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#rockbox log for 2006-11-30

00:02:17 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
00:02:20Unleeti dont have a knoppix cd\
00:03:04pixelmajba: don't you (the gigabeat-port people) work with a different tree?
00:03:35Bonusbartusbluebrother: is the non-lcd completely screwles.. or is there a screw under the clip?
00:04:16bluebrotherthey don't mention the non-lcd, and I only have the lcd remote
00:04:29bluebrotherwhich has one small screw at the cable end
00:05:06UnleetI can download knoppix but it seems to be in german
00:05:24jbapixelma, yeah we do for now
00:05:28jbatill we get it stable
00:05:36UnleetIll just use my friends ubuntu cd
00:05:53bluebrotherUnleet, you can change the language of knoppix at boot time
00:06:07jbapixelma, shouldn't be too hard to merge across
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00:07:03bluebrotherok, that clip _was_screwed. They are telling lies in that opening guide :(
00:07:15 Join neoseth [0] (
00:07:24pixelmajba: some plugins (bubbles and metronome) got this button action code added very recently - I wonder if yours already have it or not
00:07:52jbai remember having to deal with some ifdefs when getting metronome to build, would that be it?
00:08:16jbait's rb cvs as of two weeks ago now methinks
00:08:50UnleetI see.
00:09:12markunpixelma: I don't think we have the latest versions, but we didn't change anything
00:09:14bluebrotheryou can still use ubuntu instead. Or any other live cd
00:09:21UnleetI will try the ums trick for now, and check back here later with results.
00:09:30neosethanyone could give me a little help about usb mode on a iriver ?
00:09:34markunI should start to commit some of the gigabeat changes back to rockbox
00:09:43pixelmajba: the button actions are there to get rid of the "ifdef keypad" ...
00:09:53jbaso then we don't have them
00:10:05UnleetWhat about the usb mode on thr IRIVER?
00:10:07pixelmaI'll check the cvs logs
00:10:10bluebrotherthe PCB has "IMP-550 Remocon" printed on it
00:10:12UnleetWhich Model IRIVER?
00:10:35neosethim using this charging station with usb and power connectors
00:10:53neosethused to be with the orig firmware to just charge and turn off the display
00:11:07neosethnow i get usb bootloader mode
00:11:10BonusbartusI coul open the front part, i only see 6 cables
00:11:28neosethif i press and hold rec .. does it normal charge with the power connector ?
00:12:02pixelmajba: markun: JdGordon added them on November 16th
00:12:03bluebrotheron the bottom I have pads labelled as GND and 3V
00:12:41PaulJamone small question concerning the last commit: do i have to rename the existing playlists now to m3u8 or does rockbox recognize them being in utf8 format?
00:12:46Bonusbartusyeah I know:) but on the non-lcd there are only 6 cables, 3 for the audio,
00:13:03 Quit Unleet ("CGI:IRC")
00:13:14bluebrotheris 3V connected?
00:13:15Bonusbartus1 for buttons, one for ground and one for hold?
00:13:26Bonusbartuscant open it that far
00:14:11bluebrotherPaulJam, as long as you don't have special characters (i.e. non-ASCII) in your filenames it doesn't matter
00:14:31 Join Soap [0] (
00:14:41bluebrothercan't you take out the PCB?
00:15:09neosethanyone else with some iriver knowledge ?
00:15:17Bonusbartusnope, screwed, and I cant fully open it... it's jamed somewhere and I cant find ou how.....still searching
00:15:39Bonusbartusneoseth, what u need to know?
00:15:48bluebrotherneoseth, usb charging isn't implemented yet
00:16:01neosethwell i dont want to toast my player
00:16:02 Part n1s
00:16:04bluebrotherthere is a patch in the tracker, but you can always use the OF for usb charging
00:16:25Bonusbartusneoseth, u can, see misticriver forum
00:16:33neosethjust tryed that rec holding and it looks like its booting the orig iriver firmware
00:16:38Bonusbartusthere is a custom build which has that feature
00:16:42PaulJambluebrother: thanks
00:17:08neosethi dont want usb charging anyway since i use the docking station which has a power connector
00:17:16 Quit PaulJam (".")
00:18:17bluebrotherwall charger charging is handled in hardware, so unless you use a charger that doesn't fit there shouldn't be a possibility to fry your player
00:18:40neosethhope so ... only thigs that was getting on my nerves was
00:19:10neoseththat still the bootloader mode came up with the display not turning off
00:19:19Bonusbartusbluebrother: found it :D
00:20:16jbapixelma don't think they made it, but i'm sure it won't be too hard to bring back accross
00:22:03neosethgrml .. display doesnt turn off this way =)
00:22:32Bonusbartushmm, red: key, brown L, green R, black Dground, white Start, loose copper wire VREE
00:22:46bluebrotherloose wire?
00:23:48Bonusbartusjust twisted copper threads, thicker than the other wires, not loose
00:24:25 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
00:24:34Bonusbartusno shell around it
00:25:19BonusbartusI see nothing called analog ground... whould that be this wire or is it possible there isnt an analog ground?:S
00:25:46Bonusbartussrry not VREE, VREF
00:27:38pixelmajba: would be easier to adapt it in your version then :D - though that wouldn't be the right option IMO
00:27:45 Quit obo ("bye")
00:27:47Bonusbartushmm I think you whrere right.. it's somehow connected to thebuttons I think
00:28:03bluebrotherI don't have VREF but 3V here.
00:28:16bluebrothermaybe it's just a different name on the non-lcd remote
00:28:28jbapixelma, does it need to be adapted to specific screen size, or is design so that it can adapt to given res automatically>?
00:28:40Bonusbartus here is something called VCC, same thing?
00:30:14pixelmait would need to be adapted to the screen size - it uses a background picture (in cvs this background even consists of two parts)
00:31:19pixelmaand if it uses the whole screen I'd suggest to put the preview of the next bubble and things like that somewhere else
00:31:35Bonusbartusbut VREF also goes to the jack-in... together with L and R
00:32:59BonusbartusI think this thing works totaly different, but there should be some similarity so the player can recognise it...
00:33:23 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
00:33:40bluebrothercan you measure between VREF and the other pins? Is there somewhere a noticeable value?
00:33:54 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Connection timed out)
00:33:59 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
00:34:17bluebrotherI don't think they are too much different. The lcd remote has the spi bus added for the lcd (and a pin for the backlight)
00:34:24BonusbartusI don't know where my multimeter is :P and I don't have a good one, I measured it someplace else
00:35:33bluebrothertoo bad. Maybe I should try to get hands on one on the weekend.
00:37:19Bonusbartusyeah, but 1: AGND,L, R, CS, HOLD,START, DGND, RS, EL, DATA, 3V, CLK, RMC, 2got: L,R,DGND, START, VREF, RMC
00:39:21Bonusbartusso maybe the VREF =3V or VREF = AGND?
00:40:08Bonusbartusthere is no HOLD on the non-lcd remote, so my earlier theory about the hold button connected to ADC cant be correct
00:40:28amiconnThe non-lcd remote does have hold
00:40:50Bonusbartusyeah, but no wire only for the hold button like the lcd display does
00:41:55bluebrotherdoes the non-lcd remote allow to read out the hold status? I.e. is the hold status available to the main device?
00:42:19bluebrothermaybe the hold switch just locally disconnects the keys
00:42:21BonusbartusI'll check
00:42:47Bonusbartusin rockbox it can see, but that could be a nice software thing
00:42:52amiconnCorrect. The non-lcd remote hold is connected to the adc, in parallel with the button R network
00:43:21amiconnAfaiu, it just shorts the button network to ground, giving a zero adc reading when enabled
00:43:24Bonusbartuslet me see if the H120 sees it
00:44:16amiconnsee firmware/target/coldfire/iriver/h300/button-h300.c (and the equivalent for h1x0)
00:44:41Bonusbartusok, that means that the player cant read see what type of remote is connected by the HOLD pin in the lcd remote
00:44:53neosethgna ... my fault works now =)
00:45:31Bonusbartusamiconn, you followed our conversation?
00:45:46neosethanyway thx for the help
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00:46:24amiconnBonusbartus: For remote type detection, see firmware/drivers/lcd-h100-remote.c
00:46:33 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
00:47:03Bonusbartusyeah I looked into it, as does bluebrother, but we cant find out where the adc reads the value
00:47:30 Quit neoseth ()
00:47:31 Quit webguest10 (Client Quit)
00:47:32amiconnWhat's the problem?
00:47:34 Join Terinjokes [0] (
00:47:44Bonusbartusbluebroter: yep my h120 also sees the hold switch for the new non-lcd remote in original firmware
00:48:06amiconnadc_scan() is the function that actually reads the adc
00:48:24Bonusbartusamidon: the problem is that I am building a infrared remote, and I need to know how the player knows what remote is connected
00:48:36bluebrotherhmm. AFAICS the remote type gets read as a 8bit adc value
00:48:55amiconnYes, via channel ADC_REMOTEDETECT
00:49:16Bonusbartusamicon: correct, and what is on the other end of ADC_REMOTEDETECT
00:49:31Bonusbartusa plug from the remote? a combination of plugs?
00:49:51amiconnThe value depends both on the remote type _and_ the hold status, _except_ for the non-lcd remote where hold status doesn't matter for the ADC_REMOTEDETECT voltage
00:50:14Bonusbartusyeah thats as far as I got
00:50:16 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:50:23 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
00:50:29amiconnThat's the reason for the weird threshold checking
00:50:54Bonusbartushmm I think you don't know what I'm looking for....
00:51:21amiconnI don't know what "other end" you mean
00:51:35amiconnADC voltages are measured against ground as usual
00:52:13Bonusbartusyep, but what voltage does it check to find out which remote is connected
00:52:34amiconnAhem, ADC_REMOTEDETECT as already said...
00:53:24bluebrotherbut what is the hardware end of ADC_REMOTEDETECT?
00:53:34Bonusbartusbut where in the player does ADC_REMOTEDETECT measure, it has to be on one of the 13 pins that go into the remotecontroll
00:53:51Bonusbartusbut which pin:P
00:53:54amiconnI don't know whether the pinout is documented somewhere
00:54:02Bonusbartusor wghat combination of pins
00:54:07Bonusbartusyeah, but not that one :P
00:57:52bluebrotherhmm. I think I'd try pulling that HOLD pin to some value between GND and 3V
00:57:57 Part Terinjokes
00:58:21 Join ani-adom [0] (
00:58:56ani-adomwho can i made mt own wps?
00:58:56Bonusbartusbut.. how can it be the HOLD pin, the non-lcd remote doesn't have that one...
00:59:19bluebrotherbut I should go and get some sleep.
00:59:38bluebrotherbecause the ADC_REMOTEDETECT value is dependent of the hold switch?
00:59:55Bonusbartusyeah me too, have college at 8.15
01:00:04amiconnI also suspect it has to do with the hold pin
01:00:25Bonusbartusamicon: that was my first guess too
01:00:27bluebrothermaybe I get around to measure a bit over the weekend. Too bad I only have one remote
01:00:54amiconnThe non-lcd remote doesn't change the open-loop voltage significantly
01:01:00Bonusbartusbut there has to be another pin thats checked, because the non-lcd is checked without having that pin
01:01:30bluebrothermaybe START
01:01:34Bonusbartusbluebrother: could you mail me if you find some answers?
01:01:39amiconnThe only indication of non-lcd remote vs. no remote at all is the remotedetect gpio pin, which I suspect uses some kind of bridging via the digital ground ring
01:01:48bluebrotherbut isn't START just connected to a GPIO?
01:02:07ani-adomwho can i made mt own wps?
01:02:18bluebrotherBonusbartus, sure.
