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#rockbox log for 2007-01-02

00:00:55daurnimatorcyas all
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00:08:50doktoreasi think also the bootloader is bugged
00:09:40ctaylorrdoktoreas: howso?
00:10:09doktoreasalso if i keep the hold swith "on" it continues rebooting
00:10:59doktoreasit says loading original firmware and the reboot
00:12:08ctaylorrdoktoreas: as linuxstb describes, there may well be bugs. You may want to see if similar behaviour is described in a bug on the tracker, and if not, open a new one.
00:12:17topblokemine did that too when the battery was low
00:17:14doktoreastopbloke, i'll try to keep on chargin
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00:29:24Juice^what is the current best player with a bigger screen like ipod video?
00:29:49Juice^i might invest in another player sooner or later
00:30:07ctaylorrJuice^: that's pretty subjective. describe `best'.
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00:30:52Juice^well, compitable with rockbox, good storage capacity.. battery time, speed of decoding flac/videos etc
00:31:30puetzkJuice^, I like my iaudio x5, but I've only had it since christmas so it may be pretty early to say :-)
00:31:50ctaylorrJuice^: speed of decoding video :) You know, I don't think anyone can predict what the outlook on preformance is.
00:31:54scorcheyou might want to look into the gigabeats, but be aware that they are still a pretty new port
00:32:00puetzkI've not tried video on it, screen's pretty small for that (but I think the same of my dad's iPod video, so there's an element of taste there)
00:32:10markunscorche: but working quite well already
00:32:11Mouser_XJuice^: The Gigabeat sounds nice. I don't have one, but I'll probably be getting one.
00:32:25scorchemarkun: of our best "releases" ;)
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00:32:35Juice^okey. i've taken a small peek at the gigabeats and they look neat yes
00:33:00markunJuice^: be carefull not to buy a gigabeat S series, they are not supported
00:33:02markunonly F and X
00:34:33*scorche wonders if markun has set up his client to ping him on the word "gigabeat"
00:37:44markunscorche: of course :)
00:37:48Juice^but the gigabeat S series will probably be supported one day i guess... depends on how long i can wait i guess
00:38:05SoapGigabeat, the Hemi of Rockbox players.
00:38:12markunJuice^: maybe, maybe not
00:38:34Juice^well im off to sleep. laters
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00:45:54mdke_hi all, I recently updated my database and it now contains duplicate entries for everything. Is there an easy fix? Why did this happen?
00:47:06midkayi won't speculate about how it happened but running "initialize now" would probably fix it.
00:48:19mdke_midkay: will try that
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00:49:09mdke_can I run rockbox while the ipod is plugged into the computer?
00:50:03midkayyeah, hold MENU while you insert the USB cable and it'll run/charge at the same time (but don't expect it to fully charge nearly as fast as it otherwise would).
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00:52:57mdke_midkay: thanks
00:53:06midkayno prob.
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00:57:13khalsahi, trying to help a friend install RB on ipod 4g. Following the "beta" instructions on the wiki, get to the last step (./ipodpatcher [device] -a bootloader-ipodXXXXX.ipod) and get the following error:
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00:57:52khalsa[INFO] Reading partition table from /dev/sda2
00:57:52khalsa[INFO] Sector size is 512 bytes
00:57:52khalsa[ERR] Drive is not an iPod, aborting
00:58:09khalsaany advice?
00:58:48midkay[device] should be the number you got from the scanning step.. i.e. 2 or 3... what's the actual command you're using?
00:59:19bagawkkhalsa: usually if something is wanting the partition lable, you want /dev/sda
00:59:26 Join tychver [0] (
00:59:26ctaylorrkhalsa: see
01:00:08khalsaI saw that thread, [device] we've been usuing is sda2 (ubuntu linux)
01:00:37khalsa./ipodpatcher /dev/sda2 -a bootloader-ipod4g.ipod
01:00:47midkaydid you do the −−scan step? it should give you a single number, that's what you need to use.
01:01:52khalsano, did not do the −−scan step, the wiki page is a bit unclear if that's what he needs to do, since it specifies (windows users) and the next step is for OSX and unix users
01:02:01DerPapst_midkay: it doesn't give you a single number in linux. it gives you something like /dev/sdX
01:02:06midkayoh, really.. i haven't used it under linux..
01:02:13*midkay steps back :)
01:02:21bagawk... As i said a long time ago
01:02:38DerPapst_khalsa: do the −−scan option
01:03:36DerPapst_and then use the output as [device] like bagawk said.
01:04:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:04:49DerPapst_so if your output is [INFO] Ipod found - Video (aka 5th Generation) - /dev/sda use
01:04:49DerPapst_ ./ipodpatcher /dev/sda -a bootloader-ipod4g.ipod to apply the loader
01:05:02khalsaah yeah
01:05:10khalsathat's exactly the issue
01:05:22khalsa[INFO] Ipod found - Photo/Color - /dev/sda
01:05:31khalsawierd, I could've sworn it was sda2
01:05:34DerPapst_no you had a 2 at /dev/sda in your command
01:05:59khalsabut now
01:06:00khalsa[ERR] Model name in input file (ip4g) doesn't match ipod model (ipco)
01:06:19DerPapst_wrong bootloader downloaded
01:06:42DerPapst_you've downloaded the loader for b&w ipods but you have a color ipod
01:07:15DerPapst_you have to get this one:
01:07:37khalsayes, thanks
01:07:40 Quit ender` (" I'm sincerely sorry to inform you that I won't be able to attend your new years party tonight, as I'm still hungover from ye)
01:07:51khalsaHe told be ipod 4g so I assumed it was the non-color one :-P
01:08:09DerPapst_heh ;)
01:09:13 Join linuxstb [0] (
01:09:25DerPapst_rockbox is fun on the 5.5G 80Gb iPod ;) i know that it isn't working yet...
01:09:55linuxstbBagder: Still awake?
01:10:49DerPapst_ah linuxstb. have you looked on the −−write-firmware-bin patch i made for ipodpatcher (i don't care if it will be added to cvs or not. just want to know i i made it correctly ;) )
01:11:21DerPapst_one of the i's is a if ^^
01:11:56linuxstbDerPapst_: I had a quick look, but haven't tried it. What do you use it for?
01:12:13DerPapst_installing just the kernel
01:12:34DerPapst_i don't want to use scramble
01:14:14DerPapst_i've installed the kernel and it seemed to work "normal"
01:15:05linuxstbI probably will commit it. I'll review it (and fix if I spot anything wrong) then.
01:15:33DerPapst_heh.. cool! thanks!
01:15:44khalsathanks for your helps guys!
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01:15:52khalsaI love rockbox!
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01:16:18khalsai've had it on my h120 for the longest time. I can' image it without it
01:17:17*DerPapst_ will use rockbox one day too ;)
01:20:18 Join Llorean [0] (
01:23:07markunDerPapst_: you don't use it??
01:23:08 Join dantheman [0] (n=danielma@
01:23:28DerPapst_can't use it... i've a 5.5G 80GB iPod
01:23:51Ajaxinci love rockbox on my f10
01:24:13DerPapst_and the buttonmapping is kind of confusing on 3G iPods. and audio don't work very well on them too ;)
01:24:28 Join hcs [0] (n=hcs@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
01:24:32linuxstbbuttonmapping can be changed...
01:25:01DerPapst_but only in source i guess.
01:25:02muesli__linuxstb just ur much optimized is rockbox so far?
01:25:07LloreanIsn't the 3G Buttonmapping essentially the same as the other iPods?
01:25:24linuxstbLlorean: It is currently, but the option is there to change it.
01:25:35DerPapst_Llorean yes. thats the probelm
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01:25:51Lloreanlinuxstb: I was going to ask, what about it is confusing. I know the layout is different, but the button labels are the same.
01:26:07linuxstbmuesli__: What do you mean? That's a very broad question.
01:26:36muesli__i mean are there many milestones left?
01:26:37 Quit khalsa (" HydraIRC -> <-")
01:26:51muesli__for my point is nearly perfect
01:26:53linuxstbLlorean: Shouldn't you ask DerPapst_?
01:27:08linuxstbmuesli__: On which target? All targets have different issues.
01:27:23Lloreanlinuxstb: Yeah, I was going to, but forgot to include two names.
01:27:36LloreanDerPapst_: What about it specificallly is confusing. I know the layout is different, but the button labels are the same.
01:27:36 Quit mickael___ ("leaving")
01:27:57DerPapst_Llorean: the thing is the buttonmapping on a clickwheel is more intuitive (e.g up and down movement)
01:28:04Lloreanmuesli__: That's not really an optimization question though. For H300 the incompletes are the charging features, USB Host, and WMA.
01:28:08linuxstbmuesli__: I don't own a h3xx, so don't really know. Two obvious things are a new bootloader and USBOTG support.
01:28:19DerPapst_i always hit the wrong button ;)
01:28:36muesli__why a new bootloader`?
01:28:37linuxstbPlus general Rockbox things like getting the playback code to a rock-solid state (including voice).
01:28:41LloreanDerPapst_: That was an incredibly vague statement. You still have a wheel, and I assume it moves the cursor up and down when you scroll with it. What are you saying?
01:28:56Lloreanmuesli__: Proper charging in the bootloader.
01:28:58LloreanAnd USB
01:29:16muesli__theres alrady a patch. why dont u use it?
01:29:44linuxstbDo you use it?
01:29:47 Quit hcs ()
01:30:23muesli__no. cos i never charge via usb. but i know its possible using the experimental build
01:30:26DerPapst_Llorean: i haven't played around with rockbox that much on my 3G. i bet if i use it more often i'll make more sense to me. but atm there is no motivation for me to use it.
01:30:37 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
01:30:47DerPapst_i'll = it'll
01:31:20linuxstbOut of curiosity, why do you want it on your 5.5g?
01:31:23LloreanDerPapst_: Are you intentionally avoiding answering my question, or are you just being vague?
01:31:30DerPapst_linuxstb: you mean me?
01:31:33LloreanAll you've said is that scrolling somehow doesn't make sense.
01:31:38linuxstbDerPapst_: Yes.
01:31:42 Quit lukaswayne9 ("Ex-Chat")
01:32:02muesli__scrollwheel is exactly why i NEVER would buy an ipod
01:32:09muesli__sux a lot
01:32:09linuxstbmuesli__: The experimental build includes an experimental bootloader?
01:32:18muesli__but u can charge via usb
01:32:34linuxstbAnd you can't in the official Rockbox?
01:33:08DerPapst_Llorean: i mean not srcolling... i can't explain it very good (lack of engllish skills)
01:33:08DerPapst_linuxstb: i've a 80GB iPod so i can't use rockbox on it at all. i would love to use it :)
01:33:33muesli__<Llorean> muesli__: Proper charging in the bootloader. i concluded on that its not possible atm
01:33:48*DerPapst_ searches his 3G ipod...
01:34:05linuxstbmuesli__: Llorean said "in the bootloader".
01:34:46muesli__i guess u guys dont want to start irivers os while charging (what it does actually)
01:35:02linuxstbYes, that's one of the reasons for a new bootloader.
01:35:25 Join Febs_ [0] (
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01:36:03muesli__another reason is?
01:36:31DerPapst_"No partition found. Insert USB cable and fix it." The reason why i don't have rockbox on my 5.5G ;) (right now i have it on)
01:36:46linuxstbLlorean mentioned something about USB... I don't know the reasons, I just know people have been waiting for a new bootloader.
01:37:27Lloreanlinuxstb: It's that the updates to the USB controller stuff so that it works better in Rockbox haven't been rolled up into a new bootloader version. Primarily it's for USB charging, I believe.
01:37:29muesli__im fine with the current. im rather keen on audible seeking ;)
01:38:03linuxstbmuesli__: But no-one seems keen to implement it...
01:38:16muesli__yeah..i know :(
01:40:06 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
01:41:20muesli__im also dreaming of an api for basic audio controls while executing .rocks
01:41:42muesli__just to change a track/volume etc while ie playing
01:42:18Ajaxinciv seen a few plugins with audio controls in them
01:42:24Ajaxinci forget what plugins though
01:42:26Ajaxincthey where games
01:42:26Lloreanmuesli__: There's a playback menu in many plugins
01:43:01muesli__not in solitaire which is nice for getting tired
01:43:22muesli__dunno about the others
01:43:53muesli__but wouldnt it be easier to build a common api on which all apps could access?
01:44:26linuxstbYes, there is - the playback menu...
01:44:48Lloreanmuesli__: As linuxstb said, the playback menu is part of a common API that all plugins can access.
01:44:50 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:44:59LloreanIt's just an issue of the people writing them choosing to do so.
01:45:02muesli__ah ok...
01:45:09muesli__didnt know that
01:46:03 Quit dantheman (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:46:20Lloreanlinuxstb: You don't by chance know what aspects of kernel_cop is keeping it from CVS, do you?
01:46:53linuxstbI think it's mainly that dan_a is away from home (afaik).
01:47:06DerPapst_ACTION figures out the button mapping on 3Gs...
01:47:13linuxstbBut there seem to be a few instabilities, at least on the PP5020s.
01:47:36 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
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01:48:47Lloreanlinuxstb: Ah, right, you said your 4G didn't boot at all with scaling enabled?
01:49:14linuxstbAny Coldfire users (H300 or X5) tried mpegplayer? Can you confirm Genre9mp3's audio-is-whitenoise problem?
01:49:28linuxstbLlorean: Yes.
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01:55:29DerPapst_something seemst to be wrong with the most up to date cvs build for 3G iPods... it crashes at loading a 45KB image and it crashes at loading a mp3 file that the previous version of rockbox has played (i thing this build was 3 month old)
01:56:44 Quit Goldmen (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:57:43linuxstbDerPapst_: You should speak to dan_a when he's around. He's our "3G development team"...
01:58:17DerPapst_thanks. i'll do so :)
02:00:30 Quit x1jmp_ (Remote closed the connection)
02:00:43DerPapst_is there any way to get older builds for 3G iPods? the Daily Builds page only has two different builds.
02:01:10ctaylorrDerPapst_: you could perform the build yourself.
02:01:38ctaylorrDerPapst_: (no offense...just stating that it's possible)
02:01:46 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:02:16 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Khe!!!")
02:02:20DerPapst_so can i make a cvs checkout that gives me the source e.g. 2 month ago?
02:02:56ctaylorrDerPapst_: Yes.
02:02:58linuxstbYes, something like "cvs -z3 -d..... co -D 2006-11-01 rockbox-devel"
02:03:12linuxstb(I'm not 100% sure where the -D goes...)
02:03:19ctaylorrlinuxstb: looks right.
02:03:24DerPapst_heh cool.
02:04:02DerPapst_is the 3.4.3 toolchain ok? or should i better use the 4.0.1?
02:04:25linuxstb4.0.3 is recommended. (4.0.1 should be fine).
02:04:54linuxstbThe uclinux toolchain won't work either.
02:04:56DerPapst_then i'll have to set up a new toolchain...
02:06:55linuxstbDerPapst_: The older 3G builds are here:
02:07:11DerPapst_thank you
02:10:56KingsqueakI've got a pre-Christmas daily for the 5G, any gotchas with the latest dailies?
02:11:52ctaylorrKingsqueak: you'll probably have to save your settings.
02:12:09KingsqueakI don't care about that much, I'll just poke around again
02:12:31ctaylorrKingsqueak: not sure about anything ipod specific.
02:12:49ctaylorrKingsqueak: (in that I don't own an ipod...)
02:12:52Kingsqueakk, cool, just curious if anything was glaringly broken
02:15:05 Quit funky ("leaving")
02:15:19Kingsqueakanyone own both an X5 and a video iPod? Just curious how they compare sound quality wise
02:17:22 Join BobJonkman [0] (
02:23:23DerPapst_can the 4.0.3 toolchain coexist with the 3.4.3 one? i want to use the 3.4.3 one as the "main" arm-elf-gcc.
02:24:21linuxstbYes, just compile them with different −−prefix options to the configure, and put the appropriate one in your PATH.
02:24:56linuxstbDoes loader2 not work with 4.0.x?
02:25:54DerPapst_never tried compiling loader 2 with 4.0.x but it works with 3.4.3 too. i'm not shure about compiling podzilla 2 and the 2.4.32 kernel
02:26:43linuxstbI thought the kernel needed 2.95
02:27:06linuxstbAnd podzilla an arm-uclinux-elf toolchain...
02:27:19DerPapst_the official one (2.4.24) but there is an experimental version.
02:27:44 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
02:27:50 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
02:28:31DerPapst_yes. podzilla uses an arm-uclinux-elf toolchain.
02:30:48DerPapst_so ./configure −−target=arm-elf −−prefix=/home/name/arm would do the trick?
02:31:28Febs_I'm really tempted to lock this thread:
02:32:58ctaylorrwow...I'm not the best typist, but making a video instead of just typing it out?
02:33:13DerPapst_^^ thats funny
02:33:29*DerPapst_ downloads the vid right now.
02:35:00Febs_I can't even download the video.
02:35:13 Nick Febs_ is now known as Febs (
02:35:39linuxstbOoh, a .mpg....
02:36:31DerPapst_heh.. error -1 ^^
02:36:58 Join webguest95 [0] (i=40e62d34@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:37:26DerPapst_and he can't load appleos and i bet he don't know the disk mode keycombo ;)
02:37:57 Quit webguest95 (Client Quit)
02:38:16FebsI gave him the section of the manual that explains disk mode.
02:38:34linuxstbAnd he used the old bootloader, so not the official instructions...
02:38:39 Join webguest99 [0] (i=4630aa71@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:39:10DerPapst_linuxstb: but then the toolchain isn't in my PATH. If i do export PATH=/home/name/arm/bin:$PATH will it conflict with the 3.4.3 one? sorry for asking a lot questions...
02:39:42linuxstbDerPapst_: You should only have one in your path at a time.
02:39:57DerPapst_Febs: i'm sure he hasn't read them.
02:40:05DerPapst_linuxstb: ok
02:40:14 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:40:21 Join Hsystem [0] (i=40d5f26b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:40:48FebsHehe. I think that half of the IRC channel is now viewing that thread.
02:41:04 Join Strath [0] (
02:41:51linuxstbWe're all bored... Time for bed for me.
02:42:24webguest99hey can somebody tell me how to put rockbox onto my ipod video please?
02:42:37webguest99ivr tryed but just cant seem to get it to work
02:42:40DerPapst_linuxstb: good night and thanks for helping me that often :)
02:42:57FebsDid you follow the instructions that linuxstb took the time to write and I took the time to put into the manual?
02:43:11DerPapst_webguest99: 5G or 5.5G 80GB?
02:43:34Hsystemthere is also a 5.5 30gb ...
02:43:47DerPapst_i know but rb works on it
02:43:56midkaybut you didn't leave it as an option. :)
02:44:15Soapyea, so 5.5 vs 5 is really not the question any more. The question of the day is 30/60/80 GB.
02:44:38Febswebguest99: explain what you've done so far.
02:46:39HsystemHey guys, what about the mAh of the ipod 5.5g 30gb which is 400 mAh, im trying to get the correct battery capacity on rockbox for my battery. Should i leave it with the default 1300 mAh?
02:47:45 Quit webguest99 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:48:16 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:48:23DerPapst_if the 4.0.3 toolchain isn't in my path can i use something like "make CC=/path/to/4.0.3_toolchain ?
02:49:16tsuyoshiyou need more than just CC
02:49:58DerPapst_ah... what elso do i have to use?
02:49:58ctaylorrDerPapst_: Can't you just alter the Makefile. It's generated anyway.
02:51:35DerPapst_yeah. i can do that to. so i have to use LD = /path/to/ld too i guess (either in the makefile or in the make command)
02:53:46HsystemHey guys, what about the mAh of the ipod 5.5g 30gb which is 400 mAh, im trying to get the correct battery capacity on rockbox for my battery., but all the mAh on rockbox are higher than 1000. Should i leave the default 1300 mAh?
02:54:07DerPapst_i would say yes. i have no idea about it.
02:54:20ctaylorrDerPapst_: hmm...actually looking at a generated Makefile, it looks like tools are grabbed from the PATH. Consider just putting the toolchain you want to use early on in the PATH.
02:54:24 Join lukaswayne9 [0] (
02:55:00ctaylorrHsystem: you should leave it where it is, unless you know that your using a non-standard battery.
