATA defines for the PP5002 and PP5020 are now both in arm/ata-target.h
10:59:30markunshould I move it to the .c files?
10:59:31amiconnIt's only the RAM size and the s/pdif power enable signal polarity
10:59:49markunto get rid of the #ifdef
11:00:29amiconnWhy does the build system not pick up my configure change!+
11:00:44 Quit spiorf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:01:02 Join spiorf [0] (
11:01:13JdGordonamiconn: fixing configure indeed means we dont need to fully path the button-target.h file
11:01:17JdGordonso ill commit it
11:02:08amiconnYou may need to 'cvs up' before, as I committed a configure change shortly before
11:02:18*jhMikeS did #ifdef'ing in the target tree for the pcf50606 ... now he's in serious doodoo ?
11:02:25amiconnShouldn't interfere with the t_ stuff
11:03:07JdGordoncan i leave i unused variable in button.c so i dont add extra #ifdefs?
11:03:53amiconnmarkun: If those defines are not needed outside the ata-pp*.c, they should go into these .c files
11:04:07amiconnJdGordon: please don't
11:04:20amiconn..leave the usused variable
11:04:38amiconnI guess this #ifdef will be temporary
11:05:01JdGordonbah, ok
11:05:02amiconnHmpf, that probably was clear as mud
11:06:09JdGordondoesnt matter... clean build, cvs up then commit
11:06:17JdGordonbetter just double check it ont he target first :p
11:06:53markunamiconn: unfortunately they are also used by ata.c
11:07:13JdGordonwhy is -<target> added to the filenames int he target tree? seems a bit silly to me :p
11:07:30BagderJdGordon: for easier grepping and visualizing when loaded into editors etc
11:07:41JdGordonok, fair enough
11:07:44Bagderhave 22 files using the same name can become confusing
11:08:15Bagderbut it isn't a requirement
11:08:27scorcheit is nice though
11:09:14jhMikeSis #ifdef'ing in the target tree really so bad if 99.9%+ of the code is common to everything below it?
11:09:35BagderI don't think we can avoid #ifdefing completely, even in the target tree
11:10:11jhMikeSI'd have to duplicate large amounts of code just to avoid that. Bloats the repository too much imo.
11:10:28BagderI agree
11:10:29amiconnSo there will be 4 target dirs in sh/archos target tree
11:10:39amiconnplayer, recorder, fmv2 and ondio
11:10:54Bagdersounds good
11:11:35amiconnI wonder whether I should move the complete ata_mmc stuff
11:11:48amiconnThere's no other target using mmc in spi mode
11:12:04 Join enterusername [0] (n=root@pdpc/supporter/student/GeekZoid)
11:12:06enterusernamehey all
11:12:11enterusernamehey all
11:12:12jhMikeSamiconn: I'm making the adc_scan actually wait for the conversion result to be ready or is the debounce scheme faster?
11:12:16Bagderthe ata_mmc might be interesting for the sansa port
11:12:18enterusernameInitilize now doesnt appear to be clearing my database
11:12:21 Join lee-qid [0] (
11:12:21enterusernamefrom old songs that i had before are stilla ppearing
11:12:52enterusernamehow do i clear the database
11:12:55amiconnjhMikeS: The adc is always ready because the i2c transfer takes enough time. See the pcf datasheet
11:12:56JdGordongrr... cvs and local trees are annoying
11:13:36jhMikeSok...then what the heck is it needed for?
11:13:54amiconnThe debounce is necessary because the buttons are so mushy that the signal fluctuates a lot, and not doing the debounce often gives false button reads
11:14:07amiconnThe worst target here is the h300
11:14:12enterusernamehey all how do i clear the music database with tag cache initlize now doesnt appear to be working
11:14:36amiconnSometimes I still get wrong button readings even with all the debouncing
11:18:21 Join mirak [0] (
11:18:28Slasherienterusername: remove /.rockbox/tagcache_*.tcd and try initialize it again
11:18:33jhMikeSSays it takes 16uS for 8-bit mode.
11:19:23dan_aBagder: I'm using ata_mmc as a template for the Sansa work, but we use SD mode not SPI. They are fairly different.
11:19:50enterusernamenanoblue works cool too bad the font needs to be small brb
11:21:25enterusernamecan't wait to try flacs :)
11:22:32enterusernameU really dont need to use the tag cache if you have your directory structure nicely too
11:23:03JdGordonwhy wont cvs create the h100 target folder? i did cvsdo add h100 from the iriver folder, but its not showing up in the log showing which files are going to be commited
11:26:33 Quit enterusername ("Lost terminal")
11:26:59JdGordonamiconn: ok, its finnaly online
11:27:02 Join Lear [0] (
11:27:11*JdGordon hopes it didnt stuff up
11:34:27 Quit scorche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:34:39JdGordonwoot! personal high score :p
11:35:01 Join scorche [0] (
11:35:40JdGordonBagder: does the build system not check for new commits if a build is going?
11:35:55 Quit qailer (Remote closed the connection)
11:37:01JdGordonamiconn: the button code is in cvs and working, but the build table is wrong untill someone does another commit
11:37:13 Quit daurn|laptop ("daurn|laptop was using Daurnimator's Legendary Script")
11:37:19 Join enterusername [0] (n=root@pdpc/supporter/student/GeekZoid)
11:37:27enterusernameis it possible that the firmware is making my ipod charge too much
11:37:38 Quit Rondom (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:37:45 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
11:37:47 Join Rondom [0] (
11:37:48enterusernameweird.. its giving me battery problems.
11:37:52 Quit mvo2 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:38:18scorcherockbox (atm), uses the apple disk mode for transfers
11:38:37enterusernameit gave me a battery error when i disconnected it
11:38:41enterusernamebut it appears to be fine now
11:39:16 Quit petur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:40:30aliaskAnybody got any 1.8" drives kicking around collecting dust? *hopeful smile*
11:40:57daurn|laptopaliask: i want it first :P
11:41:19 Quit amiconn (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
11:41:27JdGordonaliask: daurn|laptop: the 3 of us should find the aussie distributor and rob them or something :p :D
11:41:55 Join scorche` [0] (
11:42:11 Quit scorche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:42:19aliaskHah. I just need mine to make an ipod functional
11:42:31aliaskSo its not really a NEED thing
11:42:45enterusernamewell this is nice...rockbox shows the mp3 bit rate.
11:42:57daurn|laptop"i just need ..." "so i don't need it"
11:43:01JdGordondoes anyone here have the h100?
11:43:34aliaskI'm getting one! (I bet that doesn't help)
11:43:52enterusernamehey i cant view the fire while listening to music :p
11:43:57JdGordon:) not really, unless your getting it tonight
11:44:15aliaskWell, you live close to him, but he can't find it at the moment anyway...
11:44:41enterusernamelol ipods cpu can not handle the nice pictures while listening tomusc:(
11:44:43aliaskenterusername: That's because it uses heaps of CPU, and it's too busy drawing the fire to do the music
11:44:51enterusernameya i noticed :)
11:45:21aliaskWonder if we'll ever get some kind of "visualiser"
11:45:25enterusernamedarn nanos they need to make it better
11:45:51enterusernameat least i can play bubbles thats a nice game :p
11:45:55scorche`aliask: if we do, using it will be a nice large cut of battery =P
11:46:22scorche`enterusername: they did...the new nanos are pretty beefy CPU wise
11:46:33enterusernametoo bad i cant afford the new nanos :(
11:46:33 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (
11:46:43aliaskAnd too bad rockbox won't work on them.
11:46:50scorcheit isnt worth it yet rockbox yet
11:47:02enterusernameoh hrm
11:47:19enterusernameI figured a way around the playlist and tagcache
11:47:26enterusernamei just organize the directory structure
11:47:28enterusernameso i can have both..
11:47:39scorcheyeah...that is what i suggested to you
11:47:46enterusernameoh :)
11:48:23enterusernameim getting a hang of this interface now..
