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#rockbox log for 2006-12-16

00:00:10ender`jhMikeS: it doesn't slow down my system startup
00:00:14GodEaterperhaps it's my snprintf()
00:00:18GodEaterI used %d
00:00:25GodEatershould I use something else ?
00:00:42petur%x maybe
00:00:56GodEaterlemme try that
00:01:05jhMikeSender`: easy to get rockbox dev environment installed?
00:01:28linuxstb_GodEater: What's the value of the pinfo pointer itself? I would use %08x to display it...
00:01:31ender`jhMikeS: haven't tried yet actually - i only set up mingw so far
00:01:41ender`(i'm using colinux to compile gimp for windows)
00:01:57 Quit perpleXa_ ("Leaving")
00:02:10CassandraAnyone here with a Recorder v1 or an Ondio?
00:02:25jhMikeSI mean, the vmware image was just ready made so haven't dug into it other than updating make
00:02:40GodEaterEA001FFE and E3A0F111 this time
00:03:17scorcheCassandra: what you need?
00:04:19 Join redwoo1 [0] (
00:04:23CassandraUSB UIDs and VIDs.
00:04:52GodEaterpinfo is 00000000
00:05:03*jhMikeS notices that rockbox is sort of an unusual open source project in that it has a version greater >= 1 =:)
00:06:24 Join Llorean [0] (
00:06:30Terinjokeshey Llorean!
00:06:47peturjhMikeS: button banging response looks quite solid
00:07:17 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
00:07:23jhMikeSpetur: :) excellent. you da animal ;)
00:07:54petureven shutdown while recording seemed to work
00:08:34LloreanHey, you recording-ish guys, have either of you seen the post in the forums about the silent WAV files?
00:08:46jhMikeStested out well here too here.
00:08:55jhMikeSsilent wav?
00:09:04TerinjokesLlorean, who's making the ipodpatcher?
00:09:07 Quit defect (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
00:09:13peturLlorean: no idea, how can the file go bad after copying?
00:09:14*jhMikeS is getting that sinking feeling again
00:09:29Lloreanpetur: I honestly have no clue.
00:09:39LloreanHe doesn't say if they tried the original files again, on the player, either.
00:10:14LloreanI hate this whole "I'm posting for a friend" stuff
00:10:19dan_aGodEater: Is this any use to you? It's a quick routine I wrote to hexdump the output of ata_read_sectors.
00:10:24LloreanTerinjokes: Why?
00:10:45amiconnCassandra: I do have both
00:10:47jhMikeSheaders they say? there's nothing to the headers. gotta be something else bizarre.
00:11:22amiconnSomehow I expect that you can't differentiate between Ondio FM and Ondio SP just by USB ID
00:11:22TerinjokesMy friend wants me to install rockbox on her video, wandered if the person needs any tests for nano/video from MacOSX
00:11:37LloreanjhMikeS: It seems really strange either way, but I can't come up with any solid "user-error" scenarios that'd get those exact symptoms either.
00:11:42dan_aGodEater: To use it you need to write a function "int wait_for_button(void)" which returns 8 if you press the button to go back a page and something else if you press any other button
00:12:17GodEaterI think I'll just paste the bits that do the output into the relevant functions
00:12:24jhMikeSWell, they can check it with a hex editor and if everything after the first 44 bytes is zeros, then it's truely a silent wav.
00:13:00GodEaterdan_a: thanks - I'll give it a whirl tomorrow - I'm too tired to think now - gonna get some shut eye
00:13:02LloreanTerinjokes: Well, the newest version is in the CVS source code, and you could ask linuxstb, but I'm not sure how good "testing as how you do your first install" is the best idea. I think it's working now though, if that last CVS commit regarding it was the fix to the 5G issue.
00:13:21peturaegray_ just wrote that...
00:13:47peturjhMikeS: I just wrote that...
00:13:48TerinjokesLlorean... i've install rockbox to the video already.... works (and looks) nicely...
00:13:50 Nick GodEater is now known as GodEater_sleep (
00:14:21linuxstb_Llorean: The last commit was to fix the 5.5g. The 5g (and Nano I think) fix was this morning (GMT).
00:14:26*jhMikeS is going wtf about that one just like the jet engine sounds turned out to be having the wrong input selected. If the files were readable on the player's disk and a copy destroyed them, something wierd is afoot.
00:15:01 Join Thundercloud__ [0] (n=thunderc@
00:15:09Lloreanlinuxstb_: Right, I transposed the Attemp #2 and 2048 fix in my memory
00:16:26jhMikeSIf recording got to the end, it wrote the question. if it didn't, my early experience was that any error in the header made playback reject it.
00:17:24peturfact is he says it reports length and datarate ok, so the header is there writes it all in one shot. I'm wondering what this will turn out to be in reality. *running around making Boeing noises*
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00:20:33*petur executes Sleep(288000000); and notes that the argument is ms
00:20:45 Quit petur ("Zzzzz")
00:21:22 Quit ender` (" Cynic, n.: A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be. Hence the custom among the")
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00:23:28Cassandra - please help me complete this chart.
00:24:23Cassandraamiconn: Check out that page for what I need. Thanks.
00:24:58amiconnHmm, I thought it would be easier to find those IDs in Linux...
00:25:03LloreanCassandra: Do you need us to re-check the ones you've filled in for alternates, or just fill in missing ones?
00:25:07*pixelma expects petur to be back in 3,3 days...
00:25:44LloreanCassandra: You have the page open/locked still. Sansa e270 is 0781/7421
00:26:48 Join scorche` [0] (n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
00:27:10linuxstb_"lsusb" does the job under Linux...
00:27:16*amiconn will check all his rockbox targets
00:27:38CassandraLlorean, checking wouldn't hurt.
00:28:24amiconnCassandra: I'm afraid that we can't make this check fully automatic for any archos
00:28:37Terinjokes'-bash: lsusb: command not found' hrm, sad...
00:29:05linuxstb_Are you on Mac OS X?
00:29:19Terinjokesoh, yeah... :D
00:31:09bluebrotherTerinjokes, your you root? On linux this is in /sbin which isn't in the path of standard users
00:32:00Cassandraamiconn: I suspected that might be the case. What're the problem cases?
00:32:35 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
00:32:55amiconnCassandra: 3 Groups:
00:33:29*jhMikeS guesses it's time to make the recording forum rounds again
00:33:49amiconn(1) Recorder V1 <= 15GB and Player (most probably) have the same ID. It's the ISD200 bridge where the ID comes from
00:34:14amiconn(2) Recorder V1 20GB, FM Recorder and Recorder V2 have the same IDs as well
00:34:50 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:34:52amiconn(3) Ondio FM and Ondio SP also have the same IDs (same Bridge)
00:34:56CassandraI thought the v1 and v2 had different chips.
00:35:15CassandraHence charging via usb on v2.
00:35:26amiconnThe V1 exists in 2 flavours, USB1.1 (same ID as Player) and USB 2.0 (same ID as FM and V)
00:35:31Cassandra(Ah, I suppose that's not an interface function, come to think of it).
00:35:50Cassandraamiconn: bloody archos, making life difficult for me.
00:36:01 Quit TFGBD_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:36:10CassandraI don't suppose they added any other vendor info that might help me tell them apart?
00:36:15 Join TFGBD_ [0] (
00:36:27 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
00:37:00amiconnBernardKethlayne is editing DeviceDetection
00:37:33LloreanFor the few overlap cases, you could follow with a popup or prompt between the possibilities, though, right?
00:38:30LloreanCassandra: I would assume the "H300 Series MTP" is the 'Media" port on the US model ones.
00:38:40linuxstb_Isn't it also possible that other (non-Rockbox) devices will use the same bridge chip?
00:39:11Cassandralinuxstb, of course. But I don't think we need to be too concerned about that.
00:39:25CassandraLlorean, yes.
00:39:26thegeekmy 5.5G 80gb ipod is 05ac 1209
00:39:33 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
00:39:34CassandraWe do the best we can.
00:39:36thegeekthose id's are listed as "video"
00:40:07amiconnCassandra: Haha, iPod Mini G1 and G2 are also the same...
00:40:26CassandraI may have to cry shortly.
00:40:42linuxstb_ipods can be distinguished by the version number in the firmware partition though.
00:40:44LloreanMini G1 and G2 can be differentiated by the contents of the FW partition though.
00:41:03 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
00:41:43linuxstb_Not sure about the "5.5g", but that's not an issue for the 30GB anymore and hopefully won't be for the 80GB
00:41:59 Part Terinjokes
00:42:09CassandraThe 5.5g will use the same Rockbox as the 5g in the end, so that doesn't matter so much.
00:42:32amiconnI guess that for device manufacturers it's cheaper to use some reference design + standard IDs assigned to the bridge manufacturer
00:42:44amiconn0x05ab is most probably In-System Design, not archos
00:44:18linuxstb_Useful list here:
00:44:36linuxstb_(although not that complete...)
00:44:51CassandraA VID costs you $2000. And that's if you go the cheapskate's route.
00:45:01*jhMikeS notices the frequency of reported problems dropping sharply in recording though :)
00:46:17amiconnAh, as I suspected. 0x058f is actually Alcor Micro, not Archos (that's Ondio)
00:46:38amiconnSo it is very possible that there are other devices with the same IDs
00:48:01amiconnCassandra: Should I indicate that sub-models which are the same for Rockbox are having the same ID?
00:48:11amiconn(e.g. h120 and h140, h320 and h340)
00:48:13linuxstb_That pages lists the iriver 3002 id as H100/H120/H140... So I guess that covers both the 16MB and 32MB targets.
00:48:48Lloreanlinuxstb_: Our table shows something different.
00:48:58Lloreanlinuxstb_: The H100 listed there as 3001 not 3002
00:49:25linuxstb_Odd... Where did our listing come from?
00:50:29Cassandraamiconn: Sure.
00:50:32*linuxstb_ won't mention users connecting via firewire
00:50:40CassandraMore info is better than less.
00:50:58Cassandrarbutil doesn't support firewire autodetection.
00:51:06CassandraAnd almost certianly never will.
00:51:19Cassandra(Unless someone other than me implements it.)
00:53:23 Quit bluebrother ("Leaving")
00:55:23amiconnCassandra: There. I also marked the ambiguous cases in red
00:55:57amiconnOops, typo - and it's already locked again
00:56:05 Part n1s
00:57:08 Join hotwire_ [0] (
00:58:02*Cassandra may be able to disambiguate using further info (eg from the USBSTOR class).
00:59:04 Quit Thundercloud__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:59:13 Join Thundercloud__ [0] (n=thunderc@
00:59:15linuxstb_Can you map the USB IDs to a disk device and/or a drive letter?
00:59:41linuxstb_(or vice-versa...)
00:59:44 Nick DreamThief is now known as DreamThief|off (
01:00:35amiconnCassandra: Hmm, iirc there's some info in the usb2.0 archoses which at least allows to disambiguate those from other generic devices using ISD300
01:01:32amiconnI don't know how the fields is called, but my Amiga USB stack shows a lot of details about USB devices, among them a string:
01:03:28amiconnHmm, USB provides a lot more info than just VID and PID
01:04:05amiconnHaha, "www.archos.comA" is the serial number field...
01:04:10amiconnwwww, even
01:04:37dan_abarrywardell: I think you should commit your current button driver, with a comment that it needs to be replaced with an interrupt driven one.
01:04:48amiconnAnd the product name is "ARCHOS USB2.0 (P4a)"
01:05:27barrywardelldan_a: will do :)
01:05:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:06:08Cassandralinuxstb, not yet.
01:06:30Cassandraamiconn: I thought there'd be something like that.
01:06:46 Join kubiix [0] (
01:07:19 Quit Thundercloud_ (Connection timed out)
01:07:27amiconnCassandra: Unfortunately there are no such indications for the USB1.1 archoses and Ondios :(
01:07:54PaulPositionuhhh.. Are thos PIDs and VIDs supposed to be standards? Dunno, but usbids reports vid0B70 and pid00BA for my H10 5gb MTP which is nothing like what's on the wiki page..
01:08:15PaulPositionis my computer illiterate? :p
01:08:35Cassandrapaul: possible. Or my code is buggy.
01:09:31Cassandra0b70 is owned by PortalPlayer.
01:09:39CassandraThat's not beyond the bounds of possibility.
01:11:44PaulPositionInteresting. Thanks for trying that hard to get this thing rolling, anyway. :)
01:11:50 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
01:11:51dan_abarrywardell: I've done some quick poking about and I can't see why the interrupts arent working - unless the GPIO interrupt has a different mask on the PP5024. Maybe bit 23 on CPU_INT (which was IDE before)?
01:12:08LloreanPaulPosition: Is your MTP hooked up in MTP, or UMS mode, out of curiosity?
01:12:41amiconn_Cassandra: Can you read the USB 'product name' and 'serial number' fields?
01:12:48barrywardelldan_a: so it's nothing obvious anyway. i was wondering the same thing, but didn't investigate any further
01:13:32dan_aThis is the first time that we've tried to use CPU_HI_INT. I just mention that in passing
01:13:37Cassandraamiconn, probably.
01:14:05CassandraI'm going to call it a night though. My brain has stopped working.
01:15:00 Join JoeBorn [0] (
01:15:50 Join zivan56 [0] (
01:16:07 Quit amiconn (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
01:16:08 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
01:20:25PaulPositionLlorean - Hooked up through UMS trick, as always... I don't think I ever powered it up while hooked and NOT pressing that button.. :p
01:20:52linuxstb_Anyone know this website?
01:21:24LloreanCan the V and P IDs differ depending on how it's booted, since different software/hardware is controlling the USB?
01:23:14amiconnOn devices implementing USB in software - possibly.
01:23:22LloreanSuch as the H10
01:23:28LloreanPaulPosition: Would you mind checking it in MTP mode then?
01:25:49 Quit barrywardell ()
01:27:52 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:29:22 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
01:32:58 Join emailer33 [0] (
01:33:31emailer33hey, i can't find an answer on this, is there a bootloader for the 5.5gen ipod that can still load the apple os and rockbox?
01:33:47emailer33i see i can do just rockbox while breaking the orig
01:35:04 Join zylche [0] (
01:35:08Cassandraamiconn, looking at my five devices, I'm fairly hopeful for fuzzy matching on serial number as a means of telling apart units with the same ids.
01:36:08CassandraOf course we're going to have to get some serial numbers and work backwards.
01:36:19thegeekemailer33: there has been some progress today I think, but unless you really want to get down and dirty I suggest you wait
01:37:08linuxstb_emailer33: As of today, yes. The bootloader wasn't the problem, the problem was with ipod_fw.c creating a bad firmware partition image.
01:38:08linuxstb_emailer33: It needs testing, so I'm happy to talk you through it. Are you on Windows?
01:38:49amiconnCassandra: 'Serial number: n/a' That's an Ondio...
01:39:00emailer33i don't mind getting dirty, i can compile it on gentoo if necessary
01:39:05CassandraSame for FM and SP?
01:39:14emailer33i am on windows atm
01:39:17emailer33so il'l take either one
01:39:23thegeeklinuxstb_: there are still problems with the 80gb right?
01:39:30amiconnThere is no indication that this is an archos device on the USB side
01:39:45emailer33basically i just need eitehr the bootloader or just a patch, i'll do the rest
01:39:50amiconnThat's what the Poseidon gets on Amiga for the Ondio FM:
01:40:00amiconnProduct name: Mass Storage Device
01:40:02linuxstb_emailer33: You need the new ipodpatcher from here: and the bootloader from here:
01:40:08amiconnProduct ID: 0x9330
01:40:20amiconnManufacturer: Alcor Micro
01:40:34amiconnVendor: 0x058f Alcor Micro Corp.
01:40:40amiconnSerial #: n/a
01:41:07CassandraPah. Any way we can tell the difference from disk geometry?
01:41:13linuxstb_emailer33: You need to restore your original (i.e. unmodified) firmware partition first. Then just the command "ipodpatcher N -a bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod" will install the bootloader. (replacing N by the number of your ipod, found in the usual way.)
01:41:25amiconnBoth are 128MB
01:41:29emailer33that new add bootloader option
01:41:33emailer33i was just looking over that a sec ago
01:41:34emailer33ok thx
01:41:46linuxstb_And delete ipod_fw.exe...
01:41:51emailer33thx ;)
01:41:57CassandraThen people will have to pick for themselves, I guess.
01:42:32CassandraAm I right in thinking that SP firmware will work on a FM?
01:42:39amiconnSame goes for the other archoses, for the USB2.0 models we can at least check whether it is really an archos
01:42:41emailer33 just has 6 broken images, no bootloader :/
01:43:21amiconnThe archos loader won't load the 'wrong' firmware, and even when flashed it won't work
01:43:28amiconnIt would boot, but not play music
01:43:41linuxstb_emailer33: Sorry, it's
01:43:47emailer33ok ty
01:43:51Cassandrafair enough.
01:44:06CassandraStoopid Archos.
01:44:26amiconnLooks like they didn't want to pay for a proper vendor id
01:45:33amiconnHmm, it _might_ be possible to auto-detect the various archoses if the user has an ajbrec.ajz / archos.mod on disk
01:45:44amiconn(which isn't required)
01:46:08barrywardellthe H10 has different VID/PID depending on whether it's connected in emergency UMS mode, or ing MTP mode
01:46:19*Llorean was right. :)
01:46:56LloreanAnd it needs to be in UMS to install Rockbox, right?
01:46:58SoapI didn't think about that, have the Apple's been verified to have the same VID in standard disk mode and emergency disk mode?
01:46:58barrywardellmy 20GB says 0x4102/0x2101in MTP mode
01:47:05barrywardellyup, UMS mode
01:47:12Soapor is the H10 example due to the MTP mode?
