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#rockbox log for 2007-01-22

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00:00:46Zagormore and more things are starting to use usb as power source too. I've got an alarm clock that charges over usb. not because it's convenient to charge in the computer, but because usb is becoming a standard power source.
00:02:09Bagderand I agree about the wall charger usb thing being nice
00:02:18BagderI don't have one (yet) and I miss it
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00:11:12PrimeHexI have to say the wipe of the server was very "lol" as to how it happened.
00:11:53PrimeHexotherwise, rockbox kicks ass, I just threw it on my 5.5G ipod. Was getting waysick of the ipod, actually considered buying a zune.
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00:12:55DataGhostI just redid the loader and it worked at once :D
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00:13:08DataGhosthm wrong channel maybe
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00:27:08sneakumsPrimeHex: i for one am glad that rockbox saved you from zune.
00:27:38*Mouser_X loves his Gigabeat with Rockbox...
00:28:54PrimeHexsneakums: I actually have several friends with zunes, they're quite impressive. They did the things right that I wanted out of the ipod in the firstplace. There are ways around the 3play limit on the filesharing, but it's a pain
00:30:23*Febs is getting the urge to buy a Gigabeat.
00:30:52*preglow too
00:31:02hcsit has crushed my motivation to optimize :(
00:31:04spugPrimeHex: what are those things it did right?
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00:32:17PrimeHexspug: It's surprisingly styleish. Screen's bigger, plays sideways, handles pictures nicer, and has been far more durable and less scratch-prone then the ipod
00:32:34PrimeHexbesides, I'm totally sick of the ipod, I've had one for at least 1/4th of my life
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00:32:49PrimeHexThe gigabeat is impressive looking as well
00:33:05*Soap moans at youngsters.
00:33:11ZagorPrimeHex: 1/4 of your life? you're not very old, are you?
00:33:15spugPrimeHex: okay, cool
00:33:30spugwhat do you mean "plays sideways"? the screen orientation switches when it's tilted sideways?
00:33:53Soap^that would be cool.
00:34:25PrimeHexwhen you play a movie it automatically goes sideways. They didn't include a tilt sensor for cost reduction. I the head of North American marketing for Microsoft (close family friend)
00:34:33spugah, okay
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00:34:53PrimeHexno, I just turned 16, but the people I chill/hang/socialize with, whatever you wanna call it, are generally 20+
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00:35:07Soapwell, it's a 3:4 screen, Tilt sensor or no it wouldn't play tv shows/movies in portrait mode.
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00:35:45hcsI've had portable digital audio players for 1/4 of my life...
00:35:59PrimeHexalso, the gigabeat's website is extremely annoying. I don't know a single person that enjoys reading diagonally
00:36:04Soapif you count cassette tapes I have.
00:36:14PrimeHexthose are analog, no?
00:36:14Soapwell, 1/2 my life.
00:36:19PrimeHexor is it like
00:36:22PrimeHexa mix of both
00:36:30PrimeHexI was only around for the end of those
00:36:30hcsmm, 1/2 if you count Discman
00:36:31Soapcassette tapes were analogue.
00:36:43PrimeHexyea, 1/2 if you cound CD's
00:37:02Soapa portable CD player at age 8?
00:37:14PrimeHexI was actually an "early adopter" and had a firstgen Dell DJ for about 3 years before some mexican hotel lady stole it from my suitcase
00:37:21PrimeHexSoap: what's so weird about that?
00:37:32spugi haven't had a portable digital audio player for more than two months :(
00:37:46Soapsuch expensive toys for little boys. Foreign concept.
00:37:55PrimeHexSoap: I had umm sugar-ray, backstreet boys, ummm kid rock (the clean stuff), etc
00:38:08PrimeHexNow my tastes are much, much different
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00:38:10preglowthey weren't very expensive eight years ago
00:38:13PrimeHexNot at all
00:38:18PrimeHexI'm trying to figure out how that's weird
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00:38:26PrimeHexeither way, I take care of my stuff.
00:38:35preglowas a matter of fact, i got one when i was about ten, and they weren't excessively expensive then either
00:38:42preglowand i'm 25
00:38:56preglowthey were, however, huge
00:39:03PrimeHexidk, I think my first one was a really nice one, and it was $60 or so, which is still nothing compared to the $250+
00:40:00*Soap came from a well-off family and didn't have a single possession worth $60 as a child except for his bike.
00:40:38preglowthen we have established the fact you two are not from the same family
00:40:44PrimeHexI've been through all stages of money
00:40:54ZagorI used to live in a cardboard box ... in the middle of the road!
00:41:03preglowlucky bastard!
00:41:06*Soap is sorry for dragging this so far off topic.
00:41:09PrimeHexFrom 0.01-7 or so, my parents were broke-ass poor
00:41:43PrimeHexMy dad worked like 23 hours a day, we lived in my grandpa's apartment for 2-3 years, moved into our own house (a rather large ranch), my dad started his group benefits company, and it's only been up from there.
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00:42:26PrimeHexMy sister missed out on the broke ass poor part, and enjoyed living in my grandpa's apartment (she's 4 years behind me), so she treats everything like shit, and she never gets expensive stuff
00:43:04Zagorback on track: has resume ever worked properly in the simulator, or has it always started the track from the beginning?
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00:47:08preglowi _think_ so
00:47:11preglowbut by no means certain
00:47:21preglowas in, did work
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00:47:51ZagorI thought so too.
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00:51:33PrimeHexSo, it's ok to just drag and drop mp3 files onto the ipod in mass storage mode now?
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01:31:28Mouser_XI can't login to the flyspray. It says my account doesn't exist. This was before the site/server went down.
01:34:58ZagorMouser_X: what is your account name?
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01:36:41facenewOT: a short movie mocking Kim Jong Il and his secret agent buying something from China:
01:39:19Mouser_XZagor: I thought it was MouserX. I also tried MarvinMiller. Both with spaces, and without.
01:39:49 Part facenew
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01:40:30*amiconn needs to find a bug hiding in his optimised ata transfer :/
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01:47:23amiconnUmm, stupid mistake...
01:47:27preglowx86 is so incredibly annoying to optimise in comparison with embedded stuff ://
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01:47:45Mikachui guess that's why nobody does it
01:47:50*amiconn should take care of the difference between pre-increment and post-increment in arm asm
01:48:01SoapI just got a P-100 (not MMX) if you want incentive preglow.
01:48:24*amiconn wonders why this didn't break harder that observed
01:48:26preglowyou wouldn't optimise for that as you want with newer processors
01:48:53preglowwith the old pentiums, you had to go through instruction pairing hell
01:49:06iwantanimacpreglow: What're you optimising?
01:50:54preglowiwantanimac: a synth i'm making
01:51:24 Join EvilDude [0] (n=prashant@
01:51:41iwantanimacpreglow: a full-on bootable one for x86?
01:51:45 Quit entheh ("^~")
01:52:31preglowa csound module
01:52:43preglowso it should run on anything that compiles c and runs csound, but i'm using x86
01:53:45iwantanimacexcuse my noobiness with most coding related stuff.
01:54:18amiconnAh, *much* better :D
01:54:19preglowyou don't often see bootable stuff anymore
01:54:35preglowas a matter of fact, you never do, apart from oses and memtest
01:54:40iwantanimacno... i was going to say that would be an interesting project ;D
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01:59:42preglowinteresting and hopeless, you'd spent all your time writing drivers
02:01:11iwantanimacyeah. better off to go with some kind of unix/linux core and go from there.
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02:17:09Brunellushello rockboxers
02:20:00Brunellusis there a decent script out there that'll let me post the contents of .scrobbler.log onto
02:20:16iwantanimacrockscrobbler... link in a second...
02:20:46 Quit EvilDude (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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02:22:00iwantanimacLogScrobbler by Kernelsandirs - [] (Windows, .NET 2.0)
02:22:16*Brunellus frowns.
02:22:27Mikachuturn that frown upsidedown!
02:22:27 Quit fasmaie_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:22:28Brunellusgrumble. anything for Linux? in python or perl or something?
02:22:36iwantanimacsure... theres a website...
02:22:39Mikachui heard there's a very unreliable perlscript
02:22:58Mikachuand then there's qtscrobbler which seems sort of overkill
02:23:11 Quit spiorf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:23:29iwantanimac (Not sure about security mind you..) and there are several others.
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02:34:22*argonel drops a pin
02:35:23*Mikachu stops badmouthing kde
02:35:45 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
02:36:44*Brunellus uses GNOME
02:36:46BrunellusI like gnome.
02:37:47*PrimeHex walks into a linux chat
02:37:50*PrimeHex says ow
02:38:03PrimeHexI used to use edgy with beryl/gnome
02:38:05PrimeHexit was nice
02:38:28PrimeHexbut I have recently installed vista ultimate (legit, store bought copies) on all the computers in this house
02:38:50iwantanimaci wish my PC could handle beryl, but now it's completely fried...
02:39:07iwantanimac...and beign a 1GHz Pentium III wouldn't have helped it's chances along.
02:39:08tanqi pulled a nightly for the 4g ipod, and it keeps telling me that the .rockbox directory doesnt exist
02:39:18tanqhowever, it does exist in /
02:40:14 Part Llorean
02:40:23Brunellusfoo. I can't afford vista or vista-proper hardware.
02:40:27tanqberyl is nice if you don't play games
02:40:37Brunellusberyl is nothing but geek chrome
02:40:47tanqif you play games you have to kill beryl before hand
02:40:52iwantanimaci'm a geek, i need my chrome =P
02:40:58Brunellusthe 3d desktop devs in Linux are geeks who would be doing "pimp my ride" if they weren't in front of their computers.
02:41:05Brunellusfscking desktop ricers.
02:41:25Brunellusplease. can I have a functional window manager first, and THEN give me pimpzilla effects?
02:41:27PrimeHexwtf are you talking about
02:41:31tanqfirst time i heard that, and it is absolutely hilarious
02:41:32PrimeHexif you don't play games
02:41:46PrimeHexI played quake 4, doom 3, ut2k4 no problem all in beryl
02:41:46BrunellusIt doesn't matter what kind of spinners you put on beryl, it's still a hooptie ride, yo.
02:41:58PrimeHexat one point I had all three running on different cubes
02:42:06PrimeHexbtw, I really enjoy rockbox
02:42:10PrimeHexit makes me extremely happy
02:42:12iwantanimaclol what're your system specs then?
02:42:14*Brunellus hauls thread back on topic
02:42:25tanqyeah thats what i'm wondering.
02:42:27BrunellusI have to say, rockbox's progress lately has been awesome.
02:42:29PrimeHexcore2duo x6800, 4gb ddr2 667, 8900gtx
02:42:37Brunellusaudioscrobbler support is love
02:42:38PrimeHexonly an 80gb hdd
02:42:43PrimeHexthat's where my budget ran out
02:42:45iwantanimacyes. it's nice.
02:42:47PrimeHexbut, the 1TB drives come out soon
02:42:51iwantanimaclol skimped on the HDD...
02:42:56iwantanimac*shakes head*
02:43:00BrunellusI might actually do that
02:43:04PrimeHexI reformat often enough that it doesn't matter
02:43:09*Brunellus chortles
02:43:15PrimeHexand all my porn passwords are on my thumb drive
02:43:23BrunellusI haven't reformatted this drive in over two years
02:43:32PrimeHexI do it just to keep things bleeding-edge fast
02:43:33Brunellusalthough I did have to fsck it once....
02:43:36iwantanimaclol how the heck did the rockbox irc get to porn?
02:43:50Brunellusyeah, when will rockbox do video on H3xx?
02:44:13MikachuBrunellus: doesn't mpegplayer work?
02:44:19PrimeHexthat said, I'm waymuchoverhappilypleased with rockbox
02:44:36BrunellusMikachu, there's an mpegplayer?!?
02:44:43iwantanimacwell i'd lvoe to brag, but 20GB isn't really enough. maybe if i use my time machine to go back to 1996...
02:44:58MikachuBrunellus: yes
02:45:11MikachuBrunellus: not done though
02:45:13PrimeHexI creamed over one thing and one thing only
02:45:16MikachuBrunellus: but it plays videos sort of
02:45:20Brunellusno way
02:45:20PrimeHexbest thing _ever_
02:45:21 Quit funky_ ("leaving")
02:45:34iwantanimacnot really...
02:45:42iwantanimacannoying on my line-out using speakers.
02:45:42PrimeHexit's one of my favorite parts of musiccube
02:45:51Brunelluswhen did they start doing mpegplayer?
02:46:03Mikachucouple of months ago
02:46:10iwantanimaccause the fade-out doesn't happen on linneout, so it just delays the pause.
02:46:25BrunellusI'm also hoping the sansa e200 port finally gets sound playback
02:46:29Brunellusbecause that'll be awesome.
02:46:43Brunellussansa's a nice player, but no ogg support :(
02:46:45iwantanimacyeah. i was thinking o picking on of those babies up if that happens.
02:47:20argonelMikachu: don't do that on my account, i do it all the time :p
02:47:28iwantanimaci love the word ogg. do you really pronounce it like egg, with an "o"?
02:47:51BrunellusI just say ogg, so yeah
02:48:08Brunellusif I'm being pedantic, I say "ogg vorbis"
02:48:14Brunellussince ogg is the container and vorbis is the codec
02:48:18 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
02:48:20PrimeHexI just say ogg
02:48:21 Join XavierGr [0] (
02:48:34PrimeHexdoes 5.5g rockbox do ogg?
02:48:37PrimeHexOH SHIT DOES IT DO FLAC?!?
02:49:21Brunellusdoes flac for H3xx
02:49:24iwantanimacum... i think so...
02:49:47PrimeHexman all my flac is on my server
02:49:50PrimeHexi don't have time do test it
02:49:56aliaskAll software decoding targets can do all the formats
02:50:00 Quit iwantanimac ("iMac, out.")
02:50:02PrimeHexI will when my job status stabilizes
02:50:11PrimeHexcause this is possible food money
02:50:20PrimeHexalso, how to edit themes?
02:50:26PrimeHexIt's hard to find much on the site in it's current state
02:50:38aliaskWhat do you want to do with the theme?
02:50:52 Quit fasmaie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:50:56PrimeHexadd a full scope vis
02:51:01PrimeHexchange the colors a little
02:51:04 Join fasmaie [0] (
02:51:07aliaskFull scope vis?
02:51:13PrimeHexmore then 2 channels
02:51:18PrimeHexcover all the ranges
02:51:21PrimeHexon both left and right
02:51:29aliaskYou'd have to get your hands dirty and get coding if you wanted to implement that
02:51:36aliaskAnd the CPU usage would be really high
02:51:38PrimeHexwhat language is it in?
02:51:48PrimeHexI'm not bad at C
02:52:00Mouser_XPrimeHex: What target are you on?
02:52:11aliaskWhat player
02:52:15Mouser_XUnit, player, device, etc.
02:52:28Mouser_XThat doesn't have much CPU to spare.
02:52:40aliaskConsider that the 2 channel "vis" lags playback on those.
02:52:44Mouser_XGetting a vis of any sort will be painful, from what I've heard.
02:52:47argonelwhat has the most cpu to spare?
02:52:47PrimeHexit seems to be fine with the 2 channel
02:52:54aliaskargonel: Gigabeat
02:53:02Mouser_XThe Gigabeat has a 300 mhz CPU.
02:53:08aliaskHigh bitrate files will probably lag
02:53:08*Mouser_X has a Gigabeat
02:53:13PrimeHexdoes the code take advantage of the ram on the 5.5g?
02:53:25*argonel is between targets at the moment
02:53:25Mouser_XAll RAM is used by the codecs.
02:53:33PrimeHexthought so
02:53:41aliaskSure about that Mouser_X?
02:53:48PrimeHexis the vis code efficient yet? or is it rough?
02:53:55Mouser_XThat's what some of the devs have said.
02:54:01aliaskI thought that the 64mb ram targets weren't fully taken advantage of yet, but I could be wrong.
02:54:06PrimeHexbecause I'm friends with some C gods, and they can make everything go faster
02:54:17Mouser_XThere's targets that have 64 MB or RAM?
02:54:24aliask60gb Videos
02:54:36aliaskAnd 5.5g's by the sound of it too.
02:54:37Mouser_XPrimeHex: There is no vis code in place yet.
02:54:45PrimeHexbut the 2chan scope?
02:55:02Mouser_XThat's just showing the volume level on each speaker.
02:55:15Mouser_XOr, something like it.
02:55:21PrimeHexwould that be hard to turn into a 16chan vis?
02:55:27PrimeHex8 volume scopes on each
02:55:31Mouser_XYou can read about on the Wiki, somewhere.
02:55:37PrimeHexis the wiki up?
02:55:43Mouser_XProbably not.
02:55:51aliaskPrimeHex: I'm guessing you'd be splitting by frequency range, so I'd say it'd be a little more involved.
02:55:59Mouser_XAnyway, I must go.
02:56:12 Join Anendram [0] (
02:56:13PrimeHexaliask, I can't imagine it would be that hard?
02:56:37PrimeHexeither way, some of the guys I know that do C are like, talented beyond what's even useful
02:56:48PrimeHexI'm just ok at C
02:56:51aliaskI'm not really sure what would be needed, but you'd be scanning every sample that went through the audio, splitting it into the different frequency bands, and measuring the volume.
02:57:09PrimeHexthere's a few other ways to do it
02:57:20PrimeHexI'm sure you could use parts from the eq code
02:57:25PrimeHexcause that handles all the channels
02:57:53PrimeHexalso, what's the backdrops folder for?
02:57:55argonelyou could pre-analyze :p
02:57:58PrimeHexis it what i think it is?
02:57:58 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
02:58:24PrimeHexMouser_X, what's the backdrops folder for?
02:58:41aliaskStick a BMP file in there which is the dimension of the LCD and you can set it as the backdrop for the filebrowser and menus.
02:59:56*PrimeHex creams
03:00:02aliaskPrimeHex: A quick look tells me that the code for the 2 channel peakmeter is 42kb
03:00:02PrimeHexzune goodness!
03:01:11PrimeHexis there anywhere else to get the themes?
03:01:14PrimeHexbecause I want the black glass theme
03:01:32PrimeHexlol i think it was
03:02:08aliaskI don't really like how it's an external site, but it's organised so much better than having them all in the wiki
03:03:02Mikachuargonel: heh :)
03:03:31*argonel misses the wiki
03:05:50PrimeHexso I do
03:05:57PrimeHexI haven't even had the fortune to see the wiki yet
03:08:01Overandwow, I hadn't seen
03:08:37Overandand =[ to the data loss =/
03:11:17argonelmaybe upgraded hosting is in order?
03:11:24 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
03:11:27 Join XavierGr [0] (
03:11:28Soapself hosted, and that was not the issue.
03:11:49PrimeHexit was um
03:11:53PrimeHexcode errors
03:11:59PrimeHexsomebody paste the quote?
03:12:07argonelsome hosts will do your backups and restores for you :)
03:12:40PrimeHexi'll post it
03:12:43PrimeHex[14:10] What freak did this?
03:12:43PrimeHex[14:10] did what?
03:12:43PrimeHex[14:10] GodEater: spot the bug: (cd rockbox_html/cvs-bak; find . -ctime +7 -exec rm {} Wink
03:12:43DBUGEnqueued KICK PrimeHex
03:12:43PrimeHex[14:10] Vandalize the site?
03:12:43PrimeHex[14:10] D0ug: the code snippet above did
03:12:45PrimeHex[14:10] hehehe - oops Wink
03:12:46PrimeHex[14:10] D0ug: false alarm, it was not a hack this time
03:12:48PrimeHex[14:10] Zagor: i'm afraid i don't speak find
03:12:52PrimeHex[14:11] really?
03:12:54PrimeHex[14:11] Do you need the .bin file
03:12:56PrimeHex[14:11] Did it crash or something?