11:48:48 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:49:37enterusernameso if i were to buy an mp3 player (new one) which one woudl you all suggest
11:50:07scorchedepends what you would want in an mp3 player
11:50:26enterusernameum size and weight
11:50:44enterusernameto be light something similiar to my 4 gig ipod ;)
11:52:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:52:15daurn|laptopi want a free mp3 player
11:52:22daurn|laptopany1 caring to buy me one?
11:52:39scorchei got my nano for free =)
11:52:54enterusernamehowd you manage that scorche?
11:52:58daurn|laptopenterusername: how much bigger can it be?
11:53:06daurn|laptopenterusername: does it have to have rockbox?
11:53:16scorchei will tell you when it becomes storytime isnt right now...
11:53:19daurn|laptopscorche: i could steal one as well - but i don't like ipods
11:53:34enterusernameNo.. U guys should try using Zen :) i would steal one
11:53:38enterusernameporting zen to rockbox
11:53:53enterusernamei saw a Zen Creative 8 gig its pretty nice
11:54:04enterusernameso whats everyone's fav here?
11:54:09daurn|laptopenterusername: its dm320, that means likelyhood of port == 1%
11:54:25enterusernameoh ok
11:54:39enterusernameso whats everyoens favorite mp3 player?
11:54:42daurn|laptopenterusername: until this last 3 months, archos offerings. cept newest ones are crap
11:54:53daurn|laptopwell, not crap, but nothing i would want
11:55:41enterusernamethey dont have color screens though?
11:56:06 Join kaspar [0] (
11:56:14enterusernamenot that u need them :p
11:56:58enterusernameim looking on the site on what you guys support
11:57:02enterusernameand i dont see them with color screens
11:57:10 Join qailer [0] (
11:57:21daurn|laptopheh, rockbox only supports OLD OLD archoses
11:57:27daurn|laptopnewer ones don't have rockbox
11:57:29 Join FOAD_ [0] (
11:57:36enterusernameoh ok
11:57:45enterusernameim wondering if thats being worked on..
11:57:50daurn|laptopbut, everything cept the newest lineup have been the most awesome players ever
11:57:57daurn|laptopenterusername: i was... but i quit
11:57:58 Join scorche` [0] (
11:58:05enterusernamehow come?
11:58:12daurn|laptopi don't have the time
11:58:26enterusernameoh understandable
11:58:32daurn|laptopalso, they are (again) dm320 - it takes some illegel know-how to get sound output
11:58:54enterusernameliek zen :(
11:59:00enterusernamehowd you guys do nano
11:59:19enterusernameis the new nano that too :p
11:59:50 Quit scorche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:59:59 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (
12:00:29enterusernameDaurn: Is most mp3 players that now?
12:01:29markunenterusername: is most mp3 players what?
12:01:36enterusernamethe dm320 chipset
12:01:41enterusernameoh ok
12:01:55enterusernamethe new ones..
12:02:27enterusernamewhats this firmware coded in assembly?
12:03:48enterusernameoh ok.. Do you just get a compiler working on it and then do c source code?
12:04:11scorche...if only
12:04:16enterusernamelol :p
12:04:29enterusernameoh ok
12:04:39enterusernameHow do you guys program it?
12:06:11daurn|laptopprogram what?
12:06:46 Join SmilinBob [0] (
12:06:54enterusernamehow do you create the firmware on these mp3 players
12:06:55 Quit SmilinBob (Client Quit)
12:07:34enterusernamethe nano....
12:07:36scorcheit differs for each target
12:07:49scorchethat will give you a basic idea
12:10:41enterusernamepretty intensiver
12:10:46enterusernamelol im going to bed. its 6am..
12:12:08 Join Rob2222 [0] (
12:12:13 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:14:40 Join scorche` [0] (
12:15:16 Quit scorche (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
12:18:14 Join MadDog011 [0] (
12:18:17 Part MadDog011
12:18:33 Join Criamos [0] (
12:19:26BagderJdGordon: I don't think you should nick the copyright of those new files
12:19:30 Join scorche [0] (
12:19:44 Quit scorche` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:20:09Bagderthe original ones from where you got the snippets to create the files should be used
12:20:14 Join damaki_ [0] (
12:20:20JdGordonBagder: ok, i havnt done it to any other files, so i wont do it again
12:20:37Bagderno big deal, just mentioning it
12:20:59 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
12:21:04JdGordonHAVE_SERIAL cant be defined for the the h300 yeah?
12:21:19BagderI don't know
12:22:13bluebrotherI remember LinusN did something with serial on the h100 some time ago
12:22:14 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:22:53 Join damaki__ [0] (
12:30:57JdGordonpower.c is confusing :p
12:31:36 Quit kaspar (Remote closed the connection)
12:32:09*jhMikeS knows all about the spaghetti knots of power code
12:33:08daurn|laptopany1 wanna send me a rockboxable device?
12:33:29 Quit GFoux ("Le vrai danger, c'est quand les hommes penseront comme les ordinateurs")
12:33:53*JdGordon needs a better editor which can fold #ifs properly
12:34:12*Bagder ducks
12:34:26JdGordonkate and kdevelop both dont :'(
12:34:30daurn|laptopscite is the best *nix editor
12:36:22Bagderemacs has a rather nifty ifdef-mode
12:36:23 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:36:53Bagderthat can show the file according what defines you say are defined
12:36:58 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
12:37:53 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@CERULEANCITY.MIT.EDU)
12:38:53 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:38:57daurn|laptopworse editor: elvis
12:40:15jhMikeSscite? *lol*
12:41:24JdGordonwoohoo! h300 compiles fine in the target tree
12:41:29jhMikeSsounds like skite = scat
12:41:37JdGordonnow to test and makes rue nothing was broken :p
12:41:57jhMikeSpower soup is better
12:42:08 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
12:42:42jhMikeSJdGordon: What are you targeting in general? Key and power stuff?
12:43:38JdGordonjhMikeS: everything which stops it from compiling
12:43:58JdGordonso atm its ata, adc, backlight, systems, power, usb
12:45:05JdGordoneverything seems to be working
12:45:07jhMikeSJdGordon: you like doing massive reworkings =:-)
12:45:21JdGordonjhMikeS: much more fun than maintenance
12:46:09jhMikeSDon't message pcm_playback.c though...I've already started that
12:46:14jhMikeSmess even
12:46:26JdGordonit didnt complain so i havnt touched it
12:47:36JdGordonBagder: the h1x0 and h3x0 targets both use the same ata file, is coldfire/iriver/ata-hxxx.c a reasonable filename?
12:47:57jhMikeShow bout ata-iriver.c ?
12:48:18JdGordonhmm.. i guess that is nicer isnt it :p
12:48:24jhMikeSoh right there's that ifp-7xx thing
12:48:38JdGordonis that one under coldfire?
12:49:05Bagderno, the ifp-7xx is arm
12:49:20JdGordonso -iriver would be best?
12:50:13jhMikeSI did pcm-coldfire.c for playback and recording DMA and it should interface with only generic functions in pcm_playback.c and pcm_record.c
12:51:12jhMikeSAll targets just have to fill in a few small apis
12:53:52linuxstb_jhMikeS: Sounds good to me.
12:54:45jhMikeSWhy'd stuff stop compiling anyway?
12:55:27jhMikeSlinuxstb_: I already fill-in the functions for the iPods. Just need to target tree them but I'll wait on that.
12:55:43 Quit Sinbios ("If the definition of a klutz is someone who doesn't have eyes on their ass, then yes, I suppose I am a klutz.")
12:56:35 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
13:01:42*dan_a curses GCC optimisations
13:02:14dan_aI've found out why I can't read the partition table on the Sansa
13:05:11 Quit daurn|laptop ("daurn|laptop was using Daurnimator's Legendary Script")
13:06:52dan_a...but I don't know a clean way to make it work
13:06:56JdGordonbloody hell cvs is giving me the shits tonight!