02:55:17LloreanHsystem: It doesn't really matter, as right now Rockbox can't estimate remaining playback time for iPods yet anyway
02:55:25Lloreanctaylorr: It's only used to estimate "time remaining"
02:55:31ctaylorrLlorean: ah
02:56:07DerPapst_ctaylorr: i want to use two different ones. an arm-uclinux-elf toolchain (3.4.3) as the "main" one (which is in PATH currently) and the rockbox 4.0.3 one (which isn't in PATH).
02:56:43Hsystemok, thanks a lot for yoru answer.
02:56:47NimdaeLlorean: i did a full burn on boost and noboost using fire plugin
02:57:07ctaylorrDerPapst_: so you want to use two instances of, say, a cross-compiler? Sounds strange. Do you know which tools from which you want to pick up?
02:57:21Nimdaenoboost only lasted 30 minutes longer, but that's in a scale of 2 hours and 45 minutes to 2 hours and 15 minutes
02:57:48ctaylorrDerPapst_: If you do, you could put both into the PATH, and prune the first of what you want to pick up from the second. Not sure what you're trying to do though.
02:57:52Nimdaethat's a burn from 90% to 10%
02:58:38Nimdaei want to do an idle cpu test next
02:59:11DerPapst_ctaylorr: i use the 3.4.3 one for compiling parts of the iPodLinux project. and i need it more often than the 4.0.3 one
02:59:40HsystemLlorean, this morning i opened a new post in the forum (section: iPOD installation/uninstallation), about the same issue, can you close it? I tried to remove it, but i don't have the sufficient privileges.
02:59:43 Quit phrozen77 ("Some people say that I must be a horrible person, but that's not true. I have the heart of a young boy... in a jar... on my d)
02:59:45ctaylorrDerPapst_: you *could* just add 4.0.3 to the path when you do rockbox builds.
02:59:57ctaylorrDerPapst_: PATH=...:$PATH make
03:00:06Nimdaethen i want to do a hack on the codec thread to not unboost and see if there really is a battery savings to constantly change the cpu speed
03:00:14ctaylorrDerPapst_: (just don't forget one time)
03:00:36DerPapst_but i think that both toolchains will conflict.
03:01:40ctaylorrDerPapst_: well, the build will only use the first of each tool it finds. If it were to slip through and use the second toolchain in the path, then it wouldn't have worked anyway, if you follow.
03:01:45ctaylorrDerPapst_: It's at least worth a try.
03:02:24DerPapst_so you think that "PATH=/home/name/arm/bin:$PATH make" will do the trick?
03:02:40ctaylorrDerPapst_: Yep.
03:02:57DerPapst_no && in the command?
03:03:05 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
03:03:21ctaylorrDerPapst_: nope. the way you've typed it, it will only modify the environment for `make' <−− this is what you want.
03:03:39DerPapst_ok :) thanks. i'll try it.
03:04:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:04:49ctaylorrLlorean: you still around?
03:05:19Lloreanctaylorr: Only vaguely
03:06:06LloreanNimdae: That's about a 20% difference, so there will be a saving boosted vs unboosted, but not very much.
03:06:19LloreanHsystem: Can you link me to the thread?
03:06:35Nimdaewell, that's also a synthetic benchmark
03:06:39Nimdaei mean
03:07:28Nimdaethat's why i want to test the differences while idle, and also real performance
03:07:39ctaylorrLlorean: good enough. regarding Play Next. In the forums you also suggested ``Play Last''. I'm wondering if Play Next took the right approach. From a ui standpoint, there is only a single menu change, but behind the scenes, Play Next required similar changes in various places. I'm wondering if allowing a user to Clear + Queue Current, or Queue All would be a better approach.
03:07:52 Join Red [0] (i=cfe6c00e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:08:22ctaylorrLlorean: I noticed mention of code size in various discussions, and would rather not add more to the codebase than is necessary.
03:08:22 Quit Red (Client Quit)
03:08:51LloreanNimdae: Yeah, but that synthetic test is basically a "best case scenario" isn't it? Suggesting that's about the most we can hope to gain in real-world from that.
03:08:52 Join Red [0] (i=cfe6c00e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:09:40Nimdaewell, it's just not real world...real world results could show a smaller gap, or possibly a much larger one
03:09:47Lloreanctaylorr: What do you mean by "clear + queue current" and "queue all"? I'm not sure what you expect to happen in regard to those
03:10:37LloreanNimdae: I expect the gap to be smaller, all things considered, but that's just my guess.
03:10:43HsystemWhat programming languages do you guys use for Rockbox?
03:10:58*DerPapst_ was to slow
03:10:59LloreanHsystem: Thread removed.
03:11:24Nimdaei'm just curious if there is a real benefit to unboosting during playback, particularly when we start getting the coprocessor working on the ipod
03:11:39Nimdaealso, my results are based on the ipod, it could be widely different on another device
03:11:58ctaylorrLlorean: Play Next currently clears the playlist, sets the current song to ``queued'', and inserts whatever was selected in the file browser (or database). I'm pretty sure it would require less code to, instead just have an option to clear the playlist and set the current song to queued.
03:12:26ctaylorrLlorean: The user could then turn around and insert something after the current song.
03:13:07Lloreanctaylorr: The only additional function that allows though, is "Stop after current song."
03:13:47LloreanAre you concerned about the code complexity, or the functionality?
03:14:40ctaylorrLlorean: I'm more concerned (not sure if it's justified) about code size. Doing both steps in one operation requires changes to the menu handler for (1) file browner (2) tagcache `trees' (3) playlists.
03:15:18LloreanFebs: I just deleted a post on that thread you were considering locking that contained a good deal of profanity. If he acts up at all, you have my express permission to ban him for any period you feel like.
03:15:42Lloreanctaylorr: In that case, you should probably be contacting the person who implemented the changes.
03:16:36ctaylorrLlorean: I submitted the patch. Wondering if doing `Play Last' in a way similar to `Play Next' would be acceptable.
03:16:49 Quit Criamos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:18:17 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
03:18:23 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
03:18:59HsystemGuys this morning i found an error in the ipod video uninstallation section that could be very confusing for some people. ipodpatcher -w N bootpartition.bin, should be ipodpatcher N -w bootpartition.bin
03:20:09 Join Criamos [0] (
03:21:20 Quit Red ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:21:37Lloreanctaylorr: I think you may have the right idea, dropping "Play Next" for a "Clear Playlist" which empties everything but the current song, and sets if for queued
03:21:54LloreanIt's a much more logical way of doing it, from a user perspective too, because "Play Next" is still a confusing term
03:22:40ctaylorrLlorean: agreed. Neither `Replace' nor `Play Next' really describe what is happening. It would take more than one line on the screen to properly explain.
03:23:43ctaylorrLlorean: It is, nontheless, convenient, though (deciding that ``I want to replace everything in the playlist'' in the file browser).
03:25:17Lloreanctaylorr: I think "Clear playlist" works best, since people always ask "How do I clear the playlist?" anyway, not knowing that it's empty while playback is stopped.
03:25:50LloreanIt allows both "Stop after current song ends" style functionality and "Play next" functionality relatively easily.
03:26:43ctaylorrLlorean: point. I'll work on this.
03:27:58DerPapst_Febs: just lock this topic...
03:27:59ctaylorrLlorean: Also, how is documentation updated. I asked a while ago, but is it up to whoever adds a menu item to update the manual, or is this done by one person (or a team) to ensure consistency?
03:29:17Lloreanctaylorr: A little of each. We *really* like it when someone submitting a new feature also includes a patch for the manual as well, but if not there are a few key people who handle a lot of the manual work and there's decent odds they'll get around to documenting it.
03:29:38HsystemWhat about the mpg player ? I read this morning a post that says that it will include audio in the next daily build ?? or something like that? is that true?
03:29:38LloreanIdeally the author of the feature offers what they think is appropriate and one of our manual guys will tweak it if they feel it needs to be changed.
03:29:45FebsDerPapst_: Locked.
03:29:59LloreanHsystem: Yes, but it's still not fully functional. Audio works, but it's very limited still
03:30:06ctaylorrLlorean: makes sense. Thanks for the info.
03:30:26DerPapst_Hsystem: it's in cvs already. Febs: :)
03:31:15Hsystemah ok sorry.
03:31:29Febsctaylorr: With respect to the manual, it's useful if you could put a description of the new feature/function somewhere (wiki, forums, patch tracker). I personally prefer if people open a tracker item for manual updates under the category "manual."
03:31:30ctaylorrFebs: But.... it was a huge problem. :)
03:31:51DerPapst_if he isn't able to read....
03:32:38ctaylorrFebs: Agreed. I opened an earlier patch as a bug accidentally. I'm getting there.
03:32:50SoapLlorean: you read full IRC logs?
03:33:10puetzkSoap, well, it's mentioned on the frontpage now
03:33:12LloreanSoap: Sometimes, but usually only when someone points me at them or I'm waiting to hear about something.
03:33:12Hsystemdaily build have more new features thant cvs builds? right ? or im wrong?
03:33:49LloreanHsystem: CVS builds are newers.
03:34:01ctaylorrHsystem: per build : probably. CVS builds are built after each change is committed.
03:34:06LloreanHsystem: Daily Builds are just archived CVS builds. They're always equal or older.
03:35:00SoapLlorean: I was just going to mention, as I think you were out of the room, that I believe that the reason the "wiki" encodes of ED were performing 10% better than anything else I could create with reasonable settings is because they were all VBR, and I was only comparing bitrates over a limited period of time. (My encodes all being CBR)
03:35:26Hsystemso, then Daily builds are more stable?
03:35:32ctaylorrHsystem: no
03:36:00ctaylorrHsystem: They're just one of the day's cvs builds.
03:36:03LloreanSoap: Ah, makes sense.
03:36:10LloreanHsystem: They're just an archive, really
03:36:13Soap(I'll have final proof of that theory here in about 30 mins) −−Sad news is I have been unable to find any encoding options to gain (or lose) more than 4%,
03:36:17puetzkHsystem, maybe a little. Mostly it's just a matter of pruning down the number of builds that get archived
03:36:27puetzkOr so I would assume
03:36:59DerPapst_Hsystem if someone submits somthing buggy e.g 11:59pm and fixes it 0:01 am the daily build is buggy and the cvs build is not.
03:37:11Lloreanpuetzk: There's actually a decent chance of them being less stable, just because if a major bug hits before a daily build you're stuck with it for 24 hours. If a major bug hits CVS builds, it's usually fixed or reverted fairly quickly, so odds are low you'll get a CVS build with a big bug
03:38:15Hsystemahh damn... then i will install again a new cvs build lol
03:38:49puetzkgood point
03:39:22DerPapst_time to sleep. good night @ all :)
03:39:42 Part DerPapst_
03:39:46Hsystemthe last cvs i installed, seems to freeze sometimes, so that's why i change.
03:40:19ctaylorrHsystem: if it ain't broke, then you may not want to fix it, unless there's a feature/fix you're looking for.
03:40:34ctaylorrHsystem: <pretty horrible summary>
03:43:35 Join aarond [0] (
03:43:44aarondhow goes it peoples?
03:45:08 Join hcs [0] (n=hcs@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
03:46:26Mouser_XHwody HCS.
03:46:34hcshwody youself
03:46:59aarondanyone using rockbox on a Nano?
03:47:12aarondfirst Gen 2GB nano
03:48:01aarondI used it for a while but then I updated my ipod firmware
03:48:05bagawkaarond: if you have a question, just ask
03:48:15aarondthought I would give rockbox a break
03:49:07aarondI was going to give it longer but I was thinking of trying to install rockbox again but wanted to know if it would be worth it
03:49:24aarondIm not sure I'll be able to do it anyway :)
03:49:26scorcheit is 2 commands...
03:49:51aarondI dont have access to a windows machine but I might be able to do it in VPC
03:50:22Lloreanaarond: The installation isn't windows-only...
03:50:34puetzkand you can easily dual-boot it with the original firmware anyway
03:50:46puetzkyeah, just did an iPod video for my dad in linux a few nights back
03:51:10Hsystemaarond: There are installation instruction for Windows/Linux/Mac
03:51:12puetzk(FWIW, the killer feature that caused him to ask me to was frozen-bubble :-)
03:51:52aarondoh cool, when I was using it before it was windows only install for the nano but I could update it in os x
03:52:10SoapIf only there were OS/2 instructions!
03:52:14scorcheit never was windows only...
03:52:36puetzkthis may or may not reflect rockbox's actual strengths :-)
03:53:56 Quit Soaa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:55:08aarondthats strange because I remember instructions saying it was
03:55:12Lloreanaarond: There has never been a time that the official instructions were windows only.
03:55:52LloreanThe instructions may have said something like "These instructions are only for installing from Windows" but they also went on to have links to the OSX and Linux install guides
03:57:39 Quit BobJonkman (Remote closed the connection)
03:59:38aarondmaybe I'll give it a try just for flac support again
04:01:53 Quit ctaylorr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:01:54aarondbattery life seemed to suck despite what some thought
04:04:04LloreanSome who?
04:04:18LloreanWe've pretty much never denied that Rockbox currently gets about half the battery life of the retail firmware
04:05:58aarondwow its that bad?
04:06:17aarondwhen I used to hang out here, no one said that :)
04:06:35LloreanWell, it's somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3
04:07:06Mouser_XWell, technically, if they never said anything one way or the other, it's not denying it.
04:07:24Mouser_XI mean, it's not like they lied about battery life.
04:07:33 Quit barrywardell ()
04:07:57LloreanMouser_X: Well, if he had asked any developer, they'd have spoken the truth.
04:08:14HsystemI read that rockbox took longer to charge thru USB than the original firmware, is that right or im wrong?
04:08:19LloreanNot to mention, we have the battery benchmark webpage rather publicly showing how battery life is in Rockbox.
04:08:24aarondI guess having it around just for Flac should be alright
04:08:30LloreanHsystem: If you charge inside Rockbox, yes.
04:08:36aarondI never looked at that
04:09:22Mouser_XLlorean: I didn't mean to imply otherwise. I was just saying that silence is, to some extent, neutrality. Yes, I would hope that if asked, people would be upfront about it.
04:09:26aarondI kept charging under regular firmware even when charging worked under rockbox
04:09:46LloreanMouser_X: We are, which is why the battery bench page is there.
04:10:10Hsystemthat means that if i charge my ipod and disk mode is on, it will charge == like the original firmware.
04:10:22Mouser_XMind giving me a link? I found it once, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find it again...
04:10:34LloreanMouser_X: The thing is, battery life in Rockbox on other players is in some cases a good deal better than the original firmware, so it's possible he was talking with someone who didn't know iPods were different, or didn't realize he was asking about iPods.
04:10:38LloreanHsystem: Yes.
04:11:35Mouser_XThanks. And, good point.
04:13:39HsystemI assume that, the more complicated theme you use on rockbox, the more battery it will consume ? right?
04:15:24Hsystemor is the same if you use a simple theme (let say, the default). ?
04:20:34Hsystemam ?
04:20:34tehsmohmm, anyone know if there's still a way to sync convert from iTunes (or gnupod) DB to rockbox's DB?
04:20:48hcsyep, got linux?
04:21:44tehsmoI remember reading about a script for this, but couldn't find it on google
04:22:56hcsthat's outdated, unfortunately, as it has been renamed Database
04:23:14hcsyou just need to rename the files it produces,
04:23:33 Quit puetzk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:23:57tehsmoor I might just edit the source, should be an easy fix then
04:26:24 Join _0mk4r_ [0] (n=omkar@
04:29:32_0mk4r_hi can i use rockbox with my iAUDIO G3?
04:36:04 Join debauched_sloth [0] (
04:37:58 Join topbloke [0] (
04:38:22aaronddo I need to format my nano though?
04:38:36aarondI thought I did
04:38:54 Quit _0mk4r_ ("Leaving")
04:39:12HsystemThe ipod is fully charged with the rockbox when the battery symbol stop blinking?
04:39:45Lloreanaarond: If it's a Mac iPod using HFS+ you need to format it to Fat32 as part of the install process. If it's already a Fat32 iPod, you've never had to format it as part of the install
04:42:24 Quit Hsystem ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:42:45 Join puetzk [0] (
04:43:03 Join Hsystem [0] (i=40d5f26b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:43:21 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
04:43:28 Join Seed [0] (
04:45:17HsystemIcons meaning section in the rockbox ipod video manual ? There is a file format section ...
04:46:10aaronddamn my formating options suck
04:47:32 Join Gon2 [0] (
04:50:04aarondms dos file system or unix file system
04:53:38 Join PaulPosition [0] (
04:56:08 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
04:57:11PaulPositionAnyone knows why the iRiver H10 could record all right (ie, not great because lack of settings), but scrollpad and battery-readings are jittery like hell.. Is it using two different ADCs?
05:00:44 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
05:00:58 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
05:01:00 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
05:02:46HsystemOk, i got a question... how do i know when my ipod is fully charged, using rockbox firmware ... When it stop filling the bar?
05:04:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:05:14puetzkright. Or you can make it display 0-100 if you like numbers
05:05:51Hsystemok, how? i preffered numbers ...
05:06:18Hsystemin display−−>status/scrolling ?
05:06:19puetzkGeneral Settings > Display > Status-/Scrollbar
05:06:33Hsystemum ok, but that will also work when charging?
05:07:05Hsystemsince it turn off, and boot again into the do not disconnet logo screen.
05:07:07puetzkdoes on my iaudio (if it's running while charging)
05:07:23puetzkiPod might do it differently
05:07:26LloreanHsystem: That screen is not a Rockbox screen, and we have no control over it.
05:08:00Hsystemok, thats the ipod firmware screen, it looks a little different, also the icons are different...
05:08:17Hsystemthat's why im asking...
05:08:32LloreanWhat exactly are you asking?
05:08:39LloreanYou seem to know it's an iPod firmware screen.
05:08:57HsystemOk, i got a question... how do i know when my ipod is fully charged, using rockbox firmware ... When it stop filling the bar?
05:09:04Hsystemthat is what im asking.
05:09:10LloreanYou aren't using the Rockbox firmware though
05:09:18LloreanYou already said, you're in the iPod firmware's disk mode.
05:09:39 Quit gromit` ("Coyote finally caught me")
05:09:43Hsystemok i know, but when i connect
05:10:08LloreanThat wasn't a complete sentence, so I have no idea what you're trying to say with it.
05:10:10Hsystemthe usb cable for charging my ipod with the rockbox loaded
05:10:37LloreanWhen you're in Rockbox, and put in a USB cable, it goes to the apple disk mode.
05:10:40Hsystemthe screen that it displays , that says : Do not disconnect is different...
05:10:52tehsmoyes, that's teh apple disk mode
05:10:53LloreanYou already said "thats the ipod firmware screen" so you told me you noticed that it's the apple disk mode.
05:11:02tehsmoyou can hold menu, if you want, to stay in the rockbox firmware
05:11:10tehsmo(while you cannot the usb cable)
05:11:22tehsmobut then you can't transfer over USB if you want to, you can just charge the battery
05:11:51Hsystemyeahh ok.... but you are not understanding. The icons that present both firmware are different when charging even if it change to the apple firmware when charging....
05:12:28LloreanYes, because it's the actual Disk Mode, and not just a connection screen.
05:12:45LloreanIt's still an Apple screen, and not part of our software.
05:13:10puetzkbut it's the same one you would have seen before if you plugged in your iPod when it was turned off
05:14:59Hsystemwell , when i connect my ipod (when using it firmware), the screen that present when working on disk mode is colored. On the contrary, when im using rockbox firmware, when i connct it to charge, the screen appear black and white. And the icon that state the charging state is different...
05:15:15Llorean\I already explained that to you
05:15:25LloreanThe first one is the "connection screen in the iPod firmware" and the second one is "Disk Mode"
05:15:43LloreanDisk Mode is still part of the iPod firmware though, it is NOT a part of Rockbox.
05:15:59Hsystemok... then my ipod is fully charged when that weird icon stop filling ...
05:16:12Hsystemthat is what i want to know...
05:16:25LloreanProbably. That seems very logical
05:17:12Hsystemyeah but when using the ipod firmware connection screen ... the icon that means that my ipod is fully charged on disk mode, means on the ipod firmware connection screen that it still charging ...
05:17:13LloreanI know mine's always charged when it stops showing the charging animation.
05:17:34 Join THB [0] (
05:17:43LloreanHsystem: If you are unhappy with the icons Apple chose to use, complaint TO APPLE. It is NOT OUR SCREEN.
05:17:51 Quit tychver ("Leaving")
05:17:52Hsystemoh ok thanks .