03:12:58PrimeHex[14:11] robin0800_: You just need this patch (linked from the tracker page) -
03:13:01PrimeHex[14:12] that was supposed to remove files older than 7 days (he guesses)
03:13:03PrimeHex[14:12] I need to remind myself what ctime is for
03:13:05PrimeHex[14:12] kk, sorry I realize you just answered that qn... I am feeling a bit dense today
03:13:07PrimeHex[14:13] GodEater: well, it did. the problem is the ; character. it doesn't abort when the previous command fails. and the cd failed because the cvs-bak directory no longer exists...
03:13:10PrimeHex[14:13] Any irreperable damage?
03:13:12PrimeHex[14:13] ah yes
03:13:14PrimeHex[14:13] Zagor: ahhaha
03:13:17PrimeHex[14:13] it should have been &&
03:13:19PrimeHex[14:13] && is your friend
03:13:22PrimeHex[14:13] indeed
03:13:24PrimeHex[14:13] heh
03:13:26PrimeHex[14:13] * GodEater hasn't used ";" in a script for years
03:13:33Soapa restore is in progress. On a different note: PrimeHex this is a logged channel. Do you mind greatly A) not spamming it. B) putting together coherent sentances and more than two fricking words per line?
03:14:11SoapIf you want to point out a quote like that again - either refer people to the log - or use pastebin.
03:14:29PrimeHexwasn't sure where to find the log at
03:14:35pixelmaand for further references you could post the forum link ;)
03:14:39Overandalso what weird client is that?
03:14:39PrimeHexi just had it in notepad
03:14:51PrimeHexor whomever's that is?
03:14:58OverandYeah, what client did that log come from?
03:14:59argoneli had just had the luck to read the as3514 news before it was gone
03:15:02PrimeHexI use xchat, it's the only decent windows irc program
03:15:15PrimeHexI'd assume irssi
03:15:17PrimeHexor something
03:15:19PrimeHexcustom theme
03:15:20OverandPrimeHex: if I had to IRC from windows, I'd use irssi
03:15:23SoapI don't really care where you had it - you need to stop putting short phrases on ten different lines, keep the conversation on topic, and STOP SPAMMING.
03:15:25 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:15:38PrimeHexwhat's wrong with using more then one line
03:15:48PrimeHexit uses the same amount of space storage-wise if that's what you're poking at
03:15:52 Join Mouser_X [0] (
03:16:01Mikachubecause we have to read as slowly as you type
03:16:16argoneland miss things others said because what you said scrolled it off
03:16:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:16:49 Join phrozen77__ [0] (
03:17:12OverandPrimeHex: it's just considered proper irc ettiqute- especially on channels that are topical. it doesn't matter as much on 'chat'; channels, but this isn't one of those.
03:17:30Overandlots o whitespace in a conversation is disruptive, as argonel pointed out, it causes other stuff to scroll off.
03:17:33PrimeHexi've seen this place stray off topic far more times then it's been on thus far
03:18:00SoapTwo wrongs don't make a right, and you have been warned, PrimeHex.
03:18:08PrimeHex(Three lefts do!)
03:18:47Mikachuspeaking of rm, "alias rm='rm -v'" is a good one, prints each file deleted
03:19:17Mikachudoesn't help in scripts of course, but it makes it more likely you press ctrl-c in time
03:19:56PrimeHexmy favorite command
03:20:13PrimeHex(oh shit, just realized what I was doing again. It's a hard thing to stop)
03:20:29PrimeHexcat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp/
03:20:38PrimeHexI belive that's it, it makes random noise through the speakers
03:21:04PrimeHexI fall asleep to that noise, but it only runs for 15 minutes, keeping it running too long is bad.
03:21:28SoapPrimeHex: How many times do you expect to be warned?
03:21:46PrimeHexdid you not see my ( ), It's a hard thing to stop doing
03:21:46MikachuPrimeHex: every time you want to press enter, wait two seconds instead :)
03:22:14PrimeHexI did... and that's why all those lines aren't short
03:22:14 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
03:23:38PrimeHexIs there any support for multiple levels of transparency? (besides just the bright pink?)
03:23:43 Join debauched_sloth [0] (
03:23:51OverandI have similar habits, but that's because most of my time on IRC is on 'chat' channels on efnet and whatnot.
03:26:15PrimeHexI don't understand how a company like Microsoft manages to do so many things wrong. I'm serious too, not the random "LOL MICRO$OFT SUCKS", it just makes me mad some of the things they try to do and how poorly executed they are.
03:26:55debauched_sloth PrimeHex: you have not worked for a large company then
03:27:17safetydanBig companies have a lot of conflicting interests. The bigger the company, the less coherent they'll be.
03:27:17debauched_slothbecause they really do a lot right, and that is amazing
03:27:29debauched_slothand when they do it wrong, it's easy to see why
03:28:18AnendramThe only reason I have stayed with windows is for games... Linux seems a lot better for almost everything else.
03:28:23PrimeHexTo me, it seems like all the small things bring them down, sure the big things are nice. Although I think if I were a company like Microsoft I'd hire an entire other company to do nothing but fix the small things.
03:29:11Overandmicrosoft does some stuff fine
03:29:19Overandword 97 was a great word processor, for example. =]
03:29:21debauched_slothwindows is better for almost all media manipulation, for normal people
03:29:35debauched_slothmaybe the mac, too, I know not about that
03:29:39PrimeHexOSX beats windows at media without a doubt.
03:29:49 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:29:49Overanddebauched_sloth: Yeah, I'm an audio engineer, spend almost all my tine on windows machines. I actually don't like using macs for audio.
03:30:09perldiverOverand finally a word of sense
03:30:20PrimeHexAll the big guys I know use OSX for media applications.
03:30:39OverandPrimeHex: Guess what- 16 bit audio at 44.1khz sounds exactly the same on intel as on ppc as on arm, as on linux as on BSD as on windows
03:30:44debauched_sloththe thing is, people look at OSX or Linux or whatever and say, why not?
03:31:05debauched_sloththen they dick around for days with, say, movie playback
03:31:06PrimeHexOverand: but most find it faster/easier to modify on OSX
03:31:10Soapwell, unpatched Linux has a latency problem for why-not +1
03:31:12 Quit fasmaie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:31:13debauched_slothand that JUST WORKS with windows
03:31:15AnendramI hate Mac's new commercials :\ But they make me laugh at the same time @_@
03:31:26PrimeHexVery true @ linux latency
03:31:28OverandIt all comes down to how good the apps you get to work with audio are. Macs may be marginally 'better' when it comes to capturing audio, what with having better support for a lot of devices, actually
03:31:31debauched_slothand I think, why not? hey, THAT was obvious
03:31:39Overandbut- PrimeHex most mac apps are written to be used with one mouse button
03:31:43PrimeHexI had to go out and buy another sound card to do my mix sessions when I stream trance/DnB
03:31:44Overandand sorry, it's not 1984 anymore
03:31:53argonel*gasp* one button isn't enough?
03:32:07OverandI've used logic and ffrankly it made me want to yank out my eyes.
03:32:11AnendramI don't like how Macs can't be upgraded. That's the main reason I won't ever buy one.
03:32:23OverandI work almost exclusively in adobe audition, previously 'cool edit pro'
03:32:24 Quit phrozen77_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:32:42PrimeHexIt's not very often that you actually have to upgrade a mac
03:32:42OverandIt's a good multitrack app with a good '2-track' (destructive wave) editor
03:32:49debauched_slothmacs are nice, but the last bunch we've bought are all sitting around as not stable
03:32:58debauched_slothall over heat
03:33:07OverandPrimeHex: Yes, because when you own a macintosh, the great crawl of system requirements and clock speeds somehow stops
03:33:17debauched_slothI have no doubt our experience is wrong, etc
03:33:24AnendramBut when they do need upgraded, you have to buy a whole new, overpriced, Mac. @_@
03:33:24debauched_slothbut Apple told us to screw
03:33:33debauched_slothDell just replaced the machines
03:33:35OverandI've got a 12" Powerbook G4 1.33
03:33:40PrimeHexYou can upgrade ram fairly easily
03:33:56Overandit's fine, but when i bought it (used) the first thing i di was yank the (failing) 4200rpm drive and replaced it with a 7200 one
03:34:06argoneldebauched_sloth: what macs are those?
03:34:23debauched_slothso we have cool mac powerbooks, that do not work
03:34:27debauched_slothand dells that do
03:34:41debauched_slothpowerbook, what, what's the latest cool powerbook? that one
03:34:46PrimeHexok guys, I have to go, i"ll talk to you all later
03:34:48PrimeHexthanks again
03:34:50 Quit PrimeHex ("Leaving")
03:34:59argonelno powerbooks anymore
03:35:07argonel"macbook pro"?
03:35:14 Join fasmaie [0] (
03:35:17debauched_slothmacbook, whatever
03:35:18argonelduo or 2 duo?
03:35:23debauched_sloth2 duo
03:35:33argonelhow many?
03:35:37debauched_sloth6 or so
03:35:48argoneldid you yell?
03:35:48 Quit Anendram ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
03:35:51 Join voltagex [0] (
03:35:57debauched_slothyell? yes
03:36:04debauched_slothapple said, meh
03:36:11voltagexwhoa, how'd the server get wiped?
03:36:17debauched_slothdell said "how may we help you, sir"
03:36:18safetydanvoltagex, bug in a script
03:36:20argoneldon't yell :)
03:36:22safetydanthere's a forum thread about it
03:36:53voltagexoh well, backups are good
03:37:17voltagexthanks, I was about to search for is
03:38:07KCCahh so it wasnt a hack
03:38:10argonelproblem with that quote is the answer for "Any irreperable damage?" is absent :)
03:38:12KCCthats comforting, if nothing else
03:39:34 Part pixelma
03:39:43voltagexwell the most important thing isSVN's intact
03:39:55Overandthat would have sucked
03:40:03Overandthough there are people out there with relatively recent source tarballs i'm sure
03:40:17Overandwhat a nightmare that would have been though
03:40:28voltagexany word on how the backup is going?
03:40:36voltagexrestore I mean
03:41:19safetydanvoltagex, since it's around 2am in the parts of Europe where the server is, I don't think we'll be hearing much for a few hours
03:41:37voltagexah timezones
03:41:48voltagexsee it's Monday 1341hrs here
03:41:49KCCgotta love em
03:42:06safetydanvoltagex, so that puts you in NSW or VIC then :)
03:42:49voltagexsafetydan: well done, for $500 000 lock in your choice and we'll find out after the break
03:43:08voltagexwow, Gigabeat F40's are still going cheap on ebay
03:43:14voltagex(hint, check my hostmask)
03:43:26voltagexI think.
03:43:55voltagexhmm normally it has a .nsw in there :P
03:44:09voltagexI'm down here in sunny Narooma
03:51:40argonelhappy monday :)
03:57:16 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
04:05:25tanqwhat menu lets me browse the music on my ipod..
04:05:45tanqi either messed something up or this isn'y intuitive
04:07:11tanqThis is pretty slick though.
04:08:48Soapread the manual about "Database" (assuming your music was put on the iPod by iTunes)
04:10:03voltagexdoes the Gigabeat F60 run rockbox or is it only the F40
04:10:42hcsit think it runs on the whole F series
04:13:58 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
04:14:01 Join XavierGr [0] (
04:14:35 Join funky_ [0] (
04:15:29tanqman this is way better than the apple os
04:18:13 Join relaxed_ [0] (n=relaxed@unaffiliated/relaxed)
04:19:29tanqSoap: got it. Thanks.
04:20:18 Quit relaxed_ (Client Quit)
04:21:16 Join AndreSmith [0] (
04:24:48 Part AndreSmith
04:25:10 Quit funky_ ("leaving")
04:26:39fasmaievoltagex: It runs on all the F series
04:26:46fasmaieQuite well, too
04:27:05voltagexfasmaie: well when you've got a 300mhz processor to play with it should run well!
04:27:18fasmaievoltagex: Yes it should
04:29:16voltagexI want my damn 25fps mpeg playback
04:30:45 Quit relaxed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:32:30 Join relaxed [0] (n=relaxed@unaffiliated/relaxed)
04:45:52 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
04:47:52 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:47:56 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
04:48:46hcsany advice on how I can preserve the disassembly for a plugin for examination?
04:48:52hcs*codec, rather
04:51:10 Quit fasmaie ()
04:58:50 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
05:00:39 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
05:01:28 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
05:10:53 Join qwm [0] (
05:11:02qwmhe finally came crawling back! victory is mine!
05:11:09 Part qwm
05:12:19 Join trypee [0] (
05:12:48 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
05:12:52 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
05:12:54 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
05:15:38JdGordonhey all... anyone feel like testng a patch?
05:16:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:20:52 Join combrains [0] (
05:23:35combrainsoops - what happened to the webserver? did it fall outta the sky completley?
05:25:33JdGordonno, some shmuch hacked it again through twiki
05:25:45Mikachuactually zagor deleted it all by himself
05:26:03JdGordonoh he did?
05:26:10Mikachuscripting error :)
05:26:16combrainsoops :P
05:27:06combrainsit happens to the best of us :)
05:27:21Mikachubasically they did cd dir; rm *, but dir didn't exist
05:27:30JdGordonoh ouch
05:29:32combrainsdarn it - I wanted to submit my battery bench this arvo too
05:29:35combrainsoh well
05:29:39JdGordonyou can
05:29:47JdGordonoh no ignorem me
05:29:53JdGordoni was going to say fs was still up
05:30:01JdGordonbut you prob mean time.. not patch
05:32:10combrainsyeah - time
05:33:02combrainsIts wierd - on the gb bootloader without CPU scaling I got around 15.5 hrs but with scaling I only got around 13
05:40:32 Join Alonea [0] (
05:42:12perldiverim with you on that
05:42:20perldiveri got 3 hours more without scaling
05:42:50combrainsits strange - I thought it would last longer
05:42:53 Join relaxed_ [0] (n=relaxed@unaffiliated/relaxed)
05:47:23 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
05:48:27 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
05:48:44 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
05:52:15combrainsfire away
05:52:26tanqi modified the background.bmp in one of the themes and now it appears that the theme doesnt work.
05:53:00tanqi thought it was a bit curious since it is just an image and the rendering of the text should be completely separate, right?
05:53:24 Quit EnterUserName ("Lost terminal")
05:53:28 Quit relaxed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:53:53combrainsyes, did you anly modify the original bmp or replace it with a new one?
05:54:16tanqreplaced it with a new bmp
05:54:53combrainsis the new one the same name and the right dimensions?
05:54:58tanqi.e. took the original modified it and overwrote it..
05:55:03tanqyeah the image displays fine.
05:55:17tanqthe text flickers in and out now though.. if it displays at all.
05:55:49tanqsomes songs wont display and some do the flicker only for part of the theme
05:56:08tanqi bet the bmp is too large
05:56:17combrainsmight be
05:56:18tanqmeaning the filesize is too large.
05:56:32combrainsyeah - I got that
05:57:15combrainsthe bmp has to be no more than 16 bit too iirc
05:58:26perldiveri believe 24bit is allowed as well
05:58:57combrainsbut doesnt that generally make the filesize too big?
05:59:07perldiverdepends on the picture
06:02:02tanqany idea how to check the bits in gimp?
06:04:27tanqwell I think gimp does 24bit by default
06:08:00 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:08:05 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:08:08 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:14:10 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
06:20:45 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:20:45 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:21:02 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:31:42 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (n=veseliq@
06:34:22 Quit Alonea ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
06:36:14JdGordonanyone feel like testing a patch?
06:36:26hcswhat for?
06:36:45JdGordonremoving the config block... all settings get saved to a .cfg file now
06:36:55JdGordonfs 6557 or i can compile for you
06:37:24hcsI'm in the middle of testing something else, is it just a matter of seeing if it works?
06:37:47JdGordonpretty much
06:38:06JdGordonjust need to know if you notice anything funny, or major slowdowns
06:38:44 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
06:41:08hcsnow building for ipod color
06:41:45JdGordonbefore you put it on your ipod, save your config to /.roockbox/conffig.cfg
06:42:09hcsmy mother didn't raise no fool
06:44:25JdGordonhcs: oh, ipods dont boost yet do they?
06:44:47LloreaniPods have boosted for a long time.
06:45:05hcsjust not terribly stably
06:45:21JdGordonoh ok... hcs: please check if it is boosted after boot, my h300 for some reason is and im not sure why
06:45:42Lloreanhcs: The instability is only on the 4G/Photo/Mini1G ones though
06:47:51 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
06:47:54 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:47:58 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
06:50:12 Join Rob222241 [0] (
06:51:34 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:51:47hcsuh, it is scanning disc for some reason
06:51:58hcsthough I don't have dir cache
06:52:08hcsI guess I reload my config first
06:52:23JdGordontagcache maybe?
06:53:47hcsit is still doing autoplay for some reason
06:53:56hcsand using some odd WPS
06:54:12hcsand a modified title bar
06:54:23hcsand I can hear nothing
06:54:39hcsit looks like it may be recording, actually
06:54:51hcsyeah, that's it
06:55:01hcsI've never seen the recording screen before
06:55:38 Quit mathgl ("Quitte")
07:00:40 Quit combrains (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:00:45 Quit slimeball (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:00:46 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:03:32 Join combrains [0] (
07:05:35 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
07:05:35 Part Llorean
07:06:00JdGordonhcs: hmm... ok, something is actually wrong
07:07:26 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:16:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:17:04 Quit blue_lizard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:18:21 Part KCC
07:23:00 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:23:12 Quit toffe ("MegaIRC v3.27")
07:23:18 Join Mouser_X [0] (
07:23:26 Quit Vyrus001 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:23:53 Quit tanq (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:30:15 Join kaaloo [0] (
07:30:31 Part kaaloo
07:33:50 Quit combrains (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:34:42 Join combrains [0] (
07:41:20 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:45:40 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
07:46:49 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
07:53:18 Join Redbreva [0] (
07:54:16CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:54:16*JdGordon crashed ROLO!
07:54:53 Join matsl [0] (
08:04:06 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
08:07:33JdGordonok, who decided to use off/on instead of yes/no in the configs???
08:09:11tsuyoshiit was me
08:09:14tsuyoshisorry about that
08:13:30JdGordonok, well now I could really do with some testers....
08:15:17 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
08:15:18 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
08:16:01DogBoyfor what JdGordon
08:16:09JdGordona biggish patch
08:16:39JdGordon[16:36:47] <JdGordon> removing the config block... all settings get saved to a .cfg file now
08:18:18Redbrevaif you have a build, I am happy to use it on the Nano.
08:18:33JdGordoncoming up...
08:18:57 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
08:19:29sneakumsclearly they should say Affirmative/Negatory
08:20:39JdGordonRedbreva:"> save your config to /.rockbox/config.cfg first please
08:20:45hcsshould I be able to output 8 bit PCM from a codec?
08:24:17RedbrevaOK, rockbox back up and running (with default config by the look of it)
08:25:11RedbrevaAhh - unable to load a theme!
08:25:44RedbrevaNo - not quite tru, the theme loads but WPS does not change
08:26:38Redbrevareloaded saved config, and again seems all execept WPS came back
08:26:51JdGordonok ta
08:27:00 Join Audioengineer [0] (
08:27:01JdGordonI thought i had wps working last night :'(
08:29:35Redbrevahmm, no entry for WPS in the (new) .cfg file
08:31:41JdGordonyeah, I just noticed that also... im checking why
08:35:17 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
08:35:59amiconnBagder: What's up with the download+build server?
08:36:26RedbrevaJdGordon: OK, all back and working on previous version.. Have to go now ;-)
08:36:42JdGordonok, thanks Redbreva
08:40:08 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
08:40:11 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
08:42:04 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
08:42:10 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.76 [Firefox]")
08:42:23 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:42:39 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:43:05 Quit Audioengineer ("Rockbox Rocks :)")
08:44:18 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
08:44:52 Quit combrains (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:49:17 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
08:51:04 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
08:51:05 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
08:52:16JdGordonwould there be any objection to adding laptop friendly keys to the ui sim?
