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#rockbox log for 2007-01-17

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00:02:04Mikachugmail sucks, it also seems to default to private reply on mailing lists...
00:02:18Mikachus/s/s for mailing lists/
00:02:26Tmandoes anyone know which -of and -ovc options I need to use mencoder to encode to an mpeg4 (specifically for iTunes)? I have all the scaling stuff but the rest is unclear
00:03:22Tmanoh found an example
00:03:43Tman-ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vhq:vbitrate=1800
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00:05:53LinusNwould anyone object if i replaced all snprintf/lcd_puts/lcd_update triplets with a printf() call in the ipod bootloader code (like it is on the coldfire targets)?
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00:07:30bluebrotherok, any thoughts on that addition?
00:08:01bluebrother(the line between copyright and license stuff)
00:08:06DataGhostdarn apple OS won't boot anymore :X
00:08:22DataGhosti just hope i don't have to restore the _entire_ firmwarepartition
00:08:26DataGhostbecause that's gonna take ages
00:08:40amiconnIsn't it just 80MB?
00:08:43DataGhostwell it just keeps rebooting
00:08:46 Quit ender` (" Doesn't it strike you as mildly ironic that most of the people who are against abortion are people you wouldn't want to fuck)
00:08:51DataGhost130 MB approx
00:09:01Zagorbluebrother: at first glance it looks like noise. perhaps a little less "spectacular"?
00:09:01DataGhostand 'legacy' diskmode only does about 170 kB/s
00:09:17amiconnbluebrother: I can't access that url
00:09:25amiconnJust times out...
00:09:25Bagderme neither
00:09:25DataGhosti just hope it chokes on 'a partition in its space'
00:09:40*Zagor took it first
00:09:43bluebrotheryou can't access that? Strange.
00:09:53ZagorI can
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00:10:50LloreanTimes out for me as well
00:11:32amiconnThe hostname doesn't resolve here
00:11:34DataGhostlol I get it amiconn :)
00:11:42DataGhostfdisk did some fubar
00:11:55DataGhost/dev/sda2 64260 156301487 312474456 b W95 FAT32 <- that's what I was able to do with fdisk
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00:12:03DataGhost/dev/sda2 64260 39070079 78011640 b W95 FAT32 <- that's my backup
00:12:34amiconnMeh, scrap that
00:13:33bluebrotherhmm. Sounds like my university has some problems with that machine then ;)
00:13:46DataGhost255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 2432 cylinders, total 39075372 sectors
00:13:47bluebrothertoo bad I don't have other webspace available quickly.
00:13:47DataGhostLast sector or +size or +sizeM or +sizeK (64260-156301487, default 156301487):
00:13:51DataGhostfdisk is very strange
00:14:20DataGhostyay, we have backlight :)
00:14:39DataGhostand appleos
00:14:47bluebrothernice, showing the error logs doesn't work. I guess I'll have to wait a while.
00:14:59amiconnblue_lizard: is a dns round-robin with 3 addresses, none of them work properly but behaviour isn't identical
00:15:06Bagderand we have fixed changelogs in the build table
00:15:14Bagderand using revs seems to work
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00:15:57bluebrotherI know it's a round robin. They provide a script to collect all apache messages, but that seems to not work atm also
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00:17:26linuxstb_It worked for me with wget... I've uploaded it here -
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00:21:48Zagorlinuxstb_: I don't know if you saw earlier, but the mime types are fixed
00:23:03linuxstb_Zagor: No, I missed that, thanks.
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00:25:51*bluebrother notices the late time once more :o
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00:28:25afruff23Hello, I accidentally cut a red wire in my X5 and I don't know what it does?
00:28:36afruff23can somebody tell me if that's OK?
00:28:44afruff23or do I need to resolder it?
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00:29:17afruff23the wire is a lone red wire that comes from the bottom and attaches at the top at some circuitry
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00:29:59vegas6resolder couldnt hurt it
00:30:01Zagorafruff23: I have no idea what it's for, but I don't think they put it there just for fun
00:30:42afruff23yes, but other people have said they cut it by accident as well and had no problems
00:30:47afruff23jsut want to eb extra safe
00:31:01Zagorif you want to be extra safe, resolder it
00:31:17afruff23read the post I quoted
00:31:57linuxstb_afruff23: Have you looked at these pages?
00:32:00 Quit bluebrother ("back tomorrow -- gotten too late again")
00:32:13afruff23no pictures of the wire
00:32:46Zagorafruff23: what's your point? you say you want to be extra safe. if so, then restore it to original state. it may be unnecessary, but it IS the safer option.
00:34:18midgeyeh, how do i change a commit message?
00:34:21midgeysvn propedit svn:log −−revprop -r <revision> ?
00:34:36afruff23it's just that no resoldering experience here, so I'll have to give it to someone else
00:35:47afruff23for resoldering, they would just need to unplug the battery, strip the wire a little, reheat the solder, put the wire in the solder, and wait for it to cool?
00:36:24Zagoryes, if it is cut in one end
00:36:33afruff23that's how it is
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00:40:57LinusNtime to sleep, nite all
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00:41:32afruff23I think found out what the wire is:
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00:42:11afruff23it's the subpack wire
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01:09:57perldiveris there a source for rockbox logos?
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01:11:31Ploujwhen did iriver stop making h320's?
01:11:55 Quit Nico_P (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:11:59preglowquite a while ago
01:12:12PloujI'd like to know an approximate time
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01:14:54LloreanPlouj: Then you'd be better looking it up on wikipedia or a general internet search.
01:15:19Plouj_you_ are supposed to be my intranets search
01:15:47LloreanDo you pay me?
01:16:51preglowthat's one of those rhetorical questions, and you're working on the search right now, yes?
01:17:03Ploujpreglow: rofl
01:17:06preglowi'm searching my ass off myself, even as we speak
01:17:07SanZOOM! rofl You got hit by a lol-copter.
01:17:28Ploujpreglow: pretty much
01:17:54LloreanI'm contemplating starting a paid tier of Rockbox support. For a nominal $1 per month fee, we will guarantee that when we answer your support questions we won't explain to you how stupid you are in the process.
01:18:23preglowi value being able to tell people they're stupid more than that
01:18:25Ploujthat's what all Free Software projects should do
01:18:32preglowi have to maintain my lofty sense of superiority some way
01:18:51LloreanThere was a guy who actually asked if we paid any of our support people in the forums.
01:19:22preglowof course we do, we're in free software
01:19:24preglowit's all for the cash
01:20:56perldiverLlorean can i download rockbox logos somewhere?
01:21:13preglowthey're on the wiki some place, afaik
01:21:14Lloreanperldiver: What logos were you referring to?
01:21:25perldiveri need the one without the background
01:21:26preglowthat is, at least the "official" one is
01:21:48perldiverit it exists
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01:22:57LloreanI don't think one exists without the background
01:23:11LloreanYou could just edit the one in the sources for the manual.
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01:24:25pixelmathere's also an svg in the source (doen't have the "metal" look but you could easily delete the background with a vector graphics program)
01:24:29perldivercan i have a link please ?
01:25:07Lloreanperldiver: It's in the source. Odds are you'd find it as quickly as we.
01:25:24gb_lexicohi all, just reg'd on twiki - can I get write-access (got a wps I'm working on and maybe some how-to ideas) - GeoffBastin on twiki
01:25:48pixelmaperldiver: in \rockbox\manual\frontpage
01:25:59perldiverok thanks
01:28:35 Part Llorean
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01:29:20Soapgb_lexico: do you swear on your mother's grave you won't spam?
01:29:41gb_lexicowho me?... ;)
01:30:00Soapok, ok, ok, you convinced me.
01:30:02 Join bkn [0] (n=bkn@
01:30:04Soapyou're in. Don
01:30:08Soap't forget to tip the bouncer.
01:30:15gb_lexicothanks man.
01:30:42bknhi all!
01:31:31scorchewhat about the first-born clause?
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01:32:15Soaphave you SEEN some of the babies we have gotten from that?
01:32:30 Quit w1ll14m|away (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
01:32:41scorchenot really
01:32:49scorchei just have tehm sent to the mines
01:33:05n1sshhh, don't tell them about the mines
01:33:10Soapwell, only the ones Llorean doesn't eat get sent to the mines.
01:37:36bkni have been using rockbox recently on my ipod. does anyone else find the interface hard to use?
01:39:03Soap(you didn't /really/ expect a chorus of "Rockbox's interface sucks!" did you?)
01:39:20bknis there any info on how many users are using the archos vs. the ipod vs. other players?
01:39:53bknnot really, i know that rockbox runs on a lot of devices so perhaps the interface works better on other devices than the iPod.
01:40:29Soapthe interface is the same on most all the targets, the difference is mostly one of keymaps.
01:40:39SoapWhat don't you like about it?
01:40:41bknthough i was thinking that it would be cool to have a way of custumising the interface somehow.
01:41:14Soapwhat part of the interface?
01:41:35Soapmenu placement / structure?
01:41:43bknon the iPod the 'menu' button seems to toggle from the Settings view to the FileSystem view. I just found the unintuitive.
01:41:44Soapor do you want more eye-candy?
01:42:18n1szomg! the menu button enters the menu, on noes ;-)
01:42:27Soapyes, Menu takes you in and out of the menu.
01:42:33bknno, not more eye-candy. I'm not a huge eye-candy guy. I think the Themes work fantastic for those that want eye-candy,
01:42:42midgeybkn: tapping menu on ipod should load the menu, you seem to have loaded the quickscreen
01:42:48bknahhh, okay, i see what you guys mean.
01:42:56Soapesp, on the ipods, the number of buttons (or lack thereof) is a hinderance.
01:43:11Mouser_XA lot happened today (it was backed up further than usual). Would anyone please be kind enough to give me some of the higlights? (Reading the logs is very time consuming...)
01:43:18Mouser_XIt'd be appreciated...
01:43:28bknyeah, that's i figured that the number of devices rockbox runs on hinders the interface somewhat.
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01:44:07Soapblackjack escaped from the patch tracker and into SVN. Progress was made on the 80GB iPod front, Llorean was revealed to eat babies.
01:44:11bknIf one were to develop for rockbox do you need an x86 machine? I only have a ppc powerbook.
01:44:18sneakumsthe ipod keymap look reasonable enough to me, but i haven't had a chance to use it yet (another 80g owner)
01:44:34sneakumsbkn: i do rockbox builds on my (linux-running) powerbook and they work fine
01:44:47sneakumsi imagine the cross compilers should build fine under os x too
01:44:50bknsneakums: oh cool. are there docs for that?
01:44:50Mouser_XSoap: Thanks. That was a very, very, breif rundown. I'm impressed.
01:44:56Soapbkn: no, in this case I don't think the hinderance is the number of targets, I think the problem is lack of unique buttons on the ipods.
01:45:00sneakumsbkn: i just followed the instructions on thw wiki
01:45:14Mouser_XSoap: What progress was made on the 80 GB iPod?
01:45:14SoapMouser_X: I think those were the big points of the day.
01:45:26SoapMouser_X: got IPL to access the drive last night.
01:45:58 Part n1s
01:45:58 Quit webguest23 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:46:04Soapnot the IPL loader, not RB loader, not RB firmware, IPL kernel (assuming I understand fully) LOTS of the talk was on that.
01:46:37pixelmaon the Ondio there is even one "button" less if you count scroll forward and back as "button". Still I find the interface quit intuitive :)
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01:57:58pixelmabarrywardell: around?
01:59:32 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
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02:12:00CoagAlright I'm sure you're faced with questions like this way too often
02:12:08Coagbut why are no creative players supported?
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02:12:59DogBoyCoag: is that an offer
02:13:25Coagoffer for what? :P
02:13:33DogBoycash, code, etc
02:13:38DogBoyit's open source eh
02:14:00Coagi can offer to be a cheerleader and egg you guys on at this point that's about it
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02:49:33SoapJdGordon: When is a good time to talk to you about the colinux "image"?
02:49:48SoapJdGordon: PM me if you see this later.
02:49:54 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
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02:50:08Brunellus_lappyhi there rockboxers
02:50:25JdGordonSoap: whenever
02:50:27Mouser_XHowdy Brunellus_lappy.
02:50:52Brunellus_lappyIs there anywhere I can upload example files that *won't* play in rockbox?
02:51:22Soapahh, the main question I have is about toporesize.
02:51:23Brunellus_lappybecause I'm at my wits' end at figuring out why some of my ogg vorbis files play fine in current builds of rockbox...and others won't.
02:51:56Mouser_XBrunellus_lappy: You can use Yousendit, or Sendspace, or some site like that.
02:52:15SoapI believe I have fully updated the wiki colinux image with all the latest cross-compilers, subversion, make, zip, bzip2, and even a working samba - problem is my image is about 4 gigs.
02:52:21Brunellus_lappyOK. so would it be OK to put the URL to the 'bad' and 'good' files in the Flyspray bug report?
02:52:32 Join daurnimator [0] (i=daurn@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
02:53:08SoapCan I safely toporesize it back down to the minimal - or do I need to do something else from within the image first to pack all the files to the front of the filesystem?
02:53:11Mouser_XI would think so, but it might be wise if you waited for someone else to answer.
02:53:26 Part GwaiLo ("Leaving")
02:53:26Mouser_X@ ^ Brunellus_lappy
02:53:35 Quit suckacracka (Client Quit)
02:53:45scorcheSoap: just use 7zip
02:53:46Brunellus_lappyMouser_X I hope so. seems to be some playback thing. I can't figure it out.
02:53:52 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
02:53:52scorcheit will take a looooong time though
02:54:05Brunellus_lappyoccasionally rbox just coughs up a "no file!" error when I attempt to play the files in question
02:54:08JdGordonSoap: not sure, i dont think you need to do anything.. just make sure the image has 100mb or so free for temp files
02:54:15Brunellus_lappythe native firmware (H340) does just fine.
02:54:19JdGordon.... at least
02:54:24SoapI thought about that - I figured maybe there was a good reason JdGordon had such a small image.
02:54:49Soapyea, I had to grow it quite a bit just to give room to run.
02:55:33JdGordonshrink it with toporesize, then 7zip it
02:55:49Brunellus_lappyany ideas Mouser_X ?
02:55:57lostlogicemerge −−sync && emerge world -DuNvp
02:56:05SoapI also want to thank you again, JdGordon, vmware won't install on my old computer, but colinux runs like a champ.
02:56:34Mouser_XBrunellus_lappy: I'm not the one to ask about problems. I'm finally installing Rockbox on my player (I've been waiting for it in the mail for a week or so).
02:56:52Mouser_XIn other words, I can't help, sorry.
02:56:57 Join vadim [0] (
02:57:07JdGordonSoap: does the image have ccache installed?
02:57:44Soapno - that was recomended to me earlier today, I have yet to install it.
02:58:06JdGordonyeah, definatly add it.. should help speed things up
02:58:11JdGordonsudo apt-get install ccache
02:59:08Brunellus_lappyfoo. otherwise, I love rockbox
02:59:17Brunellus_lappyit's just that now just over half of my oggs won't play
02:59:46LloreanBrunellus_lappy: Run a checkdisk?
03:00:01LloreanScan the disk for errors.
03:00:03Brunellus_lappyLlorean, files run fine in native iriver firmware
03:00:15LloreanAnd this is conclusive evidence of what, exactly?
03:00:18SoapI haven't finished reading yet - but I'll need to modify the makefiles or something to ensure ccache is run, eh?
03:00:24LloreanYou already said that they only *sometimes* have problems in Rockbox.
03:00:45LloreanWhich means it's perfectly reasonable to believe that by sheer chance, you just haven't stumbled across them having problems in the retail firmware yet.
03:01:01Brunellus_lappyLlorean, sorry. bad phrasing. they *Never* play in rockbox. they *always* play in the firmware
03:01:03Brunellus_lappy(stock firmware)
03:01:20LloreanAnd you're playing them in filetree mode in Rockbox?
03:01:25Brunellus_lappyLlorean, yes.
03:01:38Brunellus_lappyrockbox simply reports "no file!"
03:01:44LloreanAnd just clicking on them with Navi gets that?
03:01:52Brunellus_lappyLlorean, correct.
03:01:59LloreanIs it all .oggs you have, or just some?
03:02:06Brunellus_lappyjust some.
03:02:22LloreanThen there's probably something strange about them.
03:02:26 Join terinjokes [0] (n=terin@wikinews/Terinjokes)
03:02:32pixelmado you know what type of tags those files have (working/ not working)?
03:02:43Brunellus_lappypixelma, no.
03:02:46Brunellus_lappyI did rip them with grip
03:02:52terinjokesam i the only one that has playback mergers using rockbox?
03:03:08Brunellus_lappyanyway. I have to go. back in a bit.
03:03:18LloreanBrunellus_lappy: GRIP is known to be iffy for Ogg/Vorbis.
03:03:21LloreanHave they ever worked?
03:03:34terinjokesie when playing one song, it suddenly stops, plays a part of another song, then (sometimes) returns to the original song (annoying!)
03:03:58Lloreanterinjokes: On what target, with what official build version?
03:04:11terinjokesipod nano 1G
03:04:41LloreanWhat official build version?
03:05:03LloreanHow long have you been having the prolbem?
03:05:21terinjokeser... since the 14th
03:05:44Brunellus_lappyLlorean, man. iffy? with ogg vorbis
03:05:55Brunellus_lappyare you saying that the only solutoin is to re-rip everything?
03:05:57 Quit bkn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:06:08Brunellus_lappywhat's the iffyness with ogg vorbis?
03:06:27LloreanBrunellus_lappy: I'm saying that grip has been known to produce invalid ogg/vorbis files, specifically it has used ID3 tags on them, and that Rockbox won't accept them.
03:06:28terinjokesand it doesn't happen with every song, just every once in a while
03:06:40Lloreanterinjokes: Is there any consistency?
03:07:00Brunellus_lappyLlorean, would retagging the files with EasyTag be a way to fix it?
03:07:10LloreanBrunellus_lappy: If it's the tags, possibly.
03:07:13terinjokesit only jumps when I'm singing (IDK, it happens rather randomly)
03:07:16LloreanBrunellus_lappy: You can check that.
03:07:25SoapIf you are having inconsitant problems with vorbis files, checking for the presence of ID3 tags is where you should start.
03:07:32Brunellus_lappyLlorean, thanks. that's the most productive answer I've gotten about it.
03:07:37 Join webguest69 [0] (i=8d9bc23f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:07:58 Quit CriamosAndy ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
03:07:59Brunellus_lappySoap: would something like EasyTag put the right tags in?
03:08:00LloreanBrunellus_lappy: Well, sometimes the only answer is "We don't know, file a bug report and try to figure out a way for us to reproduce it", but we do try.
03:08:16Brunellus_lappyor would I have strip all ID3 tags, and how would I go about doing that?
03:08:39Lloreanterinjokes: And you're using a build without any patches at all? What settings have you changed? Do any of them seem to affect it?
03:09:01Soapand HydrogenAudio recomends the use of aoTuVb4.51 or newer for encoding vorbis, regardless.
03:09:12Brunellus_lappyanyway, thanks guys. I'll have to have a look at my tagging.
03:09:15LloreanSoap: Isn't grip just a front end anyway?
03:09:19sneakumsi use a program called id3v2 to strip id3 tags. people keep putting them on flacs for some reason.
03:09:21*Llorean has never used it.
03:09:24Brunellus_lappyand/or encoding. the only problem is that I hate soundjuicer.
03:09:29SoapLlorean: That I don't know.
03:09:38terinjokesLlorean: the only thing different this time is it was my first install from Linux, otherwise nothing different from before
03:09:56SoapI use oggdrop as my front end, but the more i think about it the more I think you are right that I jumped the gun on grip.
03:10:09Lloreanterinjokes: If you're just extracting a downloaded .zip from, then what OS you're running means nothing anyway.
03:10:34Lloreanterinjokes: But you didn't answer my question about any settings you're using or whether those settings seem to affect it.
03:10:37 Join AndreSmith [0] (
03:12:00terinjokesLlorean: no patches, using database, with shuffle/repeat:shuffle, play selected song first OFF, otherwise most everything else is default
03:12:15 Part AndreSmith
03:12:52Lloreanterinjokes: What format are your songs?
03:13:16 Join AndreSmith [0] (
03:13:25terinjokesmost are mp3 VBR (I have one ACC file)
03:13:48LloreanAnd, is the bit that cuts in from another song, is that from a song from earlier? (Maybe ~30 minutes earlier?)
03:14:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:14:16terinjokesno (its from the future!)
03:14:39LloreanIs it consistently about the same number of songs ahead?
03:14:40 Quit webguest69 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:15:01terinjokesLlorean: its rather random
03:16:38Lloreanterinjokes: Next time it happens, skip forward until you reach the song that it played a little bit of, and then check the audio buffer, and see if that's the last song in the buffer.
03:16:48 Join phrozen77__ [0] (
03:17:01terinjokeshow would i check the audio buffer?
03:17:12LloreanIn the debug menu, audio thread option
03:17:27LloreanIt should start refilling the buffer during that song.
03:17:44LloreanI may be completely wrong, though
03:17:59 Join phrozen77 [0] (
03:18:11terinjokesdo you think i should upgrade to the newest SVN (ermm... whatever is...)?
03:18:45 Join webguest78 [0] (i=455c2a48@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:18:53LloreanIt's always best ti.
03:20:15Soapand with the latest you'll get blackjack! the better to lose your worries in a bout of gambling!
03:20:40webguest78so im getting this -1 error how do i fix it
03:21:06terinjokeswebguest78: what client?
03:21:35Lloreanwebguest78: You read the manual, because you skipped over an entire section of the install part.
03:21:57 Join bonbonthejon [0] (n=jon@
03:21:59Lloreanwebguest78: You skipped straight to "Installing the Bootloader" and either ignore "Installing the Firmware" or didn't follow all the directions there explicitly
03:22:13webguest78yea im screwed
03:22:15 Join lachlan [0] (i=cbce3551@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:22:22webguest78or can i fix it
03:22:24LloreanHm? It's not fatal.
03:22:31LloreanYou just connect to USB, and finish the install.
03:22:40 Quit Coag ()
03:23:01lachlanLlorean: may i ask you a question?
03:23:08Lloreanlachlan: Certainly.
03:23:34 Join mattie47 [0] (
03:23:44 Join webguest08 [0] (i=4a64c678@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:23:50webguest08How do I install Loader2?
03:24:22Lloreanwebguest08: We do not provide support for Loader2, as it's not our software
03:24:26mattie47Hi everyone. Any new news about rockbox on the gigabeat within the last 10 days?
03:24:40lachlanI just (accidentally) plugged a Rockbox'd iPod 5G into a wall charger and now it has entered the reboot cycle. How do I get out of it, or alternatively what is a safe time to disconnect the player form the charger without doing any damage?
03:24:41webguest08Do you know where I can get support?
03:24:52Soapmattie47: too much to recount easily.
03:24:53webguest78so how do i extract those files that i forgot when it doesnt know the ipod is there
03:25:08Soapwebguest08: #ipodlinux
03:25:14 Part terinjokes
03:25:16Lloreanwebguest78: Boot into disk mode using Menu+Select to reboot, and Play+Select to enter disk mode.
03:25:19webguest08Will it work on Rockbox?
03:25:33Soapwhat ipod do you have webguest08?
03:25:39 Quit mattie47 (Client Quit)
03:25:42webguest0830 GP
03:25:51webguest78oh nice! thanks alot
03:25:51Soapgen 5 or 5.5?
03:26:02Soapthen you
03:26:28 Quit webguest08 (Client Quit)
03:26:32LloreanSoap: Does the bitrate really make a huge difference? I've noticed that halving the bitrate barely increased my FPS.
03:27:05lachlanSorry to repeat my question, but it didn't recieve an answer the first time: "I just (accidentally) plugged a Rockbox'd iPod 5G into a wall charger and now it has entered the reboot cycle. How do I get out of it, or alternatively what is a safe time to disconnect the player form the charger without doing any damage?"
03:27:19Lloreanlachlan: Sorry, somehow I read right past it last time.
03:27:24LloreanI'm slightly out of it tonight.
03:27:38Soapreally? I've come to the conclusion the only reason those wiki encodes were faster than mine was they were VBR. If I compared average bitrates at the _end_ of the movie, I could match their speed everytime.
03:27:38Lloreanlachlan: Any point is safe to unplug it.
03:27:54lachlanOk, thanks
03:28:28LloreanSoap: As a note, my bitrates are very low already, as I'm encoding a low quality TV encode at Nano resolution, and I think the bitrates I tried were 320 and 160
03:28:44LloreanSince I wasn't too concerned with video quality, I just wanted output filesize to fit a certain goal
03:30:33SoapI'm sure there is a point of diminished returns where video bitrate plays such a small part going lower won't help, but I was playing with 250-750 bitrates on 224x128 encodes.
03:31:08 Quit softi_42 (Connection timed out)
03:31:51Soapand I quite convinced the reason those "wiki" encodes were appearing to beat everything I could produce was simply because I was sampling FPS numbers too early on, before all the high-motion scenes.
