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#rockbox log for 2007-01-14

00:02:00 Quit mrmagic52 ()
00:02:37dan_aWhich architecture of ARM do the Gigabeats use? There is code for processors which support the pld instruction, but I don't know if that would work on the Gigabeats
00:03:20Bagderbut I forget the exact one
00:03:46preglowwhich does little more than the arm7tdmi in the ipod
00:03:56Mikachuthe memcpy.S in linux is written by the same person as the glibc ones
00:03:58preglowdoubt it does pld
00:04:01Mikachu( in arch/arm )
00:04:14preglowyeah, they looked very similar
00:04:19preglowi had a look at the linux ones when i did memset
00:04:21Bagderwho is it?
00:04:40Mikachupreglow: doesn't that make it a derived work? :)
00:04:42MikachuNicolas Pitre
00:05:16Slasherihehe, now scrolling on ipod is very fast :)
00:05:21Slashericompared to what it was before
00:05:25preglowSlasheri: what changes have you done?
00:05:55Slasheripreglow: only the necessary changes are drawn, not the whole screen. And cpu is automatically boosted if there are queued button events
00:06:20linuxstbSo no special acceleration yet?
00:06:38Slasheriwell, just gui optimization
00:06:39Mikachuperformance-faster, not usage-faster
00:06:58Slasheriwhat do you mean with usage faster?
00:07:22 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
00:07:43SlasheriMikachu: with pages scrolling the gui speed feels like it's from another planet now :)
00:08:06JdGordonhey all
00:08:17preglowcool, then we just lack better scroll acceleration and it'll be all good
00:08:27*JdGordon has an idea how to add fluff t the wps without affecting core size :)
00:08:35Slasheritrue. i am planning to have a look on that also :)
00:08:43 Join Phalangees [0] (
00:08:47preglowSlasheri: is it commitable?
00:08:59 Quit dune2 ("Sleep in progress ... please, wait a while during dreams syncing ...")
00:09:04Slasheripreglow: soon, still checking for some minor glitches
00:09:56Nico_PSlasheri: for scroll acceleration there is already a patch too
00:10:02Phalangeesi'm having trouble converting with vlc. i'm getting a few errors. I'm running ubuntu dapper if that helps. I have the codecs for everything. Here are the errors. Any help is appreciated. kyle@LinuxBox:~$ sudo vlc charlie.mpg −−sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=600,width=320,height=240,acodec=mp3,ab=128,samplerate=44100}:std{access-video=file,mux=ps,dst-video=Charles.mpg}
00:10:02PhalangeesVLC media player 0.8.4 Janus
00:10:02Phalangees[00000274] main private error: no sout stream module matched "transcodesamplerate=44100"
00:10:02DBUGEnqueued KICK Phalangees
00:10:02Phalangees[00000273] main stream output error: stream chained failed for `transcodesamplerate=44100:stddst-video=Charles.mpg'
00:10:03Phalangees[00000272] main input error: cannot start stream output instance, aborting
00:10:04Slasheripreglow: it feels like there is now no gui delay at all when scrolling
00:10:05Phalangees[00000263] main playlist: nothing to play
00:10:30amiconnBagder: Goteater's build server caused red builds...
00:10:31SlasheriNico_P: i know.. but i don't like the approach
00:10:45SlasheriNico_P: i will try something else first
00:10:54SoapSlasheri: FS?
00:11:03Bagderyeah, no sh compiler...
00:11:10SlasheriSoap: hmm?
00:11:11amiconnAnd no m68k compiler either
00:11:14Nico_PJdGordon: what's your idea ?
00:11:18Soapis this on the tracker?
00:11:28SlasheriSoap: nope, i will commit it soon
00:12:14BagderI've now removed sh and m68k from godeater
00:12:36JdGordonI want to create a new tsr plugin which will register wps tags and be called when those tags need to be replaced on the screen
00:13:08Bagderthat sounds... complicated
00:13:23SoapJdGordon: I want to thank you for the colinux enviroment - It is the only solution which works for me.
00:13:24Nico_PJdGordon: you really want to do a TSR plugin, don't you ? :)
00:13:37amiconnSlasheri: This boosting on button events doesn't sound like a good idea (unless it's implemented really clever)
00:13:52JdGordonSoap: :) if you can mainain the image it would be great, ned to remove cvs and add svn
00:13:53amiconnWe don't want to boost/unboost to often, there's a penalty...
00:13:56JdGordonNico_P: yeah :D
00:14:38SoapJdGordon: I was thinking about taking over the maintance. I need to get some hosting. Yea, I added subversion, and just got Samba working really well.
00:15:17JdGordonBagder: would you be abl;e to host the colinux images if they are maintained?
00:15:29 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
00:15:41MikachuJdGordon: how big is it?
00:15:44 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
00:15:48 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
00:15:51Slasheriamiconn: i am still working on it
00:15:54JdGordon~150mb i tinhk
00:15:57linuxstbSoap: How did you measure the boost improvement with the memcpy/memmove patch?
00:16:09JdGordonSoap: there you go :) no need for hosting
00:16:11Mikachui can host it too then if you want
00:16:17linuxstbi.e. what was Rockbox doing, and how long did you measure for?
00:16:24Soaplinuxstb: from the debug screen
00:16:40Soaplinuxstb: ahh - on that front my methodology is rock solid.
00:16:48Bagdernew gigabeat bootloader on the dl site
00:17:03ghost___PaulPosition: i tried what you suggested with the tagnavi.config, but it didn't show the entries, just the subordinate menus like "artist a-z" etc... what could i do?
00:17:06JdGordonanyone like/hate my idea of offloading some of the wps tag handling to a plugin?
00:17:33linuxstbMy first reaction was the same as Bagder's - it sounds complicated...
00:17:37Mikachuwhy would you want to do that?
00:17:47Nico_PJdGordon: it means it's not poissble to use a regular plugin anymore, doesn't it ?
00:17:50BagderJdGordon: I've been toying with the idea of simply running a complete plugin instead of the wps, for the case when you want to go wild
00:17:50Mikachuyou'd always have to have the plugin loaded then
00:18:06Soapboot - launch playlist - wait for buffer to be filled (note buffer fill time) - switch to debug menu/audio thread - wait for two track changes. write down boost percentage at time of second track change. Repeat 3 times per build.
00:18:22Bagderit would of course require that the plugin api can provide all the info
00:18:25MikachuBagder: but then you have to use -> for everything instead of direct calls, maybe that doesn't matter a lot though
00:18:44Nico_Pthat seems smart... the whole WPS as a plugin...
00:18:51 Part Phalangees ("Leaving")
00:18:52linuxstbSoap: So it's the boost without any disk activity?
00:19:17JdGordonBagder: I thought the idea of a full wps plugin was always goin to b shot down? this would allow stuff which just uses ram (like AA) to be added without much complaint
00:19:32JdGordonand seen as the wps is not run while a plugin is there wouldnt be any problem
00:19:48Bagderthe AA would still be troublesome
00:19:50JdGordonthe only down side is the playlist viewer uses the plugin ram so a reload would be needed
00:19:59Nico_Pthe only drawback i see is having to spin the hard drive to load the WPS
00:19:59Soaplinuxstb: correct
00:20:08BagderNico_P: true
00:20:18Soaplinuxstb: 7 minutes of playback since last disk activity.
00:20:24BagderJdGordon: because AA should be dealt with by the song loader as well
00:20:26JdGordonit would only need to spin up if the plugin was unloaded, which it shhuoldnt
00:20:46Soapand the screen was only entered after disk activity, so that doesn't influence the boost % average.
00:20:46Nico_PJdGordon: what if you load another plugin ?
00:21:06linuxstbSoap: What % improvements did you get, and which codecs? (refer me to the logs if you posted them here....)
00:21:12JdGordonthe this gets unloaded... but then the disk would have spun anyway
00:21:43JdGordonalso, I would add a tag to check if its loaded, so you could disable the tag if its not
00:22:20Soaplinuxstb: I posted them on the patch tracker.
00:22:29linuxstbSo where would the WPS store its data? Would it need to load and parse the .wps file and bitmaps each time it was opened?
00:22:33 Join terinjokes [0] (n=terin@wikinews/Terinjokes)
00:22:46linuxstbSoap: Thanks, I'll look there.
00:22:56Soaplinuxstb: forgot to mention - mp3.
00:23:16amiconnPlayback is core functionality, and the wps is part of playback imo
00:23:47amiconnOffloading that to a plugin? Hmm, I'd rather drop wps features than do that...
00:23:53Bagderamiconn: well, I would of course still want WPS and stuff like today
00:24:25linuxstbThere's nothing stopping someone writing a completely new WPS as a plugin though...
00:24:26Bagderthe wps plugin would extra/custom/config
00:24:30JdGordonlinuxstb: isnt each tag checked for each update currently? and storing would either be in the current place, or the pugin ram
00:24:39Bagderlinuxstb: very true
00:25:08 Part terinjokes
00:25:14amiconnJdGordon: For this to work, the wps would need to be a tsr plugin that is allowed to take over the gui.
00:25:41amiconnAnd tsr plugins must not use plugin_get_buffer()
00:25:54amiconnOtherwise rockbox will crash when using the playlist viewer
00:26:05JdGordonamiconn: no, im not suggesting remvin wps... add extra tags through a tsr plugin
00:26:15amiconnAlso, the wps plugin would need an interface to enable/disable its gui use
00:27:01Nico_Pon a slightly related note... how does using the plugin buffer to store album art bitmaps sound ? maybe even using it to decode jpegs ?
00:27:04amiconnWhat would be possible (an idea of mine) is having a wps with a viewport that is redirected to a plugin
00:27:15[Tesser]Okay. I need some serious help. Is anyone well-versed with the 5.5g ipod? 'Cause mine refuses to cooperate.
00:27:18amiconnThinking oscilloscope in the wps...
00:27:41JdGordonwell, thats similar to what im thinking... but wthout th viewpor
00:27:49JdGordonit would draw directoly into the lcd buffer....
00:28:10amiconnIt would still need an interface to stop it from doing so
00:28:17amiconn(viewport or not)
00:28:42amiconnThe viewports will also draw to the framebuffer
00:28:51JdGordonwell, my idea uses the tags to tel it when to draw, not a background thread
00:29:01dan_aIs anyone against the ARM optimised memcpy being committed right now?
00:29:11amiconnJdGordon: Then how would that code be executed?
00:29:34JdGordonon load, the plugi would register callbacks for each tag it wants to handle
00:29:34Mikachucall from within the wps parser?
00:29:58linuxstbdan_a: Not me. If it's good enough for glibc...
00:30:25dan_aWe can always revert if needed...
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00:30:25*amiconn thinks the first part that needs to be done is a wps parser rework
00:30:32amiconn(perhaps even rewrite)
00:30:44Mikachumaybe only the memcpy one is needed?
00:30:46JdGordonthere has been 2 attempts now to do that hsnt there?
00:31:05gotthardtanyone here the DAC expert for wm8975 ?
00:31:22gotthardton why the code sets the volume twice in a row
00:31:35linuxstbIs that the 5g?
00:32:01gotthardt? im working on the gigabeat and it uses 8971
00:32:14gotthardtbut we use the 8975 cuz its close
00:32:32gotthardti know ipods use 8975 but i dont know which ones
00:32:32 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:32:40linuxstbAh no, the 4g/Color/Nano...
00:34:02gotthardti am going to enable zero-crossing on the 8975, but noticed that volume settings are set twice in a row - no comments say why
00:34:47linuxstbCheck the SVN logs, maybe it's just a mistake
00:35:12preglowamiconn: a tokenizer in particular would be nice, that complete reparse per display sounds expensive
00:36:25Nico_Ppreglow: what's a tokenizer ? something that stores the WPS in some kind of struct ?
00:37:01thegeekIn computing, a token is a primitive block of a structured text. A token can look like anything: English, gibberish symbols, anything; It just needs to be a useful part of the structured text. Generally, whitespace is ignored, but sometimes it is important and tokenized.
00:37:15thegeekgod bless google and define:
00:37:31thegeekAnything treated as a single symbol during syntax analysis such as a name, a literal or an operator.
00:37:34preglowNico_P: just replace a whole string with an int, for example, so that the string doesn't have to be parsed again
00:37:48Mikachuwps strings are usually only 3 chars or less anyway
00:37:49preglowNico_P: unless i'm mistaken, the entire wps is parsed everytime it's displayed now
00:37:57Mikachuand anything that isn't a tag is printed anyway
00:38:02preglowMikachu: well yeah, but a single compare beats a strcmp
00:38:08preglowone instruction vs a function call
00:38:19preglownot that it's done that way, but who knows
00:38:24Mikachui think each character is switched on
00:38:28preglowyeah, probably
00:38:40preglowstrcmping would be pure idiot anyway
00:38:50Mikachubut i suspect all static strings like Artist: is redrawn on each update too?
00:38:53preglowtokens will almost certainly be faster anyway
00:39:00preglowMikachu: very probably...
00:39:09Nico_PMikachu: not sure
00:39:16Mikachuand the background image memcpy'd into the buffer :)
00:39:19Nico_Pthere are flags that indicate what to update
00:39:22linuxstbgotthardt: It's my own copy-and-paste mistake which has been present since the first commit. The second pair of register writes was originally meant to be setting the volume for the line-out. I think you can safely remove them.
00:39:32linuxstb(we now fix the line-out at 0dB)
00:39:36Mikachuso it just does clear_rect behind each piece of updated string then?
00:39:42gotthardtthanks linuxstb
00:39:55gotthardtis there a archive of all irc?
00:40:00Mikachui suppose i could just look
00:40:02gotthardtin one shot?
00:40:12Nico_PMikachu: i don't know much more than what i just said... i just know not everything gets updated each time the WPS is refreshed
00:41:36MikachuBagder: are links such as this supposed to work yet?
00:41:36preglowgotthardt: why not just google the archive if you're looking for something?
00:42:01BagderMikachu: the link works ;-) but no, I haven't yet populated those with the correct info
00:42:01amiconnCurrent svn is broken on mini G2 (and perhaps other ipods): USB is detected, but the mini doesn't switch to disk mode
00:42:25dan_aIt works fine on a 4G greyscale
00:42:58Nico_Pthere are two patches in the tracker that rework the WPS parsing
00:43:18Mouser_XWhat do they do?
00:43:23Mikachuheh, gwps-common.o is 28kB
00:43:34*linuxstb is starting to like the TMS320DSC25 - a dedicated hardware 16-bit byte-swap and bit-swap register.
00:43:45Nico_Pi looks like both implement token based parsing
00:43:46amiconndan_a: I am just running a memcpy() speed test on arm with my plugin, using C memcpy()
00:44:01amiconnI will measure the asm version later
00:44:09dan_aamiconn: Thank you.
00:44:24preglowlinuxstb: only 16 bit?
00:44:27amiconnlinuxstb: Oh, hardware bitswap!
00:44:28dan_aDo you want me to hold off committing until we have both results?
00:44:38*amiconn would like that to be part of the SH1 :/
00:44:45preglownot very risc, is it! :-)
00:45:58linuxstbamiconn: Can you remind me why we need to bitswap for the MAS? Is that likely to be the same on the av3xx?
00:46:26Mikachuah yes, the wps only redraws lines that change, but it does clear the whole line
00:46:44amiconnlinuxstb: I don't think so
00:47:15amiconnThe bitswap on SH1 is needed because the MAS (and the MMC in the Ondios) use SPI transfers
00:47:38amiconnPractically all SPI implementations send MSB first, only the SH1 sends LSB first...
00:47:45JdGordonMikachu: each tag is checked tho each update isnt it?
00:48:04amiconnThe SH2 (and higher) have selectable bit order on SPI...
00:48:05linuxstbAh, so it's a feature of the SH1.
00:48:15amiconnHaha, a feature, yes... :/
00:48:16Mikachuit looks like each line is checked for marked as scrolling or refresh, etc, and if so it proceeds to parse tags
00:48:21Mikachuotherwise i think it skips the whole line
00:48:30Mikachubut it's like 6000 lines, i might have skipped something important :)
00:49:47 Quit PaulPosition ()
00:49:56preglow6000 lines for the wps parser???
00:49:59 Quit Redbreva_Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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00:50:32 Quit Honkboy (Client Quit)
00:51:14 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
00:51:27JdGordonyeah, gwps-common.c is horrible :p
00:51:44JdGordon2600 lines... not 60000
00:52:02Mikachufelt like 6000
00:52:10 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@rockbox/contributor/Genre9mp3)
00:53:44 Quit midgey ()
00:59:46preglowoooh, the dac can wait for zero crossings
00:59:57Nico_PJdGordon, Mikachu: are you looking at the wps tokenizer patches ?
00:59:58preglowthough not as cool as just ramping the volume
01:00:06JdGordonNico_P: no
01:00:15Mikachuno i was just looking at the code
01:00:44Nico_PMikachu: the current wps code ?
01:00:47 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
01:00:47 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
01:01:11*amiconn was a little puzzled about his speed test results
01:01:30dan_aamiconn: why?
01:01:33amiconnIt's just the data cache size influence
01:02:07amiconnOne very big copy (1x 5000000 bytes) is slower that copying 4883x 1024 bytes
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01:02:21 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
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01:02:42dan_ahmmm... do we have any profile for what sort of copies Rockbox does?
01:03:06amiconnThat was with teh C version
01:03:20amiconn...but it's normal for all implementations I'd say
01:04:26preglowwhy does that puzzle you?
01:05:05amiconnOnly a little... because it's the first time that I observed such behaviour
01:05:23preglowahh, you haven't benched arm mem* before?
01:05:34amiconnOnly SH1 and coldfire
01:05:35preglowright, then i get it
01:07:13amiconnBagder: Hmm, why do manual/ commits trigger a rebuild now?
01:09:25preglowamiconn: i've figured out why cuts worked so badly with the first order shelving filter already in rockbox, btw, and i suspect it'll work nicely for treble/bass controls once i solve it
01:09:33 Quit ender` (" The problem with political jokes is they get elected. -- Henry Cate, VII")
01:09:54amiconnIs there a bug in the filter code itself?
01:10:06preglowamiconn: what made you change your mind about not doing treble/bass in software if not available in hardware, btw?
01:10:15preglowamiconn: it's a quirk in the way i designed the filter, more like a math problem
01:10:28[Tesser]Anyone know why my Rockbox bootloader would hang, while thinking I only had 7130MB on my 3gb drive?
01:10:54Mikachuonly? i would say that is quite a lot on a 3GB drive
01:11:03[Tesser]Damn 0 key
01:12:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:13:11amiconnpreglow: Mainly that one does need some sort of tone control when listening with phones at a non-deafening volume level (because of fletcher-munson), and using the eq is sorta overkill just for this purpose
01:13:27[Tesser]I've got nothin'. I've had read/write problems since I tried out a new loader, new rockbox, et cetera. I went back to what worked the first time (Psiuyo's Dec 28th build for 5.5g) and it's hung. Nothing doing.
01:13:37amiconnPlain treble and bass controls are easier to use, and if it also saves cpu power, it's even better
01:14:05preglowshould save some amount of cpu, yes
01:14:23preglowboth treble and bass controls combined should be about the same complexity as one eq band
01:14:41amiconnIs that also true for coldfire?
01:15:06amiconn(because the X5 would also benefit from this)
01:15:12preglowbut, there's one problem
01:15:16preglowwe'll probably need a prescaler for boosts
01:15:22preglowto avoid clipping
01:15:34preglowthis issue is already there in the eq too, i don't know why we've never dealt withit
01:15:48amiconnThe hw treble/bass deals with it
01:15:57preglowhmm, yes, we do have a prescaler there :>
01:16:02preglowit's just manual
01:16:50 Join Febs [0] (
01:16:54amiconnThe hw treble/bass code prescales (on targets where it's needed), and shadows that by boosting output volume
01:17:18preglowah, so we still do that
01:17:32preglowso the only behaviour we removed was the limiting if prescale was not possible?
01:17:38*dan_a goes to bed
01:17:45 Quit gotthardt ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
01:17:45preglowdan_a: gnite
01:17:48amiconn...unless the output volume is already at maximum, then it reduces prescaling (possibly causing clipping)
01:18:19preglowyes, which is good
01:18:35preglowshould we attempt to duplicate that for sw treb/bass controls, then?
01:18:50preglowthe prescale i can do for free in the filter
01:18:55amiconnThis is done (at least, to my knowledge) for UDA1380 (irivers) and DAC3550 (archos player)
01:19:27amiconnThe MAS3587 and MAS3539 handles that internally, in some not described way
01:20:10amiconnThe TLV320 (X5) doesn't have tone control, and afaik that's also true for the various WM codecs except the 8758
01:20:40amiconn(which has that hardware eq which seems to be incomplete)
01:21:03preglowso i'll just need to find a way to specify the cutoff frquency in terms of half-amplitude points
01:21:08preglowand we're good to go
01:22:51[Tesser]linuxstb, can I bother you for a second?
01:23:21Mikachuis that a trick question?
01:23:31[Tesser]Well, I'm sure I'll succeed.
01:23:42[Tesser]I guess the real question is "may I"
01:24:10[Tesser]Or anyone who could help me undestand how ipod MBR functions.
01:24:10Aloneaok, I have a friend with an ipod and I was trying to see if his is supported. He said its a second gen nano. I only see first gen nano, so thus it is not supported, correct?
01:24:41preglowit's not even close to being supported, i'm afraid
01:25:18Aloneaok, I will tell him. I swear there are too many different versions of ipod...@@
01:25:43preglowthe nano2g is _a lot_ more different to nano1g than it looks
01:25:47preglowthe internals are completely different
01:25:58linuxstb[Tesser]: What's your question?
01:26:00preglowand this time too, all documentation is secret
01:26:07preglowpleasing us no end
01:26:14linuxstbPlus the encryption...
01:26:32Mikachuplus the pink color
01:26:33[Tesser]linuxstb, if I used a utility that hacked my MBR, would that carry over after an iTues restore?
01:26:42InsectoidI've been sitting in make voice for about an hour now without any changes. The last I saw was it running the script. Is this normal?
01:27:02linuxstb[Tesser]: I doubt it, but I don't use itunes, and don't know what it does when it restores.
01:27:30[Tesser]I'm just having major issues, and the things that used to work no longer do.
01:27:37linuxstbWe have copies of most of the MBRs from unmodified ipods here: if you need one.
01:28:00linuxstb(FAT32 formatted ipods, obviously)
01:28:27 Quit miepchen^schlaf ("Verlassend")
01:28:46[Tesser]Does MBR = FW or is it a separate thing?
01:29:06preglowcompletely separate
01:29:25preglowthe mbr is a 512 byte sector at the very start of the disk
01:29:42[Tesser]Okay, I thought so.
01:29:50[Tesser]How do I dd that back in?
01:30:00 Join Febs_ [0] (
01:30:07[Tesser]The MBR bin.
01:30:20 Join fejfighter [0] (
01:30:30 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
01:30:39*amiconn wonders why the latest commit doesn't show up on the frontpage
01:30:46[Tesser]Do I seek=1?
01:31:37InsectoidYou um
01:31:41Insectoiduse ipodpatcher
01:32:25[Tesser]Oh. Any particular arguements?
01:33:16[Tesser]I don't really see how that would work, though, Insectoid .
01:33:31Mikachu[Tesser]: just cat file > /dev/sda
01:33:31Insectoidis it -d?
01:34:11[Tesser]Thanks Mikachu . Sorry for being a noob.
01:34:23Mikachuyou can use dd too, but it just makes the command longer :)
01:35:49[Tesser]SWEET! I think that may have worked.
01:40:36*JdGordon loves it when code works first go :D
01:40:52JdGordonwell... compile first go anway :p
01:42:38JdGordonBagder: why are some targets being built more than once?
01:42:56JdGordonhaha, woops, im a dill
01:42:57JdGordonignore me
01:44:50amiconndan_a: This memcpy is pretty damn fast
01:44:58preglownumbers, please
01:45:13Mikachui can't think of any!
01:45:16 Part redwood
01:45:21preglowme neither, i have to ask people for them
01:45:40preglowooh, i gleaned 1 and 4 from the current time!
