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#rockbox log for 2007-03-21

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00:02:06jhulstDoes anyone have recommendations for a good disassembler for ARM code?
00:02:16preglowida pro
00:02:21preglowcosts $$$
00:02:32jhulstI saw that, anything cheaper
00:02:36hcsdoes the demo do arm?
00:02:38preglowwell, i use objdump.....
00:02:44preglowhcs: i think so
00:02:46preglowx86 and arm
00:02:57jhulstit does, but no linux support, didn't look at trying it in Wine
00:03:23hcsThat'd be a nice project, open source IDA equivalent
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00:04:57preglowoh yes, indeed
00:05:01preglowi'm sick and tired of objdump
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00:05:26jhulstpreglow: Is that the best one you've found for Linux?
00:05:37preglowi haven't searched extensively, though
00:05:50preglowit's thoroughly crap, so there has to be something better
00:06:59jhulsthcs: You're open source version of Ida perhaps?
00:07:52jhMikeSwe'll I found one thing the gigabeat can't do is make 60fps with pacbox :\ ... so maybe there is some optimization fun with it :)
00:08:01preglowthat doesn't do arm, does it?
00:08:17amiconnAt least for SH there's something that's *a bit* better than objdump
00:08:29hcspreglow: doesn't look like it, but it'd be a good place to start
00:08:58preglowhcs: well, at least writing an arm disassembler is a pretty easy
00:09:50hcspreglow: yeah, so there's a lot of gui already done
00:11:24preglowantonius hellmann has already written a disassembler which could be integrated
00:11:28preglowif someone was thusly inclined
00:11:37hcslooks like it hasn't been worked on in several years (lida)
00:11:42preglowi don't think i have anything that needs disassembling in the near future
00:14:21jhulstI'm working on the Creative port and am looking around for one
00:16:31Arathisbarrywardell: loading the original mi4 works for me too with the new BL. no white screens btw. but is it intended that when loading the OF the screen turns black with white font and the messages are not listed on the normal blue screen as before?
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00:17:12barrywardellArathis: yes, that is intended. the boot messages are only shown when you hold any button
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00:18:04Arathisokay, than everything works fine so far :)
00:18:10FreshPrincehi @ all
00:18:20Arathisgood work and thanks again barrywardell
00:18:50barrywardellglad it works for you :)
00:19:25Arathisespecially loading encrypted firmwares makes it some things easier
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00:19:59barrywardellyes, it should make installation easier
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00:25:36merwinAnybody around that can give me write access on the wiki?
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00:28:24Arathisbarrywardell: another little thing. although both cpus should be working now I running music and a plugin e.g. bubbles still causes the plugin to halt. not as much as before, but still there. video works much better though
00:28:51barrywardellyeah, there's a known bug with using the COP
00:29:03barrywardellmerwin: what name did you use to register?
00:29:30barrywardellArathis: Slasheri is working on a fix currently. He said he will commit it in a few days
00:29:50merwinbarrywardell: BigRocks
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00:31:06FreshPrinceehm i'm new here−− i want to try rockbox.. i would to try dual boot.. that means the originall firmeware and the rockbox firmware.. and what i have to install.. the ipod video build or the rockbox boot loader.. or both?
00:31:09FreshPrincedont udnerstand that :(
00:31:31Arathisbarrywardell: looking forward :)
00:31:36barrywardellmerwin: haha. you should now have access
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00:31:48merwinbarrywardell: Thanks.
00:31:54FreshPrincei've downloaded a build and unzip it.. dont know if i need the rockbox boot loader too or nor..
00:32:00barrywardellFreshPrince: you need to install both the bootloader and firmware
00:32:04scorcheFreshPrince: just follow the installation instructions on the makes it dual-boot by default
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00:32:27markunjhMikeS: the Gigabeat LCD updates at 25fps, so pacbox as 60fps doesn't make sense anyway
00:32:32Arathisbarrywardell: + radio and rockbox on h10 will be nearly perfect ^^
00:32:44FreshPrincethat means i only have to isntall the firmware?
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00:34:09FreshPrincehm.. damn i dont understand that :(
00:34:11safetydanFreshPrince, read the installation instructions. It tells you what you need to know.
00:34:21*midgey recommends rbutil :)
00:34:26FreshPrincesafetydan, already did.. my english is not very well ^^
00:34:45safetydanFreshPrince, ah okay. You need both the bootloader and the firmware.
00:35:07FreshPrincei already unzipped the build.. now i have a .rockbox/
00:35:11FreshPrincewhat i have to do with it?
00:35:20safetydanThat should go on to your iPod
00:35:23FreshPrincemove it to /mnt/ipod/ ?
00:35:37FreshPrincejust "mv ./rockbox /mnt/ipod/ ?
00:35:54FreshPrinceoh ok
00:37:22FreshPrincemv: failed to preserve ownership for `/mnt/ipod/.rockbox/langs': Operation not permitted
00:37:22FreshPrincemv: failed to preserve ownership for `/mnt/ipod/.rockbox/rockbox.ipod': Operation not permitted
00:37:22FreshPrincemv: failed to preserve ownership for `/mnt/ipod/.rockbox': Operation not permitted
00:37:23DBUGEnqueued KICK FreshPrince
00:38:27hcsFAT has no ownership
00:38:43FreshPrinceok then i have to ignore those errors?
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00:39:02FreshPrinceok :)
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00:39:17FreshPrinceok i try to install the bootloader
00:40:05newbiehey i can't get mplayer to work
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00:41:24newbiethe mpegplayer isn't even in my plugins on rockbox i ven tried almost everything on my knowledge from
00:42:03andrewg867freenode has banned my normal internet connection because I had an open proxy
00:42:42Moosnewbie: try to look on the viewer dir
00:42:54newbieon rockbox?
00:43:00Mooson the rockbox dir
00:43:03safetydannewbie, the mpegplayer will never be visible in your plugins list. You just need to select or "click on" a suitable mpeg file and it will play
00:43:28newbiemoos: where is the viewer dir?
00:43:56newbiesafetydan: where would the mpeg file be usually located?
00:44:02safetydannewbie, anywhere you want
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00:44:23Moosviewer is one subdir of the rockbox directory
00:45:36newbiesafetydan: i don't get it first of all i got the VLC (downloaded) then the mplayer but i didn't do anything else? can u tell me whats the next step i must do
00:46:09safetydannewbie, try downloading one of the test videos and see if those play first before trying to make your own.
00:46:52newbiemoos:i am in general settings/file view/ (am i on the right track?
00:47:14newbiesafetydan the elephant dream 1?
00:47:26MoosI just read few lines agao, and discoveredthat you just wanted play files
00:47:54newbiei got an ipod video but i wana play video files thru rockbox
00:48:08FreshPrinceok installed
00:48:12safetydannewbie, yes
00:48:15FreshPrincebut i can't use the dual boot loader..
00:48:17FreshPrincedondt know why :/
00:48:23Moosnewbie:I thought you wanted to know where was localised the mpegplayer.viewer
00:48:31newbiesafetydan: getting the file now ...
00:48:49Mooslike safetydan said you dowload the test file
00:48:52 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
00:49:49Moosand folow the instructions on the wiki, how to encode your files if you wanted to play them under rockbox (still slowly IIRC)
00:50:38billytwowillyhey, can rockbox play ogg vorbis and flac?
00:50:42newbiemoos: to simplify it can u tell me how do i get to the mpeg player viewer
00:50:47markunbillytwowilly: sure
00:50:53billytwowillyon the sansa?
00:50:56Mooshey markun
00:51:02markunhi Moos :)
00:51:26markunbillytwowilly: yes
00:51:28safetydanbillytwowilly, yes. Rockbox works the same across all supported targets.
00:51:44safetydan(modulo hardware vs. software codec issues of course)
00:52:03billytwowillySo my old archos jukebox 6000 can play ogg flac?
00:52:03Moosnewbie: the mpegplyer is "built in" rockbox, just incode the files you videos you want depending of resolution screen of your player... folow the wiki
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00:52:37markunbillytwowilly: ok, maybe not all :)
00:52:48billytwowillysorry, had to call you on it;)
00:52:52 Join Mek [0] (
00:53:16safetydannewbie, you don't need to actually directly access the mpeg player. It will start automatically when you click on a suitable video file.
00:54:47newbiesafetydan: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
00:55:04 Part Mek
00:55:26newbiesafetydan: btw this is the direct link given for elephants dream and where is the file i can downlaod to test on
00:55:43amiconnmarkun: Found my question?
00:56:16 Join Icone [0] (
00:56:22safetydannewbie, errr... did you rad the PluginMpegplayer page? The sample files I'm talking about are on that page. Here for example
00:56:28safetydanread even
00:57:04Moosall informations are always on wiki or whatever, like always
00:57:07Iconehum...the link dosent work for download the sample :) ( note )
00:57:12chrisjs169i think i found a possible bug in sansapatcher
00:57:13newbiemoos: i just downloaded the files of mplayer do i ahve to do anyrthing with it? they said something about some codes .... whcih i don't get
00:57:35newbiesafetydan:yes i read the
00:57:44 Quit ompaul ("init 0")
00:58:08safetydannewbie, that bit is only needed when you're making your own videos. The samples are already in a suitable format for you to use straight away.
00:58:10markunamiconn: yes, but which icons and runtime-definable chars for the player are you talking about?
00:58:31newbiesafetydan: i have an ipod video so i take the 320 right?
00:59:18safetydannewbie, whatever the table says
00:59:44 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
00:59:47newbiesafetydan: i guess its 320 then
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01:00:35FreshPrincemy ipod is blocked..
01:00:40FreshPrincewhy that? what should i do? :/
01:00:51amiconnmarkun: bookmark icon, plugin icon, folder icon, firmware icon, language icon, audio file icon, wps icon, playlist icon, text file icon, config icon, Left and right arrows and half-shaded block (cursor) for the vkeyboard, list cursor (right arrow), 'unknown' icon
01:00:59chrisjs169well, i sorta noticed a different bug, but here's something: when double clicking on the windows exe for sansapatcher, if an old rockbox install is detected, it immediately aborts, closing the window
01:01:00barrywardellchrisjs169: what is it?
01:01:06Iconei have a Gigabeat...and i realy not understant how to encode file :S
01:01:16amiconnFurthermore, the player lcd driver allows defining up to 21 characters at runtime
01:01:32chrisjs169so it just displays the quick .1 second type flash of the command prompt before closing
01:01:41barrywardellchrisjs169: ah, so it should really keep the window open
01:01:45amiconnA maximum of 4 or 8 (depending on the lcd type) of them can be shown at once
01:01:57FreshPrinceheeeeeeelp :(((
01:02:00newbieocone: same problem here
01:02:17chrisjs169barrywardell, yes
01:03:03IconeNewbie: nice :P lolll
01:03:06markunamiconn: I guess you can use that unicode range yes.
01:03:30 Quit entheh ("^~")
01:03:37newbie ....... when they say in a terminal do: mencoder <input> -of mpeg -oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=mp2:abitrate=192 -af resample=44100:0:0 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg2video:vbitrate=<bitrate> -vf scale,harddup -ofps 25 -zoom -xy <the width> -o <filename>.mpg .... where can we find this so-called terminal?
01:04:09barrywardellnewbie: what operating system are you using?
01:04:24chrisjs169just something like the others, 'press enter to exit sansapatcher
01:04:34barrywardellFreshPrince: what do you mean by blocked?
01:04:34safetydannewbie, have you got the sample video playing yet? That should still be your first step.
01:04:55markunnewbie: in run type "cmd" to get to the terminal
01:05:11newbiesafetydan: its impossible to torrent it lol .. 1 seeder and the downlod havn't started yet
01:05:17FreshPrincebarrywardell, well i did something on the ipod.. and then came up a splash screen.. colored.. animated.. after that it blocked up..
01:05:33Iconeall the command...omg
01:05:35FreshPrinceand now i can't do anything.. can't reboot can't stop the ipod
01:05:38safetydannewbie, torrent? It's a direct download from the rockbox wiki page.
01:05:58markunIcone: your computer probably supports a copy-paste feature :)
01:06:51Iconeyeah...but in the CMD
01:06:55safetydanIcone, newbie, there's also a nice batch file you can use that's on that wiki page. That way you don't need to know about the command line.
01:06:59Iconethe ctrl + v dosent work
01:07:07newbiesafetydan: 4:3?? 16:9?? wats that
01:07:17Iconethe format of the screen
01:07:30safetydannewbise, aspect ratios. 4:3 is what you see normally on TV. 16:9 is widescreen.
01:07:32Icone4:3 = normal 16:9 = widescreen ( HD )
01:07:33newbiesafetydan i got all the files i needed just that i gotta know how to use them
01:07:35barrywardellFreshPrince: hold menu+select for a few seconds
01:08:01newbiesafetydan: my ipod video is which? 16:9?
01:08:29newbiesafetydan: since its a trial ithin 4:3 would be easier to test right?
01:08:39Iconetry 4:3
01:08:43safetydannewbie, probably 4:3 but it doesn't really matter. The 16:9 video will just play with black bars at the top and bottom
01:09:09FreshPrinceohhhhhh ok
01:09:16FreshPrincenow barrywardell :D thx a lot!
01:09:58Iconeso now...if i understand, i open the root folder of VLC, i open a CMD, i past the command, type enter, and this is finishe ?
01:09:59 Join Thundercloud__ [0] (n=thunderc@
01:11:26newbiesafetydan: downloading now ... ok so i downlaoded VCL and used VLC-transcode.bat now what do i do next while waiting dor the download
01:11:57jhMikeSmarkun: Really? 25fps? From what I observed running it, 50 wouldn't raise any eyebrows
01:11:58safetydanIcone, or if you download the batch file, you just drag the video file you want to encode on top of the batch file.
01:12:29markunjhMikeS: what do you mean?
01:12:44safetydanIt's amazing what you can find out when you read the documentation.
01:13:16 Quit Domonoky_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:13:17jhMikeSpacbox ran 45.somthing fps wide open and was very close to the lcd refresh rate from the motion on the screen beating slowly against it
01:13:32Iconesafetydan, where i can download the batch file ? :S
01:13:47jhMikeSand clearly smoother than the 30. the game was obviously near full speed.
01:13:54safetydanIcone, did you read the PluginMpegplayer page? It's on there.
01:13:56newbie is the 4:3 download dead? can someone plz check
01:14:33markunjhMikeS: well, when I calculated the framerate from the values in the registers of the LCD controller I got 25, but maybe I made a mistake somewhere.
01:15:30jhMikeSI don't know, there's plugin for that. Would have to have an overlay implentation done.
01:15:37newbiefor i pod video 4:3
01:15:42andrewg867:D I found the original PDF of the application notes on programming for the LV24000 FM chip
01:15:51andrewg867for the record
01:15:56jhMikeSI could be out to lunch but it definitely looks smoother and faster than what 25 would be
01:16:03 Join wrobbie [0] (
01:16:29jhMikeSjust put pacbox wide open and look :\
01:17:21markunjhMikeS: the plugin doesn't calculate the value I'm talking about..
01:18:26newbiecan anyone check if this link is working
01:19:00markunjhMikeS: that's just the number of time we can copy the rockbox framebuffer to the framebuffer which is used by the LCD controller
01:19:12 Quit bwbass ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
01:19:29Iconenewvie, no...its not work
01:20:11newbienow how do i get the file
01:21:11newbiecan anyone tell me how to get the elephant dream video because the 4:3 video link is dead
01:21:22safetydannewbie, I guess you'll just have to try the tracker at or maybe try one of the other video links
01:21:36Aloneaanyone compile rockbox on linux?
01:22:21safetydanAlonea, yes.
01:22:38newbiesafetydan: umm ok
01:22:55 Quit Thundercloud_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:23:21Aloneasafetydan: ok, I cannot get it to compile. I ran and at the end it says make the path and I did, but yet it still says it cant find gcc-arm-elf thing.
01:24:07safetydanAlonea, what does "echo $PATH" say?
01:24:10newbiesafetydan: Open a command line prompt and go to the VLC installation directory (default is C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\ ). Run the following command line:... (this thing doesn't work on cmd.exe )vlc <input> −−sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=600,width=<the width>,height=<the height>,acodec=mp3,ab=128,samplerate=44100,audio-sync}:std{access=file,mux=ps,url=<filename>.mpg
01:24:36Aloneasafetydan: /usr/local/arm-elf/bin:/usr/local/arm-elf/bin:/home/alonea/jdk1.6.0/bin:/home/alonea/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games
01:24:37 Join l0de [0] (
01:24:52l0deRockbox on 80gb 5.5 = status?
01:25:11safetydanAlonea, well that looks mostly okay. Is there a gcc-arm-elf in /usr/local/arm-elf/bin on your system?
01:25:25Aloneasafetydan: yes, I checked earlier
01:25:28safetydanl0de, same as it was before. If it changes, there'll be an update on the front page of the site.
01:26:03markunAlonea: and if you type arm-elf-gcc it cannot find the command?
01:26:09l0deI see this as a indicator of the imminent death of the open source movement.
01:26:31safetydannewbie, try just using the batch file.
01:26:43Aloneamarkun: alonea@alonea-laptop:~$ arm-elf-gcc
01:26:45Aloneaarm-elf-gcc: no input files
01:26:52 Part l0de
01:26:56markunAlonea: looks good
01:27:02safetydanAlonea, looks like you're all set to go and build Rockbox then. Have you actually tried it?
01:27:24Aloneasafetydan: many times. I will try again
01:27:42markunAlonea: so, you run tools/configure and it can't find arm-elf-gcc?
01:28:13Aloneamarkun: ../tools/configure: 1471: arm-elf-gcc: not found
01:28:20newbiesafetydan: i already did at the mplayer part mencoder <input> -of mpeg -oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=mp2:abitrate=192 -af resample=44100:0:0 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg2video:vbitrate=<bitrate> -vf scale,harddup -ofps 25 -zoom -xy <t
01:28:38Aloneamarkun: and the procedure is to mkdir name go into that folder and do the ../tools/configure right?
01:28:51markunAlonea: yes
01:29:05newbiesafetydan:in terminal/cmd: u cannot type mencoder <input> -of mpeg -oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=mp2:abitrate=192 -af resample=44100:0:0 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg2video:vbitrate=<bitrate> -vf scale,harddup -ofps 25 -zoom -xy <t
01:29:13safetydannewbie, ah... I think you're misreading. The batch file should do everything you need.
01:29:17Aloneamarkun: ok, thats what I have been doing and I still get a arm-elf-gcc not found..
01:29:33markunAlonea: no idea what you are doing wrong then..
01:29:41 Part mechanor
01:29:46safetydanAlonea, are you doing this in the same shell/terminal as where you did echo $PATH?
01:29:54Aloneasafetydan: yes.
01:29:54newbiesafetydan: u mean once i clicked on VLC-transcode.bat its all done?
01:30:12safetydannewbie, read the words around the batch file like on the wiki page.
01:30:28safetydanlink even
01:30:29Iconelol safetydan...thats because im french...:S
01:30:37Iconethats why i come here
01:30:40 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:31:01newbieafetydan:which batch file r u talking about i am quite confused here =
01:31:03safetydanAlonea, okay you've got something very weird going on there.
01:31:42safetydannewbie, the sixth paragraph here which has the batch file VLC-transcode.bat. That paragraph tells you exactly what to do.
01:31:52Aloneasafetydan: really. this completely baffles me too. I could try deleting my rockbox folder and just start over. might as well try.
01:32:43newbiesafetydan:i am talking about the mplayer part (i already did the 6th paragraph part)
01:33:07safetydannewbie, those two sections are talking about two different ways to encode files. You do one, or the other. Not both.
01:33:22safetydanYou either encode with VLC, or you encode with mplayer/mencoder. Not both.
01:34:15newbiesafetydan: oh ..
01:34:41newbiesafetydan: since i got VLC in how do i encode videos?
01:35:25safetydannewbie, have you read the VLC instructions?
01:35:35 Quit robin0800 (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
01:36:47 Quit FreshPrince (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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01:37:13 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
01:37:30 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
01:38:01newbiesafetydan:A convenient way for Windows users to achieve the same result is to use VLC-transcode.bat. Simply save this file somewhere and drag&drop a video onto it and it will be transcoded using the above settings. You will probably want to edit the file to change width and height (default is 320x240).
