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#rockbox log for 2007-06-02

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00:03:25nlsmpeccorini, markun: hahah, adding __attribute__((__packed__)) to the mp3entry struct makes binsize increase 16KB for h300 :-)
00:03:32webguest07hi i have a question. is there a way to install a theme that i already downloaded with the rockbox utility?
00:03:40BRi7Xalright, after an hour of paypal sucking, my new gigabeat and zcover for said gigabeat are ordered!
00:04:07mpeccorinin1s: while it may seem obvious, I forgot to point out that pointers ( *something ) should be considered to have the size of the pointer only while arrays ( something[n] ) should be considered to have "n" times the size of the the array's type
00:05:25nlsmpeccorini: I don't follow...
00:06:20mpeccoriniif you have struct mystruct { int *int_pointer } the size is only the size of the pointer to the position in memory, not the size of the integer itself
00:06:34BRi7Xi figured since i gave the ipod 3 chances, that's how many i'll give the gigabeat... actually, i'll give it one more chance, this is the last one. since the first one broke so quickly
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00:06:59mpeccoriniwhile, if you have struct mystruct { int my_array[10] } the size is ten times the size of int
00:07:19nlsmpeccorini: yeah, and the size of all pointers are the same, right? (for the same cpu)
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00:07:46mpeccorinin1s: right
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00:08:14LycoLocohey guys, I've got a Gigabeat F40 and while I can get bookmarks to work with shorter files, such as music and whatnot, I can't seem to get them to work on longer files, such as podcasts. Since this podcasts are really the only place I use bookmarks, anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
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00:08:31mpeccorinin1s: just checking, did you apply the __attribute__((packed)) to the struct or to the members? it has to be to the struct
00:08:35webguest07can someone please help me? i really want to know if i can i already tried it. please?
00:08:37LycoLocoWhen I say they don't work, I mean that when I try to make a bookmark by pressing right ont the pad, nothing happens
00:09:19nlsmpeccorini: I did it with the struct, size increased 16KB :-)
00:09:29Dorian_jw, but are current builds the same as nightly builds?
00:09:46mpeccoriniI don't understand why can it increase
00:10:50nlsDorian_: current builds are built on every source change, nightlies (or as we call them archived builds) are built at a fixed time every night, so the difference should be minimal
00:11:01nlsmpeccorini: well, gcc is strange :-)
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00:12:35webguest07should i try asking for help some other time?
00:12:55nlswebguest07: I did not understand your question
00:13:31webguest07can i install more themes on my ipod using the rockbox utility?
00:13:41nlswebguest07: yes
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00:13:57webguest07but the themes that i already downloaded?
00:14:08webguest07not the ones on the utility
00:14:16linuxstb_Installing a theme is just copying the files to your ipod.
00:14:36webguest07how do i install theme?
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00:14:48linuxstb_The theme should be in a zip file which contains the correct folders - just extract that zip file to your ipod.
00:14:54webguest07because when i do that manually they never work?
00:15:20mpeccoriniif you did it the way linux told you, you may be missing some fonts
00:15:33webguest07can i make the utility do that for me?
00:15:40mpeccorinithat can make the theme fail to load
00:15:45webguest07can it install them for me?
00:15:48linuxstb_webguest07: It may not be your fault - some themes require unofficial versions of Rockbox, and some theme WPS files are broken.
00:16:32linuxstb_Do any themes you've installed yourself work?
00:16:38webguest07 (thats where i found the themes i want)
00:16:56webguest07no none of those themes work.
00:17:03webguest07so i deleted them
00:17:22mpeccorinilinuxstb: I need to make chessbox leave the backlight on while thinking (if the users chooses so). How do I do that?
00:18:00LycoLocoanyone have any idea why I cant use bookmarks on long files such as hour long podcasts?
00:18:04linuxstb_mpeccorini: Lots of other plugins do that - look at mpegplayer/mpegplayer.c for an example.
00:18:14mpeccoriniok, thanks
00:18:42mpeccorinilinuxstb: I posted the new version of the feature to save PGN history by the way
00:18:52mpeccoriniin case you have some time to look at it
00:19:07mpeccoriniI used the same task, is that ok?
00:19:08amiconn__attribute__((packed)) will of course increase binary size a lot on SH and arm, because short and long members can become unaligned
00:19:35linuxstb_LycoLoco: Are you using the file broswer or database to access them?
00:19:36mpeccoriniamiconn: isn't ((packed)) supposed to "align" them?
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00:19:47webguest45sorry i logged out by accident.
00:19:48LycoLocolinuxstb - file browser
00:19:53nlsamiconn: the 16KB increase was for coldfire, though
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00:20:13webguest45are those themes even for the ipod video?
00:20:14linuxstb_LycoLoco: Then I don't know...
00:20:15amiconn'packed' packs the struct so that there are no gaps at all, regardless of member data sizes
00:20:17nlsamiconn: also did you look at the patch?
00:20:41LycoLocolinuxstb: would it matter about using database vs file browser?
00:20:43linuxstb_webguest45: No - they're for the iaudio X5...
00:21:01amiconnIt's meant to be used for reading well defined data formats, but even then coders often prefer to do the parsing 'by hand'
00:22:22webguest45i have two more questions. i have some gameboy roms on my ipod but when i play them the sound or music whatever is kind of dissorted do you know why?
00:22:46amiconngcc doesn't reorder struct members. For packed structs it must not do that, for non-packed structs it would be useful...
00:23:01linuxstb_webguest45: Because no-one is developing Rockboy and it still has bugs/limitations.
00:23:16webguest45the other question is the mpeg player plays the movie but the sound is slower thsan the movie?
00:23:35markunwebguest45: what's the samplerate of the audio?
00:23:49webguest45what do you mean?
00:23:55nlsamiconn: re: what you said about gcc yesterday, there seems that quite a few improvements have made it into gcc 4.3
00:24:43markunwebguest45: well, normally it should be 44100Hz so I can imagine the audio being slower if you use a file with a samplerate of 48000Hz
00:24:46linuxstb_webguest45: mpegplayer isn't very fast on the ipod video - you are better off playing videos in Apple's firmware.
00:25:11webguest45ok thanks anyway. : )
00:25:26amiconnIt can be done manually, grouping members by size, but that means giving up grouping related members together -> readability suffers
00:25:30markunwebguest45: did you try one of the "Elefants Dream" sample movies?
00:26:02webguest45i would also like to know how you guys made rockbox make my ipod albe to play gameboy roms?
00:26:05markunElephants even
00:26:20webguest45yeah i trie dthat elephants dream movie.
00:27:23webguest45did i ask that other question the right way?
00:27:34webguest45about the roms?
00:28:24*amiconn would like to see the tracks[] array vanish.... i.e. MoB
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00:28:40nlsamiconn: iiuc it will
00:29:00Hammer89I forget... is there a specific place I can look to see if the e200 bootloader has been updated?
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00:30:17webguest45alright thank you guy's see ya!1 : )
00:30:30linuxstb_Hammer89: You can just check the timestamp of the file on the download server. Any updates should be in the MajorChanges wiki page as well though.
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00:31:05Hammer89okay... thanks :)
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00:33:04Dorian_does the database include files like SID and SPC
00:34:40LycoLocolinuxstb_: also, even if I have rockbox set up to autosave bookmarks on stop, it doens't when I'm listening to a podcast. any ideas?
00:37:32LycoLocoanyone have any ideas? is there a log that's available to me to see what is or isn't happening when I try to bookmark a podcast?
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00:40:46linuxstb_What format is your podcast? Rockbox doesn't treat podcasts any differently to any long files.
00:41:09LycoLocolemme find a long mix and throw it on there
00:41:16LycoLocosee if I have any issues with it
00:44:14LycoLocoit works just fine on a music track that's 2 and a half hours
00:44:19LycoLocolemme try a different podcast
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00:48:01LycoLocoit works on some podcasts and not others
00:49:16LycoLocoany rhyme or reason that creating a podcast shouldn't work?
00:50:16*linuxstb_ doesn't know
00:50:56LycoLocome either
00:50:57LycoLoconot sure what's goin on here
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01:04:59orbit7thanks for making rockbox work on the 80gb ipod ;)
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01:20:39Buschelhi, since a svn-change from May, 15th, the runtime calculation and charge/discharge curve for iPOD Videos is not correct. With patch #7216 there is a first attempt for better runtime calculation of the 30GB and 60/80GB-models as well as for the nano.
01:21:13Buschelthere were also added new battery types for nano and both Videos
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01:22:53DanielWi did something (like reset all settings?) and now if i load the theme, the icons don't get loaded
01:23:19Dorian_DaneilW: icons are their own theme
01:23:54DanielWwhere do i load that?
01:25:32Dorian_they should be in the same place where you load other themes
01:26:09DanielWi can load a normal theme and that icon theme at the same time?
01:26:27Dorian_same place
01:26:43Dorian_assume you copied them correctly
01:28:17DanielWadd the moment it is building database (PLAY/PAUSE to return) . but pressing on play/pause doesn't bring me back
01:29:06Dorian_yea, i've had that problem as well w/ my ipod
01:29:44DanielWlast time i pressed all over it until it rebooted with complete new settings
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01:32:33DanielWbuilding database .... 10000 found :-)
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01:33:05Dorian_yea, i have 4000+ songs on my and i got 7k
01:33:44DanielWif finds more then they really are?
01:35:03Dorian_well i dunno
01:35:47Dorian_you know... i just reallized that it might be picking up the images from my webpages
01:35:47DanielWto bad, that the fat32 file system doesn't support : and ? in filenames. gave me a lot of errors while moving the files to the ipod
01:37:05DanielWDorian_: webpages on your musicplayer?
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01:37:24Dorian_yea, i use it as a portable drive as well
01:37:51DanielWthere should be a way to say the rockbox "don't look in that dir"
01:38:12DanielWfor exmaple with a .norock file in that dir
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01:45:02DanielWbuilding database... 16300 found
01:46:19Dorian_jw who here is using a windows box?
01:47:49Dorian_if i want to apply a patch do i do it with the .rockbox folder or the root of the player
01:50:49linuxstb_a patch is a text file containing a list of changes to the Rockbox source code. You need to apply those changes to the source code and compile Rockbox yourself.
01:50:58Dorian_the wiki says cd to/source/root patch < patchfile
01:51:42linuxstb_Yes, "to/source/root" is the folder on your computer containing a copy of the Rockbox source code.
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01:54:01Dorian_well i'm gonna tell everyone should look at my patch on that know (7111) allowing people to sort their podcast w/o custom filters
01:54:10Dorian_similar to the ipod firmware
01:55:30DanielWerstelle tag datenbank dauert ja doch recht lange huh
01:55:39saratogalinuxstb: finally tracke ddown the bug in the integer wma decoder!
01:55:44DanielWoh sorry
01:55:48DanielWenglish channel
01:55:49linuxstbsaratoga: \o/
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01:56:07linuxstbsaratoga: \o/
01:56:19saratogathe decoder reuses exponents when the block size is less then or equal to a factor of two of the previous block size
01:56:35saratogathe code for doing this returns an array of all zeros
01:57:25saratogainstead of the old exponents
01:58:29linuxstbSo the integer decoder is producing decent output now?
01:58:42saratoganot yet, i'm not sure why this happens
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01:58:50saratogabut I'm hoping to have good output by tonight
01:58:56linuxstbAh, so you've found it, but not fixed it?
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02:16:43DanielWone shouldn't use the database tracklist to play a track? here after that it opens a searching dialog and that takes minutes ....
02:19:33DanielWi don't understand how that works. it added 10 000 tracks to the playlist
02:19:42DanielWi just wanted to play that one selected song
02:21:00linuxstbThat's how Rockbox works - if you press select or right on a track in a list, it creates a playlist with the whole list.
02:21:21linuxstbTo just play the one track, hold down select and insert it into the playlist.
02:22:40DanielWand thats why it takes so long, becaue it is adding 10 000 tracks
02:22:50 Join DarthShrine [0] (n=angus@pdpc/supporter/student/DarthShrine)
02:23:02DanielWbut the "play/pause to cancel" doesn't work
02:23:37linuxstbI don't know about that.
02:25:47DanielWok i don't get that all
02:25:58DanielWknow i can not use it because playlist buffer is full
02:26:07DanielWbut i can not clear the playlist
02:26:24DanielWand now there is this search windows from the database again
02:26:42DanielWi think i am to stuip to use rockbox
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02:54:26DanielWis there a way to see how much songs are on my player?
02:55:30linuxstbRun the "stats" plugin
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03:02:00DanielWMusic: 12813 :-)
03:14:42DanielWis there a way to just add mhh x random tracks? or an other way to listen random to complete collection?
03:16:32badsheepyyou can listen to your whole collection on random by going database->artist->all artist and putting it on shuffle
03:16:49badsheepywhere artist is anything with an 'all' option
03:17:13DanielWyes bu
03:17:43DanielWit will not add more than 10 000 tracks to the playlist
03:17:58DanielWso i will get an error message there
03:18:02DanielWand it takes some time
03:18:07badsheepyoh i see
03:18:17DanielWi would like to see a feature like "add 100 random tracks to playlist"
03:18:53markunDanielW: do you know how to program?
03:19:14markungood :)
03:19:40linuxstbDanielW: You can increase that 10000 limit - General Settings -> System -> Limits -> Max Playlist Size
03:20:24DanielWlinuxstb: i know
03:20:44linuxstbThen why do you say it won't add more than 10000 tracks to the playlist?
03:20:58 Join Theglades00 [0] (
03:21:42DanielWmarkun: but i never programmed on a that hardware near level. i used to develop programs for symbian os smartphones and oh that sometimes freaks me out.
03:22:09DanielWlinuxstb: the ability to set such a limit and the default one for 10 000 is there for a reason
03:22:37DanielWlinuxstb: it take quite some time to fill the playlist with so many tracks
03:23:00markunDanielW: for such a feature you don't really need to tuch any low level stuff
03:23:17linuxstbDanielW: But it does work?
03:23:25 Quit dandin1 ()
03:24:21DanielWok, looked in the source yesterday (just a few patches) and for me (normaly developing logistical software in c#) the c code looks quite low level everywhere *g*
03:25:21DanielWlinuxstb: will give it a try later. i am new to rockbox and just on my why to find out how the things i would like to to can be done
03:25:46linuxstbDanielW: Also, are you using the database or the file browser?
03:26:10linuxstbDo you have both dircache enabled and the database loaded to RAM?
03:26:18DanielWdatabase mhh and flie browser (the later for various artist albums)
03:26:31DanielWdircache disabled
03:26:54linuxstbEnabling dircache should speed things up. What about the database?
