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#rockbox log for 2007-03-20

00:00:03LloreanAgain: The included WPSes will always be loadable since they're preprocessed.
00:00:21bluebrothernot if the installed version and loaded version mismatch
00:00:26LloreanThe plugin is only necessary for loading .wps files, not .bps files (or whatever)
00:00:38LloreanThen it defaults to rockbox_default which is compiled in.
00:00:52bluebrotherquite bad from a users point of view
00:00:54Nico_Pbluebrother: we'd still hardcode a default wps
00:00:56LloreanIf the codec versions mismatch, music won't play.
00:01:09LloreanSaying "what if there's a version mismatch" isn't a strong argument
00:01:25LloreanIf they've improperly installed rockbox, plenty of things won't work that are much more significant than "Not having to use rockbox_default"
00:01:29bluebrothercodec versions rarely change. Plugin versions quite a lot
00:01:47markunNico_P: any chance you can make the parser smaller than 5k?
00:02:34pixelmaLlorean: you'll get to answer all the "help! where's my wps gone" questions ;)
00:02:37Lloreanbluebrother: Again, the plugin is only needed for unofficial WPSes, those not included with their build.
00:02:46Lloreanpixelma: I know, and yet I'm still in favour of the idea. Crazy, innit?
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00:03:13bluebrothercrazy, but I'm still not convinced ;-)
00:03:21Lloreanbluebrother: I don't see how "The user must have properly installed Rockbox" is a bad requirement for having additional WPSes beyond the included ones.
00:03:35bluebrotherIMO we should have as less external dependencies as possible
00:03:58 Join safetydan [0] (i=cbca159f@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
00:04:01Nico_Pmarkun: 5k is parser + bitmap preloading... i'm not sure how i could make it smaller but it's probably possible to optimise it
00:04:13Nico_P(i didn't change the bitmap preloading code)
00:04:29pixelmait's strange - I dislike the idea even though I also would like to see bin size dropping - but cannot really argue about it
00:04:37chrisjs169why is Rockbox trying to look for OF.mi4 on the Sansa e200 series?
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00:04:59Lloreanchrisjs169: Are you using the officially provided bootloader, or did you compile your own?
00:05:09chrisjs169Officially provided
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00:05:22chrisjs169From the yesterdays sansapatcher
00:05:42LloreanAh, well that's not the officially provided one.
00:05:56LloreanThat's the "Experimental, work in progress" one
00:06:11chrisjs169Ah, ok
00:06:33linuxstbBut what's wrong with it looking for OF.mi4 - afaik, it also looks in the firmware partition, plus OF.bin
00:06:33LloreanSo it's looking for it, because it was meant to.
00:06:55Lloreanlinuxstb: The one that looked for OF.MI4 for me, didn't look for OF.BIN, so there was at least one embedded version that didn't.
00:08:03linuxstbAh, OK.
00:08:16bluebrotherI'm all for decreasing binary size. But at what price? That binary thing isn't KISS anymore
00:08:46safetydanWow. We're still arguing about binary WPS formats? :) I'm getting confused, I just removed the OF.bin file from /System and it still booted the OF OF.bin actually needed?
00:09:00bluebrothersomewhat ;-)
00:09:03Lloreanchrisjs169: Not if you're using a new enough version of sansapatcher.
00:09:30Lloreansafetydan: I think we've just about hit the "agree to disagree" point.
00:09:31bluebrotherseems like some like it pretty much and some others strongly disagree
00:09:34linuxstbbluebrother: I'm hesitant about it as well, but think that both the decrease in core code size, and the fact that it should give the fastest possible loading time of any method are good things.
00:09:50safetydanbluebrother, I think the first step of Nico_P's patch is just to clean up and improve the parsing code. It does change the internal "in memory" representation of the WPS from the original text file to a token stream. However, in no way is this user visible.
00:09:57bluebrotherI still think there are other options
00:09:59LloreanI think also that as long as the core binary is able to include the wpses that we include in the zip, that's good enough.
00:10:13bluebrothersafetydan: I'm not argueing against that patch.
00:10:14LloreanThat function has to be present, without plugins being there.
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00:10:46safetydanbluebrother, cool. Just checking as it's a bit hard to follow arguments across a days worth of logs :)
00:10:58Hal9000Is there a page on the Rockbox site that deals with how well Rockbox works with car stereo systems? (Search had too many false hits.)
00:11:10linuxstbbluebrother: As you know, I've also written a tar-file patch, and I'm not convinced that's the best approach. The binary-format-created-on-target approach means the WPS creator doesn't have to worry about creating the tar file.
00:11:23safetydanNot sure why the binary, on disk representation of WPS has come back up again. I thought that was dismissed as optimising the wrong end of things?
00:11:44Lloreanbluebrother: And that means the original WPS is still more usable and distributable to windows users who may be clueless about TAR.
00:12:18bluebrotherI'd love to look into tar file loading but unfortunately I don't have the time ATM :(
00:12:19Lloreansafetydan: It can be implemented in a way that moves about 5k of code from the core to a plugin, the code to handle text-wpses basically. Included WPSes could be binary, and loaded by the core.
00:12:28linuxstbHal9000: Which player do you have? Or are you looking to buy one?
00:13:03linuxstbHal9000: The feature you want to search for is "car adaptor mode"
00:13:37safetydanLlorean, ah, I see. So, every WPS not included in the build, would continue to be in the current format?
00:14:06Hal9000I jsut bought a classic car I'm going to finish restoring, so for the first time I'm looking at good audio for a car and found many systems work with iPods. I'll be looking at car stereos first, then a player that Rockbox works on that would work with the car.
00:14:10Lloreansafetydan: Yep, which Rockbox would transparently convert on load using the plugin to a binary file, so that on reboot just the binary needs to be loaded for faster booting.
00:14:41Lloreansafetydan: Of course if they changed the .wps file, they'd have to reload the .wps, but no real cost there except a very slight inconvenience.
00:14:42safetydanFeels kind of icky... but I can't really come up with a concrete objection.
00:15:15linuxstbsafetydan: That's my feeling too :)
00:15:34LloreanIt cuts 5k out of the core, speeds up boots, doesn't break compatibility with the existing WPS format. The only downside is that Rockbox depends on a plugin for non-included WPSes, and flashed Rockbox may not be able to load binary WPSes in a newer/older format.
00:16:41 Quit petur ("sssssssssss---------PLOP!")
00:16:46safetydanLloran, those are all good (apart from the flash thing). But still... binary blobs are like sort of anathema to opensource projects :)
00:17:11Lloreansafetydan: Yes, but the binary blop shouldn't be visible to the user (unless you're talking about the few WPSes in
00:17:15bluebrotherI still doubt it will be 5k saved in the end
00:17:33RedbrevaAnyone know... is Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License suitable for use on WPS submissions?
00:17:59Lloreansafetydan: I mean, compiling rockbox_default into is okay, but compiling it as it would show up in memory but storing it as a file outside is bad?
00:18:16safetydanRedbreva, blocking non-commercial use doesn't sound like it'd be compatible with the GPL. I'm not sure how license aggregation works with WPS's and Rockbox though.
00:18:59bluebrotherLlorean: in that case you don't compile rockbox_default into the binary −− you just provide defaults like e.g. for the settings
00:19:00LloreanRedbreva: I was about to say the same thing as safetydan, I don't think "noncommercial" is necessary.
00:19:02linuxstbRedbreva: Personally, I think any WPS license should share the same spirit as the GPL. So as safetydan said, blocking commercial use is not OK...
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00:19:26safetydanLlorean, external files are just more things to go out of sync. But hey, we already deal with that with codecs and plugins, so it's just a downside not a blocker.
00:19:33RedbrevaThat's fine, just checking ;-)
00:19:36linuxstbRedbreva: Although it seems that a lot of WPS authors don't have the right to license their WPSs anyway - they're using images (C) by others.
00:19:58bluebrothernice, a "nothing to resume" hang again :(
00:20:02linuxstbWhich is a sticky area...
00:20:10bluebrotherafter the playlist finished ... urgh.
00:20:42Lloreansafetydan: Yeah, improper Rockbox installs will always be a problem, but since the default WPS is always going to be in-core, you'll never not have an WPS, you just may not have the option of pretty ones until you fix your install.
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00:21:31*safetydan thinks of all those WPS patches out there that are going to break horribly once the tokenizer is comitted
00:21:42 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
00:21:48linuxstbIndeed... No-one will upgrade for a while.
00:21:49*Llorean thinks of the same thing and smiles. :-P
00:21:49safetydanI forsee the death (or at least long sleep) for a lot of customised builds.
00:22:04linuxstbOr a forking...
00:22:41bluebrothernoone upgrading makes less bug reporters ...
00:22:46nlsa fork would be even more work if they wanted to backport interesting stuff...
00:23:08Lloreanbluebrother: No-one upgrading unsupported builds. They better not be reporting anyway.
00:23:20linuxstbI guess they would be no more "forks" than they are now.
00:23:23safetydanWell if someone forks, we'll just make sure that when/if WMA support goes in, it happens in a way that makes it very difficult to backport. That way they'll have to give up :)
00:23:33bluebrotherbut users of unsupported builds will most likely stick to old builds
00:24:11nlsbluebrother: they already do, some of these builds update less frequently than once a month...
00:24:41nlsno wonder when they have 30-40 patches to resync every time :_)
00:24:42bluebrotheryeah, but I guess it will get even worse
00:24:53LloreanI don't think "not breaking unsupported builds" should ever, ever be an argument against something.
00:25:03linuxstbsafetydan: Do people still complain about no WMA support? I haven't visted MR for months...
00:25:07*bluebrother agrees with Llorean once
00:25:19Lloreanbluebrother: We agree quite often, just not on this one large thing. ;)
00:25:26bluebrotherhehe :)
00:25:34Lloreanlinuxstb: They complain at MR, iaudiophile, and anythingbutipod often enough.
00:25:48bluebrotherbut I guess there will be quite some discussion about that anyway
00:25:54linuxstbI've been reading ipod posts too much...
00:25:57Hal9000I found the part in the manual on the Car Adaptor Mode −− one question left: Will all players Rockbox runs on work with a car stereo that works with an iPod?
00:26:01safetydanlinuxstb, actually the MR forums have been pretty dead lately. But I'm sure there was at least "Rockbox doesn't play any of my (wma) music!!!11" posts in the last week
00:26:16linuxstbHal9000: No, no players will, not even ipods.
00:26:17nlslinuxstb: there was a thread with lots of exclamation marks wondering if we "did not support wma intentionally" I think it mysteriously disappeared :-)
00:26:54 Join Shaid [0] (
00:26:58bluebrotherthere was this "the radio was left out intentionally" post on the ml today
00:27:19HaSHhmm so what would be a good period to update rockbox/..once a week?...or is developement fast?...i use a 30 gig ipod video and i had to compile the kernel with the cop patch
00:27:35LloreanHaSH: There's usually several builds per day, all of which may or may not have fixes you want. ;)
00:27:39Hal9000If I don't care about handling the menu or playlist through the car stereo, is there a way to just play the audio back through the car stereo?
00:27:46linuxstbHaSH:Keep an eye on the changelog on the front page, and upgrade when you see something that affects you.
00:27:46XavierGrnot that my opinion matter but I have to say I am opposed to the binary WPS idea too. Although the gains will be somewhat measurable, I still think it is away from the KISS perspective. It sounds weird to me to have to run a plugin to modify a wps to binary data.
00:27:47safetydanHaSH, cop support has been in the core for a few weeks now
00:27:51nlswe should put that up on the frontpage: "We hace now decided to never ever support radio on h10 and wma, ever" :-)
00:27:52LloreanHaSH: Personally, a period of twice to once per week is often good enough in my opinion.
00:28:00nlshave even
00:28:04LloreanHaSH: The key to remember is: Before reporting a bug, make sure it happens in the absolute newest version.
00:28:18XavierGralthough I am for Nico_P's patch that will make the wps code more readable
00:28:32LloreanXavierGr: You don't have to run a plugin.
00:28:39HaSHLlorean, ah well has anyone came up with a spiffy bash script to dl and build from the svn?...that would be killer. set it up on a cronjob.
00:28:42LloreanXavierGr: You click on the WPS exactly as normal, and Rockbox uses the WPS.
00:28:49safetydanXavierGr, I'm not sure you'd actually notice any difference as a user. If I understand correctly you click on a WPS as you do now, and Rockbox does the magic binary thingy.
00:29:01LloreanXavierGr: You wouldn't see anything out of the ordinary as a user, at all. You'd have no idea unless someone told you.
00:29:04XavierGryeah well.. it will be automated
00:29:20HaSHive seen scripts that will do this...only for diff application
00:29:20safetydanHaSH, it's already there. The current build is always the latest from SVN.
00:29:22linuxstbHaSH: "svn update && make && make zip && unzip -d /mnt/player/"
00:29:32LloreanHaSH: There's no reason to build from SVN every time, every time there's a commit, fresh builds are made available.
00:29:36 Part toffe82
00:29:51HaSHhmm ok.
00:30:25pixelmaLlorean: there could be a difference - in case you run a battery_bench at the same time (not very likely but who knows?)
00:30:35HaSHthanks for the info guys/gals
00:30:43XavierGryeah there is this chance too though that is way too rare
00:30:52Lloreanpixelma: Yes, if there were a TSR active, there would be a conflict.
00:30:55linuxstbbattery_bench is more a debug/development feature though.
00:31:02XavierGrexcept if more tsr plugins are made that are way too usefull
00:31:06Lloreanpixelma: But this happens when you attempt to view your playlist while a TSR is active too.
00:31:13nlspixelma: afaik we ask wether we should kill the battery_benc plugin if another is about to start
00:31:16safetydanor get file properties
00:31:51XavierGrreminds me that battery_bench should display a splash when interrupted
00:32:15nlsare there any other tsr plugins beside battery_benchmark and the alpine cd changer thingy?
00:32:26XavierGrnot that i know of
00:32:42linuxstbXavierGr: Be careful with that - I think the rule is that only the main thread should write to the LCD.
00:32:45bluebrotherok guys ... I still vote for KISS instead of binary blobs, but now I should finally get some sleep
00:33:03bluebrotherguess this will get discussed for a while here ... cya
00:33:27XavierGrlinuxstb: didn't know that, but still it would be good to notify that the benchmark ended
00:33:30safetydanIn one sense the binary blob is KISS. It simplifies the core in that it only needs to handle binary blobs. No parsing anymore.
00:33:39 Quit bluebrother ("'nite")
00:33:45XavierGrif not on screen then on the log but then the user won't know until he opens the log file
00:33:55 Quit Frode_ (Connection timed out)
00:34:01XavierGrwhich at the time will slap his forehead about it :P
00:34:55XavierGrdon't remember the details but when the tsr plugin is interrupted the callback runs code to remove the plugin thread
00:35:10XavierGrI don't think that there will be a problem to put a spash there
00:35:17nlsXavierGr: there is a message asking if you want to kill the benchmark or let it continue when you try to start another plugin
00:35:29XavierGrthere is? I don't remember it :P
00:35:34linuxstbXavierGr: If the callback is called from the main thread, then I think all is OK.
00:35:46nlsjust tried it and it asked me :-)
00:35:46 Quit Redbreva ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
00:35:59XavierGrbeen sometime since I worked on it along with Bger
00:37:05 Join aliask [0] (i=82c20d66@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
00:37:20XavierGryup you are right nls
00:37:24*linuxstb was about prevent pacbox stopping music on the gigabeat, but found it already doesn't. Smooth 30fps emulation plus music playback...
00:37:52nlslinuxstb: does pacbox not have it's own sound?
00:38:03 Quit Hal9000 (Remote closed the connection)
00:38:07 Join valiant3400 [0] (
00:38:09 Join Icone [0] (
00:38:13XavierGrhmm that splash won't appear when I look at the playlist though
00:38:13*nls never tried it
00:38:24valiant3400hi guys
00:38:43linuxstbnls: No, I never got around to porting the sound emulation parts of the emulator.
00:38:47IconeHey ! can someone show me a link who's explain how to instal RB on a Gigabeat F20 plz ? :S
00:38:49Lloreanlinuxstb: The gigabeat is just scary fast for a music player.
00:39:04linuxstbLlorean: And the scariest thing is the battery lifetime...
00:39:04LloreanIcone: There's a link called "manual" at the website
00:39:08LloreanYeah, I know
00:39:13LloreanThat long at 300mhz is ridiculous.
00:39:13Iconethanx :)
00:39:29XavierGrlinuxstb: it seems that playlist viewer won't kill bb, I remember hardeep doing something about it
00:39:31valiant3400omg 300mhz
00:40:07valiant3400my rockbox software on my sansae250 keeps skipping
00:40:11 Join webguest33 [0] (i=42444ee1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
00:40:22webguest33can someone give me the link to adding patches?
00:40:23Iconeare the RB wun on 2.02 FW of F20 ? :S
00:40:30linuxstbvaliant3400: Sell it and buy a gigabeat...
00:40:47LloreanIcone: Rockbox is a replacement firmware. It runs on the hardware, in place of the original firmware. It doesn't run on the original firmware.
00:41:00IconeOkay thx :)
00:41:03Lloreanwebguest33: See the SimpleGuideToCompiling wiki page.
00:41:12nlsvaliant3400: turn off eq/crossfeed/dithering and use a wps that doesn't have peakmeters
00:41:23Iconei hope it will work fine ! :P play doom FTW ! :P
00:41:28valiant3400I don't understand what you mean lol
00:41:41 Quit Icone (Client Quit)
00:41:50nlsok, read a little in the manual maybe?
00:42:04linuxstbvaliant3400: Which WPS/theme are you using? The default one or something else?
00:42:08valiant3400thought I'd read all of it
00:42:19valiant3400hmm I'll go see if I can find it
00:42:38XavierGrNico_P: why isn't your patch at FS yet?
00:42:51nlsclues about eq/crossfeed/dithering can be found in the sound settings chapter
00:43:17valiant3400oh one more thing, my wheel that I use to move around in there is really sensetive, if I just tuch it lightly with my thumb or something it'll move, and if I actually move it intentially it often skipps the one I wanna go to, kinda funny in a way, it doesn't do that on original firmware btw
00:44:02Lloreanvaliant3400: Rockbox on Sansa is still far, far from being done.
00:44:05Nico_PXavierGr: havn't taken the time yet
00:44:10Nico_Pi'm on the phone atm
00:44:12Lloreanvaliant3400: The wheel and the display especially have room for improvement.
00:44:42linuxstbAnyone know if the gigabeat will charge via USB when turned off?
00:44:45valiant3400I agree with that, also we don't have fm radio and recorder yet
00:45:17XavierGrNico_P: I don't see a reason why not put it there from the start, more easy to refer, discuss, edit etc
00:45:17Lloreanlinuxstb: I don't know, but I suspect it doesn't as normally when plugged into an adapter while turned off, a charging symbol shows on the screen still
00:45:28 Join billytwowilly [0] (
00:45:39linuxstbOK, I've never unpacked my adapter.
00:45:47Nico_PXavierGr: i agree. i'll do it when i finish on the phone
00:45:55XavierGrnice :D
00:45:58 Quit lostnihilist ("Leaving")
00:46:17XavierGrNico_P: but it seems that you are already good at multitasking :P
00:46:18 Quit webguest33 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:47:02Nico_PXavierGr: I do my best :) but i don't feel up to writing the summary right now
00:47:37XavierGrof course I am teasing you! :P
00:49:34 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
00:49:36 Join _jhMikeS_ [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
00:50:53 Quit ender` (" In a perfect world... spammers would get caught, go to jail, and share a cell with many men who have enlarged their penisses)
00:52:04 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
00:52:20 Join Icone [0] (
00:52:38Iconeits me again ( lol ) where the ''root'' folder ? :S
00:53:01Iconefor the gigabeat F20
00:53:02nlsicone the topmost level of your dap's harddrive eg E:
00:53:26Iconeyeah i know but i dont have this folder
00:53:45nlsIcone: it is that level, not an actual folder
00:54:08Iconehum..what ?
00:54:13Iconepv plz :P
00:54:35LloreanIcone: E:\ or D:\ or F:\ is the root folder.
00:54:40LloreanNOT E:\Root\
00:54:46nlsreplace any occurence of "root folder" with directly to your player, not inside any folder"
00:54:48Iconeahhh okay
00:55:04Iconesorry because im french xD
00:55:47Iconeend...the gbsystem, where is it ?
00:55:59linuxstbProbably hiding from you.
00:56:09linuxstbYou need to tell Windows to show hidden and system folders.
00:56:09nlsIcone: it is superhidden
00:56:31Iconethx ^^
00:56:44Iconesorry but im not verry good LOL thats my first flashing
00:57:01markunnobody has flashed a Gigabeat so far
00:57:08markunso good luck :)
00:57:13linuxstbmarkun: Did you see my usb charging question?
00:57:29markunlinuxstb: we can probably do it with our own bootloader in flash
00:57:47LloreanIcone: What markun means is that the install process isn't really flashing, just files on disk
00:58:06markunlinuxstb: as inserting the USB cable can generate a interrupt
00:58:12linuxstbI mean the problem is that my battery is low, so it won't turn on (at least, I'm assuming that's the problem...) and I'm trying to revive it with a USB charger.
00:58:16 Quit funky ("leaving")
00:58:28linuxstbs/USB charger/USB connection to my PC/
00:58:40linuxstbI guess I should unpack the AC charger from the box
00:58:44Iconehow can i tell to windows show hidden folder ? :S
00:59:01markunlinuxstb: hm, now I think of it.. it might be charging
00:59:27nlsIcone: use google more :-)
00:59:33markunas that's done by the power management chip, and perhaps it doesn't need the CPU to be running
00:59:36Iconesorry xD
01:01:49 Quit entheh ("^~")
01:02:43 Part nls
01:03:23andrewg867has anyone used the windows sansa emulator before?
01:03:26linuxstbmarkun: Do you know how much flash the gigabeat has?
01:03:34IconeOkay hum...i have aply hidden folder, but, the file FWIMG01.DAT dosent appair :S
01:03:59linuxstbHave you done the same thing inside that folder?
01:04:30LloreanYou also have to show system files
01:04:31Iconeyeah, for all folder
01:04:40LloreanWindows hides system files even with showing hidden files and folders can i unlock sustem files ?
01:06:39IconeITS APPAIR
01:08:48Moosnight all
01:08:52 Quit Moos ("Quitte")
01:09:26markunlinuxstb: 1MB
01:10:21XavierGronly 1?
01:10:34XavierGrwell that's a win for coldfire and H100/H300
01:11:17Iconeokay, can someone help me in private plz ?
01:13:53Iconeor spell to me where extract the .zip file
01:14:00markunXavierGr: what would you want to store in flash?
01:14:07markunfor me the bootloader is enough
01:14:10linuxstbAll the binary WPS structures...
01:14:29XavierGrwell H300 in the end will have in flash both rockbox and the OF
01:14:46XavierGrpoor H100 won't have that feature as it only has 2mb flash iirc
01:14:47Iconewhre i have to extract the .zip folder for the the Gigabeat F20 plz ?
01:14:57linuxstbmarkun: Flashing Rockbox itself would be nice as well.
01:15:07linuxstbEven if it's "rambox", rather than "rombox".
01:15:08 Join Frode_ [0] (n=Frode@
01:15:14XavierGrIcone: to where your mp3 player is mapped
01:15:23XavierGre:\, de:\ etc
01:15:40 Join qwx [0] (
01:15:43Iconeokay thx, after its will work ?
01:16:14markunIcone: you wouldn't be the first to screw up the Gigabeat installations :)
01:16:53midgeyits quite easy with rbutil...
01:16:59 Quit aliask ("CGI:IRC")
01:17:11XavierGrmarkun: is the gigabeat easily brickable?
01:17:20*linuxstb sleeps
01:17:25 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
01:17:25markunXavierGr: no, you can always recover
01:18:04markunbut it might require opening the player if you screw up the bootloader
01:19:02Iconeokay hum...i have do all what im suppose to do, but rb dosent start :'(
01:19:33andrewg867it's working now :)
01:20:00Iconelucky...not for me
01:20:43markunIcone: did you try turning the Gigbeat off (and on) with the battery switch?
01:20:57Iconeawww not with battery switch xD
01:21:07Iconeomg im noob LOL
01:21:18markundon't worry about it :)
01:21:28 Join inversions [0] (
01:21:50Iconeokay hum...
01:21:55*midgey likes the battery switch instead of a reset pin...
01:22:05Iconethe gigabeat turn off alone :S
01:22:44Iconethe interface is not so beautyfull :S
01:22:58XavierGrnow I am really turned up and impatient from my F40 to arrive :D
01:23:13markunXavierGr: it still isn't there??
01:23:27XavierGrtoffe sent it on friday
01:23:36XavierGrI would expect at least 2 weeks for it
01:23:40midgeywho doesn't have a gigabeat nowadays
01:23:52markunah, I was confusing you with the other greek guy :)
01:23:53 Quit _jhMikeS_ (Nick collision from services.)
01:23:57XavierGrif only my H300 had the cpu in the gigabeat :P
01:23:58 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
01:24:09XavierGrah yes
01:24:13markunXavierGr: and screen..
01:24:22XavierGrmarkun: he got it, but he is now in the army
01:24:29markunyes, I know
01:24:36Iconeheu, my gigabeat do the same thing of this:
01:24:36XavierGrhe hasn't open the box yet poor soul :(
01:24:43 Quit ShaunES (Remote closed the connection)
01:24:47 Join windminstrel [0] (
01:24:58 Join webguest664465 [0] (i=415fa52f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:24:59 Nick windminstrel is now known as ShaunES (
01:25:18webguest664465i need some help with the database
01:25:35markunwebguest664465: just ask (although I probably can't help)
01:25:37XavierGrIcone: download fonts and themes for it to make it better
01:25:47XavierGralso a backdrop could help on the looks
01:25:55XavierGrbut read the manual for these details
01:26:09Iconeokay :S
01:26:16Iconehope its will work...:@
01:26:27XavierGrwhen you are used to it you will love it
01:26:28webguest664465ok, when the database on my ipod updated for the first time it made two of each song in the database
01:26:37XavierGrand then you will forget about the ugly UI can i repair the backdrop ?
01:26:51andrewg867webguest664465: try reinitlizing the database
01:27:00webguest664465i did
01:27:00XavierGrbackdrop = background image
01:27:04markunIcone: you can switch back to the original firmware if you want to look at a pretty UI
01:27:07XavierGrIcone: like a wallpaper
01:27:11midgeyIcone: read the maunal, things like backdrops are explained
01:27:20Iconeits do this:
01:27:31XavierGrthat's normal
01:27:39XavierGrseems your installation is succesfull
01:27:41midgeyam i the only not seeing an issue in that video...
01:27:47XavierGryou just need a bigger fond and a nice wps
01:27:55XavierGr^font too
01:27:57 Quit valiant3400 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) can i work it nowe ?
01:28:16XavierGrdoesn't it do anything when you press a button?