03:32:33SoapReally disapointing, in a way. I was hopeful there was a "magic" set of encoder tweaks I could do to gain some speed improvements.
03:33:18 Quit phrozen77__ (Connection timed out)
03:33:19AndreSmithHi, guys i was wondering people at thesansa forums have managed to get rockboy working on the e200. how would i go about changing the keys for it?
03:33:39 Quit phrozen77_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:39:23 Quit toliman (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:40:03 Quit webguest78 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:40:03midgeyAndreSmith: rockboy works in SVN, the file you want to edit is ./apps/plugins/rockboy/rockboy.c
03:44:30AndreSmithSo All Ill have to do is alter this part:
03:44:32AndreSmith#elif CONFIG_KEYPAD == SANSA_E200_PAD
03:44:32AndreSmith options.A=BUTTON_SELECT;
03:44:32AndreSmith options.B=BUTTON_REC;
03:44:32DBUGEnqueued KICK AndreSmith
03:44:32AndreSmith options.START=BUTTON_SCROLL_UP;
03:44:32AndreSmith options.SELECT=BUTTON_SCROLL_DOWN;
03:44:34AndreSmith options.MENU=BUTTON_POWER;
03:44:43LloreanIt's not generally polite to paste into the channel
03:45:34AndreSmithSorry (?)
03:47:05LloreanUsually we use or something similar
03:47:19 Quit barrywardell ()
03:47:20AndreSmithOK, Ill keep that in mind :)
03:48:31 Join webguest69 [0] (i=18165025@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:48:34 Join Siryus [0] (n=i_sirrus@
03:48:44Siryusheh I have a noob question
03:49:03Siryusrockbox error -1?
03:49:12Siryuswhat do I do about that?
03:49:12 Part debauched_slot1
03:49:14midgeyyou didnt extract the firmware
03:49:22midgeyyou just installed the boot loader
03:49:34Brunellus_lappyhi guys me again.
03:49:38Siryusso you advice would be to...
03:49:45Brunellus_lappyis there any way to convert id3 tags to ogg vorbis tags?
03:49:50midgey1. read the manual
03:49:51 Join softi_42 [0] (
03:49:58Siryusgood idea
03:49:58LloreanSiryus: Read the whole installation section of the manual, rather than just the part that you did.
03:49:58midgey2. connect your device to a computer
03:50:11midgey3. download rockbox and extract it to you player
03:50:38Brunellus_lappyholy cow
03:51:05 Quit lachlan ("CGI:IRC")
03:51:31Siryuswill I have to reintsall my old settings and re do everything?
03:51:41webguest69what up, i have a favor...can someone grant me write access? my name is Travis Harris
03:51:52midgeywhat settings?
03:52:09Siryuswill I have to uninstall the boot loader
03:52:19Siryusand start from stratch
03:52:47 Join asas [0] (i=pronx@
03:52:52 Part asas
03:53:05Siryusoh duh
03:53:09SiryusI got it
03:53:36Siryusyou could have just said put into my ipod folder
03:54:22SiryusI didnt tell you I was using an ipod..
03:54:25Siryusmy bad
03:54:27midgeyyou have to extract the zip file
03:54:40Siryusextract it
03:54:55midgeyusing winzip or 7zip or something similar
03:56:11Siryusinto the folder on my ipod and not the one in my c drive?
03:56:37midgeyonto the ipod (not the ipod_control folder)
03:56:56Siryusalright thankyou
03:57:07Siryusyou are very helpfull
03:58:30 Quit Genre9mp3 ("I don't suffer from Rockbox psychosis. I enjoy every minute of it.")
03:58:56 Quit webguest69 ("CGI:IRC")
04:01:36SoapSiryus: out of did you learn about rockbox?
04:02:13Siryus I was looking for a way to mod my ipod
04:02:25Siryusso I googled it
04:02:38Soapcool, just curious.
04:02:54Siryusand since linux hadnt made a stable release for video ipods I looked into rockbox
04:04:05Siryusok, so I extracted the rockbox zip into my ipod folder but it still says rockbox error -1
04:04:28Siryusdo I need to put the rockbox folder into any folder thats already on my ipod?
04:04:28LloreanIn the root of your ipod, is there rockbox.ipod and a folder named .rockbox?
04:04:36LloreanThere should not be a "rockbox" folder
04:05:05Siryusthere is a folder named rockbox.
04:05:10Siryusor .rockbox
04:05:28LloreanThere is a folder named .rockbox, NOT rockbox
04:05:45LloreanIf you extract the zip improperly, your zip program may make a rockbox folder and put .rockbox and rockbox.ipod in it.
04:07:48 Join Brunellus [0] (n=luigi@unaffiliated/brunellus)
04:08:12LloreanSo, if the iPod is F:\, you should have F:\rockbox.ipod and F:\.rockbox
04:10:20 Part pixelma
04:10:32lostlogicis also the new master build server?
04:12:28SiryusI only have I:\.rockbox
04:12:38Siryusnot rockbox.ipod
04:12:54Siryusdo I need to get that one seperately?
04:12:56LloreanSiryus: What's in .rockbox?
04:13:54LloreanSo you've somehow extracted it improperly
04:14:06Siryusill re do that
04:14:23goffaanyone know the biggest hd that you can stick into the x5l at the moment is?
04:14:45Lloreangoffa: 80
04:15:02Brunellusdoes anyone know offhand if it is possible to have *both* id3v2 tags *and* vorbis comments on the same ogg vorbis file
04:15:03Lloreangoffa: Wait, x5l is the battery life one, right?
04:15:04goffain the L? do you have to remove a battery for that?
04:15:07Lloreangoffa: 40
04:15:09goffaoh ok
04:15:20LloreanI believe a 50 single platter is supposed to be on the horizon though
04:16:05goffacontemplating either a new hd for the x5l or getting another 60gb gigabeat
04:16:19goffaprobably going to wind up going with the gigabeat
04:16:59Siryusok got it
04:17:04Siryusim loded
04:17:17Siryusand thanks a ton you guys
04:17:25Siryusyou really helped me out
04:17:49Siryusso uhh
04:18:03SiryusI have calenders contacts and notes
04:18:20Siryusi'll just read the manuall
04:20:25sneakumsBrunellus: there's nothing to stop you putting an id3 block on an ogg vorbis file, but i wouldn't expect it to work with much software
04:21:12SoapBrunellus: I know you can do ID3v1, ID3v2, and APE on a Mp3, so I gotta believe you can do vorbis comments and ID3v2 on an ogg.
04:21:27Brunellusexcellent. I think I might have solved my problem
04:21:52Brunellusthe 'id3' box was ticked in GRIP, so grip put id3 info on all the vorbis files I encoded with it
04:22:05 Quit lukas ("Ex-Chat")
04:22:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:22:17*midgey readies a big manual commit
04:22:38Brunellusso in theory, stripping the id3 block from the affected files should make them rockbox-friendly, right
04:22:46 Quit Siryus ()
04:23:19sneakumsmy ogg vorbis files do not have id3 tags and they work in rockbox, so yes, that should certainly help
04:25:13midgeyeh i somehow triggered a build
04:26:28 Join firecrotc1 [0] (
04:26:54firecrotc1Hi, I'm trying to install Rockbox on my video Ipod
04:27:36firecrotc1ipodpatcher is giving me an error, saying the the drive is not an iPod (I'm doing this from Linux)
04:27:41midgeyhave you read our lovely manual
04:27:53midgeyalright then
04:28:53midgeyare you following the instructions on
04:28:58Lloreanfirecrotc1: Does the iPod have anything interesting installed on it, or is it pure apple firmware?
04:29:11firecrotc1Llorean: it's pure Apple
04:29:29firecrotc1midgey: I'm using the instructions on
04:30:04Lloreanfirecrotc1: And it's Fat32 formatted?
04:31:19Lloreanfirecrotc1: And you've never installed anything on this iPod before?
04:31:31firecrotc1Llorean: never
04:32:23midgeywhat part are you on? 2.2.3 part 5?
04:33:10firecrotc1midgey: That's correct. Trying to create the backup of my firmware
04:33:31firecrotc1Sorry, that's part 7 that I'm on
04:33:38Lloreanfirecrotc1: And ipodpatcher −−scan says what?
04:34:48firecrotc1Okay, I think I know what's wrong... I'm using /dev/sda2 (as that is what the device shows up as in Linux)
04:34:56firecrotc1−−scan gives me /dev/sda
04:35:11firecrotc1So I should be using /dev/sda in the commands rather than /dev/sda2?
04:35:35Llorean /sda2 is a specific partition on the device.
04:35:41Llorean /sda is the device as a whole
04:35:47firecrotc1Gotcha :)
04:35:49LloreanWhich is why we tell you to use the −−scan option first.
04:37:11firecrotc1Llorean: well, it does say (Windows users only) :P
04:37:48firecrotc1The directions could be a little more clear for Linux users
04:38:31firecrotc1Though I suppose if I had read through the Mac OS X instructions I would have realized that it wanted just the device, not the partition
04:39:51bonbonthejonon the web page, under svn changes, do changes with gigabeat in the name also apply to ipod?
04:40:03goffabonbonthejon: no
04:40:06firecrotc1Does rockbox not recognize music that was already on the ipod?
04:40:33goffafirecrotc1: it sees it.. but you probably have to create a playlist
04:40:40bonbonthejongoffa: that stinks, I saw one that said it fixed some screen lines and crashing
04:41:04goffabonbonthejon: yeah.. well you shouldn't have that problem on other targets in the first place
04:41:54bonbonthejongoffa: my ipod gets screen lines and randomly crashes or freezes, is that what you mean
04:41:54firecrotc1When I go to "media" no files show up at all
04:42:12goffabonbonthejon: no .. the oppsite
04:42:25Soapwith a name like firecrotch...
04:42:28goffalike it shouldnt crash and have screen lines
04:42:48bonbonthejongoffa: well, it still does
04:43:34goffabonbonthejon: can you reproduce the problem? if so.. a dev could look into it (maybe they are.. i don't keep up on ipod)
04:44:17bonbonthejongoffa: the screen lines happen on boot and then wear off, the freezes are random, I can't tell a pattern
04:44:49goffaah... the ones on the gigabeat were happening on the wps
04:45:03Soapbonbonthejon: 4th gen or mini 1st gen?
04:45:13bonbonthejonSoap: 4g greyscale
04:45:48Soapbonbonthejon: there is an unsupported build in the forums, mikeage's (I think I spelled it right) which helps with the crashes.
04:46:11SoapThe lines...I think there is a patch in the tracker I saw the other day about that - I don't know as I don't have a 4th.
04:46:19bonbonthejonSoap: ok, ill look into it
04:46:30firecrotc1Okay, I found my songs, but they all have file names like IHGO.mp3. Can Rockbox read the iTunes DB?
04:47:08goffafirecrotc1: not to my knowledge
04:47:14goffado they all have id3 tags?
04:47:25goffaif so, you can enable tagcache
04:47:33goffaand it'll read id3
04:47:35firecrotc1How do I enable tagcache?
04:47:49Soapfirecrotch, read the manual, specificly all of it, but the part you want is about "Database"
04:47:59BiptoNbonbonthejon: i believe the 4g grayscale and photo's have an issue when cpu scaling is on
04:48:11bonbonthejonBiptoN: can I disable it?
04:48:12BiptoNrandom lockups and reboots
04:48:29BiptoNdid you compile the source yourself?
04:48:35bonbonthejonBiptoN: no, daily build
04:48:51bonbonthejonfrom an hour ago
04:49:13BiptoNyou want one of my builds?
04:49:20BiptoNi've been trying to get mine stable
04:49:42BiptoNi've been able to get it to play til battery dies with scaling on
04:49:59bonbonthejonBiptoN: i guess
04:50:07 Join hsvsunshyn [0] (i=4b021036@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:52:22 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:55:09BiptoNbonbonthejon: what bootloader did you grab?
04:55:47bonbonthejonBiptoN: how can i find out
04:56:08 Quit hsvsunshyn ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:56:25BiptoNdid you use the one that the how-to linked you to?
04:57:12bonbonthejonI installed a couple weeks ago, but I've updated the build, not the bootloader
04:57:34bonbonthejonI know theres two, I used the supported one
04:58:09BiptoNi'll upload you a bootloader from todays svn also if you want to try
04:58:18BiptoNi think you need an updated one for the cop build
04:58:30bonbonthejonBiptoN: how do update the bootloader
05:00:36BiptoNdid you use ipodpatcher to load it last time?
05:00:45bonbonthejonyeah, but not on this computer
05:07:38 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
05:08:02 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
05:10:14 Join combrains [0] (
05:12:04 Join toffe [0] (n=toffe@
05:14:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:15:30BiptoNbonbonthejon: rockbox_cop_scaling.tar of size 3.213 MB
05:15:43BiptoNrockbox_noscaling_svn.tar of size 3.223 MB
05:15:54BiptoNrockbox_scaling_svn.tar of size 3.232 MB
05:16:11BiptoN bootloader-ipod4g.ipod of size 0.057 MB
05:16:22 Part firecrotc1
05:17:00bonbonthejonBiptoN: how do I update the bootloader
05:18:06BiptoNi think you can just use ipodpatcher
05:18:11BiptoNand execute the command
05:18:36BiptoN./ipodpatcher /dev/sdx -a bootloader-ipod4g.ipod
05:18:47BiptoNunless your in windows or whatever
05:19:12bonbonthejonBiptoN: I'll have to do it later
05:19:16BiptoNi think that'll overwirte the one on there already, maybe someone can verify or confirm that
05:19:22 Part AndreSmith
05:19:28BiptoNyou only need the new bootloader for the cop build
05:19:53LloreanThe official bootloader works for the COP patch.
05:20:09LloreanAs long as you're using the recent version with a black background.
05:24:09 Join hotwire_ [0] (
05:24:20 Join sujdik [0] (
05:26:02hcsIs anyone around who could consider adding the NSF decoder (FS #6122) to SVN? It is at about (I think) the same level as the SID player at this point.
05:28:55 Join DownStrik [0] (n=foo@
05:29:27DownStrikcan anyone help with my gigabeat f10????
05:30:33Mouser_XWhat's the question?
05:30:38 Join Stalwart^ [0] (
05:31:13hcsIf the question is gigabeat, the answer is yes.
05:31:29BiptoNllorean: thank you
05:31:54DownStrikbecause my gigabeat f10 its giving me "no system on hdd"
05:32:19DownStrikand the only firmware that i fin its the JP but its says cand update...
05:33:55hotwire_something is wrong with the latest build on the gigabeat... it gets as far as "rockbox loaded" and then the screen is essentially unresponsive... although buttons do appear to respond, as does music.
05:34:07combrainsmake sure that you have a file called FWIMG01.dat in the /gbsystem/fwimg folder
05:34:37 Quit Daishi (Remote closed the connection)
05:35:56combrainshotwire_, i was just reading on the rockbox front page that they were playing with CPU scaling earlier to day
05:36:00 Join AndreSmith [0] (
05:36:12DownStriki am trying to find the gigabeat US firmware...
05:36:17 Part AndreSmith
05:36:18combrainsapaently it was causing problems so they took it out of SVN again
05:37:13DownStrikanyone have the gb system folder for us version
05:38:00combrainsDownStrik, you can d/l it form toshiba
05:38:13DownStrikthey only have the JP and AU
05:38:13combrainsthen put rockbox over the top
05:38:20combrainsthen get AU
05:38:35DownStrikit dont let me.
05:38:51DownStrikbecause the page its like 1kb dowload.... its very slow
05:39:18combrainsyou should be able to get the setup file for it
05:39:55combrainsDownStrik, Why do you want the folder for the US firmware if you have RB?
05:40:06DownStrikbelieve i try ....for hours looking
05:41:02combrainsall the defult firmwares are the same except that they are protected for different reigons (for some strange reason)
05:41:04DownStriki install rockbox like some minutes ago... but i want also to fix the original firmware... because this was sell to my as is
05:41:27 Quit Stalwart (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:41:29combrainsdoes rb boot?
05:41:33DownStriki know the protected thing its was bothering me
05:41:58DownStrikit boot .. and i only can see its gbsystem and rockbox in the top
05:41:58DownStrikthats it
05:42:34combrainsthats because you have nothing else on the HDD
05:42:57combrainsits a filebrowser - not an mp3 library
05:43:29DownStrikohh i see... i am trying everything... thats why i also whant to see the original firmware
05:43:58DownStrikyour program is great what i see on the page.. but i want to see the original
05:44:05combrainsif you put a folder with some music on the player, it will show up in the filebrowser and then you can play it
05:44:31combrainsthe original is easier to use in some respects but that is about it
05:44:31DownStrikyes that what i see like a linux system
05:44:48DownStrikthats what i heard...
05:44:52combrainsits playback quality is not that graet compared to RB
05:45:33DownStrikbut there will be other people here using the gB and they are not computer friendly... and i see with the rb i can use both...
05:45:39DownStrikthats why i am into
05:46:34DownStrikwhere you think i can find the GBSYTEM folder
05:46:37hotwire_combrains: i noticed that on the front page too... I guess they just missed finishing undoing it
05:46:57combrainsas far as Im aware, the gb port of rockbox doesnt support duel booting yet
05:47:07combrainsbut you can RESTORE the original firmware while running rb
05:47:21DownStrikohhh thats what i see i think it was a dual booting
05:47:27combrainsim just not sure that you can boot back into rb afterwards
05:47:37DownStrikbut i still have it here....
05:47:41DownStrikon my disk
05:48:13combrainshotwire_, did you use latest SVN and bootloader?
05:48:25combrainsbootlaoder was updated today as well
05:48:54combrainsalthough on second thought, the new bootloader could be the problen
05:49:13combrainsDownStrik, you have the original FW on disk?
05:49:23 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
05:50:23 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
05:50:24 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
05:51:43KCCwhat are the changes for the newest bootloader?
05:52:39KCCjust a new bootsplash?
05:55:15combrainsand a few other minor things i think
05:57:28Nimdaekermit may be getting an upgrade soon :D
06:01:52 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:01:53hotwire_combrains: yes, i'm already on the bootloader from a few days ago
06:01:57 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:02:01 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:02:07hotwire_and as i said, this is on the latest build
06:02:49combrainsthere was a new bootloader posted today
06:05:30hotwire_another one?
06:06:47combrains7 Jan 2007 - 02:40
06:07:01hotwire_okay, i just saw in on the wiki page
06:07:17combrainsmight help your problem a little
06:07:17hotwire_there needs to be a better system for informing when there are bootloader updates
06:08:27combrainsim gonna build my own anyway when I SVN up
06:08:45combrainsbut my player is doing a battery benchmark ATM :(
06:08:46hotwire_yikes... that's a jump from 64k to 215k
06:08:59combrainsthats the new splash screen
06:09:10hotwire_wasn't it bill gates that said 64k is more than anyone will ever need?
06:10:24 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:10:45combrainshotwire_, see also if the stereo reversal bug is still present
06:10:59combrainsgotthardt's been trying to squash it
06:11:25hotwire_well, it gets to the new splash screen, and then the screen freezes again
06:11:47perldiverhotwire_ dont get the svn build
06:11:51perldiverits broken
06:11:54perldiverget daily builds
06:12:01hotwire_NOW he tells me
06:12:07 Join Siryus [0] (n=i_sirrus@
06:12:11combrainsah - is that why people have been complaining
06:12:12perldiverhope you guys like the new splash screen though hehe
06:12:14hotwire_daily still okay?
06:12:23perldiveryes daily is OK
06:12:24 Part Llorean
06:12:33Siryuswhat folder to you install updated fonts in?
06:12:37combrainshotwire_, do you have SVN?
06:12:57combrainsSiryus, ./rockbox/fonts i believe
06:13:11Siryus...I didnt see that folder
06:13:29hotwire_no, i've just been downloading the latest from
06:13:49combrainsget an SVN client if you can and build your own from source
06:13:55hotwire_say... shouldn't the link on the sidebar be changed to "svn build" from "cvs build"
06:14:09combrainsprabably will when its all complete
06:14:16Siryusstill dont see it
06:14:17 Join tychver_ [0] (
06:14:20hotwire_combrains: no worries. No rush... i'll just wait until tmr when the svn is fixed.
06:14:26combrainsthey are trying to scramble to change instuction etc on the wike now too
06:14:58Siryustheir is no fonts folder
06:15:01 Quit tychver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:15:16combrainsSiryus, are you on windows or linux
06:16:27sujdik./.rockbox/fonts combrains said =p
06:17:11combrainsthen you should see it clearly - unless you didn't install the fonts to start with
06:18:23Siryusand if I didnt?
06:18:52combrainsthen you should - and there probably won't be a font folder
06:18:59combrainsif you didnt
06:19:40 Quit DownStrik (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:20:54 Quit tychver_ ("Leaving")
06:21:14perldiverhotwire_ got it working now?
06:21:35Siryusthank you
06:21:43combrainsnp :)
06:21:58hotwire_perldiver: i'll just wait until the bugs are out and the next build is up.... no rush
06:22:31combrainsthe build isn't broken - the rb build servers are breaking it for some reason
06:22:38perldiverwell the major change got backed up anyway
06:22:43combrainsif yo built it yourself it should work
06:22:55perldivercombrains yes, thats what i meant
06:23:09combrainsyes but I think the wires got crossed somwhere
06:23:32 Join MRJDev [0] (
06:23:36perldiverit happens with all targets
06:23:37combrainsI stuck the same problem with someone in IRC last night - they had the SVN build and it would crash
06:23:56combrainsI had just build my own and it was sweet
06:24:35Siryuswhen I run the pre packaged themes nothing looks different
06:24:56combrainsI think only the fonts change
06:25:32Siryusbut that still doesnt hekp my theme delimma
06:25:53combrainsperldiver, If I just want to submit a battery benchmark to the wiki, is it easier for me to register and get write access or jsut give it to someone to post?
06:26:52combrainsSiryus, i mean i think that the only difference between the packaged themes is the font
06:27:20combrainsgo to the wiki for your model and download some more themes for a real differnce
06:28:02perldivercombrains i bet its easier to register, noone's online with the access now
06:28:15hcswell, the main thing that is changed is the WPS screen...
06:28:19combrainsok then
06:28:33perldiverhow many hours?
06:28:33Siryusis their instuctions on how to download themes?
06:30:11OverandSiryus: it's fairly easy
06:30:27Overanddepending on what they have inside, you just extract them to your device or to the .rockbox dir on it
06:30:47Siryusput them it the themes folder?
06:32:20 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:32:55sujdikthere will be 3 or 4 folders packed
06:33:17Siryusand I put them all in the right folders depending on their file types?
06:33:31sujdikthere's no need
06:33:59sujdikcopy the folders into /.rockbox/
06:34:30Siryuswouldnt that get pretty messy?
06:34:38combrainsperldiver, 10.5 and counting
06:34:45 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:34:47 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:35:08perldivercombrains hitting 20 hours here with no EQ
06:35:15 Quit Siryus ()
06:35:42sujdiki havent reached 9 hours =P
06:35:59combrainsi see from the 2 on the wiki already that the average time is about 15 hours
06:36:00hcsperldiver: tgb?
06:36:10combrainsthe stock was supposed to be 16
06:36:25combrainsso rb isnt doing too bad
06:36:32hcscombrains: the 15:03 one is before the bootloader optimization
06:36:37perldiverwould be inetersting to see the results with cpu scaling but we have to wait on that
06:36:41perldiversince it was recalled
06:37:06hcsI'm doing a battery bench with SPC playback, which is fairly cpu-intensive, now
06:37:17combrainshcs, you mean the bootlaoder before the 13th?
06:37:30hcswhenever we saved 1.7 MB
06:37:52combrainsyeah - im on that one atm
06:38:42combrainsI'm just playing my entire library - all mp3, with no backlight and only trebble/bass adjustments
06:39:07tchanHas anyone else noticed that with recent SVN builds for the iPod 40G grayscale that dual-booting is no longer working ? From powered off mode in rockbox to Pressing menu, then switching Hold key on, just causes the iPod to reboot loop saying "Loading original firmware"
06:39:48 Quit hotwire_ ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
06:40:03tchanI had to remove rockbox bootloader before I could get back into Apple firmware
06:40:21combrainshow long does the activation email for the wiki take?
06:40:21sujdiki guess i won't update mine =P
06:41:12perldiveri think the links to the svn builds should be removed for now
06:41:16hcscombrains: it's more a matter of someone with access giving you priviliges
06:41:23perldivertoo many people asking whats going on with their players
06:42:09combrainsI know that I need to be added but I need to activate as well
06:43:12tchanperldiver: I missed the irc session that said how to fix this dual-boot looping problem. Any hints ?
06:43:39perldiverjust by getting a daily build im assuming
06:44:25 Quit DataGhost (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
06:44:44 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:44:45combrainsor a new bootloader
06:45:13*combrains goes to dinner
06:45:17 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:45:17 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:45:22tchanI'm using svn co, and compiling the iPod 40G grayscale zip file myself. That's currently whats installed on this iPod.
06:45:29 Nick Stalwart^ is now known as Stalwart (
06:47:40 Join Siryus [0] (n=i_sirrus@
06:48:05Siryuscan someone give me a link to a convenient portal to download skind?