03:27:49DanielWi am not sure it seems quite slow. when i go to complete track list and press select or next, it takes mhh a few minutes
03:28:05DanielWwhile i see a "searching .... x found" message
03:28:16DanielWcounting down
03:28:33markunwhat's "mhh"?
03:28:57DanielWsorry nothing. just "the sound of my brain thinking"
03:29:32DanielWshould not use that in written language. and never in english
03:30:18linuxstbDo you have the database loaded to RAM? (it's one of the settings)
03:31:50 Quit entheh ("^~")
03:34:10DanielWbut will check again
03:34:19 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:34:40 Quit Theglades00 ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
03:35:01linuxstbI think you also need to enable dircache for the load-to-ram option to work properly.
03:35:30DanielWi will give it a try. how much ram will get used for the dircache?
03:36:14linuxstbA few hundred KB I think.
03:36:38 Part TrueJournals
03:36:45linuxstbAfter you've enabled it and rebooted, you can check the size in System -> Debug -> Dircache info
03:37:11 Nick z35_1 is now known as z35 (
03:40:38DanielWwhat does the Anti-Skip-Buffer option mean in the playback options?
03:43:42 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
03:50:29DanielWis there no way to loading the ipod without having it on?
03:52:15 Join EspeonEefi [0] (
03:56:47 Join zutme [0] (
03:58:05zutmeSo I installed rockbox on my ipod 3g,but when I try to play music it stutters and then invariably crashes, and very often it crashes when booting. Would reinstalling/ using a different version be helpful or is it normally this buggy?
04:00:23saratogarockbox is basically nonfunctional on the 3G
04:00:48 Quit EspeonEefi ("Leaving")
04:01:05zutmedamn that really sucks. it would be perfect if it worked. the features are so cool
04:01:44zutmeis this something that may get better in the future or am i pretty much sol
04:03:47DanielWis it normal that the ipod goes on, when i connect it with with usb to load the battery?
04:04:17DanielWit boots rockbox then. but i don't want it to boot rockbox just to load the battery
04:04:36linuxstbYes, you can't charge the ipod when it's off.
04:05:17 Join Soap [0] (
04:05:42linuxstbzutme: No-one is currently working on Rockbox on the 3G - but that doesn't mean no-one will in the future. It just needs a 3G owner to show interest.
04:06:54 Join EspeonEefi [0] (
04:06:56zutmedoes ipodlinux have better support? I triued i, but the interface was pretty sucky compared to rockbox
04:07:10linuxstbzutme: You tell us...
04:07:19zutmewell it didnt crash
04:13:32 Join Brunellus [0] (n=luigi@unaffiliated/brunellus)
04:13:42 Part Brunellus ("Ex-Chat")
04:32:24DanielWipod off and hold switch on hold -> plug in usb -> ipod boots rockbox -> rockbox says "cleared" and all settings and the database is lost :-(
04:32:52 Quit secleinteer (Connection timed out)
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04:37:09webguest51Ok i've installed the image and the player on my dev computer that does not have internet. I've used cygwin on a computer that does have internet to get the daily build. I have copied the rockbox folder over to my dev computer but cant figure out how to get to it in vmware. Where should i put the folder?
04:39:36 Quit kk_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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04:53:31webguest51Ok i've installed the image and the player on my dev computer that does not have internet. I've used cygwin on a computer that does have internet to get the daily build. I have copied the rockbox folder over to my dev computer but cant figure out how to get to it in vmware. Where should i put the folder?
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05:42:05saratogaanyone still awake?
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06:49:39kayashahi people
06:49:50kayashaQuick question if anyone is online
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07:00:41Matt544Anyone help me on installing a Super Mario ROM I have? it is in .nes format
07:02:39rotatorMatt544: Rockbox doesn't support NES games
07:02:52Matt544How do you install like Pacman and such?
07:02:56rotatorGameboy and Gameboy Color roms work fine though
07:03:04Matt544ROMs i know, but how do i install a Pacman ROM?
07:03:12kayashaquick question
07:03:22Matt544what about N64 roms?
07:03:43rotatornope, no n64 either
07:03:47kayashai got a Iriver h10 5gb, i installed the nnew build and im having Codec fail
07:03:53rotatortake a look at for pacman
07:04:32kayashai need new bootloader right?
07:05:08Matt544So how do install files that end in .gb?
07:05:43rotatorMatt544: just copy them to your player and the play them like you would an audio file
07:07:00kayashaanyone care to help me ?
07:07:15Lloreankayasha: Yes, you need a new bootloader. Just follow the directions in the manual
07:07:22Matt544Copy them into what folder
07:07:45rotatorMatt544: which ever folder you want
07:09:17 Join dunder [0] (n=grndslm@
07:09:22 Quit dunder (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:10:43 Part Matt544
07:12:01kayashaLlorean where do i find it
07:12:10kayashai've been looking and didn't find it
07:12:12Lloreankayasha: In the manual...
07:12:18LloreanThere's even a link to it.
07:13:15 Quit ze (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:13:15 Join ze_ [0] (
07:13:30 Nick ze_ is now known as ze (
07:16:10kayashanow i get error -1 -.-
07:17:29LloreanIs there a rockbox.mi4 in your /.rockbox/ folder?
07:17:44kayashanon in root
07:17:52kayashathey told me to delete so i deleted it
07:18:00LloreanWell, WHO told you?
07:18:04LloreanThe manual doesn't say to
07:18:38LloreanYou need that file there for it to work with the current bootloader.
07:18:42LloreanRockbox.h10, in the root, isn't used.
07:18:43 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:18:52kayasha-.- where do i get it now
07:18:57LloreanIn the normal rockbox zip...
07:19:48kayashain the zip
07:19:55kayashathere is a rockbox.mi4
07:20:08kayashano Rockbox.h10
07:20:14LloreanAs I said, rockbox.h10 isn't used
07:20:18LloreanIt's an old file
07:20:46kayashabuim getting error -1
07:21:22LloreanDid you do what I said, extract a properly so that there's a rockbox.mi4 in /.rockbox/ ?
07:21:35kayashaok yes there is one
07:21:43LloreanAnd the error -1 is happening even after that?
07:22:00kayashaand yep
07:22:21LloreanYep you still get it?
07:22:38LloreanDid you actually reinstall the bootloader?
07:22:46LloreanExactly what the manual says to do for installing the bootloader?
07:24:07kayasha if your player is UMS or
07:24:07kayasha˙5GB-MTP/H10.mi4 if it is MTP.
07:24:07DBUGEnqueued KICK kayasha
07:24:07kayashaConnect your H10 to the computer using UMS mode and the UMS trick if necessary.
07:24:07kayashaRename the H10.mi4 file to OF.mi4 in the System directory on your H10
07:25:17 Quit rotator ()
07:25:19LloreanI didn't ask you to copy and paste the directions.
07:25:22LloreanI asked you, did you do them?
07:25:36LloreanWhat version number does your bootloader report?
07:26:11kayasha20061219-151 then it cut off
07:26:15LloreanThat's not it, then
07:26:27LloreanThe current one starts with 2007
07:26:34kayashaok wait
07:26:45LloreanYou missed a step
07:26:53LloreanOr copied over the wrong file
07:29:20kayashai just redownloaded the build
07:29:29kayashaand copying them
07:29:36LloreanNot the build
07:29:37LloreanThe bootloader
07:29:49kayashai got the one from the link in the manula
07:30:16LloreanThe bootloader and the build are two different things
07:30:23kayashai know that
07:30:32LloreanThen why did you redownload the build?
07:30:38LloreanThe bootloader is out of date, and that's your problem
07:30:38kayashajust to make sure
07:30:47kayashawher edo i get the up to date one
07:30:53LloreanThe link you pasted above
07:31:02LloreanThe files there are dated March '07
07:31:02kayashathat is the one i downloaded lol
07:31:22LloreanIf you definitely downloaded the march '07 one, you didn't copy it to your player properly
07:31:29LloreanBut somewhere along the line, you didn't get the mar '07 file in the right place
07:32:44kayashai need to remain
07:32:56kayashato OF.mi4 right
07:33:09LloreanYou rename the OLD h10.mi4 to it
07:33:29kayashai don't have old
07:33:34kayashathat is my problem
07:33:44LloreanThe old one is the one on the player
07:33:51LloreanYou rename the one on the player, then you copy the new one to it
07:33:54LloreanExactly like the manual says
07:34:07LloreanIt says *very* clearly that you rename the one in the system folder before the step where it says to copy the downloaded one over.
07:34:15kayashai only have one in the root file
07:34:26LloreanThen you didn't install properly the first time
07:34:35LloreanYou won't be able to boot into the iRiver firmware without the OF.mi4
07:34:36kayashait was working before lol
07:34:45LloreanWas the original iRiver firmware dual boot working?
07:34:59LloreanBecause that's ALL the OF.mi4 is for
07:35:04LloreanSo, see, you didn't install properly before.
07:35:29LloreanNow, you need to copy the downloaded bootloader MI4 file into the system folder on your device. Don't rename that one to OF.MI4
07:35:54LloreanYou should have a file with the same name to overwrite with it.
07:37:01kayashai need a rockbox.h10 file
07:37:08LloreanNo, you don't
07:37:19kayashaim confused like hell
07:37:36LloreanFollow the instructions in the manual, exactly as they're written, but ignore the step about making an OF.MI4
07:37:49LloreanWhy do you think you need a rockbox.h10 file?
07:37:57LloreanI told you earlier you don't need it, and the manual doesn't need it.
07:37:59kayashabecause i had that before
07:38:10LloreanYOU DO NOT NEED IT NOW
07:38:11LloreanIt's OLD
07:38:16LloreanPlease believe me.
07:38:18LloreanI'm not lying to you.
07:38:20LloreanI didn't lie to you before.
07:38:31kayashaim not saying your lying :P
07:38:48LloreanWell you said you need it, suggesting rather strongly you don't believe me.
07:38:58kayashacan i just format and restart
07:39:11LloreanFollow the instructions in the manual, exactly as they're written, but ignore the step about making an OF.MI4
07:39:17LloreanIf you just do that, exactly, you'll be fine
07:39:24LloreanYou still won't be able to dual boot, but it should work fine other than that
07:40:11kayashaok i did that
07:40:19kayashadidn't remain and didn't wor
07:40:38LloreanDid you overwrite a file with it?
07:40:57kayashaya ......
07:41:03LloreanAnd what version does it say now when you boot?
07:41:11kayashaas hell
07:41:12LloreanWhat's the date on the file?
07:41:31LloreanHow many MI4 files do you have in the /system folder, and what are they named?
07:42:09 Join secleinteer [0] (
07:42:14LloreanAh, right
07:42:20LloreanWhat's the size of it?
07:42:48LloreanAnd that's the file you just downloaded today?
07:42:55kayashajust 5 min ago
07:43:01LloreanAnd it's giving "Error: -1"
07:43:21kayashaim using a usm mode
07:44:16kayashabefore it was working but had codec fail, and now ot working at all
07:44:22LloreanAnd did you remove the battery?
07:44:33kayasharemove ya why
07:44:49LloreanTo force a full restart?
07:45:02kayashano to connect in um mode
07:45:32LloreanAnd yours is an MTP, UMS, or Pure?
07:45:47kayashaMTP and UMS
07:45:56kayashaUMS is a trick to boot it in
07:46:08kayashamaybe if i use bootloader from MTP
07:46:21LloreanThere are ones that are UMS only
07:46:29LloreanIf yours CAN boot into MTP at all, it's an MTP player
07:46:34LloreanAnd you must use the MTP bootloader
07:46:49LloreanYou still need to be in UMS mode to copy it over.
07:47:14kayashaerror -1
07:47:26LloreanDid the date change?
07:47:37LloreanDoes yours have a radio?
07:47:38kayashai didn't rename
07:47:58LloreanWell something weird is happening.
07:48:15kayashait was working before i deleted rockbox.h10
07:48:24LloreanIt wasn't working
07:48:28LloreanYou were getting codec failures
07:48:34LloreanBecause the .h10 file was outdated, and the codecs were from the new build
07:48:38Lloreanyou would never be able to fix that
07:48:43kayashaiok ok \
07:48:46LloreanBecause the bootloader needs to load the rockbox.mi4 file now
07:48:50LloreanWhich means you need to update your bootloader
07:49:00kayashaok how do i update it /
07:49:07LloreanApparently you can't
07:49:14LloreanBecause you're telling me you're doing things exactly right, but it's not working
07:49:27kayashamaybe the build i got is wrong?
07:49:33LloreanIt's not the build
07:49:35LloreanIt's the bootloader
07:49:39LloreanYou need to update the bootloader
07:49:40kayashaya ok
07:50:02LloreanAs you can clearly see by visiting the site, the bootloader file was uploaded in March 20, '07
07:50:12LloreanYours is reporting it was made in 2006
07:50:15LloreanIt's definitely outdated
07:50:22LloreanThe question is why your player isn't updating to the new one.
07:50:44kayashamaybe because is the renaming part?
07:50:52LloreanWhat renaming part?
07:50:56kayashato of
07:51:02LloreanOF means "original firmware"
07:51:04LloreanIt's for the dual boot
07:51:17LloreanThe of.mi4 doesn't get loaded until *after* the Rockbox bootloader loads, and you hold down a button.
07:51:26kayashai never did thata
07:51:33kayashaso ok
07:51:45LloreanIf you read the manual carefully, the renaming is for the OLD file, the original .mi4, not the one you download
07:52:29kayashaif i format my iriver, i clear it, after i install the latest build + bootloader
07:52:49LloreanReformatting shouldn't make any difference.
07:52:54LloreanYou can if you'd like
07:53:01 Join kaaloo [0] (
07:53:06 Part kaaloo
07:53:15kayashai'll try, but like you said wouldn't make a difference ? -.-
07:53:25kayashabtw i finished doom
07:53:30 Part Llorean
08:07:54 Quit kayasha ("CGI:IRC")
08:10:53 Quit maffe (Remote closed the connection)
08:14:59 Quit kubiixaka ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:17:27 Quit atsea- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:17:51 Join Rob222241 [0] (
08:20:41 Join kayasha [0] (i=46518fe6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:20:59kayashacan anyone help me
08:21:59 Part toffe82
08:32:35 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:33:42 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
08:33:52kayashaso no one can help me
08:37:04peturI saw you already talked to our best support guy...
08:38:44kayashai know but know i got another problem
08:38:52peturwhich is?