01:02:41BonusbartusDGN 540 ohm resistor, start, GPIO37 or 38
01:02:56 Quit ender` (" There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. -- Jeremy S)
01:03:16Bonusbartuscould it be connected to two things?
01:03:35bluebrotherwould surprise me a bit.
01:03:40Bonusbartusyeah me too
01:03:55bluebrothermaybe just disconnect the HOLD wire and see if the remote still gets detected
01:04:11bluebrotherhehe, you could try that even without any pin labelled HOLD
01:04:40Bonusbartusnope gives another reading :)
01:05:00Bonusbartusbut not the same as when i pull the remote out
01:05:52Bonusbartusmaybe it checks HOLD and RMC?
01:06:27 Join gotthardt [0] (i=keefejoh@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:06:41 Quit preglow (
01:06:41Bonusbartushmm no can't be, when the non-lcd remote is connected it shows a 00 for remotebuttons, but the same value for remote_detect
01:07:01NJoinpreglow [0] (
01:07:22bluebrothermaybe. Find my mail address in my forum profile or the wiki
01:07:23amiconnIt's _one_ voltage, and the fact that the voltage changes with the hold switch position except for the non-lcd remote is a strong point for the theory that it's the hold pin
01:07:59bluebrotherehrm ... remote_buttons and remote_detect is the same value?
01:08:11ani-adomwho can i made mt own wps?
01:08:31 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
01:08:34bluebrotherani-adom, it doesn't help repeating the same question every minute.
01:08:40markunamiconn: I'm adding RTC wakeup to the Gigabeat. Do you know what rtc_check_alarm_flag should do?
01:09:02 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
01:09:02 Quit gotthardt ("CGI:IRC")
01:09:04Bonusbartusuhm...I mean ADC_REMOTEDETECT and ADC_REMOTE
01:09:15*amiconn would expect to see a basically working port before seeing such tiny details fixed
01:09:21Bonusbartusani_adom, check at
01:10:00markunamiconn: I know, but when it's late I prefer to fix simple things
01:10:18bluebrotherok, back after some hours of sleep. See you guys.
01:10:23 Quit bluebrother ("sleep!")
01:11:13 Quit bytie ("Dana")
01:11:18Bonusbartusamiconn, ADC_BUTTONS 00 onhold, FF normal, ADC_REMOTEDETECT: stays FC onhold and not onhold
01:12:11 Quit funky ("leaving")
01:12:17amiconnBonusbartus: I repeat again: ADC_REMOTEDETECT is the remote type detection signal (that's verified working), and I'm quite sure the signal is parallel to the hold signal line
01:12:45amiconnADC_REMOTEDETECT is praktically the same regardless whether a non-lcd remote is connected or no remote at all
01:13:11amiconnADC_BUTTONS is just the remote button network
01:13:13 Quit ani-adom (":")
01:13:23Bonusbartusits value is E4 without remote and FC with remote... so it does detect something
01:14:34Bonusbartusthen how is it possible that it tells me remotetype: 3 when it is plugged in and zero when it isn't
01:14:51amiconnBecause it also checks the remotedetect gpio
01:16:16 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
01:16:31Bonusbartusyeah I got that, but how can it detect that on a non-lcd remote when there is no HOLD pin?
01:18:11Bonusbartuswell, I'm going to get some sleep
01:19:53Bonusbartussee you guys
01:19:54amiconn[01:01:38] <amiconn> The only indication of non-lcd remote vs. no remote at all is the remotedetect gpio pin, which I suspect uses some kind of bridging via the digital ground ring
01:20:50Bonusbartusah, did't see that before :)
01:20:54Bonusbartussrry :
01:21:25Bonusbartusbut ok, I'll get some sleep and measure some things tomorrow
01:21:28Bonusbartussee ya
01:22:02 Quit Bonusbartus ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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01:42:31peturgrrr... I don't know what I'm doing wrog but I fail to use gui_synclist ... it doesn't show the title configured and hangs :(
01:43:51 Join defect [0] (
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01:47:55petur <−− anyone?
01:49:30*petur really wanted to deal with the properties plugin tonight :(
01:55:02peturbug was elsewhere...
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02:12:09peturworking and probably final version of properties plugin is on the tracker :)
02:12:16 Quit petur ("Zzzzz")
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03:15:55michaelcapitoHey, anyone here?
03:16:15JdGordon109 others...
03:16:34michaelcapitoHoly cow. I'm sorry.
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03:17:37michaelcapitoHow would one go about adding a new device to the development list?
03:19:56scorcheif only there was an add port button
03:20:36michaelcapitoThanks, Jd. Sorry for the obvious question.
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03:52:16H3g3m0nIs there a random/shuffle mode in rockbox?
03:53:03H3g3m0nnm found it in the manual
03:55:59 Join scherbi [0] (
03:56:47scherbihow far away is support for a Samsung yp-f2j? 99 lightyears?
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04:17:53 Nick tyrion is now known as skycon (n=tyrion@
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06:05:02zelightyears isn't a unit of time
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06:08:56aliaskWould it be a problem to upload non-public datasheets to rockbox?
06:09:17thegeek_non-public is probably not a problem
06:09:29rasheraliask: I'd ask one of the swedes first
06:09:36thegeek_problems might arise from other problems with them
06:10:05thegeek_if they have any limitations that apply it will ofcourse be a problem;P
06:10:29aliaskI can't find any written limitations, other than the fact that it was in the "private downloads" folder on their webserver
06:10:59thegeek_bit of a grey area then
06:11:21thegeek_def. something to ask them about;P
06:11:29aliaskYeah, that's why I'm here :)
06:12:05scorchehe doesnt come in to chat with me anymore
06:12:57aliaskBlame it on world of warcraft.
06:13:12aliask(hi scorche :) )
06:13:29aliaskSeriously. That game is damned addictive
06:13:49scorchealiask: heh...since when have you been playing?
06:13:58scorche /msg alisk
06:14:03scorchewhatever...go to PM
06:24:00 Join menosm [0] (
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06:37:28 Quit bawb2 ("seacrest out!")
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07:19:34 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
07:20:11zzapHow do I add myself to this list:"> ?
07:23:27aliaskClick "go back", and it should become obvious
07:26:34 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.76 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
07:30:10 Join dre [0] (i=dre@
07:30:58 Join jadakiss [0] (
07:31:08jadakissanyone alive ?
07:32:33jadakisshow can i check what kind of ipod i got ?
07:33:03jadakissSerial: 7n6014jhszb
07:33:09jadakisswhat kind of ipod is it ?
07:33:59zzapHmm, I don't think you should be telling everyone your serial number.
07:34:19drewhy can u steal it
07:34:41zzapI think you can do a few things with it on the Apple website.
07:34:47zzapAnyways, take a look here:
07:35:08zzapThere are little pictures of iPods to help you identify which one you might own.
07:35:42jadakisslooks like the iPod Mini 2nd gen
07:35:43drehmm is there one for shuffle?
07:36:04zzaplol, no, there isn't one for the Shuffle, I don't think.
07:36:08zzapDo you have a shuffle, dre?
07:36:12jadakissi have one
07:36:39zzapWhat's the point of having Rockbox on a shuffle?
07:36:52jadakissthe EQ
07:36:56jadakissi hate the freakin presets
07:37:01jadakisssonds like shit
07:37:06jadakissi cant use my custom EQ
07:38:28dre <−−interesting what you said about serials, good to know that zzap thx
07:39:20zzapHehe, no problems.
07:39:56 Join RoC_MM [0] (
07:41:09amiconnzzap: There would be several reasons to want rockbox on a shuffle.
07:41:15drefrom an apple employee..
07:41:15dreGlucksman said he would report the missing iPod and "I'd buy another one. If the reported stolen one were recovered, it'd make a good present."
07:41:22dreof course they say that!
07:47:22zzapMan, I hate I/O errors.
07:49:40 Part RoC_MM ("Leaving")
07:52:17 Quit Life^ ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
07:53:43 Quit dre ("Blessed are they that run around in circles, for they shall be known as wheels.")
07:54:25 Quit jba (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
07:57:33 Join BHSPitMonkey_ [0] (
07:59:26 Quit JoeBorn ("bedtime!")
08:01:08jadakissnow i cant even add songs to the shuffle
08:01:11jadakissthey wont show
08:02:58 Quit [sellout] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:03:44 Join BHSPitMonkey__ [0] (
08:06:00 Quit BHSPitMonkey_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:06:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:10:39rasherBagder, LinusN: Any news about automatic voice building?
08:12:13 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:12:32 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
08:24:57 Quit thegeek_ ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
08:29:43JdGordonany chance of some discussio re fs 6399 today? I'd really like to commit it soon
08:31:08 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:31:52 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
08:34:43 Join Britney`FAN [0] (n=KoCb0@
08:36:06 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
08:38:06 Quit Britney`FAN (Client Quit)
08:41:04 Join thegeek [0] (
08:41:25 Join wehn_ [0] (
08:55:04 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:58:15 Quit midkay ("*poff*")
09:10:19 Join n1s [0] (
09:11:02 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:18:23LinusNSlasheri: your player is unbricked
09:18:36 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@rockbox/contributor/Genre9mp3)
09:18:44SlasheriLinusN: oh, thats nice to hear :) thanks a lot =)
09:19:14LinusNwill try to mail it today
09:19:14Bagderwhat is the opposite of a brick? a sponge? ;-)
09:20:02SlasheriLinusN: btw, i could give you a different address to mail it back directly here at work
09:20:20Slasheriso i don't need to go to the post 2km far away ;)
09:20:21LinusNjust email me the addy
09:20:40Slasherii will tell you it now :)
09:24:26 Join rasher_ [0] (n=rasher@rockbox/developer/rasher)
09:24:41rasher_Bagder, LinusN: Any news/ideas/questions about automatic voice building?
09:25:08BagderI'd love to have it
09:25:25rasher_What's the obstacle?
09:25:45rasher_It's already part of the build system. Just needs festival/flite/espeak and lame
09:26:05BagderI don't think there is any except the time and effort to actually make the automatic scripts run
09:28:14 Join kubiix [0] (
09:28:51Bagderpersonally I'm about -12 hours to my deadline...
09:29:04 Quit rasher (Nick collision from services.)
09:29:08 Nick rasher_ is now known as rasher (n=rasher@rockbox/developer/rasher)
09:29:35rasher"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
09:32:16peturwho said that?
09:33:00*petur is on a project that is very likely to miss its deadline
09:33:07rasherDouglas Adams
09:33:34rasherGuy missed deadlines like no one else.
09:33:56*petur fires up word and creates a page to hang out at the office
09:37:52*petur retrieves page from printer
09:38:02 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
09:49:58 Quit wehn_ (Remote closed the connection)
09:52:50JdGordonguys, thought on fs 6399?
09:53:05 Join bluebrother [0] (i=FTLKgoNX@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
09:58:08JdGordondoes anyone know how bookmarks work?
09:58:23JdGordondo they only get created for playlists which are just a folder being playbed?
09:58:30JdGordoni.e not a dynamic playlist?
10:00:22peturbluebrother: properties patch updated, now implemented as viewer but integrated in context menu. Maybe I'll commit tonight after some more code cleaning. (at the bottom)
10:01:19 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
10:01:28n1spetur: I'm trying to update recording settings in the manual, do you know of an explanation of the different agc modes somwhere?
10:02:22JdGordonis the resume info stored in the .playlist_control file?
