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#rockbox log for 2007-02-20

00:00:41peturor just load without the box
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00:01:08desowinload without the box sounds good for me
00:01:19SoapI think a kind PM is all it would take. Everybody seems to be the worst about it.
00:01:33Everybodydo I?
00:01:45Kasperlei'm all for swift kicks :P
00:02:01Mikachuyeah, asking nicely first is a good idea :)
00:02:07Soapthe changing of nicks with here/away status, Everybody. Many people consider it rude.
00:02:22Mikachuthe problem is when someone goes away, they won't see that you asked them unless you kick
00:02:38Mikachu(some clients show /msg inside the channel window as well)
00:03:11EverybodySoap I'm not away :p
00:03:32Everybodyhow is that considered rude :s
00:03:47bospaadjeEverybody, it clogs up the channel with nick change messages
00:03:57KasperleEverybody: it is unnecessary spam in an already crowded channel
00:04:25peturand it seems to be your main contribution to this channel
00:04:36KasperleEverybody: you can just set yourself /away with a meaningful message and everybody who needs to know whether you're there or not can then query that with /whois Everybody
00:04:39Mikachuof course, if it really annoys you you can do /ignore #rockbox NICK
00:05:13*petur is afraid to ignore everybody :p
00:05:23Everybodywell I'd rather I didn't get highlights while I'm away to be honest
00:05:34Mikachui mean literally nick, in irssi it ignores nick changes
00:05:34Everybodyand seriously what difference does it make
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00:05:58Soapif it doesn't make a difference, why argue with the request?
00:06:43bospaadjeeverybody, if you don't want highlights, dont take a dictionary word as nick
00:06:52bospaadjeespecially not a widely used one
00:06:55SoapIt's generally considered bad nettiquite, and yeah, bospaadje beat me to point #2
00:08:22markunMithanks for the tip!
00:08:40Mikachuno prob
00:08:58Mikachube aware that you'll sometimes talk to people who aren't here :)
00:09:33Mikachuerr, my head skipped a logical step there
00:09:42Mikachui was going to say you can do /ignore #rockbox joins quits too
00:10:36*amiconn wonders why nick changes are considered that bad
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00:11:08Kasperlehang on, i recently bookmarked a link that tells you why
00:11:52amiconnThere are much more joins & quits that there are nick changes... and since they're shown in a different colour than ordinary text, it doesn't matter, imho
00:12:16Kasperle just noticed, it does focus more on public away messages, but it also makes a point on away nicks :P
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00:16:06Everybodyif you really want
00:16:13EverybodyI'll disable highlights and nick changes in this channel
00:16:37Everybodyoh yeah
00:16:46EverybodyI can't because I haven't updated my server thingy list
00:16:55Everybodywell you'll just have to put up with it for a bit longer then :p
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00:19:02desowinpetur: current svn of qtscrobbler doesn't open file dialog if .scrobbler.log exists in last used directory
00:19:41peturthanks... will check if I have time, else wait for the next w32 binary ;)
00:20:08desowinit may be long, long time ;-)
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00:26:03]RowaN[anyone here tried/failed/succeeded playing a mpeg file on sansa build?
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00:33:39linuxstb_]Rowan[: Have you tried the Elephants Dream sample video from the mpegplayer wiki page?
00:33:51]RowaN[nope, will try it
00:34:06linuxstb_The 220x176 version should work - I think mpegplayer will rotate it on the Sansa.
00:34:09]RowaN[maybe 1gb porn mpeg was a bit ambitios
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00:34:46*petur starts to understand why people want video on a dap
00:35:11peturor rather, doesn't understand....
00:35:33]RowaN[did i say porn i meant disney
00:36:03peturmickey and minnie mouse?
00:36:33midkayoh god...
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00:36:51qwmoh yes.
00:36:53 Part qwm
00:37:48]RowaN[trying to download this mpeg now.. whats a torrent?
00:37:54]RowaN[only joking! =p
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00:49:04*petur discovers microsoft doesn't follow its own long->short filename conversion guideline and is hardly surprised
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00:51:30petur12.txt becomes 12D403~1.TXT, following the guideline gives me _12~1.txt
00:52:41linuxstbNice also that the GUI and command-prompt do things differently...
00:53:19toffelinuxstb : did you get you gigabeat ?
00:53:21peturso why should I care... ;)
00:54:39peturour char2dos() is flawed in that it checks of illegal chars. It should check for allowed chars and reject the rest
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00:55:27linuxstbtoffe: No, I was outbid. I'm still not sure if I want to buy one though, I've got a cupboard full of mp3 players...
00:55:57linuxstband another cupboard for the chargers.
00:55:59amiconnThose gigabeats are fairly cheap on ebay
00:56:14Mikachupetur: surely checking illegal chars is better and faster?
00:56:25toffeI am just playing with the gigabeat
00:56:37linuxstbYes, the F40 I was looking at went for around $130 USD, which is very cheap with the current GBP->USD exchange rate.
00:56:58amiconnOtoh, imho development wise the only interesting part was figuring out how things work, and that's already done (mostly)
00:57:10toffedid you see the other one, a f20
00:57:36amiconnThe thing is simply overpowered for a dap, and in fact it surprises me that runtime is as good as it is
00:57:43linuxstbYes, I'm keeping an eye on ebay, and if a bargain comes I may buy one.
00:58:03linuxstbYes, the runtime is impressive. Makes optimisation seem pointless...
00:58:37toffethis one :
00:58:37amiconnI've watched two F40s, one went for USD132, the other for USB122
00:59:12toffeF40 should go between 80 and 120
00:59:27 Quit stoffel_ ("leaving")
00:59:41amiconnStill less than half of what H140s go for
01:00:05amiconnUSD132 is ~EUR100. H140 usually go betwen EUR270 and EUR290, sometimes more
01:00:17toffedid you see the boot sequence I got from the console port of the S30
01:00:36 Quit ender` (" "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you."")
01:00:52linuxstbI looked at that. Do you know anything about the signature it's checking?
01:00:54toffeif somebody know wince, he is welcome :)
01:01:17toffethe problem is that I don't know if the boot is complete
01:01:46toffemy s30 doesn't have a lcd so I don't know, and I cannot find an entry to send command
01:01:57linuxstbMaybe that's all the bootloader does, and then control is passed to the kernel, which doesn't log?
01:03:02toffemissing things, intitialisation of the video converter ??
01:04:32toffewhen I push the power button I write : USB2COM:HcdMdd_PowerUp called
01:05:37toffeso it is login messages, there should be a way to enter command, but perhaps there is a crtl something to enter the console in interactive mode
01:07:13*petur tries to recall stuff from his wince days
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01:24:46]RowaN[elephants dream seems to play back well on the sansa, not fullscreen mind
01:25:35 Quit Ne-X-us ()
01:25:35]RowaN[oh i think i downloaded a lower resolution version
01:25:59barrywardelltry the 224x176 version
01:26:42]RowaN[bit confusing that the page tells you only the width of the video, not the dimensions.. confused me anyway
01:27:26linuxstbIt needs updating with Sansa info...
01:27:27 Quit wooo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:27:56]RowaN[page im looking at is
01:29:19linuxstbThis page has direct links to the files -
01:29:30 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:30:02barrywardell]RowaN[: It's the 224 wide one on that page
01:30:31 Join Mouser_X [0] (
01:31:16linuxstbSo the lcd_yuv_blit() is rotating on the Sansa/
01:31:42]RowaN[the video is rotated yes, if thats what you're asking
01:31:59barrywardelllinuxstb: yes
01:32:21 Quit pearldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:32:35barrywardellthat's the way it's currently implemented anyway
01:32:51linuxstbSame as the gigabeat - I think it makes sense.
01:33:18barrywardellit's quite comfortable watching the videos like that too
01:33:58]RowaN[argh, have to rename those files from .mpeg to .mpg for rockbox
01:34:49Mikachu]RowaN[: just copy the line with mpg in viewers.config and change mpg to mpeg
01:35:31linuxstbOr just use the context menu "open-with" option.
01:36:40 Quit desowin ("use linux")
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01:50:06midkayif you're committing new bitmaps, do you have to do the propset application/mime-type thingy or.. what exactly does that apply to?
01:50:08XavierGrlinuxstb, toffe: there was an F40 sold for 70 USD! And I lost it, I forgot to bid on it :(
01:50:32XavierGrtoffe: do you still have a diskless F40?
01:50:37 Quit midgey ()
01:51:06toffeall the ones working have a disk , but I can make one diskless
01:51:41XavierGrI mean one that its hard disk was faulty
01:52:01XavierGrI may buy it from you in the end, that spare 40GB disk is sitting idly
01:52:30XavierGrI am just awaiting for my ondio FM to arrive
01:52:35XavierGrthen I will contact you
01:52:43toffewhere are you from ?
01:53:20 Quit petur ("Zzzz")
01:54:21 Quit ]RowaN[ ()
01:55:19linuxstbbarrywardell: Do you know what FPS mpegplayer is getting on the Sansa?
01:58:18midkaylinuxstb: by the way, what's the status of the cop patch? were there still some bugs that need straightening out before it's committed?
01:58:47barrywardelllinuxstb: it was about 16 for full screen
01:59:01linuxstbbarrywardell: With or without the COP?
01:59:08barrywardellbut that was with the version before the audio commit
01:59:14barrywardelland without the cop
01:59:29linuxstbmidkay: dan_a is the person to ask, but yes, I think there are still a few problems left.
01:59:31barrywardellit's hard to get the fps up when the buttons don't work ;)
01:59:44midkaylinuxstb: ok, thanks, just curious.
01:59:47linuxstb:) You could just copy a .cfg file from another player.
01:59:52 Join Roan [0] (
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02:00:11barrywardellmidkay: I think the usb detection breaking was the main problem left
02:00:21linuxstbBut if you got 16fps without audio, you should get the same with audio and the COP.
02:01:07midkaybarrywardell: ah. that reminds me, whenever i boot my ipod 5g by plugging in USB, it locks up at the file browser (whereas from about a month ago back it would reboot in usb mode) - heard about this?
02:01:18linuxstbNot that much slower than the ipod Color/Photo, which gets 18fps, but that doesn't rotate.
02:02:08Mikachuisn't rotating free when you're blitting anyway?
02:02:54barrywardelllinuxstb: it's ~15 now with current svn. that's audio+video, but I think the audio thread may be dead
02:03:03barrywardelland without cop
02:03:20barrywardellmidkay: i haven't heard of that specifically
02:03:33barrywardellbut I think there are problems with usb detection in general
02:03:55midkaylinuxstb: hmm, x * (3/2) is better than x * 1.5?
02:04:08linuxstbNo, but (x*3)/2 should be better.
02:04:16linuxstbDid I do (3/2) ?
02:04:32midkayno, i don't think so.. just a personal question for the about-to-be-commited clock update..
02:04:46linuxstbSorry, I thought you were talking about changes I made to chopper.
02:04:50Mikachu(3/2) gives 1, so it would be a no-op
02:04:55midkaylinuxstb: a related question :)
02:05:13Mikachuand *1.5 isn't good since it's a float
02:05:30linuxstbI'm not 100% sure if x*1.5 and (x*3)/2 are equivalent though
02:05:42linuxstbi.e. will they round the same?
02:05:59 Quit toffe ("MegaIRC v3.27")
02:06:50safetydanDoes the clock code use the fixedpoint library?
02:06:52midkayi'll stick with 1.5 for now.. this isn't dependent on speed anyways...
02:07:04midkaysafetydan: no, some built in sine function is all..
02:07:18 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
02:07:19midkayi should use the library actually.
02:07:32Mikachuvoid main() {int i; for (i=0;i<10;i++) printf("%i %i −− ", (i*3)/2, (int)(i*1.5));}
02:07:37Mikachu0 0 −− 1 1 −− 3 3 −− 4 4 −− 6 6 −− 7 7 −− 9 9 −− 10 10 −− 12 12 −− 13 13 −−
02:09:55*linuxstb just did the same up to INT_MAX, and they matched up to the point where the integer version overflowed.
02:10:25Mikachuthe (int) isn't needed if you print (i*3)/2-i*1.5 instead
02:10:46Mikachuprobably just that gcc doesn't know printf wants an int
02:11:42linuxstbBack to more important things, the wheel in chopper works well, I think I'll commit...
02:12:37 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
02:12:55 Quit entheh ("^~")
02:13:28midkaywhat's the sansa's LCD res?
02:14:53pixelmanot 220?
02:15:47barrywardellyeah, sorry, 176x220
02:16:12midkaybarrywardell: thanks.
02:16:21midkayshould use 176x132 nano bitmaps then..
02:17:47barrywardellit's an ipod color lcd rotated by 90 degrees if that's any help
02:18:26midkaybarrywardell: works perfectly with nano bitmaps :)
02:18:47midkayok, whew, all targets are officially fullscreen-clock-supported. :)
02:19:33 Nick Roan is now known as justjohnny (
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02:20:55barrywardelllinuxstb: about 15fps with the COP
02:22:36midkayhow do you delete from the svn repository, anyone?
02:22:48safetydanmidkay, svn remove
02:22:51safetydanthen svn commit
02:23:10midkaysafetydan: thanks.
02:23:26linuxstbbarrywardell: So the same with and without the COP?
02:23:33midkaysafetydan: do bmp files need to be set as binary or whatever?
02:24:32safetydanmidkay, I think subversion defaults to treating things as binary already
02:24:42safetydanthough some of that depends on the server side settings
02:24:48midkaygot it, thanks.. we'll see what happens.
02:24:57 Join Kittt0s [0] (
02:25:42barrywardelllinuxstb: yeah, apparently so. but remember that we don't actually have audio on the Sansa. And I think the audio thread dies anyway
02:25:54linuxstbIt must do.
02:26:16linuxstbIt probably fills the PCM buffer, and then waits (forever) for it to empty.
02:26:44barrywardellsounds about right. that's what happens when I normally try to play a mp3 too
02:28:10midkayaw, it got committed without a comment.. any way to change that?
02:29:07midkayhow unfair. :(
02:30:14preglowanyone think we'll ever need to care about any other pcf interrupts than the alarm?
02:30:42LloreanWhat are the other ones?
02:30:56preglowthere are a ton, really
02:31:02preglowmore specifically about 3*8
02:31:04preglowa bit less
02:31:25 Join Ne-X-us [0] (
02:31:34preglowcharger connect stuff, key presses, second timer tick, watchdog
02:31:43preglowaccesory insert, whatever that is
02:32:03preglowmidkay: what's up with the lack of commit message?
02:32:26midkaypreglow: i expected it to ask me... i'm committing a small update with a commit message though, that'll explain my last commit.
02:33:12LloreanI thought SVN forced open your default editor if you didn't use -m
02:33:36midkayexactly, so did i..
02:33:37 Quit Kitt0s (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:33:41midkaybut it didn't, so.. sigh. :)
02:33:59midkayi committed a small update to clock.c and explained my last commit in that message.
02:34:52pixelmayou should have been waiting for the real reason (i.e. red) ;)
02:35:16midkayhaha. didn't expect that. :E i tested on all platforms.. simple fix though. *commits*
02:36:42pixelmawonder why there's red for non-rtc-targets too
02:37:20pixelma(Ondios, H1x0s)
02:37:47midkaybitmaps were still built for those targets..
02:37:50midkayeven though not used.
02:38:09midkay(i removed a few old bitmaps in favor of newer ones, but didn't change that the old ones were supposed to be built still.)
02:39:09midkayi did a quick commit while the other was building, i hope the servers realize that and build the new commit since the other is done...
02:39:17midkaythere it goes.
02:41:27pixelmaah, I see
02:41:29preglowis depending on the bss being zeroed a good thing? :>
02:41:42Mikachuit gets zeroed by the plugin loader at least
02:43:16midkayhurry up and build.. *has to leave*
02:44:54preglowMikachu: it always gets zeroed, i just wonder if depending on it is good. i've seen a couple of static function vars where this initialisation is obviously being relied upon
02:45:20Mikachui didn't know if it got zeroed for the main rockbox image
02:45:26preglowwell, i guess it does
02:45:28preglowbss usually is
02:45:35preglowthat is, i know it is zeroed
02:45:46preglowat least for ipod, where i wrote the bootloader startup code, heh
02:45:53midkaygreen (as much as usual) - yay. gotta run, back in 4 hours
02:46:41 Quit barrywardell ("Leaving.")
02:47:45Mikachuif you know it's always zero, it seems a bit silly to zero it
02:47:46linuxstbpreglow: I thought gcc would give you a warning if a variable was being used without being initialised?
02:48:51Mikachulinuxstb: you never committed the touch chopper thingy?
02:49:28linuxstbNo, I realised it broke using the SELECT button, so I need to fix it.
02:50:18linuxstbIn fact, it's a bit of a hack, so I'll leave it until another day... Time for sleep.
02:50:27Mikachuokay, good night
02:50:40linuxstbBut I'll upload my patch if you want to try it
02:50:42 Part pixelma
02:53:51Mikachuit's a bit confusing since it sometimes detects the finger from some distance
02:56:43Mikachulinuxstb: chopper.c appears to not have keywords set btw
02:58:04 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
02:58:21 Join Mouser_X [0] (
02:59:18 Quit jaebird (Remote closed the connection)
02:59:46preglowlinuxstb: apparently not in this case
02:59:48 Join jaebird [0] (
02:59:55preglowanyone know how alarm is supposed to work on archos?
03:00:52 Join [Halogen] [0] (
03:01:03 Part [Halogen] ("Leaving")
03:02:24 Quit web-taz ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
03:04:17preglowif i understand the code correctly, the manual is somewhat wrong
03:05:35 Quit bospaadje ("great minds run in great circles")
03:10:22Soapin defense of my tracker, the elephant's dream encodes are labeled as to resolution. I just bundled them up into packets by width, but any (good) torrent program will let you pick and choose what files you download. Oh well, the .torrent idea didn't catch on.
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03:22:30preglowhrmph, it almost seems like the ipod bootloader resets the pcf int stat register
03:27:11 Quit busa_blade (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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05:03:27Vulcanhey guys
05:03:43 Join SirFunk [0] (
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05:33:04mightybrickI just finished running the script to set up my cross compilers, but I'm getting an error that arm-elf-gcc is not in my path. I added "export PATH=:$PATH/usr/local/arm-elf/bin" to my .bashrc file, but it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions?
05:37:16 Join pearldiver [0] (
05:37:33tchanexport PATH=/usr/local/arm-elf/bin:$PATH
05:37:33tchanplacement of the colon is critical
05:37:35 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
05:38:08 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
05:41:12mightybricktchan: That fixed it. Thank you!
05:42:30 Quit Roa1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:49:07Vulcanany x5 users here?
05:50:59 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
05:52:01 Quit rotator ()
05:57:39LloreanVulcan: Did you have a specific question?
05:57:50VulcanI'm thinking about buying an x5
05:57:53VulcanI know its old
05:57:58Vulcanbut I want somethign different
05:58:05VulcanI have a zune now
05:58:17Vulcanand I'm tired of being locked in if you know what i mean
05:58:33Vulcananyway, my main question was how well is rockbox supported on the x5?
05:59:12LloreanWell, we don't support dual boot on that target (there's an unofficial patch though) and the USB-on the go, and WMA playback aren't supported.
05:59:31Vulcannone of those are really concerns
05:59:59LloreanOther than that it's a fairly solid target.
06:00:05Vulcanhmm, what about the remote?
06:00:10 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
06:00:11LloreanI'm curious what specifically about the X5 has attracted your attention.
06:00:23Vulcanwell, it has quite the underground following
06:00:25Vulcanits proven
06:00:30Vulcanand I can get one for 150.00 new
06:00:47Vulcanits either that or one of the newer flash players
06:01:05 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:01:14 Join Mouser_X [0] (
06:01:20Vulcanother option is the Trekstor vibez
06:01:26 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
06:01:36VulcanI hate the design though
06:01:49Vulcanit kinda takes the wrost elements of several players and puts them together haha
06:02:17Mouser_XVulcan: Have you heard of the Gigabeat F (or X)? I've got one running Rockbox, and I love it.
