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#rockbox log for 2007-06-27

00:00:05stripwaxit's on the wiki page you downloaded the theme from
00:00:19scorchemud-rb: no it shouldnt...AA is not part of the official build
00:00:21apcfreakhehe, thanks. i didn't download the theme, it came with a build
00:00:33apcfreakok, thanks guys.
00:00:33scorchemud-rb: but it is in its own entry in the wiki, as it should be
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00:00:43stripwaxapcfreak - ask such questions of the build author in future pls!
00:01:00apcfreakOk, will do
00:01:06stripwaxmaybe he included an old version of that theme in his build (only he will know..)
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00:08:12stripwaxAny dev had any thought on the bitmap version of Sliding Puzzle yet?/
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00:08:41stripwax(this thing
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00:12:49markunAJS: maybe rockbox doesn't work well with the japanese gigabeat firmware
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00:16:03Hilikushey omeone told me you can manually change directories in the archos by holding play + right, but that doestn work in my X5, is there a combination for the x5?
00:17:22PaulJam_isn't this mentioned in the manual?
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00:18:12Hilikusi didnt find it, let my try again, the first time i wasnt looking for that
00:18:43*stripwax chuckles
00:20:14mud-rbwooo, my plugin sort of works, except for all of the features i haven't even looked at
00:22:14stripwaxmud-rb - what does it do?
00:23:15mud-rbstripwax: it's a game recorder/viewer for go/igo/weiqi/baduk. right now all you can do is view, and you can't back up at all, but most of the framework is there at least i just need to add some minor logic
00:23:48mud-rband then there's the problem where all of the code looks like ass, but i can fix that later, haha
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00:37:37Hilikusnop, its not in the manual
00:37:46Hilikusany ideas how to change directory manually?
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00:39:22PaulJam_Hilikus: form looking at the x5 keymap, it looks as if ther is no special button combination for that, but the short-long press on right should work.
00:40:47Hilikusplay is pause, so if i hold play it will go to the current playlist, and if i press right, it will play the selected song
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00:41:59PaulJam_do the folowing: in the wps skip to the next song and immediately fastforward.
00:42:32Hilikuswow, i think it worked
00:43:03Hilikusoh wait, it froze
00:44:18Hilikushmmm i does work but the new album starts not at the beginning of the first song due to the fastforward
00:44:40Hilikusoh i got it, is just a timing issue
00:44:48Hilikusbest feature ever!
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00:46:47Hilikusit freezes a lot when i do it
00:49:21Hilikusi guess thats why is not documented
00:51:51mud-rbdoes anyone know if there's been any word on that LCD bug on the sansa with the top two or three lines having garbage in them?
00:53:07mud-rboh nevermind, i found the bug report for it, doesn't seem like much is happening with it
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00:55:46HilikusPaulJam_ where did you find about that combination?
00:56:43ryanmits 6:55 pm and rockbox gives the time as '6:M pc' on all the theme i use. how can i change this? i've read the pdf and the nano faq, unless i missed somthing
00:56:50 Join safetydan [0] (i=cbca159f@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
00:57:15Hilikusi have that problem too ryann, i thing its a change in the tags
00:58:53Febsryanm, you need to update the time tag to the correct syntax.
00:59:21PaulJam_ryanm: the wps tags for the time display have changed a while ago, see the CustomWPS wiki page.
00:59:29ryanmyeah, in the rockbox default theme its fine, but not in the themes. i was hoping i could change that option without figuring out how themes work and changing them manually in a text editor and then reloading
00:59:54Hilikusthats what you need to do
01:00:01FebsThen those themes need to be updated:
01:01:13ryanmok, thanks, i'll look into that.
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01:04:10markunnice wooden binary calculator:
01:04:17ryanmlast thing. in the apple firmware, if you need to skip ahead in a long audio file quickly, you can double click 'select' and then move your thumb clockwise around the wheel to skip ahead, and then hit select again to give a song a rating and then select one more time to get back to normal. i use that skip ahead function all the time, is there a setting for that behavior in rockbox?
01:04:39FebsNo. However, you can set the rate at which fast forward accelerates.
01:04:42ryanmby the way i'm using a nano first gen
01:04:50ryanmok, thanks
01:05:31Febsryanm: look at the description of "Fast-Forward/Rewind" here:
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01:24:01mud-rbif i do svn update, will it wipe out changes/new files i've made?
01:24:15mud-rbi have backups of course, but it would be annoying, and the svn docs are pretty scary
01:25:57 Quit AdmiralJ ("Quitting")
01:25:59mud-rbnevermind, figured it out
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01:29:19bospaadjei don't like the scrolling behaviour on my ipod, when I try to scroll slowly it starts skipping entries. Even if I stop scrolling (but keep touching the scrollwheel), then continue scrolling, it skips entries like I never stopped scrolling
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01:31:11webguest20neonee here
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01:34:13mud-rbwebguest20: i've never seen an IRC client that doesn't list the people in a chanel
01:35:04 Join RaRe [0] (
01:35:11ryanmthanks guys, i fixed my time problem by changing the wps tags. that wasn't so hard. thanks
01:37:02webguest20can someone help me with installation
01:37:37mud-rbwebguest20: did you follow the installation instructions? if you have a specific question just ask it
01:38:45webguest20but i wstill cant understand it
01:38:51webguest20you think you could quickly explain it?
01:38:54scorchewhat cant you understand about it?
01:39:04scorcheit is quite clear in the manual
01:39:08webguest20i dont know just like when i install it it dosnt work
01:39:12webguest20like after i press
01:39:14scorchewhat does it do?
01:39:20webguest20that thing dosnt pop up
01:39:23webguest20thats supposed to
01:39:26scorche"that thing"?
01:39:35webguest20yea it sais a box should
01:39:37webguest20like first
01:39:45webguest20i extract it to my ipod folder right
01:39:52webguest20like c documents program files ipod
01:40:02scorcheto the root of your device
01:40:09webguest20so itunes?
01:40:16scorchedid i say itunes?
01:40:22webguest20whats the root
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01:41:08bospaadjethe folder you see when you access your ipod via My Computer
01:41:23webguest20so the c drive
01:41:30mud-rbno, not the c drive
01:41:35bospaadjeno, thats your hard drive
01:41:36scorchetypically the C drive is your computer..not the ipod
01:41:46mud-rbit will be another named drive, that's only there when your ipod is plugged in
01:41:49webguest20so like to get to mine
01:41:50webguest20i go
01:41:59webguest20do i plug my iopod in before i do anything
01:42:01webguest20or after?
01:42:11mud-rbyour ipod should be plugged in first
01:42:13scorchehow are you supposed to access it if it isnt plugged in?
01:42:19bospaadjeyou need to plug in your ipod to copy stuff onto it
01:42:21mud-rbwith magic
01:42:28 Join krp [0] (
01:42:44webguest20k so im trying to get to my ipod folder right?
01:43:02scorcheyou are trying to get to the ipod itself
01:43:21webguest20so what would it normally be under?
01:43:29scorcheit will appear in My Computer
01:43:42webguest20i know that but then where
01:44:07scorchea device should come up with a name of "ipod"
01:44:32webguest20it dosnt
01:44:34bospaadjeif it doesnt, you'll need to set that in itunes
01:44:38webguest20local disk
01:44:42webguest20dvd ram
01:44:53scorcheis your ipod plugged in?
01:45:15scorchethen you have to enable a setting in itunes
01:45:23webguest20which one?
01:45:32scorche...which is offtopic for this channel...use google to find it
01:45:42webguest20you cant jsut tell me that one thing..
01:45:47scorchei have never used itunes
01:45:55scorchemost of the people here are the same
01:45:55 Part safetydan
01:46:21mud-rbmost of us probably have no idea, if someone uses itunes they can probably speak up but google is your best bet
01:46:27webguest20i got it
01:46:35webguest20its under e:
01:46:45webguest20so now double click that?
01:46:51 Part ryanm
01:46:54scorcheyou just said it wasnt in my computer...
01:47:01webguest20i fixed it
01:47:02webguest20so now it is
01:47:09webguest20i enabled it so i can manually manage it
01:47:26scorcheok...then follow the instruction in the manual
01:47:57webguest20for sum reason when i click the manualk
01:47:59webguest20it dosnt go
01:48:03webguest20it just freezes
01:48:30scorcheyou said you followed the installation instructions...
01:48:43webguest20yea but that was from a link someone gave me of the old manaul
01:48:45webguest20or somthing
01:48:50scorchewhat link?
01:48:51mud-rbclick on the 'online' link for the manual
01:49:02mud-rbif that doesn't work, you have bigger problems than rockbox can help with
01:49:10webguest20got it
01:49:11webguest20ill try
01:52:11 Join thegeek [0] (
01:52:41webguest20it worked
01:52:45webguest20but how come its all so small
01:52:52mud-rbread the manual
01:53:05webguest20and how come theres no music on it now?
01:53:09mud-rbread the manual
01:53:35bospaadjewebguest20, the music is under Ipod_control with very confusing filenames (a "feature" of itunes)
01:53:57bospaadjeread the manual to find out how to use the itunes db, or just drop some music on the ipod
01:54:36bospaadje(you can just copy over any mp3 to the ipod drive in My Computer, it'll show up in rockbox under 'files'
01:57:26webguest20so with rock box
01:57:33webguest20can i still have playlists etc...
01:57:40mud-rbread the manual
01:57:47scorchenot itunes the...yeah
01:58:09webguest20i dont get at all how to pput music on to it
01:58:15webguest20do i totally not use itunes
01:58:26scorcheyou can if you wish
01:58:37webguest20ok while having the skins still
01:59:06webguest20like the different designs
01:59:09webguest20for the background
01:59:18scorchewell, those are rockbox themes
01:59:49webguest20can i still use them
01:59:52webguest20if i use itunes
02:00:17webguest20so how do i put my music back on?
02:00:28scorchelast the manual
02:00:30webguest20i dont get the manuall
02:00:40scorchewhat part dont you get?
02:01:24webguest20where does it say about adding music
02:01:39scorchejust read trhough will find it
02:02:10webguest20but how to keep themes on it
02:02:14webguest20and put the music on
02:02:17webguest20throguh itunes
02:02:25scorcheit says in the manual
02:02:30scorcheread it
02:03:26webguest20k well can i also put music on by clicking on my ipod through my cmpute
02:03:28 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
02:03:37webguest20then clicking .rockbox
02:03:50scorcheyou dont have to click on .rockbox, but yes
02:04:06webguest20ok so how do i then though because theres no music file
02:04:15webguest20do i just make a new folder called like rock
02:04:19webguest20and drag all my rock songs in thre
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02:05:14Mode"#rockbox +b %*!*c635dad7@* " by scorche (i=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
02:05:24scorchei have told you enough times to read the manual
02:06:09scorcheyou can speak again in 10 min...use that time to read the manual, or do what you will
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02:11:38scorcheor you can be impatient and not be able to wait 10 min...
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02:22:43saratogaanyone else have trouble building libdemac in the UI sim lately?
02:23:35saratogai had to comment it out of the makefile
02:24:14mud-rbif it's part of the normal build, it worked fine for me with the e200 simulator build
02:30:12 Part pixelma
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02:45:11 Join XavierGr [0] (
02:45:20Falco98anyone here feel like going through with me the difference between "queue
02:45:29Falco98between "queue" and "queue next"?
02:46:19mud-rbQueue next.
02:46:19mud-rb Queue track(s) immediately after current playing track.
02:47:00Falco98i was always under the impression (perhaps directly told) that "queue
02:47:07Falco98(keep hitting enter early, hehe)
02:47:29Falco98that "queue" would queue something after the last thing queued
02:47:38Falco98(same thing with "insert" versus "insert next") what's the confusion then?
02:47:59 Quit GodEater (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:48:13mud-rbqueue: after the last thing you queued/inserted queue next: after what's playing
02:48:14Falco98i wanted to get confirmation that my thinking was right, because as far as i can tell, it's broken
02:48:28Falco98i'm in the middle of a long random playlist
02:48:31Falco98i feel like listening to some albums
02:48:37Falco98so i select one and "queue next"
02:49:01Falco98i select another one and simply do "queue", figuring (hoping) that it will be queued after the end of the one i just did a second ago
02:49:17Falco98but, in fact, the second album has been "queue next"ed
02:49:26Falco98much to my unending frustration and confusion
02:49:44Falco98my build is less than a week old, and i just did this paying very close attention, like 2 days ago
02:51:26mud-rbseems to work as the manual states for me
02:53:32mud-rbare you sure you understand the difference between them all? it is a little confusing. the manual is pretty clear though. i guess just try again with the most recent build and make sure it's really broken
02:57:11 Quit XavierGr ()
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03:04:26Falco98 i'll try updating
03:04:52Falco98but i figure that if my description (above) of the way i'm expecting things to work is accurate, then my diagnosis is correct
03:05:15Falco98can you describe what you do to replicate?
03:05:24Falco98so i can be sure we're on the same page aobut things?
03:05:26mud-rbwhich platform is this on exactly?
03:05:30mud-rbsure, let me redo it
03:07:18Falco98my iriver h140
03:09:24Falco98i just tried on my h10
03:09:43linuxstb_saratoga: What's your problem with libdemac? Or is it working now?
03:09:50 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
03:11:18mud-rboh hmm, maybe it's doing something weird for directories with more than one file, i was using small directories before...let me try that again
03:11:19Falco98in the middle of a random playlist... i "queue next" on a beach boys album, making it come up immediately next in my playlist. then i come back to the WPS, rest a few seconds, then go and "queue" on "ben folds live", which is now suddenly queued right after the first track of the beach boys album i just queued
03:11:34Falco98FWIW i'm doing the operation on playlist files
03:11:42 Quit XavierGr ("One firmware to rule them all!")
03:11:47Falco98though as far as i know it works identically for directory operations too
03:12:39 Join XavierGr [0] (
03:12:47 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
03:12:52mud-rbyeah, it seems to queue after the first track of the queue next, not after them all
03:12:57 Quit relaxed (Remote closed the connection)
03:13:05mud-rbi wonder if that's what it's supposed to do, because it doens't seem that useful
03:14:15Falco98correct =)
03:14:25Falco98that's exactly what i was thinking, hehe
03:14:52Falco98wonder if Hardeep is around...
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03:18:02mud-rbyeah, i'd put in a bug report because i can't imagine that's the expected behavior
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03:25:25 Quit mud-rb ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
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03:44:24 Join aliask [0] (
03:54:03Falco98alright, i'll do that
04:08:49 Join Nic0_P [0] (
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04:08:59 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
04:09:07 Join Nico_P [0] (
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04:15:26 Join mud-rb [0] (
04:25:05Hilikuscan somenoe help me with this
04:25:07Hilikusmake[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
04:25:07Hilikusmake: *** [build] Error 2
04:25:15Hilikustheres no error when compiling
04:25:23 Join bonbonthejon [0] (
04:25:23mud-rbscroll up and find the actual error
04:25:24Hilikushow can i check what was the problem
04:25:34Hilikustheres none
04:25:44aliaskHilikus: So the line before that was $ make?