05:18:11Hsystemjeje , im not unhappy ...
05:19:37Hsystemi was explaining the situation, not saying that im unhappy lol... if you notice my english is not that perfect ...
05:20:45aarondI formated as dos file system, hope it works
05:21:32LloreanHsystem: Well, then why do you keep repeatedly telling us the same thing. Yes the icons are different. But why does it matter? It's not our screen. We cannot change it. It's their screen. If you don't understand what it's showing, ask them. This is #Rockbox and is not for help with non-Rockbox things.
05:22:04Lloreanaarond: Do you even pay attention to what people say to you? I explained you only need to format if it's HFS+, in which case you need to convert it to Fat32.
05:22:11Lloreanaarond: Which, actually, is not as simple as just formatting it.
05:22:23aarondit was in HFS+
05:22:41LloreanI said it needed to be formatted specifically "as part of the install process"
05:22:44 Join bobby [0] (i=cbad09ba@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
05:22:50LloreanHave you read the install process to see how to properly do the format?
05:22:55aarondI know but like I said earlier, my options were only DOS or Unix file system
05:23:10LloreanHave you read the install process to see how to properly do the format?
05:23:32aarondthe one Im reading just starts with installing
05:23:39LloreanWhich one are you reading?
05:24:06bobbyhow do i install ipod linux with rockbox on 5.5g??/ im confused please help
05:24:12aarondoh wait there it is :)
05:24:24puetzkbobby, ipodlinux is not the same as rockbox. Which are you trying to use?
05:24:38Lloreanbobby: This is #Rockbox, and not the right place to ask for help with iPod Linux
05:24:42 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
05:27:13bobbyi know llorean but there no ther place to ask
05:27:34bobbypuetzk, im trying to use ipod linux
05:27:38Lloreanbobby: There are other places to ask. And even if there aren't other places to ask, that doesn't mean that you should ask here.
05:27:55puetzkbobby, there's a #ipodlinux on freenode too...
05:28:06bobbybut people on here know how to do it
05:28:26bobbyo you have the link to the ipod linux freenode?
05:28:50Lloreanbobby: Whether people here know or don't know, it's #Rockbox, and it's for Rockbox discussion.
05:29:02LloreanPeople here also know how to fix automobiles, but users shouldn't come in asking about that either.
05:29:08puetzkit's the channel #ipodlinux, on the same server you're currently on
05:29:20bobbyhow do i change channels
05:29:23Lloreanpuetzk: He's using the webclient, he can't just get to other channels
05:29:34Lloreanbobby: You have to use a real IRC client, not the one from our webpage. It's only for #Rockbox
05:29:53HsystemBobby take a look here:
05:29:53bobbyohhk so how would i use the real IRC?
05:30:31puetzkLots of client programs, I like xchat but pretty much any choice works
05:30:39Hsystemthere you will found the irc address.
05:30:59bobbyohk and how would i change the channel do i input an adress?
05:31:25Lloreanbobby: Depends on which program you use. I suggest checking the documentation for whichever IRC client you choose to download.
05:31:53bobbyim using xchat
05:32:12Hsystemit explain there how.bobby enter here ...
05:32:29bobbyrong link
05:32:42bobbythe webpage cannot be found
05:33:18Lloreanbobby: Just google XChat. Again, this is for Rockbox problems, not teaching you how to use IRC.
05:33:31bobby have xchat
05:33:53LloreanAnd what?
05:33:57LloreanThen read XChat's help.
05:34:03bobbyi have it already
05:34:18bobbybut dont i need a link for ipls channel ?
05:34:27LloreanThe channel is #ipodlinux
05:34:31puetzkbobby, pick freenode from the network list when it launches (and put in a nickname), then goto server:join channel and type #ipodlinux
05:34:53Lloreanbobby: tells you the proper locations to ask for support. You'll notice #Rockbox is NOT one of them.
05:35:49bobbyi dont have freenode on my list
05:36:17bobbygot it
05:36:24THBhey guys
05:36:30HsystemLlorean: −−>There is no option to turn off database completely. If you do not want to use it just don’t do the initial build of the database and do not load it to RAM. ... And even if i reset all settings it will still running in the bacckground?
05:36:42THBanyway to have rockbox do the standard ipdo click wheel noise?
05:37:21LloreanHsystem: If you delete the database files, and do not initialize it, it will not be running.
05:37:25scorcheTHB: there is a pezio patch on the tracker
05:37:43Hsystemok gud.
05:38:42bobbyhey llorean i have a prob with rockbox
05:41:58bobbyhello???? somethings wrongwith my rockbox
05:42:27LloreanAsk the question, then.
05:42:28Hsystemwhat's wrong with your rockbox bobby...?
05:44:14 Quit bobby ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:45:27HsystemUsing heavy themes, cause rockbox to use more battery power ... ?
05:45:51LloreanThey can, yes.
05:46:35 Join cynicalliberal [0] (
05:46:40 Quit dantheman (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:48:59puetzkis there a way to make the tag database refresh modified files without fully reinitializing it?
05:49:10puetzkupdate seems to only get new/deleted, not changed
05:49:33puetzkdircache is on, if that matters
05:49:48LloreanThere's somewhat of an expectation that you won't really be editing music files.
05:50:01puetzkyeah, I'm fixing tags
05:50:11LloreanJust fix them all, then reinitialize once and be done with it.
05:50:40LloreanI mean, I suppose updating would be handy, but it's also extra code for a mostly unnecessary feature.
05:51:53puetzkit's not really harder than finding deleted ones; just has to see if the file still exists and compare mtime
05:52:02puetzkbut I guess it would mean you'd have to store the mtime for the record
05:52:07puetzkin any case, pretty specialized
05:52:25puetzkthis is just the 3rd time I've found a few more b0rked tracks, and initialzing takes long enough it's becoming annoying
05:53:05LloreanI didn't say it would be hard. I said it'd be extra code that's unnecessary.
05:53:13puetzkThey all have the same problem too, an empty id3v2 tag and a valid id3v1 one. I must have used a buggy version of lame at some point
05:53:16LloreanDatabase is already too big for Rombox builds, it needs to shrink, not grow.
05:53:37puetzkc'est la vie
05:56:15puetzkeverything new is ogg, which thankfully has less variation in tagging standards
05:58:03 Part debauched_sloth
05:58:05 Quit THB (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:00:17puetzkargh. one left
06:08:33 Quit PaulPosition ()
06:15:33tehsmohcs: itdb2tc appears not to work; rockbox says "Database is not ready" when I try to browse
06:17:42OverandHey- was there a recent change (past ~5 days) in i18n support? I was having trouble with 'foreign' named files not working (at least when they showed up in the playlist), but in a recent nightly it seems to be working.
06:18:03Overand(Not that I'm complaining about something being fixed, I'm just curious)
06:19:25 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:23:18 Join JasonYu [0] (i=9a1481ba@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:23:26 Part Hsystem
06:25:30 Part puetzk ("Leaving")
06:25:35 Quit JasonYu (Client Quit)
06:25:36 Join puetzk [0] (
06:30:06 Part Llorean
06:33:44 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:33:44 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:34:13 Quit ASiDiE (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
06:35:57aarondipodConversionToFAT32 manual instructions arent making much sense
06:44:56 Quit topbloke ("bye")
06:47:50bagawkaarond: do you not have a windows machine around, it would make that _much_ easier
07:04:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:10:05 Join Terinjokes [0] (
07:13:39 Nick myzar is now known as myzar|away (n=myzar@
07:20:28Ajaxinchow long does video work for you guys
07:20:37Ajaxinconly works like 3 minutes for me out of a 12 minute video
07:20:41puetzkdepends on how much ram you have.
07:20:41Ajaxincfirst sound shuts off
07:20:48puetzkit doesn't do any buffer refilling yet
07:20:50Ajaxincthen a few seconds later it dies
07:21:01puetzkso when it runs out of data, it stops
07:21:55Ajaxincisnt rebuffering things an esy script?
07:23:19puetzkit didn't play .mpg at all until today. I would assume it's just not finished.
07:23:51Ajaxincmy gigabeat is pkaying .mpg's
07:23:57Ajaxincsorry for the spelling
07:23:58puetzkright. As of today
07:24:02Ajaxinca littel drunk
07:24:48aarondyeah I think I might just try to do it on my friends computer bagawk
07:26:40Terinjokesglad to see that rockbox has video playback :D
07:28:44aarondon video models right?
07:29:10*puetzk is indefferent, but that's just because the x5 doesn't really have enough screen for it anyway
07:29:32puetzkor I'm too picky
07:32:52 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
07:32:56 Join Juice^ [0] (n=juice@
07:33:36TerinjokesI think the nano plays videos....
07:33:44puetzkaarond, the previous video plugin (which could only do m2v, and no audio) worked on the iPod color/photo/nano
07:33:58puetzknot as much screen resolution as the video of course
07:34:15puetzkand less CPU, so the framerate wasn't as good
07:34:26puetzk(I have neither, so this is not firsthand)
07:34:51puetzkbut I think it was supposedly at least useable
07:35:09puetzkand the mpg one isn't likely to be drastically worse, audio isn't too huge an addition to the CPU load
07:35:42Lloreanpuetzk: I get 30fps playing MPEG-2 on my Nano.
07:35:50LloreanThere's no much point in having video above that.
07:35:53puetzkLlorean, I defer to someone who has one then :-)
07:36:16puetzkI suppose the lower resolution probably helps at least as much as any other factor hurts
07:36:21Lloreanpuetzk: The iPods have two cores, so adding audio was actually NO additional load, because it's not being handled on the same core for iPods. :)
07:37:48TerinjokesLlorean, was that patch added to CVS?
07:38:10LloreanTerinjokes: No, the CVS version doesn't use both cores yet, because CVS rockbox doesn't have dual core support yet.
07:38:14puetzkLlorean, it's already doing that? I knew it was sort-of the plan but didn't think it was done that way in this first cut
07:38:14*preglow is back
07:38:41Lloreanpuetzk: The plugin actually is ready to support it, but the dual-core support in the main Rockbox isn't in yet, so the plugin can't do it, and runs on the same core instead.
07:38:47LloreanYou get 9-14 fps on Nano the way it is now.
07:38:53LloreanOr I get that, at least
07:39:07TerinjokesLlorean... you know I've very mad at my computer....
07:41:08 Part tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
07:45:40juxtapwhat does Αποχώρησε mean
07:47:11 Join decayedcell [0] (i=3ba7455c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:47:59puetzkBabelfish suggests "It withdrew", so I'm going to guess ejected?
07:48:05 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:50:14 Join Soader03 [0] (
07:50:40 Part Soader03
07:56:40 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:57:12 Join decayedcell [0] (i=3ba7455c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:04:13 Join combrains [0] (
08:05:15 Join Rondom [0] (
08:09:43 Part Terinjokes
08:40:03 Join Hsystem [0] (i=40d5f26b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:40:16hcstehsmo: still around? sure the files are named right? I suppose it is possible that the db format has changed...
08:40:59 Join einhirn [0] (
08:40:59 Quit einhirn (Client Quit)
08:42:02 Quit Hsystem (Client Quit)
08:42:47 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
08:52:21Ajaxincany hope for nes emulator for gigabeat
08:52:40hcswe've got an nsf player...
08:52:49hcsnes music
08:52:59Ajaxincnot quite the same thing
08:53:12Ajaxincbut not quite
08:53:15hcsas it is all I want from my video games, close enough
08:53:15LloreanAjaxinc: There's hope if one of the people interested in it actually does it.
08:53:29Ajaxincwhat would it take
08:53:36Ajaxincsome C doce
08:53:53Ajaxincsome porting of a nes emulator
08:54:06Ajaxincis it possible for snes?
08:54:29hcson the gigabeat I cannot imagine what is possible
08:54:45decayedcellits more advanced than the rest?
08:54:56LloreanIt's got a faster core.
08:57:10 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
08:58:59 Join Rob2222 [0] (
09:00:35decayedcellhmm bugger
09:00:48decayedcellkernel_on_cop_6 patch
09:00:59LloreanWhat about it?
09:01:02decayedcellwhen i try to play an mpg it just freezes my ipod
09:01:06decayedcellstarts buffering
09:01:12decayedcellscreen then goes black
09:02:46LloreanAnd you're playing .mpg files that worked with an unpatched build?
09:03:09decayedcellplayed the same mpg yesterday
09:03:12decayedcellon 20070101 source
09:04:15LloreanIs your bootloader the new or the old one?
09:04:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:05:08decayedcelli think its the old one
09:05:17decayedcellits from the 26th or so
09:05:33LloreanBlack background and white text, or the other way around?
09:05:46decayedcellblack background
09:05:53decayedcelli think
09:05:54LloreanNew, then
09:06:15LloreanIf it's definitely black
09:06:32LloreanIf you play audio, does it show the threads being on core (1) in the debug menu?
09:06:32decayedcellyeah its black
09:06:39 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:06:57decayedcelllemme see
09:07:47decayedcellits updating the ID3 database atm
09:13:22decayedcellgah wheres the debug menu gone
09:14:01decayedcellview audio thread?
09:14:49LloreanOS Stacks if I recall
09:14:53hcsos stacks
09:15:11decayedcellsays (1) audio
09:15:17decayedcellnow its turn off agn
09:15:20decayedcellblack screen
09:15:44LloreanWait, you mean, no backlight?
09:15:53decayedcelllemme just check agn
09:15:58decayedcellwell in the debug menu
09:16:02decayedcellafter i pressed os stack
09:16:12decayedcellit hard rebooted itself
09:16:53decayedcellaudio is on 0
09:16:58decayedcellmain and codec are on 1
09:17:16decayedcellwell theres two main
09:17:20LloreanIf it hard rebooted yourself, something else is going wrong.
09:17:57decayedcellits not rebooting now
09:18:08decayedcellbut im positive it did it by itself in the os stacks screen
09:19:10decayedcellthat was after i was viewing the audio thread
09:19:39LloreanWhich type of iPod, by the way?
09:19:42decayedcellmight have just been my clumsy fingers
09:19:47decayedcell5.5g video 30gb
09:21:06decayedcellmm no it musta been me accidentally hitting the centre button and menu
09:25:07decayedcellperhaps it has something to do with the brightness patch
09:25:21decayedcellthe backlight might have turned off after buffering?
09:25:42LloreanThe backlight stays on in the plugin.
09:25:57LloreanAre you sure the battery didn't die while buffering?
09:26:19decayedcellhmm i'll plug it into my comp and try again
09:26:30LloreanGive it time to build up some charge.
09:28:01 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
09:28:22decayedcellits unusual though battery is nearly full
09:29:23LloreanI dunno then
09:29:39LloreanBut the backlight going out is a strange thing, plus yours rebooting randomly in the OS Stacks screen.
09:29:53LloreanIt's pretty unlikely that you'd have held down Menu+Select for long enough to hard reboot
09:32:32decayedcellbut a few seconds earlier i was in the audio thread screen
09:32:45decayedcellforgot that to go back was to press <<
09:32:55decayedcelli would have held the menu+select for a few seconds
09:33:33LloreanWhy would you hold them both?
09:33:38LloreanPlus, restarting happens immediately
09:33:43decayedcellyeah i know
09:34:22decayedcellbut i went into os stacks and after a few seconds it rebooted =/
09:34:54decayedcelli didn't know how to get out of the audio thread screen so i was going to reboot it
09:34:56LloreanIf you weren't pressing menu+select at the time, the reboot was definitely caused by something else.
09:35:05decayedcellyeah i wasn't
09:35:17decayedcellbut i tried playing the same song
09:35:22decayedcellgoing into audio thread
09:35:24decayedcellthen into os stacks
09:35:28decayedcelland it was fine
09:35:36LloreanThere's no guarantee that something like that can be reproduced that easily
09:36:52 Join kubiix [0] (
09:39:32decayedcellok tried playing an mpg agn
09:39:42decayedcellit buffers with the backlight for a second or two
09:39:50decayedcellbut gets stuck with buffering
09:39:56decayedcellbacklight has gone off
09:40:07decayedcelllooks frozen
09:40:57 Quit hcs ()
09:41:28 Part Llorean
09:47:32 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:48:52 Join GEWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:49:54 Quit GodEater (Nick collision from services.)
09:50:11 Nick GEWeb is now known as GodEater (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:50:28 Join God_Eater [0] (
09:51:24 Join decayedcell [0] (i=3ba7455c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:51:26jhMikeSHappy new year and I hope everyone's holidays went well
09:53:10 Quit combrains (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:53:23 Join webguest58 [0] (i=29cc2e8e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:57:09jhMikeSpreglow: can a limiter be implemented to be fast and lightweight and work well? The purpose: pcm buffer mixdown without just cutting channel volume like with voice currently
10:00:53 Quit webguest58 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:06:34 Part nudelyn
10:08:20 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
10:08:26 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
10:10:22 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:11:59 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody (
10:12:11EverybodyI fixed rockbox by installing the dualboot loader :D
10:12:38 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
10:12:49Ajaxincwe should work at VIDEO!
10:13:35 Join bluebrother [0] (i=adMwxksR@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
10:14:11jhMikeSvideo...hmmm...I think provisions need to be made to use video like normal codecs in the playback system...after a plugin provides good sound a framerates of course then just transfer it over.
10:14:36Ajaxinci mean
10:14:46Ajaxinci can play video on my gigabeat and everythign with very good framrate
10:14:51Ajaxincand synced audio
10:14:57Ajaxincbut i jsut hate how it dosnt rebuffer
10:16:46jhMikeSwhen it was just video, on x5 it did rebuffer but I don't have the player back from service yet so I'm a bit behind. that and the holidays.
10:18:43 Join softi-42 [0] (
10:21:20 Quit softi_42 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:21:23jhMikeSwhen was sound added to it? mpegplayer I assume.
10:22:47jhMikeSAhh...I see, yesterday on the front page :)
10:24:31 Quit cynicalliberal (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:28:57jhMikeSI also see pcm_* functions are about to multiply but I want to remove the reset parameter to pcm_apply_settings before that happens. It should be automatic.
10:29:13 Join Mouser_X [0] (
10:29:35 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:37:09 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@rockbox/contributor/Genre9mp3)
10:40:24 Join yossa [0] (
10:43:21 Join jamie [0] (i=db5ad5f9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:43:29jamiei have a proble wid rockbox
10:43:32Genre9mp3linuxstb: I found another one in MR reporting the same thing (white noise)
10:44:04jamiei have a problem wid rockbox
10:44:28jamieplz help
10:44:45Genre9mp3jamie: wid? Sorry I'm not a native speaker, what wid means?
10:44:49GodEaterme waits for both proper english, and a description of the problem.
10:45:16jamieok i have a problem with rockbox can someone help?
10:45:23Genre9mp3jhMikeS: is your X5 ok?
10:45:41Genre9mp3jamie: go ahead and describe your problem
10:46:05*Genre9mp3 spots petur around as well :)
10:46:08jamieok well rockbox sucks cock how do i fix this problem?
10:46:15jamiedo i install linux....i think so
10:46:29Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
10:46:31Genre9mp3jamie: yeah... probably a good solution for you
10:46:32Kick(#Rockbox jamie :Bagder) by Bagder!n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder
10:46:34Genre9mp3bye bye
10:47:08 Join nls_web [0] (i=d9d1bcda@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:47:15Ajaxincjamie sucks
10:48:06*Ajaxinc spits on his grave
10:48:21nls_webany h10 owners around?
10:48:44jhMikeSGenre9mp3: Don't know yet. With the holidays it's probably gonna be a bit longer and I hope they take their time this time and get it right.
10:48:45 Join Drkepilogue [0] (i=456fc2e3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:49:02*Genre9mp3 wonders where all the H300 users have gone in MR
10:49:19Genre9mp3jhMikeS: have you re-send it to them?
10:51:03jhMikeSYeah, delivered to them on 12/28/05. At least they paid the shipping back.
10:52:08Genre9mp3I was just wondering if you have tried video playback. The white noise problem must be for coldfire targets I guess
10:52:44Drkepilogueare u talking about the mpegplayer plugin??
10:52:46jhMikeSSuppose I'll find out whenever it's sent back to me and I can actually connect it to a computer :P
10:53:22Genre9mp3what was the case before? I mean, after they have sent it back to you?
10:53:37Genre9mp3Drkepilogue: yes
10:54:00Drkepiloguehmmmm well for me, it cant even play back mpeg right...