01:47:23Lloreanbarrywardell: So, it has the iRiver Flash VID in MTP, and the PP one in UMS
01:48:14PaulPositionOkay, H10 5gb in MTP mode (now that I deleted rockbox from it) gives 4102 and 2102
01:48:22DerPapst_linuxstb: is there a way to compile tools/scramble? i had to remove a lot of stuff (iriver, gigabeat and mi4) to compile it with dev-cpp
01:48:26amiconnlinuxstb: Does replacing the apple fw work with current ipodpatcher?
01:48:27 Quit aegray_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:48:32barrywardellmy pid is different than on the wiki
01:48:38*amiconn should probably just try it
01:49:55linuxstb_DerPapst_: Use gcc (or mingw32 for WIndows)
01:50:02Lloreanbarrywardell: The e200 has different PIDs depending upon whether it's in normal UMS, or Recovery mode.
01:50:23 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
01:50:27linuxstb_DerPapst_: Or just delete the 90% of the code that isn't needed....
01:50:31barrywardellactually, my pid is the same as in the wiki
01:50:55DerPapst_i'll take the 2nd option :) i'm too lazy
01:51:13 Join aegray [0] (
01:51:15Lloreanbarrywardell: Lemme know when you're done editing so I can add something further
01:51:50DerPapst_but i sill don't know what else i can remove from the main function...
01:52:34linuxstb_DerPapst_: I'll do it for you, give me a moment...
01:52:39barrywardellLlorean: is it the same as with the H10? ie recovery mode has pp id, normal has sandisk id?
01:52:44barrywardellLlorean: done!
01:53:20DerPapst_that is what i already have:
01:53:36DerPapst_ahh.. not true
01:53:38Lloreanbarrywardell: It has three different PIDs, all the same VID, depending on MTP, MSC, or recovery mode. I've put them all in the wiki
01:53:41DerPapst_flase code ^^
01:53:45 Quit gotthardt ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
01:54:07barrywardellshould we be including Manufacturer/Product Strings too?
01:54:27zylcheInclude your wallet as well, we like donations
01:54:31LloreanMeanwhile, iPods (or at least the Nano) do not change PID and VID values between disk modes
01:54:32DerPapst_linuxstb: that one:
01:54:44LloreanI tried Play+Select, the one Rockbox reboots into, and the in-Apple_OS ones and got the same values for each
01:56:56amiconnPlay+Select is the same mode as what rockbox uses
01:59:36Lloreanamiconn: There are visible differences.
01:59:48Lloreanamiconn: Play+Select shows the words "Disk Mode" at the top, the one Rockbox uses does not.
02:00:53LloreanAt least on Nano.
02:01:02amiconnHmm, you're right
02:01:07amiconnSame here on mini G2
02:01:23DerPapst_and every other ipod...
02:01:26LloreanI don't know if there are practical differences, but it seemed best to verify the IDs were the same across all three
02:01:36BetaCookiesIs there a way to get my 1g nano to play video?
02:01:50LloreanBetaCookies: Convert the video to M2V, and play it in Rockbox.
02:01:55LloreanMind you, there's no audio support yet.
02:02:23linuxstb_DerPapst_: Try
02:02:31BetaCookies ?
02:02:35 Quit zivan56 ()
02:02:43LloreanBetaCookies: Try the PluginMpegplayer page.
02:03:09DerPapst_heh... cool.
02:03:18linuxstb_But I'll probably add support for raw binary bootloaders (i.e. ".bin") to ipodpatcher. Or at least a generic "-add=ipod" format for binaries which work all ipods such as loader2
02:03:26pixelmaBetaCookies: you can only enjoy rvf on the monochrome screens :P
02:03:59DerPapst_so i don't these these -ipodXg options? (what are the for?)
02:04:08DerPapst_*don't need
02:04:24linuxstb_emailer33: Any luck with ipodpatcher?
02:04:57BetaCookieswell well well....
02:05:04BetaCookieslinux didnt work for me
02:05:12linuxstb_DerPapst_: No, they are (were) for generating a complete firmware partition image just containing the Rockbox bootloader (or any other .bin).
02:05:14BetaCookiesand i really want videos on my nano.. what to do, wat to do..
02:05:20BHSPitLappyit's nice to have rockbox back...
02:05:50linuxstb_Where did it go?
02:06:52LloreanBetaCookies: The obvious solution is to finish our Mpegplayer so that audio works.
02:07:09emailer33jsut looking thru it
02:07:26emailer33was gonna set up a cvs checkout script
02:07:32emailer33but i kept getting no route to host, so put that off
02:07:55BetaCookiesLlorean what language is it?
02:08:23BetaCookiesmeh I don't know C
02:08:47LloreanWell, then your choices are "Videos without audio" "Ipodlinux" or "no video"
02:08:56BetaCookiesipodlinux formatted my ipod lol
02:09:11linuxstb_It committed suicide?
02:09:26DerPapst_but that is a known fact :)
02:09:47LloreanIn many cases iPL is expected to
02:09:53emailer33ah yes
02:09:55emailer33orig. works
02:09:56emailer33ty :D
02:10:16emailer33now that bootloader is in the cvs, and not a seperate patch, right?
02:10:22linuxstb_So just for the record, that's a 30GB 5.5G with the Windows ipodpatcher?
02:10:33linuxstb_And yes, that's the CVS bootloader (and CVS ipodpatcher)
02:10:37emailer3330gb 3.35g yes
02:10:38 Quit midkay ("*poff*")
02:10:41emailer33but nah, did it on linux
02:10:50emailer33wanted the cvs ipodpatcher when i saw what was done today
02:11:15linuxstb_OK, that's good to know. I think you're the first Linux 30GB 5.5g user...
02:11:27amiconnlinuxstb: Is it expected that ipodpatcher doesn't build on windows?
02:11:46emailer33lol damn, and this isn't even my ipod
02:11:46amiconn(on cygwin that is)
02:11:59linuxstb_The Makefile may need adjusting.
02:12:04 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
02:12:06emailer33it does i tried that first
02:12:25amiconnThere's a ton of warnings, and then:
02:12:32linuxstb_The Makefile is setup for my environment - native unix compiles, or a win32 cross-compile using Debian's mingw32
02:12:34BetaCookiesLlorean well it did, but then it gave an error that helped at none.
02:12:35amiconnipodio-posix.c:40:6: #error No sector-size detection implemented for this platform
02:12:41BetaCookiesthat made no sense :P
02:12:49emailer33ay, thats the error
02:12:55amiconnWhy does it use posix??
02:13:16linuxstb_Because that's the default Make target... You could try "make ipodpatcher.exe"
02:13:37amiconnmake: i586-mingw32msvc-gcc: Command not found
02:13:46linuxstb_But I'm not sure if Cygwin is the best environment. It should compile fine with a native win32 compiler.
02:13:49amiconnOf course not... it should be just 'gcc'
02:14:03LloreanIt still compiles fine natively in windows for me.
02:14:19amiconncygwin makes native win32 binaries with -mno-cygwin
02:15:37linuxstb_What if you remove the mingw prefix?
02:16:18amiconnlinuxstb: Removing the prefix and adding -mno-cygwin did the trick
02:16:36amiconnWithout -mno-cygwin I got even more warnings than for the posix stuff
02:16:49linuxstb_Any warnings at all now?
02:18:05 Join JoeBorn [0] (
02:18:44amiconnAnd it works :)
02:19:14linuxstb_Niceness. Have you tried writing rockbox.ipod?
02:19:23linuxstb_(-wf rockbox.ipod)
02:20:16amiconnBuilding a fresh bootloader...
02:20:55amiconnHmm, somehow I need to restore my original firmware partition first...
02:21:29linuxstb_Ah... the new ipodpatcher probably doesn't let you...
02:21:52linuxstb_That's something I need to deal with - using ipodpatcher with broken ipods.
02:22:10amiconnHmm, dd should do the trick... but I need to use seek=nn ?
02:22:23linuxstb_Yes, seek=63 I think...
02:22:35Llorean-w should just offer a prompt "This device is not detected as an iPod, are you sure you wish to overwrite?"
02:22:47linuxstb_I can't do prompts...
02:22:56LloreanOh, even.
02:22:59linuxstb_Maybe a "−−force" option.
02:23:00 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
02:23:04LloreanThat works too.
02:23:16LloreanJust something a user has to consciously add.
02:23:26 Join matsl [0] (
02:26:00amiconnlinuxstb: The output for unknown ipod looks a bit strange:
02:26:14amiconn[INFO] Ipod model: [ERR] Unknown firmware version (0x00000000)
02:26:18amiconn(all on one line)
02:26:43linuxstb_Yes, a bit strange.
02:27:35amiconnHmm, interesting
02:27:56amiconnShouldn't an original apple firmware partition just contain one image?
02:28:30amiconnI get 2: 'Main firmware' and 'AUPD'
02:28:34linuxstb_The second is the encrypted flash contents.
02:28:54zylchebut .. but .. that's perposterous!
02:29:26linuxstb_Nanos and videos generally have 4 images - a RSRC (resource) image, and a HIBE (hibernation) image.
02:30:33 Join sersport1 [0] (
02:30:41 Part sersport1
02:31:02dan_alinuxstb_: Do we currently use DMA for anything on the iPods? Would it be a helpful thing?
02:31:05amiconnlinuxstb: It works, however, the 'AUPD' image stays when replacing the main firmware with the rockbox bootloader
02:31:09amiconnIs that expected?
02:31:47linuxstb_amiconn: Yes, ipodpatcher doesn't touch the other images, only the first one. (unless it's simply to relocate them to make room for the bootloader).
02:32:06linuxstb_dan_a: No, we don't. And yes, I'm sure it would be very useful - especially if we could use it for audio.
02:32:27amiconnIs -a supposed to work?
02:32:43linuxstb_Everything is supposed to work now.
02:33:08amiconnI wonder whether the Makefile can be adjusted for various build environments
02:33:34amiconnThe simulators use some configure magic
02:33:57dan_alinuxstb_: I've just got a DMA-based flash driver working on the Sansa, and I suspect that the DMA controller is built into the PP processor... there's more info on how to use it at
02:36:14linuxstb_dan_a: Interesting... Mr H must think in ARM assembler..
02:36:21 Quit matsl ("Riece/2.0.2 XEmacs/21.5-b27 (fiddleheads, linux)")
02:36:30 Quit JoeBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:36:42 Quit MarcoPolo (Client Quit)
02:36:47 Join matsl [0] (
02:37:24 Quit matsl (Client Quit)
02:39:24dan_aThe man is a genius. I owe him several pints by now, I'm sure!
02:39:54linuxstb_Either that, or he's got the PP datasheets in front of him and is just teasing...
02:40:06*amiconn has a suspicion about MrH
02:41:17dan_aWhat kind of suspicion?
02:43:07zylchea suspicious suspicion?
02:43:17emailer33the worst kind
02:45:01 Quit JoeyBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:46:12linuxstb_Llorean: Any ideas about how to go about releasing the new ipodpatcher and bootloaders? A small problem is that the new ipodpatcher isn't command-compatible with the old one.
02:47:55Lloreanlinuxstb_: Change the manual, take down the ipodinstallation wiki page, and put the new bootloaders and ipodpatcher at removing the others, so that the only option is to use the new one?
02:48:08LloreanI'm not quite sure why it needs to be command compatible, other than the few people out there who've created personal installation scripts
02:48:44LloreanThen maybe a new post on the front page of saying "Ipod installation now greatly streamlined, see your target's updated manual for details"?
02:52:21linuxstb_I'm thinking it may be useful to create a sort of beta install page, so that ipodpatcher can get a bit more testing.
02:52:30LloreanThat's a good idea.
02:53:06LloreanThen put word out in the forums that there's an easier install method, I suppose?
02:53:59 Join midkay_ [0] (
02:54:43amiconnipodpatcher is looking really good now, only missing thing is an option to force an operation
02:55:08 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:56:02 Join Cassandra [0] (
02:56:02amiconnOh, and auto-enumeration on windows
02:56:17linuxstb_I agree, I'll add that soon. (−−force, not auto-enumeration)
02:56:46linuxstb_But if someone gave me the code to auto-enumerate, I would be happy to try to incorporate it.
02:57:01linuxstb_But I can't test things on windoes.
02:58:39linuxstb_I was thinking that (at least to begin with), just a simple "−−scan-devices" type option which displayed information about potential drives would be a big help.
03:04:58amiconnI just tried ipodpatcher on amd64 (again). Still works, at least the −−list option
03:05:29linuxstb_dan_a: Are you using interrupts for your DMA NAND driver?
03:05:38 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:05:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:06:01amiconnI wonder whether it's possible to provide linux binaries which run on any linux of the same processor architecture
03:06:06dan_alinuxstb_: No - I don't know which IRQ the DMA is on
03:07:23dan_aPlus, I found I'd copied the wrong rockbox.e200 across - I don't have a working DMA NAND driver yet
03:08:22linuxstb_amiconn: Yes, I think Linux binaries are quite portable (at least, the ipodpatcher binary should be).
03:08:58linuxstb_dan_a: Yes, I was just reading MrH's document and noticed he hadn't worked out the interrupts. DMA seems of limited value without them.
03:09:05amiconnOn a related note: no wxwidgets 2.8 package for debian yet, just 2.6
03:09:55amiconnlinuxstb: (re DMA) It depends - for the lcd update on H300, DMA is very helpful even with polling for end-of-dma
03:10:48dan_aI guess it means that even if you yield()/sleep() the copy will still be going on
03:10:58emailer33−−force? what needs to be forced if its blocked?
03:11:25Lloreanemailer33: Right now, the program attempts to determine if a device is an iPod, and if the check fails, won't let you write.
03:11:36linuxstb_emailer33: ipodpatcher does a lot of checks to make sure it's writing to an ipod. If your ipod's firmware partition is corrupted in some way, it .....
03:11:45*linuxstb_ curses that Llorean can type faster
03:11:55emailer33ok gothca
03:12:02LloreanBut, if you're clever enough about doing things the wrong way, you can make an actual iPod unrecognizable, and while the program can be used to recover it, right now it'll refuse to let you.
03:12:06emailer33yea that'd be good then
03:12:11amiconndan_a: Even without yield() it pays off on coldfire, just because it's going faster than transferring via the CPU
03:12:16LloreanWhich is why I'm glad I had a leftover old-style ipodpatcher at the beginning of my testing. :)
03:13:28amiconn100fps vs. 60fps at 45MHz...
03:16:29 Part pixelma
03:25:18 Part DerPapst_
03:25:46 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
03:37:02hotwire_hey all, a few months ago I wrote some code that gave hold support to the UI Simulator, but it never got committed or anything. Does anyone want a copy of what I did write in case it could be of some use, or perhaps get committed with revision?
03:38:12LloreanIs it on the patch tracker?
03:39:28hotwire_never was, no
03:39:58hotwire_should i add it there, and if so, how do i?
03:41:24LloreanWell if you want to try to get code of yours committed, that's usually the first step.
03:41:25 Join Nico_P [0] (
03:41:50LloreanYou could go to the patch tracker and post your work in progress patch, so that others could continue with it if they like.
03:41:59LloreanThe link is visible from the front page, on the menu bar at
03:43:00 Quit midgey ()
03:43:24 Quit JoeyBorn (Connection timed out)
03:49:07 Join Terinjokes [0] (
03:49:29 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
03:49:29Terinjokesyeah, my is going to be screwed up for the next few weeks...
03:50:49 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
03:51:06Terinjokeslistening to 200 or so songs by Anti-Flag, then decided i didn't like the band, then switching straight to traditional christmas corals messed up my recommandations...
03:51:49dan_aIt took you 200 songs to figure out you didn't like a band?
03:52:02LloreanI'm surprised he submitted experimental results.
03:52:20dpassenAnti-Flag, haha
03:52:28LloreanIf I used, I'd only submit logs of stuff I liked and/or listened to regularly.
03:53:58TerinjokesLlorean, well yeah, you can figure out if you like an artist in under 200 songs (ok... lied their.... less then that.... much less)....
03:54:24*Llorean never commented on the 200 songs bit.
03:55:50Terinjokessorry :D
03:56:35 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:57:07Terinjokesok... this sucks... i have an mp3 file i need to convert for my phone... but i can't seem to convert the 12KHz correctly...
03:59:22 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
03:59:25 Join XavierGr [0] (
03:59:35Terinjokesand I though anti-flag was going to be ok.... a little experiment into harder rock.... i then quickly returned to my futureheads and evermore...
04:00:07Terinjokesand for the christmas music.... i forgot to hit the 'scrobble' button to disable it...
04:00:09dpassenanti-flag is pretty crappy (imo) punk rock
04:00:35Terinjokesbefore deleting the files, i renamed the directory anti-fag
04:02:28hotwire_thank you Llorean, it has been posted as patch 6444
04:02:37dpassenTerinjokes: haha
04:03:31TerinjokesI've got 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' as a recommandation... LOL!
04:05:12 Quit GodEater_sleep ()
04:06:20 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
04:06:36 Quit blind (Remote closed the connection)
04:09:45emailer33is it me or is rockboy really hard to find?
04:10:28Terinjokesemailer33, i can find it... what player are you using?
04:11:12emailer33oh nvm i found what i needed
04:11:20emailer33didn't know it wasn't in the plugins list
04:11:25emailer33and i kept lookign for a download then ;P
04:11:27emailer33thx tho
04:22:24 Join midgey [0] (
04:24:11 Quit funky ("leaving")
04:30:01Terinjokesgrr... i hate websites like this....
04:30:32 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
04:35:08 Quit midgey ()
04:35:26Terinjokesgrr... all i freaking want to do is transfer this 10 second clip to my phone.... grr!
04:39:23*Llorean wonders what that has to do with Rockbox at all.