01:28:32XavierGryou can for example navigate to your music and play a song
01:28:35 Join toffe82 [0] (
01:28:47XavierGrah here is the Gigabeat surgeon :P
01:28:50XavierGrHi toffe
01:28:52markunIcone: I can't see the problem in that video can i desactivate black screen ?
01:29:22XavierGrpress a button
01:29:26webguest664465it still don't work
01:29:28midgeyis hold on...?
01:29:42 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:29:55Iconeaww nice :P
01:30:01Iconethx for the patience :P
01:30:17Iconeand...because its the french week
01:30:19IconeMerci a tous :)
01:30:36toffe82??? ;)
01:30:49markunIcone: de rien
01:31:08Iconetu parle francais :O
01:31:19toffe82The surgeon broke is test gigabeat today
01:31:29midgeyflash experiments?
01:31:32markunIcone: I'm learning :) (living in Paris)
01:31:34toffe82everybody speak french here :)
01:32:00markunbut this is a English channel (luckily)
01:32:21XavierGrtoffe: you broke it? :(
01:32:24toffe82midgey: no, just a pad broke when I try to sold all the wire for the jtag , I have to use another one
01:32:34XavierGrah pitty
01:32:37andrewg867i'm Canadian but I can't speak French :P
01:32:40IconeRealy Markun, nice :D
01:32:52XavierGrtoffe: well that's why you are not a real surgeon :P
01:32:58Iconewhat is the beter theme ? :P
01:33:06XavierGriCatcher :)
01:33:15toffe82yes ;) wait to see your gigabeat when it arrive ;)
01:33:17*midgey like rockboxed
01:33:20webguest664465i still dose not work
01:33:32 Quit inversions (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:33:37midgeyand apparently I ignore plurals...
01:33:38markunwebguest664465: maybe try removing the database files and start all over again
01:34:10 Quit Frode_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:34:23XavierGrmidgey: plurals or present simple :P
01:34:59markunwebguest664465: they are in .rockbox
01:35:12Iconefor put song...can i use Gigabeat room ?
01:35:16markunjust delete them (either with rockbox or with a PC)
01:35:17midgeyyah i meant that I ignore 's's
01:35:21markunIcone: no, you can't
01:35:54midgeyIcone: you copy and paste songs onto your gigabeat and rockbox can play them
01:36:07markunIcone: if you are happy with Gigabeat room I don't think you need rockbox
01:36:10IconeOkay, what folder ?
01:36:14midgeyany folder
01:36:27Iconerealy ? lol thats pretty cool !:P
01:36:43webguest664465what ones do i remove?
01:37:04midgeywebguest664465: the files that start with database in the .rockbox folder
01:38:09 Nick Aikon_ is now known as Aikon (
01:40:28 Join homielowe [0] (
01:41:22Iconeso my F20 will read video ?
01:41:42midgeyread the MpegPlayer wiki page
01:42:38Iconeand, mayby the last question
01:42:40midgeybut yes, it will read MPEG-2 video with MP3 audio. However it is still under development and some important features aren't implemented yet
01:43:05Iconei read how to wsp ( theme i guess )
01:43:21Iconebut, i do all what they said, and the theme dosent change
01:43:28Iconebattery restart ?
01:43:57markunno, you must be doing something wrong
01:44:01markunno need to reboot
01:44:05Iconeokay ?
01:44:07midgeyyou choose "Browse Themes" and select a theme?
01:44:20Iconehum...wait :P
01:44:35markunmidgey: that would be too easy :)
01:44:50midgeyit should then say "Loading..." and "Settings Loaded"
01:45:15midgeymarkun: here at rockbox, we purposely make things difficult for users :)
01:45:15Iconethats just change the background color when i choose rockboxed ( for exemple )
01:45:35midgeyhave you installed the font package?
01:45:51Iconethe what ? :P
01:46:02midgeyit was in the install instructions...
01:46:03markunIcone: check the 'extra' download page
01:46:14markunmidgey: people don't read that
01:46:18Iconeokay ^^
01:46:39Iconeyeah i read...but not all :P
01:46:41midgeyi wonder why more people aren't using rbutil
01:46:47markuna guy at mygigabeat asked me why I pointed him to the Doom installation instructions instead of just telling him how to do it..
01:46:53Iconei prefer have help on demand...LOL
01:47:00markunI don't even know what rbutil does
01:47:11midgeyi wanted to try rbutil out and see how it worked when i first got my gigabeat
01:47:31midgeyyou literally press three buttons and your player has been rockboxed
01:49:30midgeyhmm is there any way to do a power function without just multiplying over and over?
01:50:45midgey(this is all with ints of course)
01:50:45 Quit webguest664465 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:51:46toffe82markun: using rbutils make things easier
01:52:41toffe82if you use rbutils, just select the themes you want and click install, is that too easy :)
01:53:00Iconemy .wsp dosent load :S
01:53:13toffe82with rbutils ? .wsp file dosent load :(
01:57:08XavierGrI just crashed rbutil :(
01:57:21XavierGrtried to preview a gigabeat theme hehe
01:57:41Iconebut, can u help me ? :P
01:57:44markunIcone: you need to give more information than "doesn't load"
01:58:17Iconei push right arrow, thats say ''loading''
01:58:21markungood night everyone
01:58:31XavierGrgood night
01:58:39Iconeand thats stay at the basic theme
01:58:56 Quit cynicalliberal (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:59:01midgeywhich theme are you loading?
01:59:47Iconei can show u on webcam if you u have MSN ?
02:00:22midgeyno, and BeatMP rquires a custom build, it wont look right on regular rockbox
02:00:56midgeyTry loading Rockboxed; what happens?
02:01:16 Join JdGordon [0] (i=82c20d68@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:01:20Iconesame thing...
02:01:20 Join wrobbie [0] (
02:01:33midgeythe background doesnt change color?
02:01:40XavierGrdid you install the fonts?
02:01:47midgey(is should be yellow now...)
02:01:58Iconeno...same thing
02:02:19midgeyand you're doing this through "Browse Themes" in the settings menu?
02:03:02Iconeomg...big but
02:03:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:03:25Iconecant read...
02:03:56JdGordonany sansa users in here?
02:04:51Iconebut now, my background are from beatMP
02:06:08midgeySettings>General Settings>Display>LCD Settings>Clear Backdrop
02:06:58Iconeokay can i load theme ? :S
02:07:16midgeythat just clears your background
02:07:23XavierGricone: did you install the fonts pack?
02:08:30XavierGrthen themes won't work
02:08:35XavierGrI told you so before
02:08:49XavierGrinstall the fonts pack
02:08:57midgeyand so did markun and myself, iirc
02:08:59Iconeokay :P
02:09:40Iconeno thats good, this is instal
02:10:02XavierGrinstall means put the extracted folder in .rockbox
02:10:27Iconeokay, thats what i do
02:10:33JdGordonLlorean: you around?
02:10:39Iconenow when i clic on rockboxed
02:10:50Iconemy background go on yellow
02:11:00Iconeand my font is now better
02:11:14midgeynow play a song
02:11:15XavierGrok then done
02:11:18markunIcone: maybe you should just play around with rockbox for a while and listen to music. Come back if you still have questions after a week or so.
02:11:37*midgey once again recommends the manual
02:12:28Iconebut, for the menu, i dont have theme ?
02:12:38XavierGrwhat the heck! a "water-bridge"!!!!
02:13:26XavierGrIcone: the menu consists only from the font and the backdrop
02:13:38XavierGrso no you won't have funny icons and stuff around in the menu
02:13:48XavierGrjust a bigger font and a wallpaper
02:14:07Iconeohhh :(
02:14:24Iconeare this is possible to have a nice menu ?
02:14:37Iconehow ?
02:14:45markunah, then no :)
02:14:52markunI misread you question
02:14:56Iconelolll :(
02:15:05XavierGrIcone you listen to music in your mp3 player
02:15:10XavierGryou don't stare at it
02:15:25XavierGrif you want to stare at it I suggest to be in the while-playing-screen
02:15:34midgeythe menus will always be text-based unless someone codes an alternative
02:15:34XavierGror just use the official firmware
02:15:34markunIcone: there are a few things you can do:
02:15:52markun- wait for someone to add features to make the menu look better
02:15:54XavierGrRockbox isnt about the looks it is about many codecs fun plugins and lots and lots of playback features
02:15:58markun- help us making it better
02:16:08markun- go back to the Toshiba firmware
02:16:40Iconenot thats will be okay :P
02:17:30toffe82XavierGr: you never saw a water bridge, there is one in my town in France wich is 200years old or more ;)
02:17:47 Join aliask [0] (
02:18:04XavierGrtoffe: I can't even imagine how it works
02:18:25XavierGrhow do they keep that much water up there for ships to sail?
02:19:09 Join jhulst_ [0] (
02:19:10JdGordonXavierGr: that looks awesome!
02:19:26JdGordonI image with really powerful pumps?
02:20:15toffe82XavierGr: it is simple , like all the canals in the world, you need a reserve of water (lake) somewhere
02:20:49toffe82look the panama canal, there is a like in the middle
02:21:08 Quit billytwowilly (Remote closed the connection)
02:21:41Nico_Phey this is near Toulouse ! that's where I study :)
02:21:58Nico_PXavierGr: I'm writing the tracker entry for the tokenizer
02:22:03toffe82the canal on the photo which join the ocean to the mediteraneen sea as a reserve of water near Carcassone, from this point water goes one way to the ocean or other way to the sea
02:22:34toffe82end of geographic lesson ;)
02:23:44 Join zeth_ [0] (
02:23:45 Quit zeth (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
02:24:11XavierGrhehe thanks for the info but still it seems strange to me
02:26:44toffe82look the drawing at the end of the page
02:27:18toffe82it explain where the water come and goes
02:28:01XavierGrso it is like a made river? no pumps or stuff like that?
02:28:58XavierGrbecause in the picture I posted it seems to me that the water-bridge draws water from a lower level and then redirect it down
02:30:34JdGordonnice work Nico_P :)
02:30:47JdGordonhave we got an outcome to the parser in rock question?
02:30:51JdGordonor argument?
02:31:01Nico_PJdGordon: have you seen my improved RTC code ?
02:31:23Nico_PJdGordon: not really... I'm waiting to hear what the swedes have to say on this
02:31:29Nico_PBagder seemed to like it
02:32:26JdGordonI rekon, as long as the user only knows to load a wps then its fine...
02:32:40JdGordonbut if the user knows there is an intermediate file then its no good...
02:32:47JdGordonlinuxtsb didnt like that tho
02:32:49Nico_Panyway I think I'd like to commit it in its current principle and maybe build on that afterwards
02:33:08JdGordonof course
02:33:16LloreanYeah, one patch per feature as always
02:33:20*JdGordon doesnt have his usb cable here to test
02:33:52Nico_PI just hope I won't get hit because of binsize :p
02:33:58Nico_Pnot sure how much it adds though
02:34:07Nico_Pi'll have a look
02:34:07JdGordonLlorean: you are here :) have you got your sansa handy?
02:34:31LloreanJdGordon: I just got back from dinner.
02:34:42LloreanGive me about 5 minutes to clear some stuff up and I can then dig up my Sansa.
02:35:38safetydanNico_P, looks good. Looks very good.
02:35:38JdGordonNico_P: yeah that rtc code looks much better
02:35:41LloreanWas there something that needed testing?
02:35:53Nico_PJdGordon: and it doesn't crash :)
02:36:00safetydanOnly question I would have is about the buffer sizes. Do we really need to support 1024 WPS tokens?
02:36:04JdGordonalways a bonus :)
02:36:23JdGordonI would think 1024 is about correct...
02:36:34 Nick zeth_ is now known as zeth (
02:36:36JdGordonsome of them are pretty heavy....
02:36:56Nico_Psafetydan: I had a WPS that used something like 600-700
02:37:06Nico_Pand the formatbuffer is 3072
02:37:35safetydanWell so long as it's based on realy world numbers. Would have been an easy place to trim some size.
02:37:54JdGordonNico_P: one thing I would suggest is reorder the struct wps_tag struct so the 4 chars are after eachother... might pack more nicely
02:38:52Nico_Psafetydan: i don't think it has an effect on binsize
02:39:00JdGordonhmm... although hat may be very irritating to do
02:39:18JdGordonit will have a tiny effect on RAM usage tho....
02:39:51safetydanNico_P, sorry yes. Misthink on my part.
02:40:21Nico_PJdGordon: I'll try doing it... shouldn't be too hard
02:40:46JdGordonna, dont bother...
02:41:19JdGordonwhat is the sizeof struct wps_token ?
02:42:14safetydanI'm guessing 16 including padding
02:42:17JdGordonyou could probably merge the first 3 variable of that into one int... but that doesnt work so nicely with KISS
02:42:24Nico_Pjust asked gdb
02:42:56LloreanJdGordon: Okay, I've got my Sansa. What's up?
02:43:04JdGordonyou got linux?
02:43:12Nico_Psizeof(enum wps_token_type) is 4 :(
02:43:16safetydanis the flag member of wps_token used? Or are my searching skills gone off?
02:43:17Nico_Pwhy can't it be less ?
02:43:18LloreanJdGordon: VMWare
02:43:22safetydanNico_P, yeah because it's an int
02:43:38Nico_Psafetydan: why can't gdb detect it could be a short ?
02:43:39JdGordonLlorean: can vmware connect tot he sansa?
02:43:46Nico_Pgcc i mean
02:43:51LloreanJdGordon: Yes
02:44:07JdGordonLlorean: cool :) can you dump the hidden partition with dd please?
02:44:07safetydanNico_P, I think by definition in C that enum's are ints.
02:44:18LloreanJdGordon: With Rockbox installed, or an OF?
02:44:27JdGordoneither or...
02:44:43JdGordonneed you to get me 40 bytes from it...
02:44:58JdGordonactually.. do you know whch OF you installed?
02:44:59LloreanJdGordon: You did know daniel had several copies of it posted here, right?
02:45:08Nico_Psafetydan: you're right, I forgot to remove the flag
02:45:28safetydanWoo! Space savings :)
02:46:11safetydanbool might also be an int. I can't remember how stdbool.h defines things.
02:46:12Nico_Psizeof(struct wps_token) is still 12 though
02:46:26JdGordonI would guess bool would be unsined char...
02:46:46JdGordonbut if you could merge flag the bool and the tag into one it would get it down to 8 bytes...
02:46:50safetydanIf you wanted to, you could probably do something dodgy where the top bit of the type field is used as a the "bool next" flag
02:46:55 Join billytwowilly [0] (
02:47:00JdGordon*1024 is a 4kb saving....
02:47:44Nico_PJdGordon: sounds possible but not very clear to me
02:47:48pixelmaNico_P: I'm a bit unsure as my coding skills are about nothing but IIUC you could ifdef out the backdrop code for mono screens
02:48:07LloreanJdGordon: Anyway, I can dump a clean 01.00.12A firmware partition if you need it.
02:48:08Nico_Ppixelma: which backdrop code ?
02:48:17JdGordonpixelma: iirc, backdrop is enabled from greyy targets
02:48:32Nico_PIIRC it's ifedef with LCD_DEPTH > 1
02:48:33pixelmaJdGordon: that's why I said mono... ;)
02:48:33JdGordonLlorean: a, thats the same one as barry so dont bother...
02:48:41JdGordonwoops... sorry :p
02:48:51JdGordonLlorean: can you test out a bootloader for me?
02:48:58*JdGordon 's brother has his sansa :(
02:49:29LloreanAm I supposed to install it via sansapatcher, or the old method?
02:49:52JdGordonany method you like :)
02:50:04JdGordonyou want the diff or the mi4?
02:50:08LloreanWell, does it look for OF.bin, OF.MI4, or an original firmware in the boot partition?
02:50:08pixelmaNico_P: lines 2507ff (but maybe I'm not reading it correctly and that's not an important part)
02:50:13Lloreanmi4 would be best.
02:50:19pixelmain your patch
02:51:07Iconehow can i reverse the screen to the side ? :S ( if its possible
02:51:29Nico_Ppixelma: it could have another ifdef but that's debug code that's in an ifdef DEBUG
02:51:35Nico_Pso not very important
02:51:37JdGordonLlorean: in your gmail... once its installed, turn it on with usb and leave it.. of all goes well you should be dumped in the OF without it rebuilding
02:52:09JdGordonNico_P: could you move that debug code into another file for readability?
02:52:09Nico_PIcone: it's not really possible
02:52:15LloreanJdGordon: Do I need OF.bin, OF.mi4, or original firmware in the boot partition?
02:52:25Nico_PJdGordon: wps_debug.c ?
02:52:28JdGordonyou havnt got rockbox installe dyet?
02:52:49midgeyis there any reason that wps_load returns a bool (which seems to be always true...)
02:53:00LloreanJdGordon: My Sansa's currently clean.
02:53:15JdGordonoh.. hmm... ok dont worry about it unless your ready to install rb
02:53:22LloreanI'm ready to install RB
02:53:37LloreanI've done it about a million times, just the last thing I tested was sansapatcher uninstall
02:53:57JdGordonok then... make sure you have one of the OF. files in /System and install it with sansapatcher...
02:54:08LloreanOkay, I'll put OF.bin back
02:54:14JdGordondetection isnt perfect yet so without an OF.bin or OF.mi4 you could be in trouble
02:54:28LloreanEh, I'm comfy with recovery mode. :)
02:54:45JdGordonsame :) i think its faster to upgrade the bl from there anyway...
02:54:49LloreanIt is
02:54:53LloreanNo need to reboot into the OF to do it
02:54:55JdGordonuntill we get this usb detection stuff working proerly
02:56:03LloreanHmm, Sansapatcher -a didn't seem to work. Hangs at the sandisk logo, lemme try a classic upgrade to it.
02:56:22JdGordonhow long did it hang for?
02:56:25billytwowillyhow's the usb stuff coming? Awesome work by the way.
02:56:32LloreanJdGordon: Until I turned it off?
02:56:43JdGordonlike more than a few seconds?
02:56:50Llorean20+ seconds before I held Power for 15 seconds
02:56:57JdGordonok, then it crashed :p
02:56:57Iconehum someone, can i flip doom to the side with my F20 ?
02:57:10JdGordonIcone: only with a custom build....
02:57:20midgeydoom has an option in the menu
02:57:21LloreanJdGordon: Crashed, or the version of sansapatcher I've to sitting around isn't perfectly reliable. It's not the newest
02:57:33JdGordoncould be...
02:57:35Iconebut i dont see that option LOL
02:57:45Iconeanywya, i can play :P thats the important :)
02:57:55JdGordonLlorean: anyway, this is why i want the verbose mode enabled if your gooing into the OF
02:57:57midgeyIcone: rotate by 90
02:58:59Iconethx :D
02:59:02Iconeur hot :P
02:59:24*BHSPitMonkey savors the awkwardness
02:59:58LloreanJdGordon: Alright, yeah, your bootloader crashes somewhere
03:01:08JdGordoncrap, ok
03:01:36JdGordondoes it work without the usb cable going into OF?
03:02:02JdGordonoh.. haha woops... sorry, infinite loop :p
03:02:52LloreanThat'll do it.
03:03:25JdGordonsorry, new one is in your email if your game :)
03:03:41JdGordonyourll have to use recovery mdoe for this one :'(
03:03:57JdGordonactually... connecting to usb should get you out of the loop
03:04:31LloreanOkay, boots OF when USB is connected.
03:05:19JdGordonok, can you mount it.. copy something onto it then go back into OF with usb connected please?
03:06:22LloreanWell, upon rebooting the player into Rockbox, then trying to boot the OF a second time, by shutting down, and plugging in USB while turned off, it freezes
03:06:29Nico_PJdGordon: I moved the debug code to another file, but somehow, #ifdef DEBUG seems to be always false in apps/SOURCES
03:06:58Nico_Pif I add that around my debug code file, it never compiles
03:07:27LloreanJdGordon: On the second attempt to boot, the calculated CRC32 doesn't match the listed CRC32
03:07:31 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:07:58 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
03:08:57LloreanJdGordon: And the CRC32 seems to be changing every boot or two.
03:09:29LloreanThe calculated one, that is
03:09:48JdGordonLlorean: yeah, sansapatcher isnt perfect yet...
03:10:07LloreanJdGordon: This isn't a sansapatcher problem
03:10:26JdGordonnot really sure hwere hte problem is :(
03:10:35LloreanI'm talking about: Sansapatcher a bootloader on. OF boots fine from RBOF image. Rockbox boots fine. Try booting OF a second time, CRC check fails.
03:10:49LloreanThen, every one or two boots, the calculated CRC is different.
03:10:51JdGordonyeah, that happens here also...
03:11:40JdGordonbut the time it got into the OF, did it rebuild the db?
03:12:04LloreanJdGordon: Not that I noticed.
03:12:20LloreanI may have missed it
03:12:26LloreanI'm fixing my sansa and trying again
03:13:44LloreanJdGordon: Okay, testing it with OF.bin this time
03:13:50LloreanThe database is not rebuilt upon booting the OF
03:13:53JdGordonyou cant miss it.. unless you have no music? the damn thing takes aged
03:13:59LloreanI have no music. :)
03:14:02JdGordonis this with usb connected?
03:14:10LloreanWith USB connected in the bootloader, yes
03:14:19JdGordonawesome, then it works :)
03:14:24LloreanOnce, USB connected all the way, second time USB removed right after the bootloader says "Loading OF.bin"
03:14:44LloreanCould you make a version of the bootloader with the CRC32 check disabled (or just always returning that it passes)?
03:14:47JdGordonoh... the 2nd time was proabbly too late
03:14:56LloreanToo late?
03:14:58JdGordonone min
03:15:11JdGordonyeah, too late.. usb detection is fairly early on in the loader
03:15:18LloreanOh, I wasn't trying to avoid detection
03:15:35LloreanI was trying to avoid the original firmware detecting the USB and going straight into USB mode. I wasn't sure if it skips database refreshes when going to USB.
03:16:06LloreanBut I removed all my music since I kept having to boot the OF while testing sansapatcher. It still says refreshing, normally, it's just only for about 2 seconds.
03:16:32JdGordonok, this one ignores the checksum...
03:16:57JdGordonstartight after disconnecting, reconnect usb and elave it untill you get nto the OF... it should say "rebuild byte reset"
03:17:13LloreanBut I'd like to see if it's the OF in the partition is becoming corrupted, or just changes slightly with every boot attempt.
03:17:37JdGordonthe OF should not be changed at all.. ever...
03:17:47LloreanWe don't know what the flash loader does.
03:18:15 Quit Icone ()
03:18:21LloreanEven if it's tweaking a single byte of that data for some reason it could change the CRC32 from the old precalculated one, no?
03:18:54JdGordonyeah, but the crc is checked ont he actually bootloader... the flash loader should not be changing anything in that area...
03:20:27LloreanThe CRC is checking the main firmware image right, and comparing it to a value we've stored?
03:22:50JdGordonthe crc is stored in the mi4 header... so we ccheck our crc against that value...
03:23:01 Quit Thundercloud_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
03:23:17LloreanYes, but do we have any solid evidence the rest of the MI4 is never changed by the flash loader?
03:23:45JdGordonno.. semi easy to check tho...
03:24:00JdGordonwe can dump the hidden partition in rockbox, so before the OF gets a chance to fiddle...
03:24:04LloreanBecause either the flash loader's changing it, or our bootloader is.
03:24:11JdGordonunless the flash loader mangles it... then we have no chance
03:25:00LloreanYeah, see the calculated CRC32 was just completely different from the stored CRC32, and the OF boot fine
03:25:08JdGordonthing is tho.. if that data is being changed (and its by us) we are corrupting the OF which is bad.... but I doubt it is, because I would assume the OF checks the crc also...
03:25:29JdGordondid it say rebuild byte reset?
03:25:54LloreanNot that I saw
03:26:02JdGordonbugger :(
03:26:42LloreanThe last line is the calculated CRC32, nothing after that in the bootloader
03:26:51LloreanBut it's booted up the OF three times, with three different calculated ones
03:27:21JdGordonmaybe our crc code isnt being initialed correctly?
03:27:21LloreanIt's not building the database when the OF boots, at least
03:27:44LloreanEither our CRC32 code is bad, or the bootpartition is changing.
03:27:56LloreanThough I have seen the same calculated CRC32 two boots in a row at one point.
03:29:03LloreanBut that was mostly my point, to verify that the OF still worked fine despite the CRC32 check failing, so we know at least that the OF isn't mangled.
03:29:30JdGordonare you connecting to usb between retries? it only rebuilds if it was actually mounted.. and it only disables it if the usb was connected pretty muc as soon as the bootloader starts
03:30:10JdGordonbugger... battery starting to run too low to work... might drop out shortly :(
03:31:16Nico_Pbed time for me
03:31:33JdGordoncya Nico_P
03:31:44LloreanJdGordon: Yes, I'm connecting to USB between retries
03:31:45 Quit Nico_P (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
03:31:58 Quit smolyn (Remote closed the connection)
03:32:09LloreanLet me write a file to it, to check
03:32:10JdGordonLlorean: you want a version which can dump the hidden partition from rockbox? dump it a few times and compare them ?
03:32:30LloreanJdGordon: I'll just use DD
03:32:34LloreanAFter this other test
03:32:42JdGordonif its not saying rebuild byte reset then its not working...
03:33:01JdGordonno.. dd gets it after the OF finishes with it.. and possibly resets anything which we need to look for
03:34:03LloreanJdGordon: Okay, I'm booting the sansa by plugging in USB to wake it, and yeah, it refreshed the DB. =/
03:34:34JdGordonok, must have some logic wrong... or yours isnt in the same place as barry's :(
03:34:43LloreanOkay, sure, make a bootloader that'll dump the OF image that it's CRC32 checking.
03:35:33JdGordonrighto... hold up for it to dump
03:35:47JdGordonit puts it in /part.bin... so make sure to rename it between each dump :p
03:36:23JdGordonI found it easiest to view the diff by running both through hexdump -C then use diff on them
03:36:47LloreanJdGordon: How many sectors is it supposed to be dumping?
03:37:22JdGordon40960 takes about a min or 2
03:37:34LloreanI was gonna say, it's at 25000
03:37:49 Quit ctaf ("Leaving.")
03:39:01JdGordonanyone know a crc32 checker for linux?
03:43:20JdGordonalright, im off...
03:43:27 Quit JdGordon ("CGI:IRC")
03:44:20 Join Noah0504 [0] (n=noah@
03:44:25Noah0504Hey everyone.
03:44:30 Part Noah0504
03:45:54aliaskThat's gotta be some kind of record.
03:47:03 Quit homielowe ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
03:47:49LloreanWow, there really are differences between the firmware partition between two boots.
03:48:22LloreanI was kinda assuming it'd be an error in our CRC32 routing
03:48:36 Join i6zl [0] (
04:03:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:19:52 Part safetydan
04:20:56 Join marc [0] (
04:26:13 Quit |Rincewind| ("Cya")
04:26:48 Join DarkSoul [0] (
04:26:58 Quit DarkSoul (Client Quit)
04:27:34 Join DarkSoul [0] (
04:29:51DarkSoulanyone alive?
04:30:35DarkSoulDont all answer at once.
