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#rockbox log for 2006-12-28

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00:01:28linuxstb1) Rockbox has no support for ELF; 2) Rockbox hasn't borrowed anything from Linux (except the low-level ipod hardware drivers from IPL); 3) ffmpeg is a nightmare to port to Rockbox due to it's monolithic nature; 4) Rockbox implements a lot of POSIX.
00:02:35Lars_Gso final .rock files are not linked to ELF format...
00:02:35linuxstbI mean codecs from ffmpeg are a nightmare to extract out of ffmpeg (at least for me...)
00:03:13linuxstbNo, .rock files are pre-linked binary globs with (I believe) a small Rockbox-specific header.
00:05:09Lars_GI should really read some rockbox kernel soon
00:06:45linuxstbThere's hardly anything to read...
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00:07:43amiconnlinuxstb: Yes, and the header is just 20 bytes.
00:08:58amiconnOne id specifying the type (plugin or codec), the target id (soon to be replaced with the 4-letter id), the plugin api version, the load address, end address, and entry point
00:09:39amiconnThe load address is there just for comparison, to avoid loading a plugin to an address it wasn't linked for
00:10:54amiconnThe end address includes the bss, so that the binary doesn't need to contain it
00:11:36*Lars_G nods
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00:13:56jeffblinuxstb, sorry had to take a friend somewhere
00:18:46sidLlorean: It's been an hour with it plugged in, and it still doesn't seem to take a charge.
00:19:06sidBut the proprietary firmware seems to stay up and doesn't turn off.
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00:19:59Lars_Gamiconn: Is linuxstb dry, or is it my impression?
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00:28:48ydomy ipod nano hangs when I try to play anything
00:29:07tical2kthats great.... somebody stole my ipod....
00:29:15tical2kare you sure you installed rockbox right?
00:29:17ydoonly thing I've done is renaming the directory I have music in..
00:29:25ydoworked now for 3 days
00:29:36Lloreanydo: And are you playing the music from database or filetree?
00:30:21 Part Llorean
00:31:00 Join piquadrat [0] (
00:31:46ydojust my luck, added some chill music and on the way to bed..
00:31:53tical2kit could be worse
00:32:03tical2ksomebody could have stolen your ipod :-P
00:32:11tical2k5g video... had it for a year
00:32:15piquadratI have a little question concerning the iAudio X5: is it possible to prevent the player from loading the battery while Rockbox is running?
00:32:23 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC")
00:32:31tical2kmy dad decides to borrow my car.... leaves it unocked.... bam gone
00:32:35spugwhat's the "run time screen"?
00:32:50ydotical2k: any insurance?
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00:33:00 Join linuxstb [0] (
00:33:09tical2kyou see.... the car was left unlocked... i doubt insurance would cover that
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00:33:40tical2kyeah this is on top of cracking my head open playing basketball on christmas.... 5 stitches...
00:33:41ydofound the bug!
00:33:50tical2klets just say its been the best christmas ever :-/
00:34:01ydohad a suspicion
00:34:11tical2kwhat was it?
00:34:23ydoany developer here to remember it?
00:34:48sidI tried two different computers and my 5g video ipod doesn't seem to be able to take a charge.
00:34:50dpassen1They can always view it in the log.
00:35:06spugpost it on flyspray
00:35:09spugand refer to the log
00:35:12sidIs this thing a brick?
00:35:12spugi guess
00:35:26tehsmosid: can it take a charge from the original apple firmware?
00:35:34sidit wouldn't take a charge in the proprietary firmware, or rockbox
00:35:42sidtehsmo: no
00:35:52sidAnd the usb port works, because I transfered music with it yesterday
00:36:12ydotical2k: I've been renaming a directory and had the option "resume on startup" enabled, must have something to do with that, cause I rebooted 4 times and changed songs, and when I played that other song it hang.. so I disabled that option and suddenly I could play songs again..
00:36:37tical2kyeah... sounds like a problem
00:36:53sidtehsmo: You think it's a brick? or maybe bad cable?
00:37:01Lars_Gsad rockbox uses OF for usb connection
00:37:15ydoI'll post the bug tomorrow, need my sleep
00:37:18tehsmosid: could be either, bad cable is perhaps more likely
00:37:25Lars_GOtherwise we could code a phone-home system on rockbox for cases like tical2k's
00:37:40tical2kheh yeah that be awesome
00:37:56sidtehsmo: It's brand new, I opened the box yesterday.
00:38:07Lars_GWorse it, the guy all needs to do is upgrade it on any machine to be doen with rockbox.
00:38:26tehsmothen in either case you could just rma it
00:38:36sidtehsmo: Even if I put rockbox on it?
00:38:44ydo there it is.. I'm using daily Dec 22 I think
00:38:44Lars_GWhen my Ipaq was robbed at gunpoint from me, i had the dream that I could find the only Ipaq being sold on my country with Linux on it instead of WinCE, but I never found it anyhow
00:39:01Lars_Grockbox can't brick an iPod
00:39:11tical2kits a shame apple doesnt seem to care... i mean i registered my ipod... and obviously they can see the serial number
00:39:18Soapsid: are you familiar with the bathtub curve that hardware failures follow?
00:39:22tical2kbut they wont do anything about it
00:39:28sidSoap: no
00:39:33Lars_GWorst case scenario, can't you boot the iPod in disk mode and install the OF back to it
00:39:45tehsmosid: you can always use itunes to restore it if you're worried about apple not liking the rockbox
00:40:05Lars_Gtical2k: Dude, sorry to say so, but do you have any idea of the size of the logistics required in following every stolen ipod?
00:40:05sidtehsmo: Not if the battery is dead...
00:40:07tehsmooh yeah
00:40:09tical2kyeah :-)
00:40:19tical2ki mean... cell phone companies do it though
00:40:23Lars_Gsid: tell me something, when you hook it, the thing keeps starting and rebooting constantly?
00:40:53Lars_Gtical2k: Cell phone companies can just enter an imei number in their database, and make it blocked in all their network in minutes
00:41:02sidLars_G: no, I hook it up...and it just doesn't seem to take a charge. in rockbox or apple_os, it doesn't reboot constantly.
00:41:02SoapNot that I have been following your plight, sid, but "just out of the box" = high failure rate, not low as you were arguing.
00:41:12Lars_Gsid: Yup then it's possibly damaged.
00:41:29sidIn rockbox when I plug it in, I get a picture of a usb cable end, then I get a faded battery with a lighnining bolt on it..but it doesn't work.
00:41:49Lars_Gsid: I asked because sometimes when battery goes critically low, I've seen ipods start and reboot constantly when hooked, not recharching. in these cases you need to force it shut or restart it,... if I remember wel
00:42:45Lars_GSoap: Not really in this case it would be a high failure rate if the ammount of units that present the failure out of the box or latter are a sizeable percentage of the production.
00:42:45sidIs it heard of to buy a new iPod that doesn't take a charge?
00:42:56 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
00:43:25SoapLars_G: Not what I was arguing. I was simply stating that brand new hardware has a higher failure rate than month old hardware.
00:43:32 Join DanielFaulknor [0] (
00:43:48DanielFaulknorthere anyone here that is running rockbox on a 5th gen 30gb ipod?
00:43:57Genre9mp3Is Doom Plugin playable on H10? anyone know?
00:44:01Lars_GSoap: Except for dual usb iBook G3's ;)
00:44:12Genre9mp3I guess it is I just want to be sure
00:44:14Lars_GDanielFaulknor: I am running it on a 1G nano....
00:44:25SoapLars_G: read the link.
00:44:30 Quit Mouser_X3 (Nick collision from services.)
00:44:37sidIf I talk to an apple representative...will they tell me they won't give me a new one because I put rockbox on it?
00:44:37Lars_GGenre9mp3: Afaik if it wont run, then the makefile won't include it
00:44:44DanielFaulknorLars_G: wanted to talk to someone that runs it on the gen5 30gb, cause im looking to buy one
00:44:48Soapsid: not if you remove rockbox and keep silent.
00:44:53 Join Criamos [0] (
00:44:58SoapDanielFaulknor: I have a 60GB
00:45:07Lars_GDanielFaulknor: tical2k had a 5G but not anymore
00:45:07sidSoap: But the battery is dead, how can I do that?
00:45:16Soapoh sid.
00:45:24tical2khaha yeah
00:45:26sidIf I'm in the middle of the dd command and it shuts off..heh then it will be a brick
00:45:29SoapOk sid, how long have you left it alone on charge?
00:45:34tical2krockbox on the 5g runs great
00:45:44DanielFaulknorthats all i wanted to hear :)
00:45:47Lars_Gsid: Nah ipods don't brick, afaik (correct me if I'm wrong room)
00:46:07tical2ksometimes when searching for a song when playing it'll pause for a little bit
00:46:07sidSoap: I left it an hour on charge in apple_os just a little while ago.
00:46:07tical2kbut... thats the only snag i've run into
00:46:07linuxstbsid: It will only be a brick if it powers-off part-way through updating the flash. Which Rockbox doesn't do.
00:46:07sidOn a usb port I used to transfer music to the thing last night.
00:46:07Soapthen leave it alone for 5 hours.
00:46:07Soapthen we will talk options.
00:46:07DanielFaulknortical2k: you have one?
00:46:07Lars_Gsid: Since the rom bootloader is enough to start disk mode. from which the apple bootloader and OF can be installed
00:46:11tical2koh! and pacman is awesome :-)
00:46:17tical2kup until...... today
00:46:18Genre9mp3Lars_G: ...or compile it but returning error on target... but anyways since it's a PP target I bet it works fine, just want to be sure before replying to a post
00:46:20Soapsid, plug it in, and walk out of the room.
00:46:27tical2kfor about a year i ran rockbox on it
00:46:29Soapsid: and I'll see you in five hours.
00:46:30sidSoap: It's off...just plug it in now?
00:46:38DanielFaulknortical2k: no problems apart from the pausing?
00:46:40Soapplug it in, chill, wait 5 hours.
00:46:48Lars_Gsid: And, plug it in to the computer directly. Not am USB hub
00:46:50sidSoap: I don't need to try to turn it on or anything?
00:46:53DanielFaulknortical2k: im sold then :) ipod here i come...
00:47:06sidLars_G: yea, I'm plugging it into a usb port directly connected to the motherboard.
00:47:10tical2kand pausing, like i said was only when looking for a song when i was playing a song and didnt happen all the time
00:47:13Soapsid: plug it into a POWERED USB port, chill, see you in 5.
00:47:22Lars_Gtical2k: Sorry to make fun of it dude, i know it sucks, I've lived thorough it. but I'm trying to help you get over it.
00:47:28Soapdon't assume your port is powered, verify.
00:47:40tical2knah its no big deal... im gonna get another one... i think
00:47:46tical2kand i got my music backed up
00:47:48DanielFaulknortical2k: thanks :) i can live with a bit of pausing... playlists are always good
00:47:50SoapDanielFaulknor: 50% of apple battery life on the iPods!
00:47:51tical2kjust... sucks is all
00:47:53Lars_Gtical2k: :) good luck dude. :)
00:48:11sidIt was off, I plugged it in..I see a faded battery with a lightning rod on it. I'll see you guys in 5 hours
00:48:13Lars_GBtw rockbox's playlist rules 10000 fold over OF's
00:48:19Lars_Gpeace sid
00:48:33tical2kive been using rockbox since i had an archos fm recorder! haha
00:48:33DanielFaulknorSoap: im never going to need 14 hours anyway, 7 hours is loads when im getting a wall adaptor + car charger
00:48:40 Quit piquadrat (Remote closed the connection)
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00:50:11linuxstbsid: Leave the hold switch turned on - just in case it decides to reboot, to ensure it goes back to the Apple firmware, not Rockbox.
00:50:18SoapDanielFaulknor: the 5G barely charges while running rockbox. Charging while playing music is iffy.
00:50:29Soapgood call linuxstb.
00:50:50tical2ki never had a problem with it charging with a car charger while playing songs...
00:50:51Lars_GSoap: What is the source of the lower battery life?
00:51:05SoapLars_G: answer that and you will make thousands of happy people.
00:51:31DanielFaulknorSoap: iffy? so could it kill my ipod?
00:51:31Lars_GI might, but I don't have the tools and time right now
00:51:35 Quit lostnihilist (Remote closed the connection)
00:51:40Soapno, it might still consume more than it charges.
00:52:07DanielFaulknorbut if im in the car, i could use the charger to keep the battery constant?
00:52:12DanielFaulknor(like on trips)
00:52:39 Quit muesli__ (Connection timed out)
00:54:14Lars_GSoap: It shouldn't be rock sience either.
00:54:34Lars_GSoap: Hook the same ipod during use for a LONG period to a good LA using both OF and rockbox.
00:54:48Lars_Gand analyze differences. not in protocol itself but in bus use, cpu use, etc
00:54:57Lars_Geventually the problem should be pinpointed.
00:55:18linuxstbThat probably won't tell you what's going on inside the portalplayer chip itself though.
00:55:25Soapunless the problem is contained completely within the PortaPlayer "system on a chip"
00:55:33Soapdag nab it
00:55:37 Join Soader03 [0] (i=18caf221@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
00:55:39Lars_GYes if it's contained entirely there it's much much harder.
00:56:00SoapLars_G: unless you are offering to etch the casing off your PP chip?
00:56:11Lars_GSoap: not really needed.
00:56:20Soader03Hum, sorry, where is the irc channel for gigabeat?
00:56:31markuntry #gigabeat
00:56:37Soader03ok thanks
00:56:43Soap#gigabeat would be official, shouldn't it be ##gigabeat?
00:56:54scorchetechnically, yes
00:56:54markundon't know
00:57:04Lars_GSoap: if it's ENTIRELY contained inside the PortalPlayer IC, then I would think it safe to assume it comes from different behaviour, different behaviour with the same data (mp3s) on the chip means different configuration/initialization of the chip
00:57:07 Quit Soader03 (Client Quit)
00:57:15Lars_Gthen it's a matter of rev-enging the initialization process OF uses
00:57:37Lars_GWhich is easier said than done. but doable
00:57:41SoapLars_G: I'm serious when I say "If you have a solid plan for pinpointing excessive power draw, submit it to a wiki page for peer review, and I'll fund it assuming others think it has a chance."
00:58:02Lars_GI will think about it.
00:58:16 Join Soader03 [0] (i=18caf221@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
00:59:50 Quit Soader03 (Client Quit)
00:59:57spugany cvs-ers here who can upload an updated language file, or do i have to prod the mailing list?
01:01:26 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
01:01:38 Join lostnihilist [0] (
01:02:50 Join Soader03 [0] (i=18caf221@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:03:19Soader03It's normal that I can't change the channel???
01:03:19 Join pixie [0] (
01:03:30pixieUhm, when I plug my iPod into a wall socket charger thingie, it reboots like crazy
01:05:37Lars_Gpixie: Possibly too low battery, I've seen it before.
01:05:57Lars_Gthere was a way to stop it
01:06:02Soader03don't answer me all at the same time, huh? just kidding
01:06:19Lars_GI dont' rememeber if it was to reset (menu+select) or shut down (leave play pressed)
01:06:43pixieLike shut down while its plugged in?
01:07:01linuxstbpixie: Yes, Rockbox currently can't detect the difference between a USB connection to a computer, and a USB connection to a wall charger. So in both cases it will reboot to disk mode. Disk mode will see there is no computer, and reboot to Rockbox....
01:07:29pixielinuxstb: Is there a way to deal with that?
01:08:19spugany developers here?
01:08:21linuxstbEither hold MENU as you insert the cable in Rockbox, or turn the hold switch on and reboot to the Apple firmware (assuming you're using the newest bootloader).
01:09:24linuxstbSoader03: The web IRC client can only connect to #rockbox, if that's what you're asking.
01:09:37pixielinuxstb: Cool, holding MENU seemed to do the trick. Thanks.
01:10:09SimonSelkianyone here familiar with replacing Nano batteries?
01:10:15Soader03linuxstb: yes, ok so... where can be connected to #gigabeat?
01:10:32scorcheSoader03: can you not use a regular client?
01:10:58Soader03scorche: i'm in a web client
01:10:59 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:11:01 Part pixie
01:11:21scorchei know that....i am asking if you cant use a regular client for some reason
01:11:24 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
01:11:44Soader03never tried
01:15:41 Quit Soader03 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:15:58Nimdaei'm glad my ipod wall charger uses firewire instead of usb
01:16:39 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
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01:17:12 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
01:17:21Mouser_XDumb question, I'm sure, but Rockbox will run on the H20, right?
01:17:25Mouser_XOr, is there multiple iterations/versions of the H20?
01:17:30Mouser_X(I don't know if it got through.)
01:19:04Nimdaei don't see the H20 listed
01:19:50Nimdaeit's iriver?
01:20:09Mouser_XI don't know. I'm searching for deals on cheap portable players.
01:20:46Mouser_XMy prefered price range is $100-$150 (I may go higher, depending), with 30 GB of storage, and runs Rockbox.
01:20:53linuxstbIs the H20 just another name for the 20GB H10, or is it a different player completely?
01:21:29Mouser_XThe link I found mentioned the H20, but it wasn't for the H20, so I don't know...
01:21:31 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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01:21:47 Join Soader03 [0] (i=18caf221@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:23:24SimonSelkiSo.... Anyone familiar with installing batteries on the iPod Nano?
01:23:33 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
01:23:51Mouser_XWould anyone be willing to check out this link, and tell me what they think?
01:24:07Mouser_X(It's the cheapest I've seen...)
01:25:12linuxstb"The screen is intact and viewable, albeit with some difficulty."....
01:25:26Mouser_XI didn't see that...
01:26:31Mouser_XAh... I think I'll need to look elsewhere.
01:26:51Mouser_XI'm glad you're more obeservant than I...
01:28:57 Join topbloke [0] (
01:29:14 Part SimonSelki
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01:34:37 Quit Soader03 ("CGI:IRC")
01:35:13topblokehey is the battery life much worse on 5.5g ipods with rockbox?
01:36:00Soap50-55% of stock topbloke.
01:36:07Soapmaybe 60% in a day or two.