06:02:40VulcanMouser_X, I've always kinda stayed away fro mthe gigabeats
06:02:46Vulcanwhich one should I look at?
06:03:05Mouser_XI've got the F40 (40 GB drive).
06:03:21Mouser_XI've heard the X is nicer, but much more expensive, and harder to get.
06:03:41Mouser_XAlso, any particular reason you avoid the Gigabeat?
06:04:34Vulcaneh, I've just just been told that they wern't that great
06:04:51VulcanI wish the zune was more hackable at this point
06:04:56Vulcanthe hardware itself is great
06:05:03Vulcantoshiba hardware I belive
06:05:20Mouser_XCurrently, the Gigabeat is the most powerful unit supported by Rockbox.
06:05:31Mouser_XI can't think of any complaints of the hardware.
06:05:38Mouser_XI could be wrong, of course.
06:07:05Mouser_XThe software, people have complained about. But if you're running Rockbox, I don't see how that'd be an issue.
06:07:07Vulcando you know of the speicifc differences between the f and x?
06:07:13Vulcanyes good point
06:07:42Mouser_XThe X is smaller, sleeker, looks nicer, and has a larger screen (same resolution as the F, but larger in measurment).
06:07:48LloreanThe X has a larger screen (by .2 inches) and less battery life.
06:08:05Vulcansounds like F is the way to go then
06:08:15LloreanAt least, I hear it has less battery life.
06:08:16Vulcanwhats the battery life with rockbox like?
06:08:20Mouser_XI could be wrong about the size, but I thought it was smaller. You can check the wiki.
06:08:21LloreanBut the gigabeat has no FM radio, and no recording features.
06:08:25Mouser_XBattery life is great.
06:08:29Mouser_XI get 15+ hours.
06:08:34Mouser_XOn one charge.
06:08:35Vulcanthats pretty solid
06:08:37 Quit xNibbler (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
06:08:58 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
06:08:59Mouser_XSome people have gotten 20 hours on one charge.
06:09:16Vulcanimpressive for a hdd basedp layer
06:09:29VulcanI take it that rockbox is pretty well developed on it then?
06:09:39LloreanIt's at about the same level as the X5
06:09:45Mouser_XIt doesn't happen much, but it is known to happen.
06:09:46LloreanThe X5L can in theory get ~25 hours of battery life.
06:09:59LloreanAnd an H120 with a replaced battery can get 30ish
06:10:22Mouser_XYou can replace the battery in the Gigabeat.
06:10:30Vulcanyeah.. H120 is going abit too far back in history for me haha
06:10:34Mouser_XSomeone posted a link for it in #gigabeat.
06:10:35LloreanMouser_X: But do they make higher capacity batteries?
06:10:47LloreanVulcan: Is age the only reason you're against it?
06:10:51Mouser_XI heard that you get an hour or 2 extra.
06:10:55LloreanIt's like, 3 or 4 years ago. Hardly 'history'
06:11:00VulcanLlorean, its abit bulky to iirc
06:11:04Vulcanbut maybe I'm mistaken
06:11:06Mouser_XSo, not a major increase, but noticeable, depending.
06:11:06LloreanMouser_X: Yeah, but I'm referring to upgrading from 1300mah to 2200mah.
06:11:22LloreanVulcan: It's larger than an iPod, but it's a far sight smaller than the Archos.
06:11:57Mouser_XNo, I don't think the capacity is that much higher.
06:12:19Mouser_XI don't know what the capacity of the original battery is, though.
06:12:57Vulcanthe toshibas can be had very very cheap
06:13:25Mouser_XSo I've heard.
06:13:52LloreanThe H120 is a little bit thicker than the Gigabeat, really.
06:13:59LloreanBut width and height wise it's about the same.
06:14:07LloreanBut it really depends on why you're buying one.
06:14:12VulcanI'm having trouble even finding a 120 Llorean
06:14:16Vulcantheres one on ebay
06:14:18LloreanIf you don't care about recording or fm radio, I'd suggest the Gigabeat over it anyway
06:14:20Vulcanwell, more than one
06:14:31VulcanI don't plan on using recording or radio
06:14:35Vulcanthe remote is nice though
06:15:02Mouser_XVulcan: The F40 comes with a remote.
06:15:04LloreanThe gigabeat has a remote, though not one with a screen.
06:15:10Mouser_XThat's true.
06:15:36Mouser_XI use the remote *far* more than I do the actual player...
06:16:03Mouser_XI just don't look at the screen hardly ever.
06:16:12Vulcanyeah I don't really need the screen
06:16:17Vulcan90% of the time I'm using shuffle
06:16:37Mouser_XI've used shuffle Maybe 0.1% of the time...
06:16:43Mouser_XProbably less.
06:16:55 Join xNibbler [0] (
06:17:43 Quit Vulcan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:18:04 Join Vulcan [0] (
06:18:55Vulcanhow about syncing with the toshiba
06:19:05Vulcanif I'm usign rockbox does it just mount as a ums device?
06:19:34VulcanI just need to find one now
06:19:50Mouser_XI couldn't *STAND* using the software it comes with to transfer music...
06:19:59Mouser_XNot that I ever used it.
06:20:14*Mouser_X has been running Rockbox since he got his Gigabeat.
06:20:30Mouser_XI've seen the original firmware for about 30 sec. total.
06:20:43VulcanI'm looking at that one
06:20:50Vulcanshould be able to get it for less than 100 I hope
06:21:03Vulcanmaybe slightly over
06:22:00Mouser_XLooks good to me.
06:22:15Mouser_XYou'll certainly be getting it cheaper than I got mine.
06:22:36Mouser_XI got mine off of
06:22:56Mouser_XAt the time, I couldn't find one on eBay. I wish I had looked harder...
06:23:32Mouser_XEven so, it was worth what I paid for it.
06:26:36 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
06:26:51 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
06:31:34 Quit printfXh4 (Connection timed out)
06:35:20 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
06:36:28VulcanMouser_X, are you using a screen protector on yours?
06:36:49Mouser_XNo. I'd like to though.
06:38:16VulcanI think I'm going to go without
06:38:43VulcanI didn't use one on my zune for the first two weeks and didn't have ap roblem
06:38:47Mouser_XWell, my work environement isn't the nicest when it comes to portables.
06:39:13Mouser_XI'm considering buying an entire case.
06:39:38Mouser_XI might even go ghetto budget, and build my own.
06:39:40 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
06:40:35VulcanI'm excited
06:40:48Vulcanthis is going to mean I have extra money left over when I sell the zune
06:40:51 Join neolxr [0] (i=4af4633f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:41:37Mouser_XIf this means anything to you, Rockboy (GB/C emulator in Rockbox) runs very near full speed on the Gigabeat.
06:41:59Vulcanthats cool
06:42:08Mouser_XIn fact, with the FPS turned on, I've seen it go to 100 a few times (it usually sits around 60-70).
06:42:11VulcanI used rockbox on an ipod nano for a long time
06:42:21Vulcanwas decent
06:42:30Vulcannever really like the nano form factor
06:42:38Vulcantoo thin and long
06:42:41Vulcanhard to hold
06:43:40 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
06:43:49 Join Mouser_X [0] (
06:44:24Mouser_XSo, you shouldn't have any speed issues to worry about, regardless of the audio codec in question.
06:44:25Mouser_XNSF, SPC, and perhaps SID take a lot of CPU to have non-skippy playback. Though, I do believe they're all optimized enough that they play fullspeed on most (all?) targets.
06:44:58Mouser_XI've only seen the iPod. I've held a 5G once or twice...
06:45:17Mouser_XI think I've seen the nano, but it might have been a shuffle...
06:45:28Mouser_XGoes to show how much I know about iPods...
06:45:32VulcanI'll most likely just be using VBR lame
06:45:43Vulcanshuffle has no screen ;)
06:45:52Mouser_XWhich is also a good choice for a format.
06:46:07Vulcanpossibly ogg..
06:46:17Vulcanmy plan is to just transcode from lossless on the fly
06:46:20Vulcanwith mediamonkey
06:46:24Vulcanhave you used it?
06:46:45Mouser_XI have about 6 CDs.
06:46:54Mouser_XEverything else I've downloaded.
06:46:59Mouser_XI collect video game music.
06:47:04Vulcanthats cool
06:47:14Mouser_XTo answer your question though, no, I haven't.
06:47:20Vulcancheck it out some day
06:47:22Vulcanits a neat program
06:47:43Lloreansafetydan: You around?
06:47:47Mouser_XI might. Someone else was talking about it earlier (though, I don't remember if it was on this channel, or elsewhere).
06:47:59Mouser_Xplaying: "Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Chemical Plant Zone" [5kbps][44kHz][Stereo]
06:48:05Mouser_XSonic is good stuff.
06:48:09Vulcando you have anything from C&C
06:48:20Mouser_XCommand and Conquer?
06:48:25Mouser_XNo, I don't think so.
06:48:28Vulcanah okay
06:48:37VulcanI'd love to get my hands on music from the series
06:48:40Mouser_XI could probably find something, but I doubt I have it on my drive.
06:49:33Vulcanno kidding about that x30 being hard to find
06:49:52Vulcantheres a red one on ebay for 379.00 and its theo nly one I see anywhere
06:49:57JdGordonthe red alert music is great :)
06:50:02JdGordonhell march ftw
06:50:04Vulcanyeah it is
06:50:15Vulcanman that game is such a classic
06:50:16 Join printfXh4 [0] (
06:50:24Mouser_XJdGordon: I think I have that song.
06:50:41safetydanLlorean, yo
06:50:42VulcanI remember getting up at 5am [and this was when I was about 8 or 9] and playign all day long
06:51:12Vulcanthat was how I got to be such a geek haha
06:51:19Mouser_XAlso, I've heard the X goes for $200-$400, depending on the model.
06:51:44Mouser_XFinding one for $200 though would be pretty darn cheap.
06:51:47Vulcanyeah.. times liek this I wish I had a good friend in japan
06:51:58Mouser_XAustralia actually.
06:52:14Mouser_XI've heard that's where they had the longest run, and got the most support.
06:52:26JdGordonhahah <- awesome
06:52:29Mouser_XJust hear-say though.
06:52:31Lloreansafetydan: Just wanted to let you know, the problems I'm experiencing with noise in SPX files reproduce in the simulators just fine.
06:52:59 Quit mightybrick ("Leaving")
06:53:27Mouser_XJdGordon: Heh, that is pretty funny.
06:53:37Vulcanwhat theme do you use on your Mouser_X ?
06:53:55 Join esp8 [0] (
06:53:56Mouser_XI wouldn't mind seeing a Gigabeat port, but I doubt I'd use it. I only go to the forums when someone links to them here...
06:54:06Mouser_XI use the pixel one.
06:54:29safetydanLlorean, okay. Try something for me in the sim. In apps/codecs/libspeex/config.h change "#define FIXED_POINT " to "#undef FIXED_POINT" and see if you can still reproduce the noise.
06:54:51safetydanactually, just comment out that line rather than changing it to #undef
06:55:58Lloreansafetydan: I can't compile windows sims, I just downloaded rasher's. And I can't get sound to work in the VMWare image. =/
06:56:03LloreanIt hates me, drastically
06:57:03 Quit Vulcan (Nick collision from services.)
06:57:12safetydanah darnit
06:57:25 Join Vulc4n [0] (
06:57:38safetydanWell it's unlikely to be that anyway.
06:57:48safetydanYou'd hope the speex people test their fixed point decoder.
06:57:56LloreanD'you know what I need to set up to cross-compile a windows simulator?
06:58:35JdGordonLlorean: you dont have cygwin or colinux/vmware going?
06:58:42LloreanJdGordon: Just Vmware
06:58:54JdGordonhmm.. yeah i think only cygwin can compile it
06:59:12 Quit thegeek_ ()
06:59:25LloreanAlright then, I'm gonna go get cygwin, for a little while
06:59:43JdGordonsu -c apt-get install mingw32
07:00:01JdGordonyeah, follow that link... seems to do what you need
07:00:48LloreanI'll try that
07:01:14 Join illriginal [0] (
07:02:12 Join thegeek [0] (
07:03:06 Quit neolxr ("CGI:IRC")
07:04:30illriginalHey guys, just lettin you know the latest update doesn't have the Rockbox logo, the black screen.
07:05:52LloreanWhat black screen?
07:06:14illriginallike the introduction kinda thing
07:06:18illriginali forget the main name for it
07:06:40illriginalbut for example, when windows starts up, it says windows xp with the blue bar runnin across the screen
07:07:03LloreanYeah, but Rockbox doesn't normally have a black screen.
07:07:09illriginalthe update i had before this latest one, it had a black screen that had that rockbox logo on it
07:07:30LloreanWere you using an official build?
07:07:38illriginalnow it's a gray screen with a message reaading something about loading.
07:07:38LloreanAnd, which target are you using?
07:08:07illriginalI don't know if it's the official... i believe it was the more unstable build which i installed before this latest update.
07:08:37illriginali dont know what you mean by target, im sorry.
07:08:44Mouser_XWhat system?
07:08:51midkaywhat device are you running rockbox on?
07:08:53Mouser_XiPod, Gigabeat, Archos?
07:08:53illriginalGigabeat F series
07:09:03Lloreanillriginal: Official builds are builds from the "Current Build" ling.
07:09:12illriginalyeah it was the current build.
07:09:16LloreanIf anyone else compiled your build than it's not an official one.
07:09:28LloreanThe screen you must be referring to is the boot splash.
07:09:34Lloreanis the .raw file still in your root?
07:09:34illriginalyes sir that's what it is.
07:09:40illriginalthank you, that's the name for it.
07:09:46 Quit pearldiver (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:09:48illriginalhm... i gotta check, hold on brb
07:10:01 Join pearldiver [0] (
07:10:24*Mouser_X hasn't updated Rockbox on his Gigabeat since before SPC was commited...
07:11:27 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
07:11:36 Join Mouser_X [0] (
07:11:52Mouser_XHCS built a Rockbox for me that has MOD support.
07:11:55Mouser_X(And SPC support, of course.)
07:11:59Mouser_XI need to figure out how to do my own builds...
07:12:03Mouser_XWith patches, of course.
07:13:11illriginalbootsplach.raw is in the filesystem
07:13:24illriginal /media/GIGABEAT
07:14:15Mouser_XSplach, or splash?
07:14:20Mouser_XJust checking.
07:14:23illriginalsorry splash.
07:14:36illriginalshould it be in the gigabeatsystem folder
07:14:39 Join midgey [0] (
07:14:50Lloreanillriginal: I believe it belongs in the root.
07:14:51Mouser_XI'm pretty sure it's supposed to be in the root.
07:15:00illriginalhm... this it's correct.
07:15:14LloreanThe root is just the drive, not in any folders...
07:15:22illriginalis there a link for the direct download of that bootsplash, maybe i should replace it?
07:15:29illriginalcorrect llorean
07:16:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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07:20:06midkayanybody in here who understands how the framebuffer works in rockbox?
07:22:27 Part safetydan
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07:28:05illriginalso Llorean, what do I do about the bootsplash, any ideas?
07:32:26Lloreanillriginal: You're free to download it again, I suppose
07:32:56illriginalcan i download just the bootsplash? or do I need to re-download the current build?
07:34:26Vulc4nredownload the entire build
07:35:20LloreanThe bootsplash isn't included in the build.
07:35:25LloreanVulc4n: Why on earth did you tell him to do that?
07:35:55Vulc4nits not?
07:36:09Vulc4nwhy does it change when I use a unofficial build?
07:36:12Vulc4nor did rather
07:36:27LloreanVulc4n: Are you on Gigabeat?
07:36:34Vulc4nI had an ipod
07:36:46LloreanIt works completely differently there.
07:36:51Vulc4nmy mistake
07:37:24LloreanThe gigabeat's bootloader loads a file from disk.
07:37:29LloreanIt's included in the bootloader zip, not the build.
07:38:42esp8hey ive got a gen 5 with video its a 30 gig you think i can put linux on it :)
07:38:52illriginalbootloader? ok
07:38:56LloreanThis is #Rockbox.
07:39:02Lloreanesp8: I think you're in the wrong channel
07:39:31esp8no... i wanted to throw a new Os on my ipod... with a loader
07:39:51Vulc4nesp8, rockbox != linux
07:39:53esp8i seen rockbox online
07:40:42LloreanRockbox is not linux though, it's a completely different thing
07:40:49esp8wanted to make sure my ipods version was compatible befor loading my mame rom collection back on to my pc :P
07:41:00esp8oh... but still its a nice looking Os for my ipod
07:41:09esp8alot more atractive then mac's crap :)
07:41:28Lloreanesp8: The list of compatible devices is on the very front page of the site.
07:41:49esp8ive been there read it all... not sure still if its compatible so i connected to this server
07:42:04esp8even read the pdf about my ipod you have but still not sure :P
07:42:45Vulc4nas long as its not one of the 5.5g ipods it will be fine
07:43:11LloreanEven the 5.5G 30gb is fine
07:43:23LloreanThe site explicitly says, very clearly, on the front page, exactly which players are supported
07:43:55 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
07:44:00LloreanAs far as iPods go, only the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation ones, and the 5.5G 80gb don't work among HD based ones.
07:44:00dewdudei have a 5.5G 30gb. works like a charm.
07:44:04 Join Mouser_X [0] (
07:45:30Vulc4noh realy?
07:45:38Vulc4nI didn't realize the 30gb 5.5g worked
07:45:44LloreanVulc4n: It's worked for a long time.
07:46:06Vulc4nwhats the difference hardware wise that prevents the 80gig from working?
07:46:23Vulc4nI had always assumed thet it was identical to the 30gig minus the drive/case
07:47:42LloreanThere's differences in the way the drive itself works, though I don't know them myself
07:47:53LloreanWe know what the problem is, just the person with the knowledge to work on it hasn't got much time these days
07:47:54amiconnlinuxstb: chopper uses floating point? ehummm....
07:51:08midkayif i create a char[20] = "Hello!", char[0] = "H", char[1] = "e", etc?
07:52:32 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:52:52 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
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07:53:57amiconnLlorean: I think the simple solution could have been working by now (caching in the ata driver), but LinusN want's the ambitious one...
07:54:55 Quit pearldiver (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:56:41Lloreanamiconn: Is there a real advantage to the ambitious one, such as 'catching future problems of this sort before they can happen'?
07:57:10 Join pearldiver [0] (
07:57:24Vulc4nugh, I wish someone would buy my zune...
07:57:55amiconnThe ambitious one should be *a bit* faster (no extra level of caching), and it is cleaner
07:58:51amiconnBut I'm not sure whether it will end up clean and simple enough to not need extra ifdefs for low-ram targets
07:59:45 Join impsy [0] (
08:00:03impsyhi is anyone here to help me :(
08:01:08impsydont be shy now :P
08:01:19Lloreanimpsy: Ask your question, but you should always have a little patience.
08:01:53 Join kubiix [0] (
08:02:32impsyWell I was changing themes on my ipod rockbox firmware and it froze so i reset it, now rockbox has a theme where the text is white and the bg is white and i need exact instructions or something to browse to the theme menu and change it :(
08:04:05Vulc4nLlorean might no better, but I think I would just delete the .rockbox folder and isntall the latest build
08:04:45midgeyresetting the settings is probably easier
08:04:50Lloreanimpsy: Just turn on the Hold switch after seeing the bootloader come up, to reset the settings
08:05:04Vulc4nugh its been too long since I had my nane
08:05:15impsyah ok ill try that now hold on :)
08:07:36impsythank you so much Llorean :)
08:08:46impsyNow i can get back to playing doom :P
08:09:36JdGordonmidkay: yes, but iirc it wont compile on target...