10:54:08Drkepilogueand no sound what so ever
10:54:12jhMikeSLast time I had it there was of course no audio for mpegplayer but video ran but a bit slow
10:54:21Genre9mp3Drkepilogue: what player do you have?
10:54:52Genre9mp3Drkepilogue: with or without the coprocessor patch?
10:55:09jhMikeSgenre9mp3: or are you asking what problem I had that made me send it back? ??
10:55:17Drkepiloguei guess w/o cuz i dunno how to patch stuff >_>
10:55:37Genre9mp3jhMikeS: I was actually asking ab... yes
10:55:49Drkepiloguei just download the lastest CVS and tried it..
10:55:59linuxstbDrkepilogue: Have you tried the sample videos from ?
10:56:12Drkepilogueusing the elephant dream vid
10:56:20Drkepilogueweird color keep poping up
10:56:46jhMikeSGenre9mp3: it wouldn't connect via the USB port at all. kept coming up as some funny USB storage device and crashing everything. the joystick and other things I asked them to fix were still not fixed correctly either
10:57:15Genre9mp3jhMikeS: wooo.... nice service!
10:57:35Drkepilogueand BTW, when u click on the mpeg file on the ipod, it doesnt use the mpegplayer automaticly
10:57:36jhMikeScame back worse than it started...indeed
10:57:43Genre9mp3jhMikeS: I hope when they send it back to you again there won't be a third problem as well
10:57:50Drkepilogueu got to hold the select button and choose mpegplayer
10:58:17Genre9mp3Drkepilogue: sounds like you don't use latest cvs build
10:58:25linuxstbDrkepilogue: Then you didn't install the cvs build correctly.
10:58:33linuxstbIt sounds like it's still running the old version.
10:58:41Drkepiloguei just extract the thingy to the ipod..
10:58:50Genre9mp3define thingy
10:58:56GodEaterBagder: is the mailing list server up? I tried subscribing this morning (about an hour ago) but still haven't had a confirmation request ?
10:59:16amiconnlinuxstb: Could you convert the test video w/sound to another (missong) resolution - 160x128?
10:59:56GodEateramiconn: did you see my note from NYE?
11:00:00Genre9mp3ah amiconn :) have you tried video playback on any of your coldfire targets?
11:00:09amiconnNo, but I'm about to
11:00:13*GodEater notes how everyone leaps on amiconn at once :)
11:00:33linuxstbamiconn: Yes, I'm working through them - I need Bagder around to move them from my limited webspace to
11:00:44amiconnYesterday I experimented with some thought-to-be-better memcpy algorithm on coldfire
11:00:56amiconnTurned out worse than the current :/
11:02:23jhMikeSGenre9mp3: me too :) I miss it since it's the only thing I have that can hold all my stuff.
11:02:47Genre9mp3jhMikeS: At least I hope you enjoying your H100 ;)
11:02:49jhMikeSthough I am expecting an archos player to arrive
11:03:05amiconnGenre9mp3: Do the coldfire targets always produce static noise instead of audio?
11:03:05jhMikeSGenre9mp3: definitely
11:03:32*amiconn suspects an endian issue if that's the case
11:03:41Genre9mp3amiconn: with current cvs build yes... I always get white noise
11:04:07Genre9mp3it didn't happen with a previious patch linuxstb gave me though
11:04:09amiconnBut video runs ok?
11:04:25linuxstbThe only difference I can think of compared to the earlier (working-on-Coldfire) version of my patch is that there is now a separate audio thread, as well as a video thread.
11:04:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:04:53 Join dpro [0] (
11:05:17amiconnlinuxstb: Do you have a coldfire target? Even if it's just a H1x0, you could still test what's going wrong
11:05:19 Quit Juice^ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:05:31amiconnJust don't draw the video (or even use the grayscale lib)
11:06:27jhMikeSis coldfire the only big endian cpu or something?
11:06:45amiconnNo, archos (i.e. SH1) is also big endian
11:06:48linuxstbYes, I have my H140 with me, so can try it. I strongly doubt it's an endian issue though.
11:07:14linuxstbWhat are the alignment requirements for the audio DMA?
11:07:32 Join Juice^ [0] (n=juice@
11:07:32amiconnIf it is an endian issue, the problem should also show up on a big endian sim (e.g. on powermacs)
11:08:38jhMikeSlinuxstb: the min is 4 byte alignment though 16 byte is better
11:08:45linuxstbThe audio decoding code itself didn't change between the first patch and the CVS commit, so I can't see how an endian issue could have slipped in.
11:08:48amiconnlinuxstb: 32 bit afaik (stereo sample pairs)
11:10:24Ajaxinchow about rebuffering mpg videos? :]
11:12:11linuxstbGood idea - I didn't think of doing that :)
11:12:35Ajaxinci love you linuxstb
11:13:14 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
11:13:23Drkepiloguehmmmm i didnt no rockbox had a mp3 encoder!
11:13:28jhMikeSlinuxstb: how difficult will the work be to convert to an mpv.codec or the like?
11:14:08*amiconn wonders what that should be good for
11:14:15linuxstbJhMikeS: I haven't really thought about that yet.
11:14:28linuxstbMixing video with audio...
11:14:50amiconnDoesn't make sense to me, honestly
11:15:33jhMikeSplaylists should just accept it like any other media file really
11:16:16Genre9mp3what exactly is mpv? special container or something?
11:17:37jhMikeSwas just saying instead of mpeg audio, mpeg video. video should really be no problem to slip into the playback system. the wps just needs to be able to provide a place for the image.
11:18:21 Quit yossa ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
11:20:22amiconnAnything less than full-screen doesn't make sense for video, really
11:21:14GodEatercertainly not in the first instance if you ask me
11:21:19amiconnAnd imho watching video is a completely different thing than listening to audio
11:21:27Genre9mp3mpv is just m1v or m2v?
11:21:49 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|ingame (
11:22:24jhMikeSamiconn: same here. full screen unless controls need to be temporarily visible for seeking or volume control
11:24:22Ajaxinci like... rebuffering :]
11:26:19GodEaterjhMikeS: I think that should be implemented as an overlay for video eventually
11:26:44GodEateralthough I've NO idea how tough that'll be to implement
11:27:04Ajaxincor, we could jsut focus on rebuffering :]
11:27:06jhMikeSGodEater: on x5 it's as close as it will get since lcd_yuv_blit draws right to the display
11:27:19Ajaxincso i can enjoy my invader zim in the middle of class while you guys work out the other bugs
11:27:25 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
11:27:41jhMikeSReal hw overlays aren't usuable on the H300 I'm told
11:28:13amiconnjhMikeS: All coldfire and SH1 video output draws directly to the display, either using lcd_yuv_blit() or using lcd_blit()
11:28:15GodEaterI didn't think about that at all before I said it
11:28:28GodEateryou'd need a framebuffer or something wouldn't you
11:28:37GodEaterall eating more precious memory
11:28:46*GodEater goes to the back of the class
11:29:04jhMikeSamiconn: I'm aware of that but wasn't sure if GodEater meant it in another hw display surface or not.
11:29:29GodEaterheh - I hadn't considered where to do it at all :)
11:30:02GodEaterwhat's the yuv stand for btw ?
11:30:21 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:30:45linuxstbGenre9mp3: Does video still play back perfectly for you?
11:31:08 Join webguest99 [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:31:12*linuxstb waits patiently for his ibook to compile a h140 build
11:31:20jhMikeSI guess if overlay in rb parlance means anything bypassing the lcd_framebuffer then overlays are the norm for video
11:31:35 Join Schlumpf2007 [0] (i=Miranda@gateway/tor/x-1509763c13047a67)
11:31:49 Join lee-qid [0] (
11:31:51amiconnjhMikeS: Not yet on ipod afaik
11:32:04Ajaxinci just want to watch invader zim :(
11:32:17Schlumpf2007Hi all! Any news on sansa port sound?
11:32:24jhMikeSGodEater: Y = luminance, U = blue chroma, V = red chroma (maybe I reversed U and V :)
11:33:29webguest99Hi. I've got a question about set_option. If I provide the function parameter, does this func get called with the index of the selected element as argument? If so, we need another param in set_option IMHO, namely the 'inverse' function. This would make use of set_option more straight forward.
11:34:39webguest99You wouldn't need to first convert the real value to an index, the call set_opt, and then convert the selected index to the real value (the last action can now be done via the function, but not the first).
11:35:17webguest99Has anyone had thoughts on this before?
11:35:17 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:35:18 Nick God_Eater is now known as GodEater (
11:35:33Genre9mp3linuxstb: yes, video plays fine
11:35:54Ajaxincdoes it crash once your ram is all eaten up?
11:37:23Ajaxincam i the only one that packbox dosnt work with?
11:39:36linuxstbAjaxinc: What happens in pacbox?
11:39:37jhMikeSok, I'll be the crazy one that tries integrating the video into the codec system ... all are free to mock me if I fail miserably :)
11:40:16webguest99Is jdGordon (=menu guru) here?
11:40:29Genre9mp3jhMikeS: Forgive my ignorance but still I don't get what this mpv.codec is actually about
11:40:37 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:40:44nls_webany h10 users want to test morse input mode?
11:40:48linuxstbGenre9mp3: I'm getting white-noise on my H140 as well... So at least I can now debug.
11:40:48 Quit Schlumpf2007 ()
11:41:17Genre9mp3linuxstb: cool (about the second part)
11:41:25Ajaxincit tells me no roms
11:41:32Ajaxincdo i actually need the pacman rom?
11:41:34jhMikeSGenre9mp3: it would be a codec on the codec thread that uses all the seeking and playlist infrastucture that's in place but would also output a video stream. Audio can play back through the interface that's in place now.
11:41:52Ajaxinccause i got that folder with pacman files off of globe whatever
11:41:58linuxstbAjaxinc: Of course. pacbox is an emulator of the Pacman arcade machine hardware.
11:42:06linuxstbCheck the manual for the roms required.
11:42:33Ajaxincthe .a1 and such and such
11:42:56Genre9mp3jhMikeS: so we could have an mpv and an mp3 file playing at the same time?
11:42:57Ajaxinc.5e .5h and such
11:43:53jhMikeSGenre9mp3: no, the video codec would use the audio system to play the sound stream. some organized interface for the video steam would need adding, that's all.
11:44:00linuxstbAjaxinc: Yes.
11:44:14Ajaxinci have those in that folder
11:44:19Ajaxincand still not showing up
11:44:47linuxstbAjaxinc: Do you have the 6 files mentioned in the manual, with the correct filenames, and matching md5 checksums?
11:44:53jhMikeSAn mpg file would use the buffer for the undecoded file just as audio playback does and split the streams into sound and video.
11:44:57Ajaxinci got them off of globes site
11:45:03Ajaxincso im pretty sure thier right
11:45:12linuxstbBut have you checked the filenames against the manual?
11:45:47amiconnjhMikeS: you're crazy....
11:45:50Genre9mp3jhMikeS: ah... so the user would just play regular mpg files but he can use them in playlists as well or even use bookmarks, right?
11:45:55jhMikeSDon't think I'd demand crossfade for video though (to alpha blend two videos together :)
11:46:03linuxstbI want gapless though...
11:46:32linuxstbResuming of videos would be useful as well...
11:46:34jhMikeSgapless video? hehe...maybe
11:47:22 Join adam1302 [0] (i=cbab4195@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:47:31Ajaxincor, just video that dosnt crash? please :(
11:47:43Ajaxincnot to sound whiny or anything
11:47:55jhMikeSresuming just saves the current position so that should be automatic really
11:48:55amiconnThe codec needs to support seeking for this to work
11:48:56jhMikeSI imagine the codec would have to seek to the proper starting picture and decode to the final start position
11:50:14webguest99Hm... Noone here who knows menu/settings code well. I'll ask later. But the inconsistency/assymetry is obvious IMHO.
11:50:23jhMikeSbut exactly how to perform the seek should be the codec's concern in that case
11:51:02jhMikeSwebguest99: I did some updating on that. What was the question? I _might_ know something.
11:51:24Genre9mp3This PANIC stkov with dircache when booting starts to be really annoying :<
11:52:50webguest99jhMikeS: see the today's entry from 11.33.29
11:53:23 Part adam1302
11:54:10linuxstbGenre9mp3: You could try increasing the dircache stack size - in firmware/common/dircache.c, line 63.
11:54:38Genre9mp3linuxstb: thanks, I'll try that
11:55:53jhMikeSwebguest99: I did discuss it with JdGordon. I think a small enhancement should allow real values in set_option as well as the ability to hide options through the callbacks and not affect the index.
11:56:57barrywardellnls_web: i'll test that patch for you now
11:57:09webguest99jhMikeS: have you agreed on something?
11:57:15jhMikeSThe value lists are readily available in the settings array afterall
11:57:24nls_webbarrywardell: thanks
11:57:43jhMikeSwebguest99: no...I just told him I wanted it cause it would simplify the audio menus a lot
11:58:49webguest99jhMikeS: I want to use set_option in a plugin. There I have a real value. I wouldn't want to convert it to the index in the values array, then call set_opt, then set the value. It's not very elegant IMHO.
11:58:49jhMikeSThe recording source option for one where FM Radio may be detected or not detected
11:59:24 Quit Drkepilogue ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:59:45 Join My_Sic [0] (
11:59:59webguest99jhMikeS: or we could enhance the opt_item structure to also include the real value
12:00:10 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:00:29jhMikeSThe arrays spread everywhere should go imho. I did add the option to use external or direct arrays for a setting depending on the need. Samplerates are taken from an external array but it makes sense there.
12:00:40webguest99jhMikeS: that would make the function param unnecessary. Or do I miss smth.?
12:02:47jhMikeSwebguess99: Right now I'm forgetting which parameter you're talking about. It's been awhile.
12:03:24jhMikeSsorry, webguest99, not webguess99 :)
12:04:14 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
12:05:37webguest99jhMikeS: I'm talking about the callback function that may be provided in a call to set_option. That function (if it's specified) gets applied to the selected index.
12:07:23webguest99jhMikeS: ..and can be used to convert the selected index to the real value. But there's nothing to convert the real value to the initial value of the index. This has to be made "by hand" atm
12:07:34jhMikeSok. yes. that calls the function to apply setting immediately but with an index.
12:08:22 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:08:49 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
12:09:28jhMikeSIndexes would be ok, as long as they dont change if an item is dropped. The real value lookup can be easy if the pointer to the setting item's structure is provided too.
12:09:46Ajaxincso any thign with nethack happenin?
12:11:34jhMikeSThe index is more flexible in general and round_value_to_list32 returns an index and not the rounded value for example. Use the index if preffered or just lookup the value in the array passed in.
12:12:43barrywardellnls_web: the morse input works fine. the only problem is that in morse mode i can't move the cursor down to the text to delete
12:12:53 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:13:57jhMikeSwebguest99: I wanted a way of compiling that code into an automatic enum {}; with settings indexes into the main table and all you're desiring (and me too) would be very easy to accomplish.
12:13:58 Quit GodEaterWeb (Client Quit)
12:14:01 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:15:34 Quit nls_web ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:16:24 Nick Everybody|ingame is now known as Everybody|Determ (
12:16:27 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:17:15 Quit webguest99 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:17:52Ajaxincare there any other general rockbox channels?
12:18:20 Join nls_web [0] (i=d9d1bcda@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:19:04 Quit nls_web (Client Quit)
12:19:18 Join nls_web2 [0] (i=d9d1bcda@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:19:58nls_web2barrywardell: thanks for testing, I'll see if I can fix it.
12:20:01*jhMikeS cannot move down to the text on the keyboard on the H120...never could.
12:20:01 Join lyle [0] (
12:21:02 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC")
12:21:05 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:21:09 Nick lyle is now known as Lyle_ca (
12:22:23 Join webguest99 [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:22:26 Quit Lyle_ca (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:23:16amiconnjhMikeS: On h1x0, h300 and recorders, the virtual keyboard doesn't use modes, but has separate button assignments for moving the cursor and deleting characters in the input line
12:24:14amiconnOn the other targets with less buttons, the virtual keyboard uses 2 modes: picker and line edit
12:24:28webguest99jhMikeS: I don't quite undestand why we should deal with the index at all. After all, we want to set the value of a var. Each option has a text (to show to the user) and a real value. It's like the option tag in HTML. Why messing with index?
12:25:19webguest99Why not include both the text and the real value into opt_item?
12:27:39webguest99For example, in the new firewoks plugin, all settings are defined pair wise: texts and the corresponding values as two separate arrays. And the var stores the index. Weird IMHO. I'd rather prefer to have the real value in the var.
12:29:33jhMikeSamiconn: I really find that awkward myself to use the play button. It's fast to just go to the text and move the cursor or hit select/navi to delete chars.
12:29:59amiconnwebguest99: There is a reason why large-range settings values are stored as indices rather than plain values
12:30:56amiconnThe settings are stored as bit tables in order to save space, and an index takes less bits than the plain value
12:31:31jhMikeSwebguest99: Well I don't want to lose flexibility for one. And amiconn said it for another reason :). but that isn't an issue with the settings patch.
12:31:42amiconnThis is because settings are (still) stored in a hiddes sector on disk, and on some targets in nonvolatile memory which isn't very big
12:31:55webguest99amiconn: well, that's another case. If you have an int setting that goes e.g. from 0 to 1000 I wouldn't want that. But for a small set of discrete settings I'd prefer to specify values with texts.
12:32:27amiconnWhen we switch to storing (most) settings as text this will no longer be an issue
12:32:51*GodEaterWeb jumps up and down and tries to attract amiconn's attention
12:33:16*jhMikeS made the samplerates store as 44100, 88200, etc. in the JdGordon's patch
12:33:23amiconnThere is a patch in the tracker for this which has come quite far, but still lacks some things
12:33:27 Quit GodEaterWeb (Excess Flood)
12:33:45 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:33:52webguest99amiconn: I'm not talking about RB settings but rather about the engine that lets the user to choose them. Or, more precisely, about the way the choice is programmed (by a RB programmer)
12:33:54jhMikeSwith automatic rounding as an optional attribute
12:34:04amiconn...mainly storing those ever-changing values as binary, and ironing out some bugs
12:34:10amiconn...e.g. voice not working
12:34:51webguest99amiconn: how the settings are actually stored on disk (as text or as bi values or...) is another matter IMHO.
12:35:19webguest99amiconn: in the code, we always work with real values (or should if we don't).
12:35:32amiconnNo it's not... we don't want unnecessary conversion layers because that makes the code more complex
12:35:57amiconn...and code size is always an issue on embedded platforms
12:36:26webguest99The question arose as I wanted to call set_option from a plugin. The user can choice one item out of three.
12:36:38jhMikeSif the conversion is small and localized then it probably will save space instead of having every instance providing its own
12:37:47amiconnI agree that the lower levels should all take literal values instead of indices, and once we switched to file configs, the upper level can also be switched
12:37:47 Join Angry [0] (
12:38:00webguest99But look at the fireworks code (as an example). Pairwise arrays, an the order of entries must match. Very fragile!
12:38:28Genre9mp3midkay: around?
12:38:51jhMikeSI did use a function that is used commonly in the recording code for the conversion so no new layer to speak of
12:40:53amiconnGodEater: wazzup?
12:40:55jhMikeSwebguest99: you can use specified element initialization like my_array[] = { [INDEX_X] = something, ... }. less fragile
12:41:12GodEaterWebamiconn - I'm in the middle of a v. informative conversation with a friend of mine who used to work at Rio
12:41:25GodEaterWebhe has some ideas on what might be going on with the 80GB ipod
12:41:42GodEaterWebthere's rather a lot though - can you PM me your email address (assuming you're interested) ?
12:43:15webguest99jhMikeS: but it's not nice. An intuitive way would be: opts={ {"Text1", val1}, {"Text2", val2}} −− and then call set_option(opts, &my_var). Wouldn't it?
12:45:15jhMikeSwebguest99: yes, would work but with the settings update that data will be stored in the settings array but for now it's not really possible.
12:45:38 Quit webmind ("Reconnecting")
12:45:41 Join webmind [0] (
12:46:43webguest99jhMikeS: would that update also make working with settings in plugins more comfortable? Or is it only aimed at RB global settings?
12:47:24GodEaterWebamiconn - it's on it's way - let me know if you think there's anything useful in it
12:47:27jhMikeSwebguest99: That I don't know right now. I'm not sure if JdGordon made any changes there.