01:36:14topblokeok im debating installing it righ now
01:36:21*Soap is giddy at the idea.
01:36:25topblokewhat do u think?
01:36:37Soapwhy do you want Rockbox, topbloke?
01:36:49topblokei used it on my archos and it ruled
01:36:59topblokeand i like to have folders without itunes
01:38:05Soaptopbloke: what model do you have?
01:38:17Soapnvm, 30GB
01:38:27topblokeyeah 30
01:38:35topblokebut how did you know
01:38:35 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
01:38:47scorchehe is our local psychic
01:39:02scorcheit is actually useful
01:39:13spugrockbox supports the 5.5G now? i must've missed that :|
01:39:17Mouser_XIt helps out on tech support.
01:39:35scorchedont forget figuring out those undocumented chips
01:39:36Mouser_XEspecially when the people aren't very clear as to what the problem is...
01:39:40spugthe 80GB still isn't supported?
01:39:51Soapcorrect spug
01:40:12topblokeis there a html browser for rockbox
01:43:00Mouser_XThere's a Wikipedia viewer.
01:43:21Mouser_XThough, that's probably not what you'er looking for.
01:43:21 Join Llorean [0] (
01:43:43topblokelooks like its up to me to write one
01:43:58Nimdaedo it :P
01:44:18topblokefirst things first
01:44:54SoapI think porting Plucker makes more sense than native HTML rendering.
01:45:06tical2khey! question...
01:45:17 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:45:23tical2kcan the rockbox bootloader have a "lockcode" so to speak programmed into it?
01:45:46SoapIt /could/ have most anything programmed into it.
01:45:54JdGordonhay all
01:46:00JdGordonscorche: got your recorder handy?
01:46:00Soapahh, you mean "Enter Password to Boot", eh?
01:46:02tical2kie.... it will only boot if you press a certain sequence of keys
01:46:05sidSoap / Lars_G / linuxstb, I didn't touch it(i went out for an hour and came back) and it says "ok to disconnect" with a big check on the screen.
01:46:13 Quit Criamos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:46:14sidDoes this mean it's done charging? or it's not charging? or what?
01:46:22scorcheJdGordon: yes, but i am a bit occupied atm...what did you need?
01:46:35Soaptical2k: it could, but since Disk Mode is a function of the flash, which isn't replaced by the rockbox bootloader, it would be easy to bypass.
01:46:45tical2kbut then again....
01:46:50tical2kthats what i was thinking
01:46:51linuxstbsid: Can you see a small battery icon in the top-right corner?
01:46:53tical2kdamn that flash
01:46:54JdGordonscorche: check 2 keymap addidiotns for the a-b repeat mode.. aparently they never were put in, but if your busy no problem
01:47:01Soapsid: that it IS charging.
01:47:09Soapsid: see you in 4 hours.
01:47:12tical2kso the flash is not programmable huh
01:47:20scorcheJdGordon: i will have to do it later tonight if it still needs to be done
01:47:35Lloreantical2k: It is, but we don't because there's no reason to, and it's safer to leave it alone.
01:47:40Soaptical2k: oh, it (probably) is - but if you do that, there goes the only think which makes the iPod unbrickable.
01:47:56JdGordonscorche: ok, no prob. ill try to find someone else, but lemmme know when you can incdase i havnt
01:48:12*linuxstb shivers at the thought of flashing ipod users
01:48:26topblokeso can ipod rockbox be uninsalled easily?
01:48:31Soaptopbloke: yes
01:48:40tical2kis there an ipod emulator anywhere? i seriously would like to program the flash.... haha
01:48:49tical2kbut dont want to brick my new one coming in...
01:48:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:49:01topblokewheres the instructions for that
01:49:10Soaptopbloke: you simply remove the rockbox.ipod file from your hard drive, and remove the .rockbox folder from your ipod, and write the original bootloader.bin file back to the boot partition.
01:49:18topblokeo ok
01:49:22Soaptopbloke: the instructions for removal are on the install page.
01:49:29linuxstbOr just "ipodpatcher [device] -d"
01:50:06Lloreanlinuxstb: To see what flashing iPod users would be like, go look at the anythingbutipod sansa board. :-P
01:50:17*linuxstb won't
01:50:34topblokeis this the right page
01:50:34LloreanGood plan
01:50:52Lloreantopbloke: All you need to do it nowadays is to run "ipodpatcher [device] -d" as linuxstb said
01:50:59topblokeo right
01:51:10topblokebut u still need the original boot dump right
01:51:17tical2ksooo... is the flash changed whenever the ipod is reformatted?
01:51:31LloreanSoap: With the new install instructions, the ipodpatcher tool can just add or remove the bootloader without having to mess with backed up bootpartition.bins unless you do something REALLY wrong.
01:52:18sidlinuxstb: Yes there is a blank battery icon on the top right corner(blank meaning empty)
01:52:29linuxstbtical2k: No. And I would strongly recommend you forget about modifying the flash. We don't know enough about the ipods to initialise the hardware correctly ourselves, we rely on how the Apple bootloader in flash has set things up.
01:52:29Lloreantical2k: The flash is only changed when a program run on the iPod chooses to change it. For example, when you change iPod firmware versions, it updates itself. But if you replaced what was in it with your own code, it would never update itself again unless you wrote an iPod program that did it. Which would mean your code in flash has to be able to run iPod programs. If there's even one VERY small thing wrong with your code in flash, the iP
01:52:39 Join webguest31 [0] (i=18a176fc@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:52:57webguest31anybody know a good place for free porn?
01:53:12JdGordonthe rockbox wiki!
01:53:15linuxstbsid: If it's not animated, then I would guess it's not charging. Are you sure your USB port is providing power? i.e. you're not using a hub?
01:53:23Mode"#rockbox +o scorche " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
01:53:29tehsmoindeed. the rockbox wiki is full of free porn
01:53:29linuxstbwebguest31: I hear the internet is good for that.
01:53:30tehsmoyou should check it out
01:53:49scorchetehsmo: you dont have to respond to him...
01:54:16linuxstbThose crazy Swedes...
01:56:06sidSoap / Lars_G / linuxstb, ok now it beeped three times blinking between "ok to disconnect" and a picture of the battery(in the center of the screen big) and with an explamation point on top of the left of the battery.
01:56:10sid(I didn't touch it in over an hour, since I just plugged it in)
01:56:33sidlinuxstb: yes, the usb port is providing power. I just had a mouse plugged into it.
01:56:54*webguest31 is cool
01:56:56sid(a couple hours ago, an optical mouse, and it worked)
01:57:05Genre9mp3I hope no-one will get scared when he sees the WikiTable... It's not a spammer attack, it's just me updating all the Plugin pages that run on H10... :)
01:57:15topblokesid are u using the apple firmware?
01:57:29*webguest31 is so cool
01:57:38sidtopbloke: no, the rockbox firmware. I tried the apple_os firmware for an hour..and it didn't seem to charge at all either.
01:57:49*JdGordon is thinking scorche shhuold use his special privelages
01:57:52topblokemine is weird with chargin too on the apple one
01:58:07topblokewhat i did is load up itunes and eject the ipod
01:58:08sidThis 5g video ipod is brand new, I just opened the box yesterday.
01:58:08Kick(#rockbox webguest31 :scorche) by scorche!n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche
01:58:32Mouser_Xwebguest31: Take off your clothes, and look in mirror.
01:58:33 Quit Lars_G ("Leaving")
01:58:34scorcheis anyone on the webclient atm?
01:58:42Mouser_XI don't know about quality, but it's free...
01:58:44topblokethen it showed a big battery chraging
01:58:57JdGordonscorche: no need to ban it unlesshe comes back
01:59:24scorcheJdGordon: i know...just being prepared
01:59:24topblokeotherwise i just get a do not disconnect and the battery is not animated at all
01:59:30topbloketry it
02:00:02Mouser_XI don't plan on installing iTunes, ever, if I get an iPod...
02:00:09topblokeitunes sucks
02:00:16Mouser_XUnless I have no choice whatsoever...
02:00:34tehsmoI think it still charges without disconnecting it
02:00:36Mouser_X(I think I'll get the iPod Winamp plugin instead though.)
02:00:46*tehsmo uses gnupod
02:01:01GaloisI use rockbox with ipod. It's itunes-free.
02:01:04sidAnd the ipod is showing the "ok to disconnect" screen at full brigtness it seems, and before the ipod wouldn't stay on without usb cable for a minute, it would just shutdown. So it's getting power from somewhere.
02:01:22topblokemaybe its getting power but not charging
02:01:23Lloreansid: The port is USB 2.0, right?
02:01:30sidLlorean: yes
02:01:38LloreanAre you 100% sure it's functioning in 2.0, and not 1.1?
02:02:05Soapsid, I asked you to leave it alone plugged in for 5 hours.
02:02:07Mouser_XIs the $20 difference worth it to get an iPod video, over an iPod photo? As far as I can tell, they're the same otherwise.
02:02:18 Join trevor_ [0] (n=trevor@
02:02:18Soapsid: please. I honestly believe your issue will be gone by then.
02:02:39SoapMouser_X: 5G has a bigger screen than the 4G
02:02:39sid[17215755.304000] usb 2-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 34
02:02:42sid[17215755.720000] usb 2-1: device not accepting address 34, error -71
02:02:44sidI have a bunch of those in my dmesg
02:02:54linuxstbMouser_X: They're very different. The video has better audio quality (IMO).
02:02:57SoapMouser_X: both physically and resolution wise.
02:02:57Galoissid, I've gotten that error in linux before too
02:03:09sidSoap: I didn't touch it, it's been in there since you told me and not been touched once.
02:03:16Mouser_XSoap: Ah, thanks.
02:03:18scorcheand frequency scaling
02:03:24Galoisthe thing is, I only get the error with ehci-hcd
02:03:39SoapMouser_X: yes, as scorch hinted at the 5G port is more stable than the 4G port.
02:04:02JdGordonsid: i have the same problem... your not using ubuntu 6.10 are you?
02:04:02SoapMouser_X: the 5G 60GB player has twice the RAM of the 30 gig player, and has a bigger battery to boot.
02:04:07Mouser_XWell, it sounds like the $20 is probably worth it.
02:04:12sidJdGordon: yes ubuntu 6.10
02:04:25JdGordonsid: ditto... i tihn ubutnu is fubar on this one
02:04:32JdGordonrmmod ehci_hcd fixes it
02:04:38SoapMouser_X: the 5G player has a hardware EQ which rockbox can use, which consumes no power as opposed to the 4G and software EQ.
02:04:40JdGordonbut runs at usb 1.1 speeds :'(
02:04:43sidJdGordon: YOu mean Ubuntu can't charge an ipod?
02:04:50JdGordon(copying 20gb at 1mb/s is slooow)
02:04:53topblokehere goes : Bootloader bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod written to device.
02:04:54sidJdGordon: Or just you don't know why it gives that error.
02:04:58JdGordonsid: it wll chanrge
02:05:03sidmine won't
02:05:31JdGordonremove ehci_hcd and connect it and it will, it will just transfer very slowly (which byt he souns of it you dont need)
02:05:34Soapsid: as evidenced by the fact it has collected enough juice to go finally to disk mode. It IS charging, slower than it should or not.
02:06:41topblokehow do u change fonts?
02:06:41Soapgive it four more hours please, four more hours of leaving it alone, four more hours of no HD, not backlight, no nothing, so that we can see how much charge it accumulates, IF any. The more you play with it, the more the battery is going to be drained.
02:06:55Soaptopbloke: you need to download the font pack and the manual.
02:06:57sidSoap: ok
02:07:14topblokeo i got that
02:07:28 Join Criamos [0] (
02:07:34 Quit Juice^ ("- nbs-irc 2.0 - -")
02:07:54topblokewhats a big font
02:07:54sidSoap: It's just staying on the "ok to disconnect" screen on the ipod(I didn't touch any hardware or software since I plugged it in), so it's ok..just leave it 4 more hours?
02:08:19topblokeok i got 1
02:08:27topblokeso sweet rockbox works
02:08:55 Part Furkle
02:10:11GaloisI think it's linux's fault, not ubuntu. I've gotten the USB error with several distros and each time I never managed to solve the problem.
02:10:23Galoisthere are some distros that work, and kernel 2.4 always works
02:10:36topblokehey but my battery shows almost drained in rockbox when it was almost full in apple fw
02:10:46JdGordonGalois: i never had this problem before, but a clean instal of ubuntu 6.10 started it
02:11:10JdGordonGalois: although i had this in windows also, so maybe.. just odd that removign ehci makes it work
02:11:17 Quit tical2k ("Leaving")
02:11:22topblokewhich one is right?
02:13:48sidok again it beeped three times just now blinking between "ok to disconnect" and a picture of the battery(in the center of the screen big) and with an explamation point on top of the left of the battery.
02:14:08topblokenoob: i cant quit the oscilloscope plugin
02:14:23sidIt seems to do that periodically for a certain amount of time.(every 20 minutes?)
02:15:04Lloreansid: It really sounds like something's going wrong on your computer's end.
02:18:46 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
02:18:51 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
02:18:55 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
02:20:49topblokenow to go crazy downloading themes
02:27:48 Join decayedcell [0] (i=3ba7455c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:27:58 Join RabidSnail [0] (n=RabidSna@unaffiliated/cmdrbatguano)
02:28:17RabidSnailIs it possible to use libusb in plugins?
02:30:08sidLlorean: Should I unplug the ipod and cable from the Ubuntu desktop and plug it into my Debian GNU/Linux laptop?
02:30:34JdGordonRabidSnail: do you mean USB-OTG ?
02:30:51RabidSnailwhat's usb-otg?
02:31:01JdGordonsid: try it and find out
02:31:01topblokeusb on the go
02:31:11JdGordonRabidSnail: what do you want to do with usb?
02:31:27Soapsid: do you have a powered hub?
02:31:39RabidSnailI' trying to see if it would be possible to port usbhostfs to use rockbox
02:32:00RabidSnailbut it hinges on libusb
02:32:38JdGordonwe cant use the otg chip in any of the available targets ye (the chip that is used as a host) so not yet...
02:33:46LloreanNot to mention, if you're referring to libusb as in "the libusb project" I think you're a bit confused as to what Rockbox is.
02:33:46linuxstbWhat does usbhostfs do?
02:33:47 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:34:43RabidSnaillinuxstb: It allows the psp to connect to a device over usb and emulate memory stick
02:35:13 Quit funky ("leaving")
02:35:25RabidSnailso you can store your games and movies on your computer and play them over usb
02:36:16linuxstbThat requires a USB host driver in Rockbox, which doesn't exist for any target yet...
02:36:30linuxstbAnd is only possible on some of them anyway.
02:36:54linuxstbWhich Rockbox device do you own?
02:37:02RabidSnailiaudio X5
02:38:41topblokewhy not just watch on the PC
02:38:41linuxstbOK, so you'll need to implement _everything_ in Rockbox. From the low-level USB driver upwards.
02:38:57 Quit BobJonkman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:38:58RabidSnailnot very practical
02:39:12Soapthe cost is high, but so is the reward.
02:39:34SoapYou will be swimming in the women (or men if that is your fancy, nothing wrong with that) when you succede.
02:41:12 Quit habana ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:41:17 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
02:41:27RabidSnailif anyone is interested, you can find the source for the mac version at
02:41:52RabidSnailsould copile in linux by the looks of it
02:42:29Mode"#rockbox -o scorche " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
02:42:37 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
02:42:39 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
02:43:07SoapRabidSnail: does it use floating point math?
02:43:35RabidSnailnot by the looks of it
02:43:44 Quit topbloke ("bye")
02:50:53tehsmohmm ..methinks rockbox needs more assert statements
02:53:15tehsmofunctions don't seem to be checking if other functions return NULL, even though it's possible ..
02:53:59linuxstbFor example?
02:54:54tehsmowell, bookmark_play calls playlist_peek but doesn't check if it returns null
02:55:44tehsmogranted, it should probably never give it input that would do that, but I'm a fan of copious asserts
03:02:58linuxstbI don't think there are _any_ asserts in Rockbox (assuming you mean the assert() macro).
03:03:17tehsmothere aren't at the moment
03:03:27tehsmoas far as i know
03:04:25tehsmocurrently I'm using debug statements in place of asserts, because there's no good substitute for an assert function right now
03:06:09linuxstbYou could just implement assert(), as a macro which is only enabled for LOGF builds.
03:06:18tehsmoyeah, I might do that
03:06:33tehsmoor make it work differently; perhaps it would take over the screen and present the assert failure
03:06:37tehsmothen when you pressed a button it would reboot
03:12:12 Join gnarfel [0] (
03:13:26 Part Llorean
03:19:50 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:25:28 Quit gnarfel (Client Quit)
03:28:15 Quit RabidSnail ()
03:30:23 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
03:44:43 Quit Soap ()
03:45:49 Join Soap [0] (n=Soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
03:48:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:54:45EspeonEefiHrm... unless I'm doing something wrong, the 80 GB iPod ATA controller thinks we want to read from disk 1 when we really want disk 0...
03:55:40jeffbhow do you know
03:56:43EspeonEefiI printed out ATA_SELECT inside the if statement in ata_read_sectors...
03:56:58EspeonEefiThe one whose predicate is status & (STATUS_BSY | STATUS_ERR | STATUS_DF)
03:57:24EspeonEefiUnder the huge comment about errors in READ MULTIPLE commands that's copied from the ATA specification.
03:57:37EspeonEefiIt gave me 0x40 instead of the expected 0x00...
03:57:58EspeonEefi(But I may be doing something wrong... this is my first foray into device hacking.)
04:05:09EspeonEefiLessee... firmware/drivers/ata.c line 341 in version 1.198
04:08:26linuxstbEspeonEefi: Just to let you know that most developers are in Europe, so they're asleep at the moment...
04:08:32 Part pixelma
04:08:40 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
04:08:43EspeonEefilol Heh, I guess I lose... >.>
04:09:22EspeonEefiHrm... I really wonder whether I'm doing this right... :/
04:09:28EspeonEefiOh, well... march on!
04:11:57 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
04:12:08 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
04:12:17sidSoap: no I don't have a powered hub.