04:26:10Hilikusno, a bunch of, nothing to be done for 'all'
04:26:11bonbonthejonhow can I upload a picture for the wiki
04:26:21mud-rbcopy and paste the whole thing somewhere (not directly here probably). if there's an error message in there will you give me money?
04:26:29mud-rbbecause i bet there is
04:26:38aliaskHilikus: Pastebin the entire output from where you typed make, to where it said error 2
04:27:03aliaskbonbonthejon: Click the upload button at the bottom of the wiki page
04:27:06Hilikushilikus@hilikus-terminal:~/rockbox/build$ make | grep error
04:27:07Hilikusmake[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
04:27:23aliaskHilikus: That's not exactly helpful.
04:27:23Hilikusi will, but theres no error, thats why im asking for help
04:27:31aliaskDon't grep for error
04:27:36aliaskAnd use
04:27:41aliaskBecause the output will be long.
04:27:54aliaskbonbonthejon: Er, not upload - attach.
04:28:06bonbonthejonaliask: I figure
04:29:24aliaskHilikus: Is this with a clean source?
04:29:49aliaskDoes compiling a clean checkout work?
04:29:58Hilikusbut i guess my question is more, where can i see the error, rather than, fix it for me
04:30:36aliaskWell, it looks like it's crashing right near the end of the compile, but I'm not quite sure why
04:30:50Hilikusany ideas why it wouldnt say?
04:30:51aliaskDoesn't look like it's gcc that's throwing the error, otherwise you'd get more info
04:31:26aliaskWell, the only clue you've really got is that it is something do to with the changes you've made.
04:31:31aliaskWhich files have you edited?
04:31:38Hilikusa lot of them
04:31:54Hilikusits been a while since i synced and i did so today
04:32:04Hilikusa while being probably more than a month
04:32:35aliaskPerhaps there's something wrong with the SOURCES file in the rocks directory
04:33:00aliaskErm, not rocks, plugins
04:33:42Hilikusi played with it, maybe, let me see
04:33:47Hilikusis there a special format for it?
04:34:06aliaskNot really. Just one line per file, and #ifdef's etc
04:34:19Hilikuswhats interpreting that file?
04:34:31aliaskA script in tool iirc
04:34:58Hilikusohh crap
04:35:00Hilikusi found it
04:35:09Hilikusits a conflict in the svn update
04:35:18Hilikusso there are a bunch of <<< mine things
04:35:27aliaskWas it in SOURCES?
04:35:38aliaskWow, good guess.
04:35:45mud-rbhmm i can't believe that wouldn't give an error of some kind
04:35:46Hilikusif you didnt point me out to that it wouldve been ages
04:35:54Hilikusthanks a lot
04:36:04aliaskNo worries.
04:36:26Hilikusagree mud-rb
04:36:47Hilikusshould i notify someone?
04:39:15aliaskProbably, but I don't exactly know who's area this is..
04:39:29Hilikussweet, it worked
04:39:36aliaskIt'll be hard to fix though
04:39:50aliaskIt's basically just cat-ing the SOURCES file into the make file
04:40:13mud-rbi wish i knew make at all, there must be some error getting supressed somewhere, right?
04:40:22Hilikusmud-rb: you can send me the money through paypal :P
04:40:41mud-rbHilikus: :(
04:40:50 Join thegeek [0] (
04:40:57mud-rbHilikus: what's your bank account #? i'll send it right over wink wink
04:41:37Hilikusi'll better give you my credit card # to make sure it doest go anywhere else
04:43:09 Join SirFunk [0] (
04:44:12Hilikusis multi-color text already in the main build or its still a patch?
04:45:22mud-rbi'm pretty sure i saw chatter about it in the svn commits, but i didn't pay much attention
04:45:40scorchemain build
04:46:07scorchealthough, it is only for supported extentions in the browser atm
04:46:25Hilikusthe file browser?
04:46:52Hilikusok, thanks
04:47:01Hilikusi love rb
04:47:05aliaskSeems like feature creep to me
04:47:40mud-rbyeah multi-color text is kind of a weird feature, but i'm barely qualified to have an opinion
04:48:02aliaskI suppose I do like the fact that ls gives coloured output though...
04:48:16aliaskBut we have icons where ls doesn't.
04:48:18Hilikusi think its stupid, i only need it because so many themes use the patch, so to make them work i have to go and modify a million lines in a million themes
04:48:19scorchealiask: it was actually pretty cool...then again, it was one of those odd projects that happen when you get a bunch of "nerds" together and call it a devcon
04:48:34aliaskHeh :)
04:48:52Hilikuswhats ls
04:49:09aliaskLinux equivelant of dir for DOS
04:49:12scorcheit was a start to getting that in the WPS which is a often requested feature
04:49:28Hilikusoh that ls
04:50:11Hilikusi guess its usefu for picture backdrops where the same colour everywhere is not good
04:51:01scorcheit is useful for dirs that have many different types of files in them
04:51:18aliaskOr similarly named files, with different extensions
04:51:19Hilikusooh thats why you were talking about ls
04:51:28aliask"Which one was the jpg?"
04:51:29Hilikusyah, thats nice
04:51:54 Part Hilikus
04:54:04 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
04:58:47 Join Hilikus [0] (
05:06:15Hilikushey any idea what this library is?
05:06:21Hilikususr/bin/ld: cannot find -ldemac
05:06:54Hilikusits when trying to link vorbis.codec for the sim
05:06:58mud-rbhmm no, but i think someone mentioned sometihng about having a problem building it earlier today..
05:07:24Hilikusactually i built the sim without problems before i updated today
05:13:56 Join Alonea [0] (
05:14:44 Join webguest30 [0] (i=47697b12@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
05:17:07 Join AdmiralJ [0] (
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05:17:52 Quit webguest30 (Client Quit)
05:20:01 Join newton [0] (
05:24:28 Join toffe82 [0] (n=chatzill@
05:29:44 Join aaronw [0] (
05:35:30 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:35:56 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
05:37:36 Quit Alonea (Remote closed the connection)
05:47:49 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:47:55 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:49:09 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
05:49:15 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
05:50:13Hilikushey i think i fixed the linker problem, in case someone else asks, you just need to recreate the makefile, so run configure again
05:50:59mud-rboh, i should have thought of that if you hadn't updated in a while...
05:51:18 Join webguest82 [0] (i=182f52e8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
05:55:35 Quit webguest82 (Client Quit)
05:55:54 Join ender` [0] (
05:58:17mud-rbis there a tempfile interface of some kind of plugins? (get an unused garbage filename easily)
06:00:17 Join atmosphere [0] (
06:01:03atmospherecan somebody give me a little help please? :)
06:01:40mud-rbhi :) i'm sure someone can−−it's usually easier if you just ask your question
06:02:11atmosphereah well i have a sansa e280, and need a bit of help getting it set up because for some reason the rockbox site wont let me download the software for it
06:02:18 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:02:29 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
06:02:33atmosphereand i REALLY hate the sandisk crap on it, it lags sometimes for way to long
06:03:04atmosphereoh what the hell
06:03:08mud-rb this is the link you're trying?
06:03:11atmospherenow when i try, it works as soon as i figure this out
06:03:20atmosphereyeah that just started dling on firefox
06:03:35mud-rbah okay, yeah sometimes the build server gets a bit overloaded
06:03:37atmospherethis computer is so weird..
06:03:47atmosphereoh lol good i thought it was this vista crap :)
06:03:51 Quit aaronw ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
06:03:57atmospherewas getting worried m$ screwed up again :|
06:04:49atmosphereall the information should be on the manual right because that didnt load either for a minute before
06:05:08mud-rbyeah the manual and installation instructions are pretty good
06:05:42atmospherethanks ill stick around for a little to make sure i get it working
06:07:55Hilikusgn guys
06:07:59Hilikusthanks for the help
06:08:07 Part Hilikus
06:08:46 Join donutman25 [0] (n=chatzill@
06:10:05atmosphereone quick question
06:10:21atmosphereif i have music (as in 30mb left on the device out of 8 gig) it'll still load right
06:10:41mud-rbyeah, that shouldn't be a problem as long as there is enough space for rockbox
06:11:01atmospherehow big is rb cause i might as well do some cleaning up
06:11:05atmospherefew meg/
06:11:28mud-rblooks like....around 5 megs, without the fonts
06:11:57mud-rbnot sure how big the font pack is, probably a few megs
06:12:08atmosphereoh sure then ill be fine
06:12:18atmosphereill just get rid of some crap i hate anyway
06:15:15mud-rboh if you want to use the "database" part of rockbox i'm sure that uses some space too...probably is best if you make a little extra
06:16:04atmospherei just freed up about a gig
06:16:13atmosphereshould be enough haha
06:16:15mud-rbhaha, yeah i think it'll fit :)
06:16:46atmospherestupid me i had a cd version of dawn of the dead on there? taking up 771mb ok yeah an hour and a half compressed that low, ehh its somewhat watchable
06:17:11mud-rbwow, i can never watch movies on such small screens..
06:17:22atmospherelol its not
06:17:30atmosphereit was under music, not video, and not even sansa-compressed
06:17:37mud-rboh haha
06:17:39atmosphereyou cant do uncompressed on this screen ithe firmware sucks
06:17:56atmosphereerrr...should it have worked if i just unzipped it to the sansa haha shit.
06:18:12mud-rbhaha you probably want to follow the installation instructions
06:18:20atmospherei did somewhat
06:18:23mud-rbbut that's not going to hurt something, you have to do that eventually
06:18:39atmospherewhat should it do
06:18:43atmosphereif its successful
06:18:53atmosphereboot directly to the rockbox? probably want to read the installation instructions, but yes it will boot to rockbox after you install it correctly and reset it
06:19:24atmosphereahh reset
06:19:27atmospherecould help
06:19:37atmosphereits refreshing anyway
06:19:41atmospherebecause i deleted stuff
06:19:48mud-rbyeah, i hate that part
06:20:01atmospheretakes forever
06:20:06atmospheremy old zen never did this
06:20:15atmospherehard drives i think dont need to? or sansa being annoying
06:20:26mud-rbsansa being annoying
06:20:37atmospherek so for reset
06:21:05atmospherereset all
06:21:08atmosphereon the player?
06:21:18atmosphereor like a ..(fill in here please :D )
06:21:38mud-rbhmm, i'm not sure what you're talking about...
06:21:41mud-rbreset as in power off and on
06:21:46mud-rbbut did you follow the instructions?
06:21:50mud-rbbecause they're kind of important
06:21:52atmosphereim pretty sure
06:22:01atmospherei did like look at it and do what it said
06:22:06atmosphereso if it didnt ill do it over
06:22:23atmospherenope didnt work
06:22:25atmospheregotta try again
06:22:38mud-rbyou probably skipped the bootloader steps..
06:22:53atmosphereprobably :)
06:23:10atmospherei think msn and aim and tv need to go off
06:30:13 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:30:37 Join jhulst [0] (
06:33:50atmosphereyou there?
06:34:00mud-rbyep, what's up?
06:34:09atmospherethank you
06:34:10atmospherea lot
06:34:12atmospherebut now
06:34:47atmospherewhen im in math next year, and my average is so low, because im busy playing helicopter game and watching fireworks ..on my mp3 player.. i'll blame it on you guys haha :) thanks so much
06:35:01mud-rbno problem :) have fun
06:37:12 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
06:39:40atmospheredoes the thing refresh
06:39:42atmosphereevery time
06:39:43atmospherei charge it
06:39:57atmospherecuz i had it working and i plugged it in
06:40:08atmosphereand now i took it out for a sec and it was refreshing not charging on the thingy
06:40:51mud-rboh, you probably want to read the manual but: rockbox doesn't know how to deal with usb for transfering files and such so when it is off if you plug it in it will go to the original firmware so you can transfer files and charge
06:40:54mud-rbif that's what you mean
06:41:05atmosphereso then i just
06:41:34atmospherei see
06:41:49atmosphererockbox = 20x faster then sansa crap
06:41:55atmospheregg sandisk
06:41:58mud-rbhaha, yeah
06:42:53atmospherety so much man im gonna go, peace
06:43:02 Quit atmosphere ()
07:08:19 Quit Falco98 ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
07:13:14 Join webguest33 [0] (i=0cd2f106@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
07:17:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:25:04 Part toffe82
07:26:28 Quit webguest33 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:31:53 Quit ptw419 ()
07:33:44 Join davina [0] (
07:42:27 Join Gibbed [0] (
07:42:29 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
07:45:43 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
07:58:14 Join bushblows [0] (n=bushblow@unaffiliated/bushblows)
08:01:11bushblowsI am having a weird problem, have been trying for awhile now
08:01:26bushblowsno matter what I can not get rockbox to boot on a 30gb ipod video
08:01:27 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
08:01:31 Join XavierGr [0] (
08:07:15 Join Rob222241 [0] (
08:09:19mud-rbis there some documentation of the do_menu thing for plguins? i don't see it
08:18:09bospaadjebushblows, have you followed the instructions in the manual?
08:18:33bushblowsI allready have bootloader2 installed with ipodlinux, works fine
08:18:58bushblowsbut rockbox wont boot, the .rockbox dir is in / of the ipod and the bootloader points to it
08:19:16bushblowsRockBox @ (hd0,1).rockbox/rockbox.ipod
08:19:25bushblowsthat is the line I have in the bootloader.conf
08:20:16mud-rb...have you asked the ipodlinux people? i certainly have no idea how their bootloader works, not sure if any of the devs do
08:21:54amiconnloader2 is an ipl thing, so ask there about configuration. Afaik you need a new enough version, older versions won't boot a recent rockbox
08:22:59bushblowsI will try that now
08:24:43*amiconn wonders why so many people want to use loader2 instead of the rockbox bootloader...
08:24:52 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
08:24:56 Join XavierGr [0] (
08:24:59amiconn...but perhaps it's only those people who run into problems
08:25:10 Join ender [0] (
08:25:21 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:25:30bushblowsdoes rockbox bootloader allow you to boot IPL as well?
08:26:32bushblowsthen I dont know, I guess bootloader is more known, I dont know
08:26:56amiconnDon't ask me about the details though. You need to put the linux kernel on the fat32 partition and hold a button at boot
08:27:24bushblowsah see I like bootloader, because it gives many options on boot
08:27:40bushblowsipod firmware, ipodlinux, rockbox, disc mode, sleep
08:28:05amiconnI don't use ipl; have used it once, seen it boot a single time and refusing it to boot again on my mini g2. Then ported rockbox the same day
08:28:20bushblowshehe, cool
08:29:16amiconnThe rockbox bootloader also allows to choose between rockbox, apple fw and ipodlinux
08:29:49amiconnI don't know why I would need sleep when booting...
08:31:20bushblowssay you turn lock off on accident, then you dont need to boot just to sleep
08:32:17amiconnBooting rockbox is faaast.... probably faster than using loader2, don't know
08:33:36 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:34:16mud-rbi get the feeling i'm missing a ton of documentation for plugin devel stuff...does it just not exist or is there some repository of information that i'm not aware of?
08:34:41 Join GodEater [0] (
08:35:00scorchemud-rb: what sort of information are you looking for?