10:02:30peturthere must be a thread and patch entry about it that contain more info
10:03:21petur*forum thread
10:05:33 Join thegeek_ [0] (
10:06:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:08:23 Quit thegeek (
10:08:23 Quit amiconn (
10:08:23 Quit tehsmo (
10:08:23 Quit hcs (
10:08:23 Quit LinusN (
10:08:23 Quit goffa (
10:08:23 Quit dionoea (
10:08:23 Quit Galois (
10:08:23 Quit crashd (
10:08:23 Quit blind (
10:08:23 Quit newbyx86 (
10:08:40NJoinLinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
10:08:40NJoinamiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
10:08:40NJointehsmo [0] (
10:08:40NJoinGalois [0] (
10:08:40NJoinhcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
10:08:40NJoinnewbyx86 [0] (
10:08:40NJoingoffa [0] (n=goffa@
10:08:40NJoinblind [0] (
10:08:40NJoincrashd [0] (
10:08:40NJoindionoea [0] (
10:09:18bluebrotherpetur, saw that but didn't have time to try before I left this morning
10:09:50bluebrotheryou last patch still includes changes to english.lang −− intended?
10:10:16peturof course... the sting for the context menu
10:10:22peturstring even
10:11:34peturI made that patch just after getting it working stable, must clean up a bit and test more tonight
10:11:45bluebrotherah, ok. So you don't use "open with" for this
10:12:21peturno, it's like the credits thing: it looks like it is part of rockbox but actually calls a plugin for it
10:12:33peturlike overlays
10:13:05Bagdera sneaky way to avoid growing the binary size of the core image
10:13:23Bagderme likes
10:13:30JdGordonnot sneaky at all... more shhuold be dont like that imo
10:13:50peturNow I understand the idea of putting the settings editor in a plugin. the user wouldn't even know it is a plugin. Downside is that it will fail if the plugin isn't there
10:13:50BagderI'm actually in favour of _more_ things done like that
10:14:06JdGordonlike the settingsconfiguratio and wps :D
10:14:27JdGordonthat shold have said settings configuration
10:14:54peturand that should have said should?
10:15:09*JdGordon throws keyboard against the wall
10:15:23JdGordoncheap piece of wireless crap!
10:15:46JdGordonbut at least people are watcing the channel now....
10:15:51bluebrotherI don't think this would be good for settings ... requires a disk spinup every time you access the settings
10:16:01JdGordondoes .playlist_control store resme info on shutdown? or is it all in config block?
10:16:25bluebrother(settings menu that is)
10:17:14peturbluebrother: THAT is indeed the big drawback of putting stuff in plugins. The properties thing is much slower now, but it's ok as you don't need it much. For settings it would be unacceptable
10:17:41JdGordonnot nescacerily... it could be loaded into the plugin ram on startup, then as long as nothing steals that ram it could stay there, so no disk spinup
10:17:41Bagderright, it should be used for seldomly used stuff
10:17:56Bagderplugin cache!
10:18:56bluebrotherI can think of handling archived themes that way
10:19:07bluebrotherand caching them in an exploded tree
10:19:34bluebrotherbut using one big archive file may be faster loading as it won't require lots of small files opened
10:19:40*petur would rather not have exploding trees in his DAP ;)
10:20:11*bluebrother still wants to give archived themes a shot but is failing to find the required time
10:20:40peturjoin me :/
10:21:08peturreminds me I should be doing some paid work....
10:21:16 Quit petur ("worrrk")
10:22:28bluebrotherbtw, is there a reason why "Rockbox Info" doesn't has the version included? credits plugin and firmware file may be out of sync thus giving a wrong version information
10:29:02BagderI don't think there's a particular reason
10:33:38JdGordonwhere is the usb screen code?
10:34:58scorchescreens.c i believe
10:37:33 Join _kahuna_ [0] (n=kahuna@
10:37:54bluebrotherhmm. My player behaves strangely
10:38:25bluebrotherbacklight went on and didn't turn off
10:39:28_kahuna_hi, anybody knows if it is normal to get a low background clicking noise when using a Iriver H120 with the remote?
10:40:04_kahuna_I'm getting it only with rockbox, have tried two firmwares, the first from about two weeks and the second from today
10:40:25bluebrother_kahuna_: try enabling the "eliminate ticking" option
10:40:34_kahuna_with the original Iriver firmware I did not get the noise, nor I get it if I plug the headphones directly to the player, removing the remote
10:40:47_kahuna_ok, I'll try right now
10:41:24bluebrotherah, it's "reduce ticking" to be exactly
10:41:30n1s_kahuna_: General settings->Display options<>remote lcd<>reduce ticking
10:43:21_kahuna_it's solved, BIG THANKS!
10:51:55 Join bluebrot1er [0] (
10:54:04 Quit bluebrother (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:54:04 Quit bluebrot1er (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:55:53 Join pondlife [0] (n=Miranda@rockbox/developer/pondlife)
10:56:30pondlifeJdGordon: I'm not having much luck with the Flysprayed \o/ changes.patch... :(
10:57:47pondlifeCan't get normal or sim builds to complete.. Details on
10:57:59pondlifeIt applies cleanly..
10:58:27pondlifeMaybe it's just me, or maybe it's Cygwin?
10:59:19 Join bluebrother [0] (
10:59:23JdGordonthe sim bug is because menu.h is included in sim/common/stubs.c dunno why its not makign it into the patch
10:59:28JdGordonh300 regular builds fine for me tho
11:06:49pondlifeAnything you want me to look at?
11:08:37pondlifee.g. why don't I have settings_list.h?
11:08:59JdGordonyou dont hae settings_list.h?
11:09:28JdGordonah, bloody hell
11:10:47JdGordonok, remaking the patch
11:10:57JdGordonforgot to do cvsdo add aparently
11:11:04pondlifeNo problem, just so you know
11:11:16 Join bbroke [0] (
11:11:17pondlifeWill keep an eye on Flyspray...
11:12:51JdGordonok, fs updated
11:13:33 Part bbroke
11:19:25 Quit kubiix ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
11:23:57pondlifeJdGordon: that builds ok now, just a couple of warnings in the dev/sim/logf/debug build.
11:24:04pondlifemenus/main_menu.c:637: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
11:24:11pondlife(and the same on line 638)
11:24:52pondlifeMind you, the sim crashes immediately I run it!
11:24:54JdGordonodd... i get no errors
11:25:10pondlifeJust debugging now...
11:25:17JdGordonyou sure your running a clean cvs+patch?
11:25:38JdGordonoh wait.. i must have been runing an old version... just crashed the sim :p
11:26:05pondlifesettings_save () at settings.c:196
11:26:11pondlifeSeg fault
11:26:27pondlifeWoah, recursion!
11:26:34JdGordonah ok
11:26:59pondlife#932 0x0041504e in settings_save () at settings.c:196
11:26:59pondlife#933 0x00415028 in write_settings_to_disk () at settings.c:179
11:26:59pondlife#934 0x00415035 in settings_save_ata_cb () at settings.c:189
11:26:59DBUGEnqueued KICK pondlife
11:26:59pondlife#935 0x004553db in register_ata_idle_func (function=0x41502a <settings_save_ata_cb>)
11:26:59pondlife at ata_idle_notify.c:51
11:27:00***Alert Mode level 1
11:27:00pondlife#936 0x0041504e in settings_save () at settings.c:196
11:27:49pondlifeOver 10000 calls deep
11:27:55JdGordongo me :D
11:28:07JdGordonI tinhk this is a sim only bug
11:28:20pondlifeStill needs fixing
11:28:37pondlife20000 and counting....
11:29:02JdGordonhahahaha, ok foun the bug
11:29:09JdGordon2 functions calling eachother
11:29:21JdGordonit is a sim only bug, but it very possible in target bvuilds also
11:29:22pondlifeYou're not kidding! :-p
11:30:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:30:49*pondlife got bored after 48000 lines.
11:31:33*JdGordon wonders why settings are being saved so early anyway
11:32:58JdGordonok fixed
11:33:04JdGordonredoin the patch once again
11:36:19JdGordonpondlife: ok, its online
11:36:32*JdGordon never has much luck with patches on fs :p
11:37:01***Alert Mode OFF
11:39:29 Join scorche` [0] (n=ScorchE@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
11:43:08 Quit _kahuna_ ("Leaving")
11:45:46 Join Paul_the_Nerd [0] (
11:52:58 Join barrywardell [0] (
11:53:33 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:53:57Genre9mp3hmm.. what has changed with the battery voltage code recently? anyone know?
11:54:16Genre9mp3well, maybe not so recently
11:55:01Paul_the_NerdAre you having a specific problem related to it, or something?
11:55:38Genre9mp3I'm charging my H300 with latest build and the battery is now 4,22V 98% and it's only 1h 30 m (it usually gets 3 hours for a full charge)
11:55:51 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:56:14JdGordondont you jujst hate when things work better than expected?
11:56:17Paul_the_NerdAre you referring to how long it took to charge?
11:56:25Paul_the_NerdIsn't charging hardware controlled?
11:56:50pondlifeJdGordon: Is it meant to save settings every time I change the volume?
11:56:57pondlifeThe sim, that is.
11:57:10Genre9mp3the previous behaviour was: at about 2h30m reach 88% and stay there until full charge (when it then went to 100% and about 4.17-4.19V)
11:57:19barrywardellGenre9mp3: could be related to FS #3001 being committed
11:57:20pondlifeOK, I assume the target won't...
11:57:37LinusNthe charging on h300 is hardware controlled
11:57:49 Join funky [0] (
11:57:59Genre9mp3It seems that something has changed though
11:58:34Genre9mp3I won't mind unless it stops charging earlier than it should
11:58:52JdGordonpondlife: ok, ill add some safety guards in for the sim... the problem is the ata_idle_callback stuff doesnt work for the sim and just runs the callback when it gets it, which is whats killing it
11:59:05LinusNGenre9mp3: it stops charging when the hardware decides to
11:59:14pondlifeIt's not a problem, as long as it doesn't spin up the target hard disk too much.
11:59:22LinusNrockbox does nothing but monitor it
11:59:23JdGordonno, the target works fine
11:59:26pondlifeI'll get it onto there soon
11:59:45Genre9mp3LinusN: Ok, good to know... So the monitoring has changed?
11:59:57LinusNi don't think so
12:00:03pondlifeHmm, it doesn't seem to persist my WPS
12:00:34Genre9mp3then my battery is in a hurry or something?
12:00:51LinusNGenre9mp3: or you are using the wall charger this sime and not usb?
12:00:53Genre9mp3^not so serious statement
12:01:24Genre9mp3I'm using the wall charger... byt the previous description I made was with the wall charger, too
12:01:26pondlifeJdGordon: Actually it does persist WPS, but doesn't load it on next startup.
12:01:34LinusNit also depends on the state of the battery when you start charging
12:01:36Genre9mp3It takes more thaan 3 hours to charge via USB
12:02:00JdGordonpondlife: it could be because the sim doesnt have a nice shutdown which is stopping it saving
12:02:18pondlifeNo, it's saved ok
12:02:29pondlifeConfig.cfg has "wps: ipodColor"
12:02:31Genre9mp3Yes... it depends on many things... but it seems to have a different behavior on monitoring... I don't know
12:02:42JdGordoninteresting.... works on the sim
12:03:02pondlifeThis is a customised WPS
12:03:11 Quit mooch (Remote closed the connection)
12:03:20 Join Criamos [0] (
12:03:20JdGordonif is in .rockbox/wps it shodl save
12:03:20pondlifeAlthough it is in the WPS directory
12:03:32JdGordonthen it shhuold be fine
12:04:40pondlifeI just get the default WPS until I reselect it. CONFIG.CFG seems correct throughout.
12:06:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:07:35JdGordonhmm.... sim segfaults loading the wps
12:07:41JdGordonbut it does load it!