01:45:47preglowi still feel some of them are missing
01:46:22puetzkit's the most random number, after all
01:46:23preglowone can combine them??
01:46:53amiconnThere are some cases where it's slower, this is (1) for data lengths of 0 and 1 byte, and (2) for length==16 with both src and dest 32bit-aligned
01:46:55JdGordon...and the supplements, 6 and 19, hope your numbers came up, see you next week on lotto
01:47:35preglowamiconn: well, the first are to be expected anyway
01:47:39preglowand the second is no surprise either
01:47:45preglowthough more so than the first
01:48:37amiconnFor very large blocks (larger than the cache), the aligned case is ~10% faster than in C, and the 15 unaligned cases are almost 4 times faster than in the C version, and only ~15% slower than the aligned case
01:49:04 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:49:21 Quit ghost___ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:49:24InsectoidAnyone get the Piezo patch to work on a recent build?
01:49:50amiconnWith blocks in the KB range which fit in the cache, it performs best: 2.4 times as fast for aligned and ~7.5 times as fast for the unaligned cases
01:50:07preglowthat's not bad at all
01:50:48amiconnpreglow: Btw, why do you think (1) is to be expected?
01:51:57preglowamiconn: since it's a seldomle seen case, it's bound to not be checked for explicitely, but rather just eliminated via the ordinary code path
01:52:00amiconnOn coldfire and SH1 this doesn't happen for any asm mem* function
01:52:14preglowthe same happens with the memset
01:52:51amiconnI agree that len==0 is a rare case, but len==1 is not
01:53:15preglowi'd expect it to be
01:53:27amiconnMy in-the-works version for coldfire takes special care for short copies
01:53:37Mikachuif there are places that call memset with length==1, isn't it better to add the check to them?
01:53:46preglowi'd pretty much say so
01:54:19amiconnNot only 1 but also other short lengths
01:54:19Mikachuwould be nice if a function could have two entry points
01:55:12preglowamiconn: have you looked at the libc memset? the one i commited is from linux, and modified to work according to c specs
01:57:41Nico_PJdGordon: you working on your WPS extension TSR plugin ?
01:59:57JdGordonNico_P: yes, ive just finished the part which handles it in the core
02:00:33Nico_Pdo you already have some extensions in mind ? things your plugin would add to the WPS ?
02:01:52JdGordonnot reeally, Id like to add a kareokea display, ill probably add your status bar patch as the tsr as a demo
02:01:58*amiconn has no idea where to find that
02:02:15Mikachudownload glibc, ls :)
02:03:43preglowi thought you'd already looked at them
02:04:02 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
02:04:47amiconnI looked at newlib
02:05:02amiconnIirc newlib didn't have asm optimised memcpy for coldfire
02:05:41preglowwhat is newlib? :>
02:05:56Mikachupreglow, amiconn:
02:06:13preglowMikachu: l33t
02:06:21Nico_PJdGordon: my status bar patch ? i think you've got the wrong person ;)
02:06:28Mikachuit was apparently not in the main glibc archive, but in glibc-ports
02:06:46preglowlooks much smaller than the one we already have
02:06:49preglowalso, it doesn't use stm
02:06:56Mikachuis stm good or bad?
02:08:33preglowstm is good
02:08:42preglowmultiple stores in one instruction
02:08:54Mikachuah, asm and those cryptic acronyms
02:08:54preglowthey probably want to avoid using the stack
02:09:07JdGordonNico_P: bah, progress bar
02:09:14Nico_Pah yes
02:09:21Nico_Pthe y-coord one ?
02:09:40JdGordonmaybe... i dunno... i had more ideas for it when i tohught it up at 2am last night ;p
02:09:46Nico_Pactually i think this one should get commited, considering how small it is
02:10:20*JdGordon wanst to strip all the fluff out of the core wps... only keep tex drawing tags
02:10:30Nico_Peven LinusN was in favor of it's inclusion...
02:10:56drklabyrinthhi everyone
02:11:04JdGordonbreaky time... bbl
02:11:26drklabyrinthso, where do i get Rockbox for the fifth gen video?
02:12:16drklabyrinthis it ever going to be available for the 5.5g?
02:12:26preglowit is, if you don't have the 80 gig one
02:12:29linuxstbIt's available for the 30GB 5.5g.
02:12:34preglow80? 60?
02:12:47drklabyrinth30 gig
02:12:57drklabyrinthcurses to being a n00b
02:13:09preglowthen hooray, you can use rockbox right now
02:13:12drklabyrinthm'kay, which version do i want?
02:13:48preglowthe 5gen ipod one
02:14:06drklabyrinthis it possible to save my firmware now
02:14:11drklabyrinthin case i ever decide to go back to it
02:14:23Mikachuyou will still have it afterwards
02:14:25Mikachuyou can dualboot
02:14:29drklabyrinthoh very nice
02:14:39 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:14:43 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
02:14:43drklabyrinthand is it compatable with itunes?
02:14:47drklabyrinthor is it manual
02:14:50 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
02:14:56Mikachuyou can do it either way
02:14:56drklabyrinthupload music manually
02:15:19drklabyrinthis it possible to make your own graphics for it?
02:15:51 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:16:12drklabyrinththank you
02:16:27 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
02:17:17drklabyrinthis there an installation tutorial?
02:18:40 Quit cynicalliberal ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
02:18:52 Quit Wiwie ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
02:20:54nixphoeniBagder: to use your cutit program to extract the original sansa firmware, do i have to mount sda2?
02:21:57 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:22:49drklabyrinthi got the pdf instead
02:23:22 Join debauched_slot1 [0] (
02:23:25drklabyrinthfor windows you go start>my computer>Ipod(designated name) and extract them all to there right?
02:23:35Febs_Genre9mp3: did you read the comments? "Something makes me think that this isn't a real commercial."
02:23:35 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
02:24:21Febs_drklabyrinth: no.
02:24:27Febs_That's not what the manual says at all.
02:24:28Mikachuyoutube comments are the lowest level of human life
02:25:26Genre9mp3Febs_: haha! didn't bother with the comments
02:26:44drklabyrinth"Note that the entire contents of the .zip file should be extracted directly to the root of your players drive."
02:27:59drklabyrinththen where do i put it
02:28:03Febs_OK, my mistake. The *firmware* is extracted to the root of your player. The bootloader and ipodpatcher files are downloaded to your computer.
02:28:15drklabyrinththank you
02:28:39preglowMikachu: competing heavily with slashdot comments, though
02:29:10Mikachuheh, those are generally a bit smarter at least
02:29:44preglowyes, but the tendency to regurgitate bad jokes makes up for it
02:30:08Mikachui was bored earlier today and browsed around on /b/ on 4chan for a few minutes
02:30:15Mikachuthey have that regurgitating down to an art
02:30:19[Tesser]Hey, I'm getting a "bad bootsector signature" trying to use ipodpatcher
02:31:25drklabyrinthhow do you navigate to the desktop via command prmpt?
02:31:39 Join webguest75 [0] (i=434759a5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:31:43 Quit drklabyrinth (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
02:32:13Mikachuthat's a strange motivation for an opensource irc client
02:32:29webguest75My Ipod with Rockbox installed doesnt show up when its connected to my computer. It does however show the USB on the screen. Any help?
02:32:43webguest75Do I have to do anyhting first?
02:32:45 Join drklabyrinth [0] (
02:32:57drklabyrinthif someone answered that
02:33:01drklabyrinthwanna retype it?
02:33:21 Quit petur ("sssssssssss---------PLOP!")
02:33:34 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Kühe!!!")
02:33:40Aloneadrklabyrinth: its C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (or whatever user name you are usings)\Desktop
02:33:44Aloneathats the address
02:33:57DataGhostgambling is goooooood
02:34:58DataGhosttoo bad it wasn't real money though, that would've been great :P
02:35:09 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
02:35:11Aloneadrklabyrinth: you can double check the address by going into my computer and following the folder trail. But that is the general path
02:35:58drklabyrinththat is the right path
02:36:06drklabyrinthbut cmdprmpt is being a not nice person
02:36:45Aloneayou using cygwin? you could always move your files to a nicer place.
02:36:46drklabyrinth"is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
02:36:56drklabyrinththe directory it is in is
02:37:13drklabyrinthC:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\Rockbox
02:37:20drklabyrinthbut it wont navigate to there
02:37:54 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:38:17Aloneadesktop really isn't a good place to put stuff in. lets see, you try backing all the way out to c and then go in?
02:38:18webguest75My Ipod with Rockbox installed doesnt show up when its connected to my computer. It does however show the USB on the screen. Any help?
02:38:37drklabyrinthi've never used Cmdprmpt before
02:38:46drklabyrinthi dont know how to move to different directories
02:38:57Aloneadrklabyrinth: again, are you using the msdos thing or cygwin?
02:39:22Aloneaok, its generally the same
02:39:45Aloneato backup it is "cd.." or "cd .."
02:40:09 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:40:24Aloneaso, if you are in C, then try cd documents and settings. You might have to use underscores. dont remember. lemme load mine real quick
02:40:45InsectoidSo, I got the latest version of the piezo patch for Ipod 5g from flyspray. Got it patched in although I had to replace one bit no... cd Doc <tab>
02:40:46fejfighterno underscores
02:40:56Insectoidit's cd Doc <tab>
02:40:58fejfighterjust need capitals
02:41:01Insectoidbut any
02:41:23webguest75Drlabyrinth, downloaad this
02:41:25InsectoidI got it all patched and now I hit a key, and it definitely works. It won't stop clicking!
02:41:51webguest75this allows you to open cmd prompt on any folder, just right click the rockbox folder, and it automatically starts from thier
02:41:56MikachuInsectoid: i would classify that as not work
02:42:14InsectoidHey. I know it's using Piezo correctly
02:42:19*Insectoid grins
02:42:43Aloneahmm, muy cmd automatically starts in the administrator folder...
02:42:55 Quit spiorf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:42:56InsectoidWhat's the problem s/he's having?
02:43:12drklabyrinthty webguest
02:43:22webguest75Alonea, with the program downloaded, (a Windows powertoy program) it allows you to start on the folder
02:43:25webguest75no problem
02:43:27InsectoidDamn it I need this Piezo so I know if I'm over a folder that doesn't have a talk clip.
02:43:27Mikachua preference to write questions to reading answers
02:43:58webguest75Im still in a pickle however, my comps not reconizing my mini once I installed Rockbox
02:44:36webguest75Is thier any settings to change, or is it simpley, plug in, and it reconizes it? I
02:44:42Aloneawebguest75: Oh, I heard you. I am just not having any problems moving in and out of directories with the windows cmd prompt.
02:44:54 Join combrains [0] (
02:45:07webguest75i know, but its alot easier with that
02:45:10InsectoidNew Zealander
02:45:13*Insectoid waves
02:45:28*combrains waves back
02:45:34InsectoidWow. That's really really really annoyingly clickingish
02:46:17combrainswhere in NZ Insectoid?
02:46:42InsectoidPssst nowhere nowhere.
02:46:47 Join BigBambi [0] (
02:46:54InsectoidUnless somebody picked up Florida and threw it over there.
02:47:10*Insectoid grins
02:47:29combrainsoic - sorry did i cut in the middle of another conversation?
02:47:40drklabyrinthok, i got to where it says ipodpatcher [device] -a bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod
02:47:51drklabyrinthi used device 1 in the parenthasis
02:48:10Mikachuyou're not supposed to write the actual []
02:48:41Insectoidipodpatcher 1 -a bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod
02:49:18InsectoidNo problem.
02:49:26drklabyrinththis voids the warrenty correct?
02:49:36Mikachui don't think it's been to court yet
02:49:37InsectoidIt shouldn't
02:49:44InsectoidIt's very easy to reverse
02:49:58Mikachuthe issue is if it breaks before you revert it...
02:50:01InsectoidIf you break your Ipod, though,
02:50:08Insectoidremove it before you send it back
02:50:13*Insectoid gestures vaguely.
02:50:26drklabyrinthso now it dual boots
02:50:31drklabyrinthdoes it always choose rockbox?
02:50:45InsectoidYeah unless you hold down .. . um no. unless you turn on hold switch at boot
02:51:09drklabyrinthi think rockbox is alot better than ipodwizard
02:51:13drklabyrinthbetter support
02:51:15*drklabyrinth grins
02:51:38*Insectoid grins
02:51:48scorcheipodwizard isnt a replacement firmware...there is no competition....
02:52:20drklabyrinthdoes this drain alot of your battery?
02:52:53InsectoidI've found it to be less efficient with battery usage than the regular firmware. But I'll take that any day.
02:53:11drklabyrinthhow much less efficient?
02:53:25InsectoidShrugs −− I've only had my Ipod for a week.
02:53:43drklabyrinthWHERES MY MUSIC!!!
02:53:51InsectoidOh −− you'll have to turn on the database
02:53:54Aloneawell, I have a gigabeat, dont remember what it was before, but I still get a good 10-14 hours.
02:54:23InsectoidI'd like a Gigabeat s.
02:54:35InsectoidBut it won't talk so grr.
02:55:29InsectoidWould it be possible to switch voices for the same language? Maybe just make a copy of the english lng file, call it english2.lng, then make an english2.voice?
02:55:36Insectoidwith a different synth
02:55:57drklabyrinthis there a tut on installing gfx
02:56:03drklabyrinthand turning on databases?
02:56:08Insectoidthe manual
02:56:16InsectoidIt'll be like section ... 4.
02:57:26 Quit webguest75 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:58:26InsectoidWhich one of the big bad developer dudes can I hold at gunpoint and demand Flite out of? I found a version compiled and working on arm, all yummy with source and things.
02:59:02preglowit needs to be fixed point to be of any use to us
02:59:07preglowsome arms have fpus, we don't
02:59:50 Quit [Tesser] (Remote closed the connection)
02:59:53InsectoidIt was running with ipodlinux
03:00:16InsectoidSo yeah, I'd assume fixed point
03:02:05AloneaInsectoid: there is a place for feature requests
03:02:33InsectoidI'm wondering about feasibility before I go submitting a request.
03:04:02scorchewhat is flite?
03:04:18puetzkscorche, a cut-down synth engine for festival text-to-speec voices
03:05:13puetzkit's compatible with festvox, but pure C, instead of a C++/lisp mix, and all the voicing data structures precompiled instead of parsed at runtime
03:05:30 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
03:05:34puetzkhowever, cut-down is still floating-point and several megs (last I know anyway)
03:06:00puetzkif it runs realtime on iPodlinux, maybe there has been more progress...
03:06:06Mikachuthere is a small engine called espeak that's only 1.3M (that's source + data + compiled binary)
03:06:12linuxstbInsectoid: Was Flite running satisfactorily in ipodlinux? It's easy to compile things for IPL, but they don't always work...
03:06:44InsectoidI haven't actual run it as I don't have Ipodlinux. But from what I could glean, yes.
03:06:46puetzkMikachu, what we really need is Macintalk-2 era stuff :-P Too bad it was all asm and mostly lost to history...
03:06:56Mikachuit does seem to use floats a bit though
03:07:36 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
03:07:41 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
03:07:43 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
03:07:52Mikachupuetzk: i had a supercool thing for atari st at one time :)
03:08:25Nimdaeso yeah, my computer died and it took my ipod out with it
03:08:58puetzkright, macintalk2 was mac plus era stuff. 1M of total system ram, and a 4Mhz processor. And it did work...
03:09:16puetzkMikachu, wow, espeak sounds pretty good for being that small...
03:09:34Mikachuit even has a couple of different voices
03:10:56InsectoidNeed something nonconcatinative like Eloquence or DECtalk, that way no data files.
03:12:08SoapYay for FS #6528!!!!!
03:12:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:13:25 Join grai [0] (
03:15:41Mikachupuetzk: heh, try -v en-b
03:16:04Mikachuvarious british dialects
03:16:42preglowno samples?
03:16:50 Join phrozen77_ [0] (
03:17:04puetzkpreglow, I just let apt-get install it and started playing
03:17:28preglowlets see if i have it
03:17:29preglowand i do
03:17:52 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
03:18:09preglowdoesn't sound too bad, no
03:18:12amiconnHmm, the WM8711/21/31 also have zero-crossing detection, as does the TLV320
03:18:46 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
03:18:48 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
03:18:52amiconnWhat bothers me a bit is that there is no timeout, so if the digital signal never reaches zero, the volume change will never take place
03:18:54preglowsounds like it uses amplitude modulation for synthesis
03:19:18Soapreally stupid noob question - in colinux how can I check on how much free space I have left in my filesystem?
03:19:26Mikachudf -h ?
03:19:28nixphoenidan_a, barrywardell: ping
03:20:11 Part lavi1
03:21:04Mikachuwow, i could even use ß with -v german
03:21:06preglowwith a better synthesis method, this wouldn't be too bad at all
03:21:31Mikachuis the synthesis the easy or the hard part?
03:21:57preglowit's not really easy, but it's not as time-consuming as the rest
03:22:11preglowonce characters have been mapped to phonemes, the rest is not that hard
03:22:17preglowand synthesis has nothing to do with that
03:22:40preglowahaha, -v no
03:22:48Mikachuyou have norwegian voices?
03:23:09preglowapparently not
03:23:11preglowit just didn't complain
03:24:25Mikachuah, there has been new versions since i installed it, i have 1.10 but latest is 1.18 released yesterday (!)
03:24:48preglow1.15 here
03:25:18combrainsany gigabeat devs around?
03:25:47preglowoh, the profanities i have it saying!
03:26:04amiconnThere's something fishy in the wm8975 driver...
03:26:04 Quit grai_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:26:09Aloneaok, I have never asked and have been meaning to, but what is dev short for? device or what?
03:26:21Mikachudeveloper or device
03:26:42linuxstbamiconn: That wouldn't surprise me at all...
03:26:56Aloneaok, thanks. no longer confused.
03:26:56amiconnIf the volume registers work the same way as for the wm8711/21/31 (and I think they do), the | 0x100 in the volume setting is bad
03:27:23linuxstbDoesn't that make the DAC apply both volume settings at the same time?
03:27:29combrainslinuxstb, you might be able to help me
03:27:58amiconnlinuxstb: yes.
03:28:19Soapanother stupid noob question - how do I rmdir a non-empty directory?
03:28:37amiconnAnd because right volume is set after left volume, and has the "set both" bit, the left setting is overwritten
03:28:44combrainsif I build the gigabeat bootloader from source it gives me a file called bootloader.bin. To install it, do I just rename it to FWIMG01.dat and put it in my GBSYSTEM dir?
03:28:44Mikachuhoho, this version does have norwegian
03:28:51linuxstbSoap: "rm -r dirname"
03:29:04Soapthank you for putting up with that question
03:29:21Mikachuand swedish!
03:29:30preglowi want!
03:29:41linuxstbcombrains: You don't get a FWIMG01.DAT file?
03:29:43preglowbut probably best if i don't have it
03:29:56combrainsnot that I could see but I will look again
03:30:07debauched_slot1yes, you should have one
03:30:24combrainsah, I found it :)
03:30:28Mikachupreglow: i'm not so good with norwegian spelling, can you say type something?
03:30:33combrainshad to refresh the browser
03:30:52amiconnlinuxstb: If I am right, balance should be without function on wm8975 targets...
03:31:28preglowMikachu: God dag, jeg beklager å måtte meddele at favorittpapegøyen din ble skutt i går.
03:31:39amiconn(well, it would lower the total volume when set to negative (left) values, and do nothing when set to positive (right) values)
03:32:01Mikachupreglow: it's at least intelligible
03:32:21 Quit phrozen77 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:32:36preglowcall people up and have espeak say that
03:32:54Mikachuhaha, (34kB)
03:33:18preglowit's not bad
03:33:19preglownot bad at all
03:33:25preglowconsidering it's an early attempt
03:33:49preglowit actually sounds a bit like a brit speaking norwegian
03:35:24preglowMikachu: something in swedish, please :P
03:35:30linuxstbamiconn: My understanding is that if bit 0x100 is 0, the value is written into an intermediate latch. When it's 1, then the current channel is set with the value from the write, and the other channel is set from the intermediate latch for that channel.
03:35:54linuxstb(Page 34 of the WM8750 datasheet)
03:37:05 Quit jaebird ("Leaving")
03:37:19 Join jaebird [0] (
03:37:22preglowbut not exactly spot on either
03:37:25Mikachuthe rs are not rolly enough
03:37:29preglowbut it does sound interesting indeed
03:37:32Mikachuthey sound pretty much like english rs
03:37:35preglowno, not by far
03:37:47preglowand small wonder, since they're easier to create
03:38:07preglowa rolling r is a pretty hostily sound to synthesize
03:38:14preglowit's neither a vowel or a fricative
03:38:41puetzkpreglow, I have sympathy for it, it's a sound I can't do either :-)
03:38:55Mikachuyou can pretend to be from southern sweden and do french rs from the throat
03:39:17Insectoidthat's *impossible* to synth.
03:39:20preglowthose people are the greatest
03:39:32Mikachu(it's where i live, but not how i speak)
03:39:37preglowgot tons of those in norway too
03:39:39amiconnlinuxstb: If it works like you describe, it is different from the wm8731 and friends
03:39:45preglowrolling rs are actually on the decline, for some reason
03:39:53amiconnDo you have a link for the 8975 datasheet?
03:42:28linuxstbI don't think the 8975 is available, but the 8750 seems compatible. It should be on the wolfson website.
03:43:41amiconnAh, yes, it is different...
03:43:57amiconnThe wm8731 and friends use bit 8 to tie the channels together
03:44:15amiconnWriting either side's register with bit 8 set sets both channels to the same value
03:47:44 Quit BHSPitLappy (Remote closed the connection)
03:48:14 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
03:55:37 Join adam____ [0] (
03:55:41 Nick adam____ is now known as Kirsch (
03:56:28Kirschhi all, i'm trying to install rockbox on my newly purchased ipod video, i was able to install it and run the ipodpatcher, but when it starts it says "Rockbox Error: -1" then "Loading original firmware". any ideas?
03:58:42puetzkKirsch, have you actually put rockbox.ipod on yet, or just the bootloader?
03:58:54linuxstbSee section 2.2.2 of the manual.
03:59:16Kirschgrrr, i just reviewed it
03:59:22Kirschyea i forgot that step, 1sed
04:00:07lostlogicdan_a: what kind of performance improvement have you seen with that new-fangled memcpy?
04:00:55lostlogichas anyone done further investigation as to what makes the GUI and codec threads still impact each other even when they are running on different cores?
04:02:34Soaplostlogic: the patch reduced my mp3 playback boost percentage from high 70s to mid 50s
04:02:39CassandraWe're running multicore? No-one tells me anythiing?
04:02:50 Join JPMaximilian_ [0] (
04:03:13lostlogicCassandra: not in SVN
04:03:19lostlogicCassandra: there are patches
04:03:27lostlogicSoap: woah.
04:03:28Soaplostlogic: I lied. 70% down to 58% I exagerated both ends :(
04:03:47Soapstill - a chunky chunk.
04:03:51CassandraDo they work, and are they as good for battery life as we'd thought they might be?
04:04:08lostlogicCassandra: they do work
04:04:10lostlogicbut not on 4g
04:04:29lostlogicand the battery life improvement is large, but not up-to original firmware by any stretch
04:04:42lostlogicI'd say mine playing mostly ogg q7 went from 6.5-8ish hours.
04:04:49lostlogic(but I don't do full battery tests)
04:04:54Kirschthanks lostlogic, that indeed was the problem, now i'm having another issue but i'm gonna keep reading the manual
04:05:13*lostlogic didn't do it.
04:05:31 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:05:33Soapyea, I'll do some full battery tests in the next week or so. I just hate taking my iPod out of comission for two+ solid days.
04:05:34Cassandralostlogic, still worth looking forward to seeing them in CVS though.
04:05:47CassandraErm, SVN.
04:06:09lostlogicCassandra: yeah, it's that darn 4g ipod that's causin' trouble gain ;)
04:07:41 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
04:15:48 Join decayedcell [0] (i=3ba74aac@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:19:48 Join Mouser_X [0] (
04:19:58 Quit Alonea ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
04:20:13 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
04:22:58 Join gotthardt [0] (
04:23:29 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
04:25:52 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
04:28:44 Join jdong [0] (n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong)
04:29:03jdongapart from "I am pushing the limit with cflags", what does relocation truncated to fit mean?