08:35:27mud-rbwell right this second, i'm trying to figure out how to use the menu interface thing (i think it's do_menu in the plugin_api)
08:35:56mud-rbthe stuff in docs/ doesn't even mention it, and i don't see anything in the For Developers part of the index or anything..
08:36:39scorchetypically people get by, by staring at teh api long enough and looking at how other plugins did it
08:37:39mud-rb...i see
08:37:41*mud-rb boggle
08:39:00 Join bdgraue [0] (
08:39:02 Join Siltaar [0] (
08:41:28mud-rbokay whatever, i'll do without menu
08:47:57 Join Falco98 [0] (
08:48:22Falco98hmm.. is BlueBrother a chat member in here?
08:48:34Falco98he just closed my bug report seemingly without reading it
08:48:42amiconnmud-rb: Just compare how other plugins do it, it's not really difficult
08:48:54Falco98giving me a condescending "rtfm" even though his comment was (as far as i can tell?) clearly wrong
08:48:57amiconnAnd if you still have questions, ask JdGordon
08:49:21mud-rbwell, there's scary notes scattered all over, like "/* Use these if your menu uses the new menu api.
08:49:21mud-rb REMEBER to call playback_control_init(rb) before rb->do_menu()... */
08:49:29mud-rbwhy would i do that, and what does that do?
08:49:48markunFalco98: let me check
08:50:05markunand yes, he's a chat member here
08:51:04markunFalco98: I also think it's a bug
08:51:19Falco98i requested a re-open
08:51:42Falco98basically quoting the section of the manual he referred to and re-stating that i'm finding its behavior to be incorrect
08:52:10Falco98can i edit the title of my bug? i should say "incorrect" in place of "inconsistent"
08:52:24Falco98cuz it *is* consistent i guess.. just consistently wrong :-P
08:53:15amiconnmud-rb: Sounds like a left over comment. Where do you read that?
08:53:59mud-rbit's in apps/plugins/lib/playback_control.h
08:54:04GodEaterI think someone needs to do some nice diagrams of how all the insert-next, queue, queue-next stuff works
08:54:10GodEaterit makes my head hurt
08:54:25Falco98i understand it.. maybe i will :-P
08:54:30scorcheGodEater: i believe paul did a nice layout of it in the forums
08:54:36Falco98i kinda did that once for the different crossfade settings :-P
08:54:38GodEatershame it's in the forums =/
08:55:15GodEaterFalco98: well I personally would find it very useful - so if you do - make sure it goes in the wiki somewhere :)
08:55:26Falco98ok, i'll try :-P
08:55:28amiconnGodEater: Insert, insert next, queue and queue next are rather simple imo
08:55:36Falco98should it be like, a diagram then? hehe
08:55:44scorcheGodEater: nothing a little searching wont fix
08:56:02 Join B4gder [0] (
08:56:11GodEateramiconn: thanks - now I feel stupid :)
08:56:14amiconnAnd they work as expected with single tracks. The bug report suggests that they don't work correctly with folders or playlists
08:56:39GodEaterI think I encountered this same issue once actually
08:56:46GodEaterbut I just assumed I misunderstoof how it worked
08:56:50GodEaterso didn't report it as a bug
08:57:06amiconnI rarely use those functions, I merely use 'insert shuffled' and 'insert last' - sometimes
08:57:24markunI only use 'insert last'
08:57:36Falco98amiconn, you appear to be basically right... like, it will insert after the *first track* of the most recently inserted thing
08:57:43Falco98(or, queue)
08:58:00Falco98another confusing thing is that the actions of insert and queue both seem to be different in similar circumstances
08:59:13Falco98which would be weird considering that the code for the two things should be nearly identical
08:59:25GodEaterinsert last seems an odd thing to call it - isn't "Append" a better description ?
08:59:28Falco98at least, the algorithms for track placement based on prior operations
09:00:11Falco98GodEater: perhaps, but maintaining the "insert" and "queue" terminology is necessary both to maintain consistency and to differentiate between insertion and queueing
09:01:24Falco98I'd kinda like a function called "insert/queue after..." which after selected, takes you to a view of the current playlist, with a little tick-selector you can use to select a track, and your insert/queue job will go in after whichever thing you pick
09:02:20 Join rift_ [0] (
09:05:00 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjorn@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:07:52Falco98ah, thanks to whoever re-opened my bug report =)
09:08:50 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:10:40 Nick bushblows is now known as swolbhsub (n=bushblow@unaffiliated/bushblows)
09:11:29*petur looks in the mirror
09:17:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:20:09 Quit Falco98 ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
09:20:37 Join kaaloo [0] (
09:21:28 Join pondlife [0] (
09:21:40 Part kaaloo
09:26:39 Join rift [0] (
09:29:06 Join spiorf [0] (
09:30:19 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:34:55 Join crop [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:35:25cropOn which platforms is the calendar plugin present? Only on those with RTC?
09:35:51LinusNthink so
09:35:59pondlifelol -
09:36:17pondlife"Is it all over for h3xx rockbox? I know there are official builds still but they suck."
09:36:46pondlifeI almost considered registering to respond
09:37:10B4gdermust... resist...
09:37:15cropLinusN: wouldn't it be sensible to also enable it for daps without RTC, and just set the date to some initial value, e.g. Jan 01 2000? It would be still useful to check a certain date (what day is it?)
09:37:26 Quit rift_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:37:44LinusNcrop: maybe
09:38:00pondlifeB4gder: Did you see my comments about Flyspray notification? - as in, I'm not getting any...
09:38:14B4gderno I didn't...
09:38:31cropLinusN: "make a patch"? That'd probably be your next phase ;-) I know :-)
09:38:38pondlifeWell, I'm not! It's not a junk filter at my end....
09:38:50scorchehaha...none of them can bear the thought of using the official build, eh?
09:38:56pondlifeIt used to work fine, but hasn't for about 1-2 months now.
09:39:10LinusNcrop: "show me the code" :-)
09:39:23pondlifeI mean, e-mails when watched tasks are updated.
09:39:59LinusNcrop: i remember that this has been discussed a long time ago
09:40:05pondlifeAh, nm
09:40:23pondlifeFlyspray upgrade must have cleared my "notify type"
09:40:50cropLinusN: very very long time ago? Then I probably missed that. A sensible start date would also be the build date.
09:41:05cropLinusN: and what was the result of the discussion?
09:44:39peturpondlife: thanks for that tip, it was switched off here too..
09:45:10GodEaterscorche: you still around ?
09:45:15scorchei am
09:45:30GodEaterdid you ever get around to writing up that stuff on git ?
09:45:45scorcheoh...the wiki page?
09:46:11GodEaterI had some more thoughts
09:46:16scorcheno i didnt
09:46:21GodEaterah shame
09:46:23scorchebeen quite busy ever since devcon
09:46:41GodEaterI could just start one I suppose - but it seems a shame for just the one or two points I wanted to make
09:46:51GodEaterand I can't remember all the other stuff we chatted about
09:47:22scorcheGodEater: there are logs
09:48:01GodEaterI'll guess I shall have to get off my lazy ass and go look at them :)
09:48:43scorchethat reminds me....i still need to send off that main to redbreva...
09:49:59 Nick ender is now known as ender` (
09:50:06LinusNcrop: you would have to look in the code and the patch tracker, and maybe the irc logs and the forum
09:53:52 Part rift
09:54:45B4gderI find it amusing that they (in that MR post) blame us focusing on a release
09:54:56scorchehow dare we
09:55:03B4gderI thought that was about one of the things we don't focus on ,-)
09:55:28scorcheit isnt rockbox that is the unofficial themes which in no way depend on the actual rockbox project!
09:55:59cropLinusN: ah, there is an entry in FS: I hope it will be eventually committed (when other daps are supported properly).
09:58:10 Join kaalo1 [0] (
09:58:21 Part kaalo1
09:59:29 Join rift_ [0] (
10:00:00 Join printfXh4 [0] (
10:11:33 Join john [0] (
10:14:11 Quit john (Client Quit)
10:14:12 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
10:14:18 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
10:15:38peturjhMikeS: there's a bugreport in the tracker claiming that line-in recording on X5 no longer works. Could that be or is his hardware broken maybe?
10:18:34cropjhMikeS: oh, are you here? I haven't noticed.
10:19:19peturprobably his client auto-reconnecting
10:19:29cropjhMikeS: do your latest commits fix the FM problem?
10:19:53croppetur: hmm... maybe. He's in the US, right? So must be sleeping now
10:28:33petur'should be' ;)
10:30:22amiconncrop: The current calendar plugin is for archos recorders *only*
10:30:50amiconnThere is another one in the tracker which should work on all rtc targets, but has a couple of problems
10:31:48amiconnIirc the result of discussion was that the new one should be fixed and then replace the current one. Someone needs to go ahead and do it
10:32:12cropamiconn: do you mean ?
10:33:16 Join obo [0] (
10:33:16GodEateris there a neat way to search through our IRC logs? Or am I looking at "Guess the day we talked about X?"
10:33:34croppetur: you are a samrt guy! :-)
10:33:44amiconnGodEater: I have them all mirrored locally. Then I just grep..
10:33:54cropGodEater: donload them all and use grep :-P
10:34:03oboGodEater: or adding to a google search?
10:34:34GodEaterobo: I'll try that one first :)
10:35:28GodEatersuperb - that got it :)
10:42:05 Join Llorean [0] (
10:42:13scorcheLlorean: perfect timing
10:42:22LloreanThat sounds dangerous
10:43:13scorchelook at the bottom of ...does that mean that the themes that are submitted to that site are all under cc by sa and therefore can be edited up to date for our gallery?
10:44:09scorcheit seems a bit vague about applying to the theme though
10:44:15Lloreanscorche: I doubt it.
10:44:43LloreanSince the license comes after the submit/upload button, I think a "reasonable" interpretation is that the page itself comes under that.
10:45:05scorchewell there is also things sprinked in that submission page suck as "and to assist with complying with the CC3 licence as specified below."
10:45:06LloreanEven if the intent was otherwise, copyright tends to require you to be very explicit about giving it up.
10:45:22scorchei see...was worth a shot though
10:45:35LloreanThe intent is probably to license them under the CC3
10:45:52 Join kaaloo [0] (
10:45:57 Part kaaloo
10:46:07LloreanI'm just saying that the authors can probably argue that they haven't. That being said, I bet most of them think they have, and if they think they have, they have, really. Since they *meant* to by clicking upload.
10:46:26LloreanAt least, that would be my guess.
10:47:19 Join webguest06 [0] (i=50c65afa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:50:29 Quit webguest06 (Client Quit)
10:56:42cropB4gder: ping
10:56:49GodEaterscorche : <−− start of my effort, and I haven't even got to the "ooh, ooh, ooh, I've thought of a great reason to start using git" revelation I had this morning.
10:57:05*B4gder pongs
10:57:12*GodEater holds his nose
10:57:24scorcheGodEater: nice...i might add a bit to it tomorrow
10:57:41cropB4gder: did you write the script for irc?
10:57:48B4gderno, Zagor did
10:58:03GodEaterscorche: well keep an eye on it - I'm still going :)
10:58:16pondlifeInteresting that the most downloaded WPS from rockbox-themes requires album art...
10:58:19scorcheGodEater: well, i am heading off to bed here in the next few min
10:58:45cropB4gder, Zagor: could you tell me in some words how it works? I.e. continuous update. Is it JavaScript that adds rows to the end of the table?
10:58:59Zagorcrop: no, it's pure http
10:59:25Zagorusing Content-type: mixed
10:59:37cropZagor: so every time a new post is detected, the whole day log is displayed anew?
10:59:46Zagornono, only the new line
11:00:07Zagorthe mixed type allows incremental pages
11:00:36cropZagor: ah! I should read up on this. Thanks.
11:01:07Zagortypo by me. "Content-type: multipart/mixed" is correct
11:01:29scorcheheh.... ie6 doesnt like it at all
11:01:32pondlifeZagor: I suppose it'll work on IE when hell freezes over... I'm sure it's a M$ problem but the "Error: 'document.styleSheets.1.cssRules.0' is null or not an object"
11:01:39pondlifeisn't nice
11:01:51scorchepondlife: jinx? =P
11:01:53pondlifeLine 2, char 1
11:02:04pondlifeOops, broke the jinx
11:02:35Zagorpondlife: yeah it's a problem in how msie handles the DOM. I'll see if I can fashion a fix somehow. but that doesn't break the page totally, does it?
11:02:49pondlifeI have to view raw
11:02:56scorcheZagor: i get just the header under ie
11:03:14pondlifeWhich is fine apart from the occasional day when that is badly formatted too.
11:03:18ZagorI'd better look at it then
11:03:21pondlifeI mean the raw feed
11:03:40scorcheZagor: sorry to give you more work =)
11:03:43cropZagor: under IE, I see an empty page
11:03:48pondlifeI'm ok at home on Firefox, but then I have Miranda anyway... it's at worrk..
11:04:05pondlifeWhere I'm not supposed to install other stuff
11:04:30scorchepondlife: portable firefox does wonders...then again, they probably dont liek USB keys either
11:04:41 Quit Siltaar (Remote closed the connection)
11:05:02pondlifeHmm, they don't like installing but they don't actually disable it (nor check regularly).. but I don't want to risk it
11:05:20 Join Siltaar [0] (
11:05:24pondlifeIt would only lead to "What is this rockbox thing?" and "Are you working on it on our time?"
11:05:29scorchewell, portable firefox doesnt install to the host..
11:11:21 Join bluebrother [0] (i=yxhoHHvQ@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
11:12:02cropZagor: is "keep alive" also a word to check?
11:12:25 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
11:13:15Zagorcrop: no, that's just me pushing out data every 15 seconds to avoid proxies etc closing down the socket
11:14:37cropZagor: so if you hadn't it the page would still reload automatically?
11:14:56peturpondlife: is a version of NetTalk (IRC client for windows) that should run from usb stick. More info on (in German)
11:16:12LloreanDoesn't Miranda run from a USB stick if configured properly
11:16:16LloreanI seem to recall it being part of PortableApps.
11:16:22bluebrotherthere are also patches against xchat to run from a usb stick:
11:16:31bluebrotherfor those preferring xchat ;-)
11:16:44peturpondlife: from that German text: yoe additionally need to create a file called runmode.ini containing 'singelusermode = 1' and 'noregentry = 1'
11:17:21cropZagor: but the whole html table is reloaded every x secs? (with x=15 sec) Why doesn't it jump then? Are the modern browsers that smart and good?
11:17:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:17:36bluebrothersing_el_usermode? Urgh.
11:17:42amiconnHydraIRC should run from a stick w/o any extra measure. It stores settings in the app dir
11:18:43peturbluebrother: could be typo on that page? Or German English ;)
11:18:46 Join kwinchee [0] (
11:19:03 Part rift_
11:19:25bluebrotherpetur: looks like this stupid error that is quite common on german pages. I've seen tons of "dongel"s :/
11:20:09peturbluebrother: the usbstick archive already contains the ini file, and it's not a typo in the faq but in his code ;)
11:20:26bluebrotherwow. Even worse :(
11:22:44pondlifepetur: Thanks, but I don't want to start bringing USB sticks to work either...