12:48:05 Join jba [0] (
12:50:18jhMikeSI'm thinking it needs to work in any way that's needed and be a simple implementation too. It could return the index still in your case and then you can just look up afterwards from the opts but the pairing won't be fragile.
12:51:34amiconnWe must not forget the voice ui here. The value needs to be voiceable somehow
12:51:45GodEaterWebamiconn: by the way, if there's anything in there that looks like it's trying to teach you to suck eggs - sorry! The GPIO education was for my benefit - probably not yours
12:52:35webguest99amiconn: yes, have struct opt_item{text_to_show, real_value, voice_id}
12:53:34jhMikeSwell, most values like that are voiced with a real number and a unit id
12:53:47amiconnReal numeric values don't have voice ids, but they need to be marked as such and the unit needs to be specified
12:55:50webguest99amiconn: we need (and already have IIRC) two API's: one for numeric settings (with unit, min, max, step, etc) and one for discrete settings. I'm talking only about the latter case.
12:57:08amiconnYes, but discrete settings are used for numeric values in some places, if they're not equally distributed
12:57:18amiconnThe backlight timeout is such an example
12:58:47webguest99amiconn: then they are (technically speaking) discrete settings and need to be defined as such. At the 'human level' they are numeric ofcourse.
12:58:59jhMikeSit has that pesky lookup tucked away in backlight.c though...eck
12:59:47preglowjhMikeS: well, sure, but wouldn't it be equally good to just fade audio smoothly out while voice clips play?
12:59:59preglowjhMikeS: not an expert, though, i've never actually coded a limiter
13:00:25linuxstbamiconn: Here's an X5-sized version of Elephants Dream -
13:00:29webguest99jhMikeS: another reason to enhance the opt_item structure.
13:00:42jhMikeSpreglow: had more in mind than just voice...probably 4 channels or so with the ability of plugins to use a sound channel during playback
13:02:49preglowjhMikeS: but yeah, i don't think a limiter need be very slow, but it'll have to introduce some delay (look-ahead) in order to be decent
13:03:04jhMikeSI want smooth cosine rolloff/up for starts and stops on each channel too. A mixing board with gain on each, 2 channels for playback (for x-fading), 1 for beep, 1 for voice, maybe 1 for plugins
13:03:10amiconnHmm, am I the only one who thinks fireworks.rock isn't really impressive?
13:03:29webguest99amiconn: visually or code wise?
13:03:31*linuxstb hasn't tried it.
13:03:42amiconnVisually, resulting from how it's coded
13:03:51amiconnPlain integers instead of fixed point
13:04:07jhMikeSpreglow: and a DSP approach for the fade too instead of the volume control for SWCODEC
13:04:18preglowyeah, that would very nice
13:04:20preglowgoodbye clicking
13:04:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:04:46*linuxstb is running out of ideas to fix Coldfire audio in mpegplayer...
13:04:47jhMikeSThat would just result from each channel having a gain stage
13:05:11webguest99amiconn: well, I think it's more than OK for a DAP. And the code is nice except from the fact with options :-P
13:05:23preglowlinuxstb: fix?
13:05:45linuxstbSomehow I broke it between my initial patches and committing to CVS.
13:05:57linuxstbI just get noise...
13:06:07linuxstbWorks fine on ARM though.
13:06:13linuxstb(Gigabeat and PortalPlayer)
13:06:27jhMikeSnot really sure how to approach it though. not trivial and must be fast. crossfade would just be feeding two audio channels with sould and adjusting the volume. hope I'm not creating a nighmare :)
13:07:41preglowjhMikeS: i wouldn't be too sure on how to approach it either...
13:08:03 Join Drkepilogue [0] (i=456fc2e3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:08:27 Join mamott99 [0] (
13:09:04mamott99is there a rockbox bootloader for the gigabeat f/x series? where can i find it?
13:09:57jhMikeSSo much is required to be a "late effect" so the results are heard rather immediately. Some things can be early effects like sample rate conversion. I need to draw one of those functional diagrams like you see for ICs with what stage should go where. The final summing point would happen right in the DMA and nothing can be modified beyond that point. hmm
13:10:21linuxstbmamott99: Try asking in #gigabeat
13:10:33mamott99ok thx
13:10:55jbamamott99, occaisionally posts builds from cvs
13:11:13jbathe bootloader in there works with current cvs downloads for the gigabeat
13:11:23mamott99ah, thank you!
13:11:36 Part Angry
13:11:44jbadon't forget to copy your original bootloader to FWIMG01.DAT.ORIG
13:11:45*jhMikeS just gets crazy ideas in his head
13:11:56mamott99will do
13:12:08jbahey guys does crossfading songs drain much extra power?
13:12:29 Quit Drkepilogue (Client Quit)
13:12:31jhMikeSsome change there is needed to split voice away from playback and add other capability that I'd like
13:13:04 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
13:13:51 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:14:07 Nick Everybody|Determ is now known as Everybody (
13:14:08 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
13:14:22 Join jba_ [0] (
13:15:14jhMikeSjba: well it makes things a bit busier for a couple seconds or so mixing buffers. can't imagine it should be too bad.
13:17:01 Quit webguest99 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:17:24mamott99thank you very much, guys, it works great!
13:19:29 Quit mamott99 ()
13:27:08amiconnlinuxstb: Something is really wrong with mpegplayer on coldfire
13:27:10jhMikeSat least about 512KB of memory will be regained in the first iteration at that :) simplifying the audio init to one stage saved a lot too
13:27:41amiconnI don't hear any sound on H300, and the main thread exits the plugin while the video thread is still up & running (!!)
13:27:53amiconnNow I have a file browser with a video overlay...
13:28:09linuxstbThat's not good.
13:28:47amiconnStarting another plugin makes it crash, of course
13:29:08peturwow, can we have moving backdrops now? :p
13:29:22amiconnMore like a frontdrop...
13:29:24jhMikeSpetur: beat me to it :)
13:29:34amiconnI used a non-fullscreen video
13:29:38 Join gromit` [0] (
13:30:46linuxstbOne of my elephants dream encodes?
13:31:09amiconnTried both the widescreen version for H300, and the X5 version
13:31:45amiconnSame problem occurs on X5
13:32:17 Quit jba (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:32:18amiconn(less easy to see since there is no widescreen version yet, but the browsers "flickers through" when moving the cursor)
13:32:53amiconnThere's a short splash "Cannot create.... "
13:33:03linuxstbThat must be "cannot create thread"
13:33:05amiconnDoesn't appear long enough to read it fully
13:33:29amiconnThat means that there is some error handling missing
13:33:30linuxstbWhich would probably explain the immediate quit without closing the video thread.
13:34:13linuxstbBut I've just discovered that if I decode audio on the main thread (rather than creating a new thread), it's working.
13:35:06amiconnThe splash is indeed "Cannot create audio thread"
13:35:39linuxstbThe audio thread is the second thread created, and mpegplayer doesn't kill the video thread if the audio thread can't be created...
13:35:47linuxstbIt just returns PLUGIN_ERROR.
13:35:55 Join PaulJam [0] (
13:36:07linuxstbBut why would the thread creation fail?
13:36:21linuxstbJust the maximum number of threads being reached?
13:36:22amiconnToo many threads?
13:37:12jhMikeSdemolish the backlight thread to make room
13:37:52amiconn#if CONFIG_CODEC == SWCODEC
13:37:52amiconn#define MAXTHREADS15
13:38:08linuxstbYes, looks like MAXTHREADS is the only error condition in create_thread.
13:38:13amiconn..and there are already 14 threads running without that plugin
13:38:42amiconnBut why does it work on ipod then?
13:39:44 Quit kubiix (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:39:45jhMikeSI wonder if the recording thread shouldn't be stopped when recording is closed. Seems unncessary unless you're recording something.
13:40:26linuxstbI only have 12 threads running on my ipod Color when I turn it on.
13:40:40linuxstb(according to the debug screen)
13:40:42amiconnDoes the ipod color have recording now?
13:40:57linuxstbYes. pcmrec is one of them.
13:41:32amiconnI have: main, scroll, remote_scroll, usb, backlight, power, audio, codec, ata, dircache, tagcache, playlist_cachectrl, pcm, voice codec
13:42:05amiconnThat's one... but there are 2 more than on ipod color
13:42:08linuxstbAnd I don't have voice enabled.
13:42:32jhMikeSyou'll have a voice thread if a file is detected
13:42:36amiconnMe neither...
13:42:41linuxstbYes, I don't even have the file.
13:42:48amiconnThat explains it...
13:43:23linuxstbAny objection to bumping MAX_THREADS by one?
13:43:48amiconnCould be done... but the plugin still needs proper error handling
13:45:23linuxstbIt just needs to kill the video thread. I'll add that.
13:45:54 Quit jba_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
13:46:32jhMikeSPersonally I'd like to shut off stuff not needed all the time like pcmrec. That state is so specific and modal. Voice and backlight should just be history. Why can't scroll and remote scroll be the same?
13:47:23linuxstbBut going back to the Coldfire audio problems, does anyone know any reason libmad would work on the main thread (and obviously in the codec thread), but not on my own audio thread?
13:47:45amiconnjhMikeS: Scroll and remote_scroll can be set to different intervals.
13:47:53amiconnAnd why would backlight be unneeded?
13:47:53 Quit nls_web2 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:48:15 Join nls_web [0] (i=d9d1bcda@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:50:59 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
13:51:47 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
13:52:34jhMikeSwondering if it can be handled at different intervals on one thread. backlight really can be a final state thing and the tick task can do it.
13:52:54amiconnNo, the tick task cannot switch the backlight directly
13:53:21amiconnIt could if it were just GPIO on all targets, but that's not the case
13:53:37amiconnOn the recorders, switching backlight involves i2c
13:54:06jhMikeSIs the i2c used by interrupts?
13:54:33amiconnNo, quite to the contrary, it must not be used in interrupts
13:54:42amiconnAnd tick tasks run in the timer interrupt
13:55:37amiconnIt _might_ be possibly to unify the display stuff (scroll and backlight) into one thread per display
13:56:00jhMikeSI know they do...ok, is there any way to combine threads for infrequent events?
13:57:06 Quit barrywardell ()
13:57:21 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
13:57:21jhMikeSbacklight seems almost like a power managment task to me
13:58:42 Quit barrywardell (Client Quit)
14:04:09 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
14:04:24 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
14:04:31 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
14:04:54 Quit ravon ("Terminated with extreme prejudice - dircproxy 1.1.0")
14:05:29GodEaterWebamiconn: had a chance to read that email yet? any of it useful ?
14:06:58jhMikeSalso, are all the SWCODEC targets' DMA interrupts at an unmaskable level or is this just a coldfire deal? I'm thinking the usual disabling of interrupts should be at level 5 and DMA be at level 6 so it can be disabled at certain points for a short time but not interfered with normally.
14:08:03linuxstbOK, if I disable the Coldfire optimisations in libmad, mpegplayer works...
14:08:29linuxstb(with a separate audio thread). With the Coldfire optimisations, it only works if I decode audio in the main thread.
14:08:43 Quit aarond ("I quit")
14:09:06 Join Angry [0] (
14:09:07jhMikeSsomething in the emac status register not set right?
14:09:07*linuxstb pings preglow
14:10:59 Join FOAD_ [0] (
14:13:27linuxstbjhMikeS: That's what I thought, but I can't see anything that would do that for the main thread.
14:13:46linuxstbi.e. what's different between the main thread and the thread I'm creating?
14:14:36preglowlinuxstb: ?
14:14:59linuxstbpreglow; Any comments on my last 4 or 5 sentences?
14:15:06preglowlinuxstb: try finding out the specific opt that breaks stuff
14:15:11 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
14:15:14preglowlinuxstb: some of them have been modified after i touched them
14:15:26preglowand either way, i'd hate to have to look at any of them again :>
14:15:48 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
14:16:31linuxstblibmad seems to work without error, but the audio it's returning is wrong...
14:16:49linuxstbAny suggestions where to start?
14:16:52preglowany special linkage? iram is used as normal?
14:17:19jhMikeSlinuxstb: it's the first "thread" but never created, just added as a default. It's not given any special consideration beyond that. macsr is preserved per thread though.
14:17:34linuxstbYes, IRAM is used as normal. The only thing that breaks it is when I create my own mpegplayer audio thread, rather than decoding in the main thread.
14:18:07linuxstbThat audio thread has an IRAM stack.
14:19:39preglowwell, i really have no idea
14:19:46preglowbeen a long time since i looked at that code anyway
14:20:13 Join JoeXBorn [0] (
14:20:27linuxstbAny suggestions for asm I could use to initialise the EMAC in my thread? Does that make sense? (I know nothing about the EMAC...)
14:20:29jhMikeSlibmad obviously works on the codec thread though
14:20:35preglowlinuxstb: ah, right
14:20:52preglowthat would be logical
14:21:23linuxstbmad_synth_init does this: coldfire_set_macsr(EMAC_FRACTIONAL | EMAC_SATURATE | EMAC_ROUND);
14:21:32linuxstb(which I'm calling...)
14:21:34preglowthen that's what you want
14:22:04linuxstbThere's nothing else?
14:22:16jhMikeSit should be preserved upon a task switch
14:22:16preglowmacsr is saved across threads, so if you do some fancy thread stuff, you need to set it other places too
14:24:47nls_webbarrywardell: if you read this I updated the patch in the tracker to enable line edit mode in the Morse mode screen, should work for ipods too in fact...
14:25:31jhMikeSmad_synth_init is called from the thread that uses libmad? (just a dumb question but have to ask :)
14:25:42linuxstbNot a dumb question, and not true :)
14:25:54linuxstbI call init_mad() from the main thread...
14:26:14jhMikeSthere you go :)
14:26:30*linuxstb passes jhMikeS the beverage of his choice
14:27:15jhMikeSjust coffee at this hour, thanks :)
14:27:17 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:27:23preglowscrew the hour!
14:27:37jhMikeSok, Guiness then :)
14:30:25linuxstbYes, that did the trick. Guinness in the post.
14:30:42*petur wonders why he suddenly wanted to check on the irc window....
14:31:06*preglow votes for the alcoholic tendency
14:34:56jhMikeS*glug* ahh
14:36:39linuxstbpreglow: Tried mpegplayer on your Nano?
14:37:47 Quit JoeyBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:39:28 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
14:39:51linuxstbAnyone object to me bumping MAX_THREADS by 1 to allow mpegplayer to create two threads on targets with LCD remotes and voice files installed?
14:43:13jhMikeSI don't object but I'm still thinking pcmrec should only exist when recording is initialized and video playback makes recording impossible at the same time so it's not really needed to do so. The change is pretty trivial and safe.
14:43:57jhMikeSBut then the debugging screen won't display the pcmrec stack usage anymore...hmmm
14:44:17 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:49:28 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:52:32jhMikeSBe mindful it's only truely safe for a thread to remove itself via remove_thread(NULL) since waitable objects contain the waiter pointer and it seems wakeup_thread will bomb out later on the invalid entry (or wake the wrong thread if something took the slot). Just an observation.
14:52:38 Join Febs_ [0] (n=chatzill@
14:52:40 Nick Febs_ is now known as Febs (n=chatzill@
14:53:02 Quit Febs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:55:42Genre9mp3linuxstb: Haha! That was quick! :) thanks for fixing it :)
14:57:27 Join debauched_sloth [0] (n=gwhite@
14:57:30 Part debauched_sloth
14:57:47 Join debauched_sloth [0] (n=gwhite@
15:01:56midkayGenre9mp3: here i am! :)
15:02:36PaulJamlittle question: can cvs still be used to update the source, or do i have to use svn now?
15:03:26midkayafk for 10 mins or so
15:04:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:09:09Genre9mp3midkay: I was wondering if you plan to commit other games as well (like pegbox or chopper)
15:09:53jhMikeSummm...I didn't get no notification about a switch to svn other than the plans I out of the loop now? ??
15:10:09 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
15:10:09 Join Seedy [0] (
15:10:25Genre9mp3isn't the svn switch supposed to be on 8th of Jan?
15:11:59bluebrotherhas there been a change to the FS notification mails?
15:12:16jhMikeShmmm...didn't hear that either. the last message I have is a reply to one of my questions
15:15:26linuxstbGenre9mp3: I assume you've tested?
15:15:43jhMikeSshould post a countdown on the site till the switch :) is it installable on debian via the apt-get?
15:16:05linuxstbYes, it's something like svn-client
15:16:34jhMikeSany min version that will be needed? unstable?
15:16:44linuxstbI've no idea...
15:19:46Genre9mp3linuxstb: give me a moment, I was busy with something else
15:19:46jhMikeSsays it couldn't find package svn-client ... hmmm
15:20:00midkayGenre9mp3: yeah, i am :)
15:20:36linuxstbGenre9mp3: After you've (hopefully) confirmed that CVS is working, can you do a test with kiram's optimisations applied? Add "IBSS_ATTR" to line 300 of mpegplayer.c (i.e. so it reads "....MDLEN] IBSS_ATTR; /* 2567 bytes */" I would be interested to know if that increases the framerate further.
15:20:37debauched_slothsudo apt-get subversion should work
15:20:52debauched_sloth(for getting subversion)
15:21:24linuxstbjhMikeS: Sorry, "svn-client" is the package in fink (a Mac OS X thing).
15:21:58 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
15:23:34 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:24:43Genre9mp3linuxstb: everything seems ok... I had an mpg though (which I had encoded myself) that the music pauses some times
15:24:46 Join webguest99 [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:25:32Genre9mp3I mean: elephant's dream vids play alright now, but one mpg I've encoded myself has pauses in the sound
15:26:32webguest99midkay: could you please read the discussion about set_options (started today at 11.33.29) and tell me your opinion? What did you feel/think as you coded menues for the fireworks plugin?
15:27:30Genre9mp3linuxstb: I guess I'll experiment more and re-encode it but if you like I can send it to you for experimentation
15:28:07Genre9mp3...since that file previously played fine (without pauses in the sound)
15:28:12 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:28:35linuxstbWhat kind of audio does it have?
15:28:48Genre9mp3mp3 128kbps cbr
15:29:06GodEaterWebamiconn: I tried something based on my discussion with my friend this morning - which is writing out the ATA_DATA register regardless of any errors returned in the ATA_STATUS register.
15:29:08jhMikeSseems to be svn-buildpackage by Googling
15:29:16GodEaterWebnow - it's still fubar - the data makes no sense at all
15:29:22GodEaterWebbut it is *changing* at least
15:29:30linuxstbjhMikeS: "apt-cache search svn" would have given you a list of candidates...'s going in now :) don't know what I'll end up with
15:30:42GodEaterWebdo we initialise something somewhere with a bunch of 0xdeadbeef values ?
15:30:49linuxstbYes, the stacks.
15:31:42AngryI am ready for testing here also linuxstb^^ (H10)
15:31:50jhMikeShmmm...that just came up with a bunch of other packages it couldn't find
15:32:04linuxstbAngry: Nothing's changed - I've just spent all day fixing a Coldfire bug...
15:32:05GodEaterWebwell we appear to be getting those back again from the ata_read_sectors call on the MBR
15:32:07midkaywebguest99: hmm.. well, it was a little harder than it might have been because most of the values you choose aren't exactly sequential.
15:32:14GodEaterWebfor at least the first few bytes
15:32:19jhMikeSbut the seach comes up with a helluva lot of candidates
15:32:33GodEaterWeball the way up to 0xd0 in the sector anyway
15:32:43linuxstbjhMikeS: "subversion" seems to be the package - as debauched_sloth mentioned 10 minutes ago...
15:32:45GodEaterWeband then we starting getting "other stuff"
15:32:56linuxstb(and maybe subversion-tools)
15:33:20jhMikeSmissed that one :)
15:33:24linuxstbAngry: Which H10 do you have?
15:33:24 Join kubiix [0] (
15:34:50GodEaterWebare the stacks near the ATA registers ?
15:34:50linuxstbAngry: Have you compiled your own build with the kernel_on_cop_6.diff patch?
15:34:55jhMikeSstilll a lot of "failed to fetch:"
15:35:05linuxstbapt-get update ?
15:35:39jhMikeStrying that
15:35:45jhMikeSwe'll see
15:36:04Genre9mp3linuxstb: trying now the change you told me in mpegplayer.c
15:36:52jhMikeSseems to be going ok now
15:37:06midkay(gotta run, laters)
15:38:38jhMikeSyep it's there now...beverages of choice to linuxstb and debouched_sloth in return :)
15:39:24 Join norbu [0] (
15:39:43Genre9mp3linuxstb: I get errors with the change you mentioned
15:39:51Genre9mp3while compiling that is
15:40:08webguest99midkay: wouldn't it have been it easier if you could provide real values along with the setting texts (i.e. in one data structure)?