04:12:32sidSoap: I plug the device directly into the back of my desktop tower. via usb 2.0
04:15:25linuxstbsid: Did you try JdGordon's suggestion? (removing the ehci_hcd module) ?
04:18:49 Join Bjoern-Erik [0] (
04:22:26EspeonEefiOh, never mind, I'm stupid.
04:22:45EspeonEefi0x40 is 0100 0000, not 0001 0000.
04:23:00 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Khe!!!")
04:23:39 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:28:50sidlinuxstb: You think that matters?
04:29:17linuxstbsid: JdGordon said it fixed it for him...
04:29:21Soapsid: the only reason I mentioned a powered hub was that you could use it as a charger and remove the computer from the equation.
04:30:08 Join trypt0 [0] (
04:30:33sidok, I moved the thing to my laptop(it's running apple_os firmware now) and I did "rmmod ehci_hcd"
04:30:59sidIt has gained zero batter power so far. and it shutdowns down a second after I boot it.
04:32:50sidIt was connected to my Desktop for 4 hours, and still shutdown a second after I started it.
04:33:49sidI'll connect it to my laptop for a few hours. with ehci_hcd module not loaded into the kernel.
04:34:29 Nick myzar|away is now known as myzar (n=myzar@
04:34:52sidWhen it's connected via usb, I can use the thing. so it's getting power from somewhere it would appear
04:35:13sidie, I can scroll through apple_os right now, but if I unplug it from usb, it will shut down.
04:37:57Soapif you can use the thing plugged in, remove rockbox.
04:38:17sidheh, k..I guess I should for when I rma it
04:39:06tehsmoso, I want some input on how devs think bookmarks should work with the database; what's the usual medium for something like this?
04:39:13JdGordonanyone got an archos recorder?
04:39:25tehsmomailing list, bug report (there's already one on this), or forums?
04:39:43JdGordonmail list or here usually...
04:39:59tehsmoI'll probably send an email then, thanks
04:40:01sid CODE
04:40:17sid" CODE
04:40:17sid"ipodpatcher -w N bootpartition.bin
04:40:17DBUGEnqueued KICK sid
04:40:49sidbleh, where did that 1 and SI come from in the pdf, anyway... "RER
04:40:49sidbleh, where did that 1 and SI come from in the pdf, anyway... "R emember that N is the number that you found when you installed Rockbox on your
04:40:51sid Ipo
04:42:16sidWhat is "N" /dev/sda?
04:42:27linuxstbsid: If you're using the latest (v0.5) version of ipodpatcher, the syntax has changed. It's now "ipodpatcher [device] -w bootpartition.bin".
04:42:55linuxstbsid: Yes. Type ipodpatcher without any options for usage instructions.
04:46:34 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
04:48:27 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
04:53:07sidhmm, the device doesn't even show up when I plug it in now.
04:53:12sidIt's not in fdisk -l
04:53:14sidor anything
05:00:27 Join topbloke [0] (
05:01:38 Quit |AhIoRoS| (Remote closed the connection)
05:01:40 Join BobJonkman [0] (
05:02:00topblokehey can the rockbox bootloader charge the ipod?
05:03:46linuxstbIt doesn't stay around long enough...
05:04:02linuxstbBut charging is hardware controlled, so yes, it should charge in the bootloader.
05:07:05 Join Tommmo [0] (n=chatzill@
05:08:07 Join trypt0_ [0] (
05:08:14topblokei drained the battery down in rockbox
05:08:25topblokeand now the bootlaoder doesn want to boot either firmware
05:08:29TommmoI cant download the daliy builds
05:08:34Tommmois there a differnt site to go to?
05:08:39Tommmowhen i click on it it says file isnt found
05:08:53linuxstbTommmo: Some of the daily builds are missing - try an older one (e.g. 26th December)
05:09:10topblokejust goes to a dead battery screen
05:09:11Tommmoim on the 22nd
05:09:18Tommmon havnt been able to update sine then
05:10:20linuxstbtopbloke: 1) Plug it in to charge; 2) turn the hold switch on; 3) wait.
05:10:49topblokei only have the usb connector
05:11:04linuxstbThat's what I mean.
05:11:14 Quit Tommmo (Client Quit)
05:12:08topblokeif its like a black screen with a faint battery on it is is charging?
05:12:59linuxstbThat's the low-battery screen. Just wait, and that will disappear.
05:13:18topblokenothings happening and its plugged in
05:15:18topblokeok i got a b/w screen says do not disconnect
05:15:27topblokeand battery is animating
05:16:04topblokeis this a rockbox one?
05:16:19linuxstbNo, those are all Apple screens.
05:16:41topblokethe old one had a red crossed off circle
05:16:47topblokethis one is black and white
05:17:02topblokethats why i am wondering
05:17:14Nimdaeport rockbox to psp RIGHT NOW... >.> .... <.< .... ;;>.>
05:17:19scorchethat is apple's "emergency boot loader"
05:17:28CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:17:28*scorche smacks Nimdae
05:17:39topblokeso hopefully it is charging this beast
05:17:57scorcheit is
05:17:59topblokedoes istalling rockbox enable this one
05:18:27Nimdaehow about the ds then?
05:18:33Nimdae2 screens are better than 1!
05:18:55Nimdaei'm totally gonna get banned from here, heh
05:19:09*scorche smacks Nimdae harder
05:19:56*linuxstb bed.
05:20:06topblokeapple was showing my battery almost full, i installed rokbox and it showed it almost drained and apparently it did drain in like 10 min
05:20:43Nimdaethat's apparently a notorious problem with the apple firmware
05:20:57 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
05:21:09sidI guess I'll just rma this thing with rockbox on it.
05:21:09topblokethat it lies about battery?
05:21:22topblokesid i think i had the same problem as you
05:21:24Nimdaenot necesarily that it lies
05:21:36topblokejust now
05:21:38sidtopbloke: That it won't take a charge?
05:21:50topblokewell im trying now to charge it
05:21:55Nimdaeit attempts to calculate a guess on remaining life, but it gets it wrong after a while
05:22:04 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
05:22:16topblokei got that ugly white screen do not disconnect
05:22:24sidyea, same here
05:22:30topblokeand the battery is animating
05:22:30sidtopbloke: beep three times?
05:22:41topblokeit beeped before in the apple firmware
05:22:49sidtopbloke: 3 times?
05:22:58sidmy shit just turned on and off without me touching it
05:23:10sidNow I get the "do not disconnect" and then "ok to disconnect" heh
05:23:13topblokedid your battery animate as charging thout
05:23:17sidI dunno wtf is up with this thing, brand new out of the box yesterday.
05:23:32sidno, I got no animation when attempting to charge
05:23:48topblokeok well mine is animating and says do not disconnect
05:23:53topblokeso maybe different
05:24:26topblokecan you get yours to show up on your computer as a drive?
05:24:42Nimdaejust leave it connected overnight, see what happens
05:24:45 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
05:24:48 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
05:25:00 Quit trypt0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:25:02Nimdaei know impatiences will make it painful, but you may be glad you did it
05:26:08sidNimdae: I've had it connected for over 6 hours.
05:26:12topbloketry a windows PC
05:26:39sidI don't have any windows pcs
05:27:04Nimdaewell, i would say 24 hours, but 6 hours should at least do something
05:27:17sidIf I unplug it from usb, it shuts down.
05:27:59sidIt was working all yesterday..(the first day I opened it), I was playing chess listening to pink floyd etc..then the battery needed to be charged so I plugged it into my desktop..and it wouldn't take a charge. and I've been charging it all day long.
05:29:42topblokeis yours a 30gb video?
05:30:23Nimdaetry a different usb port?
05:30:31sidI tried 4 different usb ports.
05:30:34sidfrom laptop to desktop
05:30:39Nimdaehave any firewire you can try?
05:30:42topblokei say try in on someones windows pc with the dreaded itunes on it
05:30:51sidno firewire cable
05:30:54topbloke5g dont take firewire
05:31:02topblokei reckon
05:31:04Nimdaeyes it will
05:31:09 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
05:31:14topblokethought i read it didnt
05:31:23topblokemaybe but one of those wall chargers
05:31:24Nimdae5g will communicate over firewire with apple computers on the apple firmware, but not windows
05:31:32Nimdaeit's retarded tbh
05:31:44Nimdaebut my wall charger connects and charges through firewire
05:32:28sidI think I'm going to rma this thing and just sell it on eBay or something.
05:32:30topblokei saw one for like 20 bucks
05:32:30 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
05:32:33 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
05:32:46topbloketry a crarger without the stupid USB thing
05:32:50sidIf I rma it will they give me one in a brand new box, fresh seal etc?
05:32:57sidI don't have a charger without usb
05:32:59Nimdaerma and sell?
05:33:04Nimdaeif you rma, you return it
05:33:08 Quit trypt0_ (Connection timed out)
05:33:11 Join jba [0] (
05:33:15topblokeand they give u a new one
05:33:17Nimdaeand they will most likely send a refurb as a replacement
05:33:34jbahas anyone thought about generating a san-serif font with a black shadow? to make it easier to read when displayed over background images?
05:34:10Mouser_Xsid: My offer to buy it still stands.
05:34:14topblokearent the fonts one color
05:34:36sidMouser_X: I have speakers, kickstand case, and fm transmitter. How much?
05:34:51Mouser_XFor all that? Huh... I just wanted the iPod...
05:34:53sidIt was sold for $450 on
05:34:54topblokewhats a kickstand
05:35:03sidsome leather case
05:35:13Mouser_Xsid: I'd expect that to sell for more than I'd pay...
05:35:34Mouser_X(All I want is the iPod... The other stuff raises the price.)
05:35:39sidMouser_X: How much for just the 5g?
05:35:57Mouser_XHow much would you say?
05:36:05sidWhat is it worth new?
05:36:32Mouser_XOn eBay, the prices I'm seeing (over the last 2 days) is around $200 for a new one.
05:36:37 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
05:36:48 Join Rondom [0] (
05:36:53Mouser_XRefurbished ones seem to go for around $170-$200.
05:37:18Mouser_XI've seen them go for $150, but only once (again, this is over the last 2 days).
05:37:22sidI have to discuss this with the mrs also, she's the one who made me keep it.
05:37:32Mouser_XHeh. Understandable.
05:37:32sidI wanted to return this crap and build a mythtv box.
05:37:44Nimdaesid: try reflashing the apple firmware and see if that corrects
05:38:02sidNimdae: I can boot with the apple_os firmware, and it still won't take a charge.
05:38:09Mouser_XAlso, I'm thinking about it. I found a pretty good deal on another site, so I might go for that ($170, though I don't know if it's refurbished or not).
05:38:21Nimdaei mean completely reflash it...use the apple updater
05:38:33sidI don't have any windows machines.
05:38:53Mouser_XHave you tried qemu?
05:38:54Nimdaeyou need windows for that?
05:38:59Mouser_XIt runs WinXP...
05:38:59sidI have to go to my aunt's apartment, then she's going to bug me about fixing her outlook or whatever crap is worng with her windows machine.
05:41:25sidSo if charging it hardware controlled... me putting rockbox on this 5g has nothing to do with it not functioning properly right?
05:41:42sids/charging it/charging it is/
05:41:54Nimdaehave you tried holding select+menu until it resets and seeing what happens?
05:42:02 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
05:42:13sidand on the same token, if I reflash it with apple software crap on a windows machine..that shouldn't matter no?
05:42:17Nimdaeif i sound retarded, i'm just trying to think of anything stupid that may fix it :P
05:42:26Nimdaeit could matter
05:42:48Nimdaeif something is set accidentally and not reset, it could affect things
05:42:54sidHow long do I hold select and menu for?
05:43:02Nimdaeuntil it starts booting
05:43:06sidI held it for 8 seconds, and it just booted rockbox after I was done.
05:43:19Nimdaeplug it in and see what happens?
05:43:33sidIt tells me "ok to disconnect"
05:44:05topblokemine does that when i eject it via windows
05:44:18topblokebut unil then it says do not disconnect
05:44:20Nimdaeyeah, but it shouldn't be doing that when plugging it in
05:44:29Nimdaemaybe the cable is bad?
05:44:48Mouser_XIt's getting power though.
05:44:58Mouser_XOtherwise, it wouldn't be running at all.]
05:44:59Nimdaedoesn't mean anything
05:45:09Mouser_XAt least, based on what sid has said already.
05:45:13Nimdaei can have an ethernet cable give me a link light, but not able to carry a signal
05:45:24Mouser_XVery true.
05:45:35sidyea, it runs when plugged in.(sometimes)
05:45:43Nimdaei'm betting bad cable
05:45:55 Join hotwire___ [0] (
05:45:56 Nick hotwire___ is now known as hotwire_ (
05:46:39Nimdaeis the bottom connector clean of lint and whatnot?
05:47:55sidyes, it looks very clean.(less then 24 hours old iPod)
05:48:26Nimdaewell, i don't know if it's been in a pocket or something :P
05:48:34 Quit |AhIoRoS| (Connection timed out)
05:49:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:50:22jeffbsid, did you drop it in the toilet?
05:50:48Mouser_XHe probably went swimming with it, while it was plugged in.
05:51:07sidjeffb: no I didn't drop it in the toilet or go swimming with it.
05:52:53 Join hotwire___ [0] (
06:05:46sidok, I have the 5g plugged into a laptop running Windows XP now
06:05:58sidWhat do I install? iTunes?
06:06:09 Quit hotwire__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:07:20sidWhen I first got my iPod I didn't charge it...Should I have fully charged it when I first got it? is that the problem?
06:07:52topblokeyeah get itunes
06:08:08jeffbwhen I go to the gas station I fill the tank
06:08:12topblokeyou are supposed to charge it for like 4 hours at 1st
06:08:34topblokei only fill up for like $10
06:08:53jeffbtopbloke, you must be at the gas station a lot
06:09:00sidtopbloke: So because I didn't do that you think this is why it's broken?
06:09:41tehsmosid: what's the longest continuous amount of time you've left it plugged in so far?
06:09:41topblokei didnt charge mine either
06:09:45topblokecouldnt wait to play with it
06:09:51sidtehsmo: 8 hours?
06:09:55sidtehsmo: The last 8 hours
06:09:55 Quit hotwire_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:10:15tehsmothen if it doesn't work it's probably either a bad cable or something wrong in the player
06:10:20topblokebut i did plug it in for a while to transfer tunes so that charged it
06:10:20tehsmoso you should probably just RMA it
06:10:41sidBut I can't get rockbox off of it
06:11:14jeffball you need is disk mode to remove rockbox
06:12:16sidWhere do I go to in iTunes?
06:12:29topblokedoes it show a device on the left side
06:12:45topblokeu have to give it time
06:16:18sidI got "usb device not recognized" when I plugged it in
06:16:22sidfrom windows
06:16:30sidAnd it isn't showing up in iTunes
06:16:39 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:16:48 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:16:48sidI loaded apple_os on the iPod and it told me not enough battery or something, and to please power down
06:16:49 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:19:08sidAnd the thing just turned itself on a few seconds ago after minutes of not working and booted apple_os
06:19:34jeffbsounds like your ipod has issues charging
06:20:28sidjeffb: Because I put rockbox on it?
06:20:45jeffbrockbox has nothing to do with it
06:20:52 Quit jba (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:20:56sidok, the iPod is on now in apple_os
06:20:56jeffbyour ipod has hardware issues
06:20:59sidI can go through the menu list and everything.
06:21:15sid(I guess it's getting power via usb, because if I unplug usb cable it will shutdown right away)
06:21:32jeffblet it sit there and charge
06:21:49sidIt doesn't take a charge, no matter what.
06:22:00sidAnd it won't show up in iTunes right now either.
06:22:12topblokedoes it show up as a drive in windoes
06:22:18jeffbI'd send it back
06:22:30sidIt shows the battery blinking white and green, and a lightning bolt over it.
06:22:36sidI believe that is new. not sure
06:22:58 Join Tommmo [0] (
06:23:06sidtopbloke: No it's not showing up as a drive in windows.(My Computer)
06:24:17jeffbyour ipod sounds defective... you should get it replaced
06:24:33sidok, the battery stopped blinking and it's just static now with it mostly empty and a tiny bit of red at the end.(as it was 8 hours ago)
06:24:43 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
06:24:45*Mouser_X is starting to agree.
06:24:49Mouser_XThough, I'm not one to talk.
06:24:58sidEven though it's brand new?
06:25:14Mouser_XCould be defective out of the box.
06:25:15siddamn, I don't want to send it with rockbox on it.
06:25:25Mouser_XIt wouldn't be the first time.
06:25:28sidYou think they'll check what firmware is on it?
06:25:33 Part Tommmo
06:25:58 Join H10guy [0] (
06:26:13H10guyhiya all
06:26:26H10guyi have a lil problem with my rockbox
06:26:42Mouser_XYou should look into battery replacements (though, I wouldn't recommend replacing the batteries yet, until you can cancel out all other variables).
06:26:54Mouser_X@ sid
06:28:36H10guyhey iv been getting like this bootloader infomation when i turn on my h10 n it has like all this infomation, it did this after i updated my rockbox firmware any ideas? cause i cant get it to work. I installed the old firmware n then reinstalled hte rockbox firmware but it didnt work
06:29:13H10guyit just shows the bootloader info n wont letme play songs or naivagte menus or anything
06:29:55sid"USB device not recognized, One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it..."
06:29:59sidwindows is telling me
06:33:19Mouser_XOh fun...
06:34:09 Join trypt0 [0] (
06:35:21sidI wonder if I can return it and get cash back.
06:35:57sidIt was $450 USD for the 5g iPod video, and the speakers, and fm transmitter, and kickstand case.(from
06:38:59sidWhat do I do if they ask if I changed anything on it? or if they call me asking why rockbox is on it.. heh
06:39:02sidJust play dumb?
06:39:08sid"What is rockbox?"
06:40:09Mouser_X"Huh? I got it for Christmas."
06:40:19Mouser_X"Maybe they installed it, thinking I'd want that."
06:40:36Mouser_X(They being the person who gave it to you.)
06:41:10Nimdaeyeah, that wouldn't fly
06:41:19Nimdaebuyer is still responsible for it ;)
06:41:31Mouser_XTake it to Wal-Mart.