12:07:48JdGordoni mean it tries to
12:08:07JdGordonno, its segfaults in wps_clear()
12:12:15 Join menosm_ [0] (
12:18:11 Join Rob2222 [0] (
12:18:43pondlifeI don't get segfaults
12:19:48Genre9mp3barrywardell: In your #3001 commit you say "Calculate remaining charging time while charging (rather than remaining running time)" wasn't this already the case?
12:20:06barrywardellno, i don't think so
12:20:22Genre9mp3maybe not for all targets? cause I remember it showed the remaining charging time before...
12:21:17Genre9mp3hmmm... I should try with an old build though to be 100% sure
12:21:26barrywardelli'm not totally sure, but i don't think it showed remaining charging time
12:23:12Genre9mp3On a side notice, why the remaining time on h300 is still calibrated at 8h57m for 1300mAh ?
12:23:27Genre9mp3It should be about 20h I think
12:25:52 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
12:28:39barrywardelli'm not totally sure
12:29:30Genre9mp3I remember amiconn doing some tests after the h300 power leaking fix but I don't know what happened next
12:29:54Genre9mp3I got 20h30m on a bbench after that with 128kbps mp3
12:29:56barrywardellprobably the statistic is based on old battery tests
12:30:10Genre9mp3yes, it is... it should be updated
12:30:17 Quit menosm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:37:03barrywardellhmm. looks like CURRENT_NORMAL is only defined for the H100. all other devices use the definition that is calibrated for the AJB.
12:47:02 Quit Soap ("Chatzilla 0.9.76 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
12:50:47 Join wlectric_warrior [0] (n=3lectric@
12:50:58 Join jba [0] (
12:53:11*Bagder pats his .emacs
12:54:22wlectric_warriorso I have a 4th gen ipod that thinks that it is on hold all the time, If I were to install rockbox on it, could I mod the firmware to disable the hold button function?
12:54:48Bagdershould indeed be possible
13:05:31 Join kubiix [0] (
13:05:40 Join XavierGr [0] (
13:06:53 Part Paul_the_Nerd
13:07:45 Quit wlectric_warrior ("Leaving")
13:13:37 Quit barrywardell ()
13:23:26 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:39:11 Join nick89 [0] (
13:40:01 Join ubuntuking [0] (
13:40:18 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
13:40:24 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
13:44:34 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
13:46:30ubuntukingdoes anybody know a fix for the slow scrolling on ipod 5g video
13:46:49ubuntuking60 gb
13:46:55 Join dickon [0] (
13:46:59ubuntukingit gets slow when scrolling through songs
13:47:06daurnimatorno idea
13:47:36ubuntukingthat's the only thing i am having a hard time with rockbox
13:50:19 Join Bonusbartus [0] (i=52ab47dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:51:27Bonusbartusbluebrother: you'r back again I see, already measured something?
13:54:58markunubuntuking: I think it's a font caching problem
13:55:04markunwhich font are you using?
13:55:19ubuntukingone from a theme
13:55:22ubuntukinglet me look
13:55:39ubuntukingit is from the black simple theme
13:55:47ubuntukingi do not know exactly which font
13:56:07ubuntukingmarkun, which font would you recommend
13:56:34markunubuntuking: try one that is smaller that 10000 bytes
13:56:53ubuntukingmarkun, could you recommend one
13:56:58markunjust as a test
13:56:58bluebrotherBonusbartus: no, got work to do at uni
13:57:17bluebrother(in the process to finally get outa here ;-)
13:57:57bluebrotherbut I usually hang around here if I have the chance to run an irc client somewhere
13:58:31markunubuntuking: chicago12 is small enough
13:58:47ubuntukingmarkun, do you think that will do?
13:58:59markunI don't know, that's why I ask you to try
13:59:49ubuntukingmarkun, i'll give it a shot
14:00:21ubuntukingthe battery is actually dead
14:00:36ubuntukingi'll definately try it after a recharge
14:00:58Bonusbartushmm I see linusN is here, maybe he rememders again how it worked ;)
14:01:48LinusNremember what?
14:03:07Bonusbartusthe hardware part on how(with which pin) the remote is connected to ADC_remotedetect
14:03:59LinusNi believe it measures the voltage of the (pulled up) CS pin of the SPI interface
14:04:50preglowLinusN: looked at the timestretching lib for a bit, and it should be possible
14:05:01LinusNpreglow: nice
14:05:02preglowit'll require some additional buffering i'd rather not allocate statically, though
14:05:21LinusNhow much?
14:05:33preglowdepends, really, more when you stretch than when you compress
14:05:34 Join barrywardell [0] (
14:05:38preglowjust had a quick look
14:05:53preglowi think i saw the figure 100ms somewhere
14:06:05preglowwhich is about 20kb
14:06:31preglowno, more like 40kb, we'll want to do this on the full precision samples, i guess
14:06:35Bonusbartushmm not what I expected, but could be possible I think, but what about a non-lcd remote, it is an lcd display SPI right?
14:06:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:07:02ubuntukingmarkun, i was actually using chicago 12
14:07:11Bonusbartusand... the value of adc_remotedetect changes when I switch the hold key...
14:07:12ubuntukingmarkun, with the simple black theme
14:08:31Bonusbartusand isn't the cs pin connected to gpo34 write only?
14:08:52preglowLinusN: we'll pretty much have to allocate it statically, though, if we want to be able to switch the effect on and off dynamically
14:09:06preglowwe'll see, i don't have time to look any further at it right now anyway
14:11:07LinusNBonusbartus: i'm not sure exactly which pin it is, but i think i remember that it was one of the spi pins
14:11:35LinusNand the non-lcd remote has the highest voltage iirc
14:12:59Bonusbartusbut the remote only has 6 wires, , L,R,VREF,RMC,DGND,PLAY, how could it measure the CS pin if it doesn't have one?
14:13:34 Quit jba (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:13:35LinusNmaybe because there is a pullup in the main device as well?
14:14:23LinusNso it is probably a pulldown in the remote
14:15:05Bonusbartushmm then, how does it see that the hold switch is on on the LCD-remote, the ADC_remoteDetect value changes when I use the lcd remote and switch the hold on
14:16:20Genre9mp3LinusN: offtopic, just yesterday I discovered that there are other iriver remotes, too like this:
14:16:20preglowLinusN: hmm, it might actually be possible to use the pcm buffer directly for this, but then it must never be allowed to empty completely. i assume that's possible, but that'd also mean hardcoding it to work on 16 bit samples
14:16:40Genre9mp3LinusN: have you ever had any experience with such a remote?
14:17:29LinusNthe hold is on a separate pin on the lcd remote
14:17:59LinusNGenre9mp3: nope
14:18:34BonusbartusI know, but that would then mean that the adc measures 2 voltages, the hold and the cs pin or not?
14:18:52LinusNpreglow: i don't think we will ever work on >16 bit samples anyway
14:19:00bluebrotherBonusbartus: it could just pull down the button adc pin to 0 (or disconnect it)
14:19:30LinusNBonusbartus: it means that the voltage drops on the remote when hold is active
14:19:51bluebrotherand with the buttons completely disconnected a in-device pull-up could generate the 0xff
14:19:52LinusNthe non-lcd shorts the button adc pin
14:20:35LinusNthe non-lcd hold button that is
14:21:09Bonusbartusyeah I noticed that, I screwed up one last night...
14:21:12 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:21:33bluebrotherBonusbartus: I guess you mean disassemble ;-)
14:21:39 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
14:21:39BonusbartusI tried to open it, but the clip borke of :P
14:22:26BonusbartusI tried to disassemble... but part of the clip broke of.. remote still works:)
14:23:00Bonusbartusbut I think I go search my multimeter... it's a very cheap one so I don't know if it measures correctly...
14:24:24markunubuntuking: are you sure the theme didn't use one of the nimbus fonts?
14:26:20BonusbartusLinusN: so you think it has to be the cs pin, I think I try measuring that one then, is it possible to translate the hex values that ADC_remotedetect gives into some analog values?
14:26:25 Join lee-qid [0] (n=liqid@
14:27:05 Quit NickDe ("Leaving")
14:27:31LinusNthose hex values have been taken from readin the adc with different remotes attached, and we have never measured the actual voltages
14:28:36Bonusbartushmm ok, but when I put a resistor between the cs pin and the player the value should change
14:31:48LinusNwell, a resistor between cs and gnd, i believe
14:33:30Bonusbartusthats what I thought... so when I want to build my own remote and need to fake the lcd remote, I probabl have to fake the cs pin, the RMC pin and I would need the play pin right?
14:34:34LinusNyes, if it is in fact the cs pin
14:35:00LinusNand the hold switch
14:35:19LinusNif you want to be able to hold, that is
14:36:51Bonusbartushmm I dont need that, I want to make an IR receiver to put next to my hifi system... so I don't think I m going to use a hold switch often:P
14:36:59LinusNi see
14:38:57preglowshould a proper timestretcher/pitchshifer be an option in addition to the current one, or should both be able to be on simultaneously?
14:39:05preglowi vote for the former
14:39:11BonusbartusI only hope the IR receiver works with rockbox, when it receives a signal, it can 1) switch a relay on or off, 2) give a pulse of 1 sec to the relay, but I don't know if thats too long
14:39:25preglowpoorly phrased, but you get what i mean :>
14:40:50peturpreglow: are you talking about speed up/down playback without pitch change?
14:41:12preglowpetur: yes
14:41:35peturturning rockbox into dj equipment
14:42:33preglowthe current way is actually what most djs are used to
14:43:08preglowsince that's how a real turntable works
14:43:10preglowproper timestretching only became available with final scratch
14:43:25 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
14:48:15LinusNthis timestretch algorithm isn't very good at stretching percussive music anyway
14:48:29LinusNlots of echoing and smearing
14:48:52LinusNbut i bet it is quite allright for speeding up audio books
14:48:56preglowyou can't get away from that
14:49:02preglowit does a quite good job at speeding up audio books
14:49:06 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:49:37preglowanywho, it does better at compressing than stretching, but that's universal for all kinds of algorithms
14:49:37Bonusbartuswell... got to work now...
14:49:43LinusNwell, some of the proprietary algorithms do a decent job at preventing smearing
14:49:54preglowwell, yeah, but are they time domain?
14:49:54LinusNBonusbartus: enjoy :-)
14:49:59LinusNpreglow: no
14:50:08preglowwe don't have enough cpu for anything else
14:50:12LinusNi know
14:50:46BonusbartusLinusN: yeah right :P I'll try to get my remote finished before christmas :P I hope you were right about the cs pin
14:50:49LinusNi'm actually pretty impressed by it, since it is time domain
14:51:08preglowi'm wondering how well the autocorrelation will work
14:51:12preglowit's very emac friendly
14:51:58 Quit Bonusbartus ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:52:45preglowi think i'll just reuse the resampler we already have
14:52:56preglowat least it'll be a good reason to make a better one some day :>
14:54:44 Join Moos [0] (i=d9805c3e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:55:05ubuntukingmarkun, i think it did
15:05:48 Join NickDe [0] (n=nicholas@
15:14:20 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
15:14:36markunubuntuking: do you still have the scrolling problem with chicago12?
15:18:17 Join TeaSea [0] (n=thunderc@
15:18:32JdGordoncan the hxxx save settings to the eeprom yet?
15:19:59LinusNyes, i believe so
15:20:16 Quit nick89 ("Gotta Go")
15:21:17JdGordoncan we store anything to it like the archos rtc?
15:21:33ubuntukingmarkun, it seems much smoother
15:21:45ubuntukingmarkun, thanks for the help
15:22:14markunIt's not a sollution of course. The font caching should be optimized.