08:09:49midkayJdGordon: ?
08:10:07midkaymy char question?
08:10:42impsyLlorean: would you by any chance know how to set up the doom that comes with rockbox so that the scroll wheel turns my guy around when i use it? because i would use the left and right buttons to strafe side to side then
08:10:52amiconnJdGordon: Why shouldn't it?
08:10:54midkayJdGordon: gave up on that anyways :)
08:11:21JdGordondidnt we not have memcpy or something which stopped that from working?
08:11:25Lloreanimpsy: I believe that requires a patch
08:11:30*JdGordon is sure he remembers that failing ages ago :p
08:11:34amiconnOf course we have memcpy
08:11:44JdGordonwe didnt have _something_...
08:11:50impsyLlorean: Is that available to download anywhere
08:12:05Lloreanimpsy: You have to be able to compile, and I don't know for certain if there's a patch for that.
08:12:14JdGordonaparently it does work...
08:12:18amiconnchar[] = "blah" and char[20] = "blah" is standard C and of course works in rockbox
08:12:37impsyLlorean: aha exactly what I need
08:13:22JdGordoni dunno... /me obviously going crazy
08:13:50midkayJdGordon: not that crazy, i tried something similar and got a memcpy error.. i removed the char and references to it, and it was fixed..
08:13:57midkaynot worth screwing with, i'm done with that.
08:14:09pearldiverthis is just strange
08:14:10JdGordonyeah.. that... I knew I wasnt crazy :D
08:14:37esp8hey guys i just finished installing rockbox on my ipod but it said when i rebooted it that it cant find the rockbox.ipod on my ipod... so it didn't load :(
08:14:54JdGordonpearldiver: WTF?
08:14:56Lloreanesp8: You didn't follow the instructions in 2.2.2 exactly
08:15:03pearldiverJdGordon thats what i thought ha
08:15:04impsyHow hard it is to install a patch?
08:15:13BHSPitMonkeyimpsy, pretty hard
08:15:13Lloreanimpsy: You have to be able to compile.
08:15:21impsyugh :/
08:15:28BHSPitMonkeyLlorean, let's go with "impossible"
08:15:29impsyill never beat doom on my ipod then :P
08:15:40BHSPitMonkeyimpsy, what's wrong with iDoom
08:15:54impsyits hard because i cant have the left and right to strae
08:16:07impsyi need them to turn left and right
08:16:11BHSPitMonkeyjust change the setting
08:16:17impsyso how am i supposto dodge fireballs :[
08:16:28BHSPitMonkeyso that the scroll wheel is turn, and the << and >> buttons strafe
08:16:29pearldiverJdGordon like whats next, gigabeat as a videocard?
08:16:37Lloreanimpsy: Back up while turning.
08:16:37BHSPitMonkeyor vice versa
08:16:49impsyThe scroll wheel is a patch BHSPitMonke
08:16:55Lloreanimpsy: I played Doom for the first time without knowing of the existence of strafing.
08:17:05BHSPitMonkeyimpsy, I've been talking about iDoom, not rockdoom
08:17:13impsyi see
08:17:39impsyI recommend you guys to download Zdaemon for the PC and play Doom online, funnest ever
08:18:00impsyso about this compiling :P
08:18:05impsyis there a guide anywhere
08:18:28LloreanThere's the SimpleGuideToCompiling wiki page.
08:18:50LloreanBut honestly, I don't feel it's as "simple" as they say. I've been thinking of scrapping it for a while.
08:18:57LloreanI'm just too lazy
08:19:05esp8okay so how do i get my ipod to scan with the ipodpatcher again? it wont detect...
08:19:30Lloreanesp8: The part I pointed you at doesn't involve ipodpatcher at all....
08:19:36 Quit impsy ("Anacna "Old age is always fifteen years older than I am"")
08:20:02esp8i know i got the rockbox software now but i cant find my ipod anymore...
08:20:16esp8oh i got it now... reboot and goto disk mode
08:20:18esp8nvm :_
08:20:46 Join ender` [0] (
08:22:00midkayamiconn: you know a lot about core rockbox.. can you tell me a bit about the framebuffer?
08:24:09 Join MonkeyTamer [0] (n=chatzill@
08:25:31 Join PaulJam [0] (
08:26:01amiconnWell, it holds the frame data in the same (or easily converted −− X5) format as the lcd controller needs it
08:26:11 Join pseudo_ [0] (
08:27:22 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:28:22midkayamiconn: so you can take current framebuffer data and store it in a variable, and maybe bring it back for display later? how might one do this?
08:28:39 Quit printfXh4 (Nick collision from services.)
08:28:42 Nick pseudo_ is now known as printfXh4 (
08:28:53amiconnYes you could, but why would you want that?
08:29:25amiconnIt just needs memcpy'ing
08:29:48midkayamiconn: just something i'd like to play around with..
08:29:54amiconn...and of course you need the correct size. On the colour targets the framebuffer becomes quite big
08:30:18midkayamiconn: any instance you can point me to in the code that does this? or can you be a bit more specific about what must be done>
08:30:50 Quit Shaid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:30:59amiconnYou just need an (unsigned) char array of the right size and then you can copy back & forth between framebuffer and this
08:31:26midkayhow is the size determined?
08:32:02amiconnThere is no global definition that tells you this size for use in a plugin, so you need to calculate it with the preprocessor depending on LCD_WIDTH, LCD_HEIGHT, LCD_DEPTH and LCD_PIXELFORMAT
08:32:46 Join kaaloo [0] (
08:32:54midkayi'd think there must be some plugin that already does this..
08:33:02 Part kaaloo
08:35:35 Join decayedcell [0] (
08:36:40 Part decayedcell
08:36:40 Join decayedcell [0] (
08:36:42*MonkeyTamer is starting to wonder whether it would be ultimately worth it to get a gigabeat...
08:36:57LloreanIsn't it just LCD_WIDTH * LCD_HEIGHT * BPP (of the screen) / 8?
08:38:05amiconnLlorean: No it's not, because of the padding on some targets
08:39:21amiconnYour formula would be correct if all <8 bpp targets would use all bits in every byte, but e.g. the minis do not
08:39:21midkayamiconn: can you give me the framebuffer-size formula? :)
08:39:54amiconnThis is because the mini lcd is 138x110, and 138/4 leaves a remainder
08:39:54 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:40:11 Join PaulJam [0] (
08:40:18amiconn(greyscale ipod lcds use horizontal bitpacking)
08:40:35LloreanWhat is LCD_PIXEL_FORMAT stored as? Does it need to be evaluated to something then?
08:41:41amiconnLCD_PIXELFORMAT is a collection of identifiers. For 16bpp there are 2 values (which don't influence framebuffer sizes at all), and for 1bpp and 2bpp there are also 2 values
08:44:14 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:44:55esp8well for rockbox working all is fine :) backed up my spare config and voila but now how could i get my tunes in my ipod under the mac settings?
08:45:47midkayamiconn: how do the identifiers influence 1bpp/2bpp lcds?
08:47:19Lloreanesp8: What do you mean 'under the mac settings'?
08:47:35 Quit illriginal ("Leaving")
08:48:07midkayhmm... weren't we going to get rid of Snake months ago because Snake II can do everything it can and more?
08:48:08 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:49:32 Join Rob2222 [0] (
08:49:50*GodEater wishes for a flat earth where there are no such things as timezones
08:49:52esp8well under my old ipod config i had 17 somodd gig's of songs... in those preset 0f 1f what ever folders... how do i get to listen to them?
08:50:19GodEateresp8: Section 4.2 of the manual
08:51:34 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
08:51:43 Join Mouser_X [0] (
08:52:47 Join webguest26 [0] (i=d90a1a7e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:55:25*MonkeyTamer wonders what price he could fetch for selling an ipod color...
08:58:38MonkeyTamerwith all the mention of Gigabeats, I find it hard to even find a good reason to keep an ipod color these days
08:59:10LloreanI'm not really sure how much there is.
08:59:15hcsI have mine so I can test how rockbox runs an an iPod color :)
09:00:15MonkeyTamerit runs ok, but there's just so little documentation overall that it seems like an easier fix would be to get a gigabeat
09:00:44MonkeyTamerespecially when they cost so little on ebay
09:02:12 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
09:03:48GodEatergood news from toffe yesterday on the Gigabeat S huh ?
09:04:11LloreanGodEater: I'm not sure if it's really "good" or just "more" until I see what comes of it.
09:04:29LloreanYour link in your post is bad, btw
09:04:49LloreanJust a typo, I think
09:05:23GodEaterleft off the http://
09:05:29GodEaterit should be good now
09:05:46GodEaterI'm impressed he managed to hook up the console port on it - that man must be a genius with a soldering iron ;)
09:06:27GodEaterI've been paying attention to the port of linux for the iPaq h4150 for a while now, and so that WinCE boot sequence looks very familiar to me (no pun intended)
09:06:53GodEaterso if anyone would have info on how to get the hardware booting into something else - I'd imagine it's those guys
09:07:11LloreanI really wish the Linux port for my old HP PDA had ever gotten finished
09:07:35GodEaterwhich one did you have ?
09:07:45 Quit webguest26 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:07:49 Quit decayedcell (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:08:17LloreanHP Jornada 565
09:08:59GodEaterthe 4150 port seems to be coming along - but it seems to take a lot longer than a rockbox port does usually. I hope that's not an omen for the Gigabeat S / Zune
09:09:51LloreanThe 565 is a rather ancient PDA but it actually had a really nice looking screen and form factor, and worked really well for me for several years.
09:10:00 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:10:58 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:11:06amiconnmidkay: I'll make it easier to use the fb size in plugins with some slight changes in lcd.h (and lcd-remote.h)
09:11:12GodEaterthe 4150 is about perfect for me :)
09:11:34midkayamiconn: cool, is that something you'll work on soon?
09:11:49amiconnThe fb size will then simply be LCD_FBWIDTH*LCD_FBHEIGHT*sizeof(fb_data)
09:12:22midkaycool, easy enough :)
09:12:40 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (
09:12:41amiconnOf course you can make your copy an fb_data array, then it becomes fb_data fb_copy[LCD_FBWIDTH*LCD_FBHEIGHT];
09:13:06amiconn...and the memcpy calls can use sizeof(fb_copy)
09:15:24 Join webguest42 [0] (i=cbab4195@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:16:03midkayamiconn: sounds pretty simple, but i don't know how to use memcpy, nor what fb_data is. :)
09:16:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:16:17 Quit MonkeyTamer ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
09:16:20webguest42hello i was wondering if it would be posible to get a menotrome on rockbox like on here.
09:17:00webguest42thankyou so much.
09:17:39webguest42is there any other guitar plugin like that?
09:19:05amiconnmidkay: fb_data is the datatype of the framebuffer array. unsigned char for mono & greyscale targets, unsigned short for 16-bit colour targets
09:20:59midkayamiconn: got it..
09:21:34webguest42Llorean would a guitar tuner be possible on the sansa e200
09:23:09crwla guitar tuner in rockbox would be seriously cool
09:23:11Lloreanwebguest42: Dunno, I don't know what you'd need for one.
09:25:09webguest42to tune your guitar
09:25:26GodEaterdoes the sansa have a line-in / mic ?
09:25:37webguest42yer it has a mic
09:25:51midkayamiconn: this plugin/framebuffer simplification - expecting it to be committed soon?
09:25:51webguest42thats why i thought it could work
09:26:10GodEaterprobably could then - you'd just need to write a plugin
09:26:31 Join B4gder [0] (
09:28:42 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
09:28:48 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
09:31:02 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
09:31:11 Join Mouser_X [0] (
09:31:53safetydana guitar tuner plugin has been suggested many times
09:32:01safetydanno one's actually stepped up and written anything though
09:33:18*petur would like one, too but misses the time to look into it
09:34:15crwlthere's quite a lot of open-source tuner software around, I use Lingot myself, too bad it's written in C++
09:35:04crwlit's the best I've found so far, some tools didn't automatically figure out what string one's trying to tune, for example...
09:36:03peturit should at least be able to do that and support both bass and normal guitar
09:37:17LinusNproblem is that many guitar tuner softwares are designed to run on a fast pentium
09:37:24LinusNwith floating point
09:37:46LinusNthere are a few ones that look quite portable though
09:38:03*B4gder got a mail from a father of a 12-year-old who installed Rockbox on his Sansa and, well can't get stuff to work anymore
09:38:23LinusNbut it's like with any other idea, someone has to actually work on it
09:38:36LinusNB4gder: ouch
09:38:52B4gdermaybe we should add "ask a parent" to the install page? ;-)
09:39:22 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
09:39:57peturtuner with fixed point:
09:41:24 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
09:42:29 Quit esp8 ()
09:47:00 Join Shaid [0] (
09:47:03safetydanpetur, interestingly enough I think the FFT that uses is already in Rockbox under libspeex
09:48:35 Join pseudo_ [0] (
09:49:05 Join fejfighter [0] (
09:49:15 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
09:52:12 Quit pill (Nick collision from services.)
09:52:22 Join _pill [0] (
10:01:53 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
10:03:28 Join desowin [0] (
10:06:25 Quit webguest42 ("CGI:IRC")
10:07:17 Quit printfXh4 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:08:02 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:09:09 Join bluebrother [0] (i=IuEljEUY@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
10:11:09JdGordonhas anyone got an old .cfg file from before the config block removal?
10:12:01bluebrotherexported cfg files that is.
10:12:25JdGordoncan you paste the value of the "scroll delay" setting please?
10:13:06bluebrotherscroll delay: 100
10:13:25bluebrother# .cfg file created by rockbox 061106-2222
10:13:37JdGordonok ta
10:13:47bluebrotheron a h120
10:13:50JdGordon:( thats the default value, so not as helpful as I hoped :(
10:14:49JdGordonhaha bloody helll. I made a new file with a really long name to test the scroll delay. without trying I made it exactly long enough for the h300 :p
10:15:15midkayto fit the LCD width?
10:16:13JdGordonso, 1 char longer or it didnt need to scroll
10:16:27midkayi always knew the force was strong with you.
10:16:28LinusNJdGordon: the scroll_delay setting is multiplied by HZ/10
10:17:21LinusNremove that and it should work just fine
10:18:02JdGordonnot fix the actual problem? I think the its just I have 10 where 100 should be and vice verca
10:18:34LinusNvoid lcd_scroll_delay(int ms)
10:18:52LinusNthe setting should thus be in milliseconds
10:19:09JdGordon* HZ/10 is just to keep the int smaller for the old config block then?
10:19:49JdGordonAH, ok, I can save a few bytes then by fixing this setting :)
10:21:23hcsteacher says every time a byte's saved, an angel gets its wings
10:22:11amiconnpetur: I checked windows' behaviour wrt fat shortname generation
10:22:36amiconnWindows 9x does exactly what's described in the fat specs, but xp does it different
10:23:57 Nick pseudo_ is now known as printfXh4 (
10:24:02bluebrotherwxp doesn't comply to the fat specs?
10:24:45amiconnI guess it's some more davanced spec that isn't public
10:25:05bluebrotherah. Just was quite surprised ...
10:25:24JdGordonor they didnt bother supporting it anymore?
10:25:46amiconnI think the actual numerictail algorithm isn't that much important, the main point is imho the usage of ~ in the shortname, which is quite uncommon in a normal filename
10:26:02bluebrotherMicrosoft? They are downwards compatible to almost everything. Including hell :)
10:26:35amiconnOtherwise the generated shortname might easily collide with a later longname which is mapped 1:1 observed with our driver
10:27:46JdGordonHZ is 100 isnt it?
10:28:14peturamiconn: I have adapted the randomize code, must just test a bit more
10:28:41peturalso, I randomize the shortname if required as per spec
10:29:35amiconnYes, and we should also use the ~
10:29:51peturyes, new code does that
10:30:12peturand randomize tries to find the ~ to inc the number
10:31:34peturI've put it in a little dos program to test and not corrupt my fat (also tests much faster ;) )
10:32:16LinusNi have been thinking about adding support for disk images with the simulator
10:32:22 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
10:32:38JdGordonLinusN: I was thinking similar, but a root path instead of an image
10:33:10LinusNthe point of an image would be to be able to better work on and debug the rockbox fat driver
10:33:31LinusNa root path won't help in that case
10:33:46JdGordonno :p
10:33:49hcsI just use symlinks to point it at another root path, anyway
10:34:11JdGordonI was getting anoyed with having to create my symlink to my music every time I make a new build dir
10:35:25B4gderJdGordon: write a script
10:36:01B4gderguys, it seems we might have a clueful Sansa R model owner. We might have an extracted bootloader
10:36:22B4gderwhich then very well might give us the crypto key
10:36:38amiconnmidkay: Probably tonight (CET)
10:37:28 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
10:37:37 Join Mouser_X [0] (
10:37:40midkayamiconn: cool, then i can bug you about how to use it :)
10:38:04 Part Llorean
10:43:52jhMikeShcs: I've got echo going on coldfire in the spc codec. Did you want to have look before a commit? (iiuc you wanted to check things first)
10:45:04 Join Winchester [0] (
10:45:27linuxstbJdGordon: I think I remember you asking the other day for any settings where the order is reversed - the sleep timer looks like one of those cases - it starts with 5 hours and goes down to OFF.
10:47:02PaulJamwasn't it always the case that you have to press up to increase the sleep timer?
10:47:16 Join pseudo_ [0] (
10:47:35linuxstbI don't know, but with the settings as a list, it seems the wrong way round now IMO.
10:50:00hcsjhMikeS: cool, go ahead and commit it if it's full speed
10:50:28*petur curses workload
10:50:29jhMikeS78% boost on the worst of UW2
10:51:09jhMikeSI think there's more to be had by far but it's workable
10:51:29hcsimpressive, so are these only coldfire optimizations?
10:52:17jhMikeSThere was one thing I did and that was subtract 8 from global_muting and remove the (1 << 8) wich give the same output
10:52:36jhMikeSand remove the clipping that the dsp will do for it
10:53:18jhMikeSotherwise I stayed pretty clear of arm since I can't test
10:56:13hcscool, I'll see if/how much it improves on arm
10:57:44jhMikeSmight be worth a bit since it improved cd a few %. i don't think it'll hurt it at the least
10:58:26hcsfor now I'd leave echo disabled in the source (for arm)
11:01:29jhMikeSI only enabled it for cf :)
11:03:29hcsI'm going to have to get some sleep, I'll check it out tomorrow
11:03:33jhMikeSI think I used up every possible emac unit feature :p
11:05:13 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
11:08:52 Quit printfXh4 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:16:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:19:42 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:19:48 Quit Siku ("reboot")
11:19:58 Join Nico_P [0] (
11:20:39LinusNamiconn: there?
11:23:08JdGordonlinuxstb: ok, ta, ill fix that
11:23:21 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:23:46 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
11:25:22amiconnLinusN: sort of
11:25:41LinusNi was thinking about -ffunction-sections
11:25:58LinusNhow well does it work combined with linker relaxation?
11:26:13LinusNi need to trim the bootloader
11:26:46LinusNi think i have two options: 1) use #ifndef BOOTLOADER in the firmware code, or 2) use linker relaxation
11:27:01amiconnAfaik we already do that for the firmware library in case of bootloader builds
11:27:05 Join Siku [0] (
11:27:11amiconnAt least for bootbox
11:27:17 Join tick [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:28:17amiconnCheck the .map of a bootloader build...
11:28:39LinusNmaybe i should do that for the h-series loaders too
11:28:42JdGordonlinuxstb: sleep timer has always been 5h at the top... do we really want to change that?
11:28:58tickHm. I wanted to create a patch for HAVE_ vs. CONFIG_ but someone seems to habe been faster than I and "stole" my idea (FS #6674) :-/
11:29:34amiconnJdGordon: Really always, even before list settings?
11:30:10 Part Winchester
11:30:37JdGordonok, maybe not that long ago...