04:40:17Terinjokesit doesn't frankly
04:41:15BetaCookiesDoes rockbox play m4a files?
04:41:39Terinjokeswhat player?
04:42:04Terinjokesanything recent, yeah
04:42:37Nico_PBetaCookies: it's even starting to do a pretty good job of it
04:43:00BetaCookiesworse than mp3?
04:43:27Nico_Pyes, because it's not as well optimised
04:47:26 Quit Criamos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:52:36 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
04:54:07 Join webguest66 [0] (i=3ce05e4e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:54:41webguest66hi poeple
04:54:54 Quit Thundercloud__ (Remote closed the connection)
04:55:24webguest66im trying to install the rotbox on my H10 5 gb player and when it asks me to make a back up of my bootfile in my system directory of my H10 there is no file there even though i have show all files .... any ideas?
04:56:04Terinjokeshrm... sorry iPods are my speciality, anyone else here?
04:56:42webguest66generally im good with this sorta things so yea im stumped
04:57:26LloreanThere are no files in the system folder?
04:57:54webguest66there are folders
04:58:35webguest66media, my recordings and servies
04:58:47webguest66ok then imin the wrong place?
04:58:51LloreanIn the folder named "system" is all that?
04:59:04webguest66no folder named system
04:59:07webguest66and i have show all files
04:59:50LloreanAre you in UMS mode?
05:00:11webguest66i belive so
05:00:14webguest66i did that trick listed in the pdf just in case
05:00:33webguest66should i try the other way?
05:00:40LloreanWait, so you aren't even sure if your device is an MTP or a UMS model?
05:00:46webguest66it does see my player as a removable hard drive
05:01:06webguest66so that would make it a ums
05:01:11LloreanIt's important to know which sort of player you have, because you need to download different files depending on which you have.
05:01:26LloreanIf you've used the UMS trick, an MTP device would show up as UMS, but you still need the MTP file.
05:01:47webguest66well the trick didnt do anything
05:02:08webguest66it has always reconisge it as a removable hard drive
05:02:10webguest66so it must be ums
05:02:13LloreanAs in, it shows up as a normal drive (with drive letter) when you plug it in normally?
05:02:21webguest66its always had that
05:02:50LloreanJust to verify absolutely: It shows up as an actual drive, and not as a Media Player, on the same screen as the drives but in a different category?
05:02:55TerinjokesLlorean, you are referring to windows, correct?
05:03:00LloreanTerinjokes: Yes.
05:03:09webguest66its H: drive
05:03:12Lloreanwebguest66: Okay
05:03:18webguest66and its windows
05:03:22Terinjokesok... MacOSX farther confuses this whole that :D
05:03:35Lloreanwebguest66: Then there should definitely be a System folder on that drive.
05:03:45webguest66there isnt
05:03:55LloreanTry manually going to H:\System\
05:04:11webguest66i did
05:04:12webguest66i got itn
05:04:20webguest66it didnt come up
05:04:21LloreanSo you didn't have all files showing after all.
05:04:28webguest66even tho i have show all files
05:04:29LloreanYou'd missed some setting.
05:04:40LloreanEither way, the file you need to back up, it's there?
05:04:59webguest66i guess my show all files
05:05:00webguest66didnt work
05:05:11webguest66and i assumed that system directory was just refering to the root directory
05:05:23LloreanNah, we call that the root.
05:05:38webguest66ok ok well thanx
05:05:40LloreanThough, we do occasionally get people who say "I copied my files to D:\root\ and it doesn't work"
05:05:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:06:07webguest66ok well brb
05:06:45TerinjokesLlorean, on MacOSX a MTP device shows a removal device like anything else... that must be confusing!
05:07:12webguest66there isnt a h10.mi4 file in this directory either
05:08:13webguest66ok there is somethign wrong with my computer i cant for some reason show all files
05:08:30webguest66is there a way u can cut a file without be able to see it?
05:09:09webguest66cause its showing 2 hidden files in this directory but not the h10 file but i tried opening it manually by typing it in the addy bar n it worked
05:09:38 Join BobJonkman [0] (
05:11:12Terinjokeswebguest, go to Tools>Folder Options
05:11:58webguest66i did
05:12:03webguest66its on show all files
05:12:11webguest66in the system folder it has files that are hidden
05:12:21webguest66but for some reason the h10 file isnt shown
05:12:32TerinjokesClick over to the second tab, and scroll till you see 'Display Hidden Files and Folders' (or something like that) and then underneth that make sure 'Show Operating System Files' (or something like that)
05:12:36webguest66i no what im doing this is just really strange
05:12:40webguest66i did that to
05:12:40Terinjokesare both checked
05:12:46Terinjokesboth of them?
05:13:31webguest66yea im going to restart
05:13:33 Join [1]Cassandra [0] (
05:13:38webguest66cause this is just weird
05:13:52 Part webguest66
05:16:31 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
05:27:33 Part Terinjokes
05:32:40 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:32:40 Nick [1]Cassandra is now known as Cassandra (
05:37:45 Part redwood
05:39:59 Quit dan_a (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
05:48:07 Quit cnj ()
05:52:14 Join [sellout] [0] (
05:52:48 Quit [sellout] (Remote closed the connection)
05:54:29 Quit barrywardell ()
05:58:39 Join lucas43 [0] (
06:02:35 Join [sellout] [0] (
06:02:59 Join UdontKnow [0] (i=evaldo@freenode/staff/udontknow)
06:05:37 Part UdontKnow
06:05:37 Join UdontKnow [0] (i=evaldo@freenode/staff/udontknow)
06:11:20 Join Tomo85 [0] (i=3ce05e4e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:12:15Tomo85hi people
06:12:26 Join cynicalliberal [0] (
06:13:12Tomo85on the H10 do u extract the files to x:\system ? or just the x:\
06:14:41LloreanThe gets extracted to just X:\
06:15:01 Quit lucas43 (Remote closed the connection)
06:16:52Tomo85does speech speak all the menus and song titiles? or just spell out the leters?
06:18:30LloreanSpeaks the menus, spells out song titles.
06:18:42LloreanThough you can run a program to create speech files for the song titles too.
06:19:16Tomo85i ws wondering if it was actually a speech synth or just file being played
06:19:24Tomo85it would be good to make an automated process
06:19:35Tomo85so whenu updated ur songs it would automaticcaly make files
06:19:44LloreanWell, the tool to create the files is PC-side
06:19:45Tomo85voice files i mean
06:19:53LloreanYou run a single script, and it creates the files.
06:19:54 Quit BHSPitLappy (Remote closed the connection)
06:20:08LloreanSo automating it would just be a matter of running the script after copying your files over.
06:20:18Tomo85lol i see
06:20:27Tomo85is there pdf somewhere i can read more into it?
06:21:07 Join webguest75 [0] (i=46b200a7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:21:32LloreanTomo85: This is an older page, but it covers the general principal and instructions, I believe:
06:22:10Tomo85on another note, when installing the fonts do u extract the fonts folder to x:\.rockbox ??
06:22:34LloreanI'm actually not sure what the .zip contains exactly.
06:22:45LloreanIt's either extracted to /.rockbox/ or just X:\
06:22:56LloreanBut the .fnt files should be in X:\.rockbox\fonts\ in the end
06:23:30Tomo85cause if i just extracted the zip file it would overwirte the .rockbox folder
06:23:40LloreanThen yeah, that's what you want to do.
06:23:44LloreanBy overwrite it really means update.
06:24:07LloreanIt'll only overwrite files with the exact same names, and you shouldn't have any of those yet. :)
06:24:51Tomo85so iv extracted the rockbox and the fonts and the english voice file
06:24:51 Quit webguest75 (Client Quit)
06:24:59Tomo85do i just need to restart the player?
06:25:21LloreanThey should all be there when you boot into Rockbox, yes.
06:27:00 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:27:08 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
06:27:48 Join corevette [0] (
06:27:52Tomo85hmm no speech
06:27:55Tomo85it doesnt speak the menus
06:28:04Tomo85is there a way to stop the screen turning off so quickly
06:28:36LloreanWhere did you put the english.voice file, and which one did you use?
06:28:50LloreanAs well, the backlight timer can be changed yes. That setting, and others, are covered nicely in the manual
06:28:55Tomo85i used the english british ibm viavoice i think
06:28:59Tomo85and i put it in lang
06:29:06Tomo85or langs
06:30:13LloreanHm, and voice shows as enabled in the settings?
06:30:40 Quit [sellout] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:30:49Tomo85um not sure
06:30:58Tomo85i thoughtit was automatically set enabled
06:31:02LloreanIt should be.
06:31:13LloreanSince someone who can't see the screen can't get to the setting to enable it.
06:32:02LloreanIf it's not working, I'm not sure what would be the cause right now, as long as everything's in the right place.
06:33:14Tomo85it was in the wrong folder
06:33:14Tomo85it was my fault
06:33:29LloreanThat happens.
06:33:39Tomo85yea lol tell me about it
06:33:46Tomo85hey where can u get additional themes from
06:36:58LloreanThe WpsGallery in the rockbox wiki
06:40:27 Part Llorean
06:43:54 Join gotthardt [0] (
06:44:09 Join strabes [0] (
06:47:23 Quit strabes (Remote closed the connection)
06:48:30 Join strabes [0] (
06:49:24 Quit emailer33 ("Crouching Nigga, Stolen Wallet")
06:56:28 Quit PaulPosition ()
06:59:57 Part UdontKnow
07:03:33 Quit gotthardt ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
07:05:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:10:25 Quit cynicalliberal ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
07:11:49 Quit corevette ("Leaving")
07:12:20 Join My_Sic [0] (
07:18:21Presencewow, a fellow Vegas resident using rockbox.
07:18:41*Presence swoons
07:24:55 Join Kilogq [0] (
07:26:40Kilogqanyone home?
07:27:31 Part Kilogq
07:32:12 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
07:36:42 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
07:39:23 Quit Tomo85 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:40:55 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
07:54:19 Part BobJonkman
07:55:03 Join ptw419 [0] (
08:00:37 Quit ptw419 ()
08:04:09 Join Gnelik [0] (
08:05:39 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
08:05:40 Quit Gnelik (Client Quit)
08:05:58 Join Gnelik [0] (
08:21:39 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
08:38:59 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:48:36 Join BiptoN [0] (
08:48:57 Join midkay_ [0] (
08:57:49 Quit |AhIoRoS| ("Abandonando, see you")
09:04:08 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
09:05:02 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:05:24 Join j_cox [0] (
09:05:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:19:12 Quit Hadaka (
09:19:12 Quit Moo (
09:23:04 Join midgey [0] (
09:32:59 Quit midgey ()
09:36:19 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:38:03 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
09:49:50 Join rretzbach [0] (
09:50:16rretzbachGood morning.
09:58:23GnelikMy buttons are inversed
09:59:59GnelikOn sansa
10:01:07 Join BHSPitMonkey_ [0] (
10:02:30 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
10:04:27 Quit strabes ()
10:05:39GnelikAny thoughts
10:09:01 Join lee-qid [0] (
10:09:32rretzbachI love the cvs browser..
10:10:33 Quit Gnelik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:13:26 Join Plouj- [0] (
10:15:21 Part Llorean
10:16:12 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:17:06 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
10:18:23 Quit zylche (SendQ exceeded)
10:19:03 Join Llorea1 [0] (
10:19:45 Nick Llorea1 is now known as Llorean (
10:24:20 Quit Plouj (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:25:06*petur doesn't like the new development at el reg, where they seem to publish BOFH on saturday iso friday afternoon. Fridays will never be the same again :/
10:25:11 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
10:25:46scorche<3 BOFH
10:26:53 Quit kubiix ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
10:27:34rretzbachI want to make a plugin similar to "sort". Is it possible to only compile my plugin without rockbox?
10:29:15rretzbachAhh there is a guide for me :>
10:29:47 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
10:30:56petursorry, there's no make option for plugins only at the moment
10:31:24peturonly all (default) and bin (rockbox core only)
10:31:53rretzbachThanks for the hint.
10:32:04LloreanBut, once you've made all once, it'll only rebuild modified files
10:32:13LloreanAs long as you're building again in the same build folder
10:32:26rretzbachI assumed that :>
10:32:52rretzbachI've made a programm which shuffles whole albums in a playlist.
10:33:02rretzbachBut I see now, that I can't alloc mem :\
10:33:18LloreanThere's already an album shuffle feature, though...
10:33:33rretzbachThat's why I asked yesterday here :\
10:33:42rretzbachLlorean: how is it called?
10:33:45peturit's a plugin too iirc
10:33:57peturthe only plugin with a long name
10:34:01Lloreanpetur: If I recall the plugin does the scan to create the album list
10:34:08rretzbachpetur: hrhr
10:34:18amiconnpetur: The plugin is just the config part afaiu
10:34:40*petur resumes reading bofh
10:35:06rretzbachThank you.
10:35:08LloreanOf course, I don't know how to enable it once you've created the list.
10:35:50*scorche realizes there is a new BOFH and reads it as well
10:36:21 Join _Johannes_ [0] ( I able to test Rockbox on a Ipod Nano 2nd Gen. ? (I can't even find a cvs-branch for this device)
10:38:08scorchebecause there isnt one
10:38:29_Johannes_ah there's no ongoing development?
10:38:42scorchewe havent even got off the ground floor on the device so to speak
10:40:13LloreanNobody's gotten past the encryption yet, I believe
10:40:54 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
10:41:03_Johannes_encryption of what ?
10:41:13scorchethe firmware/bootloader
10:42:05LloreanWe need to figure out how it's encrypted so that we can figure out what it's looking for when it loads the firmware, so we can make it load ours.
10:42:17LloreanWhich of course, will be an entire porting effort on its own, since the 2nd Gen Nano is all new hardware.
10:42:41_Johannes_I see...lot's of work
10:43:42scorcheindeed...we wont mind if you break it before we (or another person/group) does though ;)
10:46:50 Join barrywardell_ [0] (n=barrywar@
10:49:35 Quit Plouj- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:50:11_Johannes_the first ~300bytes just look nice of the bootpartion ;-)
10:50:27LloreanIt's the standard apple stop sign I assume? table's full of yellow spots. I haven't looked at it in a couple days.
10:51:20amiconnjhMikeS: kkurbjun is in charge of fixing them. 64 bit warnings in doom.
10:51:33_Johannes_jhMikeS: yes ;)
10:51:35scorchejhMikeS: bah...amiconn beat me to it
10:52:05amiconnThat's why they aren't in the same place each build. Not all build servers are 64 bit...
10:52:21 Join arturo182 [0] (
10:53:08jhMikeStrue...still a bit frustrating if you want to commit something and like to see green :)
10:53:09pixelmapetur: are you the sleepwalker now? You aid you'd be executing sleep() for 80 hours... ;)
10:53:27jhMikeSwoken on interrupt
10:53:44LloreanMaybe he was using the millisecond sleep from Windows instead of the second sleep from Posix?
10:54:16amiconnHe explicitly stated the argument is in milliseconds.
10:55:08 Quit barrywardell (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:55:11 Join kubiix [0] (
10:55:12LloreanSo, 80 hours it was.
10:55:45 Quit kubiix (Client Quit)
10:56:19 Join MicWanted [0] (i=3ce05e4e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:57:07MicWantedhiya people
10:57:26MicWantedhow do use the microphone with a H10 after uv installed the rockbox?
10:58:00LloreanI didn't think CVS Rockbox on H10 had recording yet, does it?
10:58:20MicWantedi gues it doesnt
10:58:29MicWantedthe speech doestn work very well either
10:58:33MicWantedi think there is a few bugs with the speech
10:59:08LloreanI wouldn't be surprised, honestly.
10:59:09 Join tucoz [0] (i=528676e7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:59:23MicWantedhi tucoz
10:59:26tucozanyone with a gigabeat around?
10:59:28LloreanSpeech goes through periods of working quite nicely, but it fluctuates.
10:59:57MicWantedi cant see very well thats why i wanted to it but since u can change the font size n colour i dont think ill need it
11:00:28tucozI am preparing the manual for the gigabeat, and need help with the buttons
11:00:39tucozi.e. where they are placed on the player
11:01:01jhMikeSIsn't H10 the SWCODEC one with like 2 bytes of RAM?
11:01:08MicWantedi was thinking of upgrading my 5gb h10 to like an iaudio 5xl hows the rockbox work on that? is it more devolped than the irvier?
11:01:20MicWantedjhmike i have no idea
11:01:25 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
11:01:37tucozit has been longer in development compared to the h10
11:01:56*petur discovers he made a type in his sleep command and aborts the task using taskmanager
11:02:09peturbut gtg now, back later
11:02:43MicWantedwhat are thoes anchor players
11:02:52jhMikeSJust wondering cause I know there's a low memory SWCODEC and if it records I'm wondering just how that's gonna be pulled off.
11:02:58MicWantediv never heard of them b4 but they have more work on them than any others
11:03:08MicWantedman i have the worst lag lol im like a minute behind
11:03:40MicWantedoh well with its normally OS it just makes 128bit mp3s if that helps
11:03:50tucozscorche. thanks :) that was perfect
11:03:51MicWantedim not sure if its on the fly encodeing or what
11:04:07*scorche winks at tucoz
11:04:46tucozI guess select is by pressing the navi-key-center thingy
11:05:21markunhi tucoz
11:05:41markunI want to change the Gigabeat keys around a little
11:05:44amiconnjhMikeS: No, the low-memory swcodec target is the iFP7xx - and it only has 1MB RAM
11:05:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:06:14amiconnThe H10 is a pretty standard PP target, and afaik recording isn't implemented yet for those
11:06:25tucozah. ok. But for the key reference, we could use this?