06:41:38Mouser_XAt the very least, you can get money back.
06:41:48Mouser_XThey'll take anything, from what I've heard...
06:41:50sidI'll just say it came like that when I opened the package.(if they ask)
06:42:06sidMouser_X: I didn't buy it from walmart though.
06:42:28Mouser_XThey don't require a reciept, much of the time.
06:43:10Nimdaei've heard of people claiming they lost the receipt or it was a gift and they bought it from there
06:43:34sidThey'll give full refund?
06:43:48 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:43:51 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:43:53 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:43:54Nimdaeeh, i've just heard of it, can't say if it's true
06:44:11Mouser_X(In case it didn't make it through:)
06:44:15Mouser_XThey don't require a reciept, much of the time.
06:44:15H10guyhey guys
06:44:15Mouser_XAt least, I know there's been times when I took stuff back to them without a reciept.
06:44:19H10guyi need some heol
06:44:21sidWalmart is a big evil megacorp, I wouldn't mind ripping them off.
06:44:42sidMouser_X: But there is a barcode and they can check inventory no?
06:45:01jeffbgo into walmart and punch an employee
06:45:13Mouser_XMy sister had a friend who got a bunch of wedding presents from Wal-Mart. After using them for six months (bedding included), they took it all back when they moved.
06:45:21sidThe employees aren't evil.
06:45:21Mouser_Xlol @ jeffb
06:45:29sidIt's the executive board.
06:45:48excitatorymost wal-mart employees are so poorly treated, they could care less about the job, much less the good of the corporation.
06:45:53Mouser_XWell, the barcode thing would probably only check to see if it's an item they sell.
06:46:14Mouser_XOtherwise, I'd think it wouldn't matter.
06:46:14sidMouser_X: And I'll get cash back?
06:46:18sidI'm trying this tomorrow.
06:46:22Mouser_XPretty sure.
06:46:28sidMouser_X: What state you in?
06:46:28Mouser_XIf not, store credit.
06:46:51Mouser_XAt the very least, with store credit, you could get all kinds of groceries.
06:47:04Mouser_XFree food for months?
06:48:55Mouser_Xsid: If you're replying to me, you need to be registered with nickserv.
06:50:07 Join Rob222241 [0] (
06:52:32 Quit Rondom (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:53:47Mouser_XThere's been a few times when we bought a DVD online, and the person we took it to returned it. I can't remember which store they returned it to, but we paid like, $20-$30 for the DVD, and when they returned it, they got $60 back for it (since that's how much the store they returned it to sold it for).
06:54:07Mouser_XIn other words, you might actually make money that way, but don't get your hopes up.
06:57:53 Join hotwire____ [0] (
06:57:56 Nick hotwire____ is now known as hotwire_ (
07:07:22 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:11:11topblokeodnt you need a recipt
07:11:38topblokeor just buy an ipod there and return the old one
07:11:42topblokeive dont that
07:11:49topblokewith broken hardware
07:12:22 Quit hotwire_ ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
07:13:41topblokeso my ipod charged to full in 2 hours of that do not disconnect screen
07:13:53topblokei guess its just yours is messed up
07:14:48sidI guess I'll try to return the fm transmitter and the spekaers and everything else to Walmart also.
07:15:15topblokebut dont these places require receipts?
07:15:36sidwalmart doesn't apparently
07:15:37 Quit hotwire___ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:15:39topbloketheir loss then
07:15:41topblokeis your gain
07:15:55sidthey treat their employees like crap, I guess they can't care.
07:16:20topblokeim gonna uninstall rockbox for now though
07:16:23sidterrible health care, they shutdown stores if they try to unionize. they teach managers/store owners to harass employees to work them like horses
07:16:35sids/can't care/don't care/
07:16:39topblokeyeah they lock them in overnight
07:17:42topbloke[INFO] Bootloader removed.
07:18:00H10guyi cant get my rockbox to work
07:18:02topblokerockbox is great but for ipod it drains the battery to fast and boots too slow
07:18:04H10guyiv tried everythig
07:18:17topblokeu got a iriver
07:18:29topblokei dunno anything about those
07:18:31H10guyi had it working
07:18:42H10guybut i had porblems with it
07:18:49bagawkjeffb: any news for 80gb pods today?
07:18:54H10guyso i took off the rockbox n put back my old firmware
07:19:00H10guybut now i try and put the rockbox back on
07:19:03H10guybut it wont work
07:20:02topblokeno clue
07:20:19topblokei have a archos from like 2001 and this new ipod
07:20:28H10guyhows the anchos work?
07:20:33H10guyi was thinking of lookin an old one up
07:20:39*TheCollector misses his old Archos
07:20:44topblokea lot of stuff broke on mine
07:21:10topblokebut its been in years of abuse
07:21:31H10guycan u get anchos that hold like over 20 gb
07:21:45topblokeyou can stick an 80gb drive in there
07:21:49tehsmoIIRC it's pretty easy to replace the HD
07:21:54topblokebut the recorder only comes in 20
07:22:17topblokeits just a laptop drive
07:22:19H10guycan u buy these new anywhere?
07:22:24H10guya laptop drive?
07:22:27topblokeu wann buy mine
07:22:28H10guyhow big are they
07:22:32topblokeits BIG
07:22:41topblokeand heavy
07:22:45H10guyno i think not
07:22:52H10guyhow much
07:23:10topblokei dunno
07:23:25H10guyi dont no
07:23:31H10guyi prefer to get my h10 workin
07:23:34topblokewhy do u want it anyway
07:23:34H10guynice n small
07:23:40H10guyi dont really
07:23:42H10guyi was just curious
07:23:44topblokeo ok
07:23:46H10guyi want an iaudo
07:23:55topblokewhat about ipod
07:24:04H10guydont like ipods
07:24:11H10guymy mates hve them and the audio is shit
07:24:17H10guyi heard an iaudio
07:24:31H10guyand i was shocked how much better the audio sounds on it with the same earphones n same song
07:24:36topblokeno way
07:25:34H10guyid take a blind test anyday
07:25:38H10guyud be suprised
07:33:46 Quit topbloke ("bye")
07:33:50 Join trypt0_ [0] (
07:34:02 Quit trypt0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:36:10tehsmoack, my email to the list got pwned formatting-wise. :(
07:42:02 Quit trevor_ ("Leaving")
07:42:24H10guyok when i turn my rockbox i get a message simlar to the message u get if u put the .rockbox in the wrong dir, without tho the error -1 . I have done everything in the manual n i dont understand why it stopped workin after i upgraded
07:44:50scorcheyou havent put the rockbox.whatever file in the root of the device
07:45:08H10guythere is only 2 files
07:45:14H10guythe H10 bootlog file
07:45:24H10guyn the one that i extracted with the rockbox folder
07:45:39H10guyn i tried puttin the file both in the root dir n in the system dir
07:46:28H10guyi made copies of the file n folder just incase i had it in the wrong dir so i had all bases covered
07:47:49tehsmowhere did the last 3 hours go
07:49:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:51:09 Quit trypt0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:55:45 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
07:55:47 Join XavierGr [0] (
07:58:00 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
07:58:10 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
08:03:42 Quit H10guy ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
08:05:24jeffbbagawk, not much really... just going through the code in the flash rom.
08:05:45 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@rockbox/contributor/Genre9mp3)
08:31:18 Quit BHSPitLappy (Remote closed the connection)
08:33:15 Quit BobJonkman (Remote closed the connection)
08:35:02 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
08:38:29 Quit |AhIoRoS| (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:43:41 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:45:00 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:45:51 Join cynicalliberal [0] (
08:51:08 Quit perldiver (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:57:37 Join trypt0 [0] (
09:06:50 Quit cynicalliberal ("Leaving.")
09:24:15 Quit trypt0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:31:27 Join kubiix [0] (
09:41:49 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:41:50bun-buncan anyone recommend a good tool for converting wav files to flac? under linux.
09:43:05TheCollectoror are you talking about batch jobs?
09:43:15bun-bunbatch would be good, yes
09:43:30TheCollectorpersonally, i use abcde for ripping CDs
09:44:29TheCollectorbashburn will do what you want
09:45:49bun-bunthanks, i'll look into that
09:46:40 Quit DanielFaulknor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:49:11 Join trypt0 [0] (
09:49:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:50:16 Join DanielFaulknor [0] (
09:57:15 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
10:07:04 Quit darkless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:11:21 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:11:47 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
10:12:10 Join darkless [0] (
10:19:35 Quit darkless (Connection reset by peer)
10:19:56 Join darkless [0] (
10:23:21 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:24:20 Quit darkless (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:25:12 Join darkless [0] (
10:25:14 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
10:26:33 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:30:59 Join Gnelik [0] (
10:34:41 Quit Gnelik (Connection reset by peer)
10:35:02 Join Gnelik [0] (
10:35:48 Quit Gnelik (Client Quit)
10:38:57 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
10:39:55JdGordonanyone know the bes ay to clean a laptop display?
10:40:07JdGordonalcohol + tissue?
10:40:25sidJdGordon: microfiber cloth
10:40:30sidJdGordon: Like for sunglasses
10:41:10daurnimatorna, use a damp tissue
10:41:16daurnimatordon't press hard
10:41:28daurnimatorand don't have enough moisture for it to drip
10:48:31 Join frijolie [0] (
10:48:44frijoliehey all
10:49:53 Join spiorf_ [0] (
10:50:32frijoliecan anyone help me with a crashing 4G iPod?
10:51:45 Join nls_web [0] (i=d9d1bcda@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:52:06frijolieguess that's a no
10:52:37GodEatercrashing whilst running roxkbox ?
10:54:15 Join merbanan [0] (
10:54:50frijolieright now it's stuck playing a song..none of the buttons get a response
10:54:54frijolieand the backlight is stuck on
10:55:02GodEaterhold down menu and select for about 10 seconds
10:55:47frijolieok yeah that did it..i tried every other combo and nothing worked
10:56:06frijoliehas anyone else noticed that they run a little hotter than with the Apple firmware?
10:56:19frijoliethe backside is warm to the touch
10:58:00frijoliecan we get color on these older grayscale 4G iPods with a firmware update?
10:58:57frijoliethe Rockbox splash screen has color when it loads as does the USB graphic when I plug it in
10:59:34 Part frijolie
11:01:13 Join rretzbach [0] (
11:02:32GodEaterthat has got to be the dumbest question I've ever seen in here
11:03:55nls_webyeah, it definatley gets on the top ten :-D
11:09:17 Join cd_rom [0] (
11:11:23 Quit cd_rom (Client Quit)
11:15:29 Quit trypt0 ("Leaving")
11:18:27 Join exca [0] (i=54c3737d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:20:03 Join dan_a [0] (
11:24:11excaany news on the 2nd gen Nano ports?
11:24:31GodEaterloads, we've been keeping it a secret
11:26:58ydogoodmorning all
11:30:47excai want to help with it
11:31:12GodEaterthen get to work decrypting the firmware
11:31:19 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
11:31:35excafine, just want to know
11:31:49excais it hexeditor to decrypt
11:32:32GodEaternot really
11:32:44 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:33:17excaok. Ive done some programming/cracking with hexedit, that's prob not the way is it
11:33:33excaI also only get the device files
11:33:53excai tought sysinfo could get me somethin
11:34:12GodEateryeah - sysinfo isn't used anymore as far as I now
11:34:16excaand i don't really know to acces the firmware's partition
11:34:19midkayany wiki admins around?
11:35:10excai can download it tough
11:35:18excabut anyway
11:35:42 Join webguest88 [0] (i=57f60a3e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:37:23GodEaterhow will you tell ?
11:37:40excatell what
11:37:42GodEaterand it's not an ARM either
11:37:47GodEatertell what got to the processor
11:38:08excaby filling the firmware with this
11:40:46GodEaterwhy limit yourself to printable ascii ?
11:42:57markunGodEater: the nano 2g is not ARM based?
11:43:19GodEaterwell I'm assuming not. I should have said it's not PP based I suppose
11:43:35GodEatermy bad
11:43:52markunit's an ARM CPU from Samsung
11:44:01*GodEater stands corrected
11:49:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:50:47 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:52:46excait's an arm...
11:53:07excawhy limiting to ascii, well, it might be a start
12:00:48 Quit spiorf_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:01:48 Join spiorf [0] (
12:02:16 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
12:02:46 Join spiorf [0] (
12:03:49 Join nudelyn [0] (
12:08:37 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:10:57 Join lex [0] (
12:11:46 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
12:16:59 Quit exca ("CGI:IRC")
12:20:54 Join grai [0] (
12:21:21 Quit nudel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:29:07 Join Juice^ [0] (n=juice@
12:52:45ydo I'm trying to work on this.. but I don't know anything.. trying to rtfs and gdb in the sim...
12:57:16 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:08:07 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody (
13:09:35 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:10:30 Quit dan_a (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:21:21 Join Akatemik [0] (
13:22:36AkatemikHi. Would anyone have an idea why my iRiver running rockbox mounts only in linux? If I attach it to a Windows computer I can see it in the device manager (even recognising that it has a fat partition) but it doesn't give it a drive letter.
13:22:56 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
13:23:10 Join trypt0 [0] (
13:23:17linuxstbWhich iriver?
13:23:49linuxstbHas it ever worked in Windows?
13:24:19GodEaterHow about if you right click on "My Computer", choose "Manage", and see if it shows up in "Disk Management" ?
13:24:27AkatemikMm, it has, but not sure with this particular firmware. I don't own windows machines, so I don't test it that often
13:24:35AkatemikGodEater: Yeah, that's where I see it
13:24:54AkatemikBut I can't access the files, as it doesn't "mount" it (whatever the term is in windows)
13:25:42GodEateryou should be able to use disk management to change it's drive letter
13:26:05 Quit Bjoern-Erik ("leaving")
13:26:08linuxstbI would look at it with fdisk in Linux, and see if there's anything odd with the partition table that may be causing Windows problems. Have you ever reformatted or repartitioned it?
13:26:37Akatemiklinuxstb: I have, in linux
13:26:42AkatemikGodEater: Let's see...
13:27:30GodEaterassuming you have only one hard drive in your PC, that should show as "Disk 0" in Disk Management
13:27:44GodEaterthen the iRiver should show as "Disk 1" when you plug it in
13:27:51 Join Xerion [0] (
13:28:01GodEaterwhich you can then right click on and choose "Change drive Letter and Paths"
13:28:40AkatemikGodEater: Greyed out
13:28:57GodEaterbut it does show it ?
13:29:07AkatemikI was looking into that same interface earlier, and couldn't find a way to mount it
13:29:22AkatemikYes, it shows it. And says the correct size and that it's FAT
13:29:37GodEaterthis wouldn't be a work PC would it ?
13:29:41ydoregarding my issue #6215, neither the audiothread nor the playlistthread seems to be running..
13:29:46AkatemikNo, my father's laptop
13:29:53GodEaterhis personal one ?
13:30:10GodEaterand you're logged into it as a "Administrator" account ?
13:30:35GodEaterwell that pretty much rules out a policy that's in effect I guess
13:30:37AkatemikThe hardware is ok, as I am able to mount it when booted into Knoppix
13:30:38GodEaterwould be most unusual
13:31:04linuxstbAkatemik: What is the partition type for the FAT partition?
13:31:25AkatemikThe windows does say that "This device can work better if put into USB 2.0", but that can't be it, can it?
13:31:31linuxstbIf you've set it to the default (Linux), then Linux wouild probably still mount it as FAT, but Windows will ignore it.
13:32:00Akatemiklinuxstb: Hmm, good question. Is there a way to find out in windows, or do I boot into Knoppix?
13:32:03linuxstbAkatemik: Yes, that message is just nonsense. I get it on Windows PCs with no USB 2.0 ports...
13:32:25GodEateryeah it should still mount, you'll just get a sucky transfer rate
13:35:14 Quit Everybody (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
13:38:56nls_webAkatemik: fdisk should tell you the partition type on windows
13:39:50nls_webor maybe I'm confused...
13:40:43AkatemikOh, well, I'm already in Knoppix :)
13:42:18nls_webit shows in the disk manager in xp
13:42:22AkatemikYep, the type is Linux
13:42:33GodEaterthat'll be the problem then :)
13:42:36AkatemikSo, what's a good ID for fat
13:42:47AkatemikGodEater: Ugh, can't believe it. Why can't a fat be just fat?
13:42:59 Quit rretzbach (Excess Flood)
13:43:19AkatemikI thought it was just a name, to remind you what you are supposed to do with that partition
13:43:35GodEaterthat seems to be the type to use
13:43:40 Join rretzbach [0] (
13:43:51 Join lee-qid [0] (
13:44:22AkatemikGodEater: Hmm, W95. Will that work on macs?
13:44:38GodEaterno idea - never owned / used one
13:44:54AkatemikThere doesn't seem to be a generic type for FAT32, though
13:45:38GodEater0b is the id used on my ipod's FAT32 partition
13:45:45GodEaterand that mounts fine on both linux and windows
13:45:51GodEaterdon't have my iriver with me here
13:45:56GodEaterbut I'm convinced it's the same
13:49:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:49:42linuxstbYes, 0xb is right for FAT32.
13:51:23 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
13:52:01AkatemikWorks now in windows
13:52:32 Join Llorean [0] (
13:52:51GodEaterexcellent news
13:53:08AkatemikThanks for the tip
13:53:12 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
13:53:16 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:53:54AkatemikI wonder why Windows is so pricky about that
13:55:02GodEaterwindows is pricky about all sorts of things :)
13:55:48JdGordonanyone with an archos recorder around?
13:56:17daurnimatorarchos gmini 402? ;)
13:56:33*JdGordon got a new toy today :)
13:56:44daurnimatorso did i ;)
13:56:46JdGordona lappy for uni
13:57:06daurnimatorcamera i've been trying to get since august :D
13:57:40linuxstbAkatemel: Windows _should_ be picky about that. You don't want it recognising and offering to reformat non-Windows partitions...
13:57:45daurnimatornow i need to find things to take pics of
13:57:52daurnimator - i hae holidays on 2nd anyway
13:58:02daurnimatorbtw, we pwned england ;)
13:58:16*JdGordon thinks cricket sux
13:58:19JdGordonbut yes we did
13:58:34 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
13:58:37linuxstbIf you can smoke whilst doing it, it's not a sport...