04:31:14scorcheif you need help, just ask the question
04:32:05 Quit marc| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:32:13 Part pixelma
04:35:50DarkSoulOkay I just got Roxbox for my iPod 30gb Video and I was wondering if there is any current suport for .mp4 via plugin or anything.
04:38:58Llorean.mp4 is a container format.
04:39:20LloreanIt can contain many types of data.
04:39:29scorcheare you referring to audio, or video?
04:40:06scorchethen no it doesnt
04:40:06LloreanNone whatsoever, then.
04:40:43DarkSoulDamn movies/video or games...
04:40:51DarkSoulhard choice...
04:42:08DarkSoulgah rockbox should be like ipod linux where you press |<< to activate it otherwise it loads just normal
04:42:25 Join BHSPitMonkey_ [0] (
04:42:45 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Nick collision from services.)
04:42:55 Nick BHSPitMonkey_ is now known as BHSPitMonkey (
04:42:55scorchethen code a patch to do so
04:42:59 Join jhulst__ [0] (
04:43:33*DarkSoul r c++ nub :D
04:43:53DarkSouli can only do web browser crap.
04:43:55DarkSoulphp and the such
04:44:18DarkSoulim hopeless when it comes to useful coding ;P
04:44:22scorcheyou are incapable of learning C?
04:44:36LloreanWell, then just get used to using the existing dual booting functionality with Rockbox as a default.
04:45:31DarkSoulno not incapable, i just have no time to.
04:46:21DarkSoulI would have no clue where to even start to make something like that
04:46:33DarkSoulexcept notepad, thats where all good comes from
04:46:59scorchenot really...
04:47:12scorchethe build will fail if you use notepad
04:48:45DarkSoulYeah no compiler :P
04:49:14DarkSoulOkay now i've got a serious problem.
04:49:23scorchenot for that wouldnt be able to even try and build with no compiler....i am referring to CR vs LF
04:49:29DarkSoulcomps not detecting the ipod...
04:49:50*midgey had to use notepad in a programming competition...
04:50:04scorcheth the ipod in disk mode?
04:50:26scorchethen rockbox isnt running at all
04:50:32midgeyother groups were allowed visual studio, so im not sure that we were given equivalent resources
04:52:49DarkSoulI think i need to restart :(
04:53:51DarkSoulOr not
04:55:14DarkSoulWiki says that rockbox has an mpeg player
04:55:31DarkSoul"MPEG video player"
04:55:43midgeyMPEG1 and MPEG2
04:56:30billytwowillyI think it's in early devel right now.
04:56:38billytwowillyquite early. Like no audio
04:56:43aliaskIt has audio.
04:56:56billytwowillyawesome. When did that happen?
04:56:57aliaskBut it might be out of sync with the video
04:57:05aliaskUh, maybe a month or two ago?
04:57:05midgeyit recently got volume changing too
04:57:08aliaskDon't remember exactly.
04:57:08billytwowillyoh right, that's it. My memory is worse than I thought;)
04:57:09LloreanAnd it doesn't refill the buffer, so you're limited to about 20mb of video.
04:57:38midgeylinuxstb is cooking up audio-video syncing
04:57:43DarkSouldo you have a ballpark idea of when default ipod movie capibility will be in
04:57:47billytwowillyNifty. Any work on supporting other formats like mp4/divx?
04:57:58aliaskDarkSoul: Possibly never
04:58:09aliaskThe iPod uses a special chip just for movies
04:58:21aliaskWhich we cannot use because there is absolutely NO documentation for it.
04:58:25DarkSoulmy poor borat movie will never be played though!
04:58:26Shaidthe broadcom chip, I'd love that specsheet.
04:58:39billytwowillysounds like some reverse engineering is in order;)
04:58:40LloreanDarkSoul: So convert it.
04:58:42Shaidsomeone should get employed at the Apple hardware department and smuggle us a copy
04:58:53billytwowillyyah, then you can't use that code...
04:59:06Shaidit also does all the 3d effects and has its own 64meg of ram
04:59:08DarkSoulYeah but then i need to get some fansy ipod ripping tool
04:59:25aliaskDarkSoul: Ripping tool?
04:59:27DarkSouland i cant find one that is free
04:59:36LloreanDarkSoul: If it's a video you bought from the iTunes store, then it's encrypted and Rockbox can't ever be able to play it, anyway.
04:59:54Shaidvideora is free
05:00:07Shaidand will make various video formats into something the OF will play.
05:00:11DarkSoulI ripped the movie from DVD
05:00:26DarkSoulinto... mp4 i think
05:00:44DarkSouli dont remember. that was last night. too long ago.
05:00:46LloreanMP4 is not a format.
05:00:51LloreanMP4 is a container.
05:00:54 Part toffe82
05:01:24LloreanIt can have a variety of different types of video in it. The most common for iPods is h.264, but other MPEG-4 codecs such as DivX can output videos they'll play too, I believe.
05:01:43DarkSoulSo is the tupperware in my cupboard
05:01:59midgeyi thought ipods could play MPEG-4 video with AAC audio or MP3 audio
05:02:12DarkSoulLet me open the DVD ripper
05:02:12LloreanYes, and if I said "I'm having what's in my tupperware for dinner" you'd have no clue what I meant.
05:02:28billytwowillyI would
05:02:32billytwowillyIt's macaroni
05:02:33Lloreanmidgey: Yup. H.264 is part of the MPEG-4 standard.
05:02:48billytwowillyor beef stroganoff. Depends which tupperware you pick in the fridge.
05:02:58midgeyregardless of what's in your tupperware its better than my dorm food...
05:03:23DarkSoulThats the only thing that the stupid program will rip to without crashing after every chapter
05:03:32DarkSoulNever pay for thing
05:04:19DarkSoulSo anyways its Ripped into H264 Mp4.
05:04:23billytwowillya torrent I've had in my download queue for like 4 months finally finished!
05:05:03DarkSouland im guessing what ever video player for rockbox doesnt support H.264 does it
05:05:21LloreanRockbox only plays MPEG1 and 2, as we said earlier
05:05:40DarkSoul*hits it till it suports what he wants* <3
05:05:57billytwowillymaybe more if we start getting more cooperation like the austria microsystems stuff on the sansa. It would be cool if broadcom opened up.
05:06:01LloreanH.264, also known as AVC, is part of the MPEG-4 standard. It's also very highly compressed, so even should some MPEG-4 support happen in Rockbox, it's not guaranteed to include the AVC part of it.
05:06:16Lloreanbillytwowilly: Broadcom is known for being quite the opposite of cooperative.
05:06:24billytwowillyyah, I'm dreaming;)
05:07:01DarkSoulSo then my best bet is either
05:07:14DarkSoul1. Rip my videos off my ipod and convert.
05:07:46LloreanDon't bother until Rockbox video support is at least working to the point that you can watch a 2 hour movie.
05:07:49DarkSoul2. Wait for Rockbox to be installed along with default ipod software and choose between which loads
05:08:02LloreanEven then, on the iPod video your best bet is to just boot into the original firmware whenever you want to watch a movie.
05:08:04aliaskDarkSoul: You can already do that
05:08:11midgeyyou can boot the regular Apple OS
05:08:32DarkSouli asked and someone told me i had to code that myself
05:08:44LloreanDarkSoul: You were told you'd have to code it defaulting to the original OS yourself.
05:09:01DarkSoulOh heck naw
05:09:04DarkSouli dont want that :P
05:09:29DarkSoulSo im guessing rtfm to find out how to do switch?
05:09:48LloreanIt'd be about time for you to be getting along to the manual, yes.
05:10:07DarkSoulbut i love talking to people :)
05:10:19DarkSoulI read installing and playing music
05:10:24DarkSoulthen i got bored
05:10:49DarkSoulonly 100+ pages to go!
05:12:24LloreanDarkSoul: You could just hit up the IpodFAQ wiki page, then go to the manual for anything not covered there.
05:13:26DarkSoulahh but thats why im here Llorean
05:13:49DarkSouli looked around for video/movie and junk and i found stuff about converting in linux.
05:14:18LloreanThe only official stuff about video should be the PluginMpegplayer page which is quite clear on supported formats.
05:14:32 Quit midgey ()
05:17:22DarkSoulUmm i cant find anything about switching to the original os...
05:19:04LloreanDarkSoul: Did you try the IpodFAQ page as I suggested?
05:19:11LloreanDarkSoul: It's also in section 3.1.2 of the manual
05:19:48LloreanDarkSoul: You could've found it by searching for "dual-boot", "boot", "original", "original firmware" and probably a few other terms.
05:19:54DarkSoulThe manual and faq are long, i tried using serch functions
05:20:04DarkSouli tried Apple OS, Original OS
05:20:08DarkSouland things like that
05:20:43LloreanYou'll notice Rockbox calls itself a firmware, and claims to replace existing firmwares.
05:20:48LloreanA solid suggestion that we refer to them as firmwares.
05:21:09LloreanAs well, with the faq, it's the 7th question down, if you'd simply read the list of question/links.
05:21:36LloreanLearning to navigate the documentation will greatly aid you in future use of the software.
05:21:59DarkSoulThe manuals not too bad, but the site's navigation seems backwards and confusing.
05:22:29LloreanWell, it is a Wiki, and improvements are welcome.
05:23:42DarkSoulOh wiki, im looking thought the index -> FAQ
05:24:10LloreanDarkSoul: I told you, specifically, the IpodFAQ wiki page.
05:24:17DarkSoulOh wait same thing
05:24:49DarkSoulI found out how to do it im trying to find out where in the wiki it says it x.x
05:25:09LloreanIt says it in the IpodFAQ wiki page, question #77
05:26:24DarkSoulOkay i see where you are now
05:26:32DarkSouli was looking through generalFAQ
05:27:28LloreanWhen someone says the "Blah" wiki page, they mean the page specifically titled that, especially if it's more than one word concatenated into a single word.
05:28:03LloreanYou should, if they've typed it properly, be able to copy and paste the page name they've given you into the "Go to" box in the wiki
05:28:54DarkSoulI've never liked non-wikipedia wikis. :P
05:29:30DarkSoulOkay thanks for all the help Llorean.
05:29:46DarkSouli think i've got a grasp on most things for now.
05:31:23DarkSoulHey, now he's more a personal question.
05:31:44DarkSoulNah never mind
05:31:52DarkSouli've bugged you enough.
05:34:18 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
05:34:34DarkSoul<3 the icons for changing in rockbox firmware. :)
05:35:36DarkSoulRockbox seems a little harder on batteries then the default though...
05:35:51scorcheit is
05:35:53DarkSoulmaybe just because i've beem messing around with settings too much
05:36:04DarkSoulahh so im not paranoid. is a known issue
05:36:09 Join lostnihilist [0] (
05:36:53DarkSoulI remembered reading something about SVN
05:37:16DarkSoulthat means i can use my SVN thingie to auto update rockbox for me :)
05:37:47LloreanOnly if you're compiling.
05:38:35LloreanSVN is a source code version control system.
05:39:48 Nick joshin is now known as joshin_ (n=joshin@unaffiliated/joshin)
05:40:34DarkSoulI got TortoiseSVN to update WireMod for Gmod10 :\
05:40:47DarkSoulnothing about source coding there.
05:41:10DarkSoulWell i guess the lua's dont need compiling...
05:41:18DarkSouli dont know
05:41:31scorchelua is a scripting language, so no it doesnt
05:41:43scorchewell, i should say interpreted
05:42:23DarkSoullol lots of scripting languages need compiling.
05:43:06DarkSoulWhee on a less nerdy topic.
05:43:19DarkSoulanyone see Flags of Our Fathers?
05:45:10LloreanDarkSoul: This is a heavy on-topic channel.
05:45:48DarkSoulokay then.
05:46:04DarkSoulthen back to the nerdy chat.
05:46:15DarkSoulrockbox writen in all C?
05:46:25LloreanC, and various assembly languages by hardware.
05:47:27DarkSoulguessing it gets a little annoying when you have to code the same thing for like 20 different times for each mp3 player
05:48:16LloreanI don't think the same thing has ever been coded more than 4 times, so far.
05:48:26DarkSoulmake it 1 big file with a million and a half IF statements to piss everyone.
05:48:29LloreanA generic in C, and optimized ones in SH1, ARM, and M68K
05:49:15 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (
05:53:50*JdGordon finnaly back
05:54:01JdGordonLlorean: did you dump your partion a few times?
05:55:10*JdGordon reads his email
05:55:11LloreanJdGordon: Yes, I sent you an email. There's definite corruption taking place, it eventually became unable to boot.
05:55:21LloreanThe second email is the important one.
05:56:14JdGordonthe second doesnt have any attachments..
05:56:50JdGordonbut even still those addresses are all well and truly past the OF program section... thats into the settings section iirc
05:57:07JdGordonI'll experiment more tonight when I get mine back from my brother
05:57:43LloreanThere's a definite pattern to the modified bits, and they're the only place that was different, and the OF wasn't booting anymore, and the CRC32 check was getting a different number after the values there changed.
05:58:25JdGordonthe dumping code was barry's... not mine...
05:58:49LloreanAh well.
05:58:56LloreanThe bootloader was made for me by you. :-P
05:59:02JdGordon007810E0 | 01 | 007810E0 | 00 | is the database rebuild which we know about...
05:59:27LloreanThe first change was just the five bytes (that one, and the next four listed), and the OF still booted.
05:59:33LloreanIt booted fine several times, with the CRC staying the same
05:59:45LloreanThen the CRC changed, the OF stopped booting, and I got the dump that had the remainder of the bytes changed.
06:00:32JdGordonyeah, all those addresses are in the NVPARAMS section, which shouldnt affect the checksum at all
06:02:18LloreanBut when those values changed like that, the OF no longer booted, so there's something wrong there anyway.
06:03:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:04:40JdGordonyeah.. hmm :p
06:06:47JdGordonyay :) found my sansa... I can get some debugging happening
06:09:27JdGordonLlorean: what program are you using for the diff?
06:11:13 Quit wrobbie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:12:30*JdGordon wishes he dumping was faster :p
06:12:45LloreanJdGordon: I have a program called HexCmp which is good for quick visual comparison of two binary files.
06:13:52JdGordonwindows program... I thought that output was to the console :p
06:14:06LloreanSorry. :)
06:14:36JdGordonhow do i move the curson in the vkeyboard?
06:17:10blitheHrm, anyone know of a good linux cuesheet splitter?
06:17:48billytwowillywhat exactly is a cuesheet splitter?
06:18:23blitheTakes a single audio file, along with a cuesheet, and splits into several tracks based on the cuesheet.
06:19:01JdGordonrockbox has cuesheet support now.. so there is no need for this...
06:19:48blitheIndeed, but I still am looking for one.
06:20:11billytwowillynifty. Sounds usefull.
06:21:12JdGordonLlorean: it looks like is the OF corrupting it and not us...
06:21:19LloreanThe OF is corrupting itself?
06:22:17JdGordonI did 3 dumps without going into the OF and didnt get a crc error... first boot after going into OF it failed
06:23:09LloreanYou had it doing CRC checks on the OF while still booting Rockbox?
06:24:02JdGordonit ignores it.. but still checks... I saw that the crc was correct
06:24:15LloreanThat's not the Rockbox CRC?
06:24:35JdGordonthe crc rockbox calculates for the OF
06:24:56LloreanI just didn't know you could see the OF CRC except when booting the OF.
06:26:13JdGordonhmm? yeah, thats when its checked
06:26:19*JdGordon might be confusled
06:26:43LloreanThen how did you manage to check the OF CRC without booting the OF?
06:27:03JdGordoni did boot it... I then dumped it staright after...
06:27:22JdGordonI may be wrong... rockbox may be writing data to the 78xxxx section...
06:27:39JdGordonno... its not.. its definatly the OF
06:27:47billytwowillyrockbox sure is getting pretty.
06:27:56LloreanWhat I'm saying, is you said you booted Rockbox fine several times with the OF CRC being fine, but how did you check the OF CRC without booting the OF? You said the first OF boot had a bad CRC.
06:28:06LloreanI'm confused about what exactly you tested.
06:28:15JdGordonah, yes.. your right...
06:28:22JdGordoni dont know :p
06:28:31JdGordonI might be doing this all wrong..
06:29:44LloreanI don't know, something's changing some data somewhere. At least we've got that much.
06:30:07LloreanThough the CRC shouldn't be changing from that data, you said.
06:32:27JdGordontime for a new bootloader.... now we will be able to see the checksum without loading the of
06:34:47 Join advcomp2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@
06:36:29 Join qwm [0] (
06:37:06advcomp2019Can someone explain to me a little clearer why the R version is not supported yet of the Sandisk Sansa e200 series?
06:37:28JdGordonthe changed something which we havnt figured out yet... or something like that :p
06:38:00 Join Aikon_ [0] (
06:39:03Lloreanadvcomp2019: Their bootloader doesn't follow the same rules as the bootloader on the non-R series, and we haven't figured enough of them out yet.
06:39:04JdGordonLlorean: ok, im convinced... its the OF doing it not us... no question... they write something naughty after a usb which is more than just the rebuild byte
06:40:14LloreanJdGordon: So the question is why it's a problem with Rockbox, but not when the RB loader isn't present, I suppose
06:40:29 Join printfXh4 [0] (
06:41:23JdGordondunno... need to talk to linuxstb or barry more... It might be something to do with its placement in the partition...
06:41:55LloreanI was thinking that might be it too. It feels likely, at least.
06:42:28JdGordonIm assuming of course that sansapatcher moves it where its not expecting to be?
06:42:55LloreanYeah, sansapatcher moves it in a similar manner to how we me the iPod firmware, I believe.
06:43:17JdGordonWe could save the 780000 area to disk before booting the OF, then rewrite it next time rb loads
06:43:29LloreanSeems a bit... odd.
06:43:44LloreanThere's 20mb of space, I think there's a very, very, very large chunk of empty space we could possibly move the OF too.
06:44:16advcomp2019Has any one got close to finding out the bootloader on the R series?
06:44:22LloreanIt may be as simple as sneaking it into a different area.
06:44:49JdGordonit still doesnt make sense that the crc changes tho
06:44:57Lloreanadvcomp2019: I don't know what you mean by "gotten close." Since we don't know where we're going, we won't know how close we are until we're there.
06:45:27LloreanJdGordon: Are you absolutely sure the CRC check isn't including that area for some reason?
06:45:34advcomp2019o ok
06:46:24 Quit Aikon (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
06:48:43*JdGordon getting some more debug output in....
06:50:37 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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06:52:21 Join daniel1234 [0] (
06:52:54Topic"Read this before speaking: | gmail users who subscribe to rockbox mails: check your subscription status" by scorche (i=ScorchE@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
06:53:12scorchefeel free to edit it in any way you see fit
06:53:24Mode"#rockbox -o scorche " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
06:55:51daniel1234I am using the vmware image anyway I could just copy the zipped compiled build to my iriver
06:56:23daniel1234is there anyway I could just copy the zipped build to my iriver through the vmware image?
06:57:54DarkSoulI'm not too sure if this is just my iPod/Computer acting up but...
06:58:14DarkSoulwhen ever i connect my ipod to the comp with rockbox active it doesnt detect it.
06:58:25DarkSouli have to restart the ipod while its plugged in
06:58:44DarkSoulnot too much of a problem really but just to let you know.
07:00:32advcomp2019I wished I read this before I got my Sandisk Sansa e200r then.
07:02:48billytwowillyjust return it and get a regular sansa.
07:04:44advcomp2019I got mine at a CompUSA that is closing so I can't do that.
07:05:37 Part Llorean
07:06:16advcomp2019The e280r for $180.
07:08:09 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
07:11:00advcomp2019It was normally $200 but got a 10% discount since the store was closing
07:16:58advcomp2019I do not understand this. CompUSA does not sell the R series.
07:17:55 Join aliask [0] (
07:18:17advcomp2019Then how did I get a R series from CompUSA.
07:19:16 Quit daniel1234 ("Freedom Chat - Your Home Away From Home | | tIRC script by the Freedom Chat Leets")
07:19:42billytwowillysell it on ebay and recoup 140. Then buy a real sansa;)
07:19:43midkayadvcomp2019: how do you know they don't sell the R series?
07:20:08billytwowillyor just wait a while till they hack the r series
07:21:00advcomp2019I looked on CompUSA's and Sandisk's sites.
07:21:36midkaythat doesn't necessarily mean they don't sell it. a lot of times stores don't have everything they sell online and don't have everything in-store that they show online.
07:22:11 Join fejfighter [0] (
07:22:38billytwowillythat's true. Irritating that no store has their website and store integrated in real time yet.
07:22:59advcomp2019o ok
07:24:24billytwowillyIt's actually kind of funny to see what kind of crap software some stores are still using. I used to work at staples and they still run all their stock stuff through an as/400 and a dos like command line app.
07:25:59billytwowillyand their POS system is 100% windows NT
07:26:00advcomp2019Plus the box did not have the r on it, but the player has a r, and the box was unopened too.
07:30:12billytwowillyship it to a devel that doesn't have an R series and see what happens;)
07:31:42DarkSoulSo while I'm here is there any suggested plugins I should get for an iPod 30gb Video?
07:32:37advcomp2019billytwowilly: Why did you say that?
07:33:17scorcheDarkSoul: all plugins come with rockbox
07:33:52billytwowillysay what? about shipping it? Because you want it to work with rockbox. if you aren't a devel you can't do it. If a developer has it they can work on it.
07:34:18billytwowillyso if you can find a developer that will ship it back to you in a month or two or something then you win.
07:34:42advcomp2019o ok
07:35:10DarkSoulscorche: really? looks like a few from the pluginindex arnt on my ipod.
07:35:29 Join std|away [0] (
07:35:45scorchebecause likely those were renamed, not ready for svn, or deleted
07:36:03scorcheand they just simply havent been removed in the wiki
07:38:21DarkSoulOh yeah the pacman thing...
07:38:37DarkSouljust copy/paste what it says in the manual into a file...
07:38:56DarkSoulcuz it doesnt really make sence to have an md5 alone in a file, it seems odd for an emulator
07:41:03 Join perplexity [0] (
07:41:24DarkSoulnever mind
07:41:42DarkSouldidnt check the wiki aswell
07:44:28advcomp2019Another thing, is Rockbox going to let you play music while charging the Sansa thru the computer once it comes out for the R series?
07:52:32advcomp2019I meant to say play music on the Sansa while it is connected to the computer.
07:54:29JdGordonnot while its connected as a drive... but if tis just charging then yes
07:54:31DarkSoulI'm guessing that the battery icon where the battery constantly is filling means its charging and then it fills and stops
07:54:41JdGordonit shuold
07:55:20DarkSoulYeah reading the ipod manual it'll say that its charged for the original firmware
07:55:42DarkSoulbut thats only 80% for addition power your supost to leave it plugged in for longer to get the best performance.
07:55:55 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
07:56:07DarkSouli was wondering if rockbox had an icon after the filled battery
07:58:40 Quit advcomp2019 ("Leaving")
07:59:10DarkSoulwell i'll be leaving
07:59:32DarkSoulits nice to see that theres a firmware that's actually activily being worked on
07:59:45LinusN*after* the filled battery?
07:59:58DarkSoulunlike another firmware i could mention *cough*ipodlinux*cough*
08:00:21DarkSoulQuote the Zack :
08:00:25DarkSoul[12:54] <JdGordon> it shuold
08:00:25DarkSoul[12:55] <DarkSoul> Yeah reading the ipod manual it'll say that its charged for the original firmware
08:00:25DarkSoul[12:55] <DarkSoul> but thats only 80% for addition power your supost to leave it plugged in for longer to get the best performance.
08:00:25DBUGEnqueued KICK DarkSoul
08:00:25DarkSoul[12:55] »» Joins[#rockbox] LinusN (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:00:25DarkSoul[12:56] <DarkSoul> i was wondering if rockbox had an icon after the filled battery
08:00:36DarkSouloops 1 line too many
08:01:30JdGordonmorning LinusN, do you know anything about sansapatcher or the hidden partition layout?
08:01:31LinusNyou mean to show that the battery is full?
08:01:46LinusNJdGordon: not a thing
08:01:56DarkSoulFor Apple Firmware
08:01:57 Join bwbass [0] (n=brian@
08:02:13DarkSoulit says its full when theres still another 20% or so it changes.
08:02:37LinusNwhat says it's full?
08:02:56LinusNyou mean that the apple firmware says it's full?
08:02:57DarkSoulThe icon in the top right
08:03:15DarkSoultheres a changing and full icon for apple firmware in the top right hand corner
08:03:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:03:21DarkSoulthat tells if the ipod is charging or not
08:04:00DarkSoulif you read the manual when it says with the icon that its done charging in reality it keeps changing, because theres another 20% still uncharged
08:04:23LinusNand in rockbox there is only the animation, which is hard to see when the battery gets nearly full
08:04:46DarkSoultheres 2
08:04:55DarkSoul1 that has a battery filling up over and over
08:05:04DarkSoulthen 1 with the battery staying at full.
08:05:14DarkSoulI was wondering if there was another one after
08:05:18DarkSouli was told there wasnt.
08:05:50LinusNhmmm, are you talking about the wps?
08:06:22DarkSoulwps doesnt effect the default "Do not disconnect"
08:06:33LinusNnor does rockbox
08:06:43DarkSoulYes it does.
08:06:51DarkSoulthe rockbox is different then the normal
08:07:28LinusNno, it is still the Apple disk mode
08:07:47amiconnLinusN: Do you have an iriver equipped with wires for current measurement?
08:07:53LinusNbut it is the Apple "Emergency" disk mode, which the regular firmware doesn't use
08:08:00LinusNamiconn: at home
08:08:28 Join Rob2222 [0] (
08:08:35amiconnI started a runtime test for verifying my ata sleep theory, but current measurement would be faster...
08:09:08LinusNamiconn: of course
08:09:13amiconnYesterday I forgot that it's in fact simple to make the iriver not use its ata hardware poweroff
08:09:21DarkSoulLinus, it looks different, its grayscale, no red like normal and the icons are different, and the font is different
08:09:27DarkSoulits meant to look like the original
08:09:30DarkSoulbut its not the same
08:09:34amiconn...and then introduce the status read in ata_perform_sleep()
08:10:04DarkSoullike i was saying
08:10:11LinusNDarkSoul: please listen to me, i am a developer of this firmware, and i own two ipods myself
08:10:26LinusNit *is* the apple emergency disk mode
08:10:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:10:26*JdGordon wonders what the heck the rockbox string s(and probably code) is doing where the OF should be :'(
08:10:45DarkSoulits not the original i dont know what the emergency looks like
08:10:57DarkSoulwhat ever its giving me i guess :P
08:11:04 Nick std|away is now known as noNickFound2 (
08:11:12 Nick noNickFound2 is now known as noNickFound (
08:11:20 Join EbErT [0] (
08:11:24 Quit noNickFound ()
08:11:40DarkSoulthe biggest difference before rockbox in look of the "Do not disconnect" screen ->
08:11:44LinusNDarkSoul: rockbox doesn't yet support the USB/charging mode, so we use the emergency mode instead
08:11:50DarkSoulBefore : Big red cross sign thing.