15:40:40norbuHi all! I am currently building a new customized build (h3x0 norbu build) but get compile errors with mpegviewer ... is this known already? (PLUGIN_IRAM is full, section .ibss)
15:41:46Genre9mp3I just got the same error
15:41:56Genre9mp3with mirak's optimisation patch?
15:42:30norbuwhat is mirak's optimisation patch? The one from FS #5995 idct_asm_coldfire_patch_0.2.patch?
15:42:56norbuyes, I have this one in my build. Do I have to kill it?
15:43:28Genre9mp3well, it seems that it just got outdated
15:43:39norbuOk, thanks ...1min and I try ....
15:43:47jhMikeSI suppose the read-only CVS will be good for diffing and patching to the svn checkout?
15:44:24linuxstbjhMikeS: Yes, that's the purpose of it IIUC.
15:44:29norbuGenre9mp3: thanks, worked, removing the optimisation patch made compiling work, even with my bunch of patches I have.
15:44:53Genre9mp3norbu: well, you'll loose some performance though
15:45:09norbuBetter than no performance at all ;-)
15:45:39Genre9mp3sure, I wish mirak gets his hands on this
15:45:40linuxstbWe're now fighting for IRAM between the video and audio...
15:46:08norbuBTW, I have fixed the progressbar_ycoord patch to work with the new markers stuff, not very hard. What should I do with it? The discussion about inclusion seems to be dead anyway, or?
15:46:13linuxstbSomeone needs to try and find the optimal combination, or implement IRAM switching in some way....
15:46:16Genre9mp3linuxstb: So it's not the change that cause it, it's the whole patch outdated now
15:48:26 Nick kclaf2K7 is now known as kclaf (
15:50:58 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@rockbox/administrator/Febs)
15:51:17 Part webguest99
15:53:45 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
15:59:16 Join fasmaie [0] (
16:00:10 Join phrozen77 [0] (
16:01:52fasmaielinuxstb: I have put the information you requested about the new bootloader on a 20 GB 4G iPod on the forum
16:02:11fasmaielinuxstb: hope it helps figure out the problem
16:02:24Genre9mp3norbu: about the progressbar_ycoord patch, I think that the idea is that we won't need it after viewports get implemented
16:03:56norbuAh, ok. So I will continue fixing it for my builds as long as there are the mythical viewports ;-) ;-)
16:05:43Genre9mp3not as mythical as the mythical Rockbox 3.0 :P
16:05:58 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
16:06:00norbuBasta with this, it doesn't help.
16:06:29norbuAngry: Did you ask for the cuesheet support patch to be included?
16:06:56 Part fasmaie
16:07:11 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:10:29 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:11:36 Join liviu [0] (n=liviu@
16:11:51liviuis it possible to dual boot rockbox with the ipods firmware?
16:12:14liviuand how would I do that? or where is it referenced in the manual?
16:12:38 Join topbloke [0] (
16:12:52linuxstbI don't know about the manual, but it's described here:
16:14:11linuxstbGenre9mp3: Does mpegplayer still compile with karim's optimisation, but without that extra IBSS_ATTR I suggested to you?
16:14:37GodEaterWeblinuxstb: as far as I can see, it's not referenced in the manual at all
16:15:11FebsWe need to put a "tips and tricks" section in the manual that contains that type of hardware-specific information.
16:15:33linuxstbDual-booting isn't really a tip or a trick though...
16:17:20FebsI'm sure we could think of a better name.
16:17:35GodEaterWebshouldn't it go into the bootloader section ?
16:17:40FebsBut the point is that we need a section that deals with hardware-specific things like how to dual boot, how to clear settings, etc.
16:18:21FebsI was thinking that it could go in the Quick Start chapter.
16:18:43linuxstbThe method is hardware-specific, but the task isn't. All (?) targets have dual-booting, a way to clear settings, etc etc.
16:19:02 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
16:19:55 Join Schlumpf2007 [0] (i=Miranda@gateway/tor/x-c46f65a195927a4b)
16:20:25pixelmaFebs: I also think it would be placed better there - for example I'm still searching a place where to put the info about "usb power mode" in the Ondio manual
16:21:09Schlumpf2007Hello! How about the sansa sound? Any news?
16:21:50pixelmaFebs: the Quick start chapter would be a good choice for that too
16:21:51 Quit liviu ("leaving")
16:23:20Genre9mp3linuxstb: It doesn't compile anymore with karim's patch, with or without the change
16:23:41barrywardellSchlumpf2007: no more progress on sound yet
16:26:12Schlumpf2007so progress depends on DAC data sheet? nothing similar available? what a pity...
16:26:33norbuGenre9mp3 and linuxstb: I can check about the customization patch. What would be the suggested change? Currently the IBSS occurs only in +static mpeg2dec_t static_mpeg2dec IBSS_ATTR; What would be the suggested change? Removing only the IBBS_ATTR text?
16:26:38 Join PaulPosition [0] (
16:26:46barrywardellyes, we haven't been able to obtain a data sheet
16:27:15PaulJamdoes someone know if the old devkit can still be used to compile rockbox for coldfire targets (h300)?
16:27:49PaulPositionHey Barrywardell.. I was wondering, how come the recording on H10 works well enough but the battery and the scrollpad reading is noisy as hell? They use two different ADCs?
16:28:04barrywardellyes, they use different ADC's
16:28:20barrywardellthe ADC for the battery and scrollpad are inside the PP5020
16:28:28PaulPositionOhhh. I see, thanks.
16:28:57PaulJami'm getting an error when trying to compile: cannot find -lgcc
16:30:04 Quit Kitt0s ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
16:31:02 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:31:47norbuGenre9mp3: You said: linuxstb: It doesn't compile anymore with karim's patch, with or without the change.
16:31:47norbuBut I just compiled with the idct_coldfire patch included, only the IBSS_ATTR removed?!
16:32:42 Join Kitt0s [0] (i=Kaa@
16:32:51linuxstbYes, the IBSS_ATTR puts variables in IRAM. We only have 48KB of IRAM available to plugins, so that was too much...
16:33:03linuxstb(now that libmad is using IRAM at the same time)
16:33:07 Join TCPMeta [0] (
16:33:30norbuThus, removing the IBSS_ATTR allows compilation, does it also still help with speedup?
16:33:45TCPMetaanyone care to help me with my ipod? i installed rockbox on my 5g and the loader kinda loads up and frezzes
16:33:54gantrixxI have some files on my iAudio that can't be erased because they are corrupted. Does anyone know how to fix that?
16:33:55Genre9mp3norbu: So you removed IBSS_ATTR completely and it compiled?
16:34:01linuxstbnorbu: No, removing the IBSS_ATTR will slow it down...
16:34:30norbuWell, the question is whether it is still faster without the IBSS_ATTR then without the whole patch?
16:35:19TCPMetaanyone care to help me with my ipod? i installed rockbox on my 5g and the loader kinda loads up and frezzes, lastline is Toshiba MK8010GAH
16:35:45PaulPositiongantrixx - You'd need to do a scandisc (under windows) or a fsck under linux, or whatever the file system checks are named in your operating system, I think.
16:36:05linuxstbTCPMeta: Rockbox doesn't work on the 80GB 5.5g
16:36:06gantrixxis scandisc a command line program?
16:36:07PaulPositionTCPMeta - 80gb drive? Rockbox doesn't support them yet.
16:36:25linuxstb(as mentioned on the homepage....)
16:36:31TCPMetachkdsk /r X: where X is the drive letter of your iPod. use that for checking the ipod disk
16:36:46TCPMetaso i can't partition the drive to 60 and use it then?
16:36:53PaulPositiongantrix: nope, in windows, right click the device's drive, select properties, then tool and there is scandisc..
16:37:02*norbu running to the homepage and checking ... btw 80Gb are not supported at all or only on iPod5.5? (Thinking about putting it into my H340).
16:37:19 Join habana [0] (i=58a10615@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:37:29habanahi all
16:37:40 Part Schlumpf2007
16:37:52linuxstbTCPMeta: No.
16:37:53phrozen77norbu: afaik, theres no 5g 80gb
16:38:13 Join My_Sic [0] (
16:38:20linuxstbnorbu: The "5.5g Video ipod with 80GB disk" is not supported. 80GB disks in general work...
16:38:40TCPMetathink ipod linux will work?
16:38:41norbugood, now I have to get a hand on one ...
16:38:49linuxstbTCPMeta: No, it doesn't.
16:38:51phrozen77TCPMeta: nope
16:39:42habanacan u exxplain me why patches are not added as far as they are done (as for keymaps mods) ? quality code ? hard to revert ?
16:40:00TCPMetaoh well, time to reflash and stick with a stock ipod
16:40:03 Quit TCPMeta ()
16:40:21habana[not a criticisism, just question]
16:40:28norbulinuxstb: sorry to disturb again: So is the optimize patch without the IBSS_ATTR still faster than without the optimize patch at all?
16:40:57linuxstbI believe so, otherwise the rest of that code would be pointless...
16:41:06gantrixxok I'm running the chkdsk /r i:
16:41:18gantrixxbut all it does is report the problem? does it attempt a fix?
16:42:07norbulinuxstb: ok, thanks.
16:42:13norbuAngry: are you here?
16:42:45AngryYou dont get the messages i send you over miranda^^
16:42:48norbuAbout the cuesheet patch: Was it you who asked me to include it into the norbu build?
16:43:18AngryYes it was me... but i didnt ask for... Already got them in my H10 build... it was just a hint for your builds
16:44:03norbuSorry, I must have missed your response. Ah, ok, I hoped you could try out a build with the patch. ANyway thanks for the hint.
16:44:40norbuI have a new build ready now, but my H300 is at home, so no testing, so no uploading before tomorrow.
16:45:08AngryI could sent you a working .cue file... just gotta change the relative path to the mp3 and the time markers
16:46:02norbuAh, why not, yes send it to me. How?
16:47:14Angryor wait
16:47:15norbugood,, thanks.
16:47:19topblokeis rockbox getting .cue support?
16:47:33norbuor via file transfer in the irc, is this working?
16:47:49PaulPositionnorbu - It works if both of you registered your nicknames.
16:48:22norbuPaulPosition: Umpf, aehm, not a big guy in irc. How do I check this?
16:48:51norbutopbloke: see and
16:49:03PaulPositionnorbu - I don't know what client you're using...
16:49:49PaulPositionnorbu: But it goes bit like messaging some bot with your name and the password you wish to use..
16:49:51norbuPaulPosition: gaim (2.0.0 or so) on linux
16:50:40PaulPositionnorbu: then just re-messaging it once you log back in. Does gaim give you the 'traffic' window, with freenode's MotD and other informations when you log on? Tht's where you find name of the bot.
16:50:56norbuNormally yes.
16:50:59topblokeu do like /nickserv register pass email
16:51:56norbutopbloke: thanks, it was close to this, but nickserv answered me what to do.
16:52:22norbuAngry: thanks
16:52:40norbunick norbusan
16:52:43 Nick norbu is now known as norbusan (
16:54:36 Quit norbusan ("Leaving.")
16:55:10 Part redwood
16:55:18 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
16:56:11topblokeit maybe email pass
16:56:14 Join norbusan [0] (
16:56:18topblokei do always get that wrong
16:56:34norbusanBack, thanks, seem to work.
16:57:21 Part norbusan
16:57:32 Quit PaulJam (".")
16:57:47 Join norbusan [0] (
16:58:08 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:58:30norbusantopbloke: nickserv tells me: (notice) If this is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>
16:58:53topblokeso you have a pass
16:59:03norbusanbut i entered my password in the gaim chat dialog, so it should be there.
16:59:46norbusantopbloke: after msg the nickserv ... ah anyway, this is not the place to discuss this. Thanks anyway.
17:00:41bluebrothernorbusan: also has a nice description of the registration stuff
17:04:08 Quit habana ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:04:24muesli__is there a way to find out if a mp3 was encoded with lame`?
17:04:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:04:40 Nick norbusan is now known as norbusan_ (
17:04:59crwli guess that any even remotely recent LAME version adds some metadata that identifies the encoder version
17:07:26 Nick norbusan_ is now known as norbusan (
17:07:59 Nick norbusan is now known as norbusan_ (
17:08:26 Part Angry
17:09:08 Quit topbloke ("bye")
17:09:08 Nick norbusan_ is now known as norbusan (
17:16:15barrywardelllinuxstb: what do you think about this:">
17:16:28barrywardellit adds a usb debug screen
17:20:41 Join Mouser_X [0] (
17:23:34barrywardellnls_web: i tried your updated patch, but line edit mode doesn't seem to be working yet:(
17:24:16amiconnmuesli__: Yes, lame adds a special 'lame tag' that indicates the exact version and some other things
17:24:44amiconnA tool for figuring out the encoder used to produce an mp3 file is encspot,
17:24:58muesli__kewl, im gonna check it
17:25:02amiconnNot open source, but freeware
17:26:10Genre9mp3[B]I just managed to playback video with sound on my h300 @ 25fps[/B] [FONT=really really small]with a 112x80 video :P[FONT]
17:31:50barrywardellnls_web: actually, it is working. i must have been still using the first patch
17:32:21*bluebrother notices the deprecated font tag :o
17:32:43 Join BobJonkman [0] (
17:33:18Genre9mp3whooops... :)
17:33:54muesli__FhG (fastenc or mp3enc) doesnst sound like lame :-/
17:34:14linuxstbbarrywardell: Does it show anything interesting?
17:34:26*bluebrother leaves
17:37:14Genre9mp3Does setting the dircache stack size higher affects anything in a negative way?
17:37:32 Part webmind
17:37:46linuxstbGenre9mp3: It uses a little more RAM... Did that fix your dircache stkov errors?
17:38:38 Join Criamos [0] (
17:39:17 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:39:29Genre9mp3linuxstb: Yes, it did
17:39:44Genre9mp3at least it seems to be so far
17:39:47barrywardelllinuxstb: some things. it shows whether the port is in low power suspend, if interrupts are enabled,...
17:39:58linuxstbGenre9mp3: Can you go into the debug menu, and go to "view os stacks"? What is displayed for dircache?
17:40:15linuxstbAnd what did you increase the stack to?
17:41:51linuxstbbarrywardell: And is it in a low-power mode?
17:42:19barrywardellit is on the h10 anyway
17:42:24Genre9mp3I increased it from 0x800 to 0x1000 (didn't actually test 0x900) and now it says B 8 dircache: 61%
17:44:02linuxstbYou mean you changed the "+ 0x800" to "+0x1000" ?
17:45:37Genre9mp3the weird thing is that before, I didn't _always_ get PANIC stkov, it was just happening sometimes
17:45:42PaulPositionMaybe people soon buy rockbox-usable (read not DRMed) music from majors? -
17:46:12linuxstbYou mean buy a CD?
17:46:31puetzkGenre9mp3, I've had that happen twice now too
17:46:34PaulPositionlinuxstb - That's the other possibility, right.
17:47:24PaulPosition(I found it interresting that the majors are now trying to "kill" iTunes and they'd remove DRM if it's what it takes to pull the carpet from under apple's feets)
17:47:59PaulPositionBut sorry for veering quite offtopic-ish.
17:48:02 Join Moos [0] (i=51400b8c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:48:03Genre9mp3puetzk: Other people at MR reported this, too
17:48:40amiconnGenre9mp3: You nearly doubled (!) stack size with your change
17:48:41MoosHi there, and happy holydays, happy new year.... !
17:48:49amiconn0x1000 == 2 * 0x800
17:49:31Genre9mp3amiconn: ouch, what you would suggest I do?
17:49:32amiconnDEFAULT_STACK_SIZE == 0x400, so the dircache stack was 3KB before, and now you have 5KB
17:50:04amiconnBut if you observe 61% usage now, that means 3KB was only a tiny bit too small
17:50:27 Join Jungti1234 [0] (i=7c3c0846@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:50:54amiconnI'd try 3.5KB (or maybe 4KB), i.e. DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE + 0xA00 or DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE + 0xC00
17:51:16Jungti1234Moos, long time no see :)
17:51:21preglowwhy not hardcode the size instead of depending on DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE having the value it currently has?
17:51:27 Quit PaulPosition ()
17:51:34amiconnHmm, good question
17:51:39linuxstbI was wondering that as well recently...
17:51:43MoosJungti123: hehe, right, happy new year... :)
17:51:49peturGenre9mp3: I've had a dircache stkov last week too
17:51:58peturgotta go now...
17:52:01amiconnMany threads do it that way...
17:52:02Genre9mp3amiconn: oh.... I should start thinking in hex more often :)
17:52:03 Quit petur ("later")
17:52:05Moospetur; just yesterday here :(
17:52:11preglowamiconn: most
17:52:17preglowbut i don't see the point
17:52:20linuxstbBut probably only becuase the first one did...
17:52:39linuxstband subsequent developers copy and paste...
17:53:45Jungti1234don't exist test video for h300?
17:54:23Jungti1234yes, I know
17:54:31Jungti1234but.. which file?
17:55:15linuxstb224x176 (4:3 aspect ratio) or 224x128 (16:9).
17:55:24Jungti1234ah, thenks
17:55:29amiconnlinuxstb: Will there be widescreen versions for iPod video and nano and the X5 as well?
17:55:32linuxstbBut they are 24fps, so won't play in realtime.
17:55:50linuxstbamiconn: Yes, I'll do them all again. I'm just waiting for Bagder...
17:56:00*amiconn pings Bagder
17:56:28Genre9mp3linuxstb: you use mencoder you said?
17:56:33linuxstbamiconn: If there's one you want in particular, I'll upload it to my webspace.
17:57:33linuxstbGenre9mp3: I used mpeg2enc for the Elephants Dream encodes. But I've used mencoder for other videos.
17:57:37 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody|SWAT4 (
17:58:26Genre9mp3I should try this mpeg2enc, it seems that it produces less heavy mpgs
17:58:31amiconnlinuxstb: Is there a special reason for the separate audio thread?
17:58:44amiconn(like better button handling, buffering etc)
17:59:25linuxstbThe practical reason is that it needs a bigger stack than the main thread....
17:59:54amiconnI thought the main thread is the one with the biggest stack...
17:59:59linuxstbYes, codec thread is bigger than the main stack...
18:00:18*linuxstb double-checks...
18:00:41linuxstbCodec stack is 0x2400 bytes.
18:01:10linuxstbAnd libmad overflows the main stack...
18:02:18linuxstbI haven't put that much thought into the various threads in mpegplayer, or how they should communicate with each other yet, so everything is subject to change.
18:02:20amiconnHmm. You put a big buffer on the main stack in plugin_start()
18:02:35linuxstbYes, to use the otherwise unused IRAM...
18:03:01 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:04:01Jungti1234Moos: yep, happy new year :)
18:04:26Jungti1234bye everybody
18:04:50 Quit Jungti1234 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:06:01 Quit bluebrother ("leaving")
18:11:15amiconnlinuxstb: An X5 widescreen version (160x96) would be interesting for me
18:12:15amiconnVideo with audio works now on X5, but video skips like mad
18:12:34amiconnCan't tell whether video and audio stay synchronous or not
18:12:45linuxstbWhat FPS do you get if you disable the limit fps and frameskip?
18:13:23linuxstbThere's no attempt at a/v sync yet, but error should stay more or less constant...
18:13:54amiconnfps vary a lot across elephantsdream
18:14:53 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:15:51amiconnStarts at about 17.5, goes beyound 18.0, decreases to around 17.0
18:16:18amiconn(fullscreen version on X5)
18:16:45amiconnMore complex parts can make it go below 16.0
18:16:45 Join bluebrother [0] (i=Syb86aoM@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
18:19:38amiconnOn H300 a fullscreen version starts at around 10 fps ...
18:20:23Genre9mp3ends up at 10.9fps here
18:21:18amiconnAt least it seems that audio decoding doesn't cause such a dramatic drop in framerate as it does on ipod (without dual core operation)
18:21:59linuxstbMy webspace became full, but here is the first 28MB or so of the 160x96 version:
18:22:33amiconnYou can take down the 160x128 version if you haven't already done so
18:22:48amiconnI could even put some versions on my webspace temporarily
18:23:27linuxstbI still need bagder to transfer them, so if you could move the 160x128 to your space, I can delete it.