13:12:19 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
13:30:28 Quit _FireFly_ (Remote closed the connection)
13:31:16 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
13:32:28 Join Arathis [0] (
13:37:49 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
13:44:43 Join funky [0] (
13:45:06 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:45:26 Join daurn|laptop [0] (n=quae@
13:46:42 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
13:47:10 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:47:17 Join daurn|again [0] (n=quae@
13:48:54 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
13:49:02markunBagder: I want to remove a file from the wiki but I get a 'access denied'
13:49:10linuxstbdan_a: What's the partition table problem? Does the Sansa even have a partition table?
13:49:27linuxstbmarkun: I get the same when trying to do something with attachments...
13:50:16dan_alinuxstb: I think it does - if I read the raw data on the disk, there's a string about an invalid partition table.
13:51:07dan_aThe problem is that if I use a function similar to copy_read_sectors (from ata.c) the data doesn't get copied unless I do something with it in that function
13:52:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:52:06linuxstbBTW, does anyone know of any other players using the PP5024?
13:52:19dan_aThat suggests to me that something should be set as volatile and isn't being, but this is at the limit of my understanding
13:53:54linuxstbHave you tried looking at the assembler gcc generates both with and without using the data?
13:54:20*amiconn has to introduce an #ifdef in the brand-new iriver/button-target.h
13:54:22dan_alinuxstb: Not yet
13:54:35JdGordonamiconn: aww.. why?
13:55:01amiconnH300 needs 2 additional functions in button-h300.c which need to be accessed from the outside
13:56:10amiconnI think it's not a big proble
13:56:42 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
13:59:49LearNice. "Press stop to continue". :)
14:01:01jhMikeSLear: *lol* nice going to sleep present for me :)
14:01:32 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
14:03:35 Join muesliii [0] (n=muesliii@
14:03:48 Part muesliii
14:05:04 Join CriamosAndy [0] (
14:05:04 Quit daurn|again (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:05:04blue_lizardif i want to write some code for rockbox
14:05:22blue_lizardhow do i get informations about how many colums and rows the device has?
14:05:42blue_lizardthat depends on the used font too
14:05:47LearHrm, anyone who knows why the cvs view of a file is partially crap in Firefox? Bad CSS, Firefox bug or what?
14:06:05 Join daurn|again [0] (n=quae@
14:06:39amiconnLear: In what way? Example?
14:06:42 Quit daurn|laptop (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:07:01*amiconn uses firefox almost exclusively, and didn't find any problems with cvs view
14:07:11*linuxstb too
14:07:16LearTake a long enough file (like a .lang file) and scroll down a bit. Everything is pitch black.
14:07:39amiconnAh, that one
14:07:59amiconnIt's a general firefox problem with long pages
14:08:38linuxstbenglish.lang looks fine to me...
14:09:05dan_aI get the problem (FF2 on Windows)
14:09:14linuxstbv1.5.0.1 under Linux
14:09:37linuxstbSo it's a Windows issue?
14:10:14LearOnly seen it on, I think...
14:12:12 Part ]RowaN[
14:14:43aliaskAnd disabling CSS makes it work
14:14:48 Join rconan [0] (
14:15:42 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]")
14:15:44amiconnI've seen 2 different effects in firefox with long pages. Either the page becomes black, or it becomes solid background colour
14:16:22amiconnBehaviour became better with newer firefox versions, but it's still not completely fixed
14:16:30amiconn1.5.0.7 on winxp here
14:16:38blue_lizardgive me a link i have ff 2.0 on linux
14:17:50amiconnAh, firefox 2 is finally out...
14:17:58 Join pixelma [0] (i=54bd724a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:20:36*Lear wonders how dithering should be translated...
14:23:40 Quit Criamos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:28:36 Join [sellout] [0] (
14:29:21*amiconn asked babelfish the same question for the german translation. Very funny result...
14:29:21 Quit pixelma ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:29:31 Join pixelma [0] (i=54bd724a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:30:44 Nick funky is now known as zildjian (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
14:30:44preglowdithering is a nightmare to translate
14:30:58preglowi neglected to update the norwegian translation on purpose, heh
14:30:59 Join damaki [0] (
14:32:05LearLooked at the Audacity translation, but that didn't help much...
14:33:38preglowwhich was?
14:33:40 Join damaki_ [0] (
14:33:49daurn|againwhy is irc sooo quiet?
14:33:52amiconnBetter dictionaries just keep it as "Dithering" in german
14:33:58daurn|againrockbox is only channel with even SOME chat
14:34:51blue_lizardamiconn: shure but what do franch guys?
14:35:03blue_lizardthes have laws against using foreight words
14:35:44preglowamiconn: this is one of the cases where english's very large vocabulary has got a word for something that needs several words in other languages, i'm afraid
14:36:22Learpreglow: don't translate that word...
14:36:57LearBut on a quick glance, the translation didn't seem very good anyway...
14:37:54preglowmost translations actually aren't
14:38:12preglowsince they seem to be mostly done by people who aren't really very good in their own language, heh
14:38:26preglowthat's mostly the case with norwegian translations anyway
14:38:36preglowthe bigger apps seem to be well off, but that's that
14:42:13LearTrue. But even paid-for translations can be bad. I know at least one case where they didn't actually test the translated program, so several translations were odd for the context in which they were used...
14:42:26preglowthat's a must
14:42:36preglowi noticed that myself, when translating rockbox
14:42:57preglowyou pretty much need to test it and do notes
14:43:53preglowthe guy who does the nynorsk translation seems to be a guy who's able to find norwegian words for english ones, i'm looking forward to seeing what he'll come up with for this one :>
14:47:49 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:49:25 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:52:31Genre9mp3preglow: What exactly is the difference between norsk and nynorsk?
14:53:13markunjust a completely revise spelling, right?
14:54:02*amiconn likes this accessory detect trick :)
14:54:07preglowGenre9mp3: norsk is the oldest written language, pretty much deriving for danish naturally over the years. nynorsk is a constructed language based on the numerous dialects found around in the southern part of norway. they've become very similar over the years
14:54:12preglowamiconn: i agree
14:54:33Genre9mp3I see...
14:54:42preglowGenre9mp3: both are official languages
14:54:44 Join pixelma_ [0] (i=54bd724a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:54:50preglowa pretty unique situation, i think it is
14:55:27 Quit pixelma (Nick collision from services.)
14:55:27preglownynorsk used to be something special, once upon a time, now it and bokmål have come so close it's not even funny
14:55:29*Genre9mp3 should update the greek.lang as well
14:55:37 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (i=54bd724a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:56:00*preglow finds languages interesting
14:56:35*Genre9mp3 wonders how much would cost a paid translation for Rockbox
14:56:40 Join sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
14:58:37 Quit rconan (Remote closed the connection)
15:00:57 Nick daurn|again is now known as daurn|laptop (n=quae@
15:02:24*daurn|laptop wishes he could contribute to rockbox
15:07:00preglowyou can
15:07:20blue_lizardi am messing sround with lcd_putsxy
15:07:25preglowi dunno, find something
15:07:31blue_lizardi simply dont get naything on the screen
15:07:47blue_lizardis there something i need to initialize before using it?
15:07:50daurn|laptoppreglow: i have no rockboxable device, and no time to do a port
15:08:29preglowyou can still translate and make graphics, do manual work
15:08:41daurn|laptopi don't know any other languages
15:08:52daurn|laptopmy graphic abilities aren't fantastic
15:09:04daurn|laptop - i get someone else to do my graphics when i program
15:09:18markundaurn|laptop: after a DM320 target is supported it your port might not be so difficult
15:09:34daurn|laptopmarkun: its not that.. just NO time
15:09:53markunfind someone else to do the port then :)
15:10:12daurn|laptopno one else with dev ability is interested
15:12:31dan_ablue_lizard: Are you calling lcd_update() after doing the lcd_putsxy?