06:49:51sneakumswell, there's
06:50:00 Join Rob222241 [0] (
06:50:07sneakumswhich i know nothing about, other than it exists
06:50:42 Join DataGhost [0] (
06:51:09sujdikwell I've donwloaded all my themes from there =P good source
06:52:58sujdikwill be there any problem if you "initialize database" twice? ... ...
06:53:54sneakumssujdik: all you lose is time and power, i think
06:54:02sujdikI mean
06:54:15sujdikat same time
06:54:24sujdikmy ipod isn't responding =P
06:54:34sneakumsthat may be a "yes", then
06:54:51sneakumswhen a theme loads a font, does that also affect the font in the file tree?
06:55:04sneakumshmm, bummer
06:56:57sujdikdoes anyone use a theme that have a playlist count? like "7 of 103"
06:58:35sneakumsi have a custom wps that does that
06:58:51sneakumsit looks like this: sneakums/rockpod-wps-with-dejavusans.png">
06:59:43sujdikhmm... does it refresh the "now playing number" when it's paused?
06:59:57sujdikand you skip a track
07:00:08sneakums"%pp of %pe" seems to be the relevant chunk
07:00:29 Quit Siryus ()
07:00:45*sneakums tries on his h120
07:01:08sneakumsyes, it does
07:01:28sujdikmy ipod doen't
07:02:19sneakumsthe build i'm using is one i did myself, from the 4th of january
07:02:46sneakumsi can't check on my ipod because it's an 80g
07:03:30sujdikstill initializing database =P
07:03:31 Quit KCC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:03:51sneakumslast time i tried it on my h120 it took a while
07:04:39sujdikit usually takes... but i don't know if it got stuck
07:04:55sneakumsif you put it to your ear, you should be able to hear the disk
07:05:12sneakumsif it's not chugging (or even spinning) i'd guess it's wedged
07:05:33 Join KCC [0] (
07:05:37sujdikat least its spinning :P
07:05:51 Join io [0] (
07:05:55 Part io
07:05:57sneakumsno chugging though?
07:06:08sneakumsgiven that and the fact that it's not responding, i'd reboot it
07:06:41sneakumsand maybe file a bug :P
07:06:47 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:07:48sujdikwell I'll do so.... the database is not THAT big
07:08:30 Join Siryus [0] (n=i_sirrus@
07:08:41Siryusumm so I download a theme
07:08:52Siryusand I unzip it
07:09:04Siryusand theirs a folder called .rockbox
07:09:29Siryusso I extract that to my rockbox folder am I doing this right?
07:10:12 Quit the_conley (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:10:39 Quit combrains (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
07:10:55sujdikyou should "replace" your .rockbox folder with the theme's .rockbox folder
07:11:48sujdikbut do not delete
07:12:03Siryusso I just put the whole folder in their?
07:13:13sujdiknot inside the .rockbox folder
07:13:27sneakumsyou won't really be "replacing" .rockbox, it'll just add the tmee files in the right place
07:13:55Siryusby putting the downloaded folder where?
07:14:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:14:16sneakumsjust extract the zipfile to G:\
07:14:31sneakums(assuming your player is G:\)
07:14:31Siryusin my case it's I
07:14:38sneakumsand say "yes" when it asks you if you want to replace ".rockbox"
07:14:50Siryusif your sure
07:14:54sneakumsit won't really be replacing it, it'll just put the new files in the right place
07:15:00sneakumsthe rest of the folder will be left alone
07:15:30Siryuswin rar gives me errors
07:15:50Siryusit wont let me copy the files
07:16:58 Quit Siryus (Excess Flood)
07:17:07sneakumsnever used... oh.
07:17:22 Join Siryus [0] (n=i_sirrus@
07:18:07Siryusyeah Win RAR wont let me copy the files
07:18:23sneakumsSiryus: well, there's a slightly trickier way to do it
07:18:27sneakumsif you extract it someplace else
07:18:27sujdikunpack the folder in another place... and then copy the folder into G:
07:18:32sneakumsyes, that
07:18:55sneakumsbut you'll need to copy it into G:\.rockbox\themes or whatever
07:19:59sneakumsif you check out the stuff you extracted, .rockbox\themes\funkytheme or whatever, and copy funkytheme into the same folder on I:\
07:20:42sneakumsannoying that winrar doesn't let you do it directly though.
07:20:51sneakumsthe command-line unrar seems to handle it okay
07:21:09sujdikwinrar works well here
07:21:36Siryusnot here
07:21:46Siryusit wont let me copy them anyware
07:21:58Siryusshould I delete winrar
07:22:12Siryusand use the mirosoft equivilent?
07:22:22sneakumsi'm out of my depth, i only use windows at work for e-mail
07:22:25sujdiktry re-download the theme
07:22:38 Join Jsunu [0] (
07:23:04sujdikmaybe the file is corrupt or something
07:25:55SiryusI got another one to work
07:26:04Siryusthank you guys so much
07:28:06sujdikyouu're welcome =P
07:28:25 Quit mathgl (Remote closed the connection)
07:29:48 Quit Siryus ()
07:30:00*Mouser_X is attempting to build Rockbox.
07:30:12Mouser_XSo far, I can't tell what's happening/happened.
07:30:20Mouser_XI'm running the VMware image.
07:30:32Mouser_XCan anyone offer any ideas/help/anything?
07:33:13 Join icey [0] (
07:33:21iceyany 1?
07:34:06 Join combrains [0] (
07:34:19 Join Rondom [0] (
07:34:39 Quit Jsunu (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
07:35:07 Join Jsunu [0] (
07:35:15iceycan any 1 tell me sansa e250 can use e200 rockbox?
07:37:05 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
07:41:03 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
07:41:05 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
07:44:03 Join Everybody|Determ [0] (
07:44:05 Join Echelon [0] (
07:44:17iceycan any 1 help me =/
07:45:11Mouser_XNot if you don't ask your question.
07:45:30 Quit Jsunu ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
07:45:51 Join Redbreva [0] (
07:45:54iceyhmm how do i install e200 rockbox on my e250
07:46:17iceysandisk sansa =x
07:46:46 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
07:47:51 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
07:47:53 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
07:54:10 Quit sujdik ("OUCH!!!")
07:55:57KCConce youre finished installing, you can check out this page:
07:56:08KCCgood luck, enjoy rockbox :)
07:59:05iceysansa boot loader =/
07:59:31iceycant find in sansa webby onli update
08:02:34 Quit Everybody|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:14:30JdGordonsound isnt working on the e200 yet is it?
08:16:06 Join DownStrik [0] (n=foo@
08:17:28DownStrikit supposed to be the letter small on rockbox ???
08:17:56sneakumsDownStrik: yes, the default font is pretty small
08:18:05iceycan some 1 teach me how to install e250 rockbox?
08:18:23iceyi read the guide but dont know how =/
08:18:45DownStrikhow can i change the font.... because i install a wps and still small
08:19:09 Join kaaloo [0] (
08:19:29 Quit darkless ("Leaving")
08:19:29 Quit Brunellus (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:19:59sneakumsDownStrik: go into the menu, and select "General settings", "Display", "Browse fonts", and try out the fonts until you find one you like
08:20:43 Quit vadim (Remote closed the connection)
08:21:26 Part kaaloo
08:21:47combrainsDownStrik, did you install the fints package?
08:24:11iceyhmm any 1 know how install the rockbox on sandisk sansa e250??
08:25:34 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:25:45combrainsicey, I dont have a sansa but I can do my best to walk you throught it
08:25:55combrainsit should be pretty straightforward
08:26:47iceyi got the file alredy
08:27:00iceyi saw the guides
08:27:09Bagder"the file" ?
08:27:23Bagderthere are at least 2, possibly 3, files involved
08:27:39 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
08:27:50combrainsjust reading the wiki, if you wanna use youre sansa for everyday stuff then rb probably isnt a good bet right now
08:27:51iceycant find this The Sansa boot loader.
08:28:06MikachuBagder: you know about the diff links on new files already?
08:28:19Bagderfix is coming "soon"
08:29:29combrainsbadger, why are all the SVN builds crashing ATM?
08:29:53 Quit icey ()
08:30:04Bagderwhat are you talking about?
08:30:41DownStrikthere is another page for wps?
08:30:48combrainsaparently people are reporting that the SVN builds from the rb site are crashing
08:31:05combrainsbut the dilies are fine
08:31:25DownStrikfor dowloading themes
08:31:28Bagderprobably because those guys are on crack
08:31:35Bagderbut really
08:31:42Bagdercan you be any LESS specific on details?
08:31:53Bagder"people" and "builds"
08:32:01Bagdersome people claim Elvis lives
08:32:21tchanBagder: Has anyone else noticed that with recent SVN builds for the iPod 40G grayscale that dual-booting is no longer working ? From powered off mode in rockbox to Pressing menu, then switching Hold key on, just causes the iPod to reboot loop saying "Loading original firmware"
08:32:36hcsThe King is not dead. He just went home.
08:32:39tchanI had to remove rockbox bootloader before I could get back into Apple firmware
08:32:43Bagdertchan: I have no idea
08:34:04*JdGordon has album art working :)
08:34:04combrainsbadger, perldiver had a problem with the SVN build from earlier on today.
08:34:08JdGordonunless text is drawn where the art should be drawn
08:34:26combrainshowever it may have been due to all of the changes that went on to the gb port today
08:34:43Bagdercombrains: what build on what target is the question
08:35:09Bagderand yes, if it suddenly started going wrong it was most probably due to a recent change
08:35:26combrainsbut I was talking to somone last night
08:35:42combrainsand they had a build from the rb site that crashed
08:36:05combrainsand I had just built my own from source and it worked flawlessly
08:36:09SanZOOM! I You got hit by a lol-copter.
08:36:37Bagdercombrains: yes?
08:36:46Bagderso what are we supposed to do with that info?
08:37:04Bagder"someone" ran "a build" and "it crashed"
08:37:21combrainsread the log from yesterday
08:37:23Bagderdetails my friend, details
08:37:33combrainsI cant remember the detail sorry
08:38:38combrainsplus I dont have any more detail other than that - I just thought you might like to be made aware
08:38:53combrainsso that you could ask around perhaps?
08:39:42 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
08:41:53Galoisare the build servers going to automatically start using subversion instead of CVS?
08:42:01LinusNthey already are
08:42:16GaloisI don't even know if it's installed on mine
08:42:23 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
08:42:24LinusNthen you'd better do that
08:42:24 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
08:42:52combrainsBagder, ok looks like it may be coincidence but I thought I would make the point anyway
08:42:52Galois"find ~rbclient/ -iname \*svn\*" is rather empty
08:43:06combrains(I just read the log)
08:43:09Galoiswell, I checked, subversion is installed
08:44:29BagderGalois: you need to checkout the svn repo as well
08:45:38Galoissorry for being behind the times
08:45:43Bagderno worries
08:45:43 Join bluebrother [0] (i=70QX6ObC@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
08:46:36GaloisChecked out revision 12038.
08:46:43Galoisam I all set?
08:47:02Bagderif rbclient can do 'svn up' in its home dir, then yes
08:47:07 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
08:47:25Galoisit says "At revision 12038."
08:47:35Bagderthen it works
08:47:52Bagderat next commit you should see some CPU usage ;-)
08:48:05Galoisload average: 0.20, 0.21, 0.12
08:48:09GaloisI am not concerned about CPU usage
08:48:35hcsLinusN: could you check out my NSF patch?
08:49:20LinusNnsf, is that the nintendo codec?
08:49:36Mouser_XI'd like to see it included, personally.
08:49:45LinusNany issues left with it?
08:49:47Mouser_XIt sounds great, imho.
08:49:56Mouser_XThat, I wouldn't know...
08:50:15hcsI converted the last important bits to fixed point, FDS tracks run full speed on coldfire targets now
08:50:29hcsI'm not going to do anything more with it, in any case
08:50:37hcs(unless something needs fixing)
08:50:54LinusNis notsofatso gpl licensed?
08:51:00JdGordonrockbox is supposed to be able to draw text onto images cant it?
08:51:32 Join tucoz_work [0] (i=528612c1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:51:48hcsthere was a bit from MAME that was under their "no commercial use" license, but I removed it
08:51:50*tucoz_work notices a big commit from mr Ross
08:52:20LinusNhcs: does it compile on all targets?
08:52:22Bagdernot big, huuuuge ;-)
08:52:32tucoz_workhehe. right. huge it is
08:52:47hcsLinusN: that, I don't know. only tried on h120, ipods, and gigabeat
08:52:58 Join AndreSmith [0] (
08:52:59hcsI can start testing now
08:53:03LinusNwould be nice
08:53:31LinusNi have no general problem with committing it
08:53:32AndreSmithIs it possible in dualboot to have the original firmware boot first unless told?
08:53:55 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:53:55LinusNAndreSmith: only if you patch the bootloader yourself
08:54:11AndreSmithOk, I'll look into it
08:54:20AndreSmithwheres the best place to start?
08:54:45LinusNthat depends on the target
08:55:06AndreSmithSansa e200
08:55:54LinusNi don't know anything about the sansa loader, sorry
08:56:06AndreSmithNo problems, thanks anyway
08:56:25Bagderbootloader/main-pp.c could be a place to start poking
08:58:41AndreSmithOk, I found it, so i guess all i need to do is swap around the if/else statement
09:00:33 Join Vyrus [0] (
09:01:09Bagderor swapping the files on the disk
09:01:41Bagder"disk" being the flash of course ;-)
09:06:05 Quit midgey ()
09:07:39JdGordonwhat does everyone think of nico+p's .cue patch in the core? we have got ram usage down to very minimal (with an option to turn it off completly if you dont want it)
09:08:14JdGordonfs 6460
09:10:00tucoz_workmore options. hurray. ;-)
09:10:09hcsLinusN: uh, I'm getting FLASH is full errors on the FM recorder build
09:10:27hcsany recommendations?
09:10:30JdGordontucoz_work: its that or way to much wasted ram if you dont use it :p
09:10:56tucoz_workhehe. i was only kidding.
09:11:23amiconnJdGordon: Ahem, speaking about options...
09:11:43tucoz_worki would probably have it turned off in any case.
09:12:29JdGordonamiconn: that one is also ready to go... i can sync and commit it tonight... but without more bodies its best i not commit it yet
09:12:47tucoz_workis that the load-config-from-file?
09:12:59tucoz_workaha. nice
09:13:35 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:13:49amiconnWhat about the known bugs and deficiencies?
09:14:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:14:34JdGordonthats why its not commited yet... <sarcasm>some bozo let a million different settings in so they need to be checked</sarcasm>
09:14:45 Part toffe
09:15:06Mikachui don't see how that's sarcasm
09:15:11 Quit DownStrik ()
09:15:37JdGordon... the bozo part... dw
09:16:25 Join Everybody|away [0] (
09:17:48 Join tvelocity [0] (
09:18:32 Quit Vyrus001 (Connection timed out)
09:19:01hcsLinusN: I'm getting the same build error without my patch
09:21:22amiconnDataGhost: Btw, while it might be that the of uses ata dma on the G5.5, it's highly unlikely that it uses udma4
09:21:33GodEaterWebLinusN: I saw your question about printf from last night that no-one appeared to answer. I'm in favour of it in the ipod bootloader if it helps ;)
09:21:40amiconnThe disk uses a 40 pin cable, and 40 pin cables only allow up to udma2
09:21:54 Quit Kittt0s (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:22:11GodEaterWebamiconn: curious that the drive defaults to reporting udma4 then ?
09:22:24 Join Kitt0s [0] (
09:22:46amiconnIt's probably just the default the drive boots up with
09:23:24GodEaterWebI guess the iPL guys never reset that then - which is why hdparm still shows it
09:23:30amiconnEnabling udma doesn't stop pio from working, as (u)dma uses a different command set
09:23:44GodEaterWebyep yep - aware of that ;)
09:23:56amiconnLinusN: Btw, this printf() isn't a real printf(). It always appends a \n
09:24:01 Quit scorche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:24:04GodEaterWebbeen dreaming the ATA spec since before xmas now ;)
09:24:19 Join scorche [0] (n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
09:24:22 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
09:24:27GodEaterWebamiconn: IMHO that makes it more useful on our tiny display targets
09:25:11GodEaterWebI've got fed up of typing three lines where only one would do
09:25:27GodEaterWebI should have thought of doing my own printf ages ago
09:25:32 Part tucoz_work
09:25:33 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
09:26:01 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
09:28:21GodEaterWebdoes the current ipodpatcher work for 3G ipods ? I seem to recall it had problems a while back ?
09:30:23 Join Everybody|Empire [0] (
09:31:13 Quit Everybody|Determ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:31:31 Join Everybody|Determ [0] (
09:31:48 Part AndreSmith
09:33:57 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
09:35:55 Join dune2 [0] (
09:38:21JdGordondo attachments on the ml actualy go through?
09:41:46 Quit Everybody|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:43:03 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
09:43:04 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
09:44:53 Join mdeboer [0] (
09:45:23 Join JdGordon [0] (
09:48:25 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:51:23 Join tucoz [0] (i=528612c1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:51:34tucozhehe. i love the vu_meter on the gigabeat.
09:53:38peturbrickmania seems easier to play too
09:53:50Bagderthose cheaters!
09:55:08peturand pong is more difficult
09:55:27tucozchess looks great, but the chess clock is definitley not for the short-sighted
09:55:53 Join DerPapst [0] (
09:56:03peturis the snow not hitting the ground? (just like in real life atm)
09:56:10tucozbut the calculator looks promising. imagine all the functions that could fit in that display
09:56:20DerPapstGodEaterWeb: Afaik ipodpatcher doesn't work on 3G iPods
09:56:46 Join debauched_slot1 [0] (
09:57:30JdGordonwould be nice if the display could be flipped 90deg on the gb for the games
09:58:03debauched_slot1interesting idea
09:58:14debauched_slot1I wouldn't mind flipping it for everything
09:58:24debauched_slot1given the control pad, this could work
09:58:25Bagderfor everything should be fairly simple
09:58:46debauched_slot1the player almost doesn't have a natural orientation
09:58:51GodEaterWebDerPapst: yeah - I did a quick search on the forums and found where I'd read that from
09:58:51Bagderbasically swapping the width and height values and making the driver output it rotated
09:58:55debauched_slot1and we already rotate
09:59:08debauched_slot1Bagder: I'm not sure I can't get the LCD controller to rotate
09:59:27JdGordonmy dad just got a e200, and i recon its screen would be better on the side also
09:59:38debauched_slot1but in any case, it's a 16-bit driver - who cares about width/height?
10:00:04BagderJdGordon: yes, but the sansa has more controls that might feel a bit weird to use when rotated
10:00:53debauched_slot1that's the thing about the GB. Makes just as much sense on its side
10:00:56JdGordonBagder: i dunno, apart from the power button, they are all mirrored so if the keys were mapped correclty it shouldnt feel any more awkward
10:01:13debauched_slot1maybe more, actually...
10:01:26peturon gb, one could rotate clock- or anticlockwise for left/righthand operation and mirror the buttons
10:01:57*JdGordon imagines the h300 on its side and thinks it wont be as nice ;P
10:02:33debauched_slot1a DAP for lefties!
10:02:50debauched_slot1speaking as a lefty, this amuses me greatly, tough I would use the right handed mode :)
10:03:21 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:03:36 Quit combrains (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
10:05:29 Quit dan_a (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:05:31 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
10:05:57*petur listens to a superb recording made yesterday evening (wiped most of the disk to avoid possible glitches due to a nearly full fragmented disk)
10:06:34 Nick Everybody|Empire is now known as Everybody|away (
10:06:39JdGordonrecording of......?
10:06:47JdGordonplease say dark tranquillity live :D
10:07:03peturmy fav band performing a try-out of their new tour
10:07:18peturFlemish band 'De Mens'
10:07:26JdGordonwhat are they? and have samples (goear stuff are my recordings made with h300)
10:08:30JdGordonamiconn: I think I dont like how the settings are handled in the patch, do you tihnk its a waste of time to code up a patch to load settings from disk, then once thats done get the menu part of the patch in?
10:09:00debauched_slot1jdGordon: speaking just for myself, I really look forward to that patch
10:09:14JdGordonpetur: what genre are they?
10:09:54Bagdermy first shot
10:10:07BagderI'm very open for improvements and other suggestions
10:10:08peturJdGordon: but on this tour they bring some alternative (softer) versions of their songs
10:12:18JdGordonBagder: looks ok, but whats the point? the people who need to read that wont..
10:12:18bluebrothertucoz, have you seen this?
10:12:22LinusNBagder: there should be some explanation what "top-posting" is
10:12:24bluebrotherany comments?
10:12:39BagderJdGordon: it'd be posted on the list(s) with a given interval
10:13:15JdGordonpetur: im listening to en in gent... i have no idea what its about.. but the music is good :)
10:13:24BagderI think we're many that have watched the lists turn more and more crazy recently
10:13:35peturQ: Why is top-posting such a bad thing? A: Top-posting. <−−- ???
10:13:47bluebrotherthat page might be interesting:
10:14:03LinusNBagder: "By phrasing a correct and describing subject" -> "descriptive" is probably a better word
10:14:03bluebrother(translation of
10:14:20tucozgood idea. although it is not that necessary when/if we release a version of rockbox.
10:14:25Bagderbluebrother: reference [3] on my page
10:14:43bluebrotherah, should have read through the end first ;-)
10:14:44LinusNBagder: perhaps a "do not reply to the digest mails"
10:15:01Bagderdo you think that'll work?
10:15:10LinusNi dunno
10:15:15debauched_slot1would be nice if it did...
10:15:16peturdoesn't the mailing list software filter out of office messages?
10:15:19tucozpetur: youe read the question to the top answer. the question to A: Top-posting is Q: What is the most annoying thing in e-mail?
10:15:41LinusNreplying to digest mails is a major thread breaker
10:15:57peturtucoz: yes, now I see the fun of that ;)
10:16:02debauched_slot1I kind of like "no HTML emails" myself
10:16:05LinusNpetur: how would it do that?
10:16:13peturI know some do
10:16:14bluebrotherwhy that much "avoid" instead of "don't"?
10:16:34peturLinusN: filter on the out of office text in the subject
10:16:44LinusNpetur: in all languages?
10:16:54peturLinusN: point taken
10:16:55bluebrothertelling to avoid something sounds to me much like "it would be nice if you didn't do it", not "we don't want it, so don't do it"
10:17:23Bagderbluebrother: updated
10:17:33*bluebrother seconds the no-html-mails
10:17:35 Part tucoz
10:18:03BagderI'm personally against html mails too
10:18:26LinusNunfortunately, the mere size of this document may be a problem. people won't bother reading it
10:18:27bluebrothercan mailman block html-only mails?
10:18:37debauched_slot1...or strip HTML
10:18:39 Join Vyrus001 [0] (
10:19:05bluebrotherI'm ok with multipart messages as I can just display the text only
10:19:27JdGordonBagder: can you tell the build system to send a bootloader build to one computer but not the build to the same comp?
10:20:09BagderI can only split on sdl/sh/m68k/arm
10:21:19 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
10:21:47 Quit BigBambi_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:23:35bluebrothermaybe add a warning at the top of the netiquette to tell everyone who doesn't comply to the rules to get ignored by devs
10:23:41bluebrotheror something similar.
10:23:57bluebrotherso the reader knows he _really_ should read that guidelines
10:24:04JdGordonignored isnt a threat... tell em they'll get booted from the list
10:24:21sneakumsbluebrother: surely the type of person who is likely to violate netiquette is not likely to read such a document
10:24:31peturadd this text to the subscription mail
10:24:34JdGordon... and put the netiqutte text in the confirm email
10:24:47LinusNpetur: that doesn't help either
10:24:48hcs"this document contains the secret to eternal happiness, be careful to read it in its entirety!"
10:25:10sneakumsthe fundamental problem is that people will not read anything unless you tie them down and burn it into their retinas with a laser
10:25:12LinusNpetur: look at how many Wiki newcomers that wonder why they can't edit any pages
10:25:13JdGordonLinusN: any objections to the .cue support patch in the core?
10:25:29LinusNJdGordon: i haven't checked it recently
10:25:39bluebrothersneakums: sure, and thats the main problem. But maybe we could increase the "risk" such a person reads it anyway
10:26:03hcsoh, I figure I should ask while people are around, is there no APE support because no one has cared enough or for some other reason?
10:26:10JdGordonLinusN: i dont know when you last checked it, but the main thing is its ram usage is user configurable now so its bearable for those that dont want it
10:26:32sneakumswell, feel free to try. but experience seems to show that as soon as a community grows beyond a certain size, it's hopeless.
10:26:40Mikachuhcs: probably because ape is a redundant proprietary slow format
10:26:45bluebrotherJdGordon: will it be expandable for e.g. subtracks in sid files?
10:26:46sneakumsnot that i'm defeatist or anything.
10:26:46 Quit Vyrus (Connection timed out)
10:27:06hcsMikachu: ok, I thought no GPL decoder might be a reason
10:27:18JdGordonbluebrother: yeah, should be..