08:39:00kayashai formated my iriver
08:39:11kayashaand installed the latest version
08:39:30kayashabut it doesn't load and goes in normal iriver firmware
08:40:38peturI know very little about the iriver h10... I'll have to read the install instructions myself so I can't tell you more than what's in them
08:41:00kayashaoh thanks anyways
08:41:28kayashai'll probably stick with the normal iriver firmware then for now
08:41:50peturdid you check all steps carefully?
08:42:45kayashai think it's tjhe bootloader
08:43:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:43:00*petur wonders if there's a difference between 5 and 20GB h10 (install-wise)
08:43:06kayashaand i saw on forum that the new build is only for ackron players
08:43:57peturI think you're confusing things
08:44:37peturrockbox latest build works on all targets that are listed in the 'current build' page
08:44:52petur5 or 20GB version?
08:45:06kayashai can't log in rockbox for now
08:45:29peturI'm reading the instructions now
08:45:47kayashaim saying that im missing a file
08:46:07kayasharockbox.h10 file
08:46:21kayashabut some one said it's old didn't need it
08:46:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:47:55peturyou need a rockbox.mi4 file in /.rockbox/
08:48:07kayashayap got that
08:48:59peturyour player is attached to your pc now?
08:49:30 Quit DarthShrine (Remote closed the connection)
08:50:00kayashaim UMS mode
08:50:08peturif you attach it, does it show up as a removable diskdrive or as a media device
08:50:17kayashadisk drive
08:50:22kayashai used trick
08:50:51peturthat's what I wanted to know. so it's a MTP version
08:51:04kayashathe onlything i didn't do was the rename the old file, i don't have one
08:51:15kayashai think that is the problem
08:51:30peturno H10.mi4 in the system directory?
08:51:39kayashain system ya
08:51:42kayashanot in root
08:51:54kayashai tried renaming and i got a error message
08:52:07peturit has to be in the system dir
08:52:28kayashasaying i lost all data need to get firmware to recover
08:52:31kayashaok ya it's there
08:52:33peturthat's probably your mistake, you're trying to put stuff in the root
08:53:00kayashawhere do i put bootloader?
08:53:03kayashathe new one
08:53:08kayashain system ? or root?
08:54:01peturthe install guide says you have to rename H10.mi4 to OF.mi4 INSIDE the SYSTEM dir, and then copy the correct H10.mi4 from rockbox inside that system dir
08:54:22kayashayour a genius
08:54:24peturthere were two links for that bootloader
08:54:40kayashai only needed to put the new bootloader in system not root
08:54:57peturI'm not a genius, but I can read install instructions :p
08:55:27kayashathe instruction doessn't point out that you put new bootloader in system dir
08:55:37petur <−−- that one does
08:55:41peturit's in the manual
08:55:52petur"Copy the H10.mi4 (or H10EMP.mi4 if you have a H10 Pure) file you downloaded to the System directory on your player.
08:56:10peturit's all there, just have to read it correctly
08:56:14kayashaohh oops
08:56:21kayashai though that was for pure h10
08:56:24kayashathat is why
08:56:26peturis it booting now?
08:56:33kayashaim in rockbox
08:56:40peturcongrats and welcome
08:56:50kayashaouff you saved me
08:57:10kayashanot for themes and fonts lool -.-
08:57:24*petur tosses support hat away and goes for a walk
08:57:53kayashalol fonts are easy
09:04:22 Quit midgey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:08:53kayashaThanks, im going to bed
09:09:11 Quit kayasha ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:12:20 Join pengo [0] (
09:13:13pengoRockbox has been giving me "Codec failure" on my HP-120 for months now. Any obvious things to check for before i file a bug report?
09:14:20peturis there a file in the root? remove it
09:18:28pengoyay. now my machine's usb ports are failing.
09:18:32pengo(unrelated problem)
09:19:02 Quit printfXh4 (Remote closed the connection)
09:19:25 Join printfXh4 [0] (
09:19:41pengoi'll try on the xo-1
09:22:37pengopetur: delete rockbox.iriver ?
09:22:46peturif it's in the root, yes
09:22:56pengook done...
09:23:04peturthe current builds put it in /.rockbox
09:23:38pengoit's still saying Codec Failure
09:23:58pengowav/ogg/mp3 all
09:23:59peturdid you unzip completely?
09:24:14peturand did you restart it?
09:24:20 Join pseudo_ [0] (
09:24:24 Quit printfXh4 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:24:26pengoi'll do it again. last time i did it i didn't delete the old one.
09:24:40pengohas there been a need to update the bootloader ever?
09:24:54peturyou should be using version 6
09:24:59petur(which is the latest)
09:25:17pengoi'm on 5
09:25:48peturinstall 6
09:26:00pengoand since deleting rockbox.x it boots straight to the original firmware....
09:26:26peturyou need 6 for the current builds
09:26:48peturhas to do with the location of rockbox.iriver
09:28:08pengosorry to ask a stupid question.. but where can i find the bootloader install files?
09:29:59pengofound it i think
09:32:42 Join midgey [0] (
09:35:28 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
09:36:40 Join jhulst [0] (
09:38:03 Quit grndslm (
09:38:03 Quit BigMac_ (
09:38:03 Quit jack__ (
09:38:03 Quit zutme (
09:38:03 Quit orbit7 (
09:38:03 Quit amiconn (
09:38:03 Quit desowin (
09:38:03 Quit HEx (
09:38:03 Quit linuxstb (
09:38:04 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
09:39:06 Quit XbooX (Killed by (Nick collision))
09:39:10 Join XbooX [0] (n=xboox04@
09:39:10NJoingrndslm [0] (n=grndslm@
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09:39:10 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@unaffiliated/desowin)
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09:40:26pengofirmware upgrading...........
09:40:56pengoi can use rockbox again
09:41:31pengoi kinda wish there was a warning that a bootloader upgrade was needed
09:43:09 Nick pseudo_ is now known as printfXh4 (
09:44:05pengowow the new menu almost looks usable
09:46:34peturif you had color, I'd tel you to install an iconset ;)
09:46:58pengocolor.. pfft :)
09:47:10*petur waits for a remark by amiconn
09:47:18pengoi could use a font set though.. doesn't seem to have any built in now?
09:47:24pengo(apart from default)
09:50:44peturit's under extra's on the rockbox site
09:53:02pengoah k
09:53:59pengoi can startup from where i was up to again. f'n missed that so much.
09:55:48pengonow if only the cursor-right button worked and both headphone/out jacks weren't wobbly it'd be as good as new.
09:58:21pengothere isn't a "play 30% faster" tempo setting somewhere, is there?
10:02:58pengoit's going to take a long time to catch up on my podcasts :/
10:07:35 Join david1 [0] (n=david52@
10:08:59peturpengo: there's the pitch screen...
10:10:58pengoi found that once......
10:11:34pengobut good mp3 players (or at least cheap chinese no-brand ones) let you increase speed without changing pitch
10:11:59 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
10:12:24peturdo they?
10:12:29pengowell this one does
10:12:59pengocan get through slow-talking podcasts a lot faster
10:13:09pengothere's a plugin for winamp that does it called pacemaker
10:13:16peturthere's been talk about it, don't know of actual plans
10:13:37pengowould be my #1 fav feature
10:13:51peturmp3 players are a bit low on cpu, so it could be critical
10:14:12 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
10:16:13pengoi don't think the speed change would take much more cpu for an mp3, because the mp3 already is stored as frequencies.. so it's just reading/processing it faster that would hurt.. but wavs and flacs might be more limiting if you have to do a FFT on it first.. (i'm guessing here)
10:17:37peturif it's done in rockbox, it will probably be done for all formats, not just mp3
10:18:26pengowell i hope it gets done soon.
10:18:41pengoi dont want to have to work out how to code it myself :)
10:19:50peturthere are no actual plans, so no real hopes...
10:20:04*petur looks at preglow
10:21:01 Join spiorf [0] (
10:23:39 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
10:24:49amiconnFor mp3 it's not too demanding to change speed without pitch, but doing it for all of them is too demanding for any of our target CPUs except perhaps the gigabeat
10:24:49pengohi preglow... :)
10:25:00 Join aliask [0] (
10:25:14amiconnFor mp3 it would even be possible on the archoses
10:26:06 Quit midgey ()
10:26:10pengoamiconn: could pre-pitch change (save to a new, faster file) before playing? or simply jsut support mp3 (+ogg?)
10:28:55 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:29:12amiconnFor mp3 the procedure would be as follows: (1) change the mp3 stream to 320kbps cbr on the fly, with no bit reservoir usage in the converted stream. (2) Speed up by dropping frames, or time stretch by duplicating frames
10:29:45amiconnI don't know whether this technique will be possible for other transform codecs
10:31:13 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:33:45 Join isaac_w [0] (
10:33:47 Join Rob2222 [0] (
10:37:11pengoso can we just implement it for mp3 and deal with the rest later?
10:38:30 Join Rob222241 [0] (
10:40:07 Join midgey [0] (
10:45:46 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (n=yngwiejo@
10:45:53 Join rift [0] (
10:46:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:49:07 Join bluebrother [0] (
10:50:01pengoi'm going to have to work out how to make a script to pre-speedup podcasts
10:50:16pengobefore uploading to the iriver
10:55:30 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-5c600aa7d69e7976)
10:55:41 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:09:15 Join ender` [0] (
11:09:15 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:10:27 Join thegeek [0] (
11:15:17 Quit midgey ()
11:18:01 Quit joshin (SendQ exceeded)
11:23:12 Quit grndslm (Connection timed out)
11:24:24 Join Llorean [0] (
11:24:47david1is the ipod mini able to play mpeg videos, because here it says yes but here i dont see anything about ipod mini
11:25:23LloreanThat's because technically it can, but we really, really don't suggest it.
11:25:42LloreanAnd on the second page it does say the iPod Mini can, in the list at the very, very end
11:26:47david1how many fps can it play more than 5?
11:27:57amiconnmpegplayer works on the mini, but I wouldn't call it usable
11:28:20amiconnAudio stutters....
11:28:23 Quit EspeonEefi ("Leaving")
11:30:59 Quit rift ("d'accord")
11:31:16 Join The-Compiler [0] (
11:32:41 Join rift [0] (
11:33:01 Join linuxstb [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
11:33:50linuxstbamiconn: How bad is the audio stuttering? Do you think it's very close to realtime?
11:38:42 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
11:38:44 Join kramdra [0] (
11:40:43kramdrahi, i just bought my gigabeat, and im using win2k, which doesnt seem to eb supported by the toshiba driver.. is there any other driver I can use to install rockbox?
11:41:33kramdrait doesnt show as a mass storage thing :(
11:43:02linuxstbAre you connecting via the dock?
11:44:36peturif it's UMS you shouldn't need a driver, no?
11:44:39linuxstbTry connecting directly via a cable.
11:44:54 Quit Xerion (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:45:24linuxstbIIIUC, when connecting via the Dock, the gigabeat connects in MTP mode (but this may be changable by a setting in the Toshiba firmware), but when connecting via the cable, it always using UMS.
11:45:57kramdrathanks, i can see it now :)
11:46:45kramdrabefore i put rockbox on, should I put the other software just incase i need to format and start again/ or can this be done later
11:47:00linuxstbWhat other software?
11:47:08kramdragigabeat room
11:47:18linuxstbYou only need that if you want to use Toshiba's firmware.
11:47:44markunI wouldn't recomend Gigabeat Room to anyone
11:48:00linuxstbI would recommend making a backup of the "GBSYSTEM" folder on your gigabeat first - e.g. zip it up and store it somewhere safe on your PC.
11:48:11linuxstb(before you start to install Rockbox)
11:48:38 Join kaaloo [0] (
11:48:51 Part kaaloo
11:48:53kramdrahmm now i need to remember... how do i update the rockbox source from cygwin so i can build it... /goes off to read
11:49:27bluebrotherif you have a svn checkout, just "svn up" in the source tree
11:49:49linuxstbI would suggest using the official bootloader binary - it's been tested and is known to work. It's very possible that bootloaders in SVN can be broken without anyone knowing.
11:49:50 Join stripwax [0] (
11:50:13*kramdra confused
11:50:25linuxstbAbout what?
11:51:23kramdrashould i just use to install then?
11:51:48bluebrotherthat's the current build. You most likely want that
11:52:09kramdrak, that has the bootloader you said to use?
11:52:09 Part Llorean
11:52:29bluebrotherno, the bootloader is a different download.
11:52:39bluebrothersee the manual, it should have it linked
11:53:18markunkramdra: or these install instructions:
11:53:41bluebrotherbootloader installation in the manual:
11:57:07 Join digitrasher [0] (
11:57:21stripwaxdigitrasher - freenet>
11:57:41*stripwax might be imagining things
11:59:02stripwaxdigitrasher - didn't you just leave #freenet and join #rockbox?
11:59:46digitrasheris that a problem?
12:00:24stripwaxheh, nope. just saw your name flash in both my client windows at the same time ;)
12:00:32digitrasherooh ok
12:00:39stripwax(wanna swap refs?)
12:01:36digitrasherbut i have to startup up my freenet machine
12:02:35digitrasherits starting
12:03:12 Join grndslm [0] (
12:03:25digitrasherwhy are you using freenet stripwax?
12:04:03stripwaxdigitrasher : - no real reason.. I went to university with Ian Clarke so I guess I feel I ought to .. :)
12:04:57stripwaxdigitrasher - sent you a private msg
12:07:25 Quit digitrasher (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:07:37 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
12:08:04 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:08:45 Join stripwax [0] (
12:08:59*stripwax beats his irc client with a stick .. again ..
12:10:16 Join cax [0] (i=50b204e0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:10:27 Join davina_ [0] (
12:10:47 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:14:08caxHi, guys. Can you please tell me: (1) what's the default CPU speed in e200 (2) can it be boosted, and if yes - what's the boosted freq (3) does latest change "e200: Use clocking set up by loader and skip setting the values for now" mean there is no boosting anymore ? (4) why do I get "Undefined instruction" with the newest build ?
12:17:48amiconnlinuxstb: Not close to realtime
12:18:30linuxstbamiconn: OK... Is the greyscale blitting very CPU intensive?
12:18:31amiconnIiuc the problem is that audio runs on core0, and the grayscale lib also runs on core0, drawing a significant amount of performance
12:18:35 Join neutralrobotboy [0] (
12:18:43linuxstbYes, that's the difference compared to other ipods.
12:18:53 Part neutralrobotboy
12:19:03 Join jonno [0] (
12:19:04amiconnThe problem is that we don't know how to control the pp->lcd controller interface in an efficient way
12:19:06 Join neutralrobotboy [0] (
12:19:42amiconnOn H1x0 there is no such problem, and the grayscale library needs <10% of the total cpu time
12:20:01linuxstbSo much less than the lcd_yuv_blit I would expect.