15:23:19ubuntukingwould i be able to do that if i compile my own
15:24:02peturJdGordon: on h3x0, there's still something weird with the eeprom. Sometimes rockbox seems to corrupt the iriver settings even if we don't use the eeprom atm.
15:24:13JdGordonhmm ok
15:24:15ubuntukingi would think that the scrolling part of the code should be optimized more in order to take into account the speed of scrolling
15:24:19markunubuntuking: If you compile your own you can make the fontbuffer as big as the biggest font you use. That will also 'fix' it
15:24:51ubuntukingmarkun, can i compile it using linux
15:24:58 Quit idnar (Remote closed the connection)
15:25:06LinusNlet me guess - ubuntu? :-)
15:25:23markunubuntuking: nah, it's OSX only here ;)
15:25:24ubuntukingyou read my mind
15:25:31ubuntukingi run os x too
15:25:34ubuntukingcan you do it in os x
15:25:45markunI wasn't serious
15:26:28*Genre9mp3 just found an official iriver datasheet that says that the H300 SNR is only 50dB! wtf???
15:26:42ubuntukingi checked that, but i do not like the fact that u have to use cygwin
15:27:04Bagderread again
15:27:39LinusNwhere on that page does it say cygwin?
15:27:46markuncan't see it either
15:28:03ubuntukingi mean i saw one that has instruction using cygwin
15:28:08ubuntukingmust have overlooked this one
15:28:22Bagderso, you don't like that we have instructions for cygwin? :-)
15:28:32ubuntukingnot at all
15:28:44*Bagder is teasing
15:28:46ubuntukingit is a matter of personal choice
15:29:01LinusNi use linux when i get to choose
15:29:49 Part LinusN
15:29:57ubuntukingsame here
15:32:29 Quit ubuntuking ("Leaving")
15:32:53 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:37:43 Join Reolosi [0] (i=underwat@
15:38:37n1sbluebrother: did we ever decide the Hold/Long issue with buttons, the platform files are a mess.
15:43:25n1sis AGC swcodec only?
15:44:51*petur totally ignores the fact that the MAS may or may not have AGC inside somewhere...
15:54:18 Join idnar [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
15:58:57pixelman1s: how would you handle "hold" vs. "long" in the manual?
15:59:15 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:59:33n1sI like "Long" more, also avoids confusion with Hold switch
16:00:10 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/staff/tucoz)
16:00:18pixelmain some places I even found "long press on..."
16:00:21tucozhi n1s
16:00:23tucozand pixelma
16:00:27n1shi tucoz
16:00:29pixelmahi tucoz
16:00:39peturlong is long press but hold is holding a button down until something happens or while pressing another button
16:01:16tucozI simply wrote Long <button> without thinking too much, when i added the action codes to the platform files
16:01:32tucozi do however feel that we should decide on what to use
16:01:48n1stucoz: but now the platform files are a mix of Long and Hold :-/
16:02:09preglowlong sounds the most logical to me
16:02:35tucoz'long' or 'long press on' ?
16:02:43preglowlong press of, anyway
16:03:00preglowdo you mean just "long play"?
16:03:11preglowit's pretty much got to be "long press of"
16:03:19preglowto stay coherent, unless i don't get what you're saying
16:04:39kubiixhow can I skip building plugins ?
16:04:49tucozmake bin (I think)
16:04:59pixelmaonly "long <button>" sounds confusing to me... but "long press of <button>" can lead to wide columns in the button tables
16:05:30tucozThat is my concern as well
16:05:38preglowin tables you don't need all of that
16:05:46preglowi was thinking in ordinary text
16:06:03peturadd a manual convetion chapter and explain what the terms mean?
16:06:06tucozyes, but the problem is that a button press is defined to be either short or long
16:06:14pixelmapreglow: what would you suggest for the tables then?
16:06:17kubiixtucoz: thx
16:06:23tucozand we use the same definition in tables and in text
16:06:27preglowpixelma: long <button> ? :>
16:06:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:06:54preglowno idea, really
16:07:40 Part barrywardell
16:10:21 Quit kubiix ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:11:00pixelmaguess that's why no one decided yet...
16:13:45tucozExactly. But I think Hold is better for in-text AND in-table use
16:14:07tucoz"... to do this Hold Record ..."
16:15:19peturit's not holding that they have to do most of the time, just press it a bit longer
16:15:37tucozhmm. you are right
16:16:13pixelmahmm... maybe petur's suggestion is good (about the explanation) because there already is the introduction which explains how buttons are called throughout the manual
16:17:13pixelmaso "long <button> means long press of" could be added there
16:17:56tucozSounds good. I can change the platform files, in case no one else feels like it
16:18:39tucozand soon we will have to adopt the manual to the sansa and gigabeat.
16:21:46 Join actionshrimp [0] (
16:22:53 Join lowlight [0] (i=c730180a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:24:04pixelmatucoz: would be good if one person could do that :)
16:24:14tucozI am doing it now
16:24:20pixelmajust one another thing
16:24:57lowlightany configure/make experts here that could add "make codecs" and "make plugins"
16:25:17lowlightthen i could do make bin && make codecs and not have to build the plugins
16:26:15tucozpixelma, yes?
16:27:57pixelmatucoz: how should button combos be named then? I'd still prefer "hold buttonx+buttony"
16:28:45pixelma"long buttonx + buttony" sounds weird
16:29:26tucozWe can use hold when we are talking about button combos
16:30:24peturwe should, yes
16:30:53petur[16:01] <petur> long is long press but hold is holding a button down until something happens or while pressing another button
16:31:20pixelmayeah right
16:32:21tucozBut this is not a problem in the platform files
16:32:36tucozthere are no combos defined that you need to hold down
16:32:57tucozit's simply button1 + button2
16:32:58 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
16:33:11pixelmasure... but I wanted to know how I should name them while working on it :)
16:33:37tucozyou mean in the text?
16:34:42tucozShould I just commit the updated platform files then?
16:34:46pixelmayes... it's already answered now... but I think I also saw different solutions there in the existing files
16:36:21 Quit petur ("worrrk")
16:37:21pixelmaI have no objections
16:38:26tucozgood. in any case, it makes the text more consistent.
16:39:53tucozaha. so n1s made some changes
16:42:26*Bagder spots a suspected spammer coming in
16:42:38Bagderfunny how they pick nicks that look weird
16:46:52tucozheh, maybe they look upon themselves as grafitti artists or taggers
16:47:11tucoz'Kilroy was here'
16:47:22tucozMojoSsp was here
16:48:47goffa zzzz... the wakeup juice isn't working here (even if it could be considered rocket fuel)
16:49:06goffaslow day here at work
16:55:40 Join Neff [0] (i=5001e004@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:56:21NeffHi all - anyone here knowledgeable about the iRiver H140 boot loader?
16:58:21BagderI guess LinusN is the man for that
16:59:03bluebrotherhi tucoz, n1s
16:59:09tucozhi bluebrother
16:59:20bluebrotherI started writing some terms explanation section a while ago
16:59:39bluebrotherand I think we never agreed on the long vs. hold issue ;-)
16:59:58tucozNo, that was a tough one
17:00:00 Join PaulPosition [0] (
17:00:24NeffIt may be me being stupid - so I'll put a hold on that request
17:00:40*bluebrother just returned from hunting down some information ... navigation stuff can be quite confusing
17:06:36 Join perpleXa [0] (n=perpleXa@unaffiliated/perplexa)
17:07:21Neffwoo hoo - panic over! ... I know have a iRiver H160
17:08:01PaulPositionWish there was 1" hd of that capacity.. :o
17:11:46Neffwell that saves me buying an Ipod or iAudio
17:12:06PaulPositionI'm sure it does :)
17:12:07NeffI was down to 21Mb free space on the old drive
17:13:59Neffthanks folks - off to resync my music
17:13:59 Join webguest99 [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:14:21 Quit Neff ("CGI:IRC")
17:15:52webguest99petur: ping
17:17:23*webguest99 reminds petur about two pitch screen patches
17:17:26 Part webguest99
17:19:19 Join webguest20 [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:19:32pixelmatucoz, bluebrother, n1s: I encountered one other problem. The chapter about the radio describes the radio screen and its operation. However the radio context menu is only mentioned in some "how to" paragraphs and the button table. I think this context menu should be described seperately (very important on Ondio) but then some information would be repeated...
17:19:56pixelma...any ideas how we could handle this?
17:20:29 Part webguest20
17:21:18 Join webguest20 [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:22:32 Join ani-adom [0] (
17:22:34webguest20The last change in the manual changes something about the buttons in the pitch screen. There is one more button there that toggles between normal and half steps mode.
17:22:43ani-adomi dl HiPod 1.4
17:23:09ani-adomand it had on it some __MACOSX\ file
17:23:12ani-adomwhat is it?
17:23:19webguest20The 'toggle mode' button is not described.
17:23:23markunwhat's HiPod 1.4
17:23:40ani-adomHiPod 1.4 is a wps
17:25:25ani-adomwhat is ds store file?
17:26:19markunani-adom: try google
17:26:53 Join Rondom [0] (
17:27:51Genre9mp3haha... and that's how the story ends with this blue45 guy:
17:30:40tucozpixelma, is the context menu another menu than the settings menu? (Long Navi on h1xx)
17:32:56tucozpixelma, if you are editing the fm-radio description, you could change the presets from 32 to 64
17:34:04tucozand regarding your question. If you find a rewrite / reorganisation necessary, i'll say do it.
17:34:11pixelmayes it is the settings menu - but it doesn't look the same on all targets (different entries)
17:34:55tucozThe radio screen has been changed quite much since the manual stuff was initially written
17:34:55 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
17:34:57pixelmaor not different but not all are needed in this menu on all targets
17:35:30tucozok. But you can opt parts, if that is what you are thinking of.
17:35:51pixelmayes, of course
17:38:00pixelmaI was just wondering if it's better to rewrite it and leave out some of the other paragraphs (like "saving a preset" or such)
17:38:42 Quit ender` (" As a computer, I find your faith in technology amusing.")
17:38:51 Quit ani-adom (":")
17:40:13 Quit crashd (
17:40:13 Quit Galois (
17:40:13 Quit amiconn (
17:40:13 Quit tehsmo (
17:40:13 Quit dionoea (
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17:40:13 Quit newbyx86 (
17:40:13 Quit blind (
17:40:13 Quit hcs (
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17:40:39NJoinhcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
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17:43:14 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
17:57:06 Join Ribs [0] (n=freenode@
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18:08:00 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
18:08:56 Quit idnar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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18:15:49 Join bluey- [0] (
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18:24:58 Quit funky ("leaving")
18:28:17 Join charkins [0] (n=casey@pdpc/supporter/active/charkins)
18:35:13 Join Arathis [0] (
18:35:29 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
18:37:16 Nick JBonBike is now known as JoeBorn (
18:40:46 Quit TeaSea (Connection timed out)
18:45:07 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
18:46:48 Join spiorf [0] (
18:50:40Slasherihmm, i have found that ipod headphones detection really useful. No need to take off player from the case to switch it off. Just disconnecting the headphones is enough :)
18:51:33Slasheriand i have also located where the playlist crash happens..
18:51:52hcsI use it for handy pause/unpause when the hold switch is on
18:52:04Slasherii do also :)
18:52:13Slasheripausing and powering unit off
18:52:51hcsI disabled the idle timeout as it didn't seem to work as I expected
18:53:07Slasheriah.. with 5.5G it seems to work ok
18:53:45hcsand now... I'm off to make the rounds and get to NYC for Blip Festival!
18:56:27preglowis the 5.5 disk supported now?
18:56:47preglowor does it still require a reformat?
18:57:21Slasheripreglow: no formatting is required..