01:38:06 Quit billytwowilly (Remote closed the connection)
01:38:22newbiesafetydan: is that really it?
01:38:39safetydannewbie, yes
01:38:53newbieok first of all i have a kernal file on my ipod root
01:39:01 Quit robin0800 (Client Quit)
01:39:21safetydannewbie, what does that have to do with video encoding?
01:39:32newbiesafetydan: wat does that do?
01:39:52safetydannewbie, your comment about a "kernal" file on your iPod root?
01:39:56 Join robin0800 [0] (
01:40:06jhMikeShmmm...I figured it's time to collect the chip datasheets for gigabeat and I notice the lcd controller absent :\
01:40:08newbiethere is 1 there
01:40:10 Join donutman25 [0] (n=chatzill@
01:40:28newbiekernal VLC media bin file
01:40:48newbiethat does nothing right?
01:41:26markunjhMikeS: yes, that's unfortunate. I've tried to contact Toshiba and Toshiba Matsushita many times without results
01:42:04safetydannewbie, I'm confused. You don't need anything on your iPod to do encoding.
01:42:16markunjhMikeS: but the LCD update is party done by the LCD controller in the S3C2440
01:42:25newbiesafetydan: all encoding is done on the PC?
01:42:50markunnewbie: yes
01:43:50Iconehey newbie, do you have MSN ? :P
01:43:55newbiemarkun: so after the video is converted i can juwt put it anywhere right?
01:44:19Iconej okay add me :P :
01:44:48newbiemarkun: put*
01:44:52 Quit robin0800 (Client Quit)
01:44:59markunnewbie: yes
01:45:04markungood night all
01:45:11jhMikeSmarkun: just ignoring you? how rude. better they just say "we're never gonna say"
01:45:18newbiemarkun: thx and good night
01:45:28 Join robin0800 [0] (
01:45:29newbiesafetydan: thx for everywthing
01:45:50newbieicone: you better add me i gotta sleep now
01:45:58markunjhMikeS: well, Toshiba just ignores me. I email with the linux guys at Toshiba, and they keep requesting it, but no reply from Toshiba
01:46:01Iconeokay, whats ur msn ? :)
01:46:18Aloneanope...still can't find it. *big sigh*
01:46:28Iconeperfect :)
01:46:33markunjhMikeS: Toshiba Matsushita (who made the module) can't give me any info because it's a custom product and because I'm not a company
01:46:40jhMikeSmarkun: are the chips on these integrated sets usually normal chips or packaged somehow without id? someone must have a smashed one around. :\
01:47:25safetydanAlonea, so your steps are something like "svn checkout http://.../rockbox; cd rockbox/tools; ./; cd ..; mkdir build-dir; cd build-dir; ../tools/configure"?
01:47:28markunjhMikeS: the driver IC is embedded in the glass of the LCD module. Toffe was able to read the markings, but they didn't tell us anything
01:47:45jhMikeSI see.
01:48:51markunif we want to have our own bootloader in flash we need to setup the LCD over SPI. We can just send the same bytes as the OF does, but I would prefer to have a datasheet so we actually know what we are doing..
01:48:54Aloneasafetydan: yes.
01:49:43 Join xaphan [0] (
01:49:52jhMikeSIt's their choice to give it out or not I suppose...there is no can't in this case imo.
01:51:29markunjhMikeS: but you could try it again, maybe you have more luck
01:51:36newbiesafetydan: i converted a mp4 to mpg and it can't be played
01:51:39markunor they get tired of us and give in :)
01:52:00jhMikeSWell, if we can get a whole army marching on 'em :)
01:52:32jhMikeSMake them spend more money dealing with that than what they'd lose by giving in :)
01:53:11newbiemarkun: and idea y the video i converted from mp4 to mpg doen't work?
01:53:38newbieno matter how many times i clicked on it on my ipod the video doesn't appear
01:54:00 Quit robin0800 (" HydraIRC -> <- The professional IRC Client")
01:54:08 Join robin0800 [0] (
01:54:14safetydannewbie, do you get any error message?
01:55:17newbiesafetydan: nothing at all .. i could see the file but cannot cannot watch it
01:55:35 Quit efyx (Remote closed the connection)
01:56:26safetydannewbie, that doesn't sound like you're selecting it correctly. Are you selecting it in the same way that you would select a music file to play?
01:56:50newbiesafetydan: yes
01:56:57markunnewbie: how did you convert it?
01:57:02jhMikeSor...maybe a more suble appraoch...hmmm
01:57:03newbiesafetydan: i can play the music
01:57:36 Part robin0800 ("Cycling Channel")
01:57:36 Join robin0800 [0] (
01:57:38newbiemarkun: i draggd the video file over the VLC-transcode and i get a mpg file
01:57:39markunnewbie: btw, are you the same limpbizkit guy who kept changing his nick?
01:58:00newbiemarkun u mean my bro?
01:58:06markunI don't know
01:58:13jhMikeSmarkun: so everything's that it of does with the controller is known or not?
01:58:35newbieso how can it be solved?
01:58:35Moosmarkun: not on the bed yet? ;p
01:58:43 Join saratoga [0] (i=9803c6dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:58:50markunjhMikeS: yes, it just send a lot of bytes to it over SPI during the init of the LCD
01:58:54markunMoos: almost :)
01:58:58saratogadoes anyone have a link to the images for the two partitions on the sansa?
01:59:04saratogai want to try them out in the emulator
01:59:07saratogabuti have no sansa
01:59:46newbiemarkun, safetydan,moos: any idea y the converted mpg file cannot be played on the ipod?
01:59:56 Quit robin0800 (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
01:59:57barrywardellsaratoga: the firmware partition is on Bagder's site
02:00:04 Join robin0800 [0] (
02:00:14barrywardellthe other partition is just a standard fat32 partition
02:00:43markunnewbie: is the file called .mpg or .mpeg on your player? I believe windows sometimes changes the extension when you copy the file or something.
02:00:52 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:01:19saratogabarrywardell: is it the same as the bl rom?
02:01:29saratogaor is there another link i'm missing
02:01:30 Quit robin0800 (Client Quit)
02:01:34 Join Llorean [0] (
02:02:08barrywardellit's on this page:
02:02:20saratogai must be blind
02:02:35newbierofl i am also confused : look first of all the fle is mpg
02:02:36 Join RaRe- [0] (
02:03:23markunnewbie: can you hold 'select' on the file and the choose "open with" and then select the mpegplayer?
02:03:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:04:09saratogacan someone suggest a good way to make a fat32 bin?
02:04:24newbiemarkun : wow a new discovery ... where did my video go its just sound now
02:04:27saratogashort of finding a reasonibly sized thumb drive and imaging it
02:04:46 Part xaphan ("Leaving")
02:05:03 Join pozsy [0] (
02:05:14pozsyhi there
02:06:00pozsyIs anyone here who mentors gsoc projects?
02:07:00pozsyfirst of all, i'd like to ask if it is still possible to apply, or you cannot accept more students
02:07:13newbiemarkun: b4 i converted a mp4 to mpg but now let me try an avi file ... maybe it can't convert mp4's
02:07:37 Quit donutman25 ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
02:08:11 Join toffe82 [0] (
02:08:40 Join billytwowilly [0] (
02:09:13safetydanpozsy, the google summer of code web pages would be a better place to ask that question maybe.
02:09:56Lloreanpozsy: It's still possible until the 24th, I believe
02:10:11 Part nls
02:10:19Lloreanpozsy: March 26th even, it seems.
02:10:32Lloreanpozsy: See
02:10:47 Join JdGordo|uni [0] (i=82c20d66@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:11:03JdGordo|unihey all
02:11:49 Join sevenwords [0] (i=47eabbf5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:12:27sevenwordshi everyone
02:12:41RaRe-hello :)
02:12:48 Nick RaRe- is now known as RaRe` (
02:13:24JdGordo|uniLlorean: hey, yuo missed the fun last night :) I almost bricked my sansa :p
02:14:19mentwhat does mean "bricked" in mp3 player context? :)
02:14:36JdGordo|unikilled it
02:14:43hachiit's a verb form
02:14:53hachiso it would be to turn the mp3 player into a brick (effective)
02:14:53JdGordo|uniturn it into a useless peice of plastic...
02:14:57mentoh, i see
02:15:00newbiemarkun,moo,safetydan: any ideas how do i solve thi problem
02:15:56LloreanJdGordo|uni: I've never gotten mine even to a point I need e200tool, Recovery Mode is the worst I've gone.
02:16:20sevenwordsI'm almost done with a new wps for the Gigabeat F and would like to hear what you guys think. It's my 1st attempt.
02:16:30RaRe`i want to firmware flash my player but i have a bad feeling ill brick it so i leave it be for now :P
02:17:08barrywardellJdGordo|uni: is it fully back to normal now?
02:17:10RaRe`i like it sevenwords its a nice theme
02:17:27JdGordo|uniLlorean: dont dd /dev/zero to the 20mb parititon or you will need to :p
02:17:32JdGordo|unibarrywardell: yep, all good now
02:18:32sevenwordsThank you RaRe
02:18:44RaRe`anyone had a play around with the k5
02:18:51RaRe`your selcome sevenwords
02:18:55newbiesevenwords: is your theme u linked downloadable =P
02:20:09 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
02:20:20 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
02:20:21 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
02:21:07 Join Projectwhat [0] (
02:21:23Projectwhatis rockbox linux
02:21:37 Quit hardeep ("leaving")
02:21:42barrywardellJdGordo|uni and Llorean: can you guys test the bootloader so that we can start providing sansapatcher builds?
02:21:49sevenwordsNot yet, still waiting for ok from the artist to use his artwork.
02:21:53barrywardellthe current svn bootloader
02:22:05sevenwordsI may want to add icons as well.
02:22:09Lloreanbarrywardell: Sure, I'll give it atest.
02:22:16 Quit Icone ()
02:22:19LloreanIt may be 5 or 10 minutes
02:23:01newbiehey can anyone tell me how do i convert using VLC for videos because when i convert only sound appears
02:23:02 Join Shaid [0] (
02:23:14Lloreannewbie: Have you tried playing the converted file on your computer?
02:23:21RaRe`you should do different colour bg sevenwords :)
02:23:36newbielorean: i did
02:23:59Lloreannewbie: And?
02:24:06barrywardellLlorean: no rush. I'm going to sleep shortly, so I'll just check the logs in the morning
02:24:24newbielorean:and only sounds come out only whereas in my ipod its unselectable (cannot play it but i can see the file on rockbox tho)
02:25:14Projectwhatis rockbox linux???
02:25:35Galoisrockbox is not linux
02:25:38safetydanProjectwhat, nope.
02:25:41sevenwordsI like the blue a lot :) But who knows, maybe I can add different color variations with the zip when I have it finished.
02:25:45JdGordo|unibarrywardell: not for 5 hours or so... but i will....
02:25:55RaRe`sounds good sevenwords
02:25:59JdGordo|uniI put on svn + usb patch and had no problems last nuight
02:26:24Projectwhat<safetydan> then what is it
02:26:40barrywardellJdGordo|uni: dan_a fixed the lcd driver crashing and flickering today
02:26:40LloreanProjectwhat: It's Rockbox.
02:26:51newbieLlorean: and look You will probably want to edit the file to change width and height (default is 320x240).
02:26:52LloreanProjectwhat: It's coded mostly from scratch, and not based on anything.
02:26:52safetydanProjectWhat, does the rockbox front page not tell you enough?
02:27:04barrywardellJdGordo|uni: and there were a good few other changes to the bootloader today too
02:27:07Lloreannewbie: Yes, I know that. The batch file there works fine for me.
02:27:09Projectwhatdidnt feel like reading
02:27:16barrywardellJdGordo|uni: but no rush. I'll check the logs in the morning
02:27:21JdGordo|unibarrywardell: cool :)
02:27:23SoapProjectwhat: if you won'
02:27:23Lloreannewbie: I asked you, what happens when you try to play the files on your iPod on your computer.
02:27:26newbiellorean: hmmm ... wats wrong with mine?
02:27:30Soapt read - we won't talk.
02:27:34Lloreannewbie: Did you change the framerate?
02:27:36safetydanProjectwhat, well it's amazing what you can learn when you make your own effort to read things.
02:27:42JdGordo|unibarrywardell: usb detection breaks your mac's usb so you reboot that? or the sansa?
02:27:46Projectwhat<Soap> huh
02:28:00newbieipod: its unselectable on computer it has no pic but have sounds
02:28:04barrywardellJdGordo|uni: i end up having to reboot my mac. it's very annoying
02:28:05LloreanProjectwhat: If you can't be bothered to read the information we've provided, why should we be bothered to answer your questions?
02:28:10GaloisI mean, considering that the discussion in this channel needs to be read in order to be understood, it's not a good sign if you don't read
02:28:10newbierean framerate?
02:28:20Lloreannewbie: What do you mean unselectable on the computer?
02:28:23Projectwhatcuz this is the irc
02:28:27Lloreannewbie: And "rean"?
02:28:32SoapProjectwhat: there is about nothing more insulting you can say than "I'm too lazy to read, so I asked other people to spoon-feed me."
02:28:46 Join andrew_ [0] (
02:28:46JdGordo|unibarrywardell: maybe its doing the check too quickly?
02:28:47barrywardellJdGordo|uni: no usb devices work until i reboot.
02:28:55LloreanProjectwhat: What does this being the IRC have to do with anything. This is a channel for questions not answered in the documentation. That's where there's the link in the channel topic.
02:28:55Galoisand especially if the spoon-feeding involves a written communication medium
02:29:22newbielorean:and only sounds come out only whereas in my ipod its unselectable (cannot play it but i can see the file on rockbox tho)
02:29:35barrywardellJdGordo|uni: i don't think it's that. i think it's that we're enableing the usb controller without fully setting it up first
02:29:43newbiesounds come out when i play on my com
02:29:47Projectwhat<soap> I've have been trying to fix my PC for the past 2-3 days. Just got ubuntu and was rocky at first. I anint got time to read
02:29:53 Quit Moos ("Quitte")
02:30:00JdGordo|unibarrywardell: so does the mac usb die if you plug it in with rockbox running?
02:30:06Soapeveryone here has a life too, Projectwhat.
02:30:08Lloreannewbie: If only sound comes out, VLC isn't encoding the video part of it. You need to seek help from VLC support if your VLC is not working properly, as it's not Rockbox software, it's just a tool we suggest you use because it works for us.
02:30:13barrywardellyes, it's not specific to the bootloader
02:30:25JdGordo|uniah ok then
02:30:30newbiellorean oh
02:30:35SoapIf you don't have time to read you don't have time for Rockbox. It's not food, air, or water. Stop insisting your time is more valuable than ours.
02:30:38LloreanProjectwhat: If you haven't got time to read, then wait until you do have time. We haven't got time to bother with people who think their time is more important than ours.
02:30:39Projectwhat<soap> obviously not or u wouldnt be spending ur whole time in an IRC
02:30:56newbiellorean: i didn't set the frame rate
02:31:02LloreanProjectwhat: This is the DEVELOPMENT channel, we get work done here.
02:31:10barrywardellJdGordo|uni: so basically I think your usb detection in the bootloader is ready to go once usb_detect() itself is fixed
02:31:17Lloreannewbie: What is the original frame rate of the file? Try manually setting it to 15 in the .bat
02:31:35Projectwhat<Llorean> then why are u in an IRC
02:31:35newbiehow do i do that?
02:31:47 Quit jaebird (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:31:49Projectwhat<Llorean>go get that work done
02:32:04Projectwhat<Llorean>rather thatn just sittin around on ur butt
02:32:07LloreanProjectwhat: Work on Rockbox. Please, try to employ the brain.
02:32:19 Join jaebird [0] (
02:32:22LloreanThis is where development discussion occurs, as well as technical support for our users.
02:32:25Projectwhat<Llorean>What exacly do u do
02:32:28LloreanBut we require that you read the documentation first.
02:32:37Projectwhat<Llorean>besides answers questions
02:32:41LloreanThat's why there's a link in the channel topic with the guidelines for this channel.
02:32:45newbieprojectwhat: go and get a life and read the manual
02:33:01Projectwhat<Llorean>thats all u do
02:33:12Soapbye bye Ben
02:33:18AloneaProjectwhat: stop being lazy and read like everyone else had to. no exceptions. no "special" people.
02:33:18JdGordo|unibarrywardell: do we know whats actually wrong with usb_detect() or is that completly undocumented?
02:33:40JdGordo|unishouldnt it work the same as the ipods? or do they crash your mac also?
02:33:51markunProjectwhat: what do you want to know about rockbox?
02:33:58LloreanProjectwhat: I answer questions that deserve to be answered, administer our forums, test and develop the software, and work on the manual.
02:34:03newbieprojectwhat: read the manual and u'll know the things well
02:34:33newbiellorean: hey my VCL isn't fully in english?
02:34:47Projectwhat<markun> Ahh some of the other people helped me out but the got all ticked
02:34:54newbielorean: it has some wierd windings lol
02:34:54barrywardellJdGordo|uni: all PP devices do.
02:35:16ProjectwhatLater noobs
02:35:21 Part Projectwhat ("Leaving")
02:35:59barrywardellJdGordo|uni: there is documentation in the freescale i.mx31 reference manual
02:36:06barrywardellJdGordo|uni: and a linux driver
02:36:06JdGordo|unibarrywardell: ok, then why have this detecion in the ipod bootloader and not in sansa?
02:36:13JdGordo|unijust be careful your in OF already :p
02:36:27 Quit sevenwords ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:36:32barrywardellis it in the ipod bootloader?
02:36:41newbiehey how do i change my VCL it english not hyroglphs
02:37:06Lloreannewbie: It's VLC, and as I said, it's not our software. Please if you have questions about it specifically ask in the appropriate place.
02:37:15Aloneathank kami...I hate rude people. I can understand bad day and being slightly on edge, but that was starting to irk my senses.
02:37:25 Join aliask [0] (
02:37:26JdGordo|unibarrywardell: 99% sure it is...
02:37:34newbiellorean: ok but please don't enter
02:37:35Aloneaok, markun, I redid it all again and now it says to make path to a different place.
02:37:46Aloneamarkun: Make your PATH include :/usr/local/sh-elf/bin:/usr/local/m68k-elf/bin:/usr/local/arm-elf/bin
02:37:49barrywardellI can't see it in bootloader/ipod.c...
02:37:53Lloreannewbie: VLC, I've said this a few times now. NOT VCL.
02:38:08newbiellorean ok thx
02:38:10markunAlonea: well, then you have installed all 3 crosscompilers
02:38:21Aloneamarkun: ^___^
02:38:38Aloneamarkun: ok, how do I do the export path thingie again?
02:38:40LloreanAlonea: As far as I'm concerned, "a bad day" doesn't excuse "I don't care if you have rules, I choose not to accept them." :)
02:39:07JdGordo|unibarrywardell: Oh, then it probably boots into rb, then rolos the OF?
02:39:08 Quit newbie ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:39:13Lloreanbarrywardell: Does Rockbox currently shut down on USB insert on Sansa?
02:39:35JdGordo|uniLlorean: not yet.. but it should, like you suggested
02:39:38barrywardellJdGordo|uni: yes, I think so
02:39:39AloneaLlorean: yeah. and I mean bad day as in be a bit short with people, not completely disregard what people say and be an *insert bad name here*
02:39:55CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:39:55*barrywardell wishes we just had a rockbox usb driver
02:39:58LloreanJdGordo|uni: With this bootloader, if it did, we'd have the same kind of "USB Support" the iPods have, very useful.
02:40:18Lloreanbarrywardell: The bootloader seems good so far. Several reboots with and without USB, and the CRC is staying consistent.
02:40:43Lloreanbarrywardell: Quick question: It'll look for rockbox.e200 in /.rockbox/?
02:40:45barrywardelli'm pretty sure I fixed the crc problem
02:40:50LloreanOh wait
02:40:51*JdGordo|uni wishes along with barrywardell
02:40:56LloreanJust noticed the newest build is like that automatically.
02:41:26barrywardellLlorean: it looks for rockbox.mi4 first in /.rockbox/, then in /, then it looks for rockbox.e200 in /.rockbox/, then in /
02:42:03Aloneamarkun: safetydan: ok, this seems a bit different. I scrolled up and there was some more stuff.