11:06:42tucoz(the image by pixelma)
11:06:46scorchealthough, i believe there is a patch...forgot how far along it was though
11:06:48 Join kubiix [0] (
11:07:19amiconnjhMikeS: Not sure whether the iFP is capable of recording (hardware wise)
11:07:45*tucoz goes to his linux-box
11:07:47 Part tucoz
11:07:55MicWantedhow long do u think it might take b4 u an record on the h 10
11:08:05markuntucoz: the svg for the manual? Is it in cvs?
11:08:11Lloreanamiconn: The iFP records.
11:08:12 Join gotthardt [0] (
11:08:17 Join GodEater [0] (
11:08:19jhMikeSamiconn: that would be a nightmare to support codec recording on. it would need its own simpler system.
11:08:23LloreanjhMikeS: I think there's an H10 and iPod recording patch in the tracker, actually
11:09:01jhMikeSLlorean: a new one? I know linuxstb has something but that one sure won't apply now.
11:09:10Lloreanamiconn: Oddly enough, the recording is crippled in UMS mode. In "Managed" mode, it goes up to 320kbps, but in UMS mode I think the limit is 128, or less maybe.
11:09:42MicWantedit doesnt have inline recording
11:09:45LloreanjhMikeS: No, that was it. I doubt it'll apply though. i said..
11:09:58Lloreanscorche: You did indeed.
11:09:59 Join t0dk0n [0] (
11:10:08LloreanMicWanted: It'll probably be a while yet before recording works.
11:10:16Lloreanamiconn: The iFP series have both a line in, and a built in mic.
11:10:23amiconnjhMikeS: What would be the problem? The iFP uses loadable codecs for playback (though some are too big). Recording shouldn't be different...
11:10:37jhMikeSLlorean: not a chance it will but I did set up the encoders to compile for it
11:11:11t0dk0nOn ipods, would it ever be possible to make a custom disc mode thats native to rockbox? like the ipod firmware... that way it wouldn't have to reboot everytime into discmode, or having to go into original firmware use the faster built in disc mode
11:11:17amiconnThe good thing with flash is that there are no spinup delays, so no excessive buffering necessary.
11:11:29jhMikeSamiconn: it would have to flush pretty continuously without more than a second or two of room
11:11:36jhMikeSamiconn: oh, it's flash ah
11:11:55Lloreant0dk0n: That's planned in the future, but there's still many hurdles in the way.
11:11:57amiconnHehe, with a harddisk based device, 1MB RAM wouldn't make sense
11:12:44LloreanjhMikeS: The iFP-700 series come in capacities from, I believe 128 at the low end to 1 gig at the high.
11:12:45jhMikeSCould encode straight to the flash then I suppose.
11:13:05amiconnYou cannot directly access mass-storage flash
11:13:07t0dk0nLlorean: hehe, thats cool, thanks :)... I have the patience to wait, and perhaps, once I finally get a hang of C, I can contribute :D
11:13:23amiconnBut the recording buffers can be small
11:14:00jhMikeSamiconn: then where does the data get written and what functions do it? just file apis, right?
11:14:19 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
11:15:02 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/staff/tucoz)
11:15:10amiconnThe flash based targets look no different from the hd based ones api wise
11:15:32amiconnIt's just that you don't have to care about spinups
11:15:43t0dk0nalright, night night
11:15:43 Part t0dk0n
11:16:07jhMikeSThe data write rate of the flash is sufficient for pcm file writing or just something like mp3?
11:16:49amiconnNot sure about the iFP flash read / write speed
11:17:16amiconnOn Ondio PCM recording will be really tight. Playback is ok up to 48kHz stereo
11:17:29LloreanjhMikeS: It's at least fast enough for 320kbps MP3, though iRiver supposedly has claimed that the bitrate limitation in UMS mode has to do with file write speeds (an odd claim).
11:17:37amiconn(but that's another story, not swcodec)
11:17:50LloreanThen again, the iFP firmware has been hacked to remove the cap on encoding in the UMS mode, and it's true that after a certain point it can't keep up.
11:18:21amiconnThe limitation on Ondio doesn't come from the flash itself, but rather from the interface
11:18:41amiconnOndio uses MMC in SPI mode, with a maximum clock of 3MHz (CPUCLK/4)
11:19:20amiconnHence we can read and write at a theoretical maximum of 375KByte/sec - and real-world speed is very close to that
11:20:31MicWantedwhich is the best player thats like 20gb +
11:20:42LloreanDepends on what you want from it.
11:21:11LloreanThere's a faction that favours the H120/140, a faction that favours the iAudio X5, and a faction that favours the rather old-school Archoses.
11:21:16MicWantedsound quality n battery life for audio pictures/vidoes arnt needed
11:21:38MicWantedi like iaudio
11:21:48MicWantedx5l looks nice
11:21:59jhMikeSbut iAudio has sound quality :)
11:22:07LloreanMy vote would be the H120/H140 since you said you want recording functionality earlier, and its is arguably the best of the SWCodec recorders right now
11:22:40jhMikeSarguably? :D
11:22:56LloreanjhMikeS: Can't the X5 do better analog recording?
11:23:03LloreanWider range of frequency choices?
11:23:42MicWantedi wud rearly use the recording tho
11:23:46jhMikeSIt has 88kHz, but it has that subpack thing and the input gains are not as adjustable
11:23:57MicWantedif i was doing to do seriously recording i wud buy a digital recorder that is made for it
11:24:09LloreanMicWanted: The H120 and 140 also have pretty darn good battery life, especially if you feel like plugging in a replacement one.
11:24:23MicWantedas good as the 5xl??
11:24:27MicWantedi thought that 1 was the best
11:24:38MicWanted35 hours on the site
11:24:40LloreanYou put a larger battery in them, you can get about 29 hours.
11:24:43MicWantedbut i dont no if thats true in real life
11:24:48LloreanThe x5L gets about the same thing in Rockbox right now.
11:25:01MicWanted29 hours is damn good
11:25:05MicWantedim getttin under 10 now
11:25:20LloreanThe retail battery in Rockbox can get between 12 and 19 hours, depending on battery age.
11:25:31LloreanAnd of course, usage patterns.
11:25:57MicWantedwhat about the H10 does that improve?
11:26:18LloreanThe H10 is currently really work-in-progress and gets about half the battery life in Rockbox as it does in the original firmware
11:27:11LloreanSame as the iPods really
11:27:11jhMikeSI still need a good battery bench and battery curve for an x5 (not L) but it was switching off at what seemed prematurely. Would like a good bench for an X5L with a rather constant current drain rather than normal usage but the bench I got from someone is good.
11:27:13 Quit gotthardt ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
11:27:24LloreanThere's just a lot of hardware on those portalplayer chips that seem to be draining power or something.
11:27:39MicWantedi dont like ipods they annoy me
11:28:33 Join n1s [0] (
11:28:42MicWantedi dont like how the ipods put the enthusis on the way it looks rather than how it sounds but meh i think ill get an x5l
11:30:03 Part j_cox ("Konversation terminated!")
11:30:22MicWantedhow well does rock work on the ipod nano ?
11:32:14LloreanOther than the battery life, wonderfully
11:32:38*jhMikeS needs a name for a #define that includes more advanced message queue functionality in the build (don't want to have #ifdef SWCODEC in the kernal and threads). HAVE_? blah.
11:33:01peturHAVE_SEND_QUEUE ?
11:33:12 Quit arturo182 ()
11:33:26jhMikeSpetur: thought about that but I may have a need for a couple other tiny goodies
11:33:44LloreanHAVE_ADVANCED_MESSAGE_QUEUE seems to leap out of your question.
11:33:50*petur runs off again for a while
11:33:50LloreanIt's a bit bulky, but descriptive.
11:34:13SUSaiyanhow about HAVE_ADV_MSG_QUEUE?
11:35:00MicWantedhow long is the battery with the nano?
11:35:12scorchehow about #define HAMQ ?
11:35:14*scorche runs
11:35:17MicWantedand how long could i expect to get with my H10
11:35:50 Quit menosm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:36:01jhMikeSHAMQ?? Is that a pork reference? :)
11:36:36scorcheif you wish it to be
11:37:04LloreanMicWanted: I believe the nano is in the 8 hour range, again depending on usage (The backlight drains battery particularly fast on it because it actually has a quite small battery)
11:37:44LloreanApparently the H10 gets 4 hours?
11:37:49LloreanThat's the 6gig
11:37:52LloreanAccording to the runtime page
11:38:39MicWantedwud the 5gb be the same?
11:40:43 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
11:41:07*amiconn needs to have a look at this extended msg stuff
11:41:23scorcheMicWanted: yes...but keep in mind that that is just one user's test
11:41:26LloreanMicWanted: Yes, the 5gb H10 should be the same as the 6
11:41:56Lloreanscorche: I've heard pretty abysmal things about the H10's runtime though, but I hear the 5/6 varian only got a maximum of like, 9 anyway.
11:41:59*jhMikeS woke the central scrutinizer ;)
11:42:24MicWantedwell cheers guys im off
11:42:38 Quit MicWanted ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:42:44scorcheLlorean: of course...just making sure that he doesnt think that *is* the magic number ;)
11:42:53 Join lunacymaze [0] (
11:43:13Lloreanscorche: Fair enough.
11:49:11jhMikeSHAVE_EXTENDED_MESSAGING_AND_NAME it is then :) It clear enough to know basically what is it and and the _AND_NAME adds just enough obfuscation to perhaps make people uncomfortable about changing it.
11:51:07*scorche seconds the motion that Llorean has laid down
11:52:32*dan_a has a stupid idea about power management on the PortalPlayer targets
11:53:06*scorche doesnt think it is stupid if it works
11:53:36JdGordondoes it involve putting the pp chip to sleep? :D
11:53:48*amiconn is just testing flac playback in a problematic folder
11:53:52JdGordon... permanently i shhuold say
11:53:57amiconnMore strange playback behaviour :(
11:54:20amiconnI have a track where seeking doesn't work. It always jumps back to the current position
11:54:25 Join bluebrother [0] (i=u79nV08p@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
11:54:42amiconn...and the track change to the next track glitches
11:54:43dan_aWe know that there is a device enable register at 0x6000600c, and 0x70000020 seems to control power to some subsystems... why not try turning off any of the unknown bits in those registers and see if things still work?
11:55:19JdGordondoes anyone know the correct way to create a playlist with 1 file? playlist_create(folder,file); chucks the playlist full message!
11:55:24 Join spiorf [0] (
11:56:07Lloreandan_a: Cut power until something important doesn't work, right it down, continue on the list until you've identified the important bits, then cut power to everything else?
11:56:46jhMikeSamiconn: hmmm...then the buffer seeking isn't completing right. wonder if the message sending will affect that or did you try it and it's doing something new?
11:57:07dan_aLlorean: That's pretty much the idea - although it may be that everything we're not using is already turned off
11:57:10linuxstbamiconn: Odd that seeking doesn't work - I thought rotator had fixed that in CVS - i.e. Rockbox can seek even if there is no seektable in the FLAC file.
11:57:21amiconnjhMikeS: No, that's with plain cvs code
11:57:53amiconnlinuxstb: There should be a seek table. And it does this irrespecive of buffering, i.e. even if it's the first track in the playlist
11:58:13linuxstbjhMikeS: No, the ipod/H10 recording patch hasn't been updated recently - it won't apply against current CVS.
11:58:46linuxstbamiconn: Which target is this? Have you tried the same folder of FLACs on different players yet?
11:58:49scorchedan_a: if you wish, i have the spare time to do that mundane work ;)
11:59:30dan_ascorche: Excellent!
11:59:33jhMikeSwonder if the queue_send will effect that behavior (last patch). the known deadlock still occurrs with the mods but that tells me I got it right.
11:59:40*amiconn wonders whether that folder will fit on the mini
12:00:45*dan_a also thinks it would be a good idea to put a cut down version of the Quick Start page from the manual on every player, and have it available from a "help" link
12:01:21linuxstbI've start work on a new ipod install page (based on the new ipodpatcher) here:
12:01:56linuxstbAnyone is free to work on it... Download links don't work yet, but I'll try and compile everything today and give it to Bagder to host on
12:02:40*linuxstb looks towards barrywardell_ for a Mac OS universal binary for the new ipodpatcher in tools/ipodpatcher/
12:03:34amiconnAre there any libaries which need to be statically linked, and how would one do that if so?
12:03:44*amiconn could provide a 64 bit linux binary
12:04:02linuxstbNo, no libraries are needed.
12:04:18JdGordonlinuxstb: how did you go with statically linking rbutil?
12:04:26jhMikeSlinuxstb: is there going to be an update? That recording stuff should be pretty much stablized by now. I have a small mod to pcm_apply_settings pending (along with better internal DMA/PCM/peaking code) that removes the reset parameter (will be automatic) but not much else.
12:04:55JdGordongrabbing :)
12:05:02linuxstbjhMikeS: I would like to, but you know how time doesn't allow you to do everything...
12:05:21amiconnOn mini G2, seeking in that very same track works...
12:05:40linuxstbI think rotator has an H300, so it shouldn't be an endian issue.
12:05:41amiconn...and the track change doesn't glitch
12:06:15*amiconn notices that buffering on ipod is way slower than on coldfire targets
12:07:38linuxstbYes, someone needs to ARM-optimise the ATA reads/writes. (or try DMA...)
12:08:21 Join jba [0] (
12:09:38JdGordonlinuxstb: it crashed... ldd says ive got al the libs
12:09:46JdGordon$ ./rbutil
12:09:47JdGordon*** glibc detected *** ./rbutil: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x0835112c ***
12:10:12linuxstbOh well... I think rasher was working on packaging it as a .deb (but hit unicode issues...)
12:11:29linuxstbdan_a: Is your crt0-pp.S patch ready for commit? (or did you commit and I missed it?)
12:12:09linuxstbIf we're going to release new ipod bootloaders, I think it would be nice to include it.
12:12:11dan_alinuxstb: It's waiting for me to check it works on the 3g iPod - I should get that done today or tomorrow
12:12:11*jhMikeS sqeezed the peaking loop down real small to 21 instuctions if C and 20 if hand-coded asm but almost identical (one just get led to that sequence). An asm function make better use of movem though and hence smaller.
12:14:18linuxstbCan some Linux users (x86 32-bit) test this binary? Just running it with no options should be enough.
12:16:10JdGordonit works.
12:16:15JdGordonwell.. it spits ou the usage info
12:16:59JdGordonjust being picky... but when you use short and long option strings.. shhuoldnthe short ones always be 1 char?
12:17:22JdGordonchage -rf to -R and -wf t -F or something
12:18:16JdGordonhaha.. vicroads wont let you gett he number plate id10t !
12:19:19bluebrothermust be evil then ;-)
12:19:27bluebrotheror someone else already has it?
12:19:28jhMikeSis -1 a silly IRQ level value that no port actually would use? if so, then things are good. Can't be too careful though.
12:19:39JdGordonbluebrother: no, they say the combination isnt allowed :D
12:20:14linuxstbJdGordon: I would prefer the options to be clearer, rather than strictly sticking to one character.
12:20:53linuxstbAlso, most people not familiar with the command-line would write -W as -w and all kinds of badness would happen...
12:21:16lunacymazeI was wondering... in pp5020.h CPU_INT_STAT is defined as 0x64004000 whereas on it is defined as 0x60004000
12:21:23lunacymazewhere is the error?
12:21:39bluebrotheryou could case-insensitive check for the option character(s)
12:22:08dan_alunacymaze: Possibly neither. On the PortalPlayer a lot of the addresses do the same thing
12:23:45lunacymazeah ok
12:26:00JdGordonso..... does anyone know the corect way to create a playlist of 1 track?
12:26:09JdGordonI want to get this plugin finished already
12:29:24jbaput it in it's old directory?
12:29:43 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
12:29:44JdGordonno an option
12:29:55jbay not?
12:29:58JdGordoncreate_playlist() i would have thought tdoes it.. but apparently not
12:30:10LloreanJdGordon: Whatever method "Playlist insert" uses when you hit it with an empty playlist won't work for you?
12:30:10JdGordonbecause :D
12:30:13jbause database, give it it's own genre?
12:30:26Lloreanjba: I think he's trying to do it from a code standpoint
12:30:40bluebrotherwx does compile without unicode support per default?
12:30:41JdGordonyeah, Im almost finished a cue support plugin
12:30:47LloreanAs from within Rockbox it's as simple as "hit stop, highlight track, choose 'playlist insert', and you have a 1-track playlist"
12:30:47 Join hotwire__ [0] (
12:30:58JdGordonand the damn playlist creating fails :(
12:31:42jbaSlasheri, you around?
12:36:11barrywardell_i don't have an ipod to test on though
12:36:34 Nick barrywardell_ is now known as barrywardell (n=barrywar@
12:40:25Slasherijba: hi
12:41:02linuxstbbarrywardell: Thanks.
12:41:02jbahey mate, a while back i was asking about adding some rating meta data to database, and someone suggested i speak to you bout it?
12:41:46Slasherijba: then you might want also check roolku's patch on the tracker
12:41:53 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
12:41:56linuxstbOdd, "file ipodpatcher" tells me "ipodpatcher: compiled Java class data, version 2.0"
12:42:00Slasheriit already has the possibility to add manual rating
12:42:02jbait's implemented already then?
12:42:11jbaaah cooll
12:42:15Slasheriyes, it just needs some finishing before committing
12:42:19Slasheribut i am out of time right now..
12:42:19 Nick DreamThief|off is now known as DreamThief (
12:42:29jbawhat's the deal with these kinds of patches, what does it take for them to make it to mainline?
12:43:00Slasheriit depends, for small feature changes and bugfixes it should be quite trivial
12:43:00linuxstbSlasheri: In case you didn't read it in the logs, the new ipodpatcher fixes the AppleOS loading on 5.5Gs. It even works on the 80GB models (because AppleOS is already in RAM, loaded by the Apple bootloader in flash).