13:59:00Akatemiklinuxstb: Except that now usb mass storage de facto standard is windows partitions, so how it OSX supposed to recognize between them and real windows partitions (and not to format those)?
13:59:02 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
13:59:04 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
13:59:10JdGordonlinuxstb: haha.. so true tho
13:59:22daurnimatorso what is it?
13:59:40 Quit trypt0 ("Leaving")
14:00:26linuxstbAkatemik: What do you mean by "real" windows partitions?
14:01:10linuxstbdaurnimator: No idea...
14:01:38ydois there any way I can ping threads?
14:03:27Akatemiklinuxstb: Well, I guess everyone is using ntfs these days. Don't know if anyone would have a W98 on a intel mac to play old games
14:03:35AkatemikAnyways, thanks for the quick help!
14:03:37 Part Akatemik
14:10:09 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
14:18:06 Join Everybody [0] (
14:20:01 Join lunacymaze [0] (
14:21:34 Quit juxtap (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:27:05muesli__i know its possible to search for radio webstreams in winamp but cant find it anymore. any ideas where?
14:27:28 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:27:36 Join cd_rom [0] (
14:27:46 Quit rretzbach (Remote closed the connection)
14:28:26 Join rretzbach [0] (
14:28:32 Join lubiix908 [0] (
14:28:36 Quit kubiix (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:29:06 Part Llorean
14:35:48JdGordonamiconn: you there?
14:39:30 Join H10guy [0] (
14:40:13H10guyjust a quick question, how long do u think utill there are stable versions of rockbox for non anchos players
14:41:28GodEaterH10guy: we don't provide estimates
14:41:47JdGordonH10guy: depends on your definition of stable
14:42:37JdGordonscorche: ping?
14:43:52ydo#6215 I've been dissicating the issues of bug #6215 now, if someone with more knowledge of the code could take a look at it we can slay this beast..
14:44:05cd_romoh, i saw an article of rockbox in ipod in personal computer mag
14:44:18JdGordonscorche: hey, got a min to test a patch?
14:44:21scorchei do
14:44:52scorchei just woke up from failing to go to sleep
14:44:58scorchegot up i suppose
14:45:06GodEaterhate it when that happens
14:45:14JdGordonscorche: which target # (recorder?)? (soz i woke you if i did)
14:45:24 Part waky ("Verlassend")
14:45:24scorcheyou didnt
14:45:30scorcherecorder v1
14:45:59 Join Llorean [0] (
14:46:02JdGordonthats the regular recorder in the config script right?
14:46:10JdGordonrockbox.ucl yeah?
14:46:36LloreanRockbox.ucl runs compressed from Rom (decompresses to RAM, then executes, so it's just an alternate place to store the data)
14:46:49*JdGordon always gets them confused
14:46:49 Quit cd_rom (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
14:46:55scorcheucl is mainly used for flashing
14:47:15scorcheJdGordon: i know...we go through this everytime you make something for my archos =P
14:47:34JdGordonscorche: youve got email.. can you test a-b mode please? (play+left/right to set the points)
14:47:43JdGordonand if that works which combo shuold rese the points?
14:47:49 Quit nls_web ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
14:50:01scorchei see no mail
14:50:03scorcheyet at least
14:50:10amiconnPlay+Left/Right is impossible on the archos recorders+
14:50:13LloreanJdGordon: Why do you need a combo to reset the points?
14:50:42JdGordonamiconn: oh? thats whats in the manual...
14:50:55JdGordonLlorean: you dont, but the other targets with the buttons have..
14:51:13JdGordonok, in that case, which button should be used to set the points? (or shuold a-b be removed totally?)
14:51:23amiconnSure you don't confuse it with On+Left/Right?
14:51:57JdGordonsays play+r/r in the tracker comment
14:51:57amiconnA-B was a "recorder first", why should it be removed?
14:52:26amiconnI have no use for A-B myself so I can't say whether it works atm or not
14:52:45JdGordonwell there is no actio set for it
14:52:59JdGordondoes on+l/r work? ill change to that if that would
14:55:45*amiconn wonders why JdGordon doesn't just check the old code (from before before action) to find the correct combos :\ ?!??!
14:55:58amiconn*before button actions
14:56:28JdGordonbecause its 1am and im lazy and want to close another bug report
14:58:45 Quit H10guy ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
15:01:02 Join KyleX [0] (i=acbc81a3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:01:29KyleXHi all
15:02:14KyleXIs there anyone here that know where I can find screenshots of the "Rockbox" firmware in action on the F40?
15:02:35markunKyleX: better ask people in #gigabeat
15:02:51markunAh, that's not possible with the webclient
15:02:51KyleXOk, thanks
15:03:22KyleXMeh, /join won't work
15:03:30markunI know
15:03:31markunuse another IRC client
15:03:45markuna different
15:04:04KyleXKk, gona install MIRC
15:04:17JdGordonscorche: ok, try the new one in your email please, on+l/r and on+off to reset
15:05:10 Quit KyleX (Client Quit)
15:05:56 Join KyleX [0] (
15:05:58*linuxstb can't cope with Mac OS X taking 3 minutes to mount his ipod...
15:06:01KyleXOk, back
15:06:20*daurnimator can't cope
15:07:37JdGordonydo: I dont understand that bug.. does it crash if autoresumeing on boot if the file its trying to load was the one deleted? or even when restarting playback from the tree with the last file played the one delted?
15:09:17ydoJdGordon: if autoresume and the file is deleted it tries to play that file and fails.. and then.. if you choose another file, it "hangs"
15:10:20daurnimatorhas anyone investigated the zune?
15:11:25ydoJdGordon: it opens the new file, tries to load the codec, but read:ing with size=0, so there's an endless loop
15:11:45ydoJdGordon: have you read the comments I've made?
15:12:31JdGordonso why not just put a check i read() or before that call for copy_n == 0?
15:12:49ydoand set it to like 1000? :)
15:13:01ydothats what I did in gdb..
15:13:38JdGordonif (copy_n < 0) rc = -1; else rc = read(...) ...
15:13:39ydothe question is.. why is conf_filechunk == 0
15:13:58JdGordonOH! you want to fix the actual problem.....
15:15:29JdGordonpondlife or JhMikeS prob would be able to help there....
15:15:33ydothere are no calls to codec_configure_callback which set conf_filechunk before loading of the codec has been done
15:15:38JdGordonscorche: falen asleep at the keyboard?
15:16:11ydonone of them is here?
15:16:17JdGordonnot atm...
15:16:31JdGordonhow is audio_read_file() being called if the file wasnt opened?
15:16:50 Quit rretzbach (Remote closed the connection)
15:17:21JdGordonis there an open call not being checked somewhere?
15:17:31 Join rretzbach [0] (
15:19:10scorcheno...i was doing other
15:19:25JdGordonno yukcy side effects with the buttons?
15:19:37ydoaudio_new_playlist, audio_fill_file_buffer, audio_load_track
15:19:56daurnimatorlinuxstb: any new thoughts of yours on gmini?
15:20:04scorchei didnt test that throughly, but i didnt notice any
15:20:11JdGordongood enough for me :p
15:20:23 Join AriX [0] (
15:20:37AriXare you there?
15:20:40linuxstbdaurnimator: No. I'm working on other things at the moment.
15:20:43linuxstbAriX: Yes.
15:20:57AriXok, can i talk to you for a minute in #temp?
15:20:57 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
15:21:29 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:28:29 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:31:13JdGordonhas somethig in the cvs build page changed?
15:32:20linuxstbLike what?
15:32:30JdGordoni dont know....
15:32:38JdGordonless builds or something?
15:32:45JdGordonlooks different :p
15:32:55JdGordoncould be me being overtired tho :p
15:33:13pixelmaJdGordon: it seems like it's been a bit different since the server problems (f.e. the timestamps missing the seconds)
15:33:18linuxstbThe only change I know of is that now isn't doing any building itself. But that shouldn't affect how the page looks.
15:37:15 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
15:40:19 Quit lee-qid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:40:34 Join lee-qid [0] (
15:49:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:49:24 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:53:10 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
15:53:15 Quit AriX ("Leaving")
16:04:42 Join ferrarienzo [0] (i=cbad14ef@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:05:34ferrarienzohi everyone i need help!!
16:07:02 Join bluey- [0] (
16:07:48linuxstbferrarienzo: You'll need to be more specific...
16:07:52 Join DerPapst [0] (
16:08:00 Part muesli__
16:08:29 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
16:09:09DerPapstis there anyway to access the old 5.5G thread in the New Ports section on the forum?
16:09:25ferrarienzodo you know how to install doom on rockbox?? it says wad missing
16:09:51linuxstbferrarienzo: See the manual and/or the PluginDoom wiki page.
16:09:57 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
16:10:00 Join idnar_ [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
16:10:08linuxstbDerPapst: No, it's been removed as being out of date.
16:10:16ferrarienzoive tried that i dont understand it
16:10:31linuxstbWhich part don't you understand?
16:10:52DerPapstremoved or deleted? i remeber Llorean said he has moved it and waits whether someone complaines
16:11:04LloreanWhat did you need from it?
16:11:07 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
16:11:10*DerPapst starts complining
16:11:11linuxstbI think it's moved to somewhere no-one can see it...
16:11:26DerPapstcan you access it?
16:11:27ferrarienzothe part where i put the wad in i have no idea where to put it
16:11:45Lloreanferrarienzo: It tells you exactly what folder to put the wad in...
16:12:04ferrarienzoi put it in E:\games\doom
16:12:07LloreanDerPapst: What did you need from the removed thread.
16:12:09linuxstbferrarienzo: In the root of your ipod (the same place as Calender, Notes, .rockbox, rockbox.ipod, create a folder called "Games". Inside that folder, create another folder called "Doom", and then put the wads in there.
16:12:12DerPapstLlorean: i need the informations about the mbr "hack"
16:12:28ferrarienzothen on rockbox i clicked doom and nothing happened
16:12:35LloreanDerPapst: There's a working install method, what did you need it for?
16:12:51DerPapstit's not for rockbox its for iPL
16:13:01linuxstbferrarienzo: You click doom from the "Browse Plugins" menu?
16:13:16ferrarienzostill said wad missing
16:13:16 Quit lubiix908 ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:13:17LloreanDerPapst: Why would iPL even need it, though?
16:13:21GodEaterlinuxstb: see - told you it was useful :(
16:13:34Lloreanferrarienzo: And you've put both rockdoom.wad, and a game .wad file there? Two .wads?
16:13:45ferrarienzono i have only one
16:13:53LloreanThen you did not follow the full instructions.
16:13:55linuxstbferrarienzo: Read the instructions again...
16:14:08 Join kubiix [0] (
16:14:09ferrarienzoit only has one link and only one wad
16:14:36DerPapstsomeone dumped the flash rom on his 80GB iPod but he only was able to mount a ram partition and so he couldn't transfer it to the HD.
16:14:40linuxstbYes, because we can't distribute the Doom wads.
16:14:54GodEaterDerPapst: the thread won't help there
16:14:58ferrarienzook i have doom1.wad
16:15:04DerPapstMaybe with the modified mbr he can write the image to the hd
16:15:08ferrarienzothats all i ahve
16:15:12GodEaterDerPapst: doubt it
16:15:20LloreanDerPapst: Nobody was ever able to get any writing to work on the 80gb, I believe.
16:15:46linuxstbferrarienzo: Then you didn't download the rockdoom.wad linked from the wiki page.
16:16:10 Join [TEHb]_ [0] (
16:16:12ferrarienzocould u give a like to the rockdoom.wad i never went to the wiki page
16:16:32LloreanDerPapst: "Meh" is irrelevant. I've moved the thread away because none of the information it contained was relevant to the 80gb effort, really, and all the irrelevant information would mislead users. I very deeply do not want that information showing up in searches.
16:16:37GodEaterDerPapst: we're working on the assumption at the moment that the only way to get the rom off the 80GB is via audio
16:16:40markunferrarienzo: then what is "< ferrarienzo> it only has one link and only one wad" all about??
16:16:41linuxstbDerPapst: The mbr has nothing to do with the 80GB problems. Rockbox and IPL can't access the disk at all, not even to read the MBR.
16:17:26ferrarienzowhat you mean??? the page i was on had one link to download a wad nothing else
16:17:42linuxstbThe MBR is the first sector on the disk, so if we could read that, we should be able to read any sector.
16:17:57ferrarienzook thankyou
16:18:06DerPapstand "meh" wasn't meant to disgust you. sorry
16:18:07Lloreanferrarienzo: The manual specifically says to go to that page.
16:19:01DerPapstit was more something like "too bad that this will not work."
16:19:03Lloreanlinuxstb: What we need is a 5.5G 80gb owner who also has any other 1.8" drive based device.
16:19:28GodEaterLlorean: such as ?
16:19:34LloreanGodEater: : In theory all they'd have to do is put the other 1.8" drive in, load up Rockbox, and dump the ROM contents using that.
16:19:40*DerPapst has a 40GB 3G iPod and a 80GB 5.5G iPod
16:20:13LloreanI mean, in theory the 1.8" drive swap should work as long as an iPod-appropriate partition table is created, right?
16:20:13ferrarienzoand does anyone know how to install ipod linux on 5.5g ipod sorry for asking
16:20:14GodEaterLlorean: so a 30GB 5.5 would do ?
16:20:39DerPapst ferrarienzo: wrong channel but yes
16:21:20LloreanGodEater: The shell would have to be an 80gb 5.5G's shell, with the drive from something else. Another key would be to make sure the AUPD image is either not present, or marked as already flashed so that it doesn't overwrite the ROM. Preferably the only thing in the bootpartition portion should be a third party bootloader, or third party firmware, with no original apple content at all.
16:21:21DerPapst ferrarienzo: but iPL works only on HFS+ formatted iPods yet. so better don't do it
16:21:34LloreanDerPapst: This is untrue.
16:21:48LloreanDerPapst: iPL also works if you create an ext2 or ext3 partition to store the filesystem in.
16:22:02GodEaterLlorean: so you're assuming that it *is* the drive that's broken
16:22:13DerPapstThe kernel has problems mounting the ext2 partitiion
16:22:17LloreanGodEater: No, I'm developing a means to verify that it is the drive that's broken.
16:22:23LloreanDerPapst: It didn't in the past. Is this new?
16:22:23 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody (
16:22:33LloreanDerPapst: Or is this a 5.5G only thing?
16:22:42DerPapstit's a 5.5G thing only
16:22:48linuxstbLlorean: I don't think IPL's 5.5g support is as complete as Rockbox yet.
16:22:50LloreanQuite strange.
16:22:56GodEaterLlorean, but if it's not the drive that's broken - then you still wouldn't be able to write the ROM image out
16:23:09GodEatereven if you swapped in another perfectly good 1.8" drive
16:23:56LloreanGodEater: Yes, but at that point we know that we need to start looking for actual hardware differences between the 30gb and the 80gb, beyond just the drive.
16:24:25*GodEater contemplates going out and buying another 1.8" device to help this effort out
16:24:51 Join topbloke [0] (
16:24:55GodEaterhow easy is it to dismantle the 5.5G ? Anyone know ?
16:25:12GodEaterI don't really want to scratch it to buggery with a screwdriver...
16:25:15DerPapstmaybe a defunct ipod (with an intact HD) will work
16:25:35DerPapstthere are some pages that describe how to open a 5G
16:25:39GodEaterDerPapst: don't know many places that sell those
16:26:01GodEateryeah - but I want to know from someone who's actually done it and see what the thing looks like afterwards
16:26:03DerPapstebay at least ;) but they are still very expensive
16:26:08LloreanThe concern then becomes "Can you replace drives in iPods easily"
16:26:22GodEaterwell it needs to be a ZIF drive too doesn't it ?
16:26:24LloreanI'd suggest looking things up to see if people have swapped out drives in iPods, and any special considerations need to be made.
16:26:33 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|Determ (
16:26:43ferrarienzosomeone please tell me or send me a pm link on how to install ipodlinux on 5.5g
16:26:54DerPapsti'm trying to get a broken 3G ipod for ages... but they are always to expensive
16:27:02Lloreanferrarienzo: This is #Rockbox. This is not the right place to ask that question.
16:27:22ferrarienzoi know but dosent have irc
16:27:34GodEatertry #ipodlinux
16:28:30 Quit [TEHb] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:29:23GodEaterwell if anyone can suggest another 1.8" device besides another ipod I'm all ears
16:29:50 Join My_Sic [0] (
16:31:28LloreanI'm not certain of any that have the ZIF drives.
16:31:29 Quit Juice^ ("- nbs-irc 2.0 - -")
16:31:53ferrarienzoman there so much more stuff to do with thepsp
16:32:37GodEaterwell I found someone who did a drive swap in a 4G
16:33:03LloreanGodEater: 4Gs use standard connections, not ZIF though.
16:33:16GodEaterI wouldn't know never seen inside any iPod
16:33:38LloreanThe ZIF is new to the 5Gs I believe
16:33:44ferrarienzoive found a guy who extended his 80gb to 120gb hdd i would have thought 80gb was enough
16:34:26topblokenot rockbox, but do you guys know any programs to transfer pictures and videos to ipod without itunes?
16:34:31 Nick myzar is now known as myzar|away (n=myzar@
16:35:05Lloreantopbloke: You're asking for help with using the Apple_OS, somewhat silly in a channel dedicate to removing the need to ever use it.
16:35:14topblokelol i know
16:35:34GodEateranyone have a pic of the zif connector so I know what I'm looking for ?
16:35:49DerPapstthere are some programs for linux.. and there is a winamp plugin too.. but i've never used it
16:35:51ferrarienzobut rockbox isnt that great
16:35:57*GodEater is already googling incase anyone wondered
16:36:08ferrarienzoits just not the same as the apple os
16:36:19ferrarienzosomeone should add video support in rockbox
16:36:26topblokei hate the apple os
16:36:32Genre9mp3ferrarienzo: 120GB 1,8' HDD? I don't think so..