02:42:34JdGordo|unibarrywardell: .mi4 is used on all pp? or just e200 and h10?
02:42:53barrywardellall pp except for ipod
02:43:05barrywardellso just e200 and h10 for now
02:43:07JdGordo|unido we really want to reuse the extensions?
02:43:18LloreanThe USB detection in the bootloader isn't wholly reliable
02:43:22LloreanOr is it gone from this version?
02:43:32barrywardellit hasn't been added yet
02:43:44LloreanAh, well it should be. :)
02:43:49barrywardellJdGordo|uni: I'm not sure
02:44:31Lloreanbarrywardell: This bootloader is at least far, far more reliable than the previous one that loaded the OF from the boot partition. Many reboots now, and everything seems good.
02:44:37barrywardellJdGordo|uni: it won't load a rockbox.mi4 that's not for its model
02:47:10barrywardellit's still open for debate until we release a bootloader I guess
02:47:28barrywardellbut not now - now is sleep time!
02:47:52 Quit barrywardell ()
02:49:38 Quit pozsy ("T√°vozom")
02:53:20 Join webguest20 [0] (i=1847df8c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:53:50webguest20can anyone tell me where i can get rockboy for my ipod 5G???
02:54:17saratogarockboy comes with rockbox
02:54:41webguest20where is it.... cuz i cant find it when i check lugins
02:54:46saratogaits not a plugin
02:54:55webguest20where is it then????
02:55:12saratogai believe its loaded automatically whenever you try to load a gameboy rom
02:55:24saratogai don't know where its actually stored
02:55:39webguest20ok... then can anyone tell me where to get some gameboy or gameboy colour roms???
02:55:51saratogadownload them from the games you purchased
02:56:08webguest20how do i do that???
02:56:37saratogagoogle it
02:56:52webguest20ok.... thx
02:57:45webguest20here's a good site if anyone is looking for roms..... -
02:57:58Lloreanwebguest20: No, we don't mean google "Gameboy Roms"
02:58:08Lloreanwebguest20: Downloading them is infringing copyright law.
02:59:04webguest20ok then what did you mean????
02:59:31LloreanLook for either homebrew ROMs that are freely distributable, or find out how to get the files off the gameboy games you already own. That's what google was recommended for.
02:59:41saratogayou asked how to copy a rom from a game, i suggested you search google
03:00:01LloreanMan, I can't believe people are saying Rockbox on Sansa isn't loud enough..
03:01:11saratogamaybe they've got really hard to drive headphones?
03:01:17LloreanIt's possible
03:01:32saratogai know people say stuff like that abou tthe ipods occasionally
03:01:41LloreanWell they're saying we aren't as loud as the OF
03:01:43saratogawith mine, i listen at 1 tick in the retail firmware
03:01:50saratogaas in one pixel from mute
03:01:57saratogastupid IEMs
03:02:06LloreanYeah, that was too loud for me in many cases in the Apple firmware, and that was before I got my in-ear phones. :)
03:02:08LloreanI'm a very quiet person
03:02:17saratogais yours as loud as retail?
03:02:36LloreanMy Sansa? I'm not sure.
03:02:40LloreanLemme see if I can test easily
03:02:59saratogawell its no big deal
03:03:04saratogai haven't ordered one yet
03:03:13saratogaso it'll be a bit before i'm too concerned
03:03:42LloreanWell, when Rockbox says 0dB, I think it really is 0dB, so Rockbox gets as loud as you should go
03:03:45LloreanYeah, the OF does go louder.
03:03:45 Quit webguest20 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:03:54LloreanI think similar to the +6 on the iPods.
03:05:21LloreanRockbox definitely gets a bit quieter than the OF on sansas, at least.
03:07:30Lloreansaratoga: Scratch that, I'm bad at estimating. Side by side with the same file, it looks like the Sansa caps in the -10ish range.
03:07:51LloreanI just didn't realize this file was so loud naturally
03:08:35LloreanBut then the Sansa's got a lot of work to go. It's ridiculously unresponsive compared to my Nano.
03:14:33munroeIt's nearly impossible to do anything while music is playing
03:16:17RaRe`just phoned samsung and their tech dealer, they both told me they cant help me with a firmware update, greedy money grabbers
03:16:32 Quit chrisjs169 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:19:27JdGordo|uniLlorean: do you want to try getting reboot on usb working?
03:19:46JdGordo|uniI tihnk its a very simple change
03:21:47 Part pixelma
03:24:02 Quit JdGordo|uni ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:24:29 Join Llorea1 [0] (
03:24:29 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:24:58 Join Soap_ [0] (n=Soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
03:25:03 Quit Llorean (Nick collision from services.)
03:25:12 Nick Llorea1 is now known as Llorean (
03:25:17 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
03:26:11 Join nikosapi [0] (
03:26:28 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
03:27:01 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:27:33 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
03:27:51nikosapiIs there a way to monitor rockbox svn commits (via rss, irc, email, etc)?
03:28:03 Quit Alonea (Remote closed the connection)
03:28:07 Join _HaSH [0] (n=free@
03:28:50 Quit dukeman (Remote closed the connection)
03:28:55 Join dukeman [0] (
03:29:03Lloreannikosapi: There's an RSS feed (which isn't great, but it works) or a mailing list.
03:29:22 Quit blithe (Remote closed the connection)
03:29:32 Join blithe [0] (
03:29:53 Join jhulst [0] (
03:30:54 Join JdGordon [0] (
03:31:19 Quit HaSH (Nick collision from services.)
03:31:22 Nick _HaSH is now known as HaSH (n=free@
03:31:30nikosapiLlorean: I can't seem to find the rss feed... Could you please point me to it?
03:33:18nikosapiThanks!! :-)
03:33:44 Part nikosapi ("Leaving")
03:36:29 Join Alonea [0] (
03:37:13 Quit Soap (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:39:29 Quit Alonea (Remote closed the connection)
03:40:44 Quit |Rincewind| ("Cya")
03:42:09 Quit hcs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:42:19 Join Alonea [0] (
03:43:44 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
03:44:40 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
03:47:30 Quit ampleyfly (Remote closed the connection)
03:47:36 Join ampleyfly [0] (
03:54:52Aloneaok, after I did, this is what it reported. Is this abnormal any? it seems different from the last time i did it.
03:54:52 Quit Alonea (Remote closed the connection)
03:55:46 Join Alonea_ [0] (
03:56:36LloreanAlonea_: Different how?
03:57:12Alonea_Llorean: ok, sorry, my irc has gone screwy. On the pastebin it says to install a couple things. what do I do about that?
03:57:28LloreanThe part where it says to make your PATH include certain things?
03:57:51LloreanThat'll depend on your Linux Distro / Shell. Google's your best bet there (not something I'm terribly familiar with)
03:58:01 Quit Thundercloud__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:58:25Alonea_Llorean: the path stuff I have done.
03:59:05Alonea_its the install in /usr/local/arm-elf that I dont understand
03:59:16LloreanI think that just means that that's where the install is in.
03:59:28safetydanAlonea, it just means that's where it's installed.
04:00:57Alonea_safetydan: ok. still wont bloody compile.
04:02:12 Join webguest92 [0] (i=18f44eb5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:02:44LloreanAlonea_: arm-elf-gcc −−version reports?
04:02:44 Quit webguest92 (Client Quit)
04:02:58 Join webguest98 [0] (i=18f44eb5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:03:40Alonea_Llorean: arm-elf-gcc (GCC) 4.0.3
04:03:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:04:26LloreanAlonea_: Which build are you trying that's failing, and how's it failing?
04:04:26 Quit webguest98 (Client Quit)
04:04:48Alonea_Llorean: i am just trying to do ../tools/configure
04:05:33safetydanAlonea_, is there anything different about your environment? Are you using bash as your shell for example or something else?
04:06:11LloreanAnd where exactly are you running it from?
04:06:30 Quit munroe ("Leaving")
04:07:57Alonea_safetydan: yeah, I have bash, always have. On Kubuntu
04:09:14safetydanAlonea_, just checking as some distros do funny things with the default shell sometimes
04:09:23Alonea_safetydan: tis ok.
04:12:08Alonea_safetydan: whats the normal way you would export a path? maybe the path didn't goto the right files or something...
04:12:55safetydanexport PATH=/usr/local/arm-elf/bin:$PATH
04:13:18safetydaneither type that at the prompt or add it to your .bashrc
04:13:57Alonea_safetydan: ok..and..nope.
04:16:00 Quit atsea- (Remote closed the connection)
04:16:00 Quit atsea-142 (Remote closed the connection)
04:17:12 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-2ef4ba8a9ae2816a)
04:18:53 Join atsea-142 [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-97fe20acb7a63ddb)
04:32:25 Join merlin2049er [0] (
04:32:57 Join legends-wykydtro [0] (n=sdfkljsd@
04:33:17 Part legends-wykydtro
04:33:33 Quit perldiver ("some games are better left unplayed")
04:33:50 Join crazyslip [0] (n=sdfkljsd@
04:37:27crazyslipi really messed my ipod up, i need some help
04:37:28 Join Shaid` [0] (
04:37:32 Quit merlin2049er (Client Quit)
04:39:44Lloreancrazyslip: What'd you do?
04:40:27crazyslipdeleted files off the drive
04:41:00LloreanThat's very, very vague.
04:41:10crazyslipall the rockbox files
04:41:18LloreanThen re-extract a to it.
04:41:43crazyslipwhen i connect it back into the usb is doesn't show up
04:41:57LloreanJust use the dual boot to go into the original firmware.
04:42:09crazysliphow do i do that?
04:42:22LloreanWhen did you first install Rockbox?
04:42:37LloreanOkay, turn off your iPod.
04:42:47LloreanThen, when you turn it on, immediately turn on, and leave on, the Hold switch
04:45:42crazyslipgot it, thanks
04:45:59 Quit Shaid (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:46:11 Join Shaid [0] (
04:50:04TCKis there a new bootloader or something?
04:50:22TCKalways thought you had to hold menu on startup for the original firmware
04:57:48LloreanTCK: Since the backdrop on the bootloader turned black, you could also use Hold, which is easier for a lot of people.
04:59:45 Quit Shaid` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:09:47 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
05:13:06 Quit midkay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:16:10 Join sid [0] (n=unstable@tor/regular/sid)
05:16:35sidI installed rockbox on my 5th generation ipod video(30 gig) in January.. is there any changes worth upgrading for?
05:17:46sidI installed the latest trunk in mid january, not the stable version.
05:18:39sidthanks aliask
05:18:52aliaskAdd to that a bunch of bugfixes and optimisations. I can't see any reason why you wouldn't want to update.
05:20:07aliasksid: You will also need to update the bootloader if you update the build - however its dead simple nowdays.
05:21:06sidaliask: I'm on GNU/Linux(debian), which guide should I use?
05:23:13Lloreansid: Always the one in the manual...
05:26:41 Part merwin
05:28:02 Nick bagawk_ is now known as bagawk (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
05:31:35 Join qwx [0] (
05:31:35 Quit ShaunES (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:32:34 Join bwbass [0] (n=brian@
05:39:56 Join windminstrel [0] (
05:40:09 Nick windminstrel is now known as ShaunES (
05:42:46 Quit bonbonthejon (Remote closed the connection)
05:45:33 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:46:00 Part toffe82
05:47:56TCK[04:18] <aliask> sid:
05:48:12TCKis there a way to get any major changes sent to email?
05:51:15aliaskTCK: Not that I know of. Unless the wiki has some kind of notify feature
05:51:15safetydanTCK, the major changes page is updated by hand. So not really.
05:53:46billytwowillyTCK: that's awesome. I didn't know about the major changes page.
05:53:51Overandwait, update to the latest bootloader? yike
05:54:05Overand(on portalplayer/ipod)
05:54:26OverandI installed using a previous version (not as automated) of the bootloader - should i restore to stock firmware with that first?
05:54:27billytwowillyalso, rockbox appears to be getting awesome;) support is awesome
05:54:41LloreanOverand: Not necessary.
05:54:48safetydan"Getting" awesome? It's been awesome for years :)
05:54:50OverandLlorean: neat!
05:55:19billytwowillyheh. You have to keep in mind that the last time I used it with any seriousness was on my archos jukebox 6000
05:56:33billytwowillythat would be.. 4 + years ago?
05:56:53billytwowillyfirst or second year university anyway.
05:57:33billytwowillynow I'm watching because my ipod mini is about to give up the ghost and I want to replace it with something that isn't an ipod because I primarily listen to audio books and the bookmarking function in an ipod is infuriating.
05:59:28billytwowillythe only feature that was really nice about the ipod with audiobooks is the faster setting for playing audio faster.
05:59:39billytwowillyI don't believe rockbox has that yet.
06:00:09LloreanRockbox can play them faster, but it does so just by actually playing the file faster, so you have a pitch increase.
06:00:32billytwowillyyah, that's too bad.
06:01:03billytwowillythat was a nice feature of the ipod, but the bookmarking features in rockbox more than make up for that. I can probably reencode the audio book to play faster anyway.
06:03:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:05:53 Nick joshin is now known as joshin_ (n=joshin@unaffiliated/joshin)
06:24:25 Join khalsa [0] (
06:29:14OverandOh, this new version is pretty rocking, no pun intended.
06:29:32OverandIt's been months since I updated, glad to have dual-proc support on the ipod
06:30:18Overandfeels like the buffering behavior is different, but that's tough to tell
06:36:29 Quit ctaf ("Leaving.")
06:37:08TCKI'd update if my web was faster than 1kb/s
06:37:17TCKlooks like I'll have to wait till tomorrow
06:37:21OverandTCK: that's too bad.
06:37:26*JdGordon just saw something interesting in the sansa lcd driver!
06:37:38OverandI mean, the navigation menu has icons now, maybe it was supposed to before and i had a hosed install, heh
06:38:02 Part sid
06:38:24TCKstill, that dual-proc might explain why I can't currently go further than the 03-04-07 build without major crashes
06:38:39TCKI've seen the new nav menu
06:38:52TCKI mostly updated for spc support though :)
06:41:37OverandI was running an unofficial build for a while for NSF support
06:41:43Alonea_guess I will try to get rockbox to compile again tomorrow..there has to be sometime I am missing
06:42:32safetydanTCK, if it's crashing with newer builds, you need to update your bootloader
06:42:49 Quit Alonea_ ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
06:43:18TCKwasn't aware of the new bootloader until tonight
06:43:56 Join combrains [0] (
06:44:48 Join sweatingsocialst [0] (i=7d198414@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:46:16 Join donvito [0] (
06:46:58 Quit Aikon_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
06:47:29 Join Aikon_ [0] (
06:51:41 Join daniel1234 [0] (
06:52:16daniel1234would anyone be able to help me with cygwin
06:52:20Overandsafetydan: might there be a way to change rockbox so it checks the bootloader version on startup, and if it determine that it's running a too-old one, it won't procee?
06:52:32Overanddaniel1234: i can help with cygwin in a very basic fashion, but there may be someone here who's better.
06:52:35Overandwhat do you need?
06:53:53JdGordondan_a: ping?
06:54:28safetydanOverand, possibly, but it's relatively rare that a new bootloader is actually required so I don't think it'd be worth the effort.
06:54:38daniel1234Overand if you could help me that would be great I have it installed but I can do everything up to selecting normal build I get a warning error do you know what I should
06:54:52daniel1234do after that
06:55:08OverandI'm afraid I don't entirely understand the question, sorry.
06:55:15OverandAre you following a guide for using cygwin to compile rockbox?
06:55:34LloreanOverand: It wasn't supposed to _require_ a new bootloader, just perform better if the new bootloader was present, but it didn't end up working quite right.
06:55:55daniel1234when I type N after selecting my player I get a warning message if you want I can send the message I get
06:55:57OverandLlorean: ah, well, that's too bad. Oh well!
06:56:09Overanddaniel1234: use pastebin if it's more than one line
06:56:16Overandbut iI probably can't help you, unfortunately
06:56:32Overandunless it's like 'a suitable compiler could not be found'
06:56:58Overandi've never used the cygwin build scripts, i wasn't even aware such an animal existed -i just happen to be a cygwin user in general
06:57:36daniel1234ok after I install cygwin and select the packages is there something else I should do
06:59:01OverandSorry, I can't help.
06:59:26daniel1234OK then I will try the dev mailing list
06:59:37safetydandaniel1234, try putting the error message in pastebin so we can see it
07:00:26daniel1234do you want me to just paste it in here
07:01:39safetydanonly if it's short (i.e. less than two lines)
07:02:05safetydanotherwise, go to and paste it there, then copy the URL they give you here
07:02:45daniel1234can you send that url again
07:03:28Overandi think it's time to pass out
07:03:35OverandGood luck, daniel1234
07:05:56daniel1234for some reason my screenreader won't read the url is it http://pastebin.c
07:08:05safetydandaniel1234, ah okay, I didn't realise you were using a screenreader. Just paste the warning message here
07:11:18daniel1234this is the error I get ../tools/configure: line 1471: m68k-elf-gcc: command not found
07:11:18daniel1234WARNING: The compiler you must use (m68k-elf-gcc) is not in your path!
07:11:18daniel1234WARNING: this may cause your build to fail since we cannot do the
07:11:18DBUGEnqueued KICK daniel1234
07:11:18daniel1234WARNING: checks we want now.
07:11:44daniel1234this is after I type N to select normal build
07:12:21 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
07:13:50daniel1234does anyone know what my problem is
07:14:57JdGordonLlorean: copying a .fmt file in recovery mode formats the 2gb partition and doesnt touch the booloader right?
07:15:23LloreanJdGordon: Yes, or at least that's what it did for one of our forum users.
07:15:24safetydandaniel1234, to fix that error you need to have the compiler on your path. How did you install Cygwin? Did you use the instructions from here
07:16:48daniel1234I used the instructions on the screen shots page and selected all the packages it said to could I put this in my path some how
07:17:18sweatingsocialstllorean: for VLC can u tell me the settings u changed so u can also canvert the videos ... and if u said to ask VLC support i already did but the support was deader than a corpse
07:17:21LloreanJdGordon: The file there was an empty file named sansa.fmt
07:18:14JdGordonI decided to just use mkefs.vfat :p
07:18:15Lloreansweatingsocialst: The file posted there actually works for people, which is why it's posted. All I added was setting mine to 25 fps, for my Nano.
07:18:28 Quit donvito ("AnacÝn–a ∑ "Opportunity always knocks at the least appropriate moment"")
07:19:14JdGordonLlorean: do you think there is any point putting nvram.bin in the 20mb partition instead of the other part?
07:19:23sweatingsocialstlorean: ok i'll check on thier forums to see wat they got
07:20:22LloreanJdGordon: Not off the top of my head, at least.
07:20:48CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:20:48*JdGordon wishes the wps guys would get some nice sansa ones up already :p
07:21:31khalsaThanks For Rockbox, it makes my day go by so much easier!
07:22:10LloreanJdGordon: I can wait on the WPSes, the Sansa still doesn't really feel particularly usable to me. The UI is ridiculously slow.
07:22:52*JdGordon just got a data abort playing in the tree with no music going!
07:23:49JdGordonin wakeup_thread :(
07:27:04 Part safetydan
07:35:06 Quit _Amblin (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:35:06 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:35:14 Join JdGordon [0] (
07:36:19 Join aliask [0] (
07:36:31JdGordonLlorean: do you remember what we agreed on one of the buttons yesterday or the day befpre?
07:39:14LloreanNot really, sorry
07:39:46 Join Rob222241 [0] (
07:41:04 Quit combrains (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:41:19 Quit hcs (
07:41:19 Quit jhulst (
07:41:19 Quit lostlogic (
07:41:19 Quit perplexity (
07:41:19 Quit bun-bun (
07:41:19 Quit Rob2222 (
07:41:19 Quit Slowking_Man (
07:41:40 Join homielowe [0] (
07:41:46NJoinhcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
07:41:46NJoinjhulst [0] (
07:41:46NJoinlostlogic [0] (n=lostlogi@rockbox/developer/lostlogic)
07:41:46NJoinperplexity [0] (
07:41:46 Join bun-bun [0] (n=bun@unaffiliated/bun-bun)
07:41:46NJoinRob2222 [0] (
07:41:46NJoinSlowking_Man [0] (n=slow@wikipedia/Slowking-Man)
07:41:47***Server message 505: 'logbot_ :Private messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register! ( )'
07:41:50 Join kaaloo [0] (
07:41:58 Join jhulst_ [0] (
07:43:53 Quit Slowking_Man (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:44:55 Quit daniel1234 ("Freedom Chat - Your Home Away From Home | | tIRC script by the Freedom Chat Leets")
07:47:07 Join Slowking_Man [0] (n=slow@wikipedia/Slowking-Man)
07:55:42 Quit homielowe ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
07:57:10JdGordonLlorean: any objection to adding a setting to allow the backlight to always be on in plugins?