10:27:37Bagderthe APE music cannot be supported since there's no codec with a good enough license
10:27:52hcsguess I'll just stick with converting these to flac, then
10:29:01 Join dan3232 [0] (
10:29:59 Join BigBambi [0] (
10:30:37linuxstbBagder: There's a GPL'd decoder for APE written in Java... :)
10:30:54Bagderand now when java is gpl...
10:30:57hcshmm, I've ported decoders from C++...
10:31:03Mikachunow just port phoneME to rockbox
10:31:58linuxstbIgnore me, it looks like it's just a wrapper to the C++ code.... In which case I'm not sure how it can be GPL'd.
10:32:11JdGordonbecause they are naughty!
10:32:18 Join Mouser_X [0] (
10:32:30*linuxstb downloads the code to see exactly what it is...
10:32:35Mikachuyou can redistribute code as gpl that links to proprietary stuff as long as you don't distribute binaries
10:32:35Bagderpeople are very often license ignorant, on purpose or not
10:32:52Mikachuespecially when you're the copyright holder
10:33:03LinusNspeaking of reading instructions, i can't understand this flood of wiki user subscriptions, when so few actually intend to contribute
10:33:21Bagderthat's indeed a mystery
10:33:56linuxstbNo, it is indeed a real decoder, not a wrapper.
10:34:51linuxstbI'm surprised no-one has converted it to C++, given the original decoder's odd licensing.
10:35:05LinusNbecause few people care about APE?
10:35:11Bagderperhaps it is a sign of not many people caring...
10:35:24linuxstbI think it's the WMA of lossless codecs...
10:35:26hcsI find lossless rips in APE more often than FLAC...
10:36:00LinusNmaybe it's the RAR of lossless codecs?
10:36:11linuxstbThat's a better analogy.
10:36:31Mikachuisn't rar entirely closed though?
10:36:34Mikachuexcept for the decoder
10:36:53Mikachuor is that the case with mac too?
10:37:01Mikachuand by mac i mean ape
10:37:23linuxstbNo, the source is available for APE, just under an odd license the author made up himself.
10:39:50Mikachuhaha, the linux port hosted on sourceforge is listed as lgpl there, and COPYING in the tarball has this text
10:39:56MikachuI faked the LGPL license in order to make it hosted at SourceForge, I am very sorry for this to other Free Software developers. We all hope that the original author will change the license to some standard open source licenses.
10:40:24*linuxstb remembers that
10:40:42Bagderbut really, that's rather shameless
10:42:08hcsLinusN: ok, tested and building with everything that's currently building error-free on
10:42:13linuxstbAnd from what people have said, APE is very CPU intensive to decode, so there's no real motivation for a Rockbox port.
10:43:40 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@rockbox/contributor/Genre9mp3)
10:44:17 Join DataGhostUni [0] (
10:44:48GodEaterWeb'lo DataGhost ;)
10:45:44DataGhostUnihey :)
10:46:16 Quit dan3232 ()
10:46:51DataGhostUnithis is really brainkilling
10:46:57DataGhostUniI have to use MS Access now :')
10:47:31GodEaterWebfor IRC? ;)
10:47:37*GodEaterWeb is impressed
10:47:39DataGhostUnino heh :P
10:47:39*Stalwart donates DataGhost a gun (help yourself)
10:49:05 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:49:14*petur remarks that guns are not allowd in this channel
10:49:20 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
10:49:23peturallowed even
10:49:35Mikachuonly if you're on a us mirror
10:49:46SanZOOM! You got hit by a lol-copter.
10:49:51*sneakums hands DataGhostUni a gnu (help yourself)
10:49:54SanBANG! DerPapst watches 's brain splatter all over the wall as he gets shot by FPS Doug.
10:50:05MikachuSan: is that an alias?
10:50:37Mikachuthat's impressive, three different version replies from one client
10:50:37Stalwartone shot from BFG will help everyone in one room
10:50:37sneakumsat least it wasn't that verdammt trout one
10:50:37DataGhostUniprivmsg #rockbox :randomize_words($alias)
10:54:47hcsLinusN: the nsf patch seems to build cleanly everywhere the current svn builds cleanly, anything else I should check?
10:55:46LinusNhcs: not really - i or some other core developer should take a look at your code and see if it meets our standards
10:58:07 Join efyx [0] (
10:58:13hcsjust tack anything that needs to be changed onto the FS report, I'm off to bed
10:58:46 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:59:11 Join roolku [0] (
10:59:24efyxHi :)
11:00:56efyxI would like tu know if its possible to customize the status bar of rockbox (ie : put my own icons and text i want) in the filebrowser and the menu?
11:01:06efyx(customize it like in wps?)
11:01:07bluebrotherefyx: no
11:01:17bluebrotherbut there is a patch in the tracker iirc
11:01:38 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
11:02:07 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:03:53 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:05:21efyxbluebrother, hum okay, is this patch : ?
11:06:05efyxokay thanks :)
11:06:10bluebrothernot sure if there was another who allowed arbitraty icons for the status bar
11:06:46 Join softi-42 [0] (
11:07:04 Quit softi_42 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:07:54*GodEaterWeb goes hunting for an ATA-4 spec
11:10:07GodEaterWebgot it thanks ;)
11:10:16GodEaterWebjust checking up on those word 47/59 settings
11:12:16GodEaterWebhmm - not abundantly clear in that version
11:12:25GodEaterWebt13 don't seem to have ATA-3 and down
11:14:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:14:23*XavierGr drools over nsf support :D
11:16:18*JdGordon just got another dircache stkov
11:16:56GodEaterWeb <−− Found this in ATA-2. So the drive is clearly either out of spec, or downright lying.
11:17:06*petur wonders why nobody added 0x100 to the dircache stack - sure must be enough
11:17:20GodEaterWebSince it *does* support READ/WRITE MULTIPLE
11:17:25*JdGordon will do that now if thats ok with all?
11:20:39GodEaterWebif someone is feeling uber-generous, I'd love a link to a source tarball of what's in svn right now. Corporate firewall won't let me get it myself :(
11:21:30 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
11:21:41Bagderok, hang on
11:21:41JdGordonGodEaterWeb: its on the cvs page...
11:22:06peturit was...
11:22:08GodEaterWebJdGordon: it used to be - think that feature's broken currently
11:22:09MikachuJdGordon: no, it isnt
11:22:22safetydanAnyone know what the "lang v2 cleanup" actually involves?
11:22:23Bagderits on the daily build page now
11:22:29GodEaterWebthanks Bagder :)
11:22:33*JdGordon appologises
11:23:15 Part debauched_slot1
11:23:44JdGordonLinusN: ok to increase the dircache thread size by 0x100 to stop the stkovs?
11:24:18LinusNregarding the last post on the mailing list, why do we allow the user to stop playback in the browser?
11:24:28LinusNJdGordon: absolutely
11:25:18JdGordonok, done
11:25:50 Join Criamos [0] (
11:25:54amiconnpetur: I never experienced a stkov dircache ;)
11:26:05Bagderso, do people care about a commit source tarball?
11:26:15BagderI mean built after each commit
11:26:31LinusNi'm sure it won't hurt
11:26:53Bagderit takes several seconds per commit! ;-)
11:26:56LinusNit can actually help us keep FILES up-to-date
11:27:21Mikachuthe daily page still gets source archives though
11:27:23amiconnsafetydan: It involves checking each string on what target it's used, and then using the appropriate conditional tags. Will be easier with the lang feature patch (which I still didn't try out) :((
11:27:29peturamiconn: you're just lucky - I have one every 1-2 weeks I think
11:27:48amiconnpetur: Yes I'm lucky - I never use dircache :P
11:28:04*petur could have thought that
11:28:17LinusNi always use it
11:28:20amiconnsafetydan: It also involves applying the same to the voice strings, and for this, changing the voice file format a bit
11:28:26MikachuBagder: just in case you didn't know, the changelog link for today on doesn't show anything
11:28:37Bagderyeah, the daily changelogs are not yet fixed
11:28:40safetydanamiconn, ah okay.
11:28:54Mikachui figured it was a bit more hidden than the other places so maybe you didn't notice it
11:29:04safetydanMy coding ability has gone astray lately and I was looking for some "janitorial" tasks to have a go at
11:29:10safetydanlang cleanup might be a little big to start with
11:29:11BagderI hoped nobody would spot it ;-P
11:29:32amiconnVoice files and lng files need the target id in the header (and preferably swcodec voice files shouldn't be bitswapped anymore)
11:30:27GodEaterWebBagder: I'm definitely keen for a commit source tarball
11:30:41BagderI'm fixing it right now
11:30:51GodEaterWebyou're a star
11:30:53*amiconn has no real use for dircache
11:30:53barrywardellLinusN: quick question about your ipod bootloader commit. why did you choose to wrap at 30 lines rather than something dependent on LCD_HEIGHT?
11:30:55Bagdermight even work on this very commit
11:31:10LinusNbarrywardell: a silly mistake
11:31:38LinusNbarrywardell: feel free to correct it
11:31:50barrywardellis (LCD_HEIGHT/8) right?
11:32:00LinusNbetter find out the font height
11:32:54GodEaterWebLinusN: any more thoughts on the approach to handling the multi-sector stuff ?
11:33:05amiconnIf it always uses the sysfont, it could just use the sysfont height definition
11:33:16barrywardellLinusN: OK. i'll do that using lcd_getstringsize("A", &w, &h)?
11:33:21 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:33:32 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:33:48amiconnbarrywardell: Yes, though if you're not interested in the width you don't need to pass &w
11:33:50LinusNi'm going through the various options in my head, and at the moment i'm leaning towards changing the sector size in the rest of the code
11:34:05amiconnJust pass NULL - lcd_getstringsize() won't write to NULL
11:34:23barrywardellamiconn: thanks. i'll do that
11:34:26linuxstbThe bootloader always uses sysfont afaik - we don't want to start loading other fonts...
11:35:28Bagderlinuxstb: yeah, but there's a possibility that we change the sysfont for some targets in the future
11:35:29GodEaterWebis that the quickest to implement, or simply the tidiest way of doing it that doesn't involved lots of #ifdef when building for an 80G (or other platform we stumble across this issue for) ?
11:35:47LinusNheight = font_get(FONT_SYSFIXED)->height;
11:36:18LinusNGodEaterWeb: that's what i am trying to find out :-)
11:36:30GodEaterWebhahaha - fair enough
11:37:02LinusNmy thinking is this: increasing the (logical) sector size will probably increase performance in many cases, at the cost of increased RAM usage
11:37:19LinusNbut we have plenty of RAM on those platforms
11:37:47linuxstbBagder: Do we have a SYSFONT_HEIGHT #define?
11:37:49GodEaterWebbut if you increase the size across the code, won't it affect ALL platforms?
11:37:52LinusNas long as the smaller platforms won't suffer, i think it could be the better option
11:38:24Bagderlinuxstb: it certainly would make sense to have one
11:38:24LinusNif i do this correctly, the smaller platforms won't be affected
11:38:36JdGordonamiconn: did you see my message about the settings patch a while ago?
11:38:59LinusNBagder, linuxstb: where would that #define be?
11:39:04GodEaterWebthat sounds like more #ifdef per platform to me
11:39:14LinusNGodEaterWeb: not necessarily
11:39:21Mikachuyou can define a constant and use that...
11:39:45Mikachuwhich i almost dare say you should have done in the first place :)
11:39:57LinusNwe would use MAX_SECTOR_SIZE instead of SECTOR_SIZE in a few places, or a similar approach
11:40:13GodEaterWebah ok
11:40:19Mikachuso if you already have a define, what's the problem?
11:40:30linuxstbLinusN: A "sysfont.h" file generated by the build system?
11:40:59LinusNMikachu: SECTOR_SIZE is used all over the place, even where we really mean 512
11:41:24safetydanamiconn, do you mean something like this?
11:41:26GodEaterWebfor instance in the definition of the identify_info block
11:41:30barrywardellLinusN, linuxstb : or just in font.h?
11:41:34GodEaterWebwhich isn't really a sector at all
11:41:37LinusNlike the IDENTIFY_DEVICE command, which returns 512 bytes regardless of the disk geometry
11:41:54*GodEaterWeb finds himself echoing again
11:42:07Mikachuso the work is the same as if all places had said 512, you still have to look at each one...
11:42:14linuxstbbarrywardell: IIUC, sysfont.c is generated by the build system from rockbox_default.bdf. So I think it should created automatically from rockbox_default.bdf - similar to the bmp build system.
11:42:19LinusNbarrywardell: we are planning to use different default font sizes on different platforms
11:42:35LinusNMikachu: yes
11:42:44Mikachuokay, carry on :)
11:42:52GodEaterWebhehe - thanks :)
11:42:56BagderI think the commit source tarballs is working now
11:42:57JdGordonLinusN: fs 6170 isnt what your doing is it? (i may have done this for you already) if its just playing wit the define
11:43:05*GodEaterWeb goes to look
11:43:05barrywardellah, i hadn't noticed the sysfont.c i had was in my build dir
11:43:09linuxstbbarrywardell: sysfont.h could/should be #included by font.h though.
11:43:25*GodEaterWeb spots a shiny new source tarball
11:43:31LinusNJdGordon: nice!
11:43:53linuxstbbarrywardell: Also see the very end of firmware/Makefile
11:44:00LinusNJdGordon: a good start
11:44:25 Join jba [0] (
11:45:10JdGordonBagder: I got the cross compilers going on my server if you want another mid-range box to go on.. the problem with here is still my horrible upload speed tho
11:45:14jbahey guys
11:45:38*GodEaterWeb has noticed his build server is nearly the slowest performing one - a good excuse for an upgrade
11:46:17 Join jba_ [0] (
11:46:23GodEaterWebis the time taken to build literally that, or is it measure from "time build was handed to server till server returned zip file" ?
11:46:42JdGordonhmm... looking at the build speeds, I think the only builds i could do without killing the overall time are the boot ones :'(
11:46:54*LinusN spots life signs from marsdaddy
11:47:07BagderGodEaterWeb: if you check the master log you can see the "server done" messages
11:47:21Bagderthey are done after the zip transfer
11:47:24barrywardelllinuxstb: ok. i'll see if i can figure out how to create a sysfont.h with the build system
11:47:25GodEaterWebah ha
11:47:28Bagderbut not all builds do transfers
11:47:44GodEaterWebI might have to go and kick my router
11:47:48LinusNJdGordon: you could to only sim builds
11:48:03GodEaterWebit has an annoying habit of silently falling back to WAY below what I pay for in terms of bandwidth
11:48:04BagderI could add an extra log line for when the transfer starts...
11:48:27Bagderah, its already there. It says "Copying $server:$dir/"
11:48:33Bagderjust before the scp starts
11:48:40JdGordonLinusN: yeah, but they are largish and take awhile on this box (compared to the other boxes)
11:49:09Bagderthe sh builds are rather smallish
11:49:49 Quit tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
11:51:33GodEaterWebactually - that last round of compiles I didn't do too bad - think I must have got unlucky when I looked this morning - the avg. time was 60 seconds - I'm down to 26 now.
11:51:59*JdGordon just spotted a orrible inconsistancy in firefox :p
11:53:51linuxstbbarrywardell: The bmp2rb build system may help - see tools/ and the Makefiles in the bitmap directories. The tricky bit is getting the dependencies right, which I think may still be a bit dodgy for bitmaps.
11:55:08amiconnGodEaterWeb: All builds have different sizes, and it also depends on how much help it gets from ccache
11:55:10barrywardelllinuxstb: i was thinking about just adding .h generation to convbdf.c. or is there a problem with that?
11:55:10safetydanwoo, eliminating two ondio specific strings saves 42 bytes on rombox.ucl
11:55:40amiconnBuild times vary _a lot_
11:55:57*amiconn wonders what would be the best filesystem to place the ccache on
11:56:01linuxstbbarrywardell: Yes, that's the first thing to do. But you should also try to make sure the correct things are rebuilt if the .bdf changes...
11:56:13Bagderamiconn: some kind of ramfs probably
11:56:54amiconnBagder: I don't think that would help, as it will go away at reboot
11:57:01 Join mk3y [0] (
11:57:09amiconn(and it's rather large too)
11:57:10 Part mdeboer ("Leaving")
11:57:11Bagderyes, you shouldn't reboot then ;-)
11:57:20Bagderccache defaults at a 800MB max I believe
11:57:39amiconnYeah, not nice with a total of 1GB RAM then
11:58:55GodEaterWebamiconn: I'm using resier3 for all my filesystems at home
11:59:30Mikachuwhy not just not make clean?
11:59:51 Join Febs [0] (
12:01:02safetydanamiconn, sorry to bug you, but is this what you mean with lang changes?
12:01:55 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
12:03:10 Join lee-qid [0] (
12:03:20JdGordonsafetydan: wont putting the *: before the ondio: mean the ondio one will always be ignored?
12:03:28JdGordonor is it smarter than that?
12:04:01safetydanJdGordon, hadn't actually checked that. I just assumed it was smart.
12:04:16 Quit jba (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:04:25 Quit Everybody|away ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
12:04:45 Join jba [0] (
12:04:46 Nick Everybody|Determ is now known as Everybody (
12:05:49 Quit Vyrus001 ("Leaving")
12:06:23safetydanJdGordon, and the answer is that the script is smart
12:06:31JdGordongreat :)
12:10:19safetydancripes, there's a lot of strings that are included on targets that don't need them
12:10:32 Quit amigan ("6.2-release upgrade")
12:11:39Mikachuit would be nice if you could feed the (preprocessed) source to the script and it picked out all needed symbols :)
12:11:58Mikachuor even the binary?
12:12:33Mikachuno, the lang identifiers don't survive of course
12:12:51Mikachuhm, but the english source strings are in there
12:12:52 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|SWAT4 (
12:13:02amiconnsafetydan: ondio: won't work, it needs to match ondiofm and ondiosp
12:13:09Mikachuyou run "strings rockbox.ipod" and do some matching of the result with the lang file if you had a knack for perl
12:13:12amiconnI think that needs to be ondio*:
12:13:35safetydanamiconn, oddly enough just ondio seems to work
12:13:38amiconnBut the lang features patch will make things easier e.g. for recording
12:13:55safetydanbut ondio* makes more sense
12:14:14Mikachuis that a stupid idea?
12:14:15JdGordonMikachu: that strings idea might even work!
12:14:31JdGordonexcept just using the lang.c file would be better
12:14:43Mikachuin sub parsetarget{} just add a check that the string is somewhere in the binary
12:14:59amiconnOh, and setting a string to NONE will break backwards compatibility of the .lng files for those target(s)
12:15:21 Quit jba_ (Connection timed out)
12:15:36Bagderamiconn: a cleanup could very well be allowed to do that I would think
12:16:09amiconnTherefore the binary lng version needs to be bumped, but (1) that shouldn't be done often and (2) the voice files currently don't have that version. They'll mess up without rockbox noticeing
12:16:20BagderI doubt very many people mix .lng files with other rockbox versions
12:16:28amiconnThat's why this whole cleanup should be done in one huge patch
12:16:29Mikachuaren't .lng files bundled in the zip file?
12:16:47amiconnBagder: Probably not .lngs but voices is a big problem
12:16:50JdGordonif your going to breack backwards compat, maybe it might be a good time to rename any really badly named strings?
12:17:03Bagderamiconn: we should probably start with adding such a number in the voice files
12:17:25amiconnThe voice files as well as the lng files need both a version number and a target id
12:17:37 Quit Criamos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:17:42Mikachuso the auto thing would not work if you're using voices?
12:18:18Bagderor it would need some adjustments at least
12:18:27Mikachuget preglow to port espeak :)
12:18:34 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:18:55*Bagder has a "voice-pool" dir on the build server...
12:19:00Bagder"Please remove multimedia card".mp3
12:19:22safetydanSo is this worth starting by hand or should I wait someone cleverer than me to write a script to do the bulk of the work?
12:19:40safetydanI've already done the obvious strings (hardware eq, agc, mmc)
12:19:52Mikachui have a feel that change will somehow break my having enabled multiple partitions on my ipod :)
12:19:57Mikachubut that's entirely my problem
12:20:06*JdGordon likes Mikachu's strings idea
12:20:24Mikachuif the strings come from genlang in the first place, it probably won't work
12:21:15linuxstbMikachu: Why did you enable multiple partitions?
12:21:54Mikachubecause i created a second partition (third technically) because i felt unsafe extending the main fat partition into where the ipod firmware writes its hibernation image if you leave it alone for long enough
12:22:10linuxstbAh, so you've kept the Apple firmware?
12:22:22Mikachuyeah, the emergency transfer is painfully slow on my nano
12:22:38Mikachulike 5 minutes just to copy rockbox over iirc
12:22:47linuxstbThen implement a USB disk mode in Rockbox :)
12:22:58Mikachuthis was easier :P
12:24:51 Join amigan [0] (i=dcp1990@unaffiliated/amigan)
12:25:03linuxstbUsing viewvc, how can I see deleted files? With CVS, I would just look in Attic.
12:25:16DataGhostUnihibernation image? where does it write that :P
12:25:16Mikachuyou can view older revisions i think
12:25:23Mikachuto the firmware partition, which i shrank
12:25:34Mikachuit would be unfortunate if it overwrote my fat partition without checking
12:25:38DataGhostUnithat doesn't sound very positive for my ext3 partition
12:25:53Mikachuyou'll have to leave it on for maybe 24 hours or so
12:26:08DataGhostUnibut I think I already made it 'sleep forever'
12:26:13DataGhostUnior doesn't 5.5G store such an image?
12:26:16Mikachulinuxstb: in the "sticky revision" box at the top
12:26:25 Join Criamos [0] (
12:26:34linuxstbMikachu: But I don't know what revisions contained the file...
12:27:05MikachuDead files cannot be shown in Subversion repositories. The only way to see a deleted file in a Subversion directory is to navigate to a sticky revision where the file previously existed.
12:27:08JdGordonlinuxstb: cant you type the name of the filename into the url and you will see its changelog up unitll it was deeted?
12:27:08Mikachusays the help page
12:27:10daurnimatorhey all
12:27:38MikachuJdGordon: that will give an error
12:27:39JdGordonhey daurnimator, did you lose power yesterday?
12:27:52daurnimatordid you?
12:28:05Mikachudaurnimator: i mean it, no
12:28:06JdGordonno, but 2 streets over all the way to the city did :D
12:28:13linuxstbJdGordon: It doesn't seem to work... I'm specifically looking for the old othello/reversi plugin, and the reason it was removed.
12:28:25 Join mkey [0] (
12:28:29JdGordonwe had othello? :'(
12:28:34daurnimatorand over to footscray
12:28:42daurnimatorMikachu: spoil sport
12:28:45Mikachu2004-06-08 11:14 zagor
12:28:45Mikachu* [r4722] apps/plugins/othelo.c, apps/plugins/othelo.txt: Othelo
12:28:45Mikachu removed due to legal issues.
12:28:48Bagderlinuxstb: afaik, it was bluechip's creation
12:29:13linuxstbBagder: So what were the "legal issues" ?
12:29:34Bagderus wanting the real name of the authors
12:29:47linuxstbAh yes.
12:29:59Bagderand it might've been something else too, I don't recall the exact details
12:30:16linuxstbI'm just wondering if there would be any problem with a new version.
12:30:41Mikachumk, pajaco, DevZer0, jzoss, LinusN, Zagor, Cyborg, Lord Grumble
12:30:44safetydanBagder, any chance of genlang supporting somewhat more generic target strings? Like swcodec, remote, or similar?
12:30:49Mikachustraight from the demo scene
12:31:13Bagdersafetydan: yeps, we have a 'feature' patch that will allow us to set strings based on features in addition to specific targets
12:31:37safetydanSo is this patch on the tracker?
12:32:19Bagderlinuxstb: I believe there's a trademark on the name Othello that people seem to avoid, but other than that I don't think so
12:32:43BagderMikachu: me, zagor and LinusN all started out on the C64 demo scene back in the 80s
12:32:47daurnimatorcommon usage...
12:33:01daurnimatorlike the word "chess", or "go" - right?
12:33:03 Join Nico_P [0] (
12:33:18Mikachui'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, just looks funny in the rockbox tree
12:33:30safetydanBagder, any reason that hasn't been comitted or is it not backwards compatible?
12:33:57Bagdersafetydan: no reason really, we just haven't put enough attention on that issue
12:34:03 Quit Criamos ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
12:34:24Bagderdaurnimator: so we send any future lawyers to you then?
12:34:51daurnimatorsend them to sealand
12:34:53linuxstbAccording to wikipedia, Othello is trademarked - - so I guess we should avoid that name for any plugin.
12:35:26JdGordoncan we call it "not-reversi" ?
12:35:37safetydanJdGordon, forwadsi maybe?
12:35:44safetydanforwardsi even
12:35:46Bagderit is even Mattel that owns the trademark
12:35:55Mikachu"that thing where you put black and white markers on an 8x8 board"
12:36:00Bagderand they are hunters of wrong-doers
12:36:11JdGordonthey trademarked the si part.. so all those are bad :D
12:36:14Mikachuhow about "barbie's othello"?