11:32:32amiconnIirc some lists are still the wrong order
11:32:47amiconnDon't remember which ones, need to check
11:33:37JdGordonsleep timer fixed
11:38:55 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:43:52amiconnLinusN: For other bootloaders we don't use sectioned compilation atm; check configure lines 1264 and 1268
11:43:55LinusNamiconn: works a treat! shrunk it by 20k
11:44:43LinusNi guess we don't want to do it on arm, because of the longcall issue?
11:44:58*amiconn just wanted to point to the linker garbage collection thing
11:45:02 Join inversions [0] (
11:45:09amiconnWhy not?
11:45:43amiconnShould work on arm as well; we don't want it for main rockbox because the sections make the binary larger because of the extra padding and more long calls
11:45:44LinusNi was under the impression that it always did long calls when using function-sections, and that it was a bad thing
11:46:12LinusNi'm no arm ninja, though
11:46:32amiconnAlways using long calls means larger binary, but for the bootloaders this might be already compensated for by the dropped code
11:46:40LinusNi see
11:47:18amiconnAnd if we do the rework and properly mark all iram functions long call (argh, with one exception - the iFP), then even function sections won't cause everything to be long call anymore
11:47:24amiconn(-mlong-call will go)
11:49:19LinusNbtw, how about moving the lds files to the target tree?
11:49:44 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
11:53:20amiconnMight be useful
11:53:32amiconnBtw, did you also use data sections, as for bootbox?
11:56:49amiconn-20k isn't bad, almost 1/3 of the whole thing...
11:57:51LinusNit was more like 18k, but anyway
11:59:40 Join wooo [0] (
12:01:05 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
12:01:12 Join Seed [0] (
12:02:24*amiconn wonders what happened to the AMS talk
12:04:58 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
12:04:58 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:14:27 Join Guest52768 [0] (i=pugsley@
12:15:45 Join Rondom [0] (
12:17:30 Quit inversions (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:20:47 Quit fejfighter ()
12:22:16 Quit tick ("CGI:IRC")
12:24:25 Quit lini (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:25:48 Quit GodEater_ (Remote closed the connection)
12:27:05 Join GodEater_ [0] (
12:29:33 Join mithris [0] (
12:30:06 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
12:30:58 Join pondlife [0] (
12:41:07 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:41:11 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:41:34 Quit safetydan ("Ex-Chat")
12:42:33*GodEater_ wonders how the flash hostmasks are done
12:46:13 Quit Kasperle (
12:46:57NJoinKasperle [0] (i=kasperle@
12:46:59 Quit Kasperle (
12:47:03NJoinKasperle [0] (i=kasperle@
12:48:29 Join x1jmp [0] (
12:49:11 Quit Kasperle (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:49:16 Join Kasperle [0] (
12:54:15 Quit wooo (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:54:44 Quit x1jmp (Remote closed the connection)
12:59:15 Join Mouser_X [0] (
13:01:45 Join Roan [0] (
13:02:41 Join x1jmp [0] (
13:03:15 Join inversions [0] (
13:03:41preglowthe manual says that alarm mode should be used together with auto-resume on, but the code seems to automatically resume if alarm is detected. how does it actually work on archos+
13:04:03 Join anathema [0] (
13:07:08 Join midkay_ [0] (
13:07:57 Join tri170391 [0] (n=tri17039@
13:08:36 Quit tri170391 (Client Quit)
13:11:23 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:11:41 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
13:14:46LinusNpreglow: it is supposed to work like the manual says, but maybe things have changed
13:14:53 Join Arathis [0] (
13:16:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:19:15 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
13:19:26 Join Mouser_X [0] (
13:19:40preglowLinusN: it also says that the unit should shut down when you set the alarm, but i don't see the code for that
13:20:00LinusNthat has changed since then, i believe
13:20:14preglowalso, it seems like the bootloader reads the pcf int regs, so i don't think i can tell if an alarm has been triggered on ipod :/
13:20:34preglowwell, it would be nice if someone with an archos found out how it works and updated the manual
13:21:00preglowand anyway, if the bootloader does clear the regs, it'll have to behave differently on pcf targets anyway
13:21:10 Quit inversions (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:21:23preglowi don't exactly feel like digging around the bootloader code to see if it signals that it found the alarm bit set in some way
13:21:55preglowi haven't exactly ruled out that i'm being the fool in some way yet either :)
13:22:20 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:22:27 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
13:22:31LinusNneither have we :-)
13:24:49LinusNpreglow: it does not seem to turn off when you have set the time
13:25:36desowinis working ?
13:25:37linuxstb_preglow: Maybe you could compare the current time with the last set alarm time, to see if we have passed the alarm time. If that's the case, then we would know the wakeup has been caused by the alarm (unless the user has broken things by starting the Apple firmware).
13:26:44B4gderdesowin: I think it is supposed to
13:26:46Mikachuyou could check if it's within 5 minutes or so?
13:26:53preglowlinuxstb_: nice idea, i'll just check the alarm time and see if it's close
13:27:23desowinB4gder: yes, but I can't get it to work propertly, it crates database, but rockbox don't use it
13:27:36Mikachuis this for when you have speakers hooked up, or are you going to go beep-beep with the piezo? :
13:27:46preglowi'll just read back the address time from the regs and compare, if they're the same, then it HAS to be an alarm anyway
13:28:02preglowunless the wakeup on alarm flag wasn't set anyway...
13:28:39B4gderdesowin: debug time! ;-)
13:29:20LinusNpreglow: the archos does not autoresume on alarm
13:29:36amiconnpreglow: Alarm on archos can only be tested on fm/v2, and v1 with mod - I only have a v1 without the mod
13:29:47desowinhasn't database format changed since last update ?
13:29:51*LinusN just tried it on his fmrec
13:29:58B4gderdesowin: quite possibly
13:32:15 Quit darkless ("Leaving")
13:32:17 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:39:00 Join webguest47 [0] (i=d9e17682@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:42:24 Quit webguest47 (Client Quit)
13:45:18LinusNwe should make a little more intelligent
13:45:30LinusNit adds the .eq files to the archos zip
13:45:41preglowhaha, ouch
13:45:41LinusNthe eq .cfg-files i mean
13:47:32amiconnI reported that multiple times....
13:47:42amiconnIt also adds an (empty) backdrops folder
13:49:32peturbleh... my h340 froze :(
13:50:51amiconnThe backdrops folder needs to depend on LCD_DEPTH > 1
13:51:07preglowjhMikeS: something is definitely wrong with your spc commit
13:51:13preglowi think the echo is broken
13:51:17LinusNamiconn: has no knowledge of those defines
13:51:18 Join Obsys [0] (
13:51:31B4gderLinusN: it does get some of them
13:51:44B4gderthere's some magic gcc trickery for that
13:52:15preglowjhMikeS: and i just had to use the reset button again
13:54:33JdGordondoes anyone know what gets put on the buffer atm? Is it just the encoded audio? or is it the actual file?
13:55:15preglowdepends on how much the loader leaves out, i think
13:55:35preglowhmm, or no, i just realise i don't know
13:55:51LinusNthe loader attempts to leave out the metadata
13:56:17LinusNleaving the encoded audio alone
13:57:03linuxstb_LinusN: I think that's only for MP3, for other codecs I'm pretty sure the whole file is buffered.
13:57:40JdGordonand what happens if the file doesnt fit in the buffer? It buffers what it can and store the poisiotn in the file?
13:57:52linuxstb_Some codecs need information from the header which isn't in the mp3entry struct.
13:58:12LinusNJdGordon: it loads as much as possible and remembers the file position
13:58:59LinusN"remember", as in keeping the file open
13:59:05jhMikeSpreglow: I did make a booboo wrapping the buffer but I 've had no freezes from it. Gonna fix that one and then recheck.
13:59:29preglowjhMikeS: the delay sounds faaar smaller than it should be too me, in places
13:59:31JdGordonis there any information kept in the buffer? or all in various globals?
13:59:38preglowit might not be that, but some of the tracks are definitely not sounding right
14:00:01LinusNJdGordon: all in globals
14:00:07jhMikeSpreglow: that's the booboo
14:01:16 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
14:01:25 Join Mouser_X [0] (
14:01:51 Join Sikkan [0] (i=Monchhic@
14:02:57 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
14:03:03 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
14:03:59 Quit anathema (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:04:21 Quit himitsu ("Leaving")
14:06:25jhMikeSpreglow: fix up
14:07:45 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
14:09:11pondlifepetur: When your H340 crashed, do you recall if it was displaying any scrolling text, or if there was any display corruption?
14:09:24*pondlife arrives hours after the event, again.
14:09:50SikkanHm, I have a Sansa. Do I understand it right that you can change backdrop directly in the firmware?
14:09:58SikkanIf that is the case... how?
14:10:04B4gderSikkan: in Rockbox, yes
14:10:16Sikkanyes, in rockbox
14:10:37B4gderfirst make sure you have a bmp using the size of your LCD
14:10:47B4gderthen browse to it and use "open with" on it
14:11:01B4gderI can't remember what key
14:11:16Sikkanhm, ok.. I'll try myself forward then... thanx
14:11:31B4gder"To use an image as a backdrop browse to it in the File Browser and open the File Menu (see section 4.1.2) on it and select the option Set As Backdrop. "
14:11:35preglowjhMikeS: will test now
14:13:42preglowi think my h120 is starting to feel a bit old :/
14:14:09jhMikeShow come?
14:15:07jhMikeSis it complaining of arthritis?
14:15:16preglowit just feels a bit quirky
14:15:22preglowjhMikeS: sounds right again now
14:16:50jhMikeSthat's why I test stuff awhile even after a commit...that's when I always catch that one thing :p
14:17:15preglowit's not exactly a speed monster yet, but it's definitely going places nwo
14:18:32jhMikeSdid you try the pure c echo is comparision? heh
14:18:50preglowtalking about the codec as a whole
14:19:14jhMikeStrue. it's probably got some quantum leaps hidden away.
14:19:28preglowthis h120 is definitely starting to look like a veteran
14:19:37LinusNpreglow: but a trusty old one
14:19:40preglowdespite the fact that i've kept it in itscarrying thing all the time
14:19:41 Quit tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
14:19:44preglowLinusN: oh yes
14:19:56*jhMikeS needs to put a paperclip hole in the thing
14:20:02 Join barrywardell [0] (
14:20:18preglowpaint scratched off here and there at the sides,plastic at both side screws is cracked
14:20:22preglowserial number is all but unreadable
14:20:42preglownot that i'll be needing it
14:20:52jhMikeSmy x5 serial number was rubbed off and Cowon was gerous enough to put a new one on :)
14:21:27pondlifeDid you get a new hard disk with that serial no.?
14:22:07*preglow wants metadata on buffer
14:22:12jhMikeSI took a scan of the inside before I sent it back...will be able to verify :)
14:22:17preglow32 spc files takes exactly this much space -><-
14:22:54*pondlife wants metadata on buffer NOW
14:22:55preglowjhMikeS: the echos sound like the fir coefs usually aren't used, perhaps there's an optimisation there
14:23:06peturpondlife: I had just pressed select on a song and put it away (it's attached to wireless headphones), and wondered why it didn't play. The lcd/backlight was off and only reset helped
14:23:21preglowthen again, that's not always easy to hear
14:23:22pondlifeOK, just wondered as mine crashed twice yesterday
14:23:23peturso I didn't see what happened
14:23:34pondlifeIt was in the cradle so backlight was on.
14:23:43jhMikeSpreglow: what do you mean...I don't have enough experience know know the sound of unused coefficient
14:23:56jhMikeSto know even
14:24:02pondlifeBoth times I had a part-scrolled line, which in the past indicated an LCD timing issue IIRC
14:24:17 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
14:24:26preglowjhMikeS: if the coefs aren't used you should be hearing unfiltered feedback, and i think i hear that
14:24:35preglowthe feedback isn't altered at all, it's just a pure delay copy
14:24:49preglowin which case a ton of muls don't need doing
14:25:05peturpondlife: when selecting that song again, nothing on the wps needs scrolling
14:25:11preglowthen again, it might just be the soundtracks i'm listening to...
14:25:28jhMikeSsome sound rather smooth and reverby that I have
14:25:32pondlifepetur: Yep, so not related to my problem.
14:25:59*petur congratulates JdGordon
14:26:23peturcheck your mail
14:26:31JdGordonah.. :)
14:27:27preglowbah, another spc lockup
14:27:32preglowthis time also at exactly 4 seconds
14:27:45*jhMikeS isn't having any lockups at all
14:28:33jhMikeS...on two different devices at that
14:31:09 Join web-taz [0] (
14:31:39preglowdon't think my h120 has too much custom in its build now
14:31:46preglowjust the sw tone controls thing and that wasn't running
14:31:57 Part JdGordon
14:33:03jhMikeSpreglow: what are those intended for? I can image the bass boost from the eq, hw tone and sw tone controls all maxed. :P
14:33:25 Quit SirFunk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:33:45LloreanjhMikeS: Some of our players have no, or nearly useless, bass/treble controls
14:33:47*Mikachu imagines heavily distorted sounds
14:34:36LloreanAnd apparently the sw tone controls take less processing power than achieving the same thing with the SW EQ.
14:35:09jhMikeSLlorean: well, I know the x5 fits that
14:36:05jhMikeSWould be kind of an odd thing to include on the H120 by default though
14:36:14LloreanBut I do imagine people enabling them on targets we already have adequate ones (if they aren't just enabled as SW Bass and SW Treble on them anyway) and setting Bass, SWBass, and Low shelf all quite hight.
14:36:15amiconnYes, and some ipods too (e.g. minis)
14:36:44amiconnLlorean: The sw tone controls are only for targets which don't have the hw controls
14:36:47 Join SirFunk [0] (
14:36:50Lloreanamiconn: Good
14:36:54 Join printfXh4 [0] (
14:36:58preglowyou can also use for targets with poor ones, like h120
14:36:59preglowwhich can't cut
14:41:21jhMikeSfilters filters everywhere
14:43:55preglowoh, indeed
14:43:57preglowlovely filters
14:44:21jhMikeSActraiser sounds like it uses the fir filter more thoroughly :\
14:46:54 Quit pseudo_ (Connection timed out)
14:47:38preglowoh yes, some games do, i'm just wondering if so many don't that it might be good to check for it
14:48:13 Quit x1jmp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:50:46 Join darkless [0] (
14:54:45preglowLinusN: wouldn't tree.c line 490 suggest that always autoresuming on alarm is to be done?
14:56:07jhMikeSwell, feedback is checked for so perhaps at the least if the echo volume is zero or all coeffs are zero otherwise I don't wish to intrude too much.
14:56:43preglowall coefs but the first one will be zero for a staright feedack echo
14:56:50preglowprobably not critical
14:57:17 Quit Arathis (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:57:42 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:58:38 Join Arathis [0] (
14:59:44 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
15:01:49amiconnpreglow: In fact it wouldn't make _that_ much sense to make the alarm always auto-resume
15:01:51jhMikeSright, but I'm not sure I want too much logic...the mult is faster than tests and branches
15:02:11preglowamiconn: perhaps not, i just can't imagine why i'd not want it
15:02:30preglowjhMikeS: combine with the memory fetches and it might not be very true anymore
15:02:38preglowjhMikeS: but anyway, more speed can probably be gotten elsewhere
15:04:56LloreanCan't we make it start up on the FM Screen or the Recording screen, with Root menu? In either of those cases, trying to resume playback on startup doesn't seem necessary or ideal.
15:06:42preglowwell, why'd you want alarm to wake you up there?
15:06:51preglowthat is, i can see why you'd want it to wake up in fm mode
15:07:06LloreanWell, we don't have a wake-up-and-record yet, do we?
15:07:08peturtimed recordings? see forum ;)
15:07:20Lloreanpetur: Timed recordings require leaving the unit on, though.
15:07:25preglowwould be nice, but anyway, the point is i don't see why it should wake up and just sit there
15:07:45LloreanI thought there was an option to start recording immediately open entering the recording screen?
15:07:51LloreanI don't use the feature much, so I'm probably wrong...
15:08:14Llorean'the feature' being recording in general
15:09:09jhMikeSpreglow: not alot has been done on the cpu side
15:09:35peturwhy not make it generic? be able select what screen to start in (wps/fm/rec) and have it start whatever it should start there
15:09:48preglowpetur: that would be perfect
15:09:55LloreanWell starting in "WPS" is resuming playback, isn't it?
15:10:07preglowpetur: again, the only thing i don't see the meaning of is alarm just resulting in the unit twiddling its thumbs
15:10:24preglowso setting the alarm might just as well imply that the default action is to be taken upon wakeup
15:10:24LloreanYeah, that should be avoided.
15:10:37peturthat's why I said wps/fm/rec ;)
15:10:52LloreanIf you've set a 'menu' as your startup screen, it should go to WPS on alarm then.
15:11:58pearldivernew lcd clock is great ha
15:16:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:16:36*jhMikeS has these spc's that try to play the spc700 like it's a sid chip. lol
15:17:26preglowjhMikeS: and yeah, i wonder how much action the spc actually sees
15:17:39preglowjhMikeS: afaik, it really just rells the dsp to do the really dirty work
15:21:19 Join luckz_ [0] (
15:22:53jhMikeSpreglow: it still has to run out it's cycles. I don't think it's a small part. I wonder if it does a lot of waiting in loops on a timer.
15:23:38jhMikeSnot that I know how the key events are really scheduled for sure
15:26:13 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
15:26:57 Quit luckz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:32:58 Join Vulcan [0] (
15:33:47 Join kaaloo [0] (
15:34:45 Quit SirFunk (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:37:41LinusNpreglow: yes, it looks like it should resume on alarm, looks like a bug then
15:39:41 Part LinusN
15:41:07 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:42:16 Nick luckz_ is now known as luckz (
15:45:01 Quit Vulc4n (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:46:19 Quit Vulcan (Nick collision from services.)
15:46:39 Join Vulcan [0] (
15:47:51 Join lee-qid [0] (
15:47:59 Quit Vulcan (Nick collision from services.)
15:47:59 Quit pearldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:48:17 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
15:48:19 Join Vulc4n [0] (
15:50:14 Quit bospaadje ("great minds run in great circles")
15:51:02 Join bospaadje [0] (
15:53:30 Quit Obsys ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
15:53:43 Part Roan
15:56:15pondlifeThe wiki reckons I should be able to setup Cygwin from
15:56:45pondlifeBut Cygwin reckons not: "Unable to get setup.ini from <>"
15:58:08B4gderyou can only get some packages from there
15:58:10bluebrotherpondlife: checked if there is a proxy making trouble? It worked when I tried last time, but I had proxy problems
15:58:35pondlifeI don't think I've got any proxy at my ISP.
15:59:25pondlifeAnywhere else I can get the patched arm-elf-gcc?
15:59:31pondlifeie. 4.0.3
16:00:38pondlifeCurrently I get: "Using sh-elf-gcc 3.3.6 (303) WARNING: Consider upgrading your compiler to the 4.0.X series!" i.e. Stone-age
16:00:52peturbuild it using the
16:01:36pondlifeIs there a wiki page to explain what that does? I don't think so
16:02:01B4gderit just builds the selected crosscompiler, not much to explain
16:02:12B4gderthe manual procedure is documented though
16:02:59bluebrotherit's quite straightforward configure && make && make install with a couple of options passed to configure
16:03:07pondlifeI just get command not found errors
16:03:22pondlifeI'm in rockbox/tools.
16:03:40 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
16:04:00B4gderrun it with "sh -x" perhaps to see what line of the srcipt that fails
16:04:25pondlife: command not found 2:
16:04:25pondlife+ dlwhere=$'/home/Steve/tmp\r'
16:04:50B4gderhm, is that a line ending problem?
16:06:23pondlifedos2unix is my friend
16:06:57 Join Arathis [0] (
16:08:15desowinpetur: where would you place progressbar in qtscrobbler ?