12:43:20Slasheribigger changes then needs more to think about the implementation
12:43:49linuxstbbluebrother: Yes, the default wx compile is non-unicode. But most pre-compiled packages seem to enable it.
12:43:53Slasherilinuxstb: nice, i will test that soon :)
12:44:11Slasherinow i haven't used ipod at all in few days, liked more the iriver.. but will try it soon :)
12:44:26bluebrotherI think it's a bit strange, unicode is getting quite popular for linux distros these days
12:44:36linuxstbSlasheri: You need to restore a known good firmwre partition, then simply "ipodpatcher /dev/XXX -a bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod".
12:44:57*amiconn prefers -wf :)
12:45:07Slasheriah, fortunately i have backup of the original fw ;)
12:45:16jbaSlasheri, any doco on the pqtch, or just jump straight in?
12:45:19linuxstbamiconn: Did you try "-wf rockbox.ipod" ?
12:45:38amiconnNo, just the bootloader (built from current cvs)
12:45:44Slasherijba: if you would like to work on the commit the rating part only, it should be quite ok
12:45:57JdGordondoes playlist creation need the plugin bufffer?
12:46:04jbacool will look into it
12:46:08tucozbarrywardell, does this look ok for the sansa?
12:46:20 Quit _Johannes_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:46:22Slasherijba: nice
12:46:50 Quit hotwire_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:46:56Slasherijba: however, it needs to bump up the tagcache sturctures version, so it would be good to add some other meta tags to the structures also at the same time
12:47:11Slasherisuch as file modify timestamp, and last played timestamp fields
12:47:15barrywardelltucoz: up and down could be called play and menu
12:47:21tucozok. thanks
12:47:41dan_atucoz, barrywardell: it's a bad idea to call down "menu"
12:47:55barrywardelldan_a: true
12:47:57tucozwhat does it say on the player?
12:47:58dan_aThe power button is labelled "menu"
12:47:59jbais there any tool around to dump an itunesdb, into songs in the right filetree, and preserve the metadata?
12:48:19jbai.e. export itunesdb into a filestree usable by rockbox?
12:48:27linuxstbjba: Any of the "copy songs off the ipod to your computer" tools will do that.
12:48:34jbanot just read the itunesdb into tag cache with the current file structure
12:48:39linuxstbBut I doubt there are any which will simply move them on the ipod itself.
12:48:40Lloreanlinuxstb: Any tool that can organize music by their tags will do
12:48:53dan_atucoz: On the player, it's got a picture of a long line with three right justified short lines underneath
12:48:54linuxstbYes, but that won't use the itunesdb version of the metadata.
12:48:55LloreanFoobar2000 can create a directory structure off of the tags of music.
12:48:59LloreanAh, that's true.
12:49:04jbaexcept for ratibgs
12:49:10LloreanAssuming the itunesDB is more updated than the real tags, yeah. =/
12:49:30linuxstbAFAIK, if a user edits the metadata in itunes, the tags in the files don't change, only the itunesdb.
12:49:33jbai don't think ipod uses tags to store rating
12:49:36tucozdan_a, ok.
12:49:46LloreanYeah, iTunes doesn't like to change tags at all, actually.
12:49:47jbaand that's all i'm interested in
12:50:03tucozgot to go, bbl
12:50:11Slasherii was also planning to add auto endianess detection to tagcache, so it could detect correct endianess at runtime
12:50:14Lloreanlinuxstb: I think most tools that move songs off the iPod just use the normal song's metadata anyway. I'd be surprised many of them use the iTunesDB.
12:51:00*amiconn wonders if / when we'll see the promised code optimisations for tagcache
12:51:21Slasheriamiconn: not very soon..
12:51:40Slasheriunless somebody else wants to do it
12:51:55jbawhat are they?
12:51:57amiconntagcache is quite a code blob, and provided that while it's nice thing to have not everybody uses it
12:52:11amiconnSo a cut-down on code size would be really good
12:52:29linuxstbLlorean: I would have guessed the opposite, but I've nothing to base that on...
12:53:12jbaif anyone knows of a tool, it would be helpful
12:53:14Slasheriamiconn: for some archos devices, it could be possible to disable the part of code used to initialize tagcache
12:53:23Slasherithat should drop code size quite a bit
12:53:28Lloreanlinuxstb: I guess I have nothing to base it on either.
12:53:39Slasherithen the db could be initialized on pc only
12:53:40amiconnWouldn't that mean that tagcache doesn't work any more?
12:53:54amiconnAh, that init part you mean...
12:53:54Slasheriit would work, but could not be initialized / updated on the device
12:54:04amiconnI don't think that would be a good idea
12:54:21amiconnBut tagcache creation could be made a plugin
12:54:34Slasherihmm, that's true also
12:54:50JdGordonthats proabbly a god mve for all targets
12:54:59amiconn...and if it's made a tsr plugin, there wouldn't be much difference in handling compared to today
12:55:02*jhMikeS is just trying to make sense of that ascii diagram at the beginning of tagcache.c
12:55:23amiconnJust that you couldn't run another plugin while creating the db
12:55:28 Quit barrywardell ()
12:55:32amiconn...or tagcache creation would stop
12:55:34Slasheriamiconn: so then it could run in background on dircached devices to automatically update the db?
12:55:44Slasherias it does now in the core
12:55:47JdGordonalways run in the backgronud
12:55:57amiconnIn theory yes, but then you can't run any plugin
12:56:05amiconn*any other
12:56:17JdGordonis that such a big problem/
12:57:02amiconnSlasheri: I think it would be a good move on low-mem targets (where there is also no dircache and no tagcache-in-ram)
12:57:36Slasheriamiconn: might be, but then it would be necessary to do that on all targets
12:57:48amiconnTagcache needs to hit the disk anyway, so no real loss from the spinup caused by loading the plugin
12:58:15Slasherior maybe not :)
12:58:19amiconnJust code duplication, or other reasons as well?
12:58:28Slasheriif the plugin would be just a wrapper or something like that
12:58:32Slashericode duplication mainly
12:58:36amiconnMaybe there are some function which will need to be exported
13:01:19amiconnIt seems like we need some general libs (linkable both from core and plugins / codecs)
13:03:06jhMikeSPhase #1: optimize tagcache code size Phase #2: ??? Phase #3: Profit
13:04:20Slasheriit is also important to keep performance in mind while optimizing. Not everything can be ripped of without losing the performance
13:04:48amiconnOf course
13:05:17amiconnBut sometimes, optimising for size also reveal further possibilities for optimising speed
13:06:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:11:52jhMikeSrandom thought: looking around at some things, I'd like to see globally unique and meaningful error values. it wouldn't add size unless descriptive strings are associated with more of them. they'd be integers after all just like now. passing codec errors to the UI be shown to the user comes to mind as a use instead of showing splashes way down in playback.c.
13:13:08amiconnNow I'm puzzled
13:13:10Slasherii would like to have a syslog support with variable severity
13:13:24amiconnThe ipod mini played the whole damn folder without a single glitch :/
13:13:37Slasheriwith failures, it would automatically open something like a pop-up window and so user the error message
13:14:10Slasheri*tell user
13:14:49amiconnI'll test on my other cf targets later
13:15:00jhMikeSmy thinking atm was more center on recording since not every error means the disk is full. if codecs can set the error flags, it should be able to say why and not conflict on the values.
13:15:54jhMikeSThe recording screen can display the information in that case. But yeah, it goes way beyond that in usefulness.
13:16:25amiconnDon't waste too much thought about reporting rare errors
13:16:41amiconnE.g. I can't see why an encoder would fail at all
13:16:43jhMikeSSlasheri: I think we need some viewports to make that work nicely
13:18:45jhMikeSamiconn: it can in the file writing part. encoders call all the file apis so they can to the greatest extent manipulate what's output
13:20:27 Part Llorean
13:22:25 Part n1s
13:22:51*JdGordon 's .cue player is soo close to working its painful :'(
13:24:30linuxstbJdGordon: How do you use the cuesheet functionality if it's a plugin? Does that mean it's not available in the WPS?
13:24:55JdGordontsr plugin which hooks into the button code to handle everything properly
13:25:06JdGordonminor hack, but I tihnk its acceptable hackign :)
13:26:23linuxstbDoes it handle the metadata as well? i.e. updating the track name? What about track length/number of tracks?
13:27:16JdGordonsort of. the track number is supposed to be updated, as is the track name. but the playlist length will be 1 always
13:27:24JdGordontrack length shows the actual file
13:29:57jhMikeSI'd like to have some nice way of letting code know (for logging and handling) and showing the user a reason for something bad happening. Common errors can have a string (many do already). Just a number for rare ones and a reference on the rockbox site or something. It could possibly even reduce code size a bit overall.
13:32:36JdGordonwhy is audio_get_file_pos() still in the code if the only things that use it are the codec and plugin apis (of which only splitedit.c uses it) and its code is return 0; ?
13:32:51JdGordonand on those lines, how do I get the current track position?
13:33:15Slasherihmm, i also think the feature which limits volume to a certain (configurable) level after bootup should be committed
13:33:16jhMikeSJdGordon: noticed that too. odd.
13:33:28Slasheriwould be really useful if one uses player often as a lineout device
13:34:32jhMikeSJdGordon: imho high_watermark should be updated on every buffer reset since it depends on filebuflen
13:35:03JdGordonwell you kow that code better than me.. so I agree...
13:35:11JdGordon(or you nick tabbed the wrong person?)
13:36:46JdGordonid3->elapsed is the corect way to get the current positio in a trck ?
13:36:51 Join zylche [0] (
13:38:29jhMikeSJdGordon: for time, yes
13:39:07JdGordonseems odd.. but ok
13:39:28 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
13:41:15linuxstbKasperle: :) Have you installed a bootloader with it?
13:42:06jhMikeSwhat's odd is that audio_set_elapsed doesn't set the elapsed time but updates id3->elapsed for the id3 passed in :\
13:43:55peturjhMikeS: we can put the error displayer in a plugin. For that we need another directory next to plugins and viewers. Maybe 'overlays' or something like that. Like what I did with the file/dir properties
13:44:01dan_aAny ARM gurus about? If I do "str r0, [r1]!" will that write r0 to the address in r1 and increment r1 by 4?
13:44:28peturwould also be nice if a plugin could have its own lang file then :)
13:44:36JdGordonthey can
13:44:45JdGordonwell.. they are supposed to be able to
13:44:56jhMikeSpetur: a lookup you mean? I think for really common ones there should be a language string but yeah, the plugin could show a description of rare ones
13:45:28JdGordonthat plugin wont be usable if anything has the plugin bffer tho
13:46:06peturtsr plugins will be a problem
13:47:03Kasperlelinuxstb: you are my hero
13:47:08jhMikeStrue, but they could write the number down for the rarities and look it up later
13:47:20Kasperlelinuxstb: booting rockbox and the original firmware works now
13:47:32Kasperlelinuxstb: when i install the rockbox bootloader with ipodpatcher
13:48:02linuxstbKasperle: Glad to hear it.
13:51:16Kasperlereally cool. thanks for your work :)
13:51:27JdGordondoes anyone know how to force the wps to reload the id3 info for the track?
13:51:47JdGordonits not as simple as I was hoping to change the track name mid song
13:53:16linuxstbKasperle: How is Rockbox running on your 5.5g? Any problems which you think are 5.5g specific?
13:54:39pixelmaJdGordon: that's a problem I run into too (not updating - I used two sublines then (which contained the same code)
13:55:39pixelmaof course - that's the user side
13:55:43Kasperlelinuxstb: i don't have any experience with rockbox, this is the first time i ever used it, so i wouldn't really know
13:55:57Kasperlelinuxstb: so far it seems to work fine
13:56:04JdGordonI dont really want to touch the core much more than I already have... might have to tho
13:57:04*linuxstb still feels cuesheet/chapters/subtracks etc support belongs in the core wps/playback code
13:57:13jhMikeSJdGordon: That's stuck in the trackinfo no? I'd just revamp whatever I need to in the system to make it more flexible myself and fix any related bugs along the way.
13:57:43JdGordonlinuxstb: I agree, but for the time being a rock is easier
13:58:30*jhMikeS doesn't even like seeing wps_offset in playback.c. It shouldn't even know a wps exists.
14:02:07*JdGordon realises how bad track seeking is with mp3... 3sec margin of error!
14:02:37jhMikeSIt shouldn't know directories exist either. Some sort of iterator elsewhere should just tell it what's next/prev. no playlists, no particular awareness of metadata. just codecs and buffers.
14:04:22 Part pixelma
14:17:36jbaso what is flyspray?
14:18:03bluebrotherjba, see the wiki page FlySpray
14:18:15jbaman hat wiki is hard to search/use
14:18:58bluebrotherjust use that page name
14:19:16jbaaah it makes sense now
14:19:20bluebrotherthere's a "go" box in the upper right
14:19:46bluebrotheryou can also start with the ReportingBugs page, it links it also
14:20:04bluebrotherand links some useful informations when you're trying to use FS ;-)
14:26:00 Join Criamos [0] (
14:26:51JdGordoncue patch is on he wiki if any one is interested
14:32:24 Join Arathis [0] (
14:35:10jhMikeShow come poor Björn Stenberg's name is always getting mangled to "Bj�n Stenberg"?
14:35:22linuxstbPeople use broken editors...
14:35:29JdGordon^ that!
14:35:40jhMikeSI just fixed it in plugin.c recently
14:35:58JdGordonI usually remeber to check the patch before commiting so its no big deal
14:38:40 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=MARVIN_T@rockbox/contributor/Genre9mp3)
14:40:33jhMikeSit's a plugin? :\
14:40:55JdGordonand it doesnt quite work atm which is why its online :)
14:42:03 Join PaulJam [0] (
14:45:15 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
14:45:49 Quit zylche ("-")
14:59:03 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
15:04:04 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:04:54 Join Siku [0] (
15:06:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:07:11amiconnMeh, missed JdGordon
15:08:05amiconnJdGordon, if you read the log: audio_get_file_pos() most certainly doesn't just return 0; for hwcodec. This function not properly implemented is one reason why splitedit doesn't work on swcodec, I think
15:15:38 Quit lini (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
15:15:55 Join lini [0] (i=pugsley@
15:17:28tucozdan_a, around?
15:18:13 Join Plouj [0] (n=Plouj@
15:18:59tucozdan_a, i found the e200 manual and they use the up/left/down/right names for those keys (along with their other names)
15:19:38tucozlike up is called Up/Pause/Resume, Left/Previous/Rewind, Down/Submenu and Right/Forward
15:20:33tucozmaybe we could call Left and Righ that, and say Play for the Up button, and Submenu for the Down button.
15:20:45tucozor simply stick with the directions
15:20:46 Quit jba (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:20:56 Quit lini ("lini has no reason")
15:21:17tucozhere is the manual for those interested:
15:21:30 Join JazzBone [0] (
15:23:53 Join karim [0] (
15:29:37 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:36:39 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
15:43:53linuxstbAny ipod users willing to test the upcoming new bootloader/ipodpatcher release?
15:44:12linuxstbThe zip file contains binaries of ipodpatcher for linux/win32/Mac OS X and new bootloaders for all ipods.
15:45:01linuxstbI've made one change to the bootloader - before starting the original stored in the firmware partition, it will look for the original firmware in a file called apple_os.ipod on your FAT32 partition (same places as rockbox.ipod - the root directory and .rockbox/).
15:45:43linuxstbYou can extract the apple_os.ipod using the "-rf" option in ipodpatcher. If you then install the bootloader using "-wf" instead of "-a" you should see improved boot times when starting Rockbox, but still have the Apple firmware available.
15:46:06 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
15:48:57 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
16:04:04 Join o0SmOkE0o [0] (i=52c5ce8e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:04:22o0SmOkE0ohello everybody doesn't appear safe to call remove_thread on a sleeping thread where queues and mutexes are concerned since (q|m)->thread won't get NULLed and wakeup_thread could be called later with who knows what. owned mutexes won't be released either.
16:07:14 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
16:08:15 Join matsl [0] (
16:17:19 Join Nico_P [0] (
16:22:16 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:22:34karimjhMikeS, what's up
16:23:13karimlinuxstb, hi. did you worked on mpegplayer ?
16:24:03SUSaiyanlinuxstb: ill be trying that soon :)
16:24:21linuxstbkarim: No.
16:25:05linuxstbSUSaiyan: Thanks. Which ipod do you have? The work-in-progress install instructions to go with those files are here:
16:25:26SUSaiyanive got a 4GB nano
16:25:41linuxstbFollow those instructions, but instead of downloading files (the links don't work yet), just copy them from that zip file...
16:27:05 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody (
16:28:32o0SmOkE0oanybodu working on a unilink patch ?
16:28:41o0SmOkE0oanybody I mean :)
16:28:49o0SmOkE0oYes. Sony CDC changer protocol ?
16:29:01SUSaiyannever heard of it ^^
16:29:23o0SmOkE0oJust upgraded my Studio 10 with a 40 GB harddrive and made myself a Unilink dongle (Gnunilink is the opensource project)
16:29:47o0SmOkE0oNow I want them to communicate with each other, found alot of info but now I'm lost in al the code.. lol
16:30:16o0SmOkE0oThis is a good link, but it is a litte bit out of date...
16:30:56o0SmOkE0oIn my opinion the easiest way would be to send al Unilink command to the Archos Studio 10 and let Rockbox decode them
16:31:04o0SmOkE0oJust like the Alpina-CDC plugin
16:32:22linuxstbI don't think anyone has worked on it. You could send an email to the rockbox-dev mailing list, just to make sure - not everyone will check the IRC logs.