08:52:22JdGordoni.e no numpad
08:52:45amiconnThey're already there for most buttons
08:52:55amiconnSome are missing and could be added
08:52:55JdGordonthey are+
08:53:31JdGordonok, i might have to add them... toggling numlock on this keyboard is a bit irritating
08:53:33amiconnThe directions are also mapped to the cursor keys
08:53:51amiconnPlay/select (depending on target) is mapped to Space
08:54:09amiconnMenu (most targets) is mapped to Ins
08:54:09 Quit Redbreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:54:52LinusNstop = Q iirc
08:55:00LinusNor is it A?
08:55:03amiconnand Off/Stop is mapped to Return
08:55:55JdGordonits the F keys... not set out very logically.. but good enough
08:56:14 Quit Echelon (Remote closed the connection)
08:56:15JdGordonLinusN: its a..
08:58:31amiconnJdGordon: Hmm, F keys might not always be logical, but consistent across keyboard locales
08:58:42JdGordonI have a phantom code bug... somehow the wps file buffer is being set to 0's inside my loop, while every other filename buffer stays fine :'(
08:58:57JdGordonamiconn: yeah, i guess so, ill put some stickers on them to rememebr
08:59:26JdGordonis global_settings.wps_file in some magical memory area? (sim included? )
08:59:43amiconnHmm, and for the archos recorders, F1..F3 _are_ logical :)
09:03:02JdGordonis it too early to ask for code help? I have no idea where my bug is :'(
09:03:22JdGordon bug is explained under the code snippet
09:04:40 Join daurn [0] (i=quae@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
09:06:42 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
09:06:47 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
09:06:49 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
09:07:59LinusNJdGordon: ((char*)settings[i].setting)
09:07:59LinusN [settings[i].filename_setting->max_len] = '\0';
09:08:04 Quit daurn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:08:10LinusNdoesn't that go beyond the buffer?
09:08:36JdGordon:) i knew i needed a second set of eyes
09:09:33 Join daurn [0] (n=quae@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
09:09:50JdGordonall hail the mighty LinusN :D
09:10:30hcshi linusN, may I bug you about SPC again?
09:11:04hcs(I'm working on SPC now, sort of taken over my mind)
09:11:38 Join Wiwie [0] (
09:16:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:17:38LinusNhcs: sure, bug me all you want :-)
09:17:59hcslook at my patch
09:18:20hcsFS #6122
09:19:17 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
09:20:14*Mouser_X also encourages LinusN to commit said NSF patch...
09:22:15 Join n1s [0] (
09:22:28LinusNhcs: well it does break a few of the CONTRIBUTING guidelines, but i guess that's a heritage from notso fatso
09:22:51hcsthe variable naming, i take it
09:22:59LinusNyes mostly
09:23:02hcsI did clean it up a lot
09:23:07n1sJdGordon: your latest patch doesn't have the settings_list.[ch] files
09:23:23*JdGordon is going to throw something at this damn computer
09:23:25JdGordonok, 1 min
09:23:37 Join Bagderr [0] (i=d94e2a0b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:23:56LinusNhcs: we tend to be less stringent about this on imported source code, since it makes it easier to merge patches to the original codec
09:24:34JdGordonn1s: ok done
09:24:40*n1s tests
09:25:49LinusNhcs: the indentation seems off iin some places
09:26:16LinusNplenty of floating point
09:26:20 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
09:26:42hcsnot anywhere where it is a problem at runtime
09:26:52LinusNyes, i can see that
09:27:13hcscould you point out where indentation needs cleaning?
09:28:23LinusNwell, the general style in rockbox is to have conditional blocks on separate lines
09:29:01LinusNbut we have no specific rules about it
09:29:03n1shmmm, about every other build i make with make -j fails :-(
09:29:10LinusNif(!bFileLoaded) return;
09:30:46LinusNan example of indentation is on line 1956
09:31:15LinusNhmmm, that switch() looks horrible
09:31:50LinusNi guess the indentation is correct if you expand the hideous macro
09:33:01LinusNa nice example of non-KISS source code
09:33:04 Quit barrywardell ()
09:33:43hcsvery common in emulators
09:34:21LinusNline 4497 is off as well
09:34:46LinusNstill, i'm not going to pe picky about such trivial details
09:36:27n1sJdGordon: Seems to be working nicely now, got to go but will test more later
09:36:31 Part n1s
09:36:44daurnJdGordon: hi!
09:37:07JdGordonhas anyone else noticed svn rockbox stays boosted after boot?
09:38:17LinusNJdGordon: since when?
09:38:27LinusNi don't see it on my ipod 5g
09:39:08daurnJdGordon: did you wanna have a go at my gmini?
09:39:20JdGordonLinusN: I dunno, i noticed it yesterday and thought it might be my patch, but its on a week-old svn build, looking for a usb cable so i can test current svn
09:40:14JdGordondinner... bbs
09:44:01 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
09:44:32Genre9mp3JdGordon: boost_counter 0 right after boot, here
09:45:28Genre9mp3with a build 4 days old, though
09:49:52 Join combrains [0] (
09:50:31 Join bluebrother [0] (i=Mx1uHm2H@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
09:52:39 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:52:59 Quit daurn ("I wonder where that fish could be")
09:53:30JdGordonLinusN: week old because i forgot to svn up before compiling....
09:53:58JdGordonbut i figured its still there because it is in the patched version which doesnt have a single cpu_boost() cal in the patch so it shouldnt make a diff
09:54:42combrainssloth - you around?
09:54:54JdGordonand yes... clean svn does have the extra boost :'(
10:01:26LinusNcan anyone explain why sandisk specifies a maximum operating altitude for their usb flash memories (3048m)?
10:01:45LinusNmax storage altitude 12192m
10:01:51hcsany higher might depressurize and let out the magic smoke
10:02:21combrainscalling debauched_sloth. you here?
10:05:16*LinusN is watching simulated cloud formations
10:06:49 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
10:08:31 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
10:10:36combrainshey mouser_X3
10:11:01hcsi think he just auto reconnected
10:11:52combrainsyeh - but anyways - I know he's a gigabeat user and Im curious to know if he's done a battery benchmark wiht cpu scaling
10:12:40markuncombrains: the results of the benchmarks were verying a lot, we'll do some proper measurements soon
10:12:57combrainsah i see
10:14:08combrainsdo they vary on the same machiene? or are there just big variations between users
10:14:53combrainsim just curiouse
10:14:54markunwell, perldriver got a few hours less and someone else (don't remember who) got about 45 minutes more
10:15:17combrainshmm ok
10:15:35markunperl also added the album art patch, not sure how that influenced playback time
10:15:52 Join ender` [0] (n=ender@
10:15:56combrainsI did a benchmark today and also got a few hours less
10:16:04markunmeasuring the amperes should give us a better picture
10:16:05combrainswith a standard build
10:16:21combrainsyes - I'm guessing it will
10:16:30markuncombrains: if turns our we use more we'll just disable the feature again
10:16:50combrainsyou'd think that it wpuld use less
10:17:12combrainsbut computters are suck fickle things :)
10:17:29 Join barrywardell [0] (
10:18:24amiconnlinuxstb__: wanna test something?
10:18:56*amiconn would like to see the optimised PP ata transfer tested on several targets
10:19:03combrainsBTW markun, have there been any notable comits in the last 24 hrs? I'm just wondering if its worth me doing an SVN up
10:19:46Bagderr"svn st -u"
10:19:51amiconnPreferably at least one of each PP5002, PP5020, PP5021. PP5022 is already tested :)
10:20:02Bagderrcombrains: saves you from asking
10:20:31combrainsyeah but to do that I have to start my VM and that takes about 5 mins
10:20:44amiconn5 mins??
10:21:06LinusNamiconn: i can test 5020
10:21:21*amiconn thinks G5 is PP5021
10:21:38bluebrotherBagderr: I worked on using the svn revision number as version information on the weekend
10:21:44amiconn5020 would be ipod G4, Mini G1 or the H10
10:21:58bluebrothercurrently I use "r-<release>-<YYMMDD>" as string
10:22:16bluebrotherunfortunately, this doesn't fit on the player. All other targets are fine.
10:22:29 Quit combrains ("Rockbox Rocks :)")
10:23:14 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:23:32 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
10:24:19LinusNamiconn: ah, config-ipodvideo.h says PP5020, but only because it is register compatible with 5021
10:24:41LinusNstill want me to test?
10:24:58LinusNwhere is the patch?
10:25:06LinusNor is it in svn?
10:25:25Bagderrbluebrother: maybe we can pass in the plain rev number as well and use that for the player and the longer for all the rest
10:25:28*barrywardell can test 5020
10:25:57 Join Mouser_X [0] (
10:25:57amiconnLinusN: Yes, they're register compatible. config-mini2g.h also says PP5020 while it's actually PP5022
10:26:02amiconnPreparing patch...
10:27:37bluebrotherhmm. Currently I use the VERSION variable in the Makefile.
10:27:50bluebrotherhow is the BUILDDATE variable used?
10:27:52 Join kaaloo [0] (
10:28:41*bluebrother goes looking into the sources
10:28:59amiconnI also have a test plugin that can test both speed and reliability. It's not included in the patch itself
10:30:37amiconnAttn: you'll need 300MB free space or the reliability test will fail. Speed test needs free space the same size as the buffer
10:32:43amiconnbluebrother: We could also make it scroll on the player
10:34:07bluebrotherhmm, grepping for VERSION isn't fun ...
10:34:09Bagderrah, that's indeed a better idea
10:36:14amiconnThe scrolling?
10:37:15JdGordoncan I commit a new cpu_boost tracker?
10:37:36JdGordonthread.c:674 seems to be an unmatched boost on the h300
10:38:32 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:43:03 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:46:57LinusNJdGordon: only on the h300?
10:47:29JdGordonI dunno, i havnt checked any other targets
10:51:31LinusNamiconn: Create: 5277 Kbyte/s
10:51:46LinusNamiconn: Write A: 5796 Kbyte/s
10:52:03LinusNamiconn: Write U: 5796 Kbyte/s
10:52:21LinusNamiconn: Read A: 2200 Kbyte/s (!!!)
10:52:40LinusNamiconn: Read U: 2151 Kbyte/s (!!!)
10:52:49amiconnYes, read is slower than write
10:53:02amiconn...with or without optimisation
10:53:08LinusNhow come?
10:53:10JdGordonany objections to fs 6560? a simple cpu_boost tracker which doesnt affect non logf builds
10:53:21linuxstb__amiconn: Is there a reason you've called it ata-pp.c and not ata-arm.c ?
10:53:25LinusNJdGordon: commit it if it works
10:53:45amiconnNot sure, i guess it's because writes are buffered
10:53:52JdGordonhave a look first... it works but im not sure if you like how its done
10:53:58linuxstb__I mean ata-as-pp.S
10:55:04gamkillerHey lads. My iRiver died a few weeks ago (seemed like a hardware fault), but I updated rockbox and now it's kicking again. Kind of a fuzzy resolve, but I forgot which people I spoke to.
10:55:44amiconnlinuxstb__: Yes. (1) it contains the ata data port address which is PP specific. (2) The only other arm target with ata is the gigabeat, which already does optimised ata (with dma)
10:56:05markunamiconn: will you commit test_disk.c to svn?
10:56:16markunsounds like a useful tool
10:56:17barrywardellamiconn: i have H10 results with your test
10:56:27barrywardellwithout patch:
10:56:34barrywardellcreate 9078
10:56:40barrywardellwrite a 12153
10:56:46barrywardellwrite u 8091
10:56:57barrywardellread a 5279
10:57:03barrywardellread u 4491
10:57:05amiconnmarkun: I pondered doing so. That was in fact the reason why I combined 2 of my test plugins into one, with a proper menu and some other fixes (e.g. cleaup at the end)
10:57:18 Join jba [0] (
10:57:23 Quit bluebrother (Remote closed the connection)
10:57:26 Join jba_ [0] (
10:57:31amiconnbarrywardell: Wow, 12MB/s write (!)
10:57:35 Quit jba_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:58:06LinusNJdGordon: is it really interesting to have it track only the first 32 calls to cpu_boost?
10:58:08amiconnbarrywardell, LinusN: Please also run the reliability test. There should be no error
10:58:30JdGordonLinusN: what max should it be?
10:58:39jbastill with the server wipe
10:58:46jbawonder who did the rm -rf / ?
10:59:01barrywardellamiconn: yes, i'm very surprised by the speed
10:59:18LinusNJdGordon: i meant why the *first* and not the last
10:59:54barrywardellamiconn: asm optimised version:
10:59:59barrywardellcreate 9218
11:00:04barrywardellwrite a 12303
11:00:10JdGordonLinusN: because ts easier to code... but yeah, your right
11:00:12barrywardellwrite u 12303
11:00:17barrywardellread a 6281
11:00:27barrywardellread u 6064
11:04:54barrywardellamiconn: test passed!
11:05:22 Part Llorean
11:05:38amiconnnice :)
11:06:17amiconnWrite speed seems to be limited by the disk with the patch
11:06:30amiconnSame as on my mini, only at a higher level...
11:07:34amiconnLinusN, barrywardell: Are these speeds boosted or unboosted?
11:07:54markunamiconn: should you code also work on other ARM targets or are there any PP specific things in there?
11:08:03LinusNamiconn: ah, i have to boost manually?
11:08:09barrywardellamiconn: h10 always runs boosted
11:09:06amiconnmarkun: The code should work on other arm targets provided (1) the port address is adjusted, (2) they're little endian (3) ata is mmio
11:09:07LinusNi don't even know how to boost manually on the 5g
11:09:25amiconnThe same way as on irivers, X5, ...
11:09:37amiconnJust the wheel is mapped the wrong way round
11:09:57amiconnbarrywardell: Oh? That's bad for battery runtime...
11:10:11LinusNok, i got it
11:10:20LinusNcreate: 9799
11:10:26LinusNwrite a: 12801
11:10:34LinusNwrite u: 13136
11:10:40LinusNread a: 4470
11:10:50LinusNread u: 4483
11:11:29amiconnNice speeds :)
11:11:56amiconnHowever, it looks like if we knew more about the PP, we could get even better speed
11:12:20amiconnRead speed difference between H10 and G5 is rather large
11:12:22barrywardellamiconn: yes. but with frequency scaling enabled it doesn't run long enough for battery time to matter ;)
11:13:10amiconnbarrywardell: If I had a PP5020 target, I'd consider fixing frequency scaling top priority...
11:14:12 Quit MarcoPolo (Remote closed the connection)
11:15:11 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
11:16:16 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
11:16:31 Join Abcminiuser [0] (
11:16:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:17:47 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:17:50barrywardelli had a go at luck yet
11:18:18LinusNamiconn: test passed
11:18:32 Quit Abcminiuser (Client Quit)
11:19:26amiconnLinusN: Goodie
11:19:47amiconnNow only PP5002 is missing.... guess I hafta wait for dan_a
11:20:06linuxstb__amiconn: I've found the G5 much faster when running the Apple firmware than my Photo (e.g. when booting). So it could be hardware issues, rather than us doing something wrong.
11:20:40linuxstb__(talking about disk access speed)
11:21:32amiconnBut here it's the other way round...
11:22:32 Join daurn [0] (i=quae@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
11:27:29linuxstb__Here are the results for my 30GB 5g - I'm just about to do the Photo tests now.
11:30:55 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
11:32:27 Join subson [0] (n=ju@
11:35:37 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:36:03GodEaterhurrah - thanks Bagder ;)
11:36:12 Quit gotthardt_ ("adios!")
11:38:32JdGordonLinusN: ok, I changed it to remember the last 64 boost calls... commit?
11:39:39 Quit daurn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:40:02GodEaterLlorean: I managed to snag a gigabeat for $146 including shipping to the UK.
11:40:48amiconnlinuxstb: Hmm, the photo is way slower than the H10... really odd...
11:42:44GodEaterwhat are the "a" and "u" in those reports amiconn ?
11:42:54LloreanGodEater: I'm guessing Aligned and Un
11:43:02GodEaterof course
11:43:09LloreanBut that's a guess, because I see those words so often in here. :)
11:43:11DataGhosthey GodEater :)
11:43:23markunGodEater: hmm, why is everyone so interested in the Gigabeat these days :)
11:43:23GodEaterI'm guessing you're correct though
11:43:31GodEatermorning DataGhost ;)
11:43:45DataGhostdo you have an iPod? :)
11:44:04DataGhostbecause I either forgot or never saw you mention anything about it
11:44:12GodEaterI'm trying to beat Lloread on number of rockbox platforms owned :)
11:44:23LloreanI'm not the one to be beat, I'm sure.
11:44:24GodEateryes DG - I've got the 80GB - same as you
11:44:29DataGhostah ok
11:44:34DataGhostmind giving my loader a try?
11:44:40GodEatersure :)
11:44:46DataGhostthis night, it failed on DerPapst's 80GB because his MBR was different
11:44:50DataGhostthat should have been fixed nwo
11:44:50GodEaterthere's no ext3 partition though - so no iPL booting
11:44:56DataGhostdoesn't matter :)
11:45:09*GodEater fishes for cables
11:45:13DataGhostit should be able to boot the apple OS.. it'll even detect rockbox from fat32 :)
11:45:40GodEaterI should probably try putting a rockbox image on there then :)
11:45:48amiconnGodEater: Yes, aligned and unaligned
11:45:48GodEaterand give it something to detect
11:45:58DataGhostor a linux.bin
11:46:00DataGhostit'll detect that aswell
11:46:10amiconnmarkun: I would be interested in speed results from the gigabeat...
11:46:10DataGhostbut panic when mounting the root disk :)
11:46:35GodEaterright - gimme a sec
11:46:36 Quit jba (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:46:38amiconnI think the unaligned part could be adapted for it. I know that aligned is handled with dma
11:46:44 Join daurn [0] (i=quae@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
11:46:49DataGhost38.99.76.9 - - [22/Jan/2007:11:46:29 +0100] "GET /ipl/boot2/IMG_7621c.jpg HTTP/1.0" 200 29555 "-" "ImageShack Image Fetcher 1.0"
11:46:56DataGhostgood thing I put my signature on my pictures :o
11:47:11GodEaterah - you'll need to gimme a binary
11:47:15GodEaterI've no iPL toolchain
11:47:21DataGhostthat's even easier then :)
11:47:28GodEaterwhich is why I never helped you with fixing Loader2 myself
11:47:28DataGhosthold on
11:47:40GodEaterbut thanks for the source - it'll make interesting reading
11:48:13DataGhostmake: arm-uclinux-elf-gcc: Command not found
11:48:16DataGhostduh. wrong server
11:48:56 Join daurni [0] (n=quae@
11:49:35 Quit daurn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:50:00 Join Arathis [0] (
11:50:02markunamiconn: with boosting abour 6MB for everything
11:50:20linuxstbamiconn: Stress test passed on my both Video and Photo.
11:50:20markunthat's with our DMA optimization
11:52:33 Quit daurni (Client Quit)
11:52:54 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
11:56:45 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
11:57:53GodEaterbooted apple os fine
11:58:20 Join jba [0] (
11:58:55*GodEater builds a rockbox.ipod to put on the ipod to test that bit of detection
12:00:14GodEaterwhat has DerPapst done to his MBR to stop it working then ? Is it still the manually hacked one he had when he was working out if the linux kernel would read his HD at all ?
12:00:24amiconnmarkun: For both aligned and unaligned??
12:00:32GodEateri.e. the one from the screenshots on ?
12:00:42Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
12:00:48Topic"www server wiped. restore from backup in progress." by Zagor (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
12:00:52*amiconn would expect unaligned to be significantly slower than aligned.
12:01:07amiconnALigned uses dma while unaligned uses unoptimised C code
12:01:48markunamiconn: yes, I know, very strange
12:02:36markunbut good to have your test plugin, now we can try to actually make it go faster
12:03:52GodEaterDataGhost: sweet! It detected Rockbox too!
12:04:02DataGhostit works?