04:35:01 Nick Febs_ is now known as Febs (
04:35:35 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:37:11JdGordonguys, I need an idea of something to do with the wps which cannot be done now...
04:38:39puetzkjust looking for suggestions in general?
04:38:51puetzklinks that navigate back to the Tag Database for other songs with the same Genre/Artist/Album/etc would be nice
04:38:54JdGordonyeah, general suggestyions... which dont ned majoy rework
04:39:08JdGordonbah, i dunno what i want :p
04:39:58 Join bluemoon [0] (
04:41:07 Quit Insectoid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:42:13 Join gotthardt_ [0] (
04:42:27puetzkit would sort of be like follow playlist for filesystem mode (which doesn't work with the database since there's no unique link to return to)
04:43:20JdGordonna, I need an idea of something to show on the wps which cant be done atm
04:43:42JdGordonor a way to change one of the existsing tags
04:44:14 Join linuxstb [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:45:49linuxstbJdGordon: Why not just move an existing tag to your plugin?
04:46:03JdGordoncoz thats boring :p
04:46:04 Quit gotthardt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:46:05puetzkJdGordon, synced lyrics?
04:46:10 Nick gotthardt_ is now known as gotthardt (
04:46:28JdGordonpuetzk: that would be nice :)
04:46:37puetzknot a feature I care much about, but it's not totally out of left field and afaik rockbox can't do it...
04:49:56Kirschi want to ask a obvious question cause i don't know, can you share a "library" between rockbox and the ipod library?
04:50:02Kirschor do i have to put songs so that rockbox can see it?
04:50:39puetzkKirsch, you can, but ITunes puts the files on with garbage names and folder structure
04:50:51puetzkso you pretty much have to use the tag database for it to be useable
04:51:00puetzk(which means you have to make sure your files have good tags)
04:51:23jdong-foptimize-sibling-calls = culprit of -O2 build failures
04:51:39Kirschyea, they are
04:51:42*jdong continues playing with the Gentoo method of making things fast
04:52:19puetzkand of course you can only put songs on with iTunes then, or the OF can't see them
04:56:10Kirschi'm not "ready" to go 100% into rockbox, at least not yet, i just got it to work a few mins ago
04:56:13Kirschso far i like it
04:56:19Kirschi'm hoping this will replace itunes
04:56:24Kirschand i can just copy all music onto it
04:56:25 Join pearldiver [0] (
04:57:34 Join webguest89 [0] (i=3a6ce792@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:58:35webguest89Excuse the possible idiocity of this question but how do you return to the WPS from from the file browser?
04:58:56puetzkwebguest89, on the x5 you hit the play button. I would assume that's pretty universal
04:59:20puetzkshould be in the manual too
04:59:30webguest89Ahhh yes, that works for the iPod as well. Thanks
04:59:54 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC")
05:01:27 Quit webguest89 (Client Quit)
05:02:32puetzkJdGordon, has the has the spec for it. Form is the same for synced lyrics/movement names/chord tabs/etc.
05:04:15 Quit Thundercloud_ (Remote closed the connection)
05:04:18JdGordonI'm gonna do something nice and tribvial... show current runtime on the wps
05:04:24 Join andrewg [0] (
05:04:44andrewghello all
05:04:50puetzkOK :-)
05:06:22 Join webguest91 [0] (i=98a36408@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
05:11:12 Quit perldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:12:07 Part debauched_slot1
05:12:10 Join midgey [0] (
05:12:11 Quit webguest91 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:12:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:15:01 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:17:09andrewgi found the datasheet to another chip in the sansa
05:17:32andrewgthe one to the top right of the cpu,
05:18:15andrewghmm, oops i think
05:19:14andrewgthis one
05:19:57andrewgnot exactly sure what they would want to switch with it though
05:21:56andrewgit looks like S2 might be conected to the USB port pins on the bottom connector
05:22:21Kirschdoes work for anyone?
05:23:26andrewgit times out for me
05:23:35Kirschyea... does anyone have the 2.4 Loader?
05:24:06SoapI ran, it appeared to go fine, but when I "../tools/configure", select my target I get the line "Using arm-elf-gcc 3.3.6 (303)" I thought that wasn't the newest version.
05:24:37jdongipodlinux does inded time out....
05:24:56jdongSoap: what does arm-elf-gcc -v report?
05:25:35jdong(on the same token latest gcc and binutils works; though latest GCC needs reconfigured with no SSP)
05:25:42Soapgcc version 3.3.6
05:26:23jdongwell, your GCC is old then
05:26:31jdonglook at, what gcc version is set?
05:26:55jdong(line 122)
05:27:40Soapone sec
05:28:01 Quit fejfighter ()
05:28:45Soapgccver="4.0.3" # default gcc version
05:29:07jdongwell, I have no clue then :-/
05:29:10Soapmaybe it failed and I missed the error?
05:29:29andrewghow would i allow a plugin to be built with the current makefile generated by configure? I have looked through a few makefiles in different directories but couldn't find it
05:29:31jdongit doesn't exactly report errors all that nicely
05:30:27Soaplet's say I stay on this old gcc, what do I lose?
05:30:42jdongnot terribly much
05:31:04jdong(1) A bit of "optimizations" although that's a really controversial point and not worth losing any sleep over
05:31:32jdong(2) sometimes gcc4 will compile code that 3.x will error out on, and vice versa. since the devs are targeting 4.0.3 you might run into build failures
05:31:40jdong#2 is what you need to be more concerned about
05:31:47jdongI don't think it'll happen terribly often though
05:31:53jdongit happens the other way around quite more often :)
05:32:57scorcheandrewg: add it to /plugins/SOURCES
05:34:30 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:40:51 Join bonbonthejon [0] (
05:41:47andrewgscorche: thanks
05:43:14combrainsis there an esy way to convert the data in the batter benc.txt files into a graph or do I have to re-enter all of the data into a table
05:43:25combrains*battery bench
05:43:55 Quit gotthardt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:44:14andrewgi think the backlight is connected to the AS3517 since that audio front end also is the power controller
05:47:33 Join decayedcell [0] (
05:49:28decayedcellfunnily enough
05:49:43decayedcelli can access this IRC from Opera running on Kubuntu
05:49:45decayedcellbut not windows =/
05:52:51andrewgoh and it looks like the FM tuner chip is on the I2C bus also
05:54:26 Join gotthardt_ [0] (
05:54:29 Nick gotthardt_ is now known as gotthardt (
05:57:35 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
05:57:53 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:00:54 Quit decayedcell (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
06:02:16andrewgthe FM chip has a 3 wire bus, data, clock and a read or write line. I think GPIO would be easier to use with it
06:11:34Mouser_XJdGordon: Honestly, the viewport to a plugin is a good idea. I know it's pretty useless, but I'd like to see an anylizer for the WPS (similar to the one that Winamp has).
06:12:11JdGordonMouser_X: yeah, it wold be nice... id hate to see the frame rate we would be able to get tho
06:12:16Mouser_X(Meaning, I know the anylizer is pretty useless, but I'd like it nonetheless.)
06:12:32JdGordonI finnally gt hte plugin working properly :D
06:12:57Mouser_XWell, I'll be using a Gigabeat. I expect that to be pretty decent as far as FPS goes.
06:13:26scorchei dont care about the framerate....i would be interested in how big of a chunk it takes out of the battery
06:13:40JdGordonscorche: a decent amount I would think :D
06:14:05JdGordonw00t... i got runtime in he wps :) utterly useless but it shos the plugin works
06:14:51JdGordonI want to take the bitmap drawin out of the core and put it in the plugin... I dont know who else will agree with me there tho
06:15:39Mouser_XIf it improves anything, I'd say it's a good idea (increase in battery life, or whatever).
06:15:41JdGordonIt might even get enough code out of the cre to get rombox working agin
06:17:13JdGordonto do the analyzer in a viewport properly, viewports need to be coded int he core first...
06:18:30Mouser_XHmmm. Good point.
06:18:58JdGordonI need a tag to check if the pugin is loaded... %pl would be good but %p is for the playlist..
06:20:19drklabyrinthhi everyone
06:23:43drklabyrinthi turned the directory on..but i still cant find my music...
06:24:13 Quit Kirsch ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
06:26:51Soapthe ability to show more than just track current+1 would be a nice WPS addition.
06:27:24Mouser_XMultiple next tracks, and previous.
06:27:26Soapplus the ability to show total playlist runtime.
06:27:30Mouser_XLike, 5-10 each way.
06:27:35Mouser_XThat'd be really nice.
06:27:46andrewganyone know what the pixel size of the e200 is?
06:28:10Soapresolution divided by physical size?
06:28:20Soap(of screen)
06:28:23andrewgerr...bad wording
06:28:52andrewgvertical by horizontal size
06:29:09andrewgi think im tired, its almost 2am :/
06:29:23SoapI've thought that the ability to do math with WPS numbers would be nice also, but I can't remember what I wanted that for.
06:30:13 Join decayedcell [0] (
06:31:30Mouser_XJdGordon: Something else that I'd like to see (which would be pointless, and usually not recommended for use, due to battery usage) would be animations in the WPS.
06:31:54JdGordonthat ca be done now
06:32:03JdGordonand actually looks good when done properly
06:32:15JdGordonyeah, usein the subline thing
06:32:27Mouser_XI'll have to figure out how to do that.
06:32:34JdGordonone of the included wps have it
06:32:38JdGordondancepuffduo i tinhk
06:34:14 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:34:16 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:34:21 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:36:44scorcheand the megaman one
06:37:41Mouser_XMegaman one?
06:37:46Mouser_XWhat's that on?
06:37:51*Mouser_X wants.
06:37:55drklabyrinthi cant find my music with rockbox...what is goin on?
06:38:15drklabyrinthi followed all the steps for the database
06:39:11scorcheMouser_X: one of the irivers
06:39:32Mouser_XI found it by searching the Wiki.
06:39:33 Join Criamos [0] (
06:40:08Mouser_XThough, if it's the iRiver, then it might not be the same one (I'm on the iPod mini page).
06:40:10Nimdaedrklabyrinth: did you really follow all of the steps?
06:40:26scorcheit was a guess
06:40:34andrewgcould someone add me to the users group on the wiki please?
06:40:59drklabyrinthi activated the database
06:41:12drklabyrinthbut i think i'm lacking the knowledge to get to my moive
06:41:26scorcheandrewg: name?
06:41:43decayedcelldid u update the database
06:41:46decayedcellas in Update Now
06:43:00*Soap suspects drklabyrinth didn
06:43:05Soap't cleanly shutdown and reboot.
06:43:05drklabyrinthindeed i didnt
06:43:18decayedcellthen after is finished rattling the hard disk
06:43:51Nimdaewell, i'm fighting to hold back smartassed responses due to having a bad day so i'm gonna ignore this window further
06:44:05drklabyrinthflame away nimdae
06:44:11drklabyrinthin a pm if you like
06:44:32decayedcellis it working yet drk?
06:44:50decayedcellin the file view
06:45:02 Quit pearldiver ("some games are better left unplayed")
06:45:04decayedcellu need to change the setting to Show Database
06:45:25decayedcellShow Files | Database
06:46:03decayedcellthen press Menu agn
06:46:07decayedcelland it should show Artist, Album etc
06:46:50 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
06:46:51 Quit midgey (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
06:47:29drklabyrinthty very much
06:47:33drklabyrinthhow often do i have to do that?
06:47:40 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
06:47:55JdGordongrr... my brain has packed up... how do i get the volume in percent? isnt it (current*100)/(max-min) ?
06:47:57decayedcelleverytime u add new songs
06:48:03drklabyrinthjust update
06:48:04decayedcellgo back to General Settings
06:48:04drklabyrinthshut down
06:48:05decayedcelland upate
06:48:11decayedcellno need to shut down
06:48:13drklabyrinthand show database
06:48:15drklabyrinthoh allright
06:48:20decayedcellthe show database setting will be saved
06:48:33decayedcellso once you've transferred new songs
06:48:35drklabyrinthi love rockbox
06:48:36decayedcelljust press update
06:48:42decayedcellthe auto update isn't working for me
06:48:45drklabyrinthis the sound quality better?
06:48:51drklabyrinthor is it just me
06:48:55decayedcelli think it is
06:49:02decayedcellit opens up the channels
06:49:11drklabyrinthits amazing
06:49:21decayedcellyeah because its not using the hardware equalizer
06:49:28decayedcelland other crap on the original firmware
06:49:41drklabyrinthyeah, i hope that this isnt against the warrenty
06:49:53decayedcellnah its not
06:50:49 Join Rob222241 [0] (
06:50:52drklabyrinthlets put some gfx on it now:)
06:50:55JdGordon:'( viewVC is broken
06:51:37 Part decayedcell
06:51:47Soapthe ipod 5th gen hardware EQ is not broken in the same way the ipod software EQ is.
06:52:16Soapand RMAA tests show rockbox audio performance to be very comprable to the stock apple audio performance.
06:52:40KCCwhat does RMAA say about the Gigabeat?
06:52:40andrewganyone know where LCD_HEIGHT and WIDTH is defined for plugins?
06:53:00JdGordonandrewg: in config.h
06:53:04drklabyrinthcan you have more than one theme soap? i mean, more than one theme saved on your ipod?
06:53:08drklabyrinthahhh we're writing in C???
06:53:19 Join perldiver [0] (
06:53:22SoapKCC: I haven't seen any tests - but outside a flawed firmware there is little reason to believe rockbox would sound /better/.
06:54:01 Join decayedcell [0] (
06:54:06Soaprockbox has more options - but basic playback sound is greatly limited/coloured/determined by the DAC and amp.
06:56:03Soap"opening up the channels" is audiophile speak for stereo crosstalk - one measure where rockbox performs identical to stock firmware.
06:58:19decayedcellbattery life is a lot less than the stock firmware though
06:58:38Soapon the portaplayer targets it surely is.
06:58:54decayedcellbut why?
06:58:57Soapperhaps also on the gigabeat, I can't speak to that.
06:59:01drklabyrinthi have no idea how much battery life i'm going to have
06:59:05drklabyrinth5th gen ipod
06:59:05Soapwhy? that's the 64,000 dollar question.
06:59:19decayedcellsame one
06:59:22decayedcellit'll last um
06:59:25decayedcell3-4 hours?
06:59:27Soapdrklabyrinth: 55% of the battery life you get with Apple OS is a very good bet.
06:59:27drklabyrinthi heard 10-14
06:59:29decayedcellnot sure
06:59:36decayedcellthats stock
06:59:37drklabyrinthnice 3-4
06:59:41KCCwow, thats rather terrible
06:59:43decayedcelli charge it every night
06:59:48drklabyrinththats really bad battery life
06:59:50 Join webguest50 [0] (i=434759a5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:59:54Soapdrklabyrinth: 10 hours on a 60GB, less - maybe 7 on a 30GB.
07:00:08KCCno numbers for the 'Beat?
07:00:09decayedcelldepends on your other settings too
07:00:11decayedcelllike backlight
07:00:12drklabyrinthwith rockbox firmware?
07:00:15KCCive heard up to 18 hours for the stock firmware
07:00:19webguest50Anyone know why my computer wont reconize my Mini, with Rockbox installed?
07:00:20KCCon the 'beat
07:00:27*Soap isn't sure how 55% of 10-14 = 3-4
07:00:31drklabyrinthi've gotten 18 hrs with stock
07:00:31webguest50It seesm to be charging
07:00:43decayedcellSaop reckons that Rockbox
07:00:50decayedcellgives about 55%
07:01:03decayedcellfrom my experience
07:01:09drklabyrinthhmmmm...thats rather inefficient...
07:01:11decayedcelland my opinion, i rekn about 4
07:01:13Mouser_XKCC: I've heard that on the Gigabeat, you can expect at *least* 10 hours.
07:01:17Mouser_XUsually more.
07:01:27drklabyrinthi guess, i'll have to work on that
07:01:30drklabyrinthits in C right?
07:01:34decayedcellbut yeah thats just my two cents
07:01:39decayedcellrockbox uses a mixture of languages
07:01:44decayedcellis what i've heard lol
07:01:51scorcheit is in C
07:01:58scorchewith asm at the lower levels
07:02:27scorchehardly a mixture of languages...
07:02:35decayedcellhm ok then
07:03:00scorcheand the battery life is more attributed to not understanding the hardware fully than optimization
07:03:26Soap*cough* commit 12,000 *cough*
07:03:41scorcheyour point? =P
07:04:14Soap70% down to 58% boost makes Soap jump for joy.
07:04:31SoapI'll be giddy about that all week.
07:04:38decayedcellwasn't that committed today?
07:04:52Soapyes it was
07:05:14decayedcellhmm once I get this blasted toolchain working on Linux
07:05:20decayedcelllol i'll compile
07:05:33drklabyrinthso, how do you update a wps?
07:05:46decayedcellmake one
07:05:48decayedcellor use one
07:05:53drklabyrinthjust extract to .rockbox?
07:06:04Mouser_XNot necessarily.
07:06:07decayedcellif the wps zip file has .rockbox as the root folder
07:06:08Mouser_XOpen it first.
07:06:35decayedcellif its got .rockbox as the first folder
07:06:41decayedcellthen u can just drag it to the device
07:06:57decayedcelland say yes when it says there is already a folder called .rockbox etc
07:07:00decayedcellif its not
07:07:04decayedcelland it has other folders
07:07:16decayedcellthen u need to extract it to er
07:07:28 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:07:40*decayedcell connects ipod
07:08:03decayedcelldoesn't like folders starting with .
07:08:14Soapyou on OSx?
07:08:50decayedcelli get cc1: Invalid option `long-calls'
07:08:55decayedcellwhen i try to compile
07:12:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:18:07 Join Llorean [0] (
07:18:19webguest50How do I load original Firmware, when I click hold on bootup, it says it loads, will restart, but will keep restarting until I take off hold
07:18:24 Part Llorean
07:20:12 Quit decayedcell (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
07:21:43 Join decayedcell [0] (
07:24:36*JdGordon hates math!
07:24:52 Join Tesseract [0] (
07:25:05 Quit Febs (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
07:25:15 Nick Tesseract is now known as [Tesser] (
07:26:18[Tesser]Okay, finally a non-critical question. What's the requirement for album art? Size, filetype, et cetera? I can't find it in the manual.
07:27:07decayedcellhas to be bmp
07:27:14JdGordoncheck the wiki
07:27:24JdGordonits not in the official builds, so wont be in the manual
07:27:56[Tesser]decayedcell, Any idea about size?
07:28:40decayedcell100 x 100 if i recall correctly
07:28:48decayedcellbut u can use a bmpresize patch
07:28:55decayedcellthat *should* resize it
07:30:17[Tesser]Sweet. I was jsut curious. I don't have any pre-existing album art, but some of the themes use it and I wanted to see how it looked.
07:33:01 Quit webguest50 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:38:44combrainsdid anyone see my question from before? Can I easily convert the data in the batterbench.txt into a graph without having to re-enter the data into a table?
07:39:12Mouser_XRead the manual.
07:39:27Mouser_XI know it can be easily imported, but I don't remember anything beyond that.
07:39:36combrainsah. thanks.
07:39:53 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
07:40:59Mouser_XGlad to help.
07:41:14combrainsBTW do you know if there is a link on the GB wiki page to the runtime page?
07:41:23combrainsI couldn't see it for looking
07:41:33Mouser_XHmmm. I doubt there is.
07:41:37combrains(that is to say, I can't find one)
07:41:48combrainsmaybe we should put one on there
07:42:06combrainsmight encourage a few more people to post their results
07:42:07Mouser_XFeel free.
07:42:14Mouser_XI'm not signed up.
07:42:18combrainsI'm not a member
07:42:36Mouser_XAny takers?
07:42:44combrainsyes, I found it via a serch
07:47:50 Quit dpassen1 ()
07:48:05 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@resnet-236-163.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
07:51:30 Quit ShadowdogMU (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:52:13 Quit JPMaximilian_ ("Leaving")
07:54:37 Quit toffe ("MegaIRC v3.27")
07:55:35combrainshmmm, Calc's charting abilities leave a lot to be desired
07:59:42JdGordonwoohooo!! this plugin kicks ass :D
08:03:56 Quit decayedcell ("Konversation terminated!")
08:07:15combrainshas anyone had a problem with the most recent SVN bootloader for the GB?
08:07:35combrainsI built one earlier today and I now have choppy playback
08:09:03Mouser_XCan't help, sorry.
08:10:19perldiverpeople were reporting that issue
08:10:30perldiverjust get the bootloader from the wiki page
08:10:36combrainsI am now
08:10:42perldiverand get the svn build
08:11:32combrainsI built it because I saw in the SVN logs that it had been updated a few days ago
08:12:06 Join Insectoid [0] (
08:14:16perldivernew version came earlier today
08:14:52combrainsof the bootloader in SVN i guess you reffering to
08:16:45combrainsoh - of the one on the wiki
08:16:55combrainshehe - Im a day ahead of you guys
08:21:26 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
08:23:03 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
08:23:06 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
08:27:00 Join grai_ [0] (
08:27:13 Quit the_big_man (Remote closed the connection)
08:31:11 Quit grai (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
08:33:36 Join grai [0] (
08:37:21 Quit grai_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
08:38:05InsectoidWow. I'm using ESpeak, now, as the synthesizer with my screen reader.Funky!
08:38:57InsectoidIt's absolute crap compared to something like eloquence, but for being 400k, it is quite a viable synth rockboxically.
08:39:34Mouser_XAny coders want to tackle it?
08:42:11 Join grai_ [0] (
08:46:12 Quit grai (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
08:47:06 Join HopelessNewb-bou [0] (i=41675b0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:48:31HopelessNewb-bouso this isn't the best place for this question probably lol
08:48:39drklabyrinthits fine
08:48:44drklabyrinthspill your BEANS
08:49:05HopelessNewb-bouI'm working on my sisters Gigabeat f20
08:49:13HopelessNewb-bouand she installed RockBox
08:49:26drklabyrinthas far as i've been reading
08:49:43drklabyrinthRockbox doesnt support gigabeat
08:49:47InsectoidIt does
08:49:48 Join grai [0] (
08:49:49scorcheit does...
08:49:50HopelessNewb-bouits not a stable build
08:49:50Insectoidf and x
08:50:10HopelessNewb-bouI love rock box its sweet
08:50:32HopelessNewb-bouhowever she seems to have mucked up her install and now her damn player just gives me
08:50:42HopelessNewb-bouan error 00000020
08:50:49InsectoidOh dear
08:50:52HopelessNewb-bouNo clue where to even start to fix it
08:50:56HopelessNewb-bouany help would be great
08:50:56drklabyrinthcorrect me if i'm wrong
08:51:13drklabyrinthbut cant you format, then replace the firmware?
08:51:15InsectoidWell I've not read the installation information for the gigabeat, but you should be fine, as long as you can access it as an hd.
08:51:29HopelessNewb-bouI can access it as a hard drive
08:51:40drklabyrinthopen cmdprmpt
08:51:44HopelessNewb-bouhowever I can't seem to get an accurate firmware image
08:51:47HopelessNewb-bousweet dude
08:52:02drklabyrinthand format (drive name)
08:52:06HopelessNewb-boushell open
08:52:10Insectoiddon't. do. that.
08:52:14drklabyrinthi just did it
08:52:57HopelessNewb-bouI forgot the best part
08:53:05InsectoidHopelessNewb-bou, in the hd, is there a .rockbox and uh. I suppose it'd be rockbox.gigabeat?
08:53:17InsectoidBest part? Do tell...
08:53:41HopelessNewb-bousomehow my sister managed to corrupt the backup Gigabeats software makes of the firmware for you
08:53:47HopelessNewb-bouso I'm stuck
08:53:55 Quit grai_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
08:53:58InsectoidNo big deal. I'm sure they're on the website... Maybe.
08:54:00drklabyrinthgoogle it
08:54:09HopelessNewb-bouand with that great error the player doesn't seem to see itself as an MP3 player anymore only a hard drive
08:54:13Mouser_XYou don't *need* (as far as I've seen) the Gigabeat firmware, for Rockbox to run.