16:32:58o0SmOkE0oWould be a cool project. But it's been on the net for almost 2 years. But I think it stopped :(
16:33:31o0SmOkE0oI will have a look at the dev-mailing list :). But nobody fooling around with Unilink ?
16:36:07 Join DerPapst_ [0] (
16:37:20DerPapst_linuxstb: you missed a - for f) Troubleshooting in the iPodInstallationBeta (−−++++ f) Troubleshooting)
16:38:21linuxstbAre you sure?
16:39:05DerPapst_not anymore ;)
16:44:37 Quit o0SmOkE0o ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:45:14 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
16:46:13DerPapst_i don't know it it is a already known fact but in the iPod Video Manual point 8.3.3. Rockboy the image is missing in the pdf file (page 96)
16:52:37 Join lini [0] (i=pugsley@
16:57:04 Quit karim (Remote closed the connection)
17:00:25 Join TFGBD [0] (
17:02:21linuxstbWhat do people think of Llorean's idea from a while ago to make the hold switch start the Apple firmware in the Rockbox bootloader?
17:04:02linuxstbThe idea is that it will be easier for people to start the Apple firmware, and also it will mean that if you accidentally reboot the ipod with the hold switch on, you get Apple OS (if installed) instead of the settings being reset. To reset the settings you would need to turn the hold switch on between the time the bootloader starts, and the time Rockbox starts.
17:04:34DerPapst_maybe a menu in the loader to coose from? ;)
17:04:35DerPapst_sounds good.
17:04:56linuxstbNo, we don't want to slow things down with a menu.
17:05:13linuxstbThere's always that other bootloader if you want a menu...
17:06:01DerPapst_i know ;)
17:06:02DerPapst_i like the idea of Llorean
17:06:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:07:19SUSaiyanlinuxstb: it seems to stall on "Rockbox loaded."
17:07:31 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
17:07:45 Join akaias [0] (
17:08:28linuxstbSUSaiyan: Do you have a recent version of Rockbox installed?
17:08:31SUSaiyanalso, linuxstb, you could have it show a menu only when the hold swithc is on ;)
17:08:38SUSaiyanyes, i just downloaded it
17:09:04 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
17:10:52linuxstbAnother argument against the menu in Rockbox's bootloader, is that once "rolo" is working correctly, you will be able start the Apple firmware just by selecting an "apple_os.ipod" file in the file browser. So Rockbox itself would act as a menu if you kept the number of files in the root of your hard disk small enough to see the "apple_os" file when you boot.
17:11:29SUSaiyanok no menu then :P
17:12:25linuxstbAnd with the apple_os.ipod file on the FAT32 partition instead of inside the firmware partition, Rockbox boots a lot faster.
17:12:40SUSaiyanyeah, it just doesnt boot either :x
17:13:22 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
17:13:24SUSaiyanwell, it tells me rockbox/appleos is loaded, but then stops
17:13:26DerPapst_what is rolo?
17:13:33SUSaiyanrockbox loader
17:13:55PresenceI love the hold switch on an iPod swapping to the Retail OS.
17:14:01Presencethat'd be swell.
17:14:10SUSaiyanalso, after it loads the apple os, it waits for like 2 seconds and reboots
17:14:19Presenceseriously, not that I've gone to the retail Os in like the last 6 months evar.
17:14:33SUSaiyanand yes, id prefer it swapping too
17:14:42SUSaiyanas i dislike my settings being removed all the time
17:15:16linuxstbSUSaiyan: Back to your problem, what was installed in your ipod's firmware partition before you tried the new instructions?
17:16:04linuxstbAnd what commands did you type at the command-line to install the new bootloader?
17:16:08SUSaiyan2006-06-28, i just put that on there
17:16:14SUSaiyanrestored that is
17:17:01SUSaiyanipodpatcher -r bootpartition.bin
17:17:17SUSaiyanipodpatcher -rf apple_os.ipod
17:17:51SUSaiyaner i have forgotten to type the device number
17:18:00 Quit TFGBD_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:18:03SUSaiyanipodpatcher 1 -r bootpartition.bin
17:18:08SUSaiyanipodpatcher 1 -rf apple_os.ipod
17:18:21 Join TFGBD_ [0] (
17:18:35SUSaiyanipodpatcher 1 -wf bootloader-ipodnano.ipod
17:18:54 Join [1]Cassandra [0] (
17:19:09 Quit TFGBD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:19:46linuxstbAnd you have both rockbox.ipod and apple_os.ipod in the root of the FAT32 partition?
17:19:57SUSaiyanyes, i do
17:20:23SUSaiyanand it does detect, and load, both, but then doesnt continue to the actual os
17:20:24linuxstbBefore each of them fails, do you see messages about checksums? It should display the same checksum twice.
17:20:30SUSaiyanit does
17:20:34 Join Wes_S [0] (n=wess@
17:20:56 Join strabes [0] (
17:21:02SUSaiyanthough the second time it just says Sum:
17:21:15SUSaiyanwith the same number
17:21:30SUSaiyanwhy does it say the checksum twice anyway?
17:21:32 Join midgey [0] (
17:21:38linuxstbOK. Can you try "ipodpatcher 1 -wf apple_os.ipod" followed by "ipodpatcher 1 -a bootloader-ipodnano.ipod".
17:22:06linuxstbThe first checksum is the checksum stored in the file, and the second checksum is what's calculated by the bootloader. If they don't match, then the file is corrupted.
17:23:48SUSaiyannow it does boot
17:24:34linuxstbOK, the loading of apple_os.ipod from the FAT32 partition should still be called experimental then... It works on my Photo, but obviously not on your Nano.
17:24:44linuxstbDo both Rockbox and AppleOS boot?
17:25:05 Join zylche [0] (
17:25:15strabesmy ipod 4th gen crashes in the middle of songs about every 2-3 songs. I'm using the latest daily build of rockbox. Is this common?
17:25:32zylchedoubt it
17:25:37linuxstbYes, it's common.
17:25:38SUSaiyanlinuxstb: yes, they both boot now
17:25:53strabeslinuxstb: is there something I can do to fix it?
17:26:07linuxstbCan you program in C?
17:26:25strabesno :(
17:26:45strabesby "something I can do" I meant a workaround, not working on the source code
17:26:49linuxstbThen download one of the unofficial builds from the "Unofficial Builds" forum that disables CPU frequency scaling.
17:27:19strabeslinuxstb: that will lower my battery life, right? oh well
17:28:19SUSaiyanit does load apple_os.ipod from the fat32 partition doesnt it?
17:29:03 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:29:05linuxstbYes, if it finds one there, it will load it.
17:29:16 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
17:29:33SUSaiyanit does seem to load alot faster now too
17:30:55 Join hotwire___ [0] (
17:36:11linuxstbOK. I'm working on the bootloader now, and will probably release some more test versions soon.
17:36:28 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:36:28 Nick [1]Cassandra is now known as Cassandra (
17:38:44SUSaiyanhow soon? :)
17:39:11linuxstbProbably in the next 30 minutes
17:39:27SUSaiyanill be here :)
17:39:42linuxstbThis implements the new hold-switch behaviour.
17:39:51SUSaiyangood :)
17:41:12lexlinuxstb: can we now boot into apple os and rockbox? :O
17:41:33SUSaiyanyou could before
17:41:44SUSaiyani thought we could anyway
17:41:52SUSaiyannever felt the need to try ;)
17:42:52linuxstblex: If by "we" you mean 5.5g owners, then yes.
17:42:55lexi could not boot into apple os when i tried
17:42:59lexlinuxstb: oh, how? :O
17:43:19linuxstbThe new ipodpatcher.exe builds a correct firmware partition. The old ipod_fw.exe didn't.
17:43:37lexwhere's the new ipodpatcher then
17:43:55lexand... does the daily 5G build work for 5.5G?
17:44:11linuxstbYes, the daily 5G build has worked on the 5.5G for a while.
17:44:42linuxstbCheck the last hour or two from the IRC logs for more info:
17:45:06linuxstbNo, nothing has changed with the 80gb.
17:46:01lexDerPapst_: is the new ipodpatcher there or where, i can't find it :(
17:46:44lex :O
17:47:23lexlinuxstb: i'll say thanks before i'll try it :)
17:47:28 Quit hotwire__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:49:27 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:49:46 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
17:50:26linuxstblex: Just remember to restore your original firmware partition first. Don't try and use the new ipodpatcher with a firmware partition corrupted by ipod_fw.exe
17:50:41lexyeah, i'm good now
17:50:43linuxstbNothing bad should happen, but it won't work...
17:50:49lexi just need to wait to itunes to fill my ipod
17:50:59BetaCookiesDoes rockbox play CDA files?
17:51:00lexbecause winamp the nubcake broke my itunesdb
17:51:11lexBetaCookies: i guess cdas are just links
17:51:19linuxstbBetaCookies: CDA files are windows shortcuts to CD audio on physical CDs...
17:51:29linuxstb(what lex just said...)
17:51:30BetaCookiesdang how do i get the music off
17:51:38lexBetaCookies: rip it
17:51:41lexwith programs like dbpoweramp
17:51:42BetaCookiesi'm just about ready to kill linux
17:51:50lexon linux... kcd
17:51:53linuxstbIn Linux, grip.
17:51:55lexor what they are, kaudiocreator
17:51:58lexsomething :)
17:52:02linuxstbAha, KDE vs Gnome...
17:52:05DerPapst_use itunes to do so or windowsmediaplayer or whatever
17:52:06 Quit markun (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:52:20SUSaiyanwhy kill linux if you have windows?
17:52:39BetaCookiesyou've got to be kidding me, SUSaiyan
17:52:59SUSaiyanexplain :P
17:53:05BetaCookieslinux > windows
17:53:17BetaCookiesexcept cleartype rocks
17:53:19SUSaiyanyes, so why would you use windows?
17:53:27BetaCookiesi cant get my fonts to look nice in linux, and it drove me insane
17:53:33BetaCookiesalso, ati's drivers are crap
17:53:42BetaCookiesbut the new fglrx drivers might make me switch
17:53:43SUSaiyanyes, but you cant blame linux for that
17:53:49 Quit zylche (Remote closed the connection)
17:53:55BetaCookiesbut ati hasn't done anything
17:53:59 Join markun [0] (n=markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
17:54:00BetaCookiesbut the new drivers might help
17:54:12SUSaiyani dont know, i stay with nvidia ;)
17:54:24BetaCookiesso whats a good *free* program (no adware, spyware, etc) for ripping music from CDs?
17:54:28 Join zylche [0] (
17:56:04 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Kühe!!!")
17:57:00SUSaiyanfor what OS?
17:57:17BetaCookieswindows, sorry
17:57:36SUSaiyanwell, wmp can do it
17:57:37*zylche shudders
17:57:42*petur switched from nvidia to ati because the card was unreliable and the ATI drivers are fine
17:57:49SUSaiyanthough im not sure if it makes mp3 files
17:57:52BetaCookiespetur well my whole computer is crap
17:57:56DerPapst_windowsmediaplayer can rip cds. if you don't want to install anything new
17:57:59BetaCookieswell anyway i got CDex
17:58:12peturEAC rules
17:58:24petur(+ lame for mp3)
17:58:50SUSaiyanmy nvidia cards have always been stable ;P
17:59:20peturwell mine hasn't - and the ATI card is
17:59:36peturboth are fanless cooled versions
17:59:45SUSaiyanso are mine
18:02:20SUSaiyanalso, linuxstb, does the firmware partition really have to be 80MB?
18:02:25 Quit strabes (Remote closed the connection)
18:03:44 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:03:45daurnimatorguess what?
18:03:57 Quit midgey ()
18:03:58linuxstbSUSaiyan: If you are using Apple's firmware, then I think it needs to be at least around 55MB. If you are just using Rockbox, you can shrink it down to about 100KB.
18:04:11daurnimatori've got a fever
18:04:30daurnimatorand the only prescription
18:04:36daurnimatoris more cowbell
18:04:41daurnimatori gotta have more cowbell
18:04:50 Join matsl [0] (
18:04:53SUSaiyanget out of here /b/tard
18:06:44SUSaiyanlinuxstb: how would i go about doing that though? will the same ipodpatcher commandline work for putting the rockbox loader on there?
18:09:03linuxstbYou need a partition editor capable of modifying the size of the partitions on an ipod (the Linux fdisk will do it). You then just use that to shrink the firmware partition, and create a new, larger FAT32 partition. You then need to format the FAT32 partition, and after that everything should carry on as normal.
18:09:58linuxstbOnly the start of the firmware partition is used, so it doesn't matter if you shrink it - as long as you don't shrink it beyond what it contains, which in the case of AppleOS can include a 32MB hibernation image.
18:10:19linuxstbThe Nike software also consumes about 17MB of your firmware partition...
18:10:34linuxstb(mainly a load of WAV files in various voices in various languages)
18:10:55 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
18:10:58SUSaiyanyes, nike
18:11:13linuxstbYou know, they make running shoes and other sportswear...
18:12:00 Join midgey [0] (
18:12:40SUSaiyanthe apple os has a hibernation image?
18:14:01daurnimatorand nike make ipod software?
18:14:11SUSaiyanim sure apple made that
18:14:29SUSaiyanbut nike made shoes that have a compartement for a step counter thing
18:14:31linuxstbI'm sure a google for nike and ipod will explain
18:14:34SUSaiyanthat connects to your ipod
18:16:15daurnimatorwho wants to have a pedometer on your ipod? :S
18:16:58SUSaiyanwhy does it have a hibernation image though?
18:17:20linuxstbBecause it takes so long to boot.
18:17:34DerPapst_if you go jogging you maybe want to see how many steps you made
18:17:37SUSaiyanwhy is it that big :/
18:17:56SUSaiyanrockbox doesnt take that long to boot ^^
18:17:59linuxstbBecause it's a complete dump of your ipod's RAM.
18:17:59Soaplinuxstb: I'm confused about what exactly you are working on. Is there somewhere I can read to catch up?
18:18:55linuxstbSoap: IRC logs over the past week... Short version is that I've rewritten ipodpatcher to directly modify the firmware partition. So an ipod bootloader install is now one command "ipodpatcher N -a bootloader-ipodnano.ipod"
18:19:22linuxstbipodpatcher is now also cross-platform, so it works on Mac OS X and Linux (and BSD) as well.
18:19:42SoapDoes this change anything structurally, or is it only a more convient way to install?
18:20:08 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:21:01linuxstbIt doesn't change anything structurally, but the new ipodpatcher gives you more choices about how to install Rockbox than the old ipodpatcher/ipod_fw combination. It also works reliably on the 5.5gs (booting the Apple OS didn't work in the past).
18:21:51linuxstbThe IpodInstallationBeta wiki page is a work-in-progress towards the new installation instructions.
18:24:01SUSaiyanwhats the difference between -a and -wf anyway?
18:24:06 Quit midgey ()
18:24:18 Join karim [0] (
18:24:21Soapsounds tasty, and sounds like what little I have been able to catch, I was getting confused by all the talk of new bootloader, hold switch behavior changes, shrinking partitions, etc.
18:25:47linuxstb-wf completely replaces the main firmware in the firmware partition with whichever .ipod file you install (apple_os.ipod, bootloader.ipod or rockbox.ipod).
18:25:58linuxstb-a adds a bootloader to the end of the main firmware.
18:26:43linuxstbSoap: I'm also doing some changes to the bootloader. Mainly the hold-switch behaviour that I described a couple of hours ago.
18:26:53SUSaiyanhmm, to the end?
18:27:03SUSaiyanso i cant shrink it that much then hm? :)
18:27:12Soapis -a like current behavior, or new?
18:27:27linuxstbYes, -a is identical to the old standard installation method.
18:27:52Soapand I hate to ask, but the advantage of replacing the AppleOS is?
18:27:59linuxstbFaster booting time.
18:28:50Soapand if you replace, can you boot apple os with ROLO?
18:28:52linuxstbThe Apple bootloader loads the entire contents of the main firmware image (the first image in the partition - not the entire partition) into RAM. Depending on the "entryoffset" set by ipodpatcher, it will either run the bootloader, or the the main firmware directly.
18:29:32linuxstbIf you replace, the bootloader can (I hope) load the apple_os.ipod file from the FAT32 partition (same way as it loads the rockbox.ipod file). But ROLO isn't (yet) working.
18:29:43linuxstb(issues with the COP)
18:30:13SUSaiyanill be back in about an hour :)
18:30:47linuxstbOn my Photo, I save a good 3 or 4 seconds of boot time by replacing the Apple firmware with the Rockbox bootloader.
18:31:00Soapthank you ever so much for the catch-up linuxstb, it all makes sense now. I was having trouble piecing together what I had read into a whole.
18:32:04BiptoNlinuxstb: don't mean to bother you about your recording patch ,cause you sound busy, but do you plan on updating it for the newer cvs?
18:32:46BiptoNand thanks for the patch, it's a VERY much appreciated addition for RB on ipods
18:33:14linuxstbI've got no immediate plans to go back to it, but I haven't forgotten it.
18:33:41linuxstbi.e. maybe in the new year.
18:34:08*barrywardell is updating the recording patch right now
18:34:12linuxstbNew set of bootloaders (with the hold-switch behaviour) here:
18:34:17*linuxstb cheers barrywardell
18:35:23BiptoNvery cool, thanks for the info
18:36:13linuxstbbarrywardell: What do you think about committing it, even with the known problems? It should be harmless if users never use it...
18:36:23barrywardelli would like to do so
18:36:40barrywardellit's very hard to keep in sync with all the changes to recording
18:36:41 Join DerPhil [0] (
18:37:01DerPhilhi. anyone out there knowing when there will be a release of rockbox for 5.5g ipod?
18:37:22linuxstbFor the 30GB, any hour now. For the 80GB, we can't say.