12:04:07JdGordonanyone fell like discussing fs 6557?
12:04:15DataGhostnice :)
12:05:24GodEaterit could do without the "Menu: diskmode, Prev:reboot, Other cont." IMHO though
12:06:18DataGhostthat's debugging stuff
12:06:25GodEaterI gathered
12:06:37GodEaterbut I'd call that a successful test though
12:06:56GodEateryou can even attempt to boot rockbox as well as having it just detect it
12:07:08GodEaterit just fails at the MBR test (as expected) - but you get the Rockbox logo
12:07:14barrywardellmarkun: does booting the OF work on the current gigabeat bootloader? it doesn't look like it from the code...
12:07:35GodEaterhave you had it tested on other iPods yet ?
12:07:48DataGhostyes, on my 4G and on DerPapst's 5.5G 80GB
12:07:55DataGhosthe's going to test it on his 3G today
12:08:02DataGhostI haven't had any macpod to test, though
12:08:04*GodEater looks round for other volunteers with different models
12:08:22DataGhostso I installed osx on my laptop to convert my 5.5G.. but I probably told you already :)
12:08:47GodEaterI think so yes
12:09:25markunbarrywardell: no, doesn't work
12:09:36linuxstbJdGordon: What's the FOR_NB_SETTINGS() macro for?
12:09:56*JdGordon being lazy again
12:10:15barrywardellmarkun: it looks like it always reads rockbox.gigabeat for both of and rockbox booting. that can't be right
12:10:16*JdGordon has to get out of that habbit
12:10:29 Join robin0800 [0] (
12:11:42markunbarrywardell: to boot the original firmware we need to load several files into memory, unencrypt them and set some registers to the right values before executing the linux kernel (at leas that's what I think)
12:12:13markunWe can store them on the HDD unencrypted also, maybe that's easier
12:12:47markunand give them proper names like "rootfs.img" and "kernel.bin" for example
12:13:25barrywardellmarkun: ah, ok. the of loading code in there is useless then
12:13:49 Join DerPapst_ [0] (
12:14:09DerPapst_good morning :)
12:14:40markunbarrywardell: I would be more interested in booting linux as a dual boot option, but than someone first needs to do a port :)
12:15:57 Quit robin0800 ("Famous last words")
12:17:42Zagorthere will be a 1 hour and 45 minutes "data gap" due to the accident. the last backed up files were modified 03:05 and the wipe happened at 04:50.
12:17:57 Join robin0800 [0] (
12:18:09Zagorhowever, the twiki log (which survived) says there was just one single edit during that time
12:18:41linuxstbWhich file was edited?
12:18:48linuxstbAnd do you know by whom?
12:18:51markunZagor: so, did the server get hacked or was it something else?
12:18:52ZagorMajorChanges, edit by ZakkRoberts
12:18:53DerPapst_why do poeple do such a thing :8
12:19:08Zagormarkun: not hacked, foul-up by me
12:19:36Zagorbuggy cronjob ran wild
12:19:38markunDerPapst_: so, ask Zagor why he does such things :P
12:20:07Zagorthe irc log survived too, so there should be very little data loss in total
12:20:11 Quit safetydan ("Ex-Chat")
12:20:12robin0800Any estimate when it will all be back up?
12:20:25ZagorI'm extracting it right now. But it's a lot of data so it takes a while.
12:20:26DerPapst_heh... vandalized implied being hacked for me :P
12:20:33GodEaterFirst commandment of shell scripting : Thou shalt not concatenate commands with ";" but rather with "&&"
12:21:09ZagorDerPapst_: yes, I thought we had been hacked again. turns out I was, happily, wrong.
12:21:49DerPapst_"good" to hear
12:22:35GodEatertalking of vandalised.... DerPapst_ is your 80GB MBR still manually hacked ?
12:22:56DerPapst_never was manually hacked
12:23:15 Quit jba (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:23:20GodEaterah - must have been DataGhost that did that then
12:23:29DerPapst_DataaGhost hacked his mbr.
12:23:32GodEaterwonder why his new Loader2 doesn't work on yours then
12:23:35DataGhostno, heh
12:23:36DataGhostit does now
12:23:38GodEaterworks fine on mine ;)
12:23:49DataGhosthis MBR reports the correct number of logical blocks
12:23:52DerPapst_and from him are the screenshot on the 5.5G wikipage at
12:23:54DataGhostmine doesn't
12:24:13DataGhostsince I didn't check for that, his iPod tried to read the partitions 4x as far away again :)
12:24:23DataGhostNow I'm just trying them both
12:24:33DataGhostand the original layout
12:24:57DataGhostI don't recall changing that logical blocks thingy, by the way
12:25:04DataGhostit wasn't documented on wikipedia
12:25:16DataGhostso either it was that way when I got it or fdisk changed it
12:25:23barrywardellmarkun: any chance you could test FS #6554 please?
12:25:52barrywardellalso needs testing on X5, H100 and H300...
12:27:47markunbarrywardell: I'd rather not play with the bootloader right now because I will not have a way to recover here
12:28:45barrywardellmarkun: ok, np.
12:29:23DerPapst_i g2g. university. If i'm back home i'll test loader2 on my 3G
12:29:29 Part DerPapst_
12:31:08markunbarrywardell: shouldn't the patch include changes to the gigabeat bootloader?
12:31:26 Join iwantanimac [0] (
12:31:30 Join Nico_P [0] (
12:31:31markunah, forget that..
12:31:44Lloreanbarrywardell: There are _very_ few people who can safely test changes to the H100/H300 bootloader. The only recovery process is using external hardware.
12:33:00barrywardellLlorean: yes, I'm aware of that being a LinusN able to do it?
12:37:55 Part Llorean
12:38:02Nico_Pbarrywardell: AFAIK, yes, he is
12:40:15linuxstbNico_P: Hi. Any progress with the cue support?
12:40:25 Join funky_ [0] (
12:41:40Nico_Plinuxstb: hi... not really. all i've done recently was fix a small bug with the calculation of some track offsets. noting else because i was sick this week end and had some exams to study
12:42:18barrywardellNico_P: k. i'll try to catch him some time
12:42:39Nico_Pi'm having a lot of school work currently
12:42:55 Part debauched_sloth
12:43:41 Quit kaaloo ("Leaving.")
12:44:29Nico_Plinuxstb: by any chance, have you had some new ideas/discussions about how to manage cuesheets and the memory they use (and album art too) ?
12:45:48linuxstbNo. I think in the short term we have to live with extra disk spinups, and hope that metadata-on-buffer happens.
12:46:57Nico_Phmm... so you think the plugin buffer isn't a good idea ?
12:47:45linuxstbIt just feels like a hack, and a complicated one at that - needing to deal with cases where the plugin buffer is being used whilst the buffering happens etc.
12:48:44Nico_Pin the case of cuesheets, the disk spinups should be rather rare for most users
12:48:52Nico_Pso i suppose it would be acceptable
12:49:28amiconnThe playlist viewer also uses the plugin buffer, so it cannot be used for cue sheet
12:49:40Nico_Pfor album art maybe i could also try to minimise them by reserving space for 3 or 4 bitmaps
12:50:15linuxstbI think we could greatly reduce the memory usage for cuesheets though - storing the text as variable length strings, rather than fixed length.
12:50:55amiconnImho metadata on buffer should be a requirement for album art
12:50:58 Join pondlife [0] (n=Miranda@rockbox/developer/pondlife)
12:51:02Nico_Pamiconn: i agree metatdata on buffer would be better but it could work quite elegantly without
12:51:25Nico_Plinuxstb: how woud that work ?
12:51:54linuxstbMy feeling is that it's one of the most popular features in the unofficial builds, and it would be a good thing for Rockbox in general to try and reduce the demand for unofficial builds. So I'm in favour of committing a relatively inefficent version, given the requirement that there is minimal impact for people who don't use album art.
12:52:36pondlifeJdGordon: Thanks for the CPU boost tracker if you're still around..!
12:52:52Nico_Pthe impact on people who don't use it would be reduced to increased code size and an additional setting
12:53:04JdGordonlinuxstb: I disagree... but thats case i dont use AA
12:53:04pondlifeAm also checking your new settings patch
12:53:19linuxstbJdGordon: You think unofficial builds are a good thing?
12:53:45GodEaterI think he meant he'd rather not see an inefficient solution commited
12:53:53JdGordonno, but i dont think an inefficient AA should be included
12:53:57*GodEater 's psychic powers
12:54:12Nico_Plinuxstb: i agree album art should get commited (why wouldn't I ? ;) ), but i think there will still be a demand for unofficial builds no matter what
12:54:41linuxstbYes, but Album Art is a feature lots of people want - no-one can deny the demand.
12:54:41Nico_Punless we include all the patches in the tracker
12:54:42JdGordonMOB is definatly the way to go... who knows the buffer code well enough to add it tho?
12:54:43*amiconn personally thinks that both aa and cuesheet support are weird features
12:54:44GodEaterwhich solution for AA is being considered here? BMP file approach, or stored in tags ?
12:55:02linuxstbGodEater: BMP file.
12:55:14Nico_Pamiconn: color is also a weird feature to you, isn't it ? ;-)
12:55:58Nico_PJdGordon: i don't see metadata on buffer coming anytime soon
12:56:05amiconnNo, not colour in itself, although it doesn't have much value
12:56:11JdGordonNico_P: same :(
12:56:21amiconnI would be less inclined against colour if the displays were better
12:56:31markunNico_P, JdGordon: it's very difficult?
12:56:33amiconn...i.e. readable without backlight
12:56:40pondlifeIt would be good if someone just looked into the current buffering bugs before adding AA...
12:56:51Nico_Pand i'd appreiciate it a lot if i didn't have to sync my patches all the time
12:56:55JdGordonmarkun: I dont know that part of the code..
12:57:03markunamiconn: I think the ipod color has a transflexive colour display, no?
12:57:22amiconnThe video's lcd is _somewhat_ readable w/o backlight
12:57:25Nico_Pmarkun: it's quite hard even for someone who knwos the playback code
12:57:52Nico_Pbecause the playback code is a bit of a mess
12:57:54amiconnThe color's lcd is pitch black w/o backlight, same as H300 or X5
12:58:27Nico_Ppondlife: the way AA is done curently, it doesn't interfere with buffering
12:59:38 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
12:59:39pondlifeAh, ok. I was just mentioning that because I was DJing using Rockbox on 2 H340s at the weekend and all went well apart from once when one decided it wouldn't rebufffer!
13:00:08pondlifeI've seen this before, it's related to the 32-track info wraparound I think.
13:00:12markunamiconn: my friend's ipod then probably had the backlight dimmed and I just thought it was off
13:00:36Nico_Ppondlife: you know the playback code rather well, don't you ?
13:00:39pondlifeI really need to spend a day or 2 on it. Maybe a weekend at the end of Feb.
13:00:57Nico_Pthat would be great
13:01:04*pondlife has too much RLC to do unfortunately. You can guess what the C stands for.
13:04:02 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
13:05:23Nico_Plinuxstb: would you ellaborate the variable length strings idea ?
13:06:10 Join iwantanimac9363 [0] (
13:06:41 Quit iwantanimac ("iMac, out.")
13:07:05 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
13:07:17JdGordonNico_P: the idea is you have a big static array, and then when you need a string you pioint into the array at he end of the used part
13:08:00JdGordongwps uses that for the bmp buffers....
13:08:07 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:08:26Nico_Pok that's what i thought, but how is it more economical ? you still have to have enough room for the case when all strings are of max length, don't you ?
13:08:27JdGordonI personally dont like that appraoch and <ducks> would love to replace that with a proper malloc
13:08:34 Quit Wiwie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:08:41 Quit voltagex ()
13:09:11Mikachui'd like to see you malloc from an in-use ringbuffer
13:09:21JdGordonNico_P: you can potentially fit more in because all strings are not limited to MAX_LEN
13:09:37linuxstbNico_P: You don't deal with the case where all strings are max_length - instead of limiting the size of individual strings, you limit the total size of the strings.
13:09:45JdGordonMikachu: never.... the only way a malloc would work is if a pool was allocated first from the audio buffer
13:09:53linuxstbBoth cases are an artificial limit...
13:10:09Mikachuso you might allocate all that memory from the start
13:11:00Nico_Plinuxstb: i still don't see how it will save memory... with that method i'd be inclined to reserve at least as much space as what's currently reserved, if not more
13:11:04Mikachuisn't it much harder to keep track of free memory with mallocing random strings?
13:12:22Nico_Pand is a malloc in an in-use ring buffer that hard to do ?
13:12:29 Quit iwantanimac9363 ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:12:36JdGordonNico_P: I agree, but with that method there is less chance that strings wont fit, so thats a nice benefit... even tho you waste moe with storing pointers
13:12:47JdGordonmalloc in the audio buffer wont work at all
13:12:58Mikachuif you want to keep the ringbuffer contiguous, you might have to wait for music to play at times :)
13:13:52*amiconn wonders why some devs want malloc so badly
13:13:56Nico_Pi thouth it would be possible to decrease "filebuflen" to create some room after the filebuffer and if there is something there we move it to the current write position
13:14:03amiconnImho malloc only complicates things while solving nothing
13:14:06JdGordonhey pixelma, can you try out fs 6557 on your ondio and lemme know if there is speed problems like you mentioned?
13:14:18 Join iwantanimac [0] (
13:14:47Nico_Pamiconn: i don't want it particularly but i agree it would make implementing the "weird features" a bit easier
13:15:41pixelmaJdGordon: will do now... after reading n1s's first comment yesterday night I thought I would wait a bit first... ;)
13:15:49linuxstbBut wouldn't the malloc buffer need to be big enough to deal with the worst case? In which case, you can just allocate them statically.
13:16:21JdGordonpixelma: hehe, I dont think there are any bugs left... (althought i thought that last night also :'( )
13:16:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:17:16 Quit iwantanimac (Client Quit)
13:17:20Nico_Plinuxstb: yes but couln't we try to have it eat bits of the file buffer when we need them ?
13:17:34Nico_Pand then give them back
13:17:37linuxstbWhat if the file buffer is full?
13:18:07 Join iwantanimac [0] (
13:18:11Nico_Pthen we might have to sacrifice a bit of what's in it ?
13:18:19JdGordonlinuxstb: once the malloc buffer is full the feature would have to fail... my idea would mean the user would set the malloc buffer size, depending on what stuff he wants
13:18:45linuxstbNico_P: But which bit? You don't want to fragment the ringbuffer.
13:19:06 Quit iwantanimac (Client Quit)
13:19:14*Bagderr is against malloc until a really good reason is presented
13:19:14Nico_Pwe'd need to do a bit of moving...
13:19:20 Join kaaloo [0] (
13:19:39Mikachushuffling around 30MB of data isn't exactly fast
13:19:45linuxstbNico_P: But the codec could be using the data you're wanting to move...
13:19:47Nico_Pyeah, actually when i think about it, it would be a lot of moving
13:20:23 Join tanq [0] (
13:21:10Nico_PBagderr: and what's your position on commiting album art without metadata on buffer (but with a setting to disable it completely) ?
13:21:11 Part kaaloo
13:21:14GodEatermakes you wonder what people did before there was malloc()
13:22:13amiconnMemory fragmentation is a real problem with malloc on systems without mmu
13:22:35amiconnAnd embedded systems usually don't have an mmu
13:22:42linuxstbNico_P: Why do you need an explicit setting - the presence of the AA tag in the current .wps tells you if album art is enabled.
13:23:32Nico_Pthat's true, but the setting would say if we want to use buffer_alloc... i was thinking this could help reduce the disk spinups
13:24:11Nico_Pand also using only the WPS tag causes a problem (not a serious one though) with the fact of changing the WPS
13:25:24 Join Sikkan [0] (i=Monchhic@
13:25:43linuxstbBut it complicates things from a user's point of view - having to enable a setting to make their WPS work.
13:25:55JdGordonlinuxstb: yeah, if these features went in before MoB they really should have an explicit kill settng for those that dont want them
13:26:03Nico_Pi agree
13:26:37linuxstbYes, I agree, but the wps tag is enough for the album art case IMO.
13:27:41JdGordonno its not.. the point of the setting is so it knows to alloc space on boot... there should be a splash if a wps needing it is loaded and AA isnt enabed
13:28:07linuxstbBut the wps is loaded on boot, at a time when you can still do buffer_alloc.
13:28:21JdGordonoh? ok then
13:28:25Bagderrwhat data would need to be allocated?
13:28:34JdGordonspace for the images
13:28:47Bagderrisn't that supposed to be in the buffer?
13:29:01Nico_PBagderr: not until we have MoB
13:29:03JdGordonlinuxstb: you still have a problem with wps' being loaded after boot tho
13:29:14 Join iwantanimac9363 [0] (
13:29:26Bagderrright, but it feels a bit weird to hack in something this complicated just as a work-around until the real thing comes
13:29:33Nico_PJdGordon: yes but the only problem will be the disk spinning a little more often
13:29:47linuxstbJdGordon: Yes, users will need to reboot after loading a WPS with album art for the first time.
13:30:12*JdGordon agrees with Bagderr
13:30:23linuxstbIt doesn't seem complicated to me.
13:30:33Nico_PBagderr: it's not really *that* complicated
13:30:44Bagderrand also
13:30:47Nico_Pespecially that it's almost all in the patch already
13:31:05Bagderrwhen added in the bad way, thre will be next to no motivation for people to fix the problem
13:31:34 Quit barrywardell (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:32:09amiconnJdGordon: The same problem would arise with an explicit setting
13:32:15 Quit iwantanimac9363 (Client Quit)
13:32:17linuxstbMotivation doesn't help - the album art patch has been around for 8 months or so and no-one has implemented metadata on buffer.
13:32:51linuxstbmetadata-on-buffer is a good thing for lots of reasons, not just album art.
13:33:06 Join iwantanimac9363 [0] (
13:33:15 Join robin0800_ [0] (i=50034009@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:34:56JdGordondoes anyone actually know how the buffer andling works?
13:35:35JdGordonI mean, is data just copied onto it untill it runs out? or is the length of the needed chunck given?
13:36:06Nico_PJdGordon: it's a ring buffer
13:36:08amiconnMetadata on buffer would have the advantage to not wasting ram (only as many metadata slot allocated as actually used, plus one for the currently playing track, instead of a fixed number of 16 (hwcodec) or 30 (swcodec))
13:36:24preglowit would definitely be nice
13:36:33amiconnAt the same time, there wouldn't be the problem that metadata slots get used up before the buffer is full
13:36:44amiconn(the "Norwegian language course" problem)
13:36:56 Quit Brunellus (Remote closed the connection)
13:37:00 Quit robin0800_ (Client Quit)
13:37:06 Quit iwantanimac9363 (Client Quit)
13:37:39 Join iwantanimac9363 [0] (
13:38:21JdGordonNico_P: that I know.. but we can still pretend it has a set size.... so does data just get dumped onto it untill it wraps around onto itself? or does ssomething control how much goes on?
13:38:32Nico_Pi'd like to know if AA would be commited before MoB... if not i'll just sync it when it needs to be and work on other things until MoB arrives (i don't feel up to implementing MoB myself yet)
13:38:35 Quit iwantanimac9363 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:38:43 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
13:40:09Nico_PJdGordon: that i'm not sure but i suppose there is a check to prevent the write position to "overtake" the read position
13:40:30 Join Wiwie [0] (
13:40:55Nico_Pi'd be willing to adapt AA to MoB once MoB comes
13:41:43JdGordonbtw, MoB gets yucky when we think about stuff like each track may have more than 1 item of metadata on the buffer...
13:41:51JdGordonno reason why a .cue couldnt also have AA
13:43:02linuxstbThe way I see it working, is that a file would have the standard mp3info struct, plus some optional structs - cuesheet, album art, etc as needed.
13:43:04 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:43:39linuxstbThese would then need to be copied into a single static buffer when the track starts to be played (so the buffer can be freed).