18:57:26Slasherijust patching the rockbox atm
18:57:38preglowwhy isn't it in cvs?
18:57:42Slasheribut i am trying to add auto-detection to the filesystem code
18:57:45Slasheriit's not yet ready
18:57:52Slasheriand has a serious bug with playlists / fsync
18:57:55 Join MarcoPolo [0] (n=MarcoPol@
18:57:57Slasheridebugging that right now
18:58:51Slasherii just hate that ipod gets full of fingerprints everywhere :) other ways it's great
19:00:04preglowyeah, you have to learn to ignore that
19:00:16preglowmy nano looks like shit by now
19:00:23preglowand i haven't really used it extensively
19:00:28Slasheriand that proprietary usb cable isn't nice either.. should have bought another one of these
19:00:35Slasherinow i always need to carry it with
19:03:54 Join idnar [0] (n=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
19:05:52Slasheriok, fat_closewrite crashes.. now adding more delayed logfs :)
19:06:29Slasheridebugging is really hard because there is no real-time logf
19:07:21preglowtry doing like amiconn said some days ago, split the screen in two and use the bottom part for logf
19:07:36preglowthe 5.5g should have more than enough screen real-estate for it
19:07:51Slasherioh, that sounds interesting
19:07:57 Join SteveGotthardt [0] (i=86868804@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:08:33preglowit might not be too hard either
19:08:53SteveGotthardtlooking for admin to approve me for twiki editing - any takers?
19:10:19 Quit lowlight ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:11:00*Bagder takes off again
19:13:26 Join lowlight [0] (i=c730180a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:13:26 Quit bluebrother ("leaving")
19:13:45 Join bluebrother [0] (i=7e4nO0UL@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
19:18:01lowlightany configure experts care to comment...
19:18:18lowlightadds "make codecs" and "make plugins"
19:28:12markundoes anyone know if it's possible to read the values from the wolfson registers?
19:29:43 Join menosm [0] (
19:29:44 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
19:30:31markunhi funky
19:30:53funkyhey markun
19:31:58 Quit pixelma (" bbl")
19:33:37 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
19:34:11 Join spiorf [0] (
19:34:21 Quit menosm_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
19:34:21 Join menosm__ [0] (
19:40:16 Join newnick [0] (i=4b4435e7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:40:21 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
19:40:26 Nick newnick is now known as craigp (i=4b4435e7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:42:29craigpHi! I'm having trouble getting Rockbox running on a 3G iPod. I've re-formatted it on windows, did a "Restore" from iTunes and hooked it up to my MAC. From there I ran diskdump -r /dev/disk2 bootpartition.bin
19:42:57craigpThen ipod_fw -g 3g -o apple_os.bin -e 0 bootpartition.bin
19:43:24craigpThen: ipod_fw -g 3g -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin ../bootloader-3g.bin
19:43:44craigpThen: diskdump -w /dev/disk2 rockboot.bin
19:43:56craigpThen: diskutil mount /dev/disk2s2
19:44:38 Join menosm_ [0] (
19:44:38craigpWhich is where the iPod mounted
19:44:58craigpThen went to the root directory
19:45:01craigpThen unzip -a ~/Rockbox/g3/
19:45:12craigpEverything looks ok, but the iPod just stops at the Mac Logo.
19:45:31bluebrotherwhy did you use -a?
19:46:10bluebrotheron my linux box this is "auto-convert text files"
19:46:18craigpTo extract everything from the archive. I tried it without that option, too. This is my fourth time through from re-formatting/restoring via windows to the point where I'm just getting the Apple logo
19:46:41craigpYou're right about the auto-convert CR/LF vs. binary thing, though....
19:46:43bluebrotherdo you get the bootloader? I.e. something saying "Rockbox bootloader" or similar?
19:47:18craigpThat's what the bootloader-3g.bin should be −− that I downloaded from the daily builds page
19:47:44bluebrotheryeah, but when installed correctly the ipod says something like "Rockbox bootloader" upon boot
19:47:57 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
19:48:19bluebrotherand, did you reboot the ipod completely? Apple usually doesn't turn it off completely but only goes in some suspend-mode
19:48:22craigpThat would be related to the problem I'm having. It doesn't give any booting message. Perhaps I should try and grab older bits? I tried todays and yesterday's.
19:48:38craigpI rebooted it via Menu+Pause/Play
19:48:55bluebrotherI don't know the keys, don't have an ipod. They should be in the manual
19:49:22craigpI did reboot the iPod completely... I even opened it up and disconnected the battery to make sure.
19:49:25SteveGotthardtmarkun: i dont see any data out on the 8751
19:49:35bluebrotherthe bootloader is independend from the firmware itself. If the bootloader doesn't come up you don't need to bother about broken Rockbox versions ;-)
19:49:52bluebrotherin that case it looks like installing the bootloader failed
19:51:14craigpI didn't get anything that looked like an error message from the commands that were to build the bootloader. Only a mention of Seek error - reading 63 sectors instead, which seems to be rather normal based on web searches.
19:51:19 Quit menosm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:51:27markunSteveGotthardt: No, it's not possible: "If the address is not recognised or the R/W bit is '1', the WM8751L returns to the idle condition and wait for a new start condition and valid address."
19:53:38craigpI'm going to try and install the bootloader via windows and see if that does any better. TTFN.
19:54:26bluebrothersorry, can't help you any further. No own ipod experience
19:54:31bluebrothergood luck
19:54:46craigpThanks. BTW, I'm using an Intel MAC −− perhaps there's a problem there...
19:59:16 Quit SteveGotthardt ("CGI:IRC")
20:00:56 Quit menosm__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:06:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:07:24Kasperlethere were a few paragraphs about rockbox in a popular german computer magazine btw (in an article about custom firmware on "embedded" devices)
20:08:06 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:08:35Kasperlethe text as ok, but a page earlier there was some image of an mp3 player with rockbox on the screen, the images subtext being "... blahblah linux blahblah..."
20:09:12n1sKasperle: yes, that seems to be a very common missunderstanding :-/
20:09:19 Quit charkins ("Ex-Chat")
20:09:51Kasperlethe paragraphs about rockbox do not mention linux at all, odd way to screw it up
20:15:00craigpIt's confirmed. The rockbox boot install doesn't work on my Intel-based Mac Pro Dual 64-bit Xeon duals.
20:19:02 Join merbanan [0] (
20:22:54 Join kubiix [0] (
20:24:22 Quit kubiix (Client Quit)
20:25:04 Join kubiix [0] (
20:25:47lowlightcraigp: file a bug report
20:30:03Slasherihehe, just fixed the 5.5G crash with playlists :)
20:31:40peturI could have used 'make plugins' earlier :)
20:31:52miepchen^schlafis the rockbox-sound better than the original-firmware-sound?
20:32:26peturmiepchen^schlaf: you should expect at least the same quality with rockbox
20:32:28rasherDepending on which player you have, probably not
20:32:37rasher(but not worse either)
20:32:38petur+ true gappless,...
20:33:06miepchen^schlafi plan to buy a 5.5g ipod
20:33:36lowlightpetur: I'm not brave enough to touch configure without someone else looking at it first :)
20:33:51peturI don't know that area either
20:38:29bluebrotherKasperle, you're referring to the recent article in c't?
20:41:16peturany button action code handling expert around?
20:48:37Slasherimiepchen^schlaf: i would say next week 30GB 5.5G ipod works ok
20:49:39 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
20:49:43 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:50:58 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:51:18 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
20:52:19 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
20:54:20Kasperlebluebrother: yeah
20:56:43Nimdaei found another problem with the english.lang file ;)
20:56:58peturmahna mahna?
20:57:07Nimdaewhen deleting a directory, it says to hit select to confirm...which isn't correct
20:57:12Nimdaeyou hit play to confirm
20:57:16Nimdaeanything else to cancel
20:57:19Nimdaeand mahna mahna
20:57:30 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=freenode@
20:57:30peturon h340 you hit navi
20:57:33scorche`do do dooooo do do do
20:57:55 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (n=ScorchE@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
20:58:06Nimdaei'm pretty much ditching the ipod folders that were on there, heh
20:58:12Nimdaei haven't booted the ipod firmware in a long tim
20:58:41*petur only gets into iriver firmware by accident ;)
21:00:34Nimdaeheh, i signed up for urge music's 14 day free trial and now have like 50 new albums
21:02:20Nimdaeit is when you download it
21:02:34Nimdaeit doesn't stay that way for me
21:03:07 Quit NickDe ("Leaving")
21:03:24Nimdaei'd consider subscribing to urge if the software didn't suck
21:03:44Nimdaeit's worse than itunes
21:03:49Nimdaebut it has a good library
21:03:50peturyou remove drm without loss or doing burn 'n rip?
21:04:48Nimdaei end up transcoding it to ogg eventually so i just do a transcode
21:05:28Nimdaedump to wav, then encode to ogg ;)
21:05:34*scorche shakes his head at Nimdae
21:06:35Nimdaeactually, microsot related services (urge included) tend to use higher bitrates...i have a good ear for hearing artifacts and i can't tell the difference between my resulting oggs and the original cds
21:06:58scorchewhatever makes you happy
21:07:05*scorche shakes his head again
21:07:09Nimdaethe only problem i have is they aren't gapless :(
21:08:26Nimdaethat and the urge music store runs like crap
21:08:50Nimdaeanyway, i'm gonna go play in the texas snow
21:12:30 Quit Ribs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:20:28 Join Ribs3 [0] (n=freenode@
21:20:28 Join theprodukkt [0] (n=abc@
21:21:15 Quit theprodukkt (Client Quit)
21:22:45 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Connection timed out)
21:23:15 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
21:27:39 Quit mirak (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:32:05 Join mirak [0] (
21:32:23 Quit Ribs3 ("eh eh ehhhh!")
21:36:48 Quit Ribs2 (Connection timed out)
21:37:35 Join unleet [0] (i=463c5e2e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:38:43unleetIm trying to install RockBox on my Iriver H-10 6gb and i replaced the H10.mi4 file and added the specified files and it just says that the system files are corrupt. any help?
21:41:35unleetI put the H10.mi4 in the system directory via ums, now im supposed to put the .rockbox folder and the rockbox.h10 into "main" directory via ums. Correct?
21:42:47unleetI did that and when i next turn the unit on, after discing from the usb, it just says my system files are corrupt
21:43:36lowlightwhat do yo mean "main" directory?
21:44:03unleetWhen i double click on the iriver disk when its in ums it brings up the whole iriver directory
21:44:08unleetthe first directory
21:44:50lowlightyes. .rockbox goes in the drive root.
21:45:11unleetand rockbox.h10 correct?
21:46:15lowlighteither in the drive root or in .rockbox
21:46:49unleet"Note that the entire contents of the .zip file should be extracted directly to the root of your player’s drive"
21:46:58 Join charkins [0] (n=casey@pdpc/supporter/active/charkins)
21:47:07unleet"If the contents of the .zip file are extracted correctly, you will have a file called rockbox.h10 in the main folder of your player’s drive, and also a folder called /.rockbox, which contains a number of other folders and system files needed by Rockbox."
21:47:54unleetit goes in the root drive. Its telling me the H10.mi4 file is corrupted or something when i try to use it.
21:48:11unleetsystem files corrupted.
21:48:18lowlightDoes it say "Loading Rockbox..."?
21:48:49lowlightThen it's a problem with the H10.mi4 file
21:48:50unleetIt brings up a white box saying "System files are corrupted...blahblah"
21:49:14unleetI've tried the ums H10.mi4 and the mtp H10.mi4
21:49:40unleetIm hoping its not a problem with my player.
21:50:39lowlightPut back the original H10.mi4 file and reboot.