11:23:47*amiconn really likes rdp
11:23:52bluebrotherpondlife: I used portable apps frequently on a uni machine even without a usb stick −− it's quite nice if you don't need to install something ;-)
11:24:58pondlifeamiconn: That's a better idea...
11:25:16pondlifeBut maybe Zagor can come up with a fix for the many IE users out there...
11:26:56*Llorean wonders how it looks in 7
11:27:14 Quit XavierGr ()
11:27:39amiconnLlorean: IE6 and 7 have the same problem with the irc log viewer
11:27:56cropLlorean: in IE 7, I have an empty page
11:27:56pondlifeLlorean: IE7 would force me to upgrade to WinXP.... ain't happening!
11:28:07amiconnActually there are 2 problems, one of which should be fixable (the css problem) and the other might be unfixable at all
11:28:16Lloreanamiconn: I was just wondering because so far only 6 had been specifically mentioned.
11:28:22amiconnI have 7
11:28:26 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:28:35amiconn...and I tried bioth. Exactly the same problems
11:29:13markunpondlife: which OS are you using?
11:29:30GodEaterwin2k I guess
11:33:52 Quit crop ("CGI:IRC")
11:37:22 Quit wats (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:39:18 Part maffe
11:39:27 Join maffe [0] (
11:50:51GodEater <−− About done I think. Feel free to add comments or other relevant points please.
12:00:09bluebrotherGodEater: how about a git-svn howto so interested people could try using git that way?
12:00:33 Join The-Compiler [0] (
12:00:44 Part maffe
12:00:56 Join maffe [0] (
12:01:02GodEaterbluebrother: I'm sure there are hundreds of those out there already
12:01:09GodEaterif you find a good one by all means link it ;)
12:01:35bluebrotherhaven't searched intensively yet, but I wondered if I should try using git that way ;-)
12:01:52The-CompilerHi there
12:02:31GodEaterI think a couple of our devs already do
12:03:03bluebrotherwell, but if devs do so, is there a need to move the main repository anyway?
12:03:55GodEaterthere's no *need* no
12:04:09GodEaterbut it would encourage more people to make the change
12:04:24GodEatermaking the interchange of code a snap
12:04:33GodEaterif we maintain a mix of those who do and those who don't
12:04:38GodEaterwe don't get all the advantages
12:05:27bluebrotherwell, we want a central server anyway, right? Then we can encourage people to use git anyway.
12:05:53bluebrotheras there is no strict dependency for some central server being git itself.
12:06:30GodEaterno, but if the central repository was git, then there'd be no question of what other people had to use to get at it
12:06:53bospaadjehi all
12:06:54bospaadje i don't like the scrolling behaviour on my ipod, when I try to scroll slowly it starts skipping entries. Even if I stop scrolling (but keep touching the scrollwheel), then continue scrolling, it skips entries like I never stopped scrolling
12:06:56bluebrotherdoes it work well on windows right now btw?
12:06:58GodEaterno encouragement required ;)
12:07:11GodEaterbluebrother: it works in cygwin apparently - though I've not tried it personally
12:10:13GodEateras with all things cygwin it's probably dog slow
12:10:13bluebrotherbospaadje: disable the scroll acceleration
12:10:13GodEaterbospaadje: when did you last update ?
12:10:13bluebrotherI haven't tried myself, but I heared that it's dog slow on windows. Plus, it needs cygwin, which is dog slow itself too ...
12:10:13GodEaterthat behaviour should have gone
12:10:13DBUGEnqueued KICK GodEater
12:10:13GodEaterbluebrother: there's always the vmware image :)
12:10:13bluebrotherGodEater: now convince those TortoiseSVN users ;-)
12:10:13GodEatera trickier task I would imagine =/
12:10:13DBUGEnqueued KICK bluebrother
12:10:13bluebrotherwhich is (as far as I read on the net) also a reason why some projects haven't changed to git −− windows support
12:10:13bospaadjebluebrother: thanks, should've known there was a setting for that somewhere
12:10:13***Alert Mode level 1
12:10:13DBUGEnqueued KICK GodEater_
12:10:13GodEateryes - the wikipedia article mentions it
12:10:15GodEatermozilla and ruby both decided against git for that reason
12:10:18 Quit bdgraue (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:11:26GodEaterI can't remember what our windows / posix developer mix ratio is
12:12:10amiconnGodEater: The cygwin slowness isn't cygwins fault. It's most probably the windows filesystem layer
12:12:25GodEateramiconn: yes - that's ALSO mentioned in the wikipedia article ;)
12:12:25amiconnEven microsoft sfu suffers from that problem
12:13:13bluebrotherGodEater: make a poll ;-)
12:13:22GodEaterbluebrother: I think I did - it mostly got ignored
12:14:02 Join bdgraue [0] (
12:14:20bluebrothergrrr. tex4ht is really a pain
12:15:13GodEateralthough that's not entirely fair, as I didn't allow windows as a choice
12:15:35bluebrotherI even voted on that poll ;-)
12:15:57GodEaterdan_a is our git-svn user as I recall
12:16:46bospaadjeGodEater, I updated to the latest build just now and the scrolling problem i had appears to have been fixed :-)
12:17:00markunGodEater: nice wiki article you wrote there
12:17:31GodEaterbospaadje: I think you got unlucky, that problem was only in RB for a day I think!
12:17:41GodEatermarkun: why thank you kind sir :)
12:18:21LloreanBut that does reinforce why we ask you to confirm it on the latest build *before* asking.
12:18:43GodEaterLlorean: I take it bospaadje hasn't donated yet ? :)
12:19:43bospaadjeyeah sorry, I'll remind that
12:20:14***Alert Mode OFF
12:20:26GodEaterbluebrother: so did you ever end up switching? Or are you still a Fedora man ?
12:21:47bluebrotherstill on fedora. I tried Gentoo on my old box, but that box is painfully slow
12:22:07GodEaternot a good thing for a gentoo box to be
12:22:12markunLlorean: what do you think of making (or applying) the forum guidelines less strict and just not answering questions you don't want to answer?
12:22:14bluebrotherand currently I really need a working machine. No disk space for a second installation around
12:22:33GodEatermarkun: the fear is the signal to noise would be even worse if we did that
12:22:36markunI don't mind to point noobs a bit in the right direction from time to time
12:23:23markunGodEater: ok, but now the 'tone' seams a bit agressive sometimes to me
12:23:57markunmaybe I'm just too soft, I don't know
12:23:59Lloreanmarkun: The problem is that having fifty topics on the same thing, with some of them answered by people who don't know what they're talking about makes using the search function nearly useless.
12:24:21markunLlorean: yes, that's a problem
12:24:23 Join DerPapst [0] (
12:24:27LloreanIn one manner or other it becomes essential to either make sure they have a clear and proper answer, or prune the repeated topics.
12:24:30DerPapstmorning :)
12:24:59LloreanIf the rules are too harsh, I'm more than happy to lighten them up in some areas, but they need to be harsh enough to unsure a good "useful information density" and because of that, they do need to be enforced.
12:25:07markunLlorean: but I would prefer to put a link to a thread or other place where the question is answered instead of telling them "read the guidelines"
12:25:12LloreanBut they can certainly be changed somewhat
12:25:19markunthat also doesn't make searching easier
12:25:33LloreanI can't do that, though.
12:25:40 Join XavierGr [0] (
12:25:43LloreanPeople need to be aware that the guidelines exist, and that they most certainly are enforced.
12:25:57LloreanIf you aren't going to enforce them, why have them in the first place?
12:26:31markunhow about pointing them to the guidelines, pointing them to the answer and closing the thread?
12:26:43DerPapsti've a kind of off-topic/on-topic question... anyone uses SuSE in here and knows how to update the kernel? I'm still running the 2.6.13 kernel which has a nice bug that prevents SDL from compiling or using.
12:27:24GodEaterDerPapst: I take it you're not keen on compiling your own ?
12:27:30Lloreanmarkun: I assume you're referencing the recent feature request post.
12:27:46DerPapstGodEater: yep :(
12:27:46markunLlorean: that's one example yes
12:27:50Lloreanmarkun: What "answer" could I have pointed them to?
12:27:58LloreanIt doesn't belong in the forums at all.
12:28:15GodEaterDerPapst: why? You seem a capable sort of guy, what is your fear ?
12:28:30markunWell, I could have told him that there was someone working on it who was haning around #gigabeat, but I didn't hear from him in a long while
12:28:34LloreanIn most cases, they'll be referenced to either the manual or a wiki page, and told to read the guidelines.
12:29:05DerPapstGodEater: the SuSE kernel has lots of other stuff in it afaik. I tried compiling a clean 2.6.21 kernel a while ago but failed.
12:29:05GodEaterLlorean: I think you should hand over the admin reins to markun for a month, until he's as bitter and jaded as the rest of us :)
12:29:14markunI think a discussion about non existing rockbox features is so bad
12:29:26markunGodEater: I think you got me convinced already :)
12:29:28LloreanGodEater: I didn't actually lock the thread.
12:29:36markunis NOT so bad :)
12:29:40LloreanI think that was a clear sign anyone was still free to respond to it. ;)
12:30:12Lloreanmarkun: The idea is that feature requests should go to the tracker, so that people interested in feature requests know where to look for them.
12:30:14GodEaterDerPapst: where did your kernel fail to work ?
12:30:35LloreanBut we *especially* don't need people reposting things repeatedly if they think they're being ignored
12:30:41LloreanWhich is what that user was doing, to their own admission.
12:30:50 Join desowin [0] (
12:30:56LloreanTheir feature request sat for a whole three weeks, so they felt they needed to post it again.
12:30:59markunLlorean: but if someone would ask "is a quake 2 port possible" do you think it should be a feature request which then later gets closed again?
12:31:36markunor is it a valid question to ask in the forum?
12:31:48Lloreanmarkun: Asking if something is possible is different from saying "I want you guys to do this"
12:32:15DerPapstGodEater: you mean while compiling? dunno to be honest. either somewhere in configure or right after make ;)
12:32:34GodEaterDerPapst: ah - you mean it didn't even build - I thought you meant you'd installed it and it didn't boot
12:32:42GodEaterI've not seen a kernel that won't compile for while
12:33:00Lloreanmarkun: If someone posts a feature request in the forums, I will do one of two things. Say "It's impossible" or say "Please post this in the proper place"
12:33:21mud-rbi assume suse has a packaging system with kernels in it, do you even need to compile your own if you don't want to?
12:33:24DerPapstGodEater: i dunno what the guys from novell did to SuSE :P
12:33:29markunLlorean: looking at the thread again I think you are right :)
12:33:37LloreanIf they say "Is it possible to do this" I will likely say "Yes, why don't you post it as a feature request" and never mention guidelines at all
12:34:10GodEaterin fact, I just built a 2.6.22-rc4 for my PS3
12:34:28DerPapstmud-rb: i thought so too but i haven't found anything. today my package manager updated to 2.6.13-15 or something :-/
12:34:42mud-rbhaha godeater, if you haven't gotten a failed kernel compile you haven't tried very hard :)
12:34:43GodEaterthat's a very old kernel now
12:34:53GodEatermud-rb: no, I just know what I'm doing
12:34:53mud-rband sdl just isn't working with that kernel version somehow?
12:35:43DerPapstmud-rb: not at all. it will error whihle compining and it complains when you try to run a pre-built.
12:36:19mud-rband there's no sdl package of some kind for suse?
12:36:28DerPapstmud-rb: something is broken with the joystick stuff ^^
12:37:21DerPapstmud-rb: there are packages that claim to work on suse 10.X but they don't if you have 2.6.13
12:37:48mud-rb...i see. that sounds scary
12:38:20mud-rbi assume switching to a distro that doesn't have really old kernels and broken major packages isn't an option?
12:39:27DerPapstit is. but i'm lazy :P i hoped there is another way than wiping my SuSE installation.
12:39:36mud-rbhehe, yeah..
12:39:42GodEaterDerPapst: There is - learn to compile a kernel!
12:40:20GodEaterDerPapst: do you have a /proc/config.gz ?
12:41:42mud-rbor sometimes there will be a copy of the kernel config in /boot if it's mounted
12:41:55DerPapstGodEater: yes.
12:42:04bluebrothernice. I got htlatex use the name property for anchors instead of id
12:42:18GodEaterDerPapst: did you try using that as the .config file when you built your 2.6.22 kernel ?
12:42:35DerPapstno :)
12:42:45GodEatertry that then
12:42:48GodEaterunzip it obviously
12:42:57GodEaterand rename it .config in your /usr/src/linux directory
12:43:03GodEaterthen just do "make"
12:43:22 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
12:43:31mud-rbmake oldconfig first sometimes helps, i think it tries to do some fixupsfor things that have changed
12:45:33DerPapst /usr/scr/linux is a symlink that should point to the new downloaded kernel source i guess...
12:46:29DerPapstok. i'll try it when i get home today after work.
12:46:39DerPapstthank you both :)
12:46:54 Quit kwinchee (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:47:20mud-rbgood luck :) make sure you backup your old so you can at least boot
12:47:37GodEateror just don't overwrite it
12:47:38 Join wats [0] (
12:47:49GodEaterand put the new one is as an new entry to your grub.conf / lilo.conf
12:48:18GodEaterwhich is what I always do incase I do something dumb like "forget to include support for the root filesystem"
12:48:20DerPapstbut honestly i think there should be a way to simply update SuSE 10.0 to e.g. 10.2 without downloadin an entire DVD and make a new installation :-/
12:48:29DerPapstGodEater: Thanks, will do :)
12:48:38CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:48:38*GodEater loathes rpm based distros
12:52:13mud-rbeh, i wouldn't count suse as a representative seems rather braindead from everything i've heard
12:52:13DerPapstwhat do you guys prefer (without starting a distro war)
12:52:13 Join Nico_P [0] (
12:52:13mud-rbi liked fedora, it was pretty nice, probably going back to it soon. using ubuntu now and it's not horrible
12:52:13mud-rbi used to use gentoo and it's nice if you like tinkering
12:52:13*GodEater has used gentoo for the last four years
12:52:13DerPapstwell i'm a long term windows user.. don't overestimate my skills :D
12:52:13GodEaterbefore that I used Mandrake, and learned to hate it
12:52:13DBUGEnqueued KICK mud-rb
12:52:13mud-rbubuntu is probably the most geared towards newbies/casual users
12:52:13GodEaterorignally started off with Slackware in like, erm, 1993/4 I think
12:52:13 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:52:13GodEaterkernel version 1.3 !
12:52:36GodEaterand gcc produced a.out format binaries
12:52:39GodEaternot elf
12:52:44mud-rbder: if that was in regards to ubuntu, it has kde if you want it :) just get kubuntu, that's actually what i use
12:52:46GodEaterthose were the days ;)
12:53:14GodEaterlinuxstb: did you actually USE the pre 1.0 kernels ?
12:53:22DerPapstmud-rb: i have a kubuntu dvd flying arround here ;)
12:53:24GodEateryou must have had some pretty specific kit to do that
12:53:37linuxstbI'm pretty sure I did.