08:12:01DarkSoulAfter : Small black sign.
08:12:12EbErTis this a bummer to you?
08:12:24DarkSoulNo I was asking about the charging icons.
08:12:29DarkSoulthen it got to the differences
08:12:43LinusNDarkSoul: again: rockbox doesn't yet support the USB/charging mode, so we use the apple emergency mode instead
08:13:01EbErTyeah, there are comprehensive talkers here
08:13:04DarkSoulYeah i read, i was in the middle of typing something so i wanted to finish it ;D
08:13:42 Join noNickFound [0] (
08:14:00LinusNJdGordon: you mean the OF corruption thing?
08:14:27DarkSoulLet me go out with a bang
08:14:29JdGordonsomething is not right... and im going round in circles trying to find it :p
08:14:29DarkSoulKick me! :D
08:15:37*DarkSoul badgers the bagder.
08:15:44DarkSouldamn im so original.
08:15:52*JdGordon wonders where the FUCK recovery mode went :'(
08:15:55*scorche thinks he should add harrassing ops in the topic link
08:16:16scorchethen again, it is against the freenode guidelines to keep op status
08:16:30*scorche coughs suggestively at Bagder
08:16:35DarkSoulThey really want their bot to be used dont they.
08:16:53DarkSoulBuilt in bot adds with every abuse! :)
08:17:00 Part bwbass
08:17:13Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:17:21Mode"#rockbox -o Bagder " by LinusN (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:17:29Mode"#rockbox -o LinusN " by LinusN (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:17:50scorcheLinusN: /cs op #rockbox -Bagder
08:17:51*LinusN flexes his muscles
08:18:07LinusNscorche: oh
08:18:26DarkSoul[01:18] »» Error: Cannot Join #gentoo (you are banned +b)
08:18:41DarkSoulI never even joined but im banned apparently
08:18:46LinusNDarkSoul: you seem like a popular person
08:19:28DarkSoulThey're just racist!
08:20:07 Join SteroidFrog [0] (n=matthew@
08:20:10*scorche takes pleasure in the fact that he taught LinusN soemthing today =)
08:20:27DarkSoul//kick $me BYE!
08:20:39DarkSoul//kick # $me BYE!
08:21:07scorchethat is how i de-op myself too...that way, it doesnt log as a de-op in the IRC stats
08:21:08DarkSoulNow your supost to kick me....
08:21:19scorcheDarkSoul: hush, you
08:21:58DarkSoul*sobs into a pillow*
08:22:06 Quit DarkSoul ("/suicide")
08:22:12scorchebout time
08:22:18LinusNi wonder how old that guy was
08:22:19GodEaterwth was that all about ?
08:22:50LinusNi see why he was banned at #gentoo :-)
08:22:53EbErThe wanted attention or something
08:23:34scorchei am just happy i got a chance to flex my banhammer last night...havent used that for a while
08:24:05scorchei was pretty amazed at how brazen the guy was...
08:24:06 Join std|denis [0] (
08:24:35GodEaterooh, a reason to go read the logs!
08:24:39aliaskThat was hillarious
08:24:45aliaskThat was actually amazingly good.
08:24:51scorche<scorche> read till 07.49.40
08:25:06 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:25:13scorchefrom 07:19:17
08:25:14 Quit SteroidFrog ()
08:25:43 Join kaaloo [0] (
08:26:11scorchethe parser skims over the kick and ban messages, so you have to view raw
08:26:11*amiconn now has 3 targets laying side by side doing runtime tests
08:27:40 Quit Xerion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:27:45 Part kaaloo
08:28:12 Join Xerion [0] (
08:30:23 Part noNickFound
08:32:20GodEaterscorche: nice ;)
08:33:39 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
08:39:58JdGordonControl message (-110, Connection timed out) :'(
08:42:03 Join Shaid` [0] (
08:42:48 Join ender` [0] (
08:45:52 Join kaaloo [0] (
08:49:34 Quit EbErT ()
08:50:08amiconnLinusN: I had an idea how it might be possible to improve runtime on the archos fm recorder and v2.
08:50:42amiconnUuic we don't use ata poweroff on them even though the hardware allows it, because some voltage measurements don't work when ata power is off
08:51:03JdGordonBagder: ping?
08:51:20LinusNamiconn: you have a better memory than i do :-)
08:51:49amiconnBut those voltage measurements don't happen often, so if we would set the disk to 'power on in standby', then we could enable power, measure, and disable again
08:52:08amiconnFor an actual disk access we would have to send the spinup command after powering on
08:52:18LinusNworth a try...
08:52:24amiconnI can't verify my theory because I don't have an fm or v2
08:52:41LinusNoh, more work for me... thanks amiconn.. :-)
08:53:30amiconnI tried to get hold of an fm, but somehow missed the end of the ebay auction. It even came with 1 year warranty, and went fairly cheap :(
08:56:11 Join bluebrother [0] (i=LsDAp1mu@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
08:57:51GodEater /window help
08:58:47bluebrotherJdGordon: please have a look at FS #6863
08:59:02JdGordonlater..... busy...
08:59:13bluebrotherit's the problem I described yesterday and I found a way to have this perfectly reproducable
08:59:38bluebrotherand it's quite annoying when the player locks up frequently
09:01:04amiconnOf course it might be that the ata sleep fix also helps archoses without ata poweroff
09:02:10aliaskbluebrother: I had that 2nd one happen on my iPod, and because my screen is broken I had no idea what was going on.
09:02:25 Join austriancoder [0] (n=austrian@
09:02:42 Quit Shaid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:03:04 Join Shaid [0] (
09:04:30bluebrotherneed to go now ... hopefully this will be fixed soon. It's really annoying
09:04:48 Join pondlife [0] (
09:05:30 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
09:07:10 Quit Shaid` (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
09:09:44 Join thewho [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:10:07 Join sikor_sxe [0] (
09:10:28sikor_sxehey, i'm using rockbox on sansa with great confidence
09:10:38sikor_sxebut i wonder how to update the music database
09:10:40thewhoAre the precompiled binaries (Windows) of the rbutil available? Or does everyone have to build it from the source?
09:11:12linuxstbthewho: A binary is on the RockboxUtility wiki page.
09:11:49 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan_a@
09:11:53linuxstbJdGordon: You had questions about sansapatcher?
09:20:57GodEaterhmm, clearly compiling a static binary for linux isn't as easy as adding "-static" to the makefile...
09:22:34 Quit Lynx_ (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
09:23:16 Join Vyrus001 [0] (
09:24:50linuxstbGodEater: Let's hope the distros get 2.8 incorporated soon...
09:24:57 Join B4gder [0] (
09:25:26GodEaterlinuxstb: I think a lot of them do - it's just mine which doesn't ;)
09:26:17linuxstbI don't think Debian does either.
09:30:09 Join bun-bun [0] (
09:30:34 Quit Vyrus (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:30:37linuxstbAny Ubuntu users here? Is wxwidgets 2.8 available to you?
09:31:10thewholinuxstb: yes, now I see. Thanks for the reference. I was on that page but didn't find the binary since they are not listed in the "table of contents" at the top of the page.
09:31:27linuxstbthewho: Feel free to add them...
09:31:31thewhoWhat libraries are needed to run rbutil?
09:31:51thewhoWill the standard windows environment be ok?
09:31:55linuxstbIt shouldn't need any external libraries
09:32:16JdGordonlinuxstb: yeah, 0x80000 is where is put the OF right?
09:32:35thewholinuxstb: so everything is statically linked in (wx widgets)?
09:32:53JdGordonB4gder: morning...
09:33:09B4gderguten morgen
09:33:16thewholinuxstb: hehe: the page says "Two Screenshots of rbutil" and then three pictures follow :-)
09:33:22*B4gder tries his german impression
09:33:50linuxstbJdGordon: 0x80000 contains a 512-byte (0x200 byte) header. Then the Rockbox bootloader MI4 image starts at 0x80200, then the OF MI4 image is written immediately after the bootloader MI4 image.
09:33:52*scorche would be interested to hear B4gder's american impression
09:34:15B4gderscorche: I'll save that for tomorrow ;-)
09:35:15thewho ... ah, those are really two screenshots. But three windows. So I stand corrected.
09:37:17linuxstbJdGordon: Which part of the firmware partition is the OF modifying?
09:38:13JdGordonnot sure... :( llorean and I had some fun dumping the partition today, but I didnt see anything strange.. its always well past 7800000 iirc
09:39:30 Join himitsu [0] (n=himitsu@
09:39:32linuxstb0x780000 is 125MB into the 20MB partition...
09:39:40linuxstb^0x7800000 I mean
09:40:02JdGordonmaybe one too many o's then
09:40:13 Quit bospaadje (Remote closed the connection)
09:40:42 Join bospaadje [0] (
09:40:55JdGordonanyway, We cant undertstand why the checksum would change.. unless our crc32 implementation is wrong, or not being initialised correctly?
09:41:02linuxstbIt is more than 0x80000 + 0x200 + (bootloader MI4 length) + (OF MI4 length) ?
09:42:01linuxstbIs this with the SVN bootloader or the version modified to do USB detection?
09:42:03JdGordonwhich is in the nv settings section and shouldnt affect the crc at all ?
09:42:28JdGordonthe 2nd... possibly with svn also tho
09:42:40JdGordonhave you got crc checking working 100% there?
09:42:48linuxstbBarry said yesterday that he thinks the USB controller may be overwriting some parts of RAM.
09:42:59linuxstbI don't have a Sansa...
09:43:39B4gderwe need to buy linuxstb a sansa!
09:43:54linuxstbIt's OK, I have far too many DAPs...
09:44:18B4gderhey, you could catch in a bit on linusn's collection
09:44:26JdGordonsif thats even possible!
09:44:40linuxstbBut then I'll have a to-do list the size of Linus's as well...
09:45:43JdGordonlinuxstb: but im right that changes to that section of the disk shouldnt effect the crc at all?
09:45:58GodEaterI've put a patch together that removes all the compiler warnings for rbutil on linux - could someone test it on Mac / Windows ?
09:46:09linuxstbJdGordon: Yes, if that section is > than the sum I stated above.
09:47:11linuxstbDo you ever get CRC errors when loading the OF from a file, instead of the firmware partition?
09:47:42GodEaterFS #6865 if anyone is interested
09:47:48JdGordonI dont tihnk so
09:48:04linuxstbGodEater: I was just about to ask you to post it to flyspray.... I'll try and test it on a Mac later.
09:48:16GodEaterlinuxstb: thank you
09:48:57JdGordonlinuxstb: llorearn tried a build which ignored the crc check and after a few boots it corrupted his OF, so we were thinking that maybe the OF doesnt like being run from wherever it is.. does that seem possible?
09:49:11GodEaterthe only one I'm worried about is the warning in wizard_pages.cpp which is a warning about control getting to the end of a non-void function. I've made an assumption about what the default return should be - but I could be wrong.
09:49:42LinusNGodEater: there is no such thing as a default return value
09:51:00 Join Entasis [0] (n=Jarred@
09:51:54 Quit thewho ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:53:37GodEaterLinusN: I meant, what it should return if the check in the function isn't entered
09:53:42linuxstbJdGordon: Have you calculated that sum?
09:53:50 Join tucoz [0] (n=tucoz@rockbox/staff/tucoz)
09:53:51linuxstbThat should tell you if it's safe or not.
09:54:01LinusNGodEater: aha
09:54:09tucozlinuxstb, ubuntu feisty lists wxwidgets 2.8 in the repos
09:54:18JdGordonlinuxstb: which sum?
09:54:25tucozand that will be out next month
09:54:32linuxstbJdGordon: Read the logs about 15 minutes ago
09:54:39GodEaterthere's a check in there which the function always assumes is passed, and that's the only place there's a return statement. There should be one outside that too to shut the compiler up.
09:55:40linuxstbtucoz: Thanks. So it's not in the current distribution?
09:55:57tucozno. I do not think so
09:55:59JdGordonah.. no.... but thats about 7.8MB in which should be well past both of the loaders...
09:56:12JdGordonthe OF is 5mb and rb is 55kb....
09:56:54*JdGordon 's sansa isnt in a working state atm so cant check properly :'(
09:56:58 Join Stefan [0] (n=chatzill@
09:57:28tucozlinuxstb, it might be backported to the current distribution though
09:57:40Stefanhello again
09:58:29std|deniswhich of rockbox's lossy codec have a best performance?
09:58:39linuxstbDefine "best"
09:58:55Stefani have another question: how do i use bitmaps in plugins?
09:59:25B4gderStefan: there are numerous examples, try one of the games
09:59:46linuxstbStefan: You put them in apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/ and add them to apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/SOURCES. As B4gder said, look at the games for examples.
09:59:50B4gderstd|denis: and it depends a little on what target
09:59:57tucozlinuxstb,on only 2.6 is listed for edgy
10:00:12tucozand it is not backported according to that page
10:00:29*GodEater will try to get a statically linked version working today in that case
10:00:38linuxstbtucoz: OK, thanks. Not good news though...
10:00:50Stefanlinuxstb: and how do i load them into my plugin, and for 65k color display how should i save the bitmaps?
10:01:13std|denislinuxstb: mmm.. i mean: which audio format should i use to get longest playback time
10:01:41std|denisi have an idea of plugin - audio book with scrolling text. it's smth like karaoke
10:01:56 Join wrobbie [0] (
10:02:17Stefanhow do i load them into my plugin, and for 65k color display how should i save the bitmaps?
10:02:33linuxstbStefan: Look at the other plugins for examples. The bitmaps need to be .bmp files, and you should save them as 24-bit.
10:02:44Stefangreat, thanx
10:02:46 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:02:54linuxstbstd|denis: As B4gder said, it depends on which player you have.
10:03:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:03:21std|denisiriver ihp-1xx for example
10:03:49sikor_sxehello, i wonder how to update the music database
10:04:29sikor_sxei put music on my sansa and it is recognized by the original firmware, however it does not show up in rockbox database
10:04:31linuxstbstd|denis: I doubt there is much difference between the various formats - the biggest factor would be bitrate. Lower bitrates mean less disk reading, so longer battery lifetime. So choose a codec that sounds good at low bitrates to your ears.
10:04:51linuxstbsikor_sxe: What format is the music? MP3, WMA, ...
10:05:15linuxstbAnd you've followed the instructions in the manual for using the database?
10:05:30std|denislinuxstb: thanx
10:06:12sikor_sxelinuxstb: uhm, to be honest: no
10:06:25sikor_sxewhen rockbox was started, it just worked
10:09:18tucozthat is a blurb we can use: 'when rockbox was started, it just worked' :-D
10:09:21sikor_sxehow do i get to the database menu?
10:09:28linuxstbsikor_sxe: There is an option "update now" somewhere in the settings menus. You probably need to run that. Or enable the options the enable database auto-updating.
10:09:33pondlifejhMikeS: Thanks for the playback swap work.
10:09:49linuxstbsikor_sxe: It will be somewhere under Settings.
10:09:50 Join _Amblin [0] (
10:09:50sikor_sxeahh got it
10:10:25sikor_sxedidn't spot that
10:10:46jhMikeSWhy oh why don't we have svn revision property changes enabled? I really want to change that commit message that came about from lack of sleep and too much cold medicine. :P
10:11:00pondlifeMmm, cold medicine.....
10:11:21 Quit oKtosiTe (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
10:11:21pondlifeWhich bit is wrong... flattening?
10:11:22_Amblin<Gets sick only twice a year
10:11:32 Join oKtosiTe [0] (n=oKtosiTe@unaffiliated/oKtosiTe)
10:11:35jhMikeS< 100k, removing
10:12:37pondlifeI don't have a player of any kind at the moment, but it's one job I was meaning to do some time.
10:13:22jhMikeSIt had to be done. Too much wasted memory.
10:14:30sikor_sxenow *only* my new mp3s show in the database
10:14:42sikor_sxethe old ones don't
10:14:51jhMikeSNext thing that has to go is the malloc buffer. amiconn suggested using the remaining space in the codec buffer but I'm wondering if that's always enough even if we have a functioning free
10:14:51pondlifesikor_sxe: Force an initialization
10:15:02 Quit Stefan ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
10:16:16 Join lostnihilist [0] (
10:16:35linuxstbjhMikeS: I think it would be a good idea to combine the codec buffer with the codec malloc buffer, but I don't know how much we could decrease the combined size by...
10:16:42pondlifejhMikeS: IMHO, one thing for the future should be the total seperation of buffering (as in disk -> buffer) and playback (buffer->PCM). These should be able to run freely and much more simply.
10:16:54sikor_sxepondlife: thanks, works now
10:17:43jhMikeSlinuxstb: surely the overhead could be cut to less than the current 512KB :) Maybe the codec buffer would only need to be say 100KB larger
10:18:54linuxstbjhMikeS: Yes, I'm sure it can be less, but I'm just saying I don't know by how much... Lear may be a good person to talk to, as he's the main person working on both vorbis and AAC, which I think are the most memory-hungry codecs.
10:19:16pondlifeIIRC he was after more memory for vorbis :(
10:20:02linuxstbWas that just for files encoded with very old encoders?
10:20:09jhMikeSwell, vorbis runs on an iFP with only a 100K malloc buffer but it has a simple free mechanism which is basically a stack. not sure if it still overflows
10:20:18 Part tucoz
10:20:51pondlifeI don't know much if anything, but there are some vorbis file types we don't currently support because they would need more memory.
10:20:56 Join BigBambi [0] (
10:21:04pondlifeAnd there may have been a plan to add this support
10:21:39GodEaterthere's more than one vorbis filetype ?
10:21:57jhMikeSpondlife: and what does "total separation" mean? thinking about this tells me the "layers" are rather thin at that
10:22:13linuxstbGodEater: IIRC, it's just different versions of the encoder generated files with different memory requirements to decode.
10:22:28pondlifeIt may have improved but when I last looked, there were many dependencies between the buffering and playback parts.
10:23:02pondlifeThe buffering shared a thread and so had to have a way to abort and resume from the right place.... it could be much simpler.
10:23:05linuxstbAnyone know if any of the students applying to the SoC expressed an interest in the playback engine?
10:23:14jhMikeSimo, worse dependencies are things with playlists and now cuesheets
10:23:40B4gderlinuxstb: none of the two current applications do
10:24:02pondlifejhMikeS: Those are just common inputs to the buffering and playback threads, no?
10:24:04jhMikeSpondlife: buffer shars a thread with what? you mean the audio thread doing it?
10:24:12 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
10:24:23GodEaterlinuxstb: does ipodpatcher allow you to install on a 2nd Gen Nano ?
10:24:42pondlifejhMikeS: I've not looked for months, but doesn't the buffering take place on the UI thread?
10:24:53*linuxstb wonders what "interested in removing the current wps display system and creating one which allows for customization of the playing screen," means...
10:24:53pondlifeWhich thread then?
10:25:28GodEaterlinuxstb: deleting the current wps code, sitting on it for a couple of months, and then resubmitting it for an easy $4500 ?
10:25:32pondlifeaudio also deals with playback/de-buffering, right?
10:25:39linuxstbGodEater: No, the firmware layout is very slightly different. ipodpatcher shouldn't detect the 2nd gen Nano as a ipod.
10:25:48B4gderlinuxstb: register as a mentor and you can participate in commenting the applications ;-)
10:25:49jhMikeSno, codec thrad de-buffers
10:26:03GodEaterlinuxstb: in that case I've no clue how the genius in the apple forum has managed to "install rockbox" on his 2nd gen.
10:26:16jhMikeSaudio thread writes to it, codec thread reads from it
10:26:39pondlifeWell there's some shared variables that are likely causing the current problems when the track detail buffers wrap.
10:27:04pondlifeIt's really not simple at the moment - the interfaces need to be tighter.
10:27:10jhMikeSprobably, it should be cleanly queued
10:27:18linuxstbGodEater: maybe confusion with 2GB and 2nd gen?
10:27:37pondlifeBasically, I mean playback.c should be split into audio and codec halves, with no shared vars.
10:27:52linuxstbB4gder: What are the start and end dates of the SoC period?
10:28:06B4gderI don't know really
10:28:22jhMikeSmmmm...some will be cause they're using the same buffer :)
10:28:22markunlinuxstb: he really says "2nd gen" one time
10:28:45linuxstbmarkun: Yes, but he also says "Rockbox worked for 5 minutes" - one of the two is wrong...
10:28:51markunyes :)
10:29:19 Join mattzz [0] (i=c19fe442@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:30:27GodEaterlinuxstb: well his first post explicitly says "2nd gen"
10:30:37jhMikeSEvery iteration of cleanup brings it closer to. Really don't think it needs a scratch rewrite. At least revisions are testable incrementally that way.
10:31:02linuxstbGodEater: People have also confused Nano and Mini in the past...
10:31:39linuxstbJust point him to the "my install went wrong" thread and see what he says...
10:31:59jhMikeSIt should be ready to add using multiple voice codecs and removing the need to reboot when a voice file is first added.
10:32:25GodEaterlinuxstb: done
10:33:53jhMikeSEven now I can see it shouldn't be too tricky to clean up buffering and put metadata there.
10:36:02B4gderMarch 24: Student application deadline
10:36:11B4gder4 days to go
10:44:17 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:46:10 Join barrywardell [0] (
10:46:46dan_aMorning all! Which header file has the prototype for memcpy? I've got an unflickering LCD driver for the Sansa nearly ready to go...
10:47:44mattzzdan_a: isnt it somewhere in the common directory?
10:47:54 Join phoenix16 [0] (
10:48:18phoenix16Hello there.
10:48:52dan_amattzz: The code is, but I can't find the .h to include
10:48:57dan_aHi phoenix16
10:49:01jhMikeSpondlife: think it's time to move codec management elsewhere? codecs.c?
10:50:14barrywardellhi dan_a
10:50:27dan_aHi barrywardell
10:50:34barrywardelldid you see toni1's solution for the other lcd problem?
10:51:03barrywardellit was crashing if you did an lcd_init() while the dma was in progress
10:51:28dan_aI saw that - I'm planning to include those changes in my update
10:51:28barrywardellhe put a patch up in the tracker
10:51:57dan_a(although I think they should be moved inside lcd_init_device)
10:52:08barrywardellyes, I agree with that
10:52:10phoenix16Quick question: I didn't notice it in the plugins, but have I overlooked an .avi player for rockbox?
10:52:29barrywardellphoenix16: there is no avi player. rockbox only plays mpeg2 files
10:52:30pondlifejhMikeS: Yes, I guess so.
10:53:19pondlifeI think the important thing is to make the buffering and un-buffering independent just to simplify interactions there.
10:53:21phoenix16Ah buggery. Lots of coverting to be done then...
10:53:30mattzzdan_a: from what I see the prototype of memcp is also in common/memcpy.c
10:54:18mattzzbarrywardell: did you see the patch I put submitted to the tracker regarding sansa battery handling?
10:54:50dan_amattzz: According to Google, it looks like it should be in string.h
10:55:25barrywardellmattzz: no, i'll have a look
10:57:33mattzzdan_a: oops.
10:58:31jhMikeSpondlife: and by unbuffering you mean reading the buffer, right?
10:59:41B4gderwe have 3 applications now
11:00:10B4gderif you're a mentor, consider going there and submit your interest
11:00:22GodEaterhmm - I think I need a static version of wxWindows in order to get a statically linked rbutil. The trouble is I see no option in wxGTK for building it statically =/
11:00:46linuxstb−−disable-shared (with configure)
11:01:39 Quit _Amblin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:02:19GodEaterhaha - I was looking for −−enable-static !
11:02:30linuxstbphoenix16: Read this page before converting videos -
11:02:45B4gderGodEater: there's such a one too generally
11:02:59B4gderbut a libtool project typically builds both shared and static
11:03:49 Quit pondlife (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:03:58linuxstbGodEater: Maybe adding "-static" to the wx-config calls in the Makefile will help.
11:04:13 Join pondlife [0] (
11:04:25pondlifejhMikeS: Sorry, Miranda keeps dying on me
11:04:50pondlifeYes, I mean seperating the buffer filling and reading more.
11:04:54jhMikeSpondlife: ok
11:05:24pondlifeIn particular the current buffer filling code could be simplified, before we worry about metadata...
11:05:41jhMikeSThey do have to share variables though but I'm not sure if you mean having a "dumb" buffer layer or something
11:05:45GodEaterlinuxstb: I tried that - all I got was a massive screenful of linker errors due to missing symbols
11:06:08 Quit marc (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:06:18pondlifeI mean to expose a minimal set of get_x routines from the buffering half.
11:06:35 Join marc| [0] (
11:06:44GodEaterB4gder: I tried a ./configure −−help | grep static and no such option showed up - I didn't think to look for it's opposite
11:06:45pondlifeThere's no need for the playback part to update the current buffering details.
11:08:01jhMikeSrefer me something in particular as an example of what you mean, just one function
11:08:24pondlifeI don't have one, but it should be like that, no?
11:08:31pondlifeplayback is a monolith.
11:08:48pondlifeI've not had time to look at the code in months really.
11:09:24pondlifeDo you agree this is a sensible way to break it down and simplify?
11:09:29jhMikeSseeing as the buffer is a single data structure, I can't see total separation...just better abstraction.
11:09:39pondlifeYes, that's what I mean
11:10:16 Part phoenix16
11:10:55 Join Ribs2 [0] (n=ribs@
11:12:50linuxstbGodEater: Do you have all the static (.a) libs for wx installed? (they are in /usr/local/lib/ for me). I have 11 different libwx*.a files
11:12:58preglowseems things have happened over at zune-linux...
11:13:07linuxstbNew logo?
11:13:40linuxstbAh, "Zune Linux is now out of preliminary planning and has moved into Pre-Alpha development."
11:13:49preglowand some people are no longer with them
11:14:08 Quit sikor_sxe (Remote closed the connection)
11:14:10pondlifeMaybe the PayPal donations stopped coming?
11:14:13B4gderpre-alpha is short for it is now time to design a new set of images for the web site
11:14:14preglowi wonder if those happen to be those who were already done with the port
11:14:27*linuxstb feels zune-linux isn't being taken seriously...
11:14:40preglowpaypal links are gone too, yes
11:14:48 Join Stefan [0] (n=chatzill@
11:15:23pondlife"global release party. (TBA) "
11:15:23Stefanhello again
11:15:31Stefanback with my bitmap problem
11:15:58Stefani couldn't figure out how i should use external bitmaps
11:16:05jhMikeSso the whole ipl, zl, xxxplayerlinux thing requires entirely separate projects for each?
11:16:29Stefanin jeweles the only thing i've found about bitmaps is "extern const fb_data jewels[];"
11:16:44linuxstbWell, IPL is a uclinux kernel, and the Zune could run full linux...
11:17:04linuxstbStefan: Did you look in the apps/plugins/bitmaps/native directory?
11:17:12jhMikeSThe Zune/Gigabeat S could probabaly do more than the desktop that I use for email
11:17:46B4gderand afaiu, the ipl people don't play "nice" with the linux system
11:17:50barrywardellmattzz: how well do your improved battery levels work?
11:17:59B4gderie, they access hw from userspace apps
11:18:04barrywardellie. how well do they match what the OF reports?