13:44:34Nico_Plinuxstb: then we still have the issue of the size of that static buffer :) but i suppose it's not too important if it's only one
13:44:35Zagoraaand presto. www is back.
13:44:52Nico_PZagor: nice :)
13:45:17linuxstbNico_P: Yes, and it the extra buffers would still need to be optional, and allocated via buffer_alloc at boot.
13:45:24Nico_PZagor: maybe a little news item about how cron hacked rockbox ? :)
13:46:47 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
13:46:50preglowDuring the weekend, some idiot hacker going by the name of Cr0N hacked for dubious gains.
13:47:34preglowWe shall all endeavour to have him shot.
13:47:42JdGordonlinuxstb: na, the extra buffer would be OK to statically allocate if MoB was done imo
13:48:04JdGordonoh hang on... no scratch that
13:48:26pixelmaJdGordon: first impression after compiling a patched and unpatched version... I think the older patch saved a lot more binary size (if only I could remember the numbers...).
13:48:47JdGordonpixelma: this version only touches the settings storage.. not the menus, so there sholdnt be much difference in the bin size
13:49:42JdGordonis a ring buffer with a gap theoretically workable? (the gap being the current tracks metadata)
13:49:52pixelmamaybe my memory tricks me here
13:50:12JdGordonpixelma: as long as it doesnt increase it by heaps im happy
13:50:37 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:52:35 Join Viktor [0] (
13:52:35 Quit softi_42 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:52:35 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
13:52:37 Join softi_42 [0] (
13:52:38JdGordonok... well seen as the topic died.... anyone had any thoughts on the settings patch?
13:53:20pixelmaah... I see. So it's nice to tell you that it decreased binary size by 340 bytes for a backlight modded Ondio :)
13:53:22Viktorhi there, got a question... Does Rockbox works on s1mp3 players?
13:53:53JdGordonpixelma: woopee :D
13:53:59markunViktor: no, it doesn't
13:54:11Viktorno? mhh thanks
13:54:16markunbut I believe there is another project working on a firmware
13:54:35Topic"mpegplayer is included, you don't have to download it separately" by Zagor (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
13:54:35Viktoru mean
13:54:39 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
13:54:40markunViktor: yes
13:54:40 Quit Wiwie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:55:06muesli__Zagor how many fps on h3xx are possible so far?
13:55:31Zagorno idea. I just thought it was a useful topic :)
13:56:05linuxstbMaybe also worth saying it's incomplete and buggy and Popular Science need to do better fact checking...
13:56:09 Nick Mouser_X3 is now known as Mouser_X (
13:56:16markunViktor: are am I wrong?
13:57:13linuxstbmuesli__: The PluginMpegplayer wiki page has some speed tests on various targets.
13:57:32Viktorno it works on it, but im not sure if there is another ui for the players
13:57:41Viktorthey just work on firmware i think
13:58:11markunwhat do you mean? They modify the original firmware?
13:58:12muesli__i suppose 224x176 means full screen on h300`?
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14:02:02 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
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14:02:02 Join Bagder [0] (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
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14:02:08linuxstbmuesli__: No, it needs updating and cleaning up.
14:07:49 Join lee-qid [0] (
14:08:30Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (n=bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
14:10:17XavierGrhcs: now the SPC patch is indeed a little faster but still needs quite some optimization to be realtime on other targets except Gigabeat
14:16:01 Quit blueworm ("Leaving")
14:16:57 Part Viktor
14:17:06pixelmaJdGordon: it seems to have loaded the most visible things like font, wps, backlight from the config.cfg correctly - but not the fmr-file for the radio it says "no settings found..."
14:19:45pixelmahmm... and I don't hear my spoken menus...
14:20:27JdGordonvoice works fine here.... ill check fmr tomorow... but they should work :(
14:20:48pondlifeI'm about to try it...!
14:22:12 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
14:22:47pondlifeI get voice menus ok.
14:23:45pondlifeAlthough loading settings during playback makes the music volume very loud!
14:24:08pondlifeProbably due to enabling ReplayGain with pre-amp...
14:26:51JdGordonpondlife: you got the patch in the last comment right? the one in the topic had a bug which set the volume to 0
14:27:19pondlifeMaybe my saved CFG file had volume:0 in it.
14:27:39pondlifeHaving done a load file, I also get no voice, on menus or browser.
14:27:46pondlifeReboot didn't help either.
14:27:48pixelmaah... my voice file was just a tiny tiny bit to large (had used another lang - with a different voice file right before than what was in the config.cfg file)
14:30:19pondlifeOK, had to reload English.lng in the browser to bring voice back,.
14:30:49pondlifeSo something went wrong there. Maybe I was relying on a fallback to that in my CFG file? I'll have a look.
14:31:07pixelmahmm... maybe that was actually the same case here
14:32:26pondlifeI can repro if I reload the CFG file that was saved from the unpatched build.
14:33:18JdGordoni might have forgot to mention it reads config.cfg...
14:33:49pondlifeOK, that explains it
14:34:16 Join mako_ [0] (n=mako@
14:34:18JdGordonif it doesnt exist it loads the defaults
14:35:09pondlifeHmm, my problem started when I browsed my CONFIG11.CFG, containing the line: lang: /.rockbox/langs/english.lng
14:36:12pondlifeI can repro that by reloading the old CFG file.
14:36:28pondlifeKills voice until I load a new config, or manually set language again.
14:36:58JdGordonthats odd... that is the correct path for langs...
14:37:01pondlifeNew config contains lang: /.rockbox/langs/english.lang
14:37:07pondlifei.e. .lang vs .lng
14:37:29JdGordonwhat about with a different lang?
14:37:39JdGordonI may have added an a where it shouldnt be
14:37:44*JdGordon checks
14:37:59pondlifeI don't have any other langs installed here, sorry.
14:38:06 Quit Zagor ("Leaving")
14:38:34JdGordonyep.. my bad
14:38:55JdGordonline 591 of settings_list.c should say ".lng"
14:38:58pixelmahehe... and this even though you asked...
14:39:39JdGordonyeah, i dunno...
14:39:57JdGordonI proabbly put the a in subconsiously :'(
14:40:20 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:41:07pondlifeCool. Lunchtime now!
14:42:17JdGordonand I found the fmr problem also
14:42:32Stalwartoh, mpegplayer?
14:42:38pixelmaehm... the fmr-file seems to be similar... the path it stores is missing the "fmpresets" folder... - so instead of
14:43:35JdGordonI blame that on the path define not being in setting.h with the others
14:43:55 Quit jaebird ("Leaving")
14:44:09JdGordonnoticed anything else?
14:44:10 Join jaebird [0] (
14:45:12 Join AndreSmith [0] (
14:45:46pixelmaso far no - but I tested only what happens on load not while playing
14:46:42JdGordonoh, pixelma, what is the ata thread stack usage please?
14:47:26JdGordonI had to triple it on the had disk targets, and i doubled it on ata_mmc, but dont know if thats enough
14:48:06pixelmaerrmm... don't know where to look it up or if it even exists
14:48:55JdGordonin debug menu under os stacks?
14:49:03JdGordonor does the ondio not have that?
14:49:35JdGordonyou should have that option....
14:50:35JdGordonsorry, the thread name is mmc not ata
14:50:44*JdGordon hopes he is thinking about the right target here :p
14:50:59 Quit mako (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:51:08pixelmayes... it has the os stacks... mmc says: 45%
14:52:01JdGordonok ta
14:52:13JdGordonsounds good
14:52:53 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
14:53:01 Join Mouser_X [0] (
14:53:12 Join Arathis [0] (
14:53:29JdGordonrighto, new version which fixes the fmr and lng is on the tracker... im going to bed
14:54:00pixelmanice :) G'night.
14:54:16JdGordonlemme know if you find anything else wrong... hopefully you wont :D
14:54:23 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
14:54:39 Join hab [0] (i=c2c7fca1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:55:08 Part AndreSmith
15:07:13habAny linux user ? I'd like to know the name of the bin created when you delete files and dir.
15:07:30Bagderrthere is none
15:07:31habfor example, on Ubuntu it's ".Trash-'loginname'"
15:07:50Bagderrplain rm does no such thing
15:07:56habBagderr> uh ?
15:08:07DataGhostsometimes I wish it did, but Bagderr is right hab
15:08:11Bagderryou want me to repeat it?
15:08:24DataGhostubuntu has something else handling that
15:08:35habno, can read :)
15:09:04 Join PaulJam [0] (
15:09:08Bagderrand welcome to #rockbox btw, we speak rockbox here :-)
15:09:19habBut i know that in real world almost users just send files to bin.
15:09:33Bagderrnot in my world
15:09:40Mikachuwhat's an almost user?
15:10:03Bagderrin my world, people need to get the backup when they've let their cron jobs delete many files...
15:10:13DataGhostsomeone who is not quite ready to use the console and 'plain rm' Mikachu :)
15:10:25preglowBagderr: and a might fine cronjob it was too, sir
15:10:30 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:10:37preglowmighty, yes
15:10:42preglowfinest piece of shell code i ever saw
15:10:49Bagderrit did cleanup a whole lot
15:11:19preglowabout time someone did that
15:11:54habthe question was about changing tidy to clean trash files for linux users "who don't always use rm our rm -rf to delete files" :)
15:12:51Bagderrthe demand for that seems... non-existant
15:12:52linuxstbYou mean the disktidy plugin?
15:13:30linuxstbI just wish I could tell OSX to leave my players alone...
15:13:36habBagderr>ok, so i'll modify it just for my own
15:13:55Mikachuhab: can you change your address char to :, it looks like you're quoting people
15:14:09preglowcan someone tell me what the hell is up with these people who write articles about a piece of code, then don't publish the actual code???
15:14:39preglowi can find tons of articles about lock-free datastructures, but very little actual code
15:15:09habpreglow:did nothing, just think about it
15:19:49*preglow thinks about it
15:22:43 Quit Arathis ("[rl_bot quit]")
15:24:38 Join Arathis [0] (
15:24:47 Quit Mikachu (""What does God need with a starship?"")
15:26:07 Join OgMaciel [0] (n=omaciel@ubuntu/member/gnukemist)
15:28:24*amiconn , while preferring the gui over commandline, usually deletes files instead of sending it to the bin
15:28:40amiconnI usually disable all recycle bin functionality
15:28:44*GodEater does too. Shift-delete in windows almost without fail.
15:29:09GodEaterWhen I delete something - I want it deleted - not just moved somewhere else.
15:30:18amiconnIn that respect, gnome is worse than the windows ui
15:30:38GodEaterat least gnome has a "skip trash" option
15:30:44amiconnIn windows explorer, shift-delete works out of the box, in nautilus it needs to be explicitly enabled
15:30:46XavierGrI have to agree that I never use plain delete in windows
15:31:08XavierGrwhen I delete I make sure to press shift before delete
15:31:11GodEaterah but you can make it a permanent feature in gnome
15:31:42amiconnSo you can in windows
15:32:05GodEaterdo tell
15:32:11XavierGrthough It is true that I managed to delete by mistake (the habbit of pressing shift) some sensitive files that I had to recover with software
15:33:02 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
15:33:37GodEaterhow do you tell windows never to use the recycle-bin other than always doing a shift-delete instead of a delete on it's own ?
15:33:53amiconnGodEater: Recycler->Properties: Delete files immediately
15:34:05amiconn(not sure about the exact words - german windows here)
15:34:07XavierGryup amiconn is right
15:34:28GodEaterwow - never saw that before
15:34:29amiconn(on the global tab)
15:34:40 Quit Sikkan ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
15:34:49GodEaterI've never actually clicked on the recycle-bin before - so never noticed it had properties to adjust :)
15:36:04Nico_PGodEater: were you the one saying you were bidding on an F40 yesterday ?
15:36:28GodEateryeah - I won it too :)
15:36:41Nico_Pwow !!
15:36:46GodEaterwhere $ = USD
15:37:05Nico_Phow come you got it that cheap ?
15:37:14GodEatererm - no-one else bid on it ?
15:37:25FebsHeh, I think I almost bid on that.
15:37:29Nico_Pyou lucky guy
15:37:33*GodEater thinks that's how auctions owrk
15:37:49GodEaterI still have to pay $50 P&P - but that's still only 75 GBP
15:38:02Nico_Pi asked because i'm bidding on one that's in the UK right now so i thought it could have been the same one as you
15:38:15 Join Mikachu [0] (
15:38:44GodEaterI only saw two in the UK for sale
15:38:49GodEaterone for £125
15:38:54GodEaterwhich was too expensive IMO
15:39:15Nico_Pwell the one i'm bidding on is currently £89,50
15:39:16GodEaterand one for £75, which hasn't met it's reserve - and I couldn't be bothered to keep bidding it find out where the reserve was
15:39:30GodEaterthat's probably the latter of the two I saw then :)
15:39:53*linuxstb is always amused by Toshiba's Gigabeat slogan - "Music sounds better in colour"
15:39:54Nico_Pyeah... i think the reserve was about £85
15:39:55GodEaterit took me a long time to find one on which would ship to the UK
15:40:07GodEaterwhich is very frustrating - there are LOADS on there
15:40:17GodEaterbut very few people who are willing to ship outside the USA
15:40:24GodEater:( pointed me directly to the one i'm bidding on :)
15:41:33Nico_Pi have £20 for shipping to france though
15:41:58GodEaterit's only £25 for me from the US
15:42:08GodEaterand it's from the west coast too - so that's a LONG way
15:42:18Nico_Pbut the only one i could find in france is currently at 170€ + 10€ shipping :s
15:42:29GodEatertoo expensive
15:42:41Nico_Pwith no bids !
15:42:59GodEaterI doubt it'll get any either with that starting price!
15:43:08markunGodEater: I bought mine from someone in the UK
15:43:35GodEatercheap ?
15:44:10 Join Sikkan [0] (i=Monchhic@
15:45:56 Quit Sikkan (Client Quit)
15:47:32markunI don't remember, but it's more than a year ago
15:49:39markunlinuxstb: do you know if there is a "catch the digital flow" like theme song for the gigabeat?
15:50:37Nico_Pok i just won the F40 for £98 + £20 in shipping costs :)
15:50:52GodEaternot bad
15:51:04Nico_Psomeone pushed the price up from £89.50 to £98 in the last minute
15:51:14GodEaterhate it when they do that
15:51:19Nico_Pbut i had decided to go up to £100
15:51:42markunNico_P: yes, a nice feature of ebay, just enter your highest price
15:51:51GodEaterheh - you're still paying £43 more than I am :)
15:51:59Nico_Pmarkun: very practical indeed
15:52:17 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:52:27markunGodEater: noone will beat toffe I think. He now probably has 6 working gigabeat for about $250
15:52:31Nico_PGodEater: yeah well not much choice seeing the lack of variety in the offer
15:52:42*GodEater is now sure he'll get stiffed by his seller on ebay for being cocky about the price.
15:52:44linuxstbmarkun: No idea.
15:52:45Nico_Pmarkun: how did he do that ?
15:53:07markunNico_P: buying broken players and combining the working parts :)
15:53:10GodEaterI can't imagine why I'd want 6 gigabeat either :)
15:53:33Nico_Pmarkun: how many working players does he have then ?
15:53:48markunGodEater: he started buying broken ones to unsolder the chips and trace the connections
15:54:11GodEaterah - *that* makes sense
15:54:31markunbut most of the broken ones only had minor problems
15:54:52preglowmarkun: gotta congratulate you on how well the port you've started turned out :)
15:55:14markunpreglow: I'm pretty amazed myself!
15:55:23 Quit Febs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:59:19linuxstbmarkun: What made you choose the gigabeat?
15:59:48*GodEater is betting on the "blindfold and pointy stick" approach.
16:00:26markunlinuxstb: I don't remember exactly. I had seen it online a long time ago and remembered it when there was some talk going on here about porting rockbox to other targets
16:01:04linuxstbDid you know the major chips were documented before you bought it?
16:01:19linuxstbi.e. was that part luck or skill?
16:01:34 Join bluebrother [0] (i=810d4899@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:01:35markunlinuxstb: I found the mygigabeat forum and asked them to take pictures of the insides. I liked what I saw because we could find documentation for almost every component
16:01:51markunyes, I bought it after that
16:02:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:04:23 Join kretender [0] (i=3ecb76fb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:05:35 Join Criamos [0] (
16:06:11Nico_Pmarkun: have you tried the WMA codec on it ?
16:06:23Nico_Psomeone was suggesting it might run realtime
16:06:35 Join kretende1 [0] (
16:08:15markunNico_P: no, I haven't
16:08:42 Join Echelon [0] (
16:08:44GodEater*sigh* yet another post in the apple install forum from someone who couldn't be bothered to read the other posts in it.
16:08:50markunmaybe it's a good idea to get it into cvs, will be easier to keep in sync and work on
16:08:51Nico_Pwhat do you think of the idea ? :)
16:09:14Nico_Pi couldn't even get it to cmpile :(
16:09:14 Quit kretender (Client Quit)
16:09:27Nico_Panyway... got to go to class
16:09:51*GodEater refers Nico_P to Linus's GoldenQuote on WMA
16:10:37markunGodEater: which one?
16:10:46GodEaterthe one about people with a clue
16:11:20GodEaterit still makes me laugh
16:11:22markunah, the WMA one :)
16:11:44 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
16:13:15 Quit XavierGr ()
16:13:38Genre9mp3^I did that :)
16:15:30 Join XavierGr [0] (
16:16:05 Join barrywardell [0] (
16:16:51GodEateroops - wrong window
16:17:21 Join perl|work [0] (
16:17:25LinusNi agree about the wma codec, we should probably commit it until it rots away
16:19:08linuxstbI could be remembering incorrectly (I haven't looked at it since it was first posted), but I didn't think there was much worth committing...
16:20:19*XavierGr is pwned by Genre9mp3
16:20:26linuxstbAlso, it's just a plugin, so not much chance of it rotting.
16:20:42LinusNmaybe so
16:20:42 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
16:20:45 Join XavierGr [0] (
16:20:55 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
16:20:58 Join XavierGr [0] (
16:21:08 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
16:21:11 Join XavierGr [0] (
16:21:21 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
16:21:24 Join XavierGr [0] (
16:22:07preglowi still kind of think we should commit it
16:22:10Genre9mp3sorry... just playing a bit there! :)
16:22:18preglowif only to raise awareness of its existance
16:22:21XavierGrRemote Desktop is super
16:22:27preglowit's bound to be finished one day
16:23:32 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
16:23:47 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:24:19perl|workor people might stop using wma altogether :P
16:24:57preglowi've got one wma file i actually like, so i'd love to see it finished!
16:25:18linuxstbThe patch also introduces a much more complex codec malloc which would need testing.
16:25:29linuxstb(with a working free)
16:25:56LinusNyuck! :-)
16:26:05preglowcan't we just commit the haxx malloc instead?
16:26:07preglowits known to work
16:26:17preglowor so they say...
16:26:22 Join toffe [0] (
16:26:29preglowit might start deleting your dap contents any moment, i expect
16:27:00LinusNactually, i believe the haxx malloc in svn might have a bug or two
16:27:08preglowthere you go
16:27:16 Join efyx [0] (
16:27:32LinusNi used it in a project a while ago, and discovered a few bugs
16:28:09LinusNbetter check that
16:29:24Bagderrsome of your bug fixes went back
16:29:42BagderrI'm not sure if you found more though
16:30:29LinusNi believe all fixes were merged with your version of it, Bagderr
16:31:11LinusNand it runs smoothly here
16:33:31barrywardellLinusN: did you see FS #6554? I'm looking for a tester who isn't worried about bricking their H300/H100 ;)
16:33:47Mikachuso far i think i have 2592MiB transferred elephants dream, but my scripting might be off :)
16:34:00LinusNbarrywardell: saw it, i'll see if i can test it tonight
16:34:10barrywardellgreat, thanks
16:35:24bluebrotherhmm. Why not using bittorrent for video distribution?
16:35:41Mikachuwho would seed it?
16:35:59linuxstbMost people will only want one or two of the 10 videos as well.