12:53:54amiconnWell the first SuSE I dealt with had some 0.99.xx kernel
12:53:55GodEaterI seem to recall they only supported like one specific SCSI controller
12:54:07CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 7 seconds at the last flood
12:54:07*GodEater didn't realise SuSE was that old
12:54:33linuxstbI remember downloading slackware on about 50 floppy disks and taking them home from University to install on my PC, and half the disks being corrupted, so having to go back and download them again...
12:54:48linuxstb... and then again...
12:54:53GodEaterI think I got it off a magazine cover CD
12:55:01GodEaterinstalled it with UMSDOS
12:55:01linuxstbCD? Luxury...
12:55:04DerPapstzomg... hahah
12:55:05GodEaterNever, ever ever again
12:55:17GodEaterthe SLOWEST file system in existence
12:55:34*bluebrother rembers a bad experience with umsdos ...
12:55:35*DerPapst installed windows 95 with floppy disks once...
12:55:37GodEater"No need to repartition" my arse
12:55:42DerPapsttook me half a day
12:55:43 Part maffe
12:55:50GodEateronly if you don't mind waiting a gazillion years for anything to happen
12:55:51mud-rbwow i don't even know what umsdos is...
12:55:54 Join maffe [0] (
12:56:05mud-rboh linux in dos or something?
12:56:17GodEatermud-rb: it was a unix file system on top of the 8.3 format DOS system
12:56:20GodEaterso pre-vfat
12:56:32mud-rboh i see
12:56:41GodEatereach file was actually two - one with the content, and one with the metadata
12:56:44GodEaternice idea
12:56:50mud-rbthat sounds horrible, i remember the 8.3 DOS file system and it was horrible enough on it's own
12:56:51GodEaterabsolutely horrific performance
12:57:17GodEaterI seem to recall it took about 2 hours for me to delete the install and start again
12:57:36GodEater"rd /s" screamed in pain when I started....
12:57:43DerPapstgood ol' times :P
12:57:56*GodEater shudders
12:58:33GodEaterI don't even want to think about how fragemented your drive got if you actually used it for any length of time
12:58:56mud-rbclearly it was designed to be slow enough that that problem would never appear
12:59:02DerPapstthis really sounds like i've missed a big load of fun while playing with windows 3.11 :-/
12:59:04GodEaterpossibly ;)
12:59:24GodEaterDerPapst: only if you're the sort of person that considers "sawing your own leg off" as "fun"
13:00:19 Join peppo [0] (
13:00:35peppo"device not accepting adress" usb error in Linux is driving me crazy :/
13:00:42peppocan I somehow help debug it more properly?
13:00:55DerPapsti still have a copy of windows 1.0.1 :D
13:01:35DerPapstbut honestly.. windows vista isn't as colourfull as windows 1.0.1 ;)
13:01:44GodEaterand that's a bad thing ? :)
13:02:05DerPapsti liked it :P
13:02:06mud-rbhaha i got windows 1.0 working in a vm at one point. god was it awful
13:02:45 Quit gromit` ("Coyote finally caught me")
13:03:40DerPapstnorton commander was better but the old micorsoft/windows logo was some nice piece of ascii art (well it wan't that nice)
13:05:12 Join Febs [0] (
13:05:31GodEaterX-Tree Gold 4 Life!
13:07:47 Quit DerPapst ("So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!")
13:08:20 Join DerPapst [0] (
13:09:00DerPapsthe has all the good games...
13:10:32GodEaterhahaha - so he does!
13:11:34 Part Llorean
13:15:03mud-rbwow, it's like someone went through plugin.h and only documented the functions that are bleeding obvious...
13:17:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:19:43B4gderfeel free to improve
13:20:25mud-rbif i ever figure them out i'll do my best...i hate to be a bitch but it really is lame having all of these nice features that i'm probably reimplementing myself because i have no idea what anything does...
13:21:25 Join _Veseliq_ [0] (
13:23:49LinusNmud-rb: yes, being lame is one of the big virtues in this project
13:24:33linuxstbmud-rb: But if you have any questions about what's available, just ask...
13:25:10LinusNmud-rb: as with all projects of this nature, time is mostly spent on implementing and not documenting
13:25:39B4gderfor some unknown reason, people spend time on what they consider is fun
13:25:42 Part maffe
13:25:46 Quit billytwowilly (Remote closed the connection)
13:25:49 Join maffe [0] (
13:25:54mud-rbLinusN: oh i understand, and i normall agree but a quick source comment would be nice at least
13:26:06mud-rblike int set_int, what exactly is this last argument?
13:26:14 Join billytwowilly [0] (
13:26:16mud-rb bool (*set_int)(const unsigned char* string, const char* unit, int voice_unit,
13:26:17mud-rb int* variable, void (*function)(int), int step, int min,
13:26:17mud-rb int max, void (*formatter)(char*, int, int, const char*) );
13:26:29 Quit bonbonthejon (Remote closed the connection)
13:27:04linuxstbHave you found where the function is implemented? That may give you a clue. Or search for places where it is used.
13:27:11mud-rbit's all NULL
13:27:18mud-rbin every place i know what's going on
13:27:39mud-rbwhich is probably a clue, but it kind of bugs me not having any idea what it does...
13:27:40LinusNi believe it is a callback to a function to format the string
13:28:17linuxstbA quick grep shows that In settings.c, the "set_sound" function calls it with &dec_sound_formatter - so you can look at what that function does.
13:28:34mud-rbah i didn't see that, i'll go look for it
13:29:01 Join Llorean [0] (
13:29:37GodEatergood god, I'd forgotten how truly ugly C can look
13:31:19B4gder what do you mean? B-]
13:32:07mud-rbhahah. you know there's only one of those i think i ever understood, and it was the one with a blank .c file
13:32:45 Quit DerPapst (Remote closed the connection)
13:33:39GodEaterI preferred the one of those that was ascii art of the "Cat in the hat"
13:33:59B4gderthere are many good ones in there, I just quickly picked one at random
13:34:39 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
13:34:51LinusNspeaking of writing good self-documenting code, "Code Craft" by P.Goodliffe is a pretty good book on the subject
13:35:50B4gderand hey, out of the top-10 rockbox committers I believe I am the one with the highest comment ratio! ;-)
13:36:35mud-rbwow, that's really cool
13:36:36B4gderjdgordon and slasheri covering the other end of the list :-)
13:37:22*LinusN should write more comments
13:37:26Zagorthat page shows off my laziness in a quite unacceptable manner
13:40:37LinusN"Person years" - how politically correct :-)
13:41:22Zagorotherwise the female programmers would be offended. all five of them. ;)
13:41:41*linuxstb is scared that that he modified 194,455 lines of code
13:42:22LinusNlooks like my strategy to commit one file at a time has paid off :-)
13:42:41linuxstbI thought the strategy was multiple oops commits?
13:42:48LinusNthat too
13:43:15LinusNi think i'm leading the "oops" commit league
13:43:16 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:48:07Zagorwe should have a red build toplist :)
13:48:46peturyes, count all the points deltas :)
13:49:26 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
13:49:39B4gderwe need more blame and guilt involved
13:49:51 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
13:49:57 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
13:52:43pixelmawhat if they were not your points... ;)
13:55:28 Join thegeek [0] (
13:56:04peturpixelma: that's why I said delta
13:56:17 Part maffe
13:56:25 Join maffe [0] (
13:58:00 Quit newton ("leaving")
14:02:15 Join crop [0] (i=c27f0812@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:03:14cropIn the last commit by Mike Sevakis, wouldn't it be good to define a delay macro with a param? I'll ask him when he shows up here.
14:03:59cropBTW: do other platforms also need such func? Then it could be moved to the target tree.
14:04:29cropIf I understand what target tree is, of course :-)
14:04:52 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
14:04:58 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
14:05:15cropjhMikeS: this time really?
14:06:39 Quit B4gder ("It is time to say MOOO")
14:08:00 Quit Febs ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
14:12:07linuxstbpetur: If you count all the point deltas, everyone will be zero...
14:12:38peturyou could count the negatives separately
14:13:02peturand it could encourage to try and fix bugs of others :)
14:13:05linuxstbI guess we've lost the point history now anyway...
14:13:15 Join rift_ [0] (
14:15:39 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:22:32 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
14:22:36 Join XavierGr [0] (
14:25:00 Quit SirFunk (Remote closed the connection)
14:25:23 Part rift_
14:32:26 Join rift_ [0] (
14:42:54 Quit AdmiralJ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:52:59bluebrothertried ctags or something similar?
14:53:45bluebrotherarg. ignore me.
14:56:07 Part maffe
14:56:18 Join maffe [0] (
15:05:38 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
15:05:49 Join Benedikt [0] (
15:06:13Benediktone question I installed rockbox on my ipod
15:06:22Benediktwith the rockbox boot loader
15:06:48Benediktand he finds an error at can't load rockbox.ipod
15:06:54BenediktFile not found
15:07:05Benediktsomebody has an idee?
15:07:14linuxstbDid you install Rockbox itself? i.e. download and extract it to your ipod?
15:07:32Benedikti had the windows installer..
15:07:44linuxstbWhich windows installer? Rockbox Utility?
15:08:03markunBenedikt: can you check if the file .rockbox/rockbox.ipod exists then?
15:08:16Benediktthe problem ist
15:08:27Benediktthat i can't go on my ipod
15:08:36Benediktit isn't shown in windows.
15:08:39Benediktany more ^^
15:08:55BenediktZiel: C:\Documents and Settings\Benedikt\Desktop\rockbox-2.5-install.exe
15:08:55BenediktGröße: 1,5 MB (1.536.999 Bytes)
15:08:55DBUGEnqueued KICK Benedikt
15:08:55BenediktÜbertragen: 1,5 MB (1.536.999 Bytes)
15:09:05Benediktdes packet hab ich ^^
15:09:16linuxstbThat's an installer for a very old version of Rockbox that doesn't work on ipods
15:09:22Benediktoh oke ^^
15:09:28Benediktbut there was no other ^^
15:09:30linuxstbYou should follow the install instructions in the manual
15:09:51markunBenedikt: try this one
15:10:01markunlinuxstb: what's the key combo to get into disk come?
15:10:03markundisk mode
15:10:09bluebrotherBenedikt: the top of that page tells you that it won't work on the Ipod.
15:10:24bluebrotheryou can use RockboxUtility for installation if you want to
15:10:26linuxstbmarkun: MENU+SELECT to reboot, then SELECT+PLAY for disk mode. (it's different on 3g and earlier ipods)
15:10:32Benediktits action an back
15:10:59Benediktnow am in srv diag boot
15:11:37bluebrotherwhat keys have you pressed? Select + Play enters emergency disk mode
15:11:54Benediktwith my ipod generation5?
15:12:14bluebrotherthat combination works on all ipods after the 3G
15:12:30Benediktah now i see
15:12:36Benediktit in the explorer ^^!!
15:13:22bluebrotherhmm. The release download page was changed quite a while ago ...
15:13:31Benediktoke ^^
15:14:01Benediktis the download from the page you gave me supporting ipod gen 5?
15:14:08CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:14:08*bluebrother wonders if it's really that hard to understand that 2.5 won't work on all other devices but archos
15:14:11Benediktbecause i can't choose it in the devise list..
15:14:28bluebrotherok. Go to
15:14:30Benediktah oke ^^
15:14:37Benedikti just didn't see it ^^
15:14:43krphi everyone
15:14:50krpi just wanted to say : rockbox is great :)
15:14:53bluebrotherscroll to the download links somewhere in the middle of that page.
15:14:58krpput it yesterday on my sansa e260
15:15:22krpwhich made me think: the original sansa firmware is CRAP
15:15:36bluebrotherdownload this: domonoky/">
15:15:38krpi mean it couldn't even play music right
15:16:39markunkrp: thanks for the compliment :)
15:17:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:19:48bluebrotherBenedikt: got that?
15:20:08Benediktbluebrother yes it works now ^^
15:20:20bluebrothergood. Then please read the manual.
15:21:08bluebrotherit contains quite a number of important information. Including installation instructions :P
15:22:17krpmarkun: i was also suprised to see battery usage is ok, maybe even better than with the original firmware
15:22:30Lloreankrp: Not on the Sansa.
15:23:00LloreanMost people experience measurably less in Rockbox.
15:24:20krpin the system information
15:24:28krpit gives me "48% 2h38"
15:24:50markunkrp: don't trust that info
15:24:56krpshould i assume a full battery could let me use it for around 5hours ?
15:25:11markunrely on the time your sansa works before it shuts down
15:25:20krpi trust the 48%, of course i don't trust on the time
15:30:27 Quit billytwowilly (Remote closed the connection)
15:30:47 Join billytwowilly [0] (
15:32:36 Join crashmatrix [0] (
15:33:32 Join SirFunk [0] (
15:33:34crashmatrixis it safe to dd my ipod video hd and then start a new fs from scratch?
15:37:00crashmatrixI guess there is a RTFM lurking around here somewhere, but I can't quite seem to find it
15:37:06linuxstbcrashmatrix: No
15:37:24linuxstbThe hard disk also contains the firmware, and if you erase that, your ipod won't boot
15:38:06linuxstbThis page may be helpful though -
15:39:40cropjhMikeS: peng
15:40:11crashmatrixah, good
15:40:34crashmatrixso I can't fuck it up beyond repair, and I'm already dd-ing the entire hd so it's cool
15:40:38 Join Arathis [0] (
15:40:38crashmatrixthanks linuxstb
15:41:01crashmatrix(with dd-ing, I mean dd backup to a raw copy of the fs)
15:41:44GodEatercrashmatrix: so just the second partition then ?
15:42:34crashmatrixGodEater, so just the second partition what exactly?
15:44:07crashmatrixWhat happened was; when I hooked it up, I noticed that the fat32 part of the ipod was only, say 7 gigs large, hence I was thinking about cfdisking the whole thing and starting from scratch so I won't miss like, 23 gigs of space :/
15:44:45GodEaterdd'ing the whole ipod will not give you "a raw copy of the fs" it'll give you the whole disk - including the firmware partition
15:45:54crashmatrixGodEater, I know that
15:46:10crashmatrixthat's why I'm doing so, just to be on the safe side
15:46:14GodEaterso my question was "are you only dd'ing the second partition?"
15:46:30crashmatrixno, the entire disk, from 0 to 30 gigs
15:47:58crashmatrixwhich includes the second partition, but the "problem" is, there are three seperate spaces, first a non-fat32 block with what I assume to be firmware from apple, then a small fat32 partition and THEN 23 gigs of nothing
15:48:45 Join kwinchee [0] (
15:49:01GodEaterso your image will end up with 23 gigs of nothing in it. Not very efficient if you ask me, but whatever blows you hair back.
15:49:16 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
15:49:19 Join XavierGr [0] (
15:49:33crashmatrixGodEater, I'm not stupid, I'm running it through a gzip, the image is barely 250 megs large atm
15:50:55 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
15:52:18GodEateryes, but you're still reading through 23 gigs of nothing at all for no reason I can see. But like I say, it's your party.
15:52:59 Quit Benedikt ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
15:53:03crashmatrixGodEater, before I asked here, I didn't know what the hell was in there, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to ruin it all by making one mistake
15:53:39crashmatrixSeems to me being safe and sure is better then scratching behind my ear in a couple of hours thinking "if only"
15:53:49GodEateranyone object to me putting a .ebuild for rbutil up onto the wiki (as soon as I've finished writing it) ?