16:36:42topblokestupid white screen all the time
16:36:47ferrarienzoi modded mine so it looks killer
16:36:53ferrarienzoits blue
16:36:57topblokeno way!
16:37:01ferrarienzoyeah but rockbox is grey
16:37:02Lloreanferrarienzo: Yes, it's not the same as the Apple OS. Instead of being restricted to using software to make transfers, and only being able to play a limited selection of formats, we have significantly more freedom, and a much wider feature set.
16:37:26Lloreanferrarienzo: And Rockbox offers including themeing features so you can very drastically change how it looks.
16:37:31topblokenah rockbox is great but just needs faster boot and longer battery life
16:37:31ferrarienzofeature set yeah wheres the video support???
16:37:34bluey-don`t forget the bigger geek factor when using rockbox :)
16:37:44Genre9mp3and rockbox isn't grey.... it's whatever you want it to be
16:37:44Lloreanferrarienzo: PluginMpegplayer.
16:37:44ferrarienzoyeah i used ipw
16:37:51ferrarienzoand i modded the strings
16:38:05topblokecan u make the screen black?
16:38:05Lloreanferrarienzo: But, Rockbox is a MUSIC player, so the improved feature set relates to the MUSIC features primarily. Duh.
16:38:14LloreanThis is not the channel for discussing how to mod the retail firmware.
16:38:15ferrarienzoshit maybe im think ROCKBOX ALL DA WAY NOW!!!
16:38:46LloreanBut seriously, complaining about Rockbox because you don't actually know what it can do is kinda silly.
16:38:57ferrarienzoyeah sorry
16:39:09ferrarienzois ipl better than rockbox?
16:39:20tehsmotopbloke: gnupod can transfer video, I don't know about pictures
16:39:28topblokenah rockbox owns it
16:39:41*tehsmo has several videos on his 5G added with gnupod - google techtalks ftw. :)
16:39:49ferrarienzoso can rockbox do the gameboy aswell??
16:39:52topblokeis that only for linux?
16:39:56Lloreanferrarienzo: iPL has a lot of features relating to gaming, and other software, but Rockbox has much better in the way of music features.
16:40:02tehsmoI think so
16:40:07tehsmobut it uses perl scripts to do its work
16:40:13tehsmoso it could probably run under cygwin as well
16:40:18DerPapstdon't compare rockbox with iPL they have different goals
16:40:23LloreanDerPapst: Very different.
16:40:26tehsmoall it needs is for the ipod to be mounted somewhere
16:40:32ferrarienzoif u want music feature use apple os i dnt understand whats the diff between applemusic and rockbox music
16:40:39tehsmothen it edits its own xml database file (that it can generate from the iTunesDB)
16:40:50tehsmothen when you're done adding stuff it converts the xml format to iTunesDB
16:40:54DerPapstand btw: i don't like this page
16:41:08tehsmoso it doesn't do anything that should be linux-specific, really
16:41:08Lloreanferrarienzo: Can you play Ogg/Vorbis in the Apple OS? Do you have Replaygain? A five-band parametric equalizer? Dithering control? Crossfeed?
16:41:08DerPapstthe 3 last points
16:41:25topblokeand FADEout too
16:41:43Lloreanferrarienzo: Not to mention True Gapless, since the Apple version is *extremely* limited in how it works
16:41:53ferrarienzoohk thats allota shit
16:41:53bluey-rockbox > better features but apple os has the better gui :(
16:41:53DerPapsti always thought that there is no competition between those projects
16:42:16LloreanDerPapst: We don't consider there to be competition either.
16:42:19topblokei like the rockbox ui way better
16:42:23linuxstbSome users probably do though...
16:42:23ferrarienzoyeah im kinda upset that rockbox has a plain gui hope they do something bout it
16:42:35LloreanDerPapst: It is a wiki page, so anyone can edit it. Feel free to try to make it more balanced, perhaps simply showing what both have to offer rather than how it is now.
16:42:39DerPapsti would like to see the 3 last points removed.
16:42:40ferrarienzothen ill be in rockbox my whole ipod life
16:42:52topbloketry a theme
16:42:54LloreanDerPapst: The last point is true, though, isn't it?
16:43:03Genre9mp3ferrarienzo: you can do something about the gui: change font, colours... insert a backdrop picture
16:43:03DerPapstit is
16:43:05ferrarienzothat just changed the font
16:43:10bluey-that won`t change the gui, just mask it a bit
16:43:13Lloreanferrarienzo: Remember, Rockbox is created by the users, for the users, feel free to improve the GUI all you want.
16:43:13GodEaterLlorean: what are the limitations on Apple's gapless support of which you speak Llorean ?
16:43:13DerPapstmaybe.. not shure
16:43:21linuxstbBut aren't all the points true?
16:43:24ferrarienzobackdrop?/? how do i do that?
16:43:56topblokeapple tries to analyze every song for hours for gapless
16:43:59LloreanGodEater: I was led to understand that it didn't work reliably with MP3, and was based on a post-encoding scan of the files.
16:44:03DerPapstsure but but this poject has a lot more devs than iPodlinux
16:44:08GodEaterseems to work fine with my albums
16:44:09ydoargh.. these start_play flags are driving me nuts
16:44:14topblokeyeah it scans the files all day
16:44:20GodEateronly did the scan once when I imported them into itunes
16:44:23linuxstbDerPapst: Yes, that's one of the points...
16:44:26GodEaterseems ok to me
16:44:29topblokei never even let it
16:44:42DerPapstand iPodLinux is for Ipods only so it is absolutly clear that it doesn't support that many players
16:44:52LloreanGodEater: The scan though is post-encoding. It'll eat a gap even if it's intentionally at the end of a song, making intentional gaps on mostly gapless albums vanish.
16:45:05LloreanDerPapst: So, your complaint is that 'These facts are true, but I don't like them'?
16:45:14DerPapstkind of
16:45:20ferrarienzohow do i inser a backdrop on rockbox?
16:45:22GodEatercan't say I've noticed that but I'll take your word for it Llorean :)
16:45:33Lloreanferrarienzo: Read... The... Manual.
16:45:36DerPapstit sound like a competition
16:45:41ferrarienzoyes mam
16:45:56LloreanAs can be seen by my real name, I'm a Paul.
16:46:11ferrarienzomeh u can be paulina
16:46:39DerPapstuhh... no?
16:46:55*DerPapst is afk
16:47:29LloreanDerPapst: Well, feel free to edit the page so that it reads in a way that sounds less competitive. Perhaps put in some strengths of iPodLinux, or a section such as "You should use Rockbox if you wish to..." and "You should use iPodLinux if you wish too..." helping to educate users as to better choose their firmware
16:47:53GodEateror, "You should use both if you really feel you must" ;)
16:54:35 Quit ferrarienzo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:54:59GodEatermight be cheaper if I just bought a 1.8" drive on it's own
16:55:16 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:57:23LloreanI'm not sure if it's really worth the money, since the result may not be functionally useful in any way.
16:57:58GodEaterit's not a huge investment though - they're like £50
16:58:29GodEatercertainly cheaper than investing in a whole new DAP which I'll then have to take apart anyway
16:59:40LloreanAre you sure it's a compatible ZIF drive?
17:00:00GodEater <−− looking there
17:00:03 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:00:17GodEaterok - slightly over £50 for the ZIFs - but still not insanely expensive
17:00:33 Join ElfQrin [0] (i=41bdf751@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:01:22 Join Criamos [0] (
17:02:32LloreanThe interesting thing is, the MK8010GAH is supposedly hardware identical to the MK8009GAH, but with Apple/Toshiba dual branding.
17:03:28LloreanThe site I read said the 8009 can be used in the iPod 5.5G, and I'm curious if the 8010 has a different model number simply because of the branding, or if there really is something more sinister about it.
17:03:48GodEateryou're getting suspicious in your old age :)
17:03:55GodEaterI don't see an 8009GAH there anyway
17:04:14GodEaterI'd have to get a smaller one - and was thinking of the 20GB - it's the cheapest, and has ample space for what we're intending
17:04:25LloreanI was just talking in general
17:04:29LloreanAnd the link you posted has the 8009
17:04:36Llorean IMtg100 
17:04:47LloreanNot available yet though
17:04:55GodEaterso it does
17:05:21GodEaterwow - it has the 100GB too :)
17:05:30GodEaternow there's an upgrade worth having
17:05:33LloreanOooh, hopefully that means an upcoming 50gb single platter.
17:05:38GodEaterwonder when it'll become available
17:05:44LloreanI would very much like to make my H120 into an H150
17:05:57Llorean50 provides just enough for music plus things I like to have available at a moment's notice.
17:06:18Soap50GB single platter in a case designed for dual platter = Bigger Battery!
17:07:23*Llorean still needs to get a new battery for his h120
17:07:23LearAh, nice to have a Cygwin that runs at a decent speed... :)
17:07:25GodEaterand the 100 is the same form factor as the 80 as well neat
17:07:39GodEaterI need one of those for my H140 too
17:07:45GodEaterit won't hold a charge at all anymore :(
17:08:01LearBtw, anyone built the sim successfully recently?
17:08:11GodEaterI built it last night
17:08:15GodEaterthat recent enough ?
17:08:26LloreanMy 120 holds charge just fine, though it's about 85% of the lifetime it originally had, I think
17:08:58GodEateroh lord - mine was there for a long time
17:09:00LearShould be. I get these strange compile errors though...
17:09:04GodEaterthen it just suddenly went to nothing
17:09:13GodEaterI'd get maybe 30 minutes out of it now
17:09:33GodEater192Kbps / VBR of similar quality MP3s
17:09:36GodEaterin Rockbox of course :)
17:12:33LearOdd. Just deleted apps.o from the build directory, and then it worked...
17:14:06ElfQrinI was wondering if I could learn how to find firmware on my iPod
17:15:06GodEaterapparently the 100GB is going to be ATA-7 according to that page
17:15:06ElfQrinIm 12 dude....
17:15:14GodEateranyone seen the specs for that yet ?
17:15:15ElfQrinso yes....learn is right
17:15:33DerPapstyou don't have to learn it. you can use ipodpatcher to extract it.
17:15:39GodEaterElfQrin: it lives in the first partition on the ipod
17:16:41ElfQrinwhat is the website for that?
17:16:54ElfQrinhow many partations are there on my ipod? one for the firmware and one for music?
17:18:32 Nick Everybody|Determ is now known as Everybody (
17:19:31ElfQrinso on 2nd gen ipod nanos...ipodpatcher won't work?
17:19:57DerPapstif you hae a nano 2G you're out of luck
17:20:28 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:23:08ElfQrinso no one knows how to crack firmware on 2nd gen nanos...
17:23:31GodEaterwhich someone told you yesterday
17:24:11ElfQrinso how to you find you use dos or something?
17:24:29LloreanFind out what?
17:25:14ElfQrinthe way to crack 2nd gen nano firmware
17:25:16ElfQrinwhere do i start?
17:25:31LloreanDo you know anything about cryptography / software encryption?
17:26:49ElfQrinsoftware encryption
17:27:39 Join linuxstb [0] (
17:27:48 Join PaulPosition [0] (
17:28:53LloreanYou would have to come up with a way to extract the contents of the boot partition, which isn't too hard using DD on linux, or probably a small modification to ipodpatcher for windows. Then you'd need to separate the various images in it (firmware, flash, and any others) then come up with a plan for determining the method of encryption used and reversing it. It's *possible* that they'd use the same encryption as used on the flash images fo
17:29:10 Join gromit`` [0] (
17:30:09 Quit ender` (" I think I remember an episode of MacGyver where he overthrew a violent dictator with a rubber band, 2 bottle caps, and some n")
17:30:33Soapdd for windows works, did it last night.
17:30:57DerPapstLlorean: your text was a bit too long... it misses the end.
17:31:32LloreanSoap: I've had varying degrees of luck with dd for windows.
17:31:50LloreanDerPapst: What was the last word or two?
17:31:56DerPapstused on the flash images fo
17:32:03 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:32:06 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
17:32:15SoapLlorean: \Device\Harddisk4\Partition0 didn't work
17:32:18 Nick KyleX is now known as KyleX-AFK (
17:32:43Soaphad to \\?\Device\Harddisk4\DR103
17:32:53Soapwhich is the name I got from −−scan
17:33:42Febslinuxstb: if I want to upgrade my ipod to the new bootloader, do I need to restore to the original state first, or can I go through the bootloader installation procedure with my current (Rockbox) bootloader?
17:35:13DerPapstSoap: its spmething like \\.\physicaldriveX and x is the number ipodpatcher gives you
17:35:43SoapDerPapst: talking about dd, not ipodpatcher.
17:35:53DerPapstme too...
17:35:58LloreanDerPapst: The remainder was: " for other iPods, though no guarantee, so a start could be made reverse engineering a ROM image from an iPod, I suppose."
17:36:07 Quit gromit` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:36:17LloreanFebs: It's best to restore a backed up bootpartition.bin
17:36:18SoapDerPapst: and that didn't work in windows.
17:36:57FebsWhich I did not save, despite the fact that I should know better.
17:37:04Soapwhat model Febs ?
17:37:09Febs60GB video.
17:37:16Soapone sec
17:37:35DerPapsti did it 2 days ago. dd if='\\.\physicaldriveX' of=bootpartition.bin
17:37:59Soapon a nano 2G?
17:38:25SoapI had to explicitly call out the block size and count
17:38:26Soapdd if=\\?\Device\Harddisk4\DR103 of=nan2g.bin bs=2048 count=48257
17:38:32DerPapstFebs: read the last piont:
17:38:43Soapfebs, one second while I zip this up.
17:39:09LloreanFebs: Does ipodpatcher N -l work properly?
17:39:21DerPapstSo you can download the firmware from apple and dd it to your ipod
17:39:45Soapmy way is easier for Febs
17:39:46FebsI haven't yet tried.
17:40:02FebsSoap: I appreciate it.
17:40:23Soap2 minutes left to compress. slow machine
17:40:29 Quit ElfQrin ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:40:56DerPapstSoap: Sure but this is a more legal way to do it ;)
17:41:09linuxstbFebs: The new ipodpatcher should work fine with an already modified firmware partition. But you may want to keep a backup of the current contents, just in case. Use ipodpatcher N -r bootpartition-safe.bin
17:41:16 Join CriamosAndy [0] (
17:41:52linuxstbIf you had a backup, I would have said to restore it, but it can't hurt to try...
17:42:18Lloreanlinuxstb: I was gonna say, as long as −−list worked, I'd imagine it'd be fine
17:42:46DerPapstFebs: The firmware for a 5G iPod. Rename it to zip and extract it.
17:43:09linuxstbLlorean: The only time I would say a restore is required is for the 5.5gs, if people had used the unofficial (and buggy) ipod_fw to add the bootloader.
17:43:26 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
17:43:44Lloreanlinuxstb: Gotcha.
17:44:07 Quit topbloke (Connection timed out)
17:44:13linuxstbDerPapst: On that Apple page, is there only one firmware for the 5g and 5.5gs ?
17:44:34DerPapsthere you can get all verions:
17:45:07DerPapstand here is the list for the firmware names:
17:45:16 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
17:46:19linuxstbDerPapst: Ah, so it's the same firmware for both the 30GB and 80GB 5.5g?
17:46:33linuxstbWhich would pretty much confirm the flash contents are the same...
17:47:43Soapwas not jeffb (him or someone else?) seeing differences between the 30GB and 80GB extracted bootpartions he had been given yesterday?
17:47:55GodEaternot boot partitions
17:48:02GodEaterhe was looking at the dumped flash content
17:48:34DerPapsthe searched someone who can dump the flash from his/her 30GB 5.5G ipod
17:48:35LloreanThe loader could be intelligent.
17:49:08GodEaterLlorean: very true
17:49:15LloreanSeems unlikely though
17:49:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:49:47GodEateroooh oooh oooh
17:49:51GodEateris amiconna awake ?
17:50:01*GodEater prods him with a stick
17:50:55GodEaterthe ATA-7 spec has loads of extra info on the bits we saw in the features that we didn't know about
17:50:58FebsMight work better if you prod amiconn.
17:52:04GodEateryou going to pick on me for every single typo ?
17:54:34GodEaterI think we're using the wrong ATA command to read from the 80G's disk
17:55:06GodEaterthere looks like there's a new command in ATA-7 called READ STREAM PIO
17:55:19GodEaterand if I'm reading the feature dump right - the disk has been set into streaming mode
17:55:36FebsThe bootloader update worked perfectly.
17:56:00GodEatercrap time for me to head home
17:56:05GodEaterI'm going to look at this as soon as I get in
17:56:10Soapnot after a tease like that GodEater .
17:56:21Soapyou will stay where you are and continue!
17:57:00 Join habana [0] (i=58a10615@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:57:00GodEaterbe home in less than half an hour
17:57:22DerPapstthats too slow
17:57:36GodEaterpatience is a virtue :P
17:57:39 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
17:57:51habanaany MS vista lover ? just seen a lovely pict :)
17:57:52 Quit Criamos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:58:17*DerPapst don't speak frensh
17:58:39LloreanI'm gonna try out Vista on a laptop, I think.
17:58:47CazovI think it says something along the lines of "Vista locks you up with "Bubba""
17:58:54DerPapstmy pc is too slow for vista ;)
17:59:17LloreanDerPapst: I recently received a warranty replacement laptop that came with a "Free copy of Windows Vista Home Premium when it is available"
17:59:23habanaCazov: yes this kind of thing
17:59:43LloreanSince I don't have to pay for it, and it'll be on a computer I primarily use for word processing and internet, I can't see it getting in the way too much.
18:00:06habanafor english readers see
18:00:06 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
18:04:11DerPapstLlorean: i can et it for free too. from my university.
18:05:29*DerPapst can't type anymore
18:06:06 Join Digamma [0] (
18:06:19FebsLlorean: I think that you underestimate MicroSoft's ability to write things that get in the way.
18:06:40LloreanDerPapst: It'd cost me $5 to get from mine, for media expenses (I don't know where they manage to buy $5 DVDs...)
18:08:14LloreanFebs: Honestly, I'd already given up on the warranty program ever agreeing to replace my laptop (due to the nature of the problem, it qualified for free replacement of a part, but never the computer) and had purchase a replacement laptop, so the computer is entirely superfluous.