08:54:13HopelessNewb-bouso there formatting sucks
08:54:34HopelessNewb-bouI'm listening
08:54:45Mouser_XJust read the installation instructions in the manual.
08:54:47HopelessNewb-bouthanks guys I know this is totally off topic
08:54:52Mouser_XDo all that, and it should work.
08:54:57 Join grai_ [0] (
08:55:04Mouser_XAnd it's not off-topic, since it's Rockbox you're installing.
08:55:09HopelessNewb-bouthe rockbox manual or ...?
08:55:27Mouser_XRead the Rockbox manual, as that is what tells you how to install Rockbox.
08:55:36HopelessNewb-bousweet sorry
08:55:43 Quit HopelessNewb-bou ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:55:50Mouser_XIf you see installation instructions for Rockbox in the Toshiba manual, I'd like to know what page.
08:55:55Mouser_XDang, missed him.
08:58:09*Insectoid coughs
08:59:51 Quit grai (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
09:00:23 Join grai [0] (
09:00:50 Join HopelessNewb-bou [0] (i=41675b0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:04:26scorcheit is fake, but thanks
09:04:46perldiverdidnt say its real :P
09:04:54scorchethen why link it?
09:05:31 Quit grai_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
09:06:28 Join Redbreva_Away [0] (
09:06:51 Join grai_ [0] (
09:07:22 Nick Redbreva_Away is now known as Redbreva (
09:08:19 Join JPMaximilian [0] (
09:08:59JPMaximiliancould anyone tell me what the voltage should be in battery_bench for a 3g ipod?
09:09:30scorchewhat do you mean? varies
09:09:31Mouser_XHopelessNewb-bou: Did that help?
09:09:42HopelessNewb-bousame problem
09:09:59HopelessNewb-bounot sure whats up
09:10:02Mouser_XSo, you followed the instructions (all of them), and when you turn it on, you get nothing?
09:10:07HopelessNewb-boucalls it a system error
09:10:28scorcheHopelessNewb-bou: i would wait for someone to come around who knows the gigabeat port a bit more
09:10:34HopelessNewb-bouall right
09:10:54JPMaximilianscorche: i'm getting around 3800-4150mV is that normal?
09:11:23 Quit grai (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
09:11:44scorcheJPMaximilian: what are you trying to get at?
09:12:23JPMaximilianscorche: my battery does not last very long in rockbox, and lasts much longer in default firmware, much more than the 1/2 to 1/3 loss in rockbox
09:12:24 Join grai [0] (
09:12:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:12:58scorchethat is a guesstimate
09:13:03scorcheit depends largely on what you are doing
09:13:18JPMaximilianjust playing mp3s or flac files
09:13:31scorchenamely how often you activate the backlight, plugins, codecs, etc
09:13:39scorcheskip songs...
09:14:35scorcheabout how long does it last in both firmwares?
09:15:08JPMaximilianwell several hours in default, only a few minutes in rockbox you are the one in forums
09:16:02JPMaximilianits seems to be intermitent too, so maybe its my hardware
09:16:12 Quit grai_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
09:16:37scorcheif you are only lasting minutes, there is definitely something wrong with the hardware
09:17:06JPMaximilianits weird though, cause it locks up in rockbox, but not default
09:17:16scorchelocks up?
09:17:40JPMaximilianyeah, my ipod does, while i'm playing a song, or when it's loading, i have to restart it
09:18:00scorcheis that what you mean by the battery dying?
09:18:15JPMaximiliantwo different things, sometimes it shuts off cause the battery dies
09:18:26JPMaximiliansometimes it locks up, even though there is still battery left, at least on the icon
09:18:28scorchehow do you know the battery dies?
09:18:51JPMaximilianbased on the battery indicator, and there is a messgae saying battery low, powering down
09:21:48 Quit grai (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
09:22:51scorcheit generally seems to be a hardware issue....others opinions would be nice, but you seem to ahve alienated people in the forums...
09:23:08HopelessNewb-bouI'd agree but I don't know much
09:23:26 Quit scorche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:23:56 Join scorche [0] (n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
09:24:30*amiconn pings Bagder
09:24:36scorchewell, i would say to talk to dan_a if he is still willing to talk to you after the forums incident
09:25:13amiconnBagder: Two problems: (1) The svn links in the change table no longer work, there's some 'permission denied' error
09:25:40amiconn(2) Build server is in urgend need of an m68k-elf-gcc update
09:25:50 Join HopelessNewb [0] (i=41675b0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:26:56HopelessNewbany ideas how to force a gigabeat to boot past an error?
09:27:23scorcheHopelessNewb: errors are there for a reason
09:27:45HopelessNewbokay then
09:27:56HopelessNewbany idea how to figure out what an error number means
09:28:01 Part puetzk ("Leaving")
09:28:30 Quit HopelessNewb-bou ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
09:29:21drklabyrinthhow do you get back to the song/artist list on an 5thgen ipod
09:30:04drklabyrinthHopelessNewb, you could try googling it
09:30:15scorchedrklabyrinth: the manual tells you
09:30:15drklabyrinthwhats the number
09:30:16drklabyrinthi'll help
09:30:21 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
09:30:27 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
09:30:29 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
09:30:49HopelessNewbno dice
09:30:53scorcheHopelessNewb: as i said, i would wait around till someone who knows a bit more about the gigabeat port comes around
09:31:02HopelessNewbI know
09:36:00 Quit combrains (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
09:44:20JdGordonmy brai is useless.. how do I work out the volume as a percentage? sholdnt it be (current*100)/(max-min) ?
09:45:42amiconnBut why do you need a percantage?
09:46:24JdGordonto show that my wps plugi can overwrite existing tags
09:47:53 Part JPMaximilian
09:48:00 Join JPMaximilian [0] (
09:48:42amiconnhmm :\
09:51:02JdGordondrawing text works well... just have to figure out the best way to draw an image without it updating the entire screen
09:51:40*amiconn wonders whether we'll ever see the settings patch finished :/
09:52:04*JdGordon too :p
09:54:44scorchemust be a pain to keep updating it all the time...
09:56:32JdGordonnot so much, the thing gets left sitting for a while, then gets updated then fogotten about...
09:56:55JdGordonI tihkI actually want to start certain parts of it again...
09:56:58 Quit Insectoid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:58:01JdGordon... I could potentially commit it as it is (about 80% working) and then people can help fix the settings which arnt perfect, but going by the lesson learn with actions I dont tihnk i'll get away with that again...
10:04:28scorche...lets not
10:07:25JdGordondoes anyone know if the wps allows a string like "%?ee|xx<no|yes>" ? e.g ee is the tag, xx is some extra data for the tag, and its an enum ?
10:08:40 Join grai [0] (
10:13:07 Join My_Sic [0] (
10:13:35 Quit HopelessNewb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:16:04 Join bagawk_ [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
10:16:52 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
10:16:52 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:17:45JdGordonit doesnt :'(
10:19:06 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@rockbox/contributor/Genre9mp3)
10:21:32 Join RedZZR [0] (n=chatzill@
10:29:13 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=ribs@
10:29:19 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:29:22JdGordondoes the code need to return 1 to get the first enum value inthe wps? not 0?
10:32:02 Quit Jsunu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:32:24JdGordonhmmm.... that was unexpected... but all good now
10:32:48JdGordonanyone wanna take a stab at what this means? :D %pv%?ee|pv<dB|%>
10:33:13*JdGordon shuold stop talking to himself
10:33:21 Join Drkepilogue [0] (i=456fc2e3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:35:35 Join brainiac_ghost [0] (
10:36:14 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
10:38:18 Join lachlan [0] (i=3a6ce792@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:38:37lachlanhaha mate I'll lend you an ear
10:40:08 Join bluebrother [0] (
10:41:59 Quit DataGhost (Nick collision from services.)
10:42:00 Join [Sur`DataGhost] [0] (
10:42:40bluebrotherhmm. The hidden files and folders svn uses seem to make trouble for the manual
10:42:46bluebrotherin some cases.
10:43:30JdGordoncan plugins not talk?
10:43:56bluebrotherin terms of voicing menus in plugins? No.
10:44:27bluebrotherafair this was also something to change with langv2
10:44:56JdGordonok, but there isnt anything really stopping hem from talking? like, talk_spell() should work fine in plugins?
10:45:21bluebrotherno idea but I guess so
10:45:34 Quit Ribs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:48:45bluebrotherhmm, can I tell cp to exclude files based on a pattern? It doesn't seem to understand −−exclude
10:48:48 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
10:49:09amiconnJdGordon: A plugin wanting to talk must not use iram
10:50:18JdGordonOK, i'll leave that idea then, (I was going to add a tag to allow the wps to speak the new track name!)
10:50:47 Join grai_ [0] (
10:51:48amiconnHmm, that should work then. A plugin running in parallel to playback must not use iram either
10:53:30JdGordonis it possible to use iram without knowing it?
10:53:44JdGordonI mean, does it need to be explicitly called for use?
10:55:56 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
10:57:40 Quit grai (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
10:57:41 Join Stalwart [0] (
10:59:16 Join decayedcell [0] (i=3ba74aac@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:59:34 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
11:04:42 Join softi-42 [0] (
11:04:44 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
11:04:46 Quit grai_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
11:06:25 Quit softi_42 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:12:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:13:34 Join kaaloo [0] (
11:13:55 Quit Drkepilogue ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:16:06 Quit gotthardt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:22:24 Quit kaaloo ("Leaving.")
11:22:35JdGordonamiconn: do we know how many bytes we need to save to get rombox building again?
11:23:13Slasherihehe, now ipod automatically switches to paginated scrolling when user starts scrolling faster (there are enough queued button events)
11:23:29Slasheriworks very well
11:24:07 Join roolku [0] (
11:24:32 Join kaaloo [0] (
11:24:56 Quit lachlan ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:25:12JdGordon2936 bytes larger than max (233456) <- hmm
11:25:20 Part kaaloo
11:29:53JdGordonmoving the clock tags out of the core would save 700 bytes in rockbox.elf, and make rombox small enough that the error says how many btes over it is...
11:31:11 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
11:31:20 Quit _FireFly_ (Client Quit)
11:31:44JdGordonoh, bloody hell.... moving all the tag handling code out of the core would still make rombox 800bytes too large on the recorder
11:32:05 Join webguest43 [0] (i=54bd5be0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:32:18JdGordonthat doesnt include the bitmap drawing handling tho...
11:32:37 Nick webguest43 is now known as pixelma (i=54bd5be0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:33:12 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:33:56 Join Arathis [0] (
11:33:57 Quit brainiac_ghost ("Leaving")
11:34:34pixelmaJdGordon: why putting so much work into this (IMO at least very strange) idea?
11:34:47JdGordoncoz its fun :)
11:34:55JdGordonback in 40.. houose md whch isnt a repeat!
11:42:13 Quit RedZZR ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
11:43:58 Nick Everybody| is now known as Everybody|SWAT4 (
11:46:14 Join lee-qid [0] (
11:47:46 Join debauched_slot1 [0] (
11:54:11 Join jba [0] (
11:56:43jbahey guys
11:56:49jbawho's up and what's doing?
11:57:04jbathe sansa port seems to be moving
11:59:36 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- State of the art IRC")
12:01:19dan_aJPMaximilian: Are you around
12:01:23 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
12:02:28 Join Stalwart [0] (
12:03:36dan_ajba: We're a bit stuck on the Sansa port at the moment, but it might get moving with a few of the suggestions that have been made
12:04:41 Quit pixelma ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
12:05:09 Join pixelma [0] (i=54bd5be0@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
12:06:53 Join Drkepilogue [0] (i=456fc2e3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:07:03Drkepilogueone thing i like to point out
12:07:11Drkepilogueusing the lastest CVS build
12:07:22Drkepiloguei am unable to boot up rockbox
12:07:46Drkepiloguethe boot loader looks like it is working properrly
12:07:59Drkepiloguebut for some reason, it wont boot rockbox
12:08:08Drkepilogueboot up orginal frimware tho
12:08:24debauched_slot1Drkepilogue: which player?
12:09:20debauched_slot1ah, thanks
12:09:54Drkepiloguemaybe the change to the arm thingy have an affect?
12:10:25debauched_slot1I don't know - I am running a gigabeat, which is also ARM, and it works great here. Noticeably faster, too.
12:10:28Drkepilogue4g photo btw
12:11:12Drkepilogueguess ill reinstall and see what happens..
12:11:57DrkepilogueBTW, how much faster r u talking about?
12:12:02dan_aDrkepilogue: How long ago did you first install? You might need to put on the latest bootloader
12:12:21debauched_slot1haven't benchmarked it, Drkepilogue, but visibly
12:12:22Drkepilogue10min ago
12:13:00Drkepiloguei belive i have the lastest bootloader
12:13:18dan_aDid you do "ipodpatcher −−scan" when you were installing?
12:13:25Drkepiloguethe one where you swich the hold to load into orginal frimware
12:13:46Drkepilogueno, but i know my number
12:13:50dan_aThat's the one. It should work, AFAIK
12:13:59Drkepilogueand i got the bootloader working
12:14:10Drkepiloguehell, had to update my ipod just so it work...
12:14:58Drkepilogueit should... but it is not???
12:15:05Drkepilogueit hangs where it said
12:15:09 Quit ender` (" Remember: A secretary isn't permanent until she's been screwed on the desk...")
12:16:01DrkepilogueRockbox loaded
12:16:07 Quit Drkepilogue ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:16:12 Quit pixelma ("lunch")
12:17:49dan_adebauched_slot1: It's noticably faster? Wow, I thought with the CPU speed you had you wouldn't be able to see any difference!
12:18:58 Join Drkepilogue [0] (i=456fc2e3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:20:10 Quit Drkepilogue (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
12:20:16debauched_slot1dan_a: yes, boot is zippier
12:21:30debauched_slot1also menus. can't wait to drop this on my nano
12:22:08debauched_slot1will be even more useful if/when we start implementing the CPU boost stuff and drop the speed down to 17Mhz :)
12:22:27 Join Drkepilogue [0] (i=456fc2e3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:23:06Drkepiloguethe web irc thing was acting funny
12:26:36 Quit jba (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:27:33dan_aDrkepilogue: I don't know why your Rockbox isn't booting. You can test if it's the memcpy thing by editing firmware/SOURCES, and changing the lines that say 'target/arm/memcpy-arm.S' and 'target/arm/memmove-arm.S' to 'common/memcpy.c' and 'common/memmove.c'
12:29:21 Quit Ribs2 ("eh eh ehhhh!")
12:29:30Drkepilogue=/ i do not know what that mean...
12:29:38Drkepilogueim just a tester...
12:30:21 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
12:31:00dan_aDrkepilogue: Did you compile Rockbox yourself?
12:32:12Drkepiloguei download the cvs
12:33:19dan_aYou downloaded a zip file?
12:34:25Drkepilogueextract to ipod
12:34:40Drkepiloguethe way i been upgrading th frmware
12:34:44Drkepiloguesince... ever
12:36:01dan_aDrkepilogue: Can you try installing and see if that works?
12:39:08Drkepilogueit booted rockbox
12:40:56 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:42:46dan_aDrkepilogue: OK, I'm just compiling some builds for you so we can find out what's gone wrong. Can I msg you with the address to download them from?
12:43:10Drkepilogueuh... im not using irc
12:43:16Drkepilogueim using that webclient thingy
12:43:25Drkepilogueif u have AIM u can AIM me
12:43:41 Quit zylche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:44:21dan_aNo AIM... OK, I'll post the address in here
12:44:49Drkepiloguek... sry
12:47:03dan_aDrkepilogue: First test:
12:52:54Drkepilogueit loaded rockbox
12:52:58 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
12:53:49dan_aDrkepilogue: That's the very latest version... I don't know what went wrong with the one you downloaded
12:54:54Drkepiloguelemme re dl the lastest and try again
12:55:18dan_aCan you just confirm the link you're using?
12:56:18dan_aIs it
13:02:06Drkepilogue*i can confrim that the cvs build on the site doesnt work*
13:05:16 Join amiconn [0] (
13:06:15debauched_slot1well, this is weird
13:06:54debauched_slot1I have had a report of a svn/rockbox build not working when the same source worked fine locally, but I discounted it
13:07:13Drkepilogueyeah....if they are the samr file, but downloaded from different host, why would it matter at all??
13:09:14 Nick Everybody|SWAT4 is now known as Everybody (
13:10:13debauched_slot1that's in the GB forum, same symptoms
13:10:49 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
13:11:09 Join webguest03 [0] (i=864c0324@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:12:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:14:01webguest03hi, is it still possible to update the source using cvs? and can i update the source i have checked out with cvs with svn or do i have to check out a fresh copy with svn?
13:17:40debauched_slot1you need to checkout using svn
13:20:33webguest03thank you
13:21:55 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|food (
13:25:01 Part webguest03
13:26:06 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
13:27:19 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
13:27:35 Join Mouser_X [0] (
13:28:40amiconnBagder: ping...
13:32:40 Join DreamThief [0] (
13:39:24 Join pixelma [0] (
13:40:27 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:41:14RedbrevaBugger! Loading a theme has just left me with white text on white background...
13:42:18 Join Wiwie [0] (
13:42:53Genre9mp3this reminds me that the generated theme .cfg files included in the builds should define bg/fgcolours as well for each themes
13:43:25 Quit Drkepilogue ("CGI:IRC (EOF)") least on some themes
13:44:03Redbrevahow dou you reset defaukst on ipod now that HOLD loads original OS?
13:44:33 Nick Everybody|food is now known as Everybody (
13:45:02*Genre9mp3 has no iPod nor idea
13:45:32amiconnRedbreva: Also using HOLD, after the bootloader decided to load rockbox
13:46:26RedbrevaThanks amiconn :-)
13:46:50 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|Determ (
13:53:30 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
13:53:52 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:56:56linuxstbAnyone know how to add binary files to SVN? Or is no special action needed?
13:57:10preglowsomeone find info on those samsung cores already
13:57:22preglowlinuxstb: svn should autodetect them being binary
13:57:26linuxstbWhich ones? The Gigabeat S / Zune?
13:57:39linuxstbpreglow: OK, thanks.
13:57:42preglowlinuxstb: thinking about nano2g, there are more? :>
13:58:01preglowlinuxstb: not 100% sure, though, but i've never taken any special action and it's worked out
13:58:03linuxstbYes, the Gigabeat S/Zune have a ridiculously powerful CPU as well.
13:59:12debauched_slot1Yes, the GB S/Zune CPU is a bit of overkill, to say the least
13:59:12amiconnThose fast cpu things are sorta boring
13:59:18dan_aI thought Gigabeat S/Zune was Freescale?
13:59:39linuxstbdan_a: Maybe... I'm not 100% sure.
13:59:45debauched_slot1yeah, IIRC, ARM9 Core with a vector processor and 3d enhancements
13:59:48daurnimatordan_a: correct
14:00:08preglowamiconn: boring in a way, yes, but also lets you do cool stuff
14:00:09 Join PaulJam [0] (
14:00:16preglowlike being able to use them as effect boxes...
14:00:22dan_ai.MX31 - with a manual you can download from the Freescale site...
14:00:31amiconnDepends on how you define cool.
14:00:35preglowdebauched_slot1: vector processor as well, jesus
14:01:28 Nick w1ll14m|away is now known as w1ll14m (
14:01:52preglowamiconn: cool, as in not wow-i'd-never-expect-you-could-do-that-with-such-an-underpowered-cpu-cool
14:02:02preglowjust good old useful stuff in a small box
14:02:30PaulJamhi, is it somehow possible to view the latest changes to svn that are not listed on the main page? (the links on the page show only the changes until jan 8.)
14:02:32dan_aHmmm... Rockbox with a 3D GUI!
14:02:53amiconnPaulJam: Yes, prod Bagder to fix the scripts...
14:03:29dan_aPaulJam: If you've done an SVN checkout, then you can do "svn log"
14:03:35JdGordonPaulJam: the links to the last 4 weeks still work dont they?
14:03:48JdGordon.. its just using the cvs script instead of the svn one
14:04:01debauched_slot1ARM 11 core, 64 or 128MB memory
14:04:13dan_aJdGordon: The last change to CVS was on the 8th
14:04:24debauched_slot1That would leave some serious buffer space free
14:04:37JdGordonok, so you have before the 8th in the last 4 weeks page.. and after thaat on the main page...
14:05:01amiconnThe main page only shows the last 10 changes
14:05:29amiconnHrmph, and it lags severely compared to the build table :(
14:06:18Genre9mp3PaulJam: or you can use this:
14:06:45debauched_slot1Anyone have any idea about what is going on with the Rockbox not loading issue Drkepilogue reported/
14:07:02debauched_slot1we have what looks like the same problem reported by a GB user in the forum
14:07:14PaulJamsvn log seems to work. thank you
14:07:56 Quit Redbreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:11:34 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
14:14:07linuxstbdebauched_slot1: I haven't investigated yet, but I recently experienced a case on the ipod, where my own compile (with gcc 4.0.3 and binutils 2.16.1) froze on startup, but someone else's build of the same source tree (gcc 4.0.3 and binutils 2.16) worked fine. So it could be interesting to compare binutils versions.
14:15:12linuxstb(and then compare the binaries...)
14:18:51 Join thegeek_ [0] (
14:20:31 Join webguest84 [0] (i=534da55e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:20:39 Quit webguest84 (Client Quit)
14:22:15Arathisbarrywardell: When radio for h10 would be implemented would it be possible to record with radio as source?
14:22:57barrywardellit should be possible. it is with the OF IIRC
14:26:35*Arathis is angry about himself not being able to port the radio code :-/
14:28:25 Part _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
14:31:00 Quit MarcoPolo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:32:02 Join Criamos [0] (
14:32:20 Join powr-toc [0] (
14:32:33Slasherilinuxstb: just experimenting with scrollwheel acceleration. Now i have integrated speed & position acceleration
14:32:51barrywardellArathis: are you trying to adapt the h300 driver?
14:32:57 Quit thegeek (Connection timed out)
14:33:20 Join Onj [0] (
14:34:37OnjGood day to all
14:36:27Arathisbarrywardell: I would, but I don't have the knowledge neither the time (atm)
14:36:57ArathisI even don't know which language RB is written. But it wouldn't make any difference ^^
14:36:59 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
14:38:08 Join Nico_P [0] (
14:38:39OnjDoes anybody here know about the current voice files?
14:39:45amiconnBagder: ping...
14:40:29preglowSlasheri: looking forward to testing
14:40:57 Join Febs_ [0] (
14:41:00 Nick Febs_ is now known as Febs (
14:42:42 Join ghost___ [0] (
14:43:22preglownow what
14:43:28ghost___Hello, how can i organize my database like that: artist/album/etc.... -> a-z -> actual artist/album with the beginning letter
14:44:28 Join Febs_ [0] (
14:44:51 Join subson [0] (n=ju@
14:45:09ghost___...with the iaudio that is
14:46:55 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
14:47:07Febs_And this forum thread is useful:
14:47:21ghost___Febs: there isnit one preconfigured one for lazy guy s like me ? :-)
14:47:30Febs_But start at the end of the thread. The database format changed over the life of the thread, so some of the earlier examples are outdated.
14:47:35ghost___Febs: i know both sites
14:47:45ghost___but the suggestions on forum did not work
14:48:23ghost___Febs: thanks, will have a look at since i only viewed page 1
14:48:51OnjGuess not
14:48:59*preglow doesn't want wps functionality in a plugin :/
14:50:17*pixelma agrees fully
14:50:49Nico_Ppreglow: some people don't want anymore functionnality in the cor
14:51:18preglowi think the "some people" you talk about just want rockbox size optimised
14:51:21 Part Onj
14:51:41*amiconn doesn't get svn to accept the correct binary images in the www module :(
14:52:16preglowbut i don't want stuff that should be in the core, and i seriously think wps qualifies here, placed in a plugin
14:53:03Nico_Pi agree
14:53:24dan_aBut is - for example - album art something that should be in the core?
14:53:55preglowlinuxstb: what kind of dsp core does the av300 series have?