15:13:04blue_lizarddan_a: no
15:13:19dan_aTry that, it might help ;)
15:13:47blue_lizardon my way
15:14:37 Join rconan [0] (
15:15:22 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@unaffiliated/desowin)
15:16:05blue_lizarddan_a: thx that helped
15:16:16dan_aYou're welcome!
15:17:30 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
15:25:10 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:26:23 Nick daurn|laptop is now known as daurn|afk (n=quae@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
15:31:35 Quit CriamosAndy ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
15:31:58Genre9mp3hmm... anyone now why the "LANG_TAGCACHE_DISK" entry is empty in the english.lang file? Is this supposed to be that way?
15:32:32SlasheriGenre9mp3: that entry is deprecated
15:32:48Slasheriand will be removed in future (at next release?)
15:32:54Genre9mp3ah... ok
15:33:33Slasherideprecated entries cannot be just removed from the language files or they need to be removed from all languages at the same time
15:33:44Slasheriotherwise strings go out of sync
15:33:57Genre9mp3I was just about to ask this :)
15:34:04 Quit voyage34 ()
15:34:04Genre9mp3I'll leave it blank then
15:34:29amiconnRemoving deprecated strings requires incrementing the binary .lng version. That shouldn't be done too often
15:35:00amiconnI think it should be done before a release.
15:36:41 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/developer/tucoz)
15:36:55 Join Criamos [0] (
15:40:43 Quit z3ro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:43:14 Quit PaulJam (".")
15:43:26 Join pondlife [0] (
15:45:06lostlogicamiconn: Do you still have concerns with the patch we talked about yesterday?
15:46:09 Join SmilinBob [0] (
15:50:26 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
15:50:57 Quit thegeek ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
15:51:02 Join z3ro [0] (
15:51:16 Quit SmilinBob (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:51:56 Join freqmod [0] (
15:52:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:52:26 Join RogerBacon [0] (
16:00:01 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
16:01:52 Join Criamos [0] (
16:03:14 Quit Criamos (Client Quit)
16:06:14 Join Febs [0] (
16:07:20 Join lightyear [0] (
16:08:33 Join Criamos [0] (
16:10:43 Join freqmod [0] (
16:10:49 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
16:13:23 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:14:25 Join thegeek [0] (
16:15:50pondlifeReal basic Cygwin question... how do I upgrade my make to 3.81+ ..?
16:16:21*pondlife has no Linux clues.
16:16:28lostlogicwhat's a cygwin?
16:16:37 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
16:16:50pondlifeIt's something that allows me to break playback unbuffering
16:17:07lostlogictry just running setup.exe again and looking for an updated make package
16:17:45lostlogiclooks like 3.81 should be the latest in cygwin's package repo.
16:18:04pondlifeAs an aside, I have been testing with MAX_TRACKS set to 4. It reveals some oddities in the metadata handling on wrap round, but you probably knew that.
16:18:19lostlogicnot surprising in the slightest
16:18:29pondlifee.g. Doing skipping can display an old track's metadata for a second or 2
16:18:37lostlogicI wonder if that's why someone was reporting problems with playin glots of short tracks
16:18:43 Quit pixelma ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:18:45pondlifeVery likely
16:18:56pondlifeAnd mono 64k tracks
16:19:06lostlogicI should really rewrite metadata on buffer one of these days.
16:19:07pondlifeI've had it go out of sync too.
16:19:18pondliferewrite? You mean it already got written?
16:19:35lostlogicI wrote it once and it mostly worked, but then I had to drop it for various reasons
16:19:45lostlogicthe patch is probably still on the wiki somewhere
16:20:09lostlogicI think lowlight wrote it once too
16:20:57pondlifeI'm too busy to do Big Things at the moment :(
16:21:43lostlogicsince I've decided to glue myself home for financial reasons for a month or 3, I might have time to do it coming up.
16:21:54 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
16:26:23preglowdo it!
16:29:50lostlogicI'll work on it, if you clean my apartment today :-P
16:31:23 Join damaki [0] (
16:32:52 Quit rconan (Remote closed the connection)
16:34:48 Join SmilinBob [0] (
16:35:16 Join Rincewind [0] (
16:36:29 Quit Rincewind (Remote closed the connection)
16:37:39pondlifeHmm, I can't find a make later than 3.80-1. I assume that's not the same as 3.81? Cygwin only gives me a "Keep" option; it doesn't seem to want to upgrade anything
16:39:10lostlogicmight hafta update its package list from the server or something? I've never used it myself, but their website says they have 3.81-1 available :-\
16:39:24pondlifeI'm using the rockbox mirror
16:39:44lostlogictry just going to the cygwin site itself or something? no idea.
16:39:56pondlifeThat's where I started.
16:44:10 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:44:12 Join Sinbios [0] (
16:47:43 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
16:48:14pondlifelostlogic: One more question. Currently queue_post wraps around and overwrites the head of the queue when it's full. This seems wrong. Would it be better to just NOT queue any more in this case?
16:48:15 Quit qailer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:49:53preglowthat would probably give bugs as well
16:50:19pondlifeTrue. Maybe we should panic?
16:50:21preglowthe best would be for the queuing to fail, so that the queuer would have to sleep a bit before trying again
16:50:43preglowbut of course, it should never happen
16:50:53pondlifeIt shouldn't happen really, hence the panic
16:51:34pondlifeI've found another case where queuing overflows - on the sim at least, and quite possibly on the target
16:52:20pondlifeSomewhere in the voice/codec interaction
16:52:35pondlifeA flood of Q_AUDIO_PLAY in the voice queue
16:52:49preglowthis would explain why thing hangs so often lately
16:53:16pondlifeYep. I will resolve it, but think the diagnosis would be easier if the queue handler was better.
16:53:28pondlifeThere may be more... :(
16:54:27lostlogicI think panicking is correct, and should probably be handled the same way threading extra checks are −− with a #ifdef and only enabled for debugging.
16:55:10z0dewhat time are the x5 devlopers normaly?
16:56:31pondlifeHmm, q->read and write increases forever (well, until the uint wraps)
16:56:52*pondlife has worse grammar at weekends.
17:03:12preglowif a hang will happen anyway
17:03:19preglowthen why not do a controlled panic?
17:03:32preglowsome easy hint for the developers
17:05:11pondlifeI vote to always panic too.
17:05:44pondlifeDoes anyone know what "Illegal key:15" means? dsp.c doesn't like crossfeed apparently..
17:06:30markunpondlife: crossfEEd? What doesn't it like about it?
17:06:43preglownot liking crossfeed is unlikely
17:07:23pondlifedsp_configure is being passed a setting of DSP_CROSSFEED from somewhere, it returns 0 as there's no code to handle that setting, which results in a logf
17:08:54pondlifeMaybe I need to make install..
17:09:50 Join Blackfish` [0] (
17:10:28pondlifeYes. looking at dsp.h , thet would be setting 15...
17:10:29preglowwhy the hell is there even such a define?
17:10:37pondlifeNo idea.
17:10:46markunpreglow: I probably did that.. don't know why :)
17:10:54preglowyou can just remove it, should never be used
17:11:05preglowfor the same reason that i just removed DSP_DITHER
17:11:13preglowit's not up to the codec whether it should be applied or not
17:11:15pondlifeMake install fixed the logfs
17:11:51 Quit z3ro (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:13:54Genre9mp3Eeer.. does anyone know what playlist catalog does?
17:14:04Genre9mp3It's undocumented in the manual
17:14:59 Quit SmilinBob ("Leaving")
17:15:13Genre9mp3It's a catalog (?) of playlists... or it is a single playlist that it's called catalog? :)
17:15:27bluebrotherGenre9mp3, it's a folder with playlists
17:15:37bluebrotherand you can add files to that playlists easily.
17:15:56Genre9mp3So it's a catalog of playlists
17:16:12Genre9mp3And what's the purpose of that btw
17:16:34bluebrothere.g. like the favourites plugin: maintain a list of your favourite tracks.
17:16:57bluebrotheror have some lists like rock, pop, jazz and add tracks to them while listening.