16:36:15preglowMikachu: can't the server itself do the initial seed?
16:36:31Mikachuyeah, but it's likely nobody will join it
16:36:32bluebrotheryou don't need to bundle all files ...
16:36:39LinusNpreglow: sure, but i don't think many more would seed it
16:36:49preglowMikachu: likely, but the worst case scenario is that you get as much traffic as you did anyway
16:36:54 Quit hab ("CGI:IRC")
16:36:54preglowLinusN: i bet some would
16:37:21preglowbut sure, if traffic isn't a problem anyway
16:37:23*bluebrother would seed with his home box running on working hours but that just broke :(
16:37:30 Part LinusN
16:37:30Mikachuit isn't :)
16:38:06Mikachuooh, my isp even gives explicit permission to run servers
16:38:51DataGhostmine too
16:38:54linuxstbbarrywardell: There's one problem with your bootloader patch. By loading the rockbox.ipod file directly to DRAM_START, you are overwriting the Apple firmware which has already been loaded there. So if (for example) the checksum in rockbox.ipod fails, the original firmware can't be started.
16:38:57DataGhostI've had a static IP for the last 6 years, too
16:39:06DataGhostI even received a letter to setup that IP in my modem :P
16:39:46 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
16:39:47barrywardelllinuxstb: yes, i realised that. i can easily revert the change if you think it would be better to do so...
16:40:10barrywardellit makes sense to just load straight to dram on other pp targets
16:40:19linuxstbDid you change the bootloader so it doesn't try to start the apple firmware when loading rockbox.ipod failed?
16:40:56linuxstbI mean when it failed in such a way as the apple firmware was corrupted?
16:40:57barrywardellno. so there is a potential bug
16:41:09barrywardelli'll have to fix that
16:41:12bluebrotherBagderr: in case you want to look over it, I changed the version number thingy to scroll on recorder.
16:41:23DataGhostlinuxstb can't you just read the apple firmware off the disk again? :)
16:41:31barrywardellwould it be better to just restore the old load firmware->copy to DRAM_START?
16:42:02linuxstbI like the change - I think it's better to optimise for the normal case, rather than making it behave better when there's an error.
16:42:27barrywardellok, so maybe i'll try change the failsafe case to read from disk again...
16:42:33linuxstbNot loading the original firmware if there's a Rockbox error would be fine with me.
16:42:57barrywardellok, i'll just remove the failsafe code then
16:43:00linuxstbJust call the fatal_error() function which gives instructions to enter disk mode manually.
16:43:46 Quit Bagderr ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:45:30*linuxstb is reminded those instructions need to be adapted for the 3G...
16:49:25barrywardelllinuxstb: hold on boots retailos?
16:49:29 Quit lini (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:50:18linuxstbOr holding MENU.
16:50:39hcsor gesturing obscenely
16:50:47 Join lini [0] (i=pugsley@
16:52:46*GodEater wonders how it's possible to gesture obscenely with a click wheel
16:52:52GodEaterdo you have to lick it or something ?
16:53:02 Join Sikkan [0] (i=Monchhic@
16:54:27DataGhostnah, you 'touch' that one, right?
16:55:13DataGhostyes! FINALLY!
16:55:23DataGhostafter 5 &$@#^*&^@# weeks of waiting all items are in stock
16:55:39DataGhosti'll get my 1160 GB of harddrives tomorrow \o/
16:55:42*GodEater detects slight excitement
16:56:02DataGhostwell I'll finally have that extra 160GB for my laptop so I can make a full backup of my iPod on it, before I convert it into a macpod
16:56:12DataGhostthat'll be somewhat faster than using iTunes to restore the music
16:57:23*DataGhost sees some 3G iPod spontaneously boot into retailos
17:00:14GodEatercan someone point me to where in the manual we say how to use the bootloader's dual boot feature ?
17:00:32GodEaterwe mention is *has* that feature in the manual - but for the life of me I can't see where we say how to use it
17:00:41amiconn[15:39:57] * linuxstb is always amused by Toshiba's Gigabeat slogan - "Music sounds better in colour" <== Haha, immediately reminds me of "Color sound" (iAudio X5)
17:01:20DataGhostGodEater just scroll through the menu.... :P
17:01:22*DataGhost runs
17:01:23perl|workamiconn but they were smart enough not to put it on the player itself
17:01:31GodEaterDG - heh :)
17:02:31pixelma "The Rockbox boot loader"
17:03:14linuxstbGodEater: I can't find it... It's in the IpodFAQ though...
17:03:22pixelmato be found in the Ipod Video manual too
17:04:03 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
17:04:14GodEaterpixelma: I only see that it says "It is responsible for loading the Rockbox firmware and for providing the dual boot function."
17:04:15*pixelma reads again and sees that the question was "how"... :/
17:04:50 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
17:05:03 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:05:18GodEaterI'm fairly sure it's something we should put in the manual
17:06:26 Part Jestre
17:06:27 Join w1ll14m [0] (
17:07:12 Join Soul-Slayer [0] (n=Jonno@
17:08:44FebsThe "how to dual boot" instructions are the manual's equivalent of viewports.
17:09:07FebsEveryone agrees that it should be done, but no-one has actually done it.
17:09:18amiconnMikachu, preglow, (LinusN): If we really want to go for bittorrent, why not let the build servers seed (at least those which have a flat connection)
17:09:44 Quit Sikkan ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
17:10:12Febs(the difference being that the "how to dual boot" instructions are pretty simple, so we don't have much of an excuse.)
17:10:53linuxstbApart from the complication of two different bootloaders being out there...
17:10:59GodEaterI only mention it since I told someone in the forums I thought it was in the manual - and it blatantly isn't
17:11:18linuxstbGodEater: Quick, write a patch...
17:11:27*GodEater refuses to learn TeX
17:11:39linuxstbJust write it in text then...
17:11:49GodEaterand diff it against what ?
17:11:58linuxstbDon't diff, just provide a new section.
17:12:40linuxstbAnd English instructions saying where it should go.
17:12:40GodEaterI think it should be in the "Turning the player on and off section"
17:12:45GodEaterI don't think it needs a new one.
17:15:36GodEaterI also have no clue what to write for targets other than iPod - does that matter ?
17:17:30GodEateroh well - added it anyway.
17:17:53FebsAre there any targets that cannot dual boot?
17:17:57barrywardelllinuxstb: updated the patch. my comment has brief "how to dual boot" instructions too ;)
17:18:02markunFebs: the gigabeat can't
17:18:15barrywardellmarkun: yet :)
17:19:00markunbarrywardell: great, you are working on it?! :)
17:19:32barrywardellno, unfortunately I don't have a Gigabeat to work on
17:19:58barrywardellcould it not just be done the same as the other arm targets?
17:20:31Soul-SlayerBarry, may I ask how much battery life you get out of a 20gb H10 on Rockbox? I understand it is greater than the 5/6gb?
17:20:50markunbarrywardell: maybe, how's it done there?
17:21:02 Join KCC [0] (
17:21:40 Join n1s [0] (
17:21:56barrywardellmarkun: load the firmware image to the start of RAM, then jump execution there. that's how dual boot works on most (all?) rockbox targets
17:22:20barrywardellmarkun: taking care to jump both processors
17:22:39barrywardellSoul-Slayer: Last time I checked, it was about 9-10 hours
17:22:45markunwell, the gigabeat works very different
17:23:28barrywardelldifferent how?
17:23:44markunbarrywardell: there is a bootloader in flash which loads: linux kernel, rootfs and initrd, decrypts them and executes the linux kernel
17:23:55markunwe replaced the kernel with our rockbox loader
17:24:37markunwe only have 1 core btw
17:24:40Soul-SlayerVery interesting... Does the 20gb model come with a greater amount of m/a with it's proprietary battery than the 5/6gb, or is it due to optimization issues for now?
17:26:03barrywardellmarkun: so can the rockbox loader not just load the linux kernel back again and pass execution to it when you want to load the of?
17:26:13linuxstbmarkun: So the original bootloader is still loading the rootfs and initrd?
17:26:59barrywardellSoul-Slayer: there is little optimisation difference between the models. the difference is the 20GB's 1550mAh battery vs the 5/6GB's 820mAh one
17:27:02 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
17:27:16 Join My_Sic [0] (
17:27:25markunlinuxstb: yes, it is
17:27:36Soul-SlayerAha I understand - Thank you.
17:27:48 Join Sikkan [0] (i=Monchhic@
17:27:52 Quit daurnimator (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
17:28:07markunIn the end we would like to have a bootloader in flash, that would enable some nice things like waking up from sleep (without rebooting)
17:28:27markunbarrywardell: yes, might be possible, we must be careful that the rest didn't get overwritten
17:28:52markunand set the registers right
17:29:28goffayeah.. that would be very nice
17:29:30barrywardelland make sure the bootloader is running from iram
17:29:40goffaand having it not say recharge battery when waking from sleep
17:30:01markungoffa: yes, no idea where that comes from
17:30:08goffanot a big issue.. but would make things nicer
17:30:21markunmaybe we have to turn off the ADC or something before we go to sleep
17:30:22Febsbarrywardell: how does one boot the h10 into the iriver firmware?
17:30:45Soul-SlayerFebs: Have you configured it for dual booting?
17:30:48linuxstbFebs: I think there's a H10InstallationBeta wiki page.
17:30:51barrywardellFebs: hold down the left/prev (I can't remember what we called it) button
17:31:00markunbarrywardell: we have only 4KB of IRAM btw
17:31:07FebsSoul-Slayer: I don't own one, I'm looking to update the manual.
17:31:12Soul-SlayerAha, okay
17:31:27 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:31:51*goffa wishes putty had a minimize to tray
17:32:00Soul-SlayerClarification on what barry said, the button has been called 'Left'
17:32:04barrywardellmarkun: ouch. that's not an option then. but you could just move copy the bootloader code to anywhere in ram where it won't be overwritten while it's running
17:32:16Soul-SlayerHold that down whilst booting
17:32:16markungoffa: install "tray-it"
17:32:16goffatabs would be nice too
17:32:26goffai'll try that markun
17:32:49markunbarrywardell: also, I really don't care for the original firmware :)
17:33:12barrywardellmarkun: haha. in that case it might not be worth all the effort
17:33:33linuxstbmarkun: What about "normal" users? Have they been asking for dual-boot, or is the Toshiba firmware so bad that no-one likes it?
17:33:35markunwell, some people might want to use it to listen to their WMA with DRM
17:33:36goffayeah... completely removing would be just fine
17:33:54goffaonly reason i'd want it back is for rma purposes
17:33:56markunlinuxstb: so far people either loved rockbox or hated it I think
17:34:37 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
17:35:27 Join daurnimator [0] (i=daurn@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
17:36:00toffe:) my collection of gigabeat increase, just got one complete with dock for 38$
17:36:16toffeand a system error so it must be easy to fix
17:36:24markuntoffe: so, how many working for how much money so far?
17:36:51markunsystem error.. that's a tough one :)
17:37:03goffathis looks interesting markun
17:37:20goffano tabs.. but blinks when activity happens
17:37:36toffeI think 3 fully working, one working but no headphone jack for 250$ (and 2 or 3 broken)
17:37:51toffeplus this one
17:38:04markuntoffe: I though many more were working
17:38:05toffeand a S30 not working
17:38:33markuntoffe: any broken ones which just need a new hdd?
17:38:39toffeI am lost in my count somtimes ;)
17:38:51toffemarkun : no
17:39:02goffawell.. time to test it out
17:39:13perl|workdual boot on gigabeats is not a big deal really
17:39:37toffeI have one which is not working , one of the fuse was dead, I replace it but still not working, but didn't really check everything
17:39:54markunit was only a big deal when rockbox didn't have sound yet and people just used it to play some games
17:39:55FebsHow does one boot the original on an X5? (I don't see a FAQ page for the X5.)
17:40:03linuxstbFebs: You don't.
17:40:27linuxstbThere's a patch for a dual-boot bootloader, but it's not official.
17:40:54n1slinuxstb, barrywardell: An idea for when you make new bootloaders available next time might be to include a version number similar to the one in the iriver h100/h300 to make it easier for users to find out which version they have
17:41:22linuxstbn1s: Yes, we should.
17:41:38linuxstbI guess we should call them version 3.
17:41:57barrywardelln1s: yes, good point
17:42:04markunlinuxstb: upgrading rockbox sometimes requires a bootloader update, so some versioning would be nice for that as well
17:42:13markun(for the Gigabeat)
17:42:44linuxstbYou mean so the bootloader can reject newer rockbox versions?
17:42:52 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody (
17:43:06toffeOne question : are all the fonts usefull ? on the gigabeat some are only 3 or 4 pixel high ? are they used on antother target ?
17:43:09linuxstbOr simply to tell users which version they need?
17:43:19barrywardelln1s, linuxstb: it does already show bootloader version as APPSVERSION
17:43:46linuxstbtoffe: Some targets have very small mono LCDs, and some have remotes with mono LCDs.
17:44:06linuxstbtoffe: But I don't think anyone would argue against a font cleanup.
17:44:16barrywardellalthough maybe a more user friendly version number would be better...
17:44:35toffeI was trying one yesterday and have to look with a magnifier ;)
17:45:00*linuxstb wonders why he described the LCDs as mono - that makes no difference to the font size....
17:45:14n1stoffe: also some of the older targets' displays have larger pixels
17:45:18Mikachutoo much blood in the coffee flow?
17:45:24 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
17:45:55toffePerhaps the name of the font should include the size , not all have it
17:46:10 Join Caliban_ [0] (
17:47:17 Quit PaulJam (".")
17:47:30 Join redwood [0] (
17:50:23toffealso, I was changing the font (for a bigger one with the wps STA) and the gigabeat locks up after 4s playing a song have to switch of the battery . I try several times, changing the font back was ok
17:50:27markuntoffe: with svn it's a lot nicer to rename things than before
17:51:12toffeI don't remeber what font it was
17:51:23 Quit Sikkan ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
17:53:43 Join upsioned [0] (n=ju@
17:53:55 Quit upsioned (Client Quit)
17:56:10 Join mdeboer [0] (
17:58:35 Join rp- [0] (n=rp@
18:01:40 Quit Caliban (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:01:53 Join Sikkan [0] (i=Monchhic@
18:02:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:03:01 Join fasmaie [0] (
18:07:45rp-is this the right definition of arm thumb code?
18:08:35preglowlooks like it
18:09:00markunrp-: is also a good place to look for documentation
18:09:44 Part Soul-Slayer
18:11:57goffaputty tray is pretty nice
18:12:07goffai like the icon upgrade for some reason
18:13:50markungoffa: I'll stick with normal putty for now
18:16:00XavierGrLOL this is fricking hilarious!!
18:16:31XavierGrI can logon in my windows machine remotely from my vmware image (in the same pc) with rdesktop
18:16:38amiconntoffe: The smallest fonts are 5 pixels high
18:16:43 Quit kretende1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:17:17XavierGrjust apt-get install rdesktop and set your windows machine for remote desktop support
18:18:15amiconnAny ipod G3 owners around?
18:19:07amiconnmarkun: Do you think I should rename ata-as-pp.S to ata-as-arm.S before committing?
18:19:33amiconnDid you perhaps even try to use it on the gigabeat?
18:19:42preglowwe have svn now, you can rename afterwards! :P
18:19:43amiconn(with the correct port address of course)
18:19:52amiconnpreglow: I know...
18:20:06 Quit Mouser_X3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:22:33amiconnBagder: manual commit are still triggering a build...
18:24:52 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
18:32:12 Join MarcoPolo [0] (
18:33:14 Quit Sikkan ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
18:33:50 Join Sikkan [0] (i=Monchhic@
18:35:09 Join bytie [0] (
18:36:36markunamiconn: no, I didn't. What should I set the ata_port to?
18:37:23Bagderamiconn: yes, I've made no efforts yet to change that
18:37:37 Quit daurnimator (Connection timed out)
18:37:38 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
18:37:51amiconnmarkun: Hmm, firmware/target/arm/gigabeat/meg-fx/ata-target.h tells me it should be 0x18000000
18:38:27 Quit Manticore-3 (Remote closed the connection)
18:38:35amiconnI'll probably switch from an #ifdef in the asm source to #define ATA_DATA_ADDR in ata-target.h
18:38:56markunyes, that would be better
18:38:57amiconnEasier to handle when other arm targets want to use this code
18:39:08 Join Wiwie [0] (
18:39:10dan_aamiconn: Did you have something you wanted testing on the G3 iPod?
18:39:28markunamiconn: I'll try it later tonight ok?
18:40:09amiconndan_a: Yes. Would be nice if you could test - asm optimised ata reading & writing
18:40:43amiconnHere's a test plugin that can test both speed & correctness:
18:40:48dan_aamiconn: I'll get some results for you as soon as possible.
18:41:26amiconnPlease test speed with and without patch if possible
18:42:07amiconnWhile I don't think this will happen, I don't want to slow down stuff instead of speeding it up...
18:42:09markunamiconn: in the linux source they define a ATA_IRQ. Is that used for UDMA transfers (and would that make sense for rockbox?)
18:43:47amiconnUmm, I don't know
18:44:00amiconnThe fact that it's defined doesn't necessarily mean it's used...
18:44:12dan_aamiconn: If I compile with boosting disabled, will that make a fairer test?
18:44:38markunamiconn: it's passed to the ide_register_hw function
18:44:47amiconnYou can test boosted, unboosted, or both. The plugin doesn't touch boosting
18:45:08amiconnOn mini2g, I get saturation on writing if boosted
18:45:36amiconn(disk limits transfer speed to ~4.5MB/s)
18:45:43 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
18:45:50amiconnMicrodrives aren't faster... :/
18:47:01 Quit barrywardell ()
18:49:14 Join lowlight [0] (i=c730180b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:50:04dan_aIs there any reason compiling for the G3 would be slower than compiling for other targets? I've not timed it yet, but it feels slower on my machine
18:52:22 Join SethXXX [0] (
18:52:25SethXXXlala @ all
18:52:40 Quit Sikkan ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
18:53:01 Join Sikkan [0] (i=Monchhic@
18:58:52 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:59:27 Join Redbreva [0] (
18:59:56 Quit bytie (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:00:14 Quit My_Sic (Remote closed the connection)
19:01:07dan_aamiconn: Unpatched / Unboosted results: - I'll get the results with your patch when the stress test finishes (I guess I shouldn't have started that...)
19:01:57amiconnStress test should take ~5 minutes
19:02:47amiconnWrites 300MB of pseudo-random data in random-sized chunks with random alignment, then reads back in (different) random chunks and compares the pseudo-random sequence
19:03:30amiconnIt uses 2 PRNGs, so the chunk generation doesn't interfere with the data stream generation
19:04:01amiconn(standard rockbox rand() for the chunks and the simple linear congruency generator from the greyscale lib for data)
19:04:20 Join entheh [0] (
19:06:41amiconnmarkun: Hmm, I can't #include ata-target.h in ata-as-arm.S. Gas (legitimately) complains about bad instructions
19:06:48amiconn(the function declarations)
19:07:15 Join rouf [0] (n=rouf@
19:07:21 Quit rouf (Client Quit)
19:07:41 Join rouf [0] (n=rouf@
19:08:35roufHi. I first heard of rockbox today, when I was searching for a way to add features to my Xclef 500
19:08:54n1snot supported
19:08:55roufI've read much of the wiki, and have a question about development
19:09:18dewdudethey don't know when device x will be supported
19:09:20roufMy main question is can Rockbox support Xclef, if I were to do the work?
19:09:30dewduderouf: possible.
19:09:30 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|food (
19:09:35roufIs there any fundamental reason it wouldn't work?
19:09:40dewdudeyou'd have to know the inner workings of the hardware
19:10:03roufI'm a firmware and hardware engineer, so I could probably figure it out
19:10:08RedbrevaUh! Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.