12:20:30neutralrobotboyhey, can anyone in here tell me if it's possible to have different default directories for different rockbox versions? i have 2 versions of rockbox on my iriver h320, and i would like them to read from different plugin directories. is this possible?
12:21:25linuxstbneutralrobotboy: When you compile Rockbox, you can change the name of the .rockbox folder - so you need to compile one of them with something different. (I forget where it's defined, just search the source).
12:21:25amiconnThe grayscale library needs cpu power for 2 different things: (1) converting the 8 bit greyscale source image into bitplanes. (2) constantly pushing the bitplanes to the lcd
12:21:42amiconnCPU usage for (1) is dynamic - no change, no cpu usage
12:22:09amiconnBut CPU usage for (2) is fixed, only depending on the lcd area covered by the grayscale overlay
12:22:27linuxstbIf we want mpegplayer to run dual-core greyscale targets, I think we would need to move the tick task to the second core.
12:22:37amiconnI didn't measure (1) in comparison to lcd_yuv_blit() on a colour target
12:23:01amiconnHigh load from (1) only reduces mpeg frame rate, but high load from (2) is bad
12:23:34amiconnI think the pp->lcd interface can be handled a lot faster than what we do now - if we find out how...
12:25:36 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
12:28:48amiconnIn the mini G2, the interface between PP and lcd controller itself is serial (deduced from the sequence used to transfer data, and the lcd controller datasheet), and this serial interface is fed from a shift register in the pp, so the cpu just writes parallel data (16 bit at a time)
12:29:21amiconnRight now, were' sending the init sequence, then one 16 bit word, then wait until done, and repeat
12:30:08amiconnBut it should be possible to send many 16 bit words after the init sequence - if we find out how to tell the pp shift register logic how many words we want to send
12:30:20 Quit orbit7 ()
12:30:21amiconnSimilar to what the colour lcd driver does
12:31:21 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (n=thunderc@
12:31:47 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:34:26neutralrobotboylinuxstb: alright. thanks, i'll have to look at that later.
12:34:29 Part neutralrobotboy
12:37:46 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:37:46kramdrampegplayer plugin... how do i quit playing a video.. menu and A keys dont work for me, and select is pause/play
12:38:02markunpower I think
12:38:13kramdraah thanks
12:38:17markunah, from menu you cannot exit it either?
12:39:42caxso, can rockbox boost Sansa e200 cpu in the latest build ? could it before ? what were the boosted and not boosted freqs ?
12:41:02 Part rift
12:41:25linuxstbcax: Checking the SVN logs, boosting on the Sansa was disabled about 5 weeks ago ("it caused problems"). The frequencies were 30MHz/75MHz, so now I would expect it to run at a constant 75MHz.
12:43:08 Join kaalo1 [0] (
12:43:12 Part kaalo1
12:43:49 Join rift [0] (
12:44:19caxlinuxstb: 10x, I just were reading last changes and saw this "e200: Use clocking set up by loader and skip setting the values for now"
12:46:02amiconnlinuxstb: Would it be possible to put the audio thread in mpegplayer on the cop, and the video thread on the cpu?
12:46:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:47:20 Join entheh [0] (
12:47:40 Nick jonno is now known as JdGordon (
12:47:56linuxstbamiconn: I think that will cause caching problems - the audio "DMA" function (FIQ handler) runs on the main cpu.
12:48:49linuxstbI chose to put the video thread on the COP as it is completely self-contained, so it's easier to make sure the cache isn't a problem.
12:50:06linuxstbAlthough there is a large ringbuffer for audio output, so it might work - i.e. the fiq handler will always be reading from an old part of the buffer, and the cache should have been flushed by then. But it doesn't feel safe....
12:51:31amiconnWhat would be required to put an isr on the cop?
12:51:57amiconnBtw, the grayscale lib doesn't use a tick task, it uses the user timer
12:52:26amiconnIt needs a timing that closely matches the lcd's internal frame rate
12:55:12 Quit Soap (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:55:58linuxstbSorry, by "tick task", I meant the user timer "tick". Let me look...
12:56:41 Quit desowin ("use linux")
12:58:03amiconnBtw, the grayscale lib might also run into caching problems when putting the isr on the cop, because the calculations are still done on the cpu
12:58:21amiconnBut if it works, all plugins that use it would benefit, not only mpegplayer
12:58:28linuxstbIt may just mean changing line 267 of timer.c to read COP_INT_EN instead of CPU_INT_EN
12:58:57linuxstb(and same in timer_unregister)
12:59:34linuxstbIf you try it, you should move the greyscale init into the video thread function in mpegplayer.c - so the lib is initialsed from the COP as well.
13:00:23linuxstbIIRC, doom only uses the timer task to maintain a high-res tick counter.
13:00:35 Join PaulJam [0] (
13:01:53amiconnDoom on the greyscale targets uses the grayscale lib
13:02:03linuxstbOf course, sorry...
13:02:14amiconnAnd offloading the 50% load to the cop will improve (doom) framerate
13:02:15kramdrahmm i crashed my gigabeat... tryed to run clock plugin before i set time etc... do i turn it off at battery switch?
13:02:51linuxstbkramdra: Yes. That's not a nice bug though...
13:03:23kramdraerrr........... done that, its still on
13:03:45 Join Soap [0] (
13:03:45linuxstbWhat do you mean, turning the power off doesn't turn off your gigabeat?
13:04:05kramdranope aleast the screen is on with backlight
13:04:27kramdraomg im stupid.... pulls out power cable :)
13:07:11 Join The [0] (
13:07:32Thedoes anyone know how to change the icons in rockbox?
13:09:41bluebrotherThe: yes :p
13:09:49 Join Faemir [0] (
13:09:50bluebrothercheck the CustomIcons wiki page
13:10:53bluebrotheror check existing icon sets −− the icon file mainly is a strip of images.
13:12:14 Join Psilonaut [0] (
13:12:52 Join maffe [0] (n=maffe@
13:13:27 Quit david1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:14:32 Quit isaac_w (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:15:31markunlinuxstb: what do you think our custom bootloader for the Gigabeat should do when you plug in the power cable?
13:15:43markuncharge without showing anything?
13:16:20 Join Rob2222 [0] (
13:17:59JdGordonmarkun: charge, and show its charging?
13:19:30 Join david1 [0] (n=david52@
13:19:37 Part david1
13:20:19 Nick The is now known as Amarok_Rules (
13:20:41Amarok_RulesDoes anyone have ipod linux, rockbox, and regular ipod os on their ipod?
13:21:10 Join DerPapst [0] (
13:21:50 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:25:41bluebrotherAmarok_Rules: yes ... I guess a lot have.
13:27:06Amarok_Rulesdo you know if the ipodlinux installers are the best to use?
13:28:02 Quit cax ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
13:29:05amiconnbluebrother: I would think not many rockbox users also use ipl
13:29:29JdGordonipl has better games :
13:29:42bluebrotherI didn't use their installer −− it didn't recognize my ipod, so I manually installed. I also wanted to use the Rockbox bootloader instead of loader2
13:30:01amiconnbluebrother: Did ipl actually work for you?
13:30:14DerPapstJdGordon: yes. e.g. 1D tetris ^^
13:30:34bluebrotherit runs. Playing music with podzilla was a pain, and I didn't had the motivation to install additional software
13:30:45*amiconn tried ipl on his mini g2 when he got it. It booted exactly once. After the first shutdown, nothing worked, so I had to restore it
13:30:50linuxstbamiconn: I would guess the type of user that only uses Rockbox for games (possibly a large number on ipods) will also use IPL.
13:31:36amiconnThen I took the rockbox sources, the ipl sources for lookup, and made rockbox run on it :P
13:31:42bluebrotheras a lot of Ipod users kinda scream for games all the time I imagine quite a lot having ipl installed along with Rockbox.
13:32:46 Join david1 [0] (n=david52@
13:32:53 Join lee-qid [0] (
13:33:19 Join empheh [0] (
13:34:18 Quit entheh (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:35:48 Quit spiorf (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
13:36:03 Join spiorf [0] (
13:40:09linuxstbmarkun: Shouldn't the bootloader just start Rockbox - to enable car adapter mode to work?
13:40:33 Quit z0de ("\o/ my neck")
13:46:33 Join kaaloo [0] (
13:46:38 Part kaaloo
13:53:07markunlinuxstb: yes, probably
13:53:44 Join Nico_P [0] (
13:53:50linuxstbI assume the gigabeat turns itself on when connecting power?
13:54:48markunyes, I think it boots as soon as you switch the battery on and then goes into sleep mode and waits for an interrupt
13:55:00markuneither from the power button or the charger
13:55:28 Join DanielW [0] (
13:57:08DanielWi had connected my ipod the whole night to the computer and it is still not loaded. (it was on in rockbox and there was something like loading symbol). then i booted into original firmeware and i am trying to load there
13:57:54DanielWbut it shows the "do not disconnect screen" (i think thats normal) and the battery symbol is changing color from green to grey and so on. but it always has a loading symbol on it
13:58:06DanielWis this color changing from green to grey and back, normal?
13:58:21 Part pixelma
13:58:29 Join Mnabil [0] (n=Mnabil@
13:59:12stripwaxDanielw - what does "it is still not loaded" mean ?
13:59:19stripwaxwhat are you trying to do
13:59:27stripwaxsounds like your ipod is just charging, right?
13:59:30DanielWdidn't find anything about that in the ipod manual. (and yes i know, this is not an ipod support chat but here are some ipod users, so someone should know it)
13:59:53stripwaxyeah, I have an ipod, but I don't really understand what is the problem you have
14:00:02DanielWstripwax: yes but it doesn't get full loaded after about 9 hours of loading
14:00:14DerPapstblack and withe sounds like diskmaod
14:00:17stripwaxloaded? you mean, charging (battery)?
14:00:57DanielWin german it is "aufladen" bad translation to loading
14:01:04stripwaxSo, you have your ipod running rockbox, plugged in to your computer, and then you unplug it and what, rockbox says something like 90% charged? or what. what makes you think the battery isn't fully charged?
14:01:10 Join Brunellus [0] (n=luigi@unaffiliated/brunellus)
14:01:17DerPapstDanielW: aufladen = charging
14:01:24 Part Brunellus ("Ex-Chat")
14:01:45 Join TrueJournals [0] (
14:01:47DanielWstripwax: yes the rockbox firmeware said only 40% charged
14:02:23DanielWstripwax: then i booted into original firmware and there again only about 50%
14:03:02stripwaxDanielW : hm, what happens if you leave it in the original firmware and reconnect it to your pc, does it get up to full charge then? (i.e. is it a problem with rockbox, or maybe is your ipod battery just faulty?)
14:03:07DanielWjust one question: this flashing between green and gray in original firmware while charging is normal?
14:03:17stripwaxalso try running the ipod down to completely flat (won't turn on) and then charging fully
14:03:24stripwaxDanielW : - yes
14:03:45 Quit BigMac_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:03:54DanielWah, i thought something with my usb is wrong (the manual says i need a "high power usb connector"
14:04:00kramdraanyone know if the gigabeat remote works with rockbox?
14:05:27stripwaxDanielW : - well that too. if your usb port isn't providing enough power to charge your ipod, then it won't charge .. so you've never used your ipod before putting rockbox on it?
14:05:34DanielWstripwax: one question last. the ipod manual has a charing screenshot where a big battery is in the middle of the screen. how do i get that?
14:06:19DanielWstripwax: not really. it is 3 days old, thats why i am asking that stupid questions.
14:06:53stripwaxDanielW : - you boot into the apple os and connect the ipod to a dedicated battery charger, i think
14:07:29stripwaxit might do it for usb charging too, if you have itunes set up to "not use disk mode" (so that plugging the usb in will leave it still running the apple os)
14:07:31Amarok_Rulesdoes anyone know how to run ipodpatcher in ubuntu linux?
14:07:41DanielWok, dedicated batter charger brings big charging screen. connecting to pc brings "do not disconnect screen" ?
14:08:00 Quit badsheepy (Remote closed the connection)
14:08:10stripwaxyeah probably. i mean, the charging screen doesn't matter, right? it's just a picture ..
14:08:28DanielWwhile that is funny, there is no way to leave that do not disconnect screen without disconnecting ;-)
14:08:33markunkramdra: it does
14:08:45stripwaxconnecting to pc if you use the apple os on your ipod probably brings up the big charging screen too
14:08:46markundoesn't it work for you?
14:08:56linuxstbAmarok_Rules: Have you read the installation chapter in the manual? That describes how to use ipodpatcher.
14:09:14DanielWstripwax: not here, always "do not disconnect"
14:09:17stripwaxDanielW- yes, you right click the icon on windows to Unplug Hardware, and then the ipod tells you it is safe to disconnect
14:09:33DanielWstripwax: using linux and the ipod is not mounted
14:09:35stripwaxDanielW - like I said, "if you have itunes set up to not use disk mode". Anyway, none of this matters
14:09:40stripwaxOh, you're using linux.
14:09:47stripwaxWell, who knows then
14:09:56 Quit The-Compiler (Connection timed out)
14:10:06stripwaxProbably better to ask in a linux or ipod forum then, not a rockbox forum ;-p
14:10:35DanielWi think this is a bug in the original apple firmware. even if the harddisk is not mounted it says not to disconnect
14:10:41DanielWstripwax: or a linux one
14:10:54SlasheriDanielW: if you "eject /dev/xxx" then "do not disconnect" disappears
14:11:32DanielWSlasheri: so who does the inject ?
14:11:36 Join badsheepy [0] (
14:12:09Slasherihmm, it's done automatically when you connect the device
14:12:26Slasherisame than in windows too
14:12:49Slasheriand eject does the same as the "unplug hardware" in windows
14:13:54bluebrotherthat "do not eject" is for windows users who forget to safely remove their hardware
14:13:55DanielWgood to know. but i thought unmounting a device would be ok. eject is normaly to remove the media (for example by a cd rom drive open it)
14:14:09bluebrotheras on windows this can cause data corruption. It's the same like unmounting on linux
14:14:29bluebrotherand the ipod will always go into disk mode when connected to a usb port
14:14:38SlasheriDanielW: eject does both. Unmounts and then "removes the media"
14:14:52Slasherihowever, just unmounting is enough as well
14:14:57bluebrotherDanielW: if the Ipod is unmounted you can ignore that "do not connecte"
14:15:09Slasheribut ejecting spins down hard disk in disk mode and is better for charging
14:15:17DanielWok, then one real rockbox question here
14:15:30DanielWipod is off, hold is on
14:15:41DanielWthe hold switch is switched to hold
14:15:50DanielWthen i connect it to usb. rockbox boots
14:16:06DanielWbut the problem
14:16:20DanielWit gives me a "cleared" messages and all settings and the database are lost
14:16:20*stripwax waits
14:16:30DanielWis this the way it should happen?