07:57:22sweatingsocialstllorean: since i can't use VLC to convrt can i use other programs like xilisoft? and what r the formats that the ipod can read so i can watch them?
07:58:46LloreanJdGordon: i thought plugins already had the ability to override backlight to always on if they wanted it?
07:59:03Lloreansweatingsocialst: The PluginMpegplayer describes what the format needs to be.
07:59:13JdGordonthey can.. but give the user an option to control it in every plugin
07:59:13 Quit Rob2222 (No route to host)
07:59:24 Quit jhulst (Connection timed out)
07:59:25*JdGordon started playing sudoku again and its iritating me
07:59:47sweatingsocialsta while ago somebody told me MLC and mpegplayer its the same thing so i don't ahve the mpegplugin
08:00:14LloreanJdGordon: Heh. Since we have options for backlight normally, on hold, and when power is in, I don't see any reason "In plugins" shouldn't be there, so long as it doesn't change the backlight behaviour while TSR ones are running.
08:00:35JdGordonforgot about tsr plugins...
08:00:36Lloreansweatingsocialst: I have no idea what MLC is. But please, just read that wiki page.
08:01:17LloreanJdGordon: Also, "Properties" might behave funny, though I don't know how noticeable that'd be.
08:01:37JdGordonmeh :p
08:01:53*JdGordon checks battry bench
08:02:40sweatingsocialstLlorean: its VLC btw and if u mean wikipage i already tried it for the mplayer it has things i don't understnad at all
08:02:51 Join noNickFound [0] (
08:02:54JdGordonLlorean: works fine
08:03:11Lloreansweatingsocialst: mpegplayer is the plugin, and is completely different from VLC, which is just a program for converting or playing videos on a computer.
08:03:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:04:41sweatingsocialstok so i got the mpegplayer (is this the plugin)?
08:05:29Llorean"mpegplayer is the plugin"
08:06:19 Join Rob2222 [0] (
08:07:56sweatingsocialstllorean: so ok i got the mplayer downloaded but do i paste it on my ipod root?
08:08:59 Join printfXh4 [0] (
08:09:13Lloreansweatingsocialst: You're not supposed to download anything to use mpegplayer...
08:09:31LloreanI have no idea what you even downloaded.
08:10:03LloreanIf you actually mean "mplayer", that's a tool for encoding, like VLC.
08:10:30 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
08:10:41scorchemidkay: bout time
08:10:48midkayoh dear!
08:11:22JdGordonLlorean: ah, we agreed rec could be cancel didnt we?
08:11:42sweatingsocialstohh so i got it all wrong then .... mplayer is for convrting like VLC but theplugin is different ? any link on how i can get it
08:12:34midgeympegplayer is included with rockbox, you just "play" a video in the correct format and it loads
08:12:56 Quit billytwowilly (Remote closed the connection)
08:13:00LloreanJdGordon: I'm of the opinion that it's a good button for Cancel, yes.
08:13:54*JdGordon wonders how long untill we get an arm-and-not-pp targets
08:14:30amiconnJdGordon: We already have 2 of them...
08:14:35LloreanJdGordon: iFP-7xx and Gigabeat.
08:14:52JdGordonoh :p hmm
08:14:59JdGordonI thought they all were...
08:15:48sweatingsocialstwat format can rockbox play
08:16:10midgeyread the SoundCodecs page on the wiki
08:17:14Lloreansweatingsocialst: And if you're asking about video, I've already told you what page to read several times.
08:18:30amiconnJdGordon: I don't like the new setting for backlight in plugins
08:19:01amiconnThis has almost nothing to do with the core; a plugin should offer this setting if it's wanted and makes sense
08:19:03 Join B4gder [0] (
08:19:36amiconnIt would also be more flexible this way, as you could use different settings per plugin
08:19:42JdGordonhmm... only because it uses so much space I tihnk ill revert
08:20:12 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:21:38amiconnThe functions to do this could be put in the plugin lib, so plugins don't need to reinvent the wheel, although it should only be a little code
08:22:34JdGordonah crap... I overwrote the diff :'( is there a wa to get it from svn without doing a new checkout at the old date?
08:23:34B4gdersvn diff -r1 -r12222 > moo
08:23:43B4gderor similar at least
08:23:44 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:25:23JdGordoncheers :)
08:25:47 Join ender` [0] (
08:28:04 Quit sweatingsocialst ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:30:06 Quit khalsa ("Leaving")
08:37:14noNickFoundops. got a bad nick :)
08:37:42 Nick noNickFound is now known as std|denis (
08:38:12std|denisthat's better
08:39:29std|denisi got a question 2 devs: am i correctly understand rockbox arch. that all its api are fixed and can't be changed at runtime?
08:40:18std|denisand there's no way to add some loadable service module?
08:40:23std|denisit's a pity :(
08:40:49B4gderin what way is a module an API?
08:41:02std|denisit is all about playing a music from the plugin :)
08:41:58std|denisi'm under deep influence of miranda's expansibility :)
08:42:11JdGordonstd|denis: rockbox's plugin api is quite a bit less powerful than mirandas :p
08:42:16B4gderI don't even know what miranda is
08:42:25std|denisB4gder: Miranda IM - IM client
08:43:48 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (
08:43:53 Join bluebrother [0] (i=fmU1DFgi@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
08:44:00*B4gder won't go into how he doesn't understand a comparison between a IM client on a host with rockbox on a DAP...
08:44:36std|denisi started to digging rockbox yesterday. i've been hoping before, that it is a bit more flexible inside
08:44:51B4gdermore flexible to be able to do what?
08:45:13bluebrotherto make coffee!
08:45:25std|denisto extend it with additional modules without recompilation of kernel
08:45:36aliaskstd|denis: That's what plugins are for :)
08:45:55bluebrotherit's an embedded device, not a PC ...
08:46:27 Join Dyne [0] (
08:46:34std|denisbluebrother: PocketPC is an embedded device too ;)
08:46:44LloreanNot in the same context.
08:46:45B4gderarguable ;-)
08:47:00B4gderand pocketpc is an OS, not a device
08:47:01JdGordonstd|denis: plugins are given full control (well almost) of the DAP, you can do anything... but only 1 can be running at any one time
08:47:19LloreanBesides, that sort of "extensibility" doesn't make sense without a reason for it.
08:47:21bluebrotheranyway, it's a music player
08:47:33*bluebrother goes voting for "remove doom" once again :)
08:47:47JdGordonhell no!
08:47:53LloreanIt doesn't make much sense to look for a solution when you haven't come up with the problem it's supposed to solve yet. :)
08:47:56DyneCan someone tell me what key translates into the "pitch" menu on the Sansa? I know on my Archos JukeBox FM it was the middle button, but I can't figure it out on my e240
08:48:01scorchebluebrother: lets keep bubble though =)
08:48:05bluebrotherremove doom! remove doom!
08:48:15bluebrotherscorche: bubbles is ok ;-)
08:48:29bluebrotherbut the only game I really like is jewels
08:48:35*GodEater isn't a fan of doom either
08:48:38LloreanOh, speaking of Jewels.
08:48:49LloreanCould someone try something on their Gigabeat for me to confirm it's not some quirk of mine?
08:49:04DyneHey guys, How's it going?
08:49:06*bluebrother thinks doom attracts too much people only because of doom
08:49:13LloreanStart music playing back, then run Invadrox, quit, and run Jewels, save game, and quick.
08:49:18*GodEater agress with bluebrother
08:49:43*B4gder likes the concept of having doom, but has so far never even started it :-)
08:49:43std|denissure, the great benefit of rockbox is opensource and nightly builds. so if someone did an improovement, noone will wait for several month or years :)
08:50:14GodEaterLlorean: how do I save game ?
08:50:21aliaskDyne: Hold select and press up
08:50:42LloreanGodEater: Hold the center of the cross to pop up the menu.
08:50:42DyneThanks aliask
08:50:48std|denisi still have no idea how to play an audio file from a plugin.. :(
08:50:52aliaskNo worries :)
08:51:08GodEaterLlorean: okay - what was supposed to happen ? ;)
08:51:30LloreanGodEater: Data abort.
08:51:35GodEaternot here
08:51:37B4gderGSoC application #4 has arrived
08:51:42LloreanB4gder: So I saw.
08:51:48*GodEater is still listening to his tunes
08:52:06scorcheB4gder: do we need more mentors?
08:52:07LloreanGodEater: Okay, I'll mark it down as a quirk of mine. I haven't tried to reproduce it, but it's happened every time I've accidentally run Invadrox when trying to get to Jewels.
08:52:27DyneI've had my E240 Data Abort on boot :(
08:52:32midgeyLlorean: no problems here either
08:52:46Lloreanmidgey: Okay, thanks.
08:52:58LloreanThere's probably some other factor into it then.
08:53:03GodEaterLlorean: I'm on a build from yesterday if that matters
08:53:04B4gderscorche: the more the better, but I think we currently mostly need the mentors to put their attention to the applications and post comments/evals/mentor-offers
08:53:04amiconnLlorean: I would try it on my mini if only invadrox were available for mini
08:53:30amiconnI don't see a reason why invadrox shouldn't be possible on mini
08:53:44*Llorean has evaluated 3 of the 4, commented on 2.
08:53:46scorcheB4gder: well, if you do need more, let me know
08:54:03Lloreanamiconn: I don't see why not either. Was the coder just not thorough?
08:54:22 Join lee-qid [0] (
08:54:28B4gderthe more volunteering mentors we get, the more appropriate mentor can be appointed to each application
08:54:34amiconnI think somewhat smaller graphics than for the other greyscale targets are needed
08:54:57GodEaterB4gder: are the "applications" the ones at the bottom of the wiki page?
08:55:00scorcheB4gder: so was that a hint to go and apply?
08:55:06*amiconn definitely won't register with google
08:55:14LloreanGodEater: They're at the actual summer of code page.
08:55:16JdGordonB4gder: did you accept my mentor application?
08:55:32*JdGordon wonders what student applications Llorean is talking about
08:55:32B4gderscorche: I think so :-)
08:55:43B4gderJdGordon: go mentor_home and you'll see...
08:57:02 Join Entasis [0] (n=Jarred@
08:57:51*JdGordon wonders if he missed, or ignored an important email :'(
08:58:39LloreanBe aware when "evaluating" that it's cumulative, not an average.
08:58:56LloreanIf four people evaluate one as 2, and three evaluate another as 2, the one with four people evaluating it rates higher.
08:59:27B4gderJdGordon: they don't send emails on that, you're supposed to check
08:59:40 Join My_Sic [0] (
08:59:56B4gderand recheck since applications also get added without notice
09:03:36 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:04:36 Quit petur (Client Quit)
09:04:47 Join petur [0] (i=d4efd6a6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:05:19*petur slaps firefox _hard_
09:07:02JdGordonhow does gsoc work? do all projects which are accepted by the devs get accepted by google? or do they choose which they want to pay for?
09:07:02*scorche hears firefox yell, "Harder!"
09:07:17*petur obeys
09:07:30scorchethis is getting dirty...
09:07:33ShaunESGrm. Is there a way to patch rockbox to only go into USB mass storage mode if you hold select, rather than having to hold it when you want it to remain in rockbox?
09:07:51 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
09:08:03LloreanShaunES: Yes, you could write a patch to do that.
09:08:06scorcheShaunES: there is
09:08:16scorcheLlorean: isnt there already one in the tracker?
09:08:23LloreanJdGordon: They decide how many they're going to assign to each mentor organization.
09:08:46Lloreanscorche: Maybe? It may have been rejected, and exceedingly out of date.
09:10:41 Join lachlan [0] (
09:11:44lachlanhey GodEater, do you need any rbutil testing done now?
09:12:03 Quit midgey ()
09:13:35 Quit himitsu (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
09:13:56 Part Llorean
09:17:19scorchewow....i was not aware of the amount of money that google provides for the GSoC
09:18:07*petur is just in for the t-shirt :-p
09:18:12*JdGordon also :D
09:18:31JdGordonshould have probably asked first... but ?
09:18:35lachlanhow much do they provide?
09:18:36scorchewell, i was referring to the 4.5k USD given tot eh student
09:18:40GodEaterlachlan: not currently - my dev environment for building a completely static rbutil isn't finished yet
09:19:00lachlanGodEater: ok
09:19:01peturJdGordon: didn't you try Triple Karmeliet recently? How was it?
09:19:21JdGordonnot yet... my friends dont like the idea of the price :p
09:19:35 Join bascule [0] (i=86920006@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:19:47*GodEater guesses petur and JdGordon are talking about beer...
09:20:34aliaskCaramel beer?
09:20:46basculeCan someone explain to me what 'low-latency' mode actually is? Following a couple of items on the forum recently, it seems to explain a problem I had a while back, but I don't understand the concept... :(
09:21:07*JdGordon back soon
09:21:31LinusNbascule: it means to do the audio dsp processing as late as possible, with low latency
09:21:43scorchewow...4.5k...maybe i should have applied as a student ;)
09:22:07 Quit lee-qid (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:22:07aliaskscorche: Nothing stopping you :)
09:22:28GodEaterscorche: yeah - 4.5k back when I was a student would have been awesome
09:22:38GodEatershame google didn't exist then
09:22:39LinusNbascule: so audio setting changes take effect as soon as possible
09:22:55basculeLinusN: thanks. So unrelated to buffering, then?
09:23:06LinusNbascule: not unrelated at all
09:23:35LinusNwe have two buffers, the audio buffer with the compressed audio, and the PCM buffer with the decoded audio
09:23:38 Join t0dk0n [0] (
09:23:48LinusNthe low latency patch affects the PCM buffer
09:23:57t0dk0nIs brightness implemented into the current build for ipod video 5g?
09:24:03basculeLinusN: OK, so why does it appear to be switchable, rather than always on? or always off?
09:24:34LinusNbascule: the low latency mode affects the cpu usage
09:25:03basculeLinusN Thanks, I think I've got it now :)
09:25:57 Quit TCK (Remote closed the connection)
09:26:12 Join TCK [0] (
09:26:34midkayt0dk0n: no, it isn't.
09:26:49midkaythere's a patch on the tracker for it but it isn't in SVN for some reason.
09:27:14t0dk0nyeah, I'm using an unsupported build... but I was thinking of updating to the current build if it was
09:27:15t0dk0nthanks ;P
09:27:33midkayah, ok.. no problem.
09:28:23t0dk0nI guess I could always compile the current build with the brightness patch
09:29:13 Part t0dk0n
09:29:13 Quit bascule ("CGI:IRC")
09:31:16JdGordondan_a: you around?
09:31:23 Join thewho [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:31:37 Join SliMM [0] (n=chatzill@
09:32:01SliMMdo i have the min and max macros defined in rockbox?
09:34:49 Join [TCK] [0] (
09:35:05LinusNSliMM: yes, in system.h
09:35:11 Join barrywardell [0] (
09:35:33SliMMand can i use them in a plugin?
09:35:56 Join himitsu [0] (n=himitsu@
09:36:19thewhoI think we should introduce two constants (OFF and ALWAYS) for backlight_timeout. The magic with set_timeout(1) is not very nice. Or, even better, change the API so that it works with real values instead of index (as amiconn proposed). But constants would be a first step towards readability.
09:38:26JdGordonthewho: yes :D
09:40:12JdGordonbluebrother: have you tryed reproducing the wps nothing to resume bug since the commit?
09:40:25thewhoJdGordon: can you explain why menu.c depends on root_menu.c? (The opposite direction is OK IMHO.) Was it a deliberate design or did it "just come so?"
09:40:47JdGordonit does?
09:40:58JdGordonoh.. probably the root_menu_ vairable
09:41:11JdGordonthat should be in root_menu.h tho...
09:41:14*JdGordon checks
09:42:53LinusNSliMM: yes
09:43:01thewhoJdGordon: not only the variable but also the special values GO_TO_xxx
09:43:17LinusNSliMM: they are called MIN() and MAX()
09:45:22SliMMdo i have gradient functions in the plugin api?
09:46:42aliaskBut I think there is an implementation in rockpaint
09:47:11JdGordonthewho: yeah, its all needed... the GO_TO_ defines are standard return values for various functions..
09:47:28JdGordonthe variable is needed because the generic menu handler isnt good enough for the root menu..
09:48:52thewhoJdGordon: ok, so that could be made a topic for the SoC. Menu rework.
09:49:29std|denisLinusN: are there disadvantage of replacing of monolite api struct with a several separated ones and the service-manager on top?
09:49:31JdGordonthe menu system already needs rework? ;'(
09:49:51SliMMif i have some code, but it isn't a patch, where's the right place to show it?
09:49:55JdGordonstd|denis: you mean how miranda does it? it wouldnt work....
09:50:09std|denisJdGordon: why?
09:50:10LinusNstd|denis: what are you talking about?
09:50:40std|denisJdGordon: besides i think about different method. not call-by-string-alias
09:51:01LinusNSliMM: for general review, or for inclusion in rockbox?
09:51:03JdGordonplugins arnt used as "services"...
09:51:07B4gderstd|denis: you still haven't explain what you want to achieve
09:51:11SliMMboth :)
09:51:19 Join fourbissime [0] (
09:52:13LinusNSliMM: for discussion, i suggest using for example
09:52:15 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
09:52:19 Quit TCK (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:52:24LinusNSliMM: for inclusion, use the patch tracker
09:52:39std|denisLinusN: currently we have single plugin_api struct. so if we neeed to add some new service functions, we probably shift a bytes inside that struct. so we break a binary compatibility
09:53:03LinusNstd|denis: yes?
09:53:12JdGordonfunction address are used.. and yes, they go at the end so we dont break compatibility...
09:53:23JdGordonnot that it really matters.. they are all recompiled on every change anyway
09:53:54 Quit kaaloo ("Leaving.")
09:54:19LinusNstd|denis: is your goal to make a more stable plugin api, for third-party plugins?
09:55:02fourbissimehi there. i've just installed rockbox. all my filenames are encoded in unicode, so are the tags. the tags are displaying fine, but not when I browse the files.
09:55:13std|denisLinusN: main idea is to make rockbox customizable with 3rd-party loadable modules/plugins
09:55:17JdGordonenable a unicode font fourbissime
09:55:59LinusNstd|denis: the rockbox plugins are more like separate applications than plugins
09:56:35B4gderstd|denis: feel free to work on such a concept, but be aware that we will accept very little overhead since at least I don't see a very big benefit
09:57:13B4gderit is very easy to recompile with an up-to-date rockbox
09:57:22std|denisi'm not ready to give you an example of a really useful service module
09:57:24fourbissimethat is done. well, I guess, for I use "unicatcher" skin and the tags are well displayed.
09:57:49JdGordonyou need the unifont tho
09:57:55JdGordondid you extract
09:58:01LinusNfourbissime: what is your default codepage?
09:58:07std|denisB4gder: sure. they could be compiled statically, but how could i give a plugin new service? for example audio-player interface
09:58:26fourbissimeLinusN: utf-8
09:58:28B4gdergive a plugin a new "service" ?
09:58:34B4gderyou rebuild the plugin
09:58:37markunfourbissime: very weird
09:58:51markunusually the files would show up fine but not the tags
09:58:53JdGordonstd|denis: what exactly are you trying to do?
09:58:58markuninstead of what you are describing
09:59:08fourbissimeI don't have those little "square" characters. I have the "several weird character display" kind of bug
09:59:34markunfourbissime: which OS were you using the copy the files?
09:59:44fourbissimegentoo linux, 100% unicode
10:00:07LinusNfourbissime: so it's pure unicode and not utf-8 then?