18:37:36barrywardelllinuxstb: we could even commit it, but leave HAVE_RECORDING not defined until we iron the bugs out
18:37:58linuxstbBut then we wouldn't know if CVS commits have broken it.
18:38:56*linuxstb spots DerPhil asking the same question in #ipodlinux... :)
18:39:09BiptoNis that patch gonna be in the flyspray area where linuxstb's ipodrecordv2 is?
18:39:10 Join barrywardell_ [0] (n=barrywar@
18:39:21 Part barrywardell_
18:39:31linuxstbBiptoN: We're talking about committing it to CVS, so it's included in the daily builds.
18:39:36 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
18:39:50DerPhillol linuxstb i wanna compare them
18:39:53DerPhilyeah i have the 30g model
18:39:59barrywardelllinuxstb: i wonder if some of the bugs are now fixed with all the recording changes
18:40:25 Quit blue_lizard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:40:28 Join blue_lizard [0] (
18:40:34linuxstbbarrywardell: Only one way to find out...
18:40:35DerPhilso i didnt understand: "any hour now". does it mean there is a release already or that there can be one every hour?
18:40:55linuxstbIt means that a release is a few hours away.
18:41:03 Nick DerPhil is now known as Phil^away (
18:41:16linuxstbYou can install it now if you don't mind half-finished install instructions.
18:41:21Phil^awaybut the page still says 5.5gen is not supported
18:41:27Phil^awaywell im away for a few minutes
18:48:25BiptoNlinuxstb: can i comment out this line "#define HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_FREQ" in the config-ipod4g to disable freq scalin ?
18:49:15linuxstbBiptoN: Yes, that's all that's needed.
18:50:09linuxstbBiptoN: Or you could test the patches in the patch tracker which attempt to fix it correctly. I can't remember the patch #, but a search for "cpu scaling" should find it.
18:50:16BiptoNcan i also change the default cpu frequency to save a little juice and still handle most audio codecs?
18:50:22BiptoNi'll check that out
18:50:45BiptoNdoes that affect your/barry's recording patch also that you know of?
18:50:56linuxstbNo, they should be independent.
18:51:20BiptoNalright, i'll have to run these through and see how they do
18:51:35 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
18:52:03linuxstbIt would be useful if you could post your findings as comments on the patch tracker.
18:54:09 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|Determ (
18:54:54BetaCookiesWhat file format is decoded the fastest with Rockbox (1st gen iPod nano)?
18:56:18linuxstbIf your question is which format will give you the longest runtime, then look at the IpodRuntime wiki page for some answers.
18:56:21BetaCookiesis it faster than mp3?
18:57:03 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
18:57:09Slasheribut it eats battery fast because disk needs to be accessed very often
18:57:37Slasheriand files are huge as they contain the raw audio data only
18:58:28*linuxstb _really_ wants to optimise the ipod ATA driver to try to increase FLAC runtime
19:02:29Phil^away[ linuxstb ] It means that a release is a few hours away. <- sorry, my english is not very goof is "away" in this case ago or are you still waiting?
19:03:03linuxstbPhil^away: It means that a release should happen in the very near future.
19:03:04DerPapst_you can have rockbox for 5.5G iPods 30GB already
19:03:16 Quit zylche (Remote closed the connection)
19:03:47linuxstbAs DerPapst_ said, Rockbox will work on the 5.5g 30GB, but the install instructions haven't been fully written, and the necessary programs released on the website.
19:03:57Phil^awaypapst muss dich ma befragen bezüglich desssen, komm ma bitte in meinen kanal :)
19:04:22DerPapst_i'm there
19:05:42*linuxstb translated that via google as "Pope must ask you mA relative desssen, comes mA please into my channel:)"
19:06:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:06:13Phil^awaynice translation^^
19:06:34DerPapst_hehe.. googles translation is usefull ^^
19:06:50linuxstbIf you want to try it now, download this zip file and try to follow the instructions at
19:07:50 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
19:08:35lukaswayne9how do I boot into the original firmware with rockbox installed? i've got an ipod g5
19:08:41linuxstbSlasheri: Would you be able to test the bootloader in that file on your Video? The bootloader is now using the hold switch to determine which fimware to load.
19:08:44Phil^awayi used rockbox on my ipod yesterday and someone told me i should wait for the official release because it could damage my hdd
19:09:00linuxstbPhil^away: These files will be the same as the official release.
19:09:12linuxstbIt's mainly the instructions which are not quite finished.
19:09:45 Nick Phil^away is now known as DerPhil (
19:09:48linuxstbIt won't damage your hard disk, but it could corrupt the filesystem - fixed by restoring with itunes.
19:10:04lukaswayne9linuxstb: there's a bootloader that will load an os based on the hold switch?
19:10:06Slasherilinuxstb: is it enough just to dd the boot partition?
19:10:36linuxstbSlasheri: Yes. I'm assuming you want to restore to the factory state?
19:11:00linuxstblukaswayne9: There will be soon.
19:11:05linuxstbIf you want to try it now, download this zip file and try to follow the instructions at
19:11:10Slasherilinuxstb: i meant that your
19:11:18lukaswayne9linuxstb: what's the current procedure?
19:11:18Slasheriah, ok
19:11:20Slasherii will try
19:11:31 Join zylche [0] (
19:11:35linuxstblukaswayne9: See the IpodFAQ page in the wiki. That describes the method.
19:12:21 Nick BHSPitMonkey_ is now known as BHSPitMonkey (
19:12:26linuxstbSlasheri: You should simply restore the original bootpartition using dd, then run "ipodpatcher /dev/XXX -a bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod".
19:12:47Slasheritrying now
19:13:13linuxstbOther tests are to first extract the apple firmware using "ipodpatcher /dev/XXX -wf apple_os.bin", copy that .bin to the root of your FAT32 partition, then replace apple_os with the Rockbox bootloader "ipodpatcher /dev/XXX -wf bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod"
19:13:33linuxstbSorry, that should be "-rf apple_os.bin"....
19:13:40lukaswayne9linuxstb: is there any way to boot appleos by default?
19:13:47 Quit mathgl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:13:48linuxstbIn fact, "-rf apple_os.ipod"
19:13:55linuxstblukaswayne9: No.
19:14:15linuxstblukaswayne9: Unless you modify the bootloader source code yourself and compile your own version.
19:14:21jhMikeSplayback in the sim is rather quiet. there hidden volume control somewhere (vmware)?
19:14:24lukaswayne9linuxstb: hmm.. tempting
19:15:05Slasheri[INFO] Bootloader ../bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod written to device.
19:15:07lukaswayne9all the fonts are still pretty small :(
19:15:24DerPhilis there a way to set a background image for the menu in rockbox or only for the playing screen?
19:15:27linuxstblukaswayne9: I would suggest that IpodFAQ page... And also the manual.
19:15:53Slasherilinuxstb: at least it succesfully loaded the original fimrware :)
19:16:10linuxstbSlasheri: Yes, there have been success reports already on 5.5gs for that.
19:16:20Slasherilinuxstb: rockbox works also
19:16:28linuxstbI would hope so :)
19:16:35*linuxstb keeps forgetting to test rockbox...
19:16:41Slasherilinuxstb: btw, i think the bootloader could default the backlight off or use black background at least
19:17:14linuxstbWhite text and black background?
19:17:17 Quit midkay_ ("*poff*")
19:17:31linuxstbI could live with that.
19:17:35 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
19:17:39linuxstband I'm in the bootloader hacking mood.
19:18:15linuxstbI assume I need an lcd_clear_display() after changing the fg/bg colours?
19:19:02SUSaiyanlinuxstb: has there been another bootloader release since i was last here? :)
19:19:35linuxstbSUSaiyan: Yes. Same URL.
19:19:37jhMikeSlinuxstb: I suppose the framebuffer needs redrawing then yeah
19:19:53SUSaiyanallright, ill try it now
19:20:20 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:20:43linuxstbSlasheri: I'm not sure about the backlight. Why would it be better off in the bootloader?
19:22:15 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
19:23:20 Quit akaias (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:20linuxstbSlasheri: OK, bootloader will be white on black unless anyone shouts at me now.
19:24:24 Join ^8t88^ [0] (
19:24:35Soapbootloader should be pink on purple.
19:24:41lukaswayne9Soap: sounds good to me
19:24:41SoapConsider this me shouting at you.
19:25:20DerPhilcan i set a background image for the menu?
19:25:32linuxstbDerPhil: Yes. We have a nice manual.
19:25:44DerPhiland can i set rockbox as first boot entry in ipl`?
19:25:51DerPhiloh cool do you know ther link?
19:25:56SUSaiyanlinuxstb: NEEDS COLOUR
19:26:25linuxstbNew white-on-black bootloaders here:
19:26:39*linuxstb goes out to buy food and will read the logs when he gets back
19:28:00^8t88^does any1 got a precompiled .mod codec for h120?
19:28:08 Join Thundercloud [0] (
19:30:08 Part JazzBone
19:32:09lukaswayne9linuxstb: The new bootloader is really slick! Nice work!
19:32:13 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
19:33:52 Join donutman25 [0] (i=18e73197@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:33:56SUSaiyanlinuxstb: okay, the new version actually manages to load rockbox when i choose to replace the apple bootloader
19:34:08SUSaiyanlinuxstb: it does not however load the apple_os
19:34:16SUSaiyanbut i really dont care about that ^^
19:35:06 Quit donutman25 (Client Quit)
19:35:13 Join hotwire____ [0] (
19:37:15DerPapst_Phil: the manual:
19:37:52DerPhilcan i somehow delete "Apple OS" from the bootloader? it doesnt work and is the first entry. thats gettin on my nerves
19:39:02BiptoNderphil; are you using the linux loader?
19:39:29 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:39:50DerPhili think so
19:41:20 Nick hotwire____ is now known as hotwire_ (
19:42:47 Nick Everybody|Determ is now known as Everybody|away (
19:44:26 Join Linas5 [0] (
19:44:41jhMikeSwere gonna get some reds on that last one of mine :o
19:45:26DerPhilBiptoN is there an answer?
19:46:21 Join Nico_P [0] (
19:46:22jhMikeSthat's weird, didn't get errors ...
19:51:57 Quit hotwire___ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:52:17SUSaiyanDerPhil: iPodLoader is the ipodlinux boot loader
19:56:00 Join TFGBD [0] (
19:56:20 Quit ^8t88^ ()
19:56:37DerPhilok other question: why dont i see albumart? (i use a aa theme=
20:00:03BiptoNi ran off
20:00:13BiptoNyou can make a loader.conf file
20:00:19BiptoNand specify your boot options
20:00:25BiptoNdefault oses and what not
20:00:34BiptoNi can send ya a copy of mine if you'd like
20:00:51BiptoNthey have examples on the ipodlinux site
20:01:00 Part tucoz ("adios!")
20:01:00 Join Criamos [0] (
20:01:01SoapDerPhil: do you have the AA patch installed?
20:01:12DerPhiloh no
20:01:18SoapDerPhil: do you have album art named "cover.bmp" in the album folder?
20:01:19DerPhili didnt know i need a patch
20:01:27Soapwhere did you get the WPS?
20:01:28DerPhili have it in the id3v2 tag
20:05:07 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
20:05:09 Join XavierGr_ [0] (
20:05:25 Join Gnelik [0] (
20:06:20Gnelik[TEHb]: Russian?
20:07:22DerPhilhow do i get this patch?
20:07:28DerPhildo i need a user account?
20:08:44 Nick DerPapst_ is now known as DerPapst|afk (
20:09:17SoapYou can get the patch from FileSpray.
20:09:21Soapyou don't need an account.
20:09:48Soapyou get the patch, check out all the files from CVS, and compile in the patch.
20:18:50 Join miso91 [0] (
20:21:45markunDerPhil: or get a custom build from the forum
20:22:07 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
20:22:17miso91I have a problem....
20:22:49miso91Using Foobar2000 to use ReplayGain on my music, I can hear the difference in Foobar but not in my iPod Nano.
20:23:03markunmiso91: mp3 files?
20:23:34bluebrothermiso91, maybe a stupid quesion but have you enabled ReplayGain in Rockbox?
20:23:36markuntrange. Do you see the replaygain value when you view the tags in rockbox?
20:23:38 Join akaias [0] (
20:23:51miso91I don't think so.
20:23:59miso91I'm still new with Rockbox.
20:24:13bluebrotheryou need to enable it. Per default it's off
20:24:19miso91still a n00b*
20:24:27miso91So, how do you enable it.
20:24:48bluebrothermain menu / general settings / playback / replaygain
20:25:02 Join mathgl [0] (
20:25:07bluebrother(from the top of my head, not sure if the path is completely correct)
20:25:32 Quit TFGBD_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:25:37miso91I'll test it out.
20:26:01bluebrotheryou should really at least skim the manual
20:26:31miso91I just got the manual for 5 minutes ago because I was updating the firmware for my iPod.
20:26:40SUSaiyannah, screw the manual, just read the source >.>
20:27:00 Join Criamos [0] (
20:27:03miso91It works.
20:42:05 Nick DerPapst|afk is now known as DerPapst (
20:42:50DerPhilisnt there a firmware which supports album art and other things that i can download?
20:45:14Soapmultiple ones in the "Unsupported Builds" page.
20:45:36 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
20:45:39Soapthe two biggest ones are DOA, Senab and Julius's.
20:45:47Soapwhat model do you have?
20:46:20DerPhilim sorry i dont understand that page
20:46:27DerPhilwhere do i find those ones?
20:46:40SUSaiyanlinuxstb: also, the resizing doesnt seem to work very well :/
20:46:42DerPhilipod 5.5gen
20:47:05SoapI smell patching in your future.
20:47:54Soapyes, DerPhil, yours.
20:48:00DerPhilhm i have to go downstairs for a few minutes. if you know it, could you send me the link to those releases? thx
20:48:10DerPhilno i'm more the gui for web coding :)
20:48:25DerPhilgui lol
20:50:21 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:51:13DerPapstlinuxstb (or any other one who is as "1337" as linuxstb and knows the answer ;) ): are
20:51:14DerPapstscramble -add=ipvd whatever.bin whatever.ipod && ipodpatcher [DISK] -wf whatever.ipod
20:51:14DBUGEnqueued KICK DerPapst
20:51:14DerPapstscramble -ipod5g whatever.bin whatever_mod.bin && ipodpathcer [DISK] -w whatever_mod.bin
20:51:14DerPapstleading to the same result? and does the -ipod5G option for scramble work for 5.5G iPods?
20:53:02DerPapstDBUG Enqueued KICK DerPapst whoo.. sounds evil
20:53:29DerPhilscrambled eggs...
20:56:01 Join Oleh [0] (
20:56:07 Nick Oleh is now known as Mad (
20:56:25 Nick Mad is now known as MadCow (
20:57:26 Join OPUIRCUser [0] (
20:58:04OPUIRCUserI am trying to install rockbox on my ipod video
20:58:19OPUIRCUserbut I can't find the rockboot.bin that you talk in the tutorials
20:58:30OPUIRCUser(in the manuals)
20:58:32 Quit MadCow (Client Quit)
20:58:57DerPapstyou have to make it.
20:59:02DerPapstwith ipod_fw
21:00:42BiptoNbarrywardell: did you commit that recording patch to cvs today?
21:01:17barrywardellBiptoN: I'm still working on it
21:01:27barrywardellthere are a lot of changes to make
21:02:00 Join Arathis_ [0] (
21:02:12BiptoNcan the hardware in the 4g support 24bit/96khz realistically like dave mentioned on flyspray
21:02:56BiptoNi ran his patch from oct 06 cvs on a 4g and recorded nonstop for 5.5 hours with no problems
21:03:09barrywardellI'm not sure, but I would believe what he says.
21:03:49BiptoNman that would make an ipod a very sweet piece of recording equipment for the price
21:04:26 Quit XavierGr_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:05:58linuxstbBiptoN: I think all ipods should support 24/96 but I haven't tested it.
21:06:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:07:07BiptoNencoding to wav, they should handle that with no problems, theoretically? amazing.
21:08:20 Quit Gnelik (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:08:37linuxstbI'm pretty sure ipodlinux had 16-bit/96KHz working on the ipods. The only question mark is if 24-bit is possible, and I'm about 99% sure it is.
21:09:31BiptoNi ran an hour and a half test using their recording 16/96khz, it has a wicked stutter ever 10-20min on my 4g gs
21:09:51BiptoNand they don't have the line-in functional on the 4gs
21:09:58 Join webguest05 [0] (i=52cffe6d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:10:17webguest05hola banana
21:11:03webguest05anybody here?
21:11:52webguest05can someone tell me, if there will be a linux on ipod nano 2nd generation in the near future?
21:12:02bluebrother1. Rockbox is not linux
21:12:13bluebrother2. depends. Maybe. Maybe not
21:12:46bluebrotherif someone with a device starts to port it a port may happen. Otherwise not.
21:12:52webguest05so far as i know it depends on this f**cking firmware
21:13:15bluebrotherbut as the hardware seems to be completely different this will be most likely a completely new port
21:13:18linuxstbDerPapst: To answer your question about scramble - don't use the -ipodXX options. ipodpatcher does things better.
21:13:19webguest05any glue to decrypt it?
21:13:31bluebrotherinstead of an adaption to a new ipod generation
21:13:36DerPapstok. thank you :)
21:13:53webguest05lol the pope is here
21:14:15DerPapstyes... i'm here
21:14:17OPUIRCUserwhat if my firmware partition is too small ?
21:14:25linuxstbDerPapst: In fact, I'll probably delete those options soon, as they generate firmware images which are not compatible with ipodpatcher.
21:14:27DerPapstdid you know that the real pope has a nano?
21:14:28OPUIRCUserfor the rockboot.bin generated ?