19:10:43RedbrevaAnyone else having diffs with
19:10:51dewdudeahh...well..i'm no offical word..i'm just a normal user who hangs around here...but i'm sure if you know your stuff and would want to take on a massive project such as that, i'm sure they'd have no objections
19:10:55n1srouf: Here's a wiki page that lays out the basics for porting to a new device
19:11:03 Join Echel0n [0] (
19:11:12roufI see that some of the groundwork was done by a guy in CZ, and there was a port for Gmini120, but both have seemed to dry up
19:11:38dewdudeit happens commonly...developing for these devices are difficult
19:11:42 Join hamstu [0] (
19:12:03roufThanks, n1s - What kind of effort (man hours) can you expect to spend on porting to a new platform?
19:12:03 Quit Echelon (Remote closed the connection)
19:12:13roufIs it a year's work, or a month's?
19:12:40Mikachudepends on if you have specs on the hardware or have to guess
19:12:55roufok - just trying to get a feel for it. Thanks
19:13:04dewdudeyeah, if you can figure out all the hardware issues i'm sure it'd not take too long
19:13:17n1srouf: the two big roadblocks (except for someone actually doing any developing) is that you would have to figure out how to make it run your code, meaning crackin encryption, signing and what not and figure out how to use the hardware, by disassembly or if documentation is available
19:13:47roufOne thing I didn't see in the docs is whether rockbox supports recording in PCM or RAW (unencoded) form. Does anyone know?
19:14:03bluebrotheranother thing is the question if your device is similar (hw-wise) to an already existing port or if you need to do everything from ground up
19:14:11bluebrotherit does support PCM
19:14:28 Join FOAD [0] (
19:14:51roufIs this IRC channel the best place to discuss development issues, or is there a forum?
19:15:10 Nick Echel0n is now known as Echelon (
19:15:18n1srouf, have you seen this?
19:15:21 Join JavaMan [0] (i=183d5b8a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:15:29dan_arouf: This is the best place for discussing it
19:15:42JavaMani finally got rockbox on my 5.5g :D
19:16:06JavaMani was wondering if rockbox can play videos
19:16:08roufns1 - yes, that's all the info I saw on the Xclef 500. I've emailed the poster, and am awaiting a response from him. It looks like he lost interest
19:16:19 Quit hamstu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:16:31JavaMani was wondering if rockbox can play videos
19:16:51bluebrotheroh, another telechip cpu?
19:17:16JavaMansomeone tell me please :(
19:17:43n1sJavaMan: yes it does, search a little in the wiki for MpegPlayer
19:17:51JavaManoh cool
19:17:54*n1s runs away
19:18:03*bluebrother was too slow
19:18:06JavaManso i can play videos that i already had?
19:18:15bluebrotherbtw, see the channel topic ...
19:18:33bluebrotherjust read that page. It explains what works and what not
19:18:43JavaManalso do i always have to connect to my computer everytime i want to go back to apple os?
19:19:02JavaMani know it said that in the tutorial but i was wondering if i could do it on the ipod
19:19:12Mikachuwhat tutorial?
19:19:14JavaManthen how do you do it?
19:19:23JavaManthe one for ipod video
19:19:24Mikachuyes is not a what
19:19:38Mikachujust hold play for 5 seconds
19:20:02Mikachuthen press menu to turn on, and immediately turn hold on
19:20:34 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
19:20:59JavaManits not working
19:20:59dan_aamiconn: With your patch, the G3 hangs for long periods on disk accesses, and the test plugin can't create its file
19:21:07amiconnHmm, usb<->charger disambiguation on ipod isn't possible with just gpio
19:21:36*amiconn needs to take a look at this mysterious usb chip docs
19:21:40JavaManmikachu, all it does is shutdown my ipod
19:21:47 Quit Rob222241 ()
19:21:50amiconndan_a: oh? :(
19:22:02 Join mattzz [0] (
19:22:04 Quit rouf ("Wow! What a great client! Bersirc 2.2 [ - Open Source IRC ]")
19:22:06dewdudeJavaMan, with your ipod shut down, hit the center button, then turn hold on
19:22:17JavaManand wat if my hold is alreafy on?
19:22:18 Join Rob2222 [0] (
19:22:29dan_aamiconn: Is it possible that the test file from my previous run is still hanging around?
19:22:37dewdudewell, if hold is on, and the ipod is off, you can't turn the ipod on
19:22:39amiconnShouldn't matter
19:22:58dewdudeso, turn hold off, hit center button, then flip hold back on
19:23:08amiconnThe test plugin cleans up after itself, but even if it doesn't the new creat() should overwrite
19:23:08JavaManok me try
19:23:12MikachuJavaMan: of course it turns off, that's why my next instruction included the words "turn on"
19:23:12dewdudedo it before it shows the rockbox bootloader, while it's got the apple logo
19:23:30 Quit Rob2222 (Client Quit)
19:24:07JavaManok it works :d
19:24:36JavaMantoo bad ipod linux doesnt work for me
19:24:46JavaManthey said i have to install it on a mac or sometihng
19:24:48 Join Rob2222 [0] (
19:24:53JavaManbut rockbox is just fine :d
19:24:56 Join CriamosAndy [0] (
19:25:05dewdudeno, you don't need a mac to do ipl
19:25:15dewdudebut if you've got the 5.5g ipod won't work anyway
19:25:33dewdudethat's what i've gotten from the wiki
19:25:38*amiconn wonders what's going on on the G3
19:25:41 Quit mdeboer ("Leaving")
19:25:52JavaManok now i must figure out how to run mpeg
19:26:10amiconnAll other tested PP targets have no problem with the asm, and the only difference for G3 is the different ata data port address
19:26:41 Join daurnimator [0] (n=fake@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
19:26:43 Join hamstu [0] (
19:26:52JavaMani cant find it on wiki :(
19:27:03dewdudenot the rocobox wiki..the ipl wiki
19:27:16JavaMani dont get it
19:27:16dan_aamiconn: I'll have a look at the code - is it possible that it's too fast and overflowing a buffer somewhere?
19:27:24 Quit FOAD_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:27:29JavaMani dont have ipl though :o
19:27:47amiconnI don't think that it can be too fast provided the interface timings are correct
19:28:00amiconnBut it seems there are other ata problems on the G3
19:28:07hamstuI was just reading Popular Science (Feb 2007) and rockbox is featured in the How 2.0 section... pretty cool :)
19:28:16 Part redwood
19:28:17amiconncheck_registers() is shunted...
19:28:20 Nick funky_ is now known as funky (
19:28:32JavaMandewdude, i dont have ipl
19:28:44amiconndan_a: Did you run a stress test unpatched?
19:29:03dan_aamiconn: Yes - I've not run it patched yet
19:29:24*dewdude shakes his head
19:29:31dewdudeJavaMan, i meant on thier website
19:29:34dewdudewhich is one big wiki.
19:29:36amiconn[19:21:23] <dan_a> amiconn: With your patch, the G3 hangs for long periods on disk accesses, and the test plugin can't create its file <= did I misunderstand that?
19:29:38dewdudeall the documentation is there.
19:29:39pixelmadewdude, JavaMan: I think he means PluginMpegplayer
19:30:07JavaMani just want to play movies from rockbox that i had in my apple os
19:30:10pixelmain the rockbox wiki
19:30:12JavaManwhich one is it
19:30:23dewdudei don't've gotten confused
19:30:25dewdudei forgot where i was
19:30:31dan_aamiconn: The speed test complains that it can't create a test file
19:30:39dewdudei thought you were following some of what i was talking about like a intelligent user
19:30:54amiconndan_a: Check the filesystem... maybe there is a problem?
19:31:06amiconnHmm, how much free space is there?
19:31:23dewdudei mean, i never said you had to have ipl....even I don't have ipod is 5.5g
19:31:23dan_aamiconn: Gigs
19:31:58dewdudebut all the documentation is on thier website...actually has quite a bit of technical info on the units as well
19:32:01amiconnHmm, so with patch, it can't create a test file, and without patch, it's slow because disk access often hangs?
19:32:49JavaManalso is it just the num battery thats inaccurate or both?
19:33:33JavaManif the apple os is accurate about the battery why cant rockbox?
19:33:58Mikachumaybe because they built the thing
19:34:00bluebrother_is_ the apple os accurate?
19:34:15JavaMani think :o
19:34:15Mikachuit just has 4 levels
19:34:21bluebrotherand: has the battery for that model been calibrated already?
19:34:31Mikachu"full" "not full" "omg you're almost out" ":X"
19:34:34 Join Soul-Slayer [0] (n=Jonno@
19:34:40bluebrother4 levels is really accurate :P
19:34:42dan_aamiconn: No, without patch it's OK. With patch it can't create the test file, and browsing frequently hangs for longer than normal
19:34:57dan_as/browsing/file browsing/
19:34:58JavaManhow much does a new 5.5g battery cost
19:35:12JavaMani dont want to have to pay too much :o
19:35:20bluebrotherask ebay ;-)
19:35:29Mikachuit holds for several hundred recharge cycles
19:35:49dewdudepart of the reason rockbox isn't quite as accurate as it doens't really know the capacity of the battery currently in the unit
19:36:03JavaManhow do i find that out
19:36:29dewdudei'm not sure if they used a standard size among all units, which would seem'd have to dismantle the unit and examine the battery
19:36:31perl|workwhats with this blind passion of buying ipods
19:36:53 Part Mikachu
19:37:21dan_aamiconn: With the patch it feels like it's doing ATA retries
19:37:25JavaManalso if rockbox can be installed on any ipod why cant ipodlinux?
19:37:41dewdudeJavaMan, i'm not a programmer. but i'm sure the reasons are numberous
19:37:50dewduderockbox and ipl are two VASTLY different projects
19:37:52Soul-SlayerRockbox doesn't work on the 80gb
19:37:57amiconndan_a: That's odd.
19:38:03Soul-SlayerAs someone found that out yesterday :p.
19:38:06dewdudeSoul-Slayer, old info.
19:38:07JavaManim glad i dont have a 80g :o
19:38:19Soul-SlayerProblem was only yesterday, lol
19:38:22*amiconn suspects a more general problem with the G3 ata driver, just covered up by the slower C transfer routines
19:38:38dewdudei've known about rocobox not supporting 80 gig since like, november when i started researching
19:38:48JavaManare there more plugins i can install other than the ones that came with rockbox?
19:38:51dewdudehell, i had my sidekick in the store looking at what models were supported before i purchased it
19:39:11dewdudeJavaMan, plugins are compiled into the, you'd have to build your own rockbox and insert the plugin yourself
19:39:25Soul-SlayerAh no, dew, I didn't mean that
19:39:34Soul-SlayerI was reffering to this: "(18:37:27) JavaMan: also if rockbox can be installed on any ipod why cant ipodlinux?"
19:39:43Soul-SlayerWas pointing out that it didn't work on any ipod
19:39:47dewdudeohh...i only read phrases.
19:40:00Soul-SlayerShould have been more specific, sorry :p.
19:40:01dewdudei missed that any condition
19:40:05JavaManalso can i make rockbox read text files other than .txt?
19:40:06dewdudeno, it's okl.
19:40:11dewdudei'm the one that looked like an ass.
19:40:24JavaManbecause i have some .java files i would like to see
19:40:35*dewdude shrugs
19:40:46dewdudeJavaMan, have you tried reading the wiki for that kind of information
19:40:51 Join spiorf [0] (
19:40:55JavaManthey dont have info on that
19:40:56dewdudesearching the forums is a good decision as well.
19:41:27JavaManfor ipodlinux
19:41:30 Quit Criamos (Connection timed out)
19:41:40JavaManthe plugins are built into the code are they?
19:42:00JavaMani dont like the idea of being built in the code
19:42:01dewdudethey're compiled into the firmware
19:42:24dewdudewell, if they had to add a function to read them from disk, that's more bloat
19:42:25JavaMani wish it could execute files
19:42:42 Join JungleJim [0] (i=44366682@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:42:47dewdudewhat do you mean execute files?
19:42:51FebsJavaMan: Rockbox Manual section 8.3.6: "You can view files without a .txt extension by using Open with from the File Menu (see section 4.1.2)."
19:42:54dewdudeit'll execute .ipod files
19:43:03JungleJimHey guys, need some quick help
19:43:07dewdudeyes, see, you haven't been reading the documentation
19:43:12JavaManhow the apple os can execute ipg
19:43:28 Quit hamstu (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
19:43:28JungleJim How do I get videos onto my iRiver using RockBox?
19:43:39JungleJimHow do I get videos onto my iRiver using RockBox?
19:43:53JavaMani dont know the answer to you problem sorry :(
19:43:57ArathisJungleJim: copy & paste
19:44:15JungleJimOh, it's just the Mpeg viewer?
19:44:57JungleJimI must have jpeg stuck in my mind, because I was thinking of pictures
19:45:12 Join kaaloo [0] (
19:45:12 Quit lubiix908 (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
19:45:19 Join kubiix [0] (
19:45:36JavaManis there anything else besides rockbox and ipl?
19:45:37FebsIn that case:
19:45:38JungleJimSo, next question, how do I get videos onto my PC in order to transfer them to the player? lol
19:45:50JavaMani think there should be more since ipod is so popular
19:46:31dewdudeJava: it's not like..snap your fingers and you start coding replacements
19:46:42JungleJimFebs: Oh, thanks, but I actually am looking for video, not picture :) Still, good to know!
19:46:43dewdudethere's a WHOLE lot of work involved
19:46:55dewdudei don't think you can quite grasp how much actually goes into firmware replacement
19:47:14JungleJimdewdude: Are you talking to me?
19:47:40JavaMani see that :o
19:47:42dewdudeJungleJim, no, if i had been talking to you i would of started off a new line with your nick.
19:48:04JungleJimSorry, didn't know :)
19:48:14JungleJimAlright, thanks for the help guys!
19:48:30 Quit JungleJim ("CGI:IRC")
19:52:50 Quit DogBoy ("Leaving")
19:55:46 Join GodEater [0] (
19:59:52 Join mathgl [0] (
19:59:58 Quit JavaMan ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:01:24 Quit perldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:02:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:02:15 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
20:02:48 Quit bluebrother ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
20:11:40 Quit GodEater ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
20:13:47n1sdewdude: plugins are actually loaded from disk
20:15:46 Quit fasmaie ("Hey! Where'd my controlling terminal go?")
20:16:02 Quit robin0800 ("Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day")
20:16:08amiconndan_a: Hmm, could you lock down the cpu clock to a low value (lower than standard unboosted) and test the patch?
20:16:46amiconnIf this works, it proves that this patch is too fast for PP5002, because we don't know how to configure the ata controller properly
20:17:05*amiconn probably needs to disable this optimisation for the G3 :/
20:24:46 Join Alonea [0] (
20:30:27 Join foolsh [0] (
20:37:20amiconnFebs: Real name policy, eh?
20:38:03FebsAre you referring to my commit message?
20:38:59n1sBryan Childs (GodEater)
20:39:07 Quit Alonea ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
20:39:25n1sbtw shouldn't the patch be closed (since it's comitted)?
20:41:08FebsYes, but I don't have administrator rights on FS.
20:41:34n1sok, closed
20:43:32 Join Thundercloud__ [0] (n=thunderc@
20:44:01n1sFebs: you should ask bagder to make you a dev on FS, having commit access and not being able to close tasks is strange :-)
20:45:46amiconn/ping Bagder
20:53:22 Join mirak [0] (
20:54:43 Quit Echelon (Remote closed the connection)
20:56:38 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:58:13 Quit darkless (Remote closed the connection)
20:59:22linuxstb_amiconn: Have you tried the diagnostics mode on your mini? Hold LEFT+SELECT whilst booting. I can't remember the details, but there was one screen in there which showed different values when I connected USB to my PC and USB to the charger. It's the only clue I've managed to find.
21:00:30 Quit Ghoulunat ()
21:01:17 Quit softi_42 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:01:33 Quit amigan (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
21:02:35 Join bluebrother [0] (i=JlYiYIuj@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
21:02:39 Join amigan [0] (i=dcp1990@unaffiliated/amigan)
21:04:48 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
21:05:21n1sJdGordon: it seems you left out some #ifdef HAV_LCD_COLOR in the latest patch
21:05:24 Join jurrie [0] (
21:05:25 Join GodEater [0] (
21:05:32 Join barrywardell [0] (
21:07:21FebsDoes anyone know what language the last post in this thread is or what it says?
21:07:25amiconnlinuxstb: I can't find such a screen in diagnostics mode
21:07:49 Join Echelon [0] (
21:07:49amiconnThere's only an 'USB test' which shows the same ID for both true usb and usb charger
21:08:14 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:08:43 Quit Thundercloud_ (Connection timed out)
21:08:54 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
21:08:55linuxstb_I'm just looking now as well to try and find it. The USBDP and USBDN values are different for me when connecting to a charger and a computer - in Power -> A2DTESTS
21:09:08ender`Febs: looks turkish to me
21:09:25 Quit KCC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:09:48 Join thegeek [0] (
21:09:53ender`(at least it's similar to the stuff .tr people PM me - my nickname attracts them for some reason)
21:10:11amiconnThe mini only shows ID, VCC, Battery and ACC in the ADC test screen
21:10:28 Quit Wiwie ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:10:37linuxstb_Ah, OK. I'm using my video.
21:11:17linuxstb_I get ID, A2D, BatteryA2D, VCC, ACC, ChargeADC, USBDP and USBDN
21:11:47amiconnHmm, Status has an USBPWR value, let's see
21:12:11amiconn<ot>It also says LCD: optrex</ot>
21:12:12JdGordonn1s: damn, which file?
21:12:52pixelmaJdGordon: see flyspray..
21:12:53amiconnHmm, USBPWR goes to 1 for usb and charger (0 otherwise)
21:13:36n1sJdGordon: settings.c, they were there in a previous patch
21:14:12JdGordonodd.. I dunno how they got missed then
21:14:27n1sbtw, have been using my player a little today and everything worked fine ,but haven't been looking too hard tho :-)
21:15:25pixelmasame here with the previous patch... I just checked that resume position get saved quickly and they seem to do :)
21:16:21 Join darkless [0] (
21:16:55JdGordonok, this is odd... im staring right at a #ifdef HAVE_LCD_COLOR where its complaining is missing :'(
21:17:27JdGordonits in the patch also!
21:17:45 Join Doug_ [0] (
21:18:27Doug_I thought mpegplayer always was on Rockbox (Well since I've been using it for the last 2 months)
21:19:18JdGordonn1s: pixelma: it looks like I may have uploaded the wrong version of the patch before going to bed last night
21:21:01JdGordonproper version is up... i gotta get ready to get out of the house... (stupid bloody 7am :'( )
21:24:13 Join p0ser [0] (
21:24:35 Quit phrozen77__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:25:43 Join phrozen77 [0] (
21:26:31linuxstb_amiconn: On my 5g, I have a 4066_ISTAT value in A2DTests->ADC Test which is 0 when connected to AC, and a high value when connected to a real USB port. I guess that refers to the LTC4066 Linear USB Power Manager chip.
21:27:13 Quit Echelon (Remote closed the connection)
21:27:40linuxstb_Argh, from the Linear website: "This Datasheet is available on a Limited Basis Only. Please click here to request a copy."
21:28:19 Quit Thundercloud__ (Connection timed out)
21:29:00Doug_Is there any such plans for a Gameshark/Game Genie for rockboy?
21:31:57 Part Sikkan
21:32:38Bagder"such plans" ?
21:33:08BagderI don't think anyone has worked on rockboy for a very long time
21:33:56 Join Everybody| [0] (
21:34:05 Join Everybody|away [0] (
21:34:27amiconnlinuxstb: Ipod mini G1 has LTC4055, and that datasheet is available
21:34:38 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
21:34:40 Join idnar_ [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
21:37:13foolshI'm tring to add scroll wheel functionality to bubbles, but it uses some kind of generic PLA_BUTTON scheme does anyone know if there is a PLA_SCROLL_X function?
21:37:48pixelmafoolsh: for the sansa?