11:18:15preglowB4gder: well, it _is_ uclinux :>
11:18:43B4gderyes sure, I'm only mentioning why going ipl => full linux will be a problem
11:19:50B4gderso they claim to consider "ipod Linux"
11:20:00B4gderas "a distro"
11:20:22B4gderthese guys never did embedded linux I can tell
11:20:27jhMikeSI guess hw abstraction pays off :P
11:20:46scorcheoh no....apparently, sourceforge is holding them up with development because they dont have the tools that are there that the desperately need (quote)
11:21:04 Quit Ribs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:21:08scorchesame on them fro taking so long to accept their project =P
11:21:12scorcheshame even
11:21:34preglowoh boy
11:21:37B4gderyeah, we all know what sourceforge does to productivity ;-P
11:22:03Stefanso, how do i use external bmps
11:22:11preglowoh well, at least the vastly overkill hardware makes it slightly more possible they'll ever be done
11:22:21preglowi can't see these people sitting down and optimising codecs
11:22:36scorche"Unfortunately a lot of hackers have given up because *some* people have been claiming they already have Linux running on the Zune, on BBSs and in public interviews."
11:22:41jhMikeSpreglow: you're telling me you don't see the fun dsp potenial in overkill hardware? :)
11:23:01B4gderit seems the thread I once commented on is gone?
11:23:08preglowjhMikeS: oh, indeed i do
11:23:16preglowB4gder: whole forum seems to have been wiped and set up again
11:23:38B4gdertoo many nay-sayers in there, better wipe it
11:24:09scorchethis is entertaining
11:24:26preglowif i had just kicked out two lying assholes, i'd also want to wipe my forum of their mess :>
11:24:43jhMikeSpreglow: there's another downside to low latency besides the memory overhead, that being not being able to use the codecs buffer as working space...'less I missed something :P
11:24:54scorche...they even have a flame board just for flames...
11:25:04 Join nls [0] (
11:25:06B4gderyou think I should post there? ;-P
11:25:34scorcheas bagder, or anonymous? =P
11:25:52preglowjhMikeS: mp3 buffer? pcm buffer? what?
11:26:23scorcheand why dont you put your signature on our site like they do with mister "zune linux founder" over there?
11:26:24jhMikeSthe codec's output buffer. things have to be packeted pretty finely
11:26:45preglowah, no, that won't be able to be used anymore, no
11:26:52preglowand that sucks quite badly, as a matter of fact
11:27:46preglowwe could always copy to an iram buffer before dsp if it's going to do a sufficient number of passes over it
11:27:54preglowbut just using what the codec spat out is easier indeed
11:28:16jhMikeSthat's what I was thinking...memcpy is very efficient
11:28:55preglowthat'd also mean we need to use yet more iram for codecs :/
11:29:14preglowunless we could devise of some scheme to reuse the codec's output buffer....
11:29:44preglowsome evil scheme that'd be too
11:30:13jhMikeSWe already have the buffer in dsp.c to copy a packet to. I also need an iram stack cause another thread will be to be in the core. Perhaps some can be chipped away from the main stack and the dsp requirements can be kept low (using a single pointer to a struct for each stage).
11:31:02jhMikeSThe codec will have long ago passed the data to a channel and will be decoding something else so I don't know there.
11:32:03preglowi don't think dsp parameter passing is what'll choke stack usage anyway
11:32:05jhMikeSThe thread should have no bearing on USB connections either
11:32:33jhMikeSI've got no need for a stack otherwise on a dsp thread
11:32:43preglowespecially not on arm :>
11:33:09preglowno need for a stack?
11:33:16jhMikeSnot much I hope
11:33:23preglowyou can make use of only scratch regs?
11:33:29mattzzbarrywardell: sorry, was offline for a sec. Improved battery level handling works fine currently.
11:33:42jhMikeSrrr...probably not exclusively
11:33:45barrywardellhow does it compare to what the OF gives?
11:33:52preglowbut no, dsp wouldn't need a big stack, that's for sure
11:33:58mattzzbarrywardell: I will do more measureing with battery_bench to improve the numbers
11:34:15 Join My_Sic [0] (
11:34:23mattzzbarrywardell: I compared battery level indication between OF and rockbox and it looks OK so far
11:34:41markunB4gder: nice to see some people are actually interested in hacking the Zune:
11:34:53markunand telling the imposters to stop delaying real progress :)
11:34:55barrywardellcool. they look like reasonable values compared to the gigabeat at least
11:35:02jhMikeSOn cf at the min, enough space for a pointer and to save registers...on arm, reg saving
11:36:31mattzzbarrywardell: the first numbers are a linear curve what is not what I will expect from real measurements but it is a good starting point at least
11:36:33jhMikeSI think the main stack is a little on the big side and can give up a small % to dsp :)
11:36:58barrywardellmattzz: so you just have the empty and full battery measurements actually done?
11:37:20barrywardelland now have to do a battery-bench to get the in-between bits?
11:37:34mattzzbarrywardell: yep, but with a perfectly wrong battery scale factor so I will re-do the measurements
11:37:52 Join Lachlan_ [0] (
11:37:56jhMikeSI'll be counting the bytes when doing this. I wonder what the scheduler will suck off it. Wish I could also keep interrupts from using it.
11:38:04barrywardellhaha, ok
11:38:47mattzzbarrywardell: yep, I was thinking about setting up a small wiki page to collect some real-life numbers because the fully charged voltages read out directly by the ADC are pretty interesting
11:38:54barrywardelldan_a: how far off is your fix for the lcd driver?
11:39:21dan_abarrywardell: One last compile/test cycle away
11:39:23barrywardellmattzz: yeah, sure. go for it!
11:39:38preglowjhMikeS: well, you CAN keep interrupts from using it :>
11:40:23barrywardelldan_a: OK. have you seen the work on sansapatcher?
11:40:31jhMikeSI don't think disabling them is even remotely realistic
11:41:16dan_abarrywardell: I've seen it, but I've not tested it yet.
11:41:25jhMikeSDMA cannot be disabled for long periods on coldfire or it dies
11:41:32 Join Nico_P [0] (
11:42:29jhMikeSHence the reason for the IRQ shuffle. Anything that disabled DMA is very simple and quick.
11:44:01barrywardelldan_a: it's almost ready for release. just two issues left, one of which you're hopefully about to fix :)
11:44:42 Quit fejfighter ()
11:45:35dan_abarrywardell: Do you know why Toni used such a long delay in his patch? Was that calculated or just "a long time"?
11:45:54barrywardellhe didn't specify.
11:49:07 Join NickG [0] (i=551994f2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:49:52 Quit Shaid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:50:07 Nick Ribs2 is now known as Ribs (n=ribs@
11:50:11jhMikeSpreglow: I mean, it's done just to coodinate threads with DMA interrupts and nothing else. When I first tried DMA at level 6, some tick tasks disabled it and recording would shut down with DMA errors. (Guess you get the point by now :)
11:50:37 Quit miepchen^schlaf ("Verlassend")
11:51:15linuxstbbarrywardell: Have you been able to replicate JdGordon's problems with the OF's CRC when stored in the firmware partition?
11:51:22NickGwhere I can download full packages for dev RockBox in Linux?
11:51:47barrywardelllinuxstb: yes. did you see my email on the mailing list?
11:51:51linuxstbNickG: You can't - just run the tools/ script to install them.
11:51:56linuxstbbarrywardell: Not yet...
11:52:01barrywardellit only happens for me when usb is connected
11:52:14barrywardelland it doesn't seem to be the partition that is being corrupted
11:52:17 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
11:52:30barrywardellit's whatever is loaded to ram
11:52:47linuxstbbarrywardell: OK, that was what I thought would be happening...
11:53:08NickGI shoud downoad 5-7 packages?
11:53:12barrywardellthat's where my whole UDC_ENDPOINTLISTADDR theory came from
11:53:37barrywardellwe could maybe try avoiding it by running dr_controller_stop() the start of the bootloader
11:53:38B4gderNickG: you tried the docs?
11:54:12jhMikeSso hrm...LL is a very sensitive thing to implement...but so beneficial to have running. The DSP threads job would probably ential reading the each channel stream, processing a packet, then sending that to DMA. Anything sent to DMA would play out in full (no pausing it).
11:55:28linuxstbjhMikeS: I haven't been following your LL work, but does it mean changing the PCM buffer to 32-bit and converting to 16-bit at the last moment?
11:55:29B4gderdan_a: shouldn't that new framebuffer be made static ?
11:55:29LinusNjhMikeS: i agree, it would make a lot of things easier
11:55:38preglowanything remotely realtime is tricky to implement
11:56:00dan_aB4gder: Erm... yes, it should
11:56:04jhMikeSlinuxstb: it sure does
11:56:37 Join Windows_X [0] (i=Windows_@
11:56:38linuxstbjhMikeS: Then it could be time to test 24-bit output to the ipod DAC...
11:56:40jhMikeSVoice could just be made 16bit at the start and processed as so I think
11:56:46Windows_Xhi there
11:57:00Windows_XI wonder if there's rockbox for Windows Mobile
11:57:04NickGB4gder : yes
11:57:08Windows_XIt would rock the PDA community.
11:57:10LinusNWindows_X: no
11:57:25linuxstbjhMikeS: Are you also implementing a separate PCM buffer for voice?
11:57:29Windows_XI mean as for software not OS replacement
11:57:33jhMikeSLinusN: any suggestions regard a stack for that? I think a dedicated thead would be easiest.
11:57:50B4gderWindows_X: if sdl works on it, the rockbox simulator could run there
11:58:00LinusNjhMikeS: the thread idea sounds feasible
11:58:02 Quit NickG ("CGI:IRC")
11:58:22 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
11:58:29jhMikeSlinuxstb: not as such really...I think a memory pool would be linked into channel streams
11:58:46Windows_Xb4gder: Looks like it's possible for SDL in wm5
11:59:04B4gderWindows_X: then there's nothing stopping you!
11:59:20Windows_XThe problem is i'm not experts in terms of programming.
11:59:24Windows_Xespecially to C++ stuff
11:59:28Windows_XI'm C# developer
11:59:40linuxstbjhMikeS: What about handling different samplerates, is that part of this work, or even on your to-do list at all?
11:59:47LinusNnitpick: Rockbox is C, not C++
11:59:48pondlifeWindows_X: And Rockbox is C, not C++..
11:59:59B4gderWindows_X: but you won't find many wm5 users here, I think
12:00:08*pondlife wishes it was c++ a bit..
12:00:17Windows_Xbut there's a lot of wm5 users compared to mp3 players
12:00:25LinusNpondlife: go wash your mouth
12:00:27Windows_Xo2 atom, dopod, etc.
12:00:32*preglow throws pondlife overboard
12:00:34*pondlife rinses with bleach
12:00:37jhMikeSlinuxstb: depends on what's expected...I think samplerate switching would lead to horrible results when changing the hardware.
12:00:39B4gderin my world, pdas are dying
12:00:47Windows_XI like crossfeed, a lot.
12:00:56Windows_XAnd only rockbox is what I can find for portable device
12:00:57preglowjhMikeS: oh?
12:01:00linuxstbjhMikeS: Simply playing 48KHz at 48KHz if the DAC can handle it.
12:01:47linuxstbBut obviously there are problems with crossfeed - crossfeed would probably need to imply resampling everything.
12:01:54preglowcrossfade, yes
12:01:56jhMikeSThat will be glitchy...
12:02:03linuxstbArgh, yes, crossfade...
12:02:14jhMikeSuh huh :)
12:02:22Windows_XI refer to crossfeed for emulating speakers environment to headphones
12:02:25linuxstbSomeone change the name of crossfeed and wipe it from my brain
12:02:28jhMikeSexactly when do you switch the samplerate?
12:02:31 Quit miepchen^schlaf ("Verlassend")
12:02:46dan_aB4gder: I still haven't been able to recover my Sansa from E200R-land
12:02:52jhMikeSor...disable it when two tracks differ (as an option)
12:02:56preglowi'm all for changing the name of crossfeed, but i can't think of a better one
12:03:00linuxstbjhMikeS: With crossfade enabled, you don't. Without crossfade, you switch between tracks. Sacrificing gapless in those cases is fine IMO.
12:03:08 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
12:03:23preglowdan_a: it's an e200r now?
12:03:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:03:34Windows_XSo no one developing for PDA right now?
12:03:41B4gderdan_a: grrrr, tried in a different box?
12:03:46dan_apreglow: Yes, I changed the bootloader and the firmware
12:03:46*B4gder goes to eat
12:03:50linuxstbWindows_X: No
12:03:59preglowdan_a: and you aren't able to revert? :/
12:04:04jhMikeSlinuxstb: you don't think not crossfading only when tracks differ in samplerate is good but otherwise leaving it alone ok?
12:04:35dan_aB4gder: Tried it in a different box, and tested e200tool on the Sansa that you sent me - it works fine on that one but not on mine
12:04:38linuxstbjhMikeS: Yes, that would work.
12:05:09jhMikeSand say we have a 64k wav, but the hw only supports 44.1 and 88.2...what then?
12:05:13linuxstbBut maybe it would confuse the user if only some tracks crossfaded
12:06:03preglowjhMikeS: 88.2
12:06:11preglowjhMikeS: we never want to downsample unless we have no choice
12:06:20preglowbut i guess a quality setting might apply there
12:06:33jhMikeShrm...32bit buffers and high samplerate...sure death
12:06:38std|denisWindows_X: why do you want for rockbox on wm platform?
12:06:40preglowusing 44.1 khz in that case would mean loosing (inaudible...) quality
12:07:19jhMikeSthe base pcm buffer length now is 3s...that same memory is only .75s like that
12:07:35 Nick std|denis is now known as std|away (
12:07:57jhMikeSyeah, maybe my dog will notice :P
12:08:13GodEatergoodness me wxWidgets takes a long time to build
12:09:00 Quit wrobbie (Connection timed out)
12:09:09 Quit Stefan (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:09:48Lachlan_linuxstb: what are the options currently for linux users wanting to use rbutil and that can't compile? Are there any deb/rpm type packages?
12:10:02jhMikeSCrossfading will still need a buffer as long as the overlap...hrm big mem
12:10:15GodEaterLachlan_: I'm trying to get a statically linked binary put together for that very purpose
12:10:31Lachlan_GodEater: Excellant
12:10:38barrywardellare there any objections to me committing FS #6840?
12:10:40GodEaterLachlan_: it will be if I can get it to work ;)
12:11:17Lachlan_GodEater: I've got time to burn- I'm waiting on a 5.5G 80GB port=(
12:11:48GodEaterLachlan_: I was just going to ask LinusN something about the ATA / FAT32 code - but then I remembered I'd given that up for lent ;)
12:12:27Lachlan_GodEater: God is forgiveness- I'm sure he'll overlook this one
12:12:40nlsbarrywardell: go, go, fo :-)
12:12:45nlsgah, go
12:12:55GodEaterbarrywardell: yeah, looks like a good idea - go for it
12:12:55Lachlan_And you'll be helping many of your fellow brothers- something he wholly endorses
12:13:26GodEateryeah but I don't want to drop off LinusN's christmas card list :)
12:14:06Lachlan_GodEater: dive back in. You know you want to;)
12:14:10barrywardellactually, it will probably break the build table won't it? maybe I should wait until Bagder gets back from lunch
12:15:25 Quit My_Sic (Remote closed the connection)
12:15:40GodEatervolunteers to test statically linked rbutil ?
12:18:15 Join iwantanimac [0] (
12:18:25GodEaterdon't all rush at once
12:19:26barrywardellfor linux?
12:19:56GodEateralthough it's taking an age to attach to the wiki page =/
12:19:58*jhMikeS hasn't even a clue what rbutil is supposed to do atm and he never reads the manual
12:20:09GodEaterah - there we go - it's at the bottom now
12:20:22GodEaterjhMikeS: it's the all in one rockbox installer
12:20:24nlsjhMikeS: it's not mentioned in the manual at all
12:20:58jhMikeSsomething I've never needed...not hands-on enough
12:21:16 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
12:21:50jhMikeSIs it becoming required for initial setup?
12:22:10GodEaterjhMikeS: no - it's an attempt to reduce the support required in the forums from the command-prompt challenged
12:22:21linuxstbNo, but it replaces all the other tools like fwpatcher, ipodpatcher etc.
12:22:59jhMikeSactually sounds reasonable to do instead of all the player specific programs to accomplish it.
12:23:49linuxstbIt also download files directly from So e.g. you click on a button and it it will download the latest current build from the website and unzip it to your player.
12:23:55 Join ctaf [0] (
12:25:02linuxstbIt surprises me that Linux users want GUIs though... For me, the whole point of Linux is the powerful command-line.
12:25:22Lachlan_Or not getting virri from pr0n?
12:26:06GodEaterlinuxstb: that's always been the case for me too - but a lot of people are coming to linux for the eye candy now =/
12:26:19*GodEater blames ubuntu for being too easy to install
12:26:46*nls uses ubuntu but has zero eye candy :-)
12:26:58*jhMikeS like's pretty gui stuff
12:27:13*GodEater is a complete hypocrite too - since he installed Beryl yesterday to wow his colleagues
12:27:19Lachlan_*spent several weeks screwing around with ubuntu in order to install it
12:28:15GodEaterLachlan_: well can you try the rbutil binary then please ?
12:28:20GodEaterand at least see if it runs ?
12:28:25Lachlan_Does Beryl actually look that good? All videos I've seen of it have been unimpressive
12:28:39Lachlan_I'de love to but I'm in a windows machine at the moment
12:28:41barrywardellGodEater: I get "error while loading shared libraries:"
12:28:45 Quit Windows_X ()
12:28:50Lachlan_I'll be able to test for you tomorrow night though
12:29:02GodEaterbarrywardell: crap. okay - I'll look at it some more.
12:31:16GodEaterldd seems to still list a load of libraries - although wxGTK isn't there now.
12:34:36jhMikeS...though I saw Windows Vista on a friend's laptop and that is done to the point of being outright disgusting...and so overly "dummy proofed" it's hardly useable
12:35:55jhMikeSone nag about something after another trying to explain every action
12:36:22 Join lee-qid [0] (
12:36:54*preglow wonders if anyone ever made an open source aatrac codec
12:39:54linuxstbpreglow: I've never seen one...
12:40:15GodEateroh this is hopeless - gentoo is NOT designed to produce statically linked binaries - I think it'll have to be done by one of the debian crowd
12:40:32linuxstbI guess there's no motivation as you can't rip atrac data from minidiscs (afaik).
12:40:37preglowyou can
12:40:46linuxstbwithout decoding it?
12:40:56nlsbarrywardell: I have a manual update ready for your main-binary-inside-folder change, just tell me when to press enter :-)
12:41:02preglowthere's an old pro-unit that did allow you to, and there's been a md player that allows transfers for about a year now
12:41:07preglowyes, without decoding, afaik
12:41:35barrywardellnls: I'll commit it as soon as Bagder gets back from lunch so he can fix any problems that might arise with the build table
12:41:37linuxstbI thought the new md players which allowed transfers was just PCM.
12:41:38preglowthe mz-rh1 should be able to do it
12:41:43 Nick std|away is now known as std|work (
12:41:47*B4gder is back
12:42:02linuxstbpreglow: But I guess if it's not in ffmpeg, it doesn't exist...
12:42:11preglowlinuxstb: yeah
12:42:30*linuxstb has one atrac file as well - a realaudio webcast using atrac.
12:42:45preglowi don't even think sony has an old-school atrac codec for computers
12:42:56preglowjust newer atrac formats
12:43:14barrywardellB4gder: I'm going to commit FS #6840 unless you have any objections? do you think the build table will need to be adjusted?
12:44:07B4gderyeah, I'll need to adjust the scripts as they check for the binary after the build, to detect final-link problems
12:44:36*linuxstb waits for the "the latest zip files don't include rockbox.ipod" posts...
12:45:38barrywardellso should I just go ahead and commit? or do you want to fix the scripts first?
12:46:12preglowsome people can hear atrac artifacts at as much as 292kbps...
12:46:17preglowdoesn't really sound like a complicated codec
12:47:07dan_aI've converted my E200 back from being an E200R
12:47:22B4gderwhat a relief
12:47:30B4gderbarrywardell: just wait a sec
12:47:43barrywardellB4gder: ok, just let me know when you're ready
12:47:52preglowdan_a: any fanciness required?
12:48:32dan_apreglow: I had to increase E200_TIMEOUT in the e200tool source - JdGordon figured it out
12:49:28jhMikeSbarrywardell: so I can have my rb in the root still? :)
12:49:51linuxstbjhMikeS: Yes, but unless you change your bootloader, the one in .rockbox will take preference
12:50:36jhMikeSok, custom bootloader...was hoping it would just do the opposite of now
12:51:44B4gderbarrywardell: on second thoughts, I think it should work without modification since the current check is doen in the build tree and doesn't depend on the zip's layout
12:51:49nlsjhMikeS: make a script that moves the file to root :-)
12:52:05B4gderso commit away and we shall see ;-)
12:52:18pixelmaI believe amiconn had some objections but can't really comment on
12:52:20nlsB4gder: does the same go for the size table?
12:52:33B4gderhm good q
12:53:30jhMikeSnls: it's just because it's very convenient to just drop the thing on a drive letter and not navigate it. But...just a shortcut would work too.
12:54:17JdGordonBagder: I'm soo close to getting this going... i can get recovery mode back but cant mount it :'(
12:54:50nlsjhMikeS: jeps, but if we made it default to the one in root we would brake the insrallation for allusers that didn't delete the file in the root when they updated...
12:56:21jhMikeSyeah...I do understand that...but I'm still complaining...:P
12:56:41B4gderit will break the size table
12:57:13B4gderbut it should be fairly easy to adapt in the same way the buildzip patch does it
12:57:23jhMikeSguess a good way to live with it will develop
12:58:24barrywardellB4gder: so commit now?
12:58:44 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:58:45B4gderyeah, go ahead
12:59:10 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
13:00:28 Join [1DB]Oconel [0] (
13:00:33[1DB]OconelHi all !
13:01:05[1DB]OconelI've got a small question about the dual boot for sansa e250
13:01:20[1DB]OconelFisrt, sorry for my bad english (i'm french :P)
13:01:25dan_aB4gder: Since recovering my Sansa, I don't have USB - any ideas?
13:01:33[1DB]Oconelit's normal
13:01:50B4gderdan_a: what do you mean, when running the OF?
13:01:53[1DB]Oconelrockbox on sansa don't have yet the usb driver
13:02:36[1DB]OconelTry to put an old firmware
13:02:41dan_aB4gder: Yes - Linux will only see it as a SCSI disk in recovery mode, not in the OF - even without the Rockbox bootloader
13:02:46B4gder[1DB]Oconel: dan_a is perfectly aware of our limitations
13:03:14B4gderdan_a: wow, never heard of that before and I can't explain it...
13:03:18dan_a[1DB]Oconel: I did some of the work to get the Sansa running Rockbox
13:03:31dan_aI'll try reinstalling the bootloader
13:03:33markun[1DB]Oconel: so what's the small question you have?
13:03:35[1DB]OconelOh ok :)
13:03:37B4gderdan_a: tried doing a full shutdown/restart ?
13:03:56B4gdersounds a bit desperate perhaps, but hey
13:03:59dan_aB4gder: Yes - it sounds similar to the problem that JdGordon is having
13:04:04[1DB]OconelI would like to know how to setup the dual boot on sansa (rockbox+original)
13:04:16[1DB]Oconelsomeone can help me ?
13:04:20linuxstb[1DB]Oconel: The install instructions explain it.
13:04:22B4gder[1DB]Oconel: and what's wrong with the SansaE200Install instrucitons?
13:04:43[1DB]OconelI don't all understand :'(
13:04:49[1DB]Oconelmy english is bad :(
13:05:39 Join basebull [0] (
13:06:18 Quit basebull (Client Quit)
13:06:40JdGordonWhen I get into recovery mode dmesg says a few errors then "ubb: device 8 capacity nsec 0 bsize 512"
13:06:58JdGordonwould it be very bad to try dd'ing the mi4 to /dev/ubb ?
13:07:04[1DB]OconelI arrived to put rockbox on my sansa, but I can't load the old firmware ?
13:07:37B4gder[1DB]Oconel: really, if you can't follow the instructions on the wiki page I don't think we can guide you any better
13:07:46B4gderand I think you're better off waiting for the install tool
13:08:06B4gderJdGordon: I wouldn't try that
13:08:25B4gderJdGordon: it needs to be stored in there using a fine FAT fs
13:09:04linuxstbJdGordon: The "nsec 0" looks bad - assuming that indicates that the device has 0 sectors.
13:09:11markun[1DB]Oconel: maybe you can point out which step you didn't understand?
13:09:15 Join webguest16 [0] (i=d90a1a7e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:09:42[1DB]OconelI need to back to school
13:09:49[1DB]Oconelbye all and thx for your help :)
13:09:53 Quit [1DB]Oconel ()
13:11:09barrywardellnls: you can update the manual now :)
13:11:33 Quit webguest16 (Client Quit)
13:11:39B4gderJdGordon: a first step to getting a clue is to scan for the problem in the linux sources to see what it might be about
13:11:47nlsbarrywardell: :-)
13:12:06 Part iwantanimac
13:12:08JdGordonB4gder: do you know if te write command writes to ram or the nand?
13:12:17B4gderto ram
13:12:33JdGordonSo we could put anything there and not really worry about it killing it any more?
13:12:48B4gderyes, I believe so
13:12:58JdGordone.g a modified rockbox which can write a correct bootloader to the disk?
13:13:12B4gderpossibly, yes
13:13:25B4gderbut I don't see how you'd have a better chance to get that to work
13:13:32B4gderthan the actual BL that is made to do it
13:14:14JdGordonbecuase recovery mode doesnt seem to work... but if we could put the disk back the way it should be we could be ok
13:14:43B4gderperhaps the need for that extended timeout is a sign of something bad that is what prevents you from using recovery mode properly
13:15:57B4gderbtw, the build times did decrease significantly with the new server added
13:18:00 Quit Lachlan_ ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
13:18:44dan_aB4gder: I've solved my problem
13:19:01B4gderhow did you do it?
13:19:18B4gderconfess to daddy now ;-)
13:19:24dan_aI switched the Sansa from MTP to MSC mode
13:19:29JdGordonfucking woot :D
13:19:32JdGordoni got it mounted
13:19:35*dan_a is suitably embarrassed
13:19:42B4gderJdGordon: and what did you do?
13:19:46dan_aWell done JdGordon!
13:19:57JdGordonit magically worked on this comp again
13:20:17*aliask hates when things like that happen
13:20:39aliaskIt's always gonna be in the back of my mind, somewhere.
13:21:16JdGordonmaybe not...
13:21:33aliaskSorry, I bet my negativity did that :P
13:21:39JdGordonunless I put the wrong mi4 on.. and I dont tihnk i did.. it didnt write the loader back :'(
13:22:25*barrywardell thinks he has found the crc problem with the bootloader
13:22:57JdGordonwait a sec.... i have the OF usb screen :D
13:24:19*JdGordon is too scared to disconnect it
13:24:55 Join datachild [0] (
13:34:19pixelmaehh ... it seems that the exclusion of not moving ajbrec.ajz didn't work! At least when I look in the I find it in .rockbox!