12:36:35Mikachutwo wrongs make a right
12:36:59Mikachuand drive off a cliff
12:37:17linuxstbThere's a freeware othello program called Zebra...
12:37:51linuxstbWith the URL :)
12:38:02LinusNwe could always go the usual path...... "rockthello" :-P
12:38:09*Bagder faints
12:38:28LinusN"Reversox" :-)
12:38:31JdGordondoes anyone else see a problem with the general idea of the game?? maybe we just call it genocide?
12:38:38 Join webguest99 [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:38:49webguest99roolku: ping
12:39:45safetydanhrmm... my make-fu is weak
12:40:01safetydanNo rule to make target features.txt
12:40:05 Join voltagex [0] (
12:40:21JdGordonlets go!
12:40:35voltagexanything interesting happening to RockBox
12:40:49LinusNnah, business as usual :-)
12:41:00LinusNipod 5.5g support is on the way
12:41:09voltagexI want that coldfire ASM patch damnit!
12:41:21voltagexbut I'll settle for the cuesheet patch right now.
12:41:35linuxstbvoltagex: Talking about mpegplayer?
12:41:57voltagexlinuxstb: yep
12:42:29linuxstbYou can have the ASM part, just not the part that uses more IRAM - see the comments on the patch tracker.
12:43:07safetydanah, now I understand that features patch
12:43:22webguest99Reg. simulator: do the LCD routines get simulated and if yes how? So if there's an error in the LCD driver for a platform, will it show up in the sim?
12:43:29*safetydan talks to self in a room of a 150 other people
12:43:37safetydanwebguest99, no
12:43:59 Join PaulJam [0] (
12:44:00Mikachuwebguest99: the simulator is pretty much for simulating apps/
12:44:01safetydanThe simulator is just that. If there's a problem with the actual LCD driver for a target, it won't show up there.
12:44:10webguest99safetydan: so it should be tested on the appropriate target, right?
12:44:16 Quit mk3y (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:44:21safetydanwebguest99, yup
12:44:27webguest99safetydan: thanks!
12:44:48linuxstbwebguest99: The "LCD driver" is in two parts - the code that draws into the LCD framebuffer, and the code that updates the physical LCD with the contents of the framebuffer. The first part runs on the sim (so bugs there will show), but the second part is replaced by SDL code in the sim.
12:45:10linuxstbBut I think the gigabeat is a special case (if that's your target), as it uses DMA for drawing in the framebuffer...
12:45:23roolkuHi webguest99
12:46:06webguest99linuxstb: I'm trying to understand what could be the cause for problems in, so you're right, we're dealing with gigabeat
12:47:37webguest99This CAN'T be the general plugin issue. Or maybe the colors should be set in a different way for that platform?
12:47:46JdGordonok, guys, does everyone want the setting in .cfg file patch enough that it should be seperated from the menu recoding? (so we could have settings on disk as early as the week end?)
12:48:16webguest99roolku: hey! Are you following the discussion?
12:52:25 Quit DerPapst ("So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!")
12:56:05roolkuwebguest99: a little busy atm - trying to catch up now
12:57:16linuxstbwebguest99: Are you running an up-to-date Rockbox? There was a bug in the LCD code introduced a couple of days ago, which (I think) was fixed yesterday.
12:59:01 Join norbusan [0] (
12:59:19 Quit norbusan (Client Quit)
13:00:20 Join Kids [0] (
13:00:35Kidshey everyone
13:00:37 Join decayedcell [0] (i=3ba78e3b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:00:41roolkulinuxstb: I updated 2h ago
13:00:47safetydanwell guess I'll have to continue this langv2 fun later
13:00:49 Quit safetydan ("Ex-Chat")
13:01:33roolkuwebguest99: what puzzles me most is the fact that not only are the black markers not displayed - they don't exist for the game engine either
13:02:38Kidshey i was wondering if i could get a few questions answerd about rockbox
13:03:33 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
13:03:33 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:03:44peturKids: you checkd the website (FAQ) already?
13:03:49roolkuwebguest99: also there is a black marker in the top right.
13:04:42Kidsi have a Cowon A2 but previously owned an iriver H320, i know the cowon community is developing their own bootloader and applets but though it would probably be easier to port rockbox, i would like to know what sort of information would help people in the cowon community port it, such as a list of components inside teh device etc?
13:06:13Bagderthat's a rough guide on how to proceed
13:06:57 Quit voltagex ()
13:07:17barrywardelli have a patch for creating sysfont.h
13:07:37webguest99roolku: hmm... then we have to add some debug/logf statements to find out what's going on
13:07:45 Quit bun-bun (Remote closed the connection)">
13:08:53barrywardelllinuxstb, LinusN: what do you think?
13:09:00linuxstbroolku: Do they show in the sim and not on the target? Or on neither?
13:09:13webguest99roolku: does the plugin run on the gigabeat sim?
13:09:16 Quit Kids ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
13:09:37linuxstbbarrywardell: I think -h should take a path as an option.
13:09:54barrywardellit does
13:10:02roolkuwebguest99: I'm currently at work so I am a little handicapped - I'll see if I can get it compiled, but it might take a while
13:10:47webguest99roolku: ok, don't be in hurry :-)
13:10:54 Part webguest99
13:11:49LinusNbarrywardell: looks fine to me
13:12:18LinusNbarrywardell: looks like we want a way for the bootloaders to share code, e.g printf()
13:13:00LinusNshouldn't be too hard
13:13:14linuxstbI was thinking the same - just add a common.c
13:13:17Bagderbarrywardell: patch looks fine
13:13:46barrywardellBagder, LinusN: great. i'll commit it now...
13:13:59linuxstbbarrywardell: I didn't get to the end of your patch, where I see you call convbdf twice. That's probably a better way than the bmp2rb build system, which just calls bmp2rb once - although bmp2rb is called many more times....
13:14:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:15:21barrywardelllinuxstb: ah, i see. i think for this case it's simpler to call convbdf twice
13:15:30linuxstbbarrywardell: Yes, I agree.
13:16:10 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
13:16:40linuxstbIs sysfont.c used for the Player as well?
13:18:06linuxstbBut I guess including sysfont.h won't hurt.
13:18:28 Join Liarsambition [0] (
13:18:56Liarsambitionstupid wireless
13:19:05 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
13:19:46 Nick Everybody|SWAT4 is now known as Everybody (
13:20:03 Quit PaulJam_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:20:32 Join PaulJam_ [0] ( now redirects over to ""
13:21:25linuxstbAnd they've published datasheets, right?
13:21:34barrywardelllinuxstb, Bagder: sysfont.h has a check for HAVE_LCD_BITMAP
13:22:42Liarsambitionwhat the
13:22:46decayedcelldo you reckon nVidia will provide some documentation?
13:22:57Liarsambitionwhat is the ping timeout setting on this server
13:22:57Liarsambitiona year?
13:22:59barrywardellso including it in Player builds does nothing
13:23:05 Nick Liarsambition is now known as DataGhostUni2 (
13:23:23amiconnbarrywardell: Why even create sysfont.h for charcell? Makes no sense to me
13:23:54linuxstbsysfont.c is generated for charcell. I guess it's just easier.
13:24:23linuxstbPresumably the linker excludes it.
13:24:27barrywardellamiconn: true. i could add an #ifdef to font.h's include...
13:24:39markunamiconn: Do you think now is good time to rename apps/player and recorder to lcd-charcell and lcd-bitmap or something like that?
13:25:32linuxstbThere are other things, like the radio and recording screens in apps/recorder/
13:26:10markunthey are used only for the recorder?
13:26:54linuxstbI'm just saying lcd-bitmap isn't an appropriate name.
13:27:13linuxstbUnless we move the radio and recording screens elsewhere.
13:27:22 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|BRB (
13:28:41LinusNwe should move those
13:28:55LinusNi don't like apps/ and firmware/ either
13:29:42linuxstbI like the fact that it creates an abstraction between the higher-level and lower-level code.
13:29:42markunLinusN: the names or splitting the files up like that?
13:30:00LinusNprimarily the names
13:30:17LinusNand also the partitioning in some cases
13:31:26 Quit jba (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
13:31:46barrywardellBagder: any idea about those build errors? i can't reproduce them here.
13:32:14*petur discovers a big Belgian electronics and music chain starts selling DRM-less audio (mp3)
13:32:39petur150000 songs to start with
13:32:53linuxstbDo they sell within the whole EU?
13:33:01bluebrotherhmm, the website menu still has "CVS builds" (but links to
13:33:05*petur checks
13:33:19kclaf2K7same in France
13:33:28Bagderbluebrother: you are about #17 who mentions that ;-)
13:33:31kclaf2K7FnacMusic & Virgin sell without DRM
13:33:37kclaf2K7150.000 songs
13:33:43bluebrotherdamn, lost the race ;-)
13:34:05Bagderbarrywardell: I don't have time to check that closer right now
13:34:11 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:34:25peturlinuxstb: they're not online yet :(
13:34:37barrywardellthey seem to be largely on amiconn's build server
13:35:20linuxstbI guess in the UK Virgin sell DRM'd music - "Please note that music purchased on Virgin Digital does not play on Apple Macs and iPods."
13:35:29 Quit DataGhostUni (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:35:29 Nick DataGhostUni2 is now known as DataGhostUni (
13:35:34amiconnbarrywardell: Not only mine, it seems to be the 64 bit build servers
13:35:35DataGhostUnifinally, rofl
13:35:39DataGhostUnitimeout after 20 minutes
13:36:14peturDataGhostUni: use /msg nickserv ghost
13:37:18barrywardellamiconn: indeed. i can't see what's causing the problem though
13:37:56 Join Zagor [0] (
13:39:09 Quit PaulJam_ (".")
13:39:47DataGhostUnipetur this one isn't registered :) I just logged on, this is not my home connection etc
13:39:58DataGhostUnibut I'll consider it indeed
13:40:02DataGhostUnigotta get back to work now :)
13:40:24peturDataGhostUni: you can link several nicks
13:40:48DataGhostUniare you registered?
13:40:50Nico_PBagder, LinusN: do you have any objections on commiting the cuesheet support patch when it's a bit more polished ?
13:40:52DataGhostUnican you pm that to DataGhost? :)
13:40:57DataGhostUniso I won't forget :P
13:41:46peturDataGhostUni: done ;)
13:41:53DataGhostUnithanks :)
13:42:16 Nick Everybody|BRB is now known as Everybody (
13:42:21amiconnbarrywardell: convbdf -h definitely segfaults on amd64
13:42:51barrywardellamiconn: i think i see the a possible problem
13:43:07amiconnThe segfault is in libc, strlen()
13:43:29LinusNJdGordon: your last cuesheet patch is *very* small
13:44:06JdGordonLinusN: yeah, its only the changes to the 2 files, the rest of my tree had comflicts
13:44:29daurnimatorJdGordon: i'm bored.
13:44:49barrywardellamiconn: can you try this:">
13:44:51JdGordondaurnimator: sign up and play the ticket to ride game
13:45:04LinusNJdGordon: so the patch is not committable then?
13:45:14Nico_PJdGordon: i've seem your last comment
13:45:21amiconnbarrywardell: Here's a backtrace, can't make sense of it yet
13:45:21Nico_Pdidn't look at the patch yet though
13:45:54barrywardellamiconn, i think i found the problem
13:46:01JdGordonLinusN: yeah, i changed my mind, the comment hopefully is clear... there is a problem (imo) but others may disagree, with using the MPA attribute
13:46:05JdGordonin the tree
13:46:07barrywardellmissing a parameter in fprintf
13:46:07 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|food (
13:46:14Nico_Pwow short patch indeed
13:46:52Nico_PJdGordon: at first i tried to give it another attribute (one i created for cuesheets), but i had to make lots of changes in the code
13:47:05Nico_Pso i decided to stick with the MPA one
13:47:26Nico_Pbut i thought i would be able to choose the icon independantly of the attribute...
13:47:35JdGordonif we stick with mpa, then it has to have the audio icon, and it (and its .mp3) will both be added during a regular folder playlist
13:47:40LinusNi'm not sure i like the MATCH macro
13:48:09LinusN1) it hides code for no reason
13:48:22barrywardellamiconn: does that new convbdf work for you?
13:48:28LinusN2) it calculates the string length at run time
13:48:33Nico_PJdGordon: i'm not sure it's a problem... the user might want to add the audio file without the cuesheet sometimes
13:48:40linuxstbWhere is the latest cuesheet patch?
13:48:52Nico_Pa solution is to have the audio files in a subdir
13:48:54 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
13:48:56JdGordonLinusN: yeah, that was because i was lazy, the strlen part is bad tho
13:49:18LinusNas always, KISS is better
13:49:29Nico_PI think the MPA attr is good but i'd like to change the icon
13:49:39JdGordonNico_P: i see the problem as the playlist would automatically add the .cue and .mp3 one after another...
13:49:52linuxstbBut the last patch there is incomplete.
13:50:02JdGordoneither the .cue should not be added, or the mp3 should only be added if there isnt a .cue (which isnt very nice)
13:50:14Nico_Plinuxstb: look the previous one
13:50:30amiconnbarrywardell: works.
13:50:53Nico_PJdGordon: i'm syaing this is not really a prob... the user can manually add the cue or the MP3
13:51:03amiconnHmm, convbdf should have one more switch that restricts conversion to pure ascii (chars 32..126)
13:51:04JdGordonNico_P: oh, i made some changes to cuesheet.c which i forgot to put in the patch, just some safety checks, and the viewer should use the plugin ram instaed of MAX_TRACKS
13:51:16linuxstbIMO, the .cue shouldn't be marked as an audio file, just picked up automatically when the associated audio file is played.
13:51:16Nico_Pand if he wants to add a whole dir of cues, he can have the audi files in a subdir and make the cues point to them
13:51:49JdGordonNico_P: but a standard .cue expects the mp3 in the same folder doesnt it?
13:51:52Nico_Plinuxstb: it's the other way round: a cue points to an audio file
13:51:56Nico_PJdGordon: no
13:52:12Nico_Pand it doesn't have to have the same name as the mp3 file either
13:52:43linuxstbNico_P: I know, but that causes problems. Other plugins (such as mp3cue for xmms and winamp) look for a .cue with the same name as an audio file, and I think that works well.
13:52:45Nico_Pso i say put the cues in a dir and the mp3 in an "audio" subdir
13:52:58daurnimatorJdGordon: i've signed up
13:53:00barrywardellamiconn: thanks.i'll commit the change.
13:53:00daurnimatornow where?
13:53:12JdGordondaurnimator: the play games link at the top
13:53:57Nico_Plinuxstb: the way i made it, the cue is a pointer to the audio file
13:54:14Nico_Pthis way the name of the cue and the name of the audio file are independant
13:54:19daurnimatorJdGordon: can i play YOU somehow?
13:54:48linuxstbNico_P: I understand that's the "correct" thing to do, but I still think it causes more problems than it solves.
13:54:49Nico_Pso the user can choose to play the audio file with or without the cue
13:54:52 Quit mkey ()
13:55:19linuxstbWhy would a user would want to do that?
13:56:15lostlogichmm... didn't rockbox autobuilds used to run niced? It looks like they are running in a non-nice fashion now, which is clearly not friendly to our build-server hosts.
13:56:29Nico_Plinuxstb: good point :)
13:56:57Nico_Pso you thnik we should hide the cues and check each time an MP3 is loaded to see if it has a cue of the same name ?
13:57:13Nico_Pmaybe it would make things simpler, yeah
13:57:34Nico_Pi'll try to do that and make a commitable patch
13:57:36linuxstbThe downside is that extra check when an audio file is opened...
13:57:37JdGordono, that would be horrible
13:57:38Bagderlostlogic: there's nothing changed in the end...
13:57:39*petur discovers backawrd seeking in a large WAV is very much broken. Once it froze his h300 completely, now it actually ended up playing several minutes past the current point instead of before, but the time indication went back
13:58:09Nico_PJdGordon, linuxstb: i can't think of another way
13:58:29JdGordonNico_P: doing that would be a big hit on the people who dont use .cue, and even those that do... i would guess more ppl have more mp3z than cues
13:58:48Nico_PJdGordon: i agree, that's why i did it the way i did in the first place
13:58:53lostlogicpetur: and here I thought that we'd solved at some point backwards seeks off buffer... apparently not.
13:58:58linuxstbJdGordon: I wouldn't call it a "big" hit, but it's a hit.
13:59:31JdGordonstrrchr, strcpy, open calls for each track being opened...
13:59:31Nico_Pwhat i don't understand is why the MPA attribute forces the icon
13:59:33JdGordonat least
13:59:34linuxstbWe could of course have a "look for cuefiles" option.
13:59:35peturlostlogic: back seek for short amounts is ok, longer seeks (5+ minutes I think) fail completely
14:00:04JdGordonNico_P: because its simple and makes sense...
14:00:11 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
14:00:20Nico_PJdGordon: yeah, perhaps
14:00:32JdGordonbut im more worried about both the cue and mp3 being added automatically....
14:00:34linuxstbHow are .m3u files handled?
14:00:37Nico_Pthen i think maybe the most elegant way is to create a new attribute and make the necessary changes on the code
14:00:49lostlogicpetur: probably 3 minutes (ram size)
14:01:07lostlogicBagder: is copied from the build server each time or saved on clients?
14:01:07JdGordonlinuxstb: they are passed to the playlist creator... not directly added to playlists, so its not really what we need
14:01:09Nico_PJdGordon: how do you want to prevent that ?
14:01:16JdGordonNico_P: i dont know...
14:01:20peturlostlogic: could very well be
14:01:31lostlogicBagder: regardless, we should probably make it at least a little bit nice
14:01:34Bagderlostlogic: it is never touched by the master since it contains (or might contain) your local edits
14:01:44*lostlogic edits.
14:01:44Nico_PJdGordon: i think maybe that would be the user's responsibility
14:02:02BagderI have a planned future update where the local config would be in a separate file
14:02:03linuxstbNico_P: Does the patch support cuefiles pointing to multiple files?
14:02:06Bagderto allow the mater to update it
14:02:11Nico_Plinuxstb: no
14:02:21Nico_Plinuxstb: how does that work ?
14:02:25amiconnbarrywardell: AH, the diff makes it clear why it segfaultet on amd64 but not on 32bit
14:02:41barrywardellit does?
14:02:58amiconn%d takes an int, %s takes a pointer. These datatypes are the same size on x86, but they're not on amd64
14:03:12LinusNdoes anybody have a clue why huge seeks in mp3 files fail?
14:03:26 Join Febs_ [0] (
14:03:26LinusNi.e resume/bookmarking
14:03:34barrywardellah, i see. learn something new every day...
14:04:01ZagorLinusN: how huge?
14:04:36linuxstbNico_P: I _think_ you can have a FILE entry within the TRACK entry.
14:04:43LinusNi dunno, we have several reports on failed resume on audiobook files, i guess they are >100mbytes
14:04:54lostlogicLinusN: are they seeks backwards that are off buffer like petur 's wav seeks mentioned above?
14:04:55linuxstbNico_P: But I don't think it's important.
14:05:11LinusNlostlogic: no, regular resume and bookmark
14:05:36lostlogichmmm... big forward seek... petur are large forward seeks in those wavs also a problem?
14:05:40JdGordonlinuxstb: i dont tihnk cues can have more than one audio file
14:06:32 Quit barrywardell ()
14:07:50linuxstbJdGordon: This page says they can - - it says that FILE "Sets a new input file"
14:08:30linuxstbBut I'm not saying Rockbox should support it.
14:08:46JdGordonoh, ok, i was going by the wikipedia article
14:08:54daurnimatorJdGordon: pm!
14:08:56JdGordonthe parser sort of will let that work,
14:10:02linuxstbI'm just testing the patch. My cuefile has PERFORMER once (at the very top), and not within each TRACK - and this isn't being shown in the WPS.
14:10:13Nico_Padding support for this would require quite a lot of changes to the current code
14:10:34linuxstbFor what? multiple files?
14:10:46Nico_Plinuxstb: yes, i was still on multiple files
14:10:58Nico_Plinuxstb: what does it show and what should it show ?
14:11:00linuxstbI'm sorry I mentioned them...
14:11:05 Quit Febs (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
14:11:19linuxstbIt seems to be showing something undefined - square boxes...
14:11:37linuxstbOr just random strings...
14:11:39Nico_Paaah so that's why we were getting those reports on the tracker
14:11:42JdGordonhmm... i got that too, but assumed that was because of other changes
14:12:01Nico_Pshould be an easy fix
14:12:10Nico_Pi'll look at it
14:12:30linuxstbMy understanding is that PERFORMER and TITLE should default to the global definitions, but can be overridden by the local definitions for the TRACK.
14:12:41Nico_Plinuxstb: i agree
14:12:42linuxstbSorry, just PERFORMER...
14:12:54linuxstbThe TITLE at the top is the Album title.
14:13:18linuxstbAnd the TITLE in the track is the track title...
14:14:08JdGordonhmm... the problem is probably tracks that dont have a PERFORMER and are not being told to use the global one then
14:14:09 Part gb_lexico
14:14:18Nico_PJdGordon: yes
14:15:02Nico_Phow do i go back to a clean svn ?
14:15:09LinusNsvn revert
14:15:12Nico_Psvn revert is just for one file, right ?
14:15:30JdGordonsvn revert -R . for the whole tree recursivly
14:15:40Nico_Pah yes thanks
14:17:03 Nick Everybody|food is now known as Everybody|Determ (
14:17:37 Quit MRJDev ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
14:18:02JdGordonNico_P: sorry, forgot a check thats needed
14:18:39Nico_Pah so that uses the plugin buffer to display a cuesheet ?
14:19:07Nico_Pwhy is using a local struct cue_track_info tracks[MAX_TRACKS] wrong ?
14:19:11linuxstbIs the max_cuesheet_tracks setting needed? What about an "enable cuesheets" setting instead - which could be used to make Rockbox search for cuesheets.
14:20:29JdGordonNico_P: youll run out of stack space...
14:20:40Nico_Plinuxstb: if we use a simple on/off setting, we would have 2*100 tracks in memory
14:20:48Nico_PJdGordon: it seems to work
14:21:06JdGordonok then
14:21:19linuxstbBut doesn't a track just need 4 bytes to store the offset/
14:21:40linuxstbAnd I thought only 99 tracks were allowed in a cue anyway.
14:21:45Nico_Plinuxstb: no, there are all the info strings
14:21:48JdGordonand the title and performer strings
14:22:00Nico_Plinuxstb: yeah, maybe it's 2*99
14:22:01JdGordonsaves har disk access
14:22:41 Quit Kitt0s (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:23:42Nico_PJdGordon: maybe it would be simpler to just have an on/off setting
14:24:12Nico_Pis there an enormous difference between 40 tracks and 198 tracks in memory ?
14:24:26JdGordonI'm ok with adding both... yes
14:24:42Nico_Pwhat do you mean ? on/off setting ?
14:24:52JdGordonon/off and max tracks
14:25:04LinusNhow many bytes are used per track?
14:25:13JdGordonthe low mem targets wont like 198 tracks in ram
14:25:30Nico_Pmaybe we could have a special ifdef for them
14:25:48 Quit Febs_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:26:32*JdGordon would love a malloc for these strings :D
14:26:48LinusNi think a simple on/off would suffice
14:26:52Nico_PJdGordon: this is taboo :)
14:27:12Nico_PLinusN: fine... what about low mem targets ?
14:27:36LinusNthe archos targets have more issues with code mem than ram mem
14:27:37Mikachuwhat lowmem target are also swcodec?
14:27:44 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
14:27:52LinusNMikachu: none so far
14:28:03Mikachuoh right this still works for mp3 files, not thinking straight
14:28:19 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
14:28:22 Join XavierGr [0] (
14:28:59JdGordonLinusN: its 26400 bytes if its enabled, you saying thats fine if its from the buffer_alloc() ?
14:29:15LinusNyes i think so
14:29:43JdGordonok then
14:29:54 Nick Everybody|Determ is now known as Everybody (
14:30:40LinusNit would be so nice if we could re-allocate all buffer allocs
14:30:50LinusNbut we're not there yet
14:30:56 Join shnee [0] (
14:31:03JdGordonI have an idea for the handling in the tree... what about when the tree in ft_load() (or whereever it is), if a .cue is found, it checks for the file in the cuesheet, and if its in the same directory it is removed from the tree?
14:31:21linuxstbIf we have an enable_cuesheets option, what do people think about using that to tell Rockbox when to look for a cuefile from the audio file?
14:32:53linuxstbJdGordon: That seems like a lot of work when displaying a directory...
14:33:15JdGordonit would only be run if a .cue was found tho
14:33:23JdGordonbut yeah
14:33:37LinusNand it would spin up the disk, even when you have dircache
14:33:41linuxstbIt also feels a bit like a hack.
14:33:54LinusNlet's not go there
14:33:58preglowcues should be treated like playlists, if you ask me
14:34:05LinusNit's a silly place
14:34:52Nico_PLinusN: are you ok with the way it's done currently ? ie the cue is a pointer to the audio file, wherever the audio file is
14:35:39linuxstbThe problem being that if they are both in the same directory (which I think is how people normally store them), they will both be added to the playlist...