17:17:10bluebrotherfor example I have a list with broken files.
17:17:16Genre9mp3I see...
17:17:34Genre9mp3I should use it some time to understand how exactly it works
17:17:43bluebrotherhaven't used it a different way, but maybe someone knows ...
17:18:37Genre9mp3heh... If I didn't ask I would have translate it completely wrong! :)
17:19:05 Join niskel [0] (
17:19:37 Join linuxstb [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:21:23 Quit Blackfish (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:22:16linuxstbAnyone know of any upnp servers for Linux capable of streaming live audio from a DVB card?
17:24:55lostlogicpreglow: pondlife: there are performance implications in checking for an overflow?
17:25:23pondlifeA little, sure. queue_post must do an extra addition and comparison.
17:25:24preglowlostlogic: you mean in mixing?
17:25:28preglowahh, that overflow
17:25:41pondlife if (q->write == (q->read + QUEUE_LENGTH))
17:25:41pondlife panicf("Queue overflowed, id=%ld\n", id);
17:25:57pondlifeSomething like that.
17:26:00preglowdon't much about queues, but i'd imagine the performance impact is tiny
17:26:00lostlogicI still vote for ifdeffing it in only for debugging as teh THREAD_EXTRA_CHECKS are done
17:26:06 Quit RogerBacon (Remote closed the connection)
17:26:21preglowlostlogic: but really, if this ever occurs, a release build will crash
17:26:32pondlifeBut hardly anyone uses debug builds and we want to find bugs.
17:26:50preglowlostlogic: if it crashes anyway, we should put in some info that helps us kill the bug
17:27:00lostlogicokokok I give up
17:27:03preglowgood :-)
17:27:04pondlifeCan someone double-check my maths in that test above by the way?
17:27:16pondlifeDon't want to panic anyone for no reason :)
17:27:25lostlogicif that's the case, the THREAD_EXTRA_CHECKS should be on in release builds too −− because they check for things like two threads blocked on the same queue
17:27:45preglowlostlogic: as long as a crash will happen anyway, i think we should do whatever helps us the most
17:27:46pondlifeNo major performance penalty?
17:27:57lostlogicpondlife: do we just assume that we never reach UINT_MAX?
17:28:16pondlifeYes, kind of. But my maths should overflow the same as ++ does anyway.
17:28:23pondlifeSo I think it'll still work.
17:28:26lostlogicpreglow: if two threads block on the same queue at the same time, one will never wake up
17:28:35lostlogicpondlife: ah, you're right.
17:28:37 Quit TeaSea (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:28:49pondlifeThat's why I went for that particular form.
17:32:01lostlogicI'll turn on the extra threading checks by default, I think −− they 1 or two extra conditionals depending on the type of block requested (timeout or no timeout)
17:32:15 Join damaki_ [0] (
17:32:21 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
17:33:27 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
17:36:32pondlifeHmm, I just overflowed a queue on my H340 ! Or my test is wrong...
17:40:26pondlifeHmm, it's really easy to overflow a queue. Just do something that keeps the CPU busy during playback :(
17:40:43lostlogicwell that sucks.
17:40:52pondlifeIs my test wrong?
17:41:31pondlifeReshuffling a playlist of 12000 songs does it every time.
17:41:50pondlifeMaybe I can make the panic dump the whole queue.
17:42:45lostlogictest seems right to me
17:45:48preglowsounds... unlikely
17:46:08preglowif not, then something funky's about
17:49:46 Join Rincewind [0] (
17:50:14 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:50:21 Part _Lucretia_ ("Leaving")
17:52:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:52:30 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
17:54:13Blackfish`can someone tell my why i cant see the .rockbox folder when browsing with my h10?
17:54:29 Part Rincewind ("leaving...")
17:54:48 Join Arathis [0] (
17:54:59 Join qailer [0] (
17:55:03Genre9mp3Blackfish`: Go to quick menu and sellect Show All
17:55:22Blackfish`quick menu?
17:56:22Genre9mp3Blackfish`: Hold the Prev key (I think... don't have H10)
17:56:39 Quit niskel (Remote closed the connection)
17:57:12Blackfish`ah thanks :)
18:00:21lostlogicUnless I misunderstand something, I'm just going to make it legal to block multiple threads on one queue and eliminate the need for THREAD_EXTRA_CHECKS
18:06:02Kitt0sy not make rockbox support java? i mean then we can play games like in my cellphone :
18:06:44lostlogicok, write a JVM that runs on rockbox, best of luck :)
18:06:45 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:07:03lexis there a patched build of rockbox for 30GB 5.5G ipods? :(
18:07:19 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC")
18:09:10 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
18:09:11Kitt0slostlogic, 2 secs and its done :]
18:14:16amiganHrm. How come the x5 doesn't have HAVE_BACKLIGHT_PWM_FADING? I don't see anything special about the hardware that the iriver and ipod have in this respect.
18:14:39 Join RogerBacon [0] (
18:16:37lexlinuxstb: hey
18:18:44lostlogicI misunderstood something −− that whole concept was bankrupt.
18:22:01 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:28:08 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
18:31:37 Join Captain_A [0] (
18:37:26Slasheriamigan: if the backlight is made with a CCFL or EL lamp, it cannot be dimmed with PWM
18:38:22preglowamigan: try it and see
18:38:50Slasheribut with led backlight (quite common now), dimming is certainly possible
18:40:34Slasheriiirc, the power control chip might control the backlight brigtness also. So it might be necessary to vary the voltage level by controlling that chip to do the dimming
18:40:43Slasheri(then it would allow constant dimming also)
18:42:41lostlogicSlasheri: your opinion of (new version just diffed) ?
18:45:13amiganSlasheri, ah
18:45:31amiganI tried it, and the backlight just turns off and doesn't come back on.
18:45:53Slasherilostlogic: i need more time to check that.. quite much changes
18:46:23Slasheribut it seems there might be some good things besides the cpu boosting thing
18:47:17Slasheriamigan: of course it wont work just by uncommenting the line..
18:47:24amiganSlasheri, yeah I know
18:47:28amiganSlasheri, I hadn't read your message yet =]
18:47:34lostlogicSlasheri: I think just in the form of splitting boost_thread into two functions instead of using an 'if' onthe timeout... otherwise it's just (an unfortunate amount) of noise, due to changing the use of the STATE related macros
18:47:39Slasheriyou need to check how the backlight is connected to the cpu and make necessary changes to the code
18:48:10Slasherilostlogic: yes, that seems at least good thing to do
18:48:23lostlogicwell lemme know what you think, I won't commit until I hear.
18:48:41Slasherii will try to check that soon..
18:50:24amiganSlasheri, I looked through backlight.c....all it seems to be doing is turning it on and off using __backlight_on()
18:50:37amiganThe x5 has a coldfire CPU just like the iriver, so the timer stuff looked the same too
18:52:26 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
18:54:53 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
19:04:34Slasheriamigan: but x5 has the power controller chip also
19:04:50Slasheriand i think backlight is connected directly to that chip, not the CPU GPIO
19:06:01 Join spiorf [0] (
19:08:21 Join dave [0] (
19:08:34davehi all
19:08:40 Quit dave (Client Quit)
19:09:24enterusernamehi everyone
19:09:43enterusernamehow do you get back to the WPS screen after you go back to the File Browser view
19:09:46enterusernamecant figure ito ut
19:10:01obopress play
19:10:03Genre9mp3Isn't "What to do when Splitting" in record options a bit "ugly"?
19:10:18Genre9mp3How about: "Action on Splitting" ?
19:10:32enterusernameoh i tried that but then it plays the current song :p letme give it a try again
19:10:43obo"Split Options"?
19:11:15enterusernameI try pressing play. but then it plays a new song
19:11:20 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:11:27Genre9mp3obo: In recording file or time split options
19:12:15markunenterusername: maybe a different key on your player then. did you try the manul?
19:12:34enterusernameYes i'm looking... hrm. ill keep reading i didnt see anythign particular..