13:35:38*B4gder checks...
13:36:10JdGordonthe rockbox mi4 isnt encrypted at all is it? If i strip the header it should be exectuablt code?
13:36:19B4gderJdGordon: yes
13:36:32B4gderwell, executable as in the exception vectors are first
13:36:43 Quit aliask ("Wait, why am I still awake...?")
13:37:15 Join xenite [0] (n=xen@
13:37:21JdGordonso how would I make something which I could use with recover so it starts running straight away?
13:37:57linuxstbbarrywardell: Was it the USB controller?
13:38:11B4gderpixelma: fixed
13:39:02 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
13:39:32pixelmaB4gder: will that be in the next build round?
13:39:52B4gderuh, no the one after that
13:39:57B4gderbarry got in between
13:40:30pixelmathat's what I meant
13:40:46barrywardelllinuxstb: nope. not at all. it was my silly mistake :P
13:41:11std|workexcuse me once again - why could happen a '/'-symbol duplication in path </.rockbox/rocks//bubbles.rock> ?
13:41:36B4gderstd|work: can you elaborate?
13:41:56barrywardelllinuxstb: I think we now have almost all the bootloader problems solved
13:41:59*JdGordon is in the OF... unfortunalty running from ram tho
13:42:55*JdGordon thinks he's got it :D
13:43:48std|workB4gder: i've just built rockboxui. ran it. and when i'm trying to run any plugin, i get an error message: "failed to load" with doubled slash symbol in path
13:44:35B4gderstd|work: run 'make install' first, then run the sim again
13:45:21B4gderthe double slash is just a very minor problem that doesn't affect anything
13:46:12*JdGordon is back in buisness :D
13:46:26amiconnBagder: What happened to the size table?
13:46:34JdGordonhell yeah :D
13:46:54JdGordonthat was a scary few hours :p
13:46:55std|workdamn. i've felt that i've missed somthing :) thanx. sorry for that kind of dullness
13:47:02barrywardellJdGordon: does that mean you're ready to test the newest bootloader? ;)
13:47:07B4gderamiconn: the same flaw is in buildzip, should work now
13:47:07GodEateranyone know the package name in debian for the kernel source tree ?
13:47:25linuxstbnls: The ipod bootloader install instructions also refer to rockbox.ipod being in the root
13:47:35JdGordonI guess I should write this up...
13:48:29 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
13:48:44linuxstbbarrywardell: Ah, just read your commit :)
13:49:09 Join wLLm [0] (
13:49:27barrywardellyep, silly mistake. the silliest part is that i fixed it before too but forgot to commit the change!
13:50:37barrywardelllinuxstb: I've updated the bootloader here:"> if you wanna make some new sansapatcher binaries for testing...
13:51:17 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
13:53:26 Join Arathis [0] (
13:53:38*JdGordon isnt quite back working yet.... no OF!
13:54:23*barrywardell thanks Bagder for fixing
13:54:23B4gdersize table back
13:55:07amiconnB4gder: Does \z mean the same as $ in regex?
13:55:41B4gderyou can in fact use $ too
13:55:48B4gderbut in perl it gets a bit confusing
13:57:22 Quit SirFunk (Connection timed out)
13:58:46 Quit w1ll14m (Connection timed out)
14:00:25preglownothing in perl is confusing!
14:00:53JdGordonbarrywardell: haha serious?
14:01:22*barrywardell is embarassed
14:01:30JdGordonso why did it work sometimes and fail others?
14:01:32nlslinuxstb: Fixed, ith was using a hardcoded name instead of \firmwarefilename, that's why I didn't find it before...
14:01:34JdGordonor did it always fail?
14:01:58barrywardellJdGordon: mi4header.length is the length excluding the padding, mi4header.mi4size is the full file size
14:02:11linuxstbbarrywardell: (win32 and Linux binaries, I'll build mac later)
14:02:29barrywardellso it passed if the memory between mi4header.length and mi4header.mi4size happened to be 0's
14:02:30JdGordonbarrywardell: ok, so whats the story with usb detection and db rebuild disabling?
14:03:16barrywardellWe can try adding them again now and see if it all works ok
14:03:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:03:27barrywardellthere's also still the lcd_init thing too
14:03:41linuxstbnls: Thanks, sorry about not using \firmwarefilename...
14:03:49JdGordonI got the rebuild disabling code working by the versino string :)
14:03:54barrywardellbut I consider them all nice extras, rather than essential to get in for the first version
14:04:14barrywardellJdGordon: great! I think that's a better way to go about it
14:04:42JdGordonfark, im going to be so dead tomorow.. waking up in 7 hours :p
14:04:45linuxstbYes, I think the aim should be to get sansapatcher released asap - future bootloader upgrades are easy once everyone has done their initial install with sansapatcher.
14:04:53bluebrotherany news on FS #6863?
14:05:23JdGordonbluebrother: Ive been way to preocupied with unbricking to look... its going in my notepad so ill look tomroow
14:05:26barrywardellJdGordon: I'd also like to add TEA decryption, but that can come later too
14:05:42*bluebrother goes reading logs
14:05:56 Join webguest49 [0] (i=55e62450@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:06:05barrywardelllinuxstb: I think what's in SVN now is quite good. The only issue is that the lcd flashed rockbox blue for a second before booting the firmware
14:06:45JdGordonI think usb should go in for release...
14:07:13linuxstbBased on past USB experience on portalplayer, I think it needs a lot of testing...
14:07:50linuxstbAlso, has it been tested on other portalplayer targets?
14:08:16JdGordonits all in #if SANSA_E200
14:08:30barrywardellusb_detect() still breaks USB on my mac sometimes, requiring a restart
14:08:54linuxstbSo running that in the bootloader doesn't sound helpful to mac users...
14:09:12dan_aUSB? How far has that got while I've not been watching?
14:09:32barrywardelljust detection of a connection
14:09:36 Join My_Sic [0] (
14:10:35JdGordon0x8e000 is the OF isnt it?
14:10:44JdGordonafter RBODe200
14:10:49JdGordonRBOFe200 even
14:11:25linuxstbYes - "RBOFe200" are the last 8 bytes of the MI4 header for the OF image.
14:11:38 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
14:11:43JdGordonso then thats the best place to get the version string from?
14:12:00linuxstbWhat version string?
14:12:37linuxstbAnd you shouldn't hardcode that location - it's dependent on the bootloader size.
14:12:40JdGordon39 bytes
14:13:02 Join Paprica [0] (i=Paprica@rockbox/developer/paprica)
14:13:04linuxstbYou can read the bootloader size from the header at 0x80000
14:13:25barrywardellJdGordon: i think it would be better to read the version string from the PPPS section
14:13:28linuxstbSo 0x80000+0x200+bootloader_size is the offset of the MI4 header for the original firmware.
14:13:37JdGordonhmm... so the database byte is probably contstant from that then :p
14:14:01linuxstbNo, that has nothing to do with what sansapatcher is modifying. (I hope)
14:14:05barrywardellas that would link in with version of the data in NVPARAMS
14:14:09 Quit webguest49 ("CGI:IRC")
14:14:42JdGordonok then.. taking it from PPPS
14:15:15barrywardelldan_a: the lcd driver still does some flickering on init. any idea about how to get rid of that?
14:16:10 Join EbErT [0] (
14:16:41*linuxstb wonders why Bagder's Sansa firmware partition dump contains the string "Neurotic Fish"
14:16:58B4gdercurrent song I guess
14:17:08B4gderit is the name of an artist
14:17:15 Quit andrewg867 (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
14:17:31dan_abarrywardell: I'm getting something similar (I rebooted about 30 times before committing without a problem) - it looks like it's going to crash, but then carries on loading normally. Possibly disable the DMA just before changing the FB base address, in case the LC controller is reenabling it?
14:18:42barrywardelldoes the driver not already do that?
14:19:33dan_aIt does it at the start of lcd_init_device - maybe it should be moved closer to the place where we are changing the address
14:20:27barrywardellok, i'll try that
14:23:19JdGordonok, usb and rebuild working fine again with svn :)
14:23:23JdGordonshould I put the patch on FS?
14:23:55barrywardelldan_a: that doesn't fix it. it looks like lcd_init_device() causes the lcd to update too
14:24:44barrywardellJdGordon: yes, I think you should.
14:25:34*dan_a dreams of documentation
14:25:50*pondlife dreams he was a student
14:26:25*B4gder has another coffee
14:26:32pondlifeGood idea...
14:26:48pondlifePity GSoC didn't exist in 1988...
14:27:25hcsum, rockbox doesn't seem to be rebooting on usb insertion on ipod color anymore
14:27:51pondlifeFunny, there was another report that USB detection wasn't working on Hxxx too.
14:28:17JdGordonbarrywardell: 6866
14:28:20hcsdetection is working, just not the reboot
14:29:11 Join MarkMcConnell [0] (i=3efc8011@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:29:53markunhi MarkMcConnell
14:30:28MarkMcConnelli was asked to scan my Cretive Zen Vision M main board and put them in the wiki but how do i make a new topic because i am new to
14:30:57MarkMcConnellbecause i have 2 videos on youtube where i took apart my zen vision m
14:31:18nlsMarkMcConnell: you ask us for permission to edit the wiki :-)
14:32:13B4gderand its ;-)
14:32:15JdGordongnite all
14:32:22 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
14:32:29 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:32:40 Quit preglow (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:32:44nlsMarkMcConnell: you are added now, and should b eable to edit
14:33:21nlsjust type in the name of the topic you want to create at the top of the wiki page and it will ask you if you want to create it
14:33:43 Join qwx [0] (
14:34:06markunOr just attach them to for now?
14:34:09 Quit MarkMcConnell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:34:38nlsmarkun: or that :-)
14:34:39B4gderthe betting starts now: how much on him making an illegal wiki name? ;-)
14:35:02 Join Domonoky [0] (
14:35:14*nls thinks thtat hte wiki allowing people to do that is stupd
14:35:31B4gderyeah, at least it should be a lot harder
14:35:56 Join SirFunk [0] (
14:36:02nlsand that it allows different pages with the same name with just case differences is stupid too, like ManualHowTo and ManualHowto :-)
14:36:29bluebrothergood filesystems are case sensitive ;-)
14:36:31B4gderit just shows they are unix people
14:36:36pixelmahcs: that problem is known - it comes and goes with different builds (without any code changes)
14:37:11hcspixelma: ok, I had noticed it occasionally before, but disconnected and reconnecting seemed to make it work again until now
14:37:15nlsjust so you know, both those pages exist in our wiki :-)
14:37:26B4gderthe more the merrier! ;-)
14:38:47bluebrotherthe only tricky think is that these pages are completely different ;-)
14:39:01bluebrothermaybe we should use namespaces somewhat more often?
14:39:20pixelmahcs: I had that with downloaded builds on a borrowed Mini (each time when connecting) - it was not present in a self-compiled one from exactly the same source
14:39:28amiconnhcs: It startedbefore end of december 2006, and I only experienced it being build dependent
14:39:40B4gderjhMikeS: %u is for unsigned, surely you should use uval and not val then?
14:39:43pondlifeMaybe a GSoC project to sort through the entire wiki ;)
14:40:36B4gder(in the snprintf change just committed)
14:41:08 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
14:41:55jhMikeSamiconn: doh! misread and thought they were unsigned...
14:42:55LinusNjhMikeS: i believe this might be your problem:
14:43:13 Quit jhulst_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:43:14 Quit jhulst__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:44:00 Nick wLLm is now known as w1ll14m (
14:46:35 Quit perplexity ("* fnarfbargle *")
14:47:03 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:47:53jhMikeSLinusN: could be...will get on it to find out.
14:50:19nlsjhMikeS: just sa a reference, USB works fine on my h320 with the latest svn (built myself)
14:50:57 Join preglow [0] (
14:51:47LinusNnls: with or without voice?
14:52:29nlsLinusN: voice disabled, but voicefile present
14:52:34jhMikeSnls: ok. there was a change in the handling in the voice thread connect ack to safely handle things...perhaps too safe :P
14:53:42 Join wrobbie [0] (
14:53:46nlsstill works with voice enabled
14:53:57*Domonoky reads some nice talk about rbutil in the logs :-)
14:54:03barrywardelllinuxstb: is it possible to do the tea decryption in blocks, rather than the whole file at once?
14:54:53 Part LinusN
14:55:11 Join jac0b [0] (i=9b6d0515@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:55:44linuxstbbarrywardell: Yes, the decryption works in 8-byte blocks, but with the 128-bit key being incremented after each block.
14:56:18linuxstbDomonoky: Yes, rbutil is well-loved :)
14:56:28jhMikeSodd...mine seems to not be working....but NO voice :\ I wonder if it's because I registered the voice queue but didn't create the thread.
14:56:46jhMikeSI"m sure that's it.
14:56:59barrywardellok, thanks. i have it half-working in the bootloader, but loading it in smaller blocks would be better
14:57:38linuxstbbarrywardell: Yes, it would be nice to test the keys by just decrypting the part containing the aa55aa55 magic.
14:57:55linuxstbI almost did that in sansapatcher, but was lazy...
14:58:33barrywardellthat would indeed be very nice. would I just increment the key my mi4header.length-4 then do the decryption?
14:58:59linuxstbI'm not sure how the aa55aa55 is aligned - it could be split between two blocks...
14:59:31barrywardellah, sorry, i read that as 8-bit blocks the first time
14:59:40barrywardelli think i should be able to work out the aligning
14:59:47 Quit jhulst (Connection timed out)
15:00:04*amiconn didn't try out rbutil yet
15:00:07linuxstbIf you could implement a nice "test_key" function, I could use it in sansapatcher.
15:00:32amiconnI'm not even sure what it can do.
15:00:47linuxstbIt can do everything apart from make coffee
15:00:55amiconnDoes it only install bootloaders or also rockbox builds? Does it support all targets?
15:01:02*linuxstb submits feature request
15:01:05 Nick joshin_ is now known as joshin (n=joshin@unaffiliated/joshin)
15:01:11Domonokysupports all targets, execpt sansa
15:01:25Domonokyinstalls bootloaders, rockbox, fonts, and themes..
15:01:28amiconnSo I could install a rockbox build on my archos recorder with it?
15:01:36Domonokyalso it can uninstall..
15:01:40linuxstbamiconn: Yes.
15:01:45barrywardellwill do linuxstb.
15:01:55nlsDomonoky: how does it work with h100/h300 bootloaders? Does it download the original firmware itself or do I need to supply it?
15:01:58amiconnHmm, but no bootloader as there is none
15:02:10Domonokynls: you need to supply it..
15:02:20amiconnMight in fact be nice if it could install the required files for first-time flashing then
15:02:30nlsDomonoky: ah, and then i patches and places the file on the dap?
15:02:33*bluebrother reads about a new release of FS
15:02:38linuxstbamiconn: Are the files on
15:02:41Domonokynls: yes
15:02:47nlsnice :-)
15:02:48amiconnlinuxstb: No, they're in the wiki
15:03:11linuxstbAny problem with moving them though?
15:03:18 Quit EbErT ()
15:04:46linuxstbDomonoky: I forget who, but someone mentioned problems recently when trying to install rbutil itself on the device. Have you tested that feature recently?
15:08:02Domonokyno i havent tried it recently.. will test it..
15:08:28 Quit lostlogic (Remote closed the connection)
15:08:40 Join lostlogic [0] (n=lostlogi@rockbox/developer/lostlogic)
15:09:22 Join vcardenas [0] (i=c8767629@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:09:35linuxstbI'm not sure how it works, but you may need to know that on the Mac, "" is a directory, not a folder, and the rbutil file itself is in something like (I forget exactly). So I guess that feature is broken on the Mac...
15:09:45preglowDomonoky: rbutil works here now, btw
15:09:59linuxstbSo it's now unicode-safe?
15:10:23Domonokyit should now be unicode safe
15:10:39Domonokyand i will hav a look how this install function works..
15:10:51preglowi haven't tried it much, though
15:10:58preglowgot it to crash a couple of times in theme downloading
15:11:03preglowbut that might have been write priv stuff
15:11:37Domonokypreglow: please fill a bugreport, or fix it :-)
15:11:44linuxstbDomonoky: Can the rbutil.ini file updated from a version on
15:11:54linuxstb^insert a "be" where appropriate
15:12:47Domonokytheoretically that should be possible.. but it isnt implemented
15:16:45GodEaterDomonoky: did you see my patch to fix the compiler warnings ?
15:17:39Domonokyno, will have a look at it..
15:18:06GodEaterFS #6865
15:18:14Domonokyah.. thx
15:19:46Domonokyi also fixed the warnings, but thats in my tree with the non-ready sansapatcher i will comiikt your fix :-)
15:20:02Domonokycommit.. :-)
15:20:03linuxstbDomonoky: Do you need me to do anything to sansapatcher?
15:20:26linuxstbIt seems that sansapatcher itself is fine, all problems so far have been bootloader-related.
15:20:52Domonokynot, really, i had to rename a few more functions in sansapatcher.. and introduce a #ifndef RBUTIL
15:21:45*linuxstb hates it when people torrent things and then don't bother to seed.... </offtopic>
15:22:05GodEaterlinuxstb: amen to that
15:22:07Domonokybut rbutil needs more work to use the sansapatcher, (its integrated, but UI doesnt use it jet, those wizardpages are annoying me.. )
15:23:07 Join prokick [0] (i=webchat@
15:23:24 Quit prokick (Client Quit)
15:23:57 Join xen` [0] (n=xen@
15:24:04 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
15:27:10 Quit austriancoder ("Lost terminal") my Gigabeat bootloader won't load rb from /.rockbox
15:30:59TheSphinX^do you have the newest bootloader?
15:31:39jhMikeSno, I think it's time though :)
15:31:50TheSphinX^The latest bootloader (FWIMG01.DAT) is dated 12 March 2007. The latest official version can be found at
15:32:55jhMikeSI don't doubt it's been update, just had no reason to until now.
15:34:01 Quit xenite (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:34:58linuxstbArgh, so the early official gigabeat bootloaders didn't look in .rockbox?
15:35:30 Quit xen` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:36:32std|workgive me a hint, please - what functions set should i use to play some audio file?
15:36:42markunlinuxstb: I'm so glad I'm not as responsible for the Gigabeat port anymore as I was in the beginning :)
15:36:57linuxstbmarkun: So who's responsible? :)
15:37:16markunall of us?
15:37:38std|worki found mp3_play_*, but they're excluded from simulator build. can't understand why
15:37:52 Join gerry_ [0] (n=gerry@
15:37:54 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
15:37:57bluebrothersounds like they are for HWCODEC only
15:37:58markunstd|work: what are you trying to do?
15:38:10gerry_does rockbox read .ra? realaudio?
15:38:12std|worki need to play audio from plugin
15:38:12 Join perplexity [0] (
15:38:15GodEaterI thought the 12th March bootloader was supposed to do away with the bootsplash ?
15:38:19bluebrothergerry_: no
15:38:28bluebrotherthere is a list of supported codecs in the wiki
15:38:34std|workto play and to seek thru the audio
15:38:54markunstd|work: I'm not sure if it's supported
15:39:09TheSphinX^i've a problem since i updatet from r15840 to r12845: while my x5 is playing my sound gets more badly and more badly, and after 3 or 4 tracks i have to restart, because i can't any longer listen to it :(
15:39:18markunstd|work: what plugin are you working on?
15:39:20 Join webguest50 [0] (i=3fad1312@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:39:36webguest50Quick question please?
15:39:58linuxstbmarkun: I don't think that works... I've been thinking about this recently, and think it would be nice if each target (or group of targets) had a "release manager" to take charge of things like bootloader releases, documentation etc.
15:39:59 Join perl|work [0] (
15:40:01bluebrotherwebguest50: for "quick" your time's up
15:40:16webguest50Llorean pointed people on the ABI forum to a beta install using Sansapatcher
15:40:21webguest50There's a link to download it but it's busted.
15:40:26webguest50Is this tool not ready for prime time?
15:40:30 Nick datachild is now known as krebb (
15:40:33linuxstbWhat link did he post?
15:40:34 Nick krebb is now known as datachild (
15:40:47webguest50Wait, I'll have to find it.
15:40:47linuxstbwebguest50: But no, the tool isn't released yet.
15:41:19linuxstbYes, that's where the file will go when it's released.
15:41:28*GodEater wonders if Domonoky will be nice enough to include him in credits.h this time...
15:41:31webguest50OK, so it's not ready... thanks.
15:41:47DomonokyGodEater: oops... :-)
15:42:07GodEaterDomonoky: I thought about including that in the patch, but thought it might be a bit cheeky ;)
15:42:15DomonokyGodEater: you should have includes it in your patch :-)
15:42:24markunlinuxstb: for me such a job would probably take the fun out of rockbox, but perhaps there are other people who like doing such things?
15:42:27jhMikeSoy, had to enter rescue mode...good thing I found it by pressing buttons at random :P
15:42:51linuxstbmarkun: It's virtually no work, just a little management...
15:43:07std|workmarkun: i want to make e-book with both audio and text parts
15:43:09 Quit webguest50 (Client Quit)
15:43:34markunlinuxstb: I already feel too responsible for those lost sould in :)
15:43:38DomonokyGodEater: and you should post you patches on Flyspray as Patches, not as Bugs :-)
15:43:46markunlost souls
15:43:48std|workmarkun: useful stuff for me to learn some English =)
15:44:23markunstd|work: ok, sounds insteresting. The mpegplayer uses audio output, but it's linked with libmad
15:44:37GodEaterDomonoky: I thought I had - I noticed when I went to look for it that it had managed to go into bugs though
15:44:47*GodEater will be more careful next time
15:45:27std|workmarkun: gotta go now. is there a reason to post a message to forum?
15:45:40GodEaterDomonoky: I'm busy building a debian environment in vmware to (hopefully) get a statically linked version of rbutil ready for the wiki
15:45:55DomonokyGodEater: nice..
15:45:58GodEaterGentoo just isn't oriented for statically linking stuff sadly
15:46:07markunstd|work: better come back here for serious questions
15:46:20*Domonoky commited the credits change in rbutil :-)
15:46:36std|workokie. thanx everyone
15:46:58markunnice (partial) quote "... while computers make fine idiot savants, ..."
15:47:01 Quit std|work ("bye")
15:48:18jhMikeSGigabeat all better :)
15:48:21GodEaterDomonoky: hehe - thanks ;)
15:49:15Stalwart <−− will rockbox work on this?
15:49:33*Domonoky hopes this change, motivates GodEater to help more with rbutil :-))
15:49:46dan_aOoh, I think I've come across the magic to allow us to send two samples at once down the I2S FIFO on Portalplayer machines... it'll save a few instructions in the FIQ
15:50:39*amiconn spots some realname policy violation on the frontpage
15:51:11 Nick datachild is now known as krebb (
15:51:35Domonokyoh, should i refer to realnames in the commit messages ?
15:51:38jhMikeSdan_a: what does it do now? coldfire sends l-r pairs or do you mean two l-r pairs at once?
15:51:46markunamiconn: at least the actual name in credits.h is real
15:52:40B4gderStalwart: if someone ports rockbox to it, sure
15:52:48dan_ajhMikeS: At the moment, pcm-pp.c sends the left sample then the right - I think I can send a l-r pair
15:53:56 Join toffe82 [0] (
15:54:14markungood day toffe82
15:54:50StalwartSansa View looks great - no fscking touchscreen
15:55:06Stalwarti think about it if my nano dies unexpectedly
15:55:41GodEaterdear debian experts, is there a way to accept "suggested packages" when doing an apt-get install? Or do you just have to remember them and come back later ?
15:57:23preglowDomonoky: is the theme downloader supposed to work?
15:57:30*Stalwart waves to toffe82
15:57:46B4gderGodEater: I've always done the latter personally, for the rare cases I've cared
15:57:58Domonokypreglow: it should work, but there could be some bugs :-)
15:58:04preglowyou don't say
15:58:07preglowsegfaults here
15:58:10preglowgood god
15:58:13GodEaterB4gder: ok. I'll get a notepad ;)
15:58:14preglowgtk stacktraces are so ugly
15:58:16TheSphinX^i've a problem since i updatet from r15840 to r12845: while my x5 is playing my sound gets more badly and more badly, and after 3 or 4 tracks i have to restart, because i can't any longer listen to it :( could it be because of the r12843-changes? has anyone an idea?
15:58:28preglowstacktrace 109 items long
15:58:29 Quit Thundercloud_ (Connection timed out)
15:58:45Domonokypreglow: :-(
15:59:07B4gderTheSphinX^: r15840 to r12845 sounds... wrong
16:00:02jhMikeSTheSphinX^: Possible. Can you be more specific?
16:00:14B4gderthat's r12842 to r12843
16:00:33preglowDomonoky: what's supposed to happen in the theme window? does it create a list box of entries?
16:00:55jhMikeSI think TheSphinX^ meant r12840 to r12845 *shrug*
16:00:56TheSphinX^i had 12840 installed and updated to 12845 or do you update every build or until you sleep?
16:01:11Domonokypreglow: yes it creates a list of aviable themes
16:01:12B4gderyou didn't say 12480
16:01:52TheSphinX^ups a typo but that the 15 must be an 12 is more possible
16:01:52*preglow HATES gui code
16:02:11Domonokypreglow: when does it segfault ? after the downloading, and before showing the list ??
16:02:27preglowDomonoky: progres bar is like 10% done, then it segfaults
16:02:30jhMikeSTheSphinX^: I do have an x5 and had no such thing happen. I used it on and off all day a couple days ago to check everything.
16:02:46Domonokyso while downloading ? strange..
16:02:54linuxstbGodEater: Does SVN rbutil compile without warnings for you now?
16:02:55GodEaterDomonoky: for reference, no such segfault here
16:02:59preglowDomonoky: a SetLabel call is what messes up
16:03:02GodEaterlinuxstb: yep
16:03:05preglowDomonoky: more specifically the string = operator
16:03:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:03:33linuxstbGodEater: I still get a couple -
16:04:36Domonokylinuxstb: if fixed those locally, but its in another tree..
16:06:15jhMikeSTheSphinX^: I'm not sure how sound would degrade gradually. So tell me what's up. I'm usually on the alert for a few days after making changes like that. Tell me what settings you have on. Try resetting them to see if the problem disappears.
16:06:27GodEaterhow odd - I don't get those warnings at all
16:06:30preglowthe occasional hungarian notation in rbutil :/
16:06:36TheSphinX^jhMikeS 1 moment
16:07:23linuxstbGodEater: gcc version? I've got 4.0.4
16:08:07Domonokyand these are valid warnings... :-) so i will fix it shortly :-)
16:08:51GodEaterclearly 4.1.2 doesn't think they're valid =/
16:09:22GodEaternot a single bloody theme on the gigabeat pages uses the right dir structure in the .zip file it seems
16:09:43preglowDomonoky: a target list with collapsable categories would be nicer than the current one
16:10:07Domonokyrbutil try to check for the right structure.. :-) ( it checks if there is a .rockbox dir)
16:10:22GodEaterI think it's getting it wrong then
16:10:33GodEaterI just checked one of the files it downloaded, and it looked fine to me
16:11:06Domonokyhm, it could be missing a fix, its bad to have too many svn dirs :-) i will try :-)
16:11:12preglowDomonoky: the bug is in wxThemesPage::OnListBox
16:11:25preglowDomonoky: in the SetLabel call
16:12:23Domonokyoki, i will have a look..