21:51:26unleetthat works fine, ive tried
21:51:41unleetIt's just getting the rockbox H10.mi4 to work
21:52:06bluebrotheris the System folder system and hidden?
21:52:35unleetyes in UMS mode. I can't access it via mtp
21:52:54unleetin ums mode i have to type G:\System or w/e into the address bar
21:52:57lowlightThen you'll have to wait till barrywardell comes around...he's the H10 dev
21:53:18unleetI can access the System folder
21:53:33 Join tucoz [0] (i=528676e7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:54:02unleethmm I see
21:54:04bluebrotherit's not about accessing, afaik the System folder needs its attributes set to something specifically
21:54:11bluebrotheriirc it was system and hidden
21:54:26tucozpixelma: I just noticed the updated usb-image (h120). Looks real nice :)
21:54:44unleetShould not matter if the folder is hidden
21:54:57unleetI can access it and switch out the mi4 files just fine
21:55:08unleetbut only the iriver mi4 works
21:55:13pixelmatucoz: hehe... thanks :)
21:56:24 Quit defect (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:56:33tucozthe former imge looked kinda....unfinished
21:56:43pixelmatucoz: I'm currently at the fmradio.tex - what exactly was it you wanted me to change from 32 to 64?
21:56:58tucozthe number of presets
21:57:15tucozIt is currently possible to defince 32 presets
21:57:21tucoz64 i mean
21:57:26unleetI will try once more to get my H1.mi4 to work.
21:58:19pixelmatucoz: ah thanks - there was another number with the value of 32 (length of the station name) that's what confused me
21:59:57bluebrotherunleet, afaik it _does_ matter what attributes the folder has as the system checks this
22:00:21unleetI see.
22:00:43unleetWell I dont exactly have time to wait around.
22:01:02unleetCan I Change The Folder From Hidden?
22:01:43lowlightbluebrother: it doen't matter in this case because the H10's bootloader is responsible for loading the H10.mi4 file
22:02:02unleetThats what I thought.
22:02:10bluebrotherlowlight, iirc it matters for that bootloader
22:02:35lowlightif it mattered, it wouldn't load the iriver H10.mi4 either
22:02:58bluebrotherdoes it load the iriver .mi4 after changing around stuff?
22:03:07unleetyes. The original
22:03:12unleetNot the rockbox though
22:04:26bluebrotherhmm. Tried redownloading the file?
22:04:42unleetTried downloading the ums and the mtp version
22:04:43PaulPositionDoesn't it go like iriver->h10.mi4->rockbox.h10 ...?
22:05:03unleetYes, you put the H10.mi4 in the system directory
22:05:06Jaelaehmmm i wonder if i can get windows media player to sync to my ipod rockbox
22:05:13PaulPositionbluebrother -> just unhid my system folder (h10, 5gb) and it still works like a charm.
22:05:17unleetyou put the /.rockbox folder and roxkbox.h10 next
22:05:23*petur gives gui_synclist a puzzled look
22:05:48unleetMaybe unhiding my system folder would fix it?
22:05:56bluebrotherPaulPosition, then it must be something else. I just had something like that in my head
22:06:12bluebrothermaybe it was the system flag on that folder ...
22:06:21PaulPositionunleet - It won't change anything to unhide it.. shouldn't anyway.
22:06:24peturIf I exit a gui_synclist with left, it exits but also does another left in the tree (where I end up after the menu). WTF?
22:06:27 Join SteveGotthardt [0] (i=86868802@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:06:27bluebrothermaybe something completely different.
22:06:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:06:59PaulPositionunleet - have you tried redownloading, in case the file *really* is corrupted?!?
22:07:26unleet<unleet> Tried downloading the ums and the mtp version
22:07:30 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
22:07:36unleetNone of them work\
22:09:36unleetNo ideas
22:10:54lowlightthe file is either corrupt or not encrypted properly so the H10 bootloader won't load it.
22:10:54 Quit unleet ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:11:17PaulPositionYeah, I do understand that. I'll restate : "...maybe the file really got corrupted". It does happen sometimes.
22:11:19 Join unleet [0] (i=463c5e2e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:11:33unleetSorry about that. Random disconnect
22:12:38lowlightunleet: the file is either corrupt or not encrypted properly so the H10 bootloader won't load it.
22:13:40Arathisunleet: I think you need this bootloader:
22:13:52unleetIf its not encrypted properly, than there is nothing I can do?
22:14:06lowlighthmm...there should really be md5's for those bootloaders
22:14:42unleetLet me try that mi4
22:14:44PaulPositionunleet - That's why I suggested a re-download. And only of the one file that should apply to your model (either UMS or MTP). And then, after you have deleted the first downloads from your download folder (or desktop or wherever you dl files to)..
22:15:20unleetI delete them and redownload them and nothing seems to work.
22:15:26unleetGive me a minute.
22:17:37unleetThe mi4 file for iriver is considerably larger than the rockbox one. Thats not a problem, correct?
22:18:30PaulPositionaround 80k vs 4mb ?
22:18:40PaulPositionmine's like that.
22:19:01unleet56kb for rockbox
22:19:14unleetand I have no clue for iriver. like 4-5mb
22:19:21JaelaeMicrosoft finally did something right. SyncToy for Windows Vista lets vista compare two folders and keep them in sync
22:19:29Jaelaee.g. my music folder and my ipod rockbox music folder :)
22:19:43unleetI got rid of vista yesterday. It wasnt recognizing my H10
22:19:59Jaelaei had to mess with it a bit, but so far it's working swell
22:20:08PaulPositionOh.. MTP. Mine is UMS, must account for the variation.
22:20:21 Join webguest99 [0] (i=3e418335@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:20:29unleetUMS and MTP are the same, are they not
22:20:34unleetin file size
22:20:47unleeti have both here and they are both 56kb
22:20:50*webguest99 reminds petur about two pitch screen related patches
22:20:54PaulPositionunleet - seems not. If they were exactly the same, why do you think there'd be two files?
22:21:30*petur returns
22:21:32unleetboth the H10.mi4's on there are the same size
22:21:37lowlightI *think* they just have different encryptions
22:22:23unleetPaul could you send me "your" ums mi4 file so I can test it out? Maybe via email?
22:22:23lowlightin fact, I'd be surprised if the H10 20GB was a different size
22:22:36Bagderyes, they're encrypted with different keys
22:22:40PaulPositionlowlight - Ah ok.. I dunno then.. Ohh! True, I have Angryman's custom bootloader (he changed the logo.. duh!)
22:23:05PaulPositioncould that be why mine is 82k instead of 56?
22:23:17unleetDifferent picture = different size
22:23:19Bagdervery likely due to a bigger image
22:23:29PaulPositionMakes sense.
22:23:31lowlightthere really should be md5's for the bootloaders to check the file
22:24:00peturwho knows something about gui_synclist_do_button ?
22:24:54unleetPaul would you mind sending me or somebody sending me the mi4 file they are using at the moment.
22:25:25PaulPositionunleet - Is your player MTP?
22:25:26webguest99petur: have you noticed the reminder?
22:26:03unleetwhen its loading it says "BootLoader 1.10"
22:26:06peturwebguest99: yeah ;) but I want to get this property thing committed first. One small bug is blocking me...
22:26:43bluebrotherBagder, I just noticed that the stable download page links to the daily manual. Wouldn't it be good to have the old 2.5 manual available on that page? Quite a lot has changed.
22:26:46unleet"Boot 1.10" and pfd something
22:27:02Bagderbluebrother: good idea
22:27:39unleetWhen the player loads it says "Boot 1.10" and "PFD initialize"
22:27:47webguest99petur: ok, now I know that that's deep in your head!
22:27:50unleetIf that helps
22:28:09peturwebguest99: no, just in a mailfolder here on my pc ;)
22:29:09webguest99BTW, one note about a missing key in the description of the pitch screen menu in the manual got unnoticed today. I read the IRC log and (as I've done smth. for the pitch screen) it got my attention.
22:29:33 Join metaphil [0] (
22:29:44n1swebguest99: you are free to fix it ;-)
22:30:39*petur gives up and prepares to commit with known little bug :(
22:30:44webguest99Ok, I'll maybe create a patch. But if you have five minutes it's quickly done
22:30:59webguest99petur: waht are you working on?
22:31:13PaulPositionPFD initialize ? mine says 'MTP initialize'... Is you're H10 radio-less? (The 'pure' models?)
22:31:24lowlightpetur: you doing action_signalscreenchange before returning to the previous screen?
22:31:25peturwebguest99: file and directory properties
22:31:28unleetNo it is not.
22:31:38unleetIt says "pfd initialize"
22:31:38peturlowlight: I think not
22:31:59peturlowlight: what does that do?
22:32:08PaulPositionHmm.. I know some people reported problems with that a long time ago. dunno what 'pfd' stands for. :o
22:32:24PaulPositionI mean, had problem with pure (no FM) players.
22:32:27PaulPositionnot your...
22:32:32webguest99petur: is there an FS task? So that I can prepare for a good patch?
22:32:49unleetThe right side says "Boot 1.10" in white and the left side says "pfd initialize" in black
22:32:52lowlightpetur: signals a screen change ;)
22:33:17lowlightpetur: /* call this whenever you leave your button loop */
22:33:23 Join metaphil_ [0] (
22:33:37PaulPositionunleet - sorry, wish I had any idea but I ran short of 'em.
22:33:46peturthe word 'bingo' comes to my mind
22:33:59unleeti will look up "pfd initialize" on google.
22:34:37unleetIf you have MTP 2.51 firmware installed in your player, "PFD INITIALIZE" are displayed at the right bottom in a boot screen.
22:34:46unleetok I have MTP
22:35:11unleetShould i change my firmware to ums?
22:36:22unleetmistic river shows me instructions to install the ums firmware from mtp. Should I?
22:36:52PaulPositionYou shouldn't have to, I didn't as UMS trick isn't much tricky anyway.
22:36:56*webguest99 wishes petur good luck, puts the reminder in petur's ears and head and quits
22:36:58peturlowlight: \o/ thanks!
22:37:02 Part webguest99
22:37:36unleetBut, I need the mtp H10.mi4(rockbox) correct?
22:38:34PaulPositionunleet - Yeah, that's the one you should need. Make sure you're connected in UMS mode too, as connecting normally will *also* allow you access to some folders but not everything will be clean.
22:39:19PaulPositionunleet - I can give you my bootloader, but I guarantee NOTHING and I mean it. I don't know if it could crash anything, but the nice gent that compiled it put a big warning and I simply follow suit.. :p
22:39:54unleetIf it crashes my player I can just put the old mi4 back on.
22:40:51PaulPositionunleet - If your screen shows either 'ums mode' or 'emergency mode' during connection that's good. I doubt it could really damage anything but I DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE.
22:41:13unleetIt does show emergency connection via ums trick
22:41:48PaulPosition(I mean, the bootloader I use...) Anyway, here it is if your next try wih the official one doesn't work :
22:42:22unleetThank you Very Much
22:46:39unleetLets see here...
22:47:35PaulPositionIf the other one didn't work, I can't see a change in some picture making a diff.. :o
22:47:44PaulPositionbut who knows.
22:48:20unleetComputers do work kinda strangely
22:48:53unleetIm in the programming/robotics field and things dont always work as planned.
22:49:20 Quit metaphil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:49:25 Quit merbanan (Remote closed the connection)
22:51:03unleetThank You For The Support. I'll Chek Back Tommorrow Around This Time With Details.
22:51:17PaulPositionood luck
22:51:18 Part craigp
22:51:21PaulPositiongood that is.
22:52:14unleetCya Later
22:52:50lowlighthaha...ebay...BRAND NEW TOSHIBA F40 GIGABEAT WITH ASS.