18:23:59 Join Angry [0] (
18:24:18 Quit Gon2 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:24:41linuxstbI'm now re-uploading the 128x96 version, seems my server doesn't support resume...
18:24:48linuxstbI mean 160x96
18:25:05linuxstbAnd I've deleted 160x128
18:25:57linuxstbETA about 8 minutes...
18:25:58amiconnGah, firefox hung completely :/
18:27:28AngryBy the way for the iriver H10 its 128x70 but thats not really important
18:28:29Genre9mp3Angry: You can't really create an 128x70 mpg file... mpeg uses 16x16 blocks
18:28:48Genre9mp3eg. it can be 128x80
18:28:55Angryups i meant 128x96
18:32:56AngryChecked now my settings: 4:3 ->128x96, 16:9 -> 128x80
18:34:41linuxstbamiconn: 160x96 is now fully uploaded - 31803392 bytes.
18:38:47 Part norbusan
18:39:46 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC")
18:44:53 Quit blue_lizard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:45:14 Join blue_lizard [0] (
18:48:36amiconnGah, my provider is having problems
18:49:09FebsIt looks like the daily builds of the manual haven't been updated since December 22.
18:49:18amiconnhttp status 503
18:49:21pixelmamaybe I could host it (for a while)
18:50:18linuxstbamiconn: It's downloading OK for me.
18:50:32amiconn_my_ provider
18:50:39amiconnI wanted to upload the files there
18:51:06linuxstbAh, I thought you meant your ISP, meaning you couldn't download...
18:51:42 Join lamed [0] (i=59006aa8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:52:25amiconnI already downloaded it, and it's playing fine
18:53:01amiconnStarts at around 21 fps on X5, top value is even slightly above 24 fps, but also goes down below 20fps later
18:53:25 Quit bluebrother (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:55:52amiconnOk, uploading now, but it will take quite a while
19:00:26 Join Nico_P [0] (
19:00:43lamedhey guys, is there any differences between a normal usb cable and the usbotg h340 cable? I'm using the original player's usb <> computer cable connected to female <> female usb adapter connected to a supported camera usb cable... and it's not working, the camera won't go into usb mode. (fw version 1.29K)
19:01:25amiconnThe usbotg cable has a special mini-AB connector
19:02:03 Join bluey- [0] (
19:02:03amiconnPlugging a standard mini-B plug into the socket won't switch the iriver into host mode afaiu
19:02:04 Join Wiwie [0] (
19:02:33 Join bluebrother [0] (i=sWV2mfMr@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
19:04:04Wiwieis someone aboard, who can explain how to install the bootloader?
19:04:23bluebrotherWiwie, the manual can explain it :)
19:04:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:04:47Wiwiein the manual the section "installation boot loader" is empty, isn't it?
19:05:21bluebrothernot for me. But that depends on the manual ... which device you are referring to?
19:05:44lamedamiconn: do you think they weired the usb cable differently? the original cable fits in both connectors (what seems to be) perfectly!
19:05:44Wiwiei see, my device is a gigabeat f
19:06:26amiconnlamed: The mini-AB socket is constructed in a way that allows to plug both a standard mini-B and a mini-AB plug
19:06:47bluebrotherthe gigabeat manual is missing mostly everything ;-)
19:07:00bluebrotherI don't know how it works, you might want to ask in #gigabeat
19:07:11Wiwiethanks for the info ;)
19:07:16bluebrotherthe gigabeat manual has only brought up to a state where it can get build
19:07:29bluebrotherbut the missing specific stuff hasn't been added yet.
19:07:40bluebrotherfeel free to submit a patch for missing stuff :)
19:07:56FebsNot only that, but it appears that the builds of the manuals haven't been updated since 22 December.
19:08:21bluebrotherI guess this comes in line with the daily builds being broken currently
19:08:56Wiwiethe current manual is of second of january
19:09:05GodEateramiconn: are you uploading to ?
19:09:05Wiwieoh no
19:09:21Wiwieyou're right :P
19:09:25*GodEater has access to a colo'd machine on a dual 300MB backbone to the 'net
19:09:32amiconnGodEater: No, as I don't have access to it
19:09:37GodEaterah ok
19:09:38GodEaternevermind then :)
19:10:16GodEaterdid you get a chance to look through that email at all ?
19:10:19pixelmaoh the Ipod Mini manual just includes the "getting started" and "installation" chapter (at least the online version)
19:10:27 Join dfkt [0] (
19:10:42Genre9mp3there should be more devs with access to IMO
19:11:13*bluebrother checks building the mini manual
19:11:35bluebrotheryeah, it's broken.
19:11:39 Join Bjoern-Erik [0] (
19:11:45pixelmaand the html version of it is missing completely
19:12:00pixelmaerr... pdf
19:12:42lamedtt amiconn, for the record, has some answers
19:12:48FebsIf it stops at the Installation chapter then it's possible (likely) that I broke it when updating the installation instructions.
19:17:12FebsIndeed I did.
19:19:12 Quit dfkt ("-= SysReset 2.53- You can be just like me - type: /quit =-")
19:19:57bluebrotheryou did. Unfortunately this seems to be a bit more tricky than I first thought.
19:27:04amiconnlinuxstb: (and others) I've now uploaded the X5 versions of elephants dream here:
19:27:42FebsI fixed it.
19:27:52amiconnHad to make a tiny index.html b/c the provider doesn't allow directory listings :/
19:28:36 Join mirak [0] (
19:28:38FebsThough if you have any suggestions for how to reflect the bootloader installation commands as \code without the blank lines caused by the \opt macros ...
19:29:04GodEateramiconn, how big are all the mpegs combined? I can chuck them on that colo of mine too if it'd help anyone ?
19:29:06bluebrotherI'm working on it.
19:29:22bluebrotherthe problem is that there is an unbalanced environment
19:29:35bluebrotheri.e. the code environment gets closed from inside opt.
19:30:14 Join netmasta10bt [0] (
19:30:57FebsWell, I just removed that and substituted a note for mini 2g users to replace "1g" with "2g."
19:30:58*GodEater grabs them anyway
19:31:45bluebrotheralso, you need to use optv when there is something with verb (which is used by code) inside. Otherwise it may break
19:31:53bluebrotherstrange it only broke for the mini
19:33:05bluebrotheradd comments signs at the end of an opt command to remove the added line breaks
19:33:35funkyI got my ipod (5th gen.) with rockbox some months ago (maybe 3 or 4), there have been some power consumption enhancenments since then?
19:33:39FebsI tried that and it didn't seem to work.
19:34:05linuxstbGodEater: I have a few here waiting to be moved to as well:
19:34:40funkyI dont like the idea that the battery life will be the half if I still use rockbox
19:34:51 Quit JoeXBorn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:34:56 Join JoeyBorn [0] (
19:35:33funkyI need the the double of charging cycle to get the ibook on the same tiem
19:35:52bluebrotherurgh. Were the blank lines present before?
19:35:57Febsbluebrother: yes.
19:36:35bluebrotherok, then we need to do this a bit different. Unfortunately that makes it a bit less readable
19:36:37FebsI guess one way to avoid it would to do something like this: \opt{ipodvideo}{\code{insertCodeHere}}
19:37:03amiconnlinuxstb: You can take down the 160x96 version. I could host a few more, but not too many
19:37:13amiconnThis webspace is limited to 200MB
19:37:30FebsWould need to \begin and \end code in each \opt.
19:37:30 Join Arathis [0] (
19:37:35linuxstbSame as mine... With the ones already on, I don't think there are many left now.
19:38:09amiconnWidescreen for ipod video and h10-small
19:38:18amiconn128x128 is really odd...
19:38:41bluebrotherhow about just having one line with something like ipodpatcher <bootloader-file> and a not to replace that with the correct file name?
19:38:45amiconnIirc the X5 version is also matching the h10-large lcd
19:39:12linuxstbI'll encode a 128x96 (4:3 ratio) one now.
19:39:33FebsThat is the way linuxstb wrote the wiki page. It would certainly work.
19:39:47amiconnWidescreen would be between 128x80 and 128x64
19:40:33FebsI thought it would be more user-friendly (i.e., idiot-proof) if the manual contained the verbatim command that the user has to type.
19:41:18linuxstbWould a \bootloadername macro help?
19:41:42 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
19:42:06bluebrotheryeah, that's an idea.
19:42:21bluebrothercould be locally to ipod-installation.tex
19:42:45FebsThat makes sense.
19:43:58 Join Llorean [0] (
19:43:59 Quit firenx (Remote closed the connection)
19:44:25FebsIs the bootloader command case sensitive?
19:44:40Lloreanbarrywardell: The debug USB screen patch: Did you post it to share progress or did you want some sort of tested output on any specific targets?
19:44:40 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
19:44:43linuxstbDepends on the filesystem...
19:44:57linuxstbBut the "-whatever" part is.
19:45:15barrywardellLlorean: A bit of both. I posted it in case anyone would find it useful
19:45:41barrywardellI wasn't sure if it was worth adding 4kb to the binary size by adding it to cvs
19:45:43 Join lee-qid [0] (
19:46:03linuxstbbarrywardell: I bought an "ipod camera connector" (basically a dock->USB A socket) the other day, so I'll try it with that.
19:46:21bluebrotherok, works fine. We only need an additional line for the mini
19:46:43bluebrotherbtw, what's the difference between mini 1g and 2g to require a different bootloader?
19:46:44barrywardelllinuxstb: would be interesting to seem how much it does without a driver...
19:46:53linuxstbbarrywardell: Maybe make a USB test plugin, similar to testfps (i.e. in cvs, but not SOURCES).
19:47:28*Llorean has two PP502x targets so is looking forward to USB progress.
19:47:52LloreanA USB test plugin sounds good.
19:47:59*barrywardell agrees
19:48:01LloreanOr something in CVS but only in (D) builds.
19:48:28barrywardelli'll start with one that just has that debug info
19:48:45*barrywardell starts looking at how to make a plugin
19:48:54amiconnbluebrother: The lcd hookup is different between mini G1 and G2
19:49:03linuxstbbarrywardell: helloworld.c is the place to start.
19:49:12bluebrotherah. Thanks :)
19:49:14barrywardelli'll look at that, thanks
19:50:59bluebrotherbtw, we could also introduce a \download macro that expands to<whateverisargument>
19:51:54bluebrothertogether with the \bootloaderfile the download list gets reduced to one line :)
19:52:39GodEaterlinuxstb, wow - your host is well plugged :) I'm getting 8Meg a second :)
19:52:50GodEaterhahah - whole lot done in 18 seconds
19:53:09preglowhow the hell did mrh find out that the mx31 datasheet matched :>
19:53:33LloreanLuck guess?
19:53:58amiconnBlack magic...
19:54:11linuxstbGodEater: Nice... I'll have some more in about 20 minutes or so.
19:54:24GodEaterI can leave them hosted there if people prefer
19:54:33GodEaterand someone can just point the links to them on the rockbox site
19:54:52 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
19:55:48preglowi'll go for amiconn's guess
19:55:53preglowaltogether more probable
19:57:35barrywardellhe found a datasheet and linux driver!
19:57:45barrywardelland a datasheet that matched the dac
19:58:18linuxstbGodEater: See what Bagder says. But I think has plenty of space and bandwidth.
19:59:04GodEaterok :)
19:59:15linuxstbSo no IPL devs have implemented USB yet?
20:01:21barrywardellno. dan_a suggested trying the driver to them. dunno if anyone picked it up
20:01:26 Nick Everybody|SWAT4 is now known as Everybody|away (
20:01:27linuxstbNice quote from - "I'm starting to realize the whole video support will be worthless if they don't utilize AVI because that's mainly what I have in my video collection"...
20:01:49 Quit netmasta10bt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:02:24Lloreanlinuxstb: I saw that one. I assume an implied "For me" after the worthless, but still, yea
20:03:08 Quit barrywardell ()
20:03:30linuxstbBut people will always complain, there are too many video formats out there...
20:03:44bluebrotherFebs, got to go now. Have a look here:
20:04:01GodEaterdoes MrH have some sort of web site? Where are you guys reading this ?
20:04:04bluebrotherif there aren't any objections I'll submit this later
20:04:31linuxstbGodEater: He exchanges brown envelopes with Bagder on park benches...
20:04:34Lloreanlinuxstb: "What, no 1080p output?"
20:04:45goffayeah... we only need to get about 50 video codecs working before 40% of the people will be happy :)
20:05:26GodEaterLlorean, thanks for my badge :)
20:05:38Genre9mp3linuxstb: That was an extra-classic quote! :)
20:06:21GodEaterfunny - but if it's even halfway true it's a sad state of affairs
20:06:42puetzkgoffa, luckily you picked the right one for me :-)
20:06:53goffahe he he... wasn't me that did it
20:07:01goffathanks linuxstb
20:07:10puetzksince mpeg2 PS is what mythtv and an ivtv card likes to produce
20:07:26goffahas to be the most common
20:08:27puetzkcodecs are such a mess :-P
20:08:40goffabad enough keeping the audio ones straight
20:10:04Febsbluebrother: looks good to me.
20:10:23linuxstbHas anyone tried the audio version of mpegplayer on the gigabeat without the limit FPS option?
20:10:40linuxstbI'm curious how many FPS it can achieve with sound.
20:10:55Lloreanlinuxstb: I seem to recall hearing the number 55 floated, but I don't know if that's with or without sound.
20:10:57linuxstbShould give us an idea if more processor-intensive codecs are feasible.
20:11:10linuxstbThat was the old number without sound IIRC.
20:11:48Genre9mp3yes... it was 55 fps with an 320x144 video
20:11:52GodEateranyone care to tell me if they get a decent download rate of any of the files from here :">
20:12:14 Quit dpro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:12:36Genre9mp3just found it in the logs: "<markun> we had to disable some ARM assembly and now my 144x320 test movie runs at 55fps"
20:12:45 Join chromoXdor [0] (
20:13:04GodEaterI'd say that was more than passable :)
20:14:21linuxstbBut that's without audio, and not full-screen...
20:16:48Genre9mp3I would expect 33fps without sound fullscreen (320x240)
20:21:59 Quit Llorean ("Leaving.")
20:23:31GodEaterlinuxstb, I've got the latest two from your site too
20:25:51 Quit phrozen77 ("Some people say that I must be a horrible person, but that's not true. I have the heart of a young boy... in a jar... on my d)
20:26:23 Part chromoXdor
20:27:46 Join phrozen77 [0] (
20:30:33 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
20:31:20 Quit funky ("leaving")
20:32:04linuxstbGodEater: You may have been too early for the second one - they should be 30140416 and 63582208 bytes.
20:32:08GodEaterls -l
20:32:11GodEateroops :)
20:32:20GodEaterah yes
20:32:27GodEaterI was wondering why it was so small for such hi res
20:33:40GodEaterthat's more like it
20:34:02GodEaterand I've turned on Options +Indexes so I don't need the damn html file and all the inherent risks of my fat fingers making typos now :)
20:34:46GodEateramiconn, if you provider runs Apache, you should be able to do the same - just drop "Options +Indexes" into a .htaccess file
20:34:54 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:35:24linuxstbGodEater: We can't see the filenames now though...
20:36:01GodEatererm - I'll see if I can fix that
20:36:02linuxstbAnd you have a .mpg.1 file...
20:36:06GodEatergimme a sec tho - dinner just arrived
20:36:14GodEaterthey're there if you hover over them in the meantime
20:36:20 Join cynicalliberal [0] (
20:36:28 Join |Rincewind| [0] (
20:37:23 Join Digamma [0] (
20:38:10DigammaIs there any sort of official manual for installing rockbox on a Sansa e200; or will I have to find a homebrew one...?
20:40:12bluebrotherthe manual hasn't been adjusted for the sansa yet.
20:40:31bluebrotherbut I guess it's similar to other non-ipod portalplayer devices
20:40:56Juice^Digamma. there is a guide on the forum.. its quite simple. but be careful.....
20:41:08Juice^not an "official" guide
20:41:22DigammaCan you possibly link me to it, I dont mind the non-official stuff
20:42:22Juice^in that topic
20:42:33Juice^its atleast on that page
20:42:43Juice^im running rockbox on my sansa
20:42:52Juice^but you know that there is no sound right
20:43:05DigammaI know
20:43:20DigammaI would like to be able to run Rockbox, and be able to dual boot
20:44:50DigammaThank you very much Juice^
20:47:44 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
20:49:18 Join Olav_Salhus [0] (n=chatzill@
20:49:19 Nick Olav_Salhus is now known as Olav (n=chatzill@
20:49:22GodEaterok - the .1 file is gone
20:50:23OlavAnybody here?
20:50:37maquisOlav: nope
20:51:10OlavI just wanna know if there is a RockBox firmware for Creative Zen MicroPhoto
20:51:21linuxstbOlav: No, and no-one is working on it.
20:52:02linuxstbUnless you are...
20:52:18OlavNo. Don't got the skills.
20:52:33linuxstbGodEater: OK, thanks.
20:54:01GodEaterlinuxstb, file name widths are sorted now too
20:54:16GodEaterI just gave myself a lightning refresher course in .htaccess files :)
20:54:21linuxstbHow did you fix it?
20:54:33linuxstb(I'm sure I'll forget by the time i need it though...)
20:54:36GodEaterIndexOptions NameWidth=*
20:54:50GodEaterwhen you use * it automatically sets the name width to the longest filename
20:55:01GodEateralthough you can specify a hard value if you prefer
20:55:30GodEaterif you encode any more give me a shout and I'll put them there too
20:56:28linuxstbI think that's them all now. Unless I encode a 128x??? 16:9 version...
20:56:38GodEaterfor player X
20:56:52linuxstbFor the H10 5/6GB.
20:56:55linuxstb128x128 LCD.
20:57:33*GodEater is having to tolerate the weird noises from his g/f's shiny new Nintendo DS that's being played at full volume next to his left ear
20:58:39 Quit Olav ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
21:00:46DigammaJuice^, are you still there?
21:01:36DigammaIs there anyone here who can clarify something small with the Sansa e200 rockbox installation?
21:02:34 Join netmasta10bt [0] (
21:04:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:05:21DigammaNever mind me; I just figured it out
21:06:26 Join topbloke [0] (
21:06:35 Join Paprica [0] (n=Paprica@rockbox/developer/paprica)
21:07:36 Quit topbloke (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:07:59 Join ed_ [0] (
21:08:21ed_anyone got rockbox working on ipod nano 2nd gen?
21:09:38ed_:-( that makes me sad. anything i can do to help?
21:09:48 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
21:10:48linuxstbCrack Apple's firmware encrytion, reverse-engineer the hardware...
21:11:00 Join bluey- [0] (
21:11:05 Quit MarcoPolo (Client Quit)
21:11:20 Join tj2master [0] (n=a@
21:11:22GodEatered_, or bribe someone at apple of break their NDA and give us the specs
21:11:32thegeeklinuxstb: is the encryption on the new nano the same as the encryption used in the firmware image for the 5.5g?
21:11:56GodEaterthe 5.5g firmware image isn't encrypted
21:12:02linuxstbI don't know.
21:12:07thegeeknot the osos
21:12:09ed_GodEater, oh i see it's that sort of show stopper... is there anything i can do with the nano besides use the apple software?
21:12:15thegeekbut I thought the other part is?
21:12:19thegeekthe flash firmware
21:12:19GodEaterthe AUPD is
21:12:20 Part juxtap
21:12:21linuxstbed_; Sell it?
21:12:32GodEaterbut we wouldn't know if it's the same encryption or not
21:12:38thegeekthe aupd encryption is broken?
21:12:40thegeekah ok
21:12:43GodEaterall we can see if gobeldigook
21:13:05thegeekI just played around with the osos in ida pro last night
21:13:13GodEaterif we could see a pattern of similarity then we'd be hafway to cracking it
21:13:17thegeeklots of references to encryption blobs and keys;P
21:13:25GodEaterlord my typing sucks
21:13:33GodEaterdamn laptop keyboards
21:13:45thegeekI mish my natural 4000 keyboard too;P
21:14:10thegeekI going home soon just because my laptop is driving me crazy;P
21:15:09thegeekdo we know if the ipod updates flash the aupd as it is
21:15:15thegeekor does it decrypt it first?