14:16:40stripwaxDanielw - that's what booting rockbox with the hold switch on does. it's probably even mentioned in the manual
14:16:40Slasherihold is used to reset settings if the does not boot
14:16:58stripwaxalthough turning on with hold set to hold should boot the apple firmware. doesn't yours do that?
14:17:04Slasheribut afaik, database should not be removed
14:17:07bluebrotherhmm. Just tried that, it boots into AppleOS (as expected)
14:17:29stripwaxDanielW : - are you using an old bootloader?
14:17:51DanielWstripwax: ok you are right it boots in original firmware. but i tryied to set hold and then fastly remove it to boot in diskmode in apple firmware
14:18:03DanielWbut it went into rockbox lol
14:18:12DanielWno, it must happen in an other way
14:18:23Slasherithat is the intended behaviour then
14:18:37DanielWbut i deleted my settings 2 times that way now
14:18:40bluebrotherthen you enabled hold soo late
14:18:40stripwaxDanielW - if you want to boot into apple diskmode you can hold menu+select until it reboots, then hold play+select
14:18:55bluebrothergo to "browse cfg files" and open "config.cfg"
14:18:56stripwaxor just leave hold turned to hold and plug in the usb cable
14:19:15stripwaxor just leave hold turned off and plug in the usb cable, rockbox will reboot into disk mode anyway
14:19:22DanielWstripwax: just play+select without the hold switch?
14:19:33 Join raphi [0] (i=52887b80@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:19:35bluebrotherthere are two times to enable hold: 1. while the bootloader runs. In that case the bootloader will run AppleOS
14:19:57bluebrother2. while Rockbox starts up, after the bootloader. When enabling hold at that time the settings are reset to the defaults
14:20:17stripwaxDanielW - if the hold switch is on, all of the keys are ignored, right? You have to turn hold off if you want to press the keys
14:20:29stripwaxor - just plug it in - and leave the hold switch alone
14:20:37DanielWthat doesn't work
14:20:38stripwaxin fact, just always leave the hold switch alone :-)
14:20:43stripwax"what" doesn't work
14:20:55DanielWjust connect it with usb to get into diskmode
14:21:04stripwaxwhy not
14:21:14bluebrotherenable hold first. It will boot AppleOS, and that will go to disk mode
14:21:41DanielWyes original firmeware goes into diskmode when connecting with usb
14:21:53stripwaxbluebrother : - I think DanielW is saying that when he plugs it in to his pc while running rockbox, it doesn't go into diskmode..
14:21:55bluebrotherwell, Rockbox is different :p
14:22:05DanielWstripwax: yes
14:22:16stripwaxbluebrother : - are you sure? Has this changed recently?
14:22:16bluebrotherah. That makes things different ...
14:22:41stripwaxDanielW : - so, what happens, when you're running rockbox and plug it into your pc
14:22:44bluebrotherstripwax: not that I know of. If hold is enabled during boot the bootloader will go to AppleOS.
14:22:47stripwaxanything? nothing? does it try and charge
14:23:00DanielWwhat is the way to directly boot into apple diskmode? i mean the original bootloader can do that, and rockbox does start the original firmware when i use the hold switch
14:23:03stripwaxbluebrother - we're talking about after it's already booted, I thought
14:23:22*bluebrother confused
14:23:31stripwaxDanielW- exactly how I already said. 1. reboot using select+menu - 2. hold select+play
14:23:45*stripwax too
14:24:06stripwaxbut why would you want to boot into apple diskmode? and what makes you think rockbox doesn't work properly
14:24:12DanielWstripwax: i think it is charging, but charging in a way to not fill that think (but that need to be tested, i am new to the ipod, don't know charging times)
14:24:30stripwaxwhat has disk mode got to do with charging though?
14:24:34DanielWstripwax: ok step 1. is clear
14:24:41 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
14:24:41stripwaxdo you want to boot your ipod into diskmode? or do you just want to charge your ipod?
14:24:51DanielWbut 2. the hold think not
14:24:57stripwaxthe hold think not?
14:25:16DanielWshould i hold the seclect+play buttons or should i use hold + select + play?
14:25:33stripwaxwhen the ipod reboots (screen goes black, you get a little apple logo in the middle), take your finger off Menu and press and hold the Play button instead.
14:25:44stripwaxNot the HOLD BUTTON, "hold" the play button down ......
14:26:04DanielWwhy would that boot diskmode
14:26:17stripwaxso select+menu , then as soon as screen goes black, select+play
14:26:24stripwaxDanielW : - what? why? because it does! Ask Apple
14:26:38DanielWbut the first bootloader is starts is the rockbox one right?
14:26:46stripwaxI still don't see what diskmode has got to do with your charging problem though
14:26:50DanielWand the rockbox one should not know anything about select+play for diskmode or?
14:26:51stripwaxDanielW- "wrong"
14:27:13stripwax#the first thing the ipod does is run the apple firmware, which then loads either the rockbox bootloader, or the ipod bootloader, or launches diskmode
14:27:59stripwaxapple firmware is the one that knows about select+play
14:28:18stripwaxtry it. ses that it works.
14:28:55stripwaxSo anyway, tell me, what does diskmode have to do with charging your batteries? Did you try plugging your ipod into a powered usb hub or a 500ma usb port?
14:29:11DanielWyeah, a black and grey diskmode :-)
14:29:16DanielWnever seen that
14:30:02stripwaxDanielW - does it help you? why did you want to boot into diskmode
14:30:19DanielWi think it s nothing to do with charging. i think that charging in rockbox doesn't work as good. or it stops when it is full (that is great) but then it does use the battery again until it is at 40% again
14:30:28DanielWdiskmode just to fill it with musik
14:30:44stripwaxDanielW : - just plug your ipod in to your pc! It will go into diskmode automatically!!
14:30:59DanielWnot with rockbox
14:31:26stripwaxDanielW- mine does. are you using an official rockbox build, or one of the unofficial, unsupported 'patched' builds?
14:31:49stripwaxsome of the patched builds require you to hold down the MENU key when pluggin in usb to get it to connect for diskmode
14:31:59DanielWoh, sorry, i think that could be the problem. :-/
14:32:03stripwaxG A H
14:32:03bluebrotherstripwax: seems he experiences the reboot hang :(
14:32:31bluebrotherbut I have heard of that hang only on the mini yet.
14:32:47stripwaxso, DanielW - if you're using an unsupported build, please make that very clear right at the start, otherwise we end up wasting time like this.
14:32:58stripwaxbluebrother : - er, what?
14:33:16bluebrotherah. Just read the thing about the unsupported build ...
14:33:19stripwaxand unsupported means - ask the author of that build for support
14:33:37bluebrotheron the mini there is a problem: it sometimes crashes when rebooting to disc mode.
14:33:52bluebrotherI can reproduce that problem on my mini sometimes, but not always
14:36:20 Quit Amarok_Rules ("Leaving")
14:38:52raphiany possibility to create the music-db on the computer and not on the player?
14:39:40stripwaxraphi : - there used to be (in fact that used to be the only way to do it) but not sure you can do that any more. why would that be useful?
14:39:47stripwaxjust cos it might be faster?
14:40:04stripwaxDanielW : - so did holding down MENU while pluggin in usb work,.. or not .. ??
14:40:08raphiand because of the accu power...
14:40:14DanielWyeah a general library for doing that would be nice
14:40:19stripwax"accu power"?
14:40:41DanielWbattery runtime
14:40:59raphito fully create it, it take 20 min i guess, and takes 10-20 percent battery runtime..
14:41:01stripwaxok. well, nothing I'm aware of. Hey, you could always run the SIM version of rockbox and copy the db files ;-)
14:41:01bluebrotherstripwax: akku = german for rechargeable battery
14:41:16DanielWstripwax: did not try it yet, because it is just so nice charging
14:41:33raphithe sim runs under linux, right?
14:41:33stripwaxokie doke. slipping in foreign languages into an english-speaking forum is going to confuse me..
14:41:41stripwaxraphi - yeah or windows
14:42:01DanielWa library for that, would it make possible to fully support rockbox in amarok. mhhh
14:42:13*stripwax has never used amarok
14:42:16DanielWlike it does with libgpod
14:42:23DanielWfor ipods
14:42:28raphiok, i'll try, and is there a know bug, when i update the db, that some entries are double or triple?
14:42:31Slasheribluebrother: akku is Finnish as well :)
14:42:34bluebrotherraphi: there is a script in the tools/ folder
14:42:38DanielWyou can use it as general media player
14:42:55bluebrothernot sure if it's still up-to-date
14:43:12DanielWraphi: yes you can find something about that in the wiki
14:43:13 Join paul38 [0] (i=4a841a2a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:43:34raphiok, thanks
14:44:02stripwaxbluebrother - for some reason I thought it wasn't up-to-date
14:44:11stripwaxsince the player can now do all the work
14:44:29paul38Hi, When will the rockbox crew release a version for other targets like iriver and Ipod?
14:44:30bluebrotherI think someone updated it recently. IIRC :)
14:44:56bluebrotherpaul38: what do you mean? There are versions around.
14:45:06bluebrotherjust nothing labelled "release" yet.
14:45:11paul38I mean a stable release
14:45:17bluebrotherdon't ask.
14:45:20stripwaxit's pretty stable, no?
14:45:40paul38yes... ok Thanks
14:45:56bluebrotherthe next release most likely will only add coldfire platforms. I.e. no Ipods.
14:45:57 Quit paul38 (Client Quit)
14:46:01stripwaxthere won't be an "official" release until all known issues are resolved
14:46:10bluebrotherwow, he left quick.
14:46:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:49:02DanielWwhat are the top issues for ipods?
14:49:10 Part TrueJournals
14:49:18DanielWbattery runtime?
14:49:41bluebrotherthat's a major one.
14:49:52linuxstbPlus lack of CPU power - we're not using both CPU cores effectively.
14:50:42DanielWlack of cpu power mhh, i seems to play everything fine here
14:50:57bluebrotherin other words, it's mostly not features but performance.
14:51:09linuxstbTry a high bitrate MP3 at the same time as using the software DSP effects (eq, crossfeed etc)
14:51:23bluebrotherlinuxstb: beat me ;-)
14:51:38DanielWah ok, do not use software dsp things
14:51:55linuxstbi.e. we want all Rockbox features to work as well on the ipods as the other devices.
14:52:19DanielWand from the give hardware the ipod should be able to do that?
14:52:21bluebrotheryou can use software dsp, but it depends on codec, bitrate etc how good it works
14:52:33linuxstbDanielW: If we used both cores effectively, yes.
14:52:49linuxstbOr maybe even with a single core with more optimisation.
14:53:37DanielWand power: two cores both used "half" or one core used fully what would be less power consuming?
14:54:41 Join Rondom [0] (
14:54:53 Quit Rondom (Remote closed the connection)
14:58:44 Quit grndslm (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:58:44 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
14:59:15bluebrotherthere is the suspection that some part of the hardware isn't initialized correctly, thus drawing too much power.
14:59:33bluebrotherthere was a simiar issue with the usbotg-chip in the h300 and x5
15:02:10stripwaxhm, can we not infer how to power up required devices from the ipod firmware?
15:04:18*stripwax thought the ipodlinux guys must have already done that step
15:07:39 Join p3tur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
15:08:48DanielWmhh one normal rockbox user question: how do i add a few albums (from different artists) to the current playlist?
15:08:54DanielW(from the database)
15:09:21DanielWto add the first one is clear, but if i want to add the second the first one is removed
15:09:29stripwaxhold select
15:09:33stripwaxmenu appears
15:09:42stripwax"insert next"
15:09:50DanielWbut that only inserts one track
15:10:05linuxstb_Insert the folder, not a file
15:10:25stripwaxactually, i'm sure this is also all in the manual :-p
15:10:37DanielWisi read the manual
15:10:44 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:10:51 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
15:11:22stripwaxso you read this bit
15:11:37stripwaxwhere it says you can invoke playlist actions on folders
15:11:55 Quit PaulJam (".")
15:11:59stripwax"The Playlist Submenu can be used to add either single tracks or entire directories to a playlist. If the Playlist Submenu is invoked on a single track, it will put only that track into the playlist. On the other hand, if the Playlist Submenu is invoked on a directory, Rockbox adds all of the tracks in that directory to the playlist.
15:11:59stripwaxNote: You can control whether or not Rockbox includes the contents of sub-directories when adding an entire directory to a playlists. Set the Settings ? General Settings ? Playlist ? Recursively Insert Directories setting to Yes if you would like Rockbox to include tracks in sub-directories as well as tracks in the currently-selected directory. "
15:13:20stripwaxI think the manual should be more clear that this works from the database browser too, however.
15:14:15 Join Arathis [0] (
15:14:35DanielWthere should be a shortcut to just a the selected song to playlist
15:14:39 Join Rincewind [0] (
15:14:46 Join obo [0] (
15:14:52DanielWwith the playlist menu i need a lot of steps to do that
15:15:09DanielWor is there already?
15:15:22stripwaxDanielW - hm, if you turn on "Party Mode", then the default action is to enqueue. but Party Mode has other implications too..
15:15:42stripwaxI agree there should be an option to make the default action enqueue without having to switch on party mode
15:16:06stripwaxI think someone discussed this also on irc sometime last week
15:16:08DanielWdoes mean only add one track?
15:16:14stripwaxenqueue −−> put into playlist rather than play immediately
15:17:12DanielWi mean to add only the current selected song not the complete folder (or view in database mode) in a short way. over the playlist menu it takes some time just to add a single track
15:17:45stripwaxDanielW : - it's currently not a lot of steps though, is it? hold select, go to playlist, go to inser
15:18:05 Join LiLLix__ [0] (
15:18:30DanielWthat are a lot of steps just to insert one track. what about using the play button for that?
15:18:36stripwaxYes, that's what I mean too : to make putting "whatever is currently selected" (be it a track or a folder) into the playlist
15:18:42DanielWthe next adds all tracks, the play button only the one selected
15:18:47stripwaxThe Play button is used to Play or Pause the music
15:19:08stripwaxPressing Play goes to the 'while playing screen'
15:19:27stripwaxIt's all been thought out and discussed and documented in the manual ;-)
15:19:39 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
15:19:47pengo"documented in the manual"
15:19:49stripwaxDanielW : - also don't forget, Rockbox runs the same way on all the devices. Some devices have fewer buttons than others.