14:54:01preglowdan_a: definitely yes
14:54:04Nico_Pdan_a: of course !! :D
14:54:22preglowkeep it simple
14:54:33 Join Eltornado [0] (
14:55:11linuxstbTI C54x compatible.
14:55:29preglowgood luck in using it, then
14:56:18linuxstbWhy? I've been told by the archopen people that datasheets are available.
14:56:53preglowthat would be news to me
14:57:50preglowassuming we're talking more than basic data sheets
14:58:06 Part Eltornado ("Leaving")
14:58:37preglowanyway, if you're going to be writing codecs in dsp asm now, good luck on that too :>
15:00:19linuxstbBut the 54MHz arm7tdmi should be enough for my needs - i.e. FLAC.
15:00:32dan_aYay! Only one conflict from linuxstb's latest commit against my YH-820 tree :D
15:01:00Slasheripreglow: that speed acceleration seems to work fine, now i need to add framedropping to the list scrolling when speed gets high enough
15:01:10Bagderbluebrother: it seems the html zip file doesn't build anymore, have you tried it recently?
15:01:52linuxstbBagder: bluebrother mentioned something earlier about the .svn files conflicting
15:02:01Slasherifirst activates automatic paginated scrolling and ofter that comes automatic frame dropping
15:02:06*amiconn spots bagder
15:02:12preglowlinuxstb: so you'll have both hwcodec/swcodec? that sounds... interesting
15:02:22linuxstbYes, not sure how the crossfade would work...
15:02:36amiconnBagder: There are two things broken on the servers (in case you didn't read the log)
15:02:45BagderI didn't
15:02:46 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:02:46linuxstbWe would want to do mp2/mp3 in the MAS, but that prevents lame-gapless as well...
15:02:48preglowlinuxstb: how do you plan on supporting video, though? i assume that's your primary motivation
15:03:04linuxstbNo, my primary motivation is a 2.5" disk capable of FLAC.
15:03:12amiconnBagder: (1) The viewvc links on the front page don't work anymore - permission denied
15:03:31preglowlinuxstb: and there's no more practical devices around than that? looks like a bother to lug that thing around
15:03:33amiconn(2) The build master itself is in urgent need of an m68k-elf-gcc update
15:03:55amiconn3.4.1 ices in libfaad, we need at least 3.4.4, preferably 3.4.6
15:04:03linuxstbpreglow: If you find one that will be as relatively easy to get Rockbox working on as the av300, please tell me.
15:04:25linuxstbIt's the same size and weight as my Archos Recv1, and I can live with that.
15:04:32preglowthe swcodecs/hwcodec split doesn't exactly sounds easy to me :)
15:04:47preglowsince you'll pretty much need to unify the playback engine
15:05:16linuxstbNo, but that's "just" a software issue. The hardware is well-documented - either with datasheets, or code from ArchOpen, which seems very advanced.
15:05:33linuxstbI didn't want to have to reverse-engineer hardware.
15:06:20Bagderamiconn: (1) is zagor's area and I'll fix (2) asap
15:06:29 Quit Wiwie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:06:30preglowi wonder what the state of dsp c assemblers are
15:06:38preglowlast i checked, you were pretty much tied to using asm
15:06:54amiconnOh, and (3): Why do manual commits trigger a rebuild?
15:07:05Bagderpreglow: there are commercial ones for that TI dsp
15:07:17Bagderamiconn: (3) to be fixed at a later time
15:07:30Bagdercurrently every repo change triggers a rebuild
15:08:01preglowBagder: but are they any good?
15:08:09Bagderno idea
15:08:16Bagderthe neuros guys discuss them at times
15:08:38Bagderthey also discuss the failed gcc port and possibilty of doing a _new_ compiler for it
15:09:09preglowmaking a good c compiler for a dsp has to be a nightmare
15:09:20preglowwhat with the odd memory architectures and heavy pipelining
15:09:30debauched_slot1second that amen
15:09:42preglowalso, i can't see how making automatic use of the mac units can happen
15:11:34preglowhrm, seems there's something called embedded c which supports fixed point math directly
15:11:39 Join Febs__ [0] (
15:11:41 Nick Febs__ is now known as Febs (
15:12:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:13:16preglowgcc 4.3 will have improved coldfire support
15:13:23preglownow, if they could only get 4.2 out the door
15:14:42amiconnpreglow: As long as they don't fix the crappy behaviour being in 4.1.x and/or add all the various coldfire targets from binutils to gcc, we won't be able to use it
15:15:34preglowamiconn: what would that be? i forgot
15:15:46Bagderthere, made build datestamp in UTC
15:16:18amiconnpreglow: gcc 4.1.x and up always pass the -m parameter on to gas
15:16:29Bagdernext step would be to attempt 'svnversion' in the source dir to provide svn revision in the version string
15:16:30amiconnBut gcc doesn't know the 5249, only 5206e
15:16:59amiconnSo compiling with m68k-elf-gcc 4.1.x will fail either way
15:17:05preglowamiconn: 4.3 will revise the -m system, i think
15:17:13preglowanyway, has this been reported to them?
15:17:24amiconnNot by me
15:18:10preglowwe could just fix this with a small patch as usual
15:20:01 Quit subson ()
15:24:34Bagderbuild master m68k-elf-gcc updated
15:26:09amiconnBagder: Do you have an idea why I am unable to restore properly working images in the www module?
15:26:30Bagderno, but I haven't investigated anything
15:26:39 Quit PaulJam (".")
15:26:39amiconnI tried to do it the same way as I used for repairing the simulatr backgrounds, but it didn't work
15:27:05 Join PaulJam [0] (
15:27:23amiconnSet the mime type (first I tried the correct type, i.e. image/jpeg etc), replaced the file itself with a cvs checkout, and committed
15:27:41Bagderyeah, afaik that should work
15:27:48amiconnThe mime type got set properly, but the file itself is still wrong in svn
15:28:02amiconn...and overwrote my working, local versions
15:28:28amiconnThen I replaced them again and tried to commit, but svn doesn't find a difference and hence doesn't commit...
15:29:14debauched_slot1amiconn: if you don't care about the history, you could svn rm the files and try again
15:30:00 Nick Everybody|Determ is now known as Everybody (
15:30:04 Quit Febs_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:33:12 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
15:35:51 Quit pixelma (" .")
15:36:41Learamiconn: I'm pretty sure I've made working builds with m68k-elf-gcc 4.1.x... Did need to do some makefile changes though.
15:38:35 Join NcA^ [0] (n=unlucky@
15:39:48 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
15:43:55 Nick NcA^ is now known as NcA (n=unlucky@
15:55:44 Quit H2S04 ("Leaving")
15:59:10 Join einhirn [0] (
16:02:25SoapMouser_X3: Are you the one behind
16:06:48 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
16:10:35Slasheripreglow: hehe, now i can scroll a list of about 5000 tracks from top to down in under 10s :)
16:10:56Slasherii would say ipod scolling now works better ;)
16:11:06PaulJam_weird, my pc just froze and 2 seconds later my h300 froze too.
16:12:56 Quit PaulJam (Nick collision from services.)
16:13:06 Nick PaulJam_ is now known as PaulJam (
16:13:44MikachuSlasheri: did you implement in button driver or tree browser or both?
16:14:09SlasheriMikachu: button driver, and then i optimized the gui list code also
16:15:28 Join stoffel [0] (
16:17:27 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
16:21:56 Join brainiac_ghost [0] (
16:25:51 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
16:27:34 Join Stalwart [0] (
16:32:50Slasheripreglow: it seems that direct speed controlled scrolling seems to work the best
16:33:06Slasheriit's very accurate on slow speeds and increasing speeds, it becomes extremely fast
16:33:20 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
16:33:20linuxstbSlasheri: Can you upload a 5g build that I could test?
16:33:20Slasheriand reacts to speed changes almost immediately
16:33:24Slasherilinuxstb: i will do that very soon
16:33:29Slasheriit's still not commit ready
16:33:48Slasherilinuxstb: do you want a patch or a complete build?
16:34:02linuxstbWhichever is easiest for you. I'm happy with just a build.
16:34:14Slasheriok, then i will just send the build :)
16:34:14 Join Stalwart [0] (
16:34:15linuxstbI'm just curious to see how it feels.
16:34:16Slasherijust a moment
16:34:39Slasherii have tried two different approaches and it seems like the speed control alone feels the best
16:35:33linuxstbDoes it feel the same when a CPU-intensive codec is playing?
16:35:36bluebrotherBagder, make manual-zip works fine for me. But: sometimes building fails completely with messages about permissiong ...
16:35:48Bagderhm, ok I'll research
16:36:03bluebrotherand it affects files like manual/configure_rockbox/images/.svn/text-base/ss-sound-settings-176x220x16.png.svn-base': Permission denied
16:36:04BagderI noticed that the links are missing on the manual page because there are no html zips present
16:36:28linuxstbDo many people download the html zips?
16:36:34Slasherilinuxstb: there, please try out :)
16:36:38BagderI don't know, haven't checked
16:36:56Slasherithe speed is not yet optimized to be as "user friendly" as possible
16:37:11linuxstbSlasheri: Thanks.
16:37:32Slasherilinuxstb: and please try with paged scrolling _disabled_ :)
16:37:43Slasherithen you see how it automatically activates
16:37:58bluebrotherhmm, make clean seems to fix it.
16:38:24bluebrotherlet's see if and when this occurs again −− already had this a couple of days before
16:39:36linuxstbSlasheri: The fast-scrolling kicks in too early for my taste. In short lists, I'm overshooting constantly...
16:39:54 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
16:40:21Slasherilinuxstb: hmm, very possible. Currently it depends entirely how fast you move the wheel
16:40:22linuxstb(short = less than 100 items)
16:40:34Slasheriso there is no steps when it "kicks in"
16:40:48linuxstbI guess I'm used to moving it fast, so maybe I'll get used to it...
16:41:31linuxstbBTW, what size font are you normally using?
16:41:42linuxstbI have the system font.
16:41:48Slasherihmm, but maybe it could still accelerate little slower, so the change wouldn't be immediate
16:42:00Slasherihmm, currently i have a theme with a very small font
16:42:20Slasherisomething like over 20 entries / page
16:43:17linuxstbI think the system font gives be about 30/page.
16:43:39Bagder240/8 = 30
16:43:48Slasherioh, i will try that too
16:45:23linuxstbOne small bug... I just told tagcache to initialise itself, so the Update In Background splash came up. But scrolling in the same menu afterwards doesn't remove the splash.
16:45:52Slasheriah, yep. Those glitches are still to be fixed
16:46:10 Quit powr-toc ("Leaving")
16:46:13Slasheriwe need to call gui_synclist_refresh() for it to redraw the entire screen
16:46:27linuxstbDoes this build have reduced backlight brightness?
16:46:45Slasherioh, yes it has =)
16:46:54linuxstbWell, I _think_ it's working on my 5g...
16:47:32linuxstbIt's just a write to a register to change the brightness?
16:47:42 Join Stalwart [0] (
16:48:12 Join kubiix [0] (
16:49:03Slasherilinuxstb: in fact that bit i found, just dropped the brightness level a bit
16:49:13Slasheriprobably it changed something in the I/O-register
16:49:25linuxstbScrolling fast through a long list, I see about 3 highlight bars at the same time...
16:49:54Slasherihehe, that is a glitch too :) will be fixed
16:50:21linuxstbI'm just testing with a large font now, see if that feels different.
16:50:24 Join CriamosAndy [0] (
16:50:37Slasheriactually there should be just one bar, but it seems like there are more
16:52:12linuxstbBut I definitely think the scrolling is now too fast, it jumps into paged mode before I would want it to....
16:52:15 Join Mouser_X [0] (
16:52:35linuxstbHow about making the scrolling similar to the seeking acceleration in the WPS? i.e. based on the duration of the track (i.e. length of the list).
16:52:35Slasheriyeah, i will do some adjustments soon
16:52:56Slasherihmm, that
16:53:09Slasherimight be work too
16:54:29linuxstbIt would also be nice to put the acceleration in the list code - so it helps all targets when scrolling through very long lists.
16:55:07Slasherihmm, that would not work
16:55:18Slasheriit needs to know the wheel rotating speed
16:55:20Soaphow does your lcd brightness technique differ from the existing ipod backlight patch, Slasheri ?
16:55:21*amiconn still wonders why one would want faster scrolling than in svn
16:55:24Slasheriand with joystick there is no speed
16:55:36Slasheriamiconn: you don't have an ipod? =)
16:55:38linuxstbamiconn: Enable tagcache, then browse one of the long lists...
16:55:49amiconnSlasheri: I do have an ipod.
16:56:00 Quit Stalwart (SendQ exceeded)
16:56:16amiconnMy problem rather is to scroll exactlyt to the line I want, without overshooting
16:56:25amiconnI certainly don't need any acceleration
16:56:35Slasheriamiconn: that will be fixed too but this feature
16:56:56Slasheriamiconn: with low rotation speed, it would scroll very slowly
16:57:17Slasheri(lower than it does now in my patch)
16:57:22 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
16:57:34amiconnlinuxstb: Prepared yet another port while the previous one doesn't even play anything? ;)
16:57:46 Join sandeen_ [0] (
16:57:49sandeen_[ERR] Drive is not an iPod, aborting
16:58:00sandeen_it's the ipod device that I just unmounted..
16:58:09sandeen_this is from ipodpatcher. any ideas?
16:58:17Soapwhat model iPod?
16:58:29linuxstbsandeen_: It's not the device you unmounted, it's the "whole-disk" device - e.g. /dev/disk1
16:58:56sandeen_Soap, 4g grey screen
16:59:01sandeen_linuxstb, I pointed it at the partition
16:59:06sandeen_was I supposed to point it at the disk instead?
16:59:27*sandeen_ RTFM's more closely
16:59:44sandeen_*cough* that works... carry on.... :)
17:00:21 Join Stalwart [0] (
17:00:50 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:02:54 Join [1]Cassandra [0] (
17:03:24 Quit Criamos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:03:49 Join Arathis_ [0] (
17:05:45[Sur`DataGhost]lol linuxstb
17:05:48 Nick [Sur`DataGhost] is now known as DataGhost (
17:05:53DataGhostthis has to be one of the funniest things ever
17:06:05DataGhosta copypaste of a file opened in a hexeditor in a textfile :P
17:08:46sandeen_hey at least it's not a screenshot taken with a digital camera
17:08:50*sandeen_ gets those for kernel bugs :)
17:09:59 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:10:28DataGhostwould be hell indeed, if OCR got a few bits wrong in a hexdump-picture, heh
17:11:34sandeen_cool it booted :) now to make voice files work for my sight-impaired sister in law....
17:12:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:12:57DataGhostlucky you
17:13:03 Join fasmaie [0] (
17:13:04DataGhostI'm stuck with a 5.5G 80GB and no way to help :(
17:13:53sandeen_well I hope I can make this work
17:14:09sandeen_someone gave her this ipod thinking it would be helpful, and ipods are just fancy shiny bricks for someone who can't see :(
17:14:47sandeen_hmm I suppose she desn't know it's shiny either.... fancy -smooth- bricks
17:15:30 Join gotthardt_ [0] (
17:15:36 Nick gotthardt_ is now known as gotthardt (
17:16:05 Join fasmaie_ [0] (
17:16:08 Quit fasmaie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:16:08sandeen_i imagine I can script things up w/ festival ok, but on her windows box no idea how to keep voice files up to date with the contents of her ipod....
17:16:37 Quit Arathis (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:16:41Mikachusell it and buy a more rockbox friendly device
17:17:05sandeen_perhaps. she has an mp3 player made specifically for blind users but it's pretty horribly clunky too
17:17:15sandeen_i was curious to see how well this works on the ipod, since she has it now
17:17:29Mikachuah that wasn't the 80GB one
17:17:37sandeen_nope this is 40G 4G
17:20:33KCCwhy won't rockbox run on the 80gb iPod?
17:20:33KCCjust out of curiosity
17:21:27 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:21:27 Nick [1]Cassandra is now known as Cassandra (
17:21:45sandeen_oh darn. was reading menus just fine, now it locked up :(
17:22:43*sandeen_ wonders how to reset the thing now
17:23:24sandeen_yeah guess so :)
17:23:31sandeen_so is there a crashlog saved somewhere? :)
17:24:14SoapKCC: that's the question isn't it?
17:24:18sandeen_this is badass if it will work reliably.... nice job guys :)
17:25:06sandeen_so does the rockbox firmware not see any of the original ipod firmware's media files?
17:25:52KCCis there any physical differences?
17:25:55KCClike... processor?
17:26:05sandeen_:( just locked up again :(
17:26:43sandeen_clickwheel brings the backlight back up, but menus don't respond
17:27:32 Join Nico_P [0] (
17:27:45 Nick Arathis_ is now known as Arathis (
17:30:13fasmaie_Is anyone having problems with the recent gigabeat SVN builds?
17:30:21 Join toffe [0] (
17:30:32fasmaie_Bootup keeps hanging at 'loading rockbox'
17:30:52SoapKCC: the belief is the only difference is in the hard drive itself.
17:31:27Soapsandeen_: there is a build in the "unsupported builds" forum for constantly crashing 4th gen iPods.
17:31:41sandeen_Soap, ah, cool. so known issue
17:32:23ghost___is it ok to charge iaudio x5 with rockbox?
17:33:38sandeen_Soap, " FS #5264 ? System Freeze: iPod Photo 60GB" I guess?
17:34:58sandeen_oh the frequency scaling topic maybe
17:37:06sandeen_If this issue isn't yet fully understood can I gather any data to help? or is that not needed at this point
17:37:09Soapcan someone explain some of the terms in " FS #5234 — lcd brightness for ipod 5g"?
17:37:37Soaphe says in the FS description "Backlight pwm controlling is already used for backlight fading on ipod 5g (and some other players)."
17:38:24Soappwm? Pulse Width Modulation? Is this patch just flicking the backlight on and off to acheive reduced brightness?
17:41:40Soapis that a very kosher way to acheive long-term brightness control?
17:43:53SoapI'm no expert on the hardware, but high frequency switching of the backlight seems kind of stressful. Am I ignorant/nuts?
17:46:42 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:47:37 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
17:47:39Mikachui don't think leds care about being switched on and off
17:47:41 Quit fasmaie_ ()
17:50:45 Quit Stalwart (Connection timed out)
17:51:45sandeen_what does "long play" mean in the docs?'
17:54:16 Join fairway [0] (
17:54:23Mikachufor a button press?
17:54:27Mikachuhold down play long
17:54:28fairwayi want the iphone!
17:54:40sandeen_Mikachu, presumeably not so long that it turns of...?
17:54:48sandeen_so there's short, long, and reallylong/OFF? :)
17:54:48Mikachuso i would assume
17:54:54Mikachuunless you are reading the section on shutting down
17:54:58*sandeen_ thinks up more stupid questions ;-)
17:55:06Mikachulong is like 0.5 seconds or so
17:55:17sandeen_i guess i should just fiddle with this a bit more eh
17:57:14sandeen_oh cool so database view can find all the files that itunes had on there...
17:57:25Mikachuyou can find them yourself too
17:57:34Mikachuview All files and go somewhere in ipod_control
17:57:40 Join ankka [0] (
17:57:56sandeen_although I think it will be easier for her to just use it via a normal file manager interface, itunes also sucks for blind users
17:58:38Mikachunormally you'll remove that whole filetree after installing rockbox :)
17:58:39 Quit fairway (Client Quit)
17:58:55sandeen_yeah until I saw if it was working i figured I wouldn't do that :)
17:59:04sandeen_any idea if itunes can still see it as a normal ipod when rockbox is on it?
17:59:14sandeen_it's just a disk to itunes I'd guess?
17:59:33 Join Febs__ [0] (
17:59:35 Nick Febs__ is now known as Febs (
17:59:49 Join D0ug [0] (
18:00:02D0ugHow do you start your sansa e200 in recovery mode?
18:01:43Mikachusandeen_: as long as you don't remove the ipod_control thing
18:01:52Mikachusandeen_: although i've never actually used itunes so i'm only guessing
18:01:58sandeen_:) ok
18:02:10sandeen_I think it'll be easier for her to use her windows explorer filemanager thingy anyhoo
18:03:30sandeen_hmm so how do I make it start playing a new artist I select, rather than adding it to the end of the current playlist...?
18:04:03 Join Redbreva [0] (
18:05:25 Part Llorean
18:06:05ankka$ ./ipodpatcher /dev/sda2 -r bootpartition.bin
18:06:06ankka-bash: ./ipodpatcher: Permission denied
18:06:15ankkaI get this error on linux
18:06:25ankkatrying to use ipodpatcher..
18:06:51ankkabut fat32 shouldn't worry about permissions?
18:06:52barrywardellD0ug: put hold on, then hold record while turning it on.
18:07:28 Join tamacracker [0] (
18:07:31 Join alphakiller [0] (n=bits@
18:07:45preglowamiconn: you honestly think current svn is nice for scrolling through long lists???
18:08:30ankkaah, forgot to make the ipodpatcher executable
18:12:04 Quit barrywardell ()
18:12:16 Quit ghost___ ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
18:12:23linuxphileIs there any special configuration needed to get the gigabeat f40 playing video?
18:14:57*Genre9mp3 just realised that there are 150+ people logged in atm
18:16:12Genre9mp3linuxphile: what do you mean special configuration?
18:16:24 Nick alphakiller is now known as alphakiller|zZZ (n=bits@
18:16:41 Join Debauched_sloth [0] (
18:16:42linuxphileIs there any additional software needed?
18:17:24Genre9mp3If you mean how you can convert your videos:
18:17:43 Quit Debauched_sloth (Client Quit)
18:18:07Genre9mp3and more specifically:
18:20:19 Part D0ug ("Leaving")
18:22:26 Join Debauched_sloth [0] (
18:23:26KCCrockbox is gettin' pretty popular
18:24:03Mikachupreglow: i am guessing he has very organized music :)
18:24:56Mikachupreglow: i tried espeak -v sv on some swedish tongue twisters, it doesn't do too well on the "sju sjösjuka sjömän ..." one :)
18:26:39preglowsj in swedish can be a pretty weird sound too
18:27:11KCChmm, how would you pronounce that in english?
18:27:14Mikachuyeah, it really stands out
18:27:16Mikachuyou wouldn't
18:27:33Mikachuthink groundskeeper willie in simpsons saying ach
18:27:33KCClol, whats the closest?
18:28:17KCCso then would does... "sjösjuka" sound like?
18:28:26KCCive been told swedish was a very awkward language
18:28:37Mikachuthen you were lied to :)
18:28:59KCCmost likely
18:29:22preglowsjuk has a sound similar to the one in "loch"
18:29:46 Join Rondom [0] (
18:29:55Mikachuah yes, that too
18:29:59linuxstbankka: You want /dev/sda, not /dev/sda2...
18:30:12 Quit tamacracker (Remote closed the connection)
18:30:31Slasherihmm, now the scrolling works even better and i think even amiconn should no longer overshoot entries so easily :)
18:32:18Mikachuask your local scot
18:32:47dpassen1Slasheri: Has anyone tested the flashing plugin yet?
18:33:01Slasheridpassen1: for iriver? yes, it works fine
18:33:26dpassen1I seem to remember it being disabled in the svn log
18:33:45Slasherifor H115 and those
18:34:01Slasheriit works only for H120/H140 as it did before
18:34:17dpassen1Oh, excellent. I believe I'll update my bootloader shortly
18:34:34dpassen1Looking forward to trying out Rombox
18:34:54dpassen1I haven't yet decided which to go with (Flashed Rockbox or Flashed Rombox)
18:35:24Slasheriyou can try both
18:37:20dpassen1The version 7-pre3 bootloader will still load my flashed rockbox, yes?
18:37:48 Join spiorf [0] (
18:37:57Slasheriyes, after you flash it again
18:38:55BigBambiSlasheri, will the new bootloader boot rockbox off disk too? I would like the voltage readout on USB, but update the build so often I don't fancy flashing all the time
18:39:16SoapSlasheri needs to stop teasing me and release a patch.
18:39:30SlasheriBigBambi: of course, you can also set that as the default option
18:39:36Slasheribut now need to go, back soon ->
18:39:47BigBambiSo I could use it without rockbox flashed at all?