19:13:36enterusernameim using an ipod..
19:14:28desowinenterusername: press play for short time
19:16:17enterusernameThank you that worked.
19:17:32 Nick enterusername is now known as EnterUserName (n=root@pdpc/supporter/student/GeekZoid)
19:18:39preglowamigan, slasheri: actually, all you need is to uncomment the define
19:18:54preglowSlasheri: i cleaned up your code to be generic one time :)
19:19:09amiganpreglow, yeah, I tried it, and it didn't work
19:19:26preglowamigan: then your backlight's special
19:20:26Slasheripreglow: nice :)
19:21:00amiganpreglow, heh
19:21:01preglowamigan: but it doesn't work just like that on all platforms, of course
19:21:02bluebrotheris something wrong with the tracker?
19:21:17preglowdepends on the backlight itself
19:21:21preglowbluebrother: nothing?
19:21:37bluebrotherstrange, now it works. I tried adding a comment and it took like ages.
19:21:51bluebrotherand took me to the tracker front page afterwards.
19:22:04EnterUserNamehey .. here's another simple question how do i get out of the Info page.
19:22:10EnterUserNamefrom the main menu
19:22:21amiganpreglow, ah
19:22:23EnterUserNamekeeps saying scanning disk :p
19:23:03 Join matsl_ [0] (
19:23:08bluebrotherhmm, maybe just a small glitch.
19:23:11Genre9mp3Why "arbitrary" settings now have a drop down list?
19:23:16EnterUserNamejust found it..:S
19:23:23preglowamigan: for example, the h1x0 remote backlight is an el device, so can never support this kind of fading
19:23:32Genre9mp3Because of the -> confirm <- cancel behavior?
19:23:32preglowmight be that the main backlight in x5 is also an el device
19:23:36amiganYeah the x5 backlight is EL too
19:23:40amiganWhich is why =]
19:23:41preglowthen it won't work
19:24:35Genre9mp3eg. the Disk spin down option leads you to a list of choice from 3s to 254s... it's not like it used to be
19:24:48Genre9mp3and it's ugly that way IMO
19:25:04preglowwasted bits
19:25:19preglowGenre9mp3: they've had a drop down list for months
19:25:35Genre9mp3preglow: Haven't realised :/
19:26:01Genre9mp3I think because of the </> cancel/confirm behavior... right?
19:26:22amiganpreglow, what if the code simply set the backlight brightness rather than doing PWM? I'd imagine this might work (though it might not look as good)
19:26:32preglowamigan: that would of course be the proper way to do it
19:26:41preglowamigan: pwm fading is only a hack to make it work on devices with no brightness control
19:26:47amiganAhh. Ok.
19:27:01Genre9mp3I think that the drop down list on such options is ugly and unecessary
19:27:04amiganI'm just worried that the brightness settings for the x5's LCD (1-10 IIRC) might be too coarse to make it look as good.
19:27:14preglowGenre9mp3: it works fine for short lists, if you ask me
19:27:18preglowGenre9mp3: worse for long lists
19:27:26 Join bluey- [0] (
19:27:26Genre9mp3well... for short lists, yes
19:27:29preglowamigan: oh, yes, surely
19:27:33EnterUserNameHey all have any of you guys ever bought a larger batter for your nano ipod..
19:27:53Genre9mp3But when you have 250+ options it's ugly
19:28:08Genre9mp3And options that are actually a number value
19:28:27Genre9mp3lists should be for options, not for values
19:28:32preglowyes, i agree
19:28:35preglowbut i don't care enough to fix it
19:31:41 Join DaBlade [0] (n=linuxp2p@unaffiliated/dablade)
19:31:44 Quit qailer ("Leaving")
19:32:01DaBladeThis may seem like a stupid question, but is there support for Creative Zen Touch yet?
19:32:09bluebrotherDaBlade, no
19:32:19DaBladebluebrother: Any plans to introduce it?
19:32:36bluebrotherno idea. Maybe this has been discussed in the "new ports" forum.
19:32:49bluebrotheras long as no dev starts working on it it won't happen.
19:32:52Genre9mp3A number value that would just change on up/down would fit perfectly though... IMO it should be as it used to be (some months ago :/)
19:34:55bluebrotherDaBlade, see also this thread:
19:35:23DaBladebluebrother: thanks
19:36:08 Quit RogerBacon ("Quitte")
19:37:21 Join pixelma [0] (i=54bd724a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:38:06Genre9mp3Argh! Stereo Width option is a list from 0% to 255% :(
19:39:01Genre9mp3..and balance from -100 to 100% :/
19:39:21*Genre9mp3 wonders why I haven't noticed earlier
19:40:33 Join bluey [0] (
19:42:08 Nick zildjian is now known as funky (
19:42:45 Quit Criamos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:45:39 Quit yipe ("Requested by Seveas")
19:47:05 Quit desowin ("use linux")
19:48:28 Quit matsl_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:49:31 Join matsl_ [0] (
19:52:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:52:41 Join psiborg [0] (
19:54:16 Quit bluey- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:54:18 Join TerrorByte [0] (i=4889bb7a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:54:30TerrorByteSo, what's up?
19:56:14TerrorByteWhy am I being told to get it done myself if it's a feature request?
19:56:48SoapBecause developers work on what interests them, not what the community calls out for.
19:57:11preglowin most cases, at least
19:57:19SoapIt is not a paid position, it is a collective of people blending their own pet-projects together.
19:57:22TerrorByteThen it's not really a feature request..
19:57:27TerrorByteYes I understand that.
19:57:31TerrorByteAnd I'm grateful for it too.
19:57:47SoapSo the best thing to do is throw an idea at the wall and see if it sticks.
19:57:48 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
19:57:57SoapThrowing it twice just annoys the wall.
19:58:19 Join qailer [0] (
19:58:58TerrorByteHow am I throwing it twice?
19:59:07 Quit pixelma ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
19:59:10TerrorByteAnd don't I have a better chance of it sticking if I do throw it twice?
19:59:21TerrorByteI get what you mean......... -_-;
19:59:30 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:59:33 Join nave7693 [0] (
20:00:32 Quit TerrorByte ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:06:29 Join Rondom [0] (
20:06:38 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
20:08:02 Join SereR0kR [0] (
20:08:03 Quit weazle (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:09:07 Join CHUY [0] (
20:10:23 Quit CHUY (Client Quit)
20:14:01 Join dpro [0] (
20:14:42 Join Rob2222 [0] (
20:17:25 Join dpr1 [0] (
20:20:12 Quit SereR0kR ()
20:23:52 Quit matsl_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:25:32 Join blueworm [0] (
20:26:17 Join matsl_ [0] (
20:30:00 Quit blueworm ("Leaving")
20:31:20 Quit pagefault ("Leaving")
20:33:14 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:35:03 Quit dpr1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:37:17 Join JoeBorn [0] (
20:40:14 Join slowcoder [0] (n=jaja@
20:40:28 Join spiorf [0] (
20:43:05 Join sucka [0] (i=nn@
20:46:33 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <-")
20:48:47 Nick myzar is now known as myzar|away (
20:49:10 Quit Psiuyo ()
20:50:39 Join dpro [0] (
20:50:54 Quit perpleXa ("Leaving")
20:51:11 Join Drumr [0] (
20:51:36Drumris rockbox compatable with the 80 gig 5.5g ipod?
20:51:54 Join perpleXa [0] (n=perpleXa@unaffiliated/perplexa)
20:52:43 Quit dpro (Remote closed the connection)
20:54:18Genre9mp3Drumr: not yet
20:56:54 Join lodesi [0] (n=lds@
20:57:35 Join kaspar [0] (
20:58:15 Join niskel [0] (
20:58:24kasparhello, is there anyone who knows how do I access the microphone in a plugin?
21:00:06 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:00:19 Join rconan [0] (
21:00:20 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:00:29kasparhello, is there anyone who knows how do I access the microphone in a plugin?
21:00:48 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
21:00:52linuxstb_No need to ask twice...