16:12:40preglowwait a min
16:12:41preglowit worked now
16:12:48DomonokyGodEater: on windows installing gigabeat themes works..
16:12:58preglowit depends on the target, it seems
16:14:18Domonokyhm, it could be some themes are missing some thing in the list i download, (which theme is it ? )
16:14:20preglowDomonoky: depends on target, if i chose ipods, it crashes, h10, for example, it works fine
16:14:28GodEaterDomonoky: I just tried Cabbie
16:14:35GodEaterwhich is a fairly decent one
16:14:50preglowtry nano yourself and see if that works
16:14:59GodEaterthe .zip file looks fine structurally
16:15:33preglowalso, the image preview window should not be resizable
16:15:34GodEaterpreglow: same here
16:15:40preglowand the download progress bar is a bit wide :)
16:15:43GodEatergigabeat is fine - iPod nano crashes
16:15:46DomonokyGodEater, preglow: on windows this works.. i will fire up colinux
16:15:55preglowDomonoky: nano and ipod video too?
16:15:57GodEaterpreglow: hahah - also the same opinion on the progress bar ;)
16:16:23GodEaterpreglow: yep - ipod Video crashes too
16:16:23Domonokyyes, on windows both work..
16:17:01*GodEater builds with debugging on
16:17:22Domonokyand the progressbar is the same on every download, so its not good to change the width
16:17:35Domonokybecause other downloads are bigger..
16:17:58preglowthe progress bar size depends on file size in kb? :)
16:18:08Domonokyfor example downloading rockbox..
16:18:17preglowjust make it 500 pixels wide everywhere, for example
16:18:23preglowif it works for web browsers, it really should work for us
16:18:34preglowthe progress bar is bloody 1400 pixels wide here
16:18:38preglowwhich just looks weird
16:18:41Domonokyits christis code, i will digg in.. :-)
16:19:30preglowand i need to go get food
16:19:31 Quit B4gder ("Time to say moo")
16:22:23 Quit jac0b ("CGI:IRC")
16:25:44Domonokyok, i can reporduce the incorrect detection of the dir struckture in Linux, but it doesnt segfault for me..
16:26:08toffe82just an update on my pb with dircache, the cache was not created, too many files ...
16:27:21 Join Frode_ [0] (n=Frode@
16:29:21 Quit atsea-142 (Remote closed the connection)
16:29:21 Quit atsea- (Remote closed the connection)
16:35:54perl|worktoffe82 interesting
16:36:38pondlifeHow o
16:36:52 Quit wrobbie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:36:52pondlifeHow come rbutil has its own credits?
16:37:31Domonoky:-) dont really know, thats christis work :-)
16:37:55pondlifeNot a problem, I just didn't know it did have - assumed it would be the normal CREDITS file... :)
16:39:54Domonokyi fixed now the remaining warnings, and the dir checking with themezips... but i didnt found the segfaulting bug.. as it doesnt segfault on my windows and coLinux..
16:40:22Domonokyoh and i also changed the size of the Progressdialog, i hope it should be better now :-)
16:42:08linuxstbpondlife: The manual also has its own list of credits.
16:42:44pondlifeI didn't know that either
16:43:19linuxstbBut I'm not sure what I think about that...
16:45:25pondlifeDoes Rasher hang out here ever?
16:47:26 Join ackbahr [0] (
16:53:29amiconnpondlife: He used to
16:53:48amiconnlogbot tells me he left this channel almost 29 days ago
16:56:11 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
16:56:11 Quit chrisjs169 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:56:14 Join chrisjs169|brb [0] (n=Jack@unaffiliated/chrisjs169)
16:56:18 Join Seed [0] (
16:58:20 Quit preglow (
16:58:20 Quit qwx (
16:58:29 Join preglow [0] (n=thomjoha@rockbox/developer/preglow)
16:58:29NJoinqwx [0] (
16:58:50TheSphinX^jhMikeS i'm uploading an sample
16:59:06pondlifeamiconn: Thanks, I've mailed him.
17:00:02jhMikeSTheSphinX^: ok
17:00:50jhMikeSTheSphinX^: If you tell what settings you've got maybe I can duplicate it.
17:02:41*TheSphinX^ jhMikeS i'm looking trought some patches
17:02:51*TheSphinX^ linuxstb can you tell me what exactly happens on your ipod with your sync-patch?
17:03:19 Quit billytwowilly (Remote closed the connection)
17:03:42 Quit ackbahr (Remote closed the connection)
17:04:06 Join webguest56 [0] (i=7d19be01@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:04:50 Quit webguest56 (Client Quit)
17:05:43 Join webguest56 [0] (i=7d19be01@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:08:38linuxstbTheSphinX^: The sound is corrupted. It's recognisable, but distorted.
17:08:48preglowDomonoky: now it looks even weirder :P it starts out as big, then half a second after it appears, it's resized smaller
17:09:08TheSphinX^linuxstb dit it only break audio on video or everywhere?
17:09:46preglowpondlife: rasher hangs out here when he has time
17:10:02linuxstbI didn't check, but I would be surprised if it could affect audio outside mpegplayer
17:10:17Domonokypreglow: ups :-)
17:10:19jhMikeSTheSphinX^: this is for video playback? I don't think my update should do anything.
17:10:27TheSphinX^ok, i asket yust because of my audioissues
17:11:41 Quit webguest56 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:11:50TheSphinX^jhMikeS no my issue is everywere, but linuxstb sad that his patch beaks audio on ipods, and i didn't know "does it only break on videoplaying" or the whole soundsystem"
17:12:40amiconnpondlife: If you want to know when someone was around last time: /msg logbot seen <nick>
17:13:14pondlifeamiconn: Thanks
17:13:34jhMikeSThis sounds strange cause I did most of my testing on x5 and if it didn't sound fine it wouldn't be in CVS...but some setting you have could be causing trouble. If I don't know more I just really can't investigate it since I don't know what to do.
17:13:43jhMikeSSVN argh
17:14:04TheSphinX^jhMikeS the sample i'M uploading is recorded on the line-out while playing an album of mp3s
17:14:55Domonokypreglow: can you try this patch on rbutil ?
17:14:57jhMikeSbut how am I going to be able to duplicate this?
17:15:27TheSphinX^i don'T know is could send you my config
17:15:42jhMikeSthat'll do...
17:16:02preglowDomonoky: just progress bar size fix?
17:16:27Domonokyand i check the index, in the OnlistBox function..
17:16:50Domonokyso it could help against the segfault, but i dont know..
17:17:04preglowprogress bar now looks good, but segfaults like before
17:17:50jhMikeSpreglow: hard at work on your favorite area of coding? ;)
17:18:03preglowjhMikeS: i'm just whining, not coding ;)
17:18:22preglowthough i AM coding gui right now too, just not rockbox
17:18:26jhMikeSI prefer whining myself too sometimes
17:18:27Domonokybut this segfault is bad.. i cant reproduze it..
17:18:37 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
17:19:24preglowDomonoky: if i use a target that segfaults after having used one that works, i instead get a message that the themes list is in wrong format
17:20:49preglowthen it just proceeds anyway, and gives me the old list for the target that worked
17:21:27preglowTHEN rbutil crashes whenever i select one of the entiers
17:21:32preglowENTRIES, GODDAMN IT
17:21:45preglowwhich isn't very surprising, since they don't really exist for the target
17:21:46Domonokybad, bad..
17:22:41preglowback to the motor league with rbutil
17:23:10Domonokythe list should be emtpy if parsing the downloaded list fails... strange.. :-(
17:24:10*Domonoky thinks about changing the wizards to normal Windows, with everyting on one Page..
17:24:31Domonokybut as always there is one problem... time.. :-)
17:30:25 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:30:32jhMikeSok. will start the dl. gimme a few cause I've gotta order some contacts online for my gf and I've been promising for days to do it and I'm gonna get in trouble if I don't :P
17:34:33TheSphinX^jhMikeS now played some speex-files and it simply "mutes" after a while
17:35:25 Quit lostlogic (Remote closed the connection)
17:36:00TheSphinX^ok, an mix of speex and flac
17:36:05TheSphinX^i saw
17:36:54 Join CVMagic [0] (
17:37:28 Quit CVMagic (Client Quit)
17:39:17jhMikeSTheSphinX^: no lockups or anything, right?
17:40:37jhMikeSstereo speex?
17:41:11 Quit mattzz ("CGI:IRC")
17:41:17TheSphinX^mixed mono and stereo, i haven't a lot of speex files
17:41:21 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:41:35jhMikeSspeex isn't exactly trouble free at the moment
17:41:47TheSphinX^so i currently can test it better
17:42:13jhMikeSmp3 or something would be better
17:42:24 Join My_Sic [0] (
17:42:28TheSphinX^the sample is only from mp3s
17:42:35TheSphinX^so it's better
17:43:48 Join lostlogic [0] (n=lostlogi@rockbox/developer/lostlogic)
17:44:28jhMikeSthat's really nasty clipping actually
17:44:31pondlifeSOT. but useful for my Rockbox sim testing... anyone know if there's a way for Windows to map a network drive to a particular place in the filesystem as a link?
17:45:02pondlifei.e. My music is all on a network drive, I'd like to see it under my sims archos directory.
17:45:13Domonokyyes, if you map the network drive to a drivename..
17:45:25pondlifeAs opposed to a letter?
17:45:34Domonokyi mean letter
17:45:38jhMikeSlike some gain is creeping up over time
17:45:50pondlifeOK, I have that, but how to link to the letter?
17:46:04pondlifeUsed to be JOIN or similar under MS-DOS...
17:46:20Domonokyhm, have to look it up again..
17:46:36linuxstb_pondlife: Are you using cygwin?
17:47:22linuxstb_Then symlinks may work - e.g. "ln -sf /cygdrive/x mymusic"
17:47:48linuxstb_(type it from within your archos directory)
17:47:51 Join ender` [0] (
17:48:17pondlifeDo I need to mount my UNC path first?
17:48:42linuxstb_Ah, I don't know how cygwin deals with that - my example assumed it was mapped to a drive.
17:49:02pondlifeAh, /cygdrive !
17:49:16linuxstb_My example assumed your music was accessed on drive x:
17:49:45 Quit gerry_ ("Leaving")
17:50:17pondlifeNope, that works in Cygwin, but not from the sim.. Nice try though!
17:50:44linuxstb_That's odd...
17:50:57linuxstb_I would have thought the sim would go through cygwin's filesystem layer...
17:51:18linuxstb_Or is it a native win32 app?
17:51:23Domonokyi found it, use the commandline in windows
17:51:34Domonokyuse the subst command
17:51:37jhMikeSTheSphinX^: You tried the 2007-03-19 daily with no problems?
17:52:09linuxstb_I thought subst was the opposite - i.e. assign a drive letter to a directory?
17:52:11pondlifeWow, I thought SUBST only allowed me to specify a letter
17:52:19 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
17:52:25*barrywardell loads an encrypted mi4 on his H10 :)
17:52:40Domonokyoh, could be.. sorry
17:52:54barrywardellH10 bootloader is about to get a lot easier!
17:53:04Domonokybut there is a possibilty to do it the other way round, but i forgot how to..
17:53:16pondlifeLINKD under WinXP?
17:53:23linuxstb_I think amiconn may know - I'm sure he's mentioned this ability in the past.
17:53:28pondlifeBut that's not available under Win2K like I'm running
17:53:50*linuxstb_ leaves for the evening
17:54:06 Quit linuxstb_ ("Leaving")
17:55:10Arathisbarrywardell: you're working with an unchanged, original iriver mi4 for dualbooting?
17:57:44barrywardelli have it working now
17:58:19 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:58:22Arathiswell, that is really great! :D
18:03:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:09:43 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
18:10:18 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
18:10:34 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:10:37 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
18:10:44 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
18:11:33 Quit pilled ("changing servers")
18:13:42 Join pilled [0] (
18:15:36 Quit vcardenas ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:16:09 Quit TheSphinX^ ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:17:42 Join desowin [0] (
18:19:40 Join _Amblin [0] (
18:21:33 Join Everybody [0] (
18:26:18 Join My_Sic [0] (
18:26:21 Join atsea-142 [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-d4304c71602d24cd)
18:27:27Slasheriuh, finally the scheduler should be more core-wise thread safe and that fixed many issues too.. probably committing in few days :)
18:27:49 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-8f7cfa6b672c8c75)
18:28:37 Join MarkMcConnell [0] (i=3efc8011@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:29:07markunMarkMcConnell: welcome back
18:29:37markunyou didn't manage to upload the scans?
18:29:41MarkMcConnellClould i have permission to edit the wiki , because i was asked to scan the Zen Vision M's hard drive and main board
18:30:00 Join donvito [0] (
18:30:24markunMarkMcConnell: you should have write permission already. Doesn't it work?
18:30:30 Quit Everybody ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
18:30:38MarkMcConnelli know sorry my laptop battery ran out and i was on the train . i have it fully charged now
18:30:59 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:31:00MarkMcConnell2 seconds and i will try it again.
18:32:03barrywardellSlasheri: does it fix the sluggish list scrolling?
18:32:33Slasheriindirectly yes, because it allows audio decoding on COP
18:33:01MarkMcConnellit works i will upload the scans in 2 mins :)
18:34:16 Quit donvito (Client Quit)
18:34:22preglowSlasheri: improved on the complete lack of performance gains with the old cop decoding?
18:34:23 Join bwbass [0] (
18:34:24 Join Nico_P [0] (
18:35:02Slasheripreglow: currently there is no such thing as cop decoding
18:35:05 Join My_Sic [0] (
18:35:25Slasheribecause the codec thread is never really ran on the cop (debug screen shows wrong information)
18:36:00Slasheribut now i have got it really running on cop, and ui lag is gone
18:36:12preglowSlasheri: really now
18:36:16preglowSlasheri: cool!
18:36:31preglowany problems left?
18:36:51preglowhow does the debug screen show the wrong info, btw?
18:37:17Slasherithere are many _possible_ issues left, but currently it's running quite well. For example possible filesystem corruption in worst case if both cores are writing to the fs
18:38:55preglowwell, only the first should do that, of course
18:38:57Slasheripreglow: debug screen thinks the process is on the cop because the thread has been allocated from the cop's thread pool (i am now unifying both pools). But scheduler's thread blocking function was buggy and moved thread from cop back to main core
18:39:03Slasheriand debug screen does not know that
18:39:16Slasheripreglow: true, but with recording that can be an issue
18:39:34Slasherias jhMikeS said, codec and recording threads needs to be on the same core
18:39:56preglowthat's true
18:40:35 Join bluey- [0] (
18:41:23preglowwell, this is very cool in any case
18:41:31preglowsolves the Big cop mystery
18:41:37Slasheritrue :)
18:45:23preglowhas anyone had any further looks at tomal's latest vorbis patches?
18:45:26preglowany reason they're not commited?
18:47:17MarkMcConnelltheir i got the pics uploaded MarkMcConnell"> hope i have helped
18:49:30jhMikeShrm...The one that wanted a bug looked into dun runnoft without cluing me in on everything...typical
18:50:41amiconnSlasheri: Why do recording and codec threads need to be on the same core for recording, but audio and codec threads for playback do not?
18:50:58Slasheriamiconn: audio & codec threads needs to be too
18:51:05Slasherithere is just too much dependency
18:51:18amiconnOk, and how do you solve the fs access there?
18:51:56Slasheriamiconn: mutexes are used for ata, but codec is only reading data so cached buffers are not likely to cause fs corruption
18:52:15Slasherijust read data to codec can be corrupted in worst case but that should be the case on the main core
18:52:38Slasheribut things chance is codec is trying to write also
18:52:50Slasherithen cached buffers are likely to cause more serious trouble
18:53:21Slasheri*that should not
18:54:08Slasheri*is=if, argh typos
18:54:51*amiconn thinks cop threads should never access the file system
18:55:15amiconnAnd the thread(s) doing the buffering should run on main
18:55:16Slasherithat would be ideal, but not likely to happen with the current codec system
18:55:40 Nick Arathis is now known as Arathis|afk (
18:55:43Slasheriprobably on the new playback system if buffering is separated
18:56:42 Quit _Amblin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:56:58 Quit barrywardell ()
18:57:22*amiconn wonders whether we can flush specified cache lines, as opposed to the whole cache
18:57:29amiconnOn PP, that is
18:58:05Slasherithat would help a lot. But iirc nobody has yet figured out how that can be done
18:58:54amiconnOr mark certain sdram areas as uncachable
18:59:06Slasheribut probably we could flush the whole cache too if that's the only way to do it
18:59:29Slasherifor example after entering specific mutex, flush the cache
18:59:38preglowamiconn: the last is possible, in a way
18:59:55preglowamiconn: by accesing the sdram areas in question by aliased addresses
19:00:05preglowhrm, that wouldn't exactly make it uncached, though
19:00:31preglowunless the cache is actually configured to not cache those addresses at all, but we don't know that
19:01:49*Slasheri wonders if anyone uses ipod for recording atm.. i could commit the new scheduler too and broke recording on PP
19:02:00amiconnAliased addresses circumvent the cache on read
19:02:20 Quit MarkMcConnell ("CGI:IRC")
19:02:40*amiconn would like to know what the new scheduler does wrt binary size on single-core targets
19:03:32Slasheriamiconn: single core targets shouldn't be affected (much) :)
19:03:43Slasheriin fact some parts of code was simplified
19:03:43 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:03:44amiconnpreglow: Hmm, if we knew the cache organisation, it would be possible to flush certain lines only reading from an address which is an alias for the cached line
19:05:20amiconnSlasheri: I think you should ask linuxstb wrt PP recording
19:05:52Slasheriamiconn: ok, and i will make a patch before committing
19:08:42Slasherinow all scheduler operations are atomic and both cores can't be in active scheduling stage at the same time
19:10:40 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
19:11:20 Join Llorean [0] (
19:11:54jhMikeSwell, that bug TheSphinX^ reported is for real...and very bizarre too
19:12:20 Nick Arathis|afk is now known as Arathis (
19:12:23amiconnYou were able to reproduce it?
19:12:38*amiconn doesn't run that code yet
19:12:42jhMikeSit's the oddest thing
19:12:52amiconnNeed a defined base for my runtime tests
19:12:54 Quit kaaloo ("Leaving.")
19:13:06jhMikeSthe audio gradually becomes clipped...but quieter
19:13:06 Join robin0800 [0] (
19:14:14jhMikeSpeakmeters are pegged to the somethings changing a gain variable little by little
19:14:39jhMikeSor it's a creepy DC offset...
19:15:04 Quit Arathis (Remote closed the connection)
19:15:23amiconnIs it codec dependent?
19:15:47LloreanjhMikeS: I know what causes the problem
19:15:52Lloreanamiconn: It's an old problem, long since fixed.
19:16:09jhMikeSuntil today...hhah
19:16:11LloreanI think
19:16:16LloreanLook at his band 0 on the EQ
19:16:27LloreanOr maybe I'm wrong.
19:16:29 Join Arathis [0] (
19:16:41LloreanBut shouldn't the cutoff be 60hz?
19:16:50jhMikeSIt's 0HZ
19:16:55Llorean0hz causes symptoms exactly as he described
19:17:00amiconnHmm, my latest ipod rtt shows that dual-core operation decreases runtime... by about 5% on mini2g
19:17:01LloreanIt's impossible to set, but it was the default briefly.
19:17:23amiconnProbably because of the improper dual-core scheduling...
19:17:25LloreanThat was fixed, but if he hadn't cleared his settings since then, he'd still have it set, if the EQ was on, it would cause that problem.
19:17:26jhMikeSWhat was the fix? Why's it showing again?
19:17:35jhMikeSit is
19:17:35LloreanThe fix was changing the default back to 60hz
19:17:41preglowif eq code works at all when sent 0hz as cutoff, it's pure luck
19:17:51jhMikeSReally I think settings should be range checked at load
19:17:56LloreanBut people who hadn't cleared their settings since the 'fix' would still have it set at 0hz, and get funny behaviour on the EQ
19:18:07LloreanjhMikeS: I agree.
19:18:08jhMikeSLlorean: Thanks for saving much of my time :)
19:18:10*amiconn thought the new settings code would check bounds, and reset a setting to default if it's out of bounds
19:18:57jhMikeSLlorean: so what should I do? reset settings and retry the config I got?
19:19:22preglowjust set that setting to 60
19:19:24amiconnHmm, or perhaps the code that takes the setting should do this check (eq in this case)
19:19:38LloreanjhMikeS: Or just set the cutoff to 60hz, or anything but 0.
19:19:41jhMikeSIt's not like we have header with nice ranges and defaults
19:19:41preglowamiconn: bounds checking sounds better
19:19:52preglowthe general case, that is
19:20:00jhMikeSright....I just clicked it to 20 and it all came back
19:21:03preglowi also happen to think 20 is a bit too low
19:21:14preglow40 is borderline
19:21:16jhMikeSsome settings might be better clamped...hard to say. both options should exist and I think there's plenty of flags left to specify that stuff
19:21:50 Quit robin0800 (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
19:22:22 Join robin0800 [0] (
19:22:31jhMikeSheh...false seemed not like that kind of thing the new code would create.
19:23:34jhMikeSAs for running doom with a voice file present on my that an old issue or something I'd better jump on? pacbox works (that is also IRAM using).
19:24:22jhMikeSIt just crashes out but not without the voice file....I'll check previous builds
19:25:55 Quit robin0800 (Client Quit)
19:25:57jhMikeSduh...should've seen the 0 in the eq band right there in the config
19:26:15 Join Redbreva [0] (
19:26:57*jhMikeS is gonna switch reload his own config cause this one's kinda oogy
19:27:11 Join robin0800 [0] (
19:27:20 Join Stefan [0] (n=chatzill@
19:28:11Stefanback after school with two more questions
19:28:46Stefanis anyone here?
19:29:06Stefani'll take that as a yes
19:29:20jhMikeSone question left
19:32:29amiconnjhMikeS: Doom crashes if voice is enabled. Just voice file present is no problem
19:32:49jhMikeSamiconn: not on x5 last I looked
19:33:01amiconnThis is due to doom using the core menu api.
19:33:20amiconnDuuno whether pacbox doesn't use that, never tried it...
19:33:30jhMikeSmakes sense...that will invoke the voice codec and trash dooms ram/iram
19:34:27LloreanCan we make Doom refuse to launch if voice is active?
19:34:58amiconnWe need a method to programmatically disable voice temporarily, for plugins using iram
19:35:02LloreanWhile I've played one first person shooter designed for the blind, Doom wasn't it.
19:35:17jhMikeSset the voice menus to off, just like recording
19:36:29amiconnThat simple?
19:36:40jhMikeSyup, that's all it does
19:37:07*amiconn would like if voice could continue to function during recording on swcodec
19:37:52jhMikeSit probably could with work...been in my head. Would we like voiced mixed with monitoring or to just pop in and monitoring off?
19:37:58 Join webguest69 [0] (i=528c30fe@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:38:03amiconnjhMikeS: The plugin would have to remember the setting and reset it properly on exit I guess?
19:38:19jhMikeSthat's all recording does
19:38:47webguest69hello there
19:38:56amiconnFor backlight it's easier as it's actually set by a (firmware level function). No need to change the global_settings entry, and hence the remembering is automatic
19:40:00amiconnjhMikeS: I guess mixing in would be difficult, and even impossible with s/pdif monitoring of an s/pdif recording source, as that's pass-through
19:40:07jhMikeSamiconn: yes, it's all just that atm
19:40:54jhMikeSwell, we could play the received pcm back out but the rates won't nescessarily match...definitely not for 48k and we can't play that out
19:41:24Lloreanwebguest69: That's the third time you've said something like "Hello". This isn't really a social channel, did you have a specific question?
19:41:28amiconnYes, as we can't use the s/pdif input clock
19:41:58i6zlWell I have a question about the e200 rockbox if this is the place to ask it?
19:42:00jhMikeSI always hated that design flaw :P
19:42:10webguest69OMG that webclient damn lags behind :)
19:42:13 Quit robin0800 (" HydraIRC -> <- Go on, try it!")
19:42:33webguest69Anyways, just a quick question: When will the recorder v1 daily builds be fixed?
19:42:33amiconnYes, especially as the coldfire allows to measure the s/pdif clock....
19:42:34 Join robin0800 [0] (
19:42:35 Join webguest22 [0] (i=4245d2c2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:42:44 Quit webguest22 (Client Quit)
19:42:48 Part robin0800
19:42:54Lloreani6zl: This is #rockbox, yes.
19:43:08Lloreanwebguest69: "Fixed" how?
19:43:27amiconnwebguest69: They are ok...
19:43:52Stefananyone knows how i can acces the backdrop buffer from a plugin?
19:43:53i6zlOk, I had made a thread about a screen problem I had, and how it affected both the rockbox firmware and the existing firmware after the rockbox install, and i was just wondering if it was already known
19:44:06i6zli know on the rockbox site it says not to report bugs for new ports, so i didnt do it there
19:44:38 Join robin0800 [0] (
19:45:47 Join vcardenas [0] (i=9dfd0e52@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:46:24 Quit hcs (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:46:28Lloreani6zl: It's known. What's the newest version of Rockbox you've tried with, though?
19:47:01 Quit robin0800 (Client Quit)
19:47:11 Join robin0800 [0] (
19:47:58i6zluhh, I used the 3/17 build...with the .exe file that was posted on the anythingbutipod forums... I tried to use the beta installer on the rockbox site but a link was broken to a file needed.
19:48:02 Quit webguest69 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
19:48:51Lloreani6zl: Try with the current build. The LCD driver has been updated, though I don't know if it'll fix that problem.
19:49:07LloreanJust use the "Installing the Firmware" instructions in the manual
19:49:23i6zlalright, what's the best way to remove my current build?
19:49:41LloreanYou just overwrite it.
19:49:50LloreanIn the end, you're just extracting a new to the player.
19:50:02i6zlalright. i'll try it and tell you how it goes.
19:50:37LloreanActually, that won't fix it.
19:50:47LloreanBecause you'd need a new bootloader too.
19:51:01LloreanHeck, I have no way of knowing which bootloader you have installed, because you used some unofficial installer.
19:51:10LloreanReally, you should always be following the instructions in the manual.
19:51:39i6zlyou're right, that's my fault, uhh, i can remove the old one real fast, i did it earlier.
19:51:52LloreanWell, I don't think there's a bootloader with the new code yet.
19:52:16i6zlalright, well then i'll just wait for a little bit.
19:52:32i6zlits not really too bad of a problem
19:52:35LloreanBut you might want to try the current official bootloader anyway.
19:52:54i6zlhmm where is that found at? manual again?