10:00:08markunfourbissime: because I know you can screw it up with some mount option
10:00:30fourbissimewell, all my files are supposed to be encoded in utf-8
10:00:32std|denisJdGordon: B4gder: as i said yesterday, i want to make e-book [audio+text] plugin. so i need some kind audio-player
10:00:51fourbissimeI plugged my iriver back to see if the filenames are displaying well, and it is the case.
10:00:51LinusNfourbissime: this is weird, since fat-32 filenames are unicode...
10:00:58fourbissimein my term, everything is fine.
10:01:03B4gderstd|denis: so why not write a plugin/viewer and be fine with it?
10:02:06std|denisB4gder: do you advise me to make my own code for loading appropriate codec and do all these analysing stuff by the "hands"?
10:02:22B4gderthat stuff should be done by the core
10:02:36B4gderyou would write a viewer, and use the API to control stuff like audio
10:02:50std|denisB4gder: yep. but i can't see any api for audio playback
10:03:04std|denisi found the code in apps\playback.c
10:03:14SliMMis there a gradient function in the plugin api?
10:03:18 Join My_Sic [0] (
10:03:28JdGordonstd|denis: if a function you need is not there, add it to the api in apps/plugins.*
10:03:31B4gderstd|denis: well, then the solution is to add API calls for audio playback
10:03:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:04:08scorcheisnt there already? there are plugins such as the WAV viewer, etc
10:04:19B4gderyeah, I thought so too
10:04:42LinusNstd|denis: which format is the e-book files you are talking about?
10:04:43markunfourbissime: I see too options with vfat mounting: codepage and iocharset
10:04:45scorcheso then the answer would be to "look harder"
10:05:04fourbissimeby the way, I didn't use the unicode-aware iRiver firmware. could it be the cause of the problem ?
10:05:14LinusNfourbissime: no
10:05:34std|denisLinusN: it's custom format. text + attributes + mp3 packed together into a single file
10:05:56B4gderand last I heard, mpegplayer also had sound...
10:05:59fourbissimewell, got to go. thanks for the input. I'll search again later. bye
10:06:01 Part fourbissime ("Quitte")
10:06:38std|denisscorche: WAV viewer == wavplay.c ?
10:06:53LinusNstd|denis: i see, so the plugin/viewer would have to separate the audio from the text and play it
10:07:15std|denisLinusN: yes
10:07:20LinusNstd|denis: looks like you could have a look at how the mpegplayer does it
10:07:27markunLinusN: this last post might solve his problem:
10:07:36std|denisLinusN: something like karaoke :)
10:07:57LinusNstd|denis: yeah :-)
10:08:08LinusNstd|denis: is this a common format?
10:08:13 Join pondlife [0] (
10:08:29 Quit thewho ("CGI:IRC")
10:09:34bluebrotherJdGordon: it seems to be fixed on the mini. Strangely I still get the issue on the h120, but there might be something strange with the installation.
10:09:51bluebrotherMy battery is running flat and I don't have the charger with me, I'll recheck this later
10:12:10std|denisLinusN: i found that kind of book on PC. it is a learning book. english texts with translation and audio track by native speaker of English. i like that idea so i want to port the shell application to mobile platforms - rockbox and pocketpc/smartphone
10:12:56std|denisLinusN: i didn't heard about the open formats on that things
10:15:46LinusNsounds like a fun thing though
10:16:50std|denisB4gder: sure, i could write the api manager, but it will break almost all current plugins. so it will take too much time without any really great advantage, except a more clear sourcecode :)
10:17:11 Quit lachlan ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
10:17:21LinusNstd|denis: i don't get it, all you do is recompile the plugins
10:17:23 Join BigBambi [0] (
10:17:35B4gderstd|denis: I don't understand your point at all
10:18:23LinusNfrom what i gather, this is not much different from the mpegplayer plugin
10:19:05std|denisi'll make a sketch to show you my ideas. i'll make a topic on the forum, when it will be ready ;)
10:19:12BigBambiSansa people, is this possible hardware wise:
10:19:21BigBambiSomeone claiming rockbox blew his earphones
10:19:33LinusNstd|denis: the question remains: why?
10:19:34B4gder... over and over and over again
10:19:42B4gderBigBambi: I doubt it
10:19:52BigBambiB4gder: I doubted it to
10:20:03B4gderbut he seems convinced
10:20:07BigBambiBut he is saying it repeatedly in any thread that it remotly applies to
10:20:13 Quit Dyne (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:20:18BigBambiI didn't want to say stop if it was possible
10:20:24std|denisLinusN: why simple recompilation won't help?
10:20:58B4gderBigBambi: I guess it is theoretically possible, but when he's the single person it has happened to, it makes it less likely to actually be rockbox's fault I'd say
10:21:03LinusNstd|denis: yes, if you change the api struct (by adding functions), all you need is recompile the plugins
10:21:05BigBambiI agree
10:21:08 Quit atsea- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:21:08 Quit atsea-142 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:21:58barrywardellthere is over-current protection built into the sansa to avoid exactly that kind of thing
10:22:48BigBambiOK, on a different topic - gigabeat bootloader. If you turn the unit on with the remote but with the main unit hold switch on, settings are reset. When the check for hold to reset settings is done, is it possible to tell whether it was remote or main unit that was used to power on, and only reset settings if the corresponding hold switch is on, and not the other
10:23:10BigBambiI often have the main unit in my pocket with hold on and turn on with the remote, thereby resetting settings
10:23:32BigBambibarrywardell: So we can tell him he is likely wrong?
10:24:45 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-f778965eff41df48)
10:25:05barrywardellBigBambi: i think it is unlikely, however the overcurrent protection is kicking in quite a bit so I guess it is theoretically possible
10:25:53barrywardellBigBambi: i think he he probably wrong
10:26:48BigBambiOK - I didn't want to say shut up, it can't be when it *might* be, but he is spreading quite a scare story quite vociferously (sp?)
10:29:43 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:30:07pondlifeCould a fault result in a DC output on some devices, or are they all likely to be protected against that?
10:30:23pondlifei.e. outputting with a DC offset at least
10:30:31 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
10:30:56BigBambimarkun: around?
10:31:53BigBambidid you see my question about the gigabeat bootloader?
10:32:44markunBigBambi: the reset combination should be changed
10:32:59BigBambiTo holding a different button say?
10:33:17BigBambiOK, I'll sit tight till then
10:33:32BigBambiIt shows the value of "write .cfg"!
10:34:19BigBambiMarkun: Would a flyspray task help if I open one?
10:35:40markunBigBambi: yes (and check if there isn't already a patch to fix it)
10:35:48BigBambiOK, will do
10:36:40 Quit petur ("work stkov :(")
10:37:07barrywardellmarkun, BigBambi: what about just not resetting if the remote is conected? can we detect if the remote is connected?
10:37:35SliMMcan anyone take a look over some code pls?
10:37:40markunwhy not just change the button combination?
10:37:56BigBambiI don't mind either - I'm just searching flyspray atm
10:38:25B4gderSliMM: many of us are reading code all the time. Are you referrig to anything in particular? ;-)
10:38:31barrywardellmarkun: I don't know. just that hold is a hard one to do by accident
10:38:46markunbarrywardell: not really
10:38:57SliMMyes, some of my code. i don't know why it's not working
10:39:11B4gderthen I think you should consider first telling us where it is
10:39:17markunI like to turn on my Gigabeat, turn on hold and put it in my pocket
10:39:50BigBambiI can't find anything existing, so I'll create a bug report on flyspray, and put both these suggestions in it
10:39:58barrywardellmarkun: true, so what button would you like it changed to?
10:40:51markunbarrywardell: A maybe?
10:41:20barrywardellor a combination of buttons to make it harder to do by accident?
10:41:29barrywardelllike A and hold on?
10:41:56SliMMi'll give u a link to a screenshot in a minute
10:42:22 Join atsea-142 [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-0775737c16d48469)
10:42:30B4gderSliMM: nit #1: don't write code in a .h file
10:42:48SliMMbut why not?
10:43:21B4gderbecause C is written in .c files by tradition
10:43:54BigBambiThere you go
10:44:39BigBambibarrywardell: On the H1x0, you hold record just after turning on to reset, and I've never done that by mistake in a couple of years of use now, so I think just a simple combination would be fine
10:44:55B4gder... so its just a matter of doing it like people are used to so that it doesn't give surprises, and header files are meant to be able to be included by several files etc
10:45:08barrywardellok, in that case I think A would be the best option
10:45:37SliMMi'll change the extension
10:45:43BigBambiAnyway, I've put the task up there for when someone is feeling bored.....
10:46:38SliMMhere it is
10:48:16dan_aJdGordon: I'm around now
10:49:27ShaidI use to always turn my ipod on hold when it was in my pocket or bag.
10:49:36 Quit wrobbie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:49:39Shaidand then I would just turn it on blindly when needed it
10:49:48Shaidand I'd usually reset my settings because hold was on.
10:50:10Shaidso I'm against hold for resetting settings too, but from a different target :P
10:50:13SliMMso, why isn't the code working?
10:50:24BigBambiShaid: That is slightly seperate though - I'm talking about having the gigabeat off with hold on, but resetting in error when turning on from the remote
10:50:26B4gderSliMM: given a quick look, it isn't easy to see what's working or not or what it is supposed to do
10:50:41BigBambiShaid: Ah, I see what you mean
10:51:14SliMMit is supposed to draw 2 identical squares, but using different methods
10:51:17BigBambiI'm not too bothered, but I overall prefer the record+play combination on my H1x0 to the hold switch system on my gigabeat
10:51:28SliMMthe first square is drqwn pixel by pixel
10:51:45SliMMthe second one was supposed to be drawn line by line
10:54:06JdGordondan_a: hey, a while a go i made a quick plugin to dump the lcd reg's before and afte an lcd update... anyway, after your lcd commit yesterday the reg 5 will get the value 6000003e which I hadnt seen before
10:54:16JdGordon dunno if thats usefull at all... but letting you know
10:55:40 Join Nico_P [0] (
10:55:48dan_aJdGordon: That's... odd. I'm guessing it's because I stop and start the DMA now and maybe one of those bits tells us that something's in progress... or finished. I want documentation!
10:55:53LinusNSliMM: you mean that the second one is so tall?
10:56:15SliMMi mean the second one isn't at all
10:56:29SliMMit should be semi-transparent pink
10:56:33JdGordondan_a: :) is there any tests that could be done to figure out if that bit does anything?
10:56:52SliMMover the green gradient
10:57:11 Join fejfighter [0] (
10:57:55dan_aJdGordon: Probably... but not that I can think of before I've had the first coffee of the day
10:58:06 Join Siltaar [0] (n=Siltaar@
10:58:30JdGordonhehe ok :)
10:58:34 Join Siltaar_ [0] (n=Siltaar@
10:58:40 Quit Siltaar_ (Client Quit)
11:00:19Siltaaris someone here knowing if emulators are using the total host CPU speed, or a fraction of this speed, corresponding to the emulated device ?
11:00:54LinusNSiltaar: it all depends on the emulator
11:01:03B4gderSiltaar: there's no universal answer to that
11:01:27B4gderit also depends on exactly the level of emulation, and on what level
11:01:36B4gderuhm, oddly put
11:01:43 Quit jhulst_ (Remote closed the connection)
11:02:01 Join jhulst_ [0] (
11:02:02 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
11:02:50 Join JdGordon [0] (
11:02:51Siltaarso, is it possible to script some actions in the simulator, in order to make "scientific" measurment of the speed of each emulators ?
11:03:05Siltaar(of the emulator for each target)
11:03:14B4gderare you referring to the rockbox simulators?
11:03:23JdGordonthe sim isnt supposed to be used as an emulator.. its to get the ui working....
11:03:27B4gderthey're simulators, not emulators
11:03:39B4gderand no, they don't match the target speeds at all
11:03:49LinusNSliMM: you forget to set the foreground color in lcd_fillrect_halpha()
11:05:00SliMMu've got a point..
11:06:37SiltaarB4gder, ok thanks, and for the scripting ? (I would be glad to be able to launch rockboxui with some scripted actions (as launch one particular module and then close everything) in order to make some "time" measurments...)
11:06:54SliMMwhat do you think about this:'s_line_algorithm
11:06:58Siltaar(for school report purpose...)
11:07:10 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
11:07:10B4gderSiltaar: there's no such features today
11:08:39B4gderSliMM: should work with your alpha code, right?
11:09:01SliMMafter i make lcd_drawpixel_alpha :P
11:09:11B4gderhehe, yes
11:09:34SliMMbut i still have problems.. it doesn't draw that square
11:09:49 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:09:52SliMMcan you see the unifor-filled rectangle in the picture?
11:10:43SiltaarB4gder, maybe I could drive it adding function calls somewhere in a the right C src file ?
11:10:58SliMMthe green onethat starts from within the second rectangle
11:11:42 Join combrains [0] (
11:11:49 Nick Soap_ is now known as Soap (n=Soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
11:11:52B4gderSiltaar: well yes you can modify it by changing the source code...
11:12:12B4gderbut I'm not sure I follow exactly what you want
11:13:46 Quit combrains (Client Quit)
11:14:27linuxstbbarrywardell: How are things with the sansa bootloader and sansapatcher?
11:15:02barrywardellLlorean and JdGordon were doing testing last night
11:15:30barrywardellI think current SVN is ready for testing
11:15:34JdGordonseems to be working fine
11:15:57barrywardellwould be nice to include JdGordon's usb stuff too
11:15:59JdGordonthe bootloader anyway.. I havnt tested an svn sansapatcher..
11:16:43barrywardellJdGordon: how about using the old usb_detect() that doesn't try to differentiate between a computer and charger? that doesn't cause problems on the mac and may be more reliable
11:17:01JdGordonwhich old one?
11:17:33barrywardelllinuxstb: there was one reported "bug" with sansapatcher. double clicking on windows when an old rb bl is installed doesn't keep the window open
11:18:26barrywardellJdGordon: the one from r11823
11:18:26JdGordonbarrywardell: I assume you mean removing the "usbstatus2 = (UDC_PORTSC1 & PORTSCX_CURRENT_CONNECT_STATUS) ? true : false;" line?
11:18:50barrywardellJdGordon: it's the dr_controller_run() that is causing problems
11:19:27linuxstbbarrywardell: Yes, I read that in the logs. I'll have a look.
11:22:11barrywardelllinuxstb: anyway, I think we're just about ready for a first sansapatcher release
11:22:30JdGordonbarrywardell: shoudl all this usb code work on the h10 also?
11:23:00JdGordonlinuxstb: have you got a sansapatcher for linux compiled? or how d i compile it?
11:23:01linuxstbbarrywardell: OK - do you have a bootloader binary? I'll fix that bug, and then build a set of binaries.
11:23:02*amiconn notices the weird alpha blending idea popped up again :/
11:23:19B4gderalpha blending is fun!
11:23:24linuxstbJdGordon: Just copy the bootloader PP5024.mi4 file into the rbutil/sansapatcher/ directory and type make.
11:23:26barrywardellJdGordon: the h10 of uses mtp usb mode, so no
11:23:31amiconnForget it, way too cpu intensive for our targets (*perhaps* except gigabeat)
11:23:42 Quit andrewg867 ("leaving")
11:23:51 Nick andrew_ is now known as andrewg867 (
11:24:03B4gderamiconn: right, but playing movies on 1bit LCD screens is "useful"
11:24:11amiconnlinuxstb: Hmm, mpegplayer links against libmad?
11:24:18JdGordonbarrywardell: hmm.. using the old usb_Detect didnt work..
11:24:24JdGordondetection failed
11:24:29amiconnB4gder: That's not cpu intensive. And it's not core stuff
11:24:41B4gderwho said alpha blending is core?
11:24:57linuxstbamiconn: Yes.
11:24:59jhMikeSlol...emac emac emac, and it should be core ;)
11:25:33amiconnHmm, looks like I would have to take a closer look into the mpegplayer source in order to understand how libmad works
11:25:57JdGordonlinuxstb: quick equest for sansapatcher... can you make it so running with -a and no filename will use the PP5022.mi4 in the pwd ?
11:26:16B4gderhaving alpha functions will be great for the plugin lib
11:26:23B4gderand allow cooler-looking games etc
11:26:27JdGordonbarrywardell: I thought the rockbox. file was giong to be renamed to .mi4? its still .e200 ere?
11:26:35JdGordonhere even
11:26:43linuxstbamiconn: I'm not very happy with the quality of the code in the current state, so be gentle on me...
11:27:16barrywardellJdGordon: it is going to be
11:27:24JdGordonoh good :)
11:27:34barrywardellwe need a new working bootloader before we can make the change though!
11:27:55linuxstbJdGordon: No, I can't do that - I've never seen a program assume filenames for input like that...
11:28:09jhMikeSrockbox I think does need some stuff for appearance and I think if done right, eye catching things can help useability
11:28:12JdGordonsomeone has to go first... :D
11:29:34*jhMikeS just doesn't like a gaudy orgy of graphics effects for their own sake
11:29:34amiconnlinuxstb: I need to find a way to hack this into video.c ...
11:33:50 Quit barrywardell ()
11:35:59JdGordonB4gder: do we know anything about the microsd port?
11:36:59dan_aJdGordon: We know which GPIO pin goes active when you plug in a microsd card, but that's it AFAIK
11:41:00amiconndan_a: Since the internal flash uses sd protocol as well, I guess the micro sd slot is just connected to the same bus
11:41:34amiconnSo the driver needs to learn card selection, and then multivolume+hotplug shouldn't be a problem
11:42:53dan_aamiconn: That sounds sensible. I guess the first step would be to see if I get multiple responses to an ALL_SEND_CID, then?
11:45:33JdGordonwhy is the write timeout so much shorter than the read timeout?
11:45:49JdGordonshouldnt it be the other way around?
11:47:16dan_aI can't remember - either a typo, or that is what the standard says it should be
11:48:07JdGordon5HZ and 0.5HZ?
11:49:04 Quit fejfighter ()
11:49:07 Quit PaulJam (".")
11:49:33*JdGordon wonders if the mSD slot is bank 2, for pure simplicity's sake in the code
11:50:06JdGordonseen as the biggest chips atm are 4gb and sansa will put 2 in..
11:51:35JdGordon$25 for a 1gb mSD card... might pick one up tomorow
11:52:09linuxstbamiconn: It would be nice to be able to use the codecs in plugins, but then there's the problem of IRAM. But for video.c, I assume you won't need IRAM for the video parts.
11:52:57linuxstbCurrently the audio API available to plugins is extremely low-level - the plugin provides the "get_more" callback which is called from the DMA/FIQ interrupt.
11:54:02linuxstbIs hwcodec similar, in terms of what plugins can do with mp3 data?
11:54:02 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
11:56:02 Quit [TCK] (Remote closed the connection)
11:56:15 Join TCK [0] (
11:57:15 Join toni1 [0] (i=d9b96aa3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:59:12toni1dan_a: I enabled frequency scaling on the sansa. But the audio codec seems to switch between mono/stereo, any idea?
12:00:37dan_atoni1: None yet. I've been testing different IIS formats, and I can get better stereo but with clipping, but I've not managed perfect sound yet
12:01:12dan_aCan you run the OF in your emulator yet? Could you see what it sets the IISCONFIG register to?
12:01:59toni1dan_a: No, the of seems to be dependent on the cop, which is not yet working there
12:03:22toni1dan_a: I checked the LCD_REG_5, it seems to be set/unset on every lcd scanline (14700/sec)
12:03:36toni1bit 29 that is
12:03:45 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:04:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:04:12toni1which makes 66Hz update, do you think it's realistic?
12:04:38dan_aI have no idea, I'm afraid
12:05:21toni1and another question: does anybody know, wether dma interfers with normal data access, or is it hardware dependent?
12:06:32toni1If the theory on switching dma on/off with LCD_REG_6 is correct, then I did get no data throughput difference on dma on/off
12:08:32 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:08:43 Quit bezlemin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:09:23markunamiconn: I don't think alpha blending is impossible. Did you see this demo of the hotdog engine of ipodlinux?