18:39:49BigBambiOK, thanks
18:40:58andrewgargh, stupid errors
18:41:17andrewg/usr/src/sansa-e200-build/apps/plugins/jewels.o: In function `jewels_drawboard':
18:41:21andrewgjewels.c:(.text.jewels_drawboard+0x300): undefined reference to `jewels'
18:43:12 Quit DreamThief ("Serverwechsel")
18:45:10 Join karim [0] (
18:47:26linuxstbandrewg: It's probably missing bitmaps - you need to make sure they are specified in apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/SOURCES
18:48:05drklabyrinthi think that when you change the font in rockbox
18:48:12andrewglinuxstb: oh I see what you mean, thanks
18:48:21drklabyrinthit also changes the font in the original firmware
18:48:35linuxphileso I've loaded rockbox on my brother's gigabeat but now the playing is stuttering, plays for a second, stops, then resumes playing, like the cpu is overloaded
18:48:48linuxstbdrklabyrinth: Sounds unlikely...
18:49:27drklabyrinthlinuxstb, perhaps i've just gotten used to rockbox quickly...the original firmware looks a tad off though
18:50:03 Quit blue_lizard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:50:15 Join blue_lizard [0] (
18:50:38amiconnBagder: The broken images all have the svn property 'svn:eol-style' set explicitly...
18:50:57ankkaerr... how do I reset the theme in rockbox? this one somehow is totally blank, only black... unusable
18:51:00Debauched_slothLinuxphile: if this is gigabeat, make sure you update the bootloader
18:51:11linuxstbankka: On the ipod?
18:51:17ankkalinuxstb: yeah
18:51:33ankkaalready deleted the theme files, didn't help
18:51:33linuxstbTurn the hold switch on as soon you see the Rockbox bootloader appear.
18:51:42amiconnAha, that was the problem.... I'll commit a new attempt at fixing them soon
18:52:07ankkalinuxstb: that just boots the original firmware... I want to get rockbox use another theme :)
18:52:22Soapwho is the maintainer of
18:52:42linuxstbankka: No, turning the hold switch on before the bootloader appears will start the original firmware.
18:53:04linuxstbSoap: Bagder wrote it originally IIRC, but it's in SVN, so anyone can change it.
18:53:23ankkalinuxstb: ah, ok :D
18:53:57SoapI ask because I ran it last night, and it (or I) failed to update my arm compiler. I'm running it again and directing the output to a text file to try and see if I can find an error message.
18:54:16linuxstbSoap: It won't delete any existing compilers...
18:54:32Soapso is my problem a failure to switch over to the new ones?
18:54:40linuxstbIf you have an older gcc, you should either delete it, or make sure the new one is first in the path.
18:55:05SoapI didn't even think about path order. Thanks.
18:55:07linuxstbi.e. do PATH=/my/new/path:$PATH instead of PATH=$PATH:/my/new/path
18:56:51 Quit bonbonthejon (Remote closed the connection)
18:56:58 Join Wiwie [0] (
18:59:12 Quit Debauched_sloth (Remote closed the connection)
19:01:10 Part Redbreva
19:02:14 Join Phantompyro [0] (
19:05:16Phantompyrook maybe im retarded but anyways how do i get to the filebrowser (ipod4g)
19:05:19BigBambiSlasheri: When you return - Using the latest SVN build, I downloaded bootlader.iriver v7pre3 from the wiki and opened it with iriver_flash. It said "update bootlader [play to confirm]", I pressed play and it said Incompatible/Untested bootloader. I've checked the MD5 sum and it is as on the wiki page. Any ideas?
19:05:59SlasheriBigBambi: did you also updated to the bleeding edge rockbox build?
19:06:01dpassen1BigBambi: I had the same problem, I think you need a newer build of rockbox (with a newer build of iriver_flash)
19:06:07SlasheriBigBambi: copying just the rockbox.iriver is not enough
19:06:10BigBambiYep, latest SVN
19:06:24BigBambiI even deleted .rockbox to make sure it overwrote properly
19:06:31linuxstbPhantompyro: From where? Unless you changed a setting, Rockbox will start in the file browser.
19:06:35 Join Debauched_sloth [0] (
19:06:43dpassen1Did you use rolo to load the new rockbox build?
19:06:56BigBambino, shutdown then switched on again
19:07:09BigBambiIn Info - version, it is the latest from today as well
19:07:12SlasheriBigBambi: weird.. if you verified that md5sum of the bootloader.iriver matches, then there is no other possibility than you rockbox build is not the latest one
19:07:31BigBambiodd, as I deleted the whole lot from my player!
19:07:39BigBambiI'll try once again
19:07:43dpassen1Slasheri: I'm compiling right now (latest source), I'll verify
19:07:48Slasheridpassen1: good
19:09:27Phantompyrook, so for rockbox i have to put each song on manually?
19:10:04linuxstbPhantompyro: Read this: (especially the section about listening to music transferred with itunes)
19:11:02 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
19:11:19 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
19:11:27BigBambiSlasheri, Really odd - I have the lastest SVN from the site (iriver_flash.rock has a modified date of 09.20 this morning), I've rebooted and even reset settings, and still incompatible version
19:11:56BigBambiWould the details of the flash chip it displays before pressing play help?
19:11:58SlasheriBigBambi: did you boot from disk?
19:12:13Slasherinope, the chip itself should be fine
19:12:14BigBambiyep, i don't have rockbox flashed atm
19:12:31BigBambijust standard bootloader 6 and rockbox on disk
19:12:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:13:02Slasheriweird.. just a moment
19:13:02Phantompyrolinuxstb:so should i just delete all the folders under iPod_Control\Music ?
19:14:14SlasheriBigBambi: iriver_flash.c, line 347:
19:14:15Slasheri { 63788, 0x08ff01a9 }, /* 7-pre3, improved failsafe functions */
19:14:19Slasheriis that correct?
19:14:34BigBambinot sure - i grabbed the precompiled one from the site.
19:14:42BigBambiI can checkout and build if that helps?
19:14:46SoapPhantompyro: you "should" do whatever you want. If you want to continue to use iTunes to manage your music iTunes will place songs in iPod_Control\Music. If you want to throw iTunes away forever you /can/ delete that folder and simply drop music onto your player like any other drive.
19:14:56Slasheriah, i thought you had built it from SVN
19:15:10BigBambino, just downloaded it from
19:15:34SoapIf you want to continue to use iTunes to manage your music, you will be well advised to browse your music with Rockbox's "Database" feature, which displays songs based on their tags.
19:15:35BigBambii can build though, in case there is something odd with the precompiled
19:15:36Slasherihmm, weird.. if you can, please try building it yourself
19:15:37 Quit Debauched_sloth ("jmIrc destroyed by the OS")
19:15:45BigBambiwill do - give me a few minutes
19:16:03 Join Debauched_sloth [0] (
19:17:00dan_aandrewg: Still around?
19:17:24PhantompyroSoap: i dont like using Itunes so i dont plan to use it if i dont need to, but iPod_Control\Music files the ones which i should delete from my ipod in order to remove the "itunes" way of storing songs?
19:17:49dpassen1Slasheri: Latest source flashes bootloader
19:18:02Slasheridpassen1: good
19:18:13 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:18:15SoapPhantompyro: that is the folder in which all iTunes added music is stored. So if you don't mind removing all those tracks from your player - feel free to delete that vestigal organ.
19:20:10BigBambiJust checking out now - VM image takes ages to boot!
19:20:39 Join Phish| [0] (i=Phish@
19:22:06 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
19:22:33MikachuPhantompyro: if you're not going to use itunes at all, nor the original firmware, you can remove the whole ipod_control dir
19:23:51PhantompyroMikachu: will i have any trouble setting the ipod into disk mode or whatnot without it?
19:23:53 Join sekondchakra [0] (
19:24:40sekondchakraI'm new to RB on my new X5L, and for the life of me I can't find any guidance anywhere on how to install new WPS themes!
19:25:02sekondchakraCan someone point me in the right direction?
19:25:13ankkahmm, how long should initializing the db take?
19:25:19ankkaon a nano
19:25:19amiconnAh, finally :)
19:26:11 Join terinjokes [0] (n=terin@wikinews/Terinjokes)
19:26:25terinjokeshey, anybody here running on an ipod nano 2GB?
19:26:31ankkaterinjokes: me
19:26:59BigBambiSlasheri, it worked! For some reason however, the latest pre compiled SVN on doesn't
19:27:02terinjokesankka: would you like to help out a Linux user by breaking copyright laws?
19:27:10SoapPhantompyro: no, removal of the folders (including contacts, notes, et. al) will cause no problems. iTunes will seamlessly recreate them if you switch back.
19:27:13ankkaterinjokes: huh?
19:27:19ankkaI'm one, too :P
19:27:38SlasheriBigBambi: that is weird.. maybe Bagder could answer that :)
19:27:41terinjokesI've corrupted my ipod...
19:27:54ankkaterinjokes: sounds bad
19:28:08BigBambiYeah :) Anyway, seeing as it was good when I built it myself, thanks very much for the help
19:28:15terinjokesthe ipod tells me to use itunes to restore :-D'
19:28:33PhantompyroSoap: ok thanks for the help
19:28:46 Join Mouser_X [0] (
19:28:52Mikachuterinjokes: i have a bzipped firmware partition lying around if that helps
19:29:38ankkaterinjokes: listen to Mikachu, not me, I installed just a couple of hours ago :P
19:29:47 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
19:29:57 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:30:15terinjokesthanks Mikachu
19:30:42 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=54090f72@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:30:42GodEaterWebwell I'm stumped
19:30:46terinjokesthis is my first time installing from linux (used to be an OSX user...)
19:30:59 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:31:02Mikachuisn't the first step to backup your firmware partition and mbr? :)
19:31:07GodEaterWebno idea why the sh and m69k builds were failing on my server - I installed all three cross compilers
19:31:19sekondchakraankka I have the same question...
19:31:23GodEaterWeband when I started investigating this morning by manually running the script
19:31:35GodEaterWebwhen it was done - but whole rbclient directory was gone
19:31:39GodEaterWebINCLUDING the
19:31:40ankkasekondchakra: which one?
19:31:43GodEaterWebso it's completely broken now
19:31:58sekondchakra"how long should initializing the db take?" that one?
19:32:01sekondchakradid you get an answer?
19:32:09ankkaah, no, didn't
19:32:12terinjokesMikachu: no, the first step is to convert the ipod from HFS+ to FAT32 :D
19:32:24sekondchakraI'm sure "How many files do you have?" will be the response!
19:32:38ankkasekondchakra: mine has been doing it for like 15 minutes... 2GB ipod not even close to full
19:32:52ankkamaybe 10 cd's :|
19:32:53terinjokesankka: reboot the ipod
19:32:55Mikachuterinjokes: ah, this is a fat32 one
19:33:02terinjokesgood :D
19:33:02Mikachuterinjokes: in that case you may want to accept the second file too, it's the mbr
19:33:16terinjokesi got the mbr (from the website)
19:33:32sekondchakraYeah...I'm never sure how long to let it run... I wish it would display a message, or something...
19:33:32Mikachuin that case you can ignore the second file :P
19:33:45sekondchakra"database building finished. restart."
19:33:51GodEaterWebLinusN / Bagder / Amiconn: (or anyone else) can someone mail me the again and I'll have another go
19:34:12ankkasekondchakra: but you have managed to do it?
19:34:21terinjokessekondchakra: if your on the default theme, on the menus you well see a spinning thing, when it disappears, reboot
19:34:43sekondchakraankka i HAVE managed to do it, yes...
19:34:53ankkasekondchakra: ok, great ;)
19:35:03sekondchakraterinjokes..thanks! I'll look for that!
19:35:23sekondchakracan anyone point me to instructions on how to install WPS screens??
19:35:29Mikachuisn't there a progress thing in the debug menu somewhere?
19:36:11ankkasekondchakra: haha, looks like I just didn't know I needed to reboot, too :D
19:36:32sekondchakraWhen I first loaded RB−−that took me awhile to figure out too!
19:36:50sekondchakraDoes anyone know if a "warm reboot", as it were, is possible on RB?
19:37:01sekondchakraDo I have to always completely shutdown and then restart?
19:38:13Phish|sekondchakra: when you download the theme, generally the files are organized in the zip so you can just unzip the file to either .rockbox or the themes folder on your media player
19:38:15terinjokessekondchakra: for now, yes
19:38:26Soaprunning I keep getting the error:
19:38:26 Quit JPMaximilian ("Leaving")
19:38:31Soap"bucomm.o(.text+0xa19): In function `make_tempname':
19:38:31Soap../../binutils-2.16.1/binutils/bucomm.c:425: warning: the use of `mktemp' is dan
19:38:31Soapgerous, better use `mkstemp'
19:38:31DBUGEnqueued KICK Soap
19:38:38Soapis this fatal, or safely ignored?
19:38:39amiconnGodEaterWeb: pm...
19:39:14sekondchakraPhish| I don't think I would have expected it to be THAT easy!
19:40:40sekondchakrais a warm-reboot possible in the original firmware (somehow I don't think so..)?
19:41:06 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
19:41:08 Join GodEater [0] (
19:41:09Phish|sekondchakra: it sure is. then you just go to the settings panel on rockbox and browse the themes
19:41:30Phish|so you can have as many themes on the device as will fit, then change at will
19:41:31 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:41:33 Join Rondom [0] (
19:42:14sekondchakraPhish| Extremely cool... Now I have to figure out why my short-on is no longer starting up RB on my dual-boot X5L!! :-O
19:42:41bagawk_Bagder: looks like viewc has died do to a permission error
19:42:43 Quit Mouser_X3 (Connection timed out)
19:42:59 Nick bagawk_ is now known as bagawk (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
19:43:41Slasherilinuxstb: i think now the scolling works a little better. Would like to try again? =)
19:43:50sekondchakraanyone else dual-booting and having this problem??
19:44:55sekondchakraoh crap. There is goes. Now it's working again! I must be a VERY short "on"?
19:44:59linuxstbSlasheri: Sure.
19:45:21Slasheriok, sending now :)
19:45:30Lloreansekondchakra: The dual booter is unofficial software on the X5.
19:45:30Phish|sekondchakra: i have no clue what you're talking about
19:45:53Slasherilinuxstb: hmm, that was too fast. Please erase the old file :)
19:45:58terinjokesin linux, how do i 'eject' a device (like the ipod)?
19:46:48terinjokesMikachu: what ipod do you have?
19:47:06linuxstbSlasheri: Done.
19:47:37sekondchakrathanks for the help, guys... I would have given up on this stuff days ago if not for helpful dudes like y'all...
19:48:27 Quit sekondchakra ("Leaving")
19:48:56bluebrotherterinjokes, try "eject"
19:49:33 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
19:50:35 Quit karim ("Ex-Chat")
19:52:36 Quit Debauched_sloth (Remote closed the connection)
19:52:36terinjokesok, i need to install the bootloader, which files do i need to compile ipodpatcher (unless i can issue the commands manually)
19:55:38linuxstbcd tools/ipodpatcher ; make
19:55:55 Quit Wiwie ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:57:08linuxstbSlasheri: Does the list scrolling just move the cursor by either one item or one page?
19:57:23 Join tamacracker [0] (
19:58:05Slasherilinuxstb: it always moves by one item. But when scrolling speed increases, eventually frame dropping kicks in to keep it fast
19:58:45 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
19:58:57linuxstbIt just seems to go from slow to fast, with nothing in between...
20:00:09Slasherihmm, then you just scroll it too fast =)
20:00:38Slasheriyou can slow down scrolling speed and scrolling also slows down
20:01:46linuxstbBut I'm probably not the best tester, I do everything I can to avoid scrolling in long lists...
20:02:02Slasherihehe :)
20:02:34Slasheriat least the scrolling isn't that sensitive as with apple firmware
20:02:51Slasherii found it was a pain to navigate to a single item with the apple fw
20:03:12linuxstbI didn't find that...
20:03:29GodEaternor me...
20:03:50Slasherii wonder how amiconn would be able to use that all.. it's always overshooting and you easily slip the choice to the wrong one
20:03:57 Quit terinjokes ("Wikinews: The free news YOU can write!")
20:04:01Phish|sometimes i find the rockbox scrolling on my ipod to be a pain
20:04:09Phish|the sensitivity is different on different menus
20:04:23SlasheriPhish|: you try that new patch :)
20:04:49Phish|that would involve compiling the source :-/
20:04:59SlasheriPhish|: what ipod do you have?
20:05:06Phish|5g 30gb
20:05:13Slasheriah, the as i do
20:05:16Slasheriwould you like to try it?
20:05:24Slasherii can send you the compiled binary
20:05:43SlasheriPhish|: here :)
20:05:46Phish|that would be wonderful
20:06:01Phish|oh sheesh, gotta love my internet
20:07:11 Join GigabeatZombie [0] (i=41675b0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:07:23GigabeatZombieis anyone here familiar with the gigabeat port?
20:08:28KCCill be getting my 'beat any day now
20:08:37gotthardtGigabeatZombie: whats up
20:08:37KCCive got theoretical knowledge of the port, if that helps at all
20:08:48GigabeatZombieI have an error message on boot up thats giving me fits
20:09:15GigabeatZombieNot sure what that means?
20:09:46gotthardthmm i just built and used the latest and it works - so it must be something else
20:10:14gotthardtare you using windows to load?
20:10:14GigabeatZombieany ideas
20:10:23LloreanGigabeatZombie: What's the rest of the error message?
20:10:35GigabeatZombiesystem error 00000020
20:10:35gotthardtdid you 'eject' before disconnecting the USB
20:10:53 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
20:10:54GigabeatZombiehang on one second
20:11:00GigabeatZombiei think so but lol
20:11:33gotthardtok - common problem is disconnecting before write is flushed
20:11:48GigabeatZombiehow do I reverse that?
20:11:53 Join Stalwart [0] (
20:11:54 Join n1s [0] (
20:12:02gotthardtdid you install a bootloader?
20:12:10GigabeatZombieand I just did a fresh install and parked it and it still does the same thing
20:12:49gotthardti have heard others having problems with the build on rb - where did you download the port?
20:13:05GigabeatZombiewhy where should I donwload?
20:14:58 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:15:39GigabeatZombieno dice
20:15:48 Join secleinteer [0] (n=scl@
20:16:15 Join Wiwie [0] (
20:16:19gotthardtdo you see the RB logo on start up?
20:18:36GigabeatZombieit goes to load and errors lol
20:18:39 Join zylche [0] (
20:19:06GigabeatZombiethinking my firmware is toast
20:19:23GigabeatZombiebut I replaced it and it's like the player doesn't know where to look or something
20:19:41GigabeatZombieI have to admit I'm a horrible newb at thiskinda stuff
20:19:45gotthardtwhere are you putting it -
20:19:56Phish|Slasheri, that's so much better
20:19:56Phish|thanks a bunch
20:20:12Phish|what other patches do you have in your build?
20:20:26GigabeatZombiesorry \GBsystem\FwIMG\
20:21:07SlasheriPhish|: nice if it works :)
20:21:07gotthardtok - that should be right - this is a gigabeat X or F ? not a S
20:21:44gotthardtand you also unzipped the into the root?
20:21:56GodEaterwell I see there's no safe way to test If you get the arguments wrong it rm -f's the whole directory =/
20:22:01GigabeatZombieand loaded the bootloader from the site you gave
20:22:09 Part Llorean
20:22:33gotthardttry that one
20:22:50GigabeatZombienew build?
20:22:56 Join Alonea [0] (
20:23:10gotthardtfrom the gigabeat board - that one is supposed to work -
20:23:30GigabeatZombieso was the last one
20:24:15gotthardtyou can check: for yourself
20:26:58GigabeatZombiedidn't work
20:27:21 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
20:27:55 Join bonbonthejon [0] (
20:28:41GigabeatZombieits like its not even trying to load rock box
20:29:02SoapGodEater: ?
20:29:23 Quit ankka ("leaving")
20:29:40Soapregarding "Re: Converter to rockbox MPEG" - see the edited first post in the thread for the download link
20:30:02CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:30:02*GodEater glows with embarassment and goes to delete his post
20:30:32GigabeatZombieany idea why the 'beat would show up only as a hard drive and not be recognized by its own software?
20:30:55LloreanGigabeatZombie: Have you tried restoring your original firmware image file?
20:31:03GigabeatZombieyup just did
20:31:12GigabeatZombiesame friggin message
20:31:52LloreanAre you just copying over the file, or are you doing all the extra steps that force it to update?
20:32:04GigabeatZombielike what steps?
20:32:09GodEaterSoap: sorry - I've jusdt commited the cardinal sin of the forums - of not reading it carefully enough. Sorry :(
20:32:16SoapGodEater: bah
20:32:28LloreanGigabeatZombie: See "Initial Startup"
20:32:34GodEaterdoes that mean I'm forgiven, or you still think I'm an idiot ?
20:32:40Soapand don't ever apologise to me.
20:32:56Soap(at least not while the pope in in the room)
20:33:28GigabeatZombieyes I did that
20:33:51GigabeatZombieit starts the loading bar and right away throws error message 00000020
20:34:10 Quit amigan ("new NIC")
20:34:12LloreanGigabeatZombie: If you've tried restoring your original firmware, have NO Rockbox files on your player, and it doesn't work, then it's something else that's causing the problem.
20:34:23GigabeatZombieany ideas
20:34:23 Quit amiconn (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
20:35:30LloreanGodEater: I wish I could figure out what's causing all these people to completely ignore section 2.2.2, or ignore it (doing it their own way and getting it wrong).
20:35:55Aloneasorry to burst in, but GigabeatZombie, I am guessing you are using a gigabeat yes? What is your original firmware version?
20:36:24Aloneathats the problem
20:36:32 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
20:36:35GodEaterLlorean: hehe - I was just going to ask if we can stop people posting them. Alter the forum software to deny "rockbox error -1" posts of something ;)
20:36:41gotthardtnice Alonea !
20:36:41Aloneasomeone else could not get rockbox to work until they updated
20:36:58LloreanGodEater: Hahaha, then they'd just try to come up with a way around the filter, 'cuz that's how people are.
20:37:04Aloneaok, lemme find that firmware update. its hard to find.
20:37:25 Join Stalwart [0] (
20:38:07GigabeatZombieno lie there
20:38:09GodEaterLlorean: well perhaps not deny the post, perhaps just display an message saying "You didn't read 2.2.2 dumbass - stop wasting our time" :)
20:38:13GigabeatZombieneeds to be for a us version too
20:38:20AloneaOk, I am just gonna upload the file on my site. will take about 10 mins. and it is US version
20:38:35Aloneado you want just for the gigabeat, or do you want the Room update too?
20:38:44GigabeatZombiethe update or just the raw firmware?
20:39:28Aloneaok, I will put just the firmware upgrade. with both its 50 megs...
20:39:34LloreanGodEater: I'd suggest that we put "Rockbox Error: -1" in the manual, but I don't think that would help much either.
20:39:57LloreanIt's already mentioned, but you won't get it with that search, since it says 'a "-1" error'
20:40:09GigabeatZombiehowever if it is a firmware issue all the upgrade will do is upgrade a busted firmware
20:40:21Aloneabut yes, I think this should be mentioned somewhere, that if you dont ahve the latest firmware, rockbox will not work
20:40:22GigabeatZombieand I'll prolly get that same error
20:41:14 Quit GigabeatZombie ("CGI:IRC")
20:41:24 Join GigabeatZombie [0] (i=41675b0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:41:43Aloneaok, has about 7 and a half minutest left
20:41:56GigabeatZombiewhat is your site by the way
20:42:07dan_aGodEater, Llorean: The other option would be to change the way iPodPatcher works, so that it unzips and the fonts file to the iPod, and complains if they aren't there.
20:42:24Aloneathe bad thing is the Toshiba refuses the distribute their update via the internet. You can get it only by snail mail.
20:42:37GigabeatZombiego Toshiba
20:42:40dan_a(Although that's heading into rbutil territory
20:43:08n1sdan_a: hopefully, they'll be integrated one day.