15:19:58 Part LiLLix__
15:20:00pengoi suppose you've also documented how you expect people to read it
15:20:05DanielWok but i think there are a lot of users who want to add this track, and that track, and an other track, and that would take them very long the way rockbox does it
15:20:16stripwaxDanielW : - so use Party Mode?
15:20:42DanielWwhere is it documented?
15:20:54pengothe descriptions are terrible. you need to have documention on the device itself.
15:21:12stripwaxDanielW - or, perhaps, come up with a proposal to make the behaviour of the Select button configurable (Play immediately or Add to playlist)
15:21:41DanielWno that is not my problem
15:22:03stripwaxpengo/DanielW - seriously, is this description terrible?
15:22:04DanielWmy problem is the behaviour in adding the complete view of tracks and not the single selected one
15:22:23pengostripwax: the fact it's not on my rockbox itself, yes.
15:22:26stripwaxDanielW : - but you just said "that ared a lot of steps just to insert one track"
15:22:33stripwaxpengo - ahhhh... gotcha
15:22:39DanielWto insert "one track"
15:22:47DanielWthat is the think
15:22:48stripwaxDanielW - so do you want to insert "one track" or "one entire folder" or what?
15:23:12stripwaxor do you want a playlist containing "everything on your mp3 player"
15:23:40DanielWmy first question here was how to add different albums to playlists, it got answered
15:23:41DanielWbut now
15:23:54DanielWi am asking for a fast way to add a few single songs to the playlist
15:24:04DanielWat the moment that is really a hard job
15:24:06stripwaxDanielW - "Party Mode" ?
15:24:12stripwaxdid you try it?
15:24:29DanielWno, i am asking for the documention for that
15:24:33stripwaxIn the manual
15:24:36pengoI've always ignored party mode because i assumed it meant random/shuffle or something. if it's not obvious it needs to be documented on the device when you're selecting it.
15:24:57stripwaxDanielW - You want me to search for a page to link to the Party Mode documentation in the manual?
15:25:02DanielWEnables unstoppable music playback. When new songs are selected, they are queued at the end of the current dynamic playlist instead of being played immediately. Pausing and stopping playback is disabled as well as skipping songs and launching plugins.
15:25:16DanielWif that is correct it has nothing to do with my problem
15:25:26stripwaxRight. So what's the alternatvie? I think, the alternative is, to enable rockbox users to configure the behaviour of the Select button.
15:25:31stripwaxWhich is what I said earlier
15:25:45stripwaxto which you said "no that is not my problem"
15:25:50DanielWmy problem is i go to database -> artist -> an album -> select a song and now how to just add that track not the whole album
15:26:09pengoDanielW: sounds like you'd need a context menu
15:26:12stripwaxyes, currently you have to hold select, go to playlist -> insert
15:26:32pengothat doesn't sound hard
15:26:39stripwaxthat's what i said
15:26:43DanielWi have to hold select, then i have to select playlist, and then there is the option insert. and then i have to press next
15:26:45 Join TrueJournals [0] (
15:26:47linuxstbDanielW: It's obvious that you want Rockbox to behave differently to how it does - so either change Rockbox so it works like you want it to, or submit a feature request and hope someone else wants that feature too.
15:26:49DanielWthat are 4 or 5 more steps
15:27:06stripwaxDanielW : - my proposal is to reduce it to 1 step, and you didn't like that either
15:27:13stripwaxhow can you do it with fewer than 1 steps, I'm not sure ...
15:27:17DanielWfor a complete normale operation on a mp3 player (add a track to playlist)
15:27:35DanielWsorry, i am just asking if i miss something
15:27:43DanielWa smarter way to do that i do not know
15:28:06stripwaxDanielW - is making Select configurable not smart enough? How would *you* think rockbox should work
15:28:09Slasherihmm, i think too a configurable select behaviour would be good. I never add whole folder to a playlist by selecting a single song but selecting the entire folder if i want it to be added
15:28:58stripwaxDanielW - btw, yes, adding a track to a playlist is a normal operation, but one Apple didn't even think about including on their ipod. Playing a track is a far more normal operation than building a dynamic playlist, so Select plays a track
15:29:04DanielWyes, select folder to add folder (or in database select "view") or select track to add track, would be nice
15:29:21stripwaxok, so it would work, as a solution to your problem. just so we're on the same page.
15:29:45DanielWselect does not play a track
15:30:02stripwaxwhat does it do then
15:30:24DanielWselect makes the current folder to the new current playlist and starts playback add the selected track
15:30:41pengostripwax: making "select" behaviour configurable is horrible. less modes is better. instead make the first option in the context menu "tag" and allow multiple items to be "tagged" and then allow the user to add all of them at once to the end or next (etc) in the playlist.
15:31:13stripwaxpengo - so that won't help DanielW much.
15:32:05DanielWwhat about holding "play" to just add a the selected song?
15:32:10stripwaxDanielW - well, yes. if you select a track to play it, it plays. what would you prefer to happen when the track finished (silence?)
15:32:28stripwaxDanielW - because that is STOP currently. And if you hold it even longer, OFF.
15:32:39DanielWok then holding next
15:32:54stripwaxSelect and Next on ipod do the same thing on an individual track
15:33:08stripwaxMaybe that would work on ipod, but might not work on devices that have fewer buttons
15:33:41stripwaxDanielW - but did you understand my point about Select playing a track? It does play a track currently. It also creates a new dynamic playlist.
15:34:35stripwaxpengo - but i do like the idea
15:34:44DanielWdon't get me wrong i like rockbox and thank the devs for the work. but i think in terms of usability it has some serious problems. even it it would work total stable and bugless i would not recommend it to someone who is not used to weird working thinks *g*
15:35:02DanielWfor example my brother
15:35:32stripwaxDanielW : ok so let's make a list, and constructively figure out how to solve each of the serious problems you think rockbox has in terms of usability
15:35:34DanielWstripwax: yes, but i don't want it to create a new playlist, instead it should just add that one track to the playlist
15:36:12stripwaxDanielW - yes - you said - and the way to add one track to the playlist is to go through the playlist menu. And I suggested we could change rockbox to make the Select button do this by default, instead. Does that make sense?
15:36:38stripwax(^by default - configurable as "the action to perform")
15:36:48stripwax(so not everyone's default, just yours)
15:36:52DanielWyes that would be nice
15:36:58 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
15:37:06 Part TrueJournals
15:37:25stripwaxDanielW - so, in the meantime, since this feature doesn't exist yet, what are you going to do
15:37:29DanielWthey should add more buttons to the ipod
15:37:35*stripwax laughs
15:37:40pengoi still haven't worekd out what DanielW's asking for exactly, but perhaps i think you need a configurable party mode e.g. [x] allow pause, [x] only allow stop only at end of track, etc. [x] always insert tracks next.. when playlist ends: (x) choose random ( ) repeat playlist ( ) stop
15:37:41stripwaxyes, they should.
15:37:53stripwaxpengo - ooh, nice. fiddly, though.
15:38:08stripwaxpengo - really that's no longer Party Mode though, it's just "restrictions"
15:38:10pengostripwax: less fiddly than changing your default select mode
15:38:12DanielWstripwax: i am going to use the context menu
15:38:20stripwaxDanielW- ok.
15:38:40pengostripwax: party mode / DJ mode.. different people party differently
15:38:43stripwaxpengo - mm, you think?
15:38:51stripwaxpengo - chuckle
15:39:00DanielWan option for what select should do (add and direct play or just add and if it should just the selected or all)
15:40:13DanielWstripwax: mhh if i select a folder and then press next what happens? get all folders in the current folder (where that folder is in) added to the playlist?
15:40:23stripwaxpengo - I still think putting the "always insert" behaviour under Party Mode would just mean some users choose to always run in Party Mode with that switch turned on. not really a party.
15:40:48pengostripwax: i'd like any rockbox i pick up to work the same.. UNLESS it's in party mode.. if i'm DJ'ing at a club i dont want to it to stop ever.. if i'm at a small gathering i want to stop it for the phone.. etc
15:40:58stripwaxDanielW - no, it will just 'step into' that directory...
15:41:07stripwaxSee my point earlier about Recursively Insert
15:41:28DanielWok and select?
15:41:31pengostripwax: the point is you can still turn off party mode and use it "normally"
15:41:33stripwaxpengo - ok, cool.
15:42:22pengois there a way to mark podcasts so they're not randomly shuffled to (during your party or otherwise)?
15:42:37stripwaxDanielW - yes, select will 'step into' that directory too. I mean, try it, and see for yourself, what everything does.
15:44:38DanielWok i tried
15:44:39stripwaxpengo - just that some people have a different interpretation of 'normal',. But I agree, making rockbox "work the same way" makes a whole lot of sense. Perhaps Party Mode could just be called Custom Mode (although that's rather stuffy) and to get a 'normal' rockbox you just turn off Custom Mode (i.e. turn off Party Mode as you say)
15:44:54stripwaxnaming doesn't really matter, I'll shut up on that now.
15:45:08pengostripwax: same diff, but party mode sounds better :)
15:45:21stripwaxbut yeah, I like the idea of putting all the 'well my default should be x not y' into a single mode which you can then just turn off
15:45:42pengoi could rant to you about interface decisions for hours :)
15:45:47stripwaxbest not :)
15:45:58pengoi like nokia.
15:46:42DanielWok cu
15:46:44 Quit DanielW ("Leaving")
15:46:49stripwaxseriously? even if you turn on "first name first" option in Contacts application, it still shows last name first in Messaging application..
15:47:05stripwaxanyway, OT
15:47:07pengoi like those old crap b+w nokias. they're usable.
15:47:12pengoi dunno about s60's
15:47:13stripwaxagree there
15:47:28pengoi have a 6230i if that means anything
15:47:32stripwaxs60's = trying to hard and making dumb mistakes on the way
15:47:37pengotho the mp3 player is pretty crap :)
15:47:53stripwaxhad a 6230, pretty nice, got a n70, pretty flashy yet slow and awkward to actually get anything done on it
15:48:32*stripwax nearly got employed to work on s60 apps .. that was a close call ..
15:48:48pengoi got a DSLR, and it takes all my spare gadget cash now
15:49:08 Join gioele [0] (
15:49:51 Quit raphi ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:53:35 Quit Thundercloud_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:54:20kramdrastupid question.. i can guess theres not... but is there a pdf reader for rockbox?
15:55:28 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
15:56:19stripwaxsomeone could try and port xPDF if they had spare time and nothing to do
15:56:22kramdrahmm... i guess i could just copy and paste the text but picures would have been usefull.. is there any plugins that can do html or other formats?
15:57:26stripwaxbitmap? jpeg? :-p
15:57:55kramdracould try.. can rockbox scroll large bitmaps?
15:57:58stripwaxan html renderer would be marginally useful (e.g. for pengo's idea of on-device documentation)
15:58:11stripwaxkramdra - not sure .. it can scroll large jpegs though I'm pretty sure
15:58:34 Quit lostnihilist (Remote closed the connection)
15:58:57pengostripwax: i was thinking small bits of plain text :)
15:59:26pengowithin the interface.. not a separate "RTFM" application
15:59:29 Join joshin [0] (n=joshin@VDSL-130-13-9-125.PHNX.QWEST.NET)
15:59:40pengobut yes, it scrolls large jpg's.. so you could convert a pdf to jpgs in theory
15:59:46kramdrasame thing :) you just reminded me i want to try putting a map of local area on it, in jpeg/bitmap
16:01:02stripwaxpengo - oh! :-) that popup while you're using the interface, like on the old nokias ..
16:01:20 Join lostnihilist [0] (
16:01:26pengostripwax: my 6230 does it too :)
16:01:29gioelekramdra: you can convert single PDF pages to PNGs with imagemagick
16:01:54stripwaxpngs are no use
16:02:10gioelewell, jpegs then
16:02:20gioelecan't rockbox show them?
16:02:28bluebrotherpengo: if you want the manual on the player just build it yourself and use the make target manual-txt
16:02:42bluebrotherthat will convert the html manual to txt using links
16:02:44stripwaxgioele - rockbox doesn't have a png viewer.
16:03:13stripwaxbluebrother - I think he wants it integrated into the ui (somehow), rather than just a separate thing to refer to
16:03:37bluebrotherblargh. Integrated manual is only a waste of space
16:03:39stripwaxe.g. like on a context menu, it would show you something relevant to where you are
16:03:51kramdraI keep forgetting to unmount my gigabeat... is ther eanyway to turn write buffers off for all usb devices?
16:03:53pengobluebrother: two lines of text is about 20 bytes.
16:04:11bluebrotherpengo: yes, but do that like 1000 times ...
16:04:24stripwaxhow is that using more space than storing the .txt manual on the device?
16:04:28*stripwax confused.. again ..
16:04:29bluebrotherplus, on small displays there is no room for that. Using a larger font and an ipod mini ...
16:04:59bluebrotherstripwax: you won't want to load the text snippets from disk every time, won't you?
16:05:08bluebrotherplus, you need code that handles this
16:05:14pengobluebrother: there's room on my nokia phone to do it.
16:05:35bluebrotherwell, you can't choose out of like 20 fonts on you phone
16:05:46stripwaxwell, yep, the feature doesn't exist yet, so it would need to be coded. why can't the system font be used?
16:05:54pengoeven my camera has built-in context help
16:05:55bluebrotherplus, nokia doesn't support older devices with small screens.
16:06:22stripwaxnot sure how that's relevant, old devices with small screens still had help built in
16:06:29bluebrotherusing sysfont will upset ipod video users −− they complain quite often about the small font ...
16:06:33stripwaxwhether they're supported now or not
16:06:50bluebrotherbut they don't use just a part of the screen for the help
16:07:07pengobluebrother: i never said to use just part of the screen
16:07:11stripwaxno, that's right, they show you the help on an otherwise empty screen
16:07:21stripwaxwould that be impossible for rockbox to do ..?
16:07:53pengoi didn't specify the "how" part quite deliberately, because it's non-obvious and there a few ways to go about it
16:08:01bluebrotherI don't think it's impossible but too much work without any real benefit.
16:08:19*stripwax wonders how many times people on #rockbox have answered questions about how the ui works ,..
16:08:27pengobluebrother: no real benefit to the developers who know the interface backwards
16:08:30bluebrotheryou learn the steps you're using in most cases anyway.