14:35:52 Join norbusan [0] (
14:35:56preglowthat's how all players i've seen handle cue files
14:36:02preglowit's not a problem, it's the consequence of a hack
14:36:10preglowlets not work around that
14:36:11 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|SWAT4 (
14:36:16JdGordonthen the patch is good how it is
14:36:28LinusNNico_P: i think so, it looks clean
14:36:56preglowhow does it handle inaccurate seeking in mp3s so far?
14:37:03JdGordonNico_P: oh, thats right... the reason the audio icon is used is because the function which is called to et the icon only looks at the attriubute
14:37:50linuxstbpreglow: The plugins I've seen look for a .cue file with the same name as any audio file you play, and then use it.
14:38:02 Quit Mikachu (".")
14:38:04 Join Kitt0s [0] (
14:39:09bluebrotherwe should keep in mind that sid also can contain subsongs ... and that should get a better handling at some point also
14:39:34linuxstbIt just seems to fit better into Rockbox if we make the audio file the main file, and the cuesheet as something attached to that audio file.
14:40:30linuxstbA sort of external metadata.
14:41:55JdGordonIf we dont allow cues to be added in a normal folder play, we can give them a new attribute, which would mean a good icon. we could then add a option in the wps menu to search for .cues in the current playlist
14:43:22Nico_Pisn't that a bit complicated ?
14:43:28linuxstbWhy do you need to do anything extra? Just make Rockbox look for a .cue file whenever it opens an audio file (if cuesheet support is enabled). This also makes embedded cuesheets/chapters/etc work the same way.
14:44:11linuxstbIt's a slight performance hit, but it's simple...
14:44:30 Join Mikachu [0] (
14:44:41JdGordonok, i suppose it is the easiest
14:45:25Nico_Plinuxstb: but we could still play cuesheets ?
14:45:39linuxstbNico_P: No. You would only play the audio file.
14:45:54JdGordonno, hang on... just get the playlist (once its finished leading) to check for .cues in the playlist, and if there is one, remove its audio file if it is there
14:46:57 Join Criamos [0] (
14:47:21JdGordonthere is already a get_trackname_from_cuesheet() in the patch...
14:47:54JdGordonit would make a disk spin on load, but the playlist would need to buffer anyway, so no big deal
14:48:07JdGordonbetter this way, than check for a .cue based on the audio filename...
14:48:12JdGordonunless i got confused?
14:48:31Nico_Pi think it could be a good way to do it
14:48:45*linuxstb prefers simplicity and not modifying the playlist code
14:49:46 Join blueworm [0] (
14:51:00bluebrotherloading a metadata file instead of the real audio file in the first place won't work with other formats that can contain multiple tracks
14:51:15bluebrotherlike multi stream ogg, sid, etc
14:51:20*roolku has a few questions about the new splash screen for gigabeat
14:51:31roolku1) Why ?
14:51:34markunroolku: ask sloth about them
14:52:19roolkumarkun: okay :)
14:54:52*linuxstb spots an array declaration in a .h file...
14:55:08linuxstb... bootloader/gigabeat-splash.h
14:55:29linuxstbI mean bootloader/bootsplash-gigabeat.h
14:55:40 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@rockbox/administrator/Febs)
14:56:09roolkulinuxstb: yes, that was one of my questions
14:56:35roolkuand it is huge! (and ugly - but this is a matter of taste I suppose)
14:58:33linuxstbIgnoring the issue of whether 150KB is a good thing to add to the bootloader, my point was that the array should be in a .c file, or even better, the .bmp file should be in SVN, and the Makefile should convert it to a .c file at build time.
14:59:45roolkulinuxstb: I know - as it is now it is nearly impossible to change for newbies
15:00:02Bagderand awkward even for non-newbies...
15:00:13linuxstbI've spent a lot of time moving bitmaps from .c files back to .bmp files...
15:02:11amiconnThe boot splash is a really odd idea...
15:02:23 Quit norbusan ("Leaving.")
15:02:53Mikachudoesn't it load rockbox in very little time to show the rockbox logo anyway?
15:03:06Mikachuapart from the time it takes to shuffle 150kB to the lcd
15:03:07roolkurockbox logo has been removed :9
15:03:09roolkurockbox logo has been removed :(
15:03:25roolkuwell it exists in the bottom corner of the boot logo
15:04:47roolkuI know that many people want a boot logo but I would prefer if it was optional and implemented as linuxstb describes
15:06:21linuxstbroolku: I agree, it's odd.
15:07:17Bagderlooks like a heavy metal band cover or something
15:07:18Mikachuwhen i look at the yellow +, the + with the crown looks like really evil eyes :(
15:07:21 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:08:24linuxstbI know I wouldn't want it on my player...
15:08:40JdGordonhaha.. that logo is awesome :D
15:08:57JdGordonwhats with the headless animals tho?
15:09:16LinusNit symbolizes the headless developers
15:09:18perldiverthanks guys for discussing my logo, but im with you on this, it should be optional
15:09:34perldiveror there should be an option for people to add their own ones
15:09:46perldiverthey do have heads though
15:10:11Bagderwell if built from a bmp, people could replace that and build their own
15:10:26BagderI mean, slightly easier than now
15:10:50 Part LinusN
15:12:17 Join p0ser [0] (
15:12:39Mikachuslightly more easily, you mean
15:13:10 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:14:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:15:43 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:20:03bluebrotherthe logo looks like from a customized build :o
15:22:26 Quit bonbonthejon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:24:59 Join bonbonthejon [0] (n=jon@
15:25:48 Quit Kitt0s (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:27:04FebsThat logo looks like something Frodo sees when he puts on the ring.
15:27:56perldivernice interpretations, keep them coming :P
15:29:50Genre9mp3how about redisigning the whole site based on this bootlogo?
15:29:54*Genre9mp3 ducks
15:30:37Genre9mp3also change the domain name to:
15:31:10perldiverwas it that exciting when the ipods got the custom splash?
15:31:56Genre9mp3Is the custom ipod splash in svn?
15:32:02*Genre9mp3 doesn't know
15:32:03roolkuperldiver: I don't think the IPODS have one?
15:32:19Bagderperldiver: this is the first startup-splash that is not the logo
15:32:27 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
15:32:51Genre9mp3AFAIK the custom splash on iPods is on pJulius builds
15:32:51Bagderthe others are custom builds
15:33:12 Join icey [0] (
15:33:37iceyany 1 know how to install rockbox in sansa sandisk e250??
15:33:44perldiverbut yes, that was my point as well, to make it optional
15:33:59perldiverwe just did it with sloth to test the things out
15:34:42BagderI know
15:35:00iceycan teach me?
15:35:19Bagder1 Get the Rockbox bootloader and put that on your Sansa.
15:35:26Bagder2 Get a recent daily build Rockbox zip and extract that in your root file system (but never ever when in recovery mode).
15:35:31Bagder3 reboot
15:35:49iceythe bootloader is in the website?
15:36:27iceythx =/
15:36:36Bagderyou can also prepare the original firmware for dual-booting
15:37:15iceyhmm where to get that =/
15:37:30Nico_Plinuxstb: about your cuesheet without performers in tracks... couls i see it ?
15:38:13iceybagder extact the rockbox to system data?
15:38:18perldiveroh .cue sheet talk, exciting
15:38:32bluebrothericey: you could also have a look in the manual ...
15:38:56iceyi dont know where to find the bootloader in the first place =/
15:39:06linuxstbNico_P: Sure, one moment.
15:39:18Bagdericey: I gave you the URL
15:39:23bluebrothershould be in the manual. If not it should get fixed.
15:39:42iceyi know it now cause bagder just gave me =/
15:41:08 Join Kitt0s [0] (
15:41:40 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:41:57 Quit GodEaterWeb (Client Quit)
15:42:01 Join GodEaterWeb [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:44:29 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:44:31 Quit GodEater (Client Quit)
15:44:51iceyif the sandisk error
15:45:06iceywhat do i do to restart it?
15:45:33Bagderhold 'menu' for 15 seconds
15:45:59iceyhmm when i on it appear same error =/
15:46:27Bagderthen you know you shouldn't do this in the first place
15:46:51Bagderso go recovery mode, put the OF back and restart the install
15:46:57 Join norbusan [0] (
15:48:18 Quit icey ()
15:49:06DataGhostUnioh god
15:49:12SanBANG! DataGhostUni watches 's brain splatter all over the wall as he gets shot by FPS Doug.
15:49:28DataGhostUniwhat I just read... someone asking in a thread what would be a good solution for a 20TB backup
15:49:43DataGhostUnisomeone actually suggested using customer's PCs for that
15:49:45DataGhostUniusing cookies
15:50:28GodEaterWebThat script of San's is getting annoying
15:50:39BagderSan: stop that script please
15:51:48Nico_Plinuxstb: does it also do it in the separate cuesheet viewer ?
15:52:03linuxstbThere's a separate cuesheet viewer? :)
15:52:23Nico_Pyes, in the context menu of a cuesheet
15:52:33Nico_Pi get the boxes too
15:52:46linuxstbYes, the performer is missing there.
15:53:09 Quit shnee (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:53:56Nico_Pnormally it should just show nothing, i don't get why there is garbage at some places
15:55:01 Join shnee [0] (
16:01:57 Join DerPapst_ [0] (
16:02:58DataGhostUniam i still alive?
16:03:10DerPapst_err. yes. i think so
16:03:19DataGhostUniwindows sucks, really
16:03:24DataGhostUnii just took out the battery from my laptop
16:03:32DataGhostUniand my screen started flashing on and off and on and off
16:03:39DataGhostUnihad to hibernate and boot it again
16:04:43DataGhostUniapart from that I just had the crazy idea of trying some windows-for-arm version on an iPod
16:04:56DataGhostUniBut it'll probably not work / be worth the effort
16:05:13DerPapst_winblows on your ipod?
16:05:16Bagderthey won't have drivers for the hw
16:05:25DataGhostUniBut it'll probably not work
16:05:33DataGhostUniit was a nice idea in theory
16:05:41Bagderbut you can write them!
16:05:41DataGhostUnifor about... just a little less than a second
16:05:56DataGhostUnimy iPod will probably blow up in my face
16:05:58DataGhostUnion purpose
16:05:59DerPapst_maybe the unofficial released courcecode of win2k :P
16:06:06DerPapst_*source code
16:06:09DataGhostUnihehe I still have that somewhere :)
16:06:35DataGhostUniit just looked like a lot of garbage and I couldn't be bothered
16:06:35*DerPapst_ would like to see a bluescreen on an ipod
16:06:45DataGhostUniI put it away somewhere but I don't know where :)
16:06:56DataGhostUnihm DerPapst_ you could modify the kernel crash handler.. :P
16:12:06GodEaterWebhe could - but he'd still have to make his 'pod crash in order to see the BSOD ;)
16:12:33 Join My_Sic [0] (
16:13:26DataGhostUniwell... just do 0/0 ? :)
16:13:35DataGhostUnior would the iPod return nullity? :')
16:14:11pixelmaas an alternative you could make rockbox run and use such a bluescreen as backdrop ;)
16:15:29linuxstbDataGhostUni: What kind of ARM is that windows-for-arm version for? I'm guessing not the little ARMs the ipod has...
16:17:30 Join DataGhostUni2 [0] (
16:17:46Bagdertrue, I think it is for mmu-ones
16:17:54DataGhostUni2now that was damn funny }:|
16:17:56DataGhostUni2'hey, is this your UTP?'
16:18:04DataGhostUni2linuxstb I have no idea :)
16:18:25Bagderit runs on "ordinary" arm9s for sure
16:19:30DataGhostUni2ah well, doesnt matter anyway
16:19:33DataGhostUni2time to go home
16:19:34DataGhostUni2bye :)
16:19:42 Quit DataGhostUni2 (Client Quit)
16:19:58markunhe could also buy a Zune if he wants windows on a ARM based DAP
16:21:27 Join tvelocity [0] (
16:21:37 Join Juice^ [0] (n=juice@
16:22:07 Join andrea76 [0] (i=55293a06@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:23:09andrea76i try to install rockbox on my sansa e200 player
16:23:46Juice^did you read on the forum?
16:24:01Juice^and you know that the sansa has no sound yet with rockbox?
16:24:09andrea76yes yes
16:24:35andrea76sorry for mi english
16:25:02markunandrea76: don't worry about that
16:25:21markunwe've been chatting for a long time with a korean guy using machine translation..
16:25:37andrea76my problem is: i copy the file .e200 and the folder .rockbox on the disk player
16:26:05 Join midgey [0] (
16:26:18andrea76disconnect from usb, restart it, but the rockbox firmware don't load
16:26:40Juice^you need to install the bootloader
16:27:28Juice^hold on, i'll give you a forum link
16:28:53andrea76i think the bootloader is the .e200 file
16:29:24 Join perl|work [0] (
16:29:38Bagderthat's rockbox
16:30:36Juice^can't find the post where it shows you, and im on my way out actually, no time to tell... but do some searches for sansa and bootloader on the forums andrea76
16:31:21 Quit Juice^ ("Leaving")
16:31:42andrea76ok thanks juice i searches in the forums
16:36:10 Quit DataGhostUni (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:36:54 Nick Everybody|SWAT4 is now known as Everybody (
16:39:43 Quit XavierGr ()
16:40:17 Quit andrea76 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:40:39 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
16:42:53*Bagder gave in and made
16:43:06 Join w1ll14m [0] (
16:43:35 Quit Xerion (" ")
16:44:25 Join barrywardell [0] (
16:45:12 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
16:45:14 Quit barrywardell (Remote closed the connection)
16:45:32 Join barrywardell [0] (
16:48:18 Part norbusan
16:48:36 Quit midgey ()
16:49:15tchanIs there a preferred path for trying to get an iPod/rockbox dual boot problem sorted out ? Like irc first, forums 2nd, bug tracker next ?
16:49:43linuxstb_tchan: Read the instructions first - especially the warnings at the top of this page.
16:51:03tchanthanks that wiki page answered my question with "Rockbox loads correctly, but the original Apple firmware will not start."
16:51:12tchanso I guess no dual-boot then
16:51:36linuxstb_Yes, but you need to use the old install tools for now - the new version of ipodpatcher has problems (which I'm investigating).
16:52:07tchanwill do, again thanks
16:53:25 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:53:28Nico_Plinuxstb_: it's weird... when i play your cuesheet i don't get the dotted bxoes
16:54:12linuxstb_Nico_P: Is the performer string being cleared properly? i.e. the first character being set to zero?
16:54:12Nico_Palso it plays the next audio file in the playlist with your cuesheet because i don't have the audio file that's specified in the cue
16:54:47Nico_Pwell yes it's zero from the beginning so if nothing is put in it it stays that way (talking about parsing here)
16:55:13 Join habana [0] (i=c2c7fca1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:55:26 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
16:55:37Nico_Pand when the WPS has to show it, id3->artist is set to cue->tracks[i].performer so that should be fine too
16:55:38habanacould i have write acess for the Wiki ?
16:56:02Nico_P... or not
16:56:33Nico_Perr, yes it should be fine
16:57:06Nico_Pbut in the viewer i get garbage
16:57:29 Join lenix [0] (
16:57:51linuxstb_Nico_P: Where is the performer string being cleared?
16:58:40perl|workis this talk about .cue sheet support by any chance?
16:58:55Nico_Pwell actually i think it's not really cleared
16:59:03Nico_Pperl|work: yes it is
16:59:23 Join Mouser_X [0] (
16:59:37barrywardellhabana: what's your wiki name?
16:59:48Nico_Plinuxstb_: but when i run it in gdb, all the tracks[i].performer are "\0"
17:00:07linuxstb_barrywardell: I've noticed that sysfont.h isn't being deleted when doing a "make clean"
17:00:13linuxstb_Nico_P: That's just luck.
17:00:29habanayou still suggest me to do NOT partial translations ?
17:00:41Nico_Plinuxstb_: so what should i do ? memset the whole char array to 0 ?
17:01:31linuxstb_Nico_P: Yes, I would do that before you read a cue file. Or alternatively, make sure that every field is given a value.
17:01:50barrywardellhabana: you should have access now ;)
17:02:07barrywardelllinuxstb_: oops. i'll fix that now...
17:02:32linuxstb_Nico_P: I also agree with LinusN's comment earlier about the MATCH macro just obfuscating things without need.
17:03:01Nico_Plinuxstb_: yes, i'll rewrite that... especially as it has an strlen that shouldn't be there
17:04:49 Join Wiwie [0] (
17:04:53linuxstb_Nico_P: I guess it's possible for tracks to have no titles as well. Not sure what should be displayed for the track name in that case - probably nothing...
17:05:14perl|workTrack 01
17:05:34linuxstb_For non-English speakers?
17:05:48linuxstb_But I don't like making up metadata on principle.
17:05:48perl|worki thought Track is international
17:08:13linuxstb_Nico_P: How does the cuesheet interact with any metadata read from the file itself? Is the cuesheet parsed before or after the in-file metadata?
17:08:37Nico_Pbefore i think
17:08:43Nico_Plemme check
17:10:07*linuxstb_ would still prefer the cuesheet to be considered metadata, and loaded in the get_metadata() function.
17:10:56Nico_Pthat would be more logical if we go for the "playing the MP3 loads the cuesheet" approach
17:11:07 Quit tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
17:11:31Nico_Pbut my approach was "playing the cuesheet loads the MP3" ;)
17:11:55Nico_Pi'm still a bit confused about the best way to do it
17:12:35Mikachuperl|work: why would "track" be international?
17:12:42perl|work"playing the cuesheet" seems more logical imho
17:13:11roolkuI like to check for a queue sheet with the same name as the audio file - this would be in line with checking for a lyrics file or an album art file
17:13:11perl|workMikachu cause all the audio equipment been using it for ages on lcd displays etc around the world
17:13:18BagderI don't see how any word can be considered "international" for real
17:13:27roolkucue sheet even
17:13:39Bagderperl|work: that's because people all over accept english
17:13:41perl|worklogical in a way that it would be treated like a playlist of sorts
17:14:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:14:53Nico_PBagder: to reset everything in a struct, can i just memset the whole area it takes in memory to 0 ?
17:15:10Bagderyes, if reset means zero for you ;-)
17:15:27Nico_Pok :)
17:15:41perl|workBagder but wont you agree, if you dont even know japanese you understant right away what sushi is
17:15:49perl|workwith Track its 100 times more global
17:16:05Bagderperl|work: I doubt the japanese guys know what "sushi" is
17:16:18Bagderusing latin letters and all
17:16:23perl|worki didnt say "know", i said "understand"
17:16:31preglowi think "fuck off" can be considered international :-)
17:16:40BagderI doubt people in the inner of china knows what "track" is
17:16:41 Join Xerion [0] (
17:16:45*linuxstb_ wonders what the Kanji is for "fuck off"
17:16:49perl|workBagder i bet they do
17:17:11 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:17:19preglowi bet they don't
17:17:19perl|workif you ever used an audio equipment once you know what Track is
17:17:20*linuxstb_ goes to the inner of China to prove perl|work wrong
17:17:31 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
17:17:36Mikachuperl|work: i've never had a cd player
17:17:40perl|workunles you're targeting rockbox of people of inner chine who never even saw a tape recorder
17:17:49preglowtrack really isn't international
17:17:50Bagdermy cd player does not have "track" mentioned anywhere
17:18:02preglowbut nothing is, so there you go
17:18:03Nico_Plinuxstb_: memsetting the whole struct cuesheet to 0 before parsing seems to solve the dotted boxes :)
17:18:19*Bagder goes for food
17:18:29linuxstb_Sushi talk making you hungry?
17:18:45Bagdergoing for lasagna tonight
17:19:01*Llorean has no food.
17:19:10Nico_Pjust a small doubt... is it memset(cue, 0, sizeof(struct cuesheet)-1); or memset(cue, 0, sizeof(struct cuesheet)); ?
17:19:11Mikachufor the record, 寿司 is sushi in japanese
17:19:16preglowsafetydan: buddy, mate, pal, up for making me a log/exp in fixed point combination? :> (for the logs)
17:19:26LloreanApparently the world froze right when I was in need of some shopping, and apparently a tiny bit of ice means "everything on Earth closes"
17:19:46Mikachupreglow: <lame joke>not for the EXP?</lame joke>
17:20:35LloreanI'm glad I split those two lame jokes by accident. One after another they'd have been exponentially worse.
17:20:47lenixMikachu: and in chinese, too :)
17:20:58 Quit davidsmind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:21:49Mikachulenix: are you sure?
17:22:18Mikachujust because they use the same letters doesn't mean they spell words the same :)
17:22:51Nico_Pok it's without the -1 (answering to myself)
17:23:19linuxstb_Nico_P: Yes, it's without the -1.
17:23:37 Part Llorean
17:24:03Nico_Plinuxstb_: wanna test just to make sure ?
17:24:10linuxstb_Nico_P: Sure.
17:24:50Nico_Pcan i dcc you the patch ?
17:25:14linuxstb_I'm also not sure what the point of the cuesheet viewer is...
17:25:33Mikachuhow is it different from the text viewer?
17:25:47Nico_Plinuxstb_: that's all i had at the beginning... i chose to keep it :)
17:26:08Nico_PMikachu: it doesn't display the text of the cuesheet, it displays it as a nice menu
17:26:24linuxstb_Thinking about extending the patch, how about a "sub-track viewer" on the WPS context menu, which allows skipping directly to tracks?
17:26:45Nico_Plinuxstb_: that's exactly what the "cuesheet viewer" is meant for
17:27:01Nico_Popen your currently playing cuesheet and you'll see
17:27:03linuxstb_But that won't work for embedded chapter points, SID, etc etc.
17:27:15Mikachushouldn't the next track button do that?
17:27:24Nico_PMikachu: it does too
17:27:37Nico_PMikachu: you want to test the patch ?
17:27:47Mikachuno thanks, i have no cue files
17:28:49Mikachuah, you mean like the playlist viewer does for playlists
17:29:02linuxstb_Mikachu: Yes.
17:29:08Mikachuwouldn't it make some sense to open the subtrack viewer from the playlist viewer?
17:29:46linuxstb_Maybe, yes. Although I don't think you can view subtracks for all files in the playlist - just the current and next ones.
17:30:02 Join lowlight [0] (i=c730180b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:30:52 Quit habana ("CGI:IRC")
17:31:19 Join n1s [0] (
17:31:22linuxstb_Nico_P: The WPS now displays (root) for the Performer - i.e. it's taking the file path.
17:31:23 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|Determ (
17:31:50linuxstb_No, I lie... It doesn't seem to be reading my cuefile any more...
17:32:05Nico_Plinuxstb_: that's because of thesetting i've added
17:32:27Nico_Pit's in the playback menu
17:32:32Nico_Pplayback settings menu
17:33:31tchanlinuxstb_: When I'm trying to use the old tools like ipod_fw, do I still need to do the steps like −−> ipod_fw -g 4g -o rockboot.bin -i apple_os.bin bootloader-4g.bin
17:33:56 Join brainiac_ghost_ [0] (
17:34:15Mikachuthat looks like the key command you want to run
17:34:15GodEaterWeblinuxstb_: can you remind me why 0.6cvs isn't available to joe public on the wiki yet ?
17:34:17linuxstb_tchan: Yes.
17:34:39linuxstb_GodEaterWeb: Because it's still buggy. I want to fix the bugs before releasing a new version.
17:35:09GodEaterWebk - I'll let the lazy git in the forums know then ;)
17:35:13DerPapst_i haven't noticed any ug. just the lack of 3G support.
17:35:52linuxstb_They mainly affect older ipods for some reason.
17:36:00DerPapst_ah. ok.
17:36:03 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:36:15DerPapst_if you need a 3G user feel free to ask ;)
17:36:51daurnimatorok, sleepy time
17:37:06*daurnimator yerbles to Mikachu
17:37:26 Quit lowlight ("CGI:IRC")
17:37:32GodEaterWebright - I'm off. Going to see Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall tonight - can't wait ;)
17:37:56DerPapst_o.O nice
17:38:30GodEaterWeblater everybody!
17:38:31 Quit GodEaterWeb ("CGI:IRC")
17:38:56 Quit gotthardt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:42:44 Join lowlight [0] (i=c730180b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:44:58DataGhosti'm back :)
17:45:27linuxstb_Nico_P: OK, enabling that setting obviously makes the cuesheet work, and I'm getting (root) for the Performer in the WPS.
17:46:22Nico_Plinuxstb_: isn't that what the WPS is supposed to do when ther is no artist ?
17:46:46 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:46:49Nico_Pbecause on iCatcher i have "unknown artist"
17:46:55Nico_Pwith your cuesheet
17:46:57 Join Strath [0] (
17:47:26Nico_Pand in the cuesheet viewer i have just the tracknumer on the first line of a track
17:47:39DataGhostlol @ linksys iPhone
17:47:48DataGhostit crashes when you portscan it (the winCE version)
17:47:56DataGhostthe guy who found out called them
17:47:59DataGhosthe got a helpdesker
17:48:03DataGhostasked if portscanning wasn't illegal
17:48:26DataGhostduh! don't lock your house, stealing is illegal anyway, heh.