20:43:40Aloneaok, the exact link will be Ver 3 I will tell you when the link will be active
20:44:51Aloneaso what people did was put it on the internet for them. its just now its only at those wierd file places with lots of porn adds. I will leave this file on my site for a while
20:45:07GigabeatZombietrue that
20:45:19GigabeatZombieyou think this will solve my error?
20:45:23Alonealess than 4 mins.
20:45:24Lloreandan_a: Yeah, rbutil is going to make use of ipodpatcher's functionality eventually.
20:45:46Aloneayes. Someone else had the same problem and upgrading fixed it immediately.
20:47:10Aloneaso just take off rockbox completely, upgrade firmware, then put rockbox back on all should be good
20:48:12 Join capsaicin [0] (
20:48:15Aloneawell, at least you have US firmware
20:48:23GigabeatZombiegood point
20:48:24toffethe last broken F40 I get had the same message and I had to reformat the drive with the gigaroom format utilitie ( but I think that the one who sell it mess with the hd, lot of ipod stuff on it)
20:48:26Aloneathe other person had bloody asia...
20:49:17Aloneaok, download away GigabeatZombie
20:49:49GigabeatZombieno access lol
20:50:11Aloneahmm, try again. and what browser?
20:50:45Aloneaoh, the link is being stupid.copy and paste it...
20:51:17Aloneaand I think I remember something now about this damn ftp program...I remember now that is HATED spaces with a passion
20:51:35GigabeatZombieI know how that goes
20:52:12Aloneayeah, using fireftp cause its convenient
20:52:16Aloneadid you get the link to work?
20:52:38Aloneagood. the site should have decent speeds.
20:52:49GigabeatZombieyeah getting about 70
20:53:46Aloneaat least its downloading. used to if it had spaces period it would not download no matter how you typed it in the address bar. looks like they fixed that error
20:54:05LloreanGodEater: Deleted your post, that command won't work with the version of ipodpatcher the person's using.
20:54:35LloreanGodEater: They're either using the outdated one intentionally, or are following some unofficial instructions from someplace strange.
20:54:53GodEaterwow - that was quick
20:54:58GodEaterI only just hit the "post" button
20:55:09LloreanI'd just been posting as well, and it told me the thread had changed while I was typing.
20:55:22GodEateryou're eagle eyed ;)
20:55:50GodEaterYour post is much shorter too :)
20:56:06LloreanWell, it asks the most important question in the simplest manner possible, I think. :)
20:56:16GodEatershorter is better for these people
20:56:54*GodEater ponders making the download links for rockbox available only via a bot that tests user intelligence
20:56:56 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
20:57:22LloreanI find myself wondering, is there somewhere that teaches the word "triple" is spelled "tripple"? I find that as one of the most common misspellings on our forums.
20:57:57 Join Stalwart [0] (
20:57:58GigabeatZombieso that updater won't see my gigabeat lol
20:57:58LloreanMy frustration doesn't relate to intelligence at all. For all I know some of these people are incredibly intelligent, as lawyers or doctors or something. The problem comes from what I see as the "tech support dependency."
20:57:58Soapit should be trippple
20:58:03GodEaterI would suspect that's a mistake made mostly by non-native english speakers
20:58:15LloreanThere's two problems with IT these days.
20:58:21LloreanOne: IT is often condescending to users.
20:58:26LloreanTwo: IT still fixes all the little problems.
20:58:31*Soap finds non-native speakers have _better_ spelling.
20:58:40GodEaterLlorean: I guess that's more what I meant - get the bot to ask "demonstrate the DOS command used to change directory to c:\rockbox"
20:59:34dan_aLlorean: The reason for (1) is that most users deserve it!
20:59:43LloreanIt frustrates me to no end that IT guys are considered bad for suggesting the user read the manual first, but then you see them making fun of users within those users' earshot and you can see where the user gets the impression that the suggestion to read the manual isn't in good faith.
20:59:46AloneaGigabeatZombie: now, as for installing the update, I have no idea. I know its a bit bitchy. How do you have it set up? COnnect to gigabeat room or windows media? You might have better luck if its in the cradle (if you have it) and set to gigabeat room.
20:59:50*GodEater pats his LART
20:59:54Lloreandan_a: The problem is that 1 feeds 2 feeds 1.
21:00:18dan_aGodEater: a.s.r. reader, are we?
21:00:28Lloreandan_a: Tech support gets called on because the user ignored warning messages and screwed something up, tech support resents user, user becomes wary of calling tech support, computer gets in worse condition before they call again.
21:00:36GodEaterdan_a I gues not - I have no idea what that stands for
21:01:12LloreanI'd very much prefer if a user called up and asked "My computer has popped up a warning box that says 'blah', is it alright if I press Okay or should I have one of your guys down here to look at it?" rather than just hoping it'll work out.
21:01:15GodEaterLlorean: that's odd - I've never come across that professionally
21:01:33 Join Jsunu [0] (
21:01:38 Quit tamacracker (Remote closed the connection)
21:01:45GigabeatZombieso in no way is windows seeing this as a Gigabeat anymore
21:01:49GodEaterwe've all made the "cup holder" joke - but I've never done it within earshot of a user. Nor do I know anyone that has
21:02:09LloreanGodEater: The "earshot" wasn't really a physical one.
21:02:16GodEateroic - you mean online ;)
21:02:22LloreanGodEater: It's within the concept of say, "Bastard Operator from Hell", and other things.
21:02:22AloneaGigabeatZombie: I have had that problem before. might want to try restarting computer and coming back.
21:02:39GodEaterhow sad
21:02:46GigabeatZombieI work IT thats BS lol
21:02:53Aloneaalso,make sure you are doing safely remove hardware if it showing the drive anywhere, but at this point, I say restart might be a good idea.
21:03:04*GodEater loved Channel 4's "The IT Crowd"
21:03:04GigabeatZombieI'll give it a shot
21:03:13GodEaterbut clearly I was unaware it was making my users scared of me
21:03:22LloreanIt's just the fact that many users feel condescended to if you over-explain, and short-changed if you under-explain. They want to be offended because judging from our venting elsewhere, they think we want to offend.
21:03:29AloneaGigabeatZombie: ok. its just windows being silly really.
21:03:36 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
21:03:44LloreanI'm not sure if there is a proper balance, though.
21:03:49GigabeatZombieany idea?
21:03:50KCCi'll be d/ling that firmware too, hope ya dont mind
21:03:50GodEaterLlorean: the explanation thing is a tough tight-rope to walk for sure
21:03:59GodEaterI actually always ask
21:04:09GodEater"do you want to know why this happened?"
21:04:14GodEateror do you just want it fixed?
21:04:34 Join Stalwart [0] (
21:05:00KCCdone :)
21:05:15GigabeatZombiehang on
21:05:24GigabeatZombiecan you zip up an image of your updated firmware for me?
21:05:38dan_aWhen I was working on a helpdesk, I'd always ask if a caller wanted something explaining in more detail than I would expect the average PC magazine reader to know.
21:05:57LloreanGodEater: My biggest frustration though is how often I have to undo something that happened not because of something going wrong, but because a user made a wrong choice because they were 'pretty sure it was the right one, and I was in too much a hurry to check the manual' or some similar excuse.
21:06:09GigabeatZombieI suddenly don't trust my firmware lol
21:06:27GigabeatZombieafter you update if you could zip all of your firmware up and get it to me that would rock
21:07:09GodEaterLlorean: yup - that's my worst nightmare too - but there's not much you can do about those people
21:07:15GodEaterthat's why I don't work support anymore :)
21:07:19GodEaternot in the front line anyway
21:07:32GodEaterdid it for three years - that was more than long enough
21:07:57LloreanGodEater: Aye, I don't think I would've lasted much longer doing that, and yet I find myself volunteering for it here.
21:08:14GodEaterLlorean: yeah - but we get to be rude here :)
21:08:19LloreanFortunately here, if I find a question just too hard to answer in a civil enough tone, I can just shut the browser window, and hope it goes away.
21:08:24GodEaterwithin reason anyway
21:08:41LloreanWe get to say "Please come back once you've read the documentation"
21:08:45KCCgigabeatzombie: ive yet to recieve my F40!
21:08:58LloreanAnd actually direct accuse people of lying when it's 100% evident that they have.
21:09:05GodEaterthat too
21:09:10GodEaterno-one can fire us here
21:09:56GodEaterI loved the guy the other day swearing blind he had a "rockbock" directory
21:10:03LloreanYeah, but I do like the fact that as a project we actually have a fairly decent reputation in terms of support compared to "open-source" as a whole.
21:10:04GodEaterI was laughing all the way through reading that
21:10:23KCCGBZ: your 'beat is misbehaving?
21:10:23AloneaGigabeatZombie: ok, was eating a bit of breaskfast. did you get windows to see it yet?
21:10:38GodEaterhe even posted a "so there" screenshot - which still showed he was lying
21:10:57GigabeatZombieno idea how to
21:11:10GigabeatZombieit sees it as a hard drive
21:11:12GigabeatZombiebut not a gigabeat
21:11:29KCCisnt that the point of Rockbox?
21:11:31AloneaGigabeatZombie: ok, best thing is to try switching inbetween modes. or you could uninstall it and reinstall it.
21:11:50GigabeatZombiewhat do you mean switching inbetween modes?
21:12:11Aloneabetween windows media and gigabeat room.
21:12:12 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
21:12:26GigabeatZombieyou don't understand
21:12:29Aloneabut I am sure reinstalling it like your computer has never seen a gigabeat might work better
21:12:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:12:44GigabeatZombieit won't be recognized at all
21:12:47GigabeatZombieeven on a new machine
21:12:52GigabeatZombieit comes up like a portable hard drive
21:14:05KCCtry dropping mp3s onto that portable drive
21:14:09 Join entoke [0] (
21:14:15GigabeatZombieis there some sort of naming convention that has gone awry?
21:14:19Aloneai mean, go under device manager and uninstall it there
21:14:42Aloneaso when you plug it in its like starting over completely
21:16:02GigabeatZombieit sees as a toshiba 2006 GAl harddrive
21:16:02GodEaterhehe - I got my pie!
21:16:19GigabeatZombieenev post uninstall
21:16:52Soapthere is a difference between "lying" and "clueless and mistaken"
21:17:10Soapone implies malicious intent, which is, IMHO, a long stretch.
21:17:54GodEaterat the start of a thread I'd agree that most of these guys are "clueless and mistaken"
21:18:03GodEaterbut we've asked them to check something specifically
21:18:11GodEaterand they STILL swear that we're wrong and they're right
21:18:15GodEater*I* call that lying
21:18:15 Nick alphakiller|zZZ is now known as alphakiler (n=bits@
21:18:19LloreanSoap: I only call lying on someone when they've said something that cannot physically be true.
21:18:24 Join idnar [0] (n=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
21:18:31Aloneagigabeat: ok, then uninstall that toshiba harddrive, then plug it in again and let windows reconfigure it.
21:18:42LloreanYou'll notice you won't find many records of me using the statement "That is a lie" or "You're lying"
21:19:42SoapI wasn't trying to call _you_ out Llorean.
21:19:49LloreanSoap: :-P
21:19:58 Quit funky ("leaving")
21:20:00SoapWasn't really trying to call anyone specific out.
21:20:05 Join funky [0] (
21:20:45GodEaterI can just imagine how our rep for support would go down the pan with a load of posts from the cluebies starting "liar, liar, pants on fire"
21:21:08 Join webguest43 [0] (i=411a7e50@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:21:37 Quit webguest43 (Client Quit)
21:24:20GigabeatZombiesame response
21:25:40GigabeatZombiewish there was a way of finding out what an error message meant
21:27:55GodEaterhahah - what a co-incidence - slashdot is running a "Is a Bad Attitude Damaging The IT Profession" article
21:28:19AloneaGigabeatZombie: Well, I don't know really what to tell you. I really do hate windows sometimes and if you have another computer that has not had gigabeat isntalled on it you might want to try there. I am almost positive its the firmware, but toshiba did a bad job onmany of the small details
21:28:21Mikachui was jsut reading that
21:28:30Mikachuthe article is really stupid though, don't bother with it
21:28:47GigabeatZombiewould linux find this?
21:28:56Aloneathere is probably a more thorough way to uninstall gigabeat from your system, but I will have to google that
21:29:28Soapif anyone familiar with could take a look at <−−all the warning messages I could capture. I don't know if any are fatal or not. I thought I directed the output to a text file, but all the warnings came up in the terminal instead of the text file.
21:30:23MikachuSoap: you need 2> to redirect errors
21:30:30Mikachuor for both, you can use >&
21:30:45Mikachuyou stupid luser (ps: joke, see /. article)
21:31:19 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody (
21:31:26Mikachuhi Everybody
21:31:37LloreanMikachu: I think "stupid" is too forgiving a word for the article. Its basic premise is that IT should put up with *anything* with a smile, including willful ignorance.
21:31:37 Quit GigabeatZombie ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:31:46MikachuLlorean: hehe
21:32:06Mikachuyeah it's all "there are legitimate business reasons!!1" but maybe having a working product should be higher on the manager's list... :)
21:32:37LloreanI'm sorry, but the point at which the user says "No, I don't want to know how to keep this from happening again" is the point at which I should be allowed to say "Well whether you want to know or not, we won't be fixing it again so I suggest you find out". Unfortunately not many policies allow me to do that.
21:34:08AloneaOk, we are jumping for joy in the gigabeat channel. I must share news. Ok, I did a battery benchmark with the new bootloader. I did a more natural one this time where I used it like I normally would as much as possible. With the old bootloader I got a little over 14 hours. On this one, I almost got 20 hours!
21:34:23LloreanAlonea: Why is Rockbox discussion happening in the GIgabeat channel still?
21:34:57Mikachubecause telling them battery time doesn't suck might get them in here?
21:35:34LloreanMikachu: But this is clearly a case of the news coming somewhere else first. What else have we missed? As well it makes it nearly impossible for those of us to try to globally support Rockbox if support issues are being brought to bear in unofficial locations.
21:35:54Aloneawell, really, we only work on wps in there and sometimes we test stuff or whatever sloth gives us. Also just random offtopic stuff sometimes. But pearldiver has been getting me to do these battery benchmarks
21:36:18Mikachui think you removed the pun from his nick there :)
21:36:42Aloneaits random. sometimes he has it pearl, and sometimes he has it perl.
21:36:54Mikachuah, maybe from reconnects
21:37:02Mikachui had only seen the perl one
21:37:51SoapAlonea: I'm not sure you are the right person to mention it to - but the gigabeat battery runtime wiki page would be a lot more useful if testing also took place on the original firmware.
21:37:56LloreanAlonea: My real concern is that people will come there with simple support questions, and get answers rather than redirection. No matter how simple the question is, if it's regarding the Rockbox software or installation, it should be answered with "Please ask in #Rockbox" so that people are more likely to catch that it is a unified software and support base.
21:38:39 Join p0ser [0] (
21:38:42SoapW/o knowing how long the battery a tester is using lasts in stock, the numbers mean nothing as they have no basis of comparison. Aging batteries will influence the numbers as much as Rockbox improvements.
21:38:46Aloneaoh, rarely people go in there with support questions. they all come in here.
21:39:00 Join Febs__ [0] (
21:39:03 Nick Febs__ is now known as Febs (
21:39:08LloreanAlonea: As long as that's the case, and as long as development discussion continues to happen in here, I'm not too concerned then.
21:39:34LloreanIt's just that all work talked about should be in here so it's on the official logs, and support should happen in here so that other supporters present can learn from it peripherally.
21:40:05Aloneareally its just a few of us wanting a less congested space to work on little projects like wps that have to do with gigabeat, and offtopic
21:40:34LloreanGodEater: Actually, I realized, my *biggest* frustration is the user making the assumption that, even though they need to consult an expert for help, they still know more than him and can make decisions not to do everything they've been told.
21:40:57GodEateryep - they're the worst ones
21:40:57Aloneathats why I shared the news about the benchmark. Oh, please look at it here
21:41:07LloreanGodEater: For example the guy in our forums who assumed Rockbox was giving him 3-minute battery life.
21:41:28MikachuLlorean: or when they suddenly say "so i decided to click this button over here and it did this and this" :)
21:41:45GodEaterLlorean: must have missed him
21:42:20KCCso this new 'Beat bootloader frees up 1.7mb of memory... what exactly does this mean?
21:42:51LloreanGodEater: He eventually realized he'd been an ass and asked me to delete his thread. Since it really didn't contain any useful lessons beyond "When Llorean tells you to do something, he's probably doing so for a reason" I decided to help him out.
21:45:30KCClike, can we use this 1,7mb for bigger and better things
21:45:33KCCin theory?
21:46:02LloreanKCC: It just gets used for audio buffer.
21:46:29LloreanKCC: There's already a relatively large amount of free memory that could be "used for bigger and better things", but you still want to free up as much spare as you can for audio buffer. It doesn't pay to be wasteful.
21:46:47 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
21:47:12 Quit p0ser ()
21:47:49 Join Stalwart [0] (
21:48:23KCCahh I see
21:48:31GodEaterI can't take any more idiots in the iPod forum tonight
21:48:32KCCthanks llorean
21:49:10LloreanGodEater: The complete and utter lack of information from Strawberrywhatever?
21:49:33GodEaterI'm guessing he's done a rockbox -1 install, and now needs to go into diskmode
21:49:38GodEaterbut I just can't be bothered to ask him
21:50:14GodEaterCan we put another sticky in that forum?
21:50:21GodEaterLike "Things you've probably done wrong" or something
21:50:29GodEaterI *know* it's all in the manual
21:50:44GodEaterbut clearly these guys think the forum is the best place to go first
21:51:14LloreanGodEater: We had the whole iPodFAQ as a sticky at one point, and nobody read it.
21:51:24thegeek_which is not that unreasonable, a lot of opensource projects rely on community for support/documentation
21:51:31LloreanI'd rather keep the split of Static->Wiki, Discussion->Forum
21:51:45thegeek_imo the biggest problem is that the wiki is inaccessible
21:52:01Lloreanthegeek_: We have a full instruction manual, with a link to it on every page of the site. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Except the patch tracker, and if you're there you probably are past the manual stage.
21:52:13thegeek_I know Llorean
21:52:19thegeek_however; people are idiots
21:52:21Mikachuso you can say RTFM in good conscience
21:52:35Aloneai wonder if that one gigabeat zombie guy would of had better luck if he updated the room software too. I really dont know. I know that I had some problems getting windows to see it as a gigabeat for a while.
21:54:42 Join p0ser [0] (
21:56:12 Join gm-frY [0] (
21:56:14 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
21:57:31gm-frYi've got a problem with the rockbox themes on my ipod g5
21:57:40gm-frYit always looks like that:
21:57:47gm-frYcan anyone help me?
21:58:32Mikachuit's probably a wps that requires some patches or fonts
21:59:25FebsI agree. We need a sticky for common installation problems. It doesn't matter if the information is elsewhere. If people don't look elsewhere, we end up answering the sasme three questions over and over.
22:00:13gm-frYi allready tried to find something in the forum, but i didn't
22:00:18Mikachuyou can have a quiz when you enter the forum "enter the first word on the 7th line of the 21st page of the manual"
22:01:04LloreanFebs: Nobody reads the "POSTING IN THIS FORUMS" stickies (or many enough don't, at least), I'm not sure how many will actually see a "Common Problems" sticky, but we can try it, I suppose.
22:01:11dan_agm-frY: It looks like that theme needs a patched version of Rockbox
22:01:14linuxstbOr have a sticky which is just a link to a Troublshooting wiki or manual page.
22:01:50GodEaterI think we should invent a new badge
22:01:53Mikachumaybe to some stickies mean "start reading below this line"
22:01:57GodEaterthe "I didn't read the manual badge"
22:02:03gm-frYdan_a, can you tell me where i can get it, or where it is described how to do that?
22:02:05GodEatershame people into not posting silly questions anymore :)
22:02:13FebsMy favorite idiot user post of the day was the one from the guy who insisted that he had a directory called "Rockbock" and even took the time to post a screen shot with the directory "Rockbox" circled in red.
22:02:27GodEaterFebs: yeah - I saw that one - laughed my socks off
22:02:56dan_agm-frY: I am just trying to find the theme you installed to find out what it needs...
22:02:57Aloneaoh, and the most upsetting user was that webguest guy who was a real prick.
22:03:10gm-frYdan_a: it's that one:
22:03:13FebsAnd then, he said that we should write the manual "in laymens terms for stupid people like me" or something like that.
22:03:15dan_aGodEater: I think the badge idea is a bad one
22:03:17Aloneabut yes, be nice to the people who help you.
22:03:20Soapgm-frY: What specific version of the "Rockamp" theme is that?
22:03:30GodEaterdan_a : it wasn't a serious idea
22:03:36GodEaterhence the smiley
22:04:09GodEateryou got any idea how many people we'd have to award it to? It wouldn't save us any work at all!
22:04:34 Quit gotthardt ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
22:04:36spughmm, how can i surf the SVN via HTTP? is linked to on the website, but doesn't work (yet?)
22:04:37GodEatergm-frY: from the name you need an album art patched build
22:04:52Soapgm-frY: then it needs the album art patch and the scrolling margins patch.
22:05:00GodEatergm-frY: so see the unsupported builds forum
22:05:24Mikachuspug: it's temporarily broken
22:05:43gm-frYokay, thank you, i'll try it
22:06:54Soapgm-frY: and 75x75 album art.
22:07:10dan_agm-frY: The easiest thing to do may be to get Senab's build:
22:07:18toffeI think we have to write the "complete idiot's guide to Rockbox" or "Rockbox for Dummies"
22:07:26Soapwhich I believe might be a slight issue as I don't think the latest Senab builds include the album-art resizing patch.
22:07:26spugMikachu: ok, thanks
22:07:40 Join GuitarAddict [0] (n=guitarad@
22:08:00 Join Lars_G [0] (n=lars@unaffiliated/lars-g/x-000001)
22:08:04 Quit GuitarAddict (Client Quit)
22:08:20Aloneatoffe: hmmm. though I must say the manuals do need to be updated.
22:08:22Soapgm-frY: so I think you would need to provide cover.bmp files for every folder you want art displayed for at <76x76 resolution.
22:08:27Lars_GI wonder, would it be possible to use qemu-arm to emulate a dap, like ipod? or are there TOO many secondary ICs left to implement for it?
22:08:58SoapAlonea: any and all manual updates are welcome.
22:10:08LloreanHas Rockbox been mentioned recently at some major webmedia location again?
22:10:09AloneaSoap: Hmm, Maybe I can take a look at the gigabeat manual and take a stab at it. Though I don't think I have something to write pdfs with.
22:10:24 Quit gm-frY ("Leaving")
22:10:34AloneaLlorean: its mentioned at wikipedia on the gigabeat page.
22:10:39Soapeven text additions are welcome. someone will latex it up if you produce it.
22:10:50AloneaLlorean: but besides that I have no idea.
22:11:08toffeEven with a good manual you wil still have people asking the same question agaion and again, I know this by experience
22:11:22Lars_GLlorean: Influx of people coming in?
22:11:41SoapUSA today
22:11:41GodEaterInflux of dyslexics is seems to me
22:12:05Aloneasoap: Like Doom needs to be taken out from gigabeat.
22:12:47GodEaterSoap: wow - good spot :)
22:13:00Aloneaoh wow. thats awesome
22:13:56LloreanLars_G: There's a particularly high ratio of "New user who hasn't read the manual" style questions, particularly "New user who's not familiar with the concept of reading explicit software manuals" questions.
22:14:29Lars_GLlorean: Sorry man, that's hard
22:14:40LloreanIt's the error: -1 ones that are getting to me.
22:15:13*n1s likes the "Where do I download Rockboy?" ones too ;-)
22:15:25LloreanI can almost understand the "Where do I download Rockboy" ones.
22:15:35LloreanThey come from reading the Rockboy section of the manual and NOT reading the header for the "Viewers" section
22:15:59LloreanBut the Error: -1 ones come from skipping the whole first half of the Installation section, and I'm not sure how people justify that one.
22:16:06n1syes but when you tell them they already have it they don't believe it because it's not in the liast
22:16:26*Soap thinks rockbox / rockdoom should be split off to a seperate website whose existance is denied. If people want it they can search it out, but Rockbox's hands get washed of it.