18:14:09habanaI think its the first time i dont see Bagder online here ^^
18:14:35habanaare there sansa users ?
18:15:49LloreanYou can't really "use" it yet...
18:16:07markunyou can, just not with rockbox
18:16:16LloreanWell, yeah, but this is #Rockbox
18:16:25DigammaI am a sansa user
18:16:58 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody (
18:17:47habanamainly use it with tetrisa rom
18:18:07habanadid you test latest patch for keys on games ?
18:20:35DigammaI havent actually loaded up my sansa up with Rockbox yet
18:20:45Digammakinda worried
18:20:51DigammaStill no audio?
18:20:59habanawaiting for fully comaptible ?
18:21:08habanastill no
18:21:25DigammaI am kinda leery on playing with a version that is not completly stable
18:21:30DigammaIs there dualboot?
18:21:53LloreanIf you're gonna wait for "Completely stable" you'll never upgrade.
18:22:11habanathe main problem is you force shutdown to stop rockbox (atm)
18:22:45DigammaHow hard is it to revert to the old Firmware (well the hacked version I have)
18:23:12 Join mofonyx [0] (
18:23:30habanavery easy if you keep all you r firmwares
18:23:45Digamma(Sorry caps was on, didn't notice)
18:23:58mofonyxwas wondering, how am I to transfer *.flac from Computer −−-> Rockbox'd iPod?
18:23:58mofonyxusing iTunes?
18:24:20linuxstbJust drag and drop the files.
18:24:20LloreaniTunes probably doesn't recognize FLAC.
18:24:24mofonyxyeah that's what i kinda .. figured .. and..
18:24:26mofonyxjust drag & drop?
18:24:34linuxstbNo, iTunes doesn't think your ipod can play flac - tell Apple....
18:24:44mofonyxso drag & drop would do
18:24:44Digammahabana, are you still there?
18:24:55mofonyxthanks ;)
18:25:00Digammahabana, are there any video codecs for Rockbox?
18:25:36habanampeg reader in progress, i think. look on hte wiki -> plugins
18:25:49habananot actually for sansa
18:25:49DigammaWhat about for the Sansa?
18:25:52 Join GodEater [0] (
18:26:13GodEaterhow'd I do for time ?
18:26:26linuxstbmpegplayer is for all Rockbox targets with colour LCDs. So if it's not working on the Sansa, it will do (when someone does the necessary).
18:26:44habanaive seen 30 fps !
18:26:46*Soap stops tapping his foot.
18:26:55habanaif its true, mmm :)
18:27:10DigammaMuch better than MOV
18:27:25SoapMOV is a container is it not?, apple video format
18:27:48linuxstbIsn't it the quicktime container?
18:27:52 Part DerPapst
18:27:59Cazovblech... mov
18:28:46habanaon OF sansa -> VideoFmts=Motion JPEG B(MOV
18:29:17linuxstbWhat fps does the OF manage?
18:29:28linuxstb(and with what audio ?)
18:29:42habanacoudnt tell
18:29:44amiconnGodEater: 'course I am awake at this time of day
18:30:02*amiconn was out, shopping fireworks :)
18:30:46amiconnGodEater: I didn't expect the disk to be ata-7
18:31:19amiconnI presume streaming mode can be disabled?
18:31:25habanalinuxstb: look at the creation profile for sansa OF compatible cant find audio quality
18:33:00habanaMP3 | audiobitrate= |DefaultAudioBitrate=
18:34:56mofonyxis there an initial charge time for a new iPod? i.e. charging it for 10 hours or something?
18:35:10mofonyxor just until it says it's fully charged.
18:35:25GodEateramiconn, looking at doing that right now
18:35:25GodEaterit says you can
18:35:25GodEaterI think
18:35:26linuxstbhabana: That looks like uncompressed audio at 11.025KHz...
18:35:30GodEateryou have to issue a 43h command in set features
18:35:35GodEaterand set the value to 0 I think
18:35:45amiconnGodEater: A properly working ata hard reset would do wonders...
18:36:17GodEaterput it on your xmas list for next year :)
18:39:09GodEateramiconn, do you have a copy of the ATA-7 spec ?
18:42:38 Quit blue_lizard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:42:49 Join blue_lizard [0] (
18:45:06GodEaterI think I may have jumped the gun a bit here
18:45:11GodEaterI think the streaming *is* disabled
18:45:25 Quit mofonyx ("I wonder what does this button do....")
18:45:28GodEatersome of the other words which had no meaning in ATA-6 do have useful info in them
18:45:34GodEaterlike word 106
18:46:20GodEaterwhich indicates there are multiple logical sectors per physical sector
18:46:52GodEaterand word 117
18:48:08GodEaterthat seems to suggest 256 words per logical sector
18:48:40*linuxstb watches and listens to elephants dream
18:48:52 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
18:49:19amiconnGodEater: Yes, which equals 512 bytes, the default sector size of a harddisk
18:49:51amiconnHowever, word 106 indicates 2 logical sectors per physical sector, i.e. physical sectors of this disk are 1024 bytes
18:50:40amiconnDoesn't make too much sense to me yet, as the reported number of sectors matches the disk size (80GB) when calculating based on 512 byte sectors
18:52:26 Quit habana ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:52:59GodEaterI think that's right though - they wouldn't change the reported number of sectors bit away from 512 byte sectors where they are currently as that would break backwards compatibility I think
18:53:40GodEateralso I think you're wrong
18:53:49GodEateronly bit 0 of 106 is set
18:54:11GodEaterwhich means 2 ^ 0 logicals per physical
18:54:18GodEaterwhich means 1 to 1
18:54:30GodEaterthough WHY you'd say that is beyond me
18:57:07amiconnI'm reading this as that bit 0..3 define x, so x = 1, and 2^x = 2
18:58:08GodEatermy copy of the spec says bit 0 makes X 0, bit 1 makes it 1, bit 2 makes x =2, and bit 3 makes x =3
18:58:55linuxstbThat seems an inefficient encoding...
18:59:08GodEaterit's what it says though
19:01:15GodEaterthis claims to be revision 3a of the spec
19:02:14amiconnI have revision 4b
19:02:39amiconnIt says nothing about how x is encoded
19:02:49amiconn(in the IDENTIFY DEVICE table)+
19:03:01GodEaterit's not in the table
19:03:04GodEaterit's further down
19:03:21GodEaterunder the detailed explanation of the word content
19:03:39 Join webguest34 [0] (i=46748840@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:04:07webguest34Can anyone tell me how to get the iTunes playlist to work for Rockbox?
19:04:18linuxstbExport them to standard .m3u playlists.
19:04:28linuxstb(I don't know how to do that though...)
19:04:40pixelmalinuxstb: re. elephants dream... is that on an ipod?
19:05:09amiconnBits (3:0): 0 = 2^0 = 1 logical sector per physical sector
19:05:09amiconnBits (3:0): 1 = 2^1 = 2 logical sector per physical sector
19:05:09DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn
19:05:09amiconnBits (3:0): 2 = 2^2 = 4 logical sector per physical sector
19:05:09***Alert Mode level 1
19:05:09amiconnBits (3:0): 3 = 2^3 = 8 logical sector per physical sector
19:05:15linuxstbpixelma: Yes, but it should work (slowly...) on all targets.
19:05:54linuxstbI'm not using the COP yet either, but I now have a separate video thread which I'm ready to try running on the COP.
19:05:54GodEaterso you agree then amiconn - having bit zero set means 1 logical per physical ?
19:05:56amiconnOn archo it's not slow, and also with sound ;P
19:06:08linuxstbIt's also not in colour :)
19:07:14pixelmabut on mine it's visible even without backlight ;)
19:07:16 Quit webguest34 (Client Quit)
19:08:36 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
19:13:29 Join dan_a [0] (
19:13:56 Join D0ug [0] (
19:13:58 Quit D0ug (Client Quit)
19:14:48CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:14:48*goffa wonders the eta of rockbox for the gigabeat to the main tree
19:14:58goffadon't know if they submitted it yet
19:15:11***Alert Mode OFF
19:17:17 Quit Everybody (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:17:32 Quit Febs ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox 2.0/2006101022]")
19:22:04 Join God_Eater [0] (
19:25:38markungoffa: they (me) didn't yet
19:26:43 Quit God_Eater (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:27:32dan_alostlogic: Around?
19:28:56 Join spiorf [0] (
19:30:03 Quit Digamma (Connection timed out)
19:30:22 Join Mouser_X [0] (
19:34:10 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:38:46 Quit EspeonEefi ("Leaving")
19:39:21 Quit GodEater (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:41:37 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
19:42:30 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
19:42:40[IDC]Dragonba, I missed GodEater
19:42:41 Quit kubiix ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:43:02PaulPositiontough luck, it was a matter of minutes.. :(
19:43:24 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:43:51[IDC]Dragonhe was looking for an ATA7 spec, I recently found one after lots of googling
19:44:41PaulPosition[IDC]Dragon - Might be back soon, perhaps you should post anyway and hope he reads the logs.
19:45:23 Join Everybody [0] (
19:45:38 Join GodEater [0] (
19:45:52PaulPositionsee? :p
19:49:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:50:20GodEater[IDC]Dragon, sup ?
19:50:35GodEateroh - I found the spec anyway
19:50:45GodEaterbut thanks
19:53:34PaulPositionAre the .cfg files exported through 'manage settings->save .cfg file' (or whatever the actual name) complete, including default settings and such? Or are some things only added to it when you actively set them from the menu?
19:54:28PaulPosition(might have a try at writing some php stat page, it may help gauge good values for default settings..)
19:54:45amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The ATA-7 specs (latest draft afaics) are easily downloadable from
19:55:00GodEaterI'm not sure I'd use the word "easy"
19:55:10GodEaterI couldn't bloody find them there - that site is an nightmare to navigate
19:58:28LloreanPaulPosition: I believe all user-settable settings are included in the file.
19:59:24 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:59:25PaulPositionLlorean - It would look like it, at least there's a good lot of them. Thanks.
19:59:30 Join Mouser_X [0] (
20:00:11 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:00:31 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
20:00:40 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
20:07:00 Quit amiconn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:07:00 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
20:07:34 Join Thundercloud [0] (
20:11:01 Join miso91 [0] (
20:13:28 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:15:18 Join DreamThief341 [0] (
20:15:27 Quit Ribs ("Leaving")
20:17:56 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:18:22 Join scorche [0] (n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
20:21:11 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:21:45 Join [IDC]Dragon2 [0] (
20:22:39 Join Llorea1 [0] (
20:26:42[IDC]Dragon2sorry for being afk
20:26:58[IDC]Dragon2for the record, ata spec:
20:27:37[IDC]Dragon2I think this leaked in public webspace, for those you normally have to pay
20:29:41 Quit DreamThief|off (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:30:42 Join EspeonEefi [0] (
20:30:52 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
20:31:02jeffb[IDC]Dragon2 are you also working on the 80gb ipod issue?
20:31:26[IDC]Dragon2no, I was looking for LBA48
20:32:00[IDC]Dragon2gotta leave now, cu
20:32:12 Quit [IDC]Dragon2 (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
20:33:44 Quit lunacymaze ("Leaving")
20:36:55 Join webguest94 [0] (i=58a10615@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:37:34 Quit webguest94 (Client Quit)
20:38:17 Join lunacymaze [0] (
20:38:49 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:39:51 Join Llorea2 [0] (
20:39:56 Quit Llorean (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:40:06 Nick Llorea2 is now known as Llorean (
20:43:15 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:55:16 Join blameless [0] (
20:56:37blamelessso if my ipod is seizuring and rebooting over and over with rockbox error -1 is there an easy way to fix that?
20:58:20 Quit Llorea1 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:59:47 Join |AhIoRoS| [0] (n=ahioros@
21:00:10GodEateryeah, do the install properly
21:00:24GodEaterand make sure you've unzipped the daily build onto the ipod
21:00:58blamelessi fixed it, thanks
21:01:13GodEatergood news :)
21:02:15 Join XavierGr [0] (
21:02:59 Join tical2k [0] (
21:03:00blamelessyeah, i knew i screwed up the install. i just couldn't figure out the emergency disk mode but now all is well :)
21:03:48tical2kahhh i now REOWN an ipod... last 2 days kinda sucked haha
21:09:05 Quit blameless ("tinkering")
21:09:47Soapare you the person who thought it got stolen when daddy failed to lock the car?
21:09:56tical2khaha yeah
21:10:18tical2ki used gift certificates and whatnot to get another one
21:10:52tical2kim still very interesting in modifying the apple flash to effectively put a "lock" on an ipod...
21:11:13tical2ki believe you... or somebody else pointed out that would be a bad idea
21:11:26Soapyea, lots of us chimed in to say how bad that would be.
21:12:03tical2kapple... since they have the workings of the ipod understood... should make one
21:12:10SoapYou would be pioneering the research into flash modification. Which is cool, but one false move and you have a brick.
21:12:32tical2kcan we dump the code from the flash?
21:13:00tical2kis it at all understood?
21:13:17tical2kor all encrypted or some other obscurity?
21:13:26Soapthat I don't know.
21:14:24tical2ki got nothing to do... i'll at least look into it
21:14:51 Quit PaulPosition ()
21:15:02tical2ki got a few colleagues interested in it as well... but most likely wont go anywhere
21:18:12*ender` yawns
21:30:08 Join matsl [0] (
21:38:47 Join _Margot_ [0] (
21:49:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:52:04 Nick KyleX-AFK is now known as KyleX (
21:53:21linuxstbdan_a: Any progress with your kernel-on-COP commit?
21:54:56 Quit Margot_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:55:05 Nick _Margot_ is now known as Margot_ (
21:55:19dan_alinuxstb: No, none yet. It's all working except I can't us RoLo and still be in control of the coprocessor
21:56:36 Join tj2master [0] (i=a@
21:56:46linuxstbI wouldn't say that's a show-stopper though. RoLo isn't very useful on the PP targets anyway at the moment.
21:57:05LloreanBut... but... it can load iPL... :-P
21:57:44linuxstbBut any ipl apps that use the COP probably don't work...
21:58:17dan_alinuxstb: I'm also not at the computer a lot at the moment.
21:58:42dan_aAnd getting the COP working properly will probably make RoLo useful...
22:01:21dan_aI take it that we're getting to the point where MpegPlayer needs the COP? There appear to be memory bandwidth issues (see amiconn's comments in the IRC log) - will those present a problem?
22:02:04 Join PaulPosition [0] (
22:02:20linuxstbdan_a: OK, no problem. And yes, proper COP handling should hopefully make RoLo useful.
22:02:20linuxstbI only asked because I'm working on audio in mpegplayer, and am about to try running the video thread on the COP. I'll just use the patches in the patch tracker then,
22:02:20linuxstbI'm surprised to be getting around 10fps with audio without using the COP.
22:02:37tehsmowee, new headphones. ^_^
22:02:40Llorean10fps on what target?
22:03:16linuxstbOn my Photo. 160x128 video was about 11.5fps, and 224x176 was around 8fps IIRC.
22:03:51LloreanI wonder how much COP will affect it.
22:03:56linuxstbdan_a: Yes, it definitely needs the COP. So we'll see how it helps...
22:06:40linuxstbdan_a: Should I use your kernel_on_cop_5.diff patch, or do you know if lostlogic's is better? All I need to do is start one of my own threads on the COP.
22:08:06dan_alinuxstb: Lostlogic's will be closer to what will be commited, I think (there is a bug in mine in that the current_tick is cached on each CPU - not good!)
22:08:41linuxstbOK. Do you know if it is safe to yield() in my thread?
22:08:47linuxstb(and/or sleep) ?
22:09:24tical2kalright.... im interested in helping out the video cause.... i know how to code.... but im unfamiliar with the rockbox development process anyone want to cue me in?
22:09:59dan_alinuxstb: As far as I know, it should be. I think it was the current_tick bug that was causing problems there.
22:10:15linuxstbOK, I'll keep my yields there for now and see what happens.
22:10:44dan_aOn the subject of the COP, have you got any ideas for what we may want to use the FIQ for?
22:11:09linuxstbtical2k: There are lots of docs in the wiki. Start with compiling Rockbox yourself from source, and then dig in and start coding...
22:11:42tical2kcant seem to find the mpeg player in the cvs tree though haha
22:12:17linuxstbdan_a: Why would we want it for anything? You could move the audio FIQ handler to the COP, and that might free up a few more cycles on the main CPU, but probably nothing noticable.
22:12:28linuxstbtical2k: apps/plugins/mpegplayer/
22:12:58tical2koops didnt see that subdirectory
22:13:17dan_alinuxstb: Because it's there!
22:14:39 Join jesse [0] (
22:15:21jesseI have a question: does Rockbox add support for any Linux filesystems?
22:15:44sidok, I'm about to take my iPod I bought from shopnbc to walmart to see if they'll give me cash for it.
22:15:54dan_ajesse: No, only FAT
22:15:56sidBut all the crap I got, I'm not sure what actually came in the 5g box for the ipod
22:16:16sidIt's the iPod, the charger usb cable, headphones instructions etc, and that's it?
22:16:47tical2kjesse: no.. and never will
22:17:04tical2ki think its in the "nodo" list
22:17:06tical2kfat32 only
22:17:11jesseAlright, why not? Is it even possible?
22:17:30sidDoes anything else come in the box I'm missing?
22:17:51tical2kyou should have a "case"
22:17:55tical2kas well
22:18:01sido yea, that thin case
22:18:02jesseOk, thanks.
22:18:04 Quit jesse (Client Quit)
22:18:12sidthanks tical2k
22:18:21linuxstbtical2k: That "NoDo" is very old. Now that Rockbox runs from flash (fully replacing the original firmware) on some targets, there is no technical reason why Rockbox couldn't support other filesystems.
22:18:33 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
22:18:53tical2ktold him wrong :-P
22:19:19linuxstbBut it's still a "no-do" for most developers - no-one wants to implement a new filesystem...
22:19:20 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
22:19:27tehsmosid: also the dock adapter, a little plastic piece
22:19:30tical2kit would be tedious... and... why do it?