22:52:50 Quit unleet ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:01:48 Part tucoz
23:02:59 Part lowlight
23:03:34 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
23:03:40 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
23:04:13goffawith ass
23:04:46 Join kellyG [0] (i=446d79e3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:07:57Bagderworking with streaming video makes you get quite bored on the snippets that goes over and over again...
23:08:49kellyGhi all...can anyone help me w a new iHP120 i just got and am having some problems with?
23:09:27goffawhat's going on kellyG?
23:09:42kellyGhi..well, it won't powerr up
23:09:57kellyGit does sometimes and it will sometimes if i reset it
23:09:58goffalike nothing at all?
23:10:08kellyGoff and on
23:10:17goffaum.. anything display on the screen when it won't?
23:10:38kellyGhold appeared for a second then disappeared
23:10:49goffaslide the hold button
23:10:53goffaand try again
23:10:53kellyGwhile i was trying to reset it
23:11:29goffaalso.. how long did you charge the battery?
23:11:49goffai had to charge mine for quite some time before i could turn it on initially
23:11:50kellyGnot very long, i just got it in the mail
23:11:55kellyGhow long should i charge it?
23:12:01goffatry 3 hours
23:12:04kellyGcan i "overcharge" it
23:12:23kellyGok cool..maybe i am overeager
23:12:52goffayou may be able to play with it while its plugged in
23:12:52kellyGalso when it was was just scrolling through folders and stuff song by song when i wasnt doing anything..i couldnt get it to play
23:13:11goffayeah... the original firmware kinda sucks
23:13:15kellyGwill the green charge light go out when its done?
23:13:25goffai don't believe it will
23:13:44kellyGwell, i just put rockbox in and i couldnt get it to boot up w rockbox
23:13:48goffai've got a 140.. but seems to me like it just goes green when its plugged in period
23:13:52kellyGlet me ask this...
23:14:14rasherI'm pretty sure the charge light goes off when charged on h1xx
23:14:26kellyGafter i put in rockbox and use the regular power button, will rockbox open or the orig firmware
23:14:41goffarockbox will
23:14:44kellyGor do i have to do rec/power
23:14:50goffaif its installed propperly
23:14:58kellyGok..and rec/power will do the orig firmware right?
23:15:00goffato get to original firmware you use rec/power
23:15:05kellyGok cool
23:15:25goffaand believe rasher on the charge thing.. i never really paid attention
23:16:11kellyGwell, this is what i did..patched the hex file..put that in the root then got the latest bleeding edge which gave me 2 folders when unzipped .rockbox and rockbox.iriver...i then copied those to the root
23:16:21kellyGis that the right way?
23:16:47kellyGive done it a few yrs ago and thats what i did and it worked..i just got this one off ebay and hope i didnt get a piece of junk
23:17:09 Join jba [0] (
23:19:25 Quit metaphil_ ("Verlassend")
23:19:27kellyGwill it work weirdly if not fully charged? it seemed to turn on and off when i reset it, but i'd hate to have to reset as an ON/OFF switch
23:19:42kellyGand rockbox never came up
23:19:42goffaoh .. sorry.. had to go on a call
23:19:43goffaback now
23:19:49kellyGhey goffa
23:20:07goffayou have to flash the firmware from rockbox
23:20:10goffaso you're almost there
23:20:13kellyGabove i wrote what i did to install rockbox is that right?
23:20:24kellyGhow do i flash it from rockbox?
23:20:33goffaput hex in root
23:20:35goffathen boot rockbox
23:20:43kellyGi have the hex, .rockbox and rockbox.iriver in my root
23:20:45goffaer sorry
23:20:50 Part n1s
23:20:51goffathen boot original firmware
23:21:00goffaafter its booted hold navi button down
23:21:10kellyGwhats the navi button?
23:21:18goffajoystick button in the center
23:21:28goffago into general
23:21:34kellyGwhat does that do>?
23:21:36goffathen firmware upgrade
23:21:43kellyGdamn..i hope i didnt buy a dud
23:21:50goffai doubt you did
23:22:01kellyGcan i use it while it is charging?
23:22:08goffajust don't unplug it
23:22:41goffaonce you flash the firmware... you should then be able to boot into rockbox
23:22:58kellyGi just cant get it to power up
23:23:21goffacheck your hold button... is hold on or off?
23:23:39kellyGalright it is uponce in general what dio i do to flash?
23:23:40 Quit TeaSeaLancs (Connection timed out)
23:23:48 Join TeaSeaLancs [0] (n=thunderc@
23:23:48goffago down to firmware upgrade
23:24:10kellyGdont have that
23:24:20goffaum.. did you select general?
23:24:29kellyGok..i got it
23:24:29goffaor just see it?
23:24:41kellyGok..firmware upgrade is highlighted
23:24:48kellyGdo i hold navi down?
23:25:08goffaum.. no
23:25:10goffajust press it
23:25:38kellyGits doing it now
23:25:46goffacool.. don't remove power :)
23:25:58kellyGi really appreciate this goffa :)
23:26:03goffano problem
23:26:14kellyGnow it turned off on its own is that normal?
23:26:23goffanow turn it back on :)
23:27:11kellyGnothing :(
23:27:26kellyGit seems i can only turn it on if i reset.
23:27:38goffanothing like won't come on.. or nothing as in.. it booted to original firmware?
23:27:42kellyGif looking at it upright how should the hold button be?
23:27:53kellyGnothing as in nothing comes on at all
23:28:05goffahold should be closest to the ab button
23:28:10goffaor power
23:28:24goffafurther away from the usb port
23:29:50 Quit kubiix ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:29:53goffai'll be back in 15
23:30:32*petur looks at build table and crosses fingers
23:31:03 Join anathema [0] (
23:32:51preglowfat chance
23:34:51kellyGcan anyone tell me why an iHP120 would just be scrolling thru thr songs/files one at a time one after the other when i push play?
23:35:08kellyGit wont do elapsed time at all, just starts scrolling song by song
23:35:12 Quit anathema (Nick collision from services.)
23:35:34peturno/incompatible codecs?
23:35:47 Join wooo [0] (
23:36:29kellyGjust got a new one off ebay and am loading it up
23:37:11kellyGdamn, just scrolling thru songs
23:37:28peturin the wps?
23:38:00peturyou did unzip a complete rb zip onto it?
23:38:17kellyGi did
23:38:40kellyGits doing it in the orig firmware
23:38:55kellyGand i am charging long does a charge take?
23:39:08petursome hours
23:39:32peturargh... red builds :(
23:39:47kellyGwill i have a hard time powering up if the charge is low? so far i can only bootup by pushing reset
23:40:07rasherpetur: Forgot about charcell did we?
23:40:07kellyGeven while plugged in and charging
23:40:36*petur slaps forehead *hard*
23:40:46 Quit charkins ("Ex-Chat")
23:41:46kellyGok..i am getting somewhere.,.rockbox came up
23:42:06kellyGbut under a song title i have (root) (root) and nothing plays
23:42:17 Join Soap [0] (
23:42:27 Join Fooboy [0] (
23:42:58kellyGno id3
23:43:05kellyG?k bit
23:43:14*Bagder hands petur 80 points
23:43:27 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:43:48FooboyI need help.
23:44:00peturyeah yeah...
23:44:11 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
23:44:23blue_lizardI need money.
23:44:29blue_lizardwrong channel here?
23:44:49FooboyI've tried to install rockbox on my ipod 30g v.5 and now it isn't responding to anything and seems to be competely bricked. Can anyone help?
23:45:36kellyGif i loaded tunes up before i loaded rockbox will rockbox not be able to find them or play them? i see my folders and files but when i try to play i get a mssg that says no file!
23:45:43KasperleFooboy: disconnect it from USB. then engange and disengange the hold switch. then press and hold menu and the center button
23:46:07kellyGITS NOT CONNECTED TO usb
23:46:20KasperleFooboy: it should reboot then. when you see the apple logo, you can press and hold play and the center button which should put it to disk mode
23:46:25blue_lizardi dont have an ipod
23:46:29blue_lizardbut afaik
23:46:40 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
23:46:49blue_lizarditunes gives the files totally fu***d up names
23:46:56FooboyKasperle: thanks so much! It worked perfectly!
23:46:59LinusNSlasheri: your iriver is in the mail, you should have it by monday
23:47:21*LinusN has a brand new iPod 5.5G 80GB
23:47:32Fooboyphew I was worried there for a moment
23:47:37kellyGduh...after i put in RB, the REC button becomes the power button right?
23:47:48peturLinusN: woohoo
23:47:58BagderLinusN: is it shiny? ;-)
23:48:08LinusNit's black and shiny
23:48:27LinusNand soon bricked and shiny :-P
23:48:29Bagdernow poke it till it obeys
23:49:08 Join [sellout] [0] (
23:49:20 Part Fooboy
23:49:27peturthe 5.5G fanboys will be happy
23:49:29preglowLinusN: didn't you already have a 5g? :)
23:49:50*petur watches the nagging begin
23:49:58LinusNpreglow: yes
23:50:57kellyGgoffa - after i do RB the power button is the REC button right?
23:51:28kellyGi am powering up ok now using the REC button as the power button
23:51:48kellyGand rockbox is there..except w some prob;ems
23:52:30goffapower button should be the power button
23:52:45goffayou only need to use record if you want to boot into orig firmware
23:52:54kellyGwell,,when i tried to play songs it scrolls thru them one after the other
23:53:08goffain the .rockbox folder.. do you have a codecs folder?
23:53:12kellyGit wont let time elapse and even play at all, it just goes file after file
23:53:15blue_lizardkellyG: what kind of songs?
23:53:25goffathey aren't wma are they?
23:53:29blue_lizardbetter said which codec?
23:53:31kellyGi am testing a beatles album to test the gapless
23:53:39kellyGyeah they are WMA
23:53:45goffathat's your problem
23:53:55goffaneither rockbox or original firmware support wma
23:54:03kellyGalso in rockbox i get a mssg that says no file and ?k bit and (root) (root)
23:54:15kellyGok so convert files rto something else?
23:54:18goffayeah.. it doesn't know what to do with it really
23:54:24goffare rip if possible
23:54:28*petur wonders why it tries to start playing them in the first place
23:54:29kellyGill try WAVs
23:54:42goffayeah.. or flac
23:54:48goffathey'll be HUGE
23:54:51kellyGit can play flac?
23:54:53goffabut you won't lose quality at least
23:55:04kellyGi have GD stuff on flac
23:55:08 Join scorche|palm [0] (n=upirc@
23:55:12kellyG1G per show
23:55:21kellyGgotta make em smaller
23:55:23goffayeah.. some of them can be big
23:55:42goffaogg sounds pretty good for lossy... musepack is good too
23:55:45*petur hands Bagder back the 80 points 'don't need them' :p
23:56:15kellyGso when ripping from a commercial CD what is the best way...i used windows media thats why i got WMA i guess
23:56:28kellyGi have ez cd extractor
23:56:30peturEAC rules
23:56:35kellyGoh yeah
23:56:39kellyGi have EAC also
23:56:44goffaum... if i was you i'd use eac
23:56:45kellyGnever used it
23:57:33SoapkellyG: EAC in secure mode is the best Windows way to rip.
23:57:55scorche|palmfourthed ;-)
23:57:58Soapez cd extractor rips in burst mode.
23:58:18kellyGEAC doesnt have any ids on a beatles album./
23:58:47Soap(i believe) to grab info from external FreeDB
23:58:48goffaum.. you probably have to go through the setup and use cddb
23:58:50goffaor whatever
23:58:52goffaer freedb
23:58:56goffasoap beat me to it

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