17:48:33linuxstb_Nico_P: Yes. But the cuesheet contains the artist...
17:50:08Nico_Perr, what do you mean ? the cuesheet performer should show as the track artist ?
17:50:25peturDataGhost: but if you go walking in a street and try the doors of all cars to see if they're locked, you'll get arrested...
17:50:44 Quit brainiac_ghost (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:51:01peturthis, however seems to be a case of trying the doors of your own car...
17:51:12DataGhostwell at least those cars won't immediately crash :P
17:51:31peturthey will when they start using Windows in them ;)
17:51:51DataGhost*cough* they already use windows
17:52:13DataGhostbut I get your point, yes :)
17:52:50 Quit Plouj (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:52:56DataGhost'This is your brake assist speaking... someone just portscanned your car. Fasten your seatbelts because they are the only things not computer-controlled.'
17:54:43Nico_Plinuxstb_: i replaced the MATCH and also fixed a bug with the parsing when there were more than 99 minutes
17:56:13DataGhosti really need to find some crash-course for beginning kernelhackers
17:56:27DataGhostbut it's probably just going to take quite some time
17:56:34linuxstb_Nico_P: Yes, that was my original bug report - the first PERFORMER tag should be used for all the tracks, if there is no track performer.
17:56:49Mikachudoes it use the mp3 tags if the cue just lists cut points?
17:56:55Mikachu(or whatever other format it is)
17:57:39Nico_PMikachu: no
17:58:26linuxstb_Also, the "previous track" skipping doesn't behave the same as normal track skipping. i.e. it always skips to the start of the previous track, rather than the start of the current track (if you are more than a few seconds into it).
17:59:56Nico_Plinuxstb_: that's semi intentional, there are explanations about it on the wiki page for
18:00:40Nico_Pi tried to make it "normal" but it caused trouble because of the imprecision of seeking
18:02:05 Join PaulPosition [0] (
18:02:28linuxstb_That's only a VBR MP3 problem though, and cuefiles are not good for that format...
18:03:33linuxstb_CBR MPEG audio and (I think) all other formats have accurate seeking.
18:05:41 Join Rondom [0] (
18:10:14 Join robin0800 [0] (
18:10:31 Join gotthardt [0] (
18:14:07robin0800can you help
18:14:48robin0800need to know when cop will be added to svn
18:15:30Bagderyou _need_ to know that?
18:15:59Bagderyour kids are being held hostage and the kidnappers demand to know?
18:16:34robin0800no just interested
18:16:48lostlogicand the Swedes are English grammar nazis...
18:16:48linuxstb_robin0800: When the problems mentioned in the patch tracker have been resolved.
18:17:38linuxstb_Nothing wrong with respecting the meaning of words...
18:17:51Mikachulostlogic: no, they are swedish grammar nazis ;)
18:18:45robin0800ive read the patch tracker but arn't they model specific problems
18:18:46 Quit petur ("*poof*")
18:19:22lostlogiclinuxstb_: oh, I quite agree −− it just cracks me up that the non-native speakers in this channel often speak English better than the native speakers.
18:19:33w1ll14mowyah :D just a few days:) an then my ipod 5g 60GB arrives :)
18:19:47linuxstb_lostlogic: Kid's today....
18:19:53linuxstb_^Kids today... :)
18:21:15markunrobin0800: "when will X happen" is always difficult to answer
18:21:24preglowif not impossible
18:21:35Mikachulostlogic: well, we had to study to learn it
18:21:40markunpreglow: unless you are commiting it right now or about to do
18:21:44w1ll14myeah it's brand new :) it's never used and still in the original box and plastic, a guy won this thing ... and allready had an ipod nano, and wanted to sell his ipod video that guy is crazy :)
18:22:07w1ll14mi bought it for 250 euro
18:22:39w1ll14mfor a 2 months old ipod video still in box and plastic ;) it's a good price i think ....
18:22:53w1ll14mbrb diner is ready ;)
18:22:56 Nick w1ll14m is now known as w1ll14m|away (
18:28:40lostlogicMikachu: ... we have English classes every year in school through the 12th grade. You'd think that we'd learn the language.
18:29:07 Quit MarcoPolo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:29:14 Join debauched_sloth [0] (
18:29:14Mikachuit's easier to pass native classes without studying than foreign :)
18:29:51 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
18:30:09 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:31:13DataGhostw1ll14m|away why a 60GB? :o
18:38:02 Nick w1ll14m|away is now known as w1ll14m (
18:38:06 Quit debauched_sloth ("Leaving.")
18:38:51 Join Alonea [0] (
18:40:08 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
18:40:55 Join webguest95 [0] (i=44219091@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:41:10 Quit Febs ("Need to reboot.")
18:41:30robin0800using senab's cop build makes my ipod perform better
18:41:45webguest95hi, sorry if this has been asked before, but how do I go about getting the new 3.03US firmware from toshiba for the gigabeat? the wiki page mentioned that I needed that and my gigabeat only has a v.2 firmware...
18:43:27markunwebguest95: I don't think you need to update anymore
18:43:40markunIt should now work with all versions of the gigabeat firmware
18:43:53markunbut let us know if it doesn't
18:45:07SanBANG! DataGhost watches 's brain splatter all over the wall as he gets shot by FPS Doug.
18:45:08DataGhosthey it's turne
18:45:10DataGhostit's not
18:47:20MikachuSan: can you stop that?
18:47:42DataGhostlet's link my Uni-nick by the way, 20 mins is an extreme timeout
18:48:18Mikachuthe other week i disconnected my ethernet cable, redid my wiring and plugged it back in another network card
18:48:25Mikachuand i was still connected to freenode
18:48:32Mikachuthat is pretty impressive imo :)
18:48:51DataGhostsomething looks like ehh broken video memory :X
18:49:12 Join mk3y [0] (
18:49:25webguest95markun: thanks! I'll try that in a bit then!
18:49:31 Quit webguest95 ("CGI:IRC")
18:49:47DataGhostno i just had to reapply my desktop background
18:49:51DataGhoststrange OS, windows
18:50:03DataGhostmeh, my whole machine looks like it could use a reboot
18:50:04 Quit blue_lizard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:50:08DataGhostuptime 8 days
18:50:22 Join blue_lizard [0] (
18:50:31w1ll14mDataGhost: more disk capacity, more memory and the battery is also a little stronger :)
18:50:48DataGhostwell, actually I meand.. why the 60GB over the 80GB
18:50:50w1ll14mand now i can use my ipod 5g 30GB as a dev ipod
18:50:54DataGhostwhat a typo was that
18:51:05w1ll14mDataghost: 80Gb is not supported yet it's a 5.5g
18:51:17w1ll14mthe 30gb 5g works well
18:51:21Mikachuit might be supported soon
18:51:32w1ll14mand 30 5.5g works
18:51:32DataGhostthat didn't stop me :P
18:51:57w1ll14myeah but the price..... for 20 GB more ll pay about 100 euro
18:52:10DataGhostdidn't know that
18:52:40w1ll14ma guy won this one.... and sells it for 250 euro because he has all ready an ipod nano :|
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18:53:23Kick(#rockbox San :Zagor) by Zagor!n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor
18:53:33Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
18:54:26 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
18:54:31DataGhostyaay my nick is linked \o/
18:55:25 Join fasmaie [0] (
18:56:36 Quit PaulPosition (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:57:17Nico_Plinuxstb_: so what do I do ? check if i'm in a VBR MP3 ?
18:58:09 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:58:09 Quit lowlight ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:58:32linuxstb_Nico_P: I'm tempted to say to not worry about VBR MP3s - people should accept any problems they cause. But that's my selfish suggestion because I don't use them....
18:58:49Nico_Plinuxstb_: they cause big problems
18:59:17Nico_Pie not being able to go back when we reach the end of the file
18:59:56 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
19:00:12 Join Rondom [0] (
19:04:46w1ll14mnico_p: re-encode them to CBR mp3
19:04:48w1ll14mProblem solved :)
19:05:01linuxstb_Splitting them would be a better solution.
19:05:09 Join SmilinBob [0] (
19:05:19 Nick Everybody|Determ is now known as Everybody (
19:07:01Nico_Plinuxstb_: can you test somthing for me ? from the second track in the cuesheet, try to press PREV (with something before in the playlist)... does it go to the previous track in the playlist or does it go back t the beginning of the current audio file ?
19:07:11 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
19:07:38linuxstb_Nico_P: Something odd happened when I tested that, give me a moment to try again.
19:09:08perl|workNico_P as an owner of alot of cue files just want to thank you on working on this feature
19:09:08SmilinBobanyone know of a program that will batch convert my .wpl playlists into .m3u playlists?
19:09:27Nico_Pperl|work: you're welcome ;)
19:09:43Nico_Pmaybe you could help me test then ?
19:09:45linuxstb_Nico_P: And I may seem to be critical, but I like it as well :)
19:10:23Nico_Plinuxstb_: you're critical in the right way, thanks for that :)
19:12:00linuxstb_Nico_P: Hmm... Starting a playlist, with a random FLAC file, then the .cue, then the .mp2 for the cue, the first file plays, I press NEXT, and I get a Data Abort....
19:12:14 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:12:14linuxstb_I've just tried it again, and it's frozen on the WPS...
19:12:36Nico_Pnot good
19:13:15linuxstb_Just tried again, and it's frozen...
19:13:37linuxstb_My disk seems busy doing something though - maybe dircache/database are causing a problem.
19:13:55linuxstb_I mean busy when I first boot.
19:14:02linuxstb_I'll let that finish.
19:14:25Nico_Pi get the same thing on my H300 with an old version of the patch so it doesn't seem to be a new problem
19:14:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:14:46Nico_Pit says "DivX0"
19:15:19perl|workNico_P would love to test it of course, but at work at the moment
19:15:22perl|worktonight perhaps
19:15:32Nico_Pperl|work: ok
19:15:44linuxstb_If I wait for the first file to finish buffering, then select next, all is well.
19:16:45linuxstb_But going back to your test, pressing PREV during the second track, takes me back to the first track (i.e. start of current file).
19:17:08 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
19:18:58 Quit SmilinBob ("Leaving")
19:19:12linuxstb_Nico_P: And I can't recreate the crash any more...
19:20:04 Join PaulPosition [0] (
19:20:21Nico_Pi can
19:21:19Nico_Ponly on my h300 though... which means i'd have to test my latest patch on my h300 to see... which means i have to boot windows.... :(
19:21:57 Quit Xerion (" ")
19:22:00 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
19:27:44 Join Thundercloud__ [0] (n=thunderc@
19:27:58 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
19:28:17 Quit fasmaie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:28:21 Join fasmaie [0] (
19:28:24 Quit fasmaie (Client Quit)
19:32:27 Join debauched_sloth [0] (n=gwhite@
19:33:37 Part billytwowilly ("Konversation terminated!")
19:34:48 Join Arathis [0] (
19:35:27 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
19:36:45 Quit bluebrother ("leaving")
19:36:56 Join bluebrother [0] (i=Op4JwwmH@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
19:40:16 Part gotthardt
19:41:21 Join Everybody [0] (
19:42:17 Join Everybody|Empire [0] (
19:45:10 Join tucoz [0] (i=50ca62ea@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:45:22 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:45:37n1shello tucoz
19:45:51 Join MichaelDaum [0] (n=micha@twiki/developer/MichaelDaum)
19:45:52tucozsorry for the off-topic, but does anyone know of a player for windows capable of playing .rm files?
19:46:16n1sreal playrer ;-)
19:46:20tucozI am not interested in installing the real one player, or whatever it is called
19:46:37 Quit Shonky (
19:46:41n1stry "Real Alternative" just the direct show codecs
19:46:53tucozah. what a nice name :)
19:46:58 Part MichaelDaum
19:47:10-->"hello" received from MichaelDaum (n=micha@twiki/developer/MichaelDaum)
19:47:18-->"help" received from MichaelDaum (n=micha@twiki/developer/MichaelDaum)
19:47:20-->"status" received from MichaelDaum (n=micha@twiki/developer/MichaelDaum)
19:47:26-->"info" received from MichaelDaum (n=micha@twiki/developer/MichaelDaum)
19:47:32 Quit Thundercloud_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:47:32-->"version" received from MichaelDaum (n=micha@twiki/developer/MichaelDaum)
19:47:32peturor use to convert to some other format
19:47:34-->"join #foobar" received from MichaelDaum (n=micha@twiki/developer/MichaelDaum)
19:47:58RedbrevaIs there a simple way to reset default values in the ipod 5G sim? (like switching on with hold)
19:48:30n1smake clean && make install
19:48:47n1sor reset settings in the menu
19:49:07Redbrevahmmm, black text on black background strikes again...
19:49:36 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:49:43n1sthere should be a file called sector something, dlete it
19:49:55bluebrothertucoz, install RealAlternative
19:50:06bluebrotheroh, n1s was faster ;-)
19:50:09 Quit PaulPosition (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:50:11Redbrevan1s: Thanks :-D
19:51:02 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
19:51:48 Quit Everybody|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:52:21tucozn1s, bluebrother. thanks for the tip
19:52:34tucozworks nice. (well, as nice as .rm can get)
19:52:47bluebrotherthere's even Quicktime Alternative
19:52:56tucozi saw that on wikipedia
19:53:21tucozi am not sure that qt is as horrible as realplayer though
19:53:43bluebrotherit is. At least, it was the last time I tried.
19:54:07tucozexcept for the fact that you have to buy quicktime to use it in fullscreen. even if you buy a mac with osx.
19:55:22bluebrotherhmm. IIRC Quicktime Alternative can do fullscreen.
19:55:29bluebrotherat least mplayer can do
19:55:48tucozprobably. but the one installed on your purchased mac with osx can not
19:56:00bluebrotherthat's right.
19:56:21tucozi find that extremly greedy of apple to do that
19:56:31 Join rp- [0] (n=rp@
19:56:31bluebrothergtg. bbl.
19:56:36 Join linuxdante [0] (
19:56:38linuxdantehey all
19:56:43linuxdanteipod color here
19:56:48linuxdantedaily build of rockbox
19:56:50rp-hi, dan_a or badger here?
19:57:02linuxdanteinstalled from linux32_x86
19:57:24linuxdantetook the firmware and all from exacly the places in the manual.
19:57:33linuxdantebooting crashes about 8 of 10 times.
19:57:46linuxdantestops at "rockbox loaded."
19:58:00linuxdante(or at the splash, sometimes too.)
19:58:19dan_arp-: I'm here
19:58:35tucozif you ask for linuxstb_ , he will probably be able to help you
19:58:43tucoz^^ linuxdante
19:58:59linuxdanteit's weird.
19:59:10linuxdanteis rockbox built on a linux kernel or on a bsd one?
19:59:17linuxdanteor windows?
19:59:23rp-dan_a: can i query you? i have info from austrian micro system
19:59:31 Join mathgl [0] (
19:59:31n1sthere's some kind of strange bug in the new installation stuff that might break older ipods
19:59:43dan_arp-: What have they said?
19:59:44rp-about the sans DAC
19:59:54linuxdantebreak = ?
19:59:56n1slinuxdante: Rockbox core is written from scratch
19:59:57dan_alinuxdante: It's a Rockbox kernel
20:00:00linuxdantehardwarely break?
20:00:08linuxdantegood work geeks
20:00:11dan_arp-: Tell me more :D
20:00:15n1sno break the installation
20:00:22linuxdanteah fine
20:00:31linuxdantewell it boots up normally about 2 of 10 times :)
20:01:35linuxdante(just like now)
20:01:42linuxdanteso installation shouldn't be broken?
20:01:47Aloneahey, is there a way I can turn off the left and right buttons going to the beginning/end of document for the text viewer on the gigabeat? I don't know how many times I accidentally went to the end.
20:03:01linuxdanten1s: so what to do in my case?
20:03:03Aloneaor how I can disable it myself in my own code.
20:03:23n1syep wait for linuxstb
20:03:29 Join Xerion [0] (
20:04:16 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
20:04:52 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:04:55 Quit dune2 ("Leaving")
20:04:58NJoinShonky [0] (
20:05:20 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
20:05:21w1ll14mhehe all wating for linuxstb ;)
20:05:36sneakumsheh lol wut
20:06:16linuxdantecould it be that rockbox dies because i've got 5000 songs on the pod?
20:06:28linuxdantein the apple-kinda firmwareish way?
20:06:49sneakumslinuxdante: i have about 8500 on my h120 and rockbox handles it fine
20:06:52w1ll14mlinuxdante: are the songs in in just one directory ?
20:07:04sneakumsalthough mine are not in one directory
20:07:06linuxdantewell they are where apple firmware puts them
20:07:16linuxdanteso they have weird names and are spread all over folders
20:07:25linuxdanteit could be that rockbox just dies out trying to index them
20:08:18tucoz /part
20:08:22 Part tucoz
20:08:47linuxdanteafk till 21:30 CET
20:08:55 Nick linuxdante is now known as linuxdante^afk (
20:09:04 Quit Alonea ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
20:09:15 Join Llorean [0] (
20:10:24 Join Arathis [0] (
20:10:47 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
20:14:11pixelmaThanks Llorean
20:14:45 Quit Everybody|Empire ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
20:17:44LloreanWhat am I being thanked for?
20:17:50 Quit barrywardell ()
20:18:23pixelmahelping out in the forums - what else :)
20:19:10 Join stoffel [0] (
20:21:02dan_aBagder: Are you around?
20:21:19Slasherilinuxstb_: hmm, now i have yet another scrolling scheme for ipod
20:21:48 Join Echel0n [0] (
20:21:48Slasherinow it reacts immediately to the while speed, and scrolling speed is while_speed^2/constant
20:22:20Slasherifeels like good to me, anyone want to try? :)
20:23:25LloreanI may take a break from actively answering questions in the forums for a while sometime soon, actually. I'm afraid I'm getting a bit shorter with people than I'd like to be
20:24:22FebsSlasheri: I'll try.
20:24:31 Quit Echelon (Nick collision from services.)
20:24:33 Nick Echel0n is now known as Echelon (
20:24:36SlasheriFebs: what ipod do you have?
20:24:59Slasheriok, i could send you the build rightway :)
20:25:30SlasheriFebs: here, if dcc works
20:25:47FebsDownloading now.
20:25:57Slasherigreat :)
20:26:41Slasherithe wheel behaves very differently than with current version of rockbox or the original firmware
20:27:00Slasheriplease tell then you it feels :)
20:37:47 Join subson [0] (n=ju@
20:42:43markunSlasheri: you implemented auto boosting in your scheduler, right?
20:43:23Slasherimarkun: hmm, what do you mean with that?
20:43:39markunI thought you talked about that, maybe not
20:43:44Slasherithere is auto deboosting in scheduler but no autoboosting :)
20:43:46markunLet me search the logs
20:44:01markunah, only deboosting :)
20:44:01preglowautoboosting is not implemented
20:44:01Slasheriyep :)
20:44:11preglowwhich is just fine
20:44:11 Join Mouser_X [0] (
20:44:58markunIt's because we (gigabeat people) have the CPU running at 100MHz and boosting (to 300) doesn't always make sense
20:46:01FebsSlasheri: My initial reaction is that it is a big improvement.
20:47:14SlasheriFebs: nice, it wasn't that bad then ;)
20:48:09FebsI like it. It's certainly faster on long lists than the current Rockbox scrolling, but more manageable than tpdiffenbach's scrolling patch.
20:48:18 Quit Wiwie ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
20:48:58Slasherigood. i tried to do it the that it would be more accurate and slower at slow speeds
20:49:39Slasherimaybe there could be still some option for user to configure it by some way
20:51:47preglowSlasheri: nano build, please? :-)
20:51:51Slasheri+way. seems like a typo day today ;)
20:51:52 Quit brainiac_ghost_ ("Leaving")
20:52:00preglowmarkun: 100mhz by default????
20:52:12Slasheripreglow: hmm, i can try but don't promise if that works
20:52:18Slasheritrying now
20:52:18preglowSlasheri: why not?
20:52:23Slasherii don't know :)
20:53:03Slasheriseems to build fine
20:53:22w1ll14mbipton: Nice info at flyspray :)
20:54:14 Join spiorf_ [0] (n=spiorf@
20:54:15Slasheripreglow: dccing it soon
20:54:47markunpreglow: yes, didn't figure out how to get it lower (unless we go to 17 MHz)
20:55:03Slasherithere you got :)
20:55:08*amiconn guesses that the perceived scroll speed differences on ipod also depend on the wheel diameter
20:55:10markunpreglow: but we were getting 20 hours at 300MHz already
20:55:35Slasheriamiconn: hmm, probably not
20:55:47Slasheriif the scroll has 96 steps on all models
20:55:50amiconnThat's probably the reason that makes me think the scrolling in svn isn't slow at all
20:55:53preglowSlasheri: thanks, will test now
20:55:57Slasherigreat :)
20:56:08preglowmarkun: damn, holy shit, and damn
20:56:14Slasheriamiconn: would you like to try that new build?
20:56:19preglowmarkun: what does retailos yield in battery time?
20:56:23amiconnThe mini's wheel is smaller than on the full-size ipods
20:56:31amiconnOf course it might also be the display
20:57:53amiconnSlasheri: Yes, all ipod wheels have 96 steps, but because of that the distance between 2 steps depends on the diameter
20:58:15markunpreglow: someone got 19 hours in under similar conditions, but the claimed number was 16 hours
20:58:25Slasheriamiconn: hmm, that's true indeed
20:58:40preglowmarkun: so you've already beat them?
20:58:52 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Khe!!!")
20:58:56 Join Wiwie [0] (
20:58:58amiconnMost of my scrolling actions take less than one full circle...
20:59:48debauched_slothpreglow: I think so. Parity, at least.
21:00:24perl|workpreglow on stock fm i was reaching around 18, my latest rockbox bench was 20 hours + (before the cpu scaling)
21:00:39Slasheriamiconn: with my patch, now it's possible to scroll something between 0 to 100 items with one full rotation of the circle :)
21:01:05 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:01:08amiconnHmm, perhaps I should really check it out
21:01:10preglowwhy, oh why, is my bootloader so slow
21:01:33amiconn...although I don't have problems with the svn scrolling apart from my usual problem with these touch thingies
21:02:12Slasheripreglow :)
21:02:32amiconnSlasheri: Is there a patch somewhere?
21:02:59preglowrockbox never boots now
21:03:40 Quit subson (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:03:45preglowi need to reinstall this bootloader or something
21:05:00 Quit amigan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:05:19Slasherihmm :/
21:05:28Slasheriamiconn: no patch yet, just the build
21:05:33linuxstb_Slasheri: I'll take a 5g build ;)
21:05:35preglowSlasheri: probably not your fault, this bootloader has been really bad for the last month
21:05:43Slasherineed to strip out the patch of unnecessary stuff
21:05:49amiconnSlasheri: Hmm, mini G2 build available?
21:05:53Slasherilinuxstb_: ok, coming here :)
21:06:18Slasheriamiconn: i will do one, but no promises it works
21:06:19preglowlinuxstb_: anything new happened ipodinstaller lately?
21:07:03 Quit robin0800 ("Copywight 2006 Elmer Fudd. All wights wesewved.")
21:07:26preglowlinuxstb_: the command line tool thing
21:07:30preglowi thought it was called that
21:07:51BiptoNlinuxstb_: would there be a reason for the bootloader rebooting 3 times before loading rockbox fully on the 4g with cop?
21:08:03BiptoNunless i flip the lock switch and clear settings each time
21:08:20preglowlinuxstb_: ipodpatcher, apparently, only the dir was called ipodinstall
21:08:39 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:09:14linuxstb_preglow: No, nothing new. I've been rewriting ipodpatcher a little, and managed to break my local version... I'm working on it though.
21:09:35linuxstb_BiptoN: With or without CPU scaling?
21:09:55linuxstb_preglow: It should be fine on the Nano though - as long as you start with a restored firmware partition.
21:10:03BiptoNeither or
21:10:26Slasheriamiconn: here
21:10:49preglowlinuxstb_: i see i backed that up
21:10:51preglowlinuxstb_: clever me
21:11:01linuxstb_Slasheri: It seems slower than SVN for scrolling within a single page...
21:11:04BiptoNchanging the cpu frequency from 3mhz to 1mhz and the multipliers also has yeilded alot more stable results for my 4g grayscale though
21:11:11BiptoNeven with COP applied
21:11:25 Join Vyrus001 [0] (
21:11:41 Quit Xerion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:11:51*dan_a thinks that getting frequency scaling sorted will resolve all the COP problems
21:12:54LloreanBiptoN: "A lot more stable" meaning "Freezing less" or "It hasn't frozen yet"?
21:13:17BiptoNno freezes yet
21:13:41BiptoNrunnin with a 1mhz freq. scaled from 32mhz to 80mhz
21:14:00BiptoNbeen playin a playlist of 1200 musepack files since 7:45am
21:14:14BiptoNit's 12:13 now
21:14:28Nico_Plinuxstb_: i've posted my latest version of the cuesheet patch on the tracker
21:14:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:14:35BiptoNWPS says battery should die at 1:45
21:17:28preglowwhat the hell
21:17:35preglowSlasheri: should the backlight be dimmer too?