12:10:05markunSliMM: perhaps also interesting for you:
12:11:01 Part toni1
12:12:06SliMMmarkun: interesting, but porting it's quite difficult for me
12:12:20 Join My_Sic [0] (
12:14:07 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:14:16 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
12:14:23 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:15:15markunSliMM: I'm not saying you should port it, but perhaps you can get some inspiration from it or just talk to slowcoder if you have some questions
12:15:36SliMMi certanly will
12:16:29 Join perplexity [0] (n=joust@
12:19:32linuxstbSansa users - latest sansapatcher with Barry's latest bootloader is here -
12:21:27 Join FreshPrince [0] (
12:21:28FreshPrincehi ;)
12:22:27JdGordonlinuxstb: works fine here
12:22:35JdGordonso we arnt getting usb detection on release?
12:22:50 Quit SliMM (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:25:14markunhi FreshPrince
12:25:32FreshPrincehi markun :)
12:25:39linuxstbJdGordon: My opinion is that we should not try to get everything into the first release - the important thing is to get people using sansapatcher, and once they do the first install that way, upgrading the bootloader will be trivial, even for our most clueless users.
12:29:40GodEaterlinuxstb: famous last words ;)
12:29:45pixelmaB4gder: not a big deal but with the new server (I suppose) the order of the files on is all messed up (if it's not your part you could at least redirect it to the right person easier ;) )
12:30:55 Join qwm [0] (
12:36:46amiconnmarkun: I didn't say it's impossible, but it's very likely way too slow to use it for font rendering. Plus the already often mentioned problems regarding font size and format wrt alpha
12:44:06 Quit qwx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:45:16GodEaterso amiconn, what do you have against google ?
12:47:01amiconnGodEater: I use google as a search engine, and it's fine for that. But google already concentrates too many services imho, so I decided to stay away from any goolge services that require registration
12:47:33GodEateryou don't think they're up to the job ?
12:49:23markunamiconn: I'm not so sure if we want alpha blending either, but it's fun to play with :)
12:49:37linuxstbJdGordon: Can you test something with sansapatcher? If you install the new bootloader (the one in my zip file) the old way (i.e. copying it to the FAT32 partition and booting into the OF), does sansapatcher still detect it as an old installation?
12:50:12*linuxstb would like to see what alpha-blending/anti-aliased fonts would look like
12:50:55*aliask too
12:52:54B4gderpixelma: I'll give it a poke soonish
12:53:35amiconnGodEater: No, I think they've already collected so much information that they can put them into relations I don't want
12:54:01GodEateramiconn: so you're a tad paranoid ?
12:54:10 Join daurnimator [0] (n=fake@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
12:54:54amiconnI wouldn't call that paranoid
12:55:11GodEaterbad choice of words
12:55:59markun"vorsichtig" perhaps?
12:57:00*GodEater will only worry when the men in dark trench coats from google knock on his door at 4am
12:57:05preglowamiconn: lots of other mp3 players have anti-aliased fonts, so why shouldn't we be able to do it?
12:57:08 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
12:57:39linuxstbpreglow: With full unicode support, customisable backdrop, multiple fonts etc etc?
12:58:33*GodEater would be keen to know about this amazing mp3 player too
12:59:00preglowlinuxstb: pfffft!
12:59:31linuxstbBut I would like to see someone implement it before rejecting it...
13:00:32linuxstbIt's obviously a trade-off between performance and quality, so I need to see it in action on real targets.
13:02:22amiconnDo you have a solution for the font format?
13:03:43markunamiconn: I'm still working on the new font code btw
13:05:31 Quit daurn (No route to host)
13:09:03JdGordonlinuxstb: whats the old way again? just copy it onto the disk right?
13:09:13JdGordonshould I uninstall rb frist?
13:11:29markundoes anyone know how to generate a random number between 0 and x (I could use random % (x + 1) but the chances for the outcomes will not be equal, right?)
13:12:02markunmaybe it's good enought..
13:12:19B4gderpixelma: list is now sorted. Would you like the newest on top or at the bottom?
13:13:04 Quit atsea- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:13:04 Quit atsea-142 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:14:07pixelmahmm... don't care that much as DownThemAll could filter it even when unsorted... I believe before it was newest on top though I'm not sure
13:14:47 Join atsea-142 [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-3a483b0b2adf6411)
13:14:47 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-589203a2e4f366a8)
13:14:55linuxstbJdGordon: I think it's just copying the PP5022.mi4 file to the root and then starting the OF. But I think for this test, it would be good if you could install the OF first, then install the Rockbox bootloader - so that the special copy of the OF that sansapatcher makes is overwritten.
13:15:00B4gderok, newest on top it is
13:15:03JdGordonlinuxstb: ah crap.. forgot to copy the OF.bin file :(
13:15:25JdGordonrecovery mode.. here I come :D
13:16:49*JdGordon gets the wiki page open before trying again :p
13:18:15 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:18:47pixelmaB4gder: thanks :)
13:19:04B4gderit only worked before by pure accident
13:19:14pondlifeDoes it seem that the ipod Data Aborts (and other lockups?) have been resolved since the COP has been in use?
13:19:21B4gderprobably because the files were listed in order of creation or similar
13:19:25*pondlife wants to close Music Playback bugs...
13:20:07B4gderpondlife: it makes sense to ask if they still occur, and close them if they don't or we don't get responses to the question
13:20:13pondlifeWill do.
13:22:41JdGordonlinuxstb: yes, it instslled with sp fine
13:23:11JdGordonno it didnt...
13:23:17JdGordoncant get into OF
13:23:27*pondlife hugs the "My last search" button...
13:23:31JdGordonand debug messages are goig to fast to read
13:25:38 Join wrobbie [0] (
13:25:48 Join My_Sic [0] (
13:26:17JdGordonlinuxstb: or the PP5022.mi4 file is stuffed....
13:27:10linuxstbSo after installing the bootloader the old way, sansapatcher attempted its own install?
13:27:25JdGordonyeah, had no problems installing it.. but it didnt work
13:27:39linuxstbOK, that's a bug in sansapatcher - it shouldn't allow you to do that.
13:27:47JdGordontrying one last time...
13:28:09JdGordonits not checking to make sure the OF is in the disk?
13:28:45 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
13:29:25 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
13:29:25 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
13:29:46JdGordonlinuxstb: ok, i have only the of installed and the OF.bin... just install it with sp? or try again the old method?
13:32:30 Quit jhulst_ ("Konversation terminated!")
13:33:11 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
13:34:27 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
13:34:27 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
13:34:42*pondlife refuses to be silly
13:35:19*amiconn wonders what's up with his provider today
13:36:14LinusNmaybe google is DoS:ing them to punish you for your statements earlier? :-)
13:36:24linuxstbJdGordon: Can you now install the new Rockbox bootloader using the old method? After that, run sansapatcher and just see if it gives you the option to install.
13:36:55JdGordonthats what i did before.. and it gave the option, and did the install
13:37:01linuxstbJdGordon: Because your Sansa's firmware partition will contain only the rockbox bootloader and no OF, sansapatcher should be refusing to operate on it.
13:37:05JdGordonwell i assume it did the installl... it didnt say it failed
13:37:29pondlifeOr maybe Google is just operating that chip they put into your brain to make it appear (to you) that your provider has problems.
13:37:49JdGordonyour not wearing your tinfoil hat?
13:37:56B4gderI run rockbox on my chip
13:37:57pondlifeOr lead helmet?
13:37:58linuxstbJdGordon: OK, then it's a bug - I'll investigate. Your sansa will probably have two bootloaders installed now...
13:38:03LinusNi have my foil hat on to protect me from that
13:38:27JdGordonlinuxstb: you want me to investigae the hidden partition? or too late coz im back on OF only
13:39:44linuxstbJdGordon: No, it's OK, I know what's going on now.
13:40:08JdGordonok, ill install rb the old way again to test out your fix...
13:42:00JdGordondamn the OF is slow to boot compared to rb :p
13:43:17jhMikeSpreglow: there?
13:44:15JdGordonlinuxstb: ok, just had a look at the firmware partition, it has the OF there from before...
13:46:39 Part FreshPrince ("Leaving")
13:47:27JdGordondoes the OF use xml in its loader??
13:47:35JdGordonisnt xml really bad for embedded systems?
13:52:43LinusNnot necessarily bad, only really silly :-)
13:53:33B4gderthat's what happens when they listen too much to buzzwords from the sales people
13:53:50B4gderenter java and web services next
13:54:46B4gderi bet the use some pre-existing lib/tool that just happens to use xml
13:54:57B4gderthey use
13:55:58pondlifeGecko for Rockbox??
13:56:54LinusN /kick pondlife
13:56:56JdGordonthere is a microsoft link in the OF
13:57:08B4gderthat's for the drm stuff I believe
13:57:18B4gderthere's cert-related things around it, isn't it?
14:00:49JdGordonlinuxstb: if you want me to test something tomorow shoot me an email or ill just read the logs....
14:00:52JdGordonim going to bed
14:01:24 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
14:01:48*linuxstb just lost his tester...
14:03:12 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
14:04:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:05:21 Join Webgiest [0] (i=4a87b2ea@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:08:30dan_aIs anyone familiar with programming SD stuff? I'm trying to figure out how to talk to multiple cards on one bus, and I'm not sure if what I'm doing is nearly working or completely wrong
14:09:17WebgiestI just have a simple question, In the current build today for the e200 there was no rockbox.e200 file just the .rockbox folder is this OK?
14:10:40dan_aWebgiest: rockbox.e200 has been moved inside the .rockbox folder
14:11:36Webgiestdan_a: not sure but i think your double buffer commit broke mpeg playback not that it really worked 100% to begin with but now it just says "buffering" and you can hear audio.
14:12:06dan_aWebgiest: I'll check that out
14:12:14Webgiestdan_a ok .e200 got moved should install a new bootloader
14:12:30Webgiestor will it find it it's self?
14:12:44dan_aThe bootloader looks inside .rockbox already
14:12:53Webgiestok thanks
14:13:14Webgiestbtw great job!
14:13:23dan_aThank you!
14:18:20amiconndan_a: I guess that double buffering requires some changes in lcd_yuv_blit()
14:18:33amiconnThat one doesn't call lcd_update()
14:18:42dan_aamiconn: Yes, it's writing to the wrong buffer
14:18:42 Quit Webgiest ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:33:55 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
14:34:41 Quit atsea-142 (Remote closed the connection)
14:34:41 Quit atsea- (Remote closed the connection)
14:37:11 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-d6809133571e0370)
14:37:12 Join |Rincewind| [0] (
14:37:54 Join atsea-142 [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-018c6cfe2444bb20)
14:38:12 Join TheSphinX^ [0] (
14:47:20 Nick joshin_ is now known as joshin (n=joshin@unaffiliated/joshin)
14:50:24preglowjhMikeS: am now
14:52:12jhMikeSpreglow: hey. I'd like you to just do a quick double check on my crossfeed instruction reordering to make sure I didn't goof something. It looks and sounds ok.
14:56:52jhMikeSoh, and how critical is the delay line length in this? Would 16 vs. 13 samples work? I'm guessing it's supposed to be the delay from one side of your head to the other.
14:57:40preglowwhy do you wonder about the delay length? thinking about just using a mask?
14:58:23preglowthat would break future multiple sample rate support
14:58:41preglowand changing from 13 to 16 might very well not be a good idea sound-wise either
14:58:52preglowwould most certainly break people's settings
14:59:00preglowi can double check, sure, patch somewhere?
15:03:21jhMikeSok, won't worry about the length then. will pastebin or patch if you actually want to hear it.
15:04:51jhMikeSeh? well I'm just thinking this crossfeed should correspond to physical variables if it's to simulate something.
15:05:02preglowi don't use it myself, so wouldn't know if sounds changed :>
15:05:27preglowthe 13 sample delay depends on your head size
15:05:47jhMikeSright, so we should have a head size setting? :P
15:05:50markunit's find for my head :)
15:05:53preglowit's the time difference between sound from one speaking arriving at the ear on the same side and the other side
15:06:19jhMikeSthought so :)
15:06:42preglowideally, yes, but the guy who designed the algo said one should be able to compensate to some degree with the other params
15:06:54markungreat, rockbox just crashed..
15:07:13preglowproblem is, if we're going to have a head size setting, we'd pretty much need a fractional delay to accurately represent the settings
15:07:50preglowwhich would lead to further colouration of the sound, and also lots more calculation in the innerloop
15:08:58jhMikeSone sample's not very much distance
15:09:48jhMikeSyeah, I love the mask though
15:09:57jhMikeSnot the movie
15:09:59preglownot very much distance, no, but at those small delay levels, it's a big difference in sound colouration
15:11:18 Join kaaloo [0] (
15:11:22preglowa difference of several hundred hz
15:11:35preglowand anyway
15:11:45preglowif you depend on the mask, you can't adjust it at all for other sample rates
15:11:54preglowmeaning you have a crossfeed that sounds wildly different at different sample rates
15:11:57preglownot very useful
15:12:19preglowas it is, it's still going to sound somewhat different since we'll have to round the delay time off, but it won't be too bad
15:12:52preglowhaha, you've started jumping through hoops to avoid the emac stall? :)
15:13:08jhMikeSof course :)
15:13:19jhMikeSnot too many though and freed a register doing it
15:14:01jhMikeSI'm still wigging about the memory requirements of high samplerates at 32bits :o
15:14:07preglowisn' lea.l 8(%a0), %a0
15:14:17preglowisn't lea.l 8(%a0), %a0 better done as addq.l #8, %a0?
15:14:21preglowor doesn't addq take address regs?
15:14:27 Quit netmasta10bt (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:14:45jhMikeSwhere'd I use lea?
15:14:52preglowforget that
15:14:56preglowi'm reading the old code, hahaha
15:15:00jhMikeSthat's gone
15:15:04 Join webguest35 [0] (i=d95d36cd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:15:06preglowi'm a bit tired
15:16:21preglowbut yes, it looks good to me
15:16:33preglowbut like i said, i'm not very awake
15:16:36jhMikeScool, thanks
15:17:23jhMikeSand yeah, the lea.l 8(%a0),'re right about that but that's moot now
15:18:21jhMikeSthere's plenty of hoops jumped in the whole update and I think that's where it ends
15:19:14jhMikeSI just need dsp_upsample to not have redundant loading and all should be good
15:19:20jhMikeSdownsample even
15:23:10jhMikeSI guess freeing the register is also what's needed for variable delays anyway
15:23:35preglowall you need is to load a6 from some place instead of calculating it
15:23:42preglowahh, no
15:24:00preglowa reg free would of course help, yes
15:25:35jhMikeSI'm not really sure about freeing two which would be better for that
15:26:05jhMikeSactually I could
15:26:25preglowjust reloading it from mem wouldn't be a too horrible either
15:26:30preglowstack's in iram after all
15:27:01jhMikeStrue, but the movem can just be two moves using d4 twice
15:28:35 Join Webgiest [0] (i=4a87b2ea@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:29:00Webgiestis dan_a still around?
15:29:01 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@
15:30:03linuxstbWebgiest: Can anyone else help?
15:30:14dan_aWebgiest: I am for 10 minutes
15:30:55Webgiestif the boot loader looks in the .rockbox folder for rockbox.e200 should i delete the old one from the root directory?
15:31:21 Join perl|work [0] (
15:31:41WebgiestThank you all very much
15:32:29 Quit Webgiest (Client Quit)
15:35:00std|denishmm.. i thought that nested functions aren't allowable in C..
15:35:17GodEaterwhich begs the question, which firmware file is read first by the bootloader ?
15:35:28B4gderGodEater: the .rockbox one
15:35:45*GodEater is enlightened
15:36:01GodEatera bit anyway
15:36:08linuxstbGodEater: The bootloaders have been doing that for more than a year - to prepare for this day...
15:36:11std|denistest_sampr.c broke that ignorance..
15:36:36GodEaterlinuxstb: I think I'd have failed my "Certified Rockbox Engineer" exam in that case :)
15:36:49B4gderno dimploma for you!
15:36:57GodEatercurses - back to studying
15:36:57markunlinuxstb: was the Gigabeat bootloader fixed?
15:37:17 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
15:37:39GodEatermarkun: fixed in what way ?
15:37:48linuxstbmarkun: I think someone did that a month or so ago - so it was just the initial bootloader that didn't check both locations.
15:38:25linuxstbBut I guess there are a large number of users still using that bootloader - meaning they are not actually upgrading when upgrading...
15:38:59GodEatervery probably
15:39:48B4gderthey'll find out soon enough
15:39:53B4gderwhen the codecs no longer work
15:40:23markunah yes :)
15:40:28jhMikeSthis isn't a news item? :P
15:40:47GodEateryeah, it probably should be
15:40:51B4gderno, we believe in mind reading
15:40:52 Join toffe82 [0] (
15:41:05jhMikeSI prefer that
15:41:21linuxstbChecking the logs for bootloader/gigabeat.c, it was roolku on the 3rd March who changed the bootloader to look in .rockbox first.
15:41:47GodEaterwhat changed between then and the 12th then ?
15:41:49*jhMikeS still had one that didn't and had to recover
15:42:13linuxstbGodEater: Nothing afaics. I guess no-one released a binary until then.
15:42:20 Quit _Veseliq_ (Remote closed the connection)
15:42:25GodEaterwow - we're so lazy :)
15:42:33linuxstbToo busy playing Doom...
15:42:40GodEaterof course - silly me
15:42:42B4gderthe sticker in my forehead says "lazy"
15:42:52GodEater"in" your forehead ?
15:43:03B4gderin on, whatever :-)
15:43:21GodEaterI wondered if it was on the inside so you could read it when you were asleep or something
15:45:18 Join austriancoder [0] (i=c108287e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:49:02 Quit std|denis ("bye")
15:50:34 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
15:55:47*linuxstb completes the google mentor application form
15:57:31 Join jac0b [0] (i=9b6d0515@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:57:42markunpreglow: how about you?
15:58:23preglowyeah, why not
15:58:51jac0bhas there been any headway on the low volume of the sansa?
16:00:14preglowand now about the t-shirt size!
16:01:02 Join ctaf [0] (
16:03:41*preglow wishes the mentorship came with a crate of hoegaarden
16:03:53 Nick TheSphinX^ is now known as TheSphinX^afk (
16:04:01*linuxstb logs into his gmail account for the first time and sees 3 pieces of spam waiting for him
16:04:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:05:22preglownow all that's left is for bagder to refuse my application :>
16:05:37toffe82in rockbox utilities, you cannot update the bootloader for the gigabeat F because the fwimg01.orig already exist. You can only install it on a new gigabeat with no rockbox
16:05:49 Nick krebb is now known as datachild (
16:05:50 Join Arathis [0] (
16:05:50toffe82it is a problem if the bootloader changes after
16:06:00linuxstbI assume all email get sent to my google mail account? There doesn't seem to be a box to enter email addresses...
16:06:51B4gderthey don't seem to send many mails, but yes they will send them to the gmail account
16:06:53toffe82all the other options are ok
16:06:58B4gderbut there's a forward setting
16:07:37 Quit B4gder ("Time to say moo")
16:08:02 Join B4gder [0] (
16:08:10linuxstbB4gder: Thanks, forwarding enabled...
16:08:19B4gdercontrol-q by mistake can be fatal...
16:08:33B4gderpreglow: accepted!
16:08:35linuxstb"fatal" is an overstatement...
16:08:43linuxstbB4gder: What about me?
16:08:46preglowi'll add myself, then
16:08:51pondlifepreglow: kerw00t?
16:08:54TheSphinX^afkjhMikeS my problem has gone
16:08:55B4gdernot appeared yet
16:09:07 Nick TheSphinX^afk is now known as TheSphinX^ (
16:09:10linuxstbHmm... I registered before preglow (I think)
16:09:16 Nick TheSphinX^ is now known as TheSphinX^afk (
16:09:25B4gdera the famous norwegian fast lane
16:09:27linuxstbAh, it would help if I ticked a project...
16:09:55*GodEater was looking forward to seeing linuxstb mentoring on some obscure open source project he'd never heard of before
16:09:57*pondlife thought, for a second, that bagder had refused preglow's application
16:10:42 Quit webguest35 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:10:43preglowlooks good, thus far
16:10:53*preglow hopes fordsp related stuff
16:11:50linuxstbOK, I've now actually applied to Rockbox...
16:11:54jhMikeSTheSphinX^afk: was your settings having the LS cutoff set to 0
16:12:07B4gderand now you are accepted
16:12:51*jhMikeS preglow just know preglow is gonna make chief menu code mentor :D
16:14:00hcsI've been asked to give a presentation on rockbox for a student group at my school, guess I should mention the GSoC thing?