16:08:48peturpop up a messagebox?
16:09:08desowinlittle crazy idea IMO
16:09:08petureven just a count (like 4 of 20) would be ok
16:09:17B4gderbarrywardell: red
16:09:30desowinit does 10 submission at once ...
16:09:30barrywardelli know. working on fixing it now
16:09:36B4gderok, just making sure
16:11:23barrywardellthanks anyway
16:11:55B4gderI got a private mail from someone who was able to extract the BL from a sansa R model
16:12:08B4gderwe might be close to a break-through there
16:13:32pondlifeHmm, gave an error "gmake: Command not found." but has since continued to curl lots of stuff. Is it likely to succeed?
16:13:38XavierGrpreglow, jhMikeS: today I noticed something strange on spc too (with a build after the echo commit)
16:13:53B4gderpondlife: yes I think it is
16:14:10 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
16:14:13XavierGrpreglow, jhMikeS: although I am not really sure I think that some notes were played back like staccato instead of having the proper echo
16:14:37preglowXavierGr: before or after the fix?
16:14:52XavierGrlet me check
16:14:52 Join perl|work [0] (
16:14:58pondlifeB4gder: Good - I'll let it continue then
16:15:07XavierGrpreglow: before
16:15:11XavierGrI will try again now
16:15:11preglowecho didn't sound right at all before the fix, so small wonder
16:15:19preglowtry again now and i doubt you'll hear any difference from before
16:15:59barrywardellB4gder: is mi4code able to scan it?
16:16:13B4gderno, mrh found a bug in it with the R-version of mi4
16:16:20XavierGrpreglow: eh? but you said that the fix fixed the echo, so I guess I must hear something different right?
16:16:31B4gderbut possibly soon
16:16:45 Join PaulJam__ [0] (
16:17:03 Quit PaulJam_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:20:06XavierGrhmm I think my ears are making fun of me.
16:20:14bluebrotherhmm. What's a good price for an ipod mini?
16:20:15XavierGrlet me try with the fix then....
16:20:37bluebrotherdoes 85EUR sound ok for a 4GB model?
16:20:39 Join Domonoky [0] (
16:22:13XavierGrah I know what was wrong, on the secret of mana soundtrack some tracks are double, one with echo and one without
16:22:15 Nick PaulJam__ is now known as PaulJam (
16:22:24 Join webguest51 [0] (i=d429f2e7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:22:28XavierGrthat's why I thought that some notes were staccato
16:22:29webguest51hi guys !°
16:22:40webguest51i am in dire need of help, i dropped my iriver ihp140
16:23:02webguest51now it does not detect the hd, it cant find the hd, ata error
16:23:12webguest51i know hd is broken, allright i will replace it
16:23:16bluebrothermight be a connection problem
16:23:24webguest51but how the f. do i switch off the iriver ?
16:23:41webguest51its constantly spinning the hd, no button does anything...
16:23:51bluebrothergood question. Open it up and remove the battery cable ...
16:23:53pondlifeIs there a reset button on the H140?
16:23:59webguest51reset does not help
16:24:03webguest51it just tries to boot again
16:24:25webguest51i have it open in front of me, the battery cable is soldered...
16:24:31bluebrotherI think the bootloader doesn't have a power off button
16:24:48bluebrotheryours is soldered? I replaced the battery on my h120, and it's a white connector
16:24:56pondlifeReset and attempt a boot into the OF?
16:25:27 Join robin0800 [0] (
16:25:57webguest51ok, it just died. :(
16:26:29webguest51might have been the battery, dunno
16:26:53webguest51dropped it first a couple of weeks ago, made horrible noise, but kept on fighting, used it till today
16:27:02webguest51but now its gone for good
16:27:08bluebrotherit has pictures on how to disconnect the battery. Worked as described for me
16:27:31webguest51is the Toshiba MK6008GAH 60GB a possible replacement ?
16:27:36webguest51is it a ZIF connector ?
16:28:20 Join SirFunk [0] (
16:28:26peturthat 8 looks a bit too high... I had to go for an 8007 for the correct connector
16:29:02peturwebguest51: look on MR
16:29:58barrywardellhmmm. frozen build
16:30:19peturtoo cold outside
16:30:54pondlifepetur: Do you have an H340 with a MK8007GAH inside?
16:31:01preglowXavierGr: the first commit of today from jhMikeS introduced a bug, the second fixed it, it's that simple
16:31:20pondlifeI'm thinking of getting one
16:31:34 Quit web-taz ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
16:32:25peturpondlife: not yet, it's on its way :D
16:32:41barrywardellB4gder: can you give the build system a kick?
16:32:44pondlifePricy though!
16:32:51 Quit ArrowStomper ("Leaving")
16:32:55pondlifepetur: I await your reports!!
16:33:03peturpondlife: yes... $260
16:33:11pondlifeWhere from?
16:33:52 Quit bospaadje (Remote closed the connection)
16:34:29 Join toffe [0] (
16:37:34 Join Mouser_X [0] (
16:37:40*pondlife wonders if under Cygwin will finish before midnight.
16:38:04bluebrotherdepends on your timezone ;-)
16:38:20pondlifeAnd I never said which day
16:40:38pondlifeI'm waiting for my battery to die a bit before I make any decision. Hopefully the price will have dropped a little by then.
16:40:45Kasperlebluebrother: did you forget about my patch to or are you not happy with it?
16:41:26peturpondlife: I've ordered a new battery too - if I'm opening it I might as well swap that too
16:42:49bluebrotherKasperle: no time yet :(
16:44:08pondlifepetur: Yep that was my plan, although the other way round - if I'm changing the battery I might as well supersize the HD.
16:44:33perl|workits much cheaper to buy a new player than a battery
16:44:33peturI'm more confronted with disk full ;)
16:44:40perl|work(gigabeats wise)
16:44:48Kasperlebluebrother: kk :)
16:46:00*petur payed 15 euro for a 2300mAh battery - we'll see what it gives
16:47:13toffeI try to use the graphical equalizer on my F40, the song began to play normally and after 3 or 4 mn the sound became distorded and the volume decrease to no sound, I disable the equalizer and it came back normal , any idea ?
16:47:41toffeI reenable the equalizer and no sound at all
16:47:45perl|worktoffe never encountered that
16:47:51perl|workand i use full EQ all the time
16:48:27toffeit is a build from sunday
16:48:52toffedo you use the graphical equalizer or the other settings ?
16:48:55 Join web-taz [0] (
16:49:01webguest51thanks for your help guys, I found the battery connector, now i need to find a new drive for my beloved ihp140!
16:49:03perl|worktoffe all settings that eq offers
16:50:01perl|workmp3s and FLACs
16:50:04toffeI will try again, but it was really not working with the equalizer on
16:50:12toffemp3 320kbp
16:50:13perl|workwhat file you got?
16:50:22perl|workyeah i use plenty of those
16:51:03perl|workmake sure its not the file itself
16:51:16LloreanThe EQ should be processing the PCM anyway, I thought
16:51:40toffeI tried several files but from the same cd rip
16:53:03toffeI will try different files, but it was strange like when you are in a car listening a radio and you loose the signal..
16:53:54toffeand when I switch from equalizer on and off, I had a big noise
16:55:10perl|workid like to see that file toffe
16:55:17perl|workupload if you can, ill check at home
16:55:28 Join mattm91 [0] (
16:55:32Lloreantoffe: Try updating to a current build and see if you still have the problem.
16:55:37LloreanI doubt it has anything to do with the file.
16:56:10perl|workLlorean what do you think it is?
16:56:36Lloreanperl|work: Well, the equalizer shouldn't be affecting anything until after the audio's decompressed, so it really doesn't matter what format the file is. And since the file plays fine with the EQ off.
16:56:58LloreanIt may be that toffe's specific settings, one of his filters, has landed on a math error or something.
16:57:14 Quit mithris ("leaving")
16:57:15LloreanI know that for a short while the Q was defaulting to 0 resulting in some very strange effects, for example.
16:57:16toffeI try also to put back the graphic equalizer to its original settings and it was the same
16:57:56 Part mattm91
16:58:15perl|workLlorean oh i see
16:58:26webguest51ok bye
16:58:34pixelmasorry for being a bit off topic (though it has a connection) ... anyone ever experienced the following problem: bought something on and here in it let me choose a method of payment that the seller now claims he wouldn't accept (but the offer said he would ship to the rest of Europe too)?
16:58:35 Join mattm91 [0] (
16:58:39toffeall the settings of rockbox are the standard ones, I just change the 3 middle band of the graphic equalizer
16:58:40 Quit webguest51 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:58:44Lloreantoffe: If you have the default settings (0db gain on each) then the EQ shouldn't do anything. The filters should actually be disabled.
16:58:58 Join Winchester [0] (
16:59:18perl|workstill i'ven't encountered any EQ issues for a long time and i play around with them a lot
16:59:37toffeI will try again
16:59:43Lloreanperl|work: There was one introduced with JDGordon's setting rework (the defaulting Q to 0 one)
16:59:55mattm91Hi, does anyone know the status of 80GB ipod compatibility?
17:00:05Lloreantoffe: To reset your settings, load the actual 'Default' equalizer preset
17:00:13Lloreanmattm91: It doesn't work yet.
17:00:58mattm91ok, thx. i'll check back in a week or so.
17:01:02 Part mattm91
17:01:13perl|workLlorean does his rework reset it?
17:01:31Lloreanperl|work: Reset what?
17:02:07Lloreanperl|work: When we moved to the new settings-in-file system, the default values set for Q were incorrect. That's been fixed, but anyone who'd used it before would need to manually clear their settings on reboot or the bad defaults would still be stored in their config.cfg
17:02:35perl|workgot it
17:04:12pondlifeSeriously, does anyone know how long takes to run, for all compilers, under Cygwin. I'm running an AthlonX2 4800+, and it's been 45 mins so far :(
17:04:28bluebrothersounds quite a while.
17:04:28B4gderit can take a few hours for all I know
17:04:40B4gdercygwin is dead slow and this is gcc and binutils
17:05:12pondlifeI was hoping for a 10 minute GCC upgrade.
17:05:14perl|workpondlife takes about 45-50 min on cygwin
17:05:23Lloreanpondlife: It took me about two hours to manually set up all cross compilers under cygwin ones.
17:05:24toffeLlorean : I am using the basic settings of rockbox, nothing special, I don't really use it for now so I didn't make any personal settings
17:05:44Lloreantoffe: Yes, but I wasn't talking about any settings other than the equalizer anyway. :)
17:06:13pondlifeThanks all, I'll let it continue.
17:06:15toffeI don't have any, the only one is the back light change to 20s
17:06:44 Join Lible [0] (
17:06:55toffeI will try again and confirm this afternoon
17:07:10LibleWhere should I send my translation for/of Rockbox
17:07:11 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:07:18*amiconn would expect to run for multiple hours on cygwin
17:07:38 Join PaulJam [0] (
17:07:41B4gderLible: submit it to the patch tracker
17:07:43amiconnBuilding *one* crosscompiler on cygwin (the manual way) took me 2 hours or so
17:08:14amiconnDepends a lot on disk speed and cpu speed, of course
17:08:22Lloreanpondlife: Oh, actually when I say "all", we didn't have an arm-elf one yet.
17:08:28LloreanSo, it was "both" back then
17:08:30 Quit B4gder ("Rockbox TCP exception #04123 - connection reset and user kicked out")
17:08:32amiconn...and things like active virus scanners slow it down further
17:08:55LibleThanks, b3gder
17:09:07 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
17:09:45 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:16:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:19:32 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
17:19:43 Join Mouser_X [0] (
17:21:20WinchesterIs there a way to compile a plugin without recompiling the whole of rockbox?
17:22:19Mikachusure, just run the gcc command manually
17:22:27Mikachutry make -n V=1 and then find it
17:22:39 Join GodEater [0] (i=c2cbc95c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:22:47peturmake help gives all build options
17:22:58Mikachuyes, but there's no option for building a specific plugin
17:23:02peturbut plugins only wasn't there when I last looked
17:23:03Winchesteroh.....rly? O_o
17:23:18Winchesterso..... there isn't a way then?
17:23:27Mikachunot if you ignore what i said
17:23:41Winchesterthe gcc command ey?
17:24:05Mikachuit's probably faster if you just run make :)
17:24:12Mikachuyou can press ctrl-c after your plugin is done
17:24:35Winchesterwhy would make be faster?
17:24:42Mikachuthan trying to make my method work
17:25:28 Part Lible
17:25:38Winchesterwhen there's a will there's a way......
17:26:02Winchesterthough I'll probably lose the will in half an hour and just run make and ctrl+c when the plug in is done and all
17:26:34Mikachuyou can start make in the meantime and see which is faster :)
17:29:04*Mikachu uses the old start make and go to the toilet trick
17:29:48 Quit HardDisk_WP (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:30:57 Join marco__ [0] (
17:31:00Winchesterinteresting..... I'll stick with being stubborn and tyring to find the gcc command
17:32:32 Nick marco__ is now known as harddisk_wp (
17:32:37 Nick Everybody|away is now known as Everybody (
17:35:17 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
17:35:26 Join Mouser_X [0] (
17:35:28 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
17:36:25Winchesterand what's the way to print output of an executable to a file?
17:36:38 Quit linuxstb__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:36:40bluebrotherjust > file
17:36:51bluebrotheror >> file to append
17:36:58Winchesterah thanks =)
17:38:53luckzSoap, petur, desowin: in any case, qtscrobbler seems to handle unicode chars just fine
17:39:04desowinsure it does
17:40:03WinchesterMikachu: What is the V=1 for?
17:40:15bluebrothermake the output verbose
17:40:44Winchester*blank look*
17:41:50luckza blank look equal to a sudden light bulb effect in your head or a blank look showing the still lingering confusion?
17:42:05WinchesterThe second one.
17:42:09 Quit petur ("now sports...")
17:43:17luckzWinchester: verbose means that it will tell you what the hell it is doing, anyway
17:43:22luckzrather than work silently in the background
17:44:06Winchesterah.... just didn't see anything about it in 'man make'
17:44:14Winchesterand normally 'man' knows everything =O
17:45:40luckzman tries its best to confuse people and be unhelpful.
17:46:09 Join busa_blade [0] (
17:46:29luckzthe times I tried to get help from man and left more confused than before shall be deemed uncountable.
17:46:35amiconnWinchester: The V=1 is part of the rockbox build system, not a general make feature
17:46:35WinchesterSuppose that would explain my confusion.
17:47:46MikachuWinchester: V=1 is not a make option, but something the rb makefiles look for
17:47:56Mikachuoops, missed amiconn
17:48:38 Quit robin0800 ("Not that there is anything wrong with that")
17:48:46Winchesterok well.... thanks a lot.... I am halfway to figuring out how to compile the single .rock file
17:48:50desowinluckz: could you please test 0.3 release of qtscrobbler before release date ?
17:49:06MikachuWinchester: it should be two commands, one that says CC and one that says LD when not using V=1
17:49:19Mikachumaybe three, one for the objcopy
17:49:55amiconn...and it might not work, depending on whether that plugin needs generated source files normally created earlier in the build process
17:50:12Winchesteryeah objcopy is there
17:50:21*amiconn wonders why so many people want single plugin compilation
17:50:44amiconnAfter one full 'make' run, subsequent 'make' calls only rebuild changed things anyway
17:51:35 Join Ne-X-us [0] (
17:52:16luckzdesowin: if you tell me how, sure
17:55:08desowinI'll provide you an win32 binary
17:56:35Winchesterdoes the simulator version use the same .rock files or do they have their own compile commands?
17:57:04 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:57:09LloreanWinchester: You have to compile for the simulator target.
17:57:35Winchesterhmm ok
18:00:44desowinluckz: please especially look for dates of submissions, and if you could test something on computer and scrobble it 2.just a while later play something on rockbox, and scrobble it; here's binary: desowin/qtscrob-0.3pre.exe">
18:01:16 Join ender` [0] (
18:04:54luckzam playing a song.
18:05:46desowinoh, and which timezone are you in ?
18:06:23luckzsubmissions work fine in that regard, if I set it to +1
18:07:36luckzmh, lastfm app has not bothered scrobbling yet. oh, has now.
18:07:38luckzrockbox runnin
18:09:11desowinoh, and play song on computer after scrobbling from rockbox, and check if doesn't say that you scrobbled something before last submission date
18:09:27 Join kubiixaka [0] (
18:09:36 Quit kubiix (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:11:17 Join senab [0] (
18:15:33luckzdesowin: it goes "last submission date is 18:04" or so on me
18:15:38luckzit does not get the time zone thing.
18:16:00luckzI PLAYED the song on rockbox at 17:04:33
18:16:04luckzand submitted 18:04:46
18:16:07luckzso maybe it's those 13 seconds :p
18:16:23luckzdid recalc
18:16:43luckz <- 2x rammstein scrobbled, one I did not listen to
18:16:45desowindon't submit!
18:16:53luckzrecalc just adjusted it by a few seconds
18:16:56desowinit'll be in future I think
18:16:58luckzand then submitted fine
18:16:59luckzno no
18:17:03luckzit works fine now
18:17:06luckzit was really those 13 seconds
18:17:14desowinscrobble something now from computer
18:17:15luckzguess my pc time and rockbox time have some miniscule difference between them
18:17:22luckzyes, doing that
18:17:33desowinwell, for me it scrobbled in future ;-) app says failed, username password incorrect
18:18:55desowinwell, it's not my fault
18:19:24luckzmaybe the connection to qtscrobbler lingers for a bit
18:19:41luckzI noticed that everything exploded and I got username password errors when trying to scrobble with logscrobbler and qtscrobbler simultaneously :p
18:21:37desowinjust let me know if now computer doesn't get 'you scrobbled something before last submission'
18:22:01 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:22:13luckz <- works fine, desowin
18:22:17desowinbtw. for tracks in future, it all time keeps 1 minutes ago for me ;-)
18:22:29luckzbauhaus was pc, rammstein were rockbox, stuff after was pc again
18:22:31 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:22:53luckzjust again the issue that I only played about a minute of the second rammstein track, yet the scrobber.log declared it fully played
18:23:13desowinthanks, 0.3 is out then
18:23:32luckzI'll try getting pc time and rockbox time fully sync'd
18:24:14 Join Lear [0] (
18:24:38luckzwas 4 minutes difference
18:24:53luckzsounds like big error potential to me
18:27:00 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
18:28:07luckzknow what I hate
18:28:13luckzshutting it down when it played one second of a song
18:28:18luckzit finishing downshuttery at two seconds
18:28:21luckzand that song then scrobbling :)
18:28:25luckz(just did that)
18:28:51luckzlet's see what happens if I start playing something on the pc when I should be like 30s into my hypothetical song
18:30:08preglowany x5 people here who can tell me why the x5 is switched off by toggling the pcf KEEPACT line instead of setting the pcf in standby mode?
18:31:03preglowright, they're equivalent
18:32:06 Quit harddisk_wp ("Verlassend")
18:32:28 Join rp- [0] (n=rp@
18:34:05*preglow wishes people would use #defines for register names
18:34:34Mikachuas opposed to hardcoded hex values?
18:36:51luckzpreglow: I don't follow your question :p
18:37:19amiconnbarrywardell: Voltage->percent mapping propably makes sense, but runtime calibration does not yet, on PP targets
18:37:28preglowMikachu: yes, as opposed to that
18:37:52barrywardellamiconn: i agree
18:38:29barrywardellI was just trying to say that battery percentages and runtime remaining would not be correct
18:42:15rp-barrywardell: thanks for committing the battery stuff
18:42:48barrywardellnp. you did most of the work
18:43:16barrywardellrp-: so what's next on your list?
18:44:26rp-barrywardell: disassembling the sansa firmware, but it's a pain :(
18:44:31amiconnGodEater_: What are fourms? ;)
18:45:18barrywardellare you gonna search for anything specific?