19:53:54i6zli'm going to completely clear my e200, probably would make it easier to start from scratch
19:54:31LloreanNot necessarily...
19:54:57 Part Llorean
19:56:17 Part i6zl
19:57:21 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
19:58:39 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
20:03:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:04:58 Quit chrisjs169|brb (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
20:05:01 Join mirak [0] (
20:05:10 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
20:05:27 Join Llorean [0] (n=Llorean@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
20:07:31 Join JavaMan22 [0] (
20:09:36Nico_PBagder: have you found time to look at my patch ?
20:11:23 Quit Vyrus001 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:11:36 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:12:17 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
20:12:22 Join Vyrus001 [0] (
20:13:50 Join wLLm [0] (
20:14:33 Quit w1ll14m (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16:23 Quit hcs ("Download Gaim:")
20:19:29JavaMan22is it possible to choose a list of games for doom?
20:19:54JavaMan22i just renamed my counterstrike to doom.wad and it worked but why cant it detect a different wad?
20:21:28LloreanRead how to use addons...
20:21:55 Join efyx [0] (
20:22:31JavaMan22The wads doom looks for are:
20:22:38JavaMan22it only looks for certain files
20:23:49LloreanI repeat: read how to use addons
20:24:37LloreanRockbox only looks for certain MAIN wads, because the main ones should always be the commercial versions of Doom.
20:24:55LloreanWe added Freedoom to that list because it's intended to be a main wad, and can be used to launch various Doom2 addons.
20:25:08LloreanBut it can see an addons, it doesn't have a set list.
20:27:43 Quit ShaunES (Remote closed the connection)
20:28:13Nico_Pdo these guidelines still apply ?
20:30:11LloreanNico_P: I believe so
20:31:51Nico_PLlorean: I was under the impression that the wiki or were a better place for WPSes
20:32:49 Join windminstrel [0] (
20:32:56LloreanNico_P: Yes. Those submitted by SubmitWPS may be rejected.
20:33:02 Nick windminstrel is now known as ShaunES (
20:33:27LloreanIt's not for every WPS, it's for a selection of included WPSes.
20:33:57Nico_PLlorean: I don't get what you mean
20:34:44LloreanNico_P: For WPS authors who feel their WPS is suitable for being included in the for a particular player, basically for trying to become one of the few "official" WPSes, that's what that form is for.
20:34:47 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
20:36:12Nico_Pok, so we can close WPS tasks ? I suppose if someone had wanted them in CVS/SVN, they'd be in by now
20:37:23JavaMan22Llorean its not working
20:37:36JavaMan22i have a counterstrike wad i put it in addons
20:37:48JavaMan22and when i play the game i get errors
20:38:24JavaMan22You can not -file with the shareware version.
20:39:17DomonokyJavaMan22: read the error message, it doesnt work with the shareware version.. you need fullversion
20:40:14LloreanJavaMan22: Try selecting Doom or Doom2 or Freedoom as the "Game" rather than the shareware version...
20:40:15JavaMan22whats a shareware version doom1?
20:40:50JavaMan22why doesnt it say doomshare instead of doom1
20:41:18LloreanBecause the file is doom1.wad, and we assume that you actually read what files you're downloading.
20:41:18 Join thunderpick [0] (
20:42:01 Join entheh [0] (
20:43:02 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
20:43:50JdGordonaaarrrg...... the sun isnt even up yet and i am :'(
20:46:39 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:48:47thunderpickhello. have anybody some informations about the status for the ipod 80 gb??
20:49:27JavaMan22it says This is not the registered verison.
20:49:47thunderpickin the forums there is only one thread for this topic.
20:50:05thunderpickand it's frozzen now.
20:51:01Lloreanthunderpick: And if you read the very very last post in the thread, it tells you everything you need to know about the status.
20:51:22LloreanJavaMan22: Using which version of Doom?
20:53:27thunderpick@Llorean: yes but it's not too much :-) you written it on 2/2/07
20:54:05LloreanJavaMan22: And is that doom.wad a commercial version of Doom? When you play it on its own, what episodes are available and work?
20:54:27JavaMan22i dont know where i got doom.wad
20:54:28Lloreanthunderpick: Just because it's not much doesn't mean it's not true, and not the whole story. It says clearly there that further discussion is not needed.
20:54:41LloreanJavaMan22: Please do not illegally download commercial games.
20:54:42JavaMan22it was from ipl when i was trying to install wad games
20:54:52LloreanJavaMan22: You should go out and buy Doom at a store, and support artists who work on these games.
20:55:00JavaMan22i didnt steal
20:55:06LloreanDoom.wad, the real one, is not something that can be legally downloaded
20:55:12LloreanIf you downloaded Doom.wad, you did steal.
20:55:16JavaMan22i renamed it to doom.wad
20:55:21JavaMan22its actually doom1.wad
20:55:23LloreanWell that obviously won't work.
20:55:29LloreanRenaming a file does not change what the file is.
20:55:40JavaMan22how can i play counterstrike then with doom1.wad
20:55:44LloreanYou cannot.
20:55:49JavaMan22i did with ipl
20:55:50LloreanAs I said earlier, try using freedoom.
20:55:57JavaMan22freedom is free?
20:56:06LloreanWe even provide it in the Extras zip for doom.
20:56:17JavaMan22but how can i play all these different wads on ipl?
20:56:28 Nick Stefan is now known as SliMM (n=chatzill@
20:56:43amiconnpreglow, Slasheri: is it possible to flush the main core's cache from the cop and vice versa?
20:57:07Slasheriamiconn: i think so
20:57:11LloreanJavaMan22: For all I know, iPL ignores the registered-version requirement, in which case many wads might crash at certain points, or has other differences.
20:57:39thunderpickLlorean: is a discussion about the 80gb taboo?
20:57:53Lloreanthunderpick: It's not taboo, just mostly pointless.
20:57:54amiconnSlasheri: if that is possible, the file access can be protected from corruption as follows:
20:57:54JavaMan22oh ok
20:57:58JavaMan22then i will get freedom
20:58:04Lloreanthunderpick: Asking about it is not going to make it happen any more quickly, now is it?
20:58:13hcsJavaMan22: freedoom, two Os
20:58:55JavaMan22two Os?
20:58:58amiconnThe code needs to store which core accessed the file api last. Whenever the new access happens on a different core, this new access first needs to flush the other core's cache and then its own before continuing
20:59:13 Join |Rincewind| [0] (
20:59:13hcsJavaMan22: the letter o, twice
20:59:47Slasheriamiconn: hmm, indeed
21:00:05 Quit _Veseliq_ (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
21:02:11amiconnAnd since this switching certainly doesn't happen often, the performance impact should be neglectible
21:04:16jhMikeSSlasheri: is this now going to be a single scheduler for both cores?
21:04:25 Part pixelma
21:06:40JavaMan22ok it works now :)
21:06:53 Quit JavaMan22 ("Download Gaim:")
21:07:04amiconnHmm, it also means the whole file access needs to be mutexed ... :\
21:07:27amiconnMulti-core issues can certainly cause headaches :(
21:07:28 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
21:08:35jhMikeSwe'll have no reason to just not go with preemptive multitasking soon :P
21:09:53*amiconn thinks it would probably be easier to separate threads so that only codecs run on the cop, without file access
21:10:41amiconnPP is pretty much a special case, since all other targets are single core
21:14:54jhMikeSnote: recording codecs do access the file system but only on the pcmrec thread. recording code gets called on both.
21:16:16jhMikeS...and also some limited encoding is also done on pcmrec
21:17:44jhMikeSit could be mutexed for a couple instances in mp3_enc.codec. mostly none needed.
21:18:49SlasherijhMikeS: nope, but cores are locked so that no kernel routines / scheduling can happen on both cores at the same time
21:19:03SoapAny of the developers need/want a 3rd Gen iPod to work on its "kinks"?
21:19:17 Nick wLLm is now known as w1ll14mn (
21:19:20 Nick w1ll14mn is now known as w1ll14m (
21:19:44jhMikeSSoap: Freebie?
21:19:52 Join Domonoky_ [0] (
21:20:07LloreanjhMikeS: That'd certainly qualify as a low-performance ARM target. ;)
21:20:24SoapjhMikeS: yea, if the seller shows tonight for another Craigslist item, they said they'll throw in a 3rd gen, 10GB "with issues".
21:20:25jhMikeSThat's what I hear. :)
21:21:02*jhMikeS isn't into psychoanalyzing DAPs :P
21:21:05Soapso yea, I'd offer it free.
21:21:22jhMikeSI'll take it...and cover shipping for it
21:22:01jhMikeSbut get back on me if it's irreparably damaged or something
21:22:05jhMikeSto me
21:22:17SoapI'll get back with you tonight after the planned meetup and tell you if "issues" = dead battery/drive or "dropped off a cliff".
21:23:52 Part thunderpick ("Verlassend")
21:24:20 Nick qwx is now known as qwm (
21:24:21jhMikeSIt's frustrating that the gigabeat isn't slow enough...:P
21:24:26 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
21:24:47 Part vcardenas
21:24:55amiconnjhMikeS: Hehe, a 3G will be the opposite. It's even slower than the PP502x devices
21:25:19*LinusN listens to Nightwish on his Gigabeat F40 :-)
21:26:41*Slasheri listens Swallow the Sun on his 5.5G and decoding on COP :)
21:29:26amiconnSeems like the ata sleep fix doesn't help at all :(
21:29:36LinusNamiconn: :-(
21:30:32 Join ipodvideo60g [0] (i=47c0369a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:30:32amiconnAnd somehow battery runtime on coldfire has gotten worse compared to June 2006
21:31:27Nico_PLinusN: you just got your gigabeat ?
21:31:37*jhMikeS runs away
21:32:02jhMikeSLinusN: it's not slow enough is it? :)
21:32:19*amiconn wonders what might have caused this
21:32:38*jhMikeS runs faster ... just in case
21:33:19Nico_Pamiconn: I think you should get a gigabeat :)
21:33:26amiconnLow bat shutdown sacrifices 20 minutes. Different starting voltage explains another 13 minutes
21:33:35 Quit thegeek (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
21:33:57amiconnStill leaves nearly 2 hours to explain... (H300)
21:34:19amiconnNico_P: Certainly not
21:34:20jhMikeSWell, June was the month before I arrived on the scene :P
21:34:33 Join Moos [0] (
21:34:34perl|workerm whats that on the right:
21:34:55Nico_Pamiconn: i kinda was expecting an answer like that... why ?
21:35:08Nico_PLinusN: have you by any chance looked at my tokenizer patch ?
21:35:11perl|workduh, its an WPS
21:35:25amiconnThe gigabeat is overpowered, and has a too-high resolution and colour display
21:35:34LinusNNico_P: nope, but i don't like the idea with the plugin
21:35:54Nico_Pamiconn: how are these disadvantages ?
21:35:57LinusNgosh, the EQ clips like hell, even with plenty of precut
21:36:03 Join decayedcell_ [0] (
21:36:07*jhMikeS likes the high res
21:36:10LinusNbass/treble too
21:36:42Nico_PLinusN: you have nothing against the tokenizing, though ?
21:36:52LinusNno, not really
21:36:53amiconnNico_P: Most colour lcds are unreadable without backlight (there are some exceptions, but these don't include the gigabeat afaik)
21:37:19amiconnI like my displays to be readable without wasting battery... and I really don't need colour on a dap
21:37:32ipodvideo60ganyone feel up to walking me through how to convert a mac ipod to fat32 on a mac? I've been unable to get it working.
21:37:50amiconn...and I don't need high resolutions either
21:37:56Nico_Pamiconn: good point. I never had a real DAP without a color screen so that wasn't a worry for me but I understand your concern
21:38:14 Quit Domonoky (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:38:36 Join barrywardell [0] (
21:38:37amiconnIf I wanted colour because of video I would buy a PMP, but I have no interest in those
21:39:46amiconnColour lcd and video support in rockbox is still interesting coding-wise, but usage-wise I prefer mono/ greyscale displays any day for mobile devices
21:40:09jhMikeSLinusN: ?? different than other arm targets?
21:40:09 Quit ipodvideo60g ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:40:16amiconnOnly 25% of my targets are colour...
21:40:52jhMikeSamiconn would be happy with a 1x1 display that blinked everything out in binary :D
21:41:01 Quit decayedcell_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:41:18 Join decayedcell_ [0] (
21:41:31LinusNjhMikeS: haven't listened seriously to my ipods for a while
21:41:39LinusNjhMikeS: but this is horrible
21:42:17jhMikeSI'm checking it out and it does seem a bit too clippy, yes. Coldfire doesn't seem to saturate so easily.
21:42:28 Part decayedcell_
21:43:38amiconnLooking at my various greyscale and mono targets, I like the mini's lcd most
21:44:07amiconnNice backlight, about the right size and not too slow panel
21:44:09XavierGramiconn: ok I can realise that battery time is very important to you but afaik Fx has about 30 hours of playback time if I am not mistaken
21:44:28amiconnBattery time isn't that important to me...
21:44:32LloreanXavierGr: 20hours.
21:44:37XavierGrah thought it was 30
21:44:43LloreanXavierGr: And it's display is HORRIBLE without backlight.
21:44:55amiconnBut I don't like wasting it
21:45:04XavierGryeah but why not to use backlight when you see the screen?
21:45:18amiconnBoth the H300 and the X5 lcd are pitch black without backlight
21:45:29Lloreanamiconn: The Gigabeat isn't, but it's very close to it.
21:45:39XavierGreven on my H100 when I look at the screen on cloudy days I will turn up the backlight
21:45:49hcsgigabeat is visible in full sunlight
21:45:51XavierGrhell the backlight turns on itself when I press a button :p
21:46:00amiconnXavierGr: Because I would have to press a button to make it light up. It's certainly more convenient to be able to read the display at a quick glance without touching the unit
21:46:24XavierGramiconn: the only time that you need to read the display is while navigating or while a new song changes
21:46:35XavierGrand that's why caption backlight exists (IMHO always)
21:46:41amiconn...especially when doing other things while listening to music and having wet / dirty hands or such
21:47:10jhMikeShcs: just _barely_
21:47:42jhMikeSamiconn: rotfl
21:47:50 Join thegeek [0] (
21:48:47amiconnI know that there are colour lcd panels which are readable without backlight (e.g. the blackberry 82xx series has those), and wonder why so few devices use them
21:48:53*jhMikeS sees too much as innuendo
21:49:07 Join wLLm [0] (
21:49:11LinusNamiconn: meybe they are expensive?
21:49:15 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul)
21:49:15LinusNmaybe even
21:49:33amiconnIsn't the ipod video lcd also one of those?
21:49:45XavierGrstill 20 hours for a unit that has such a powerfull cpu and great display, I think it is better for all other devices if you are not inrested in recording or radio
21:49:57XavierGr(which is why I think that H300 is still better than gigabeat)
21:49:58 Join billytwowilly [0] (
21:50:02XavierGroh and USB OTG
21:50:11amiconnI am interested in radio... and recording (but the latter not very much)
21:51:05LinusNthe gigabeat OF was confusing at best :-)
21:51:10 Quit robin0800 (" HydraIRC -> <-")
21:51:11jhMikeSthe gigabeat is kind of slim though and I like the controller on it...I can move really fast through menus with it.
21:51:17 Join robin0800 [0] (
21:52:06 Part LinusN
21:54:26jhMikeSthe gigabeat needs a larger sys font though
21:54:51perl|worknimbus 14 looks sort of good on it
21:55:42XavierGrjhMikeS: nearly all targets except archos need a larger sys font
21:55:58XavierGrnimbus 14 looks cool on H300 too
21:56:22jhMikeSXavierGr: sure, anything with thehigher res screens...x5 is fine as it is
21:56:33 Join chrisjs169 [0] (n=Jack@unaffiliated/chrisjs169)
21:57:25jhMikeSOn gigabeat it's like tiny ants...
21:57:48amiconnIt depends on pixel density
21:57:48XavierGron ipod video I imagine too
21:58:04 Join webguest51 [0] (i=47c0369a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:58:06 Quit webguest51 (Remote closed the connection)
21:58:22 Join ipodvideo60g [0] (i=47c0369a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:58:32jhMikeSThe GB screen is pretty small for its res
21:58:36amiconnOn M5, the sysfont is quite small as well
21:58:48amiconn...significantly smaller than on X5
21:59:03jhMikeSWhat's the display resolution on that?
21:59:06amiconn...even though both displays have the same resolution
21:59:19amiconn...but not the same physical size
21:59:52jhMikeShard to tell from the photos on the front
22:00:16 Quit w1ll14m (Connection timed out)
22:00:29ipodvideo60gdoes anyone have experience converting a mac ipod to fat32 on a mac?
22:01:21 Quit robin0800 (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
22:01:28 Join robin0800 [0] (
22:01:35jhMikeS"the front" of course being the build table page
22:03:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:03:46amiconnjhMikeS: If you want to compare: The front glass of X5 and M5 have the same size. The border between the edge of this glass and the edge of the lcd has different width
22:04:57 Quit Llorean ("Leaving.")
22:05:28amiconnThis is an actual scan. I also have the full size version in case you want it ;)
22:06:07 Quit ipodvideo60g ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:06:32 Join Redbreva_ [0] (
22:06:36jhMikeSwell, if it's the same size as an x5, the image on the screen matches it perfectly
22:07:00jhMikeSor you mean a super hires file? :)
22:07:17 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:27jhMikeS5000dpi? :P
22:07:51 Quit Redbreva_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:08:15Arathisbarrywardell: can I look forward to updated precompiled bootloaders now or are there still some errors to be fixed first?
22:08:16 Join Redbreva_ [0] (
22:08:45 Join w1ll14m [0] (
22:08:45barrywardelli'm just testing them now, then I'm gonna ask someone to upload them :)
22:08:52 Join toffe82 [0] (
22:09:28amiconnjhMikeS: Nah, just 300dpi. A bit less than 2MB PNG
22:09:55jhMikeSthat's one shows it perfectly though being actual size
22:10:08ArathisBagder: anything else new but the support of encrypted mi4s?
22:10:40barrywardellArathis: was that meant for me?
22:10:51jhMikeSI think x5 should have had a few more's a bit gritty
22:11:00Arathisbarrywardell: eh, yes. sorry
22:11:06barrywardellthey also don't update the screen unless a button is pressed or there is an error
22:11:38Arathisso no messages while booting anymore?
22:11:38 Quit Redbreva_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:11:38barrywardelland will allow us to move to mi4 format for the rockbox.h10 file
22:11:49barrywardellArathis: not unless a button is pressed, no
22:12:03 Join Redbreva_ [0] (
22:12:07Arathismi4 format for the rockbox.h10? why that?
22:12:28barrywardelljust for consistency really
22:14:14 Part perl|work
22:15:06Arathisbarrywardell: will the rockbox.mi4 be included in the instead of the *.h10?
22:15:18barrywardellyes, that's the plan
22:15:40barrywardellhopefully it will be a seamless change
22:16:37 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
22:17:02Arathisoh, and if I remember correctly the OF.bin has to be renamed to OF.mi4?
22:18:09Arathisoh, need change some things in my :D
22:19:01Arathisnew bootloadername and -location and new name for the OF. not much to change though
22:19:03barrywardellno, OF.bin will still work as is
22:19:11Arathisoh, oaky
22:19:19barrywardellbut it will first look for OF.mi4
22:19:32 Join Icone [0] (
22:20:04barrywardellfor a new install, you could just rename H10.mi4 to OF.mi4, download the rockbox H10.mi4, and unzip
22:20:12jhMikeSamiconn: what was the backlight-on runtime of the m5l anyway?
22:20:34IconeHi, can someone help me for tell my step by step how to make run the Mpeg player on the F20 plz ? :S
22:20:43amiconn36h 14 min
22:21:15Mooswow !
22:21:37Mooswe have the device with the best runtime ther :)
22:21:38 Quit Entasis ("Leaving")
22:22:00jhMikeSI'm suprised you didn't disable the auto poweroff for the tests first
22:22:24 Quit wLLm (Connection timed out)
22:22:31Moosamiconn: did you made an x5 one?
22:23:03amiconnjhMikeS: ??
22:23:13 Join DarkSoul [0] (
22:23:32amiconnMoos: I made various X5 runtime tests. Without backlight, and with backlight brigthness 1, 5, 10 and 13
22:23:34jhMikeSI'm just saying to let the battery drain to the point the pmu shuts it off and not software
22:23:37 Quit Redbreva (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:24:02Moosamiconn: wiki?
22:24:08amiconnjhMikeS: Hmm, that would only make a few minutes difference
22:24:32amiconnVoltage is dropping quite fast towards the end of the discharge curve
22:25:22 Join newbie [0] (i=7d19be01@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:25:40newbiehow do i watch videos in my ipod video
22:25:41*amiconn made a total of 38 runtime tests on various targets so far
22:26:06 Quit Icone ()
22:26:07Mooswow !
22:26:08amiconnSome were done with the old battery_test, so times aren't right but the curve is
22:27:51amiconn3 tests were done with battery_test, on Ondio SP
22:29:21Moosamiconn: then you can probably adjust things for x5 for better time remaining estimation, batt icon...?
22:29:25newbiePluginmpegplayer ?? where is this on rockbox?
22:29:46Moosamiconn: really inaccurate in his current state from the start
22:29:53amiconnMoos: yes
22:30:03Bagdernewbie: PluginMpegPlayer is a wiki page in the rockbox wiki, read that!
22:30:41newbiebadger: ok
22:32:08amiconnjhMikeS: Regarding low-voltage shutdown: I have some old battery_bench logs of H340 and H140 from before low-voltage shutdown
22:32:08newbieany idea why my battery drains really fast?
22:32:13 Join lee-qid [0] (
22:32:18 Part DarkSoul
22:32:18 Join DarkSoul [0] (
22:33:10amiconnVoltage falls from 3.5V to ~3.3V (the hardware shutdown voltage) in about 20 minutes for no-backlight tests. Compared to 19..20 hours runtime this isn't much
22:33:35newbiebadger: it doen't saay anything about how do i get it?
22:33:37amiconnOn M5 it might be an hour...
22:33:43amiconnM5L even
22:33:45Bagdernewbie: it comes with rockbox
22:33:56 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:34:39newbiebadger: where is it located? i looked on my plugins and found nothing?
22:37:32 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:37:49 Quit desowin ("use linux")
22:37:52 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:37:52 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:38:21amiconnbarrywardell: Why does the pp bootloader contain its own crc32 implementation instead of using the one in the firmware library?
22:39:15newbiewhere is PluginMpegplayer located in rockbox
22:39:38barrywardellamiconn: It's copied from sansapatcher. i didn't realise there was one in the firmware library
22:41:39 Join Alonea [0] (
22:41:56Bagderwell, they're quite different
22:42:05Aloneaok, trying to get rockbox to compile, but it keeps complaining about the arm-elf-gcc. I am adding some extra gcc packages in hopes it will finally work (on linux). Do I have to redo
22:42:16Bagderthey have different "polynomials"
22:42:23Bagderand the firmware one uses tables for that
22:42:30Bagderso it not usable for sansa
22:42:33Bagderit is
22:43:01Redbreva_newbie: On the page you were pointed to, read the 3rd paragraph of the introduction... "To play a video file"
22:43:14BagderAlonea: redo? did you run it once already?
22:43:44amiconnThe pp bootloader crc32 calculates the table at runtime
22:44:01Bagderwith a different polynomial
22:44:08AloneaBagder: yeah. and I tried compiling again, and it said no arm-elf-gcc, so adding gcc packages besides the basic ones. Will I have to delete the folder it made and do it all over again?
22:44:20amiconnIs the polynomial chosen by us, or does it have to match something?
22:44:33bluebrotherNico_P: why did you reject my patch for adding a rwps to the zezayer theme?
22:44:40Bagderamiconn: the sansa one has to match, so that it makes the same crc32 the mi4 uses
22:44:52bluebrotherit's incomplete in its current state (and I will look into it once I find time)
22:44:53BagderI'm not sure if the firmware one needs to match anything
22:45:23barrywardellfor consistency, it should match the same one as the OF
22:45:32BagderAlonea: and you set the path to the installed compiler after ran?
22:45:52amiconnThe firmware one doesn't, but if we change the polynomial there, (1) the database audio file crcs become invalid, (2) the archos rom crcs would need to be recalculated
22:46:07amiconncrc32 is used on archos to detect the boot rom type
22:46:38AloneaBagder: I don't know how to. I didn't see any intructions in the wiki for us poor linux users who actually don't know everything. I think last time I just had to run that and it worked fine. (i just reinstalled my entire system...)
22:46:45barrywardellso we're better to just stick to two separate implementations?
22:46:51Bagderyes I think so
22:47:08 Join hardeep [0] (n=hardeep@
22:47:31amiconnMaybe add a comment tp the pp bootloader crc32 implementation
22:48:47 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
22:48:50 Quit SliMM ("Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]")
22:48:53barrywardellsaying that it needs that specific polynomial?
22:50:04barrywardellOK. I have another commit coming up shortly, so I'll include the comment in that
22:50:34Bagderan alternative would be to have an init function that generates the tables with a given input polynomial
22:50:50Bagderbut that would only make it bigger
22:52:04 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
22:52:29 Join jhulst [0] (
22:52:36amiconnThe crc32 implementation in firmware also has a space saving implementation for low-mem targets that only uses a lookup table for 4 bits at a time (64 byte table) instead of 8 bits at a time (1KB table)
22:53:28amiconnHmm, it *only* has that
22:54:27amiconnNow I remember... I tried the 1KB table version for database (tagcache at that time) with no performance benefit...
22:59:07Nico_Pbluebrother: sorry, i didn't look close enough... i was closing WPS entries
22:59:58AloneaOk, when I click on the amarok icon, it does the bouncy symbol thing, but doesn't load. If I load it in the terminal as user it says "Updating database" thing and doesn't load. If I load it in the terminal as root, it loads fine.
23:00:08Aloneagomen!!!!!!!!! wrong channel
23:00:13 Part Alonea
23:01:13 Quit SirFunk (Connection timed out)
23:04:33 Quit DarkSoul ()
23:10:43 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:13:12newbiewehn i clicked on database or something ROLO loads stuff wats that btw?
23:15:52newbiei got no idea wat i am doing
23:16:35 Nick w1ll14m is now known as w1ll14m_ (
23:18:03 Quit oKtosiTe (Remote closed the connection)
23:18:23 Quit robin0800 (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so good")
23:18:32 Join robin0800 [0] (
23:19:53*barrywardell is having a lot of oops'es
23:20:26 Quit newbie ("CGI:IRC")
23:21:35barrywardellBagder: can I send you some new H10 bootloaders for
23:23:04barrywardellBagder: sent!
23:23:16amiconnmarkun: Unicode range 0xe000..0xf8ff is reserved for private use... so I would think this would be a good place to put the player icons and runtime-definable characters. What do you think?
23:23:26Bagder"The .e200 was somehow placed in the .rockbox folder. I moved it to the root folder "
23:23:31 Join munroe [0] (
23:23:53barrywardellfortunately, it doesn't matter :)
23:24:18Bagderyeah, I just liked the assumption that he knows better than the zip