21:01:04peturyou can't (yet)
21:01:18bluebrotheris something like that planned?
21:01:30 Join pagefault [0] (i=pagefaul@pdpc/supporter/active/pagefault)
21:01:32linuxstb_Yes, lots of people want it.
21:01:38bluebrother(just asking out of curiosity)
21:01:45bluebrotherreally? Ok ...
21:01:48peturmight be easier to do with the new encoder framework
21:01:57 Join pfault [0] (
21:02:35linuxstb_I think preglow and jhMikeS have discussed it recently.
21:05:54 Join niskel_ [0] (
21:09:24preglowdiscussed what?
21:09:32preglowahh, right
21:09:44preglowi'd very much like it, and i think jhMikeS has gone some way towards implementing it
21:10:58slowcoderTroll or true ?
21:11:19 Quit mirak (Client Quit)
21:11:50preglowunless he's in the habit of shitting money, i'd say troll
21:12:14slowcoder$1400 would buy you a pretty fancy MP3 player..
21:12:20preglowgod, the amount of fancy beer...
21:12:30preglowproblem is, i don't have an ipod 5.5
21:12:37preglowanyway, the job is far from impossible
21:12:55slowcoderIt's very possible. I've verified every bit of hardware (except the DSP) in the 5.5G
21:12:58 Quit EnterUserName ("leaving")
21:13:03scorchewow...i just saw that
21:13:04slowcoderIt's _identical_ to the 5G
21:13:10preglowslowcoder: well, sure, yes
21:13:16preglowslowcoder: the only piece of work required is the sector problem
21:13:20preglowand that's not much of a problem
21:13:31scorchehe also mentioned getting video function up and ready
21:13:33slowcoderAre you guys using your own loader, or are you using loader2 as well ?
21:13:38 Join EnterUserName [0] (n=dave@pdpc/supporter/student/GeekZoid)
21:13:42scorcheour own
21:14:09preglowslowcoder: primarily our own, but people do pop in time from time to ask about using it with loader2
21:14:15Paul_the_Nerdslowcoder: Our own, but it should be interchangeable with loader2
21:14:36 Join lds_ [0] (n=lds@
21:14:37slowcoderOk, and your sector problem.. Is it in the loader, or in rockbox itself ?
21:15:10bluebrotherincluding video? Crazy.
21:15:17bluebrotherand including an exe installer? LOL.
21:15:21 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
21:15:27Paul_the_NerdWell we have an exe installer, technically
21:15:32 Quit pfault (Client Quit)
21:15:43 Quit pagefault ("Leaving")
21:15:46bluebrother... it only works on archos exclusively
21:15:49linuxstb_slowcoder: It's in both - the Rockbox bootloader is just a stripped-down version of Rockbox itself. It uses the same drivers.
21:15:52 Join pagefault [0] (i=pagefaul@pdpc/supporter/active/pagefault)
21:16:10 Quit lds_ (Client Quit)
21:16:28dan_aHe doesn't specify that video and audio should both work at the same time!
21:16:30linuxstb_slowcoder: People have managed to hack Rockbox onto a 30GB 5.5G, and it works fine, including audio playback.
21:17:02Paul_the_Nerdbluebrother: Well, there's also Installer X which could be borrowed, or someone just wrap the command prompt tools which are .exes with a .bat or something.
21:17:26bluebrotherPaul_the_Nerd, I would really prefer something that isn't depending on windows.
21:17:47slowcoderThe problem you're having seems that someone messed up the MSB of the LBA address.. Without double-pumping the ATA registers, you should be able to address up to 136GB disks. Halve that, and it would work on 60GB, but not a 80GB
21:17:58Paul_the_Nerdbluebrother: Oh, I certainly agree
21:18:11bluebrotherlike installer2 of ipl ... I had a look into it recently.
21:18:38bluebrotherthey use qt4, which is something I scheduled for learning ... but I fear I won't find the time to do so.
21:19:16bluebrotherand I don't have an ipod for testing. But maybe I'll get around writing something
21:19:22linuxstb_slowcoder: Rockbox works fine on Archos players with 160GB 2.5" drives using (afaik) the same ATA driver that runs on the ipods.
21:20:03bluebrotherportability is one reason why I don't like people writing installers using vb or .net or other windows-only stuff.
21:20:48slowcoderlinuxstb_: Cool. Loader2 will break at 136GB
21:21:37linuxstb_Although I'm not sure the area between 136GB and 160GB works - it's inaccessible from a PC due to limitations in the USB<->ATA bridge chip used in the Archos devices.
21:22:25 Quit niskel_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:22:44slowcoderSo, have you guys looked more deeply into the Nano 2G ?
21:23:02preglownone at all
21:23:42 Quit niskel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:23:59linuxstb_I own one, but it's doing nothing at the moment - I can't contribute anything to the encryption problem...
21:24:25slowcoderI have one as well. I've had it apart and inspected it for our HW guy
21:25:26slowcoderWhen he gets back from Alaska(!!) and gets settled in his new job, he'll have the BootFlash chip X-rayed, and we'll see if we can snoop the data that the CPU reads from it
21:26:53linuxstb_Is anyone in IPL making progress with other things - e.g. USB, TV-Out, broadcom chip?
21:27:38slowcoderNot really
21:28:02slowcoderUSB is on hold until a 2.6 port sees the day
21:28:20slowcoderAnd since no-one is working on that actively, that'll take quite a while
21:29:30slowcoderTV-Out seems neat at first look, but getting the PP502x to render in PAL/NTSC resolution? Man, that'll be slow
21:30:21preglowslowcoder: xray? wouldn't snooping the bus be easier?
21:30:38slowcoderWe need to X-Ray it to see what pin to snoop
21:34:06preglowright, right, epoxy
21:36:38Soap320x240 is a legal NTSC resolution.
21:37:53slowcoderDont you mean 640x240 ?
21:38:17Soapno, 320x240 is VCD resoloution, perfectly kosher, all NTSC devices can accept it.
21:38:40Soap320x288 being the PAL equiv.
21:39:41Soapand what I believe the Apple firmware outputs at, I am pretty sure the AppleFW doesn't upsample to 480.
21:39:56slowcoderWierd. I'd figure it would screw up the timings seriously
21:40:07Soapor 576
21:41:49Paul_the_NerdSoap: Supposedly the 5G new firmware does 640x480 output, but that's with the Broadcom chip
21:42:25Drumrif i upgrade to teh new firmware on my 60gb 5g ipod can i still reinstall rockbox?
21:42:41slowcoderActually, I think the old firmware did that as well.. The keynote news was that _itms_ videos now were 640x480
21:43:45SoapDrumr - yes
21:45:33SoapIf the AppleFW is upsampling, there is still no reason to believe it /must/ be done by IPL/RB.
21:45:38 Quit kaspar (Remote closed the connection)
21:46:23Soapis there?
21:46:27slowcoderWell, you're assuming that the video chip does upscaling in hardware
21:46:55slowcoderIf the chip doesn't do upscaling, we need to render in full PAL/NTSC resolution
21:47:55Soapwhat I'm saying is a TV will take 320x240 w/o the device doing hardware upscaling.
21:49:07Soapmy DVD player has an upscale option, and while I can tell a difference when playing a VCD with the upscaler on, compared to the upscaler off, the TV seems to handle the lower res just fine.
21:49:28knewtanyone got any idea why every so often rockbox will randomly stop dead in the middle of a track and move onto the next one? (ipod 5g)
21:50:23SoapSo I am, I'll admit, assuming that when I have the upscaler off on my DVD player the DVD player isn't working any magic on the (S)VCDs I feed it.