18:45:47rp-barrywardell: altough i should go to AMS on this friday, but i didn't get any response from austriancoder who should setup the meeting
18:46:04rp-barrywardell: yep, audio i2c code
18:46:25barrywardellgreat. that's what I was hoping you were going to say :)
18:49:16*dan_a is trying to get DMA working with the Sansa flash driver
18:50:13 Join ArrowStomper [0] (
18:52:23ArrowStomperI recently tried putting rockbox on my sansa e250 and did so improperly, when I tried to unbrick it I realized that I didn't copy the .mi4 file properly (or at all), does anyone know where I can get a new one?
18:55:45 Join sliper [0] (i=433ea696@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:56:37ArrowStomperdo you know how to tell what version I have?
18:56:49ArrowStomperor will any version work?
18:57:16dan_aIf it has a radio, it's not European
18:58:05sliperhopefully someone can help me with a problem I am having, I installed rockbox a few days ago on my ipod and it was working fine now my music does not show up on the file manager but it shows when i mount the drive
18:58:07ArrowStomperI know its american, buit if I put a file in that it didn't come with will it break it?
18:58:11web-tazif the radio does not work... it's european....=
18:58:18ArrowStomperthere are three options
18:58:33preglowamiconn: what reasons do you have for not autoresuming on alarm, btw? the code seems to have the intent of always autoresuming on alarm, but it doesn't work, linusn says
18:58:46bluebrothersliper: what do you mean by "file manager"? File browser or database view?
18:58:46amiconnYes, read that
18:59:15sliperfile browser
18:59:20amiconnI think rockbox should perform whatever action the user has set to happen at startup, so the alarm could e.g. be used for timed recording
18:59:34dan_aArrowStomper: You put Rockbox on, and now start worrying about putting a firmware that didn't come with it on? ;)
18:59:42slipermy directories show up but no files inside
18:59:42bluebrotherso it doesn't show up in the RB file view but you can see it from the PC?
18:59:43preglowamiconn: ah, yes, i agree with that, but it should never start and do nothing?
19:00:06sliperya bluebrother... i can see them on my pc
19:00:10Mikachuif it does, it'll shut down after the sleep timer
19:00:14ArrowStomperha ha, guess your right. I'll try the first one on the list
19:00:14amiconnDunno, probably not
19:00:29preglowMikachu: which isn't very useful
19:00:47*amiconn thinks that using rockbox for wake-up alarm isn't very feasible
19:00:53bluebrothersounds like some unsupported format / file extension to me ...
19:00:59preglowamiconn: why not?
19:01:03bluebrotherbut I assume you're using mp3?
19:01:04sliperthey were playing fine before
19:01:08sliperthey are flac files
19:01:11amiconnIt requires to leave some active loudspeakers or equivalent powered the whole time
19:01:18sliperit was working last night
19:01:19PaulJamsliper: maybe you have set the fileview to something like playlists. try setting it to all
19:01:20preglowamiconn: ah, i'm not a heavy sleeper :)
19:01:34preglowamiconn: and i've got a pair of ordinary headphones that are very open
19:01:37amiconnDo you sleep with earphones?
19:01:42preglowamiconn: i leave them on the floor
19:01:42amiconnah, hmm
19:02:04preglowif you sleep heavily, then this will of course not work, but i tend to wake really easily, so it'll do the trick for me
19:02:05*amiconn wouldn't wake up from open headphones playing music, even at 0dB volume
19:02:05Mikachuyou can use the piezo too
19:02:24preglowbut anyway, if you've got speakers, it'll work even better
19:02:28bluebrothermaybe the file browser is set to "playlist" view?
19:02:33slipermust be
19:02:43sliperi just reset the configure and they are back
19:02:59sliperthanks for the quick and easy help
19:03:49amiconnYes, but then you need to power them... or use a switch clock (?) to power them - and if you use a switch clock anyway, you could plug the rockbox unit's charger in there as well, and just use car adapter mode for wake-up alarm
19:04:21preglowjust powering them sounds fine, but i'll just stick to headphones
19:04:39 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
19:04:57amiconnI know, that's not necessarily the point here, it's just that I don't think the alarm is that much useful as a wake-up alarm
19:04:57preglowanyway, it's a nice option to have nonetheless
19:05:10preglowso, we should rename the option? :>
19:05:36amiconnOtherwise I would have done the alarm mod to my v1 for sure
19:06:05Mikachui think i would wake up from the piezo
19:06:06preglowi wonder why the resume on alarm doesn't work
19:06:15*Mikachu plays with his beeper plugin
19:06:23preglowperhaps there's a bug in rct_check_alarm_started()
19:06:27preglowi guess i'll find out when i implement it
19:07:05 Quit Ne-X-us ()
19:07:16amiconnIiuc the unit should shut down after setting the alarm, which it also doesn't do (?)
19:08:01preglowi don't even see the code for it
19:08:45 Quit web-taz ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
19:14:34ArrowStomperI just tried putting the .mi4 file into the sansa when it was on recovery mode and it did not do anything, it appears that the .mi4 file just got deleted. I am getting the (-1) error and after rereading the install instructions have realized that I put the rockbox folder into the wrong location. Is there anyway to just move it to the right location?
19:15:09 Quit sliper ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:15:38dan_aArrowStomper: Did you make an OF.bin and put it in \SYSTEM?
19:16:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:16:30ArrowStomperI didn't put it into system, I just put it into the main file, next to system
19:16:39 Join redbreva [0] (
19:16:55dan_aHmmm... what instructions were you following?
19:17:29ArrowStomperumm... i misread
19:18:23ArrowStomperdirections from rockbox site
19:19:41 Join x1jmp [0] (
19:19:57dan_aAh. What message did your Sansa give you when you put the .mi4 file on in recovery mode?
19:20:02Mikachuthat certainly has lots of warnings to follow them exactly
19:22:18 Join Eimann [0] (
19:22:57ArrowStomperrockbox boot loader version: 20061221-1918 sandisk sansa e200 partition 0: 0x0B 1896 MB loading rockbox... Rockbox error: -1
19:23:01 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:23:07 Join xandl12 [0] (
19:23:17preglowamiconn: seems to be some other redundancies in the rtc code for archos too, but i don't think i'll modify any of it so i won't break it
19:24:03dan_aArrowStomper: Sorry, I mean while you are in recovery mode. It will say something like "write main firmware... done" or "writing firmware failed" when you disconnect the drive
19:24:12ArathisAny idea how to find out where a player is mountet on every linux dist. and every player? Or is this the same on every distribution? e.g. /media/H10 for the H10
19:24:39MikachuArathis: uh, i can pretty much guarantee it's different on every distro
19:24:40dan_aArathis: I think that's pretty much impossible
19:24:54Mikachufor many distros, even different between computers
19:25:03Arathisbad thing
19:25:03Mikachueg sane ones that don't automount
19:25:50 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
19:26:17 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
19:26:20ArathisI could 'mount | grep | cut' but I would need a hint what to search for
19:26:33 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
19:26:35EimannMy ipod mini 1g says "rockbox loaded." - didn't found a hint in the faq, do you have one? ;)
19:26:48MikachuArathis: what you want to do is impossible
19:26:55barrywardellyou could look for the H10.mi4 file
19:27:12 Quit senab (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
19:27:36ArrowStomperwhen I lock the key pad and press the record and power button, then connect to usb connector it says: Enter USB2.0 MSD mode LUN0 locked LUN0 unlocked (4 times) and then ends with LUN0 locked
19:28:01barrywardellie. get the output from mount, then search each of the mount points for System/H10.mi4 if it's just for the H10
19:28:04Arathisbarrywardell: But I still would need to know where to look for it. I can't search the whole system or /media /mnt (are there other mount directories?)
19:28:26Mikachuyou can mount things wherever you want
19:28:33barrywardellmount would list all mount points
19:28:37Mikachuyou'd be better of asking the user for the mount point
19:28:50xandl12mount | grep sda
19:29:02xandl12or mount | grep sd
19:29:26Mikachuthat will give a list of all usb, sata and scsi units
19:29:28Arathisxandl12: are all rockbox players sd?
19:29:58Arathisoh, usb devices are also /dev/sd? didn't know about that
19:30:44 Join webguest75 [0] (i=430a49f9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:31:16Mikachuif i want i can have a device node for my ipod in /usr/share called frobnicate
19:32:17Eimanni downloaded the latest file for ipod mini 1g, went through the manual and it boots, but it seems to hang at the "rockbox loaded." line. no file browser here :/
19:32:37ArathisMikachu: I was thinking about automount. Users that mount manually would know where their player is mounted ;)
19:33:29Mikachuat school they mount usb devices in /usb0..8
19:33:57MikachuArathis: everyone should know where it's mounted, how else are they copying music to it?
19:35:49dan_aArathis: for i in `mount | awk '{ print $3; }'` ; do if [ -e $i/H10.mi4 ] ; then echo $i ; fi ; done
19:35:50ArathisMikachu: Ubuntu for example opens the player rute automatically and adds an "H10" in the device menu
19:36:24Mikachuyou can have a lot of fun rooting ubuntu machines with crafted filesystems then :)
19:37:02 Join linuxstb [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
19:37:25dan_aArathis: Sorry, that should be $i/System/H10.mi4
19:37:50linuxstbAssuming the partition is even mounted... (I've disabled automount)
19:38:28Arathisdan_a: thanks :)
19:38:51*amiconn wonders why linux (nautilus, in this case?) stumbles upon surprise removal of an usb msd
19:38:53ArrowStomperdan_a: when I lock the key pad and press the record and power button, then connect to usb connector it says: Enter USB2.0 MSD mode LUN0 locked LUN0 unlocked (4 times) and then ends with LUN0 locked
19:39:12dan_aArrowStomper: Try renaming the mi4 you downloaded to "firmware.mi4" and copying that across in recovery mode. As usual, do not copy anything else across other than the mi4
19:40:28ArathisI think I'll execute dan_a's command and ask for the mountpoint so there can be a list of possible mountpoints if possible and the user still can add his own one
19:40:57ArrowStomperdan_a: ok, just one thing, there isn't a .mi4 file in the 16mb partition right now, only a VERSION.TXT
19:41:05ArathisAsking for the player would be necessary too of course
19:42:22dan_aArrowStomper: That's normal if you haven't copied the mi4 there yet. Every time you boot in recovery mode it does that. Don't delete anything of the recovery partition. Don't format the recovery partition. Copy the mi4 to it, and then safely disconnect your Sansa
19:42:33Eimannarg .. ok, i should unplug the usb cable ;)
19:42:56dan_as/ of the recovery partition/ from the recovery partition/
19:43:04ArrowStomperdan_a: it refreshing as we speak, thanks alot
19:43:17dan_aArrowStomper: You're welcome
19:43:54ArrowStompernow time to reinstall rockbox
19:47:11 Join esp8 [0] (
19:48:33Eimannhm, now it shows the splash screen, but still no file browser
19:48:34esp8hey i was wondering on how to delete all my old datebase of songs can i just plus the rock box into itunes? or can i just format it?
19:48:49esp8*plus Plug
19:49:33 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
19:50:26 Part kaaloo
19:50:49Febsesp8: what exactly are you trying to do?
19:51:27Mikachuesp8: if you want to delete the songs itunes put on, look in /ipod_control
19:51:35 Join illriginal [0] (
19:51:49 Quit toffe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:52:31 Join Arathis [0] (
19:53:16pixelmaEimann: what exactly is on the screen? The rockbox logo?
19:53:53EimannRockbox Logo with Ver. r12409-070220
19:55:03illriginalCan anyone please send me the bootsplash.raw file?
19:55:14 Join Juice^ [0] (n=Juice@
19:55:14esp8theres no way to copy the songs on my ipod but kepting there original names? not the ones itunes gave it?
19:55:23illriginalRockbox logo on toshiba gigabeat f series is non-existant
19:55:46 Join toffe [0] (
19:55:57pixelmaEimann: I'm no ipod expert at all - but are you sure that you put the right version on there (1st or 2nd generation mini)? Other than that I have no suggestion
19:56:08illriginalcurrent build doesn't support bootsplash.raw
19:56:20illriginalor the bootsplash.raw is corrupted.
19:56:23Eimannpixelma: i put the 1g version on themini 1g :)
19:57:09Lloreanillriginal: I told you yesterday, the build isn't what loads it, the bootloader is.
19:58:03busa_bladeanyone looked at the aigo mp-235 b4?
19:58:21illriginalthe bootlaoder is bad.
19:58:26illriginalboth of them.
19:58:34LloreanBoth of them?
19:58:34illriginalor the bootsplash.raw is bad.
19:58:43LloreanWhat 'both'?
19:58:57 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|away (
19:58:59illriginal^ those two
19:59:03Eimannpixelma: i think i have to recover it or so, it doesn't reboot to start the disk mode as described
19:59:24Lloreanillriginal: Those bootloaders come from before the bootsplash update.
19:59:42LloreanThey're not _supposed_ to load bootsplash.raw
19:59:49illriginalmay i have the link to the latest bootloader for my gigabeat?
19:59:57LloreanSee the GigabeatFXPort wiki page.
20:00:52illriginalsorry man
20:00:58illriginalit takes me to the same page:
20:01:29Lloreanillriginal: Try actually reading the whole page, please
20:01:44 Join Mouser_X [0] (
20:01:50Febsesp8: you can load music onto your ipod just by dragging and dropping it. Rockbox will be able to read it; the original firmware will not.
20:01:56illriginalThe latest bootloader (FWIMG01.DAT) is dated 18 January 2007. It can be downloaded as the file at the bottom of this page if it is not yet at, or
20:01:56illriginalThe bootloader should go into the /gbsystem/fwimg.
20:01:56illriginalbootsplash.raw should go in the root directory of the Gigabeat. This file is a raw file generated with the bmp2rb command. The source is a 240x320x16 bitmap file. To create a raw file, if you would like to replace this one, use the command:
20:01:56DBUGEnqueued KICK illriginal
20:01:56illriginalbmp2rb.exe input.bmp -f 4 -r > bootsplash.raw
20:02:02FebsIf you use iTunes, there is no way to avoid having your filenames obfuscated.
20:02:09Lloreanillriginal: Don't copy and paste multiple lines
20:02:14Lloreanillriginal: also, try READING what you just pasted.
20:02:18esp8Febs: alright thanks :)
20:02:50Lloreanillriginal: Specifically the part that says "It can be downloaded as the file at the bottom of this page"
20:02:55FebsSpeaking of obfuscating, does anyone else find it ironic that the guy who is complaining on the mailing list about e-mail addresses not being obfuscated keeps quoting messages containing other people's e-mail addresses?
20:03:01Eimannpixelma: oookay ... i rebooted it several times. now it works.
20:03:06Eimannthat's cool :)
20:04:03EimannSeems that i got a weirdo ipod or a weirdo image or bot of it ;)
20:04:34 Quit redbreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:06:06ArrowStomperin the instructions to install rockbox it says "extract it into the root directory of your sansa" what is the root directory?
20:06:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:06:44*Febs sighs.
20:06:53FebsIt's the base-level directory of your player.
20:07:06FebsSo, if you're player is drive F, the root directory is F:\
20:08:01dan_aArrowStomper: Have you read the warning in the install instructions about Rockbox only being suitable for developers?
20:08:10dan_a(on the Sansa)
20:08:39ArrowStomperumm...I heed your advice
20:09:14dan_aWait for it to be properly released, and installing it should be a lot easier - and it will have sound!
20:10:14 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
20:10:23FebsOh, my. I've apparently been reading the forums too much. s/you're/your.
20:10:30illriginalLlorean... where does the bootsplash.bmp go?
20:10:53 Quit xandl12 (Remote closed the connection)
20:11:30Lloreanillriginal: You don't need it.
20:11:32 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
20:11:36illriginaloh ok
20:12:15illriginalwhy does this page exist if it isn't any good at this point?
20:12:15 Join n1s [0] (
20:12:16 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:13:02 Join illriginal_ [0] (
20:13:29Eimannpixelma: seems the it was the fault of a nearly empty accu (just for the logs)
20:13:40Lloreanillriginal_: Because most people can read, and follow the instructions, instead of just immediately clicking the link and downloading the outdated files. Once the bootsplash is documented in the pdf manual, it's likey the new version of the bootloader will be moved there.
20:14:00 Quit illriginal_ (Client Quit)
20:14:54 Join Arathis [0] (
20:14:56 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
20:15:37*dan_a begs to differ with some of what Llorean just said
20:15:48 Quit ArrowStomper ("Leaving")
20:15:55Lloreandan_a: Let me guess, the "most people can read" part?
20:16:09dan_aMore the "follow the instructions" part!
20:16:12LloreanWould you agree if I'd preceded the whole thing with "We hope that"?
20:16:22dan_aOh, yes
20:16:32LloreanI will admit I was a little bit irritated with him, though.
20:17:08LloreanWe went through something very similar yesterday, I got so far as pointing him at downloading the bootloader archive, and he came back today as if the whole prior discussion hadn't happened.
20:18:57 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
20:19:06 Join Mouser_X [0] (
20:19:13dan_aI'm often amazed at the restraint you display with people who would have most other people reaching for either a stiff drink or a large weapon
20:20:20*dan_a discovers it is unwise to wait for a FIFO buffer to empty when you are trying to use DMA to avoid transferring data from said buffer
20:20:41illriginalI just find it useless to have OLD files when there's better updated files.
20:21:30Lloreanillriginal: The bootsplash feature isn't documented in the manual yet, and is hardly a necessary feature.
20:21:31 Join inversions [0] (
20:21:50LloreanAnd that's the only difference between the files currently provided, and the new file.
20:22:05illriginal it's a good eyecandy, better than a gray screen at least.
20:22:18LloreanSo what? It's just eyecandy.
20:22:42LloreanSince there's no guarantee that's the finalized method for doing that (converting to .raw), I don't see why there should be a big rush to update when the feature may go away or change dramatically again in a little while.
20:23:01illriginalsome people dislike dull things.
20:23:18LloreanThen don't look at your player while it's booting.
20:23:44LloreanThere are many fancy things in the world. For example, if you look out the window, you'll see a whole host of living things that are interesting to look at during the 2 seconds that the splash is onscreen.
20:23:49*nicktastic gives illriginal some Tylenol
20:24:04LloreanSeriously, the older files are there because the new file hasn't been moved there yet.
20:24:10LloreanThat's all there is to it.
20:24:15illriginalthat's fine.
20:24:18LloreanIf you actually took the time to read the page, this wouldn't be a problem.
20:25:08illriginalno offense, but maybe you guys need a new layout on your webpage.
20:25:14illriginalmore organization, that is.
20:25:35LloreanYou found the right page
20:25:38LloreanYou even found the right line.
20:25:44LloreanYou just ignored the text and clicked the link.
20:25:49LloreanHow can we organize around people who do that?
20:26:19*GodEater_ would love to know that too
20:26:24LloreanI hate to point it out to you, but you exist in a literate society where the ability to read is considered necessary to function.
20:26:46 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
20:26:50illriginalbut most of the time it's a guessing game, tryin to find the correct page, i mean maybe you can read 10 words per second, but i can't.. nor am i slow reader, i look for the topic i need to find and read in that topic. If that specific topic is scattered all around the webpage, that's just gonna take more time.
20:27:00illriginallisten Llorean, drop the whole reading crap ok?...
20:27:14illriginalobviously i can read, thus is why im communicating with you.
20:27:16 Part _FireFly_ ("Kopete 0.12.3 :")
20:27:19Lloreanillriginal: You found the right line, you didn't read it, and then you complain about organization because you didn't read ONE WHOLE LINE.
20:27:34LloreanIf that's too 'confusing', I'm not sure how it can be improved.
20:27:35Febsillriginal: much of our website is a wiki. You are welcome to improve it.
20:27:41illriginalit's not problem you guys have a webpage that's disorganized...