21:15:29GodEaterI imagine it decrypts it first
21:15:32thegeekin other words, is the data on the flash chip encrypted or not
21:15:41thegeekit could be decrypted at runtime
21:16:01GodEaterit could - but then there'd have to be a bit of the boot routine which is never updated
21:16:04GodEaterto hold the decryption routine
21:16:53GodEaterI'm not sure how that helps us though
21:16:56GodEaterif indeed it does
21:16:57linuxstbOn the ipods before the 2nd gen Nano, the flash contents isn't encrypted. We can dump it from Rockbox.
21:17:11GodEaterthat's what I thought
21:17:26thegeekif the encryption is the same
21:17:39thegeekit should be possible to reverse the algo from the osos flashing routine
21:17:56thegeekhowever, that is a big if;P
21:18:02*goffa had a ms 4k.. but ended up getting a logitech wireless ergo when i got the new monitor
21:18:14goffaso i have the option of sitting in the recliner
21:18:19thegeekgoffa: why?, the 4k rocks
21:18:20GodEaterthegeek, good luck with that :)
21:18:36thegeekI dont even have a nano
21:18:54goffa4k rocks.. but cord doesn't reach to the recliner :)
21:19:07GodEaterwell if the forums are to be believed you have plenty of victi^H^H^H^H^H volunteers to test your decryption with
21:19:22 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
21:19:46thegeeksure, I'll be know as the guy that bricked all the nano's ;P
21:19:47GodEaterso you don't need to own one
21:20:02thegeekbut meh
21:20:09GodEaterhey - none of those people said they wanted their nano's to work again afterwards
21:20:22GodEaterI even looked to check :)
21:20:36puetzk"brick" may be the wrong word. I thought this was "rock" box?
21:20:54thegeeka rock that does not rock is a brick
21:21:00DigammaHaveing already installed Rockbox, and it works. How do I upgrade to the latest CVS version...?
21:21:13 Join matsl [0] (
21:21:28goffalook at the shape of the player.. that's where the name brick comes from
21:21:44goffakinda like a crappy computer is a boat anchor
21:21:47goffahosed cd is a coaster
21:22:09puetzkgoffa, sure, sure. But I don't want to build a wall of nanos - too thin. They'd be better for skipping on a pond
21:22:10GodEaterI've never seen a boat anchor in the shape of a PC
21:22:21goffawell there you go.. skipping stone :)
21:23:02*puetzk tries to figure out why his keymap hacking doesn't work
21:24:14goffathere was an update to keymap about a month back
21:24:19goffadunno if that has anything to do with it
21:24:27puetzktrying to make it so pushing select while holding up/down does pageup/pagedown on an x5, but it persists in going to the context menu instead.
21:24:34goffabut i used to swap play and the navi button
21:24:44puetzkAs this is my first attempt to hack the code, I am assuming it's still my fault :-)
21:24:47goffax5 remote is touchy
21:24:51puetzknot remote
21:24:59goffaretarded fingers
21:25:21goffadon't think that has anything to do with this laptop kb :P
21:25:45 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:26:07 Part Angry
21:26:19puetzkah, hadn't considered that it might be the sensor not doing what I want rather than the code
21:26:25puetzkbut quite possible
21:26:29 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
21:26:52*puetzk tries a different button combo to rule that out
21:27:18goffayeah.. try 2 side buttons for testing purposes
21:27:41 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:29:08puetzkprolly drop the whole idea if that's the cause though. Pushing down to say "scroll faster" seemed really ergonomic
21:29:15amiconnpuetzk: The X5 cannot detect 2 of the standard buttons at once
21:29:17puetzknope, doesn't work using play either
21:29:30goffaah.. there you have it
21:29:57goffayou can increase scroll speed
21:29:57amiconnThe only button that is independent of the other 7 is the Power slider
21:35:43 Quit bluey- ("This computer has gone to sleep")
21:37:11DigammaI would like to thank any of the developers who took paty in making this awesome OS for my Mp3 player; I would like to thank you for the hours put into the dev process and the time spent for the sansa port, thank you VERY much
21:39:38 Join _Margot_ [0] (
21:39:52 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:56:22 Quit Margot_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:00:21 Join Thundercloud [0] (
22:00:58 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:04:00 Quit secleinteer (Remote closed the connection)
22:04:01tj2masternearly 28.6
22:04:48 Join secleinteer [0] (
22:07:03linuxstbtj2master: I asked the question here (unlimited FPS on gigabeat) earlier, so it's helpful....
22:07:29tj2master:) ok
22:08:13linuxstbSeems even the gigabeat might struggle with more complex video codecs then...
22:08:41linuxstbAlthough I don't think much (if any) optimisation has been done yet.
22:09:29Ajaxincnope, no optimissation has been done
22:10:03tj2mastercan .avi be playable in the future
22:10:20linuxstb.avi can be anything...
22:10:28puetzktj2master, with what inside? MPEG4?
22:10:28linuxstbIt's just a generic container format.
22:10:51 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
22:11:22tj2mastersorry,i mean mpeg4
22:11:51linuxstbSomeone needs to port an mpeg4 codec before we can say.
22:12:04 Quit GodEater (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
22:12:22tsuyoshiplayable on what?
22:12:40 Nick _Margot_ is now known as Margot_ (
22:12:42 Nick Margot_ is now known as _Margot_ (
22:13:08tj2masteron rockbox
22:13:33tsuyoshibut what hardware?
22:14:12tsuyoshiI think so
22:14:35tsuyoshithe processor looks like it would be fast enough
22:14:57 Quit Wiwie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:15:37 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
22:15:39tj2masteryes but does anyone work on mpeg4 codec.there is a work about that?
22:16:06tsuyoshiI intend to port mpeg4 just as soon as audio is working on my sansa
22:16:34tsuyoshiit shouldn't be difficult to port it
22:16:57linuxstbWhich decoder?
22:17:15tsuyoshiffmpeg probably
22:21:14 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
22:21:25 Join [-BF42-W]Hyperbi [0] (
22:21:52[-BF42-W]Hyperbii doesnt understand the new Bootloader 4 IPOD
22:22:17[-BF42-W]Hyperbiif i push the "MENU"KEY within the old bootloader the apple firmware starts too..!
22:22:26[-BF42-W]Hyperbican u explain it to me?
22:23:21 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
22:24:22bagawk[-BF42-W]Hyperbi: I do not see what you want explained, please ask a complete question
22:25:17Febs[-BF42-W]Hyperbi: are you trying to boot the Apple firmware using the new Rockbox bootloader?
22:25:34FebsIf so, turn on "hold" as the player boots.
22:25:39[-BF42-W]Hyperbino ...
22:25:49[-BF42-W]Hyperbiis it now easyer?
22:26:02 Nick kclaf is now known as kclaf2K7 (
22:26:36 Join Vyrus001 [0] (
22:26:39[-BF42-W]Hyperbii think i have to update the bootloader and test it ...
22:26:58 Join JoeXBorn [0] (
22:27:28[-BF42-W]Hyperbiim a little bit afraid of it ... :/ (cause last times i alaway crashd my pod ^^)
22:29:36 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:29:45 Nick [-BF42-W]Hyperbi is now known as Hyperbit (
22:29:59 Nick Hyperbit is now known as Hyperbit_01 (
22:31:41bagawkHyperbit_01: well, if it works there is not much need to update it, but if you wish, yes it is easier now, just 2 commands if I remember
22:32:22 Join Mouser_X [0] (
22:34:51 Join chromoXdor [0] (
22:35:12Hyperbit_01i think i need a clean ipod without rockbox to update to new bootloader?
22:35:43dionoeai doubt it
22:37:01 Quit Digamma ("Leaving")
22:37:04Juice^tsuyoshi: interesting.. i'd love love you if you made the ffmpeg decoder work on the sansa after its having sound and all :):)
22:37:37tsuyoshisansa is more difficult though
22:38:05tsuyoshiI think in order to get a decent framerate we need both processors decoding
22:38:47Juice^its dualcore?
22:39:09Juice^or two different
22:39:15tsuyoshidual yeah
22:39:26Juice^i dont know too much about its hardware
22:39:39puetzkHyperbit_01, I don't think so, but you do need to update rockbox and the bootloader at the same time
22:40:06 Part chromoXdor
22:40:32Juice^tsuyoshi: i will do my best for adding wps themes for the sansa :)
22:41:02tsuyoshithat's what the sansa has
22:41:13Hyperbit_01hmm hmm i cant find the applie firmware on
22:41:33Hyperbit_01i think its the batter way with a new clean ipod firmware
22:41:47dionoeayou're going to overwrite it anyway
22:41:52dionoeaso you don't really care do you ?
22:42:21linuxstbWhat kind of ipod do you have, and what is installed on it already?
22:42:46Juice^tsuyoshi, ok so its the cpu and the cop (arm7s)
22:43:45 Quit JoeyBorn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:43:55 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
22:44:35linuxstbtsuyoshi: I don't think decoding on two cores will help - decoding on one core, and doing the yuv2rgb conversion, audio decoding and everything else on the other core should keep them both busy.
22:44:50linuxstbI mean video decoding.
22:45:18tsuyoshithat's still more complicated than a single processor though
22:45:34dionoealinuxstb: did you already start moving yuv2rgb on another core ? (does that mean that you'll need twice as many decoding buffers in IRAM ?)
22:45:59linuxstbNo, we just need to take care to flush the cache.
22:46:12 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (
22:46:35linuxstbAnd no, I haven't started yet. That will come after the basic mpegplayer features are working (rebuffering, a/v sync, probably seeking).
22:47:36*amiconn_ thinks an asm optimised lcd_yuv_blit() for arm would already help quite a bit
22:47:49 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:47:50 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:48:12linuxstbBut at the moment, I'm sure the main CPU is idle for a lot of the time...
22:48:19 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:48:20linuxstb(on PP targets)
22:48:35amiconnI don't think that it's such a lot
22:48:52amiconnlibmad doesn't seem to be nearly as efficient on arm as it is on coldfire
22:50:52*linuxstb pings Bagder again
22:51:37 Quit Hyperbit_01 ()
22:53:12*Bagder arrives
22:53:37dionoeathat was fast ;)
22:53:45 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
22:55:01linuxstbGodEater is currently hosting some more videos for -">
22:55:11linuxstbHe said he was happy to keep them there if you wanted.
22:55:51 Quit matsl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:56:25 Join Angry [0] (
22:57:08Bagderwell, I think it makes sense to have one place that have all the sample mpegs
22:57:39Bagderor more than one place...
22:57:50 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:58:56linuxstbYes, we could have two links to each file in the mpegplayer wiki page.
23:00:03BagderI've considered offering via rsync to better allow mirrors of it
23:00:36linuxstbAre there any plans for New server, new CPU?
23:00:38dionoeahow much bandwidth do the rockbox downloads take ?
23:01:04Bagderdionoea: I think we're on like 200GB/month or so
23:01:29Bagderlinuxstb: new server with dual opterons coming up within a few weeks
23:01:30dionoeaok. In case you need a mirror, feel free to ask
23:01:37bluebrotherBagder, I'm missing some cvs notifications. Is there something known to be broken with that?
23:01:54linuxstbBagder: Nice. Will it be on the same connection?
23:01:56Bagderbluebrother: yeah, sendmail was acting funny earlier
23:02:11bluebrotherok, thanks.
23:02:14Bagderlinuxstb: yes
23:02:24*bagawk spits at sendmail
23:02:40Bagderbut when we move to svn we'll release some bandwidth from the www server
23:03:00dionoealike 20 MB ? :)
23:03:07bluebrotheris there a date planned for the svn move?
23:03:12 Part tj2master
23:03:15Bagderwe have quite intense cvs traffic
23:03:21Bagderand viewcvs
23:03:36Bagderbluebrother: I think we're aiming for next week still
23:04:15Bagderthere's increased bandwidth for the www server planned too
23:04:32Bagderbut that might still be several months away
23:04:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:04:46dionoeawhat do you have ATM ? 100 Mbits/sec ?
23:04:47linuxstbWhat server will be doing the builds? Will that be the svn server or
23:05:07Bagderlinuxstb: I'll move those to the svn server
23:05:43Bagderdionoea: the download one has one or more 100mbit, and the www one has 2mbit ;-)
23:05:52dionoeaouch :p
23:06:19dionoeaso you're going to have 3 servers dedicated to rockbox ?!? or do they host other stuff too ?
23:06:39Bagderthey host a lot of other stuff too
23:06:51dionoeacurl ?
23:07:10Bagdercurl is one of the other projects/sites, yes
23:07:27Bagderbut the main curl web site is on yet another server...
23:08:42 Join Llorean [0] (
23:09:00 Quit spiorf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:12:38Bagderlinuxstb: those 6 mpegs are now on download as well
23:13:22bluebrotherBagder, when I changed the download link in the manual for ipodpatcher I wondered why they aren't collected in a folder
23:13:25*Bagder used the documentary "the making of the elephants dream" as a test stream on his work-DTB thing
23:13:56Bagderbluebrother: just my sloppy copying, I could change it if you think it helps
23:14:04bluebrotherlike /bootloader/ipod/ipodpatcher/<hosttarget>
23:14:37bluebrotherI just linked to /bootloader/ipod/ and trusted the users to find the correct subfolder.
23:14:40linuxstbThe filenames are the same for different binaries...
23:14:55 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
23:15:06linuxstbAh, you mean ipodpatcher/<hosttarget>/ipodpatcher[.exe] ...
23:15:07bluebrotherExperienced users shouldn't haven any problems with that, but maybe the non-experienced pc users?
23:15:22 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
23:15:38bluebrotheryes, currently I would need to write a different url for each host target.
23:15:46 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:15:55bluebrotherI want the users to think a _tiny_ bit ;-)
23:15:57 Nick JoeXBorn is now known as JoeyBorn (
23:16:20Bagderspeaking of URLs, I now hopefully have made "static" URLs for daily builds
23:16:27Bagderfor targets, fonts and source
23:16:37 Quit |Rincewind| ("Cya")
23:16:41linuxstbbluebrother: I think we need an ipodpatcher wiki page, so you could just link to that.
23:16:55linuxstb(describing the more advanced things ipodpatcher can do).
23:17:10 Join trypt0 [0] (
23:17:24BagderI'm afraid to explain how I messed up ;-)
23:17:36Bagder"cd build-dir; rm -rf *"
23:17:46Bagderbut the build dir didn't exist...
23:17:55bluebrotherhmm. I think it's better to link to some download server (but maybe additionally mention the wiki page)
23:18:31bluebrotherhehe, I did this once when I started working with linux. In the root folder as I wanted to remove the installation but forgot my DOS partition was mounted ...
23:19:00*amiconn also had to learn the advantage of using && instead of ; in the *nix shell
23:19:20Bagderyeah, but I simplied my error somewhat
23:19:28Bagderstill had that effect
23:19:38Bagderwham, no more daily builds...
23:20:00Bagderand with holidays and stuff it was faster to rewrite than to wait for the guys that could bring back the backup tapes
23:20:17bluebrotherwho needs dailies? We have cvs builds ;-)
23:20:33Bagderthe dailies offload the www server :-)
23:20:40 Join BobJonkma1 [0] (
23:25:21FebsHas anyone seen claims that there is an audible hiss that exists in the Apple firmware that is eliminated by Rockbox?
23:26:37LloreanFebs: There's an audible hiss in the Apple firmware, but as far as I'm aware it's there in Rockbox as well, and I can only hear it on my CX300s.
23:27:08 Quit jhMikeS (
23:27:08 Quit softi-42 (
23:27:08 Quit pabs (
23:27:08 Quit argonel (
23:27:08 Quit bun-bun (
23:27:08 Quit linuxboy (
23:27:11linuxstbFebs: Am I missing it, or is there no mention of FAT32 in the ipod install instructions any more?
23:27:14 Join Hyperbit_01 [0] (
23:27:36Hyperbit_01new bootloader @ ipod works great
23:27:44FebsLlorean: here's an example:
23:27:47Hyperbit_01thanks @ team
23:28:11 Part Angry
23:28:12Febslinuxstb: I'd have to check, but my feeling is that you're probably right.
23:28:24NJoinjhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
23:28:24NJoinsofti-42 [0] (
23:28:24NJoinpabs [0] (
23:28:24NJoinbun-bun [0] (n=bun@unaffiliated/bun-bun)
23:28:24NJoinargonel [0] (i=beezle@konversation/developer/argonel)
23:28:24NJoinlinuxboy [0] (
23:28:40puetzkmaybe not using the coprocessor helps?
23:28:53puetzkif it's a power supply thing that's not inconceivable
23:28:57FebsI'm trying to remember if we had a reference to FAT32 in the manual before. It was probably in the OSX-specific instructions, which no longer exist.
23:29:07linuxstbFebs: Then I should apologise to the person on the forum....
23:29:40FebsAnd I should add something about FAT32, probably in the "Prerequisites" section.
23:29:50scorcheFebs: i still hear a hiss in rockbox, but the hiss is much louder in apple firmware
23:29:58LloreanFebs: What audio format did you use to create the listening test?
23:30:45FebsAnd I think that I ran the RMAA test with MP3s as well.
23:30:59LloreanFebs: Try it with MP3. If I recall, MP3s do have a louder hiss in the Apple firmware, now that I think of it (still only heard with one set of earphones I own though), but it's been a very very long time since I listened with that specific combination.
23:31:25scorcheFebs: this wasnt playing anything...just on the tree
23:31:49LloreanI can't hear it at all with any other method of listening than that single pair of headphones though, so it's probably a factor of resistance or something.
23:32:20 Join _pill [0] (
23:33:29FebsIn re-reading my thread on the issue, I see that I used the iPod line-out for the test. Perhaps there is a hiss issue with low impedance headphones through the headphone out.
23:33:45 Quit bun-bun (
23:33:45 Quit softi-42 (
23:33:45 Quit jhMikeS (
23:33:45 Quit argonel (
23:33:45 Quit pabs (
23:33:45 Quit linuxboy (
23:33:45FebsBut why would the hiss be less in Rockbox than in the Apple firmware?
23:34:07NJoinjhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
23:34:07NJoinsofti-42 [0] (
23:34:07NJoinpabs [0] (
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23:34:08puetzkFebs, well, the poor battery life definitely shows rockbox is doing different things with power management :-)
23:34:56puetzkcould be the voltage regulation is better under more load, or the one of the chips has a noisy ground when in powersave, or who knows
23:35:25scorchewith that hiss in apple firmware, i cant see listening to it without using my attenuator
23:37:20puetzkkinda like the macbook power supply whine when the cores switch on and off. The "fix" was to power up the iSight, which wasn't really doing anything but sucking power :-)
23:38:24 Quit BobJonkman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:38:24Hyperbit_01Question : Will You Include the USB Connection Button Patch to any next Builds?
23:38:58Bagdermarkun: you have a gigabeat bootloader around to put on with the other ones?
23:39:08 Quit nls_web ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:39:49LloreanHyperbit_01: You mean the patch that makes it *not* go into USB mode when it's supposed to, but rather when you hold down a button?
23:39:56 Part lavish
23:40:19 Join BobJonkman [0] (
23:41:07LloreanOut of curiosity, don't you think they would've just had it work that way in the first place if they'd wanted it to?
23:41:08Hyperbit_01for me i think thats the better way ... mybe it can be an option in rockboxconfigs?
23:41:34 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
23:42:02LloreanAn option, such as "On USB insert:" with the choices being "Charge" and "Connect" (or "Disk Mode") is probably more likely to have a chance.
23:42:31Hyperbit_01i think so too :)
23:42:31LloreanEspecially if it were made in such a way that would work on other targets with USB charging as well.
23:42:40LloreanBut you should perhaps suggest that to the patch author.
23:42:51 Quit BobJonkma1 (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
23:42:52Hyperbit_01on my way ... :)
23:43:00 Join phrontist [0] (
23:43:15phrontistI want to charge my iPod over USB
23:43:20 Quit bun-bun (
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23:43:20 Quit argonel (
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23:43:20 Quit linuxboy (
23:43:22phrontistwhile still playing music
23:43:36phrontistbut when I plug it in, it goes into file-transfer mode
23:43:43NJoinjhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
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23:43:58Lloreanphrontist: Hold Menu down while plugging it in, as per the directions.
23:43:58phrontisthow can I override this?
23:44:46Hyperbit_01LOL .. use the patch we talk about few seconds ago :D^^
23:45:14phrontisthyperbit: I just logged on, and the menu thing should work for me, but out of curiosity, what patch?
23:50:20 Join Lyle_ca [0] (
23:51:55 Quit debauched_sloth ("Leaving.")
23:53:29phrontistLlorean: thanks, that works
23:54:25 Join JoeXBorn [0] (
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