15:54:23GodEatercrashmatrix: I'm not arguing with you. Feel free to do it twice if you like.
15:55:14crashmatrixCourse it's my party, off course it seems useless now, and yes I should feel less attacked on irc, damn I fall for that every time :/
15:55:19crashmatrixsorry if I seemed rude or anything
16:01:03 Quit donutman25 ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
16:01:27Nico_PGodEater: nice page about git :)
16:02:20Nico_Pvideolan has a page desciribing basic use and a bit of git-svn :
16:04:25 Part Llorean
16:04:34 Quit wats (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:04:54GodEaterNico_P: as I said earlier, if anyone feels I missed anything on the page - please do add it :)
16:05:22Nico_PI'll probably get round to it
16:06:11Nico_PIt'd be great if I could have a git repo hosted for my GSoC work...
16:06:36*GodEater knew he'd find at least one fan of that idea ;)
16:08:03Nico_Pare you using git-svn ?
16:08:05 Join Administrator [0] (
16:08:12 Nick Administrator is now known as AdministratorTom (
16:08:35AdministratorTomhey people
16:08:36*petur has been considering git for his usbotg hacking - could use some versioning
16:08:50GodEaterNico_P: no - I tried from the rockbox svn but something broke =/
16:09:08GodEaterI've not tried since
16:09:10Nico_PI think I've gotten a hold of how it works
16:09:21GodEaterbesides, since I lack commit access it's a bit pointless for me
16:10:15AdministratorTomdoes anyone no if they hav efixed the problem with the battery in iriver H10 5GB ? is the battery still only 3 hours?
16:10:27pondlifeAdministratorTom: Still the same AFAIK
16:10:46AdministratorTomyea damn im thinking i need to upgrade my player
16:10:46pondlifeWe need someone to sneak some PortalPlayer documentation our way
16:11:27AdministratorTomhey guys whats a good player that is around the same storage size that has good rockbox support?
16:11:35GodEaterAdministratorTom: Gigabeat F or X
16:11:48GodEateralthough they technically have more storage
16:11:48AdministratorTomdo u have one?
16:11:50pondlifeIriver H100/H300
16:11:51GodEaterI do
16:12:05GodEaterIriver H100 = $$$$ these days :)
16:12:11 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:12:12GodEaternot so sure about the H300
16:12:18AdministratorTomyea im lookin for the cheaper option
16:12:22pondlifeIAudio X5?
16:12:29GodEaterGigabeat F40's are v. cheap on ebay
16:12:32AdministratorTomi liove hte x5 but its expensive and hard to come by
16:12:32GodEaterI got mine for less than $100
16:12:54AdministratorTomis that US
16:13:15jhMikeScrop: pong
16:13:17pondlifeGodEater: Was that an auction?
16:13:23GodEaterpondlife: yep
16:13:29 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:13:31GodEaterI think I won it for like $48
16:13:33AdministratorTomwas it new?
16:13:35pondlifeAnd is the F40/S ok?
16:13:43GodEaterno hang on - that was pounds :)
16:13:49 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
16:13:51GodEaterI paid £100 TOTAL - including shipping to the UK
16:13:54pondlifeAh - that makes more sense
16:13:56GodEaterAdministratorTom: as good as
16:13:56AdministratorTomoh damn
16:14:00 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:14:11AdministratorTomaustralia exchange rate from us is really good but not so with the pound
16:14:15GodEaterso I think I won it for like $98
16:14:27cropjhMikeS: aha! Now you are really here? Do your last commits fix the FM problem?
16:14:30GodEateris you're in Australia they're easier to find AdministratorTom
16:14:43pondlifeI see them for about £120 regularly, but don't consider that cheap.
16:14:45GodEateryou needn't get it shipped from the US
16:15:01jhMikeScrop: yes, the delay loops were being removed and so then the CPU was boosted the radio didn't work. it also couldn't be read.
16:15:04GodEaterpondlife: well what do you see H1x0s for ?
16:15:07AdministratorTomoh thats not an option then cause of the warrenty concerns
16:15:13pondlifeGodEater: Haven't looked!
16:15:18GodEaterI'm scared to
16:15:21 Part LinusN
16:15:25*GodEater treasures his H140
16:15:35pondlifeI'd like an upgrade from my H300, but it's hard to beat
16:15:39AdministratorTomif money was no option i wud get the X5L
16:15:47pondlifeWhat's Gigabeat battery life like?
16:16:10GodEaterpondlife: ~20 hours ?
16:16:11cropjhMikeS: and wouldn't it be good to introduce a parameterized macro for asm delay loops?
16:16:29pondlifeGodEater: Great - I think an F60 would be ideal for me, if I can find one for less than £150
16:16:42GodEaterF60s were definitely thinner on the ground in ebay when I looked
16:16:45GodEaterotherwise I'd have got one too
16:16:51 Join kubiix [0] (
16:16:53jhMikeSit probably would but atm I was looking to ensure they dont' get optimized away nor bloat the binary...gcc does some stupid stuff
16:16:54cropjhMikeS: I'll try it out. And thanks! That was really fast.
16:16:57GodEaterbut the F40s were much easier to find
16:17:08 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
16:17:38 Join prashantv [0] (i=prashant@wagner.orchestra.cse.unsw.EDU.AU)
16:18:43peturGodEater: there are several h140 available on ebay that aren't that expensive
16:19:02 Join relaxed [0] (n=relaxed@unaffiliated/relaxed)
16:19:03AdministratorTomare any of the Gigabeat F or X still in production?
16:19:33GodEaterAdministratorTom: nope
16:20:10AdministratorTomi googled them
16:20:17AdministratorTomand the tope 5 results were all rockbox related
16:20:57peturyou can only find them if you search for iHP140
16:21:14GodEaterI think that's actually what mine is marked as
16:21:17AdministratorTomany current models with good rockbox support?
16:21:24AdministratorTomno ipods tho
16:21:35GodEaterwow, €76
16:21:55GodEaterAdministratorTom: Sansa ?
16:22:32pondlifeSansa is still PortalPlayer though, right?
16:22:55pondlifeWhich means battery life issues...
16:23:04 Quit kwinchee (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:23:16AdministratorTomhow much battery tho?
16:23:21pondlifeMight as well carry on with H10 I'd guess.
16:23:23AdministratorTomlike is it as bad as the iriver h10?
16:24:28cropjhMikeS: where do you have all that info from? I.e. the delays needed, read/write sequences etc.
16:26:24jhMikeSthe i2c spec in part. the delays were just kept which I _assume_ were verified. they seems a little short to me though.
16:27:39AdministratorTomwhich Sansa e200?
16:27:50AdministratorTomor is that a stupid question
16:31:21AdministratorTomwell the Sansa E200 has a 20 hour battery life so even if it loosees half of its battery life it should be much better than my current h10 with its 3-4 hours worth
16:33:18 Join Benedikt [0] (
16:33:24Benediktone question ^^
16:33:36Benedikthow can I put music on my ipod with rockbox?
16:33:41Benediktwith my normal itune?
16:33:47Benediktor any other special toolß
16:34:29AdministratorTomcopy and paste
16:34:34 Join jgarvey [0] (
16:34:45Benediktin which folder?
16:35:00AdministratorTomhave u installed the rockbox software?
16:35:17Benedikton my ipod ther is the folder .rockbox.
16:35:18 Quit kubiixaka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:35:40AdministratorTomjust put it in like any folder u want
16:35:44AdministratorTomnot a hidden one tho
16:35:46AdministratorTomthats what i do
16:35:57Benediktah oke ^^
16:36:04AdministratorTomdo u like ittunes/
16:36:17Benediktno not really ^^
16:36:29AdministratorTomwell u can say goodbye to it
16:36:32AdministratorTomi hate itunes
16:36:35Benediktvery good ^^
16:36:37AdministratorTomwhat ipod are u using
16:36:49Benediktipod generation 5..
16:37:00AdministratorTomhows the battery life on it?
16:37:29Benediktmusic about 8 hours
16:37:31Benedikti think ^^
16:37:44Benediktwatching films just 2 hours
16:37:55AdministratorTomis that with the rockbox software or normal?
16:38:48Benediktwith normal software
16:38:58Benedikti just have rockbox until one hour ago ^^
16:39:27AdministratorTomwhy did u put it on? just curious
16:39:46Benediktbecause normal software just sucks ^^
16:39:50Benedikti wanted good games
16:39:53Benediktlike doom ^^
16:40:04peturoh no
16:40:10Benediktand i like the design of software better than the original one ^^
16:40:32AdministratorTomdoom? does that work well?
16:40:33Benediktfirst i wanted to put on linux
16:40:38Benediktyers of course ^^
16:40:45Benediktgood old doom ^^
16:40:54AdministratorTomi saw that there but i was sure how well it was ported
16:40:57Benedikton my ipod it works pretty good ^^
16:41:18Benediktone question
16:41:31Benediktyou know how to get pokemon working on ipod?
16:41:45Benedikta friend of mine did this with his gen 3 ipod ^^
16:41:56Benediktbut I don't know what software he used..
16:42:01AdministratorTomi wudnt have a clue myself
16:42:17Benediktoke well then I have to search google ^^
16:42:18AdministratorTomi just use it because it lets me change the menus into big fridnly easy to see letters and has better equalisers
16:42:41Benediktthats also an advantage ^^
16:43:13 Join crash91 [0] (i=510a6f89@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:44:57 Quit AdministratorTom ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
16:46:57 Part maffe
16:47:07 Join maffe [0] (
16:49:45 Quit Benedikt ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
16:53:06 Join kaaloo [0] (
16:53:12 Part kaaloo
16:53:33 Quit crash91 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:54:30GodEaterany Makefile gurus here ?
16:57:03linuxstbIs it an easy question?
16:58:41GodEater"Why does 'make install' not work for rbutil?" <−− is that easy enough ?
16:58:58croplinuxstb: you mean GodEater's question about makefile gurus?
16:59:15croplinuxstb: :-)
16:59:41linuxstbGodEater: Because no-one has implemented it?
17:00:11 Nick swolbhsub is now known as bushblows (n=bushblow@
17:00:19GodEaterlinuxstb: well it appears to be in the make file as far as I can see
17:00:25GodEaterit just says "Nothing to be done for install"
17:00:38GodEatermy Makefilefu is very weak though
17:00:47GodEaterso I could be missing something obvious
17:01:05GodEaterI'm not sure what all the .PHONY stuff does for example
17:01:35peturGodEater: rbutil has its own makefile in the rbutil folder, just run make there
17:01:47GodEaterpetur: that's the Makefile I'm referring to
17:02:00GodEaternot another one somewhere else
17:02:02linuxstbDamn, "svn blame" blames me for adding those lines...
17:02:04peturjust make and the exe should be there
17:02:09GodEaterlinuxstb: hahaha
17:02:11linuxstbAnd I have no recollection of them...
17:02:22GodEaterlinuxstb: does it need a "clean:" after the PHONY: clean ?
17:02:31GodEaterit's the only difference I can see between it and the other targets
17:02:42linuxstb"FS #6443 from Jonas Häggqvist - add an "install" target."
17:02:45GodEaterI mean "install:"
17:02:49GodEaternot "clean:"
17:02:53GodEater<−−−− complete moron
17:03:15GodEaterand clearly also I meant ".PHONY: install" too
17:03:17 Join lee-qid [0] (
17:03:29GodEaterbut I have NO idea what's going on there
17:03:46linuxstbI think ".PHONY" means it's a not a file that Make should check for.
17:04:20GodEaterin that case I can only see that there's no actual label for the install action as there is with all: and clean:
17:04:24linuxstbBut no, I don't understand why it doesn't do anything...
17:04:52linuxstbAh, of course - there's no label...
17:05:00GodEateryay, points for me
17:05:22 Join Rincewind [0] (
17:06:14GodEaterwould you be so kind as to insert one for me please ?
17:06:17linuxstbGodEater: Fixed in SVN.
17:07:21GodEaterI can put a .ebuild up for rbutil now
17:07:47 Part maffe
17:08:12 Join maffe [0] (
17:08:43 Part maffe
17:09:04 Join maffe [0] (
17:11:20linuxstbGodEater: What's needed to make an ebuild? Is that something to add to SVN?
17:12:18GodEaterno - something to put on the wiki page
17:12:23GodEaterI mean, it *could* go in svn I suppose
17:12:31GodEaterit's gentoo's package format
17:12:55 Part maffe
17:13:05 Join maffe [0] (
17:13:40linuxstbI know nothing about ebuilds. So it's just a file that gentoo users can download and use to build and install rbutil?
17:14:12GodEaterpretty much
17:14:34zeits basically just metadata + basic build/install script
17:14:35GodEateryou do "ebuild rbutil-0.8.ebuild install", and it goes off to svn, downloads the code, compiles it, and installs it
17:15:04GodEateralthough for some reason the one I've just written still doesn't appear to install right =/
17:15:06linuxstbIs it likely to change at all? It could go in SVN, and still have a download link in the wiki
17:15:20linuxstbBut I need to run, bbl.
17:15:34zebasic as in it has almost nothing for a non-weird source tarball, thanks to some big python library of related functions and complexities hidden from it
17:16:30zea properly written one will only need renaming for version updates unless some part of the build/install changes
17:16:45GodEaterze, have you written them before ?
17:16:57zeGodEater: kinda sorta, i usually find a close one and cannabalize it
17:17:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:17:53 Quit crop ("CGI:IRC")
17:18:34GodEaterwould you mind checking this one over then ? It's the first one I've written =/
17:18:41 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:18:54zewell if you still want, i'll check it later
17:18:56zetired, going to bed
17:19:05GodEateroh ok
17:19:18GodEaterlinuxstb: I also have to run - I'll check back with you about svn later.
17:20:43 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
17:21:18 Quit jgarvey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:21:19 Join jgarvey_ [0] (
17:25:23 Join My_Sic [0] (
17:28:12 Join pepie34 [0] (
17:28:51 Join konam [0] (
17:30:06konami was reading the documentation to encode vids to the ipod nano
17:30:50konamsome of you can tell me how can i make this entry to encode 'just video' (without sound): <params>-acodec mp3 -ar 44100 -vcodec mpeg2video -s 176x128 -b 256kb -strict -1</params>
17:31:30 Part rift_
17:34:52 Quit billytwowilly (Remote closed the connection)
17:35:15 Join billytwowilly [0] (
17:40:29 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:43:10 Join My_Sic [0] (
17:47:49 Join Nico_P [0] (
17:51:20 Join Kingstone [0] (i=Kingston@
17:51:26Kingstonei have rockbox installed
17:51:32Kingstonehow can i go to the original firmware for a sec?
17:51:39Kingstoneor the only way is uninstalling rockbox?
17:51:41bluebrotherdepends on your player.
17:51:42Kingstoneipod 5g
17:51:51Kingstonei do reset and?
17:51:54bluebrotherflip the hold switch while booting.
17:51:58Kingstoneok thanks
17:52:05bluebrotherand check the manual, it has information about this ;-)
17:52:24Kingstonei've read the installation
17:52:30Kingstoneit didn't say there so i thought
17:52:46bluebrotherwell, it's described in the following chapter ;-)
17:52:46Kingstonedo you understand technically in rockbox?