16:08:40*bluebrother doesn't know the interface backwards
16:08:49pengowell then there's benefit to the developers
16:08:52bluebrotherbut simply thinking logically really helps
16:09:05pengowhat does thinking logically tell you that "party mode" does?
16:09:16stripwaxDanielW was thinking logically earlier ..
16:09:28bluebrotherit's something that is used for parties.
16:09:45stripwaxmaybe it flashes the screen like party poppers?
16:10:05pengoi assumed it meant random/shuffle
16:10:14bluebrotherhehe −− doesn't sound logical to me. As Rockbox is about *playing* music ...
16:10:24 Part NineLives
16:10:48stripwaxmaybe it plays a 'guess the intro' game. that's quite popular at parties
16:11:06bluebrotherok, we could argue about party mode. But what is about the rest of the ui? Is using a context menu to enqueue a track so unintuitive?
16:11:18stripwaxbluebrother - apparently .... yes
16:11:32pengoabout playing music? rockbox has a starfield simulator and sudoku.
16:11:39*stripwax chuckles
16:11:49pengoso let's think logically about that
16:12:14stripwaxthe starfield simulator is neat, but it could do with a bit more rotation/changing direction instead of just forward all the time
16:12:21 Join pseudo_ [0] (
16:12:36*stripwax has some old qbasic code somewhere, primed for porting to rockbox
16:12:40pengoit could do with a star-wars text scroll too.. or is that another plugin?
16:12:48stripwaxoh wow. credits!
16:13:42pengobut i'd like to see a "play 30% faster" option before i see in-ui help
16:14:09stripwaxpitch menu?
16:14:23pengotempo menu. faster without pitch change.
16:14:33pengoi still can't find pitch
16:14:33stripwaxpainful to do in realtime
16:14:42pengoit's not
16:14:49stripwaxpainful to do well in realtime..
16:14:57pengodoesn't have to be well
16:15:08stripwaxok, pretty easy then. just skip blocks from the pcm buffer
16:15:41pengoit's just an fft transform and a tweak.. easy..
16:15:49stripwaxfft bleh
16:15:57 Quit justthisguy ("No good will come of this.")
16:16:00pengobut the skipping blocks would do me as a start
16:16:04stripwaxlinear crossfade and skipping chunks
16:16:28pengobut i think skipping chunks would end up raising the pitch or exactly doubling the speed
16:16:31markunpengo: I tried to implement it in a naive way a few days ago but the result sounded pretty bad :)
16:16:39pengomarkun: cool :)
16:16:58pengostripwax: linear crossfade.. hmm
16:16:59stripwaxpengo - nah. fill up 100% of the pcm buffer, but playback skips say 100 bytes out of every 1000 bytes ->10% speedup
16:17:31stripwaxmarkun - hm, how bad? I wrote the (original) pitchshifter plugin for Buzz that way, didn't seem too bad..
16:17:35markunpengo: just watched when the audio signal passed 0 (from - to +) and then skipped samples until the next one
16:17:38pengostripwax: 100 bytes out of a 1000 byte wave = 10% pitch increase
16:17:48pengomarkun: heh
16:17:53stripwaxpengo - not quite
16:17:57 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:18:05pengofunny sounding 10% pitch increase
16:18:18stripwaxpengo e.g. 1K out of 10K samples would sound like a speed increase not a pitch increase
16:18:18pengojust do a FFT already. There's C code everywhere.
16:18:19 Join Davide-NYC [0] (
16:18:33pengostripwax: yeah it could work
16:18:35stripwaxpengo - seriously, fft is not going to be a fun way to do it
16:18:49pengowell don't do a FFT because mp3 has already done it for you
16:19:02markunpengo: feel free to implement it. A bad implementation is better than no implementaion at all imo
16:19:15stripwaxok so you need to transform from frequency domain to time domain in a nonstandard way which is also not fun
16:19:27pengoi haven't used C in years. i'd leak all over the place.
16:19:44stripwaxmarkun - do you have a patch for your naive way
16:19:46 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:19:50markunpengo: sounds like a good time to start using C again :)
16:19:55stripwax(patch / some code changes / anything)
16:19:59bluebrotherthere are other formats supported by rockbox that don't already have an fft ...
16:20:01pengomarkun: heh :)
16:20:18stripwaxbluebrother - right. and even then, fft would suck juice
16:20:24pengobluebrother: yeah i know. they would need more cpu.
16:20:27markunstripwax: no, because I didn't implement it in rockbox but just in my own audio player for easy testing
16:20:34pengothe F in FFT stands for fast
16:20:39stripwaxmarkun - ah ok
16:20:56bluebrotherwell, this doesn't tell anything about how fast it is ...
16:21:08bluebrotherplus, we don't have a fpu
16:21:10stripwaxpengo - chuckle. yeah, but then you have to do it twice (FFT + IFFT) for every block
16:21:36pengoyou wont know til you try :)
16:21:47 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul)
16:22:04markunor until YOU try
16:22:18stripwaxpengo - most of the time spent decoding mp3 is in evaluating the DCT (discrete cosine transform - cousin of the fft). doing two more for every block will mean you end up running out of cpu and playback no longer realtime
16:22:33stripwaxin fact you'd have to run the speed shift just to get tracks to sound realtime again :-)
16:23:01stripwaxreally think fft is not the way to go.
16:23:25pengowell this crappy 2gb ipod-like knockoff i have does tempo control somehow
16:23:37stripwaxI'd have a quick stab at a naive block shift + crossfade over block boundaries .. but I'm away for the next week
16:23:51stripwaxpengo - and it changes speed without changing pitch? maybe it's in hardware?
16:23:55 Quit printfXh4 (Connection timed out)
16:23:59 Nick pseudo_ is now known as printfXh4 (
16:24:54pengostripwax: it's not a major feature (i didn't know about it til i found it).. but possibly in hardware.. i doubt it tho.. i haven't tested if it works on non-mp3s
16:26:01markunstripwax: do you have a link to the code of the plugin you were talking about?
16:26:22stripwaxmarkun - hm, somewhere.. lemme look
16:27:14stripwax Chimp Pitchshifter on there somewhere. doesn't do any crossfading, just the basic block skip stuff
16:27:29stripwaxmarkun - you mean the plugin for Buzz or a plugin for rockbox? sorry, maybe misunderstoof
16:27:49markunpengo: some info:
16:28:14stripwaxmarkun - if you use Buzz, check out Chimp RePlay :-)
16:28:26markunI don't know what Buzz is even
16:28:32stripwaxoh :(
16:28:37stripwaxcheck out Buzz! :-)
16:28:47pengomarkun: will check it out...
16:29:03markunstripwax: did you see the PM?
16:29:20stripwaxor rather check out Aldrin, which is what all the cool kids are using
16:29:25stripwaxmarkun - oh, yep. sorry
16:33:37 Join jtg [0] (
16:34:03 Nick jtg is now known as justthisguy (
16:35:16kramdradecode a small buffer of audio, add the samples together... then pass to buffer? or would that not work atall?
16:35:30pengosome dayperhaps I shall journey to the strange city to whichthe sun goes at night.
16:35:43 Quit pengo ()
16:36:04 Join raphi [0] (i=52887b80@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:37:50raphigot problems while compiling.. "m68k-elf-gcc: Command not found". How is the package called under debian i need to install?
16:38:29 Quit XavierGr ()
16:39:22 Part justthisguy ("EVILCAT IS PLEASED")
16:39:32oboraphi: there is no package - use the tools/ script to download and compile it
16:39:45raphiobo: Thanks
16:43:06stripwaxkramdra - not sure what "add the samples together" is going to do
16:43:39stripwaxyou mean like a running average?
16:44:36 Nick empheh is now known as entheh (
16:46:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:47:33 Part david1
16:51:22 Quit zutme (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:53:09 Join hannesd [0] (
16:55:25 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
16:55:31 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
16:56:43 Join Alex_ [0] (
16:56:51 Nick Alex_ is now known as Toxicity (
16:59:09petur a whole bag of it?
17:02:02 Join PaulJam [0] (
17:02:42 Quit Toxicity ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
17:09:13 Quit hannesd_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:11:22 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
17:11:45 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
17:13:45 Join justthisguy [0] (
17:15:46 Quit justthisguy (Client Quit)
17:15:48 Join justthisguy [0] (
17:16:56 Join JamesT [0] (i=44c5174a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:17:37JamesTHey all - quick question - what happened to the Ajunt Blue theme.. I just updated for the first time in a month and now I have a more generic playscreen then the nice A.B. one
17:17:57p3turis it gone?
17:18:10JamesTJust updating again - I'll see if it was just a bad upgrade for me...
17:18:20JamesTon my ipod video it seemed it was..
17:19:07p3turoh, gone on your player. With the new wps code, if the wps contains an error it will show the default wps
17:19:56JamesTAnd the other problem I'm having is I'm getting loadtime errors (this just started happening with the newest build...) 'Undefined instructions at 043a2148) ...oy
17:20:35p3turdefine 'loadtime'
17:20:53JamesTDisc is still spinning from boot-up
17:21:14 Join XavierGr [0] (
17:21:48JamesTok, reattempt - It's not doing it solely on bootup...
17:21:54p3turI'm not very familiar with ipods... maybe your bootloader is too old?
17:23:11JamesTDoesn't the newest loader come with the newest build?
17:24:04bluebrotheryou need to install (and update) the bootloader separately
17:24:28bluebrotherand if your error is a "data abort" you most likely have an outdated bootloader −− when did you install?
17:24:47JamesT6 - 8 months ago now?
17:25:09bluebrotherok, that is too old. Reinstall the bootloader like the manual describes.
17:25:14 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
17:25:15JamesTokie dokie
17:25:21JamesTThanks for the help
17:25:35bluebrotheripodpatcher will recognize the old bootloader and update it −− no need to uninstall first.
17:26:07 Quit Mnabil ("Leaving")
17:28:19 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
17:30:30 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
17:31:09JamesTHm - just installed the bootloader, still getting that 'undefined instruction' error as I'm just moving through menus
17:31:58 Join Brunellus [0] (n=luigi@unaffiliated/brunellus)
17:33:33JamesThm.. i think it might be a problem with the mp3 file I was playing.. just loaded something else and it's fine... going to see if I can recreate
17:33:35 Quit stripwax (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:33:48 Part Brunellus ("Ex-Chat")
17:36:57JamesTStill getting 'undefined instructions' at seemingly random times... having a problem recreating it
17:38:26JamesThmm - going to defrag the ipod and see if there are any bad sectors and basic cleaning stuff
17:38:41 Join spiorf [0] (
17:41:03 Quit justthisguy ("evilcat is pleased")
17:42:15 Join justthisguy [0] (
17:43:14 Join desowin [0] (
17:44:07JamesTJust updated with a week old build - mid-playing music I am now getting 'Data Abort' which is replacing earlier when it was 'Undefined Instructions' - but they seem to be the same error... anyone, pretty please? :)
17:44:49 Join The-Compiler [0] (
17:45:49 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:45:57 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (n=hihi@
17:45:58 Quit justthisguy (Client Quit)
17:46:08 Join justthisguy [0] (
17:48:51gioelerockbox supports Replay Gain via the RGAD ID3v2 field. Which application sets it?
17:49:02 Quit justthisguy (Client Quit)
17:49:12 Join justthisguy [0] (
17:50:06 Quit JamesT ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:53:42 Join BigMac_ [0] (
17:56:55 Join ducbian [0] (
17:57:07 Quit ducbian (Client Quit)
17:59:50 Join DC1 [0] (
17:59:54 Quit Davide-NYC (Remote closed the connection)
18:01:38bluebrothergioele: foobar can do
18:01:45 Nick BigMac_ is now known as BigMac (
18:02:26 Join j257 [0] (
18:03:14DC1where did strncasecmp in codec_api go?
18:05:17 Quit krazykit (Remote closed the connection)
18:06:31gioelebluebrother: (I use linux) it seems to me that foobar has support for TXXX fields only and not RGAD fields
18:07:11j257Hi people. I have just installed rockbox onto my Ipod Video 80Gb as described in installation docs. After rebooting, device doesn't boot - i see an white aplle on black screen. It doesn't enter USB mode. What should i do?
18:07:46j257Some days ago i have installed rockbox on another iPod Video 30Gb - it works perfect
18:08:29Overandj257: have you tried resetting it?
18:08:41 Join sergey [0] (
18:08:42Overandas in- you can get it unstuck from said mode? hm
18:08:58Overandi'm not an expert though, sorry
18:08:59j257i have reset it many times, with hold on and off
18:10:04bluebrothergioele: well, I used foobar to replaygain my mp3 files, so either it uses RGAD or Rockbox supports the TXXX field used by foobar.
18:10:11bluebrotherdon't know exactly ...
18:10:44bluebrotherj257: you should be able resetting and going into emergency disk mode
18:10:54gioelebluebrother: well, that's enough :)
18:11:25bluebrothergioele: but I'm also looking for some tool to replaygain my mp3 files from linux. Haven't found one yet :(
18:12:08gioelebluebrother: there is a TXXX tool available on the rockbox mailing list
18:12:19j257bluebrother: oh, thanks a lot =)
18:13:11gioele"Replaygain: New beta version of unix tagger"
18:14:52gioelebluebrother: that is for mp3s. vorbisgain and metaflac −−add-replay-gain are way better
18:15:06bluebrotherhmm. Looks like I missed that email
18:15:53 Quit j257 ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
18:16:25intgrbluebrother: Why not mp3gain?
18:17:02gioeleintgr: mp3gain produces weird APE tags that are not compatible with rockbox
18:17:13 Join mirak [0] (n=mirak@
18:18:04intgrgioele: Oh...
18:18:05gioelebluebrother: that script has some problems POSIX sh. Replace first line with #!/bin/bash
18:19:02 Join Buschel [0] (
18:21:13 Quit raphi ("CGI:IRC")
18:22:09 Quit gioele (Client Quit)
18:34:27 Quit secleinteer (Remote closed the connection)
18:35:13 Join secleinteer [0] (
18:37:01 Quit hannesd (Client Quit)
18:37:58 Quit Buschel ()
18:38:31 Quit Guile`` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:41:36 Join n1s [0] (
18:43:52 Quit Psilonaut (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:44:08 Join Psilonaut [0] (
18:46:03 Quit bluebrother (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:46:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:52:08 Quit p3tur ("bbl")
18:52:30 Quit petur ("me also bbl ;)")
18:55:15 Quit sergey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:55:26 Join sergey [0] (
18:56:11 Quit The-Compiler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:57:15 Quit mirak ("Ex-Chat")
19:01:37 Nick jack__ is now known as chrisjs169 (
19:03:58Bagderscorche: 4.4 kg package is on its way
19:06:02 Quit thegeek ()
19:08:39 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:21:34 Quit lids (Remote closed the connection)
19:23:04 Join zylche [0] (
19:23:20 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
19:27:15 Join lids [0] (i=lds@gateway/tor/x-a7acd240ae376a11)
19:28:06 Quit secleinteer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:28:51 Quit netmasta10bt ("BitchX-1.1-final -- just do it.")