22:16:28n1sBut yes the -1 are nuber #1
22:16:44linuxstbLlorean: The -1 error can just be fixed with a line at the end of the bootloader install section saying "if you get -1, go back to 2.2.2..."
22:17:01AloneaSoap: Should I put in a thing to make sure you are upgraded to the 3.0 firmware before putting on rockbox? Or at least it is reccomended, I am even willing to put up the space for the US update. Though that might be illegal. I really don't know.
22:17:02SoapMuch like Netscape spun-off the Mozilla foundation, Rockbox could spin off the 1337GamesD00d foundation.
22:17:08GodEaterI prefer "if you get a -1, you *shouldn't* have skipped 2.2.2"
22:17:38SoapAlonea: gigabeat is not my fotre
22:17:42linuxstbBut it's not just skipping 2.2.2, some people would have done 2.2.2, but wrongly...
22:17:43n1sbtw I saw that LinusN added something about more descriptive error messages for the h300 bootloader todo
22:17:54Lloreanlinuxstb: A few of those have happened too.
22:18:12LloreanOne person said that it didn't say explicitly to do some sentence, and the sentence he wrote was almost word for word what was in the manual
22:18:17GodEaterI think it's clear that a lot our users don't know what "root of the device" means
22:18:22linuxstbe.g. using (imo broken) unzipping programs that add an extra folder.
22:18:25SoapAlonea: make a list of corrections to any and all issues you find. If someone has an issue with your changes they can discuss them / contact you before implementing them.
22:18:26 Join San [0] (
22:18:32FebsLlorean, was that the one where I respond with "are you kidding me?"
22:18:43n1sIMO this issue can only be solved by a rbutil that does everything
22:18:45GodEaterthe built in zip handling in XP SP2 does that
22:18:55AloneaSoap: I wonder if anyone who has a gigabeat has managed to get rockbox to work on the older firmware?
22:19:21linuxstbI wish GUIs didn't exist - we could just tell people to type "unzip -d /mnt/ipod/"...
22:19:22LloreanFebs: Aye, It was rather ridiculous.
22:19:30dan_aPerhaps we should ask the people who are having the -1 errors to help us improve the instructions?
22:20:25Lloreandan_a: Generally few people continue to respond after their error is resolved.
22:20:30GodEaterHow about a summary sub-section at that start of the key bits of the manual
22:20:31linuxstbI think we just need step-by-step instructions which don't require people to think or make choices. e.g. force them to use a specific unzipping program.
22:20:33LloreanIt's hard to get callbacks on "How can we improve the manual"
22:20:44GodEaterkind of "in this section you will unzip the files to your device"
22:20:44GodEaterkind of thing
22:20:47GodEaterand then the hard detail
22:20:50Lloreanlinuxstb: I agree with that.
22:21:03 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
22:21:09GodEaterHow about a checklist too ?
22:21:15Lloreanlinuxstb: Could iPodPatcher include a basic unzip?
22:21:18GodEatersomething a user can print out and tick off as he does stuff ?
22:21:20Lloreanipodpatcher -a bootloader.ipod
22:21:29Lloreanipodpatcher N -i
22:22:11linuxstbipodpatcher doesn't know the drive letter (or mount point). But I guess it could incorporate the Rockbox FAT driver...
22:22:22Soaplinuxstb: regardless of the instructions, there are people who, when they see a file they recognize (.zip) will use stock tools to play with it.
22:22:27linuxstbBut rbutil is the place for that.
22:22:43sandeen_anybody have problems with horizontal lines staying on the ipod (4g) display?
22:22:44linuxstbIn fact, why not just refer people to rbutil to install ?
22:22:48Soaprename the files .rbz and maybe they will use the tool you tell them to.
22:22:57toffeis there a way to insert a text file in the so when you unzip it, you see the text files with some warning
22:23:00Lloreanlinuxstb: Actually, that's a good idea at this point.
22:23:17linuxstbAlthough it hasn't been compiled for the Mac yet...
22:23:17davidsmindif one were to plug in the Iriver-h10 in normal transfer mode to a windows machine with Media Player 10, would media player detect the non drm'd songs and delete them?
22:23:18GodEatertoffe - yes that can be done with a zip file comment
22:23:25 Join Redbreva [0] (
22:23:28davidsmindif running rockkbox firmware
22:23:43dan_asandeen_: Yes - Have a look at
22:23:48linuxstbMac users seem to have the most problems, as the .rockbox folder is hidden...
22:24:23GodEaterperhaps we should think of not using a . as the prefix ?
22:24:29GodEaterI know the idea is to hide it on the dap after install
22:24:44FebsHm. Manual says to press "Menu+Play" for disk mode.
22:24:51GodEaterbut presumably we could had code the name "rockbox" as a hidden file/dir
22:24:59linuxstbGodEater: It won't be a problem when rbutil is finished...
22:25:08GodEaterI know it won't
22:25:14GodEaterbut we're getting the hassle right now ;)
22:25:34Stalwartin which tarball .rockbox stuff (codecs, wps) is located?
22:25:35Stalwartfor ipod nano
22:25:39GodEaterhow's cassandra's device detection coming along btw ?
22:26:13sandeen_dan_a, thanks
22:27:19GodEaterour magical does everything installer
22:27:32KCCahh thank you
22:27:38Stalwartthanks, i prefer manual ;)
22:27:39AloneaWell, look at that. I just found the upgrade firmware manual...
22:29:01KCCrbutil should take all the intimidation out of rockbox
22:29:05KCCbravo :)
22:29:12Stalwartthanks, found
22:29:22*Stalwart rockboxing again
22:29:48sandeen_dan_a, hmm guess i'll set up a build environment & try the suggested pattch, thanks
22:30:58dan_alinuxstb: I know nothing about iPod LCDs. Does desowin's patch look correct for stopping the black line on shutdown?
22:31:11 Quit jaebird (Connection timed out)
22:32:11linuxstbdan_a: I don't know. Which ipods does that patch affect?
22:32:22AloneaOk, does anyone think it is illegal to post the gigabeat firmware upgrade on the internet when said update can only be obtained by toshiba by snail mail? I do not even know if they are still sending those out anymore.
22:32:47entokehello everyone, i just installed rockbox on my nano. Everything works great so and I really like it, thanks alot for spending your time crating this :P
22:32:56Aloneathe update was released in november 2005
22:32:59dan_alinuxstb: It may only be greyscale ones
22:33:11dan_aI'm about to test it on 3g and 4g
22:33:18linuxstbMaybe amiconn would have a view - he did a lot of the work on those LCDs.
22:34:12linuxstbAlonea: Unless you've been given permission by the copyright holder to distribute it, then yes, it's illegal.
22:34:28 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:34:32Aloneafigures. I do find it BS though.
22:34:36linuxstbAlonea: Whether Toshiba would care is a different question.
22:34:36 Join ARtwo [0] (
22:34:37Soapexpressed written or implied oral? ;)
22:35:25 Quit Sanitarium (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:35:37Aloneaof course all work on the gigabeat f series is dead. hopefully people will be smart and look elsewhere for it.
22:36:00Aloneahmm, I wonder what toshiba would say if i wrote them and asked...
22:36:08Soapit can't hurt.
22:36:30linuxstbWell, parts of the firmware are GPL'd, so you are free to distribute those parts...
22:36:50 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
22:37:35 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
22:38:01 Quit Thundercloud_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:38:23 Join amiconn [0] (
22:40:34 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
22:41:32 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
22:44:29amiconnlinuxstb: On the AV3xx, you can choose 2 DSPs to code in asm for: the TI DSP and the MAS core... ;)
22:44:51linuxstbhaha :)
22:45:07linuxstbOr just stick with FLAC and use the ARM...
22:45:09Mikachuwhy did they put two in?
22:45:21amiconnI'd say both cores are equally bad regarding public documentation
22:45:43linuxstbThe MAS is an audio DSP, the TI one is more oriented towards video I think.
22:46:05linuxstbThe AV3xx can play divx etc at resolutions similar to the ipod video.
22:46:22 Join webguest36 [0] (i=471e9777@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:46:42 Join Phalangees [0] (
22:46:43Alonealinuxstb: GPL'd?
22:46:52*Phalangees goes to check logs
22:46:54linuxstbAlonea: It's a Linux kernel...
22:46:59webguest36ok, im here.....where do i ask for help
22:47:07linuxstbBut with Toshiba's proprietory applications on top.
22:48:24 Quit webguest36 (Client Quit)
22:48:30Aloneaah. well, I send them an e-mail and shall see if they send me anything back. It would be nice if people could get the update online. Most never even heard about it.
22:49:27 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
22:50:42Phalangeesthe logs aren't updating?
22:50:54Phalangeesit's being weird
22:50:58Bagderthe logs?
22:51:16Phalangeesof these chats
22:51:31Bagderthat's not the place for the logs of this channel
22:51:39Phalangeesit's changed?
22:51:47Bagderyou changed channel
22:51:50LloreanPhalangees: You're in #Rockbox, the logs have always been kept at
22:51:56Phalangeesoh i'm in rockbox
22:52:05Phalangeesmy bad
22:52:07Phalangeesgood bye
22:52:12 Part Phalangees ("Leaving")
22:52:30linuxstbNow someone go to #gigabeat and tell him he should be talking Rockbox in #rockbox....
22:53:08GodEateryou'll just make him cry if you do that
22:55:39 Quit dwihno ("Dags att bli seriös.")
22:55:51Aloneaoh, he forgot that the logs for the gigabeat is no longer being updated...
22:57:04 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
22:57:08GodEaterBagder: I think my build server should do sh and m68k now
22:57:18GodEaterbut every time I tried to test the build script manually
22:57:24GodEaterit rm -f'd the whole dir
22:57:32GodEaterso can you test it for me please ? :)
22:58:16AloneaOk, looking over manuals and stuff. and SVN stands for Subversion right?
22:58:24*GodEater thinks that build script could do with being a *touch* more defensive...
22:58:40GodEaterif my perl wasn't as rusty as a 20 year old nine inch nail left in the sea I'd do it myself...
22:58:58Bagderit does have room for improvements
22:58:58 Join tvelocity [0] (
22:59:33Bagderit looks fine
22:59:45GodEaterI'm not sure why it didn't work before
22:59:50GodEaterI *had* installed the other compilers
22:59:54GodEater(and SDL(=)
23:00:04GodEaterbut it didn't seem to get them from the system path
23:00:09GodEaterso I've hardcoded that into now
23:00:18GodEateras it said in the guide, but I figured I knew better =/
23:00:21BagderI noticed, and I do that way too
23:00:37dan_aAlonea: It does
23:00:48GodEaterI guess coming in from ssh and doing an immediate command launch doesn't execute the shell though
23:00:55GodEaterso it never picked up the system path
23:01:04GodEateralthough how it got ARM in that case I've no clue
23:04:16 Join amigan [0] (i=dcp1990@unaffiliated/amigan)
23:04:25 Quit zylche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:04:53 Nick sandeen_ is now known as esandeen (
23:04:53*GodEater curses the British legal system. Damn jury summons.
23:04:54Stalwartis there a plugin for rockbox to play .xm?
23:05:21muesli__whats .xm?
23:05:41Stalwarttracker format
23:05:47Stalwartthere must be plugin
23:05:50Mikachui think there might be a patch somewhere
23:05:57LloreanStalwart: Why "must" there be?
23:06:01LloreanIf nobody's done it yet, there won't be.
23:06:07Mikachubecause clearly it's a feature so many wants
23:06:16MikachuStalwart: try this
23:06:35Stalwarti recall i saw something about mikmod in wiki
23:06:46AloneaCurrently there isn’t a prebuild bootloader available and you’ll need to build it yourself. This is described in the wiki. Once a prebuild bootloader is available the link comes here. Have a look at Ok, there are prebuild ones now right? So really It should just say to get it at that link right?
23:06:50*Stalwart digging wiki
23:07:06Stalwarti saw it in supported formats list
23:07:20*Mikachu feels ignored
23:07:26BagderAlonea: correct
23:07:33 Quit GodEater ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
23:08:00LloreanAlonea: If you're looking at a Wiki page, why not fix it?
23:08:06Aloneaok, good. Badger, I am attempted to clean up the manual for the gigabeat a bit.
23:08:23LloreanAlonea: Is that in the .pdf manual?
23:08:32*Llorean could've sworn he'd checked that the PDF had been fixed.
23:08:56AloneaLlorean: web version. lemme download the pdf and see if its the same
23:10:05AloneaI thought the web version was the same as the pdf
23:10:13LloreanIf you'll notice, it's dated the 9th.
23:10:21LloreanThe daily builds don't seem to be updating it at the moment.
23:10:47Bagderwhich ones?
23:11:07Aloneaok, so I should look at pdf version. no problem.
23:11:13 Join powr-toc [0] (
23:12:28LloreanBagder: The manual page doesn't show any HTML .zips, and the Gigabeat Online manual is at least dated the 9th
23:12:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:13:06Bagderah, right only the pdfs are updated atm
23:13:23*Mouser_X hasn't downloaded the PDF manual.
23:13:24Bagdercp: cannot create regular file `/home/dast/rockbox-manual/build-iaudiox5/manual/plugins/.svn/text-base/chip8emulator.tex.svn-base': Permission denied
23:13:32Mouser_XI've only been reading the Online one.
23:13:37Bagdera bazillion of those
23:13:47LloreanMouser_X: It's 5 days out of date, and counting. :-P
23:14:40bluebrotherBagder, that's exactly what I got ...
23:14:49StalwartMikachu: yup, this looks promising, but i need to rebuild rb from source, i'll do it some other day
23:14:59Bagderwe should fix that copy to not copy stuff from the .svn dirs
23:15:14bluebrotherI haven't found some −−exclude for cp
23:15:29scorcheBagder: Would it be possible to have a separate Rombox build added to the daily/CVS builds (built via removing Database) at least as a temporary thing until Rombox starts working again
23:15:38linuxstbbluebrother: Use something like find instead.
23:15:43scorcheor would that be a Bad Idea (TM)
23:15:49linuxstbOr be more specific with the cp commands.
23:15:58*scorche is not liking this enter key...
23:16:00Bagderscorche: sure, but every time I've suggested such a thing amiconn has been against it so I don't expect that to change now either ;-)
23:16:04 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
23:16:13*bluebrother needs to look up the syntax for find's exec
23:16:27Bagderexec echo {} \;
23:16:30Bagderfor a test
23:16:40Bagder-exec even
23:16:51Bagderbut normally piping to xargs is faster
23:17:15 Part Llorean
23:17:16 Join Stalwart [0] (
23:18:25amiconnbluebrother: Why not just adjust the source pattern for cp so that it doesn't include the .svn stuff?
23:19:11scorcheBagder: even if it was a totally separate build and had a foot note saying something about being a temp thing/Database removed/etc?...or is it amiconn i should be trying to get to agree with me?
23:19:18 Part ARtwo
23:19:31bluebrotheramiconn, I don't know of any way to do this ... currently we just cp -r everything
23:20:08bluebrotherand there's a .svn subfolder in every folder
23:20:08amiconnscorche: Rombox without all ordinary rockbox functionality doesn't make sense... I'd rather flash ram-based rockbox than using a crippled rombox
23:21:08scorcheamiconn: yes, but as just a temporary thing and clearly stated that it does not have a full feature set?
23:21:38dan_aamiconn: What if we could get rombox down to size by (for example) using -Os everywhere we can?
23:21:52amiconndan_a: We are using -Os ...
23:22:05scorcheI have been hearing about quite a few people stop using their Archoses because Rombox no longer least we could give them something to satisfy them temporarily
23:22:06dan_aamiconn: Darn!
23:22:23 Quit capsaicin ()
23:22:24amiconnUsing gcc 4.1 would gain a few bytes more (it's possible for SH)
23:22:44amiconnBut there are still some areas where we can cut binary size without dropping features
23:22:48amiconnOne is the settings patch...
23:22:57scorcheBut until then...
23:23:11amiconnAnother is the langv2 _cleanup_
23:23:29amiconnStrings for features impossible on a target shouldn't be included
23:23:42dan_aHas everything that can be declared static been done? If not, there may be a few bytes there
23:23:54amiconnI'll look into that if no-one else volunteers... but it will take a while
23:24:28amiconnANother option is to cut down bootbox size, freeing up more space for rombox
23:24:45amiconn[IDC]Dragon is working on that, but it also may take a while
23:24:48preglowamiconn: how will langv2 cleanup help on rom size? i thought the lang strings were saved externally
23:25:00amiconnpreglow: The english strings are built in
23:25:25dan_aIs it worth writing a wiki page for these things?
23:25:32preglowi'd say yes
23:25:46amiconnMy estimation is that a langv2 cleanup will give back 2..3KB on the archoses
23:26:16preglowthere's almost certainly plenty of code that's sub-optimal too
23:26:22preglowputting that info in the wiki would be very nice
23:26:29dan_aI'll write a CoreSizeReduction page when I get some time, then, unless somebody else does it first
23:26:57AloneaWho should I send the list of changes that should be made to when I am done?
23:28:11dan_aAlonea: Is this for manual changes?
23:28:14 Quit Stalwart (Remote closed the connection)
23:28:59 Join sk8deamon [0] (
23:29:09Aloneadan_a: these are for the pdf manual. I, however, do not have a pdf writer, so I am making a list type thing in a word 2003 format.
23:29:24 Join Insectoid [0] (
23:29:47 Join Stalwart [0] (
23:29:51dan_aAlonea: Open a new flyspray ( task as a patch, attaching your list to it.
23:30:15sk8deamoni am trying to load rockbox on my ipod photo 30gb and had trouble i finished the installation and when i went to start it up it gave me text and said rockbox loaded no splash screen no menu can someone help
23:30:38Mikachusk8deamon: try using punctuation
23:31:02 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:31:06amiconnAlonea: A more open/ generic format than word would be better. Both the pdf manual and the online manual are built from tex sources.
23:31:30InsectoidI'm having some issues building a voice file with sapi4 eloquence Reed and the given scripts. It goes and goes, then just sort of sticks, after generating a hundred files or so. Different places every time.
23:31:31amiconnIf you don't know about tex, I think a plain text file would be sufficient
23:32:07bluebrotherword files are *blargh*
23:32:12dan_ask8deamon: Is this a version of Rockbox you downloaded today?
23:32:20Aloneaamiconn: Well, I am using the highlight feature in word. I am basically doing how I would normally edit/beta a story.
23:32:27sk8deamonthe latest ipod photo version
23:32:50MikachuAlonea: if you write something in word, nobody will be able to actually read it :)
23:32:57bluebrotherAlonea, when submitting changes for the manual please use plain text. We need to reformat it anyway
23:33:23linuxstb_Alonea: If you're making significant changes, then it would really help if you tried to edit the original tex source files. They're very simple - just plain text files with a little markup for structure (similar in concept to html).
23:34:13sk8deamondan_a: is that not good downloading the latest version
23:34:14amiconnMikachu: AT least openoffice can open ms word files
23:34:46Aloneaok, I will, but don't get pissy with me if you get confused. How do I get ahold of these tex files? All I have is the pdf which is damn near impossible to copy paste from.
23:34:47dan_ask8deamon: It should be fine, but a few people have had problems today.
23:35:19dan_aYou can use the last daily build until we track down what those problems are
23:35:30bluebrotherAlonea, you'll need to get them from svn
23:35:55dan_aI wonder if this is an issue that Bagder needs to help us with...
23:35:58sk8deamondan_a: wut do u mean the last daily build. The one updated yesterday which had no changes
23:36:18Aloneabluebrother: Ok, I have cygwin and I have downloaded the source file. Its somewhere in there?
23:36:31sk8deamonsorry i actually just came accross rockbox today
23:36:32 Quit SUSaiyan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:36:33dan_ask8deamon: Try
23:36:41bluebrotheralso, we have a (maybe a bit technical) howto for working with the manual here:
23:36:53sk8deamonk ty
23:36:54bluebrotherdo you have a folder called "manual"?
23:37:29Aloneayes, I am in manual, now what?
23:37:50bluebrotherok, there are the files. They are sorted by chapter
23:38:02linuxstb_Do you have a good text editor? i.e. something other than notepad/wordpad/Word ?
23:38:10bluebrotherso getting_started has the files for the Getting Started chapter
23:38:17 Join barrywardell [0] (
23:38:28InsectoidPfft Notepad is a good text editor
23:38:29 Join webguest95 [0] (i=4a64c678@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:38:29bluebrotherusually those folders have a file called main.tex. This is the main file for the folder
23:38:49bluebrotherInsectoid, unless you want to deal with unix type files ;-)
23:38:56Insectoidunix2dos and dos2unix
23:39:03Aloneawait, is it the gigabeatf.tex?
23:39:05webguest95Can someone please help
23:39:11bluebrotherin platform/
23:39:11Insectoidwe can try
23:39:15Aloneaask your question
23:39:36webguest95My installer is stuck at Finding UNC Path.. and Finding your iPod...
23:39:41webguest95It wont budge
23:39:44bluebrotherthe device specific definitions are inside of the platform/ folder
23:39:54linuxstb_webguest95: That doesn't sound like an official Rockbox installer.
23:40:16linuxstb_Where did you download it from?
23:40:38webguest95fileplanet or something
23:41:04linuxstb_If I was you, I would delete it and use the official installation instructions on
23:41:13InsectoidAnd probably run a virus scan
23:41:24webguest95I got it off here
23:41:36webguest95By Kreator
23:41:52linuxstb_Ah, that's not _too_ bad. But if you're having problems you need to ask on those forums.
23:42:19linuxstb_i.e. that installer seems to work OK, but it's not written by us, so we can't help.
23:42:41webguest95Am I infected with a virus?!
23:42:52sk8deamondan_a would u mind if I PM you
23:43:16Aloneahell if I know. But that isn't ours. If you want rockbox, download from our site.
23:43:22linuxstb_webguest95: I can't say for certain, but that site is respectable, so I would doubt it.
23:43:45webguest95Does my iPod have to be in enable disc mode?
23:44:07linuxstb_Yes. Your computer can't talk to it otherwise.
23:44:18dan_ask8deamon: PM me if you want
23:45:10webguest95One last question. It says I need to make my iPod visible to Exporer what the heck is that and how do I do it?
23:45:31linuxstb_That means to click "enable disk mode" in itunes...
23:45:59 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
23:46:00webguest95oh lol
23:46:05 Join Thundercloud__ [0] (n=thunderc@
23:46:21webguest95Oh yeah one LAST thing... I cant find the download on the site..
23:46:53 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
23:47:24linuxstb_Try reading the manual - that has install instructions and download links, plus lots of other information.
23:48:35n1sand pay special attention to do _every_ step (in the right order)
23:48:41webguest95Tyvm you guys are pretty freaking smart...
23:50:46preglowvery, very smart
23:52:04 Join Quelsaruk [0] (
23:52:34Quelsarukhi linuxstb_
23:53:34Mikachudynamic oranges is a pretty awesome hostname
23:53:50Mikachutoo bad they have the extra e :)
23:54:07 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
23:54:40amiconnWith the new memcpy, mp3 playback doesn't skip on my mini G2 even with all 5 eq bands enabled...
23:55:11linuxstb_I wonder what's using memcpy so much?
23:55:25webguest95Command Prompt is that big black box where you type things in right?
23:55:38*dan_a loves easy performance gains
23:55:48amiconnBoost ratio shows 100%, but the pcm buffer stays nearly full (except when rebuffering, but even then - no skip)
23:55:52linuxstb_dan_a: I want one a week or you're sacked.
23:56:38dan_aOne a week? Damn, I need to bring my average up - I'm at 2 in total so far!
23:56:57Mikachumaybe we're paying you too much
23:57:20dan_aOr not enough... double my wages and see what happens!
23:57:29linuxstb_It's a deal.
23:57:31amiconnHmm, considering the speedup observed with memcpy, it might be more worthwile to asm optimise the ata sector copy....
23:57:50linuxstb_amiconn: I've been saying that for months...
23:57:50preglowamiconn: wow
23:58:01amiconnThat won't help boost ratio, but faster rebuffering saves battery
23:58:04linuxstb_(but never got round to it myself)
23:58:49linuxstb_An it will also help with skips that happen during rebuffering.

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