16:15:36linuxstbWhen is the presentation? Can you recruit some potential students?
16:15:50hcstwo weeks from now, maybe
16:16:06B4gderpassed the dead line for sure
16:16:37B4gderso you can tell them what they missed ;-)
16:16:57Nico_PI should start writing an application
16:17:07pondlifeMaybe they could "help" another student who did apply in time ;)
16:17:20B4gderNico_P: go go go ;-)
16:17:39Nico_PB4gder: :)
16:17:42pondlifeNico_P: I see you have playback in your sights... get in there!
16:19:34preglowjhMikeS: heh
16:19:38B4gderNico_P: there's even an existing application for album art!
16:20:17Nico_PB4gder: seriously ? I thought it was "too easy"...
16:20:30pondlifeWell buffer on metadata and viewports have to exist first, maybe..
16:20:38B4gderan existing application doesn't mean it will be accepted by google of course
16:20:38 Quit jac0b ("CGI:IRC")
16:20:38pondlifeAh, metadata on buffer even.
16:20:57B4gderor by us
16:21:26B4gderI've stated that I assume his work will include at least MoB
16:21:43Nico_Pdidn't amiconn say he intended to implement viewports before the SoC ?
16:21:44B4gderwhich makes it a bit bigger
16:24:00 Join Frode_ [0] (n=Frode@
16:25:38jhMikeSI'm thinking about it have no clue what to do except get everyone drunk or something :P
16:26:45linuxstbI don't see why viewports are a pre-requisite for album-art though - they just make album-art WPSs nicer.
16:27:18Nico_Plinuxstb: I agree with that... I was only mentioning them because they are in the ideas list
16:27:19linuxstbBut viewports would seem to be a prerequisite for any rewrite of the theming aspects of Rockbox.
16:29:00 Part toffe82
16:29:44*Nico_P is afraid to submit an ambitious project, for fear of being whipped by an abusing mentor
16:30:12hcsproposal: rewrite rockbox from scratch
16:30:56Nico_Phcs: that's almost how the playback engine rewrite sounds to me
16:33:55 Quit wrobbie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:34:06 Join lavid [0] (
16:34:09 Quit TheSphinX^afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:34:48lavidbootloaders are rebuilt every time the code changes in svn, right?
16:34:56*jhMikeS wonders what's up with the secrecy of the viewport project :\ odd
16:35:28hcslavid: where do you find the prebuilt bootloaders?
16:35:29Nico_PjhMikeS: it's just that amiconn has written nothing about the details
16:35:33linuxstblavid: They're rebuilt, but the binaries are not made available automatically.
16:35:39Nico_Pit's vaporware :)
16:35:48jhMikeSNico_P: he won't answer questions about it either
16:36:02linuxstblavid: We only recommend people use the released versions of the bootloaders - links to them are in the install section in the manual.
16:36:04markunTo apply to do a GSoC project for ffmpeg you first need to prove you are up to it:
16:36:07jhMikeSexcept that it would be easier to just implement than document/discuss etc
16:37:04jhMikeS...or, it's a bluf to keep anyone else from doing cause he doesn't want it in the core :)
16:37:05lavidlinuxstb: yeah, that's what i figured. if i want to completely ignore those recommendations, do i need to compile it myself or is the autocompiled bootloader somewhere i can grab?
16:37:41hcslinuxstb: I was looking for "latest bootloader" to see if the freezing on ipods still happens, but I guess I'll have to build it myself
16:38:24 Join toffe82 [0] (
16:38:36amiconnjhMikeS: I *do* want viewports because they will make many things easier
16:38:38 Quit perplexity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:39:22B4gderlavid: compile it yourself, the build system doesn't gather the bootloaders
16:39:26linuxstblavid: They're built and then discarded - they are just built so we can check that commits don't break the compilation.
16:39:55lavidB4gder, linuxstb: thanks. will do
16:40:18linuxstbhcs: "latest bootloader" is the last released version - embedded in ipodpatcher or available from
16:42:16 Part lavid
16:43:25Nico_Pamiconn: do you think viewports should be in the GSoC ideas list ?
16:43:28jhMikeSamiconn: I guess you want the project...I'd just personally really like to see it done since drawing many things would improve too
16:44:10hcslinuxstb: ok
16:44:36 Join barrywardell [0] (
16:45:51 Part hcs
16:46:19Nico_Pmarkun: the ffmpeg guys seem to be very demanging
16:46:26Nico_Por demanding
16:46:45linuxstbThey are - even more so than we (Rockbox devs) are I think.
16:46:58linuxstbi.e. commits are more stringently moderated and reviewed.
16:47:07B4gderI don't think we are very demanding at all
16:47:30B4gderin comparison with many other projects
16:47:39markunNico_P: they had some problems with applicants last year
16:47:53 Quit B4gder ("Time to say moo")
16:48:08Nico_Papparently yes, but maybe they're going to have trouble finding some this year, don't you think ?
16:48:53markunlinuxstb: I really like reading the ffmpeg mailinglist an see how every patch is followed by a list of simplifications and improvements
16:49:15markunmostly by Michael Niedermayer
16:49:33linuxstbYes, that's a nice thing.
16:49:39Nico_Pi'd love it if someone were there to improve my patches :)
16:49:52 Join Ribs [0] (n=ribs@
16:49:52markunlike this:
16:50:06 Join norbusan [0] (
16:50:08linuxstbBut it needs people in the project who are happy to just spend their time improving other people's work, rather than doing their own development.
16:50:21LinusNi'd love to have more time to put on rockbox hacking...
16:51:05markunLinusN: maybe you can work on the bootloader-in-flash for your new Gigabeat :)
16:51:14markuncongratulations btw
16:51:18linuxstbmarkun: Leave LinusN's to-do list alone...
16:51:26markundo you like it so far?
16:51:45 Join thunderpick [0] (
16:52:17jhMikeSamiconn: I'd also like to know what to expect about it to know what I can plan to do or not with it.
16:52:51 Part norbusan
16:53:41amiconnjhMikeS: Well, viewports will basically function as unbuffered windows. The lcd driver will handle clipping as it does now for the whole lcd
16:54:05 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
16:54:09 Part LinusN arbitrary areas? multiple overlapping ones at once?
16:54:51Nico_Pamiconn: so do you think they should be in the GSoC ideas list ?
16:55:01amiconnThe scroll thread will "clone" sub-viewports for each scrolling line, this way storing all sorts of attributes (fg, bg, font...) in order to keep theem constant for the scroling line
16:55:32amiconnjhMikeS: They could overlap, but the result of drawing into overlapping viewports will be undefined
16:55:34jhMikeSso popup displays will be doable from that I take it?
16:55:57amiconnYes, but the caller will be responsible for redrawing the "parent" viewport
16:56:34amiconnViewports will work without explicit init/deinit as long as no scrolling text is involved
16:57:09 Join ppeom [0] (i=oppa123@
16:57:15preglowBagder: i actually think we could easily be a bit more demanding
16:57:24preglowbut that needs someone to have time to demand more :>
16:57:26amiconnViewports which spawned scrolling sub-viewports will have to call an explicit deinit function, which wil tell the scroll thread to destroy the sub-vieports
16:58:16 Quit thunderpick ("Verlassend")
16:58:22amiconnThere will be a default viewport which covers the whole display
16:59:05 Join desowin [0] (
16:59:13 Quit Frode_ ("Leaving")
16:59:37jhMikeSI had something in mind that occured to me today that should allow arbirary overlapping complex undefined operations and no parent painting.
16:59:56amiconnBut before all this I want to unify scroll code, which in turn requires finishing my charcell driver rework first
17:00:11Nico_PBagder: speaking of being demanding... are you very demanding for student applications ? :)
17:00:24amiconnjhMikeS: Forget back buffers... we don't have and don't want dynamic memory
17:00:35jhMikeSdon't need em
17:00:53jhMikeSjust a rectangle band with each rectange having a z-index
17:01:16*amiconn doesn't understand
17:01:17jhMikeSand just one for the whole screen
17:01:31markunI didn't know rockbox ran on a DIY DAP:
17:02:38jhMikeSthe screen would be divided into rectangle strips, which would be divided when a viewport is shown and each of those rectangles has a z-index. if the viewport's z-index is say, >= the band index, it draws...if not it's clipped out
17:03:07amiconnjhMikeS: In order to make the driver redraw the parent, you always need a back buffer.
17:03:49linuxstbmarkun: I remember someone coming here a while ago who was working on a DIY DAP (Coldfire-based with a Wolfson codec IIRC) - probably the same people.
17:04:05markunlinuxstb: yes, it's the same
17:04:12jhMikeSI think I can get away without one...but I did just cook it up in the last hour
17:04:34amiconnjhMikeS: You're talking about a "background" viewport not overdrawing a "foreground" one?
17:05:07jhMikeSand no overdraw as long as their rectangles
17:05:48jhMikeSthough a blit with a rectangle cut out of the center would be four blits for instance
17:06:14amiconnThat would be rather complex and slow, as both the number of viewports isn't limited and the size is defined in pixels
17:07:17 Join nls [0] (
17:07:41amiconnSo the drawing code would have to check against all other active viewports
17:07:57jhMikeSprobably not
17:08:52jhMikeSor many just find and efficient seach method...I suppose there would be limit on the number but high enough to be ridiculous
17:09:07 Join Dyne [0] (
17:11:03amiconnMy kiss (imho) solution means that the drawing code doesn't even know how many viewports are there
17:11:44 Quit kaaloo ("Leaving.")
17:11:54jhMikeSThis would require being given a list of update rectangle that make it up and it just fills those
17:12:19jhMikeSmost of the time not many
17:12:23 Join midgey [0] (
17:14:12 Quit TCK (Remote closed the connection)
17:14:13 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@
17:14:26 Join TCK [0] (
17:15:45 Quit dmdfan ("ircN 7.27 + 7.0 for mIRC (2002/01/10 00.00)")
17:17:18 Join perplexity [0] (
17:18:19jhMikeSmmmm...just a thought anyway...all the dark corners aren't discovered yet
17:18:42 Join Juice^ [0] (n=Juice@
17:21:34 Quit Aikon_ ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
17:22:35 Quit ppeom ()
17:39:41 Join x1jmp [0] (
17:41:27 Quit Paprica (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:42:47 Join JavaMan22 [0] (
17:42:56 Join matsl [0] (
17:47:19 Quit midgey ()
17:47:57 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:48:07JavaMan22when i use the ui sim do i have to do make?
17:48:19JavaMan22or is make install enough
17:49:29nlsyou have to do make
17:49:35 Quit BigBambi ("Leaving")
17:49:46nlsmake install just copies the files to the archos dir
17:50:06JavaMan22what if i already did make in rockbox/build?
17:51:53 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:52:16nlsif that is your sim build directory then make install, if it isn't you have to make in the sim build dir first
17:52:37JavaMan22so the build dir and the uisim build dir can be the same?
17:53:05nlsJavaMan22: idk, but would not recomend that but you can ofcourse call the sim dir whatever you want
17:53:49nlson second thought, they can't be the same, the Makefiles would overwrite each other
17:53:51GodEaterJavaMan22: there's nothing stopping you using the same build dir for both - but you'd need to run make clean between each process
17:54:07GodEaternls: on second though nls is right!
17:58:00 Join midgey [0] (
17:58:30 Quit Siltaar (Remote closed the connection)
18:02:25 Join My_Sic [0] (
18:04:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:05:52 Quit midgey ()
18:08:15 Part linuxstb ("Leaving")
18:10:38 Join juxtap [0] (
18:19:04 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
18:22:01 Quit ctaf ("Leaving.")
18:29:38pondlifeHmm, who's the expert on Flyspray's mailing config?
18:30:57pondlifeI don't know if it's a problem or not, but our e-mail addresses are all being included on the "sourceforge" newsgroup - the To: list for each message...
18:31:22 Join Everybody [0] (
18:32:04pondlifeGiven that Outhouse Express can pick them up, I assume they're not mangled at all :(
18:32:13 Join Yallii [0] (
18:32:55pondlifePerhaps the mail out could be done in 2 parts, one for the ML/NG and one for the real subscribers?
18:34:40Yalliihey guys, anyone familiar with the vlc-transcode bat file?
18:37:36*pondlife watches the tumbleweed blow through
18:38:05Yalliithere it goes
18:38:18YalliiI'll just 'shoot' then
18:38:43Yalliiit's not quite clear where to add the line to adjust the framerate
18:38:48Yalliiwithin the commandline
18:39:30Yallii"#transcode{...,<add it here>}:std{...}"
18:43:47 Quit Ribs ("eh eh ehhhh!")
18:43:55YalliiI'm going to watch some paint dry or grass grow :$
18:44:02Yalliibound to be more exciting that his
18:44:04 Quit Yallii ()
18:50:46 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
18:51:02 Join lee-qid [0] (
18:51:14 Join ackbahr [0] (
18:54:50Slasheridan_a, jhMikeS, would you want to try a new COP patch?
18:55:12dan_aSlasheri: I'd love to
18:55:41Slasheridan_a: great, just a moment and i put it up
18:56:11Slasheridan_a: it should work quite well now, however recording is broken
18:57:10dan_aSlasheri: I'm sure that can be fixed :)
18:57:22Slasheriindeed, i hope so :)
18:57:27 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
18:58:38barrywardelldoes anyone know why the SVN gigabeat bootloader isn't working?
18:59:31 Quit ackbahr (Remote closed the connection)
18:59:40 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
18:59:41 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
19:06:08Slasheridan_a: that patch still has some unnecessary and unrelated debugging stuff but is much cleaner than the previous one and might actually even work :)
19:07:01 Nick Everybody is now known as Everybody|Gaming (
19:07:04Slasheridan_a: if you are able to find & fix any issues with that patch, it would be great :)
19:07:28 Join PaulJam [0] (
19:08:00 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@
19:08:51 Join qwx [0] (
19:09:50 Quit akaias (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:11:34 Join robin0800 [0] (
19:12:16dan_aSlasheri: I'm getting compile errors making it for the Sansa - I'll see if I can fix them
19:12:33Slasheridan_a: ah, i haven't tested it on every target yet
19:12:39 Quit x1jmp (Remote closed the connection)
19:12:40Slasheridan_a: you had sana and no ipod?
19:12:45 Join akaias [0] (
19:13:10dan_aSlasheri: I'm working on the Sansa at the moment, so it was easier to test with that
19:13:17Slasheridan_a: ok, nice :)
19:14:48 Join x1jmp [0] (
19:22:13 Quit qwm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:23 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
19:24:31dan_aSlasheri: That is rather effective
19:29:27Slasheridan_a: you got it running?
19:29:44dan_aOn the Sansa, yes
19:29:54dan_aJust trying it on the 4G
19:30:17Slasherigreat :)
19:30:22 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
19:31:06 Join Nico_P [0] (
19:31:46 Join aalaa [0] (
19:32:26dan_aDarn. "region IRAM is full"
19:32:30 Part aalaa
19:35:08 Join obo [0] (
19:35:11 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
19:35:50jhMikeSSlasheri: Well, I can't test on COP but I can check for problems otherwise
19:36:44 Quit barrywardell ()
19:38:05 Join ackbahr [0] (
19:38:30 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:39:18 Join andrew__1 [0] (
19:40:07 Quit andrewg867 (Nick collision from services.)
19:40:13 Nick andrew__1 is now known as andrewg867 (
19:42:30linuxstbSlasheri: I'm just trying your patch on my ipod Photo, and get an error - undefined reference to __backlight_init() - so I just added a dummy function in target/arm/ipod/backlight-4g_color.c
19:46:17dan_aSlasheri: My 4G isn't happy - I think it's giving some kind of error, but I can't see. I don't know if that is because I had to move the framebuffer out of IRAM, though
19:47:22 Join inversions [0] (
19:47:54Slasherilinuxstb: oh, just remove those
19:48:15Slasherilinuxstb: i just created the patch quickly and didn't bother to remove that test code
19:48:37linuxstbOK, but it's freezing on the opening Rockbox splash screen for me...
19:49:14Slasherihmm :/ did you try rebooting?
19:49:27linuxstbAlthough I do get the "cleared" splash if I turn the hold switch on, so it's getting that far.
19:49:45linuxstbWhat do you mean? You _have_ to reboot to test new firmwares...
19:50:02linuxstbAnd yes, I've tested a few times, and it always freezes.
19:50:14 Quit TCK (Remote closed the connection)
19:50:14*preglow tests on nano
19:50:22Slasherinope, but sometimes it did freeze on 5G also at startup and after reboot it worked
19:50:30Slasherii don't know yet what caused that
19:50:31 Join TCK [0] (
19:51:25 Join ctaf [0] (
19:52:22 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul)
19:52:27*jhMikeS H120 seems to be locked now
19:52:54*linuxstb passes jhMikeS the Rockbox paperclip
19:53:15*jhMikeS takes the paperclip and sees the of pop up :P
19:53:38preglowcan't make it play anything
19:53:45preglowand it did just reboot two times in a row
19:53:46jhMikeSI didn't have a backlight at boot time
19:54:04preglowand my backlight is dimmer than usual :>
19:54:07Slasheripreglow: ok, then it seems there are still issues left =)
19:54:13dan_aI get as far as linuxstb
19:54:22jhMikeSthat's cause it was off already...freezes after showing the splash
19:54:26Slasherion 5G it's pretty usable now
19:54:29preglowbacklight never turns off :>
19:54:42linuxstbI'm surprised it's working on the 5g, but not the Nano.
19:54:44jhMikeSthen it's a hard freeze
19:54:48preglowand the most likely bug ever:
19:54:58preglowif the headphone jack is inserted while booting, it reboots at once
19:55:57*jhMikeS is wondering what's different in single looks pretty much the same.
19:56:28JavaMan22i found a typo in debug os stacks
19:56:29SlasherijhMikeS: ah, h120 locked up? damn, i should have tried that at least.. fixing
19:56:36JavaMan22it should be data not ata right?
19:56:45 Part crazyslip
19:56:51linuxstbJavaMan22: ATA is the disk interface.
19:56:56 Quit perplexity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:57:22jhMikeSlock_cores is just empty on single core?
19:57:29*linuxstb goes to watch TV
19:57:30SlasherijhMikeS: it should be
19:57:49jhMikeSlooks that way
19:58:44jhMikeSI'm wondering if it's the backlight code...something interrupt related...but really I've no idea atm.
20:00:59 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
20:02:03jhMikeSSlasheri: so why is sp->active needed now instead of just checking for NULL?
20:02:06SlasherijhMikeS: weird, h140 works fine for me :)
20:02:09 Quit akaias (Connection timed out)
20:02:24 Join akaias [0] (
20:02:37SlasherijhMikeS: that sender struct needs to be statically allocated from noncached ram
20:02:46Slasherinot from the stack
20:03:13Slasheriso it's no longer dual-pointer but single-pointer type
20:04:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:04:16jhMikeSmakes sense on dual...otherwise I did it to not have another status struct. I'm wondering if the best of both worlds could be had and keep it stacked on single.
20:05:59jhMikeSI'm thinking since it's lying around now, perhaps it should just be there anyway
20:06:27jhMikeSIt's not like it's required for a queue and really isn't very large
20:06:48Slasheriindeed, and no iram is used for single core targets
20:07:06Slasheriit also made code a bit simpler :)
20:07:08 Quit SirFunk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:07:52jhMikeSI don't know why but coldfire liked it that way better
20:07:57 Join Redbreva [0] (
20:07:59jhMikeSsize wise anyway
20:08:08jhMikeSjust a few bytes though
20:09:50jhMikeSthough I'm wondering why curr_sender just can't be checked for NULL...a dual core issue?
20:09:57 Nick Everybody|Gaming is now known as Everybody (
20:11:34 Part JavaMan22
20:11:59SlasherijhMikeS: hmm, probably it can.. you might know better :)
20:12:46jhMikeSyeah, before it just used NULL to tell if a thread waited. When the scheduler wakes it in the list it makes in NULL again.
20:13:39Slasheriok, feel free to fix that
20:14:53 Quit Dyne (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
20:14:55SlasherijhMikeS: would sp->active be no longer necessary after that?