21:17:39BiptoNlinuxstb_: do you know if the cop boosts also?
21:17:53preglowSlasheri: i like it
21:18:05linuxstb_BiptoN: AFAIK, the CPUs run at the same speed. But dan_a may know more.
21:18:37amiconnSlasheri: The scrolling feels different, but I can't say whether I like it more or less than what is in svn
21:18:39w1ll14mlinuxstb_: so of you change the speed of CPU also the speed of the COP changes ?
21:18:42LloreanBiptoN: At the moment they're at the same speed, though in theory the COP should be able to be run at 1/2 or 1/4 the speed of the main core, once we know how to get that working.
21:18:46preglowi definitely like it more
21:18:52Slasheripreglow: yes
21:18:54preglowyou can actually scroll through long lists now
21:19:29amiconnThe slowest level is considerably slower than svn, so it's easier to avoid overshooting when the list isn't too long
21:19:42amiconnBut the accelereation feels *really* jumpy...
21:19:43Slasherilinuxstb_: did you try moving the wheel fast?
21:20:05preglowamiconn: i agree there
21:20:22linuxstb_Slasheri: Yes, it seemed to take longer before accelerating than previous versions?
21:20:28Slasheriwell, it's accelerating exponentially
21:20:36preglowooooh, the ordinary list view also accelerates
21:20:38preglowgood, good, good
21:20:41Slasherithat way slower speeds are very slow
21:20:42amiconnHmm, and the patch doesn't solve the problem that keeping the finger on the wheel always means repeat, and hence is blocking a list wrap, even if the movement is *really* slow
21:20:53 Join aarond [0] (
21:21:03amiconnSlasheri: It feels like the acceleration happens in very crude steps
21:21:08aaronddamn it anyone who knows how to use the terminal on os x help me?
21:21:17aarondit keeps telling me permission denied
21:21:25preglowalso, i don't like the way the cursor bar seems to jump around the screen when scrolling fast
21:21:31*amiconn also wonders why this increases bin size by 18KB (!)
21:21:41preglowbecause of the trojan
21:21:49Slasheriamiconn: currently i disabled the actual "stepped acceleration". Currently there is no acceleration, but the scrolling speed is directly wheel_speed^2/constant
21:22:15Slasheriamiconn: it's a debug build with logf
21:22:21Slasheriamiconn: as my builds always are :)
21:22:23 Join x1jmp [0] (
21:23:00linuxstb_aarond: Are you trying to use ipodpatcher?
21:23:16linuxstb_Did you type "chmod +x ipodpatcher" ?
21:23:22BiptoNw1ll14m: have you tried the different frequency on your 5g instead of just the multiplier changes yet?
21:23:36aarondit doesnt say that here in this tutorial I dont think
21:23:49linuxstb_Which tutorial?
21:24:10*amiconn never runs logf build except for searching specific bugs
21:24:15linuxstb_aarond: Step 1b)
21:24:36aarondcrap thats what I get for being in a hurry
21:24:36 Nick rp- is now known as rp-- (n=rp@
21:25:36linuxstb_Nico_P: I'm still getting no Performer displayed in the WPS...
21:25:52amiconnSlasheri: When moving the finger faster and it starts to accelerate, the scrolling feels really jumpy. It changes between fast and slow several times per wheel "rotation"
21:25:54 Join Zagor [0] (
21:26:17amiconnI also get the effect of the jumping bar, as mentioned by preglow
21:27:06x1jmpeverytime I type 'make' rockbox it recompiles the whole rockbox
21:27:21x1jmpit's just since today, is someone experiencing the same?
21:27:57Nico_Plinuxstb_: well that's weird
21:28:06amiconnsvn is definitely behaving better even for long lists
21:28:19amiconnIt just takes a bit longer to go through the whole list
21:28:23linuxstb_Nico_P: Forget me, I think my compile failed...
21:28:28aaronddrive is not an ipod, yipeee
21:28:30Slasheriamiconn: that jumping bar is because of display frame limit
21:28:37w1ll14mBiptoN: haven't tried to set the core frequency into something else then 3 MHz yet
21:28:47Slasheribut maybe it would be better if it accelerates slower
21:28:55linuxstb_aarond: Is it FAT32 or HFS+ formatted?
21:29:11Nico_PSlasheri: have you implemented the "smart redraw" ?
21:29:13amiconnSlasheri: Huh? The bar should always be at the list end in the scroll direction
21:29:14aarondI formated it in windows itunes on my friends computer
21:29:18SlasheriNico_P: yes
21:29:22w1ll14mi would think, let the main CPU run at 80 or 90MHz and the COP a little lower, because the audio thread can become heavy
21:29:28Nico_PSlasheri: is it a separate patch ?
21:29:37w1ll14mjust to compensate the power usage
21:29:37 Join bluey- [0] (
21:29:38peturSlasheri: what you need is hysteresis in the selection of faster/slower
21:29:40Slasheriamiconn: hmm, maybe :) will be fixed before commit
21:29:47linuxstb_aarond: What command are you typing? You should use something like /dev/disk1 not /dev/disk1s2
21:29:50amiconn...but it isn't. Sometimes it appears in the middle of the list out of nowhere
21:29:50w1ll14manyway, ll be back :)
21:29:51Lloreanw1ll14m: The COP can only run at 1/2 or 1/4 the main speed, or the same.
21:30:04dan_aw1ll14m: The plan is to run the codec thread (the most computationally heavy thing) on the COP
21:30:05 Join idnar_ [0] (
21:30:11amiconnBtw, my long list test was in the database's track list (500+ tracks)
21:30:12 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
21:30:19Nico_Plinuxstb_: so, is it your build or do i have to review my code ?
21:30:19w1ll14mLlorean: then we'l let it run at 1/2 it the codec thread can keep up decoding
21:30:36w1ll14mjust as example
21:30:39Slasheriamiconn: i have over 3000+ tracks and i can scroll from top to bottom in a few seconds
21:30:39 Nick idnar_ is now known as idnar (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
21:30:49 Join webguest68 [0] (i=3efe8005@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:30:59w1ll14mokay, see you later guyz:)
21:31:00 Nick w1ll14m is now known as w1ll14m|away (
21:31:02aarondI was trying that
21:31:06Slasheriamiconn: something 5-7s
21:31:17linuxstb_Nico_P: I think it's my build. I'll let you know.
21:31:26aarondwith the other commands when it was wrong, and I thought I just tried that :)
21:31:26Nico_Plinuxstb_: ok
21:31:35dan_aWe can also set the clock to always be boosted (automatically, by the hardware) in the IRQ and/or the FIQ handlers
21:31:56 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
21:32:09 Join Rondom_ [0] (
21:32:15 Quit Mouser_X (Connection timed out)
21:32:33amiconnSlasheri: Hmm, I can't scroll the whole list that much faster than with svn
21:32:36BiptoNdan_a: the cop always be boosted?
21:32:55Slasheriamiconn: the moving bar appears because lists are always scrolled by one item at time. At first paginated scrolling kicks in and after that we start frame limit to prevent delays
21:33:08amiconnWith svn, I can scroll the track list in ~25 seconds. With your patch I manage to do it in about half the time - with almost no cotrol where I am
21:33:18Slasheriamiconn: interesting, that is a long time
21:33:31 Join decayedcell [0] (i=3ba78e3b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:33:31dan_aBiptoN: The COP will always be at the same speed as the CPU, AFAIK (or 1/2 or 1/4, when we figure out how to do that)
21:33:36BiptoNthe COP runnin at 1/2 speed wouldn't smoothly decode would it? specially oggs
21:33:42amiconnSometimes it even stops completely for a fraction of a second
21:33:42Slasherihow many times are you rotating the full circle in one second?
21:33:50 Quit Rondom_ (Connection reset by peer)
21:34:14Slasheriyou need to rotate it for 3-4 times/s for the maximum speed
21:34:19pixelmaFebs: did you see this thread by the same guy.. ?
21:34:29BiptoNdan_a: sorry were you talkin about somethin else, before i asked that?
21:34:42BiptoNthought you were still talkin ta william bout it
21:35:01amiconnSlasheri: Nearly 2 rotations per second
21:35:27amiconnI cannot do more without making it not work at all
21:35:31 Quit blueworm ("Leaving")
21:35:41dan_aBiptoN: I was just talking! At 1/2 speed, it probably wouldn't decode properly. When we understand the clocks better, we can work out what thread is best on what core
21:35:44amiconn(svn or not - these touchy things don't seem to like my fingers)
21:35:51 Quit Wiwie ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:36:29Febspixelma: thanks, I had seen that earlier thread (obviously, since I posted in it) but didn't realize it was the same guy.
21:36:34amiconnSlasheri: I don't get this complete stopping with svn...
21:37:52amiconnSlasheri: Btw, why does paged scrolling kick in? I never use paged scrolling normally because it's too jumpy...
21:38:20 Join Moos [0] (i=d9805c3e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:40:00 Join Rondom [0] (
21:40:00 Quit Moos (Client Quit)
21:40:12 Join webguest46 [0] (i=d9805c3e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:40:20 Nick webguest46 is now known as Moos (i=d9805c3e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:40:25 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
21:40:28*amiconn spots even more of those bootsplash oddities in svn...
21:40:46Mooshi there
21:41:37 Quit Vyrus001 ("Leaving")
21:41:49 Join Vyrus001 [0] (
21:41:54 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
21:42:10Slasheriamiconn: because redrawing the entire screen is too expensive unless scrolling speed is _very_ slow
21:42:36amiconnI doubt that there are redraw speed issues on the mini
21:42:38Slasheriin svn every move redraws the entire screen
21:42:55Slasherinow i have fixed that issue
21:42:55 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:43:10peturdidn't is move the bitmap and only redraw the missing part?
21:43:16Slasheriamiconn: hmm, that paged mode kicks in only when it's needed
21:43:24amiconnAnd even if we need to limit the framerate, switching from single-line to paged seems like too big a step to me
21:43:29Slasheriso it shouldn't activate too early
21:43:39 Join efyx_ [0] (
21:43:57Slasheriamiconn: that is something similar editors such as emacs does
21:44:06 Join Hans-Martin [0] (
21:44:09MoosI don't find why the new blackjack plugin doesn't build for X5, that's strange, any thought?
21:44:16amiconnWhy not start to increase the number of lines per step instead?
21:44:22Slasheriwhen terminal or line is not fast enough, several lines are scrolled at once
21:44:45Slasherihmm, that would work too.. in fact might be even better solution
21:44:47Slasherii will try that
21:45:08 Quit Vyrus001 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:46:27pixelmaMoos: what do you mean? Blackjack has been committed to the source yesterday
21:46:51 Quit spiorf_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:47:02Moosyeah I saw that, but just dowloaded a bleeding svn build, and blackjack wasn't built
21:47:35Genre9mp3Moos: seems you are right
21:47:44Moosdon't know why?
21:48:20 Join spiorf_ [0] (
21:48:38 Join Nico_P [0] (
21:49:29 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
21:49:51Genre9mp3Moos: No, I don't know the reason... it compiles fine here (h300) but it's also missing from the h300 latest build
21:50:05Moosthat's strange
21:51:58perl|workcould someone direct me to the uncompressed or/and big sized rockbox logo please?
21:53:18pixelmareally strange... I just tried to compile an X5 sim and compiling seems to have stalled after the initial steps
21:53:41pixelma(after svn update)
21:53:55Genre9mp3pixelma: huh? trying now...
21:54:38n1sor the svg
21:54:50 Join scubacoles [0] (
21:54:58 Join linuxstb [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:55:03perl|workZagor thats good, thanks
21:55:25pixelmahmm... moves on after pressing a key... (never seen that)
21:55:45Zagorn1s: the svg doesn't have the right texture in "box"
21:56:49n1sZagor: never noticed before, hmmm, wonder if it's used anywhere?
21:57:19Zagorn1s: also the tiny text is dotted in the png and not in the svn
21:57:33Zagorstill, the svg is very nice to have
21:58:55preglowtime for new logo!
21:59:02preglowwasn't there a thread about that?
21:59:16 Quit efyx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59:25Genre9mp3no... please... no new logo talk again!
21:59:31LloreanIs there supposed to be a manual for the 1st Gen Mini?
22:00:05pixelmathis texture isn't easy to do in pure vector graphics... also the text is made like the pixel font style the original has (just not with the bit of padding in between)
22:00:33n1sLlorean: idk, isn't it very similar to the 2g?
22:00:59perl|workstill the rockbox logo is very "transformers" if you know what i mean :P
22:01:07Lloreann1s: Well, if that's the case, the manual should just say "iPod Mini" or "iPod Mini 1G and 2G" rather than explicitly saying 2G
22:01:40n1syes it probably should
22:02:30n1sMoos: Just tried a local compile for x5 and blackjack built just fine, better luck next time I guess.. ;-)
22:03:25Zagorperl|work: transformers?
22:03:38MoosI'm wondering why it doesn't compile for automatics builds
22:03:54preglowjhMikeS: so, you've got the synth fever? :-)
22:04:18preglowGenre9mp3: why not? high time for a new logo, if you ask me
22:04:25 Quit Redbreva (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:05:18n1spreglow: I'll support any logo you make if you get the disk poweroff comitted ;-)
22:05:30preglowthere's a patch for that?
22:05:35preglowwhich does what?
22:05:46perl|workZagor i know, not the bext example but it's very "mechanical" looking
22:06:06n1sremoves the option and leaves it permanently enabled, on already supported targets of course
22:06:15Zagorperl|work: ah, yes
22:06:30FebsLlorean: the manual for the Mini is for both the 1G and the 2G. The manual itself says "For Ipod Mini." It's just the build page that says 2G, and I agree, that should be changed.
22:06:31Moosn1s: is there a tiny binary size gain?
22:06:33preglown1s: why isn't it already commited?
22:07:01LloreanFebs: Alright, that makes sense then.
22:07:12n1spreglow: no one gave the go ahead, so it's rottinga away in the tracker
22:07:41n1sMoos: there is but the primary gain is less (stupid) options
22:07:45preglowmaybe someone doesn't like it
22:07:47Moospreglow: while you are here, any luck with the special eq/crossfeed bands for bass/trebles for hardware that doesn't support it directly?
22:07:58Genre9mp3preglow: because the current one is great and widely recognisable
22:08:21preglowit's not the lovelist logo ever, i think it's too busy
22:08:45preglowMoos: you mean treble/bass control filters for daps with no hardware treble/bass controls?
22:09:05Moosn1s: I have this option set yes always too, but maybe some people doesn't wanted to "lose" few ms of spining
22:09:12Moospreglow: yup
22:09:14preglowMoos: it's not my list of stuff to implement very soon now
22:09:21preglowi've basically got the filters needed ready
22:09:26preglowMoos: s/not/on
22:09:28n1sIf we're going for a new logo, I propose a competitionthat closes when devcon begins and whoever is there will be the judges.
22:09:51Moospreglow: just ask if you need testers (x5 here)
22:10:05preglowmoswill do
22:10:13preglowMoos: will do
22:10:27Lloreann1s: If that becomes the case, I'm going to end up spending a lot of money just so I can help veto logos. :-P
22:10:48Mikachuwhat would you do at the devcon? :)
22:10:55preglowmoderate us
22:11:04preglowand tell us to stop being silly
22:11:16ZagorMoos: blackjack does compile in the svn builds, it's just one build server that appears not to be properly updated
22:11:17LloreanI've done that a few times to great effect. :)
22:11:38MoosZagor: oh ok, thx for the clarification
22:11:39LloreanActually, if I had the money to do so, I'd probably go just so I can see the guys face to face for once, and thank them.
22:11:45preglowi want a place where devs can vote for patches/features
22:11:50preglowshould be fast enough to code...
22:12:02Zagorwho owns
22:13:14Moosbye all !
22:13:17 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC")
22:14:50Zagorthe thing about logos is that good ones are REALLY hard to make. and the rockbox crowd isn't exactly filled to the brim with skilled graphics artists. A new logo has to be a LOT better than the current to be worth the switch.
22:14:59 Quit Thundercloud__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:15:16 Join Thundercloud__ [0] (n=thunderc@
22:15:38LloreanThe current one is at least recognized. The new one has to be good enough that it's worth sacrificing familiarity.
22:15:49ZagorLlorean: exactly
22:16:06LloreanPlus, I think the best thing about the current one, is that it *doesn't* remind me of other logos, and that's a nice thing
22:16:40dan_aI think one of the ones in the forum thread fulfills Zagor's requirements
22:17:13Zagordan_a: got a link?
22:17:31preglowdoesn't really require much before i'll prefer another logo, like i said, i think the current one is waay too busy
22:17:41preglowand cluttered
22:17:47perl|workthis one wasnt half bad
22:18:06LloreanThe h300 experimental logo feels really... without life, to me.
22:18:07Mikachusort of boring
22:18:16Mikachutwo people can't be wrong
22:18:26LloreanI *do* like the cube from it though
22:18:32perl|workits elegant, not boring
22:18:33LloreanSpecifically the variants that showed up later.
22:18:41perl|workquite different things but ok
22:18:46*petur likes the cube with musicnote too
22:18:59preglowdan_a: that's quite nice, actually
22:18:59Lloreanperl|work: Elegant and Boring are both opinions, and it can be Elegant AND boring, which is what it is.
22:19:05preglowi like the cube thing
22:19:23preglowbut i see no reason to keep using the orange/blue scheme thing
22:19:24LloreanI like the cube. My personal preference is to keep the existing logo for the website, and use *just* the cube while Rockbox loads on the player
22:19:27perl|workLlorean we agreed on cube thing, i like that fact
22:19:29Mikachushouldn't it have a rockcolored box somewhere? :)
22:19:29LloreanKinda like the Apple the iPods show on a reboot
22:19:42Zagordan_a: that's a nice design. not nice enough, but nice :-)
22:20:24 Quit rp-- ()
22:20:28 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:20:53 Join thegeek [0] (
22:21:06peturwasn't there a cube with note design that also had a bit of an 'R' in it?
22:21:13ZagorI think the cube works better with the note upright, though. as in the blue logo. otherwise it's too easy to mistake it for a black blob.
22:21:13*petur kicks his memory
22:21:17preglowalso, let's change the name of the entire project!
22:21:19 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:21:25preglowi want something prefixed with an i, please
22:21:25Zagorpreglow: yeah!
22:21:29amiconn_Imho none of these proposals can beat the current logo
22:21:33 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:21:33 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:21:33peturand kick out the Swedes
22:21:44Zagorwho was around during the initial name vote?
22:21:47perl|workcube with a note is nice
22:21:54perl|workcould become very recognizable
22:21:59amiconnThey are all polished but boring
22:22:03LloreanZagor: I wasn't, but I read about it.
22:22:08perl|workevev without saying "rockbox" next to it
22:22:15amiconn...and none of them would work well in monochrome or 4-grey
22:22:25LloreanI think the cube with the right-side-up-note would work really well
22:22:38LloreanI don't see why we need to have the word "rockbox" be part of a "logo" at all
22:23:14preglowamiconn: perhaps not in monochrome, but 4-grey would work
22:23:29Mikachui think the box/cube should have a rocky texture to it
22:23:37*Zagor kicks Mikachu
22:23:47LloreanZagor: Honestly, I'd have voted for the one that got overruled. :(
22:23:57ZagorLlorean: hehe
22:24:12Genre9mp3iRockbox, uRockbox?
22:24:19LloreanFor a while I was running a custom build with a modified boot screen just for that name to be on it. :)
22:24:46Mikachutry to infringe on as many trademarks as possible
22:24:46preglowkidneystone? :-)
22:24:50 Join jamesshuang [0] (i=44219091@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:25:09Mikachubarbie's wiiRock adventure in othello land
22:25:22 Join rp-- [0] (n=rp@
22:25:31 Part Hans-Martin
22:25:52jamesshuanghi markun, just wanted to let you know, you were right, the bootloader does work with older firmware
22:26:01jamesshuangshould I go change the wiki page to make it more clear?
22:26:32jamesshuangalso, I think I saw it earlier, but the new bootloader doesn't relinquish control of the screen after it's done... it doesn't show the rest of the interface
22:26:34n1splease do
22:28:30 Join rp- [0] (n=rp@
22:28:34 Quit rp-- (Client Quit)
22:29:03 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
22:29:12 Quit Nico_P ()
22:29:30jamesshuangsoooo.... yeah.... anyone have an answer on that bootloader/screen issue? I'm really eager to get rockbox up and running, but I can't do much when I can't see a thing....
22:29:46Soaplinuxdante^afk: Your Color/Photo iPod issue is due to a frequency scaling bug. A known bug. Nothing to do with your 5,000 songs. There is a custom _unsupported_ build in the "Unsupported Builds" forum made to address this issue until a cure is found.
22:33:16 Quit aarond ("I quit")
22:33:49*Febs observes that the note in the experimental build logo is "rightside up" whether the tail is up or down.
22:34:34 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:34:44 Join thegeek_ [0] (
22:35:05Bagderbtw guys, I have these guidelines draft for the mailing lists
22:35:07LloreanFebs: I meant "right side up" as in context to the original logo, rather than the validity of the note.
22:36:01Bagdersubject for posting to the lists with a suitable interval
22:36:02FebsLlorean: I don't remember what that was. With the tail down, though, it is both a quarter note (semi-quaver) and a capital "R," which I think is quite clever.
22:37:07linuxstb_Bagder: I would remove the "Please" from the start of the second paragraph, and write DO NOT in capitals...
22:37:11 Quit Thundercloud_ (Connection timed out)
22:37:44linuxstb_But then I'm not as polite as you.
22:37:45LloreanFebs: Yeah. Honestly though, it just doesn't look as good to me. It's just personal taste there.
22:38:20*Bagder adjusts
22:38:33 Join brainiac_ghost [0] (
22:38:51linuxstb_Bagder: It's magic. I say things here, and the web changes there...
22:39:18Bagderit's like they said the future would be! ;-)
22:39:44Mikachubut it's not very large though
22:39:54Mikachu(i guess that only makes sense to swedes)
22:40:06ZagorBagder: the Q&A in 3 is pretty confusing. is it a joke?
22:40:20MikachuZagor: it's illustrative of why top posting is bad
22:40:32Bagderit is a pretty amusing illustration I would say
22:40:41 Quit ender` (" The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it. -- George Carlin")
22:40:42Zagorah. I don't think many people are going to get it, though.
22:40:46BagderI didn't make it up, it is frequently used
22:41:04Mikachuno offense but if you don't get it you are a bit stupid
22:41:15Bagderor had too little coffee
22:41:24 Join midgey [0] (
22:41:27Zagorhehe, yeah maybe I'm a bit more dumb than the average mail list member :-)
22:42:11DataGhostcopying /proc/self/mem causes the kernel to bug
22:42:19DataGhostI think it hangs now
22:42:47DerPapst_are you messing arround with the kernel again?
22:43:02MikachuDataGhost: try cat /dev/random > /dev/mem for fun (warning may do really bad things)
22:43:28*DataGhost trying to dump /proc without find, tar, ls -R and with a few hard errors when reading /proc/kcore or /proc/kmsg
22:43:33DataGhostheh Mikachu
22:43:36DataGhostbad things like..? :)
22:43:43*linuxstb_ goes to #ipodlinux for some Rockbox chat
22:43:44DataGhostguess it can't fry it, right?
22:43:50 Join kayasha [0] (i=46518fe6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:43:51DataGhosthehe linuxstb_
22:44:12kayashaif any one need help for Doom on iriver/ 5/6gb just ask
22:44:15kayashaand doom2
22:44:43DataGhosti had to write an equivalent for 'find' in /etc/rc }:|
22:44:52DataGhostI ended up with some really nasty code
22:44:55DataGhostnested for and if
22:45:04DataGhostbecause you can't do recursive functions in bash, afaik :P
22:45:12DataGhostor whatever shell it's running
22:45:33 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
22:46:02dan_aBagder: Seen your mail?
22:46:08Bagdergreat news
22:46:31LloreanGreat news between Bagder and dan_a... now you've raised curiosity a wee bit.
22:46:33Bagderfun to see a positive attitude
22:46:57Bagder"We may be able to make an exception to our rules." is a nice hint
22:47:07jhMikeSpreglow: Synth fever? :) (Finally did an IRC glance) Too much so. Thanks for getting me obsessed. :)
22:47:29LloreanYeah, I think that hint just about covers it.
22:47:29linuxstb_Is anyone else having problems with sysfont.h being regenerated every time make is run?
22:48:11rp-Bagder: it's interessting, it seems they picked out guys from austria :)
22:48:41Bagderrp-: the only guys in this world you can really trust ;-)
22:49:07MikachuDataGhost: anything can happen when you write random bytes to memory, by definition :)
22:49:10rp-well i will call them tomorrow and do my best
22:49:15DataGhostyeah well :)
22:49:19DataGhostthe chances are slim though :P