20:27:56Lloreanillriginal: How would you improve, exactly, the bit that confused you there?
20:28:29LloreanIn fact, what _exactly_ confused you about "It can be downloaded as the file at the bottom of this page"
20:29:41illriginalstart off by player, instead of current builds, extras, releases, etc...
20:29:55dan_aActually, that line does look horrible.
20:30:09Lloreandan_a: The line looks like a mishmash, but if you just read it you do get what you need.
20:30:18dan_a"if it is not yet at http:// , or"
20:30:20LloreanIt looks like someone edited in without removing older stuff
20:30:23 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
20:30:24illriginaland have all the information related to the player, instead of us goin through 5 pages just to get one thing for that one specific player.
20:30:35Lloreanillriginal: That's what the Manual page is for.
20:30:43Lloreanillriginal: You'll notice there's a whole PDF dedicated to each player.
20:30:55 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
20:30:55illriginalthat's perfectly fine.. i fully understand that.
20:31:07perl|workbtw, on the main page, after "Rockbox is an open source replacement firmware for mp3 players. It runs on a number of different models:", those player names can be links to their wiki pages
20:31:07LloreanSo, what other "information" are you talking about?
20:31:14perl|workthats what a lot of people missing
20:31:21perl|worktheir player wiki/manual
20:31:23illriginalim sayin keep everything together.
20:31:28illriginalwith the player
20:31:32LloreanWhat "everything" are you talking about, though?
20:31:42illriginalinstead of basing it off by current releases, base it off of the player/model
20:31:47LloreanThe only player-specific things are the install process (in the manual), and the WPS Gallery
20:32:00LloreanBasing what off "current releases"?
20:32:24LloreanYou think there should be multiple links to the same download page, one link per player?
20:32:43LloreanI'm just having a very hard time understanding what exactly you think should be done.
20:33:06LloreanRockbox is a single piece of software that runs on various hardwares. There isn't a gigabeat rockbox, and then a different ipod rockbox. It's just "Rockbox" that happens to run on both of those.
20:33:09illriginalnevermind, i all im sayin is, things are a bit scattered... it's not horrible, it's time consuming, havin to go through so many pages to reach one thing.
20:33:15LloreanYes, you need a different download, but once it's running, you use it the same way.
20:33:28 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
20:33:32Lloreanillriginal: What 'things'. You're being very vague, and it's impossible for us to improve it if you can't name what you actually feel is wrong.
20:33:45LloreanWhat 'thing' are you looking for that you have to go through many pages to get to, for example?
20:33:54n1sLlorean: I think the "single software on multiple platforms" is what is 'confusing' to many people...
20:34:10linuxstbI would quite like something that says "installation" on the front page.
20:34:51Lloreanlinuxstb: Would it be possible to use the Latex->HTML to just create an index of the installation chapters of each manual, by target?
20:34:54illriginalsomethin like that linux, then have all the players/models, click the players, and have all the installation files, even the "extras" including the fonts
20:35:15perl|workif you really want to get it working and interested in the project, the learning curve to navigate through takes about 5 minutes
20:35:16Lloreanillriginal: Why do the extras need to be in separate player categories?
20:35:25illriginalinstead of clickin fonts, then search for the player/model, then click zip file
20:35:26n1slinuxstb: Yes I would like that too, and that would have links like the build table with pictures of the players that would lead to a page linking to both current build and release if available as well as linstall instructions.
20:35:37Lloreanillriginal: There's only ONE Font Zip file. ONE
20:35:54perl|worksome people just want to get to install magic section avoiding all the instructions, manuals, statuses etc
20:35:54illriginalexactly n1s.
20:35:56Lloreanillriginal: Have you even looked at the 'extras' page?
20:36:06FebsLlorean: we already have that. The installation page could link to the installation chapter of the html manual.
20:36:32LloreanFebs: Actually, yeah, I was thinking of the existing HTML manuals while I said it, but stupidly didn't think "We could just link to the ones already there"
20:36:49Lloreanillriginal: There aren't different extras for each player.
20:38:16illriginalanyone here go to the toshiba gigabeat forum?... a lot of people are sayin the same thing, as far as categorizing each player, their info, and all their installation files.
20:38:45linuxstbWhat's the point in people moaning there? They should come and modify the wiki themselves...
20:38:47Lloreanillriginal: Other than the installation files, what _other_ info do you keep talking about?
20:38:55illriginali dunno linux?
20:39:50illriginalllorean, think of a book, there's chapters, sections, paragraphs, sentences, words, and letters...
20:39:54FebsEverything that needs to be downloaded to install Rockbox is referenced in the installation chapter of the manual.
20:39:56illriginalbreak it down.
20:40:02Lloreanillriginal: Break what down?
20:40:15linuxstbFebs: Then maybe all we need is some more direct links to those chapters.
20:40:18LloreanTelling me to think of it like a book is useless, if I don't know what info I'm supposed to be thinking about.
20:40:23illriginalthe webpage...
20:40:27Febslinuxstb, agreed.
20:40:47Lloreanillriginal: What part of the webpage?
20:41:07FebsI'd also like to move the note about the fonts package to its own subsection of the installation instructions and provide a direct link rather than saying "it can be downloaded from the extras page."
20:41:12FebsBut otherwise, I thnk that everything is there.
20:41:24linuxstbMaybe under Documentation, have "Installation" link to a page of player images, which in turn link to the manual pages. But it would be nice to work on the html manuals to incorporate them into the website properly.
20:41:42Febsillriginal: I am referring to this chapter of the manual:
20:41:48Lloreanillriginal: You keep making vague statements about other information. What other information that is specific to the gigabeat do you see that is not A) The build, B) the manual, and C) the install instructions?
20:42:02FebsPerhaps you could read through that page and identify for us any other information that you think should be identified, that is not already identified there.
20:42:25illriginalthe main page, should have a link reading "installation" you click that, then there's a page with all the players/models, you click your player, then you have a page with all the files that are needed to install, lettin people know there's a new build, and old build, tell them the difference in the two so they have a choice which to click, on that same page there should be fonts, and the wps gallery for that specfic player/mode
20:42:49esp8Can i just format my ipod once i installed the rockbox?
20:42:55Lloreanillriginal: There is no fonts specific to a model. There's just one font zip for all of them.
20:43:08Lloreanillriginal: And the WPS galleries aren't model-specific either. You can use any WPS for your screen size or smaller.
20:43:10illriginalok im sorry, leave the fonts on the main page? i dunno.
20:43:18dan_aI think that on, the links to the downloads ought to be above the build table - from a dev's point of view it's nice to see the build table first, but there are more users than devs
20:43:19linuxstbesp8: You can do whatever you want...
20:43:46illriginali agree with that dan_a
20:43:48Lloreanillriginal: That's why I asked you for specific pages you think are Gigabeat only, outside of the three categories I listed.
20:44:01illriginalnaw i mean in general.
20:44:05n1sLlorean: That page can link to the fonts anyway to have links to everything (for the specific player) in one place
20:44:24Lloreann1s: If the manual is up to snuff, the manual does the job of that page anyway.
20:44:35 Join mirak [0] (
20:44:37esp8linuxstb: but will my bockbox Os build on it? what about the extra fonts and files i added to the .rockbox folder on the root of my ipod?
20:44:41Lloreann1s: I'm not really sure why we should reproduce the Manual as other pages, since there's already an HTML one of it anyway.
20:45:04Lloreanesp8: Formatting will wipe that folder, of course.
20:45:08linuxstbesp8: If you format your ipod, you'll delete those files, so you'll need to copy them back...
20:45:08illriginalLlorean some people are dumb enough to some how download the wrong player's installation files.. not that i have, but it has been done before from the last time i read the forums on gigabeat, it's just all about the ease of goin through a webpage
20:45:20n1sLlorean: yes I know but as a nice way to let them have all the stuff in one place, or just link from the player-picture links directly to the install instructions in the manual...
20:45:48esp8okay but the rockbox should still boot in it's own Os.. i just have to do a quick back up of those files in there
20:45:53Lloreann1s: A link to the install instructions would be fine.
20:45:54dan_aThe "extras" page would probably look better without the TOC there
20:46:16illriginaln1s, im sure it would even kill off a page saving more space for your website to expand,
20:46:24Lloreanillriginal: How is a webpage easier than the manual? Or the existing webpage?
20:46:42Lloreanillriginal: All you do is click on the picture of your player, and you download it...
20:46:50LloreanYou even suggested using pictures of the player for your other method.
20:46:56illriginalkeepin everything tidy and organize is the only thing that makes things easier for the consumer and the dev/web master
20:47:21illriginali dont need pictures, i can clearly read, "gigabeat f series"
20:47:43Lloreanillriginal: So then how is the current build page too confusing, other than that the table's at the bottom of it?
20:48:04LloreanYou want the newest version of Rockbox, so you click "Current Build" then you click the one for your player.
20:48:19illriginalno no listen man... the specific pages are not confusing by themselves.. it's when you have all the specific information about a specific player that is all scattered
20:48:36Lloreanillriginal: What information, other than the three categories I gave you, is only about the GIgabeat?
20:48:40LloreanThat's what I'm trying to ask.
20:48:45Febsillriginal: second request. Please read the installation instructions section of the manual that I linked you to above and let me know what you feel is missing.
20:48:47LloreanWhat is all this "specific" information you keep referencing?
20:48:51illriginalif they were NOT scattered, and they were all linked by one page... then it would be considered organized
20:48:57ArathisDo all PP players have a unique *.mi4? And have the other players similar files you can identify them with? ... a list would be nice :) ...
20:48:58LloreanWHAT is scattered?
20:49:09*Febs bangs his head against a brick wall.
20:49:14illriginallol Febs
20:49:21GodEater_Arathis: pretty much all of them except the iPod
20:49:35dan_aArathis: A lot of them are called PP5022.mi4
20:49:40LloreanAll known PP players use MI4s outside the iPods, I believe. Well, known to us.
20:50:09dan_aThe Sansa has either version.sdk or VERSION.TXT (or both) in the root
20:51:07ArathisI'm searching for something like the H10.mi4 I can search the mountpoints for
20:52:04 Join pseudo_ [0] (
20:52:16 Quit barrywardell (Remote closed the connection)
20:54:27 Quit XavierGr ()
20:57:33Arathisa unique file for each or at least most of the players
20:58:08linuxstbCould qtscrobbler's functionality be merged into rbutil?
20:59:19LearThe more I look, the more error-handling bugs I find in bookmark.c, it seems... :)
21:00:36amiconnBugs just seem to be everywhere
21:01:06*amiconn found one in lcd-remote-x5.c when doing the framebuffer width/height defines
21:01:22amiconnmidkay_: svn has something for you
21:01:55preglowlinuxstb: you know how many bytes the pp i2c interface can write/read in one go?
21:02:24 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
21:02:46linuxstbpreglow; I haven't looked at it since I copied and pasted it from IPL...
21:02:59 Quit Winchester (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:03:02preglowah, then that would be why multiple write is lacking altogether
21:03:06preglowi'll see about cleaning it up a bit
21:03:34 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
21:03:48 Quit Juice^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:03:57 Join ender` [0] (
21:04:04 Join Juice^ [0] (n=Juice@
21:06:47 Join scorche [0] (n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
21:07:02scorcheg'day folks =)
21:07:20preglowdoes anyone know where to actually find the pcd50605 register numbers? i can't find them in any datasheet
21:07:22 Quit printfXh4 (Connection timed out)
21:07:27preglowpcf <-
21:07:43 Nick pseudo_ is now known as printfXh4 (
21:08:30Eimannhm, is there a way with rocklinux to charge an ipod via usb and play music simultaneous
21:08:31LinusNpreglow: they are in the data sheet
21:08:35linuxstbPage 108 - Register map ?
21:08:57scorcheEimann: rocklinux?
21:08:59linuxstbEimann: What's rocklinux?
21:09:02preglowwell, there we go!
21:09:16n1sEimann: in rockbox you can hold MENU while connecting, dunno about rocklinux tho...
21:09:55Eimannaeh ...
21:10:00Eimannsorry, lack of sleep and caffeine
21:10:03Eimannrockbox ...
21:10:27Eimannn1s: thx :)
21:10:59 Join Thundercloud__ [0] (n=thunderc@
21:11:58preglowLinusN: seems there is a bug with archos rtc alarm detection, resume on alarm works nice on my nano now
21:12:12 Join Wincheste1 [0] (
21:12:15preglowif someone would care to donate me an archos fm rec...
21:12:38Wincheste1why that's arguably the stupidest thing I've done (wrong window)
21:13:34preglowWincheste1: you've lead a sheltered life, then :>
21:13:52LinusNpreglow: i'll try to fix that
21:14:12Wincheste1well... confusing IRC for a terminal isn't exactly all that bright
21:14:41LinusNWincheste1: we are certainly impressed :-)
21:15:13busa_bladeis the rockboxui broken with svn?
21:15:25preglowLinusN: have a look at rtc_enable_alarm() too if you can be bothered, it seems like the return value is quite unnecessary. it seems like a platform dependent hack we won't really use on other targets anyway, so should be handled internally in the function like it is
21:15:30Wincheste1anyway..... back to trying to compile .rock files alone
21:15:31 Quit x1jmp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:15:48webguest75Hey everyone. Interesting convo on organization. I don't get it, but hey what else is new. Anyway ... Is there a way to tel what svn revision number correlates to which daily build?
21:16:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:16:31preglowLinusN: the one spot that calls the function ignores the return value anyway
21:16:33 Quit lex (Nick collision from services.)
21:16:37 Join lex [0] (
21:16:39 Quit lex (Nick collision from services.)
21:16:40pregloweh, the several spots that call the function :)
21:16:40LinusNpreglow: i see
21:16:41webguest75I'm doing some testing and want to download the source from before 02152007
21:16:58LinusNpreglow: i want to reform the alarm handling
21:16:58linuxstbwebguest75: You can tell from the changelog.
21:17:32 Quit busa_blade ("brb... changing clients")
21:17:34preglowLinusN: not a bad idea
21:18:05 Join kubiix [0] (
21:18:16 Quit Thundercloud_ (Connection timed out)
21:18:26 Quit kubiixaka (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:18:34LinusNi want the alarm to generate a SYS_ALARM message (perhaps a broadcast)
21:18:41 Join busa_blade [0] (
21:18:51 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
21:18:54preglowLinusN: not a bad idea at all
21:19:12Wincheste1Mikachu: Hey, are you still here?
21:19:13LinusNand a cron thread that handles alarms and acts on them, allowing timed recordings
21:19:29webguest75linuxstb: thnx
21:19:30LinusNwhole sequences of them
21:20:07LinusNi guess the trick is how to detect the alarm on the ipod startup
21:20:56preglowwell, yeah, i think i can do that reliably anyway
21:21:15LinusNby comparing the time and check if the wakeup enable bit is set?
21:21:16amiconnLinusN: /etc/crontab? ;)
21:21:20LinusNamiconn: :-)
21:21:31LinusN /.rockbox/crontab
21:21:35preglowby just checking the alarm time in the rtc regs and compare with current time in the rtc, and checking if the wake on alarm flag is set
21:21:38 Join lex_ [0] (
21:21:48preglowthat even sounds nice
21:21:57amiconnLinusN: That's the configuration plugin? ;)
21:23:11 Quit desowin ("use linux")
21:26:37 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:30:29Wincheste1does configure need to be run.... apart from the first time..... as in is it updated much?
21:31:21preglowbut it does happen, mind you
21:31:35preglowwhen it does, you'll usually notice it as failed compiles
21:31:48Wincheste1ok thanks
21:32:05 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:33:41preglowwould be cool if the makefile detected if configure is newer than itself
21:34:52 Join redbreva [0] (
21:34:55preglowwouldn't have to call it, just tell the user and then exit pending a rerun
21:38:29Wincheste1suppose you'd notice it was updated when you run svn update anyway
21:38:47preglowif you're looking for it, then sure
21:38:51 Quit illriginal ("Leaving")
21:38:54preglowit's not that much of a bother anyway
21:39:06preglowi do remember a couple of people who had to be helped to it, though
21:39:35BagderI do have a patch somewhere that does that
21:39:48Wincheste1ooh commit =)
21:40:27BagderI should dust it off and check how it works now
21:41:01Wincheste1btw... what does dithering do?
21:41:36preglowah, shit, i've forgotten to write the manual part on that
21:41:48Wincheste1on what? O_o
21:42:09 Part Domonoky
21:42:20Wincheste1oh right
21:43:06preglowgimme a sec, i'll dig up a forum post i did
21:45:12Wincheste1is it battery draining?
21:46:17preglowread and it shall be revealed
21:47:29Wincheste1ah I see
21:47:35Wincheste1I am a bit inpatient that way
21:48:21 Quit Thundercloud__ (Remote closed the connection)
21:49:14 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
21:49:28Wincheste1and since I don't understand half of the technical sound stuff I kind of zoned out while reading.
21:49:56preglowi can't make it any clearer
21:50:04 Quit busa_blade (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
21:50:08Wincheste1no that's my fault there
21:50:14preglowthere's even an audio example
21:50:26preglowwhich should demonstrate pretty clearly even if you don't get what is ays
21:50:35 Join busa_blade [0] (
21:50:45 Join desowin [0] (
21:51:14 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
21:51:37Wincheste1hmm.... turning it on and off.... can't tell the difference >.>
21:51:59preglowlike i also say in the post, neither can i
21:52:17preglowit's strictly for the enthusiast, i'd say
21:52:30 Quit printfXh4 (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
21:52:49Wincheste1and.... the replaygain thing..... don't the values need to be calculated first?
21:53:02preglowwell, yeah, the files need to be scanned and tagged
21:53:10 Join printfXh4 [0] (
21:53:49Wincheste1what's a linux app that can analyze and tag them..... since the volume levels of my mp3s are all over the place
21:53:53 Quit busa_blade (Client Quit)
21:55:47 Quit goffa (Remote closed the connection)
21:55:53 Join goffa [0] (n=goffa@
22:01:22 Join busa_blade [0] (
22:01:34 Part Wincheste1
22:01:47n1spreglow: You _did_ in fact write a nice explanation of dithering and committed it to the manual. It's section 6.9 ;-)
22:01:50 Join Wincheste1 [0] (
22:02:01*preglow is puzzled
22:02:20 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
22:02:38preglowso it seems!
22:03:05n1sa language question regarding the lang cleanup, should we keep strings tat are not currently used but hopefully will be once we drop the sysfont only stuff in recording and various quick screens?
22:04:05Bagderimho, we should drop everything we don't currently use
22:04:30n1sBagder: ok, it's not exacly hard to add them when needed again .-)
22:04:36n1sgah :-)
22:04:57Bagderhah, no pun intended there actually
22:06:26toffellorean : I come back with my problem of this mornig, I tired again using the graphical equalizer and sound distord and desappear, I deselect the equalizer, it cames back normal
22:06:48toffeI tried to use the preset equalizer and no problem
22:07:49toffeI switch to a preset equalizer after the sound became crappy, and it came back normal !!
22:08:31 Join B123 [0] (
22:08:35B123hey everyone.
22:08:49B123Im new to rockbox, and i don't quite understand how to install a theme on it...anyhelp?
22:10:12BagderB123: they're usually just a matter of unzipping
22:10:26B123i unzipped it, and it looks nothing like it did in the preview.
22:10:33B123it just turned the background green.
22:13:05B123i could relaly use help
22:13:17B123im not sure if i installed this right if it won't load a theme
22:13:17LearThe biggest difference is seen in the WPS screen.
22:13:50Vulc4nB123, : what player and theme?
22:13:52LearThe color change suggest it was loaded. You might lack the proper font though.
22:14:03B123i just loaded the font
22:14:11B123and it changed the font, but nothing relse relaly changed
22:14:47MikachuB123: have you tried playing a song?
22:15:21B123i put a song on my ipod's main folder, and it doesnt even show in the file browser.