22:19:35tical2koh yeah and a sticker
22:19:43tehsmoindeed, the apple stickers
22:20:03sidDoes a headphone to headphone wire(aux2aux) come with it?
22:20:07sidOr did that come with the speakes?
22:20:17tical2kspeakers i would think
22:20:19linuxstbsid: I'm sure it came with the speakers.
22:20:38tical2koh... it also came with 2 headphone pads
22:20:43tical2k2 sets of 2 that is
22:21:17sidlinuxstb: k
22:21:50sidI have some little plastic thing
22:22:12sidI'm not sure what it is, a shit thing that looks like it could go on the bottom of the ipod
22:22:12sidor something
22:22:14sidIs that the dock adapter?
22:22:57 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
22:23:16tehsmoyeah, probably
22:23:22tical2kif you're returning stuff.... they dont care about the little trinkets... at least at best buy
22:23:35tical2kbecause i bought an ipod today and it didnt have half the crap in it
22:23:44tical2kit was an "open box" one
22:23:47sidtical2k: Will they give cash back without a receipt at bestbuy?
22:24:00tical2ki dunno...
22:24:05tical2kusually they dont though
22:24:23Soapyou'll be lucky to get a store credit.
22:24:24tical2ki got a free $40 gift card for getting an open box one
22:24:33SoapTarget won't even do that anymore w/o a gift receipt.
22:24:51sidk, I'm off to my local corporate Walmart... wish me luck
22:25:01SoapYou'll have better luck (I'm not kidding) if you get your wife/girlfriend to do it.
22:25:08tical2kheh good luck and we'll see you in... ohh.... 5 hours
22:25:11sidIf I don't get cash back, I'm just going to have to rma it and go through that process.
22:25:30 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
22:25:36Soapconsidering WalMart doesn't sell the 5G anymore.
22:25:47tical2kthat only works (wife/gf) if the return person isnt a senile old lady
22:25:51sidSoap: It's on their website.
22:25:51Soapyou do have a 5G, not 5.5G correct?
22:26:09sidI dunno, I didn't know a 5.5g existed
22:26:17sidIt's a 5g according to iPod linux's website.
22:26:42linuxstbHow does IPL's website know your ipod?
22:26:47Soapwhat capacity?
22:26:47sid30 gigs
22:26:52sidMy model # is A1136
22:27:14linuxstbIf you bought it in the last 3 months, it's almost certainly a 5.5g.
22:27:23linuxstb(assuming you bought it new).
22:27:37Soaphe got it from - famous for selling overstock and old items.
22:27:53sidlinuxstb: yea, I got it new from a month ago(and opened it on Christmas)
22:27:58sidNovember 4th was the date I bought it
22:28:06LloreanWouldn't the easiest way just to be to use ipodpatcher to check the sector size?
22:28:23Soapwe don't need ease here!
22:28:26linuxstbI didn't think his computer detected his ipod any more...
22:28:26sidLlorean: Well the battery won't charge, so it won't be recognized by any computers now.
22:29:23sidyea, I plug it in and it doesn't show up
22:29:27Soapthe issue with 5.5 vs 5th gen is one of UPC on the box, if that changed (and IF you have a 5, not 5.5) Walmart won't even have your product in their system.
22:29:53sidSoap: So I need a 5.5 and not a 5?
22:30:17Soapwal mart sells 5.5s
22:30:28SoapIf the UPC code changed you are out of luck there. That's all I'm saying.
22:31:18sidWell I have the model #, how can I tell if it's 5 or 5.5?
22:32:00linuxstbI don't think that's enough. I remember comparing my model # (I have a 5g which is over a year old) with someone's 5.5g's #, and they were the same.
22:32:42SoapFWIW, 5G 30 black = MA446LL/A white = MA444LL/A
22:32:47Soapexcuse me
22:32:50sidapple_os.bin apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod bootpartition.bin ipod_fw ipodpatcher mbr.bin rockbox.ipod
22:32:59sidI have all that in my /root, any of that have information about if it's a 5.5 or a 5?
22:35:44sidOn the back of the actualy ipod, it says "Model No.: A1136 EMC No.: 2065"
22:36:48sidBut on the box it came in, it says on the box "MAA446LL/A iPod 30GB BLACK" .. "Designed by Apple in California" .. "Assembled in China Model A1136" .. "(1P)Part No. MA446LL/A"
22:39:15tical2klinuxstb: sh-elf-gcc what version should i get or does it matter.. ie should it match my gcc version?
22:39:23sidSo I have a 5.5g Soap?
22:42:24linuxstbtical2k: Which player do you own?
22:43:39 Join webguest30 [0] (i=41760b02@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:44:06 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
22:44:06 Quit webguest30 (Client Quit)
22:44:50tical2kipod 5g
22:45:17tical2kor 5.5g .... i dunno guess i better check
22:45:23 Join webguest13 [0] (i=41760b02@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:46:14linuxstbtical2k: It makes no difference. You need arm-elf-gcc for the ipods. Easiest way is to run the script in the tools/ directory. This will download the gcc and binutils source and compile the cross-compiler for you.
22:47:28tical2khaha well... to be "technical" i have both an archos and an ipod
22:47:48linuxstbThen tell to install both arm and sh compilers...
22:47:49tical2khowever... my archos fm recorder is down for the count haha
22:48:13 Quit excitatory (Remote closed the connection)
22:48:15webguest13I erroneously reopened a bug report that I initiated a couple of months ago, saying that the fix that came through today didn't work. I had a brain fart it works fine. is there anyway to tell the developer to not worry about it?
22:48:16tical2karchos made those things pretty damn cheaply
22:48:18linuxstbPlus m68k for good measure... If you're seriously developing for Rockbox, it's useful to test-compile for different architectures.
22:48:56tical2kholy crap... its downloading gcc... im not sure i want it to do that....
22:49:10tical2ki mean
22:49:13tical2ki have gcc...
22:49:29tical2kbut im on a PPC powerbook
22:49:31 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:50:19*linuxstb watches 33fps 160x128 video with audio on his ipod...
22:50:38tical2kwow... congrats
22:51:53dan_alinuxstb: It seems to work then?
22:51:55linuxstb220x176 is 21fps...
22:52:06linuxstbdan_a: Yes, but only after I disabled CPU frequency scaling.
22:52:29Genre9mp3woa! this is great news!
22:52:41linuxstbWith it enabled, I got freezes either at the end of the bootloader, during the Rockbox splash, or as soon as I launched mpegplayer.
22:52:57Genre9mp3220x176 @ 21 fps with sound on iPod 4g?
22:53:15linuxstbWell, it's now averaged out to around 19fps...
22:53:28linuxstbOn my Photo, yes.
22:53:40 Join Mouser_X [0] (
22:53:51Genre9mp3linuxstb: Would be safe to assume similar results on H300, too?
22:54:06dan_alinuxstb: Hmmm... I've never been totally confident about what I ought to be doing about the clock on the COP
22:54:27 Quit lunacymaze ("Leaving")
22:54:29linuxstbSo there seems no memory conflict - video on the COP and audio on the main CPU seems to give a similar speed to video-only on the main CPU (but I've forgotten the exact numbers).
22:54:32 Join excitatory [0] (
22:55:01tical2kwhat COP does the photo have?
22:55:10Genre9mp3linuxstb: Oh... this is PP specific?
22:55:16linuxstbGenre9mp3: No, this is specific to the PortalPlayer targets (ipods, H10 and Sansa). I've moved video playback to the second CPU core to free up the main CPU for audio.
22:55:33Genre9mp3ah, ok...
22:55:47linuxstbtical2k: All ipods have two arm7tdmi cores. The 5g also has a video processor from Broadcom.
22:55:58tical2kyeah thats what i was thinking about
22:56:00linuxstbmpegplayer is just using the arm7tdmi cores.
22:56:03tical2kthe broadcom one
22:56:34tical2know... the broadcom chip can do audio/video?
22:56:50Soapthe broadcomm chip can't do squat for rockbox at this time.
22:56:55tical2khaha ok
22:57:09tical2kwhats the limiting factor there?
22:57:33dan_alinuxstb: If we've got problems when frequency scaling is on (on some targets, at least) then I'll hold off committing until we can fix the problem.
22:57:38linuxstbtical2k: Zero documentation.
22:57:40Soapwhat isn't a limiting factor is a more valid question
22:58:27Soapnot to mention the fact that while dual-core support helps many rockbox targets, broadcom support helps only one.
22:58:39 Join KingLevel [0] (i=53e902d6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:58:55Soaphelps one target in a non-core function at that.
22:59:22KingLevelhi everybody..! Does Rockbox work with my iPod 5G 80Gb??
22:59:28linuxstbdan_a: My Photo is very sensitive anyway to CPU frequency scaling... But it seems that (randomly), some builds are more stable than others.
22:59:32linuxstbKingLevel: No.
22:59:33Genre9mp3linuxstb: Do you plan to enable audio for Coldfire targets as well even if it's single core?
22:59:41Everybodyyou said hi to me :D
23:00:29KingLevelheh.. hi there
23:00:45linuxstbGenre9mp3: Yes. Targets with only one core will just run all threads on the same CPU. But the problem on the Coldfire targets will be sharing the limited IRAM, which is needed to achieve anything like reasonable speeds.
23:01:01linuxstbKingLevel: Rockbox fails to access the disk, and no-one has yet worked out why.
23:02:02KingLevelgaaahh.. thats bad...
23:02:23Genre9mp3linuxstb: hmm.. what fps would you expect on h300? The retailOS does MPEG4(XVID) at 10fps. It would be great if it can beat that (even with "just" MPEG1/2)
23:02:44linuxstbGenre9mp3: I think it would be great if we could match it...
23:03:10linuxstbBut I don't have a Coldfire target with colour LCD, so it's up to H300 or X5 owners to optimise it.
23:03:51Genre9mp3linuxboy: I see... thanks
23:03:57Genre9mp3eeer... I mean, linuxstb
23:04:06KingLevelHow many is working with Rockbox?
23:04:59linuxstbKingLevel: There are at least 2 or 3 people trying to get the 80GB ipod working.
23:06:09linuxstb224x128 video (16:9 full-screen on my Photo) is playing at full-speed (24fps) with audio...
23:06:22KingLevelok.. have to wait. Are they close to get it work?
23:06:33linuxstb−−-> <−−- That far
23:08:07KingLevelhah! :-D cant wait
23:10:07bagawkit sounds like they made some good discoveries today keep looking, it will probably be figured out soon
23:10:49 Join topbloke [0] (
23:10:49 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:11:47KingLevelCan you play songs with rockbox that you have added with iTunes? im a newb, so i have to ask
23:11:58markunKingLevel: yes
23:14:01 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
23:16:37bagawkKingLevel: rockbox by defualt is however a filetree based browser, you will have no idea what it is when you are browsing
23:18:03bagawkwhy iTunes must do so much crazy obfuscation... no one could probably ever figure out
23:19:04topblokeso u cant copy them back to pc
23:19:11 Join cynicalliberal [0] (
23:20:10bagawkdangit, you ruined my deep thought :P
23:20:45linuxstbKingLevel: You can't play songs purchased from the ITMS with Rockbox (i.e. encrypted/DRM-protected songs).
23:20:48 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:20:56Genre9mp3linuxstb: Is there a patch I could try to test this on H300?
23:21:05*Genre9mp3 obviously can't wait
23:21:16topblokeis there any progrma to make a playlist of all the songs on a player?
23:22:15bagawktopbloke: script time: find /mnt/dap -type f | grep .mp3 > playlist.m3u
23:22:27linuxstbGenre9mp3: No, it won't compile for Coldfire at the moment. I'll try and release a patch soon though.
23:22:27Soapthe "to prevent copying" theory on itunes doesn't hold water.
23:22:27topblokehow bout on windows
23:22:30linuxstb(or commit to CVS...)
23:22:41topblokeand will they be arranged aphabetically?
23:22:41SoapSince the file tags aren't touched, therefore you can copy them off and rename them based on their tags.
23:22:42Genre9mp3linuxstb: ok
23:23:19SoapIf they were /actively/ trying to prevent copying, they would remove the unneeded tags.
23:23:33bagawktopbloke: find /mnt/dap -type f | grep .mp3 | sort <some sort options> > playlist.m3u
23:23:51topblokeok but thats still linux
23:24:06Soapsimple answer is that the appleFW database works faster with uniform file names/paths.
23:24:07bagawktopbloke: will work under cygwin also :)
23:24:19KingLevellinuxstb: Are you one of the programmers?
23:24:33bagawktopbloke: sorry, do not know many windows utilities
23:24:39topblokewell maybe i should make an .exe for windows
23:24:46linuxstbKingLevel: I'm _a_ programmer... I'm not working on the 80GB though.
23:25:06linuxstbAlthough I've done a lot of work for the ipods in general.
23:25:32KingLevellinuxstb: ok
23:26:52KingLevellinuxstb: how long will it take? if you are - - - - > <- - - - this close?
23:27:50linuxstbKingLevel: It's impossible to say. No-one knows what the problem is, so it's a matter of investigating until a solution is found. It could be today, or it could be a year away...
23:28:05Soapless time than being −−-> <−−−−−− that close.
23:28:55PaulPositionHofstadter's Law states that:
23:28:55PaulPosition It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.
23:29:36PaulPosition(but sometimes there are pleasant surprises)
23:29:46topblokescrew 80gb, make it eat less batt on 30gb :)
23:30:02 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:30:11KingLevellinuxstb: okey, good luck! se ya
23:30:14 Quit KingLevel ("CGI:IRC")
23:30:22 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
23:30:53 Join softi_42 [0] (
23:30:59 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:31:28 Join strabes [0] (
23:33:35linuxstbdan_a: But yes, apart from the CPU scaling issues, the cop patch seems to be working fine. My thread is yielding and sleeping and it seems happy. I'm just about to test it on my 5g (with cpu scaling enabled).
23:33:55 Quit topbloke ("bye")
23:34:23Lloreanlinuxstb: CPU scaling issues?
23:35:21linuxstbAs usual, my Photo is freezing with cpu scaling enabled. The COP patch seemed to make the freezing happen more reliably.
23:35:43linuxstbI'm about to test on my 5g, and I would expect that to be fine.
23:36:11LloreanI know that the _6 cop patch worked completely reliably on my Nano at least, so the 5G should be I'd imagine
23:40:32 Join `Nox` [0] (i=thenox@
23:41:34 Quit rretzbach (Client Quit)
23:41:37sidok, no go with Walmart
23:41:43sidThey wouldn't give me cash back or let me exchange without a receipt.
23:42:06tical2ki got a bestbuy reciept... whats it worth to you :-) haha j/p
23:42:26sidtical2k: What state?
23:42:37tical2kdoes it matter?
23:42:50sidyes, because how do I get it from you. heh
23:42:59tical2ki can scan it... if you can make it looke believable
23:43:08tical2ksay... i sent it to you in the mail... but the date might give it away
23:43:17tical2kbeing... i got it today
23:43:18sidWhat is the date for it?
23:43:39tical2kwhat state are you in?
23:43:44sidNew York
23:44:05sidI have the receipt from shopbnc
23:44:17sidBut from what I hear they're a royal pain in the ass to exchange/return stuff to.
23:44:31sidSo I'm trying to rip off a mega-store first, like Walmart or Target, Bestbuy etc
23:44:49tical2kwell... i guess its feasible to tell them that you bought it from a store in NC before a flight it broke on flight and you had your family fax/scan you the reciept
23:45:18sidyea, that's not a bad idea
23:45:23sidtical2k: scan it if you want
23:45:41tical2kwell... i dunno.. because if my ipod breaks... im pretty sol haha
23:45:57sidYou can use the same receipt twice
23:46:06tical2kim pretty sure they might track the order #s on reciepts?
23:46:16sidI doubt it
23:46:26sidThat's seems too sophisticated for a mega-corp
23:46:42*linuxstb wonders if these kinds of discussions belong in #rockbox, which is logged...
23:46:56tical2kin otherwords.. NO
23:47:20Soaptarget has unique transaction IDs on every receipt.
23:48:11tical2ki wouldnt doubt best buy does too
23:48:18sidI'll email my local [GNU]/Linux Users Group mailing list, and ask if anyone bought a 30 gig ipod video..and if so to bring their receipt
23:48:56sidThey lady at Walmar almost let me exchange it
23:49:12tical2ktry circuit city...
23:49:14sidShe was close, but she thought about it again and then asked her co-worker if it was allowed...and that person said no you need receipt.
23:49:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:49:48sidhmm, is it me..or is down?
23:50:30sidThey only have one ip in their dns pool( ), I guess their website doesn't get that much traffic?
23:50:36Soapdespite myself being earlier complicit in this conversation, it has drifted way the bleep off topic
23:50:42sidI need their return policy info
23:50:42 Join evilnick [0] (
23:50:48tical2kn/m dont try circuit cty
23:51:38linuxstbLlorean: Yes, as expected, the COP patch is working fine on my 5g.
23:52:03LloreanNot exactly a huge surprise though. ;)
23:52:09Soapbenchmark at 320x240 (though I hate to think)
23:52:35linuxstbI'll have to download the file... I can't remember what it is.
23:52:55Soapnot on my accord.
23:53:58linuxstbIt's no problem, downloading is free...
23:54:22linuxstbIt can play the 224x128 version of elephant's dream at the full 24fps though...
23:54:42PaulPositionlinuxstb - Will you guys post some patches on the tracker and wait a few days or would you/dan/barry/lostlogic testing it be enough for you to skip looking for other's tests?
23:55:05 Quit strabes (Remote closed the connection)
23:55:26linuxstbPaulPosition: Are you talking about my mpegplayer work, or the COP work in general?
23:56:50PaulPositionkind of both, hence the 's' I added after 'patch' ;) But nvm, I'll learn it whenever any of it falls in my mailbox or in the cvs news page. :p
23:57:01`Nox`HI , haw to use mi4code.c ?
23:58:20 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:58:23 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
23:58:23PaulPosition'nox' what platform are you on? The mi4code page is pretty explicit for linux targets and for windows you need to download the 'windows executable binary' (or something close)
23:58:54`Nox`im on windows

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