21:38:39foolshI've tried BUTTON_SCROLL_UP but nothting happens
21:39:02pixelmaI let someone try that - he said it would be a bit uncomfortable the way the scroll wheel works atm
21:40:03foolshit just seems alittle slow holding the left and right buttons to aim
21:40:14amiconnlinuxstb: Does the G5 have a separate charging input (i.e. not usb)?
21:40:51 Join BigBambi [0] (
21:40:59linuxstb_foolsh: Bubbles (unless someone has changed it) uses the scroll wheel events on the ipod. I don't know if they are implemented in the same way for the Sansa though.
21:41:16GodEateramiconn: nope it doesn't. It's usb only.
21:41:26foolshThanks I'll do some digging
21:41:32 Quit subson ()
21:41:33linuxstb_amiconn: It can charge via firewire, if that counts.
21:41:45amiconnNot really
21:41:45pixelmalinuxstb: no
21:41:50GodEaterI would imagine that's the same with the mini
21:41:57*amiconn wonders what the LTC4066 detection does
21:42:15amiconnGodEater: The mini (even the mini G2) has full firewire support, not only charging
21:42:23pixelmalinuxstb: sorry - yes it does on the Ipod
21:42:25GodEaterwoo - lucky you :)
21:42:30linuxstb_I guess the "charge via firewire" feature just means the 12V connectors on the dock are still connected to something.
21:42:32 Join Everybody [0] (
21:42:32***Alert Mode level 1
21:42:32DBUGEnqueued KICK Everybody|food
21:42:32DBUGEnqueued KICK Everybody|
21:42:32***Alert Mode level 2
21:42:32DBUGEnqueued KICK Everybody|away
21:42:32DBUGEnqueued KICK Everybody
21:42:32***Alert Mode level 3
21:42:44Everybodyholy crap
21:42:47EverybodyI have 3 ghosts? :o
21:44:54pixelmafoolsh: you'd either have to change it in the button actions file (apps\plugins\libpluginlib_actions.h) - or code exceptions in bubbles.c itself
21:45:27pixelmachanging the button actions file will have an influence on how metronome works too
21:46:16CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:46:16*pixelma still hopes that plugin button actions will go (especially for bubbles)
21:46:35linuxstb_pixelma: There's something wrong with them?
21:49:14pixelmaIMO they make not much sense for game plugins considering the great variety of controls needed (and there can be great differences in intuitive controls considering the button layouts of a target)
21:50:16 Quit Everybody|food (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:50:16 Quit shnee (Connection timed out)
21:50:35pixelmabest example is scroll wheel on Ipods - for Bubbles it is intuitive to use it as left/right to aim - in other games it could be better used for up/down
21:50:49foolshpixelma: thanks i think i found what im looking for though
21:50:59foolshinstalling now
21:51:17 Join Calinz [0] (n=ezqdq@
21:51:23Calinzhi all
21:52:19pixelmalinuxstb: and I think especially for games you would end up with lots of #ifdefs and it would be more confusing than it is right now because you need to look up the generic button action in a different file
21:52:33***Alert Mode OFF
21:52:34amiconnlinuxstb: Hmm, maybe I'll run into problems wrt firewire :(
21:52:36linuxstb_pixelma: I agree, but it probably just means we need more actions. e.g. Pong is an "up+down" game. Bubbles and brickmania are both "left/right/fire", other games need all four directions.
21:52:49amiconnMy laptop only has a 4-pin socket and hence no fw power
21:53:05CalinzI i modified .APR file for my sansa videos don't get cut all 10minutes ... it work well with last patch of Original firmware ... but when i use the "firmware for Rockbox (multyboot)"
21:53:18linuxstb_And different screens in plugins need to use different actions - the menu-like opening screens shouldn't be the same as the game itself.
21:53:23 Quit Soul-Slayer (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
21:53:25amiconnlinuxstb: Speaking about 4 directions - what do you think about changing the sudoku controls on ipod as follows:
21:53:38Calinzand try launch video with sansa sytem... it say me that i have to use sansa converter for .....
21:53:41pixelmalinuxstb: pong is up/down but very specific too as it should provide controls for two players
21:53:49 Join webguest88 [0] (i=586ce118@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:53:55linuxstb_pixelma: Ah yes. Not really possible on an ipod...
21:54:02amiconnUse the 4 directions for cursor movement (l/r/play/menu), and the wheel for scrolling through numbers?
21:54:38linuxstb_Yes, but how do you then access the menu, and use the thing on the left?
21:54:56amiconnCombos with select...
21:55:28pixelmalinuxstb: and I think controlling Brickmania with the scrollwheel would be awkward too
21:55:32Calinzdo some1 can help to keep my 1hour more movies readable when i use OriginalFirmware From rockbox Oo ?
21:55:41amiconnFor menu it shouldn't be a problem; for scratchpad I don't know (never use it myself)
21:56:11linuxstb_I don't use the scratchpad either. But I guess SELECT+MENU could bring up the menu, and SELECT+LEFT would work for the scratchpad.
21:56:14 Quit Everybody|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:56:30pixelmalinuxstb: I made such a Sudoku patch and had a solution - hope it didn't fell out of my cvs cleanup last week
21:56:49foolsh@Calinz : do you use the sansa media convertor?
21:56:50*linuxstb_ wonders when Sudoku got a white background
21:57:06Calinzyeah foolsh
21:57:14 Quit Everybody| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:57:27 Quit Doug_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:57:37foolshand what is the problem with the original firmware?
21:57:43Calinzi used it .. but cant i got the message error when i use the Original firmware from Rockbox-multyboot
21:57:47Calinzi mean
21:57:53amiconnlinuxstb: Ah yes, pixelma mapped the scratchpad action to Select
21:57:56rp-Bagder: what happened to the sansa e200 devboard with the jtag?
21:58:13Calinzi can only read theses movie 1hour more with The real original last firmware (that mean no more acces to rockbox)
21:58:28amiconn(with a slight bug - it should only react on short Select so that using the menu combo doesn't have the side effect of changing the scratchpad
21:58:29Calinzbut when i change to the firware to the multyboot from Rockbox
21:58:36 Part webguest88
21:58:46Calinzi cant read it anymore
21:58:47 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:58:59Calinzi hope you understand my probleme :x
21:59:26 Join bascule [0] (i=586ce118@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:59:43foolshdid you make the OF.bin from the updated firmware mi4 file?
21:59:53Calinzyeah naturaly :]
22:00:10 Join DerPapst_ [0] (
22:00:12Bagderrp-: it's still here... you interested in working with it?
22:00:14Calinzgo private foolsh :) then we will not spam here ^^
22:00:29Calinzdamn register only :x
22:01:04Calinzfoolsh join #calinzor
22:01:15 Join Simpson [0] (n=Simpson@
22:01:19barrywardellrp-: i have tried using JTAG with my H10. it's worth looking into openocd if you do. it half works
22:01:52barrywardellas in it detects it, but seems to have problems with the fact that there are two arm cores there
22:01:58SimpsonJust thought I'd mention it, but the Plugin Index is out of date for plugins supported by the Gigabeat.
22:02:01rp-Bagder: ehm no, i'm not a hardware guru, i was just curious if it was any usefull
22:02:10 Join mako__ [0] (
22:02:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:02:19rp-what would i need to debug with that jtag?
22:02:48Bagderrp-: you need a wiggler and software to play with it
22:03:10barrywardellrp-: openocd is free jtag software that works with arm
22:03:49markunSimpson: if you create a wiki account you can fix it
22:04:01SimpsonOh, and the plugin index page also still lists the link as CVS builds.
22:04:22SimpsonOh, ok.
22:04:31SimpsonWasn't sure id I'd overstep someone's bounds.
22:05:08 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
22:05:09Simpsonmarkun: black less eye-damaging that the teal I used to have? ;)
22:05:44rp-looks interesting, but i don't think i have yet the skills to debug such things, i can hardly read arm asm :)
22:05:54markunSimpson: yes, looks fine to me now :)
22:06:04 Join God_Eater [0] (
22:07:39 Quit GodEater (Nick collision from services.)
22:07:55 Nick God_Eater is now known as GodEater (
22:08:00perl|worki can confirm calculator plugin works just fine with gigabeat :P
22:08:20rp-but wouldn't that devboard with jtag not a good starting point to improve the lcd driver for the sansa?
22:08:29 Part DerPapst_
22:08:39muesli__GodEater are u not supposed to be called deatheater?
22:09:16barrywardellrp-: the problem is finding someone with the time and skill to use it
22:10:50rp-yeah i know :/ i hope i can improve my skills for such things, very interesting hobby
22:11:15linuxstb_barrywardell: Do you have the same USB detection problems on the H10 as the ipods? i.e. USB AC adapter and USB to computer both look the same?
22:12:04barrywardelllinuxstb_: no. we can distinguish easily
22:12:48SimpsonAny chance I could get write abilities on the wiki at Rockbox from someone?
22:13:12n1ssure, WikiName please
22:13:16barrywardelli think. although i can't remember how off the top of my head
22:13:50 Quit Mouser_X3 (Connection timed out)
22:14:08linuxstb_Do the terms USBDP and USBDN mean anything to you? These are displayed in my 5g's diagnostics screen (part of the Apple firmware) and are 0 when connected to my PC (or connected to nothing) and a high value when connected to the AC adapter.
22:14:29n1sSimpson: done
22:14:38SimpsonThank you.
22:14:57FebsBagder: can you give me rights to close tasks on the tracker? Currently, when I commit changes to the manual, I need to get someone else to close the associate patch on FS.
22:15:11BagderFebs: what's your username there?
22:15:28 Join Alonea [0] (
22:16:35*n1s wonders why rotator (Adam Boot) has his own "developers" group in FS
22:17:19 Quit mako_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:17:30pixelmahe also appeared as Adam (only) in the svn table
22:18:05n1she is obviously recieving special treatment, but why ;-)
22:18:39Bagderhe paid twice what you paid! ;-)
22:18:55n1saaah, that much eh?
22:18:57 Part kaaloo
22:18:57linuxstb_What do I get if I offer to pay triple?
22:19:40Bagderyou get to pick a nick name without an underscore!
22:19:49amiconnlinuxstb: USBDP = usb data positive, USBDN = usb data negative, the 2 data lines
22:20:25linuxstb_That's what I thought, but why would they be 0 when connected to the computer (and connected to nothing), and a value when connected to the charger?
22:21:08dionoeamaybe it's a way to request 500 mA instead of 100 mA
22:21:11dionoea(wild random guess)
22:22:07amiconnlinuxstb: Iirc the data lines are pulled low by the host. They're probably also low when the is no Vbus (i.e. connected to nothing)
22:22:09barrywardelllinuxstb_: could be worth reading the first 0x200 bytes starting at 0xc5000000 and see if anything changes when you connect the charger
22:22:22barrywardellthey're the registers of the usb controller
22:22:27amiconnBut Vbus with no pulling (i.e. charger only) makes them high
22:23:09barrywardellor try the usb debug plugin in the tracker and see if anything changes...
22:23:32*linuxstb_ goes to the tracker
22:25:31barrywardellFS #6494
22:25:41Hotfusionhas anyone messed with an X5L on battery replacement?
22:25:57 Quit Simpson (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:27:17Calinzall done :)
22:27:39Calinzgn8 all :)
22:27:54 Quit Calinz ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
22:28:16 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:28:27 Quit Thundercloud_ (Connection timed out)
22:28:31 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:28:31 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:32:40 Join mako [0] (
22:32:40 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
22:33:19basculeAnyone care to commit this WPS partial scroll patch?
22:33:20basculeIt's been ready to go for a while now, and I don't like to bug lowlight again ;)
22:41:52 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:43:40foolshanyone here familiar enough with e200 hardware that can tell me if i can replace the scroll wheel with a 4bit bidirectional shift register? I'm thinking of a case mode to replace it with scroll up/down buttons
22:44:38linuxstb_barrywardell: The USB debug screen doesn't appear to change, even when I connect to my computer.
22:44:44 Quit GodEater ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
22:45:42barrywardelllinuxstb_: what about if you do setup, then run. it should change somewhat when you connect and disconnect.
22:49:13 Quit mako__ (Connection timed out)
22:51:29 Quit OgMaciel ("Ex-Chat")
22:51:41 Join SoapAtWork [0] (i=42c07542@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:51:54SoapAtWorkJust reading the logs here at work and couldn't hope but notice:
22:51:55SoapAtWork16.35.24 # <bluebrother> hmm. Why not using bittorrent for video distribution?
22:51:55SoapAtWork16.35.41 # <Mikachu> who would seed it?
22:52:01SoapAtWorkI'd seed all of them.
22:52:34SoapAtWorkI have them all, and hate to imagine the bandwidth hit they cause.
22:53:16 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:54:08SoapAtWorkWell, the offer stands - I have only 40KB/s up, but 24/7.
22:54:14lowlightbascule: bug away :) ...but my dev box is down right now.
22:54:23SoapAtWorkIf anyone bites PM Soap, I gotta go.
22:54:26 Quit SoapAtWork (Client Quit)
22:59:50linuxstb_barrywardell: (and amiconn) The "Current Connect Status" seems to work... If I do setup and run when connected to my PC, it says "attached'. Same thing with AC adapter says "Not-Att".
23:00:11linuxstb_But the odd thing is that as soon as I disconnect from AC (so it's connected to nothing), it changes to "Attached".
23:00:44linuxstb_It then doesn't change back to not-att when I reconnect - unless I do setup and run again.
23:01:19bascule@lowlight AFAIK it's still OK to be committed, but I haven't checked it's synchronisation against SVN
23:01:48basculeI was hoping someone else may jump in !
23:02:14 Nick idnar_ is now known as idnar (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
23:03:16barrywardelllinuxstb_: interesting. it probably needs a controller reset whenever disconnecting
23:03:38 Join Soul-Slayer [0] (n=Jonno@
23:05:54dan_aamiconn: I lowered the clock on my G3 to 1MHz. The plugin still couldn't create the test file. I'm going to check that the unpatched version still works.
23:07:32 Quit funky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:09:23lowlightbascule: yes, if someone else wants to commit it it's fine with me...hopefully I'll get my problems ironed out here shortly
23:09:56amiconndan_a: Hmm, really odd...
23:10:09*amiconn wonders what he could do wrong for PP5002
23:10:42amiconnThis things works just fine on all PP5020s and compatibles, at maximum clock
23:11:54dan_aIt does sound like there's something funny about the ATA on the PP5002, if check_registers isn't working
23:12:44amiconnYes, see ata.c lines 513..537
23:12:57 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
23:13:26 Quit lowlight ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:13:29amiconn(my patch doesn't touch ata.c at all, just ata-target.h and firmware/SOURCES, and adds the asm source fie)
23:14:02dan_aDoes it just replace copy_[read|write]_sectors?
23:17:29barrywardelllinuxstb_: on h10, usb and charger connect are just done using different gpio ports
23:17:29 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
23:17:45dan_aIt still works with the original code - so I'm pretty sure it's not a disk error here.
23:17:54linuxstb_barrywardell: Sadly it's not that simple on the ipods.
23:18:48 Quit rp- ()
23:19:00linuxstb_barrywardell: Running setup and run on my 5g without anything attached still gives me Attached in the debug screen...
23:19:43 Join Zagor [0] (
23:19:46amiconnlinuxstb: Does it change to 'not attached' when connecting the charger afterwards?
23:20:44barrywardelllinuxstb_: attached means run/stop bit is set to run (which dr_controller_run() does)
23:21:28barrywardellit's a slightly confusing term
23:22:41barrywardellpage 1387 of the freescale reference manual has a diagram. it helps a little
23:22:52linuxstb_amiconn: No.
23:23:28barrywardella little but not too much
23:23:30 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
23:24:57 Part n1s
23:25:56barrywardellamiconn, linuxstb_: btw. I'm looking at using this USB stack (MrH recommendation):
23:26:53 Quit bascule ("CGI:IRC")
23:28:40 Part perl|work
23:29:30amiconnErm, did someone test my asm otpimised ata transfer on a nano?
23:30:46 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
23:31:11ZagorLinusN: here?
23:32:21*amiconn doesn't want to commit non-working code for a target
23:32:56 Quit JdGordon (Client Quit)
23:33:37ZagorLinusN: settings_menu.c:1727 looks wrong to me. or is it intentional?
23:34:05Zagor(call to audio_set_crossfade() in unplug_rw())
23:36:05 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
23:37:22 Quit ElPenguin ("-freenode")
23:39:16LinusNZagor: look odd....
23:40:12 Join fasmaie [0] (
23:40:52 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
23:41:46JdGordonanyone still around?
23:41:46 Join EbErT [0] (
23:42:01fasmaieJdGordon: yes
23:42:40JdGordonfasmaie: I meant the core devs :p but your good too :D
23:42:41 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@resnet-236-163.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
23:43:04fasmaieJdGordon: Not really :), but it's nice of you to say so
23:43:09 Join webguest15 [0] (i=c247f462@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:44:02Bagdersf is annoying
23:44:27JdGordonok, what do we want to do with the "nvram" settings on targets without nvram? keep them in a seperate file on disk? or just leave them all in config.cfg (remembering there is no current way to say to save those instead of all settings)
23:44:36BagderI get spammed by people filing spam "comments" in existing bug tracker entries...
23:44:39 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
23:44:39DBUGEnqueued KICK Everybody|away
23:45:29fasmaieAlonea: Ney
23:45:47ZagorJdGordon: save them all in the same file. it makes no sense to split them on targets without nvram
23:46:05fasmaieAlonea: Hey, actually. My typing skills have gone south
23:46:09Alonea^__^ I guess you can say hello over here too. Anything new anyone?
23:46:29JdGordonthe difference is that if people want to swap configs, those settings are not swaped
23:47:09Zagorthey're not?
23:47:22bluebrotherBagder, the current state of the release / svnversion script will always add the build date to the version information. Is this good?
23:47:29 Part fasmaie
23:47:37Bagderbluebrother: I think so
23:47:49JdGordonZagor: I meant, we dont want these settings to be swapped, the resume info and uptime and such
23:47:51 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
23:48:37ZagorJdGordon: ah, them. right, they're not really settings per se. we want to separate settings and storage
23:48:55JdGordonok, binary? or text file is fine?
23:49:24 Quit Redbreva ("Time for Tubby ByeBye")
23:50:19amiconnHmm, no nano owner around?
23:50:34 Join Mouser_X3 [0] (
23:50:36ZagorJdGordon: hmm, I'm not sure what I think. the downside with text files is increased code size and more complex updates.
23:50:59Zagor(i.e. you have to rewrite the entire file each update)
23:51:06CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:51:06*amiconn would prefer binary for status
23:51:28JdGordonnot really, seen as that code isn handled for the rest of the settings anyway, a binary file would actually increase code size, it would also reintroduce a config version which is irritating
23:51:30amiconnCould use the same data structure as the nvram structure on targets which have it
23:51:48 Quit Alonea ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
23:51:52BagderJdGordon: you need the binary for nvram anyway
23:52:25ZagorBagder: good point. since we need binary anyway, let's not duplicate with text also.
23:52:29 Join Mouser_X [0] (
23:52:47 Join Thundercloud__ [0] (n=thunderc@
23:53:18 Join blargg [0] (
23:54:11amiconnI doubt the nvram format version will change often, especially as we don't need bit packing
23:54:35pixelmaare those things like runtime data, resume position ...?
23:54:52amiconnIt should be checked for validity though. A magic cookie and a checksum should do
23:55:18JdGordonbtw, once this is in, I want to strip those vars out of global_settings and put them into global_status, sound reasonable?
23:55:19amiconnChecksum can be crc32, advantage is that this function is already there
23:55:41amiconn(eats 4 bytes though)
23:56:11ZagorJdGordon: sounds good to me
23:56:12 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
23:58:37 Quit MarcoPolo ("Bye !")
23:58:44bluebrotherBagder, I'd like to commit the svnversion thing. You can now use tools/release `tools/` −− is this ok?

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