17:53:00Kingstonei mean programaticaly
17:53:07Kingstonedo you edit the boot image on the ipod?
17:53:25Kingstonei mean there is image tables soso, dpua, crsr
17:53:40Kingstonedo you actually edit them or just change offsets?
17:55:56 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
18:06:27bluebrotheryou can change the logo
18:06:47bluebrothersoso, dpua, crsr?
18:14:01 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:15:06 Quit _Veseliq_ ("")
18:19:20Kingstonenot logo
18:19:27Kingstonei mean image
18:19:30Kingstonenot a graphical one
18:21:19 Quit Anakin (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:22:17 Join inakidfap [0] (i=0@
18:22:57 Join Rondom [0] (
18:25:17 Quit konam (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:29:16 Join ice8lue [0] (
18:29:41ice8luehey everybody... could u help me with an mpegplayer problem?
18:31:10 Quit ice8lue (Client Quit)
18:32:12 Quit petur ("work->home")
18:35:52 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:38:17 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
18:41:18 Join spiorf [0] (
18:41:37 Join Arathis_ [0] (
18:41:51GodEateryay - ebuild appears to work!
18:44:20GodEateruploaded to wiki
18:45:30desowinebuild to what ? rbutil ?
18:46:01 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
18:46:05 Join PaulJam [0] (
18:48:50desowinwhy not put on gentoo bugzilla ?
18:49:56GodEaterbecause then people that *know* how to write ebuilds will look at it and I'll get very embarassed ? :)
18:50:23desowinwhere it is, I could take a look
18:50:43GodEateron the rbutil wiki page
18:50:45desowinI made some ebuilds and some even got into portage
18:51:04GodEaterbesides, I'd also have to commit to maintaining it as well - and I have the attention span of a peanut
18:51:17GodEateryou're welcome to submit it if you awnt
18:53:16*GodEater makes "ooh, shiny!" noises and goes off to look at something that'll hold his interest for about .5 seconds
18:55:06 Join AdmiralJ [0] (
18:55:14 Quit Arathis (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:55:48desowinI have no idea why you did those src_compile and so as they're standard ones
18:56:00 Join My_Sic [0] (
18:56:04GodEaterdesowin: because I couldn't make it pull from svn without them
18:56:14GodEaterit just kept saying "Make: no targets" and giving up
18:56:23GodEaterbut if you know how to fix it - please do so!
18:56:53desowinok, I'll make few alternations and put it on gentoo bugzilla
18:58:17 Quit obo ("KVIrc 3.2.6 Anomalies")
18:58:18GodEaterI've also not tested it on a machine without wxGTK already installed
18:58:22GodEaterit *should* pull it in in theory
18:58:24desowinoh, and regarding cvs/svn/git/any-other-version-control ebuilds - those aren't usually being introduced into portage, and if those do, those appear without keyword, so to unmask them you need to accept ** on those
18:58:26GodEaterbut I've no idea if that works either
18:58:45GodEateryeah - I didn't think it'd really get accepted in that state
18:58:57GodEaterso you'll take my keywords out too I guess ;)
18:59:10desowinI'll make an release ebuild too
18:59:24GodEaterthank you for you help :)
18:59:32desowinno problem
18:59:51 Join sa1 [0] (
18:59:57GodEaterlinuxstb wanted to put it in svn, but I don't really see the point myself
19:00:15desowinbad idea imo
19:00:19sa1I got a quick question
19:00:40desowinit looks like he wants to raise his lines changed in stats ;-)
19:00:41GodEateryah, mine too
19:00:56GodEaterand get away with a zero delta increase to boot :)
19:01:28GodEatersa1: we're not psychic, so just ask it
19:01:47sa1I bought a zune loving its hardware, just to find out its software sucks is there a rockbox version planned?
19:02:13GodEatersa1: not really
19:02:19GodEaterwe have a post in our new ports forum
19:02:22GodEaterbut it's not moved anywhere in months
19:02:36GodEateras far as we know - no-one has managed to execute unsigned code on the Zune
19:02:47sa1why not? its one of the only mp3 players with wifi, you could make a mobile web browser
19:02:51sa1it would be awesome
19:02:53GodEatersee above
19:03:12GodEateralso - a *lot* of our devs are in Europe
19:03:17GodEaterwhere the Zune is not on sale
19:03:23GodEaterso they don't even have one to try with
19:04:01 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
19:04:04GodEatersa1: You could *try* looking at the zune-linux forums - but we don't really take their project very seriously
19:04:15sa1ok I got to go talk to mr.gates then
19:04:21desowinhmm, app-misc or where it would fit better ?
19:04:23GodEaterthe only person there we have any respect for is Zunepet, and he's not making much progress
19:04:26*sa1 grabs sniper rifle
19:04:29GodEaterdesowin: x11-apps
19:04:41GodEaterat least, that's where I was going to put it
19:05:00sa1well at least i know somebody is somewhat trying
19:05:03sa1there's hope
19:05:27sa1well, i'm planning on an iphone, so i can pawn that thing off on my sis
19:05:44amiconnjhMikeS: An asm volatile (""); should never get optimised away
19:05:50 Part sa1
19:06:09 Join Twat [0] (n=lordslac@
19:06:24GodEaterI can't believe I just sent someone to the zune-linux forums in all seriousness :(
19:06:35GodEaterI think I need a lie down
19:07:22amiconnMaking the delay loops target specific is an option, but imo this should be done in a reusable way (target tree .h file)
19:07:47amiconnPerhaps something like udelay() on pp targets
19:08:33 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:08:51 Join Llorean [0] (
19:09:03 Nick Arathis_ is now known as Arathis (
19:09:36desowinGodEater: your ebuild installs rbutil into /bin, it wouldn't be packaged in portage for sure ;-)
19:10:00GodEater${D}/usr ?
19:10:05amiconnUnlike on pp, this wouldn't be a precise amount of microseconds though (could be approximated, but not 100% reliable)
19:10:06GodEaterI wondered about that.
19:10:16desowinnever fear, I'll make it working
19:10:32TwatAnybody can help me with a progressive rock server/room?
19:10:48GodEaterdesowin: this is the first ebuild I ever wrote - I'm amazed it works at all ;)
19:11:58 Join thegeek [0] (
19:12:58 Part maffe
19:13:04 Join maffe [0] (
19:13:35jhMikeSamconn: is does
19:13:49preglowamiconn: wouldn't a simple sleep() that takes number of cycles work good?
19:13:59jhMikeSor rather the code around it does
19:14:36jhMikeSverified by looking at disassemblies
19:15:07 Part Twat
19:15:20amiconnjhMikeS: The 'volatile' marks an asm block as having side effects the compiler cannot know precisely. So it is not allowed to optimised it, or the code around it, in anyway that changes how often the block is executed
19:15:28amiconnIf it does, it's a bug in the compiler
19:17:17amiconnpreglow: A certain number of cycles can vary a lot in terms of actual time on targets with cpu scaling. I'd rather want an udelay() to take that into account
19:17:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:17:46amiconnOn PP and on archos it's simple; PP has the microsecond timer and archos is fixed frequency
19:19:15jhMikeSwhy can it not remove code in the block legally but keep the part declared volatile?
19:19:17amiconnTaking the frequency into account isn't too difficult, and it should also be reliable unless it's used in an isr
19:19:42desowinarchos.ico is offical rbutil app icon ?
19:20:28amiconnjhMikeS: It can remove code in the block, but it must not remove the loop around it, or move the block out of the loop
19:21:06amiconnI mean it can remove code from the loop except the 'asm volatile' block itself
19:21:09jhMikeSthe only loop around it is a do {} while(0)
19:21:21jhMikeSwhich is empty
19:21:45amiconnI am taking about this one:
19:21:47amiconn(left side)
19:22:23preglowamiconn: but won't a udelay have too coarse a resolution to be used in some of the places loops are currently used?
19:22:26amiconnIf the compiler removes the for loop around the asm volatile, it has a bug
19:22:52amiconnpreglow: Then make an ndelay()...
19:23:34jhMikeSah yes, I may have put my semicolon in the wrong spot
19:24:11amiconnThe semicolon is correct afaics
19:25:23jhMikeSthe one there is...I could have mistakenly done : do { int _x; for (_x=0;_x<20;_x++); asm volatile(""); } while(0); and not noticed
19:26:22 Join dandin1 [0] (
19:26:56 Join Nico_P [0] (
19:27:12jhMikeSthat would give the problem I experienced for sure
19:28:19 Join My_Sic [0] (
19:28:34amiconnYou could double check that, but to be honest, a gcc bug wouldn't surprise me much
19:28:48*jhMikeS just gets ticked off at gcc really easily and applies the truism "if you want something done right..." :) esp. when really tired.
19:29:26 Join AJS [0] (n=someme2@
19:29:28 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
19:30:23AJSllorean , hi i posted the message yestarday
19:30:45AJSi also added the question at the forum;topicseen#msg85306
19:31:18 Join spiorf_ [0] (
19:31:41 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
19:32:32 Nick inakidfap is now known as Anakin (i=0@
19:34:48jhMikeSwhy can't the generic driver be employed for the radio and flash on H100? I'd think with delay adjustment to account for function call overhead it would be just fine.
19:36:06The-CompilerIs there any way to recieve the SVN-chanches and new patches via a RSS-feed?
19:37:46jhMikeSanother thing was loops using "volatile int _x;" cause gcc to save _x to the stack and reload it on every loop
19:39:11 Quit billytwowilly (Remote closed the connection)
19:39:30 Join billytwowilly [0] (
19:40:30 Join crop [0] (i=d918e82b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:41:34cropjhMikeS: I confirm that the FM works as it should now on my H120. Thank you!
19:42:26desowinoh, found bug in rbutil - it should check if device is mounted before installing
19:42:27 Part crop ("That's all I wanted to say! Bye :-)")
19:44:08 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul)
19:44:19desowinis rbutil.ini intended to change ? in sense does rbutil write to this file ?
19:46:48desowinoh, also rbutil segfaults if there's no rbutil.ini in dir where rbutil is (and there's no /etc/rbutil.ini) and there's player connected (atleast it segfaults with my iPod mini in such situation)
19:50:02*jhMikeS wonders why the generic driver needs to be passed bus_address and double check things instead of just receiving an i2c_interface pointer
19:50:26 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:50:32desowinI found that it writes config into ~/.rbutil, so I assume rbutil.ini isn't intended to be changed by app, but could anyone confirm ?
19:53:38 Quit Febs ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
19:55:26 Join Siltaar_ [0] (
19:55:27 Quit Siltaar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:59:30desowinlinuxstb: rbutil's Makefile should handle rbutil.ini
20:00:56 Join merbanan [0] (n=banan@
20:01:57Nico_PThe-Compiler: there is
20:02:54Nico_Pfor the FS tasks it's on the tracker
20:03:26 Quit pepie34 (Connection timed out)
20:03:41Nico_Pand for SVN commits it's on
20:05:10 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
20:05:16 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
20:06:15 Join pepie34 [0] (
20:07:31The-CompilerNico_P: Thank you
20:08:07Nico_Pyou're welcome ;)
20:09:19The-CompilerNico_P: But on the tracker, there is only a feed for all flyspray-entries. I would like to have one with only the patches.
20:09:37Nico_PI'm not sure that's possible
20:09:38desowinGodEater: don't you have anything against deleting your ebuild from wiki ? it's broken
20:11:07 Join Aldoliel [0] (
20:12:01 Join Domonoky [0] (
20:12:29 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
20:12:42desowinDomonoky: <desowin> is rbutil.ini intended to change ? in sense does rbutil write to this file ?
20:12:44Domonokydesowin: rbutil.ini is static configuration..
20:12:56*Domonoky just read the log :-)
20:12:58 Join Nico_P [0] (
20:13:32Domonokyrbutil: should check if the ini is there, and abort if it isnt, and not segfault.. i will check the code..
20:14:05desowinand archos.ico is the offical icon, isn't it ?
20:14:15Domonokyabout the mounting... thats linux specific, so if some linux guru writes a check for it, it would be nice :-)
20:14:35Domonokyit is, but it is old, and should be changed..
20:14:53Domonokybecause rockbox isnt only archos anmore :-)
20:15:22desowinGodEater: only make ebuild a big nicer, test it few times, and done :-)
20:18:21 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
20:22:05 Join sa1 [0] (
20:22:10 Part sa1
20:22:19*Domonoky just fixed the segfault if there is no rbutil.ini file..
20:23:05desowincan anyone remove rbutil-0.8.ebuild from wiki ? I'll upload fixed one soon
20:23:40Domonokydesowin: use the "replace" function of the wiki..with the new one.. :-)
20:24:03desowinaccess denied
20:24:21desowinnew one will have different name
20:24:58Domonokythen upload the new one, and hide the old one..
20:25:16Domonokydelete is only aviable for admins i think..
20:25:55Domonokyas u see, there are many old files there, just hidden.. :-)
20:28:20desowincould you give a short description, a bitmore informational than "The Rockbox Utility" ?
20:29:43 Join saratoga [0] (i=9803c6dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:30:51Domonokyi would say something like: "The Rockbox Utility, all you need for installing an managing rockbox" .. :-)
20:31:18LloreanThough it's not *yet* to that point. ;)
20:31:27Domonokyor: rbutil: pimp you dap :-)
20:32:01desowinit''ll aapper in .desktop file ;-) so keep it rather useful ;-)
20:32:31desowin"The Rockbox Utility, all you need for installing an managing rockbox" sounds good though
20:33:20DomonokyThe official rockbox utility, .. but its not there at the moment :-)
20:33:33 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
20:33:55Domonokybut its working.. just missing things, and polishing..
20:34:23desowinI think "all you need" is good in this case, as it's still being developed
20:34:41Domonokyi thing especially the install dialogs needs more work, to include all necessary infomation.. ( things rbutil cant do.. like restarting or such things..)
20:56:47desowinGodEater: check out my ebuild (attached to wiki)
20:57:53desowinand I asked in #gentoo where if fits, and I got told that media-sound is place for it
20:59:28 Quit The-Compiler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:59:49 Quit printfXh4 (No route to host)
21:11:42 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
21:13:26 Quit Siltaar_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:17:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:18:24 Join Siltaar_ [0] (
21:23:25 Join MrKeuner_ [0] (n=kudo@unaffiliated/mrkeuner)
21:23:35MrKeuner_hi, what distro is rockbox based on?
21:23:47mud-rbit's not
21:23:57DomonokyMrKeuner_: rockbox is not linux based !!
21:24:20MrKeuner_Domonoky: what is the kernel then?
21:24:28Domonokyrockbox :-)
21:25:00Domonokyits just a small kernel, so its completly written by rockbox devs..
21:25:11MrKeuner_but I see some GNU/Linux games here, so all of them were ported?
21:25:44Domonokyjeah, they are ported, thats not to difficult with the plugin system rockbox has..
21:25:46 Quit GodEater (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:25:51MrKeuner_how can I compile my application for rockbox?
21:26:16MrKeuner_I guess it is not compiled on rockbox :)
21:26:17Domonokyyou have to rewrite/change it, so it is a plugin..