21:14:45bluebrotheryes .. we have everybody, the pope and even forehead sometimes :P
21:14:45webguest05no i didnt yet, cooooool
21:14:53linuxstbOPUIRCUser: Then your rockboot.bin is most likely wrong.
21:15:05 Nick OPUIRCUser is now known as neutrino (
21:20:13 Quit Arathis (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:20:54CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:20:54*DerPapst starts eating a big and tasty pizza :)
21:21:09webguest05i have found this link inna n older irc log . Now i have 3 images created, which one (1or 3) is the real firmware? The sounds/xml on image2 (hooray i can mount it) are for that nike stuff...
21:22:36*linuxstb can't remember writing that fw.c...
21:23:30linuxstbAre you looking at a 2nd Gen Nano's firmware?
21:24:02webguest05i want watch video on it
21:24:07linuxstbWhat did I claim that program does? Was it for a 2nd Gen Nano?
21:24:21*linuxstb goes to read himself in the logs
21:24:28webguest05yes wait i look for the old thread
21:25:02bluebrothergrrr ... seems I should boot into windows for this portableapps stuff
21:25:10 Quit bluebrother ("bbl")
21:26:01 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
21:26:13 Join Rob222241 [0] (
21:26:29 Join Nico_P [0] (
21:26:54webguest05 was the old thread
21:26:56*SUSaiyan wonders if linuxstb read the backscroll
21:28:41 Join menosm [0] (
21:31:01 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
21:31:03 Join XavierGr_ [0] (
21:34:02 Quit markun ("leaving")
21:43:46 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:47:06 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:47:06 Join strabes [0] (
21:47:22 Join tucoz [0] (n=martin@rockbox/staff/tucoz)
21:49:13 Join markun [0] (n=markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
21:52:10SUSaiyanlinuxstb_ hi :o
21:53:08 Quit DerPhil (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:53:31 Join gotthardt [0] (
21:53:39 Part Wes_S
21:53:51SUSaiyanwhy are you here twice?
21:54:11peturonly twice?
21:54:32*linuxstb_ wonders who linuxstb is
21:54:39peturblame crappy internet links
21:54:53SUSaiyanwell why didnt he disconnect yet then?
21:55:00linuxstb_This time I am actually connected twice - once on my laptop, once on my PC.
21:55:10SUSaiyani knew it!
21:55:32linuxstb_But mostly I'm connected 4 times because of my crappy internet link...
21:55:58DerPapstonly 4 times? ^^
21:56:39SUSaiyandid linuxstb read the backscroll though?
21:57:35linuxstb_What are your problems?
21:58:05SUSaiyanwith what? :)
21:58:26linuxstb_Anything I've done...
21:58:45SUSaiyanokay, well, just that the apple_os doesnt boot
21:59:04linuxstb_But it works with -a, just not if you write the bootloader with -wf ?
21:59:08SUSaiyanit loads, states its loaded, and waits 2 sec, then reboots
21:59:14DerPapstuse the all new and completely remasterd ipodpatcher :)
21:59:15SUSaiyani havent tried -a
21:59:29linuxstb_I thought you said that earlier.
21:59:31SUSaiyanDerPapst: thats what we are talking about here ;)
21:59:41DerPapstah.. ok
22:00:18DerPapstmeh.. i better shut up ^^
22:00:25SUSaiyanwell, when i use -wf with this version, rockbox boot, apple os doesnt
22:00:33SUSaiyanwith the other version, neither would boot
22:00:46linuxstb_Also, when you use ipodpatcher with your ipod, do you keep an eye on the disk activity icon on the LCD, and make sure it's off before you disconnect.
22:01:02neutrinoonce I have but rockboxfirmware, can I still boot the APple os ?
22:01:32SUSaiyanno, i do not, i assume that when windows tells me its safe to disconnect, its safe to disconnect
22:01:56SUSaiyanof course, its windows, so i really shouldnt assume such a thing
22:02:54SUSaiyanbut i usually use ipodpatcher before putting the rockbox files on there, so id guess that it would write the bootloader before doing that
22:03:09Kasperleshould the apple os still be bootable if you write the rockbox bootloader with -wf? what does -wf do, the description output by ipodpatcher doesn't quite tell?
22:03:38DerPapstit replaces the firmware
22:03:45linuxstb_It replaces the appleos with the bootloader, instead of merging them.
22:04:05Kasperleso. if rockbox boots, but appleos doesn't, all is well?
22:04:18linuxstb_Yes. It should tell you "no retailos found".
22:05:21Kasperleso SUSaiyan is experiencing the desired behaviour :D
22:05:29SUSaiyannot completely
22:05:38KasperleSUSaiyan: how so?
22:05:54SUSaiyanbecause it should be able to boot the apple_os.ipod
22:05:59linuxstb_Before you do -wf you should do "-rf apple_os.ipod" and put that file on your FAT32 partition (in the root or in .rockbox)
22:06:20*DerPapst tries the -wf option
22:06:47Kasperlelinuxstb_: will that work on those ipods that have one of those additional "rsrc" firmware images as well?
22:06:56 Nick Arathis_ is now known as Arathis (
22:07:03SUSaiyanlinuxstb: it should be the same each restore, right?
22:07:06linuxstb_It should do. The rsrc image remains in the firmware partition.
22:07:19linuxstb_SUSaiyan: I think so, yes.
22:07:24 Join daveyfx2 [0] (
22:07:33linuxstb_Unless Apple do something strange. But I would expect it to be.
22:07:36daveyfx2my ipod won't work on pc, any ideas?
22:08:01*linuxstb_ tests his psychic abilities
22:08:07SUSaiyanis it formatted fat32?
22:08:25daveyfx2SUSaiyan how do i format to fat32
22:08:30daveyfx2if it isn't
22:08:40linuxstb_Restore it using itunes.
22:08:47SUSaiyanin windows
22:09:01linuxstb_But what exactly is the problem? And what did you do before it happened?
22:09:25daveyfx2no drive letter is showing up when i plug it in
22:09:35linuxstb_You're running Rockbox?
22:09:57daveyfx2but i want to
22:10:13linuxstb_Does the ipod work by itself?
22:10:17SUSaiyanso you first used it on a mac?
22:10:28daveyfx2linuxstb no
22:10:33daveyfx2SUSaiyan i don't have mac
22:10:43linuxstb_So your problem is that your ipod is broken?
22:10:49BiptoNyou may need to use itunes on a pc to restore it
22:10:52linuxstb_What does it do when you turn it on?
22:10:56BiptoNthe ipod updater
22:11:17BiptoNdaveyfx2: you can get old ones from ipodlinux guys
22:11:31SUSaiyandaveyfx2: does windows tell you a device is connected when you plug it in?
22:11:39daveyfx2SUSaiyan no
22:11:54SUSaiyanokay thats bad ^^
22:12:16daveyfx2does rockbox work with ipod shuffle 2nd gen
22:12:31linuxstb_No. Just the ipods listed on
22:13:14linuxstb_SUSaiyan: Why did you ask if apple_os.ipod should be the same after each restore? Is that the case for you?
22:13:18daveyfx2does ipod shuffle work with non usb 2.0
22:14:05SUSaiyanlinuxstb_: because i dont know if it should be, and im just using the one i made a couple of restores ago
22:14:17SUSaiyanand i thought that might be why it didnt want to boot
22:14:20BiptoNdaveyfx2: should work fine, just ALOT slower ;)
22:14:33linuxstb_Ah, OK. Could be useful to read it again, and see if they differ.
22:15:02SUSaiyanill check that after the movie ;)
22:15:06webguest05linuxstb wich of the 3 images is the firmware?
22:15:28daveyfx2does ipod shuffle 2nd generation work with USB 1.0 or USB 1.1
22:15:56SUSaiyanand all the ones before 2.0
22:16:05linuxstb_They're all part of the firmware. The osos is the main firmware. The rsrc is resources. The aupd is the part of the firmware that runs from flash (bootloader, diagnostics mode, emergency disk mode).
22:16:05webguest05USB 2.0 is backward compatible to USB1.X
22:16:08daveyfx2i had ipod that didn't work with usb 1.0
22:16:23daveyfx2i had ipod that didn't work with usb 1.0 but worked with usb 2.0
22:16:31Bagderhardly anything ever used 1.0
22:16:31SUSaiyanwell thats very odd
22:17:29 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:17:33 Join _DreamThief [0] (
22:18:36webguest05osos=image1.bin rsrc=image2.bin aupd=image3.bin right?
22:18:55webguest05ty :==)
22:19:51 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
22:19:52*petur discovered yesterday that the dell monitor hub that gives his h340 bootloader usb issues is actually usb 1.1
22:19:53 Join idnar_ [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
22:26:58 Quit XavierGr_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:29:47 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
22:30:23webguest05Has anybody integrated loader2 on ipod nano 2nd gen?
22:30:52 Join lee-qid [0] (
22:30:54Bagdernano 2nd gen is far from being supported
22:31:19DerPapstwebguest05: no it can't be done.
22:31:59linuxstb_webguest05: As far as I know, no-one has run _any_ code of their own on a nano 2nd gen.
22:32:08webguest05hmmm, that what i didnt want to hear
22:32:56 Quit DreamThief (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:33:09linuxstb_The problem is simple - all the firmware on the hard disk is encrypted, so we can't either a) disassemble it to see how it works; or b) Insert our own code there.
22:34:02 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:34:03 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:36:07*DerPapst is happy. He installed the linux kernel with the all mighty ipodpathcer0.5 on his 5.5G 80GB iPod.
22:36:45linuxstb_Does it work?
22:37:48DerPapstit boots.
22:37:50 Nick _DreamThief is now known as DreamThief (
22:37:58Kasperlecan it mount the root fs?
22:38:01DerPapstbut i don't have a filesystem it can use
22:38:14linuxstb_Well, make one...
22:38:26DerPapsti'll reboot to linux soon and try to make one.
22:38:38linuxstb_Have any of the IPL devs worked on the kernel to fix the 2048-byte sectors?
22:38:45Kasperleprobably won't work either because of the fscked up partitioning
22:39:08DerPapstlinuxstb: no
22:39:26DerPapstbut it detectet the correct size of the disk
22:40:02 Join [sellout] [0] (
22:40:14DerPapstand 156301488 sectors
22:40:42DerPapsti think they are not correct... or are they?!
22:41:14linuxstb_That sounds right for 80GB worth of 512-byte sectors.
22:41:21 Join Zagor [0] (
22:41:47linuxstb_The disk is physically 512-byte sectors, it's just the USB disk mode that presents it to a computer as having 2048-byte sectors.
22:42:42DerPapstand it detects the correct model-name of the hdd.
22:42:56linuxstb_Yes, the Rockbox bootloader does that as well.
22:43:00Kasperlei was able to boot the linux kernel before on my 30gb 5.5g. if i created a fake partition with all the sector offsets off by a factor of 4, then linux would complain "error trying to read beyond the end of device", same thing with some quick and dirty hacks to the linux kernel (essentially just modifying linux's idea of the physical sector size) and a "legit" 2048 byte/sector partition table
22:43:09DerPapstso loader 2 too
22:44:10DerPapstthe kernel has no problems booting from a hfs+ filesystem on the 5.5G
22:45:05linuxstb_The issue is the partition table, so that could well be different on a hfs+ ipod (Apple Partition Map, not a DOS partition table).
22:45:59DerPapstmmh... that would explain it.
22:49:00 Quit jaebird ("Leaving")
22:49:05*Kasperle is fighting with signal processing / speech coding ... exam coming up wednesday
22:49:33DerPapstsounds very difficulty
22:49:56Kasperleit wouldn't be to difficult if i had some clue ;)
22:50:05Kasperleit's my minor (Nebenfach)
22:50:18Kasperlefinal exam
22:51:54DerPapstso you are finishing your studies? (<−− richtig für studium?)
22:52:10*DerPapst 's english sucks
22:52:34Kasperleyeah. it's my very last exam. all that'll be left afterwards will be my thesis
22:52:44Kasperleand quite possibly the second attempt of that exam ;)
22:53:31DerPapstthe second one? o.O thats not so good. if you fail can you try it again?
22:55:10BiptoNlinuxstb: i dropped the cpu scaling from my build and changed the default cpu freq to 1/2 of what was set, how cpu intensive is recording to wav? So far playin oggs encoded using -q 10 is stable
22:55:22KasperleDerPapst: i can even try it again if i pass, but don't get the mark i want (once)
22:56:03DerPapstwhat do you study?
22:56:15KasperleComputer Science (Informatik)
22:56:24 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
22:56:58*DerPapst studies media information technologie
23:02:36linuxstb_BiptoN: That's interesting... I don't think anyone has tried dropping the maximum CPU speed. Maybe it's simply an overheating issue...
23:03:40*linuxstb_ realises that makes no sense as people seem to run it reliably at a fixed 75MHz
23:05:17KasperleDerPapst: Bachelor's degree or Diplom?
23:06:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:06:52 Quit Siku ()
23:09:14linuxstb_BiptoN: Can you post a patch somewhere showing what you changed? It sounds to me as if it's still running at 75MHz (-q10 Oggs are very CPU intensive).
23:10:57DerPapstKasperle: Diplom
23:11:16Kasperlenice :)
23:14:18 Quit rretzbach ("WeeChat 0.2.2-cvs")
23:15:08Bagderlinuxstb_: MrH seems be to on track to figure out some details about USB on the sansa... hopefully it means something for the other PP versions too...
23:18:05linuxstb_That would be a nice Christmas present.
23:18:08SUSaiyan<linuxstb_> The disk is physically 512-byte sectors, it's just the USB disk mode that presents it to a computer as having 2048-byte sectors.
23:18:15SUSaiyanoh so thats why fdisk was messing up?
23:19:17 Quit gotthardt ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox 2.0/2006101023]")
23:24:24 Join bluebrother [0] (i=UDYU25eM@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
23:24:37bluebrothertucoz, around?
23:26:20 Quit |AhIoRoS| (Remote closed the connection)
23:26:41 Quit DerPapst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:28:53BiptoNlinuxstb: the audio thread under debug says 6mhz
23:29:32BiptoNpdmbufdesc is around 4-6 of 20
23:29:48BiptoNlinuxstb: i'm tarded huh lol
23:30:41 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody (
23:30:45 Quit strabes (Remote closed the connection)
23:32:05 Quit kubiix ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:35:13 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|Determ (
23:36:42*barrywardell downloads an interesting reference manual
23:37:19 Join DerPapst [0] (
23:37:47 Quit Landus ("Leaving")
23:38:01barrywardellinteresting, it's the same processor that's used in the gigabeat!
23:38:14Bagderyeah, the S at least
23:38:24Bagdergigabeat S/zune
23:41:30tucozbluebrother, now i am
23:41:38*DerPapst tries now to make a root fs for the linux kernel.
23:42:09bluebrotherI was thinking if we should add some copyright notice to the manual source files similar to the code files itself
23:43:18tucozI think we should do that
23:44:01 Quit [sellout] (Remote closed the connection)
23:44:11tucozI am not sure how we should handle the copyright holder though
23:44:26tucozAs this is a copy-paste operation in many cases
23:45:09 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:45:15 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
23:45:44 Quit lunacymaze ("Leaving")
23:46:26bluebrotherhmm. Maybe adding a (c) with the name of the guy who initially added the file
23:46:48bluebrotherafaics this is the way it's handled for the other files currently.
23:47:04bluebrotheras you can always track down who changed what with cvs
23:47:23markunbarrywardell: which device?
23:48:35markunbarrywardell: no, I meant which DAP
23:49:21tucozYes, but jose, peter and christi wrote large parts of the manual. I transferred it to LaTeX and wrote the preamble, and stuff like that. But, who is the copyright holder for this then? I would say christi for large parts of the text, and i guess i am responsible for the preamble
23:49:34bluebrothershould we still say "all file in those archive ..."?
23:49:40barrywardellmarkun: regarding Bagder's USB comment above
23:50:10tucozbut you, nils and febs have clearly contributed a lot to the manual as well
23:50:21bluebrotherwe could also use "The Rockbox manual team" for those files and start maintaining a MANUAL-CREDITS file
23:50:42bluebrotheror simply use that generally as copyright line?
23:50:54tucozIf that works, that would be great
23:51:15 Join webguest67 [0] (i=5873b21c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:51:15bluebrotherI don't know the legal part. Writing it shouldn't be a problem ;-)
23:51:46bluebrotherand I guess we should be able building up a file with all people who contributed to the manual
23:52:07bluebrotherat least having a copyright notice of any form would be good imo
23:52:14tucozYes, i agree
23:52:46tucozbut i am lost to who (one person) we should add as a copyright holder for large parts of the manual
23:53:06DerPapstkasperle: i've now made a new partitiontable on my ipod.
23:53:14tucozI do know that nils have added lots of the plugins at least
23:53:45 Quit petur ("sssssssssss---------PLOP!")
23:53:58DerPapstmkfs.vfat -F 32 -S 2048 /dev/sda2 should format it correctly?
23:54:20tucozbut a credits solution for the old stuff, and maybe start adding 1 copyright holder for files we are certain of?
23:54:27tucozand new additions
23:54:40amiconnFor the code files, the copyright holder is either the initial creator of that file, or (in case of splitting / moving, e.g. for target tree) who wrote most of the moved code (again, at the time the move was done)
23:55:33bluebrothertucoz, something like this?
23:55:52tucoznice :)
23:56:45bluebrothermaybe also add a "see the file CONTIBUTORS for a full list of contributors to this manual"?
23:56:48bluebrotheror something similar
23:57:39 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
23:58:07tucozYes, that would fit nice. Do you think we should add this one for the unknown and untraceble parts, and the known copyright holder for the other/new files?
23:58:35bluebrotherat least we could start with this.
23:58:43 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
23:58:48tucozLike, I am 100% certain that nils wrote the jewels.tex file
23:58:58 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

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