19:32:30 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
19:32:43 Quit BigMac (Connection timed out)
19:36:41 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:37:26 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
19:38:30 Join Toxicity [0] (
19:39:23Toxicityso, where can i go to get some good rockbox add-ons? or are all the available add-ons already in rockbox
19:39:44n1sToxicity: that depends on what you mean by add-ons
19:39:58Toxicitylike, games, utilities, ect.
19:40:32n1sToxicity: There are a couple of half-finished plugins available in the tracker if you can compile yourself...
19:40:47Toxicityhmmm i'll check it out
19:40:52 Quit chrisjs169 (Remote closed the connection)
19:40:59 Join grndslm [0] (
19:41:19 Join chrisjs169 [0] (
19:43:47*DC1 plays with .mod player codec
19:44:53 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
19:44:57markunToxicity: the best way to get good add-ons is of course to write them yourself :)
19:45:30badsheepywhat can you really add-on to a music player thats not a gimmick though :)
19:45:58DC1nls: thanks for the hint
19:46:39n1sDC1: no problem, does the mod player require that?
19:47:12*n1s goes to the pub :-)
19:47:25DC1nls: yes and no
19:52:32 Quit Toxicity ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
19:53:19 Join haemmy [0] (n=stefan@
19:53:55 Quit haemmy (Client Quit)
19:55:47 Join Rondom [0] (
20:00:16 Quit grndslm (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:05:43 Join The-Compiler [0] (
20:06:51The-CompilerSince wich year does Rockbox exist?
20:07:19The-CompilerUnd wie steht das Spiel?
20:07:32The-CompilerOops, sry
20:07:41DerPapstdunno.. good?
20:07:46 Join Domonoky [0] (
20:08:01DerPapst(regarding "das spiel" :P)
20:08:29Genre9mp3The-Compiler: look at the bottom of this page:
20:10:44The-CompilerGenre9mp3: 2001-12-07?
20:13:02 Quit lids (Remote closed the connection)
20:13:05DerPapsti guess a bit earlier...
20:13:33DerPapst(takes time to write descramle.c too)
20:16:15 Join mirak [0] (n=mirak@
20:21:11 Nick pabs_ is now known as pabs (
20:22:12 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
20:22:18 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
20:23:45 Join thegeek [0] (
20:23:46 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
20:24:13 Quit rift (Remote closed the connection)
20:24:54 Join rift [0] (
20:27:21 Join lids [0] (i=lds@gateway/tor/x-b0679e8a1c477e85)
20:31:14jhMikeSIs there any random guinea pig to check out this patch. I seem to have GPIO IRQs working on the e200 now for real but why now when it seems this didn't work before, I have no idea. If it works it's a commit.;filename=GPIO_IRQ.diff.txt
20:32:10jhMikeSIf the buttons work, it's working right btw.
20:40:09 Quit The-Compiler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:41:50 Join The-Compiler [0] (
20:46:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:47:44DC1anyone tried to play .mid files lately?
20:48:31DerPapstnot fun
20:48:46DerPapstyou can play a simple 2 track midi file
20:48:55DerPapstbut it plays too fast.
20:49:37DerPapstif you have a more complex midi file it will complain a lot (missing buffer) and then rockbox crashes.
20:49:47DC1I've got two that crash on an month old build
20:50:06DerPapstbut the lightshow is cool when you dap fades the backlight off (5G ipod)
20:50:09DC1most likely the case
20:50:32DC1DerPapst: indeed
20:52:17DC1ok, got the svn compiled + mod player
20:53:17DerPapstthere is a mod player for rb?
20:53:22*DerPapst has missed that
20:59:35 Join midgey [0] (
21:00:39 Join Arathis [0] (
21:03:42 Join robin0800 [0] (
21:08:00 Join Gr3yzero [0] (
21:09:16 Quit sergey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:09:48 Join Chewie[] [0] (
21:11:23Gr3yzeroHey does anyone have any experience compiling rockbox in Kubuntu?
21:11:39BagderGr3yzero: should be the same as on any other linux
21:13:14Gr3yzeroi'm running into that arm-elf-gcc error, and i can't seem to find where ubuntu installed the compiler
21:13:21The-CompilerGr3yzero: I have
21:13:31Bagderthat arm-elf-gcc error?
21:13:49The-CompilerGr3yzero: I have experiences compiling rockbox in ubuntu
21:13:50Bagderand ubuntu should not have installed that compiler at all, afaik
21:13:55Gr3yzerowhen i go to configure it says it can't find arm-elf=gcc
21:14:22Gr3yzeroi'm pretty sure i apt-got the all the gcc for arm
21:14:27BagderGr3yzero: and you installed it and have adjusted your PATH to your new installed compiler?
21:14:30 Join sergey [0] (
21:14:35Bagderyou need to follow the wiki
21:14:37Gr3yzerothat's the thing
21:14:50Gr3yzerocan't figure out where it got installed
21:14:51Bagderany apt from ubuntu is no good
21:14:59The-CompilerThe compiler is installed an a another place, you must adjust the PATH as Badger said
21:15:53Gr3yzerowait the gccs from apt aren't going to work
21:18:08 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:18:11DC1Gr3yzero: I've got Feisty on amd64... no problems
21:18:35Gr3yzerowhat did you add to your path to get the compiler to work?
21:18:48Gr3yzeroi'm running Feisty i386 flavor
21:18:55 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
21:19:11 Join Rondom [0] (
21:20:55 Join Rob222241 [0] (
21:21:53DC1Gr3yzero, in my case it was export PATH=$PATH:/home/adam/local/arm-elf/bin
21:22:20Gr3yzerodid you make your copiler from source or install through apt?
21:22:25BagderGr3yzero: tools/ is your friend
21:23:24Bagdershould work too...
21:23:44DC1Gr3yzero, I've left the whole thing to the script...
21:24:41DC1of course I have bunch of other dev tools installed such as make, etc
21:26:36Bagderthe script checks for the most obvious ones these days
21:26:47Gr3yzerorunning the script now
21:27:27 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:27:27DC1back to trying to figure out why Klisje Paa Klisje has tempo problems
21:29:03 Join secleinteer [0] (
21:31:38 Quit PaulJam (".")
21:35:59Gr3yzerois the album art patch currenntly in SVN?
21:37:25Gr3yzerodid they pull it from the tracker?
21:37:38Bagderthe ones that use it, yes I guess
21:39:40Gr3yzerois it available somewhere else?
21:40:12Bagderthe patch?
21:40:28Bagderwhy is the tracker not good enough?
21:40:41Gr3yzerobecause it's no longer on the album art page
21:41:08Gr3yzero has nothing to download
21:41:27Bagderyes it does
21:42:01 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
21:49:57 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
21:50:22 Join Arathis [0] (
21:55:56 Join TrueJournals [0] (
21:56:24 Quit secleinteer (Remote closed the connection)
22:03:48 Quit thegeek ()
22:05:56 Join thegeek [0] (
22:07:42 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
22:07:48 Join notlistening [0] (i=568723c9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:08:36notlisteningHello :)
22:09:05notlisteninganyone there?
22:09:44notlisteningI have come because I have quess what questions :p
22:10:04Bagderthen ask
22:10:25notlisteninglol sorry
22:11:25notlisteningI have an X5 with dualboot on it and well there seem to be a problem with starting the player when I have the AC adapter connected and also the charing indicator does not work
22:11:39notlisteningI was wondering if this was a know problem or I am doing somthing wrong?
22:12:28BagderI don't think you can do much wrong
22:12:33notlisteningotherwise this is a brilliant project
22:12:46Bagderand I'm not aware of this problem before, did you check the bug tracker?
22:12:52notlisteningU am registered blind so it means I can now use my player again
22:14:16scorcheBagder: is iban/swift just a wire transfer?
22:14:25notlisteningno I have stiooed here first as I find it very hard to trawl through the internet for information like that
22:14:43Bagderscorche: yes, iban/swift is a standard for that between banks
22:14:51Gr3yzeroby george i think i got it
22:15:07Bagderscorche: I've sent of the package today
22:15:19Bagderthey say it should arrive between june 11 - 13
22:15:42scorchenice timing =)
22:16:15Bagder4.4 kg!
22:17:18notlisteningok I will have a look further thanks for the information
22:18:18notlisteningcould I ask a quick question which media library are you using ?
22:21:08 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
22:21:57*Bagder uses no media library at all
22:22:15Chewie[]does anyone in here actually have a sandisk sansa running rockbox?
22:22:44Chewie[]would you call it "worth it"?
22:22:59Bagderwhat does that mean?
22:23:20BagderI'm a rockbox hacker since day 0
22:23:28Chewie[]i intend to be as well.
22:23:32Chewie[]but i also need tunes.
22:23:51BagderI wouldn't use a player without rockbox, or working on a rockbox port for it
22:24:28Bagderso I would say that if the sansa didn't run rockbox and I couldn't make it so, I'd get rid of it
22:24:48Chewie[]is it a piece of junk without rockbox?
22:24:57Bagdernah, I wouldn't say that
22:25:07Chewie[]ok, close enough. :-P
22:25:09Bagderit seemed OK, the little I used it
22:25:55Chewie[]you use the sansa primarily, or do you have an arsenal of other players with rockbox?
22:26:15BagderI have 4 rockbox targets
22:26:29Bagderbut no, I don't use my sansa a lot
22:26:48 Join rift_ [0] (
22:27:58 Quit desowin ("use linux")
22:29:38 Join webguest00 [0] (i=43ad8a99@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:30:06 Join petur [0] (
22:30:43jhMikeSBagder: could take the opportunity and check my patch to be sure GPIO interrupts work on your e200 too? I've got to run out but will check the logs when I get back if you do.
22:31:09Bagdersorry, not now, I accidentally left my sansa at work yday
22:31:11webguest00hi can anybody help me find the pacman roms i nedd for my ipod video? please? i already checked out the links in the manual but i cant find the roms in those sites. please help?
22:31:35scorchewebguest00: that is something we cannot help you with
22:31:50jhMikeSah, ok. I try to avoid the "stick it in SVN and hope noone complains" tactic if possible. :)
22:32:09 Quit The-Compiler (Remote closed the connection)
22:32:12 Join haemmy [0] (n=stefan@
22:32:15scorchewebguest00: read the guidelines that are linked in the topic
22:32:34webguest00isnt that a rockbox question?
22:32:55scorchemore specifically, "Please do not discuss how to obtain copyrighted material illegally"
22:33:10webguest00oh. it's illegal?
22:33:20webguest00sorry i didnt know.
22:33:22scorcheto find it on the internet, it is
22:33:23webguest00: (
22:33:40webguest00ok thanks anyway.
22:34:20 Quit webguest00 (Client Quit)
22:34:41scorchehrm...i was going to link him to the wiki, but /shrug
22:35:36 Join The-Compiler [0] (
22:35:46 Join Gasha [0] (i=5ae584e9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:37:22markunGr3yzero: scroll down on that page
22:37:44markunhi haemmy
22:38:29 Join arkascha [0] (
22:39:12 Quit rift (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:39:48 Join saratoga [0] (i=9803c6dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:43:21 Quit Gasha ("CGI:IRC")
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22:50:48 Part jac0b
22:52:16 Quit arkascha (Remote closed the connection)
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23:07:31 Join webguest66 [0] (i=43ad8a99@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:08:38webguest66hi i would like to know if there is a way to add more games to rockbox? i want to add games to the plugins section like pacbox and doom those types of games. can i do that?
23:09:43webguest66can i add more rocks?
23:09:44markunif you know how to code in C
23:10:19webguest66no not really is it easy or hard?
23:10:42markunnot so hard, but it takes some practice
23:10:56markundo you know any other programming languages?
23:11:02webguest66does it tell me how to do that in the manual?
23:11:56markunAre you asking if there is "a course in C programming" included in the rockbox manual?
23:12:08desowinwebguest66: markun means "add more rocks" = "create more rocks"
23:12:46markundesowin: ah, maybe I misinterpreted his question..
23:12:47webguest66i just wanted to know thats it.
23:12:57webguest66is ok.
23:13:00notlisteningDoes anyone know the latest stable version of the X5 dual bootloader?
23:13:22webguest66how can i play the demos that i downlaoded for doom?
23:14:16markunwebguest66: that should be in the manual
23:14:35webguest66oh thank you.
23:14:39webguest66: )
23:15:25 Quit webguest66 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:21:17 Join webguest10 [0] (i=43ad8a99@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:21:46 Quit desowin ("use linux")
23:22:13webguest10hi it's me agian i have a quick question when i want to add demos to doom do i create a folder called demos in the domm folder?
23:22:27webguest10.rockbox/doom/demos like that.
23:22:51markunI don't know, sorry
23:23:16webguest10thanks anyway. i'll try some other time. : )
23:23:23markunok, good luck
23:23:52 Quit webguest10 (Client Quit)
23:24:24 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
23:26:05 Join FOAD [0] (
23:28:33notlisteningis doom only a demo so not the full game?
23:28:58 Join RockingD [0] (
23:30:12 Join bluebrother [0] (
23:30:57 Quit davina_ (Remote closed the connection)
23:31:22 Quit notlistening ("CGI:IRC")
23:31:30RockingDHi. I'm testing RockBox on ipod 3G. I've noticed one interesting thing. rockbox accesses hdd about 4 times per minute to fill codec buffer, while when playing the same song on iaudio x5 it fills codec buffer only once. is that normal?
23:32:39saratogathat probably shouldn't happen
23:32:54saratogabut I don't know anyone here whos actively using the 3G, so its hard to say
23:33:24 Part tbaG
23:33:25linuxstb_If you go to System -> Debug -> View audio thread, that will show you what's going on.
23:34:01saratogalinuxstb_: getting a lot closer on this WMA bug
23:34:03saratogacheck this out
23:34:04RockingDyes, it shows me that codec buffer fills max to ~3MB, while the song size is about 8MB
23:34:16saratogared = fixed, blue = next bug to track down
23:38:40 Quit sergey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:43:26 Quit FOAD_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:45:06 Quit DerPapst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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23:46:36 Join Llorean [0] (
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