21:26:41mud-rbit's almost certainly going to take non-trivial porting time
21:26:44Domonokyhave a look at the wiki for what you need do develop for rockbox..
21:27:10Domonokyyes.. ist more then make, you need to be able to code :-)
21:27:28MrKeuner_OK, but wouldn't it be more portable if linux kernel was used?
21:27:35 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:27:43mud-rbthat doesn't mean it's a good idea
21:27:56MrKeuner_what are the drawbacks
21:28:08LloreanLots more overhead?
21:28:12Domonokythere are too much things in the linux kernel you dont need on a dap..
21:28:24MrKeuner_Domonoky: even after removing all modules
21:28:37LloreanRockbox is not desined to be a full operating system, it's designed to be an MP3 player firmware.
21:28:52Domonokyfor example the sheduler is way more complicated in linux than in rockbox..
21:29:21saratogalinux would be pretty bloated for some of the targets rockbox supports
21:29:40Domonokyso it doesnt really make sense, just compare ipodlinux with rockbox.. *hehe* :-)
21:29:42 Join entheh [0] (
21:30:04MrKeuner_hehe I see
21:30:26MrKeuner_well I haven't tried it though, but what you tell makes sense to me
21:30:30 Join My_Sic [0] (
21:30:34MrKeuner_thanks for the good work, it is really great
21:35:49 Join obo [0] (
21:38:09mud-rbis there any way to write strings rotated by some chance?
21:40:56 Quit desowin ("use linux")
21:44:17 Quit Aldoliel ("Leaving")
21:47:20 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:47:37 Quit pepie34 ("Ex-Chat")
21:47:47 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
21:48:22 Join MySic [0] (
21:48:28 Join stripwax [0] (
21:49:53 Join bluey- [0] (
21:51:32 Join The-Compiler [0] (
21:52:28 Quit davina ("xchat on Ubuntu 7.04")
21:58:04 Quit The-Compiler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:58:17 Quit scorche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:58:48 Join scorche [0] (i=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
22:03:12 Quit dandin1 ()
22:03:40 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:05:26 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:12:18mud-rbis dealing with MENU_ATTACHED_USB still necessary or is that old code? it seems like 1/2 do and 1/2 don't
22:12:34mud-rb(in do_menu)
22:13:33MrKeuner_do I really need to set my battery amperage correctly. If it is not correct does it drain sooner, or does any other harm?
22:14:11LloreanMrKeuner_: For most players it's only used for estimating playtime remaining
22:14:14mud-rbMrKeuner: i believe that's only for estimating the time left
22:14:25 Join My_Sic [0] (
22:14:35LloreanOn one of the old Archoses (Recorder? I'm not sure which) I believe it's used for calculating the percentage too, but I'm not sure.
22:15:36amiconnThe battery capacity is only used for runtime estimation on all targets except the Archos recorder v1
22:16:13amiconnThe latter has software controlled charging, and hence uses te capacity setting for the charging safety timer
22:16:53MrKeuner_so, actually I hosuld better set it correctly anyways :) mine is ipod nano 1st gen
22:17:05MrKeuner_working with NO problems here
22:19:04amiconnThe default setting should be correct on all targets as long as the stock battery wasn't replaced by a different one. The only exceptions are the Iaudio 'L' variants (X5L and M5L), which can't be distinguished from the non-L variants in software
22:19:34MrKeuner_I guess I have played with it, the default is 1300 mAh?
22:20:52amiconnHmm... that's the rockbox default for nano, but it looks like a mistake
22:21:10amiconn says the stock battery in the nano is 300mAh
22:22:25LloreanI don't believe the proper defaults have been set on the iPods yet
22:22:34LloreanThough I thought I'd read somewhere that the Nano was 400
22:22:36*Llorean shrugs
22:23:49MrKeuner_well, 1300 mAh is the lowest that I can set in my version of rockbox
22:24:35 Join stripwax [0] (
22:27:18MrKeuner_does lower amp batteries last longer?
22:27:32MrKeuner_in terms of running time
22:28:08Bagderno, higher amp is more power
22:28:17 Join slash [0] (
22:28:22mud-rbno, mAh is a measure of mA (current) times hours (time), longer is better. changing the setting is rockbox is not going to have much effect except in estimating how much battery is left
22:28:27Bagdermah = milli ampere hours
22:28:33slashhey whats up guys
22:29:02slashone question do you guys plan on releasing a rockbox for the zune?
22:29:14slashit's my only motive for buying it -)
22:29:16Bagderone answer: we don't "plan" new releases at all
22:29:20 Join Thundercloud [0] (n=thunderc@
22:29:30Bagderbut no, the zune is far away from a port
22:29:31slashcan you clarify please?
22:29:38slashoh ok
22:29:48Lloreanslash: People who own the hardware, and are interested in it, do the port.
22:29:56 Join davina [0] (
22:30:10slashoh yeah open source
22:30:40slashhey anyone know how to open the channel through mirc? im using mozilla right now
22:30:51MrKeuner_which license is rockbox using?
22:31:01scorcheMrKeuner_: GPL
22:31:09Bagderslash: #rockbox on, isn't that all you need?
22:31:27MrKeuner_GPL, that's cool too
22:31:49slashim kind of noob at this whole irc thin
22:32:14 Quit MySic (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:35:23 Quit atsea- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:38:05 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:38:12MrKeuner_why does sound start ranges from like ~-70 to +6 ?Do I have to set that somewhere?
22:38:29 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (n=hihi@
22:38:38LloreanSet what?
22:38:40mud-rbit's in units of the decibel change to apply to music
22:38:56mud-rbnegative means quieter than it would otherwise be
22:39:45MrKeuner_Llorean: I do not know really, since it was not symmetric, I thought may be it needs adjustment for my hardware
22:39:47 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:40:13mud-rbyou'll almost never want to go positive...on my player anything about -20 is unbearably loud
22:40:14LloreanMrKeuner_: I don't know what you mean by symmetric in this case...
22:40:24Lloreanmud-rb: Not to mention positive means a fair chance of clipping
22:40:33mud-rbLlorean: i think he is just confused why it's not 0-100 or something
22:40:44MrKeuner_Llorean: I would expect -70 to +70 or -6 to +6
22:40:59LloreanMrKeuner_: Why would you expect that? Are you familiar with the decibel scale?
22:41:13MrKeuner_:) OK I surrender
22:41:38 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-b54bd9cf0772ece8)
22:41:47mud-rbyou could probably work up a patch pretty easily to offset the displayed values if it really bothers you i guess :)
22:42:13scorchebut then it wouldnt have much meaning..
22:42:23MrKeuner_mud-rb: It doesn't bother knowing that it is expected
22:45:30 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:45:47 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:45:47 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:47:13mud-rbif i get PLUGIN_USB_CONNECTED or MENU_ATTACHED_USB, am i allowed to do cleanup that could possibly take some time? like can i poll the user or is that bad?
22:47:17 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:49:07 Quit stripwax (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:49:39 Join webguest53 [0] (i=4aa794a0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:49:46 Quit slash ("Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]")
22:54:27 Quit Rincewind ("Cya")
22:56:56 Quit webguest53 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:57:06 Quit Kingstone ()
22:57:33 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur) is officially not liked by me
22:59:09LloreanAny particular reason?
22:59:19LloreanI understand they spammed the anythingbutipod forums at one point.
22:59:27Bagderthey spam me all the time
22:59:31Bagderwith "newsletters"
23:00:37mud-rbwow the forums look painful...there's no less than 3 "how do i skin the original firmware with rockbox installed" posts just on this first page
23:00:37Bagdersince I once registered there and had a checkbox left marked "allow admins to contact me"
23:00:44 Part maffe
23:01:00 Join maffe [0] (
23:02:11peturwhat's this 'rockbox installer'?
23:03:21mud-rbisn't there some sort of unofficial installer for rockbox? i assumed they meant that
23:03:37linuxstbPeople like to hack together installers...
23:04:12peturdoes it include code from I only see a link to a binary
23:04:13 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
23:05:00*linuxstb wonders what we're talking about
23:10:48mud-rbreally, anyone know if i can relax if i get one of the indications that USB is connected, or will rockbox freak out somehow? i could just try it, but i'm going to have to change how my program works depending on the answer...
23:11:09mud-rb(i need to know if i can poll the user for a filename to save to before i exit out)
23:11:15 Join thegeek_ [0] (
23:11:37Domonokymud-rb: i think it shouldnt take too long.. and user interaction isnt good i think..
23:11:44linuxstbIIUC, your plugin should exit cleanly asap. Why not ask the user for the filename earlier?
23:12:06mud-rbthanks, i guess that's what i'll have to do
23:12:15 Quit ompaul ("Leaving")
23:12:26linuxstbIs there any reason a user will want to use your plugin, but not save?
23:12:38amiconnRockbox won't run into trouble if usb acknowledge is delayed, but the host system you're connecting to will
23:12:56mud-rboh, so it is kind of important...okay i'll have to take that into account somehow
23:13:10 Part maffe
23:13:26 Join maffe [0] (
23:13:50amiconnOn windows it will cause 'usb device blah couldn't be detected' and a non-working connection, but no serious problem
23:14:09mud-rbmaybe i'll just have a panic file that it saves to if none is set...that shouldn't be too horrible
23:14:18amiconnDisconnecting and reconnection (without delay) will fix it. Linux might need a reboot to make its usb stack working again
23:14:37mud-rbyeah, that sounds like i should avoid it, even if it's not very likely anyone would run into it
23:15:38 Join mirak [0] (
23:15:45 Part peppo ("part")
23:16:37 Quit davina (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:16:46linuxstbWould it make sense to a temporary file that is used to save the current state? So a user can enter and leave your plugin without needing to explicitly load/save.
23:17:24linuxstb(not really a temporary file)
23:17:26mud-rbhmm, yeah that's a really good idea actually
23:17:35mud-rbi should probably do that
23:17:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:17:58mud-rbhehe, thanks :)
23:18:13 Join aasdasd [0] (
23:19:25linuxstbDon't forget to add a header with a version number - so future versions of your plugin can reject old files.
23:19:47 Part maffe
23:19:57mud-rbhmm, yeah i'm actually using a standard game format file so that should already be taken care of
23:20:00 Join maffe [0] (
23:20:11 Quit AJS (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:20:23 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:21:26 Join Telemorphic [0] (i=40b45e16@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:21:33linuxstbI think Sudoku does something similar (I wrote it, but my memory is hazy...). IIRC, there's a "" file in the rocks folder, which is opened when the plugin is started via "browse plugins". Or a user can select a different .ss file via the rockbox file browser, and start sudoku as a viewer for that .ss file.
23:21:35 Join davina [0] (
23:22:03 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
23:22:17 Quit SirFunk (Remote closed the connection)
23:22:24mud-rboh i forgot about sudoku...i should have looked more at that for the structure of my plugin i bet. i tried looking at chessbox but it got scary.
23:22:25TelemorphicHi all, I've recently had all my equalizer settings messed up and I was wondering if somewhere there is a list of the default settings?
23:23:03 Part Domonoky
23:23:10linuxstbIsn't the default zero for all bands?
23:23:29preglowzero db is default
23:23:34Telemorphicno I don't think it is
23:23:37preglowit is
23:23:41LloreanI believe there's even a "default" preset.
23:23:47LloreanAnd I'm quite certian 0 in all bands is the default
23:23:56TelemorphicI've set it to default
23:24:02Telemorphicbut the problem still happens
23:24:02preglowzero db gain, 1.0 Q except for shelves, which is 0.7
23:24:07preglowfreqs i can't remember
23:24:20mud-rbwhat problem are you having that you think the EQ is causing?
23:24:22preglowwhat problem is that?
23:24:25Llorean60, 200, 1000, something, something? 6, and 15?
23:24:50preglowi never liked the default freqs
23:24:50Telemorphicit's hard to explain
23:25:27Telemorphicparts of songs get washed out
23:25:50linuxstbIIU settings_list.c, the freqs are 60, 200, 800, 4000, 12000, Q is 7, 10, 10, 10, 7 and dB is zero everywhere.
23:26:14Lloreanlinuxstb: Sounds right.
23:26:17TelemorphicLike when I listen to Ether by Gang of Four, all teh back talk is almost too quiet to hear
23:26:37mud-rbhmm, and the song sounds fine on another player i assume?
23:26:37linuxstbWhat if you just turn the eq off?
23:26:39preglowand you're absolutely certain all the bands are set to 0 dB gain?
23:26:49preglowtry disabling the eq, yeah
23:26:57preglowthat should definitely kill it
23:27:19Telemorphicall I can do is enable it over and over
23:27:53Telemorphicis disable the same as Enable EQ -> No?
23:28:46Telemorphicthat does the same thing as defaulting
23:29:02LloreanThen the problem has nothing to do with the EQ.
23:29:16LloreanHave you tried listening to these songs in the original firmware, or on another player, with no EQ?
23:29:26linuxstbDo you have other sound settings enabled - e.g. bass, treble ?
23:29:27preglowperhaps you've managed to enable crossfeed?
23:29:32TelemorphicMy bet is that one setting is way off, I don't think they had to time to really change
23:29:42TelemorphicYeah I am listening to them now on Foobar
23:29:50 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:29:56preglowa sure bet is just saving your current settings, then resetting to default
23:30:00Telemorphicand they are the same as when I was listenign to them on my way to work yesterday morning
23:30:08 Join My_Sic [0] (
23:30:27TelemorphicI don't even have my own settings
23:30:43Telemorphicis there a simple way to reset to default?
23:30:50mud-rboh, just go to Settings->Manage Settings->Reset Settings then
23:31:10TelemorphicGeneral Settings?
23:31:24mud-rbno, under that
23:31:47TelemorphicOh ok I found it
23:32:59TelemorphicOh I guess I did have one setting
23:33:04 Quit maffe (Remote closed the connection)
23:33:31 Quit petur ("*plop*")
23:33:40Telemorphicwhere do I change my volume and battery to be numerical?
23:35:00midkaygeneral settings.. that's a DISPLAY setting, obviously.. and it involves the STATUS BAR.. :)
23:35:12midkayi.e. general settings -> display settings -> status bar.
23:35:34TelemorphicI really appreciate how apparent you are making my noobery
23:35:55midkayno problem, remember to use some common sense!
23:36:01LloreanAnd the manual!
23:36:18TelemorphicI prefer people to both those things
23:36:44LloreanTelemorphic: Unfortunately, we prefer people who follow the channel guidelines.
23:37:02LloreanAs many of us have already typed the same thing into the manual, and don't see why having us type identical statements again really benefits anyone.
23:37:48TelemorphicWell next time I promise to check the manual, as for this time though... thanks?
23:38:40 Quit Telemorphic ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:40:59 Quit joa ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
23:43:20 Join tedrock [0] (
23:44:15 Join joa [0] (n=joe@
23:49:39 Quit bluebrother ("leaving")
23:52:11 Join maffe [0] (
23:52:13 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
23:53:19 Join webguest34 [0] (i=4aed22dc@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:54:40 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:55:06 Part webguest34
23:55:36 Join amiconn [0] (
23:58:01 Quit jgarvey_ ("Leaving")

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