22:15:44B123I have a ipod Video 30gig 5G.
22:15:56Vulc4nand what theme are you trying to load?
22:16:28B123its just called green5g
22:16:31B123got it off the site
22:17:16 Quit goffa (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:17:35Vulc4nB123, that theme requires patches to work correctly
22:17:48 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:17:55B123i didnt know, like i said i just installed about 10 minuets ago =/
22:18:03Vulc4nwell, just saying
22:18:10Vulc4nit needs the julius patches applied to the build
22:18:16Vulc4nso look for an unofficial build to use
22:19:02Vulc4nthere are the builds from julius
22:21:01B123okay i just got a unoffical.
22:21:17B123also how can i put my own images as backgrounds/
22:22:37midgeycopy them into .rockbox/backdrops
22:23:02Wincheste1does HZ represent 1 second?
22:23:13 Join webguest55 [0] (i=5163b045@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:23:29BagderWincheste1: yes
22:23:40Bagdernumber of "ticks" during one second
22:23:42Wincheste1and..... no standard librarys are supported?
22:23:49scorchewell, one per second
22:24:13 Quit B123 ("KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies")
22:25:01BagderWincheste1: correct, but the rockbox functions do mimic posix to some extent
22:25:18 Join norbusan [0] (
22:25:21 Part norbusan
22:25:32Wincheste1ok thanks
22:26:10midkay_amiconn: thanks!
22:27:30webguest55hi, newbie here, can i ask which files i need to retain when unzipping a daily build to my iRiver H340 so my preferences, etc. don't get ovewritten? tx
22:27:33 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
22:28:00Mikachuwebguest55: the zip doesn't contain any preferences, so it won't overwrite anything of the sort
22:28:06 Part LinusN
22:28:12 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:28:46 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
22:29:03webguest55oh ok thanks
22:29:09 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:29:09 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:31:17 Quit printfXh4 (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:31:53webguest55as a matter of interest where do things like preferences / settings get saved on the device?
22:32:14n1sin /.rockbox/config.cfg
22:32:16 Join printfXh4 [0] (
22:33:59webguest55my device doesn't seem to have a config.cfg file
22:34:23dan_aDarn it! I can't persuade the DMA controller on the Sansa to transfer more than 16 words of data to the flash :(
22:34:25n1swebguest55: do you see the .rockbox dir
22:34:49webguest55i do yeah, contains 5 files + the subdirs
22:34:49scorchedan_a: shall i get out the butane torch?
22:35:27dan_ascorche: Sledgehammer, I think.
22:35:33Bagderwebguest55: are you using a somewhat older rockbox version?
22:35:39webguest55.glyphcache, .playlist.control, most-recent.bmark, tagnavi.config, viewers.config
22:36:09webguest55i'm using
22:36:33scorchedan_a: but that is a more permanent solution...we can use the torch to persuade it a bit harsher without killing the sap which would only hold us up even further...
22:36:35Bagderwebguest55: then your version is still saving the config in sector 61 on your disk
22:37:18webguest55ok thanks bagder
22:37:28 Join x1jmp [0] (
22:37:35Bagderwe've changed the way configs are saved since then
22:37:58webguest55i'll update to today's daily build later
22:38:20Wincheste1Does anyone know some C website/guide/tutorial applicable to rb.... as in ones which don't refer to std includes?
22:38:36BagderWincheste1: most "std includes" exist in rockbox
22:39:15Wincheste1but... but... "Wincheste1: and..... no standard librarys are supported?"
22:39:26Bagderincludes are not libraries
22:39:44Wincheste1*blank look* back to the C books then
22:40:11*bluebrother can really recommend "C in a nutshell"
22:40:32Wincheste1thanks bluebrother
22:40:46bluebrotherbut it's more a reference than a teaching book.
22:41:07bluebrotheranyone here familiar with prices for used ipods?
22:41:16 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
22:41:25bluebrotherI'm wondering if 85EUR is a good price for an ipod mini
22:41:28*petur learned from the white bible
22:41:35Wincheste1ok.... right now I am reading " A first book of ANSI C: Fundamentals of C programming" which seems a good enough teaching book
22:41:42*Bagder learned from examples and man pages
22:42:49Wincheste1meh.... I'll be doing electrical and systems engineering soon.... so I guess I'll learn all that anyway
22:43:00*bluebrother learned a lot from K&R after starting with examples and short tutorials
22:43:19Wincheste1and what's the white bible?
22:43:51bluebrotherWincheste1: depends on ... I'm doing electricial engineering here. Noone has tought programming
22:43:53Wincheste1should've never went near VB and went straight to C >_<
22:44:03*scorche learned the same way Bagder learned....except, i am still learning ;)
22:44:15Wincheste1Pretty sure C/C++ is part of the course
22:44:19Wincheste1or it might be just Matlab
22:44:28midgeyWincheste1: im a first year engineer and we did Matlab and C++
22:44:37bluebrotherat least not at uni −− except for that C++ course in the first semester, which even didn't include the basic concepts of OOP
22:44:38 Quit webguest55 ("CGI:IRC")
22:44:52midgeythats how our course was too
22:44:52dan_aBagder: Would you mind asking MrH some things about the Sansa DMA - should I be able to ignore the FIFO controller, and where he talks about "size" in his document is that in 16 bit words?
22:45:15Wincheste1meh.... guess i'll find out next week.... when uni starts\
22:45:27Wincheste1I know Matlab is there for sure.... don't know about C
22:45:38*midgey will be on spring break then :)
22:45:54bluebrotherthere's lots of Matlab here, but I managed to do different stuff ;-)
22:45:58 Join entheh [0] (
22:46:21midgeyhonestly, i just jumped right into rockbox; I had never done C before
22:46:52Wincheste1midgey: that was the plan.... until I looked at the code O_o
22:46:55Vulc4nI want to get involved in the project
22:46:56bluebrotherI'm doing C at uni these days, I'm only lacking the time to work on RB :(
22:47:01Vulc4nbut its so overwhelming
22:47:17midgeyWincheste1: start with looking at plugins
22:47:19x1jmprb made me reading K&R
22:47:22Wincheste1btw.... is Matlab syntax based or comparable to something?
22:47:24preglowVulc4n: take your time, work on something you like, ask when you're puzzled and send us a patch when you're done
22:47:28preglowin short: take your time
22:47:34bluebrotherVulc4n: you can help out with the manual −− it's a bit "smaller" than the C code ;-)
22:47:38Vulc4nI do java mainly
22:47:41bluebrother(that's how I got involved)
22:47:46Vulc4nbut learning new syntax shouldn't take long
22:47:51LloreanVulc4n: There are always non-code things to do.
22:47:58Vulc4nI can do graphics for sure
22:48:00*bluebrother learned to hate Java the last weeks
22:48:06Vulc4nI hate java
22:48:11LloreanWhile I disagree with where whasisname earlier felt the problems lay, the wiki does always need work.
22:48:11Vulc4nbut its what is being taught
22:48:12bluebrotherC and Java have different concepts ...
22:48:16Vulc4nso I don't have much choice
22:48:44bluebrotherThe C "bible" −− "The C programming language" by Kerninghan & Ritchie
22:49:05Wincheste1sounds..... long.
22:49:12ShaidI have that somewhere.
22:49:16preglowthe book isn't that long
22:49:22ShaidI think I lent it out and never got it back though.
22:49:32Wincheste1heh..... happens.
22:49:33MikachuC is pretty simple, imo you don't need to read a book to learn it :)
22:49:55Wincheste1btw.... do any parts of RB use assembly?
22:49:56bluebrotherit's a bit hard to read if you don't know programming languages, but imo it's one of the best for C
22:50:06bluebrotherWincheste1: yes.
22:50:06 Join XavierGr [0] (
22:50:14bluebrothertime critical stuff.
22:50:21Shaidlike the codecs
22:50:54 Quit PaulJam (".")
22:51:15Wincheste1ok.... I had this crazy idea to try to learn assembly once..... it scared me.
22:51:46Wincheste1read so much but never got past CPU registers and memory managment
22:51:50MikachuWincheste1: it's pretty much a different language for each cpu
22:52:00Mikachuthere are similarities of course
22:52:01 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
22:52:06Wincheste1yeah..... all the opcodes or whatever it was
22:52:26midgeyim attempting to learn assembly now
22:52:36midgeywell, i have to for a class
22:52:45Mikachuwhat arch?
22:52:53midgeymade up
22:53:00Mikachuhow... pointless :)
22:53:07midgeyi agree
22:53:10peturstart with the basics of structured programming, that's all the same for all languages: if-else-then, while, for,...
22:53:27Shaidatleast they could teach you something silly like HC11 if nothing else.
22:54:17Vulc4nI'm not sure what I'm goign to be doing
22:54:25Vulc4nin college I eman
22:54:34Vulc4nI haven't decided yet
22:54:54 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
22:55:06Wincheste1hmm.... now I am actually looking forward to uni to learn all this stuff.... though first year is almost entierly maths and physics
22:55:30ShaidBeen there done that.
22:55:51Wincheste1ah and business.... since I am doing Electrical Engineering/Business Managment
22:55:56 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
22:56:46Wincheste1anyway.... I'll stop procrastinating and go read >.>
22:57:20 Quit midkay_ ("Leaving")
22:57:25 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
22:57:42peturwhat about those xyz in 21 days books?
22:58:17*petur will now study the influence of beer on code writing
22:58:35Mikachui think preglow has some experience in that area
22:59:17Mikachugrep -E preglow.\*beer \#rockbox.log|wc -l
22:59:36peturand /me ?
22:59:53Mikachuonly 52
23:00:04Mikachubut you have "connection reset by beer" as a quitmessage
23:00:20peturon fridays
23:00:32bluebrotherhmm. If I have a shebang pointing to bash, and run the script with dash (i.e. dash <script>) it will be interpreted by dash or not?
23:00:45bluebrotherhehe. Nice quit message.
23:00:53Mikachubluebrother: by dash
23:01:02Mikachuthe shell sees the #-line as a comment
23:01:09Mikachuthat's why it has a # in the first place
23:01:14bluebrotherok, that's what I expected.
23:01:18Wincheste1what would be some of the ways to optimize battery time for the ipod?
23:01:18 Join B123 [0] (
23:01:26bluebrotherjust wasn't 100% sure
23:01:28B123Okay i installed the unoffical firm.
23:01:35B123and it still won't load the theme right
23:01:38B123what am i doing wrong?
23:01:54XavierGrdamn sometimes I wish I used more linux to understand that cool linux jokes :P
23:01:59bluebrotherB123: installed the fonts package?
23:02:14bluebrothercool linux joke?
23:02:19Mikachuwhat joke?
23:02:26bluebrotherB123: then do it. The manual strongly advises you to do so
23:02:34bluebrotheras otherwise a lot of themes will look broken
23:02:35B123Where do i put it once i download it.
23:02:45bluebrotherread the manual, it's stated there
23:02:51Vulc4nanyone using the mediamonkey alpha?
23:03:00XavierGrwell I didn't get the greping command on preglow and beer... (I don't know all these switches)
23:03:15MikachuXavierGr: it just gives the number of lines where preglow said something about beer
23:03:25XavierGrsee :D
23:03:29Mikachuor me saying something about him and beer, which i do quite often ;)
23:03:56 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
23:03:57bluebrotherfine-tune the grep line so it only gets lines with preglow actually speaking ;-)
23:04:28B123i read the manual it just says i need to do it
23:04:30 Join Arathis [0] (
23:04:33B123i dont see where to put it
23:04:50Mikachubluebrother: down to 62 then :)
23:05:04 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:32Wincheste1should rb->lcd_set_foreground(LCD_BLACK); and then lcd_update theoretically make the screen go black?
23:05:56MikachuWincheste1: i don't think so, no
23:06:04bluebrotherB123: just extract it to the device, the fonts itself should then end up in /.rockbox/fonts
23:06:05Mikachuit just states that text printed from then on will be black
23:06:20 Quit Kittt0s ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
23:06:24Wincheste1so what does lcd_set_background do exactly?
23:06:41 Join Kitt0s [0] (
23:06:48bluebrotherKasperle: around?
23:06:53Mikachui think it only takes effect if there isn't a backdrop image set
23:07:04B123i did
23:07:09B123let me take it out and see how it worked
23:07:44busa_bladeanyone know of the rockboxui is broken?
23:08:13Wincheste1oh nvrm.... now it works
23:08:29bluebrotherbusa_blade: no ... works fine for me. Which device are you referring to?
23:08:40B123i installed it. and now i jus thave a ton of fonts to choose from
23:08:47bluebrotheranyone with BSD around?
23:08:49busa_bladerockboxui for gigabeat
23:09:37*bluebrother goes compiling that version
23:09:37pixelmawhat do you exactly mean by broken?
23:09:43Bagderbusa_blade: so what happens?
23:10:03Wincheste1thanks amiconn
23:10:19busa_bladewhen i use the plugins... it says incompatible version
23:10:32bluebrotherreinstall with make install
23:11:21B123I still can't figure this out. I installed the font pack and everything but the background image will stiill not show up and everything is in plain text.
23:11:55bluebrotherRockbox _is_ text. No fancy icons (some small ones, not really fancy only)
23:12:22busa_bladeforgot about that part... sorry
23:12:30*busa_blade smacks self upside of head
23:12:47B123Okay. well this is the theme i want
23:12:48bluebrotherbeware of forehead! ;-)
23:12:55B123I can't seem to get it to work, someone please help me.
23:13:04bluebrotherB123: I bet that needs an unsupported build
23:13:17B123I have his newest Jbuild.
23:13:42B123When i get the theme file, where do i unzip it to?
23:13:54Shaidyour rockbox dir
23:14:15B123just in the .rockbox.
23:14:19bluebrotherdepends on the theme file.
23:14:30Shaidfor jclix it goes in the .rockbox dir
23:14:32 Join forehead [0] (i=54bd6bbc@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:14:35Shaidit puts bits in a few places, you see
23:14:54bluebrotherusually the zip should include the .rockbox folder as highest level. In that case directly to the player. If not, into .rockbox
23:16:07x1jmpDoes someone have an opened iriver hdd?
23:16:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:17:03bluebrotherKasperle: in case you read this: does work if you enclose the sometimes empty variable in double quotes? I.e. line 22 starts with if [ "$SVNALT" != exported ];
23:17:27B123I extracted the files
23:17:30B123to where you said
23:17:35B123now how do i apply them on my ipod
23:17:55Shaidjust select it under themes in the menu in rockbox after you boot up
23:18:01 Join Mouser_X [0] (
23:18:09B123its oddly not there =.
23:18:49Bagderbluebrother: I think traditionally in sh scripts they compare like "x$SVNALT" != xexported to avoid the no string case
23:18:56B123now you see why i am comming to ask for help =D
23:19:18 Join ber1 [0] (
23:19:30Bagderalthough I'm not sure exactly what sh versions that would require that "hack"
23:19:32 Quit forehead ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:19:40B123No matter what i choose the background stays just a plain shade of black
23:19:43B123and idont understand it
23:19:58bluebrotherbash and dash seem to work fine with it
23:20:12 Join lini [0] (i=pugsley@
23:20:30Bagderyes, that hack would probably only be needed for like very oldish sunos sh and such
23:20:37B123So anyone have any ideas?
23:20:53Shaidnot me
23:21:12B123should i maybe reinstall a build
23:21:13bluebrotherbut I'm wondering if it would work when putting the variable in quotes so the empty variable gets ""
23:21:43Bagderbluebrother: I believe it will work on most sh versions
23:22:40 Part ber1
23:24:04 Part perl|work
23:24:22 Quit relaxed ("")
23:24:26B123can someone please help me out with why my background's are not loading correctly
23:24:53B123and whenever i load a plugin it fails.
23:25:02B123I tihnk i maybe installed wrong.
23:25:30peturB123: 1) must be BMP, 2) must be exact LCD size, 3) must be in .rockbox/backdrops
23:25:50 Part Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
23:26:06B123im tihnking that is correct. because its a theme i downloaded, just my themes will not load!
23:26:06B123nor my plugins
23:27:07bluebrotherhow do your plugins "not load"?
23:27:35Kasperlebluebrother: one sec
23:27:42 Quit Guest52768 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:27:56B123When i click on them it says
23:27:58B123cannot load plugin
23:28:41ShaidI think you might've installed something wrong
23:28:45*petur discovers the wrong song is written in scrobbler.log :(
23:28:47bluebrotherI don't know of any message that simply says "cannot load". So can you be a bit more precise?
23:28:57B123thats pretty much what it says.
23:29:05ShaidActually, O
23:29:05B123cannot load plugin ""path""
23:29:10B123did i install wrong?
23:29:27bluebrotherhow are you trying to run the plugin? As viewer?
23:29:28B123how should i go about reinstalling
23:29:29Shaidyou did unpack it with pathnames, right?
23:29:39preglowlinuxstb: is the sf cvs still the place to get the ipl kernel?
23:29:40Shaiddelete the .rockbox folder
23:30:01Shaidand then reunpack rockbox onto your ipod
23:30:08Shaidor whichever device you've got
23:30:14ShaidI'm assuming it's a colour iPod though
23:31:38B123yes it is
23:31:43B123ill dlete it all and start over i suppose
23:32:31 Part Llorean
23:32:54B123I wounder what i could have done wrong =./
23:33:10*Shaid shrugs
23:33:20Shaidsomehow not unpacked with the correct directory structure?
23:34:37preglowdoesn't seem like much has happened to ipl...
23:34:52bluebrotherKasperle: nice. So does this work on bsd?
23:35:30 Quit rp- ()
23:35:35bluebrotherB123: as you seem to have installed the bootloader correctly you could try using rbutil. There's a binary somewhere in the wiki
23:35:45busa_bladeis there are reason there isn't a jpeg library? (just wondering)
23:36:05Bagderbun-bun: because there is a jpeg plugin
23:36:14Bagderhm, that was to busa_blade
23:37:11busa_bladewould there be room to create a general purpose jpeg plugin so that the image viewer could become general purpose?
23:37:16busa_bladeor would that be too much?
23:37:47Bagderthe existing plugin could indeed be extended to view more formats, imho
23:37:59bluebrothermake format plugins to the jpeg plugins ;-)
23:39:10bluebrotherwould be nice to preview bmp files, indeed.
23:39:40busa_bladejust wondering because I was thinking about adding it in... but wanted to get some feedback first... I submitted a patch about it the week b4 last
23:39:50Kasperlebluebrother: the patch didn't work, but i merged the changes by hand and the resulting script seems to work fine
23:39:51*petur has deja-vu on discussing multi-format viewer
23:40:05Kasperlebluebrother: do you still need the "r" prefix, though?
23:40:29Kasperlebluebrother: e.g. '
23:40:47Kasperle'then SVNVER=r`svnversion $1`;', 'if [ "$SVNVER" = "rexported" ]; ', ...
23:41:51bluebrotherok, if the quotes don't work we can simply use the r-trick you posted.
23:42:15bluebrotherI hoped this would work too. At least I learned something new ;-)
23:42:16Kasperlebluebrother: nono, the quotes work, your patch just didn't apply cleanly
23:42:50Kasperlebluebrother: your new version is fine. i was just wondering why you still have some "r-tricks" left in that script
23:43:19bluebrotherjust historically −− didn't wanted to change too much
23:43:36bluebrotherbut while I'm at it I can change that too.
23:44:37Kasperlemaybe people would like to keep the "r" in the version number though, so you could prepend it in the end ;)
23:45:08Mikachusvn revisions are usually written with an r for revision in front
23:48:50 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
23:50:03 Quit SirFunk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:52:57Kasperlebluebrother: so you could still just prefix the "r" in the VERSION=... line. it's a cosmetic change, but still a bit "cleaner" ;)
23:54:04linuxstbignore that^
23:54:37linuxstbpreglow: AFAIK, the ipl kernel is still in cvs at sf. And you're right - there's been almost no kernel development for months.

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