21:51:05Paul_the_Nerdknewt: I don't know, but it happened to me *once* during six hours of use yesterday on an H120, I thought I'd bumped next track, though I couldn't see how (it would've had to have been triggered by the vibrations of my car)
21:51:38 Join MadDog011 [0] (
21:51:43 Part MadDog011
21:51:52merbananSoap: composite is a fixed resolution
21:52:08 Quit rconan (Remote closed the connection)
21:52:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:52:34knewtPaul_the_Nerd: i had the key-lock turned on, so definitely not that :)
21:53:04merbananSoap: the tv wont rescale anything, it will either work or not
21:53:40Soap320x240 goes full screen, as does 480x480, 640x480, and 720x480.
21:54:17SoapI've used other intermediate resoloutions, but I can't recall off hand.
21:56:04merbananthe tv (PAL) will display 720x576, the thing feeding the tv must encode the picture in a compatible way
21:56:37Genre9mp3my updated greek.lang file exceeds the language buffer :(
21:56:50SoapI don't want to open my mouth and prove my ignorance, but I don't know how composite can be fixed resoloution. Since TV is not pixel based.
21:57:06linuxstb_It's line-based though.
21:57:21preglowcomposite doesn't have a resolution
21:57:26preglowwell, horizontally at least
21:57:28preglowvertically it does
21:57:29knewtPaul_the_Nerd: the other "interesting" thing i found, was that i put a track on repeat-1 mode, and the both the progress bar and the time-remaining info got completely screwed up
21:58:00 Join kaspar [0] (
21:58:28Soapand the vertical "resoloution" is a matter of timing, which is why 240/288 is used, since it is simply a halving of the lines.
21:59:18merbanantrue, but anyway you must scale a video when sending it over composite if you wan't it in full screen
21:59:28merbananunless you do some tricks
22:00:25Soapline send each line twice.
22:01:09Soapthe horizontal resoloution is nothing more than samples/time - no need to "render" anything more than the current 320.
22:04:42 Join ruisu_ [0] (
22:05:28 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
22:05:31 Join idnar_ [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
22:06:17linuxstb_Sorry to go even more off-topic, but does anyone know a Linux solution for playing back HDTV (1440x1080i) MPEG-4 AVC in realtime? ffmpeg/mplayer works, but far too slowly on my dual 2.8GHz Xeon PC.
22:06:56 Quit secleinteer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:50pagefaultI think you might out of luck
22:07:58pagefaulttry vlc?
22:08:18linuxstb_Doesn't vlc just use ffmpeg?
22:08:20 Nick idnar_ is now known as idnar (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
22:08:28pagefaultno idea
22:08:35pagefaultbut I have no problem playing back that in windows under vlc
22:09:26linuxstb_What streams? Mine are the BBC's HDTV broadcasts.
22:09:42pagefaultusually tv shows
22:09:47pagefaultfrom primetime here
22:10:38linuxstb_Where is here?
22:10:49pagefaultwe use the ATSC standard
22:11:19linuxstb_Is it definitely MPEG-4 AVC, and not MPEG-2? I know all US HDTV is MPEG-2.
22:11:37 Quit Blackfish` ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
22:11:48pagefaultit's mpeg 4 because it's extracted from my cable company's PVR
22:11:56 Quit ruisu_ (Remote closed the connection)
22:11:59pagefaultwhich uses mpeg 4 avc over their network
22:12:45pagefaultit's not from OTA
22:13:43 Join blueworm [0] (
22:13:46linuxstb_I forget the details (something like MBAFF), but the European MPEG-4 HDTV broadcasts use features of MPEG-4 which make them very computationally expensive to decode. Your PVR is probably encoding with simpler MPEG-4.
22:14:10pagefaultit doesn't encode anything though
22:14:13pagefaultit just saves the signal to the disk
22:14:26pagefaultall the encoding is done at the cable company
22:14:28pagefaultand they send it over fiber
22:14:29 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
22:15:18pagefaultbecause I can record up to 2 things at once
22:15:25pagefaultand watch something else
22:15:28pagefaultso I doubt it would be encoding it
22:16:51linuxstb_OK, but I still suspect it's a lower complexity version of MPEG-4. The only way I think even Windows users can play these streams is with proprietory codecs which use hardware accelleration in some higher-end nvidia cards.
22:17:06pagefaultwhich is what I have
22:17:09pagefaultso could be the case
22:17:19pagefaultbut I don't see why vlc would be using it
22:18:20pagefaultI have a 7950 GX2
22:19:13pagefaultbut you could be right
22:19:16pagefaultit is mpeg 4 of some kind
22:19:37 Quit spiorf (Connection timed out)
22:20:22pagefaultI guess you need to invest in a c2d
22:20:32linuxstb_A c2d?
22:20:42pagefaultcore 2 duo
22:21:29peturor an AMD X2
22:21:36linuxstb_I thought I had finally bought a PC which would be fast enough for everything I wanted, and then they go and invent HDTV...
22:22:07pagefaultI used to like amd but they have fallen behind
22:22:20pagefaulthopefully they will make a comeback
22:22:45peturdoes it matter?
22:22:53pagefaultyou can buy a $200 c2d and overclock it to 3ghz
22:22:58pagefaultand have anything faster than amd offers
22:23:13Soapwhen a pentium 1 was the norm and DVDs became popular you could get a MPEG-2 helper card, can you not get a MPEG-4 one today?
22:23:25*petur won't get dragged into a my cpu is better than yours discussion
22:23:26Soapor must you brute-force it with your CPU?
22:23:28 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:23:37pagefaultI wasn't saying it was better
22:23:43pagefaultI just said amd has fallen behind
22:23:56pagefaultnow they need to release something better
22:24:03linuxstb_Yes, the nvidia cards I mentioned - but I've no idea if there's any Linux support.
22:24:04peturthe moment you buy a cpu it has already fallen behind
22:24:06Learslasheri: I don't like that ogg length check in metadata.c...
22:24:17 Join lostnihilist [0] (
22:24:49pagefaultsuppose so
22:25:00Learslasheri: you check it before it is set, so I guess that make all oggs fail... :/
22:27:28 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
22:30:12LearHm... Should we perhaps support files with less than 1 seconds worth of audio? :)
22:35:39 Part Paul_the_Nerd
22:35:44 Quit lightyear (Remote closed the connection)
22:37:58 Join midgey34 [0] (
22:38:16 Quit scorche ("Leaving")
22:40:56SoapLear - Last.FM doesn't track them, so I don't care about them! ;)
22:41:41LearAs it is now, they get length zero, which for several formats cause crashes...
22:43:41 Quit mbr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:44:31EnterUserNameyes we should
22:45:59LearHuh? *** No rule to make target `button-target.h'
22:46:15LearBad dependency, I guess...
22:46:55 Quit kaspar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:47:44 Part DaBlade ("It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.")
22:48:04linuxstb_Lear: I think you need to re-run configure after jdgordon's commits today.
22:48:29LearSeems like it, yes. Removing the dep-firmware wasn't enough.
22:48:36 Quit qailer ("Leaving")
22:48:47 Join scorche [0] (
22:49:46 Join amiconn [0] (
22:50:39LearConfigure and re-making dep-firmware did it.
22:51:57 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
22:53:45 Join _jhMikeS_ [0] (
22:54:09 Join rconan [0] (
22:58:51 Join rconan_ [0] (
22:59:45 Join Rincewind [0] (
23:02:52 Join secleinteer [0] (
23:04:42 Quit rconan (Nick collision from services.)
23:05:00 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
23:05:52 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:06:49 Nick rconan_ is now known as rconan (
23:07:25 Join jchillerup [0] (n=chill@
23:08:19 Join niskel [0] (
23:08:32 Quit blueworm ("Leaving")
23:13:05 Quit EnterUserName (Client Quit)
23:14:40 Join Rob2222 [0] (
23:16:03 Join necrodearia [0] (
23:16:23 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
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23:19:01Learslasheri: never mind, fix committed.
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23:19:49Learnow what? :)
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23:26:41LearHe, actually a 0.65 second long track...
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23:29:37*petur wonders why the philips isp1362 code is modifying bits which according to the datasheet are 'reserved' :/
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23:29:58preglowmail them and ask
23:30:33peturmaybe I should...
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