20:16:57jhMikeSNo, shouldn't be
20:18:13 Quit Everybody ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
20:18:25jhMikeSthought the ** was there so queue_release_sender acted on the data structure not it's parameter
20:19:31jhMikeSjust doing ->curr_sender = NULL would accomplish the same though
20:21:45 Join marc| [0] (
20:22:24jhMikeShaving them stacked or static shouldn't technically need any change to that
20:28:58*jhMikeS will check a build without his dsp changes added
20:29:07 Join thewho [0] (i=95e13ce9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:30:08preglowanything fancy going on?
20:30:12thewhoIn main_menu.c much code is 'commented out' with #if 0. What's the purpose of this? Why isn't the code just deleted?
20:30:40 Quit marc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:30:44jhMikeSpreglow: well...dsp_downsample should get fancier
20:30:45thewhoThere are also many .h files included that are probably not needed there.
20:31:59thewhoOr is this the rest of the menu rework (introducing new menu API, main menu) and things will be cleared? But I suspect JgGordon has changed focus.
20:32:11jhMikeSI can split it into two parts: one with 1 < delta < 2, and delta >= 2
20:32:31preglowto get rid of one load per iter?
20:33:03 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
20:33:05Slasheripreglow: so you couldn't get that cop patch running at all? it would be nice if someone could find out what is wrong :)
20:33:33jhMikeS>= 2 will always load two samples, 1 < < 2 might do one or the other
20:34:42preglowSlasheri: it ran, but often rebooted at start, had a dimmer backlight than usual, and just didn't want to play music
20:34:52preglowSlasheri: i'm stuck coding for other people right now :/
20:35:04 Join mirak [0] (
20:35:07preglowjhMikeS: i'd rather just spend the time designing a better resampler :)
20:35:08Slasheriwell, that dimmer backlight was normal
20:35:16jhMikeSpreglow: you do that? do you get paid?
20:35:46jhMikeSpreglow: I think there might be a need for high and low quality resampling actually. not a problem to support either.
20:37:05 Quit thewho ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:37:05preglowjhMikeS: do get paid, yes
20:38:10*jhMikeS was just wondering if someone was lurking around pm-ing preglow and asking him to write code...happened to me...could happen to you too! :D I didn't do no coding though.
20:38:24preglownot in this case, no
20:38:33preglowthis is just me doing some paid code and want to be done with it
20:38:48jhMikeSgetting money spoils the fun, I know :P
20:39:29jhMikeSwhat sort of thing?
20:40:38preglowright now some synthesis stuff, as a matter of fact
20:41:18jhMikeSah...sounds interesting...what sort?
20:41:33preglowjust debugging right now, and it doesn't crash here, so i have to guess...
20:45:23Slasherihmm, in what does one involve in if one becomes a mentor for GSoC (puts name under mentors in rockbox wiki and signs up at google)?
20:45:43 Join netmasta10bt [0] (n=sedlund@
20:46:27Slasherijust considering that myself too :)
20:46:37jhMikeShmmm...clean build still locks the 120...will try without a voice file
20:47:18SlasherijhMikeS: oh! there is a bug in playback.c.
20:47:39 Join Shaid` [0] (
20:47:44SlasherijhMikeS: voice codec thread should be on COP, and recent changes in svn removed that from the code
20:48:03SlasherijhMikeS: so try to fix that one IF_COP(, CPU to .. COP
20:48:29Slasheriups, never mind.. h120 is still single core =)
20:48:31jhMikeSdid I remove it? I tried not to change that :P
20:48:45jhMikeSbut right, shouldn't matter for this
20:48:48Slasherinope, but i did when doing svn update
20:50:03SlasherijhMikeS: well, you just moved the init to different place and i missed that init then :)
20:51:00 Join roolku [0] (
20:51:06 Join chinaski [0] (i=d56426f7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:52:56 Quit akaias (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:53:41 Join akaias [0] (
20:54:31preglowSlasheri: you just get a say on what projects should be allowed, and get assigned to one (or more?) to help see it through
20:55:00preglowif it fits your area of expertise, of coruse
20:55:18preglowthus far it doesn't look like anyone are too keen on doing anything dsp
20:56:11jhMikeScurr_sender on the queue object wasn't nulled
20:58:14Slasheripreglow: ok, does mentors get anything from google or do they just need to put more work to it for free?
20:59:01Slasheribecause i am already quite busy with other works it would be nice to know what that keeps inside :)
20:59:20linuxstbI think mentors get a T-shirt :)
20:59:42linuxstbSo you have the honour of advertising google...
21:00:06Slasheriok, probably i don't put my name to there then :) too much work already
21:00:13jhulstOfficial google mentors get $500 I believe
21:01:11preglowdoesn't that go to the org, though?
21:01:15preglowto rockbox, that is
21:01:38linuxstbThat's what I assumed
21:01:59 Quit PaulJam (".")
21:03:00jhulstI may have misread it
21:03:22chinaskihey guys
21:03:35preglowwell, i could always use $500, but i'm pretty certain the org gets it
21:03:49jhulstYeah, I just checked, the org gets it
21:04:05 Join andy^rockbox [0] (
21:04:06chinaskiI would be interested in porting the wma codec
21:04:12preglowchinaski: well hello, then
21:04:25chinaskiat least try...
21:04:52linuxstbchinaski: Do you know ffmpeg at all?
21:04:58chinaskiI'd like to know what I should know to do it
21:05:28chinaskiI had alook to the ffmpeg code
21:05:55chinaskiI saw the patch on flyspray
21:05:56 Quit ackbahr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:05:57 Quit Shaid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:05:58 Nick Shaid` is now known as Shaid (
21:06:01 Join ackbahr [0] (
21:06:08preglowpeople attempting to port that should have at least some dsp experience
21:06:19linuxstbThere are two separate tasks: 1) Port the ffmpeg wma decoder to fixed-point; 2) Extract the wma decoder from ffmpeg and incorporate it in Rockbox - meaning you'll need to either extract the asf container parser from ffmpeg, look around for another one, or write one from scratch.
21:06:27preglowgod, i wish i was still a student...
21:06:32chinaskiwell I havesome good signal processing background
21:06:40chinaskitheory I mean
21:07:18chinaskibut never being coding about that
21:07:36linuxstbDo you know C, or a similar language?
21:07:46chinaskiyeah I know C
21:07:57chinaskiI've been studying asm too
21:08:02chinaskisome time ago
21:08:08chinaskiI'm pretty good in C
21:08:18chinaskiI'm a computer science student
21:08:56chinaskiwould the port be all about float to fixed point conversion?
21:09:27chinaskior asm optmisation will be needed?
21:09:29linuxstbThat's part of it - the rest is incorporating the codec into Rockbox. ffmpeg and Rockbox and quite different.
21:09:50chinaskiyeah I see
21:09:56preglowfixed point conversion will definitely need to be done first
21:10:03preglowthen integrating into rockbox
21:10:06linuxstbAnd yes, optimisation can never hurt, but IMO that could be an optional extra at the end.
21:10:08preglowthen optimising
21:10:16preglowin that order
21:11:48 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
21:12:20chinaskiok thanks
21:12:38 Join m0rbidini [0] (n=yupyupyu@
21:12:52 Join Llorean [0] (
21:19:50jhMikeSqueue_reply should should do q->send->curr_sender = NULL
21:20:27 Quit lini ("lini has no reason")
21:20:59 Join mirak [0] (
21:21:44 Quit chinaski ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:21:53jhMikeSSlasheri: did you find anything causing the lockup maybe?
21:22:10Nico_Pamiconn: how do you feel about my tokenizer patch ?
21:24:19 Join midgey [0] (
21:25:08SlasherijhMikeS: nope, it's working fine on my h140
21:28:56 Join lini [0] (i=pugsley@
21:30:21 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
21:30:37 Quit Thundercloud_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:35:14 Join Rondom [0] (
21:37:35 Quit bwbass (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:39:30 Join FOAD_ [0] (
21:39:33 Quit thegeek ()
21:40:09 Join kaaloo [0] (
21:40:33 Part kaaloo
21:42:08 Join thegeek [0] (
21:42:23 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
21:43:53jhMikeSwell, I did a version with queue_send changes only and it locks
21:45:18 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
21:46:35pixelmaNico_P: I just rolo'ed in a version with your tokenizer patch (compiled as of yesterday) on my Ondio... then tried to resume my playlist > first it was stuck on "Loading" > after a while I got a "I09: CPUAdrEr at 09016B64"
21:47:14Nico_Ppixelma: what wps were you using ?
21:47:19pixelmamy own
21:47:29 Join donutman25 [0] (n=chatzill@
21:48:05jhMikeSrrr...I'll just check a clean one
21:48:05Nico_Pcould you send it to me ?
21:48:07pixelmaI'll try default or another one but I doubt that it'll be any different
21:48:28Nico_Ppixelma: it could be a crash in the parser
21:49:14Nico_Pwas this on the ondio fm ?
21:50:07 Join webguest18 [0] (i=46501262@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:50:09jhMikeSclean one works so the problem is in the queue_send stuff
21:50:32 Nick webguest18 is now known as DAGr8 (i=46501262@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:50:53DAGr8if I install this on my ipod will it erase my mp3 ?
21:51:23DAGr8I used xplay to transfer them to my ipod , if that s relevant ..
21:51:26 Join webguest03 [0] (i=d8e860d4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:51:26 Join dpotte1 [0] (n=DPotter@
21:51:37oboIs it a winpod or a macpod?
21:52:02DAGr8uh ?
21:52:07DAGr8well im using windows
21:52:21obookay, so it'll be fat32 and not hfs - you won't loose your MP3s
21:52:26 Quit linuxstb (Remote closed the connection)
21:52:34obobut take a look at the database feature so you can find them again
21:52:44 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:52:51DAGr8how about the interface of teh ipod willit look the same ?
21:52:56 Join linuxstb [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:52:56DAGr8I dont want gf to be lost
21:53:38linuxstbYes, Rockbox is completely different to Apple's firmware.
21:53:39pixelmaNico_P: hmm seems as if it's really related to the wps I'm using... interestingly I tried another that was nearly the same - that worked but when trying the first one it crashes again
21:54:14Nico_Ppixelma: could you send me the WPS file ?
21:54:26Nico_Pthat's exactly why I asked for testing :)
21:54:35 Quit thegeek ()
21:54:38DAGr8so I simply download the 2.5 windows *.exe and install ?
21:55:01DAGr8ok then any screenshots of the way it ll look ?
21:55:06linuxstbDAGr8: No, you read the manual and follow the install instructions there.
21:55:44DAGr8no to wich one ?
21:55:52midgeyDAGr8: 2.5 was for Archos, not iPods. The manual explains the install process and has plenty of images
21:55:53jhMikeSin queue_send, sp->retval is no longer valid once the irqs have been reenabled
21:57:10pixelmaNico_P: of course, one moment ... the difference to the "nearly the same" is that it only uses a backdrop and instead of icons for play "status", repeat mode, shuffle mode, virtual led - it uses text
21:57:38DAGr8ok got the proper manual .
21:57:56DAGr8it ll tell me wich installer to use ?
21:58:24DAGr8I ll read its just i am more of arial and error kinda guy .
21:58:32DAGr8trial *
21:59:02nlsDAGr8: it has all the instructions for installing you should need
21:59:23DAGr8thx , great support in here
21:59:42DAGr8bbl , ( hopefully not heheh)
21:59:53 Quit DAGr8 ("CGI:IRC")
22:00:11 Part netmasta10bt
22:00:15LloreanMan. "I'm more a trial and error kinda guy" says to me "I like to break my hardware, and hope that it has a recovery mode."
22:01:45bluebrotherJdGordon: when you read logs, FS #6863 isn't fixed at all :(
22:02:09nlsLlorean: luckily he didn't have a sansa ;-)
22:02:38bluebrotherthere are a couple of contraints for the bug to trigger and it looks like I didn't try these this morning as I discovered it only as of now
22:03:17bluebrotherbut that issue is really annoying ... just think of blind users who want to use the quick keys even more often
22:04:01pixelmait's related to the quick screen?
22:04:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:04:56 Quit Juice^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:05:34 Join chrisjs169|brb [0] (n=Jack@unaffiliated/chrisjs169)
22:05:53 Quit desowin ("use linux")
22:06:05 Join Moos [0] (
22:08:13 Quit YouCeyE ("Leaving")
22:08:35 Part perl|work
22:11:32 Quit webguest03 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:14:20jhMikeSrrrr...I think the return structure will have to go into the thread_entry for this to be right
22:19:41 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
22:22:17 Quit atsea-142 (Remote closed the connection)
22:22:17 Quit atsea- (Remote closed the connection)
22:23:37 Quit robin0800 (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
22:23:46 Join robin0800 [0] (
22:24:23 Join robin0800_ [0] (
22:25:44 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-e3b4c9bfbfe1bae8)
22:25:46 Join atsea-142 [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-5e9b94b5fe94a7f5)
22:26:12 Join [1]robin0800 [0] (
22:27:29 Join thegeek [0] (
22:29:06bluebrotherpixelma: don't know −− what's the quickscreen issue exactly?
22:30:02 Quit ackbahr (Remote closed the connection)
22:30:12pixelmabluebrother: that's how I read your statement... don't have a quickscreen on my Ondio...
22:30:21 Join Icone [0] (
22:30:25 Quit [1]robin0800 (Client Quit)
22:30:55Iconehow can i view more than 10 minutes of Mpeg movie ? :S
22:31:26 Join Domonoky [0] (
22:31:26Iconebecause i put a complette movie on my Toshiba, and it stop after 10 minutes ( aproximative )
22:31:47LloreanIcone: Split the movie into multiple files, implement rebuffering within the plugin, or wait until someone else implements rebuffering and submits a patch.
22:31:48linuxstbIcone: Read this page
22:31:49bluebrotherno, the "quick keys" −− like play to go to wps etc
22:32:02bluebrotherno idea how to call it better
22:32:13Lloreanbluebrother: shortcut keys?
22:33:14IconeLlorean, split 1h53m in then minutes movie ? are u crazy xD :P
22:33:20bluebrothersounds good :)
22:33:28bluebrotherat least it's related to using them
22:33:37bluebrotherand it's really a problem.
22:33:49*bluebrother is really annoyed by this
22:33:52LloreanIcone: You asked how you can watch it. I gave you your options.
22:34:04Iconeno thats okay :P thx ^^
22:34:13 Join Everybody [0] (
22:34:25bluebrotherI'm quite surprised there weren't complaints in the forums
22:35:46 Quit Icone ()
22:39:32pixelmabluebrother: is there a recipe in your fs entry? Because I hadn't seen this yet - but then I almost always go to the fil browser first...
22:39:59bluebrotherit's like I described (or tried ;-)
22:40:13bluebrotherplay something, then press the menu button. Go back to the wps using the Play button
22:40:14 Quit Everybody ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
22:40:25bluebrotherthen press stop / wait for the playlist to end.
22:40:59 Part dpotte1
22:41:00bluebrotherthe thing that made me think it's fixed is that it doesn't occur when you go back using the "now playing" entry
22:44:32 Quit robin0800_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:44:33 Quit robin0800 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:44:41 Join robin0800 [0] (
22:47:48 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
22:48:10bluebrotherhmm. Why do this struct root_items functions use a void pointer as argument?
22:48:20bluebrothercan't see any need for that :o
22:55:51 Quit robin0800 ("He who laughs last, thinks slowest")
22:56:04 Join robin0800 [0] (
22:57:08 Quit Entasis ("Leaving")
22:57:18 Join smolyn [0] (
23:00:13 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
23:02:06 Quit joshin (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:06:54 Join Arathis [0] (
23:12:08 Quit atsea- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:12:08 Quit atsea-142 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:13:52 Join joshin [0] (n=joshin@unaffiliated/joshin)
23:19:08 Join Shaid` [0] (
23:19:13 Join safetydan [0] (i=cbca159f@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
23:26:13 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-040bbd71f65a57a8)
23:31:12robin0800can any say hello?
23:31:21toffe82hello :)
23:31:33bluebrothertoffe82: you forgot the question mark ;-)
23:31:49toffe82hello? ;)
23:31:57robin0800good its working
23:32:05 Join atsea-142 [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-2d63eaa2084943ba)
23:32:08toffe82good its working
23:32:11bluebrotherok, now that we said hello we can go back to work :D
23:32:28robin0800that is hydrairc
23:32:55bluebrotherdoesn't look different here.
23:33:05bluebrotherit's still irssi on my end :)
23:33:23toffe82chatzilla on my end :)
23:33:42 Quit printfXh4 (No route to host)
23:34:53toffe82robin0800 : what bring you here ?
23:35:59 Join funky_ [0] (
23:37:29 Nick funky_ is now known as funky (
23:37:54robin0800oh I like seeing what you people are chatting about that's all
23:38:05 Quit Shaid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:38:27 Join Shaid [0] (
23:39:13 Quit Domonoky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:41:47 Quit Shaid` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:41:50 Join eggy [0] (n=eggy@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/yorkcc.eggy)
23:43:17 Join jhulst [0] (
23:43:42 Quit juxtap (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:45:23 Join oKtosiTe [0] (n=oKtosiTe@unaffiliated/oKtosiTe)
23:45:38oKtosiTeWhat's USBOTG?
23:46:09LloreanUSB on the go
23:46:36LloreanBasically, Players being able to read USB mass storage devices like thumb drives
23:46:41bluebrotherit's a way to make a usb connection without a dedicated host (i.e. PC)
23:47:24bluebrotherpreglow: ;-)
23:47:39 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
23:48:12oKtosiTeAhh, the "USB host feature" I hope to see in rockbox some day.
23:48:45 Join jhulst [0] (
23:49:06oKtosiTeI own an iAUDIO X5.
23:49:07bluebrotherhow does Rockbox handle Firewire atm?
23:49:34acathlaI own a Sansa e200, and it rocks ;)
23:49:47Lloreanbluebrother: We don't. It just charges from it, and ignores it, I believe.
23:50:15bluebrotherok. I guess there is no dedicated firewire chip in the ipods, isn't it?
23:50:25DataGhostnot anymore
23:50:29DataGhostit used to be there, afaik
23:50:36bluebrothera dedicated chip?
23:50:54bluebrothermy mini has a cable that splits into usb and fw
23:50:55DataGhostyeah I remember something like that... and they omitted it in the newer iPods
23:51:04DataGhostgood thing FW charging is still possible though :P
23:51:20bluebrothereven on the newer ones? Nice
23:51:24Lloreanbluebrother: I believe it was just another function of the PP hardware in certain revisions of it.
23:52:12bluebrotherhmm. I hoped for a dedicated chip somewhere ...
23:52:26 Join cmptrgy412 [0] (
23:52:46LloreanDedicated how?
23:53:21DataGhosthe probably means 'separate package'
23:54:02bluebrotheroh, the mini 1G has a TSB41AB PHY chip :)
23:54:20bluebrotherbut no information about the 2G on ipl
23:54:35DataGhostwhat information are you hoping for then
23:55:22bluebrotherI was wondering how hard it would be to add firewire detection
23:55:35DataGhostoh wait
23:55:46DataGhosti'm not reading well
23:55:51DataGhostor do you mean nano 2G? or just 2G?
23:55:55DataGhostoh wait mini, lol.
23:56:09bluebrotherand firewire can be quite a beast. If that is handled by a TI chip it might get lots easier
23:56:32*bluebrother worked with firewire during an internship some years ago
23:56:40amiconnMini 2G supports firewire
23:56:53DataGhostlooking at that wikipage I see that there isn't even a shuffle 256MB
23:56:57 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
23:57:05DataGhostsomeone claims to have a 'sunny iPod 256MB' and wants to run iPL on it :P
23:57:25Shaidhurrah for cheap chinese knockoffs!
23:57:50DataGhostwhatever google told me looked like some cheap-ass rebrand (like the U2 iPods)
23:57:58 Quit cmptrgy412 ("Trillian (")
23:58:03DataGhostbut I failed to notice that it was a bit round instead of squarish
23:58:15bluebrotherthe U2 ipods weren't apples?
23:58:21DataGhostwell they are
23:58:27DataGhostbut I don't like U2
23:58:35bluebrotherah. Was already wondering ...
23:58:49DataGhostso I actually meant 'special edition thingy'

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